Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL)

 - Class of 1932

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Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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ff f" jx K gif '.',,l J, r.,, 7. J , K, WA J WA 'NWN , , Z3xffZqz.f3rz,:,fEf2ff fam, x W fgpfl f MM, 1 X: V 'J,4.:--- "' X A W" ' SzQ1f.S. ,51bf fm " W1 Eg' 1 9 WU' .Y-2' fp aa. 43 Ep ' 1 1ff'f " ,. . ' :if 1 W 'LJ - ,I ,f f ff! .glgg-iii? 21K'J'A'f"""f-dfnk' fy? JN . E Q4 THE 1932 REDBIRD Published by Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS , of Frankfort Community High School West Frankfort, Illinois waz Red Bird M 1 M H it 1 4 2 xf' Q R X W Vx. I X, ' x 'r 'X ii X H 5 1 F OREWORD As the eternal struggle of time and the elements has laid for us a foundation of lasting material prosperity, so may our efforts at learning guide us to a lasting founda- tion of ideals which will, in the future, govern our lives as citizens of this great country. 1 . 1. A Q i A rc. . , Z f l 3,22 - J.--s,.i-sig f g- L SP, V u , , , ,, A Z V, 44554 'T , '-' M. Two ' i ++11 it ++Q+'f 193zRedBird ++11+1 + " 1 1 NVe, the Senior Class of 1932, dedicate this volume of X the Red Bird to the Spirit of Industry which has been directly responsible for America's swift rise as a world power and which has brought into being thousands of communities, much like our own, where the blessings of education and culture are made a part of the daily lives H of their citizens. ...nv-. fra' Z.. fs QI'-Tse I .. fi l fx K X , Q 7l,l1'L'l? -'-lk 1932 Red Bird Contents School Athletics Activities Features SCl'l00L , .- X,-Nf A1 K I XXX . W ,Z 2 C IIllIlllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllIIIHIIIlllllll!IIllIlll1lullllllxlllllullllllllllwlllx I nllllllllllIlllllIullllllllllIllIIllIIlllllllrlllllllnllulllllnllllllillllllll f"x X Q man:-i "ilu ""' fl", sg: R T T I, A X ' EQ' rx Seven M " f f .. f' P 1931 ned Bird 1'-xN if 1 i I1 1 .nm i J r' x f ,. V, 4-1,-a..,4a.' :Jef 'lf 1 -' fl- Eight N. -, , ,.. , iw, I X?X 1932 Red Bird BOARD EDUCATION x'xX x 1' 4 2, A N I 53 OTIS STONE 0. S. BROWN R. A. SWOFFORD President G. L. LIMERICK OKLEY HAYS, Secy. , , ,. FZE - gg - - W Ten 7 ..A f v ll L ll! .- IIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIllIlllllflllgilHkwnililllilallllIll mnmnmunu IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIlllIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .f . F' , K ,f , X , 2 ' -N J X I fr ,H " 1 Q1 X fgxl n Q ff 1 4' if 1 x V' f 1 S. B. SULLIVAN, Principal L K, ' N F 5 f ii ei :Z51 5 ,i A Eleven N- -- -- -0- --- --" ' - - R . V 1 Y A 1931 Rea Bird R. L. CROWELL B. Ed. Southern lllinois Teachers Colle e BLANCHE DOLLINS B. S. University of Illinois W in A - .' ARY DoLLlNs fY,A,,rv1a I B. S. - f Wyfve 'fn 'I 1' A,l,A.B.f ., f 1 f7 5g""j!541:ifi1JaYState X' r I fi f!-?2f'7f5'1A' 'I 1, E. w. EBBLER A. B. McKendree College University of Illinois ALICE L. GRANT B.S. S. I. N. U. southern Inmfois Nifgqai If University of Illinois X I N DUDENBOSTE LILLIAN GROSE Ph. B. t md Ed. B. Ward-B I ff X e n southern Illinois ' IJ 5- I- N- U State Teachers College X NIVEPSHY of hi University of Illinois Y N I . 1 -.. X QI I J S 4 ' RT B. EADIE MARY E. GROVES 6 - 1 s I 5 B s B s I V University of illinois Iliinois college ' I I .4 I N 1 I ,z z ,, '1,.cm.. lf VV k T I , we W O IlllllllullllllillllllllllIlilIIllIillIillIlllllllillllIlllllllillllillIllilllillllllllllll llllllllllllillllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlilllllllllllllllllllllll JAMES HASTIE B. Ed. S. I. N. U. University of Illinois CAROLYN HELMING A. B. Cornell College University of Wisconsin Columbia University ALICE HOYE B. A. McKendree College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin National University of Mexico F. N. JOHNSTON A. B. Illinois College Northwestern University MARIAN KELLY A. B. Stephens College University of Illinois Middlebury College University of Paris Thu fem I, ., I W. ,-..E Fl. L. KFIUPP Ed. B. S. I. N. U. University of Michigan O. C. LEE B. S. University of Illinois CHARLOTTE LEE B. S. University of Illinois HUGO LINDQUIST A. B. Illinois Wesleyan S. I. N. U. University of Illinois L. W. LUCE B. S. M. S. Illinois Wesleyan Iowa State College ,fs f , l i fi' X - ' X, , if NR K x l ..:Sif.1.i'C-e -Raniib I I ff. We I y i -,S sff.. --.irbf A O IIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIlilIIllIlilIIllllllllllllllllilIIllllllillllllllllllllllllulnlllllll IlIIlIIllIIlllIllIIIIIIllIIlIIllIIliIllllIlllllillllxlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll . " fi! ANNE G.. Luce ' B. S. x N - Monmout ollege Qi X 1 X! XMJJ ' . 'JK' ,R ul' ii V ' 'U V K Vg I 1 f , , P . ND 1 J 'f IJJ I w , 1' I ', J ll' f RY McCLrINTO 1 ' E .' - ' Ph l 'J ' OJ ' 0 V , . Shurtle ollege V 'W Unilerag of Illinois I Fi ,J f f X I I yi' xf! ': 'l J Oy MONICA MIKALAUCKAS Ph. B. University of Illinois University of Chicago S. I. N. U. URA PLASTER A. B. ffx University of Kansas , ?N lx I2 University of Mexico it Al X .f X NOLAN A. ROSAN C' A. B. lvl. A. N . Ewing College University of Michigan C LUCILE SORG B. M. Illinois Wesleyan Northwestern Milwaukee Teachers College Columbia Teachers College GRACE N. STEWART Ed. B. S. l. N. U. University of Colorado University of Michigan CARMEN STONE Ed. B. Carbondale Normal HAL STONE Ed. B. S. I. N. U. C. E. SUMMERVILLE B. S. Indiana State Teachers College A . 57 11. if - J -." Fam teen O IlllllllllllilllhllllllllllillllllIIIllIlmlmIIllIIllllllllllmlllllllxllllllllllllllul lllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllIllullIlllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllll LORA TEEL Ed. B. Southern Illinois Teachers College University of Colorado MILDRED TIDWELL B. S. University of Wisconsin University of Illinois GUY E. TUCKER B. S. M. A. McKendree College University of California Northwestern University MAXINE S. TUCKER Gregg College VONNIE B. WADE Gregg School S. l. N. U. Springfield Junior College MYRA JANE WALLACE B, S. Illinois Womans College H. C. WALSTON A. B. ' J. Millikin University University of Wisconsin RUTH TEAGUE s f ' 'X Northwestern University ecre ary 5 ETHEL MORRIS Librarian Fa, VII. x ' Pffffeu ...... . . .a s ' J 1931 Rea Bird utographs JMNLQUMSH Txgxfwxizf W ' 1 f ,, 1 ,M N 14. I 56 KV 7 ,4 fly , V f i I 1 Ll, fr 1 ' 4 I . - L Vnf ,K Dajtx I iffy ' L K ,U l L lg! g ' I if ,fl I X 4Z1fL-1'-2jfdfrLgk Q! .U X-J 1 P1,A.'!x-- vCq,,-Lf--Lian L,Q',,Lk, K M S' t R, "1AA44rI, I C NLUVA n dl A CL -+Q.,.,,4, ,v N, V 'I' "-"fx who-.1 ,A , LU 4 Lk 'ls 0-if-,J ' Q I R Y . Q ,J -,, , X : Q fvbgtk '5,""'-"V -J'--.1 ,kj Q- f LA-1. 7 X maui, I VL 1 . -w.g,..,,X Xi x ..1s.--- ' ' , ' agx K ' ,' 17+ 'lg 1. J ' 'V vt" M '--1 K X X1 X 'A 4- 4, X n 8 ", 'hut'-lib . i 1 - '-1. xx ,rg Cl, Xalfv .4 - ' V-X vi t K-K, MJ :ik-xaf fl' x'kLx"" 71 , ' Lwxkm v f if Lu U M f M V af,pvbL,, 'M ' ' 1 C AA .ir PM K va, , I K 'C ffl 4 Y ' 2, 1 - f ". S 1 5 1 M4 E ' 7 J . k I . ' 1 0 ,- N i if A ' 3 ,f ll ' Lg' ,f'4 f,, f1.4ff 4'-f' ...A-ff, ' . ' fn-940. gag--X J QA-, -"V: Q"i"- - ,f ? 'sn Sixteen ,- SENIU f ff!-X KLNWFXTXEW r-xr A Cf XX 4 My 11K'+11k111i11111If11'11f111''111f111f1'1 H f1+111111 L+1fl+f1'11l+ 1 931 Rea Bird 1'111'1v11+f11111111h'1 1L+1 +ll1'11l1111-111Q1-1 +1f111-111-111111'1 I I H H 'ex ex N . X X". f, 1,1 do 1 CLASS OF '32 We are Seniors now, but we have passed through the various ranks to attain this standing. As all do, we started as "Green freshiesf, Warren Gladders was our president that year and the others following. So well-liked and capable was he that he was elected president of the Student Body in his Senior year. He is the first student to have been president of his class the four consecutive years and also the first president of the Student Body. In our Junior year, our most noteworthy accomplishment was the class play "The Patsy? Our hearts will always swell with pride when we recall what a success the play proved to be. As Seniors, we presented the class play "Your Uncle Dudley." Its success was one that is seldom surpassed. Two of our members have received places on the all-state football team, "Chink,' Margelli and Paul Yates. But sorrow also entered our hearts when one of our classmates, VVilliam Morkunas, met his un- timely death by an accident during the first Semester of school. He was a very studious lad and we shall always cherish his memory. NVe Seniors, although saddended at the thought of leaving, feel it a distinct honor to call F. C. H. S. our "Alma Mater." CLASS OFFICERS WARREN GLADDERS CHAS. NIARGELLI BERT JORDAN GLADYS KIMMEL President VICE President Secretary Treasurer 5 ...Z I - - I , + :'..,3.,'.. :lf -' 4, , sem i Elyllffw ' 1 C iillllllmillllllllllllllllullllllllilllllllllllllllllnllllIlllllilllllllllllilllllilll lllllillllllllllllllIlmliliilllllllllllllulllllfllllllllIllllxilllliilllillllllllllllll BERNADINE ARNOLD "And still she tzilkvd ,Xml :still the-ii' NYOllllc'l' grew, That one small girl Voulfl talk ii Sire-:ik so blue." Camp Fire Ill '29, '30, Red Peppers '29, '30, Glee Club '30, Operetta '30, Girl Reserves '29, Pep Club '31. '32, Cheer Leader '31, Wig and Cue '32, S. O. S. '32, I. D. S. '32, Annual Staff '32. GLADYS BALLARD 'LX vliziriiiiiig miss-Uh. thats Vipqhl! lt's Mrs. ziuwf' Glee Club '29. ALFRED BELBAS "'l':1lli In him of .lacolfs Lznclflei' zmfl he will ask Ihl- iiumhei' ut' steps." Football '2'9. '30, '31, '32, Track '29, '30, '31, '32, Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32, "F" Club '32. CLARICE BLACK "XX'lmt hu' 3l2ltl'llllOl'lY!H Spanish I Club '32, Pos- ter Club '32, Latin I Club '30. CLIFFORD BONER 'Vontzlcll l'm :ill 11-:Lily for lift-'s solo flight. L.-t lvl' gui" Cap and Bell '29, lil-V '29, '3O. '31. '32. Red Pep- pers '29, '30, Glee Club '29, '30, "Lady of the Ter- race" '30, "The Patsy" '31, Red Bird Staff-Jr. Ed. '31, Ed. '32, Pres. Air- plane Model Club '32, S. P.A.D. '32, Pres. '32, Eng. lV Club '32, Pres. Vl Hour '32, Honor Society '31, '32, Secy. Home Room I 1 ,v X. HELEN AVERY "Ollie-I :lull 11ii0hl1'i1six'.1 is H--li-ii." ERNESTINE BEELER "Thy niurli-sly is Il win- flle- to Ihy merit." G. A. A. '30. '31. Span- v ish I Club 32. Eng lV Club '32. AMOTTO BENEDETTI Wliiclge liiv hy what I aim." Spanish Club '31, '32, Class Basketball. GENA BONACORSI ., 4 . - .- if A like-:ihle hills- girl. Glee Club '29, Eng. IV Club '32, Pep Club '31, . Girl Reserves '31. ix X LEON BONER v "Say, flirl you navel' hour l him :u'g:uf- with thi- tvzmh- ers?" 1 l Hi.Y '30, '31, '32. l gl 9 '32. , 51 7 51 ... .L l I ,- I H51 ML Ai., .A. 1. 47 T I I ..-.i 4 " fl' " 'L Q' ffl fjif f X Q IllllIIllIlllIIllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllulllnllllnIllllnllllllllllllllllll IIlllIllIIllIIllIIllllIllIIlIllllllllIllllllllllIIlllIllIIlllllllllllllllxlllllllllllllllI LEWIS BONER "All great men of the country are dead and I'n1 not feeling very Well." Red Peppers '29, '30, Class Basketball '29, Lee's 2nd Squad B. B. '30, V.- Pres. Class '30, Business Mgr. "The Patsy" '31, An. nual Staff '32, Pres. A. L. G, Club '32. OLIVER BOLEN "A little. nonsense now and than is relished by the wisest men." Glee Club '32, S. O. S. '32, 4-H Club '31, Debat- mg Club '32, Wig and Cue '32, Hi-Y '28, '29, '30, '31, '32, Auto Club '32, Orch- estra '29, '30, '31, '32. 1 . MAXINE BURNETT "lHff'I'1'SU'c'l in aviation." Honor Society '31, '32, Quartet '30, '31, Camp Fire lll '29, '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '29, '30, '32, "Lady of the Terrace" '30, Red Peppers '29, '30, Secy. Home Room '32, Octet '31, Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, Cap and Bell '29, Soph, Pilot '30, 'lf :KATHLEEN CALDWELL b slcatters sunshine 0 by 191' lair Il 1 l 1' I,-:X Srniley, Ill 'lf I Q 1 X1 Chorus '29, Glee Club lx l '30, '31, '32, Operetta '30, xi '51 Eng. IV Club '32. X. li ,, ,fi DONALD CASPER "I have seen worse heads than this one on C my shoulders." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, Debating Club '32, Cap and Bell '30, '31, 4-H Club '30- '31, Eng. Il Club '30, Auto I Club '32, Secy-Treas. '32, 1 Basketball '28, Track '31. il THELIVIA BONER "Her hair is not red, it is auburn." Freshman Football Queen '29, Glee Club '29, Girl Reserves '29, '30, Red Peppers '29, '30, '32, Camp Fire Group lll '29, '30, '31, '32, V.-Pres. Camp Fire '32, Secy. Eng. lV Club '32, Secy. Eng. II Club '30, Student Patrol '32. J- ' . rf - JOE BURNETT "I moan business." L. L. L. Club '32, Span- ish Il Club '32, Business Mgr. Senior Play '32, Or- chestra '29, '30, '31, '32, DOROTHY COLLUSSI "Her voil-e is pleasing to the ear." G. A. A. '31, '32, V.- Pres. '32, Spanish Club '32, Pres. '32, Grant's Lit- erary Guild '32, Girl Re- serves '29, 5.0.5. '31, Cho- rus '30, "The Patsy" '31, Pep Club '30, Wig and Cue '32. LOUIS CAMERON "I Wonder what study hall:-1 are made for." Football, Track '31, '32, L. L. L. Club '32, Class Basketball. X BILL CASH "Leave studying to 111056- who like it." Football '29, '30, '31, '32, F o o t b all Manager '30, Publicity Manager Hi-Y '30, Glee Club '30, Annual Staff '32, Secy Class '31, Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32. 'Xl ' 5 TF F I 51:11. ,- 3 Twenty --f. -nyf . E fe-- --H H ALDINA CAVALLI "Black eyes that mer- rily twinkle. " G. A. A. '31, L. L. L. '32. JOICE CLAYTON "A man's man." S. O. S. Club '32, 4-H Club '31. DOROTHY COCHRAN "Fair and sweet is she." Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32, Treas. Girl Re- serves '30, Cap and Bell '29, '30, Honor Society '31, '32, Secy. and Treas. '31, Pep Club '29, "The Patsy" '31, Wig and Cue '32. RALPH CONNORS "Don't worry! Studying wou't cause my death." Football '31, Class Bas- ketball '32, Eng. IV Club '32. HETTIE CURRY "The way to have friends is to be one." T. H. S. Commercial Club '29, Secy. '29, Span- ish Il Club '32, Eng. IV Club '32. QQ' W' 'Sf' 1931 Red Bird ! ef I jf! S' x. EVA CLAYTON "A girl who is friendly toward all." English ll Club '30 Spanish Club '32. 1 . V I CLELLA CLANAHAN "She takes life as it comes, huL stays ou the sunny side." Girl Reserves '31, '32, Los Amigos '32, L. L. L. Club '32, Cap and Bell '30, s31. MWXMVI ff! J I J 1 ,L W! . .. 'T f 2 M mf fl ,yy , If Cy -J wJ EVELYN COOK M' L ' "A swivel fave and' IM, L ' lfxk disposition that nmtc-IIQSPJLL! ff cl Girl Reserves '29, '30, , ,f ' V, '31, '32, Latin club '30, s. ', q,0"' , -dl' o. s. '32, "Kick ln" '32, bf-f w f , f Pep club fan '32, Prop. ,J , ',w1' , 1.41 Mgr. Senior Play '32. , I f Q n ' 1 LLP' 1 ww fu! fi -A I 'sf 19-1, 1' r e V, A. .L f ul! LEWIS CRIM "I guess I'm 21 man for a' that," Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '30, French Club '30, Orchestra '30, '31, '32,l D. '32, S. O. S. '31. if 0 I I ,k AJ, Pxff, 1 " ' In fi fx, Band '30, '31, '32, s. P. A. ,l 2 ' 1 1 l ROBERT DAVIS "The more you worry the sooner you die." Pres. Senior Home Room '32, Track '31. N, , Sl wk f 3 S K , . Q ' 1 Twfllfl'-Oflf . ' - . - :..-as " ei: in adn-:net l . . f , I l Q AMY 5 ' " " Ldv '-- EU - ..f,.i,,i - E.-gs.. . - t Q uminummuilnuullmmmmllmInuuuuinuninunillmnllnlu iluImmuninmmulIumnunmnmlnlullIummimnmululuuninui 1932 Red Bird I I I I I ALBERT DIXON ".Tud,Q'e not a. man's knowledge by his size." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, Eng. IV Club '32. FULFORD DORRIS "I may awake some morning und find myself famous." LENA DOVIN "Ham1yl arm lhnu as if every day thou had'st picked up a horseshoe." Pep Club '31, L. L. L. Club '32. RALPH DUNCAN "Be gone, dull care, Tm ,hx busy." fx ?XA Eng. IV Club '32. I IN I is ii X 'I X I if N EDWARD ELDRIDGE "A moonlight night, 21 Ford-and Rita." , Track '28, '32, Football N '28. i ,fl L -- iii A 55 1 I is . fi , . mi qv igifi I,i, ri' f -' i -- I. GORDON DODDS "His record is seldom equaledf' Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Pres. '32, Honor Society '31, '32, V.-Pres. '31, '32, Glee Club '32, S. O. S. '32, Los Amigos '32, Eng. ll Club '30, "The Patsy" '31, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, Drum Major '32. DORIS DOVE "She was the quiet kind whose nature never var- ied." Latin Club '30, Eng. IV 9 Club '32. mr my - ANNE D ANGINLSI' fr "Her1Jl .'lng'1iersonz1l- V ' I ity has adv ligf-very-5 1. body" I-l'it'I'1d.LL,f ': ' . Re ves '2rSi,' '30, 1 '31, '32, S.'w,Gi R61 rve '32, Glide xClub '80, '31,. ere a 430, Honor Soqiegy? '317'32, hos Am- ? '32, -I: L.. I.. Club '32, C . , Bell aowsi, stu- d 'P tro'ix'82, Secy. Stu. dent trlgl '32. x . I 1 ' EVA EPPENHEINIER "She is pretty, she is nvat, She is a. maiden who is sweet." Camp Fire VI '29, '30, Treas. C. F. '29, Red Pep- pers '29, '30, '31, Girl Re- serves '29, '30, Eng. ll Club '30, Eng. IV Club '32, V.-Pres. '32, Cap and Bell '30. JOHN R. FENOLIO "VVorry and I have never met." S. O. S. Club '32. Twenty-two 1932 Red Bird THELMA FERN "She puts her Creed in her deed." Commercial Club '32, L. L. L. Club '32. ORVAL FLANNIGAN "A man with legs :L lit- tle longer than the ordi- nary plan." T. H. S. '29, '30, '31. WALLIE FRANKIE "Often serious often glad, Another jolly senior lad" Football '29, Class Bas- ketball '32, Track '32. WARREN GLADDERS "Too young for love? O, say not so, Juliet! Say not sol" Class Pres. '29, '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '29, '30, Op- eretta '30, Quartette '31, '32, All-State Chorus '32, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, Honor Society '31, '32, Pres. '32, Pres. Student Body '32. . MARY HELEN GLOVER "Character makes its own destiny." Girls' Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Operetta '30, Eng. IV Club '32. ii RALPH FITZGERALD "Ile mukt-s his study hulls slumber parties." Press Club '30. ffllfvlf , LORINE FRANK "The corridors echo with her laughter," Girl Reserves '29, '30, 31, '32, Camp Fire VI '31, '32. ROBERT GIBSON "Laugh and the world laughs with you, Play the guitar and you play alone." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Wig and Cue '32, Glee Club '31, '32, Automotive Club '32. yfgfc... cv-'W I J,-r-942 FLOYD GLOYD - "I never trouble trouble ' ""J' until trouble troubles me" Secy. French Club '29, f , Spanish Club '32, Pep Club l '29, 'so '31, '32, v..Pres. '32, Band '29, '30, '31, '32, I ,I ' I' ' orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, 5 ,I Cap and Bell '29. OVETA GOOD "A maker of sweet mu- sic, she." Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, Girl Reserves '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '32, Cap and Bell '31, Spanish Club '32. I-S, l:1I '-'tuba' Twenty-ihree 193: Red Bird DWIGHT GRAY "Ho performs his lusks with diligence." WILLIAM GREEN "He mn-ets situations with jokes." Annual Sfaff '32, Horne Room Program Director '32, French Club '32. GEORGE HIDUK "He's a good man to have around." Football '29, '30, '31, Class Basketball '29, '30, Eng. II Club '30, Spanish II Club '32. Q 1 VIRGINIA HAMILTON "Bool AW, Bowyer- self." Red Peppers '29, '30, 'Af Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, IX 2N, French club '30, Glee Club ,I '29, '30, Operetta '30, L. 'N 1, L. I.. club '32, .Cap and FJ Bellfao. X , . I il, X, LONA HARPER "She has a. good heart . for some young man to capture." G. A. A. '31, French , Club '32. 1 1 , I . .51 Ar' ,rl 5.11 11 , s I i,,,.. . . .. 13: in-anna WRETHEL GRAY "She always has PL smile :md a. frieudy Word for you." sodalita Latina '30, V.- Pres. '30, Girl Reserves '32, Camp Fire VI '32. PAULINE GROVES "She has built a castle in the air, and now she's putting at foundation un- der it." Ina H. S. '29, B. T. H. S. '30, Hi-Tri '30, S. O. S. '32, L. L. L. '32. JOHNNIE HAGGARD "XVo1'ds fail us-" ELIZABETH JANE HARRIS HI care for no man, not I-except 'Dune'." Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32, Secy. '30, Pres. '31, Camp Fire lll '30, '31, '32, Cap and Bell '30, '31, '32, Pep Club '32, Pres. '32, Red Peppers '29, 30, S. O. S. '32, Glee Club '29, Annual Staff '32. VELMA HARVEY "Quiet, studious and de- terminedf' L. L. L. Club '32. Twemfy four lllllIllllllIIllIIlllIIlIllllllIIIIIIIIllllIIIIlllllllllllIIlIllIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllll CLAUDE HAYS "His smile seems to capture the ladies." French Club '30, PFGSS Club '30. f w DOROTHY HAYS "She is well liked" Campfire Group Vl '29, '30, Eng. IV Club '32, Spanish Club '32. CLETUS HENDRICKSON "I stand on the brink of 8, great career. XVon't someone please push me off?" Latin I Club '29, Cap and Bell '29, Class Bas- ketball '29, Tennis '31, '32, Pep Club '32, Cheer Lead- er '32, Spanish Club '32. AUDREY HOLSHOUSER "A smile for you and el. smile for me, A smile for everyone she sees." Pep Club '30, '31, Latin Club '30, Pres. '30, S. O. S. '3l. MARION HUTCHINSON "A pleasant and indus- trious lassief' French I Club '29, L. L. L. Club '32, Secy.-Trees. '32, Pep Club '32. l if aff 7 tt Gllfl - -'CC -:Q , - ji-i n ' . ' l f .gjpl g iq ' fl ef 1931 Red Bird fllIl+lllfI-lIII'f--'-f--If-I-------------'--l'---f"------------'----1----f--ll--'f'--ll-- DORIS HAYS "I say little, but I think more." Campfire Group VI '29, '30, '31, '32, Eng. IV Club '32, Commercial Club '32, Annual Staff '32. WANDA ELLEN HAYES "I count no time lost that I give to pleasure." Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32. G. A. A. '29, '30, Camp Fire '29, '30, '31, '32, S. O. S. '31, '32, Latin Club '30, Wig and Cue '32, Intellectuals '29, '30, '31, '32. GEORGE HENSON "Ho hum! 'VVlmt's the use of worrying?" Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, Class Basketball '29, '30, Glee Club '29, '30, Oper- etta '30, Cap and Bell '30, '31, Red Peppers '99, '30, '31, S. P. A. D. '32, Wig and Cue '32. JOHN HOUGH "There is none like him, none." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, French Club '30, Football rg '29, '30, '32, Stage Mgr. fi l "The Patsy" '31, Annual L l Staff '32. l 2 l 1 x ffl xi, , lk. X fy fe LEE ISAACS 5 "Men of few words are , the best men." Eng. lV Club '32. f l 4 l 1 l I ' C iillxlumiinlliliuiiilllluuuiiiiullmnuilimiliiluiiiiiuiuiniiiilmuuiim mlniululmminniiIuniIulluiiiniiulmlillmlminuiiuummuiumm J' , R KJ' r J . 'I . l ELAINE IVANS ' "One could DOL wish for a butter friend." Girl Reserves '30, '31, '32, Cap and Bell '31, Eng. IV Club '32, Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Wig and Cue Club '32, S. O. S. '32, Octet '31, Quartet '32. BERT JORDAN 'CX smile on my faces is worth two on the other fv11ows'." . Basketball '29, '31, '32, Secy. Class '30, '32, V.- Pres. Class '31. ELDON LEE 'Alt is better to we-ar out than to rust out." MILDRED LITTLE "She is sure to scatter fix sunshine wherever she lx f -, may go." X l' Eng. IV club '32. li. l X J 4 K W INEZ l.oNGo l "Cheer upl If things l 'ztren't coming your Way, you won't get hit." , , French Club '30, Com- ' mercial Club '32. 1 ,. , X 1 X .... . JUANITA JOHNSON "In every gesture of hers, dignity is promi- nent." y 1 - T. H. S. 29, 30, 31, Home Economics Club '29. '30, Glee Club '29, Eng. lV Club '32. RUTH LAMPLEY "A sweet attractive kind of grace," Thompsonvllle Glee Club '29, L. L. L. Club '32, French Club '32. AILEEN LE MASTER "I think 21 good Crun- sciencv is the best look- ing-glztss of Heaven." French Club '30, Span- ish Club '31, L. L. L. Club '32, Girl Reserves '29. MILDRED LINTNER "Anil We welcome her into our midst." Herrin H. S. '29, '30, '31, Honor Society '31, Masque Music Club '30, '31, Secy. Class '30, G. A. A. 30. Girl Reserves 32, Annual Staff '32, Glee Club '32, Debating Club '32. WILLIE DALE LUTHER "In, her smile we find happiness." Girl Reserves '29, Camp Fire VI '29, '30, '31, Pep Club '29, Latin Club '29, French Club '30. Twentv sz 1 C IlllIlllllllllllllllllllnlnllllllllmlllilllllllllllllllllllullllIllllllllllllllllllllll nlIillulliluullIlllIlllllllllullllllillllllllllillullllllllllllll Illlllillllllllll JOE KELLEY "A gzillzlnl tl'l1IIIlN'tt'I' is lil-. Track '29, '30, Glee Club '30, Operetta '30, Hi-Y '30, '31, Eng. IV Club '32, Band '31, '32, Orchestra '31. '32. GLADYS KIMMEL. "Slut is 21 'ji-we-I' iii1IuvLl." Girl Reserves '31, '32, Pres. Home Room '31, Pep Club '32, Glee Club '31, S. O. S. '32, Secy. '32, Secy. Class '32, Debating Club '29, '30, Junior Marshall '31, intellectuals '31, '32. JOHN KNASH "How firm a foinirlzition-" Track '29, '30, '32, Foot. ball '30, '31, '32, Class Basa ketball '29, '30, Eng. ll Club '30, "F" Club '32. VIRGIL MABRY "Il's gn-111 Lu bv zi svn- i01', lrul :x junim' luis my 11?-Il!'l.yv French Club '30. Hi-Y '31, '32, S. P. A. D, '32, Annual Staff '32. Debating Club '32, Glee Club '32. CHARLES MARGELLI "In all zitliletil-s V1-II Iiimxvii was his mimi-, Long will I". C. H. S, lleliil-inlnvi' his f2llIIk'.u Hi-Y '29, '30, Footba'l '29, '30, '31, '32, Captain Football '32. Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32, Track '29. '30, '31, '32, Track Captain '31, '32, "F" Club '31, '32, Pres. "F" Club '31, '32, Student Patrol '32, Cao- tain Student Patrol '32, V.-Pres. Class '32, Eng. ll Club '30. MARJORIE KIEL "l':lll1C2liIOI1 is ilu- ail- p1'viitic'QsIiip of Iifvf' Eng, IV Club '32. CLEO KIRKPATRICK 'XX fair exit-riol' is 21 silent if-uoiiiiiierirlalion. Commercial Club '32, S. O. S. Club '32, French Club '30. SIDNEY KOONCE "NVisv girl is slu--kiioxvs wht-ri to Iiolil Iwi' trniig'l1v." VELMA MARTIN 'ililondv Iiziiig Iilum- Q-ye-s, quit-t disposition 3 fine 1 u ai I i t i 1- :4 dlm'l you I 7 ITN sign-Q, , ,. oiee Club '29, French uf 1 Club. I , I Xl, 'Q L X JAMES MATTHEWS "You 4-an deimiid on . him." I V.-Pres. Class '29, Class Basketball '29, '30, Foot- 1, ball Mgr. '29, '30, '31, "F" Club V.-Pres. '31, '32. Spanish Club '32, Tennis '30, '31, '32. I I . .. 9. ,' , E fl A -9 . n X QA 'U 1 .V X Ili c'izIv-xc7JenL 7! 1 M . ' CARL MCCLERREN "There's no time like today for working." T. H. S. '29, '30, '31, JOHN PAUL MEEKS "Say, now, is there real- lyl a. Santa. Claus?" "Gym" Club '29, Eng. IV Club '32. ELBERT MENEES "Not rowdy like some boys We know." A Track '29, '30, '31, ,'32, English IV Club ,'32tf . , I , -of - A, .1 f- 1 - 'T I ,t I kv , ,. X L. , f . . X. 1 1, I, .X I ,- tj ' 1'-' per I If 'VIOLET ,MERED'l:l'H A "A'JSWeet and lovable girl-tha.t'sfViolet." I E D H ' ' 5 . S. '29 '3 '-'1 Sec3Q'XClass '30, 'V:?Pr-es: f"N X Class 631, -Girl .Reserves l NH-132, Commercial Club '32, L. L. Ll Club '32, Pres. V Hour '32, Nlay Queen, L32. BERNARD MINTON "Hail to Commissioner Garvey!" Herrin H. S. '29, '30, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Chaplain Hi-Y '32, Wig and Cue '32, S. 0. S. '32, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, "Kick In" '32, Debate Club '31, Glee Club"32. if P-V' 11:52. - f 0 IIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllIlllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli DAILY McG.LASSON 1 ffl was born for some- thing great. What was it?" Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, DooIen's Gym Class '29, Pep Club '31, '32, Track Mgr. '30, '31, '32. ALLIE MELLINI "No matter what there is to do, You'll find this girl faith- ful and true." Eng. IV Club '32. PAULINE MERCER "She that has knowl- edge spares her Words." En . ll Club '30, Eng. IV Club '32. JOHN MINGS "The Worldfs no better if we worry, life's no longer if we hurry." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Track '29, '30, '31, '32, Football '29, '31, S. O. S. '32, S. P. A. D. '32, "Kick In" '32. IRENE MITCHELL "A friend, modest and quiet." Girl Reserves '29, French lsglub '29, French ll Club in F'-""'B"E' Twenty eight 5 nw, k . . 5. ., .Iv .,j.1i'-e. 4,- r-- ...g....L..... - 'M -W ,aff-mea-L 2444, -Y - f -- - ---'G -+-- LW- - IIlllullIlllllllllllllllllllllllll llll it -1 1b ' 'Q+1111'1111l+ff'11Q 1I 1-f1-M111111-111- 1932 Red Bird -111'11+11+I+++'++1f"f+'+11'++1'f1ff11'11'1111-11-11-'11'-f---1-11--111--'f'-11 '111'1-- 1 - MARY FRANCIS MOORE "There':-1 always room for one 'Moore'." Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32, Girls' Glee Club '29, '31, Eng. lV Club '32. MARGARET MURPHY "As merry as the day is long." Camp Fire Vl '29, V.- Pres. '29, French Club '30, Spanish Club '32. EDWARD NIANA "He seems so earnest, calm, and sincere." Eng. IV Club '32, Span- ish ll Club '32. WINIFRED4 NOONER 'fA maid with at sunny smile and Winsome ways," Glee Club '31, '32, Girl Reserves '31, '32, Treas. '32, Camp Fire lll '31, '32, Annual Staff '32, Orches- tra '32, Wig and Cue '32, JUANITA MURPHY 'fIn her clark eyes splen- dor loves to dwell." Glee Club '31, '32. RUTH NAUSEDAS "A thought at the start saves a groan at the fin- ish." Girl Reserves '29, '31, '32, Eng. IV Club '32. i S. ' -V hi.- , ,VA RUBY LEA NIPPER Q -.ak "It's nice to be natural " ' when one is naturally 2 we V A nice." p Girl Reserves '29, '30, ' " '31, '32, Erg. ll Club '30, "C I ff , ' N-' Spanish C ub '32. ., i '-' L 4 , , I FRANCES OAKES "Interested in sports- as well as other things." G. A. A. '29, '30, '31, '32, , Secy.-Treas. '29, Pres. '30, ,f X5 '31, Commercial Club '32, K E ,l Glee Club '32, Cap and X f Bell '29, Girl Reserves '29, 1 K Pres. '32, s. o. s. '32 Ch Us ,Sol . ,ff ,"Kick ln." ' or Rai bf K ELIZABETH ODLE FRANK OAKES "Fair was she to behold g "Don't rush U11-gugh liff-, this maiden of seventeen , The next one may be summers." 2 Worse." Eng. IV Club '32, French ' Eng. Il Club '30. I Club '30- . I ll l,, EW' 6 .LE , -.1 -E V ,bla Lg-'EFL ' . wifi -:zinc Q s: - we--Q , -- I 5 4m,A.....4 Q iumnmiiuiiiiiiiiiilimiuiiliimllmiululuiimlmiinuininiiilinimiilu lliiniilnulmullimiluliiumiminulnumIiilmunumiulinunulimi fx Y ,X l V I il t N ,I I I ..,, re I .i f OLIVE JEAN ODLE "Tull, slender, and fair, XYitli any French lily, Sho will 00nip2ii'e." G. A. A. '29, '30, Camp Fire Ill '29, '30, Orchestra '30, '31, Spanish Club '32. IRENE PARKHILL i'Sp:u'kling eyes with mischief lJ1'ill1ll'Il!l3J,'.H Red Peppers '29, Camp Fire VI '29, Girl Reserves '29, St. Elizabeth's Acad- emy '30, Orchestra '30, '32, Dramatic Club '30, Public Speaking Club '30, Music Club '30, Domestic Club '30, "The Patsy '31, Pep Club '31, Octet '31, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, Debate Club '32, Eng. IV Club '32. JOE PIRAGOS "The Senior ranks are st1'eng'them-d by :L boy un- liiiowii to iwigw-." Commercial Club '32, Eng. IV Club '32. VIRGINIA PLUMLEE "My liziii' ci-rtziinly isift straiglilf' Girl Reserves '29, French Club '30, Pres. '30, Pep Club '30, '31, Camp Fire lll '30, '31, '32. ROSE PESULA "Small paclcages often Contain the best of things." Camp Fire VI '29, Cap and Bell '30, Eng. IV Club '32, Debating Club '32, Commercial Club '32. GAZELLE POLIC "Good nziturorl, friendly -Wlial more would you want?" Eng, iv Club '32. JOHN PAVELICH "Can he draw! Buy I'll say he can." ,Football '30, Track '30, '31, '32, Eng. ll Club '30, Annual Staff '32. MARY LOUISE PHARIS "Glory be-Wlizlt it is to be Z1 mother!" Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '29, '30, '31, '32, Operetta '30. Camp Fire Ill '31, '32, "The Pat- sy" '31, Eng. II Club '30, Pres. '30, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, S. O. S. '32. "Kick In" '32, Honor So- ciety '31, '32, Band '31, Orchestra '31, Pep Club '29, '30, Annual Staff '32, Student Patrol '32, Pres. '32, Wig and Cue '32. ETHEI. PYLES "'f1'is said that Silence is golden." Eng. IV Club '32. IVIILLARD RAINEY .lPl'LJX'lllC'llCO provides for me, :ind I am well con- tent." I.. L. L.. Club '32. i 'f'.?' .. .. .,.. Thu tv 1931 Rea Bird EDWARD RAINS "HP was llPitl'lY killerl once by ai train of thought passing thru his mimi." Football '29, Hi-Y S. O. S. '32. FRANCES REYNOLDS "Full nf fun from morn 'Lil night," Girl Reserves '29, Red Peppers '29, Camp Fire VI '30, '31, '32, Pres '32, S, O. S. '32. RUBILEE ROE "AdInii'+-d lol' hm' lwzulty and her sweetness." B. E. D. Club '29, Hobe Club '30, Dramatic Club '30, Camp Fire VI '32, G. A. A. '32. JAMES SALA "XYhzit .L lllillllu Football '29, '30, '31, '32, Class Basketball '30, '31, "F" Club '32, Spanish ll Club '32. KENNETH SAWYER "His c-olning' to class was like angels' Visilsf few and fair bcAtwven." Pinckneyville H. S. '29, '30, Football '31, '32, Bas- ketball '31, Mgr. '32, -'FH Club '31, '32, Secy. and Treas. '32, Student Patrol '32. Captain '32, Spanish ll Club '32. Thu fx one 'R CLlFTON RAGSDALE "A Worthy man is he." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, Secy. '32, Class Play '31, Debate Club '32, S. P. A. D. '32, V.-Pres. '32, Span- ish Club '31, '32, Secy. '31, Pres. '32. EDITH ROBERSON "Her mudi-st fl9lllt'2ll1lil' is the jewel of ull." Glee Club '31, '32, French Club '32, S. O. S. '32. MARION ROTRAMEL 'lllairlenl NVith meek, blue eyes!" Thompsonville H. S. '29, '30, '31, Debating Club '30, Commercial Club '31, Eng. IV Club '32. SELMA SAMUELS "ls she talking yi-L in again?" Glee Club '29, Pep Club In '29, '30, Girl Reserves '29, ,., X3 Eng. IV Club '32, Camp ,' 1 If Fire '29. X ff I ff I 1 . . if . . 'll .E , fy X' I f MARY SAYLOR "Her friends :irc many, f Ht-1' foes-:ire tlierv any?" Camp Fire VI '32, Eng. IV. Club '32. ' l E . lf, sg, 5 fl X . X gi - ---- - 9 '- . -..,. ,N . , , ,seg .-ifffgu, . 1 , rf ' 1 A . rf 'Il . 0 I Illllllllllllllllllllllll lllll Qlllllll I llllllllllllll ' Illll llll 'I R d B d IIllIllIlIllIIIIIIIIIllHillIllIllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll ,R , ,lg I e nr 1 , ij , - li . ' 'H 'M Y f' f 1-- - JV f- 1 1 1 ' -J q'll ,, ' . J, X Nl 'S ' 2' V ' 1 N- 1 X I l J, ' yf, TOM SINKS if lf lasfse.,lfel..:rlf' 1 flf'ie.15nQA13SgUw-lQfU1'S' Senior Class Play 129, 'l K ' 0 Omg goo- lnrelleetuale '29, '30, '31, 1' , Eng- IV Club '32. Span' '32, Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, 32, I 1 Xi! lSh Club 32. S. O. S. '32, Model Air- plane Club '32, Honor So- ciety '31, '32. STANLEY SHIIVIK "He :san out-tal' ny INEZ SMITH Woman- ' "To know her is to like Ce tr I3 H. .' ,"lzzy her." l .and l2y"' reshmen Pep Club '32, Eng. lV BOYS CIU . Inter- Club '32. IVI l am '30, S. O. S. 32. Ml ED SMIT "T n er-fuilin ,mile tlgglt was wyont to some O . Girl eserv ' , '30, . Y 11 '32, Red P p rs '29, 3 Gag and ell 1,.Pi- Junlor C ss ' Pep C' b '31, '3 Deb Club '3 y - Mgr Junior it Cla '3 , IQ an Cue '32, .-Pr Home oom '32. l IDA STANKUS ff-.X "A light heart lives long." 1 fx, Eng. lV Club 132. I l 'Nik xl .X :gf 3 N Q' FRANCES STINES "A bundle of good nat- ure." French Club '29, L. L. a L. Club '32. ll X I l , u:'l--1-'f'..1.fg. Ui .angi- l5g3, TRUNIAN SMITH 'iSolemn of mien was he, but mischief lurliorl beneath." Roosevelt Jr. H. S. '29, '30, "Station YYYY" '29, "Poor Henry" '30, Hi-Y '31, '32, V.-Pres '32, ln- duction Team '32, "The Patsy" '31, Capl and Bell '31, Wig and Cue '32, Treas. '32, Band '29, '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, S. O. S. '32, Boys' Quartet '32, Boys' Glee Club '32. MILES STEPHENS "I never intend to die from overworkf' Boys' Glee Club '30, '32, S. O. S. '32, Hi-Y '32, Track '29, S. P. A. D. '32. ALVINA STRATMAN "My tongue within my lips I rein, For who talks. much must talk in vain." L. L. L. Club '32. Thu ill two llllillllllIillIIllllllllwlllllillllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllillll lllllu IlllllllIlllIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1932 Rea Bird 111++1K'lf--'1f--1f-1'-+' 1Hf41X BRAVE SULLIVAN "No one knows what he can do until ho tries." T. H. S. '29, '30, '31. ANDREW TAYLOR "I hope I don'L div soon -the world needs gm-:IL men like 1'llYSE'll',H Football '29, '30, '31, '32, Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32, Track '29, '30, '31, '32, L. L. L. Club '32, Eng. ll Club '30. AMERICO TEDESKI 'LX good nzinu- is Fllthlxl' to be vhosvn than gn-:lt 1'i1"ll0S." Eng. ll Club '30, Hi-Y '30. Spanish ll Club '32. LAVERN TRIPP 'ZX stalwart man of might," Football '30, '31, Track '30, '31, '32, Annual Staff '32, Student Patrol '32, Spanish II Club '32, Eng. IV Club '32. WILLIAM VAUGHN "A main of the V01-y best quality." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Eng. IV '32, French Club '30. JUANITA TATE "Not simply good, but good for S0l110lhlHg'.'y I Debating Club '29, Thompsonville Glee Club '29, '30, Home Economics Club '31, Commercial Club '31, L. L. L. Club '32. ARVILLA TEAGUE 'tNolhing' is so contag- ious :ls :L cllevry smile." Glee Club '29, '30, '31, Operetta '30, Press Club '29, Pep Club '29, G. A. A. '29, Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31, '32, Latin Club '30. Annual Staff '32, Camp Fire Vl '29, '30, '31, '32. WENDELL THOMPSON "I mn not in The roll of common nu-nf' X Sheridan High School '29, '30, "Over the Hill" "Little ,Miss Jack" Bas- ketball '29, '30, Band '29, '30,J31,"32, Orchestra '31. '32, S. 0. S. '32, Chef Speaker '32, Annual Staff '32, Wig and Cue '32, "Your Uncle Dudley" '32, "Kick ln" '32. MILDRED TREAT "Ah, sud 2111- they that know not love." Vienna H. S. '29, -'30. Pres. Platonian Society '30, Treas. Latin Club '29, Chorus '29, Booster Club 'so orchestra '29, '30, '31. fhxu '32, Gllee club '31, '32, cap ' and Bell '31, Girl Reserves l ,J '31, '32, s. o. s. '32, secy. 5 if and Treas. Poster and Art ,X f ' Club '32, Wig and Cue '32. ,, X 1 LlLLlAN WAGNER if "A honny blooming' lass - is she." l Glee Club '29, '30, Pep Club '29, '30, Operetta '30, 1 Spanish Club '32, Accom- f panist Boys' Quartet '31, l S. O. S. '32, "Kick ln" '32. 1 Tlmfl ilirvv . E Fr" -- VY.: l 7 Y 'Z i ' A .L ' ' 7 " ' , ' ' 'l' Q Jesus-ess.. LJ - . l .J 1 X J ulllllllllillllllxllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllll llilllIlllllllllllllllllilllllllll f'-SX I SN lx Il R i R 852 I 4 I AUDREY WALTON 'Alt seemed to us that she always looked glad, In truth, Why should a Senior' e'ei' look sail?" Girl Reserves '29, L. L. L. Club '32. PAULINE WENZEL "XVho's the snalmy look- ing' brunette? 'Foo lute, she-'s mm-rierlf' Glee Club '29, '30, '31, '32, Girl Reserves '29, '30, Pep Club '29. '30, '31, An- nual Staff '32, Eng. IV Club '32, Operetta '30, MARY LOUISE WILLIS 1 "A pleasing disposition is no slight advantage." Girl Reserves '29, Glee Club '29, Pep Club '29, '30, Camp Fire Ill '31, Annual Staff '32, Nlt. Pleasant H. S. '30, OPAL WILLMORE 'Tlnce you have he-1' frienclsliin you lmve found pure gold." Eng. IV Club. JOHNNIE YADRO "I am not lazy, I :im just in love with rest." Hi-Y '31, '32, Pep Club '32, Spanish II Club '32, Poster and Art Club '32. MARY YESINKUS "So1'1'y. girls, it's 12:30 and you'll have to clear the locker' room." G. A. A. '29, '30, '31, '32, 1932 Red Bird llllllllIllilllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIlmllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ARTHUR WALKER "Gr'e21tness isn't mons- uiw-cl by inches -- thunk goodness!" L. L. L. Club '32, Band '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '30. '31, '32. GENE WILLIAMS "Sho clulrms Us with her music." Honor Sowietv -. , Orchestra '31, '32, Girl Re- '31, '32, '31 '32 serves '29. '3O. Wig and Cue '32, S. O. S. '32. Annual Staff '32. G'ee Club '29. '30, Octet '31, Pep Club '29. '30. "Your Uncle DudIey" '32. Camp Fire Ill '30, '31, Cao and Bell '30, '31, Operetta '30. BERNICE WILLMORE "Manv admirable quali- ties doth shi- nossossf' Press Club '29, '30, As- sociate Ed. '3O. Pep Club '29. '3O. Carnb Fire IV '29. '30, Eng. Il Club '30, French Club '30, Annual Staff '32, L. L. L. Club '32. WINTER WILSON "Have you sc-en FL fire?" Irvington H. S. '29, Latin Club '30, Hi.Y '32. Com- mercial Club '32, S. O, S. '32, "Kick ln" '32, Dra- matic Club '32, S. P. A. D. '32. PAUL YATES "'l'xVinkle, twinkle- foot- Imll star. Johnston made you what you are." Football '29. '30, '31, '32, Basketball '29. '30, '31, '32, Track '29. '30. '31, '32, "F" Club '31, '32, Student Patrol '32. HELEN ZVINIKAS . "Her hair is hm-1' crown- ing' glory." G. A. A. '29, Spanish ll Club '32, Girl Reserves I itugigli astro' 132' L' L' '29. Eng. IV Club '30, Q We , I 3 ' 14 If . uvvti I- , 7'1" fl ffm' .. ,,1.,... , 4-r ,Ve ,- 5, Q f 'SWL w-.JU N .J NMA? .f ' x 'ily - -lb In HY 5 1' T - 'S' Q31 X xi .. -X ffl, R mv ZZ A qigc' n f 5'7'7gr - ia' ff K -2 H ' WA Y? + -1392: 5-H 2 .L-Qi-:A--f f'-1-fa 2 1 399, 6 V Y...-1 , L i f- A Kg! gl Q 1774 ' 4 V EE' r,-:Hg I x 4 .fil- :-:fs 3 f . . S 41 , .,? "iz, 'S' N X Z Ji-2-Eisf i :ef g- X 2 - - nga-, Q L QUE-. - I 11: -.--- X :ff ffifvgfa 5' l- 1- TEE? ',-I' 1,1 f- ,En 1+ -1- r-..,:,g ,. - -, -W-,4-fgfa f'-::: l--f- -,.,g 4l"S'2 ' 5 B i.':4"- "ie"-,4w.5' 75' 1'-': " mf: P' l-iq XF ' X N- id x - W I 193: Rea Bird f'FX x'7 Y Ax x ex K . xy , I, S? 4 Ig 'E gs If CLASS OF '33 The present Junior Class made its bow to F. C. H. S. in 1929, the largest Freshman Class ever enrolled. Eugene Williams was elected president with Earl Poole and Lorene Bullington as helpers. Evelyn Hayes, our nominee for football queen, was elected, an honor seldom attained by a Freshman candidate. Our sponsors were Miss Kane and Mr. Tucker. As Sophomores we boast of no special attainments except that we were still the largest class in school history. Earl Poole was elected president with Birdie Swinburne and James Lucas as co-workers. Marjory Lamb was the candidate for football queen. Our sponsor was Miss Blanche Dollins. This year as Juniors, we again elected Earl Poole president. The assisting officers are Lloyd Bowyer, John Yattoni, and Gene Trini. The faculty advisors are Miss Teel and Mrs. Tidwell. This year finds us well represented in major athletics. In football outstanding Juniors on the first team are Charles Stankus, John Yattoni, and Ed Buckousky. Other Junior names can be found on the various other football squads. In basketball, Vernard Allison is captain of the varsity squad and a majority of the lettermen are members of the Junior class. Aside from the athletic achievements we may also mention our Junior class play, "Daddies," given March 24th and 25th in the auditorium. We are also very grateful to Miss Teel and Mrs. Tidwell for their work in making our play a success. CLASS OFFICERS EARL POOLE LLOYD BOWYER GENE TRINI JOHN YATTONI President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 5.4 .JU r 'fl ' .,,, 1.1 ..... Fffff f Sw 'gg in l J 1932 Red Bird MARCELLA ALBERT BRONY ASTROMKIS I DONALD BARGER OLGA BELLUM CLAIRE BERTHOUX ENIS BOGGIA ff ' ANNA MAE ALVERSON OPAL AUTEN WAYNE BATTEAU MARGARET BERGIN MILLARD BOCK FRANCES BONDIOLI 1 s I fx i 1' if H, fi f J f ,Vx 1 's K 5 I K A 1 4 1- L 5257 - -'S K Thzy-131-scrxeu A K . 3755 fa 1 1932 Rea Bird r"X 1 fx fx, I xx X NT E I X N .V x, " NL S Qx i H ROGER BONER MABEL BOYD DANSIL BROWN MAX BRUNTON ZERIA CALDWELL GERALDINE CLEM LLOYD BOWYER 3 1 ALBERTA BROWN ROBERT BROWN EDWARD BUKOUSKY VIRGINIA CLARK ARCHIE COLEMAN 1 .11 e SQ' X1 i , :FA Q A -A - '- . LMA A. 4-i+a...1, " --b' Thirty eight IIllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllxlllllllll InIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIlIIllIIllllxlllllllllllllllllllll JANE COLTMAN ,. A ,- I LLOYD COX ALVAH CRIM iIl!QfQ," ' J I, ,,- k,h. ...A f,,",!, 7 .1 I g ,il If 1. l J . p , ' .fu , . . ., I 1 ETHEL JANE DZQWSON MARY JANE DEVLIN a FRANK DOLENCE TI11'1'fj'-ILIIIC 1932 Red Bird """ MARIE CONSTANTINO ALBERT CRIM CLIFFORD CULLEY ELLIS DEES fxx fi I I f' I fl GENE DORRIS I ff N 55 NANCY DIAL f' Eff VI Q I A ' if?-' 1 1932 Red Bird EARL DOTY ,Wi , DONALD DOWNEN MARIE EDWARDS EUGENE GANIBER 'Z C fw x ,gx W., DANTE GENTILINI W1 I ' ' 1 ,sf f!"j9k! f" ,. .f J. ' l ,Vg f, ,, L 1 5 V! . ,f 9 Lf!" X, 4 . J 2 KLORRAINE GILMARTIN Eg ii ' gi w Rx A ,Jn ROBERT DOUGLAS f J FREDERICK DRAYER IRENE FRANKIE In Memoriam FELIX GENEVICH RUTH GETTINGS MILDRED HARRISS ,51 W X 1. O .1 :L 'P' -7-flf' l' '- . -- if j .S-1-r..f?u1911. ,.,. F014 v Q lllllIHlllIHllllllllllllllIllIllIIllIIllIIllIlllllilllIlllllllIHIIIIIllllllllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllllllIIllIlllllllllullllllllllllIIllllllllllillllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllul C'-OVIS HART'-EY MAYBELLE HATFIELD EVELYN HAYS A, R. HAYES LUCILLE HEINZMAN REX HENSON DON HICKS DOROTHY HOULLE f"x lf? DOROTHY HoPKlNs EILEEN HOWELL. 1" I ff xx , L , pk wb BOBBY IRVIN LOUISE JEMISON r I E21 'B Forty-one ff ' - A- -' f' '- ,3 3 , 1931 Rea Bird I I BILLY JONES DONETTA JONES ANTOINETTE KAIRIS VIRGINIA KELLEY . N I ' . JM I Y MMV .f lj., V LJ 1 V I I .1 4 I I I 'N-A 'V I V TQ' ' .W I -J Q4 J IVT3 hx A ' I J IvIAxIIxIE KING .IUANITA KNAPP , . MARGIE LAMB GENE LAUER 17 X ?Qxxl x Q IF WILLIE LAMONT ROSCOE LEFLER X C I CHARLES LOUNSBURY JAMES LUCAS 1 N I, . I -9 I 'Q 1 .- 1 51 4, A. ,pa-.-1a-":aQL,'-'L - 2,1-:LL " ' --" f - 1T0,ffy-f7-W0 IIllllllllllxlllllllulllll lllllllllllllllllxllllll lllllllllllllullllllllllllllll lmln VERNA MARSHALL ROBERT MCCLEMENT RALPH MARTIN STELLA MIKALAUCKAS 0 LLOYD NEWLIN I 1 K CHARLES PAU L Forty-ih1'c'e 1932 Red Bird -"T'--l--'l--'T'-11-1T-TTT-'-1-'fl-T'-f1'--Tf-'1'-1l-1T1--Tl-Yf-11'--11l---1--1-YT1-TT-1" EARLINE MCCARNES KATHLYN MALONEY GENE MORRIS NOBLE NOLEN LUCY PAUKSHTES VK fx If xl K lf! X, , 3-5 X T X N SADIE PEARSON N T 5 -A I 553 L -2 1932 Red Bird FX R EAN: N ha N 1 xv k , af fl 4 f.. I EARL POOLE J lu X 4, - Q a all-' ' J K If x. woooaow PAAi'TON G AJ Q .V 95 X I Q-i E. 7 ls J vw X' xl 5 J X -o - ' fl v . VEQGENF lrlg s.. I fxh-ll-w"'Pl' -'. 1 ,V-, 1 I AILEEN RICHERSON TESSI E RUKAS KATHRYN SCHWARTZ bf--'f--ui.......E...... .E ,B RANDOLPH PEAK MARJORIE LEE PERRYNIAN DOIVIINICK RIVA JIMMY ROGERS EUGENE SCOTT MINERVA SHll.LAW , 4-:Q-A' ' " Q- -- FO, tj fam, 1931 Red Bird Forty-fire HAZEL SHAW MARY JANE SLOAN EDWARD SOULSBY CHARLES STANKUS OAKLEY STEPHENS MILDRED STRATMAN HELEN SHAW MARIE SMOTHERS WILMA SPURRIER FREDDIE STEPHENS WALTER STORY LILLIAN STROP fsx 1 .f 3 .I X 1 ff Q. x . 1 RD 1 gf. 4 R P '14-...5 LL A A 31f.,,txf.l - , P ' ' isis VERONICA SWEET JOE SWINKUNAS SELMA ESTELLE UM ERS , N7VgiiQ"M yy bf! jg-TQLOR A55 ff4"fW if 1932 Red Bird FCENI Q 714' N ff WX-f? MADGE THOMPSON 3 'N E N HARVEY TURPIN 1 1 ' N -ll N A iplg. ,1 259 . I . 5: T V. , , Q... ,., .... I-. ,. , agff zi EEA? .' llllll BIRDIE SWINBURNE JUANITA SULLENS FRANCES SIERAKOWSKI MILTON OFAYLOR JJLJ21 ,,,G-AJ-, .A.4.f4"""""ffl"j:"""'s"' JOAN HORNTON JOSEPHINE URBIT , F orfy-six mmllllulrllllllullullmlllllIllvlllvlll IIIII 1931 Red Bird TONY VAI JOSEPHINE WALKO WILLIAM WATSON MARION WHITE BLAKE WRIGHT LAVERN VICKERS VIVIAN WALLER LENORA WHEELER GEORGE WILLIAMSON 1 WAYNE WRIGHT 4 I QI V, Yf J , CONNIE II WORTHINGTON X i I , Gil x I H LII . Orly-suz'cn - ' , - ' " x v. A.L.,..Q...w, -N -4 ,LLL C IIII I II IIII I I IIIIIII fx I E' Y :X 2 X w NY? if X . it C. N 1 ,gl .A 1931 Red Bu-a -- O ye paragraphers to the rescue haste, A momentous question has arisen: If a leap year maid ask a bachelor's hand, Should she go on her knees or hisen? 1,1 Elden Lee: Gosh, I must be getting insomnia, this makes the third time I,ve woke up in assembly today. 111 Q 1 Louis C.: Did your brother come home from college over the week end? Fletcher L.: He must have cause my bank don't rattle any more. 11-- Q 11- Mr. Walston: How can I make anti-freeze? Donald B.: Hide her woolen pajamas. 11.11 Mr. Lee: Do you believe in clubs for freshmen? Mr. Eadie: Yes, but only if kindness fails. 1 Q 1-1 Visitor CAfter Benton-Frankfort football gamejz Where'd all the grapes come from? Chink: Them's not grapes: them's eyeballs. 151 Mary L. Pharis: Our dining room table goes back to Louis XIV. Bernard M.: That,s nothing, our whole living room suite goes back to Sears Roebuck, the fifteenth. 11Q11 Mr. McClintock: What's the Czar's wife called? Geno Trini: A czarina. Mr. McClintock: And his children? Geno Trini: Czardines. 1-1 He was a ham-and his sugar cured him. 1 Q 1 FROM A FRESHMAN'S NOTEBOOK The alimentary canal connects Lake Erie and the Hudson River. fd A gk 5 5 . A X 1 2 -::"-T-:ik X . . . . , ,..,, 9 UMIAQ, ,uf ,. -. ---. 'ffm -Fm., ma, I701'ly-cilfflzf Wy 5 .- - 17L1n1'72-f+ ,, qglfskeaff' 5 K G,'ilY r' 91551: Xi:-A f-if ii ' 'ig ,A H 'Egg 1, X 5 in , ' wQ,Q3 . 1 v fi A J A'wla'u7'?125 ? ' 9' Hwy' Q N ' AIIA. la ' f , H311 pr ul K ,ilgff-,Fm 4 9 E ' 1, 5 1' EIEIZUZJT I ifvlkj- ft f 5 l I 'XT' QLEXXX Y mtv 'll 2,3 if 115.2 5 ' U Jffz'-4 - . 2- Mfg' v X ' A-9'-J fd , Q . ,W1 'ch., X , ' ,,:f9-- -1 EQ? S9 , inuyffnfi Q f ,K 41 f,fgg! ,M six X? Ai. 'f-Vg! Jrffgf, wgqxd V -Nl' ,' IQ!! f - wi.-2'-' ' ' . H ff 4 - Xa L '!!f!'AL.ig'AZY-if sifizfsfe '. ll 4 , Qi'-gbgbvn :YV- N o.. L 1932 Red Bird fA'N q i I lx V4 1 Ni it of if? X ,f x Na, f x 1 x f f CLASS OF '34 The curtain rises on Act I. It reveals a group of High School Freshmen huddled about the doors of learning. The aspect seems quite dismal but with Frank Hiscox as chief executive they hold their own in the Athletic and Music Departments, even boasting of possessing two of the four members in the Girls' Quartette. In Act II these same individuals put their best feet forward as Sophomores. They make for the football field and the basketball floor with a rush and land several men on first teams-among them the heavie man on any team in South- ern Illinois. Charles Wezalis comes in as President with rothy Bowker as Vice-Presi- dent and Elsie Mitchell as Secretary-Tre surer, h iss Groves and Mr. Lind- quist hold sway in the background. lt i. then that the plot As for the future--that comes i Acts lI thickens and things begin to happ . t Curtain. 'Sf ky , by I lfbfgtiiwv M 1 e ,e ee ,nv CHARLES WEZALIS DOROTHY BOWKER ELSIE MITCHELL President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer A i i 1- il" . " p ri, . ' 2.45, , , ..,-1 .,,. " 1' ww- H Fifty A K .fx gy I wh I - . 1 , 12 ' , " ' . 1 -ri 1 xi A i' X X I I ' , 3 A af' 1, V 1 , Ii . . , i 1lllllllVIIlVIIIIIIllllIIIlIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllll IIIlIIIlIIIIIIlIllIIIlIIIIII I IIllllHIXHIllllIllCllylllllllllllllllbliillllllllll IllllllllnlmlllllllllllllllllIllll V-P ' ,"' ' .P 'L X- , of . 5' A, ,, X , - Ir' Frank Absher Genevieve Allen Dorothy Aiken Vera Allen Flita Allison Mary Balgrosky Josephine Bazzell Elona Belbas Ernest Bolen Rena Bonacorsi Zella Boner Dorothy Bowker Oralee Bristow Rachel Britton ff ' ois B,ry"ant 5 9 yi Marietta Burked ef fr' ' g f ,.f' I t Margaret Calvin Wanda Casper Fifiy-out Olen Ballard 1 17' ,4,1,i. Pauline Bajtanw A , ' ' VJ! L-ffL -PF 'H if 4-, 1 4' " ' ly if 41 A, , if 7 1 f ' vf' 4 . 1 f V 4 , Ru ' "' IJV ,ff fx' A i .ff 1 -f Q rj f 1 'jfiyAY,F5ge vB V jf' 2L ard Boner -X X li Ia Jean Boughers Betty Bowman Selwyn Browning Aleen Brown X l I K i X Dorothy Bullington Juanita Burton J X f 4 i, E i, f Alberta Charorll ' Stella Klym I if, VI 5 l ' X r ll :.-. A ' -l-3'-g':':'F"1r,g1 " 'QQ Fciiix. U . :J ff 1 -s X New rf , Edge erl ram ' Charles Hammers Jack Hjxmpton 'R si" J 4 is ll " lm ' ' fyii s. L "E" A IJ if l l elen Hays, 'xi -H f-' 'f fi ' 49.5 1 if Lncoln Ha e 1 .. ,fi lg S P J 932 Re ' Lloyd Coleman Margaret Colussi 1 Edith Depper' Rolla Dillow Virginia Dorris Isom Dudenbostel NV I ank Hiscox 7. Le ard! Hopkins l l .fi A x EQQ1 1 i -. -It I .f , . .gi-l::k 'i:"" Y' M Qu .A Y in -f-, . wi is J tml if v I 4,1 4, K , - V 4 , fi- , Illllllllllllllllllllllllll Jeanette Crim William Hill Dawson Dorothy Dodds 1' Virginia Dodds Q42 Dillard Duncan Mary Fae Durst Verneil Etters ,E John Fermento Lillian Godley Estelle Griffin James Harper Juanita Hartley Glenn I-l'ewlett X Ralph Higgerson Juanita Hoppers Jack Jemison Fifty-two VJ , Vx A- 'Lyle Leek , - v Mary Lehmbeck Alfred Luther Ina Mabry i " ' 'I 1' 7 XMVJK I9 z Red Bird 1 I Letha Kaylor Doris Knapp ' l Dora lfaonsj t Velma Ruth Lacy M ,,r'J if Q J Xi V! I J . Hf ,gf K lu--LL J v ' ,dk c,Viva Mae L, N A r . x: s . l , xA -f Margaret McCi f I Nelf- Fioie NMcKee ' L. N Goldia McReynolds Virginia Mercer Elsie Mitchell Louise Morrison Fiffy-fluff JW l . LK f l VI .L-,j4.flQJ0,L,fifJ KM All 90 if A ,ff l ' ffl f l fyfaf A it 1 Frances Kochevar Frank Kochevar f , f f . , UV div,-X J' 37591 . ,J,VcV.ffQl, ' 1.151 X ,LAV ' 1 f 1 5 NiCi4 Leasck Joe Leasck -W , f f Lucille Lewis 17" Mary Ligon Thomas Mabry", William Malinsky Thomas McCann Italene McCollum Marguerite McKie Charlotte McReaken 5-4 I 4J"'G., if '5 1,241.1 'Z ,L - -4 Z X N cb Lu-cf .,L' L I mlIlllInlInlullllllllllulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIIllIIllIulIlllIlilllllxlllIllllIlllxllllllllllxlllllllllllhl Charles Ogdon Juanita Oluf William Patrick Wilma Peters Robert Pitchford Robert Pittman l Oral Quick N Byford Rains l 4 . 4, - Ira Roberts ' i N Lorene R'olgert's ll, l- s xi , Helen Rogers f ' v Alice Sanders, X fx A . R 5X 4, , I x fx 2 KX Wei 9 '- K R Q, ' cella Sirnonds l .X R tifEileen Simpson x s N X X i, ly gnes South f arl Sperry ,waking 3 so qos N ,IM ' ' .ffsylvester Parrigin ' Verla Parker George Petrosik Jane Pearson Raymond Polchuski William Palic Edwin Richerson Harold Richerson Pat Rodden Marshall Roe Thelma Sanders Frank Semsis John Sinks f' Rebecca Smith 1 No eSl: rt I m U 1 ll I1'iffy'f0'llf7' 1 fe A Q Q K . x . 5- 1 1' ' 1 , , f- ' 1 , . -' , l lf .li- gi f : .ggi j gg-5 K D ' ' .l b L l N, I 1932 Red Bird Frank Sutis Faye Taylor 1 'l , . I , . A 1 1. ' X V I A Juanita Tine 1 1 , - Paul Tomlinfon X 4 ' J l f f Harry Walker Marion Walls Rupert Weaver Harold Wells Charles Wezalis Pauline Wicker Georgia Wright Annabelle Wyatt F i fty- five Marcella Taylor Annabel! Thompson Helen Uhls Carl Wagner Cecil Wearmouth Milton Weatherford Keith Wentworth William Wenzell Evelyn Wilhite Milton Wood u !"x fi l 1 I ll fi l :ll Lillian Yuskaille , Bernice ZwickQik5 lofi, i el ff-'O 'gi E f 1 gt. Zz. , ' till f-LQ Q 666 .1 ,g?7" P ,. BL, C A ,,,,r QP .f . 'l N f . I Ill llllllllllllllllIIIIIIIHllllIllIllIllullllIIllIIllIllInlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll AX Q ark N v li N my 2 .I X 193: Red Bird -Q KQ -Q -Q 11 -+' Q1-Q '- -l -Q11Q1-+ Q1 r 11- Q11- Mi 111'L --1- 1 +I+ fi b' Q1-Q 1 a There was no such man as Hamlet. He lived in Denmark. 1...-- Q -.- When a volcano spits fire, it is called saliva. M-- Q --M A moat was something like a wart that grew on barons. .-.... Q fi? Bi-monthly means the installment plan. ,1 Q -T A triangle is a circle with three corners to it. ..., 6 lv, Steam is water gone crazy with the heat. ..-Q-, Mr. Dial: You say you want to marry my daughter. VVell, can you support a family? ' ' ' ' ' " Ithink so. Nancv s Young Man. Yes, slr. Mr. Dial: Think again, young man, there are seven of us. If the backfield could have run like the freshmen leaving class, the varsity ' ' ' " ' h" ear. should've had very little trouble winning its football games t lb y il, Q ..-,T If you find hair in your soup, be nonchalant. Don't crown the waiter. It might be noodle soup. ---Q-? Miss Michels: Did you ever attend a school for stuttering? Squeak: N-n-no, Iy-y-y just picked it up. l-,--- Dorothy C.: Doctor do you know anything that would bring the color back to my cheeks? lim so dreadfully pale. Doctor: Young lady, if I tell you that you have a hole in your stocking the size of a half dollar, it may have the desired effect. -......,......,. Joe Burnett: I want my picture made over. It doesn't do me justice. Mr. French: You don't want justice, young man, what you need is mercy. i-, Q Ll Bill Cash: Love has its drawbacks, especially so during green onion season. if it i -iO--- i FASHION NOTE There will be slight changes in infants we ir from day to day ' 'iff-1 .-. ... f'f"'--'S I'zff3 -sm 1 .ii . . I . . , ' Y i . ' V' to ' ' ' 5 . l .1 ..f3 . Y. . . I I xlull I lllllll I I llllllll A lllllllln I lllnl I4 lllllllllll I f 1932 Red Bu-d '11111 1+1'11 r 141111 1 M +1111 1 r CLASS OF '35 In the fall of ,31 about three hundred and fifty freshies were seen wandering anxiously through the halls of the high school. And, according to the old custom, all were looking forward to being teased by the upper classmen. At our iirst class meeting we elected for our officers: President, Charles Gipsong Vice-President, Madeline Stephensong Secretary-Treasurer, Willie Trini. For our sponsors we chose Miss Mary Dollins and Mr. Hastie. Our freshman representative, Helen Kuykendall, ran a close race with the senior representative for the ppsition of football queen. Toward the end of the school year we entertained the sophomores with a freshman talent program. As yet we Eresh-men have little history to record, but we have three years before us to make a record of which wesmay sometime be proud. I X l I J J f ,xr 'Q t ' "L N . . ' 'LW v ff ff X ,f V ' f . X.-. l J ,J K , 1 . ' , ff ' V-f 1 . , 1- f J ' , if . Y . J 1 fy! X I N. I A 1 4 1, y , Y K' f-ff h , is K l, Xl r W a -. ' x rv 'Q - . o 'f Z, CLASS OFFICERS 3 I , f Ax J , 2 K 9 ' Q in .1 if 54' , Lt x Fr K fi , ffl' K , jf M r L N 3 CHARLES GIPSON MADELENE STEPHENSON WILLIE TREINI President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer A chi r y an f J 1 ,f ...A-pp. .43 , , , WW ,H - -- --v- - Mig If y-giqlzfi ' V L, CL if Lap'-flxfxfiiz, qfvkff lf- 1 Q,,,k,... 5 I ! Vs . ,f v X - - I 'N 1 K 'J IJ , if'I 1 . 1 nf' f ff. f ff ,i pw J, jf f W ' f . J kinj NJ 'J 1 f -i r X 1' jiflfjfi J X f f 5 4 Wx I lllllllllllllllwl - , f Q f ' -i , ,A M, 'I if i Illll ml IIIIII I J 7 ' f i ' HH l"II'IIlIIlIIIIllllllllIIllIIllIllIIIIllIllIlllIIlI,lIKI,IIIl,I mu mu J l rf 'D 'inf' 1932-J N d I MF-r if ff ' i , 1 T 1' v i J . fl s Xi. Il f 1 Mu uf Q K'-j xx! x, N J xfj x.1 T Auvirn Alverson ,ix .fJ Ruby Alverson if xl Betty Armstrong Frances Asllrom kis V-wWzw1QaJfk L 4, , , Evelyn Beambloss UWMMA fnufrvblaena Beverly F ' 1 6' Jack Brown Mae Buskill Reginald Karrol Gladys Capps John Chorrlak Edith 'Clark Anna Compa Norman Corbin Jeanne Daily Paul Davidson Fifty-nine :!..:Z2i'4 fl W A ,D ' f o C' Ruth Aiverson ' T. C. Anderson I - 1 1 x .- 'X :jj -1 ' Gretchen Austin Julia Baldi Virginia Boner Harold Bowyer Pauline Bryan Evelyn Caldwell f,gL,g,af1z74"afr',ILCL", I l 3.5.1-1.2, iony SALEEIIOYZ. tAA-ld Z h Tillie Chiolero . . , I 1, , ,Af --'nz dw' A ' .0-z. 5 ""'h"' rhafvb . 4444 JZ-1 ZLYQ ai'-U Web lilugh Cark 11455 ?j'm assie Clements - - 'rQN fj i . . ' f e ff , X Geraldine Coutunia Louise Cunninglrh 1 x Pearl Davidsoxgl, Eleanor DeLa55 I all .V , A 4 ,me iw a aell 1-4541 M14 VCJ 451' V 'g f ' 1 .X l 1.1: ffm, ' In 1J ,l,f "" 'f M. '-4? : -:- B- W f " ' +A ff D v A 1 K- f,-' 1 , V Q . .5 -fl I I" --fp " P .f ji if . f "W, qgf 1' 1 A ELT , '51, I ' 191,-V I I Al. ' ni T, 'fig . ' 4 :A iv kgvy X s D 1' 'ff -A 24 i i 1 i i i O llllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmllllllmIlmIn,IllmumI,mlmmlmmmum Merle Delsotto Katherine Dial Virginia Dorris Ellen Dotson Dimple Downes Billy Drayer I y Billy Elliot 3 4, Eugenia Esman I , V, ' Fairy Forkum l Leona Freeman I A I I l Helen Genevich Mafalda Giacab f'5'X -X l l ,. lx WPQD' W7 71 'll 'icwly o d :W-ag 5 4 Beatrqctj Go Wylm Green A ,J P, QI--f l. lj :LoilWJ1- Q f- . .na id , if evv' -J ,,'., ,111 lf'-:Ll " Fred HHFKAWS , ll Emily Horodax-f ' 6 ' l 3 N ,,k. X' l 'SW' "' Henry Dobroski Ji Noble orri Aw . .Ui L 'JA Nyly Max oty Howard Rogers R Beaulah Dugger Harold Durln ,V My 003' fi iffy' y Anna Esonis ff 'J Lf" X ff' Carl Ewing!l,,X'f!jr, ' V J- f ' ,J ' ,'.f f J r 1,1 JY rx, .1 0' JJ if 'if ., -N 3V'C" 6' if 'Yfif I lvlll reel llcv-f"4 1 9 :Y SA Wlburpjcamher' , A 'dl U- iflsf ' Lf A Y ,f ffl l . LV, W Y ', .7 l S, l charles Gipslm xy ill Loueva Glover W J i -N wg, Y .xl l x f, if ll ul XJMH e W l J F ,xy Ruby Groner X l BT' ,X Anna Gudazzio vyxjxd if 3 PJJQV ' M1 K X l l l Elmer Harris! ,X kg ij X ' Ni X 5- f' , l l Kathryn Hayes r' fk. ' C' RX! l rl l XV . ' N G .JI T J X X 5 A . 1 l lt : - f R X x l . E na .,. 4 . b il 'I' 1, 1-J -X, -4 QA., .UNA ,,: ,,,.-,,' , me .,.. I SMU' i X 0 lllllll llllllllllllllllllllllIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII Ill IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII +1-+11-11-111- 1-11-1--11Q1-- +11--1--1 1 11 Q i f 1111111 lv 1-+11- 1932 Red Bu-d f Q i , X Y x - fi!! . N . V Lori? yeslrfff Anna Hiscox dywalyymjgglaret' e Frances Howard V ' Jw if 4 Vffwwf ,f 1 1 L 4fi ' ,. -' i fs ', ' I!! ,Q gf I Maxine! Hays, ff, , Isaaci,!",,,.f 1 ' X J' f , , D,-,J la gefflfflflfffgtyfler It , V Giejeldmz Jfnes ef-' I N fl jjj! 1 .LAM .Koi V M7 I 51 J f s X ,k gl , ,ff f vii , i -7 I N ' jfDeaQ'K!Nej Margaret Kelrf 3 I" yfmlbent Kelly Maxine Kirk Y '. if , ,J J' fly 5 Johnnie Kurak Irene Lahte Carrol Lamb f 1 fill X G ine Lear ilu Juanita Lee I- C I W I n a Leaswu- fp William Lexrmjnowa A L. Y R J 1 w L y A ' ,ffl 4 ,myw N if ffl I , Z c of ' , If y - Q! X L f Elva Lewis Marniw aregygek ' Kathryn Lewis , N BWY' Juni xl? erickfx -Mnjp ' J, , " ,YT lu N MJ VJ M 'W W ff M! X V x 3 :Wit V V - 2 Vila if Q ,yi , Q -' , E ow Ze nhws Q- Q , X ,let J? h Marys gna Mabry? K Mi I 1 X75 !-.X X X i ' Y , X Gaylord Manick Floyd Martin if Frank Mataloriis f Eleanor Matu1iok's i L ii i i fi 1 f f 1 . i gvA iff' V Eiga 1 Q -X11 I 5 3 X l , 1:,. - 7 .+V K' ' Eff' f fi 1 X 5 X 55a5.,g5?aL 41. ' f., -- .' -K' ra " A ' , .' 'll ah' L 1 'i 1 Siglty-ony i m- v . e .-- - ' less K Gr i i M If eq' X f 932 Red Bird JJ ckey McCann Margaret McCann Anna McCloskey Lorene Medlin few .DAM fm! EW Harry I 'lf Q rt Miller Wim 0 I LVM Cr ffnifdggae GPO cr X X . jf J . sv Q 3' 1 k Q 7 Aw T V nr N 1 1 N llllllllllllilllv llllllllllllllll 1llllillllllllillllillllllllillllllllllllillllllll V K V: Y 5' J 1 4 -: Joe McCarnes Faye McCIement 34' L, QL -ef "if'x"A"' , 1 . K ,uf . ' X , A 1 Mauxirie Melvin' e Lelia Merriman . .1 ,pf l1MMiC"fjJ?Xy vi ffefffw ' ZWZ-flew U-XL UU UV.fvtkfQ-1 Weigel alittle f Gffvfgl rvwft JP-A -91,11 W4 fgwi, awe, kfflfdxff - QI I Y' jg, Virgwmia ci le ' 1 '- O lift 4 fMax-lr1f,?5,t'91?,sifiA' sri l ,N M., X. .J '1 ff . .yi 1 ,,fv, j Lucille Patton , K J I K Roy Pattoni!LJ. Violet Petrosik Theresa Plumlee li 'i X Margaret Poole I ' Lowell Presley ia X 1. l I : , .A 3 7 ' f 'J P 1' I N M . 5 ' I , 5,2111 r , A , ' 4 M f.. M f' ff f i ' it 1 A fP'dEifl3"'A'ffigf qi' X . .... . . . .. . . 4 -- L X I 1 I J I 'fl -.-.4 M .L bf ,ef ff j Sim-:wo N My I Q I ,jj X' 5 l ll I v f K j . . X A. lg ' JE ' kj Ii rj . i f A y, ZIQX. xv i JN l , . .J X x xxx 2' JR if x V 1 1 X J x fi fr N l , 0 4 Q lllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I e llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll X a Albert Price 927, I Lenora Prock 6444-J'v,4f4J-AV.i,, f 'WMI' , f Bonnie Ri ',Cli r ogers Willa al' FS lf" L.,QA'pq2A7,,Z,b,,2ff ,ef AJ'-rg 12,423 W GI I I 3Roy Ski n ner Doris Spurrier Madeline Stephenson Adella Thiel Bertha Thompson Glenn Thurman Theodore Treece Margaret Vigna Doris Walker I 'Va June Pyles Fairy Rich Ruth Rogers Cleo Rotramel AV T i ff ,5,'c4v6i4'-s'ch I Helen C rar Q. 6- 7" Tommy Smith Pansy Spagnoli Juanita Tabor rj Delane Tharruf J' jf Y if X I v 1 ff J! fl J' f .4 SJ vt JA ' ' Magdalene Thompson Sammie Thompson Willie Treini Harvey Turns Bonnie Walls Riva Walls .Ziff-ffxwwti 4' Slal fy-f11l'CC ---a - .'.f1-l- - fl .-if-fll w ' , L Q., ,ff K l J , , X 2 1 K, f J J 1932 Rea Bird in Benjamin Walston Geneva Walters Bonnie Wiedeman Leo Wiedeman Hershal Wilkerson Robert Williams Dwight Willmore Florence Willmore x is K AJ Vw f I ii is Y we - V tqlf' ' .' W 3 gi ed x, K if: sf 'X :I -. ' v - , wr s-Q ' i' gi ' 'X K , J. x -and " ?lfP'i V' . 'lf X f 1' N "il ' I' W5 'X xaxf 1 'I Z i In '-I . 4 li a ly c -M x x W F' P I' "I - ' x il? 'l fi :X JM l. Vx' , e Q. nff+ rf:e: ..i. .114 .4-. , 'znlfmfiztnxammnm-in-gj Rose Zoiakar lfgf-ef? I enevieve Waiters Martell Watkins ,Wi ji WMU LW A Juv!! ' N Jfffi J! Y 1 elmffl I 4,12 ' ysigedfrffytj is ,Aff ,Qfvyfxi . N' W Jean Williford Ada Ruth Wilmore Vs 'E Sixty-foilr X -- -- -- 1931 Red Bird RED BIRD COACHES F. N. JOHNSTON HUGO LINDQUIST Football and Track Basketball fx fi p 1 1 f' .ff 'gt f 5 F F f l O x 9 0. C. LEE HARRY McCLINTOCK Assistant Assistant Football, Basketball, and Football and Track Track I ' x ,l N W1 3 A , 4 X fj' YL -Wff'-fffff - , ...,,, ,. ,.-,. , Mhz!-ikxw, , .. 1931 Rea Bird Q' 4 ,aff-D I , , fp 'V 2" ,1 rg' . . I' flu " :nz Zdndlffws... . ...nn . K m- , ' Suft-y'e1-ght az- -.f,,,Y - i sd ,U , llllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllvlllllxl ulnllull 1932 Rea Bird FGOTB LL HIIHII1IIHrIIHIIllIIlllHumIllllmmlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ff' ful X ,F 2 1 f X 'X' , V J E , Sf, r gi g Q3 2 .l x - ' Mi r li li ga k :I .eb...QfvJbsQ3 X 4-X llll I 1932 Red Bird 1 f'SX we X I X 3 'Qi N 4 . N . Ii 1 L A it fs. ' an f A, Q g' if J A 'F E CAPTAIN "Chink" CHARLES MARGELLI L. H. This year climaxed "Chink's" football ex- periences in high school when he was placed on the first All-State team and of course, his last which is the sad part. "Chink" was the fellow who always kept the team in the right spirit, and who played the game according to his motto, "That it's how the game is played and not who wins or loses that is importantf' LAVERN TRIPP, R. T. This was Lavern's first year on the team in two tries. Lavern was a trustworthy player, one that was always ready to go. He leaves a gap in the line as he has a place in the graduation roll. "KATS', TREVOR NICHOLSON, F. B. Nicholson is a hard-hitting sophomore who stepped to the front this year. "Kats" has the fightin' spirit and with two more years should make a name for himself in football. 4 zfif it. -,, 5 ..... Sm"'y 1931 Red Bird L I "BLACKIE" JAMES SALA, L. E. "Blackie" started, like Belbas, on the light- weight team four years ago, and in his senior year he made the second all-conference team. It will take good material to patch the gap he will leave. "RED" KENNETH SAWYER, R. E. "Red" is one of those fellows who is always full of fight and rarin' to go. This was his second year of active service on the team and the last one as he will graduate this year. "BLACK" JOHN YATTONI, F. B. With this year ended "Black's" second year of service for his alma mater. His specialty was "backing up" the line on defense. "Black,' will be back at his post next year. "SUGy' CHARLES STANKUS, Q. B. This is K'Sug's" third year in football and his second year on the team. Sug was the big little man on the team and the best punter in this part of the state. Sug should go good next year. . . ., .,,. . , ,V ' 4 .,,x 36. r ' hx. f Q iv, Q Z H3 'Cf 5 I l , 4' X I 'v 3 Q? . fx ' lf? H xl X! I 'fl' R. '5 .- gl ' , ' M I . X " Cf' GL 9, I. W 5 sa as l X f .3 31 Se Cllfy-UIIC --Q 3 '?- 'N I "N R 'Q x N 1 1 xl Fl 4 Z fi , 4 5 ! I 1 ' 11f1l 1931 Rea Bird . ty x X. .f ,T Q! w .,, 'Q ei 22 f -vw F 2 L fi si 4 T fp. Y -1 C ie - 1 " GENE TRINI, H. B. "Geno" was the boy who shoved the "pill" around the ends. And how he could do it! He is only a junior and will be back doing bigger and better things next year. "FAT" ERNEST ZICHAL, R. T. i'Fat" was the "big" man on the team. This was his first year in the front ranks, but he stood his ground with the best. "Fat" is only a sophomore and will be back to battle next year. "FAT" ED. BUKOUSKY, L. G. After four years of building up "Fat" made the first team this year. The only bad thing about him is that he won't be back to fight again next season. Good luck anyway "Fat". CHARLES VVEZALIS, H. B. Charles is a sophomore who stepped up to the top in his first year out. Charlie was the boy who always found the holes or if there were no holes he made " 'em". Seventy wo 1 "f+' 1932 Red Bird PAUL YATES, R. G. Yates was one of the two best guards in the state this year. He was especially good on defense to the woe of the visiting teams. Yates will leave a gap hard to fill when he graduates this year. "ALI-'U ALFRED BELBAS, C. Alfred started his football career four years ago on the lightweight team and cli- maxed it this year by making the varsity team. Alfred was the second best center in the all-conference group. He will leave a gap hard to fill. TONY METALLIC, Q. B. This is Tony's first time on the "letter linen, but he will be back to show his ability next year. He is a brainy quarterback and a good punter who should go over big. He will finish next year. "PADUK" VERNARD ALLISON, H. B. "Paduk" surprised even himself when he came out this year and made the first team. He was little, but how he "fit 'em!" He will be back to resume duty in the middle of the fray. Sc enfy-flzree 1931 neu Bird L 1 J 11 f ' N' H 'f 5 I 5 ad y 1 '5 Q I Xt: . J . xref l' f 2 f A if ia W ' Qlili M k 4-1- Fi" f f-" A ...,. BILL CASH, L. G. After three tries Bill, the boy who was al- ways running over with pep, finally succeeded this year in pulling down that coveted letter. This will also be his last year as he leaves via the graduation route. "LONG" JOHN KNASH, L. T. Johnnie was the long boy of the team, the one who could cover half the line without mov- ing. This was his first year on the team and the last one as he will be lost through gradu- ation. A'RED" RALPH LEE, L. T. This was Lee's second year on the team and his last one. "Red" was a good fighter and a hard person to stop when he started after the one who carried the ball. JAMES MATTHEWS, Manager This is Jimmieis third year of football man- aging and he too will graduate. It was his job to see that all the boys were there with the proper artillery. He also kept them band- aged up, and that was certainly work. Scvelzfy-fozzz llllllll O I Sczfvrzly-fire 1931 Red Bird GRID RESULTS THE BEGINNING This season started with a bang when many more boys responded to the call than suits could be furnished to. After rounding into shape there were two practice games with Sesser. We won them both easily, but it gave us some valuable experience. After those games we had a hard schedule of eight games, two of which were lost. The season as a whole was a succss not only in winning but in a relatively small number of casualties. 13 RED BIRDS-CENTRALIA 6 This was the first game and the boys were rather excited, especially the new players. We went expecting a victory and got it though it was a close one with hard fighting. This gave the boys the spirit for the coming game with Johnston City. Johnston City had played Centralia the week before and had some trouble beating them. Well, on to the next fray. 0 RED BIRDS-JOHNSTON CITY 13 This party ended with the Birds on the short end of the score. But don't think it wasn't a fight. The game started out with a bang and it had a whole series of bangs before the game was over. Both sides made quite a few nice gains with Hobbs carrying the ball for Johnston City and t'Chink" for the Red Birds. There was nothing spectacular about the game but there was one sad thing and that was the score, not that it was high but it showed superiority, at least on paper. Well, let's forget this one and go on to one more cheerful. 6 RED BIRDS-SALEM 0 The Birds went up to Salem with a lot of confidence in spite of the defeat the week before. The score justified some of it, but not too much because it was a close game, both on paper and on the field. The Salem boys were rather big ffK5 and good fighters but finally succumbed to the Red Birds. The only peculiar thing " 1 about this game was the absence of "Chink" who was out because of a boil on I f his arm. However, there was a thrill when "Sug" punted for about seventy yards. , ' nf 51 RED BIRDS-CARTERVILLE 0 XX X The Birds swam through the mud to their first conference victory over li Carterville. This was about as easy a victory as could be wanted as the second team was put in for the last three quarters, and still the score built up as the rain poured down. This helped the Birds to gain a little spirit for the other f. conference games even though it was nothing to brag about as the visitors had been handed five defeats. ga Ff' . ff? A IQ- :ff Q1 X , . ' . 'i-' . .JQQ ', fx., fi, I 1 N F XY ,E X x I C xv 1 I 1931 ned Bird 31 RED BIRDS-ANNA 6 The Red Birds tucked another victory under their belt when they trampled Anna under their heels. While the Birds pulled every kind of football out of their trick bag last night, the Anna-Jonesboro crew was fortunate enough to push over their first touchdown of the season against the Bird's second eleven. This game, like the one before, did not prove anything except that the visitors were worse than was thought, if possible. All the boys are crying for "big games" so let's move on. 12 RED BIRDS--MARION 0 Paced by "Chink", brilliant captain, along with the help of Yattoni, full back, who played a nearly perfect defensive game, the Birds pushed the ball over the line a couple of times to defeat the Marion fellows to the tune of 12-0. This game raised the conference standing of the Birds to fourth, with Benton, Johnston City, and Carbondale ahead. This game gave the boys the feeling that they were good, and maybe they were because the visitors were some fighters. 6 RED BIRDS-CARBONDALE 0 Did you notice something is wrong with the scores of the Birds? They are slowly but surely dropping. 51-31-12-6, but I guess it will be all right if they keep the others down. This last one was a close one, a little too close for com- fort, but the Birds finally came through when they recovered a fumble on Car- bondale's own twenty-yard line and pushed it across in four tries. Yattoni's fine defensive game drew considerable comment along with his brilliant blocking. 0 RED BIRDS-BENTON 18 Sad! The Red Bird's score fell again and this time it can't fall any lower. The Ranger's led by Captain Rhodes pushed a victory over the fighting Red Birds under a steady pour of rain. There was nothing sensational about the game except a short gallop of 65 yards by Rhodes, this, however, was near the last of the game when the Red Birds had lost about half of their spirit, which accounts also for the last twelve of Benton's score. Well, anyway we'll beat Benton next year, I bet. 1 'fad A y 4, - . . .... .s .v 5, , 1 . ,g.s: 3.,Tj f'1.'i9f-1-1 swwehuw Sc' wifi cz: Q lllllllllllulllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllliIlllllllilllllllllllllIllxlllllllllu lllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll FIRST FOOTBALL SQUAD Top row left to right-F. N. Johnston, coach: Matthews, manager, Wezalis, Yattoni, Allison Trini, Stankus, Metallic, Margelli, and Jones, manager. Middle row-Hiscox, Pittman, Mace, Bowyer, Weaver, Jasinsky, Cash, Zichal, and Knash. Bottom row-Nicholson, Hogg, Sala, Tripp, Yates, Belbas, Bucousky, Lee, and Sawyer. ON FOOTBALL ,Q 1 Much has been said as to the value of football, but certainly no one who has been Q ,ff on the field and worked as these boys have can begrudge it its high place among school V, activities. The knocks, defeats, and victories received while playing football can have nothing but a beneficial elfect towards developing a group of men better fitted to with- ji stand the knocks of life which they will receive when they leave school. Certainly ', Q these boys should be congratulated for their work and perseverance in developing them- selves into better men. El ,gg u-I Wg' abil! gl ,. ' i 1 ..'.Q!lf' , -,X gag e Seveazfy-Jawa: . JT ' v Q ' . .,j . Illll 7 1931 Red Bird 1 QQQH THE SECOND AND LIGHTWEIGHT TEAMS These teams are made up of the boys of the school who wanted to play football but who were either too light to practice with the first squad or were not quite good enough because of lack of experience. It is from these boys that the future Red Bird teams will be made. There were several boys on the varsity this year who formerly played with these groups. These boys deserve congratulations for their work in building up a better manhood and preparing themselves to push Red Bird athletics to a higher level when their time comes to be on the varsity. The second squad was under the guidance of Mr. Lee while the light weights were under Mr. McClintock. RESULTS-SECOND SQUAD Team Place F.C.H.S. Opp. Herrin There 26 0 Herrin Here 7 0 Marion There 0 0 Marion Here 7 0 Ziegler There 6 0 Ziegler Here 8 0 TX Johnston City There 7 7 I Y, I LIGHT WEIGHTS 1 A fx Benton Here 0 14 Herrin Here 7 0 1 Herrin There 6 0 A 4 Benton There 6 13 4 C 4 ix! X 1 I -1 1 : 5 A gat., I J iss., l a . , 5254 - f gg , 1- ,. mi J Se enfy ezght 1931 Red Bird BASKETBALL f. f 1 x I , ,, ff Q.'x is X, X A I x,, 4 t, M37 ..lZgi 2 5 6 A A QT?zagQg,-7.! 1 ' .....- WL- -7- , . . ' :- f Ef'1 ff::f f4'f .. X hx V Ns ya li X f 24? pun x af i .Nl S i 1932 Red Bird CAPTAIN VERNARD "PADUKE', ALLISON Forward "Capt." was one of the fastest and smallest forwards in the conference. "Paduke" has made himself stand out above the others in his position. His eye for the basket has placed him second high score man of the team, while his passes have helped secure many other points. "Paduke', is only a junior this year. Let's go all-state next year Capt. "CHINK" CHARLES MARGELLI, Guard Words are not needed to tell of this fellow. His actions on the floor have told you. We take olf our hats to the Prince of F. C. H. S. "Chink" graduates this year leaving a vacancy in all branches of athletics. FRANK HISCOX, Forward Frank was only a sophomore this year yet he played splendid basketball. When in need of a forward, coach could always rely on Frank. Two more years should see him at the top of basketball fame. - Q 1 Emhfi 1932 Red Bird EARL POOLE, Center Earl is well known by the fans. His splen- did work on the iloor has been a credit to F. C. H. S. Thefseemingly impossible shots are his specialty. With another year as a Red Bird he should go places in a big way. GENE TRINI "GENO", Guard It took until late in the season for coach to definitely pick a man for the guard position. "Geno" was the pick. 'He is deserving of praise for his splendid defensive and offensive work on the floor. Keep your eye on him next year. ALFRED BELBAS "ALF", Guard Another of Coach Lee's squad to make good. "Alf" could always be depended upon when a guard was needed and played first rate basketball. Graduation takes "Alf" this year into a greater game. Good luck "Alf". JOE SWINKUNAS "SLEEPY", Center Full of iight and determination Joe made his bid for first team honors. That same fight and determination coupled with splendid ball playing placed "Sleepy" as a regular after mid-season. With one more year he is sure to go far. xfr M. i 5 X. QS fy XX 'SAS' A .. mi" xx If x Q 5 f '4 1 X : X f 1 f E5 7 . X 1 . l T Q 3 li F1 l Fa, Vi? L , I-we Elsfhfi 0710 H 111111 1931 Rea Bird H X5 .X as XX if .N N C xx! JAMES LUCAS "DEAD EYE", Forward A recruit from Coach Lee's last year squad "Dead Eye" has made good with a bang. His basket shooting has made him high scorer for the Red Birds. "Dead Eye" has another year and everyone expects big things of him. ALBERT MITIZIA, Guard A new comer into basketball but his play- ing does not show it. Mitizia played wonderful basketball this season and when in the game played like a veteran. Mitizia has another year to do more for F. C. H. S. ANDREW TAYLOR "ANDY',, Forward At handling a basketball "Andy" is right there. His work under the basket and from the side lines was above comment. We lose "Andy" through graduation this year. KENNETH SAWYER "RED',, Manager If you happened to see some red headed boy rushing around frantically inquiring for cars to transport basketball players to games it was "Red,'. This was his job coupled with that of seeing that the players were always equipped and bandaged. "Red" graduates this vear. 111--fm Ez hi M10 3 .SG A ill: 4 if , . . .q.:1,'m"' "1 ,K ,A U, 4 1932 Red Bird CAGE RESULTS 12 RED BIRDS-GALATIA 36 No football boys out as yet. Galatia defeated us 36 to 12. Well, we haven't had a lot of material out yet. Let's wait awhile before getting discouraged. 10 RED BIRDS-DU QUOIN 12 This was the first game for the football boys and they lost. They were a little rough yet but showed much promise. Let's give them another week and then see what happens. 22 RED BIRDS-VALIER 9 We didn't have to wait a week. The boys seemed to snap out of it and gave Valier a good trimming. Lucas and Capt. Allison were both going well. 18 RED BIRDS-DU QUOIN 17 We journeyed to Du Quoin Friday and returned a defeat they had given us before. A hard game but the fellows won it, 18-17. Swinkunas played a fine game at center. 37 RED BIRDS-PINCKNEYVILLE 15 I guess so. We defeated Pinckneyville 37-16 and Say, is our team right? our second team played the last quarter. Margelli and Yates are playing fine defensive ball. 14 RED BIRDS-EAST ST. LOUIS 15 Well, we have taken in too much territory. The strong East St. Louis team lucked our fellows out of a hard-fought game, 15-14. VVe played the better ball but old lady luck just wouldn't smile. 18 RED BIRDS-ATHENS 26 Mr. Sullivan said this team was good. Now we know it. Those Athens Bull-dogs played good ball to defeat our fellows 26-18. Mitzie filled in a guard position and played a tip top game. 31 RED BIRDS-ZEIGLER 23 Now we're going again. Zeigler went down in defeat 23-31, but they made the fellows play for it. A fast, hard-fought game and we deserved to win. 5 RED BIRDS-BENTON 16 We went to Benton to grab a game from the rivals, but, oh well! XVe didnit get it. The boys did good playing but Rhodes and his crew seemed to be just a little better. But why talk about it? l n Sy' it vs Y AN H ii L. ni Efgfffi'-ffffff . -e -- -Q rf A .... .. Ln --Q f"-' r igs.: -as-es. -- 1 -s ,.-y 1 3 'Lgm v., I .' Q, Q ' - MQ, ' - ' 1931 Red Bird 7 RED BIRDS-JOHNSTON 13 We thought after losing the game last week to Benton we might have a little luck and we got it, a lot of bad luck. The big Indians put another Red Bird skin on their belts. The bloody injuns! Another defeat to forget. 33 RED BIRDS-MURPHYSBOR0 17 Boy! We won a conference game. The Red Devils turned out to be merely bird seed. The Birds' defense was good but their offense was excellent. Thatis is kind of game to remember. 17 RED BIRDS-HARRISBURG 19 What a game and what luck! Oh yes, we got the bad luck again. It took an over-time period for the Bull Dogs to snag their catch so we had a little con- solation. 10 RED BIRDS-HARRISBURG 12 Harrisburg came over this week to prove that they were really better than the Birds. After the Birds lost the other by a hair they called it bad luck, but it seems the Dogs have got the edge. 7 RED BIRDS-MARION 25 All the other games were close, at least, in playing ability, but this one was not quite so close, the Marion boys put in their second team, but we fooled them, we sent in ours. That held 'em. 23 RED BIRDS-MURPHYSBORO 14 Looks like the Devils are going lower on the list than their home. They took another dive last night when the Birds took pickins'. This game should give the boys a little hope. Ts 1: i 25 RED BIRDS-HERRIN 30 J Q We lost again. That sounds rather familiar now, I guess, but it was a close game. Remember that phrase? Kratch did most of the good work for Herrin jg: or was it dirty work for us? X I I fi 1335 17 RED BIRDS-BENTON 25 Another hard fought game between fighters was fought and since someone had to lose we lost. We had a lot of trouble getting the tip-off because of a giant among the opponents, but we held them close. Eighty-four ' - '-'H"H1' . 1932 Red Bird 1 f1f"1' I 1 Ei,gI1fy-five 21 RED BIRDS-GALATIA 30 W'e had a good excuse last time for getting beat, but this time, we did not have an excuse except the tip-off again. Our players were also handicapped by height as usual. 18 RED BIRDS-JOHNSTON 31 We had to fight the champs again last night for the second time and lost again. It seems that all our boys need is a few more inches added onto their heights. They were so short that they looked like dwarfs compared with their rivals. Hurley was instrumental in Johnston's good showing, while "Paduke" did fine work for F. C. H. S. 33 RED BIRDS-VALIER 12 "Thar's gold in them thar boys,', sez I. They romped circles around and over the Valier boys even substituting the second team, which was able to hold the opponents. Maybe they've lost that jinx, at last, we hope so. 14 RED BIRDS-HERRIN 18 Another close game with Herrin and another loss for the Birds. The boys, however, had one thing to gloat over, and that was that they held Kratch. The other time he made nearly all the scores. Lucas's eye was good but not good enough. 28 RED BIRDS-MARION 17 Marion had the honor before of actually out-playing the Birds, but this time it was turned around. The Birds tore them to pieces. Looks like our team is getting "re-d ho-t". This game gave them a lot of confidence for the coming district tournament. - DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The Birds after steadily improving all season went into the tournament with good chances of winning. The first game was with Sesser. They won that with a score of 23-3. The second game was also a walk-away. It was with Ewing and was won to the tune of 27-9. Everything turned out as expected. Benton and West Frankfort met in the finals. There was a great number of fouls in this game though not dirty. Well, we might as well say it, Benton won again with a score of 22-12. We'll beat 'em next year! - S , gi- 'fi rf - . . jf ......... .--aa-. ,n...... .3?..h YV XY gklwi ,Q -- 1932 Red Bird f PN n I I NV' xl u wx v v My X g EI FIRST AND SECOND SQUADS l THIRD SQUAD 'SA A :E 5 R I 1 Q A Q. "-ffFf - .... Ei-ffffff-fff J J Ya I 6 M' M M --: . k. kr 4- pq If f 1 1 l 1 Y , E z 5 5 3 3 f E 5 5 E s 5 E X 5 E E ? 3 , S E e ? I P s E A E E x 1931 Rea Bird 1 CLIFFCLFMJ BQHCEFQ H , Wfii HZHYLRWN cfm, AF 1.4, 1 A L, Wubifi E .5455 L " W H1?3T5Qf ifQ3i7i 'K ii V c Dj I I fy wif' 'r N M1 P 4 FMVY f,-LQ" 'X if ,, ,.r.,sf5wv,, ,sv -wr, , A ',,:.. ,' gyq,-M Wxg .,, , "!.,',v-'J .2EXf.'?.' ' ""-TMJ.-'wi fill!! ii? dm, I Jfh 4 -5 'J r-mr' Yvju V N UL, H fir KN x 1 ,V X 'V ' . li ,A wi Dwfim gl " 'x'H'2w- P'?'Xgg5jiH MARY-xmarwsp AAHE alfifglgffyrgjragnficz 5 X if THE 1932 RED BIRD STAFF 52, A4 E'ZgIIfy-711110 AQ 4 ,L ,, ,, ."-" " ' -2 -- - .,. -1- i Q1 . - C' ,gixx-.a Dv 44" I 1931 Rea Bird sigh' r"N Q f x h 1 NX 1 Si 4 1 Y s --4 Q A V ! I L ... i L Q ,. A ,vs...,4+.:QLl7T 1iY 1,-,r E' Wm L, -.M K1 Ninety 1931 Red Bird -'11'l1 i1i4111' CLUBS I I I II! I III KK 2 X ' r ' 1 :ff X0 , Q Ig X, ,,,!q--ISP C Q il s 1 Eg, ' 54 g,:i.::.:, K .Q ,1z : .A f K -- -- A -"' ' " , ,-'W4 J-:N--. rg, f'?N 1 -l-+11 1- i--"i 1 11 1-1'-f 1-1111i'111 1932 neu Bird f +- - Q'- -+++1-+'11-1 1 1 wx , gl X if li ll .15 I N K llLJK CALENDAR CILIJB CALENDAR Freshman Frolic. Alton Older Boys' Conference. Hallowe'en Party. Date night. Harrisburg Older Boys, Con- ference. Parents' Banquet. Faculty Night. Howard Wilson Assembly Pro- gram. ' Senior Farewell Banquet. INDUCTION TEAM TRIPS Harrisburg Conference East St. Louis Trinity Methodist Church, West Frankfort First M. E. Church, West Frankfort Metropolis-Youth Sunday The Hi-Y Club was first organized by Rev. Paul Smith in 1925 and has since been one of the foremost organizations in school. Upon Mr. Smith's retirement, L. W. Luce became sponsor of the group and is now assisted by H. W. McClintock. The purpose of the club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." There are four planks of the platform: Clean Living, Clean Scholarship, Clean Speech, and Clean Athletics. The Induction Team has been an important feature of the club work. This team has given the induction ceremony for several out-of-town clubs and inducted or initiated new members into thelr organizations. K . . . AV iw' ig mff tf w f a - 1 ..... - Ninety-two -1 1 11fl-- Q1+ 1 1 --QQIN 1931 neu Bird f'-11- 1 GIRL RESERVES Our slogan: "I will try to face life squarely." Our purpose: "To find and give the best." This year under the able leadership of our officers and sponsors, we have had many successful and enjoyable meetings. Christmas the Girl Reserves and their brother organization, the Hi-Y, sang carols to the "shut-ins" of the city. Later in the year the Hi-Y entertained the Girl Reserves at a joint meeting. I Among the social good times we have had this year have been our Army- Navy party, our Leap Year party, and our Mother's Day entertainment. In all our activities we have tried to fulfill our purpose: "To find and give the best." -OUR OFFICERS ARE: President ....... .. . Anna Dranginis Vice-President . . . .... Eileen Howell Secretary ...... . . . . . . Dorothy Sawyer Treasurer .... ............ W inifred Nooner Sponsors . . . .. . Misses Grant and Helming f"x lf? l , I ri X , x ff li? , 2 5 , K 5 1 P ,J K pl F 43 xr i 521111 f 1 -- 1---1 -- .V1'11rIJ'- 111110 -'-- ' '-I Q' l 1931 Rea Bird 'rx sf N 1 F. 'E tp pf fl J K 9 2 4' S. O. S. Same old story! We S. O. S.'ers attempt through this club to correlate everyday speech with regular class work in the art of expression and interpre- tation. Among the outstanding activities of 1932 we count the Annual Irish cele- bration, the Easter sunrise breakfast, and the public presentation of Frankfort High's first mystery melodrama, "Kick In." Chief Speaker ............. Wendell Thompson Second Speaker ..... Gordon Dodds Scribe ........... . . Gladys Kimmel 1 76 1 a'. 3 E 1 Q ,- .-' 'J Z . . 1' Af-Aivsfr' , A I' s., ' .,-,.,, , - . . . . , 1-- . N iniefy-four A- 1931 Rea Bird J , Ni11e!,v-five WIG AND CUE SOCIETY The Wig and Cue Society is a new organization at F. C. H. S. this year. The purpose of this club is to promote skill in dramatic action, and panto- mime, and to develop a more general interest in voice and oral expression. 1 ' The regular meetings were held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month and a variety of interesting programs were presented. The play "Smilin' Through" was presented by this group near the close of V x school with a remarkable cast. Chief Actor ...... .... Vi 'inifred Nooner --if Second Actor ..... ....... l loger Boner I Scribe .............................. Betty Limerick Treasurer ..........,................ Truman Smith Chairman of the Playmakers' League .... Mildred Treat 'X fn K. E . gif, , if r ' - --1- "4JgakJi" '3 .. Y ,""'-fg .,..""f-.......- M-asfggg s SMP mf . .. . . .. . .. .. . 9 on . . . no . . . . . 9 . .... . 9 . .. 9 . .. 9 9. wp? Q My Vg' m I 1 f'5X K W N I gk 'l ga N, X Ii fl f f I If ' J PY Xt x I 1 ,V M , f Y 1 x ' if PEP CLUB MX In 1927 a pep club by the name of "The Red Peppersv was organized in order to back school spirit. This club proved very successful and carried on its work well. In 1931 the Red Peppers met and reorganized under the name of "The Pep Club". They too were successful. And now in 1932 the Pep Club carries on under the same name. We went back to the days of "way back when" and had a peppy kid party and are now planning for a banquet in honor of the boys who have made letters in football and basketball. Here's to our success! President ....... ,... E lizabeth Jane Harriss Vice-President ...... ...,........ F loyd Gloyd Secretary-Treasurer .. ..... Italene McCollum nigga, VEF 2ieff,yg:, 4 Q4.L -""' "" Ninety-six H -- 1 11w- H 1-QQ1+-1l- 1931 Red Bird fl'111--1 -1-1 1 I M OKHAWEHA The Okhaweha Camp Fire was reorganized in the year of 1932 under the leadership of Miss Stewart. The olficers for that year were: Niizcty-sercrz President ......................... Frances Reynolds Vice-President ........ .... L ucy Paukshtes Secretary-Treasurer ................... Wanda Hayes Huluts ..... Seth .... Tbcus . . . Hamo . . . Lowa ..... Kuguntuk .. Setby . . . Kodali .. Dewin . . . Flo-Wa . . . Ri-Wa .. Trani . . . Be-Ha .. Gi-Be . . . Yapam... .. . L0-Li ............................ THE INDIAN ROLL IS: Frances Reynolds Mamu... ............... . . .Marjorie Lee Perryman ..... . . . .Maxine Frank The Okhaweha means friends and we are all camp fire sisters and friendly to all other camp fire girls. . . . . . . Lorine Frank K2 ' ..Lucy Paukshtes 21 X ...Josephine Walko 1' I jr . . . . .Vironica Sweet l, . . . .Wrethel Gray if . . . . . . . . . Stewart . . . Wanda Hayes . . . . . .Rubilee Roe . . . .Virginia Clark fx . . . . . .Doris Hayes . . . . . .Wilma Spurrier 'f .Margaret Bergin ' f . . . .Evelyn Cook gs . . .Arvilla Teague +111 +1'flf f1Y4 I i M1ff+1++ 1932 Rea Bird 1a+1 1i1111 1 111 I I GRANT'S LITERARY GUILD At the beginning of the first semester Miss Grant's first hour English III class organized into a club. The purpose of the club was to improve the speech of the members and to increase their knowledge of literature. The executive committee formed a constitution, which was adopted by the members. The date of meeting was set for each Monday. fx Many interesting programs were given. Some of the programs were about the lives of authors in the course of studyg others were on dogs, birds, famous - men and women, and travel. Miss Stewart talked to us about "How to Make if Speeches." 2 yi THE OFFICERS ARE: XXX President .............................. Roger Boner I Vice-President . . . .... Nancy Dial Secretary ...... ..... B ud Brown I Treasurer .... .... E velyn Hayes is Sponsor ......... . . . Miss Grant yi L- ,, 9.4 v .i.tJ: ' : 4 f '- - ,mm Wg,g,,W an A ,, 4.5" ? , r nxnggl Ninety-aight 1932 Rea Bird CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CLUB The Chamber of Commerce Club was organized early in November of this year, for the purpose of furthering vocational guidance and an interest in ac- counting. The charter members were the members of the beginning and advanced bookkeeping classes. Later it was decided to extend the membership to the Commercial Law students. At the end of school there were nearly forty active members. Many activities were indulged in, among them interesting lectures by members of the faculty, prominent business men, and visiting townspeople. Filing and oflice practice were brought into discussion by Miss E. Lillian Grose, the sponsor. F ,,. We sincerely hope the accounting students of next year's classes will uphold T and maintain the standards of the club. ,f THE OFFICERS FOR 1932 WERE: Q ' 1 President ........... .,... I dell Partain ,ff 'i Vice-President . . . ...... Virginia Kelly e Secretary .... .... E arline McCarnes Treasurer . . ......... Joe Piragos Oy, Reporter . . . ............. Rose Pesula lx Sponsor. .. .... Miss E. Lillian Grose Ki 1 gli N 2 Nizlcty-izizzf 'T in-Lrxlgqu A . . A . 193z Red Bird POSTER CLUB The Poster and Art Club was organized February 24, 1932, sponsored by Mr. Walston. William Malinsky was elected president and Mildred Treat secre tary -treasurer. There are three types of members in the club, Neophytes or prospective members, Junior members and Senior members. The main function of the club is to train students in the art of poster making fx and to create an interest in art in Frankfort High School. RX The charter members of the club are: lk : Charles Lounsbury Terence Blenkin X' Clovis Hartley Mildred Treat as Richard Ivins Gretchen Austin L 1 Roscoe Letler Kathryn Hayes ol Cletus Horsley Gene Lover i Virgil Mabry Woodrow Patton F William Malinsky Dominick Riva lg Donald Barger Clarice Black I .J jf :Eli i QP --N gf14.::ns ..L,,LL- ,,,Y,.L f :-- 'W ' A' ' :,., ------ 1- I +11MQ1 If I 1 1111 4 1932 neu Bird 111-11i11A-v11 111 P1 I -l +M1A-l1l l1f1-f111-Q11f-l111l1-1 I I THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In 1927 a charter for a chapter of the National Honor Society was given to F. C. H. S. by the National Council. To be a member of this nationally-known honorary society, one must fulfill the following qualifications: Scholarship, Lead- ership, Character and Service. One must be in the upper one-fourth of his class, and must have been a member of the school for at least one year. The faculty selects the members out of the Junior and Senior classes, and a committee ap- proves the selection. An appropriate emblem, uniform throughout the country, is used by each chapter. fx THE OFFICERS ELECTED THIS YEAR WERE: l 1' Marion Kelly ............................... Sponsor 5' ,ff VVarren Gladders. . . .......... President XG' . Tommy Sinks ..... .......... V ice-President Dorothy Cochran .... . ..,... Secretary-Treasurer THE OTHER MEMBERS FOR THE YEAR WVERE: Maxine Burnett Gordon Dodds Clifford Boner Gene VVilliams X Mary Louise Pharis Anna Dranginis ,f" I psf' 'K'--Q fr l De. Vila i , -9 23-C5 'X --B Q-'11 .K of I, L One Hzuzdrcd One IZ - X: H 1 H -11'i11 R 1931 f'5 l 5-Xxk X 1 ,N I R. 5 ,fl X- Q I Y, X ' J C, , Q. ix I 3 ew' V3 - D f XXX . 'N . x. X xi R J K X NF Q QJ f ETIQUETTE CLUB In February, 1932, Miss Blanch Dollins organized the Etiquette Club. As the name indicates, we intend to study all phases of etiquette. THE OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR WERE: President . ...................... Connie Worthington Vice-President . . . ..... Italene McCollum Secretary .... .... K athryn Dial Treasurer . . . . . .Helen Hays ,1 , G 1 :J I L s ,. a2i2.. 'i?ff1' ' f- 14 ' 5 - ' A ' ,,,,,,. g f 29 One Hzmdrcd Two i 11fW'f1 1932 Rea Bird: 1 11f11 f r WETAMACHICK CAMP FIRE Wetamachick Camp Fire was reorganized in the fall of the year 19304 We have carried on an extensive program since this time. VVe feel as if we are leaving the group in capable hands. U THE OFFICERS FOR 1932 WERE: 1 7 President .......................... Dorothy Sawyer X23 ' Vice-President ....... ...... J ane Harriss Secretary-Treasurer .... ...... D orothy Houlle 2 JJ Guardian ............ .... M iss Mary Dollins tg Q X 2 fa i . .gig l as e li, -' . - ' . ' 1 1 ' , - V- - -gp? YW ' 6931931 One Hzmdrcd Three A '-'- G' S ' FE?-s:V- ,f:s ff f X ii? llIluIIllIlxllIllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll ll III1 IHA Hllilllllll e IIIIII IIIIIIII lllllllll Illllllxlll llllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllu 'X -FX N1 s -l lxlgl, Nr 2 S C ' N 4 H n S. P. A. D. Due to the impetus given by the administration to the matter of club activi- ties, the S. P. A. D.-Society Pour Automotive Discussion-was formed the second semester of this school year. We have several active members, although we were late in starting this club. President ............................ Clifford Boner Vice-President ............... .... C lifton Ragsdale Secretary-Treasurer ........... .... D onald Casper Chairman Program Committee .... ...Roscoe Leiler Mr. Luce ..........,.......... ....... S ponsor 'Ali' Om' Hundred 17011 1 H! ' Q le'- .5 525 , . . as -.... " ' 4' ' ..... 1932 Red Bird SPANISH CLUBS The two classes of advanced Spanish organized individual clubs for the pur- pose of promoting excellent Spanish speech. The 4th hour class is called "La Isla de Espana" and the 6th hour class is called "Los Amigos". Club meetings are held every Friday during the regular class hour and the fi programs are entertaining as well as beneficial. ff' X? ' . x . . . I Officers conslstlng of presldent, secretary, treasurer, song leader, reporter, ,ff if a 1 l and program chairman are chosen every six weeks so that members of the class 3- might display their talents as Spanish officers. Dues are twenty-five cents a 'Q J semester. M' Both classes combined and had "una Fiesta grande" to celebrate their suc- cess. Only Spanish was spoken during the entire evening. if Much progress has been made and the purpose of the clubs has been fulfilled. 3 K gl 1 IL X Z ii i, VM' S Y ,.--.,,, A 71 -1 Y ,K . .. - fffimpf,-. One Hmzdrcd Fire - ., ., ,sg -M, , gg, . . S 193: Red Bird THREE L CLUB The Three L Club is composed of three sections of English IV classes who are taught by Mrs. Luce. The purpose of forming this club was to promote better English speech and to develop an interest in American Literature. Each class has its officers, president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These oificers are chosen each semester. Dues are twenty-five cents a semester. Every Friday during regular class time each club presents a program based on the work in American Literature but general meetings of the three classes are held once every month in the library. The club has had four successful parties. ,fx PRESIDENTS ?N hx I7 1st Semester 2nd Semester rx. E 4th hr.-Rose Pesula ........ .... V irginia Hamilton rv 'J 5th hr.-Violet Meredith .... .... A nna Dranginis Ag 6th hr.-Clifford Boner ................ Clifford Boner ,f VICE-PRESIDENTS X R 4th hr.-Marvin Morrison .............. Ralph Duncan 7 5th hr.-Pauline Mathis ..... .... W ayne Doering X 6th hr.-Eva Epperheimer ............. Lavern Tripp 1 ' SECRETARY-TREASURERS l 4th hr.-Marion Hutchinson ....... Marion Hutchinson --Marion Rotramel ..... . . .Marion Rotramel K4 Louis Cameron. ..,. ..... T helma Boner .kg 5th hr. ,V V 6th hr.- ' 1 5:1 - :. ! ' :ij X K One H1l71dI'6d Six 1931 Rea Bird THE MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB WEST FRANKFORT CHAPTER OF THE A. M. L. A. This year marked the institution of the Model Airplane Club in this high school though several high school boys have been active in model building for some time past. In the early part of the school year a group of students met with Mr. C. S. Summerville, manual arts instructor, formed the club and drew up a constitution. Those boys who, at the time of the club's formation, had built and flown a model for a period of 15 seconds or more, were considered charter members. The charter members: William Malinsky, Don Barger, Roscoe Leffer, Harold Nichols, Tom Sinks, Wayne Westray, and Clifford Boner. The following officers were elected for the year: Lieutenant Commander .... ..... C lifford Boner Flight Commander ...... ...William Malinsky Squadron Commander ................. Donald Barger In the club there are three ranks arranged according to the merits of the planes built figured on the basis of duration of flight. The lowest rank is that of Cadets, the second is that of Pilots, and the highest rank is that of Aces. Three members have qualified for the rank of pilot-William Malinsky, Don Barger, and Darwin McMurtry. The activities of the club consist of active discussion of new ideas in model making and of new developments in the fields of commercial and military aviation, of competitive meets, and of inspection of the models built by the members during the year. A successful future is anticipated for the club by its members. fx . I x .Vg F1 ji E, . . A Ona Ilmzdz Url .gC'ZvpIl 1 1 1 1 1111 11111 193: Red Bird 11111111 11 1 1 "F" CLUB This is only the second year for the "F" club. Only those boys who have earned a varsity "F" in some form of competition are eligible for memberships. This year the membership totals 22. The members have ordered pins this year and adopted a standard pin for the club. Next year the club hopes to be more active in helping make our school ,X ,' cleaner and better. x il XX if The oflicers chosen for this year are: President .............. .... C harles Margelli Q K Vice-President ........... .... J ames Matthews Secretary and Treasurer .... .... K enneth Sawyer N 1 Za Li 'ii 1 A ,',., One H fmdred Eight 5 ly! fl J' Ll, 1931 Red Bird i ' ill! 'www 1 ' ' f frfcfdlj f N X' My rfb-I4Wfpq,4.Qj7kj ' - r l ' it 7 f p iYVXGsf'i!A A VD CMH!!! fwff T Ll, f f o o o fewer- AW.,-ff,-fl QMWA, , f f . The Giris' Athletic Association was r anize ' under the sponsorship of Miss Thompson, whose good advice an' al aid h s practically made the G. A. A. of F. C. H. S. what it is today. acquirement of Miss Groves as an additional sponsor this year has proven to be a big boon to usg since she has shown us how entirely capable she is of helping us up one more rung of the ladder of fame. The members of the G. A. A. praticipate in every sport that is of interest to athletes-swimming, tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, horse-shoe pitching, etc. Nor are we girls left "holding the bag" when it comes to bringing home awards. This year we won the sectional goal-shooting contest, which was par- ticipated in by every G. A. A. organization in Illinois. THE OFFICERS ARE: President ................................ Mary Barr Vice-President .. .... Dorothy Colussi Secretary ..................... .... V eronica Sweet Treasurer ....................... .... F rances Oakes Chairman of Program Committee ...... Lucy Paukshtes Hike Captain ................... Frances Sieraloowski Sponsors .... .... M iss Thompson, Miss Groves air I f'x ff 3 :ff E5 f 5 f il if 4 .5 jam fi x Sag Q Elm Q .. ...K One Hundred Nine i v 193: ned nn-a 'X fixxk x +' YM 1 -t gf -12 ,, it C K li 1 1 THE STUDENT PATROL ' The Student Patrol was established for the purpose of promoting student responsibility and to develop a more general interest in the accomplishments of this body. A The Patrol has accomplished much toward its purpose. Members of this organization are students who were elected by the student body. Members 'are chosen from all four classes, the number chosen depending upon the class or year of school. A constitution was drawn up, for this organization was just introduced this year. .Student Patrol pins identify the members on the Patrol. ' 1 The members of the Patrol chose Mr. Tucker and Mr. Johnson as sponsors. THE OFFICERS ARE: President ..... , .................. Mary .Q Louise Pharis ,3rd hour Captain... .... Kenneth Sawyer 4th hour Captain. . . .... Charlesf Margelli Secretary ......... I .... Anna Dranginis President for 1933 .... .... E velyn Hayes A 4 ' 5 A ' a"t5 I' Y ...- - f L g. ,. One Hzuzdued Ten 19 1932 Rea Bird SENIOR CLASS Presents "YOUR UNCLE DUDLEYH it CAST Mabel Dixon Church ........... Ethelyn Church .... Janet Dixon ........ Cyril Church ....... Dudley Dixon ...... Christine Sederholm Charlie Post ....' . . . Robert Kirby ....... Direction ....... . . .Mary Louise Pharis . . ............. Gene Williams Elizabeth Jane Harriss . . . . .Warren Gladders . . . . .Wendell Thompson . . . . .Irene Parkhill . . . .Bernard Minton .,... ...Gordon Dodds . . . .Grace N. Stewart Owe Hundred Elcvciu L ,, Fw 7 1 x - -- . . -11-U QA. ,Li - wi-..: S fhx fe .I ! inf! X. S Q3 1 X15 i"' 1 3 ' v ,J , IIXHHIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllll lun: n mmm mm I H HH., ,lmm , pi 1932 Red Bird . JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior class play "Daddies" was presented March 24th and 25th. "Daddies" is a four-act comedy and thus we enjoy the distinction of giving the first four-act play in our auditorium. Comments are unnecessary to those of you who saw A'Daddies" and, to those who didn't see it, inadequate. Sullice it to say "Daddies" takes its place among the better plays in the annals of our school. THE CAST Bobette ...... ............. . . .Mildred Harriss Mrs. Audrey ,... ...... N ancy Dial 'EX Parker ....... . . .Willard Hayes N AI7 Rivers ...... . . . Roger Boner xy! I Bob . .. ..... Gene Dorris XV 'j Allen . . . ..... Schuyler Half it Crocker ...La Verne Vickers .4 Walters . .. ........ Bill Moake 71 Ruth .... ....... D orothy Houlle N Katie ..... ...... M argaret Chismar TX Q Lorraine .... .... M arian Jane Hampton Sammy ..... ....... G enelle Moseley Wilburn Gamber , The Triplets ....... . Robert Rushing fi Ralph Rushing li Madame Levigne ..... ...Vivian Waller I C. ' 2, 41s ..,.,. One IIz1u117r'c'd Twelve ' ' ' ' ' ' " Mfwz' W A Wgfw ff Q55 ,J MUSIC Www ff? 2, lflf WWW Cf7YZ QWJW M WW , 'a 4 W' WM! . Z r I k 1 K5 I EN x xf' rw- w W ' 1 3 fx X X I x , i la 1932 Red Bird 'H1-1H'H f TRUMPETS Roger Boner Joe Kelly Alvah Crim Leanord Boner Clovis Hartley Sylvester Parrigan Dwight Willmore Dancil Brown George Petrasik CLARINETS Tommy McCann Arthur Walker Lloyd Cox Lewis Crim Tony Vai Mary Balgrosky Edward Kravens Eddi Torri Marshal Roe Jack Brown Geraldine Jones Martha Sanders Neutral Supancie Alfred Luther William Tomblin F D C H S B A N D SAXOPHONES Charles Lounsbury Harold Nipper Ruth Eileen Simpson Addison Mullenack Charles Wezalis .Iimmy Rogers Wendell Thompson Norene Stewart FRENCH HORNS Frances Price Alberta Charon TROMBONES Truman Smith Oakley Stephens Udine Brannon BASSES Cletus Horsley J. D. Hayes Jimmie Vogan Connie Worthington DRUMS Albert Crim Keith Wentworth DRUM MAJORS Gordon Dodds Gene Gamber ' Q, i . . at Q. fa. ff .. One H zmdrcd F0111 teen' 1932 Red Bird lllllll n VIOLINS CLARINETS Oveta Good Adolph Lulek Dorothy Hopkins Joe Burnett Eugene Scott Lenora Wheeler Bernice Zwick Johnny Lazosky Elona Belbas Billy Knapp Irene Parkhill Milton Woods Mary Fae Durst Mildred Treat VIOLAS Oliver Bolen Roy Westray STRING BASS Connie Worthington SAXOPHONES Charles Lounsbury William VVatson I-Iarold Nipper F' CI ll S' CJ I1 CI Ii Ruth Eileen Simpson Charles Wezalis DRUMS FRENCH HORNS Addison Mullenack Albert Crim Frances Price Jimmie Rogers Keith Wentworth Alberta Charon Tommy McCann Arthur Walker Lloyd Cox Lewis Crim Tony Vai Wendell Thompson Mary Balgroski Edward Kravens Eddi Torri TRUMPETS Roger Boner Joe Kelly Leanord Boner Sylvester Parrigan Clovis Hartley 5 TROMBONES if Truman Smith K- Oakley Stevens ff Udine Branan CELLOS , Elaine Ivins Emma Jean Williford Paul Norbet N BASSES 5 Cletus Horsley I J D Hayes Jimmie Vogan 1' f l 7 f 5 ,rg . . E . . Eff' ' ' fiz i W A l l OlICH1llldI'CdFl.ffC8l1, " " " DK' v- ' - f J-'sr """":" gy, 1- 11-1 KQ11 1 --I11X1 1--11+ '-11 "'- 1 9 32 Rea Bird f f FIRST SOPRANOS Kathleen Caldwell Mary Helen Glover Oveta Good Dora Koons GIRLS' GLEE CLUB SECOND soPR0NAs ALTOS Margaret Bergin Maxine Burnett Rubynelle Davis Marybell Davis Dorothy Bowker Dorothy Dodds Virginnia Dodds Kathryn Hayes KEN Alma Mae Pearson Dorothy Hopkins Kathryn Lewis :X 1,7 Kathryn Schwartz Elaine Ivins Earline McCarnes NR A 'il Selma Summers Margaret McCann Italene McCollum ry if Arvilla Teague Juanita Murphy Frances Oakes H' Pauline 'Wenzel Winifred Nooner Mary Louise Pharis ig Emma Jean Williford Edith Roberson Lillian Strop Connie Worthington Marie Smothers Mildred Treat 2' Mary .lane Devlin if Betty Limerick i A Vrg,. re, ' l f. - One H1md1edS1xteen rl Il I III ummm ffil 2. '11 , -fp '4 f I f' f' 4 I lllllll Ill! 'Y 1931 Red Birdi --'1-- 1-'11- ' 1 + -'f-- + f ' ' Eugene Scott Albert Crim Clarence Syers Lloyd Coleman Donald Casper BOYS' GLEE CLUB Robert Gibson Bernard Minton Alfred Luther Virgil Mabry Gordon Dodds Glen Hewlett Woodrow Patton Gene Dorris Truman Smith Oliver Bolen is X f fi .ff Rf , fi N ,D if do F: , a s -ra . it One PIIIIIIYVITIL Sc-zwzlvcrz :', lll4 1 ..1. E. ' L.T"" X m , 'F - 3 V fling. 1932 Red Bird GIRLS' QUARTET ITALENE McCOLLUM ELAINE IVINS DOROTHY BOVVKER SELNIA SUMMERS 'N 1 N- 1 N-1 w f p 'Alf . 5 N v f. j, E ? BOYS'QUARTET VVARREN GLADDERS VIRGIL MABRY TRUMAN SMITH GENE DORRIS f.: f-,P One Fflllltlvlfd Eighteen ' --1 EIEEJBEI E 'N 1 ff' .y '- WI' 1932 Rea Bird 1932 FOOTBALL QUEEN DOROTHY SA W YER 1 ' A CSeniorJ' v f Neosho High SchoolN'29g Pinckneyville High School '30g Girl Reserves '31, '32g Vice-Pres. Girl Reserves '31g'Secy.'Girl Reserves '32-g Spanish II Club '32g Cap and Hell '31g Pep Club '31g Junior Football Queen '31g Debate Club '32' Pres. Debate Club '32g VVetamachick Camp Fire '31, '32g Pres. Camp Fire '32 X is Re E , ' ii. . EQ, 1 25 ' g g mix 011 - .,,. ," .' h 1 '.-f "ii1 l':.Q..-ll-. . 11-mf,-L-lf L- ibg O Illlillilll I lllllllll IIInllllllllllllllllllllllllIlI1IllIIlllllllllillllilllnlxll lllillllllIIllIIllIIllIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllilllIllllllllmlllll Illt lllllllil 1"X l T: IN .I jx 1 it if x . .1 Se A neu' feature of this year's a-nnzzal is the short story. The following is the story adjudged jirst flare from a class-wide competition, of students carried on under the 1511-glish instructors of F. C. H. S. The best story of each class was sent to a committee, romposed of Miss Hoye, bliss Dollins, and Mildred Lintvzer, who picked "The Bobble" written by az Senior girl, Mildred Smith, under the instruetorslzip of illiss Zllikcils, as the best. The story is here gi-ren: THE BOBBLE "Hello, Bob !" "Hello, yourself !" Jimmy Wallace entered the room which he shared with his college pal, friend, classmate, and so forth, Bob Warren. "Say, old fellow, you're going to the masquerade ball tomorrow night, aren't you?" Bob looked up from his magazine, startled by this untimely question. For a moment he made no reply, but when Jim repeated the question and accompanied it by a pound on the back, he stammered uncertainly, "Why,-er-no, I don't guess so, Jim." "Good gosh, boy! You're not going to the ball? Pray tell me, whose army is keeping you away?" "Well, you see it's this way, Jim," answered Bob stalling for time, his voice bearing no hint of self-confidence, "I--I just got a telegram from home saying- my grandfather was dead." He finished his sentence with a flourish similar to that of a child who has just spelled "cat" correctly for a fault-finding aunt. "Cut the funny stuff, Bobby! You know very well your grandfather died two years ago!" Bob cast a puzzled look in the direction of his friend, wrinkled his face until it assumed the position of a quizzical frown, and finally spoke slowly, choosing his words precisely as he uttered them, "That's so." But under his breath he swore, "How in the devil did you know that?" He uttered some guteral sounds meant for a laugh, but which resulted in a dismal failure in that line. "Folks must be trying to pull a joke on me." The joke's on you all right. Now, I suppose you can go?" "No, honestly, Jim, I just can't." "What's the mater now?" Jim demanded with an exasperated sigh. "We-ll", Bob paused for thought. "You know mother's had a weak heart for some time, and-and in the letter I got from home this morning, Dad said she was worse-and I-I ought to come home." His finish was weak in com- parison to the first attempt. "Robert Harold Gale, you dirty liar! You read that letter to me this morning and they were all O. K. You haven't been to Jake's today, have you?" Then, with much concern, "Say, you haven't been foolin' around in my trunk have you?" and he made his way in that direction. After reassuring himself of 'its' safe presence, he turned to Bob for an explanation of his strange behavior. Bob was treed and that hound of a Jim offered him no means of escape. "I don't know what's the matter with me," he muttered. 5. .51 s ll i A i 41- 131 . . One H1111-dred fwenty two .. ,,. ,shun -',,,.g-",,,:"-- ' '-ff fw- 1931 Rea Bird "Then you're going?" Jim pressed him on. "I'm going-to be George Washington." Then, when he noted the startled but satisfied look registered on Jim's countenance. in order to correct Jim's mis- taken impression, he added, "and never tell a lie." "Gee, that's swell, Bob! I'll bet you go over big!" It was no use. Jim was deceived beyond question. Bob found himself happy over this fortunate deception. "Gee, Bob," confessed Jim, "I hadn't intended to tell you about my costume, but since you told me, I'm going to be a circus clown." Very little was said about the ball until the next evening. Then Jimmy brought it up. "Hey, Bob!" "Hey, what?" came the muflled reply from the watery depths of the bath tub. "Can I come in?" "Indeed you may not" laughed Bob, whereupon the door was yanked open, and in strode Jim. "I just happened to think--" began Jimmy. "So that's why I've smelled wood smoke all evening" interrupted Bob, shaking with laughter. Jimmy remained very calm, and continued politely when his friend's overflow of spontanity had subsided somewhat, "-that it would be nice for us to go together tonight." "Sorry, Jim I'm downright sorry, but I can't." "Haven't a date have you?" queried Jim. "Yes," answered Bob promptly, but when he thought of his role as George Washington, he quickly changed it. "Er-um-I mean-no, I haven't got a date, Jim." Then excitedly, "You haven't a date, have you?" Jim was puzzled by his friend's actions. In fact he had been puzzled for the last two days. "No, I haven't a date," he said with some heat, "but if you haven't a date, why can't we go together?" "I-I have some business to attend to before the ball. "Oh, of course, if you don't want me-" began Jim in a wounded tone. "You know it's not that, Jimmy. I'd love to go with you, but I have to do this before. If it would help you to know-it has something to do with the ball." "Forget it, boy. I was only joking. I have some details to attend to also. Well, I'll look for you there, old socks," promised Jim, as he left to finish dressing. "And I'm afraid you won't find me" smiled Bob to himself. Jimmy finished dressing and left before Bob, leaving him the liberty of the room. He first shaved his legs, then pulled on a pair of chiffon hose, pulling only six threads with his untrimmed toe nails. In place of his usual underwear, he opened the lower dresser drawer and put on what he found in a box. Then he slipped on his suit, collected various articles from their hiding places and put them in a week-end bag. He walked a few blocks and turned in at a neat little bungalow. A middle- aged lady answeredl his ring. "Hello, Mrs. James! I'm here, bag and baggage!" "Come in! Marjorie will be here in a moment. She's just finishing the dishes," explained the kind old lady who had been his mother's college friend. Marge was her youngest married daughter. . ., T? 'fr One Hundred Tfwcvzty-Ilzree Z, Q I I I II IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIII I I IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I II II sz 5 X I 1 I I . I fcx .N K f I I x I I P "Hy, Marge," greeted Bob when she appeared in thedoorway. U X , "Hello, yourself, little boy,"'returned Marge. "Come on up to my' iroom, '0phelia'.," I ' ' A ' "Can that 'Opheliai stuff, Malrvgefi laughed Bob. X A' Q Q "I was only practicing." A U ul X I "Gosh, Marge, I've had a time of it! I acted on both your suggestions. and he: caught mein the lie both times.. 'Then wheniil resolved to be.GeorgeHWash- ington and not tell any more lies, he thought I was going to mask as George. I tried once to set him straight, but I realized it would be better for him to believe that, so I shut up. But listen, girl, when I said that about father VVash'- ington he got real sentimental and told- me how 'he was to -'be dressed!" "Honestly? I thought we were lucky when you discovered his favorite name was Ophelia, but now-Lthe world is ours !" ' Marge led him up to her room. "I'll leave while you slip into thisf' She went into the adjoining room while he took off his suit and struggled into a slip. "Hey, Marge, what's the matter with this darned what-you-may-call-it?" Bob called disgustedly. ' ",'So live that when thy summons comes' U quoted Marge, " 'you will be on hand to fill it'." Bob had succeeded in getting his head in one of the arm holes, his right arm in the neck, and his left arm dangled uselessly at his side. Marge filled his summons after she had recovered from a shriek of laughter. Then she began the work of making him up. She' powdered, rouged, creamed, combed, and fluffed. A blonde curly wig was produced from somewhere for Bob, by more or less moral means, had learned that Jim preferred blondes. The wig was adjusted and- the finishing touches were put on his make-up. Marge went to a closet and returned with a lovely green satin evening gown. "I'm not so sure of his favorite colorf' laughed Bob, "but we can try green." t'Green goes well with your hair" answered Margeg so the green dress was fitted. The result was stunning! "With my crystal necklace and bracelet you'll be fixed capital," Marge praised, so they were added to the already lovely en- semble. "My gosh, Marge, I've forgotten something!" "What?,' "I haven't any slippers." Marge seated herself despondently on the bed and heaved a mighty sigh, akin to a groan. "VVhat on earth shall we do?" She tried a. pair of her town, but they were too small, of course. She even tried her mother's but in vain. "Oh, Bob, how could you?" she wailed. Suddenly she began rummaging through a shelf in the closet. Bob watched in wonder, the spirit of hope burning in his eyes. Finally she appeared with a box, containing a pair of gold satin pumps. A "It's a wonder I hadn't thought of these sooner. Ray wore these once in a play" she explained at his query, as to their origin. "They fit beautifully !" she exclaimed a moment later, "but can you walk?" V The question was in tune for when he fried to walk, he stumbled and nearly fell. After a little practice, however, his walking improved greatly. Marge gave rj li I i 'I F,- A2 Qgzmii. ., a ','l'Er I. 5 . 'W' 1-V9 gt.. Y A... ' ngfaglsp ' - ,fw:'-....-nw VJ, - ?" - ffvdwgf -HW, fJ1If7AI'I1IlIIfI'f7lIi 'I wmzty four I 111+111' 11 1111 1+1111 1 Q1 I I + 111 1932 Rea Bird 1 ++1+1QQ+11Q +11+ I ++1'i him several pointers to add to his grace, and since he had acted in this role before he soon accustomed himself to it. Last of all he put on his yellow satin half-mask, slipped into an evening wrap of Marge's and took his leave amid the final cautions and warnings. "Don't forget the voice, Ophelia," called Marge. "Don't worry, Marge," replied Ophelia in a pleasant, girlish tone. He hailed a taxi because he feared he would attract attention alone in the streets. Arrived at the ballroom he realized with pride that he held his own among the best of them. He detected Jimmy by his costume, and wove his way impreceptibly in that direction. When the orchestra struck up following intermission, he managed to be next to Jimmy who immediately asked him to dance. The inevitable happened! Why hadn't Marge warned him? When the music started, Bob, naturally, started to lead. Jimmy looked at him in amazement. Soon he discovered his mistake, and murmuring "Pardon", yielded himself to Jim's protecting arms. Without another mishap they danced for some time. Sud- denly Jimmy asked, 'tWhy did you do that?" Ophelia answered in a rather boyish and high-pitched but altogether accept- ably sweet voice, "foolish of me, wasn't it? You see, I dance a lot with my kid sister, and she always wants me to lead her, so I got in the habit. Sorry !" and he tried his best to make his eyes convey that fact under that darned old mask. "After all" he told himself, "that kid-sister stuff was true." Ophelia was really a knock-out. Boys begged for dances-Jimmy was always at hand. He danced with several but mostly with Jimmy whom, he knew he had captivated. "Gee, but you're sweet," whispered Jimmy fondly, as he led him to a love- seat behind a protecting palm tree. "You haven't told me your name." "Oh, but it's not twelve yet, I'll unmask then," came the low emotional reply. "Five more minutes" sighed Jimmy. "You may call me Ophelia, then." "Ophelia? I love that name!" His arm pressed tighter around Ophelia's slim waist. 'Ophelial Opehlia! I love you!" He pressed Opehlia to him in a crushing embrace and-kissed him. x f ff-A x He was on the point of repeating the process when-dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, 1 f x 5 dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong. Q if "Masks off!" XI' , Bob heaved a sigh, and with a deft stroke jerked off wig, mask and all. S mob!" gl Bob began laughing so heartily that tears streamed down his cheeks and fy smeared his make-up. , "Gosh what a-" began Jim in amazement, overcome by his mistake. "Bobble,', finished Bob. , . "Yes Bob, what a BOB-ble!!" Q P l ' I. 1 i O H d H . - X A ne un lcd lzumzfy-17116 Am is M 1 'YQ1 1i'1Q1fl1 1932RedBird +1-11-11 11f1f1- 1 Qvivfl J V One II1H1dVL'd Twenty-sur ,ar 4 I ll I I lllllll Aiken, Frances Aiken, Charlotte .. Atwood, Alfred . . . Bocchetti, Pete Baker, Velma ..... Banhcky, Mary . .. Barger, Harold . .. Barrett, Rosalind Bedokis, Anna .... Belbas, Mike .... Bellum, Amelia . .. Bennett, Merodine . . . Bertagna, Joe ...... Bodrick, Josephine .... Bost, Edwin ........ Bost, Russell .... Brendell, Ruth . . . Brown, Bernice . . . Brown, Lucille .... Brown, Mary M. . . . . Bukousky, Charles .... Chaniot, Ola ...... Clark, Beryl . . . Clark, John ......... Clements, Fred ........ .... Clements, Marguerite . . . . . . Clem, Lloyd ........ Connell, Jessie . . . Criley, Ava Crim, Mary M.. . .. Derrington, Don .. Dixon, Christina .. Dorris, Arthur .... Downen, William Downes, Oradell .. Drabish, Anna .... Drabish, Mary ..... Drasdoski, Charles .... Elkins, Eugene ..... Engram, Irene .... Eubanks, Laurine . . . Faith, Dorothy Francee, Robert .. Glover, Carroll Goode, Eddie .... Griffin, Edward . . . Guinney, James . . . Hammonds, Velta . . . Gilmartin, Leo .... Harrison, Peggy .. Harvey, Donold . . . Ona Hmzdrcd T'ZUCl!f,l'-Sl?i'6?lI i 1932 Red Bird '-ii'i ALUMNI At Home ....... At Home .... S. I. N. U. . .. Ill. College . .. At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... MacMurray . . Working .... S. I. N. U. . . . S. I. N. U. . . . At Home .... At Home .... C.B.C. At Home ......... . . . At Home .......... . . . School of Nursing .,.. . U. of Ill. .......... .. At Home .... Working .. C. B. C. VVorking .. At Home .... At Home .... U. S. Army . . Working .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... S. I. N. U. . . . VVorking .. At Home .... C. B. C. At Home .... At School . . . Working .... S. I. N. U. . . . P. G. ..... . At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... U. of Ill. .... . Ill. College .... At Home .... S. I. N. U. . . . At Home .... Miner ..... Working .... At Home .... Illlll Illl . . . . Zeigler, Ill. . . . . . . Zeigler, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill- .. Jacksonville, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill- West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill- .. Jacksonville, Ill. . . . . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill. . .. Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . . . . Orient, Ill. . . . Chillicothe, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill- West Frankfort, Ill. Iowa . . . Champaign, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . . . Danville, Ill. .. . Chillicothe, Mo. VVest Frankfort, Ill. Thompsonville, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. Hawaii West Frankfort, Ill. Thompsonville, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. VVest Frankfort, Ill. .. . Carbondale, Ill. . . . . St. Louis, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill. .. . Chillicothe, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill. Ohio West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill. F. C. H. S. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. .. . Champaign, Ill. .. Jacksonville, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. Ill Taylorville, . Chicago, Ill. Thompsonville ff fe if 4 P- . -4 if ,S ef . i s x -., .., , ,,,ss.-.ara-tri.. if Z 'X xf' K 2 J rf f N . 1 Heffner, Ritchey .... Hindman, Barbara .. Hindman, Bernice . . . Holmes, Dorothy .... Hopkins, George .... Johnson, William Jones, Tommy . .. Kaires, Mike ..,. Khares, Katie Keith, Olive .... Kersh, W'aunita . . . Kerby, Frances . .. Lamb, Jennie ....... Lauderdale, Albertine Lawrence, Thelma .. Lewis, Earl ......... Little, Harry ..... Little, VVilliam ..... McClintock, Charles . McClosky, Dorothy .. McKee, Edna ....... Mclleaken, Dorothy . Mace, James ........ Maddox, Claudia .... Martin, Margaret . . . Miles, Leonard Mitchell, Nola .... Mitchell, Grant . .. Mitchell, Aran .. Mlekush, Zella .. Moliskye, Della . . . Monghan, Charles . . . Moran, Bernice . . . Mullinock, Bell . . . Murphy, Rose .... Nelson, Lillian .... Novoch, Rose . . . Palmer, Hollis ...... Parkhurst, Jaunita .. Partain, Idell ....... Patton, Lolene .... Peternel, Frank . . . Peters, Dorothy . . . Plasters, Ruth .... Plumlee, Dorothy Potts, Dorothy ...... Pritchard, Mary J. .. Quarles, Arbe ...... Radford, Myrtle .... Read, Vivian ........ Rukas, Helen ....... Russell, Denzel ..... Rodzevlch Helen fri ' , ............... I gl i A. , .L. , f t o J, , L ii. - ' - , . 1-' , , ,-, A 442m-sim 1.-J-if " Jeff: " 'W -2 .9-,JY ' fm-V-' 1932 Red Bird At Home' . . . Working . . . W'orking . . . At Home, . . . At Home . . . U. of Ill. .. S. I. N. U. . . P. G. ..... . At Home .,... City Hospital . . . , , , , Working ..... Working . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . P. G. .... . S. I. N. U. .. At Home .....,. At Home ........ . . . Shurtleff College At Home ........ At Home At Home At Home At Home S. I. N. U. .. Working At Home S. I. N. U. .. S. I. N. U. .. At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . Married . . . Working . . . I I.G. ...... . At Home . . . VVorking . . . At Home . . . Married . . . P. G. ..... . S. I. N. U. . . Working . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . VVorking . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . Working . . . WVorking . . . At Home . . . West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . St. Louis, Mo. . St. Louis, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Champaign, Ill. .. . Carbondale, Ill. .. ..... F. C. H. S. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . St. Louis, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill West Frankfort, Ill West Frankfort, Ill VVest Frankfort, Ill F.C.H.S. . . . Carbondale, West Frankfort, West Frankfort, . . . . . Shurtleff, West Frankfort, Iil. West Frankfort, West Frankfort, West Frankfort, West Frankfort, . . . Carbondale, .. . . . . Chicago, West Frankfort, Ill. .. . Carbondale, Ill. . . . Carbondale, West Frankfort, West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . .. Chicago, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. F. C. H. S. .. . Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, West Frankfort, Ill. Thompsonville, West Frankfort, West Frankfort, Ill. Ill. Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, . . ...... Tenne Ill. ssee West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . . . Chicago, Ill. . . . . St. Louis, Mo. West Frankfort, Ill. One Hmzdrcd Twentx ezohf Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Ill. Rymeza, Joe, ...... Sargent, Venade .... . .. Sargent, Venada .. Scott, Elizabeth .. Seal, Mildred .... Semsis, Anna ..... Sharknas, Mary ..... .... Shostrom, Ramana Simko, Anna ....... .... Simpson, Roy .... Spurrier, Fern .... Stankavich, Mary . . . . . . . Starks, Dale ........ .... Steinberger, Marie .... ,... Stephenson, Mack . . . . . . . Stine, Margaret . . . Stoll, Rose ....... Stone, Mabel ....... ,... Stover, Gwendolyn . . . . . . . Swolford, Bernice . . . Syfert, Walter ..,. Thiel, Trecy ........ .... Thompson, Lloyd . .. Tharp, Roberta . . . Tharp, Ethridge .... .... Thurman, William Tripp, Roberta .... Turchi, Santina . . . Vaughn, Earl . . . YValker, Jewell .... W'atkens, Elsie .. . NValton, Allie . . . Watson, Hugh .. Weaver, Erline VVells, Alma . . . WVells, Lee ..... Wezalis, John .. Wharry, Opal .. Whitfield, Sam .... WVhite, .I oe ........... .... VVhitledgc, Rubylee VVigart, Ruby ...... .... Williams, Earl . . . Williams, Vivian .... .... Willmore, Opal VVilson, Esther ..... .... NVorthington, .Ioan . . . . . . . Yattoni, Guy ..... One Hmzdrrd Tfvmzly-11f11e 1931 Red Bird At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . Lockyear's . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . School .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home .... At Home . . . At Home . . . At Home .... Working . . . Working . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . Working ........ Christian College . . . . . . S. I. N. U. ...... . At Home . . . S. I. N. U. . . At Home . . . Working . . . At Home . . . Married . . . At Home .......... S. I. N. U. ........... Springfield Nursing Home ............. . . . At Home .......... . . . At Home . . . At Home ..... City Hospital . . . S. I. N. U. . . At Home . . . Poly Tech .. At Home . . . VVorking . . . At Home . . . At Home . . . Married . . . Barber .... Married . . . P. G. ...... S.I.N.U. ............ . Englewood Hospital At Home ............ . . . West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Evansville, Ind. . . . . . . Flint, Mich. West Frankfort, Ill. . . .. St. Louis, Mo. . . . . . . . Orient, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. ...... Chicago, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . Columbia, Mo. . . . Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . Carbondale, Ill. . . . Springfield, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . St. Louis, Mo. . .. Carbondale, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. . . . . .West Virginia West Frankfort, Ill. .. Milwaukee, Wis. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. Thompsonville, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. F. C. H. S. .. . Carbondale, Ill. . . . . . . Chicago, Ill. West Frankfort, Ill. X , f ff 1-1--l -1 Q 1- A- + 1931 Rea Bird 11 Qf1 H 1 I 1 Q12 A 51 ' m3,. " " ,,... One H zmdred Thirt ,f 37 1932 Rea Bird THROUGH Tl-IE YEAR 4 f fi- ! 2 1 x I X, , 52 x . X 5 Y 5 V f E! Ff. 721: 1 :tT"' if .tgggi V -Q Q 1 vm- . v.g"E?"L:,.-, -1 ii,.4 .a....x,. mi! "?' 1 7 1932 Red nira SEPTEMBER 1 V ' Q First day of school. The students are so , small that we wonder if our baby brothers and A ' sisters followed us to school. Izffx Q f a v Xi. 'A 21 NX 'P 2' - E SEPTEMBER 3 Our first assembly and Mr. Sullivan gave us the afternoon off. We can go swimming 'f I 4:- without. playing hookey. BJ l L' 0 SEPTEMBER 7 No school today-Labor Day. 58,075 f X SEPTEMBER 9 ff' , F New grade system explained today in X " assembly. 5 2 SEPTEMBER 11 Pep Club met and organized. Looks like f lots of pep this year. J SEPTEMBER 15 4 Now we have a home room so we can tell Q more teachers our hard luck stories. Stiff I 3 SEPTEMBER 18 Gustat Group gave a musical program. ,fx N' f fi A18 lx 0 132 P-. ' Mlm P,-W SEPTEMBER 25 ,X fl, Football game with Centralia opened the fy I' season. VVe won 13-6. 3 R X , L 1 A, .f fx R, gf W SEPTEMBER 26 S X I No school today! That's not so odd be- Q f cause today is Saturday. 3 .Sefbf 25 1 SEPTEMBER 30 First month of school over Everything becoming organlzed U 1 . . if , 5555 4. ll .-p l . 1 ' i t I t 1 : g l One Hznzdred Tlzirty-two .1 ,,qfa-View L-f,1,' Y - f,,-:. f,,. W' - " " e " 1932 Red Bird Om' If Ili OCTOBER 2 Johnson City beat us 13-0. OCTOBER 4 Program: "Nothing going 'up the 'sleeve and nothing coming down" by William " the Great, a magician. OCTOBER 7 Eighty-five students attended the Veiled Prophet Parade in St. Louis. OCTOBER 9 W'on football game with Salem 6-0.x OCTOBER 16 Won from Anna 31-6, and the band played a merry little tune! 1 V OCTOBER 21 K Edison's death was commemorated in every home room. OCTOBER 22 Mr. Bowman, an impersonalor, entertained us in assembly. OCTOBER 23 Rah! Rah! tainly yell! Our new yell leaders can cer- OCTOBER 27 Freshman class organized today. They can find their way about now. OCTOBER 28 The Hoom Rooms are having Hallowe'en parties galore! OCTOBER 29 The Annual Staff met and organized. OCTOBER 30 Ed and Red gave an interesting musical program. zfilrri Tl1ff'ly-tfzrm' l 1 11 f M I gf- , lfl' A f . . '3 H Is'j,'ilf-QF: X bi-Louib 1 Henk wa e.oMa.!! X 5. Y" e E b acfobzr' fl -If 53 Xu "1 ,ui ,wa S' if EZ M Himsa ff! f Y jlffjf Ocfobeq 2.2, f?? ,, A, ,Wi 'K ,f Il - Zz lla 'p gt M , I 21- . 7' ' Mk: ' 1 1, A 'L X' oefobzr J 0 - F, ' J V H X V JJ. 1 El -. f in -'1'1ll waz Rea Bird 11111Q 1 1 1 1 N WS V1 X 'V 55 ,Q . 2 IJ NOV 4 Q5 6 an 5 ' N014 X3 PEN: xx 1, 3 in '17 5 C45 1 7 X55 X EN X' ii3Q? 'XX X 3 if 05019 02103 Q' :bfdqrwv Q1-P' ,S M423 NOVEMBER 3 Class Football Queens elected. NOVEMBER 4 Musical program by "Rhythm Hoboesf' NOVEMBER 6 Program today urging Annual sales. Football Queens were introduced. NOVEMBER 9 Lyceum program. A new instrument called "Therim" was demonstrated. NOVEMBER 10 All the organizations gave a stunt at pep meeting. A "peppy" time was had by all! NOVEMBER 11 Armistic Day. VVe beat Marion 12-0. NOVEMBER 12 Night school! The youngest member of Byrd's Expedition delivered an address. NOVEMBER 13. Junior and Senior assembly. Professor Phelps lectured on "Education," NOVEMBER 18 Beat Carbondale 6-0. We're third in the Conference now. NOVEMBER 23 Thanksgiving vacation. Did you know Ben- ton beat us? NOVEMBER 30 That's not fair! Our grade cards are being mailed home ,Q I A :I i ' X . . fx-f "V 'f' , ,,, . ia ,W . ,g f i -f a ' 'e ..... One H Im-drcd Tlmffy -four l Ill I II I IIII One H unc 1932 Red Bird DECEMBER 2 Student Patrol elected to keep order in the ' building. They mean "BE QUIET" when they 1' I say it too. Q- 3 DECEMBER 3 Opening night for Senior Play. Can these Seniors give plays? We say yes! DECEMBER 4 , Senior Play again tonight. Big crowd. DECEMBER 5 0 4 First basketball game of the season played 0 with Galatia. We lost 12-36. DCC. 5 DECEMBER 7 Assembly today. Speeches on Annual Sales fu 1 and Student Patrol. 9 DECEMBER 8 A A ' Lyceum program. The "Swiss Yodelers' gave a "yodeling" good program. " X DECEMBER 9 Vacation for Teachers' Meeting. Q X: DECEMBER 11 'Xa Sd g X rl' 1' '- I 'Q . , it S f Lost game to Duquoin 10-12. Ck-ll 1 I :J DECEMBER 12 Won from Valier 22-9. DECEMBER 14 The three-day week is a habit. VVe'll have 4 - x I , li ! ' .L WH to watch the teachers for they will make us f' catch up with our work: they're sly-these 7 teachers! , DECEMBER 18 Lost again to Duquoin 18-17. XXI X Q X C xg x A , E xc ", ' f DECEMBER 23 guy, my Christmas vacation! Yikfxqsg DECEMBER 25 066.25 Y, J J Merry Christmas! 1 in 1g 4 Q I S 'M I if Elf, 1 Irrd Tlzirty-firm A P ' 5 5 - f Illlll lllll fa f.- all is? FX f H 2 K 1 2 I W QR 4 X A I 1 lf. f we,11"f- .JW 1932 Red Bird Q-ii,- . YEAR 1 fs," Q 5'-f C 'axe JAN. k Rev Uiko L ' ff Eff 4-Q Q. 5 944' ' JANIAARQI 1 J'fmaAay .19 W-F ,zz rmxwi 635 lzfl Ji' W Q, rx lil .J We A f LK an 'le X . L. Q, 5 -F if-' -1. . . f' W , 3' ug, - -- ,g,,,ir1"'3g,,J?,f .5 - . .. .rn-mp1lu- f.f.fe 1 L V", .Y " L.."""' ' -"AW" "MY- JANUARY 1 Hap,py.Nfew Year! - JANUARY 4 Back again! Boy it's "tuff'? on us-to go to schooleand the semester exalmslcoming too. JANUARY 7 Redbird explained in each Freshman Home Room to further Annual sales. JANUARY 8 Game with Benton. ' They. won 5-16. JANUARY 12 " .Iohnson City beat us tonight 7-13. JANUARY 14 Nothing unusual-the same old grind. JANUARY 15 Game with Mu1'physb0ro. VVe won 33-17. JANUARY 20 Back to kindergarten. Our report cards are pink and blue. JANUARY 23 Lyceum program. Lombard entertainers- with a nice lot of nonsense and songs. JANUARY 25 New semester. Home stretch for Seniors. JANUARY 26 The Lions Club is sponsoring an essay con- test on "VVliat Can a Civil Service Luncheon Club Do For My Community That Is Not Being Done?,' JANUARY 29 I ' D Game with Marion. They won 7-25. 'Ono Ifzmdrvd 7 lm it szx 1932 Red Bird FEBRUARY 5 Game with Murphysboro. NVe won 23-14. FEBRUARY 10 Seventeen boys presented football letters by Mr. Johnson in assembly. FEBRUARY 11 Lyceum program. The "Pigeon Man" dis- played a variety of pigeons. FEBRUARY 12 Game with Benton. Score 17-25 and we lost again. FEBRUARY 13 Game with Galatia. They won 21-30. FEBRUARY 19 Game with Johnson City. They won againg score 18-31. FEBRUARY 20 Game with Valier. VVe won 33-12. FEBRUARY 22 Grade school students presented program today on "Life of Washington." FEBRUARY 23 Student body attended show at Strand on MMOSQUITOESU, presented by the Health De- partment. FEBRUARY 25 Warren Gladders chosen by student body as President of the school. FEBRUARY 26 Game with Herrin. Score 14-18. FEBRUARY 27 Game with Marion. Score 28-17. sei?-QE, X 11.-asf U' , , i YES .Q rl T211 feb. lf XWA V ' g f' 'ff zffff' 8 Rh ZZ xv 0 9 n F25 Z3 1 f N . Q ,f ff v 0 Flzzrzrirval 'l'I1ir'1'y-svfrzz Q li ? ' 45 WWW A f 'ia L 'N N ,FK h K X 4 1 1932 ned Bird H MARCH 3 I N ff 4 - 4 ff Q! ll? , ij ,fWf"5'5,. M5 'X X ' 2 a "N'XlA MARCH 3 1 X 'E 1' X V x., r 1' Q WN W ': 0 I X MARCH 50 4 QQX .. .. W X X A - 5 fy VQ.,,m.. ,L 'Es 57' . ,, - ' ' .i f ,- ... . pfmw-A 1.4.-,V H 4 A - M' Haig? -,-4 W ,9..w-lan., M ARCH 3 Model Airplane Club demonstrated models they have made during year. MARCH 4 My! My! Are these our teachers? If so, they certainly know how to make tests. MARCH 8 Senior Class presented a program with the aid of Mr. Davis, dancer and comedian. MARCH 11 Tournament started at Benton. MARCH 15 Rev. Cagle of Owensboro, Ky., gave a short talk today. Miss Margaret Chambers sang. M A RCH 18 Clean-up campaign ended today. School was kept so clean that all classes were dis- missed. MARCH 24 The Dean of Jacksonville College presented a short talk on "What VVe Want." MARCH 28 A very interesting program today by a former animal trainer. Did he come to the right place? MARCH 30 Hi-Y presented program today. Students from Granite City High Schol were our guests. MARCH 31 Concert by high school orchestra. Oveta Good soloist. Ons Hzzzzzlrvn' 'l'l1iz'fy-dglzf 193: ned APRIL 1 VVatch yourself-remember this is April Fool Day. Mr. Lee presented football letters to second squad-no foolin'. APRIL 5 May Queens nominated today. APRIL 8 S. 0. S. play "Kick In" was one of the best plays of the year. APRIL 9 Track meet today and we won. '4Ain't that sumpin'?" APRIL I3 "Passion Play" advertised here. Some stu- dents aslied to be angels. Isn't this a nice place to come for angels? APRIL I4 It's a secret, but we think Violet Meredith was elected May Queen. APRIL 15 Musical program by Louis Petri's Quartet from St. Louis. APRIL I8-19 up assion Play" given both nights and one matinee. APRIL 20 Notice: Don't pay your bills and you'll be excused from school-no questions asked! APRIL 21 Oh no! it's not rainingg it's just the water pipes leaking. APRIL 29 Big preparation under way for May Day. One II1111a'f'ud Tlzirfy-11z'11c an-a iiiiiiii I a is cf-,I f xg vo-ba: fl APriI 9 77' Arrilzo .QQ 105 ' C is , N win QL , ...V X ril 2.1 . RP 41 X Z . x - X XJ it ,,,, Y. .af s wf i f ,S ! J ,as f df iq! l 1 5 px ,fflviilfii jf QI A Q r,' Q 5 5 A una. . .4 5 K,-fa., . ,.,i -.: Q '-..-.: as-f - f-3-51 - ,-,ff fi., - F 'Q-:hug .., ,M - ,,x..vd sm, lg mf? 1932 Red Bird "1" " 2 X -X Xia 10 H 11 f'l'Qi32.,.,.. MAY 1 May Day festivities-a new activity around F. C. H. S. MAY 2 The conference track meet held here this week. What good-looking athletes Southern Illinois produces! ' MAY 5 Lavern Tripp still going strong for Gladys Kimmel. Happy landings! MAY 7 Southern Illinois district track meet held here today. These are getting to be a habit. MAY 10 Seniors who have low grades are "boning,' so they can get out Senior Week. MAY 11 S. 0. S. picnic at Mt. Vernon. MAY 13 Annual staff presented a home talent pro- gram in assembly. MAY 17 Hi-Y holds annual Senior Farewell banquet. MAY 19 First presentation of "Smilin' Through by the VVig and Cue Club. MAY 22 Tonight is Baccalaureate. The year is fast drawing to a close. MAY 27 Commencement exercises-then curtain. One Hmzdz cd I 01 ty 1931 Red Bird Q fi ww M M4 3 fffikwjy H531 if P ' ' Anvnnrlsnns Q? kQ m7WW WyMW 5 . f Qfpifxppf If 4 770W KBWMZ if W f WJ. QA vw WA, xg, fi ff f 17 E - 'I ' . flf js V 1 ' KL, 1 , V' ll E , Y A rffkf y1,'C,,b1 z 1 J' fi M- x fl - f ' I, U '-f-! - 5 1 1932 Red Bird ,AX .MXN y I .N I F . 3 I 2.2 , N ,E fi , ,XI X. X: 1 i , .. 'J C. C. C. HOME MADE PRODUCTS, COLUMBIA ICE CREAM, CANDIES AND LUNCHES When You Want Ice Cream Call for COLUMBIA ICE CREAM BOOST YOUR TOWN IF YOU WANT YOUR TOWN TO BOOST YOU COLUMBIA CANDY CO. ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx '- r H'-'M32,it.z? WH E N 'T ' I . Z.: Ill -- 'E 1506- 'g 5. ' -QHQLFLFI-.. J 11 :ii ,.a5'..-...--4. X 11fFe"'N ...ILCGHW WX CI I Qin ,, , 3.3.33 fm - . v ....- --ff., Q . , 2,1-' , ,5-:E-.2-:-:-:-:-.SQA V X 'I 1 E 4 1. .2-faarefaiaaq ,,, 'hifi 5' . ' 1 6 15 "ILS ff - ,f -mxxxXiiXK e , ?1x 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx P0s.s'cssio11.9 Nofcworfhy for ElIfI1ll'f77fj Joy amYB6a11ffy . . . 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Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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