Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL)

 - Class of 1914

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Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Cover

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« ..•▼ ’ . ‘». » . StV rfeS H4 : ’ c »"?? v» ta?SBEBy ■' A :,V ;C v $ r: 4 :'v; - tfc 1tSBK W-t» V -rv , . ■ V.’ • ;v ;a . •yYfc'' aSSf ,-MP Sf r « I'm. . ' • - ..x.-X, “ M-'V %A A ' ’J X W aw 3S • - i ’' ;W? - A$ Blfal £ ».?! ■ WJsf •■ ;■«...• "y. r S ■ » -, v • •'•-• w fzitj ; « ■ ra»V i :• ■ vTP»!h ii uT-fUj ■w Si i iSv'Vfc ; | liWry ki ■i.) s£Mjk W VSsIH  NFW PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDING v vSCHOOL District No. 72 was organized in 189(1 with Miles Jiot raw el as teacher, During the term 1896-1897, Mr. Kotrsimel resigned on account of poor health and was succeeded by A1 Rows, who finished the term and taught during 1897-1898. Albert Woods was employed to teach during 1898-1899. but resigned and was succeeded by F. J. Dayman. 3899-1900 1900-1902 Humbert Brown. 1902-1905 W. L. Moore, who also resigned during his third term and was succeeded by A. J. McFaddin. The teaching force was increased to four during Mr. Moore’s administration. 1905-1907 J, A. Moorman. The number of teachers was increased to six. 1907-1909 E. W Martin, teaching force increased to seven. 1909-1910 E. M. McCollum. 1910-1913 H. L. Atwood, teaching force increased to teu. West Frankfort IlJgh School established first with a two-year course, then extended to a four-year course. The 11ISTOU V The present school building was begun ant! com plated. 1913-1914. R. McCollum, teaching force In I creased to fifteen. West Frankfort public school system began 18 ; years ago with two teachers in a two room frame building, and in the course of this short space of j time it has grown to an enrollment of 950 pupils with 15 teachers, a well-graded school doing 8 years I of common school and 4 years of creditable high school work. Where is there another city in Southern Illinois that has had such growth? As teachers and students, we wish to thank the patrons and school officers of the district for the conveniences that have already been provided and trust that all may work together to provide such additional advantages for school purposes that our schools may be second to none In this part of the stai .HIGH SCHOOL CLASS ROLL JUNIOR Mabel 0. Cromer FRESHMEN Uloid Gopher Ralph Greathouse Bert Broshenrs Stanley Durst James Reinheimer Alice O'Dnniel Maude Henderson SOPHOMORES Ktbel Westbrook Leal) McNftmur Audrey Roberts Daisy Rotrnmel Kdythe Kelly Helen Jones Fern Rcntjes Bessie (’lark SENIORS Irene V. McNumur Nelle I,. Karnes Bernard Hampton Verda L, Griffin AAAA SENIOR CLASS ■ Hkhnard Hampton VkKDa L. Griffin lllgN’E V. MoNamau Nelle L. Karnes UNDERGRADUATES West Frankfort high school Freshmen 1Q14 Sophomores 1. James ReinheimerS. Stanley Durst l + 10. I eaLi McNamar 14. Bessie Clarke 2. Samuel Katz 6. Alice 6’Daniel 11. Helen Junes 15. Daisy Rotrame! 3. Cloid Gopher 7. Maude Henderson JUNIOR 12. Ethel Westbrook 16. Audrey Roberts j 4. Bert Broshears 8. Ralph Greathouse 9. Mabel Cromer 13. Edith Kelly 17. Fern RentjesIrene V. McNamar Bernard ILvmpton Nei.i.e L. Karnes Verda L. Griffin MOTTO: “uJontylft IHr Eaunrli. fflfyrrr iMjall Iflc Autljnr?” Class Colors, Purple and White. Class Flower, White Robe. Annual QJnmnmtmnrnt Sxrrrtara JFrifoay Enrniuij. fRap Eiylftlj al Siyljt (O’rlnrk at tl|c fH. E. (Elfurrlf Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. Julian Atwood Sunday Evening, May Third, at Christian Church.COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Professional March - - - Christina Webb Invocation ..... Rev. Mitchell Piano Solo .... Verda L. Gridin Oration—“Where Duty Calls" • Irene V. McNaraar Vocal Solo .... John T. Jones Piano Duet - Mrs. Hampton and Nelle L. Karnes Address - John F. Harmon, D. D., Pres. McKendree College Music ..... Male Quartette Presentation of Dinlomas • - - W. A. Kelly benediction - • - . Rev. Motsinger Music by OrchestraSENIOR CLASS PLAY “The Masonic Ring,” or “The Adventures of a College Bride” Opera house, Apr. 24.1914 cast: Roderick York, a jealous husband........................ —...-....... Bernard Hampton R»rthoiarnew Jeremiah Farebrother, a detective ................... —......15. W, Simon Fred Hall, Mrs Roderick York’s cousin ........ i.................—......H. N. Harmon Mrs Roderick York, (known as Flossie) a young college bride------------ Verde L. Griffin Ethel Winn, Mrs. Roderick York’s college chum —...Nells L. Karnes Madame York. Roderick’s mother.............................. Irene V. McNamar Pence Yoik. Roderick’s sister. ....................... -.........-....Mabel Creroer Miss Delancey Jones, » friend of the family.__....... ... -.-........... Merle Corbin Tildie McCormick. Miss Delancey Jones’ fourteen-year old ward.......... —Kriyibe KellySENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Sixteen Years Hence" By Bkknako Hampton Sixteen long: years had passed since the famous High School das of 1914 of West Frankfort was disbanded. The class consisted of four very energetic and enthusiastic students. They were rightfully called “The Big Four," all of whom worked co-ordinately among themselves, comparing and contrasting efforts in order to reach the goal in limited time. The members of the class were widely separated and scattered to the four corners of the earth, each one situated as his or her vocation demanded. Each individual was doing the work for which he was most talented. Cur great country had changed internally in an infinite number of ways. The Panama Canal, one of the greatest engineering feats ever accomplished by mortal and which was finished the year after our graduation, has been one of the greatest occasions for controversy between us and all foreign nations aud is now being realized by all nations as one of the greatest economizers of marine transportation A great religious war had beeu fought which resulted in the union of all churches to form one large moral institution; the socialistic crowd was still being increased by those w'ho uever expect to have anything; woman suffrage had dominated every state; the Republican party was still divided; the business man was now preaching “High Tariff." the administrations had all been democratic from the time of Woodrow Wilson, sixteen long years hence. 1, while sitting in the White House, assisted by my cabinet, assuming my responsible duties presiding over the several states, absorbed by the different problems concerning the great Civil War atSENIOR CLASS PROPHECY (CONTINUED hand and the tatrVari which arcotap ay it. van suddenly distracted from my work when I seemed to hear the name Nell Karnes spoken by one of my assistants. He and the ones assembled around him seemed deeply interested in something. Just at that time my mind ran back to dear old High School days at West Frankfort about sixteen years ago. and for a moment or so. one thing after another came to my mind at random placiilfe me back in that old room with our dear,,ever-ready and prudent teac.herR standing before us. Hut being very anxious to know how she had been served in those long years. I listened attentively. The conversation ran like this: “I wonder who that Nell Karnes can he. The report says she used to be a pupil at West Frankfort High School in Southern Illinois somewhere. She was very apt and a well balanced, two sided maid who enjoyed the aesthetic as well as i the business side of life, but is now one of the greatest avtatresses in the world. The paper states she has made a ten thousand mile i?:ght without rest; has turned four flipB in midair at once; has flown topsy-turvy for sixty miles; and is preparing to make a flight across the Atlantic. She has won International fame as an aviatress. She. being a natural physicist in her long school career, is ra pable to. and will, make improvements in the air machines that will be highly appreciated by the Wright Brothers and all the French and Germcn aviators. The paper accounts for her selected vocation partly by her being a little topsy-turvy, flippy and flighty while in school hut this is only theoretical. Nevertheless, she has the peculiarity uncoramonness and attractiveness that is present with all aviatresses and is looked upon by the people as a sort of superhuman, unnatp reck-HliNIOR CJLAHS PK( 1M!EC (C'ONTINUEI)I loss person whoso personality cannot be appreciated by any one. Hut people have a mistaken lilea of aviators. They are civilized huuians. sensitive to danger, and deserve our sympathy in every respect. In order to'pass away the time while on my way to the Mexican border line, I amused myself by reading the pages of McClure’s Magazine. I was exhilarated at the sight of the head lines which read as follows: “Vordie Griffin’s New Treatise on Latin.” At once my mind ran back to West Frankfort and the things which we enjoyed. The little, smiling, talkative Miss Veride Griffin, a woman of forethought, soberness and high sense of duty. won the world's champiotiship in “Picking Berries.” She foresaw the real significance and importance of the “Berry Picking” treatJae and declares most emphatically that the treatise is a su parlor one. Her enthusiasm became absolutely uncontrollable and because of her profound interest and love for humanity she has translated, verbatim, both volumes into Latin, and instead of ponderiug over Ceasar, Cicero. Vergil. Tacitus and Horace. Griffin h translation of the “Berry Picking” treatise will be read in the future by the Classics of all leading (.'Diversities. As expected, the Hying machine was perfected by Miss Karnes. She spent months to get a machine of the right order to carry passengers. The best Universities of both the Orient and Occident have employed her to use her machine in carrying Miss Griffin from one institution to another in order to give all the educational centers an opportunity of being in touch with the greatest authority on Latin that ever lived. Sho 1ms introduced the Esperanto style, plus automobile speed and cradle ease, in interpreting and pro-SKMOR ( LASS l’ROPMKCV (CONITNUIil)) noiincing Latin words. Her “Berry Picking” treatise whs one classic to lie found in all libraries of note. Turning the pages a little farther 1 saw distinct ly the head lines as follows: “Irene McNamar. the Great Suffragette." Again my mind ran bark to the little school and the pleasant, faculty at West Frankfort. Miss McNumar. always a diligent, studious and persistent girl in school, hut as f was anxious to learn something of my old school mate. I at once began to read. 1 learned that after her High School education at Wear Frankfort, she went to Chicago f’niversity and gaduated there with B s and A B. degrees. She was sent by a commit-t..». t ;nvost)gale the slum districts ami the protection of the working girls. After which she went to Oxford ( Diversity. during which time she became enthused over the suffrage of women and then spent her time In working fpr woman suffrage and met with astounding success. She is now the President of the International Federation of Worn an’s Rights. Thus far I have spoken of the individual members of the (Hass. 1 think it is nothing but proper and fitting to speak of the Class as a whole. Sixteen years had passed since we were initiated into life’s work and without a single exception each member has stood with a firm, unflinching and determined purpose. AII have striven to perform Justly and judiciously all the problems of life. The members were advocates and defenders of honesty, purity, integrity and righteousness, voicing such elements of morality as will help men and women to live a better and richer life. With those stainless lives of womanhood and manhood they will add lustre and glory to the pages of future years, which can never blow' or wash away FINIS.COMMON SCHOOL Cloid Gopher JUNIOR Mabel O. Greiner FRESHMEN Ralph Greathouse Bert Broshears Stanley Durst James Reinheimer Alice O’Daniel Maude Henderson SOPHOMORES Kthel Westbiook Genii McNamar Audrey Roberts Daisy RotrnmeJ Kdythe Kelly Helen Jones Fern Rentjes Bessie Clark HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI .Vw vwvv RUBY L. DURST, Teacher........ -1918 BERNARD HAMPTON. 1914 IRENE V. NcNAMAR________________•..-1914 NEELE L. KARNES- -..1914 VERDA L. GRIFFIN___________________1914EIGHTH AND SEVENTH GRADES N V. Ghkathousk, Teacher Sylvia Young Helen Gettings Helen Wllderman Jesse Gettings Domi Monti Harry Dial Heat rice ( 'rain Cecil Swartz Dimple Oorilou Uflit Roberts A ft on Fleming Wesley Whitaker Inez Forster Helen Browu Vertiita Jones Willie Roden bush Hope Stephens Sophia Pascol Grace Jones John Crawford Edwin Stephens Lissie Rains Gladys Evans Alvin Richerson Lulu Drowning Dale Drown Ruth Dillon Roger Kelly Ada Thomas Nelly Sanders Anna Miller Louis Vorberg Mabel Epperheimer Floy Darnell Nola Mayer Therma Beatty Bessie Coleman Lillian Hotramel Mary Sinks Harold Specker Lizzie Wall Sara Vaughn Juanita Rharis Emma Russell Cecil Hampton Virgil Coale Fred McNamu Raymond Smith Ransom Frazier Monica Mika lank a George Carter Fred Roberts Lee Hubbs Robert Epperheimer Kathleen Kelly Johu Craig Hallie Roberts s Sixth Grade -NAAA y ■ J L. Miller, Teacher • Fay Dorris j • Beulah Murphy Carl Cantrell ' John Harnmasco Constance Newman Esther Knapp Sylvia Griffin Myrtle Schuable Gail Ice Edna Rogers Ethel Baxter Ethel Coleman Lena Webb Flossie Hampton Thelnia Jones Edith Rotramel Louella Csteen Blancho Spires lna Runnels Jennie Darnell Eva Charles M -et Stefan Mae Sanders Leah Smith Cpal Whittico Herman Craig Miles Denrmond Warden Parrish Troy Clem Charles Pease Harold Win Yale Downs Marlon Kelley Everett Gettings Fred Wasisco Joe Rogers rkla Rotramel Noble Rains I sad ore Katz Mary Leponis Marjorie Smith Jessie Crlxn Rondo Sciilley Cleo Hindman Fairy Hill Nellie Elkins Ethel Forester Addle Moore Lotrnl Dixon Louise Smith Marian Kelly Pella Gkkathogsb Teacher Alice Pease Catherine Lipe Rapunzel Griftii Gladys Woods Paulino Darnel Raymond Sanders Cloyd Thompson Quiney Ice Leslie Martin Jewell Y' eBeulah Ragland, Teacher Loyde Goode Franklin Willis Tony Mvoror James Rotramel Harry Rule - Fifth Grade Bertha Meneea Nellie Shafer Edward Kolbert Francis Little i Evelyn Storey Virdie Parrish Harry Leming Geo. Andrews Vivian Livesay Beatrice Crawford Louis Rodenbush Eagle Gray | Zettie Kelley Grace Whaley Leona Carter Royal Dorris Susie Marrs Beatrice Todd Helen Rogers Garuie Wilburn Ruby Wildermau Roy Glenn Hazel Halfacre John Gibbons Myrtle Hartley Gaylord Smith Lillian Little Eddie Brown Opal Peterson Arlie Coleman Fay Dial Fred Wiusted Mario Westray Harry Worsham Cathlyne Spears Warren Teague Minnie Leonard Cecil Murphy Isabelle Seddon Hallle Evans Goldie Clemons Harry Rodenbush May Parker Carl Specker Gladys Swartz Beulah Burch Thelma Reed Eddie Green Mary Parrish Anna Stephen Electa Pertuset Otto Pivoror Mary Kartis Nina McCHntock Marie Brown Reuben Wade Florence Southerland Fay Helms Ava Fivash Jessie Kiser Eva Bonor lr ne Ferguson Rosa Peterson Roscoe '.Villis Lulu Woodson Eva Young Katherine Raid Wilbur Teague Clara Hartley Edith Jones Lois Plumlee Elsie Brown Howard JacksonChristina Wrrb r Teacher Ernest Laventt Fred Th. mas n Vernual Ezell Helen Will more Helen Douglas Stella Henson Margaret Leponis Hilda Vitale Eva Roberson Margurlte Spears Pearl Murphy Willie Saksas Willie Britton Frank Feldscher Arril Evans Leslie Walls Clarence Jones Addle Dorris Cra e l.nmkin Herman U.'ulcnhush Willie Me.nlI '1 homas Bl !;o George Dial Beatrice Griffin Hiram Hancock I ote Broskia Anna : in Fourth grade Nannie Jones Arthur Covert Susie Rains Herman Stefan Vivian Roberta Alice Burke Cecil Treece Plaudte Hrazltia Alex Vansach Karl Reaugh Helena Hear Winifred Kelley Flmer Pettifurd I’ttcra Ponzl Willie Russell fitly Coleman Ruby Isaacs Ervin Anlen Arvel Mayor Mauriio Dolaunorifl Beulah He gun (Ho Or eon Ella Lnpinskis Jolanda Furno Delpbta Farmer Esther Schneider Kate Oliver Essie Downs Hannah Palmer Earl Martin Clarence Martin John Scoby Ethel Freeman Joe Specker Clarence Coleman Julia Madden Eva Go;e Claude Williams Walter Schneider f afe Freeman Katherin Rotramcl Maude Murnh'y Claude Handers Earnest Lunsford John Spaulding Clarence Spiers James Whittlco Leo Maddox Ransom Sullivan Wadak Shynianiak Edward Summers Lillian Nash Beatrice Nash Lela Walls May Louise Oritfln Nina Brown moiir Misson Ethel Orten Mao Hall George Dooley Emma Tate Mildred Done Mary RrowskinCelia ftoggia Mildred Specker Anna Gnlish Hattie Strock Ruby Williams Lillian Childers Anna Dargan Nina Hannatt Edith Gore Ruby Estes Frank Covert Li I tie Povivor Edward Young Kva Coals Teacher Ralph Rains Thomas Newman Third Grade Jewel Hayes Earnest .Swartz Lana Elkina Mayme Green lieu lab Ezell Hazel Cabancse Dorothy Dooley Mildred Vitale Emma Stefan Alaen Poole Irene Henley Hazed Downs Eat hoi Smith Herbert Anderson Edgar Jones Paul Cahaness Andy Morris Henry Rodenbush Roy Ferguson Cortney Critz Fred Vo r berg Howard Farmer Harry Throop John Clemons Marion IHxoti Joo Rrazitis Stanley Hobbs Lloyd Anderson Olsia Walls Alex Williams Ever otto Groan Cyril Jones Leo Kelley Albert Coleman Maynard Wilson Jesse ('remar AisNA VN ALLACE, Te» ditr Arbra Handy Uricka Bandy Leon Cash Marie Dorris Clyde Eubanks Fourth and Third Grades Clarence Eubanks Carl Sanders Silvia Cantrell Ray Moake Blanche Close Annettle Whittington. Pete Chepaskl John Morley Clarence Gore Harry Webb Clarence Coleman Frances Miller Dollie Hill Edith Lawrence Ralph Dorris Opal Mooneyham Roy G. Helms Ruby Whaley Vivian Dorris Mabel Parrish Roy Helms Erma Man ion Pearl Evans Alex Peters Lillian Hicks Eva Conner Alberta Gray Samuel Payne Naomi Miller Ines King Ruby Helms Nola Rogers Clarence Miller Cora Marburger Inman Weir lna Ramsey Tom Moake Laverne Avis Lillian Howell Virgil Rich May Miller Ruby Avery Carrie Ice John Spaulding Leslie Moore Miles Baker Mae Isaac Delmar Simpson Blanch Norman Thomas Barlow Frances King Fred Thomason John Rogers Frank Bergandl Ralph Lawrence Noah Kelley Fay Rushing Esther Cowan Dessle Letter Loas Sanders Leouard Cowen Nellie Maddox Second grade Bki'LAH Cksmkh Teacher fin mi Down] Mary Arvlew John Andrew Howurd Itrr .i olive Ijoimi iino Bar ion in Ira Large Delbert Liresay Thelbert Menee Bmma Murphy Sophia Melek Thelma Pharla f ewis Pa lie Randall Puckett John Potter Tlit'lnm Itotrr.niol Mildred Rule Nellie oilman Rose (‘rim Mary Cars Hay mono horns Hannah Thompson Liza Thompson Dorothy Wildarinaii John Wbiinlirook Kva Wilson Matilda Vaughn Loon Williams Leix George Vuroniu Mary 'nnzuki I’r. u Wood non Victor Jones U btl .folios l.ugene Little Vf-Rinf Litlle Cili Larotiti Tony i.Hpinski ilarry Downs Clyde I astro Hailie Glenn Harold listing John RoMetto Jewel Richersoti Curtis Robertson Mincrvia Summer Mary Summers Perry Sinks Kdna Strock (•ora Sutherland Noble Sutherland it it t h Scoby Lena Swoflford Nettie Swoffonl Bessie Schneider Ruby Shaffer Helen Cabaiiess Ryron Fuller Klixabeth Pouter Mary lUrtnniM Frank Bella Mary Bella l eslie Burke Rosa BunchI Paul Coleman Mary Gelch Mary Odovin John Gdovin Cora Graves Clara Healer Herbert Henter Gladys Harper Dentil Ha umot da Andrew Hale Maggie Hamilton Lloyd Ferguson Lena Fitzgerald Lela Keldsch i ... _ X JBKs8ik Woodimni: Teacher H rnir e It hod nhush It ml Troop Alii Seddeil Cpl« Simmon Melon l. lal Nellie Meiteeno Ople Oleui relia Perterfc Herima Bergandy •fohii (lanieuer Frank Stephen-Pyril Fisher Hoy Nash •Gertrude Ituxsrll Hertha Salli Third Grade Karl West ry Frank ll»» Curry •lo VaM«iH’U 1.4‘hIIi’ Khoiiiheimei John Daunts •Ioh Waxhani Andy G l)ovi»i Annie Hitluki Anna James Mary Monti Mary Bunki Vesta Kivasa Anna Devim Mention Srohy -Mary cuheihi Max tine Kink. Mareful Sinks Myrtle Burke Ueuiuh Gore Minnie flliodcr Sophia BohUI John Whilraker I'reil Olhver Wnlie ('lemons Itaymomi Thomason Mary I«mvkiim Miletirn LoiIomIhi .Mnncreti Kahi Stella Hunch Mary Burch Vernon VH“»r Kltner Good t'ltarles Vit|l)tniS Gucifer Antonin Bole Haisin Burl Burn II Clide Smith Krp ' »tx Weav« ir Gilbert Martin Thomas Kirby KvernU lioekiuau Jamos Ue il John RoHrfiihiisli Delisil Hammonds Bonin Schneider Bonne. Wright. Joltrib Ksi«H Vhoe ..' Criifin Mu,» i1 H 'vi.i . i Tearher . ir» » Jn;ics i i ... f t?n Swufioni ••j -' FIRST GRADE oiv iaD'i TonielYt jewi P Hera Doriani Witt UOu.illlG Andy Pollle Jimmie Monti Harriet Kairi Ruth Si on by Mabel Finny Myrtle Wilson M .t -rev T ague Ht'.-.sii Triece Faniu • I owall Ty U Kikf is M-.xii. .Smith Joitui l oniims hort 'tn len y RoryU IVeane Opal Wright Hazel KrIof Pearl Brooksheer Bona frees r. Ole a Adams Ina Best Pearl FouIk Freda Slafau Tpiut Vena Stella Stnuckti Km ina Turkey Maggie Serenas Kdiih Graved Jack Rains Anita • Nati!en»v B s};«-fi.uin Loot: a Pi rrluoi Anna Pivinor Mary ; tiiol11 i Ro:;h Tcnellg Kiln a Reciu.r Mary StlrzlB Fdith Raisins Anna Kartes Mary Sham mock Oarrh U a Thompson George l-uwerce i-laud Southerlandfirst grade . J Ruby Di kst, Teecher Kolia Gains Willie Golden win Kea Jimmie Auiulniiii Marry rhotHHKon Fritz S(}U rs Arview John Proehku John Mini Jimmie Golcli Paul T'arueU Toney Aduck Russel Murtin Lowell A) bright UiiHsei Pool Vida Hulbka Herbert Robertson 10wet Hutbka Gretni Cabuess Joe Met'alius Loo Tion is Joe yhemuck Vergil Westry Bernard Tab well Jack Kura Cecil Weaver Joe Kurz Leroy Funlk Paul Kurz Burum Foil Ik William Fenton Lucille Pertussei Klbei While Sophia McCallu UuMi Giidowtdi Eva Wliiu kVua Bosk ill i Gra « HaJidcOck Josephine Herd) Goldie Dadds Elina Verdun no Mary Kurz Med a Fruuki Susie 1.upon in Ken a Kratiki Anna ColisaYagt- Stella liesslor Elsie Wilcox Leliu Lamkin Otto Siuiil) Lillie A italli •t • Uui'kvvui'h I'tolh John eliua Mann Ucniona Verdi mj Maggie Morris Lillie i anana Kosa Swafford Uosi Uolctridi Irene Ezell L'da Dolchalski Minnie Williams I'dlie tiviuski Inu Httaaler Givjiimi l((KS, i i i i r i» iv Jolllt i .lollit I IlltiilJOii.vt !•'11»Vi I 1 trn a'ii iuc li«»% I n l lijv tl Mauri " I .hI H:n ry MrMuklii J11111 v KnMii’i tins SntrlMI til V Jr. ii 1 UitKi • i' ivij.i t • ipp I tulfvy » iiilhj. i Mun»A ' iiarlM iioiihn Malloy I'Yimhllu W • Vitidc JdlMbiOii I utu III It 1 i» i;i Slii rvvdvmi AHrt «i SI.(Ill, » • F iRVT GHAUb i ’ »ti . ... Ut vbm tiltif ilimUnu Mum 4 ' itrittoii »?w i rafotrn IV ;V • . 1 WlDt. Arvit w Moj «i Mt-Uarm; rota it iniT- »; t lQ|i|1,n«’k IVlIiliUlA , itt vtorr» .H • r lw r • Ain i'••• til K ihmnn • .InliMHM Tom my «» • uny r t. K Kftrnesi tiopM Sit t lltr»v.‘ HtM.ry liriiiMd- ‘ H» » 1 I .nit » ... i «:« ri ll Dki£a Laoer, Teacher Forest White Nettie Pain Alien Dodson Otto Russell David I _Jynon Hilda Burgomia Jessie Ham Jett Marion Patiorsoti Oeneiva Hinmau Lurile liurtly Melvin Rushing Robert Shafer Burnie Plasters Joe Poieato Elmo bavis Phillip Wilson Arthur Morgan Johnnie Husqueto RurneR Henson Pete Busqueto Hubert Madox Alfa Evans Tonnie Carter Ken it h Steal Veto Brand AAA wVN First grade lloy Duck worth Willie Scarlett Karl Heartly Paul Coalman Loom Good heater Lawttsdale Alfa Turner Anna White Hazel Kubanka Lilia Parish Howl Kama Mable LUvay Maud Helms Palmetta Dausin Mildred Dorris Mahle Winstead Hellen Newlin Dean Fly Madolin linker Lola Bryor Cecil Dausin Pearl Morgan ifcMiluh Parish Lillian Dorris L’fa Parish Hazel Scarlett Mable $carlett Nina Hhinhammer Oracle Downs Kllen Lincoln Kloise Hamlegan Allie Helms Mary Hale Artie Lawrence Kdna Last Katie Bunky Lucy Gace Rosa Carter Paul Cantrell Lena Perona Wilson Whittington Cecil Sanders Noble Osteene Cttis Baker Howard Glbbins Harold Sanders Frankie Hallowingar Tons Prona Riley Mitchell Carl Mitchell Frankie Weeman Curl Cottis Koti i Hi Heroin a Orval Childers Kuron Peterson A'fa Cefaski Jobnle Lincoln Pete Kadoro Mary Pleato ■JOKE DEPARTMENT WITHIN THE LAW To steal—a kies. To shoot—the rapids. To slash—a skirt. To heat—a carpet. To cut—an acquaintance. To kill—time, F—ierce lessons. L—ate hours. U—nexpected company. N—ot prepared. K—icked out — W. F. H. H. —SENIORS) '14 i)ead—The word describing the condition of a senior after a test. Here’s a funny item; "Cow walks into bank.” Nothin’ funny about that. She wanted to have her milk certified.-— Freshmen. , CAUTION A hoy who had been absent from school for several daya returned with his throat carefully swathed, and presented this note to his teacher: "Please don’t let my son learn any German today; his throat is so sore he can hardly speak English.”—A Junior. LOST!—By Prof Harmon—Hi Equilibrium Finder please return to the philosophy class and receive reward.—A Senior I suppo=e you never quarrel with your wife?.. Cer.ainly notl” renlipd Mr. McCollum. "I am merely a husband, not a lion tamer.” Harmon—“Where did you get that bump on your head?” Kreshik—"Oh, (hat’s where a thought struck me.”TRIBUTE TO ADVERTISERS We are proud of our schools; we are proud of our city. Let us show our loyalty to both by patronizing our home business men, whose advertisements are found on the following pages, and whose courtesy, generosity and fair-dealing cannot be excelled by the busiuess men of any city in the state.JOKE DEPARTMENT KNOCKER’S EPITAPH He lov -d ihp iinvi! chorus, Each day his hammer raged. 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Suggestions in the Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) collection:

Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


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