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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1959 volume:

W f .M , M X ff A W, 3 V3 V' it 4 . l E R i ,- 6,12 xg fm., K ww 2 we f X '5 ff 4- , x V, 'w V, ,Z 1 5, X .'7L ff' " 'I wwf 7.1 ! , ,fffif ff J.. M 2 A . , 47" 1 K av w. ,Q i .fl f 1 ,f ,- 552 1, M Q' X My ' 4 , V . ., V ,wply Ui, I .f , 'hwy '14 5 GN, ' WZ f, Q yy fi f QMS-ff-, 35 gf' ' " 7 1 3 .'5gQif"4 Q5 z 2 A , ' A .fy .pf "1 'AQ f ' Aff, X' 3 xl S 1' 4 W?9 , , if 'if f .fx If VW - 1424" 1, , ,, f' 431552 fa'Q'ff, , ,Wg X? -K Q' -'Gi ,gi Q K' '44""??fX' 72 f x ,,aZ.x,,:f, V7 'f . ij A X W , ,Q V, ' I aims, " f Z x ,f n -wc, f ,- ,wha gl 4 sf i, , ,J , f f - ff 4' X 0 l A Ziff , ,ag Q W, , x Q ' . , , f , 5 f 'x V ' M ,742 ff ,Kin Q QS ' s W1 f fiflfiz ' ff 1 if rA.vav+.1Av' v' nfs: J' -it law Xa Ji..-mmf! f1m naw ,K 1 Hlmmlnwz . I A, sf , , xx ,i A. h m a y -g X , .Eg . vfgw ' X ff ' ZJQJX gy Wy, If -,,f, ,XV I ,, ,Z Q ff '?" 'WW-' . - fm ,QW Y .W rc ,M Lgji , 5: , W-1 L J www ll , f ff QW 4 1 ,, 4 X . X M53 , 1 f fy-2 X N' YQ x , , , Q, , 5gN,a',6 ' my s X X x xw X kg I 5 Q. Q x -X W XX X. Aksgl, Envy'-if QQ K ,Y Xgxffk' 'X L1 K?.y,??i X Q 'gg iw' Hs is w ' ,. Y W 4. K X t -Q5 'pf . Q I , .- ,I Vx vii Q, ffzf V .kv-1m9tk,,. ,- :Vex x ,Q ,gn - V s'ix,.b .R I 5' , affix A 3 1' if . FQ? ge. 'vig . ' + xi, wr' LX Divx.. .gixxi W. DQQX .Sq ' X X W . if . iipm 1. '.X-fsffk ' -JJ. ' , ' :alumna 'L Qymfo L? F WI f A Q5 0 YN H52 .sznior Cfadzi Iorefienfri QQ 2125 Q65 '-ia Q M CD Q QD Qi Q? QE I? V 9 FRANKFCDRD HIGH SCHQOL PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA oawia gerner DCIDIICXATII N Twenty-eight years ago your name tirst appeared on an earlier edition ot this book as the taculty sponsor, For term upon term thereafter you made us get our pictures taken on time, checked our imaginative activity sheets, gathered us tor club pictures, and pasted up the durnmy, ta say nothing at shepherding us up the l-ludson, watching over our prorns, and keeping us in order at comnnencernent. This has been much, but more than all ot this is that since i920 you have been a dedicated and stimulating teacher at Frankford, For everything, we are proud to honor ourselves in dedicating this book to you. Four Principals Message Aim tor the top, and say l can. You have all that the greatest men have had - a body to keep healthy and a brain to use it you would be wise. Your graduation from high school signifies a good start for you. Yes, you have more than many great men have had-a country that leaves you tree to chart your course. You are the one who must choose his place, with yourself as the handicap to tace. Courage must come from the soul within, and you must furnish the will to win. "So tigure it out for yourself my lad, You were born with all the great have had. With your equipment they all began, Get hold ot yourself, and say l can." Our hopes and wishes are with you tor a happy and successful lite. Jogn .Mfner l l ' ' ' 4 ' f :Q 5 Q M 67 W .if MMM av! Nu 1111 ,Of The Fronkford High School history begon in Moy, l684, when Williom Penn sold to Henry Woddy the troct of lond on which the school now stonds, ln l909 this troct of lond wos sold to the City of Philodelphio. The Fronkford Annex of the Centrol High School opened in o building of the Wister estote in September, l9lO, under lvlr. G. Alvin Snoolq. The closs totoled thirty- seven boys. The history of Fronkford hos ropidly odvonced. In November, l9lO, the "Pioneer," the school mogozine, wos estoblished, The following yeor o Student Boord wos orgonized, os well os "Ye Spool4s" ond "Ye lvlonksu- the first two school clubs, ln December of the some yeor o six room onnex, "the doghouse," wos opened. The Fothers' Associotion wos formed in Jonu- ory, l9l2, Shortly ofter, crimson, gold, ond blue were odopted os the school colors. The Alumni ond Athletic Associotions were orgonized in l9l4. l.oter in thot some yeor ground wos broken for the present building, with the cornerstone being loid in Februory, l9lS. The first closses in this building were held in Jonuory, l9l6, with 480 boys ond 3lO girls ottending, ln the follow- ing yeor, the first closs of thirteen boys wos groduoted, The first co-ed groduoting closs wos groduoted in June, l9l8. The Memoriol Stodium wos dedicoted in November, l922, Three yeors loter the first issue of the "High Woy" wos printed, The following yeor the pipe orgon wos dedicoted. Thomos Moore become octing principol of Fronkford in l927, followed by Dr, Fronlc l.. Cloud in l93l, ond John W, Hitner in September, l946. The 'Dog House" wos demolished in Februory, l9'53, ond the new Gymnosium wos completed in September, V954 Seven dk 1 I JZANLTTE MAN-row Reoord Book Committee Commehcemeht, the end ot three wonderful yeors ot Frohktord, Now eoch ot us most go our seoorote woys, but the memories ot senior oc- tivities, teochers, ood clossmotes will olwoys be with us, We will remember our Qroduotioh, ohd the singing ot our Almo Moter tor the lost time. To help us look bock oh these memories, We receive our Record Book, As we look through it, we ore told the story ot Frorwktord os we krrevv it, Ten The Record Book committee hos worked to- gether to moke this term's Record Book ohe ot the best. The members ot the Record Book committee ore Editor, Ruth l-lowkirrs Assistoht Editors, lvlorie Bickel ood Corole Detvvilerg Kothy Berres- tordg Brioh Cloudg Corole Glousmohj Dove Krew- sorig Dorrold Mullehj Clore Potchell ood Sohjo Schworger. SENIOR LUNCHEON June I6 marked the date ot the Senior l.unch- eon ot this graduating class, lt was decided by the committee--Ruth Leggeri lchairmanl, Bar- bara Black, Walter Claus, Elaine Farlino, Pat Jankowski, Mary Ann Riddle, Rita Siemienski, Shirley Woltstield-to hold it at the "Four Chetsf' The Record Books were distributed before the luncheon was served. Following the luncheon, entertainment was provided by the members ot the class. Dancing, reminiscing, and rubbing elbows with our sponsors, Mr, Walter Bahr and Mr. John Mc- Master and our principal, Mr, John B. l-litner concluded this memorable occasion, SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE On Friday evening, November 7, l958, the graduating classes ot i959 attended the Senior Prom, held at the Philmont Country Club. A receiving line welcomed each couple to the prom, and every girl was presented with a ster- ling silver locket charm and prom program, Ai Raymond and his orchestra supplied a special dreamy kind ot music heard only at one's Senior Prom. Members ot the Prom Committee, including Jane Blatt, Janet l-lottman, l-lelen Katheder, Nancy Shute, John Wyre, Rich Buehler, Carole Detwiler, Carole Glaussman, Doris Jones, Tom Mottses, Clare Patchell, Marilyn Terwilliger, and Mike Walker, sold tickets, decorated Rhilmont, and made all the necessary arrangements tor charms, programs and the drawing ot the Prom Queen, The theme and theme song "Twilight Time" were also selected by the Committee. We give our sincere thanks to the competent Prom Committee for making our Senior Prom, trom twilight time to midnight, an evening we shall never target. W Vt 2 i I I I A Q, ' ,Q ' it g , I Q? V i if 6 , is Ii, g !zY THE BAND Our bond, under the direction of Mr. l-lermon Siegel, is considered one of the highlights of the footboll seoson with its mony interesting formo- tions ot the gomes. on ford in mony civic events such os porodes ond dedicotions. ln April, l958, it oppeored ot the Acodemy of Music in the "Schools on Porode" show ond vvos highly proised. t olso represents Fr li ln the Closs of Jonuory, l959, the pond will lose the following membersi Korl Bolczorek, Lyle lVlcClellon, John Wolch! Roselyn Wroy, ond John Wyre. Twelve ORCHESTRA The school orchestro functions os o regulor port of the instrumentol music octivities, This orgonizotion of opproximotely 40 members, under the direction of Mr, Siegel, performs for ossemloly progroms os well os for the onnuol spring show, Gr r this term ore: Corl Burg! Cotherine Dovidson , William McGraw, Donold Schoenly ond John Tho oduoting seniors fo l'l'lCIS. FRANKFORD FORUM The Frankford Forum was reactivated this term by Mr. S. Goldman of our I-listory Depart- ment to provide students with an opportunity to discuss current affairs more fully than normal classroom activity, The major objectives this year have been to publicize the name and func- tion of the club, and bring in new members, both aims have required additional time and effort for the members, The present membership in- cludes l5 Juniors, 2 Seniors and 5 Freshmen, actively participating, Pins and membership cards were procured and interesting programs were arranged. The future seems exceedingly bright for the Frankford Forum. The following officers were selected: President .................. Geraldine Guerra Secretary-Treasurer ...... William Kelton BUSINESS MANAGERS The Business Managers have the responsibility of collecting class dues from the graduating seniors, There is one representative from each book. Each morning the managers collect the dues during advisory and then take the money to the senior office. From here the money is de- posited in the bank. The class dues pay for the Record Book and other senior expenses. The members of this group are Richard Buehler, Cecelia Dabose, Barbara Gillmore, Ralph l-lill, Carol Lucas, Joan Papa, Thomas Rotchford, Louis Wydro, Evie Barrack and Phyl- lis Cotter. SENIOR TRIP COMMITTEE The senior class of i959 began its long awaited trip on the "Peter Stuyvesant" to Rye Beach, New York. One June 5, seniors, equipped with as much paraphernalia as they could carry, left for Jersey City from the Arrott Street Station at 8100 AM. for a ride on the Reading Line, We boarded the "Good Peter" at IO1OO AM. After a good time on the boat we disembarked at the park, A fabulous time, composed of amusements, swimming, and cases of sun burn, was enjoyed by all. The grand day soon came to an end, and at 'SZOO PIM, we started for home taking with us cherished memories of recollection, At IO PM., familiar Frankford scenery reminded us that we had reached home, weary but content. Appreciation and thanks to the members of the trip committee and members of our faculty for the planning and work which made possible this wonderful trip. Members of the committee are: Joseph Budd, John Connor, Paul Griffin, Fred Kramer, William Munz, Georgine Patrick, Cchairmanl Marilyn Terwilliger, Diane Visco. Thirteen ,, ,ssh .g'zf,vr"", DANAIDES CLUB The Danaides Club ot Eranktord is a service activity tor those senior girls who have ex- celled in scholastic ability, school service, and popularity, This term's charter members arei President, Bonnie Metz, Vice-President, Clare Patchell, Recording Secretary, Carole Glausman, Corre- sponding Secretary, Joan Durham, and Treas- urer, Gail Tremer. Cther members are: Judy Caspar, Gail Davis, Virginia Gray, Georgine Patrick, and Rita Siemienski. The club is under the capable sponsorship ot Mrs. Helen James, and meets at the members' homes twice a month. This club is responsible tor those gay and decorative posters you see in the main hall. They also do various other services tor the school, and sponsor a semi-annual dance at Somerton Springs. THANATOPSIS This term's Thanatopsis club has again tul- tilled its purpose ot service to the school and community. The club worked along with Junior Red Cross helping at Riverview l-lome tor the Aged when called upon, The members will never forget the Parents' Night which provided much pleasure tor both audience and entertainers. The club is comprised ot 30 members, l5 girls and l5 boys who are active in ditterent activities throughout the school. The club is under the sponsorship ot Mr. E. Orrell Crap. This term's otticers are Evelyn Barrack, President, Alan Schantz, Vice-Presi- dent, Bonnie Metz, Recording Secretary, Bob Eckert, Corresponding Secretary, and Clare Patchell, Treasurer, The graduating members are Evelyn Barrack, Donna Gorski, Marion Leahy, Bonnie Metz, Clare Patchell, William Clausen, Edward Dear, Robert Eckert, and Michael Walker, MAJORETTES The Majorettes are a group ot ten girls who pertorm with the band during the halt time ot the tootball games, They also participate in parades throughout the city. The girls are led and taught by the captain, Evie Barrack and co-captain, Joan Symborski. The girls are Phyllis Cotter, Carole Detwiler, Rita Siemienski, Lynn Welker, Diane Morton, Gloria Michalak, Phyllis Budnicki, Gail Kidd, and Louise Ferro. Try-outs are held each spring tor girls who are interested No baton twirling experience is necessary. STAGE CREW The SToge Crew is composed oT boys who ore willing To serve Their school on Their own Time. lT is The job oT The crew To see ThoT The sToge ond oudiTorium ore properly orronged Tor os- semblies or speciol progroms. They ore olso responsible Tor The lighTing in The oudiTorium oT oll Times ond Tor The scenery Tor oll school shows. The boys ore olso in chorge of The public oddress sysTem oT The lvlemoriol STodium TooTboll Tield. The members oT The crew Tor This Term ore Thomos Willioms, monoger, Woyne Rerich, l.e- roy CorTwrighT, Alon Kohler, Mr. E, Orrell Crop is The sponsor oT The group, Thomos Willioms, The monoger, is The only member groduoTing This Term. BOYS' FENCING The Tencing Teom is under The Sponsorship of Mr, Wm. Clousen of The Physicol EducoTion De- porTmenT, The record Tor The V959 seoson wos Two wins ond Three losses. The vicTories were over CenTrol ond Olney while Eronldord losT To Edi- son, lXlorTheosT ond Girord College, The TirsT Three men on The Teom were: Epee-STonley STeinbronn, Sobreeloseph Copecci, ond Eoil - Oslsor Zoborsky. BOYS' BOWLING TEAM ATTer losing The opening Tiye moTches by scores oT l To 3, The Boys' Bowling Teom pro- ceeded To win 30 oT The possible 32 poinTs in The remoining eighT moTches, The Teom Tinished in o Tie wiTh CenTrol ond NorTheosT Tor Third ploce in The leogue oT l4 Teoms, The Teoms ThoT deTeoTed Eronldord ore Oyer- brook, Dobbins, MosTboum, SouTh Philodelphio, ond OermonTown, ln The Tinol sTonding Eronlq- Tord Tinished oheod oT oll These Teoms excepT SouTh Philodelphio ond Dobbins. Eronldord deTeoTed Roxborough, Edison, Ol- ney, Lincoln, BorTrom, ond GroTz, eoch by o score oT 4 To O, ond beoT lXlorTheosT ond CenTroI 3 To l. The seniors on The bowling sguod were Ed Deor, Lowrence Policlci, ond Eelix Cieslinski, Ed wos o regulor on The vorsiTy Teom Tor The enTire seoson. Fiffeen CLEF CLUB CLEF CLUB is o group orgonized in the inter- est ot those students who possess speciol musicol obility ond who desire the opportunity to demon- strote their tolents by performing either ot the meetings or ot vorious school ond community functions, The club meets once o month ot the home ot o member, Membership is limited to those whose primory interest is in instrumentol or yocol music. Mr, l-lermon Siegel is the sponsor. The president tor this term is lrene Hirshe. Sixteen ORGAN CLUB The Orgon Club ot Fronktord l-ligh School enobles students to receive tree instruction ond proctice on the school pipe orgon. Club meetings ore held, ond the lotest in recorded orgon litero- ture is ployed ond discussed. The club olso molfes trips to yorious churches ond the orgons ore exomined ond ployed by the orgon club members Boys ond girls who desire membership in the orgon club should hove the musicol bockground ond obilities of o piono student who hos token privote lessons tor tive yeors or longer, FUTURE TEACHERS The Louis P. l-loyer Future Teachers ot America Club endeavors to learn about the op- portunities in teaching and to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher. FTA engages in many activities to help our school and neighborhood, Senior members ot the club substitute during the advisory period tor absent teachers, FTA, members who are inter- ested in elementary education help the teachers at the Edmunds School, This term our club plans to visit Millersville State Teachers College, Qur faculty sponsor is Dr, Novak The otticers are president, Judith Casparg vice-president, Rita Siemienslag secretary, Joan Durhamg and treas- urer, Shirley Woltsteld. OFFICE AIDES At the beginning ot each new semester! girls and boys volunteer to assist the secretaries in the ottice. The students are the Ottice Aides and are sponsored by Mrs, Edna Simon, This service means depriving oneselt ot tree periods and study halls, but the revvard is in the service points accredited to them at the end at the term. Commercial students are especially benefited by this serviceg but there are no restrictions to vvho may join. The Ottice Aide does clerical vvork, delivers messages, and types notes. This is just one ot the opportunities tor Frank- tord's students to serve their school. Seventeen FRIENDSHIP CLUB Friendship Club endeovors to promote inter- notionol friendship between the students of Fronkford l-ligh School ond students obrood. The club sponsors Lo Vroie Crux, o smoll public school in the Province of Brittony in Fronce. Every spring term "Penny Doy" is held. The funds thot ore collected help to obtoin school supplies for this school, Friendship Club's foculty sponsor is Mr. Gott- lieb. Officers for this term ore Judith Cospor, President, Borboro Delio, Vice-President, Mor- ion Feenon, Secretory, ond Judith Getchell, Treosurer. SCIENCE CLUB The members of the Science Club of Fronk- ford l-Iigh ore students who ore interested in scientific principles ond phenomeno. The pur- pose of the club is to help its members obtoin o better understonding of scientific principles ond ideos. The Science Club is offilioted with the Junior Engineering Technicol Society lJ,E.T.S.l. Our sponsor is Mri Federoff. The officers ore: Thomos Willioms, President, Edword Josinski, Vice-President, Erick Burgguist, Secretory, ond Jerry Kendorski, Treosurer, HONOR SOCIETY l-lonor Society is o notionol orgonizotion com- posed of mony chopters representing the vorious high schools. Fronkford's chopter, the Pioneer Chopter, is under the sponsorship of Mr, Potrick Smiley. lt is o service group thot is guolified to ossist students who ore foiling in moior subjects. Members ore chosen on the bosis of scholorship, leodership, chorocter, ond service. The officers of l-lonor Society ore Thomos Willioms, President, Jeonne Suleski, Vice- President, Rito Siemienski, Executive Secretory, Judith Nelson, Recording Secretory, Sondro Show, Treosurer. THE LOCKER COMMITTEE The Locker Committee is under the oble di- rection of Mr, Joseph Glovocz, Some of the func- tions of the committee ore ossigning lockers to incoming freshmen, keeping the locks in order, seeing thot locker regulotions ore followed by the students, ond signing out seniors. Members of the committee work in the locker office, ond they ore on hond to give ossistonce to students hoving difficulty with their locks or lockers. The members of the committee ore Goil Kidd, Al Schontz, Pot Butler ond Tom Somph. The mem- bers who ore groduoting this term ore Clore Potchell ond Tom Moffses. LIBRARY AIDE CLUB The Librory Aide Club is under the sponsorship of Miss Axelrod. Membership is open to ony stu- dent who wishes to increose his knowledge of books ond leorn the generol librory procedure. Members ossist in the librory by working ot the circulotion desk, keeping the shelves in order ond moking the librory o friendly ploce of service. The officers for this term orei President, Violo Rhoods, Vice-President, Erick J, Bergquist, ond Secretory, Roxonne Mikes. DANCE GROUP The Donce Group is populor omong the girls in Fronkford. The sponsor is Mrs. l.oyer. The group is primorily for enjoyment ond is used for performonces ot vorious school offoirs. The group meets twice o week ond girls receive minor-subject credit. The progroms in which they hove performed ore The Christmos Pogeont, Spring Show, Club progroms ond the Mothers Associotion. The groduoting girls ore: Morgoret Bortlett, Cotherine Dovidson, June Donch, Rochel Honeg- ger, Foith Middleton, Joon Shoffer, ond Lynn Uffner. Eighteen Ninefeen STU DENT BOARD The Student Board is the representative body ot the Franktord I-ligh School students, Its pur- poses are to promote the desires ot the students and to turther the ideals ot Franktord I-ligh School. The otticers tor the term ending June l959 are as tollowsi President, Ivlike Walker, Vice- Presidents, Marge Pettle and Carol I-Iarrison, Secretary, Irene I-lirsche, Treasurer, Joyce I-lunter, The grade chairmen are John Litzke, IZB, Dolores Ivlancine, IZA, Bill Degenhardt, IIB, Elaine I-lintz, IIA, Karl Kruse, IOB, Mar- jorie Downs, IOA, Faculty sponsors ot Student Board are Ivliss Dorothy O'Donnell and Ivlr. Charles W. Twining. Representatives tor books I through 8 tor the term ending June i959 are, in book order, Carl Burg, Carole Detwiler, James Graham, Fern Koch, Tom Mottses, Roberta Revel, Sandra Shaw, and Leslie Walton. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Franktord I-Iigh School is proud ot its vert comprehensive athletic program, which is made possible by the tine support given year attei year by the student body. Each advisory class elects a representative, these representatives as- sist by asking people to give their support, They also help handle the money, tickets, and AA, books. The representatives elect an AA Council, which meets to review recommendations on the awarding ot letters and numerals, and to discuss and pass upon any proposed changes in the Athletic Association Constitution, The present members ot the Council are James Grodzielanek, President, Oskar Zaborsky, Ronnie Edmond, Jeanne Suleski, Secretary, Bonnie I-Iempel, Nancy Allen. 13 CLUB JUNE 1959 The Thirteen Club, which wos Fronlctords tirst honorory society, vvos founded in l922, Service, personolity, ond scholorship ore the prime re- quirements tor condidotes, who ore selected by the group itselt, Mr, Williom Clousen ond Mr. Chorles Troxell, who obly guide the otloirs ot the club, keep the club's high school ochievement. The club's meetings ore conducted every third Mondoy night in the homes ot the members. The tothers ond friends ot the boys ore speokers ot the meetings The club sponsors o spring ond toll donce, ond owords o science prize ot groduotion. SENIOR TWELVE Senior Twelve, under the sponsorship ot Dr, Lois Dickie, is on honorory club tor the twelve outstonding girls in the groduoting closs. The club meetings, which ore both sociol ond cul- turol, ore held in the homes ot the members once o month, Eoch yeor the group holds o donce ot Somertcn Springs to roise money, which is used tor yoricus schcol projects, including o prize ot commencement. The members ore: Judy Nelson, President, Phyllis Cotter, Secretory, Jeonne Suleslqi. Treos- urer, Corol Weeks, Choirmon ot Sociol Com- mittee, Foith Middleton, Choirmon ot Culturol Committee, Jeonette lylonton, Choirmon ot Woys ond Meons Committee, Shirley Woltsteld, Morjorie Mottes, Morion Leohy, Evelyn Borrock, Morgoret Bortlett, Jocgueline Dovis, l I l l I I ,t:,, .,,, - fr 'wxcvt W, f ,fav RECEPTIONIST CLUB This club, under the sponsorship of lvlrs. Cecile Berman, is a service organization of Frankford l-ligh, with a membership of SO boys and girls from all grades. These students serve as recep- tionists and monitors in the main corridors of the school during their lunch, study hall, or advisory period. The receptionists welcome visitors to the school, The monitors, who were selected this term for the first time, keep order in the halls. This term's officers are: President, Jane Boya- gis, Vice-President, Patricia Burroughs, Secre- tary, Sandra Schwartz, Treasurer, Creorgine Patrick. DANCE ORCHESTRA Delaware Valley Champions l959 Frankford is privileged in having one of the best high school Dance Bands in the Delaware Valley, For the second year in a row, the "Rhythm Kings," under the direction of lvlr. Siegel, have won this title-in addition to sev- eral trophies-as a result of the annual "Bands of Tomorrow" Contest. The lB members are made up primarily of those who participate in the regular school orchestra and band ..., ln addi- tion, Jeanne Suleski represents the group as the female vocalist, Graduating seniors for this term are: Carl Burg and lvlichael Yencha. SOCK AND BUSKIN Sock and Buskin is the dramatics club, The members of Sock and Buskin are responsible for all skits and plays which are presented either during the auditorium period or in the evening. The main function of the club is its participation in the annual Spring Show and Christmas Pageant, Sock and Buskin members believe in having fun as well as working hard, Therefore, they sponsor a semi-annual dance at Somerton Springs, called the "Buskin Bounce." The officers of Sock and Buskin are President, Fern Koch, Vice-President, Judy Caspar, and Secretary-Treasurer, Phyllis Budnicki, Our sponsor is Mrs Irene Reiter, 'fr' cs THE COLOR GUARD The Color Guard is composed of girls who are chosen by a group of f l acu ty members, acting as judges, for their ability in marching, lt is under the supervision of Mr, John McMaster. The members of the sauad work constantly to perfect drills which are see n at the beginning, and during the half-time of our football garnes. ln addition to their demonstration at the football games, the girls also march in community parades and per- form in assembly programs. The captain this year is Donna Gorslci, The other remaining members are Eileen Ayen Gail Foster lrene Wood C , , arol l-layes, Betty Stleigel- man, and Barbara Bean. Z CHEERLEADERS The vivacious girls who help to spur our teams to victory are the cheerleaders, The peppy girls of the i958-59 season were inspired by the abl leadership of Captain virginia Vacca and co- captains Jacqueline Dager and Virginia Gray. Completing the sauad are Susan l-leintz, Cather- ine Davidson, Clare Patchell, Margaret Allen Carol Anton, Patricia Burroughs, Elaine Hintz, Joyce l-lunter, and Janice Trout, The cheer- leaders work under the sponsorship of lvliss Janet Lever, ln order to perfect their routines, the girls spend many hours practicing diligently. These enthusiastic girls in their colorful uni- forms at football games, basketball games, pep rallies, and other sports events are a bright and essential part of a successful sport season. G i Twenty-three GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB The Girls' Leoders Club is o selected group ot girls vvhich gives service to the girl's physicol educotiori deportmehti The group meets every lvlohdoy throughout the school yeor to proctice ond pertect the skills hecessciry tor ossistirig iri the vorious phoses ot the girls' gym progrom, Leoders pertorm os demohstrotorsy sguod leoders, locker room mohi- tors orid ossistohts to the teochers ot the deportmeht, Twenty-four A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Frohktord l-ligh School A Coppello Choir is o select group ot boys orid girls vvho ore uriited by their desire to pertorm chorol music ot oll composers, The choir reheorses both durirrg school ohd otter school orid is olvvoys preporihg tor sihgirig erigogemeots ih orid orouhd the community. Eoch term, ouditiohs ore held tor prospective members, These new people ore eoch given o musicol optitude test orrd olso o vocol test. Eoch irrdividuol is judged oh his chorocter orrd his desire to work orrd sing with such o group. The results ot these ouditiohs hririg torth o per- sori who is vvillirig to porticipote iri the Choirs' mohy extrocurriculor octivities. V-is BANKING AIDES Frankford's Banking Aides perform the func- tions of a regular savings bank, Gur bank, which is affiliated with the Western Savings Fund Society, enables the student to open new ac- counts, deposit money, and Watch his money grow. Interest is compounded monthly and en- tered yearly in the bank book at the current interest rate of 370. The Banking Aides are on duty every Monday during the 3rd, 4th, and Sth lunch pericds in the ticket booth by the school store, This group which is under the sponsorship of Mr, Samuel Brooks, is there to give prompt, cheerful, and courteous service with a smile, Graduating this year, after many terms of faithful service, are Judy Nelson, Elsie Matus, Richard Kokat, and President Charles Fox. Remember our motto, "Wishing Won't Do lt, Saving Will." FRANKFORD Y TEEN CLUB Frankford Y Teens is a nevvly organized club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Rosalie Michael- son. lt is directed by Mrs, Anne M. Allen, a Y.W.CA. representative. Girls learn vvcys to vvin friends and influence people while doing just that in the club's varied activities. The pro- gram is one which is well rounded with social and community projects. The officers for this term orei Roberta Revel, loan Papa, Rat Morrison, Barbara Koba, Vir- ginia Gillmer, and Joan Camarote. 4 -If ""f?'S1"-nun FRANKFORD SERVICE CLUB The Franktord Service Club is under the sponsorship ot lvlr, John R. Nevin, The first re- sponsibility ot the club is the sponsorship ot the school store, the second is the distribution ot the l-ligh Way. The school store supplies us with all the eauipment that vve need to cheer our teams on to victory, The Service Club attends to the business ot the store, the clerks wait on students vvho are purchasing school supplies and keep track ot the inventory. The otticers ot the school store this term are president and store manager, Carol Weeks, vice-president, Claire lVlcCall, secretary, Thomas lvlottses, treasurer, Carole Chambers. Other graduating members are: Clare Pat- chell, Don lvlullen, Carolyn l-lottman, Rita Siem- ienski, Marion Leahy, Evelyn Barrack, Joan Durham, Gail Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Donna Gorski, Margaret McCay, Jane Boyagis, Cecilia Dabose, lvlarie Bickel, Betty May Umholtz, Rita Jaxheimer and Betty Cadwell. SCRIBES CLUB Scribes Club is an organization within the Iramevvork ot the I-ligh Way Editorial Statts. lvlain purpose ot the Scribes is the improvement ot the auality ot the writing that will become a part at the l-ligh Way each issue, Skill in nevvs and teature vvriting is fostered by a study ot previous l-ligh Way issues with a view to eliminating noticeable weaknesses and QVVOVS. Scribes also assist in such special projects as keeping the tiles at previous issues ot the l-ligh Way in order. Quality control ot each issue ot the l-ligh Way can be attributed in large measure to the ettorts ot the Scribes Club. USHERS ASSOCIATION Since the establishment ot the Ushers Asso- ciation, it has maintained as its sole duty courteous and efficient assistance at local functions, The girls who have been elected to member- ship in the club are polite, courteous, and poised girls who are willing to serve their school at even a moment's notice. Under the capable guidance ot lvlr, Theodore l-lumphries this club will keep serving tor many years, Those girls receiving recognition at this time are Evie Barrack, head usher, Carolyn Winter- bottom, assistant, Marie Bickel, Ginny Gray, Clare Patchell, lvlarion Leahy, Bonnie Metz, Donna Gorski, Carolyn Nebel, Ruth Leggieri. fmlhmll Sw? ilQd:1JiUgfLg JMl,f5J Nil Twillimlhjr is Mlliimp :Dm lDlLllf' e1:lHilWdll1cDmdHvlhoIplpy dw ieM 1iNw QJ2354QHqLtel Mmnliwqnund ins wlflkihw VID mme mn fins w9f.Mgv mmf' Mmm W?XLJ B1fHJH1lJffPf+FI Mdlmanr' Em lbw mmma fn ihfilbmjre we My Ulmeywm mr' , ifj2HmIJgJJ3I lblfdflmfflmm mmf memww Wimmlmfmlfnl deal? I Wmmlmblfd mas M jtmulfmy IDWEIF lWe's sm mum Wmnrd dmv in? il ' I x lH'iVllKgfl1Dlf'd Jlligall z1mcDmgwe,ll!Jlbe ML' The High Way Editorial Stalll The l-ligh Way editorial statt is engaged in a variety ot activities all aimed at the publication ot an interesting yet worthwhile school newspaper, Each member ot the statt receives training and instruction in writing not only news and teature articles but also editorial comment. l-lowever, the reporting and newsgathering aspects ot school newspaper work are not neglected Reporters learn what constitutes news and subjects tor good teature articles involving human interest, Composition ot good eye-catching headlines also receives its share ot attention. Pleasing page make-up with reterence to balance and symmetry is stressed in connection with marking at copy! length ot particular articles, and headline composition. The editor-in-chiet coordinates the tunctions ot the various page editors, assisted by the two managing editors, Page editors in turn coordinate the activities ot various reporters and copy writers assigned to them. Twenty-eight High Way Representatives The success ot our High Way depends upon our High Way Representatives and the nurnber ot subscriptions they sell each term. There is a High Way Representative elected trorn each advisory, lt is the duty at these representatives to sell subscriptions to the students in their books. Under the capable direction at the sponsor ot this club, Mr, John R, Nevin, the sales ot our school newspaper have been excellent, Those representatives who sell the most subscriptions in their grade will receive Franktord High gold "F's". The senior representatives are Carol Weeks, Carolyn Hottman, lvlarian Leahy, Donna Gorslfi, Don lvlullen, Joseph Capecci, Betty Cadwell, Joan Durham, Donald Geiger, Bonnie Hempel, Helen lvlullineaux, Lorna Povvidzki, Jeanne Suleski, and Lynn Uttner. or 'WFV' J ' X' J. SENIOR PROM At last that longeawaited night was here-the night that seniors had been anticipating for so long. lt was November 7, the night of the Senior Prom. At 9:00 all the couples began to arrive at the Philrnont Country Club. We danced to the dreamy music of Al Raymond and his Or- chestra as they played "Twilight Time," the theme song of the dance. Each girl received a beautiful sterling silver locket as a memento of that won- derful evening. At midnight the dance ended, and many of us set out for the breakfast given by the Alumni Association at the Four Chefs, from 1:00 to 4:00 AM. Others went to different night spots in Philadelphia and New J8fS6Yj just a few went to Newt York. This was followed by individual parties and breakfasts. Then, just as the first rays of sunlight began to appear, and as the milkrnan reached our door, we arrived home from the Prom, filled with wonderful memories of a perfect "evening." X' ff C Q, 4 ii? il? asia V S .Fifi -t ME- 4 1 X ff tiff xv 5 nf , 4 .QW if Z Q X iff , '7 F Fl ,,. A sn ,, Z ,, Wwe i fp ANS in 2, A ov YXO it xfvvx 96 XA 12-0 1,19 Y O QQ 65 gve lx XS? OQQXQXOWSS 0299 x SWQE-Q S V Pf' - X We Cvbvxislx vilxilpq egvaX'Y1aXi5 L , 00 -""'A4..' xv ax 01 '59 AAS Y- X 0 ,.-' ss Qigxokb-110095 Sew 'a.'d.95 att ,..,-""",' .Pl o A vga we 495 .A,..--4"". c-0d0g39?i:E?v5?ilfY'xl?T ""'4,.. 1261 'vftdax gvfpx :EY aio 5625 - ' ' ' ' bi fidvew 5 0 9409236 gs?-Zqvsvgwfiei' 4 sox R212 6.5639 exe XJ -f Y J ls ,rm fl! ' if f '- i .-439: X. K .1 ,, t "'1l1a.rf'l T? SENIOR TRIP On Friday, June 5, l959, the sleepy but excited seniors arrived at the Arrott Street Station at 8100 AM. Soon we were ott to Jersey City to board the "Peter Stuyvesant." A glorious two hav" "Wt M A ' aboard with everyone having a inging and dancing. Finally we ch to begin a day ot pleasure, ents, swimming, sunning on the i heartily on the picnic grounds. by auickly, and we soon found :k and time to board our boat. ated seniors arrived home, sorry I ended so soon, but bringing ies to be torever cherished ot rd l-ligh Senior Trip. The Sentar Class button was desraned by Jeannette Mantan It rs based an the tact that we are Qradaatnng tartyfnrne years atter the tirst DUDVQS entered our school tn September at t9tO4henCe, the Hharty-nrners" The "Party-nrnerst' theme has been aeed thraaghaut our Record Back, and rs 5-fprnbahzed rn the tarrn at the wagons, eattte, and Cawbcfz at that era Thirty-Eve SHOW MAY 21, 22 r h roBrll:sLHT v Vol. 68. Assembly Honors Speaker Reveals Special exexw-ism in the Eastenclmm ionshi Visiting Alumni: g Dance Band to Record I Long Playing Album llonday assembly of March 30 foc-iTempl7c p wed attention cn Alumni Day Wilhnlze he puilicipatlml of such oulslmidinglonel l'umm as Marilyn Williams. Virginia 'unwwxis Nz " " Q LH: fhulk Mm Hip Odd on 33'-H long' playing records all per alblun if enough a,rJvanQ:: Mnrily rx NVill1:,Lnmfs I are received, If any slue . mm N As5m"'7'm'n' or fan-ully mf-nxber wishes a will with H of this projected album, the will ami ehould lm' pllmd with Ml r the 's ln mom 400 1 'ntal Trek: Apply :nl ll ' lngtnn. The mrfal will he servo-Tl lll'N, . N lx llw ham on lhe way home, in 1 Slwef M11 Lllullael Fisvll, Sm-lsil Sllltlic' lfJf11mr'llnm1t In-ad, wlslws lt lfv lu: HU If lumwn that Llli: tmp will be pfwsslhlrl 1-will ,. f , ,, f 1 4 only lf all If-mst lim! fslllllvrlle hywgvly in is llvmeal-V lI'wl'.1plll-I Ilullfl- la-all-llvrs, """" 'l"'i""' Music, Comed, lnlslllnlw, ll-,-rw v'cli+':e lvl, Mn-"snnvi llmimx' :lull mu' rmsVn'1fJ's l'uIn rvs john lwlglnsl mil .ll rhi- lfvmm-.nv --fyml slvzgh in mmm 405 -:,vllvlu:lm,l Alxusfnm fm ,xp-'12 Ui., ldxyrlziiniug ihe Mil lflfmi th' lwxlrnllvlyvllisl iirm over Ili-Fi fliml U -!ulllfc,l:- lmlw-l rllrln flll f -nllwg fl'-Q4 :lim-1 1 ll :fin e 0 'llcw 'lsgnirsz l-Cl Helps Edm :ww Y.: lui-cl TTA Sains Knowledge of Livliibeis nf The FTA Club me -Eezwherx pmvicies ling lC':lc.'ll"Z:2 .lg ilu' Iif,l1f'1mels Elo- rmu-Pier while the gil lnig-,ry Sprawl, lewgff :ffl l,ry'l"Y vailunlile experiemfe. HWS. N115 llwlllv 'UW gillf 33" WJ Tlirrse ywtive xn this 'he-i smwxqllrzg 1:1 liner prsrfcmnlr--1 ,lL1i3b"CPl5'll2'il' in UW ETWY-ll" WY lV'l'llf7T 'lllfff Q39 5" Ed' l'xl'z'S, Horko, Nina mflsr will-1' sehr-W! as m:"',j,' iilf2'i1:4fthmj grade wma hugs ihfly raw 'luring ll1'r asm lr, 7-,mga gn me Sixfh grade lighting fllfwi' 'lf Afiffiililf'-' 5 Vlflvlne, Nancy Dunn in lim the d2U'!f'C The aesifztsrfuffg uf lllvsic fixture Wm, MXN pimp plauh Siegel and Mr. Elxi'nxllf-2-g':fl'lw1 with Mrs. the musical numbers! liglrbqml Warsaw in the thlyrl Mrs, Irene Reiter. the i'GIll'll'1llll,jX with Mlg, Vox. and comedy sketrhcel. B Unit Witnesses Telephone Program, Learns Abou? Communicafion Boll 'l'lf2s:yJl1n:xe fimripeny 1,'I'l:ffs0YkY6f,l glfxplahi Qualifications , FUI 530 fl llvlrlwlzmis sznrl 'helpful prmglunig Affcl' Llie plays Misa Svmbxlcla ex- 55h,,,.,l,71,,3fA Avril 1939. This pm!pmlm,f,1 ll-my all nf their 6l'llP1Klf,'B?S mzlxxz l-:fps gn-url in ?he Fi Unit Ae- mum meet nex'Iai,n ice: Q-Q,,,1,y3-Q ifimployi-es lmiwt have Pl, good Mass H',volw1l4x, x-.lm l-.'m,'li': in ilwfw' Y95PUf1'5l'3lllfD'v Pl nba' 9147231 Puillll l-tfllnlmnx Deli, zlml Iv1l'sSf'nC9w "m'l7'f"mLl"n' lfliflflw and H 'iff Will-ll. wmv gmdufxfecl l'wn1 Fxzxnwlc-fill? W 'li' will W I k " f lk-ul ln 1953, pxwwznlenl txm plfzxvleisf If 5' WVWW Clllflllllffg if-" U Ffh' Sl' 33 f " In HW WST mm me wr, .K.H1H,,,,,,y. must lake a lfrfflf :xml ex physical ex- fzllllrf- fvmfiww nw-listlrug nt Fld- flies-lf-l. flncl sh- haul 3 "c,lvx'xl rr:,i5'lammm,"m- I numls S:-lwfslg ihzlvk ri-ul Judy Lmlrf- zlCl.llIl"!0" f Th? HRH Trvlcphome prmvmfri mimrq ummw lmlmx Mmh in ,M Ljkomml May ,M gm WHS s,fu,l:l1'xerl,wlrkllerlcf'lL5,2gpension, Yhilo llfrvmi rfml Nancy f:1:sl'ljr flwssc-fl, znifereslcd in SCh4HfJl:1'l'l-51' hnml Mlwmlfs' Dunn, Ninn Pvllswinl, Iiurlmrn nrhii in luv: fvzlnxe. As tl izzsult U'1iSfFiy1- Art 811141531115 'C0f, '1"N"" Nl '4W"i'E" 'Mi 30" , c. , lln Regional Competition, ' ' ' 1111 f",Lt'l' S"li1- ICUHY Members oem C1tY'W1d? Cqnmmee 'flffelilZfT,fflfL.,ffffff.,,.,Ili,.f, NO- 3 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL, PHILADELPHIA 24, PA Atl Mr. 1-lermzm Siegel, sponsor of ' ' Frankl'oz'd's Rhythm Kings, wishes to axmollncre that the music played by the Rhythm Kings as chain' pious of Delaware Valley for two consecutive years will he recordexl ,ln will nzlmtinue hy bus to Ml non. Then hy eteenua hack .o nc5v'lv'lrv lo Lil:-lr' N'H!'ll!ll9 hlslnlff' ., FRIDAY. APRIL 24, 1959 PRICE, FIFTBEN CEI Pioneer Band Scores Musical Victor gDefeats Eight High Schools for Tropl j Rlxytlxrn Kings took top again as Lhe repeat winners "Bands of 'I'umormw" contest. inlay evening, Marvh 19, in the baton was also won, winning, the contest t will retain this Benny Good Frankford is hoping honors ' nuns of the G school Th urse 4 times Grand Q trophy, Ballroom of the Bruadxvood Holelfdchieve this next year. A new trophy, Lhc 'Bllly Krcch JOV61' 500 Frnnlcfozwzl High enthusiasts 5 pe-tual fcheerocl its winning band wider thelTrophy". consisting of :L beau lflirccllun ol' its brillhml nwnlm. Mrpslerling miller lynx xvux plnrwl ll'll,'l'TlLlliD Siegel, lTrnnkfm'il clvlk,-ated crcvxnpvtltlcvn this yn-nr fin llll- f ll-ight, ulher high school zllflzc-4,-gii,li:l:ls Lune, of Ihr- l,Iel:lvx'1xre Vullwjv Region tfvl8Iv!l1lwrsuI' Band , W ' 'Y ' U ,ll-lm lfllxl, llli. un- :.+l' lil llc-uwfuml, .lmllmewxu lvle-m-null, :zn1I1bl,al1k I4 ', , - 'K 1 ' 11 V1 ' i : 1 -, 2, 5 ', "l I , , , X. i , " 'A "'l 'X "'l'll "1 MH M' ll' W' w""m' 'i Dm' Www full? VH ll ' w claim il'lf'l!' vi-'Em-y, l 'lhe lnrfmlnerea ml Llll- Ilzmkl mill! N:-In ny llnylynxnllvusl' hw: tim' "TP" "1 Vlfllfll llll"lll"" WVU VYWWY3 Till- F'r7mkLr'ml Flwllm'-H, thc zmlilml lllhythm Klylg-,cl-y1,upH,i, ,Q-lX,,pp,, l, .lr ,ex1mln.v1z1'aLg rlnf yl1'f-pl,,,1,Q4 ,mil Iii lwx'14'.ll lzlmllxmll-1 will ill- rem-nz lllvis.-larml Sllllflfi show, will iw pxxfse!vl'?,lJ l"' 'mm' mn!-SN lmxzfymnl Igxliyzixmwllgx 'L RMA -l gl.11.,,,e , f' in - nhmml: nn .,:,, U, lnmli ,.l mp 1rHp,mm'rn Snldlm :ll Are jon Tlxulr-al,lHrl,' glnpl Flfidzly s:vl:r,,, wing thc- 1:3 lu,r'llxl,-Qs :illoliwl lu .gV,U,u,0 c.,ww l,H,H VFNH. VN, , f ., . ,iff rf- , Q-,P f. I' 1 I-wif'-A I-'r ,n Emu-I silk llut-ge on llwuzimi Mail' ill and 22. 'fiflcrrlv f llmwjl .J-z 11 ' iv ' of f- - ' 4- lm ls Hr ll X lm, nllvnlny ey, -A-,l. im - - "' will lx e 4- lkullwl Nwlnlrm ,wllvliiw ,Stereo , Audie I . . X ln- 'lwwll .xnnm Ill-fxlvl lm:,lsfPhllCO D9ITlOI1SfI'Qt10I1 lil-'lv 5 -.l:,n,4 :'r+w.l::.l fxlwmlwll' sgwrlfmr-fl Ml, Hilllasl ul' the Vhilcvl Uul'1l0l'z1-Q ' -lm l..' ' ' ' ' 1' mn' S"',"'k' lll'T'H""d :mil Michel:-l Yemlluu llrirmpvlsv Ji 5Ul'f'v All Uflglllfil fflll"f"'Vm"'l llvlyvzxs, Clxwlvs lfllnvllv, l'l':xx'nc Clan 0, I". llmfk My Mr. Sin-ggrl vv:u.'sli4.H.l Imp? ,md R ,Wim yinw N mt lkillllfr-l .lanwu M4-lim. ,lxmws Mi-ikl l ' 2. 1, hnnullmi Iflzixllvr: vpnlnol Hub Un? ff?11l1lYWl H Hill-4' l'lU.lll.tlSj llmsasf William Hillg uguit: ' "4'l71'fl1'd Pvrmurl-Iwilllmn Rvvlcvrtg lrlmmsl Kvnnl l l"ll1lY C mul- ilvc-lrh and Rlcrhzucl Cfmls, Preview Compulsion, Gidget Points' of Both Picture: Bc-x'rf-sefmxl wlwliglmiful mmefly about il shy tee as Sneak age-r who longs for :J boy sho can cz Cenr.111'y I-'oxlslher slemly, Manley. Aqnll 6, SU'r0Kl'Vf'll.A Perl San-,Ira D4-ie, alias Fmnzle, VVC?lli'?8.ill'1Q "giflg2rl" girl Illlflghf H of 1 aa the Vik-gtlllo who invades lho beach hea Chestnllfiqlwrtfene of IA mgtail wmv: of su lboard enlhxmaets. ilendlxig Aelmirerxv mmm two rich mmml James Darren as Jeffery Griff who mamma mmlaliss "Moondoggie" and Cliff Robe 8? neighbmss Child fmlsvn Cass alms "The Great K :thrills It was a coldvblooded murals-xp hoomlu become her leading Hflmim' EMUCH is 17121136 of the trial and crm-Z Af M1 the mst of the eww lm lvictiun, The film is based on the 1'ea1iGn'uo' Hfbtshot Hmisunv DOH Fa' ohm SLOW of me Leopnldimleb uwmi and Peper do not care i01'Gl58Q:t,, t nmrcler of the 192075 Orson Vllellesfjhe Wilrks Way ilfw evefffon lplays me part Di the lawyer who dev- xeari. including that ol the audlen 'fancied the Lx-so criminals. ,Good S"'n"W 1 5 Most of the wonderful scenes we ll'rw0w ffklfiff lshot at Califomiafe Carrlllo Beal Reporters Gwen " ' ' 4' 1:-K " - ' Q Y 1 f Vlxlluuns and Lln 1 vmdgrf ls now Appealing al lhc: V ewed Gfidzet, a flp-,mg lllemer, me aim czmsmm, if 6 Phnlmont C. C. Hosts Prom Dancers The annual 1-ienim' Plow. for lhe members of the gmduating classes lanumy and June 1959, was November 7 in the ballyfx I an nn of Philmmit Cvunl The couples danced to the Swain: of 'lfwilifgylzi Tfme amd manv ntl 'wcrfzlto songs played by Al Raymond and his r' fl :few oeveivcfl a sterling sllvef cllarm. One of the highlights of the evcnkw Fxfzmcia BVS 0 1. xusifn, Each girl who ettc-nd f , was lhe t"l'CJ'iVX1lYlg of 2,135 gang Queen of the Timm, ' Y X . V . EA eljpffm. who nllvnrlwi enjoyed mms my? f iuiw ff :f. 0 ' ' ' W I1 at Pioneers Tie Centrdif I Crush Archives 16-MI The Tyimlors mei the crimson and gold of Central at Wakeling and Large Strccis October 24. Both teams scmed an wuchdriwn plus two exfm points Yo end we game In a tie with eight pwinis eqch, The game www lmmpc-red by pvnallies. The Surrickmen did not sewn in have enough to bf-at the Mirrorff. The Pioneevs dfzfcmml Norihccasxl at their stadium by a some sn' 16-0' Thursday, Or-what 304 The lim-men simrocl just as many points: as did the bac-ktiold, John Liizke scomikin a drive that giamq at me -14, Lltzke aigf, mored the bonus poinw to give Ibm? ff----YV-ff ,- Surrickmen an 190 lead. 'When Nonhean took pofswssiun on their own 10-yard line, c'harg' Ed pear himkeil rx fourih down kick and: the bull rolled into the cmd zone bv-I fofe Mark Smith, a Tricolcmx- end, re-V covered it for 11 toubhdown, Liizkez failed to convext for the extra two? points and the half ended wixh Fxank- ford ahead. 14-0. In the second milf George Heinemann tackled an Archive back for a safety and two points tn make the final sumo 16-0. The Pioneers added one nwre by defeating Masibaum at Stadium November 6. The snare, 43-K shmvcd how one-sided the game was, Hockey Team Downs Lincolni Thf girls' hockey Learn Irlaxripled Limfoln fl-0 at their field on Wednes- day, Ocwbog- 29, The team had wonl mae game and 1052 twil bmfore they en' countered Llncefsln, Their opponents had won two and lost one, Befoie 30 wr Lltzke, taking to me air, machvd Hill x MCTHgKHTI for six poihm, with lhei mnveraion nmking it S-0, Liizke svnred another eight poinis to roll up the sc-nm to 16.0. The second quart' saw Litzke pick up a ball that was kicked and downed for a 70-yard sr-ampex' for an ariditlonal eight points with the convexsion. Thr- scoring rout continued in ihv second half, with O'Gara, Benz, and Dcgenhavt snoring six apiece and 21 pfzim after Umvhdmvn to make the final Svore 13-8 after' Mustbaum had amrifrl its lonf- wuvhfluwn. Y ..-1....,.,.l.- I 'L . ,A ,, , ,.. Official Jeweler FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL ' ROBERT J. SOOK CO. 1-:liniifwx wuz ' ? Manufaciuring Jeweler I , 3 cuss Rimes a PINS :EH CHARMS 1: MEDALS ZA I H-uienmirv a. sonoaiw Pius i il iii ll ' PROM Mvons ! Philadelphia 1. P., N BUY DIRECT FROM THE 1 .21 MANUFACTURER ' sum, sm Vicfory Building 5' , soo: CHESTNUT STREET 5,3 Courtmen fler Thr I he n cs-1' iemn gm'l'i05 , 01-IS wvnt tliifn, By maui put piimslmip lfxzuik lmvliig :i lvxvc Ivimwnl said that ll is nw-wszarfv fm :mil Juhn Ilikiwill me ki-fiiwiiig C'1,zi1'Ii vvlnping.: in' fimr Kiln' lumpy with ilwli wi-wing: riiifwk'-,V "Ulm," Sli NIlISllJillllil full :IL llii- iwflfwi' Uv' mnml will gm I'i1'nwi-A wlikx zi lvl! z-m ow. Iluxlmmngfli 3 vi-ins. Rim kin limi HiIi!1':ii:l bulls limi lu thi' I"1o1'i1vwflip bqlii- V- zvilii idifnin':il mw,1'w4 54.11, HvriIf,,i,11,,,i1 and i,,,,,,, I-'mnklin fvll with im R-1 vminl wlnlvi Aim,-lim in Lhriiiivlii full will ii LZ-1 libs, Sc-nlh Win in om y,,,r, I-'liillyg f'hfi'11i:iiiIf,xx11, :uni Vvrilrul zilrmlmm In Ulu huwwrl In thu 'l'w'icraIn1' lmyw with -41-r:t'1'wl4-,Uzmw ill Gif! :mil 32, lxwiu-1'ljx'vl'.' l -, Lagvrvllcs Q I - I -1 ul O11 tl'9ll 0 R um M k I , I, ?Jed5Ull CI lhlb for Turfmen The crfrss-mlintry men planed third in their hrs! meat, Cenntral lnrely win- ning, The team losg to Norihf-a.s1t by one point in the next z-acc hu: de- lfffifftfl thrfm in the vhampionqhip raw. 'Fxidz-xy, Nnvsmiher' T. the Pianos-r run- Qners almost upset. Viilliimisnn Trade ftlfiwol in Media., wilh Lani: Oxtal lplacing tirsi in the mve, Huwfzver, fthe Final smile grave Lhem thi- f-dge by 'seven points. , Rays participating in cms:-c-ountry are L. Oxml, XV4 Xvarrl, J, Fouwering- iwam, W, Boyko, C, Young, A. Bean, JI Ellis, P, Esenwc-in, R, Nackoney 2.1, Nice, B, Clnud. J, Budd, PY Bliss-4 E. Bt-i'quLef1. G. Harris. J. Hinder, G, Mullin, XV, Schrrneld, R, Taylor, IJ, , Shallcrczw. Volleyball Team Northeast This is the first year thai the volley- team plays qi full swhedule, Some these games have already been The team lost to Olney on I by a more of 15-6 and 15-13. South Philadelphia on 8. 15-5 and 15-9, and then Bok on October 15 by a score and 15-2. October 22 they played Nonli- Lo Lincoln, 15-2 and 15-10, 29 after winning the sec- 15-13. of the 1.12am are Dc-'nose Mr- zl Williams. Sarah Val- Pylv, Carole Wakeman, Miller, Janet Hoffman, and Joyvc Mount, The Jzwrft Lever. 15.11 and 15-12. The? vvell-SJIIIC IV IIIT Ywlllllkld by lrvne Nlxrd GEORGE ULSIEK Passing. dribbling, and sliding inlu this issiufs sportlight cclunm is Gvorge Ulmer, Our featured senior' began sports participation at Penn Trealy Junior' High, where he played softball fm- three years :Ind baskaball for L-.w ymrf, VVith Lhls experienr-1 George mine to F rrmkford, anal Fuss Sprints rer- fxfl vrzmlnued to ' grwx' ' In his 108 term , 0 u x' sponlightcr I Murad the cen- ' ter field position on thc JV baseball team, George be- came an active member in 11.-X on me varsizy football squad as an end. This sea- 'san he again Can be found any aflerf lnoon pmutlcing with the football team, and in all ci' the Pionecfr games, our senior gives the opposition :I hard Lime. I The valisity basketball squad had George as an ac-live teammate in his .UB term, Also in IIB. our ambi- tious tliree-letter man playefl for the varsity baseball team. and, with his Ehnrd hltting, is cnc: of Mr, Clausenks dependable: ' In his spare tinm, Geurgc' plays ,basketball for nis rlmrch ie-am. Thr' Rouublerazl hnckejv team rates nigh lRV'lU3 our', and he also enjoys vxntcrhlng the Amiy's "Lom- snxm' Emi" on tw-levision, 5 After gr-ncluailon in Mine, George plans to 'pursmw the l'n' voursc in vollegfx is V GAIL DAVIS Mc-ez our female sportliter for tl issue, Gail Davis., This mhletk' sen transferred to our school from Gi.: High School. There she was a mem! ui Lhc JV hcy-ki-y team. AL Frzxnkfc Gall widened hm' intereii in sports ,joining IIN: JY basketball and hook squads gn her 10A Minn Our spa liter also enjoys playing softball. if and heffmuie an 2 active mvmber of the JV team On the varsily swft- ball squad, Gail ' -- served as 1: sub- ' if-ftitute outfii-Idea: ' Cmnlinuing her sjmru in IIA, she again played basketball and rm-:xpi file plsiticn of A varsity gun:-Il. Di ing these- cold fall afteinuims, Gaul c be found 'playing will me vnrsny hw cy team. Sho was also a member 'the varsity squad a year ago In I spring our sporthier Impex tn atm major leltcx' for Softball. K La'n,fIcrs.' Club and F.'I',,A. vlziim G as a member. Our feiuurcd sen 'dass not confine hm' athlc-tif' uhilit to svhool teams. for she playa Unk ball and :softball in whiii-ch leugn GHJYS other inlvrcsfs are lwt' rhvii youth fellnwship zlnil choir, FR EE CHEIWI C A I . GATA LOVE Y f'l1"1ui0:4Is in small quantities. Lax supplies fm' :unulmir Qhm'n.iSl:!, Sunil 254- for hmiilling clmrgv. WIAN t'lll1l3Il1,'U,r4 IY4 XY. '33 SI., NNN York ll. N. I Juv ilziy'S High E4vhm,l" I-:als his Iopic. He Hear Coach Sports ,mnvk spolw lo the Club, Tuvsrliiy, Oslo- Pliyswil Ellinxzitifin in Tip Hi?-lh Ruth X Ruth Welker Leads Sportlight Paracl by I ri-nv XVm+d Lemllngfiff this Iemt'-a list uf fn-imilv spwrtlilvw if IFN! zillilvtii- jimxi V v I 1i:xi'lx'iii.ifxwn in sw ily :il Illiiiliiig .l all-rex. huth chool, A c A fr N ami Hrllw nl' Iwi li-vi Chili "i'cniii:14lii' lvai incl Iilivrig Ylif ifill mir' jun mil iw fi'-mil ikxivu lin--lwv emi Mir: Niril-iw, Iii l'1 . wir ,vpwiili in V, ,wil win 'lin ,I .. I limi iii' ll x'.'ii'fs I UW ee IW UW" x1ivl,.f.,f oi, .www 'hmm ililiwinl an si vim' ilu.-' vifiirliiwii liiiillwl li- lniiwwlii 1-ii ew vi.- liiijy lim' lwivi I-iiwxml Tin- shui iff if fix gzmsi xaiinimg stil-xili, Tliw l'w :nwiff mriili- I,ini--iii: ilivxl Iiixl xi--iuii iw ill-Imiliiig ilu-iii, .i.,-,xx Nnrilu-in-1 Winn Nwrllti-:ml luiiilw-'I lin' lin-:wi-1' Ilmqmi--is llwai' lirvi lccxgiiv mi- IRIN? 'si ri slow ul GI-IH-4 .lun 111. Yluli Ifiviff 1-illn-fl li find .Inv Siixiilclvi I7 ff-1' lim ,Xirlaixwa xvhxli- .I, IN. Gxnilniixi vllil im . lu-at to wtiim thi- tiilv I'-ix I-lvinzixlkmi, gmt mx 29 Pvililw new futxif- in .I If-sing gnnmq Vik-ll Philly pluiwl lixsl in the Pin' m-vis T'hlli'7Sfl1lf', Jim. 15 Graham was lswlioii out in llxv svcunfl 1'-I-r'iiisl ns lin- Trl-swims Ii-li hy ihrev, .I'iriw- vvxsr, this lc-ad rlinlxfl last. mill lhv I'ium-ers larsl by four points, 51349 Ovvrbronk Tun Strung Ovvlmxmk invrillvd the- pioneer gym, .lznnl 211. in ii guihc that vmlilai dm-lil:-Ally in Ovvrbrook's favor, 64- 38, Thi: hnniu tonm gut. off to a had sunt as Belmont had trouble finding the ha.-skel. The visitors showed lhvir uiwntions of winning with good team work and accurate shooting. They , . , .nn :MA .nf nm Mm nf nm ilu-ii all-mmm, ,mu 1'-1i'liw'ViH.'c mai lim is luv lm: 11ml 1 Iii pin- llli- I'iiwii4-Q-rs ,i mm! lm-wi 'I'iv Oluxiy Mfisilirmm ivlnyv-i iiiwl In ilu 'Ti' Thr 11119 mfxl ff-mm wins' mvivlixnfn fiiiil Iwi in lim- xwi-,I-:fix Higli, fiifiixzxliiig' lluw' anis, Tili-15 ls ww 'vii fwify xic'uii'y. lhiiu Ifmliiy lbw' Iiilii pxvixwwl lu lui- im- lmllgy thi' Hilpliimuiiglv 13:2 thi: 1'iwrie'w'.'4 mm iwllil-I ..3.l.:, mil A f,i'rwuiwl lim-in 63-.HN Thin iiilrkefl lint sixlix simiglii vieyium' 1'--I' Mr. Wfi!l'mm's in-iiilxm-ii :mil g,-iv, thvm :in SAR vi-.-fliml uri Miglia rmuipvliimli. g Defeats Bartram Edison Siiulli I'lw1llyl3zm4'li1il Llxff epirilwl Pi- , iimvr if-,mi Zi fITv'l2 clrlxvail. :il Soulli- by .lulm Fntlwringlmnx f-in. This Lli"l'Q1il, Ffflurxxziry IT c-mimi' The Vzirsily Ffmlbeill 'lkxixii opeiwil up ihv 191-S firfismn :igzlln-I. Iixrcdr - pi six ,mums wiuxiirig' slxvala Shall ilselford Srhnol fm Srfpt. 26 in hivnwncal Stadium I-Iivmiiicl iwfwiwml Ihf Piiin--Q-1-5 hull Sla.irI4'rl wiv-ii Hwy Liv-gkicfk-Off, but fumblevl za fav' plavyx l.,i,lf's', I-Ii,-w,1r'l Fmilluofl 1vcfr.f:i'Pd the fefailml Linculu. fumble on Hai-'I'-1'fwrcl5 Qi fmrci lint-4 Thu sm up mv :int tmlcghiifwcn qi,- E gBi1l MCTQEQLH-I, takin: ai hunil-off tmni Jemn Lilzk-1, f l--w wil fxwm Ihr- ill 1-rum wmv A lThesc were thi' only points swim-il in th: nw: half, Ohwy' Wh Una or tm' pkwwgi The Second lmlf saw an vliliuu-ni team fm' Ilziuifiml Early III Lhw ,toiuns ever se-on in the Trirfwlofs gym. .,. V, ,,,,..,.,,.,,.,.,. Um. ,, ffl ,-- A Y,-,Q 1 4f.,5,,.,,,wiE5aldvlau 'took an healing from thc vntire ivmii, kfx'- ' X," K - A A K . ' lnsing' to Fmuxkfoiml 6?--IT, Afier the K i L' I hrst lr-uni piled uma -II-5 lvzirl in the A ' lfirsn half, Coaiih Xvolfrum mm'cif'ill1y1jf? A ' , ' x ' Qliftexl them and allfrwccl substiuitvs f 7 I A " I ' Lto finish the jim of damning Olney. ' f ', - I -X 5 V . ' 'ei I f',A 5 il-' N i '.., in 5 l S Th P l' i ' I' . ' 1.95 t flajlfw r x'li' ii' '- 1' " X . ...L-4 A' ' 1' a on e resseswl- I I I. il. ,g f gf 1 lv, liliif I v I I 4 Smash Edison, Franklin? Till, I 1- I vi I I, f,.i ,4 54-'ful -"ii" ifllir-1-'I .1 'iv '- y-i,.-,---ii fam, Tlu- f. fii'v1rX L f,'i '11 171424 Nliifvv lf' H ff', X li lm-I Ilvil mil 0:1112 x-:sm ' viva and Thr'-w 2 '-,i rf' f,-i 'ixwfiv F'r.ml1II1i " a- ilu- :vi-.5 'Jil ixiz. flll :LL Ihr- bfxnfls fff Sim Ihizi-I-i w-ii Thr- Q- Mn- xxx' - msn" twfn' XV' fl In Uv- Pi'-nmfiv ,fr-ni-in The Mill' Uiirvfl xxwn fum: Lrohhini :xi-1-is Z-1, A imp virrfd the ivmnp mu Buk . 2-I in fini' 'IL' I'l,zl:1flv'Iphm ,',i'lx :in vinyl ii--n Yhv .wc Ulpped Iliff I Ku Lrfzxmn- Isl point Viet 11 :vita The squid unnsiwia uf Jeff . kius I.X'11if-i' Klaus, Sn-vv Balm! Din Kiipfimi ngki CIDTI-2, Jim Fnber, Jark Frank I-Iii-sch, Da Bvh Hunter. J M1 ve Brown, will Marshall. Sirmluy Lxtkywycz. Hou nn-.. u-.u.,..,. r11,......-... I xx "3f'i-r..,s- Riu, Jnemmenski X, 7 J W-I .-4-., I ,1 1 ,fl f , ' '- , a . I , 5' ' 5 I 'Jas- M 'x QAM fy-. VH, 'img - , 1. , if Fronkford l-ligh School hos olwoys been well known ond respected for its outstonding footboll teoms, The Pioneers of this seoson ore no excep- tion, Under the leodership of hecid cooch Worthington "Odie" Surrick ond ossistont cooch Andrew "Andy" Wolfrum, the teom hos compiled o fine record. After getting off to o discouroging beginning by losing 6-20 to l-loverford, the Pioneers quickly retolioted with o l6-6 victory in their first Public Leogue gome ogoinst Bortrom, In the weeks thot followed defeots were suffered by Edison flll-6l ond West Philodelphio Clll-Ol. After woging o tense bottle ogoinst Centrol which ended in on 8-8 tie, the Pioneers scored o tremendous l6-O victory oyer o heovily fovored Northeost teorn. Continuing on with their un- Foriy defeated league record, Frankford's single-wing rolled over Mastbaum 43-8. The game which probably attracted more attention than any other contest in the Public l.eague's season schedule was played at Memo- rial Stadium on November l3, The spirit of the team and the fans never subsided as our rival, The Black Knights of Lincoln won 26-7 and by doing so probably clinched the championship of the league, Our final league game was played against Olney and proved to be one of the most exciting games of the season. On Thanksgiving morning our gridmen gave everything they had to defeat their arch-rivals of more than thirty years, Northeast Catholic. Thanks to the efforts of the team and their splendid coaches the football fans of Frankford were given a season which they will long remember. ,iw Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 6 Haverford l6 Bartram l4 Edlson ..... l4 West Phila, 8 Central l6 Northeast ..... 43 Mastbaum 7 Llncoln ..... 9 Olney ................ l2 Northeast Catholic f S. A X. -w Rx X 1 .t X X -N X mx. X :ww 3 X f ,gp if A- ,KW W . 1 1 UV? t an I K 4 M2 Y ,, ff " 1 fi . ,f 4 - ' 2:- , , ' .ef ' ,, 4 A-5-if ' 1 2 , ,, VZ , - n , g 1 X fn fr I F 5304, W. X Q, X ,QR f Q ' jz, ' 1 M13 f 4 XG if 645' W Q. fi, 'Q '-it I ' 1 1 f -fa ,f j, :,, t f f ' , ' , , w , f -0 ,m 4 V , , , - 1 H ' I ,f 'V Q qw ' D W 4 , If ' f f M X , U ,4 f Mr' ,f 2, f 4 ,afff H ,, X ff,"'ff ff?" ' , ,fcf-f'.M f f, f ' , 41' 41' W 4" ' if ff ,, alffml , f' fi ' f ' wfffh, wg f I I V , "-1 I 0 5 1 ' ' f awwfv 1 .TW The soccer team, under the capable leader- ship ot Mr, Walter Bohr, had a successtul and exciting season, After beating Franl4tord's big league rivals, Lincoln, Northeast, and Mast- baum, the team won the traditional game with Northeast Catholic l-O. One at the highlights at the season was the annual hockey game with the Girls! l-lockey Team, Our 2-l victory concluded a spirited and unforgettable game. The graduating seniors ot the soccer team are the tollowingi Raymond Cherry, William Clausen, Walter Claus, l-loward Denn, Robert Hunter, Jett Jenkins, William Marshall, Jack Miller, Denny Nackoney, Fred Zell, James Faber, Dave Brown, and Stanley Litlqewycz. With the loss ot thirteen seniors, next year's sauad will haye to work hard to match the tine record ot the V958 sauad. Forty-four Soccer Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Fran kford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Fran kfo rd Frankford Frankford Fran kford F rankfo rd Frankford Frankford SOCCER SCHEDULE 2 Father Judge ...... ...... 4 2 6 7 Franklln ......,....... ...... Dobbrns ..,,.................... If 7 l Northeast Catholic 8 Bok 8 Olney 8 Roxborough 4 Masthaam 2 Lincoln . 4 Germantown 2 Central 7 South Phlladelohla 4 Bartram 3 Swarthmore College JV. 4 Northeast 8 Gratz Neshannlny ..,..,..,. ...... Glrard College ...... .. Edrson .................. ...... West Phlladelohla ...,.... 4 ,4Z, , , l X , x I ,ma Q 3 n ? fy 1' 3' If P aifx 4 fx Q y 90 W XX gfiifp Q3- VQKFU4, , ga K F05 ue QNBXIXTU ti Cross Country Team The Cross Country reonn, though not very liomson School ond Bill ploced second or George Successful, defeored Northeosr in The Public 5ClWO0l- I-ecgue Championships, Groduoring seniors ore Andy Beon, Jonuory, I l959g ond John Fotheringhom, Joe Budd, Erick Lorry Oxrol ond Bill Word were Fronkfords Befgquisfl Bill Wgrdl Brion Cloud! Gnd Dove top runnersi Lorry won the duol meet with Wil- Shollcross, June, l959. 1 .7 H 6 4 A -- Basketball The basketball team, under the capable coaching of Mr, Andrew Wolfrum, finished the season with a ten and six record, lt was the second straight year that the team missed the playoffs by one game. The team started the season by winning three out of four exhibition games, After winning only two of their first five games, they put together a six game winning streak, Then they finished the season the same way they started by winning only two out of five games. ME Q l 24 . iff E? Highlights of the season were when all but one of the thirteen man squad scored against both Olney and Dobbinsj J, D. Graham reached a three year varsity total of l,OOl points, and in the terrific game played against second place Germantown, Frankford was leading by fourteen points at half time, when the very strong Ger- mantown team rallied to outscore the Pioneers by 35 to l7 in the second half. The starting team for most of the season was J. D. Graham, Don Schoenly, George Ulmer, Ron Belmont and Jeff Jenkins with Bill Degenhardt taking over for Jenkins after the latter had graduated at mid-term. Graham received All-Public honors for the second straight year, with Schoenly and Belmont receiving honorable mention, if P 42 ff- nf ,M S30 n ' P , I 5 vw' 4,4- I W Q l wa gfbgbiigfg' egg 5 93 f v X V I 7 A f VY X , A ff 1 , , 1 sf! wud'- 7 ll' 111579151 TRACK 'wi Ni Fiffy Frankford's track schedule for l959 consisted of dual meets with nearby schools of about eaual ability which made the season's contests very keen, The season ended with Invitation Meets at Rox- borough and at Lincoln in which only the best performers on the sauad participated, Frankford was represented in the lnauirer Indoor Meet with a mile relay. Don Schoenly was a medal winner for his sec- ond place in the Spike Shoe Meet at the University of Pennsylvania l-le also had the honor of being picked to be in the school boy pole vault events at the Penn Relays when it was held there for the first time. Mark Smith was a great three event man and a high scorer in many meets. Dick Fotheringham was excellent as a quarter miler, Ray Cherry was the best on the team in the shot put. Schoenly displayed "iron man" qualities by coming to meets directly from tennis matches and would usually win the high jump with an eye catching scissor style that got him up as high as 5'9". Paul Griffin ran the auarter and was one of our Penn Relay men, Other seniors who per- formed faithfully for the squad were John McLeod and Denny Nackoney, pole vaulters, Dave Shallcross and Howard Foulkrod, sprints, and Bill Ward in the mile, The coaches for track were Mr. Nackoney, Mr, Troxell and Mr, Federoff. X sc' X 5 an ik 'fig , - N S t . - 4. .X . -L N x - 'sr-v+:f...s-. , TRACK SCHEDULE Frankford ............ 48 213 Frankford ............ 56 lf2 Frankford ............ Tenth Frankford ............ 55 g Frankford ..,......... 43 Frankford ............ 62 8 n I Q Frankford ............ 26 lf2 Frankford ............ 37 Frankford ............ Frankford ,,,,,,., Haverford .........,...,.... 42 lf2 Northeast Catholic .... 5l lf3 Penn Relays .............. Roxborough ................ 35 Gratz .......................... 56 Germantown Academy 37 Father Judge ............ 72 lf2 Olney ...,.................... 62 Little Champs - Roxborough Northeast Champs - Lincoln ' Q .sig Zin' fi ,asv 5 5 f ' 'i Q2 2 Fifty-one 1 ,... mf if Af , f , Wfmcw, f ,ww The baseball team, under the coaching of Mr William Clausen, is looking forward to a very successful season. With the returning of nine lettermen, they are hoping to reach the playoffs which consist of the first four teams, Due to the bad weather, the team did not have many days of practice before the first exhibition game at l-laverford, The lack of practice showed in the hitting and fielding departments as a loss. ln the second game there was considerable improvement, The team tied Father Judge even though the game was called after six and a half innings. The final exhibition game was with North Catholic The Pioneers won by a score of lO to 2. The season started with all our arch rivals first: Lincoln, Olney, Northeast, and Ger- mantown. The starting team consisted of Dear, Lorenz, Litzke, Cornel, Carris, Degenhart, Kellem, and Ulmer, with Belmont being the first substitute. my My Non-League Frankford l-laverford ...... Frankford Father Judge Frankford NOI'tlf1 Catholic Frankford Lincoln Frankford Olney ........... Frankford Northeast ...... Frankford Germantown .. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Fifty-three Mastbaum Central Carat: .. Ed son Bak ..., Bartram Dcbbins Cverbrc k Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford SWIMMING TEAM Dobbins ........ ........ Central ............ ........ West Phila. Germantown Olney ................ ........ Lincoln ......,. Edison .,.... Northeast ........ ..,..... FRANKFORD SWIMMING TEAM Frankford took fifth place in the champion- ships held at the Penn University pool, Our top swimmer, Brian l-ligh, tied for second in the lOO yd. orthodox breast stroke race, and l-loward Denn took sixth place in the one meter spring board diving championships. The three top scorers on the team are Brian High, 62 points, William Groom, 52 points, l-loward Denn, 37 points. The graduating seniors on the team are l-loward Denn and Paul Griffin, Frankford ended its season with four wins and four losses. GYM TEAM One of Frankford's newer sports is the Gym Team. lt has been in competition for two years under the sponsorship of lylr, Doering. Anyone can join the Gym Team, however, when we hold the more common triangular gym meet only twelve boys can compete from each school. Of these twelve boys only the scores of ten are counted in the final tabulation, The method of becoming a member of this group of twelve is merely competitive, working among the team members, This year our number one boy is Norman Boyer The Gym Season starts in December and ends in March. ln the course of this time we have approximately eight to ten meets. The graduating seniors from this year's squad are Dennis Camp, Ray Cherry, Charles Mc- Connell, John McLeod, and James Porter. GOLF The golf team has been holding practice regu- larly at the Juniata Golf Course as in previous seasons, The sauod is mode up of several boys from last year namely: W. Clausen, B. Chrid, l-l. Denn, VV, Getz, V. Gordon and G, Saylon. Several new boys from the lower classes are try- ing out for the team and it is expected they will improve as the season progresses. Some of these new boys arei W, Fridel, R, Besch, P. Sephton, D, Mullens, J. Garolan, J, Gray, S. Wofolosky, G, Kittrell, and S. Daley. TENNIS After finishing the l958 season in fourth place in the Fourteen-Team Public l-ligh Tennis League, prospects for the l959 Season are bright, with four of the First Six players re- turning. They include Donald Schoenly, Edward l-lil- ferty, John Kloos and Louis Deomer. The other team members are John Ellis, Warren Friedel, Skardon Bliss, Robert Coffman, James Porter and David Krewson. Final league standings found Frankford in 2nd place with 60 wins and lO losses. FiHy-Eve Girls, Basketball The girls' basketball team had a successful V958-i959 season under the fine coaching of Miss Gilda A, Nardone. They compiled a record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties. Members of the varsity team who earned letters are Gail Davis, Diane Cook, Phyllis Cotter, Carolyn Goodman, Ruth l-lawkins, Rachel l-loneg- ger, Judy Jones, and Judy Whitenack, Graduating team members are Phyllis Cotter, Gail Davis, Ruth l-lawkins, Rachel l-lonegger, Jane Snyder, Lynn Uffner, Carol Weeks and Judy Whitenack, Ruth l-lavvkins was high scorer for the season with l48 points. GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Frankford ...........,,,,,.... 36 Olney ............ ....... Frankford ...... ...... 2 5 S P l-l,S ...... ....... 2 3 Frankford ...,., ...... 3 7 Bartram .... ....... 3 6 Frankford .,,... ...... 3 l Bok ................ .,..... 4 O Frankford ...... .,.,,. 4 7 Northeast ...... ....... 3 2 Frankford ...... ...,.. 5 3 Gratz ........ ....... 3 9 Frankford ...... ...... 4 l Kensington .... ....... 4 l Frankford ...... ...... 3 3 Wm. Penn .. ..,... . 22 Frankford ...... ,...,. 2 9 Lincoln .. ...... . 60 Girls, Softball ...isclts,-s,,tt,,. also 1. or as 1 Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford I r,..f Q, The girls' softball team, which is undefeated for two straight seasons, is out for a third win- ning season, They are victorious so far this season. Seniors on the team are Gail Davis, Eloise l-laog, Rachel l-lonegger, Denese McLeod, Marge Peffle, and Ruth Welker, Other members of the varsity team are Carol Amerman, Barbara Boorse, Eleanor Buongiorno, Margie Gotchen, Janet Glsen, Diane Cook, and Elizabeth Schweikeri The team is under the flne coaching of Miss Gilda A, Nardone. fb GIRLS' SOFTBALL SCHEDULE Won 5 Tied 2 Lost 2 lil Bok l l9 Kensington 3 lO Olney 9 .. Bartram 6 Northeast i8 Girls High Lincoln Roxbaraogh Z The Frankford l-ligh School Volleyball Team is sponsored by Miss Janet Lever, This is the second term in which this team has been entered in league games The graduating mem- bers of the team are Joyce Mount, Fvangline Miller, Sue l-loffman, and Judy Pyle. Representatives from sixteen high schools of the Philadelphia area met at Dobbins Vocational l-ligh School on November ZS for a iambaree. Volleyball games were scheduled to promote good sportsmanship, Refreshments were served at the end of the afternoon, This gay event brought the volleyball season to a pleasant ends Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Girls' Volleyball GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE l, 2 Bok l5, IS 6, i3 Olney IS, i5 15,15 South Phila. 5, 2, l5, lO Lincoln l5, I3, I5 l5, lS Northeast l2, i2 l5, 5, V5 Girls' l-ligh ll, l5, l5, lS William Penn.... 8, Fiffy-eighf Hockey This lost ond exciting gome is on ottroction to girls who enjoy the out-of-doors, Speed, good stickwork, ond competitive spirit ore "musts" for those who porticipote. Senior members of the sguod ore Roberto Tyler, Goil Dovis, Lynn Uffner, Jone Snyder, Judith Whitenock, Florence Roberts, Ruth l-lowkins, Sondro Show, Rochel l-lonegger, ond Lorno Povvdizlai. The i958 teom wos cooched by Miss Gildo Nordone. HOCKEY SCHEDULE Fronkford Northeost ....... Fronktord Roxborough ...... Frankford Girls' l-ligh ........ Fronldord Lincoln .............. Fronlctord Bortrom ....,....... Fronkford School for Deot Fronkford Olney ..............., 4- Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford GIRLS' SWIMMING SCHEDULE 48 oiriey 52 Barfram Lincoln ......,.... .,..,,... Norfheasf ....... ......... iv Slxfy GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM The Girls' Bowling Team finished Their season wiTh a record of 3 wins and 4 losses. The only double win of The season was againsT Kensing- Ton, as The varsiTy won by 64 pins and The junior yarsify also won, One of The high-lighTs of The season was The maTch beTween The girls' and boys' Teams. The girls have won The maTch for The pasT few years. This year, however, The boys won boTh The var- siTy and junior yarsiTy maTches. l-ligh scorer for The season was Carolyn l-loff- man, followed by Adeline Jeffery and Janice l-lallermeier. Members of The Team were as follows: Joan CamaroTe, Judy Dinnis, Edna Doelkler, Margie Gufchen, Janice l-lallermeier, Carolyn l-loffman, Adeline Jeffery, Carolyn Meyers, Carolyn Nor- Throp, Marge Peffle, l-lelen Querns, Mary Schoell, and Marlene Tonge. Mrs, Margaref Peffle is The coach and sponsor of The Team and club. GIRLS' SWIMMING A small sauad recorded a .500 season. A corp of experienced swimmers was assisfed by a few promising newcomers, buT we were handicapped by lack of depThT Mermaids Valerie Eads, Frances Kucinska, Joan Laux, Margery Peffle, JudiTh Reese, Bar- bara Robbins and KaThleen ScoTT represenfed Frankford in The mammoufh Philadelphia lnTer- scholasfic Swimming Meef and made a crediT- able showing among The many ouTsTanding swimmers. Varsify swimmers included Judifh Nelson, Margery Peffle, Charlene l-loez, Barbara Rob- bins, Judifh Reese, KaThleen ScoTT, Frances Kucinska, Valerie Eads and Joan Laux, Marie Bickel was The manager. 45 ocoff s 0 G ,ge SQS 6 Q 30 O11 Q Q Vs I, Sf bb 06 91,0 0 08215 '49 GQ N5 .1 1, Off 0 0 O I' i o X 0 9 60" Q5 S966 bin 08 0 Booters Smash 151 Q, 0 Edison, Franklin 0 ' we fx io Norm Boyer Leads Q0 Q0 Sportlight Parade Q sf Q30 . ew CP' 0 Saogokoi yzizgefeff J 9 ., 9? 000 15029 Zofgo. N 09 Hockey Team 900 '4' .59 Q . 'af 6e50xQ'Q Downs Lmcoln . 'D' 0 Q 8 Girl Basketballers Sport Winning Edge Gai2meU L 725 0-Ye 1. BVOJJS Wh' 0 H Sof P601 fl F QV s N I 2. Syler erforo' owls S001 - Q Xgaxyixcgrgfx JU f AQ St .Xa2"' C409 9 fa 040, . xrhexgesi QQ? SQ V. xfy' N606 917' I fixes ak - o'Q' 0,0-"i .65 Ysexmx Cagerettes Begin 141962118 G 095 2,16 ox Successful Season Ywnxvi so nov F K KVI!! D I I f Tay, ood TRACK Major Letter Mark Smith, Captain John Fotheringham Donald Schoenly John McLeod Ogden Nackoney Davies Shallcross Raymond Cherry Norman Boyer William Bowman Dennis Morris Lawrence Oxtal Alexander Ferguson Thomas Samph Fred I-lipple Conrad Snyder Edward Jasinskiy Manager Minor William Ward Joseph Boecker Paul Griffin Alan Laskowski Paul Essenwein Ronald Elmond Thomas Patterson Raymond Nackoney William Manogue Karl Kruse Paul Fricke Ronald Lill William Grant Emil Wirth Walter Boyko John Sage, Assistant Mgr. VARSITY BASEBALL Major Letter Ronald Belmont Alvin Cariss Stanley Cohen David Collar Russel Cornell Edward Dear William Degenhardt John Litzke Frank Lorenz William Samuel Ronald Sykes Dennis Treude George Ulmer Edward Wasser A.A. AWARDS BOYS VARSITY SWIMMING Major Letter Edwin Amato Bryan l-ligh John Bicknas Fred l-lipple l-loward Denn Morgan Jones William Groom Robert Shannon Ronald Williams Minor Leter William l-l, Adams Paul Griffin Thomas Caldwell Michael Smith Ronald Dickey Allen Wilkinson FENCING Major Letter Joseph Capecci Donald Mullin Oskar Zaborsky Minor Letter Stanley Steinbroun John Kloos Paul Essenwein Russell Riehm GYM TEAM Major Letter Norman Boyer Charles McConnell Ray Cherry James Porter John Dugan Minor Letter Edward Nixon William Metz John Cochran Joseph Carty John McLeod Thomas Blum TABLE TENNIS Major Letter Fred Feigley Victor Gordon Minor Letter Frank l-lirsch tManagerJ Numerals Robert Baltera Joseph O'Gara Dennis Camp Robert Sablick Fred Feigley Barclay Thorn Frank Kellem lAssistant Mgr? VARSITY BASKETBALL Major Letter Jack Graham Mark Smith Ji D. Graham George Ulmer John Litzke imgrii Paul Welker Donald Schoenley Ronald Belmont John Charambura Joseph Dil3into Edawrd Tarka Ronald Carmean BOWLING Major Letter Robert Benz William Kupsey Minor Letter Thomas Brady Frank Lorenz Edward Dear Stanley Steinbronn Glenn Schmidt Robert Schumann James l-larmon Thomas Woitylak Karl Ortlip Lawrence Ralicki William Degenhardt Minor Letter Russell Cornell Raymond Freisheim Larry Schmitzer Joseph O'Gara TEN N IS Major Letter Alvin Cariss Donald Schoenly Edward l-lilferty William l-lertzog Minor Letter Karl Krue John Kloos Warren Friedel Ogden Nackoney Louis Deimer John Ellis iManagerl James Porter Skardon Bliss GOLF Major Letter William Clausen l-loward Denn Victor Gordon Minor Letter Brian Cloud A.A. AWARDS GIRLS GIRLS' GYMNASTIC TEAM Letter Gail Davis Marlyn Welker Joan Laux Frances Kucinski Judith Reese ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION AWARDS Charm Gail Davis Letter Phyllis Cotter Denese McLeod Gail Davis Florence Roberts Jane Snyder Lynn Uttner Carol Weeks Judith Whitenack Eloise I-laug Ruth Hawkins Rachel I-lonegger Numerals Denese McLeod Judith Nelson Florence Roberts Sandra Shaw Jane Snyder Lynn Uttner Diane Visco Carol Weeks Judith Whitenack Phyllis Cotter Gail Davis Eloise I-laug Ruth I-lawkins Charline I-loez Rachel I-lonegger Fern Koch Carol Lucas GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM Letter Barbara Boorse Diane Cook Gail Davis Margaret Gutchen Eloise Flaug Rachel I-lonegger Denese McLeod Janet Olsen Margery Pettle Ruth Welker Sixty-three GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM Letter Valerie Eads Kathleen Scott Judith Nelson Frances Kucinski Judith Reese Margery Pettle Barbara Robbins GIRLS' BASKETBALL Letter Diane Cook Ruth I-lawkins Phyllis Cotter Rachel l-lonegger Gail Davis Judy Jones Carolyn Goodman Judith Whitenock Numerals Barrie Savinski Kathleen Sheak Jane Snyder Eleanor Steigler Janice Surrick Dorothy Von Wittkamp Carol Weeks Mary Jane Williams Mary Ai Beatty Marilyn Bogshultz Beverly Browne Marion Buechner Margaret Collins Connie Courtwright Zella Michaels GIRLS' BOWLING Letter Janice Hallermeir Carolyn Myers Carolyn I-lottman Carolyn Northrop Adeline Jettery Marjory Bettie Numerals Joan Comarote Margaret Gutchen Edna Doelker I-lelen Querns Judy Dennis Mary Schoell Marlene Tonge Pl x I 3 T DR. BENJAMIN NOVAK Vice-Principal MR. E. ORRELL CRAP Vice-Principal MISS ROSEINA C. GILLMAN Assistant to the Principal MR. MICHAEL W. FISCH History and Languages MR. JOSEPH KLEIN Business Education MR. A. H. ALEXANDER Science f 1 DR. LEWIS G. STERNER MR. ARTHUR B. CRESSE MR MARK H HAGMANN MR BENJAMIN POLIN English Physical Education Mathematics Industrial Arts Sixty-fi ve FACULTY LIST Principal John Warren Hitner Vice-Principals E. Oirrell Crap Dr. Benjam BUSINESS EDUCATION Joseph Klein COMMON LEARNINGS SPEECH AND MODIFIED' ENGLISH Dr. Lewis G. Sterner DRIVER EDUCATION Arthur B. Cresse ENGLISH Dr. Lewis G. Sterner FINE ARTS Benjamin Polin HOME ECONOMICS Mark Hagmann INDUSTRIAL ARTS Benjamin Rolin LANGUAGES Michael W, Fisch Assistant to the Principal Roseina C. Gillman Mrs Rose Appell Mrs. Cecile Berman William H. French V Q Mrs Edith Hopkins Mrs. Helen James Harry Klausewitz Russell W. Har reaves I Na Samuel B. Brooks Harry Chaykin Frank E. Bauerle Arthur Bloch George H. Brown Palmer Depue Dr, Lois Dickie Marion McMaster S. Burkhart Morrison John R. Nevin Carl Josephine Gear Kathryn D, Bierman in J. Novak Dr. Benjamin Kuykendall Joseph W. Larkin David F. Luithlen Leonard A. Lurie Adolph Myerson Marcia Rodolsky Morris Sturm han Weissberg F. Wi Violet Hazlett Knute N. Krassenstein Mario Pascjuarella Dorothy O'Donnell Mrs. Irene M. Reiter Charles V. Rosica Nicholas Salvatore Mrs Shirley Taub Charles F. Troxell Joseph Volger se Aaron Rapoport Louise M. Druding Ruth E. Wilson Leon I. Blitman Harry H. Bonner Frank H. Broadbent Norman R. Da Robert Gottlieb Caroline L. Gruhler Sixty-six Y William B. James A. Hill Theodore C. Humphreys A. Malcom Martin Harry V. Schatbrook Schoenleber Dr, Arthur C. Jordan Henry J. Meder FACULTY LIST LIBRARY Dr. Lewis G. Sterner MATHEMATICS Mark I-lagmann MUSIC A. I-I. Alexander PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Arthur B. Cresse SCIENCE A. H. Alexander SOCIAL STUDIES Michael W. Fisch COUNSELORS NURSES SENIOR SECRETARY SECRETARIES SCHOOL MATRON NON-TEACHING ASSISTANT ELEVATO-R OPERATOR Miriam S. Axelrod Minnie Bernstein John I-lohenstein Elizabeth S. Lackey John W. McMaster William Michlin Walter A. Lamont I-lerman Walter Bohr William P, Clausen Theodore Doering Mrs. Jennie I-l. Leary Janet Lever Andrew William Barish Gladys Bulmer Ernest Federotf James J. Garrett Katharine M. Grelis Stanley B. Goldman Charles I-lansell Edith M. Jones Dr. Edith Kaufman Martin Menkus George Myers Ella Rosentoor Marvin E. Schuman Patrick Smiley Robert B. Whiting Anne M. Regan Siegel Mrs, Dorothy N. Loyer Walter N. Nackaney Gilda A. Nardone Mrs, Margaret O. Petfle Worthington Surrick Woltrum Dr Mae E. I-larveson Joseph S. l-lyman William Latham Michael Lewchuk Joseoh l. Oser James R. Peters Mary E. Purcell I-I. Elaine Ramsey Gerald Raske Mrs. Joanna B. E Schlechter Charles W. Twining Mrs. Madeleine C. Burns Bernard Cobert Mrs. Emma Lighty Mrs. Edna C. Simon Margaret G. Butler Mrs. Anne C. Gold Mrs. Miriam S, Conrad Mrs. Rosalie S. Michaelson Mrs. Mary Bonner Mrs. Beatrice G. Osofsky Mrs. M. Eleanor Smith Mrs. Lissi M, Wilkinson Margaret E. Kohler Joseph Glovacz, Jr. Mrs. Mary Moore Sixty-seven USIIXIESS EDUC TIO Mrs. James, Mrs. Appel, Dr. Kuykendall Mr. Hargreaves, Mr. Sturm, Mr. Klausewifz, Mr. Lurie, Mr. French, Mr. Myerson Mr. Weissberg, Miss Podolsky, Mr. Larkin Sixfy-eigh+ E GLISH Mr. Troxell, Mr. Brown, Dr. Dickie, Mr. Volger Sixiy-nine Mr. Bloch, Mr. Salvatore, Mrs Taub, Mr, DePue, Dr. Sterner Miss McMaster, Mr. Nevin, Mr. Wise, Mr. Morrison, Mrs. Reiter INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Bonner, Mr. Blitman, Mr. Broadbent, Mr. Hill Mr. Schoenleber, Mr. Polin, Mr. Martin, Mr. Humphreys, Mr. Schafbrook Seven+y M THEMATICS - - ... Q :1:'l'i'JE4li:'3? 15? ' f+.+.g,g.i .... 22. f f: 2 Miss Rcsentoor, Mr. Hag mann, Mr. Myers, Mr. Schu man, Mr. Michlin Mr. Smiley, Miss Lackey, Mr. McMaster, Miss Bernstein, Mr. Hohenstein Seveniy-one SCIIE CE Dr. Harveson, Mr. Lewchuk, Mr. Oser, Mr. Federuff, Mr. Whiting F r Y F I I r Miss Grelis, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Latham, Miss Bulmer, Mr. Garrett Seveniy-'rwo Mr. Goldman, Mr, Peters, Mr. Twining, Mr. Fisch and Mr. Raske SUCIAL STUDIES Mr. Menkus, Miss Jones, Miss Ramsey, Miss Purcell, Mrs. Schlecter Sevenly-llwree Womans' Physical Education Mrs. Peffle, Miss Lever, Mrs. Leary, Miss Nurdone. Mens' Physical Education Kiss, mfr "" 'el Mr. Wolfrum, Mr. Clausen, Mr. Surrick, Mr. Cresse, Mr. Doering, Mr. Bohr, Mr. Nackoney Sevenly-four Core Curriculum Driver Education Brooks, Mr. Krassenstein, Mr. Ch Mr. Pasquarellc, Mr. Bauerle Seveniy-five 'aw-R ' ine !Xrts 4' ., if ,, S I mia EI 'ifoczmcw-L A45 Taxis QN Mr. Rapaport and Miss Gear W Miss Druding and Miss Wilson Seveniy-six Home Economics Languages Miss Axelrod Library Miss Gruhler, Mr. Meder, Dr. Jordan, Mr. Gottlieb Seveniy-seven Counselors Mrs. Michaelson, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Conrad Mr. Siegel, Mr. Lamont Sevenfy-eighf Music Secretaries Ll YSQS Mrs. Lighty, Mrs. Bonner ww Miss Butler, Mrs. Gold, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Simon Sevenly-nine f' ,ff 3 1 Y 3' I I l fi, ff f , 5, rf , , ff .hx . WV ,nw f ff, g f x 7 ' f ef is Z X ' f NX? if fj A i f X f IZ 1 Z 4 D, 7 5 f l N ,ff ,fl 4 inf " A WW l Mf W D nik .1 9 Ny fr R i.-4 ' .Q if 5 E. is K ,Q X ,rv A 1 19 44 ZX? 1 I 'ff S xxg 4 t . ,' f X ' ff ........L if X r ff 7, J NL.-LSL APPRECIATION The groduoting closs would like to express its oppreciotion to our closs sponsor, Mr, John Mcllfloster orid we would like to thonk him for helping us with oll our senior octivities. Wm Joan We Wadfer APPRECIATION The closs ot June, l959, would like to show its oppreciotion to Mr. Wolter Bohr tor his help to us os Senior Business lvlohoger. l-le hos mode our Senior yeor one never to be torgotten. Wh Waker Bal, President John Litzke, Vice-President Edward Dear. Secretary Phyllis Cotter, Treasurer Evelyn Barrack Class Gflicers and Record Staff Editor-in-chief Ruth Hawkins Assistant Editors Marie Bickel, Carole Detwiler Eighty-live Art Editors Jeannette Manton Rita Siemienski Sports Editors John Litzke, Gail Davis DOROTHY JEAN ALLISON 4711 Duffield Street Harding General RITAANN MARY ALSPACH 6234 Oakley Street Little Flower General Receptionist Club, 12A-128. ELFRIEDE T. ANGERMANN 1236 Tyson Avenue WilSOI'l Academic Future Teachers Club, 108, Vocal En- semble, l0A, Apparatus Club, l1A. Gymnastics, '58. MATILDA R. AYER 1827 Bergen Street Wilson Academic Receptionist Club, 12A-128, Future Teachers Club, 108, Oftice Aides, 108, 128, High Way Representative, 118, Eng- lish Aide, 128. JUDITH BALLENTINE 4417 McKinley Street Harding Academic Swimming Club, 118 . MARYANN BANDAZIAN 1408 East Hunting Park Avenue Harding Academic Honor Society, 11A-128, Medical Club, 108-118, Sock G Buskin, 10A-128, Danc- ing Club, 10A-11A, Coaching Volunteers, 10A-11A, A.A. Representative, 10A, High Way Representative, l2A, Frankford Forum, 108-118, Library Aides, 12A-128, Swimming Club, 108. Leaders, '57, '58. . 'wffwg ,, f s ,MW V i 1 ,,, f 1 L f , f , M ff, uf 'Q ' sf rff ' New c f 'V 'W' cw .Q Z' w , 2 swf N if se J, Q, - ff ' . 1, ,, i of . W1 .Al X fue f ,.., ,,,W Q . lf , f,,,, t ,,r,3'p" 's f 37 ,f W . 'if fff , li q-, jf. f .7 ,, ,f , S Af. 2 221 I 5.-' 3 X .W .7 ters f , QZQ A .F ff t i Eighty -six EVELYN D. BARRACK 4036 Creston Street Harding Academic Senior Class Treasurer, 128, Student Board, l0A, Senior Twelve, 128, A Cap- pel'a Choir, 108-128, Ushers Association, 108-128, A.A. Representative, 11A-l2A, High Way Representative 108, High Way Service Club, 108-128, Thanatopsis Club, 11A-128, Frankford Forum, 108 Leaders, '57-'59, Moiorettes, '57-'59, MARGARET A. BARTLETT 9812 Woodfern Road Wilson Academic Senior Twefve, 128, Orpheusi Club, 118, A Cappella Choir, 108-128, Dancing Club, 108-128, Christmas Pageant, 10A, 1lA, l2A, Spring Show, 108, 128, Schools on Parade, 118. JUNE L. BARTOLETT 3465 Helen Street Jones Academic Receptionist Club, l2A, 128, Future Teachers Club, 108, Office Aides, 108, 128, High Way Business Staff, l2A, 128, AA, Booth, 11A-128. LINDA CAROLE BAUER 851 Medway Road Fels Commercial Receptionist Club, 118, Leaders, '57, Volleyball, '57. ZERELDA I. BELBER 1838 Harrison Street Hafdlng Academic Friendship Club, 10A, 108, Future Teachers Club, l2A, 128, High Way Rep- resentative, IOA, Bowling Club, l2A, 128, Leaders, '57-'59, ERICK JOHN BERGQUIST 1404 Disston Street Wilson Academic Office Aides, l2A, 128, Frankford Forum, 108-118, Library Aides, 108-128, Science Club, 108-128. Cross Country, '58, Track, '57, Numer- ols, '57, Minor Letter, '58, KATHRYN G. BERRESFORD 6224 Gillespie Street Harding Commercial Record Book Committee, 1213, Senior Morning Committee, 1213, Receptionist Club, I2B, Sock G Buskin, IOI3-IZB, Friendship Cub, IZB, Future Teachers Club, IIB-1213, Office Aides, 12B, Scribes, 1213, Frankford Forum, I2Bg Swimming Club, IIB, Frolics, IOB, IZB, Christmas Tggeant, I2A, Highway Editorial, I2A, JOAN D. BETLEJEWSKA 3360 Mercer Street Jones Commercial D. E, MARIE E. BICKEL 7313 Frontenac Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, Assistant Edi- tar, Student Board, IOB, IIB, Reception- ist Club, IOA-I2B, Ushers Association, IOB-1213, High Way Representative, IOA, IIA, High Way Service Club, IZA, IZB, Activity Records, IGB-I IB, Junior Achieve- ment, IIA, IIB. Swimming Team, '57-'59, Numerals '58 BARBARA ANN BIEBER 4635 Ditman Street Harding Commercial D. E. BARBARA JOAN BLACK 8210 Pine Road Wilson Commercial Senior Luncheon Committee, IZB, Friendship Club, I IA, Future Teachers Club, IIA, IIB, Office Aides, IOB. Hockey, '57. SKARDON BLISS 903 Anchor Street Wilson Academic A.A. Representative, IOA. Tennis, '58, Fencing, '57. f ,, .wi X , I X , I f X .W f fe, gg 5 ,,, 1 M . ,4 . 47? i ,,: U, WQ ,, . ,TJ , dir- ' 6 247 W 0' ,fi ff r' J f Q .1 f 9 2? ff iff 4 f 1 . A , f Q, f , s, 22 f gf if f W ol' l , 2 Eighty-seven ROBERT B, BOMBARDIERE 1370 Anchor Street Harding Trade Preparatory ANTIGONE JANE BOYAGIS 943 E. Schiller Street Stetson Junior High Academic Receptionist Club, President ot, IIA- I2B, Sock G Buskin, IOA-I2B, Dancing Club, IOA, Future Teachers Club, IOA- IIB, Ottice Aides, IZB, AA Representa- tive, IIA, I2A, Frankford Forum, IIA, IIB, Bowling Club, 12B GEORGE WILLIAM BRAND 5411 Walker Street North Catholic General JUNE BRAXTON 4673 Mulberry Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IOA-IIA, Library Aides, IIB-12B RICHARD A, BRETHERICK 2015 Solly Avenue Wilggn Trade Preparatory Bond, I CA- I 2B JAMES D. BRETT 3150 Cedar Street jones Academic GEORGE B. BRYANT 6351 Jackson Street Hording Academic ANTHONY F. BUCCAFURI 1223 Adams Avenue Hufdlng Academic Bowling, '58, JOSEPH PAUL BUDD 4870 Roosevelt Boulevard F615 Academic Senior Trib Commillee IZB, Bio'og',' Club, IQA, A Caopello Choir, IIA-IZB, Office Aides, IIA, IIB, AA Representative, IIB, l-liah Wav Representative, IIA, English Office Aides, IIB-IZB, Science Club, IZA, IZB Second Baseball, '57, Crass Country, '59, Fencing, '58, Nurnerals, '57, Minor Letter, '59, RICHARD C. BUEHLER 4422 Vankirk Street Harding Industrial Arts Senior Prorn Committee, IZA, Business Managers, IZB Second Football, '56, '57, Second Base- ball, '56, Numerals, '56, Minor Letter, '57, JANICE M. BULICKI 132 East Allegheny Avenue Harding Commercial Office Aides, IOA-I IA. CARL R. BURG 1065 Pratt Street Harding Academic Student Board, IZA, Thirteen Club, IZB, Orchestra, IIA-IZB, Band, IOA-IZB, Dance Band, IIA-IZB. ' av X 3 5, , 1 Eighty-eight MARGARET BURLILE 3246 Frankford Avenue Jones Commercial ROBERT BURMESTER 2020 Plum Street Harding General Second Football, '56, Golf, '57, Minor Letter, '56, '57, BARBARA ANN BUTLER 5954 Palmetto Street Fels Home Economics Receotionist Club, IZB, Bowling Club, IZB Loaders, '57-'58, Basketball, '58, Soft- ball, '58 ELIZABETH ANN CADWELL 6644 Kindred Street Fcls Academic Receptionist Club, IZA, High Wav Rep- resentative, IOB-IZB, AA Representative, IOA, I-liah Wav Service Club, IZB, Bowling Club IZB, Leaders, '58, PATRICIA ANNE CALHOUN 3410 Jasper Street Jones Commercial Swirnrning Club, IOB, Bowling Cub, ICA JOAN LOIS CAMAROTE 6248 Revere Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, Friendship Club, IGB-IZB, l-ligh Wav Representative, IIB, Bowling Club, IZA-IZB, Y-Teens, IZB, l-lonors, IIA. Bowling, '58, '59, DENNIS GEORGE CAMP 5931 N. Water Street Olney Academic Vefsltv Baseball, '58, '59, Minor Let- ter, I '58, Maior Letter, '58, 59: gym- UOSTICS, '58, '59, Table Tennis, '58, '59, JOSEPH J. CAPECCI, JR. 3457 Frankford Avenue Jones Academic High Way Service Club, l2B, Second Football, '58, Second Baseball, "57, Fencing, '57-'59, Numerals, '56, Minor Letter, '58, Malor Letter, '59, JOSEPH ANTHONY CAPELLI 2825 E. Venango Street Jones Industrial Arts WILLIAM L. CAREY 1421 Vankirk Street Fels Industrial Arts Student Board 1113. JUDITH ANNE CASPAR 1225 E. Cheltenham Avenue Fels Academic Danaides, l2B, Medical Club, IOA, Sock C1 Buskin, IOA-l2B, Friendship Club, lOA-l2B, Future Teachers Club, 10A- l2B, AA, Representative, IOA, High Wav Business Staft, llA, llB, Library Aides, lGA, Christmas Pageant, l2A, English Office Aide, IZA, l2B, Vice-Presidente Sock G Buslcin, 12B President-Future Teachers Club, 12B PresidentfFriendshlp Club, Hockey, '57, CAROLE LEE CHAMBERS 2044 East Ontario Street Jones Academic High Wav Service Club, 11A-IZB, Bowling Club, IOB, 12B Service Club, Treasurer. RAYMOND W. CHERRY 6140 Cottage Street Harding Academic Second Soccer, '56, '57, Varsity Soccer, '55, Second Basketball, '56, '57, Track, '58, '59, Minor Letter, '57, '58, Track, Mayor Letter, '58, '59, Track, FELIX J. CIESLINSKI, JR. 1920 Haworth Street Harding Industrial Arts Librarv Aides, ICB, l1A, Bowling Club, llAel2B Bowling, '58, '59, GERALDINE CIPPARONE 4234 Ormond Street Harding Commercial WILLIAM P. CLAUSEN 1200 Haworth Street Penn Charter Academic Thirteen Club, l2B, Secretary, A,A. Representative, IOA, lCB, IZB, Thana- topsis Club, lCA-l2B, English Office Aid, llA-l2B, High Wav Photographer, 11A- lZB, Science Club, llA, llB, Chess Club, lOA Sccond Soccer, '56, '57, Varsitv Soccer, '5re, Table Tennis, '57, '58, Schools on Parade, Galt, '57-'59, lslurnerals, '56, Minor Letter, '57, Mayor Letters, '58, '59. WALTER CLAUSS 1301 Disston Street Wilson Industrial Arts fenlcr Luznchron Carnccittce, l2B, Horsit, soccer '56-if, Malor Letter, fioccer, '56-'51 JOSEPH DANIEL CLEARY 2023 Carver Street Father Judge Trade Preparatory BRIAN CLOUD 1232 Wakeling Street Central Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, Student Board, lOA, lOB, Band, lOA-l2B, A Cappella Choir, lOA-l2B. Cross Country, '59, Golf, '57-'59, Minor Letters, '57-'59, ROBERT EDWARD COFFMAN 5910 Belden Street FEIS Academic A An Representative, l lA, Fencing, '58, Cadet Baseball, '57, JOAN HELEN COLGAN 830 E. Schiller Street Hallahan General MARY-LOU CONLIN 29th fr Cambria Streets JONES Commercial Future Teachers Club, l2A, Commercia. Otflce Aide, l2B, JOHN CONNER 3913 Arcadia Street Harding Commercial Trip Committee, l2B, RICHARD PAUL CONWAY 548 E. Allegheny Avenue Tennant High School, Johnsville, Pa. Academic Second Football, '57, Varsity Football, '58, Schools on Parade, '58, XX V i" 7 f W 'S ' -If W' , A QQ! a f V If f f A B ,,,. , ,bp Ninety PHYLLIS EILEEN COTTER 3906 Bennington Street Harding Academic Class Offices, Secretary, l2l3, Senior Twelve, l2B, Sock C1 Buskin, llA, llB, Organ Club, lOA-llB, Friendship Club, IOA, Future Teachers Club, lOA-l2B, A,A, Representative, llB, Leaders, '56-'59, Maiorettes, '58, '59, Basketball, '56-'59, Letter, '58, Numerals, '57, KATHLEEN ANNE COWDEN 1425 Benner Street Fels Commercial Volleyball, '56, '57, RAYMOND V. CRAMER 3411 N. Ormes Street Sfefgon Academic Band, lOA, Second Football, '57, Second Baseball, '57, '58 JOHN CURRAN 3617 Sepviva Street Jones Academic CECELIA D. DABOSE 1852 E. Atlantic Street Jones Commercial Business Managers, l2B, High Way Business Stott, l2A, l2B, School Store, IZA-l2B, LOIS LEE DAUBERT 2035 Orthodox Street Harding Academic A Cappella Choir, llB-l2B, Organ Club, llB, Friendship Club, lOA-l2B, Future Teachers Club, iOA-IZB, Office Aides, IZA, AA, Representative, IGA, All Phila, Senior l-ligh Choir, IOA-llB. CATHERINE E. DAVIDSON 891 5 Calvert Street Harding Commercial Orchestra, IOA-IZB, Dancing Club, IOB- I ZB. Leaders, '56-'59, Cheerleaders, '58-'59 CAROL ANN DAVIS 4838 Hawthorne Street Harding Academic Future Teachers Club, IIA, High Way Business Staff, IZA, IZB. Leaders, '57-'59, CHARLES JOSEPH DAVIS 5730 Walker Street Harding Industrial Arts GAIL HEATHER DAVIS 5004 Castor Avenue Girls High Academic Danaides, IZB, Medical Club, IIB, Dancing Club, IOB-IIB, Friendship Club, IIA, Future Teachers Club, IZA, IZB, School Store, IZB, Service Club, IZB, Record Book Committee, IZB. Leaders, '57-'59, I-lockey, '56-'58, Basketball, '57-'59, Softball, '57-'59, JACQUELINE LEE DAVIS 5378 Charles Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Orchestra, IOA, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, High Way Representative, IOB, School Store, IZB. LOIS ANN DAVIS 1622 Kinsey Street Harding Commercial ,,,f ff, 'f' W f fs ' 'W 1' ,mg fi ,, ,f-ff- 6 f Y 4 f Mft M l X ' i fs Ag 4 M i , he " 51", ,' , I X X 3' sis 44' I S' Ninety-one EILEEN DIANE DAY 3944 Bennington Street Harding Commercial SUSAN FAY DEAN I004 E. Luzerne Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA. EDWARD CHARLES DEAR 726 Calebrook Road Fels Industrial Arts Class Offices, Vice-President, IZB, A.A. Representative, l0B, IIA, IZA, Thanatop- sis Club, IIB-l2B. Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '57, '58, Varsity Baseball, '57-'59, Bowl- ing, '56-'58, Minor Letters, '56-'58, Maiar Letters, '56-'59. HOWARD W. DENN II38 Haworth Street Harding Academic Physics Club, IZB, Schools on Parade, IIB, Second Soccer, '56, '57, Varsity Soccer, '58, Golf, '57-'59, Swimming, '56-'59, Numerals, '56, Minor Letters, '57 '58, Maior Letters, '58, '59 CAROLE DETWILER , 2022 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Commercial Senior Prom Committee, IZA, Student Board, ICB, IIA, IZB, Receptionist Club, IOA-IZB, Medical Club, IOA, Sock G Buskin, IOA, IGB, Future Teachers Club, IOB, l-ligh Way Representative, IOA, Scribes, IZB, High Way Editorial Staff, IIB-IZB, Assistant Yearbook Editor, IZB, Activity Record Committee, IDB, Dance Committee, IIA, IZB. Maiarettes, '58, '59, JUNE ANN DONCH 967 Orthodox Street Lower Moreland High School Huntingdon Valley, Pa. General Dance Club, IZA-IZB. PAUL M. DOTTERER, JR. 175 W. Luray Street Lincoln Trade Preparatory Track, '56, '57. FRANK J. DOUGHERTY 707 W. Roosevelt Boulevard Cardinal Dougherty General GREER DUFFIN 1922 Hoftnagle Street Wilson General Oieceptionist Club, IZA, Sock G Buskin, I . JOAN DURHAM 8811 Verree Road Wilson Academic Student Board, IOB, Charter Danaides, Corresponding Secretarv, IZB, Orpheus Club IIA, Sock 8 Buskin, IOB, IIA, Friendship Club, IGA, Future Teac!-ers Club, IOA-IZB, Treasurer, IIB, Office Aides, IOB, High Wav Representative, IOB-IZA, English Office Aides, IZB, High Vlgav Editorial Staff, IZA, IZB, Scribes, I B. SANDRA L. DUTKIEWICZ 2719 Orthodox Street Harding Commercial Sock 6 Buskin, IOB, Friendship Club, IOB, IIA, AA. Representative, ICA, High Wav Representative, IOB, Bowling Club, IOB. Leaders, '57. ROBERT CHRISTIAN ECKERT 7814 Frontenac Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IIB, IZA, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, AA. Representative, IIA, Thanatopsis Club, IIA-IZB, Schools on Parade, IIB, Christmas Pageant, IIA, IZA. Cross Country, '57, Track, '57, '58, Nu-merals, '57, Minor Letter, '57, fir X X s , re 'X 'rf 'K .wi -wr f , f f 1 f . W.. , QW X X Ninety-two If A fi.. - f X MARGARET K. EISER 6171 Hegerman Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IOB, Office Aides, IZB, High Way Representative, IIA, IIB, NANCY GAIL ELRICK 5121 Jackson Street Harding General CHARLES R. EMMETT 4532 Higbee Street Harding Industrial Arts JOHN C. ENGELMAYR 3257 Hartville Street Stetson T.P.B.C. JAMES D. FABER 1321 E. Carey Street Harding Industrial Arts Second Soccer, '56e'57, varsity Soccer, '58, Minor Letter, '58, Maior Letter, '59. C ELAINE MARIE FARLINO 1410 Sellers Street Harding Commercial Senior Luncheon Committee, I2B, High Wav Representative, IOA. RONALD WILLIAM FERRARO 5309 Large Street Father Judge Academic A.A. Representative, IIB. CARL DAVID FEURIG 6027 Reach Street Fels Academic Track, '58. MARILYN L. FIRESINGER 5215 Glenlock Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, IIA, Frankford Forum, IOA, Activity Records, IOA. GAIL A. FOSTER II009 Knights Road Harding Academic Future Teachers Club, IOB, IIA, Li- brary Aides, IIA-IZB. Color Guard, '58 JOHN R, FOTHERINGHAM 840 West Maple Avenue Langhorne, Pa. Central Academic A.A, Representative, IIA, IZA, Scribes, IZA, IZB, Campaign Manager, IZA, High Wav Editorial Staff, IIB-IZB, Cross Country, '58, Track, '58, '59, Minor Letter, '58, Maior Letter, '59 CHARLES NORBERT FOX 4513 Devereaux Street Harding Academic Band, IOA-IIA, A Cappella Chair, IZA, IZI3' Bank Representative, IOB-IZB, scribes, IIB-IZB, High Wav Editorial Staff, IOB-IZB. Second Soccer, '57, Track, '57, 'SSL Numeralsn, '58, Minor Letter, '57, Mayor Letter, '57. JAMESINA M. FRASER 2,2 Z 3841 Lawndale Street " , ' Rogers, Newport, R. I. Commercial Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Y-Teen Club, 9 df X IZA, ize. vm V we , SANDRA MARY FRASER 4755 Richmond Street Harding Commercial WARREN W. FRIEDEL 9IO7 Verree Road Wilson Industrial Arts Tennis, 53459, JAMES Y. FUNG 5910 Torresdale Avenue Harding Academic Bank Representative, IZA, AA. Repre- sentative, IOA, ICB, Ninety-three ROBERT PAUL GABLE 4513 Higbee Street Harding Trade Preparatory DONALD PAUL GEIGER 4433 Richmond Street Harding Academic Cappeila Choir IOBAIZB, Medical Clap, ICA, A A Representative, IOA, l-lign Way Representative IZB 57, 55, Nerneras '57, Minor Letter, '55, Second Faatpall, 56 57, Track, '55, THOMAS CHARLES GEIST 2109 E. Tioga Street -70095 Academic CAROL FRANCES GERACE 3823 Janice Street Harding Commercial JAMES WM. GIFOLI 1231 E. Luzerne Street Harding Industrial Arts MARGARET ANN GILLMER 6233 Cottage Street Harding Academic Receptionist Club, IZB, Sock Er Buskin, IOA-IZB, Friendship Club, IZA, IZB, Future Teachers Club, IIB-IZB, Office Aides, IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, Swimming Club, IIB, High Way Edi- torial Staff, IZA, Frolics, IOB, IZB, Christmas Pageant, IZA, Y-Teen, IZA, IZB. BARBARA ANN GILMORE 1308 Arrott Street Harding Commercial Business Managers, IZB, Student Board, IOA, Friendship Club, IOB, IIA, Future Teachers Club, IIB. CAROLE ELLEN GLAUSMAN 888 Anchor Street Fels Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Senior Prorn Dance Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOB, Charter Member, Recording Secretary, Danaides, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Sock G- Buskin, IZA, IZB, Dancing Club, IOB-IIB, Friendship Club, IOA, Future Teachers Club, IIB-IZB, Office Aides, IIB-IZB, Scribes, IZA, IZB, High Way Editorial Staff, IIB-IZB, Junior Prom, IIB, English Office Aides, IZA, IZB, Second Page Editor of High Way, IZB, J V. Hockey, '56 ,sl 6-I ffgrcgfwv ' . 44, sy -1 , ia. f 4' ff l ' IZ ,2f Q -Q 5, , '40 I LS it ' IZ' A r ' f , 'D Ox X L-tv . f I , il, I2 9 , my C , ,.,. f ,WH -- fy, M f,, 7 1 , rf Ninety-four as ..l CHARLOTTE GOODMAN 5424 Charles Street Hvfdino Commercial Friendship Club, IOB, DONNA LEE GORSKI 5115 Roosevelt Boulevard Harding Vocational Art Friendship Club, IOA, Future Teachers Club, IOA, IOB, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IOB-IZA, High Way Business Staff, IZB, Thana- topsis Club, IIA-IZB, Frankford Service Club, IZA, IZB, Maior Letters, '57, '58, Co-captain of goyor Guard, '58, '59, Color Guard, '57- JAMES D. GRAHAM 946 Carver Street Fels Academic Student Board, IZB, Thirteen Club, IZB, AA, Representative, IIA. Second Baseball, '57, Varaity Basket- ball, '56-'59, Schools an Parade, '58, JOHN T. GRAHAM 946 Carver Street Fels Academic A.A. Representative, IOA, High Way Business Staff, IIB, Second Football, '56, Second Basket- ball, '56, Varsity Basketball, '57,-'59, Minor Leter, '58, Major Letter, '58, '59, VIRGINIA LOUISE GRAY 2052 Sanger Street Harding Academic Student Board, IZA, Danoides, IZB, Sock G Buskin, IZB, Offices Aides, IZB, Ushers Association, IOB-IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, IIB, Library Aides, IIA, IIB, English office Aide, IZB, '58, Co-Captain, '58. CAROL ANN GREEN 5831 Penn Street Fels Commercial KENNETH ALBERT GREEN 7954 Ridgeway Street Wilson Industrial Arts .Student Board, IOA-llB, Button Cam- mittee, IZA. RUTH E. GREVERIS ' 3421 Germantown Avenue P 9 Harding Commercial Orchestra, IOA, IGB. , 5, A R' 'B 'B' PAUL A. GRIFFIN 8226 Jeanes Street Wilson Industrial Arts Trip Committee, IZB, AA. Representa- tive, IIA. , Track, '59, Swimming, '58, '59, W. C A, ,k4. an ,W 5 is ' 4 ' ,, as f it f , V M i :kv 'fe I ,rf J' 'z r iv? 'G '- CARL J. GROFF, JR. 2828 E. Castor Avenue Jones Industrial Arts Bowling, '57, '58. RAYMOND FRANCIS GWYNN 4042 Markland Street Harding Industrial Arts Band, llA, Numerals, '57, Minor Letter, '58. as Se. f I . . ' ix ELAINE L. HAEBERLE X 1 3930 Glendale Street X x Harding Commercial 1 Ninety-tive E JOSEPH RICHARD HAGGERTY I537 East Luzerne Street Hafding Commercial AA. Representative, ICB- l ZA. ELAINE E, HAMPSTEAD 3406 Hartville Street Stetson Commercial RUSSELL HASTINGS 827 Passmore Street Fels Academic ELOISE E. HAUG 4784 Richmond Street Harding Commercial Softball, '57, '59, Volley Ball, '57, '59, Namerals, '58 RUTH ELAINE HAWKINS 5922 Belden Street Fels Commercial Record Book Editor, IZB, Receptionist Chats, IZB. Hockey, '56-'58, Basketball, '57-'59' Name-rats, Charm, Mayor Letter l-lackeyi '57, '58, Malor Letter Basketball, '58, '59, CAROL ANNE HAWTHORNE 3906 "K" Street Harding General Sock Er Baskin, IOA,-llB, Frrendsnip Club, ICA-IIB, Valley Belt, '57, CAROL ANN HAYES 1815 Chandler Street Rockledge Jr. High General Rockledge, Pa. Receptionist Club, IZB, Medical Club, IIA, IIB, Sock C1 Buskin, IOA-IIB, 1213, Dancing Club, IOA, Friendship Club, IOA, IOB, Future Teachers Club, IOA-IIB, IZB, Office Aides, IOB, Spring Show, IOB Leaders, '58, '59, Color Guard, '58, '59, Numerals, '59. NANCY DEAN HECKROTH 1123 Fanshawe Street Felg Academic A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, BARBARA ANN HEMPEL 603 E. Allegheny Avenue Stetson Academic Receptionist Club, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-1213, Medical Club, IIA, IIB, Secretary, Sock C1 Buskin, IOA, Organ Club, IOA-IZB, Friendship Club, IOA, IOB, Future Teachers Club, IOB-IZB, A.A. Representative, IOB-IZA, High Way Rep- resentative, IOA, IIB, 1213, A.A, Coun- cil, IIB-IZB, AA, Ticket Booth, IOB-IZB, English Office Aides, IZB. Hockey, '57, Numerols, '57. JEANETTE C. HERBERT 1327 E. Lycoming Street Harding General EDWARD P. HILFERTY 5124 Leiper Street Harding Industrial Arts Second Basketball, '57, '58, Tennis, '57- '59, Minor Letters, '57, '58, Major Letter, '59 RALPH A. HILL 1703 Meadow Street Harding Academic Business Managers, 128, 1 -f ,, ff f , , I Z 5 Ninety-six CHARLENE G. HOEZ 2831 Lardner Street H0fdlfl9 Commercial Swimming Team, '57-'59, CAROLYN ANN HOFFMAN 1122 Bridge Street Hufding General High Way Representative, IZA, High Way Service Club, I2A, I2B, High Way Business Staff, IZA, IZB, Bowling Club, IOA-I2B. Bowling, '57-'59, Numerals, '57, Letter, '58, '59 RACHEL JEAN HONEGGER 1220 Haworth Street Hflfding Academic Dancing Club, IOB-IZB, Friendship Cgigb, IOB, Future Teachers Club, IIA- Maior Letter, '58, Leaders, '56-'59, Hockey '58, Basketball, '57-'59, Soft- ball, '58, '59, Numerals, '58, Maior Letter Basketball, '59 MARGARET CHRISTINA HOPKINS 6160 Newtown Avenue Fels Commercial Receptionist Club, IZB. Basketball, '58, WILLIAM V. HOSTELLEY, JR. 643 Washington Lane Harding Academic Student Board, IOA, A.A, Representa- tiye, IIB. Ciolf, '58, '59 VIRGINIA DARE HUDSON 4620 N. Ninth Street Fels Commercial JOHN LOUIS ILKO 5922 Rising Sun Avenue Fels Academic Swimming, '57, '58 MARY ELIZABETH INGRAM 4801 Roosevelt Boulevard Harding Vocational Art Future Teachers Club, 118. PATRICIA ANN JANKOWSKI 6921 Rutland Street Wilson Academic Senior Luncheon Committee, 1213, Med- ical Club, llA, Friendship Club, IOBQ Future Teachers Club, IOA, IOB, 128, A.A, Representative, l2Aj Library Aides, iOB, Bowling Club, 1OA-1213. RITA ANN .IAXHEIMER 4327 Benner Street Harding Commercial Sock Er Buskin, 10B-IZB, Future Teach- ers Club, IOB-IZB, High Wav Representa- tive, l1A, Service Club, l2B. Leaders, '57, '58 DORIS JEAN JONES 6236 Gillespie Street Harding Commercial Dance Committee, IZA, Swimming Club, llA, LORETTA KAY JORDAN 6110 Lovatt Terrace Felg Commercial -f, E. it Ninety-seven WILLIAM H. KAPPLER 4637 Trevose Road Cornwell Heights, Pa. Harding Industrial Arts VICTOR J. KAUFOLD, Ill 2221 Fuller Street Wilson Trade Preparatory A Cappella Choir, 108, 1lA, l-ligh Way Representative, lOA. WILLIAM KEANE 3415 "B" Street Stetson Commercial ROBERT WILSON KEDDIE 1664 Dyre Street Harding Academic Student Board, ICB, A Cappella Choir, lOA-128, Locker Committee, IZB, Visual Aida, ICB Second Baseball, '58 ALFRED R. KENNEDY, JR. 802 Emerson Street Wilson Academic Cadet Basketball, '57, '53, Track, '57, Numerals, '57, Minor Letter, '58 MARIE ESTELLE KERN 1926 Pratt Street St. Hubert's General Receptionist Club, 12135 Sock G Buskin, IZA, 1213, Friendship Club, llA, 1213, Bowling Club, llA. BARBARA ANN KOBA 2714 Stevens Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, Friendship Club, ICB-IZA, l-lign Way Representative, IIB, Bowling Clab, IGB, Christmas Tea Corn- rnittee, IIA, Junior NOMA, Representa- tire, IZA, IZB, Commercial Departrnent Aide, IZE, Y-Teens Club, IZA IZB FERN A. KOCH 4242 Castor Avenue Girls High Academic IZA Class President, Stlident Board, IIB-IZB, Sock Cr Baskin, ICA-IZB, Fatiire' Teachers Club, IIIA-IZB, AA Representae tive, IIA, President at Sock G Blskin, IZB Leaders, '56-'58, Softball, '57, Valley Brill, '53 I'IlllWQl'CllS, '58 ROLAND RUSSELL KOCH 5048 Homestead Street Harding Industrial Arts Second Football '56, Vrirsitxf Football, '57, '58, Cadet Basketball, '56 Track, '56-'58, lXIlll'1'I0VGlS, '56, Minor Lriltcr, '56- '5H, Major Letter, '57, '58 RICHARD G. KOKAT 2022 Wilmot Street Harding Industrial Arts Bank Representative, lZBg Visual Aids, I IB ALEX R. KOLAJTOWICZ 2635 Pratt Street Wilson Academic Second Football, '56 FRED T. KRAMER 3523 "G" Street Stetson Academic Trip Carnrnittee, IZB, Thirteen Club, IZB, A A Rcpresentative IIA Varsiti, Football, '56-'55 7 -, .21 f "" 1 'Arr' Wolff f 422 RONALD S. KRAVEL 2009 E. Dauphin Street Fels Trade Preparatory Band, IZB Second Football, '57, DAVID S. KREWSON 1151 Brill Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Student Board, IZA, Orchestra, IOA-IIB: Band, IOA-I IB, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, A.A. Representative, IOB Second Soccer, '56, '57, Tennis, '55, Namerols, '56, Minor Letter, '57. BEVERLY ANN LANG 6164 Hegerman Street Harding General Medical Club, IIA, Office Aides, IIA. ROBERT JOSEPH LANZETTA 4216 Lawndale Street Harding Academic LEOPOLD LARKINS 711 W. Tioga Street Cooke Academic Band, ICA, IIB, Schools on Parade. X I Q V I , JOAN LAsKowsKi Q L' X 2703 E. Ontario Street M Jones Commercial if Ninety-eiglit CATHERINE M. LATTARI 4431 Devereaux Street Harding Commercial Future Teachers Club, IZA. Leaders, '57-'59, MARIAN E. LEAHY 5741 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic Student Board, lOA-lZA, Senior Twelve, 1ZB, Honor Society, 1ZA, 1ZB, Ushers As- sociation, 11B-IZB, Coaching Volunteers, 1lB, High Way Representative Staff, 1ZB, High Way Service Club, IOB-IZB, Thana- topsis Club, 10A-lZB, Student Board, 10A Grade Chairman, 11A Treasurer, 11B Sec- retary, lZA Vice-President, High Way Business Staff, 1ZB. Leaders, '57-'59, BARBARA ANN LEBISKY 6257 Algard Street Girls' High Commercial RUTH M. LEGGIERI 1305 Orthodox Street Harding Academic Senior Luncheon Committee, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IOB-118, Ushers Association, 11B-lZB, Hiah Way Representative, IOA. Leaders, '57, '58. STANLEY LITKEWYCZ 5016 N. Seventh Street Northeast Industrial Arts Second Soccer, '56' Varsity Soccer, '57, '58, Minor Letter, '56, Maior Letter, '57, '58 JOHN EDWARD LITZKE 9524 Cowden Street Wilson Academic lZB Class President, Thirteen Club, IZB, Hi h Way Representative, lZA. Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '57, '58, Second Baseball, '57, Varsity Baseball, '58, '59, Varsity Basketball Manager, '59, Minor Letters, '56, '57, Maior Letters, '57-'59, 'A ,,, , P' ,fm ,V 1 -w in f 1 f, if LZ! 4 ,, - i , ii fir, Ninety-nine ARLENE MAY LOVAS 5231 Jackson Street Harding General Dancing Club, lOB, Future Teachers IOB, l1A, High Way Representative, Leaders, '57-'59, CAROL FLORENCE LUCAS 1835 Emerson Street WiiSOI1 Commercial Business Managers, lZB, Medical Club, IOA, Sock Cr Buskin, lOA, lZB, Office Aide, IGB Leaders, '57, '58, Swimming Team, '57, '58, Numerals, '57, '58 BETTY RUTH LUFF 1939 East Tioga Street Jones Academic Future Teachers Club, llA, Leaders, '57-'59 SAMUEL V. MacMASTER, JR. 1669 Orthodox Street Northeast Catholic Academic Library Aides, IZB. CHARLES JAMES MAJERICK 1426 Fanshawe Street Thomas A. Blakelock H, S. Academic Oakville, Ontario, Canada DIANA BARBARA MALINOWSKA 4414 Longshore Avenue Harding Commercial Future Teachers Club, IZA JEANETTE C. MANTON IIOI Devereaux Avenue ' Fels Academic V x Record Book Committee Art Co-Editor, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZB, A Cappella Choir, , IOB-IZA, Designed Senior Class Button. , f f Z 7 'M tr fi g ! , ,, x JANET B. MARSHALL Carl Mackley Apts., M ond Bristol Streets Saint Hubert's Commercial , X57 WILLIAM MARSHALL 5334 Akron Street 45 Harding Academic Second Baseball, '56, Second Soccer, '57, Varsity Soccer, '58, Minor Letter, '57, Major Letter, '58 MARJORIE ELLEN MATTES 8806 Revere Street Fels Academic Senior Twe've, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Organ Club, IOA-IZB, School Organist, IZA, IZB, Choir Accompanist, IIA-IZB, All Philadelphia Senior High Choir, IIB-l2B rw , if ELSIE MATUS , S350 Saul Street if Ha,-ding Academic it Z ij Future Teachers Club, IOA, IOB, Bank , Representative, IOB-IZB, AA Representa- ,. u tive, IOA, Swimming Club, IIB Auf Eli .y f x ig , 1 WILLIAM H. MCBRATNEY 3458 Tampa Street Stetson GGDGYUI A Cappella Choir, IOA-IZA, Track, '53 f One Hundred CLAIRE MARIE McCALL 2515 Emerald Street Jones Academic A Cappella Choir, IOB-l2B, Dancing Club, IOB-IZA, l-ligh Wav Representative, IIA, Service Club, IIA-IZB, Vice-Presi- dent School Store, IZB MARGARET CLAIRE McCAY 2026 Bridge Street Harding General Student Board, lOA, Dancing Club, IOB-IZB, Friendship Club, IOA, Future isgchers Club, IOB, School Store, IZA, Hockey, '57, HUGH ALAN MCCONAGHIE 6640 Large Street Fels Academic Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '57, '58, Second Baseball, '56, CHARLES MCCONNELL 402 Magee Avenue Fels General Gymnastics, '58, '59 WILLIAM H. MCCONNELL 5014 Jackson Street Harding Industrial Arts VERONICA MCCONOMY 2069 E. Allegheny Avenue Hollohon General CHARLES McGLYNN 1707 Scattergood Street Harding Industrial Arts DENESE JEAN McLEOD 5164 Akron Street Harding General Medical Club, IIA, 11B, Friendship Club, IOA, Frankford Forum, 11A I-lockey, '56, Basketball, '56-'58, Soft- bzgl,5'57-'59, Volley Ball, '58, Numerals, '5 -' 7. JOHN RONALD MCLEOD 5164 Akron Street Harding Academic Band, IOA, IOB, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, AA. Representative, IIB. Second Football, '57, Varsity Football, '58, Track, '57-'59, Numerals, '57, Minor Letters, '57, '58, Maior Letter, '59, Gym- nastics, '59. ANN A. McNAUL 835 Medway Road Fels Commercial Receptionist Club, IZB, Future Teachers Club, IIB, AA. Representative, IZB, Leaders, '57-'59, CAROLE E. MENK 4012 Higbee Street Harding Commercial Office Aides, IOB, Bowling Club, llA. Leaders, '58, BONETA SUE METZ 1217 Overington Street Harding Academic Student Board, IOA-IIA, IZA, Danaides, IZB, A Cappella Choir, 10B-IZB, Future Teachers Club, IOA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IIB, Thanatopsis Club, IOB-IZB. Girls' Gymnastics, Leaders, '57-'59, , , ! yo, 2 ,px ga ""v' 7 W 'W' ff , 457' 4 . ,f 5 X , fr 5:- 452 ZW 2 3, '. M 'fray ,W .0 ,f f W s I, I 'A' v. ' ' ,W C ' ,WA -- if ii?-,iii ' 2: , A One Hundred One 4, ELAINE JOAN MEYERS 5225 Burton Street Harding Commercial FAITH ARLENE MIDDLETON 1522 Magee Avenue Fels Commercial Senior Twelve, IZB, Sock Cr Buskin, IOB-IIB, Dancing Club, IIB-IZB, Coach- ing Volunteers, 11B-IZB, Commercial De- partment Aide, 123, N OM A. Representa- tive, IZA, IZB. RANDALL ALAN MILLER 2011 Devereaux Avenue Harding Academic NANCY CLAIRE MITCHELL 4840 Mulberry Street Harding Academic Future Teachers Club, IOB, Office Aides, llB, IZA. Bowling, IZB THOMAS P. MOFFSES 1216 Foulkrod Street Episcopal Academy, Merian, Pa. Academic Dance Committee, IZA, A Cappella Chair, llA-lZB, Medical Club, IIA, IIB, Sock G Buskin, IIA-IZB, Locker Cam- mittee, IZB, Office Aides, IZB, High Way Service Ciub, IZA, School Store, IZA, IZB Second Soccer, '57, Tennis, '58, Minor Letter, '58, Table Tennis, '58 EDWARD M. MONTGOMERY 5636 Miriam Road Eels Academic A Cappella Chair, 10A-IZB, Office Aides, ICB-IIB, AA Representat ve, IOB- IIB, Proiectianist lOB, 1IA, Banking Aides, 1lA, 11B Second Soccer, '57 PATRICIA D. MORRISON 4626 Ditman Street Harding Academic A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Medical Club, IIA, IIB, Library Aides, IOA, IOB, English Office Aides, IZA, Secretary of Y-Teens Club, IOB-IZB, Senior Button Committee, IZA, All Philadelphia Senior High Chorus, IOA-IIB, Valley Ball, '58, Numerals, '59, DONALD FRANCIS MULLEN 984 East Godfrey Avenue Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Band IZB, Service Club, IZB, High Woy Business Staff, IZB, Fencing, '57-'59, HELEN ANNE MULLINEAUX 1403 Friendship Street Wilson Academic Receptionist Club, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOA-IZB, Medical Club, IIB, Sock C1 Buskin, IIB-IZB, Organ Club, IOA- IZB, Future Teachers Club, IOA, IOB, Office Aides, IIB-IZB, High Way Repre- sentative, IZB, Scribes, IZB, Christmas Pageant, IOA, IIA, IZA, Spring Frolics, IOB, IZB, Schools On Parade, IIB, High Way Editorial Staff, IZA, IZB. Leaders, '57-'59, WILLIAM MUNZ 734 E. Tioga Street Stetson Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Thirteen Club, IZB, A.A. Representative, IIB, IZA Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '22, Minor Letter, '56, Major Letters, OGDEN G. NACKONEY 945 Fillmore Street Harding Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Orchestra, IOA- IIA, High Way Business Staff, IOA-IIA, Science Club, IOB-IZB, Second Soccer, '56, '57, Varsity Soccer, Basketball Timer, '57-'59, Track, '57- PAUL J. NEALE 7I5 West Allegheny Avenue Stetson Industrial Arts Q f .iii li S t e 11, I One Hundred Two it 9440 CAROLYN H. NEBEL 4779 Milnor Street Harding Academic Student Board, IIB, Sock 6 Buskin, ICB, Friendship C.ub, IOB, Future Teach- ers Club, IIA, Ushers Association, IOB- IZB, A.A Representative, IIA, Way Representative, IOB, Student Board Dance Committee, IIB Leaders, '57, '58, JUDITH A. NELSON II03 Dyre Street Harding Academic Senior Twelve President, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, Coaching Volunteers, IOB-IZB, Bank Representative, IIA-IZB, Swimming Team, '57-'59, CORNELIUS J. NOE 4620 Vankirk Street Harding Trade Preparatory Second Football, '57, '58, Track, '57, ELOIS NOLAN 4816 Tackawanna Street Harding Commercial Swimming Club, IOB. Numerals, '58. THEODORE PETER OAKES 2875 Hedley Street Harding Trade Preparatory LINDA MAE O'BRIEN 909 Fanshawe Street Fels Academic Dancing Club, IOA-IIB, Friendship Club, IOA, IOB, Future Teachers Club, IZB, Office Aides, IZB, Swimming Club, IOA, IOB, Bowling Club, IZB, Leaders, '58, JUDITH OPPENHEIMER 847 Scattergood Street Fels Academic Medical Club, IOA, Sock C1 Buskin, IOB, IIA, Friendship Club, IZA, Future Teachers Club, IIA, IZB, Swzmming Club, IOB, Bowling Club, IZA, LAWRENCE PALICKI 4481 E. Thompson Street Harding General Bowling, '58, '59. MARY ROSE PANEBIANCO' 4416 Devereaux Street Harding Commercial Medical Club, IIB, Office Aides, IOB- IIB, JOAN M. PAPA 4825 Melrose Street Harding Commercial Business Managers, IZB, Orpheus Club, IOB-IZB, Sock C1 Buskin, IOBAIZB, Danc- ing Club, IOB-IZB, Friendship Club, IOA- IIA, Future Teachers Club, IOB-IIB, Office Aides, IOB-IZB, Y-Teen Club Vice- President, IIB-IZB, Christmas Show, IOA, IIA, IZA, Spring Show, IOB-IZB, Schools On Parade, IIB. EDWARD R. PASTERNAK 869 Scottergood Street Fels Vocational Fencing, '58, Minor Letter, '58, CLARE LOUISE PATCHELL 1342 Englewood Street Wilson Accdemfc Record Book Committee, IZB, Senior Prom Dance Committee, IZA, Charter Member, Vice-President, Danaidcs, IZB, Receptionist Club, IOA, IOB, Medical Club, IOA, Sock C1 Buskln, ICA, IOB, Locker Committee, IOB-IZB, Office Aides Gym, IZA, Ushers Assoclation, IIA-IZB, High Way Representative, IOB-I IB, Scribes, IIA-IZB, Thanatopsis Club, IOA-IZB, Treasurer, IZA, IZB, High Way Editorial Staff, IIA-IZB, Second Page Editor High Way, IZA, Third Page Editor High Way, IZB, Frankford Service Club, IIA-IZB, Spring Frolics, IOB-IZB. Leaders, '56, Cheerleaders, '57, '58 1, if 1 Y jf ,. "f 1 ,,... Z , yrs 499 , 4 X W X rf , 1 X if ,, A ik fy ,- V 21, r' 5 r 7 ' N , .I M69 ,wwf QW' r 4: 7 Uh. fr? X Y ff 1 i ,,- f G . , f X 1 2 , , Q W-7 One Hundred Three GEORGINE PATRICK 5409 Akron Street Harding Academic Trip Committee IZB, Student Board IIB, Danaides, IZB Receptionist Club IZB, A Cappella Char IZA, IZB, Med- ICOI Club, IIB, Stick C7 BIISIQIVI I2 A, IZB, Friendship Club, ICB, Future Teachcrs A A A Cub, IBB, Office Aides IIB IZB T Representative, ICA, MB, I-Ivh Wa. Representative, IZA, Scribes IZA IZB, First Page Editor IZB, Hith Wa Edi- torial Staff, IIB-IZB, Christmas Sho.: IZA, Schools On Parade IIB, iprmg Fralics, IZB Basketball, JAMES W. PAULITS 871 Bridge Strcet Fels Industrial Arts ANN PENTECOST 5280 Burton Street Commercial MARY ANN PETRISHIN 2155 Tyson Avenue WiISGl1 Commercial Orphcus Club, IZA, Friendshi p CI b IIIB-I IB, Office Aides, IZA, A A RODVCP scntatlye, IIB, Y-Tccn Club, IZA, IZB Horrors, ICA-IZA THELMA JOAN PHILO 6842 Oxford Avenue u, Fels Commercial LEON R. POPIELARSKI 2701 Bridge Street Father Judge Industrial Arts JAMES L. PORTER, JR. 2024 Orthodox Street Harding Industrial Arts mgcience Club, IZA, 1213, Cness Club, Tennis, '57, '59, Gymnastics, '58, '59, GEORGE JAMES POWELL 4114 Paul Street Harding Industrial Arts LORNA B. C. POWIDZKI 4037 Higbee Street Harding General A Cappella Chair, llA-l2B, Dancing Club, IOA-IZA, Office Aides, IOB-1213, High Way Representative, 1213. Numerals, '57, Major Letter, '58, l-lockey, '57, '58 RICHARD C. PULACZEWSKI 3265 Salmon Street Jones General JACQUELINE LEE PULCINI 1731 Fillmore Street Harding Commercial HELEN VIRGINIA QUERNS 6237 Charles Street Harding Commercial Bowling Club, '57-'59 Bowling Team, '58, '59, it , , Q K I P ff x, C M' , 5 it JOAN ANN QUIGG 4216 "K" Street xx Sf Harding Commercial M , ef X., ai 1 I 'Tl SANDRA RAINEY gf, L 327 Fanshaw Street X l Fels Commercial . A , , BARBARA ETHEL REED . V 3420 Jasper Street , Jones Academic Office Aides, 1213, Swimming Club, 11B Leaders, '57-'59, Q' I , A , fra., ,. ,,,,,,, , ,,,, , ff, 'fwfi CAROLANN REED 3515 Emerald Street Jones Commercial Ziriendsilnip Club, IOA, Frankford Y-Teen, l . mf, I i X vm! W f DAVID N, REIFF WK 567 E. Sanger Street Fels Industrial Arts Second Football, '57, '53, Second Bas- ketball, '58, ARDELE L. REISNER 319 Devereaux Street Fels Commercial Christmas Tea Committee, 1lA, , V he E' ', .Ar f We One Hundred Four WILLIAM DENNIS RENN 4046 "O"' Street Harding Trade Preparatory ROBERTA D. REVEL 4542 Howell Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, IZA, IZB, Orpheus Club, IOB-IZB, Sock Cr Busk n, IOB-IZB, Dancing Club, IIB, IZA, Friendship Club, IOA-IIA, Future Teachers Club, IOB, Office Aides, IIA, AA Representative, IIB, Christmas Tea, IIA, IZA, Spring Show, IOB, Schools On Parade, IIB, Christmas Pageant, IZA, Y-Teen Club, IIB-IZB tPresidentI, High Way Editorial Staff, IIA, IIB. JOHN R. RICE 5124 Tulip Street Harding Industrial Arts MARYANN RIDDLE 4546 E. Thompson Street Harding Commercial Senior Luncheon Committee, IZB. FLORENCE MAY ROBERTS 4641 Worth Street Harding Commercial Receptionist Club, IZB. Minor Letter, '57, Malor Letter, '58, Hockey, '56-'58, Basketball, '56-'58, Soft- ball, '57, '58, PEGGY JOYCE ROBERTS 1722 Orthodox Street 7 Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, IOB. ,T X 445 Q an can ' f ,ssfaf If 'I 14,4 5 ff ,iff I X r 2 42 1 pr 7 W 7 'I , U ,f Y ,Z ,, ,L f' ff" ' I - te I, 77 ,fr , M1 in-q.. X , 5 One Hundred Five JAMES E. ROGGE 3352 N. Kip Street Stetson Academic Second Baseball, '53 ALAN ROSSIN 2228 E. Venango Street Jones Academic THOMAS J. ROTCHFORD 4050 Ormond Street Harding TPMC Business Managers, IZB RICHARD H, RUSSELL 6822 Large Street Wilson Industrial Arts Second Football, '57, '58, Numerals, '57 '58 ROSA E. RUSSO 5245 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial AA Representative, IOA, IOB, IZA, I-ligh Way Representative, IIA, CHARLES SCHANZ 4308 Claridge Street Jones General ERICA L. SCHEUERMANN 308 Magee Avenue Fels Commercial DONALD A. SCHOENLY Herschel Road Wilson Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Orchestra, IOA-IZB, Band, IOA-IZB. Second Basketball, '57, Varsity Bos- ketball, '58, '59, Cross Country, '58, Track, '57-'59, Tennis, '57-'59, SONJA ELISABETH SCHWAIGER 4121 Comly Street Harding Commercial Record Book Committee, IZB, Orpheus Club, IIA, A Cappella Choir, IZA, IZB. ERNEST F. SCHWOEBEL 878 Carver Street Fels Commercial JOHN SCHULTICE 3449 Amber Street Jones Trade Preparatory Track, '59, ELIZABETH D. SCINICARIELLO 5234 Saul Street Harding Academic Honor Society, IZA, IZB, Medical Club, IIA, Coaching Volunteers, IOB-IZ8, Li- brary Aides, IOA-IZB, Swimming Club, IIB, Y-Teens, IZB, English Department Aide, IZB, Spring Fashion Shaw, IGB. I Xi? ij V' I .i 'A if sf E A Q N' fx S 1 X Q W ' xy A 6 'fx f 1 Q W X Z l C- A t , Zak w, Yr: ,f s W' . ... , X . Q ,f 7: Z X, , Q sr , ,f 0' I I Q fm Sf Q9 f I 5 , i W, . , f A sf ' ww Y , ,Z Z f 3 ,..i ,rw Us ,Zee-f ff f , KS, One Hundred Six BEVERLY M. SHAEFFER 1622 Dyre Street Harding Academic JOAN E. SHAFFER 1103 E. Cheltenham Avenue Fels Commercial Dancing Club, IIA, IZB, AA Repre- sentative, IZA, Swimming Club, IIB. Leaders, '57, C. DAVIES SHALLCROSS 5434 Charles Street Harding Vocational Art Second Soccer, '57, Crass Country, '58, Minor Letter, '57, Track, '57-'59, Nu- merals, '59, Fencing, '58, Major Letter, '58, Gymnastics, '59, Numerals. RICHARD SHARP 4044 "K" Street Harding General VIRGINIA G. SHAUD 3337 N. Lee Street Stetson Academic Medical Club, IIA, Sock G Buskin, IOA-I IA, Future Teachers Club, IOB, IIA, IZA, Y-Teens, IZA, IZB, SANDRA CAROL SHAW 4922 Garden Street Harding Academic Student Board, IOB, IZA, IZB, l-lonor Society, IZA, IZB, Coaching Volunteers, IZA, IZB, A.A. Representative, ICA, High Way Representative, IIB, Christmas Tea Committee, IZA, English Department Aide, IZB, Y-Teens, IZB. Leaders, '57, Hockey, '56-'58, Softball, '57, Numerals, '56-'58, MARY ROSE SIEGNER 1604 Brill Street Harding Commercial RITA ANN SIEMIENSKI 2001 E. Birch Street Jones Academic Art Co-Editor, IZB, Senior Luncheon Committee, IZB, Danaides, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-l2B, Sock 6 Busikin, IIB, Future Teachers Club, IIAAIZB, Coaching Volunteers, IOA-IIB, AA. Representative, IGB, IIB, High Way Representative, IZA, Library Aides, ICA, IGB, Bowling Club, IOA-IIB, School Store, IZA, IZB. Leaders, '57-'59, Maiorettes, '58, Bowling, '57, CONSTANCE J. SINDA 3622 Edgemont Street Jones Commercial Student Board, IOA, CAROLE PAULINE SLIWKA 4104 Higbee Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, IIB, Friendship Club, llB, Office Aides, IOA, AA, Rcp- resentative, IOB. BARBARA l. SMITH 3408 Tampa Street Stetson General Medical Club, IIB. BEVERLY CAROLIN SMITH 4717 Salem Street Harding Commercial Office Aides, IZA, IZB, Library Aides, IIA-l2B, Junior Achievement, IlA, IIB ff. f Q ,f it f '4 X x5 if WMM if ,, W 0 Z 1 , ,Wm 1 W ff , ,nw Z i X l if "' ,y ' has if iz 1 X l Mft- f ' AMW f W t M, ,fc 4 3 One 'Hundred Seven DOROTHY A. SMITH I2Z6 Fanshawe Street Fels Commercial High Way Representative, IOB MARK R. SMITH 93I Granite Street Fels Industrial Arts Thirteen Club, IZB Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '57, '58, Second Basketball, '56, Varsity Basketball, '57-'59, Track, '59 JANE ADAIR SNYDER 612 Devereaux Avenue Fels Commercial JANE ANN SNYDER I044 E. Cheltenham Avenue Fels Academic Medical Club, IIA, IIB, Dancing Club, IOA-IIB, Future Teachers Club, IZA, IZB, Literary Aides, IOA, Schools On Parade, Numerals, '57, Minor Letter, '58, Ma or Letter, '59, Leaders '57-'59, Hockey, '56- '58, Basketball, '56-'59, Softball, '57- '59 MARILYN E. STEINER 59II Shisler Street Fels Commercial WILLIAM L. STEVENSON 669 Waring Street Fels Industrial Arts Second Football, '56, Varsity Football, '57 '58 GAIL SUSAN ST. GEORGE 5309 Oakland Street Harding General Receptionist Club, IIB-IZB, Future Teachers C'ub, IZB, English Aid, IIA, ELEANOR ANNA STRAIN 4518 Benner Street HOI'dil19 General Office Aides., IOA, IOB, AA Represent- ative, IOA, Library Aides, IOA, CAROL ANN STREHLE 3480 Emerald Street Jones Academic KARL WAYNE STROBEL 3423 Helen Street Jones General RUTH FRANCES STUHL 4930 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial Library Aides, IOB. JEANNE SULESKI 3010 Richmond Street Jones Academic Senior Twelve, IZB, Treasiurer, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, Vice-President, Clet Club, IIA-IZB, Sec- retary, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZA, Sock Cr Buskin, IOA-IZB, AA. Representative, IIA, IIB, High Way Representative, IOA, IOB, IZB, Frankford Forum, IIA, Secre- tary, Bowling C'ub, IZA, IZB, AA Coun- cil, IZA, IZB, Secretary, High Way Editorial Staff, IIA-IZB, Department Head Aide, IZA, IZB, Coaching Volun- teersi, IIA, Frankford Frolics, IOB, IZB, Christmas Shovv, IIA, IZA, Vocalist with Dance Band, IOB-IZB Bowling, '59 3 ,E 2? S' X W. 9 . 1 , My 4, , S' N . .-,f f 'V I, , "ff sy' ,lr Q' if ' ff, , Z N2 3 ,,,, f, W M W Q 1, l 1 -N W i, ,.--.K X Jfgffflttffi-VW . , K, W inn 7 1 f X X , ,J sy f , 4 , km f f -, , , ri 1 1 X V Z One Hundred Eight CARL W. SWENSON 4124 Howell Street Harding Academic Swimming, '57, Numerals, '57. ELAYNE B. SZYNAL 4237 Bennington Street Harding Commercial Receptionist Club, IZB, Sock Cr Buskin, IOA-IIA, Friendship Club, IOB, IZB, Future Teachers Club, IOB-IIA, IZB, Office Aides, IOB, IIB, AA. Representa- tive, IOA, IOB, Library Aides IIB, Frolics, IOB, Gym Office Aide, IZB. Leaders, '57, '58, MARILYN TERWILLIGER 3581 Richmond Street Jones Commercial A Cappella Choir, IIA, Sock Buskin, IZB, Organ Club, IIA, IIB, Senior Prom Committee, IZA, JOHN WILLIAM THOMAS 4450 Griscom Street Harding General Student Board, IOA, Orchestra, IOA- IZB, Band, IOA-l2B, Minor Letter, Band, '56, Major Letters, Band, '57, '58, JEAN MARIE THORPE 2077 Kennedy Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IOB, IIA. NORMA ANITA TIANO 1626 E. Hunting Park Avenue Harding Commercial A.A. Representative, IIB. GERALDINE TOWARNICKI 4727 Milnor Street H0fdln9 Commercial Friendship Club, IOB. GAIL CHRISTINE TREMER 4251 Ormond Street Harding Academic Danaides, IZB, Orpheus Club, IIB, Medical Club, IIA, Sock E1 Buskin, IOA- IZB, Dancing Club, IOA-IIB, Friendship Club, ICA-IIB, High Way Representative, tie, High Way staff, IZA, IZB, Ehghsh Department Head Aide, IZA, IZB Apparatus, '57, Leaders, '57-'59, DENNIS D. TREUDE 4345 Leiper Street Harding Commercial LYNN MARSHA UFFNER IOI5 E. Cheltenham Avenue Fels Academic Medical Club, IIB, Dancing Club, ICA- IZB, Office Aides, IIA, AA Representa- tive, IZA, High Way Represrentahye, IZB, Library Aides, IOA, IOB, Aide for Dr Sterner, IZA Leaders, '57-'59, Hockey, '56, '58, Bas- ketball, '57, '59, Softball, '57, '58 GEORGE M. ULMER, JR. 50I4 Saul Street Penn Treaty Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Varsity Football, '57, '58, Second Base- ball, '57, Varsity Baseball, '58, '59, Var- sity Basketball, '57-'59, Minor Letters, '57, '58, Major Letters, '58, '59 BETTE MAE UMHOLTZ 5409 Tackawanna Street Harding Commercial Orchestra IOA, Dancina Club, IOA-IIB, School Store, IZA, IZB, Christmas Pageant IOA, IIA. ner' Q V I if Z f MAN r", N I 1. 49 1' 1 W, ' I , 3 Q We 'tim . One Hundred Nine SARAH VALLONE 3648 Frankford Avenue Ehghsh Aide, ICA lor Letter, '59, a 'eg , ' I ' , Q 9 K V J JONES Commercial j MO, i V l BClll Sh SQ DIANE THERESA VISCO 2756 E. Pacific Street Janes Academic Senior Trip Committee, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, Future Teachers Club, ICB-IIA, Office Aides, ICA Leaders, '57, '58, Basketball, '57, Softe ball, '57, Numerals, '57, LAWRENCE VON HARTLEBEN 5046 Charles Street Harding Commercial GERALDINE MARY WADDELL I726 Gillingham Street Harding Commercial Medical Club, IOA, MICHAEL L. WALKER IZI4 Harrison Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, IZA, Student Board, ICA-IZB Presaent IZB, Thirteen Club, IZB, A Cappella Chair, ICAAIZB, Thana- topsis C'L.b IIA-IZB Track '57, '58, Nigmerals, '58, Minor Letter, '57 LESLIE M. WALTON ZI30 Fraley Street Harding Academic Student Board IZA, IZB, A Cappel'a ChO.r IIA-IZB, Medical Club IZB, Fu- ture Teachers Club, IZB, AA ReDfGSEfliC1- tive, ICA, High Way Representative ICB, Chnstmas Pageant, IOA, IIA IZA, Spring Show, IZB, English Office Aide, IZB Swimming Team '57, Nurherals '57 WILLIAM F. WARD 4805 Alcott Street Harding Academic mgtudent Board, IOB, Thirteen Club, second Football, '57, second Baseball, '57, Cross Country, '58, Track, '59. MARGARET ANNE WATERMAN 5029 Valley Street Harding Commercial WAYNE WILLIAM WEAVER 6506 Montour Street Fels Academic A Cappella Choir, TCA-l2B CAROL ANN WEEKS ll26 Anchor Street Harding Academic Student Board, llA, HB, Senior Twelve, l2B, Future Teachersl Club, IIA, A,A, Representative, IOA, Service Club, llA- l2B, President-Manager, IZB, l-ligh Wav Business Staff, llA-IZB, Circulation Man- ager, IZA, TZB, Schools On Parade, llB, Welfare Committee, IIB, Christmas Tea Committee, llA Leaders, '57-'59, Basketball, '56-'59J Numerals, '57, '58 JOHN RICHARD WEGGEL 6237 Shelbourne Street Fels Industrial Arts Honors, lOA-l2A PATRICIA L. WEIDNER 6318 Large Street Fels Commercial Office Aides, TOA, TCB YF' Man- XX fs ,Q ws All . .. .- f t at if we 4 W ff ' A 'X A .ff X - is S 2 ,, f W, I I 1, ,X -7 f an I :SS , , rg.. l. 1 . . , w One Hundred Ten 1 .wh PAUL RAYMOND WELKER 818 Unruh Street Fels Academic Second Basketball, '57, '58, Varsity Basketball, '59, Tennis, '57 BETTE WHILLDIN 2085 E. Atlantic Street Beeber Music Band, lOA-llB, A Cappella Choir, llB, A A, Representative, IOA-l lA. CAROL WHITEHEAD 4256 Frankford Avenue Harding Commercial JUDITH A. WHITENACK T543 Stevens Street Fels General Medical Club, llA, HB, Future Teach- crs Club, IZA, l2B, Office Aides, IOA, llA, llB, l-ligh Way Representative, lOA, lOB IZA, Swimming Club llB IZB, Eng- lish Office Aide, l2A, IZB, Schools On Parade, llB, Leaders, '57-'59, l-lockey, '56-'59, Bas- ketball, '57-'59, Softball, '57, CHARLES WIDDIS T200 E. Sanger Street Fels Industrial Arts ELFRIEDE WIEDENMANN 610 Robbins Avenue Fels General RUSSELL WILKEY 5690 Rising Sun Avenue Fels Trade Preparatory THOMAS G. WILLIAMS I3I0 E. Columbia Avenue Penn Treaty Industrial Arts Student Board, IOB, Thirteen Club, IZB, Honor Society, IZA, President, IZB, Band, IOB-IZB, Stage Crew, IIA-IZB, Manager, IZB, Science Club, IIB-IZB, President, IZB, Christmas Show, IIA-IZA, Schools On Parade, IIB, Coaching Vol- unteers, IOB-IIB. VENICE L, WILLIAMS l62I Orthodox Street Harding General JOAN 1. WITCZAK 3589 Allen Street Harding Commercial Future Teachers Club, IIB. ETHEL V. WITTS 603I Augustus Street FEIS Commercial SHIRLEY LANA WOLFSFELD 2505 E. Venongo Street Jones Academic Senior Luncheon Committee, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Sock C1 Baskin, IIA, IIB, Future Teachers Club, IIA-IZB, Office Aides, IOA, IOB, Coaching Volun- teers, IIA-IZB, l-ligh Way Representative, IIB, Bowling Club, IOA-llB, English Office Aide, IZA, IZB, Spring Show, IZB, Christmas Pageant, IOA, IIA, IZA. Leaders, '57-'59, Swimming Team, '56, Bowling, '56, '57, Numerals, '56, 1 il J at 'Q , V' Z i 1 7 i z i vw. 4 l V ,w x ' q A 4 , 1 If A f , ff ' f ' ff gi P' ' ,f . fel f , . V One Hundred Eleven GERTRUDE WORRALL 3932 Arcadia Street H0Vdi"'9 Commercial LOUIS HENRY WYDRO 5033 Ditman Street Harding Academic Business Managers, IZB bOSleco5ng3l Football, '56, '57, Second Base- MICHAEL PAUL YENCHA l358 Harrison Street Hafdlng Trade Preparatory Orchestra, IOA-IZA, Band, IOA-IIA, IZA, IZB, Dance Band IOA-IZB Second Basketball, '58 RONALD JAMES YOUNG 535 Robbins Street Fels General FREDERICK C. ZELL 5837 Saul Street Fels Academic Record Book Comittee, IZB, A Cappella Choir, IlA-IZB Second Baseball, '56, Second Soccer, '56, '57, Varsity Soccer, '58, Fencing, '56, Numerafs, '56, Minor Letters, '56, '57, Mayor Letter, '58 ELAINE M. ZIGMONT 3819 Richmond Street Harding Commercial WILLIAM NELSON MCGRAW 1922 E. Wensley Street Jones General Orchestra, IIB-i2Bg AA Represemio- tive, IOA aww Nw- JOHN ELMER 5026 Homestead Street Harding General Mr. Wise's Senior Honor English Class One Hundred Twelve , ,,ff,f ,h,,f,, vw X V if Z ffl M' Q in MARION E. LEAHY WILLIAM F. WARD Salutatoricm Valedictorian Commencement Program Orgon Prelude ond Processionol ....... ........ M rr Worren E, Norden Notionol Anthem lnvocolion ....... .......................................,.......................... T he Rev. Woller T. l-lemoel Evongelicol Lotheron Church of Our Sovioor The l.ord's Proyer ........ Solofolory Address ....... One God ....... Presentolion of Diplomos ond Aword of Prizes I Believe ........ Voledictory Address ........ School Song Recessionol ond Orgon Posrlode ......... One Hundred Thirleen .........Molotte .......lVlorion E Leohy .........Drol4e ond Shirl ........Drol4e ond Shlrl ........Wllllom F. Word Mr, Worren E Norden THB X JEAN! v vu. uneven- ,ing 2 X ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Record Book Committee expresses its appreciation to The Clark Printing l-louse, lnc., the Zarnsky studio, and Mr. Aaron Rapoport tor their assistance in the publication ot this Record Book. The constant interest and encouragement of our principal, Mr, John W, Hitner, must also be gratefully acknowledged. One Hundred Eighteen Autographs Autographs fx ,, g' . 1 Qfyfi ' 'WZ' - , 4, sy.. ,v-4vHQ'L, 7 77 "" H 3:5 f ,f - K , M A M K 1 ,f-,f-'NW-fs . 'NYM X wazyfifx ff K 5 I "X , , .4 X Mg. Q ie, 7---' ' 'N V WW b 3 51 is I I. W I N ixwx X I I .. , A VA Jw . -,,..1-""' x , ww .. A , f 7 Q .3 f Z A 3 ,,, 1 F, we r s X, : T ' Y XY r if gyi x A Z 532 as: Q V4 L. lm .E i Q , , 2 4 0 S X , 7 f f Jf i s I 4, Q .WL n r ' H!! ,,.f' 011 Q Q I i 1 r pn-'x ,Auf-. fzfif gf 034. 1, I .-,I 1 12" l -I VX V! www. f , .WWW g we 7 2 f 7, - av! ' Q uf W I f 2 1 WAN rg I 'V' 'Sv' .N f . ,, X it if l0'k ,Y ,s V v N AY ' . X, 'lgk g 5 K Q N ,A -- gm Q ,dh 3 - W, ', - N :Q x , Q snfxxl .fff X 4 V Z 7' s-is , fl' XB f A- f 130 ' 'R A 'Q ' , ,L- 4A 'f , , ' 7 ah , rf' 1 1 f , . Q' , ff, as .f Y Q fy , ig ,, ,V , I gf K V X if f, 'iixgif f ww- 'L fswx M552 xv f". 8331, V g Sz K'-4 4 I ,021 ,vw 1 T705 A X X-in-M, - V - 4. A x Xf. 3 5 Km r,f .SX A , Q sf 1 ' 5 v. X , BW fi 3 '

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