Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1957

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H Fixx X B W M is y 5 Q B' 3 9' Q 4 Wk 4 ,wx 551 ' X VY 2 , ,ss ,gf -'QE 'Q 9 ww lx, ' Q ,.' W... A I 1 . 'W' , ' y rl A f' 5 A. fwu WA A'-"f 'N N ' W '19 QM ' Jr' 7 if ,'. x 'Q N 1 Q . .6 ' , , z N xi 'iv V , J. L V' , A k "iZZ. N W ,f . ' f " ,. 'Y Ng , 7 ' 3 .A "v ' , I ,'-'fi 4 " ' ' ' ' 1 .. Y :lf ,I , ' x ., , ,,,, " ' M'g5' AL ' - ' 1 5" M- P X in an ,, erjxlf, ii kj" ' ' N, , E, ' A ' Vu' WM ,., .-'12 ' E C f V V Q 'x ' 'Y' Q.-Jw' ,jf 1 V , Q l , A 'V Q y' X 1 ,Sivan ' in 'il ,, fvgv, Ll I A 'o fig? " h ff f V 'ff A I, f' " , Q il A " 1 A IA W , gf. - ff ' 4' ww ' W - Q 'L A - g ,. I P I Y viii? .- fz f 'V' , if -vi WE,-':?Q ,i',7?Y,j tiki!! If A 'iii' uv .,.'4" 'wfkh Q -f 4- Q, M H . 21' I f 5 3 'J' 1, ,,,. 2: my . 16,1 ? 4 Q5'f'I'i- ' . K . xx, z Q w az 'fa 1 4 ,335 -v ,, nw" ,A ff. 'HE , I H ..,, - ' I Q" Z'l g til, .ff . in ' 'J' ,7 'Liz ,wi J-" Z Q. - 1, if ' aalfrf V . ,. , - , A 5,41 -5-'W fa '. . 5' - 'f ,5 Y '1' ." f "" '-f- ' G 4 l'.- 'Q "Q '-'fie.m.f x fs 1- f N- -- .NVE - '., 'f1"f. , ' y J V' U -5-333-g1,w?s , , .. ' 0-- N4 , fig 4, Q.. 1" ' -ws' .. ff. , 41 , , -I.. wx,-' ' a I- ,Q . , , 1 -,. 0---Y . , .. A, If - A. '- fi M ,E I Q J. 4 Vx x X-rf., A . . ff ' 1 'Q12 Y' .H ,E ' f , I xgff I VNKP Cfv gf? 0 ' "'lT57I' if g g 2 A S , ,r My , x f Mf ' r' 1 A 1 ,X ,, ,Q Hc,.1.,1v-, .Wk V f ,-H , . ,hr ' L v ,. , ,,-, X4-' ,, . T , ,X+ f H ix X IQ V, Vfft , rw' f X , i P. . C 1 A , ,,.,hi X4 A -'U V ,E W? ks, ' xi' M, ,,..-W Four yffm lzworufly fslinlw I'lIlCl,7a On the shore lrne you have probably watched pleasure craft come and go You know the effect of wlnd and trde on the course of the boats those manned and Qurded by men of tramrng and exp rrence maneuver gracefully through the condltrons they face Others because of rnexpenence and lack of tralnmg of the prlots struggle ho l ssly So you members of January Class of l 31 must meet the vymds and tldes of Irfe You wall succeed or fall ln the measure that you are prepared physlcally m ntally and morally Graduatron from Frankford l-lrgh School lS an Important step ln tht preparatron May you contlnue to add to your resources Your Alma Ma er wlshes you a happy and pleasant lrfe fllled wlth contentment ard QUCCCQS Fuve 1 t fp. . f '1' Q. ' 1 1 Dao 1 -V , ,x,-- . . 1 1, ' l 1 1 C I I . , V y . S . . r T ., f y A- lc, A-, Message l ybfgjllcpcc 0 ll mffen llllel' 7197 Y A Y RAFFER, Y 1 -fzgsg nf L K . 394 R ' .J-lf' -4 fi -ev 5 ' - 5 'ifru 7 fy fs ml wa'-35' 5 4- X ' rf 'P' . Q ' 5, , ,Q 4, 1 , 'll' , ,A fer' ?V 2 arf ii i I lf. , x . ,. ,,x-4, , Y J -.., I S -s s emi, 'Y y Q 4 A. 5" A I . , 47 'fn if A ll IX. : ,V,A, , 1 1 7.5 N53 5 p M sf' 'Hi .AS wf' I , yy, , 1 A . I ' f"W89 ,""-f 'V' MN' i " VJ. if . sv 5 fl'W'5n,p ,5gg'?,g'f ,- ffl, f,2f, ' ' ' 'pm' ' 5 S VA ' m7.y5 ,xx ,. ., . ry, I L Q If U my st . X C- ' X Z S ii A I i no ' "X , 3' i 'J ,fb 'lt Q if ' V, , ' fflfji ' S . Q M' 3 'A 'f fl f A Sf' 6 VO Q49 Fond memories will always accompany our thoughts of Frankford High. Not only the wonderful people we have met, but tradition and atmosphere have contributed to the enjoyment of our school days. Part of the charm of our building is due to the distinctive architecture and landscaping. Ours is one of the few schools which have the look of a college campus When we look back, in the years to come, at our Record Book, we will remember the many happy times we had at Frankford High School, iq ...A vc WF'-W -.- Wf, , V3 X 1 315' 5 I ,. ffvg,,, ,hit gifs '39, ns? j.M 'Q ee I qty sy ,galaxy Q ,Q -'I ' ' c f V, .E J: A if Q' Nw" -v. J x No matter how dull it may seem, there is no subject here at Frankford that will not be useful to us in our future lives. lt is easy to see how the sciences bring practical knowledgeg many science students go on to be pharmacists, physicists, and chemical engineers. Science gives us all a better understanding of "the world we live in." Commercial students are given office practice, typing,shorthand, and bookkeeping. Knowledge of these subjects enables us to live and work capably in the business world today. Foreign language classes help to break down international barriers by showing us a clear picture of the life and language of other countries. Some of the most popular classes here are Spanish, German and French. Among the more specialized courses are indus- trial nrt: hnmo ormmmirs and music XFACULTYX F ULTY T E Orrell C BUSINESS EDUCATION COMMON LEARNINGS SPEECH AND REMEDIAL READING DRIVER EDUCATION ENGLISH FINE ARTS HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS LANGUAGES P nc al John Warren Hltner Vce P nc pals ra Dr Benlamm Asslstant to the Prlncupal Rosema C Glllman F J Novak rr up 1 - ri I . p , . ,1 . f' 'rg' " VS, , f' , , L. , IJVI uv, , cJ"een FACULTY LIST LIBRARY MATHEMATICS MUSIC A H A PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION L SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES COUNSELLORS NURSES SENIOR SECRETARY SECRETARIES SCHOOL MATRON NON TEACHING ASSISTANT PS Loc F II Jr F Heen L fx morn If ' JI' 3 FY-1I'T,C Dr, LSI-53 2 'Q' 'J ' 'R Q :L'E"fl'iI fungi I. ,Ui '.':rI1 Hccffcff' Gilfjf Ezbeiifi Q I: I3XQli"'CC' EIIZQDGTH , key :pefcrj SSIJL, Dr, fthe' N ,'VCAII.3Ier 53" QI' Eff QCII' VJ, NACIINIIGZIEV 7533,-gr? f: Y., TI, 5 Iprvwt P MQ. AI qu fw ,JI Iva or 'Vrrfur Q' V I' L,'i,'I , fl. E Inf" P Cz Y. I.g img ,, Arfh lr I., CTE, III! .,'IC,'- I5 -rs' j 76431 . Nr C1 If: giII ,'I.Ir Nnrg 1- ' O PGHIQ 'ff Ja" if "gr, 1,3-' q If Qi? -i ,I lf 'I,-.. ' ."Ii'j" Q" i-I I X' vw' ' -' "If" 'Tw Cr-' ' fx F ff f?'QCC1I'T ' ' 'S' 'A ' ' ' K ' V ' I ' , I Il ' mg-pi: Q :I ' J Q: :L f1g'v,.y' CIR'-,', ,I QLD 511: V, XIQ, Irv I F-151 'LTI , ,TI T, VIII, ,. fi QL 1 Ig' " I' f'IJ.'TVf , ,' I. I V V Y ' Y I 2'1" IV , '- 1' QIQZ' 29171 ,ig Dr, IICIIIII II Iff.LI:I'!SC'I i'ImIrf, W 'Iwrwm JAYI ,NMMA TIN fQV.,,,z xxx TM I Mr N215 ' 1 C HYLXII, 'uh ifff- Mr 'V 'fx' S Ccfrcd 'lL,fcgII1J C. EI rpg? Ur" ,VC', F I'iegII,f NI' I4gI':'I Q'uy.3rQ,' Url ECM C S mf 'lcgcri' G ELVIS' 'Jr Ad: K KCEEQI, I . M: Aff: C QCId 'fra EECIHCG G OSOZSQ I Ir, 1-F1 K1 wrjILg,,,,,, - i uffw., , rj, .LS I DR BENJAMIN NOVAK Vice Pnnclpal MR E ORRELL CRAP Vnce Principal MISS ROSEINA C GILLMAN Assistant to PrmclpaI MR MICHAEL W FISCH History and Languages MR JOSEPH KLEIN Busmess Educahon MR A H ALEXANDER Scnence QA "d.x.4,14'Cf Sixfeen DR LEWIS G STERNER Engllsh MR, ARTHUR B. CRESSE Physical Education MR. MARK H, HAGMANN Mothemahcs MRS SW RN EX A I 'QOEV-XHG Ml. THEODORE HW W Ki 'N OYCYYN XNGT ON SURYJCAQ YWXM P-N SXEGEL S e ve n f e e n KB EN! MMX-X N OV NC N075 44? 4.S19!'fV.f 7 57 41419 0 ofrof 60' IOP ,Q-Nz: 444'04' 04 POPO4 VJ i,'?' iyl C X52 lr .ffl 41N 64' 441.75 A X ,..-f-jim" " 1 f f . . 9 fffifjf f Ln Y ,S ,Q i ,.. if B f 'Katia . R .M - ff 2 -,',, v," 1 ,,', f Q9 ' 15' Vw " 1, A Z Y 4 figfgflj , ' f j?'MAig S . Q , mf-P, ,g. 9 A, , . Ly -fltqm I! ' xcag f ' ' in. ' ,. t A v gggw., . , - H ff Q t W L -H Z V v f 1 A X' lu 'X F Wa , --3, 2 aff ,M O + I 1 ,FN fffr, L .i.,.-v .,,f.f, , I , . ,f.A1"f?"V ,LW , f ,,,z 1 A wg, ' 'L-J vga. ay ," f I WKMX ifgsfw A 'Kp 5 If 9 -M 1 1 f v W W N -e-GL Q? 115 , I i- , .A ,Has 9, i 4-O W ' : 2 -IOLQKMQQ, ,mg Q ig 8 "Q -. .Q,,, ' s "-4-3" 4? gov' i- 7 of bm .. ,M xx "A W4 'fi' 3, ,A w Mn .- A 4 2 ,nr t . 4 "" 6- rf' ' aff L, he 5 O b S LK 4'nnnnff' Y Y 9 . Q I3 1 ' 1 ,sf HUM A 'ml 4L , .t .35 "'-'EE i- ----0--' .-in A -I l 1 l I ffkhfwuwf- z:,'i hi ' I JA , 4, x 5 1 X3 Ill , l Y N if?- f Q x'v: 'Q ' Us -2... 5 i A , ,my , 7 . R ,W ...assau- V , Qnflam. f ' Tx 0, If 1' Q' . 1 1 K! V' 2 Q 225 5 Q, 4 3 I A gif 9 3 1 L HQ!! it ' ks 'ff 1 -5,31 QL. ' ,fvf -. jxgqij, 1 -df VL .,.. : 4 pew , 72 S, ' ' 'Bam Z -X if lf 1 n f l , 3,4 5 'Q diff 'ug v if Q .. ix .Q A ' 1:15 . A .. 4 fn-'P , ka Lf'-.f ff' Fri hy Q ' X Q 'M I 'Y' fl R Zl', E XM 04- I, Q IH 3.4! 8 2- "" " 'T 4322 il N Q it " 'V , ?ffQf9 l', ' ifif ' . 495 Bi 1 WA ? Yin E lm, 5, -' 3' A z fm 1 jhflifff , fZ7"J kg gweii A f- 4 Ev..- G"U7lW 6 fm fACTIVITIESf I nf tm 4 Record Book Commit For oll the students ot the erghty second closs ot Jonuory lojf thls groduotlon morks the end ond the begrnnrng ot somethnng new ond something very wonderful o chollenge to become o good ond worthy Amencon cltrzen In thrs new vwox of Irfe we wlll meet ond moke mony tn wds but we vwll neyer torg t the tnends We rhode ot rore tor rg C, f xx! A en x 'f 1 re Record - n od t ' 5 He eg- of . N mme C togit er C WC, . Q 'fi K' 'I JI, :QQ , T ,- .'.- ., xwhxa ,Y, 4,. .5 X .li Xfx lip. rfu.. tw. Ep, ,o .fe 1. 1, f - 1 . ,C . A, fx ,Q , ,e . 5.1 -X ,w A. -- ,, ,. rr , X, , , ,. , e., . W V v, ut, , X. ' fer' flneav L ri. W" 1 'X frm: f, X x I li. rrwff' , .,. , e. A. . -Me ..! , N .. v ., , :.,., - A ,J .Q Q- f .VV V. .- . . n l I ed X, l ' or L, , , .fo .1 , ,V Us, . , , .." Y' 1 e X, to or y. Cor: wg tg' 'l' .rigrvol xyz' t 4: CL V. tee job The commrttee rs extremely grotetul to everyone who lent o helprng hond the club sponsors whose co ooerotlon vvos generously ond grocrously gyen the students who worked on the club wnte ups ond the men from Zomsky s Dr Sterner hos gulded us through the moze ot drttrcultles ur work entorled ond mode thls pu lCOf-Ol. 'Y ssl e, V term t e montf ers, ol the Committee were rns S hcors hmrdty Q tor-ln- hlet' ossis on 1 TRS, r V. Bunting' or e ef, r C 3, wer! er rzgnrer, M3't. L, - We N. qs- A .M rv Q , 'u,.,..,.-',,..f,.rL .,,. eg 1 dz, tae ' 3' 'ri 1 'rox' 3 ,, ,M , ,e,. -4 1- gR,. he ,.', ,-.,e ,V 'lEeL. lu 'Ee t, Rt. ., ., ut ',.,.. , Y C. , . My V.. ,.. ,Q K 1 ,,.,, ,F er. su, . -, . s .-,.t, -. Thirty-two SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE "A" PLAY ri Cifrfr "ee 3 'Q' 'rg 13,1113 . 5. f-5' 7,-fx fLf fff- L , ,lf-,F ,- -ff The free 'UCI ore-:Cf 1,':. 5' Sef 3' Vg"- Q ree oe? 'ejoeeo bv. C 'I"iiA.'.C. i.':. I "ef by 'Wg Pefer sfo 're 23" I Cree' 3' ':.:"e For "'E 3" N , o J or Tee. EC' Efjxxi Venibere ef 'Ive Cerrrftee Ce Er I D ' ' , Cho rrroq Affo Cofiobdo, CIAV, Kgrglff -over Lxez, M31-gr Awe "Jo V :P X'.'oI'er Skier ceo Ecftore Afye: fl Lf ff . A .fi ., N, - -Mil ,- M,,'- - 4, .., ., -'.,- vw - .J -- I JJ- --, ,W F, ,,,,,A' ,Nc F: .Wig K.- 'ZZ ,., ,, ,,,- 3 e, .., -.. ':.:' 'e 'e e. 3 gf gre.-.5 Ere :per rg 'f ' .-.cs 3 gorge. 3' tr-3 pcrpofo' ere" " CCT'j,I:'i 'If o go"-'Q' f' fir '- r-33 :fc :ref 2g.'.::. 'gee Tre Per: Cl-:Gio , 're to-n F, -' 'f 'Cf rg :I Power' ,fe 'l'::'i1" We seized :V ' 'ecmred "Eord2'ord " where 7,2-3 Cc' ie 'Q rfzoerrr refvoi ord forrioi :rr :er'Q'f' Jgrfrr Roig, w'Iw eor fromg,e', was o h ghrgrf of TITS oct The frooIe woe o re-creotion of the Jocjkre Geoeorw program wth "The Honeymooners." Tre ous drrver-hosbood worked on the 59 troIley romfe A soeefocofor rwomoer Io The skit wos The oHfmoIe Chorus lioe. -3 W SENIOR PROM CGMMITTEE 'QQ 'VK' VX K C" , "'l f' ' 5 , 'KW Lf, 6 5 E 112 Q T ,ff TGCWCE GSX Jambi Q Y 'T 1, Q F! ,Q 'J' gf 1 3 x 'XYVVT' gg Thirfy-four He 1 KC .Q , Q C ,f T 'K gan -f, ,, BUSINESS MANAGERS S S9 OVIO V I ORS O I'l V I If fl c ectrng and k rthg re ords of all c as IU hrs hom rOOrn l-le IS also resp ns ble for t e c ctr haf urrt uesan tesae rarn rr falthfullx and accura l Q u h pax t r u s rha ager also ha cha Q t pn Muc tlme as dexat to t e rnanx dutl s of tht c face t re are w are d pendent on the e managers to handl f e frhanctal problem f he c ass Cla s us P stnbutton of l . gn N' jr., . ' ,, - I1 A . fl r 'I 1 . fp- llllr - I, .i in 'o. -L L-YJ? P 1 ...A 4' -F. 'f. 1 .f gp: TRIP COMMITTEE we of tahlg t n the senuor t ar t a famous se tt r tr Ours was no ekc l n 1 nda, Ma t e senrors o January gf and Jun Q classes took therr trap to Bear lvlountatn Brglnt and early 8 oclock I boarded the ra at the Frankford an rott Qtrel Watch t rsey Crt we O V fl S EOVTM: x f r cr r rrp arauh S atue of Lbe tt ard up th l-ludson ta West Pc nt and back ar Mountaln At Bear Meunta n we vw re fr to do whatever we chose Some of us stall rem rhber horseback ndlng and canoetng tn theno thar rnountalns Sharply at D M we re r ed o the boat and we on our wax home We armed an Frankford a wean but c rncle' l happ group A huge vote of thanks to our prrncrpcl our senror sponsors and our tnp cornmr tee for such a memorable and successful occast h Thlrfy flve f I 3 Y V I . J I I IS.. ff ' ' The bucnne rn ge pl is very rrnportcft Or' the h Q I he i ,C is role all the Se IC Clase I-le s cello 'wlbfi for h I - -1 EC IVY f 5771- A 6 l A all - , .ee 1 c l gs dues O' F ,l 4 7' Ib' ly 'f, II I HC ' e 2 s e o or 4 h A ' 1 V! fl , I alle ot Al In d , d h l of Sen or NG ' X A T ,, X d P tlckets He. ust t I ct te', Ar o ee Q lf A Je f 5 rm- keep al? reco'ds it s hts gob to keep after the rredt tel, trarosfe rea to the t or "Peter et dents t h s secttcn to n het d e- oo tree SLU? 'ESGWH lcf OU II be I d the ' ' , Qt r n e The s- b' st ess n , s ' e C , f I . . . I to Ee . a dp cass I s h c a ed R t A ,L AQ l I I ' I I N. Cx.. .J . h If e s rf. Q he I j re 9 ' ', Q6 Q Q YN ll ll Y I p F ,SCT IH 4l'P f pot f are Ct tp tfzs T 5 J. I C W I T l I t I 1 I , THIRTEEN CLUB The Thirteen Club is cornbosed of thirteen boys in the l2B class The sponsors of the club are Mr, Clausen and Mr, Troxell, The boys cur- rently in the club are Walter Sikes, president, Ed Tustin, secretarv, Ken Carpenter, Jim Camb- bell, Norm Dillon, Ed Gegnas, John Greveris, Dave l-lodges, Dave Kav, Jack Kleinhenz, Milt Krugman, Bill McClain, and Bob lVlcQue, The club meets every third Monday at the homes af the different bots in the club. Cn October lj the club heard Phil Sheridan, WCALJ weather- man, at the Lawndale Methodist Church. Ort 'November tlne Senior Twelxe was hoffess fa fha Th rteeie C'ub To raise lTC'Ti',,' for the scholarshiis fuind the club sells the erogranns for the football ganfes The club xi V be guests of the alumni at the annual Tbrteeit Club A'o'n"- liar ouet oii December Q: SENIOR TWELVE The Senior Twelve is an organization which gives recognition to the twehfe girls in the senior class with the highest averages. lt is the duty of the organization to ca-operate with the faculty and to contribute to worthy school projects. The faculty sbansar is Dr, Lois Dickie. The members are selected in their l2A term and have a formal initiation, This term's officers are as follows: president, Loretta Janis, secretary, Nancy Fisher, and treasurer, Barbara Wilde. The committee cha fn'eii are as fallovvsi Social, Barbara Wal- lace, Wais and Means, Barbara Andrews, and Culture, Sue Aem segger. The other irentbers are Kathleen Alexander, virg it a Cordes, lvlillicent Leader, Jeanette lvlo"ol'onf Mary Nflunz, and Mari Rowland. The club hos regulorlg, monrhlg. meetings besides extra act viti meetings and a semi-aiiiiual dance. Sevior Twelve gives a camntefcenwent award to a g rl scholarship and athletics. ORCHESTRA dw wx K+ fke Q'QFQp": VCE becsvf Q' 'N-'f--R .' :,,C' 3 gi" :CTT 2' F'C"f:'f L' f 'F' "' :dvi 1, 3: VV. -e'f'hc' S195 ' V 'f 'f ff J C 'fiffflifif' gf Q.Qr ev, ' d ' ' 'V-' 'rr thi grjh-gzfrcn 1 'EEQFTQ W 3 :V 'Inf C3EE'Y'l'J', wwri " C , , ,. ,W Q :fcgr:"f :LT +5 Ckrerfvcg P E, CCC'TQIC"'iC the :hor r ease f.x"g1 -'1 rf: The VTGEVTLJEVS wha xml gmducte 'Ps fifff' are gg' Fark Czmtm Fred Dcwms, Mei, "cw Dmf lk' Ks, M Wceft LECCST, W M Ur ' Iwxortz. QJ ff, fx, 1. C,+f- ' THE BAND 3 2 4' " 2 gif-'Q 'Hy 'F-3 V X' 'F 3,.i. f'3'iY-Q' Cf: PQ ""J:C'i 'fe 1 .-,i fbffm if +"' Q' 'L x Ziff wk, Frjflffg f Q :cmd dcc. 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'HQ wav, lrrtee Ca the abeerce Hates members, welt be gfad tc rhcre. Mr, Mcrru- ta trauma xartaas kthds ct reports eorw ts the taedfty. epohscr At QVGGUOTECTT, cfhce Cedex hawhg eerwed eeweral terh-3 are Q teh sew ce at.-.arcs Thir+y-nine CLEF CLUB ORGAN CLUB W Us? Club Q The CfG6if Q nb Frchkbf: The Crgsv CMJ wder The G rgct cv cf Mr if Q55 15 further the 'hfefeefe Q? 'hi Faves' R Newre .sr hma G5 ve iiwfcai The rand rruxicl tQF5r'T ' 'H Qihsc' fhi ffowvg 3? sTL,Ceh'e TC hejj gicju The QTVQCW h Q9 ore hekl Ch The fmt Mchdcm of Qcch Qssemwbb. rrcgroms W h at thi, xcrous hwewbaz' hcfef A1 Qcch Those who apply lor rremberslh F wwe? have Q d Hwy ' fm'v'bc'2 zefirrr era C2 XCVTNE 3OQKQVQUVWd cm the g one UG what sghf- gr L-imc? xg C' ' C hw "" e'fi:if1 ful' 'QQC v. 'h LSC 3 T. 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'reagaflgry Elafe Eeafaa fhe mf? :afrea Q" ifgfh fhe LCCCfG'GV'2S TO The egahear 2 Dr 11-efqafhh Nash x ce-1,rrag,a' Q' aperahrg raaf' e The exggrerae ga :Lea hah The Qahaa? thezeif Ip 5 vvarthvvhde ahd vafaable Medwaaf Club we apeh ta averyahe mfarested wp meducma and Those who have mar yet chosen a vacaham Meehhge are held the second Monday of each mahfh. -fi ll I5 It 'Tc EE WC'- '11- ills: MHS 'E 5, ah ""?Nf.' SCRIBES CLUB ,.,.....zK LIBRARY AIDES The rjrwfe UJVTCTNCFW Cf the Schhee Club is ' x dc far hhgh WG, Staff xv EVE G gnu? :P nh Ch h FO b hhd cj k rv C r-u:SNOrWS 4 ,KW , J, 'r xf Qxkp x Lwf, nb:- +, be' LL, ,, J ,-GL F, fp ,. 3' fhe h, Lf V f,.,Qxi 1L, rxg - ' 5, 4 ff-+T FY- LAY- xfy L Rf Mi-el CQ, 34 'hi fm, psig N54 E4 C -, Q f-'HD ,Qu - fn f' f- , , A h XTC. Qff 'Q' The L'C'Qr5 Ahdss consists cl boys Qhd gr! Tig' C l", f'fQ ' 'hg Fbrgr, Th, C" CN 5.1, Li X Q ,. -X V . P WP, , .4 4- Fwy - A, . 'W X- -,-' H " s Q LW' SX: ,gi 3 , .F f. 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The Sresdeht, Deohho Frohcooo t ee-:reetdeoi joor dub, chortered tor the purbOSe Cf SGVUCS, TWGS Farm secretory, Judy' Eeofi treoeorei Pot beeh m exaetehce amee the toTT ot Txm, Our Lgrh gool e hot cot. to serte our echooT bot olso our oommuhttx Above oil, the merrbere of The dub trtes to rrorrye treodzhy obrooo ' by sehdtrtg ohe or more CARE :ookogee o jteor, ood by soohsorwg o Freroch iohooT to mhteh 'Y Thohotoosts ore olwoye trytrtg to better the home ot our school, Frortktord Hugh. Thtrtt, ts the mox mum rtumber ot rrembers sehds QTDUJJ o yeor Reireeemottee ot the MMU, fha dub moe wwe Mme' Uoted NUVCTT5 Gefffd ASESTETES UC The otttoere ot the term ore Creetdeht Ken the World Attotrs Couooie keel rmerrbere T formed of th members hove ooh orrortge wiehmg them Coroehterg xtoeforestdeht! Rose l"SSDCfTdtVTQ Seeretortyf Betty Jeort Ftetcherj cor- Ch ids, record- mg secretory, Chorlotte Homortg treosorerf Eorl Shtck The members thot ore grodootmg this term ore Sue Aemtsegger, Morte Gohrtotti, Loretto Joois, Eettg. Moser, ohd Rfchord Jortes, ottows ot the xxorlo Most ot the oeo-pole m xorous Coohtries ood to get oeh-pole tor ohyohe else Forty-seven A CAPPELLA CHOIR HONOR SOCIETY A C31 gem CVCT, wow tix CSL :Wi - .hi My Q' SQ: gt. 34 F'C'xLQ'C kf gk Ezhy N Y Fgffegf NQww'g .y Q' :gg :Q P1035 J th, NU 3 flhl' :QQ Q' if xx? h 5 dee 0 fre QC Q 1 Cgg 'gr in is QVQGWZOT QV 5 Lfce' +5 si :'KxJwf Q' xw We TC 5 wg tcgefhsr Thi CQ ' Q' 1 M' George Ebbecke The QV War, grwggczi of M +1 eewceei spec QI wc Ll! mc' ,ri fa' 'MQ Homer Somew. uf fc caccb Judy-fe who dubg, ether adwcde Qrc Ly " d and www? Ofwwfafce r cr, epbgfir TM A C1 GSEEVTWONWCS Wffwdcrj. gwgom ro gmc We rmrwwtiuf Lx- ? 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Lost geor o dooce mos gwerw ot Somerform Sjgrvgg vvhwch formed our rc oe o greof success. The hoho o!ao gove o rierfcrrrohce ot Three of the re ghborihg l jorwcr hfgh schools ood doped for Tre ,fifehrmoh oorfce Mecferr hcoec sfohos were Ccroico to The Dorce Ecco from the echccle The Pccce TTOVTCT Tofef recexeo the tile of "The Fri' Herd Rhyfhh' K+"rge" The sponsor ie Mr. Wcrmiof' Segel, ircwoeot W Thorn Qoirwhg mio- 'fegef rl QXTO Schxxori DANCING CLUB The Do'c'g Gob T: mode up of Q ri, who ore rrwfcreetcd TV' dorwcfrwg, prefergblyy grl- grhg hcvc hoo :ore trowhrwg The grcop 5' r'fcrh'1 rw osecrrbf gfogrorhe, fhe Chrefrrof Pogacrj ofo 'he S: r 'og Frei ce It rheefe Weo'-Qfjc oo Froo, of 'og zero zeocd, M hor c'ecf Tcxaoro grcooo' Qc L gxeo becooze fhe dc: ze 'osfe'co S fce 'Q Eeg cc rg mo yeore cgc- fhi group hoe grow Th 37,521 There ore Tkkiffy,-2 1: bers NIL Icee fhree Through groooof fforge Zegfe' Po? Mero, ohd Corde Noir, foes: ooo soggcefrooe for The rwumbere SITC frcm the gms cfo Mrs Loyer, The clob'3 och cco wrffhg ezoclgr. Coeforrlhg is occ:-mchaheo by Mrea Drodog org The Home Ecorcrhcg DQ- f'OVfV7"'l' f BANK REPRESENTATIVES SOCK AND BUSKIN The chwef mousse ol Thi ECTWLQQFQ Quo of Siu ooo Eoskh '5 the CVC'Yf.'Q Cwuij Q Frohkford i-hgh 15 To rv-oke your money sowwg Frohbofo H gh School! howexen fo ocfom cc? os SNVPDVG ohd gjeosoht cs gi:-as 575 it hcoes xo og EXCEVEUCS 15 reoomeo for rrewioergh :Q Vmh hoxe exam box ooo gri eforf ofo Theh cohtihoe 'he heh? ood Qwdohce of Mrg hone Re 'fr oo 'C Q:-xg form vos. 3' 3 'QQQC' bow air, sgiiflof x-.5 homo thi :cet 53' :'f-swf Mifio. A-1 Wi" :Q-oi' L of XC: "" QC,' F Y-1 Eh' 'Q fi f 5 ol kk WL Lk X vo' Ch' vE E ,K ,A w, . ,-F - C . X- ,,,. ., f A - ' 1 W 1 -A -A Ei A X- , , A. .L F . - 3 1. ,,. . .,4,Jv . . ,. .5-,., ' Fifiy GIRLS' LEADERS L ff -,pf F'-fffff, f-"Lf -An f-f f ' L.-. . , ,,,. X, - J., V , ,.,J - E f- -J, . J., -,, , . 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A N - If E' E CAROL szA'roN ' 2189 mn sem: rd: Acodem ic up Committee, I2A, Chairman, Student Board, IOB, Donoides, 123, President, Frnendshto C1ub, 118-1213, Future Teachers Club, 12A, IZB, Treasurer, 123, Office Aids, IOA-128, High Way Servwce CIub, ICA-IZBQ Manager Schca1 Store, IZA 123, Htqh Way Basiness Staff, IOB-1213, Frank- ford Forum, IIA, 11Bg Swtmmrg C1ub, IOA, IIAJ Tennis Club, IZA, THOMAS WILLIAM BEATTY 917 Chandler Street Wilson Academic Second Football, '53, Varsity Foot- ball, '55, Second Bcseba11, '54, Vorsitv BasebaI1, '55g Mlnor Letter, '53, '54, Mafor Letter, '55. NANCY CAROL BECKER 1438 Knorr Street Wllson Commercial JOSEPH RUSSEL BEEMAN 6116 Bingham Street Wllson Acodemrc ec nd Foatba11 54 arstty FootbaI1 36 Snmmung 55 Numerats 54 Minor Letter 55 Moor Letter BARBARA JEAN BENNETT 3204 Potter Street Stetson Acodemnc Me f NANCY RUTH BENTLEY 1891 Wakelmg Street Hordlng Commercial Dcrmoude Off L ri I resmwt e A C S wtmmm, T m 5-I 56 f' 5 X S 1 PATRICIA BERRY 3445 Amber Street Jones C mmercinl 7 Cer vflfiu, Q WL ff 'D MARGARET J. BIRKBECK 3601 Sepviva Street Jones Commercial DOLORES MARIE BOYD 2028 Lansung Street Wilson Commercrol Offtce Atds ICB Bank Repre.enta tnve IIB Lnbrary Andes IB Lea ers 5-I 55 C LYN F BOZARTH rgeant Street reat Commercnal J F ELAINE BRANYAN 2122 Emerson Street Hordmg Academnc I' CC SVS 1 JACQUELYN NANCY BRONSON 1679 Orthodox Street Hardmg Acodemrc 1 B IA O ff-:Cs R rs JOYCE C BUNTING 1526 E Lycommg Street Hordmg Cornmercml I-Qsstawt Edltor Record B ck IZE ce lde IZ BARBARA C BUSCHE 1319 Robbrns Avenue Walson Acodemu: P r I hr I 'II 'lrmdent I B Mfcc I eo IZB NICE Presuden IZA r I ea B F endslwlp Clob I W Representatrvc Z 'Umar' CL. ICA Bawllflg Club A H VI Wav Boslress Manager IZB Hgh Wa Subscruptlon Manager IZA IZB I-lcclfcy 54 Basketball VIRGINIA GLADYS BUTLER 1018 Allengrove Street Lmcoln Academrc Receotlon sts C ub IZB Mecxca b IZB rrlendshlp Club I B Oft ce ce IIA IZA Lrshers Assoc a I rw IZA IZB A A Representatlve IIE rrvvug C ub ICB I-lccrcev 56 X ENID CABRERA 3168 G Street etson Academ 4 P DOROTHY CAHLINK 56 2660 N Fronklrn Street Cooke Commcr JAMES JOSEPH CAMPBELL 6609 Lyntord Street Wrlson Industrrol Arts It r een CLD IZB eccrfd Football 5-1 Track 94 S4 Ilracras 54 MIUCV Letter 55 Ma cr Letter S6 Srxty nrne JOYCE M CAMPELLONE 739 E Thayer Street Stetson Commefcral KENNETH CARPENTER 7358 Shrsler Street Jones Acodemrc Record Book Comrrwlttee IZB Stu dent Board IZA IZB Thlrteen Club Soc 6 Busklrl ICB Locker Corrmlttee IB Thanatopsrs Clob IZA IZB Prcslder-t Moy Queen fommlttee IZA Actuvlty Records IZB Track 55 56 Numerals 55 MIFOV Letter 56 JANET M CASCIO 2804 Devereaux Avenue Lrttle Flower General VIRGINIA CASHMER 6126 Shrsler Street Wrlson Commercrcl rrca shlp Of AIGS Img ANN M IE CASUBOL0 erper Street Hardlng Commercral Mo nlrj Cofrrn EF DAVID CLAYPOOLE 7022 Oakley Street Wrlson Acodemrc eccd Football 54 V rsltv oat b DS S6 MmorLetrer 54 55 . . o ' E'g'rSr1 Off. A' , A, IZB 'tad ct Boa d, IIA, I B, Or: 1.5 A Cltb, IZA, Receptor sts Clab, IZA I I ' I2B'f ,2, :CC , ,,, I use f 1, , Pee- IZBQ - K , 5 Q ,r, lz, rr , ia, Hrgn , I -IZBQ ox -, IA, Swl, H1 , , , ' , I A I'D, I Q , IZ , IQ' - , j , - I , f , , '54, '55, ' I fcftbczll, '55 ,. I 4. I. I P -I' I - guy.: I- , ' I V ll tc .11 I r ef' . I ,L ll ll I ' V -' I ' 1 -7 , Sf 'V P . . Q F' ' ob, ICA, B5 f.ce ' , A, B . Club, fx J- . . 1 Sea of ' ' rtt e, IZB, itaceat Board, ICA 6 - X 3 If A ' S A E ' , a' F - SAMUEL L COLLINS 2077 Srmon Street Hardmg Academrc A Capnclla Chclr IIA IZB Llbrary Andes ICA 'IA ercw 6 Nl or Le FLORENCE G CONLEY I930 Wynnefaeld Terrace Apts Wllson Academic Dcznaldes IZB Receptlomsfs Cl b IIA l2B Medical Club A Frlendshup Club ICB Office Alds AA Represehtatlve IIB High Representat ve IIA IZB H h Busmess Staff IZA IZB Scrnbes IZB Swlmmnlg Club IOA IIA Leaders 55 56 VIRGINIA C CORDES 782I Loretta Avenue Way Way A Wrlson Academuc Sensor Twelve 2B Orpheus Club A Honor Socnefy IIA I2B Secre tary IZB Medlcal Club IOB Office Alds IZA Hugh Way Buslness Staff IIB IZB Swummmg Club IOA Bowl rn Club ICB IZA Engllsh lc Aide I2B Leaders 54 57 Bowling Team 54 56 Letter 55 56 Numerals GLORIA M CORTESE 4222 N Eighth Street Cooke Academlc Recepflomst lu A Frlenashlp Club IIB Future Teachers L IZB , sh Offlce Alde IZB JOH N HOWARD CRANKSHAW 1820 Gillingham Street Hardmg Industnal Arts Irack PATRICIA GAY CURRAN S913 Germantown Avenue Hardmg Commercaal Frnencshlp Crb I7A Bank R pre s arm: IB awk' Seventy WILLIAM EDMUND CURRY 6818 Kindred Street Wnlson Academrc WILLIAM J CUTHBERTSON 6940 Horrocks Street Wrlson Industnal Arts WILLIAM T DALLAS 5349 James Street Hardung Academnc B A DA BR KAS 583 ckson ee Commercral IB IZB esentah lA ROBERT DAVIES fb 2129 E Clementine Street Janes Academrc Cross Co rm 5 Mlhor Letter 55 We WHWM DELORES MAY DEATCNER 65I5 Torresdale Avenue Harding Commemal l presfntat xe IOA rv r mr-t Ade LYNNE DIETRICH I424 Alcott Street Wllson Comme cnal NORMAND JOHN DILLON 3320 N Polethorp Street Stetson Academuc Mce Preswcect cf Senior CIcss Th rteea Cho IZB Orchestra Reoreser otw e I A I-II If x Ice , LJ cess t ff IZA crlbes Second FJJIJCII 5+ Vorsw y Trfc D N mfr s mor Letter 4 MoIor Letter 3 CAROL MARIE DOLLAK 7I23 Montour Street Wilson Commerclal Dorvoldes IPB Orpheuo Club IZA Pe eptromsts Club IZA IZB Fre d su Club I B Ushers Assocworn IIA IZB Book Represcrwtotxve B AA Representotwc IIB Hugh W Reoresevtotuve fB I-hgh Woy Sem Ice Club IIB IZB I-II,I'1 Woy Busmfss Stat IZA IZB Bowmg Cub IPB IIB e ers 5 6 CI1cerIeo ers JOSEPH MARTIN DOMBROWSKI 737 Dnsston Street Hardmg General Bord I B A Coppel o Cho A JOHN WILSON DONACHIE 4933 Ella Street Jones lndustrlcl Arts Track FRANK JOSEPH DONATELLI 1421 Fanshawe Street Wrlson Academuc Sen or M ro r Comrmttee IZB Student Bmw' IEA AA Represe tc Tue IIB Swmmmg S6 Moor Letter 34 Seventy one EARL HENRY DOWNING 922 E Schiller Street Stetson Industrial Arts mv-I te WB Book Rep VCSCWT eco o B sw FRED E DOWNS 5228 Sylvester Street Harding lndustrml Arts rch str f' B I A aux Street Hardmg Commercual BARBARA ANN EBERHARDT 2948 N Franklm Street Stetson Commercnal ALFRED C ELLIS 5236 Roosevelt Boulevard Wulson Commercial Second BoseboI 51 Second Soccer EDWARD EPSTEIN 5700 Hegerman Street Hardmg Academic Fm rvcshxp Club ICB IIA, Lubrory Amd S IOA IIB . . Dance C: t,,-2 '. 5 A 7 -. :rave ICA iecoad Bos-eb: Sig E r-' 5 ' ,f- ISQI 'E-3, N, for Leker, 54. " ' , A 125: ' I I , , IQAQ AAL 1 E-, 2 Q gh 'NCQ ' ' fem' L Caob IZA, IZB, I-Iwoh Wo. B S W Sc I ,E I IZA, 125 0 Q Q, ICA-IZB Banc, IQA-1235 I D:rce ood, C -IZB, .., I of ' ', t Fcct- boII, '56g U k 'Sf L. 1 oI '54 M - , 'S g -, "LI, ef ' . . V 5 L C ' , , . Q L IL hp - , C , E", - 2 . . , I IQ I . - l 'I I 01 I , f, ' , -, ' , t , V - S . L od , '5, 'S , - d ., '56, '57, , I g ' :r, ICA- II , , '54 A N I - 4 I 55. MARY ANN ERATO 3241 Tampa Street Stetson General fragr- PATRICIA MAE EVANS 2147 Anchor Street Harding or B s1r-:ss Rrprcscrtct ELLEN ANN EWANISIK 1014 N Second Street Penn TFWYY Commercual BARBARA CLAIRE FARRIES 3065 N Water Street Stetson Home Economuc N VTV1 1 JANET SEDDON FERGUSON 3512 N Krp Street Stetson Gem-gygl CHARLOTTE M FERRO 3651 N Seventh Street Hdfdlng Comm Q ETHEL JANET FERRYMAN 4487 Almond Street Hardmg Commercual EVELYN DENISE FISCHER 6370 Montour Street Wnlson Academrc 17A C 'tt .J rc ,two sts A Q C U o r 11A Fmencsry C b 11A Fut re Tecch rs 1All'T1VT'l'1Q Club sl1r1 C B Leo ers 54 56 Bovwlmg Team 54 ettcr 56 Numcros NANCY JEAN FISHER 1305 Devereuux Avenue Wrlson Academrc Art Edltor of Record Book 12B Stu cent Board 11A cmor Txelve ecretorx Receptmmsts Club 12B M6dlCO1 Club 12B Future Teachers Club 10B AA Representotlve 11A H1311 Way Represerwtotlve 11B Hoc ev 54 55 Bosketboll 54 wa 5 Softball 54 56 Letter 6 Jones Aco IC S 7 Clu 7 Sect I' C ommt I1 RG H1 ,IW n Hlgtt 0 C cr O Thane C IS ub EDWARD WILLIAM GEGNAS 1404 Van Klrk Street Hordmg Industrlul Arts THOMAS F GILBERT I3-II Devereaux Street Wllson General Seventy two O'crfs"c "L-'IE Hz' '.g, 2-':- U ' A- 'C'-E VA HZ Pj 5f:'GSe'f:t'.e, l'A. I f Dcfcf C:'1fr'rttf0 - , 1285 IL. an 12B Retro' Czub 12, . C 125, A C pt-1:1 Cn, -12Bg 'f' 1-, Q LI 1 9 ,' , 4 , Cleb, l2Bg 5' . , IDA' J 'E '25,-A Box' .3 lub, 1: -125. ' d 1 ' -' 5 1' , f A 541,51 ,f 5 1, 57. . 1 , 1 2 ,'12Bf S I: ' 1 1 kr' 1 I , I I 1 - '65 , ' -' z , '5- MARI E. GANNO T 322 em is t 1 d . ' t et -,1 g i- hlp b, .S ,luBj t e U' 'A- ,, ,,.f-1 .- L, rg -. 4- 50 'WU B 'M ff 113- eg . , IZA, 1 - .1 vv' B- .1 , 1--Ag . SCF - C 1 , ' w A1 115011 o- Q - f ' A vt 351 mb ICBJZ CNW' Cl' , , IIA. if 'I ' -' ' " 'A I V u .. M11 'Afzf ,a x. QD-,Q.'1g- 1 - I . X V ' i I t L.I'1-. , it E: It Nj -' L L' 1 V F 11, , 1 I O PHYLLIS E GOLDING 1239 E Palmer Street Penn Treaty Commercial Medical ClJb 12B Libr ry ACC: vili lB LORRAINE GOLENSKY 6522 Rising Sun Avenue Wilson Commercial RONALD GOOSHIAN 2548 N Third Street Cooke Commercial Varsity Baseball S6 Manager Ca et Baseball 55 Numeral 5 Ma,or Letter 56 WILLIAM J GRAHAM 537 E Westmoreland Street Stetson General I arsitx, Soccer N 4 er, , BRUCE ARTHUR GRAMBS 6613 Rutland Street Wilson General AA RED'GE6'EfCT ve l lB Scccnd Fcctbal, 55 MARIE A. GRAMLICH 1505 Orkney Street Penn TYGUYY Commercial M6ClCUl Clbb, 12B Lib A ize ' my ds RICHARD K GREINER 1914 Solly Avenue Farm School General CV 55 Minor Letter 55 JOHN A GREVERIS 4510 Van Kirk Street Harding Academic Li nt Bard I lA Thur Club l7B ACapplaChor lA B eco d Basketball 34 Table Tennis HERBERT GROSCHOPP 1811 Hartel Avenue Wilson Industrial Arts WILLIAM JOSEPH I-IAGGERTY 1537 E Luzerne Street Harding General ALFRED JOSEPH HALL 2841 N. Hope Street Stetson Commercial CHARLOTTE LEE HAMAN 424 Longshore Avenue Wilson Academic Dance Committee, l2B, Student Board, llA-128, Danaides, l2Bg Or- pheas Ciab, 1213, Receptionists Club, IZB, A Cappella Choir, llB-l2B, Med- cal Club, IIA, l2A l2B, Sack L3 Bus- kif- l2B, Friendshio Club, llA-l2Ag High Way Rebresentative ICB, High Way Service Club, llA-l2B, High Way Business Staff, IZA, 128, Thanatopsls Club llB-l2B, Secretary, IZB, Bowl- ing Club, ICB-11B Leaders, '55, '56, Basketball, '5-I. ERICH ADOLPH HARING 3429 E. Thompson Street Jones Industnal Arts Varslty Baseball Manager S Mmor Letter 56 RONALD HARMON I830 Wokelrng Street H0'd"'9 General BOWIVIG :3 '55 Manor Letter 23 54 Mayor Letter 55 MARIE ELEANOR HAUG 721 Magee Avenue WIISOI1 Commerclal Lnbrory Andes l2B IOZB Herbert jtreet Hardmg Vocational Ar LEWIS RICHARD HESS 3068 N Swanson Street 5799500 Academlc n ts GENEVA HIGGINS 4703 Hawthorne Street H0'd"19 Commerclal ANN HILL 2060 E Bellmore Street Janes Commercial DAVID HARVEY HODGES IIZI Overmgton Street Hardung Industrrol Arts Trlrteen Club l2B S cond Fcotball S4 Numerals GORDON THOMAS HORN 5140 Penn Street Hardnng Industrial Arts BARBARA LOUISE HUDSON furdm Commerclcl ji-aj' WMA ILA LOIS FLORENCE HUMPHREYS 1258 Alcott Street Wrlson Commerclal A A P pres fvtatnve A ELAINE L IANNARELLI ISS4 Englewood Street Wllson General Seventy four . " I V , '61 ' A ' ' ' . -Q . Q 5 354. - Q ji . 2, 'Af Rf ,fl 1 QL' 'IL 'V AJ WILMA Htl., 1' son Tawny sneer 'V . U ll - g J . . j , N ' f . . n I A ' . 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Tc FT' '55 LORETTA ANNE JANIS 3027 Mercer Street Jones Acodemrc Trlp Comrvlttee IZA Stude B " A error Tvrel IZB Presf' oor ocretv A B F ws .J C b IZA IZB Future Teachers C I: Z Tre urer Ice Pres de t IZA Locker Comrrwtt e I-Iluh Woy Rcprese ton e I,h Way ervlce Club B H h VV Ftoff IOA Thorvotop ZB Sxlrrm ng Club 36 I-loc ec GLENN W JOHN 3019 Welkel Street Jones Academrc Cross Ccuntrx 54 55 Trock 53 Mwor Letter 5-1 Motor Letter DD ELAINE M JONES 4747 Hawthorne Street Hardmg Academic MICHAEL JOSEPH JONES 1231 Fillmore Street Hardmg Academic Med col Club IZB AA Repres roto tlve ICB High Woy Representotv IOA IIA Hugh Woy Servlce Club IIA 7B I-ll h Woy Business Stuff IIA IZB Vlce Presldemt School Store IZB ecorfd Footboll S4 Bowlmj 5 RICHARD D JONES 1231 Fillmore Street Hardmg Acodemrc Trap Committee IZA Student Boord IZA I-lush Wo Busness itoff IZA IZB Scrlbes IZA IZB Corresporwdn Secretory IZB Thonotopsu Club IIA Second Soccer S5 Trock S4 F nc mg S Numerols HOWARD ELLIOT KATZ 5807 Torresdale Avenue Hardmg Academic ud nt Boord ICB Frlendshlp Club IIA Offlce Ads IOA IZB AA Rep resentotlve IZA Tob'e Tennls Prerl IIB A Ploy B Codet Boseboll 55 Fencm 56 'Xlumercls 55 Munor Letter 5 Seventy Eve Cx WARREN DAVID KAY 6431 Oakley Street WIISOH Acodemrc o dctoron of Ser' or Cl ss mr tem C b IZB Fro kford Forum IZA t d nt Boord ICA IZB Presldent IZB kJx-I JOHN T KEANE 3415 North B Street e Commercial oge Crew IOA IZB o o Fcccer 54 RICHARD C KEENAN 724 E Shawmont Avenue Hardmg Commercial Medrcol Club IZB CHRISANTHI KEREKOS 5924 Penn Street Cooke Commercual femor Mormng Commlttee 2 Frlendshlp Club IZ IZB Locker Commlttee IZB Office Alds IOB H1511 Woy Representotnve ICB IZB uh Woy CQYVICQ Club IIA Treos rer IZB Swlmmung Club ICB WALTER EDWARD KERNER 325 E Chandler Street Wrlson Acad mlc Trlp Cornmlftee IZB A Copp llc C our IIB IZB Locker Commlt ee IPA IZB Tnonotopsls Club IZA IZB Hl,n Woy Edltorlol Stoff IZA IZB Track 56 Swrmmlng 55 Mmor Le er 6 A awthorne Street Harding Academic Sock IZB A A resent ' I , 5- rt cor- II g E .re , :-e"g Hlf S ' , II -I2 f rle C IW' I ' ' IZA-'I B Q QE' , 1IB,V 'MJ v reg I , .1 3 5 T-- ", Q ' 6 , CB- - ru , J rt ' 5 IZBQ A f f w I1A E.. e , u - , ,, , Hn S ' , I2 , Ig ' ov , , 5 sts Club, IIA-I Q ,lf I I , IIA, .f -f Tee-ag, " g k '55 N ..C YJ St ' r Et c f, - . I V' ' ,f".' Seco'- ,' 155. I I I 7f f' , 7, , ,ww 1 me A' ' I 'ff , i 4 , 1 2 D. M . I . . I IB? - 5' - 1 A W , Al, Ag I-Q A2 I ' ,' - . f I . f I ' ' ' f H3 Z, ' H A f -12131 S , f , ' Z, f4- Q , Q , L . '56 If I I 'I' I 3 I 4 I 4' '- r ' ' I I IZB, ' ' ' ' 3' ' ' ,' , T 'mm' l,"55.' NWS ' l ' I , V! A - lf' MA f 47 St e , g ' ' , U , dent, gn' " I , .IZ . I 1- 3 I U I I - I - RED' , .I ' 2 :gt ' 1 I ZW . , 5 , I I JACK M. KLEINMENZ 6905 Oakley Street Wilson Academic Presrdent of Senior Class, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IIB-IZB, Thsrteen Club, IZB Bowting, '54-'56, Ncmerols, '54, Mmcr Letter, '55 RONALD KLINGER 7540 Watson Street Wilson Trade Preparatory Vcrsrty Soccer 55 Mmor Letter ROSALIE P KOWALSKI 650 E Ontario Street Stetson C mmerclal rf JM Ur M ef' JOSEPH WALTER KRAJEWSKI S361 Oxford Avenue Harding Acad mic rrp Commuttee IZA Medmal Lmb IZB Locker Ccmmrttee IZB A Represerrtutwe I'A IIB Hrgh Wo Represerttotlxe IIA foes Co rwtr -I 36 Track Mu or Mo cr t MILTON S KRUGMAN I84I Fox Chase Road Stetson Academic od L L B wet BETTIE KRUMM 821 N Fifth Street PBM' Tf2Cl'Y Commercval ct A su-rat Seventy six F HILDAGARD KUTTLER 2000 E. Tioga Street Jones Commercial CAROL A KUZMIK 417 E Girard Avenue Penn Treaty Academic Honor Socuetv IIB Orchestra IOB A Copp rio Chow IZA IZB Medical lub IIB AA Reoresentctuve IIB IZB Hugh Woy Representotnve IIA wmmung CIub IOA Bowlmg Club IB Typmg Aide IZA ALBERT J LA SALLE 3466 Braddock Street Jones Academic O Ice Ards IB IIA AA Re e semtotlve ICB VIRGINIA LASKOWSKI 3414 Edgernont Street ones Commercial MILLICENT EDNA LEADER 4045 Higbee Street ardrng Commercial vcr str I"B Bc. d es r ettcr V IIIILI 0 MARION ESTHER LETSCH 308 Magee Street Wilson Commercial I1 ,SSH f ' ' Q I: ' I , , Q I , I ', 125. I . If f ' ff , 2, , pr- ? UML , , x A J 1 ' If I ' IJ F47 ri J I' F T ' ' . Q I I ,p A J kg 7 .I ,, 55" , '55 'Q , '36, " Letter 35, I Lfrtsr, A '56 ' 1 N - 1 . 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Allegheny Avenue Stetson Academic Medic' Cob TBNZB Zvufwfi CLD "F '24 ROBERT C LITTLE 4039 Hrgbee Street Hardmg Commarcnal ELEANOR MAE LIVEZEY 13007 Worthington Road Hardmg General n r Mor r Ccmrw I W LORENCE LOUGHEAD 6523 Marsden Street Stetson Commercial L41 RUTH M IAM LU K w orn e Hardln A ademlc S L, ock Z1 Buskm IO 1 r to 1B B ROBERT M MacDONALD 1096 E Alcott Street Wllgon Trade Preparatory Seventy seven LOIS JOAN MACOLLY 6231 Carditt Street Harding Academic "-Siistcrt E:-for, Reccrd Back, 12Bg :gk 6 Baskw, 11A-128, Hgh Wo: -iorese-tct..e HB, Efjs" Offce 'I-9 'ZA 'IB CHRISTINA MARY MACRY 34 H Street Stetson Commercuol BARBARA MAGEE 2053 E Ontarno Street Jones Commercxal e G Cr' 11A WILLIAM H MAIER 824 Glenview Street Wllson Industrial Arts LORETTA B MARIANNA 3262 Aramlngo Avenue Jones Academuc A Frxendshrp D P 12 Future Teachers CMD Usrers Assocwotuorw ZA 12B Rmresentotwe ICB I-hgh Way Repre stave HA JON ALAN MARSHALL 166 E Ontario Street Central General . 5' .. ., SQ 'Q a' 3 'ttee ,ZB F C599 'N 913 -3254 fr Z 6 Y 3 t Q' fl itudent Board, IOA7 Orpheus Club, - ' KB, ll Q C v Ch., 1--A, UA ' Aj 1 V Q- , l2Ag dt. nt V1 .9 Ayr Q ,A 1 , xg AA- B' ' he ' -I2 ' sent , I, UBI. f J WILLIAM S. MARSHALL 5401 Torresdale Avenue Harding Academic A Cappella Choir llB-l2Bj AA. Representative, llB IZBA President, A.A. Council l2B. Track 54 55' Fencing, 55' Nu- merals 55' Minor Letter 54' Major Letter 55. CHARLES J. MATERA 7744 Fairfield Street' Jones Trade Preparatory HUGH McARTHUR 824 Medway Road Penn Treaty Industrial Arts JOANNE NANCY McCALL 394 L Street Harding General DOROTHY AVA McCARTHY 6ll6 Bingham Street Wilson General AGNES E McCARTNEY 857 Sanger Street Stetson Academic Seventy eight wt? l C Ur WILLIAM J. McCLAlN 1425 Wellington Street - 005011 Academic Thirteen Club l2B. Second Baseball, 55- Numefglg ' ELLEN MARION MCELANEY 5953 Augusta Street WIISOII Commercial JOAN ELAINE McKALE 876 Marcella Street Wilson Vocational Art Representative IOA llA ROBERT RAMON MCQUE 1927 E Pacific Street Harding Academic Trip Committee l2A Student Board lOBllA Thirteen Club l2B Honor Society IIA l2B President l2B Clef Club llB l2B ACappello Choir IOA l2B Sock G Buskin llA IIA Grade President Bowling 55 56 Cross Country 54 Minor Letter 54 55 Major Letter DORIS R MELCHIORE 207l Sanger Street Harding Commercial lgwcle A7 ALEX G MEXI l339 N Second Street Penn Treaty Commercial aC lA gf , I I ' , , 55 A A,A, ' , , , . Q, ' , 1 'SQ Trackl, '54, 652 Numeralc, '54,, 1557 154. , , , , I I 0' t C cl ,, P' A Cccpalt hor, C , ICB, I I ROSE ANNE MINNER 917 N Hancock Street Penn Treaty Commercial THEODORE D MITCHELL 3885 L Street Hardrng General A Cappella Cholr ICA IIB Second Baseball 54 JEANETTE M MONAHAN 8209 Algon Avenue Wrlson Acndemlc Senlor Twelve IZB Honor Soclety IIB Medlccl Club IIB IZB Frl d shun Club IIA Future Teachers Clu IGB Llbrarx Andes IOA Bowllng Club IIA Englnsh Otflce Alde IZB ww Wk JEAN E MONAHAN 8209 Algon Avenue Wllson Commerc I Medlcal Club IIA IIB Commerclal RICHARD MONTGOMERY 1505 Womrath Street Hordmg Commercial DARLA JOAN MOORE IIII Devereoux Avenue Wnlson Vocatnonal Art Donaldes IZB Receptlonlsts Club IZA I2B Medlcal Club IZB Asslst ant Secretary FrIendJhuo Club IZB Future Teachers Club ICB IZA AA Representative ICB IIB Hugh W Representatlve IZA IZB Hlgh Wa aff Photographer IIB IZA Swm mlng Club IOA Tennls Club IZA Hockey 54 56 Basketball 5-I S6 Softball 55 Letter 56 Numerals Seventy nlne JAMES J MOORE 3067 N Lawrence Street Stetson Acodemrc Hl,h Way Servlce Club IZA WILLIAM MOORE 5343 Charles Street Hardrng Academrc Fencmg S4 Mlnor Letter CAROL MARIE MOSER 1825 E Clementine Street Jones General Receptlonusts Club IOA IIA Danc Club IIB ELIZABETH C MOSER 7246 Oakland Street Wilson Commercnal Senior Mornlng Commlttee Student Board IOA IOB IZB Don aldes IZB Receptlonlsts Club A IZB Locker Commlttee IZA AA Representatlve IZA Hugh Representative IIB Scrlbes IIA Way Edutorlal Staff IOB IZB Hockey 54 55 W' RY LOUISE MUNZ I3 Arthur Street I son Academrc Record Book Commlttee IZB Sensor Twe ve IZB Orpheus Club B Honor Soclety IZA Blology Club IIA Medlcal Club IOB I2B Fruendshlp Club IIA Swlmmlng Club IOB IIB Bow Ing Club IIB English Offlce Alde IZB EDWARD ANTHONY MURPHY 2504 Tulrp Street Jones Commercral H . I , ' 5 ' . '54, I I I' 4 . , . A Q ' ' , ' , 2 en L :H I' I ,g ' f ' ing , -I2B,' ' ' ' X , 0 . , 7 J' L- . . I .' ' ' , I2Bg - ' , I I I V, IZ, 1 ' , , l2B: Department M661 IZA' 125' Thanatopsis CIub, IIIA-I2Bg'High V f ,BX A fum 1, I Q , ' C I2, ll I I, 5 " ' 'Y I 5 A ff V, - f , -' :I Q I 'Ov 1 I I Y ' ST- I , I - Q I - , -I . , -I 157' , , , 1 I EVELYN KAY PAINTER 5944 BeIden Street Wllsan Commercial MADELINE PALLATT 404 I Street Hardrng Commercral Dano: omrmttee IZB St of ard IA A 12A Da oudes FISVTGSHID Clab Lac r Comrmttee IZA I2 Offrce Ad S ers Assocnatuon 1 B Bafvk Renresetctve IFA AA Rep resewtatxe I B Hwgh Wax Represent e B Jmuor Pram C frrw e A f' S 51 CLIFFORD B PATTON 2087 Clementme Street Jones Academic rcss Comtry 5 MIVWV LC er 4 RICHARD HENRY PAUZA 2929 Welkel Street Jones Academnc CARL E PFEIFFER 1301 Fnllmore Street Harding Industnal Arts MARION PROCTOR 2333 N Second Street Cooke Commercral X Erghty WILLIAM JOHN QUINN 2967 Janney Etreet JONES General DORIS MAY RAUSCH 4108 N Marshall Street Cooke Academic rphc S C In IZB Future Teachers O me as A A h XA Rearesentatwve r 65 B Sw: Q BG 6'ba1I D CAROL RAUSCHENBACH 1917 E Paclflc Street Jones Commercral Dar e C rrrr-ttee 12B Frrerdyhun 'Lb LVA AA Representatuxe IOA JACQUELINE REINERT 1430 E Lycommg Street Hardmg Academic Orr IZA Ot c A S M JJEUA f RUTH JANE RIGG 538 N Randolph Street cake Vocatuona Art ALFRED H RILLING 2-18 E Benner Street Wrlson Commercral MARY ELIZABETH ROWLAND 1379 Sanger Street Harding Academic Eellur nelte, B, o Escletv , - 5 peel a Cbolr, I-B- I xt N-, T' -IZ , Heh S' e - -e'c'.e ii -I 5 'Q Wuy Pe- po .en A, l2 , I2Bg Asserrb Or- 'anist, ZA, . LOUISE 0 F 5 ontour Commercral A Hlqh us taff IZA IZB Bovvllng CI b GEORGE J RUTTER 2123 E Ann Street Jones Academic Cross Country 55 Minor Letter '55 MARY ANNE SACCHETTI 542 E Westmoreland Street Stetson Commerclal Biology Club ICB Dancing Club Offlce Aids B l-ll I1 C Bervlce Club IIB Library Andes ALLEN ROBERT SAVAGE Il26 Kenwyn Street Hardrng Industrial Arts www DORI ARSCHMIDT h re ar Academlc Edutor IU Chief ecord Book IZB Student Board I A Fnendshtp Club IIB Future Teachers Club IOB Hlgn Way Cervlce Club IIB IZA Hugh Way usmess Staff IIB 12A Ll for Asdes IIA Engllsh Office Axde IZA IZB Deslgn for Class Button IZB Eughty one VIRGINIA J. SCHLOSSER 6515 Montour Street Wilson General Oroheus Cub I2Ag Receptionists fpb, A IZB Trefsurer, IZB' Medi- i-' .:D, I2Bg Frlencship Club IIAQ P-l an 'my Ser fic, Club IZB' Hlgh Way 'us ness S a , , Bowling Leug f,'g eua, 3 e Tegn B4, S55 Le er " . B. e ,VJ . HARRY GEORGE SCHMITT M and Bnstol Streets Stetson Trade Preparatory S co C Soccer 54 55 Mlrror if CAROLE ANNE SCHWARTZ 2339 E Belgrade Street Penn Treaty Commercnal FI6l"dSl'1lD Club I ay Comrmttee IZB OTTO CARL SCHWARZ 526 Rhawn Street Wilson Academic Orchestra IOA l2B Band ICA IZB Dar' e Band IBA 12B MERLE BRENDA SHIRLEY 4666 Mulberry Street Hardmg Academic Hxjw Vtav Reoresentatuve ICB L brarv Ades I B Swlmmnng Club IOA oco E s rr e l A B JOHN K SHUSTER 3rd 6101 Belden Street wngqn Academic VIS EDWARD FRANCIS SMALL 5223 Jackson Street Girard College Academic A.A. Representative, ICB-llB. Varsity Soccer, '53-'55g Minor Letter, '53g Major Letter, '54. '55 ANNA MAE R SMITH 4217 Markland Street Little Flower Commercaal Lrbrary Andes l2B Bowlmg Club A Play Cas MARLENE B STATCHUK 425 E Wrldey Street Penn Treaty Commercual S u ent Board A IB I Alds IOA lOB Hugh Way Representa Ive IOB A Play Cast l2B NANCY D STAUFENBERG 2025 Hartel Street Wrlson Commercial Bow :ng Club HA f J nd!! V', Ia 'ul ELVA MARIE STEINKE 936 Sanger Street Jones Commercral Office AKFS WA llA AA Repre atxe l B Hu Way e C tcf 7A JOSEPH F STEINMETZ 4720 Oakland Street NUYIIIEGSI CGTIIOIIC Commeyglql 5 Fo t a Eighty 'Iwo RONALD E. STEINMEYER 6726 Lynford Street Wilson Industrial Arts WALTER HOWARD STEVENS 2808 Devereaux Avenue Hardmg Academrc ALICE E STEVENSON 2136 Magee Avenue WIISOII General Orchestra IOA llB Band IOA Bavtlmg Club IGA 12B 5DfTbOll 54 55 Bowlmg Team 56 Letter 56 LORETTA THERESA STEWART l70I Meadow Street Hardmg General JOHN ROOSEVELT STONE 1834 Flllmore Street Hardmg 5 Trade Preparatory l' WALLACE J STRONSKI 3270 Almond Street Jones Acndemnc C Y B Cf r WALTER L SYKES 5445 Charles Street Hardsng Industrial Arts ersc Nornsrsg Ccrrsmsttee e C :car-C Fcctbml 55 are rec Dal s or Le er Ol' MARY TARPINIAN E Westmoreland Street Stetson Commercsal Frserscsrssu Club 12A AA ,, sl EBT Af BERGER 61 IVV t reet Wslso Academsc Rc: otsorsssts Club ZA 12B Meds bo B Fr dshsp Cl D A Representatsve A Lsbrcr a 12B Vo leyball B JUNE C THOMPSON 2117 Pratt Street Hordsng G neral Llbrary Asdes lOA 1013 Volleyball Z WWF? ROBERT H THOMPSON 1107 E Tsoga Str et Ste on X Preparcto y eyes EDMUND A TUSTIN 1120 Kenwyn Street Central Academic Thsrteen Club, 12B Second Football '53 Eighty three J AN N WAGNER 1116 nchor Street Hardsng Comrnercsal Trl Ccmrrssttee 12A rse CSOID lb 12A Offsce Asds 1GB 12A AA Pweserstatsve 12A Bow ng Cub 41 J1 ARBA NN WALLACE 3 Ssmms Street Hardsng Academsc alatctorsan cf Serssor Class Secre art of Sensor Class uderst Board 10A 12A Sensor Twelve 12B :cal Cl b 1C 11A Frsendshp FB Hlgrs Wav Represer all e Head Usher 12B May Queers 19 6 Cheereders 55 56 JUNE ANN WARD 1135 Oversngton Street Hardmg Academsc Orprebs Cab 12A 12B Frsersdshlp Cls,b 11B Futbre Teachers Club 10A 11A Ersglssls Offsce Asde 12B EILEEN G WATT 1 Frankford Avenue Commercsal A Ca C our 1 B er ROBERT C WAUHOP 2926 N Reese Street Stetson General Secogg Football 5-1 Varssty Foot 1 RONALD K WEIMAR 2919 McKsnIey Street Hardsng Commercual U ' 3' f W - f 1 f sr 1 ' A 128 ' ' 'r rte ' lab, 12B . , F D j F rs QI EI 5.1 ' I V lo, 1 eu .QI I - I . ' f 1, '55, '56, Ma rs , '55, l A2 , , 1 s , MC Letter, '56 I 1113 s C+ ff' I XJ! f kf s, .fr s . f L ,,1.- of J L ers L A , bf I zoo . S ' ' J, - I t ' H I, 12Bg :t Med" Q , ' B, g ' ' ' I I , Reoree Crab, lag " I f Q gqfsgsf 12B ICB, Ushers Assocsatsors, lCB-12B IG I , I 1 f . 7 - .X A G H 1 1 Q " o AI s - cc , 121 vers " 11A- , ' I ' T ' E I - 'A s ss , , I ' - ' I , A. tes, 5 1 , 12 . I Jo s ' I ' . ss ' , . IZB , 1 , 1, SI I . I 1 -f 'lrfrfp Ve 14- ' 7 . 1 , s 7I 7 I I2 noisy ,'56. ' ' - 1011 T ,'III -- XJ GEORGE E. M. WELLINGS 629 Gaul Street Penn Treaty Industrial Arts REGINA MAY WELSH 1205 Devefeoux Avenue Wilson Academic A Cappella Cholr ICB 12B M dlcal Club IIA Hlgh Way RGDFESGPTGTIVQ A Leaders 55 56 JEANNE WESSNER 1958 E Elkhart Street Penn Treaty Commercial ANNA MAE WEYMAN 1847 Rhawn Street Wilson Commercial Somor Mormrm Commlttte IZB M Col Club 12B Frlendshlp Cla B Offlc A lCB sncrs Assoc ct on l lA l2B Bmlf 6 resmtullx l B AA Re Pgtxo IlA IB l-lllh VVCJ REU' Sen cts Q IZA Mc orettes 54 36 Co Ccpton C rvrr' J e SUSAN WHITE 1322 Wakelmg Street Harding Academic MAUREEN MADELYN WIGHT 522 N Twenty first Street Sayre General X Eighty-four BARBARA A. WILD 7219 Rising Sun Avenue Wilson Academic Aw'-'iifff Taj :' C559 12B7 If.- 5f'7 55275 left :er :r l.-.e we, Trecs- Hf, 21:5 O'pne.s C L: l2Ag A Cz:- A Qi.:-J'-:yl1B-l2B' Medic' CIS-, lrf- 457 F' i':srl': If JJ, IZA, VL' Hgh xxzu Ser. ce Clsb llA-l25' F l' I-'.':,' 5.9 'ces "ZH 123- :gr - C: C33 Efcrcfcqf 'je ' " Lciied 54- EF fcafff-zigff lj-5. GEORGE F WILKINSON 4714 Van Kirk Street Ha'd"'9 Academic Scand Football 5 Trcck 34 56 l 3 5 SONDREA CAROL WILLIAMS 1842 Herbert Street Hallahan Commercial Frzenclshp CI b 11A Lb IIB Svvlmlnmgufjlub IOAI wry Aldes FAITH E WILLIAMSON 2549 E Ontario Street Jones Commercial DAVID A WILSON 6222 Gillespie Street H0"d"19 Industrial Arts 12 DAVID PAUL WILSON 4630 Waples Street Hafdlng General ROBERT MICHAEL WILUSZ 28I6 D Street Northeast Catholic Commerclol Iwestra IZA IZB B d I A C Bar IZA IRENE BERNICE WINTER 213 Poplar Street Penn Treaty Commercial KATHRYN MARY WISMER 3837 Elsrnore Street Harding Commercial Dance Committee IZA Frnerdshup CI b IOA IOB Offwce Ands IFA IOB HI I1 Way Representat ve IZB Eighty Eve PAUL HENRY WITTE I020 Lansung Street Wrlson Academrc Seco d B sfbaII D5 Varsmfy Base MARGARET E WOODSIDE 1206 Fillmore Street Harding Commercial MARGARET E ZIEGLER 5914 Drtman Street Harding General Me :cal CI b IIA IIB Dano g Club IIA IIB IZB Frlendshlp Club IZB Lvbrary Andes IIA Swnmmmg Club If'A IIB Volleyball IZB Leaders 4 JEROME E PALMA 6024 Alma Street Wrlson General Lrbrary A de ICB I F9 11 Salutato mn Valedlctorlan BARBARA ANNE WALLACE WARREN DAVID KAY Ps Loc- cfg, S-'L-"ei"-' Tesfmwf- COIVIMENCEMENT PROGRAMME Organ Prelude and Processronal Mrs Mary Lulthlen Nanonal Anthem lnvocarron The Rey Howard W Adams Lawndale Methodust Church The Lords Prayer Malotte Youll Never Walk Alone Rodgers Rrngwald Presentatlon of Drplornas and Award of Pruzes I Il Walk wlth God Brodsky MacLean Valeductory Address Warren Davrd Kay School Song Recessuonal and Organ Posllud Mrs Mary Lurthlen E gl'1+y se e Y. . . 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Thrsugh the trairi rig ct Miss lilac-I Lcycr, coach, arid Msss Gilda Nardahe, assistant, hath at the physical edue catiaa degnartmeht, the team igraduccd a ycry promising treshmah pitcher, Lee Hitcheris Bath varsity arid iayvee teams hegah the seascii by successtutL,, defeating their t rst three crinaherrts 'N X. "Xt L,V'J3 ,- 4'4- nru. . '. ,- HOCKEY Th 3 Q,eor's hacker fech' FCC 3 f:Tr?',' Suze M secsch wrfh 5 xx VE U fe, chd 3 lessee Mech C1 th 5 succesg ra Crea Tec TO Thi ff rfg eh 3? :ur :Gosh M63 G C2 Ncrcife, cfd P css stef :each Mrs Kc. Kfcc' Prccfrces were held cr E: dw, h F els ev Mor do, Tuesdc, Grd Frdsr, clferhcefrz Cir, TNCW fcruhd the Q rlg ld! cl sir '3 CPG e thus GSW! read, Ts meet cf, 0,3305 new There ore three groduatqhg fecrhi Gmc Butler, Dark: M5 Rcusch HOCKEY SCHEDULE 'L' 1' ' Eefec er" f Frch-UZ' 2 e Q-V , H ::VCFlKEQ'f' .,..,. 2 Frahkfcz ...... D Lrhiih Frchkfyi .,..,, 2 EGVVTW Frirrkfg . ..... 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A ., ,L hr' Q Ah ZA, '-J Af' ,, .gm 1 3 wr, ,if V me .V J, - -w ., a r .f rr: , - - ,M ,. A M , mwr , ', x . MA . K ' . 4 3 H ' M M, "1ff"', 1- ' 'X' li 'T' ,J T -QSQQ? H S 5' fda.. TU I gh M ,U 4' .iv fe 4, , . f,,-- 'ar AIM" l H-yrs!" ff? 5 I .xii A +1 W Q. S ' ?f4i 1. ,, T' , , A. 53 fl? Q W5 'Q 5,2 W ' 3 4 if 1 Hsu' 1,1 . 5511 .E Q-' 3-'f ., . 1 4, qlllfui- .KJ I N fi:-"iw , ,,,b:-si? , M A, sf' pn . L . ,, ,-516334: 0,,.,, -"1 '44 ff ,fw- f5s"'5ai'- in t Hgh' 'Q ,bfi ,-.4 . fav V Q , ug 'rx 'r pk. ' " ,, W Q K f"l'k"'9'-q . I. " 4 .fginf11Lfgf'Q:, v Y s N' S 5 im' -4 i MW A ' W 1 , -,f .W if , , in MFZW -M 8 '.v.4fyi'2,,, A Q ww L U, 426 A41 ,, N, X , , Q wk' ,gl Sw

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