Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1955 volume:

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Our freshman year brought us the spring show ---"A Waltz Dream"-the Public League Baseball Championship, and a period of adjustment to a completely new way of school life. After school clubs, sports, and iobs, dances at Somerton, new friends, and above all new studies were a strange and somewhat awesome thing at first. ln our Sep- tember term we purchased AA. books and became ardent football fans, seeing for the first time that classic Thanksgiving Day game with Northeast Catholic. Christmas rolled around, and we witnessed our first Frankford Christmas pageant. With our junior year came the spring show-- the Frankford Frolics- -the Junior Trip to Wash- ington, D. C., and the Junior Prom, ln our Septem- ber term we saw a repeat performance of the activities of the preceding year, viewing them with the happy, comfortable feeling known only to juniors, seeing the excited but somewhat frightened joy of the freshmen and the happiness of the seniors, somewhat saddened by the realization that they are viewing it all for the last time. The Ending February of l9'54 finally arrived and with it the long anticipated senior year. The spring show, "lvlusicrama," and our Senior Trip up the l-ludson to West Point and Indian Point Park were the highlights of this term. ln the September term we chose our senior officers, committees, and sponsor, went to our Senior Prom, saw our last Christmas Pageant and AA Awards assembly, and perhaps most important of all had our Senior Morning. An added thrill to our senior year was the co-football championship of the Public League, of which Frank- ford was the representative in the playoff for the City title. To our class, this perhaps meant more than it did to the rest of the school, not only because the boys on the team were our classmates but also because it had happened in our senior year and would always be associated with that extra special time. The Future On January 28, l955 we will graduate at Baptist Temple. Thus our three years at Frankford will be drawn to a close. No longer will we be compara- tively carefree high school students. Whether entering college or the business world, we will have new responsibilities. The magical and ever written about days of high school will be gone forever. But we will never forget them nor Frankford l-ligh School itself, for Frankford possesses that unde- finable auality that makes it more than just a school. We owe a debt to Frankford that can never be repaid, but we must nevertheless strive to do so. There is only one way in which this can be accomplished and that is to meet the challenge that lies before us with a determination to succeed in in a manner worthy a graduate of the Frankford l-ligh School. fail!! 4-IQML we . ,Www CLASS HISTGRY Wm .sizlney go4niaL DEDIC TIO WITI-I PRIDE AND AFFECTION WE, Tl-IE CLASS OE JANUARY I955, DEDICATE Tl-IIS, OUR RECORD BOOK, TO MR. SIDNEY S. BOSNIAK ln the selection of o closs sponsor, greot thought is given not only to the respect commonded o teocher in the clossroom but olso to his populority outside the closs of leorning. Quite often one of these quolities is possessed but not the other. Such o delicote bolonce is difficult to ochieve, but Mr, Sidney Bosniok, regorded os both teocher ond friend by his pupils, hos struck just such o bolonce. Possessing o Bochelor of Science ond o Moster of Educotion degree from Temple University plus severol yeors work ot the Stote University of lowo, Mr, Bosniok come to Fronkford where he joined our Business Educotion deportrnent os on instructor in bookkeeping, Since his orrivol o few short yeors ogo, he hos proved o source of help ond inspirotion to his pupils ond to oll who hove come into contoct with him. To Mr, Bosniok we, the closs of Jonuory l955, wish to express our worrnest ond most heortfelt thonks for his port in moking our senior yeor o successful one-o port thot we will never forget, I Six Q 1.2 va! FZ ZW iii F AW ff .1 4 , 1 2. Pl J. w J MSDN?-' '. .f.,r q.--'r.fJvL,4 .N 1 f "-il. f f ' i. 250 I su- Lf . 'J ., F . 1. . H - ' 5, , A L,-4,-. iv. llf H. FACULTY l 1 ,S-.9 aa A ' pf! -fy, V L, 7- fr. F s,,v John W. Hitner pfincipaf "TWILIGHT IS FALLING ON OUR Cl-IILDI-IOOD'S I-IAPPY DAY" Flow freauently do we hear the Wish that graduation quickly arrive so the tasks and restrictions of formal schooling may be ended. I-Iovv more often have we of old heard regrets at parting, and later at reunions the expression, "I wish I were living those days again." "MANl-IOOD IS CALLING TO COME ON ITS WAY"-the collective summons to young women and young men to carve their niche in the marble of life. Commence- ment calls each of you to a dignified vvay of personal and civic success. "MAY OUR ALMA MATER IN I-IER SONS A TRIBUTE SEE." May your names, sons and daughters of January, l955, be added to the illustrious list of successful Frank- ford men and women in the fields of art, business, law, medicine, ministry, teaching. "MAY Tl-IE YEARS NE'ER BLOT I-IER FROM OUR MEMORY." May Frankford always be a cherished recollection "AS WE JOURNEY O'ER LIFE'S SEA," ofttimes to distant climes. And may you, when occasion permits, always return for a visit to school, to concerts, or to contests. HFRANKFORD, DEAR FRANKFORD, LOYAL SONS WE'LL BE"-this the kind of loyalty which is reflected in noble character and efficient service, You can best express it to the world by acting your part in life as you were taught here. Success, good luck, and happiness to you, and may God bless you. Eight DR. ETTA M. PETTYJOHN Vice-Principal MR. E. ORRELL CRAP Vice-Principal MISS ROSEINA C. GILLMAN Assistant to Principal MR. MICHAEL W. FISCH History and Languages MR. JOSEPH KLEIN Business Education DR. LEWIS G. STERNER EngIish Nine DR. BENJAMIN NOVAK Science MR. ARTHUR B. CRESSE Physical Education MR. MARK H. HAGMANN Mathematics FACULTY LIST Principal John Warren Hitner Vice-Principals E. Orrell Crap Dr. Etta M. Pettyjohn BUSINESS EDUCATION Joseph Klein COMMON LEARNINGS SPEECH AND REMEDIAL READING Dr. Lewis G. Sterner DRIVER EDUCATION Mark Hagrnann ENGLISH Dr. Lewis G. Sterner FINE ARTS Michael W. Fisch HOME ECONOMICS Arthur B. Cresse INDUSTRIAL ARTS Harry H. Bonner LANGUAGE Michael W. Fisch Assistant to the Principal Roseina C. Gillman Mrs. Cecile S. Berman Sidney S. Bosniak Elizabeth R. Eynon William H. French Russell W. Hargreaves Mrs. Marion K. Hornung Harry Klausewitz Samuel N. Samuel B. Brooks Violet Hazlett Frank E Bauerle Dr. Lois Dickie Delphine A. Lanning Anna C. Lee Marion McMaster S. Burkhart Morrison Amelia R. Mumford Dr. Charles R. Nash Dr, Benjamin Kuykendall Joseph W. Larkin David F. Luithlen Leonard A. Lurie Anastasia W. E Lyons Adolph Myerson William B. Nichols Ray Knute N. Krassenstein Gerald L. Raske Maria Pasquarella John R. Nevin A. Clarke Pairman Joan G. Poriles Mrs. Irene M. Reiter Esther R. Roth Florence Schlarbaum Charles F. Traxell Carl F. Wise Aaron Rapaport Kathryn D. Bierman Louise M, Druding Ruth E. Wilson Frank E. Broadbent Walter J. Cole Norman R. Day Theodore C. Humphreys A. Malcolm Martin Harry V. Schatebrook William B. Schoenleper Caroline L. Gruhler Dr, Arthur C. Jordan Henry J. Meder Ten FACULTY LIST LIBRARY Dr. Lewis G. Sterner MATHEMATICS Mark I-lagmann MUSIC Dr. Benjamin J. Novak PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Arthur B. Cresse SCIENCE Dr. Benjamin J. Novak SOCIAL STUDIES Michael W. Fisch COUNSELLORS NURSES SENIOR SECRETARY SECRETARIES SCHOOL MATRON NON-TEACHING ASSISTANT Miriam S. Axelrod Minnie Bernstein George Eblnecke Marian Gornick Elizabeth S. Lackey Dr. Ethel M. McAllister Robert B. Whiting John W. McMaster George Myers Ella Rosentoor Bernard Sabul I-larry B. Waterbor Forrest R. Newmeyer Anne M. Regan I-lerman Siegel Walter Bahr William P. Clausen Theodore Doering Mrs. Katharine Gradick Mrs. Jennie I-l. Leary Janet Lever Mrs. Dorothy Loyer Mrs. Lillian W. Mays Walter N. Nackoney Mrs. Louise D. Reichelt Mrs. Joanna B. F. Schlechter Worthington Surrick Andrew Woltrum William Barish Gladys Bulmer Charles J. Cochrane Ernest Federotf Evelyn T. Mrs Jeannette E. August Mary E. Carroll Edith M. Jones Martin Menkus Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Madeleine C. Burns Miriam S. Conrad Mary F. Kelly Edna C. Simon Katharine M. Grelis Dr. Mae E. I-larveson Amos J. I-leinly May Owen Why Mary E, Purcell I-I. Elaine Ramsey Charles W. Twining Mrs. Gertrude M. Zimmermann Dinah Freeman Natalie C. Hirsch Mrs. I-lelen Sweeney Mrs. Ada K. Kesselman Margaret G. Butler Mrs. Anne C. Gold Mrs. Lissi M. Wilkinson Margaret E. Kohler Joseph Glovacz, Jr. Eleven Mrs. Beatrice G. Osotsky SW YR.X4-YN MR. THEODORE D OEYANG gawk Y GXXNK-1 NN CRT HEY-M P-N SURYACA4 vxwcnovx Twelve SXEGY-.L R. BEN! 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I I- , Q 1. , US .. . ..-::3 -.3 Y vg , -: '.1Q-5-lv-f"'N', ' 'M-Ri . , x , -nr Y -W Wi l ' 'A "A5"" knkw '--2' .r ' aa-I 'N ,,, ' ,.,wk.-,7'P .,-nf X . f I '.'- I I f , ---- -- ,Q V, .,-- . - M. '.- .f f - W., ,M -f" I-'X-W' ' . a.:.., 'V--'H ' I-L-b ,' W? V -'Pa' -4.- . " ,--, - -1. ' - ,t Y-. . , , , - - A .- 1-5aezQf+seffM',,,.:,f. W-V " . - -1-"' W -"Y" -. ' ' Q A V Q- in .v,. J. ' ,,.--,,. A - W -g,,,,xL, a pa, V . '!KS"'.u - 'ff' ,, ,, 1.0-' A A- ,A A, ,Q-f,-.f' ,S-,f -, ,.,. ,.1'i!,, , 1 ,L., -. :" - V' ,EM?,....+11:4Llf,j.31f..1 N 1. A- ' ' :.H:!5""f', ,f. f--" "" W 'f ' vm! ll , 1 AXWTA Nz'- RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE Our happy days at Frankford have come to an end. Since the day we first entered these hallowed halls as freshmen until novv, three years later, when we leave them as seniors, vve have enjoyed every minute, Each term was a little more fun than the last, and our senior year, full of activities, vvas the best of all. Some of us will go on to higher education, others, into the business vvorld, but we will always remember Frankford l-ligh School. The Record Book Committee, headed by Anne Rogers, editor, and ably assisted by Patricia Bryan, assistant editor, Norma Ford, art editor, Sandra Bodnar, Richard Hoffman, Barbara Knodt, lvlary Lou lvlintzer, and Frances Slotvvinski has tried to preserve some of these unforgettable memories by means of vvords and pictures in this Record Book for the class of January, l95'5. We hope that in the future, as we look in retrospect upon our days at Frankford, this Record Book vvill bring back nostalgic memories, Twenty-eight "A" PLAY The "A" plo h y os been cost. The director, Morylyn Scott, orders the lights to be dimmed, the comeros to be set, ond the ploy to commence. Whot could be more titting thon to begin with our ploy "Commencement" by Pete Willioms? Our ploy is o story ot the triols ond tribolotions ot one school yeor, with Fronktord high os its "herol' Ot course we couldn't get olong without our princi- pol, Mr. l-litner lBill Kuhtossl ond his loyol secre- tory, Ellen Shore ll.oretto Morriconel, ln every crowd there is o leoder, ln this porticolor cose it is Don l-loley lBill Roserl, senior closs president, othlete, ond scholor, too. Don is interested in Lucy lBorboro Knodtl, but Lucy seems interested in the new tronster, none other thon Allen Goylord llim Curriel. And now wotch the ployl SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE The Senior Morning Committee hos the duty ot plonning the progrom tor the lost doy on which the seniors ottend school. Their obiectiye is to moke the doy memoroble, ond they try to occom- plish this by providing yoried entertoinment, The Senior Morning Committee orronged o tine ossembly progrom tor us, The presentotion ot the closs gift to lvlr, l-litner! the pertormonces by some tolented members ot our closs, ond the presento- tion ot the HA" ploy, entitled l'Co oll combined t ' mmencement " o moke this o do th ' remembered b y ot will long be y os, the groduoting seniors. 5' SENIOR PROM The Senior Prom tor the classes ot January "55" and June "55" was held Friday evening, November 5th, in the Crystal Ballroom ot the Benjamin Franklin l-lotel. The Prom Committee took care ot the sale ot the tickets, The committee was composed ot Joan l-larmer, chairman, Constance Chadwick, Dorothy Edelman, Allan Kinloch, Maryanne Price, John Zalewski, Ellen Buchanan, Donna Daubert, John l-larrington, Marilyn Laird, Elizabeth Miller, Edwin Scholes, Howard Will, and Gail Cummings, The music was supplied by the Clarence Euhrman Orchestra, The dance began at nine and lasted until twelve o'clock. The Prom Queen was chosen by the drawing at ticket stubs. The lucky girl was Marlene l.ulka, who, atter receiving her gitt, danced with the President ot the Senior Class, William Raser, After the dance some people lett tor parties and others tor various dining places in Philadelphia and New Jersey, Every girl who attended was given a sterling silver charm. lt was a wonderful night, one which no one will torget tor a long time to come, Thirty STUDENT BOARD The STudenT Boord is under The sponsorship oT lvlr George Ebbeclce ond lvliss Evelvn Why. There is o meeTing everv Wednesdov in The girls' lunchroom. Once o monTh, oT The close oT school, There is on open meeTing To vvhich The sTudenT bodv ond members oT The ToculTv ore welcomed. The purpose oT The STudenT Boord is, os sToTed in our ConsTiTuTion, "To provide on ossocioTion oT STudenT RepresenToTives elecTed bv The sTudenTs To promoTe The desires ond ideols oT The STudenT Body, In TurThering This purpose, The STudenT Boord sholl encouroge The developmenT oT exTro curric- ulor ocTiviTies, promoTe school spiriT, provide oppor- TuniTies Tor sTudenT leodership, ond represenT The STudenT Body in iTs deolings wiTh The ToculTv ond odminisTroTion." The oTTicers Tor The Term ending lonuorv I955 ore presidenT, Borboro Keller, vice presidenTs, John ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The AThleTic Associohon is composed oT oil sTudenTs vvho buy AA, books, Eoch closs hos o represenToTive vvho sells These books. The AThleTic Associohon poys Tor oThleTic eguip- menT ond oll oTher oThleTic expenses Funds ore roised bv The sole oT membership boolcs ond oTher Tvpes oT Ticl4eTs. The Tinoncrol book oT The X-XThleTic Associohon is oudiTed eoch yeor by o proTessionol oudiTor. The AThleTic Associohon represenToTives choose The oTTicers To Torm The A.ThleTic Council, which posses upon The cooches' recommendohohs Tor leTTers, numerols, ond oTher ovvords. The oTTicers oT The AThleTic Council ore os Tollovvsg Joseph Dovies, presidenT, Joon l-lormer, vice presidenT ond secreTorv, The oTher members ore RoberT Jonosko ond lone Gross, Two oThers ore To be elecTed bv The AThleTic A.ssocioTion rep- resenToTivesi Wright ond Borboro BoTes, secreTorv, Borboro BeoTon, Trecisurer, Donno Rouse. SENIOR TWELVE The Senior Twelve is on honorory group composed ot twelve girls who ore selected tor their top scholostic morlcs ond outside octivities. The club's octivities include o pep rolly, o donce, ond ioint meetings with Donoides ond Thirteen Club, Donotions ore mode to chori- ties ond o scholorship tund, ond on oword is given ot groduotion, Regulor meetings ot the club ore held ot the members' homes once o month. The sponsor ot the club is Dr, Lois G, Dickie, The otticers ore president, Anne Rogers, secretory, Ann Freisheim, treosurer, Moryonne Price, The other members ore Corole Ceriole, Nong l-lorlqo, Glodys Bornett, Corolyn Seigle, Borboro Keller, Sondro Bod- nor, Mory Lou Mintzer, l-lelen Gonzkow, ond Borboro Wilson. DANAIDES Under the excellent leodership ot Mrs. Kotherine Grodick, the Donoides Club is o group ot girls trom the senior closs whose principol purpose is to decorote the moin tloor corridor tor holidoys ond speciol occosions, As eoch term ends, the groduoting girls select o nucleus ot tive girls who, in turn, choose trom one to twenty members, depending on the number ot girls who deserve recognition, This club tries to promote interest in extro- curriculor octivities ond to give recognition to girls who hove been leoders in octivities up to their senior yeor. The nome Donoides wos derived trom the Greelc myth ot King Donoides ond his titty doughters. The otticers tor this term ore Morgoret Kelly, president, Evelyn Rose, vice president, Joon l-lormer, recording secretory, Loretto Morricone, corresponding secretory, ond Bor- boro Knodt, treosurer, The other members ore Morylyn Scott, Fronces Slotwinski, ond Miriom Wolt, THIRTEEN CLUB This orgonizotion, one ot the oldest in the school, wos tounded by our tirst principol, Mr, G. Alvin Snoolc Mr, Williom P, Clousen is now the sponsor, The club consists ot thirteen outstonding boys in the senior closs whose purpose is to serve our school, Thirteen Club olone sells oll tootboll pro- groms, o service which it hos pertormed tor mony yeors, Proceeds trom these soles ore ploced in o scholorship tund, A prize is olso given ot groduotion to o student showing outstonding obility in science. Meetings ore plonned tor culturol odvoncement ot mem- bers ond olso tor the purpose ot estoblishing o spirit ot ollionce thot enobles the boys to oid oll worthy projects tor the school, Members this term ore Williom Kuhtuss, president, Steven George, secretory, Joseph Dovies, Richord l-lottmon, Peter Sporlcs, l-lenry Gordon, Allon Kinloch, Dovid Koch, John Zolewski, George Szymborski, Williom Mc- Quoid, George Bustord, Williom Pehlert. ORPHEUS CLUB The Orpheus Club is o music oppreciotion club, The only requirement tor entering this club is thot one should enjoy listening to good music. The meetings ore held the tirst Tuesdoy ot eoch month, Mrs Dovid Luithlen is the sponsors Severol ot its members do hove the obility to sing or ploy some nnusicol instrument. These students ore given the chonce to per- torm in ossembly progroms sponsored by the club. During the term one meeting usuolly highlights the musicol tolents ot our own teochers. This term's otticers were Glodys Bornett, president, Froncis Ferronte, vice president, Borboro lvloclvlullin, secretory, Wonito Smith, treosurer. CLEF CLUB The Clet Club is o musicol orgonizotion comprised ot students who hove outstonding musicol obility in the school, In order to become o member, one hos to oudition betore the present members, The membership is limited to twenty students. The meetings ore held one lvlondoy night o month ot the home ot the students. This term the Clet Club, under the spone sorship ot lvlr, Forrest R. Newmeyer, portici- poted in the ossembly progroms tor the dedi- cotion ot the new piono, They olso gove, in November, o concert ot the Shollcross School tor Boys. The Clet Club is proud to note thot lvlr, Anthony lvl. Gigliotti, who is the tirst clorinet ployer in the Philodelphio Orchestro, wos o member ot the Clet Club. This term's otticers were Loretto Morri- cone, president, Fred Weller, vice president, Glodys Bornett, secretory, Nono l-lorlco, treosurer. ORGAN CLUB The Organ Club, sponsored by lvlr. Forrest Newmeyer, is on orgonizotion to turther the obility ot Fronlqtord students in ploying the school orgon. Appliconts tor membership must hove o reosonoble boclqground in piono, Members who hove no previous experience in ploying the orgon belong to the "Beginners' Group," those with more experience ore clossitied in the Hfttdvonced Group." Those members ot the Orgon Club who ore groduoting ore Chorles Ginder, Glodys Bor- nett, Nono l-lorko, Alice Dechonte, ond Betty Felton. STAG E CR EW The Stage Crew, under the sponsorship ot Mr, E Urrell Crap, is that organization which has charge ot the stage and the neces- sary care and preparation that go into its successtul operation, The crew is composed ot boys who are willing and able to give at their time to see that these necessary duties are pertormed, They serve during advisory periods, at school shows, and at many com- munity tunctions that are presented in the school auditorium. Included in the stage work are the duties ot seeing that stage properties are taken care ot and that the stage settings and lighting ettects are arranged. A valuable and indispensable service is pertormed by this hard working group, K FRANKFORD FORUM Mr, Charles Twining ot the history depart- ment sponsors this club, Any person is eligible to join who is willing to spend one hour ot his time on alternate Mondays in intelligent discussion, The torum is open to boys and girls, Members gain experience in debating in- telligently about topics which they themselves propose, Conseauently a better understand- ing ot these subiects results Those who par- ticipate in these discussions acauire an ability not only to debate but also to appear and speak betore a group with contidence. Topics discussed may be international, tederal, or even pertaining to Franktord l-ligh School exclusively, We hope to obtain in the tuture printed material which will guide us in our discussions, Members this term are Peter Sparks, presi- dent, Robert McColley, vice president, Muriel l-leath, secretaryg Estelle Anne Berger, Rich- ard l-lottman, David Auten, Edythe Sahm, Albert Tyler, Donald Murphy, Douglas Miller, David Franz, LOCKER COMMITTEE The locker committee during this past term has been under the direction ot Mr. Joseph Glovach, who is a new member ot the taculty here at Franktord. The duties ot the locker committee are to aid in the registration ot the treshmen and the dismissal ot seniors, to see that locker regulations are kept by every student, and to keep the lockers and locks in working order. This committee has a big iob and handles it very well, Members ot the committee are Edwin Scholes, Anthony Nichol, Lee Brittingham, Dan Stoudt, Barbara Kohler, Lucy Scholes, John Ehmann, and Rich Stephan. Graduating members are Joan l-larmer Anne Rogers, and Barbara Knodt. 1 FUTURE TEACHERS The Future Teachers ot America Club, under the sponsorship ot Mrs Madeleine Burns, is an organization to promote interest in teaching as a profession, The club is part ot a national organization and keeps in contact with other clubs mainly through the local and state F. T, A, paper. The group discusses ditterent branches ot education to help the student select the branch for which he is most aualitied. Many graduated members are now attending colleges vvhere they are preparing to enter the teaching protession, This terrn's members ot the group visited Lincoln l-ligh School and Bartram Junior l-ligh School, They also decorated a showcase. Several Prank- tord members are active on the Philadelphia F, T, A paper, "The Grapevine." The present otticers are Dorothy Snyder, president, Marjorie Alexander, vice president, Judith Derrickson, secretary, Susan White, treasurer. MEDICAL CLUB The Medical Club is sponsored by Mrs, Made- leine Burns lt meets on the second Tuesday ct every month, This club welcomes anyone who is interested in the medical protessioni Members ol the club are given the opportunity to tour various hospitals in the Philadelphia area in order to help them choose the phase ot medi- cine in vvhich they are interested. This term they visited the Pennsylvania l-los- pital and hope to visit many more Along with thrs they have speakers. These speakers discuss ditterent branches ot the medical tield with the members, The present otticers are Lois lakubowski, presidenti Eleanor Varley, vice presidentg Elsie Munz, secretary, 3 , M ew K QMWMMWMW Q f"' + Yi is iii, 5 all av-s""""'g ,,,s 'Ta I 6' gg get 1 'FB www W f Www, W W7 'YW 'FV Q k 25.'?"'!.'4gI ,W xx ll an il A CAPPELLA CHOIR For a number of years the A Cappella Choir has been well known! not only in Frankford but all over Philadelphia, Besides singing in the Frankford auditorium and in the churches in the community, the choir is called upon to perform at many important functions, All this has been done under the guidance of lvlr, Forrest Newmeyer. This term has been a busy one for the choir, lt has sung at the Allegheny Avenue Methodist Church, the dedication of the new gym, the Oak Lane Review Club, the Christmas Pageant, the Germantown Womens Club, Valley Forge, and the Frankford Hospital. The graduating members are Betty Ash, Gladys Barnett, l-lenry Gordon Sally Furlow, Nona l-lorko, Carrie Johnson, Charles Ginder, Allen Lawley, Barbara Knodt, l.oretta Marri- cone, William lVlcQuoid, William Kuhfuss, Ray Mclntyre, David Koch, lvlarvlyn Scott, Dorothy Whitehead, and lyliriam Wolf ORCHESTRA l-lere at Frankford the music department is very outstanding, With the choir, band, chorus classes, dance band, and above all the orchestra, the students of Frankford see and hear almost all phases of music. The orchestra's main objective is to bring about an appreciation for the greater works of the music world, Classical and semi-classical selections are presented to the students in the form of well balanced concerts, The selections for these concerts are chosen by the able and popular conductor! lvlr, l-lerman Siegel, There are fifty or more music makers before the podium. Aside from concerts, the orchestra plays at Fathers' Association meetings, school shows, and the Christmas Pageant. We will not forget for a long time the brilliant job the orchestra did in "lylusicrama." Graduating seniors in the orchestra are Alexina Marshall, Betty Felton, lsois Smith, Alice Dechant, George Bustard, and Allan Kinloch. Thirly-six DANCING CLUB The Dancing Club, under the sponsorship ot Miss Janet Lever, has tor its purpose dance ing tor enjoyment, The club meets once a week and is open to any girl who is interested in dancing, The girls execute all torms ot the dance and try to have a great variety in their pra- gram, Many ot the girls have had extensive training and show remarkable talent, This talent was shown in a ballet to the music ot Tchaikovvsky's "Waltz ot the Flovversff the Dancing Club's contribution to Frannktord's spring show, 'lMusicrama." This term the club vvill lose only one mem- ber, Margaret Kelly, through graduation, BANKING REPRESENTATIVES The Banking Representatives, under the direction at Samuel B, Brooks, try to encour- age the students to bank regularly. The representatives stress the usefulness ot a bank account to the students. lt is much more convenient tor the students to bank through school, therefore, banking and open- ing an account are made much easier through this system, Many students take advantage ot this vvondertul system ot banking in which the school and the Western Saving Fund Society work together. Nancy l-lartman is chairman ot the group. The graduating members are Rita Castorina, Leah Nagy, Frances Slotvvinski, and Anna Smith. THE LIBRARY AIDS CLUB The Library Aids Club, sponsored by Mrs, Bartz, is composed at students who have an interest in increasing their knowledge at the use at books and libraries, The members ot this club have an earnest vvish to be ot service to the school and generally plan to become librarians. Members at the club learn the library routine so that they are able to work at the circulation desk, help students tind books, mend books, do clerical work, take care ot housekeeping duties, and work with other students in making the library a friendly place ot service. The otticers tor this term are president, Lois Shavve, vice-president, Alice Betzer, sec- retary, Dorothy Finkbeiner, treasurer, Vir- ginia Ferguson. SOCK AND BUSKIN Sock and Buskin, the dramatic club ot Franktord l-ligh, has endeavored to give the school an interesting variety ot productions. It is the aim ot the club, directed by Dr. Charles R, Nash, to present a one act play each term, Every spring the club sponsors a revue ot talent teaturing members ot Sock and Buskin along with the Band, Orchestra, and A Cappella Choir, In January, i953 the club decided to switch from comedy to mystery, and gave "Drums in the Night" to the assemblies, Because ot the absence ot Dr. Nash during the spring term ot l954, Sock could not sponsor the annual spring show. l-lowever, the spirit that 'fthe show must go on" prevailed, and with the aid ot Messrs. Crap, Siegel, and Newmeyer, "Musicrama" was successtully given. Members ot the graduating class who have appeared in one act plays are Marylyn Scott, Joan l-larmer, Mary Lou Mintzer, and Bar- bara Keller. THANATOPSIS CLUB On June 24, i946 a group ot school spirited students began the Thanatopsis Club, which was to become a standard at Franktord, The purpose tor which it was organized is service to our school and community, ln addition to this serious side, the purpose ot service, Thanatopsis has a social side centered around the tields ot music, art, sports, drama, litera- ture, psychology, and just plain social fun, Under the guidance ot the taculty sponsor, Mr. E Grrell Crap, the otticers tor this term are president, William Raser, vice president, Walter Graham: recording secretary, Anne Rogers, corresponding secretary, Barbara Knodt, treasurer, Linda Chandlee. Those graduating this term are Norma Ford, Joan I-larmer, Richard Hottman, and Mary I.ou Mintzer. FRIENDSHIP CLUB The purpose ot the International Friend- ship Club, under the direction ot Miss Caro- line Gruhler, is to have its members become acauainted and triendly with its associates all over the world, Correspondence helps the members to become acauainted with the customs and teachings ot other countries, The otticers are president, Frances Slot- winski, vice president, Lois lannarelli, sec- retary, Virginia Smith, corresponding secre- tary, Magda l-luebsch, toreign corresponding secretary, Barbara l-legh, treasurer, Jean Camarote, The graduating members are Patricia Aiken, Marilyn Brogden, Phyllis Brown, Rose- Marie DeStephano, Dorothy Edelmann, Evelyn Graham, Margaret l-laggertv, Barbara l-legh, Barbara Flibbs, Magda l-luebsch, Lois lan- narelli, Dianne Lang, Joan Rein, May Rohr, Gloria Skepton, Frances Slotwinski, Virginia Smith, and Dorothy Whitehead, SCRIBES CLUB The Scribes Club was organ- ized in l947 by a group ot stu- dents interested in journalism and in raising the journalistic stand- ards ot the l-ligh Way. Membership is determined on the basis at work done on the l-ligh Way. The club devotes its time to the improvement ot the paper. The meetings are held on the last Monday ot each months The sponsor ot Scribes this term is Mrs, Irene Reiter, lvlrs. Reiter is taculty adviser ot the l-ligh Way and supervisor at journalism. 49 CLUB The 49 Club, tormerly known as the Activity Records Club, records the activities at the students, lt changed its name so that the membership will be limited to torty-nine, At present the club is still open to anyone up to llA New members will not be taken it they are above llA, It is spon- sored by lvlr. Ebbecke The members visit treshmen books in the beginning at the term and tind out their interests and abilities. They also visit the upper classmen and record their activities, atter being veritied by spcnsors, on 5" by 8" cards, All visits are made during advisory perods USHERS ASSOCIATION The Ushers Association, spon- sored by lylr, Theodore l-lumphreys, consists ot a group ot girls who give their time to aid greatly in the success ot special prcgrams throughout the school year. The ushers are chosen tor per- sonality, attractiveness, and abl- ity to get along with others The girls present a neat and attrac- tive appearance at all tunctians The ushers are presented with o corsage on such important occav sions as the graduatians. d d This term the group is presi. e over by Gail Zehren and her as- sistant, Carole lanes wwf, u TM W .f GIRLS' LEADERS- The Girls' Leoders Club, under The sponsorship oT Mrs, Jennie Leory, meeTs every lvlondoy oTTer- noon in The gymnosium, l-lere The girls work hord To mosTer The opporoTus oims, exercises, donces, ond rhyThmics. ln closs The Leoders ossisT The Teocher in chorge by Tolqing core of The locker rooms ond seTTing up opporoTusi The girls olso demonsTroTe The oims, exercises, ond donces To Their clossmoTes. This Term The club is Tolcing porT in The dedi- coTion oT The new gymnosium, ln previous Terms The girls hove enTerToined The members oT The FoThers' AssocloTion. The groduoTing members ore lvlorilyn Arbuckle, Phyllis Brown, Bernido CovoTo, DoroThy Chose, PoTricio Gorrell, MorgoreT l-lurrie, Morilee Lewis, Mory Lou lVlinTzer, lvloryonne Price, f'-XniTo Renn, Anne Rogers, Moy Rohr, Glorio Sl4epTon, Fronces SloTwinsl4i, Gwendolyn Smirh, ond Borboro Wilson, BOWLING The Bowling Club, under The sponsorship oT Miss JoneT Lever, meeTs oT The Fronlaford Bowling Alley Tuesdoy ond Fridoy oT every weels All girls ore welcome ond moy bowl os mony gomes os They wish. The Teom, which begins iTs leogue gomes in Jonuorv, is composed oT Those members oT The club who bowled The highesT scores during The week previous To eoch moTch. For This reoson The some people ore noT on The Teom oll seoson, Vor- siTy leTTers ore given To The six girls who hove The highesT number oT pins ThroughouT The seoson, LosT seoson The girls were highly successTul, They losT To Lincoln, The ciTy chompions, by only Twelve pins, The Teom ploced Third in The onnuol girls! high school bowling chompionships in The Tield oT ThirTeen enTries. COLOR GUARD The oolor guord This Terrn hos been one oT The TinesT ThoT Fronldord hos eyer seen. Their TooulTy sponsor is Mr, John lVlolVlosTer, ond The drill mosTer is Mr, Chorles Soholsh, who is olso drill mosTer of The Ternple RO,T.C This group oT eighT girls works hord To perTeoT Their drills, which oll oT you enioy vvoTohing during The holT-Time oT The TooTpoII gomes, The girls hoye olso oppeored on Television ond morohed in our ossernply progroms. The oolor guord is composed oT LoreTTo Morri- oone, oopToing lylorilyn SCOTT, lieuTenonTg Joon l-lorrner, Morilee Lewis, Fronoes SloTvvinsl4i, Con- sTonoe Chodwiolq, MorgoreT Kelly, ond Miriorn Wolf All oT The girls ore in The groduoTing oloss, CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleoders Tor Fronldord High School Tor H54 ore Eloine Eennerl Connie JoweTT, Nonoy Greenwood! l.ynn PolloTT, Nonoy Grosselly Jonioe l-linrz, Arlene Borski, Nornno Ford, ond Goil Curn- rnings, The oopToin is Corol Louxj co-oopToins, Corol Jones ond Nonoy hlorTnnon, They were chosen on Their opiIiTy To do The oheers ond Tor Their pep ond oo-operoTion, The girls, under The sponsorship oT Mr, E Orrell Crop, hoye done on exoellenr job in leoding The crowd in cheers oT The Toolspoll gonwes. The girls puT in o loT of Tirne ond hord work ThroughouT The yeor in perTeoTing The sguod Tor The TooTl3oll seoson. WiTh The supporT oT The sTudenTs, They will olso cheer Tor The poskeTl3oll gomes. r:'x:-tannins assblyvd :lm ,T , , T 23 A any and ,, n WAT , X ,JU .HM Gamma v, sf' nf BAND lt you hod ottended but one tootboll gome ot Fronktord, you could not miss seeing the indis- pensobility ot our bond. These titty smortly dressed, well orgonized musicions whip up ci reol tighting spirit with the mortiol music ond colortul tormo- tions, Mr. Siegel, the bond's very copoble director, designs oll ot the bond's yorious tormotions. The bond's musicol endeoyors ore not limited to the tootboll tield, The bond presents concerts in the ossembly ond provides music tor our "Pep Rolliesf' lt olso hod o tormidoble port in our school show, "Musicromof' Our bond hod the dis- tinction ot being chosen to ploy ot Independence l-loll on Flog Doy. The groduoting bond members ore Betty Felton, Lois Smith, ond George Bustord. HONOR SOCIETY The purpose ot the l-lonor Society is to otter ossistcince to students who ore hoving trouble with their studies. The toculty sponsor is Mr. George Ebbeclce. Members ore elected by the toculty on the bosis ot scholorship, This term members ot the toculty hove spoken to the society obout their troyels obroodi The club olso discussed school topics ot current interests Members groduoting this term ore Richord Hott- mon, president, Mory Anne Price, vice president, Mciry Lou Mintzer, l2B representotiye, Sondro Bodnor, Joe Doyies, Donold Droin, Ann Freisheim, Borboro Keller, Morilee Lewis, Loretto Morricone, Williom Pehlert, Anne Rogers, Morylyn Scott, Lois Smith, Jomes Wenlce, ond Borborci Wilson. OFFICE AIDS The Office Aids is o group of sTudenTs vvho devoTe Their free Time To help operofe The office, There ore obouT ThirTv-one girls ond Tvvo bovs in The clubs Eoch member devoTes his or her sfudv or free periods during school To The office, lvlrs. Simon, The senior secre- Torv, guides The girls in Their vvorlq, The office offers The sTudenTs guidonce in office work ond helps Them To leorn hovv To run on office ond do iT more efficienTlv. The following ore members of The grod- uofing clossi Corol Allen, Glodvs Hosher, Borboro l-leigh, Josephine lvloddolon, Fronces SloTwinsl4i, Gwendolyn Smifh, ond Doroihv WhiTeheod. HIGH WAY SERVICE CLUB The I-ligh Wov Service Club is composed of o group of sTudenTs vvho give Their free Time in helping To operoTe The school sTore. The profiTs mode from The sTore ore used To finonce ond disTribuTe The I-ligh Wov. There ore obouf Tvvenfv-five sTudenTs in The club, Eoch member devoTes porT of her lunch period ond Time before ond ofTer school To eiTher working in The sTore or selling copies of The I-ligh Wov. Mr. John R, Nevin, o Teocher in The English DeporTmenT, guides The ocTiviTies of The club os iTs sponsor. The sTore offers The sTudenTs o convenienT ploce in which To obToin, oT reosonoble prices, o lorge vorieTv of iTems heeded for Their school work ond olso monv colorful novelfies such os penncinTs, bells, ond buTTons To help Them cheer Their Teoms on To vicfory. The officers of The club ore os follovvsi presidenf, DoroThv Edelmonn, vice-presidenf, Pof Ailqeng secreforv, Mov Rohr, Treosurer, Lindo Chondlee. The members vvho ore in The groduofing closs ore Dorofhv Edelmonn, Gvvendolvn SmiTh, Moy Rohr, Glorio Slcepfon, Normo Ford, PUT Aiken, Sondrci Ifofon, ond Fronces SloTvvinsl4i. RECEPTIONIST CLUB The RecepTionisT Club is o new club iusT organized This Term. The officers ore Lucille Di AnTonio, presidenrg Borboro Bofes, vice presidenf, Corlo I.orson, secreTorv, oncl Joon Anderson, Treosurer. The purpose of This club is To ocT os guides To ony Fronkford visiTors. ln oddiTion To This, on Freshmon Dov The RecepTionisTs oided The new sTudenTs in geTTing ocguoinTed vviTh The school They olso hod o pep rollv prior To The lXlorTheosT gome. Those in The club vvho will be groduofing ore Cloro Ziegelmoier, Morvonne Price, Ann Freisheim, PoTricio Gorrel, lvlorilee Levvis, Glodvs I-locher, Borboro Keller, Elizobefh Kellenbenz, Joon I-loffmon, Morgoref Kellv, Borboro I-libbs, ond Rosemorie De STefono. HIGHWAY EDITORIAL STAFF The Franktord I-ligh Way is run by a group ot earnest, hard working students who give their own time to make our paper outstanding among those ot the Phila- delphia high schools. This term Mrs, Irene Reiter is the taculty advisor, Journalism, a new subject, is ottered to those pupils interested in writing tor the I-ligh Way. Under the super- vision of Mrs, Reiter plans are drawn tor tuture issues ot the I-ligh Way. Pupils also receive instruction in laying out newspapers, This term's editors were Janet Robinson, editor-in-chiet, Richard Stephan, first page, Ellen Buchanan, second page, Linda Chandlee, third page, Robert Quidort, tourth page, Marilyn Laird and Margaret Rogers, assistant editors The editors are elected by the writing statt at the end ot each term, Editors' duties include posting assignments, reading copy, taking copy to the printer, and setting up the pages. Through graduation this term the following members will be lost: Barbara Knodt, Marylee Lewis, Norma Ford, Anne Rogers, Barbara I-legh, Loretta Morricone, Robert Quidort, and William Raser, Forty-four Highway Representatives Every term each book chooses a l-ligh Way Representative whose duty it is to sell subscriptions to our school paper, This term prizes were given to every book selling twenty or more subscriptions, First prize to the lucky winner was a Pioneer Pup or an Esterbrook tountain pen. Second prize was a Franktord charm bracelet or a tountain pen. The l-ligh Way also has a mail service to alumni or anyone wishing to purchase the paper. l-lenry Gordon is president ot the club, Evelyn Rose, vice president, and Rosemarie DeStetano, secretary, The ottices were given to the three seniors who sold the mast subscriptions. Other iiviifml senior representatives are Betty Ash, Margaret Kelly, and Miriam Walt, Along with the representatives is a group known as the Business Stott, They handle the business ot the l-ligh Way. The members are Linda Chandlee, store man- ager, Leonore Shell, advertising manager, Gloria Skepton, publicity manager.: Gail Cummings, Linda Chandlee, Wilma Kroberger, subscriptionslg Lee Brittingham, Gwendolyn Smith, Diane Rodill, Elaine Kremer, Lillian Romans, Elaine Beaton, Grace Kushmore, circulations, Both at these service clubs are aided by the sponsorship ot Mr, John R Nevin. W4 .vb if ,ir - ltffiw' i V. Mr 11. u 1.13 Q' 1 1:5 1 . 9' , K fv 4 H '71 MQ' 1 4 1 "v r 5 E di fx Gals 13144 ,J A rg--Q ii' L Nami 3 in 43 dnb? 5'5- ns Z sif- fr.. ,VJ -nr wr- lw ff v'ff J., ,f"'1- fs 'Lg TM! J..-1.-.1-J-'vxf' ur' .lf "" ,. M' in-'L7.Qf1" jasf""7 417- 4,-V .av 'N 1-np? ,,.fe:fEfyi9 Q, f,fLTz1'L-ll2-.---ji".-' A f I - ' 1 , fb i . :'g-41,,,f,..'f'4 Q- , 4- -V: 1202 ji.-f-Q-Lf ' -V A 1 gl, ' n' 5-1-,..1,:iL'-5-. ' .-51 L" --fa, ,--...J-Q." ' '- 23, . 5 ' J-.Q-'.-,.4-Q," ' -- . V , , ..,.., -, , H -- , 1- 1- --,,i,-ff ' Ei? K -A f ffi'I.l'. gr.. 24 ,",,,V'--'-.-' M52 Q V, , .,,,.- 3 -K, ' 1' 1"12'2- 4 ff '- 7' , '. Y' -nffg ' 1, '-s,:.- 4, -,..,.pg"'.1: :: -1- -- -if 'J-L - 1 ----Zz'--q x Tv-1, 'FL - . -"'l, 3.-' 'Z ,ff ' 1 fin: ffviz2+ '51 ' , 'JZYP3'-. viii' k . . - f'T.2.'Fi". gr-ff:-41+ irf-Lg.'-w 'rf:.i-YN-. gfnfgv Q- , -' Y 3.-'1-.i'LAfQ -- 3 " is ' 37-iffiiT--Q-fi!-V '. -Ft f 4 -.if f'?fi2p4- fi '- ,. 9 ii - .. , , ,',3 -'....," , .. -'Q'f'fJ""C1.1"- -Nazi --f-Nfwfu1N 11' 'F 1,'f 'A . 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' K -Q -f--wif , - ' 115553, 71-J. ,.., .. 4-lr, Aw, , gl- 6. -.3--I ,--44-"l.'i'.V. N., . , n. J-1. ,' ,g'.f..,,-" -1'--'11 li 'A-,.l4'ff'-f'r:f-5"n T5 X gag- -AgL:s5Q?u , Tig ' ' A ' ' , ' ' -"-' 1 -L' .-.'.'.'-"5" :lj 'A Ersigil - -. Q. Elgjix-.Q ' j , kv.- ,awiLL1xl. 1,1 4, --5-,E-1.5 -V3. li 2333.1-4 Tv -if . '- YQ f-gig"-' A. f , A QL,--M , ,M .ECW ., V ,- YN, .,:, ,.- A ,, -f 1 4- .1 -. fi., 'Fx - ' ' . - xl --:JJ f. W- -fa 'ii N, ' fl,-1 1 . ' - ,--.-.-I:f':'uiv. - . V J.:-H f'-, J , ,, -'Y-.21 '-'H' - -J - ' - A ' f - :ze -- - - ' ' ,--,:?,,v -L f - " , -..-- Xi f'- , ., ,1.. . w 11, f I' 1L.sXx ' . ' ff-f'f 17 'S . Q , i k 2 X V 4. x J 11: 1.5.55 Wim iff? ' ,ld1,,.V 'I - T M ' ' A R, , . f?211ii ' W E151 N U REQ ,IQ A -"' N E , - 14 'f 555555555fffififfffiffifffs5f5555ff5:s:5:s:::1:-1 .1,1. f .f.-....,,, ., .AK f ' W2 J ,,,. ,. ' ' WV -- fl A , rf, I, , ..,..,.A .,,-.4., K NNW A fl?" A 1, .g.g,. Kxtmv K I X F , X 1 ,: 'cl H I ,.,-,.,v, ',-..-.- , . .4,. Y is Y, ' 'r 1" 5 X ' I A- ' ff1" - y XV' ij. '4Q4 +lj,l ,f E A. 1. .Jw , . 4 A ,QQ ' xW X X.. 'W-'M6.M' 1 -. .. J - .9775 ' L A ' "'1i'f ' 1 . M-1 -' ubssjbi?-39":"1'hJ-An' Q., NL , W Mvvfwfmwmww J 'mf A-P,.-,,.5-:w:.lyf'-",,1,'- '- Q. 7 V , . . 4 - 'fi "' 'f. 7 - -- .. .- 'v -','z,,M.v-bv:-2" - 1 -vi,-' -I ,Q-' W LH - ' ,M Y ,, 4 1,3 -,ul I-7f,,1st'5.-gtk,-ffl-f-1:11. . Iv A-1 ,,.j-21: 1- ?-1 f-WW -r " ..,,a3L1Lvrd-U.,"""4sfff?f'6ffI-i'.Q::g.1,N:r0tf:ff-ff" ,"' ' .. ,-- , - ., ,Ja-.,!,.'..n.......f.,,.5' 3 ,-.-- , ,.. , t A . " - 'fi'-'-'. r,3Kqf":',v-- f - r .- K, ,V Q., '-. .. . V ' A'mv-1-f-Er.i""'H f, --,'f---N355-' , M ' v :XV . X: ,rx N. w Nxqx , S+ y. V wr Why af , 1 3 4 3 snr fu.. mf FOUT MNNWM AQ- mxv' g x , . , , Wm., X ' QQ , 2. , xx Y fm' , ' ff X , , , ,, , ,, Q . , px x 4, fx I X .M I ff Q ' 'V ' 5 , 14l4wzwa.":v1:v.aa'1..f.:f.'..f.f',Qzfxs' . 2 H 4, .cffrx Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankfcrd Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Haverford Northeast Germantown Dobbins Southern Lincoln Olney Northeast Catholic i9 24 T4 30 54 lvlastbaum 20 35 42 T2 O Southeast Catholic LL For the first time in six years, the Frank- ford l-ligh footballers, led by coaches Worth- ington, "Odie," Surrick and Andrew Wolfrum, entered the City Championship game in l954, but were defeated by South Catholic, 34-O, A league record of seven wins and no losses tied Bok for first place in the Public Con- ference, but the Pioneers were selected by a vote of the coaches to represent the league in the title game. The Pioneers split their two non-league games, downing the traditional "first oppo- nents of the season," l-laverford School, and being upset on Thanksgiving Day by North- east Catholic. ln the game against lvlastbaum, the Tri- Colors tied the school record for most points scored by a Frankford eleven when it rolled up a 54-i4 count, John Wright also set a record, when on two occasions he tallied 35 points in one game, This is a school and a league mark for an individual, The boys on the squad that will not be back next season are Bill Poser, captaing lack l-larrington, John Wright, Walt Graham! lay Supp, Ed Tompkins, Franny Galloway, Ted Lvscowski, l-loword Will, Steve George, Tonv Russo, Ron lvlcCollonw, l-lorold Morris, Chorles Dollos, Dole Wirrick, Bob Friel, Don Roberto, ond Bill McConn. The bovs returning from the nucleus of the '54 Teom ore Dove Wilson, Bill Roehl, Dick Pills, Col Sroudt, John Ehnnonn, Tony Visco, Dick Bullock, ond Nick Gorololci, ln oddiiion to The esieern won os o Teom, individuol Fronklordiles reoped honors lor their prowess on The gridiron, John Wright, bock represented lzronklord on the All-Public Conference Footboll Teom, while Sieve George, end, ond l-loword Will, rockle, mode second teom, l-lonoroble rnenrions were re- ceived by Bill Boser, bock, Jock I-lorringron, bock, ond Ted Lvscowski, guord, Cloiming ploces on The All-Norlheosl 'reom were John Wright, Steve George, Fronny Gollowov, ond Jock Horrington, Bill Roser ond Ted Lyscow- ski rnode second teom, ond Ed Tompkins, Wolf Grohorn, ond Dick Bullock received honoroble mention, Noi To be lorgolien is one of the greotest honors of the seoson, the lvloxwell Cup, won bv Fronklord's own John Wrighl. fr kk- , .. ids.. . JWAamn - new! ,W WM r41v. This year's Pioneer soccer team had a very successful season under their new coach, Walter Bohr, Losing league games to only Mastbaum and league champion Northeast, they managed to tinish a strong second in the public league. With Lennie Lucenko leading the scoring tor the season, the tri-color hooters ended the season with o league record ot ten wins, two losses, and two ties. Also included were non- Ieague victories over George School and the Swarthmore College Freshmen I lui llxlul LJ ........ oeorge Jcnooi Frankford ........ ..... .... 2 B artram ........ Frankford ........ ,.... .... 3 S auth Philadelphia 4 , V Wf f V ' Zz 7 f Z I JL 11:2 A-um 5 A, 1 W1 Q f M ff ,f " f .iffy . af f 7 4 U X 1: M ' f .x-h ' ff f 1.2. U 3 A X ' Q 5 ' 41 1 J 1 5 r , 1 . , 4941m1jf J , Wmwf W f rw!fMiW M' 4 Wwyfjf X W Ni iw f W V fl' 1 2 X fmfhww.-Z," 4, f , 2 v 3' 4 QAQM1, VV , , 1, XMIM 4 M , , ,V ,MAI,GW , . ""' 7 H . , ,, fv f. Q,w,-q'Qff"f12a' ff ,1 Q, 'A f 'fWf3,Zzf'fM, 'q ,,'f,H . 5 72 ' f I , MTI Q, QW if ,Wffw f ,,, ,pf f"Jv' 2 X , V"W"'ii?ff "2 ' 'V"i?""g ' ' 6 I 'ff fy " ,"1, ff 1 " W I4 4 ' f :f v2f?zfQ5??,'f " ' gyyf Z, 1' W4 fwzgr, 07 H M f D ,Q , ' ' , f X A'-gifif, ' , . , A 7 1 , W, .L Q f 4 L f saw fy A.,..,m,. - l A WW, s 7 f , , 'H CROSS COUNTRY Although cross country is not the most populor sport to wotch, it is nonetheless colorful for those who toke port in it, Mony boys feel thot to be oble to run two or three miles must come os ci noturol obility, the result is thot very few boys try out for this teom, Noturol obility is but o smoll port of o successful runner, lt is doily conscientious proctice, building up of the body, ond development of breothing thot molce o good long distonce runner. To help us in this troining we hove o very fine cooch, Mr, lErniel Federoff, Mr, Federoff, during his high school doys, wos one of the top runners in the city. l-le is very oble ond willing to help the boys improve their running form. This yeor Fronkford's teom wos one of the smollest in the leogue, however, under the poce setting of Wolt Krukow ond Mol Sheppord we mode every roce o reol contest, The teom finished eleventh in the City Chompionship defeoting Olney ond Ben Fronklin, The teom voted Wolt Krulcow ond Bill lv'icQuoid co-coptoins of the sguod. SCHEDULE Sept. XP-West Philo., Fronklin, Fronkford. Oct, 7-Grotz, Overbrook, Northeost, Fronkford. Oct. l4-Bok, So Philo, Bortrom, Fronkford. Oct. 2l-Lincoln, Centrol, Dobbins, Fronlqford, Oct. 28-Germantown, Olney, Fronkford. The results of the chompionship roce Nov. 4 were os follows: Overbrook, l85, Northeost, 279, Bok, 365, Dobbins, 366, West Philo, 396, Bortrom, 458, Germon- town, 469, Lincoln, 489, Grotz, 495, Centrol, 572, Fronkford, 620, Fronklin, 749, Olney, 754, So, Philo., 927. Fiftyefour BASKETBALL Lost yeor's tive, under Mentor Jomes Killough, ended the seoson with o success- ful record behind them. The Pioneers hod greot potentiol but didn't quite live up to oll thot wos expected of them by mony people. The teom showed lots ot spirit ond good sportsmonship ond wos never "out-hustledf' They would hove been in the ployotts except for on upset deteot ot the honds of the orch rivol Lincoln on the winner's court. This term the boys will be cooched by Mr. Andrew Woltrum, toking over the Killough post becouse of the lotter's tronster. Greot things ore expected ot this yeor's teom, whose proctice hos been deloyed becouse ot the tootboll chompionship ployotf, With the odded ottroction of the new gym ond the electric score boord, o lorge crowd is hoped tor to cheer the teom on to victory nf W U 2 gwmmmwf if W ,f 1' . - If My h M ' 'W X, x I . 1 'Wg 1 A Q f , Z M I f 1:7 C7 'QW I ,117 'I ' 45' . Q Lv, ,sf f 34 X 5 'W as ,, Nwym 71 -x iffvfff , if gum, 'Q 19425. , ,A 'Q'-uv H, Q I N nf" A MW ,W J, Q ! if V X 815 x QX f is .x W I X- Af, Rf? 'X K' X 4214524 MMAQ BASEB LL TEAM This year's team under Mr. Clausen did much better than was expected, The boys seemed to have the will to win, and, happy to say, there were more spectators in the stands to cheer them on, Graduating members of the team are John Enders, Frank Borovvy, Mike Roman- ausky, Chuck l-leubner, Bill Martyn, Bill Raser, Al l-lagooian, Bill Pallat, Ed Rennie, Bob Kerr, Jim Currie, Walt Didricksen, Walt Ellis, and Don Konopka, BASEBALL SCHEDULE Frankford .......... l Haverford ............ Frankford .......... South Philo Frankford .......... i3 LaSalle ................ Frankford .,........ Overbrook Frankford .......... 7 North Catholic Frankford .......... Northeast Frankford .......... O Olnev .................. Frankford .......... Gratz ...... Frankford .......... 9 Mastbaum .......... Frankford Franklin .... Frankford .......... 5 Germantown ..,... Frankford Dobbins Frankford .......... 5 Lincoln .,.............. Frankford .......... Bok .....,..... Frankford .......,.. 2 Central ..... ...,. F rankford West Phila Frankford .......... lfl Bartram ..... ..... F rankford .......... Roxborough I-rflb .. :gow I-ati p SOFTBALL Sottboll this yeor storted out very octively with ninety girls trying out Some of the girls soon dropped out, ond Miss Lever, the cooch, wos oble to choose o vorsity ond junior vorsity teorn, Five of the girls on the vorsity were new this seoson, ond the teom wos slow in getting storted. Next yeor they will hove worked together more ond should be oble to do better, Three ot the girls will groduote in June, ond thot gives Miss Lever only three positions to till next yeor. Five gornes were scheduled for this seoson, ond the teorn ended up with no wins. We thonk the sponsor, Miss Lever, for the wondertul eooching job she did, ond wish the best ot luck to the sottlnoll teom in the coming seosons. Fifty-nine f . Q- u, f 01,522 A 1,-1, f "' X ff 4 X W + g 3, f X Z ' V1 f f f" .4 A ,f , - - MQ , y R, f 2 wja,fzs-5-WW? U W .,,.,,.f 5 -.f'W V'f"'NnW ,, 1' H21 E514 :Cf rm ,,w,,,,.if 'sf 9' 4 .W ' Tiff' 5 " 7 6 2,311 .' , ,213 ' . 9 ' fung i W 'fi K V, " 471'-We , 4 'hy ur", " 0fv 'ff X Lf 7 44.2 1 5'7" 'f Y , f 17 'V'!"'T'9 ,V . i . 3 AV' -.fn 4 , coaching of Mrs. Jennie H. Leary, completed the season with only one victory. This was partly due to the fact that the greater part of the team was new and inexperienced in competition. The biggest triumph of the season for the team was on 1 Although they worked hard, the swimming team, under the Q' 4. ,QQ 9, Vw 5 A 253, X 5 9 1 f c , v Friday, April 2, when Carol Laux piled up lZO points to capture the diving title in the annual interscholastic swimming meet. This year's squad consisted of Ellen Buchanan, Manager, Arlene Barsky, Nancy Bently, Aileen Berry, Dorothy Bookhamer, Nancy Clare, Rochelle DeJong, Sandra Greenberg Lee Jones, Connie Jowett Carol Laux Joan Mack Loretta Marricone, wr , X, c '."'D.:e e it -. fs - fir-wr '1 , X " f" , ,, 7, ,ff . " 'jf ' ' - 'Yr 4, 3'2"- xi i"'sf'i1g 6 . ,'q ,f j., H , fl ' ' aff .W '5 X 25" ,I I - N f ' x , M X 'cy ' 1 A ' A ,f .f A "ff 4447 I ,,-fy ,foyer Joean Nauman, Betty Neubert, Helen Noble, Gerry Stappen, .lean Taylor, Barbara Waller Barbara Webb Gail Zehren and Alice Zippler The only member of the swimming team who is graduating this term is Sandra Greenberg N y if February I0 Frankford Have,-fm-d March 2 Frankford Lincoln Frankford Olney March I8 Frankford Overbrook March 24 Frankford Bam-gm April 2 and 3 lnterscholastic Meet 'ff V M 'f I I r r . I I I ' , V a . ' , I a I i ' . T 'TBS ' s Y sf , t mf ' if E, i 1 i f . I I ' v If X Viz U ,f , . , I e Q W N1 X c. f EW. Y A xwfx X gxxqfw when N 1 X VJ f f K ,sc . March l0 I x 3 . me w , HOCKEY Hockey is a popular sporT for The girls aT Frankford, Many of The girls Take advanTage of This pasTime. Under The coaching oT lvlrs, KaTherine Gradick, The hockey Team was given poinTers on sTick handling and oTher TundamenTals of The game. AT The beginning oT The season a represenTaTive OT Beaver College came and explained The new rules ThaT wenT inTo eTTecT This year. She gave The girls much advice on how To have a winning Team. The hockey Team played a pracTice game wiTh Olney l-ligh School. ln This way Mrs, Gradick had a chance To puT everyone in The game and To see how each girl played againsT compeTiTion. This year The Team seemed sTrong and Tull of winning spiriT, The girls devoTed much of Their Time every day aTTer school To earnesT pracTicing. GraduaTing members include Arlene Arrighy, BeTTy Ash, Thelma CarTer, Ann Freisheimy Barbara KnodT, and Anne Rogers. SCH EDULE Frankford ......... .....,. l Bok .......... FrankTord ......... .,..... 4 BarTram Frankford ......... ....... l Roxborough FrankTord ...,..... ....... O Lincoln ..... Frankford ......... ....... l Olney ....., FRANKFORD AND ROX BOROUGH RACE FOR THE BALL i 1 THELMA CARTER TAKES THE BALL FOR FRANKFORD THE GOALIE KNOCKS ONE OUT if l O A.A. AWARDS XXXV ll! I I - f K is f?!jjT1T-glllx -g, xl il? Major Letter Richard S. Bullock Charles Dallas John Ehmann Robert Friel Francis Galloway Nicholas Garatalo Steve George Walter Graham John l-larrington Robert Janoska Theodore Lyszkowski William McCann John Wright Ronald McCollam Harold Morris William Raser John Richter Daniel Roberto William Roehl Anthony Russo Jay Supp Edward Tompkins l-loward Will David Wilson Dale Wittick Minor Letter Theodore Angerman Larry Buskirk Joseph Cantz Robert Casey Robert Ciaccia John Clayton David Claypoole Coulson Conn Joseph Davies Norman Dillon Edward Fasey Daniel Grittin William l-landel Fred lhlig Frederick James Edward Muller Richard Pitts Domenic Roberto James Robinson Robert Roehl l-larry Smith Ronald Smith Calvin Stoudt Frank Stradling Anthony F, Visco Leonard Werner Robert Whitteck Sixty-four Bovs VARSITY FOOTBALL CROSS COUNTRY Major Letter John Craig Jack l-lowe Walter Kruckow l-lerman Leve Robert McCue William McQuoid Charles MclXlaul Donis Myers Malcolm Shepherd Minor Letter Ronald Bredell Edward Brouse William Davies Robert Henningsen Glenn John Joseph Krajewski Raymond Mehlberger Clittord Rattan George Rutter Richard Shawkey SOCCER Major Letter James Davis William Davis David Dawson William J. Graham Ronald Gruno Allan Kinloch Stewart Kreiss Robert Lambert Leonard Lucenko John Mackie Minor Allen Bibus Adolt Blauhut Joseph Davis Wallace Growney William l-larmer Raymond l-lordin Raymond Jackson John Keane l-larry Kloos Richard Massa Frank Molter George Moore Edward Small George Smith Altred Steinbronn Thomas Swartz Robert Szymendera Joseph Troiak Richard Zagorski Letter John O'lNleill Kenneth Pecarsky James Pierce l-larry Schmitt Wallace Stronski Matthew Szypula Robert Traenkle John Yeager Jerrold Ziebell iNA.A ARDS GIRLS Barbara Birdsey 'Thelma Carter Linda Cnandlee Nancy Crowder Arlene Barsliey Elaine Benner Gail Cummings Norma Ford Joan l-larmer Margaret Kelly HOCKEY Major Letter Ann Freisbeim Barbara Knodt Barbara Kolwler CH EERLEAD ERS Major Letter Nancy Grassell Noncy Greenwood Nancy Hartman Janice l-lintz COLOR GUARD Major Letter Marilee Lewis Loretta Marricone Marylyn Scott Sixty-'live Marilyn Laird Janet Robinson Anne Rogers Lacy Scboles Carole Jones Connie Jowett Carol Laax Lynn Rallott Frances Slotwinski Miriam Wolf JUNIGR Perhaps the rnost outstanding event ot our Junior year was the Junior Trip, Primarily an educational trip, it was none the less a day choclsed tull of fun. Transported by train to Baltimore, our class boarded louses which toola us to the Naval Acaderny at An- napolis, the Capital Building, the Srnithsonian Institute, the tornp ot the Unknown Soldier, and Washing- ton's horne at Mount Vernon, Re- turning that eyening on the train, We TRIP enjoyed the added attraction ot din- ner in the dining car, arriying home again shortly atter nine o'clock. We will always keep tacked away some place in our memories not only tlfte liistory we witnessed in the great buildings and memorials we visited but also the companionship ot our classmates, the joking complaint ot the rainy day, and the innumerable, indescribable, nappy events ot the day. ms-uvwsx ' ". 214.1 Wffzsaeevsxwrxzmmmf ff'-Q bm s X if W' '1 W w 1 'M One of the 'enioyable events of the senior year was the excursion up the Hudson River on Friday, May 28. This exciting trip was eagerly anticipated by both IZA and 128 students. Early on the morning of the trip we 'took a trajn to Jersey City, and upon arriving there, we boarded the steamer, "Alexander Hamilton." This boat carried us down New York Boy as far as the Statue of Liberty, and there it turned around and went up the Hudson River. En route, besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, we ate, danced, took pictures, and really had a delightful time. After spending a few hours at Indian Point Park, we started our journey back home. We shall not soon forget the fun we had an our senior trip. The trip committee and Dr. Sterner were responsible for helping to make the senior trip a great success. The members who so willingly served on the committee were Audrey Austin, chairman: James Delmar, Sarah Farrell, John ldler, Bernice McCall,f Edward Rennie, Janet Ziegler, Lillian Dallimonti, Linda Ferguson, Barbara Keller, Evelyn Rose, and Gloria Skepton. ,K fl' 12' M 1 5 Z X xx X, 407 Z X BE NJ Arm jfs' 'A ,.i"M.'S H .V,",,' , mg .fu-w,,.? 4, A The night wa filled with mimic .gQ.g.Q , x.-we-'.'.-..'.'-,-:-,-:f:.--.-.,1.,.'5-1'.'.'.,-.y,f.1.,f.g.,'.1-.-.1 . ., ,-.3134-.3:,3.3.11.g.' ., ' , v -. --. . -J-2. - -. -.-. -.4 +:.,-:..-.-. -.-.g.,3,g-4.9 9,04-, ' .gn- W , . .'.-.71-.Px21-'A-.4-1-.y.-:.3:','.'-f.,-.'.,-.'.,,-4,-:V . -f.--:z-:rf.-:-.-:'.-:'.-.":.'.,-. -.-''.-. v.'-.-.'-:ff . , ., . -. . . . . . . . . . . . . Y D , .xo ?:1,'. 1,10-f,:., 4.:v,'J-,I.:4,'.:f.:f:,1,1vi.1v,'. 1 :ff.?f,:Iv,2.:,'.,v.:.. ,.. If :a,.f,1..-,Z-3.1. - 113,10 f , I., , . .1.-.'-vw.g,:'.i.-.1-1-21+.+.1-:,:-.-5:'.'-1-t--1-.y:-.--,-:-.-4-,-.ya ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' , 'f.Q-.'.-f'-n-z'-:-:-.:-.-Q , zfizawa-'Fi'-1961?1-29:41-:fix-:56:+1v:5z-152145:5:45:45 . . -. ., .., .g . . . . . . , '-'z-15:-" , .-,-. ff.,-,'., , gg , 3 ,Q fggq. ' . ,-.1--.. 5,1 34. f I,-,-. -.g....g... ..1.,-.-'34,-.y .,,-.'.,-...,- ,-.,,'., ,,,:..-,'.,- 3,-,+. Q.,-,1,,,1. -Q.,-,v ,-.j.,-Q.,-Q.,-.,, ,,-. - .. ..-.--wzz-1:292r'Et:':af1:-2w'1w.'11w:a'.2wr5ffI,5:Q-:if'piaowgza-1v'K'15:f4:-r-:'1:a45r1i"-.:-1-5:--an-ivzfaii'-:iz-15:-vizfriffiaa-3:45Gziz-1-lzeiwt-2:-16'25:46z'5:-2G1g.1- lzf ' ' " " .- .nl!4r-1451-'.-u4u'. I nv- ',-'. ' ' .b s .0 .-.4'f."-',-- v'.!'.u.-'.1'.o''.'.n2n u.--.-u'n,n1u.v',--.-nn.- , , . .Q:-144:-1'2:-2:11-55,22-M45lizwiiii-:321S1'1z1:-Ziivav61451591651:f.f1'P2'1:4'1t?.-1v5:1?A'3ri1'1-1'51C:-L-1:64-111:-Ev5:Q-145:51-2-1:-251-2-11-2-19vi:-1'11-1-ivi-iwviaft-2145' ' ' 1, ',,. . .,f.'-g,'.1Z:'f?k-v1:-1Q-434-.vxfyj41"q59'af-1-15,323513514-vig.:-kg.:5fI44'S:'2'I5.-Q-1'1g,5j'1w?.a--g341-1Q1:-:cg-:i,:t-1:-211115:-im'-19-:'tgf:-xg,,1042254:-zagg-I1-1-ly:-2-24'ff' ' ' ,,.. . ..,.g.- -Q., gpg '. -,-. .- 1-f , .1 ,-,.g. 4.1-,-qt .3 ,-.1 ,,-4.,-.-. ..-.'-N., .'-,-:. ,, g-Q.,-4: .,f,1. 44.3-:. ,-.1-g ' ,-.,-.-.,-. ,'-,j.::., .g.,-.3.,- Q.,-,3.,-4., .g.,.g., - ' ,-We-:f'1:-1-yfvriw-183:':-2E2'21xe,-.g55,:s9'-iabfa'.i6:5wiSvf'b61:w-ww5mxf1G:'S:1wez-.1-:awwfziwizfzcvzfiszwszsdz-1-1vg.'1fQ-am-11-15'-1-G-1-aw.--. -' .344-,Sz-g:'-.-:-g1-3:-i11gg,f5'1s-1Ra-5415..gaiyggriiirjt-89.G:46fist-g:f:a'5-1-iz.:-izmzaglwizQlzfzivii?114:-1558:-19:-vie:-Iac'-z-141-a-.v.'1g-:-1z..fg,g.g..1.2 .e- - hy. ..-.1-af: .gl-1 .mf .1-1-:.g.:f.,.,-'-a' .,-4: 192 hw: ., 4,245.3 -.1-:Q-44-. 11-.1-'I ,qf-a."..7:'.'-1-f''..-.g4-.g-:.:-i-,y.'.'gZ-44--14',y1g.1'1-."i -'- - ' J. f -.'- -.'.,-.A-.'. vb. -,-ra '.-. -,v" ,f.-6, .,-.'.4-.,f,-:','.'.,v.-.,:,-',g..-:,f,-5, '.'4-.y,wig.1- -.y'.1v1'., -.1-:JZ-.-.,-.'f'L'.n -2- -. -.'.,':q.', v.,-.-. 7-.,-:,,z.,-.1-.-.w - yi''41-1-1:-.-.--1-"1-:-1-.103--:wit 1-af-.'-2,-'-gp-1-J.-..'-1-. -'51-ivaz-.59-1-:g.z-me.:':4:':'1:-nw:-v,-af2:4--:-z'..-:-.--"L"' 4, ggge- -.w-."-11.-.f.-w.3-.-ft-.-.' 5,433-9 ff.-it :.:-.g.gfL'4-gy-2-.-Q,-f'a-t'.g-'-2-fe-.-.we-.-.'-.'-,fe-:-.-.9.--'r.-v.-:-.-.--z-.-w-.--'- - , . . 54.9.0-, .,,,m. -. 4-,-...Q Q., ,,,,f,. , .'.,1,,, .fl-51,3 ,t.,?v,5.,:g., . 53.4. ...y v,,.f,:.,,s,,,,-.,-, .,-..4,-.,,:,..4.,,-,,n, '.' gy", - .,',-a- g.,-,fgQf.1.,.'. .,- g.,-,,,f.g,,-.,,::. -4.4,-Q. - ,Q i.,-f 'f1g.,4:. t'.,Jg., 3- - 'y2.1.,:4Qq. 5.5-fe. - ' ' ' ' . -' -'fi-1'-1"""i'i'T2-I :wt :'2-114,-sv:-va a,.'-1-1-1-1:'1'-1-22-zfgize.-'- 'ff' ' 5.154?y:.:-.fin.--ay-1-v.'a4:---1-in-. aa.-'-mm-:-.vf:4M.-:'r.-1-b.z.:-.--- - :. za-.-:5.-M ,:-.--y:'.-a':'.-.-.-.- - -:.-'rw-v.:-:.'. A '-1-1324-Z-?,:fyw?'-G.'.-.fwzfizalt-1-.914 1314-,Q-1-1:-1-.sw-"' i'.-:uf '. -EIf-1'-WZ.fee-.'.'-'QW-Z"icvl- ' ' - - -fo - -ff. ., . .. M.-.A-.-, I I ' , W fi,-mg. ge- .N .., . .f,.,., , lb. - -" Y'X If 1 '51 Q.-Q.,-:-.,:. .,-'.1k-A I --iwf-'I-5?'R':-1-5 .1 .341 4. gf?-1' L-. A-':-134-:-.5 . . .-1: ?.'-!-1"'-' :-'N -:-nw:-e:wm'3av-1-Sv? 'QS .,:,'.4.g.a.h.5. ' , Q52 .Q 12,12-Fai? 1'-za-.1-':-r --1-a-:'g,qz-3s:3,g .,-.g.,5.g4 . . - - - NM -ZH' -270. Q ifff if .qw 1' , 'rf' E S--.-.. E WV J, V ' x. x 22 'W . if ,f 'Q g 19 Q if 1 W 2 X , .e f' 'iff Z ' W . Q ff' 1 E. , . ix YW y-I Q a-f K X ,,f Iv v " Q . X I A Z gl, V Sw- , 12:1 METAL SHOP aovovx EVXGLXSYN Wjf gh-A AMERICAN HISTORY Frankford l-ligh School offers o wide vorietv of courses for the occommodotion of the student's needs. The ocodemic ond commerciol courses help prepore stu- dents for entronce into college or the business world. The music, home economics, ond vocotionol orts courses ore offered those students plonning entronce into specialized fields, The industriol ond mechonic orts course provide troining in the fundomentol knowledge of mochines ond building construction for such boys os plon to follow thot vocotion, Finollv there is the distributive educotion course for those students who wish to continue their studies ond get procticol work experience ot the some time To groduote, eoch student must hove ocouired thirteen units, nine of which must be in sequence. A further provi- sion is thot o student must hove completed ot leost two veors of English, two veors of Americon I-listorv, one veor of science! three veors of phvsicol ond heolth educotion, ond one term of senior chorus. GIRLS' GYMNASIUM TYPING HAPPY HALLOWEEN 1 Vol. 59, No. 2 Ten Teachers Increase Staff Ten new teafzhers swretarv custodian and 9, ian! have been addiv' staff! ihisz texzu, Physical Flilufmiion E W ate of 'Temple- Iktuglli gifia Fffnnkford, 6' ing the Jun Sinin Mrs. X Universuy taught xnathvnmtira ......mvru, any gf mg n-,enwm-5 0 then taught history at Kumaington. and now, after moving to this msigh- pt-1501, ffgm each 9.59111 , horhood. has re1.1u'ned to the social gn me comming, Dy studies department, Coxrxwerw Dc-pnrtznent Mx. Leonard E. Lurie came Frankford after teaching at baum. Ha previcusly attended hmm High and the Universiiy Pennsylvania Lion was during me z-me Cmqns, f'x1smeHBfn is the Ladian. Four Faculty Menxhevs 84:tired The June 1954 retiremenl list was :marie vp of Miss Edith G. Daggett, Miss Lillian G61-Lss, Mr. Chaxles J. Kunz ff., and Dr, Margaret Header' SOR. Q alma f .I WZ Q vi fig? Ii W lr. lewis Sferner Every institution ond the protessionol men ond women within thot institution ore limited, conditioned, ond even to o certoin extent governed by the community within which the institution works, Remember thot when, os groduotes, you judge Fronktord l-ligh School ond its protessionol stott, The teochers ot this school hove been just os ettective os you hove ollowed them to be. There hove been, there con be, no mirocles. No teocher, be he even divinely inspired, con teoch those who do not wont to leornt The greotest ot oll teochers told his followers to shoke trom their teet the very dust ot communities inditterent to the truth. The toculty ot this school hos not been gronted such treedom, These men ond women hove hod to tolqe you, individuolly ond collectively, os they tound you. They hove, ot times, hod to weor themselves out ogoinst inditterence, Thot wos not teoching, thot wos holding closses, lt wos only when you wonted to leorn thot this school become on educo- tionol institution, the rest ot the time it wos something less thon thot, Theretore, judge your educotion here in the light ot your own ettort, Theretore, judge whot this school gove you in the light ot whot you gove this school, Any other stondord is unjust, lt wos the some greot teocher who soid thot occording to the meosure you yourselt use will the obiding things ot this lite be meosured to you, We hope we hove tought you much, we did so only when you demonded it, no school con escope this tundomentol low ot chollenge ond response. Eighty N ,4- nf gf- NJA' :J -'-'-.4 'X A ,.k' 235' 'Y- Lu. S .1- v I JMR 2 4. L K 1 Q A if-wc a 1 x L LIL h'sx we S L L I 5' Ji 3 Egfkx wifi fm'-1? 4 41 hi k rf' --. ,f""l .6- gbf 1 I,-.4 Ar:s:x ,,.- 1- -eg. rm X4 lqrv .Q-na-W"""S' 1 P' ,,. .,. .......s-D., ,,,.-5.121-" NL- r.L +J' 'wig Jia W1- ', --'P-'2...'. M,3,.,,m.,, git? M ,- ""' YQ i 5 "'ffglflffjffifiil35:31-- 1 Fi - '5 fQ5"75'f 4 si H V - H fig x ,TQ - -15114 2:2-'i ilii-ffifjg , 315' ,.4.iQ1f: -'U2,3Q,3 K ' I ' . ji'15,:1. A' nr. - ' " - - ,'1'. 'fx '-'- Us t ' ' -- 'f ' ' , -1 ' 5 A 'If:jQ?Qfl31',li . 3:21314 N 'if'-'Zff"'. T ' gf-.'jPfiTf.1i"i'4''T Q' .. -4 -' 21f,Q:P' ,i1'ffeS?:".2 ,112 -P' ' . Vx,-ig V . ' . 1 1 - ' V :1 'f'Lli:"fwg1'QEgi.Zj-Lljiiiifi-VV" 5, 7 2. f ,QLXf1,Q,Q-Qglli':I'g4TiQ' 775 'L '-if? .V " . ' ' t ,..,Lx.l N " QF fi -,f,I.f QlQfA f3--,g .W VL1 1. ' ' . T. --..'- :" fi? 2 -f'f-.312 n N V , ffffgp'-'Q"Lf'Q"f.? f Lee , G f V' 1121 V, -. .' .Q 121' n " .V J:-ffigQ'?y.r , Ewzf. -- -'-' , .1 ' B?" , f'-"fAQgi'lL1f1f4f'7-Qi.2.1: I - , ' Q 3f',g ' " i 4 -3.1 "q, gtQig ,, gLjfE2"Q3gg,.j,1 ' i --fgj-1 , , , ' ilf ' '1""f."-':7.avC'."!,Q- - , W' 1 V- ,Lf-A4 -2. 1 A --f1f ,: ::h . I , mmf- , A .i '11-ifjgfvl -, 5 ,. gi fQLQ,l4544g A xg l 5' xl .L:lfrxhLfi:-"51""'7T-LQ:'Y 'B , 2 , , j',ix4f:.if,, 'Q'i?fY'. -1 ' - ,V .ff-'f -' ' - 'A . ' . Q' Qijlafll ' V - t-f':5f..i,J ,a'a,iQ .li -- " ' ' '-F f-f'f. if' Rauf' '-:'Jf'.'it"i"W2Q' V- . f - ' A . - ,U , , I i - - -V ' - M P' LM ,L ..-- QQ : pixma '. -f' A- 1, New fir- I V11 , 3-A 'M' 1 5 A 1 .- f " ,Wg -AT ",fL."'L A ' F .Sal k 4 . V ,.L:V'r-1-1. ,if-- 212' ' " -'- ?'i3,,1 :'.v'..fLf'f7'ff'3l .. L , R :I 'Q"7'f1Q'l -"Q" "M ' A Ll AJ, . T+, -M.: , my N ,,..,,L- ' W F-,Y 'F ,f1f'-. ,,.,. v w ' 4 W-, "' X fy r", P' .15 ffl -- ' ,A W1 ,J M1 L3 gy- .1-11 rf fr ,,,,.xr ,nl I. r 'R 1-' gy.- 1' ' vp- ,, v" A,-if fri ,Alf ' ,Wf- V -J V . . , '- -" -.f 1 ,. ..f. -A . 1" 'If qw 5 fp- - ,-f 5 .,xE.' ., -1, ,Q ,,. Y W,, ' ' - a .11 ...L -. E ' . ,. ia 4f 1, :A ii fxQQ,giQLl45ig-155321: 3 :Z 1 ' -A . - V 3 xl 1' 1' 'I H ' . 4 .A ' E in .222 . 4 f' T3 ff ,v 4'Q D, fv Y? , f' 4' wld' If Sq H A l I 17 I ,VN1' 7:3 E21 v q AAA: NV! - -. , 4, xr' -QQ -f ' J' ' , -wi I , V f , x4.Ag: . 4 . as-r ia 4 I lr r" -5 Yu Q' :of Q. J ' I . . k 'A Q il - -I r' -. h " I 5 .- . I Ya Q 2513-'mc :i 4-"'4 ffffifrgzgq: -,,,.4.,.,.- SQ 1 ' P! 1, 1 I '- 5 ,....1 2? M 4. ...A ::::5:5:E:::::mglgifffffffififrfi 1 ii' ff-Z M af? '43 4 ::f-5511151212-r-:-:-Q: '-.-.-.'.-.-.'.- - . 13 T555SiffifsfffffwfrfrfffffIfffffw' . V 553 l , X ' f-'-' . . f: ' , '11, 1' , - hike. J wk .2211 0 ' ' SV ' VBS 4 g . 2 .1.,,..3x , , . ,. T, - , .-:.i"gz+'-,, : - f' f " " " ' 'F . ., . ' 1 .5 ' 'isa' ' ' , -- ' "ma, ,gb f,N.-gegvifii' 4 -:.,,.z,-K.- . U . 1---v ' V-xx'-.f-1 N V , -4.-. I A--'fvkrt , in ' ,,.. , fi-17f..,,l-Q. , P""'-Q' J--1 - f-' ' , i l . NYM A.. qt, ' ,-A-75.45 .qv-.fn --v N-,M -f y, ' Hw,.,,fNV.,,,4,M..,f . , , fi-1 'fa '--fl" . l s.- ' ,,,4i., "' 'qm0!1-Q"':"',- "- 'f ' . , -.. "4xf"', ,.,., .-f"fet'l--"- N - 'lug ' PATRICIA JANE AIKEN 4607 Comly Street Harding General Friendship Club, I2B, High Way Service Club, IIB-I2B, Vice-President, I2B, CAROLE ALLEN 1309 Disston Street Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Office Aids, l2B. Bowling, '52, '53. DORA ALTIMARI 4257 Penn Street Harding Commercial MARILYN ANN ARBUCKLE 5222 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial Orpheus Club, I2A, Friendship Club, IIA. Leaders, '52-'54, Swimming, '52, Bowling, '53. ARLYNE LYNN ARRIGHY 839 Sanger Street Wilson Commercial Hockey, '52-'55. BETTY ANN ASH 1445 Cheltenham Avenue Harding Academic Student Board, IIA, A Cappella Choir, IOB-I2B, High Way Representa- iive, IZA. Hockey, '53, '54. 'YH- mx' ear" I Eighty-tour n EILEEN T. BALDWIN 5453 Tackawanna Street Harding Commercial Dancing Club, IOA, High Way Staff, IIB, IZA. Softball. '53, Swimming, '52, '53, Bowling, '52-'54, Letter, '53. SIDNEY JAMES BARBER 1203 Haworth Street Harding Academic GLADYS RAE BARNETT 1018 Foulkrod Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, I2B, Senior Twelve, I2B, Orpheus Club, IOA-I2B, Honor Society, IIA, IIB, Clef Club, IOA-I2B, A Cappella Choir, 10A-I2B, Sock E1 Buskin, IIA, Organ Club, IIB- I2B, Choir Ensemble, IOB-I2B, "A" Play Cast, I2B. FLORENCE H. BARRETT 4226 Griscom Street Harding Commercial DOLORES M. BAUER 1671 Pratt Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IIB, High Way Representative, IOA. Swimming, '53, NANCY MARIA BAUER 1427 Gilham Street Wilson General RICHARD R. BECKER l427 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts BARBARA E. BENNETT 5106 Melrose Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, IOB. ELIZABETH L. BLAIR 944 Brill Street Wilson Commercial First Aid Club, IOB. Bowling, '52-'54. SANDRA MARY BODNAR 6625 N. Eleventh Street Harding Commercial Record Book Committee, I2B, Senior Twelve, I2Bg Honor Society, IIA-IZB, A.A. Representative, IOA, IOBQ Club I5, IIB, English Office, IZB. Swimming Club, '52, Bowling Club, '53, '54. DOROTHY LOUISE BOYLE 5l3 E. Hillcreek Drive Harding General MARILYN BROGDEN 1129 Arrott Street Stetson Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, IZB Swimming, '52, '53, Bowling, '53. Eighty-tive PHYLLIS LOUISE BROWN 6130 Alma Street Wilson Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, IZB. Leaders, '52-'54, Softball, '52, Bowl- ing, '52. NEIL G. BRUNO 4536 Tudor Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA. PATRICIA A. BRYAN SOZI N. Hope Street Stetson Commercial Record Book Committee, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IIB. Swimming, '53, EDWIN ALBERT BUEHLER 940 Fillmore Street Stetson Academic GEORGE I. BUSTARD, JR. l92I Chandler Street wilson Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Honor Society IIB, Orchestra, ICA-IZB, Band, IOA- I2Bg Biology Club, IOA KATHRYNE C, CAMPBELL l9I2 N. Waterloo Street Penn Treaty Commercial Bank Representative, IOB. Swimming, '53, RICHARD JOSEPH CARLSON 440 E. Cheltenham Avenue Northeast Catholic General Second Football, '52, THELMA RUTH CARTER lIl2 Kenwyn Street Harding General Danaides, IZB, AA. Representative, l2A, IZB. Hockey, '53, '54, Softball, '52. FLORENCE A. CARUSO' 2222 Margaret Street Harding Commercial AA. Representative, llA, HB, High Way Representative, IOB. ROBERT RONALD CASSELL 2534 N. Twelfth Street Penn Treaty Academic RITA ELAINE CASTORINA 3373 Mercer Street Jones Commercial Bank Representative, llB-l2B. BERNIDA MARIE CAVATO 4704 Tacony Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IZB. Leaders, '53-'55, Softball, '52. Eighty-six CAROL MAE CERIALE 2607 Sepviva Street Penn Treaty Vocational Art Student Board, IOB, Senior Twelve, l2Bg Study Hall, IIB, A.A. Repre- sentative, llA. CONNIE CHADWICK 4629 Oakland Street Harding Commercial Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, lOA. Color Guard, '53, '54. DOROTHY ANN CHASE 5145 Charles Street Harding Commercial Orpheus Club, IZB, Friendship Club, IIB. Leaders, '52-'54, Swimming, '52, '53, Bowling, '52-'54. JANICE R, CLOUDEN 1330 Gillingham Street Jones Commercial ROBERT T. CLYMER 5206 Akron Street Harding General Track, '52, '53, CHARLOTTE F. COHEN 3915 Glendale Street H0I'dil'l9 Commercial ROCHELLE COHEN 1308 N. Fourth Street Penn Treaty General Swimming Club, '52. BETTY JANE COOK 3204 Hartville Street Stetson General JOAN ROSINA CRANKSHAW 1820 Gillingham Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIB, IZA, Friend- slgig Club, IZA, A.A. Representative, Leaders, '52, '53, ROBERT WILLIAM CRUSSARD 1401 Brighton Street Wilson Commercial Orchestra, IOA, IOB. JAMES OAKMONT CURRIE 931 Oakmont Street WIISOII Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, "A" Play Cast, l2B, Second Baseball, '53, Varsity Base- ball, '54, Second Basketball, '52, '53, Varsity Basketball, '53-'55. ERNEST JOHN DALE 929 E. Russell Street Stetson Commercial Second Soccer, IOB. LILLIAN DALLIMONTI 4023 Neilson Street H0fdll19 Commercial Trip Committee, IZA, Honor Society, IIA, AA. Representative, IOB-IZB. MARY D'AMBROSIO 2759 Alresford Street Harding Commercial Orpheus Club, l2B, English Office, IZA. Bowling, '54. MARTIN S. DA SHIELL 4704 Richmond Street Harding Mechanic Arts ETHEL E. DANIELS 2326 Briggs Street Harding General JOSEPH A. DAVIES, 3rd 1666 Bridge Street Harding Academic Thirteen Club, l2B, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, AA. Council President, l2B. Second Football, Manager, '52, Var- sity Football, Manager, '53 '54, Track, '52-'54, Numerals, '52, Minor Letter, '53, Moior Letter, '53, '54, DAVID DAWSON 945 East Tioga Street Stetson Industrial Second Soccer, '52j Varsity Soccer, '53, '54, Second Basketball, '54, ALICE E. DECHANT 2232 N. Eighteenth Street Gillespie Commercial Orchestra, lOA, lOB, 12A, 12B, Band, 1OA, 1013, Organ Club, 10A-128 DOLORES F. DENOFA 2340 Granite Street Harding Commercial NANCY JEAN DERRICKSON 6519 Van Dyke Street Harding Commercial Medical Club, 1OA, Activities Record Club, llB, Dancing Club, llA, High Way Representative, llB. Bowling, '52, ROSEMARIE A. DE STEFANO 12015 Elmore Road Harding Academic Student Board, 1lA, Friendship Club, 1213, High Way Representative, 10B- l2B3 Receptionist Club, 1213. Club, IZB. SYLVIA DIDGEN 1228 Friendship Street Wilson General Medical Club, lOB, English Office Aid, l2B. Bowling, '53, '54 DONALD DILL 6325 Leonard Street Gillespie ACCId2miC Clef Club, l2A, Second Football, '53. Eighty-eight LEONARD DIMARE 1241 N. Second Street Penn Treaty Academic DONALD DOBERSTEIN 5320 James Street Harding Mechanic Arts DONALD CHARLES DRAIN 6753 Rutland Street Wilson Academic Honor Society, 11B-12B, Medical Club, llB, Future Teachers of America, llB, GERALDINE D. DuCHARME 4524 Devereaux Avenue I ..s.,T.,,. Harding Commercial SANDRA FRANCES EATON 324 W. Thompson Street Penn Treaty General l-ligy Way Service Club, l2A, l2B, "A" Play Cost, 12B. DOROTHY EDELMANN 408 W. Norris Street Cooke Academic Dance Committee, l2B, Student Board, 11A-l2B, Friendship Club, l2A, 1213, High Way Service Club, 10B-l2B, Pl'eSiClei'1T, l2B, l-liQl'1 Wcly Business Staff, l2B, Click Club, IOA, Secretary. FREDERIC EISELE 229 Higbee Street Wilson Commercial EUNICE ELIZABETH EMS I9I6 E. Venango Street Jones Academic Medical Club, IOA-IIB, High Way Representative, IOA-IIA. CHRISTINE D. ENKOFF 553 N. Randolph Street Cooke Commercial Click Club, IOA. Swimming, '52, '53, E. ELIZABETH FELTON 4903 Rawle Street Lincoln Academic Orchestra, IIB-IZB, Band, IIA-IZB, A Cappella Choir, IIB, Organ Club, IOB-IZB, Future Teachers of America, IOA, IIA, English Otfice, IZA, Office Aid, IOB, IZA. Letter, '53, '54. LYNDA FAYE FERGUSON 1902 Kinsey Street Bartram General Trip Committee, IZA, Office Aid, IZA, ize, Library Aid, IZB, FRANCES MARY FERRANTE Carl Mackley Apartments "M" and Bristol Streets Harding Commercial Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB. Swimming Team, '52, '53, Eighty-nine SANDRA FINGEROFF 1344 E. Luzerne Street Harding Commercial MARY ELIZABETH FISHER Krewstown Road, Bustleton Wilson Commercial NORMA JANE roar: mi oyre sneer Harding Academic Art Editor, Record Book, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IOB-IIB, Sock C1 Buskin, IIA, Ushers Association, IOA-IZB, High Wav Service Club, IOB-IZB, High Wav Staff, IZB, Thanatopsis Club, IIA-IZB, "A" Play cw, ize. CheerIeaders,"54, Letter, '53. GEORGE R. FOX 3712 Aster Court Harding Academic LORRAINE FLORENCE FOX 57I0 Walker Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, Dancing Club, IOA, AA, Representative, IIB, Drum Maiorette, IZB, ANN FREISHEIM 879 Granite Street Wilson Academic Senior Twelve, IZB, Secretary, I-lanor Society, IIA-IZB, IZA Representative, Activities Record Club, IIB, l-liah Wav Representative, IIB, Receptionist Club, IZB. I-lockev, '52-'54, SALLY ANN FURLOW 438 Hartel Avenue Girls' High Academic Orpheus Club, 12B, Clef Club, 11A- l2B, A Cappella Chair, 10B-12B, Future Teachers at America, 1lA. EDWARD GANGLOFF 4920 Mulberry Street Harding Mechanic Arts Second Football, '52, Varsity Foot- ball, '53, Mincr Letter, '52, '53. HELEN MARlE GANZKOW 1318 Barnett Street Wll50l1 Commercial Senior Morning Comrnttee, 12B, Student Board, l2B, Senior Twelve, 12B, Honor Society, llB, DELO-RES LILLIAN GEISZ 6416 Bingham Street Wilson Commercial EDWARD GENTNER 4735 Penn Street Harding Commercial AA. Representative, 12B, STEVEN H. GEORGE 2082 Carver Street Harding Commercial Secretory, Thirteen Club, 12B, Second Football, '52, Varsity Foot- ball, '53, '54, Track, '52 '53, Nlnar Letter, '52, '53, Maior Letter, '54, Ninety ,G ALICE JEANNE GIGGLE 1213 Bridge Street Stetson Commercial High Way Representative, 1OA, IOB. Leaders, '52, '53, Bowling, '52, CHARLES L. GINDER 4234 Passmore Street Central Academic A Cappella Choir, 1013-12B, Organ Club, 11B-12B, Assembly Organist, 12B, EDWARD ROBERT GLEDHILL 6331 Martins Mill Road Wilson General HENRY BRATTON GORDON 5719 Tulip Street Harding Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, 12B, A Cappella Choir, 11B-12B, Organ Club, 11B, A.A. Representative, 108, High Way Repre- sentative, 12B. Second Soccer, '52, '53, Varsity Soc- cer, '54, Track, '52-'54, Minor Letter, '52, Major Letter, '54. PATRIClA ANN GORRELL 2263 Pratt Street Harding Academic Friendship Club, 12B, Receptionist Club, 12B. Leaders, '52-'54. EVELYN MARIE GRAHAM 1828 E. Monmouth Street Jones Commercial Friendship Club, 12B WILLIAM ALLEN GRAU 3480 Helen Street Stetson lnduSfl'iCll BARBARA ANN GRAY 4176 Salem Street Harding Commercial ESTELLE B, GRIESBACH 6113 Bingham Street Abington, Pa. General Bowling, '53, '54, Letter, '53, BARBARA ANN GRIM 1717 N. Sydenham Street Cooke Commercial Friendship Club, 12B. RONALD L. GRUNO 5863 Saul Street Harding Academic Clef Club, 1OA, 11A. Second Soccer, '52, '53, Varsitv Snc- CPI, '547 Track '52' Numerals '52j Arglitnor Letter, '52, '53, Moior Letter, MARGARET HAGGERTY 1924 E. Madison Street Jones Commercial Friendship Club, 1213. Ninety-one JOAN CAROL HARMER 5327 Sylvester Street Harding Academic Chairman of Dance Committee, 125, Danaides, 12B, Recordng Secretary, Club, 12A, Sock 6 Buskin, 10B-1213, Activities Record Club, 1113, Locker Committee, 11A-1213, A A Rep- resentative, IOB-128, Vice-President l2B, Thanatopsis Club, 11B-l2B, "AH Play Cast, 1213. Color Guard, '53, '54 GLADYS CATHRINE HASHER 4434 Aberdale Road Stetson Academic Student Board, l1A, Orpheus Club, liA, Studv l-lall Association, 11A, Friendship Club, 11A, A.A. Representa- tive, 11A, High Way Representative, IIB, Office Aid, 1213, Receptionist Club, 1213 Swimming, '54, BARBARA ANN HEGH 9100 Bustleton Avenue Wilson Commercial Orpheus Club, 123, Friendshp Club, 123, Office Aid, 1GB-128. BARBARA ANN HIBBS 6306 Ditmun Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, 12B, Receptionist Club, l2B, Bowling, '53 JOAN F. HOFFMAN 863 Foulkrod Street Jones Commercial Receptionist Club, 1213. RICHARD L. HOFFMAN 5719 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic Valedictorian, 1213, Record Book Committee, l2B, Thirteen Club, 12B, Honor Society, 11A-1213, Grade Repe resentative, 1 lA, President, IZB, Thanotopsis Club, 11A-1213, Debating Club, 12B, Club 15, i2A, 12B ,I NONA Hoizico lf 956 Fillmore Street 2 Harding Academic Student Board, lOA, 1OB, Senior Twelve, 12B, Orpheus Club, 11A-1213, Honor Society, 11A, Study Hall Asso- 3 ciation, 11A, Orchestra, 12A, Clef 1 Club, lOBe12B, A Cappella Choir, 1OB- 1 IZB, Friendship Club, 1113, Organ Club, 10B-1213, Future Teachers of America, 1013, High Way Stott, 10-12A, Scribes, 1A-1213, THERESA M. HORNYAK 2923 Aramingo Avenue Jones Commercial Orpheus Club, 12A, 1213, Friendship Club, 12B. JAMES A. H0-WELL 3324 Sydenham Street Harding Academic MAGDA HUEBSCH 7912 Loretto Avenue Wilson Academic Friendship Club, 12B. Bowling, '53, MARGARET ANN HURRIE 6113 Shisler Street Wilson Commercial Leaders, '52-'54. LOIS IANNARELLI 1354 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Friendship Club, 12A, 12B. Softball, '52, Ninety-'two BEVERLY ANN INGRAM ZI7 E. Fishers Avenue Olney Commercial CHARLOTTE JACOBS 3919 Glendale Street Harding Commercial A.A. Representative, 1OA, CARRIE M. JOHNSON 1557 E. Montgomery Avenue Penn Treaty Academic A Cappella Choir, 11A-1213, High Way Representative, 1OA. WILLIAM O. JOHNSON 2327 Belgrade Street Penn Treaty Mechanic Arts Second Baseball, '52, JOHN RAMON JOHNSTON 437 W. Susquehanna Avenue Stetson Commercial Second Football, '53, Track, '52, '53, Minor Letter, '53. RICHARD KALWASINSKI 2816 Overington Street Hllfding General ELIZABETH R. KELLENBENZ 3433 Palethorp Street Stetson Home Economics Medical Club, IIB, IZB, Dancing Club, HA. Bowling, '53. BARBARA ANNE KELLER 2II8 Kennedy Street Harding Academic Trip Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOA-IZB, Vice-President, IZA, Presi- dent, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Sock C1 Buskin, IOB- IIB, High Way Service Club, IOB, Hgqssceptionist Club, IZB, Club I5, ELAINE ANN KELLY 3424 Tilton Street Jones Commercial Study Hall Association, IIA. Swimming Club, '5Z. MARGARET WENDELL KELLY I447 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Academic Danaides, President, IZB, Orpheus Club, IOB-IIA, Honor Society, IZA, IZB, Receptionist Club, IZB, Medical Club, IZA, Sock Cr Buskin, IZA, Friendship Club, IIA, Dancing Club, IZA, Future Teachers of America, IZA, AA. Representative, IOA-IIA, High Way Representative, IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, Office Aid, IZA, IZB, English Aid, IZA, School Store, IIB. Leaders, '52-54, Swimming, '52, Bowlnia, '52, Letter, '53, Color Guard, '53, '54. FRED KEMPF 2058 Simon Street Harding Mechanic Arts Second Football, '52, Track, '52, Fencing, '52, Minor Letter, '5Z. ELAINE R, KENNY 3432 Emerald Street Stetson General Receptionist Club, IZB. Softball, '52, Ninety-three ALLAN WILLIAM KINLOCH 3447 Keim Street Stetson Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Thirteen Cub, IZB, Orchestra, ICA-IZB, B-nd , . .. i5.d IA-LB, Second Soccer, '5l, '52, Varsity Soc- cer, '53, Minor Letter, '52, Maior Letter, '53, '54, KATHRYN T. KLUMPP 7606 Loretto Avenue Wilson Academic BARBARA JOAN KNODT I624 Dyre Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Dance Committee, IZB, Danaides, Treasurer IZB, Orpheus Club, IOB-IIB, Study Hall Association, IIA, A Ccppella Cho r, IOB-IZB, Medical Club, IOA- IZB, Locker Committee, IOB-IZB, AA Representative, IOBQ High Way Repre- sentative, IIB, High Way Staff, IIA- IZB, Scribes, IIB-IZB, Thanatcps-is Club, IIA-IZB, Corresponding Secre- tary, IZB, Bu etin Board, IZA, IZB, B B "A" I- v Hockey, '5Z-'54, Letter, '53, '54, DAVID CHRISTIAN KOCH I222 E. Susquehanna Avenue Penn Treaty Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, IZB, A Ccppella Choir, IZA, IZB fci '53, Track, '53, '54 I' rf 53 '51 WILLIAM KUHFUSS 3523 N. Hope Street Stetson Academic "A" Play Cast, IZB, Th rtern Cub IZB, President, A Cappella Choir IOB- IZB' Sock C1 Bvskin, IIA, IZA, Frank- ford Male Ouartet, IIB-IZB, Choir Ensernbie, IIA-IZB DOLORES EMMA LAEGE 814 Hellerman Street Wilson Commercial Bowling, '52. LILLY EMMA LANDIS 3437 N. Mascher Street Stetson Commercial DIANE MARIE LANG 6164 Hegerman Street Harding General Student Board, IOA. G. ALLEN LAWLEY 44l4 Edgemont Street Harding Vocational Art A Cappella Choir, l2A, l2B. ALBERT C. LEONHARDT 5247 Burton Street Northeast Catholic General MARLENE KATHRYN LEPERA l4l8 Unity Street Harding Commercial MARILEE LEWIS 2080 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Academic Orpheus Club, l2A, IZB, Honor So- ciety, lZB, Medical Club, l2A, l2B, Sock G Baskin, llB, l2A, Activities Record Club, llB, Friendship Club, IZA, l2B, Dancing Club, IOA, Future Teachers at America, IZA, IZB, AA, Representative, lll3, l2B, High Wav Representative, IZA, High Way Staff, l2A, l2B, English Aid, l2A, Leaders, '54, Color Guard, '53, '54, Swimming, '52-'54, Bowling, '52-'54, Ninety-tour ROBERT COE LIGHTFOOT 4819 Penn Street Harding Mechanic Arts High Way Representative, lOA. Second Football, '52, '53, Numerals, '52, '53, ROBERT HARRY LUDMAN 3535 Emerald Street Jones Mechanic Arts ANNE PATON MACFARLANE 2039 Frankford Avenue Penn Treaty Home Economics Orpheus Club, i2A, l2B, Friendship Club, l2A, l2B. ELEANOR C. MaclNTOSH 7028 Tulip Street Harding Commercial Student Board, lOA. RAYMOND G. MacINTYRE ll'l8 E. Tioga Street Stetson Mechanic Arts A Cappella Choir, llA-l2B. l53Bovvling, lOA-l2B, Numeras, '52, JOSEPHINE A. MADDALONI 3291 Aramingo Avenue Jones Commercial Office Aid, IZA, l2B. LORETTA R. MARRICONE 4444 Elizabeth Street Hdrding Commercial Treasurer of Senior Class, 12B, Stu- dent Board, 108-118, 128, Danaides, l2B, Corresponding Secretary, Orpheus Club, IIA-12B, Honor Society, 11A- 128' Swing Band Quartet, 12A, 128, cief club President, IIA-128, A cop- pe'la Choir, 11A-128, Sock Er Buskin, IIA, IZA, High Way Staff, IIA-128, Choir Ensemble, 118-128, "A" Play Cost, 128. Swimming, '53, '54, Color Guard, '52-'54, Captain. ALEXINA MARIE MARSHALL 3571 Witte Street Penn Treaty Academic Orchestra, IOA-128, Band, 11A-128, Medical Club, IIA, Dancing Club, 11A-128, AA, Representative, IIA, JOAN PATRICIA MASON 2028 E. Orleans Street Jones Commercial RONALD PAUL MCCOLLAM 1332 Englewood Street Wilson Academic Second Football, '53, Varsity Foot- bal, '54, Track, '52, '53, Numerals, '53, Minor Letter, '53, GERALD MCDEVITT 3461 "I" Street Stetson Academic WILLIAM A. McQUOID 2911 Kensington Avenue Stetson Academic Senior Morning Committee, 128, Thirteen Club, 128, A Cappella Choir, IOB-128, Sack Er Buskin, 12A, 108-128, Sock G Buskin, IZA, "A" Play Cast, 128. Cross Country, '53, '54, Track, '52- '54, Maior Letter, '53, '54, Ninety-tive MARY LOU MINTZER 7032 Cottage Street Harding Academic Salutatorian, 128, Record Book Committee, 128, Student Board, ICB, Senior Twelve, 128, Honor Society, 11A-128, Sock Er Buskin, IOA-IIA, High Way Stott, 118, Thanatoosis Club, 11A-128. Leaders, '53, '54, Bowling Club, '52- '54 FRANK L. MOLTER 1109 Foulkrod Street Harding General Second Soccer, '52, '53, Varsity Soc- cer, '54, Minor Letter, '52, '53, Major Letter, '54. HAROLD GEORGE MORRIS 1433 Gilham Street Wilson Academic Orchestra, 10A-128, Biology Club, IOA, IOB. Second Football, '53, '54, Varsity Football, '54, Second Basketball, '52, '53, Numerals, '53, Minor Letter, '54 LEAH JUNE NAGY 3347 N. Kip Street Stetson Commercial CARL NELSON 5425 Sylvester Street Harding Mechanic Arts MARY ANN NOLLENBERGER 514 W. Westmoreland Street Stetson Commercial BARBARA A. NOON 849 Anchor Street Wilson Commercial DOROTHY H. NOWICKI 2260 Kennedy Street Harding Commercial NANCY DELORES OSBERG 1645 Haworth Street Shoemaker Academic HAROLD GEORGE OSBORNE 5939 Roosevelt Boulevard Ha,-ding Academic Track, '5Z. KATHERINE OTTO 5123 Leiper Street Harding Commercial Leaders, '52, '53, Bowling, '53, WILLIAM K. PEHLERT 1320 Longshore Avenue wilgqn Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-I ZB. Ninety-six HARRY PHILLIPS 3253 St. Vincent Street Jones Academic BARBARA S. PRESLOPSKY 3113 Hellerman Street Stetson Commercial MARYANNE PRICE 5933 Shislcr Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee, IZBQ Senior Twelve, Treasurer, IZB, Orpheus Club, IIA-IZB, Secretary, IZA, Vice-Presi- dent, IZB, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Association, IIB Sock G Baskin, IZA, Activities Record Club, IIB, Receptionist Club, IZA, IZB, A.A. Representative, IZB, High Way Rgpreslelgitative, IIB, High Way Staff, IB-I . Leaders, '53, '54, Swimming, '52, HENRY P. PRZASNYSKI 2040 E. Wishart Street Jones Commercial Fencing, IOA. ROBERT CHARLES QUIDORT 1625 Haworth Street Harding Academic High Way Staff, lOA-IZB, Scribes, llA-IZB. GAYL LORRAINE RAMSAY 716 E. Belgrade Street Penn Treaty General Friendship Club, IOB, A.A. Repre- sentative, IIB. Bowling, '53. GRACE ANNE RANDALL 5110 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, llB, WILLIAM JOHN RASER 6126 Loretto Avenue Wilson Academic President of Senior Class, l2B, Stu- dent Board, l2B, High Way Staff, l2B, Scribes, l2B, Thonatopsis Club, 10B- l2B, President, l2B, Junior Prom Com- mittee, llA, "A" Play Cast, IZB Varsity Football, '52-'54, Second Baseball, '52, '53, Varsity Baseball, '54, Track, '54, Numerals, '52, Minor Letter, '52, '53, Maior Letter, '53, '54, RHODA JANE REESE 5117 Tulip Street Harding General High Way Representative, llB, Office Aid, llB. Leaders, '53, Swimming, '52, Bowl- ing, '53, JOAN SUZANNE REIN 5455 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic Student Board, lOB, Orpheus Club, llB-l2B, Medical Club, lOB, llB, l2B, Friendship Club, 11B-l2B, Leaders, '53, Hockey, '53, '54, Bowling, '52, PHILIP J. REISS, JR. 6610 Lynford Street Wilson Commercial JOHN RICHTER 6138 Belden Street Wilson ACCldemiC Varsity Football, '54, Second Soccer, '53, Varsity Basketball, '52-'54, Track, '54 Ninety-seven ELIZABETH ANNE ROGERS 4711 Disston Street Harding Academic Salutatorian, l2B, Editor-in-Chief or Record Book, l2B, Student Board, ICA- l2A, Assistant Treasurer, IOB, Treas- urer, llA, llB, Secretary, l2A, Senior Twelve, l2B, President, Honor Society, llA-l2B, Study Hall Association, llA, Sock 5 Buskin, llA, l2A, Locker Corn- rnittee, IGB-l2B, High Way Representa- tive, lOA, High Way Staff, IOA-l2B, Assistant Second Page Editor, llB, l2A, Scribes, ICB-l2B, Secretary, l2B, Thanatopsis Club, lOB-l2B, Recording Secretory, l2A, l2B, Off ce Aid, l2A' English Office, l2A, l2B, Club 15, l2A, l2B, Leaders, '53, '54, Hockey, '52-'54, Bowling, '53, Letter, '53, '54, Numer- als, '54, F. MAY ROHR 2126 E. Griffith Street Wilson Commercial ,Secretary of Senior Class, l2B, Friendship Club, l2A, l2B, Representa- tive, l2B, Bank Representative, llB, High Way Service Club, l2A, l2B, Secretary, l2B, Leaders, '5l-'54: Letter, '54, Drum Malorette, '53, '54, MICHAEL M. ROMANAUSKY 2243 Wakeling Street Harding Commercial Second Football, '52, Varsity Foot- ball, '53, '54, Varsity Baseball, '53, '54, Second Basketball, '52, Varsity Basketball, '53, '54, M nor Letter, '53, Major Letter, '54, EVELYN CLAIRE ROSE 1664 Harrison Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee Chairman, l2B, Trip Committee, l2A, Danades, l2B, Medical Cliib, lOA, Sack E7 Bus- kin, l2A, AA Representative, llA, High Way Reoresentative, llB-l2B, Library Aid, llB, l2A, Bowling, '52, F. DONALD SAVAGE 1126 Kenwyn Street Wilson Academic RALPH C. SCHILLINGER 637 Magee Street Wilson Industrial LEE A, SCHWARTZ 1426 Benner Street South Philadelphia Academic MARYLYN JOYCE SCOTT 5131 Oxford Avenue Harding Academic "A" Play Director, 1213, Student Board, IOA-IIB, IZB, Orpheus C'ub, IOA, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Association, IIB, Swing Band Quartette, 12A, 12B, A Cappella Choir, IOB-I2B, Sock 6 Buskin, IIA-IZB, Activities Record Ciub, IIA, Friendship Club, 12A, High Way Representative, IOA, High Way Staff, IZA. 5COlor Guard, '52-'54, Captain, '53, ' 4, MICHAEL F. SCUTTI 907 Corinthian Avenue Penn Treaty Commercial Track, '54, CAROLYN H. SIEGLE 4715 Salmon Street Harding Academic Senior Twelve, I2B, High Way Rp- resentative, IOB, Receptionist Club 12A, Student Board Aid, 12B FRANKLIN JOHN SIMON 3615 Miller Street Jones General Band, IIA-12A, A Cappella Choir, IOA-IIA. Bowling, '52, '53, Cross Country, '52, Track, '52-'54, GLORIA SKEPTON 2038 Griffith Street Wilson Commercial Trip Committee, 12A, Friendship Club, 12A, High Way Serv ce Club, 12A, I2B, Publicity Manager for the Highway, ize, ers '52'54' Swimming, '52' Lead , - , Drum Maiorette, '53-'55. FRANCES 0. SLOTWINSKI 1152 E. Sedgley Avenue Girls' High Academic Record Book Committee, I2B, Friendship Club, 12A, I2B, President, IZB, Ushers Association IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, IIA-12B, High Way Service Club, IOB-12B, Office Aid, English Office, 12B, Danaides, Leaders, '51-'54, Letter, '53, Color aumd, '53, '54, ANNA HELEN SMITH 2702 E. Luzerne Street Jones Commercial Bank Representative, IIA- I 2B, Office Aid, IZA. Swimming, '52. GWENDOLYN ETHEL SMITH 4818 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, I2B, Student Board, IOA, IIA-I2B, Orpheus Club, IZA, Study Hall Association, IOA, Activities Record Club, IIA-IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, Hiah Way Service Club, IIA-1213, High Way Business Staff, IIB-IZB, Receptionist Club, I2B, Office Aid, 12A, IZB. Leaders, '53, '54, LOIS MAE SMITH 2329 Belgrade Street Penn Treaty Academic Honor Society, IIA-12B, Orchistru, IIB-12B, Band, 12A, 12B, Activities Record Club, IIA, Future Teachers of America, IIA, IIB, Biology Club, IIA, Club 15, 12A, VIRGINIA M. SMITH 1927 N. Fourth Street Penn Treaty Academic Medical Club, 12B, Friendship Club, l2A, i2B. PETER GRANT SPARKS 1040 Bridge Street Mount Hebron, N. J. Academic Thirteen Club, IZB. STEPHEN J. SPILIS 3908 Bennington Street Harding Mechanic Arts ALFRED C. STEINBRONN 931 Carver Street Wilson Academic Stamp Club, HB. Second Soccer, '53, Varsity Soccer, '54 GLORIA MARY STRAUSS 4643 Tacony Street Harding Commercial MARY C. SZCZEPANSKI 2033 N. Orkney Street Cooke Commercial Honor Society, 11A-IZB, High Way Representative, l1B. GEORGE E. SZYMBORSKI 5039 Valley Street Harding Mechanic Arts Vice-President of Senior Class, 12B, Sggdent Board, IOA, Thirteen Club, ROBERT J. SZYMENDERA 1953 Haworth Street Harding Academic Stamp Club, lOB-llB, Chess Club, IZA, IZB, Biology Club, IOA, Junior Historians, llA, llB. Second Soccer, '52, '53, Varsity Soc- cer, '54g Minor Letter, '52, '53. Ninety-nine JEAN N. TAYLOR 6619 Large Street Wilson Commercial AA Representative, l2A, IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, llA-12A Swimming, '52-'54 ELLEN JEAN TEES 5036 Homestead Street Harding Commercial High Way Service Club, IOA-12B JOHN D. TIMLIN 540 Unruh Avenue Wilson Mechanic Arts Orchestra, IOA, IOB, Band, ICA, IOB, Stage Crew, lOA-IZB. Golf, '51, DAWN W. TRAUTWEIN 1348 W. Hunting Park Avenue Cooke Academic Bowling, '53, MARGARET EVA TRIPSHA 2016 E. Monmouth Street Jones Commercial CHARLES W. WARD 5822 Howard Street Olney industrial MARALYN VIRGINIA WAYLES 2861 N. Lee Street Stetson Commercial KARL PHILIP WEIDNER 339 Passmore Street Wilson General VIRGINIA L. WEINMANN 3519 "G" Street Stetson Commercial High Way Representative, IOB, Swimming, '53. JAMES WENKE 4737 Stiles Street Harding Academic Honor Society, IIA, IIB. DOROTHY M. WHITEHEAD 1860 Memphis Street Penn Treaty Academic Study Hall Association, IIB, A Cap- pella Choir, IIA-IZB, Medical Club, IZA, IZB, Friendship Club, IZA, IZB, Office Aid, IZA, IZB. Swimming, '52, '53. BARBARA JOAN WIDMAIER 6416 Bingham Street Wilson Commercial Bowling, '52, '53, BARBARA WILEMAN 640 E. Cheltenham Avenue Wilson Commercial LOIS LOUISE WILEY 3423 "A" Street Stetson Commercial BARBARA ANN WILSON 4630 Naples Street Harding Academic Student Board, IIA-IZA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Medical Club, IOB-IZA, First Aid Club, IOB, Office Aid, IZA. Leaders, '52-'54. THOMAS W. WINCHESTER 1426 St. Vincent Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Second Basketball, '52, '53, Varsity Basketball, '54, Track, '52-'54, Nu- merals, '52, Minor Letter, '53, '54. WALTER JACK WOEGER 1200 Rhawn Street Wilson Academic E. MIRIAM WOLF 1427 Alcott Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZBj Student Board, IOA-I IA, Orpheus Club, IOA, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Association, IIA, IIB, A Cap- pella Choir, IOB-IZB, Sock C1 Buskin, IZA, Ushers Association, IIB-IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, IZB, Club 15, IZA, IZB, Color Guard, IIA-IZB, High Way Service Club, IIA, Danaides, I g. LOUISE MAY WOOD 3634 Frankford Avenue Jones Commercial DAVID S. WOODROW 1315 E. Carey Street Harding General Second Soccer, '51, Varsity Soccer, '52, '53, Second Basketball, '51, Major Letter, '53, ALLAN SHAW YOUNG 2119 Anchor Street Harding Commercial RICHARD V. ZAGORSKI 5329 Sylvester Street Harding Mechanic Arts Junior Historians, l1A. Second Soccer, '52, '53, Varsity Soccer, '54, Minor Letter, '52, '53, Major Letter, '54. JOHN JOSEPH ZALEWSKI 2064 Wilmot Street Harding Mechanic Arts Dance Committee, 12B, Thirteen Cixb, 12B, A.A. Representative, 11B, 5Second Basketball, '53, Numerals, ' 3. MARY AGATHA ZECCOLA 6341 Horrocks Street Wilson Commercial M, A One Hundred One GAIL VICKI ZEHREN 2833 Benner Street Girls' High Commercial Ushers Association, 10B-12B Head Usher, 12A, "A" Play Cast, 128, Swimming, '52, '53, CLARA M. ZIEGELMAIER 3451 Hurley Street Stetson Home Economics Medical Club, 11A, 11B, l2B, Danc- ing Club, IOB, First Aid Club, IOA, Receptionist Club, i2B. WILMA M. ZIMATH 5108 Marlowe Street Harding Commercial Dancing Club, 10B-llB, 128. SANDRA RUTH GRATTIC 4741 Mulberry Street Harding Academic Medical Club, 11A, l1B5 Activities Record Club, l1A, Friendship Club, 11B, l2A, Latin Club, IOA, IOB. Softball, '51, '52, '54, JOHN THOMAS WRIGHT, JR. 6224 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic Student Board, 12A, 12B, President, l2B, A Cappella Choir, IOA, 1OB, "A" Ploy Cast, 12B Varsity Football, '52-'54, Track, '52- '54. 7 I7 Q' 'B ,I H 1' 7 IJ D '7 0 U 0 D H U rm U?-CJ awww mm 5251 WHOS " a 'V 4101 FQ? 0. G PT at 0 I5 'I K P I ,Q IJ 1? sf H 3 4? - ,. ' . , . Alia 1 3 f.fKia,,. hw wffff W 3 Awzliffvgaizgj-5,g. eV! -f. v 5.43.13 3, Q'-1' nf 5- vip' V Ii I T' ,Q " Qo Q .1 IP fl 'S ,, -7 0 fl fl 0 O2 4' 1, D V4 1 X, F 'J D 0 1-"""'.' 0 ME: Sf-I . C 'I and F- J :J U' fn. :iffy f 41 ix., 0 J S D 54 V , , 47 1' f 'i 1 p 9 -X " ' 1 P n I7 p 3 QTWDY X I G Q 17 9 . 0 Q V' V r f" -itu- F Q 1 17 IIN Salututorian Salutatorian Valedictoriun MARY LOU MINTZER ANNE ROGERS RICHARD HOFFMAN COMMENCEMENT PROGRAMME Organ Prelude and Processional ......... ........ M rs, Mary Laithlen National Anthem Invocation ........... ........................,.....,............................ T he Rey. Mr. C. F, Howell St. John Church ot God in Christ The Lord's Prayer ........ Salutatory Addresses ........ Malotte Mary Lou Mintzer Elizabeth Anne Rogers Love's Dream ............................., Presentation ot Diplomas and Award ot Prizes You'll Never Walk Alone .....................................,. Valedictory Address ..... School Song Recessional and Organ Postlude One Hundred Six Rogers-Ringvvald Richard l-lottman Mrs, Mary Laithlen frvelheelr bww eerrrmrerrerrrer Twirlrielhjr ire Welrlrimp em eurlr' ellwirllellrweede llrelplpy dey eewrre rwrrmr Memlheed ire eelrlrihge We eeme ern We wgw.M9veuur'1rrlImar eeeeeferrrrer Mefrelr' Em Irrelr' eeme er fhrfrlelrjre eee New Ulrwefveenre Weir' eww, xrjewlrrrlll lblrejrlrrelrfmnm elrrlr' memepv Wemmfelrer deelr' ererwrrrr-rrerrr we Wemwelrd ee we jeurlrirrgv exelr Wee eee Wee Weird deer ii xl I X K WQUIK5 Weird Jlreffell Jsetrfr we,lllrJlbe ML! ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Record Book Committee expresses its oppreciotion to Drs Lewis G, Sterner, The Clork Printing House, inc., the Zomsky studio, ond Mr. Mork Hogmonn tor their ossistonce in the publicotion ot this Record Book. The constont interest ond encourogernent ot our principol, Mr, John W. i-iitner, must olso be grotetolly ocknowledged. Cne Hundred Eight AUTOGRAPHS AUTUGRAPI-IS AUTUGRAPHS Q :Eu 'LQ' ix ' M6311 I ff ' W ' r v F 1 L W w if: Wa, .,, ,Wu W ,, J, K., -. 4 -f , . . -1 I 555 3 A .' gil' x . . , if Fm ,. 1. , . EG N -'Jn J' b , - Q , 1 . , . 4 ,A ,2 .A .1 JN: W M ' -- -' .w. , ff. fa gf' ' A "Ef f ,gg as' ,x,g,ix,5Qg ' - .W , Z 1 . 2 , F' 'N Y Q , ' 1 ,Lx W 1 w r' 11.5 .wncusm X 2.5 e W' W x W lr ff' ,... fi I A, P 3 ,iv W 3 4 , l y - 0 if , X ' 'X I i V ll if .Q X Y Q ji 5 ' is A , M x XS ,, f A ff 5 2 " wr . fi' gi' x 3 ,,f A.. u H' , , . ,, X X so ' 'f Q ,gh-AF" PIG- 7? M .WMP - mf f ' W f 2 W 4. my M.. .an-'P , 6 'Sf Q ,, , , , W, dz if 4 - 1 , 'nf .. "N ,gy.f, , ., I Q f Z 9' f ,BZ V www mf- f" '4 " Jef N ,f wp, ' ff f, , 4 ' 'Z 'Z 'f ,uh fy IH x , ' f, ,f Lv? f, f 1 aw 'ww ' 1, bfhdff GE-' 77' ,uf f, 1' A , ., h , M, , My f Cv. rf -N, ,910 ' , I ,,, ,,,,,, , ,f f f NX' ' WW ' ' 'ff - ,, , ,..r Z jig, Q w 3.7 Nl ,QXf'f',-A SU f 4 f ' ,X X7 M- W""""' ' l ZW' WM Wiz Wf, . I sv, 4' f' ZLiv'f44Jf"" 6- or Q www? , vw V4 f ,, , 1 '1 ' axe KW' , 1 K' 'uf , f 4, ' 4 I ,. " . 'U ,im ' ' nw ' ,,.' I I MS f .L . ,, ' ,X AX X? ,L . wa-X , , ,X .yy f 7, ' , f , ,, ? ilk, , , x pw: , -.V 1 in 49 . . 4 S f x . Q ' 'A it X: J 1 'S , XQ S X .,,, g - 1 1 Mfg , Q I ,l x X I' Lao- H -, I . - . 4- VXA . '- f f W, ' ' '.vf":" ,Q 5 K , , din wif x ' ? u.. x 4.-f, f wi at 4- uv' ff' ,

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