Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1952 volume:

VN K P Ofv gif , 0 Xl g g 2 Q9 W FRAIXIKFQRD HIGH JR 5 SCHOUL, PI-HLA., PA ?orewol-d On June 20, 1952, we the members of the seventy-third class will graduate. Most of us have had a successful high school educa- tion and will cherish the happy memories of these years throughout life. To our teachers at Frankford we give our heartiest thanks for their aid in preparing us to meet the outside world. We are also grateful for the knowledge they have given us as well as for their long-suffering attitude when it seemed as though we could never understand their subjects. To our friends still remaining we wish the best of everything and hope that the good examples we have set are continued ond the bad ones, if any, are buried and forgotten. For ourselves we have only memories and pictures to remind us of our beloved Alma Mater and the three happy years we spent therein. ln future years as we look back on this, our Class Record, we will relive all of our high school days. , V I' . ' 1 ff' .fx ' , ." - ' "M: A W .. , A ,I 4 I 0 V 1 A "' pw" f Y 'l "T : 2 3 111 ff if Ziff, ' f 2 ff A , .ff , ' . ' 1 i J ,fl 2 f I fw 1 i ,N 1 . 4 - A f . gfif, Ill !f 3' 4 , af . 1 i 5,11 J' IW? 3 ' i 3 'wry 'ri' .", . . ar F' 'L 4 F ' 3 ff ' faq gg.,-m n , , IP' '1 7 1 1 12 ' '3 ' ff' i ' ' ui 'R Q "fl 2 Z ' Z H" T In 1 ', A 'I , 1 -f 1 4 ' 1 'll , , I - ,Q I i Q , ' 4 1 ' k 2 if Y ' 4 ' K K if V w " ., si 155. 4 Ls 1 ,, fn if A , v , H ff . f 1 - R .T Eli If w . e f '1 a ' f V f ,.' 4 s ILP' , it Q I 3-0 - 1 ,eh .-, ,, Q 1- 2 2 I f 2 - L f ', 'W , 4 ,,...:-v'- '- f I 3 3 di .n,fj, .., ,-.44-, A . I , ' , Or , J' ,,v4HN,, ,----"' ,,,, I -YQ ll ' ' gn' In -1 . - I divgvviilliyi , ,,,,-1 h . np. . on 1 .. ' 3 A g' , 'A . ' 1 . .I Y. Y. I.. J '- ,ig . . , J ,, " A . ' " f 'if 5, ' 5. 'f 1 A " 45 f 9 f I , 1 1 r - 1 Q 1 ' 3 . ei. ' Ye , 2 A 3 I l A 1 , : , ,. , "1 , '- va 4 Q l 9 , , , , 3 .- g fi, J V ,, 311' 4 ' 1 , I ff 'Rf , ff f 6. 1 , E . " -x'i3"",f . " 'ff In I ,fb 4- 5,1 , - uf' . 9' .51 f fs-Q 9, ,, W-qxt""""' E a,,L': ' A P W 3 HO OR TO WHOM HO OR IS D E We the members of the graduatrng class of Jane l9J2 are proud to dedrcat thrs our Record to Mr Mark Hagmann Mr Hagmann has been the head of the Mathematrcs Departmenr at Frankfo many vears He garned hrs degree at Washrngtan College rn Washrngtan D C A hart whrle later h came to Phrladelphra and obtarned hrs Masters degree 'hc Unrver rt5 ot Pennsvlvanra Mr Hagmann frnrshed all of the reaurred subrec or hrs Doctorate and passed the prelrmrnarr examrnatrons long ago but has never 4 and trme to complete hrs thesrs Mr Hagmann does not spend all of hrs trme rn school however He has for th last trve rears coached our bowlrng team and as the person rn ch rn operas grven at the Academy of Musrc has tur tres to act rn and see famous As a travele I rd at ls tra our students apr or ann rs no nov ce He has ta er hrs wrte ahd son througt arty erght states cart of Mexrco and seven f the erght proxrnces of anada Whrle on these Irttle fxcursrons he has taken hoasands of colo slrdes and black and whrte prctares and several mrles ot motron pr ture frlm We shall al' remember Mr Hagmann as a teacher who always had a trrendl word at greetrng far as and above all as one who art ays gave freel and energ to go more rhar halt wa, to garde as Mark H H agmann . C for r r , A r, . . , s e " rr 4 s r . 2 ' L A ' I, , C H , , I , ,J , arge of all ex s r X s r r I grven man, of ,jr tr c . operas r, Mr Hagrr r n R r .r al of the t - s n 1 , o o r . CT , ' c f l T v. I .xr ' r , , , 'rv , f r I - r. r - A , r 1 - 5 of hrs tme vrher the gcrng got "rough," Sax John W Hltner , I'lnCl af Commencement ue o mulestohe ID hte The poet re o rhotter of record e future rs on open book ot chollertges ohd urtcertouhtues Ye what lee behlhd you ond whot hee before you ore tlrty motters Compored to whot Iles wlthm you Do you hold hotreds ond reeerttmertta thot Qour ood erhbutter your Ile or does CHECTIOTW qulde your relotlohehly, wuth other0 Do you hoye reo. reiourcek wlthlrt youreelt er ou u e r u toleroht ot other eople ohd ot o throw t t ore d e row you cu r ore o mcede tho' ethere noye o ro t e ' cw C h b Q frm f r' u o Artollo H o Cf eroc Qhn l I I - Q A ' . , , 4 r y the , , I T W I V , I f A l , e ,f do J. dezeod row ether? A e ye e . ee gg e tho. Horevf 1 f 3 r re? Arek D ii 'dt so o . ,' A lah t therr 3 t he'le'5 off o ate? Are you CClWSTGP'l1. rrltofed ln, lorge cr erroll off-:,o::e2 gr oo you 'ole tl-rg. cs the, -V TE yy th o rt' r mouth et r ,feftr lt 5 Cu here 'loot gc-r hgh echo l ln ter hos helgec you 'o grin ui 'Q fhiii QUQ Q L" "Q gile- of Geoff V. E' A MR E ORRELL CRAP Vnce Prmcupal MISS ROSEINA C GILLMAN MR MICHAEL W FISCH Hustory and Languages MR WILLIAM B NICHOLS Busnness Educatuon DR LEWIS G STERNER English Asslstont to Prmclpal Nlne DR FRANKLIN B CARROLL Scnence MR ARTHUR 8 CRESSE Physncal Educcfuon MR MARK H HAGMANN Mathemahcs FACULTY LIST BUSINESS EDUCATION COMMON LEARNINGS AND REMEDIAL READING DRIVER EDUCATION SOCIAL STUDIES HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS C John Warren Hltner ce P a E OrreII Crop sta r c Rosenno C Glllmon Tc Pun 'pol Vu - rincip I A551 n fo the Prm ipol f -I +I' ' Ll T, . ENGLISH ' I - g my 1 'V 'E :IA II ' I KT n FACULTY LIST LANGUAGE LIBRARY MATHEMATICS MUSIC PHYSICAL AND SCIENCE COUNSELLORS NURSES SENIOR SECRETARY SECRETARIES SCHOOL MATRON NON TEACHING ASSISTANT EIe c HEALTH EDUCATION 1 ' ' A Our Best Wishes Te Tvve Faithful Teachers Mr S Hunter Kurtz A1 e ugh h 'Nh ur er xx Cx F7 L Q h C erm 1 G G G r r Arthur VV Lowe e e u r H r fc C H Q L hex e u e ' ter letcdx Q er r P rd C C te et Cub red he he P e CCT CCh C Pte he e xt QC U I V' eine TCVQF' rr 'hi Qwimtit fer. fhggt' er' Jr C efrg tree' fri Ph leueigs e , hegf it PQ gee: e eeferee hgh ached feech'g ' Pre 'trek r 'Q sr tc ee 1 ferr: 'Q Je ' etc fhe U'fxe's t, Q4 Pe"-rake" e He hes been e C ' N 'h the Sfuesff Este Qt F e' fe Heh S h CJ fe' se r users He S 3 evrrber et The Fre'1ffur hs? futg 'th Phsrce It ct Ph! et: 1, f het detrr S 're 'f Q Assecrefcr' ed Sher eeuce 'reeef essccetera F 5 e.s res die 'Y PWC Vtphe I O Tug ,ry ell gt us hen ee J K f: us Mech , e h er curemr, sea hm et in ereus ethlffrc CTWNHS ir he we T Q h 'e' 'he Athtztrc Cgrr CI e c the-rhpc fre rum' " he ,ATtW!i"f ,Av QC e'1,f Mit 3 if F'g'LrQrC Q 'Q 'hr g ie.: ' xxhriir '." 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THE USHERS ASSOCIATION The Ugherg ASSOCIOTIOH, auoosored by Mr Lyhford WnIITorh3f Qoosrgfg of o group of Twenty-me gms who gue rherr mme To odd greorlg, to The sue- eess of soeool programs held durrhg The school ,eor Thvs group vv II be present or our groduohcu The gurls ohfwoge preeeof oh ortroer we oppeororoee GT oil fuhctlohs Mr Wdlroms provdee eorsogee for eoeh usher oh oh rrhziforroof oeeoaofs The ugherr, ore ehoaeh for therr gersofoht-, or-d ortrocrwehess Thu Term the group rs rpresrded oxef or, Nohcy Cook ohd her oasrarohth Borboro Roodsfde GIRLS' LEADERS The Leodere' Quo we orgofrzed IVIWWOVII7 TL deem the Ph5,s1coT EdLJCOTIGV1 Yeoeherg IU the regue Tor gym dosses The Iedders derhohsfrore The OIVTWS for the Classes ohd helo The ouo I5 to oehfeve these orrhs by grvrhg Theme odwee ond CCOIIGGFWCG III Thew work The group rhee'e exery Mondo, offer the eevehth :errod Here 'he gf! ore fought orewous To rhe regular dosses Thex ore reoII. o greor hehe, fo the reochers ood arudehre olrke The rholor port of this Term 5 oemig devoted To oooorofus work, ohd much osasfohee rs heeded from the Ieodera These grrls ore very eo-ooerome ohd o rmeeessorg, 4oeror rm the :ghgsTcoI edueotrofw deiforrmehr f'V1' f A CAPPELLA CHOIR v , 'rm ,Ar Cginllcg Q1 ' wp! rrru Y r wr' ug. xxrirr TUG' 'www rfcx' Qmxrr' 'Q 'rurfv' 'f rim' LQ :QQ xC. 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BOWLING The xofsltit bowl PQ toon hod o teff tl: seoaor Thetr tzret ond owl, loss vtehf to South Phllodelbhlo Hlgh School n or ozaenlng gonoe The rnlght well hoxe been the stork thot set them Ort o wlnntng streok for the tollowung ite gornee The teonn ended the seoson wtth twe w ng ond one loss whuch wos ten. good, ance etenone on the teonw woe oo' fOr bOvvl'nQ tor the tsrgt tnte wth the exgefptloh ot two grl: The 'ost gonoe wth Lncdn nos o Cloie rnoteln oll the not Af 'he efd ot the ferth trorneo the score woe tle, bo' when the scores vwefe checked Fronktord woe QX5' the b'eo-4 of o Teh pow' TTTISTGKQ CHEERLEADERS 'he cheerleoders ot Fronktord Hlgh School tor ffl ore Elsle Bowes, Uno lone Borkert Lorrolne Geony, Arlene Gut, Beth. lone Munn! Joon Plott, Corol Robb Coroltn Rornrnellf ond Jonet Worrer- The Cootoln lS Jocouellne l-less, co-eozpfolns ore Joyce Wogner ond Irene Mclvlonos The glrls, under the sbonsorshlb ot Mr Orrell E Crob howe done o swell ,ob WN Ieodlng the Crowds wth thelr oheenng ot the tootboll gonwes Wlfh The iU,'2DOFf ot the students, the. tx ll olso cheer of the Con- ng boskefboll gontes SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE , I I ,, , ,- f- fff 'V 11 ' fjr fLfr,Qv. 'X 'f' 4, - e -,. , e , ,, . e I ,. ,f fm' ,. -IA A, , ,, ,., -,, ' f., im, ,L A, 3,,, ..', 2 e - , .f'j,. A , , ., f - . - , ,., K ,, ,gm A, f L f -. L J-,Je ,-., ,d ei ,OE , Je..- - Y - M- V' F Cm, im- M, 1, F., - 'W Q., , ,- f'.,.,,,. M funn-- ,. T' ' ' 'V- f.f.,,fA . , ,.,,.,,. . e ,L ,WNW A- -, ' We -4 Y HU, we -ff-F-We Me,-F.-me re: f' h r'd""L'v' I :Ci :fi :zur 3e'.',eQ" gf "f.:Cef' eerie T F- 3' i 'fe gfeii-1' Q' 'he Ceezev 1 Ci MM. ,. MF -f ,ee,.C,3, fs -V, MAI , xi ici. vgdeiec L, hu? 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We hd-.e dove ddr bear to rhdke pid' Reegfd rick the bee' If wc: hdrd vwerk Ind? fer' HIGHWAY EDITORIAL STAFF Unk , AV, T 'Lyn ':4+ KIT r "MIN 'W rcd Q' 'r1 VIL Izrf Q' Fra' I 'QC uri 'cfm r hcx ,g f:,r,r1 ICIWQQI gc: pr TW ggcr Wk I-IIQIW Wg, xml cmcrdrrI fu G LIQCQ 'I Ms dwrso' Q' 'rf Qrrrucf CQIUH'-bra U' urfrtx Cuwerrrrcfa rw New Yuk Ir, I rccecfg .ecrg :Im H gr Mo, I-V05 Cw3rGed fret lccg Gnd 'aimed 'rm Cikfbc ECIWQIQVQ Press Agecc C"Qrr MQCQIQI Amcrd The Gamer cm oesffcrrfe of fre Hgh WC, cz Ph' Srcgrrsf ecfsr-:rw-CIWIQQ NIf,rII5 SIQ'gr Irrgr page edrfgr, Norm Medwcm, Qs: starry Margaret Wrikvwscrr Qeccr G mcg, adrfor, EISQ OXII, oesrsrorvrl EmrI1. DQI Prefs, fhrrg IQQQ Qdrfcr! I3Iw.II 3 Wregomj Gear-rcrxrih P25550 Reis, fwfr xcgf Ldrfor, Gscrge Metzger Qesrafcr' MR. CHARLES TROXELL ,,, HIGHWAY SERVICE CL B TN Sxwcg OU: series 'H cmd 'cm wdef Www aqcfsgf 'U' lg A N 712 C Q13 1 "bw asm' View dc Af Us ' ' 'wx' N We H gk 6.3. Sui 'Lee Acvszf. ZCQLQ Siufix .ec ,. 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F R :Cd-erzfwrg S .3 ff 1' ' Xf:'i'ff ..,.,.. ..4.,,,....,...,4,.,..,.,...... .......,,,...,.,,....,....,.,,...,,,... ......,,.. 5 f f ' Sinn STH, Q: Y PAUL ALBRECHT 8243 Pune Road Wilson Academic WALTER JAMES ANDERSON 4163 Grlham Street Hardrng Mechanic Arts econd Footba I 49 Xarsm octball S econd Bo elnall mfg Mu C Le r WILLIAM JOHN ANDERSON 4163 Gllham Street Hafdmg Mechanic Arts Second Football 49 5C VrJrsllY Football Sl Second Baseball Mmor Letter 49 50 MOIOY I-GNU DOROTHY MARIE ANGER 1302 Magee Avenue Wilson Commercial A Cappella Chour IOB DOLORES ANTONIEWSKA 2218 Bridge Street Harding Home Economics o Ing Pioneers ll V fh Wax Rcnreser-tame ICB DORIS E. ARMBRUSTER 7308 Loretta Avenue Wilson Academic Trip Cornrnlttee IZB, Senior Twelve, l2B, Orpheus Club, ICA, Horror So- rtrtw IIA-IZB BCI'-l,ng 'il 52 Sixty-two ELLEN CLARA ARMOUR Pane Road South of Welsh Wllsan Academic or In Chef of Rfccrd oo Orpltc s C ub IIA VB Honor rc ct I fcrctan A Cap IO C olr Medlcal Club IZA I faders I cftnall B I ff WILLIAM ARON 518 Robbins Street Northeast Catholic Mechanic Arts r S2 Mrnor Le er MILDRED A BAIER IIZB Brrll Street Harding Commercial Dance Committee IZA Trup Com mttte Chalrrnan I2B Orpheus Club IZB Honor Socuety IIA IZB Fri nd snap Club IZB Locker Committee IZB Ushers Association IZA I2B I h Way Representotlve IIA IZA as etboll SO Sl Softball Bowling 49 Track SO BARBARA ANN BAILEY 5428 Drscher Street Hardmg Academic Secretor o Sensor Class udent Board ICB IZB Orpheus ub l2B Friendship lub Us e s Assocrotuon IIB l2B AA Rcoresentatuve ICA JOYCE M BAKER I345 Disston Street WilS0ll General So G Baskln ICA VB, Tvtlrnmlng 'SC BARBARA HELEN BAUROTH Somerton Avenue, Samertan Wilson Vocational Art Cock Z3 Bcskin, ICBg Dancing Club, ICB IZA, IZBg AA Represerltatlve, J I.B B3c,f.nlbOIl '40 SC, Track Team, JANE GLORIA BAXTER 5927 Alma Street We Ison Acodemsc I C5 I ne W O r-e s D I B C or sort A r SCC t B ermvr I. I acre ar fr"'sh p IZB ruturr Teachers ct Awerrca B IIA Hn I- Wax Represch ctw ' , ffwc B J JOAN ELIZABETH BAXTER 4821 Gnscom Street Hordmg Commercool cm? Board 'FA IRENE BECHTEL 7148 Erduck Street Wilson Acodemrc Dorvasdes IZB Orpheus Club IIA IIB A Cappella Chow IIA IZB AA Representative IIA Medzcal Club Track DOROTHEA ANNE BECKER I438 Knorr Street Watson Acodemnc F ture Teachers of Amerxca IOB ELAINE CLAIRE BECKMAN 4067 Hrgbee Street Hardmg Commercnol Bcwl mg SI BERNICE BEVIGLIA 5228 Dltman Street Hordmg Commercral Dance Ccmrmttee Crarrn-an I2B AA Representotwe IIB Hugh Wax Represcwtatwe I2B BasketbaII 50 SI Baum, 49 SC Srxty three DOROTHY JANE BIALON 1635 Levis Street Jones Commercrul ctr 0 1 IRENE BINCZEWSKI 4765 Mrlnor Street St John Contlus Commercral vrcrr' Ccrrrvwtfce IIA AA Rrprfsfhta we ICA as otball 49 5 oftbaII JAMES W BISHOP 2814 Front Street Ste tson Academic NELSON J BLAHOS 3122 Custer Street Stetson Academlc Clwck Club IIA A Cappella Chor IA IZB Sack C1 Bas I IIB B Tggmuap oneers IIB H gh Way ta Fchcxmg 50 DONALD RAYMOND BLASCH 4021 Rrctlmond Street Jones Industnal JOSEPH RAYMOND BLASCH 2916 Klrkbrlde Street Hardmg Industrlal EC'..Tat':ruaf af EU!-c C .5 '25, - ff' cr T 1, IZB, rp, u Ci, .IA-I2 , I-I r' E Ly C II -I?B ' D Jw, I2 , Ch Q, I, I IJ, f'-. , NK V, , EII3 A ., Fra. , I Club Ip 4 D I DI, BOIMQ DI- ' S ' f t I ey ICA ErfI'5h 8 6, I2 Bc ."r'g 'SI '52 f A Jmncr ' . . -, g B In , I , ' C, E , 'SC IZB U ' Bc.-.img 'SQ X, 'SC ' ' I - , ' ' rm, -I2 Q 4 - . , , " S ff, A' ' , -I2 ALAN BOOTH 814 Knorr Street Hordmg Acodemrc emor Mom 'wg Cofwn' 1 Gf Thurteen Cub UB A A Reoresento txve A Secorwc Bosketb 1 ors o erbcm 5 52 M er M or Lc' Tcr I JEANETTE PAULINE BORITZ 269 W Westmoreland Street Stetson Acndemac ARLENE JUNE BOURNE 4808 Levrck Street Hordrng Commercrol VIRGINIA BOWMAN 7959 Frontenac Street Wrlson Academic Leaders SP S7 Swummrnd 49 57 PHYLLIS ELAINE BOYD 5208 Tulrp Street Hordung Academrc Lf om PATRICIA MAE BOYER 5709 Tockowanna Street Hordrng Commercual .J 'H r Srxty four CAROLE IRENE BRADT 4344 Shelrnrre Avenue Wrlson Academrc v. mm rr, ovr Letter JOHN EDWARD BROOK 5235 Oxford Avenue Hardmg Mechanlc Arts WALTER THOMAS BRZYCKI 3570 E Thompson Street Hordmg lndustrrol ROBERT F BULLOCK l4l4 Frrendshrp Street Wrlson Acodemrc Record Book Committee IZB Thur fcen Club 12B Second Footboir SC Vorsury Foo' bow Sl Non1eroNs 49 Mwnor Letter Moor 'e er ROSEMARIE BUTLER 2345 N Lerthgov Street Cooke General BOW I I '19 -49 NELLIE RUTH CAMPBELL 48l6 E Thompson Street Hordrng Cornmercml u efv Boon A Orphans 7 cope 0 Choir B Roi nj Porweus INA AN Hugh Sc 00 ons I I we VA ADA LOUISE CANNADAY 1468 Hrgbee Street Wilson Acodemrc S u ent Board I B IIB ock C7 Buskm IIA IZB AA Representatte A Bowlmg 5 DOROTHY MAE CAPEWELL 7I35 Marsden Street Hardmg Commercial JOSEPH J CAPUTO JR H23 E Lycoming Street Hardung Academnc Chess Club IOA IZB Medlcal Club Second Baseball SO Varsuty Bas JOAN M CHEESEMAN IIS4 Herbert Street Hardrng Commercnal AA Rearesentatlve 2 l rv Way Representative IZB L JEAN CHIPPS 7262 Leonard Street Wrlson Academrc Frlendshlp Club IZA IZ A Representative ICB Hugh Way R D resentatlve IIA SONIA CHRISTENSSEN 6300 Algard Street Wrlson Commercral Srxty hve SUSAN B E CLARKE 1966 Fayette Street Melrose Park Pa Academuc A Cappella Choxr IZA GLORIA ANN CLIFT No 7 Orchard Lane Crestmont Farms Hardmg Academrc Organ Cub IZB Erfglnsh Offlce BETTY C CONCANNON 3251 St Vmcent Street Hubert s General ROBERT CHARLES CONKLIN 5416 Akron Street Harding General Dance Commuttee IZA Trap Com mltfee IZB Student Board IOA IIA IZA Hlgh Way Representat ve IIB Second Baseball 49 RUTH ELIZABETH CONNOR 4l54 Barnett Street Wrlson Commercral A A Rcpresentatlve IIB Sofrbc I DO EARL K CONNORS JR H36 Dungon Street Hardmg Academrc Valednctoflan of Semor Class IZB Honor Soclety A IIB Chemustry Club IIB Band IIA Medrcal Club IOB tid , C - 5 S I I' ', mn , , I , , A I , . I ,Gu . IZB. ll ' ' I ' los, ' ' ' ' sr. ' ball, 'Slg mek, "Sz, I '- I . E ' , IAg Hg' I I ' ' '. V ,l B: A A ,F ' ' . . , uf ' , ' ' l NORMA JANE COXON 912 Fansllave Street Wilson AC0d9"'lC :CGI Club IZB E Irs Off I OvIfr CAROL CRAM 1084 E Alcott Street Wngon Commercral uh Wm Sem ce Cub IIB S IO IFA cedrrs 1 I Bowmg WILLIAM A CRANSTON l325 Pruncetan Avenue Wrlson Vocatnonal Art Roprvsentotnve IVB JEAN M CRAWFORD 4054 Claridge Street Hordrng Commercial Or has CIub IOA IZB Roll nil Proneers IIA Frrendshlp Club IJ? Mecrcol Club IZA Hockey SI oftboll Bowlm -4 C, MARGARET JOAN CROSTA 2936 Knorr Street Wrlson Commercml Dance Commrttee IZB mdr B om IIB IZB Donodes 178 O phms Club IIA IIB Honor iocr tx le IIA H Wox Busrness Stuff IIA IIB Usher: Aesocrotron IZB OWHJ MARIE ANN CURTO 5043 Valley Street H'-'YUUW Comrnercral f hits Cllb 0' I nurs IIB ncn I5 B BOnIr S Sixty sox DOROTHY JOAN DAHMS 5007 Jackson Street ones General GEORGE STEPHEN DALY 4615 Harracks Street Hardmg Mechamc Arts DAVID EDWARD DAVIDSON ZIIZ Rlpley Street Wilson Acodemrc Honor Socletx IIA IIB Lotm CI b IIB A JUNE EDITH DAVIS 72l Alcott Street WIISDI1 Commercrnl LEONA HELEN DECKER l76l Bndge Street Hafdlflll Commercral Bowlrng SI JUNE D DEJONG 2302 I Dune Road Walson Ggngygl eo! Boorc IFB 'IA A YQSCCYUYINE IIB High W Re rs otufrxl? A ccku -Zz: Crrs Trock MARIE F DEL PRETE 836 Anchor Street Wntson Academnc RUTH S DENGLER 4208 Merldlan Street Hardm Commercml 9 fr r' Offcc 1 A , MARLENE DIETRICH 563 Camly Street Wnlson Commerceal asf CARL WILLIAM DILGER 6241 Mulberry Street Wnlson Industrial JOSEPH DI PIETRO 2306 N 5th Street Hardmg Mechanrc Arts FRED WALTER DOBISCH 1377 Blelgh Street Wnlson Academxc r .JC C GC rw 8 who cfs C B Bcsmemd Slxty seven NANCY JANE DOBSON 4019 J Street Jones General ELSIE KATHERINE DOERPER 6713 Castor Avenue Wrlson Commercual MARIE DOLEGOWSKA 2713 Berkshire Street Jones Cornmercnal ELMERIA C DOMPERT 882 Anchor Street Watson Academic cam Book C 'r rc' fe' Fx ELIZABETH J DONAHUE 1157 Bridge Street Hordmg Commercual D rc CLARENCE L DONEY 1018 Kerrwyn Street Salle General ., ,. 0'L"Ke.E Q' .: 'ZF F3 f P i'fe'i "E 'ZA brief: C 1 QL QE '-'cc-". C .L "A-'25 , ,X , A CCL:-f : Cr ' L- :E ,:' ' -,i,' ,,-4 4 Z HL MB Qimzr T.-.eye IZB, H:':r Qi: e'. . . 'IF-., D ,cfcf :f 1- c. 'LE ge:- 'e?cr. ENDS-'CQCY - '14-125 -Jef--f QI b "Q "L 1 Rep'eee":' .Q YF-IIA 'W V' ' Wfgfia' 5' fl -fcwe. 4" 3' BCSVQQTL 'f' :PLL i Eze. ft il '. -1 9 p-D","1C.f.f Ii ' ' Rf, ' Cv ""'T'PfE, IZB, E' - r , ,, k , ,. me-et Bc: , ICA, KB O',,,,e..Q C 1 fgjfxf rgfbgt- 1, I,.V"'CE Z aB Lfczfiffl f7'iZ BSU-C'.,Cw Il A Rfgrfsfetzt-.f ICA fr f. Cub 'QF 'QB .wwf fqftf S .Uf' ff-' B'.'. "Q -59-'51, ' NV' L.v"f MC" , V2 'ice om' Hee C"::rvA:' 'QB La " "ec JJ 'IB ,ff 3 GN 5j , f, 552. tg E1 S2 ieccr crhfic if T' Vzrw. ' if-il Nr" Nm' 7 T' M3 cr Line' f'- ff WILLIAM FREDERICK DONNALLEY 5620 Loretta Avenue wnggn Mechomc Arts Locker Commuttee IZB Second Basketball -19 SO Varsmtb Basketball SO 52 DOLORES J DONOVAN 5221 Marlowe Street St Bartholomew s Commercnal Orpheus Club IIA IIB AA Rp resentotuve IOB Hugh Way Repr ELIZABETH JANE DOWNS 6064 Loretto Avenue Wulson Commercnal JOHN J EBERHARDT 10812 A Block Road Wllson Acodemuc Biology Club IZA Cross Country SO Malor Letter SO ARTHUR C EDWARDS 10809 B Sllore Lane Wilson Academic Second Baseball 5 I MARGARET S EICHELMANN 531 Gilliam Street Wllson Commercial Bowling '50, 'SI Snxty ergllt GEORGE CHARLES ELIAS 5540 Mlrlam Road Wnlson Academic Presudent of Semor Class 2B Thlrteen Club IZB Orchestra IOA Band IOA Second Football 50 Varslty Foot ba Sl Track 49 Numerals 49 Manor Letter SO Mayor Letter Sl ELAINE CAROLE ELLIS 4102 Robbms Avenue Wilson Commerclal hes Club IOA IZB Frlervdshrp Club IZA IZB Dancing Club CB Bovslng 49 S2 JOSEPHINE JOAN ELLIS 1363 Pratt Street Hardmg Commercral Bowllng 49 Track SO MARILYN ELLIS 5l37 Charles Street Harding Commercnal Rollmg Pnoneers IIB IZA Leaders 49 SO Softball SO CAROL DOROTHY EPPLER 6650 Montague Street Wnlson General Softball SO 52 Bowling SO 52 Le er SI CARL l ERICKSON 5418 Erdrlck Street Hordnng General A Caooella Cholr, IZA I2B, Buologv C ob IOA IIB Bank Representatlve, IIA AA Representatwe IOB IIA IZA l2B Hlgh Way Representatuve IB Second Football 'SO . ' I V I 3 ' ' ll, ' 5 1' , , , : - - G - Om U z ' F ' I, ' Semmwe f,,A 1 " u1A,'l2B,'MQdli0l clout 125. I ' , . , V , -, I n - f , , 5 , ' . I I I 1- - 1 1 ' 1 ELEANOR E. EWEN l6l'l Worrell Street Hardsng Commercial eden? Board IIB Hfgh Wcy R reseritctue IOA Bcwlm, C b ICB VC RICHARD KENNETH FAHY 1707 Fuller Street Wrlson General WILLIAM F FEATHER H24 Barnett Street Wilson Academic cord Bosebawl SC feccnd Bunker 49 SC Nn..mercIr SC Mmcr Letter Sf' MARGARITA MARY FEIJOO 3920 Palmetto Street Harding Commercial Rolling Pioneers, I IB. Bw"g,'O LEE FELDMAN 4908 E. Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Academic C G Baskin, IOA, ICB, Latin Cru , ICA-IZB, Biology ICD, Ag HIgh Wcy Representatrve, IIB. MARION FIEDLER 4236 Neilson Street Harding Commercial Sixtv-nine 1" gy! f X NANCY FIELDHOUSE 1430 Higbee Street Wilson Commercial ft dent Board ICA IIA GLADYS MARIAN FINNEY Byberry Road Torresdole Wllsan Commercial Q1 Cent Board IZB Orpheus Club HELEN JANE FINNEY Byberry Road Torresdale Wilson Commercial Opnc s Club ICB JOSEPH R FISHER 4007 Gilliam Street Wilson Academic LARRY CHARLES FITZPATRICK 4802 Aubrey Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, IZB, AA Representa- tive, ICB, High Way Staff, IZB. Second Baseball, '50, '5I, Varsity BasebaII, '52, Second Soccer, '49, Varsm Soccer, '50, '51, Minor Letter, '49-'51, Maior Letter, 'SC-'52, ALMA J. FLEMING 3829 "I" Street Harding Commercial A Capoella Chorr, IIA, High Way Bnswess Staff, I2B. ROBERT EDWARD FRANZ 5237 Castor Avenue Harding Academic Of."JV1E"..S C ,D IZA, IZBQ Frcfrcs T13-'IB A Canoe-110 Choir ICB-12B ici? 3 Baskif 128, LGT" C'L.b 'IB A :M Reareseetctrte 128, 8:12:- C .3 'fB' "'0f:7o',:s S C ,Z 1'B-'19 JOHN CHARLES FRITSCH 4214 Nerlson Street Hardung Mechanrc Arts BARBARA ANN FULMER 5129 Akron Street Hnrdlrlg Academac V D Ccfrrvvvce 12B S Lderwr Boc. f r bus C mb S H' C Frwe ds' D L Ls ere Assocrot c 1A L rgse rorrte r r' 01116 USIUQS G 1 pro Mooer1O'BDnords 7 A Co LOIS RUTH GAEHRING 2100 Rhown Street Wrlson Academrc JOYCE ELLEN GAERTNER 1923 E Laney Street Wrlson Commercrol Ro 1 H rw W J F' ' 1 oaofqpi 1 DV ELEANOR GARDOSH 5258 Akron Street Harding Academrc Seventy FRANKLIN C. GARNER Byberry Road, Somerton Wilson Academrc A - L, - f.-, "Age: JOH N JOSEPH GATTI L Street Harding Academic DAVID W GAUER 809 Glenview Street Wrlson Commercial CONNIE MARIE GAVIGAN 4000 Lawndale Street Hqrdmg Commercral n DOLORES CLAIRE GEARY 3511 Shelbourne Street Stetson General GEORGE ALAN GERSTLE 1510 Van Krrk Street Harding Mechanrc Arts F Bu Q 4119 ,. H 4 ' "'1- Cfgftf. -lv T ,A ' J, L "1 11A OD 3 , 11A IZB, Socl ' g 5.1 VA IVB, A ,rr Cub ' IB A , rn 1 -1213, . Ami Rfpeff' IZA YB VB 1-my Wee. RQ: eset IIA, H1511 WD, B 5' St ff, VB-'ZB, rm- QCH T F' " Q L G f, ILE Me, ECQSD 12B 35.-.lag '49 Blair? '5. f 'vcr Meng' Ccffrv 7155 128 f'.C'E"f Boar: MB 1211, Dgnowdfs IB wfvg Drivers 'B 1' Q, BLS 'fs itcff LA LB, YM - L C .1 PB-'IB f'2'T,S S1 S2 Bxinwfi 'S' 1 . , ' 1 :ff-.Q CW-fe. 125 wr. . - 'f Bw v- "A 'B 1-4 3, T .T 'QB D.1w.fe,----f , ' .Jun ' ' ' 'I cgi". Bgs-:Z 2 Xzrv. BCS 1-fx. .si j Bflesnfg Q' ': f' fl 'ezifff -3 f'r':'- ' .3'X' 35.2,-'fu 5' if EARLENE R GIBSON 6658 Rutland Street Wilson Academnc 49 B04 PATRICIA U GIUSTI 6023 Walker Street West Cathollc Grrls Aca demuc Orpheus Club IGA ICB Lore C b IOB Dancing CI.Ib ICB IZB Bowlxrg 49 52 1. I SYLVIA C GOCOLINSKA 4537 Mrlnor Street JOAN I GOTWALS I302 Foulkrod Street Harding Academrc emor TweIve IZB Honor Socwcty Orchestra UB Organ IZA ANNA KATHERINE GOUGER 7933 Frankford Avenue HUWIUQ Academrc udent Board ICB IIA rphebs ICA IOB IZB Rol mg IOFIGGVS IIB AA Representcmve IIA Hugh Way Representative IOB IZB Hugh Way Service CIub IOA IZB ugh Way Busmess Stuff Moncger I A ecrefary IZB Meducol Club IZB BOW mg SI 2 GLORIA S GOULD 8744 Stardust Lone WIISOII Commercual Seventy one C THOMAS GRAEFF 68I7 Kindred Street Wulson General A A R presenfotuve I A eco c Footborl SI ero d ose J Norsntv Soccer SI Mnnor a o ' er THOMAS GREAVES I324 Brighton Street Wrlsan Academnc Cond FootboII 50 Vorsutv Foot pI Molor Le r DEBORAH JANE GRIMES III7 Foulkrod Street Hardnng Academic uemor Mornmg Commottee Chour mon IZB Sensor Twelve I2B Honor IIA AA Representotuve IOB Med :co Curb IOB IZB Vuce Presw e Secretory IZA HOCk ELIZABETH JOAN GRUBB 2076 E Atlanta: Street Jones Commercnal A A Represerwtotrve IOA H gh Way R presentctuve IOB Bow mg Club 49 52 ROY EDWIN GULLIFORD 5437 Oakland Street Hmdmg Academe rcl' strc IFB IZB BOF' C RONALD HAAS 4624 Rhavn Street Hardmg Meehamc Arts ' ' -2 , .T . mf.-I5 f 5 ,z-3 'gy '53 S- h ,' ,S rf B - 4 1 FCIQV SCI 'S , ' Q -I , , ,HM 5? ' I, M , r Le v 'n xr I ,ff f ' , , Q E, IL. - ' I . A , ,I I - Se , ' L V, ' 'f ' - heh, ", ne, 'SI. 'J St. John Cantius Commercial Socaef-. IIA-I2Bg Latin' Clulf, IOA- C M , - , ' - "d"1, IIB, - , , A ev, '49 I S ' ' . 'Q , ' IZB, , IZA, L, I H , ,, ,g I Club, , IZB. I F3 , I I . xx ...1 , I x . Sf , - Q ' Club, , , j I I , h rf ' 5 A O Q we , d. I ' ' Z H2 I I'AfI2A 5 , , , . I' ' , 'S . r ELAINE KATHRYN HAHN 4203 Robbins Avenue Wilson Commercial O':'e,s C S: J- 4E -' vii' 3 Czat ECA-7'f-' Dycfg C-5 QF, O'gc' C J: 'CE-QA.. E: 'rg fi GERALDINE HAINES 7515 Dungan Road Wilson Commercial FP WEc'C1e',:?7.Q VA-'ZA DOROTHY ANNA HALLAM 2127 Devereaux Avenue SYEYSOH Commercial BARBARA L HALLOWELL 6126 Glenloch Street H0'd"'9 Commercial Dc c WILLIAM BREHM HAMMOND 1235 Devereaux Avenue WIISOII Mechanic Arts C C WALTER ROBERT HANDEL 2947 McKinley Street WIISOI1 Industrial Seventy two vt X x EDITH HANNIGAN Welsh Road 6 Donaldson Street Wilson Commercial D:':e C:"" f'-ee IIE' ixdeft Eggc '24-'ZA O':fe,s CJ: 1CA, EC: e':: 5' WILLIAM H. HANSELL 733 Wainwright Street Wilson Commercial JOSEPH WILLIAM HARMON 4649 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic eccc Football Sf Trcck 'I M r 'e'fer JOHN HENRY HARRISON 1971 Pratt Street Harding Academic c 1 , Plone 1 A 145 F f re iecchers cf Arreruca eco c Fcc'boH 9 CAROLYN ANN HAYES 1533 Longshore Avenue Huberts General PATRICIA RUTH HECKMAN 1210 Arrott Street Harding General Orc LQ, WILLIAM JOSEPH HEIM 1233 McKinley Street Wilson Industrial -ff: Cv" "ee 'ZZ 7' 'fee' CL, Qeczfi Zztce' fi .c's'. Q-:ce' 5' M 'Q' -e"e' fi, NCQ' -e"a'. EDWARD ROBERT HEIN 2126 McKlnIey Street Wrlson Mechanrc Arts r-IC Q 'fr' WILLIAM WALTER HEINOLD 3226 Longshore Avenue Wrlson General FRANKLIN D HEISS JR 836 Glenvrev Street Wilson Mechamc Arts or oc B PC IA Hgh Wo L cr" rggng QUE J MWUL1 U JULIANNA THERESA HEMRICK 1304 Robbins Street Wrlson Cornmercrol DORIS ELAIN HENSELING 6833 Lyntord Street Wrlson Acodemrc Orpbe 4 c B B Me:cc1C I: I Seventy-three JACQUELINE HESS 1102 Kenvyn Street Harding Academic Dc':e Cz" we-2 'ZA O'f ce f- c YB, :.,'Jf: Te::"e's gf FITS! cc, "E-'IB Lefers Fees: C' cf 'EA- 'ZE I- A Pepreeencf .e VF- I- gf Ac. 9e:'eee"c' .e VF ACB, H , .'.:, Zfcf' 'ZA IIE ":':'::s. 2,2 VB-12B -eccvi fl- fl Cfeer eccere E' :L Cc:':' 52 Bcsk-e'bc if 5' Z' :I Bin. 'Q EQ E' Leffer , , f ?'s "ca fi Ecffcc Ii JOAN MARGARET HILLERSTROM 3519 Braddock Street Jones General ELIZABETH BARBARA HODSON 1547 Deal Street Hordnng Academrc :inf c DORIS SHIRLEY HOLDEN 1939 Ruan Street Hordmg Commerclul BARBARA JOAN HOLGATE 7721 Loretto Avenue Wrlson Acadermc MB t Q Q ffr cc C "WT JUDITH KAY HOPWOOD 4415 Wrngohockrng Street Grrls Hugh Academic B A ep 3 A 'ZA JOYCE FAYE HOWARD 40 Unruh Street Wrlson Acadermc H' Q Baud L ers A EUGENE MICHAEL HOWLEY 4819 Von Kurk Street Harding Commercral BETTY JANE HURRIE 6113 Slusler Street Wilson Commercml e ers 5 LORRAINE B JANKOWSKA 4463 Edgemont Street St John Contrus Commercial JOAN S JOHNSON 5415 Valley Street Hardmg Academnc Orphe An' ARLENE W JOHNSTON 1902 Atton Street Olney Commercial R 9 Q B Seventy tour ROBERT P JOHNSTON 3130 Unruh Avenue Wilson Academrc A A Rwreseftct te I A IN RCAVESE 'at ve I A Ccffsg I 4 rr r e r BARBARA ANN JONES 5106 Walker Street Salusbury Maryland Commerclal HIRLEY ANN JONES 6309 Walker Street Wilson Academic Sen or Tvlewe IZB Frw-2 dslwvp CM: ALMA G KALLUS Wullrts and Ashton Roads Wrlson Commerceal Dance Comrnwttee IZA Orphe s lb ICA IIA 12B AA Reores atwe I A IZA Hugh Way Reoresen me A Hugh Wax vlce Club I B tore Manager Z reas rer IZA Preswdent IIB I-I gh Wa Lsmess1BStaft IB I A Me ICU ' ea ers DI N BETTY KANE 514 Arthur Street Wulson Commercual GERHARD E KARN 6314 Large Street Wrlson Academic I l I ' -f I - nf .Qffl - B CF 52MB '33 I Q. , H. - 6, los' H, Cf' '-,Bj 25 Ci' 5.3 Slff I Seccoc F .. . 9 SZ, Na e :S 31 S . :ni C J' ,5- -B JC. 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V 3 1,5111 L41 1 Seventy seven JANICE RUTH MACKIE 1344 E Arrdrre Street Hardmg Commernal 1 LOIS RUTH MANKAMYER 6550 Murtrns Mrll Road Wrlson Academrc WARREN CHAMBERS MANN 4202 Tyson Street Hardmg Academrc OV Ccrrm t f T1 r 1 .1 1 wot Q S ofboll F ot r k DOLORES C MARKEY 8800 Verree Road Hardrng Academic 0 ocrd H gh O, R D ese 1 12B Off ce O PAULA A MARTUCCI 5015 Akron Street Grrls Hugh School Academrc Coober A123 7 CECELIA MASSEY 5813 Sylvester Street Hordrng Commercial MARION STEPHEN MATUSZAK 4529 Mercer Street atm Cantuus Mechamc Arts BARBARA C MAYCOCK 630 Strahle Street Wnlson Academuc H FRED RICHARD MAYERS I770 Brlll Street Harding Academnc BARBARA L MC BRIDE 7274 N Leonard Street Cooke Commercial C 'I' OLIVIA MC CABE 374 L Street Jones Commercral DAVID RICHARD MC CALL I944 N Waterloo Street Penn Treaty Commercial Seventy euglrt MAUREEN J MC CALMONT 7519 Brous Avenue Hardmg General RONALD FRANCIS MC CANN 4708 Longshore Avenue Harding Academlc SHIRLEE MAE MC CLOSKEY 928 Anchor Street Stetson Commercral I, Q r oord A O pros 7 Us ers Assos QI or cpresertct NE I 0 6 1 'ct If PATRICIA MCINERNEY 5326 Darrah Street Harding Academic OC 6 I VI Q r6Sf ' Mer' C Hide Nc caer DAVID STERRETT MC NITT 2042 McKinley Street Wnlsun Academrc Ur cc r bu 4 MARGARET ANN MERTZ 7953 Loretto Avenue Wllson Academuc I' L - - C':"s.s C.: 'fE 'A 5:12 H' J Vivre "3 'lf'-, I- J 51:49 Eu. fi 'ECN' f' TQ "the "X- 5'--I '.. f' ew: ' e "Ia +-gf" A ' r.fT1',f3 Itghgg-'T fiflfrig U F 'tr' 'Hitman nl Lf-,Vol IQ5 A+ eff, 4 '. 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V, "A JOSEPH MARION MILEWSKI 4720 Milnor Street St. John Cantius Academic JANET CROW MILLIGAN 1837 E Ontarno Street Carbondale Pa Commercral ARLENE LILLIAN MISHAW 3319 Dlsston Street Wdson Commercial F 4 WILLIAM JOHN MOLLECK 6124 Alma Street WIISOH Industrial EDWARD CHARLES MOORE 5945 Horrocks Street Wrlsan Cammercral r F E Drs JEAN MORAN 2024 E Glenwood Avenue Janes Commercial 9 f Seventy nme LILLIAN MORRIS 4653 Castor Avenue Harding Academic ,vet Mez: :':' 'QL 'QE 4 L Sfnm:-'ff .1 A H-V -f :M e If af- .31 '.,u "LQ 5 ' EUGENE H MORSELANDER 7103 Rrsmg Sun Avenue Wrlsan Commercuul JOH N F MORTON 3560 Wenkel Street Brrstol P Commercral DENISE DOUGLAS MUIR S145 Saul Street H0'd"'9 Academnc BETTY JANE MUNN 3142 Rawle Street WIISOI1 Academrc Orfhn c Q ga Pfpr sf VW pr r V1 GCC L E SHEILA MURDOCH 1814 Hoftnagle Street WIISOII Commerclal CAROL JANET MYATT 6112 Erdrick Street Harding Commercial Student Board, ICB, AA Represent- ative, IIA. Leaders, '5I, 52, Smmmmg, '5I. BARBARA BETTY NAGY 300 Devereoux Street Wnlson Commercial BOW I CONRAD L NEEBE 4422 Wmgohocklng Street Hardnng Mechannc Arts ELLEN MARION NELSON H03 Dyre treet Hardung Academrc Student Board IIA Semor Twelve IZB Honor Socsety IIA IZB Chem :stu Curb IIB AA Representatnve IZA I-hgh Wax Staff IZB Nwmmm Le r G JEAN NEVILLE 1265 Alcott Street Wnlson Commercaol Dance Commrttee IZB Orpheus Club IIA IIB AA Representctuve Bommg SO NANCY E NORTHEY 3928 M Street Hordnng Commercnol Roll ng Prom ers IIA Bork Repro n ata e IZA IZB H ,tm 'ay cp resentat ve 2 Hr rw may Servrce C ab A ZB Hn tu Wa dbscrnptuor- I' anager IZA Treas rer ZB B Mmg I ELAINE B. NOWICKI 4440 Edgemont Street St. John Contius Commercial B3-xImQ! 'SI4 AUDREY M OESTERLE 5426 Akron Street H0'd"'9 Com mercrol In nmmmg S2 JOHN JOSEPH ONEILL 5612 Loretto Avenue Wllwn Industruol Cond FOOIDGII SO Varsrty Foot a Mmor Letter SO Motor Le er SI BEVERLY JANE ORR 3349 Tyson Avenue Wrlson Commercral Rolrng Proneers IIB Bank Repre snatnve IIA IB SALLY ROSE ORYSIEK 462 Almond Street Llffle FIUVIEY Genergl JACQUELYN C PAGANO 8013 Leonard Street Walson Acodemu: nor OCIII I7A IIB Hrgh O A M CIUD Elghty ,ng '49 1 2 ' ' X . A I' ef, ' ' Se , ' I ' - b Is, '51, I f Y YT , ' , ' I ' - I et! , , I' ' I , ' gf '-I9-'52, ne, 'Srl 5 . . , G I IGB., I ' ' ' I e , . - - - SGI I , , L" VI ' R- - I I A, J ' ' Ho S e - . , ' W I I I II 'I , E 85 ?taff, I2 IZB, GGICUI , IZA. A , I2 S I IZB O , 52 I ,J xx . x ' I , te I f.- EDWIN C PALUCH 2641 Orthodox Street Hardmg General X s Us 0' SHIRLEY PASCUZO 4354 Orchard Street Hardmg Commercual Bowl Ing SI EVELYN RUTH PEACOCK 2843 Stevens Street Wllson Commerclol Honor :ooety IIA IZB one Bowlmg SO 52 WILLIAM G PFAFF 1657 Dyre Street Hardlng Mechanuc Arts JOAN SHIRLEY PLATT East County Lune Road Wnlson Commercual Dance Commcttce IZA Twp Carr m tee IZB Student Board I A I B Doncmdes A 7 oc G Buskm I A Rolling Pmneers Doncmg Cmb IVA ICB Ushfrs Ass lon A L ers C 5 Cheerfcrs Letter BARBARA ANN PLUMMER 4024 Creston Street Wrlsan Commerclol Sensor TvIeIve IZB Ho C I B Ro mg P oneers IB Representative IIB Bowlmq 5 2 Eughty one ELEANOR EMMA POCOCK 442 W Glenwood Avenue Stetson Academrc IIA IZB Lotr' Cub P reefs IIA IIB A IOA IZB H ,h No, IB Hugh W fc f' col CILD Off C 1 52 Le MARCIA ANN PREISING 7232 Oakley Street Walson Commerccol Orpr JOHN FRANCIS PURDY 3334 Brighton Street Wnlson General B boil -I9 ors Z econd Boslfe bo A JEAN REDDICK 4516 Magee Avenue Hordmg Academic Ur 95 ro vB c: O I ZA BIO 0, A A A Representcwe IZB M JUNE HELEN REINHOLD 6640 Dutman Street Hdrdlllg Commercual I Peers IIA 3' IO IW: GEORGE A RICHARDSON 502-I Penn Street Hardmg General r1:':' Screw, - 5 i. I' . ' 713 Q: TQ so , , Q A , I, Pe:rese":'1-.e , 5 If- ' ' 'Of 'Ty B 90 '51, DIA Rezreseffcwe I , ' oy S ff "B-I.2.3 Ne, , IIBQ a ,- 5 .5- C: 3' Escrc, T- , tter, 'Sf ' Q h 2,5 cucb, ICB, IIA ' 51.-. 'Q '51 'SI - , A D ,M Qeczfi css , ' , V tu Bose- ' ' 1 D2 SQ-S S I ' I, 'fi Club' IZB I Hi J eer'e', '50-'52 'Isnt lf -IIB, Bon IIB, A - - Canoe Chor, I , IZB, .-1 CJD I2 , ' , ICB Organ Cab IIA, , ecc:I CL: N3 lt W , A I ', 3 I ri ' A ' IIA, mx, r I I2 , msg MBI Rm? pc HB HS, I 'E f ' 4 A- I.'.:Jy R,:resw t , IZB Q-or , IG JIZB I ' 3.-.wmfg Sf ood ,'5 , ' I, ,gc Q fA 32, , SI ' , , r-or Scret' ' ' IIA-IZ, II . ,I , AA r ' I K 'C-'S ' EDWARD G. RILEY, JR. 6526 Marsden Street Harding Mechanic Arts ALBERT C ROEMHILD JR 978 E Godfrey Avenue Hqydmg Academic ig' Q fra rv Ccrrrr CP IL L e 1 Board I A W' teen Cr carer A I CHARLES JOSEPH ROSS 6744 Rutland Street Watson Mechanic Arts Rfccrd Book Corrvmtree IZB GFS rx Bosebon ecca er 3 Vorsm o cer Trcck M rfor etrer C Mc cr er ROBERT B ROWLAND 6912 Cottage Street Harding ACGdEI'l1IC eat oord B A Co e' C o r I B IIB A A Represents we IIB Hush Wox Reprcservfctwe IIA 36 c d Soccer 49 Ncrsm occer ruc 1 3 Mwcr Letter 0 cr Latte ELIZABETH ANN ROYER 4531 Frankford Avenue Gnrls Hugh Academrc C EDWARD R ROZANSKI 4614 Tacony Street Harding Mechan c Arts Eighty two CHESTER F. RUCH, JR. 5834 Penn Street Harding Mechanic Arts JEAN CAROLE RUSSELL 2628 E Cambna Street Hardmg Commerclal EDWARD W RUTKOWSKI 4729 E Thompson Street Hardmg Commercnal ALEXANDER J SALA 2724 Bridge Street ann General BETTY JANE SCHAAF 3409 Princeton Avenue Wulson Commercual I A Off r MARLENE A SCHELLER 5224 Dufheld Street Hurdmg Commercial RAYMOND SCHIWALL 3010 Wellington Street Wilson Industrial JEAN HARRIET SCHMIDT 3213 Fansllave Street Wilson Commercial Student Board, 1IB, Trecsurerg A.A. Representative, IIAg Hlgh Wav Rep- resentative, ICB, High Wav Busmess itaff, IZB, Thanotopsls Clpb, ICB-IZB Bowling, '49 RUTH EMILY SCHMITT 7406 Pennvay Street Wu Ison General DONALD CRAIG SCHMUCKER 955 Herbert Street Central Academic eccrwd Football ALFRED CARL SCHNITZLER 1342 Tyson Avenue wilson Academic BARBARA ANN SCHUMANN 727 Wainwright Street Wglgan Commercial Ro mn, Pxonee B I-IQ1 Representatlve IIA UB Eighty three DOROTHY E. SCOTT 5131 Oxford Avenue Harding Commercial Orphe.s Club, ICB-IZB, A Ccppedc Choir, IIA-IZBQ All Hlgh Schccl Cl-mas, ICB-128. VERA JOANNE SCOTT 6314 Eastwood Street Harding General A Cappella Chow, IZA, IZB, AAA Representatlve, ICA. LEO RENE SCOTT 5801 Bustleton Avenue OVMY Academic :ck Club 11B High Representative ICA IOB BLANCHE MAE SEAMON 4105 Stirling Street Wilson Commercial r hecs Club IOA IIB R r Pioneers IIB Dancing Clbb 1 A IIB AA Representative ICB owlmg Club 3 DORIS SEIDLE 3306 Bnghton Street Wilson Commercial Raltn, loneers 1A Swlmmm JANET SHARKEY 2791 Pratt Street Harding Academic tpdert Board ICA A Ccppe Choir IIA IZB Latm C pb B A R presentatlve l B HI H taff IIA Hugh Wa Bus ness Staff as e ball JI Cot ba B vulmg SI 32 Npneerc s Le ter 57 HARRY WALTER SHARKUS 2044 Bridge Street Harding Academic A A Pe:'5se"'G' .Q ' "UU 'Uses Cixi SQ, f -'ir ine' D. : FREDA LOIS SHELLEY 4207 Rhawn Street Hardung General re ent B rd I eoders :nl If W VYIFTII DONALD JAMES SHIELDS 7025 Rutland Street Scent Peters Choir School Acadcmuc O heus' D IIA IZB CIC IB Pres Cc T IZA A Ccooello Cm IZB H dh WU RQDVCSQ M d O D IB Track Cross Coantr VN m CLIFFORD EDWIN SHISLER 35 I Street Central Vocatnonal Art BARBARA A SHOEMAKER 3313 Aldme Street Wilson ACCldemlC Dawn THOMAS J SIMONE 1429 Unity Street Hordnng Mechanic Art, Eighty four GRACE D. SIRIANNI 4267 Ormond Street Hardmg Commercial Y F' i' VC" 'Q f':""'rvt'ee, IZB f I Ziff' Boo: 'IB IIB, -ZA: I-VT gf D1-'Spf-M L "A BARBARA ELLEN SLIFER 72I Glenvnew Street WIISOH Academ Om DOROTHY M SLOWEY 4618 Van Klrk Street Little Fluvlef Commercial acc: 9 'F FRANK WALTER SLOWIK 2342 Orthodox Street John Cantlus General PATRICIA YVONNE SMELTZ 3401 Decatur Street Wrlson Academe: 7 VB Qrv fmr Rep L ALBERT F SMITH 7II5 Oxford Avenue Wilson Mechamc Arts 3 H S ci oc CB - ,C K L , , 52, Bcserbo 1, 'JT .na il f 1 :QB A' F5 31' M15-Q. E 913 ,ng '43 1 rp C a , , 1 I4 C 5 .- WDBQ ,X va fm: . . RIA, e I: 1 CH., I -IZB x 'gg : V-5 A-4 L 3 5293r-,f?CYw LB fl, '51, ', erols, 'SC Y zz 1, ,, 1 ck CSE ICA, ICB St' . , , f.,,m...,i -1,4 Apt A- Dcfze Corvvf f'cf LB izdef' DOWNS 125' Se - ' R' S 3::rc 'QA-I- OEDNQUS I ,AD ' -toes' Socwctx IIB-'ZB C-f' C .!1 1.-,rr"r" 'rj fi 'E' B'-2 Wg A315 Sl ETC? ITA .gf--Drag A fl ter' 'IB A 1030! Q Cf: ' B Q3 A. Hgr Scrwci , ' .S 'QA- ' B H yu Vvc. ressifeu' .r ' A 323' CMI- 'L WB, 'QI' 4 if X- " '23 A f- 5':'ffsr'g' ff- "' I .1 'QB -Hcomi :i,':: 4? .1I'ET. " 'Y -fri ELG-,SC 5 .ye '. 5,-I - UL" 5 f' '. ft S2 Zezfi Bs-."'1:k DOLORES RAE SMITH 5007 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial PHYLLIS ELAINE SMITH 7642 Loretto Avenue Wilson Commercial ox wg noneers L fr rrstree IIB IZB B Re G0 xe VB ' CII f' ROBERT H SONNHEIM 3016 Brighton Street Wilson Mechanic Arts NORMA LEE SORBER 4421 Devereaux Avenue Harding Commercial ELIZABETH J. SPEES 6106 Walker Street Harding General I .Irv Poor I I ' FRANK W. STACKHOUSE 6015 Lovatt Terrace Wilson Commercial 'VID Ccrrrmttee, IZB Eeccjc Bcsebcm 'SQ '.:'s1T, 5:52- ,Q , JI Eighty-five JANE MARGARET STERNER 2920 Longshore Avenue Wilson Commercial Canoe lc C B IIB FREDERICK JOSEPH STEVENS 4047 Ormond Street Harding Industrial wut Base oII JAMES STPNART 1415 Comly Street Wilson Academic CONSTANCE EMILY STIER 4222 Loring Street Wilson Commercial tdem Board IBA ICB IIB ROI g Pioneers, IIB x-.rv-,' ff ALLAN CRAIG STOCKS 615 Levick Street Wilson Academic H1911 Wo, Representative, IIA. JOAN BERNICE STRANFORD 5441 Oakland Street Harding Commercial RcIImg Pioneers, IIB, Hgh Way Representome IIA. JANET MARIE STREET 1425 E. Wellington Street Wilson Commercial Reiefng Pte'-eers I IB DOROTHY E STRETZ 1648 E Hunting Park Avenue H0'dU'9 Commercial DOLORES A SUDEIK 3455 Princeton Avenue Wilson Commercial Ing Ptoneers IIA Bank Representattve IIB Hugh Way Repre sentatwe IIA SARAH H SYKES 4030 Aldlne Street Wilson Com merclal 0 mg Pxoneers IB I2B Bank ReDresentat ve IIA IIB IZB w :ng SI EDWARD TADDEI 4617 Gnscom Street Harding Mechanic Arts Second FcatbaII SO Varstty Foot Mnor L ter LEAH B TARLO 5321 Sylvester Street Harding Aca demic Dance eonnrrtttee IZA Trtp Com m ee IZB Student Board A Danardes IZB Cecretar Orpheus 2 O Ice c IA A Frtefvdshtp Club IZB For re eachers at Amerwca IZB Ushers Aslocratuon A A Repres ntat x A I Q -X Eighty sux FREDERICK J. THOMAS , 5217 Marlowe Street Harding Mechanic Arts Stage Crew, IIB-I2B. RUTH EDNA THOMAS 4535 Tackavlanna Street H0'd"'9 Vocatlono Art IRVIN JAMES THORNTON 513 Levlck Street Wilson Industrial WILLIAM HUNTER THORPE 6138 Hegerman Street Harding General DOROTHY ARLENE TINDALL 2039 Lansing Street Wilson Commercial Rollnng Ptoneers IIB Bonmg 52 ELVA TOMASKO 6948 N Large Street Jones Commercial CHARLES TRICEBOCK 6223 Oakley Street Wilson Academic RITA ELAINE UNGARO 4I3'l Dungan Street Hardmg Academic Honor Soclety IIA IZB Cnemustry LJ I B C D I2 I1 Way R oresentatlve IZA Hugh Way Staff IIA IZA I2B Organ Cllab VB ZB JAMES JOSEPH USHER lI22 Fanshavre Street Wilson Academuc Senlor Mornmg Commlttee 2 AA Representahve IZB Second Baseball Sl Varslty Base ball '52 Second Soccer SO Varsuty Soccer Sl Cadet Basketball 49 BARBARA VOLKERT I327 Fruendslnp Street Wnlsan Vocational Art Record Book Art Edltor IZB Stu dent Board IIA Swlmmlng 49 SO JAN E M WAGNER Hardnng Academnc Record Book Commlttee I2B O ph s Club ICA IZB Treasurer IZA Presldent l2B Clef Club IOA I2B Nce Presldent IIA Secretary I IZA Preslderwt IZB A Cappella Chour IIA IZB ack Baskin IIB Latm I A Orson Club IoB IZA Al Cnty Hgh School Chorus Chalr mad IIB B JAMES JOSEPH WALKER 2425 N Second Street Penn Treaty Commerclal Enghty seven RICHARD WILLIAM WALKER 4616 Rising Sun Avenue Jones Com mercial LOUIS WALTERS 3918 Weymouth Street Jones Commercnal JANET MERLE WARREN 4'll2 Lelper Street Hardmg ACGMMK Student Board IZB A Cappella Cholr IIA Sock Cr Buskm A loshers Assocuatlon IOAIZB Represerwtatlve IOA IZA Hugh Wav Representatlve IIB Cheerleaders SO 52 Bowlm, 49 Letter 50 JOSEPHINE L WEINBERG 1228 E Luzerne Street Harding Academic Orchestra IOA IZB Sock G Boskln IOA IZB FAITH MARIE WELLER Wrlson Academnc Horlr OClEIf IIA IVB Latln Cob aogy Club IBA Hlgh Way Reoresetatwe IZB Mecllcal Club IIB B Bov I WILLIAM F WHITCOMB 5622 Loretto Avenue Wilson Academrc Varslt Football 49 SI Ma ager CI U, 1 I Ief'Clu ,S af Hlg E I I ' . , , , I , -, , I - - - . ' -,' :A,IO,IOBg V A, D ,lB, V, -VJAAA o , j , . ,Sli I I , -Sze , I 4045 MUYVWU 597299 I3I3 Longshore Avenue ' I J V- .9 S ' -, - - 5 I' , SH ly, I 5 lcB,sI:f ,,g 'I - ' f p J ' , IBI -121 ' ' ' L J S l G I ' I I 'V ,log SO. Cl.b,.lC,IOBg A , A. H, I I , I, - , -I2 . ' JEAN VIOLA WILKINS 4625 Horrocks Street Harding Commercial Irffwpc .r 'th '25 'QL GEORGE JOSEPH WILKINSON 3703 Azalea Drrve Wrlson Acadermc LEONARD WILLIAMS 1901 E Allegheny Avenue Jones Commercial DOLORES WOJCIECHOWSKI 2625 Flllmore Street Hardmg Commercral I ESTHER WOLLER 7516 Dungon Road Wnlson Commercial Dcfce mmmfc IZB I-I CIC OTTO WILLIAM WOLTERSDORF IZII Herbert Street NU"d"'9 Acodemuc Q'-5 U C Fw fe E I E A Erghty erght KATHRYN WINIFRED WOOD 7244 Hanford Street WIISOYI Commercial :T '. 5c'eers IIB ELIZABETH JANE WOODS 2027 E Buckrus Street Hardmg Commercnal ROBERT C WORTHEY I908 Stamvood Strreet Episcopal Academy Academlc r has CI tn IIB IZB I-Icnor Co cc I 2 DQIIQ Cher I A IZB Lctn NEAL DALE WRAGG 38IO Oak Drive Wrlson Academic Ho or cwey B Lo In b IIB F t re Teachers of Am A I B Bnoiogy Cmb IOA fc I PHYLLIS L WUNSCH 775l Hasbrook Avenue Wnlson Commercral JOHN WYSOCKI 2753 Orthodox Street Harding Mechamc Arts ' , OD I L - , ,, - .It IIA, Cref Club IIA-I B5 A COD I C - , I Ciub, ,B IIA ' - Y rw ?c tg IIA II , t' L ,. 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Lf J 13, -1 fu, L,4C,G .iii nl bi Lmcvfmy QMLM Q, Q Ngffb. .ki :O-i ftfj fhi QC,-,-L Cf , my fp MGX fy elf Pk i fcih CMJ 'wwf 1 No, Thu C4133 ' ' fd HQQVQ I 1 , A r ,':, : . I F , 1 I , 9, s..,W..., - Qf,.,,1. '3 . 5" 7 5, 4 454.35 :fi -'iz ,, , 4, I qu Us , 25 7 . 5 I' 1 f g Q ' Q A If ,Lf.Q'?.':f . Q , Jfflst , 1.1, - Y W fr - 5 -5 . 4 W, ' 1' si -V , ' 'M aguf V . lyxffkk "-M, 1: uf' xv V g E Q- x J M X, 5 17' 'ix 3 f Q ,,0. , '1'?g35?1:S?-cQQ?iI"f:: 0- ..a ,,- wx , 9 , Q '81-s 211- 1 X vwlf' xi 4145.5 -U ' v dbx M, SGCCER V C CMI Crt JQOUW N U VN CC f FLY T G SOCCER SCHEDULE Fon 1952 KNEE PLAY The CQNQC e "C 'CCC'd Cf WCW ,CUE JV. IC Lrg- vw' i 'J' T C L in foci enum zeerfed TQ Lf'Crw2E C- C' TJ d f Q WU 1,551 ig mm yggr HQ ,gf fy 'U , y L4 yQ 4,-1 TF s .lsr a,xCr,Cr E-.3 N Mr H x rdf W muy Th, r r" Cd' " cf., .1 Vw U UE wc, 'W WVU ' J' " L-3 ' ' ' 1 my E 11561 'MMV fx! If A ' ' ' ' QP' fw 'Vw ' wg ' 'V - V rr U' dm Wm Cuz", QJCYP' r Q .X RTE HCC J, ,Q y' 3, ' V -E , , Q 1 4 L C-fd 'F' UC. ' U wi" "'r'gd Y, C5 gg fy ,. , ,- ,.,, ,4 E, ' lv- V , ,........,,, E BASKETS LL The lifl-52 Narellg, Basketball Squad closed the season lx flw a rezard of Q gamef vlan and l2 last Ogiemmg The season agalmst nom-publlc lmglw league Ccmpelltlamg, the Team lC5T llve games lm a few Durlrwg this slang of defeats, the squad vlag lvamggered by 'murves to keg, mera Alam Baath Fred Dcblselw ar'd Wlllagg "lEllxl' Dcrmallex all fvewberi al the graducmg class wefe ufaale te :flax lf four cl the me Cpea wg gaffea Agalm' Lfuale lwglw elppevlery the team lafed befter, XAll'Ylnl7NQ f and leg 'wg 4 tg if-Q U lp a me fer Seems'-l el lwaraare xvlw Lvealm H gh lfghte Q1 flue secsarw were meter ee awer Maitbauw awd The f f-al x elm, el the league seaecrw cxer Olvwel rlglw Semen i t Q glad? 6 7 X x ' Y . 3 ...- , kj -,- X 1 ul W Xi Xl 5 1 , i if - sf 5 , 5 -V Ji! -Q' if 4 6,1351 ' - P 5 1 zz' , g i if n 1 , 5' , Q 2, kv ." .uk ' r COACH KILLOUGH AND HIS TEAM W. Alf? 2 OUR FOR LOTS OF ACTION Onc Hundred Thrcc C , f W,,,.v ISDXSI i Y , - ' Q V x fx. 'WDA v. 9 " K VV N V s . ,M ox Ax Uh K AQQ UI 5 W 7? , W ' ' wg xxx 71: i , 5' f 6 Q in V 1 " ' ,Q Aff? Q I :V , ,: f V H K ' 7,-dlqfg x 4 j, A62-'JL-,42' , f . - 4. , -' f ' , F -x " N I , 'ai - 6 X F . 1 pl' L, V S ill", ' ,f, 1 H, -gtxiq M53 BALL ,Cn , , -, Fff, pinfi P-new -f .T .d ........... ,. pmnllwj 'acvfd .,...... o, , J- . . ..,. , .,.. pm,-wf fd ul-,l. ...... .. Frarkir Frohlfefqj G., .... . .J o ...,,,.,... ,... , , .. Frank? rd Frarlkigfd F'anW'5'd Fr:rk'g'ff Frgolfffrff Fraolffffd Frahlfffgrd Frowli'-'fl Frorrlfla fd BASEBALL The baseball team under the dlrechom of Mr. Clausen had ao lmpresswe record Wlth l5 games won and only 2 lost, the Team had no dlfllculty m wmmng the Public League champlohshlp, The boys on the slortlhg squad cohslst ol, George Gerstle, cafcherg Fred Doblsch, Al Cargeh, Frank Russo, and Larry Fltzpatrlck rn The lrlfleld, and George Keen, Bull and Jam Arldersom, Jim Keddle in the outfleld The team is well lorhfred on the mound wlth Bull Dzetruch and Charley Ross dolhg the pltchmg wlth the help of Al Smlth and Bobby Brown, The playoff wlth South Phlladelphia Cathollc l-hgh School look place on June fflb Qwf 5 I J hiv! ir .aw One Hundred Five pf-sv-,I yi-'L'I!f TRACK TRACK TEAM TRACK SCHEDULE Th! UP AND OVER NEARLY THERE 4 .lp- ' Q if '::":-3' MADE IT 1 Y " v BOWL! "STRIKE!" Onc Hundred Enght BOY'S BOWLING TEAM , f .sew 23.-. 'Q 'gcff +ve: xef. ni PU: 3 Hgh L1::.1 'PQ 'ed ' 1 :Cf 'F Ty? Q xgiafc' Cy ' fjv me 'V f' vw X Q 4 ll X Q4 ' Di' ST C13 wf rw P4 H. f Fr . A v i- ,- , V4 . .J .,-X-., , k4Vx , ' - r 1 A 1-rf lr- - w-A rw -. . V - , K ,"r, . 'R nc Hundred Nine W-fx ,Q ' - 3 I 61 A A ' ' xx " sfj. ' 14 I L. 4 Q Pt Q Ju.. y , x -u I P it - ji. . fy I vwj' ,,,. - . "4- ,- ..f .. - 'Q M 22, .. ,, r' , , ,,-3 fb . -MA, wg. - ' .4 . ui, X.. ' 9 vw- uf- - ,j .,. -PK , t ,M 1, . . QJLQ, . ANY QEQW v -.. 1 ,K - -ii V-I .L -. X. ,, Xiir ' ff . S a"'L .- . s f' REQ- - . T'Q5L P IQ: '. :.',.tE 1 J' V fp- ix M .ha .4 'Sf ' I 0 1 , V7 ., - Us '. . SVVIIVIIVIIN rkf rd vw 1 Q TCG C C M Cor Comvlcred me r xx our wc or C C d was Quffer at orwdi r1C5 vs I C rm W r Q d C1 xpehse THQT rfor O Qrbrcck Bertram md CCM T om , CC rr C orrw D Cl Irhc T-hgh SC J IhTCrQChCIC TTC xxrrrhr T v Ju Q Czws rCI D rrbbgw kr QQ Q wrCC er VC are rC Qrrm C r HCUQC Clr I K rr Qgh r rw lar UC! rC YC CTrrCrQ mr r Tru Grad forbaru rr rw Tho or gradu 1 r we T 1 Cr 0 u fp TC SCHEDULE T C, One Hundred Eleven Frcr C 'e 5 mmf f ml oo had br, rs Jef:-e H Le 'C Af C ' seoscu Tth T Tomee we Che dlfeht The deaf ,, A ed The h , of OI ef, 'h Te x JC 2 5 e omg T The he Q df -T' X , L:rr C T The 3 . MIG id Th d uw The : 'CT ,hrT der hC'l The 2 T h wg squad Correamd C' Xrrg mo F35 .rrcm T' D , Co 'C Toi C wr , J 'Cdr C '-frwb' Q, ffrb G e, Her, You 'f 5, C C C 'T .Cv Duothy Mikgxfgr, ULN NCVQQ , i bQrC1 Pr5reChT C' r P hlm P' S Th, Sh Ia, wte, -, Worburtgrw Audrey, Oiezrlg Grd Morrow MCBT dc ear-.Cd C1, rrarwogcrl, The he MU: T T Q C1Trg org YI Q' ECv.'rrQr Eherm Nah T fd A d Oc? ffrle :':'-' 'gf ...........,........ ' Wire? 'C .,.,....... ..,......... ........,. , 3 I FQ'-'13 .............. ..,.. 7 i 2.f'bf,- .................. .......... .... . . V FC'-'JJ .... ,............ . .. 1' k:'TrCf" ., ...................,..,......,,,... 1? 'i. ...,........ .,... r 3' LH" 'V ,..,.,,....... .,..,,. . :KY Vflrb Z, ........,....,...., 1, Fri, .,..,...4..,......,,.....,........... ..... i 3 MRS GRADICK AND HER TEAM HOCKEY The glrls on The hockey feam were not too successful thls season They af ered Thre defeats In 9lX games The plOWEL rs opened th season wnh a hola y oyer Wllllam P nn followed by an evenly matched game wth Girls Hugh Thlngs Continued To go well when th y met and defeated Bak After hat haweyer The team seemed Ya ran lnra Trouble awd lasl the last three games to Bar rah Raxboroagh and Olney There were twa graohce gam s thls season The nrsr one was a Sbnngfreld and the second den Hall lhe lean al o went To belare the season began The glrls who are graduahng thls term are Esther Waller Barbara Slllcr and Barbara Maxcaok One Hundred Twelve I lr A T -3 1 - . V f f v ' ., M . I X . - , ' 1 s 4 e e J e ' ' . s f - e 1 fo 1 r O. . - r T e at E T W ' w s 1 Olney r 1 X y l Q 11 , 3 G A . X ' I I I X' ! I ! ,. A 1 1 . , Q A l:'a'2lfgra. ............... :fn Pfnh .......... .. Par L 1 ara ............... , ' S: ' "g'4 a ..,.......,..,.. Funll rr: ,,.,........,... ' H alr .......,..,,.... lrrgznll rql ,......,,..... .. ' f' l .........,........,..,....... . Fuel' ni .... ,.......,.,. ' fill Hz' . ..,.. ....,,.,. . . :','1"T .........,.... .O .....,... .......... . . "1'L"f .,.....,..,..... ' 5-Z'.'l ...,.,,..... 5'.,'l"i ....,..., ...... ' ,'-. ....,..........4,,, 1? SOFTB LL QQT GTI Tl Cf G T D GC' TTWGT clwog Two fTfc Tom H O CT good Tmrw' Q row G grad To cwcwvm W1 on e,uQT T f T are Q T GCTCC r Tc F U C, yggrk TCQQIT Ty GUQTTN 3 U wc,rT4OuT J U XTCTT TC C T' TUV T U UT T10 Lf T T TCFT Tw T T1 cy CCVTQ f TL W .T Qfh 9 TGVHTT C fTT C .J 1 One Hundred Thnrteen Tach C ,T T3 , Te T H, .TNTTTSL 5 S eq, T Us T he TJCST' 1 CT' HQ TWT' T,r:T r -T, T e CTW Tear GW: T ' TT ep T , . fe T10 , 1' 05,5 TUTWTTV, TQ rTQTQ TTTL Tami VVTTQT fbi TNQ f-5 TQ 1 Q- 'Tp 'ZQTMI QTQCTTQ 3 Maid on 5 p " Law' md STUT TTT A T- ' T ' TCU TIN: O T'-:JN GT 'A Tdw' gTcT, wg hir isgwcm TTT! 10: Twdxgd QT, T Feld ITT Qrdg To TJTTTTG Q Th! C1,fgrcT'1fTQTT U 'Tm gd J, J A In QQ' T ,L TNQ gTrTs TTT TTWQTT res QCTTTQ :Toe To gfcivcg TE Q du N TT th ucv 'QW 'Tm LTTTT fPua! T J TC e,,.T,' The QTrTe TQQT TLVNNCVCT Tc, :TQSCQ T15 'gs fha! gens. U, ' Em? ww. TJGC T. TQTTQTxaf dwg Qiiud 'Q O"Q1TuQT :,T0,e crci Cum gg TJ 'Twr xx T TT f' T T j, QT TQCTETQ TNQ 'AVTT L T-3 fl xx 'T gr gi The sggfex :T TTTQ Tui N' , jawn Lua TT79 f 51 ed QW: of' TOTJQTT' T 'dOme'TfGT: TLT, Tv ch rf: fc f Tye mf 'T-g 1. if f,TQ:TLTT mg Qrldr es OT 53' T3 TT ATT The QVTE TTGTfiTTT'1T cw' 'Tie gTrTg ,. i. N 1 I . A Q X f N K P ,Affmxtdf A A AWARDS gg VARSITY BASKETBALL Magor Letter VARSITY BASKETBALL Mmor Letter JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS BOWLING Mmcr Letter FENCI NG Mmor Letter BASEBALL Mmor Letter BASKETBALL BASEBALL Mmor Letter Mow, Lette, O C Hu ded Foutec TRACK Major Letter If-vzrlfxl f'I 'f 4 S f ,E Q J QT Tl I Intl If l gV'Xv N . . , J. X ,.:X- I I1 1 6 nf I X, -1-2,31 jv X V 11 XIV' fL Q Q LIN X KJ 'G 141 R LL ,Af , , ' V N, - ' , H Irv.. Q - ,. '- ., fe V f A 4 I I M Y, t 1 Q ' . KV y I 1 J- '- I, -- In I I I .1 L , ' H , ,I I I I I. Y I AY. XA .I I, . ' ' ' ,. , - , ii Lk V' :'.' ,. fl Fl V Y GIRLS A A AWARDS SOFTBALL SWIMMING BOWLING r One Hund cd F free . Q C Q 2'Cf' . 'J' ll 1i',v.'I C 1' I 'fc 1' 1 '1 FLM f'11':,fQ: ,g " CQ gr, ' ' 'km Cf: 514 1 - 'TZ C .' ' ' ' .' I- ACKNOWLDEGMENTB O H d SXHV1

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