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 - Class of 1951

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'fi 2 Q3 5? ff 1- 3 E U ,I 1 J 6 F K W 1 v r , , X ' E E Q M B-W i at Q, egg 5 , if , , LL 5 12 ,M ry E -was A is X? 6 up? kc ,xgsfl A he , . f-Q -e"'iJ' . 'KAN ,ur Q 'CT V L 5? fi' ' . . .',e.-Q -. 5. 'xi .nl ig V , , U ah. ,, 'M if ::',. wx 1 Q 1 if . 4, x ,f ,V 1 as .- V N Fb Y' V v 'g K '51, . 'Q rn bg, '61 1 A,- gi 1 'P - 'Ng a Q 35 v id 4, V J J. ,if 4 . A 4 'F A fa ,rl Q4 K fam: w.. , ' 4 J. .W -YJ 1 ' es . - X . ,.- I . . . Q... Q. , - V- V ,. ' '. ,, ,V ',f:r,.1s'-?,',-'M' L 'V. VV , A . f3ZiFQjm3g-if K wifi. 'LID 'Ei' . ' ,:,YTg?i' ff? .- . ' fPWf'-- j"'Q,?y5T35!'asxPg?iQ1V1?f'JVV 1 1 .j33?f'.f1f:1..f.V ,, , .Q V - , 'WW 'f . vgllwf ' -"Q , JK. . wx. , .f - , -1V- fu V' 'W -',',.-"1-:H .,. W. - ."' ,v,.g.1 ,Qs fp: 4 '- ,. ,.-V f xi . 1,2 4.1.9 NT-' . up V . ,V--U? V ,, V, .Hz .. wg .5 XJ. M ,gn .MA ig arg. .1 ,.j ',--w'V ' U, an ff n ' Vf '15 ,-" a x..-55. fa y, fkjpf, ,- iii- .'1ViVfL.' ' fffgfff -'ff-Q if' -we f '21, V e'+-,Auf rV2pV5fs.Vf, V ' ' ' ' -'K " , 1 v'::,'?"?T2. '4'T'," .-,. f , 'Z 1 - -5- V: Vg. Vlirihiqt- x -- V f ' . - - . 1 -- , -35 327. -K xf r6.' .e'mVVff- . , t I . . - If ' xl " ' v A-1 -mg VSV .. ,ff I ,,. .3 ,I 1- 1 K 2 'F s 31 fe - Q , . , Z ...- Nllliililiiiii 5 f L fn Y usxxuunasm , E nxmxxcqzmz ig , ,S zmfmn ua Y g st 13' 1'1q5ii3H 3 . Ili mdfiii 53, , S U 8 V 4 a new .1 I 5 QL gg ,,,..Q,, W U S45 ,,.... gg H if WP N - -:ff 1 --f ,ipfgft c A W' If 3 ml! wav- "fi V i -5 'mx X f Wwyg ,v V.. 1 W 1' 'Y li -E 'O Q 2 553523 ' Wi, -" ,N - f' qzxoavww JUNE RECORD CLASS OF 1951 , 'U 2 I' 3' -0 ? For most of us June ZZ will bring to an end three of the happiest and most fruitful years of our lives. We have been fortunate, all of us, to have spent these three years at Frank- ford High School. To the faculty of our Alma Mater we extend our sincere appreciation for the knowledge they have given to us and their efforts to prepare us for the future. This has been no too easy job, for at present the future appears insecure and dark. Let us remember in the months and years to come the advice we have received, and let us practice it wholeheartedly. To the students remaining we wish luck and happiness, and we hope the examples we have set have been only those of a beneficial nature. l For ourselves we have prepared this book, our Class Record, which we shall always cherish, for it holds for us all our fondest memories. x X . X ' 4 We X . . MM.. x ii N' N., lg, i we , CONTENTS 3 L mf 1 5 I ,Ai x.'e ,,,w-f N, gg 1 ff s E af ' fri Qi ff Q1 2455 Q fn ,lf S2 I s ps X' J 1 if ll! ia? I li? ESQ gif? e gg S gi E53 9 5 ,Q 'YS' ESS? x .sb V. xfffx S www ,wi Ww- 'f bi bwf? ' Fx v : :QM 5 . 1 Mi g - mir is i k .4 K mn.. ' .5-yi Y-5' .5 , Q Alibi, i J,.,- . K qi was . swf? 7 V -www 5 gww .Q , f .lee x .ff 1 ' X ,f"' s Q wx-'fa x V M V I -f"' gn X ff s - ' 1 ,gels Li-Q f f m.' X 'ZW Q .0 nA,.,,?lA 2 ,WL ,.,g4.Qa wi . ' f A M y X 4 2: ,V i :fJh1,V?1"47f2'2',:iQ5 K , -f. f,f, , ilu ' L Y?GaM:mw.,z,,xJ,waW1,a.mM- ,G wA 4 2 4?fMMwf.fN1::x,w.f.WMWwwf+?f'!fIwhv 3 x 3, .,-..L A LIE, , i t2.,,-,, I M ' ZX V ,, AY x WW.. ' Q 3 A s S WE . ' 5 h 1? 3 i fe: i , 2, WM I '3 X 1 Q , F 3 S 6 X If ,wf 5 . 'A Q-23 5 ,QL-ffff 1- W' 5 X.,-v in A I ., K N" . K 1 'HQ , 4 L wits'-V" 'BMW ' Q. . A i MQW. X jf? si " il xx" 1 E l15'a"' M4 N X fra . , fc. L lx, 44 3, .M Q 1 'T 1 --Q mg ...mi ,j ffi,,.X 5 Fe ,, ,-Q rf - Xs ,-,W .Q g. Q fxfg' 6t,..w' W if rf! ,ff , , -x - 4 A - 193 Q , X! .. Q . . X ,., y K 2 E -bk .,.- vf,mr'fzv wwf 5 x 5 ,f , x bw-...g,.wN f'5'Y",g'1""fff k ff' rf!! I , Q A-""' K ...----"""' ,,,- E ,cfflw .Q my . . . Q. Nfwiu- FF' ,1- I K 4 ! 9 N I I W,-+.1a-N" K Aix.QE f,.,.-4-mvrffl asv . Sy: i 4 4 3 z s i Y ,Q Q s ,Q ? .vii 'n z I I 3 S e rf! 1' fi i 4 3 . dedrcote our Record the The qrodootrng ctoss ot lone MSX ts tndeed proud to Book to Itfttss Sytvto E Ptstte who come to Fronktord trorn Engtond on Teachers' Exehonge Pton. Itftrss Ptstte hos gtven us o true ptcture ot Engtond ond ot Enghsh schoots ond students, ond she hos chorrned ott ot us wtth her tresh, whotesorne sptrtt ond her oprhty to become reotty one ot us, tn the short ttrne she hos been ot Fronktord, Miss Ptstte hos orgonrzed one ot the torgest ond rnost popotor ot schoot cgtubs, the Rotttng Pioneers, None ot us wth torget our senror prorn, our doss trrp, or the rnony other octwtttes tn which Mtss Ptstte ptoyed so prorntnent o portg ond we opprectote her wtthngness to ottend dub rneetrngs, to speok 'rn ossernbhf, ond ot the Fothers' Ptssocrotton meettngsr Ntrss Ptstte took her orts degree ot the Untverstty ot London ond tought ot the Cottegtote Sehoot tor Grrts rn Btockpoot, Engtond, We regret thot wtth os tor onhg one yeor ond hope she hos entoyed Fronktord ' her. she con be os much os we hove enroye 9,1 435. Y? Six "?fU4,, ,J , Syfuiu Maf is, JAQQ v f7Aaf f 7 a our Jwaing L-0mmenJA p, er, 1 .S7LC4Le5Peare MC" . A of Mass sYLvlA ASTLE MR. MARTIN FETHEROLF 1887-1951 l A scholar, a teacher, a gallant soldier, a good Christian, a loyal friend, a de- pendable worker, a good leader and yet willing to follow-eall these Martin Fetherolf was, and more, To know him was to love him, and we loved him, We loved him for his kindness, for his sincerity, for his gentle humor, for his willingness, for his devotion to our school, l-le gave himself unstintingly in the classroom, in the office, and on the athletic field, not in the hope of glory, or publicity, or of reward, but lust to serve. l-le was born on a farm in Lehigh County and attended the public schools there. ln succession, though not in continuity, he attended Allentown Preparatory School, Muhlenberg College, where he played on a successful football team, and Lehigh University. Martin Fetherolf taught in the Lehigh County elementary schools, at Pottstown l-ligh, at Allentown l-ligh, and at Northeast l-ligh in Philadelphia, before coming to our school in September of 1927. ln September of 1930, when the Frankford l-ligh Annex was opened at the Allen Elementary School, he was put in charge, and during the ten years of its existence he managed it well, ln September of 1931 he was made assistant to the principal, and when the position of vice-Principal was created, he was appointed to that post, ln that capacity he has been in charge of guidance for returned veterans, the sale of PTC. tokens, study halls, and the forthcoming evaluation of our school, The evening before he was stricken, he was elected president of the Officials' Club of Philadelphia, the organization of teachers who officiate at all high school athletic events. l-lis hand, often unseen, was felt in many places, The niche that his death left vacant will be hard to fill, Seven u Quail' . . . lvlr. Joseph lvl. Gottschalk, one of the oldest and most revered members of Frankford's faculty, will retire from his teaching career at the close of this semester, Mr, Gottschalk is a graduate of Central l-ligh School and received his BA. degree at the University of Pennsylvania. ln subsequent years he attended the graduate school of the University of Virginia, and his free summers he spent in extensive travels abroad. Although he taught originally at two elementary schools, Mr. Gottschalk came to Frankford when the school was still an annex of Central High School. Students of the past as well as of the present will always remember Mr. Gottschalk as an inspiring history teacher and an active member of the school faculty. l ,ss MR. JOSEPH GOTTSCHALK The boys and girls of the old Sack and Buskin will always be indebted to Mr. Clarence l-lambleton for the excellent dramatic coaching they received while Mr. Hambleton was the club coach. Neither will the many audiences, over a period of fourteen years, forget the superior production of the twenty-two plays put on by Mr, l-lambleton's dramatic club. Mr. l-lambleton graduated from the old School of Pedagogy in l9C'5, and after earning his AB. degree from Temple University he embarked upon his teaching career, Mr, l-lambleton taught at various Philadelphia Schools: the Navy Yard Apprentice School, the Philadelphia Trade School, and Central High School. In V935 Mr, l-lambletcn arrived at Frankford as a member of the English department, and it is here at Frankford that this grand teacher spent his last sixteen years of teaching. Two clubs which once flourished under Mr. Gottschalk's direction were Ye Spooks and the Clionian Club. Both were at one time an integral part of Frankford's extracurricular activities, To this capable and sincere teacher who gave so much to so many students throughout all the years of his busy career, we say Au Revoir. lt is with sadness that Frankford, students and faculty alike, bids farewell to this distinguished teacher MR. CLARENCE GARWOOD MR. CLARENCE HAMBLETON Mr. Clarence L. Garwood came to Frankford l-ligh School as a member of the school faculty when it was still young. It is with sadness that students and faculty bid him adieu at the close of the school year. Mr. Garwood received his early education at the excellent Williamson Trade School. Before coming to Frankford Mr. Garwaod worked in different industries, did undergraduate work at Temple University, and taught in an elementary school. Mr, Garwood has lang been a member of the Industrial and Fine Arts department at Frankford, and he has, because of his warmth and interest in his students, established a positionnwhich other teachers might find difficult to fill. Mr. Garwaod has also taken active participation in boys' sports, the track team, under his excellent coaching, won the championship. Outside interests also consume much of his time, To Mr. Garwood we say thank you, and add that we shall remember him in the years to come. ,, M ,..,-,- ,I we - ., MWWWW FACULTY 1 I principa! JO Life asks each of us not how much we know, but what we can do and what we will do. Through your years of schooling you have been taught many facts and skills. These are not an end in themselves but a means to other and more noble ends. Some of this knowledge and skill will undoubtedly contribute to your vocation in lifeg everything you have learned should strengthen your spiritual and cultural fibres. This latter aim is the one that l would emphasize for you and have you cherish as your goal, No horse produces results until he is harnessed. The waters of a great river do not produce electricity until they are channeled. Steam does not drive anything until it is confined. No life ever becomes good or great until it is dedicated and disciplined. Plato taught that a person's life must, above all, be a beautiful creation. Your schooling has been directed to the daily remaking of yourself so that you may know how to live rightly. As you now commence to meet the larger challenge of life, may you ever be inspired by high ideals. l-lappiness and success 'll be yours. Years ago John Ruskin wrote: "Education Qoes not mean teaching people to lgnrow wlhat they do not knowg it means teaching them to behave as they do not e ave. JOHN W. HITNER ' Ten John W. l-litner - if , . MR. E. ORRELL CRAP Vice- Principal MR. MARTIN FETHEROLF Vice- Principal MISS ROSEINA C. GILLMAN Assistant to Principal , f.J L qf. e4kwp4-..fC4l x-,"v'.4,,l.f..n.L4.J MR. MICHAEL W. FISCH History and Languages MR. WILLIAM B. NICHOLS Business Education f,.- - ' DR. LEWIS G. STERNER DR. FRANKLIN B. CARROLL MR. ARTHUR B. CRESSE MR. MARK H. HAGMANN English Science Qghyg-TiaI:Education Mathematics ,, Eleven ' I f ' . MVDLM 5 ,, f 1 W4 -fbzwf- MMM FACULTY LIST Principal John Warren Hitner Vice-Principals E. Orrell Crap Martin D. Fetherolf Assistant to the Principal Roseina C. Gillman BUSINESS win M. r w EDUCATION . William B. Nichols William H. Fren COMMON LEARNINGS AND REMEDIAL READING Mark Hagmann DRIVER EDUCATION Mark Hagmann ENGLISH Dr. Lewis G. Sterner HISTORY Michael W. Fisch HOME ECONOMICS Arthur B. Cresse INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS Harry H. Bonner AW... Russell W. Hargreaves Mrs. Marion K. Hornung Dolph Judd Harry Klausewitz Samuel B. Brooks Frank E. Bauerle Sylvia Astle Dr. Lois H. Galbraith Clarence A. Hambleton Delphine A. Lanriing Anna C. Lee Mrs. Elizabeth H. Markley arion McMaster S. Burkhart Morrison Helen Ansley Lillian S. Glass Mildred Goshow Joseph M. Gottschalk Joseph Klein Dr. Benjamin Kuyken II David F. Luithlen Anastasia W. E. Lyons Adolph Myerson 0- I'-'Q ' Samuel N. Ray Dr. Ewart I-I. Parlee Mario U. Pasquarello Amelia R. Mumford Dr. Charles R. Nash John R. Nevin A. Clarke Pair an Esther R. Rot Florence Schlarbaum Charles F. Troxell Carl F. Wise Edith M. Jones James A. Killough S. Hunter Kurtz Mary E. Purcell H. Elaine Ramsey Kathryn D. Biermann Louise M. Druding Ruth E. Wilson Walter J. Cole Clarence L. Garwood Edith G. Daggett Theodore C. Humphreys Norman R. Day A. Malcom Martin Aaron Rapoport Twelve 9.031 if Av, -. FACULTY LIST LANGUAGE Michael W. Fisch LIBRARY Dr. Lewis G. Sterner MATHEMATICS Mark Hagmann MUSIC Dr. Franklin B. Carroll PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Arthur B. Cresse SCIENCE Dr. Franklin B. Carroll COUNSELLORS NURSES SENIOR SECRETARY SECRETARIES SCHOOL MATRON NON-TEACHING ASSISTANT Caroline L. Gruhler Charles J. Kunz, Jr. Dr. Arthur Jordan Henry J. Meder Genevieve Wilson Czarina M. Hall A ' Minnie Bernstein John W. McMaster George Ebbecke George Myers Elizabeth S. Lackey Ella Rosentoor Dr. Ethel M. McAllister Bernard Sabul Robert B. Whiting Edward J. Bogusz Forrest R. Newmeyer William P. Clausen Theodore Doering Mrs. Katharine Gradick Mrs. Jennie H. Leary Janet Lev LWVI- Worthington Surrick Mrs. Lillia . Mays Walter N. Nackoney Mrs. Louise D. Reichelt Mrs. Joanna B. F. Schlechter Andrew Wolfrum William Barish Gladys Bulmer Katharine M. Grelis Dr. Mae E. Harveson Amos J. Heinly Dr. Margaret W. Henderson Arthur W. Lowe May Owen Evelyn T. Why Philip Wieckowski Mrs. Madeleine C. Burns Mrs. Miriam S. Conrad Dinah Freeman Natalie C. Hirsch Edith R. West Mrs. Helen Sweeney Mrs. Anne M. Thomas Mrs. Edna C. Effron Margaret G. Butler Mrs. Elizabeth L. McCarty Mrs. Ada K. Kesselman Mrs. Arona K. Rosenbaum Mrs. Lissi M. Wilkinson ' Margaret E. Kohler Robert S. Twiggs Thirteen Mrs. Elizabeth Stockton Qi? ,lf 1.6! if X, ' u 4 Q! E16 :S Q v l' 4551 .Q ,ff- M WX 'Wx 'Wu 'N 'XX1 i Q QM-sg, 'A,,. N + X- , 4 .m M xxx g iw. 'um-N' ,nw -fl Q! 'WW Swg X f g X . if M. S' QQ gg if 5 , 3 ,,:,,A.2 2 L g f . . V it Wim ' 4 ,N M, L WM ii 3 f , Q 55' S K Q ? N z a -::'-55552555 SW . , ff 7 '5 ' 1 xg 2.9 - 9 Q,:5Q5:5kfQlI1'-Q-5.,:.. ' W , t - .-,-, is X 4 .... , Y L. Ay, -www. . -w...H..x , VW, WM sl' ,5 .Ny -ex 4 1 A gy K fx , . gag I Ny , '15' . , N. W fig? 4 Q I Wx. r w,wf QQ? W N X 1 x .1 i -c-. 1 3 i my x, x Q H ,.,.... . N. x .fy wx :im MX ' 5 x6,Rw' , .,., ...Q - .ty f---....I:, f ,ff W'--...., we .A A bn . 3, 1? I- t Q. X , N Q N... """'1r' QW My M 2 'gif my Ll 3 X' - 'S I im 3' iv 'A'T Q-mmm ,gf 'gl A ...W , Vffum M ,WW , W 'wi L lui Q, X35 5 ,n . A' ,....--A if 1' if X. f " Nam i: 5 MW Q -23 SSN? 3 A -es ,.s.,, ' W , 3653 is X if-1 f ifYf2b?i7Ei1 - Q na, .. . . ml' T...9,, xn- gg! E' . E' el 3 -N , ., ng" 7 V S F 5 . F sw . A M , f , YS-is QM A. Q: :R , , 'mf My, ' 'Es ,Ex A gi, ,, Q, fs 3 , 1 L ,, fy- ' ...Q . if f 'Q , A " 475 . M :wr ,QQ 4 if Q x ff USU f 43 s f ng 511 1 Q gsm Vi. QXQKWW Y QJKD X , 3 S N-Q if 60 .fy,,,f R0 '95, ug 'U' K- Z? W 922 47 6- gi?" fjfZf4 9222 fi? ' 944 Q4 C 1 mn ATHLETIC ASSOCIATICJN The Athletic Association, under the able super- vision of Mrs S, Hunter Kurtz, is one of the hardest working organizations in Frankford High School. Without the selling of the AA, books that are placed on sale each fall, the school would not have the splendid athletic opportunity it now affords to both boys and girls. Through the sale of these AA. books funds are secured to support our teams, These books provide admission to all of the sports for the school year. Every student buying one of these books co- operates in furthering sports in Frankford. The re- turns from the sale of books go into the A,A. treasury, Many sports don't support themselves by the charge of admission to gamesg and therefore the treasury must pay for uniforms! officials' fees, l f,, and the transportation for the team members to "away" games. The Athletic Association buys nearly all the equipment needed for the various sports activities. It also made a donation that was used to help in purchasing the band uniforms. Each term every class elects a representative whose chief duty it is to sell ATA. books. AA. books and tickets to games may also be bought at the AA, booth during lunch periods and before school. The Athletic Association, which has been in existence for over thirty years, has for its officers this year Frank Baurle, presidenty Rose Lill, vice- presidentg and AA. council consisting of Frank Foedisch, Warren Mann, Ann l-ligh, and Janet Warren. Twenty-six STUDENT This term the student board, under its presi- dent, Nancy Nevin, granted charters to two new clubs. These clubs were the Rolling Pioneers, a group which is open to all students interested in roller skating, and the Chemistry Club, which is for the benefit of chemistry enthusiasts. The semi-annual dance given by this term's Board was the "Shower Shuffle" presented Friday, April 20, This was very successful, and charms were given to all girls who attended. For the first time a decorating committee was chosen to trim the lunchrooms on various holi- days. Two musical instruments were purchased for the use of students who are interested in learning how to play them, Money was appropriated for flowers for the funerals of Mr Fetherolf, former vice-principal, and Miss Bacon, former chemistry teacher. A fund was started to purchase a memorial for Mrs Fetherolf. Various active committees of the Board in- clude the receipt, dance, attendance, election, Twenty-seven BOARD safety and transportation, and Father's Associa- tion. There is now a new method of nominating candidates for office in Student Board Under this new system a list of senior students who have been active in Student Government and who have no failures is submitted to the student body. The four highest nominees for president and four vice-presidents are then put up for election. Most of you have seen the new school flag in the auditorium This was also purchased by the Student Board. The Board meets every Wednesday with a representative from every book in the school. Dues are twenty-five cents per term, Officers of the Board this term include presi- dent, Nancy Nevin, vice-president, Bob Schilling, secretary, Adaline l-lanleyj treasurer, Jean Schmidt, l2th grade representative, Etna Edwards, llth Grade representative, Patricia Irons, lOth grade representative, Shirley Rhodes. The Student Board is under the able sponsor- ship of Mr. George Ebbecke and Mr. Arthur Lowe. THANATOPSIS CLUB The Sllver Dollar Dance, the "Model Ploneer" award, Freshman Day, and countless other ac- llVIllG5 make Thanatopsls one of the best known clubs of the school, Oragnlzed ln VD46, Thanatopsls llmlts lts lnembershlp to thlrty students, egoully dlvlded between the sexes, who are chosen for thelr extraecurrlcular actlvltles, personallty, and wllllngness to serve Frankford and lts students. Faculty advlsorj E Orrell Cropyj President, Ronald Markloff, Vlce-Presldent, Judy' Surrlck, Correspondlng Secretary, Marllyn Zalser, Re- cordlng Secretary, Glnny Kees, SCRIBES CLUB The maln functlon of the Scrlbes Club ls to lJl'OVlde for lrllgh Way staff wrlters a group ln whlch dlscusslons can be had and crltlclsms made, The Scrlbes Club ls sponsored very capably by Mr, Charles F Troxell, Meetlngs take place the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, usuolly at the home of a member. Members are elected and accepted only lf they have successfully wrltten artlcles whlch have been publlshed Several members attended the Columbla Scholastlc Press Conventlan thls years Because of the sudden lllness of Mr Troxell, they were occomponled by Mlss Marlon McMaster The Hugh Way agaln won flrst place ln lts dlvlslon, Present afflcers are Evelyn Ellas, presldent, Marlyn McNeal, recordlng secretary, Dons Qllotta, COl'VCSlUClldlt'lQ secretary, and Shlrloy McKay, treasurer, THIRTEEN CLUB Clalmlng dlstlnctlon as the oldest honor electlve OVQGITIZOUOVT ot Frankford, the Thlrteen Club conslsts of thlrteen boys of the QVCUUOTIITQ class Partlclpatlon ln athletlcs or extracurrlc- ular actlvltles plus at least a UGSSHTQ average are regulrements for club membershlp. ln liG6lDlVlQ wlth past years, the Thlrteen Club agaln sponsored a VOVIGTX' show whlch was o great success. Mr, Charles F, Troxell and Mr, Wllllam Clausen are the two faculty advlsors Qfflcers for thls term were Blll Smlth, presle dent, and Nell Mlnkoff, secretary Qther meme bers were Blll Ward, Lamont Guthrle, Howard Graham, Ron Marlqloff, Blll Benz, Dlck Thatcher, Dlck Dene, Charles Russo, DlCk O'Nell, Charles famgwh, and Alfred Grlslck SENIOR TWELVE Scholorshrry oxlrofurrrculor octnvltres, oud P2VSClFC1lllj ore the boils lor membershrp rrrto the Somor Tvvolwc Tho meolrrrgx ore ollcrrrolclg Kocrol orrd iullurol Lost Argrrl the club xyomcrid o dooce vvhrch, wrth :ls Dutch Thwme, wos coiled the Hlullp lrcl " Procccos from thc dome vverrt lowords grllw lor the vihool orxd Cgmmcrrccmout owords, Ollrfcrs ore Morrlw Zorser, premdorrl, Polrrcro Hcrrrg, aecrelorg, Shrrleg Mclioy, lrcoaurer, Morllw Herrmourr, chorrmorr of Culf turol commulgg, Morgorol Howloud, Chorrmorr ol sccrol Commrlluy orrd Norrcg Ncvlly chorr- morr ol wow orrd meorrs 7 Clher mpmbcrx rrilullc billx K:lQr, Juve Souoomy Morgorre Lehr, Morr, Rogan, Elolse l,W,,. 0,5 lvl .. ll- C . .., rx., 'C 4194, CLICK CLUB Thy Cllfll Club lx Qfgr' to omorrg rrrlerlgslid rr, om rhon or llTQlCQVUTlTfr Thu oclrxrllos mcludo held lrrps, dorkrocm work, ond lhv :ludx of xorrouw rviluro lGlxrl'Q lochmuucfx lklomlmw hoxo olso sew lectures fllBll'll7LllGd bl. The Eosfmorf Koclok Cormpom 1 , L jomu of llwx lururgfx wgrg :rr tho lcrrrl or frtlorwcl Klrclw- Thr- Club moat gurl other luadog in rob-m 930 ll lb urrclsr lhg Sl'Cl'SCl'SlTllN ol Mr. Phrlrgv Xlrgfkoxvk Thr: lerml members mclucle Hob Ploll, Hob lXlou5loxm Doll Shri-lor, Elllverr Armour Corgl Alf lr lou, loom lgglwlbmxry Novfx lxlrddlulilgrg CLEF CLUB llm, Clel Club rx Zhi L1li,ljNfCll.llJll'l FrOr'LlurCl ll Corrwle of tho boat lrowed musrcol lolorwl m the school N ffxh'-CVT lhf Club hom clghlgsu members. Tho Club rw uuoor Tho Couoble subor- xryorr of Mr, Newmoger 'l he mcelmg5 ore held uyrmroxrmolrlx The lhrril lXlrfr'clo5. of forh moulh ol thu vorlous members' houses The meetmgs Clorl wrlh o busrrwew meglrrrg lolloweo bg errlcrf lummoul lurmbhcd by ilu Club membcrs New lllailllllklwr munl bu oudrlrwcd orrd thou xcrlvd uforw for ehtrorrcc wt: Tl! Club E, if l f 1 I -4x x 'N 'N 3?-ni DANAIDES CLUB The name "Danaides" was derived trom the Greek myth ot King Danaldus and his titty daughters, The club rs under the sponsorship ot Mrs Elizabeth Stockton. At the conclusion ot each term the graduating girls select tive girls, who later choose from one to twenty members. This term otticers are presi- dent, Audrey Veith, vrce-president, Doris Pendle- bury, recording secretary, Florence Olsky, treasurer, Rose Lill, corresponding secretary, Ann High. Other members are Charlotte Abel, Lynn Copeland, Marianne Lynaugh, Marilyn Zarser, and Barbara Reihm. ORGAN CLUB The members ot the Organ Club are inter' ested in both playtng and hearrng the organ. They meet weekly in the auditorium with Mr, Newmeyer, the sponsor and instructor ot the group. The club is divided rnto a beginners' group and a group at those students who have already had some training on the organ, Each member is assrgned a weekly practice period. Some members ot the second group play each morning tor assembly, ln addition to regular meetings the club takes trips to see other organs and to hear organ concerts and recitals. LOCKER COMMITTEE The Locker Committee ts under the able lead- ership ot Mr, Robert Tvviggs, who came to Frankford recently The functions ot the commrttee are to aid in the registratron ot treshmen and the dismissal ot sensors, to keep the locks and lockers rn order, and to see that the locker regulations are kept by each student, Members ot the Locker Committee who are graduating this term are Ginny Kees, Janice Coulter, Marilyn Zaiser, and Bob Cottshalk. MEDICAL CLUB The ,Nledeal Club, sponsored by Mrs lvladef llne C burns! nrovrdes students Interested rn 'ngdrelne wtth an opportunrty to vlslt various hesprtals These traps enable the members to me the work earned on from the laboratorres to 'he eyeratrng rooms The experrenee garned lrem these vtslts rs vvorthwhrle and valuable. The club meets the second lvlondag ot each month and rs open to all students Interested Ill 'rtdrelne Qtttecrs tor the term are lvlartanne Lynaugh, I twtdutt, Deborah Qwrrmes, wee-rvrestdent, June bandont, secrvtart BANKING COMMITTEE Nearlt exerxone ts aeauarnted vvrth the school bank! vvhueh ts located on the rrght stde ot the fheol rn thy basement Tvventt-one students, most of whom are ftzee I rattles students, take Caro ot the bank' Ing every Monday durung lunch pertods Dr Twart H Parlee as rn Charge ot thus Bank mg Commtttee. There are usually two meetrngs 5 gear one at the begrnnrng ol the term to get the students aeaualnted wlth what they have to de, and another meetrng sometrme durrng the tl VITT The members at the eommtttee aet as regular tellers rn a ltanlg dorng everythtng but totalung the menu, DANCE CLUB Thts club s Comg osed of artruroxtmatelg twelve glrls who are Interested rn danerng The group iqftslsts ot both begrnners and experreneed gurls Thug meet on Frrday atternoons under the Litreetten at lvltss Janet lower The Club pertornts a xarrttg et dances lor Fathers' Association 'ntetlngs The club g-resented a novelty shoe --hrne dame tor the Frolrcs lndlvldual members have danced at the Art Museum an eonneetron wth srfeeral Cxhrbrts Ballet! soft shoe! tan and -rruare danmng are taught to the gurls, PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB The Physucol Scrence Club is o newly orgon- rzed club, Membershrp rs open to oll students interested In sclence The club meets every Mondoy ot 2.30, Three penods ore spent work- ing on lndryrduol protects, ond one peruod rs spent vlsrtlng ploces ot scuentrtrc Interest, The ottlcers ore Dole Wrogg, presndentg lftno Edvvords, ylce-presudentg lone Boxter, secretory- treosurer The club rs sponsored by Mr Borrlsh All students ore corduolly rnyrted to loan LATIN CLUB The Lotrn Club as on orgonuzotlon VlflTlCLl hos tor nts purpose the strmulotlon ot greoter rnter- est in clossucol thlngs. The club is o chopter of the Junror Closslcol Leogue, whlch pledges rt! self to "poss on the torch ot closslcol clylllzo- tlon ' Thls term members of the club ylslted the Fels Plonetoruum to see "Clossrcol Myth- ology rn the Stors" in connectlon vvlth Lotrn Week The sponsor ot the club rs Mrss Wrlson ond the ottrcers ore Mory Rogers! trrst consul, Morgoret l-lovylond, second consul, ond Elorse lmrle, scrlbe ROLLING PIONEERS The rdeo ot the "Rollrng Puoneersf' Fronk- tord's new skotlng club, orrgrnoted vyrth Coromoy Robinson, who lS now the club's presldent, The club meets eyery Mondoy otternoon from three to tlye pm, ot the Concord Roller Skotrng RllTl4 The sponsor ot the "RoIIlng PIOYTGGVSH as Mass Sylvro Astle, on exchonge teocher from Englond There ore now ODl3l'OXll7TOl'Gl5 seventy-tive members now In the club. A book contoinrng ten odmrsslons to the rnnlq costs 3200 Officers ore Coromoy Robinson, preszdentg Juno Feldmony WCG-DGSldGlTl'y Morlto Smlth, treosurer ond leon Frrzell, secretory 5 ir 215 XS T: 5 ' ' ii . 'RSX QS X Xu .. I X X -Q 'S , N5 X?"U. 3 "' " 5 5551 I 1 ,.:. l-7 Q 'if ,. o 'QF . 4-as r J x v3 MQ? , I 6 FS' X 'CQ S 'ff 5, Q 1 5 W f Sf' X :fi Q L Yffg 'WS . S! ' ,-" ',,Q X K 4? I - k Q ' - 'Q X 'gfi Q,gW:fgi33 it 'A , o Z M '57 'T if Q it 3 N -fi -X Q, Q- W Q X . N ' f X. ,IX Qi X k , X 3 - is 'Q' 'H ' -. V I , + 5 K X Y . se- g - X A XXQ XX gig' ww Q 'LAS 1 R 3 M is if IZA TRIP COMMITTEE Ib: aermr Img IV cm LNUII xxhwclw ww ccQQrIx GIIIICIIHQTQCI IJ5 IDQIII IQXX and I.II3 HILIGCIIIS TIM yur! ui, In ICN ILQVS, II wax GV TXCIIVQCII my TIN IIIICISOII RMI We HIWQII 1101 swim Iorqeif IIIQ Immun MII: Io JI I1-CN CII3 Gnd the Innw vw: Iwod Igrwmsufff mr thi Iwcat tm cm Ibm mfr TIIQZ Cczrr UI Us 1 GSI IIN: IIQI'kudee ur up mio IIN IIIUIIIIILIIIIS. Imm vmw TIM ucmjmerwt QI "Shore Iecwn QI IMIIQII IUQILI CIITCI IIm bmw CI IIM: pork I'V6VXII'IIIIQ Qgmbmcd Tu mokg Ou aumor tmp cms QI IIIQ HIQIIIIQIIIH of Im Iwm! Umm :HUNT Srrwcc The CIQ25 QI Jarmory 'q2g1orIIcIIvQIQd In IIWI tray, the Cole of Im Tmkets my QIXQ TIm3 duly QI ecverol of its memI,nur5 'IIIQ IZA! Mm SQ WIIIIII mrved on the commwttec wem Ranma Iicdnr, Cnzrum DUTCH-r, Ccmmi Hn:wIGIwd, KQIIWILQI MCCQxx I4Q Inurc Sdwolcs, and Joyce SCLICICV Ms success we-A QUE Ig mosum d Iv uw km rv SIIICII' Qlx 5 , I IZA DANCE COMMITTEE !XIvv05.s Qrwwcw-Ig Qmcnfgd, We serum grow Ib perI1Gp5 the Clmmx of Hx wsu! wpuzmm at IIUIII- Icrd IIN: Tum C3 LMIGI, Th: Cr'yeIuI Ilczcrv' QI IIWQ Bermgomm FrQrwkIm IIQICI W0-. IIIQ Xcuwo of the prcmg muswi woe ymxwdgd D5 CIMICIQ UQVQILJII cmd I Im CVCIICSIVQI, Qrvd In QII - QIMU IXUCIII Mmm IWIW KI QVCIQQIQ IIIIOIII CIVVIVECI As Q re'mu1wbrcmCu QI the msrwmg QQCIW ggwrl Iv M Cewxcd Q Churm xxxfh TIWI KCIWOQI pr1wbImw rmfI.IwIvcI V on CJ Mute IvcCkQrCumI The Zemekg Studwus www regureseuted und yXI1QzIn:gr'c1I1Im'cI IIMJSQ LQUIIIQK. who wwf-had Um QddlI1qIwcI rervmmbrurfcu UI IIN mvwwg As Q WSUII of TIIQ pIQr'vmIg cmd SOIICIIIIIQ QI the Nom Commwtfee, the L,werm1Q QI Mm I WUI, Q CL m- 1 INIQIQ succew I The members QI TIIQ IQA DUIICI' CL:mmuIIu, who CCAoIze3rQIed vIImIcmurtedI5 In mukmg the yum Q ff QLICCQSS warg Lcum Armymtrwg, IXIQIIO FIKIMNVX Comme I'IOVvIGIIlI, Clam: Low, Robert SCIIIIIHIQ, Jogce Scudw! and Numa CGI, Thirty-four SOCK 6 BUSKIN Sark and liuvkrny the dramatrc Club of Franke lard Htgh School, has been tn oxtstence for over thtrtg years Dr Charles R Nash as tts present dtreetor. lhtr name Sock and liuaktn to dertved from the anetent Greek theater ln that famous theater the artery dubbed to ltt tvvo types tragedy and Comttdt Tho tragedtang wore the heavy, strapped, bakktn or hlgh boot, and the Comedlans vvore the ltgbt, slttrtfereltke soak. lhe Club'5 nun, presented to fhose lrarttctrrattng tn tvvo of the elubk nroducttons, rt'ttrCKot'tta tragedy and Comedy It IS a 5mall Ktorltng 5tlver magk wlth the mouth tvvtsted half ug and half dovvn nt the tradtttonal Greek grtmace Some of the Club! past lJl'OdUCllOflS have been "Ute Wrth Father' and the "Frankford Froltcsu tn l -l' Thru term! producttony the "Frankford Frtvltcff' wntten by Dr Nash, depleted tho Sentor :ntl un the Hudson Rtvor and appeared tn May The Club also tresented an ontertatnment for the Father! Asaoctatuon and two assembly programs, "A" PLAY A tradtttonal part of Sensor morntng, anttctinatul by the Ltontorrt all term! to the semtfannual ",f'Xf' Play For thls term! the Co-dtrectors, Margaret Home land and Nancy Novtn, have Chosen a one act trlax vntutlfd "l tfo O 'lhe Party " The Cast, -.ttltttt cl bt the dtrectorgy tncludes John Seddon, Adeltnv Hone leg, Walter Krssell, Batty Kllory Arthur Wolfen- Craft, Mary Rogers! and lvllldred Gordon, The Story revtxed sltghtly bt the dtrectork and cast, Centerg around the eflort5 of Betty l ou Max- xxell to gtve her flrwt party and to have tt Llfflkltllltxkl a success Wrlbury her younger brother, tx aakod to hell: and unknovvtngly pours hlx tatherk slevtttng medlctne rnto the bunch Thu htlartoum rn:-.hart results tn the sudden sloentness of all tho gut--,te All anpeara to be fLJlllCCly but at the last llllllllltl Wtlbur saves the party before he too :ttctttrnlww to the drugged bunch The result of Conttnuouw rehearsal on the tart of the dtreetors and the Cast was ovrdunt ltr tht frne twrexentatton of tho "A" Play on our la-tt dat, at Frankford, Sentor Mornlng, i l i I K l 5 BAND The most important activity ot the Frankford l-ligh School Band is playing at the football games. The football band generally consists of about forty members. ln the spring term the band plays at the Frank- tord l-ligh School Spring Concert. It also plays tor the Athletic Assemblies in January and June, This term the band is under the leadership ot Mr, Bogusz, a new teacher at Frankford, At the present time the band consists ot sixteen members. Any persons who play an instrument and are interested in music are invited to ioin, The band practices on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the seventh period The members of the band who graduate are Thomas Wood, drums, Richard Pinkerton, trumpet, Edward George, trumpet, Lois McConemy, saxo- phone ORCHESTRA The school orchestra, under the direction ot Mr. Edward Boguz, is a very important part ot school lite at Frankford, The willingness ot the boys and girls who play in the orchestra to remain after school for one or more hours on the days that the cast for the Franktord Frolrcs rehearsed will serve as just one example of the cooperative spirit and interest in music that these boys and girls possess, and that they so willingly display. This term, the orchestra has been under the baton ot Mr. Boguz, who has in some instances turned the baton over to Ted Kloos who has con- ducted at several functions. Most noteworthy was the evening ot Friday, May IS, when Ted acted as maestro tor the Frolics, and scored a great success. This plan has been in practice now tor two terms, and members ot the orchestra who show interest in conducting, or talent, are permitted to conduct and receive helpful criticism trom Mr, Boguz, The orchestra has also performed at ditterent times in assembly, and at other times members of the orchestra have done solo work tor assembly groups, USHERS' ASSOCIATION The Ushers' Association, sponsored by Mr. Lynford Williams, consists of a group of approx- imately thirty girls who donate their time to aid greatly in the success ot special programs held during the school year, One of the most important functions at which this group assisted was the Franlctord Frolics. Also, they will be present at Our graduation, The girls always present an attractive appear- ance at these functions, Mr, Williams provides corsages for each usher on all such occasions The ushers are chosen for their personality and attractiveness This term the group is presided over by Vtcki Purdy. GIRLS' LEADERS The members ot the Leaders' Club are girls vvho have done good work in gym activities and have no tailures on their reports, Their purpose is tvvo-toldi first! to learn gym aims before they are taught to the other students, so that the leaders may assist teachers in classy second, to take part in advanced activities and to give demonstrations on programs at the invitations ot other groups Some ot the graduating members have token part in programs for the Fathers' Association and the city-wide Schools on Parade, The club meets every Monday after school in the gymnasium, under the direction ot Mrs, Jennie C Leary l A CAPPELLA CHOIR One of the musical organizations of Frankford l-ligh School which is both inspiring and enlightenf ing is the A Cappella Choir, The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Forrest Newmeyer, has performed on various occasions this term, The first performance was for the "A" unit assembly group on March 9, The Choir has also sung at churches in and around the school vicinity. One of the highlights of this term's work has been the participation in the A Cappella Festival which was held at Lincoln High School The graduating soloists this term are Marjorie Meyers, Charles Kauffmann, Norma Malpass, and Robert Gottshalk, Other graduating members of the Choir are Carol Stuart, Miriam Frame, Wil- berta Tomlinson, Jacaueline Ferguson, lrma Weaver, Dolores Krieg, Johnathan Rowland, Sara Slater, Stella Grobman, Lillian Grossman, and Cecelia Walz. ,s,,,i.. ORPHEUS CLUB The Orpheus Club is open to all boys and girls who appreciate and enjoy listening to good music. The new and capable sponsor of the club is Mr. David Luithlen. The group's monthly meetings and attendance at concerts and operas all contribute toward en- riched musical lqnowledge and enjoyment. Through the Presser Foundation, many members have attended concerts of the Philadelphia Orches- tra, The performance of musically talented mem- bers have brightened many an assembly program. Some students traveled as far as Bethlehem to hear the celebrated Bach Choir, Each term at graduation the Orpheus Club awards a prize to the senior most active rn the school and a member of the club. Club officers are Sara Slater, president, Pat l-lenry, vice-president, Margie Meyers, secretary, and Constance lnglin, treasurer, HIGHWAY REPRESENTATIVES The success of a school newspaper depends greatly upon the number of subscriptions sold during the school semester. This important respon- sibility of soliciting subscriptions for the l-lighway rests upon the shoulders of the elected l-lighway representatives from each advisory. This term the student body was asked to give full support to the Highway or face the possibility of eliminating the school paper because of a rising deficit, With the wholehearted co-operation of these representatives the business and editorial staffs of the Highway have completed a compara- tively successful term financially. HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society, supervised by Mr. George Ebbecke, is an important Frankford club lt is a recognized member of the National l-lonor Society of America, and its enrollment is limited. Honor Society students act as tutors to lower and upper class pupils seeking their assistance. The club in this manner functions as a necessary and important club. Members are chosen for scholarship, leadership, and character They are selected at the end of each term by the faculty, providing they meet the aforementioned requirements. The club meets twice monthly, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, This past term faculty members have spoken, and mem- bers have debated on such pertinent topics as the drafting of eighteen year olds and capital punish- ment. Dr. Lois Galbraith, of the English Depart- ment, discussed the difficulty and hard work that a PhD. degree necessitates. The officers of the society for the past term were Patricia Henry, presidentg Marilyn Zaiser, vice- presidenty Barbara Scholz, secretary I r?!"f' 'X X-as W 1 5 W., 5 My Q2 gif K fu if 'xii A J D , if Q i ' A 4 j 1 6 ,S .A ak ,X t . fa.. Q x 2 . ru' 'x X Mm F ,QA "' .5 S ..l N ww I N692 'wif 'Q :Ill -2-1 YQ' 4 BOWLING CLUB The gurls' bowlung club, under the sponsorshup ef Muss lonet Lever ond Mrs Key Groduclc uncludes both club ond teorn octuvutues. Thus club duffers from other othletuc groups un the respect thot the teorn chonges to some degree wuth eoch rnotch, The teom us mode up of the ten hughest scorers un the prevuous weeles proctuce The seoson beguns un October ond ends un lvlorch, This Veor, dufferent from other yeors, letters wull be guven to the gurls porticupotung un o unouoruty of the nuotches, Senuors who were rnost octuve in thus club were loon McAllister, Mory Smuth, Ruth Benz, Ruth Dolderer, Lorroune Hounes, Dorothy Mortun, Notolue Prunzung, ond loon Shockleton. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleoders of Fronkford Hugh for l"vU were Joyce Wogner, Corol Robb, lockue Hess, Lynn Cobelond, Wynne Woltz, Fronnue l-lelblung, lrene lVlcMonus, Jonet Worreru, ond .loon Frylung, The coptoun us Elunore Schoeferg Coroltn Beck ond Audrey Wulson ore co-coptouns, Un September Qlst lost 5eor's cheerleoders were chosen from o group of twenty-fuve gurls Mr Crop ond Mrs Stockton, wuth the help of three gurls of lost yeor's group, selected the nune vuvocuous gurls who then offucuolly become our school's cheeuf leoders, These gurls ond nuony others spent endless hours ofter school leornung the cheers They proctuced dulugenth olnuost even dog durung the pre-footboll seoson lost term In rnony unstonces ut wos the unspurotuon provuded by the cheerleoders thot spurred the footboll ond boslsetboll teouns on to vuctory These gurls ore olwous on essentuol port of o successful seoson I l HIGH WAY EDITORIAL STAFF MR. CHARLES TROXELL No school would be complete without o school oooerg no school ooper would be complete without the very necessory edltoriol stott, We here ot Fronktord ore tortonote in hovlng on excellent school oooerf ond for the lost tive yeors the Fronktord High Woy hos been oworded the Colombuo Scholostuc Press Assocvotlon medolist oword by Colornblo Unvversuty. The credlt tor thls success belongs to Mr. Chorles Troxell the toculty odvusor, ond the energetic, tolented, ond hord WOVIQIVTQ edutorlol stott Thus yeor drfters from yvrecedung geors In severol Woys The slze ot the boper hos been shortened, ond the Olney Printing Cornbony now orrnts the nooer, All the loyouts ond ortlcles most be an bt the second Wednesdoy betore the ooner I5 out on sole. All these chonges necessntote rnore work, ond the rnembrs ot the stotl hove not bccorne lox rn thelr new dutves Truly then! Fronldord students ore tortonote The edrtors ot the Hrgh Woy for thls term ore Evelyn Ellos, EdlICl'-IIT-CIIIGl2 Mlllue Gordon, hrst poge GGITOVQ Morilyn Zoiscr, second ooge edutorg Shlrley Mclioy, thlrd noge edutorng John Seddon! toorth ooge editor. Forty-two HIGHWAY SERVICE CLUB The rmrrortonce of the relotuvelr new Htgh Wet Servlce Club, sponsored bt lvlr John Nevrn, rs not too well known to Fronkford students However vve dll knovv where to heod on Fruddg rnornrngs to but our school porter, dnd where to go when vve hove lost o Comb. run out of note book porter or forgotten our vvhlte seeks for gym noturolly, the school store Well, the Service Club IS resbnsrble tor the funrgtronrng of the store! vvhlch as o Qreot Convenrence for Fronk- ford students Ldst tenn the Hrgh Woy, our school bober, depended on the school store to cover the debt ut suffered. This torrn, by the eombrned efforts of the Hlgh Wog stoff! representatives, ond servrce Club! the subscrrptron soles of the proper have uncreosed greoth Really! then, the servrce club rs vert untportont ond neeessory to student lrfe MR. JOHN NEVIN Forty-three lnqmumx .ms- DANCE COMMITTEE Atter months at preparatron and antlcrpation, the ntght at nrghts tor the seniors arrived, May 4th and the Senror Prom. Preparation began last year when Dr, Sterner made arrangements wrth the Benlamrn Eranklrn l-lotel to use the beautltul Crystal Ballroom tor our prom, Early rn thus semester the Dance Commrttee and our Class Presrdent chose Chuck Gordon's Orchestra Those members ot the Commlttee who sold trckets ln each sensor book were Charlotte Abel, Lynn Copeland, Marshall Dawsey, Altred Grlseck, Arlene Jones, Marlorle Lehr, Phyllis Mayall, Elor- ence Olsky, Davtd Rttchte, Lours Tursr, and Audrey Wllsan Joyce Cross was chosen as Prom Queen The chaperones tor the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Hltner, and Dr and Mrs, Sterner, Mrss Astle, Mr Wrlltams, and Mass McMaster RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE For those ot us who wtll have completed a formal educatron on the evenlng ot June lfith, l95l, thus class record wall mean a great deal For all ot us lt rs the story in words and prctures ot our school actrvrtues and ot the graduatung class, No matter what the tuture holds, we shall always treasure the memorles of the years we spent at Eranktord Per- haps thrs Record Book wrll help us keep the mem- ones clear and bnght. The Commtttee apprecrates the co-operation and asststance ot Dr, Sterner, the club sponsors, the photographer, and all others who gracrously contrrbuted to the success ot the Record Book, Members ot the Commrttee are Judrth Wrlson, Edutor-in-Chuet, Barbara Gerer, Art Editor, Evelyn Ellas, Mrldred Gordon, Audrey Vetth, Joan Mc- Allrster, Marranne Lynaugh, Ann l-lrgh, John Sed- don, Bob Platt, Bob Klmmelblatt, and Norman Pollock IZB TRIP COMMITTEE One of the most enloyoble events ot the sensor yeor wos the lludsorw Rrver Trap on Frrdoy, Moy 23 Everyone rn the semor closs looked torword to thus excutrng trap Eorly on the morntng ot the trap we boorded the troin tor Jersey Cnty At Jersey City we boorded the steomer "Alexonder Homrltoh " On the delrght- ful boot trap we possed mony tomous oloces ond engoyed the very beoutltul scenery. Besrdes enjoyung the stghts, we doncedy ote, took punctures, ohd eh- loyed ourselves rn even woy We stopped ot lndron Polnt Pork lor o tew hoursg then storted oh our tourney bock home Everyone ogreed thot they hod never spent o more engogoble doy in their lives. The UB Trrp Committee ortd Dr. Sterner were responsnble tor moktng the sensor trio o Qreot suce cess by theur plonmng ond by sellmg tickets. The members ot the commlttee ore Bob Gottscholk, choirmon! Bull Benz, Jomes Buckley, Etno Edwords, Howord Grohom, Jomes Kerr, Rose Lnll, Shnrley Mc- Koy, Dons Pendleburx, Chorles Russo! Groce Smrth, ond Donold Wlllttord SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE The comrng ot june lb, Wil brought vuth rt both smrles ot delrght ond heorts hlled wtth sorrow Thls wos the lost doy ot the seventy-turst closs tn Fronktord l-lrgh School Eoch member of the closs reoltzed thot soon he would hove to Qo unto the outer world, some to dtscord the scholor's cop ond to loce lrte weth sleeves rolled urn, whlle others were to oo en to college ond hngher educotron This XNGF Senlor lvlorntng Wrlllom Word, prestdent ot our Qroduotrng closs, mode the trodrtronol ekchonge ot cop ood gown wrth the ruresudent ot the closs ot Jonuory l33l This wos tollowed by vorred entertolnment ond the HA' ploy. Alter the school doy we recerved our report cords ond Record Books, ohd then went to the gmt tor our donce ond some retreshments The members ot the commuttee ore chotrmon Vnrgrnro Kees, Dovud Lmto, Morton Prnker Bob l-leodly Steve Forrheller, Nell lvlmkotty Lorrv Detwuler, Morge Meyers, Borboro Relmon THE CURRICULUM The faculty and facalltles of Frankford enable It to offer over eught courses of study to nts students, vvhrch makes rt one of Phuladelphia's best public hlgh schools. The academuc course clalms the largest enrollment, Many Frankford students go on to college, and the academuc studies provuded for them are numerous The commerclal students have access to much eaulpment vvhuch enables them to prepare for employment after graduation ln all phases of buslness work. The Mechanlc Arts course! vvhlch as also college preparatory, is verv popular vvmth the boys at Frankford Also popular IS the practical lndustrlal Arts course for boys Interested rn vvood carvung, ceramlcs, steel vvork, and pattern-making. The eaulpment the Muslc department possesses lg an lmportant factor in permuttlng students from other school dlstricts enter Frankford to pursue thls course. Home Fconomrcs and Vocatuonal Art are also major courses! and here again specuallzed tralnlng lS given to each student Reauvrements for graduatlon lnclude three years of Fnglushy three years of physrcal and health GdUCCIllOf'1, tvvo years of Amerlcan Hnstorv, one year of a sclence and senlor chorus Thirteen credlts must have been earned by each graduatlng senrery nlne of vvhlch must be ln seauence ' Af F X 5 ,. iv, 4" if GN ,Q Ea , ,,...-- . cw W in ,- I .V g Q .4 I Xf g G at NX Ns. f 1-SWL? Yagi, SVA 5., 1 ,.-fwfr , W- , ' mf In .fm N 5 'Q s L 5 . IGM '- Q li U 15' Ek , f ,MI A 4 4' --,f -- ,' fn Y.: It I 'we-xii AA, . 2. 4 'N-. wg ' 53fSNxw,1 - 1 . C " Q .. w S V ' 'l'l1x,i":4"' lx I' W 1 v ,f Y Q s 1 i . , X J 'Q v.nil.' "'s , K ' ,.' la 'a" '1.9,:.l fi ' U' Liv N , 5 ' ' ll fy n Xl 3 4. 4 " v 11 - V, .', NV x' 'X Q"- x ' 4 ' 1 0 Q 9 s'. ,- 0 I 4 bf. l 4 I" .., .., . 1:.' I .'y R: 1 . K? ,,,. w" ff1E 7M17,,n, rl ' kt v 'U , ..'."'I .f ' 5' 1. ' Q "iI'l 4 A I ...I 4 ',9'1 '. 1 ' A ' 1 qi '. . t 0 1 0 ' ' 4 C Ogiz. ' O ' , ' "t. . sv v- .-.'?' . 5. if A ' Q fl". ' 4 9 ' ,4x'.' .,u o 4 .4 -.', bf O1 - ' ' L' A 4 K ' G . Q11 g 4 :svn P' ' 1 0 3" UH f ' ', X Q Ct.:5l'gn'.:l':5 I ' ll ' ' - 5' 1 f I I ' U s v I gn' 'V' ' V 4 1 7 ' ' - ' 'c' ' - 1 fl rv, 1 no ' ff' 7 v view 1 I, ' Wy , 4 ' , ' A Q . lv 'J' ' P I I 4 f I f D I' Au Q, Q 3' 1 p Q 4 ,y n n.9.' U :Q-. av i 5'I,:, 51,05 4 ty . ' 'i" I , 1 'A J 0 9 4 D r vyk ' ' ' 9 A ' 4 ' .vs U I I Y 'I ' ' ' 0 Q ' v V I 4 1 ,Uf l -f I ' o I 1 . J ' ll 1 I 4 X 1 5? ,ry 6' x he ' uf S, is S 8- The o e y gurls, the beautrful gowns the excrtement and happiness of everyone at our last Sensor Prom wall long re mam In our memones. We had anxiously owarted I our Prom, and when the evening of May 4 finally ar rrved we danced from nine' to twelve to the musrc of Chuck Gordon and hrs orchestra amidst the elegance and beauty ofthe Crystal Ballroom in the Benjamrn Frank Im Hotel Our only regret about the evenmg was that It seemed to end too soon. Yet all of us agree that thus only verrfres the fact that our last Prom was our best Prom. As we boarded the train at Arrott and Large Streets at 8 o'clock A,M, Friday, May 25, the sun was partly hidden by a cloudy sky, ond some of us thought that the weather would not be as perfect as we had all hoped. Slightly daunted, but still very excited, we found our seats and made ourselves comfortable for the first leg of our long awaited Senior Trip. We arrived in Jersey City at approximately 9:45 and after boarding the good ship Alexander Hamilton we opened our bountiful lunches 'although it was still midemorningl and munched on sandwiches and fruit as we viewed the famous New York skyline and the spine-tingling, all-towering Statue of Liberty. By this time the sun was shining, and the sky was glorious with soft blue clouds. Excitement surmounted all else, and all morning we moved constantly, taking pictures of ourselves and the famous sky- line. Some of us just sat and observed the scenery, some of us danced to the music of the five man band provided for us, and others walked from deck to deck on unofficial inspection tours. We all had great fun. We sailed up the Hudson and on one side of the historic river we followed the enormously lang Palisades, and on the opposite side we followed the famous Riverside Drive and saw from our seats the expensive New York Apartment houses and the steeple of the beautiful Riverside Church. We passed under the Washington Bridge and were inspired by the stars and stripes flying over the Revolutionary War Fort Tryon. Then, too, we saw the Claisters, a branch of the great Metropolitan Mei? VT, it ffl A .ew 7 2 Art Museum. After Yonkers, most of us experienced our first view of the noted Sing-Sing prison. Further up the river, we saw thc ivy covered walls of the United States Military Academy at West Point. We saw Bear Mountain. After making a turn, we started back dcwn thc river ta our destination-Indian Pcint and the amusement park located there, At approximately three o'clock we had docked and were given "shore lcave" for two and a half hours. At Indian Pcint we enicyed not only the amusements and refreshments but the beautiful scenery, Tired and sun and wind burned wc again bcarded the ship Alexander Hamilton and headed back dawn the Hudson to the pier where we boarded the train which sped us home. On the train ride back, we laughed and sang and thought more than ance that our prom was cver, cur trip was over, and before we would know it, in fact a few shart weeks, our graduation would be over, and then we would no longer be boys and girls but men and women facing responsibilities in a competitive and somewhat bewildered world. Our only regret was that our trip ended too soon, but all of us readily admitted seldom had we enjoyed a more wonderful day. gi 1 , L- A F, ' ,gi 9915 4?-, ,ls '. 9 V5 w'4 3 4 , , . .nf V ,, 4 2' fs gains gy s Y X. ky .., .aw ,QQ mi f 1 -as-Q S nw TZ H. X iff 'Q 01' H Ca M al ...Q ."""' ,V-f f 'mfr Cm o. ., xt X Xsggi wi 2 A 5,3 X . .114 HfA PPY MEMCDRREIEE "'f'51"'f'i 6 M fi n i f ?1??i1lz2f-Tie yudyn' ,.,t,' 1-F? E 5 ,xv maly '25, 79 f :pm N!! Aw! A .,4-0 X. f Cx XR Ci XX, CEHEIWDQDII film? iM1JJUgxiglJAiJIJ5A1l Twilllimlhjr is ffellliimp mm amulr azlhilldlhemudb lhnlplpy day Mamllwmend is cunllllihw jun Mme is wgv.Mgv wwf Muna Kal' ' I . - Anim, , . l gh Ulllllff .4 - ll ' WI rg 3 V D4 Mohair' Km IINEIV som in jhrfilfnuujfe :see My iflhefvefnnm mmf' W Wd 5 J xl A A W lblhnjf lhelf' FIWDW mul? memwgv Wmmmffwlfql dem? ?55'4iN1JW+XLJaJU Wdmllqfmlfd mm we QilwllDlLlIl'lTlQ' mr' liffea seen Wham Wmlfd deaf Q in I X lff'jnlKifolVd Jllgall zlsomg we'llll6JlbaP bulL,I I I fm: 'N , 21973 I 1 ,f eff., 'X fl 6 f.::va ' WNg3S x f V' X as y 9 1 4' K zffvuflffyy x ff , ,mm S5- I During your final term in this school your teachers were busily engaged in a process of self-evaluation at themselves and of the school, The final statements of strength and weakness, of past accomplishment and future hope, may be important or unimportant, but the process has not been without significance, To sit down to think about oneself with ruthless honesty is onerous, disheartening, and even danger- ous, it may be shattering to self-complacency or conducive to that self-deceit against which the apostle warns us. l suggest that soon, while the glow of school life and graduation has not yet faded into the light of common day, you face yourself, Our judgments of you have been duly registered and in part, at least, made manifest to you. But the real you has probably eluded us, Make a mental if not a written trial balance, put down your assets without fear and do likewise with your liabilities. Resolve, then, to cancel debit with credit, Neither belittle your virtues nor excuse your vices. The first you can use with discretion, the second you can at least modify if you want to. Self-evaluation may lead to the divine discontent which drove that same apostle forward until he had carried his case to the feet of Caesar himself. Fifty-six Dr. Lewis G. Sterne ' CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT-WILLIAM WARD VICE-PRESIDENT-RONALQ MARKLOFF SECRETARY-PATRICIA HENRY 1 TREASURER-MARILYN ZAISER EDITOR IN CHIEF-JUDITH WILSON ART EDITOR-BABARA GEIER COMMENCEMENT PROGRAMME Organ Prelude National Anthem Invocation ............... ............................................................ T he Rev, Edwnn I. Henry Mayfair Conwell Baptist Church The Lord's Prayer ........ ........................................................... . Salutatory Address ........... Sanctus . . ,....... . . ............. Presentation of Diplomas and Award ot Prizes... . . .Mallotte Mary E. Rogers ..............Gounod ..........John W. l-litner Immortal Song ...... .. .... Tschaikowsky Valedictory Address ......... ........ R ichard A. Baxter School Sang Organ Postlude Fifty-seven J CHA L0 ,ABE 1 l2l 0 in 't tr e Hardi ' K mercial ce mitt g Donoides, 2 gl Woy R ritotive, IIA- DOROTHY AJDAHARIAN 5214 Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Commercial RAYMOND ALBERT 5106 Frankford Avenue Harding General A, A. Representative, IOA. Second Bosebol I, '50. WALTER CHARLES ALBERT 5029 Duffield Street Harding Academic JO MA ALLEN .X Shel i Avenue Wil n Commercial A. R otive, IOB, IIA, IZA. I ALICE LORRAINE ALLISON Trevose and Southampton Roads Wilson Agriculture Hockey, '48 FRANKFORD WILLIAM MITCHELL AMOS 622l Montague Street Stonybrook, New York General ,fy IC . AQ 0 6764 eg Street H ng A D C I ca ic ' u ,' OA, I-Iono ociety, IIB, Ag B Representative, IZB, En I Off' , IZA. C owli '49, '50, J H.. RUSSELL H. ASTLEY l078 Alcott Street Wilson AM Academic QXHJ0, Il WJ J ELEANORE AIR xx 4 West Firth 'et sto! Pa. mercial Orpheus , I2 Swimmi Club, '5 . A N L DI ASZ 6 D Stree nes mmercial Fellowship CI b, IIA, Or heus Club, IIB. WALTER C. BANDAZIAN l408 E. Hunting Pork Avenue Frankford Academic Second Soccer, '49, '50, Varsity Soccer, '50, '51, Trock, '49-'5I, Minor Letter, 2, Mojor Letter, I. I C HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Fifty-eight FRANK JAMES BARBERA, JR. 4816 Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Industrial High Way Representative, IZB. Second Soccer, '48, '49, Varsity Soccer, '50, Minor Letter, 48-50. RICHARD A. BARTH 4Il6 Robbins Avenue Wilson Mechanic Arts Orchestra, IOA- I ZA. RICHARD ALLAN BAXTER Kelvin Avenue Wilson Academic Valedictorian of Senior Class J,.fP"' X s BLANCHE BEALUK 6 I3 L'awndoIe Street Wilson Commercial Orpheus , IZA, IZB. Bowling, '5l. CAROLYN E. BECK 1430 St. Vincent Street Wilson Acu demic Student Board, IOB, IIA, Dancing Club, IOB, IIA, LSUGGVS, '-I9-'Sli Cheerleaders, '49- '5l, Softball, '49, Bowling, '49-'5l, Letter, '50, '5l. DOROTHY SARA BEHR I925 Stanwood Street Wilson Commercial Bowling, '5l. MIRIAM BELL ZTI4 Orthodox Street Harding General Student Board, IOA, Dancing Club, IOA. HARRIET ELLA BELOFF 520 Winding Way, Merion Pork, Pa. Cooke Academic W . W UTH ARLINE BENZ 5232 Duffield Street rding Commercial Student Board, IZB. Bowling Team, '49-'5l. WILLIAM A. BENZ 3423 Vista Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Trip Committee, IZB, Student Board, IZA, Stage Crew, IIB. Second Football, '49, Track, '5l, Numerals, '50, Bowling Team, '50, '5l. JUNE ANN BETZ 3238 Kip Street Stetson Commercial A. A. Representative, IOA, High Way Representative, IOB, IIA. ARTHUR HOWARD BISHOP II34 Harrison Street Stetson Academic A. A. Representative, IOA, Medical Club, l2B, Varsity Basketball, '5I, Cross Coun- try, '48-'5O, Minor Letter, '49, Maior Letter, '5O. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. EUGENE L. BISHOP, JR. 2126 Welsh Road Wilson Mechanic Arts Track, '51, Tennis, '49, LOIS JOAN BLACK 5224 Saul Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, Dancing Club, IOA, IOB, Ushers Association, ICB- 128. Hockey, '49, Basketball, '48, Bowl- ing, '49. ROBERT GEORGE BOERCKEL 1418 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Industrial "A" Play Cast, IZA, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB. Swimming Team, '48, GLADYS ANN BOGGS 6311 Ditman Street Harding Home Economics Ngrpheus Club, IZA, Giris Glee Club, JOSEPH BOJANOSKI 1973 Pratt Street Harding Academic A, A. Representative, IIA, High Way Representative, IOB. Second Football, '49, Varsity Soccer, Manager, '50, BEVERLY JOAN BOOTH 1353 St. Vincent Street Wilibll Academic Student Board, IOB, Dancing Club, IOB, IIA. Leaders, '49, '50, Softball, '49, Bowling, '48, '49, FRANKFORD EDWARD J. BORGINIS 4102 Elbridge Street Wilson Commercial DORIS L. BOTTOMLEY 2026 E. Susquenhanna Avenue Stetson General .sagcrcusex is-N ELIZABETH H. BOYADJIAN 6146 Algard Street Q Harding Commercial Honor Society, 11B-12B,, " , 4 I I ' I K' , N -I. X . JOAN CLAIRE BOYER 2901 McKinley Street Wilson Academic Softball, '-19. WILLIAM LEE BRANDT 7116 Marsden Street Wilson Academic Orchestra, IOA, IOB, Band, IOA, I lA, IZA. M. JOAN BRECHT 6155 Algard Street Harding Commercial Bowling, '48, '49. H SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty BARRY HOWARD BREDT l5l 8 Lardner Street Central Academic High Way Staff, l2A. Second Basketball, '-19. 96 JEAN REIG 4l2 Chew Avenue , ardi 9 Co erciol dh b, l2A. Fw s-ip Swi ming Cl ' , owing, '48 tl ROBERT D. BRETZ 5706 Leonard Street Harding Mechanic Arts WILLIAM CHARLES BROKAW 7437 Montour Street Wilson Academic Orpheus Club, IZB. JEAN L. BROWN 4547 Mulberry Street Harding Home Economics ROBERT C. BROWN 3541 Oakmont Avenue Wilson Academic Organ Club, llA-IZB. FRANKFORD HIG ROBERT H. BROWN lZ38 Vankirk Street Wilson Academic Second Basketball, '49, '5O. JAMES H. BUCKLEY 2097 Granite Street Harding Industrial Trip Committee, l2B, Band, IOA, IOB, A. A. Representative, lOA. Cross Country, '47-'50, Track, '5l, hgtinar Letter, '48, Maior Letter, '48- HIRL CHARLES CAMPBELL 4846 Hawthorne Street Harding Mechanic Arts Student Board, IOA. ROBERT CAMPBELL 1435 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Industrial LORRAINE I. CASE 2119 "B" Midday Road Harding Commercial Swimming Club, '47, '-18. JAMES R. CASKEY 8624 Crispin Street Wilson Academic A. A. Representative, lOA. Second Football, '48, Second Soccer, '50, Second Basketball, '48, '49, Var- sity Basketball, '50, Numerals, '48, Minor Letter, '49, '50, Maior Letter, '5l. H SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-one g lub, IOA. DEAN R. CASTOR 8057 Cresco Avenue Wilson Academic Student Board, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IZA. Golf, '49-SI, Numerals, '49, Minor Letter, '50, '51, DONALD 0. CHASE 5145 Charles Street Harding Academic LOLA E. CIUFFOLINI 3156 W. Allegheny Avenue Wilson Commercial Student Board, IOB-I I B, ELLA CLAYTON 3915 Palmetto Street Harding Vocational Art Student Board, IOA. Softball, '48, 553 r ale Avenue Harding Cam ercial I ELIZAB MAN .nQJJpj CATHERINE A. COLLINS 1556 Ruan Street Harding Vocational Art Student Board, IOA, Friendship Club, IOB. ALBERT JAMES CONLEY 5013 Locust Street Holmes Mechanic Arts VIRENA M. CONNOLLY 4127 "L" Street Harding Commercial Fellowship Club, IOB. HELEN LYNN COPELAND 4925 Duffield Street Harding General Dance Committee, IZB, Danaides, IZB, Girls Glee Club, IIA, Ushers Association, IZB, A. A. Representative, IIA, IIB, High Way Representative, IOA, High Way Staff, IIA-IZA, Scgibes, IIA-I2B, Radio Workshop, II . Tumbling, '48, '49, Leaders, '48-'50, Cheerleaders, '50, Hockey, '48, '49, Basketball, '48, '49, Softball, '48, Swimming Team, '48-'50, Numerals, '50, Letter, '49-'5l. MARION FRANCES CORBACHO 7240 Ditman Street Wilson General High Way Representative, IOB, Bowling, '48. EDWARD K. CORNELL 4219 Meridian Street Wilson Commercial JANICE RUTH COULTER 7227 Rutland Street Wilson Commercial Oroheusi Club, IOB, IIA, Locker Committee, IZA, IZB, A. A. Repre- sentative, IOB, High Way Representa- tive, IIA-IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB. Leaders, '49, '50, Basketball, '48, Sogtbglll, '49-'5I, Bowling, '48, Letter, '4 -' . FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-two MARGARET ANN couusk 3231 Tyson Avenue Harding Commercial Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, KENNETH A. COURDUFF 625 Maple Avenue, Somerton Wilson Agriculture LORNA G. CRAIG 1309 Elhridge Street Wilson Commercial Basketball, '48, Softball, '49, Bowl- ing, '48. Lenovo as as m 'Jann Wilson ercial JACQUELINE CROLIUS 2903 Brighton Street Girls' High Academic Dance Committee, IZA, High Way Staff, IZA, l2B. Leaders, '49, Hockey, '48-'50, Basketball, '50, Swimming Club, '50, Bowling, '50, '5l, Letter, '50, 'SI CHARLES CROOKHAM 4510 Mulberry Street Harding Mechanic Arts SIBYLLA SUSAN CROOKS 8015 Leonard Street Wilson Academic A Cappella Chair, IIB-IZB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB. STANLEY F. CROOKS 1634 Foulkrod Street Harding Mechanic Arts D! JUN: CAROL cnosi.ANo Wilson C 'a '14 A, A. Representative, IA, I2B, High Way Representative, ll . Bowling, '48-'5O. JOYCE EMILY CROSS I942 Harrison Street Harding Com cia AA. Representative, IIA, High Wa! Representative, IOB. Leaders, '48, '49, Bowling, '5O. EDA MARIE DAMBRO 7206 Tulip Street Harding Commercial HELEN ELIZABETH DANAS 2234 Pratt Street Kensington Commercial Future Teachers of America, IIA. Bowling Team, '51, Leaders, '5l. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-three ,Q.v..u:,W an c..XX Q 4238 Loring Street 1 MARGARET ANNE DATTN ER 8024 Frankford Avenue Wilsgn Academic Friendship Club, IOA-IIA, Orpheus Club, IIA, Honor Society, IZA, Future Teachers of America, IIA-IZB. I I I AB A. D V SON I ipley treet ilg Academic 'endship IIA, IZA, IZB, r Soc I IA-IZB, Future e ch er a, IIB. - 1 S I lub, O, SI. WILFRID MARSHALL DAWSEY 4240 Tudor Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee IZB. Second Basketball, '48, '49, Varsity Basketball, '49-'5I. CONNIE EV eBLASlO 4235 0 ont Street ilson Commercial 7 Frie sh' Club, IZB, Orpheus Club, I im, . 41 Soft I, '49, Bowling, '49 RICHARD DENE 7I'37 Jackson Street Wilson Academic Thirteen Club, IZBQ Honor Society, IIA, High Way Staff, IIB, Scribes, IIB, IZA. Track, '49, '50, Cross Country, '49, BARBAR ,I9 o s S ee ju ' I- Co ercial Bo , K, 'Alf-Hlers SOCICI , . Q, f Le! rs, 38,4 5' fbqlrjyeoowl- 741229. flirt' I f G. LAWRENCE DETWILER 2022 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Mechanic Arts .Senior Morning Committee, IZB, High Way Representative, IIB. Cadet Basketball, '49, Numerals, '49. LAURA I. DIEM 4II4 Torresdale Avenue I Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, IZB. x f - I 1- MJ AJR X i JOAN C. DINGLER a24I Tackawanna' Street Wilsons ' Commercial lk-'ICJ Lf' .M HHH E. DOLZERER QA 3310 St. Vincent Street Wilson Commercia Orpheus Club, IZB. I Swimming Club, '49, '50, Bowling Club, '50, '51, EDWARD ALEXANDER DRAB 3406 Sheffield Avenue Roman Catholic Academic , . U Lp f ' - ' J ', ,f 'C - PI ba 7f"I7 1 I L , , 1 H J 'Fx RYBURGH 'JJI Qlwiine Street Wilson ' Commercial Office Aid, IZA, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, A. A. Representative, IOB. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-four 8.7 3 DIANE A. DUNKEL 1755 Scattergood Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club IZA, Medical Club, IZA. Bowling, '50 ETNA E. EDWARDS 1911 Rhawn Street Wilson Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Student Board, IIB-IZB, Dance Club, IZA, l2B, Friendship Club, IOB, Honor SOCIQIYI IIA-IZB, Hiah Wav Representative, ICB. ANNE EININGER 1413 Magee fveryug wilso 'C ,ffl ,ff I 'Academic of PK I2A,'IZB, Bmd, IZA. X1 L, f - I 7 K , f . I 'I JoAN L. use 1 iuley eet Wi ' H or Eociet -, Future Teac s Mica, IIA-IZB, I-lnah Way S , IIA. Hockey, Manager, '49, '5C, Bawfrnu, '-IH, '49 EVELYN MARIE ELIAS 5540 Miriam Road Wilson Academic Renard Book Committee, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IVA-IIA, Senior Iwelve, IZB, Sock G Baskin, IIA, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Future Teachers of America, IZA, Hiah Way Representa- tive, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, IOB- IZB, Edrtar, IZB, Scribes, IIA-IZB Basketball, Manager '48-'51, Swm- m:n.i Club, '49, '50, Bowling, '49, . 6-?v,f9aJf RUSSELL . ELTONHEAD 1673 Haworth Street Harding Mechanic Arts Stage Crevi, IIB-IZB, Second Soccer, '-19, Varsity Soccer, '5Oj Minor Letter, '-I9, Maiar Letter, '50, FRANKFORD WILLIAM O. ELWELL 6624 Rutland treet Wilson Academic DONALD R. EMERY 14056 Erwin Street WilS0n Industrial WILLIAM GEORGE EVANS 621 Magee Avenue WIISOII Industrial 0 4 JAMES ROBERT EWING 3528 Ashville Street , Wilson Mechanic Ark JUDITH ANDREA FABER 1217 Arrott Street Moorestawn, N. J. Commercial Friendshro Club, IZA, Orpheus Club, IZA. Swimming Club, 'SC Af: PHE HELLER ! 188 Street Harding Academic Senior Marninq Committee IZB Bowling Team, '50, '51 H SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-five I ALVIN T. FELDMAN 1254 Kerper Street Central Academic Track, '49, '5 l. CHARLE JACQUE FERGUSON 3013 Rawle Street Wilson Home Economics A Cappella Choir, 1OA-12B, JOHN DONALD FERNS 3147 Willits Road Tucson, Arizona Mechanic Arts Track, '49-'51, Minor Letter, '49, Maior Letter, '50, '51, Cross Country, '5O. ELLA KATHRYN FIRTH 2938 Robbins Avenue Wilson Commercial High Way Representative, IOA. Basketball, '46. MIRIAM J. FRAME 317 Hellerman Street Wilson Home Economics A Cappella Choir, l1B-1213, Orpheus l2A, l2B, A, A. Representative, J . ROSS HUTCHINSON FRANK 1437 Comly Street Wilson Academic JOAN E. FRASETTO 5255 Roosevelt Boulevard Little Flower General High Wav Representative, 11A. Bowling, '51, NANCY JAYNE FRENK 6131 Ditman Street Harding Academic Student Board, 11A, A Cappella Choir, IIB-128, Latin Club, 1OB, Friendship Club, 1OA, Girls Glee Club, l1A, High Wav Representative, IZA. Leaders, '49, '50, BARBARA FRIEDRICH 6119 Jackson Street Harding Commercial PAUL A. FRIES 3320 Friendship Street Wilson Mechanic Arts DOLORES HILDA FROHLICH 975 Sanger Street Wilson Commercial HELEN JOAN FULLERTON 1913 Welsh Road Wilson Commercial FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-six HMV!! 4 TKSAARO 0 RITA DOROTHY GOCOLINSKA 4256 Griscom Street 4537 Milner ggfeef Ho,-ding Commercial St. John Cantius Commercial MIL G D0 6 ric Hard' Academic ., B - . - DOUGLAS Jann GAYNoR Egg, 0 A122 'lgfegugflaj fggi 959 Granite Street Iiegd lliilg, , l2B, Orpzwsxs ' ' u , , Q Cietv, , Northeast Catholic Academic B: F ' re Teac America, HA- ' H Vi! y resentative, IOA- l b, l2 oy Staff, IIA-IZB, Scribes, g "A" Play, l2B. Bowling, '4 , '50, B ARA A 1323 Devered VENUE MARGUERITE ANN GORRELL WilS0n Academic 2263 Pratt Street Record Book Committee, l2Bg Honor Hvfdihg Generdl 5OC'e'Yf WV '25 student Board, llB. I ROBERT LEWIS GOTTSHALK , 7158 Cottage Street G CEG Wilson Music Thanotopsis Club, llA-l2Bg Clet U39 'l' 'N' shea' , Club, ioa-i2i3, President, i2A, l2Bg A e com I gopkpellollfghljgli 5OBltl2BjClSt?cklOBG r . A I sin, - 5 rpeus u, - ,S , 5f30S:E?1g'C' ' .9' I ng' SO' l5Bg Locker Committee, IlA-lZB. Second Bcsketbafl, '48, Swimming Team, '48, BARBARA ANNE GRAHAM zowAno WILLIAM Grouse 3217 Fensheve Street 3255 Knorr Street Wilson Commercial Wilson Commercial A. A. Representative, llA. Bond, IOB, llA, l2A, l2B,. Leaders, '48-'Sig Swimming Club, '49, Bowling, '49. HOWARD WILLIAM GRAHAM 4439 Wingohocking Street Harding Academic WWRE5 T- GLEN"-L Trip Committee, l2Bg Thirteen Club, 3910 "J" Street l2B, A. A. Representative, IOA-l2A. Little Flower General Varsity Foofbolll 148-150: Mojo., Letter, '48-'50, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-seven ALFRED WILLIAM GRISEK 'NNE F. GRAVUER 7266 Bradford Street ioso Alcott sneer H"'di"9 Ge"e"" Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, IZB, Thirteen , Club, IZB. A Cappella Choir, IIB-IZB. Bowling, '48-'5I. i l STEL MAN 1536 Street ROSEMARY ANN GRECO Harding Academic 4535 Magee Avenue ' ellow I lu ZA, A Cappella Harding Commercial ir, l 5 i dship Club, 103- . l ' s Cl b, IIA-IZB, Gris Honor Society, IIA-IZB. I IDB- IB, Medical Ulm' ! LILLIAN CHRISTINE GROSSMANN 7222 Barnard Avenue THERESA R C0 . . ,Ho 0 do' Av ue WTO! ll Ch ' IIA l2BAgldIwmIc - appe a air, - g rp eus H"'d"'9 Q5 com "I Club, IIB-l2Bg Honor society, IIA- Ho cie I l , IZBQ Future Teachers of America, IIB, I l2Bg Organ Club, IZB. RONALD S. GREENBERG ROBERT LYNN GUENTHER 3848 Lawndale Street 8734 Midland Avenue Harding Commercial Wilson Commercial GORDON GRIFFITH 2125 Gfqnf Avenue LAMONT MARVIN GUTHRIE Wilson Academic 3519 Ryan Avenue Latin club, IOA-IZA, A. A, Repre- H"d"'9 Me""""' Am 59nf0TlV9f IIB- Thirteen Club, IZB. Second Soccer, '48, '49, Vars'ty T k 'Q fi- f . Soccer, '50, Fencing, '49-'5l, Numerals, mc ' 5 ' 5 ' Cross Country' SO '23, Minor Letter, '49, Major Letter, NANCY HAGOPIAN JANE GRIMMER 6948 Large sneer 2250 PNN shea' Wilson Commercial Widener Commercial Medical Club, IZB. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-eight GERALDINE HAHN l323 Gilham Street Wilson Commercial A. A. Representative, lCB. LORRAINE B. HAINES 2339 Fuller Street Stetson Commercial Hgrpheus Club, l2A, l2B, Organ Club, Zgpfwz X 1 My AMW' ADELINE HANLEY 5927 Chenoult Street Wilson Academic Student Board, lOB, l2A, l2B, Sec- retary IZB, High Way Staff, llB-l2B, Medical Club, llB-l2B, "A" Play, l2B, Leaders, '49, Hockey, '49, '50, Bowling, '49-'5l, Letter, '5O. MILDRED EILEEN HANTWERKER l4l2 St. Vincent Street Wilson Commercial Softball, '49 ELEANOR E IZAB 314 r t I' 2 , A ommerciol MYRNA IRENE HARTLEIN 7012 Castor Avenue Wilson Co ercial Bowling, '5 ! 'WMS ,QF .S D ARL E HAUSER ' Street ilson Academic Friendshi lub, l2A, l2Bg Girls age Club, OB, Medical Club, llA- AN A AUSSERMANN 5l shore Avenue Wilson I Commercial ' ff -, . Ll X' V H . 4 I b rl 'I ' I . I ,I -. gf' 5 sf ELSIE HAUSSLER 3116 Knorr Street Wilson Academic Orpheus Club, llB-l2B, Honor Society, IZA, l2Bg Future Teachers of America, llA-l2Bp High Way Staff, l2A, l2B, Organ Club, llA, llB. G. ROBERT HEADLEY l5l7 Longshore Av nue Wilson e anic ts Senior Mor 'ng Com tee PATRICIA ANN HEANY 1421 Friendship Street Wilson Commercial Softball, '49 VIOLET I. HEBERLING 1004 Ookmont Street Wilson Commercial High Way Representative, IOA, lOB. Basketball, '4 g Bow ing, ' -'5O. gjigeif 2 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Sixty-nine DOROTHY GRACE HELSER 8030 Burholme Avenue Wilson Commercial Orpheus Club, IIB-IZB, Organ Club. IIA, Bowling '5O. - C t I.. . ,Mi It BERNICE MAY HENRY 1220 Wakeling Street Darlington, Pa. General Dancing Club, IZA, High Way Busi- ness Staff, IZB, PATRICIA JANE HENRY 3255 Disstan Street Passaic, New Jersey Academic Secretary of Senior Class, IZB, Dance Committee, IZA, Student Board, Secre- tary, IZA, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZA, Secretary, IZB, Thanatopsisi Club, IOB- IZB, Vice-President, IZA, Sock E1 Buskin, IOB-IIB, Treasurer, IIA, IIB, Orpheusi Club, IIB-IZB, Vice-President, IZB, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, Vice- President, IZA, President, IZB, Girls Glee Club, IIA, Future Teachers of America, IIA-IZB, President, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB RONALD CLIFFORD HERD 735 Longshore Avenue Wilson Academic Second Baseball, '49, Varsity Base- Ball, '50, '5l, Minor Letter, '49, Major Letter, '50 MARILYN L. HERRMANN 3601 Welsh Road Wilson Academic Senior Twe've, IZB, Latin Club, ICA- IZB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, Future Teachers of America, IIB-IZB, Secretary, IZA, IZB, History Prize, IIB. I I A K ELIZA cr His 6300 Newt venue Wi on fx Academic Record k Committee, IZB, Danaides, IZA, IZB, Thonatopsis C ub, IOB-IZB, A. A. Council Member, IZA, IZB, A, A. Representative, IIA, IZA, High Way Staff, IIB-IZB, Girls Track, '50, Leaders, 4'8, '49, Hockey, '48-'51, Basketball, '48-'51, Numera's, '50, Letter '51, GUSTAV HINTZ 4212 Vankirk Street Harding Mechanic Arts ROBERT ARTHUR HOFFMAN 962 Arrott Street Wilson Academic Second Basketball, '48, '49, DONALD NEAL HOMAN 7722 Frontenac Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IIA, Orchestra, IOA, Band, IOA-IIB, A Cappella Choir, IZA. Track, '48, '49 MARGARET E. HOWLAND 1900 Emerson Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IOA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Thonatopsis Club, IOB-IZB, Latin Club, IOA-IZB, President, IZA, Vice- President, IZB,,Orpheus Club, IIA- IZB, Honor Society, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, IIB, High Way Rep- resnetative, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, IOB-IZB, Radio Workshop, IOB-IIB, Organ Club, IIB-IZB, Clionian Club, IOB. Leaders, '49-'51, Basketball, '49, Bowling, '49 '3 A BEATRICE MAE HOYER 5916 Walker Street Harding Academic High Way Represcntatiye, IIB. Softball, '49, Swimming Club, '50, '51 IELEANOR LOUISE HUBER 6236 Hcsbrook Avenue Wilson Academic ll WM Orpheus Club, IIA. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. MAE ERNA HUGHES 6210 Tackawanna Street Wilson Commercial Dancing Club, IOA, IOB, A. A. Rep- resentative, IDA, lOB. Girls Track, '49, Softball, '48, Volleyball, '47, SHIRLEY EILEEN HUGHLETT 4219 Hellerman Street Wilson Commercial E O ERNER IMRIE 1 Prot reet Har ' Academic ent B, Senior Twelve, , Latin I , IOA-IZB, Honor lety, IIA-l . Leaders, '49-'51, RET INDERS TTEN 438 Bleigh A e Academic Orpheus' CI , ll -IZB, Honor ociety, IZA , ut e Teachers of America, l2A, B, Organ Club, IIA. Bowling, '50, '51, DANIEL JAMES INGERSOLL 6248 Montague Street Harding Mechanic Arts Second Basketball, '49, '50, Varsity Basketball, '50, '5I. S ,n ' . 1 . , 1 f 1 ' X' 1 '- 5 - ' ' U -. , NK N K , CONSTANCE A. INGLIN 7836 Craig Street Wilson Academic Orchestra, IOB-IZB, Clef Club, IZA, l2B., Orpheus Club, l2A, Honor Society, llB-l2B, Future Teachers of America, IZA, IZB. OLGA JACOB 606 Robbins Avenue Wilson Academic A Cappella Choir, IZA, IZB, Future Teachers of America, IIA-IZB. ARLENE D. JONES 2901 Lardner Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Latin Club, IOA, Girls Glee Club, IIA, Future Teachers of America, IZB, A. A. Representative, IZA, Basketball, '49, Softball, '49, Bowl- ing, '-19. THOMAS HENRY JONES 1902 Fulmer Street Wilson Academic J fi-gfwifyy' QU CA OLYNTNNE Jovcz 991 East Godfrey Avenue Harding Academic Sock Cr Buskin, IIA, High Way Representative, IOA, IOB, Basketball, '49, Swimming Club, '49, Bowling, '50 HERBERT JUNKER 4302 Glendale Street Harding Academic Honor Society, IIA. Second Soccer, '48, Minor Letter, ,H JANE IRENE KAMINSKI 6232 Revere Street Mount Carmel, Pa. Commercial Bank Representative, IZB. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Seventy-one .V Zi CHARLES W. KAUFMANN, JR. 3190 Aramingo Avenue St. Peter's School Vocational Art Clef Club, IZB, A Cappella Choir, llB-IZBQ Orpheus Club, l2A, IZB, 5721 T aw a reel' Qs .io-.u . arding Commercial Bowling, '5 , VIRGINIA MAE KEES 1407 Tyson Avenue Wilson Commercial Senior Morning Committee, 1213, Student Board, IOA, IOB, Thanatopsis Club, IOA-l2B, Locker Committee, llA-l2Bg A, A. Representative, llB, High Wav Representative, IZA, High Ylggv Staff, IIB-IZB, Scribes, IZA, Leaders, '48-'50, Softball, '48-'50, PETER KELLIS 2834 N. Water Street Stetson Academic Future Tcachers of America, 11B- 1213 ROBERT CHARLES KELLY 5912 Roosevelt Boulevard Moorefield, W. Va. Academic 75fa1'-foal RENETTA DOROTHY KEPHART 4751 Shelmire Street Wilson Commercial Secretarial Club, l2A, es 've, l , :tu w I - 28, ' 5 A , ock. .1-ff ' V L vu 0' yy! W JAMES EDWARD KERR 3344 Guilford Street Wilson Academic Trip Committee, l2B. Second Basketball, '48-'50, Varsity Basketball, '50, '51, Numerals, '48-'50, Maior Letter, '50, '5l. PAULINE KERR 2231 Haworth Street Harding Commercial A A Representative, l2A, l2B. BETTY L. L azv Streetk Wilson A d Stu t r - , Latin C , OA, , rph lub, IZA, Hon ci tv, B-l2B, Grade f Girls Glee Club, achers of ica Wav Repr nta 've S Gus ROBERT L, KIMMELBLATT 6009 Torresdale Avenue Harding Academic Record Book Committee, 128, High Wav Representative, IOA, IOB, High Wav Staff, IOA-l2B, Sports Editor, I IA, IIB, Editor-in-Chief, 12A, Scribes, IHOB-IZB, Secretary, IIA, IIB, Vice-President, IZA. DONALD J. KINSLEY 1118 Rosalie Street Wilson Mechanic Arts J, MMO. !f x yd WALT JOH KISSEL 3629 rankford Avenue Harding Academic "AH Piov, mf' Second Soccer, '48, Minor Letter, '48, Bowling Team, '5l. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Seventy-two if Represe ti 2B' " , I2 , View HELENA KITTEL 4536 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Commercial ROBERT F. KLUMPP 6255 Mulberry Street Wilson Academic Second Basebail, 'SC MARGARET MARY KNEBELS 3716 Pheasant Drive Bensalem, Pa. Commercial ELAINE KNOX 986 Carver Street Little Flower General I! MARY 191 . Wen y St e Harding Commercial Sock C7 Buskin, IOA, ICB, A. A. Representative, IOA, IOB. l49Leaders, '49, Saftbaii, '49, Bowling, f , 1. . ,ff A , 1 MARGARET JEAN Komen ' 3407 Decatur Street , Wilson Academic i OVDIWEUS Club, IZA, IZB, Honor I Society, 11B-128, Future Teachers of i America, l 1A-12B I Bllvxitrtq, '49 HOWARD C. KOHOUT 7214 Calridge Street Wilson Academic JOHN C. KOHR 4924 Griscom Street Wilson Academic Latin Club, l A, llB Hoiiucictv it B. - . Q F ' s. Q. ROBERT G. KOKAT 1411 Unruh Street Wilson Academic Thanatopsts Club, IOB-l2B, A Cap- pelia Choir, IIA, Sock C1 Baskin, ICA-IZB, Honor Society, IIA, IIB, A A Representative, iOB, High Wav Representative, IOB, High Wav Busi- ness Staff ICB Cross Ccuntrx, '48-'50, Maior Letter, '-IQ ,f 24k fm IL N JSYAE'-AQQMLIS ' , , eriglian Street" .,,,,y . N- I . - -Qglsan - , , ' ,Ajadinic '-f I orqgia , ICB-1QB'f'1Orph Club.. .4 l2A, ffl H? Society, QILIB-l2Bg HQ Organ Club, I I Midlial CIubfIZBr sx 'L 1 Q, CHESTER KOWALIK 4535 Milnor Street Northeast Mechanic Arts STEPHEN EDWARD KOWALIK 4535 Milnor Street Harding Commercial Cvnft Monitor, HB, l2A FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Seventy-three A MARGARET F. KRAMER 1713 Dyre Street Harding Academic Latin Club, IOB-IIB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, Future Teachers of America, IIB-IZB, Sock C1 Buskin, IZB. Swgning Club, Q85 Bowling, '5l. "- 5' 'S rw BERNARD S. KRAU5 3229 Rawle Street Wilson Academic Second Baseball, '49, Track, '50, JOHN KRAWICE A 5847 Penn Street Harding Commercial O ES AY KR G 351 ast ycoming meet in Commercial I C pel' Choir, IIB-IZBQ Secre- tarial Clu IZA, Orpheus Club, IIB- !-lig Way Representative, IOB, o'o uord, IZA, IZB JANIS FRANK LAHNEMAN 2089 Carver Street Harding Academic Clef Club, IIB-IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IIBg Sock Cr Buskin, IIA, Orpheus Club, IIA, J 56 L Av Wilson mmercial EDWARD LASKOWSKI 2382 Duncan Street Harding Mechanic Arts JEAN LOUISE LATORRE 4029 Unruh Avenue Harding Commercial High Way Representative, IIB. YVONNE HELEN LEASURE 4644 Adams Avenue Harding Commercial Hockey, '50, RUTH LOUISE LEHMANN 6931 N. Kindred Street I Commercial XWPV MARJORIE JANE LEHR 1823 Napfle Avenue Wilson Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, IOA, IOB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Latin Club, IOB, IIA, Orpheus Club, IGB-IZBQ Girls Glee Club, IOA, Future Teachers of America. IIB, IZBJ Chem- Estry Club, IZA, IZB, "A" Play, IZB. NORBERT LENHARD 850 Anchor Street Wilson Industrial FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. 0 4' Ill 1' f ' I f ,I A' V vie ' "zZANW' ARLENE LEWIS 8715 Crispin Street Wilson Commercial JOAN A. LEWIS 4658 Griscom Street Harding Academic Orpheus Club, IZA, 12B, High Way Rggresientative, IZA, High Way Staff, 1 Track, '50, Basketball '49, '50, Softball, '49,, '49 ROSE MARIE LILL 1532 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Commercial Dance Committee, IZA, Trip Com- mittee, IZB, Danaides, 12B, A, A. Rep- resentative, IOA-l2B, Vice-President, IZA, l2B, Gym Office, IZA, l2B. Track, '50, Hockey, '49, '50, Basket- ball, '48, '49, Softball, '48, Volleyball, '43I BOWNHQ, '51, Numerals, '50, Letter, '51, CHARLES MORROW LINDBERG 4203 Stirling Street Wilson Mechanic Arts MARION L. LINTEMAN 6742 Keystone Street Harding A mi: Friendship C'ub, IZB, Or Cub, l2A. .., T Sof ing, ' l ' f DAVID H. LINTZ 7909 Frankford Avenue WilSOIl Academic Senior Morning Committee, 12B, Stu- dent Board, l1B-IZB, High Way Rep- resentative, ICB. FRANKFORD HIG ,jf ff-JZ WELIZABETH JANE LOGAN 4723 E. Thompson Street Harding Commercial Softball ' ' ' lter, '49, '50 ALAN WILLIAM LOMAS 1922 Harrison Street Harding General Second Football, '48, '49, Cross Country, '49, '50, Track, '49-'5l, Fencing, '48, '49, Maior Letter, '49-'50, GERALDINE JULIA LONDERS 410 West York Street Cooke Academic Dancing Club, l2B. Cheerleaders, '50, '51, Basketball, '48, Swimming Club, '-19. DIANE BEATRICE LONG 4517 Mulberry Street Harding Commercial JOHN EDWARD LONG 7150 Glenloch Street Wilson Academic Student Board ICB, A, A. Repre- sentative, llB, High Way Representa- tive, IOA. MARVIN HARRY LOTT 620 Poquessing Avenue Wilson Agriculture H SCHOOL PHILADUJHIA, PA. Seventy-five LETA LINDA LOWE 1331 Magee Avenue Wilscn Commercicl RONALD CARL LUCKIE 4751 Milnor Street Harding Academic JOAN RUTH LUTTS 6817 Lynford Street Wilson Commercial MARIANNE L. LYNAUGH 4722 Darrah Street Olney Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, Danaides, 128, Thanatopss Club, l2A, IZB, High Way Staff, IZB, Medical Club, 11A-12B DEBORAH LYN 4823 N. eventh treet THERESA MALLAMACI 5206 Roosevelt Boulevard South Philadelphia Girls Commercial lzgriendship Club, 12B, Orpheus Club, i M fffffwy j'l NORMA LORAINE MALPASS 2085 Albright Street Harding Commercial A Cappella Choir, 10B-12B, Senior High Chorus, IOA, IOB, Girls Glee Club, ICB, llA. HENRY RICHARD MAREK 4527 Milnor Street Harding Industrial RONALD K. MARKLOFF Tomlinson Road Wilson Academic Vice-President of Senior Class, l2B, Student Board, 11A, Thanatopsis Club, llB, 12B, President, 12B, Sock G Buskin, IOA, IOB, A. A. Representa- tive, IOA-l2B, President, llA, IIB, High Way Representative, IOB, Second Football, '48, Varsity Foot- ball, '49, '50, Minor Letter, '48, Major Letter, '49, '50, DOROTHY ANN MARTIN 1662 Dyre Street Harding Academic Student Board, IOB, l1A, Latin Club, IOA, lOB, Friendship Club, IZA, Orpheus Club, l2A, l2B, Future Teachers of America, 12A, l2B, "A" Play, IZB. Leaders, '48, '49, Softball, '49, Swimming Club, '49, Bowling, '50, '5l. ROBERT MATTOX 7203 Walker Street Harding Commercial High Way Representative, lOA. PHYLLIS ANN MAYALL 1106 Pratt Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, l2B, Student Board, 1OA, Friendship Club, IOB, Orpheus Club, l2A, 128, Future Teachers of America, l2A, 12B, High Way Representative, 12B, High Way Staff, l2A. Bowling, '49, '5O. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. v l 1 WILLIAM J. MAYERS I770 Brill Street Harding General JOAN E. McALLISTER 4200 Aldine Street Wilson Commercial Record Book Committee, l2B, Sec- retarial Club, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, English Office, IZA, I2Bg Gym Office, IZA, IZB, Bowling '49-'El wwf " LOIS MAE MCCONEMY 2241 Bridge Street Harding Academic Orchestra, IOA-llAj Band, IIA-lZBg Honor Socletx, IIB-IZB SHIRLEY ANNE McKAY 865 Sanger Street Wilson Academic Trip Cam lttee, IZB, Student oard QA, 1. , S r ' else-irzfeltsfel Societv, IIA-IZ ' Future Teachers of Arnggna, I - 2 ' Wav Repre- senta ive,F'QkH ghmWStaff, IOA- IZB, wird Pane Editor, IZA, IZB, Scrobg 7Oh!87N-fgnerican History Awar , IIA, Leaders e' '49-'50, Basketball '-H5515 ofm we-'51, Track '50 '5l Numerals '-lqmrm, '50, Letter 'Sf' JOAN McKIM 4777 Worth Street Harding Academic Friendship Club, IZA, Medtcal Club, IZA, IZB Bowl ing 'SC JOHN G. McWlLLlAMS 4534 Salmon Street Harding Mechanic Arts A A Representative, IIA, Track, '49-'51, Numerals, '-49, Mayor Letter, 'SO DANIEL J. MEIKLEJOHN 4122 Dungan Street Northeast Mechanic Arts Varsity Basketball, '-l'-2-'51, Minor Letter '42-I '49, Mayor Letter I9 'SI PHYLLIS JANE MENSING 4943 Darroh Street New York City, N. Y. Academic MARJORIE JOAN MEYERS 4138 Stirling Street Wilson Academic Clef Club, ICA-IIB, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, Sock Z1 Buskln, IIA- IZB, Secretary, IIA, Orpheus Club IIA-IZB Secretarx, IZB, Girls Glee Club, IOB, A A Representative IDB Organ Club, ICB, Medial Club IIB Bonlina, '-I9, '53 CLAIR M. MILLER 7207 Tabor Avenue Wilson Mechanic Arts Orclwstra ICA-IIB JANET FAYE MILLS 6337 Farnsworth Avenue Harding Commercial Friendship Club IZB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Medical Cub, IIB. NEIL MINKOFF 5361 Large Street Harding Academic I7gfLlU9FlI Board, IZB, Thirteen Club I- Second Basketball, '49, '50, Varsity Basketball, '50, '51, Second Cross Cgnguntry, '48, '49, Minor Letter, '49 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. NARTHY MIRAKIAN 894 Bridge Street Wilson Commercial Dancing Club, IOA, Bank Repre-, IZA, IZB, A. A. Representa- tive, IOA, IIA-IZB, High Way Rep- resentative, ICB HELEN RUTH MISSION , 4047 "I" Street Harding Home Economic: RICHARD A. MITCHELL 304 Chandler Street Wilson Vocational Art Orpheus Club, IZB DOLORES ANN MOSER 1854 E. Clarence Street Jones Commercial Student Board, IIA Leaders, '49, Hockey, 'SO WILLIAM HENRY MOYER 5324 Meridian Street Wilson Commercial Second Baseball, '50, Varsity Base- ball, 'Sl FRANCES HUBER MUNZ 849 E. Schiller Street Stetson Commercial Friendship Club, IZB, Orpheus C'ub, IZA, IZB, Medical Club, IZA, IZB FERDINAND M. MUSCHECK 4209 Aldine Street Northeast Commercial RUTH NAGLE 2804 Fanshawe Street Vore Academic Orpheus Club, IZA, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB. -fl-5'Ip,v" CAROLINE V. NELSON 3507 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Dancing Club, IOA, IOB, HELENA CATHERINE NELSON 4400 Devereaux Street Glenside, Po. Commercial A Cappella Choir, IIB-IZB, Orpheus IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, Bowling, '49 NANCY NEVIN 70lI Montague Street Harding Aca mic Dance tee, I , t Board IQ A, IZ IZ , President, ia, Qmo r A, 125, sock Buskin I B, Orpheus Club, A onor c' , IIA-IZB, F eacher i I -IZB, Vi -Presiden ' ay Rep- resenta I , igh ay Staff, IZA, IZB, High Way Business Staff, IOA- IZB, Service Cub, IOA-l2B. Basketball, '50, Bowling, '49-'5I. HARRY EARL NICHOLSON 6141 Algard Street Harding Industrial Student Board, IIA, IIB, Orchestra, IIA, Band, IOA, IOB. Sgecond Soccer, '49, Varsity Soccer, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. JOAN C. NITA 6125 Erdrick Street Harding Commercial A. A, Representative, 11B-l2B. Leaders, '48, '49, Softball, '48, '49, Swimmzng Club, '48, '49, Bowling '48, '49 .HW M. JEANNE NOLTE 224 Levick Street Wilson ademic Orpheus Ciub, 1 A. FLORENCE J. OLSKY 2311 N. Fairhill Street Cooke Academic Dance Committee, l2B, Danaides, IZB, A. A. Representative, IZA. Leaders, '50, '51, Hockey, '49, '50 Sgimming Team, '49-'51, Letter '49- A. INGRID OLSON 3808 Harvard Place Wilson Commercial Izgligh Way Representative, l2A, Leaders, '49, Hockey, '49, Softball, '50, '51, Swimming Team, '49, '50' Bowling, '49. RICHARD V. O'NEAL 5904 Shisler Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Second Baseball, '50, Cross Country, '49-'51, Minor Letter, '50, Major Letter, '49-'5l. HUGO JOSEPH OPITZ 4034 Loring Street Wilson Academic Student Board, 12A. EUGENE JOSEPH OSCILOWSKI 2639 Poplar Street Northeast Catholic Academic Varsity Football, '49, '50, Numerals, '49, Mayor Letter, '50 RONALD CHARLES O'SHEA 6011 Lovatt Terrace Wilson Mechanic Arts JOAN OTTAVIANI 3614 Livingston Street Jones Academic Girls Glee Club, IOA, ICB. VIRGINIA OVERTON 822 Levick Street Egg Harbor, N. J. Commercial CASIMIR PARADYSZ 2407 Church Street Harding Industrial DAVID FREDRICK PATTON 1436 Lardner Street Wilson Industrial FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Seventy-nine I I x E YL , f NC , O I 2 ' 1' I 'Vs EILEEN ANN PATTON f 'jf 4010 Glendale Street Harding Academic Latin Club, lCA-l2B Secretarv, IZA, Medical Club, l2A, l2B DORIS ANN PENDLEBURY 2300 Margaret Street Harding Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Danaides l2B, Honor Society, llA-l2A, Future Teachers of America, llA, llB, A, A Representative, IOA-l2B V Leaders, '48, '4 - Bo ' Q, '-l f' goffp? I 1 NANCY PERRY 4770 Loring Street Wilson Commercial Dancing Club, lOA. CHRISTOPHER BRAY PFEIFFER 5654 Miriam Road Wilson Commercial I-liah Wav Representative, llA. GERTRUDE JANE PICKARD 5621 Miriam Road R0Xb0l'0l-I9h Commercial ROBERT PILKINGTON 5152 Leiper Street Harding Commercial Second Soccer, '49, Varsity Soccer, '50, Minor Letter, '49, Maior Letter, '50 FRANKFORD 1 l I .1 MARION JEAN PINKER 1664 Granite Street Harding Commercial Senior Morning Committee, l2B, Student Board, IOA, ICB, Orpheus Club, IZB, A, A, Representative, l2B, Hialw Wav Staff, lOA. Leaders, '49, '50, Softball, '-I9, Bowl- ina, '-I9 RICHARD A. PINKERTON lI64 Anchor Street Harding Academic Orchestra, ICA-UA, Band, llB-l2B. ROBERT E. PLATT East County Line, Somerton Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, Click Club, llA-l2B. NORMAN HALL POLLOCK 5014 Duffield Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, 1283 Stu- dent Board, l2B, Latin Club, IOB-l2B' Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIA-EB, Future Teachers of America, IIA- B. .QHAVM A M OMMER 5026 GI nl ck Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IZA NATALIE KAY PRINZING Milnor Street, Torresdale Hardin I , Academic C shi'TIubE7lI'B-g2Bg ofpneis l , l , n oci t, - l2ug Mgzcali? ey I S ' ming 'ciuu '49, IBQWVV , '50 '5l,w' 111 f 1, fffffuf !1 HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Eighty EDWIN H. RAIGHN 2951 E. Venango Street Jones Mechanic Arts Fencing, '49, '5O. DOROTHY ROSE REGAN 725 Levick Street Little Flower General ESTELLE REICH 5430 ley tr H din Academic MM BARBARA ANN REIHM 3309 Friendship Street Wilson Commercial Orpheus Club, l2A, 128, Bank Rep- resentative, l2B, High Way Repre- sientative, llA-l2A, High Way Busi- TSES Staff, 10B, llA, Medical Club, Softball, '49, Swimming Club, '49, '50, Bowling, '49-'5l. BARVRA JQAN EEIMANN , 328 Oilimont Street Wilsob- I IC- Academic Senior Morni .'.Committee, 12B, Danaides, 122' rlgiendship Club, l1A, High Way bpresentative, 10B-llA, Hiqh wav Staff, iiA-i2B. Leaders, '49-'51, Hockey, '49, '50, Basketball, '48-'51, Captain, '50, Soft- ball, '49-'51, Track, '50, Bowlina, '50, lglumeras, '50, Letter, '49-'51, Charm, E. WAYNE REINAS 2028 Bridge Street Harding Academic Clef Club, l2B. Track, '50 ,iff ,ff 1 NANC E. REINEKE 1131 Anchor Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, l2A. HARVEY M. RICE 2133 Betts Street Harrisburg, Pa, General Second Baseball, '49, '50, Second Basketball, '49, Varsity Basketball, '50 JOYCE LORRAINE RICKARDS 9528 Cowden Street Wilson General softball, '49, so, Bowling, '49, '50, f' , J I 1 J , Y .1 ,V I RIC RONALD RINCK I -' 400 Vista Street jf .lorslp Vfalldemig Future Teachers ff Africa, llA, l1B, Bio'ogv CIubF.lB, ank,Repre-1 scntatlve IZA, 12, ' ! L 1' DAVID LEE RITCHIE 1237 Hale Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee, 12A' Student Board, ioia, Thonaiopsis Club, loa- l2B, A. A Representative, l1B. Second Football, '49, Second Base- ball, '50, Varsity Baseball, '51, Second Basketball, '49, '50, Varsity Basket- ball, '50, '51, Cross Country, '48, Num- erals, '48, Minor Letter, '48-'50, Mayor Letter, '50, '51, ALICE E. ROBB 2117 Orthodox Street Harding Academic Dancing Club, 10A, A Cappella Choir, llB-12B, Sock G Buskin, l0B, Girls Glee Club, l1A, AA. Repre- sentative, l0A, 108. Swimming Club, '5l. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. A, MARY ELIZABETH ROGERS 5721 Hoffman Avenue Palmyra, N. J. Academic Sai torian of S nior Class, Sengr Tw I B M Clu IOA-I , Ho e , L ure Teachers of America, IZA, IZB, Hbh Way Staff, IOB-IZB, Radio Workshop. IIA' Organ Club, IIB-IZB, "A" Play, I2 uskiri, IZB. Leaders, '4 '51, MARY ROMANO 6117 Castor Avenue Wilson Commercial Friendship Club, IZA. ELIZABETH ROSENBERGER 622 Fonshawe Street Wilson General Softball, '48, JONATHAN ROWLAND 8112 Frankford Avenue Wilson Academic A Cappella Choir, IOA-IZB, High Ycgylzgepresentative, IOA, Scribes, I - . MARY ELANE ROWLAND 1840 Fuller Street Wilson Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, IZB. ELSIE ANN RUBER 1319 E. Carey Street WIISOII Commercial F R A N K F 0 R D FREDERICK L. RUDOLPH 3344 Friendship Street Wilson Mechanic Arts BRUCE M. RUSK 2322 Fuller Street Wilson Academic Honor Society, IZA, I2B, History Award, IIA. CHARLES WILLIAM RUSSO 4544 Richmond Street Pensauken, N. J. Aca demic Zgrip Com-mittee, I2B, Thirteen Club, I , Second Football, '48, Second Base- ball, '48, Varsity Baseball, '49-'51, Second Basketball, '48, Varsity Basket- ball, '50, Minor Letter, '49, '50, Maiar seerier, '50, EDITH SALDITCH 5917 Shisler Street Wilson Commercial CHARLES WARREN SAMPH 2125 Pratt Street Harding Academic Orchestra, IOA, I IA-l2B, Band, IOA, ICB. Second Football, '48, '49, Second Baseball, '50, Varsity Baseball, '51, M JUNE DOROTHJ SANDOM 2023 Griffith Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IIB-IZB, Senior Twe ve, IZB, Latin Club, IOB, Orpheus Club, IZA, I2B,: Honor Society, IIA- I2Bg Medical Club, IZA, 12B HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. JoHN sAnzYNsia 3l08 Gaul Street Jones Commercial C. MERRILL SASMAN 3205 Ravlle Street Wilson Academic P lvgp JI 64 s'Street ing Comm rcial Stu Board, lOAg Qrpheuj Club, l2-B X owlinq, '48, ' P J, ' f ELMER ROY SAYLES, JR. 65l7 Marsden Street Harding Academic A. A. Representative, IIA, NORMA V. SCI-IAAD Southampton Road and Bareolow Street Wilson Commercial WALTER SCHLOSSER 6518 Oxford Avenue Wilson Academic Orpheus Club, HA-l2Bj A. Rep- resentative, llA-IZA, Medical Club, l2B. ROBERT SCHMID 7928 Oxford Avenue Wilson Commercial HELEN ALICE SCHMIDT 3574 N. Stouton Street Harding ' Commercial Secretarial Club, l2A, High Way Representative, l2A. Bowling, '48, '49. W ,JLMJ6 CATHERINE EVA SCHNEIDER 6720 Rutland Street Wilson Commercial Orpheus Club, l2Bg Bank Repre- sentative, IZB. Swimming Club, '5O. fig ffm VERNON JAY SCHUMACHER l307 McKinley Street Wilson Mechanic Arts High Way Staff, l2A, l2B. Second Cross Country, '49, Minor Letter, '49, Maior Letter, '49-'5lg Bowling Team, '49-"5l. CHARLES E. SCHWARTZ 4142 Hellermon Street Wilson Academic DONALD G. SCHWARTZ 4905 Frankford Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts Second Baseball, '50, Varsity Base- ball, '5l, Second Basketball, '50, Var- sitv Basketball, '51, Major Letter, '5l. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. ETHEL MAY SCHWARTZ 4016 Gilham Street Wilson Commercial Bowlina, '50, '51, CHARLES EDWARD SCULLY 883 Marcella Street North Catholic General Second Baseball, '48, Varsity Basket- ball, '49, '50, Minor Letter, '48, Mayor Letter, '49, '5O. JOHN J. SEDDON yke feet Har Academic Record Book , ZB, "A" ob Play, EZB, Click , , Sock Baskin, IOB, Honor A , AA. Representative, IOA, High y Represent ' , IOA, High Way Staff, IIA-I2 V cribes - -l2B, Secon S '48, '49, Varsity Soccer, '50, Nu '4' Minor Letter, '49, Major Lete, , Bawl- ing Team, '51, DORLS . EYFERT 8 wick Street Jones Commercial Or us Club, IZB, Biology Club, IOA Leaders, '48, '49, Swimming Team, '-l815l, Bowling, '48, '49, Letter, '50, .RAN . SHACKLETON 6 Large Street ' rf- S ' , Commercial pheas Blah, 125 I , '5O,'.'5l. A AFFER 72 R tond Street Wi n Commercial A, A. Representative, HA, HB. 7 ,anti ATHERIN 'SHARP 4319 Cloud Street Hufding Commercial Swimming Club, '50, 'SL RUTH ANN SHEPPAR ' ,A 4309 Benner Street?,jJ I'ICl"diH9 JJ A ademic L 'll safiers, ' ,j49' o Lug '50, '5l, if , JOAN DOROTHY SHILLING 2937 Elbridge Street Wdgner Co merciol Frien ip Cl , IZA, Ho Society, I IB: W Stoff, IO ROBERT SHISPINSKI 5352 James Street Harding Mechanic Arts BARBARA LOUISE SIEBER 7408 Montour Str t Wilson Commercial B I 49-' . owmg MZ XWQWW ALAN 0. SIEBERT 7785 Hasbroak Avenue Wilson Agriculture FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Eighty-four JAMES JOHN siLcox 300 McKinley Street Wilson Academic Second Football, '49, Cross Country, '50, Track, '50, '51, MARGARET SIMMONS 1368 Dyre Street Harding ' Academic Leaders, '49, JAMES P. SIMONS 1127 Wakeling Street Harding Academic an 5-4 ,A MARGARET ROSE SIMPSON 7153 Gillespie Street Wilson Commercial Leaders, '49, '50, Bowling, '49, 'SO Sifeili-, SARA MAE SLATER 1532 Womrath Street RJ Harding Academic A Cappella Choir, 11A-128, Orpheus Club, llA-l2B, President, IZB, Honor Society, l2A, Future Teachers of America, Treasurer, IZA, IZB, Biology Club, llA-l2B, Secretary, llB, 12A, President, IZB, Medical Club, IZB. JOHN JOSEPH SLOVER 3515 Marshall Street Girard College General Sgfarsity Soccer, '50, Maior Letter, U GRACE ANN S TH 5824 Keyst et Harding ACCdQlllIC Trip Commit 12B, Student Board, lOA, , A, R sentative, IZA, High Way epr tative, 12B. 'L '48, '49, Softball, '49, Bo Q, '49. 4053 ana' Academi MARILYN RENE M v I MARY ELLEN SMITH 3723 Aster Court Wilson Commercial Student Board, IOB, IIA. Softball, '48-'50, Bowling, '48-'50, Letter, '48-'50 WILLIAM' JAMES SMITH 5114 Darrah Street Harding Mechanic Arts Student Board, IIB, Thirteen Club, IZB, Thanatopsis Club,Al IA-l2B, A A, Representative, IOB, High Way Repre- sentative, IOA, High Way Business Staff, llB-l2B. Second Football, '48, Varsity Foot- ball, '49, '50, Minor Letter, '48, Malor Letter, '49, '5O. J X ASEPHINE ECCA Byberry Road, Torresdale Wilson Commercial Izgriendship Club, l2B, Orpheus Club, Leaders, '48, '49, Bowling, '49-'51, J ' BARB NNE srzkn ' Unruh Avenue . n Commerciab O eus Club, IZA, l2B, Bowling, '51, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Eighty-five l RUSSELL JAMES STINSON ' 7139 Ditmon Street l Harding Academic U l jr- DORIS MARION STONE 4314 Cloud Street Harding Commercial Orpheus Club, l2Bg High Wav Rep- resentative, IOA. RICHARD W. STORZ 7140 Lawndale Street Wilson Academic Second Baseball, '50, Varsity Base- ball, '51, Minor Letter, '50, Maior Letter, '5l. CAROL ALICE STUART 1033 Orthodox Street Harding Academic A Cappella Choir, IOB-l2Bg Orpheus Club, llB-12B, Girls Glee Club, lOB, Medical Club, IZA, l2B, All Senior High Chorus, IOA, IOB. Lea ders, '49. AUDREY CHARLYNNE SUPER 7204 Dungan Road Wilson Commercial Friendship Club, IZA, Orpheus Club, IIB, High Way smff, l2A, 125. FRANCE ANTONETTE SUWALA 4701 Salmon Street St. John Cantius Commercial A. A. Representative, lOA, IOB. CAROLYN LOUISE SWAN 3540 N. Ella Street Roosevelt Commercial 1 ,W LUC . TARSITANO orresdale Avenue ' on Academic V Bowling Club,, '50, '51, ROBERT H. TEST 891 Anchor Street Wilson Industrial C. RICHARD THATCHER 1522 McKinley Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee, Chairman, l2B, Thanotopsis Club, llA-l2B, Stage Crew, llA-128, Latin Club, IOA. Second Football, '48, Varsity Foot- ball, '49, '50, -Nurnera's, '48, Minor Letter, '49, Mayor Letter, '50, DOROTHY ALICE THEISS 6130 Belden Street Wilson Academic Dancing Club, lOBg A Cappella Choir, IZA, l2Bg Latin Club, IOAQ Orpheus Club, l1Bg Bank Representa- tive, l2A, l2B, High Wav Representa- tive, IOB-llA, HELEN KNOLLA THIM 8015 Erdrick Street Harding Academic Student Board, l2A, High Way Rep- resentative, IOA. Basketball, '48, '49, Softball, '49. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Eighty-six DONALD FRANK THOMAS 6653 Edmund Street HUNIIHQ Academic WILBURTA E. TOMLINSON 5752 Erdrick Street Harding Commercial A Cappella Choir, IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, IZB. JOSEPH LEONARD TROILO 741 Smylie Road Hflfdivlg Academic I-Iiah Wav Representative, IIA, Radio Workshop, IOB, IIA. Second Baseball, 'SC CATHERINE EVELYN TRUESDALE 2372 Berkshire Street Harding Commercial Dancing Club, IIA. Basketbal, "5O. LOUIS RICHARD TURSI 3536 Chippendale Street Northeast Catholic Academic Student Board, I B. Varsity Foo ll, 5 Letter, 'SO ELIZABETH GRACE VAC 5502 Torresdale Avenue f . Harding Comm rcial xii Bawllnq, '49, '50, f X LEONARD G. VANDENBURG 2076 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding General Fellowship Club, IZBQ Friendship Club, IZB. Cross Cotlntrv, '43, I It lx JA' 1 I X xi BERNARD vAN zYL Q ' '- X2037 Sanger Street Hardfing Academic N X cond Soeqer, '-IR 'N 'l V AUDREY JOYCE VEITH 6156 Walker Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IOA-IIA, IZB, Danaides, l2B, President, Ushers Association, IOB-I2B. Leaders, '48-'50, Softball, 'MIS '49, Bowling, '48, '49 THOMAS JAMES VENEZIALE 4615 Linden Avenue Bristol, Pa. Commercial Orchestra, IZA, IZB, Band, IOA- IZA, A Cappella Choir, IZA, I2Bg Ushers Association, IOA-IIA, High Wav Business Staff, IOA-IIA. 5 f' f 4- ' ..f,, If NORMAN R. VOLKSDORF 1309 Brighton Street Beaumont, Texas Academic 4 ,-,C,,,-2 ,,.---. LEWIS WILLIAM WADDELL 1811 Gillingham Street Harding General Second Baseball, '50, Varsity Base- ball, '51, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. LOUISA C. WAGNER 1958 Pratt Street Harding Commercial Friendship Club, IZA. f-ily. ,Qigong GEORGE G. WALKER 1664 Wakeling Street Harding Industrial -Sj ,fa i , E gym s ' I H f I A C hoir, IIA-IZA, Orpheus Club, I0 ZB. WILLIAM J. WARD 944 Bridge Street Wilson Mechanic Arts President of Senior Class, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IIB, IZA, Thanatopsis Club, IIB-l2Bg Sock C1 Buskin, IIA- IZBQ Chemistry Club, IZA, IZB, W5 JANE V. WATERMAN 3422 Englewood Street Wilson Academic Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB-IZB, High Way Repre- sentative, IOA. Bowling, '49-'51, ERMA MAE WEAVER 6328 Lawndale Street Wilson Academic A Cappella Choir, IIB-IZB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, IIB- IZB, Bank Representative, IZB, Medi- cal Club, IZB. Softball, '49, Bowling, '49-'5i. F R A N K F O R D DORIS ADAIR WEHMEYER -417 Longshore Avenue Wilson Commercial Bank Representative, IZBQ A, A, Representative, IOB, High Way Staff, IOA-IZA, High Way Business Staff, IOA-IZB, Advertising Manager, IZA. Bowling, '48, '49. JANET WHITFORD . 7428 Bottersby Street Wilson Commercial Izgrpheus Club, I2Bg Medical Club, Softball, '49, Swimming Club, '49, '50, Bowling, '49-'51, RICHARD L. WIEGAND 1728 Lansing Street Wilson Academic Hgrchestra, IOA, IOB, Band, IIA, Track, '49. JOAN REBECCA WILEMAN 640 E. Cheltenham Avenue WilS0II Commercial JAMES HARRY WILLIAMS 1914 Hotfnagle Street Wilson Mechanic Arts . HL EN WILLIAMS 51 Bust eton Avenue Wils Commercial ' S mming Club, '49, '5O. HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. OSCAR FRANCIS WILLIAMS 1901 E. Allegheny Avenue Northeast General uf l,1Q,Z-.Lf1' ,.4,. no o winiliroizo , lg .tffi Blakistonx imager: -Y: Wilson 5' ,VJ if Cfzfmerciak , , , , Trip toittrnittee, IZ ,ir 1 ' ,fi Cr c my, ' , mek, so si, Agiinogmgwtiiir, "SO, Maior Letter: '50, M I Q LL V' AUDREY WILSON 3159 Glenview Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, IGA, Ushers Assocation, ICB- IZB, Medical Club, IZA. Cheerleaders, '-I9-'5I. JUDITH ANNE WILSON 1914 N. 63rd Street Gillespie Academic Editor of Record Book, IZB, Dance Committee, IZAg Fellowship Club, IIB, IZA, Latin Club, IOA-IIB, Orpheus Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Society, l2Bg Future Teachers of America, IIA-IZA, Parliamentarlan, IIB, High Way Repe resentatlye, IOA-IIA, High Way Staff, IIB-IZB, Scribes, IZA, IZB, High Way Pin, IZA, IZB, "l Speak For Democ- racy" Award, IIA, Organ Club, IZA, Enalish Office, IZA, IZB, Fathers' Association Essay Award, IZA. RICHARD L. WOERNER 4538 Aldine Street Wilson Academic A. A Representative, IZB. Second Football, '48, Varsity Foot- ball, '49, '5C, Track, '51, Numerals, '-48, Minor Letter, '-I9, Major Letter, 'SO 'SI 9 ,J F. scarf woufs Trevose Edison Avenues n a Mechanic Arts o all, '49, Golf, '49- umerals, 49, Minor Letter, '50, Ti 01' ME kikmg-x nv, K 'f ARTHUR M. WOLSONCROFT I967 E. Cheltenham Avenue Harding Academic Honor Society, IIA-IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB Fathers' Association Essay Award, IZB, 'A" Pax, IZB THOMAS H. WOOD 6382 Martins Mill Road. Wilson Ac ' Band IZA Z mai, '5 yf W 'fax Li'7V' VIRGINIA ESTHER WYATT 1186 Unity Street Harding Academic Orpheus Club, IIA-IZB, Honor Society, IZA, IZB Leaders, '-IS, "I9. X hc. le , . U- Q NETTIE RUTH YANRE 4801 Mulberry Street Harding KLLVO Home Economics Student Board, IOB-IIB Leaders, '50, '5I, Basketball, '49, '50, Swimming Club, '49-'5I. RUTH ANN YEMM 5243 Oxford Avenue Harding General Friendship Club, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IIB, IZA. Basketball, '48-'50, Swimming Club, '50, 'SIQ Bowling, '-I8A'5I. MURIEL RUTH YOUNG 7047 Rutland Street Wilson Academic Latin Club, IOA, IIA FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. Eighty-nine MARILYN RUTH ZAISER 328 Unruh Avenue -g Wils-LL Acad ic ' I 1 Treosugjxgfenior Class, , Stu- d t Ba , lOB-12A, Vc' resident, 5 , Secretary, HP, B, Senior . welvd, President, IZB, anoides, IZB, ,I If Tncnatopsis C,qul:blOB-l2B, Secretary, in im 125 Soc tfeaskin, img Honor , SOCIEIY, IIA-IZB, President IIB IZA I VI -P fdent, l2B,' Locker Commit- .'te , IZB, High Way Staff, IIA- , cond Page Editor, l2A, l2B, .es IIA--12B, Secretary, IIB, IZA, Junior Prom Committee, IIB. Leaders, '48-'51, Hockey, '48, '49, Bowling Club, '48, '49. 1 9 U1 f I ALI J. ESKI 0 G ite Street H ' ommercial f LORRAINE EWSK ZUGLWII Street Hflfding Commercial ff" . 'f' We x RUTH ZEILE X 0 Magee Avenue ape C. H., N. J. Commercial B , '50, 'Sl EJ RAYMOND ZEKAS 6111 Elmhurst Terrace WIISUII Academic High Way Staff, IIB, l2A, Second Baseball, 'SO ALFRED D. ZICCARDI 7601 Torresdale Avenue Wilson General 1 f JANICE I ER 91 apfl venue Iso General 114' DOLORES ZOLTEK 3365 Thompson Street Jones Commercial High Way Representative, l2A, 128. Leaders, '43-'50, Softball, '49, Swimming Club, '50, Bowling, '50, SANDRA ZWICKEL 3659 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic LUCILLE LOUISE FORGIONE 6201 Mulberry Street Southern Academic A. A. Representative, IZA. Softball, '50, Bowling, '49, J AN B. LYNN 533 Horrock Street Commercial ling, 'MR FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1' L F S TR 2 51,9 PNN 5K 4 o v Y. RD K 3. ,X -X-Vx AA N R 41 M--A 4 GCN 4 RN? 5x4 QF NIO KR .41 RD xxx x. S A THLETIC FOGTBALL Making up what they lacked in size with grit, determination, and spirit, last season's squad of gridders drove to a tie for the Public l-ligh Championship. The boys missed a chance to tie against North Catholic for city honors when Bok Vocational gained a 32 yard advantage in the hard-fought O-D deadlock at Shibe Park which determined the public high crown, Starting off the season in high fashion, the team won their first three games without being scored upon, Dobbins tallied once on the Tri-Color, only after the Pioneers totaled fll points, Erankford found Olney a little harder, but a last quarter T.D. brought home a win, Northeast went down before the Pioneers, 20-O, The upset of the year found FOOTBALL Erankfo rd .....,... ......,.,...... Frankford ........, ....., Frankford ,........ ...... Erankford ......... ...,,. Frankford ......... ..,.... Frankford ......... .....,. Frankford ......... ....... Frankford ......... Frankford ......... .....,. an injury ridden Tri-Color eleven bowtng l2-O to an always tough Germantown team The old iinx, North Catholic, which sported the Catholic Crown, just edged the Pioneers, 7-O, only after a great defensive stand held the boys on the one yard line. Manning backfield positions were Charlie Bruno, l-loward Graham, Ron Markloff, Ed Cooper, Ted Konowalczak, John Saponara, Bob Dudek, Ed Moore, Bill Gosneor, Carl Reimers, Ed Eaunce, Jack Enders, and Warren Mann. Cn the line were Bill Smith, Dick Thatcher, Ron Rowe, and John and Ted Simone, Ted Ealicki, Dick Woerner, Bill Graves, Bill Phillips, Gene Oscilowski, John Chalfont, Lou Tursi, Jim Mollenhauer, l-larry Knodt, Jack Pfeiffer, Chuck Schalch, Ray Kumor, Russ Kelly, John Klingel, Walt l-landel, and Bill Blatchley. SCHEDULE Haverford ........ ..,,.... Q T Bartram ...,.... ........ O Central ...... ........ O Dobbins ...... ..,..... 6 Olney ............ ........ 7 Northeast ,......... ........ O Germantown .... .....,.. l 2 North Catholic .... .... T Bok ................ ........ D Ninety-six AS SOPHOMORES WE WATCHED FRANKFORD CAPTURE THE PUBLIC LEAGUE CROWN AND THEN TIE SOUTH CATHOLIC IN THE CITY CHAMPION- SHIP GAME. WE WERE DISAPPOINTED AS JUNIORS WHEN GRATZ NOSED OUT FRANKFORD FOR THE LEAGUE CROWN. IN OUR SENIOR YEAR WE WATCHED OUR GRID TEAM FIGHT ITS WAY TO A TIE WITH BOK AND BECOME COA CHAMPIONS OF THE LEAGUE. ALL IN ALL, WE SAW SOME MIGHTY GOOD FOOTBALL IN OUR THREE YEARS HERE. IF THE WONDERFUL COACHING IS KEPT UP, FRANKFORD CAN'T HELP BUT HAVE A GOOD TEAM. SO, BEFORE WE DEPART, MAY WE WISH FRANK- FORD SUCCESS IN FUTURE YEARS, AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. is 1 1 SCJCCER In the toll of WJO, Fronktord l-lrgh Schools soc- cer sguod hod Mr Theodore Doerrng gt the helm He rehloced Mr Fronk Lrghttoot, who hod moved on to Ltncoln llrgh School, Although the vorsity sduod consrsted ot members ot the previous yeor's successful rumor vorsrtv, the teom hod on unusuollv poor seoson rn soccer The Trl-colormen won Ofllt two gomes durrng the seoson, but tour tles were odded to the record Hod these gomes gone tn fovor ot the Proneers, the record would hove been much IINlHl'OVCd One toctor whlch led to the downtoll of the hooters wos the loss ol two lqov mon! Woltor Bctndozionf ond John Sownev wrthrn the lwrrod ol one week, due to injurres The bovs who return next toll, olong wtth mem- bers who wrll odvonce from the trrst tumor vor-,rig sduod ever to trrumbh over o Northeost second teom! will hove o good chonce of restorrng Fronk' tord rn the too ot the loogue stondtng Members ol the June groduotrng closs who were on the teom were Russell liltonheod, Gordon Grrttrth, Horry hlrcholson, ltoh Prllongton, John Seddon! Bohdon Sengls, ond John Slover. SOCCER SCHEDULE Frortklyrtl ........ .T Olney Fronlclturrl ......,. l llttrlrorn Fronldord .....,.. l Clntrol ..,....., lronklsrcl ..,..... .l Nortltuosl Fronlxlnrd ........ O South Pltrltt lrgnlxtord lronlqlord Fronklortl Hun Fronllrn l lick 9 lloxlnorwuttlr .. lronklvrtl ..,...,. .J lrerrnontvtxr' Fronlsforcl tl Mustbount Fronlxfgrcl ...,.... .J Vtcsl Pltrlxtt Fronlxlttrrl ........ l Urol? ..........., Fronklord ..,..... ll Nnrllr Cullrnlr lrrcnkktrd ...,..., Lfn . ln ..,... Although they finished the season with a somewhat dubious record of two wins and thirteen losses! the Pioneer hoopsters provided their home fans with plenty of thrills by last ditch rallies and close games, This record, however, does not tell the full story for Coach Doering's team, lniuries, bad luck, and sickness contributed heavily in turning what might have been at least a .500 season into a poor one. Early in the season, the sauad had height! several seasoned performers, and hopes, Injuries and other factors took their toll. Although somewhat inexperienced at varsity ball, the others filled in when they had toy they player good ball even though unseasoned, Many of the games were close, and al- though Tri-Color was out-manned, it never stopped fighting. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frank ford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford ,..... .. Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Fronlzford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Z6 UO 3 PO 52 41 42 26 55 49 56 33 45 All 39 AIO 7,3 V w an 53 Roman Catholic Penn Charter ,,.... North Catholir LO Salle .,....... Northeast ....... Roxborough South Phila .......... Central ............. Cirot: ........., Ciermantown .. Olney ....,.......... Vllest Phila ......,... Franklin .... ....... Lincoln ........ .. Gverbrook . ..... . Bok .............. ...... Dobbns .. .. Mastbaum .. Bartram .. .. ,ls ful 49 6-l 61 SH 577 XO ,f-l ffl -'lf Alb 63 'l-l 60 57 67 35 58 BASKETBALL it 5 ,E full' -ee f FENCING In 1751 tha tahcmg team, uhder the Capable durocttatt at Mt Narmatt Day, Capttttvd tha ChamptahShlp at the Pahltc Laagua Thtg wax thu ftrmt ttmu SIIWCL' Ftattk tara has been rcpresehted tn the league that tha Tri-calarmatt haw watt tht' tntlv Atthaugh them has always ham a Ccttam amattttt at mtatoat tar tvttctttg at Frattktatci, at has beau a lang ttme bmca the Ptattccrs have been reprowtttad ht sa wall halattwd a squad Members at the gradaatmg Claw wha harttcthated att tha tvam wma Gltfdlttt Grttttth, Dtck Olwtt, AI Lomas, One Hundred Onc BASEBALL This seasan's baseball squad gave Frankford fans some of the best ball playing seen at Baldwin Field for several years, Under the mentorship of Coach Bill Clausen, the diamondmen opened the season with five straight league wins, topped off with a S-O victory over very highly touted Olney, l-lowever the Pioneers dropped from first place when Germantown and Lincoln ll d from weak fielding. pu e upsets resulting Around the infield were Dick O'lXleaI, at first, Fred Dobisch, at second, John Petaccio, playing shortstop, and Charlie Russo holding down third Frank Stackhouse filled in as a good sub. George Gerstle and Jim Keddie shared duties behind the plate. John Purdy and Carl Herd patroled the outfield, with Charlie Samph used as a substitution, l-folding the chief mound positions were Bill Dietrich and Ed Paluch, These two were assisted by Charley Ross, Bill Moyer, Al Smith, and Jack Pierson, Also seeing some work on the field were Frank Bauerle, Dave Ritchie, Bay Schreiner, Jim Caskef D k S s 5, ic torz, Charles Golcher, and Art Bishop. ,gli i?- 757' ' ' ill F T I ' , ff- li. One Hundred Three BASEBALL SCHEDULE Frankford ............ l Penn Charter ........ Frankford ..........., 2 North East Catholic Frankford ............ l2 Haverford ................ Frankford ............ 8 West Philadelphia Frankford ............ I2 Roxborough ............ Frankford ,........... 6 George School ..... Frankford ............ 5 Olney ................. Frankford ............ l l Mastbaum ..... . Frankford ............ l Germantown ..... Frankford ............ 2 Lincoln ..... . Frankford ............ 8 Central ...... Frankford ............ 3 Bartram .................. Frankford .,........., 2 South Philadelphia Frankford ,........... 6 Overbrook ............. Frankford ............ North East ........... Frankford .......... Benjamin Franklin Frankford Dobbins Vocational TRACK Excelling in two tield events, ond showing some fine work in severol running events, the Pioneer trock squod finished one of its better seosons sup- ported by o top cooching stott ot Mr, Chorles Troxell, ond Mr, Wolter Nockoney. Foced with mony inexperienced newcomers, these two did on excellent job in rounding out the teom. Undeteoted in regulor competition wos the pole voult teom thot consisted of John McWillioms, Don Ferns, Lomont Guthrie, Bill Groves ond Ron Voughoni lvlcWillioms remoined undetected in the individuol pole voult. Bob McCollum kept up his undefeoted work in the shot put os Public l-ligh Chompion, Not Lewis ond Don Willitord brought home severol points in the high jump. ln the high hurdles, Don Williford ond Jim Silcox were the most consistent winners. Dick Woerner wos the top mon in the low hurdles, registering some ropid times, Al Lomos, o veteron 440 runner, took severol tirsts in thot event. Norm Volksdort, Fronk Foedisch, ond Fronk Bupp contributed points in the distont runs, while Tom Wood completes the list ot seniors who took port in the shot put. One Hundred Four TRACK SCHEDULE Frankford ..... ,...... 7 4 Haverford School Frankford ............ 36 V2 Dobbuns .,.............. Bartram .........,...... Frankford ............ 52 Llncoln ................ Gratz ........ ......... 25 44 V2 6l 77 45 Central ................ 60 Overbrook ............ 62 Penn Relays, no placings. Frankford ............ 6lV2 Southern .............. 38 Germantown ........ 45 North East .......... 755 West Phulodelphra, lst, Olney, 2nd, Frankford, 3rd, Closed the season in twelfth place ahead of Southern and Lincoln. 551 f .V-fx v AV ' 2 HOCKEY X Olhe girls' hockey teoni under the guidonce of lVlr5, Koy Grodicls finiehod the eeoson with three victories, two defeots, ond one tied gorne, After winning the first gorne of the seoson on o forfeit from Willionn Penn High, we lneot Girls' High ond Bok ond fought to d deodlocls with Roxboroogh, We hod o practice gorne with Spring- field ond lost to Bortrom ond Olney Our sedsonfs troditionol riyol, Olney, fought ogoinst o surprieingly strong Fronke ford teom ond were unexpectedly scored upon for the fir5t time this seoson The finol score vvos Olney 3, ond Fronkford 2. The yorsity line up with substitutions ore Jodn Dovis, Ann Duldy Morilyn Strow- laridge, Judy Surrick, Ann l-ligh, Adeline l-lonley, Florence Olsky, Jockie Crolius, l3GVlDOl'O Reinfionn, Sharley Mcl4oy, Borboro Moyocjlc, Rose Lilly Ester Woller, Corole Crowder, ond Joon Hovvkine, coptoin. One Hundred Six BASKETBALL The hosketlnollerrnos sported o 63 record lor therr '5Of'5l seoson, The teoms downed were St. l-loberts, Dobblns, Grotz, Bok, Wrn. Penn, ond South Phrlodelohro, Olney, Bortront, ond Kenelng- ton not the ploneerette hoopsters on the short end. The Qeoson wos ottrcrolly closed wlth o lornhoree ot Bok. Those who recerved vorsrty letters were Ann l-hgh, Morlene Northy, lvlorle Ctcolr, ond Shrrley lvlclioy lcontornl, torwords, ljorboro Rerrnonn, Joon Dovre, ond Corole Crowder, goords. Other teorn members were lvlorlyn Steele, Pot Mclnerney, Beo Bevuglro, Emrlre Del Prete, Jonet Shorkey, Beo lVlocDonold, Unolone Borkert, Morton Zell, lvlorulw Strovvbrrdge, ond Jody Sorrrcls. SWIMMING The girls' svvimrnrng teom, cooched hy Mrs, Jennie K, Leory, ended on excellent weoaon, de- feotrng oll Publrc Leogue contenders Atter down- rng l-lovertord, 4422, Lrncoln, 41-22, Olneg, Efudl, Bortrom, 36-30, ond Overbrook, -l8fl5, rt went on to oloce second rn the rnterscholostrcs, H norntg behrnd Little Flower. This yeor's nwermords were Vlrglnro ltonrnon, Morrlyn Drxon, Joon Fox, Borboro Oroeernlller, Gola lVlcOlogh, Lots Mrller, Ellen Nelson, CO-COl7lOlll5 Florence Olsky ond Dons Seylert, horboro ond Corol Prerschl, Borlgoro Shoentolxer, Shrrlel Trontw, Borboro Worlborton, Corol Kernoghon, ond Pot Srnith. Orodootrng sensors ore the coecogttoina ond rnonoger Oroco Gemcho, GIRLS' SGFTBALL The girls' sottball team tor the season ot l95l was coached by Miss Janet Lever. The girls did very well this season in their tally ot wins and losses. The varsity lineup included Carol Bradt, Janice Coulter, Carol Eppler, Shirley McKay, Dot Mclieever, Marlene Northy, Barbara Reimann, Mary Smith, Judy Surriclq, Doris Walmsley, and Doris Weist. The girls' sottball sauad practices at Baldwin tield tour afternoons each week. All horne games are played at the field. The graduating seniors on the sauad this year include Janice Coulter, Betty Logan, Shrrley McKay, Barbara Reimann, and Mary Smith, One Hundred Eight THERE IS ACTION IN GIRLS' SOFTBALL. One Hundred Nine l J " ' BTW il' 3? fir ' 'Oi , XVII V NY' U Q It Afaq' 151335: W Q0 i 1' W C . ffifrrgsi: -gp , xl . A O if . o ,f FENCING Major Letter Gordon Griffith Alan Lomas I l-larold Miller Richard,Olson Edwin Reichert Jerry Seitter Jack Strange v BOWLING Minor Letter William Benz Edward Moore William Rodgers Robert Schilling Rayhtond Schreiner Vernon Schumacher BASKETBALL SECOND Major Letter BASKETQBALL Alan Booth Minor Letter James Caskey Eh Engel William Donnally George Gerstle James Kerr Robert Mclnerney Neil Minkoff David Ritchie Donald Schwartz Charles Scully Minor Letter Art Bishop Marshall Dawsey Fred Dobisch Robert Joseph Dan Meiklejohn Jack Pearson Charles Russo Michael Gabor Richard Heaney Douglas Langford Alfred Langish Dale Lonsdale Albert Smith TEN NIS Minor Letter Robert l-l. Brown Jack Brownie Walter Cox James Elliott Douglas Langford Robert Miller A. A. AWARDS BOYS - 1 BASEBALL Major Letter Joseph Caputo William Dietrich Fred Dobisch Ronald l-lerd James Keddie William Moyer Richard O'Neil John Petaccio Ed Paluch John Purdy Carl Reimers Charles Ross CharlesiRusso Minor Letter Frank Bauerle Arthur Bishop Ronald Brockwell Allen Cargen John Cipolla Arthur Edwards Larry Fitzpatrick Marvin Frank George Keen Robert Kniese Elmer McElhone Charles Nixon Jack Pierson James Rennie David Ritchie Charles Samph Ray Schreiner Albert Smith One Hundred Ten Frank Stackhouse Richard Storz William Williams James Usher TRACK Minor Letter ljlirlkampbell Dghaid Ferns William Graves Theodore Green Lamont Guthrie Nathaniel Lewis Alan Lomas Robert McCallum John McWilliams Edward Moore James Silcox Ronald Vaughan Donald Williford Richard Woerner Thomas Wood GOLF Major Letter Donald Born Richard Brunner Dean Castor Robert Dwyer Robert Kokat Jonathan Rowland Robert Werner Scott Wolfe ,, N . 'fl' 'F 3 J A A. AWARDS SOFTBALL Major Letter Carol Bradt Janice Coulter Carol Eppler Betty Logan Shirley McKay Dorothy Mclieever Marlene Northey Mary Smith Iudith Surrick Doris Walmsley Doris Wiest Charm Ann High Barbara Reirnann Shirley McKay GIRLS BASKETBALL Major Letter Marie Cicali Carole Crowder Joan Davis Ann High Shirley McKay Marlene Northey Barbara Reimann BOWLING Major Letter Ruth Benz Carole Bradt Carol Eppler Nancy Fischer Joan McAllister Mary Smith One Hundred Eleven 45' 1 SWIMMING Major Let'ter Joan Fox Barbara Grossmiller Ellen Nelson Florence Olsky, Capt Barbara Preischl Carol Preischl Doris Seyfert Shirley Trouts Minor Letter Dorothy Cralius Carol Crowder Rosemarie Lill Judith Surrick 55' .ft ' kg. -" W , , mi . , . . H , , . th '.6'l ! l' . J ff . 54, ", 'S Q 454. ,,.i , ,, Q 1 - -.. , -. rf,-4 -: ...., .2 -W, I, A -i 1 , ,, ' 3 new ug is c"A,.a..., Jwfiffejf su A., U8Z'ZM7M.4L-ug , p . ' vw K Q. 9 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS R The Record Book Committee expresses its appreciation to Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, The Clark Printing l-louse, Inc., the Zomsky studio, and Robert Platt tor their assistance in the publication of this Record Book. The constant interest and encouragement of our principal, Mr. John W. Hitner, must also be gratefully osknowledged. ' i i , ' , .5 x. -. v:,.a, Q' A. 1. I 1- - . 1, 3 'ffl 'r ,,...',f..l",fi'.nlf"'.L , l' ' 3 4 ' ' V X' 1 ' ' " ' 'P NEI- xii ' ' 1' V' " PXrt.ES3ik-ig.-Zi:- N P' P, .jg ' 45 l" 1 i -J l ff 4, i .s if 1.-1 ff? 'in " if 'xii' fi Jr. 4519? A"T,. Qi.. ,W ..-sf-Q vw, up -.-' ' f ,Fr .t- -1- 3. , 53? lille, - I -t it 4 .H-inf , , M.-ww , 'V Y .pn 3 lam , X f Q D D WW Q, wr? g , Q ' 5 . 'Qi' -L 64 'ini ' 'W 1 , I 5 W 'si ' n 'gf rf- 4 f Q ri 'fx 3 if . .. .- A fi iwilm ww -, . .,. W W , ,V , Q Q ? if New WSW vW,mqM nM4N Mpa 4J . ' , W V xi? I T Q-'H 3 QM 5 wr ' uf, gn 1 4 5, ffpw Y Nail s 0 uf wif 4' ff' 3? I .. SQ," 2' fu jr au Q a ex If .x , llll j'n 5 ' . 41" 'Q 54 al' A5 X X ' 1 t if 4 0 .x'fI"'F, Q ar .1 - U5 ai?-I x , I ful sim Eiiyaw vi' xxx, o M5333 'was W, M wewvoxx. Q, i i wnc , ,. itll! 5, H Q? ww. , at - om M iw ,A 1 4 ,pg ....' vsllixj y mugs J ' :2 Q - f' 3 fi Q if :- 4 i7:5wT'.0 qf A 1 ' - 'X S As, ff, Nw

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