Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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-' cf' IU. -f' ,ff . iq., 'e"' .- vc ' we :V- -curl V95-w.,,' J :gm M-fa. :Q . Av ii ,f . ' M M1--A: A MN V , A" 1:-:uf Sy TH:-: iSSlxTy SIXTH ING CLASS UF HIGH SCHOOL PHILA PA T 45:14 1N'l Vilbwpq x XX ,mm WH x0 xv' Zig XQ i un N s "init . ,. ,, , .. u mwv,Wvf ,iff 'nixwixmxWifi-"a.2a? H 'W' " , If , ,iff 'P ' 1 ' XtiWWxXlQrH4"f ' ' "1'ffprv HiniQvzemw?AA S HH 1 S. S 1 y Q55 1' f' 1 S MM' H Ht"N-'U A V "Qflf1x35f3.1.-dL,,'LA , ffffiiiilfx, . U, HL. A, . J? A .L ' ' W, QL , Wy ' ,Mia 3 - -fd -144 f, . Har.. jf n f JAN I 949 V .1 -I' , K f- -M. - . ww -Q ff ae' T H E R E e ,r ,'.:'.- 1 L . . In gr A :nt ,:'.,V,f. ,Ain-, , 146:21 - V2 A , r', vw es Z-, .1 e .4 : f ffl MR. CARL F. WISE DEDICATIO I T SIR: S L: :REAT PLEASURE TO DEDICATE TH S OUR RECORD EOOI4, TO M51 EARL F WISE, IMHO HAS BEEN NOT ONLY A FINE TEACHLI-A EUT A DEAR FAI? ND TO US THI-LOU"-HCILT OUR YEARS AT FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL, HIS OWN HIQEH SCHOOL YEARS WERE SPENT AT CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL TI-IOM THERE HE WENT TO THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 'IIHERE HE RECEIVED HIS EACHELORS DECREE IN ITQI, AND HIS MASTERS DECREE IN ISZT AFTER RECEIVING HES ITACHI LOP. S DI "XIII ,MIS WISE SPI NT THREE YEARS TEACHINEI AT DAI SI ROTO LIAIQRO, A BOYS' SCHOOL IN JAPAN HE CAMI. TO FRANKFORD IN IQPZ1 IN HIS SPARE TIME, MR WISE LIKES EEST OF ALL TO READ CR TO WORK IN HIS OARDEN. TIIERI IS MUCH MCIISLE THAT COULD EL SAID AEOUT HIM, EUT W' 'IIIINK IT IS IIIS ov, ISI MESSAGE TO US THAT EAIRISS OUT IAIIS CHAAAQTIAIA QLTAAQII TITAN ANY XNOISDS IIE Scum USL SAYS: "SUCH PEACE CF MIND AND ENDURINO SATISFACTION AS A TITAN AAAI A021 ICI ffSI.vS EISS HQ-A 'AAT Af AAS T-IAN. IL FROM HAI HE I: 'PRCI'I1,IxIiS PUTS IT TENS .TAY 'IIITH AE, THY GETTING, ELT UNDEIQSTANDINC' 'I NEEDLLSS TO SAY, BOT H HE AND HIS VMORDS MILL PROVE A POWERFUL INFLUENCE ON THE LIVES OF THOSE XIHO HAVE COME TO rLI,O.'I' AND RESPECT HIMI DURING TFIEIR TEARS AT FRANKFORD FRANKFORD Thor old proverb "Groot oolas from hrrio ooorrrs grow" mrghr eosrh be orzgvhed to Frohkrord E-hgh School, I1 woo book rrw W '.Y- ID thot fhe hrs: eeede or rhrs schoor were rlorrted Those some seeds were Culrrvmed fhrough fhe geors bf. fhe work. 'hot vvos dome by the 1 r hors ore rhe Fothere' Aso- Cvo1'o'y school orgorwzorrorro orwd 'he giugwfs 'heme sehos Ard so the sooo!! rormhoose whroh wo: rgrrQrr'oH3,' GU orrhex of Cehrror Hgh Sohoo' grew to be the qreot Iroatlfwrou rho' Frookforo tooo, There hove beerw rrwom, Chorrgeo olorrg the no, The href QVGdUOTIC'W o'ose Corwsfeo or of ', fh nop whale om ow: oorress ol our th'ee ho' orffo boys orrd grris It woo the sfeody rwerecse of ourzlfs Si I X SG 2. G r 5 4 2 9 8 ROWTH or-d the Gddrfrorw of grrig thot rhode wore eg ocrooo Qoorrers rreeeosorg Coo5TrL1C'ror' work nos begun ofd ro o few ohorr ,eore me mowed fo 'he hoe ?JLlN!C'WQ we Frgolqfgrqj L1 'ods or oo 'wow ooooz, , hos oiwo-.3 oeerr oorefororrrg h o!! tw Yes eiorfa oho otherwoe Foofboh ooedors socoer tore: froek owords ord oeborrrg wooorrs eorh Fforwword h e 'o res' oor frog h. :obo The ,cor QS QQQ rr g rgrgd her GD!! I-, by v.rr'rrrrrrQ 'he Poblre Chow orghz lor fororoohl ood o, 'og Sootheoof Ccrhowo lor O2 Chow rwshrr Sohoef sgwr ' good orw' 11' eh: rox, o'wor.a hee: ooreroored to be 'x-.o rev rr: YC' ' ioofors 'V' Cllr NN IYVEV 'EQ sooo oxxords bu u I' LC VN Y T Q mb r ovsc Q F'GVWLQfOI'd docs somefhmg rrcka our Cchoo? 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I AS 16 S - ff A 'Q 1 P1 ,T 'F - 'I' 1- ff ' ' ':.-----'-'.,':-:-:5g:'.- , -1-EN A A 'J F 5 X F Q f . A ---.-' . rllk-7.1.1 lg, il.-.Q-! GS ,, C U - ,- CM N - M. M ef ws G 13 5 L-Izgfngm' V F MQ V 5 the A wr vu. A f F 'g5g,2E5::.ig- Q rrogrssms dsrc' F , YW Deco v Lf T. :H lgiiiiilg U wdef me cs: Chia Isodfrh V of on g Moy: L Mr, 'T'j2h3.: .1 fr-11-51'-7'. ' rx 5 f- A , ' f - ff 4 , A. A , , Q , f egg? , ' W ' ' ' , ' 514 ffwisg .f .4-. li: 1:5 ' , 1 FN f AFD W , T I1 fi 41-3"2 f if 7:-. 751725 , X V - , - , , ,, ,X :., , , .. . . X e. 1--. ' ' - - s 'im 1 f ,V . jf ,- fx: ' as ' 'MQ ! ,A J . ' VA RN is RQ T ' I f"'3 s Q if , , 42 ' -', f.-r 'H x Y rxggi X6 L avg , Q in 2' f 'fa 'Q J Q f Q I 'iw -I-vig! 'fa U 1 P, 'f I , f Aa? ,t y 4 it ,lf ' xbpv' "fp sf-'.,'QN 4 In -x 1x X Eleven J,,,v-- N x N dw 'E ,1 3 -. E r 4 2 E ff! 1' i 1 1' ' 1 F M' W si! i9-5 ng 1 EE? s 5 pi" ,.. . I l ' I . 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Q H X. i s. fit X ' S ---an i A V - x gig.. ,d QI '- , fi 1 Q . f i I ' T , , 1 i History will record the years of the lives of the class of January l949 from birth to commencement as a time of important social and political changes which affect every phase of life As Frankford High graduates you step forth unto a new era with opportunity to dis play the strength and endurance of the high principles you have been taught Your Alma Mater has tried to prepare you to meet the world in telligently and without fear lt is your duty to use your I in all the circumstances of life to search f your knowledge in each new ex You sh to increase e challenge to meet situations squarely with to utilize your full energies and to propound your own ideas and at the same time to garner wisdom from others who are more experienced Your successes will bring glory not only to your selves but to your preparatory school Frankford l-ligh May your lives be a glorious reflection of your lofty alms and ambitions ' ' . ' 'ntelligence ' ' ' , or truth and ' ' perience. ould feel th ' ' ' open mind, ' A ' MR E ORRELL CRAP Vice Pnnclpal MR MARTIN FETHEROLF Vuce Prmclpal MISS ROSEINA C GILLMAN Assistant to Prlnclpal MR HARRY W JACOBS Industrial and Flne Arts MR DAVID W HARR History and Languages MR WILLIAM B NICHOLS Buslness Educahon MR ROBERTJ ADAMS, JR DR FRANKLIN B CARROLL MR ARTHUR B CRESSE MR MARK H HAGMANN Engllsh Scvence Physical Educatuon Mathematucs Fafteen FACULTY Prmclpal John Warren Hltner Vice Prmcxpals E Orrell Crap Martm D Fetherolf Asslstant to the Prlnclpal Roselna C Glllman Counsellors Natalie C Hursch Eugene A Barrett Mrs MadeIemeC Burns Dmah Freeman Matron E Kohler School Ma rgaref SECRETARIES BUSINESS EDUCATION I 0 ENGLISH fx 0 HISTORY IW flW orr Sensor Secretary Edna M Cahn Christ xl IW fm ff UIUI' IOP I Tl E CP LIC Kohl r 0 O0 M ICII Id 1 H Mclrlfe rm MCMQSIU FI Nc C I G S S vt In N UI' Gll 'X I r Slxteen Non Teaching Asslstant Albert W Rleder 1 AVS K CII VT G NIICI P0 rrvorw CI Url m Q Orr I flfo ,F Pgrfcox I ','f3"Q:1f'-Qi G IYUIIQV :Uri EICQIIIIII INICCLIVI' 'I' rv In , I' INA Marjorie C SFIYWWII Ixlri. Lliiix KI If' If 'r ex' Q f7,w'qI, M AIln"II1fJ' I Iodfi VVS Helen S, I5Ig,fIIwe W," 1'I.efv.If: lkl.ll'IIIfE'I' I6 Xliflmls if I.'," " I., w 'M I --'I' Klfrirr 'V TIQINNII IQ ITIJIIOII fi" t7 I'!II'IIl7' Iff11','I4i?IId Il II ffm II F, mcln I5 at ff F I Imlwlfm 11-ill VV II' 1 FGWS fl' "3Q':Vw1 NIJ' V Iif'e:r:S 5' 1? feI,,I 'I'ff'1 II 'RI' 'IX, l,C'1I'I'!I If l'lCfl'IIlI'IQ Nfl IQIII' II, g. III Iiffi' I-1 If 3""I' I N K . Q V , '.', I QIrIw,III,Is I. 'I II1 Iw 'VAIVIISI' ,inert VI. dams, Jr, Ci LE ,W G IIMNIW MM. J Vmwmd r on A I'lflII1lEIla'l w ITV CIIQ1'IIw I9 INIQHII Ffjg' , A EQ YIFII' R NAIIW U I: lim' XX, L IIIIII'-1g A CIQLVIY: It 'I fxfffl C. LM Ii Iiotle VH- fwwg , Q' ' If S I I . .mu NVE EIIZQICII Dr, Ivan, C SI, IGI VC If , 5 CIIMIQ,-f, IT, TIQYGII 5 7fIz'I Iw ,f ,Izrri cm Cz' F Vv'IQfi ,MXL , H I'Ifm AWQIW I-'z 'Iw IV lowes N.IIfI1ci4I W FIS-Ch ,l'j?'T'f'S 'I CII uglz ,llll fn , Glas S, I1w'fr'Ifurf: '."IffrfjzI Gieho I ,N'1rI.I E Puri III 12111. I. Gt .sfh ,Q EI Flrline ,-,' FACULTY 0 HOME ECONOMICS 0 INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS O LANGUAGE O MATHEMATICS O MUSIC O PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION 0 SCIENCE C LIBRARY 0 GENERAL EDUCATION Se entccn 'JA I- 1 . 1 ' . T. ' f-,-- ,- M ,. ,.,, f ix '- I,f9'wf' ., ,V ., 'v 'MH-,L L4 l L, I lv II. . A A ' ,. Ip ' .r J 'I ,T V nf? 4 N 1 Qt' L .I I7 9 on , , Y 0' f 1 is I' . lv 5 4 ,H -va . wIV't. CVD gt n 4 . n v. v-if f X 'IW A111 IL Af' 2 gk N7 gf .f,,f ,-NV has flgyx ,K INIIHI ,MR.B QPE5 ff, QQ? i A V. VA 4 yy, C . L E E 3' ,Q 34 .456 V Y A 1 ' ERNARD BLM- llisy' 'rss ANN 5- KN, R JCSEPH mn. .:Av'w,5 3 Knuoucn-m K ff Aa-vs-mum B. cmassa 'WP HALK -Q RNS 3 - f ' Mass f1l05ElNA .GlLLMA X RE ' , la ' 1 .. ?,, wu.Cum ISH ' ' , X1 1 MR- FORREST R. NEwMEYER COACHES JOSEPH COVAL WORTHlNGTON SURRICK THEODORE DOERING These are our three football coaches For two years they have lead the Frankford Hugh School team to the Phlladelphra Publnc School Champronshrp We pay them honor not only as great football coaches but as the frne gentlemen they are THE TOSS UP MR WALTER BIDDLE SAUL President of the Board of Educatnon tosses the corn FATHER EDWARD M REILLY Superrntendent of Catholrc Schools MR LOUIS P HOYER Superrntendent of Publrc Schools and the captains of the two champion teams look on .di lm Twenty two Y y .l lg ,f " Qiljx. H , . . I . l I ' . - , , - - 1 , . ,shy Tm. 1 I' " 4 , :IL I , , A T ' as l v ' 1' ' j ,f . WL. sw .avi-K g MRS. RUTH MCKAIN AN UNDERSTANDING TEACHER A GRACIOUS LADY MR MICHAEL FISCH TEACHER HUMORIST FOOTBALL COACH MR. WILLIAM CLAUSEN GYM TEACHER SOCCER COACH GRADE CHAIRMAN 'Zz di ,. 9 5 f "N '4 Q' 1 . my ata Q Q ' X f' Ag?" I 1-. MQ ,f QxiTf?x'Wf'f'f',, Aw , .3fff?:?.'g4,,W W. 3 1' . , f'f,f3'?f5i',fT1,',3Q . i A A '1?xkEf3,iJ+" ,. fx ,a f 1 1 ' n 5 Rf!! M S95 ' , wg 1 M x fi 2 Y E 2 i ' P 4. Q 1' gl, ', , .. W ! ' 1 l "1--., 9 La, wx 4 V- x! ' 7 f y 1' , . i , 4 - 'Sf f 'TVMK' 7 Mn.. yi sac mx ,A V N 1 x Nga 9 M Q NW f we X' f' mf '---..-,.,,,,,,,,M M ,L H2 x 5. er' W . Q, in-ff I Y ww .qv 5. T11 'HWY + 5 .s...--H I 8 Y . mn, + W NX if A., 555 3-xiixz-P 5311-Q, 5+lVi fl lfbf' .2 I5 4 v.. Q I VXA. Cfv ,- mi? ,,...Nf 5. 4,41 S 'Q-,K i. ff? 1 mrflawef rg f -I -.,v A Q5 jfs' , if f 2 - . 4, Q,ff,,,, 1" L Wynn it ! ff K A I . Lim f If 2 x,,-. Q . X if' yv W gi, ,ii 'iv if 9 m? 'FH Q Wlfp ur :N K Q s HW W ' Wim.. Q NVQ' 3 JH 521.8 ,,. as ,N ff' 1,-fvff -25-s fix 1 L fu" lk ,A 'ma ,f f .-, 'X N, 3,1-A wxw, ' W , 'sk , 4 tix 5: ' ,gr za , 11 xv" 1 g 1 .-f"'4"ifvxgf 3 I '4 NL-NWQLXX nxsk X , . A ff -UMW: :f ' - i Kfi'm3-f'Q -v sf f'fA 'A 1: ,.""1?-Q ' 'S + ,fr e A .,' rv' Ny", -C3 f Q 'fy . -3 ,.r iv. 5 .25 H, . ,qi 1. -'Q ,f f ,H fl- ji' f' , , ,ff it "ff ' """-. 21- I f I ' J , ,, aff , 5331, i 1 xii' - 5. 'E I I if .ff -H if' If ,ff- m 2, 1 13535, ' 1 'W 1, ,, 'S frli Il r L, .. , vu L 2 V Q ,Q M .5 1 XY 4 xi- A 5 ' fi A 125 :::. m ,,f, i, -My l, , sv, ,wha w iv- :h.f4g'1ff?K,.p A, , 5 5 is 2, N A - '-'-: 41mf"f.55a. f Snug Wsgif' 1 z f fl f - 1 5 x " 'i f x ! x if gf - Q x 'A b 1 1 '- Q ,M Q x f x my Q Q , is pg? W Q , Q , 'f :M 2 XB 1, W ww' ,A fm. I 4. SENIOR PRCDM Qitizer 2 A Q. 'Q Q Get 'Juke Cf Q can 1 WLCVTL' fp Mx fltfcfj ff war , -mx tx ' E, Luci: ij 'fl Fm' VAJVV1 ' My gfwfd" QW? 5" 'Hr 14313 fix bf' 'xfamr-3 ' mc 1, j.ff"'5- X f A. r- V 'V-, ff-ff -ff ff, I . , Af ., ,J X f.' '- , N-. ,gyw , - 31 'Mgr-+1 .. , rf, ifffff . v iff 1 v ,V f XXX 'K' 1 , X I V X N J' -wfXjX.: r X -' " f,,.r" w,Fk, , f 1 P f-, 4. 'fn , k r Thirty-four Mfwdwx 'SOCL v Vx ,' T I 'nr My J ,, ,, ,, A , A - V- V 5 F5 qczv P' M ' lv is 2 A A e K THE CONGA LINE Rag M 1 , f Q' 1 V 8' , at Q , , Q I M la Q M , Aa. . ! 1 4 w., L cg W Z' J t X W5?x , K' x 5- A , .M u 4 I gm V V, L'iljL:v gl A " ,. ' R ' ' 'K V a ' Yi ' Y r i U ' at ...ii ,pg R79 xx ff WT! Qi4lQE,,f Tr- ZWMQ A-'ff if 524' f 3' 1 QZL'-fl.. gf f X 2' 7 f fi , 1 g f X A' 2, 'S ,Y if , W I . xy j if f V g, E as 2 X Ex .mH.alJl ffllwml' 1 THE QUEEN OF THE PROM AND OUR CLASS PRESIDENT TICKETS PLEASEY SENIOR TRIP On Frrday, May Zo, l?-lb, the Senror class of Frankford held tts annual tnp up the Hudson Rlver, Whlle the weather was not so bromislng when we left Phlladelbhra, It gradually cleared B5 the tame we reached New York, we found that the sun was ln full command. Boarding the Troln lll Phtlodelgzhlo ot erght olijloclk lll the mornlng, we started on the frrst leg of our journey to Jersel Cntr Carefullg rruttrng asldc cameras of all srzes, shabes, and makes, lunches for use an the boat, and a few coats carned by the skebtlcs, we left Phrladelohla, bassed through the suburban drstrrct, crossed the Delaware lust below the soot made famous durrng the Rexolutron by George Washrngton, and sped oxer Newark Bat rnto Jersey Cnty A few feet from the statlon the sbocrallt char- tered boat, the steamer "Alexander Hamilton," awalted us Sallrng down the bat, we passed bt the Statue of Lrbertt, Governors lsland, and Ellrs Island Then the boat turned uc the East Rwer and sailed past the l3rookl5,n Natl Yard under the brooklyn Bridge From here the steamer turned tts bow' lnto the calm, broad waters of the Hudson Here tho "bllllonfdollar" skr, lrne of New York came rnto new along wrth Grant's Tomb Meanwhlle, those who cared to could be found danclng to the smooth strarns of the music of Ralnh Specla and hrs orchestra During the tnrr, the ralls ofthe boat were crowded wlth ruersons recordlng permanent memories of the journey on frlrti or lust takrr-g rn the sun or thc be-outlful scener, VVhen the trrst slgns of hunger ag g eared, ntos' of our grour satrsflecl thelr large Qlif-Qlllif b delwlng lnto thelr box lunches or usfng the focllrfies of the cafeterra, whrle a few' of the more daring arrorg us entered the luxurlous conflneg of the dirftrla roorr ln the meantrnne the boat glrded under thc George Xlfashsngfcn Erldgs ics' the ruggeo walls of the Palrsadcs that s'rtfch for 'wentu-fwt mrles 'Then the arax store battlernents of thi Urrtcd States Nlrl'or'. Acadew at Wes' Porn att, eared Vlfhrle lassrng the Cadets' Chargl we hcard the clnirres nrrglng the bell tower lea' dwg a' lr dart Rolo' Par? we raa CDCLAA llR'if hours to s' erc 4 'he o 'ee ' zcrcatocs QxCll' able ct 'lne Ta'5' Soni if 'lne g'5.l1 wen' 5' lv. nv 'll' Q, lthlle 'lx gh rs 'r ea 'he r rand a' "" V' afurf golf Vr'hCexf1r'r'od1 ug Tar fc' 'hot course h. 'hr wat had a wcndt rful se'tSe of lnxmtgr Seat rod' the cor:-usel wl- lc others we' ' J rc o' 'us' c Lale lrocuols J lt was 3 'red but lnoii any 'ho' e riff? tho' IL' Phlodelih c 4 Thirty-eight ll 1? cu ff' t sc lfl tc t if:-Sf - 2 v ,- ,Y vc, - . x v X 'x . N.: 14 A.. Y 1 ,Q A,-qv ,- . ,:2'..:Qw::, Q ,..-f gf..- ,..f., J, , 'fx 7' ,A u. X , Y 0' X, L M k., ,A AW Mr' .441 , my ' 'L .1 Lfxjfijif fr' 'A 7 fs , I 1 4-V 'ix Y N WX! ,kisdp .F -' 5. R64 L 'Q' ,y N-.3 ft, , N MQMA Jn Ag 11-:' ' Q 'vi 30 0' W Q iii? THE CURRICULUM Frartktord Hrah School ottere a xarretg ot courses ta rt5 rgarftg rn order Thdt GGCU r,eVSCrw WOR hdxe the Qrprigrtdrtltg TO fgtlovw TFWCSG stadres trt vvhlih he rg most Interested ahd tar vthroh he ts best salted Those who Utferid gong to cotteae take the aoaderhro coarse, althoagh etddertts rw the cows hate 'harm or portaartree ot oh'a'rwr"a 1 osr'ro"'e at or! Qradaatrart tt tho. so desrre The cammerorat ooarge otferg exoettertt :rawtrra for those goxargtts who wah to work nrt art ottrce Pat we takrrtg :hte ooargg -hat take hookkeegfrrra bhorthaftd, tggttrrtai, oarrtrrrerotal law, odrhrherotoi QGCQVG!'tTt., atttoe r raotfoe drtd VGTOIN setltrtg Che at the rharw FCLJVHQS ottered ta has ri the rmohgrwj arte oodrge ht Qddlf!Qft to thgrrGCCf1ertttf fabroite, they work r the wood, rhetat, artd It' who' e, drzd Nedrrw rrrecharrroat dl'ONMIW Them' ho e r r are ahfgr taught the art at rrdtterrrfrhakrtta Sorhe gtrtg are attracted by the hottie eoortorrxoz coarse The-t have the reaarred aoaderhrc sabgeotl flue dretettos, hatrrtforv foods, ahd otothrrtg Thr: coarse hat orwl-r prepares the Qrrts tar saooesstal hohaerrak PQ but starts rharrx of 'heh' err ifwteresttrwg Careers rr! 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V ', .fi 3582 Q - ,A M RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE Under the guidance of car able Sbonecr Dr ' eww G Sterner The Record Book Carnnwttee has been garbenng data on me dubs and araanvatucns C our Qcbaol We have tned fa capture Tn arrnaevlrmere of Erankfcrd and bx wordQ and brctures preQenr It tc 50d fer xaar ,resent and Luture enroxrnenr X e babe that Thr Reccra EQCK WI! brfng back f na rn rncree rn x arQ carve of +b gacd frnn S barea bx U Q QCVICVC at car Prcr nn cbr e Trrp and n car Tax r Te b ab QC Cc! nn-ennber rfb Reccr E rr' e a Cn ef Earbara Gage Art Edrrcr H x d Pb' 1 'Qxxb Q PF! P 1 Forty four I , 'E' 1 ' L-A Af' A A f . , , . . 1 - A g. 1. V e , ' , 're ,, - , , j ' , ,Q -, c 'O , 'N r I ' r . N E 'S , ' ' V I . Q b e V rt, 1 fe , To , V, .e , 'es A' sa,.,-' , ' , 'Snlcr r QI, i l C r , 3 H I1 . Tbe r er r 5 cr e d beck Ce r nn me Lc fa Cecbeie Ea ifr- Vg E n, ' Q IW ie' Feeee Sn-rfb, Jcrfez Wriaiifg Jccr Ncdfeq Jccn Ccnwcbelig Ccru laser, c' d Ka+'ee'r Aeckcdf, wh to 'bcfk ar! ci We vaden.- rc are sf: QSFSTJEA rf fha r tnne c' a -zffcrf rr crder fe if f Eng 're Reiird glib ef 'Ee Crcducdea Qaee af 'nf ,ff 7'1" DANCE COMMITTEE Lu T A V MG U Qmcra N VV E 'W + f p U .1 LGU VYMJV N Y DJ V WCB G Cl C Www. V E, VLCL ,hx SENIGR MORNING CGMMITTEE Semor Marhrhg was a day Icag fa ae rerrerraherea rf, ai! Q" use - a da, af rhrxed emahahs, when the jay or OCCCITIINIISIWVUQVII mrrwgIed vwth the Sadhess of rwarhrra Iar the was car last day at Frahkfard. After eeveral of the usaaI earh dasscsh we as:emIJIed In The aadrtarwmr There The Carhrmtree gear OIT a fee :fagrahy the "A" r:Ia Clif alex emer- ramed as with GU exCrfI'ehr gireSerw'aTIC'f:f".Faa1:r'5 Masraehef' Pefurw' Q TC the more idehfh parr ar The prcgrahr, the Q fr af the CICSS af Jarwuar: '4f was ryreserrtgd Ia Mr, Hrther. Oar rresrderri, ,Ichrr Turrg, passed or Ie rhe succeedrhg class president the gradaahrwg class robe Them we a!I sarrg car 5:haaI sang, vxrwch Seerhed fa 'aIfe C if added me' I Q amd raraded har" the audwtcriarh, Later in the GITGVIWCOH we rerarrred Ihre the aadrrermmr re recerye Jar Record Books and report cards, FrrraII3y we aII gathered Irr the gxrh far a dar Cf, and refrgshrrmrrse he I 'I e. uae mir aha hue uxcrraerla had iam. ', or are These wha armed 'a 'rake 'he da, a iai- iees were lea' r-'rwger'i dearrrhar Mar- r,r Kerred, J r" 1 L'r:aIvf'r'lah1 MUSIC COMMITTEE PLAY L7 'KL VNU! C CAST 1 K, I wJ' J xx ULN N, k T UH mmm GUNGV CQ w C: GV wh Cin F had D rb GO! be G 1 NC w wch W Q5 W rwnsfed G F Jumcr wcc wr row C rm dc Wkem Q M 'C UQTCIC U1 L fm 0 UMM uw Q Ruth f Qx mu CQ LN mmm dwwred T HG H ld 'A Forty Seven A CAPPEL QR T G rw J"'l,L Q 5 L LA CHOIR X vqx 'x Q i' GGL, 1 KJK -n-""'f' USHERS ASSOCIATIO N The Ushers Assocuotuon us o selected group of gurls who ore unonumouslt elected unto the club by the exustmo members Petore o gurl us nom noted voted upon these toctors must be Consudered oouse personolutt oress ond the obuluty to get olong wuth other oeoole The Club us lumuted to twenty trve gurls who ore not lower thon lOB or hugher thon l2A The heod usher thus yeor us Ru h lrons ond her coooble ossustont us Mon Crompton These two gurls drrect tne meetung ond ossugn vor ous posutuors to the gurls Although eoch member enjoys usherung ot the teochers meet ungs soecuol ossemblues Fothers Assocuotuon meetungs ond th Soil ond Buskun plots he looks torword pcrtuculorly to the nught she ushers for the ro uot ng closs ot th pt Eoch yeor the Ushe soonsors o donce Thus yeor theur uc wos h ld ot Somert n Qnrungs wos t r, successful r Ltntord W l gms suuounsors th club ond hu Copobulu smu ung ,er sono' ond g od c ure n 0 um Q n CQ gn uw 4do thecub Forty nune T . T V J . Y I Cr ' 1 ' T 1 ilu u ' u ,, V X 4 - , . , - - f u , - e 1 . l x lu I S N I' A g d Q 1 ue Fionusr Temple, o rs' Assocuotuon o .Q H , A u ' donce, wh' h e ue .o u so , f, et -, lvl . , 'ul F fu , , e Q u, 's , tg., - l oe - s utl., o fu f A uke h' oogpre usfe' d roll-lu' e 'gp u l , af' 4 One of the most cherished memories of our graduating class is the football sea- son. We will always remember the crowd of our fellow students proudly wearing the red yellow and blue ribbons' the cowbells ringing when a touchdown was scored' the colorful band at half-time' and the cheerleaders with their timely motions leading the crowds to wild cheers. All these events added to a wonderful team and school spirit. This was proved by our winning the Public League Title two years in succession The Captain of our energetic cheerleaders was Ruth Uhl, l-ler able co-captains were Alice Johansen Doris Bedwell and Janet Bowers. Joan Smith Lois Andrews Ruth Irons Barbara Duncan Ethel Wolters Connie Schmidt Nennie Remmie and Gail Nelson completed the squad of twelve. Mr. Crap who sponsors these girls should be sincerely thanked for his untiring patience and enthusiasm throughout the football season. Because of him our cheer- leaders had perfect timing good spirit and a smile for everyone. The Seniors of l949 will never forget the cheerleaders who helped cheer our team on to victory. CHEERLEADERS Fifty 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 I I r 1 1 i 1 I r 1 l ORCHESTRA L Qtra C l ta 1. CVV 9 N tw a ,ch a ta e 2 l a aaal a er C a fc t x e e l e. 9 L C r ,er aagt hu r eeetee W Meal r ew er lt ll ear Crchee ra ha ee a aae at l a tale th rt 1 XC eel rcheetra aha a C acl OR Dee we rel reeehte lrt t I9 Qraa, t e S have a favrlx vx 1 rt e r extra t l5 rm vu rt ectrcrt l-ae a few experrer cea rlaters artd sexeral new artes Th haha hal relrevea aq ct some at car L aw laxers tar he tcatball seasart Thw tear we hate a ,apll wha pla Q he Chee arte at the rrtare artasaal lhQtramerttQ The graap meets tear Claw a meek ahd l Q reeerterre Ccrwglg Q t ClOQSICGl art serhr clawcal rhasrc The r hestra rlaw ter the Sack amd Cavan per l'OVVl'lGlTCGQ the Athletl Aeserhblt aaa the Sertlar Marrtlrtg Awefhblx Deeper appreeratuah at rhailc has braaght adaltrartal happrrtes rrtta mam lrves artd the stadehts berteflt greatly by the teehrtreal lmawedge thev absarb vvhrle playlrtg IlT therr hlgh Qchaal archeetra Fnfty one The crchear Lretrdef art catlet ter rvstrarrrerrtal l :tt 'xlr F eet We Heuer h 5 ' d Ctea 'he area: ' r heart var, I' rs CVQG' :ea te axe fre F xl il 'T 9 a h me 3 de eicg ara Amt, thetr sk lls The ixzerlefce they aah tree- glqrrtg wth :lu araag has ttfert waxed rr'- .alaable Nlatg. at ear 1 4 5 V tr 'Q ghe zeh' le attrfae ther 'tae TUTVMYTQ M Ulf Sh' t X Tj K k T, 3? art -e: be 7 r e C 5, l-lah Q h C ,. , T C ' 5 h h 4 "lv term 'ell a f r 'a he ' wrt hi pa t. We A ell tala ad c ch - h te re The all 5 r - TY Q Q f ' e - A V , TV W an I T , I d - -- C C , 'a f Q e -, C - , A -V r A THE BAND Once agaln thus term the band was under the capable dlrectlon of Mr Forrest Newmeyer They played at all of Frankford l-llghs football games They played both whsle the game was on and durlng the half They learned many new tormatlons for thus season The entlre r g oup got new unrforms These made them l perhaps even play better. ook better and, Fnfty-two SOCK and BUSKIN CVU vedrar ee x 4 V N C 'if ra C C socks Q u C Q roalfuxx rra a e Q arm h a ard f T a arxrraaf ht. I L Lf X 1 L rOl1 CU L V V T Q L arear d 4 r Laid L K ae xx as a ' Car tfar xearhral ta The Passmg of the Thlrd Floor Back I r rw embered ae Orme of geek S m at QUCCCQ ral xerxruree rma serraas drama Nexerthelese It has been mast 'rated amd beer Jaxed for rrs camedreg The Man Who Came to Dlnner and t Here are amcrxg these as well as last term 5 rxrghlx em a Qurefure faxarrte + George Washington Slep r Ruth Thus xear the dab wr!! pres nc and Old Lace Qaccessfal Deo Arsen The Gill ' 15" Q E 'hi' hit. T. x..VfK3 -,fl 'LIVT L e4F'C'HLLV1!N CHQ" Q' C orb Yr 'r'g3'1,4gr1 "'-XCK 'rm alxre d'eiw1T'xifr me 3 :xxg iraq ' era gee T'CQeG area geared. The :QW f' 5 shi x ee me gm S 'fer- Ki , Q' d 'he 'fcgea arfe lex.-.ear x rw :rw 'eached re P 5 ' wees me :red buskin. The iaab , " 5 :either ex Cevwce of 'he T gedf,-Qgmedx, 'W 5-:W Q 'F C .VVQM X1rVr'Q vwxw mask xxrkzi fvsath 5 'xx ,Tcd half Llf 13 ' ' 'rm ' dr' V' af bred. gr fr vc, Tru, g ,rr an Cer 4:4 far? rryfvber- gh ws gxe' TW a S Ck d 'Xue' Cary xxherr ,e rx 5 rar' :qi 'N fxxa af 'he Q! be f P Q'CCLJC 'ere he rea: se arrder 7 ld renew X r'x'r Car NCQ A Hambreterr Hrs Qfyat rxgerrwrcierwLvrleTheatre-xxgrkx,.-1'abksh1'v' ' rake the ,I b lfC,1N rf "Q N N he xxm fi aeferg , ell r. 'Ne V. I Vern ' - Q A 1 Q A x ff 1 ff ., 'C ,, Vx., , c M 25' e 2 ' We -, ' I r A fx ' ,fn , M , 'sv-an-If 16. Fifty four STAGE CREW K E' G XL UI ppf DV o x xx P or e Q t tght to W Q5 t9 CK ood to km r Vo UC eo e r o, r filo otr oh C t or ,trohQ wh h f o o Frorrk er T tooo tt Qor r r The mm WQFS e Q rwor ootrtto wx r t GV w t wtf! U L tt FELLOWSHIP CLUB the purpose of the Feltowehtt Ctob rQ to romote brotherhood omohg ol! VOCG9 breeds ortd hottohotttues Not LUN th our eOur tr do we trod problems ot thts th but ott over the world Est ectotlx rtovw otter o oreot vvor do Q the C U hom to prove hot tt hos HO hotred ogotttgt om rtottom rg rw tt xtlrr Pk! lub VWTCFITLDLVK how been sutdrrtg orttdeQ or e eo et Gumoht Mone o of Jes hom beer devoted by both tco h6rQ Gftd Student The Fellewshrr Ctob hos b eh ut exrs C ter tvxo eors qrowtrt ooto t o em CN 'rt Q o r tt eor V L o o er Combi L X Q dur Ct d h Lt o rest e rwth Robr ro COQNSL orb tthg or ' e ' 'W VT' o Q r ore ot Q t-tofr ' Q ore rwfro oc ot otto r PIONEER HONOR SOCIETY The Ploneer I-lonor Socaety wos formed lost term tor the purpose nt os ststlng students In theur studles It they ore recommended to th Club by the teoehers lt ts Intended thot some members work pdrtueulorly wuth IOP od vusors to Cheek on the progress ot n w students ond to help them before thelr dutttcultues ln theur new subjects become too senous Membershlp Involves rotungs on seholorshup Ieodershlp ond Chorocter These ouolntres ore roted by members ot the toculty who know the eondrdot n question Condudotes must be In ot leost IIA ond hoy portelpdted un extrOCurnCulor GCtlvltleS Notuonol I-lonor Soczetg ond ns chartered oy the Student Boord The group hos thus term nnereosed tts n embershlp to over nnnety students from the ongrnol twenty tlve Thus term s otttcers ore ds follows president John Kung wee presldent Gwendolyn Fuseher secretory Joon Wrnters Cholrmon ot olternote meetlngs Notolue Thomos secretory of olternote meetlngs Shrrlex Tott Fifty fave I , . Q . I I I I X ' . x S 3 i . I . . I ' I e l ' . 'S , l ' The Honor Soelety, sponsored by Mr. George Ebeeke, is o ehopter or the I I A I A I I , I 'N I A I I ' ' Q f Q ', .f A ' , 2 ' - f ,' BIBLE CLUB ORPHEUS CLUB Thts dub meets every Tuesdot otter schoot th room TTS The sbohsor is Mr George Myers. Ortoe ever, rrtortth the members utter-rd Q combined meetv rwg whtoh :holudes the Btble Clubs trorh other Phel- bdetgzhtc Hfgh Schools Thts hteetfrg te the ttrst Ntohdct htght ot exert, mohth bt Q Certtroth' Fof :ated church Usuotty. outsfders szifeok ot the rveetrg, but ot other tbteht is eu: : hed bt thf rw-ewrberg therrrf fetxes The puriofe ts o Ver" were about thi 'eoohrrgs ot the rtbl Sort tw were , rrrwd to' 'he emi of th 2 'errt Ft L oft ts Cuz? uri Cottootyci 'Q Cbxfer Qt! 1411 L' me 'Tho "'ub7 rttfji, rf NTI' Go? for ue, who our be uguttr ' owe E, T1 Fifty-six The Orpheus Club of Frankford t-hgh Sohoo! 15 urtder the ooboble sugiervtevort of Mtss Frohces Sh-, - der, Che ot the objects ot the club as to exohorrge :rogroms wth etudehts from eohoots wth 5 'war clubs Am true rvtusto tover mo., Toth the Orgheui Abt, osststthg 'he grestdertti Herbert Fevwberg ore Etste Wetgor-rd t CL-Lrreetdehtl Cord C'o,rory seof retort, ond CTO'G De Lreof treasurer Cue or the ootwttteg ot th Q pork otub woe o teo The use i G'TV'ttQCj to get 'he 'terrtbora urztuorwed tt th g- for Qvothgr The Cutz1'Q'tE tr,,Qfto'rto'e wrote' 'r iii eterzt Q mo' Th XX qroug of tv rr gr bore hw- v mod, hoord o Pr toot tt hto LjTQL','5f'Q Cwof: rr ri wtf UTM! rt Gr' og - rf ,rrtorruur tit r 'ht 'fr1t",, , INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLUB LATIN CLUB ' I ',' ,Q F C . C - ' gi , '0' X4 W C,I'- iT ' I km I sf- Q j 'X' QT X Ax, j Th xx -A, VA,-Y, X . I , H WA 'W I "M asm, I H, Ie Cf :fc 5 ,, J +5 -fcffaris w L , . an ' "W Lg" Q43 5' A ' IP M . 7 , Y, rch 1 L Q1 1 ' Th I'II'.Qff mc: ' 3 ' ' gpg ' V x,r , ,Y ff I -.C J V '-i 5 ' ':' 'L 'I' " -LQQIW' Q rlx 'Q C J 'J ' X ' X L I Qrwxgr tI1 f1m1v'e If 'IAQ rwvlvgr Q TI--I Q Q ' 'J I A . .. C LQ" L.-, f , ,f ' Ivgkr QIQSSQS , , , I -x , f K f H f 'I I VU' XU4'11' LQLIH xx M '. LI:LILII VLH 'IR CI IIE X CIE LNLVIIIXI 'Iwi X 0 K E f- - UI by- ' mf 'rg' 'Iwi Q QUQQC 33' Q 2,1 ' 'LPG "FQ N QMT gmsciwf Fmm IXILXGL. x i1f,'VL'EIfILI'I, QIT 'Ig MQ" SEVQV r GV W " 'V' frm, mmf cmd Dcrcthj, Moropzgwor CCVV'iif'C"EjIVQ sic- ILIJVI I' QI fl' 5'7" Fifty-seven Fifty eught THE SCRIBES CLUB The Frarwlqlord l-lrgh Wax IS The T lllOl stern Tor Toamalrsm rm The school baT The bcrrbes Club rs The hrghesT who OH The TT erarx ladder rm oar beloved rrTsTrTuTTarr c lcarrwrrwg A TevT Terms back a area QT smd r rrTeresTed r TarTherThQ Th fhselxes rr T T Tre roar rr arTT e T he o rcrasrh TcrkrrT dae rrr Thr Tre d The clab hembe s hax rcdaerrTl heard gaeT scealcer Txhc ar actrwelx ard T roT Tablg engaged rr wrrTrr c, arrd who possess a greaT deal aT krwevvl age om sruecralr ed phases of Thrs subTecT lasT Tcar The club ehgaaed rrw a rrrvx a llwlly That aT radro broadcashhg l Thr comrcctrorr The clab has heard Tram such a ers as T Samuel roTa CCG TerrTs DrrecTor aT Radro STaTrah Wlp ar a Mrs l4aThrxrT Freld boxa rd aT h Rad CTTTcc cT The Board of EducaTorr Sw hhhbers oT The bcrrbes Club Toro ea The rracleas of The Frankford l-'rgh School Raar Workshop whrch has Trodcrced Thr rad s cvws Tc daT ard Tw l axe com NN Ten Th r reserTT Term ehds Th se l rca casTs haxe eerT Tall alf oar s PM 5rlTlGd over STaTroh WlBG Membershrrv ITT The club lS obew TT GTTT The who rs TrTTeresTed rrT VvVllll7Q ar d wh has had am Thrhg of hrs owrm rrablrshed Ar rTlrcaTrorrs are accebTed aT The begrrrr HTQ each lerrh THANATOPSIS CLUB The TharTaToTTsrs Club vlhrch was Tcrmec aboaT Tour ears aaa o a small arcer c sm erls ha dewe obed mTo OT agar r Membershrr To Thrs CUD rs Tas cr ex racurrrcalar a Trmes ersar ar T TTT Trr H694 TC rake ah acTTwc TarT T arT work whrch s behefrcral To l:rarrPTTrc Hrgh School e rarbose of Thrs club rs T rcrr serxrcc To The school ahd To calTrTaTc rr Tcresl rrr varroas Trelds Each member T ar Tcrr ales Trr Two OT These Tollowlha rrTTc cs' roarrs arT masrc reraTare s orf ca actrvrtrcs aTd drama The meeTrrTgs are held OFT The seccha Tharsdax of everx momh The oTTrcer whc s re The club Thrs basT Terh achg WTF Orr l a T e orTsor CT 'hc c LJ TT r Torr Rose esr erTT hlarr L ham Cc rresr erT lvl r lah Rc r r ccrar secreTar caT erh aTlh c res r s creTar aTd aTa T omas Treaslr r me aT he ma or ahaerfakrra r T la darroa Th asT T rm were res TT ar acab rrarhslwa a ar c f r were Ter llc chi U Y 'T If I7 l f- l 1 T T T l ' G , - T 2 e , gi e e TTs TA ll eT VA, T Th' feld aT goo ls T ora 1 d hrs clah wTh T 'A irurriose TTT e s Q hi T Cxrlf e 'T s ' l A T T 'V 1,1 ' xy 1 5 f-I fn S T L A 'Ty T kr 'T o T Tj TY ,J - V1 T f, ' ff ll . .T srre ke e lvl Se , STAT l be W T' ' I s T T TT e T Tx, ,. , T T -,Ti W .Y Y I 'i ,T ll 'T' 4 1 f e A T' T T 'T-I1 ' l . . ,, T' e , T, T ee rc, QhT T, T e T 'T l h TA e ,1,le'edT1':af l e T A e 2 3 A d-- ., 'T b h hs ehfws T ri- es N T W ! Q ly., J "T 'Z 'W' 4 ll A X T Q A T Y K' T ol , T ' d T T e, s l ,, r f T- T:aTrarT of ThrrTT, GCTl'v'C membere, plus ale umwr A ,J r s l ' , 3 ,ed Tr A T c f T , Q2 e T ll ard ll Q as T ' A e X, r TT rs Q ThT T a der r T , er'T e . , I l Q V T WT l l T if Tr TC fl V se vd A s A 'T lm T ' Mr el Cr gi, h SD . T Al l b e e T TV pr -dA g T, a Tr , gag! a e h e T se c J T TT' R .b T o r ,r,o"TdrAra se Q TT, T, N lre h T e c HT Sa Q T T 'c T T s J he c b e e e A F 'eh A Day I 'WQWSIQGWE T P e Ts' lrdhy fra :T a Te hela af some :QT All -A A. Qy'C :HT T THE SECRETARIAL CLUB mu QVC N V LX XG LU CJ Tm Q UQUO W, LL L one KJ , f QV QM HQ Tb QVOdUGfWQ J GNC C UNSW Cr fm Q 6 Q 0 f GV ' fC K' CLEF CLUB r Lb under th N U Nun' Cr cw me Tu Th 'Q LC LT U GQC u VI Q XG 'LG W fx FL. 'W wx W- Q: C f Tvi J 5' - 'Y nk, .-,, ":- wp Fig., Siy is-2,3 -P, 33, 5 'M' gfk, :sg tip-f3:'f' OC cb V 'Q Qi"Q"w 'fc fipfii 14. 'QC Q5 'ne Qfgcfwicif W- J-' X2 -Luc 'icx dp.: , Lv. "fe 1 ,D -. -gf X," ,g,,F KE' My ' rf :fl 'Q xcmw iuwiz' QT 1' in 11' my L1 g'x,Lwf7 WH filif T51 X mari. xJ":N ULU L., W, r-iL.13Q 5m',g'Q1 Pr " :ng wfrvxfc JA'-Q UC Nur Jig QQf,X'f'i5 iw TF w max 'be QFVXQ lem' ssnfitf Q 'lm Xzfwuzi Q: "'b geihsm gif fm cffcg, Bmw dfmilf 'Nw A lwwfe 5 at if 'HUM 0913 M1 hulgwg IMS: ffuffwkff Qfrgmu Lgfwtwrrw f Er i tfv' Thi' X Nuff Qi the SIM? X00 Gm 'XYfwf": Pfrryni frefd"f Robe. Shefs x11'1 i-gxrsvdv' Te I 'v'e'v+Us Q' tha gnu: ofa Bl hx KW - M li Pg Ccrlxrw Pfwffer FFCVWQQNUQQT UUE Gum? Holm Krwvjwr, Jim Rom iw' T, 1.Qr'V,'fP1r'x law P k,L- Hip' fW5w SHN: urxri GUI Vcmlvr Tm Ch' CH W ' 'x Q gi ' NbCVifT'I 3 Mr 'A wie, 1 M 'S dig 'd 'N 5 sfudevfs Mm mf ccgmgf. mu-rcshd 'rw mfusf Thi "m vruusM1 5 cgmvsfi if iwycwd :mf dime :Nea lllf Thur DMX, rx ew! uh 3 Q? mms: Thi :lt N153 CHCQ Q ' " af? gf ik PUSH? C4 CAG gf Us me"r'b:r5 AT ECU' "wQQT"g QW: 'vewberg lifiprrr Thi um, Qin" Pwfful CVNTQNSWW Ly 'Hi Qflwgf we wb-rg N" 'HQ x Wg- K 1 Q15 QCU 'FQ xclzzbg ',Xj,,V'U'Cz 'J 1Q"g'ff"g tnjfcre cud 5' :fs CE will Gi :iCf""11 +1 .+.Q cL iid: Q' 'Fw gw 1 e'i3fwfcffe5 TE xACefij'isdi"' J fine Spb Sig ?i-ffiefg VCE 3' 'NKJQ 'YCPJC :pf 'Pi " QC "" fi' -:CCPA 'wg-f'fQ YQ- JF? 84 T-if f 'H T ,nw cm i"1gETf-f"' ELC'-i Du ' i-5g..a- lizfsf, C50 ' Vgigfx 'f,-,mini if- C A 'L THE THIRTEEN CLUB The purpose of the Thrrreen Club rs Ta faster Tnendshlrw arhong thirteen of the ouwtandrng boys of the eerrror class, to egtabllsh a means of eo- iJlCFOllCF1 w,Th the 'raculty To zronrofe worlhx 2Chool rroleds, and To further The oedurrernenf or Culture The olllcers are Ernle Lrheran, aresrdentg Cralg Stern! secreaary, The orher ndenwbere rnolude A5 Ar-gelo, Hari, Baker, Don Gold, Ton- Howland Howard l3hlllr:,S, Frarl. Reoa Paul l?e"n'1ej, Jael' fehrllerh Eollrda, Qae? Terr, all Jrrrrrf Vvrlghl The 4aCull', H wears are 'xlr Wnllan Clausrr and Mr Charles lrwell. XXX nee' our, lh:rfl w-.JE ol Thr l' 'r," - ol ,l fh, rrr' T 'ogre gmt 'ole a guee' aralir Cf V rr 'e -Jrgw H 3- p ue 1' he: "ful: J Q Q,f5'f1i Tlo f Q' hole .3 'he :Glo if TQQ'IC p 'ro' .- fo' from -'rough rr f ' 'lee echo, 'T-.vh Lal C L' Sixty SENIOR TWELVE The Senlor Twelve is one ol the oldest arganlza- 'long at Frankford lr lS an honorary Club whose nwenwbers are chosen for rherr scholarshro, extra- Qurncular achvtreg and gersonalln' AT The end ol each tern' the graduatrng Senlor Twelve nwenw- jgrg Qhrjhgi gfx new nwenwhers for The TCllCWllTQ 'erm Then, at the heglhrfrwg ol that next term the srx newll, elected glrls choose wx more girls from rhelr own class, Thus Cornrrlenng rhelr lull 'W,NGlv':f Under 'ln gd dar fe oi gur ag or :orb Nl is Exef, Ili., llp of Twelxe lL'ClS llS 1'n::"'Qi exif. 'hed we l 1' 'he harry 'T vw if ve ""efr1lmr2 'hr rrmrrrrgf are Cordufjkrl almrrranl lax th eClCll ard VLA 'ural Cornrr'l?'f 1 2 The A E 1' fr ggi 'f,lud1, QQ, ia- 1 ,Q fl ' ti' f.,i.,frl.Y e.gjft'Cf Jllgr "purer ,ofa Qeihgk Ch: 'TTC' 25 'Q Q11 Q Cow- F file' Che C' T r , A V r f 1' 'ho Q 3 pen-rr "Snare 'goat' fa' facie' P Pe Perry: 'mo' 2 Da.- 'eler Mg' r rgrg gr Q Ciga Pohfgr ' fl LOCKER COMMITTEE 'QC ' fe 'Nlr Ab er ro l l s r r cl Llx CK Ll GVT oe x se Thor The lcc4 r ro x eoch ohd very To e wor ol this cororhltlee lS corrr d on wllw lvl Reder uh room 7 The members ol the corhmllrce ore loom lcker N hcl F ost Morne l-l mrhll Vero Otto Dohold Vollmer ood Edword Mressher DANCE CLUB The Dohce Club 4 lor om glrl rrmter ested o dormcrhg regordless of whether or hor she hos hod om r rewous trowhrhg The club presented sexerol group dohces for the Forhers Assoclohoh meehhg A selected grow of glrls performed orw o Helevusnorw show wh December ohd the club olso Took Jor+ o hotlorwol dooce whlch no are erwlcd of The Comm erclol lvloseorr The T e ol dorwcrhg fought l worr o o Tho rests mox be reoched The club rr o o oo T oho c oole eod rsh, xr orod hw el o'er c Sxxty one The Esc' or Coheed ffee :s :stool ce rece, 3, T T erf Qleoo T who hos beer leoce' cl 'hs grco, sl"ce he :gore F rlford rw l -ll Tl' s c no mop ferrrred to cQ sir wow stodercs wth lockers, to ' li' o T the serwors To keep lockers ohd locks lh order! d jherolll to fe 1 fe les ore lceril of .T ee s door All X lc T ee e ' ' l r, 1 ' 1 effrlf. W Q o I' r , e 3 'l, 5 s J ' lc, T' 1 lf ,S r - yo ' T s f Te Q, s f oll lofi I e re X co :osed f ln f 'hrrrA.-Me girls, Qs T 'er 'he oo e ls e - ri cr Mlss Johef ee e W ' ec s cc: Frldow l e ho os. The Athletic Association, composed of representatives from all advisories, plays a very important part in the athletics of our school. The purpose of the organization is to finance all athletic activities, lt does this by selling books of admission tickets to the games. The money is used to aid the teams financially through the purchase of good equipment. The proper kind and the proper amount are all important to a team. Such sports as soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, softball, and hockey, for which no admission is charged, all depend upon this group for supplying the necessary equipment, The association, under the direction of Mr, S. l-lunter Kurtz, has suc- cessfully and capably served the school teams for many years, This year the officers are George Foedish, president, Victoria Miller, vice-president, and the A.At council consisting of Doris Bedwell, June Neilson, Scott Irwin, and Ernest Liberati. ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATION Sixty two THE STUDENT BOARD u ell l K x N e Ve G nt Ba Dara Quo a e ' C C x, or lC6VQ c VGTOV W G VCOQUV: Mr Ar hur L we and Mr Georg ooecre o locult s rs Term o always the o r o een te actxe or or 1 ut t e tones ot the sc ool organ vrhe the heat s ag u tarne are row amr l her was rsta e new c mrlete e t drun was purchased or the band rn trme or th Nort east game Unrtorm accesso s were btarned tor the rlaxers ac term the Studert oard a s an rmtortant rar n Se ectlrg t c andrdo es tor the Fathers Assoclatror Award Much trme and llort rs sr ent n thls rmoortant rrolect New school clubs become chartered hx subrrrttrng the r constrtutlons to he Board The document rs drscussed and when approved the club re ewes ts charter The Pumck n Promenade held a Sander on Sorlngs was one of the most successful dances the Student Board has ever held The monel made n thls dance together vvrth the regular tvventx me cents dues rer tern ays tor most ol he work th Student Board accornplrsh Suxty three The s' 'af at gcxew' 'g ooo. at Frowcord g l ' own as fre lfuoerr' lfoarc Th' gi 'S e , r radeon nd 'he XlC'3-ffiSld6lTf Tone Roser were elected last term D: a tote ot the entre s hjol oo? loforu The other att e' soc Joan NN ters, an ' o H l3hull's Senderlfg were eected thls term og the eighty Board rezireser-tames t o ' r r Q e E ' are the c 3, sponsors Th s ' T s 9, K ooo d h s one lf ln der tc' lrrg Q h ' nohtn nn, n,,t ecrr Q 'd W an Er c 'dlp lld A ', o 1 osoto 's of - 4 ft e .ho or 2 r ss r-es T A E h n , nw ral r., 'N 3 tr aloe w h C T1 . - r ,I ,LN T f Q H ,J Q 1 . M A r , f , 'c M H W ' ,H T . T e e N 3 T t e T r es MR. CHARLES F. TROXELL CJUR SCHOOL the Frcrktctd Hgh yN.AXlCl',, vxce ttst yuht stud H1 V23 md hoe ggrfgwrw to be Q tctfchtf siwo. Qt :'ti:r:hQtm,h morcstthg is hath '.,.i'it5r'fs QC tscttlt "F-'Q"V'lULV'l VY Chcthi F Mme!! fffiltlh. it tQV'1CJt SCVECV his we QVC 'h, iffjfl ' ,Qt-'wg 'wwGrj, e.,:iu.' 1, ice 'tm t' ghtgf ft.4.g"Q guy p tg hgt' :tytf ,cg L2 'rt 5 tg thi XECQN 3' A,'.j"iI gms 13. t1,Cg3twp1gf5ti,:f ' 'ty "'X:iQC'Q'," N 'he Q"',.1 Qwff :V Nw, C' The Qtr if Qt 'h-3 Q ff , tfjxil fur -uw: ,mat jwg Q12 ts ' '31 'tg th f ,gm fu' ' Q ut: 'hu' k if 'tg yr: Tftyi Q' G xv ' hgudi ' Qw Fra rt , 1 Q -, Z. fihgce 'hc' dm Q: "3 Cftd 3es'l'Q'tfe 'Lt :J 4 'CQ-Q Lt"-5 'Q ireiicrf Thi gage' tg' 'hit g'faX-if Thw Qkpi rmhti, tha sit? ON CLQffQ"LAFT'3, t 'dc ,.iN thg uxjgfk md ob ' tt, tffcttnud :uh- t ehthg G ViEV.S1fGtf'SV. With the CC'ODGVCf:CF" ct Mr Ttgrxelf, thi gd"QrfthfCh it HGTV. Bckerg the rews edttcr Jooh Hates, Duhcohg the thlrd-poge idrtor, JOGV' Edt Shultz, ohd the Qssistoht edttcrs has became one of the tthe5t schccl thf tfctwf edutor Fctrhcro Genwhderz, the SLFCVT5 edttcrt and repcrtcts, the t-hgh Wot,f uhfucottcm HI the Cnty. NEWSPAPER THE HIGHWAY BUSINESS STAFF Thus organlzatuon, under the sponsorship of Mr. John R Nevin, lS Composed of students of all grades The grouo ls dlvlded lnto several commlttees for OdNEVTlSlFlQ, oublrelty, Clrculatlon, and vanous other jobs entalled in ,orlntlng and dlstnbuting the school paper, The same group ooerates the school storeg at gains exrnerrence vrhrch ranges from tallang to the salesmen to selllng goods to the students. Thls store was establlshed for the conxenerfce of the students lt has 6'v'GVfrTlTlVEQ the teachers ot Frark- tord require, from maos to mechanleal dravmg sets. The graduat ng nferroers are Nara. Dovs Ann Jones, Margaret Kennedy, l-lelen Knecht, Caro? Thferott! Thelma Ward Howard Phlllxis John Terry, and James Wrght, The l-lgh Way E332 and Mr, Newn wlsh them all the best ot sufk, Sixty -five SSEINIS09 Can-I MR. JOHN NEVIN 'E ' Slxty Six CLIONIAN CLUB Arwrwg L r c uw Q From w rw lui 2 N ,r V x I KC G L Nvcm Lb P 0 er bus wwf Ox Q r C K Tum m 'myers mo fc V' WJILN V 5? GT T Q, 'WX HQ W I J f Wedf kde C G C Q T M L ur L Fr Q CW r Q C muy 1 kwfh D an 1 L NCQ f , T0 r 111102 U VO G L f RL Q C1 Orc Lum Umor k WN wdw mum M C, YE MONKS l K C rQwK wr C C 1' I Q rw the Qchoo 0 h Q f 0 GQTICQ C mul' ww h K m fr whwrts my r remrf fvfmc r G mcmbw Mr Fmrw Lrghf LT L K, ,X H F ry 1 U X cl X Lu L Q 'Q Pd um L1 dw rf C wr L! x Us P Q V awk Q Q X Cl J xr Jwx GIRLS' LEADERS fx w - Y f x,v+- f , Q -:L,L.:': C , si: Q' hzmcr 1' f C.'N'C5L4 A , ,lp Q-,,, f. ,4 -inn On, gv 1 H- L., " Uibxgi gizj-gr fb .1 f' rx ---'V k,, rn. '- - N ,' X, 'LN km r fx ' ""1"CCN, Q , . C: +5 355 C 'aim' 3' Ve -QJ as P5 gf -- X . x'j pf' r 3 f- r x A-gk V -f 5 , 2 f W , x- L. ,-,- ,. ,,-F. by ., ,,,,,.. , , Q. , X my.. U L, , -L ,, ,.. J QA.: UN x 5 " 'f 'Pffi 'L,w:e'X 'H Q Wg hge C LN: 'Fez Ci' 3 eacrsfs f F ,X -xx .IJQLGS V 5+ 5 ,ef Vwsjhc' P ggv Hug r Q"GGfkVN Q'fC " ' Qu, X30 QQ if' N Qc" S1250 f LQ K LZ'i'1'X'UdVQQj LJ , x. , Num ?,r:'u 3 Q 1' VV 'W' 'gmmd C dy' -"gf ' fl Qxug Wwdw + Slxty seven It is I,-0 , , x iz- I ff ar Yi N,:,Y4-'N 'Q ' .., ff. ..... , , ,X 4 5.55 .fi ,- ,gh -- X s -rfiaaff-'55 e ofqj- Q.. 2 1, ., A415 if I . . ' 4 ,ZA .A, fi: T Q. if - 2:-1, ,r cm Niyyzf-figs CIIQIWDQDII ivy? MI IIIMIIIIHIII I II IIILQDIIIU is IIQIIIIIIIQQD mn emulr cnIhllI41IlIumDe1Im Ihalplpy day MMIIIII sqdlfmwm 5595 wwmlnm WMF MM IM fl ISI? PH I I QI I I I W IInl11flHlr'1IlrtDm IDIIII memuvjv IHr.nmlKfm1fI dw: we aww Aww ,rm Weml IIQIIIII ma ee ymmnmy mmf II Ie' 5 In Wm III ml QI WglKgf A A ellll X II f I . 1 N3 l WIT I I I . ' . iT I if e 1 i1 w .I A I 0 5 0 IMIIQIV mn lIwelf' wma In 1hr'nIIu1Ie :see .My IIIIIEXVGGIVS mmf' i XX Im Ie V I Q V I II W 0 e II as e m xcmr' em? Y A I I I em - our IIQMII wma w ' I IIN? Mm, fs , , 7 3' 5 y 4 W , in W 4 L 4 f , 4. 77 1 if W if ' Q Q F , ,, 'Q 7 1 Q - Q Q Q V 2 , ?1'gY 2 pg i ,, Q 'ff ? f 9 4.Q,,,3j,,' 'Wu I ef' 4' KM v'Ev3jxA41 Z 5 i , Q 46 g , 2 ,W . A 5 6 wg 4 1, 41 W PERFECT INTERFERENCE FOOTBALL Frahkfords hghhhg Puoheers haxe wah the Pahhc League Champaohshrp for the second srrarghr seasoh, The Sarrrck meh played hard, weroas, heads-up foothaTI ih roll- rhg over every oppohermt thrs season Th the opening eh- Coahrer, Frankford downed Haverford lb-O They rherr pro- ceeded to ooahd om 27-Q, ZOO, 21-C, ahd 31-O vrctorres over Gverhrook, Dobbins, OlrWC1.', and Masfbaam resoeehvely, Ih the most excmhg game cr The season, the Tri-cjolormeh, rm fall sfrehgrh arrd hugh sgrrrrs, corhplerely oarpTa3,ed Norfheas' Hrgh rh a QT-C roar The game was hrghlrghted h5. sexerar oorsrarwdrrrg rrralg The Fra' was LTDGVGTXS 54 ,ard rgyrf gf the Cperrrrrg mek-off L-SSS Thah f rv r' 'eg ae' Terr, gi fihea 'Q Seo" Q' Thi ? weve! secofa fzgrir Seventy-two Foedrioh mehr 4or TU yards, ahd Ahge'o for 33 rh The hm! tarhei la the toughest game of The season, Frankford beat Gerrharwtoww f-C. Every mah om the squad deserxes a lot of rirarse amd credrr for they have ah :layed a bang-ar: gave of football. The TEGVW' has beer siearheaded by the soorkhhg da: og olLDE'Cf',TiVV,.,CVTC1 Feed Bah orrd Kfoo, of f the ba:-oheid arc L Aorrd Sh-'th f 'bg Me These are or a few ol th' T 'e g, o,ers V the P CVNGEVSVTEF bea' South Ca'h:r o aa Deoefroer 4 3' Eraflo rr Fda the, ' be Ctr. Crow: :ri of 132 The :adopt 'Q ,aes Le Ca' Seas' Forff af: N' :ra ea 3' :y'e'r So :row Pofioea 25 r al Soc Rgwafaaam, Yoafg V. eizorela, ood For :fl gao'dsg L T' Ph A' gee Dd.rd3o'1Saa 'h Q' C Crave'euslf 'aiklgg Maher" W-: Pov,-Q Dar ee Easy ara Sea" Cs, Zgedeih a:,e':' its , ig Ca. Tuba" Ye". fhaeo Ffa-'Q K 'aa 3' Cogggr A. 3 :Q Cyayof ' gf gc: 'ea 'S' THE GREAT "LIB" IS OFF HE'LL STOP AT THE GOAL LINE 5,'5"rf9',,'Q'5.' in 3' X61 7'Wj3":,n if sf n 41 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Frankford ,........... IS Haverford Frankford ...,...,.... 27 Overbrook ...... Frankford ............ 20 Dobbrns ..... .. Frankford ............ 29 Cincy Frankford ............ 31 Masfbaum ........... Frankford ......,..... 27 Ncrfneaat Pabfrc Frankford... ..... 6 Germantown Frankford ..,......... 7 Northeast Cafncifrc Frankford Interfeague Playoff 6 Southeast Carlfofrc fi lf Q DOWN! SOME CALL THIS FUN! 'f .ig HE SLIPS THROUGH OUR CHAMPION TEAM GREAT PLAYERS LED BY GREAT COACHES new 'VUHL ?'Gr'wi-1 VARSITY SOCC ,4 6 ER SCHEDULE Lnmfr Mcrwgrm BL 'W HUM-.N rw Ugxnu Dorm FAST BALL! HON? Frmd WCM FGM WGN- Punk. VVCJW EIN . 4 v 1 W Bclrtrmm ,..., .. Moslbnmm ...... f -. vr01,, .... Evmrtrwrrwvm Cvl Q-Q' Cwu ..,........,.........,,. S mm PPNLGQJL Cc mm! ...... N 'Mow M1 41 ...... JUGGLINGP we W? ieimwgg SCCCER The Fronkford l-lrgh School soccer souod enloyed onother verv suc cessful seoson They flnlshecl thlrd ln the Publrc Hugh Leogue behlnd Northeost oncl Germontown ln te to the cooch Fronlq Lrghtfoot os lt vvos hrs This IS o fune tn u furst yeor os vorsutv cooch The Ploneers hoo o record of eleven vvlns one tle ond two losses Cn the offense the Tn-color out forty fave gools unto the opponents ne's ln fourteen gomes, the ooposltion broke through vvlth only nlne Qools The teorn's two losses were to o scroppy Glnev squod, 2-lf ond to 3-O, Eight of the opposing teoms were shut ou strong by G Northeost teorn the Pnoneers. Seventy-nine Y 'i uv.,..WfWrmfM"f' TRACK This year Frankford's Track team has done itself proud. The coach, lvlr, Troxell, and his assistants, Mr, Cresse and Mr. Surrick, have conditioned a well-balanced squad which has shown great promise. The captain of this yeor's squad is Albert Angelo, a mainstay among the dashmen. To assist the captain and the coaches, a new feature has been installed this year. Captains have been selected for each of the events. They help the coaches keep track of the men during a meet and also assist in the distribution and care of equipment. These captains are: TOO-yd. dash, Liberati, 220-yd. dash, Angelo, 440-yd. dash, Costello, half mile, lvleitrott, mile, Lieberman, high hurdles, A. Pfeiffer, low hurdles, McElwee, pole vault, Schairer, high jump, R. Pfeiffer, shot put, Reilly, broad jump, Wynkoop, The team was outfitted in sixty new uniforms this year, They consist of red shorts and white shirt with a tri-color band running diagonally across the chest. The main event of the l948 track season was the winning of the Public l-ligh School lvlile Relay Championship at the Penn Relays. The team was composed of Al Angelo, Ed Schuster, Don Schuster, and Frank Costello, the boys running in this order. They were presented with a circular plaque which will be engraved with their names and displayed in the trophy case, The members of the track team who are graduating this year are Dave Markloff, Ed Schuster, Walt Meitrott, Gene Lieberman, Bob Oehrle, Dick Downing, Al Pfeiffer, Charles McElwee, Ed Creutzinger, Russel Gaul, Joe Veasey, and Sam Montgomery. Eighty lll'f,IlAVl' vvll 4 ro our I S TRIBUTE -.--54, A Frankford. ..,,.. ...,.. 6 A Penn Relay ...... ..,...... FVCV1L4fOVd ,..,.. . ...... H6 Hzrkfcrd ....... -' Fir L ix"f'f. M' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM TRACK TEAM SCHEDULE +2 Hawerf VC ,...,......... ,SG Frnv- r ' EM-. . Fizz nm m W, refox Owrhm Carre! .,.,..,........... 3, Ncirrtlmo SQLN1 Pm ':deYpV1:1.. 27' ' Fr Chex T' " .. .........,...... 25 FVUVWQNY K :ce ur Q.. 72 RCXTDCV Sem 2 ..., JR Cm ,, , VH Pi Dbb "5 f C U9 ETH: ff L Cn. BASEBALL The Pioneer boseboll teorn tor VNS, under the oble cooching ot Mr, Fronlc Lighttoot, proved o strong contender to dethrone Southern tor the Public l-ligh Leogue Boseboll championship by onnexing eight stroight wins, seven ot these ogoinst leogue competition. The opening gome ot the seoson sow Ken Stretch ond Jock Yerkes combine hurling ettorts to pitch Fronletord to o l'O no hit, no run victory over Ben Franklin in thirteen innings. The Pioneers themselves vvent hitless tor the tirst nine innings, but rollied in the thirteenth trome to edge their opponents. With this greot victory os o storter, the teorn went on to beot such SAFE' teoms os Dobbins Bok West Philodelphio Roxborough, Mostbourn, ond Olney, piling up o totol ot 34 runs in seven gornes while holding their opponents to on overoge ot less thon two per gorne With Jock Yerlses Ken Stretch, ond Bill Everson proving o strong pitching stott ond with the other positions on the teorn copobly tilled, Fronlqtord hos more thon o good chonce ot cloirning the Public Leogue title this seoson. l-lovvever, o detect is olwoys o possibility, ond the two greotest cbstocles to Fronlqtords chonces, Southern ond Northeost, ore represented by good boll clubs, BASEBALL SCHEDULE MISSED' BASKETBALL A5 usoot, the bosliotbott loom N5 under the ooochrng ot Mr. Coto! Lost term! he wos oble to get oot o borfh ot hogs C irrettt good teom ot boetfetbolt rvtogers who gove o good score of vtotores to our school, Got ot mheteen Wow, Fronktord WC A ' 'A L n mne, the others were loet bt emoft morgrns The best go vvwk, moe wth Bok. where the boys ttntshed wth o good score, The members ot the vorsutg soood this term ore George Foedweh Monogerg Dowd Lrll, Crorg Steorn! Ro5 Hotnoget, Donold Gold, Gordon Stmbscn, John Krng, Wnlltom Whrte, Albert Scheoerf Horold Reintetd, Albert Dtdnksen, Robert Attott, ond Doniel Merkleyohn Many ot them ore old "vets" from Post term's sguod. Wuth such o teom ond Such o tine oooch, Frankford ccn't help comrng out on top, STAND OR FALL THE GAME GOES ON L., BASKETBALL NOT RHYTHMIC5 T A GOAL? BASKETBALL TEAM I947-1948 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1948-49 V LI 'Wx V 'K . , - WTR V 5' VXQVVQV' MGTPQ Ff:"Vg". Carr! CNZHE' :'Q"4L:' Nirrlf 'CQTFT ' E ni, 3' K. , Dibbfs .....,.. . f'-'V'ff'1. S .fm P'w'TQ'i A Ee" :fr f Ffzff f' ,,, GIRLS' SPORTS Frankford l-ligh School girls have this term, as usual, shown a lively interest in the numerous sports activities organized in this school These activities include softball, bowling, basketball, hockey, volleyball, and swimming. Girls who are entirely unskilled are placed in beginners groups where they are taught the fine points of each sport. The girls who excel in their field are picked to make up the varsity teams. Last term our swimming team moved from eighth place to fifth place in the Eastern lnterscholastic at the Hutchinson pool, The other teams, working hand in hand with their very able sponsor, have also been able to give a fine showing. Those who serve faithfully are awarded numerals, letters, and charms HOCKEY TEAM This year the hockey team, both varsity and junior varsity, again took part in intereschool competition. The squad is under the super- vision of Mrs. Dorothy Layer. The season opened with a game at Lankenau School in which both teams lost by a score of 2-l, The Pioneers scored a victory of 4-O over William Penn l-ligh, Roxborough beat the varsity 3-2, but the second team's game ended in a scoreless tie. The varsity was beaten by Girls' l-ligh 3-l, and the second team by a score of 3-O. Frankford beat Bartram 3-l, and the second team won 2-l, The varsity was beaten by Olney l-O, and the second team also lost 2-O. The Pioneers ended the session with a game with South Philadelphia BASKETBALL The pos' szoso' tor 'lee 'st imc I' ',ears Frorktora o'T7Q':fl a go! .ow 1, oaskaoorl team rt trier-school :sv-,etltrorw A ook ot aoeoaote groove: 'oo Pres ood a sehedale whgh mis' ot 'he garres were :slated away were the hood cages of oar xorsrtt lnassehall team The tearr showed a good season record ot sexea tors, Two defeats arrd on tw SWIMMING TEAM lo the V45 seasoh the Frartldord swlmv mlhg team woo three meets artd lost three The saood also set o new level tor Fraoktord m the Eastern lotersoholastlo at l-latohmsoo rgool, Frankford mowed from etghth rglaoe, estaolrshed to the '42 '47 season, to trtth. The mermards riraotloe at the Central YWCA. two dats a week ortder the able oooohlog at Mrs, lemme Leary. Mrs, Leart lrlqewrse suoervlses the swlmmlhg club, no vvhlch gurls who wrsh to leam to swrm or improve their stroke may do so. The QVOdL,lOTll?Q sertrors of the warsntx sauad are Aooe Koehler, Jarte Shaw, Phyllis Seoderlrrtg, ahd Jeao Morrls VOLLEYBALL Ths year oar xarsrtr, xollexball team has :een order Tlfi sklliol oooohloa of Mrs. Ld ao Mas Pfaorroes were held exert. Taesoog., Wedresdai., ard Frrdog. For the frst tote rrogor leuors were Qwerr to oor trst team :layers Those who re- :eteo The ox-,ard were Clare Ferslaer -ooo Blood, PLKVT rtadtreld, sooo Haukrrs Var. Loo l-lerr Clorlsthhg Keg, Else lioeoer sore ihorr, Groro Smrth ard ,hoof Srroerr Co, 'art ot 'he TQCVW' was lore Shaw t-nh Joao blood as :ofa tam The hardfxnork ' Q rrtarrager, who drd o g. leodrd r woe or mir? thrs near was Nflarx Loo Her-rr loaf Blood toola the head- 'rees os loerr-3 'Pe mos' oo's'o'-alfa 7 ol 'he geo' Referr ra to 're stores oo' fearr broke ere" 'hs .ear .-.Hlrg :fd losrg 'hee T ils-,, 'li p ,hall 4-1CE"x o .lam- 'oe rat ' 'hs Qsllig X filo .l at f of f T f- 2,-:metal-, s .-.4 -si Cerro e r .-meh so ' 1Q"ff" Tre ,A .L J A. A. AWARDS il' Qt 'SN 'Q ,fx M57 O V I, x..xU ,lf W iulff A f FOOTBALL Major Letter l rid F Ang l F x ncwdrd P lc er drlu P lvrr L r VN C allure' l 1 1QwdrclV frchdr fx wt rl r Q 4 Q NN JV Mmor Letter ww rdwdrd J Ll er Relverr llv C Ddxr bon Hdrrx D r rrdrw Jr Dex UL Ll Romr A Drldel wdndu l Fdr r lldrr K d uw L Kd lla 1 AJ lvdm J Nlc 0 J ULJL r Eighty eight x F Scrum L Sum H f adm J rm lxabcrt I3 Tdrlr Ned D Taylor Rlclwdrd Vrslwolad aw lwerrwdrdJ Wdlg SOCCER Major Letter l dw me Jglnr L rid rmmd ln0 :UU J WS UQCV H01 d lderrrd Y Q Q O Af Y ' ftdrrlil, , dr mr-A Crmle y MH J: OW A y fl QV 'lf J C353 Xwvlll . S l3lwrll1r A 'lil . ' '3Or'llQlS J N f? 'r R l EAD' Jax, de el Jr 4- I r Ch , J we r de , :M SLOVQ ll Frmd 9Cl'X Juhui 'lt vt " l fr W X tzgk llmtir C Fulngr Jcsfwlw W Dollrrgkl ld le " Q1 'JW Jf' li? A1 llzpwdlfl fold ll J we - lcklf Jr Vw ' l 5 V ' XN'lllu 'V Fwd ll' ll rrlw lfiwscfll S Kelfj Jn lvl Kr? Jlnl Url ff 5' ,T rrQ 1 ' Tilllnll lnQ1Jr lg , ly N ., 1 AL Qrlfiu ,rw Sl A lwlnudl. Al'lC'lQ Krlw Jr , 'J A ' 'rl'1 .Xml " Llll l m 18 lf LUf'l'l, Jr ' fflwlllfl Wlorrflr Vkwlkgrr lg, l,grwQ Nbcrl DldmCLS'7'lN All 1 4 l ldqfrv l'l.lf ' J , f rl Ll lilll Ure' Gl M5 Mr'-ec,l lm: fi -- Jag-wer Nrdlgrrlw r Allen rx , lsr Cm ll-li RV' C' 5 J ffxf lif-: Cft Vllvlllffl. .' rr "ri lxrvslrdrrr H fr, .i L K, Cm: A Pwnc ilQfmV6 KWWKQ l' ,lrarf l ff live, , R, , , gf Fe We '11 r f--V grqqfr Krrmlr " CVLQ J V ,V 4 y M T rr r WC-lv ,., ' N l'," X ry X rx J il' gtg iffrgl, r' Nl. lr Nl., l J L A' T ,I I r, .,g yi , :K ,H H 4 :liz F rlf Ur' lmddux --4 Q ' Ofyif T -fgflt QI' lil' L' Mlnor Letter rror k BGVDGV Frank Beuert Wwllwem COT PQLM Guerw tw D tmor Hob Rudclf HU F Q ewes O G MIIU5 Lo Qcf r r Cx SFF J r b AWARDS CROSS COUNTRY Major Letter rrcrr Algoxer R Bremdlmger Fuckkx rg Coldwol Rc Carroll tw F rgwov Wen ww L' F ci rd Mlnor Letter Hur GGW W 1 5 rg Deroxedw 0 CHEERLEADERS Manor Letter A dre E Gm ,J Eighty nlne D F LJ E mc Q r f Jem tw Lomereom N :V MH Ctf RNC we I Muna r Jem Q C Numerals Fw lv Hcafeld J GH Howarth Letter Charm A Lo A Ln - Cy ' Ny STN dt - +P R QR- -' JCGI J RV Elf R Embers R R M ELCVCL E HN X, .tuf fl f V y B I I I A U DTC A ' R1 LTLTSL X'XCfE'S 'A 5 R Dwi i Gctt ,Swiss 3 1' L L fm , Rot yr to mer ' CLC C R e wk ' 1 U JC Rf E E 4 R . C L ' XL: ' ble ,MTW dawg X w Q R by Ee, lf- Hr Q C' Ford Xirpy Dr' K Che Ll,-L LI Ki. ' 5 , . R L X5 gvrk ,R L dw GNN ' E it 3 T IW" Leu-:ra X trwdevtbgr tirxrt Ju li' ' Xxx! Mir KES? Aff E ly ir J L Ar wlsmp Jace Diese W' P 1. W 'W fer N it ,WN ,V Fcrcofcl Gegrcm CCC 'C if QM tj AA :ICLKLV Q : f Vmmcg Nwieef' Ph.f!:g Serwderlwg JCM no rr 3 QL 2 'N ' we JCCE Src-R-R QL, Pe RVN- JUS 5' GV A'E"f it - ,Q 5' ECAQVE if Pigwgfj 53:03 Cu ie' if-3.5 'QQ' fltgd Hgh Mas V E FRN QL, 'R :QQ Je -LRC5 M " ' ' A C: Jchcwsc' 'Wil' WV' 5 QQ' Nelscm "L fri T' wg' 'Q Perm VCV LLL: Hi' rl. Owl Q Q Q 9 M Q Q Q Qs S42 0 CXQSS O SS 'K Q-CMA Q-ezzl Q09 YYXOYSS fxlfads 5990 syrzsspoz wrzecxxr- wllfb ,Ami Tmasurer JEAN PIKE vcsndenf JOHN TERRY VICC' CRA! Secretary ESTHER MANNHERZ .BQ Salutatonan Valedlctonan MARIE S PERRONE PAUL B REMMEY Commencement Program Organ Prelude Star Spangled Banner Invocation The Rev Edward Wllloam Rodlsch A B Th B Frrst Presbytenan Church of l-lolmesbarg The Lords Prayer Malatte Lrsten to the Lambs Dett Presentation of Diplomas and Award ot Prlzes John W l-lrtner Czechoslovakran Dance Song Folk tune Valedrctory Address Paul B Remmey School Song Organ Postlade Nlnety th ee ' g QQ, -. X t 1 ' 'u HP. .ng-.'.A,Qj 'zu' ' A l Salutatory Address .................................................................................... Marie S. Perrone ' - r DR LEWIS G STERNER Your record book hos uQed os nts theme one ot the most recent ono o rtentous Inventions ot the technologlcol oge unto which you were horn ond which you occeot os noturolly os the our you hreothe You perhops hove owen httle thought to the soctol e ononnrc ond morol umplrcotrons of telewsuon But there rs grove concern onoong rnony ot our trneQt thrnkers Are rnens rnrnds ond souls to be lost rn o rnultuolncrty ot godgets3 Wh rs to Set the oottern of vthot shot! hne the h ghwows our outonwobzles hove mode necessoryr Who rs to dectd whot our eors sholl heor on our eg Q sho Qee on the roduo ono the televssuon9 The onswer ot c urQe rs thot you or TheQe ond oth r nventnonQ shoutd rnoke I te rrch the hou e ' t one ot thu rrut x o te cow rtwone ox t Q hoof rr Ve Nc xx I b In Q xo Q h f"TWCVT ntQ o'eQQ u o noterQ Ninety four I . , A l I ' - -1 . W ' ' ' f . o' f r ' t ' c 7 ' ' e r d eu II -c c ' ' n ' ' f , o - , ' Q e. - e 5 ' , , ' ' I g 1 y 5 'td rctec. the best of the higher educotiorr thot ts heconwtng ot! but unwersot tn nwost ot these stores Eoch ,o 3 It e tr rd ' r d H heoe r ch NGSAI oso' ' thot they 'lt e the ,err rt, ot your es. . he J, U t ec. yo' d the they w tl be your JANE LOWE ABBOTT 2751 Eddlngton Street Hardmg Academrc Fr: ndshl Club lOB Hs l'1Wa Re G D Q Y D r sentatlve llB l2B Hockey 47 Bawllng 46 DAWN JANE ADAM 3248 Englewood Street Wrlson Commerclal Student Board lOA ICB IZA 12B Dance Club IOA IIB Basketball 46 Bow'lng 47 48 CAROLINE B ADAMS 6134 Gnllesple Street Frlendshlp Club llB 12A Volleyball 48 Bowllreg 48 KATHLEEN J AECKERLE 4134 Stlrllng Street Wrlson Academic Record Book Commuttee 12B Semor Twelve IZA 12B Secretary 12B Clef Club llA 12B Honor Soclety 12B ea ers 47 48 Hockey 46 Basketball 46 48 Softball 46 Swlm mrng Club 46 Bowllna 46 BEVERLY IDA ALBRIGHT 4724 Merldran Street HUfdlH9 Commercial Softball 47 Bowling 47 48 DOROTHY MAE ALTHOUSE 5364 Charles Street Hardmg Commercrol Softball 41 Bowllng 47 49 ALFRED FRANCIS ANGELO 1805 Orthodox Street Hardmg Academuc Thnrteen Club IZB A A Represen t we IIB I B V rlt Foot ll 46 48 Second a s v ba oo ball 45 Track 46 48 Mlnar let er 45 41 Mayor Letter 46 9 LEONA H ARMSTRONG 1827 Lansmg Street Trlp Comrnlttee 12A Junlor Cholr 10B IZB Bowllng 46 48 MARGARET L ASHTON 8063 Rowland Avenue Wilson Commercial LAWRENCE M AUGHENBAUGH 1419 McKmley Street Wilson Industrial Varsltv Soccer 48 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Nmety flve A - . - - ,-, - , -, S A -, , V , , - . , - at' , -'Z I 4 , . - r 1 - , , . 1 1 ' I ' . 1 7 F T , . , 4, . 4 itll-1-E w -,4. Harding Commercial wilson Academic , 3 4 ,- , J , 1 1 ' 1 ' ' , , 1 , , r I, I r - 1 1 ' L d ' 11 1' .I l 1 .' I- I 1 - 1 1 1 - - , . - 1 1 . ' 1 1 ' , I PHILIP FRANCIS AVILA 3402 Slleffleld Avenue Wllsan Academrc Student Board IIA A Cappella Cholr IIB IZB A A Representatlve IOB Hugh Way Representatlve A Varslty Football 48 Second Foot ball 46 47 Varslty Basketball 48 Second Basketball 47 Numerals 46 Mlnor Letter 47 Malor Letter 48 BENJAMIN F BACHE III4 Pratt Street Hardmg Academic Ye Monks I2A Second Football 6 CHARLES J BAERINGER 5936 Castor Avenue HARRY L BAKER 3RD 3234 Fuller Street Wulson Academrc Club IZB Thanatopsls Club IOB I2B A Cappella Cholr IOA IZB Sock G Buskln IOB IIA Stage Crew IIA l2B A A Representatlve IOA Hugh Way Staff IOB l2B Hlgh Way Pln Gold and Sllver Charm Swlng Band I A Second Football 47 Mlnor Letter GERALD JEROME BALTUS 4727 Salem Street Hordmg Commercial RALPH W BASLER 5242 Sylvester Street Hqrdmg Academlc Orchestra IOB IIB DOLORES MILDRED BAXTER I322 East Alrdne Street Hardrng Commercial JOAN E BEATTI E 3546 Shelmlre Avenue Wilson Commerclal Secretarlal Club IZB Hockey 46 Softball 48 Bowllng 46 48 WILLIAM BECK 623 Gllhum Street Wilson Mechanic Arts DORIS ELEANOR BEDWELL 3511 Englewood Street Wllson Commercial Ushers Assoclatlon IIB IZA A A Pepresentatlve IOA Junlor Prom Com mlttee IIA IIB A A Councll B Cheerleaders 47 48 Softball 46 Bowllng 46 Letter 48 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Nmety sax ,' ' - ' A A ' , IO - llB. 4 I , ' , ' 1 Q f , j g , , Q f. ' , ' ' ', '4 . Dance Committeeh I2B5 Thirteen Second Baseball, IIA, '15, I2 . I ' l 147' , , , , , I 5 A. . ', IZT IRVIN M BELL HERMAN HENRY BLECKER 2714 Orthodox Street 3336 Fnendslup Street Harding Academac Wllson Mechamc Arts CATHERINE FRANCES BERGMAIER BETTY ANN BLOMGREN 4538 Shelmlre Avenue 4736 Benner Street Hardmg Commercial Hardmg Commercual Monltor 48 Volleyball 48 Bowling THOMAS GERALD BIEBER JOAN LINCOLN BLOOD 7111 Castor Avenue 'l3'l0 East Luzerne Street London England Academic Harding ACCIUGITIIC Fellowshlp Club l2A l2B HlghWc1y SSNIOV MOVVHUQ Committee T23 Sloff l2A Donce Club l2A l2B Bible Club l2A Leaders 46 48 Hockey 46 47 Bosketbo 46 47 Sottboll 4 Volleyball 48 Vorslty 48 Bowllng 46 47 Numerols 48 Letter 48 LEONARD E BINCH LILLIAN FLORENCE BOGGS 977 Carver Street 6669 Edmund Street Northeast Academnc Hardmg Commercnul JANE MARIE BLAIR LEONARD A BOKUNEWICZ 3203 Rawle Street 4420 Oakmont Street Wilson Commercuul Wilson Mechanic Arts Student Board llA Bonk Represen 'ahve CA Bowlng 46 47 CLASS OF JA ARY I Nrnety seven A ,. ,. - ,484 , , , , 0 I . I , . ' ' ' 1284 , , 1' ', I ,-7. , ,. ll,l','j" ,'7,f48p , ,J ' ,i ' , ' fl. ' I - l',','. NU , 949 JEAN LORRAINE BOOTEN 7319 Montour Street Chncago lllmous Commercral Student Board llA Hockey 48 Softball 47 MARTIN BORENSTEIN 6601 Horrocks Street Wnlson Academrc A A Rcpresentatlve 10A JANET ALBERTA BOWERS 4725 Unruh Street Hardmg Academic C Club llB 12B A Cappe a Cholr lOA l2B Ushers Association lOA l2A A A Representatlve lOA A Leaders 48 Cheerleaders 46 48 Basketball 46 47 Softball 46 47 le er 47 8 JUNE EVE BOWERS 535 Anchor Street Wilson Commercial LORRAINE HELEN BOYD 3126 Unruh Avenue Wnlson Academic Dance Commltte l2A Bawlunq 47 48 JEANNE DORIS BOYER 2901 McKmley Street Wrlson Academrc Malor Letter 48 Basketball 46 48 Softball 48 Bowlnng 46 LILIAS BOYER 4214 Cottman Avenue Wilson Commercial Dance Club lOB 11B Bank Repre sentatlve lOA Bow :ng 47 48 BARBARA MARY BOYLE 3109 Cottman Street Hardmg Commercml Bank Representative llA l2A Hugh BARBARA ANN BRENNER 6154 Erdrlck Street Hordrng Commerclal A Cappella Choir llB l2B BEATRICE LOUISE BROOKES 1448 Howell Street Hardmg Commerclal FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Nmety eight . ' ' ' ' - I ' ' I . I V . I ' I I l' ', ' A, ' . lef , - 5 V All - I - I - , 4 - J g V Way Representative, lOB, llA, l2A. ll . ' ' C ' , . , -1 . ,I ,f , ' , , ', , I C rr , f ', '4 . JOHN WILLIAM BROSKEY JOAN J BUTLER 5229 Marlowe Street 1935 East Prke Street Hardmg Commercral Hardmg Commercual Fellowshrp Club IZB Friendship Cu IIB Leaders 48 THOMAS A BROWN DOROTHY JOAN CAMPBELL 4019 Maywood gt,-get 4915 Frankford Avenue Hardmg Mechanrc Arts HU"dm9 c0"""e'C"' Record Book Committee IZB JOAN MARIE BRUESTLE ANTHONY J CASTAGNA 5248 Saul Street I362 E Luzerne Street Hardmg Academn: Harding Mechamc Arts Senior Mornlng Cofrtmrttee Chair man IZB Student Board IOAIZB Fellowship Club IZA Bank Represento fave IOA Leaders 46 49 Hockey 46 47 Basketball 46 Softball 46 47 Vol leyball 46 47 Bowling 46 48 MARY CHARLOTTE BUCKNAM WALTER J CEGIELSKI 2306 Ripley Street 227I Kennedy Street Wrlson Commercral Hardmg Commercial Assrstant to Llbrorlan IZB A A Bookkeeper IZA IZB A A Secreta IZA ROSEMARIEC BUFFONE ANN CEREBE 3352 Cottman Avenue I444 West Mayfield Street Bartlett Commercial Penn Treaty Academrc A Cappella Cholr IOB IIB Hugh Way Representatwe IZB Softball 48 Volleyball 48 49 Bow mg 48 49 ASS OF JANUARY, I Nrnety mne I I lb, . , Y. , - , - , f ' I I I I '- I A I I . I I . r - A I I I I , I 1 . I f I I I - I 1 . - 1 I I 1 I I - ' 1 - - 4 , 1 I - - - ry, , IZB. I , , Q I I . V 5 I, , , , f , - RONALD SIDNEY CHERRY 7339 Sackett Street Wrlson Academrc A A Representatuve IOA I2A Second Football 4 Tr ck 48 Mxnor Letter 46 ROBERT JOHN CHESTER II67 East Sanger Street Harding Mechanlc Arts Orchestra IOB IZA Band IOA l2B FRANCIS JOHN CHMIELEWSKI 4490 Almond Street Hardmg Mechanlc Arts Dance Commrttee IZB Varsity Football 47 48 Mnnor Letter 47 Mayor Letter 48 1206 Foulkrod Street Hardmg Commercual Trap Commrttee IZA Fellowshl Club IZB Secretar1alClulJ IZB Ban Representatlve IIB Jumor Chonr IZA MARIE K A CHROSCINSKI I22I Magee Avenue Wllson Academtc Leaders 46 Softball 47 Bowling 46 47 FRANKFORD ROSE MARY CIPOLLA I3I8 Gllham Street Wllson Commercial DOLORES ANN COLONNA 3420 Princeton Avenue Wrlson Commerclal Hockey 46 Bowling 46 48 DONALD ALFRED CONFEHR 5808 Saul Street Hardmg Mechanic Arts 82I Levrck Street Wrlson Academuc Thanatopsls Club IIA IZB A A Representative IZA Varsity Soccer 47 Track 46 Mayor Letter 46 48 DAVID CROMPTON 4614 Oakland Street Harding Mechanic Arts HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred I ' f ,,'6p 5,"41, DORIS H. CHOATE FRANCIS PEYTON COSTELLO ' 1 " . .' H1481 JOAN MARGARET CURRAN 3033 Knorr Street Wrlson Acadermc Dance Club IZA I2B Basketball 46 Swlmmlng Club 48 Bowlng -17 48 JOSEPHINE ALICE CURRIE 7962 Frontenac Street Wrlson Academrc Bow Ing 46 47 MARGARET E DAIBER 1075 Allengrove Street Harding Acodemrc Dance Committee IZA Dance Club IOA IOB Secretarial Club IZA ock G Buskln IIB B Basketball 46 47 Softball 46 48 Volleyball 46 48 Bowllng 4 RICHARD PAUL DASS 2247 E Brrll Street Hardmg Acudemrc A Cappella Cholr IOA 12B JOH N DAVIS 4218 Decatur Street Wrlson Mechamc Arts NANCY JANE DAVIS 4089 Comly Street Hardmg Acadermc Senior Twelve 12B Honor Socle Pa Cas Hlqh Way Representatuve IOB Hlgn ay Staff IIA IZA Pm Sxver Charm Gold Charm Leaders 46 49 Hockey 46 Soft 48 Bowling 46 VIRGINIA P DEAL 6944 Hegermon Street Hardrng Academrc A A Representatlve I2B Hugh Way Staff IOB IIA Bowlng 46 47 EDWARD WILLIAM DECKER 1761 Brrdge Street H0fdI'l9 Mechamc Ar s FRANCIS PAUL DENARO 1529 Lardner Street Wrlson Acodernrc Second Football 47 Manor Letter NICHOLAS MARIO DI BELLO 3300 Rllavn Street Wnlson Academic CLASS OF JANUARY, 1949 One Hundred Ono I, I : " " ,' z QA, l2Bg "A" ly 1, lgtgf w' , , gl 'I ball, ' Q' -' ' , '47. I - Laclier Cbmmlttee, I2B. - . - ' ' . . t , I 5 " - ' , 5 S ' ' F12 9 , I: 'll'-,'I .2161 '48. I - A '47. ' ' ' VINCENT DI RENZO 5562 Mlrlam Road Wnlson Academic RAYMOND DAVID DISQUE I64I Foulkrod Street Stetson Academic VERA C DONATO 4228 Romam Street Hardmg Commercial JULIE MARIE DREISIGACKER 42I4 Vlsta Street Wllson Academic A Cappella Cholr IOA IZA Cllon :an Club IOA A A Representative IAA Hugh Way Representohve IIA GEORGE A DRINNAN 6258 Montague Street Hardmg Mechanlc Arts BETTY ANN DRUMMOND 6041 Charles Street Stetson Commercual Student Board IOA A A Repre sentatlve IOB IZA Softball IIA Volleyball IOB Bowl ALICE C DUMSHA 5018 Dltman Street Hardnng Commercial Dance Club IIA IZB Bank Repre sentohve IOA Hugh Way Representa tive IZB JOHN FRANCIS DUPLER 636 Levlck Street Wmlson Acodemlc Second Baseball 46 Numerals 46 CHARLOTTE M EASTBURN 4027 Merldlan Street Harding Commercial Trap Commnttee IZA A A Rep resentatlve IZA Sof ball 46 Bowling 46 47 FRED ECKERT 3029 Teesdale Street Northeast Mechamc Arts FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Two ing, 11B.' ' ' ' High Way Staff,lIlB. I lay 'I 24, 4, 1 I ,l'JA L-,','- .IB. VERONICA EHNE 3214 Glenview Street Wrlson Academrc Dance Club 11A 12B Leaders 46' 49 Manager 47 48 Basketball 46 Bowllng 46 JOSEPH ROGER EMBERY 1142 Allengrove Street Hurdrng Academrc Senlor Mornlng Commlttee 128 RUTH R ERBACKER 1161 Sanger Street Harding Commercral LORETTA FALKOWSKI 3065 Cedar Street Jones Commercnal Bank Teller llB Leaders 46 49 Softball Bowung 47 48 SAMUEL l FAUNCE JR 6361 Glenloch Street Harding Mechanic Arts BILLIE FEATHERSTONE 5240 Oakland Street Wrlson Academrc Bow :ng 47 48 PAUL ALVIN FEINER 4709 Frankford Avenue Hardrng Academic Hugh Way Staff IOA llB JOHN N FELICE 1535 Womrath Street Hardrng Musrc Band llB 12B Clef Club l2A 12B A A Representatlve ICB GWENDOLYN ANN FISCHER 6370 Montour Street Wilson Academic Musrc Commuttee l2B Student Board 12B Semor Twelve IZA Chalr man Soc1alComm1ttee l2B Orches B A C f Club IIA Presldent 12A 12B Honor Soclety IZA 12B V1cePres1dent 12B Bank Reoresentatlve IOA Eleventh Grade Hlstory Prnze Conductlng Club l2A A Play Cast 12B Leaders 46 49 Manager 47 Head Manager 48 Basketball 46 GEORGE HERMAN FOEDISCH 1350 Englewood Street Wrlson Academic Semor Mornmg Committee A A Rearesentatlve 12A 12B Presl den l2B Varsity Football 46 48 Second Football 45 Varslty Baseball Second Base-oall 46 Track 45 Nu merals 45 Mmor Letter 45 46 Mayor Letter 47 48 CLASS OF JANUARY 1 One Hundred Three , - 1 1 I -I I I I . I ' ' ' 1 I ' 1 , I 1 1 1 1 - I , - . 1 ' IA 1 1 , . , . , , , ' ' ' fra,' lO -12 g le , -l2B, 1 ,A - I , I . . ' ' . I , I 11 11 I -ll I ,I g 1 7 , . , . ' '- ' , l2Bg ' ' 1 r 1 - Y, 4 - 1 -1 . , ' 5 ' , '48: - 1 . 1 . - 1 . " ' ' 1 ' 1 . . , , I I 1 1 , , 949 ELMER CHARLES FOSTER 4246 Grlscom Street Hardlng Mechanic Arts Varslty Football 48 Second Foot ba 47 Minor Letter 47 Malor Letter 48 RICHARD WINTERS FOX 3243 Stanwood Street Wrlson Academlc Band IZA ELSIE HELEN FRANZ 1221 East Alcott Street Wllson Aca demlc Organ Club IZA IZB BARBARA JOAN GAGNON 1415 Magee Street Wilson Academic Record Book Commuttee Art Edltor IZB Dance Commnttee IZA tudent Board IOA IIA IZB Secretary IZA IZB Chalrman of the Ways and Meanu Commlttee IZA IZB uance Club IOB IIA Frlendsblp Club IIA IIB IZB Secretary IIB Honor So clety IZA Secretary IZB lnterschol astlc League IZB Fatt-ers Assocuatlon Award Commlttee IZA Bank Repre sentatlve IOA IOB Hugh Way Staff IZB Art Scholastlc Award Junlor Counsellors Award Leaders 46 48 Manager 48 Basketball 47 Softball 47 48 Vol Ieyball 46 48 Swlmmlng Club 4 Eowllng 47 48 Numerals 47 DAVID A GALBRAITH 7948 Verree Road Northeast Academic EARLE WILLIAMS GALBRAITH 3407 Walnut Street Hardang Academic Sensor Mornmg Comrnuttee IZB Varsity Football 48 Second Foot ball 46 47 Mrnor Letter 47 Malor Letter 48 DORIS LOIS GANTHER 4124 Hlgbee Street Harding Commercnal ROLAND TENNYSON GEDDES 1332 Friendship Street Wllson Academic JOAN ELAINE GEMUNDEN I606 Longshore Avenue Wllson Academic Hugh Way Representative IZA Hugh Sat a .LB Scnbe A IZ ugh Way F A Slver Page Edltor B vs. Ing 47 8 HARRY E GILBERT 1609 Harrison Street Harding Mechanic Arts Second Football 47 Mrnor Letter FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Four IL!! I I r',: ,' , Alf: I, I..- ' - -'- 3 ' Way st f, I"B-'Z 5 I: 51,1 IZ , ,I I - I, , I FB: H' NIH H I It President, vIZBg Senior Twelve, IZA, X-hmm' IIBI fi? Chormf IZA' Thwd ' Q A . o fl' , 9 , '4 , , 1 -' , I ,,' , '497 r A Q wat IU- , , , EDITH GI LMOUR 3463 Palmetto Street Stetson Commercial DONALD LEE GOLD 7207 Bmghom Street Wnlson Academsc Dance Commlttee 12B Thlrteen Clit: IZB l-llgh Way Representatnve Varsltv Football 48 Second Foot ba 47 Mlnor Letter 47 Ma or letter 48 JOAN MARIE GOLDACKER 3339 Brighton Street Wilson Academlc Dance Club IGB 12B Turnblmg ub ZA Leaders 46 49 Basketball 46 Bowllna 46 49 1437 Levlck Street Glrls Hugh Vocatronal Art Dance Club IOB IZB Lea ers 47 49 Softball 47 MARIE E GRAESSLE 3433 Sheffaeld Avenue Wilson Commercnal NANCY DORIS GRAHAM 5941 Belden Street Wilson Commercial Student Board ICA l-lngh Way Representatxve IIA Bowllng 46 49 RALPH A GRECO 7110 Torresdale Avenue New o N Y Academlc ELINOR MAUDE GREEN 3513 Merldaan Street Wllson Commercial 6431 Oxford Avenue Wulsan Academuc Frlendshnp Club IZA Hockey 46 Basketball 46 47 Bowllng 46 MILDRED ROSE GUTEKUNST 4403 Teesdale Street Wllson Acadernlc OStudent Board 12B Dance Club Leaders 46 49 Basketball 46 47 Softball 47 48 Volleyball 46 47 Swlmmlng Club 48 Bowllng 47 CLASS OF JANUARY 1 One Hundred Flve ' ' Yrk, . . ' ll ,' I ' I ' ll, 'Ig ' ' I ' 1 1' c' .1 , 'I - ' ESTELLE A. GOLDFIELD GERTRUD5 V- GR'F"N d,"-'y",'. IH? IB, IIA. I I' ' I ' '48l ' ' ' ' , 9 4 9 JOHN W HADFIELD I5ZZ Arrott Street Wulson Academuc A A Representatuve IOA IOB VERNA HADFIELD 2253 Brull Street Hardung Commercual Orchestra IOA IZB RUTH ANNE HADFIELD 3347 Tyson Avenue Hardung Academuc Play Cast Durector IZB Dance Cu IIB IZA Sock Er Buskun B A Leaders 47 49 Volleyball 46 49 Bowlung 46 MARION HANKINSON 4035 Bleugh Avenue Wulson Commercual 46 48 RICHARD JACK HARDING 8622 Cruspm Druve wllwn Acudemuc CARROLL WILLIAM HATHAWAY 4709 Penn Street Barrett Academuc Buble C IIB B DORIS ANNA HAUSMAN 555 Anchor Street Wulson Academuc Bowung 45 47 MARIE G HEMPHILL 1208 East Alcott Street Wulson Academuc Dance Club IOB IIA Sock Cr Bus IZA La u C u Locker C rnmuttee IIB IZB A A Repre sentatuve IIA Hugh Way Repre cnfatuye IZA. Hockey 47 Volleyball 48 Swum mung Club 48 Bowlurg 46 MARY LOU HENRY 7605 Torresdcle Avenue Hardung Academuc IA Dance Club IZA Buble Club u2A IZB Fruendshup Club I IIB A A Representatuve IZA Hugh Way Representatuve IOB Hugh Way f IIA IZB Scrubes Hugh Way Pun IIB Sulyer Charm A God Charm IZB Leaders 46 47 49 Hockey Basketball 47 48 Softball 47 olleyba 46 47 49 Bow un Numerals 47 Letter 48 Charm 49 GILBERT HILLERSTROM 3519 Braddock Street Jones Academuc Bank Represerutatuve IOA IOB A A Repre entatuve IIA FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Sux . . ' , , . ' uuub, -u2 . ,,A,, I . A I V b , y , 1 A - Ib, I 2 .I 10 w kgw, I , tn- up, uos, - uz . I I ' - f I -f - A , V I , -, I I I J S I , L , V f ' , , 1: A , , I 2 - Hockey, '46g sofubouu, 'cusg usowuung, I "A" ploy cost IZB: SfUQe2fg,B0Q'df - . fl , I I 1, Af fl 'QB- srcf, - 5 ' ' ,' IZA, uzsg A ' , , ' , I2 , ' ,'47: , , I , I ' , I ,48: V !l,I' , ' , ' lg I' g, 2475 JOYCE JANE HIPPLE 3510 Visto Street Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, ICB, Locker Committee, IOB, IIAQ Ushers Association, IGB-IZA, A. A, Representative, IIA, High Way Reoresentatuve, IOB. Basketball, '48, Bowling, '47, '48, GLORIA MAY HOCKMAN 4IIZ Dungan Street Harding Commercial Bow ing 6 DORIS MAE HOUGHTON 6050 Belden Street Wilson Commercial Bow ing 46 JANET CLAIRE HOWARTH II4O Allengrove Street GIVIS HIQI1 Academic Trup Commuttee IZA Student Board ICB Fellowship Club IZA IZB Hugh Way Representative IZA IZB JOAN LOUISE HOWARTH II40 Allengrove Street Girls Hugh Academic Dance Cornmuttee IZA Chairman Student Board IZA Senuor Twelve IZA Treasurer IZB Thona topsls Club IOB IZB Sock E1 Buskun Phila Senior Hugh School Orchestra IOA Hugh Way Representatuve IOA IIA Hugh Way Staff IZA IZB As sustont Editor of Second Pag Hugh W y P IOA Silver Charm I A Gold Charm IZB Leaders 46 48 Manager -I7 A sustant Head Manager 48 I-lock 46 Basetball 46 Softball 47 Vol Ieyboll 47 Swummunq Club 43 Bowl ung 48 lxumerals 48 THOMAS STUART HOWLAND, JR. I900 Emerson Street Wilson Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Fellowship Club, IIA, IIB, Orchestra, IOA-IIB, A. A, Rebresentative, IZB, High Way Repre- sgrgtctuve, IZB, Hugh Way Staff, IZA, H Track, '48, Maior Letter, '48, JAN ET HUEBNER 4438 Marple Street Wilson Commercial Dance Committee IZB JANE HILDA HUGHES 46I I Linden Avenue Harding Commercial CLAIRE M HUNSBERGER 1340 Gillingham Street Harding Commercial A A Representative IZB Swurnrnung Club Bow unq S BARBARA A HUNTER Harding Acodem c Babe Club IZA B Bowling -IS -I9 ASS OF JA ARY, I One Hundred Seven ' I , '4 . 4 , . l , ' . I- ' 5 . -' ' ,'47,' l Q, '4, I ' , ' , ' U ' '49, IZBQ H ' , ' 5 H ' ' I0B4IZBg Honor- Society, IZB, Allf 4525 ComIQ Sheet 3 ' - f f L u A I uz a in, 5 ' , I 5 f ' I , 'l -' , I , ' , 5- , . , . ' 5, . eyg CL NU 949 THELMA MARGARET HUSS 3528 North Lee Street Gurls Hugh Academuc Fellowshup Club IZA Latun Club IOB Fruendshup Club IIB Hugh Way Staff IZB Sofball 48 Bowlung 47 48 DOUGLAS A IRWIN 4200 Chuppendole Street WIISOII Academuc Student Board IIB Fellowshup Club IZB Fruendshup Club IZB Orpheus Club IZB Hugh Way Representatuve Track 47 48 ALICE MARIE JOHANSEN 29IZ Dusston Street Wulson Commercual Ushers Assocuatuon IOB IZA Cheerleaders 46 48 Bowlung 46 Letter 46 48 BETTY RUTH JOHNSTON 3130 Unruh Avenue Wulson Commercial Senuor Mornung Commuttee IZB Bowung 47 48 VIRGINIA ANN JONES 4328 Von Klrk Street Hardmg Academuc Honor Socuety IZA IZB A A Rep resentatuve IZB Hugh Way Staff IOB IZB Hugh Way Pun Sulver and Gold Charm Leaders 46 49 Hockey 46 Soft b 48 Bowlung 46 9 E PAUL JOWETT 5419 Rutland Street Hardung Academuc A Cappella Chour IOB IZA Latun Clu IZA IZB Buble Club A STANLEY R KALUZA 4612 Melrose Street Hardung Mechanuc Arts ELAINE ANNA KARPP 723 Levuck Street Wulson Commercuol Dance Club IIA Hockey 46 Basketball 46 Vol leyball 46 GERTRUDE E KELLEY 5018 Homestead Street Hardung Academuc Rance Club IOB Fruendshup Club Bowlung 47 MARGARET J KENNEDY Southampton Road Somerton Wulsan Academuc Senuor Morruung Commuttee IZB Locker Commuttee IOA IOB Hugh Way Representatuve IOA IOB IZB Hugh Way Staff IIA IZA Hugh Way Pruzes IIA IZA Lea ers 47 49 Bowlung 47 49 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Eught A A Q , : f , - : ' u , Q D, , , ,12- 2 ' '1 . - T , , ,'. , 5 ' ' uos. ' , , I -'I -- 1 1 . 'l' I ' ' . u, , 4 II., I , . - , 1 7 I I - -- 1115 ,fi - 5 'u -2. - , -, cuuy, ,' 14. ' VICTORIA KERBECKIAN 5932 Keystone Street Hardung Academuc Dance Comrvuttee IZA Student Bard IZB Dance Cab IOBIB ArtClab IZB BLANCHE L KERNAN 4737 Lansung Street I-Iardmg Commercual Trua Commuttee IZA Secretarual Cu B MILDRED M KINGREA 4123 Dungan Street Hcurdung Commercual Softball 48 Bowlung 47 DOROTHEA C KIRKWOOD 2861 South Sydenham Street Hardung Commercual Student Board IOA PAUL EDWARD KLATT 3107 Guulford Street Wulson Mechanuc Arts Track 46 BENTON DAVID KLINGENSMITH 998 Lordner Terrace Wulson Industrial FRANKLIN T KLINK JR 862 Anchor Street Wulson Academic Second Foo ball 45 46 HELEN MILNE KNECHT 5706 Cottage Street Hardung Commercual Dance Club IZA Secretarual Club IIA IZB Hugh Way Busunes Staff IZB dutarual taff A I-uugh Way Pun Sulver Charm Gold Charm Scrubes IZA IZB Hockey 46 Basketball 48 Soft mng Club 48 Bowlung 48 ANNE K KOEHLER 1234 Brighton Street Wulsan Academuc Hugh Way Representatrve IOB IZA Hugh Way Staff IIA IIB Hugh Way Pln Sulver Charm Tumblung Club 48 Leaders 46 Sof ball 47 Nolleyball Swummung Team 46 49 Bowlung 47 WALLACE THOMAS KORZUCH 4200 Levlck Street Wulsan Mechanuc Arts A Cappella Chour IOB IIB Varsuty Basketball 47 Second Bas ketball 46 CLASS OF JANUARY I One Hundred Nune O , 5 A I I ,I -I: u ug, I2 , ' ' ' ' - I " I - S I IIQA- 5 E1 ' is , uuB, IZ nqtu, '48g' Volleyballk '47,l' '48g' Swimi '4'2g E t , 'Z gli' v,' 1473 , 949 JOAN SELMA KOTZ 6538 Tullp Street HGFUIHQ Commercual Fellowshr Club 12B Fra n hu D e ds p ub llB Dance Club IOB IIB Bow mg 47 ELEANORE ALICE KRENSLAK 4126 Maywood Street Harding Commercial Softball 48 Volleyball 48 Swim ming Club 48 Bawlmg 45 48 SHIRLEY KRIEG 3326 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Ushers Assoclatnon 11B Hugh Way Basketball 47 Bowl ng 48 RHODA KRUEGER 1568 Devereaux Avenue Wllson Vocational Art awshlp Club 11A llB Representative IOB PATRICIA EVELYN LANG 2857 Lardner Street Harding Commercial Student Board IOB A Cappella our llB FRANKFORD One Hundred Ten WILLIAM LATHEN 5947 Belden Street Wrlson Academnc Bowlrng 45 47 Track 46 Varsuty G 45 6 JOAN MADELINE LEICHT 6551 Vandyke Street Harding Commercual Ferlowshlp Club IOA 12B Presldent IZA 2B SYBILLA JUNE LEWIS 5815 Chenault Street Wnlson Academlc l-llgh Way Representative llA al 47 48 Bowllng JOAN IRENE LEONE 1154 Brlll Sreet Wilson Academac Latun Club IOA IGB Leaders 46 48 Bovlmg 46 DONALD F LEYPOLDT 3338 Welhngton Street Wnlson Mechanic Arts HIGH SCHOOL Cr ,V : I ' , ' - . olf, ' ,"4 .' ' ' ' l ' ' , J ' ' ' , RSDFSSGVIYOHVQQ llfx. U I Basketball, '48g Softball, '48g Vol- , : 1 , . new ,,' ,' 5 ' ,'47. Fell 'H , , 5 A. A. A , , 1 Ch , -lza. ' ' 3 ' ' ERNEST ANTHONY LIBERATI 4554 Tudor Street Harding Academu: Donce Commlttee 12B Thlrteen Club 12B A A Representotlve IOA IZA Presldert IIB IZA Vor :ty Football 45 48 Qecond Football 45 VOVSITY Basketball 45 49 Second Bosketbotl 45 Track 46 48 Motor Letter 45 49 DAVID WILLIAM LILL 1532 East Cheltenham Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts Trlp Commlttee IZB Thlrteen Club 12B A A Representotlve IOA IZB Vorslty Footbol 46 48 Second Football 45 Varsity Basketball 48 49 Second Basketball 47 Mlnor ANN E LOACKER 4153 Elbrldge Street Wilson Commercial Frlendshlp Cub IIB Swimming CILJD 46 47 Bovvllng JUNE HELEN MAIER 3136 Magee Avenue Wrlson Academlc nenlor Mornlnq Commlttee 12B A Cappella Chow IOA IIB BOWIDQ 47 JEANNETTE ALICE MALONE 2010 Blelgh Street Wolson Academrc A A Reoresentatlve ICA V exball 4 7 EDWARD THOMAS MANCINI 1801 East Tioga Street Northeast Academtc Vorslty Football -IS Second Foot ESTHER R MANNHERZ Elkins Park P Wllson Academuc Secretory of Semor Closs IZB Trxp Commlttee IZA Senlor Twelve Fellowshlp C ub IZA Ushers Assocla tlon IIB IZA Bank Representotlve A e all 6 8 o ball VO eyboIl 47 48 Bowllncg 4 8 HELEN JUNE MATZA 5922 State Road Hardlng Commercral Stu ent Board IIB A A p Qentotlve IOB Hlqh Way Represen ta Ive I A MICHAEL J MAZZUCA 4258 Penn Street Hardmg Academic A A Representot ve 12B BERNICE McCANN 5918 Loretta Avenue Wrlson Academnc Stodent Board IZA 128 BOIAIUQ -16 -I8 CLASS OF JANUARY, 1949 One Hundred Eleven , 5.. ' - bQll,'47, ' " ' ' , a. : V. ' ' ' , - f , , ' ' ,' l2Bp , I if . . , I . - ' 5 A ' , , ' , I ' ' IO I - ' I Letter, '45, '-I6j Motor Letter, '47-'49, Leodgrgi '45-f49j Hockey '45, BOS- k tb , '4 -'4 g S ft , '47, '-181 Il ' , ' , ' Q ' K, ' 7, '4 , V. . A I I f , , E . d , 5 . Re re- '47' I 1' , 'l . ' ' l' V, f I - ' cl: f ye, '4 I ' ' l,- ,. f - JOAN FRANCES McCARTY JACQUELINE MEADOWCROFT L Sn-eg 4718 Loring 'treet Harding Academic Wrlson Commercral A A Representatlve 12A Volleyball 47 49 Bowlrng 47 49 JUNE MARGARET McCARTY KENNETH RUSSELL MEYERS 4117 L Str et 4138 Strrlrng Street Harding Academic Wrlson Mechanrc Arts A A Representative 12A A A Representative IIA EDWARD ALBERT McCAW JOAN M MILES 5714 Walker Sffeef 2110 North Percy Street Hllfdlllg Academic Harding Commercrcl A A Representative IOA JAMES WALLACE MCCLAY DOLORES EVELYN MILLER 4046 Creston Street 1812 Frllmore Street Wilson Commercial Hardrng Commercral Track 46 48 Malor Letter 47 VIVIAN L McELHATTAN DOROTHY EMILIE MILLER 4505 Shelmrre Avenue 5350 Lesher Street Wilson Commercial Harding Academrc Cllonlan Club llA Softball 47 48 Swlmmmg Club -18 Bowlxnq 47 8 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Twelve O 4117 " " e ' 1 ' ' 1 -1 . ' -' 1 -1 ,. ., 9 - . Vallevball, '47-'49g'Bowllng, '47- ' ' ' ' '49, 148 , , , , I f -V ,' I ,4 V ' GERTRUDE EMMA MILLER EDWARD PAUL MOWINSKI I393 HOW-WTI' SUSE' 5446 Marsden Street Herdms Cemmerewl Hardmg Meehan.: Arts Bowllf' trdent Board IIB A Cappella or ICAI Second Football Tr ck 6 Munor Letter 6 JUNE VIRGINIA MILLINGTON RICHARD MUKALIAN JR 5447 Tackawonno Street 4155 Elbndge Street Harding Commercrol Valley Forge Po Academic Student Board ICB Bond IIA l2B Second Baseball 47 48 M or Let t 7 I-ORRAINE J MONTENII-IR0 JEANNE GRACE MULHOLLAND 1223 Ovenngton Street 2904 Mgkmley Street Harding Commercral Wllson Commercial Hrqh Way Representatxve IZB Basketball 46 Softball 46 Bowl na 46 Numerals 47 Pllle Und Welsh Reeds 2924 McKinley Street Wilson Academlc Bloomlnggon p Commercial Dance Committee IZB Locker Com BOW ,ng 47 mlttee IIA Hugh Way Representative Leacers 46 49 Basketball 48 Bowlrng 47 48 JEAN 5 MORRIS NANCY ANN MULLER 3656 Frankford Avenue 3438 Chupnendole Street HU'dln9 Academuc Wrlson Acndemnc Dance Club IZB Buble Club IZA Qlomon Club IIA Bowlmq 7 Leaders 47 49 Swrmmmg Team 46 49 Letter -19 CLASS OF JANUARY I One Hundred Thirteen 7 '47 S L , , . Ch L, - IB , , '47, 0 , ug , , '4 ' ' ' - If If A Er, A GF, '-1. JOAN KATHLEEN MOORE HELEN ELEANOR MULLER . . , I 0. . . A i f : .- 1' J . IIB, ' ' ' . I , -, g ry ,WV IZBI 1 1 A F I f 1 . J A4 -, . , 9 4 9 WILLIAM THOMAS MULLINEAUX 969 Wakelmg Street Wllson Academlc A A Representative IZA Second Football 47 EUGENE CURTIS MYERS 933 Herbert Street Hardmg Mechannc Arts Student Board IOA JOAN NADL ER I 222 McKinley Street Wilson Acc demrc Record Book Committee IZB Stu dent Board IOA IOB Senlor Twelve IZB Honor Society IZB Hugh Way Representative IIA Hockey 46 Basketball 46 47 Softball 46 Bowlung 48 6816 Kindred Street Wilson Accdemrc Dance Comm ttee l2A Trap Com mlttee IZA Student Board IOA ICB Ushers Assocxatlon IIA IZA A A Representatlve IIA Hugh Way Rep resentatuve IIB IZA Lea ers 46 49 Hockey 46 47 Bas etball 6 47 Volleyball Bowllna 46 47 GORDON A NESBITT 7207 Algard Street Watson Academnc DOROTHY B NETSCH 883 Granite Street Wnlson Commercxal Bowllng 47 DOROTHY JOANN NOVAK 2517 East Monmouth Street Kensmgton Academic Student Board IIB A A Repre sentatlve IIA Basketball 46 47 Softball 7 wlmmlng Club 47 Bowllng 46 48 FLORENCE L NOWICKI 2260 Kennedy Street Hardmg Commercial Cluonlan Club IIA Leaders 46 48 Basketball 48 Softball 47 48 78I5 Fallmore Street Wllson Academic Editor ln Chief of Record Book IZB udent Board IOB IIB Sensor Twelve IZA IZB Chairman Cultural Com mlttee IZB Sock Cr Buskm IOB IZA Leaders 47 49 Hockey 46 Bas ket Oll 46 47 Softball 46 EDWARD F ONEAL 5904 Shlsler Street Wrlson Academuc FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Fourteen ' I Ar I I : I I4 S ' ' , ' : ' , ' -' 4 , , , gh ' 'I I , ,:' ,'47, JUNE ROBERTHA NEILSON LAURAYA- OECHSI-E H I I , 1 ' - St ' ' I I - J . f d,I'-'Vin 'b'f",':f - ka , '4, f , , 'wg DONNA VIRGINIA ORR 921 Foulkrod Street Hardmg Academlc A A Reoresentatlve IZB Hugh Way Representotlve IZA -sl-lockgey 46 Softball 46 Bowllng EDWARD F OSCHMAN 6112 Hawthorne Street Wllson Industrlal ELEANOR DOLORES PAGANO 4425 Wlngohocklng Street Hardmg Commercial Bank Representatlve IOA Hugh Way Representative 10A IIB Safety Coun c 2401 Duncan Street Hardmg Academlc A Cappella Choir IOB IZA HENRY STIRITZ PANFIL Wlllow Grove P Wilson Mechamc Arts Orchestra ICA IOB Band A Cllonlan Club IZA IZB A Reoresentatlve IOA IIA Second Football 46 47 LOIS JEAN PAULSEN Manheim Gardens Apt 10B Harding Commerclal B vw MARIE S PERRONE 6290 Kindred Street WIISOH Commerclal Salutatorlon of the Sensor Class Dance Commnttee I2B Student Board IIB IZA Secretarual Club IIB B Senror Tvveve IZB HARRIET FRANCES PFAUTZ 4708 Hartel Street Hafdlltg Commercial 1045 Rosalie Street Wnlson Commercial Secretaral Club IZA IZB Cllonlon Club IZA Safety Courcll IZA GEORGEW PHILLIPS JR 4724 Hawthorne Street Hardlng Industrial Cross Country 48 Track Mlnor Letter 47 Mayor Letter 48 CLASS OF JANUARY 1 One Hundred Fifteen . . ' , g '. o '-ng, '-16. ' 7, '4 . ' 1 ' I ' , 1 , ' I ' , -12 E il, I2 I ' ' I ' ALVIN PM-USKIEWICZ CATHERINE E. PFEIFFER ' 1 0. I I ' , , 5 , IO - - f, fu, ' 5 , wap IZBQ , I g,A. ' ' , 9 4 9 HOWARD B PHILLIPS JR 3252 Longshore Avenue Wrlson Academuc Record Book Commuttee IZB Dance Commuttee IZA Trup Commuttee I Thurteen Club IZB Thanatopsus Club IZA IZB Fellowshup Club IIA Sock Cr Buskun IZB Honor Socuety A IZB Hugh Way Staff IIB IZA JEAN ANN PIKE 1309 East Carey Street Hardung Academuc Treasurer of Senuor Class IZB Se uor Twelve IZB Orchestra IIA IZA Clef Club IZB Buble Club IZA IZB Presudent IZB Honor Socuety IZA IZB Graduatuon Musuc Commuttee Hugh Way Staff IIB IZB 4-I-lockgy 46 Volleyball 47 Bowlung 4 GUSTAV ROBERT PISTOLL 4116 Barnett Street Hardung Mechanuc Arts JAMES Pl1T 6604 Horrocks Street Wulson Academuc JOHN WILSON PITT 6604 Horrocks Street Wulson Academuc Second Soccer 47 Numerals 47 FRANKFORD HI OLGA POHORILA 4336 Bermuda Street Hardung Commercual Student Board IZB Senuor Twelve IZB Dance Club IIB Secretarual Club IIB IZB Honor Socuety IZB Hugh Way Staff IOB IZA Bowlung 48 HELEN ANNA POLCHLOPEK 5114 James Street Hardung Commercual BARBARA ANN PORTER 3526 Solly Avenue Wulson Academuc VERNA E POWELL 3569 Frankford Avenue Jones Commercual FLORENCE S PRAJZNER 7021 Algard Street Hardung Academuc Fellowshup Club IZB Dance Club IIA Locker Commuttee IZB Hugh Way Representatuve, IZB, Hugh Way Staff, IIA IZB Bowlung, '47 GH SCHOOL One Hundred Suxteen , ,, ,,2A, , ,,, 1 1 1 .1 '1 1 1 I I I I I -' . , .12 ., , 1 rn' 1 1. 1 '1 I, II. ' ,. KATHLEEN MARIE RAAB 818 Levuck Street Wllson Commercial Dance Club IOB IIA Hockey 46 Softball 47 Swlmmm lub 47 Bowlmg 48 FRANCIS RAYMOND RECA 2604 Wnlmot Sheet Hnrdmg Mechamc Arts Thlrteen Club 12B A A Repre sentatlve 12A Varslty Baseball 48 Second Base- ball 47 Cross Country 47 Minor letter 46 Ma1or Letter 47 RAY REINARD 6128 Alma Street Ye Monks 12B Varslty Soccer 49 Varslty Golf 46 48 Minor Letter 47 ROY REI NARD 6128 Alma Street Wllson Academic Ye Monks 128 Bank Representa tive OA Varsity Soccer 49 Varsuty Golf stty Golf 47 48 Mlnor Letters Ma lor Letter Cross Country 47 JEAN F REINHART 4236 Rllavln Street Gurls Hugh Commerclal Dance Commlttee 12A Secretarial Club 12B ea ers 4 Softball Bowlmg 48 PAUL BAKER REMMEY 1029 Allengrove Street Central Acadermc Valedlctorlan of the Sensor Class Thlrteen Club 12B Varsaty Tennls 48 Malor Letter DOROTHY TI-IERESA ROBB 869 Gramte Street Wilson Academe Trap Commlttee 12A Student Board 12A A A Representatuve 10A Hugh Way Representative 10B Bowlmg 47 EMMA CAROLINE RODGERS 1929 Pratt Street Gnrls Hugh Academe Student Board 11B Clef Club IIB 128 Blble Club 12B Organ Clu 12A l2B WILLIAM ROHR West Llppmcott Street Stetson Commercual ROBERT DAVID ROSVOLD 7141 Bingham Street Wllsan Academic Band IIA ASS OF JANUARY, 1 One Hundred Seventeen - . I F I H J, I ,' : ' 'Q - 'V 2 . - X- , , , - '48 ' ' ' - . , ' ' , 1 , - . , . I , , I I - , , I.I I l I , . , . . Wllson Academic . . ,I , . - ' ', ' b, , . '- 1 , . 201 ' ' I , I ' ,1I . I I I - 1 1 '. -' . ' I- I I I I - . , - . , . . . L d , '46, '75 , '47j - 1 EDWIN MAXWELL ROWLAND 8112 Frankford Avenue Wrlson Academrc A Cappella Cho: llA 12B Varsnty Basketball Manager 49 Numerals 49 LOUISE IDA SAVINO I341 Unrty Street Hardmg Commercial BARBARA J SCHAAF 3301 St Vrncent Street Wrlson Academic D nce Club 11B A A Represen t ne 1B Basketball 46 Bowling 4 8 LILLIAN SCHACHTER 4020 M Street Hardmg Academic EDGAR T SCHELL 6429 Marsden Street Hardmg Academrc JOHN SCHIILER 7426 Palmetto Street Wrlson Mechamc Arts Thirteen Club 12B Varslty Soccer 47 48 Second oc cer 46 Mnnor Letter 47 48 Mayor Letter 49 ROBERT H SCHREINER 1324 Vankrrk Street Wilson Industnal CHARLES HENRY SCHWALBER 6257 Mulberry Street Wilson Academic Frlendshlp Club 12A EVELYN P SENDERLING 4224 Rhawn Street Hardmg Academic Dance Committee 2A Student Board IOB 12B Treasurer Leaders 46 47 Hockey 46 Bas ketball 46 Softball 48 Swlmmlng Club 46 48 Bowlnng 47 Numerals 48 Letter 48 I JANE SHAW 3545 Oakmont Street Hardmg Academic Dance Club lOB Leaders 47 Basketball 46 Soft b 48 Volleyball 47 48 wlm ming Club 46 48 Bowling 46 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Erghteen 'r, - . - . , . 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I 1 ' 'J - I : . - all, 5 1 1 J S - 1 -1 . - 1 BARBARA ELLEN SHEARER JACQUELINE GERTRUDE SMITH 7120 Edmund Street 1418 Tuoga Sheet Hardmg Academrc Wrlsnn Commercaal Frlendshlp Club 12A l2B Volleyball 6 Bowllng 46 ALMA DEAN SHROPSHIRE REE55 R SMITH JR 4262 Frankford Avenue 5219 Cano, Avenue Hardmg Academrc Ho,d,,,9 Academe Ofchesllo lOB l2B Record Book Commuttee l2B Trlo Commlttee l2A Thonotopsls Club l2A l2B A Cappella Choir lOB l2B HELEN LOUISE SIEFERT WILLIAM H SMITH 222 Hartel Street 7701 Venee Rggd Wllsvn Cvmmevfwl Wrlson Mechanic Arts Softball 46 Bowllng 46 Dgnce Commmee UB VOYSJIYY Footboll 46 48 Second Molor Letter 47 48 GLORIA MARIE SINN ROSA LEE SNYDER 2242 Afton Street 3832 K gneef Wilson Vocatronal Ar Hammg Acodemlc Bowms 48 Hockey 46 Bosketboll 46 Soft b 6 Volleyball 46 MARY SMARKOLA ROBERT E SOLLIDAY also ranshawe Street 303 Frlendshlv Street Wrlson Commercial WIISW' Academlf Sensor Momlng Commxttee l2B Thlrteen Club l2B Vorslty Footboll 47 48 Mmor Letter 47 Molor Letter 48 ASS OF JA UARY, I One Hundred Nmeteen Football, '45g ,Miner leller,l'45, '46g . . t I I, ll l ell, '4 gl ' , ' .' ' C L N 9 4 9 NORMAN GILLEY STAHL 3726 Azalea Drive wilson Academlc Numerals 46 CRAIG JAY STEARN 5724 Jackson Street Hardmg Academuc Vlce Presldent of SQHIOF Class Stu dent Board lOB Thlrteen Club 12B A A Representatlve llA l2A Junlor Prom Commlttee llB Varslty Football 47 48 Second Football 46 Varslty Basketball 47 49 Second Basketball 46 47 Mmor Letter 46 47 Major Letter 47 48 7921 Frontenac Street Wilson Aca demlc Student Board llB Honor Soclety Leaders 48 Bowllng 46 48 EDNA MAE STINNETI' 1242 Elbndge Sheet Wllson Commerclal Bank Representatlve lOB Hlgh Way Representatlve lOA Volleyball 47 BOWJIDQ 46 ARLENE JOANN STORZ 7140 Lawndole Street Vmsan Commerclal Secretarlal Club 12B Bank Repre sentotlve l0A Leaders 46 Hockey 47 48 Bas ke all 46 48 Softball Letter 47 48 ROBERT ALLEN STROBEL 4609 Howell Street Hardmg Mechanuc Arts JEAN CLAIR STROHMETZ 3041 Knorr Street Wrlson Academlc Fellowshlp Cl b l2A 12B La ln Club llA Frlendshlo Club l2B Or oheus Club l2A l2B A A Repre sentatlve llA 12B Hugh Way Reore sentatlve llB 12A Junlor Cnolr 12A Lea ers 6 49 of a Volleyball 49 Bowllng '47 49 3534 Emerald Street JOIIGS Home Economlcs Softball 47 Volleyball 48 Bowl Ing 8 JOAN GRACE SULWAY 5223 Dltman Street Hflfdlllg Commercnal Cllonlan Club IOB l2B Safety Councll IZA l2B So ball 47 Volleyball 46 47 Bowllng 46 47 RAY ARTHUR SYLVESTER 4101 Paul Street Hardmg Mechanrc Arts Band lOAll8 Swng Band llB FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred TwenfY , b ' ' I . V 5 f V 4 U 1 I 1 7 T' It 1' : " ,'.1f- d',I'4, Stbll,"47f ooRo'rHY Ross s'r:LLMAcH JEAN M. srurz IZBD I 1 . 1 I , 1 A I I4 I 1 1 1 5 - I 9 J ' 1 I 1 I ft' I, 1' I ' I 1 ' 1 I I ' 1 : I 11 1 . l2A- I - ' I I l tb ,lf 7" 5 ' ,' '47,' '-asp .IOHN RUSSELL TERRY 3606 Welsh Road Wilson Academic Presudent of Senuor Class Thurteen Club l2B Honor Socuety l2A Hugh ay Representatuve l2B Hugh Way Staff lOB 12A V F bll 47 48 Sec d arsuty oot 0 on ootball 46 Munor Letter 46 Mauor e er 47 8 MARY JANE TETT 5339 Eadom Street Hardung Commercual Fellowshup Club llA l2B ELIZABETH ANITA THEOBALD 461 Vusta Street Wulson Commercial Dance Club Bowlung 47 CAROLYN WELDON THIEROFF 5252 Akron Street Hardung Academuc Student Board lOB Fellowshup Club Hugh Way Staff IZA Leaders 46 49 Basketball 46 47 Softlzcgl 46 Volleyball 47 Bowlung 1 ELIZABETH ANN THOMPSON 1026 Stevens Terrace Wulson Academuc Orchestra lOA l2A Band lOB IPA Buble Club l2B Fruendshu Club l2A Tumblung Club l2A I2 EDITH E. TOMLINSON l672 Dyre Street Harding Academic Basketball 47 Softball 47 48 Volleyball 47 PHYLLIS HELENE TRUSH 2363 Orthodox Street Hardung Commercual DOLORES KATHLEEN TWIST 7lll Glenloch Street Walson Academul: Fellowshup Club l2A l2B Dance Cu lOB llA Bowlung 46 FRANCES MILDRED TYL 5202 Burton Street Hardung Commercual Bank Representatuve l OB RUTH LOUISE UHL 4029 Wells Sheet Hardung Vocational Art Student Board lOB A Cappella Chour IOA IZA Locker Commuttee lOB Ushers Assocuatuon lOB l2B A A Representatuve l0A Hugh Way Representotuve l lA Cheerleaders 46- 49 Captaun Hockey 49 Basketball 46 Softball 47 Volleyball 46 Bowlung 46 Ma lor Letter 48 CLASS OF JANUARY l One Hundred Twenty one . ' I 1 l I 1 I I 1 I 1 I 7 . . 1 W 1 1 . I1 .1 1 1 W 1 1 '- - ' 1 I 1 - . ' I I , If I' 5 1' 1 -TT , , 4. I - . 'l ' I IIB ' 1 1 J 1 ' ' ,' ,'-us. lb1 . 1, - , 1 1 'I I . 1 - ' ' IQB, llAg Ushers Assocuatuon, lOB-l2Ap BOWUNQ1 '47- I -ll, D I I n 1 . ' 1 .' '- ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - I: , 1 - 1 . I1 J I 1 1 1 1 I ' . 1 Q 1 1 1 . 5 1 ' 1 .. 1 I 1 1 1 ' I I 5 ' I I 1 I I I 1, II I L I 1 I 1 1 1 1 , . , 949 FRANK JOSEPH VALOTTA 2071 Wrlmot Street Hardmg Commerclol Varsnty Football 46 Track 46 HAROLD DERWIN VANSANT Bustleton Avenue Somerton WIISOH Mechanrc Arts Second Ba ketball 47 Track 6 JOAN E VEDRO 3859 Sepvlva Street JUIIES Cummercral PA L E VEIL 1216 Allengrove Street WIISOI1 Commercial Student Board lOA A A Repre sentatlve Varslty Basketball 46 Track 46 CHARLOTTE MAY VESSEY HERMAN C VOELLM 885 Anchor Street Wllson Academic FLORENCE VOGEL 1343 Princeton Avenue Wilson Commerclal Student Board IOB Secretarial Club Volleyball 47 Bowling 46 THELMA M WARD 3935 Glendale Street Hardmg Academic Orpheus Club 12A A A Repre sentatlve l2A Hugh Way Staff 12A 12B JunlorCholr llB 2A I'1 F BEVERLY WEIDNER 6139 Walker Street Hardmg Commercial Dance Club IOB 12A Basketball 46 Volleyball 47 8 Bow nq 47 48 4125 Howell sheet FLORENCE ELIZABETH WEINGARD 4221 Deverea ux Street Hardmg Academic Hardmg Academic Orchestra IOA 12B Clef Club llA l2B Latin Club lOA B Volleyball 46 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Twenty two ' I , I - S , ' Q , '4 , ' , J ' , 123. I . I 5 , , I I 1 I , , A Leaders, '47-'49g Hockey, '46g Bowl- l g, '48. U . . ,,lOB.' ' as" ,,4. f' I 1' 4 li ' " f ' ' ' 9 g "lf ','1o, ' ' DOLORES MARIE WELSH 4239 Maywood Street Hardmg Commercral MARIE ALLISON WESLEY 6347 Mcrsd n Street Hardmg Commercual Sucnt Board ICB Bb' ub 2 W MARY ELIZABETH WICK Southampton ond Herschel Roads Wrlson Academrc Basketball 46 Swlmmlng Club Bawlna JOAN NATALINE WICKER S407 Valley Street Hardmg Acodemrc Dance Commlttee IZA Student Board IIA IZB Fellowshup Club IZA Sock and Buskln IOB IIA Frlendshl Club IIB Orpheus Club IZB Locker Commlttee IOB IZB Ushers Assocna tlon IIA l2B Bank Representative IOA IIA A A Representatlve IOA IIA Hlah Wav Staff IOB I2B Edltor Tlrd Page IIA Scrlbes IIA B I Wav IOB Sllver C arm IIA Gold Charm IIB Leaders 46 47 Volleyball 46 47 Bowllng 48 JOAN LOUISE WILKINS 4625 Horrocks Street Hardmg Commercial Secretarlal Club IZB Bank Rep resentatlve IIB BONIIVIQ 49 HANORA WIRTZ 3042 Longshore Avenue Wrlson Commerclal unror holr JAMES NELSON WRIGHT 7233 Lawndale Street Wllson Acndemrc Record Book Comrmttee l2B Thlr ten Club I2B A Cappella Cholr u 7A Honor Socuetx ZA A A Representative IOB Hrh Wa Reoresentatlve IIB Hoh Wav Man aqerlal Staff IZA Varsltv Baseball 48 Second Base ba 46 Malor Letter 8 MARIE ELIZABETH YANAKA 4758 Garden Street Penn Treaty Commercral Secretarlal Club IZB A A Repre sentatlve IZA IZB Softball 48 Volleyball -I9 owl r 4 BARBARA ELLEN YOUNG 935 Foulkrod Street Hardmg Home Economrcs Dance Commlttee IZB Student Board IOA IOB Ushers Assoclatlon resentatlve IIB Hugh Way Repre sentatlve IIA Bas etball 47 Softball 46 7 o eyball 46 Bowllng 46 ETHEL MARIE YOUNG 4555 Cottmon Avenue Wrlson Academrc Softball 47 48 Svllrnmlng Club 4 Bow: g 4 CLASS OF JAN ARY I One Hundred Twenty three lt C , ns td I I , i te Cl , e I Q '- IA MB ISB-I.. 5' 'V ' f 1 I IZBI , . A, A 1 14 v ll, ' 5 ' ' ', 74 I '47 1 ' '47.J ' I ' , , '. I ' ' I ' ' , I ' 1 , ' Q B f l.g, ' 8, '49, f ' -5 ' . 4' IIA-IIZB, Plesidehr, Img A. Al Repl Q A L I- 7 f - k ' l A, I I , I ,Ali L, fu A ' vu ,fy ',','47. h" , 5 I ' -, I -I2 H'gh A ' h , . I I I V. 4 I I . Q: X, f, -I ' ' wwf 'sf lh,"7,"4s I C RICHARD DIETRICH 1132 Haworth Street WIISOVI Academnc Second Football 46 47 Track 45 48 Nm,Ir'l'1EI'CllS 46 Minor Letter Malor Letter 46 VINCENT McCORMICK 2073 Scattergood Street ERNEST WILLIAM SCHEER 713 E Ontarlo Street Stetson Academic FLORENCE JANE YOUNG 1431 Gulham Street Wslson Academic Student Board llA 12B Da e Cu l B A A Representatlve 10A l-hah Way Staff 12A Bowllng CAROL JOAN ZAISER 328 Unruh Avenue Wilson Academic Record Book Commxttee l2B Sen lor Twelve l2A 12B Presldent 12B Honor Society 12B Thanatapsls Club 47 Softball 46 Swnmmmg Club 46 Bowllng 48 ELENORE ZEKAS 6111 Elmhurst Terrace Wilson Academlc Thanatoosus Club B A Representative 12A Hugh Way Rep resentotlve lOB 12B Hugh Way Staff Leaders 46 47 Basketball 48 Softball 46 48 Volleyball 47 48 Bowllng 47 Numerols 48 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Twenty tour I ' , ' 5 , , , J nc , Ib,lg.4 l,: 475 , ' -'48, , . ' , l46. lzs ' ' ' Leaders, '46-:49p Basketball, '46, E' , IIVA-125 , A. na. ' n ' ' 7 7 ,: 7 541 I I n 1 Yi 5 Q his I' R X 5 W' -my -l 2 G -A ,il mm 0' Peoples Choice JOHN TERRY BARBARA GAGNON ef ,f .1 gag :if , 4, A ' if 1 53 M , 1, 1,1,,, ::,:: A ,,.,.. 5 Qs? ff l . -3 A-A 12 if 57" is 3? ,A ':, 4 32 ' 16- ,4 V 9 ,.,,:,:. ' ' ' 4 YNY L7 Aw , gf? ,FS if mg f, WWM 55 Q Rf - .-ww, -: ---- . E.: A Lndf and a Gentleman JEAN PIKE THOMAS HOWLAND 1 1, A Wy. MW me Fw Q if N L..-f-W x 5. X ' - Vx I. if ' 1 Our Athletes JEANNE BOYER ERNEST LIBERATI magma A Fmqu sn E uy 0 JOAN HOWARTH HARRY BAKER 55 Q Q f 3 If if f J X6 N' if if 3 3? if 5 I tm. ,M A W up W. Q , N W. 3 ri, ,,,,,, 35 5 ,Ai 4 ,, W 9' '45, E yags 51' ' 4 ,ye Q 9 ms wiv M A ,W Q 2 A 1' Q R mf . W '2 , if aff ' Wm, ' A 5 'fs s If W 4 f 0522 448' gf Z ,wwf W 'f ,,.,, vm -KAQ Lwgl X, ZW, QQ , ? 1 mf fx ,. ' f we ' 9? 1 W 6 v xx? +4 Q 'af 3 1 iz 1 hz In ,xx "w JOAN and JUNE McCARTY JANET and JOAN HOWARTH RAY and ROY REINARD wi - if M -ing' . A 7 Ei, ww JAMES and JOHN PITT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS

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