Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1947 volume:

Q -WL HLLOHLD GF THE SIPQT X 7 ax , iq- X 1'1" ' , "ag -J -""-""---- 42 'Q E ffl- ........ 21 5 li:--' --i- A: is a :i- " gf S ' - 4 I ...iti- , ,Y 1" , 1 f f Y ' 2 7 , 1-----4 . 4 -- , SECOND CLASS JAN uqzp 3' ff Q" s .X 'Xu r. Gabriel A. Phillips DEDICATIO hen en er Cl th graduatrr g class teel G drstrr ct L leasure Ill dedrcatlngt err c rd bool' t Ga rel A P tllr s a schola a gentlemaw anda teach r who or t Nc s aye th F ar dcrd Hrglo school hl untrrrng d NOTlOVl Few teachers ra fur s hccl haw a man fr nds amor g hf Jo who have be n graduated no mem cr t t c acult a 9 cr morc rcsr ctc y rs cc lea ucs c tom g ll was cducatcd at Hammontorr New Jfrse Hrgh School Frren s Scl ct Schccl and Prrnc to Unrycrsrtt from wh ch lnstrtutrrr he was graduated wrth no Hors ln rglsh rn l lg He rcccwed a masters degree from the Unrversrty o Dennsylyanla rn l'D2l He became a member ot thrs taculty rn September l9lh Durrng World War I he tralned as a tr ld artlllen ot. cer Mr Phlllr s was a member ot hrs unryerslt debatrng socrety and tor many years cached a debatrng team n thls school l-le has traxeled extensryely rn the Unlted States Canada and the Brlttsh lsles and has made many colored movrng prcture re cordrngs of has lourneys l-le has read wrdely and deeoly f rd al t crs w row l wrs rm fxery success an hrs new w rls at e Adn rnrstrat on l3UllClIllQ T K-be s ,s as - 'r , ' X ' h re Q X rc o Mr b r h pu, - V, Y, e , f thrr A, jars g r '5 ' F r s ' er . ,g sc U r e s u re tr tel gs '2 oe , - bio. hrf .yhsleeyr A- db hs rl-gf lvlr Phlllrzs was born rn Hammonton, New Jersey, a larmor's son and stall a lover ' llll ' " ll K' , ' lg ff., I Cl -e t , n c, I, 1 ll ' r Ear s T If 'f , f l f t , A Q it 5 , V , tv - V , X I r - We at l o h 1 ho lv f h rrr sh h Q rc f L, ' f o th l .f' g 1 'xt 1-il' ZX ff I ,ff , Pe A ns . M. M .e 45.7 :L .-,,.. ,4-, N,-W ,.-1 -,.,...l-- "Z-i 7 , '11,-, 1.-Q , ' . Lb, ,- .,, . ., .fra-f 'ff Q, V . 'bgi xx S asks- .X "--.. fu - , l' A , ,ff 45 v-vw, . 1 , M:-...Www-sas ' , . - xxx rl I - M5""'W' '--W .,,, 4 ff ' f ff WP-.Q v 1i ,0f I imf f , X2 . L 1 V ka- C ' i f , X Ng Ir' aft, Wh , 'xy , ,, W T, 3, 'e V ' "" ' , 'ffm ' . ' wg.: " "4 Q ff Q I ,-4' 'gf' 3 1' 3- fi ff ,4 1 , . , . , -- , J f fain , V, -,,,, -L N 12 ' If Hhith f ' : U. Q 4 ff' , I 11,7 im ,ir ,, - .7 ' 'Q . ' 2-. w 'fr 2. 1 , 1. f' X ' ,ju wt, H' . H1 H F I 5 5 I il ll 6 . 1 A v X' Mr. JOHN HITNER - Principal OUR NEW PRINCIPAL Graduated from Central l-ligh School, l9l3, Graduated from School ot Pedagogy, l9l5. Taught one and one-halt years at Stetson Elementary School. Served in United States Army as Lieutenant in the tield artillery, l9l7-l9l8. Supervisor ot Physical and l-lealth Education, l9l9-l92G, Teacher and assistant tootball coach, Central l-ligh School, l92O-l92G B A, Temple University, l92l, MA, Temple University, V326 Principal of Jacobs School, Bustleton, and Comly School, Somerton, l926-l93O Principal ot Sullivan School, V930-l938, Principal ot Walton School, l938-l9-llc Principal of Bartlett Junior High, l9-ll-l9-16 Appointed Principal of Frankford High School, September, l946, Eight , ' f - if-1-F fs., V A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL FACULTY E Orrell Crap Mrs Madehne C Burns C O John W Hlfner ssta I P nc a Martm D Fetherolf Co nsello s Dmah Freeman Rcselna C GrIIman Natalre C Hursch Home nd School Vsto c a c Esther E Hurmfz Edna M Cahn 0 SECRETARIES 0 BUSINESS EDUCATION ENGLISH HISTORY Tc Prin IDI Ask ns fa ri ipl U I a I i r Sc rat ry to Fun ipal ll nl ' , Q, ,SV '-I ffx , z, . A' -A ., , f sw , - Q I I. 1' X X' "2" .' ' I ' ' I I ZQIWI' h I.. I L' " ", . A.. V. " , H ' ' . . , n 0 HOME ECONOMICS Q INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS LANGUAGE MATHEMATICS MUSIC 0 PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION SCIENCE LIBRARY Elc c FAC U LTY Q I 4, . ' ,I I' I " 4 .. ' ' ' Q ' ' f 1 Q' xg I-I WI V Z -YI, .SH I I H b KIM - 3 EI iv I M, u 0 ' ' ' I' I A ' ' ci- , ' . . 4' V! f 1 l .4 ,, A, CM. . AMI I 1 , j f' ll' In rd b A, MH - M V . A 'V' CNN, v 0 , 3 ' ' 'f 'I, V 0 I , '1 Y I1 MR. E. ORRELL CRAP Assistant to Principal MR, MARTIN FETHEROLF Assistant to Principal MISS ROSEINA C GILLMAN Ass stont to Principa NR ROBERTJ ADAMS JR DR FRANKLIN B CARROLL MR ARTHUR B CRESSE MR MARK H HAGMANN Enqlish Science Physical Education Mathematics ,195 MR HARRY W JACOBS Industrial and Fine Arts MR DAVID W HARR History and Languages MR WILLIAM B NICHOLS Bus ness Education Twelve 3 . . I AA as x I N f ,... v "dx f, " pg ' law ' ,V R --,,V , A , EJ ' f 5 Z I 129 ,Q . .v wa.-M' fm M A , 49'- 4 . 5 5 i 1 2 , .1 V 5 1 J ' Q figvw if . '4 ', gl 1 I 1 - . 4 -jig ifum t ' igazf' 7' 1 ' , p 9 15 .g :Z : 3 ' X 51,4 l' ', 3:41,-E k We X f Q - L?'?ii 't ' 5"'f 4 " " " ' I 1 . f , f ig? JP X ' X 1, 'fl A 5 I ' ' Q5 Q' Q' I 1 f V 'f' Q Q i . ' W ' V Ifffj ., ,A f ,f ,. A fb M- Y 4 " ' .,.: 2 I A E ,Q g, W' M ff' 5.1. 5 M . --, X I . i n X In , .z Em A a 1-' ' 1 -.0 ..,. it ! amE1Cf,:i:: v .,a ' A, . ' in 2 , , A, ff I ff' :. ,, f. Wwmk! , ,gf 1 J A -5 V.,, ' H I V i H V , H ,..,., i-my , .... . .., , .na 1 A ,A ZIIE .:,VV 3 y 5' : 4 ,, -5 A',"' A:'W ' 'I ' ':'2 " -. ,J A ' is . 4 , -I A 7 , fy? EV ' " f 5. L ar-A 5 7372? l, , win. '- I , - f J. ff if my 1 ,fa ' -r., ., Z Z . 5' .-H" 514 1 A 'H' Tal' , xx ' V X , Xxx . Vx ,oe "',, ,A X X. H H. u.l-- - ',.g 1 H n '3 .X wwf X, ww ,, ff A 2-Q Q at X ' X :wig 1 Ffa: f H f "Qi 1 2?'f if - ,ii if I 'if 4 1 ,fi 1 ngsgx 5 - M 'wav in f ' w 4 X 1 ff ' .P Y iw " Khin 'S Q . 3 e 'uh C Y 5' 4 gig? 3 if xx 5. 9 , ,. fy., k .1 4 ,J f gf' K ' 1 kg Af' iibfk 4"""' W K 531, S ? 3 2 ,ips-HW 'M' X 1 'fa ' 'S.NLJ A , X 3" 1: I . . 5 a . X x. , x W Q f, MN V 1 1 I 'iifeiz 4-'ef' 'f '., 3 Z 7, my 151-,-2 ' "" -' , .. ma, Qu l . fs, 5 gg, V? ifgfgf Q , ? 1 N. ? .,...- "' 5' ' 1 1 ,if 1 1? ji fl yy 2 ,. J 7- .V f s 5 ff if 2 V 22' 1 5, g ig? X x I' - V. as ,X ":1f:v- f?:s::'., Q 9' 32' X it 4 V ,mf ,968 ' an 's Z f 'V QV K -X 4 z 1 f A ii 2 A 3 K A , , Q k sf X x 1 . 1- ETX. If-'S A 1 Aj, any 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 nu 1' iw , 63? , Q' s 4 1 1 5 , fl 5 1 -7 W 'wg--H , u. 4.,,,,,a.,. I A " ...... ,-,, : ,. ' , Z,,, .,Z.. I ,:,... ..,.. , W, 9 f , , , ' 4 6,,,.... HW ,Ml I V ae 'Z M ., fgniv ,avg ..,., ,I , ' " f ..'.' , W gwf I I if ,dy f :ff Mig iii 'i ' - Q4 E ii EQ S r I F91 fwv f LW Mlm B f WN 0 -A s ,.,.,..-r',- ,W ,. MM- :-:-.. ag2k:'5!!L 1 warg I' "0-'Zi I 'H' 4 :iff ' Z 1 1 if .m- MQW an f 3 QS , 43 -'Z ' ' J , ' . If " V M f xx 'HW HT' The Things February, 1944-Y. 5' Q .5 f, F git S+' Q Q We 've Seen at Frankford LG, ,. June, 1944-Sure Q J' ,- . A . L -1 1 -ibut rr Sid-. cm: Emil: r' "nm, VEYCC Sri September, 1944-Vx retwwu: 2, vr A '- Le tm :K H -':' 'rr " 'A ' rl UI x WH'fr "Q QW tm 1 tw f,sureei.p September, 1944-L Le rr .H C 1 :Lined J r ry fr 'DIN ieaszgrr by nf rwq fffx i, e :tem January, 1945-"THQ Mar- .kim Came L Duper" Qo.e U4 wc' , de: QW?-,. rIfifrw'fS February, 1945-We cdvar- cd me 'rin aug nw' cur puma: ,ear June, 1945-The SVP Jig I1..L ' g'ee"'c'-C "Uk V-40: 94 September, 1945-Xie reyrmii rg 5114 1' ' .. 'S' new the TCW cf Ffcrelfcrc Jcnuary, 1946-"Army: 'fd Ola LUG 1.5- czaec X: the SLN and Ere? r' 5 Met of sacfesetui Comedsos February, 1946-Sewers or Nast, :!'bQL.qr not Qraiuaimq ewrrs J 'IUNYPTQV term May, 1946-Uvwfertrmari . ,nr :rg 'f Trp mc T. be torwiebefzi Cnr 'mae of use tha' x-.G were rrwrred to QC :ww new :Lk June, 1946-Mr Zarrwsky umofert record book x60 r'5 trrrr the moyer operatrcm cf photograzhrwq semcrs for who June, 1946-"Yea Can? Tcl-ee lr R-, Mtn You" .ws the cewer 1-1 rrwrereef "1 our etbcol andr- tcrrum for two rmqhts June, 1946-We EVGCTEG Jefi: Chapman our rims rv'iS'dem Dr Frank L Ubud, our Lrrrufrpol, rerrred September, 1946-Nath Qrcduot tr rw x ev., .we remrrwed V vH,C:1 :Ver sumrwer LGFOTNCYW To xaetzmwe Mr Jehu H mir, Qur New L" rii Lic! September, 1946-Xie 5 efed free 'est TLA rf tees :Wgere ,gf-. MQC een -'-' e-yeerdgrr, M 'drcd Wagner, :eircrcrx C7 C Y. lwvff L6'wfX, rressnre' SSPN-Ember, 1946-FOV We Urs! frvie rw We M Q' r.,' rg of cur 5 Mg. Q Q rl :beer macere and drum moycrettes bedetlaic cfm l:1'b3" etccam vm'e uw :rrd Qrfz Qs! 'Cjrfbd' sectegm reg Starred mme Tnr 1.-DCCKEC gcme: Shaver Sod:-ref .K i yr ?:fre'ec', Grd Frirwk Freeman played 'F b November, 1946-Car on Frrdoy, Nexerrbe' 'A , 7 Frank! rw I-iwei January, 1947-',..r J A fr:- TQ " r ery Q " 'vu gr' e ' D ' V, Turk.. uc av d P 'L irrt S if Frfgfrl fcrds Sak and Eng' rw stage January, 1947-TQ' ' ',' 'V ' 5 ' rr fn, ., f. L "A P C. ' , We rj-'ry , ffg, iq :ire a' 1 e V H January, 1947-Qu-'wwe' U f 3- 535. 5- T. rw , I 6 ' T" ' :Lv ' 1 - 4 Cf' 7' II IVE C' 1:1 triwli-f 1 ' lcet :fc rev' qcrrez fi' Pro"-L ' ri f rr gr grim t-.HQ iv- '4 ,. VTE' '.2'QV'G"' Q O L 3 I! N! .WG ' ' 'J H ..,- i i s f' ME 1 i 1 , . i ,Ai gp .j Q'-DEQ tl L 4 ,I U 3 2 E ,f-Mf' . vga: i 5 ll E22 :Ea ll! ll! Ill Ili Ui P3 PJ 'ii iii Fl? sc: Lv , 1 1-4 U 4 4 4.31 .K ..f -'14 , ' 4-ffffi ' I R N fi: ','- frwfl . , f- ' 1 , f'5 ' K f , ,A fn!! ,f "" X 1, 2 5 in MM 1 ' "' - 2 f ,' kd, ,rf ' f' ,ii llg " Q ff' f Q , "' ' A f f . as - f FH 7' 4 F, M Q l i , ,efw '- L' . if ,Q 2 ,kia i , . . 4 - 1 ! K- 1 fp I 4 4 4 .fr 3" '4 As V' ,V I as rf A ff f:f'1 Q , Ma' ,f- 1 r' ' A ' 3 , ' ,I 5 f '4 fi 1 5 4.1 'Q ' ' 5 L 5212.595-'7' ..,f "L" .' Q wg,-gqawgs 11-si-'S 'Vig- ' 5 I " ' b r' , :Q 2 'filtp ,A , . lx ,f x v gui E H Q 1 ,SEE Eixzs .I 5 1 ff, 2 " 'N f, T ff ' 1 'fi 2 ug H 'R ' . . . a QL Y -.,.4-I L ,i 3 I' Y 1 'a : 1 5 .Mg --. W . . N i N.- ' L4 'AQ A- u wg.. .,i S x 5 Q MQ, - - i wyf , A -' hw . ff, yum I 1' ,Z fn f'4 , ff B274 ' ' ,. l I . lj -,fffffsv-' ' 1-Q .. ,f-' ? ,wif -..f , Via! ,G ' r, 5 up-s wry 1111 ' -M. ,,,.,,..-...- Af vie- nf- 21, -gari- X ON T1 COME AND GET I AC. 719 G N u5 CLASS U1-Qikflas Y.NGNNC5VxS ff KX 499 QOOTEQS OUR ' THE MA JOQ E OM CS L N X xQ- qxo Cn-A S hwxrono AT 0' 01 0 1' H 14 'Q Cfmlmfoll gy mf Jmwsamgia 1 Twllgnlhiw ls ffnlilhmp cm nomar azlhllldlhwmda. lhmlplpy day Q Menlhmmd ms cmlllfnw o mme gg wgv My om Hmm lllj XLJB fl Mamie! lm 'Meir' soma 451 Wu Mia as Q My YIHQEQVEGIVS n uf' lvlm len from om memcug Wfmnliifolc dw: 5 :N J N JW MJ A 5.55 min' folfc my W6 jpomlfmew milf U fem we Warn Mmfd fl I I X Womm fcnufd JIKE xi mg all 1 3 Nl I1 ' . 1 'S 1 .3 Y 7, I W I , . ! T 1 T if wa ,f V lhlv - Imp P , - E Pi ea ,, 1,6 ?51WXHiij Bw! JA JU! I M Q JT W f' J' " f ' l W1 X' I ,Qu wi In ,XX , ia X Xi X yfilajlf' l ' X i I ' Q 1 5 If 3. m w ' WIN lb? MM ' . f r 1. . nueruf ' COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Organ Prelude Star Spangled Banner lnvocatron The Rev George B Fletcher Forth Baptlst Church Gloria from Twelfth Mass Mozart Salutatory Address Bruce Lee Castor Battle l-lyrnn of the Republuc Arranged by Fred Waring Presentation of Drplomas and Awards of Prrzes Walklng at Nlght Czech Folk Song Valednctory Addresses Dons M Schnelder Bernadette Fl Novak School Song Postlude Tlnrty three . X . . , ,Qtr JOHN CHAPMAN BERNADETTE NOVAK J JOHN MCCLEMENTS 54'- MILDRED WAGNER WILLIAM LENOX nik- LEWIS G STERNER ldord DR t to what Fran Your three ccmmencemer speakers vvrll pay trruu c Htgh School has done tor them In three ofthe most tormat ye years ot the r ltves l yy: h tha all ot ou vyould srmtlarly eyaluar yourselyes Can you r mem er what you were when you entered thts school three years ago? Are you satlstred wrth your present selt9 It you are the school has tarled lt your teach s an our books haye not aroused rn you a certatn moalcum ot solrltual and mental drscontent they have done but lrttre tor you lt you haye not caught a glrmbse ot a Irte that rs tuner than the m r ea ntng ot a ltytng and a shutflrng at cards or a tyvrddlrng vyrth drals tn your let ur tame you hay orctlted but lttt e It your unosrty has not been aroused tt your selt sattstactton has not been shattered t your tooltsh ore udrces and blrna loyaltues haye n been challenged our nnarks mean nothrng but task a stoned and mechantcall bertormed lt you are sttll brovtnctal rn your thlnlang It you are stall bltndly natronal tn your out rned unchanged lf you seek no turther growth you have h truly educated man lyke the truly ttauned elther l k ou haye rema three years T e h l had already a h ch are oo rnerel been enroll d tor sbrrrtual one says vvlth Paul Not as thoug vyere already oertect but I tollow atter toraettlng those thlngs yy behrnd and reachtng forth rnto those thungs vvhrch are before Thurty hve l L I ff 14 K ,QQ ' y 49, 2 ,, . r K It fs I C N xt 'A ' B f 1 X . l l ' F. t . , r V - - A A s . y f e s -. t t e ,b rl A r - . A M d ' , 1 y ,A . , , . C E " ' , r . l r o Q Q ' , , A Q ' I , - c , c . y f' ' . ' - "' r l ' I r y V l r I f-X pt 1 ry , , vt X, , I, , V X t l 3 3 . I ' 1 ' f I - X , A A A , t y e L , ' f , F N . If I ' J ' I l r , . . . ,, THE BEIIUHIJ ROBERT H BABECKA 6034 Tackowanna Street Harding Industrial cnt Boorc IIB A A Repre C ct: Q IIA I1 ,rw Way Represents rs 0 'bm' 4 9 0 F Y UI' umera s M fv r LG ff -I5 Moor Letter 6 JULIA KATHRYN BELL 6217 Tackawanno Street Hordmg Commercual N X, 4816 rrgh gffeef 3303 Bnghton Street if ,9Q u ABEL Nvous KATHRYN Anms ng 1 Acc dem if Wilson Academic CI e A 5 Mauve, I2 . G O"d buii, '-15, Numerggl '45 Dues Colwecfcr IZB Bank Repre- V BERTHA MARGARET ALKINS MURIEL JOAN ARMSTRONG 4272 Orchard Street 7331 Central Avenue Harding Commercial Wilson Commercial Dance Commttteo, IZB, A CappeIIo Chow, IGB-IZB Girls loaders '-4-I-'-IT, DAVID M ASHTON WILLIAM A AUSTIN JR 8063 Rowland Avenue I4I9 Starling Street Hardung Commercnal Wnlson Industrial WILLIAM BAKKE 1779 Bridge Street Hardmg Azademlc VIVIAN E BERCHTOLD Elhcott Road Wnlson Academnc mdewt Board IOA Chnstmos Com fri Lccdgv rs e QII Ctrls Bofeo olwo' YOQ G ff Therty sux FH!-I HFIJHII . . , . STLJC2 , - jfij s fr t Q If - - ,g,,' ,A me IZA , XC Ita, F o. ., ' 5, ,ec 'SC CC - U I '44, '45, N I, -aes, tt, rr- ' 5 , I '4, H ffm-I IIB, 'Bank' Ptpresfnlume , Qfx w If ' J '44-'46, G: I ' Bgek tb , '45 J . D II, '44- ", E' I fl I. -ZS, Bev.-V11 '45 '46, kms 1, 455 L tt, '46 , X i BERNICE E. BEUERLE FRANCES L. BIANDO 1914 Lansing Street 1413 Fanshawe Street Wilson Academic Harding Academic Ballet Club, llA, Junior Towrl Meeting, l2A. Girls' Basketball '44, Bc.-.mag '46 Bowling, '-35 FRED JoHN Blcxsnr JEAN BILOTTA 1261 Alcott sneer 1198 Unity Street Wilson Industrial Harding Commercial Dance Comrmttere, l2A, Hlgrw Way QCDVGSFEUTOTIVQ, IIB Glrls Basketball, '-25 JOHN RITCHIE BLACK JOHN HERBERT BLESSING 4733 Salem Street 3543 Oakmont Avenue Hardlng Academlc Wllson Academlc Band Qack and Bask Varslty Football 45 Track lB Hlah Way staff l 46 Malor Letter 45 46 HIGH SIIHUIIL JA 1 47 KATHERINE JANE BLIND MARVIN ISSA BLOCK 6218 Frankford Avenue 1425 Devereaux Avenue Alexandrlo V1rg1n1a Commerclal Hardlng Academlc ELEANOR MARY BORIG NORMAN RUSSELL Boucllsk 1071 Allerlsrove Street 1145 E Roselle Street Wllson Academlc wilson lndusmol artk Reorosertatlx l B udent Board l B l7A A A R D w tlrs Leacers -l-l -l6 l-lcckex fesfflfflflve IDA rr' O4 etball -15 Mlrlcr ter Ottr -va Charrr' Thlrty seven , l2Ag J an lm- Q , ' 3 , '45, lg', 'F ,CA 'J ,','. l 1 l . El B ,.a,,llA 5? ,C-..,..e- C 1' ' -' , ' 'QS 1 - 46, Glrls' Basketball '45 '-I5 Varsity Basketball, '-16, Second Wm Cho, '45 '-16, Nt., ercls iff B .K , ' g . Let , '-46. EVELYN BOSTON BREADY 1316 McKinley Street ARTHUR BREIER 1833 Orthodox Street Wilson Home Economics Tre Bcslfctboil il, 45 "4 A W-in'fssc'c'.0 WB ELEANOR K BREIG 1412 E Cheltenham Avenue CLARENCE LOTT BROOKS Wilson Academic .1 ent Board emor1welvc 12B A A Represents tnve B Gnrls Leodcrs 41 -16 Hockew 45 Girls osketboll -1 46 mm VTPQ Club 45 Nlmerols 46 Letter -16 Chorfw SOf'llCllNf DORIS MARGARET BROWN 6057 Charles Street MARIE I BROWN 2046 Sanger Street Sulzberger Comrnercual Huh Wax Representatwe IOB THE HEIIIIHIJ BL emo Thrrty eight Harding Academic West Byberry Road Somerton Wulson Academic eoopsllo 1 r lA 12B Bum Hardmg Commercnal :Ek FHA HFUHD JOSEPHINE BUCCAFURI THELMA NAOMI BURKE 1223 Adams Avenue 3229 Wellrnqton Street Hardmg Commercnal Wllson Commercial Pk Rtpreswrctme I up Bowllnc -if N at Reortsentotl e A ELIZABETH JANE CADE DOROTHY EDITH CALKIN 6815 Jackson Street 1917 East Loney Street Hardmg Commercnal Grrls Hugh Acodemlc c rhestro 11B Bona 1B 4 Bcslc be MIN' ' Sta, , 11113 118 128, f- ' 30. 1 - , k 5 ' ' I I . - Rf-V, ,X 'fgrvlg , 12, we fe' 'QE ,SL , I X ,I X Y ' Bu, '- f 115 1 I , , 4 wf , ' A , ll ' , I-me :bl l '12 5 W- S RIO 5, A ww, +4 45 sf. fr '31, Oc 1 A we -IZB ' ir: 1-'ll 45 46 x W V - - K' RUTH V CAPNERHURST 1237 Bridge Street Wilson Commercnal BRUCE LEE CASTOR 3321 Rhawn Street Welson Academnc 04 nmcrwcn of fmor C OSS Reno Bwk Corwrwtr e IZB Bank Rear: ve I B IIA A A Represe JOHN B CHAPMAN 1034 Allengrove Street Wilson Academnc Iurs P C51 er! I7 A Repre , I OSS Ccwtrx -I6 Track 44 6 L fi 41 Mayor Let er Ll r J 'D lf! 4.1 EUGENE CASOLE 6254 Charles Street Hardmg Mechamc Arts I c WILLIAM N CASTOR 1005 Allengrove Street Wilson Acudemnc Mcent Boord IIB Bunk Re e 'ot ELSIE MARIE CHASE 1149 Bridge Street Wnlson Commerclol 5-T Cent Boord ILA A A Re Hervrotxe IFB HIGH SIIHUUL JA 147 DONALD MATTHEW CHEESMAN 2060 Anchor Street Hardmg Industncl RUTH ELVA CLOUDEN 2931 Ruth Street Hardmg Commerclal Bunk Repesemctuve IIA A A Represenrctlve ICB DOROTHY MAE CHRISTY 1229 Magee Avenue Wllson Academic L soars Ir s 3 skerbo Bosrbcn Imero S LQ r RICHARD ALLEN COMBER 4439 Paul Street Hardmg Academic Orchestra ILA Sock and Beskm ILA A A Representative ICB Thirty nlne II . 12- ,I'- LT 'Tali- 'V , 'fcf '45 46 I X I 'A . IP .1 , , -, V, 3... E K ia' I 1 'ff S I , pr- JA ' I Q 4- see. we, IQB IIA V seftms A, Q, , . . 1 MG- '. - 5, n, N16 IZA ' kg ' H yorsute, COIL '41J46j Mmor Lettcr, 1 -44-'36 I ' C , f- ci I -B, . A. - ' 5 V A I Dre- it-'wtof ve, IB ,V V Cr ' , , ' -'-I, VI for QIIJ, , ' T , '45, -16. I ,J . H GHS' 'e ' '4-I--96, G I 'Q if li, Gyms' 1 I, '44- 46, Nt " '45, He, '16 THE HEIIIJHD DONALD EARL CRAWFORD 3317 Shelmire Avenue Akron Ohio Academic JOYCE MAE CONRAD 3911 "J" Street LOIS M. COOK 1121 Brill Street Wilson Commercial Harding Commercial Refers Bock Committee, T23 Boots cf: :acne Cub IZA Eecrefcro D IZA B H 'cue I2 Bcvmvg 12 , rg: Wan Represen- A 12B P DELORES COOPER 4313 Waln Street Hockey 514- 46 Q,r!s' BOsketIJcII, '-35-'47,' Giris Busebou '-15, -16g Noi- Ieypoxt, '-165 Bc.-.img -QS, MARIE G COPE 7200 Roosevelt Boulevard Harding Commercial E DONALD CORNELIUS 836 Magee Avenue Los Alamos New Mexico Commercial XoIevbaII mm J C I DOROTHY ANN COTTEE 5349 Darrah Street Harding Academic Wllggn Academic KATHRYN L DAVIES 1639 Allengrove Street Harding Acad mic O GRACE VERONICA DAVIS NORMA REED DAY 4324 Paul Street 2018 Bleigh Street Girls High Academic Wilson Commercial tirhnt 0 rr Bas T Forty Student Bocrr IVA Bari Repre sentotxve IO VB FH!-I HFUHD 'I j ,'-56 f' 'Ilb '-16. 3 ! ss 3. ' o , V I AV L, . 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TCT WA RUTH ELSIE DOBBRICK ZII9 Wakelmg Street Hardmg Commercnol HIGH SIIHUUL JA 147 DOLORES S037 Dltman Street DOMANSKI WALTER J Domskosxl 47IZ Mllnor Street Ha'd"'9 C0"'me'C'a' Hardmg Academic MARY ANN DONIS :ford Boer Ccrrrr tte I7 GST I7 Acc sm ocrfr omfm 'ee 7 H I ff B S 0, IA Fencr GEORGE ROBERT DURANG JR 4663 Hmmcks Sheet l2I8 Allengrave Street Wilson A d MSM , V Agn A A R revert -hgh We Staff, IZB 'QMS' Lend re 1 Forty one ca emu: Wrlson Academuc HK, I - ' Q If' '45 '44 3"Is Lecqrs '44-'Ig rm, Hcclre, '44 -lf, -I" Q - ', '-1: ' - - 2 H5 Q, '-li-'-if S. .I ,IF4 :I i Cab 'Jig wwf If '41 Lug, '15, ", Cfcrv' ':', D t F Jia? 'Y A Y' 1 X ' by 1 f rl in V, .11 E- 9- , : ff ,B, icq- ,ICH M " TIAQ BGP? apr-- f I h 'QB' A A Pggrs-Y ge- .c I A!IBj P-Igw Wg. Refr- mf - , I , Q-'reno L Q -ld My j I gh. gg - 1'oIQ,I:aII -ff , 1 '. ' H ' '46 '-165 I" " 55' 'lef GII ,' 5. I ', ILA'-31 B v. '15, '46 ,I ' . 9 . L X ' K XJ xj A xl ky , I :J ,Jw V, R, , el I 5 QB, "A" Dim C -B, T If ea: BS' ", VA- IZB, L C. C . Y , IEB, nh Way' S Q I2 ' ff je Crea, I' -IZBQ me .:.V:n Senor Tw-.eke IZ3 :xl cf: r- . MX: p A JA! Lskgglifccvy .ll ., -.,. LB IIB. GRACE ANNE ELLIOTT 4149 Barnett Street Wilson Academic Student Board HB, Ballet Club, I lfx-IZB, Hlgh W'Ox RQDYCWWIOYIVE, ICB, lIA, l2.A Gurls Baseball -15, Bowllng '46 ELSIE ROSE ENDEBROCK 5345 Sylvester Street Wilson Commercial EARL ENGELHORN 5544 Mlnam Road Wllson Industrial HELEN KATHERINE ELLIS 911 Carver Street Wilson Commercial Dcrce Camrmttee l2Ag Secretarlal Club lZA l2B, Bocts ana Sadcle CMI? 'ZA Efn -'g 'JF MARJORIE BETTE ENGEL 54l3 Sylvester Street Newark New Jersey Academuc Dance Cammnttee IZB emor Twelve IZB Vo'lexbaII 45 Svlnmmmg Club 46 FlYlS Basketball 46 ANDREW JOHN ENGLE ZZZ7 Haworth Street Hardmg Industrial A A Represeatatlve IOA THE HEIIIJHD PHI-I HFUHD H RUTH ENRIGHT RUSSELL FAITH 4732 Marple Street 2006 E PUCIRIC Street Wrlson Academnc Hardmg ACOdEMlC Student Board UA l2B Tr ck 45 Malor Letter 45 I S eaders xr s 1 Svtlmmln u 46 Le r BETTY ANN FAKETTE RULAND A FELDMAN 2044 B'e'9" A'9"ue 4306 Devereaux Avenue Wnlson Commercual Hardmg Meghan.: Artg F fvrr 1 Cfmrmt c Q. v Bank Reprcserltatwe A REU' SUSTCV' 9 l H gh Wax Represeatat te l B Hacke Forty two , - a , ' , 1 ' Gnr' L , '45, '46, G If Basketball, '45 '46, Grls' Baseball '-li, '-6, , Q Cl D ' , TYQ, 1 an lc. , re 'f-., B f I k- ISA-l2 , -l V CB X, I - . l NORMAN JOHN FIELD 3421 Decatur Street ROBERT C FERGUSON 1655 E Cheltenham Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts + New Board B.. -4 Repre- ctat Q IIA IZB A A Re-are rw e IZX- I-hgh Wa se tf-t ve L f Room O or Hardmg Mechamc Arts 14 V ,Q 1. sf a W wp at A L crfcarr' BEVERLY ELAINE FIESTER 631 Olney Avenue WILLIAM ALBERT FIELDER 1663 Cheltenham Avenue Wllson Commercial a B s xr Hr r 'wi Wrlson Academrc r Yrf Nrmks I I arwt ac r :cm C Ba kc aw wr Lettnr I3 Ma or Later CHARLES FISHER 4007 Grlham Street Hardmg Academic SHIRLEY JANET FISCHER 4235 Levlck Street Hardmg Academic X CDA O how I A Lgegorg Lmor Vcrm Ccvrvrwtrec B IZB Bam? Rcpreservtatwe I rrs Ba IratbaI -H Bomrrg HIGH SIIHUIJI. JA 141 IVY DOROTHY FISHER RUTH MARIE FLETCHER 1908 Orthodox Street 5926 Lelthgow Street HONIIHQ Commercral ' so Hvgh Wax Representame I B T tl Hi D W O Hugh Wow Staff IIA lain OA 4 MARGARET FORD 1815 E Bridge Sfyeef 5235 Horrocks Street HGVUIYIQ Commercial WI n Academrc e or The e 12B Hgh a L GrrIs Leaders Hoc L Ir S as Q 0 ' ms Basebai 44 16 NLrrrweraS f ter FRANK CHARLES FREEMAN Wnlson Academic A fx REDVGFGNOINL IZA ars ty Footbaw 6 Xarsnty Soccer eccnd occer ww Track -0 6 Mmcr Letter +1 Mayor Lctrfr Forty three Bc' Re'rJ.enr:!..e VB IZ., Hin' I UB' FF Se ' F A Reare ft me 'QB Hvrv 5. ff ' ' r ' f 'J 'ese one II , Lf ,I Moc- ,CTW 'f ' ' Pwr? 'I -" ' my IZA IIB, Lrqw M ant IZA ?YL.f1e 7 Beam: YB, I , QA- , COC? 'kd -' I4 I, AJIAI uh ' f IB, A fx Pefzrrrgs--rwtatte IA, II!-, INCX 'III' IIA'I2Br CII- IZB 'I IA ' ' , Y , .i cf -14-46, X d -oc- ,I ' car 45, Xcrat. fnnw 44-'-lc " -cud Baslffvbm' 43, Track '44-JC, MI. 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'N- SAMUEL GABRIEL 4704 E Roosevelt Boulevard Stetson Academic Locker Committee, ICB, 11Ag Bunk Representatwe, 1CAg A A Represen- tative, IIB, Hrgh Wo. R6DV'3SGUiC111'.G, 1 . JOSEPHINE GALLO 2781 Pratt Street H0l'difI9 Academic MARGARET GIGLIOTTI 868 Granite Street Wilson Academic Clef Club 12B FH!-1 HFIJHD H' r'l"'..Z km flu., X me r 1 ig 4 - , . 3 if . , t . - ',TL.df T Cfff ' f- 1 5 f' ' M "E C0""' Lf: .g. R 'fl"'1'T .1 f- firl' 1-Gere vii- lr .- ff Ban- lxzwt, '-15, 5 :img CMD '-32 ' .fly .fi J , b we - .. :J "', ., K K 1.71" . Fit Q ,A Rtcorc Book Corrnnttee, 128. L. H, E NL by., RV., Cf- is Ltcwr he JG - r L L.4'H1,. 2 55 ,z F.'.5-Le, 1-13 , Q 'Ciba 45 JL iz-rs Bax A 4.1. gg, Q ,rf-1 Qing Af .gg Y :U WV V 1 'MFI 'i. -15 -V Cvcrff ' 'Mx ' G' 4" -' .5 1 I I A4 I Si" RICHARD HALL GREAVES 1247 E. Cheltenham Avenue ALVIN GREEN 1416 E Cheltenham Avenue Wilson Industrial Wilson Academic Efoceot Board, ICBg Bank Reoree secretive I IB, A A Representattne, 'QA Hugh Wa, Representative IH- ,:'st'. Soccer '-26, Secocd Soccer, if, 'vtifcr Letfer, '45 MARJORIE SEDDON GREEN 3513 Meridian Street HEADLEY JOHN GREENHALGH 4318 Devereaux Avenue Wilson Commercial Harding Mechanic Arts Band IZA, IZB. forest-.' Baseoatl, '46, Second Bzsn- -'nolt '-14, Mircr Letter, '46, Fec: R dj .15 EDNA LOUISE GUZZARDO BETTY LOU HACKARD 879 Granite Street 1452 Higbee Street Wnson Commemal Wilson Commercial retartat Ct b HIGH SIIHUUI. JA 147 WILLIAM C HAMMERNICK 6247 Charles Street Harding Academic CHRISTIAN JOHN HAUSER 2001 Hartel Street Wilson Academic High Wat Representatuxe IOA UB H gh Way Staff IIA IZA Forty five RONALD WILLIAM HATTON 3049 Knorr Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Stu ent Board I B A A Re e sectatwe IIB H ja Wa Reorese votive IVA ck 44 WILLLIAM CHARLES HAYES 4026 Neilson Street Wilson Industrial sentatnve ICA A A Representative OB High Wa, Representative IIA Second Footbait 44 3 Numerals 44 Minor Letter 43 Sec tr IZA, I2B . H o d , C , , pr- Tra ,' , 45. Senior Morning, Committee, Stuaent Board HB1 Bank Repre- -rg i , I- V' I 5 I ! I -, ' , ' VIRGINIA M HEARN 4202 Hellerman Street Hardmg Commercial Bank Repree ntatsve IFA ICB CAROLYN A HEUSSER 6041 Hegerman Street Hardmg Vocatronal Art A Cappella Cholr IIA 128 Recoro Book Commlttee 12B Volleyball 46 MILDRED EVELYN HOLZ 5051 Oxford Avenue Wilson Academnc Dance Commlttee IZB A ay Cast Ass t Durector IZB Student Board 12B Sensor Twelve IZB Sock and Buskln IOB Sta ecrafters IOB Boo s and Saddle lu IOA 2B resentatnve IOB Hugh Way Represen tolve IIA IIB Hugh Way aff THE HEIIUHII LAURA MAE HEIM 1507 E Huntmg Park Avenue Hardmg Academic TIS 'TIOS OITIVT' I 9 JEAN MARIE HOFFMAN 4358 Paul Street Harding Academac Student Board IIA Ushers Asso cuatxon A Girls Leaders -I5 4f ALYCE DOROTHY HOWARD 1839 Napfle Avenue Wrlson Academuc Student Board IOA IZA Sock and In OAIA I2 A A Re sentatlvg IZB Hugh Way Representa tive Glrls as etball 46 If 5 Bow mo 45 46 FHA HFUHD ARTHUR M HUGHES ELSIE LORRAINE HUTCHINSON 5139 Akron Street 3507 Vista Street Northeast Acadern IC Wnlson Academlc Ltmch Room Monutor IZA Bank Representatlve IIA Cross Country 46 Malor Letter OLIVE SHIRLEY JOHNSON JOHN THOMAS JONES 4516 Hedge Street 9128 Old Newtown Road Hardmg Academuc Wnlson Academic I. C 5 ank Rear Forty sux MQ ' I V, , Cl1't C http, IFB l - I ' l ' 5 ' ,l2. I ' - , - 5 ,H H Pl Busk' -, I - I B? I , pre- ' .2 'A I P V ' ,101 ' f ' ' gb' '43 ' ' B ki , H14-' , GI' Ushers Associationu I2Ag A, A. Rep- B05if?0H', 14? 465 V0"9Vb0"' 1465 f' , I 'Q ' sr f ' I 128. '46 ' - ' 4. ,146 ' I 5 , .X flls' ec er' '-I-I B - -1-5"tar,v.e ICA IZA SHIRLEY AIJDREY JOSEPH 4261 Neilson Street Harding Commercial Ushers Asscciatlaa, '-15 Hockey, 'Mg Glrls' Basketball '44- JEQ Girls' Basebai '-11, lf. DOROTHY JURAKY 6644 Sauder Street Wilson Commercial E JANE KEIGHLEY 6104 Walker Street Harding Commercial Secretarial Clob IZA l2B Bowmq 46 DORIS T. JUNOD 3924 "M" Street Harding Commercial Studeat Board 128-llAg A. A Rearesefctlve lfB-llA Glrls' Basketball 46 BQ.-.wg 'JS we ALICE LAURA KANTREN 2843 E Sellers Street Harding Commercial Hugh Way Represe tatrve F Hugh Way Staff IIA LORRAINE C KELLER 6123 Erdrrck Street Harding Commercial Student Board IA A A Rep sentallve IOB Hugh Way Representa tive IOB Hlgh Way Buslness Staff Girls Leaders -I-1 4: Bowling 46 HIGH SIIHIJUL JA 41 MARGARET C KENDRICKS 3112 Stirling Street Harding Commercial J ale Club IZA Bank Reprcsermtatlxe vl IP, KATHERINE A KLINEBACK 538 Arthur Street Wilson Academic A Re reseatat we S Leaders -16 B 59 46 Ovl l url, ESTHER MARY KINKEAD 4210 Howell Street Harding Commercial Cross Representative l B lrs B vball EDWIN KLINIEWSKI 4376 Edgemont Street Harding Academic Llfch Room Marvtcr l7A Forty seven ri , ICA IIB, ' ' , , , llB V f , n A C 1 re- ' ' , 'Q ' f l HA, llB. . 19 Dancinf Club, ICA, Boots and Sad- Bank Represeritatwe llA, Refi ICB G 1 , Gif ,rg Bo l'.', '26 A -C ' 1 , llA G-fl' , '45 , Girls a - ' h ball, ' I B ff -16- "fr KATHLEEN KNAPPICK DOROTHY IRENE KOBEL 4123 Barnett Street Comly Road, Torresdale Harding Commercial Wilscn Home Economics , , ,,,. 2- 1, f-I 3f.,'Q - ,. -Jim Sub JI Chrwelmci Comrwfbgc ICB, BOW Pcoreseffcme I B Q I-lcckc. 'Jig Gvrls Baskefbolt '-15 ELEANOR M. KONRAD SYLVIA L. KSENSIK 7IIO Vandyke Street 6III Ditman Street Harding Commercial Harding Commercial PATRICIA KURTZ JUNE E LAMB 3057 Unruh Street 4521 McKmley Street Wrlson Vocatnonal Art Harding Commercsal A A Reprcsentotwe I B THE BEIIIIBD FHA HFUHII DOLORES LORRAINE LAUMEISTER DOLORES ELAINE LAUTER 3336 Shelmnre Avenue 8335 Jeanes Street Wilson Commercial Wilson Academrc V ILIIFS I Bcmlw RUTH LEAH LEBOW FRANCES MARIE LEE I438 Fanshawe Street 3523 TUd0f Sffeef Wnlson Academic WIISOYI Afudemlf G US I: Orc u U A I ' gr' K lm', Rcprcsc ic H ,In Wc I7 Leccefs JJ-4- - l. Osc- Forty-eight WILLIAM E LENOX CLAIRE EMMA LINDNER 3237 Rawle Street 1921 Church Street Wrlson Academu: Hardmg Commercral Bank Repreeefrtot c I A r mer of Semor Class IZB rock N rrc 0 Mmor Letter 6 ADEL5 C UTTERER EDWARD c LOEFFLER 4812 oamand Sffee' 4507 McKmley Street WIISOH Commercial Hardmg Commercral t I FRANK R LOUDENSLAGER JANET LUDLAM 4004 Hrgbee Street 7039 Erdrrck Street Hdfdlng lndustrral Wolson Academrc Record Book Commrftee IZB Str, Board I B IIB Bank Represen cr s oskeTboIl 6 Qwnrw -1 On HIGH SEHUIII. AN 1947 RICHARD LUDWIG JANE ANN LYLE 4810 D Street 2055 Slman Street Hardlng Academic Harding Commercral I-Irqh Way Represmtotrve ICA IIA student Board ICA IIA hWoy to IIB owm, JOSEPHINE I MACKIEWICZ BETTY ANNE MacKRELL 2708 Pratt Street 4508 Hrgbee Street Hardmg Commercml Harding Commercial Bank Reprnserftotrxe ICB IZA Bunk Represevtotwe ZA B0-wmq -Q6 Forty nxne LOUIS HERMAN MAEDEL WILLIAM A. MAJOR 3343 Brighton Street 4235 Stirling Street Wilson Mechanic Arts WilS0rl Academic Track '-16 A CGDGUO Cher VB-'QB Cheercccers Vi- JF M 'cr ,fuer Q.: :xg MC CY L, U, gf THELMA H MAYALL RUTH JANE MAYER I l06 Pratt Street 3469 Friendship Street Wilson Academic Wilson Commercial once Corvmittee A Sfmc trde Twelve IZB Boots ond Saddle Club I IOB IZB Lslvrs Association A lg Buslfrllm Hiqn Wow Representome IZA If s feeders Bow img MARGARET MARY MAYERS JOHN McCLEMENTS 1770 Brill Street 4257 Ormond Street Harding Academic Harding Academic Boots ond Saddle Club IZA Student Bodrd IGB Orcheslrd I A '7 THE HEIJIIHII FHA HFUH DIANE E McCLlNTOCK EILEEN MARY MCGROARTY 2949 Knorr Street 4423 Knorr Street Wilson Academic Stetson Commercial Chrstmcs C rfrmtre B GVW Representotwe B YU Qxximnw nr JAMES A MCGUIGAN WILLIAM Y McINTlRE 3004 Disston Street 1839 Murray Street Wilson Comm rc al Wllsan Academic Fifty D I, I2 , A ' V 5 I. '11 Bfrgrrf '21-. , I 2 1' S - .aj - I , V I I2 J Cr , Gl'L 7213, I I ,'-I5 ,I '46 Vim A to 1' I 1455, ' , . LB' , , V re-fer View IIB ECTS cf' C cw' Q lf, B . wsu' CI,.Q IBTIA BQ", T-?C:"' I' IIA The-Nvibe ,A-I'A I-1i,r'X'iC. 'jf Y - X JCMID M BQ,-,N-5 LJ if 7fLe-'1z'.- 1 ' ff fare- T' C .ii ' gi'-i Q .1 'b swwtot Q HIGH SIIHUII FREDERICK R MILLER 4014 Magee Street Wllson Academuc Dance Commtttee ZB Swum B nd IIB IZB Orchestra ICA IIB and OA I B Hnqh Wov So LOB IZA Hugh Wm Represevtcttve Ploy Vorsvtt Tenms -43 -H Numercls 43 Manor Latter -14 mmmg IJ WILLIAM FRANCES MONAGI-IAN MARY R MOORE Chestnut Lane, Bustleton ISI4 Umty Street Wrlson Mechanuc Arts Hordmg Commerclal B K Rpresentotlve, IIA, IIB Hscney, '44 M N A MILLER anger Street Wqlso Academuc llc C our IIB S sood resent ELDA KATHRYN MCKEEVER RODNEY PAUL MCWHERTER I050 Bndge Street 425 Hartel Street Wllson Commercial Wilson Academic Ass A Repr se t Vto Resresen ft STEPHEN G MEISEI- FLORENCE RITA MENTO 'IZOI Harrison Street 2117 Orthodox Street Overbrook Academnc Hordsng Commercoal Orch ro A A Re Stu ent Boorc IIB gn- Foctbo I 3 rod or Lf 'er or I JOSEPH F MESKILL ALBERT H MILLER JR 1895 Haworth Street 430 E Girard Avenue Hardmg Mechomc Arts S Navy Academu: I Fifty one - ' Careers ..ccc'Cn IZA A e "G'1.E IZA Ht H A f I' ,W - r, .Q va , il 3 6' . . est IfA,l'fB, . DVS' d ' fI2E A L tx -, IIA ' ,pd ' 'Vg T '35 Vwt t. -12 MO: Lf-tt r '35 , D: 1 X 'f ' ' U. . I . 0 . . . , . ' , I 5 ' J A C h ', B- Q here O , - j , - , t . e, B ' I E I f E I T ff, 1 '. Xu 44, tom HA" , IZB' A I THE HEIIIIHII EDITH MARIE NELSON 6617 Large Street Wilson Commercnal Chrlstmas Corrmlttec IIB Boon an Saddle Clob I A Usnerk A oclatuow ICA IZB A A Repre sentoflve IIA Jlrs Baseball .www C It Bov lr- JOHN JOSEPH NESCIO 3400 Unght n Street Wllhh Mechamc Arts Orcrcstro ,I Se one F D 6 Mnoy Lette MARIAN E. MORTIMER 4128 Paul Street Harding Commercial Bank kg"-26' tame I IB 'ZA PETER ANTHONY MOSCUFO I9ZI Orthodox Street Hardmg Commercual ELVA HELEN MULLEN 402 M Street Hardmg Commercral tcent Board IIA Lunch Room Monntor IZB Hugh Way Reoresenta E rrle Leaders Glr s Basketball ELISABETH NELSON 4335 Belgrade Street Hardmg Academuc ax air rector enlf se Nc I o aff' Baskrn l A aecrafters I A Bal et Club I VIISIITICIS Ccrnrrvtet ICA IZB I ' Q crbcs ELIZABETH M COLL 6035 Monta treet Hardmg Commercnal P gy wo STUART MORTON I57 Cricket Avenue, Ardmore Wilson Academic karstr Soccer if Second Soccer, if Mlncf Lotte' 45 CLAIRE ELIZABETH MUELLER 3015 Knorr Street Wilson Commercral Student Boara I B Christmas Commlttee I IB Boots and Saddle .lub IIB Lunch Room Monitor I2A Glrs Basketball -1 Bowllng ELAINE A MULLER 532 N Street Hardmg Commercral Glrls Leaders Cnr s as etball 45 Hockex 44 IV 5 Baseball 44 45 FH!-I HFUIIIJ I I ' , C, ' I nz' A 'V f 4, .'v ,442 A, -45 ,-1" . I r I . I ,, ,, I If H SL F V P I f ,M ,45: Q- If . I I - B k I , I ,V , J G If tlvf, IIB r' , ' - G Q , '44 45, 'I' 4.1 I 1 i in ' A I A' P. C. D A , 4 ,r d I M 'IIB' '. 1 .2B, Sch . - I 55 ' ,V - j V . STG" I. Q1 QA , ' I 3 , I LB, A A C--I, Q5 1 ,, L Rwresentatlve I"B-IZB, Hugh WC. ,iq 'I , 1: if ' ' " faff, -' , rfzncrarmeflob IQB " f' ' ' if IZB. 5c.'.l.-wg if . I . IA- I 4 ' .A , I -IZB Effc VB H lr- WU, Rx -firm - C I O- -34, Trccr 42- ' ,' F.- .- HB rf I ' '4546 I I I fx , I A I I xi. r xf' Y Y t 6' -r CAROLINE E. NOLLER 6609 Rising Sun Avenue Wilson Academic LORRAINE FERN OLIVER 1410 Tysan Avenue Wilson Academic Ushers Assocratnorw IZA I-hgh Wu bro f IIA IZA I-I gh oy Represe Totlve 12B wlrhrmh CI BETTY OTHOSON 1,213 W Erie Avenue Wilson Academic Student Board IIB Ushers As somchon IIB IZB High 5 to CIrs Leaders 45 GIrIs BoseboI BERNADETTE H. NOVAK 4317 Higbee Street Harding Commercial .fcIeC1ctcrIon of S-error Class, Edncr cf Recon: Book, 1285 Sensor T'-.eIve IZB, ieCretorEoI CIUD, 11B-IZB, Speck- erBj .crcr 'Vow-.H Meeting of the Aw Ben '14 4f KARL THEODORE OPPERMAN 3rd 6228 Montague Street HUfdlf'9 Commercial JAMES ROBERT PAGANO 4425 Wlngohocklng Street H0'dI'l9 Mechanic Arts C rerIeocDrs -I -I6 Mrhor Lmfgr D Moor Letter I U JOHN JO F PALERMO Klnley Street HUF'-N19 Mechanic Arts f AkdCDI'QSt.UTUfIvf" Herb WUI Rcpreschtotm IZA umm L WALTER ERNEST PARKER 3rd 6528 Marsden Street Harding Industrral Fifty three leavin. AN 1947 DORIS RUTH PAPPERMAN 8017 Frankford Avenue Wilson Academic s Bosebc mfrvhr WILLIAM E PATTERSON 5307 Akron Street Wilson Mechanic Arts QYLCEWT rrs h , Re r se f me A urs? Fo b II cond oo1I:oII worm, I3 se cn Tram 46 Mmor Lftt 4 Mayor Let r 41 -If . , . DORIS F. PATTON N36 Lardner Street 4553 Difmdll SUSE' Wilson Commercial Hgh Vic. Staff VA-IZA NORMA MARIE PENROSE 942 Carver Street 3523 "I" Street Wilson Commercial j , . 4 fjyffifff LVL QV GLORIA PFAU 726 E Tioga Street Stetson Academic A Cappella Chair IOA l2B Hnqh Wax Represcntatlxe IIA THE HEIIUHII Fifty four FLORENCE PAVILONIS RAYMOND N. PERILLI Harding Mechanic Arts DONALD DAVID PHILLIPS I333 Wellington St ect C ntral Academic nd Harding Commercial - 1, , f FHA HFIIIIIJ JOSEPHINE PINGITORE CHARLES W PORTER 4l05 Orchard Street 4737 Shettleld Avenue Hflfdlng Commercial Wilson Academic Bark Pcprtscrtatixc Llrls smrbawl 5 FLORENCE L POTTERTON ANNE H RAYMOND 3247 Rowle Street M Sffeet Wilson Commercial Hordmg Academe Lcrt Baan' llB Bank rea ess J 5 'D 7 f 7 f "B-TIE 1 v ' BO ' '-I , Ban nw if A 'E ll ll lrmtrx half: 3 B, Ever Mm ,ff ktldq 4' X Repro, - 731 'IB icvfzrz Cf? "B-'IH learctlxe, LB-VB, Hlf Way Staff .:r,tTr':f Ci""'TY6'3 'ff' LL:--' W5 f:""v' Het Back Rv rm' .Q ,f ll. j I... ' E- ZA ff A Perf -"T .1 O"' 1' 'D' , 4 .7 ' ANNA REICHERT 5211 Dltman Street Harding Commercial PAULINE G RESETAR I445 E Lycoming Street Harding Commercual ,Jr f' S IIQ f' HELEN T RIEGLER 4038 Maywood Street Hardlng Commercaal I 0 A Bank Rc re Q FLORENCE A REINHARDT 6656 Lyntord Street Wllson Commercial B0vwIm3 HELEN CLAIRE RHOADS 4731 Vanklrk Street Hardmg Commercual Bork Rcprescf A nrIs Bosketb oIeI,bo -15 BOIAIIYIV LOUISE A RITSKY 4143 Markland Street Hordmg Commercral Dance Comrmttee IZA Student Board IKA Chrustmos Corrvnxttee LIDG Mofwor Rr-presenfotwe IIA ZA I. rc Room Momtor IZA IZB Irls Lgoff s HIGH SEHUUL JA 147 DORIS JEANNE RODGERS 4037 Howland Street Harding Academuc ,I1 Vvo csentotxte I Iqh Vw. IIA CLIFFORD DAVID ROSS 5420 Large Street Wilson Industrial Setcoff' Footbo' OI Seca C B r'f'eroIS Le CONSTANCE HELEN ROSE P85 Sanger Street Wulson Commercnal DORIS ELSIE ROTHENHOFER 4l46 E Shrllng Street Wxlson Commercual rw Bo rd A A Qpmsentf' ri B se c Fifty five is l , I ,JE I xy "I " 57. pq' igffrgff ' A-TQB . I fftohe, Ii -IIA, .ri LeL..Qr 44 if he ub,I G ' QII, '45, V3 II, Q BC,-Iwi if I I 3, ,LC atm. ',Cw'T BUH1 I' D - k ' lf 1 -rr-:Mg IIB-'ZA ,W , 1, - , ".rIQ BQSVCIUQI if Bm-.Img -33, LXVB HA' r ll' ' 'N' 'ZAQ Ah , .1 - Y I ' I -' fl .D G I egg , I ffa, li , . 9 .I H," -. Rfnrv , 'A ITB, I-I 'w Staff -IZA A , '15, xgrgrf, 3555- ffacfet 3 IIAg Repre- b 'I '45 ,, f :seine il N.- fQ'fOf..Q IIB, I-Igw We-, R 1 -- . 45, MIHU ' rrer 45, 253 2 I. 1 'fb I, 4-45 Bo.-.Meg '46 MARY DORIS RUBRIGHT lll8 Anchor Street Wulson Commerclol B vs lm J F RICHARD WOOD SATTERTHWAITE 5938 Belden Street Wrlson lndustrlal IRENE DOROTHY SCHNITZEL 2064 E Albrlght Street Hordmg Commerclol Student Board WA Bank Repre servtatuve IOB A A REDFGSEVWTOUVI I lA Hugh Way Rcpre crwtattve IPB MELVA Vl0LA RUSMTON 2238 Eos! Founce Street Wnlson Commercral DORIS M SCHNEIDER 7482 Oxford Avenue Wllson Acodemlc Valea star Cz of :emor Class Sensor Mormnq Commtttee l2B Student Boara ICA l2B Serwor Twelve H gh Wat taff HA l2A Way Basmess Manager IIB A Amerucon Hnstory Award HB A A Represerwtatwe l2B Tharvatopszs Club Gnrxs Leaaers 44 -16 Hockey 45 Glrls Basketball 4 46 1: 5 oseboll 3 6 o e Namerals 46 Letter JOAN FRANCES SCHROYER 7334 Torresdale Avenue Wnlson Comme crol Dance Cammnttee l2B Bank Rep reeentatrve TOA A A Representa fave llA Htqh Wax Representative RICHARD E SCHULZE JOSEPHINE E H SEJDA 5937 Alma Street 4624 RIChl'tl0I1d Sffeef Wnlson Academlc H0'd"'9 C0"'meff'f" A A Represer-tame IVA rswtg T runs Q mor GLORIA G SHANE EDWARD ALLEN SHARLOTT 1449 Creston Street 434 mmm' shed Wilson Commercial Wulson Acodemnc Crs eball 44 B OU' CMH f J cttw Jac ntl For l -tr Cm 0 CHGVTD Fufty sux O 1 '-l. A A E ' - 7 ,l2A l2B, 4 ' S , - jHngh W V. I . ' f I2 ' K ' , Y' IZB ' A '46 ' A -. fcftf B , '4' f-1, V nw. 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SHEPHERD Harding Commercial Harding Commercial Bo'-k Reoreseetot-we IZA ICB DORIS MAY SIDMAN 864 Scattergood Street MARGARET ANNA SHIELS 4026 Higbee Street Harding Commercial WIISOII ACOdemIC Bovllm e cr Mor mg Corrrmttee IZB Cr-rxstmcs Committee ICA Ushers As scclotvon IIB IZA High Wcx Repre ser' otl e FB High Wm tctf A '-hgh Wo Pm ond Silver Charm Qtr s Basketball 4 Glrls ol vvlmmmg lu wlm, 44 ELEANOR NAOM1 SIEGNER 1922 E Borbeck Avenue ANNA MARIE SIMS 4510 Hlgbee Street Wilson Commercial Harding Commercial Girls Baseball 43 Bank Representome IFB Bovll HIGH SIIHUUL JA 147 tldenl oorr I A In B WB Clwrlstmcs Comm on eprel re v errlote Jul or To M t Fifty seven RICHARD F SIVEL NATACHA H SKELLCHOCK 7345 Whitaker Avenue 2712 Eddinaton Street Wilson Academic Harding Commercial IRENE M SKOCZEN ROBERT sauce SMILEY 2146 Bndge Street 3207 Knorr Street Harding Commercial wagon Academ C I, 1 res B ' g '45 SFI ' , - , rt,s,f' 57,121 F I , ' 5, ' Bose- b 'l, '45, S f C tv, '44, '45, Bc ' 'y I , '45 . ag '46 I . 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IRENE WANDA SUSKI 2873 Arumnngo Avenue Jones Commerclal B. tw ,, , GM nmol -9 .oem " PAUL SWERED 62-I8 Charles Street Harding Academic HIGH MADELEINE MERITA TREACY DONALD A TUCKWOOD 618 E Allengrave Street 818 E Fuller Street Llttle Flower Academic Wulson Academnc C rlstm Cowmxttce llA L, C TW ttfe OClOTlOF llA A A RL e X l Locker Corrrv Tre mme H ,lw Wc.. en entail f E sm l-locke C r s B Seb l o Pxtoll DORIS MARY UPTON MURIEL CHARLOTTE VANDERGRIFT 5420 Valley Street 7036 Montague Street Harding Commerclal Wllson Commerclol Bank Rcpresento we ll l-' 3 Wo, Represemtot ve lA l B xlrrmn., 44 Bc lm, GEORGE BENZINGER SWING LAURA ELIZABETH TARVES 1216 Sanger Street III9 Anchor Street Wilson Industrlal Wnlson Academic t Foo D ll P Recc F Book Comrr' ttee l2B E r sn Offlce IZB Crvrlstmcs Commut Ushers Assoc otlon ZA Mmnor llB l2B Bank Rc re l2A A A RFDQQUTGTVE IZB Hl3lTVO Rfpresentatlve h Q, I llvwr S rck -3 Clrls rs Bcseba' Swlrvrn ll 'nf ok o llA A C CVTGYVT' Bceketlaoll l c l DIANE PROVOST TAYLOR TABEA PAULINE THOMANN 4l0 W Pnce Street 5905 Keystone Street WIISON Academic Hardmg Commercnol Burlf Rfpresentc Wo Rep ssc for l Boi etba l H, JEAN L TOCHTERMAN MARY ELLEN TRAP-Homin 1730 L0"eY Shed Slll Glenview Street Wllson Commercual wnson Amdemm Orchestra llA mml q Cl SEHUUL JA 147 Flfty nme '-lcrsz. to Mmcmr 1: 14 - r, A 1 , Q ng- Mc sr Lfttfr, '-1-1 ,, , I - '99, 'CA ol , llB , ' I I - I , -D .- ' Qeftctwe Z , , f S l lfB , "" - y' J 4 , KB, Hg W -' Et ff -I2 , 3rlze,i P1 S' e Charm GCT' H, e. '6, 9 ' . '-15? fi, l' , H '45, 45, '-'Ol'El.b 2' -15, '46 . rg Cl U 'Wig '45, Bo.-.ling '45, ae, :l,. 1 '4,. L , - ml llfi. 'lB -Agn lv f- f lw lift Glrs' ,P lf '-35g Q.'.l"rr1'f3 Clnb, "S, '46, Z 1 7 3 rf. me ' I me f 55 ff! Bow-,lwg, l2A, Boots and Saddle Club, 'CB, llA, ' ' izftg , llB , , 1 Sm- W Lb -5-1, '45, wfif f Z X, ,.,, I., A . H lw as . , lslwers jzfce 'ol l2B, fltlQ2'T ,Ass ., , llB, fpr - E-:cfs l X- ZB, f , l SCN , ICB-l2A, H Rv- QB l-llgm-lil, Stzff FZA 'IB SCC- ms llA ,. V- 'Muna A A '- '-l5, ill cg ol 45, :vang '15 X" ll, , -45 . 7 , A, .wh ' : C , C . Sw l lf, l I 4 '45, , THE HEIIIJHIJ REGINA MARY WALDBUSSER I4I8 Aldine Street Wllson Commerclal Glrls Baskftba mg ALICE ELLEN WAMBAUGH 7316 Lawndale Avenue Wulson Academuc Hugh Wa, C af! I B IIB R porter IIB Flrst Page E IZA Trrg Puqt Ednor IZB MILDRED L VASSIAN 1036 Fanshowe Street Walson Acodemnc I-' h ' A BARBARA ELAINE VEIT 864 Scattergood Street Wllson Academlc Dance Ccrvmlttce Chawmch IZB Lshers Assoc ahoh IB ZA Mor mr IZA Hgh Wax Reprrserntotw I HI h Wax Ntaff IIA IZA PTIZG Huh Wax Pm Mlver Charm OIG Charm Choerkaders 4 Cnr's Lea ers as ball wlmmmj IJ 15 Bomlmq 5 ARTHUR WILLIAM VOGEL 3416 Tyson Street Wilson Mechamc Arts Qt dem Board ICB A LAURA GERTRUDE WALTON l926 Ruan Street Harding Commercial HILDA S WARK 3020 Glenvlew Street Wilson Commercial I3 II , Slxty JUANITA ADELE VAUGHN 2202 North VanPelt Street Fntxslmons Home Economlcs If Sk61bOlI RUTH ELIZABETH VOELLM 885 Anchor Street Wllson Academic Ushers Assoc amor IIA A QOH-,O TOINC Gnrls Leaders 4-I -I6 Glrls aslf Q QII -I5 Glrls Baseball 4-I 46 Swnmmunq Club 45 Bowlmg 45 46 Later 45 MILDRED LOUISE WAGNER 3563 Chuppendale Avenue Wllson Academic A Cappella Chow IPA IZB Hugh y Staff IIA B Prnze Hx ay Pm SI ver harm O Cast IZB Assembly Commmee FH!-I KPUHD I Irg .-I: ffaf. II -'QB G Is' Bc 44 I ll G I I I - V A I .7 . I -IZA, A Q X' I 1' I I- R -QQ , IFB-IIB I I l ' 1 '65 - I' , d , 5, 'r -15, '46, Gnrls Baskclboh 455 GIrIs I B if , '46, I. CIII '44 - g ' , '4 . , .J , II , ', V - , ' 6 Wo , , II , ' si gh W , I' C , "A" PI y I , ' , IZB, ' . ' ,, I1 'il Ba.-.I I , '46 MARGARET ANNE WEIDNER IRENE E WENRICH 6943 Torresdale Avenue 4129 Strrlmg Street Hardmg Commercial Wnlson Academic ugh W 5 12 K Mc Tot Q Bowimj IRVING WIKLER DOLORES C WILEY 2900 Hale Street 1446 Hugbee Street Hardmg Mechamc Arts w"5"" Cvmmeff-0' Vorsm Footbcl 6 Molor Lefter CAROLINE ROSE WILLMS EVE'-YN C WILSON 3508 Cottman Avenue 6722 DIYWICIFI Sffeff Wllggn Academic Hardmg Commercial Chrustmcs Ccmrrwttee IOB Hugh V6 GVWTOUVS 4 Wm ctoff IZA W t Represenfome WB 0 Cxxummmg ub L Bcf Wm, -vu HIGH SIIHUIJL JA 147 THELMA JANE WOOD EUGENE ZIEGLER 3rd 4124 Markland Street 1019 Wckellng Street Hardmg Commercial Wulson Academic OQHGSEO gl? '29 B R srudem Boord ICA me "V S GSE O OW W Varsity Soccer 46 Second Soccer Mmor Letter 45 JOAN S ZUBKIN 5004 N Sydenham Street Harding Commercial Sixty one H' 0 Staff, A, 128. Bc' Repuxf vu, HB-UWB H '46, . '45, " 4' 0 I ' I I V A, A Rep -s ' , ICAQ High Glrlg Bggskefbguv '45, '46, vouey- !3rws'I BoskerbaH '4Sj Swimming by my '46,., , . CI , '45, 'msg GOD, cs. i? . El C ' V ,-'43 '4-if A -, ', .I ' 15 Q: - ' , f ' ' J, , . I f ,I .4-A ,........,,.x 1- 9W2'.5iafiZ?f-mzarwffw-iam' , ,, V U , a ww meow som BLACK YP' Sw fha? swam, , fW,,M LAURA TARVES ROBERT BABECKA Avwwu manne- ,4 OL7. 4a., 3 K 4 K' . 30"-P . r.,f! F' " Y , .f ' +1-an ,MLDRQXCQ 511121 aOvNV' s. .fug- ltv .vnu ,.,. -1 . . iyginsw THELMA MAY ALL CHESTER GADZXNSKI ' ,-f"' wvwfl-, ,,,, -,dbh ,Q , V N , 1 M3 wdwnmlufw, Wgfwnm ""'--,ani ,say-3... . , Wigywgwg' ,.,,,,,,,,qh, 1-.H XOYCE C WKLUM-A LENOX f .4-vang .,, TERRY DvLAUf1ENY1S CHARLES FISHER A. ,.f 'W'-W-'vi-murmur A .......,, A A CAKOLYN HEUSSER CLARENCE BROOKS .. ,mnnaw Jawa,- , -'W ff '- EY LLDLAN Q I -v,.1.,,',', -. "N-.- , 'ill Q 4 M W X D055 ,OH-. -.X -.n K.. 3 qw, .,,,f.v-f,..w, .ww 1 SCHNEJDH "f'4APu,qp, 1. 4' fa Ava 'v-'ff --mg , it .-.- -F. M'--9 W. . 3: .M- , Vg: gewwf ff 1-ff-"w 'e 1 I ' f 1 ' if 'Z' , 11 :mv W HZ , ' V, NN? , 4, 'uw H i f-2 ' is gk 1 ' by mm, l af' WM , ,. 'yn M J, waziuvva , 'W .ax ,, .7 .241 V 4 ,- mf 2' "Www, ,,, , 'W' 6 525' -ef ,-ww f 25-fi. 2? , M. ev Q-.5-'1 ' .,,f!-Kfy K' ,, i D269 .Q 4 ,wp M, w '5-1-45 .A QQ, gp Lu if BETTY OTHOSON ADLEY GREENHALGH ' G eLeAN0H BW WXLLXAM HELDER ..-qiiwv ARTHUR W Wffgpm ' -N. ,N:qf--- its fi, h ,A A V--.1.,f-Qazj-3 was- .......-mo- ,W H S '0,o.a 0. Q O Q- QC. 0 O O 3, ' o o 0 Q O .O I o 00"2o' ' ' o o 9 THE CURRICULUM For the rosr three ,eors we hove been VVGDOVPUQ ourselves for C mon or coreer b whsch to luxe ofter groduohon Those of us who xx sh to ever The busrness world hose followed the CCWXFPEVCVGI Course srree runror hrgh school Most of the studerrs okrng th ou se ore Q r! or ,uurls dessnng To enter some P ose o re o eh wg There s the Drsfnbunxe Edueonon Course be sfudenf ho Nos es e h n rnwng rd vx rks The of enoon P' Aeodunuc Course rs one bx whnch The sTudent ocdurres some bosrc rx e ocoden L su fee ore s u cu QQIOVW 'W O C E YW U VVC OVW DC QVC Ar df nor ds xx C wr 'er sonf we of QWVQ C xx VK w e on IU ciofffnerco word orlmed 'he on Econonncs C urse With the ond of our councrlors most of us hoxe chosen ord corn, Iefed The course whrch WH be nwosr us fur fo us offer grodu onon ond probobh throughom The rest of our mes Those of u who howe been pre cnng for college hoxe been workrng for fr number of sequences reouured for odrnrssron to Cohege whale ot the some 'nnwe tryng to decide exoeth whrch grofessnon to enter The removnder of us hove been , renonng drreetlx for vosmons offer ro uotlon bx tokung such subs Us os T on stenogrog one of us hos reosf 1 sox thot hrs time r r hrgh sehr, l Wes re mme well spent A DEMONSTRATION IN CHEMISTRY Seventy o LQ s X 4 3, f , v U - V W M V A 1 , T I A WS of r" n , s F Q ' K 'fh ' f ff rl 5 :r F 'H 4 f f' I f f V, 5 YECWON Q usp oc Ho 1 ow o - rn T' N' TE Wo U doe ol 'ff A 'b' Ns bef e -T dgwng hs lOVf1 'lor profess . Q Vleg The 1 d sf V d NA, h ,rs .fs Co' ,ip ore for bors desrnng To enter hdds rn erther of those bronehes J uk Gi ,s hz dii 4 fo en so 'Q f' old dr' -J IL' errhf ar the h we or the r - r r MN hoxef o ff X n Hr 'Q r Q N A - he s Q d A ,e fmng d - 'hx N 3" O I , r 4 xii K, rf! FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF OUR T GOVE RNMEN T OUR AIM THIRTY SIX PER MINUTE Seventy one "Ns IRECCHUDINNOKQ CINMDI This ter m s Record Book Committee consists of Bernadette Noyok editor in chief Carolyn lnleusser and Mildred l-lol illustrators Walter Dombkoski B uce Castor Joyce Conrad Terry DeLaurentis Lorrain Graf Janet Ludlam and Laura Tarves The committee has tried its best to produce a record book which every member of the senior class will be proud to have as a remembrance of his high school days We are glad that we have been able to serve the senior class in this respect and have truly enioy ed the many hours we have spent working together. With the aid and cooperation of the facultyf and our fellow classmates, we have gathered and compiled information during the past term We hope this record book will grow more valuable in later years and bring to mind the fun we had " 'way back when we were high school kids." lt will be fun to look back on our senior prom and taste agaih the delightful wine of wearing our first tux or that new gown for the "special" dance at the Benyamin Franklin Hotel The cheapest and paradoxically, richest act of life is to dreamy to look back and keep our youth with us always We are most grateful to Walter Wydro for hs excellent ghoto- graphic work and to Dr Lewis C5 Sterner for his ihvaluable guidance, Both have given most generously and willingly of their time and effort toward making ours a better record book ITTEE Seventy-two Anotber su cessful Senror Prom was held on Frlday November l fel Four hundred and fourteen couole do ced and lsfened be rnusc of Bob Sbebley s orclwesfro Tb f cbolrnoan of fbe darce comrnlffee was Barbara Vent the members C F d the cornmlffee were Munel Armstrong Bern Engel Mlldred l-lolv r Q lx l can Qcbro r O d Donald luclswocd Vlanl l2A fu enf CC!7Al'TlllT and c ued To further f e sa af the Benyornln Fronlqlrn Ho orrned a wclunfor da c Ci T darc lasf d fr rn nrnc fo rwelxe and never before dld frm so cur ne-aut u ao cborrrf was wen fo ever our as remembrance cf tba occasucn Dr and Mrs Lewis Sterner Mr L5nfard Wulllams and Mass Manor W McMaster were our fcur foculfl cbaoerones Mr and Mrs lobn lllfn r were also rcsert We fcel fbc S nlor Prom was o success and somefhung we wrll alwa s rcmenwber DANCE COMMITTEE Seventy three .xx '- SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE Ar Vast came the long awarted dag For three lang xears we had looked forward ro the ever ewenrful Senror Mornrng This day marks the end of our hugh school years Mang now look forward to the start of 'rherr freshmen 5ear rn college or other rnshtuhons of hrgher Vcarnrng Others have The o aspect of enferrng the rnterestrng worfd of busrness The Sensor Mornrng assenrbh was one of thc hrghhahrs of thc dax Frrsr carnc the transfcr of hc ca, and gown A skrr ox Dcnald Tuck o ard hc A sta' ra xxcrc U o xx o h V cd Tc nr a co T c success o car Qcnrcr Mcr rng vxcrc ors Schncmdcr charrnwan Dcrrs Srdn or Char! Fshcr Ucr a In VIH May Q LUX 1 cl co' Wuded Th Va Fra L c n Hah Seventy four - ,, I 3 as W X ? I ,H VJ, I N - wo d ' ? f " " Liffojr, "CU, 1 C Zu," 'f ' enraged I, 'N Thcsc h .cgi Xb Wg bo? he 1, fr df err "7 Dr ,'- 'csa,,H:.S5ne' back, 3 Chn, H' -cr and Ldharr Cr X' A garr. and dance dc, I e r sf neenifobk da. af rd rs 'J Schccf The sensors portsclpotung ln the exhvlorotung comedy Crystol The A ploy the hrghllght of Senlor Mornnng denves nts nome from the Audutorlum Advlsory Unlt composed of senlors Although ut IS sponsored by toculty members the dromotnc dnrector ond the senlor odvnser the ploy ns directed ond presented by the students Mr l-lombleton helped os olwoys wlth the productuon Much trme ond ettort was spent upon the comedy selected Though mony thlngs contrrbute toword the success of o ploy most ot rts ochlevement rs due to the cooperotron of the octors Thrs term s cost deserves much credlt for sts endeovor to moke the ploy successful even though dlttucultues ln orgonlzang o tame ond ploce for reheorsols were encountered Bette Nelson vvos chosen to dlrect the ploy ond select the cost wlth results thot proved her worthy ot the posutuon Crozy by Morgone Roy were Fredenck Nllll r Fronk Jordon Wolter Dombkovllc Fred Mernonn Wllltom Lenox Mc o l Clut n John M Clemen Jomes Worle Ruth Lebovv Judlth l-lorlon Mlldred Wogner Sylvlo L vy Lorro ne Cro Lorrdlne Gro' Lvlllon Grof Llllron Grot All e Howard Bubble Seymour A PLAY COMMITTEE 'ai' 'Par N., Seventy five CLUBS Seventy sux YE MONKS F' 5 h o wok loo' r for ho oq hr o h for he hferhbereh hoe become lorgu o em e ooks cg l9lST o Ter bo 5 vw o or Co dere oolvoh log lo lhelr hdx ool led ncere hs TEVITT ore Woller Hobere Presldeh. 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T' 2 loci' il' irofiei' .e 'f'T'I'lC,:": ig C A CAPELLA CHOIR Ab L, r er r 'TG 'FU 1 PVC To ents who were nrereeted rn Chorol g n e if ere ec or hos grown Gr d rowered on vs row ree g 1 CH Q Q + y T r' ,resent The Fronldnrd Hugh Schooi A Co r C Q r hc x r Q X nnefrbers ond coonrrei nornber of or hhconrs who ore eogerl, onr C n r rn groom of hord wo krng boys ond grrli Chor wel Known not onl r Fro 4 for bor oil ver P so elohro esudee wng ang rn our own ooorrnnorh ond rn The chu CD69 rn the ccnnnno ' T Chor rs Co red U rfornn o non rrno rtonr fone Ion e Chorre rebeforre unc udes hour! Ingnous nnosrc of the hrghest type I-lowexer Muse Snxde orwo Q odds severol lrghT new o numbers for wonetx Consegoenffy the Chorr rnr r ' TDGC of A rnowc roar Mac rw ere rrechon eors g no ho o moe To fort e rex wowon We ore roud of our orr CLEF CLUB The CVerC1ub we on orgonrzohcn of n U9 GH, .mented odenr Mon, rnstrornenfe cr rer resenred but there rs o lorge nonnber xocolvsrq rn the club rhls terrn no ferent rnerhbers on exerx 'rhrrd Thoredog ond sexeroi mem ers ore w oj ortonrh C before The groo, o thus gown roee Q o nerr erehrp o gr wr conf dence 1 or no rericn gets o chonce even rnee' o b 5 obNe ' r SexeroN f nw Q h Ou' he Terrn eos once ewer now Q e e orror fre Qono n 1 rterfornnoen we os on orero C ere Cncerf Cr n me Cc! Q ow r Newnne r I e S onsor e I e CN rhbershnb 1 bo ed nnrel u or ron Udged U46 hcse whq, ore o ergo rr the group Seventy seven USHERS ASSOCIATION The Ushers Assocvotron ls o select group ot gurls who ore elected unontmously bg former ushers. ln nomrnoting ond electing the ushers, the tollowtng ore token into conslderotton per- sonolrty, dress, ootse, ond the obllttr to occom- modote people The ushers toke port in the schools soclol octivrtles They usher ot the Sock ond Buslqln plots, teochers meetrngs, ond spectol ossemhltes ond gotherings The hrgh pornt ot the term's octwtttes ts the rrrvrlege ot perng Ol' ogher dt grodoottoh ot Eohttst Tent-le liettt Wolthes rs the heod usher this term! SENIOR TWELVE The Sensor Twelve us on honorort orgonlzotion composed ot twelve gurls rn the IZB grode. The members ore selected for thetr scholorshig, extro-currtcoldr octrvrttes, ond personolrtv. The grrls ond thetr sponsor! Mtss Exelgrt T. Why, en1o5 ottendrng the olternottng culturol ond socrol meettngs conducted even thrrd lvlon- doy in the homes ot the members. Florence Pottertcrt rs the prestdent thts term with Roth Fletcher os secretory ond Mort Donis os treosorer The other members ore Eette Engel, Roth Lepow, lvltldred Holzf Dons Schnerderv Bernodefte Novels Eleonor Erreg ortd Elorne Yetfh s her ople ossrstont These TheIn'o Nlogoll, Drove NlcClrntock orrd E52 gtrfs tolqe chorge ct the nteettngs ond osslgn Nelson toroos :csttorps to eoch osher Mr Vxlltoms ls The cloo whlch hes peep If ewtetce if the sponsor ord ohle leoder ct the Ushers As- htneteen teors, vvos crgontzed tcr the purpose soc cfor it tprlercg the reotrcnshzs loettteef 'he The glrls gmc Q doncc o' Scmerfcf St rings 'ocoltx ond the stodu ts tggh Ti'lT xxlr il' s:lvto.s Z T. Q sttifeir lfdch T-'rn 'rw Q1 r X lirrl G dd' fe S' SJ" the grocer: ' g ch f 'QM flt s -, J- fztr ngs The 1 acc' cis thrs 69:51 orc wed to' '. To 'horn 1cclwg:rl c' 'tr Ushers Assoc e fu po, c g 't for 'lf sclpel, 'Q gt, o V:-s Q' rch tg' her 2: re' d o ser-t Q y of orc Vrcf 3 e corrrrwv cc' 't er sci 'e cor 'r :tri li lord Htglh Scholl worth ltr ,cr :doses Seventyeeight CHEERLEADERS BAND We serriors will all look back on this lZ4-Z Along with the tootbafl season cofnes our tootball season as one ot the best. Qur teano Fought hard in eyer, garfe and the cheermg section neter let them down Besides haying a Colortul bard, Frankford also had a large sguad of cheerleaders This gear tor the first tirre in the history ot our school, we had girlcheer- leaders The girls were latte Hannah, Alice Johansen, Ruth Llhl Janet Bowers, Pat Diamond, and Barbara Vent limmg, Pagano was Captain and the other boys were William Perry, John Palermo, Stanley Zoohall, Allen Wenker, Rich- ard Gough, and James Petrillo, During the sea- son the cheerleaders introduced several new cheers which met with great response. Our old ones were also shouted out with vigor, As cheers and cheering section are important to every football game, we hooe that Frankford always maintains a colortul cheering sauad school band We always look torward to their colorful uniforms and Zes'tul music to add to the spirit ot the season, No matter what the score at the game, we can always be sure that our band will equal that ot our oizoorent This term our band was further enhanced bt, the ad- dition ot two drum maiorettes, Dolores Wellman and Doris Davenport, Under the auspices ot Mr, Forrest R New- meyer, the band has been outstanding not only at our football games but also in assembly, They began to serve the school many years ago when they played at the dedication ot Memorial Stadium. Our school band with its color guard and drum majorettes will always be one of the school's worthy organizations Seventy-nine THANATOPSIS CLUB .J M! 1 Cr Q I1 CN Crgdr fdr QC V QLVVEEV76 N TPQ Q 94 'N kdm Lu C L GOL ' V VW' w M1 QQQCW L 2 wwwcdll du Ted muwberi flax dm mg dvcfcd' we ww DGVC we Wwe Wen U fi LJVL CIW P4 nwewemgem QT MQ xdwteer f r A h16'lC ACSOCIGTVOVI work All wembu off: r d +0 Qerwe We Qchdd ww x C Q' dm M Q Thvs Term WCUQ ore Walter Dcmbkoskm f w r Q M rn aug GV GF mmol VLCQUVGV ORCHESTRA XJ "1 L CNN C L' G VW C VC V659 1 f T 2 wg secwon ml defmfe xf Ltd LV F' Cum LQ fC wuch r KCNGVO num U H C uk U Q QC e 0 f gb' O Jorma dn he NOK r L L x Elqhty "FQ if: 31: f X C ,LQ .wx if ' in 'V W 'Pd X 'ww' wif "' ec OE cz ser. C, dw fu 'Ply eifg' 'U' L Ave!! CC: 'e 312' eg' me 're dig Q4 QQW' sem: ,Q 'Q 'L 3 C 'H rims? AM-gy Q51 the Q My ,Q 0 w- :dtvds boi deiwvc evtd ' ' 5 1 rt .. The d 'Y 'arse CLC cle QA, that cm. A 1 C :dw T Q' QM :Pdf wdg bi ' rr-id 'cr abr Q PONY Qdxidt, !' img de, Q 'Q QA dc mg Leew 'M l fxhwi Muir TM CMD Com W- blvvgy ' M, , td-'L 1 dfh d d df' fl, fGf1"T d H' 1' , Q4 gkwfs Qv 7XE,"S Q, N ,, MV d C Y . . - . 'he d2sAedv-,f.d,'r dw my :cSS bNf 1 3 mm 'S C1 A H , I . Lid' 3, ld" DLJTOH, wie-Q6,1d6r'g Mul- -d -C Hd: ff 5, ,d T .fx , Kees, W - TE Qtrsswc wfer the dwrewcw Q4 Mr FQT'6S'P N' fvff, P? 5 wdefwggg Q i TH. 'Gif 'Q fd 'he A w . 4 fig 'ifei 'HQ vw r' " fbf gd N5 be A. ' 'RQ vc' if :N Di"i'1" dudlm. We C'CF',T.' V fj,1Nd',5'd V- . IGS' 1-4 ei 'WA 'jg-pf Q 'em Fwd wi Cf Herd Q' 'Hs ree, f mc' L4 'be Sick cmd E gm kms The. 'rf QLQ , hedul d 1 DIG? +C. 'fx Fywd 'W'Ei""Q fbi :H ' d -d 5 ' W A 'PCN Q! Q' . fd "ddr frdufg ' gweu KJ Q"'1LS"C Ld-"Q india rm bf, QEUYG' "dN ed M. 'Q 3 -1 C J Qjgfiz 5559" LTC . mg gb XL 1 nw adv Nw rw rs Cm, ' 3 'P X Q F24 if' lVg L U' 'i 'VL' " M Xl.QQ.f , KV' TKNLTQ , LXXV -tix-. , QJQ11 fd' 1--1' Q' C D ,HWY Enghty one LCCKER COMMITTEE LVECJO V V log r rr 2 o LS o rwurrrber r Q o C' Q. A v U d JV6 bro Qrl lockg orld Mel o hlg rwumbfrk ord Q Jo 'Q Under the Col ohlc drrechorl or Nlr Alo rt Rleder th locker Commrrtee rhw 'Crm cohsllhrg ol Son oil Alleh r Rchor 5 o h Moore J D6 To lor Glod Sk wr ond Pegg Kerwhcd hoQ olvvoxs D669 reodx To serxe fha School r owl wox DANCING CLUB T lS club l9 composed of OllVLXllWCJl y urtx gum who ore lrltcrevo ll ho ' wor 6 qrour COll9llT9 of K "'ll oxperucrwced Q The Weil OP GG Loch wow C r C ool 0 hor work ro work Oll 'w hosltlorls orwd bolorwcl ond to rrol oro hd ct vv r for dl O 6 9CllCl LJf1llfrLJlTl I Q9 J rlorrw Q oksm J o e V J cl ,J Clol LX Q Clohl J th fl L o ll s o J C l C rw fd vx f Cr oll r xerx Oll Tcdihef roc Qrl r o w lX Tlrrps Q O L N rv Th llolhls OCCUU U GT f G L h V ll A A Aug, Q Q' Q 24 'ro 'fog' ifizm 'd Q' ,i 132' Q, A ' EC orgor' :o'lQve our eclif, 2 "t locker cor' "ei Prof' 'hi do .-.5 F of' :QVC is 'ear "'o if o' Q: :za id ki e 'he GG, wg leon C -1 rfmr' 'or lock the, fore uf oo 'hJoll , " d J' ea 4 fly, lif ldie 'ho ww cgpvfr lQ,i,f do ' Lf olldi lhlrlgs lo lf 'AZ Cof h ll lo 'fore tho ,old Cowerv' r' fro: 'hi J A lor our Clofhce orrd ho-ols lhe, 'Us Zora of k- ' 1 J 1 of dll 'orl.frs, ' , 'J oo""'.- . - if . 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S Q LN Q: C me Pravda vw ec ccmm Tb Smde r Boar CTLCVC Loc LJ L LW OV C V 'W IW rv QQ H rm Adv Som Qrou Q Qvwrwg v nga' gem QOHeQTmor rx C bc cd W rw UAE? yzvx N 71' U f' ' SJW, 5 'hz S? dw Qfcrd Th 5 grim wdi thc exQe'1a'wT Q H Wie Cf Nf A Lovvv . N , ST X L, Q 'S fC'rv'g Csud af ri VNSQVTTG mi frcm QOH' Cd'xTbe1"Q"-QNj,d:e'd'AI'ww,hhbelf' Wh fh1 V V fd sr dff b . M ' the r, Imdq sihm " 1. O vd Swv! Q,I"NlA,T CV G' doijfd M as Tha Qxu cf tix Q,T ,'nd'hAVC' es we f' dVf,GF 5' dem the C1 1 nr? W, 'Q gi T'C1: c'e w ms vxcw by Colle YHQ duet 'cf v C ?e v ' zi- h 'ff - v K Ve Q. or 'EC D. hcwxg 'Few ilwelcs gm ed 'w We U wfcfwv T' X wifi. MWC? 5 c:!'eC7iC '5 msec ff: W: fc-ve 'M sclvoolh +5 CGWVLA? :fi 'H 0+ 5' 1 4 dd 'MvS1.cL" Fvgcc T 'Pu ., Q, Q' 'ix-9:1 ' vga, E Cav.. 7 'Qi 'Jr wr! - 'M sgixg' NM- We :mdwwfs cm, CfC'EfN', grmfffd cr f pg Lg: ' -gffx Q fg 3' gg' ' TH, Q4. V, mv, il ik,.fT,..-,1.y,,Igg,kV.k J, J . ,, Cygvrij, W ug-,r C11 fy v - - ".. ...,........... . 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Kawai" Pg "1, ...4......,.........,......,,..,.....,......,.................. f 'igfff' N x.J Eughty J two ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO G wg? f' w ,A f7 VW V Lfv qu nf CJ , f Qcb ru mf 5 u UL f V M UC4 V BW LU y,VNS C H N CV ,VL CV 'T EVVTDLVN in V J C Eighty three THE STAFF THE HIGHWAY he T-hgh WO5 IS Celebrdhng its Twenn Thrrd GVTVTIMGVSOVT of pub Tcorr n Dunno rhos rvvenn three yeors the I-hgh Vvd vrnrten ond edrred by the srudenrs hos consustentlr won honors rn notron wrde no errhons The students of Frankford T-hgh School hoxe ewerx reoson ro be T roud of rheur schooi ooper The Hugh Wog rs composed of Two drshncf stoff its Edu CVTOT Stofi drrected b5 Mr Charles F Troxell connprles wnres ond edns revrs ond stones rongrng from those rdtrng o ooge wide heodlrne ro The o rx brrs of QOSQI cohected bg The colurnnrsts The ofhcers who on e e e vw ers rn u e on e rtorr c on edncr och L4 the rcur roges ond dn ossrs o tfor edch r oge edrtor x hs rno n funcnor s ccrcern crrculorron odxcrrfsrng ond boo LXLLT wg whrle functions of less rnw,cr once ore The scrhng of ook cxer rrogronws Fencrls etc The nernberg of thrs sroff vrork rw e orrnwenrs rrculorror Busrness Adrerhsrng Cornptrchers Puohcm JT C 'Wd T c soc oN ocrnrrres S onsored b e o d r r , d uc ner eoch ern MR JOHN NEVIN MR CHARLES TROXELL Business Sponsor Ednonal Sponsor Exghty four mi C T G - , V- X 5, f r . e Q T ' s T T ' ' , dict d rhh T 'rr of cl d d - n- hTef, ' N VH for The T?usrnessTSroTT rs under the cogpoble leodershrri or Mr John R. Ns rn I . we on Q , , k- 5 X U f-M rp 7 . 4 D . 5 jx ,, ,J ' -, . TA - r r d - :T 'T C ' 1 U-, - , , w Ty Th- X r f 1 95, 5 th Hrgh W 3. rnciude on 'C'forf,ondChnd rg Ms ' N SOCK and BIISKI 6 SOCK ofo Buslfwh T9 o r o' h ro r rf or I-hgh School Orgohz d To M5 Arrdo Mumford Tri r wr' cf off r co Vfqr 5 r Vw T 1 V f C CUCU Por T 9 T. VY' LT T65 O Q QTVT ood her Tom! The TJGVTCFFVOVCG moi wf Coooh hooded wx Th QVQQTQI rhehhoh golhg to Mom! DOCVCTVTKGW ghd Morq Wrgh th ohwor WH 3 CVC or: xx C VV T-Tffo T QWKVTQ os rhoh os pose ole GF Of cost I TS groouohhg Clos hoQ SCSU Uescw h h Q ck o d do soc Soccejfscb os 0 orge W sh PQ h T H Mor V orhe To Drhher The Ro,ol Form! rwmc ohd Old Loc I uorly fume hm hd U Cont Toki t T ou Ju TT M155 the Iorest TJVLSQITTOTTOVT us group oodor Mr Horholor os go do Q hi h T Q rorhotucolh WCTAVTGCT olso oIdQ The Jchool Qeh roT b Moc UQ ol! h rhohey gouhed from its oerformohces Thto the Phhcfool 5 Food Not to be forgotteh IU thus TJoheg,ruc as the gfoge crew thot grooy of ohseeh but Thdusoehqoble vvorkflrq thot mokeg gcqswbhe Th reservo hoh of the ouow Th the bew Vosqwole sroge s Thhgq Eighty fnve Th T r X T , he of the 355155: orgo -T: TTC 5 ' T F o fo we To' T -ziswl owe of is Mr Clorehce A I-4 Hatch SWT go og ST ofg, ' ch :Tiff Tor N: TS hoe rho the foe' Th, few the Q cuz, 1, owed :Tm prow fed "low Ms," o fo ed, oboof 'he 'ro was ol o T J' QT T T 5 f . J , 'R Q, 1 T ff f J T T T T T e T T r Q "J o f We " Th, , F t o he oose TT oToTef:f oehaes T T ', X 1 ooporforwj. wo fTe'e4ofe oses o doobk Th ' - , f F or 'ao ol 5' 2 oo P T aku' h J of "fe o fo T fo Sem T ofa" TfThe T. TWho C I' ' jT,H "A -- 2 " o gov TC I , O "Yo ' 'T 1 VV' h YT ,H wTTh " for H . '1 Th , T , , C' I T' 6 W T' QTTAHQ th d T X M ' W G XT , 1 Y el T T , , J V U v VH A be 5 A H I J . I H I J S .Tl J TT T LEADERS V' J Q F! NM, LC cfs f Q QV wdc der V610 M Q M F r V ruiw ich V L Eighty-six av' ' 'mx :wi rk, 4 1 ui A u X my a Q WY: ar? f p ADVISORY GROUPS V: f JLI"uQ', , " . W w Gwfjgc Sgt: , fn FO .nr V' M. :W r fi 93:21-ffti. i Q, xc ,fgf Q , P eiblbw cud VKTCVI BOOK 1 MR. PAIRMAN BOOK 2 MR. HUMPHREYS BOOK 3 MISS WHY BOOK 4 MISS GRELIS BOOK 5 MR. EBBECKE BOOK 6 MR. LUITHLEN Eighty-nine SE IOR PROM cg' FW JMU G 1 Uk F rcvw our L VW VOg IN Gd Uwded S bm cbs r GT fb vm, sas of cm mr 0 fx m. Q15 JLH' focw ON r ' ww LG 5 V V J .JM Wmmd rw' mv Terr U our Q mor C GW sg 101 Qu M NMMCQTU Mr Wwllaoms cb VS fXmfl'lUWXV 54.1 CHECK YOUR WRAPS Ninety 22,5-,' wg: L 'Q 'i- Cgf WS YR'-3 ,,.v .'Q 5,12 C'Vgi41j tit Jiff- : '3 ifiifi-'Q x fi: icefgc Qu Q: "' is 4 1 -301 1 fbi' but 'Jae .11 3 "" C+ 5 Qc. igmt. f'QX'-fi . 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X1 I I OOO O fl FOOTBALL Under the splendid coaching of Mr. Surrick, head Coach, Mrs Coval, backlield coach, and Mr. Doering, line coach, Frankford had a good season in 1945, Our team won five games and lost two in the Conference and lost two more to Haverford and Northeast Catholic outside the conference. We tied tor fourth place with John Bartram l-ligh School. Ot the thirty-tive members at the varsity team, four are gradu- ating These are Chester Gadzmski, William E Patterson, Irving Wilder, and Frank Freeman Lx mms wr BA gr csv'-lofn vt. sifou Luck was against Frankford at the Tradutvonal Thanksguvtna Dag game with Northeast Catholrc Northeast had scored once and h d not conxerted Frankford wsth a burst of effort scored bu a because of a oenaltt the touchdown was called hack At the end of the last quarter Northeast Cathohc led f O Dew t and a strong fughtung hne Frankford tned hard to take the f Chamotonshto Its Inne was the Inghtest an years but It made up cr cts defuctencx rn vvelght D5 outplagtng the other tearns pf RVAES ni C' AGAXN Wtth a good backfteid led by Ray Capnottu and James MC- " 111341, K NORTH EAST CATHOLIC GAME VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Fronkfvrxi. Hgmfxrd Frcmlff 'rd ..... F'c:"' v ..,...... .. . W Frcnmkfqrd. ,...... . 'f SAA' PM Wu ,.... Frzrl' 'QL ..... 6 FVQVLJ V Q Frc: - ' " DLE Frcrl ' ' '. Frcrwlird. Frcrilf 1 , 6 Ninety-eight fa '3g,,"s' Judd. ON HIS WAY DOWN AT THE HALF STOPPED 403 SOCCER Frooldord rooy be credlted wlth hovlog o hghttoo soccer teoro thus geor, The toot bots lost ooly two leogue Qomes, ooe to North- eost ood the other to Oloey Sbeorheodlog the Trl-Color ottock os the oeoter torword wos Btll Ftelder, who booted the boll toto the oet tor 22 oolots troot o sooo totol ol 43 Qotots tot the seosoo The eleveo hod o tost ood trlclg, lloel the trtcloest ot whom wos Lett, Dedrlclssoo, tostde rtght, who Could hoodle the boll wftth has feet os well os others Could wuth thelr hoods l-lts teom-rootes oo the ltoe were Rodgers ot lostde lett, Al Greeo ootslde left, o DlOyEV who otoot tlroes ted tt over to Ftelder. Jock Mcliol, wos the outside root' oo the other stde, ood hrs lleettootoess ood tost thtoloog but thot boll to troot ot the oet reoeotedlt tor hls teom-owotes to Corry to, Bocloog up thot l:oe were those oll tmbortoot meof the holtf books Dotchy Alberts the Cotototh ot the soood tlo5ed rtght hell ooo l-loroce Heoroter t loged 'eff holt These two were ooted ' f 'ti r 'or reochto throw bots 'rut' the ode lots 'hey osool ww' o ostooce ol 23 yords Ceoter holt wos obl, ftlled wtth ss 'ed U otoscle tltled Wolt Hoberlt who rorelt let thot boll behtod htor FOCl'!llTQ the holtbocks wos o orfot trtomwrotc Q' deteost- "!Xlbu" KGlGlllOlt, lei' 4LtllbOCls, Dila Moorttog, rtgh' lullbotls, ottd GLW Xihttex lxlozfool I. who Lloged holt ot the seoset- wlth o 'i grtgod-,.1" krtee This-Q, thrli fellows were o teoos v.1Tlo'tC teof' tzwof ' 'hifi Joh' fo oskttg f: Cooper ofd Q X 'fi V' 241531 was Qleosgo w flf 'he seosco resolw Q' Jhl'-L1Ql" Tr CSU bowed rv. Co ' " t.oj,hed 43' it r'eer goofs One Hundred in-. 'WI'- fm s SOCCER SCHEDULE DID HE PUSH HIM? THE McKAY WALTZ HEADS UP 'va WL ,,, 'E' TRACK The T44 Track Team rs arwc that wrIT Tang be remembered Exceflerwth coached D5 Wrlham P. Clauseh, the cmdermeri rah raaghshcd awer all pre-chamerahshrrr compemfcry althedah wmrwmg only frfth place rm the chamrerahihrps. Amana the rerarmrwg hgh Hecgvrag Terfermeh were Caatam Chapman Q'DarxheH, Shallcrass, Frelder, Com- fcrth, Nieman, Cascfe, Nescra, STGQTG, McKee, Ahgela, and Gash The drstaace rearme hebed Qreatif, m gixmg The Team me Tmruressme reccrd McKay Ailemarw, Chapman! Lfeberrmgrw ghd ,UEIVQTT u1,he!d The 'Wie Rah Far The second Bear the Pcrweer Pde Xfaah Team was excc: - Micah. Tjxxerfai TV 5 mai Wadi 5535 bfe Thrcragh 'hi Qfierfs of Helder ardd Sha'Tcrass The difrcuh jab of hard 'Q nag de' Q 5. Sig! 'YAQKQQ Xisc C aaa Q jf cal' Ahheaah hc' awe at 'Q Tcsf .ear's mark fhe eheT- :cf 'ca "" Fcmefh' ' fair Q T' Frgcrma' acd 'x'3rLc'ff e ite a'eaT', ,cf"fr'e' dei LQ' ' ' he x-.crl X Q1 rw 'hc :crimes wcf added c, QQ sh C CJ re!! F, ar' Arge 3 'Var-fi: era C351 i Qc' 'rackrwgd gimme The fa' 'hc' me. haxe 'he SQ r' afd a::3'. X Charm, 3524 , :wg E .,,.f :HA Tr FYUH TRACK SCHEDULE ' f , f,,, . N. ,-' F fy ee' P" 3:5 sh 'C 6 , Sp,-f Fr :ie ph C.e'C'f-' F' gf- pf!" " Cie: D btw' f 'L,',rM' lf, ' P1 "4 wg 6 if " 1 F "1 K Wu f A,.,A ., f -.M, N,.,,, K U SEM . BASEBALL Frankfords baseball sluggers wound up last years record by placlng themselves rn a three way tue for second place The other two teams that were lucky enough to have thelr names beslde ours were Southern and Central The Trl Color nune went out and won eleven games out of fourteen and was the only team ln the league whlch crushed Northeast wlth a humllratrng score of erght to frve The only games lost were those to Southern whrch defeated the team s chances for the champronshlp and to Bok Frankford was able to brag last year of her prtchrng staff Wrngrng the games were Sr Chalsowskl Eddy Wrlson and lan Edwards all three of whom threw tlght games rnto the record of Tn Color wlns Sauattlng behrnd the plate and calllng the srgnals was Tom Carvrn Standlng down the lane of the frrst base sacks was Ted l-laufnal who many trmes leapt lnto the arr to brrng down the last out Across from l-laufnal takrng able care of the hottest sack on the dramond second base was Captarn Jack Bollnskr Thus fel low played excellent ball and was the sparkplug of the team Run nlng yumplng and performlng all sorts of maneuvers was shortstop Vrnce Castagna a real slugger who promused to send one over the fence and dld Down an thrrd base was huge and muscular Bobby Rowe a great sport playlng on a hot team In back of Rowe cover :ng the acreage of left freld was Johnny l-lauck the player who tame and trme agam dlved unto Baldwrn Freld s trees to grab the old ball Standlng deep ln centerfleld was a real left handed Slugger golng under the name of Felrx Cataldo Now we are out rn nght fleld where lvlrlt Law dazed ln the hot sprung lrght, awakenrng only long enough energetlcally to catch the man at home wrth a mrghty heave One Hundred Four I I ' I - 1 1 , , . , . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 . . , . , , A 'ff .IX 2 J ,,f V JIM A T f i f , I l. ' "V Mau 1 ' '5' f 1 . ,i 5 -W1 ff ik? 1 ' 4 g ' ,,,. R Ax 'jawn'-, x , 'W vf ' . , 2 x .NX ' is , 5 41 fa. ' an a- 1 'NY-. Wx 'll 144 ,4 35 1 w ffm 21 , -. , Y - 4 I I iiif. 1 ' 3 sr 1 A f 1 1 f i f f fvbgf K , lv 1 iw. if 4 4 'qui-V'-f. fm .aw- Fig, -ds.. ,.,,,,0'4!"'W x ,, f f ' f A , '- ' ' grwlfvi W 1 3 QQ ' 1? 'V L. If qc .- if if +V 4 7 Ra! if ff 4 QM Q ew g Hu. ,f 9 , '- f5 1 3 , Q ' In V I , Q M Q - , f Q V L 3 4 , . qlel L V,,,,, 1 4, A ,. 'W"':f BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1 . 4 . me 5 Q v 115. Sq , g 'Z gg C, E VC wsx ff 1 3 , , . j: w, l X Sw 5 , 1 ff W N. A I 4' HOCKEY Hrgk ,r 1 V O I7 OWU L, vxxfU Y' nw' of MN Dorofh MC 'V uw L U wr Q x0 Q r r , LJ x QCII Y V9 ' W CM w LOW UNLV Ln ueqo cwd ro Q TLVCJ Cf , ,LJ LV LUV fr W fun fl V T CC,"VN hgr P A. ,wr- ,- " X y x . ' X F "rw X-4 X4 A wju, , ,N,.p"xL" 'K ,i1."'iSQ'C. ff ww" ' One H undred Eight , N 1-.A K. Q .ki big , . ,, ,f 'bf 'QQW m M Ls 'Pig' FOOTBALL Major Letter Mrchoel hrrwCorew5L Rom or o Cog rm George Cork Frohk Freemorw Chester Goo my John Gosh Johh Hotlomh John Hooclr Joseph Kojorm Eroeif Lrberoh Arthur Long R rw o d Lok o P Dowd Mo Hd? Jomee MCDLM1 C or MCP xx Robert McLom Gordo Ndeom W llrom L Potter o Rrchord Rh ook Minor Letter r Cor Eroo Loo 5 D X eor rk Dx Frohk Foods We VC W o .A f :V Q, XX x n. Q il my ,Syd X xr l O X 1, f AWARDS wr rrror Joi SOCCER Major Letters Abert Dwdrulf U1 rom F do Aww Greor tr Hoh L CK U fxcc oorr Me 'X Nhom xi G LX. Mrnor Letter L C CROSS COU NTRY Major Letter One Hundred Ten we bum VCI ar XXGVHW o Mlm VX Ihdm Mlnor Letter Frohk Boar Ihomo5 Domes Jock Fober DOwd C flow Jock Howo Deoglos Imrh Rolph Longo work 'Uocruwr X V LJ Nxhor or rr 1 hrworr Numerals CDCV Hot ek skr V CHEER LEADERS Mayor Letters Mnnor Letters ,C Q ' Q ,r J 14,4 of to 4 'lr wow O .. Q ' 1-iromrr XML V J 'C f Mrrffw , , Y ,KK ,,yM,.,A Mig ' bio I! K X' L YLILLK- . S I exe WN X VVIU rr GV r Y ' , Wohf my N ' S Wrtlrorrr Herr: J fr f- JCF K QNX VL' '15 3, - o 1 'ew 5 e or ,,,, , A, , 5 , AD- - KLM U Noor: Phertter ' V N JOEL h Ku' ggho' PQ R1 'rj , r XR'XC"ag! J'XAKlfQ.,1Ex, dx h 'ee I rr Lf wird MU' 'U ff' X my A Kg, xxathoh rw V , Y ST' Ffh' ' ,C o' Y' S him 7 PC1415 W ix' ULN '1 Roe .o 9 Qock Show r' Y x M H Worr QW ,V Rl .Foro Eogere Sheth ,U - eg H ,d FF , :Ugg L JLLQK, r oro rorher . ' t er Lo, C ' Qohw Loci CC AT,QL,iC1 QW HX D +R my ,VSVVES C" I H A 9 Ir ,WA T1 .S TNRJVVTG' SSW 1 e 1' re M r Ni, Y Steg he' S:.how1 Frou mr ff V N In 'Q -A 'V' ffl Kew mam 'fi r go - ' O, ,rr Q -ww' Xwwlsofr Xxerrter Ceo uf Foedrei 'M Rr see? Goo' Roh to I ' Joh" Kvoi, ro' 49,-,o pulp DQCL .o'- fr," 1 tm, ocv- 4 ' ,xi l 'N"x'W of J F'rp:'x-u H 'LJ' P its: floor' W'wil.or'r' Eowfir Hq, X nj g ,fhr Po - ff' , GIRLS A AWARDS Numerols r Mrqwrwmm Lfludclrwc if 1 mm Q Nc QU dww XUUVG Om V V KQV XFV Letter Charm V Tw V One Hundred Eleven 0 . "igt'mtr X'-. 1"xx1,r ,Cn ip GH, r flr 'N TYQIEVC' Au ' gg lg C15 XX 1' Vx' "ibm bfw-Q F 5-rrdw X V , Jew NIC wil, Jw th Q-'wi firm Q Low Pave MJH ENUM EQCHC' 529 .fx 5 L ret S .jx 1 13' Kvg VMJQ Ssjfmwpfurkf r if T is Ou' CW xl Mfr. Sgffw' SH E. Vic' fig r SCP' 5 Gr Mcfgcfe' XI f ' 9 SPORTS PARADE One Hundred Thirteen ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ANI' 'J , Y' 1 1- MWQWA MUN. W, . aff wg Q Q Q 'A "'i fm,-na M. .'.--rpm I EV Z5 , Q it wwf A " f -95 . ,gm '- in 'J' 4.9 . wr we , , Q.. if ' ,5- - 1-pw "WW 3 Q 'Q ,. . if Qs. .1,,.,, .,.f.w-:C-gw,g,,5 :MA A QWQT fc' A """fxQ .3 V, Wilma A453 nf ., A A , 1, c , .. N5 xi, Kr L'

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