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Z4 f v 1 1 4 J vs g F E rs E 5 , i 9 E' V 4 Q 1 1 I ! F 1 4 4 5 'J I Q, . E Q .4 1 -ilu w .f... -fwmnmfh as Wu: 'wf.-vmwmae-wn.www' .w in rumzr. - uwsrmwnYe'wwwvwwvww-mwwmw U-1. - ummm W n -,X , , .Q-L MEf,Q:bZw,4Q. GZLQQ4 . Z fo xN9A,f1 N9 MISS ELIZABETH LACKEY DEDICATED TO. We the graduating class of June l945, grate- fully dedicate our record book to Miss Elizabeth Lackey. Through her kind helpfulness she has be- friended all who know her, Miss Lackey came to Frankford as a mathema- tics teacher after graduating from the Philadel- phia Normanl School and the University of Penn- sylvania, Many of us have had our entire mathe- matical experience under her. For many years, Miss Lackey has been the sponsor of the l-liking Club. Miss Lackey is known to us for her helpfulness and friendship both in and out of class. 1 lp . if L . , t t ' L 1 , 6 I - v , ""'f, , B? ' 1 A fy ,f-'gpw U Q X ' yg ' w"'?"v , ,fx ww. ,Q-f A W R V, if I 4 K vas-'fir 3 A , ' A .,.... . N ...ff f - A, W a -'F' ' fm , 3, we if X , fkl , ,i ,..... V V H" W iq, ,. ,... K Q My ' N- f gg' b 3 ig? ,Q Q , , 1 Q WV x Wi , , tn, I , Q .kwmwwmh-wffw W K - W wxww ,WWW 7 ew y,.-MWMW iq: 5 W? Qian Pg a 1 Wwsf2mwwwQyY,Q,,4 WNW W 3 9 I 'Q' Am K M. w , 'Q h W.. ,Q Xxx. ' ,QQ W y we A W THIS IS FRANKFGRD Yes, this is Frarilqtorcl, the place where we have speht three ot the best years of our liyes. it is riot a masterpiece ot architecture hor has it been outstariairig ih history, but tor us it will always holcl happy memories, The Frahktord that you arid I lqriow is yery dittererit from that which our tathers re- member and that which our chilclreri will lqhowt We haye speht our high school years ih a world at wart Our liyes were tar trom riormal, but we macle the best ot the uri- torturiate situatiori, It is true that we missed mahy ot the pleasures ot average high school boys arid girls, but with victory a reality iri Europe aricl a certairity ih the Pacitic, Frahlqtora will ortce agairi be the typical Americah high school, ari icleal we shall always strive to uphold, . A51 V F ,Gu pw f 2 K L,Af 1 ,X 5 , ' 'N-4. 1 ,, . --1, -. ,,,,MNr N -if , 'Nw M. .A-3 .525 " Yliiim k H U 'A 5 315 "fX53H'5:M lf,, iiikffu , , 9' , , X hr, .Q X4 nw 'W-.1 W. x ,,,-Q F! x 'll W 1 1 fuk L thu-Jfi-7l.N,FF'fJ"""D Frcmkford Hugh School, wth W5 iexemi thouwmd Students! works! pkuys, cmd QQTS. Im these pmmrcs cmd im others, you MH sae how busy we Q re. THE CURRICULUM The moving panorama ot world events neccesi- tated some nationwide changes in the curricula ot the high schools, Such a crisis demands ot the pre- sent students participation in additional courses designed tor essential war training, These extra classes have not proved uninteresting to all stu- dents, but have provided tor many a source ot new and welcome knowledge to be applied in new and varying tields ot war avtivity, ln order to prepare youth tor a valuable service in the armed torces, the aeronautics course has been introduced to the members ot the senior class. This course is a presentation ot the elements ot tlight including meteorology, navigation, and aero- dynamics as required by the Army Air Corps. Suc- cesstul completion ot this course also enables the participants to take the Civil Aeronautics Authori- ty examination leading to the license at a private pilot, Closely allied with aeronautics is the course recently ottered to the senior class in radio which presents the theories upon which the principles ot radio are based, the mathematical problems and practical instruction on the structure ot a radio. Less technical in nature is "Indoctrination," a course in city, state, and national government, now required at all lower classmen, Twice a week these students convene in comparatively large groups to receive instruction in politics, elections, and the world events. Not only these new subiects have been intro- duced, but also several ot the standing courses have been accelerated and altered to meet the requirements ot the Army and Navy programs. Classes in physics in which all boys in the lunior year must be enrolled, are now taught tram the outline prescribed by the government. This in- tensities more important topics at the course and makes less provision tor those units ot work which are not employed in the war ettort. lvlathematics has become the "highlight" ot all subjects required by the government and military programs, Accordingly, each student must include on his roster a minimum ot two periods a week ot some class in mathematics. Necessary changes have been made in all the major courses, Academic, Commercial, l-lome Eco- nomics, Industrial and Mechanic Arts, in order to comply with standard government regulations. These war moditications mean longer school days and heavier rosters. l-lowever, burdening students with extra periods and credit will mean little in the course ot events, it this generation ot students which has been subjected to the many changes tor the present war ettort, does not apply what the world assumes they have learned. Twelve win 'WLM ,N Q em A 2 '41 va ,, M Elflsvyi -'P' i m I . 1 . 1,1-2 1 5 Q P sa 'xl .,,. V at 3' 3, -If x X -.. ...gear -29' 'un-U 'wife' ww. '- if I " u-A w ,X ig-. A ar ff m A if E W. ay 1 E1 if ff? by Eg fe 2 2 F . 2 Lf, A gk it-wb - Q i . T30 93 EZYL Qwrofdisimix has xi5i1?JG5'Efg 22 H-Ga fic-9 fsfm3Jfs.ew:fifwa Ko fwQw9i11imfz.:Qw:f1,e, fm 1gw3!:.,i,11ifv'w9, oigbaf 3f3'2j'2E5Zf?, 2i?i7Si53iJ'f fmffpfxfsfs BGWQOQE, fzmfzn. 'ibm mi-Qfx oi cw? Qwf:?f1ax'fa Qgawfwrpoi' sfzsclfnse ':S211i,f:'24s. we kaagfgzuvg anfzfgwgzaswffbfjmim big me rfwf- be-sfo fsscpecfg . '2f?,-msg? ,aw '3w:awLi3z5Xs?s:fQes V 'wgswfez Eimefx '5'lw-f.a4f,w3SfiX im fifcfw im-d fmggfsafg. 'Q'3h'5?55 nfl mazitsjgia RGYXQDE, Kiwis . E 5 'F N ,...A...1r:n1K l 5, RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE The Record Book Committee, Wilma Brehm, Phoebe Friday, Betty Kuzman, Gertrude Lindee man, Russel lvloss, Bob Nichols, Claire Schreiber, and Marilyn Veith, wish to thank the faculty and students lor their aid in com- piling this book, We hooe We have been successtul in making this book one that will be Iona remembered and treasured. We also hope that it will serye as a pleasant reminder, in years to come, ot Franktord High School Days. Twilight is falling on our'chllclhood's happy day. A Kumar! F i E Manhood is calling to come on iis way. May ourAlma iffrfiiffgw IMI Maier in her Sons airibuie see. Maytbe years n'0r' is-in as fi so S J A nw like-it her from our memory Frankford dear 1 A H no if Frogukford asggne journey obr M63 seafrankford dear X HX J 4 I I Frank--ford -Ilovgl Sons wdlg be. E M ' E E TheSenior Prorn is the event to which oll grocluotes eogerly look torword, ln order thot the donce moy be o success, o corn- petent comrnittee, whose duties ore to book on or- chestro, to sell tickets, ond to supervise the donce, is necessory. The choirrnon, Chorles Welch, ond his corn- Pnittee, l-lorry Borpin, l-lorvey delirottt, Ruth Gil- more, Eleonor l-lerd, l-lope Kouttrnon, Fronk Mc- Ateer, Eloine Myer, Ernie Rodgers, ond Eloine Sweigort, did o splendid piece ot Work. Thonks to thern our prom wos o huge success. Twenty-three SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE The assembly was entertained on senior morning by a rollicking comedy entitled "For the Good of the Goodwinsf' The play was presented by the students of the graduating class and reflected several months of rehearsals and hard work, The plot is centered about a college professor and his family, including a wealthy aunt. One of the Professor Ralph Goodwin Kate Goodwin ..,.......... Cathryn Goodwin ............. Laurel CLollyl Goodwin .... Patty Hicks ................. Mrs, l-letherington lvlrs. Taylor ....... Ted l-lopkins ..... Rhoda Barlow ........ daughters becomes a blues singer on the radio and in so doing involves her family in some hilarious situations. l-lowever, everything turns out all right with the rebellious daughter becoming the heiress of her aunt's fortune. Claire Young an-d Esther Williams assisted as property managers. The fol- lowing is a list of the cast. WALTER CARVIN LORRAINE SYLVESTER BETTY PARKINSON NANCY McLEES RUTH REED MARION l-IIGGINSON JEAN McCLELLAND SAMUEL DRIZIN ESTELLE WILSON " " PLAY COMMITTEE Senior Morning, that day of joy and sadness, was planned for us by the Senior Morning Com- mittee. Shirley lVlcAdams was the chairman of a committee composed of Dick Kurtz, Jack Jerdon, Lois Ulmer, Grace Coryell, Charlotte Little, Shirley Marchalonis, Doris McCarty, Al Shaw, l-lerb Ker- shaw, and Jane Kirkpatrick. First on the program was the "Entrance Grande." This was our day, and we made certain that every- body knew it. We then had the transfer of the cap and gown, the "A" play, and the singing of our school song, The afternoon dance, arranged by the committee, was enjoyed by all, Twenty-four Twenty-five CLUBS CLEF CLUB The Clet Club is the sChool's honorory musicol society, sponsored by lvlr, Forrest Nevvmeyer, lt is composed ot students possessing exeebtionol tolent in voice or o musicol instrument, To be eligible tor on oudition, o student must be o member ot the Junior closs. Monthly meetings ore conducted ot the homes ot the vorious members, f'-Xt this time o business meeting ond o musieol brogrom ore conducted. The otticers tor this term ore President, leon lVlcClellond,5 Vice-President, Colvin Weber, Secretory, Peggy Connell, Treos- urer, Eileen Christion, SENIOR TWELVE The Senior Tvvelve is on honorory soror- ity which hos existed in Fronktord l-ligh School tor mony yeors, lt is mode up ot twelve ot the outstonding girls ot the Senior Closs, with lvliss Evelyn T. Why os the SDOUSOV. The members must hove hod o high overoge trom the tenth grode through to the tvveltth, ond must be octive in extro-curriculor octivities The meet- ings ore held every third lvlondoy ot the homes ot vorious members The members this term ore Wilmo Brehm, Fronees Cormick, Phoebe Fridoy, Ruth Gilmore, Jonet Ploines, lvlorion Koul, Potricio Kinlceod, Gertrude Lindemon, Chorlotte Little, Shirley lvlorcholonis, Cloire Schreiber, ond Eloine Sweigort. Twenty-six THE SWIMMING CLUB The Swimming Club is one ot the most popular clubs at Frankford. lt is under the supervision ot Mrs. Leary who, her- self, is an excellent swimmer and physical education instructor. Many ot the girls still remember this tormer Frankford stu- dent as Miss l-lines. Any girl who can swim is eligible tor membership in the club. From these, a select group is chosen tor the team. The club swims every Thursday from October to May at the Central Y.W.C.A. The team swims in competition with other schools in the spring, Mrs, Leary chooses a ditterent captain tor each meet. Some ot the girls who graduate this term arei Norma DeMott, Elaine Garrod, Pat Kinkead, Nancy McLees, Dot Kohlbrenner, Ruth Reed, Edda Stone, Esther Williams, Phoebe Friday, Ruth Gilmore, Rita Caputo, l-lelen Ogden, Theresa Lazarick. Twenty-seven GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB The Girls' Bowling Club, which was tormed last tall, has been most successful. lt has been under the expert direction ot Mr. Flarr, The girls bowl every Tuesday afternoon at the Oxtord Bowling Alleys. lnterscholastic games have added much to the enthusiasm ot the group, Meets with Germantown and Olney l-ligh Schools have given proot ot the team's increasing muscle and skill. The tollowing senior girls rate high among the best bowlers: Ruth Gilmore, Phoebe Friday, Doris McCarty, Pat Kinkead, Elaine Garrod, Harriet Sha- piro, Ruth Dick and Marge l-labgood, manager, BOYS' BOWLING Che of the most popular after school activities here at Frankford is the Boys' Bowling Team, sponsored by Mr. David l-larr and ably captained by Jack Jerdan. The boys meet every Wednesday afternoon to contest with other teams in the Public l-ligh School League, This year, l:rankford's Bowling Team ranked third in the league. More important than winning the cham- pionship, our team has won the greatest number of votes from the other schools as demonstrating the best sportsmanship for the past two years. There are ten mem- bers-those with the five highest scores comprise the first team, and the other five make up the second team. ... YE MONKS The oldest fraternity in Frankford, Ye lvlonks, was organized in l9l l, lt is com- posed of boys who are outstanding in the school both athletically and scholastically. lt is sponsored by Mr Martin T. Fetherolf and lvlr. William Clausen. The group, be- sides participating in many school activi- ties and proiects, holds a bi-annual dance at Somerton Springs. The officers of the fraternity this term are: Prior, Frank Garis, Vicar, Robert Louis, Chaplin, Ed Wilson, and Secretary- treasurer, Dick l-lannah. Twenty-eight BOOTS AND SADDLE The Boots and Saddle Club was organ- ized eight years ago at Frankford for the benefit of those students interested in rid- ing. Some knowledge of riding is desired but not required for membership in the club. Members ride on Friday afternoons from Taylor's Riding Academy along pic- turesque Pennypack Creek. This club has no officers, no dues, and few rules. Under the able guidance of Miss Mary Stark, the Boots and Saddle has become one of the most popular clubs at Frank- ford, All membemrs will agree that the genial companionship of Miss Stark has made riding a worthwhile activity during their high school years. Twenty-nine A CAPPELLA CHOIR The Frankford l-ligh School A Cappella Choir, efficiently directed by Miss Frances L. Snyder, has this year continued its church and school concerts and its pro- grams in assembly. ln addition to these regular activities, the 70 members of the choir participated in a program held in Gimbel's Auditorium at which all schools were represented when citizenship awards were presented, a spe- cial demonstration which included operatic excerpts for Schoolman's Week, a program at the Bellvue Stratford, the Senior l-ligh Spring Music Festival, a Folk Festival at the Academy of Music, a program at the Stadium presented by the lnauirer, and a Bach Motet for the Society of Ancient Musical instruments, Many of the senior members, through the valuable training given by the sponsor, have learned to lead the choir, They have had considerable experience in conducting at special performances, BAND Our bond greotly odds to the enioyment of our footboll gomes, Sporting our school colors, the bond presents o truly stirring picture l-lowever, the honcl's octiyity is not confined to the footboll gomes, for it ploys in ossernblies in the ouditorium ond olso ot pep rollies. The Student Boord purchosed the bond uniforms, ond it olso keeps them in good repoir. The bond owes it success to the untiring efforts of Mr, Forrest Newrneyer, who hos troined the bond to morch with cleon cut precision. l-le spends four doys o week reheorsing with thern the rousing songs thot mciy be heord ot our footboll gomes. CHEERLEADERS These boys ore the energetic, cheering Pioneers who hove led us in rousing cheers ot our footboll gomes. With o perfect ot- tendonce ot our footboll gomes, these cheerleoders hove through their efforts, boosted the spirit of the tons, ond encour- oged our fighting Pioneers. Leo Wolczok, Bill Mojor, Reds Bort- lett, Wolt l.eoder, Rudy Perseio, woh hos left for the ormy, .limrny Pegono ond Ches- ter Ayoleno procticed foithfully to perfect our cheers. Thirty Thirty-one CLUBS STAGECRAFTERS The Stagecraft Club, sponsored by Miss Doggett at the art department, is an organization closely connected with the Sock and Buslqin. The main purpose at the club is to study character make-ups so that the members will be prepared to make up the casts ot plays produced by the Sock and Buskin. The members ot the club have also aided in making the scenery tor plays and pageants given at the school. The vveekly meetings are always of value, and are enjoyed by those interested in lite behind the scenes. SECRETARIAL CLUB The Secretarial Club is comprised ot l2A and l2B Commercial girls, who have been assigned to take dictation trom vari- ous teachers at the school, Mr. Klein, the sponsor, selects members on the basis of their schlostic records and character rat- ings. ln return tor their donation at time and ability, the girls receive business ex- perience in stenography, typing, stenciling, mimeographing, and tiling, This year many capable members ot the club will be lost through graduation. They have helped the members ot the faculty and have enjoyed their vvorlc and associa- tions, Next year their places will un- doubtedly be tilled by girls just as efti- cient. CLUBS THE SWING BAND This year some ot Franktords talented boys, under the leadership ot lvlr. Crap, termed a swing band, Great success and popularity were their reward tor the many hours they spent at rehearsals, Their services were continually in de- mand at sorority and fraternity dances. The Senior Twelve and the l-ligh Way are particularly indebeted to them, The members ot the band arei Otto Bruno, Don l-leineman, Harlan l-linlsle, Bill Ingram, l-lerb Lazarus, Fred lvliller, Bob lvlurphy, Joseph Nutter, Ernie Rogers, Les Seagrave, Jack Springer, l-lerb Vassian, and Leon l-larnatkiewicz, manager. Many ot these boys will be lost through graduation, We wish the band continued success in tuture years. Thirty-two ORCHESTRA The school orchestra, which is under the direction ot Mr, Forrest Newmeyer, has long been an organization ot Frankford l-ligh School, The members ot the orchestra meet tor rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday in the auditorium. The orchestra has many activities which are greatly varied, lt plays tor our assembly programs, tor the school plays, and tor senior morning. The students in the orchestra derive a great deal ot pleasure and much worth- while knowledge ot music through their cooperation with one another and with the sponsor, USHERS ASSOCIATION An organization ranking high in popu- larity here at Franktord is the Ushers As- sociation. Under the genial and capable direction ot Mr. Lyntord Williams, the girls, strikingly groomed in tormal gowns, provide invaluable assistance in special programs held during the school year Their duties are to distribute programs and to usher the audience to seats. Because ot the wide earned popularity Ct this club, Mr, Williams inaugurated a new plan last term to insure everyones having a tair chance ot joining, There will be twenty members from l2A, ten from llb, and tive tram llA, who will be admitted atter being voted on by the pres- ent members ot the organization. LEADERS CLUB The Girls' Leaders Club is an honorary club tor girls who excel in gymnastic work, and who have high scholastic standards. Leaders meet in the main gym every Mon- day to obtain extra practice and coach- ing so as to assist the teachers and stu- dents in gym classes, Their principal duties are to demonstrate and to give individual help to those pupils who have ditticulty in getting the work. The club attendance ranges from 90 to l2U. ln addition to the valuable training in leadership each member ot the club re- ceives, they may also attain one to three A, A. credits toward their school numerals, letter, or charm. Thirty-three THE SOCK AND BUSKIN One ot the best known orgonizotions ot Fronktord High Schooi is the Sock ond Buskin, The Sock ond Buskin is o dromotic ciub, under the sponsorship ot Mr. Clorence A. Hornbleton, ond its nfienn- bers ore tolented students, chosen by tryouts, vvho toke port in the onnuol productions stoged by the club. One ot the outstoriding events ot every term is the successful ploy put on by the Sock ond Buskin under Mr. I-iombIeton's direction, The Sock ond Buskin olso presents the ploy thot is given tor the students every Christmos, Thirty-four BOARD HE STUDENT T One ot the oldest organizations in Frankford is our Student Board, At its weekly meetings the Board receives, discusses, and votes upon student suggestions tor the betterment ot the school. This term the Student Board has made appropriations toward a phonograph tor the gymnasium, library and magazine subscrip- tions, and a movie projector tor the science department. Regular donations go to Cheerio, Red Cross, and Victory Corps, As its gitt to the shool, the Student Board has put a sum toward a war me- ' A ' d residentg Sara ial Patricia Kinkea, p h Gil- mor . This term's otticers are: . ' ' Svveigart, secretaryg and Rut Barrett, vice p more, treasurer. residentf Elaine Thirty-five ATHLETIC ASSOCIATI Per tvventyfnine years, the Athletic Asssciatien has bee Qanized ter th - K n cr- e purpose at tinancin i Q cur schcel's athletic a t Each tall th A ' c iyltles, e ll'1l6llCASSOClOllOVl membership backs are placed cn sale, and tunds are obtained ta suppart the teams, The equipment tar all athletic activities is ra 'd p yi ed tar by the Athletic Assaciatian. It alsa contributes tunds t 0 student charities! and has purchased rnany beautitul paintings and pieces at statuary ter the schaal, The students elect tellaw students ter rnernbers, and they in turn elect atticers. The association is under the spensership pt Mr, S, l-lunter Kurtz, Under his guidance, the association has been led through many successful years, and we sincerely hcpe that he and the students may continue their wandertul work in the tuture. Thirty-six ON n MR. CHARLES TROXELL THE HIGH WAY r Q ID, -f if .5 ja s,ccss,,ef MR. JOHN NEVIN The l-ligh Way presents to the student body an accurate account ot school activities. The sponsor! Mr, Charles F. Troxell, and members ot the statt work tire- lessly in their ettorts to publish this prize-winning piece ot Work. Mr, Troxell is one ot the most outstanding sponsors ot 'school publications, and has been a prominent mem- ber ot the Columbia Scholastic Press Association since its organization The editorial stott is one ot the tevy groups that octue ally set up its own type and gets the paper ready tor the presses, Those who make the weekly yisit to the printer's acauire an intimate knowledge and apprecia- tion ot the work required in producing a newspaper, Since l9l4 this paper, one ot the best ot its kind, y has been published almost eyery week in each term, and with the right spirit ot the student body behind it this program will continue, ADVISORY GROUPS 10-10:20 a. m. DAILY BOOK ONE MR. CHARLES TROXELL I I 5 if I it BOOK TWO MR. THEODORE HUMPHRIES A BOOK THREE MR. JOSEPH KLEIN BOOK FOUR MISS HELEN J. SAILE The June, l945 gro-ducting closs consists ot ten odvisory groups which ore tormed olphobeticolly, Every morning the students meet dccording to this plon tor o twenty minute period, At this time the ottendonce is token, o selection from the Bible is reod, ond the onnouncements ot the doy's octivities ore presented in the Newsettes, This time is olso employed tor the sdle ot l-ligh Woys ond A. A, books, the collection ot Student Boord dues, ond the conduct ot senior closs business. BOOK FIVE MR. DAVID LUITHLEN BOOK SIX MISS RUTH WILSON BOOK SEVEN MISS ESTHER ROTH BOOK EIGHT MR. CARL WISE BOOK NINE MISS EVELYN WHY BOOK TEN MR. CLARENCE GARWOOD SENIOR PROM On the evening of Moy ll, l945, we held our Senior Prom in the Crystol Bollroom of the Beniomin Fronklin l-lotel. Two hundred ortd fifty student couples ottended in formol ottire despite tronsportotion ond other difficulties coused by wor time restrictions. We were olso honored by the presence of severol members of the foculty, Doncing to the music of ,loe Frosetto ond his orchestro held swoy from nine until twelve. We hope thot the chorm ond these pictures will serve os pleosont reminders of this most importont sociol engogement of our senior yeor. Forty S , Forty Forty-two ,T , we s 334 'SN Y ...A--mi .V. 55459, 52 03" ze Iaemzbebs 0? the class M Jane, 1965, g':2-Z'-'GP ebcmzf: to 6376621 Q zgezff gfswbaae of oar existence. Afagf we lbs well gmegarsaci by these pf:-:sb yeazfw to vely and fbozgeatlgf agp- Fzolfr? the fazndafzzfefz tel principles of' Qazb me-f?2QQni tic :fr-fzjrf of' life! SEWORS CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD KLEMICK ........... .................,..... P resident PHILIP KLEMICK ..,........ .............. V Ice-President PATRICIA KINKEAD .........,. ................. S ecremry ROBERT STRETCH ,.................. ............ T reasurer GERTRUDE LINDEMAN ........... ............. E ditor DIPIIQXV D.- .',.II. Forty-six 'ki Dr. Lewis G. Sterner Teacher and pupil are alike today. The older one cannot at this moment, as he was so fond ot doing, speak with the assurance ot experience about a more or less stable world which the younger one is about to enter. Neither knows anything about the world being born at this moment, lt will be as necessary tor the teacher as tor the pupil to learn new adaptations, to accept new social, political, and economic alignments, to jettison old tormulas, to forsake old prejudices. This June ot i945 you and we are both graduates. You and we alike know that an old order must change-- is changing under our eyes, We enter this new world on equal terms, In sober truth, you have an advantage: you are younger, you have fewer prepossessionsg you have only one direction in which to look. Forty-seven VICTORIA A. AZAREWICZ 4224 Tyson Avenue Bristol, Pa. Academic Student Board, IGA, Victory Coros, iCB, Ushers Association, liA, i2A, Social Studies Prize, HB. Giris' Leaders, '44, Hockey, '44, Giris' Bosketbaii, '44, Namerais, '41 HARRY CALDWELL BARBIN 3000 Magee Street Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, i2B, Bank Rep- resentative, liA-i2B Varsity Baseball, '45, Second Base- baii, '44. B. JEAN ACKERMAN 8l0l Halstead Street Rockledge, Pa. Academic JAMES ANDERSON 7237 Jackson Street Harding Academic Locker Committee, l2B. Girls' Bosebail, '44, '45 MAE E, ANGELINE 8133 Elberon Avenue Elkins Park, Pa. Commercial NORMA JEAN ANDERSON 8021 Stenton Avenue Wilson Academic Victory Corps, ICB, A Capoelia Choir, iZA, i2B, Ushers Association, iOB, ilA, Red Cross Representatiye, i2A, Giris' Basketooii, '43-'45, Syylrri- ming Ciao, '43, '44. HERBERT C. ARCHDEACON 7733 Frankford Avenue EVELYN MARIE ASCHMANN l3Zl East Wellington Street Wll50n Academic Wilson Commercial Bank Representative, 12B Of" i 1 1 5 '. I f :Z . xv. i 3' 4- sf--saga 450: ,- L fe X or-its Uavveaq S FE M N E. PATRICIA BALBONTIN 4630 Penn Street Girls' High Academic ALICE SUELLA BARNHILL 4032 Glendale Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, IGB-i2B, Ushers As- sociation, HA-IZB, Forty-eight SA 3? , Lx, X X ,l".at, , SARA MAE BARRETT 3207 Rawle Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IOB-IZB, Victory Corps, IOB-IZB, Dancing Club, IZA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB. Hockey, '42-'44, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Vol- leyball, '42 JOHN R. BATEMAN 3135 Guilford Street Wilson Academic STEPHANIE B. BEBEN 4642 East Thompson Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IGB. uf I -, -M 6 I 1' ' ROBERT G. BARTLETT 439 Haffnagle Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB, IIB, Bank Rep- resentatiye, IOB, A A. Representa- tive, IOA-IIB, Second Football, '43, Varsity Base- ball, '45, Second Soccer, '42, Second Baseball, '44, Cheerleaders, '44, Minor Letter, '44, ELVA . E 5011 ' e venue Ha 'ng Commercial Ct y Corps, IZB ey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '42, HARRIET G. BENNER IIIZ Arratt Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, I CB -- 5M . H 2 fl., S Z' A ....ff4S' is 'Q ff W, WILLIAM E. BENNETT SOI 5 Griscom St. Harding Academic Victory Corps, ICB-IZB CLAIRE JEAN BEYERLE 3212 Cottman Avenue Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IGB-IIB, A Cappella Cnoir, IOA-IZB, Us-hers Association, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative, I2A. , R V ...V :" J V Forty-nine ETHEL MORJORIE BERRY 2500 S. Lambert Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, ICB I I O A. .. .-e, ft' .f - CLARA C. BIELECKI 2022 Bridge Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, ICB i i l i I i l l , LOIS AUDREY BISCHOFF 1905 Murray Street Bloomfield, N. J, Commercial EDITH MAE BLACK 5224 Saul Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Boots and Saddle Clap, IZA, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, IOA. WANDA G. BLAZIK 4626 Milnor Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, I CB Wye, . ANNA M. BISSINGER 934 Foulkrod Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB, IIA, Stage- crafters, IOA-IZB, Library Monitor, IOA-IZB, A, A. Representative, IZA Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Manager, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Man- ager, '45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Nlon- ager, '44, Numerals, '44. WILLIAM JOHN BLASIUS 4613 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic WI LMA BREHM 7035 Cottage Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Danc- ing Club, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, l-ligh Way Representative, IIA-IZB, First Aid Leaders, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '42, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Numerals, '44, Letter, '44, Eff , I ,X , fi , I ffl ' XJ , i,l' 'R E919 47 A ff Aoislig S' '34 fe Fw, I , JEANNE BRINKMAN 6202 Oakley Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, Ushers Association, IIB, IZA, Bank Representative, IOA- IIB, A. A. Representative, IIA, Swimming Club, '44. LOUISE JANET BURGER 4218 Hartel Avenue Wilson Commercial Dancing Club, IIA, IZB Girls' Leaders, '44, '45 Fifty MILDRED BUCHINA 4755 Shelmire Avenue Harding Commercial ROBERT LEWIS BURGER l547 Cottman Street Rockledge, Pa. Industrial A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB. BEVERLY BURKE 3303 Sheffield Avenue Victory Corps, ICA-IZB, Secretaria- IZB, Campus Committee, IGA Giris' Leaders, '43 FLORENCE R. CALLUM 6711 Tulip Street V' tory Corps, IOB, Christmas Com- mi ee, IOB, IIA, Ushers Association, IIB-IZB, Library Monitor, IOB, IIA, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, IZB A A Representative, IOA, IGB, IIB IZA, High Wav Representative, ICA- IIB Hockey, '43, Swimming Ciub, '-I4 Club, IZB, Ushers Association, IIA- JOHN L. BUTTERWORTH 3138 Magee Avenue Wilson Academic Harding Mechanic Arts RICHARD S. CAMPBELL 3401 Friendship Street Hdfdillg C0m"ne'CIU' Wilson Mechanic Arts Bank Representative, I B, Knit Q, IIA-IZB ,ja FLO APRIL CAPAI-DI JOHN ROBERT CAPEHART Englewood Street 4008 Higbee Street i CUMMSFCIGI Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOB IIA. A p9 V' - li ft J 1 ix' I RITA CARME CAPUTO 1423 East Lycoming Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, ICA, Stagecratters IZA, IZB, Boats and Saddie CILD IZB, Dancing Ciaib, IIB, IZB, Bank Representative, IIB, IZA, First Aid Leader, IIB. Giris' Leaders, '4-I, '15, Swimming Club, '4-I, '45, MARGARET CARTES 5249 Sylvester Street Wilsan Academic KENNETH JOSEPH CARLEN 1347 Fillmore Street Wilson Academic WALTER CARVIN 1733 Lansing Street Upper Darby, Pa. Academic "A" Play Cast, IZB, Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, A Cappciia Choir, IIA-IZB Fifty-one Of! cfirfvvvff 506219 0410349 X X . - 7 LORETTO CATHERINE CAVANAUGH 7917 Walker Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOB-l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, ICA-1 IB, Christmas Cam- mittee, iOB-1lB, Ushersi Association, i1B, 12A, A. A. Representatiye, lOl3. LILLIAN CIESLAK 4634 Melrose Street Harding KI mercial Student Bo , ll , V ary Corps, liA, llB, B a dl b, l2B, Ushers Asso ia on, ' A, , Repre sehtatiye, 1 Girls' Basiketb '4 ' ir ' B ball, '43, n N ,Nc . euzwxfgfrn A. corrm V YQ' 95 'Cowden Street JJ Q Commercial 5 idwfig Corps, 10B-125. 0 l ' .Q J0 FRANCES CHRISTIAN 3954 Lawndale Street Stetson Academic Victory Corps, 1CA-11B. Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43, Volleyball, '43, 3742 Poppy Dr' e Johnstown Pa c 941' JAMES LOCKE COLEMAN 6912 State Road Harding Mechanic Arts Track, '43-'45, Major Letter, '45. I Nw K-'fa lay FRANK slbfm' JOSEPH FORBES CONLEY 5411 Akron Street Wilson Mechanic Arts IRENE MARIE C0 E 2144 Sc tterg d et Freeland, Pa. Academic Victor Co s, 1lA-12B N, MARGARET C. CONNELL 732 Magee Avenue Wilson Academic Student Board, l2l3, Victory Corps, l1A, Clef Club, 12A, 1213, Secretary, A Cappella Choir, lll3-1213, Sock and Buskin, l1B-l2B, Ushers Association, llB-1213, First Aid Leaders, High Way Representative, 1OA, 1013, High Way Staff, lOA-128, Charm, Safety Cam- missiort, 1213. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45, Charm, '45 SELMA MARY COPELAND 9417 Bustleton Avenue Cornwells Heights, Pa. Commercial Victory Corps, lCA-1213, High Way Business Manager, IZB, High Way Pin, Silver and Gold Charms. Girls' Basketball, '43, Fifty-two DONALD R. CLINGE ' 1, 'V RALPH WILFRED DREBY 957 Arrott Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, lOB-l2B, A, A. Rep- resentative, ilA. JANE MARGARET DUFFY 5159 Saul Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOA, lOB, Bank Representative, llA. I RUT 5- K . FRANK J. DIEHL 4 i ndshi Str t 3043 Glenview Street Wi Wilson Mechanic Arts ictory Corps, lO - Y 7' ln Way Representat' IO Girls' er -45, Hockey, '42- '45, Gir etball, '42-'44, Girls' Baseball ' -'45, Volleyball, '42-'44, Girls' Q Tearn, '45, Numerals, '-13. , , NORMA J. DI sARlo VA'-ER' CBR 44QM5Kinley Sheet 4736 Ber a treet Wilson "' 11,1 , Commercial Ha"di"9 Commefckll Victory Corps, HN i Corps, HA - Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Dancing Crm! 544 Leaders 43' 455 Dcncmg Club, '43. ' ' . K , rv 1 C- ,Low CA OLY M RY DOLAN RITA NORA DOMAN 300 . Girard Avenue 5031 Cottage Street s' ' . Commercial Harding Commercial V ary Cor , TOA-IZB, Barn: Pep- Victory Corps, HA, Bank Repre- resentative, lOB-IZB, sentative, llA, HB, IZB. joifiy Leaders, '42. JUNE. 45 of 4 f r - s we . A1 ' ' ' ' X-.. isf SD ' V' i as V- aw! '93 l S SAMUEL DRIZIN 4953 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic "A" Play Cost, lZB, Victory Corps, llA, HB, A Cappella Choir, l2B, Bank Representative, IZA, l2B, A A Rep- resentative, IOA, High Way Staff, llB. Varsity Soccer, '44, Varsity Basket- ball, '44, '45, Second Basketball, '42, '43, Numerals, '42, '43, Minor Letter, '43-'45, Maior Letter, '44, '45. DANIEL FR CIS YER 2014 artel r I Wilson c Arts Fifty-five -ez,-feewgm-,,.L , . A. i CAROLYN M. EBERLE 3105 Magee Avenue Wilson Academic Victory Corps, 10A-11A Hqey, '42, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43, 4' - 'rls' asoll '4 -'45' Vo'- ievbal-V,-5'2lQf-' gg? 'tr'-"if ' 5 N N- X 5 L., xt vi-gs. -Q -f n x EDNA RAE EISELE 1918 Griffith Street Wilson Academic K' H., U . .WV CHARLES OTHO EDINGER 6137 Erdrick Street Harding Industrial WALTER ELLMAN 5534 Miriam Road Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB-1213, Orcnestro, 1OAelZB, Bond, IOA-l2B, High Way Staff, 12A, l2B. Vorsity Bosketpoll, '45, Second Bos- ketboll, '44, Nurnerols, '44, Moior Letter, '45. SAM W EVANS BEATRICE MAREE EWING 95 e-on Avenue 3252 Cottman Avenue son Academic Wilson Commercial y Qgrps, llAelZB Victory Corps, 11A-1213 V xv:-. 1 6099 fH7UCGw ' A si X ' OLGA MARY FASKO 815 Hellerman Street Kensington Commercial Girls' Bosebcill, '44-'45, IRVING ROGER FELDMAN 4908 East Roosevelt Boulevard South Philadelphia Academic Cnristmos Cornrnittee, l2A. Second Bosketboll, '43, '44, Numer- ols, '44. 1. ROBERT JOSEPH FEE 1932 Cottman Street l Moorestown, N. J. Mechanic Arts Bond, 11A, Bank Representotive, 10A ETTORE ALFRED FELICETTI 4311 Leiper Street Harding Mechanic Arts- Stiident Boord, 1013, Bank Repre- sentotive, 1lB, High Woy Represen- totive, 10A-11A. Bowling, '44. Fifty-six RUTH FERMIER 1343 Dyre Street Quakertown, Pa. Commercial Dance Committee, llB, Dance Band, lOA-llBg "A" Play Cast, llA, Vic- tory Corps, IOA, lOBg A Cappella Choir, lOA-llB, Executive Committee, 1lA, Glee Club, lOB'llB, Letter and Star for Chorus. GRACE NORMA FISCHER 4230 Vista Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, llA-l2B, A A Rep- resentative, lCA JAMES THOMAS FLEMING 7807 Frankford Avenue MARJORIE FIELDHDUSE 1430 Higbee Street Wilson Student Board, 1lA. Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '44, MARYLOU FISHERKELLER S423 Tackawanna Street Harding Victory Corps, 11A-IZB, High Wax' Representative, 1OA-l2A. JOHN FLETCHER FORD 1815 E. Bridge Street Commercial Commercial Harding Mechanic Arts Harding Academic Student Boarc, 1CA-l2B, Victory - C 10A- Corps, l1Afl2B VICTOW Omg' Z ', 1 , .1 ,fl " J M - C, Z E' ee ' i ' Xiu - 1 I ' KATHRYN E. FORSYTHE 1316 East Airdrie Street Harding Commercial Bond and Stamp Representotlve, ICB, Bank Representative, IOA, iii, PHOEBE MAE FRIDAY 4083 Comly Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Senior Tvlelye, l2B, Victory Corps, IOA, IOB, Stagecrafters, lOB-lZA, Greek Club, IOB, Uslters Association, llB-128, A A Representative, llA, llB, l-lign Way Representative, l2A, IZB, l-lion Way Staff, llB-l2B. Girls' Leaders, '43, Manager, '44, '45: Hvckey, '44, Girls' Basketball, '44, Morwoer, '45, Girls' Baseball, '44 '45, Volleyball, Manager, '44, Svviml ml"lQ Club, '44, '45, Boots and Saddle Club, '45, Numerals, '44 Fifty-seven ARNOLD FREEDMAN 1363 Kerper Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, lOA-lZB R W. FRlTZlNGER 3 Erdrick Street Girls' Hig Academic Student Boa , 4 A, Victory Corps llA Girl Q15-n. - 43' irls' Base- ball, '45, ncing Clu , gig. JEAN GARDI NER 3910 Fitler Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corpsl, lOB, llA. FLORENCE K. GARGAN 3213 Longshore Avenue Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-l2B, Christmas Committee, IOA, Ushers Association, l2A, l2B, Bank Representative, llB Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '45. L. ELAINE QARROD 4130 Markland Harding 1 Academic Vi r ps, llA, Ushers Asso- ciat OB-l2B. 4 Grls' Le rs ' -45, Varsity Hockey, '4 s' Basketball, '43- '45, Girls' all, '43-'45, Vo.leyball, '43, Swimming Club, '44, '45, Swfm- ming Team, '45, Bowlfng Team, '44, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45, Charm, '45 GEORGE E. GARDNER 5208 Castor Avenue St. Joseph's Prep Academic High way snuff, i2A, izis. FRANKLIN E. GARIS 5233 Sylvester Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Ye Monks, llB-lZB, Victory Corps, llA. Varsity Soccer, '43, '44, Second Soccer, '42, Minor Letter, '42, Nlaior Letter, '43, '44, JANE VIRGINIA GARWOOD Kelvin Avenue, Somerton Wilson Vocational Art Victory Corps, lCB-l2B, Boots ond Saddle Club, IOB-llB, Christmasi Committee, llA, llB, Ushers Associa- tion, IOA-l2B, A, A. Representative, lOA-l2A, High Way Representative, llA, Ellis Gimbel Award, IOB-l2Bl Girls' Leaders, '42-'45, Hockey, '42, '43, Girls' Basketball '42-'45, Girls' Baseball, '42, '43, '45, Volleyball, '42, Swimming Club, '42, '43, Swimming Tiam, '43, '44, Numerals, '44, Letter, '4 . ' 5 X GQQID 03 , C if-5 , iis fggkwtfw 557 'Si Wilson 5 Wilson Fifty-eight , Hockey, '42, '43, JEAN MIRIAM GILGORE 6610 Sauder Street Commercial " Victory Corps, ..ltA-1213, Boots and Saddle Club, llA-l2B, Christmas Cggimitttee, IIB, Bank Representative, GEORGE GINGRICH 1215 Fillmore Street Academic Victory Corps, lOB-IZB, High Way Representative, lOA, Salutatorian. RUTH P. GILMORE 1704 Scattergood Street Harding ' Academic Dance Commi tQ9b'L,lQB, St d Board, io, we vice-Pr iiden 2 B, Q f, i2A, 12 I ni xlf' ev A, 12B, Treasure , y I OA-l2B, Stage tri, OB- B' Christ 0 ' ee, llA, Ushers A ci io A-l2B, High i Way Stat l Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Girls' Basket- ball, '44, 45, Girls Baseball, '44, '45, Swimming Club, '44, '45, Bowling, '44, '42, Numerals, '45, Letter, '45, Charm, f4 I , f A 1 LORIA J E IRA t X N 3358 . Vince tr et V, ' Ison C m rcial ic y Cmrrfs, Al B' rlstmas , ittee, lO . I L ROBERT E. GLENDENNING 6157 Hegerman Street Northeast Mechanic Arts ea! ' M-K'iT'ooRuoN 14 0 verej Avenle Wilson .Un ff' Academic Victory Cor s, llA-i2B, Cnristrnas Committee, IZA, Locker Committee. l2A. Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, NORMA GRABER 5000 Glenloch Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, 1iA. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girls' Bas- IRENE ELSIE GLENN 1322 Harrison Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, ilA-12B, Boats and Saddle Club, liA, Bank Representa- tiye, 11A MILDRED ANN GORMLEY 3111 Unruh Avenue Wilson Commercial Boats and Saddle Clab, l2A, i2B ELIZAB ETH GRASON 505 Levick Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, iOB-12B kemeii, '45, I 731114749 C as A H '1 ,gn ffxxmx Q WILLIAM ALFRED GRAUL 365 Longshore Avenue Wilson Academic Student Board, IZA, Victory Corps, 1iB I Second Football, '43, '44, Nurnerals, '44 CHARLES JOSEPH GROSS S41 East lndiana Avenue Stetson Commercial Locker Committee, iCB-IZA. Second Soccer, '43, '44, Minor Letter '44 'QMM BETTY RUSSELL GRAY 8620 Rose Lane Harding Academic MARGARET RUTH HABGOOD 8036 Fairview Avenue Wilson Academic First Aid Leaders, ilB, High Way Representative, IOA-l2B, High Way Staff, IZA Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Base- ball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Svvirnrning Club, '44, Bowling Club, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '44, Cnarrn, '45 Fifty-nine Q , L N HARNAT ICZ 64 Melr treet Shena Commercial Student rd, l2B, Victory Corps llA, llB, nd, lZA, l2B, High Way Representative, llA, llB ISOBEL HAUBERT 1961 East Cheltenham Ave. Harding Acade ic Victory C s IOA-12 ' Sta crafters, l2A, o n S ' IZB, B R pre ti , . Girls' Da ' lu , , QP CHARLES HERMAN HAHN 7227 Ditman Street Harding Commercial JANET E. HAINES 1129 Wakeling Street Wilson Academic Student Board, 11A, Senior Twelve, l2B, A Cappella Choir, llA-12B. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girlst' Base- ball, '43, '44, Volleyball, '43, Numer- als, '44, ROBERT ALFRED HANSON 4128 "M" Street NORMAN RICHARD HAIGH 5112 Penn Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, 10B-llA, A Cappella Choir, IOA, IOB, Christmas Committee, llA-l2B, Locker Committee, IZA, l2B, Bank Representative, llA-IZA, A. A. Representative, llA-llB, High Way Representative, lOA. Varsity Football, '45, Second Foot- ball, '44, Track, '44, '45, Cheerleaders, '43, Minor Letter, '44, Maior Letter, '45. LILLIE MAE HALLOWELL 4221 Hartel Avenue Wilson Commercial JOHN BARCLAY HARLEY 1900 Emerson Street Harding Mechanic Arts Rockledge, Pa. Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, lOB-128. Victory Corps, lOB-l2B. Track, '43-'45, Captain, '45, Minor Letter, '43, Maior Letter, '44, il- V I .gn-X X , Weep carer, L to A EM ' ifrisxx Q25 F JJ X ,fafiili h DOROTHY JEAN HARRIS 5250 Oakland Street Wilson Academic Clet Club, l2A, l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, lOB, Ushers Association, llAf12B, High Way Staff, lOB-12B Hockey, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44. EDWARD L. HEERSCHAP 4835 Frankford Avenue Ashville, N. Carolina Academic Victory Corps, llB, 128. Sixty I X N .- WM. DONALD HEINEMANN 7118 Rutland Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, IIA, Orchestra, IOA, ICB, Band, IOA, IOB, Dance Band, I2A, IZB, HELEN CAROLINE HEM 2012 Hartel Street Wilson Academic Bank Representative, IIB. NORMA ANN HERDEGEN 3414 Tyson Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, ICA, ICB, Locker Committee, IZB l-lockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '-13, Girls' Baseball, '-33, Volleyball, '-l2 WILLIAM T. HELLER, 3rd 6744 Lynt'ord Street WilS0rl Academic Victory Corps, ICB, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, IOB, IIB EL EANOR H ERD 7142 Ditman Street Harding Commercial Dance Committee, IZB Girls' Basketball, '42, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43, '-14. MARION ALICE HIGGINSON 1128 Wakeling Street Wilson Academic "A" Play Cast, IZB, Sock and Boskrn, IZB, Boots and Saddle Cltib, ICA-IZB, Latin Club, IIA, Secretary, Dancing Club, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA, Locker Committee, ICA, Ushers Association, ICA-IZB, Bank Representative, ICA-IZB, A A Repre- sentative, IIA, I-lion Way Staff, IZA, IZB Girls' Leaders, '42-'-I-l, Girls' Bas- ketball, '-15, Girls' Baseball, '-I2-'-Ill, Swimming Club, '4-I YVONNE M. HINKLE 3247 Englewood Street Wilson Academic , Hockey, '-li, Girls' Basketball, '-12, '-li, Girls' Baseball, '-IS, '-I-I, Valley- ball, 44 ALICE HOHENSTEIN 8920 Bustleton Avenue Wilson Commercial Sixty-one RGBERTA MARIE HISSNER 5432 Akron Street Wilscn Commercial Staaent Board, ICA, ICB, Victory Corps, IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, IIA, Girls' Baseball, '43, '-lei LAURA H. HOLMES Carver Hall Apts., Oxford Avenue Washington, D. C. Academic l 1 XL. L 1 1 1 I 1 l 1 1 1 i 1 I I 1 -levy ISABEL M. HOPKINS 1325 Foulkrod sneer I l as' R"50"e Sffeef x Girls' High Academic W"S0" A "y - . ' Corps I2 if.: - Victory Corps, iGB-IZB, Sock anc Victory , ' ' , ,, Q - , Baskin, IZA, IZB, Ellis A, aimbei fS2'I',ggA'l2Bf Bank S tml Aword' IZA Girls' Leaders, '4Z. U ROBERT WILLIAM HUTZ 3020 Robbins Avenue DAVID ROSE HOUGH 9224 Bustleton Avsnue Wilson Comme,-cial Warren Mechanic Arts Victory Corps IOB-IZB Christmas Sfdggfif BOUVU, lOBI Victory COVDS, ' ' IOBAI , Committee, IOA. , WIL T. NDMAN, JR. CARMELA IORIO I640 st yc ming Street 4232 Shelmire Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts Wilson Cummercial VI Cores I0Bfl2B- Dance Club, IIB, 125, yimn Corps, IGB-IZB, Christmas Cornrnittee, s IOA, High Way Staff, IIA-IZA Girls' Basketball, '44, '45 ff' I I ,r f ,, 4 . . . QQED !'i70gai7 ' ROBERT W. IRWIN LEONARD E. JABLONSKI 1462 vankirk sneer 5336 Jackson Sffee' wilson Academic Harding Mechanic Arts Band, IOB-IZB, Boots and Saddle STgQ'fT0f5ACO'DS' 1084231 H'9h Wal' Club, IIA-IZB, High Way Representa- Track 145 tive, IOA-IZA. ' ' ELEANOR I. JACOBSEN 3507 Bleigh Street Wilson Commercial 5 1- EEZ . 1 -1 C siadem Ewa, ICA, IIB, yierory V. if. fj 5, A 1, orps, lOA-IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, 5 J. Gym Office, IIB-IZB, Christmas Cam- rjg g- ' Y., mittee, lOAg Ushers Association, IIA- ' IZB, Campus Committee, IIA, Bank Representative, IOB. ' , " Girls' Basketball, '45 Sixty-two JANE M. JANISZEWSKA 4668 James Street Harding ercial Dancing Clu if... FRANCES M. KAUFFMAN 4147 "L" Street Harding Commercial Victorv Corps, IIA, IIB, Librarv Monitor, IIA, IIB, l-lign Way Repre- sentative, ICB IIA MARION MILDRED KAUL 1571 Devereaux Avenue Dover, N. J. Academic Senior Twelve IZB, Victorv Carbs, IOB-IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, IZB, Locker Committee, IZA Usliers Association IZA, l-Ilan Wax Representative, IZB Girls' Leaders 44, '45, Girls' Bas- kegtball, '43-'45 Girls' Baseball, '4J f4 JOHN L. JERDAN 1736 Brill Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Student Board, ICA-IIA, Locker Corn- rnittee, IZB, Bond Salesman, IOA-IIA, Bank Representative, ICA-IZA, A A Representative, IDA-IZA. Varsity Soccer, '44, Second Soccer, '42, '43, Track, '44, Bowling, '-12-'44, Varsitv Tennis, '44, '45 ELEANORE C. JONES M. and Bristol Streets Harding Academic DOLORES M. JORETT 809 Chandler Street Wilson Commercial ELIZABETH K. JERVIS 5037 Torresdale Avenue Harding Commercial Orchestra, ICB, Bank Representa- tive, IOA. JANE M. JONES 9999 Bustleton Avenue Wilson Academic I-lockev, '42, Girls' Basketball, '43 Girls' Baseball, '42, Swimming Clib, '44, Dancing Club, '44 STANLEY STEPHEN KARPOWICZ 8114 Elberon Avenue High WGY Hoff 123 Wilson Mechanic Arts Girls' Leaders, '44, '45- Q f B . N some rs- ,D kj HELEN HOPE KAUFMANN 4925 Saul Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Victory Corps, ICB-IZB, Ushers Association, IOBAIZB, High Way Representative, IZA Girls' Leaders, '43, Girls' Basket- ball, '44, '45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Swimming Club, '44, Bowling Club, '45 ALICE GERTRUDE KEELEY 3335 Wellington Street Wilson Commercial Girls' Basketball, '44, Girls' Base- ball, '45, Swimming Club, '-ll Sixty-three 1 ...w'f" MARY THERESA KENDRICKS 3112 Stirling Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, l1B, l2A, High Way Representative, lOB. Hockey, '44, RUTH ELEANOR KERSHNER 7132 Montague Street Wilson Commercial PATRICIA RUTH KINKEAD 2105 Loney Street H ERBERT KER 2124 Shallcr Street Harding Mechanic Arts Senior Mor ' Committee, l2B. X' t EDWARD LEANCY KESSLER 5826 Walker Street Oak Hill, W. Va. Academic FRANK L. KINSLOW 2110 East Tioga Street Wilson Academic Jones Industrial Secretary of Senior Class, Student WCTOVY Cores, WA-llft Board, IOA-l2B, President, l2A, l2B, Senior Twelve, IZB, Victory Corps, 1OA, Parade Corps, IOB, Safety Commis- sion, IZA, First Aid Leader, l2A, Mercantile Library Rrize, l2A. Girls' Leaders, '42-'45, Hockey, '42- '44, Girls' Basketball, '42, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43, Volleyball, '43, '44, Swimming Club, '44, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '44, Cnarm, '45, f ye. p 041 , f ' We . , ff ' U C - - Ss as f . - MFRQ 4? or FB ALICE JANE KIRKMAN 1927 Harrison Street Harding Academic Bank Representative, lOB-l2B. Swimming Club, '44, '45. PHILIP BERNARD KLEMICK 2170 Granite Street Harding Mechanic Arts Vice-President of Senior Class, Vic- tory Corps, lOB. Varsity Football, '44, Track, '43, '45, Second Baseball, '44, lvlaior Let- ter, '44, MARY JAN E KIRKPATRICK Bethayres, Pu. Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, 1213, Victory Corps, 10A-l2A, Christmas Committee, IZA, Bank Representative, l2B, A. A. Representative, IOA, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '42-'45, Varsity l-lockey, '42-'44, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45 Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Vol- leyball, '43, '44, Swimming Club, '43, '44, Numerals, '43, Letter, '43, Charm, '44. RICHARD E. KLEMICK 2170 Granite Street Harding Mechanic Arts President of Senior Class, Bank Repe resentative, lCA. Varsity Football, '44, Track, '43-'45, Second Baseball, '44, Malor Letter, '44, Sixty-four DOROTHY M. KOHLBRENNER 7500 Dorcas Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, HB, l2A, A. A. Rep- resentative, l2A. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Varsity Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Vol- leyball, '44, Swimming Club, '44, '45, Numerals, '45. CHESTER KORONA 1831 Margaret Street Harding Academic MARTHA TILLIE KRATKY 4751 Bleigh Avenue IVETTA NANCY KOHS 5127 Cottage Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, ICA-l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, HB. WANDA HELEN KRAJEWSKI 5043 Torresdale Harding ' ommercial Victory Cor s, ' , Bank Represen- tative, llA. EVELYN A. KUMKA 3337 Mercer Street MATTHEW WALTER KUZMA 2720 Croyden Street Harding Vocational Art Jones Commercial Student Board, ICA, IOB, Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA, Campus Committee, llA, Christmas Committee, lOA, Ushers Association, llA-l2B, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, lOB, A. A, Represen- tative, llA, High Way Representative, Girls' Basketball, f45. 20 ,J f A4 '0 1 .- 'li 1:31 , - ,Lg -, -I, if ,X WZ? i - 4- 3' ,, ,xx If RICHARD ARTHUR KURTZ 6650 Lynford Street Wilson Commercial Senior Morning Committee, l2B, Victory Corps, llA-i2A, Locker Com- mittee, IZB, Safety Commission, IZA, l2B, A, A. Representative, lCA, llA, President, l2A, l2B. Varsity Football, '43, '44, Second Football, '42, Numerals, '42, Minor Letter, '43, Moior Letter, '44, M. ELIZABETH KUZMAN 4231 Teesdale Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, Vic- tory Corps, llA-l2B, Latin Club, llA. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '42- '44, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '44, Swimming Club, '43, '44, Numerals, '43, Letter, '44, Charm, '45, Sixty-five Harding Industrial Victory Corps, IOB. ROBERT LACHOWICZ 4521 East Stiles Street Harding Industrial Victory Corps, llA-l2A. 1 l CAROLINE F. LASKOWSKI 'II46 Ditman Street Langhorne, Pa. Commercial Victory Corps, IIB, l2A, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA, High Way Rep- resentative, IIA, llB. MARY ELIZABETH LATHAM 4644 Penn Street Wilson Academic JOSEPH LASKOWSKI 2382 Duncan Street Harding Mechanic Arts THERESA EVELYN LAZARICK I220 East Cheltenham Avenue Harding Academic Bank Representative, IOA. Hockey, '42-'45, Volleyball, '42, Swimming Club, '44, '45 i DONALD H. D. LEE MARY FLORENCE LEES 4535 Frankford Avenue I 3341 Brighton st' f . Harding Academic Wilson 0 ercml . V'ctory Corps, IOB lofi-ugegt Boom' IOA' V OW Corps' Glrls' Basketball, 4, Girls' Base- ' X ball, '44. . , A ,X f' J fr , 4, S Gent ffe,,, no 1 X X Ai-435 GIFFORD LEIBENGUTH 2I35 Anchor Street Harding Mechanic Arts MILDRED LOUISE LEWIS 5722 Jackson Street Harding Academic Hockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '44, Girls' Baseball, '43, Sixty-six DOROTHY ALYCE LEWIS 102 West Ontario Street Kensington Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, A Cappella Choir, IIA-IZB, Senior High School Music Festival, IZA, Ushers Associa- tion, IIA-IZB. Swimming Club, '44, FELICIA STELLA LIBUCKI 4927 Cottage Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, IOA, Boots and Saddle Club, IOB-IZB, Ushers Asso- ciation, IOB-l2B, Bank prese tative, IOA, IIA-l2A. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45' ckey, '43, '44, Girls' Basket I , Ninerals, '44, Letter, ' . 331 ' 'My JANET ANN LICHTENSTEIN 1038 Unruh Avenue Williamsport, Pa. Academic Sock and Baskin, IIB, IZA. GERTRUDE A. LINDEMAN 3446 Bleigh Street Wilson Commercial Editor of Record Book, IZB, English Office, IIB-IZB, S ni r Twelve, IZB, Vi tory Corp , IZB, Secreta ial Cl , II aledictoria. i ' rs, '4Z'45, y, '43, ' ' ' B ketbal ' , '44, Girls' all, '4, '44 olleyball, '42, wimming u 4, '45, Numerals, '44, Lette , Charm, '45, CHARLOTTE L. LITTLE 8057 Cresco Avenue Ashland, Pa. Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZA, IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA-IZA, Locker Com- mittee, IZA, Ushers Association, IIA, ISA, IZB, High Way Representative, Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Hockey, '42, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Vol- leyball, '4Z, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44 JACK R. LINA 6134 Walker Street Harding Industrial BARBARA ELAINE LITTLE 1671 Dyre Street Harrisville, R. I. Commercial ,Victory Corps, IZB, Locker Com- mittee, IZA. JOHN JOSEPH LITTLEY 7124 Marsden Street Harding Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IOB-IZB. l i, it 4 J Y Y 7 'R .. wwe es Q Z ' A 'lr "I ,S XXX' i X153 l JAMES LIVINGSTONE , 914 Marcella Street Stetson Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IIB-IZA, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, A. A. Representative, IOB. ROBERT ARTHUR LOUIS 5640 Loretta Avenue Wilson Academic Ye Monks, IIA-IZB, Victory Corps, IOA-IIB, Sock and Baskin, IZA, Varsity Baseball, '45, Varsity Soc- cer, '44, Varsity Basketball, '45, Sec- ond Basketball, '44, Second Baseball, '44, Minor Letter, '44, Major Letter, '44, '45. ALICE LOEFFLER 4433 Teesdale Street Wilson Commercial Bank Representative, IIB. Hockey, '43, '44, Girls' Basketball, '44, '45, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44, Volleyball, '43. MARGARET MARIE LOWRY 4202 Shelmire Avenue Wilson Academic Christmas Committee, IOB. Hockey, '43, Swimming Club, '44. Sixty-seven CHARLES EDWARD LUCZAK 4749 Tacony Street Harding Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IIB, IZA, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, A. A. Representa- tive, IOA-IIA, MARY ELIZABETH LUTZ 6933 Lynford Avenue Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, ICA-IZB. LILLIAN MACKLINE 4767 Worth Street Harding Commercial new ELSIE MARGARET LUDIN 7126 Marsden Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, ICB, IIA, Christmas Committee. IOA. B. JEAN MacDONALD 1305 Wakeling Street Wilsan Academic ,Victory Corps, IIA, Ushers Asso- ciation, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representa- tive, IIB. Girls' Baseball, '44, '45 ANNA JOAN MACRINE 899 Scattergood Street Wilson Commercial KW: K X 1 M5099 H70 59 gg KA QQ! EDITH CATHERINE MALONE 2010 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, i0B. Bowling Ciub, '45, SHIRLEY L. MARCHALONIS 5710 Jackson Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, First Aid Corps, IIB, Senior Tweive, IZB, Victory Corps, IOB, IIA, Stage- cratters, IIB, IZA, Christmas Com- mittee, IZA, Ushers Association, IZA, Library Monitor, IIB, First Aid Lead- ers, IIB, High Way Staff, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Giris' Bas- ketbali, '44, Giris' Basebali, '44, Nu- merais, '45, Dancing Club, '45. LUCILLE MARIE MANELLA 3527 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Commercial Student Board, IOA-IZB, Victory Cpfgps, IOB, IIA, Ushers Association, ALMA M. MAREK 4204 Marple Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IZA, Bank Representative, ICA-IZB. Sixty-eight LORRAINE E. MARKERT 3129 Knorr Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB-IIB, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43, Volleyball, '4Z, MARIE TERESA MARTIN 3511 Ryan Avenue Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB-IIB, Stagee craftersi, IOB, Christmas Committee, IOA, Ushers Association, IZA, Bank Representative, IOB, Girls' Basketball, '43. ELSIE R. MARTYN 909 Scattergoad Street Wilson Academic Z ', 'lf f MARIE E. MARSHALL 4419 Vankirk Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, IOB, HATTIE PATRICIA MARTOFEL 2119 Orthodox Street Harding Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Ushers' Association, IZA, Bank Representative, IZA, IZB, Girls' Leaders, '43, '44, Hockey, '44, SHIRLEY E. McADAMS 1419 Magee Avenue Wilson Commercial Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Victory Corps, lOA-IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA, IOB, Locker Com- qnlittee, IZB, A. A. Representative, A. Hockey, '42-'44, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Vol- leyball, '43, UMM FRANCIS CALVIN McATEER 1342 Hale Street Wilson Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, High Way Sports Writer, IZB, Varsity Track, '45, 'F JEAN L LAND 141 Ros ' S eet Wilson c ' senior ig Co ' , IZB, "A" Play Cas, ' ct Corps, IIB-IZB lef Cl AIZB, A Coppell ir, IIB- B, Spring Music . Fesiiv B, 125, All Pitiiqdeiphic A Ca f 1 Choir, IZA, IZB, Ushers Assoc i r", IA-IZ ' High Way Rep- - ' res u i , ' ZB, High Way af i2B, 4 I Hockey, '43-'45, omg' Bcskeiboii, '43-'-IS, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Sixty-nine A. DORIS McCARTY 4117 "L" Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, A, A, Representative, IZA, IZB. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '43, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43, '45, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Bowling Club, '45, Nurnerals, '44, Let- ter, '4-4, Charm, '-15. ROBERTA E. McCLEMENTS 4257 Ormond Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, IOA, IOB, vt' E McCOLL 3442 Wellington Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA-llA, Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Locker Committee, l2Ag Ushers Association, l2A, l2B, A. A. Representative, llB, Hockey, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44, ELAINE FRANCES McKAY 865 Sanger Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, War Bond Representative, lOA-llA. Girls' Baseball, '45. NANCY GAIL McLEES 4031 Meridian Street Wilson Victory Corps, fiom, i2A, i2B, 128, l Academic lA, Ushers Associa- Bowling Club, l2A, Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girlsa' Bas- ketball, '44, '45, I '45, Volleyball, Girls' Baseball, '43- 43, '44, Swimming ELLEN K. MCCULLOUGH 1712 North Marston Street Vaux Commercial ALICE IDA MCKEE 6552 Ditman Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps., llB. Girls' Basketball, '43, LOIS MARIE McMAHON 3502 Chippendale Avenue Wilson Academic Victory Corps, lOA-l2B. Club, '43-'45, l , 4 "Z' C. GCCDQD 570g 7 - ff " gpg ai? '49 'V is 099 My I BETTY JANE McMASTERS LEO EUGE E WID 2'll9 La Rue Street 4575' Street Harding Commercial H ing Acailemic Victory Corps, lOB, Boots and , ictory Corps, llA, l,,lBMbik Rep- Saddle Club, l2B, Ushers Association, re e ve, llA l2A' A. . Represen- l2B, Bank Representative, lOA. , lOB, l A. X Harding Seventy Victory Corps, llA, llB. KATHRYN D. MEEKER l82l East Clearfield Street Commercial DONALD MONTEMURO 4354 Leiper Street Harding Industrial. JEANETTE MARIE MOREAU 4621 Worth Street Harding Commercial Victory Corpsi, IIB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Secretarial Club, IZB, Bank Representative, IIA. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45 RUSSELL J. MOSS 5728 Hegerman Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Stu- dent Board, IIB, Victory Corps, IOA, IOB, Campus Committee, IOA, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Locker Committee, IZA, IZB, Bank Repre- sentative, IZA, IZB, Track, '44, '45. BETTY ROSE MREESE 5439 Oakland Street Wilson Commercial CHARLOTTE L. MORRIS 4653 Castor Avenue Wilson Vocational Art Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Ushers As- sociation, IOB-IZB, High Way Repre- sentative, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44, Hockey, '43, HILDA EMMA MOTZ 1310 St. Vincent Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, Red Cross, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girls' Bas- ketball, '44, '45, Swimming Club, '43, '44, Dancing Club, '44. MARY MUKALIAN 6610 Torresdale Avenue Hardin Cgmm ciol Girls' Baseball, '44, Dancing Club, '44. t 55? L 'x ' if A NNE 5 9 Ss- Z 1 vi 4 5 DORIS GERTRUDE MULLER 6504 Tulip Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IIA, IIB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Campus: Committee, IOA, Christmas Committee, IIB, Lock- er Committee, lOB, Ushers Association, IZA, A. A. Representative, IOA, High Way Staff, '44. EMILY A. MURAWSKI 4530 East Thompson Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IZA, Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, IZB, Usihers Association, IZA, Library Monitor, IOA, Bank Representative, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IOB, IIB, Girls' Leaders, '44, Hockey, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '44, JOHN WILLIAM MUNZ 2100 Griffith Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IOA- I ZA, D. ELAINE MYER 4130 "I" Street Harding Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Victory Corps, IOA-iZB, English Office, IZA, IZB, First Aid Corps, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, Bank Representative, IZA, IZB, A, A. Representative, IIB, Girls' Leaders, '42-'45, Dancing Club, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45, Seventy-one I ll' LORRAINE MAY MYERS 4237 Tudor Street Harding Home Economics ANNAMAY NAUMANN 4618 Castor Avenue Wilson Academic A Cappeila Choir, IZA, IZB, Boots and Saddie Ciob, IOA-IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Bank Representative, IOB-IZA. ELEANOR FRIDA NESTLER 3737 Glendale Street HENRIETTA NACHTRIEB 2251 La Rue Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IZA, A, A Representative, IIA-IZA. Hockey, '-I3. DOROTHY M. NELSON 3507 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IIA, Bank Repre sentative, IIB. EDMUND ROBERT NICHOLS 3309 Oakmont Avenue Harding Commercial Wilson Vocational Ar victory corps, IIA-IZB, vvor Bom Record Book Committee, IZB. Representative, IIA, Bank Represen- tative, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '44, '4S. 'I xc-. mai ug.-.-'X' Qx f' geo can X 'I' Y C x 1 FE .ggzlli I GORDON M. NONNEMACHER 5354 Charles Street Harding Mechanic Arts Track, '44, '45, Minor Letter, '44, Maior Letter, '45. HELEN OGDE 1632 W keling S Harding Academic Victory Co I -IZB, A Cap- pella Choir, I I2 Sock and Bos- kin, I , Stagecra rs, IZA, IZB, Us rs ciation, OA-IZA, High R esentative, IOA, IOB, First s' Leaders, '42-'45, Swimming , '44, '45, Dancing Club, '44, '45, etter, '45. Wa i ders, I IB, IU JOHN F. NOVAK 2995 Gaul Street Jones Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, A A, Rep- resentative, IZB. Varsity BasepaII, '43-'45, Varsity Soccer, '44, Varsity Basketball, '43- '45, Minor Letter, '42, '43, Maior Letter, '43-'45 ALBERT WILLIAM OLDHAM 5205 Cottage Street Harding Academic Student Board, IZB, Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, A Cappeila Choir, IOA-IZB, Bond Representative, IIA, Senior High Music Festival, IIB. Seventy-two GEORGE 0'NEILL 536 Arthur Street Wilson Academic Student Board, lOA,,A. A, Repre- sentative, llB f 3, Second Football '4 , " umefols, '42, ,' 4 E Af' ,fl , - ,f , w-"' I 'Q 1 MARION V. ORZECHOWSKI 4529 Bleigh Avenue Harding Commercial Victory Corps, lOA-lZA. Hockey, '43, BETTY P. OXENFORD l 5403 Saul Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IOB-IZA, Victory Corps, IOA, IOB, First Ail Corps, llB. Girls' Baseball, '43, '44, Swimming Club, '44, '45, 7 Z453 DO OT UISE ORTH 9 one Street Wilson Commercial Q Victory , lOA,lZB, Christmas Committee, . RICHARD EDWARD OTT 3l06 Rawle Street Wilson Academic Locker Committee, lZA, lZB, Varsity Golf, '44, GLORIA MAJORIE PAGAN 1404 East St, Vincent Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOB, Bowling Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, HA, IZA, Ushers Association, IIA. 811 ELIZABETH PARKINSON 4009 Creston Street Harding Commercial "A" Play Cast, IZB, Sock and Bus- Kin, IZA, Christmas Committee, IOA, l-llgh Way Representative, llB-IZB DORIS REGINA PFEIFFER 907 Pratt Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IZA, Boots ond Saddle Club, llB-IZB, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, l-ligh Way Representative, IOA, lOB Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Dancing Club, '44, Seventyethree MW? Q DIANE PETERSON l3ll Devereaux Avenue Knoxville, Tenn. Academic Victory Corps, IOB-IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, llB, IZA, Latin Club, IZA, Locker Committee, IZA. Girls' Basketball, '44, Girls' Base- ball, '43, '44, LUCY PIOTROWSKI 1926 Kinsey Street Harding Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Ushers Association, IOB-IZA. 53irls' Leaders, '42-'44, Numerals, '4 ILEAN PRICE 4673 Mulberry Street Harding Commercial Victory Corpsi, 1OA-1lB, Locker Committee, l2B. Girls' Basketball, '44, '4S. 'Q LEONA RANDALL 6021 Walker Street Harding Commer 'al Victory Corps lOA-1 B' Bank , - , resenta ' . . Hoc - - s et o ' ' lub 45' Dancin J ' e, i 4 v , '4 '44 ' I b Il, '43, ' , G'rI as al, '43, Volley- bo , 3, S i a , ' , Q Cl ' RUTH BELL REED 818 Unruh Avenue Wilson Academic "A" Play Cast, l2B, Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, 10B- l2B, Ushers Association, l2A, l2B, High Way Staff, 12B. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Varsity Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Basketball, '44, '45, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Vol- leyball, '43, '44, Varsity Swimming Club, '43-'45, Numerals, '44, Bowling Club, '44, '45. MARGARET M. PUTALLAZ 4307 Benner Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, Victory Corps, llA, HB, Ushers Association, 12A, Bank Representative, l2A. ELAINE E. RAUCH 1825 Murray Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, 1OA, lOB, Christmas Committee, lOA, Locker Committee, lOB, Hockey, '42, Girls' Basiketball, '43, Swimming Club, '44, Dancing Club, '45 JANE GLORIA REESE 1624 East Lycoming Street Harding Commercial Student Board, 1OB, llA, Victory Corpsi, lOA-l2B, Christmas Committee, IGB, l1A, Ushers Association, 12A, l2B, High Way Staff, 12A, 123. Girls' Baseball, '42, L ,f ' I f glw ,N GQ? "i70gag gf' WILLIAM CHARLES REICH NORMAN CARL REICHERT A 2739 Pfvft Street Q 3211 Fuller sneer HU"d'n9 AC0d9mlC Harding Commercial THICK, '45 High Way Repfesenmiive, ioA. FRANK BAKER REIHM EILEEN B. REYNOLDS 4514 Mulberry Street 4013 "K" Street Harding Commercial Cooke Academic Seventy-four High Way Representative, i2B. Girls' Basketball, '43, RUTH ANNE RILEY 5407 Charles Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOB, Victory Corps, IOB, Girls' Leaders, '42, '43. MARGARET FREDA RITTER I462 North Myrtlewood Street Vaux Commercial Victory Corps, IOA, IGB, Secre- tarial Club, IZA, IZB. x . RICHARD F. RODDY EARL GEORGE RODENHAVER 'II47 East Rosalie Street , 7226 MCIrSden Sfreel' Wilson Mechanic Arts Harding Mechanic Arts F Varsity Football, '43, '44, Second Football, '42, Varsity Baseball, '42-'45, Varsity Basketball, '43-'45, Minor Letter, '42-'44, Major Letter,. '42-'45. ERNEST NEEDHAM RODGERS 4521 Tyson Street Victory Corps, IIA. Track, '43,d45, Minor Letter, '44, BETTY ROHRER 6324 Lawndals Street Harding Academic Wilson C0mmel'Ci0l Dance Committee, IZB, Victory Corps, IIA, Orchestra, IOB-IZB, Swing Band, IZB, A, A. Representative, IOA. Varsity Soccer, '44, Second Soccer, '43, Minor Letter, '43, '44. g k v ,wwe ies A Q Q N A ,ef . N - 4 x .xv JOHN GEORGE ROMANAUSKY 2243 Wakeling Street Harding Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IIA. Varsity Football, '44, Second Foot- ball, '43, Minor Letter, '43, Mdior Letter. '44. PEARL ROURKE 2046 Wilmot Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIB-IZB, A Cappella Choir, IOB-IZB, Music Festival, IIB, A. A. Representative, IIA, High Way Representative, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '43, Volleyball, '43, Numerals, '44. LILLIAN PAULINE ROTH 2937 Hale Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IOB-IZB, Gimbel Citizenship Award, I2A,. b Girls' Leaders, '44, Swimming Club, '43,'44. GLORIA RUBINO 7200 State Road Harding Commercial Seventy-five BETTY C. RYAN 5952 Augusta Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '44. MARY IRENE SCHIMEK 3600 North Fifth Street Penn Treaty Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IIB. MARJORIE ANN SCHMIDT 5434 Oakland Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Ushers Asl- sociation, IZA, IZB, A. A. Represen- tative, IOB, High Way Staff, IZB. Hockey, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '45. CHARLOTTE SCHAEFER 1350 East Airdrie Street Harding Commercial CLAIRE ALBERTA SCHMIDT 3405 Princeton Avenue Wilson Commercial Student Board, IIB, A, A. Repre- sentative, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, 125, Traffic Club, IOA, ioB. Traffic Club, IOA, IOB. Bowling Club, '45, Soft Ball, '45, Hockey, '45, Manager. PAUL IVAN SCHOCK 6146 Torresdale Avenue Harding Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IZB, A. A. Representative, IIB, High Way Representative, IZA, V xg' i , QED lH7U 1,gg so I ss CLAIRE M. SCHREIBER 1301 Wellington Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Victory Corps, IOB, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA-IZA, War Bond Representative, IOB, First Aid Corps, IIB, Ushers Association, IIA, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Hockey, '43, Manager, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43- '45, Girls' Baseball, '43, Umpire, '44, Vcgleyball, '43, Numerals, '44, Letter, '4 . AUDREY KATHERINE SCHULTZ 1457 Stevens Street Wilson Academic High Way Staff, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Hockey, '44, Swimming Club, '44, DORIS MAY SCHRENK 9520 Hott' Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IOA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IZB, High Way Represen- tative, IIA, High Way Staff, IIB, I2 . HAROLD WAR E HWARZ M and Bris Streets Stetson Vocational Art Track, '43-'45 Seventy-six STANLEY L. SCOTT 'l4l3 Robbins Avenue Bartram Mechanic Arts ANNA SENKOW 811 North Franklin Street William Penn Commercial Girls' Basketball, '45. JOHN WARREN SHAFFER 4928 Mulberry Street CHARLES WM. SEITTER 2233 Rhawn Street Wilson Academic Band, l2A, l2B. DOROTHY L. SHAEFFER 5812 Ditman Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Library Monitor, IGB-llB. Girls' Leaders, '43, '44, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '45, Bowling, '4'5. ALBERT WARREN SHAW 7319 Crispin Street 'atwy , i, , eefi .Ffi1's Harding Mechanic Arts Wilson Aca mic Senior Morning Committee, l . Varsity Football, '4 ' eco d - ball, '42, '43, Trac '45, als, '42, Minor , er, ' , M ' r Letter, '44, H ' Z I ,.,. fp gf ' f ' ' ' B " ee . BERNICE SHEPORAITIS 1835 Harrison Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Ushers As- sociation, lCA, Bank Representative, llA, High Way Staff, llA, llB. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girls' Bas- ketball, '43, Dancing Clab, '45 ALBERT W. SHOUDT, JR. 3510 Wellington Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Student Board, lCA-l2B, Victory Carbs, lOA-l2B, Locker Cornmittee, lCAsl2B, Bank Representative, lCA, lCB, A A. Representative, llA, High Way Rebresentatiye, l2A, High Way Staff, lOA, ICB. Second Football, '44, Track, '43-'45 Seventy-seven O 54 Eas Stienber Street BERT HIELDS, JR. H n Mechanic Arts S nt Board, ICA-l2B, Victory r , IIA-lZB. MARION VIELETTA SIMON Bustleton Avenue and Hartel Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, ICA-l2B, Christmas Committee, ICA, Red Cross, llA. U HELEN M. sikcn 1413 Rosalie Street Wilson ' Academic Victory , IOA-IZBQ Red Cross, IIA, ggi mas Committee, IOA-IIA, Bank presentative, IZA, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB. Volleybali, '43, JEANNE REBECCA SMITH L' Lf FROSTENA C. SMITH 4675 Hawthorne Street Harding Home Economics Student Board, IIB-IZA, Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, High Way Represen- tcggve, IOB, High Way Staff, IOA, Girls' Boskerboii, '44, '45, omg' Basebali, '45. JOSEPH SMITH 8 Blakiston Street Eu ICON' Street Harding Academic W MeCh0niC AHS E K WESLEY PATRICIA RUTH SNELL 2939 orth 6th et 859 Scattergood Street Catasauq Academic Bedford, Pa. Home Economics High Way Representative, IIB. ff' , ' If f .1 , ,' f fig ,X C , fili-if f 'fa . ps ee ELEANOR SPANIER 3161 Weymouth Street Stetson Commercial 1 RENE M R SPINKA 2745 Or odox Street ar ing Commercial Student Boar , IZA, Victory Corps, IOB-IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB Seventy-eight MADELINE C. SPIER 7735 Hasbrook Avenue Stetson Commercial Victory Corps, IOB, IIA, Bond and Stomp Representative, IOA, IOB, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB. HILDA A. SPONSEL 7438 Bingham Street Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IZA. . KATHRYN R. STACKHOUSE 1514 North Newkirk Street Vaux Commercial Student Board, lOA, 1OB, Victory Corps, IOB-l2B, A Cappella Choir, 10B-l2B, Christmas Committee, l1A, Library Monitor, 1OA, Bank Represen- tative, 1lB, Hockey, '43, Swimming Club, '44, Dancing Club, '45, , SHELDON LOUIS STEIN 1413 East Lycoming Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, llA-12B, A A, Rep- resentative, 1lA, High Way Represen- tative, llB. ANNA E. STOLZER 7617 Verree Road , GWENDOLYN G. STEELE 1049 Pratt Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, 1OA-1213, Ushers As- sociation, l1A, 1lB, Bank Represen- tative, llA. Hockey, '43, '44, Girls' Basketball, '44, Girls' Baseball, '44, CLAIRE STEPHENSON Philadelphia State Hospital Waymart, Pa. Academic Victory Corps, 11A-l2B, High Way Staff, 1lB, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '42- '44, Girls' Baseball, '43, Swimming Club, '-43. EDDA BELLE STONE 1033-A Magee Avenue wilson Commemgal Arlington, Va. Academic Victory Corps, 1lA, Orchestra, 11A- 12B, Band, 11A-1ZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, First Aid Leaders, 1lB, A. A. Representative, 1lB, Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, Varsity Hock- ey, '44, '45, Girls Basketball, '44, '45, - Girls' Baseball, '44, '45j Volleyball, '44, Varsity Swimming Club, '44, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '44. ,. S Y., LJ-, ie 4 7 . , A wt' A 5 Q Q -4 X V 5423? QT' f-c:Dl"9s we-45 ROBERT C. STRETCH 2103 Ripley Street Wilson Academic Treasurer of Senior Class, Sock and Buskin, l2A. Varsity Baseball, '45, Minor Letter, '44, Major Letter, '45, JOSEPH EDMUND STUPAK 1223 Greeby Street Dupont, Pa. Commercial Orchestra, l1A, 1lB, 12B, Band, 11A-IZA, Clef Club, IZA, l2B, Bank Representative, l2B. BETTE ANN STUBBS 1303 Foulkrad Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, 1OA, lOB, Christmas Committee, lOA, Bank Representative, lOA-l1A. iiiifir JOHN SU DOFSKY 4141 Dungan Street Harding Mechanic Arts Seventy-nine JEAN ELEANO T ELER 702 Jockso treet Harding Music Victo 'o , ll , r esr , lOA- iiB,o i ,i2B t' ,fi JEAN LOUISE TERRY 3158 Fanshawe Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, lCB, Boots and Saddle Club, ICB-IZB, Cltristmas Committee, l2A, Usners Association, llA, A, A Representative, lfA Hcckex, '42, '43, Girls' Basketbal '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44, Vo!- leyball, '42, Norrerals, '45, ANNE MIRIAM SURICK 3549 Aldine Street Abington, Pa. Commercial Victors Corps, lOB, Bank Represen- tative, lOB, A A Representative, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '43, '44, tlcmerols, '44, ELAINE DORIS SWEIGART III6 Shelmire Avenue Wilson Academic Dance Committee, l2B, lnter-Scno- lasitic League, IZA, IZB, Sofetxf Copin- cil, IZA, IZB, Student Board, llB-l2B, First Aid Corps, llB, Senior Twelve, l2B, Victory Corps, lC.B, Sack and Buskin, llB-lZB, Stagecrafters, llB, l2A, Cnristmas Plas, lZA, Llsliers As- sociation, l2A, Higb Wai Represen- tative, lC'A-llA, Higli Way Staff, lGA-l2B, Girls' Sports Editor, l2A, IZB Girls Leaders, '43-'45, Manager, '44, '45, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volley- ball, '43, Swimmina Club, '44, Danc- ing Club, '44, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45 LORRAINE R. SYLVESTER 5931 Tulip Street Jones Commercial Victorv Corps, lOB-l2B, Secretarial Club, l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, lCA, Campos No. Committee, lOB ' Girls' Basketball, '45, Girls' Baseball '45 ESTHER JOAN SWAILES I678 Harrison Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, lOA, Bank Repre- sentative lCA Hockey, '43-'45, Girls' Basketball, '43-'45, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44 MARY ALICE SWINEHART I463 Howell Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB, Sock and Bus- kin, l2B, Usners Association, llB, l2A, A. A Representcitivc, l2A Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Hockey, '42, 43, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '43, '44, Dancing Club, '44, '45, CARRIE ALBERTA TAYLOR 7144 Hegerman Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IIA, ilB, Locker Committee, l2B, Girls' Basketball, '45, Girls' Baseball, '45, Dancing Club, '45, xc.. X . I-I r Y i 'f-ig, : gl r', bk' ,' ,MV . ,K if Eoafrrnv E. TELESKI , , BI Margaret Street 'aifdik - Academic Victors' Cprps, lCB, Latin Club, OB, IlA, Vice-President, Junior Town Meeting of the Air, i2B, Bank Repre- sentative, l2A Swimming Club, '44, ALICE E. THORN 7212 Charles Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, llA-I2 ' ' tmas Committee, ICA, Bank Re - Stiwe, lOA Hockel, '43, Gri ' SJW '44, ,AS J Eightv MWF , BARBARA ANN TITUS 7145 Ditman Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB, Boots and Saddle Club, IIA-IZB, Ushers Association, IIA, IIB, IZB, High Way Representa- tive, IOB-IZB. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girlsl' Bas- ketball, '43, '45, Girls' Baseball, '43, '45, Swimming Club, '44, MARJORIE BETTY TURNER 7161 Charles Street Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IIA, IIB. Hockey, '44, Girls' Basketball, '43, '44, Girls' Baseball, '43, '44. LOIS FAY ULMER 3115 Teesdale Street Wilson Commercial Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Student Board, IOA-I IA, Victory Corps, IOA-I IA, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, Girls' Leaders, '43, '44, Swimming ETHEL MARIE TOYE 4408 Longshore Street Harding Academic Latin Club, IIA. Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Basketball, '44, '45, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, SARA ANNE TURNOCK 5438 Discher Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, IGB-IZB, LOIS MAY UNDERWOOD 5033 Jackson Street Harding Commercial Victory Corps, IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, IGB. Club, '44, f 4 ,,f,,, ' ME' 45' IIB- I ZB. Numerals, '43. Eighty-one LOIS ANN VANDERFORD 8011 Frankford Avenue Millborn, N. J. Academic Student Board, IZB. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45 LEONARD EDWARD VEDRO 4923 Cottage Street Harding Academic Victory Corps, IOB-IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, High Way Staff, Second Football, '43, Track, '45, HERBERT JAMES VASSIAN 1036 Fanshawe Street Chicago, Ill. Academic Orchestra, IIA-IZB, Band, IIA-IZB, Clef Club, IZB, Sock and Buskln, IIB, IZA, Swing Band, IZA, IZB, Bowling, '44, '45, MARILYN JANE VEITH 4213 Disston Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, First Aid Corps, IIB, Victory Corps, IIA- IZB, Latin Club, President, IIA, Greek Club, IIA. Girls' Leaders, '43-'45, I-lockey, '4Z- '44, Girls' Basketball, '4Z-'45, Girls' Baseball, '42-'45, Volleyball, '43, Swomming Club, '43, '44, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45, Charm, '4'5. x ARTHUR W. VOGEL 4078 Higbee Street Harding Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IOA-IZB. Varsiity Football, '44, Second Foot- ball, '43, Second Basketball, '43, MARY ANN WAGNER 4476 Salmon Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, Victory Corps, IOA-IIA, Christmas Committee, IOA, A. A. Representative, IZA, IZB. Hockey, '44, GLORIA ELVA WALTERS 3438 Brighton Street IRENE MARY VORSANGER Cottman Avenue and Roosevelt Blvd. Wilson Academic Victory Corps, IOB-IZB, Sock and Baskin, IIB-IZB, A. A. Representative, IIA, IIB. Swimming Club, '44 MILDRE R WAGNER 1 0 rani Street Harding' Commercial Vi t Corps, IOA-IIA, Christmas Corn ee, IOA. ELEANOR WANINGER 4419 Bleigh Avenue Wilson Commercial WIISDI1 Academic Victory Corps, IOB. Victory Corps, IIB-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, ICB. Girls' Basketball, '43, Girls' Base- ball, '43. , , 3. I! ,X I ' V- ' I , ' .- yew reg, NORMA RUTH WATSON 1824 Harrison Street Harding Commercial Bank Representative, IOA-IIA. ERNEST LUDWIG WEBER 1820 Stanwood Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, IOB-IZB. Eighty-two HELEN WASYLENKO 1159 Bridge Street St. Basil's Academy Academic Victory Corps, IIA-IZB, High Way Staff, IIA-IZB. Girls' Basketball, '44, '45, Girls' Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Bowling, '45, Girls' Softball, '44, '45, Ballet, '45. EDYTHE WEIGHTMAN 3107 St. Vincent Street Wilson Commercial Bank Representative, IIA, High Way Staff, IIA-IZA. Harding Boston, Mass. Harding MILDRED E. WEIST 2040 Howarth Street Victory Corps, IOB, Ushers Associae tion llA PATRICIA T. WENTLING 64I2 Marsden Street VIRGINIA D. WHITE 4021 Creston Street CHARLES JONES WELCH 3524 Oakmont Street Commercial Harding Academic Dance Committee, l2B, Victory Corps, IIA-l2B, Fencing Club, IZB, A. A. Representative, llB. Varsity Football, '43, '44, Second Football, '42, Varsity Basketball, '43, '44, Minor Letter, '42, Maior Letter, '43, '44, GERTRUDE T. WERCHOSKI 4158 Stirling Street Academic Harding Commercial Student Board, IOB, Victory Corps, IOB, Christmas Committee, lOA. Volleybali, '44 - Sreet Commercial Wils Academic H n ay Repr ntatiye, lCB-l2B Girls' Leaders, 3-'45, Hockey '43, Volleyball '43, cmerals, '44, Victory Corps, ITEAJZB, Jr, Sock and Baskin, MB, Greek Club, IGB, Ushers Association, l2A, l2B Hockey, '44, '45, Girls' Basketball, '45, Bowling, '44, '45, Ballet Club, '45 BETTY J A ' I 5 THELMA E. WIBLE 3419 Tudor Street Wilson Commercial Victory Corps, llA. l I Q bp' n ELIQ C. WILLIAMS QA ' Alcott Street Wilson Academic Victor l':lA-llA, Bank Rep- rese t , , High Way Repree sen e, lOA, High Way Staff, l2fN, IZB. ESTHER EDITH WILLIAMS ' I007 Arrott Street Wilson Academic Locker Committee, IZB, Ushers Association, lCA-l2B, High Way Representative WA, High Way Staff, l2B Girls' Leaders '44, '45, Hockey, '42, '43, Girls' Basketball, '43e'-lij Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Volleyball, '45, Swimming Club, '45, LORRAINE P. WINDSOR 904 Sanger Street Stetson Commercial Bank Representative, lOB, IZB, High Way Rcprvsentative, IOA, IIB. Eighty-three ,f""'s ESTELLE WILSON 1430 East Cheltenham Avenue Wilson Academic Ushers Association, l2A, l2B. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Hockey, '43, '44, Girls' Basketball, '44, '45, Girls' Baseball, '44, '45, Volleyball, '44, Numerals, '45, Dancing Club, '44, DOROTHY LILLIAN WOLFE 842 Scottergood Street WilS0n Commercial Student Board, lOA, Victory Corps, llA-1213, Boots and Saddle Club, l2A. HARRY ROBERT WYFFELS 4279 Frankford Avenue CHARLES F. WINDISCH 1311 McKinley Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, lOA-l2B. JOHN EDWARD WOLFRUM 7164 Marsden Street Harding Mechanic Arts High Way Staff, lOB, KAZMIER WYSOCKI Comly Road, Torresdale Overbrook Mechanic Arts wilson Mechanic Arts Victory Corps, lOB, llA. Varsity Football, '44, Second Foot- ball, '43, Varsity Baseball, '45, Track, '45, Maior Letter, '44, xc? S ' X S2 ' A eo neu 'C ANQKFQ " s FE -...xiii h fy,-ff , i W-C. ' C IRE OTHY YOUNG! ROBERT D. YOUNG ' 93 oulkrod Street 1346 Foulkrod Street Harding Academic Harding Academic Stud t Bo d, lOB, Victory Corps, A Cappella Choir, l2B, Burnett 3 lOA, 1 13, So and Buskin, lOA, lOB, Memorial Prize, l2A. Christm ommittee, llA, Locker Committee, l2B, Ushers Association, lOA-l2B, Bank Representative, lOA, A, A. Representative, llA, High Way Representatiye, llB, Junior Town Meeting of the Air, l2B, First Aid Leaders, 1lB. Girls' Leaders, Manager, '42-'45, Hockey, '43, Girls' Baseball, '43-'45, Swimming Club, '44, '45, Numerals, '45, Bowling Club, '45, FLORENCE A. ZAKRZEWSKI 7111 Charles Street Jones Academic Victory Corps, lOA-l2B, Greek Club, lOB, llA, Latin Club, HA, Ushers Association, llB-l2B, Bank Repre- sentative, lOA-l2B, High Way Staff, llB, l2B. Girls' Leaders, '44, '45, Girls' Bas- ketball, '45, Hockey, '45, Softball, '45, Girls' Basketball, '45, Numerals, '44, Letter, '45, Dancing Club, '44. AUBREY ZAID 5919 Horrocks Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Eighty-four RICHARD R. ZAPOTOCKI 2027 Pratt Street Harding Industrial Art Vnctory Corps, IKUA- I ZB EMILY MILLIE ZOLTEK 3343 East Thompson Street Jones Commercial Cam:1t.sCom:wttw IVA IPB, 'tu- rfent Beam VA-IZB, kkctrurr, Gurus, ICA-IZA, Bows and 'ioricflv CMAJ If B, Chrrstrvus Ccrrwrrutteri I"A, Ushers As- socroticn IIA-IZA, Burk Reprwsnrw tctwxr "LA-I IA, A A Rf':1r4rsQr'IuIr',f IIB I-ICCI411 12' Gris' Bi1sI:QtI,m'I 'IE '4' ' f B'-semi '41 gp, s af-, -. HELEN MAY ZISETTE 5236 Saul Street Janes Academic Victory Currys, IHA, Ushers Assu- fwutrrm, IPA, IRB LESLIE J. SEAGRAVE 6315 Marsden Street Harding Mechanic Arts Vrctorx Corps IIA-UB, A Carqgucila Ozorr, ILA IFB, Sway Buncf IZA, IZB, Comms Ctnvrnwtrtfg IDA IMB, scnnff lafrrr 'lf Eightyvfive 1 ll.. .,4. K ,..., 3 1:- , Q- -J U :-gal.,-v::. 'I v ::s Q,::. . - ,A , V , Q? Nu SALUTATORIAN VALEDICTORIAN GEORGE GINGRLCH GERTRUDE LINDEMAN flu-yf""'vJ CQMMENCEMENT PRCGRAM Organ Prelude Star Spangled Banner V lnvocation ................................. .......... T he Rt, Rev, William McClelland Bishop ot Easton, Md., Diocese America, My Wondroos Land ........ ............................................... P eery Salutatory Address. Verdant Meadows... Presentation ot Dio Colm as the Night lomas and Awards ot Prizes Voledictory Address ......... ....... School Song Postlude Eighty-seven .........George Gingrich ............,.....l-landel .Gertrude Lindeman S ii B 335 ss? EQ 1317? wr r , if 3:5 , 3755315 afsiihil iz ff i 2' - 1 Q fffffz iii! fig wgxm F EWSJ? i 4,55 nab FE 14:53 v1 1, QA ., 'K-f 'fi '13 "fy-Hfyiry f+'fga f '55, we VJWQ? ,s in 254:95 I Y 2191 1 , WM.M,,.w4.,0w,,,,..w-f.,W. W MM W, ,Y .,W,,.f.M..M, N,,,,.,..,...M.wM fwf"f"A"""' "' gqgwmm-. Tzweuo:-m. im: 5992. 5073 Lgpuoue, nrnlssoea 2886. 2-BBW WMM Ma , ,.WW,M-W, ,.4,,,w A V ,,,.f'v-,,.,.-A 'HW B ELL. T 9 S C H O STREETS FRANKFO 1GH J ' Qjmw 4, MMO S IF S9 flijilfgs' 33:1 53, 221.4 'jif 1733 ij5wQ43'j Wi? A914 N521 343 uk I ff ii 1 M1 f f Q i xl ' f Q , N F2 U 4 3' A K A , , ,,f,.A4V H T4 M5 44 x yy 2-, A ,M H ,X X sif f T ,g U7 Xhwyw W4...,,,W..,Vw'fWW 'WW ' A K M,,.W,,,.,,,iN.,, , , I S , 5 i-in V 5? . wfqwfwffffr 6i2417?i'1'pf1f'Wf':'Y ' zfil. P - f f ' n J.,M,Wff1Q'-gw:f'Sf?fxf'WE41f? mf' ?w:5Z W ,S ,, Yk51',z:,Wwf, y,f"'1-H':,QMw1, wgfzikikw V fg:51f2!i'f"W,' ' A L, -.Q,,.:,. H f' ' , H , ??:ii3ZH'fi2g'fJ' 5' fgfL1,,..w AWfii1i5i'Qf5?LiixYinf:.mxQL.mw4w.,2 ,www W H-W Y w 4. Hx S 1 L X g,--.N-MW. --ff..,,,W N.. s 1 fn ,...e...vv J mx D HIGH SCHOOL "twain HARRISON STR EETS www .M H, W, , , ,Mm-Q...., W... W.,M.,, ww. f krsvsvome Tfuwuomr, ins? 8982, B973 BzLL Tzucwuowsk Jsrrrnaovv 2580, 2881! Cr 4 wry J MZ vw, 'hu fUGQ L W, -ZMQSMQQ A sl G? .V .LSI ,Q W wi fi? mA? 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N, 5 f 5 7 Q f 2 Q 1' 1 ,mm 5 ww vf -nf wwfWf'wvbwwWwwmw,wffwMwMm,,'4'mum,,M-ez?T"4aym-w , ' FRAN wx-fo KEYIYONI YILZPHONI, KAUT' BUCZ, IU7-S ann TILIPNONI. urrsnou zeso. aaa: KFORD HIGH SCHOOL OAKLAND AND HARRISON STREETS , , .j-'SO 216 i f fx iw- L' 5 "vw-..Q,,,,NW M W. If W MQ., ""'Hw-,,,,,m '-Q-ws.,,,,6.f,MW.f Www-w,,M I.. f S fig 5 O? RV 5 l 1? , V? Q f',iyg3g 4 5 V5 'ix .cy 'il il 5 V. V 5 Alf! 5 if fl ua 3 Q afuiisgizi O fi? . r , gm 1 , sy 'M PM wiv wmmwww NMMA. Bwhwxxvkwm f rr' 55 gf? 1533 wing ' f fzji - zxfeyy, -ff,':,jsgzg5z?.M. x . O . A 4gp5s- X W , W-..M m,.,.mn.W.x.,.w 1' Dr. Frank L. Cloud cjiwwil Je UW!-f At the time ot your graduation vve, the people ot the United States, tace a crisis as great and as grave as the crisis ot December 7, l94l, The actual fighting in Europe seems to be over at the present writing, But the aftermath ot that vvartare must he faced. The work ot stabilization must be carried on to the end, The regeneration ot the vvhole world must be undertaken, and we ot America must do a large part ot this work, Our best intellect must think the problem through and lead us aright. The greatest spiritual test ot all history must be met and met successfully The most ditticult task ot every- day lite, with its continuous struggle and grinding toil, must be taced day atter day and week atter vveek without the drive and excite- ment at victory in sight but only a long road uphill ahead, You must play your part as good Americans, Frankford l-ligh School looks to you to go on Without taltering until We can have peace and content- ment tor all peoples. Ninety-four MR. E. ORRELL CRAP Assistant to Principal MR. MARTIN FETHEROLF Assistant to Principal MISS ROSEINA C. GILLMAN Assistant ta Principal lv' MR. ROBERT J. ADAMS, JR. DR. FRANKLIN B. CARROLL MR. HARRY N. BARFOOT MR. MARK H. HAGMANN English Science lActingl Mathematics Health and Physical Education MR. DAVID W. HARR History and Languages MR. WILLIAM B. NICHOLS Business Education MR. RALPH B. YONKER Industrial and Fine Arts FACULTY Principal Dr. Frank L. Cloud Assistants to Principal E. Orrell Crap Martin D. Fetherolf Roseina C. Gillman Counsellors Mrs. Madeline C. Burns Dinah Freeman Christine M. Mahl Home and School Visitor Secretary to Principal Esther E. Hurnitz Clarence S. Wilkinson O SECRETARIES Vlargoret G. Butler Edith Manott Elsinore L. Christ Mrs. Marjorie C. Schmidt Mary Stark I BUSINESS Dr. George M. Alleman Joseph Klein EDUCATION Edwin M. Brown Dr. Benjamin Kuykendall William B, Nichols Elizabeth R. Eynon David F. Luithlen William l-l, French Anastasia W. E. Lyons Roseina C. Gillman Adolph Myerson Russell W. Hargreaves Mrs. Marion K. l-larnung l-lelen J. Saile l-larry Klousewitz Frank W, Streit Lillian C. Wunsch 0 ENGLISH Clarence A. l-lambleton Dr, Charles R. Nashua Robert J. Adams, Jr. Delphine A. Lanning John R. Nevin Anna C. Lee A. Clarke Pairman Mrs. Dorothy Malzer Gabriel A. Phillips Mrs, Anne March Esther R. Roth Mrs. Elizabeth I-l, Markley Florence Schlarbaumnnau Marion McMaster Dr, Lewis G. Sterner Amelia R, Mumford Charles F, Troxell Carl F, Wise 0 HISTORY l-lelen Ansley James A. Killoughili David W. l-larr Michael W, Fisch S. l-lunter Kurtz Lillian S. Glass S. Burkhart Morrison Mildred Goshow Mary E. Purcell Joseph M. Gottschalk l-l. Elaine Ramsey Edith M. Jones Mrs, Ruth B. Sprague Genevieve Wilson t ln the armed service Ninety-six Mrs. Ada T. Roby .fa,4,7,! -D 6' le.-4.09-3-an O HOME ECONOMICS Kathryn D. Biermann Harry N, Bartoot Ruth E, CActingl 0 INDUSTRIAL Harry H, Bonner AND FINE ARTS Walter J. Cole Ralph B. Yonker ,VEdith G. Doggett fqjh G Norman R. Day 0 LANGUAGE David W. Harr 0 MATHEMATICS Mr. Mark H mann 424,222 O MUSIC 0 PHYSICAL AND EDUCATION HEALTH Harry N. Bartoot lActin l ?OfvvvmuQ,4 0 SCIENCE Dr. Franklin B. Carroll 0 LIBRARY 'Fl th armed service Lyntord J. Caroline L. Gruhler Dr. Arthur Jordan FACULTY Louise M. Druding Wilson Clarence L. Garwood Theodore C. Humphreys A. Malcolm Martin Aaron Rapaport Williams Charles J. Kunz, Jr. Henry J. Meder Chester A. Sittig Minnie Bernstein George Ebbeckeii Ethel Holme John Huntzingerik Elizabeth S. Lackey Dr. Ethel M. McAllister George Myers Ella Rosentoor Bernard Sabul Dr. Wayne Sensenig Mrs. Bernadette Strouse Solomon Weisberg Forrest R. Nevvmeyer Harry N. Bartoot William P. Clausen Joseph T. Covalii Theodore H. Doering Joanna B. Fritz Olga J. Gottfried Mrs. Jennie K. Leary Frances L. Snyder Frank C. Lightfoot Dorothy McQueen Mfg. Ethel M. iyiiiirkm 224174 Mario Pasauarella Mrs. Margaret O. Pettle W Mrs, Louise D. Reicheltpg-M49 Worthington Surrickili . George H. Wenner Mary E. Bacon Gladys Bulmer Katherine Grelis Dr. Mae E. Harveson Amos J. Heinly William B. Leighninger Arthur W. Lowe Edith E. Sprowles Helen Weidemann ' Drr Margaret Henderson Evelyn T. Why Czarina M. Hall Ninety-seven 4 F X - Br 315. Q X Jaxx, 25 Q 33 M 5 gif! Q N vs 5 ef ' 3 L QQ . 56:5 ' "mv w . ,3 45 3 fl ' f K X3 : 5' 53 E 3, , -,,,.- ,,.,...,.- p ar diy! . Q 5,1-' 1 , ,JK "' 1 U ual , -,gunna Jsyax 1--' ig nu? o on News ous '2 -un Ax se x R NJ . X - XL ,fi + 4. in ff at ., 1. W f ff . 54 f , f Q x 5 'WPI' :Zj 452 pf .Ac l ' 'I JP' ' ' ,Z WW iw? f' dm f 4' , ' gg f ff M 7 ig f 0 if , if X w,,,w-"J ,Q X 4 , 5, ff u ff, in H .11 955.4 ,,, W ' aw me ' K as 7 R fx .fc ,yi " ff WSW M 5799 if it - ,W Q ,. -4 5' --WG v w i 1 43, 'i -1.45 Q 5 ff f f T' 3' f 1 5, 3 Whig, , . . 4 . T V new if 121 ffm!" ,, -.Qu A Wglf , Q ,.,h . v Af? X Jr, N s ? s ,X Q, lion., ...MM lf! f Z K gig? I lf' 1 A , ,, A P: 'Q 55 ' - .. max ff .nm -- W li-,555 if X, w X 5 A ' Q5-f' 945555 A, sive! ,Q A , saw: ' A. 15,5 .gggfgfigygi s r S M f XL Xgvw . g , 2 4 r - L H we A , .wifi if 5: H .1 , l , fy ng, , fhiw - ' it ff". 1 g,xw.v.3B5 W-:h.:Q.'1r,-:am : -5 V iff" " ' fx?" -' wsmg ., Y -N,f S f ..n-w2av9 V .51 J "K . " 0 :,wn::w..,.X 5 'W fwfr- W ' S. .M -A-...,, . 1 Ma S .V .,, .. 4 .,.,. .,..,... , .. U ..... X , K .. ,. E, 9 .: ...- , Ja. gas. f :gi fs- Q bv- VW" ..-........, M. r Q3-gf ,MQE df YE? 1 3 1 , jfs, ,Q V ,V x. A yy ' V -. Mk A " uf x H w . A W ff ,nf ' wwpwmww , ,Q . J 2 ,e ,fr f . 00011, gg - W fm A 5 M Y 51 Q11 E,-M Z ,. 2 6 k ,.,.,, tl gif' ',:zL2g?w,1Lef2fQaig. if www WN -'ww-W W'-mfswggmzng' 2 by Mg, ww - -- U .4 X -1-4 b.-4-:ffl IZQ:-rig. , 11:511::x15!1g:52:Jg:::112' Y:':-pg:-r-1-14-: way: -, -: "-:-: ' 'EP' .ff ,A -313,3,3gfg55.'1fj.1.gQ,+Ifg23Z'55f: 12:41. ., fzrf-"W: T223 --:Q Arr: ' ' "1::im'2 iff? 5 4 . . , Sz' A 2 xr ' 0 W 5 ff? 4 M , , 5 Q ,rw A-ZW gm xii? 32135 if 2 JAMES A. KILLOUGH Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army, Anti-Aircraft IN THE SERVICE ln April, l943, the President ot the Student Boord presented to the school its service tlog, sym- bolic ot those members ot the foculty ond former students who hove onswered their country's coll, Since then, the number ot those in the ormed torces hos risen steodily. Ot the known number, l4O hove bold the lost tull meosure ot devotion. As we boy homoge to these memoroble deod ond gollont living, let us resolve to ieolously guord this country tor vvhich they so voliontly tight. L , GEORGE EBBECKE WORTHINGTON R. SURRICK ' ' U. S. A. Lieutenant, U. S. Navy Second Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, CHARLES R. NASH S. lfc U. S. Navy JOHN HUNTZINGER Lieutenant, J. G., U. S. Navy 'W FFL J OSEPH T COVAL J . Lieutenant, U. S. Navy Qc ine atm. of Ffagkiordiy 255,g,Xz.'5ckaool 'sie pay tribute. 3356 9.p9'l:a.uf3. 'mem tic? "5Z7if16i-IC s'Qo'2'nssme.n- 9 well as for 5meir Qwgeioal fix umm 'meg lates VQHXQ H e gwou lose pfoweas. 'iie 'BKT V an 145.-511 vsiistxout boasting and Guam spirit is cs X wwi'6aoU.'n Qxbimifngg. X YZf's,O'l'E'1 mwoftanh b'x11a.1o 'me outofma oi time contest itself. X !X1'P4L-Elfrwczfg ALL SPCDRTS lri the tall, Frariktord l-ligh School is busy rooting tor soccer and tootball, lri the winter, the gymriasium is crowded with basketball tarts. As soort as the soririg weather permits, baseball artcl track get uricler way. Frariktord l-ligh School is a loyal rooter tor all its games, - 'QW FOOTBALL The l944 gridiron seoson wos brought to o close betore o huge crowd on Thonksgiying Doy, On this memoroble doy o highly toyored North Cotholic teom wos held to o scoreless tie ond thoroughly outployed. With tive victories, two deteots, ond two ties, the Pioneers oloyed good tootboll throughout the seoson. They bowed to Northeost, title defenders, ond to Hoyertord, the lotter being o non-leogue gome. lt hos been the best tootboll seoson we hoye hod in our three yeors ot Fronldord. With the oble ond oroise worthy ossistdnce ot cooches Ted Doering ond Williom Clousen, the teom tinished tourth in the Public l-ligh l.eogue competition. One hundred twelve Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford SCHEDULE Haverford School Gratz Olney Franklln West Philadelphia West Phila. Dobbr ns Northeast Germantown N. F Catholic Charles Robbins Back Field Wesley Harvey Center Richard Smith Tackle Qi '5 ?9i1W...'? ., RSE.. William Clausen COACHES Theodore Doering One hundred fifteen BASEBALL To vvin a championship and retain it is a very difficult task, Coach Lightfoot set out to hold the Public League title but ran into three obstacles, Southern, Overbrook and Olney, The Pioneers took the measure of Central, Gratz, Bartram, Northeast, Ben Franklin and Germantown during the League season, lvlr. Lightfoot's diamond men defeated their arch rival, North- east, in a slug fest at Baldwin Field, ll-6. Dick Roddy, Captain of the l945 baseball nine, had three for three lhorner, double and singlel, and drove in four runs as the Pioneers upset the dope and dovvned the Red and Black, Reds Bolinski and Dick Roddy were the leading sluggers with averages over 400. The starting lineup of Coach Lightfoot's V345 aggregation consists of Joe Osiecki, initial sack, Vince Castagna, keystone sack, Reds Bolinski, hat corner, Bob Bartlett, short stop, Tom Carvin, Dan Price, Ray Young or Bill Eisemann out in the pastures, Dick Roddy, catcher, Eddie Wilson, Bill Frost, lan Edvvards, Bob Stretch, John Novak and Cy Czajkovvski, Pitchers. One hundred sixteen s -ww gag.,-a,n.,4.,.,, -A-ww PflJIlP.Tf7V!1 'r VV' f g,.,A ,. frm!" 41,1 Fmw' VV,fk"f i um 71171 Vru,x1Hn'rri VJ' f'.flr'r-' "1 I VLIVWTVOVQ1 5V'IVWLf.,'l Ffflmrxj Frxlfkfird Frank Ford F'JvLfifd SCHEDULE VIH Avilfiwm V , V H wg K . L Vdc 3, H N H rx CP' dr fu 1 Z ? Gw'V,fJ'l'i'l Y wr' PV zz ,. Rl Nmweilgl Cir fy, U 'lcrmsnruw Ruxbomugrw get W No wwf ""Lm.... - ,M M Nm -v . 4 hiv K .ww , in V, ef W ' in BASKETBALL Although Frankford's courtmen finished ninth in the Public League cornpetition, the Pioneers showed their usual fight and en- thusiastic play. John Novak, the oustanding scorer, ended second in the individual scoring contest, The record for the season, against both conference and non-conference opponents, reads four wins against eleven losses and one tie. The Pioneers encountered their first defeat of the 1944 season by bowing to St. Thomas More l-ligh School, 38 to 27, In the next two games Frankford again was beaten by the North Catholic Falcons, 43 to 21, and by Penn Charter, 31, to 23. Fresh from their 37 to 31 win over Olney, the Pioneers traveled to Bok Vocational to be handed their fourth setback of the year, 35 to 25. The court- men set a stride for a probable winning streak by downing Mast- baum 49 to 33. Again the Tri-Color courtrnent suffered by bowing to West Philadelphia, 22 to 19, The most thrilling game of the season came when the Pioneers almost defeated the Northeast Champions by the score of 25 to 29. The 1944-45 varsity basketball tearn included John Novak, Dick Roddy, Chuck Welch, Bill Sheppard, Ray Luksusky, Sam Drizin, Bill Fielder, l-larvey DeKrafft, Murray Seaman, Bob Louis and Walt Ellman. The Tri-Color five was under the able tutelage of Coach Ted Doering. Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford SCHEDULE St Thornas More North Catholic Penn Charter Olney Bok West Philadelphia Central Gratz Franklin Overbrook Germantown Southern Rcxborough Bartram Northeast Olney One hundred eighteen .Cb aw'- ---........-..-................., rr -- rn- ' WAS me 'wif to CJJRY' A PEOPLES rrrzeuri V 'YE' to ri-rosa 'wie seavzo , g 'N me WORLD ma TRACK Nineteen hundred and forty-five proved to be a successful season for the tri-color track squad coached by Mr. William S. Clausen. Although not many lettermen returned, Captain l-lanson, Coleman, the Klemicks, McAteer, O'DonnelI, Shallcross, Shaw, and Welch, the team's only seniors, helped to produce a backbone in many events. The greatest support ever produced by Pioneer field events was created this season. Dick Klemick marked up a new individual shot put record, Following him up, the team struck the vital spot at the old and developed a new, Extremely powertul was Frank- tord's pole vault team, sparked by Shallcross and Fielder. They also set new standards. One hundred twenty -,-.........,..... Aprrl Wgi-Frankford 8315 Apu! 27 Pehh Rchlyi Aprwl QS--Perm RJVCWS M05 2- Frohlafurd 43 May 9---Frohkfcrd 39 SCHEDULE Haverford Sched iglffl May 16 Frmwlxford WV3 Germantown 521 4th Cty Hgh Schccls Souih Phi!Qdclph'c E -ith Cm H gh Schsofi , Moy 23--Frankford 98 Cwerbrcok 98 Northeast 53 Franklin f Olney 36 West Phllodelphmo Centra! 58 Rrxbcrough In ECIVYVOW 34 May 26 Troik Chumpiomshrps of Ph Nodehyim M05 H'--Norrwslcxm Yhfersfholoshca Schools SOCC ER The Fronlqtord Soccer Souod finished the '44 seoson with tive victories, tive deteots, ond two ties. On October sixth the Pioneers held lvlostboum scoreless till the lost guorter! when we kicked tor o gool ond mode good. Agoin our teom wos victorious in its inrtiol Ieogue contest ogoinst West Philodelphici, 4-O. The Lower Merion soccerites bottled to o l-O victorv over Fronlctord High ot Boldwin Field. The Pioneers tought to o l-l tie cigoinst Germantown High School, This tie, however, didn't prevent Fronktord from overpower- ing George School, 3-l. ln its troditionol non-leogoe gome with Girord College, the Pioneers were honded their worst deteot ot the seoson when the Girord College soccermen beot them 5-O. Once ogoin the Pioneers went down in deteot ot the honds ot the North- eost Cotholic Folcons, by the score ot 3-l. Among those groduoting this June from the soccer squod ore Johnnv Novok, Fronklin Goris, ond Bob Louis. ff 2 .T T. T U W , ., .,v, -.., , ,- .,,, ?4.,.,.,,,.-V..i,.,,,W H i 5 ' Lt: l .P li One hundred twenty-two Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford SCHEDULE Abington Upper Darby West Phlladefohia Mostbaum Lower Menon Germantown George School Gratz Centra! Olney Grrard Coltege North Catholnc Northeast GOLF With only one win, one tie and six de- feats the golt team had a bad season, The Pioneer golters defeated Central, On their next meeting the Pioneers were downed lllfi-3V2 by Roxborough, The Germantown meet was a tie. On the next meet with Central, Central won 9lf2-5V2. Roxborough again was victorious with the score at 8-7. The next two meets were with Olney in which Olney won both with the scores ot 9-6 and ll-4 respectively. The tinal meet was with Germantown and the score was lO-5, Mrs. l-lornug was the coach ot the golf team. TENNIS Returning to play again tor Franl4torcl's tennis team were Wallace Reimold and Steward Whittle, These boys played regu- larly. The competing teams proved too much for the Pioneer team. This was be- cause the team had not been on the court at all before the season opened, The Pioneers were rained out in tour matches and lost three. All the home matches were played at Northeast's court. Mr, William Leighninger and Mr. Ralph B. Yonker were the coaches ot the tennis team, YH W One hundred twenty-four BASKETBALL Major Letter l-larvey Delirattt Sam Drizin Walter Ellman Robert Louis Raymond Lukusky John Novak Richard Roddy James Seitert William Shepard Charles Welch Minor Letter Robert Coates William Fielder Murray Seaman BASEBALL Major Letter John Blessing Frank Bomenblit Raymond Capriotti George Cellerman John Chapman James Coleman Donald Carnforth Walter English Eugene Euster Russell Faith William Fielder l-lenry Folkman Newton Ganther John Gash Richard l-lannah Robert l-lanson Robert lepson Leonard Jablonski Phillip Klemik Richard Klemick Francis lvlcAteer James McDevitt Jack McKay Gerald McKee Walter lvleitrott John Nescio K X n i7 ,ga rage L K ff E SEQ - 'jf . 4 O N A W A R D S xv,-9 Gordon Nonnermacher Joseph O'Donnell George Oertle Carl Peterson Raymond Ploucher Joseph Reiter Earl Rodenhaver Robert Seigle George Shallcross Albert Shaw William Simmons Jack Springer Charles Welch Minor Letter Eugene Casole James Fleming Richard Gingrich John Flauck Jack Jerden Walter Leader lvlilton Lightcap Robert Schroishuhn l-larold Schwartz Charles Windisch TRACK Major Letter Robert Bartlett Joseph Bolinski Neil Bowman Thomas Carvin Vincent Castagna Francis Czaikowski lan Edwards William Eiseman William Frost John Novak Joseph Osiecki Daniel Price Richard Roddy Conrad Scheuer Robert Stretch Edward Wilson Raymond Young One hundred twenty-five Minor Letter Harry Barbin Felix Cataldo James l-lubbard Robert Louis Raymond Ploucher GOLF Minor Letter Bruce Castor Paul DeChristopher Warren Davidson David Lepper l-lenry Sonntag TENNIS Major Letter James Barr Fred Miller Wallace Reimold Stewart Whittle Minor Letter Walter l-laberle Norman Jones Jack Kaelberer Ed Sharlott Frank Veith FENCING Minor Letter Joseph Borkowicz Walter Green Frank Greiss Wallace Reimold Edward Sharlott BOWLING Minor Letter Richard Entwistle Ettore Felicetti ' Walter l-laberle John Jerden Ralph Supper Leon Walczak Stand + chem' for FKD.HiQb,sing ber proISfS to Ebe- J- JJ HJ u skyg we will cheer her football .men,we will cheer and cbeer again. For the fighting PIONEERS- 1, -ees-S . FlGllT,'FlGIIT,Pl6llI', for Prankfordi fame- f , Wi-1 ,: .. - . g A 3 ff 1- ' ' J .- uk 195 'VVV . V 'X A Th N. , , score, X0 15 l g b Q fsgbt and wm this game-, a ve- score-I snot-ef 755427 ,A ff ' vl- - 5. ff. ' n: ' 0 o I J f if 5 f all Q2 ' ' 1 slr If .fit f l give three- cheers for ilk fighiiog PIONEERSQ ,K gl"L"'W IW. ' Wf'7?57f3,lA W Michael W. F One hund d t fy 1 W S , mga la dw! x ,fx aah' N1 3' Q- 4 1 C KW I GIRLS SPORTS lvlanv Franktord girls oarticioote in hockev, sottboll, basket- ball volleyball, leaders, and swimming atter their school day, The triendlv spirit ot competition that characterizes their games makes evervone eniov them, Athletic credits are given to girls who attend these clubs regu- larlv, Thev trv to accumulate enouogh to obtain numerals, letters, and charms, These, esbeciollv the charm, which is the highest avvard given, ore cherished bv those vvho are tortunate enough to earn them. One hundred twenty-eight I I I 1 I I I I GIRL A. A. AWARDS NUMERAL Victoria Azarevvicz Sara Barret Nancy Bissinger Wilma Brehm Rita Caputo Peggy Connell Frances Cormick Grace Coryell Betty Crawtord Virginia Danino Ruth Dick Norma DiSOriO Valeria Dobrovvlska Phoebe Friday Elaine Garrod Jane Garvyood Ruth Gilmore Margaret l-labgood Janet l-laines Marion Kaul Patricia Kinkead Jane Kirkpatrick Dot Kohlbrenner Betty Kuzman Felicia Libucka Gertrude Lindeman Charlotte Little Alice Loettler Doris McCarty Nancy McLees Jeannette Moreau Hilda Motz Elaine Myer l-lelen Ogden Lucy Rietroski Ruth Reed Pearl Rourke Claire Schreiber Audrey Schultz Jean Smith Edda Stone Esther Swailes Elaine Seiwgart Mary Swinehart Barbara Titus Marilyn Veith Betty Whittle Esther Williams Estelle Wilson Claire Young Florence Zakrzewski LETTER Victoria Azarewicz Sara Barret Nancy Bissinger Wilma Brehm Rita Caputo Peggy Connell Frances Cormick Grace Coryell Ruth Dick Norma DiSario Valeria Dobrowlska Phoebe Friday Elaine Garrod Jane Garwood Ruth Gilmore Margaret l-labgood Janet Haines Marion Kaul Patricia Kinkead Jane Kirkpatrick Dot Kohlbrenner Betty Kuzman Felicia Libucka Gertrude Lindeman One hundred thirty Doris McCarty Nancy Mcl.ees Jeannette Moreau Elaine Myer l-lelen Ogden Ruth Reed Pearl Rourke Claire Schreiber Edda Stone Elaine Svveigart Mary Swinehart Marilyn Veith Betty Whittle Esther Williams Estelle Wilson Claire Young Florence Zakrzevyski CHARM Nancy Bissinger Wilma Brehm Peggy Connell Grace Coryell Ruth Dick Phoebe Friday Elaine Garrod Ruth Gilmore Margaret l-labgood Patricia Kinkead Jane Kirkpatrick Betty Kuzman Gertrude Lindeman Doris McCarty Elaine Myer Ruth Reed Claire Schreiber Edda Stone Sweigart Elaine Marilyn Veith AUTOGRAPHS Qfu-A , ACKNOWLEDGMENT We RQ,-V F tcm Tc Dr LL . ,, 4-x , ..,, ,V Y FW. , Q r Q mmwtwg Nviykw I., xxwui T: Www ww- ig Sfemer, Mr Qzorhw J Kumi, Rm Manifweld of tim F.7f'X CIGSQ, Tha? Clork Pmmmg Hcusc, lrw ccrpcrofed, and ibm Iormlq Smdm fm TNCNV cswwslanie m pub ,ww fm sw . MM X, M. l 5 5 s n Q 1 4 E 2 E E E S 3 E 4 sf Q 3 E 3 5 2 5 Z 5 3 5

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