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Q11 wa Ni? , N6 M . Q . gf -, cb? Religion, morality, and knowledge being neces- sary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. The Northwest Ordinance, l787. W SCHIILASTIC AMERICA N 0W IIAS . . A l ,A THREE FRUNTS WE PUINT T0 . . . A PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. The 1943 RECIIRD of the FIFTY FouRTH cl.Ass OFTHE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL JANUARY, I943 Uk ,JW f' figi in i In ii! 1 :sz 3 . isa sg: ,A spilgiiiigg 53 gig VW A my ' 5 if-Z ' Wi? 11 ' pf H! 5 M iv ,A Iloseina C. Gillm an Whose tolerant attitude invites confidence, whose wise council in- vites gratitude, whose creed is unseltishness. WE THE MEMBERS . . . . . of the class ot January, l943, respectfully dedi- cate this record book to Miss Roseina C Gillman as a token ot our friendship and appreciation, l-ler genuine interest in the students, her sympathetic regard tor their problems, and her untiring guidance will never be torgotten. Miss Gillman studied at Temple University and trom there received her undergraduate and master's de- grees. Upon graduating, she taught typing and short- hand at Temple, In l92l she came to Frankford l-ligh School as a teacher ot stenography, typing, and ottice practice. ln l94O, upon the retirement ot Miss Roth, she vvas appointed Assistant Principal in charge ot stu- dent vveltare and the problems of girls, ln spite ot her many duties, Miss Gillman still keeps in class-room contact vvith the students. REVIEWING FUUR YEARS 0F ACTIUN 0N ALL THREE FRUNTS THESE are a few of the classes we have attended during our three years at Erankford. Our courses have been varied so that each one of us could have both those we needed and those we wanted. We will remember dissecting worms and frogs in Biology class, talking about our purpose in life in English class, making tourniauets or taking pulse with one hand while someone bandaged the other in Eirst Aid. We will never forget singing favorite ditties in foreign language classes, ln our social studies classes, we have learned to combat the criminal and insure the best to those who are to follow. We built the body beautiful with our dancing, exercising, and apparatus work under the competent leadership of ever helpful teachers. But work has not been our only purpose or ac- complishment through these years. Our vvork was supplemented by war time emergency activities. Among these was our extremely successful War Bond Drive, in which we went past our goal by selling thirty-six thousand dollars lS36,000l in War Bonds and Stamps. In addition to the annual basket making for those poor or deserving families who could not afford a Christmas dinner, we col- lected money to supply kits for soldiers. These have been very busy and happy years. K., .X W. .dlmilkll - f v, I ,A Jw , . 1 I , , o." ' '-1 v ' ' av' fx' uf fm , gh, V' , ' ..,, , ,..',3 1, . . Yi X' O -Jeff an ' 5 4 5 5 , , ' as 5 M s sf 4-.. n-on SIL wi, z P , Aff' ., S. Es nun-Q, ,Q1 Aww . A x JW Y V A 1,5 ,- 5. up-wa-E is 5? 'ff 4 1 -' ' . 5, 'ASP -m , FRANKFDRD IS A BUSY PLACE 'I'l-lE Frankford annex of Central Fligh School, with lylr, George Alvin Snook ,as teacher to thirty-seven students, opened in September, 1910, The year 1911 witnessed the organization of the Student Board and Ye Monks, ln 1912 Mr, Row- land Ruddrauff drew the school seal and the follow- ing year the Alumni Association was formed. The cornerstone of the present building was laid in 1915 and in the same year lylr. Snook was elected principal. At that time girls were first admitted. Mr. Barfoot was the first Frankford l-ligh School student to return as a teacher, The lylemorial Stadium was dedicated in 1922 and a few years later the first "l-ligh Way" was published and the organ dedicated. ln 1931 Drs Frank l.. Cloud be- came Frankford's new principal. The ninth grades were moved in 1933 to the Ethan Allen Annex, In that year Frankford defeated Gratz for the Public l-ligh Football Championship ln V934 Com- mencement exercises were removed to Baptist Temple Frankford captured another football championship in l936, while in V938 the soccer team stole the cup from Northeast, who had held the title for thirteen years. The new field house was formally dedicated. Two years later lvlr. Ell- wood Geiges' football team won its third champion- ship in the i930-l94O decade, taking the City Championship by defeating West Catholic at Franklin Field. The "l-ligh Way," winner of many awards, took the highest group rating at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference. February, l9-ll witnessed the return of the Allen Annex natives to the main building. The entry of our country into the World War has turned Frankford l-ligh School into an excep- tionally busy place. '1'-1 "MN , Q ,-'k A..- QL -5... if - mygvz, 4 'Q TF? A www 4. ,si iff! ,X sg X 41 X f if Q W gm 5515? A""Nm,.XxN-ii sg ,K., ---v . . . , xrrr,k 5 fy S KL A XXX an . f 55.4 f 1,7 yffx. M mW:2a4ff " 2:1554 " QW, .P S r :f:ww,.. . X ,. ,M M. 1 N -Q W Y 1 N-M, A 1, 6 4 y M ,' V, X ,gehpw I . ,iw , , 5 5 -,. fav 1 A . I '1 443 ,ax I ,4 ein, Q., Mr? 'f aww , L e Dr. Frank L. Cloud DIRECTIIB AND AIDES y OUR two commencement speakers have chosen to draw some distinctions between what democracy is and what it is not. Do not be misled by mere words. Democracy tlourishes only in a democratic state of mind. lt cannot be kept alive by talking. lts privileges must be balanced by its responsibilities. We have tried to acquaint you with both. We can only hope that in claiming one you will assume the other. A part ot your responsibility is doing your part in the work which you will be called upon to do. The work may be war work at home or in the armed torces. But just as great a responsibility rests upon you to be ready to take your place in the time ot peace which will surely come. The armed torces need otticers today to direct them and lead them, ln time ot peace we shall need the people who have been trained as our leaders. You are the potential leaders ot the future. FRANK L. CLOUD Principal Fourteen MR. ROBERT J. ADAMS, JR., English DR. FRANKLIN B. CARROLL, Mathematics and Science MR. ELLWOOD A. GEIGES, Health and Physical Education MR. DAVID W. HARR, History and Languages MR. WILLIAM B. NICHOLS, Commerce MR. RALPH B. YONKER, Fifteen Industrial and Fine Arts E. Orrell Crap Assistant to the Principal Mrs. Helen A. Hartung School Counsellor FACULTY Dr. Frank L. Cloud Principal Martin D. Fetherolf Assistant to the Principal Clarence S. Wilkinson Secretary to Principal Roseina C. Gillman Assistant to the Principal Christine M. Mahl School Counsellor SECRETARIES Margaret G. Butler Elsinore L. Christ l-lortense B. Buxbaum Mary Stark Frances M. Wert COMMERCE Dr. George M. Alleman Joseph Klein William B. Nichols Edwin M. Brown S. William Lopan Elizabeth R, Eynon David F. Luithlen William French Anastasia W. E. Lyons Roseina C. Gillman Adolph Myerson Russell W. Hargreaves Ada T. Roby Marion K. l-lornung l-lelen J, Saile l-larry lilausewitz William E, Stewart Frank W. Streit ENGLISH Marguerite Evans Charles R. Nash Robert J. Adams, Jr. Clarence A, l-lambleton John R. Nevin Delphine A. Lanning A. Clarke Pairmang: Anna C. Lee Gabriel A. Phillips Dorothy Malzer Esther R. Roth Elizabeth l-l. Markley Florence Schlarbaum Marion McMaster Dr. lieWTs G. Sterner Amelia PR. Mumford Charles F. Troxell Carl F. Wise HISTORY l-lelen Ansley James A. Killough David W. l-larr Michael W. Fisch S. l-lunter Kurtz Lillian S. Glass S. Burkhart Morrison Mildred Goshow Mary E. Purcell Joseph M. Gottachalk l-l. Elaine Romsey Edith M. Jones Ruth B. Sprague ililn the armed service Eugene Verbll Sixteen FACULTY HOME ECONOMICS Ellwood A. Geiges INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS Ralph B. Yonker LANGUAGE David W, I-larr MATHEMATICS Dr. Franklin B. Carroll MUSIC PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION Ellwood A, Geiges SCIENCE Dr. Franklin B, Carroll LIBRARY gln the armed serwce Louise M. Druding Anna P. I-laines Ruth E. Wilson I-larry I-I. Bonner Walter J, Cole Edith G, Daggett Norman R. Day Clarence L, Garwood Alta Grace Ellis Caroline Li Gruhler Chester A. Minnie Bernstein George Ebbeckezl John l-luntzinger Elizabeth S. Lackey Dr, Ethel M, McAllister Dr. Robert A. Gerson Frances L. I-larry N. Bartoot Joseph T. Cavalli Alice Davis Theodore I-I. Doering Joanna B. Fritz Mary E. Bacon Gladys Bulrner Katherine Grelis Dr, Mae E. I-larveson Amos J. l-leinly Czarina M, l-Iall Seventeen Theodore C. Humphreys Clarence Hutchinson A. Malcolm Martin Aaron Rapaport Lyntord J. Williams Charles J, Kunz, Jr. I-lenry J. Meder Sittig Abraham Mogul George Myers Ella Rosentoor Bernard Sabul Dr. Wayne Sensenig Forrest R. Newmeyer Snyder Frank C. Lightfoot Dorothy McQueen Ethel M, Millikin Morris Ratchetsky Louise A. Reichelt Worthington Surrickzli William B, Leighninger Arthur W. Lowe Edith Ei Sprovvles l-lelen Weidemann Evelyn T. Why F 5 ix gif. -.M , X Q QSFSQQ si ,,.:f5?x-:fi -f .f 1 iv.: , fy .. i gf: "Zhi fswfmgwsth an A. Z X 2 W -5 :iw - 7 5, pg, T W .Q I I ' ' R 'Q n-.Q . .-....... -,, s N5 3 4 ig Q 1 ,N -K a was was MIN f " . 1 sw mms - una .f-f,,,.. a. in hu I I ' . la "fa, A,-un! 'll ' u Xf- gain and acclaim MISS DOROTHY MCQUEEN MR. MICHAEL FISCH MR. JOSEPH COVAL MISS HELEN ANSLEY MRS. ETHEL MILLIKIN MR. JAMES KILLOUGH Nineteen J' .2 J. ecause the could 3: 5 1 1 Q X E Q E 5 'Z MR. ROBERT ADAMS MR. EDWIN BROWN MISS ELAINE RAMSEY MR. RALPH YONKER MR. CLARENCE HAMBLETON Twenty il. K s E f Aff ,,, u 9 4 5 Q .Y ,QQ45 , , ,yy QE? X253 3 ' W in , ,,.. ,Aw f,QM-:x,wx5I 1 1 4 ww 2 , ,Q 7 ,ff I S ,MZ is 41,, q,.:,, 5 l 3 1 'iii N 1 55 Jgn 'KX 1 13 f s Q O if 1 f fi i M-W W-- 'V' 'M X . lil 2 ,235 ..+ .G X Er ex , 7 9 M., 'f W , , Q W r 1. 4 5 Q - , eil Q , , . 3 I . if J Q 4 .f 'L W',,.. , .. Q sg' lf. Q X mxivit '71 , 2 1 3 522 m, A L, Q - igsgfiii, f , ink ' L V 1 Aa?5'1S5"' ff, 'Q , w . 1 4 , L4 . 51 I ff? fwiw Q w . 5 i s Y 1 ws: E 1 .Q 9 M H ' H 'iiilwi '- -Kiwi .W 5 3 5?f.sf9'wf if 3? S ,1g,,, 3M .L gigisfsqif A 5 ' wfilm 44,51 5 5- :1 L, , 'sffgsw n ew-fi ' wk . nv-:p,m:k. ,Q 5 , Q , Li' jg w 1 zz-.aura 51.21, ' if 5.51: 1 i SY A QE ' 'N +?'Y'r'W N I WJ, , X .mm 4, 1 -u nm- 9- an QM, x,.. I5 K .vu JM: Q CM N., ., Hg ,. i ,g,f.,i . gy? . . 4 - ., ,' 55:0 . ,..--- fee' ..,L.f-A saggj-ff: 5Z:..:, :: . , B , 1 E X ga .. . Y? 'X-,ff .2-a. - M, k -My NE x 4 fi we SW! i 1 ' N is :Q s + Q3 bn ff21,3Z99n 4 ' Q 1.-5, 'Iii Q 2, ,1 .,4,,, 1 'Lax i X J :mf 5. xg, 32129551 Am ,-4, Q., x x. f.gAg4,J,p. 5252 'S fffizf-7 fn y. Q 2 we 5 -it GEORGE EBBECKE WORTHINGTON R. SURRICK Second Lieutenant, Corps cf Engineers, U. S. A. Lieutenant, J. G., U. S. Navy fix JOSEPH T. COVAL ALEXANDER C. PAIRMAN Lieutenant, J. G., U. S. Navy Private, Field Artillery, U. S. A Y K K' "H " ' Twenty-seven' ' 'W' Y ' ' IIUR FIRST FIHINT IS HEALTH N0 KICK CUMING l i i l THE Pioneer Eleven ot Frankford l-ligh School ot i942 played a tive hundred average season, winning tour garnes against the same number ot losses. Even though Frankford did not finish at the top, vve proved the most difficult to beat tor the two finalists. Northeast, vvho Went on to become city champion bv virtue ot victories ot 26 to O over Thirty Germantown, and 20 to O over a strong St. Joseph's Eleven, who represented the Catholic League, was lucky to eke out a bare 6 to 2 victory over the Pioneers on Armistice Day. The Pioneer Eleven gamely out-played the touted Archives the entire last halt at the game, but to no avail l-lavertord, Northeast, Germantown and Northeast Catholic were the schools which tattene-d their averages at the expense ot the Pioneers, The Pioneers, how- ever, shone in the remaining games, topping Over- brook with a score of i9 to 6, trouncing Roxborough 36 to O, smashing Bartram 20 to 0 and defeating a weak Olney team 39 to l3. The boys an our team put in many hours at hard, gruelling practice, and they are to be praised for their efforts. They were rewarded, however, tor their hard work with three of their number being represented on the "Dream Team" at the Public High School League. Those three were Ed Meyer, Frank Sidebotham and Ervin lbach. Much credit has to be given to the student body for their fine support at all ot our games. The enthusiastic cheering by the students had much to do with the hard playing and success of our team. The students came out in full force at all the games and their fine attendance was an im- portant tactor in bolstering the spirits ot our team. . .mg c -A - 1,2 nr 1 ,A rg? -W Q . 'E TQMHB T 53 The class of January, '43 produced more than its share of gridiron standouts. ln all, seven men of our Class wore the moleskin for the glory of Frankford l-ligh School, Comprising the list arei Charlie Bauman, George Barron, stellar center, Dave lvlaakestad, Jimmy "Blitzkreig" Still, guard deluxe, Ed Meyer, charging fullback, Kenny Woods, all-around star and master of super defense, and John Babetzke, big plunging guard. Frankford's team will be greatly affected by the loss of such stars as these. Not only will their leaving be a sad blow to all ofthe Frankfordians, but also we will miss our two splendid coaches, Mr. Surrick and lvlr. Coval. Mr. Surrick and Mr Coval have both joined the Navy. We will find it difficult to get along without the grand job of coaching that these two men gave us, but we will be glad to know that two such fine men will be added to Uncle Sam's fighting forces. l-lowever, as we look ahead, the future seems hopeful, for it shows that the prospects for the coming season are comparatively bright, lvlany of the regular team are leaving, however, there is a great deal of good football material in many of our second-stringers, and when this has been de- veloped we are sure to have another championship team. A l-lere's hoping, Class of '44, Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford FOOTBALL SCHEDULE t Z -' t 1 Haverford Overbrook Bartrom Olney Roxborough Northeast Germantown Northeast Catholic ta 2 I f 9 C, 'B'-Emma - KEEP YIIUB CIIIN RANKFORDS boaters played a very successful season in l942, winding up second in the tough Public l-ligh League. Northeast, the perennial champions, again walked off with the crown, but were given a good stiff fight down to the last game by the stout Pioneer eleven. A win by Frankford in the last game would have tied them with the league leaders and necessitated a play-off. Frankford had many luminaries in its lineup, with Wason, MacWilliams, Sugden, l-lertzler and Mathias ably handling the duties of the scoring line. Rossman, Lindell and Ivloss presented an im- posing halfback line, which was backed up by lvlohr, Steele and Al Jackson who tended the net. The record of six wins and three ties against four losses is a fine tribute to the coaching of Mr. Barfoot and Mr, Lightfoot. SOCCER SCHEDULE Frankford Upper Darby Frankford West Philadelphia Frankford Central Frankford George School Frankford Lower Nlerion Frankford Nlastbaum Frankford Germantown Frankford Girard College Frankford Swarthmore College Freshm'n Frankford Gratz Frankford Northeast Catholic Frankford Olney Frankford Northeast ll0WN G9 y-, ze? I fl ff-ex t i g lil fs GL if E X BASKETBALL BUSINESS l-llS year the basketball team had a new coach in Mr, James Killough, formerly the second team coach. After starting the season off with a bril- liant 6l-25 victory over Mastbaum Vocational School, Frankford turned around and lost two straight games in Catholic League competition The starting lineup for these games was composed of Jarmusic, Woods, lbach, Wason, and Allison. l-lowever, when mid-year graduation comes along, Coach Killough will find his sauad minus the services of Woods and Allison, This squad has operated so well as a team that it is very difficult to find an outstanding individual star. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Frankford Mastbaum Frankford West Catholic Frankford North Catholic Frankford Olney Frankford Northeast Frankford Olney Frankford West Philadelphia Frankford Central Frankford Gratz Frankford Overbrook Frankford Benjamin Franklin Frankford Germantown Frankford Southern Frankford Roxborough Frankford Bartram Gllllll ANI! BAD .VER since 1911, baseball has been a popular sport at Frankford. Bill Dietrich, of the major league, and Tommy Tithers helped bring this game to its height. This season, however, this favored sport at Frankford hit an all time low. The Pioneers won only two games while losing seven. When the hitting and pitching were good, the fielding was terrible, when the team was hitting, the pitching was bad, and when the pitching was good, the hitting was bad. The Pioneers combined all of their good traits in only one game, That day the Pioneers walloped Ben Franklin, 11-2. Our diamandmen are tutored in the tricks by Coach Lightfoot. Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford BASEBALL SCHEDULE North Catholic Northeast Olney West Philadelphia Gratz Franklin South Philadelphia Roxborough Bartram L- TRIALS 0F THE l-llS year The Tri-Color Track Team vvenT Through Their poor season in The righT way when They finished lasT in The Philadelphia l-ligh School Charn- pionships. The Pioneer cinderrnen won only one rneeT all seasons The Roxborough squad fell before The flying spikes of The Frankford sprinTers. Bill Nauman was The rnosT specTacular man Frankford has had on The field in a number of years. In The firsT meeT of The season, Bill scored a Triple firsT place and ConTinued on Through The season in a winning way. This year The Track Team was under The direcTion of Mr, lVlarTin D, FeTherolf. Mr, Charles Troxell acfed as assisTanT coach, A TRACK Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford TRACK SCHEDULE l5 NorTh CaTholic l8 36lf2 Haverford 62V2 39V2 Overbrook 55V2 SouTh Philadelphia 49 37 Franklin 35 36 CenTral 6l Germamown 46 CiTy Championship-Eighfh Place f 'Z ffl? 71:79 Lu. .V'V5wf:Y J 4 VSWQND GULF AND TENNIS OACl-l Charles Nichols golf team looked to be one of the best that the school has had for several years this season. Flowever, due to the difficulties that arose this year in connection with transportation, the Public l-ligh League went al- most entirely to pieces and the Pioneers played only four matches, thereby limiting their chance to get into a high spot in the league. Central defeated Frankford in the first match of the season. ln their second venture the Tri- Color lost out to a strong Roxborough team. A return engagement was played with Central in which the lvlirrors again beat Frankford, German- town also defeated the Pioneers in a very close match. Sugar and gas rationing registration days can- celled almost all of the matches scheduled for the four teams remaining in the league. GOLF SCH EDULE Frankford Central l5 Frankford Roxborough l2 Frankford Germantown 8 Frankford lV2 Central B92 RANKFORUS tennis team for i942 enjoyed a fine season. The tennis men won five matches and lost only two. The highlight of the season was a 5-O defeat of the Tri-Color's arch rivals, Northeast. Gratz l-ligh, last year's champions, and West Philly each defeated Frankford's racaueteers by one point, these two losses dropped the Pioneers out of the race for the 'league title. Frank Sheldon and Bob Arrison, playing their last season at Frankford this term, both turned in great performances on the court. Sheldon was a singles man, while Arrison played on the doubles team. F TENNIS SCHEDULE Frankford Bartram l Frankford Olney 2 Frankford Gratz 3 Frankford West Philadelphia 3 Frankford Central 2 Frankford Northeast O Frankford Roxbarough C THE TANG 0F FALL k A Hiozunwbffallll Elma? 4 Sfiamcl-+mhQev1f'or TF'fKlD.iHf5slh,SiunL9' lhelf urlfallsti 'fl'-oiilh nv F E l V 151. E . bl . J W fikyj W0 wmlldheev lhemrfbilballl vmmn, e will 1 G lf-wemz' AMI muweexr ag awih. En? 'WWE '67l'gjH11fKff1r4j mornefeur S- ff59"lil4JJJli1W'm -een, 1Fjlh11,H ll1fI,THfglIw1L1f'0v THfamK1'rQwdI'sc3amfg W N 'ifflfiii ffbgflwm-2+-j4lln3w1lF.anwnE aJcvvwP scmw' 'Mmm 7 A 'give 'Hulse dheemrs ffmrfflhe ffiqlhiluilfg Rio mee 1f'5.l TP. LLAK. WORDS AND MUSIC BY MR. MICHAEL FISCH XQWQ A ll o ,SP .L O X QQ? M lol? lk 5 ' J K - A, v Q9 O fl, X AWA R D S FOOTBALL Major Letter William Atchinson John Babetzke George Barron Charles Bauman Thomas Davis Merwin Dixon James Dunn Ervin lbach Norbert Kaczinski Joseph Klucznik Lynn Le Barron David Maakestad Earl Maconaghy William McKay Edward Meyer Erank Michalski Robert Moore Walter Nowak Frank Sidebothom Martin Sholomskas James Still William Wise Kenneth Woods Minor Letter George Bucher Gus Gosson Donald Jamison Robert Kurtz l-larry Schubert Joseph Scott Jack Yarnall Forty-one SOCCER Major Letter William Bachman George Boyd Richard Gallagher Glenn l-lertzler Altred Jackson N. Edwin Lindell Robert MacWilliams Alfred Mathias Charles Mohr Russell Moss Towney Rossman Robert Steele Donald Sugden Hugh Wason Jack Wilkinson Chester Zamorski Minor Letter Jack Casey Edward Hess Kenneth McKee Charles Straub CHEERLEADERS Minor Letter Raymond Anders Theodore W. l-lissey Ellsworth Shephard Donald Sugden Ed Walczak Leon Walczak FKZZFYT' if AJQZEFMQM '54 wi '69, 1 66 Y00 CHIEF among the attractions for Frankford l-ligh School girls are the extra-curricular activities offered by the Girls' Athletic Department, With a well equipped gymnasium, and a large hockey and baseball field, the Department presents a continuous program of competitive sports for all girls who wish to participate. The athletic activities are arranged for the students by the Women's Physical Education De- partment including Miss Joanna Fritz, Miss Doro- H0099 thy McQueen, Mrs. Louise Reichelt, Mrs. Ethel Millikin, and Miss Ruth Davis. Beside the excitement and good fellowship which prevails among those participating in the athletic sports, consisting of hockey, softball, volleyball and basketball, the Girls' Gym Department has prepared o point system by which the girls receive awards, o class numeral for ten points, a letter for fifteen points, and ultimately a charm for twenty-five points, AWARDS NUMERALS Doris Amelinck Anna Bauer Doris Bell Alva Bowker Aleen Catanach Ann Clabby Susan Darrah Bianca Deitz ' Amelia Galares Dorothy Gentner Mary Goldsmith Shirley l-leberling Grace Kirkpatrick Jane LeFevre Katherine Linton Elaine MacLean Virginia Marynowitz Norma Max Groyce Morris Mildred Rementer Marie Schanbacher Isabelle Schweizer LETTER'S Doris Amelinck A Anna Bauer Doris Bell Alva Bowker Ann Glabby Bianca Deitz Amelia Golores Dorothy Gentner Grace Kirkpatrick Jane LeFevre Katherine'Linton Elaine MacLean Norma Max Groyce Morris Mildred Rementer Marie Schanlnacher CHARMS Doris Amelinck Alva Bowker Dorothy Gentner Grace Kirkpatrick Norma Max Groyce Morris Mildred Rementer Forty-three luhs at Frankford have taught SOCK AND BUSKIN BIGGEW Betterl Ditterentl These words describe the new organization of the Sock and Buskin Club. After a student practices his histrionic ability tor two terms in the semi-annual productions, he receives a silver pin and is entitled to the rank ot "trouper." Those who have just made the cast or who have worked in only one play are classed as "hams," Others who have not made the cast are "stand- ins," studying make-up, stage directions, settings, and one act plays preparatory to becoming active members in the club. Mr, l-lambleton, the coach, is kindly donating his time and talent to insure the success ot this novel idea. SECRETARIAL CLUB T l-IE Secretarial Club is an organization, sponsored by Mr. Joseph Klein ot the Commercial Department, tor l2A and l2B students who have character, personality, and high scholastic ability in commercial subjects, Each member is given the opportunity to acquire actual business experience by aiding the various 'department heads. Dic- tation, typing, mimeographing, and tiling are a few ot the many duties they perform. The members ot this club are Norma Wishman, Ruth Wagner, Rita Brakoniecki, Jean Budd, Alvah Bowker, Frances Herzog, Norma l-luebner, Jeanne Cassin, Florence l-leitzer, Margaret Klingler, Mildred Tag- gart, Miriam Knoedler, Doris Fauser, l-lildegard Preisendanz, Martha Biemuller, Doreen Sheldon and Marion Barraclough. Forty-four us the value of tolerance Forty-five USHERS' ASSOCIATION THIS club is one of the most active, but least known, organizations in school. lt is sponsored by Mr. l.ynford Williams, and headed this term by Dorothy Gentner. The duties of the members are to escort members of the audience to their seats and to give out programs at all functions sponsored by the school, The association has proved indispensable at such affairs as Parent-Teacher's Meetings, plays given by the school and most of all at com- mencement exercises, The club generously donates the returns of their dances to the Red Cross. The Ushers' Association will lose many of its able members this term through graduation. I FIRST AID CORPS THE Frankford I-ligh School Volunteer First Aid Detachment of the South- Eastern Chapter of the Red Cross re- ceived its charter on June IO, l942. After 40 hours of training with Mrs. lvlillikin, assisted by Miss Why, the members were given advanced first aid certificates. They continue to meet once a week for practice. These forty girls, together with lvlrs, Reichelt's first aid leaders of last term, man the fifteen first aid stations during Air Raid drills and assist lvlrs.. Sweeney in the care of the first aid equipment. At each station, also, four senior boys are assigned to act as stretcher bearers, and consideration for the efforts Forty-six SENIOR TWELVE THE Senior Twelve is an honorary club for the twelve girls who ranli highest in the graduating class. The girls are chosen for scholarship, extra-curricular activities, and personality. The officers of this club are Phyllis Ladd, president, Ruth Hodges, treasurer, and Molly Baush, secretary. The other members are Marion Barraclough, Alvah Bowker, Jean Budd, Carolyn Darrow, Amelia Galares, Loretta Lawson, Bernice Ledford, Felicia Romero, and Ruth Wagner. From the profits of the Senior Twelve dance enough money was made to give five dollars for a commencement prize, six dollars for four soldier's kits, ten dollars for the library, and three dollars for the Senior Twelve Fund. GIRLS' LEADERS THE Girls' Gym Leaders meet in the main gym each Monday from 3-4130. This club is open to girls without failures in any subject and a rating of at least "B" for Physical Education. The club attendance ranges from 90 to l2O. Our principal duties are to act as demonstra- tors on various parts of the floor, so that even in our very large classes each girl may see what is expected of her, then too, we frequently give individual help to those students who are back in their work. ln addition tothe very valuable training in leadership each member of this club re- ceives, we may also attain from one to three AA Credits toward our school numerals or letter. of others, and that we cannot BAND GUR bond greotly odds to the enjoy- ment of our footboll gomes, Attired in our school colors, it presents o truly stirring picture. l-loweyer, the l3ond's oc- tivity is not confined to the footboll gomes, for it ploys in ossemblies in the ouditorium ond olso ot the pep rollies, The Student Boord purchosed the bond uniforms ond it olso keeps them in good repoirr The bond owes its success to the untiring efforts of Mr, Forrest Newmeyer, who hos troined the bond to morch with cleon-cut precision l-le spends four doys o week reheorsing with them the rousing songs thot moy be heord ot our footboll gomes. CHEERLEADERS THESE boys ore the energetic, cheering Pioneers who hove led us in rousing cheers ot our footboll gomes. With o perfect ottendonce ot our foot- boll gomes, these cheerleoders hove, through their efforts, boosted the spirit of the fons, ond encouroged our fighting Pioneers. Ted l-lissey, Ed Wolczok, Emil Lewis, Ellsworth Shepord, Leon Wolczok, Don Sugden, l-lorry l-lilger, ond Roy Andress hove procticed foithfully to perfect our cheers ond hove done so well. Ed Wolczok ond Donold Sugden ore the only two of the boys groduoting, ond even though their presence will be missed, we will hove six veteron cheerleoders owoiting us ot our footboll seoson next folli Forty-seven live without, but must live TRAFFIC CLUB THE Traffic Club is an organization one year old, formerly sponsored by lvlr. Ebbecke, for the purpose of clearing the halls during periods. Since Mr. Ebbecke's acceptance into the armed forces, Mr. Nash has taken this club over. This club meets every second Friday, makes rules and plans their work. Each period students are posted at different hallways in the building, The loiterers in the halls are reprimanded, but no penalty is given to them. At the end of four terms of service, each member of the Traffic Club receives a gold-plated pin in the form of an "E," We sincerely hope that this club will be the continued success it has been so far. BANK REPRESENTATIVES THE School Bank of Frankford l-ligh School has for its main purposes the developing of habits of thrift and the pro- viding of opportunities for saving for vyorth-while objectives. ln addition, as an incidental feature, the bank representa- tives obtain valuable practical experience in handling money and in taking responsi- bility. As far as possible, all of the bank- ing work is done by the representatives of each advisory section, Each week from two to three hundred pupils use the school bank and deposit on the average a total of Sl5O. Since the school bank was started, over ten thousand accounts have been opened. lvlany of these school accounts have been changed over to regular savings accounts, and the de- positors have continued their thrifty habits learned in school. ,ffm , Forty-eight with and for our neighbors Forty-nine A CAPELLA CHOIR S INCE March, l938, when the A Capella Choir was formed under the able leadership of lvliss Frances Snyder, this organization has progressed rapidly. The choir is composed of students who are vitally interested in singing, The choir has taken part in many interesting musical programs including "The Legend of Democracy" and f'The Song of America." This term, it has also presented a Christmas pageant entitled "The Christmas Story" which was both written and directed by Miss Snyder. The choir also takes part in many church and school programs, This graduation will affect the choir greatly, since many of its talented members will be lost. SECOND FOOTBALL THIS team completed the most success- ful season any reserve football team has ever had at Frankford l-ligh School. The team won twelve out of twelve games, scoring 223 points while their opponents registered only 38. The hardest fought game was against Northeast l-ligh, neither team having lost a game. The final score of 6 to O was lXlortheast's first defeat and the first time they had been scored upon. Frankford defeated the eight league mem- bers and four non-league competitors, This is the first second team championship since l939, which was followed by a Var- sity championship in l94O, Coach Fisch hopes that this precedent will be followed in l943. -2? this we have learned Fifty s . 5 4 STAG EC RAFTERS THE Stogecratter's Club, sponsored by lvliss Daggett ot the Art department, is an organization closely connected with the Sock and Buskin. The main purpose ot the club is to study character make-up so that the members will be prepared to make up the cast of the plays the Sock and Buskin produce. The members ot the club help to make the costumes and scenery necessary tor the play and pageants given at the school. Dues that are collected are used in pur- chasing materials tor practice work. The meetings are always of value and are enjoyed by those interested in the lite behind the scenes. CLEF CLUB THE Clet Club, an honorary musical organization, is open tor the membership ot twenty students interested in music. On every second Thursday ot each month, the members meet at the home ot one ot their members and, atter a short business meet- ing, present a musical program, tollovved by refreshments. The club also has an active alumni asso- ciation ot which tvventy-tive per cent at- tend each meeting. These persons some- times pertorm during the program. lvlr. Forrest Newmeyer is the sponsor ot the group and attends all the meetings. All those accepted atter the auditions must be in llB or a higher grade. No freshmen are permitted in the club. in luhs at rankford YE MONKS VF MONKS is the oldest and finest school fraternity in Frankford l-ligh. lt meets bi-monthly at the members' homes. The officers are: Kenneth Woods, Prior, Glenn l-lertzler, Vicar, and Eddie Lindell, Clerk, The club is an honorary club, and the members are usually those boys who have taken part in some active athletic activities. Good scholastic marks must be had on each report card in order to remain in the club, At the end of this term we shall lose two of our outstanding membersef Kenneth Woods and James Wilson. The sponsor is lvlr, Eastburn, former Frankford l-ligh teacher. ORCHESTRA GUR school orchestra, which is under the direction of Mr, Forest New- meyer, has long been an organization of which Frankford l-ligh School is proud. This club is open to members interested in music and who play a musical instrument. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday in the auditorium. The activities of the orchestra are greatly varied. They play for our assembly programs, for the school plays which are held in the audi- torium, and for senior morning. The students in the orchestra derive a great deal of pleasure and much worth- while knowledge of music through their co-operation with one another and with the sponsor. Fifty-one 5 1 E K E 2 5 1 2 ! s I i E i I E E 1 I , ,h.. W 55 5, ...A1fN1fE4i.',2F'ZB . af '5??f5.:?55S.X H-N?E!"JmT?-'f454"RiFf's1iS - -ff-' Nl k if . f" ' ' " ' N 'l f ' -. . I X ' ,,,. THE HIGH WAY HE Franktord "High Way," one ot the school's most tamous institutions, is the general tally tor checking up on all the students. Important games, taculty information, extra curricular activities, are all made knovvn to them. Their doings and Wishes are in like manner imparted to the taculty, The editorial statt is one ot the tevv groups that actually set up their own type and get the paper ready tor the printing presses, Financial and distributing problems are solved by the ever-ready business statt, Since l9l4 this paper, one ot the best ot its kind, has been published almost every vveek in each term, and with the true student spirit behind it, this program vvill continue. -1 Q tw MR. JOHN NEVIN Business Adviser MR. CHARLES TROXELL Editorial Adviser STUDENT BUARD MIIRE LIVELY PARTICIPATION in Student Board activities has been much more lively this term than it has been tor some time. Evidence of this is shown in the larger number ot shields that have appeared in the auditorium. Each shield represents a section in which every member has contributed, Besides keeping the pipe organ in repaiit and providing new unitorms tor the band's color guard, the Student Board permitted S300 at its money to be used as a "rotating" tund 'lor the purchase ot detense stamps. Members assist in the distribution ot the stamps, Increased activity along this line is anticipated as the term continues. REGINA HOFFMAN ...................... ............ P resident HUGH WASON, BETTY FISHER ........ ........ V ice-Presidents Fifty-four 1 A. A. TWENTY- SIX YEARS 0LD 'FWENTY-SIX years ago the AA. was organized for the purpose of financing our school's athletic activities, Membership books are placed on sale each fall, and in that way funds are obtained to support the teams. Admission to all of the sports of the year is provided in these books, The association supplies money for the equipment of all our athletic activities, lt also contributes funds to student charities and has purchased many beautiful paintings and pieces ot statuary for the school. The students elect all the members, who in turn elect the officers, Under the sponsorship of Mr. S, l-lunter Kurtz, the association has been led through many successful years, and we sincerely hope that he and the students may continue their Wonderful work in the future. ALFRED ALLISON ..... ......... P resident BEATRICE WILLIG ...... ........ V ice-President Fifty-five UUR SECUND FRIINT IS WEALTH Dr. Lewis G. Sterner NE of the things I like aboutyoung people is their insistence, even under the most difficult circumstances, upon finding joy in life, I do not, as do some of our public speakers, regard this as a sign of irresponsibility and lack of purpose. Deadly serious men have brought the world to its present unspeakably sad state, more laughter in their hearts would have made them human. "The good are always the merry, save by an evil chance." Beware of men and creeds that frown upon joy. Don't be ashamed of laughter, it is your only alternative to tears in a sorry world, I would like to think that the wise men who are to plan our brave new world will include laughter, the spontaneous laughter of innocent fun and healthy spirit, as one of the great privileges of free men. Youth assumes that privilege. In that they are wiser than their elders. LEWIS G. STERN ER Sponsor Fifty-eight SENIUR MDRNING CUMMITTEE ENlOR Morning, that long awaited day, was made unforgettable for the seniors this term, with its fine assembly program which consisted of the "A" play, the presentation of the gift to the school, and the exchange of cap and gown, and with its gay party and informal dance in the gym in the afternoon, The main duty of the committee is to plan the assembly program in the morning, but in addition to this it also selects the gift to the school, buys refreshments and takes complete charge of the party, secures the music for the dance, and buys and gives out the ribbons worn by the seniors, assists in the distribution of the record books and the commence- ment tickets, and selects the flowers to be carried by the girls at commencement. We ovye the enjoyment of our last few 'days at Frankford to this committee. The chairman this term is Dorothy Gentner. l-ler helpful assistants are Ted Mann, Charlie Jones, Marie Schanbacker, Gloria Ross, Kay Linton, and Amelia Galares. .3 Sixty A PLAY T l-lE play chosen for the Senior Morning Assembly was a comedy by Raul Gantt called "Tommy Says Hello." This delightful comedy is about the complications Tommy Tucker gets into when he goes to visit his triend, John Jones, a specialist in mental diseases. The doctor permits some ot his patients to call at his ottice tor treatment. When the doctor leaves Tommy in charge ot the ottice for a tew minutes, he meets the other members ot the doctor's household and each one gets the idea that he is talking to a lunatic The doctor tinally returns and straightens matters out, but not until several amusing situations have developed. A The cast was as tollows: Dr. John Jones ................................ .......... A lex Walker Tommy Tucker ..................................... ........... T ed Kling The doctor's maid, Annie Rooney ......... ......,...... R uth Hodges Mrs l-lubbard, the mother-in-law ...... ........ lvl ary Jane Ross Ivlrs, John Jones ................................................................ Carolyn Darrow , "Tommy Says l-lello" was directed by Bernice Ledtord, chairman ot the "A" play for this term. The "A" play cast spent many hours in rehearsing tor this play and was rewarded by the compliments that were given to them tor a splendid performance. Sixty-one 1 , DANCE CIIMMITTEE NE oT The rnemoroble occosions oT our senior yeor wos The Senior Prom which vyos held oT Seors Roebuck on OcTober 30th. Our donce Wos one long To be remembered by The sTudenTs oT wor-Time Fronldord ,l-ligh School. The melodic sTroins were supplied by The Combus Serenoders, whose oTher oTTrocTion besides Their Tine music vyos Three lovely songsTresses. The Donce commiTTee vyos suberyised by Choirmon Edword Meyer, He vyos boclced up by on eTTicienT groub oT sTuclenTs consisTing oT Doris Amelinclg George Borron, Doyid lVlool4esTdd, Groyce lylorris, Chorles Boumon, lone l.eFeyre, Corolyn Darrow, Doris Lobbinou! ond Florence STein, Thonks To The hord work oT The commiTTee, There wos o record oTTendonce oT Tour hundred ond eleven couples. The work oT The commiTTee consisled oT selecTing The chorrns, decoroTing The bollroom, ond sponsoring The sole oT TickeTs. Mr. Crop comblimenTed The members oT The Donce CommiTTee ond oll oT The young lodies ond genTlemen oT Fronldord High School Tor Their Tine oTTiTude in helping To moke This o delighTTul donce. Sixty-two RECURD PILO'l'S THE Record Book Committee, consisting at Molly Baush, editor, Alice Smith, Agnes Berndt, Ruth l-lodges, Marie Williams, Bill Manning, and Dan Friday, wishes to thank the students who so graciously helped us to collect the information, write-ups, pictures, and suggestions that go into the making ot this account at school lite. Without this help we would not have been able to have the tine Record Book that we ot the committee think we have, Each member ot our committee had some particular job to do, and they gave many hours ot har-d work in helping to make this Record Book a success. The committee also vvishes to thank Ralph Bassett, June '43, tor the splendid co-operation that he gave us in helping with our book. Ralph did a tine job in taking Who's Who pictures, some committee pictures, and many ot the candids. W We hope that in future years this book will recall to us many pleasant memories of our activities, our triends, and the organizations with which we were associated during our high school days, Sixty-three FIHIM JANUARY '40 Jan., l940-We began the roundabout journey to Frankford l-ligh-first stop, Allen. April, 1940-The Sock and Buskin delighted and amused us with "What a Life." June, l940-We were finally eligible to block traffic in the halls of Frankford l-ligh, pathetically wondering why 304 didn't follow 303. Sept., 1940-At last vve actually became part of the great student body and soon learned to grin and bear the haunting taunt of "Freshie." Nov., 1940-"On Our Way" was presented at the Academy of Music by the A Capella Choir under the direction of Miss Snyder, Nov., 1940-Our great football team vvon the Public l-ligh Championship. Dec., 1940-Another Sock and Buskin hit, "The Late Christopher Bean." Feb., 1941-Juniorsl The feeling was wonderful, but the sound was better. March, 1941-The "l-ligh Way" won medalist honors at the Columbia Inter- Scholastic Press Conference. May, l94leeWashington experienced a visit from the students of Frankford l-ligh School, vvho spent the day dashing in and out of busses trying to keep dry. May, 1941-The Sock and Buskin's comedy, "Big l-learted l-lerbert," went over with a bang. Oct., 1941-We journeyed to New York to see the World's Fair. Memories never to be forgotten are the train ride and the weather, which only an Eskimo could appreciate. Nov., 1941-We juniors enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day game with North Catholic immensely. Dec., l94lefFound us enjoying the Christmas pageant which was prepared for our enjoyment by Miss Snyder. Sixty-four T0 JANUARY '43 Feb., 1942-After eleven years of work, play, fun, and worry, we became the "haughty" seniors. May, 1942-We viewed West Point from the river and spent an enjoyable day drenching ourselves and getting deglamorized by riding in a speed boat. May, 1942-"Charlie's Aunt," a delightful comedy, was presented by the Sock and Buskin. June, 1942-Kenneth Woods, our model Pioneer, was elected president of the Senior Class. Sept., 1942-The officers of the class of Feb. '43 were elected: Vice-President, Phyllis Ladd, Secretary, Norma Max, and Treasurer, William Manning. Sept., 1942-Molly Baush was chosen Record Book Editor, Dorothy Cientner headed Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Jan., the Senior Morning Committee, Ed Meyer the Dance Committee, and Bernice Ledford was appointed directress of the "A" Play. 1942-Thanks to I-litler and l-lirohito, our Prom was held slightly early, but We didn't let that stop us from having a good time. 1942-We saw our last football game played with North Catholic on Thanksgiving Day, a day never to be forgotten. 1942-Ruth Wagner was chosen salutatorian and William Manning valedic- torian of the Senior Class. 1943-Senior Morning Day. This was a happy day with the assembly program, the Record Books distributed, and a party in the gym. 1943-We have spent three years of our lives in Frankford l-ligh School. We have had a lot of experiences both sad and amusing, and we have learned that as individuals in this world, we are comparatively unimportant. We leave Frankford with a few misgivings, but with hard earned knowledge and wonderful memories, and as we turn our backs, and walk away into the future, we hear them say, "This was only a preview. Your worries have just begun!" Sixty-five N AMERICA, THEY FRANKFORD High School hos endeavored to meet the needs of the students by having different courses of study from which they can make a selection. These courses include commercial, vocational art, industrial, academic, and home economic subjects. The first three prepare the students for the commercial and industrial world The academic course is a more general study of the cultural subjects. l-lome economics gives those students who are interested in sewing, cooking, and dietetics a chance to show their skill. ln this way, all of the students ore given a chance to further their knowledge in the field for which they ore most suited, Sixty-six CIIUIISE THEIR CUURSE The vvork of each course is divided evenly so that the student may complete his particular course within six terms, that is, in three years As the student progresses, the Work becomes more difficult, Any subiect not passed by the end ot thei third report period must be repeated until the student receives a passing marks By this method, no one completes the course chosen until he knows the Work, In this way a chance is given to each student to show his iniative and ability in the work to which he thinks he is mast adapted or in which he is most interested Sixty-seven F i JANUARY 1943--RECORD GEORGE FRANCIS ABELE 1775 Brill Street Harding Commercial Air Raid Messenger, IZB, First Aid Station, l2B. ALFRED P. ALLISON, JR. 4404 Van Kirk Street Harding Academic A. A. Representative, 1-OA, IOB, 12B, President 12B, High Way Regresentative, l1B, Bowling Club, 1 . Varsity Basketball, '41, '42, Ma- ior Letter, '40. I no s E A cic 4525 ' on Avenue din Academic ce Committee, 12B, First A Leaders, i2A, l2B, Boots and Saddle Club, 10A-12B, Swirn- ming Club, 1OA-l2A, . Bowling Club, 11A, 11B, First Aid Corps, l2B, Christmas Committee, 11A, Ushers Association, 10B-l2B. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, Hockey, '40-'43, Girls' Basketball, '40-'43, Girls' Baseball, '40-'43, Volleyball, '40-'43, Numerals, '41, Letter, '41, Charm, '42. EDNA MARGARET LEN sisic i Wilson f A7 mmeriql j. JV HAROLD C. ARRIGHY 839 Sanger Street Wilson Industrial Student Board, 12B, Air Raid Warden, 12A, 12B, -High Way Staff, lOB-12B, Silver Pin. Sixty-eight JOHN AUTI N 4422 Benner Street H0fdll19 Commercial High Way Staff, 10B-l2B, Ad- xsrgising Manager, High Way, 11B, Illgvlinor Letter, '41, Major Letter, JOHN A. BABETZKE 6030 Edmund Street Harding Academic Locker Committee, 12A, Allen Safety Patrol, IOA. Varsity Football, '42, Varsity Soccer, '41, Second Soccer, '40, ll2anor42Letter, '40, Major Letter, ELLEN LAVINIA BARLOW 7703 Cottage Street Wilson Music Orchestra, 1OA-i1A, Band, IOA- 12A, Christmas Committee, 1OA, 11A, Library Monitor, 12B, Bank Representative, 12A, l2B, High Way Representative, 1OB-IIB. MARION G. BARRACLOUGH 503 Hoffnagle Street son Commercial enior Twelve, l2B, Secretarial lub, 12A, 12B, Christmas Com- ittee, IIB. GEORGE WILLIAM BARRON 732 Longshore Avenue Wilson Academic Dance Committee, 12B, Student Board, 12A, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, 1lA. Varsity Football, '41, '42' Second Football, '40, Varsity Baseball, '41, '42, Minor Letter, '40, '41, Major Letter, '42, ' ANNA MAW 3428 Oakm nt Avenue Wilson Com r ol F' Leaders, 2 , Stage- cr t , 11B, Swi- ng Club, 1 , Ushers Asso ' ian, 11B-l2B, Bank Repr ive, 11A. Girls' , '40-'43, Girls' Basketball, ' 2, Girls' Baseball, '40, Volleyball, '40, Numerals, '43. X. 1 -Wy J-'J crm ES Levi! Jn. 2 8 ' " treet WM Mechanic Arts Dance Committee, 12B, Christ- mas Committee, 1lB' Locker Lom- mittee, 1lB, 12B, Ushers .Associ- ation, 1lB, A. A. Reoresentative, 1lB, 12A, High Way Representa- tive, 10B, 11A, Circle Twelve, 1lB. Varsity Football, '41, '42, Second Football, '40, Minor Letter, '40, Major Letter, '41, '42. MARY BAUSH 6841 Gorsten Street Wilson Academic Editor of Record Book, l2B, Student Board, IOB-11B, ,Senior Twelve, Secretary, l2B, English Of- fice, 12A, 12B, Greek Club, 1OB, Christmas Play, 1OB, First Aid Leaders, l2A, Orchestra, 10A-11B, Clef Club, 11B-12B, Secretary, 12A, Air Raid Warden, l2B, Latin Club, 1OA, IOB, Secretary, IOB, Ushers Association, 12A, 12B, Charles Stehle Memorial Prize, Advanced First Aid Leaders, Girls' Leaders, '42, '43, DORIS MARIE BELL. -A 192 ,Aunt sneer In , Hardin Ushe s ' ion, 114B'-12B Bank e r sent t've, 10B,i ,11 , High ay R re ntative,-5125 V Hiking Club, A, Airfare Me senger, l2B. ,V Ag ' Girls' e rs, ' -' 5 Hockey, '43, Girls sk , '42, Girls' Baseball, '41 Volleyball, '43, ROBERT RICHARD BELL 1046 E. Luzerne Street Harding Mechanic Arts Boots and Saddle Club, l1A-12B, Library Monitor, 1lA, A, A. Repre- sentative, 12A, High Way Repre- sentative, 11B. lf! Sixty-nine JANUARY 1943-RECORD AGNES E. BERNDT 908 Brill Street Wilson Commercial Record Book Committee, 12B, Locker Committee, 12B, Bank Representative, 1lA, A. A. Rep- resentative, liB. LORRAINE M. BLANK 6257 Charles Street H0fdIl19 Commercial -Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12B, First Aid Leaders, l2B, Trip Com- mittee, 12A, Hiking Club, 11A. Girls' Baseball, '40, '41. MIRIAM FRANCIS BLOOM 4417 Knorr Street HUYKIIDQ Academic First Aid Leaders, l2Aj Sack and Buskin, 10B-1lB. l453irls' Leaders, '40, Volleyball, ALVAH ESTHER BOWKER 1449 East Cheltenham Avenue Wilsan Commercial Senior Twelve, 12B, Service Guides, 1OA, Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Secretarial Club 12A, 12B, Bank Representative, l0A. Girls' Leaders, '40-'42, Hockey, '40-'42, Girls' Basketball, '40-'42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Umpire, '42, Volleyball, '40-'42, Numerals, '41, Letter, '42, Charm, '43. ELAINE E. BRADER 5710 Van Dyke Street Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Locker Committee, 12B. F' l 4 JANUARY 1943-RECORD 1 RITA BRAKONIECKI 3210 Rawle Street Wilson Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12Bg First Aid Leaders, IZA, Secre- tarial Club, 12A, 12B, Bank Rep- resentative, lOA-llB, l2B, High Way Stott, 1lA-12A. GEORGE W. BRAUTIGAM 1240 Brighton Street Wilson Academic Air Raid Messenger, 12B, Christ- mas Committee, 1iA, Bank Repre- sentative, 1OA. JOAN MARIE BROOKS 3254 Wellington Street Wilson Commercial Student Board, IOAQ Christmas Committee, lOBg Ushers Associa- tion, 1lA, High Way Representa- tive, 1lA. Girls' Baseball, '4l. JACQUELINE M. BROWN 5935 Castor Avenue Wilson Vocational Art Boots and Saddle Club, 12A. ICE JEAN BUDD 028 Bleigh Street Wils n Commercial ior Twelve, 1ZB, First Aid L ers, 12A, Secretarial Club, 12A, Seventy ANNA ELIZABETH BUSCH 6018 Delaware Avenue Harding Commercial CLAIRE EMMA CARPENTER 3412 Friendship Street Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IOB, Bank Representative, IOA. Hockey, '42 CARLA BERNICE CARVER 1924 East Pike Street Harding Commercial Ushers Association, 1lB. Girls' Leaders, '40, I A LOUISE CASSIN 4085 Higbee Street arding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12B, First Aid Leaders, 12Aj Secre- Tarial Club 1213: Library Monitor, 1-lA, Student Board, lOA, 1055 Hiking Club, lOB, l1A. Girls' Basketball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '40-'4Z. ALEEN MARGARET CATANACH 4203 Rhawn Street . Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2Bg First, Aid Leaders, 12Ag Library Monitor, 12A. Hockey, '40-'42, Hockey Man- ager, -'42g Girls' Basketball, '41, '42, Girls' Baseball, '41, '42, Vol- leyball, '40-'42, Numerals, '43. JEANNE LOUISE CHANDLEY 4022 Shelmire Avenue Wilson Academic Student Board, IOA, Boots and HMdeCmdI1A,HB,QB,CmKh mas Committee, IIB, Library Monitor, IIB, Bank Representa- tive, IOB, A, A. Representative, IOB, High Way Representative, IOA-IZB, High Way Staff, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '41, '42, Hockey, '41, Girls' Baseball, '40, '4I. JENNIE P. CHASZEWICZ 5808 Tulip Street Harding Commercial High Way Representative, IOA, HA, High Wav Staff, IOB-11B. Hockey, '41, '42. LILLIAN C. CHAUDRUE 4I21 Elbridge Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '42, Girls' Base- ball, '40-'42, ELEANOR S. CHERRY 3879 Dungan Street Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, I2B, First Aid Leaders, I2A. Girls' Baseball, '40, '41, CYNTHIA CIMOKOWSKA 4637 Tacony Street Harding Commercial Air Raid Messenger, 12B. Hockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '43, Girls' Baseball, '42, Volleyball, '4 . Seventy-one JANUARY I943-RECORD FRANCIS C. CIZEWSKI 2252 East Clearfield Street Jones Academic ANN BALDWIN CLABBY 1619 Harrison Street Wilson Academic A. A. Council, IIB-IZB, Ad- vanced First Ald Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA, Christmas Ccm- mittee, 11B, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, 10B-IZA. Girls' Leaders, '4O-'42, Hockey, '40-'42, Girls' Basketball, '42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Volleyball, '42, Numerals, '42, Letter, '42, NORMAN ARTHUR CORLETT 3209 Fanshawe Street Wilson Mechanic Arts First Aid, 12B. BERTHA MAE COTTMAN 5451 Harrocks Street Wilson Commercial Bank Representative, IOB, A. A. Representative, IIA. Girls' Basketball, '4O. RICHARD CUTHBERT Blue Grass Road Wilson Academic Track, '41, '42,' Minor Letter, '41, '42. W JANUARY 1943-RECORD CA 0 ARY DARROW Wilson A ademic rn e l2 Senior elv l2B C stmas P vs, IOB, e u So oist in Our - ' Advanced ' ' - tt- B' First Aid L er 5 lub llA-l2B, x u , l 1 V' Capella Choir, B ZB, S Ck 1 Buskin IZA, l2B, Raid W rden, l2B, Music Fe ival, llA, I Ag Christmas Com- mittee, llB, High Way Represen- tative, lOA-l2A. cms' Le SwimminQ rthodox Street - Da i te , Q , S is L. All .5 lar High sic st , 12 l Q : H! .' 1 Ai - r , d A , 0 H A Club '4 RUTH E. DAVIDSON 4209 Barnett St. Harding Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, Christmas Committee, HB5 Lib- brary Monitor, lOAg Student Board, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, MARY TESSIE DAWSON 4628 Kraydor Street Harding Academic First Aid Leaders, l2Ag Orches- tra, lOA-llA, Bank Representa- tive, HA. R. YVONNE DAY 3209 Magee Avenue Wilson Academic Bank Representative, llBj A. A. Representative, llA. . BIANCA DEITZ 1146 Arrott Street Wilson ' Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Leaders, l2Ag Stage- cratters, HB, Christmas Commit- tee, lOB, llB, Ushers Association, l2A, l2B. Girls' Leaders, '40-'42, Numer- als, '42, raw Seventy-two JQSEPH E. DELOGE 4013 Shelmire Street Wilson Academic High Way Representative, lOA, Circulation Manager, llA- RICHARD C. DEMUTH 5335 Oakland Street Saint-Albans, N. Y. Academic Student Board, lOA-llA, l2Bg Chess Club, llA, HB5 Air Raid First Aid, l2Aj Traffic Club, l2A, l2B, Fencing Club, llA-l2Aj Li- brary Monitor, IOB. EVELYN PAULA DENCE 7922 Craig Street Harding Home Economics GLORIA M. DICKERSON 5629 Miriam Road Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, llA, Bank Representative, lOA-llAg High Way Representative, ilA, JEANNE M. DINTINGER , 4028 Chippendale Avenue Wilson Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, High Way Representative, HB. Hockey, '4l. FRANCES DOBROWOLSKA 4736 Bermuda Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOB, Li- brary Monitor, IOA, Bank Repre- sentative, IIB, IZA. ISABELLE ESTHER DOH 8015 Frankford Avenue Harding Commercial Student Board, IOB-IZB, Traf- fic Club, 1OAj Library Monitor, IGB, Bank Representative, IOA, High Way Staff, IOA, Christmas Committee, IIB. 4117 Salem Stree Harding CARMELA F. DRAGONI al Bank Re resegive, 10 ZB. ANN JANE DUNBAR 4407 Longshore Avenue Harding Commercial A Capella Choir, IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, IIB, Bank Rep- resentative, 11A, 12B. Swimming Club, '41, Girls' Lead- ers, '41, Volleyball, '41, I nwmJ G. CALVIN DYSON, JR. 5807 Charles Street Harding Academic Band, IOB, IIA, First Aid Corps, 12B. Seventy-three JANUARYI94l-RECORD MARY REJEANA ENDERLE 4151 Elbridge Street Harding Academic Boots and Saddle Club, IIA, Air Raid Warden, IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, High Way Rep- resentative, IOB, IIA. Hockey, '40, '41, Girls' Basket- ball, '42, Girls' Baseball, '41, Vol- leyball, '4O. s WILLIAM A. EPPEHIMER 1714 Meadow Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOA, High Way Staff, 10A-IZA. Track, '40-'42, JEANETTE ERRICKSON 2944 Robbins Street Harding . ' Commercial First Aid Leaders, IZA. JANET MAY ESKUCHEN 4494 Salmon Street Harding Commercial Staaecratters, IIA. Volleyball, '41 , Q Q ' A gffw fpw 'A' , gijyf 1' PAUL A. EWING 3252 Cottman Avenue Wilson Academic First Aid Leaders, 12Bg Locker Committee, IZA, IZB. JANUARY 1943-RECORD IRENE E. FAUNCE 6120 Cottage Street Harding Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Bank Representative, liA. WARREN M. FERNES 7241 Dungan Road Wilson Commercial GEORGE R. FINKBEINER 1236 Van Kirk Street Wilson Vocational Art Boots and Saddle Club, 1OA, First Aid Corps, l2B, Locker Com- mittee, 12A, l2B. MARGARET FISCH ER 4306 Cloud Street Harding Commercial ROSE C. FRANECKI 5044 Melrose Street Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Lea hwy-in Seventy-tour PAUL ERIC OTTO FRANK 2038 Bleigh Avenue Harding Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, 1lB, i2A, German Club, lOB-l2A. ROBERT A. FRICK 7020 Walker Street Harding Mechanic Arts Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12B, Boots and Saddle Club, IOB, Air Raid Warden, i2A, Christmas Committee, 1lB. DANIEL RICHARD FRIDAY 4083 Comly Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, First Aid Corps, IZB, Locker Com- mittee, l2A, A, A, Representative, IOB-l2B. Second Baseball, '41, AMELIA S. GALARES 7155 Glenloch Street Harding Academic Senior Mbrning Committee, 12B, Student Boa d, l1A, Sen' Twelve, 12B' Ad an ed F'rs id eaders, , , Fi s Lead- rs, , ers, IOB, an e Club, lOA, hristmas mmittee, IOB-llB, Ushers Association, 11A-12B. Girls' Leaders, '42, Hockey, '40- '42, Girls' Basketball, '40-'42, Vol- leyball, '40-'42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Numerals, '42, Letter, '42, DOROTHIE GENTNER 4900 Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, Chairman l2B, Advanced First Aid Leaders, i2B, First Aid Lead- ers, l2A, Stagecrafters, 1iB, Boots and Saddle Club, lOB, 1iA, Christmas Committee, llB, Ushers Association, 1OB-l2B, Vice-Presi- dent i2A, President, l2B, High Way Representative, 11A-l2B. Girls' Leaders, '40-'42, Hockey, '41, '42, Girls' Basketball, '42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Volleyball, '40-'42, Numerals, '42, Letter, '42, Charm, "43. THERESA RITA GlGLl0 1019 Orthodox Street Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZA, First Aid Leaders, IIB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA-l2B. LUCY EDNA GIRARD 1546 Lardner Street Harding Commercial MARY E. GOLDSMITH 1631 Wakeling Street Wilson Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZA, IZB, First Aid Leaders, I2A, I2B, Air Raid Warden, I2A, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IOB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IIB, l2B, High Wav Representative, IOA-IIA, High Way Staff, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '41, '42, Hockey, '4l, '42, Girls' Baseball, '4l. STANLEY A. GREEN FIELD 3362 Rand Street Jones Industrial First Aid Corps, l2B, Locker Committee, 12B, Bank Represen- tative, IOA, IOB. JOHN MARTIN GREISIGER 1536 East Cheltenham Avenue Wilson Mechanic Arts Izgrchestra, IOA, Red Cross Corps, Seventy-five JANUARY 1943-RECORD JUNE LlLLlAN HACKETT 6843 Algard Street Harding Commercial Girls' Leaders, '42, JOHN A. HARDIE 9526 Dungan Street . Wilson Academic Clet Club, IIB-I2Bj Sock and Buskin, IIB-IZB, Assistant Stage Manager, 10B-l2A, Stage Man- ager, I2B. WW HENRY DORSEY HARMON 4649 Tackawanna Street Harding Academic IRENE SADIE HARRIS 7429 Torresdale Avenue Harding Commercial First Aid Leaders, l2B, Air Raid Warden, I2A, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOB-l2B, Ushers Associa- tion, IIA-IZB, Library Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IOB, A. A. Representative, IOB, 1IA, Traffic Club, IOB-l2B. Girls' Leaders, '41-'43, Hockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '42, RUTH GRACE HODGES 4237 Stirling Street Harding Academic Senior Twelve, Treasurer, l2B, Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Leaders, l2Ag Sock and 5 Baskin, IZA, IZBQ Highway Staff, IOA-l2B, High Way Editor, IIB, IZA. Girls' Leaders, '4l. JANUARY 1943-RECORD SHIRLEY ELAINE HEBERLING 5040 Cottage Street Harding Academic Student Board, IIA-12A, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, Ushers Assgociation, IIA-IZB, Messenger, 12 . Girls' Leaders, '42, '43, Hockey, '41-'43, Girls' Basketball, '41-'43, Girls' Baseball, '41-'43, Volleyball, '41-'43. EDWARD M. HOFFMANN, JR. 2083 Bridge Street Harding Mechanic Arts Student Board IOB, IIA, Chess Club, 12A, 12Bg Christmas Com- mittee, IIB, A. A. Representative, IIB. Second Football, '41, Track, '42, Major Letter, '42. WILBUR ROY HOLWEGER 6647 Castor Avenue Wilson Vocational Art Christmas Committee, IOA. HARRY PALMER HUMES 7028 Walker Street Disston Commercial Bank Representative, IOA. Varsity Golf, '41, Minor Letter, '41 MARION V. HOMSHER 5152 Akron Street Wilson Commercial First Aid Leaders, 12A, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IOB-IIB, Swimming Club, IIA. Hockey, '42, '43, Girls' Basket- ball, '42, Volleyball, '42, Seventy-six DORIS CECILE JACOBSEN 3507 Bleigh Street Wilson Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, Stagecrafters, IIB, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, I2B. Girls' Basketball, '42 Q Ames M. Jones 1015 Harrison Street Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, I2Bj Bowling Club, IIB, Bond Drive, I2A, Christmas Committee, IIB- IZB. Trac k, '4O. WILLIAM PAUL JUNG 1914 Stanwood Street Wilson Industrial First Aid Corps, IZB. ELAINE KATHRYN KARPA 7137 Gillespie Street Wilson Commercial JEANNE ELIZABETH KEETER 3359 St. Vincent Street Wilson Commercial Chess Club, IIA, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IIA, IZA, Ush- ers Association, IIA-IZA, A. A. Representative, IOA, High Way Representative, IIA, GRACE ETHEL KIRKPATRICK 1308 Pr' on Avenu Wilson A ic Adva Firstvki s, IZB, 'st ' Lead rs, IZ 'rls' Le rs, ' 4 Hockey, 4 '42, 'I B etball, '40-'42, Gir ' Baseb I '40-'4Z, Volley- ball '40, '41 umerals, '41, Let- ting, Z, Ch rm, '43, Swimming, , . -xx, . MARGUERITE WANDA KLINE 3524 Shelmire Street Wilson Academic THEODORE KLING 7033 Algard Street Wilson Academic Clef Club, IIA-IZB, A Capella Choir, IOB-IZB, Sock and Baskin, IZA, IZB, High Way Staff, IIA, IZB, American History Prize, IOB, Mercantile Library Prize, IGB, IRENE J. KOZLOWSKA 4502 Tackawanna Street Harding Commercial Service Guides, IOA, Bank Rep- resentative, IOB-IZB, High Way Staff, IOA. - FRANK ROBERT KREWSON 7032 Loretta Avenue Friends' Select Academic Seventy-seven -JANUARY1943-RECORD RAYMOND E. KRONENBITTER 3426 Tyson Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanic Arts E. MARIE KUMLEHN 3526 Aldine Street Wilson Commercial First Aid Leaders, IZA, Bank Representative, IOB-IZB. PHYLLIS ANNE LADD 1065 Pratt Street Wilson Academic Vice-President of the Senior Class, Student Board, IIA, Vice- President IZA, Senior Twelve IZB, President, Air Raid Messen- ger, IZB, Greek Club, IIA, IIB, Interscholastic Representative, IIB, IZA, Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Or- chestra, IOB, Clef Club, IIB-IZB, Secretary, Boots and Saddle Club, IIA, Christmas Committee, IIA- IZA, Ushers Association, IZA-IZB, High Way Staff, IIA-IZB, 3rd Page Editor, IIB, lst Page Edi- tor, IZA, Editor-in-Chief, IZB. Girls' Leaders, '43, Hockey, '41- '43, Girls' Basketball, '41, '42, Girls' Bgaseball, '41, '42, Volleyball, '4 , '4 . CHARLES LANCASTER 1815 Harrison Street Harding Industrial First Aid Corps, IZB. DORIS GRAY LAPPIN 5927 Horrocks Street Cooke Academic Locker Committee, IIA-IZB, Hockey, '41, Girls' Basketball, '40, '41, Girls' Baseball, '41, Vol- leyball, '41, L. JANUARY 1943-RECORD l!,i MIRIAM ANNA LAV, rl' 7729 Loretta Avenue Wilson Commercial Fir Aid Leadepg' 12A, Secre- tari lub, A, Junior Red Cro , ' artment of Social St I rd, 11B. Gir aders, '41, '42, Volley- ball, '41. LORETTA ETHEL LAWSON 5926 Shisler Street Wilson Academic Senior Twelve, 12B, Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Christmas Commit- tee, 11B, High Way Staff, 11B-12B, Hiking Club, 11A, Bond Drive, 12A. Hockey, '41, Girls' Basketball, '40, Girls' Baseball, '41, Volley- ball, '4O, '4l. BERNI ELAINE ORD K 5 wtho ne ff' rng Academic "A" 0 ctor, 12B, Senior Ive, , Sock and Buskin, A 12 ' a Bond Drive, 12A, hr s Co ittee, 11B, High Staff, 1 -12B, High Way tor, 12A. Hockey, '40, Girls' Baseball, '40, Volleyball, '40, '4l. EDWARD LEE 3108 "G" Street Stetson Academic Student Board, 1OB, A, A, Rep- resentative, 1OA. JANE cARo vls Wil Aca r , tee, B, Clu 1 ar and Dr' e 1 , Adv First B, Firs Leade 1 an Sad le Club, 10 , s Associ- oti , IOB-1213, g ing Club 1OA. G , etdo 1 irls' Leaders, '4 -'42, Hockey, '41, '42, Girls' B sk ball, '41, '42, Girls' Baseball, ' , olleyball, '41, '42 WALTER FRANK LEGACKI 7165 Charles Street Harding industrial Second Football, '40. EDMUND F. LEWIS 4142 Barnett Street Wilson Academic D A Capella Choir, l2A, 12B, Fenc- ing Club, 11A-1233, Library Man- itor, 12A 12B. inor tter, ' '42. KATHERINE A. LINTON 4500 Tyson Avenue Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, 12B, Advanced First Aid Leaders, l2B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Bond Drive, 12A, Ushers Association, 11A-12B, lflligkh Way Representative, IOA- Girls' Leaders, '42, Hockey, '40- '42, Girls' Basketball, '40-'42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Volleyball, 'ig-'42, Numerals, '41, Letter, JANE HELEN LlVlNGSTON 4940 Charles Street Harding Commerical Bank Representative, IOA, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '41, '42, Girls' Basketball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '41, '42, Volleyball, '41, K H. LOTTEY SL Glenloch Street Harding Academic Chess ub, QQ 12A, Air Raid All 1. : iii. ' A A' A I ' I Warden 12 ocker Commit- tee, 1 1 Trac Mayor Letter, '42 JANET LYND 2025 Granite Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IOB, Bank Rep- resentative, IIB, High Way Staff, IOB-IZA. DAV J M AKESTAD Herbe Street Wilson Academic Dan mittee, I , Student Board, ch tra, IO ' Locker i , 12 , A. Repre entative, Varsity Football, '4 , nd Football, '41, Varsity Tenn , A '42, Minor Letter, '40-'42, Malo Letter, '42, ELAINE C. MACLEAN 3124 M'age Ave ue J r ng Ac H iw y Represent iv B- B is' ea r ' ' , ack , I, ' , l sketball, '41, Girls' Base al, '40, Volleyball, '40, '41, Numerals, '42, I PHILIP 'jj 4 e S eet Hardi Com ial Unit 12B A A ive OB 'rs Ai , , . . I s , I . rs t Basketball, '42, STANLEY S. MALAMUT 3200 Fanshawe Street Harding Mechanic Arts Aero Club, IIA, IIB, First Aid Unit, 12B. ,vo Seventy-nine JANUARY 1943-RECORD THEODORE C. MANN 1440 Rosalie Street Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, I2B, Bowling Club, IIA, IIB, Bond Drive, IZA, Christmas Committee, IIB, IZB, A. A. Representative, IIB, IZA, High Way Advertising Staff, IZA, IZB. WILLIAM P. MANNING, JR. 5220 Castor Avenue Wilson Academic Valedictorian of the Senior Class, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Record Book Committee, IZB, Student Board, IIB, Bowling Club, IOB, IIA, Bond Drive, IZA, First Aid Squad, IZB, Christmas Play, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIB, Locker Committee, IIB-1213, Li- brary Monitor, IZB, A, A. Repre- sentative, IOB, IIA, High Way Staff, IIB-IZB, Stehle Memorial Prize, IOB. MILICENT E. MANSFIELD 4034 Higbee Street Wilson Academic First Aid Leaders, IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, IOA, Christmas Committee, IIB, IZB, High Way Staff, IOB, IIA. Girls' Leaders, '40, E. MARGARET MANSLEY M. 7722 Loretta Avenue Wilson Home Economics .Art Club, IZA, Bond Drive, IZA, First Aid Leaders, IZA, A Capella Choir IOB-IIB, High Way Staff Business Manager, IOA. VIRGINIA R, MARYNOWITZ 5935 Tackawanna Street Harding Com cial Student Board, IIB, H' ' b, IQB, Ms nger, 1 Adv ced Fir ' Lead r B, First Aid ers, IZA ots and Saddle lub, IZB' h istmas Committee, I ' s A ciation, IIA-12B, lb onito, IIA, Bank Rep- res tative, IOA, A. A. Represent- at' e, IIA. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, Hockey, '43, Girls' Basketball, '41-'43, Ggls' Baseball, '41-'43, Volleyball, '4 I 11A, Bank Representative,JpA. db? 1 JANUARY 1943-RECORD ALFRED EDWARD MATHIAS 7024 Marsden Street Harding Mechanic Arts Student Board, 1OB. Varsity Soccer, '41, '42, Sec- ond Soccer, '40, Minor Letter, '40, Major Letter, '41. JOSEPH MATTA 4042 Maywood Street Harding Academic NORMA HELEN MAX 5209 Akron Street Wilson Academi Secretary of Senior a ' nt Board, 12B, Secretary, 'm- ming Club, 1OA, Greek C b, 1OB, 11A, Advanced Fir id Leaders, 1213, First Aid eaders, 12A, Boots on le Club, 1OA, a mittee, 1OB, Ushers Ass ' , 10A-12B. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, Hockey, '40-'43, Girls' Basketball, '41, '42, Girls' Baseball, '41, '42, Volley- ball, '40-'43, Numerals, '42, Letter, '42, Charm, '43. DOROTHY FLORENCE MAY 2821 Jenks Street Harding Commercial Hiking Club, 1OB, 11A, Advanced First Aid Leaders, 12Ag First Aid Leaders, 11B, Stagecrafters 1OB, Volleyb H, '4 ELEANOR ANNA MAY 5035 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial German Club, 11A, Locker Com- mittee, 12B. Girls' Leaders, '43, Eighty P WILLIAM MCCAULEY 3324 Salmon Street nes Academic HANNAH ELIZABETH McCOLL 2878 Gillingham Street Kensington Commercial Hiking Club, 11A, Library Mon- itor, 1OB, 11A, A. A. Represent- ative, IOB. Hockey, '41, Girls' Basketball, '41. '42, Girls' Baseball, '41, '42, Volleyball, '41. HELEN McFARLANE 2029 Granite Street Harding Commercial High Way Staff, 11B, 12A. Girls' Baseball, '41, Volleyball, '41 AM J. MclLF cy 4112 Princeto n ard' g ommerciol f rf ETHEL K. McKAY 3158 Jasper Street Kensington Commercial Stagecrafters, 11B, Ushers As- sociation, 11A, 12A. Hockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '41, Volley- ball, '42. WILLIAM W. McKAY 7020 Hegerman Street Harding Academic Student Board, IOA, A. A. Rep- resentative, IOB. Varsity Football, '42, Second Football, '41, Varsity Golf, '41, Numerals, '40, Minor Letter, '41, Major Letter, '42. MW' MARGARET JANE MELVEN 3445 Brighton Street Wilson Commercial EDWARD H. MEYER I006 Harrison Street Central Academic Dance Committee Chairman IZB, Student Board, IIA, IIB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Air Raid War- den, IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, A. A. Representative, IOB-IIB. Varsity Football, '41, '42, Sec- ond Football, '4O, Varsity Tennis, '41, '42, Boys' Leaders, '41, Nu- rngrals, '40, Maior Letter, '41, 4 . ELIZABETH MOOR 4127 Robbins Avenue Wilson Commercial First Aid Leaders, IZA, Air Raid Messenger, IZB. i ' ff! 014' f - GRAYCE E. MORRIS 6207 Castor Avenue Wilson Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, IOA, IOB, Swimming Club, IOA-IZA, Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, IIB-IZB. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, Hockey, '41-43, Girls' Basketball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '40-'43, Volleyball, '41, Numerals, '42, Letter, '42, Charm, '43. JANUARY 1943-RECORD Eighty-one SH LEY L. MULLEN 2874 Gillingham Street Harding Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZA. l4Firls' Baseball, '41, Volleyball, THOMAS E. MULLEN 4IOI Comly Street ' Hflfding Commercial High -Way Representative, IOB, IIA, High Way StOff, lOB-llB. I 5' 'F gi jfs-o fit- I M by-ff Mumzsn ' 4020 Hcrtel Street WHSUH Academic Airk Raid Warden, IZB, Ushers Association, IIB-IZB, High Way Representative, IIB. -Girls' Leaders, '42, Hockey, '41, Girls' Baseball, '42, CARL FREDERICK NEDAL 4020 Gilham Street WilS0ll Industrial First Aid Corps, IZB, Senior Messenger, IZA, IZB, BETTE MARIE NEFF 7403 Palmetto Street Wilson Commercial First Aid Leaders, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, High Way Representative, IOB. JANUARY 1943-RECORD l MILDRED M E S ass G , sir f Wilson ' Commercial Stud Bo r , lOB, First Aid 1 olley al, '4l, '42. WALTER FRANK NOWAK 4343 Bermuda Street Harding Industrial Varsity Football, '42. ANTHONY OCZKOWSKI 4361 Josephine Street Harding Commercial Fencing Club, 1lA, llB, High Way Representative, lOB, llA, High Way Staff, lOB-l lB. Trac k, '41, '4Z. .git I ELMER ALBERT O'DAY 2924 Kipp Street Stetson Academic Track, '42. ELIZABETH JANE OTT 4520 Tackowanna Street Harding Commercial First Aid Leaders, ZA, Air Raid Warden, 1ZB,Messen IZB, Bank Representative, I lB, High Way Staff, 10 l , High Way Secretary, l1B, . Hockey, 41, irls' Basketball, '42 QD Eighty-two JANE AYRE OTT 1649 Bridge Street Harding Academic Honor Book, lOB, First Aid Leaders, 1ZA, A Capella Chair, llA, French Club, lOB, Christmas Committee, l1B, Hockey, '39, Girls' Basketball, '40, Girls' Baseball, '40, Volley- ball, '39, MARILYN OVERHOLSER 1212 Haworth Street Wilson Academic First Aid Leaders, IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, Christmas Committee, IOB. HELEN KATHERINE PARK 6847 Algard Street Harding Commercial Student Board, 1lA, First Aid Leaders, l2A. Hockey, '41, Girls' Baseball, '40, '41, Volleyball, '4l. GORDON PARKER 4755 Marple Street Harding Commercial . ff' i --'- JOSEPH EDWARD PERRY' 'fi 3106 "D" Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Fencing Club, Captain, lOA- 128. Minor Letter, '4Z. OW FLORENCE H. PIATKOWSKA 2I43 Wakeling Street Harding Commercial First Aid Leaders, IZA, Bank Representative, IIB-IZB, ELEANOR MARY PIENTA 3202 Glenview Street Harding Commercial Bank Representative, IZA, IZB, MARGARET LOUISE REES 4319 Benner Street Harding Commercial High Way Representative, IIA. Volleyball, '4l. ROBERT ARNOLD REIMERS 2035 East Buckius Street Harding Mechanic Arts Color Gu EUNICE MAY REINEKE 4633 Horrocks Street Wilson Academic Clef Club, IIB, IZA, IZB, Vice- President, A Capella Choir, IOA, IZB, High Way Representative, IOA. Eighty-three JANUARY I943--RECORD MILDRED L. REMENTER 7028 Dittman Street HCll'dln9 Academic 'Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Christmas Committee, IOB, Ushers Associa- tion IVOB-IZB, High Way Repre- iilx'Ol'lV9, IOB-IZA, Hiking Club, Girls' Leaders, '42, '43, Hockey, '40, '4I, '43, Girls' Basketball, '4I, '42, Girls' Baseball, '40, '4I, -Q' XJ43, Volleyball, '40, '4I, '43, Nu- merals, '4Z,, Letter, '42. "' NAM. jf'1,.4,, ,L fl, .5 ' I RUTH IRENE RHOADS 4943 Charles Street HUl'dil'I9 Commercial Hockey, '40, Girls' Baseball, '4I. DOROTHY RICE 7820 Frankford Avenue Hclfding Academic K X x BARBARA C. RINTYE 4029 Potter sneer ' '- Harding Commercial Student Board, IZA, Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IOB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, Library Monitor, IIB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, A. A. Represen- tative, IOB, High Way Represen- tative, IZB, Girls' Leaders, '40-'42, Hockey, '42, Girls' Basketball, '4I, '42, Gigls' Baseball, '4I, '42, Volleyball, '4 ARNOLD D. RODGERS 4521 Tyson Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOB. W I f ' ' IZA' sock and Baskin, I2B, JANUARY I943-RECORD I ,,- 'J , 'fy ' ' X , MARY ELIZABETH RODGERS I I9Z9 Pratt Street Harding Home Economics A Capella Choir, IIB-IZB, Air Raid Messenger, IZB. Girls' Leaders, '43, Q JOHN ROJEWSKI 2438 Duncan Street Harding Industrial First Aid Corps, IZB. FELICIA ROMERO 874 Marcella Street Wilson Commercial Senior Twelve, I2B, Greek Club, IIA, A Capella Choir, IZB, Sec- retarial Club, I2A, IZB, French Club, IOA, IIB, Ushers Associa- tion IIA, Bank Representative, IOA-IZA. Girls' Baseball, '40, '4I. RUTH MAE ROSENBERGER 3040 Disston Street Wilson Academic Air Raid Messenger, IZB, Bank Representative, IIB, High Way Representative, IIA. L I GLORIA ELIZABETH ROSS j Decatur and Comly Roads A, I Harding Academic 1 Senior Morning Committee, IZB, JStL'3dent Board, IOB-I2B, Dramatic I, Club? IOA, Greek Club, IOB, IIA, P 1 Tr? ic Club, IOA, Advanced First jf' Leaders, IZB, First Aid Lead- 'ltr Aid'Corps, i2A, 129, christ- ' Imas Committee, IOB-IIB, Ushers Xl Association, IIA-IZB, High Way St B ' .ir-' - X?BSi'ls' Leaders, '4I-'43, Hockey, ' QQ, Girls' Basketball, '42, Girls' rSBaseball, '40-'42, Volleyball, '42, Eighty-four MARY JANE ROSS I70l Harrison Street Wilson Academic Advanced First Aid Leaders, I2B, s d Sa le Club, I2B, r' Co ittee, IOB-I2B, Ushe Ass A ' n, B-I2Bg Li- brar Monitor, , ZA, Bank Re esentati , IOA-IZB, High Way presenta ve IIA. ' ' L rs, '4I-'43, Hockey, - 43 Gir ball, '42, '43, Gi ls' a I, ' , , olleyball, '42 ' 3, E First Aid Leaders, IZA, IZB RAYMOND A. ROSS 2262 Kennedy Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOB, A. A. Representative, IIA. ALICE M. ROZANSKA 5l36 Milnor Street Harding Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, I2B, First Aid Leaders, IZA. BETTE SAUER ' 3257 Tampa Street Stetson Commercial Bowling Club, IIB, Ushers Asso- ciation, IIB. HARRI ET SAYRS SAWY ER 5342 Roosevelt Boulevard Jones Commercial JANUARY 1943-RECORD EDWIN L. M, SCHAEFFER 4055 Higbee Street Harding Industrial Air Raid Warden, I2A. Track, '42, Maior Letter, '42, MARIE C. SCHANBACHER 7100 Torresdale Avenue Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, 12B, Trip Committee, IZA, Traffic Club, IOA, Swimming Club, IOA, Greek Club, IOB, Advanced First Aid Leaders, I2B, First Aid Leaders, 12A, Dramatic Club, IOA, First Aid Corps, 12B, Christmas Com- mittee, IIB, Ushers Association, IOB-12B, A. A. Representative, IIB, I2A, English Office, IZA, IZB. Girls' Leaders, '40-'43, Hockey, '40-'43, Umpire, '43, Girls' Basket- ball, '4O-'43, Girls' Baseball, '40- '43, Umpire, '43, Volleyball, '40- '43, Numerals, '43, Letter, '43, Charm, '43. LOUIS JAMES SCHNEIDER 4321 Cloud Street Harding Industrial AFirst Aid Corps, I2B, Model Airplane Club, I2A. ISABELLA K. SC IZER 4532 Mulb Streef Harding Comm ral First Aid eaders, 12 ocker Committe ZB. ls' aders, '42, ockey, '4 ls' ak all, '41, '43, Girl aseb I, ' -'42, Volleyball, ' '42, N erals, '43, I1 L f l ' EVELYN VIRGINIA SC6T'1' 1026 Herbert Street Wilson Commercial 'Jil' lv 1 ini., :li IJ X, 3 D I , 1 Eighty-five MQW ESTHER EVA SEAMAN 4625 Wilbrock Street Harding Commercial Hlgligh Way Representative, IOA- FREDERICK E. SEIDEL 1213 Friendship Street Wilson Commercial High Way Business Staff, IOB- I2A. uf ,- W 3 THELMA E. SHANDA 6112 Alma Street Wilson Academic Student Board, IOA, IOB, First Aid Leaders, I2A, Boots and Sad- dle Club, IZA, Girls' Basketball, '42, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, MADEL SHUSTER 1641 Brill Street Harding Commercial ALICE JANE SIMPSON 6321 Torresdale Avenue Harding Commercial Student Board, IIA, Orchestra, IOB-IZB, Bank Representative, IIB-I2B. JANUARY 1943-RECORD EMMALEEN E. SLUSSAR 3516 Tudor Street Harding Home Economics First Aid Corps, IZB, Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA. Volleyball, '4Z. RZ' W A. r XA CE MARIE SMITH f 5211 Burton Street Harding Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIB, Ushers Association, IIB-IZB, Library Monitor, IIA, A. A. Representa- tive, IOB, High Way Representa- IOA, High Way Staff, IOB- Girls' Leaders, '4Z, '43, Girls' Basketball, '42, Girls' Baseball, '42, CAROLINE MARIE SMITH 964 Sanger Street Penn Treaty Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, IIB-IZB, Hiking Club, IOB, Ushers Associ- ation, IIA, Bank Representative, IZB, Bowling Club, IIA, IIB. Hockey, '4-Z. ELEANOR ELIZABETH SMITH 4424 Princeton Avenue Harding Commercial Bowling Club, IIB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB. ,4lHockey, '41, Girls' Basketball, HARRY RUSSELL SMITH 4424 Princeton Avenue Harding Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IIA. Numerals, '40. fr'- , L Eighty-six 'I X, ' . .xi LX Q I 2- I1,'f53?'xxXJ:"r'r'V,.j' A WILLIAM ROTH SMITH 6507 Van Dyke Street Harding Industrial Trip Committee, IZA, First Aid Committee, IZB, Locker Commit- tee, IZB, Christmas Committee, IIB, Bank Representative, IOB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB. WILLIAM RAYMOND SNUFFIN 4106 Elbridge Street Harding Academic Chess Club, IOA-IZB, Aero Club, IIA-IZB, Christmas Baskets, IOB, IIB, First Aid Leaders, IIA-IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, IOB-IIB. BETTY JEANETTE SPALDING ' 1335 Princeton Avenue I 74 4, Commercial dent B rdf A, Stagecratt- . er , I IA, stmag Com ee, toe. V Girls' Leaders, '40, Hockey, '4-ITE.-5 '4Z, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, I, 0, G. DOLORES SPOONHOWARD 5105 Worth Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IIB. BERNARD SPRECHER 2085 Margaret Street Harding Commercial Student Board, IZB, High Way Business Staff, IZA. WILLIAM ARTHUR STARR 2924 Richmond Street Jones Academic First Aid Station, IIB-12B, Air Raid Messenger, 12B. ANTHONY B. STATKUS 3586 Richmond Street Jones Mechanic Arts First Aid Committee, 12B. Track, '40-'42, Minor Letter, '41, Maior Letter, '42. CHARLES AUBURN STAUFFER 3542 Vista Street Harding Commercial War Stamp Representative, IIB, Christ-mas Committee, IIB, High Way Staff, IOB. FLORENCE STEIN 1230 Wakeling Street Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, I2B, Stage- crafters, IIB, Christmas Commit- tee, IIA, Ushers Association, 11A- 12B, High Way Representative, IIB-I2B. Hockey, '41, '42, Girls' Basket- ball, '42, Volleyball, '41, '42, CAROLYN A. STEPHAN 1919 Grant Avenue, B stleton Wilson mmercial Student Board Eighty-seven A JANUARY i943-Rscokn JAMES STILL 6613 Hegerman Street Harding Commercial Student Board, 12A, Air Raid Warden, IZA, I2B, Locker Com- mittee, 12B, Bank Representative, IOA-IZA, A. A. Representative, IOA-IZB. Varsity Football, '42, Second Football, '40, '41, Varsity Baseball, '41, Second Basketball, '41, '42. MARY MARGARET STOTZ 4125 "M" Street Harding Academic Stagecrafters, IZA, High Way Representative, IOB, 11A. DONALD SUGDEN 1663 Kinsey Street Harding Academic First Aid Leaders, 12B. Varsity Soccer, '42, Second Soc- cer, '41, Cheerleaders- '40, '42, Minor Letter, '41, Major Letter, '42 ALFREDA M. SZABLEWSKA 2362 Duncan Street Harding Academic First Aid Leaders, .12A, Stage- crafters, IIA, IIB, Library Moni- tor, IOB, IIA, High Way Repre- sentative, IOA. RUDOLPH EDWARD TAFEL 8008 Frankford Avenue Harding I Academic First Aid Corps, 12B, .IANUARY1943-RECORD RICHARD A. TANN 1615 E. Luzerne Street Cooke Mechanic Arts GEORGE R. TARNOWSKI 2270 Kennedy Street Harding Academic ELVA MAE TEGLER 4119 Tyson Avenue Wilson Commercial MADELINE M. TENNANT 4044 Neilson Street Harding Commercial VIRGINIA DORIS THAYER 2059 Bridge Street Harding Vocational Art Boots and Saddle Club, 11A- l2A, Christmas Committee, 1lA, IIB, Ushers Association, l2Ag High Way Representative, 1lB. Girls' Leaders, '41, '42, Girls' Baseball, '42. Eighty-eight C. GWENDOLYN THOMPSON 4724 Hawthorne Street Harding Academic ISABELLE TOOTGOOSHIAN 4918 Van Kirk Street Harding Commercial Hiking Club, lOB, ERNEST TRABER 2171 Wakeling Street Harding Mechanic Arts Red Cross Corps, IZB. WILLIAM BAILEY TURNOCK 5438 Discher Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Student Board, l2Ag Air Raid Warden, l2B. Second Football, '41, RALPH FRANK VALLETTO 4632 James Street Harding Industrial First Aid C ZB, Bowling Club, l2B. MLDRED AGNES VEIT 3454 Friendship Street H0l'dll19 Commercial Girls' Basketball, '40, '41, Girls' Baseball, '40-'42, Volleyball, '4l. RUTH E. WAGNER 3401 Brighton Street Wilson Cory5ita Salutatorian f th I r Class, Senior Twelve , First Aid Leaders, IZA, ecret rial Club, IZA, I 5 ank Representative, II , Way Representative, I :gh Way Staff, IIA. ALEXANDER WALKER 4219 "M" Street Elkins Park, Pa, Academic MARGARET G. WALT 1652 Unity Harding Academic JANET WARK 3020 Glenview Street Harding Commercial Eighty-nine JANUARY 1943-RECORD , FRED H. WEIGLE 1230 Saint Vincent Street Wilson Mechanic Arts A Capella Choir, IOB-IZA, Bank Representative, IIB. HELEN MARIE WILLIAMS 1007 Arrott Street Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Latin Club, IOB, Swimming Club, IOA, Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, IIA. Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, High Way Representative, IIA, 1lB. Hockey, '41, '42, Girls' Basket- ball, '41, Girls' Baseball, '41, '42, Volleyball, '4l. REGINA FRANCES wii.LiAMs 1243 Kenw sir Wilson jiywfgj mercial snide 0Qrd,'ioA, IOB. s Baseball, '40. JAMES C. WILSON 5102 Marlow Street Roman Catholic Academic Ye Monks, IIB-IZB, Historian, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOB, Locker Committee, IZA, High Way Staff Sports Writer, IZA. Second Football, '40, Varsity Baseball, '40-'42, Numerals, '40, 1 Major Letter, '40-'42, NORMA E. WISHMAN 911 Sanger Street Wilson Commercial Advanced First Aid Leaders, IZB, First Aid Leaders, IZA, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOB, IIB, Locker Commit- tee, IZB, Library Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, A. A, Representative, IOB, High Way Representative, IIA-IZA. Girls' Baseball, '40, '4l. l i l l i l l r l l l L+ JANUARY i943-RECORD AGUSTA CLARA BLUME 2825 Castor Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Commercial Orchestra, iOA-llA, A Capella Cggir, IZA, College Club, HA- Volleyball, IOA-l lA. HERMAN HARTMANN 2019 Margaret Street Harding Mechanic Arts GENEVIEVE ANNA PIOTROWSKI Harding Academic First Aid Leaders, l2A, Bank Representative, iOA. Girls' Leaders, llA-l2A, Vol- leyball, ilB. PVT. G. BRANT SHOEMAKER, JR. U. S. Marine Corps Brant has served on Guadalcanal Island. LOIS ELIZABETH WISMER 4524 Tyson Street Harding Commercial Bowling Club, liB, Boots and Saddle Club, iOB-llA, Christmas Committee, HA, Ushers Associa- tion, llB-l2B, Hockey, '41, Girls' Baseball, '4O. M' KENNETH WOODS 4015 Neilson Street Harding Academic President of the Senior Class, Ye Monks, llB, IZB. Varsity Football, '4l, '42, Sec- ond Football, '40, Varsity Base- ball, '4l, '42, Varsity Basketball, '41, '42, Minor Letter, '40, Major Letter, '4l. JACK ZIESEL 4486 Richmond Street Harding Academic A. A. Representative, llB. I Brant would have been a mem- ber of this class. Enlisted Janu- ary, i942. rankford Sale Hats S36 I S:s,ooo Graduate Thursday Topped in Fm Few Plan Larger Drive in of 287 Boys ..,...,.. M, .1 L ...Max I, 1,L V- 9, , Maw.. 1..,..Q ,-.. .,,,, ,. :uw Aryan lm-.. , u f- el .wma , ,-.MQ-N, .V,,f. W. , 1 15 .V , ' TQ ,, '92 W U L' if ' ' .,.WM. N. , 1,5 . W. .Q 1 . 93 f TCL. ' '55, -3? f 1 rj N - Sensors mad Beatrice Dyson and Paul Beck Speakers af Co me cemenf St I Fm Summa Schoo! udents 10 to 10.20 l-lE advisory groups, an alphabetical division of the senior classes into six books, meet every morning between the second and third periods, At this time the roll is taken, the Bible and News- ettes are read, and various representatives are elected by the students for the "l-ligh Way," Stu- dent Board, and the Banking Club. Representatives for the trip committee, dance committee, record book committee, and senior morning committee are selected from the senior books. Every fourth day the senior group goes to the auditorium for its advisory period, and when this falls on a Friday, the program lasts a full period, At this time, interesting programs are presented for the enjoyment of the students. They benefit a great deal by the information given to them by some of the visitors. The seniors usually receive important senior news at that time. Money is contributed for Christmas baskets for needy families. This year a new idea has been started. Money' was contributed by the students for soldiers' kits to send men in the armed forces across the seas, Money is also contributed to the Red Cross and to different War Relief Societies. This year, keys were collected in the groups to help our war-scrap drive. The students also brought in clothing for child war victims who were in great need of them. The advisory period is used by many students for a further study of different subjects Each adviser helps the students with any problems they have. Miss Lillian Glass gives special attention to those who need it. Ninety-two Ninety-three Book Book Book Book Book Book MR. HARRY KLAUSEWITZ ADVISORY GROUPS I: MISS ELIZABETH EYNON AI: MR. CHARLES TROXELL 2: 3: 4: 5: MR. LYNFORD WILLIAMS DR. MAE HARVESON MR. THEODORE WILLIAMS MISS MINNIE BERNSTEIN CGMMENCEMENT PRUGBAM Organ Prelude Star Spangled Banner invocation The Rev. J, Marshalllinton, DD, Disston Memorial Presbyterian Church Prayer of Thanksgiving ........ ........... T raditional, from The Netherlands Salutatory Address ........ .................................. R uth E. Wagner Caro Nome ............. ............................................... .................... V e rdi Solo by Carolyn Darrow Presentation ot Diplomas and Awards of Prizes Land of Our l-learts ............................................. ...................... Chadwick Valedictory Address ........... ......... W illiarn P. Manning, Jr. School Song V Postlude Qu-0-A 31,11 V ledictorian G JR. P. MANNING. Sclutotoriun wll'l'lAM RUTH E, WAGNER Ninety-four fb may A Sy? Pfffiffffiffff vnnnesnfvdnvt 1' 'ffsemsswff-f' Wwmmdaw Yixew my SGW!! v xx W wx, 'MWRN35 QD f 3551-11 ' 'W-"9!g.f Y WRX pwx , . .,,n, 6-HMV- a n-1 4' 1 u A - ji inning t ' ' 9 I DU D 0 xxxmmmw X ' A '9 ' 3-if ' V51 4 Q9 4 N 'F aff, 'FNW fl, 'W' "' 539292 1 n mv mx my mwxwp W wwe w v 5 we Way mm M , 4 lnlvl iilfffiff 19 F --W ffffgf-fggfga wif 4 ,ln 94 ex ex? www sms, fu 'KQXXWNQ :se A W em, mx VD fff Hiwfvffiftftfx 1 I "W"53!'?r'5'p4H9' 'gggf 0 ex? Www mm? wewsvg WnwXWnxnxa'ck new ff ffflffffrfi 9'f 111 ff ""' Elggitif' asm WWXQW wr l IWW! , S, we Www f 1 KKNWQXYQX Q A ff' W3 HX Q Egsssv " Wadi Mx? WWW mm we W he YW XXL: s t ' 3 4 1? 0 0 ' 0 5 V , ' 1 3" kX , In ' 2 A 4 V' I W D ex? Q Vi' 'iw V' ' ' gt 9 4 r E: I ww .ix . 4 . 3 4 1 X 1 f 12 1,44 4 A I KY X 0 mx? Wes, A A v . Cp? 1 1 ,ii Q HX X f 5 ,wg POPULAR PRACTICAL Alice Smith Mildred Rementer Edward Hoffman Raymond Kronenbitter FN f'l W 0 0 7 llarken to kid Wh0's Who P elm TALKATIVE WELL DRESSED Elaine MacLean Ethel McKay Theodore Mann Charles Jones iff VERSATILE Molly Baush William Manning Is that me ATHLETIC Doris Amelinck George Barron HUMOROUS Marie Williams Alfred Allison Look at you HANDSOME Marie Schanbacher Edward Meyer m MUSICAL CHARMING CGFOIYI1 Darrow Norma Max John Hdrdie Charles Lancaster "HM 5.11 17 '-E? K . Jltterhugs ffgv, Heart Throbs Tail-gf. ORIGINAL MISCHIEVOUS Florence Stein Grgyce Morris ChGl'IES BGLIITIGI1 Dgnqld Sugden DRAMATIC EASY GOING Bernice Ledford Dorothy Gentner Theodore Kling David Maakestad AL A .e Short Bobbs I 37 Long Bobbs 'M xy MM M QUIET AMBITIOUS Marilyn Overholser Ruth Hodges Fred Seidel Edward Lee 'F' 162 f!'vTi7k1.5? f 1 X L' -r Q 4' 3' 1 ,.,:ff25 -I R' ' fi' fi 5 in ' 1 Q- as-'gig N . Rf ' W f5,45 . X I 4 . 3 .. fu ' 5 A W " . ' Y ' 1 I MJ' 3 , b f . fy .. gl' : il . . 1 b.ixq H JL. .Y ,Qi ' V1 xx k 5 af W if . . lv. 5 s X , x, , 5, , . we ,, ,L ' . 'K 5, Y vb, A ' f 3 g ff 1 ? 2 V ,m.L S wiffgj NX W E ywlg. lf' su . 1 3 4 M,.'gx . K W, ,lv 4 E if . w- . -ff ' -' 1-553 f . M ff QV w ig 1 F if Q1 J if Q ., , X .W , 3,,,e . u I 12 . i 1, fi ' if nw' :- sn 1 I W 3 - if Y. 11,5 . . J 255 5 xx ,Q ,7 n u 1 A ,iw A 134 56,16 E. 7 f u 'Q f f - '-" ' I In 4. , QL .5--1 ,wwmm I M-Xwmvwii Q Q-13 V I 91 .-,za gy my E , , af, 135197 V' .42 A , H f-,ffm 'wg if ,wfiggf Lg,ggb,l. f G 35134 - f ' . ,f , ' A sw fi gg- if Zim-1 , "I 'WF :xy -'Fm - f f . A 52322 L , ' 'fs Lf: x rf, J 1 Q, S zz, X X if i x i- f X ,A v k K V -.Q 1, ' 1 6 ' X fw if E, . , i 4 , N v c ,HJ IIUR THIRD FRIINT IS HAPPINESS JIVE JUBILEE T IMEZ October 30th, Placei Sears Roe- bucl4's Crystal Ballroom, Event: Frank- ford l-ligh School's Senior Prom. lt was the Class of Jan, '43, which was having a long to be remembered dance. The 420 couples danced to the strains of the Campus Serenaders, Black and Orange was the color scheme, it was truly a l-lallowe'en Eve formal. As usual, the iitterbugs were in the groove, the waltzers dreamy eyed, the Conga lines were super. The atmosphere was perfect, the crowd was record break- ing, the gowns were beautiful, and our Senior Prom was heavenly. Some of the things to be remembered are: haying our pictures taken, the last iitterbug number that lasted almost five minutes, the con- fetti, and the dozen balloons that floated down at the middle of our perfect night. lf we attend a hundred more formals at swanlqy hotels, this, our Senior Prom, will always be remembered as the highlight of our high school life. One Hundred Five X wp-,-,l-'-.n,.-..v- ,,, 'N .. . . 1. J 54175 fe v1o'f"" '1 ! 1 0 l Y 4 'Q .a si' fi s'Q'O'O"6 O 0 0 0 "' r""I2'I93 QOOQQQO5 D-QM, Q -' Q -WQ 'O im I il 3 . wig 9' ug. 5 3 J,g.-lv, , . K , W, -- 18.5. V, Y? ig xx Nfffgxbx N 4 gi S431-,ef 0 ADMIITTANCE, 7E"1 .ws lui. I T IVL., . 5 -n A -' , . 2 I K , -ZX ,P 5, 4 -'-, .,,. . W 14 f -J 1 R! Q. f' , X11-we N K. .3 .fy -, ,. " 6' ' 1 L fx K E 1 A But it was in moking education noT only common to all, but in some sense Compulsory on oll, that the destiny of the free republics of America was procticoily settled. - LOVVELL-Among My Books. , V AUTGGRAPIIS 4 ,f US iffwgfd www A942-5-15440 'lA!.f-wr-'L Q, THE Record Book Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, Mr, Charles J. Kunz, Mr, Byron Rockey at the Clark Printing l-louse, Inc., the Zarnsky Studio, and Ralph Bassett at the l2A Class tor their assistance in the publication ot this record book. fwg - f ggi E133 if E, FZ Q 533 Q. . , 1 Marg-'-rgrff ...gan Q, ' ,NQfi:,.f,.4LL:.1:AZ ' .Z5'fZ:' 1-QV,

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