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 - Class of 1939

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. .- nwl . , ra - ,E , -I, y.. a--- gm.: Er 1-al 'x il A 'f -113 ?"1 "M 75.1, ,- ,, X 'M' r TL '- ' ' ' ' , . K JA "'-f an-uw , -.,.-- . 15.5 - 7, --I-V" ','--M-1-PU X' VH " Xu-. 1 W b- . ,N 4 A ff 1- Af 92. , , 1 ' . sl 1 Q l,.,,' N, . . ., ' ,Hx . , V. .1,. 1, -' '- ' 2 1 is . . f 'ff'5Jr . ' - . . 'wit -if-14 , .:- -,- ffl 1 f .,.. .. .K . ""F'-"1g:,QU qf-,--sFf -...4i"- "'?1uaf.- - ii f"1, ...- - , 4' - M - - -gr J,'...'."-"-'?,"'i't-.- 1' :l1s.,m.,, -Mlifsffag-.':5. - 1 . - V V L5 -1- ' , '-'M' Y '4 "' If'-I .g,., ...w rem' " " 1 ' 4- , , ,A I , f-11 . 11 4 my-.Q ,Y-if LH---rffzrl-us , ., ith... :SET-aw.. , H A imp I M r 3 rv 5 ., 1, ' -'TW . I h , , 1 , 4 ' L.--ali' ' -3'-71: ' ' "Tl t 1 5 5 'fx -"Q M J-4'-.Q Q f-1 fm? 1 7 . rr- 1 - -4 , r 1 . W ' " ,J 5 1 f +'if g.1..W W ff ' Y ' '- K -- .. -- 1' ' a-, , A - Q,-jc ....,..4 5.!,...u-MV V . xiii -' H ,. , 8' Tx V ' L, , ' , 564 Q42 L-.g1,.?5 .J-:WH ' xx t 1 M P A' 1 -- 1. .n ,- I A 1 7 1 Z-4 I' g4fll"".'7fs-63'- 1'-fa ,,,- "" l ,1- . b- ., nl ... A 1 3- Z. 1- 7-' .,4 YY- I. fv- kv' gs-ex -ag , ,Y, ,J- ,nr -v ,- xx, U.. 3 L ,,, , 1 1'iE,l':,l..,, if .5-Q ' ' ' f'F""f:-.r':s1"- ,- W"E:h- 1 v L .. 'I 1. V v jk. ' s , ,L 1 . -'- . -J. 145' 1 . "n..,5,,. Q nc ,,.' - J: U- -un. 'c .1 fy. 'nv V x ...ff , .fr ff A, 111 'N - fewqg - .ug T H 'M W 'f' nf ' AA' ,' - 5 1 A 4-,N .V,. 4 H , A A-. ' y Wd 1 -- M' ' 'A ,rx A ' W 'kg ' Q. . ' 1+--5L"4' , , . .. . , . "'-"V " ' K:-ax.,-Sw-"" , ,.- , ,, 4 E , ff' '--mm my W ?'?f:r.fM - A S ,, ,v .I pl f - mm ' .L QM GTE- I., , g,-f-A - . z" ' - - ,www 5 in 1 . Lg F QIFI' ' .429 4-qc, ,f -J wr' - , .. V., Y' -ww . 1 mf' ..a. ,Q aff 'S 52? 'Qi , ,A , I , V L f I Q 31+ 'hw l 4 I ' --- W , Lf! -Q .'.,1 , I 4 w n, by jL'45'f"4j A THE RECORD JUNE 1939 TO THE CLASS OF JUNE 39 we the staff present this record book. During these last four years of High School many things have happened and the memories of them are.precious. The purpose of the book is to catch something of the so-called Frankford spirit and revive the hopes desires ambitions and disappointments that filled our high school life. It is the staffs sincere desire to make this book link the past and the future so that in years to come you may revive some of these experiences. FRPINKFCDRD HIGII SCf4OCDL PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA presents THE SENIOR CLASS OF , 1 .2 5' . QW- ' JI- '.7m'rrrF'm1'u- A W' 'SQ-:tv I 1 ai Y I I QM? JUNE 1939 RIBUTE W E, THE members of the class of June, l939, respect- fully dedicate this record to Mr. Charles F. Troxell as a token of our friendship and appreciation. His whole- hearted interest in the students, his sympathetic regard for their problems, and his untiring efforts on their behalf will always be remembered. Mr. Troxell is the director of the "High Way" and is well known as a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a body to promote school publications in the United States. He was six years president of the advisers' group of this organization and two years president of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Through his un- tiring interest Mr. Troxell helped organize Philadelphia school publications into a growing force. ln addition to all his duties, Mr. Troxell is adviser of the Thirteen Club. He is a member of the Officials Club of Philadelphia, which judges high school and college track events. He graduated from Princeton University with high honors in English and came to Frankford in l9l7. t o Mr. Charles Troxell Ol LEADERSHIP ALL our memories of Frankford High School will remain connected with the familiar scenes, friendly teachers, and hard-working leaders of our class. ln the first section of this Record Book, we pay tribute to these leaders, snapped in- formally in laboratory, auditorium, library, and industrial shop. Also present are the able senior committees which have worked so hard to make our dance, trip, and senior morning unforgettable, and the twenty-four outstanding members of our class. PART ONE , ,, cw gy . . 41 1 -Q J. 'fx- .h J I, -6,,..Q7- TAX' .- V -1 X v a , , Q 85' ' l is -. V--4,37 1 51 K 1 y.,' Q A 1 ,..,..9 il'f':Qf:f 'S "'f'4:i. Q . 5 "f- :-11.1-" .."' .1 w:g...',- . r'- 1 A . .n, rf' gjgluf- -- ..- +4 -.,.- w 'NT xi .- 1 aggqj, .I , ,, x as R An ,P 'YH' 4,- . 5 r w 'N w ,, 5 , .E M Y 1 w . N. x 'xx i i Xgxx X X L'-W, 15: .. . - .Y - W. 'K ' -gs ymp 1 mfgiaf- W , ,-tiff: A LMA MATER THRU r MR. GEORGE ALVIN SNOOK was the first teacher of the annex of Central High School which opened in Frankford in September, 1910. There were 37 students in his first class. ln February, 1911, the Student Board was organized and in No- vember of the same year "Ye Monks" was created. The school seal was drawn by Mr. Rowland Rudrauff in 1912. The next year the first school dance was held at Assembly, and in December the Alumni Association was formed. Two years later, the cornerstone of the present building was laid, with Mr. Snook as principal. ln 1916 girls were first admitted to Frankford High, and William Tilden, Znd, coached a championship tennis team. The next year, the enrollment passed the one thousand mark, and William Chism was the first of Frankford's boys to enlist in the World War. ln 1918 the school was closed twice, once because of coal shortage, and next because of influenza epidemic. February of that same year the commence- ment exercises were held in Frankford Theatre, and in June the first class of boys and girls was graduated. The next year, the first senior party was held. ln 1921, Mr. Harry Barfoot was the first Frankford High student to become a teacher at Frank- ford. The Memorial Stadium was dedicated the next year, and in 1925, the first issue of "High Way" was published. In 1930 it won the All-American rating in the contest of the National Scholastic Press Associtaion. The he YEARS pipe organ had been dedicated and in 1931 Dr. Frank L. Cloud came to Frankford as principal. Two years later, the Ethan Allen Annex was opened for the ninth grades. The same year the 51.50 A. A. Book sys- tem was inaugurated, and Frankford won the Public High League football champion- ship. With the enrollment of the class of June '38 in September, 1934, the school reached a new all-time high of 4000. The following June, the commencement exer- cises took place at Baptist Temple instead of Frankford High, because of the size of the graduating class. ln the fall the Student Board bought new uniforms for the band. ln November of the following year, the Frankford football team won the All Public High School Football Championship. In 1937 the Campus Committee was organized by Mr. Carl Wise, and under their direction the campus has grown more and more beau- tiful. The following year the new Field House was formally dedicated, with the en- tire student body in attendance. The most outstanding achievement last term was the winning of the soccer championship by our team over Northeast, which had retained the title for thirteen years. Since those first days when Frankford was an annex of Cen- tral High, the student body has increased not only in its members but also in its achievements. The class of June 1939 has been a wonderful example, for they have broken previous records with their success in all senior activities. X ik -' L V't'-'ef1P- -Y - A N . NVQ .I fec.3, ' s fig ' A - or 1. 1 .lin or - --- . AT . HEN NX gy " '- fl slybihtly 24 'K' - 'z lihkll aft- ::QflP NA rift? ,gag H..- 'Wwe M 'rr 'F . 5 :ee 5. gg., 4 '.iiil'?al5!?ffi33,m X' sg5ft??41igi.f..:,.,- f,yQ'Ws 'cW::R:1---:-gig. To off 'W 5 T L 'tt" rf?"- ,:-.-- ,e ,- -'+ 'J ll Si. M.-sv --life.. -:--- v- .-1.Px .igezgf-7 ,j:'g.f:j., .,tvw" K. 1 llllrypkx '54,-!r4Z,l7, -fi 'L-5.51-vi 1 ' 1 21 up J 'IFEEKQ Q ' it To l rlsvr lille f gl 1 1 m - ss 2 1 4- -fzw - .. 'f - ' .- . t . - .. 'i L .r,l.'p.1i1.1m 'UH al" f f, , ,.Jl'F ' r - ,r, - ,Q Fr F xp I l 1 X, ,N My g 5, , , 5ss,.2Mf.. . .fur if-ft T - it ie L fl lv 'illllllltl v e..g.L'r -f-M--.24 .""'ffQ':'l, 915'- mr' ,? T-IQ! f K ' Q S?-J we ,fzf F is g7P ,s - -quill H ff Eleven I x4 V . - A 5, V ' rf sg 7-V-V Il 4 9 V gl, . V , 1 1 .1 , ft -A E. 1 if 1 ' ' ' ' . " - fm ' 4. E ,. L I 1- , 4 m f! - 3 wi, V X 'lf J.. S 9 I F PQ. 'R , Q V -, .- -N . f' g. :f ' . D v "" - 2- 'lf ., --N-X ' .::. -V -:rf ww 4' 5 M N2 fg'-12:1 f R Q ,jr , , v '-1 J - t . '. X ,gy "W5vf.1f 251 ff Li' . 1 ' ' f L Q, xt mf h " Q 'T . . if ' A .-if2i1f-fifji-iIiQ1-A.-I1 - , E Q 1 -jj ff' Q? ' r ,. , 'Ji rw 4 54' 'gl-v' LJ 'P . bv , Z. . ,TH L1 1' 5 15.21 ' ' ,, ' ,jig PM , A '- 7. A ' T N ar ' W' -f' ra, .1 A ,L A - .A , ir -H: 1 H 43? ' H ' 'Jil ' asv.: , if 4i f A ff ' H ' 'A N - J '-"" r" ' E Aj f,1,.',w H4 V59 I ' F M 9121 ayffv ' -Ai' Q 'PQ' f Q gf E t Sgfkfal i P1 ,v -.' f . QNX, ., L1 ,v I7 wif ' V ll Q y 5 'J ' '- ,llf ' ' Q--my jf , - WS f , .. 'Q1' P " ' I I 1 , I ,IX if ' 5 f Q f was ,Y H " V, 4.1 A711 I . V-ins., U Q 4 V K KN -ll' eff-L ' 5 x - ' ,A . -lf fr ,i 3+ 'H 49+ 'Rai ff 'iv H ik- is .f k U LG' .FY 4? A ' Vi Wf' .., ,gr V' I 8? N mf I ,621 Wap ,A W , WL if "Qh,,,,,- W px ,1 3143"-gs I , fiilfi fg. f "":' ' . ' , Q., ,rim yy 4 A ' ,, ,N ff 'Hr p F 7-' 1 'F ', ,.,, r ...Ny - ,A 1, ' , -- sm., -r 4 ' f ff ffipfg' X, ' Qffff--A - A . fftf ' ' V -F-U: ' . ,. A . 1 H- I-'Q' ' -We . f Mme ' -f - , Ar., , ,V w -gm ,,'YV4!vm!""l M D .A?X x!4'uq Q 2 ' 'U' -' 'i' . W" . .. QV f f fi, .., ,-gzkia , X b x ,Ji N- i gm' A f ' 1.2 1 Y T31 V A 0 ' -f .1 fgg ' .' + . F I ... , .N ' F.. K Fw 3315 I A as f ' M M ' 5 E - y f , - " fs -'A' We-3? J -'S ,, .g ff . 'NT' Vg! i ' 1,1 Q-Qx -- , -.1 M ' ,Y-px - '-... .'!:'Hl .1565 1 1" , t X 'WY' " W . H , ., 155. A A Sv, Y' V "MF is 'A 5 1 - . Q 'Eff 5 ,Ju ,.x ,-L, X U - 51,37 T1 ,Et -13. .' Y D , .I , , .A-. V, f..g,.,A, ,,,, . m- M, ,A 9.-, -- nv e,,,,,.- XS' ..,. ' - -1 - , ' '- - . ' , , , ' . -gg ' 3.55312 ,-'V ,A 7- X 1 . P f " :f F? A , 'W N ' 'fs " W WA V ' -.- ai' I r -NK . M , E "lx " is , Q H- . H my W .4-,W . 'fx id- 1 Y A . F. It n 1 , Q 1' af Q rg .sh . ' Z ' f ' . s. , "-,. .1 xx 1 . ' . in f U .3 1, F , . , , , ' ' 3 ' 'V ' . , nf' 'lf " ' ' . I 5' f Q 1- V A ' ., ' 1 J f A ws 1 Wi W , A 3 1 5 J ' "' 'L':,",f,, ft Y ' ' ' I ' 'I 1 ' 1 4: -'Af' KB?-f rg . J V F ' -V , ' sb. , ' . K!! " 7:1 , gf., ,J ' - . f, W ' - . V . .5 , " ', . f 'N ' S . -' ,- "' 'Why - .Q-1 5 ' ' A ' L . - " '. x 'Q E"h I .M rf, W U . A- ,. -- If , 'A .S '- 1 5 1, 1 N 4 .X 2 2 " ' 2 1 K ' . 1 Aff! .v , ,f - lx - :': " W . .I X "A -. :, 'FH W .. .f ' . . 2 I I V S . - :kv XX I . , K I N "f'Frir,-. ' ' Vx ' I f ci' 'fy 'f , V ' .. . . A w V IJ" ' 6 1 f ' V . Y H , M f?7 .aQElQxm.V 1 'QBA ' ' I L .7 - N -' ' pf Q J f- , .55 .1.,e.g,5ip1- 4. ., ,,m--.N 3 ,X Nw, 21 L " M-1-gal,-Pram: Ig. VF- ffgef ' . 4 S wwf W ' T Q1 app! .b . .2 Q- If G' ' 'S' . mai,-. ' Ur' - 4 ' ' '.- 1' ' ' 'PT71' .V ' bk ' ' ' " 'iff 5 'T 'W' way Ap, 5 - g 1 ffie W' ' , . elf f A flmfl " . ' f A Q 1 f' f 'H - L , , ,' J ' - , uf J rf r, egyg' " , 3 ' 1 wg 4, - , , -rp-SQQT-.,5x " -' AW' I ' : ., L. L, -K W L -Q . V 7:37 -4 I v 1 41 ' ' lf - f I 1, F5235 5 Qffx 1'1-73, , if 1 -, , xv :' M. A , - fl ' -, . 4- ' - , ', '- , ., f V+ - , V ,ai A Q Himgpr., , V . - ' ' ' ' 5, ,J " l .X W , 1' -'Q-'fmqxw ,K K' ' XN r " 1 I iffy.- f ,- H Q F3 - ' -. ,gg nfgvf. dvd' HE time has come when you as individuals must decide what you will do, not as members of a class in school but as members of society. How you will accept your place in society and how you will succeed will depend not merely upon your ability and training but upon your attitude. lf you act and feel that the world owes you a living, you will not go very far, but if you earn your living, the top is the only limit to your success. This means hard work, long hours and many disappoint- ments. You all know the statement: "The team that will not be beaten, can not be beaten." lt is this spirit we have been trying to instill into you for the last few years. The coming years will be the judge of how much success we have had in our work. Your real pleasure will come from the success you obtain by effort rather than by favors you receive from others. Frankford High School will rejoice with you in your future victories. Dr. Frank L. Cloud. HWHOM do I call educated? First, those who control circumstances instead of being mastered by them, those who meet all occasions manfully and act in accordance with intelligent thinking, those who are honorable in all dealings, who treat good naturedly persons and things that are disagreeable, and furthermore, those who hold their pleasures under control and are not overcome by misfortune, and finally those who are not spoiled by success." Miss Emma Roth. Fourteen DIRECTCJRS DEPARTMENT HEADS Top Row: Bottom Row: MR. ROBERT J. ADAMS, Jr., English DR. FRANKLIN B. CARROLL, Science MR. ELLWOOD A. GEIGES, Physical Education DR. MARGARET HUDSON, Languages MR MR MR MR Fifteen CHARLES NICHOLS, History WILLIAM B. NICHOLS, Commerce THOMAS MOORE, Mathematics RALPH B. YONKER, Industrial and Fine Arts ' FACULTY ' Dr. Frank L. Cloud Principal Emma Roth Martin D. Fetherolf Clarence S. Wilkinson Assistant to Principal Teacher in Charge of Annex Secretary to Principal Margaret E. McConnell Rose E. Huston Home and School Visitor School Counselor CLERICAL ASSISTANTS INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS Ralph B. Yonker COMMERCE William B. Nichols ENGLISH Robert J. Adams, Jr. Margaret G. Butler Hortense B. Buxbaum Harry H. Bonner Walter J. Cole Edith G, Doggett Norman R. Day Clarence I.. Garwood Theodore C. Humphreys Dr. George M. Alleman Edwin M. Brown Elizabeth R. Eynon Florence Fields Roseina Gilman Russell W. Hargreaves Marion K. Hornung Harry Klausewitz Joseph Klein Marguerite Evans Clarence A. l-lambleton Delphine A. Lanning Anna C. Lee Marion McMaster Dorothy Malzer Elizabeth H. Markley Amelia R. Mumtord Charles R Nash Viola H. Sixteen Bertha M. Sladek Mary Stork Clarence Hutchinson Mary R. Kitchen John T. Lattan A. Malcolm Martin John Seigle, Jr. Lyntord J. Williams David F. Luithlen Anastasia W. E. Lyons Walter E. Mansley Adolph Myerson Ada T. Raby Helen J. Salle William J. E. Stewart Frank W. Streit Albert B. Wrought John Nevin A. Clarke Pairman Gabriel A. Phillips Esther R, Roth Florence Schlarbaum Dr. Lewis G. Sterner Helen Taylor Charles F. Troxell Carl F. Wise Woodruff LANGUAGES Dr. Morgoret I-ludson MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS MATHEMATICS Thomos Moore HISTORY Chorles R. Nichols SCIENCE Dr. Fronklin B. Corroll PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ellvvood A. Geiges LIBRARY Alto Groce Ellis Chorles J. Kunz, Jr. Coroline L. Gruhler Lord A. Morsh Dr. Arthur C. Jordon I-lenry J, Meder Chester A. Sittig Robert A. Gerson Forrest R. Nevvmeyer Fronces L. Snyder Elizobeth Cottinghom Louise M. Druding Minnie Bernstein Florence Y. Bishop Williom l-I. Boerclsel George Ebbecke Dr. Woy I-lelen Ansley Michoel W, Fisch Ruth B. Fox Lillion S. Gloss Mildred Goshovv Joseph M. Gottscholk Edith M. Jones Mory E. Bocon Glodys Bulmer E. Alvo Compbell Mortin D. Fetherolt Dr. Moe E. I-lorveson Elizobeth N. Lewis Ruth E. Wilson Elizobeth S. Loclqey Ethel M, McAllister C. L, S. Roby Emrno Roth ne Sensenig Evelyn T. Why l-lorry N. Bortoot Joseph T. Covol Theodore Doering Joonnci B. Fritz Jornes A. Killough S. I-lunter Kurtz Jomes McClintock Ann W. Mills Mory E. Purcell I-l. Eloine Romsey Mory Sprogue Amos J. I-leinly Williom B. Leighning Arthur W. Lowe Edith A, Sprowles Helen Weidemonn Fronk C. Lightfoot Dorothy McQueen Ethel M. Millikin Louise A. Reichelt Worthington Surrick Czorino M. I-loll Elsinore Christ Seventeen Assistont EI' ! 5 a i E ' ! U' ,.,1 :W i . 6 "'-. ,' I V. wfxv -V Y' I X, I ' -5 ' , N'- IJ. , - -'. 4, Y V. K l an , i 4? ,. ' H , .1 5 'Q L . 5 XJ -h'... ? -QH H uJ .4 x. . 1 Nfl -i 1 eg ' ' P 'x , 1"' 1 f g.,!,lmg:..LL ' -:A :- X V ' -Qing - f" Tilt I 5 . 'Q ' i . ,,,. f x X., 4 2 .1 ,Lg-1" L: X . .X 1-I Q 5:1 V , ' v "1 N N . 'J 1 ' . Q 1 1. ' . V -'O' V , W' .A -3 ., V 1 ""' ' ' . , "f , , rr X . x ',' -e T. ,H t , in gg .L ,'."',,f 'L' Q 4 . 0 N- ,. ,..-MH ul E V. ,jf V ' ' . ' H-' ,zqbrh . I' ggi ' .LZ 'Q ' :-. 'N ir : 1 . L 3:32 '- 2 -4 V ., 4 . af". ' ' - -- .e! .x .Jig - - . ' 9 In -rj +....,N 1 ig Krx. 'Q Y 25 ..' :L 1 :ga x . A 5 j . ' 'Q-ae, FM Q A z . ' 0 'g ' .U If I nf' . .X mg, r f U.. 'S w 1 ' , Q31 . -4, 1 1, og, 1 1 QQ , ,v C if , ,fab 1 l - w my .iff -434.53 A -, 11.0 Q., . IPAIQ Em f 4 ,fa 5, f 16, 2 1 -its A gzifggsm, wifi , X A., 1431 V Q N Q 5' .inf ,4 U n X' I I I If K . xii X I -1 1 1 Q f 1 - - - fx .u1' J' 1, ,. A. 3 I rf .I L -., ' "?1"F -k?ff2igg,aaf' ,-wx.. 4 1 - " L, . 'TI' .vig V Q 1 W I ,3 .SN in pair! i ..l, 1 ' ". , f Q. A tb: ' .-,gx '-52 E4 ah .Fi ..f1',' 'W . :L 1, J, -A. if 'Q-A , '- is, -1, :ff 'r ' J' J 1, . H 'I , I -'42 div-+P ,.,,- , - 1. V-,H-J'-,,,.4. .. . I. r-, P, ,-.-A 1. ww ,A W.,,V,v, V-I . . ,S 1- 21' :W oi 1 1 Q v 14, Isis? ugly-, Vx A25 lil? , ,QAJU hn- I. .,,,L.k,. .f,,:f- 1113 A-' Mbi'Hh gif 4 H . W w , dr . Q n PA' 1 --,.,i,w. il . 1 'E 4 l N I i , I .-. fu.-1 l .4 .Q-5' ' 1 15 i ,Z 'r 'r iw , 9, . 1 1 " . Y Y N 1 -. 'VI 'F . .S,,""'1-1 ' EV?-L31 5 4--- 'VS EPA.. wg P l -,i, ' W W gg aw if 4 f F' ':.. ' "Elf J.-Q X i. I x Y EG xy. N I " Q kk Wm my N i Y , 4 W ,1 15- , --,-..........,-.. . . ,. , N 53- , i .',A .1-Y, A ,nu : V I- ,. ,. gf' ga: - 5 4,12 V . 4 Y ,-QI,-f ' Q' VI - -T ' 1-:4'v".f -5 VU, 2.3 r ... -'fn V Ja 2 HW f . I wwf fn. 1' . r llrl Jy v " , ,.....-..,, fi .,,, I Y 1 l gf " A-aff, x fx J! Q 1 1 i , I, ' ' 'V ' -J Z f 'bw A j " F -. x 1 R ,, .--5-5.-x 4 1 Gym + . A Eli:-:vm ' x , 5. f -Q. , . - ..... -A , I X ,M,,..i: 1 A ' 4141 .K W A . 1 X .' , if L' ri A 1 "' gifs , 1 iQ2Vf1lE!.5nh'l 1 fl' vi' ,,,,,. v, 6.1 .Jn ' 3fEQ.Ajf'l.Y Iv , 1jTYw???E1Q , 1,J kA'. L L., l Q51 ff. I ' 'ef 'ffl ff V- -5 1,51 5' ' 5 L :Lew 'zfa-rfrfzf ' - W -- . f ' - W HEN, II-g igfv-' fx ' ' a' .... v . , -. ". -' - -V .w, ' ., 'X W ' ww-,.,- ' ' , ' - S-tri-' : . . HS- p,v,e.3,n,-.x-QA R247 1- Ex:i1 ,j'P?ffg' . A 1-if 1-.M -any f- .- ? ' f ' : My -.wg .sw-.-wi .. A . s , N x X, X 1 1 5-.1."-' -i4r.:1', Y 4 5 .. Eli " .Qgfiii?vi'fi'i - x ' .A ff X 4- .L,.2l7A3-Shar' -F1 E1-L 11: . 7 "1- 'W' G P' VL., L V' mls-A L : ' 1 , A f ' XL - G' Z if if fa" , i ' of if '+ Ji Ar x V.-"fri if ' .w ig a f :AL-E125 ' 1--- V V 1' 'Spa-4 ' , Q, f fzffjia' - , 5 KM . 1 ff . , ,.,- ., f . fr .5 ,Q...T., 14- YOUR salutatorian and valedictorian have chosen to speak upon two most pertinent questions. What does democratic Amer- ican society owe the youth ot today? What does the youth at today owe American society? No stable society is possible in which only the tirst question is asked and answered, and not the second. lt you have profited from your tour years ot high school, you should be able to answer the tirst question unseltishly, and the second honestly, in actions as well as in words. The democratic way of lite is being challengedg its enemies belittle it as spiritually flabby and economically sentimental. lt is my hope that each ot you will be a vital denial ot these allegationsg that each ot you will by your lite acknowledge that democracy is a reciprocal process, and that every right demanded is an obligation assumed. Twenty-four CLASS SPONSOR and CLASS OFFICERS DR. LEWIS G. STERNER .......... WILLIAM RAKITA ...... MARTY BRAUN ....... ELSIE ROOTH .......... ELWOOD DORMAN ........ DOROTHY STATES ..... Twenty-five ......,...CIass Sponsor ........4..President .Vice-President 5 ....... Secretary .........Treasurer Editor-in-Chief William Rakita Elwood Dorman, Margaret Murtha, Shirley Wood, Dorothy States, Elsie Rooth, Robert Currie, Paul Greenwood THE success of the various senior activities rests in the hands of their respective committees. These committees, chosen by the class officers, try to be truly representative of the entire class, lt is their duty to encourage cooperation be- tween the class sponsor, Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, and the student body. The committee chairmen together with the class officers compose the Execu- tive Committee. The responsibility of carrying out the various components of the senior program is placed upon the shoulders of this governing body. The members of this committee are as follows: William Rakita, our president, who proved himself worthy of his position by acting wisely in his decisions, Martin Braun, vice-presi- dent, who aided Bill in the scrutiny ot a problem, Elsie Rooth, secretary, who took personal charge of the sale of all senior pins and charms, and Elwood Dorman, treasurer, who very' efficiently managed the financial affairs of the class. The committee chairmen who completed the membership of the Executive Committee, were: John Frey, Dance Committee, Margaret Murtha, Trip Committee, Shirley Wood, Senior Morning Committee, Dorothy States, Editor of the Record Book, Robert Currie, "A" Play coach, and Paul Greenwood, Photography Committee. ln the numerous undertakings, this year's Executive Committee has displayed the utmost reliability and efficiency. We wish to thank them for making our senior program a success. Twenty-six SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE "A" PLAY CAST William McKeIvie, Claire Aschman, Shirley Wood, Chair- Bernard Keane, Edna Benner, James Steele Jane Pegel man Alice Dorman, Ina Ebert. Robert Currie, Coach, Florence Saiber, Alexander Calomeni Elsie Rooth. The "A" Play of the June, l939, class was unique among "A" plays. lt was an old-fashioned melodrama called "He Ain't Done Right by Nell," written by Wilbur Braun. Poor little Nell, often learning she had no right to the name of Perkins, pre- pared to roam in the cold, cruel world. However, Burkett Carleton, Nell's real grandfather, arrived just in time to prevent this and to catch Hilton Hayes who had stolen money from the Carleton mill. As the curtain fell, everyone fexcept Hilton Hayesl was rejoicing at Nell's restoration to her family and to Jack Logan's manly arms. Ah! l'm sure we'll always remember those heroic speeches and, of course, the romantic ones. lt did seem sort of strange to have Nell out picking wild flowers during a blizzard. This is just one of the humorous incidents. Bob Currie certainly did right by us when he chose "He Ain't Done Right by Nell." The cast of char- acters was as follows. Nell Perkins ......... ...... . .. Granny Perkins ....... ....... Laura Wilkens . Vera Carleton .. -l Hilton Hayes ........ Jack Logan ........ ............. Burkett Carleton ..... . ................... . Edna Brenner .Miriam Roesel Jane Pegel Florence Saiber .James Steel ........Alexander Calomeni .Bernard Keane SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE Our last unforgettable day at Frankford was efficiently directed by the Senior Morning Committee. The highlights of the occasion were the "A" play and the passing on of the cap and gown. A most enjoyable party-dance in the gym climaxed the morning's festivities. The serving of refreshments by the members of the com- mittee was a very popular finale, Twenty-seven PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE John Scouller Elaine Finlaw, Paul Greenwood, Chairman, Betty Craven, Martha Nichols, Robert Donaldson Dorothy States Charlotte Henkel George Lang. Chairman, Alphonse Sirauskas, Eleanor Schulze, William Shadle Not the least of the committee's duties was the supervision of the commence- ment exercises at Baptist Temple. The gorgeous bouquets chosen by this group heightened the beauty and impressiveness of the affair, A sincere vote of thanks is extended to the members, Shirley Wood, chairman, Claire Ashman, Ina Ebert, William McKelvie, George Woodring, and Alice Dorman. The Record Book is edited by the members and for the members of the senior class to record once and forever the unforgettable events and moments of our days spent within Frankford l-ligh School, lt serves as a permanent memorandum of our activities, our friends, and our organizations with which we were associated dur- ing high school days. In the years to come, these vivid imprints will once again aid us to recall the memories of yesterday. The Record Book Committee, aided by the Photography Committee, gathers and prepares the material for printing that goes into the making of this account of school life. Dorothy States, Editor of the Record Book, has worked constantly for many months to give you this descriptive record of work and play in Frankford l-ligh School. From the entire staff comes the sincere hope that you will enjoy and cherish this book. The members of the committee are Dorothy States, chairman, Betty Craven, lvlartlgcrdl lgllichols, Eleanor Schulze, Robert Donaldson, Alphonse Sirauskas, and Wil- iam ., a e. A vote of thanks is extended to the Photography Committee and to Mr, Kunz for the fine work they did. Mr. Kunz, ably assisted by Paul Greenwood and Donald Scouller did excellent work in obtaining interesting and amusing pictures for our Twenty-eight record book. Charlotte l-leinkle, Elaine Finlaw, Casimir Wdzienckowski, and George Lang are also to be commended for their untiring effort and cooperation they gave Paul Greenwood, the chairman of the committee. The Trip Committee generally aided the class sponsor in making arrangements for our unforgettable trip to West Point, which took place on lvlay twenty-sixth. The members of this committee took charge of the sales of tickets in their respec- tive books and performed various other duties in order to help Dr. Sterner on the day of the trip. We wish to thank the members of this committee, Margaret lvlurtha was the chairman. The other members are: l-lelen Kenney, Anne Cain, Eugene Dooley, Joseph I-loffman, Robert Latimer, Samuel lvlclienty, l-lelen Schernick, and Matthew Zrada. Another of the memorable features of the senior year is the Senior Prom, which was presented on Friday, April 2l, to the lilting melodies of "Rhythm and Rhyme in Sommer-time" in the usual elaborately decorated Sears-Roebuck ballroom. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Dance Committee, this dance was the most outstanding prom in the history of Frankford High School. Three hundred and forty-five couples out of the four hundred graduates were represented, This committee was ably supervised by John Frey. The other members were: Jean Wynkoop, Ruth Leutwyler, Walter Banister, Dorothy Corgee, Jane Kelchner, Lothar Miller, Florence Saiber, and Paul Stremic. The work of this group consisted of selecting the dance programs and charms, decorating, and sponsoring the sale of tickets. DANCE COMMITTEE TRIP COMMITTEE Jean Wynkoop, .lane Kelchner, John Frey, Chairman, Anne Cain, Helen Kenney, Helen Schernick Margaret Florence Saiber, Dorothy Corgee, Paul Stremic, Lothar Miller, Murtha, Chairman, Matthew Zrada. Walter Banister. Twenty-nine MODEL PIONEERS Elsie Roorh William Rakita LADY AND GENTLEMAN CHARMING AND PLEASANT Margaret Albany Leonard Rapoport Miriam Roesel Marty Braun l w ' H O F R A N K F O R D W H O S W at 1 i 1 4 Thirty l WHO'S WHO at FRANKFORD MOST PRACTICAL MOST QUIET Margaret Murtha Walter Eggerlf Miriam Russo Clinton Irvin MOST DEPENDABLE Dorothy States Elwood Dorman 1 WHO'S WHO at FRANKFORD MOST MUSICAL MOST DRAMATIC Helen Pfuelb Wesley Wagner Shirley Wood Robert Currie if-1-! MOST ARTISTIC Ina Ebert Alphonse Siruuskas BEST DANCERS . Dorothy Corgee John Frey MOST ATHLETIC SHORT AND LONG Isabel Freudenberger William McKelvie Adelane Werkheiser George Woodring WHO'S WHO AT FRANKFCRD STUDENT BOARD HE Student Boord provides for those things which improve the beouty ond conveniences of our school building thot ore not orronged for by the Boord ot Educotion. During the mony yeors since it wos orgonized, numerous worthwhile odditions hove been mode to the school. These include the pipe orgon, stoge droperies, stoined gloss windows, murols, ornomentol lighting tixtures ond mony other similor things ot volue. The Student Boord otticers this term ore Elsie Rooth, Presi- dentg Leonord Ropoport, First Vice-Presidentg Florence Soiber, Second Vice-Presidentg Thomos Luce, Secretoryg ond Ruth Philipp, Treosurerr OFFICERS Elsie Rooth ...................... President Leonard Rapaport, First Vice- President Florence Soiber, Second Vice-President Thomos Luce ....... . .......... Secretory Ruth Philipp, ...... .......... T reasurer Thirty-four I-HGHWAY STAFF Martha Nichols ,, Robert Donaldson ,, Leonafd Rvnopon . Warren French U Elsie Rooth ...... Betsy Hackney N William Shadle , B' Compton Anderson .... William Parr N Frank Canfield ,, Ed- Zebrowski , Robert Ren-,mey ....Editor-in.Cl-,gef ......Sp0rf5 ....MGke-up ......l'lumgr ---.Muhaging --.........New5 .......BUSlI1e55 .....Advertising .....Publicity Manager .....Circulation Manager ....Mailing Department ...Assistant Advertising , v : K I gp 0 . J 4 A ff .' . l 4 l l X ,,,, , H 'gk 2" : - E 1 6+ - e v..1,:s,x.4 u muuow HIGH scHo0LY! --' l'llE.Al3l'.l.l'illA. rn. 1fn.i:.y, Xmil2l,l93'.'Yi l----f- . cmvus umucrox A - - noun m mum Sgmm' Sh1llgnl5 H D1IBCl0l'5 M cw-our uwnmn nah- 'gziggggxvg f , E D 1 is v rn an-iam: lwilwumau 1 X 'if ' a 1 .:: L,Z...1 Tm Stump at Sears l o f 1.4, 3 r ll W2 M1211 I si num sum. vlfm lunuminx - ' . 7 ' , M... ,nl B.,..,.,f.,.,. in gnmmgmmg l V ' I , l 'Fur 'Mag Feshval . nv-racLLav-vmtkswi -ar' , 1 . I' , 'f . -' . Q Y' D , M in 'runs-it mm mlm. cw-gf in . f .3 ' , 1 'Vnnumy' Pmenu ynamiw 4, , , yan.. 1-Ry, Hmm ul mm, l ,. , i , mv mimi ru Y -L . - . .. 1 i X c.f.'.Ziffla-,1.l.t....4 " " cqmmm.. smmsl l Y, ,. ,S fg1'iibyLd1?0NMvgmTn1f1X'f ..-,--.,,.F,,,.J or 1.-n-'av mum 553, . 1 1 1 K I 'H vw W Hislurg Elasses -"1 ' l X153 d..'sL'Z1'f':i,f3t!,.Ti,2'EL?35g tuned Expenses ZLIXZ-i'ffLfT"'fII1f,1"2.l'.'ffSQ "HL 1 V ' i ' l 1Q""j"x""Ql' "3 :if"1""Q'vgf"5"' 1 - ..i., K ,.,....v.. Q in rm. Hu ' -' 1 W-,, l ,M x, ,nz WJ Regular wl.i,nn,,mn jaum .nQXnsl, .y.,1,..'l...",.f. ,.,3..,,l.,,.,.p l -If :Qfmgj'jn'jljQm"ji'h:jfm12333 vm Rf-ima in cmnlwnm ff? vi- -'I -----vw lin:-wi err- If-ig: l Q .., ...We www.-i as To vmamirvmnsmq ' 'I '-"',""""""Qi' "" f "nf "Nw X :N Xmnxm.:1-..-....,,. :Mile-5 ":f"1""Ql'g "rf,::QQ:1L"1 I A :Q ,.,.v...,si, ...M.1,.w,..1..m,it..i, 1 x-,,U.f.,1.l.-- ,. .mivm ..wiw..:,. "uf "" "', " "XY ' """ ' ' ,"'1 U" """ ' ""' , Mr.-on 1-Armin--mm ,1.u?4v- -J - W l "" P"" 'H' "M "" "" """ """1 uncm F. wi.. -.U-mil., 1a.-l.-.git-l. il, tm, , "" 5 ml. .1mfif,rw W.. , ,e..v.- mrs. was H., . xx..,s.,.-L..-U, HI S, :FN "rm, .-1.n.,.t..uiN U... pit..-Q. nl in f 1.4-film-wmv nam , 1- . 1-., ,. si - -e-.v...e.,. .,,,,,,,,, . . , .v..,,,m 1 A., nl.. ...-W. 1----.len-2 xl nm.. mum, i, ii,-lim - ., ,.. ,. Hi ,i... ..l..,,, ,l,,. .ww .., q.,.1:n.i ,.,.,... ampug mmmllgg .s,....,, Q.. ....- .K -.i,,.f.. we :A 4121... mr. .i,fynv-rc.v.m.weM11-in I i 1 mmm, Nmkd un ..,.. V. il.. 2.-.. .. Mm n,,. ---.-I-vw I--M .x,.....,,.i i M.. N. B gm S vm W ky A ,, an im. gun. mms, ' Q - w.i.,.f--M. im.,-. si-n.f..,,.:..l I-H -ff"-H+."-lf"-'l"""'k"l"f12"' 8 S P q ur mf ..,.1.,..-fs-M .11 mu., Airman .K .1 . cv-I ln lit um. v. 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W 1 .,.n .nn 1.,.,...i, 4.,. ,ul Tn. ,lim.-.-nm.-m...,.tim,,..1i,.t.i .. is 1 r'.ir.Lr..--.-it-si..f..,.w.sii1- . . . fx..'...,.f. q.n.m..l+1w :..,,1.v, H. ..1..,. .M ns. ,,lr..,.-.1 mf :mn U , U ,I W Thirty-five Editor Edlfor Editor Editor Editor Manager Mdnugey v ...ol ACTIVITIES LONG with the flve study hours we have spent each day at Frankford the memories of our varlous club actlvltles will always remaln In these student organnzatlons we have found expression In the arts and crafts we have partrclpated m various sports and loaned the many servlce clubs of the school The lessons In good sportsmanship the msplrohon of the sponsors and the many friends we have galned through these associations will remain wlth us long after graduatlon I I PART TWC 0 STUDY HALL MONITORS A FTER all selected subjects are assigned a pupil, the remaining periods are to be spent in study. Therefore, a study hall is maintained in the auditorium of the school. Attendance is compulsory. ln order properly to check attendance, student monitors are appointed by the teachers-in-charge for each period of the school day. Each of these monitors has a definite section of the audience to supervise. They are asked to properly check attendance, which includes the checking of library and other excuses, and to help preserve order. There are frequently as many as six hundred students in the study hall at one time. Therefore, properly done, the work of these monitors is an integral part of the school organization. 0 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Tl-lE Athletic Association was formed twenty-four years ago for the purpose of financing our school's athletic activities. Each semester, this organization offers the sale of membership books to students to secure funds with which to support our teams. Without the aid of the A.A., some of our teams would no longer be able to compete with other schools for scholastic honors. Our association supplies funds for the equipment of football, basketball, and soccer, and helps to defray any ex- pense which may be incurred through our teams. The present officers are William McKelvie, president, Janice Kenney, vice- president, members of the council are Laura Booth, Catherine Dorman, John l-lowe, and William Young. Mr, Kurtz, the sponsor, has led' the association through many successful years, and we hope he may continue his wonderful work. 0 SERVICE GUIDES THIS club was organized this term for the purpose of helping to regulate traffic in the corridors and to keep the corridors free of noise during classes and to direct any visitors coming into the building. All members had to be recommended by their advisers. At the first meeting the name "Service Guides" was chosen because this seemed to symbolize the Frankford l-ligh School spirit of cooperation and responsibility. Miss Gilman is the sponsor. 0 USHERS' ASSOCIATION QNE of the most active but least known organizations in the school is the Ushers' Association. Sponsored by Mr. l-l. Bonner and headed this term by Dorothy Corgee, the Association has proved indispensable in such school affairs as the meetings of the Parent-Teachers' Association, the plays given by Sock and Buskin, and most of all, the Commencement exercises. A large number of students, who are now in their senior year, have served on this committee for the past three years. Their loss will be keenly felt as they have shown by their efforts the true spirit that has prevailed throughout our years spent together as students and classmates of the Frankford l-ligh School. Thirty-nine CIRCLE TWELVE 0 THE Circle Twelve Club of Frankford High is both an honorary and athletic club. Members must meet Dr. Cloud's approval before they become members. Every major sport of Frankford is represented by the members of the club. The sponsor of the club is Mr. Killough. The officers are Jim Stewart, president, Bill Harper, vice-president, Walter Wilkinson, secretary, and Stanley Buttville, treasurer. The other members of the club are Lothar Miller, Fred Schubert, John Murphy, John Scott, Jewel Gebauer, Tom Smith, John Howe, and Bill McKelvie. The organization has an annual spring dance. The chairman of the dance committee for this year's dance was John Scott. THE THIRTEEN CLUB ' THE Thirteen Club is an honorary organization which selects its members from athletic teams. The club is sponsored by Mr. Charles Troxell. Meetings are held alternate Mondays at the homes of the members. Marty Braun is the President of the club. Other officers are: Bob Latimer, Vice-President, Dave Simons, Treas- urer, Herman Magrann, Secretary. The members are: Marty Braun, Ralph Ken- nedy, Bob Latimer, Herman Magrann, David Simons, Edward Saezar, Bill Rakita, Joseph Batteer, John Barr, Alphonse Reikow, Harry Gosling, Charles O'Neil, Warren Cunningham. Membership in the Thirteen Club is elective, new members being admitted after approval by vote. THE LITERARY CLUB 0 THE Literary Club is sponsored by Mrs. Markley. lt was originally for those stu- dents having a G or E in English and History, but now all students interested in Literature are eligible. During the term, we have had student participation by those who belong to the club. ln order to vary our meetings, we plan to have a few members of the faculty speak to us during the coming months. The Literary Club meets once every two weeks in room l9. The following officers were elected at the beginning of the l2B term: President, Florence Rose, Vice-President, Florence Max- well, Secretary, Winifred Hoover, and Treasurer, Jean Shoener, The club plans to attend as a body, the puppet show given on Wednesday, April l9, l939, in the school au itorium. THE SENIOR TWELVE ' THE Senior Twelve is an honorary club for girls under the sponsorship of Miss Evelyn Why, chemistry teacher. The purposes of this organization are to foster friendship among twelve of the outstanding senior girls, to promote worthy school projects, to establish a means of cooperation with the faculty and to further the acquirement of culture. The girls are chosen with regard to their scholastic stand- ings, personalities, and school activities. The officers are President, Elsie Rooth, Secretary, Martha Nichols, and treas- urer, Margaret Albany. The other members are: Jane Pegel, Dorothy States, Shirley Wood, Kathryn Speck, Betsy Hackney, Eleanor Lerke, Margaret Murtha, Marian Russo, and June Walker. These girls have attained at least a "G" average since their entrance to Frankford High School and have at no time failed in a major or minor subject The club meets every third Monday at the girls' homes, alternating cultural withsocial meetings, Forty vi-9 : ff:-1' A-, ,E1 wg ,Q fii fjy I 11 2' fag N1 sw u 14 'ig gil - fi E, Q ' V J ,' 3.9. . 4 ,Yr WA A K- 14 . I V : Q . J i V N. HA N l sd s ' . - 'gr- ' :ab 'Qu ' I N' 1' ' Q5 if 37" B I T., fo' n A N' fgx K Fx 'tk' " Qfffi I v aw X X- X V q Q fx '55 L - ff . ' '-fs' 3 JN 'QT is J' v: it L Llgnfam' rv ' . M: 'f' ' . 1 1 -I "" ,xxx , 12, rfV!t .. xg - 4: ' ' f i - zw ' .' I ft 1 " ' E 'MT I 'Y' l' I D- I in i 5 if f 2 3 -K -I WA. ' ' ffl an I W , :,' w 'Z-J' . . MHA, L. . , lixff' w "asv K .Lv-,. -1' ,I4-.lf 'S- A wtf Q' 1 -,aff ' .f2:w':ei ' L v Tfaa - 23 ,W V' ', - .r',lQA' 3 :ffm I L ,i -..Eh QE! fa- Q, Edgy 2 W, , u:-.L "" hh' .,, . ,S 4 1, ru 555. k I I A y- 1 - '52 5.313 - 4.,,1j,y'L' A- A ,fgng ,xx 0 PIONEER PROSPECTORS FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL is proud to possess the "Pioneer Prospectorsf' a club devoted to the study ot Mineralogy, With Miss Campbell as the supervisor, the club has grown in size and activity. The only requirement tor entrance is an interest in rninerology, The chiet activity at the club is the taking ot tield trips to famous nearby localities where copious amounts of common minerals may be found, Harold Pickering is this term's president, Grace Taylor, the Vice-President, and Dean Arrison is the Secretary-Treasurer, 0 GERMAN CLUB THE German Club meets on alternate Mondays. The primary purpose ot the club is to encourage any student interested in learning more about the language and customs at the German people. Visiting speakers and guests, as well as mem- bers ot the faculty have entertained the members this term. The members were given a truly German initiation at the home of Miss A. G, Ellis, the able sponsor, Besides being made to eat Limburger sandwiches, the members were made to per- torm various other feats. At graduation the club usually gives a prize to the grad- uate having the highest average in German. Several ot the members also participated in the lnter-High School German Club. The otticers this term are: Verona Mueller, President, Betty Huey, Vice- President, Thomas Luce, Secretary, Florence Maxwell, Treasurer, Those members graduating are: Gladys Dean, William Rakita, Thelma Koehler, and Ruth Gant. 0 FRENCH CLUB THE French Club, under the sponsorship at Miss Marsh, requires at least one year of French and at least an "E" or "G" in this subject. Since the club has now restricted its membership to titteen members, all applicants must be ready to speak entirely in French and must have a love ot the language. The President ot the club is Jane Zielonko, the Vice-President is Ellen Faltin, the Secretary is Betty Baush, the treasurer is Elaine Nevin. The only members who are leaving through graduation are Eleanor Lerke and Eleanor Michalska. 0 YE MONKS VE MONKS CLUB was organized on December ll, l9ll, and is the oldest club in Franktord High School. Mr. Carl F. Wise is the taculty adviser tor this or- ganization and has been for many years. The club this term consists ot eleven members, namely David Roney, President, John Frey, Vice-President, Allan Beau- mont, Secretary, Walter Banister, Tim Dooley, lrwin Conway, Walter Murphy, Russel Megonegal, Robert Haworth, Roland Evans, and Robert Hott. New members are obtained through invitations and vote ot the present membership, The meetings are held at the homes of the members every other week, thereby giving the parents a better understanding ot the club's activities. The present members hope that the club will be in existence as long as Franktord High School. Forty-three TABLE TENNIS 0 T l-lE Table Tennis Club was formed so that boys interested in this activity might have an opportunity to engage in this sport. Although but one year old, the organization has grown until it now has the largest membership of any school club, Its facilities are among the best in the city. All equipment was provided by the members. A team entered by the club succeeded in capturing third place in the Public t-Iigh School Table Tennis League. The following officers, as well as many other members, are graduating this term: Charles l-lill, President, Norman Williman, Vice-President. Mr, Day, the sponsor, has devoted a great deal of time and energy to the club. A CAPELLA CHOIR ' THIS organization although newly formed, is rapidly becoming known in the field of school music. The choir is comprised of students vitally interested in singing. Miss Frances Snyder is the able leader of the group, and through her the choir has gained prestige. The A Capella Choir Festival, held at the Murrel Dobbins school, is one of the many musical events in which the choir participated, Also the choir forms the main part of the Christmas and Spring shows in collaboration with the Sock and Buskin. The June graduation will greatly affect the choir since many of the students will be lost. A majority of these seniors helped Miss Snyder form the group and will be greatly missed. THE CLEF CLUB U I NSTRUMENTALISTS and vocalists who qualify as solo performers are eligible for membership in the Clef Club, a musical honorary society. The club roster is limited to twenty members. Each term, the Clef Club prize is awarded to that member of the graduating class who, in the opinion of the club, has done the most in music during his years at Frankford. Club officers for this term are: Robert Currie, President, Emily Garrison, Vice- President, Kenneth Jarvis, Treasurer, and Sadie Coulthard, Secretary. THE SECRETARIAL CLUB ' MANY commercial students are afraid, nervous, and ill at ease when they are interviewed for a job. When a letter is dictated to them, their state of mind often keeps them from doing their best work. ln an effort to remedy this condition and to give its members the advantage of taking dictation from someone other than the classroom teacher, the Secretarial Club was formed about a year ago under the sponsorship of Mr. Joseph Klein, of the commercial department. This organization consists of six l2B students, the senior secretaries, and eleven l2A students, the junior secretaries. The members of the l2B group are: Margaret Albany, Marjorie Enochs, Betsy l-lackney, .Jessie MacAllister, Elizabeth Phillips, Marian Russo, Forty-four W I ' BOOTS AND SADDLE CLUB THE Boots and Saddle Club wos organized in i933 under the auspices of Mr. Clarence Hutchinson, who still sponsors it. Membership to the club is open to any student who knows how to ride or desires to learn. Business meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons at ZOO o'clock in room 206. The members ride on Friday afternoons between 3.00 and 4.00 o'clock from the Bustleton Riding Academy along the Pennypock Bridle Path. Riding is becoming a popular sport and the number of members in this club is increasing each term. All the members of this term's Boots and Saddle Club wish to express their thanks to Mr. Hutchinson for the time he has spent with them. 0 HIKING CLUB THE Hiking Club is sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Lackey. This club is composed of fifty girls interested in this essential phase of body building. Lost year, we presented o Badminton Set to the Girls' Gym Department as a memorial, The club meets every week, with special hikes at intervals. This lost term we took some exceptionally long hikes which were enjoyed by all, The officers planned o variety of hikes including: candy-hunt, scavenger hunt, and weenie roost. Because of the over enthusiasm of the girls displayed this year, we would advise getting your name on the list early if you wish to join. 0 PRIMI TEN THE ten most outstanding art students are selected by Mrs. Kitchen, sponsor, to form the Primi Ten, Meetings ore held every Monday afternoon for discussions on art. Water color work and charcoal drawing are the most popular activities of the club, Trips to art exhibitions, the Art Museum on the Porkway, the Rodin Museum, and other famous Museums of art in Philadelphia, are mode by the Primi Ten during the term. From time to time the work accomplished by these enthusiastic young artists is exhibited in the second floor corridor. The members are Alphonse Sirouskos, President, Anne Coin, Vice-President, Ina Ebert, Secretory, also Poul Greenwood, John Orfe, Claire Aschmonn, Edna Benner, lrvin Conway, and Bertha Seltzer. ' STAGECRAFTERS CLUB THE Stagecrafters Club, sponsored by Miss Doggett, is an organization which is essential to all the stage productions of Frankford High School, The group is broken up into various committees. The make-up committee makes o study of each character of o production and then applies the necessary moke-up to make the actor suit the type he is to portray. The scenery committee plans, points, and then sets up the scenery necessary for the ploy, ond the advertising committee draws posters which are distributed around the school to help advertise the show. The work of each group is fascinating and is enjoyed by every member who soon becomes adept at the job he has chosen. Forty-seven ATHLETES OF SOCCER 0 Frankford s l938 soccer team reached the end of the Proneers lengthy guest tor the publlc hrgh crown when they brushed oslde the Archives 3 l at Baldwin Fteld on the afternoon ot Tuesday November l5 thereby wlnnlng the admrrotlon of both crltlcs and tons Often ln the l4 year stretch of chomplonshlp tomme had the Trl Color come close to the clrcult crown forcing the tltle Issue unto post season play offs wlth Northeast ln l93'5 and Simon Gratz rn l937 but never had they od vonced beyond second place Coach l-lorry N Barfoot has done a grand rob of coochlng snnce assumlng charge ot the Proneer booters ln l92l Last season hrs attack sparkled with deceptlon Every combrnatson he used on the front lane was combos d ot deft ball handlers lt requlred gnt polse alertness and rnstrnctlve soccer ablllty to overcome the odds Frankford laced to beat such great teams as Gratz Olney and Northeast pre sented Thls Ploneer club was heartlly endowed wuth all those aualltles ara ht s why they romped home CHAMPIONS FR ANKFORD HI SOCCER RESULTS Frankford ........... ..... l O Abington ......... Frankford ........... ..... 3 Upper Darby ...... Frankford ........... ..... Frankford ........... ..... 2 Z Lower Merion . Olney ........... Frankford ........... ..... 5 Alumnl ....... Frankford ........... ..... 4 Gratz ......,........ Frankford ........... ..... 3 Swarthmore ........ Frankford ........... ..... 3 Southern .............. Frankford ,.......... ..... 3 West Philadelphia Frankford ........... ..... 4 Overbrook ............ Frankford ........... ..... C Girard College .... Frankford ..,........ ..... 3 Central ....,......... Frankford ..,........ ..... l North Catholic .. Frankford .......,... ..... 3 Northeast ....... ' FOOTBALL Dreams of a championship team ran through the minds of the Pioneers at the outset of the season. After Peterson had passed them to a 6-O win over the Panthers, they were set to ride high. l-lovvever, their dreams rapidly faded, when they deadlocked Olney, and dropped a close one to West Philadelphia. The Tri-Color gridmen disappointed their supporters by later losing games to Northeast, Germantown, and Northeast Catholic. l-lopes had climbed too high, because of the success of the l937 crew Frankford's backtield lacked experience. The line had the experience, but the breaks failed to come their way, As a result, they won two, tied two, and lost four. l-lowever, from all indications, the Pioneers want to target about last season, and plan for the future. Throughout this year's spring drills, the gridmen appeared to be a team that really means business, They have the materialg more of it than at any time since l933. With Lady Luck's backing they can shoot to the top this fall, but it will be a furious battle all the way, made no easier by a back-breaking schedule, BASEBALL RESULTS Frankford ...... l4 Southern ................ l l Frankford ...... 6 Roxborough .......... l Frankford ...,.. 3 Northeast .,... ..... 4 Frankford .,.... 2 Olney .................... 3 Frankford ...... 4 West Philadelphia.. 6 Frankford ...... 5 Central .................. G Frankford ...... IO Gratz .................... 6 Frankford ...... 5 Northeast Catholic Frankford ...... Benjamin Franklin Frankford ..,... Overbrook .............. Frankford ...... Germantown ..... FOOTBALL RESULTS FrGV1kfOFCl ........ ......... 7 Haverford ,,,,,, Ffflflkiofd -------- - 5 Overbrook .......... Ffonkfofd -------. .- 0 Olney .................... . Frankford ........ ..... 6 West Philadelphia Frankford ........ ..... l 9 Gratz ..................... Frankford ........ ,. 7 Northeast ............ . Frankford ........ .. 6 Germantown ........ . Frankford ........ .. 6 Northeast Catholic BASEBALL 0 Surveying Frankford's i939 baseball campaign, in de- fense of the Public High crown, you note the resurgence of the Pioneers-a team that played second fiddle only be- cause at two disheartening extra inning setbacks, Back in l92O, the Tri-Color captured the baseball championship for the first time. Nine years later in '29, one Bill Dietrich chucked the Pioneers to their second circuit crown. ln l938, it was Danny Matthews and Myron Bliszcz together carried Frankford to their third title. This season, the diamondmen were off to a good start, but in their fourth and fifth encounters, they dropped a 4-3 ten inning decision to Northeast, and a twelve inning 3-2 game to Olney, Featured by a home run attack in the late innings, the undefeated Speedboys put the defending champs definitely out of the running for the i939 Princeton trophy. ,ii y .li ,. Fifty ' TRACK TEAM The Frankford High Track Team, under the coaching of Mr. Clarence I., S. Roby, faced a very promising season. The Penn Relays for the Spring of '39 attracted the mem- bers of the teams to their opening engagement. After placing second in the high school competition, Coach Raby looked ahead into the season with high hopes for the cham- pionship rating, However, opposition from the other com- peting schools overwhelmed ,the high-geared Pioneers. Although the team suffered many heartbreaking defeats, widening the distance between them and the champion- ship, they went through the season securing hard won victories. TRACK RESULTS April 28 Penn Relays-Philadelphia H. S, Championship, Second 29 Penn Relays-Championship Races, Second May 2 Northeast, 67, Ben, Franklin, 5l, Frankford, 32 fl Haverford, 54, Frankford, 36 8 Germantown, 56, Olney, 56, Frankford, 53 lO Episcopal, 42, Haverford Col, Fresh, 4l, Friends' Central, l8, Frankford, 42 l6 Overbrook, l0O, Gratz, l8, Frankford, 46 23 South Philadelphia, -, Central, -j Frankford, - 27 Atlantic City H. S, -5 Frankford, - 29 Perkiomen, -, Norristown, -, Frankford, - 3l High School Championship Preliminaries June l l-ligh School Championship Finals 3 Norristown lnterscholastics gl . Q Q4 1-diwligih-' if-is-fi Fifty-one TENNIS TEAM 0 Frankford's racquetmen under the supervision of Mr. William l3. Leighninger and Mr. Ralph l3, Yonker, suffered their first setback of the season against the strong oppos- ing forces of the new Central l-ligh School. So far the Tennis Team has won four out of five matches. The game with Central was played on Belfield Courts, Ogontz and Olney Avenues. Art Denison, 4, had little trouble in defeating Bricklen of Central, 6-2, 7-5. 6 3 Qigk l-lenkels, 36, lost a tough match to lvlaser 3-6, Compton Anderson, 23, had a tough time defeating Seidenberg of Central. The final scores was 7-9, 6-4, 6-4. Frankel of Central defeated Bop Spitz, 22, in two straight sets, 6-3, 6-3. This was Spitz's second league defeat, having last to Friedman of Olney, 3-6, 8-lO. The doubles team, consisting of Andy l-laines, l, and Walter Davis, 6l, suffered their first defeat of the season by losing to Lepkourth and Bolef of Central, 4-6, 6-2, 2-6. GOLF ' The Pioneer Golf Team, under the coaching of Mr. Nichols had a very successful season. Due to a very slow start, the hopes for the championship is very slim. After losing the first four matches, they turned around and beat all the rest of the teams that they faced. When Frankford GOLF RESULTS Frankford .... 3 Olney ............. Frankford .... 3 Roxborough .... Frankford .... 3 Germantown .. Frankford .... 4 Olney .............. Frankford .... 8 Roxborough ..... Frankford .... ll Northeast ...... Frankford .... l3 Germantown .. Frankford .... l2lQ West Phila. .. Frankford .... 8 Northeast ....... Frankford .... i5 West Phila. .... . TENNIS RESULTS Frankford .... 5 South Phila. Frankford. 4 Olney ............... Frankford. 5 Ben. Franklin... Frankford .... 5 Northeast ....... Frankford .... 2 Central ........... Frankford ,... O West Phila. Frankford Germantown Frankford Gratz Frankford Northeast Cath A ' Fifty-two played Roxborough the second time, Roxboraugh was in first place. Frankford can be called the uncrowned champs because they beat Roxborough, who will be the champions, 8 to 7, The team was captoined by Walter Deis, and Richard l-luff was the manager, Walter Deis and Robert Esdale are the only members of the team that are grad- uating. Preston Bishop, Charles Flonold, Walter Sandbeck, William Johnson, Victor Kaer, and John Gould will be back next year, The team used I-lolmesburg Country Club as their home course which is located at 9500 Frankford Ave- nue, Next year lvlr. Nichols will get the team together earlier and he expects to be always near the top, lvlr. Nichols also expects to better the total of six wins and four losses which were the results of this year's games. BASKETBALL v Frankford bowed out of the Public High basketball limelight last season, they were unwilling, but most em- phatically, pronged from the spotlighted stage by such teams as Simon Gratz, Southern, Overbrook and West Phila Playing with the smooth form that earned them the Public crown, Simon Gratz went an to win the first official playoff for the city championship, when they outscored South Catholic, 23-l3, March l8, before a crowd of 9000 at Convention l-lall. The Pioneers, who in i938 enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in their history found the l939 situation quite the reverse. They were hit hard by graduation, and only managed to win four of their sixteen game schedule SWIMMING 0 Al Reikow churned down the water lanes in the Public l-ligh championship meet at the Penn A. C., January I8, to beat out the famed Ben Raiken, of Central, and bring home the bacon in the l00-yard freestyle competition. In taking the Public crown, Al broke a minute by finishing the scheduled course in 59.8. As far as the team standing, they held down the fifth spot in the league. The tankmen had a mediocre season, winning four, and losing five The swimmers most im- pressive meet was perhaps their 34-32 triumph over the Speedboys. BASKETBALL RESULTS Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford ...... Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Northeast Chestnut Northeast La Salle Catholic Hill ..,. Catholic Central ..... , ........ Olney ......,. ,... ...... Overbrook Atlantic City Southern Roxboroug l-laverford ii""'ffIIfff Olney ................... Germantown ....... West Phil Northeast adelphia Gratz . .... . ........... .V , s , '39 1' A. 1 ' rl Q- VY -yy :L W W 4 .N 4.1 Qgwrl- - X IH! .- 2 A ' Auf. ' 1 3 E, 3 A Q +1 -""' ' W: A I K AV -mil V- J X n T, 1 H5 'Y' . 53521 1 C" Awf. , - . .5- "-. 15' SQ, " 4' ffgrn Nuff! . . . was 31 , hm. I 11' v, q Q .M F ' 'fiig ' ' ' I! W 'Af ' N .-.-i' L' .41 Ui' -'QP' " Km' -V , ll fi Y E v. V Y A W,-JQQW vi X i 'Q I ik , IVF '31 In "rf 'Q ' ,u jg, it il Nl-Q., W At. ,Ax f I U ,- , , , .-N51 L ' ' '- x . ..L, if, ,Q , A N 'sy f 4- 2 I X f, ' fi V Q Q- fr, W xx: 'Al - - xi V .Q , Q V ' f wh - ,E s. .-v, . lug' 'J--r .V U -"- -in . ff ? -, .,. . .1 2067, , " ,I W 5715 ,4 .Ill-f ri . 'V 5 If Sf' I ww. '. ivy: ' f a Q -f -, 1 . 'E - f' 'fp ' ' an 1 x . HN . .a3'-- .'Q"'fgi ' I ' .. -",' fqff W Ur, ' Y if 'T if' 'if-55:E5:Lf2 -EQ "L, Q. A W. ,, 95' 5,,4 "f?2'L.j'g: :is V, ? ,F f Q 5-4:-,fgs'g,.H' :X :ggi 'Sirk -fi,-Q1 ' '-iw' ," 'Si x! ' ,. Y' ' f:.s ff 'Ki' , 2 W: Q Qww I 1 Af L 3 fa f 44 " ' ' 1 - " 4- -': I . .V ,L 1 P 31 ff' ' 'fa-A . 4-3 f 1 , ,. - A A I. ' V 4- L'f - LJ -Q-M -X s Q - V ' . V F .5 1 mf 2 A , ' Lf! 4. s,- .U .. ,,, b u u u 2, , -h , tx l .C I ffl' rf4'ni9?l27 , - -9 .-5 f . A BLU 4, . ' 1 fu" '- .- ' l ?5Jlm15gj?!' vii iv x 4 riff? s M , , ,JJ 1. 4 Qu x I ul , 'vs .Vfff j3',ffW 1'-V xt 1Y',' . I! X 1: 1 I- 9 Y , F : In M I -E'E"1, "' v .x Y L , - f, 5 . . v 1h "'V'.f'Q".',igJ MN4 V . h l Ftxlrg '54-, X 9 ' .N S: 1: - 3 k -l 'gi T' 141, I '1'-49,4 " A ' ,Q "' " C 3 ', in -X 5-W ni , -fu un, 4 1 if l V 3. ' 4' 'W . 1 . 1, -- f, We + ' UF' I 225 W-. w 4 D ,M 4 -1 Q ' iw., Q A"-2: j 'it I, - 1 Q Xt , 4 W , Q, 1 'N -'ffw' ez-Q' 5' QW U J ' h E I J' XA .. ' 3 is pk f'+.i1-W 'iff-,' J, , , iz- . J, f f H ,gn '1 5,5 1 ,. " 5 t- 'P - , Q. . ,J fir I 1 ,sf Y 'K 1, V 1. ,J 9 -, le. n , , .4 . Q A -.'f , C.x-1f-- . . V ..ii"'f ' 4' f 'r :lf FJ '- .,,k1Q....- W ,vm L' 1 1 1,f,-QQ ?','f"f.,' A r ' 4 :V VL, ' A w -1., 5 . . .9 W a . b K- X gs 1 ' N fl ' - 5 I ,-'5 V x "A L' 53' 1 - w - - , 214 H. --Law . h , W V A 4 ' 1 u Q1 I l V Q X -'x,,l!v , , M as :SREXFYJ 2. ., 3 ..,,6' ,gy , . 7'vf:"z' 5 ' I -h ,' - :again ,.-31 '? . 1--'5.,', i.i'Q'gf ,, rv! 1 Q -.' - I j '71-'. 5 '- L v 5 5 : ' ' , V Q bfi H , 4' 2.5- . -- ':."ffl' Sin 'ffgrii J-:ffm 5 " 11' ff M 1 1 'H V'5'3.r 4 . "-E 5 in Q V-wi-:i.7!.1 S .- , x -,H M6 Z w x NJ, 1, .J W Q D Q If , ,Q ' ESQ- 1 iii" 5 1 ' 1 ' 'L 1 . -' 1' ' 'Z-. ,T 'if' T 1. , .PA fi"- ' 585311 ' - x . F- 'fg-, ' X . W -1a1,,5Q,, , 1 . - , ff ,f ,. ' 1 4 I , . gn 'iq We in -P D an C . 7, , V- Q n - J 'Q 1- aaa, 6, LN X 'Siem Ffeiagf. . . A , I . . , x , . -'- 5 . .ik , 1553 ,X Y M N . f - fi ' ' 'reap fha? . . ..v- - ', 1sSQisg, ,f'1f1 X fa 1 . , 3 P ' V47 51 Z' ,A ,,W, is 4. 1 J ffy V ' A"' lf gf! A , 4 5 I '. 1 , if ml Q g ., , ll?"f 1' .1 -- f V . H ,.5f-anim Z' 3 - iv . -,: W x 4 ,-...v-. ' ,,..f.-M...-.,. P' "1" "M -iw Q ' Ya,-.I I r ,Q 5232-,J ,,,,,JQ-figgxg 1 " t. V- 4,.,:fg .N- ' ff , 1-"'r..'1'C' Wi' lf' 'fffz-pq-3" 1 I W IFIID Ybffallll 51945 4 S11amdl -+chceevTor TFIKID. lHQ5sll'1QsdmQ9' uihexr uwrraalge-5 'tfgtllha Wi lgy, W wall dheev nm mums! ,iam Wan WJWJJHJJWJJJ EH? cllwemr .mil dheewr ajA"YH- RF THW 'E7'jHW' moxnemr S- W me ? 1 ig ff H134 Ed In 31 il Tami aifwv Scmffcfm' 5nC03ftS,mTT, 'give 'fluwme dhmemrs 'ffmu-'mime ffigfhifzirf-g Ria:zncPcP1fEB . 'lP,lL-LK. ve- K XWW SPRING 0 1939 9 0 SPN K J 1trQQ-jjqigm sq WOQO A D S ph p A. A. AW R J ., QA, O :lf BASEBALL Major F William Fricke Robert Hopf Louis Herman John Kitchenman Charles Kress Robert Latimer Daniel Matthews William McKelvie Samuel McKenty Alfons Reikow Edward Strange Henry Strecker Theodore Willer Minor F Daniel Cistone Edward Rzepski Edgar Speilman James Thorman Theodore Vogel Robert Wilson Andrew Wolfrum BASKETBALL Major F Michael ,larmoluk Ben Napier Henry Piotrowski Harry Weinberg Walter Wilkinson Matthew Zrada Minor F Anthony Forti Daniel Matthews Harold Matthews William McMordie Edward Piotrowski Anthony Rudan Edward Shagen Russel Sims Theodore Sklodowski Edward Strange Robert Urffer Andrew Wolfrum GOLF Major F Walter Deis Minor F Preston Bishop John Gould Charles Honald Richard Huf William Johnson Walter Sondbeck SWIMMING Major F Robert Landsman Alfons Reikow David Simons Donald Wood Minor F Albert Bailey George Blake Edward Davis Roland Evans Russell McGonigal Fifty-nine Lothar Miller Harry Montgomery Henry Navardauskas TENNIS Major F Compton Anderson Arthur Dennison Minor F William Beatty Walter Davis Andrew Haines Richard Henkels Robert Spitz TRACK Major F Fred Bates John Casella Michael Czarnecki Walter Dahl Edward Davidheiser Robert Hollworth Dick Ridings James Rooney Harry Weinberg Minor F William Boyle Donald Chittick Augustus Fischer James Hall Mike Jarmoluk Alfred Laupheimer Harold Seigle Harry Sibley GIRL'S SPORTS oUR girls have a full calendar of sports, The fall term opens and our girls are in the field with sticks, shin pads, and smiling faces. The battle is onl lt's hockey time at Frankford, Winter brings volleyball and basketball to keep our co-eds warm. Crack! The old familiar sound that comes only in that certain time of the year, baseball time! Yes, baseball and track are sure signs of spring. Lead- ers' Club is open to any girl who has- been successful in all her subjects and holds a "G" or better in Physical Education. ln exchange for an opportunity to obtain more practice in her Physical Education work, she gives a helping hand to her fellow students during her regular gym periods. Splash! Yes, we have a Swimming Club for our mermaids. l-lorse-lovers are at home with the Boots and Saddle Club- riding every Friday. "l-li, oh, Silver," we're off to Pennypack Park. Girls walking and talking? Oh, they were the members of the Hiking Club. Every Friday after- noon those girls go back to nature and walk. One A. A. point is awarded for perfect attendance in each activity. An extra point is given to each member of a championship team. When a girl has earned ten points she is awarded her numerals. A total of fifteen points entitles her to her letter. She receives the girls' major award, the charm, after she has earned twenty- tive points. Sixty AWARDS NUMERALS Dorothy Albert Ruth Blaese Bernice Canwlot Dorothy Creighton Olive Crossley Ina Ebert Isabella Ereudenberger Bertha Fritz Mary l-lodges Mary l-Iuebner Phyllis l-lussey Alice Johnson l-lelen Kenney Thelma Koehler Edythe McFadden Martha Nichols Elsie Rooth Betty Schoepter Dorothy States Edna Stefanack Olga Sznaider Nancy Turlcington Doris Wagner June Walker Isabella Yerkes Marie Zagorski LETTERS Ruth Blaese Bernice Camlot Isabella Freudenberger Bertha Fritz Mary l-luebner Carmella lero Alice Johnson Eclythe McFadden Elsie Rooth Edna Stefanack Nancy Turlcington Doris Wagner June Walker I-lelen Wyman Isabella Yerkes CHARM Ruth Blaese Isabelle Ereudenberger Mary Huebner Eclythe McFadden Doris Wagner ol ACHIEVEMENT AS THE years of life press down upon us, we shall often wish to recall our acquaintances of high school days. This is the section in which we have sought accurately and completely to preserve a permanent tabulation of our high school day attainments. Through this section, we will turn to recollect the class's progress since the day it crossed the threshold into Frankford High School. ln brief, here is the graduating class itself for us to review and remember. PART THREE FOUR YEARS ln FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL with the CLASS of 39 Sept 1935 As a aroup of young bewildered freshmen the Class of 39 entered the Allen Annex Sept 30 1935 A contrubutuon of money was made by the Student Board for th purchase of band uniforms March 1936 Among the school publncatuons of Phlladelphla the l-llgh Way was rated the highest Sept 1936 Wlth the dlgnuty of a sophomore the Class of June 39 proudly entered the mann buuldlng to seek learning but we found ourselves seeklng dlrectlons to classrooms Nov 1936-Frankford Football Team defeated Germantown to wln the Public l-lugh tltle This was the fourth championship they had gained on the grrdnron Jan 22 23 1937 George Kelleys drama The Show off was presented by the Sock and Buskln The expert directing of Mr l-lambleton won the acclaum of the entlre student body Feb 1937 Thus term gave us the sotlsfoctron of belng hugh sophomores wxth nothing else to learn about Frankford l-lrgh School March 1937 The Columbla Scholastuc Press Assoclatlon rated the l-llgh Way rn the first class of Sensor l-llgh newspapers for the second consecutive year Aprnl 1937 lt was at this trme new plans were mode for orgonlzatlon for the fol lowing term The completed reorganization placed grades lOl3 to 12B at Frank ford lOA at Allen and grades 9A and 9l3 at Junlor l-lrgh Schools Moy 14 15 16 1937 Frankford I-lrgh Schools flrst operetta The Frantic Phy slcuan was presented before a large and satisfied audience Several members of our class played leadvng roles In this productnon Sept 1937 After completlng one half of our hugh school education we were ready to enter into our junuor year Dec 3 4 1937 The Passmg of the Third Floor Bock was presented by the Soclf and BUSl4ll'1 We shall long remember the actlng of Shirley Wood In the play we all enjoyed Dec 15 1937 The new fleld house at Baldwin Field was under construction Feb 1938 The last half of our junior year stood before us Feb 1938 The Campus Committee started Improv ments that really made us proud of the school grounds Sl ty four . , I , ' l 'I ... I l . . Q , I -1- ., 4 - - A 11 - 11 I I . . , , -1 T 1 I 'I I Il ll ' 1 1 1 ' 1 -1 . . . , ,, . ,, . 1 I i - , . . , , ,, . I I I , ' . . ,, . . . , . .I -. ,. I 11 - - ll ' I I N. ' I . 'I . . . D ., 1 C .x - June 3, 1938-Dedication of the Field House at Memorial Stadium was attended by the entire student body of Frankford l-ligh School and Allen Annex. Sept., 1938-The Class of June '39 was looking forward into its most awaited year of high school education-our Senior year, Sept., 1938-The beginning of our last football season. Nov., 1938-Frankford Soccer Team defeated Northeast l-ligh School at Baldwin Field to win its first Public l-ligh Soccer Championship in fourteen years. Dec. 16, 17, 1938-"The Royal Family" was presented by the Sock and Buskin. Many of our graduating class participated in the play. Jon., 1939-William Rakita was elected president of the Class of June '39 Jan., 1939-Martha Nichols, Class of June '39, elected Editor-in-Chief of the school publication, "l-ligh Way." Feb., 1939-The Class of June '39 encounters its last term in Frankford l-ligh School, The other officers elected in our class were as followsi Marty Braun, Vice-Presi- dent, Elsie Rooth, Secretary, and Elwood Dorman, Treasurer. Feb., 1939-Dorothy States was chosen to perform the task of assembling our Record Book. .lohn Frey appointed to head the Dance Committee, Paul Greenwood the Photography Committee, and Shirley Wood the Senior Morning Committee. March, 1939-Robert Currie was busy launching plans for the "A Play." April 21, 1939-The Senior Prom was held at Sears Ballroom with George Sommers and his orchestra supplying music. The largest and most successful dance a class had ever given. April 27, 1939-Classroom "shots" for the Record Book were made of the Seniors at work. May 1, 1939-Margaret Albany and William Rakita were selected Salutatorian and Valedictorian of the class. May 6, 1939-The Senior Twelve gave their dance. The class of June '39 was proud of the successful event. May 26, 1939-A memorable day-the Seniors took their trip to West Point. June 14, 1939-Senior Morning. The Record Books were distributed to the members of the class. We held our Senior Party in the Gym in the afternoon. Many were the tears that fell that afternoon, June, 1939-The Class of June '39 passed forever from the sheltering walls of Frankford l-ligh School. We hope that all our years of high school training will not be thought loss. Sixty-five THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 WWW ESTHER M. ABT 4220 Meridian Street MESH Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '37, Volley- ball, '37. JOHN LYNFORD ADAMS 6116 Gillespie Street "John L." Harding Mechanic Arts Chess Club, IOA, IOB, Christ- mas Pageants, IOB, IIB, Boots and Saddle Club, IIB, Sock and Buskin, IIB-IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IZA, Discussion Group, IZA, IZB, High Way Silver Pin, IZB, Locker Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, Library Monitor IDA-IIA, A. A. Repre- sentative, IIA, High Way Rep- resentative, IOA, High Way Ex- change Editor IZB, High Way Editorial Staff, IIB-IZB, lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Baseball, '36-'38, Mon- ager, Second Soccer, '37, Inter- sectional Soccer Manager, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, Manager, Numerals, '39, A. F. A., '37, Cheerleader, '38, '39. MARGARET AGNES ALBANY 4816 Knorr Street .ipeggyn St. Leo's Commercial Senior Twelve, IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZA, IIB English Prize, Honor Book, ICA-IZB, Salutatorian. Hockey, '35, Volleyball, '36, '37, DOROTHY V. ALBERT 2000 Bridge Street H OTH Harding cmmercial Hiki Clu , I -IZB, Honor , IOA I ZB. irls' L rs, '38, '39, Hockey, 38, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, Volleyball, '37, '38, Numerals, '39. ORVILLE GEORGE A'LEXANDER 1829 Lansing Street "Orville" Wilson Academic Vocal Ensemble, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOA, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. lntersectional Basketball, '38. Sixty-six JOHN PERRY ALLEY 1318 East Luzerne Street Hperfi Edmunds Mechanic Arts Honor Book, IOB. CATHERINE AMOS 1641 Meadow Street NCOSSH Palmyra, N. J. Commercial Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '36, Girls' Baseboil, '36, Volleyball, '35. B. COMPTON ANDERSON 3410 Aldine Street ,,Andy,, Wilson Academic Chess Club, IOA-IZB, Student Board, IOA, High Way Representa- tive, IZA, High Way Staff, IIB, High Way Advertising Manager, IZB, High Way Pins, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IIB-IZB. lntersectional Track, '38, Inter- sectional Basketball, '38, '39, Varsity Tennis, '37-'39, A. F, A. '38, F, '39. MALCOLM DONALD ANDERSON 954 Herbert Street HDOHH Wilson Academic Campus Committee, IIB, Locker Committee, IZA, Student Board, IIB, IZA, A. A. Representative IOB, High Way Representative IIA. lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Baseball, '38, EDWARD ANDRES 3340 Malta Street IlEdII Stetson Commercial EMILY CAROL APPELGREN 6038 Montague Street HADDSIH Sullivan Commercial Triangle Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Student Board, EJB, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, A, A. Representative, IOB, IIA, Hon- or Book, IOA-IZB, I-lockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, MARIE ELIZABETH APPELL 1920 Hartel Street "Bette" Wilson Commercial Hiking, Club, IOA, Library Mon- itor, IIA, Bank Representative, IDA, Honor Book, ICA, IIA-IZB, Girls' Leaders, '37, '38, Hockey, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, Volleyball, '37, '35, Dancing '33, O. BRAINARD NPPENZELLER 3337 St. Vincent Street "ADW" Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IIA, Cam- pus Committee, IIA, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB, lntersectionol Basketball, '38 ANGELO R. AQUARO 4110 Orchard Street nAngii Harding Industrial Boys' Leaders, '37, '38, CLAIRE IRENE ASCHMANN 1873 Cottman Avenue "Shorty" Wilson Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Primi Ten, IZB, Triangle Club, IIB, German Cub, IOB-IZA, Orchestra, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IIA, Pioneer Prospectors, IIA, Hiking Club, IOA, Bools and Saddle Club, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IZA, Campus Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOA-IIB, Study I-lall Monitor, IIA, IIB, House and Grounds, IZA, Bank Representative, IIB Giris' Baseball, '39, Dancing, '39, Sixty-seven THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 THOMAS N. ATTUBATO 2615 Croyden Street u-I-Omu Harding Mechanic Arts Student Board, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, EARL WARREN AUSTIN 4509 Higbee Street UAUSTH Sullivan Academic Chess Club, IIB, Vocal Ensem- ble, IIA, High Way Representa- tive, IIB-IZB, Airplane Club, IZA, Honor Book, IIB, IZA. MADELEINE E. AUSTIN 1951 East Cheltenham Avenue "Maddie" Hallahan Academic Library Monitor, IZB, ALBERT BAINES 6170 Edmund Street "McTavisl'i" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Table Tennis Club, IIB. lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Basketball, '37, WALTER P. BANISTER 8040 Walker Street HMODH Clisplfl Mechanic Arts Dance Committee, IZA, IZB, Ye Monks, IOB-IZB, President, IZA, Orchestra, IOB, Bond, IOA-IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Student Board, IOA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, A. A. Representative, IIB, IZA, lntersectional Football, '38, Boys' Leaders, '38. on AJ, -.Mich .-s THE RECORD JUN: Q 1939 W-4 rl' It-.-f' cw 1.1,-me-11 f 94' , c , 41 " , DOROTHY D. BARLOW 7703 Cottage Street "Dottie" Crispin Home Economics Camera Club, l2B, Literary Club, i2B, Hiking Club, llB, Christmas Committee, HA, Study Hall Moni- tor, l1B, Library Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, llA. Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '37. HOWARD PAUL BARNES 1217 Arrott Street "Pete" Wilson Mechanic Arts Christmas Committee, 12A,. Stu- dent Board, 11A-l2A, President, l2A, A. A. Representative, 1013, High Way Representative, IOA, Honor Book, IZA, IZB. BERTHA BARWIS Mackley Apts., Castor Avenue "Beth" Feasterville, Pa. Commercial Hiking Club, 1lB, Bank Repre- sentative, 9B-IOB, Honor Book, lOB-l2B. Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '36, Girls' Track, '36. ALLEN ARTHUR BEAUMONT 363 East Gale Street "Dutch" Wilson Academic Trip Committee, l2A, Ye Monks, llA-l2B, Stamp Club, 1lA, Boots and Saddle, 11A-l2B, Christmas Committee, llB, Campus Committee, llB, Locker Commit- tee, llB-l2l3, A, A. Representative, llB, High Way Representative, lOB-1lB. lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Baseball, '36, Inter- sectional Track, '36, lntersectional Basketball, '36-'38, 4923 Knorr Street THELMA BECK itil? HBECKVH Disstcn Commercial I I Sixty-eight EDNA TERESA BENNER 5025 Frankford Avenue 'iEddie" Edmunds Commercial Primi Ten, llB-IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, HA, llB, Christmas Committee, l2A, High Way Rep- resentative, IOB, 1lA. GILDA MARY BERARDI 4259 Penn Street "Jill" Edmunds Commercial Cercle Francais, 1lA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Study Hall Moni- tor, 1lB, Library Monitor, 12A, House and Grounds, llB, Stage- cratters, 12A, Honor Book, 10A-l2B. ARTHUR R. BETKER, JR. 2616 East Clementine Street HAGEN Northeast Mechanic Arts JEANNE FRANCES BILES 1652 Granite Street "Jeannie" Harding Commercial ank Representative, l2B, Honor ook, lOA, Penmanship Club, l2B. Ho key, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37 '38, Girls' Baseball, '38. a RUTH MARION BLAESE 850 Bridge Street "Ruth" Edmunds Commercial Glee Club, llA, Hiking Club, llA-l2B, Christmas Committee, HA, 1lB, Student Board, lOA, Stu- dy Hall Monitor, lZA, House and Grounds, llB, Bank Representa- tive, 1OB, High Way Representa- tive llB, Honor Book IOA-l2B. Girls' Leaders. '37-'39, Hockey, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37-'39, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, '38, Girls' Track, '37, '38, Girls' Swimming, '38, '39, Numer- als, '38, Letter '38, Charm, '39, GEORGE BLAKE 9512 Bustleton Avenue Woe., Wilson Commercial Vocal Ensemble, I2A, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, High Way Repre- sentative, IOA-IIB. Swimming, '35, '36, '39, 4395 A. F. A., '38, '39, RAYMOND BLAZIK 4626 Milnor Street HROYH Harding Mechanic Arts ROBERT SCOTT BLEILE 1328 Orthodox Street .,BOb., Harding Industrial Swimming, '3B MARGARET E. BOGLE 3415 Shelmire Street Mpeg, wilson Academic Boots and Saddle Club, l2B, Study Hall Monitor, lIA, Honor Book, IOA, IIB, IZA. Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '36, Girls' Baseball, '36, Girls' Swimming, '37. BETTY LOUISE BOOKS 5231 East Roosevelt Boulevard "Betty" Rome, Georgia Academic Hiking Club, IIB, Camera Club, 12B, High Way Staff Activities, IZA, l2B, Honor Book, IIB, IZA. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '38, Volleyball, '3B, Girls' Swim- ming, '38, '39. l i l l'i it 4 .dv Sixty-nine THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 ELEANOR PEARL BOOTH 7347 Whittaker Avenue "Blondie" WllS0h erciql Hiking u IO' High Way Represent e, . Girls' eaders, '38, Hockey, '37, ' Basketball, '38, Vol- y , '37, Dancing, '39. ANNA MAY BOTHWELL 1719 Bridge Street ,,HOney.r Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, IIB, Hiking Club, I IB, Bank Representative, 9A, IOA-IZA, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '35, MARY CYRILL BOWYER 4056 Higbee Street e K "Bunny" 5UlliV0rIL-'S -- I -K Commercial Bank Representative, 9A-IOB, A. A. Representative, 'II1A,,'TlB, Hon- or Book? JOB, IlA, IZA, Penman- ship' CE'lub,.'12B. ' 'Girls' Basketball, '37, '38. . ' , a JEAN M. BOYES 1653 Brill Street Hjeonrf , Sullivan ' omm r V l ' , , B: Ba e resenta ive, IZA, l2B, I-ligh Way eoresentotiv, 9A, Penrnanship i . Girls' Ba al, '38, Girls' Baseball, ' . ANNA BOYKO 4544 Pierce Street "Anno" Harding Commercial Glee Club, llA-IZA, Hiking Club, IIB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '38, Volleyball, '38, Girls' Swimming, '37, THE RECORD JUN: . 1939 GEORGE FRANCIS BRADLEY 7027 Algard Street "George" Disston Academic A Capella Choir, IIA-IZB, Vo- cal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Christmas Pageant IIA, IZA, High Way Staff Activities, IIA-IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. lntersectional Soccer, '35, Inter- sectional Traclz, '36, Numerals, '35, '36, ISABELLA ELEANOR BRANDT 4461 Frankford Avenue "Mitzi" Harding Study all , A, IIB, MARTY CHARLES BRAUN 1000 East Wakeling Street "Matt" Edmunds Academic Thirteen Club, IIA-IZB, Presi- dent, IZB, Class Vice-President, IZB, Stamp Club, IOA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Campus Commit- tee, IIB, IZA, Locker Committee, IOA-IZB, Student Board, 9B, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IZA, A. A. Representative, 9B, Honor Book IOA-IZA. lntersectional Baseball, '36-'38, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, Second Soccer, '36, lntersectional Track, '35, lntersectiona' Basketball, '55- 38, Numerals, '35, A. F. A., '36, F., '37, '38, EDWARD BROSKEY 5021 Cottage Street NEW, Harding Mechanic Arts I DOROTHY MAY BR JWN 6913 Walker S15 'r tLjfGinger'd ' Disston' ' , 34 Ii Commercial Study ,ri omttitor, QA-1013, IZA, iprary, M "or, IZB, Bank Repres toti e, OA-IZA, Honor Book, 1 - A. Seventy el ,I ,WW C GLORIA A INE BUCKNER Diss on Street 011 Commercial Student Board. IOA, A. A. epresentative, IZA. Girls' Baseball, '39 GEORGE CHARLES BURROUGH 5021 Penn Street "George" Harding Academic Chess Club, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IZB. NORMA MAE CABOT 2120 Bridge Street "Nanny" Kensington Commercial Penmanship Club, IZB, Honor Book, IZB. ANNE MARIE CAIN 5924 Loretta Avenue "Marie" Wilson Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Primi Ten, IZA, IZB, Campus Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IOB-IIB, House and Grounds, IIB, Bank Representative, IIA, IIB, Stage- crafters, IIA-IZB. Hockey, '38 ALEXANDER J. CALOMENI 2600 Front Street ucqlu Hazelton, Pa. Academic Discussion Group, IZA, IZB, A Capella Choir, IZA, IZB, Table Tennis Club, IIB. SHIRLEY BERNICE CAMLOT 6100 Kingsessing Avenue "Niecy" Lowell Commercial Gloe Club, 9B-llB, Vocal En- semble, l2A, Literary Club, IOB- l2l3, Hiking Club, lOB-lZB, Cam- pus Committee, lOB-llB, Student Board, lll3, Bank Representative, 9B-l2A, High Way Representa- tive, QB. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '35, '36, '38, Girls' Basketball, '35- '3B Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '35-'33, Numera's, '39, DOROTHY ELEANOR CAMP 7007 Gillespie St et H t- it Disston Commercial Glee ub, I 5 Hiking Club, O ' nk esentative, IOB, FRANKLIN M. CAMPBELL 5000 Akron Street "Franklin" Roswell, Georgia Academic Table Tennis Club, llA, Pioneer Prospectors, llA, A. A. Represent- ative, IOB. lntersectianal Baseball, '37, '38, Second Soccer, '37, lntersectional Soccer, '37, lntersectional Track, '37, l-lumerals, '37. DOMINIC F. CANCELLIERE 1819 Kinsey Street "Nicky" Harding Commercial lntersectional Basketball, '38, Varsity Tennis, '38, '39, Cheer Leader, Captain, '38. EMILY LORRAINE CARNALL 1229 Wakeling Street ifEmi Wu Edmunds Academic Glee Club, lOA, Hiking Club, llB, IZA, Christmas Committee, llA, l2A, Student Board, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, lOB-llB, Library Monitor, IOA, House and Grounds, llB, Bank Representative, 10A-llB, High Way Representa- tive, im, llB,. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basket- ball, '36, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '36, '3S. Seventy-one THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 KATHRYN W. CARTWRIGHT 4637 Wilbrock Street UKIHYH CYISPII1 Commercial Library Monitor, l2B, Honor Book, 9A-l2A, Hockey, '35, Girls' Basketball, '35, Girls' Baseball, '35, Volley- ball, '35, FRANK J, CAULFIELD 7209 Rutland Street "Frankie" Wilson Commercial Campus Committee, 11A-l2B, Locker Committe, 12A, Student Board, llB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, llA, High Way Representative, lOA, High Way Staff Activities, 1lB, High Way Circulation Manager, l2A, l2B, Gold High Way Charm, l2B, Honor Book, IOA-12B. lntersectional Baseball, '38, ln- tersectional Track, '38, Intersec- tional Basketball, '37, '38, PASCHAL J. CENTRELLA 3264 Kensington Avenue fipmf, Stetson Academic Library Monitor, 12A. CAROLYN ANN CHRISTIAN 1624 Hunting Park Avenue "Carol" Monessen, Pa. Commercial Hiking Club, 11B, Study Hall Monitor, 11B-l2B, High Way Representative, IZA. VNLERIE E. CIMOKOWSKA 4637 Tacony Street Hveron Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA, 1lA, Study Hall Monitor, lOB-l2A, Bank Representative, IOA, A, A. Representative, IOB, Honor Book, IOA. ' .24 THE RECORD JUN: . 1939 GERTRUDE TERESA CLANCY 1701 Kinsey Street "Gert" Harding Commercial sway Hall Moniior, i2A. ' Girls' Leaders, '36, Girls' Bas- ketball, '36, , ,BELV Joyce coi.EY 4 " l63LQo,Iklin Street I "Helen" :SJ U ,if I Harding ,fi f mmercial Hockey, '43, Irs Basketball, '39, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39. ANNAMARIE COLI AN 4076 Creston Str et 1, ,Meri St. Tin-iothy's ' ommercial Glee Clu A, llB, Vocal En- sembley -, l2B, l-likin , llA, ,,, Li ry Mon' r, IIA, House 'arid G un , IOB-llB, Bank Repres nt i , . ,, llB-l2B, High Way S ' ities, QA, 98. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '37, ANNA FLORENCE COOK 1720 Kinsey Street "Anne" Harding Commercial Hiking Club, l2A, Campus Committee, llA, llB, House and Grounds, lOA, Bank Representa- tive, llA-l2B. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '38, '39, Girls' Baseball, '39, Volleyball, '38, HARRY J. COOK 1052 Alcott Street ncookyn Jones Academic Seventy-two HELENE JOYCE COREKIN 4323 Devereaux Street ,,Je,,y,. Sullivan Academic German Club, llA, llB, Glee Club, HB, Hiking Club, llB, Campus Committee, llA, llB, Hockey, '37, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37. ook T,tllY MARIE conceal 5Zf24fAkron Sreetf , WZ, 7 ., KU , if fx,-' Corky' ,gm-unds , 'A I Academic J l Dahce Cgrnmittee, l'-ZB, Triangle Club,l l2 l l2B, Ushers Associa- tion, l,lA-l2B, President, l2A, l2l3,'-A. A. Representative, 98, .iCl.-l2A, High Way Representa- tlv , QA, A, A. Council, llA, llB, Ho or Book, 9A-IZA. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basket- ball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseball, '36- '39, Volleyball, '37. E, OWEN THOMAS COSTELLO 4716 Knorr Street HCOSH St. Leo's Mechanic Arts Vocal Ensemble, IZB. lntersectianal Basketball, '37, '38 i l ANN WMO SI rill Str t ' n H C mercial Vocd ri mble, l2A, 128, ompus 'C mmittee, IOB, Honor Book, IOA. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '39, Girls' Baseball '39, Volley- ball, '38. ' AOMI E. CRAMER 34 9 Tyson Street "Naomi" 'ggfon Commercial Ensemble, IOA, lOB, Cl i.tmas Committee, lOA, HA, l2A, Library Monitor, lOA-HB. BETTY IDA CRA'VEN 4926 Hawthorne Street "Bets" Sullivan Commercial Record Book Committee, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Ushers Associa- tion, l2B, Study Hall Monitor, 9A, 9l3, Bank Representative, IOA, High Way Representative, IIB, IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '35-'37, Girls' Basket- ball, '36, 37, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '35, '36, Numer- als, '39. DOROTHY CREIGHTON 4720 Marple Strcet HDOV, Crigpin ' Commercial Triangle Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, 9B, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. Hockey, '35, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Base- ball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35, '37, '38, Numerals, '39 HELEN V. CROOKHAM 1844 Margaret Street "Helen" Elkton, Md. Commercial Christmas Committee, IlB,'.Cam- pus Committee, IIA, Librarl' Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IIA. Hockey, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, OLIVE ALTA CROSSLEY 4433 Penn Street "Olive" Disston Academic I-liking Club, IIA, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, Honor Book, IIA-IZA. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, HOCKEY, '36, '38, Girls' Basketball, '38, '39, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '39. FLORENCE MARY CROUCH 4548 Tackcwunna Street HHODGYH Harding Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZA. ND .SR -exif. Seventy-three THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 CATHLEEN JOAN CROWL I325 Arrott Street HKUYH Elizabeth, N. J. Academic Hiking Club, IIB, l2A, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, Christmas Committee, IIA, IIB, Campus Committee, IIB, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, High Way Representa- tive, IOA, IOB. Girls' Basketball, '36, EDWIN H. CUMMINGS 5028 Griscom Street .Edu Harding Mechanic Arts ROBERT CLARK CURRIE 1237 McKinley Street ,Bohn Wilson Academic Clef Club, IIA-IZB, Treasurer, IIB, l2A, President, IZB, A Capella Choir, IIB-IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Sock and Buskin, IOB-l2B, President, IIA- l2A, "A" Play Coach, IZB, Christmas Pageant, IOA, llA, IZA, Student Board, IOA, High Way Staff Activities, IOB-l2B, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. MICHAEL JAMES CZARNECKI 5122 Tulip Street "Mike" Sullivan Vocational Art Locker Committee, IIA-IZB. lntersectional Football, '36-'38, lntersectional Track, '36-'39, ln- tersectional Basketball, '38, Numerals, '35, A. F. A., '37, F. '38, '39. WALTER LAWRENCE DAHL 3303 Ryan Avenue "Dolly" Abington, Pa. Academic Model Airplane Club, IZA, l2B. Track, '37-'39, A. F. A., '38, THE RECORD JUN: 0 19,39 ELIZABETH A. T. DALY 7230 Glenloch Street "Betty" St. Leo's Academic Latin Club, IOA, Glee Club, IOB-IIB, A Capella Choir, IIA- IZB, Vocal Ensemble, -12B, Hiking Club, IOB, as Committee IOB IIA Play IIA-IZA Study Hall Mani r House and Grounds II A. A Representative, IIA, I , High Way Representative, IOB. Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '36, Volleyball, '37. , , ris as , , Co i tee, IOB, Stude Q. - 1 , , lb A: , A , - VICTOR DASCENZO 7247 Hegerman Street "Vic" Disston Commercial Locker Committee, IIA-IZA. Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, Second Soccer, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '35, lntersectional Basketball, '38, Numera's, '35, A. F. A., '36, F. '37, '38, , DOROTHY EVELYN DAVIS 1417 East Fonshowe Street MDOT., Wilson Home Economics Honor Book, IOA-IZA. GLADYS MARY DEAN 5316 Saul Street "Gladys" Harding Commercial German Club, 128, Literary Club, IZB, Bank Representative, IOA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. WALTER K. DEIS 4313 Longshore Street HN' B-if Disston Industrial C h r i st m a s Committee, IIA, Student Board, IIB, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, High Way Representative, 9B-I IA. lntersectional Soccer, '35, '36, lntersectional Basketball, '39, Var- sity Golf, '37-'39, F., '39, Seventy-four ARTHUR EDWARD DENNISON 1343 Princeton Avenue UAW, Wilson Academic Christmas Committee, IOB. lntersectionol Basketball, '38, Varsity Tennis, '36-'39. HILDA LEE DENSTON 3933 North Delhi Street "Hilda" Princess Anne, Md. Academic Volleyball, '37, CHARLES J. DEVONIS 4930 Princeton Avenue "Charles" Disston Industrial Bank Representative, 9A, 93, RITA B. DIDYOUNG 1132 Kenwyn Street "Rita" Mahanoy City, Po. Commercial DOLORES ANNA DITZLER 4250 Levick Street "Dade" St. Timothy's Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IIA, Hon- or Book, IOA-IZB. Girls' Basketball, '36 LAURA LEONIE DOLTON 3511 Pennhurst Street HLGQN Kensington Commercial THOMAS JAMES DONAHUE 5337 Large Street u-I-Omil Holyoke, Mass. 'Academic Locker Committee, l2A. ROBERT LAIR DONALDSON 1121 Harrison Street ,Bohn Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, l2B, Trip Committee, l2A, Campus Committee, llB, Study Hall Moni- tor, llB, A. A, Representative, llA-l2A, High Way Representa- tive, lOA, lOB, High Way Staff, lOA, High Way Sports Editor, IGB-IZB, Gold High Way Charm, l2B. Second Football, '35, Intersec- tional Football, '36, '37, Varsity Baseball, '37, '38, lntersectionol Baseball, '36, lntersectianal Soc- cer, '35-'37, lntersectional Track, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, Numerals, '36, '37, F., 38. DONALD SAGER DONOVAN 7166 Montague Street nDOnrf Dissfon Mechanic Arts Vocal Ensemble, lOA, lOB, Student Board, 9B, Study Hall Monitor, llB, Bank Representative, 9A, A. A. Representative, lOA- l2A, High Way Representative, 1lA, Stagecrafters, HB. lntersectional Baseball, '33-'35, lntersectional Soccer, '34, '35, Track, '38, lntersectional Track, gg, lntersectional Basketball, '35- EUGENE L. DOOLEY 5921 Roosevelt Boulevard rr-I-,mir Harding Commercial Trio Committee, l2B, Ye Monks, llA-l2B, Orchestra, i0 B -l 1 B, Band, IOA-IZA, Boots and Saddle Club, llA-l2A, Locker Commit- tee, lOA-l2B, Student Board, llA, Representative, IOA, A. A. Rep- resentative, IOB, lntersectional Football, '38, '39, lntersectional Basketball, '3S' Numerals, '38. Seventy-five THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 ALICE VIRGINIA DORMAN 9215 Hegerman Street "Ginny" Crispin ommercial Se ' r Morning Com 'i , l ' Him ,citing ,U,Bf l oo , IOA BZ " irlsm Basketball, '37, Girls' B a S e b a l l , '37-'39, Volleyball, '36-'38, ELWOOD HUGH DORMAN 9215 Hegerman Street "Elwood" Crispin Academic Treasurer, Senior Class, Christ- mas Committee, l2A, Student Board, 9A, 9l3, Honor Book, lOA-l2B. Varsity Soccer, '38, Second Soccer, '37, lntersectional Soccer, '37' F '37 1 -I A ELEANOR ANNA DOUGHERTY 1651 Pratt Street HDOCH Harding Commercial Study Hall Monitor, llB, Honor Book, lOA, lOB. RUTH C. DUPHAZ 4642 Lesher Street 1,RuthH Harding Academic Triangle Club, llB-l2B, Glee Club, llA-l2B, A Capella Choir, llB-l2B, Vocal Ensemble, ilA, llB, Literary Club, llB-l2B, l-liking Club, lOB-llB, Boots and Saddle Club, llA-l2B, Christmas Play, llA, l2A, Christmas Com- mittee, lOA, llA, Campus Com- mittee, ilA, llB, Student Board, lOB, llA, Ushers Association, llA-lZB, Study Hall Monitor, iOB, Library Monitor, 1lA, House and Grounds, llA, l2A, Bank Representative, lOA, A, A. Rep- resentative, lOB, High Way Rep- resentative, llB. Volleyball, '36, MARSHALL L. EASTWOOD 6636 Vandyke Street HEOSW Sullivan Academic Vocal Ensemble, llA-l2B. lntersectional Football, '35, ln- tersectianal Soccer, '35, Intersec- tional Track, '35, '35Z lntersectional Basketball, '36, '37, Boys' Leaders, '37, Numeralsr '35, '36. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 INA LORRAINE EBERT 8024 Jackson Street nlnorl Crispin Vocational Art Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Primi Ten, llA-l2B, Glee Club, 9A, 9B, Vocal Ensemble, l2A, Literary Club, 128, Hiking Club, l1A-l2B, Christmas Committee, TOA, Stagecrofters, 10A-lll3, Cam- pus Committee, llB, House and Grounds, l2A, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, Honor Book, 11A-IZA. Hockey, '35-'38, Girls' Basket- ball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36- '39, Volleyball, '35, '36, Num- erals '39, RUTH EVELYN EBINGER Knight's Road, Torresdole rrEbbyr, Wilson Home Economics Hiking Club, lOA, IOB, Campus Committee, llA, 1lB, Student Board, lOB, Ushers Association, 12Ag Study Hall Monitor, 10B-12A. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '38, '39, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Dancing, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, '3S, THOMAS EGAN 3324 Princeton Avenue "Thomas" Disston Mechanic Arts Vocal Ensemble, 1013, 1lA, A. A. Representative, 9A. WALTER S. EGGERT, JR. 1719 Stanwood Street "Walt" Wilson Industrial Airplane Club, l2A, 12B, Vice- President, House and Grounds, llB. EARL BARNES EGOLF 3141 Fonshowe Street ' Bus" Wagner Mechanic Arts Student Board, lOB, lntersectional Football, '35-'38, Track, '36-'38, lntersectional Bas- ketball, '37, Boys' Leaders, '36- '38, Numerals, '35, F., '37, '3S. Seventy-six KATHRYN ELLIOTT 4504 North Hurley Street HKOYH Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, l1B, Orchestra, 1OA- TZB, Christmas Committee, l2A, Library Monitor, IOB, Bank Rep- resentative, llB, l2A, High Way Representative, 1 lA. Hockey, '35 HELEN BETTY ENGELBERT 1357 East Luzerne Street "Helen" Hopkinson Home Economics Vocal Ensemble, l1A, Christmas Committee, 1OA, Campus Commit- tee, 1013, 11A, Library Monitor, 98, IOA, House and Grounds, llA, Bank Representative, llA, 913, IOA, Hiqh Way Representative, 1OA, l2B, Frankford Guide, 9A, Sggfice Club, l2B, High Way Pin, GEORGINA JOAN ENGLE 2115 Bridge reet IIGQ ' ll ing Hom omics onitor A, Honor , 1OA, B Girls' Bas , 38. MARJORIE STEVENS ENOCHS 4946 Duffield Street .,MG,ge,. Harding Commercial Hiking Club, llA-12A, Bank Representative, lOA, 1lB-1213, Secretarial Club, l2A, 1213, Honor Book, IGA-l2B. Girls' Basketball, '38, '39, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '38, '39. LILLIAN H. EPPRIGHT 3718 "M" Street HLHIH Hopkinson Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, 1213, Christmas Committee, 9A, Study Hall Monitor, 1OB, HA, Hockey, '39, Girls Track, '36, MARGARET EUPHEMIA EWING 1816 Stanwood Street "Marge" Wilson Academic Glac Club, IOA-IZB, Vocal En- semble, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, IIA,' IIB, Campus Committee, IIB, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, Honor Book, IZB. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball '37, Volleyball, '36, ALBERT FAIRMAN 7326 Frankford Avenue UAV, Wilson Commercial High Way Staff, IOB-IZI3. Track, '37-'39, ALYCE VERONICA FARREN 4051 Creston Street MAIN St. Timothy's Home Economics Glee Club, IIA, Hiking Club, IIB, Sock and Buskin, 9A, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, IZA, Library Monitor, IOA-IIB, Bank Represen- tative, IIA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '35, Volleyball, '35. EDITH JANET FIGGINS 6837 Algard Street "Edie" Disston ' Caqimercial Hakingfciub, toe IVA, christ- mas C mt-nittee, IZA? .FLrlZ'Leaders,"739, Hockey, '36, Gi Bqgcoflboll, '36-'38, Girls' B ebollfi' rg Voileyball, '33, Girls' sw-imnmgtg, '37, Girls' Truck, ee, EDWARD FILTER 4739 Richmond Street ul-efty.. Harding Commercial lggntersectional Basketball, '37, Seventy-seven THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 RUTH E. FINDEISON 3318 Friendship Street "Ruth" Wilson Commercial ,Glee Club, IIB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA, Campus Committee, IIB, Library Monitor, IZB. Girls' Basketball, '38 ELAYNE K. FINLAW 3116 Magee Avenue "Elayne" Sullivan Commercial Photography Committee, IZB, Student Board, 9B, IOA, IIA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, A. A. Representative, 9A, High Way Representative. IOB, Christmas Committee, IZA. Girls' Leaders, '39, Girls' Bas- ketball, '36, Girls' Baseball, '36, Girls' Track, '37. MILDRED ELLIOTT FIOCCA 1626 Dyre Street nMim,, Edmunds Commercial Glee Club, IIA, Hiking Club, IIA, Christmas Committee, IOB, Student Board, IOA, House and Grounds, IOB-IIB, A. A. Repre- sentative, 9B-IOB, VIRGINIA MAY FISH 5250 Harrocks Street "Virginia" Edmunds Academic Triangle Club, IIA-IZB, "The Frantic Physician," Chorus, High School Festival Chorus, IIB, IZA, Christmas Play, IIA, IZA, Glee Club, IOA-IIB, A Capella Choir, IIB-IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA- IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative. IOA-IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ,gg-lockey, '36, Girls' Basketball HAROLD FLETCHER 9529 Bustleton Avenue "Harold" Wilson Academic Stagecrafters, IIB-IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Pioneer Pros- pectors, IIB, Christmas Committee, IIA, IZA, Library Monitor, IOA- Bank Representative, IOA, THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 VIRGINIA CATHERINE FORD 4752 Melrose Street ,iG,,my,. Harding Commercial Camera Club, IZB, Penmanshio Club, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, High Way Staff, IOA-IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '35, '37, DONALD G. FOSTER 4010 Robbins Avenue "Jonah" Sullivan Commercial MYRA L OX 1335 Sell Street "Dolly" Harding Commercial Hikin ub IZA, Study Hall Mo 'tor, ZB. y, '38, Girls' Basketball, ' '3 , Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, o yball, '38. WARREN FRENCH 4716 Comly Street "Warren" Sullivan Academic Chess Club, IOB, Discussion Group, IZA, 12B, Stamp Club, lOB-IZA, Student Board, 9A, 9B, High Way Staff, 9A, 9B, IIB- IZB, High Way Humor Editor, IZA, IZB, Stehle Memorial Award, QB, American History Award, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ISABEL FREUDENBERGER Oxford Avenue and HarrisonLStreet nlzzyn Disstan Commerc I Hiking Club, llB, Soc nd Buskin, IOA-l IB, Usher socia- tion, IIB-l B, Study Moni- tor, 9B, . A. Rep sentotiye, IZA, IZ ' .harles St e Memorial Pr'ze, , Honor k, IOA-IZB, ' Lea ers, 5-'39, Hockey, '3 7, Gi s' sketball, '36-'38, Girls' Ba I '36-'33, Volleyball, '36-'38, rl' Track, '36, '37, Dancing, 35-'38, Girls' Swim- ming, '37, '38, Numerals, '37, Letter, '37, Charm, '39. ...I Seventy-eight JOHN CHARLES FREY 1218 Faulkrod Street "John" Wilson Mechanic Arts Dance Committee, Chairman, IZB, Ye Monks, IIB-IZB, Presi- dent, IZA, Stomp Club, 9B, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Campus Committee, IZA, Locker Commit- tee, IZA, Student Board, 9B, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IIB, A. A. Representative, IOA-IZA, High Way Representative, IZA, High Way "F," Second Football, '36-'38, ln- tersectional Football, '35-'37, In- tersectional Baseball, '35-'37, lntersectional Soccer, '37, '38, ln- terssctional Track, '35, Intersec- tional Basketbal, '35-'38, Nu- merafs, '37, A. F. A. '37, '38. BERTHA ERNESTINE FRITZ 2258 La Rue Street "Babe" Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, 913' Hiking Club, IIB, 125, Library Monitor, IZB, High Way Representative, 9A, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Girfs' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '36, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Vol- leyball, '38, '39, Numerols, '39, Letter, '39, GEORGE A. FRONICK 7215 Dittman Street Hvicn St. Bernard Industrial Christmas Committee, IOA, Locker Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, Bank Repre- sentative, 9B-IOB, ELMER ELLSWORTH FULMER 1818 Fulmer Street "Elmer" Wilson Academic Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Model Airplane Club, President, IZA, IZB. ALBERT LOUIS GALEONE 1362 Unity Street MAIN Mater Dolorosa Commercial High Way Business Staff, 11A. lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38 EDWARD GALLAGHER Dana Avenue, Somerton "Edward" Wilson Industrial Dance Comrnittee, IZA. RUTH LENA GANT 7808 Cottage Street "Ruth" Crispin Commercial Triangle Club, IZA, IZB, Ger- man Club, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, IZA. Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '37, '39, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '36, '39. WINIFRE SS GEIGER .4206 n Kirk St et "Winni i ' Commercial lee A. MARILYN ROSE GEORGE 6337 Martin's Mill Road "Lynn" Wilson Academic Campus Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, House and Grounds, IIB. A'LlCE MARY GIBSON 4409 Benner Street "Alice" Sullivan Commercial Seventy-nine X, "ie:-it THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 PHILOMENA S. GLINKA 2321 Orthodox Street "Phil" Harding Academic German Club, IOB, IIA, Glee Club, IOB, IIA, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, I2B, l-liking Club, IIB, Han- or Book, IOA, IOB, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '37. WILLIAM MARTIN GOERLICH I4I8 East Cheltenham Avenue "Bill" Edmunds Industrial Track, '36, Gym, Team, '38, Letter, '37, '38, IRENE GOJLEWICZ 2269 Kennedy Street "lrene" Sullivan Commercial Christmas Committee, IIA, IZA, Campus Committee, IIA, IIB, Study I-tall Monitor, IIB, IZA, Bank Representative, 9A, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IIB, IZA. Hockey, '36, Girls' Baseball, '36, HAMILTON POWELL GOSSER 5120 Leiper Street "l-lam" Edmunds Mechanic Arts Radio Club, IIB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOB-l2A, Locker Commit- tee, IOA, ANNA MAE GOUNDER 492I Cottage Street "Anna" Harding Commercial Honor Book, IOA-IIB. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 CLAIRE ELIZABETH GRADEL 7121 Torresdcule Avenue Claure Saunt Hubert s Commercucul Chrustmas Comrnuttee IOB 11A Bank Represontatuve IIB H h Way Representatuvc 9B PAUL ANTHONY GREENWOOD 5009 Penn Street Tony Hardung Vocatuonal Art Photography Commuttue Chaur n 12B P mu Ten Camera Club IIB 12B Record Book Photographer IZA Honor Book IOA 11B17B L RAYMOND GULICK 1105 Kenwyn Street GY eaneck New Jersey Academuc LORAINE N HAAS 5628 Tulup Street Lorrue Sulluvan Commercual Stagecrottcrs 12B Luterary Club IIB Campus Commuttue 11B Hugh Way Staff 9A 9B Gurls Baske1ba'l 7 Vo ey ls 5 MM HELEN ALICE HABINGREITHER 5107 Marlow Street Habuo Hardung Commercuul Study Hall Monutor 12B +G-.NWN Eughty BETSY HACKNEY Axfactory Road Holmesburg Bets Wulson Commercuul Senuor Twelve 1213 Cercle Fran caus IOB Secretarys Club IZA IZB Hugh Way Staff IIB ZB Hugh Way Headlune Edutor IZA Hugh Way News Edutau' IZB Honor Bao IOA IZB Hockey 37 Gurls Basketball 38 Gurls Swurrumurug 38 ANDREW SIMPSON HAINES 1129 Wakelung Street Andy Wulson Mechanuc Arts Ch ss Cub IZB Table Tennus Club IZB Chrustrruas Comrnuttee IZA A A Representotlve IZA Honor Book IOB 12B GORDON HAINES 4622 Magee Street Gordon Dusston Mechunuc Arts ,Jam SAMUEL W HAINES 5000 Grant Avenue am Cruspun lndustrual Chrustmas Commuttee IZA Boys Leaders 37 38 JOSEPH C HALLER 4137 Gulham Street Joseph St Tumothy s lndustrucul Campus Comrnuttee IOB lntersectuonal Bask tball 38 ELEANOR MAY HAMER 7040 Montague Street "Ellie" Disston Commercial A Capella Choir, IZA, l2B, Vocal Ensemble, l2A, l2B, Hiking Club, llA-l2A, Christmas Corn- mittee, IOA, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, llB, Staae- cEafters, l2A, Honor Book, lOB- l B Hockey, '37, '38, Girls' Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '37, Girls' Swimming, '38, Nurnerals, '38 WALTER THOMAS HANSEN 963 Granite Street "Walt" Edmunds Commercial Table Tennis Club, llB, A. A. Representative, llB. lntersectional Football, '37, '38, lntersectional Baseball, '36, '37. ROBERT PAUL HARMAN 6542 Vandyke Street "Robert" Disston Commercial High Way Staff, l2A, l2B, Honor Book, llA-l2B. lntersectional Football, '36, lntersectional Baseball, '36, ln- tersectional Soccer, '36, Intersec- tional Track, '36, lntersectional Basketball, '36, ALLEN EDWARD HARRIS 6377 Dittmcn Street "Allen" Sullivan Industrial DOROTHY E. HARRISON 948 Marcella Street "Betty" Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, llA, Bank Repre- sentative, 9B. Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '37. Eighty-one be , 'QQ,et'r1g Club, HA, tie, christmas THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 ELSIE HARRISON 5317 Frankford Avenue "Elsie" Edmunds Commercial Campus Committee, l2A, Bank Representative, 9B, IOB, l2A. Girls' Leaders, '35-'38, Girls' Baseball, '36, '38, Girls' Track, '36, MADELINE FRANCES HARTLEY 4040 Ormond Street HMGW, Olney Commercial Glee Club, llB, Hiking Club, l2A, Campus Committee, llB, Study Hall Monitor, llA-l2A, House and Grounds, llA, JACK RICHARD HARVEY 3459 Princeton Avenue "Jack" Disston Commercial High Way Representative, lOB, High Way Staff Activities, llA. DONALD HEGER l458 Vankirk Street "Donald" Stetson lndustrial Honor Book, llA. CHARLOTTE F. HEINKEL 4623 Devereaux Street "Chill" Sullivan ,fi Academic Photdglrelphy Committee l2B, 'X . Tigilzgle club, HA-ize, Frankford fi ,bl fic orgiamzmion, ize, aiee Club, lwl, l2B, A Capella Choir, llB', JVQQI Ensemble, ioA-1 ie, ' ommitteel lOA llA' Ushers As- 'A soemiion, 'i2A,'i2B,' study Hall Monitor, llB-l2B, A. A. Repre- sentative, IOA-l2A, High Way Representative, IOB-llB, IZB, Gold High Way Charm, Honor Book, lOA-llA. Girls' Leaders, '36, '37, Hockey, '35-'37, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Valley- ball, '35, '36, Girls' Track, '35, '36. l THE RECORD JUN: o'I939 . yt' V, 0 ' I 'T " Irv- greg as' . is tif' Jn' , I. VIRGINIA MARJORIE HEINZ 4440 Howell Street "Ginger" Sullivan Commercial Christmas Committee, IIB. Girls' Basketball, '36 DOROTHY HEISMAN I631? Pratt Street 7, HDOTH Sullivan Q! cademic Glee Club, O I I aDGllO C ir, IIB ,'Vocal Ensemble, I -'I ing Club, IIA, IIB, ' as mmittee, IIA, Christ s Play, I ' Ushers Asso I 'V , 'IIA, IIB, ank Re r ative, I2 , J Hi if esentatlve, '11 9B' glw taff 9A, 9B. 'ckey, '66, Girls' Basketball, ' -'38, Girls' Baseball, '35, '36, '38, Volleyball, '36-'38, Girls' Track, '36. MARTHA JANE HEPWORTH II04 Wakeling Street ,fjoneyu Edmunds Academic Hiking Club, IIA, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, IIB, Bank Representative, IOA-IZBQ A. A. Representative, 9B, High Way Rep- resentative, 9B. Girls' Leaders, '37, Hockey, '35- '3B, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35-'38, Girls' Track, '36-'38, Numerols, '38, Letter, '39, MARGA N T. HERITAGE egerma Street ' ton ome Economics all Ma itor, IOA, IOB, rary Monitor, 9B, Bank Repre- entative, IOA-IIA. CATHERI HE GER 6138 ttage treet "Kay Sulliva ommercial Librar oni , IIA-IZA, Hon- or Boo , IOA ZB. irls' L a s, '38, Girls' Bas- ket alQ '3 'J ANNA E. HERTER 333i Cnttman Street HAMH Wilson Academic Glee Club, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, I: WINFORD G. HICKS 'Q 4045 Higbee Street "Win" Blasdell, N. Y. Mechanic Arts House and Grounds, IIA, IIB, Model Airplane Club, IZA, IZB. CHARLES JOSEPH HILL 5320 Penn Street "Chuck" North Catholic Academic Chess Club, 9A, 9B, Table Tennis Club, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Repre- sentative, 9A. Track, '34, lntersectional Track, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '34, DOROTHY C. HITCHENS I759 Brill Street "Hitch" Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, IIB, IZA, Vocal En- semble, IZA, Hiking Club, IIB, House and Grounds, IIB, IZA. MARION ANNA HODGES 4222 Vankirk Street "Midge" Sullivan Academic Student Beard, IIB, House and Grounds, IIA. MARY ADELINE HODGES 4069 Higbee Stree ,,MO,x,,i Jones ommercial Penmanship C , B, Glee Club, im, Li ary lub 1213, Campus Co tee, IIB, Student Board, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, l-lou nd Grounds, IIA, Honor B. GI Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '3 8, Girls' Basketball, '38, 'I' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, 3 , '38 JOSEPH ALBERT HOFFMAN 4635 Edgemont Street "Hottie" Harding Mechanic Arts Trip Com-mittee, IZB, Study Holl Monitor, IIB-IZA, Library Monitor, IIA, Honor Book, IOA. Swimming, '38, Numerals, '38, A. F, A. '38. DORIS C. H LD 2048 Groni S eet A a i en Board IZB' Stu y itor, IIB, Bank Re eentative, S iv C li ' Dance ommi ee, B' I 1 I 9'7" A presentat ive, Representative, 9 QB, . . 0 High y 'S A ' C -y, ' '38, Girls' Basket- nu I '36 '31 Girls' 35- , , ", " Baseball, '36- '38, Volleyball, '36-'38. JANE MARION HOLDE 1679 Church Str nm 'en Harding ACG G Camp Cammitte ' I B. l-lackey, '37, '3 Q Gi S' Basket- ball, '37, S, ' 1. aseball, '38, Volleyball ' S, .JOHN E. H D 980 Anc r njoh H .. Penn Treat Industrial High W St IOA, High Way Sports Wrtlr- I A, Honor Book, izft, IZB. lj I rsectianal Football, '37-'39, Inte ct al Baseball, '38, '39, lnters nal Soccer, '39, Inter- ti I Track, '37, '39, Inter- s I Basketball, '38, X X-. THE RECORD JUNE 051939 WINIFRED HOOVER 4411 Benner Street "Winnie" Sullivan ral Penmanship CI , , Vocal Ensemble, B' ' ra Club, IZB. JANE HOPWOOD 1340 E. Wellington Street "Jane" Wilson Home Economics MARY PAULINE HUEBER 6138 North Walker Street 'Mitzi" . .. Swivan ,' Hom'9"Economirff K togear ters, I2 7' V 1 sagtblef at IA, ii is? Elf snddiejciub, IOA-IZA, christ- m s Committee, IOB, Study Hall Mgniteizj IOA, IIB-IZB, A. A. Sfaresentativew ICQ, IKE, High 034, esep i ,,,,. . ,Glr,IWedU5ls,w,Zl39, Hockey, '36, '3 5 Girls' Bas rlmii, 335, '36, '38, Girls' Baseball, '36,,f Valley- eii '35 irls' Swim mg? Q1 b , i ' ' .. '36-'39'x'lglJ48l6lS'?!37j Lfmerlp'3s, chem! '39, RICHARD HERBERT HUF 3427 Friendship Street nmckii Disston Industrial Band, IOA, IOB, ELVA E. HULME 7814 Cottage Street "Elva" Disston Home Economics Orchestra,t10A-IIB, A Capella Choir, IIA, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, 9B-IZB, House and Grounds, IOA- IIB, A, A. Representative, 9B, IIA, High Way Representative, 9A-IOA. Volleyball, '35, '36. THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 MARY JOSEPHINE HUNTER 3424 Tyson Street .,Mmy,, Disston Home Economics Study Hall Monitor, 9A, QB, High Way Representative, QA, BB, Honor Book, lOA-12B. Hockey, '35, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Volleyball, '38, '39, PHYLLISS C. HUSSEY 1928 Church Street "Dimples" Har ng Commercial Vocal Ensemble, 12A, Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, Dancing, '37-'39. MIRIAM EMMA HUTCHINSON 4602 Grant Avenue "Miriam" Crispin Commercial A Capella Choir, 12B, Christmas Committee, IOA, Campus Commit- tee, 1lA, Honor Book, IOB-12A. Giris' Basketball, '36, Volley- ball, '37. CARMELLA MARIE IERO 1119 Foulkrod Street "Carmella" St. Ambrose Academic Triangle Club, IIB-12B, Literary Club, IZA, l2B, Hiking Club, IOB, 11A, Christmas Committee, IIA- 12A, Canopus Committee, l1B, Student Board, IZA, Ushers Associ- ation, IZA, 1213, Study Hail Monitor, 11B-128, Library Moni- tor, 1lA, IIB, House and Grounds, 11A-IZA, Bank Representative, IOB, l2B, A. A. Representative, l1A, High Way Staff, 1113-12B. Girls' Leaders, '37"39, Hockey, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37-'39, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Volleyball, '37, '38, Girls' Track, '37-'39, Girls' Swimming, '37, Numerals, '39, Letter, '39 CLINTON E. IRVIN 1029 Herbert Street "Clinton" Edmunds Academic Honor Book, IOA-1213, Eighty-four WILLIAM JACKSON 5010 Jackson Street "Bill" Harding Industrial DOROTHY E. JACOBY 5736 Hegerman Street NDOTH llivan Commercial Stagecrafters, 1213, Christmas Committee, 12A, Campus Commit- tee, l1A, l1B, Bank Representa- tive, 12B, Girls' Leaders, '38, Girls' Bas- ketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38. EDWARD S. JNSKIEWICZ 4257 Salmon Street "Jasper" Harding Industrial Band, 11A, Locker Committee, IOB, 1lA, House and Grounds, llA, llB. lntersectional Football, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '38. ALICE MARIE JOHNSON 4505 Magee Street "Alice" St. Leo's Academic Hiking Club, 12A, l2B, Cam- pus Committee, 1213, Study Hall Monitor, IZA. Girls' Leaders, '35, Hockey, '35-'38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35, '38, '39, Girls' Track, '39, Numeras, '39, Letter, '39, RAYMOND VERNON JONES 4624 Hedge Street HRGYI, Harding Commercial 1 REGINA deCHANTEL KANE 3426 Englewood Street "Jean" St. Timothy's Commercial Hiking Club, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IIB, Bank Repre- sentative, IZB. Girls' Basketball, '36, '38, Girls' Swimming, '37-'39. BLANCHE KA'RSOKAS 4509 Almond Street "Blanche" Kensington Commercial Honor Book, IZA, IZB, MARY F. KATITY 1828 West Columbia Avenue "Kitty" Claghorn Commercial Volleyball, '35. BERNARD L. KEANE 4451 East Thompson Street "Bern" Harding Commercial Band, IOB-IIB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA, lntersectionol Football, '36, ln- tersectional Track, '36, Intersec- tional Basketball, '37, ALICE MARIE KEEGAN 1659 Fillmore Street UAV, Harding Commercial German Club, IOA, Hiking Club, IIB, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Campus Committee, IIB, Student Board, ICB-IIB, Studi' Hall Monitor, IIA, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, Honor Book, IDA, Girls' Leaders, '37, Girls' Bas- ketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37. ' I I Eighty-tive THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 HELEN JANE KELCHNER 5313 Sylvester Street "Janie' Edmunds Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Boots and Sadd'e Club, IDA-I IA, Christmas Committee, IIA, IIB, Student Board, 9B,-IZB, Ushers Association, IIA-IZB, SHN Hall Monitor, IOB-IZB, Library V onitor, IIB, Bank Representativg IOB- IIB, As A. Representati e, 9A- IOB, High Way Repres ntative, 9B-IOB, - . Hockey, '35-'39, Girls' Basket- ball, '3'5-'39, Girls' Baseball, '35- '39, Vo'leyball, '35, Girfs' Track, '35, '36 HELEN E. KENNEY 7011 Erdrick Street "Helen" Disston Academic Trip Committee, I2B, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIA-IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Stage- cratters Club, IZA, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, I2B, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '36-'38, Girls' Basket- ball, '37-'39, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, Volleyball, '38, Girls' Swim- ming, '38, Numerals, '39. RUTH MAE KENNY 1326 Gilham Street ,Kennyn Wilson Home Economics Literary Club, IIA, Christmas Committee, IOB, IZA, Campus Committee, I IA, Student Board, ICA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA- l2A, Library Monitor, IOB, IIA, House and Grounds, IIB, High Way Representative, IOB. EDWARD ROBERT KLEMICK ZI70 Granite Street ,,Edu Harding Commercial High Way Representative, IZB, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. lntersectional Football, '39, ln- tersectional Baseball, '39, Inter- sectional Basketball, '38, '39. THELMA R. KOEHLER 8026 Walker Street "Thel" C'lSPin Academic Triangle Club, IZA, IZB, Ger- man Club, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IZB. Hockey, '35, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Base- ball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35, '37, '38, Numerals, '39, THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 ANNETTE A. KOZOLE M and Bristol Streets "Nettie" Penn Treaty Academic Hiking Club, IIB, Campus Committee, IIA, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, IZA. Girls' Basketball, '38, '39, ALVINA ANNA KRAUSE 2238 Granite Street "BillIe" Harding Academic Hiking Club, IIB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Girls' Basketball, '38, '39, Girls' Base- ball, '38, '39, Volleyball, '37, '38, EMMA LUISE KRAUT 46I0 Magee Street nspcwkyrl Disston Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IIB, House and Grounds, IIB, IZA, Honor Book, IOB-l2B. CHARLES STEVEN KRESS 3624 Sepviva Street "Lefty" St. Joan's Commercial High Way Staff, IIA-IZB, Silver High Way Pin, IZB, Honor Book, IIA-IZB. lntersectianal Football, '37, '38, lntersectianal Track, '37, '38, Inf tersectianal Basketball, '37-'39, LOIS EMILY KURTZ 4636 Napes Street HLOH Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, IZA, Campus Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, Library Monitor, IIB, High Way Representative, IOA-IZB, Bronze High Way Pin. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, Volleyball, '37, '38. .., V , i? l il Eighty-six F. RUSSELL KURTZ 4430 Unruh Street npmfu Disston Mechanic Arts Sack and Buskin, IOA, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZB, B a n k Representative, 9A-IDB, Honor Book, IGB. Track Manager, '35, '36, EDWARD LEO LACKTIS 3053 Belgrade Street ,,Ed,, Jones Academic Pioneer Prospectors, IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Honor Book, ioA-i2B. Boys' Leaders, '37, ROBERT LANDSMAN 7322 Frankford Avenue "Lance" Wilson Academic Chess Club, IOA, IOB, Camera Club, IIB, Model Airplane Club, IZA. lntersectional Track, '36, Var- sity Swimming, '38, lntersectlonal Boseketball, '39, Assistant Swim- ming Manager, '37, Swimming Manager, '38, F, '38, CLEMENT JAMES LANE 5436 Large Street Hclemn Edmunds Academic A Capella Choir, IIA-IZA, Vo- cal Ensemble, IOB-IZB, Campus Committee, IIB, Library Monitor, IIA, Bank Representative, IIB. Second Football, '37, Intersec- tional Football, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '39, GEORGE F. LANG, JR. 5311 Castor Avenue Edmunds Academic Photography Committee, IZB, Table Tennis Club, IZA, IZB, Stamp Club, 9B, Model Airplane Club, IZA, IZB. Varsity Golf, '39. ROBERT F. LATIMER 4409 Tyson Street HBCU, Disston Mechanic Arts Trip Committee, IZB, Thirteen Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IIB, Locker Committee, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, A. A. Representative, 9A, QB, Honor Book, IIB-IZB. lntersectional Football, '372 Varsity Baseball, '38, '39, Inter- sectional Baseball, '36, '37, Varsity Soccer, '38, lntersectional Soccer, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, Numerals, '37, '38, A. F. A., '38, F., '38 EVELYN LEE LAUER 2831 Plum Street "Etts" Harding Home Economics Campus Committee, IIB, Honor Book, IOB, JANE LAW 3506 Vista Street "Jane" Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IIA-IZA, Bank Representative, IIA, High Way Representative, IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IIA. voiieybeii, '37. EVELYN M. LEHR 1732 Brill Street "Evelyn" Sullivan Home Economics Glee Club, IOA, Hiking Club, IIB, Library Monitor, IIB-IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. ROBERT F. LEITZ 3149 G Street "Litz" Sullivan Vocational Art Table Tennis Club, IZA, IZB, Student Board, 9B. ' ya? i Eighty-seven -- THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 DONALD LEMON 7Ill Edmund Street noonn Disston Industrial lntersectional Football, '35-'38, lntersectional Basketball, '35-'39. ELEANOR WANDA LERKE 2365 Orthodox Street "Eleanor" Harding Academic Senior Twelve, IZB, Tripngle- Club, IIB, Cercle Fnancoisi' IZA, IZB, German CIub,j. I"IA, IIB, Glee Club, IIN, I-IB, Hiking Club,J IIB-I2B,"Christmas Com- miEtee,,I2A, 'Honor Book, IOA- LZY-i " Hockey, '39, earns' Basketball, '33, '39, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '38, '39. RUTH F. LEUTWYLER 4125 Stirling Street IILEUWI, Sullivan Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Student Board, IIA, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOB-IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basket- ball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball '37, Girls' Track, '37. EVELYN ADELE LEVIN 348 East Albanus Street ,I-ronyn Thamas Commercial Glee Club, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, I-liking Club, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Campus Commit- tee, IIA, IIB, Library Monitor, IZA, House and Grounds, IIA, IIB. Girls' Leaders, '38, Girls' Bas- ketball, '36, Volleyball, '37. RUTH MARY LITTLE 4627 Benner Street "Ruth" Sullivan Academic Triangle Club, IIA-IZA, Latin Club, IOB-IIB, Literary Club, IOB, IIA, Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IOA, Campus Com- mittee, IIB, Student Board, 9A, Study Hall Monitor, IOB, IIA, Library Monitor, IOB, High Way Representative, 9A, 9B, High Way Staff, 9B, IOB-IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '36-'38, Girls' Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, Girls' Track, '36, I THE RECORD JUNE Q 1939 CHARLES FULMER LISCHER 1214 Harrison Street ,.BudH Wilson Academic Chess Club, IOA, Table Tennis Club, l2A, IZB, Honor Book, IOA- 1213. lntersectional Football, '37, '38, Varsity Soccer, '38, '39, Second Soccer, '37, '38, lntersectional Soccer, '37, '38, Swimrriing, '37, '39, lntersectionol Basketball, '37- '39, Numerals, '38, A, F, A., '37, F., '39. BETTE LIVINGSTON 4940 Charles Street "Bets" Harding Commercial Hiking Club, llB, Boots and Saddle Club, l2A, 1213, Christmas Committee, l2A, Campus Commit- tee, l1A, Study Hall Monitor, 10A-1213, Library Monitor, 1lB, House and Grounds, IOB, Bank Representative, IZA. Girls' Leaders, '36, Girls' Bas- ketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '39, Volleyball, '38 ANNA MAY LOMAS 1661V2 Unity Street "Anna" Harding Commercial Literary Club, l2B, Penmanship Club, 1213, Honor Book, IOA, llA- 12B. LlLLlE MAE LORD 14 President Street "Lillie" Wilson Academic Glee Club, llB, 12A. 7 . , ,fs ,I JANE K. LOUDERBACK 7111 Charles Street f "Jiggs'Lf3 Sullivan Co ercial Hiking Clog, 115 Campus Committee, +L ,,l5brary Monitor, l2A, House and Grounds, 1OA, A. A. Re ntative, l2A. '-v.,..f K Eighty-eight WALTER D. LUCZKOWSKI 4243 Salmon Street "Walt" Harding Industrial lntersectional Football, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '39, ALICE MAE LUDWIG 6117 Edmund Street "Alice" Edmunds Commercial Christmas Committee, 1lA, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, 12B, High Way Staff, 98. LUMLEY 5105 D ied Street Lum" Hflfdlflg Academic Glee Club, lOB, A Capella Choir, 1lB, Vocal Ensemble, IOB- llB, Christmas Committee, 1OA, 1lA, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, llB, High Way Representative, IZA, Christmas Pageant, llA. ROLAND C. LYNN 2018 East Elkhart Street "Roland" JONES Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, llB-l2B, Christmas Committee, llA, Stu- dent Board, IGB-l2A, JESSIE MAC ALLISTER 6136, Hegerman Street "Scotty" Sullivan Commercial Secretarial Club, 12A 125' Penmanship Club, 128, tqmpug Committee, I lA, Honor Book IOA-1213. ' Girls' Basketball, '37 '33- Volleyball, '37, '38, ' ' JS JEAN DOUGLASS MacCRACKEN 1126 Harrison Street HMOCH Wilson Academic Glee Club, IZA, A Capella Chair, IZA, I2B, Vocal Ensemble, IIB-IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Repre- sentative, IZA, Christmas Pag- eant, IZA. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '37-'39, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Girls' Swimming, '36. WILLIAM E. MACHT 4528 Devereaux Street "Bm" Sullivan Academic German Club, IOB-IZA, Latin Club, IOA-IIB, A Capella Choir, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Sock and Buskin, IOB-I2B, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, IZA, Ushers Association, IZA, Discussion Club, IZA, Honor Book, IOB'l2B. RAYMOND MACKNET 4132 Howell Street HRW., Sullivan Industrial Table Tennis Club, IZA, IZB lnlersectional Basketball, '38, SAMUEL JOHN MAGNIER 7218 Tabor Street "Jack" Wilson Industrial Locker Committee, IZA. fm u LORAINE MA YER 'I444 East Cheltenham Avenue "Shorty" Edmunds Commercial Glee Club, IIA, IIB, Student Board, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZB, Bank Representative, 9A, A. A. Representative, IOA, IGB. Girls' Leaders, '37, '33I Gills' Basketball, '35, '36, Eighty-nine THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 ANNAMAE NOME MAPLES 4103 Unruh Street f,Me,,,yfi St. Timothy's Home Economics Dance Committee, 9A, Glee Club, IIA, Hiking Club, IIB, Campus Committee, IIA, IIB, Student Board, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOB, IIB-IZB, Library Monitor, 9B, IOA, IIA, House and Grounds, IOB, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, A. A. Representa- tive, IIA. Hockey, '35, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball '37, '38, FLORENCE MARIA' MARI 4326 Piiling Street "Jackie" Edmunds Commercial Orchestra, 9A-IOA, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, ANDREW MARINER 4514 Leiper Street "Andy" Edmunds Mechanic Arts Christmas Committee, IIA. HELEN LOUISE MARTENS 4837 Mulberry Street HMOHYI, l'l0l'dlH9 Commercial Houserand Grounds, IIA, IIB, Girls' Basketball, '36, '37, sms' Baseball, '37, '33, GLORIA JANE MASON 4556 Richmond Street HGIOI, Hufdlng Academic Penmanship Club, IZB, Glee Club, IZA. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 CLAIRE LOUISE MAWSON 47I0 Ramona Avenue "Claire" Wilson A demic Boots Saddle C , IIB- lZB,, C ' mas Ca tee, IOB, IIB, , Ushers ociation, IZA, Hall M tor, IZA, House Cl Grou , IOB, IIA, Bank Repre . ive, IZA. ' eaders, '38, Hockey, '37, ' , Dancing, '37-'39, Girls' Swimming, '36 EMMA HELEN MAZZUCA 4258 Penn Street "Emma" Harding Commercial Cercle Francais, IIA, Christmas Committee, IOA, I IA, IZA, Library Monitor, IZB, House and Grounds, IIB, Stagecrafters Club, IZA, Penmanship Club, IZB, Hon- or Book, IOA-IIA, IZA, IZB. ELIZABETH MARY MCBRIDE 600 East Brill Street "Betty" Sullivan Commercial Campus Committee, IIA, Library Monitor, IOB, Bank Reb- resentative, IZA. Girls' Basketball, '38 JOSEPH MCCAUGHEY, JR. 906 Marcella Street ,IJOQH Wilson Academic Honor Book, iofx, IIB.. VIRGINIA M. McCLURKEN 4139 L Street "Jean" Hopkinson Home Economics Glee Club, IOA-IIA, Literary Club, IZA, Hiking Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Carn- ous Committee, IIA, Student Board, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB, Library Monitor, IIB, House and Grounds, IOA, IOB, Bank Representative, IZA, High Way Representative, IOA, IOB, I-Ionor Book, IZA. Volleyball, '37. Ninety Ji 'l I DORIS K. MCCRACKEN 3125 Magee Avenue "Doris" Wilson Commercial Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball '37, Volleyball, '37, '38 ELEANOR McDADE 5209 Dittman Street MEIN Sullivan Commercial Penmanship Club, IZB, Honor Book, IZA. Girls' Basketball, '37, Volley- ball, '37. EDYTHE A. MCFADDEN 906 Brill Street "Edythe" St. Veronica's Commercial Hiking Club, IIA-IZB, Presi- dent, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IZA, Ushers Association, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB' Honor Book, IOA, IOB. Hockey, '35-'38, Girls' Basket- ball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '37- '39, Volleyball, '35, '37, '38, Girls' Track, '36, Referee, '38, '39, Girls' Swimming, '38, '39, Numer- als, '37, Letter, '38, Charm, '39. i MARY ANN MCFADDEN 'l4Ii Imogene Street "Mickey" St. Joachim's Commercial Library Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, IOB, IIA. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '39, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Vol- Ieybol, '39, JOHN F. MCHERAN S907 Jackson Street "Bud" St. BarthaIomew's lridl-lStI'iUl Honor Book, IOB-IZB. Intersectional Football, '37, In- tersectional Baseball, '39, Inter- sectional Basketball, '37, '38. WILLIAM SPENCER McKELVIE 6119 Alma Street "Bill" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Circle Twelve, IZA, IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, IZB, A. A. Coun- cil, IZA, President, IZB. lntersectional Football, '38, '39, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, Chom- pions, Second Soccer, '36, Inter- sectional Soccer, '55, Second Basketball, '36, Second Baseball, '37, Numerals, '35, A. F. A. '36, '37, F., '37, '38 SAMUEL H. McKENTY, JR. 951 Dyre Street "Samuel" Upper Darby, Pa. Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, Study Hall Mon- itor, IIB-IZB, High Way Repre- sentative, IZB. Varsity Football, '38, Second Football, '37, lntersectional Foot- ball, '37, Varsity Baseball, '39, lntersectional Base-bal', '38, Inter- sectional Track, '38, Intersec- tional Basketball, '39, Numerals, '37, A. F. A., '38, ELIZABETH GUY McNUTT 1875 Cottman Street HBGHYH Wilson Music "Frantic Physician," IIB, Glee Club, IIA, IIB, A Capella Choir, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA- IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Christmas Play, IIB, IZB, Campus Commit- tee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, House and Grounds, IOB, Honor Book, IIA-IZB. Volleyball, '37. E. RUSSELL MEGONEGAL 7821 Provident Road "Russ" Edmunds Academic Ye Monks, IZA, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Campus Committee, IIB, Locker Commit- tee, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IIB, IZA, A. A. Representa- tive, IOB-IZA. Varsity Soccer, '38, Second Soccer, '36, '37, lntersectional Soccer, '35-'37, Swimming, '37, '38, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, Varsity Tennis, '38, Numerals, '35, '36, A. F. A., '37, '38, F., '38 JOHN A. MELLORS 4062 Creston Street "Jack" Sullivan Mechanic Arts A Capella Choir, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB. Ninety-one THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 . SADIE MARIE MEYERS 4250 East Levick Street "Sadie" St. Timothy's Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Li- brary Monitor, IIA. Girls' Basketball, '35, ELEANOR ANNA MICHALSKA 4335 East Stiles Street IIEIH Harding Commercial Cercle Francais, IOB-IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, Library Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. EUGENE EDWARD MIDDLETON 3041 Unruh Avenue "Gene" Yeadon, Po. Mechanic Arts Band, IOB-IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Bank Representative, IZA. LOTHAR H. MILLER 814 Passmore Street "Lothar" Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, IZB, Circle Twelve, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA. Track, '38, '39, Swimming, '37- '39, Gym Team, '37, Boys' Lead- ers, '37, Nurnerols, '38, A. F. A., '38, F., '39, Cheerleader, '38, ' ANDREW MITCHELL 1071 Granite Street "Andrew" Edmunds Academic Orchestra, IIA, Band, IGB-IZA. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 JAMES SHA'RKEY MITCHELL 3135 Stirling Street "Jim" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Airplane Club, IZA, Locker Com- mittee, IIB. EARL JOHN MOESSNER 820 Kerper Street HMOGH Wilson Industrial Band, IIA-IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, MARGUERITE H. MOFFETT 5628 Loretta Avenue "Marge" Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, IIB, High Way Representative, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '38, Hockey, '35- '37, Girls' Basketball, '35, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '36, Girls Track, '36, Numerals, '38, O AUDREY JANE MORRIS 8 Welsh Road Audrey" . Wilson 'W 0.fUbC9timerciaI Study I-la xzinitor, IZB. JENNIE ANN MORRIS 1919 Burbank Avertib "Jennie" Wilson ommercial Glee Club, I , f Club, IZA, IZB, A a oir, IZA, IZB, Vocal E em , IIA, Christmas Commi I B, IZA, High Way Repr e 've, 'IOA ey, 7, '38, ls Basket- k , ' , Valle ll, '37, '38 Ninety-two ALBERT OVERLY MOWRER 3401 Ryan Avenue NAV, Disston Academic Orchestra, IOB, Vocal Ensemble, IIA, IZB. KATHRYN BABETTE MUHLY 3446 Englewood Street "Kotch" Dis on Commercial manshi lub, IZB, in c' ii - tdy Hall i f' I2 res a' , A I voiieyb '35 G MARGARET E. MURTHA 5909 Charles Street "Marge" Sullivan Home Economics Trip Committee Chairman, IZB, Senior Twe ve, IZB, Glee Clit, QA, IOA,NXibcaJ' EnSemble,,JIZB.,i iking Club,XwIIB,,l Student Board, 9B, Ushers ssociation, ZB, Study Hall, Monitor, 9B, Hous and Grounds,- iofx, im-IZA, I-is iw WAARMDIG- iepfta.tiQe, '9A1II , IZB, Gold If ,fi J :gli Way Pin, Honor Book, IOA- IZB. Girls' Leaders, '37, Hockey, '35- '37, Girls' Basketball, '36-'37, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '35-'37, Girls' Swimming, '36-39, Varsity Swimming, '38, '39, Nu- meraIs, '38, MARY LOUISE NACHTMANN 4703 Disston Street "Mary-Lou" Disston Academic Glee Cub, - , A Capella Choir, IIA-IZ cal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Hi Club, IIA, Christmas C i e, IIA, Student Board, II IB, Ushers Associa- tion, I I , Student Board, mi A, B, Student Board, IO , udy Hall Monitor, IZA, House and Grounds, IIA, High Way Representative, IOB. Hockey, '36, Dancing, '37, '38. MARTHA NICHOLS I225 Wakeling Street "Martha" Wilson Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Dance Committee, IZA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Discussion Group, IZA, IZB, Pioneer Prospectors, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, l-llgh Way Staff, IIB-IZB, High Way Editor-in-Chief, IZB, Gold High Way Pin, Hanor Book, IOA- Girls' Leoders, '37-'39, Manager, Gir's Baseball, '38, '39, Manager, Girls' Swimming, '37, '38, Numer- als, '39, RUTH ELLEN NOWLING 1634 Fillmore Street ,,Rudy,, Harding Commercial Vocal Ensemb'e, IOB, Literary Club, l2Bg Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IZAg Cam- pus Committee, IIA, Library Mon- itor, IZB, Bank Representative, IOA-IZB, Honor Book, IOA, CHARLES OGDEN 5339 Sylvester Street Hogg, Edmunds Industrial DONALD JOHN O'GRADY 5336 Sylvester Street MOH Edmunds Academic Chess Club, IOB-IZB, Stamp Club, IGB, llAg Campus Com- mittee, IIA, Locker Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, 9A, 9Bg Honor Book, IOB, IIA. lntersectional Baseball, '37, '38, lntersectional Soccer, '37, Inter- sectional Basketball, '37, '38, ALYCE PAULINE OLENDSKI 823 North Marshall Street ,iA.yCe,, Kensington Academic Campus Committee, IIB, Honor Book, IZA, IZB. ADELE OSITKO 5228 Glenlack Street Moen". Sullivan ercial Hiking Cli IO ' hristmas Committee, I ' fs us Commit- tee,ll ,ll ' n Board,llBg Study l r, ICB, Bank e es ativ A-IOB, High Way e ntotive, I IA, Secretary l IZB. ockey, '36, Girls' Baseball, '36. Ninety-three THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 WILLIAM FRANKLIN PARR 7015 Walker Street ,Buda Disston Commercial Dance Committee, 9B, Radio Club, IOB, High Way Staff, IOA- IZB, Hiah Way Pubicity Manager, IZA, I2Bg Gold High Way Charm, ETHEL ALBERTA PATBURG 4725 Unruh Street upotn Disston Home Economics Allen Traffic Service, 9Ag Ushers Association, 9A, Bank Representa- tive, 9A-IOB. Hockey, '35, '36, Girls' Basket- ball, '37j Volleyball, '36, '37. ROSE PEAR 3534 Bleigh Street HRDSH Camden, New Jersey Academic PALMA DOLORES PECA 3126 Magee Avenue npcmn Disston Commercial Literary Club, IZBQ Study Hall lvljcgnitor, IIA, Penmanship Club, I- . Hockey, '35. 'll 1 . 1 .. JANE ELISE PEGEL 1378 Kennedy Street "Jane" Harding Academic Senior Twelve, IZBQ Discussion Group, IZA, I2Bg Honor Book, IOA-lZBg "A" Play Cost. THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 CA'ROLYN JANE PELHAM 4720 Roosevelt Boulevard "Carrie" Edmunds Commercial House and Grounds, IOB, A. A. Rggresentatiye, IDB, Honor Book, I . Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Vol'ey- ball, '37, 1'-A GRACE CAROLINE PESTER 1417 Brighton Street "Gracie" Wilson Commercial Orchestra, IOA-IIB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA, Campus Committee, l2A, IZB, Bank Repre- sentative, IOB-IZA. MARY JANE PETTYJOHN 1506 Harrison Street HMOWH Sullivan Home Economics HELEN A. PFUELB 7039 Marsden Street "Helen" St. Leo's Academic Glee Club, 9A-IIB, Clef Club, IIB-IZB, A Capella Choir, IIB- IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Sock and Buskin, IIA-IZB, Christ- mas Play, IIA, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, 128, High Way Representative, 95. Girls' Leaders, '37. RUTH N. PHILIPP 7825 Loretta Avenue "Ruthie" Wilson Commercial Girls' Leaders, '36, '37, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volley- ball, '38 T 2.-I -Sl . .,.,--H Ninety-four DOROTHY PHILLIPS 950 Anchor Street HDOTI, Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, IIA, A. A. Rep- resentative, IOB, IIA, IZA, Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '38, ELIZABETH D. PHILLIPS 7036 Algard Street "Betty" Disston Commercial Glee Club, 9A-IOA, Hiking Club, IIB, Campus Committee, IIB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Penmanship Club, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Girls' Basketball, '36, . 'TJ J' :Q IMS: ' ' -,O JANET FULTON PHILLIPS 423 Sanger Street "Puck" Hatboro, Pa. Academic Orchestra, IIA-IZB, Band, IIA- I2B, HAROLD C. PICKERING 1836 East Allegheny Avenue "Pick" Jones Academic Table Tennis Club, IZA, I2B, Pioneer Prospectars IOA-IZB, High Way Representative, IOA, IOB. RITA E. PIETROBONO 4616 Emerson Street "Pete" Crispin Commercial Penmanship Club, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Ushers As- saclatlon, IZA. Hockey, '35, Gir's' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Igglleyball, '36, '37, Girls' Track, ESTHER BUCKIUS PRESS 4738 Darrah Street "Pressie" Harding Academic Boots and Saddle Club, llA- i2B, Campus Committee, IOB-llB. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, '38, Girls' Swimming, '37, DOREEN IONN PRICE Welsh Road, Bustleton "Doreen" Wilson Commercial Cercle Francais, IOB, Hiking Club, llB, Honor Book, IOA-l2A. ELISABETH GARDNER PROS 5929 Keystone Stre "Bettie" Sullivan ome Economics German' lub, llA-l2A, Hiking Club , Christmas Committee, l , ampus Committee, llB, y Hall Monitor, llA-IZA, EDMUND JOHN PRYZBYLEK 2333 Margaret Street rrpryzrr Harding Commercial A. A. Representative, l2A, i2B, High Way Representative, llA- l2B, High Way Staff, llA-l2B, Gofd High Way Charm, l2B, Hon- or Book, llA-l2B. gntersectianal Basketball, '38, '3 JEANNETTE FSZCZOLKOWSKA 4706 Tacony Street "Janet" Harding Academic German Club, ilA, HB, Glee Club, llB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, Christmas Committee, i2A, l-louse and Grounds, lOA-l2A. l Ninety-five THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 KATHRYN MIRIAM PUTZ 895 East Scottergood Street UKGYH West Philadelphia Home Economics Glee Club, llA-IZA, Hiking Club, llB, Christmas Committee, llA-l2A, Campus Committee, llB, Study Hall Monitor, llA-l2l3, Library Monitor, ilB, House and Grounds, i2A, Honor Book, l2B. Hockey, '37, Girls' Basketball, Voleyball, '37, Girls' Track, WILLIAM HARRY RAKITA 4934 Hawthorne Street "Bill" Harding Academic President, Senior Class, Thir- teen Club, l2A, l7B, German Club, i2B, Christmas Commit- tee, IOA, llA, l2A, Student Board, l2A, Library Monitor, l2B, High Way Headline Editor, High Way News Editor, llA-l2B, Hon- or Book, IOA-l2B, Valedictorian. Varsity Football, '37, '38, Sec- ond Football, '36, lntersectional Easlgcgball, '38, A. F. A., '36, '37, EDNA RANCORN 4225 Benner Street "Edna" Sullivan Commercial Penmanship Club, l2B, Liter- ary Club, i2B, LEONARD M. RAPOPORT 6932 Torresdale Avenue HRODDYH Disston Academic Cercle Francais, liA, llB, Boots and Sadd'e Club, iOA, Christmas Committee, lOA-ll!-X, Discussion Group, l2B, Student Board, IZB, Bank Representative, lOA-llB, High Way Staff Make-up Editor, l2B, Gold High Way Pin, l2B, Honor Book, lOB-l2B. lntersectional Soccer, '37, Nu- merais, '37, MVT MARIE LUCY RAZIANO 4659 Edmund Street' "Marie" Harding Commercial Bank Representative, IOB-HB5 Secretarial Club, l2B. THE RECORD JUN: . 1939 DORIS VERNON REES 1642 Harrison Street "Doughie" Harding Academic Glee C'ub, IIA, A Capella Choir, 1IB-1213, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Sock and Buskin, IQB, Student Board, IIA, IZA, Christ- mas Pageant, ICB, IIB, Honor Book, 1013. Girls' Baseball, '37-'39 HERBERT H. REIBER 1711 Harrison Street "Herb" Atlantic City, N. J, Academic Lens and Shutter Club, IIA-1213, Vocal Ensemble, I2A, Pioneer Prospectors, 11A-IZA, Campus Committee, IIA-IZA, High Way Staff, IZA. lntersectional Football, '37-'39, Intersectional Soccer, '37-'39, ln- tersectional Basketball, '37-'39. ALFONS ANTHONY REIKOW 2321 Buckius Street "Reek" Harding Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, IZB. lntersectional Baseball, '37, In- tersectionol Soccer, '36, Swimming, '37-'39, lntersectionol Basketball, '39, Numerals, '39, F., '37-'39. FLORENCE A. REINHART 4315 Tyson Street "Florence" DiS5t0I1 Commercial ROBERT HENRY REMMEY 931 Herbert Street naobn Wilson Academic Chess Club, IOA, Band, 12A, Stamp Club, IOA, IOB, Pioneer Prospectors, IIA, Campus Com- mittee, -IIA, IIB, Library Monitor, IZB, High Way Staff, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA. Calf, '38. Ninety-six WILLIAM H. RICHARDS 3234 Fanshawe Street "Wi IZiom" Disston Academic Stamp Club, 9B-IOB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Campus Commit- tee, IIB, Locker Committee, IIB, IZA, Library Monitor, IIB, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, High Way Representative, IOB-IIB, High Way Business Staff, IZA, LEWIS CLAYTON RIFFERT 7341 Sackett Street ul-ewu Wilson Mechanic Arts Bank Representative, 9A, QB. ROBERT FULLMER RILEY 1079 Granite Street ,Bobo Edmunds Academic Chess Club, IIB-IZB, Latin Club, lOA-IZB, Stamp Club, IOA, IOB, Pioneer Prospectors, 1OB, Christmas Committee IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. VE INKER Kbfk E 58 dale Avenue F' P u OTH Sullivan Academic Vocal Ensemble, 11A-12B, Christmas Play, IIB. if-JV EL VERONICA ROCHE 5904 Cottage Street HHOHI, Sullivan Academic Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Girls' Basketball, '35, Volley- ball, '35. MIRIAM M. ROESEL 6445 Greene Street "Mim" Edmunds Academic Glee Club, llA, 1113, A Capella Choir, 11B-12B, Vocal Ensemble, 11A-l2B, Hiking Club, 1lA, Christmas Committee, llA, Stu- dent Board, 9B, Study Hall Monitor, l1B, A. A. Representa- tive, l1A, Stagecrafters, l2A, Dramatic Club, 9A, 9B, Captain of Guides, 9A, QB, Honor Book lOA-1213. Hockey, '35, Girls' Baseball, '36. ROBERT K, ROGERS 1912 Stanwood Street iisobii Wilson Academic Vocal Ensemble, 11B-12B, Christmas Committee, 1OA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, A. A. Repre- sentative, l1A, Second Soccer, '37, Intersec- tional Soccer, '36, '37, Intersec- tional Track, '36, A. F. A., '37. RUTH HARRIETT ROGERS 4631 Kraydor Street "Skeets" Crispin Commercial Sock and Buskin, 1OB, llA, Christmas Committee, llA-12A, Study Hall Monitor, 12B, Bank Representative, 11B-12B, Honor Book, 9A-IOB, WILLIAM ELWOOD ROGERS 2041 Rhown Street "Bill" Wilson Academic A Capella Choir, 12A, Christmas Committee, 1lB, Student Board, llA, Study Hall Monitor, IOB, A. A. Representative, l0A. lntersectional Soccer, '38. FLORENCE LILLIAN ROHRMAN 1862 Wakeling Street "Floss" Harding Commercial Penmanship Club, l2B, Honor Book, lOA. Ninety-seven THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 ELSIE LORRAINE ROOTH 1443 Howell Street "Babe" Edmunds Academic Secretary ot Senior Class, Senior Twelve, IZA, 12B, Triangle Club, 11A-12A, Latin Club, 10B- 11B, Literary Club, l2B, Pioneer Prospectors, 1lA, Hiking Club, l2A, Christmas Committee, 11A, 11B, Campus Committee, 11A- 12A, Student Board, 10A-12B, Study Hall Monitor, 1lB, l2B, Library Monitor, 11A-12A, House and Grounds, l1A, Bank Repre- sentative, lOA, A. A. Representa- tive, 1OB, High Way Staff, IOA- 1lA, High Way Editorial Editor, ' Hiah Way Managing Editor, l2B, Gold High Way Charm, 1113, 12A, 12A, Honor Book, 10A-12B, Girls' Leaders, '37, Hockey, '36- '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Vol'ey- ball, '37, Girls' Track, '36, Nu- mera's, '37, Letter, '38. DOROTHEA MARIE RORER 1120 Harrison Street MDM., Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, l2A, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZB, Honor Book, IOB-l2A. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Volley- ball, '37, '38. ANNA B. ROSE 2616 Bridge Street "Anne" Harding Academic Vocal Ensemble, 12A, Hiking Club, 1OA-11B, Hockey, '38, Girs' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '3S. FLORENCE E. ROSE 5126 Leiper Street "Flassie" Edmunds Commercial Orchestra, 11B-l2B, Literary Club, IZA, 12B, President, 12B, Christmas Committee, IZA, Li- brary Monitor, 12B, Bank Rep- resentative, 11B-12B, Penmonship Club, 12B, Lunchroom Committee, 9A, Music Club, 1lA, Honor Book, 1213. Girls' Basketball, '35, Volley- ball, '36, JOHN R. ROSS 5133 Roosevelt Boulevard "Jack" Crispin Mechanic Arts Ushers Association, 12A, Study Hall Monitor, 12A, 12B. -lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Baseball, '37, inter- sectional Soccer, '37, Intersec- tional Basketball, '37. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 MARIAN A'LlCE RUSSO 61I1 West Girard Avenue "Marion" Beeber Commercial Senior Twelve, IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZI3, Honor Book, IOB-IZB, ROBERT C. SAGE 4830 Castor Avenue HBODH Wilson Mechanic Arts Table Tennis Club, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZA, Library Monitor, IZB. lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Soccer, '37, FLORENCE JOANNE SAIBER 5862 Loretto Avenue "Flossie" J . Wilson ' ir!! Academic Dance Commjjtee, IZB, Triangle Club, l2A,,J2B, Glee Club, IIA, IIB, 'A Capella Choir, IIB-IZB, Vocl nsemble, IOA-IZB, Sock a uskin, IZA, Christmas Com- ittee, IIB, IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IIA-IZB, Student Board, IIB-IZB. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '37. I MLLTON Mormis SALAMON rf 3876 Fran fgrd Avenue ' i ilt I-If Harding I' I Mechanic Arts C h r ' t'm a s Committee, IIA, Locker nsiiommittee, IZA, IZB, Study, Hall Monitor, IOA. lnyteisectional B a s e b all, '37, Varsity Soccer, '38, Second Soc- cer, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '36 '37' Numews, '37, A. F. A, '3s.' ' WILLIAM HENRY SANDERSON 1900 East Buckius Street "Bill" Harding Industrial lntersectional Football, '37. L... '. 'I Ninety-eight ROMA T. SAUL 4612 Naples Street "Roma" Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA, IZA, Campus Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZB, A. A, Representative, IIA, Girls' Baseball, '38, EDNA E. SCHEIFLER 5011 Cottage Street "Betty" Harding Academic Triangle Club, IZA, Glee Club, IIA, Campus Committee, IIA, Ushers Association, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Library Moni- tor, IOB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. Hockey, '39, Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38. HELEN IDA SCHERNECK 5342 Oakland Street "Helen" Edmunds Academic Trip Committee, IZB, Triangle Club, IIA-IZB, Boots and Saddle Club, IIB-IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOA-IIB, Campus Com- mittee, IIA-IZB, Ushers Associa- tion, IIB-IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IIA, IIB, Bank Representa- tive, 9A, 9B, High Wqy Rep,-e- sentative, 9A-IZB. Girls' Leaders, '38, Hockey, '36, Girls' Basketball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseball, '36-'38, Girls' Swim- ming, '37, '38. JOSEPH H. SCHICKLING 6555 Edmund Street "Schick" Sullivan Vocational Art Locker Committee, IOB-IIB. lntersectional Football, '35, ln- tersectional Basketball, '36, '37, EDWARD FRANCIS SCHIMPF 2712 East Allegheny Avenue "Edward" Jones Commercial Vocal Ensemble, IZA. WILLIAM J. SCHNEIDER 6115 Edmund Street "Schnits" Sullivan Academic Honor Book, QA-llB. Intersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Track, '3S. MARIE E.. SCHOB 1385 Kennedy Street ,,Me,5,, Hopkinson Academic Sock and Buskin, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, l2Bg Bank Repre- sentative, lOA-l2A. ELIZABETH F. SCHOEPFER 4634 Oakland Street "Bette" Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, llB, Study Hall Monitor, HB, Library Monitor, HB, Bank Representative, l2Ag Book Room Monitor, llB. Girls' Leaders, '37, '38, Hockey, '36-'38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseball, '36-'38, VolIeYb0ll, '37, '38, Girls' Track, '36-'38, Numerals, '37, Letter, '38. HENRY JOSEPH SCHRASS 837 Sanger Street "Hank" Sullivan Commercial High Way Representative, llA, Honor Book, ICA-lZA. FRANCIS ELMER SCHROTH 2637 Pratt Street "Frank" North Catholic Academic Library Monitor, l2A, IZB. Ninety-nine THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 EDNA MAE ANNA SCHULLE 7 Lordner's Point HMGEH Edmunds Commercial Campus Committee, llA, llB, Study Hall Monitor, l2Aj Library Monitor, IOB, Honor Book, lOA- IZB. Hockey, '35, Girls' Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '35. ELEANOR LOUISE SCHULZE 4402 Devereoux Street "Eleanor" Sullivan Academic Record Book Committee, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, l2A, l2B. Girls' Basketball, '36, '37, vol- leyball, '36, '37, JOHN DONALD SCOULLER Oxford Avenue and Pratt Street "Doc" Edmunds Academic Photography Committee, l2B, Camera Club, I IB-IZB, Library Monitor, l2A, l2l3. SABINA IRENIZ SEROWIECKA 2716 East Clearfield Street "Sabina" Jones Commercial Bank Representative, ll!-X, llB. Girls' Leaders, '38, Girls' Swim- ming, '38, OTTO E. SEUFFERT 304 St. Vincent Street "Hel" Wilson Industrial Campus Committee, llB, Bank Representative, 9B. l THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 WILLIAM J. SHADLE, JR. 4732 Knorr Street "Bill" Disston Commercial Record Book Committee, IZB, Dance Committee, A'len, '98, Chess Cub, IIA-IZB, Allen Service Club, 9B, Radio Club, 9A, 9B, Bookkeeper for A. A., IZB, High Way Gold Charm, Campus Com- mittee, IIB, Student Board, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, 9A, 9B, Bank Representative, IIA, IIB, A. A. Representative, IZB, High Way Business Staff, IOA-IZB, High Way Business Manager, IZA, IZB, Charles Stehle Memorial Prize, QB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ROBERT GEORGE SHAFER 3128 Hartville Street "Robert" Edmunds Industrial DORIS EVELYN SHAW 2845 Gillingham Street ,IDOTN Shamokin, Pa. Commercial Glee Club, IOA-IIA. Girls' Leaders, '35, '36, Girls' Basketball, '36, Girs' Baseball, '36. HELEN CORA SHAW 7912 Craig Street "Helen" Crispin Commercial Vocal Ensemble, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA. RUTH E. SHEPPARD 3830 K Street "Ruthie" Harding Commercial Campus Committee, IOB-IIB. Hockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '37, '38. One Hundred gr DORIS MAE SHERMAN 1520 Alcott Street "Doris" Wilson Commercial Triange Club, IZA, IZB, Glee Club, IOB-I IB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA, IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IOB-I IB, Student Board, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, JEAN INGRID SHOENER 5016 Castor Avenue "Jean" Edmunds Academic Dance Committee, IZA, Tri- angle Club, IIA-IZB, Stagecraft- ers, IZA, IZB, Discussion Group, IZB, Glee Club, IIA, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IIB, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, I2B, Sock and Buskin, IZA, Christmas Commit- tee, IIA, Campus Committee, IIA, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Library Monitor, IOB, High Way Representative, 9B, High Way Stott, IIB, High Way Assignment Editor, IZA, IZB, Gold High Way Charm, IZB, Honor Book, IOB-IZB. Hockey, '36, ALFONSE J. SIRAUSKAS 2634 East Ontario Street NAV, Jones Vocational Art Record Book Committee, IZB, Primi Ten, IIB-IZB, Vocal En- semble, IZA, Stagecratters, IOA- IZA, National Scholastic Art Awards, I IB, IZA, lntersectional Football, '36, '37. MARGUERITE V. SMEDLEY 5429 Akran Street HMGVQEH Sullivan Commercial Boots and Saddle Club, IIA, IIB, Christmas Committee, IOA- IIA, -Campus Committee, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOB-IZA, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, A. A. Representative, IOB, High Way Representative, IIA. Girls' Basketball, '35-'37, Girls' Baseball, '35. I I NATALIE M. SMILEY 5725 Tulip Street ,il-eel, Sullivan Music Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Boats and Saddle Club, IIA-IZA. DOROTHEA MARIE SMITH M and Bristol Streets HDMI, Langhorne, Pa. Home Economics Vocal Ensemble, I IA, Hiking Club, IIA, Study I-lall Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IIA, High Way Representative, 9B, High Way Staff, IZA, IZB. Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '38 MARIE R. SMITH 5215 Ditman Street "Marie" St. Bartholomew's Commercial Library Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IZB, RUTH SUSANNA SMITH 1608 Brill Street Sullivan Commercial High Way Representative, IOA. Hockey, 9A, IIA, Girls' Bas- ketball, IOB, Girls' Baseball, 9B, IOB, Volleyball, 9B, IOB. J 'lx xl ,,g,f,f'!fH XJJJ. 4- ' ' 3. MARY KATHERINE SNYDER 910 Sanger Street HMOWH Holmes Academic ' Volleyball, '37, it L, x"""4"-.IE CARL SOSNA 4931 Penn Street "Sos" Wagner Academic Trip Committee, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IIA, IZA, Cam- pus Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, Bank Representa- tive, IZA, Honor Book, IOA, One Hundred One ' sz EX THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 KATHRYN M. SPECK 940 Marcella Street HKUVH Wilson Academic Senior Tw , n- semble, II -IZB, Hiking b, IIA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Honor Book, IOB-IZB, Girls' Basketball, '37, '38, Vol- leyball, '37. BRUNO SPOKAS 2250 Pratt Street "Bruno" Harding Mechanic Arts Honor Book, IIB-IZB. DOROTHY MAE STATES 7010 Erdrick Street MOUTH Disston Academic Editor of Record Book, IZB, Primi Ten, IIB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Latin Club, IZB, Allen Service Club, 9B, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIA, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Stage- crafters IIB, IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IIB, IZA, Student Board, 9A, IIB, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, House and Grounds, IZA, High Way Staff, IZA, American History Prize, IIB, English Prize, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Hockey, '36, '38, Girls' Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, VoIleybal', '37, '38, Girls' Swimming, '38, Numerals, '39. WILLIAM F. STEBNER 6114 Marsden Street "Bill" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Lunchroorn Committee, IIB, IZB, Table Tennis Club, ' Christmas Committee, IIA, Locker Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, A. A. Repre- sentative, 9A, IZA. lntersectional Football, '37-'39, lntersectional Baseball, '36-'39, lntersectional Soccer, '38, '39, ln- tersectional Track, '38, '39, Inter- sectional Basketball, '36-'39. 125, IZA, JAMES RICHARD STEEL 3432 Tudor Street "Baron" Wilson Music Clef Club, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA, IOB, IZB, Sock and Buskin, IZA, IZB, Discussion Group. IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IIB-IZB. THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 EDNA REGINA STEFENACK 9302 Torresdole Avenue "Stiffie" Crispin Commercial Triangle Club, IZB, Hiking Club, llB-l2B, Christmas Com- mittee, llA, l2A, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Representa- tive, 9B, lOA, Honor Book, lOA- l2B. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, '35, '37, '38, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35, '37, '38, Numerals, '39, Letter, '39, ROBERT GRAHAM STEVENS 9536 Bustleton Avenue l,BOb,. wilson Academic Dance Committee, lZA, Christ- mas Committee, llA- lZA, Campus Committee, IGB, llA, Locker Committee, IOB, Student Board, lOB, Study Hall Monitor, llB, Bank Representative, IOB-IZA, A. A. Representative, lOA. lntersectional Soccer, '37, ln- tersectionol Basketball, '38, Var- sity Tennis '38. JAMES A. STEWART 4023 Shelmire Street "Stev."' Wilson Academic Circle Twelve, llB-IZB, Stil- dent Board, IOB, Ushers Associa- tian, llA-IZB Track, '37-'39, F., '38, MARGARETAH. STEWART S402 Akron Street ,lpeggyn Edmunds , Commercial Student Board, lZA. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Girls' Busketbafl, '36, '37, Girls' Base- ball, '36, Volleyball, '38 PAUL WILLIAM STREMIC 2073 East Pickwick Street iiwozfi Jones industrial Dance Committee, l2B, Trip Committee, l2A, Thirteen Club l lB- IZB, Chr2stmas Committee llB, IZA, Campus Committee, l2A, l2B, Ushers Association HA-l2Bi High Wav Rfpresenta- tive, llB, IZA, Silver, F., Gold F Varsity Football, '37, '38, Sec- ond Football, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '37, '38, Intersectional Track, '38, lntersectiorlal Basket- ball, '37, '38, Numera's, '36, A. F. A., '37, '38 :mf xx -, ' s KENNETH RIHL STROBEL 5l0l Duffield Street "Kenneth" Harding Academic JEAN SUTHERLAND 5446 Discher Street ".lean" CflSPlI1 Academic Triangle Club, l2A, IZB, Cercle Francais, llA, Hiking Club, llB, l2B, Honor Book, lOA, l2A, l2l3. Hockey, '35, '37, '33, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Base- ball, '36, '38, '39, Va'leybafl, '35, '37, '38, Numerals, '39. PAUL SWEENEY 3523 Englewood Street "Tad" WilS0I1 Commercial Christmas Committee, llA, IZA, Locker Committee, IOA, lOB' Study Hell Monitor, loft, IZB, Bank Representative, IGB, High Way Staff Activities, llA. lntersectional Football, '38 EVA SZKRIBYNEC 2123 Pratt Street "Eve" Harding Home Economics Honor Book, IOA-128. , Girls' Baseball, ' . K ffl-' ,f GLGA MARIE SZNAIDER 225i Kennedy Street ' "Olga" Sutllvan Commercial e llb BB Hiking u llB IZD Christmas Committee l2A Student Board llB Llorary Monitor lZB Bank Representative l2B Honor Book A Girls Basketball , Q ki G'e-U-C L , A , ' ' Cl Vb, X X llA- , 5 1 H , im, .rg 51 5-' Gir's' Leaders, '38, '39, Hockey, -- f' ' li '35, '39, ' f , '36, N '3' . f f '37, '3 , G l ' eb , ' 5, '33, One Hundred Two 9 lrs Bas all 3 Vofleyball, '38, '39, Numera.s, 39. .2 - ALFREDA TARNOWSKI 2270 Kennedy Street "Alfredo" Mastbaum Commercial Glee Club, IIA, IIB, Hiking Club, IIA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Penmanship Club, IZB, Honor Book, IIB-IZB. GEORGIANNA TAYLOR 7I44 Hegerman Street "Georgi" Disston Academic Glee Club, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '35, Girls' Basketball, '35, '36, Girls' Baseball, '35, Volleyball, '35. KATHERINE AMELIA THOMAS 6749 Lyntord Street "Tommy" Kensington Academic Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB. MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS 3II3 Fanshawe Street "Tammy" Disston Commercial Glee Club, 9A, 9B, Pioneer Prospectors, IIA, Hiking Club, IIB, Campus Committee, IIA, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZA, 36l-lockey, '38, Girls' Basketball, MARGARET l. THORP III7 Allengrove Street fe-s Wilson Academic Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IIB, Hik- ing Club, IOA, IOB, Boots and Saddle Club, IZA, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Repre- sentative, IZA, High Way Rep- resentative IIA, IIB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. Girls' Leaders, '36-'39, Hockey, '36-'38, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '36, '37, Girls' Swimming, '36, '37. One Hundred Three THE RECORD JUNE . I939 MARY FRANCES TIMCHO SIOIM Dittman Street if-mmf, Hallahan Academic .Christmas Committee, IZA, Library Monitor, IZA. Girls' Basketball, '38. .IANICE KATHRYN TONGUE 987 Harrison Street HJGNH GIIIESPN-I Academic Latin Club, IIA, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IIA, IZA, Stu- dent Board, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IOB-IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IIA, IZA, High Way Representative, IOA-I IB, Honor Book, IOA-IIA. Girls' Leaders, '37. ANTHONY TRANCHITELLA 5331 Sylvester Street "Anthony" Edmunds' Academic Camera Club, IZA, IZB. NANCY BELL TURKINGTON 8SI3 Frankford Avenue NNOU11 Cfi5Pil1 Academic Glee Club, 9B, Hiking Club, IZA, Dramatic Club, 9A, 9B. Girls' Leaders, '36-'39, Hockey, '36, '38, '39, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36, Vol- leyball, '36-'38, Girls' Swimming, '38, Numerals, '38, Letter, '39, DORIS MAY VADERS 8700 Bustleton Avenue "Dara" Wilson Home Economics Glee Club, IIA, A Capella Choir, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, High Way Representative, IZB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Girls' Swimming, '36. THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 CATHERINE MARIE VALLS 8001 State Road HKGYH Wilson Academic Hiking Club, IIA, Christmas Committee, IOA, High Way Staff Activities, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Leaders, '37, '38, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls' Basketball, '37, Girls' Baseball, '37, '38, Girls' Swimming, '38, DORIS HELEN WAGNER 7016 Ditmon Street "Doris" Disston Commercial Hiking Club, IIA, Honor Book, IOA-IZA, Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '37-'39, Girls' Basketball, '37-'39, Girls' Baseball, '37-'39, Volleyball, '37-'39, Girls' Track, '37, Girls' Swimming, '37, '38, Numerals, '37, Letter, '38, WESLEY N. WAGNER 1413 Englewood Str ,, 05,1 Wilson Academic Clef Club, I -IZB, Capella Choir, IA-I2 Vocal Ensemble, IOA-I2 k and Buskin, IOB- IZB, Cb Pageant, IOA, IIA, IZA, mpu Committee, IIA, , udent oord, IIA, Bank re entative IUA, IOB, High f Represent ive, IOB-IZB. DOROTHY I. WAIDMANN 5401 Oakland Street l.Do,,, St. Martin's Commercial Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA, Student Board, 9B, IOB, Bank Representa- tive, IIB-l2B, Service Club, 9B, President of Safely Squad at Allen, QB, Honor Book, IIA-IZB. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Girls' Basketball, '38, Volleyball, '36. F. JUNE WALKER 6325 Tulip Street "June" Disston emic Senior Twelve, I , Cercle Francais, IOB, I igh Way Representative ' liarles Stehfe Memorial Prize, 9B, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Girls' Lea rs, '36-'39, Hockey, '35-'37, s' Basketball, '35-'37, ' ' ' seball, '36-'38, Volleyball, '35s ' Girls' Track, '36, Numer- als, ' Letter, '38, , l l l Sue... One Hundred Four HELEN MARGARET WALKER 1208 Harrison Street "Helen" Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, IIA, Boots and Saddle Club, IZB, Student Board, 913, IOB-IIB, I37GirIs' Baseball, '36, Volleyball, MARGARET AGNES WALTER 2948 Robbins Avenue "Marge" St. Timothy's Commercial Library Monitor, IZA, Honor Book, IOB-IZA. Girls' Basketball, '36. STEPHANIE WARMINSKI 2363 Margaret Street lfsumyl. Harding Commercial Triangle Club, IIB, Glee Club, IIB, Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Bank Represent- ative, IZA, Penmanshlp Club, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-l2B. KASIMIR WDZIENCKOWSKI 4723 Tacony Street "Kasimir" Harding Industrial Photography Committee, IZB, HARRY ZANE WEAVER Mechonicsville Road, Torresdale ,.HGr,,y,, Wilson Industrial lntersectional Football, '37. ELEANOR JESSIE WEISS 77l9 Cottage Street ,Nauru Crispin Commercial Camera Club, IZB, lfrllgfnaceltllif IIB-IZB, Librar 'obitor, l2B, Bank .Repres atlye, 9B, Honor ak,fl . gi ' Leaders, '39, Hockey, --43 -'37, Girls' Basketball, '36, Girls' Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '35. ADELANE M. WERKHEISER 7066 Edmun Street il ic, Disst Commercial A, 95, Hiking b, . rvice Club, 9A, 9B, Penm ip Club, IZA, Honor Book, OA-IZB, JOHN VAUGHAN WERT S380 Charles Street "Squirt" Sullivan Academic Bank Representative, 9B-lOA, Honor Book, llB-l2B. ANNA M. WHITTAKER 6025 Montague Street iifxnnelf Sullivan Commercial Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IOB-IZA, L i b r a r y Monitor, IZA, Bank Representa- tive, IZB. Girls' Baseball, '36. JA'MES WILLIAM WHITTLE 2085 East Atlantic Street "Jim" Jones Mechanic Arts Library Monitor, l2B. 2-,gala l l l l l l l l l i ai, L One Hundred Five THE RECORD JUNE 0 1939 EMILY CLAIRE WIDMANN 2216 Faunce Street HI-eel, WIISUN Commercial Literary, Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. THEODORE JOSEPH WILLER 741 Cornwall Street ."Stuff" St. Timothy Industrial lntersectional Soccer, '37, ln- tersectional Track, '36, Intersec- rional Basketball, '38. FLORENCE NATALIE WILLEY 3424 Bleigh Street "Floss" Trenton, N. J. Academic Honor Book, l2B. HOCKEY, '35, '36, '38, Girls' Basketball, '35, '36, '38, Girls' Baseball, '35, '36, '38, Girls' Track, '35, '36, Girls' Swimming, '35, '36, '38. FLORENCE LILLIAN WILLIAMS 40'lI Linden Avenue "FIossie" Crispin Academic Cercle Francais, IZA, Hiking Club, IIB, Honor Book, IOA. Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Girls' Baseball, '36-'39, Volleyball, '35, '37, '38, NORMAN JOSEPH WILLIMAN 4636 Salmon Street "Wilbur" Harding Industrial T . Teni nib, lle-lze, A. Me, loA. terseEtionql Soc e- I MW, ln- tersecti nal il' 'l'rQtflff"E' U37, Bays' LGUUQEJKIQVI'-'IIYIUfTlE?fOIS, '36, '37, Secobl Basketball, '36, '37, THE RECORD JUNE o l93? FRANK JOSEPH WILSON 4303 Longshore Street "Frank" Disstan Mechanic Arts Vocal Ensemble, IIB-l2B, Christmas Committee, IZA, Stu- dent Board, IDA-llB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative, IZA, A, A, Repre- sentative, IOA-IIB. lntersectional Soccer, '38, Inter- sectional Track, '37, RUSSELL HERBERT WILSON 4913 Mulberry Street "Russ" Harding Commercial WILMA FLORENCE WILSON 4526 Magee Street "Willie" Disston Commercial Girls' Basketball, '36, Volley- ball, '36. RUTH MARGARET WINE 6532 Tulip Street "Ruth" Wilson Academic Girls' Basketball, '37. FRED G. WOHLGEMUTH 4314 Benner Street ,,Fe,,dy,, Sullivan Mechanic Arts Bank Representative, IOB. One Hundred Six VICTOR STANLEY WOJNAR 2758 Alresford Street ,fvicn Harding Academic Honor Book, IOA, IOB, l2B. lntersectional Football, '37, ln- tersectional Track, '38, intersec- tional Basketball, '37, '38, Boys' Leaders, '37. RUTH MAY WOLF 2309 Fuller Street "Ruthie" Crispin Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZA, Girls' Basketball, '36. SHIRLEY l. WOOD 4124 Camly Street nwoodyl, Sullivan Academic Senior M a r ' Committee Chairman, 25, enior Twelve, iZA, i2B, riangle Club, IIA, I lB,Fk cl B k'n cretary a reasur IOA , hrist- Cominitteq ZA, Student oard, 91-X, Hall Monitor, IZB, High ay Representative, IZB, High ay Staff, 9B, Discus- sion Group, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '37. MARY WOODINGTON 5334 Saul Street Hwoodyl, Edmunds Commercial GEORGE R. WOODRING, JR. S224 Burton Street "Shorty" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Table Tennis Club, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, llA, A. A. Representative, 9B, Honor Book, IOB-IZB. lntersectional Basketball, '38. ERNESTINE WOODRUFF 4929 Penn Street "Ernie" Shaw Academic RUTH WURZ 3833 Frankford Avenue 'il-loney" Harding Commercial Study Holl Monitor, 1213, Bank Representative, 1OA, Penmanship Club, l2B. Girls' Baseball, '39 WANDA G. WYDRO 5121 Jackson Street "Wanda" Harding Commercial C hr i stmos Committee, 1lA, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, Library Monitor, l2A, Bank Representa- tive, l1A, l2B, Honor Book, 11A- 1213. Girls' Leaders, '38, '39, Girls' Basketball, '39, Girls' Baseball, '39, Volleyball, '39 HELEN WY AN 3131 Stirling Street "Scotty" Hopkinson Commercial Glee Club, l1A, Hiking Club, 1113, Christmas Cornmittee, 11A, lZA, Campus Committee, l1A, 11B, Study l-lall Monitor, 11B, l2A, House and Grounds 11B. Girls' Leaders, '39, Hockey, '35- '38, Girls' Basketball, '37, '33, Girls' Baseball Coach, '37, '38, Voleybal, '36-'38, Numcrals, '39. A, JEAN WYNKOOP 1814 Griffith Street 'Geary' Wilson if Academic Dance Comm' ee, 12B, Cercle Francais, 1113, Glee Club, l1A, Vocal semb, , IOB, l1A, Boats and ddleffaub, 1213, Christmas Con 'ttee A' Ushers Associa A,'1fiB, 'Study Hall Mimi: , B, Representative, ii , Hiql Sl'0ff, 11B-12B, High Wen Alumni Eclilor, 12A, Bron7ne,,1jligl1 Way Pin, Honor Book, OA-ize. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Hockey, '37, Girls' Basketball, '36-'39, Champions, '39, Girls' Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '37, Girls' Track, '39, Nurneras, '39 One Hundred Seven THE RECORD JUNE . 1939 ISABELLA JANET YERKES 7224 Glenloch Street iflzzyn Disston Academic Latin Club, 10B-12B, Vocal Ensemble, llB, Christmas Com- mittee, 11A, Bank Representative, 9A-IZB, Honor Book, 11A-1213. Gir's' Leaders, '36-'38, Hockey, '35-'58, Girls' Basketball, '36-'38, Girls' Baseba l, '36-'39, Volleybali, '35, '37, '39, Girls' Track, '36, Numerals '37, Letter, '39, SYLVIA CHARLOTTE YOUNGER 2023 Bleigh Street "Sylvia" Wilson Commercial Literary Club, 1213, Honor Book, IOA, llB, l2A. EDWARD JOSEPH ZAGORDA 3027 Richmond Street "Zeke" Jones Industrial Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, A. F. A '37' F '38 ., , ., . MARIE M. ZAGORSKI 2614 Orthodox Street "Marie" Jones Commercial Literary Club, l2B, Hiking Club, llA, Christmas Committee, IOB, Campus Committee, l1A, Study 1-lall Monitor, 1OB, 12B, Library Monitor, 10A-1lB, House and Grounds, 10A-11B, High Way Representative, 1OB, Honor Book, 11B-1213. Girls' Leaders, '37-'39, Girls' Basketball, '38, Manager, '39, Girls' Baseball, '39, Volleyball Manager, '38, Girls' Track, '39. WILLARD R. ZNHN 6027 Tulip Street "Willard" I Sullivan Academic Chess Club, 1213, Safety Patrol, Allen, 9A, 9B, Honor Book, 10A- l2B. THE RECORD JUNE o 1939 WANDA STELLA ZALESKI 2029 Wilmot Street HVVGFKJOH Harding Academic German Club, IOB, IIA, Latin Club, IOB, Glee Club, IIA, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IOB, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Library Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. Girls' Basketball, '38, Girls' Baseball, '38, '39, Volleyball, '38. PETER A. ZDANCEWICZ 2644 East Allegheny Avenue "Pete" St. AdaIbert's Academic Locker Committee, IZA, Bank Representative, IIA. -Varsity Basebafl, '37, Intersec- tional Basketball, '36-'37, Nu- merals, '36, '37, EDWARD R. ZEBROWSKI 2345 East Ann Street .izcbn Harding Commercial Bank Representative, IOA-IIA, A. A. Representative, IOB, High Way Staff, IIA, IIB, High Way Mailing Manager, l2A, IZB, Gold High Wav Pin, Honor Book, IOA, IIA-l2B. Intersectianal Football, '37, '39, Intersectianal Baseball, '39, ln- terssctional Basketball, '38, '39. MATTHEW J. ZRADA 3242 Gaul Street HMOHH St. Adalbert's Industrial Trip Committee, IZB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IIA-IZB, Locker Commit- tee, IOA-l2B, Student Board, IZB, Bank Representative, IOB, A. A. Representative, 9B, High Way Representative, IIA. Intersectional Footbal', '38, ln- tersectional Baseball, '38, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, Second Soccer, '36, lntersectional Track, '38, Varsity Basketball, '36-'38, Boys' Leaders, '36, Numerals, '36, A. F. A., '36, F., '37. MNRIAN W. WRZESINSKI 2337 Orthodox Street "Irish" Harding Vocational Art Bank Representative, IOA-IIA, IZA. JOHN CARPENTER RAAEN, JR. Frankford Arsenal "John" Leavenworth, Kan. Academic Chess Club, l2B. A NOBLE BUILDING ERECTED BY THE CITIZENS OF PHILADELPHIA TO A NOBLE PURPOSE Lui ,Q W -54 V., has ., 4' 'B if S ,fir vii Book 5 MISS ELIZABETH LACKEY Book 6 MR. THEODORE DOERING Book 7 MISS EDITH JONES Book 8 MR. ALBERT WRAUGHT Book 9 MISS JOANNA FRITZ COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Organ Prelude Invocation ....... ..................... T he Rev. l-lorner Rinker Wissinoming Presbyterian Church Chorus-"Baccalaureate Hymn" ..... ................... l-l oppin Salutatory Address ...... ................................. M argaret Albany Chori.isM"Ye Watchers and Ye l-loly Ones" ............ Traditional Presentation ot Diplomas and Awards of Prizes Chorus-"The Year's at the Spring" .... ....... B each Valedictory Address ........ .......... ........ W i lliarn Ralcita School Song Organ Postlude MARGARET ALBANY WILLIAM RAKITA iw fiigagsggigpss XQNKAWQQKQXS QQQW my mf' w xx W wx, KKNXWWQ 1 3'5v1 'V 99-"!'!9.f M vw 45355 X X ' 1 dm' .X ucv' 1 1 ' - f rom gf 2 ' ' wowlnin 0 U UKKNMNQXD . ' ix f" pi 15144 ' 4 QP A N if P1419 uxQ"9P!9'i9'nt1n P41941 ft U t New m m my Wm W Ns. we 'Iggy-egisiisrgsg-gas' ' an mi' xmwee ww a WMNQ me Q We asm wx ggi s"9?'g'da' if P 1 1 Wim X wx? ff - Ain! Wg! 1 as X1ssxK'kwW mm? WRWKNDQ ' nv 959-51 ma nv-gg:-an D4 Y-49 1 1 Xavmwms' mf 4-Siam gag Fdssfgsif . WQNX 'iw WWA sums, we W We Y 'av ' 1 A ,egg ,K A p Q YN 0 WX 0 ' 2121? ' ' 1 4" ' xg gl H v S312 , 14 it 4 gf , Y D X? XX X j V 'S w v ' an f an '- ' 1944 A 4 ' WXYX K' Wow Ya A . 4 , nf n AY- v f!! if - - ff! Q ' 3 1 ffl 1 It KA : 1 4 A Pl XY W W 0 WWQS, sw X 6 A f' T M 4 "1 - 2 W n l , Q3 ' X X , Rb at L ...OF LEISURE HEN the glorious days of walking through these corridors have ceased, when last farewells are given passing friends, we regretfully close our days as stu- dents within this edifice. The next few pages have recorded in photographs the scenes and friends we will cherish through our later life. As years roll on, we shall have established here etchings of our memorable Senior Prom and the colorful sights of our trip to West Point. -fd ,' ' f "kr: .rx M I A Ji. 'x 1 i Z PART FOUR O N T O W E S T P o I N T 1 l A SWELL TRIP I. E311 CAMPUS CORNERS W A ' 1 I' x L , ., L 1 .Ng E , ' V 2 . r - UE 4 Q 'Qaif 3 EY - . . 1 . ,I - - .u Q F , I 5. N c , , 'n ' F ,Z ,ig-' Nil E HBH :E .a ' , .4 A 3 I . Eff N .,, , gg ,'kQ:,:,14-"'4L LR' ig w L " X y Cla I' E M W ml r in :xg ' i I R. . . . -4 s - wx J, I , If 4 a, ai? 'ifgmgm A . V ul Q .l. ' I W ' S 35:51 , , 'A - ' ' JI, 1: f 'Y J' 'HH i :Y" 1 Y vs " ix' ,, , ,,-'V gfwf- rx .E 1 mln, I 1 J 1 51:3Vp3W?'ii555:a4 L fl ki' P 2 Q 1' 5aQgsi f X 1 ' uiffli .,""" - A q,,f,'f7f1w5f5-31:11, - -wr' 'V b U H a ' "-i .11:-+-fi f ' 1-N o ' '. ' ' V 4 Q :f"i"' , k "ff I 1 , Q- . 1' 1 ' - V ' ii L4-A-Ji"f ' A I. R ffm' , "V' ' I D .rg Y ' Ax . ' 1 ,, V ,,,.9"', 4 ' ' - he - 9- Q -5' 5? i. :H uf ia wifi . nl? ' am. ,1': F' Q-'gl T, 1' I' . x Ll A ' I ig" KX Q1-fr. MA F R A N K F o R D S HI -'., , F. V A, ',g'.fd a uw ... Q? 5 .fffzgub M ffm I 5 J" ' ' 'V' mn f - y v' ff' 1' 'L ' .. L.. ,, ,j L., IA:-lp +--vs + 5. 1 ' 4' 4 lx- - , i W 2 ' "4 ' ,, :I 1 - Q ' . 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Cooke of the Clark Printing House, lnc., Mr. Bergholz of the Photo-Chromotype Engraving Co., and The Zamsky Studio for their assist- ance in the publication of this Senior Record Book. 1- H, 'V-.fajrw -' 'T' 5V A V ,V VV' .Vfif-fm .' :' ' " 'V "' . . ...... .,.,,. ...,, . .. .. . AV ' - - 1 ' VY wtf V - - , , -- .. . , 5, .. H N ?....,mww4?'5V3fQ'V7 W , A .I .- -, , ..., . ,V 1. ...,. . vnu.-1,1-'Q'---A' :fiqfi 2-'-3 ,H "1 "" 'Vg-V V , f :'V ' " - TM . ,- if ,. ,.,-,..-.,,.. ' in ,ig Qgiufl i L . A V L,,.u:if.,,:1gnTv:sE.Wf Tm. 4 4 PM Q , ,, 1-,:,,,,.,. ,Q3f:wm ,X in W ,. Y , B Vuswillgqi qlkrs-. 'f'T.V:, ,Yiwu-,.,, -----4 -N . A l , r A W vi . . E ,V A I -A A -j..,,..::1f,'jjzzwxH' - . ' . . -'S-9-s.f1i'iI. .a!1'VT,7j.l.. kfvvf-V VT':'ffQV -- -. :Q -A Kr' I. w h , - V. , . .. " ' . A. ,L.,jfa!Q!,- ibn,-: .-"'7",'f-'Q--...avg H -, . .' I yL?':': J 'Www X7-H4 " .,,g,.,F..,,- 1 ,. . 1 , fn ,V-, --..vw .,', . ,V ..,a,,, , A , . 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Suggestions in the Frankford High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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