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WM., .2 ' ,QWMQ4-vm x , -ffm .:., EP Y.. P W A v ?'..1,..., N S r .www ,Mpw 1 r ,, i 5 X I Alf 1' f W 3' 9, ww R Mx 'W-f The RECORD JUNE ' 1938 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA - PENNSYLVANIA T H E R y E C O R D JUNE 1938 5 s l Q l s X 5 A Challenge T IS to the ideals and aims of the members of the Class of June, l938, that we dedicate this Record Book. If ever there were a time when the ideals and aims of high school graduates needed stimulation, it is now. The greatest challenge faces the graduates of today. Today is a day of great social and political changes which affect every phase of life. lt is a time which gives Frankford High graduates a chance to show the strength and endurance of their high principles. Their Alma Mater has prepared them to meet the world intelligently and without fear. lt should be their desire and duty to use their intelligence in all the circum- stances of their new life, and it is up to them to increase their knowledge with each experience. The challenge for the members of this class is to enter this life bravely with an open mind, to put forth their own energies, to use their own ideas, and to gain wisdom from others who are more experienced. lt is their chance to show their true value, their opportunity to bring glory not only to themselves, but to their prepara- tory school, Frankford High. Thus we dedicate this book to their aims and ambitions. May they be great and glorious! Five THE STAFF presents . THIS Record Book of June '38, The memories of our four years of high school life are our most precious pos- sessions. Long after we have forgotten Latin and physics, we will remember the hopes, desires, ambitions and dis- appointments with which those years were filled. lt is the purpose of this book to catch something of that so- called Frankford spirit and keep those memories fresh. It is the staff's sincere desire to make this book link the past and the future so that you may in years to come relive some of these memor- able experiences. ' M- 'ws V " . it Six i . M 1 Q 'xx .,. , w S. l L , , , ' , ,M P 5' V . ' ' -.E A 'smiiffli sm ,W . 25 . s. , 'QF ""' ' 0 -1 P ' - P A - , .4 , f' " "' , ' Y 5 A ,.. A 1 P , Ur' 1 N 9 . Y Q ,E 1 W ky K 5 ,V v, - 1 K E f f- at law,-s"f12'1y 'vp '. 1' E . - 4 of , 54322-,, 5 I Af 3. W at f .1 I , ,Q 4 4g:a,1hgfQ,Q v H, , Mf 43,5 ,, f .U :..5.n:rJ.w3w-Q., , .F . 4 A Q.. Aww . S, .1 Lug :Pr-5 we ig.fQZg4.5El-v ,tgp gm: . , ,. Q V g3.4:X3i:5:z'g3g,gg, ' ' , ww 'V F fggfg- Y -ffl-N v gm .-My 4' f - vw if J' . K ' . 4--'.,.-...fl-'g':tg ,f , , ,l ,- mf Sqn N ,f A 1 aw, 1 K. .L f , E Vs, NL A i' If-g,,.gg-.---,g.,., kk X 3, gnti-X A f7,,e- ' N Q' Wi' E2 Q 'fl 'vm Q' QM' Sai:-IgE:3'f?f5frr5Q ' M X ' . Q Y , ae N . - ' 4' f ::'-i'f':'m:r.::-- , ' ll sf PM vw Wifi' 'E' V 2 2. 12 53 3,-,355 2225 P -1 Q 3 Q- ' ::23?5s?:?:3:5f:s:3 2 I .4 X-A M R " fm W M3 A . - .. 1 -.1-'iiilix 1-u ' -" M A A YE ' P ' 1 E-Q QE +L M P ,551 P 16 f?b?3?F15igggEE6 my W, ' fi .Ar f ' - , -. 4 ix ' Q A , AX 5 " gg?-gsgltltv-'xr-?:.4. P E -' 1 ..,, A 1 r' L A E . - P -N..-.-.sf::-1-far. if ' 4' f -M -, '- W: E . -' Ev E P vw 3 , 1'-f-XJ'-wi -zazzfw. K yn , k"?"' X 52 gf 7 uf Q, , ,. . ' E ' N A 1- :5'3L7'I:"'!"3fE-S: 1 ' ' 1 f'wv,'i.l -N iki , 'f' x ' V... 3 W' A 1 ' 'P U fywgvihgw f , jg, - . - A 1 45-gig ,L - " W 4 Q' ' , r - Q! Mmm, W , V :5:.:.:.::',X:,: M ,, ' W V xx E Q, , A 5 .,.:,,:... f , W, E 'L--fifggs 9' . I Y Ui ' , A- -':::::'-5:9-" ' Q 'ff .gf E if- P Q ,fm M .E Sfzruziilfi- ', K f,- 5- I N .- -k 7 . 1 . . - 3.::Q:nn..4 , Q 2 1 2 ' ' 1 - . z"-:--' E ,if ,A , , - I 5, n kE5:,,5:E1 - ' L an E f P E Q N -sae - - :S I 'XX - Q af KX me E S A u M Q, 5 ' 'gf I . fm. . ' S . W , .V ,N :ff .. --wif 'tmz A,, .1,i ,i.., V V THE PLACE and THE PEOPLE 1 .5 A f ff J 2 Vw ,N K , ag' ' WW f - X f XJ ' V J" R1 -V - 1' lay um .3 Me., M., M U1 'V .. - .fini ... 'TV . Q , W f '- : 5 f 4 gm mu NNNN ' 1,23 'fi ,A uw.. Q S752 mjfliwm '39 1 2 NNN, 2 fi E g 1 l j Q A -I N beam: N -NSI V- , T45 I' ,. 2 ff' f N fx - QI' N 5 VJ 4 Q fi if fs , , I 1:- s bn' A H f 5' H' Y' Q 3, -. N A9 , i .G W ' ff' 4' j X -A ,N gi 'v J W 29 X J x ZZ! , -M' N., x 1 X I . lun 'ml X N ,' We 'lillw K 4 R X lim' E in I .viiiiimrfilll e ast 25 f11.?liw1iw'11.f H '11 W iki, v s EARLY oo 1910, o Frankford Annex 1. L . - 5 -lil of the Central High School woo wil, 1,1 gf: U 1 ,N J1 started. Mr. George Alvin Snook was the 1 , or .1. . 1 1, . Mimi 1. . .. 1 ,Z Ai ilwml MQ I1 1 teacher of thirty-seven students. ln 1911, 'Af' 4 so" the Student Board and Ye Monks were 3:15 xi organized. The next year, the school seal was drawn by Mr. Rowland Rudrauff. In 1913, the first school dance was held at Assembly Hall, and, in December, the . .rc Alumni Association was formed. Two f"'ve'1.-so e??S A' Y i, years later, the cornerstone of the present Ei building was laid, with Mr. Snook as prin- b i' 'ee ' cipal. ln 1916, girls were first admitted to -EA. C1 f ? K w1G1r- -r o-If . .fer-oeffrsiij F kf d H' lr I h w'l 1..- S -, g Iran Tori is n thedsame Yeali, r.- xggtwxzfi' AA ram. I en, n , coac e a championship .f.7vr,?'r':jg,,,5c5i 1129- tennis team. The next year the enrollment passed the one thousand mark. This year jj? William Chism was the first Frankford ' ,fauna High student to enlist in the World War. :. ' , ln February, 1918, the commencement ex- ercises were held at the Frankford Theatre. is - ,ily iic ln June, the first class of boys and girls was graduated. The next year, the first senior party was held. ln 1921, Mr. Harry Barfoot was the first Frankford High Y student to become a teacher at Frankford. The Memorial Stadium was dedicated the n next year, and, in 1926, the pipe organ. 3 The "High Way" had been first published , 011' ll, the year before. ln 1930 it won first group 1 ,' "' G- rating by the Columbia Scholastic Press - , ld lj Association and won the All-American 'TF lg Qlllllli ii rating in the contest of the National '4 'ioll"'L"'1" i"'41fll'1o, . . . IGH ,I 511 WEfd,g.25,jf...,, Scholastic Press Association. In 1931, Dr. H, 1 V ill f5if'i3i,j'l'iy Cloud came to Frankford High as principal. g,,pT5,i3. Tll fllii Two years later, the Ethan Allen Anex was ifrufml .I 111 ,Not :1l1:,.V or'i . .111 H3151 opened for the ninth grades. That same M year the 51.50 A. A. Book system was in- Im 1 1 1371 ip, lg'H1QT5 ' jll whiff' augurated, and Frankford won the public -Ii ry y Iii: high league football championship. li , A: a yll' filth e ri n I D ll 11 onrsu The Present WITH the enrollment of the class of June '38 in September, 1934, the school reached a new all-time high of four thousand. The following June, the commencement exercises took place at the Baptist Temple instead of Frankford High, because of the size of the gradu- ating class. ln October, the Student Board bought new uniforms for the band. ln November of the following year, the Frankford football team won the All Public High School Football Championship. Not only has our student body in- creased in numbers and their achievements, but the outward appearance of the Frank- ford High School has greatly changed since those very first days when Frankford was an Annex of Central High. Within the last couple of years, the campus has stead- ily grown more and more beautiful. This beautification is due chiefly to the con- tinued activity of the Campus Committee, which was organized in 1937. W.P.A. workers have given valuable assistance. ln 1938, the outstanding events were the election of the senior class president, Robert North, and the other senior activ- ities. The "A and B" dance took place at Sears Roebuck Ballroom on April 22. This was the best attended dance in the school's history, 271 couples enjoyed the evening. May 27 was the date of our memorable West Point Trip. On June 3 the new Field House was formally dedi- cated, with the entire student body in attendance. This beautiful building was erected with funds contributed by the stu- dents and with labor contributed by the Federal Government. Senior Day was June 15. The commencement exercises were held on June 21 at the Baptist Tem- ple. lg. Q, HL ":: l Q 1 255. . .n::, 5 ' ul K K f - 1 f -sf ,f A 5. ff, x- , V 'lo- ,553 Z' l:"ls 30. -3 gk if gg 1 439' ' w I . 352.-.,:, I if . f , V' 3.-YW? is Q, QV? L. 5 fi , X 9 -1: -3 0 9 SRA' N " nf: ..,. . W -iii-f 5 .f Rf Q . 4: 14" J' ,' 154, 1 J 1 o 4 in 54 1135 xx , ik, ' 'ff ywm 1 ' we if . 'X F3532 40 W Ill fl Ai' - , ff, qs nv' ll Q mf ,ffm F bfi'- C' gr Q W4 Q- ' V.: 1 'Q M ag. M85 C X! 'NT -L. Q. Sai? 'an '4 wi? in N H., 5-J' K lu ,f.l,'iQifn. ANY SCHOOL DAY ON TO BRIDESBURG FROM BRIDGE STREET OUR BEAUTIFUL "EL" BOUND NORTH Fou rfeen AROUND THE SCHOOL Fifteen . A YULE SONG BALCONY SCENE MANY COUNTRIES I-2-3, NOW LOOK HIGH, WIDE AND HANDSOME PERSPECTIVE THE SWITCHBOARD THROUGH THE TREES TWO PAIRS AND TWO PEACHES f 1 A ffbgyamxf' THE Graduation of students from high school in times of business upheaval places a great responsibility upon each individual in the class. The handicap which is set before you should be only an added incentive to greater effort. There is no question in my mind but that many splendid opportunities are to be found at present. Cooperation and effort when the opportunity comes will lead to success just as surely as in time past. The competition is keener, therefore, the effort must be greater. lf we have succeeded in giving you the foundation for this effort, you will win, and you will look back with pleasure to your years in Frankford High School. Best wishes are all we can give you now, but with these go our hopes that all will be well. Frank L. Cloud. IIC HARACTER education comes first. lt has always been first with great teachers. Character comes first in business. Faith in fellowmen is the foundation of the whole business structure. Character comes first in the home. Mutual trust and helpfulness are fast taking the place of cruelty and domination in home life. Character comes first in citizenship. Faithfulness to public trust is the cornerstone of modern government. Character comes first in learning. The world's great thinkers have loved truth and maintained their intellectual integrity. Character comes first in daily work. No workman is really effective who does not build into his task, however simple, his own spirit and honesty." Emma Roth. Sixteen DIRECTION DR. FRANK L CLOUD an MISS EMMA ROTH Top Row: MR. ROBERT .I. ADAMS, English DR. FRANKLIN B. CARROLL, Science MR. ELLWOOD A. GEIGES, Physical Education DR. MARGARET HUDSON, Languages Bottom Row: MR. THOMAS MOORE, Mathematics MR. CHARLES NICHOLS, History MR. WILLIAM B. NICHOLS, Commerce MR. RALPH B. YONKER, Industrial and Fine Arts THE FACULTY MEETS o Seventeen . Qin S. x hr . ,VX ,ff if' , ' S B5 , gf W, 1:v I 5 fag ' A . ,.k, - 5':'i'5fL',f2 My ' fs W Ti f K ll iff, """""'W"" A za, 5' 3 -y V I V fx, 5 gf if Q Y 9 Q5 1, Q H . h we 1 f it msg if ww? in W " 51, ng Q M M W J ,. an nf Ev,w+f'w I 35 ,L,, ,, at Sf' ,Q If , f if if ' 1-1 if -1+ Mx , A Q9 4 S t ' ' 'Q , 7 X ff 2 ,M Q 'Q Y-rg Qriiy sf ,f 3 kqbl , 3 , Wg M F? . P 77 A , ... nf ,fx Y 1' ff 3 Y ' -- i. W Lmifml . if A f S Q A mA ,.1 .., , -fs "-7 x i E M... t' ,iss-K 1: 85' X 'X Sf K W x A' N, W' -X-. 1 a px img , 'I' ff. i 3. mm, ef , ii ww.,-M ff fvqf xXK fx + F ,, +A gms H 'S .K Nan A FQ-Q 7 , - k--, L ani' K K ,.,, I. .f , J' 9 'f . .1 if Y' f, X .1 .i Q i' Dr. Lewis G. Sterner ffl - 4' rK,QA,1fi,fJ tl . lg fxf -wymj CLASS SPONSOR N ONE at my senior classes this term l was asked this very pertinent guestioni What is an edu- cated man? The guestion was not only pertinent, it was extremely ditticult to answer. One might read all ot European and Oriental philosophy-ff trom Confucius and the author ot Proverbs, through Plato and the medieval schoolmen, to Cardinal Newman, Woodrow Wilson, George Santayana, and the most recent addresses ot college presidents, big and littlefand tind no conclusive answer. Styles in culture change as do styles in dress and political organization, But the guestion demanded an an- swer, and l tried to answer it. As l see it, the genuinely educated man stands apart tram his tellows as a man ot broad interests and sympathies, Bigotry, narrowness, and proe vincialism are toreign to the truly educated mind. A wide catholicity ot taste, a deep appreciation ot moral and political creeds in which he does not believe, genuine interest in all human activities are the marks ot the educated man, l' ' ' All this is in addition to the specialized knowl- edge that enables the man to earn a living, l tried, in other words, to tell the questioner and his friends that one possible detinition ot an educated man is this: One who has mastered some one field ot human knowledge and at the same time has ac- auired an intelligent interest in all others. Twenty-twu North Ross Andrew CLASS OFFICERS Robert North ......... Margaret Ross ....... James Andrew ....... Barbara Geiges ........ William Bristow ....... Geiges Twenty-three .........President .....,...,.Editor ........Treasurer .,.......,..Secretary Vice-President Bristow EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ross, Grace Foreman. CLASS COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 0 All senior activities have, either directly or indi- rectly, been conducted by the Executive Committee in cooperation with the class spon- sor, Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, The responsibility ot carrying out the various tactors ot the senior program has been taken by the members ot this committee and the subsidiary committees, ot which the chairmen are Executive Committee members. Bob North, class president, was chairman ot the Executive Committee, Bill Bristow, vice-president and three letter winner in athletics, assisted the chairman in his duties. Jim Andrew proved himselt an able treasurer, and Barbara Geiges, the secretary, did a tine job in keeping her records and in acting as otticial pin and charm saleslady. The chairmen ot the various committees rounded out this group, They werei Margaret Ross, chairman ot the Record Book Committee, Jim Sturgis, Dance Com- mittee, William Roeger, Photography Committee, Grace Foreman, Senior Morning Committee, Ruth Neslie, Trip Committee, and Betty Cogger, HA" Play coach, PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE 0 The work ot the photography committee this term has been three told, The committee members assisted Zamsky's in taking and distributing pictures. The committee member in each ot the Senior books acted as a salesman tor the group picture. The chairman, William C. Roeger, assisted by Raul Greenwood, took many pictures tor the Record book, The other members ot the committee, were: William C. Roeger, George Shamlian, Catherine Agnew, Elva Erbacker, John Hebsacker, George Mortimer, William Sale, and Elizabeth Toland. Twenty-four James Andrew, Barbara Geiges, William Roeger Robert North William Bristow, Ruth Neslie, James Sturgis, Betty Cogger Margaret fr' 1 SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE d F'I m r Donald Connor Anne Johnson, Rose Pesci, John Hebsacker, George Shomlian, Elizabeth Toland William Roeger, Elva Erbacker, William Sole. Mildre ie y, , G Bubb, Ruth White. Grace Foreman, uy SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE 0 The program tor the last day ot school was ar- d b the Senior Morning Committee. An range y entertaining assembly was planned, and the dance held at the end ot the day was made enjoyable through their ettorts. This Committee must Choose the graduation b u uets select and buy the gitts tor the O Cl i school and the taculty advisers, and the members arrange the Commencement exer- cises, The members are: , man, Mildred Filemyr, Donald Connor, Rose Pesci, Guy Bubb, Anne Johnson, Fred Schubert, and Ruth White. Grace Foreman chair- AY COMMITTEE 0 The "A" Play IIAII Committee is resbonsiblevtor the Senior Morn- ing brogram. The play is the usual one-act Comedye ebriet, but generally amusing. This year, the Chairman ot the Committee, Betty Cogger selected "Wild l-lobby-Horses" by John Kirkpatrick, The members ot the Cast arei Madel l-lol- ld d n Melvin Fogelsanger, .Ernest Schotie e 1 Ed Shanis, Betty Earhart, James Andrews, na and Sue Costanzo. "A" PLAY COMMITTEE A h t James Andrew Betty Cogger Betty re ar , , Mabel Holden, Sue Costanzo, Ernest Schofield. Twenty-five TRIP COMMITTEE DANCE COMMITTEE Daniel Glatthorn Dorothy Sunderland, Ruth George Hill, James Sturgis, Doris Schlosser, Helen Cloeren Neslre Dorothy Miller Chester Nisula. Marian Lewis, Joyce Brayton, Ruth Schweizer. CLASS COMMITTEES DANCE COMMITTEE ' To the lilting melodies ot "Rhythm ond Rhyme in Sommer-time" the Senior Closs presented its prom on Fridoy, April l8, ot on eloborotely decoroted Seors-Roebuck Bollroom, Two-hundred ond seventy-one couples, the lorgest "A" ond "B" ottendonce ever recorded, were present when George Sommer ond his orchestro mode their initiol bow to Fronktord doncing devotees. Jimmy Sturgis, Senior Donce heod, ond his enthusiostic committee, took greot core in moking the orrongements, ond consequently the Iorge crovvd vvos hondled successtully. A new ond exclusive teoture ot the occosion vvos the bronze chorm which wos ottoched to eoch progrom. Jimmy ond his cohorts ore responsible tor the conception ot this excellent ideo which ultimotely proved to be the hit ot the evening, TRIP COMMITTEE 0 The trip to West Point vvos one ot the most keenly onticipoted events ot the senior yeor. The trip olwoys tokes ploce the Fridoy betore lvlemoriol Doyi lt vvos o golo group ot seniors thot boorded the Chouncey lvl. Depevv, This wos the nome ot the boot thot corried this group ot 700 young people up the l-ludson River. Ruth Neslie, choirmon ot the committee, obtoined the orchestro tor the occosion, while other members helped in the sole ot tickets ond ossisted Dr. Sterner. The members ot the committee werei Ruth Neslie, choirmon, John Shields, Chester Nisulo, lrvvin August, Doniel Glotthorn, John l-loggerty, Dorothy lvliller, ond Dorothy Sunderlond, Twenty-six nv W 4' ' 1 A 'r 311. ta "' N, 'ui . ' ,fr f fi: ,,,,, S M , , 1, . 5' L. 1 x W W 1. , , ,P V 3, Q Lg 2, Q U 4 I W' ,A ,I . .YA it wg!!! 2 f,eS'a P" uv '5 g ix' ,, ., "rf - ise2"f 4 17 x '44 . by L -4 . gf, 4 fm r f m - - 1? ERE ore some of your clossmotes whom you hoye delighted to hohor. We hope you like their iriforrriol poses, ohd thot they will rerriirid you of mohy pleosorit frieridships. Best Musicians Teresa Malloy Guy Bubb Best Actors Betty Cogger Melvin Fogelsanger Best Dancers Stanley Spaulding Ruth Schweizer Most Shy Elmer Most Beatrice Class Most Artistic Virginia Klotz Joseph Camana Most Pleasant' James Andrew Doris Schlosser 'R ,iw , ,I -sf' 4 P A sr! . X 'Ullman RQ L m Nfl:- . .i M. -in yin-Mwwf-7 ' .4-K: 1, gk: - f vw - . ' 2 ' M Most Witty Leonard Smith Doris Hauss Biggest Gigglers Edna Shanis Donald Connor Most Popular Robert North Joyce Brayton Most Athletic Dorothy Sunderland William Bristow Most Reliable Barbara Geiges James Sturgis Most Mischievous Gerson Zubkin Madel Holden STUDENT BOARD OFFICERS President ..........,......... James Sturgis Vice- Presidents .......... Eleanor Vogt Florence Saiber Secretary ............ .... T heodore Domke Treasurer .... ,............. J ohn Murphy NEW plon ot corrying on the elections ot otticers ot the Student Boord wos tried this term ond seemed to be on improvement over the one tormerly used, lnsteod ot holding the election ot the tirst meeting when representotives were un- ocguointed vvith one onother, the second meeting vvos used tor this purpose, The lirst meeting vvos devoted to voluntory expres- sions ot opinion trom the representotives which not only brought out some excellent ideos, but olso enobled those present to get some impressions ot individuols, thus helping in selection ot those tor whom they wonted to vote, On the doy ot the election those nominoted were oslsed to stote their plottorm betore the vote wos token, lvluch interest hos been shovvn in providing tor the beoutitico- tion ot the school property. Generous sums hove been donoted to both the stoined gloss window tund ond to the excellent Work done by lvlr, Wise ond his helpers in improving the compus, The Student Boord sent representotives to the meetings ot oll high school student orgonizotions held ot vorious schools during the term vvho brought bock some interesting points ot vievv. Student contributions ore in excess ot lost term, even though the number ot pupils in the school vvos decidedly reduced in Februory. Thirty-two Guy Bubb ........ Gerson Zubkin... Donald Connor... iRuth Kiesling .... .. Robert Donaldson .,...... .,,,, Howard Wunsch.. Warren Latimer ...... HIGH WAY STAFF ......Editor-in-Chief .......Managing Editor .....Feature Editor ......News Editor ,......Sports Editor Circulation Manager .....Business Manager ff e, ap DRAG AND SHAG ' ff -' 4, ' " TONTGHT Wm-YOUR KF WE 1 ll IGH Y 'mmm rxvoxzrrr: BAG . . . V, A 7 f igs rf' lm 1 L, ,W Y me Y , , ,W , W f"""'S'0"'1'Uf4' M021 m ,jj,'j,E',e5!,i.'.i-',Q'?!hIlg,,.e,,, ,,,W,,,...m,, 1W'1.Fe,+'r'1"rMf:f..-.e WN' 'fwiff' "fanfare 1 'af' fmidmgigasiggfa swam Present 5 Th A 1 COED IN THE TRAILER X 115 lt., - - ' ' ST 'DQ' 1 B, M., mm., L' 1""' ' ' il-fhifiudii 1 711 . -1. .1-11.1111-1. 111. 11.-.1 5 H' 111 or :ml . ll I li ii 1 1 l ' X "f : 1 A H 1 1 A 1 " xr l ,JH 1 S X ff www 11. 1-1 I 11 1 1 1 1 L l 19, Kollaw 5 1 I I 1 l ' K ,J I X l K E. SL, 11 i1 1 1 11 1 " I A fu 1 1 1 ' V Q I M X A Im X K 1 l1 1 1 we ' 1' ' lub 11 11 1 1 f 1191 ' "Mr W"' 'N' - , . H' ' . '. Principals Form aambiewn 1 ' 1 f l ' iamt' Flu . 1 X S 1 V 1 111 Press Associahun l I H' 5 F " Afxmmimmw Gm-P Aid, 1, -1. 4, , ,i.,,,1f. ,,,,1 1 ,, in Fammg mmm sn-wx A ., .. 1, .. 1.,-1 11 - 1 Press orgammon l 1 ,11' 111111131 '-'U11 1111 -11 :1 171 l ' .. 1 it,i,.i .G-M..--,We 1, , 1 .tett 1 - 1 - 1 11 . 11 w-1 5 Queues Featured 1 1 1 'ww 1 f . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ln Radu: Contest 5 , ' V 1 Qi, www in Khin Unit mm, fit, , ,X ' 1 1 -, Dollar: Credi! Slips Oilvred ,H A I 1 1 1 'i AS Second Pines "'l ' X A 1 1 ,, 1, .1 1 2 1 1 ,f 1 1 l ,, M.1'f.11.f,H-. - 1- 1, 1 1 1 111 111-,1 1.1115 11 nw' W, 111 4 J k 1 1 i 1.. 1 1111. Miss Mumfma Find? P 1 I li' Civil War lliaru Thirty-three 'H nv if sr 5"'1 YV f 5 if 5' 1 r Q -fa 1 -- .Y , : Q 5 Q EWfW?i s v-?f155?'N 5 Y' f ,. H1---1 l Q 5:44515 U .NWEX y' 'S' ,A I I1 i a gm, WN'-P fgjryx :- ' f , ,,.- . S Ad 1. 'e 1 in- .. L A X -W -M ,N . zpfffigim' T34 'ww " A viii? x :Nw .1 Az , ww A .01 N ' if-L THE RSU um f,5i3-Q1 vwxdifm Y ,W 'N W'f!'l"," - sTuDY HALL Mouitoks THE Study l-lall monitors are chosen from each Study Hall period at the beginning of the term by Mr. William l-lt Boerckel, the head supervisor of the monitor staff. There is a teacher assigned to each Study l-lall period, but he or she cannot manage all the necessary work, The monitors were created to assist in this capacity. They check the attendance, maintain order, verify a student's absence, check the library passes, lateness, and excuses from Study l-lall. This work has always been done satisfactorily by these students, and we hope the future monitors will carry on the good work. As usual, many members are seniors and will be lost through graduation, 0 THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CNE of the finest organizations in Frankford l-ligh School is the Athletic Association, As in previous terms, they have been very successful in their duties of financing the school's athletic activities. The only means of support that the athletic teams have is through the sale of A. A. books by the representatives The upkeep of the teams and the athletic fields would not be possible without the aid of this organization. The field house, which supplies lockers and showers for the students, was built with funds contributed by the A. A. The organization was ably led by its competent officers: Ray Stock, its president, and Midge l-lorrocks, the vice-president. Mr. Kurtz is the sponsor. 0 YE MON KS YE MONKS, which is the oldest club in the school, is sponsored by Mr. Carl Wise. lt has twelve members. three of whom are officers. They are: the Prior, the Vicar, and the Chaplain. The Chaplain reads the Bible before each meeting and also takes the minutes. The club meets bi-weekly at the home of a selected member of the club. Because this is a literary club, two talks of current interest are given at each meeting by two members. There is also a dance committee of four members which take charge of the dance which the club generally' gives each term, The twelve members of the Club are: George Brown, Prior, Walter Bannister, Vicar, Eugene Dooley, Chaplain, JohniFrey, Edward Frey, l-lenry Travis, Robert Wigglesworth, Alan Beaumont, Stephen Wagner, George Nugent, David Rooney, William Dudley. As Travis, Wigglesworth, Edward Frey, Brown, and Wagner will not be back in the Fall, due to graduation, the club is now nominating boys to take their places. ' SENIOR TWELVE Tl-lE Senior Twelve is an honorary club for girls under the sponsorship of Mrs. Viola Woodruff. To be eligible for membership, a girl must have had an average of G or above since her entrance into Frankford l-ligh School, The officers of the club are: Margaret Ross, President, Mildred Widmaier, Secretary, Ruth Brower, Treasurer. The other members are Margaret Beadman, Grace Foreman, Ruth Grand, Alice l-larris, Teresa Malloy, l-lelen Romanska, Edna Shanis, Virginia Webber, and Mary Wilson. , Alternating cultural and social meetings are held every third Monday at one of the girls' homes. A skating party was held to raise funds for a prize to be given at COVTTFTTEVTCGVYTSVTT. Thirty-seven is 4 Q .--A TQ 0- K. Et? is it Elvis ,Wi in wi Q, 1 . .Vu 5. -ERE' .J i. .,: fixes? 5 EF ,Y L. .M 12 ,., .E 51 it its LQ . Ill Ski' , .52 r 1 ,5 . - .-i If zfing CIRCLE TWELVE 0 THE Circle Twelve is a boys' club sponsored by Mr. James Killough and Mr. Humphreys. This club is supposed to be an honorary organization with athletic interests. Many of the school's prominent athletes are members. The meetings are held every other week at one of the members' homes. These meetings are social affairs enjoyed by all those present. The necessary club business, however, is transacted at this time. The dances are planned, the orchestra selected, and the country club chosen. This year, the Circle Twelve gave a dance on May l3, at Boederwood Country Club, to the Rhythm of Lew Mayer's Las Vegas Band. The officers of the organization are: ,lim Esmond, President, Bill Bristow, Vice-President, Dick Ford, Secretary, Matthew Kolecki, Treasurer. Morrie Tanghe was chairman of the dance committee. THIRTEEN CLUB 0 THE Thirteen Club is an honorary organization which selects its members from the various athletic teams. ln this club we have members with a common interest in athletics. The meetings of the club are held on alternate Mondays. Under the able guidance of Mr. Leighninger and Mr. Charles Troxell, and the president, Bob North, the Thirteen Club has been an essential part in the athletic and social life of the school. Sought-for vacancies are left in this honorary group by the gradua- tion of Walter Brickner, James Newton, Bob North, Albert Egner, and Russell McLean. LITERARY CLUB 0 THE Literary Club, composed of girls from the upper classes, has met on alternate Tuesdays in Room l9. As usual, the programs have aimed to develop a greater proficiency in English. Debates, spelling bees, and literary games have furnished the interest for various meetings. Some of the games have been copied from the Japanese. A play produced by the group for its own entertainment was another feature. Magazine articles, book reviews, play reports, have widened the horizons of many. A theatre party to see lbsen's "DolI House" and a visit to Medford Lakes have rounded out the cIub's activities, Mrs. Markley is the sponsor, Miriam Fox, president, Betty Gallagher, secretary. THE USHERS' ASSOCIATION 0 THE Ushers' Association is an invaluable group of alert, willing students. Their duties are to direct the parents about the school on the night of Parent-Teacher gatherings, and to escort the members of the audience to their seats at all functions sponsored by the school, notably the Sock and Buskin productions. Their assistance is especially valuable during commencement exercises when efficient ushering is necessary. The Ushers' Association will lose many members this term through graduation, including its capable and efficient president, Katherine Franks, who has been a member of the association for the past four terms. The group has been sponsored for many terms by Mr. Harry H. Bonner. Thirty-eight A 0 LATIN CLUB T HE "Sodalitas Romana" is a Latin Club consisting of pupils who have had at least a year of Latin and an average of G in that subject, The club meets on alternate Thursday afternoons. At the meetings the members play games, sing Latin songs, and prepare programs pertaining to Roman manners and customs. The club is also planning to visit several museums and to make a scrapbook of advertisements containing allusions to Roman History or mythology. Dr. Jordan is the sponsor of this club this term. Margaret Wilson had been elected president, but because of her roster difficulties a new set of officers was elected. ' DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN T HE primary purpose of the German Club is "to encourage any student interested in learning more about the language and customs of the German people." Visiting guest speakers and members of the faculty who have been to Germany have brought back to us verbal pictures of the home-life of the Germans and of their country. These talks were supplemented by still and motion pictures which gave us a better idea of Germany's scenic beauty and of her great cities. The members were given a real taste of Germany by an introduction to Limburger chese served at the initia- tion. The outside activities included participation in the Inter-High School German Club. The club loses by graduation three of its officers: William Tees, president, Warren Westin, vice-president, and Dorothy Pike, secretary. Others graduating are: Jean Michael, Teresa Malloy, Rose Pesci, Dorothy Van Artsdalen, William Roeger, John Roth, Walter Kornfeld, Leonard Smith, and Kenneth Stenger. - o CLEF CLUB T HE Clef Club is one of the outstanding musical groups in the school. The member- ship is very limited, the club is composed of twenty members, each possessing some unusual ability, The club chooses its membership try-out, at which time each ap- plicant must perform before the club. Since the members never number more than twenty, the waiting list is always very long. The officers and the Clef Club are: president, Barbara Spelt, vice-president, Aileen Murphy, treasurer, Robert Currie, and secretary, Herbert Logan. There will be four vacancies because of graduation, The graduating members are: Martha Uhrik, Elizabeth Toland, William Kates, and Teresa Malloy. 0 TRIANGLE CLUB T HE Triangle Club is the oldest honorary organization for girls in Frankford High School. Although the club was primarily intended for debating purposes, many more activities have since been added. Among these are round table discussions of current events, literature, poetry, etc. The Triangle consists of a selected group of girls, and each candidate must give a prepared talk before becoming a member. The success of the club is due to the efforts of the faculty adviser, Mrs. Dorothy Malzer and its officers. Those graduating are: Dolores Donnelly, Doris Corekin, Betty Goldman, Margaret Beadman, Bertha Stone, Sue Costanzo, Mary Daniels, Ruth Brower, Mildred Dietrich, Helena Czarnecki, and Betty Ross. Forty-one ORCHESTRA 0 C REDIT is due to the orchestra for its accomplishments in the musical line. lt is always ready to play at the Parent Teacher's Meetings and during special as- semblies. This year the orchestra has had no special outside activity. The last bass player which the orchestra has is graduating this term, The Concert Maestro this term is Martha Uhrik. She will be lost through graduation. The other members graduating are: Charles MacMath, Ruth Brower, Edna Shanis, and William Kates. THE PIONEER PROSPECTORS 0 T HE Pioneer Prospectors have been successfully co-sponsored by Miss Campbell and Mr. Fetherolt since October, l932. lts members hold regular weekly meetings and take numerous trips to mineral localities around Philadelphia. Persons desiring to join need have no knowledge of minerology, but they must have interest in the subject. The membership of the club will be depleted by graduation this term, so new members are invited to join. The present members are: l-larold Pickering, President, Beatrice Class, Secretary- Treasurer, Virginia Klotz, Sam Knapp, Ruth Kohr, Ruth Keoley, William l-laberstraw, William Enters, Franklin Campbell, l-lerbert Reiber, and John Sulkowski. LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS o I-E CERCLE Francais is an honorary club for students taking French. To join, applicants must have had at least one year of French, and at least a G for the last mark they had in French. Miss Lora Marsh is its able sponsor. The members, during the past year, have played French games and sung French songs. Tales about French writers and statesmen were also given. The club had a great treat when Dr. Hudson have an entertaining and enlightening talk on Easter, how it is celebrated and what it means in France. As a tinale for the term, the members are going for a swim in a nearby pool. THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ' THE Girls' Glee Club is under the sponsorship ot Miss Frances Snyder. The pres- ident this last term was Doris Toboldt, and the secretary, Kay Sorrels. Many ot the members have been active in the Vocal Ensemble and the A Cappella Choir. They have taken part in radio broadcasts and dedications. When the club had parties, they were very tortunate in obtaining outside entertainment. The club will lose many of its members through graduation this term. A few of them are: Doris Toboldt, Kay Sorrels, Ann Waters, Virginia Fish, Betty Arehart, Gwendolyn Cox, Norma Klinker, Ruth Neslie, and Evaline Miller. Forty-two VN Ny 0 BOOTS AND SADDLE CLUB THIS interesting after-school activity, the Boots and Saddle Club, is comparatively new, only two and a half years old. Mr. Clarence Hutchinson is its sponsor. The members of the club ride on Tuesdays and Fridays, between 3:l5 and 41l5, from the Bustleton Riding Academy. Business meetings are held on Monday afternoons. Those wishing to ride the following day sign up at this time. Those wishing to ride on Friday report on Thursday to sign up. Riding is becoming a popular sport, and the number of members in this club is increasing each term. The officers are: Joseph,Guisti, President, Mildred Horrocks, Vice-President and Secretary, and Gerrie Simons, Treasurer. 0 THE HIKING CLUB THE Hiking Club is one of the most enjoyable activities for athletic girls in Frank- ford High School. This club is sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Lackey. Every clear Friday afternoon, a hike or a walk is taken around the vicinity of Frankford. Some of the more interesting hikes included the Treasure Hunt, Jelly Bean Hunt, Hare and Hound Hunt, and the Scavenger Hunt. At each of these hikes, the lucky person re- ceived a prize. This club, consisting of about two hundred members, has one of the largest membership of any group in the school. In addition to the regular activities, the girls contributed some dogwood trees to the Campus Committee for use around school. . ' The officers are: President, Eleanor Vogt, Secretary, Elsie Rooth, Treasurer, Mildred Filemyr. 0 PRIMI TEN THE Primi Ten is a select group of pupils with artistic inclinations. lt is under the leadership of Mrs, Kitchen, Before he or she is admitted into this club, the student must submit samples of his own work for examination. Those students who are chosen for membership meet every Tuesday afternoon to paint or sketch. The president of this term's organization is Joseph Camana. Other members are: Virginia Beach, Paul Greenwood, John Orfe, Robert Crowl, Lois Maakestad, Beatrice White, Virginia Klotz, Virginia Snyder, and Alphonse Sirauskas. Many of the members have achieved great success in their work and the school is very proud of them. 0 STAGECRAFTERS THE members of this organization consist of students who are interested in art. The purpose of the club is to study the art of make-up, to construct stage scenery and decorations, and to make posters when requested for any occasion ,of the school. The Stagecrafters arrange the scenery and make up the actors for all the school plays. Guest speakers are often invited to come to the meetings, which are held on Monday afternoons, or to a special gathering at a member's home. A representative from Max Factor's Studio was one of these guest speakers. Miss Edith Daggett is the sponsor, The officers are: Hilda Rossiger, President, Edmund Roberts, Vice-President, Ruth Lyle, Secretary and Treasurer. Forty-five -e-Mr. Ellvvood Geiges, and Messrs. Coval and Surrick. ATHLETICS HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SPORTS WORLD WITHOUT a doubt, the first and foremost soort in Frankford High is football This is due in n ll , o sma measure to the fact that Frankford always turns out teams wh ' ' I o are contenders for the Public High Diadem, Last year's team was no exception, Starting off slowly, the pigskinners wound up the season in a blaze of glory, defeating a highly touted North Catholic eleven. North Catholic later went on to win the Catholic High trophy. No little credit should be given to our excellent coaches FRANKF 0 The standouts on last year's club were Bill Kramer, Al Will, Capt. Fred Kac- zynski, Woo Bristow, and lvlorrie Tanghe. Morris played swell football until he was injured in the Armistice Day massacre, As a reward for his prowess and all-around sportsmanship, his teammates elected him to captain this fall's squad. Propects are bright, but we will leaye it to Tanghe and Co. to show us just how well they can play poll Lots of luck, boysl l www ,,,,, Frankford ...... l2 Frankford ...... O Frankford ...... O Frankford ...... l3 Frankford ...... l4 Frankford ...... 34 Frankford ,..... l2 Frankford ..... 6 1937 FOOTBALL RESULTS Haverford .. West Phila. Central ....... Olney ........ Southern ..... Northeast Germantown NE Catholic SOCCER: Turning out the best squad in recent years, Coach l-larry N. l3arfoot saw his soccer team reach the play-off with Simon Gratz before they were beaten in league competition. Gratz defeated us one to nothing in the waning minutes of play on a well-executed stop by Kendra, the outside right. The lads depended on a short, crisp passing attack to win their games. They got by their deadliest nemesis whey they tied Northeast, who was later eliminated by Olney. The boys who played the bang-up games Were: Capt Stock, lVlcKelvie, Braun, Wilkinson, and Nelson. September September October October October October October November November November November November November November Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford Frankford SOCCER RESULTS 2 Upper Darby 3 Abington ........... O Gratz 3 Southern 2 West Philo O Girard College 3 Overbrook 5 Central l Northeast Catholic l Northeast 6 Lower lvlerion l Olney 2 Alumni O Gratz Sid Brickner, Schubert, O O 0 O O 3 O l O l l Forty-eight BASKETBALL: With winter comes basketball. Prior to last season, no great interest was shown in basketball, tor the simple reason that, although the Franktord auintet always rnade a good showing, they never tinished near the top. Last season's team, however, changed the aspect ot that sport at Frankford. Winning every garne in league competition except an early season defeat by Sirnon Gratz and a hair splitter to Southern, who won the championship, Fronktord's basket- eers wound up in second place with an enviable record behind them. We 5 . 4 35, . ,.,, ,frm . ""' .., 1 W, . f '44 .f.,, .A 1-.,"'-'-'- 'UZ r ' ., - V . .4 -,, W . r' f ..,,.r .,,:,".,,. ..,, N ,,.,,.,.:9 pl... ws, W, . , ' V M ,"-:,..- ,,,' , r f i-...wig 'V Y A ' " W- 3 i M If - L ,,.. if is , ,tg V..,, . f " - Y , ,ga . A v , - ' kv Y . ,, - . M, " ' F ' - - ., V . r f f New FRANKFORD VARSITY BASKETBALL-1937-38 Dec, I3 ..,......... Frankford 253 La Salle 39 Dec. f6 ...,........ N Cafhofrc f3 Frankford f8 Dec Z1 ............ Frankford 29 Haverford 24 Jan, ff ............ Chestnut Hrfl If Frankford 21 Jan, 6 ............ Gratz 20 Frankford 19 Jan If ............ Centraf 29 Frankford 30 lon T3 ............ Ofnev QC Frankford 22 Jan fi? ............ Overbrook ff? Frankford 25 Jan. 20 ............ Frankford 25 South Phrla ?6 Jan, 28 ...........4 Frankford 35 Atlantre Crtv 48 Feb. 8 ............ Roxborough 22 Frankford 40 Feb fO ............ Frankford 48 Germantown 32 Feb 17 ............ Frankford 36 vVest Phila 33 Feb 24 .........,.. Frankford 32 Northeast 27 Outside of league competition, Frankford swept osrde such opponents as I-lover ford, Chestnut Hull, and North Catholrc Among the glrtterrng Proneer stars stood Captain "Woo" Bristow, "Shiftv" Herrn Drrzrn and Dead eve Rav Stock Next yeorfs teom is also promising. Fifty Following in the tootsteps ot Bill Dietrich ond Tommy Tithers, this yeor's boseboll teom oppeors, by eorly seoson form, to be o contender tor the Public High Crown. Alreody the teom shows signs ot greot ottensive power os well os strength on the mound, This yeor's teom's power lies on the brood shoulders ot Sid Brickner, stellor initiol socker, ond with Woo Bristow, our third bosemon, Woo numbers omong his best hits his long drive ot the Germontown gomeeeo home run with the boses tull. The pitching is very good this yeor with such twirlers os Myron Bliszcz, Donny lvlothews, Roy Stock, ond Fronlc Vondergritt, Bob Heismon cought, while the keystone combinotion consisted ot Bill Mclielvie ond George Nugent These two lods were good tielders ond deodly hitters. The tielders who held up the outer gordens were Ed Buchmeiry Veto lovechio, ond "Rozy" Ruczykii Veto, o pint- sized lod hos not the power to clout the boll tor home runs, but his push style ot botting hos dumped out mony Texos-leoguers over the intield tor sote singles. His outstonding doy wos ogoinst Centrol, when he hod tour hits in tour trips to the plote. Cooch Fronk C. l.ighttoot's teom is detinitely in the running tor the tirst time in mony yeors, ond borring injuries should show up well in the tinol leogue count-up. P S. Vlfe did win the chompionship TRACK: Track is the sport that thrills all sports loving fans in the spring season To hear those shor ened ik d' ' p spi es igging into the firm cinders is just about as sweet o noise as any dyed in the wool fan would care to listen to, Fronkford's team, coached well by Ivlr. Clarence l.. S. Roby, this year has been heavily hit by graduation. The Penn Relays this year were somewhat of a diso ointme t t F k pp n o ran ford track fans. Again not conceded a chance, Frankford was moving along well until Harry W i b h ' ' en erg, w o ran the third ouarter, pulled o muscle, which, of course all but finished Frankford's chances. However great running by th , e three other members of the mile quartet saved fifth place for Pioneerdom. BASEBALL RESULTS April 26 Frankford 3 Central ll April 29 Frankford 4 Germantown ....... ....... 9 Moy 3 Frankford Northeast .. ..... . 5 May 6 Frankford West Philo. ...... 6 Moy lO Frankford Roxborough ....... ...... l 5 lviay i3 Frankford Overbrook ....... ...... 7 May l7 Frankford Gratz ......... ...... 6 Moy 20 Frankford South Phila. ...... l May 24 Frankford Olney ...... ...... 4 Fifty-two The track team ' itself shaped up fairly Well. Wallace lvloore, a veteran ford, is running the 440 and 220 in fine style lt ' defeated Episcopal's Sam l-l ' l-lis at Frank- will be reme b ughes in the "d ,record-breaki m ered that Wally ream meet" at Franklin Field last June. ng time was 50.8. Another veteran in the jumps and high hurdles was Bob Suter. l-le has been jumping consistently over Zi feet and hopes to reach 22 feet before the season is finally over, Russ MacLean has been shot putting for the tri-color sauad. This year he has developed into an excellent shot putter, l-le has heaved 40 feet 6 inches and hopes to break the mark set by Jack Stein of Northeast last year when he tossed the l2 pound ball some 49 feet 7 inches. Altogether these lads, together vvith several other boys, should vvin guite o few meets, if not the final championships. Fifty-three GULF: Under the diligent guidance of lvlr. Charles R, Nichols, golf is a very up and com- ing soort at Frankford, The team played good golf this year. Pres Keeler, the team's mainstay, gives promise of being an excellent golfer in the future. TENNIS: A minor sport at Frankford, tennis is given but a small shore of credit in our highlights. Mr, S. l-lunter Kurtz, the coach, however, believes that it should be a more prominent sport in Frankford l-light For that reason, the art of handling a racquet has been stressed in spring gym classes. TENNIS RESULTS GOLF RESULTS May South Phila l-lome O 5 April l Frankford Alb Northeast lOV2 lvlay Gratz .............. ........... A way 5 O April 4 Frankford 9V2 West Phila. 5V2 lvlay Germantown l-lome 3 2 April 22 Frankford 2 Olney l3 May Northeast ...... ........... A way 3 2 April 26 Frankford O Roxborough l5 May Central ....., Home 3 2 April 29 Frankford lO Germantown 5 May West Phila. ................ Away May 2 Frankford 4V2 Northeast lOli June Overbrook ...... .......... I-l ome lvlav 5 Frankford 9V2 Overbrook blk June Olney .......... ....,...... A way May 9 Frankford 5 Olney lO lvlay ll Frankford lOV2 West Phila, ilk May 26 Frankford Germantown June 3 Frankford Roxborough June IO Frankford Overbrook Fifty-four -elm WW ' f 4' x 'E lggglffy, 5 1' " "' iq ,.,, M,- T? ,.7: A A 5 QV 7 aaa., wa , if? Q1 H WAS S N Hx mg if an Fifty-six i 1 'if-5. PICNEER FIELD HOUSE DEDICATED to the memory of those who served in the World War, and to the men and women of Frank- ford, who, by their untiring efforts, made possible the completion of these athletic fields. This useful and per- manent memorial commemorates their interest in the youth of the community. Erected with student funds of the Frankford High School Athletic Association and the aid of the Federal Government, under the supervision of the Philadelphia Board of Public Education.-l938. Fifty-seven Foollvall Song PWJJJJI "'l"l"'J.qfl Slcmcl and cheer Folfrunk-ford lllqh, sing her A .q 5 praises lo 'the skyg we will cheer l1erA -L:-FJ .r.q,kl,,,,l'F't'4" 'I foolball men! we will cheer and cheer aqafn HWJFJJJH 'LAIJ J 1 ll Lblrog lhe fiqhlinq Pi-o- nears. flql1l,Eqhl,Hqhl-,fur Frankfords fame fiqhl and win llnia qame as we l+lwlJ4lMff"l 5corfr5core,5cvrc,score, Qive Hires chfers for The F? ' f 'lf 4 l lilqhllng Pi - 0- ncera. XWQ A. A. AWARDS lk L SPRING . 1938 F l l .SSG S OO Alf X1 TRACK F Robert Suter Earl Egolf Philip l-lallworth Michael Czarnecki Wallace Moore Robert MacQuaid Russell MacLean Robert Madden Frank Baer Edward Addison Donald Chittick l-larry Weinberg AFA Harry Sibley Lothar Miller Joseph Gilyard Richard Ridings Walter Dahl Fred Bates F Joseph l-larrison Edward Martiszus Altons Reikow Theodore Bender Edward Davis Joseph Stutz Albert Bailey BASKETBALL BASEBALL F William Bristow David Moreland l-loward Ireland Raymond Jasemski Ray Stock l-lerman Drizin Preston Keeler Walter Brickner AFA Matthew Zrada Anthony Forti l-larry Weinberg Michael Jarmoluk Walter Wilkinson Daniel Matthews Melvin Myers James Brown Robert Urffer l-lenry Piotrowski Raymond Gurczynski SWIMMING George Robinson Ernest Schofield AFA Joseph l-lottman Dick Ridings l-lenry Navardauskas Arthur Draving David Simons Fifty-nine F William Bristow Louis l-lerman Daniel Matthews Myron Bliszcz George Walton Walter Brickner George Nugent William Mclielvie Edward Ruzycke Veto lavecchia William Overton Robert Heisman Wilson Vandergritt Fred Smith AFA Frank Vandergritt Edward Buschmeier James Newton Charles Mattern Robert Wheeler Egner Albert Robert Latimer TENNIS F Arthur Dennison A F A Richard l-lenkels Compton Anderson Robert Willoth Geottrey Brown Walter Draving GOLF A F A James l-lildesheim Robert Esdale Walter Deis Preston Bishop GIRLS' SPORTS SOME people have the talse imprese AWARDS sion that girls do not take much part in the sports worldg however, ac- cording to the showing in Eranktord l-ligh, there are as many girls as there are boys interested in participating in sports, Girls play hockey, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and go out tor track and tield. The Girls' Leaders Club consists ot girls who voluntarily otter their time and service to help tellow students in any phase ot gymnastic works The most spectacular ot the girls' sports is the Swimming Club. The members ot the club strive to pass the Red Cross lite saving test and win a varsity letter. All awards are iudged by Miss Evelyn T. Why, club sponsor. VARSITY SWIMMING EMBLEM Betty Cogger Madel Holden Mildred Eilemyr Barbara Geiges CHARMS Mildred Eilemyr Kathryn Eranks Barbara Geiges Jeanette Moyerman Elaine McCormack Dorothy Sunderland Miriam Browne Clara Higbee Betty Jones l-lelen Cloeren LETTER Jeanette Moyerman Elaine McCormack Miriam Browne Kathryn Eranks Barbara Geiges Clara l-ligbee Virginia l-lowrey Betty Jones Marie Rementer Dorothy Sunderland Helen Cloeren Betty Eisman Mildred Eilemyr Marion Moore Virginia Webber Doris Weller Dorothy Carey Sixty .QQ Sixty-one WQKXN SW fflifigggign I nv-nanvv 4 nv-gg 1 9 44 1 19 4 MMMXS, WW Q , 1 Y 'f' WM W wx, KJNW9 , 1 1 nf' Q M wav 5935314 x ' , , ' 2 ,X A s A A A v pi umnuqpv ' ' "Key 0 0 mmmmww ' by f . f , 4 ed A N m5'fi335 Q' W" FMYESQ 1 MN WX my QQNXXXQSX mme sw Ns way may Y! zifxldfff GI I '-'Xm5"5'59!H9-5!'35'95f! xv 1 4 If ffvff ax ex? vxvwex a Wm e we Q WQQYS 061 -X fav' 44144 551 INDI!! f 1 V f if f Y 1 Q ex? Www mm? ww Qemwimxfck ea ' 49 949:11 'in 944 lf! 4 iff I U P 1 1 MRYQW Mx? sm' ht gg Q www f 1 Q me as vw gf fa' WW M5952 ISM! 1 nv x WGWW 'iw WWA away -we W he Y Qlm , . wk' 2 t - .F 94 1 ' '69 VN W 0 W as 0 . LY w , ' L X ' 5 K vi SP5 'gtg U -Q ' 3 4 ' 'K !5 my Q K lm f LS! , ' - Jgeafi es-. F. an L WNW wg Wx A mi' KF ,,s'5 1. aff pfgga v 1 m a i! if 1 A - ' XY W Swmeis, me K A A ipv ,ff 4 x f M kv A 1 41 e f! 'i I ,xp ,Q Si ,gfiewzg-fp Q mi 1 Q JQESHQQAISElf.QUf1f7,1'74i , I .. ,fy umm: .N 1, A ' . A. ef .. ,1 -. gf H: ' - , fy ,su a. , X- .Q 5MfYgwf gf by W 2 WTA if 51 5 L , V ,f V -fziiifgilfvf ' S, ,.k3?gL,QvfL?5 , 1 ' , R155 Q 53, Wgtgf, is W , . 2. cn, ,. , A ,,,. V g, If 2 . 2 1 J 3 L? X U :,:. ..5. , M ' 1 4 V: Q- li , .X , HM R ci -MM ,mf A M 4..1 f ,. 'I 1, A: I , 4 5 ' . ,,.f,,,--5,-li g gfim ' 1 fi "wx 7 L 5 Q ' 'T Wi 'A 7 f 5 X A fe ' ,E + , 4. 5, :js t , i . 1 f ' 5 s z 1 R l i 7 : ' Q , ,W , , .M . S i Z, . N V ,gflvw ILM-3Qi:1QWf?f:Q1i1'1 P gzftiflfrf-wivviggas '- M --SH f 1,2 'i vw 'W' .J lbw .TQ Q gigagilmffvy - H-4' 2 " ggfyh yj. - v,4q,,L,, . . M W ,,,,,..T,,.,....- THE PRODAUC T LCG of the CLASS of 1938 Sept. 12, 1934-Lorgest closs of students in history of Fronkford l-ligh School entered Allen Annex os green, young freshmen. Dec., 1934-Christmos Donce wos held ot Allen with the Allen Orchestro providing the music. Sept., 1935-The June '38 Closs timidly entered moin building, Met with students from Junior l-lighs, the greotest numbers coming from l-lording ond Wilson. Sept. 12, 1935-Spent oll doy trying to find woy oround building, nevertheless, felt the greot importonce of being sophomores. Sept. 30, 1935-Student Boord contributed money for purchose of bond uniforms. Oct., 1935-Mitzi Club, which coused greot confusion on the stoirs ond in the holls, wos estoblished. Most wise sophomores remembered to keep their fingers crossed. Nov. 22, 1935-New English course inouguroted. Dec., 1935-New timing system storted, All closses begon fifteen minutes eorlier. Feb., 1936-We were now high sophomores who knew oll obout Fronkford l-ligh School. March, 1936-"l-ligh Woy" roted highest omong school publicotions of Philodelphio students. Sept., 1936-The Closs of June '38 wos now firmly estoblished os the junior closs. Oct., 1936-Moyor Wilson spoke to mony people obout selling Boldwin Field. Nov., 1936-Fronkford footboll teom won fourth Chompionship. Defeoted Germon- town for first title since l933. Jan. 22, 23, 1937-Sock ond Buskin presented George Kelly's dromo, "The Show-off." Betty Cogger, Melvin Fogelsonger, Sue Costonzo, ond Bob North, oll members of our own closs, took some of the most importont ports. Feb., 1937-Our closs wos now odvoncing to its senior yeor. March, 1937-For the second consecutive yeor the Columbio Scholostic Press Asso- ciotion roted the "High Woy" in the first closs of Senior l-ligh newspopers, Sixty-four April, 1937-New plan announced for following term, The completed plans will have grades lOB to 12B at Frankford, lOA at Allen, and grades 9A and 9B at Junior Highs. May 14, 15, 16, 1937-"Frantic Physician," the first operetta at Frankford l-ligh was presented. Several members of our class took prominent parts. June, 1937-Guy Bubb, member of June Class of 1938 elected Editor-in-Chief of the Ill-Hgh Woyill Sept., 1937-Our class members now stood on the threshold of their Senior year, Sept. 24, 1937-The final football season began. Dec. 3, 4, 1937-Sock and Buskin presented "The Passing of the Third Floor Back." Dec. 15, 1937-Started building of new locker house at Baldwin Field. Jan., 1938-Bob North elected June '38 Class president. Feb., 1938-Our senior class at this time entered its final term. Vice-President, William Bristow, Secretary, Barbara Geiges, and Treasurer, James Andrew were selected as the other officers of the class. The Campus Committee was off to a good start on the improvement of the school grounds. March, 1938-Senior Committees selected. James Sturgis elected Student Board President. Sue Costanza given lead by Betty Cogger in "A" Play. "High Way" awarded second group at Columbia. Orders for chains, pins, keys taken by Barbara Geiges, April, 1938-George Sommers' Band supplied music at "A" and "B" Special novelty was planned, and charms were given out. Most people and best dance ever given -but then why not? Moy, 1938-l-lelen Romanska and Stephen Wagner selected as head of class. That ' gala affair-the West Point Trip. We all remember that day. June 3, 1938-Field House dedicated at Memorial Stadium with entire student body present. I o June 15, 1938-Senior Morning. Record Books were distributed. Mingled tears and laughter were a common sight. June 22, 1938-Four years have passed at Frankford I-ligh School in seemingly no time at all. 380 Seniors now receive diplomas and embark on a new life. Are we sad or glad? Sixty-five THE RECORD 0 JULIA ROSE AGNETA 5905 Roosevelt Boulevard "Jule" Wilson Commercial Campus Club, l2A, Student Boa'd, l2A, Highway Representa- tive, llA. Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '35. JOHN CURRY AGNEW 3413 Tyson Street "Jack" Disston Academic Student Board IOA-l1A, A. A. Representative, lOA, l2B. Second Soccer, '36, lntersec- tional Soccer, '37. KATHERINE S. AGNEW Aubrey Avenue, Torresdale UKGYH Crispin Commercial Glee Club, l2B, Literary Club, 12B, Hiking Club, llB-l2B, Pho- tography Committee, IZB, Student Board, l2B, Book Room Monitor, l2A, English Office Monitor, l2A, Honor Book, IOA. Girls Baseball, '38, ANN WALKER ALLEN Bustleton Avenue Er Red Lion Rd. Wilson Commercial Dance Committee, lZA, Bank Representative, lOA-l2B, House G Grounds, llA. M JEAN ALLEN 281 Overington Street "Gracie" Harding Commercial Literary Club, l2A, IZB, Hiking Club, l2B, Student Board, lOA, Book Room Monitor, IZA, Honor Book, lOA, lOB. Girls Baseball, '37, '38. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Sixty-six 0 JUNE 1938 EVELYN ANDERSON 6119 Hegerman Street "Jinx" Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, l2A, German Club, l2A, 125, Hiking Club, l2B, Cam- pus Committee, IZA, l2B. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, Vol- leyball, '37, CIRO B. ANDREASSI .7800 Cottage Street Crispin Commercial Locker Committee, l2B. JAME . A RE R. 1413 E t D Street i Im yi, Wils Academic A Pla' Cast, Treasurer of Senior Cla s, Christmas Committee, llA, 12A, ibrary Monitor, llA- 12B, Highway Representative, l2A, onor Book, IOA-l2B. lntersectional Soccer, '36, '37, lntersectional Baseball, '36, lnter- sectional Football, 'f, Numerals, '38 .-', 4 if 1 ELIZ H H. AREHART ' Englewood Street , "Berry" 's n Home Economics ec Club, 12A, 125, Hiking ub, , Vocal Ensemble, l2B, 'A' Pl ' ast,, House and Grounds, l2B, pus Committee, l2A, Honor Book, lOA, A Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, Leaders, '37, '38. ' WARREN E. ARLETH 5014 Cottage Street HGOVH Harding Mechanic Avrts Chess Club, lOA-l2B, hess Team, llA-l2B, Sta C "1 , 1lA, Bon R rse , A- HB, Bo , io, i2B. lntersectional Track, '36, lnter- sectional Basketball, '37, 38, lnter- sectional Baseball, '37, lntersec- tional Football, '35, '37, Second Football, '36, A. F, A, '36. THE RECORD 0 IRVIN AUGUST 2352 Orthodox Street UAUQYH Harding Academic Stomp Club, IOB, Highway Edi- torial Staff, IOB-IZB, A. A. Rep- resentative, IIB, IZA. Intersectional Basketba'l, '38, lntersectional Baseball, '36, Inter- sectional Football, '36, '37, FRANK LEROY BAER 5006 Cottage Street "Hank" Waynesboro, Pa. Academic Track, '37, '38, lntersectional Track, '37, lntersectional Basket- ball, '36, Gym Team, '37, 38, Leaders, '37, '38, I ELVA BAKER j 1918 East auckius Strait! Harding Vecademic ere-Q Club, im, 'rzkk swimming Club, IIB, Ce I Shancais, IZB, Vocal nse , IZB, Christmas Cammi e , nor Book, IOA- IZB G ketball, '37, '38, Lead- ers, 8. GEORGE E. BALTZ 4919 Duffield Street X ,,BUd,, Harding c Library Monitor, B, ank p- resentative, B, . A. Represen- WO on Book, IOA. ELEANOR M. BARNES 5324 Large Street "Barnesy" Wilson Academic Campus Committee, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IOB-IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZB, A. A. Representative, IZB, Highway Rep- resentative, IOA, IIA. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Sixty-seven ' JUNE I938 RUSSELL T. BARNETT 868 Foulkrod Street "Russ" Creighton Mechanic Arts Table Tennis C'ub, IZB, WILLIAM ROBERT BARR 3510 "I" Street Stetson Commercial ,Assistant Business Manager of Highway Staff, IOB-IIB, Honor Book, IZB. VIRGINIA BATES 4628 Pilling Street "Ginny" Edmunds Academic Hiking Club, IZB, Cercle Fran- cais, IZB, Student d, ' onor Book, IIB-IZB. rack ' , '38, Girls Base- DORIS CAROLYN BAYER 4603 Horrocks Street "Dot" Harding Commercial Ushers Association, IIB-IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Track, '36-'38, Hockey, '38, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Bose- ball, '38 MARGARET ANNE BEA'DMAN l683 Dyre Street npeggyu Ambler, Pa. Academic Senior Twelve, IZB, Triangle Club, IZB, Cercle Francais, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Book Room Monitor, IZA, Honor Book, IZA, IZB, Campus Committee, IZB. THE RECORD 0 KATHLEEN CRAIG BEATTY 1921 Haworth Street HKOYH Harding Commercial Vocal Ensemble, l2A, l2B. Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Track, '36, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37. ,JANE MOWBRAY BECHTEL 937 Herbert Street Salem, Ohio Academic Honor Book, l2B. PEARL TELLE B - HER 4747 S fiel l X enue Crispig Commercial Danc mmitt QA' Christmas Committ , IOA, Study Hall Mon- itor, llA. RUTH JANE BELL 1071 Pratt Street "Boots" Olney Academic Hiking Club, l2B, House and Grounds, l2A. MILDRED C. BENNETT 822 East Thayer Street "Millie" Kensington Commercial Swimming Club, IZB, Hiking Club, l2B, Christmas Committee, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, l2B. Leaders, '38. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Sixty-eight ' JUNE 1938 J SEP A. BENSON l ongshore Street HJOH Disston Academic Glee Club, IZA, l2Bg Cercle Francais, lOB, llA, Christmas Committee, HA, Student Board, 9A, Library Monitor, l2B, Honor Book, 9A-llB, IZB. Volleyball, '36, fav. f' V 'X RUTH 'r. BETTIN '- f 4758 ViStafx5treet xiii,-Erryl, Disston X " Commercial l-liking Club, llA, Dance Com- rixihttee, 9A, Christmas Committee, ilA, l2A, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, A. A. Representative, IOA, Highway Representative, 9B. MARIAN ELLA BEUERLE 1642 East Lycoming Street "itch" Hopkinson Commercial German Club, lZA. ELAINE BIGGARD 5230 Saul Street Rhumba Edmunds O0 J Commercial Cl l Ll lOA llB us llA an Representa , IOB l2B, A A. Representativ , l2A, Honor Book, 9B-IOB, ll- al Q Q Glee Cl ls, - , .: w i : B - km, lla, l2A, o l :1-- lofa- B, l'.2 , Danc to mee, l , hri S ' , llla, l , l al . A , llA-IZB, ok om u' r, -l2A, RALPH WILLIAM BISBING 4420 Aldine Street "Tarzan" Disston Commercial A. A. Representative, lZA, l2B, Highway, Assistant Circulation Manager, l2A, IZB. THE RECORD 0 MILDRED LOUISE BLAKE 1169 Anchor Street "Mill" Edmunds Commercial Hiking Club, lZA, Campus Com- mittee, lZB. Hockey, '36, Girls Basketball, '35, Girls Baseball, '35, Leaders, '37, FLORENCE E. BLAMBERG 1646 Dyre Street "Floss" Sullivan Commercial Stage Crafters, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, lZB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, l1A, 11B, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, House Cr Grounds, IOB. Volleyball, '36. HELEN MARGARET BOAL 8022 Frankford Avenue Upeggyn Crispin Academic JOHN MOORE BOYD V 5113 Cottage Street Harding Academic Table Tennis Club, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Locker Com- mittee, 12B. lffewml FRANK L. BOYER 4248 Levick Street St. Timothy's Industrial ,IH '. 4 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL l i Sixty-nine 0 JUNE 1938 EDWARD H. BRAUTIGAM 3570 Joyce Street Jones Mechanic Arts Locker Committee, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, lOA, l0B. 38l ntersectional Basketball, '37, JOYCE L. BRAYTON 6126 Almo Street Wilson Academic Swimming Club, 1013-1lB, Dance Cingwmittee, lZB, Honor Book, 10A- Track, '36, '38, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basketball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36-'38, Volleyball, '35, '36, Numerals, '38. WALTER BRICKNER 6730 Dittman Street Disston Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, llB-l2B, Dance Committee, lZB. Varsity Basketball, '36-'38, Varsity Baseball, '35-'38, lnter- sectional Football, '37, A. F. A., '36, '37, F,, '36-'38 WILLIAM L. BRISTOW 3532 Joyce Street HWOOH .lanes Academic Circle Twelve, 11B-lZB, Vocal Ensemble, 12A, IZB, Christmas Committee, l2A, IZB, Locker Com- mittee, lZA, l2B, Student Board, 1ZA, Ushers Association, llB-l2B, Study Hall Monitor, lZB. lntersectional Basketba'l, '34, Varsity Basketball, '36, Captain, '37, 38, Varsity Baseball, '37, '38, Second Football, '34, Varsity Foot- '6, '37, Numerals, '34, F,, ball, 3 '36-'38. RUTHE B. BROWER 4142 Gilham Street "Ruthie" Disston Academic Glee Club, lZB, Orchestra, lOA- 12B, Senior l'welve, IZB, High Way Staff, 11B-IZB, Headline Ed- itor, l2A, Copy Editor, l2B, Lit- erary Club, lZB, Triangle Club, i2B, Hiking Club, los, ize, Latin Club, 11A-lZB, All-Senior High Music Festival, 11B, lZB, English Office, IZB, Honor Book, lOA, IZB. Track, '35, '36, '38, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '35, '37, '38, Girls Baseball '35, '38, Volleyball, '35-'37, Leaders,. '36-'38, Nu- merals, '38, Letter, '38, THE RECORD 0 ELIZAB TH R0 2 nite ,IB if Hardin Commercial Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38. EVELY MA N , I Fit l o ' ' Academic I C , IZB, Swimming Club, ' Hik Club, IZB, Highway pregen e, 9A, 9B, Honor ook, A- B. ck, '36, Girls Basketball, '37, GIFIS Baseball, '36, Leaders, '35, '38, MIRIAM HARRIET BROWNE 7010 Glenlock Street U lfM,m1l Disston Academic Swimming Club, IIA, IIB, Z , Hiking Club, IIB, Stud rd, 9B, l e ive, 9A, QB, Ho unds, IOA, IOB, Highway Reporter, 9A, 95, Honor Book, IIB-IZB, Track, '3 -' , , '36 '37, Girls I, '35-'38, Basketball Re , '38, Hockey Referee, '37, iris Baseboll, '35- '38, Volleyball, '35-'38, Leaders, '35-'38, Rhythmic Dancing, '37, Numerals, '36, F., '37, Charm, '38 GUY BUBB, JR. 4043 Castor Avenue Hopkinson Academic Band, IOA-IIA, Pioneer Pros- pectors, IIA, Mathematics Club, IOB, Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Highway Staff, IOB, IZB, Editorial Writer of Highway, IIA, Sports Editor of Highway, IZB, Editor-in-Chief of Highway IZA, IZB, Allen Orchestra, 9A-IOA, Pep Committee, IZA, Christmas Committee, IZA, Student Board, IIA, Bank Representative, 9A, A. A. Representative, IZA, Honor Book, IOB, IIA, IZB, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, lntersectional Soccer, '37, '38, Intersectional Football, '37, '38, Second Swimming, '37, Intersec- tional Baseball, '36, '38. DOROTHEA H. BUCHBORN 6023 Charles Street Sullivan Home Economics Sock C1 Buskin, IIA-IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZB, Bank Representative, IZA, Highway Rep- resentative, 9A, 9B. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Seventy 0 JUNE 1938 HELEN BUCHINA 4755 Shelmire Street "Lenny" Harding Commercial Swimming Club, IOB, Philadel- phia Club, IOA, Hiking Club, IIA, Christma Com ttee, IOA, Il ' St y H II tor, B, House , n , A, Camp Com I , Track, ' 8, ' ' asketball, '37, '332 VCI' Basketball Referee, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, vol- leifball, '35-'37, Numerals, '38. WILLIAM BUCK 353l Wellington Street "Bucket" Wilson Industrial Student Board, IIA. Intersectional Track, '36, '37, Intersectiorlal Football, '36, '37. X CAIHERINE F. BURGIN XJWAZIIXLXBSSI Brighton sneer ,Jul ' "Kay" ' Disston Academic IW Christmas Committee, IIA, IZA, Student Board, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IZA, Bank Rep- resentative, 9B-IIA, IZA, IZB, A. A. Representative, IOB, Highway Representative, IOB, House F1 Grounds, IIB. Track, '34, Girls Basketball, '34, Girls Baseball, '34, '35, Volleyball, '35 FRANCIS P. BURNS 4119 Greeby Street "Franny" St. Timothy's Industrial FRANCIS BURZYDLOWSKI 3149 Cedar Street "Buzz" St. Adalbert's Industrial Highway Representative, 9A, 9B. Intersectional Soccer, '37, '38, Numerals, '38, THE RECORD 0 WILLIAM A. BYRNES 3522 Wellington Street "Bill" St. Dominic Mechanic Arts Engineering Club, IZA. ELSIE JEAN CAIRNS 3424 Oakmount Avenue Girls High Academic Glee Club, IIB, IZA, Campus Committee, IZA, German Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Library Monitor, IIA, Highway Representa- tive, IOB-IZB, House 6 Grounds, IIB-IZB, Prizes, Bronze Highway Pin. Girls Basketball, '36, '37, Lead- ers, '37, JOS AMANA Erdrick Stre HK Academic P' i Ten, i i2i3, smge Cra IZA, ord Book Com- rnitte ' ristmas Committee, IZA, C s Committee, IZA, Honor Bo IOA-IZB. WWW MARIAN MAY CAN NAN Ailgon Avenue Wilson Academic Glee Club, IIB, IZB, Stage- crafters, IZA, IZB, Operetta Chor- us, Vocal Ensemble, IOB-IZA, Bank Representative, IOA, IIA. IRA ALVA CANTNER 4816 Duffield Street Amsterdam, N. Y. Commercial FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL I Seventy-one 0 JUNE 1938 DOROTHY MAY CAREY 4708 Longshore Street "Shorty" Disston Commercial Swi ' E Club, IZB, Hiking C 5 A, Christmas Committee, dy ig- omior, im, F- lldi ivr- ' - IOB, Highway Jus ve, II , House Cr Ground , IZA. Trac , '34-'36, '38l Girls Basket- ball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '34, '35, '38, Leaders, '35-'38, Donc- ing, '36, Tap Dancing, '36, '37, Numerals, '38 HAROLD EDWAIRD CASTOR 5023 Unruh Street Disston Commercial VERA E. CATHERS 7160 Montague Street Crispen Commercial ' 'deip i Club, ioe-ns, seiigigrerijciiqi i A, 1255 Lir- erary Clu , I " 'ing Club, IIB-IZB, rn Monitor, IIA, IIB, Ho 'Book, IOA-IZB. Volleyball, '37, '38, LIBE CAVALIERI 964 Pratt Street Edmunds Academic Cercle Francais, IZB, Christmas Cggimittee, IZA, Honor Book IIA- FLORENCE A. CEGIELSKA Z762 Pratt Street "Flo" . yi.- Harding I f mmercial Phila ia C , IIA-IZA, ,Ban p t e, IZA. THE RECORD 0 FLORENCE H. CHERRY 206 Stetson Liter Monito East Westmoreland Street "Floss" Commercial ary Club, l2B, Library r, l2B. EDDENA MAY CHRISTINE Disston Glee Club, Hiking mittee, l2A. Girls Baseba 4118 Gilham Street "Deana" Commercial Club, 9A, 9B, 12B, Literary l2B, Triangle Club, l2B, Club, 1213, Christmas Com- lOA, Campus Committee, Basketball, '37, '38, Girls ll, '35, Volleyball, '37, YOLANDA R. CINQUINA 344 ottman ,Street '4'Yo Yo" Collingswoo , . Commercial Glee Club, , y Ticket Representati A, S Hall Monitor, 12 , ook Room Mon r, 12A, House G Grounds, 128, Cam- pus Committee, l2A, l2B. lntersectional Track, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, Girls Basket- ball, '33 WILMA E. CLARIDGE 5041 Valley Street "Billie" Detroit, Mich. Commercial Honor Book, lOA. BEATRICE TH ELMA CLASS 1 6 Harrison Street , UBEOH ding Academic io r rospectors, Treasurer, B, r ary, l2A, Secretary- as r, ZB, Hiking Club, 12B, ist ommittee, llA, 12A, or , 10A-l2B. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Seventy-two 0 JUNE 1938 HELEN MARIE CLOEREN 6334 Newtown Avenue Honey Wilson Academic Swimming Club lOA llA, Dance Committee 12B Christmas Com- mittee l2A Book Room Monitor, llB Bank Representative, lOA, Christmas Play 12A rack 36 8 Hockey, '36- , irs Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '36-'38, Leaders, '36-'38, Danc- ing, '38, Operetta, '37, Numerals, ' , 4, '37, Charm,' . BETTY cdsszn 4431 Oakland Street Harding Academic Play 5 Buskin, "The at Third mas Monitor rnlng ming DONALD 3154 Academic '37, Nu- Eveizs L yv. cook 5235 ' Hman Street Sullivan A y Industrial Chess tub, lOB, Bank Represen- tative, 9B. I gersectional Basketball, '37, lnteii ectional Soccer, '36, DORIS MAE COREKIN 4323 Devereaux Street "Dorrie" Sullivan Academic German Club, HA-128, Tri- angle Club, l2A, l2B, Hiking Club, l2B, Student Board, 9A, Ushers Association, 9A, QB, Library Mon- itor, l2B, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, 11A-128, Campus Com- mittee, IZA, Campus Committee Monitor, l2B, Honor Book, 9B-HA. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, Volley- ball, '37. THE RECORD 0 SUE COSTANZO 4425 Oakland Street Edmunds Academic Triangle Club, l2B, Sock Er Buskin, 10B-12A, Secretary-Treas- urer, 12B, "The Showoff," and "The Passing of the Third Floor Back", Stage Make-up, 1lB, Latin Club, 11B-l2B, "A" Play Cast, Christmas Committee, lOA, Study Hall Monitor, l2A, Bank Rep- resentative, 1OA-12B, Prizes, Sil- ver Sock C1 Buskin Pin, Honor Book, 1OB-l2B. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '38, VlOLET LILLINN COUCH 2118 Granite Street Harding Academic Study Hall Monitor, 11B, 12A, Book Room Monitor, llA-12A. GWENDOLYN, MAE cox 5431 Y treet Harding ClE,lTllC Glee Club, 1 B, 11B-A 2,511-IUY Hall Momior, 12A, Libfm Mon- itor, llA, Book Room Monitor, 1113, A. A. Representative, l2A, Honor Book, 1OA-llA. Track, '36, Hockey, '36, Girls Baseball, '36, KATHRYN EDNA CREMEN 3226 Unruh Avenue o HKOYH Disston Commercial Glee Club, 12B, Literary Club, IZB, Triangle Club, 12B, Hiking Club, l2B, Campus Committee, 12A, Bank Representative, 1OB- llB, Honor Book, 12A, 12B, Secretarial Club, l2A, 12B. Girls Basketball, '38, Volleyball, '38. RUSSELL A. CROMPTON l034 Herbert Street "Cromp" Edmunds Mechanic Arts Student Board, 9B, Bank Repre- sentative, 1OA, A. A. Representa- gixe, llA, Highway Representative, lntersectional Football, '37. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Seventy-three 0 JUNE 1938 ROBERT LAWSON CROWL 1325 Arrott Street "Bob" Elizabeth, N. J. Primi Ten, l2B, Campus Com- mittee, l2A, Bank Representative, 182, llA, A, A, Representative, Academic HELENA WANDA CZARNECKI 3176 Almond Street HHOHYI1 Jones Commercial Glee Club, 11A-l2B, Triangle Club, l2B, Hiking Club 12B, Stu- dent Board 11A, Study Hall Mon- agmg, l1B, Bank Representative, MARY ADELE DANIELS 5232 Horrocks Street Mare" H0Dkinson Academic Glee Club, l2B, Dramatic Club, 9B, Campus Committee Monitor, l2B, Boots C1 Saddle Club IZA , , 'gh Way Reporter, WA-l2B, L r I b, B, ' Cl b , ' l ZA, , i Y N mas Committee B, resentative, 1113-l2B, House C1 Grounds, lOA-!l1A, Highway As- signment Editor, 1lB, Philadelphia Club, 11A, l1B, Prizes, Highway, Bronze Pin, Silver Pin, Gold Charm. Track, '35, Hockey, '37, Girls Baseball, '36, '38, Volleyball, '37, e u 12 Triangi u , Ears - LOUIS S. DANNECKER 2030 Hartel Street "Lou" WilS0I1 Industrial Honor Book, 1OA, lOB. lntersectional Baseball, '38. CAROLINE M. DA SHIELL , 2858 East Sellers ,Street . ' H0"dl"9 Commercibl Literary club, 125, Hale ci if House 6 Grounds, Illia, 155: THE RECORD 0 BESSIE DOLORIES DAVIS 1155 Brill Street Hopkinson Home Economics Philadelphia , lOB, llA, Hiking Club, l ,, Dance Conf it- tee, l2A. l g, . Girls Baseb ll '35 . fel PEARL BLANCHE DAVIS l0l7 Arrott Street "Dave" Wilson Commercial Hiking Club, l2B, Hon Book, IOB, ' 6' o ke , ' rls ket ' , urls aseball, '37, V ll I, '36, Leaders, '35-'38, Dancing, '36, Scotch Dance, '37, Numerals, '38, F., '38, RICHARD M. DAY 6703 Glenlock Street "Dick" K 4 ' QSM' Track, GS. , Disston AAP MILDRED MAE DEITRICH 5906 Cottage Street "Mickey" Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, l2A, l2B, Literary Club, l2B, Triangle Club, l2B, House Cv Grounds, l2A, l2B, Hik- ing Club, l2B, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '37 LOIS JESSIE DEWEY 6427 Tulip Street Wilson Home Economics Latin Club, l2A, l2B, Honor Book, lOA-l2B. Girls yasketball, '38 0 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE 1938 1 l Seventy-four THOMAS WILLIAM DINSMORE 3559 Sheffield Avenue nomnyu '-,'- Crispin l Mechanic 'Arts Bank ent tive, 9A. mming, '37. THEODORE H. DOBERSTEIN 2019 Granite Street Harding Commercial Bank Representative l2B, Honor Book, lOA-llA, l2A, Assistant Business Manager of Highway, l2B, General Assistant Business Man- ager of Highway, lOB-l2A, JEAN G. DOERING 9528 Dungan Road Wilson Commercial area club, ize, Swimming club, lOA, los, Music club, ize, Campus Committee, l2A, l2B, Hiking Club l2B, Christmas Com- mittee, l2A, Honor Book, lOA, ll . Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '36, Volleyball, '36, '37. THADDEUS DOMKE 3549 Vista Street "Donk" Crispin Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, l2A, l2B, Boots 5 Saddle Club, l2B, Vocal Ensem- ble, llA, Christmas Committee, lOA, lOB, Locker Committee, llB- l2B, Student Board, llB, Secre- tary, l2A, l2B, Ushers Associa- tion, l2A, l2B, Study Hall Monitor, llB, l2A, Bank Repre- sentative, lOB, A. A. Representa- tive, 9A, 9B, Campus Committee, l2A, l2l3. lntersectional Track, '34, '35, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, lntersectlonal Soccer, '36, lnter- sectional Baseball, '36, '37, Inter- sectional Football, '34, Second lgoottgl, '36, Varsity Football, '37, DOLORES E. DONNELLY 4500 McKinley Street "Ronnie" Sullivan Academic German Club, llB-l2B, Triangle Club, l2A, l2B, Hiking Club, l2B, Student Board, 9A, 9B, Ushers As- sociation, 9A, 9B, Bank Represen- tative, 9B, l2B, Compus Committee, l2A, l2B, Honor Book, 9B, lOA. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '37 THE RECORD 0 WILLIAM J. DOUGHERTY 7918 Loretta Avenue Hood, Wilson Industrial Christmas Committee, IIA, Hon- or Book, IOA-IZB. lntersectional Basketball, '37, 38, Intersectianal Soccer, '35- '37, lntersectional Baseball, '37, '38, lntersectional Football '35, iw? Numerals, '37. MW WA'LTER JOHN DRAVING I720 Lansing Street "Walt" Wilson Commercial Track, '37, lntersectional Bas- ketball, '37. JoHN RICHHXRDD DUNLAP "Qi I9I4 Kinsey Street Harding Academic ELSIE KATHRYN EAVIS Dunksferry Road HEISU Wilson Home Economics Glee Club, IIB, Hiking Club, IOB-IIB, House C1 Grounds, IOB- IZB, Campus Committee, IZA, Honor Book, IOA-IIA, IZA, IZB. Hockey, '36-'38, Girls Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '37, '38, ALBERT EGN 6040 Torresdale Av nue HA , Sullivan echanic Arts Thirte C ZB, Locker Com- mittee, udy Hall Monitor, IZA, B, Book, IZA, IZB. I e ' nal ck, '37, Inter- sec a Basket , '37, Inter- secti Soccer, '37, Varsity Baseball, '38, lntersectional Foot- ball, '36, Varsity Football, '37, F., '37. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL l 4 Seventy-five v JUNE 1938 ELVA ERBACKER 5213 Akron Street Edmunds Academic Philadelphia Club, IIB, Photography Committee IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, House Cf Grounds, IOA-IIB, High- way Reporter, IIA-IZB, Special Feature Editor of Highway, IIB. Track, '36, '37, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball '35-'38 MARIE SELMA ERLER I4l9 Knorr Street WIISOII ' Commercial i-iil5FrYttilsfw.sS sfudy Heli Monitor, IA, IB, Bank p- resentatiye, II I. ,f Leaders, '36. MARY CATHERINE FAHS 4505 Edgemant Street Harding Commercial Literary C b, IZB, Triangle lb Hiking Club, IZB, e ari ub IZA, IZB, Honor ook, I Tr , , irls Baseball, '38, V e all, '37, EARL R. FELTYBERGER 3339 Friendship Street Disston Commercial Locker Committee, IZB, Student Board, 9A. ROBERT S. FERGUSON 644 East Clementine Street ,Bobo Stetson Academic THE RECORD 0 MILDRED FIGGINS 6837 Algcrd Street Disston Commercial Swimming Club, IIB, IZA, Hiking Club, IIA, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Christmas Committee, 9B, IOB, IIB, Student Board, IOA, IOB, Ushers Associa- tion, IIB-IZB, Bank Representa- tive, 9A-IOB. Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, A. MILDRED FILEMYR 4620 Oakland Street uaunnyu Harding Academic Swimmin IIA, Varsity Team, I , g Club, IIB, I B, S ' r ing Cammitte B, Us ssociaton, II , Hon- or ook, IOA-I Track, 3, ockey, '36, '37, Girls Bas etball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36-'38, Volleyball, '35- '37, Leaders '35-'38, Dancing, '37, Numerals, '37, F., '38, Charm, '38. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL JA C , g r ein' 0 NAoMi BELlm xhM 8025 Rowland Avenue "Finkie" Burlington, N. J. Academic Swimming Club, IZB. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '38, Volleyball, '37, Leaders '37, '38, ALBERT FISCHER I907 Fishers Avenue "Zeke" Wilson ln strial Vocal Ensemble, IOB, r Committee, IIA. I ANN MARIE FITZGERALD 3lI9 Stirling Street HAUDH Disston Commercial Hiking Club, IIB, Bank Rep- resentative, 9A, IOA. Hockey, '34-'37, Girls Basket- ball, '35-'38, Girls Baseball, '35- '38, Volleyball, '34-'36, Seventy-six ' JUNE I938 JOHN L. FLOOD 5203 Cottage Street Sullivan Mechanic Arts Locker Committee, lIA-IZA, A. A2ARepresentative, IOA, Leaders, MELVIN R. FOGELSANGER 2 52 Gillingham Street not fqvOf1Q Academi Chess Club, IZA , ee Club, IZA IZ' c C1 B in I I Ensemble, k IOA IZB, ' P y Cast, IZB, Christ- mas Commi ee, IIB, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Stage Man- ager, IZB, Campus Committee, IZA, IZB, GRACE E. FQREMAN 6636 Jackson Street Disston Commercial Senior Twelve, IZB, Service Club, 9B, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, Cercle Fran- cais, IIA-IZB, Senior Morning Committee, Chairman, Photogra- phy Committee, IZA, Book Room Monitor, IIB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Volleyball, '37, HAROLD E. FOSTER Bustleton, Philadelphia "Hennle" Wi Academic C Ph Iphi , IIB, Locker om - T ck '38, 1 X HELEN A N FOU . I Fr e reet IOB Campus - N ZI 7 I Fit im s Commer i ' g CI , m mi ee, B' hristmas Co tee, IZ , H Mo 't , IZA, Bank R present iv . Girls aseball, '3. l . l X. . THE RECORD ' MIRIAM GREENWOOD FOX 1921 Ruan Street ,,M,m,, Harding Commercial Literary Club, IZA, IZB, Presi- dent, Hiking Club, IIA-IZB, Hon- or Book, IOA-IZB, Track, '38, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, '38 A'LBERT C. FRANCIS 8434 Hegerman Street Crispin Mechanic Arts Lens and Shutter Club, IZB, Prizes, Stehle Memorial Prize, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Track, '38, KATHRYN M. FRANKS 4636 Horrocks Street .JIKOYII Harding Academic Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Boots C1 Saddle, IZA, Ushers Association, IOB, Chairman, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IIB, A. A. Rep- resentative, IOA, Highway Repre- sentative, IOB-IZA, Honor Book, IOA. Track, '35, Hockey, '35-'38, Girls Basketball, '35-'38, Gir's Base- ball, '35-'37, Manager, Volleyball, '35, '36, Leaders, '35, '36, Mana- ger, '37, '38, Numerals, '36, F., '37, Charm, '38. EVELYN Er FRIEDMAN 2036 Offgodox Streeq AMJQXJK- . J, "Evvie" Ha ng fX Academic "an 'Club, im, House e ounds, IOB-IZB, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '37. ALICE MA'RIE GALLAGHER 3340 Cottman Street UAV, Wilson Academic Hiking Club, IOB, Vocal En- semble, IIB, IZA, Christmas Com- mittee, IZA, Student Board, IIA, Ushers Association, IIB, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Library Monitor, IIB, Bank Representative, IOA, Highway Representative, IOB, House 8 Grounds, IOB, 0 JUNE 1938 IDAMAE GALLAGHER 4540 Richmond Street Midi, Kensington Academic Literary Club, IZA, Hiking Club, IIA-IZA, Campus Committee, IIB, Bank Representative, IOB. BARBARA W. GEIGES 5028 Saul Street Hockey Champ, '35, rsity Swim- ming Award, '37, Girl aseball, '36-'38, Volleyball, '35- , Lead- ers, '35, '36, Manager, '37, '38, Numerals, '36, F,, '37, Charm, '38, "Bobbie" Wilson Academic Swimming Clu B, Hiking Club, IIB' ocal emble, IOB- IZB, Dan ommit IZA, Sec- retary of ' CI ' Christ s Committee, I , s ia- tion, IIB-I , Book Ro Man- itor IZA, B Repres tative, IOB, Honor B00 IOA, ii IZB. Track, '3 ' ' Hockey, '35- '37, Girls I, '36' 8, RICHARD S. GETTY 1519 Overington Street HGQTH Jones Industrial Chess Club, IOA, Vocal En- semble, I IA, Locker Committee, A. A. Representative, 9B, lntersectional Soccer, '37. le,4Lcf!sQ,-.OL ANNA KATHRINE GILBERT 1609 Harrison Street Edmunds Academic Glee Club, IZA, IZB, House C1 Grounds, IZB, Honor Book, IOA. vm X JOHN WESLEY GILBERT 3441 Frankford Avenue "Jack" Jones Academic Locker Committee IIA- I ZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, IZA, Highway Rep- resentative, IOB, Campus Commit- tee, IZA, IZB, Track, '35, lntersectional Track, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '36, lntersectional Baseball, '37, Inter- sectional Football, '37, Numerals, '38, A. F. A., '35, THE RECORD 0 JOSEPH CHR N GILYARD 2 c Road ' uste Cr pi chanic Arts Han Bo k, IOA-IZB. Trac '36'3B. JOSEPH LEWIS GIUSTI 3535 Vista Street nl-eww Harding Academic Boots Er Saddle Club, IIA-IZB, Locker Commi ee IZA IZB' Stu- dent Board I ' Study Hall Mon- ank presenta- V I0 oy I S O- I ouse I ro n s, T 'E' Leader ' 7, 2165 East Gordon Street Dan s Academic ess Club, IIB IZB, Latin Club, IIA, Trip Committee, IZB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Locker Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOB, Ushers Association IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Highway Rep- resentative, IZA, Highway Staff, IOB-IZA, Campus Committee, IZA, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. lntersectional Track, '36-'38, Bowling Team, '36, lntersectional Football, '37, Second Football, '36, Numerals, '37, F., '36 itor, IO - I 7 E- ie, u: , 1- - nt ve, I IB, , d B. Gy 9 V , 3 , . l O' .- I ti ' 4 v NI D. GL ORN ALICE KATHRYN GLENN 1929 Haworth Street NAV, Harding Commercial Life b, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, , Honor Book, IOA-IZB. VINCENT J. GOFFREDO 4825 Princeton Avenue "Barney" Disston Mechanic Nrts Vocal Ensemble, IIA-IZA, "A" Play Cast, IZA, Student Board, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA- IZA, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, lntersectional Track, '34 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL L Seventy-eight 0 JUNE I938 LAURA T. GOJLEWICZ 2269 Kennedy Street "Lottie" Sullivan Commercial Campus Committee, IZB. JENNIE GOLAROWSKI 4374 Edgemont Street Harding Commercial Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB, IIB- IZB. Volleyball, '35-'37, CHRISTINE M. GORMAN 6I29 Walker Street Sullivan Commercial Philade'phia Club, IOA-IZB, Studi Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB, Libray Monitor, IOA-IZA, Bank Representative, IIA, IIB. FLORENCE GORSKA 2838 Pratt Street Harding Commercial Glee Club, IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IZA. ETHEL MAY GRAHAM 65ZI Marsden Street Disston Commercial Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Campus Committee, IZB, Music Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB-IZB, Triangle Club, IZB, Literary Club, IZB. THE RECORD 0 RUTH E. GRAND 6144 Walker Street "Ruthie" Sullivan Home Economics Senior Twelve, 12B, Literary Club, l2B, Hiking Club l2B, Boots Er Saddle Club, llA, llB, Record Book Committee, l2B, Pho- tography Committee, IZA, Honor Book, lOA-l2B. Volleyball, '37. WALTER GREEN 1316 Wellington Street "Russian" Wilson Industrial lntersectional Basketball, '36, Second Football, '35, MARY D. GREGIN 6028 Torresdale Avenue ,ipotn Sullivan ommercial 'GI e Club, l2B, Ca pus om- ' ' o i r ZB, iki byyq' I itor l2B, H' h- way eprese tiv llB B, Prizes, Bronz Silv r High ay Pins, Honor o , lOA-l2B, Gir's Baseball, '38, WILLIAM A. GRUN 1127 Wakeling Street "Bill" Wilson Mechanic Arts mp Cub, lOB-llB, hila- d a , 1lB, Christ om- e, lOA' tu ent IOB, Li rary Mo , ank Rep- resentative, , Highway Rep- resentative OA-12A, Campus Committee, l2A. ELEANOR ELSIE GYRATH 3032 McKinley Street NEW Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, l2B, Philadelphia Club, IOB, Hiking Club, l2B, Bank Representative, l2A, House G Grounds, lZA, l2B. l37Girls Baseball, '38, Volleyball, FRANKFORD HlGH SCHOOL Seventy-nine ' JUNE 1938 S DORIS E. HA'DFlELD 1439 Rosalie Street "Little" Edmunds Commercial Christmas Committee, l2A, Bank Representative, lOA-l2A. EVELYN V. HAGELIN 4903 Frankford Avenue "Evie" Harding Academic Glee Club, l2B, Hiking Club, 11B-l2B, Cercle Francais, IZA, Boots G Saddle Club, l2B, Music Club, i2B. JOHN HAGGERTY 3308 Guilford Street "Jack" Jones Academic Boots G Saddle Club, l1B, Trip Committee, l2B, Study Hall Mon- itor, l2B, Honor Book, lOA-llA. Intersectional Basketball, '37, '38, lntersectional Baseball, '38, Varsity Tennis, '37, '38, Leaders, '38, A. F. A., '38 EVELYN INEZ HALL 1643 Haworth Street HEVQH EdmUI1dS Commercial Glee Club, l , Hiking Club, IZIZ Librar tor l2A, House G un s , , Philadelphia CI , . '37 rls Baseball, '38, Vofleyball, PHILIP L. HALLWORTH 7710 Loretta Avenue "Phil" Wilson Mechanic Arts Varsity Track, '36-'38, Inter- sectional Baseball, '37, '38, A. F. A., '37, F., '37. THE RECORD 0 ALICE HELEN HARRIS 5250 Oakland Street HMI, Harding Academic Swimming Club, IOB-IIB, Senior Twelve, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Cercle Francais, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, THOMAS A. HARRIS 5934 Erdrick Street "Tom" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Student Board, 9A, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Representa- tive, IOA-IIA, Campus Commit- tee, IZA. , W. JOSEPH HARRISON, 4309 Comly Stre X Ninn Sullivan Academic Ches A ub - ZB, Band, IOA- IZB, Monitor, IIA-IZA, A. A.. tattve, IZA, Campus o , I , IZB. sit Swimming, '36-'38, w g Team, Captain, '37, '38, F '38 . , . MARCIA HART 7010 Ditman Street Disston Academic Vocal Ensemble, IIA, IIB, Stu- dent Board, IOA, IOB, Ushers Association, IOB-IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZB, Bank Represen- tative, lOA,'A. A. Representative, IIA, IIB, Highway Representative, IOB, IIA, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. VIRGINIA CORA HARVEY I20 East Tioga Street "Jean" Stetson Commercial FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty I 0 J NE 1938 949 Herbert Street HDOV, QW ooius Rum HAUSS Girls High Academic Swimming Club, IIB, Hiking Club, IIB, Cercle Francais, IZA, Student Board, IZA, IZB. Hockey, '38, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Vol- leyball, '37. JOHN C. H SACKER 1408 East Cheltenham Avenue "Heb" Edmunds E X ustrial o r p mmittee, IZB, mittee, 9B, Locker Co , IOB, lnterseolpnal Basketball, '38, 'slntersectional Baseball, '38, ln- tersectional Soccer, '37, Intersec- tianal Football, '37. HORACE ROY HENNIGAR 6I22 Glenlock Street HROYH Sullivan K, C mercial Vocal Ensem , Student Board, g way epresenta- tive, 9B. T '35, I BERTHA E. HENRY 5751 North Hope Street "Betty" Gratz Commercial Glee Club, IZA, IZB. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball '38 , . FLORENCE A. HERRON 5956 Loretto Avenue Wyncate, Pa. Commercial l37Girls Basketball, '38, Volleyball, THE RECORD 0 ISABELLE HIGGINSON 4719 Oakland Street Edmunds Academic Hockey, '36, Girls Basketball, '37, Girls Baseball, '37, 5 0, A Le "LL ' GEORGE P. HILL 1460 Sardner Street Wilson Academic Chess Club, l2A, l2B, Dance Committee, l2B, Locker Commit- tee, l2A, Student Board, llA, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, A, A. Representative, l2B, Highway Staff, llA-l2B, Campus Commit- tee, l2A, 12B, Honor Book, lOA, lOB. lntersectional Baseball, '36-'38, lntersectional Football, '36, '37, Second Football, '36, EDITH MARIE HOFFMAN 1404 Rosalie Street Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, l2B, Christmas Com- mittee, llB, IZA. Girls Baseball, '33 ETHEL MADEL HOLDEN 4819 Duffield Street "Mazie" Harding Academic Swimming Club, lOA-128, "A" Play Cast, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, lOA-l2A, Book Room Mon- itor, llB, Bank Representative, ioe, im, i2B, Honor Book, lOA- 12B. Hockey, '35, '36, Girls Basket- ball, '36-'38, Swimming Letter, Girls Swimming Team, '36-'38, Manager of Swimming Club, Girls Baseball, '36-'38, volleyball, '35, '36 KENN ETH 0. HU NTER 6737 Dittman Street Disston Academic Vocal Ensemble, IOA-l2A, Latin Club, IOB-IZA, Highway Repre- segtative, llB, Honor Book, IOA- FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-one 0 JUNE 1938 VETO INVECCHIA 7052 Frankford Avenue "Frenchy" Disston Industrial lntersectional Soccer, '37, Sec- ond Soccer, '36, lntersectional Baseball, '35, '36, Varsity Base- ball, '37, Numerals '37' F '37 wif 259414. JOHN A. JANKOWSKI 4463 Edgemont Street "Jinkers" HU"dil19 Industrial Gnd, 12.4, l2B. Q . " -Al N iv Ar J . ix , U. Nor-A' Nt ll RAYMOND JASEMSKI 2174 Granite Street Z if G ' 'di Commercial 0 r Committee, llB, IZA, Int sectional Basketball, '37, Varslt Basketball, '37, '38, ln- tersectional Baseball, '37, Numer- als, '37, ESTELLE M. JASKIEWICZ 4844 Melrose Street "Barney" Harding Commercial Student Board, lOA, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, Library Monitor, l2B, Campus Committee, 12B, Mu- sic Club, l2B. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '38. MARIE REGINA JAUSS 852 East Brill Street Wilson Commercial THE RECORD 0 DOROTHY MAY .IENNINGS 8125 Jeanes Street "Dit" Wilson Academic Glee Club, I IB-IZB, Operetta Chorus, All Senior High Festival Chorus, Hiking Club, IOA, .Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZB, Christmas Committee, IIA, IZA. LGA MAY JESSATH 9 Tyson Street "lrish" Disston Commercial Highway Repr Track '35, '36, ' Girls Basketball, '3 ' ative, QB. 6-'38, Girls Baseball, '35-'38, Volleyb , '36- '38, Leaders, '36-'38. ANNE KATHRYNE JOHNSON 4151 North Sixth Street Harding Academic , 'Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Photography Committee, IZA, Christmas Qommittee, 1OA, IIA, IZA, Study"'1-l'aII Monitor, IZA, IZB, Book Room Monitor, IIB, IZA' Bank Representative, IOA, iosf Honor Book, ioA-im, IZA, IZB, ' Hockey, '35-'37, Girls Baskets ball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36- '38, Volleyball, '35, '36, Leaders, '35, '36, ifll 1 NORM L HNSON 1936 ike Street if rmn Jones Commercial epresentative, IZB, pu b, IZB, Music Club, "s Baseball, '33 BETTY NES 5214 A o Street Com- IZB. Wilson Academic Swim ' , IOA-IIA, IIB, En emble, IO Play Cast, IZA, C h r i s Ballet, B-IZA, tm a s Committ e OA, ,I Ushers As- sociation ' resentot Rep rese Track, '37, Girl Base , '37, '38, N '38. , IZB, . A. Rep- II IZA, Highway ive, IO , 6, '38, Hockey, '35- asketball, '36-'38, Girls 36-'38, Volleyball, '36, ers, '36-'38, Dancing, erals, '37, F., '37, Charm, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-two ' JUNE 1938 JOHN THOMAS KALITA 2421 Duncan Street Harding Academic Stamp Club, IOB, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA-IZA. l37Varsity Golf, '36, '37, A. F. A., DOROTHY JANE KALITZ 7022 Mower Street HDOTH Cooke Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA, Stu- dent Board, IIB, IZA, Ushers Association, IOB-IZB, House Cr Grounds, IOB, Honor Book, IOB, IIA. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basket- ball, '36, '37, Girls Baseball, '35 MARIA'N 'e. AMINSKI 2600 East cyoiyaon Street rytdn Hardin Commercial Cam u ommittee, IZA, Christ- a mittee, IOA, A. A. Rep- resent ive, IIA, Highway Rep- Eesent tive, IZB. WILLIAM A. KATES, JR. 1354 Harrison Street ,,B,,,,, Riohboroogh, P .UI Academic X Orchest A IZB, Band, IOA- IZ ' Clef , IZA, IZB, Sock C1 kx IZA, I B, Vocal Ensemble, I 1 OB, IZA, Dance Committee, EA, ocker Committee, IZB, A. A, R p sentative, IIB, Highway Rep- resentative, IZA, Varsity Tennis, Manager, '37. ANNAMAY RITN KAUFOLD 1403 Fanshawe Street "Ann" Wilson Commercial German Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Study Hall Mon- itor, IZB, Book Room Monitor, IIA, Girls Baseball, '38, Leaders, '35. THE RECORD ' RALPH KEARNEY 6108 Alma Street Wilson X fiiduxfrici A. A, Rep ese ioftk ' Int rsectidna .Q,Track, '37, ln- terse i3o1yaljB sketball, '38, Inter- t' n Baseball, '36, Intersec- al Football, '35, Varsity Foot- Qii, '33 J . "Dutdl1rnan" Ajgfl' HARRY, WILLIAM KELLER f6B45 Al rd reet Diss' i,,' f' Cfffndustrial Band, 9A, 9B, lntersectional Basebal l, '35. NRY KERR 5128 Castor Avenue "Chic" Edmunds Vo tion rt Prim' Te Z . Tr k, , ' , lntersectional Bask tba , 83 lntersectional Base , 6-'38, Second Foot- boii, f , '38, A. F. A., '33, MARVIN C. KESSLER 876 Eqst Saperftreet WY? I my vlilfif-'V"' X Academic Library Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOB-IZB. lntersectional Basketball, '38 lntersectional Baseball, '38. FLORENCE M. KIEFER 3206 Fanshowe Street "Floss" Disstan Commercial Student Board, 9B, Honor Book, 9A-IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB Hockey, '37, Girls Baseball, '35. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-three 0 JUNE I938 FLORENCE MAY KILLIAN 3405 Brighton Street Disston Home Economics Library Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOB, RALPH KLEINSPEHN, JR. 3543 Vista Street Wilson Academic er. a 'r, ' , amp Clu' I I , Lockler C mrttit ee, IZA. NORMA G. KLINKER 3436 St. Vincent Street "Norm" Wilson Commercial Glee Club, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, House 6 Grounds, IZA, Boots G Saddle Club, IIA. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '37, '38, Leaders, '37, '38. VIRGINIA LOUISE KLOTZ I726 Foulkrod Street "Gin" Harding Vocational Art Primi Ten, IZA, IZB, Pioneer Prospectors, IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, ioA, HELEN CECELIA KNIGHT 5705 Torresdale Avenue "Cissy" Sullivan Home Economics Hiking Club, IOA, IOB, Honor Book, IOA-IIA, IZA, IZB. Track, '36, Hockey, '35-'37j Girls Basketball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '35-'37, Leaders, '36-'38, Numerals, '38. Z THE RECORD 0 MARIE ANNA KNITTER 7l6 Hoffnagle Street "Tiny" Wilson Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IZA. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, Girls Baseball, '37, Volley- ball, '37, MATTHEW S. KOBIALKA 3587 Richmond Street St. AdaIbert's Academic Chess Club, IZA, IZB, WALTER R. KORNFELD 4l6Z Barnett Street "Korny" Sullivan Mechanic Arts German Club, IZA, IZB, Rec- ord Book Committee, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, Ushers As- sociation, IIA-IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. MILTON WILLIAM KUHN 53l5 Oxford Avenue "Milt" Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA-IIA, Locker Committee, IIB-IZB, High- way Representative, IOB. lntersectional Track, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '35, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '35, '36, Leaders, '37, '38, lntersectional Foorbmikigiqiix x . WAN W yxvjly KATHRYN MARGARET LAMB 35 Lardner's Point HKOYH Sullivan Commercial Bank Representative, IIB. Hockey, '37, '38, Girls Basket- ball, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, Vol- leyball, '37, Leaders, '37, '38, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE l938 Eighty-tour Wfdjfifffwfft STANLEY LAPKIEWICZ 4571 Melrose Street l'lUfdll19 Industrial EDWARD LATIMER 4809 Mulberry Street "Left" HU"difl9 Commercial Highway, General Assistant, IOB, Assistant Business Manager, IIA, IIB, Business Manaaer, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Bookkeeper of Athletic Association, IZB. DOROTHY H. LAUMEISTER 4042 Markland Street "Dot" l'l0Pkinson Commercial Dance Committee, IZA, Phila- delphia Club, IIA, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA. EDWARD T. Arts ELYNOR C. LESIKIEWICZ ,- ' 3618 Sally Avenue fi if Crispin i Commercial i 'vocal Ensgsble, i2A, i2B, Bank Rqpresentati , 9B-IOB. Volleyball, '37, '38. THE RECORD 0 MARIAN MAE LEWIS 422I Stirling treet HL A 1 Harding Academic ' Club, ibft- B, Hik- i , I , IOB, ce Com- t , IZB Stude oard, IOA- I A, Bank ep entative, IOA, Honor Bo k I . Girls Ba all, '36, Girls Base- ball, '37. RUTH MARION LEWIS 'I639 Foulkrod Street Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37 '38' Girls Baseball, '37, '38. , , ROBERT LINNEMAN 3403 Bleigh Street "Sloans" Disston Mechanic Arts Intersection Track, IIB, Inter- sectionol Basketball, IIB, IZB. Locker Committee, IZA, High- way Representative, IOA, EDITH ELEANORE LITTLE 4627 Benner Street MEIN Sullivan Academic Glee Club, IOA-IIA, Literary Club, IIA, Hiking Club, IOA-IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IZA, Latin Club, IOA, Christmas Committee, 9A, IOA, IIA, IZA, Student Board, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZA, Library Monitor, IOB, IIA, High-. way Representative, 9A-IZB, House E1 Grounds, IOA, IOB, Honor Book, 9A, 9B. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '37, Leaders, '35, '36. VALENTINA LONTKOWSKI 4254 Rich ond Street pggrdg , Academic Glee Club, IZB, Swimming Club, IIA, IIB, Latin Club, IZA, House E1 Grounds, IOB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IIA. Volleyball, '35, '36, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL I l I l I I Eighty-five 0, JUNE I938 EDNA MAY LOWERY I706 Scattergood Street "Mitzi" Sullivan Commercial ommittee, IOA, IIA, 12 epresentative, 9A-IOB, IIB, ' ' Girls Bose- all 3 8 ' 1 1 r THOMAS C. LYSTER, JR. 4423 Devereaux Street HEMI, Sullivan Mechanic Arts NORMAN C. MacMATH 3347 St. Vincent Street "Mac" Disston Industrial Orchestra, l2B, Christmas Club, IOA, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA. lntersectional Soccer, '35. Afififlmswiufif 5943 Agusta Street "Speed" Wilson Mechanic Arts Study Hall Monitor, IOB, House G Grounds, I2B. Track, '37, '38, lntersectional Track, '36, lntersectional Basket- ball, 36-'38, Leaders, '36, ln- tersectional Football, '36' Second Football, '37, Varsity Football, '38, Numerafs, '37, A, F. A. '38, F. '38. RICH RD R LETZ 6I egerma treet HD, 1 ' GH N mmercial Studen a , P dent 9B' Study H I nitor, IIA-IZA, Bank Represe t ive, IOB, Highway Rep- resentati e, 9A, 9B, Assistant Cir- culation Manager of Highway, IZB. THE RECORD 0 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL TERESA MALLOY I 5822 Erdrick Street "Tres" I Sulli ' Academic aiee dk, io -IZA, Allen or- chestra, 9B, ' Twelve, IZB, Clef Club, Il B, Music Club, IOB-IZB, Christ , t, IZA! German Club, IZB, tin Club, I2B, Christmas Comm IIA, Student Board, IOA, r Book, IOA-I2B. C 7190! M J. M GoLn 6130 Cottage Street Sullivan Industrial Chess Club, IOB, Philadelphia Club, IIA, Locker Committee, IIB. EMILY CATHRY ANLEY 4 Rha Street u Ha hon Academic ' ' lub, B, cal, En- s l I A' Campus mmittee, I B. ' Track, , Ockev, , FIS Basketball, '36-'38, Girls B eball, '37, '38, volleyball, '35-' , Leed- erg, '37, '38, Numerals, 8, MARY VERONICA MANLEY 4124 Rhawn Street St. Dominic's C0I11m9fCi0I Hiking Club, IZA. MARIE LILLIAN MAPLES 4103 Unruh Street "Peaches" St. Timothy's Acad mic Hiking Club, l2B, Book Ro Monitor, IIB, Philadelphi , IOA, Campus Committe , ' Honor Book, IOA, - r H ke, '37, Girls asketball, '38,OcGirIs Bas I, '35, '37, '33F Volleyball ' 36, X Eighty-six 0 J U N E I 9 3 8 nonoriiv RUTH M :RUM 62 Bens ve e ot" Wi n Academic Hi ' lub, IZB, Locker Com- mit , IO IZB, Study Hall Mon- it I2B, ibrary Monitor, IZB, se G unds, IZB, Campus ommittee, IZA, IZB, Philadelphia lub, IOB, Honor Book, IOA, IZA, IZB. MARIE MARI 4326 Pilling Street "Avalon" Edmunds Commercial Philadelphia Club, IOB-IIB, Boots C7 Saddle Club, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIA, IZA, Student Board, IOB, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-l2B, Library Monitor, IOB, IIA, Book Room Monitor, IIA-IZA, Highway Representative, IOA. MARY NNIE M KOW I 4 t an enue Wi n Academic lee Cl , Christmas Com- ttee, I2 ibrary Monitor, IZA. Girls a ball, '36. DOROTHY F. MNTCHAK 2326 Duncan Street "Dot" Harding Commercial Honor Book, IOA. idwfeiy' HARRY FRANK MAY 5035 Hawthorne- Street Harding Mechanic Arts Stamp Club, IZA, IZB, Locker Committee, IIB, Study Hall Mon- itor, IIA, IIB, Highway Repre- sentative, IOB, Hanor Book, IOA. Intersectional Football, '37. fill!! THE RECORD 0 ARMAN anvil, 062851 5 Pen Sjr et Edmund Industrial C er 6 Chess Club, IOA-IIA, ' way Reporter, IOB-IIB, Engin- ing Club, IIA-IZA, Locker Com- mittee, IIB. JAMES G. McCAMMON 4075 Comly Street HMOCH Sullivan Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Campus Committee, IZA, l2B. Second Soccer, '36, Varsity Soc- cer, '37, lntersectional Soccer, '34, lntersectional Basketball, '35, In- sectional Football, '37, Numerals, '34, A. F. A., '36, '37. EDWIN L. McCARTY 2821 Orthodox Street HMOCH Harding Industrial Honor Book, IOA, IIA, IZA, IZB, LILLIAN M. McC0 M 965 i e et on Commercial Sw'm in ub, IOB, Hiking Clu 2 Student Board, IIA, IB, I , A. A. Representative, , IOB. ockey, '37, Girls Basketball, 36-'38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volley- ball, '37, Leaders, '38, LILLIAN K. Mc OL 5933 Duffield reet ,Sullivan I Commercial s ' mi gfefob, loft, Vocal En- mb , Study Hall Monitor, IIA, I B, Library Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, 9A, IOA-I IA, IZA, I2B, House G Grounds, IOA, Volleyball, '37, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-seven 0 JUNE 1938 ELAINE E. McCORMACK 4125 Glendale Street "Mickey" Hopkinson Commercial Highway Representative, IOB, Honor Book, IIA-IZB. Track, '35, Hockey, '37, Girls Girls Basketball, '35-'38, Girls Baseball, '35-'38, Volleyball, '36- '38, Leaders, '36-'38, Numerals, '38, F. '37, Charm, '38 MARION MCCRACKEN 6043 Charles Street Sullivan Commercial Campus Committee, I2B, Hiking Club, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IIB. Track, '35, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Base- ball, '37, '38, Volleyball, '36, '37. DOROTHY MCCURDY 6256 Montague Street Sullivan Commercial Boots Cr Saddle Club, IIA, IIB, German Club, IZB, Literary Club, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IIA. Volleyball, '37. HELEN MARIE McFADDEN 7110 Ditman Street "Mickey" Jones Commercial Christmas Committee, IZA, Bank Representative, 9B. Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Cham- pionship Basketball, '37, Girls Baseball, '37, '38, Volleyeball, '36- '38 Medical Leader, '38, Leaders, '37, '38, Numerals, '38. HELEN MARIE McGINNESS 3314 Cottman Street Wilson Commercial Honor Book, IOA-I2B, Secretar- ial Club, IZA, IZB. THE RECORD 0 MARIE McHERAN 5907 Jackson Street "Mick" West Catholic Commercial Hiking Club, l2B. Track, '36-'38, Hockey, '36-'38, Girls Basketball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36-'38, Volleyball, '36- '38, A. F. A. '37, F. '38. CATHERINE J. MCLEAN Hallohan- -'J ommercial 4617 wiiarock swf, Monitor, izA. VIOLET MEADE 1914 arrison Str et livin Hardin ommercial aah erbaii, , '38, Cham- 'onsi Boske Team, '37, s sebal ' , '38, Basketball , ' , leyball, '37, '38, Me c l Lead r, '38, Leaders, '38, Numerals, '38, F. '38, SOLVEIG C. MEKKELSEN Apartment 471 M G Bristol Streets HSUQH Haddonfield, N. J. Home Economics Christmas Committee, IOA, IOB, llB, Study Hall Monitor, IOB- l2A, Highway Representative, 1lB, Philadelphia Club, IGB. 3 . msn: Ai XMELNI 47X Melkse St .' o ing it C cial ampus ittee, l B, Music u 12B ocal Ensem le, IOA, esentatiye, IA-l2B, b, nk HL nor ok, 1OA. , ck, '38, Girls Basketball, '38, Gitls Baseball, '38 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-eight ' JUNE 1938 JEAN E. MICHAEL 6628 Jackson Street "Peanut" Disston Academic English Office Monitor, l2B, Highway Reporter, 9A, 9B, Ger- man Club, IZB, Literary Club, 12B, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Girls Basketball, '35, Girls Base- ball, '35, Leaders, '35-'37, CHARLES H. MIDDLETON 3041 Unruh Avenue "ChoIlie" Yeadon, Pa. Academic Locker Committee, IZA, 12B. DOROTHY ANNA MILLER 4034 Glendale Street "DOT" H0Pkinson Academic Trib Committee, IZB, Student Board, lOA, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, Library Monitor, llA, Bank Representative, llA, House C1 Grounds, llB. Track, '35, '36, '38, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basketball, '34, '36, '38, Girls Baseball, '35-'38, Volleyball, '35-'37, Leaders, '35-'38, Numer- als, '38, F. '38, EVALINE MARY MILLER 4245 Castor Avenue Hopkinson Commercial Glee Club, llA, l2B. JOSEPH C. MILLER, JR. 3205 Unruh Street "Joe" Disston Academic Stamp Club, IOB, Vocal Ensem- ble, 12B, Christmas Committee, IZA, Student Board, IOA, THE RECORD 0 RUTH LILLIAN MILLER 4508 Knorr Street "Ruthie" Disston Academic Glee Club, 9B-IZA, Cast of "Frantic Physician," IIB, German Club, IIB-IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOB-IZB, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB, House Er Grounds, IOA, Philadel- phia Club, IOB, Christmas Pa- geant, IZA, VICTORIA MILLER 4401 Richmond Street "Vickie" Harding Academic Biology Club, IOA, Glee Club, IIA-IZA, Literary Club, IZB, Hik- ing Club, IOA, IOB, Cercle Fran- cais, IZA, Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, IZB, Bank Representative, IOB- IIA, Honor Book, IOA, IIA, IZB. Hockey, '35, '36, Girls Basket- ball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36- '38, Volleyball, '36, Leaders, '35, 36. ,. EDWARD MILNER ' f 1308 East Wellington Street- f " ,' ' 1 1 f, f "Eddie" Wilson Industrial lntersectional Baseball, '36, '37. PHYLLIS MAE MOHR 6636 North Lynford Street Hphylif Hopkinson Academic Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Christmas Play, IZA, Property Committee, IZA, Stagecroft, IIB, IZB, Dra- matic Club, 9B, Campus Commit- tee, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Boots G Saddle Club, IIA- IZB, Christmas Committee, IOB, Highway Representative, 9B, House G Grounds, IIA, IIB, Phila- delphia Club, IIA, Honor Book, IZA, Music Club, IZB. Track, '35, Girls Baseball, '35, Leaders, '36, '37. JOHN LOUIS MOIRANO 3411 Walnut Street Edmunds Academic Bank Representative, 9A, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Eighty-nine 0 JUNE 1938 MARION FRANCYNE MOORE 1425 East St. Vincent Street U HBUHHYH Wilson Academic Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Hiking Club, IZA' ocal Ensemble, IZA, Christm mittee, IZA, A, A. Renres ' , 1 125, House G,Grounds, I qmpug Com- mittee, IZA, Hono ??k7,1OA, Treelef' 6-'38, Hoc , '37, '38, GII'lS Ba ball, 37,5 M Qger of Ba ll, '38,' anaknf Volleyball, V anagerrof Base? ball, '38, Girs all, '36-'38f' Volleyball, '36, '37, icgl Lead- er, '37, '38, Leaders, 7, '38, Numerals, '37, F., '38, Charm, '38 MURIEL C. MOORE 1630 Fillmore Street Atlantic City, N. J. Academic Volleyball, '37. X I x KA'THRYN E. MOSER 1808 Kinsey Street Ufdillg Commercial Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, , Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ELMER E. MOST 4207 Tyson Street "Ted" Disston Academic Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Swimming Team, '37, JEANETTE W. MOYERMAN 4266 Ormond Street Hopkinson Commercial "Jerrie" s Er G - Hob e O rou s, A, Tr , '35, '36, '38, H k 85-' 7, Girls Bgsketball, '3li'58l, , 1 i '35-? ' V , -' 8, Numer- 0l5, gg F. '37, arm, '38. THE RECORD 0 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM W. MUNTZER 4020 Hclrtel Street "Bill" Jones Commercial Student Board, IZA. FLORENCE M. MU PHY 3316 Rhawn Street "Floss" Girls' High Commercial W I CI b, IZA, Christmas Com- miggs, ISA, Studi' ,HGH Momlor' IZA, Campus Committee, IZA. GRACE ELIZABETH MYERS 1901 Kinsey Street Harding Commercial Honor Book, IOA-I IA. 1 EFFII J. NEIL , Gran' Stree Hardin emi Girls Basketball, '37, '38z GiflS Baseball, '37, '38 RUTH GLADYS NEsi.lE 4019 Comly Street "Ness" , Disston Commercial lee Club, IOA, IOB, IZB, Swim- micig Club, IIA, IIB, Boots! E1 Saddle Club, IIA-IZA, All Phila- de'phla Music Festival, IOB, Bal- let Dancing, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-IIA, IZA, Music Club, IIB, Trip Committee, -Chairman, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOB-IIB! Student Board, 9B-I2B, Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZB, Book Room Monitor, IOBJ HIQIWWOY RGDYQS-ell' tative, 9A, Vice-President, Student rd IZA. Bolt-ilodkey, '34, Girls Basketball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '34-3335 Leaders, '35-'37, Dancing Club, 38. 0 JUNE 1938 DORIS MAY NEWMAN 4461 Paul Street HD ti, Harding Commercial Glee Club 12B Stamp Club 12B German Club IOB IZB Liter- O OILYIC l2B, Hiking-Club, lzla, JW B , , O 2 I2. 36 Volleyb , ' , JAMES FRANKLIN NEWTON 1405 Englewood Street "Smiley" WilSOI1 Industrial Thirteen Club, IZB, A. A. Repre- sentative, IO IZB, lntersectioa Basketball, '37, SIY B , '36-'38, Intersec- nal all, '37, F., '36-'38, seba, '36, Var- 7122 Charles Street "Chet" Sullivan Mecgqnic NX CHESTER ARNOLD NlsuLA Radio Club, 9A, rip o it ee, IZB, Christmas .m' , IOA- IZA, Study al n' or, IIB, A. A. Rcpr H t tive, I A-IZA, High- way dl o III Staff, IIA-IZA, H r , IA-I2B. , '35, '36, lntersectional , 3'7, lntersectional Basket- , '35, lntersectional Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '35, Second Foot- ball, '36, Numerals, '35-'37, A, F. A., '37. ROB OERR a Road Bob" oo , Pa. Commercial Campus Committee, IZA. ROBERT WILLNRD NORTH Red Lion Road, Bustleton "Bobby" Wilson Academic Thlrtee Club, IIB, President, I ,I2B, k Q kin, IIB-IZB, cal n - IZB, "Show- Of " st, Il , fra e Committee, , hrlst n ommittee, IIA, 12 ' eg. sociation, IIB-IZB, S nfl' Monitor, IZB, A. A. Rep se tatlve, IIB, Highway Rep- resentative, IOA, IZA, Highway Staff, IZB, President of A. A. Council, IIB, "Frantic Physician," Chorus, All-Philadelphia High School Chorus, IOB, IIB, IZB, President of Graduating Class, Honor Book, IOB, IIA. lntersectional Track, '36, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '37, '38, lntersectional Soccer, '36, '37, Drexel All Sports Day, '36, Inter- sectlonal Baseball, '36, '37, Sec- ond Footboll, '35, Varsity Football, '37, '38, Numerals, '35, A. F. A. '36, F., '37. 1 THE RECORD 0 I . M 'W Harding Academic Glee Club, IZB, Hiking Club, I2B, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, Campus Committee, IZA. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volleyball, '36, Leaders, '36, ELIZABETH A. O'CONNELL 988 Anchor Street "Babe" Rutland, Vermont Commercial Hiking Club, IZB, Campus Com- mittee, IZA, Music Club, IZB, Library Monitor, IIB, IZA. Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Base- ball, '37. RAYMOND H. OGDEN 5339 Sylvester Street "Jabberwocky" Edmunds Industrial Chess Club, IOA, ICB, Secretary, IIB, IZA, Vice-President, IZB, Member of Chess Team, IIA-I2B, Bank Representative, IOB, IIA. HELEN MAY ORR 2089 Bridge Street Sullivan Commercial Glee Club, 9B, Bank Represen- tative, IZA, IZB. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '35, '37, '38, Volleyball, '37, WILLIAM GLENN OVERTON 4034 Creston Street "BilI" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Study Hall Monitor, 9A, A, A. Representative, QA, 9B. lntersectional Basketball, '37, lntersectional Soccer, '36, '37, Freshman Soccer, '35, Numerals, '35 FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Ninety-one 0 JUNE I938 4 AMES J. OWENS 5731 Vandyke Street ,ijimff Ilivan Mechanic Arts ROY ELLIS OWENS 6300 Marsden Street Sullivan Mechanic Arts rist as Committee, IIA, Bank R re tativ , IOB, Highway Rep- re nt ' , Honor Book, I IA-IZB. e lntersectio . ack, '37, Fresh- man Soccer, ' i al Soccer, '36, , . DOROTHY JANE PEACOCK 6638 Vandyke Street "Dot" Disston Commercial Swimming Club, I2B, House 6' Grounds, IIB. Track, '38, Girls Basketball, '34- '38, Girls Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '36, Leaders, '37, '38, Numerals, '38. JOSEPH HARRY PEIRCE 852 Anchor Street V, "Joe" Stetsiyflncj ' Mgchanic Arts Ch' ss ,lulf I . Int. ec '37, Nu- merals, '36, A. F. A, '37. ROSE IRENE PESCI 4722 Horrocks Street HRZDH Somerville N J A endemic e C ub reasurer b IOB Vocal Ensemble, A , Latin Club, IZB, Senior Morn- ing 'Committee-, IZB, "Frantic Physician," IIB, All-Philadelphia High School Chorus, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IIA, IZA, Bank Representative, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOB-I2B, Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36-'38, ftlollegfggaall, '35-'37, Numerals, '38, I OA I ' , IZB, Cl , I B, SIC Clu OB- , n u I , iangle Club, I , THE RECORD 0 FRANKFORD HlGH SCHOOL DOROTHY MAE PIKE 1309 East Carey Street "Dottie" Hopkinson Academic German 10A- Club, l2B, lOA, English Honor Book, Girls Baseball '36, '37. JACK HOWARD PINKERTON 867 Granite Street "Mic" Pottstown, Pa. Academic lntersectional Basketball, '37, lntersectional Baseball, '36, '37, lntersectional Football, '36, '38, F ENCE E. PLEIER 1839 Ripley Ser , I , ilson Home Economics Bank Re resentative, llB, High- way Representative, lOA. CLARA VIOLA PLOU ER 5717 r St Sullivan ' i . Academic Biol hub, iofx, Glee Club, ' , Christmas Play, llA, cal Ensemble,,lOB-llB, Chorus of "Frantic Physician," llB, Stu- dent Board, llA, llB, Bank Rep- resentative, 9A-lOB, House F1 Grounds, l2B. Track, '38, Hockey, '34, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '34, '38, Volleyball, '34, '35. ISABEL R. POLLOCK 4039 Comly Street Sullivan Commercial Hiking Club, l2B, Campus Com- mittee, l2B, Study Hall Monitor, llA-l2A. A Track, '38, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls gaseboll, '37, '38, Volleyball, '36, Ninety-two ' JUNE 1938 LILLIE MEAID PRIMUS 1726 Meadow Street Harding Home Economics THELMA LUCY REES Red Lion Road, Bustleton "Trees" Wilson Commercial Glee Club, lOA, German Club, IOB, Hiking Club, iOA, Bank Representative, llB, 121-X. Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '37, Volley- ball, '37. MARGARET S. REINOEHL' 3127 Unruh Swet npegg fl tx xx! Disston ome Economics Christmas ,C mittee, lOA, llA, l2A, St Board, 9A, Honor Boo ' ZB. ,Regus Bas all, '35, Volleyball, MARY AGNES REINOEHL 3127 Unruh Street "Toots" Disston Home -Econo ics Christmas C mittee, ' Stu- dent Boar , l Mon- it H ook, lOB-l2B. l37Girls aseball, '35, Volleyball, IELI K H. RICHMOND 1 Hartel Street "Bi I l" l Industrial THE RECORD 0 META ADA RODD 4024 Higbee Street Disstan Commercial Boots C1 Saddle Club, IIA-IZB, Student Board, IIA, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, 9A, 9B, A. AI, RQDVQ- sentative, IOA, Copywriter for Highway, QB. Girls Basketball, '37, Girls Base- ball, '35, Volleyball, '35, MARIE ANNA RODMAN 4037 Creston Street "Mazzie" n r ty ' Commercial Philadelph b, IO tudent Board, 9B, Stu y H onit r, IOB, Bank Representa , , Honor Book, IOA. Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball, '38, Leaders, '37, '3B. WILLIAM C. ROEGER Longshore and Large Streets "Lord Beaconsfield" Wilson Academic Ye Spooks, IOA, IIB, Lens G Shutter Club, IZB, German Club, IIA-IZB, Sock G Buskin, IIB, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Latin Club, IIA-IZB, Highway Photogra- pher, IIA-IZB, Senior Class Photographer, IZA, IZB, Lunch Room Committee, IZB, Dance Committee, IZA, Photography Committee Chairman, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IZA, A. A, Repre- sentative, IOA, Christmas Pageant, IIA, Cast of "Passing of Third Floor Back," IZA, Prizes, Sopho- more English, IOB, American His- tory, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. HELEN IREN E ROMA NSKA 2356 Buckius Street Harding Academic Senior Twelve, IZB, Cercle Francais, I IA-IZA, Secretary, IZB, Vice-President, Latin Club, IZA, IZB, President, Record Book Committee, IZB, Photography Committee, IZA, Christmas Com- mittee, IOA, IIA, IZA, Student Board, IIA, IZA, IZB, Prizes, English Prize, IOB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. EDMUND H. ROSENTHAL 59I3 Shisler Street "Rosie" WIISOII Academic Orchestra, IOB-I IB. I FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE I938 Ninety-three ARTHUR SMITH ROSS 5420 Large Street HOW, Edmunds Industrial Bank Representative, 9B, A. A. Represent ive, 9A-IOB, Secon Basketbc5LqA6, Varsity Soccer 6,',, 'I '17, ntersectional Socce '37, utnerals, '34, A, F. A., '36, F., f . MARGARET MILLER ROSS 9I7 Fillmore Street I Hpeggyr, Sullivan Academic Allen Orchestra, QA, QB, Senior Twelve, IZB, President, Cnrcle Francais, IIA-IZB, Latin Club, IOB-IZA, Secretary, IZB, Record Book Committee Chairman, Pho- tography Committee, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, IIA, IZA, Student Board, 9B, Highway Re- porter, 9A, Prizes, Charles Stehle Afgegmorial Prize, Honor Book, 9B- I . Hockey, '37, Girls Basketball, '35, '38, Volleyball, '37, Leaders, '37, '38, JOHN ROBERT ROTH 1627 Brill Street "Rothie" ' Sullivan Mechanic Arts Chess Club, IOB-IZ,B, German' Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IZA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Highway Representative, 9B, ,ttonor Book, IIA-IZB. X Second Football, '37 IRENE MEDLEY RUSHTON 4647 Naples Street "Rene" Putnam, Conn.' Commercial Literary Club, IZA, IZB, Hiking IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Campus Committee, IZB, House 6 Grounds, IZB, Honor Book IOB. HAZEL M. RUTH 6IZ Marsden Stfeetvf f "Boots", Sul' U ,O cCommercial Hi ing Club, IZA, Campus Com- mittee, IZ3,f'Christmas Commit- tee, IOA, ouse Cr Grounds, IIA, Philadelphia Club, IOA. Girls Baseball, '38 THE RECORD 0 EDWARD JOSEPH RUZYCKI 4344 Almond Street HROSYI, N I Harding industrial varsity Baseball, '37, ". 37. ol 'lefty DANIEL J. ER 6132 lo Street Sulliva Industrial J' Bank presentative, 9B. HOWARD JAMES SAEGER 5936 Tackawanna Street IIHOWI, Sullivan Academic Bowling Club, IIA, Pioneer Prospectors, IOB-IIB, Dance Com- mittee, IZA, Christmas Commit- tee, IOB-IIB, Locker Committee, IOB-IZB, Student Board, IOA-IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Li- brary Monitor, IIB, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, A, A. Represen- tative, IZA, Highway Representa- tive, IIA. lntersectional Track, '35-'37, Intersectionol Basketball, '35-'37, Intersectional Soccer, '34-'37, ln- tersectional Baseball, '35-'37, Leaders, '36-'38, Intersectional Football, '34-'37, Numerals, '35- '37, A. F. A., '36, '7. K' , Q! K C WILLIAM JOHN SALE Roosevelt Boulevard Cz Byberry Rd. "em" Wilson Co rcial kick Committee, I , tudy I-lall, M 'tor, IOB, nk epre- sent IVSXIZA, Hi way Repre- sejnt ' , IWZB' Honor Book, MARION ANITA SAMA 1225 Adams Avenue "MavaIon" ' Harding Home Economics Study Hall Monitor, IIA-IZA, Book Room Monitor, IIA, Bank Representative, IOA, Highway Rep- resentative, IOB, Honor Book, IOA. FRANKFGRD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE 1938 i Ninety-four 4 s JACQU E SATIN 320 ellington Street "Jackie" Wilso Commercial rary Club, IZA, IZB, Hiking , IZB, Study Hall Monitor, B ouse 6 Grounds, IZB, Cam- pus mmittee, IZA. 4 if' ,f .fi --7140 v,,fci,-, GLAD . SAYLOR sas Mxsfceiia sneer l, "Giggles" Edmunds Commercial Glee Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIA, IIB, Library Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IIA, IIB, IZB, Campus Committee, IZB. LILLIAN IRENE SCHALIN l3I6 East Steinber Street Hopkinson Commercial Hiking Club, IIB, Honor Book, IOA- I ZB. MILDRED D. SCHEERER 1232 East Pike Street "Props" Hopkinson Commerciat Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Dramatic Club, 9A, 9B, Make-Up Club, IIB, Stage Crafters, IZA, IZB, Boots C1 Saddle Club, IIA-IZB, Literary Club, IZI3, Sock G Buskin, IIA- IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOB, Publi- city for Glee Club, IZA, "A" Play Committee, IZA, IZB, Student Board, 9A, Study Hail Monitor, IZB, Book Room Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IOA, IOB, Highway Representative, IIB, IZA, House I3 Grounds, IOA-IIA, Cam- pus Committee, IZB, Philadelphia Club, IIA, Stage Committee, IZA, IZB. Track, '35, Girls Basketball, '35, Leaders, '36, '37. HAROLD SCHIFF 544 Large Street Harding i Academic Vocal Ensem IOE-IZA, Stu- dent Board, I Study Hall Monitor, I I B, ank Repre- sentative, I , A. A. Representa- tive, IIB, hway Representative, IOA, Hono. Book, IOA. In e sectional Basketball, '37, In- terse onal Soccer, '35-'37, Inter- sectio I Baseball, '36, '37, Inter- sec ' n I Football, '36, '37, Second Foot I, '36. X THE RECORD 0 FRAIXIKFORD HIGH SCHOOL ' JUNE 1938 DORIS MAE SCHLOSSER 1256 East Pike Street Hopkinson Commercial Glee'CIub, IZB, Dance ommit- tee, IZ , Christmas o ittee, I ' tudent B ar IIB-IZB, 0 Roo M i , IDA, Bank prese tat , , A. Ar Rep- res tat e, , IIA, Honor Book, IO 2B I Basketball, '35, '36, '38, Gi ls Baseball, '36, '37, Leaders, ' -'38. I xl ' IW. K MARY SCHNEIDER X'--Ii" 47 'Oakmont Street , , X. . Crispin Commercial ERNEST PAUL SCHOFIELD 923 Marcella Street Harding Academic Chess Club, IOA, President, IOB-IZB, Orchestra, ICA-IZB, Manager of Swimming Team, IZA, Captain of Chess Team, IOA-IZB, Stamp Club, IOA, IOB, Vocal En- semble, IOA-IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOA-IZB, Student Board, IIA, IIB, IZB, Library Monitor, IOB-IIB, A. A Representative, IIB, IZB, Reporter on Highway Staff, IOB-IZB, Honor Book, IOA- IZB Intersectional Track, '35-' 5 37 Intersectional Basketball, '36, '37, Intersectional Baseball, '36, '37, 37 Intersectional Football, '36, ' ' Numerals, '37, DALE SCHRADER 931 Bridge Street Easton, Pa. Academic Chess Club, IZB, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Library Monitor, IIB. Intersectional Basketball, '36 jwltji. 7I 3 Knorr Street Hopkinson Industrial Circle Twelve, IZB, Senior Morn- ing Committee, IZB, Bank Rep- resentative, IOA, Honor Book, IOB-IZB. lntersectional Track, '37, Sec- ond Soccer, '35, Varsity Soccer '36, '37, A. F. A., '35, F., '36, '37f , gf' ,," , -' :Lf ff M- .1 if 1-5, RUTH KAY SCHWEIZER J 3427 St. Vincent Street "Switz" Disston Commercial Glee Club, 9A, 9B, Dance Com- mittee, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, ILA-IZB, House G Grounds, IIA- I A. Girls Basketball, '35, Girls Base- ball, '34, ANDREW GEORGE SCOTT 1329 Glenview Street Wilson Mechanic Arts Locker Committee, I IB-IZB, Student Board, IOA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IOB, A. A. Representa- tive, IIA, Highway Representa- tive, 9B. Intersectional Track, '34. HUGH JAMES SCULLIN 1840 East Thayer Street Haddon Heights, N. J. Academic Chess Club, IIA-IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, A. A. Representative, IIA. lntersectional Track, '36, Inter- sectional Basketball, '36, Inter- sectional Football, '36, '37, ALAIRE SEDGWICK 4028 Higbee Street Hgedgeii Sullivan Commercial Student Board, QA, 9B, Honor Book, IOB, IIA HENRIETTA F. SEIDEL ff"S0l4 orresdale Avenue 445221 Harding Commercial Student' r . ',' Bank Rcp- resentative, ' ook, IOA. Leaders, '37, L GEORGE SHAMLIAN 2212 Rhawn Street Central Academic THE RECORD 0 Chess Club, l2B, Cercle Fran- cais, 12B, Photography Commit- tee, 12B, Honor Book, 9B-lOB, 11B-12B. EDNA' SHANIS 5000 Castor Avenue "Spike" Chester, Pa. Academic Orchestra, 11B-l2B, Greek Club, 12A, Vice-President, 12B, Senior Twelve, 12B, Assistant Stage Man- ager, 12A, Triangle Club, 12A, 12B, Hiking Club, 12B: Sock G Buskin, 11B-12B, Latin Club, 11B- 12A, Treasurer, IZB, "A" Play Cast, 12B, Book Room Monitor, 11B, Honor Book, 11B-12B. gg-lockey, '37, Girls Basketball, ETH EL JANE SHAW 4403 Benner Street Sullivan Academic Glee Club, 9A, 9B, Vocal En- semble, 11A, llB, Christmas Com- mittsen 1lB, Student Board, lOA, Study Hall Monitor, 1'1'A-1ZB, Library Monitor, 108, Highway Representative, 9A, SB, House G Grounds, 1OB. I Track, '34, Girls Basketball, '34, Girls Baseball, '34, Volleyball, '34, '35, RITN SHEINOFF 4502 ere ux Street l'I I Sullivan Comm rc' I Cx! ' e nal Biology Cl , lOB, Philadelphia Club, 11B, Hi ng Club, l2A, Christmas Com 'ttee, 12A, Study Hall Monitor, ll ibrary Mon- itor, 11A, House C1 unds, 12B, Honor Book, 1lA. Track, '38, Girls Bas 8. NORMAN HENRY SHELLY 4100 Hellerman Street "Norm" Disston Academic Biology Clubl 1OA, German Club, - A, nse ble, MTA, 1013, 2 ' an ' ittee, 9A, 9 ' C ist ittee, 12A, Hohor o -12 7' Int rs tional Basketball, '34, lntersectional Football, '36, FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE 1938 Ninety-six JOHN BOYD SHIELDS 4410 Comly Street Sullivan Academic Orchestra, 1OA, Trip Committee, 1213, Honor Book, lOB4l2B. Gym Team, '38, Leaders, '38. THELMA SHIMEL 5117 Worth Street Harding Home Economics Honor Book, 1OA, ELSIE EMILY SHINN 5914 Erdrick Street Sullivan Home Economics Honor Book, 1lA. MURIEL SIEGER 6018 Montague Street "Merle" Sullivan Commercial MILDRED NAOMI SIMON 3525 Sheffield Avenue "Millie" Kensington CDmI1'lGl'ClGl Literary Club, 12B, Hiking Club, 12B, Study Hall Monitor, l2B. THE RECORD MADELINE RITA SIMONE 1429 Unity Street Harding Academic Study Hall Monitor, IOA-IZA. Track, '36, MARIE E. SIMPSON 1106 Haworth Street Kensington Commercial Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IZA, LEONARD G. SMITH. JR. 4204 Cottman Street "Smitty" St. Bernard's Mechanic Arts Chess Club, IOA, German Club, IZA, Record Book Committee, IZB, Christmas Cornmittee, IIA, IZA, Student Board, 9B, Ushers Association, IZA, HOVIOF BOW, IOB-IZB. '. ,J,.f 1 A ,ff z 5 R HYZCJSOMMER 4611 Princgfn Aveauff 1 ,V t on f Commercial rd, IOB, IIA, Study Hall Mon- iod, IIB-IZB, Library Monitor, IIB, Bank Representative, IIA, IIB, IZB, House C1 Grounds, IOB, Hockey, '36-'38, Girls Basket- ball, '35-'38, Girls Baseball, '35- '38, Volleyball, '34-'37, Leaders, '36-'38 ,Club, ne, student EMMA KATHRYN SORRELS 4954 Duffield Street HKOYH Harding Acad mic Glee Club, IO ,Secretary, l Presiden, Presi nt Music , IZB, usic Fe tival, -IZA, Hikin Clulj, I B- , ock G Busk' , IB,'Voc I semble, IOB- IZ , C a mrnittee, IOB- IZB' 1 Committee, IZA, IZB dy Hall Monitor, IZA, I-,lo s C1 Grtunds, IIB, IZA, Aging Bosklnmii, '35, voiieybuii, '3 . FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Ninety-seven ' JUNE 1938 H. STANLEY SPAULDING 6322 Marsden Manor "Steve" Sullivan Academic ,, Hi hway Staff,"IZA, IZB, Hu- m E ' IZB, Stamp Club, IOB, Soc u i OB, IZA, Cheer- I , , ance Committee, IZA, Trip Committee, IZA, Record Book Committee, ZB1 Pep Com- , i A, "AH Pl y cost, 123, er itt , udent Boar , all onitor, , A, A. Repre ntotive, IOB, reasurer of P ladelphia Club IA lIB Track, '37, lntersectional Track, '37, lntersectional Basketball, '37, lntersectional Baseball, '37, Num- erals, '38, ROY W. SPEECHLEY 4ll6 Higbee tr t "Spe ch' A Sulliva Mecha' Arts St dent ard, 9B, tudy Hall I r, IZA, IZB, Li rary Mon- or, I , Highway Representative, ZA, C mpus Committee, IZA. lntersectional Soccer, '37, lnter- sectional Football, '37, VIVIEN SPRECHER 2085 Margaret Street Grotz Commercial Biology Club, IOB, Hiking Club, IZB, Christmas Committee, IIB, Library Monitor, IOA, IOB. FLORENCE STEIN 6138 Torresdale Avenue "FIorrie" Sullivan Commercial Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ' EDMOND STEINMAN 5935 Roosevelt Boulevard Upper Darby, Pa. Academic THE RECORD 0 ESTHER T. STEVENS 1827 Murray Street MESH Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, l2A, Hon- or Book, lOA-llA. Hockey, '35-'37, Girls Basket- ball, '37, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, Volleyball, '36, '37, BERTHA LOUISE STONE 4438 Paul Street "Bert" . Harding Academic Glee Club, l2B, Swimming Club, lOB-llB, Literary Club, l2B, Triangle Club, l2B, Hiking Club, IIA, l2B, House 6 Grounds, lOB- l2A, Campus Committee, lZB, Boots E: Saddle Club, l2B, Music Club, l2B. Volleyball, '36, '37. PAUL GREER STRATTON 4115 Gilham Street Disston Commercial Student Board, IOA, A. A. Rep- resentative, 9B, Highway Repre- sentative, 9A, Assistant Adver- tggig Manager of Highway, IIB- E. MARIE STREEPER 2069 Granite Street HRQH Harding Commercial JAMES G. STURGIS 5328 Large Street Mimi, Collingswood, N. J. Academic Campus Committee Chairman, l2B, Dance Comjnitt ,"'Chair- man, Student Bgaitd, '38, A, A, Representative,.fl QB, A. A, Council, llA, llB In rsectibnal asketball '36 f - '38,,hifarsidyWi-Bdsketball Manager, '36, ssi t Basketball Manager, '35, stant Football Manager, '36' lnxersectional Baseball, '37, '38, V sity Football Manager, '37, Numer ls, '36, A. F, A., '36, F., '36, fav. FRANKFORD HIGH scuaol . JUNE 1938 Ninety-eight 4 4 e reet ,Sud if din ' Industrial STEPHEN 'NTHO Y sun L RUTH ELEANOR SUMMERS 5101 Roosevelt Boulevard ,,RUdy,, Comly Academic German Club, llA, Christmas Committee, llA, Bank Represen- tative, lOB, Highway Represen- tative, lOA. DOROTHY M. SUNDERLAND 6534 Marsden Street HDOV, Sullivan Academic Swimming Club, llB-l2B, Trip Committee, l2B, Honor Book, lOA. Hockey, '37, '38, Girls Basket- ball, '35-'38, Girls Baseball, '35- 38, Volleyball, 34-'37, Leaders, '34-'38, Dancing, '36, '37, Tap Dancing, '34-'36, Numerals, '38, F., '37, Charm, '38. ROBERT L. SUTER 1801 Orthodox Street Harding Academic Stamp Club, llB, Radio Club, l2A, Study Hall Monitor, llA, Bank Representative, lOB, A, A. Representative, IOA, Track, '36-'38, lntersectional Basketball, '37, Leaders, '37, F., '37, l D ALFR ARKA' 7 3 s reet i ki, Harding Mechanic Arts Chess Club, IZA, IZB. lntersectional Basketball, '36, lntersectional Baseball, '36, THE RECORD 0 WILLIAM ALFRED TEES 7346 Frankford Avenue Disston Academic German Club, IZA, President, IZB, Student Board, IOB, Bank Representative, IOB-IZB, Prizes, Charles Stehle Memorial Prize, Honor Book, IOA-I2B. THOMAS E. TI-IEOBALD 4613 Vista Street "Tom" Detroit, Mich. Commercial f f NDELL THOMPSON! 4548 Hedge Street ' "Dell" Harding Academic DORIS JANE TOBOLDT 5222 Oakland Street "Dorie" Edmunds Academic Glee Club, 9A-IIB, Secretary, IZA, President, IZB, Swimming Club, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IOB- IZB, Operetta Chorus, IIB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, A. A. Repre- sentative, IIA-IZB, Highway Staff, 9A, QB, Music Literature Club, IIA, IIB, Vice-President, IZA, Secretary, IZB, All-High School Music Festival, IIB, IZB, High- way Representative, I IA-IZB, Prizes, Bronze, Silver, and Goid Highway Pins, Honor Book, IIA, ELIZABETH MARY TOLAND 4725 Ramona A'venue "Libby" Wilson Academic Swimming Club, IIA, Clef Club, IIB-IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Photography Com- mittee, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA, Bank Representative, IIB-IZB, A. A. Representative, IOA, Honor Book, IOA, Ushers Association, IZA, IZB, Hockey, '35-'37, Girls Basket- ball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36- '38, Volleyball, '36, '37, Numerals, '37, F., '38. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL Ninety-nine ' JUNE I938 ELIZABETH M. TORPEY 4243 Frankford Avenue "Bette" West Catholic Academic Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Swimming Club, IOA, IOB, Boots 6 Saddle Club, IIA-IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, I IB-IZB, House Cr Grounds, IIB, Philadelphia Club, IIA. Girls Basketball, '35, Volleyball, '37, Leaders, '35, '36. BARBARA TUCKER 4617 Oakland Street "Bobs" Hlifdlng Commercial Glee Club, IOA-IIB, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA, IOB, Dance Com- mittee, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA- IZB, Operetta Chorus. Girls Basketball, '36, Volley- ball, '36. MARTIN WILLIAM UHLMAN 7838 Craig Street ,lpudn Crispin Industrial MAR HA EMILI HRIK 601 Tulip Str A HMOTSH Disston Co mercial Orchestr IA-IZB, Cle lu , IZA, IZB, n Orchestr , 9B, Music , IOB, All-P 'a- delphia Musi Festival, IZB, S - dent Board, , Christmas Pag eant, IZA, Ho r B k, IOA-IZB. Girls Baseball, ' ' Volleyball, '34 DOROTHY VAN ARTSDALEN 6920 Hegerman Street "Van" Disston Academic German Club, IZB, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB, IIB-IZB. Girls Baseball, '36. THE RECORD 0 ANTHONY JOSEPH VOELL 2959 McKinley Street Easton, Pa. Academic Orchestra, llA, llB, Band, llA, llB, Clef Club, llB, Vocal En- semble, l2B, Study Hall Monitor, l2A, lntersectional Baseball, '36, '37. BERNARD VOLIN 3463 Princeton Avenue Hsudii Disston Academic Chess Club, llA, llB, Table Tennis Club, l2B, Radio Club, 9A, 9B, Pioneer Prospectors, llA, llB, Student Board, 9A-IOA, A. A, Representative, lOA-llA. DORRIT WADELY 7022 Mower Street ,,DOdy,, Cooke Commercial Christmas Committee, llA, Stu- dent Board, llA-l2A, Ushers As- sociation, lOB-l2B, Study Hall Monitor, lOB-l2B, Honor Book, lOA-l2B. Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basket- ball, '36, '37, Girls Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '35, '36. STEPHEN WAGNER 5007 Dittman Street Harding Academic Ye Monks, l2A, l2B, Orchestra, llA, llB, German Club, l2A, l2B, Cercle Francais, llA-lZA, President, l2B, Highway Repre- sentative, IZA, l2B, Honor Book, lOA-l2B. ANDREW JOSEPH WALKO 2646 LeFevre S reet , ndy, Harding ommercial Locke ee, l2B, Campus mmi , l2A. ecti al Track, '37, lriter- tianal B ketball, '36, Inter- sectional Baseball, '37, '38. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL o JUNE 1938 MARIE DAFFIN WALLACE 5338 Darrah Street Edmunds Commercia Glee Club, l2A, l2B, a - resentative, 9B, S cr l Club, l2A, l2B,3lH9h9i' ok, lOB-l2B. www! GEORGE JAMES WALLS 4245 Sterling Street Sullivan Mechanic Arts Radio Club, 9A, Locker Com- mittee l2B, Study Hall Monitor, lOB, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, A, A. Representative, lOA, lntersectional Basketball, '36- '3B, lntersectional Baseball, '36- '38 MARY REBECCA WALSH 4316 Wingohocking Street Bec" Edmunds Commercial Glee Club, l2B GEORGE WALTON 8204 Castor Avenue "Huck" Wilson Academic Vocal Ensemble, IZA, l2l3, Christmas Committee, l2A, Study Hall Monitor, llB, IZA, Intersectional Basketball, '37, '38, Swimming, '36, '37, inter- sectional Baseball, '37, Varsity Baseball, '36-'38, lntersectional Football, '36, Second Football, '36, '37, Numerals, '36-'38, I I li U xl Groks: s. WARQLE, JR. i687 Harrisonj sneer H, ,, Sullivan Academic Christmas 'PIay, l2A, Student Board,VgDA, llB, A. A, Repre- sentay , QA, 9B, THE RECORD 0 CLIFFORD H. WATTS 5260 Saul Street "Snuff" Edmunds Industrial Locker R-C mmittee, I, IA, sfudy HU ' 1 OB, A. AJ Repr s , lntersectional Track, '36, Inter- sectional Basketball, '38, Inter- sectional Football, '36. VIRGINIA WEBBER 1129 Overington Street "Jinny" Ookmont, Pa. Academic Glee Club, IZA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Music Club, IZA, Hiking Club, IOB, Cercle Francais, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Record Book Committee, IZB, Photogra- phy Committee, IZA, A. A, Rep- resentative, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOB-IZB. Hockey, '35-'37, Girls Basket- ball, '36-'38, Girls Baseball, '36, '37, Volleyball, '35-'37, Leaders, '36-'38, Numerals, '37, F., '37, MARIAN M. WEIDMNN 4030 "O" Street H0Pkinson Commercial Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB-IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Book Room Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. MILDRED MARY WEIGAND 1326 Van Kirk Street "Midge" West Catholic Academic Glee Club, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IIA, Student Board, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, HAROLD B, WEISS Somertan COI11ly Mechanic Arts IIWQQIIILLV FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred One 0 JUNE 1938 DORIS LILLIAN WELLER 4114 M Street "Dot" Hopkinson Commercial l-lonor Book, IOA-IZB. Track, '38, Hockey, '36, '37, Girls Basketball, '35-'38, Girls Baseball, '35-'38, Volleyball, '36, '37, Leaders, '26-'38, Numerals, '36, F., '37, ELVA EMILY WENAS 5159 Oakland Street Edmunds Commercial Vocal Ensemble, IZA, hristmas Committee, IZA, Study all Mon- it r IZB. Girl , '37, Hockey, '37, -gflwf f K f W MAE LILLIAN WENKE 2109 East Lippincott Street Disston Commercial Philade'phio Club, IOA, IOB, Special Bank Representative, IIA, IIB, Honor Book, IIA, IIB. Girls Baseball, '35-'37, Volley- ball, '35 WARREN CHARLES WESTIN 933 Herbert Street HWGSH Edmunds Academic F'hilade'phia Club, IIB, Sarnp Club, IIB, Secretary, IZA, urer, IZB, President, ub, IZA, IZB, Vice-Pr ' n, Engin- eering Club,QB, A, Campus Commit e , 'Christmas Com- mitte , , Library Monitor, IZB, fly ook, IOA, IIA-IZB. ROBERT E. WHEELER 3150 Barnett Street "Bob" Cornwells, Pa. Mechanic Arts Locker Committee IZ Stud onl or IZB IOB am w I, ,Hbvmo tor, IIB, A. A 'Ag en 1 ,a 2 C V- 1' IJ A, U. .1 ' Q - 1 . I In ersectxonal Basketball, 35, lntersectional Football, '37, Second Football, '36. 4. ,. -. ei. 3, , 5. ge. -si 1- rag- 5. '11, ' xt E5 . Eg fa., -. V za, uri i Jia., ' ff is is 2 .., 'im' .if .- .sill QW ' We A THE RECORD 0 RUTH ELIZABETH WHITE 1825 Margaret Street Harding Academic Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Photography Committee, IZAI Honor Book, IOA, IZB, Volleyball, '35 7826 Frankford Av u- Harding IQ emic Chess Club, IIQB3 rchestfu. ALAN E. WIBLE IOA-I2A MILDRED E. WIDMAIER 7052 Van Dyke Street "Milly" Diggfon Commercial Senior Twelve, IZB, Secretary, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Girls Basketball, '35, Leaders, '36-'38, ORA E. WILKIE Eastern Avenue "Bunny" rdin Commercial Lhh Association, IIB-IZB, , Representative, IOA, House rounds, IIA-IZA, Campus ittee, IZA, l2B. rack, '36, '37, MARY MORTON WILSON 4449 Cottmon Street Harding Commercial Glee C'ub, IIA, Senior Twelve, IZB, Secretarial Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball, '37, Volleyball, '35. FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL One Hundred Two 0 JUNE I938 SYDNEY KING WILSON 'A 6633 Rutland Street Disston Academic Honor Book, IOA-IIA. WILLIAM H. WILSON 7026 Montague Street Disston Industrial A. A. Representative, IOA, Highway Representative, 9B, MARGARET ANNE WRIGLEY 2028 Granite Street Harding Commercial Glee Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZB, House Er Grounds, IZA, IZB. Track, '38, Girls Basketball, '38, Girls Baseball, '38, HOWARD FRANK WUNSCH 7225 Rutland Street "Dutch" Wilson Commercial Locker Committee, IIB, Student Board, IOA, Highway Represen- tative, 9A, Circulation Manager of Highway, IZA, IZB, Assistant Highway Manager, IIA, IIB, LENORA L. ZAKROCKI 4526 East Thompson Street ,lean Harding Commercial Q3 T H E R E C O R D JAMES M. HILDESHEIM 968 Anchor Street Hhmf, Wilson Mechanic Arts Intersectionol Soccer, '36, '37, Varsity Golf, '37, '38, Second Foot- ball, '35, '36, Numerols, '35, A. F A '37 . ., . Y -f FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL 0 JUNE 1938 ROBERT H. AYARS 1401 Brighton Street HAYGFSYH Wilson Mechanic Arts Cheerleader, '37. One Hundred Three GERSON ZUBKIN 3867 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic cois, IIA, IIB, I , ighw epresent ive, IOB-I ' ' , -IIB a e- D I , A,Monogi ltor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-I Orchestre, IOB-IIB, iigrcle Fron- 2 SENIOR OOKS N OUR 'fodvisory groups" we mode our rosters, received our reports! poid our Closs Clues, bought our Highways, supported the Christmos portyf ghd sometimes studied. Iri them we tormed mohy triehdships. Moy these groups heip us to remember our lost term ot Froriktord High School, BOOK I-MISS ROSEINA GILLMAN BOOK 4-MR. PHILLIPS BOOK Z-MR. WORTHINGTON SURRICK BOOK 5-MRS. MILLS BOOK 3-MRS. MILLIKIN BOOK 6-MR. GARWOOD One Hundred Four BOOK 7-MRS. KITCHEN BOOK 8-MR. GOTTSCHALK CURRICULUM COUNSELLOR MISS ANNA LEE One Hundred Five FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 21, 1938 PROGRAM Organ Prelude ,Law Salutatorian HELEN ROMANSKA Valedictorian STEPHEN WAGNER lnvocation ....... ................ T he Rev. Arthur Merrihevv Adams Glading Memorial Presbyterian Church Chorus-"Gloria" from "Twelfth Mass" ........... Salutatory Address .................................. Chorus-"Greeting to Spring" ............................ .. ............... Mozart ........l-lelen Romanslca ...........Johann Strauss Presentation of Diplomas and Awards of Prizes ........ ......... D r. Frank I.. Cloud Chorus-"l-loming "..... . Voledictory Address ........ School Song Organ Postlude One Hundred Six ...........'l'ereso Del Riego ........Stephen Wagner x 3 28 dana un.. ,ff-4 I y.-W' ww- WISP was ff VM 4 M M .., ., v f .1 mpg' ',1mLA K AT? 4 W 5 1 K M V In x I K . -M .K .f'f1f'mg17' Wm'-A We-.,:' I W V Y V..L W M is W. Nz N... x 5 s gif:-4'9" if . , A 4 4231 "' '1 if ins Egg? : if .I 1 2 N MW. -.Wm A-wands-muses -M 4 R Sw'-5 J wa 5 ww 5. ,Sm I -iff Q12 1f5f, g3 egg' YF: ,,,, 3. fm5f'f flakgg. nf. c 1-. W S 4-'H -M 'B ,4"': 1 48 , - '. ,.,A i 1 4 W 5? . M 'L' A 1 Y . P U -. f1f:45ff' Q ,sv ig I ' W Q ., fr t nz I V im ugfw xx M W Y . .gi ' 'Q er -I 'I K ar L, , - S T , , X- -.Q ff' . X ' A sr., if N Y 'J' xl, Mg Q , Q X I VV Ni-A . x A Q W EWNY mi K, ,W Wx ,,, iq Q VQAVA L71 x nw lk ' . b ,Mi wi Sfkffh ..., 1' 29 5 31343 'C . 4,5 L I ,- in . iff Q :egg -V AN 9' if " - ' 2 H 1: r 4.5 55, 'F af! Sing li Q 3 gi' 'Y ' WEQYE an 77. , , R ,,,.,.. W MS, ,-,-,-,:sf, ,f,1 , wi Q . 1 - A ,W . R - wx L gg A jimi, 9 .gh 1 fi-Kiwi, nj ' vga' IX A Q V ' S' is Q. X if v ffpfzlg fu X A ,A 5, A A ik ni-'xy s 4 X , JN. fi . .4 ,,V. 5, 1 L X Q H 6 km 4 It JY' . Qs-'Ill' jun 'Q 'ba wg X 1. Q N1 " I' i i x ' 3 2 'fa-f Kgx f ' law., I f ,.."'n3".-g,.- .ef SE ,E S5 2" 5458 P K M.Q ' N 5 N my 'il' ff? pw K , X -sys -we-.r x -u. X? ff +Qq.. ne Y Q, 'f . -x N. Q k Q x 1,.a-XR x xx r ,'.X,L 1 1. It , S 5 Lx , .. . N 3 u !l 4 11' 4 K.: 1 K . ,fa AUTOGRAPHS APPRECIATICN T HE Record Book Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, Mr. Charles J. Kunz, Jr., Mr. William T. Cooke of the Clark Printing House, Inc., Mr. Bergholz of the Photo-Chromotype En- graving Co., The Zamsky Studio, William C. Roeger, and Paul Greenwood for their assistance in the publication of this Senior Record Book. Fink? QNX wk: 'fw- H gg, ,, MA Q-na ,.x...,- , . NL ,milf M M-A ' 'uf H2 Ji 'NWN we ,Q .1 5? qt? at , U 4, L an ' U? Qi'- 1 my A La ha S ii by ff , ml a

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