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y W. 'GNU wwuiw ,Q "w,,..... f M, W A M , .W 5. mink Q. ,A Q 'V 'A f f A xix J :wx tif J.-.Q fr , .,'wwmwwWf 4 W gf ,Q ,MAJW A., ,AL ,M- wa D Kwik -A 9 ,ig M M. if , - vs waits' s a ,g 4 4 H IH' ,v ,gg 'wr ,,., M ram' N, QW QR Y las IN FUTURE life, it may be refreshing to pick up the Record Book of your high school's graduating class and glance through its pages. There you will recognize school pals whom you may not have seen for years, pictures which recall incidents which you have not forgotten, but otherwise would not have recalled. This memory may serve to help you forget your immediate cares for a little while. Besides this aspect of our purpose for compiling a Record Book, there is the one which is prompted purely by sentiment. lt's nice to have a record of the doings of your class. We hope this, your book, pleases you. CLASS OF NUARY, l937 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA - PENNSYLVANIA THE RECORD AN APPRECIATION THIS Record Book is respectfully dedicated to Mr. James Killough, in appreciation of his spirited, earnest teaching, his ever-present amiability, and his fine sense af sportsmanship, no matter what the circumstances. To those who have at some time participated in athletic competition he is especially familiar. These members of the student body know him for his generosity in giving his time to coach the basketball team. Those who have been in his classes have indeed been privileged, for the acquisition of knowledge was not difficult when under the guidance of such a genial, hard-working instructor. We of the graduating class will long remember his friendly smile and his never- failing willingness to help a backward student. Our memories of him can be none other than pleasant ones. JAMES A. KILLOUGH LX Cvvih-H147 O' l M R. JAMES KILLOUGH, to whom we of the Class of '37 respectfully dedicate this Record Book, was born in l908. He first attended West Philadelphia High School, then entered the University of Pennsylvania. There he took both his undergraduate and graduate work. Upon his graduation, the proud possessor of A.B. and M.A. degrees, he secured a position teaching in Pleasantville, New Jersey. After four years there, he came to Frankford High School. ln the course of his two and one-half years at Frankford High, he has gained the admiration and friendship of all with whom he has come in contact. May you, Mr. Killough, remember us in the future as we shall remember you! IT IS with regret that we, the Class of January, l937, walk through these halls as students for the last time. The pictures which adorn these corridors, the auditorium where we have heard much helpful advice from our principal, Dr. Frank L. Cloud, the classrooms where those unforgettable little incidents occurred, the gymnasium where we have worked and played together-all these will be fondly remembered at the mention of "Frankford High." Within these pages, you will find the dedication, messages from Dr. Cloud and Miss Roth, appreciations to teachers who have been especially helpful to our class, the list of the entire faculty without whom the school would be useless, and the history of Frankford High School. THE SCHCOL . ip X -. .gxwxl X U. f 1 . NL Q T V . I Q. KSN!! , xii L A :E l1' siil'Qll.i X gi ' I ll u it tlsmfw Ni s I NVL X Q ' X, ,B ! 1,0 ll? ' ' at K a H 4? . it i illltli'1ill'l'lf'f 1. L. .., 5. I. yy ' W 'yiluyl . . Ml flz? 1 ' ll W L ll 'i ll ...aka N - - A el K, -ax " -SN if A Jhfv s- 1-'Q fp' V I I3 kj' .3 'Qs' -leg., Q ' :-1 ,ii .,.- 1 -- -., -. 2. 1+ ' I 'F :.,...Qel 1 i 5 fig? 1 . ,.. phi. -fy.,- .3 f - e -. '21 Q 'ee ' If . ixiqig "f 'T 1 sf if :'?fwr:.' ,, ua-4553 -iff-is-:O 1s:,.- is-, es- fw- , . A - - ,ff:f2f ,f,s.-E - .. . S ing . .ml I L',..l -. .. , . n UE? Lib srfmswvw 'S .lg - A ,. if ,M e k 7' w "7fl!' - ff SCHOCL 1910-September 8-Opening of the Frankford Annex 1911- of the Central High School, with thirty-seven students. Mr. George Alvin Snook, teacher. November-First "Pioneer" published. February-Student Board organized. November 13-"Ye Monks" organized. 1912-January 10-Fathers' Association officially organized with twenty-seven men. February-School seal drawn by Mr. Rowland L. Rudrauff, and adopted by the school. 1913-May 16-First school dance, Assembly Hall. October 9-First student assembly. December-Alumni Association organized. 1915-February 27--Cornerstone of present building laid. May 8-George Alvin Snook elected principal. February 1-Formal opening exercises in pres- ent building. Girls in school for the first time. April-William T. Tilden, 2nd, coaches tennis team to championship. 1917-February-Enrollment passes one thousand mark. April-First student, William Chism, enlists in the World War. 1918-January to March-School closed on account of coal shortage. February 13-Commencement exercises held in Frankford Theatre because of the cold school building. June-First class composed of boys and girls graduates. 1919-March 16--First senior party in gymnasium. April-Mr. Harry N. Barfoot is the first Frank- ford High graduate to become a teacher in the school. 1922-November 11-Memorial Stadium dedicated. 1923-November 22-- First tree planting by the senior class. H l S T O R Y l925-September-First "High Way" published, l 926 l 927 superseding the discontinued "Pioneer." -June ll-Pipe organ dedicated. -September 27--Mr. Snook retires on leave of absence because of ill health. l930-March-"High Way" in first competition, wins first group rating by Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and wins All-American rating in contest of National Scholastic Press Associa- tion. l93l-February-Dr. Frank L. Cloud comes to Frank- ford High School as principal. March I3-School bank started. l932-Jaunary I5-Boxing and wrestling abandoned. l933-September l4-Frankford High's ninth grades move to Ethan Allen Annex because of the crowded conditions at the main building. September 22-51.50 A. A. Book system in- augurated. November 9-Frankford plays Gratz for public hiqh league football championship at Franklin Field and emerges victorious. l934-September-Enrollment of School reaches new Y all-time high of 4000. ' 1935-June-First Commencement exercises take place at Baptist Temple because of the size ' of the graduating class. fini October-Student board buys new band uni- q u' lg forms. , ,,,s,.: ' ll 4 H' Q t ,B 1 .r 1936 M - - l ll!" . '-i'l""". - ay 29-West Point trip. 24 1. f 'P' - ggi.-gQ,j,' June-Mary Yeager elected class president. "l K F , " December 4-"A and B" at Sears and Roe- A 5" ,ag 1 "" , buck Ballroom. .-rgiglg 3 np?l lF"l"'l flier? sew 13.3 4-'I -'A MI 4 I 1937-January l9-Senior Day. fig' I. . s',"'e?gfQN H' ':'- il I 'tg i v N' N January 28-Commencement at Baptist Tem- rm r iflgll mmp j. lily ff ple. " ma ll il f iw? , -,., ,X .iv l ll-' isl.-. all il M 'Elf 'l:u E1".'--,ru -af. ' B -fi im - -1 ll ml , ffm . 1 A LN L ' 4-,. . ' Riffs: . x sl. fig , Qgf lu., Ira I . .li 24' , v H , um v .- l',vQY .. fl ,-3, I o ' ,Ki ' ."-"Q . K- :X . 'HJ' gh... V M . ., " - ' .' .-. x -" M M1-+ Sm i L S, f ,y K .Nix 'xi I 7. . ,Mg -V., , , ' . ..3 ,..,. 1 4,w. ,' " ' 1-'x . '11 " W H . my? V ,K '. , 1 A 1, ' K I-. v ' .t ffslrj Q iv , x ,Lia ' . X 3 Vx K Z 4 S' , WYW 2' I I ' , ' ,b" K l I3 gy.. V . ' L , - ,SQ A. im. A , ,I ro Q - ,'- ' . x 1" ,. , y T- :N .'f. ' 'f 'fm ' - .5 : f gf-1 ,H ' , .T . " I ffl 4 ' I . ' .. - ' H' - 1 f ,ww ' , , - sg , Sill QI 'V , - E x , , . . ' , ,L 4, f ug 1 - ,. Y :C-gs, 1' 25, - , Nj, A hi 'X ' a g ' V 4, W- Yi'-." Xu "' 1 vm, " i'if3-'iw .fc .4 ' - . , - K ' ,- I 1 ' . 1 , eq, V .Ln ii.: .Lf :nm V1 'A K, A , V Y R . H 5 ,Q KF t, . 0 ph' nf-In F A , - 'ZUJ sf X ,. .' Q1 Z H 1 . , x K . -.Q -vm N' 'X 'L 1 31" A Q-v A., All M 1 S. W- Qm- 'Fix D , ' . " ' '11-115' fl ., - M fx-'22 . K f N . 'f . "" W " K. K X ' . - 1 .U r 1 - ,.l W- sn.-.V , - '54 . . n f -2 W 'K , .' , v .N.. in .iw ' .,M, .,.' -.. 'M'1.f,ef.ZS4 ':+v .ff .'f'53','aff- ' ' 'A 1 ' ' A H ,, gn A A. 2' ,, J' vi -,A ', Q. - , ' .. -1 . 1 is any K, .K ': ' vw' pl. , ' 1' . - ' ' my-'X ' ,V Q . -f' , Q 1 'Q N ,I' 4. .- Q Gjw, ' -1 I, . u .f-,1 , A f, K B , w-. - 7 XL , , Q L wg :Munn A W QL, Q1 gif 1-x . ' ' 4-' xl ,. . .Q ff , .- xt x " qhgfi. ' -.. A Q--.A-H- . , W:'.i'T?l+ , lj -, 'Y . ' qi-.hx -7 dr A Lf 1: . Q, W X I 55nd rgk, ,- gl: s 1 ihiffvg zyfwm, f y'eAwfw-11.15, . AT A . v , .- -gk P ,fx M -Q ' I Ia' If 'fu ' Q fx 7 g A"A"" 'Y 5 I 'li41lf"ff "',,'fi 'mf' - 'QS 4' 'N' n5lx'7o,,! " i ,,"QW"'v'++ Q ug f-if . -A 'R -EN - ". W, ff ,:'fM""' Mm-W3-wg, 'mf 'fc 'i'2-344 - '?'. ' wwf I 'W ff f ,. . .f 21 Q ,-' " 1-'M Aww .. My-fvlfk I . ,. - .U 'Y'r 1. ., JJ' mfs' . 51' - I. Y' ,.. Mx 7-'fgww X .L 5 ,, W . -. i K . f f f I 4 ,r F -A Q V --gl N , 1-W F V"A"""4Q"1 'Q ' 1 ' 1" ' Q W' A L'--'-rf MK ,ffT,f7'. 3 .2 t -' 'Yi 'x " h"'N'- fa-ywmw'-W . A . V, LA, v gk1,,1.wm A fy K is . . WMM VVVV ,h Y , ,"f 3 -,JJ ' 2355 its 3 gg - Q. . ' I W2 ' 'Nw Rv -r, ! ' . W .4 .,,. 1, ,L Q '- . .. ,, ..-JI.e...,' X' f -" 5 - Mg ' 'M'-A 4,.U,,lX Q ?f1,A ff Y f Q 31 'Y' "'f , ,W-' f f 'I W ru., s.- . ..::E,,f 2 . E r 4 N... ..x1-.,.Q,Q,Q,,.YX,,,,,.,,,,,,,Q, i i f ' -A I f 0. . R-wfvvqw , X X - N' j f .. .,,,,,,, , -A i f 21 ,i ff. g xii X, 4,5 N x 'I X X ' x A F i r ,- ag ' wg fi J- f- 5 .. .2 5- -,Z aff ,W 9 K -':..,, fn f .gk U, ,A A , ' 3- ,M - , 1 -.""i fr. t -F 1:- 4' " ,. Q, Nsim? 2 5. , fx: FA .if J 1 3 A m avg!! V -fgiw , 1, , Q , PY U P Q e, 91,4 J' Rfk It ,E 1, wgw 'S gxmiii .. .UK X1 lg: ga it HMP X515 f Y I 4 I ' e E15 v is A ,id his ,,,.,,!., .,, wi, A 'ev' Hag. ,wk . I .rf J A' I 1 asv J ,nf f .1. J-I 1 ,q 11, 1 fr' 'a '-ja. ,Jr " .gr E . 4 9 A . ..v. 5 zu. .V,. 1 - fe 5 -wp .A ,w Ng.. V ,, .4 -' -- fb'-,, f. f E -.. : .jg - ', -2:1 X rl,"r,' 'ME Vlwihi' l I' V-sr if vwvd- .1411 , ' VT'i?QW31F?P'H'aay,gQ os., ' . 3 3 K ' K if fix 'Aff 5' X ,+a?i,1'f1L, X-., X , , . X-f f, 5, f W WN - 'V-nk , T ' . I z - V ' ,,.Mf75E"ff . M- M. 'vihpggg ff ,4 - www, - , , 1 W A X A, , .3.,w, 'f Q - , -of , ,. aww www l, - W., Q , 1 - ,W-ff'-,, Q gf X - . ""fif"1-wr" -ff.. - - . W' f ' . E Z 5 'w , U" f-plz" 4 'L ' 59? L. 1,' 'f' MQ ' ' "Wig ., ,H . K 1 4 Q E ' .if hff? E P X,f::N3f:'Vf ,':'fx'Y!w 1 K . . .1 . Q 1 li flii' , -s 2fkl'f?'i 1 Fi .. ' 'NM J , 5 Q E - igffif' f. SQ.':fy,.f:-ig ' g , X K5 ' 5 3 gljjf: f. , ' 5" , .Q ' k ME ,ff ' if n .f N --. V ' 'K ,xfgy If ' .. it ' f W 'W . .L K . :gi,:i,Xi,,. , I 555 i ' - FLS5.: L .r -'?f35g'iQ: 1+ , ,- :L-:cyl X . m, N k g 12.49 f, P' -In ,ffkw , my J. P w J- f 5 A 5 F , J , ff 2 , N31 QE" . X 'ii 5 4 .4. 4 A I'.f ':-'g , up-, fm, .14 x 'LAX .,,.w,,.,- N A. fy v F .A ., 4.x Q' J' A.fl4. ,Nw .. KM. 1, 'Q ws.-.1 -'N x , 'jig-l25'E+ -.Wm J'- , A, p"',.xf1, f . PM v . ,x.rv.K, " . ,f 1 fw-314 Qfff r A - Aj. 4. 65 ,La .'. 1 ,gy , v 4 r if :A X L m A Q' if Ag' U .f .Y 4155, , Q ,Q v e fs. + 1 ffl. 'J' gs 0 . jf 3 0 Q ' 5. k. X w A It ' x tw! ' u 1 t 1' 9 . J , if ,ff ,,,fn3'g,m its ' 2 'il' Jn illvgiiffx 1 1, f Q 1 A QQ. A ,fs I ' 1. 1 4 4 fi' .1 r 1 'llll ll! f ' 'Jerk I in , . ' T ' Q33 1- AA fi K lb! I w 45' mr ' 1 -.z.. .1 -0-Q ' vi X3 ,, Q 'fx A-Nw -x 1 K N7 ff 'S ? 3 'N 5 QV 1 31.55 'i ff , 2, x xxx g XA fx Mk? -if ' .xy ff Q ff' QW" . iaxvfjaf f'T,4w ' 59"- M1 -- x In 'UW .. 1 E . A -I if I X 1 'Q' 3 :.. ,'Y. at ., .eg 5, ij. - 5 'G -wb' f ' - Y Q , s ,, 1 1 ,. K Xxlxi- ,' I.. Z .K ,- "Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music."-Schelling. "We require from build- ings, as from men, two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well, then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it, which last is itself another form of duty."-Ruskin. "Simple was its noble architecture. E a c h orna- ment, arrested, as it were, in its position, seemed to have been placed there of necessity."-Voltaire. 0 PRINCIPAL DR. FRANK L. CLOUD KF' v 'fifda-1-.1 Dr. Frank L. Cloud was born in Conshohocken. He attended the elementary and high school there. Three years later he cntered the University of Pennsylvania and earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees. Dr. Cloud began to teach at Chester High School in l905 and remained there for two years. Alter teaching at South Philadelphia High School for Boys for twelve years, he became head of the language department at Simon Gratz. In February, l93l, he was appointed principal of Frankford High School. Miss Emma Roth was born in Philadelphia. She attended the public schools and graduated from the Philadelphia Girls' High School and the Philadelphia Normal School. She taught in the sixth and seventh grades of the elementary school. After working at the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Columbia Universities, Miss Roth became a teacher of mathe- matics in the Girls' High School. She come to Frankford in l9l6 as assistant principal. 0 ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL 'J . MISS EMMA ROTH NE ol the worlds wisest men said there is o time to sing, a time to dance, a time try inourzty a time to sow, a time to reap, a time lor everything l-le was right Now is the time tor you to leave your schooly now is the time tor you to take your place in the world at large, How you will use your time what you will make ol it depends upon you There should be some time out ot each day when each one of you will sit down quietly and think Shut out from your mind the petty things ond think ot those soul-stirring ideas and ideals which are o part of the great heri- tage of this worlds Then try to make these ideas and ideals a part ot yourself, By so doing you will grow mentally and spiritually and be able to take your plaC0 among the world! real people FRANK l. CLOUD ll ACH one ot us who has an education, school or college, has obtained something from the community at large tor which he or she has not paid No self-respect' ing man or woman is content to rest permanently under such an obligation where the state has bestowed education, The man who accepts it must be content to accept it merely as a charity, unless he returns it to the state in tull in the shape ot good citizenship " FMMA ROT ll AD CLERICAL ASSISTANTS INDUSTRIAL AND FIN J. Norwood Baker COMMERCE William B. Nichols ENGLISH Robert J. Adams, Jr. LANGUAGES Dr. William J. Long MINISTRATION Dr. Frank l.. Cloud, Principal Martin D. Fetherolf, Teacher in Charge of Annex Clarence S, Wilkinson, Secretary to Principal E ARTS Margaret G. Butler Bertha M. Chepigan Harry H, Banner Walter J. Cole Edith G. Doggett Norman'R, Day Harold F. Durner Clarence l-, Garwood Thea. C. Humphreys Hortense B. Buxbaum Mary Stark Clarence Hutchinson Mary R. Kitchen Nathan Margolis A. Malcolm Martin C. Russell Murphy Aaron Rapaport John Seigle, Jr. Lyntord J, Williams Dr. George M. Alleman Edwin M. Brown Elizabeth R. Eynon Jacob N. Gelman Roseina Gillman Russell W. Hargreaves Marion K. Hornung l-larry Klausewitz lsadore Klein Lil Marguerite Evans Clarence A, Hambleton Delphine A. Lonning Anna C. Lee Marion McMaster Dorothy Malzer Elizabeth H. Markley Burkhardt Morrison Richard M. Motley Amelia R. Mumford Charles R. Nash Alta Grace Ellis Caroline l.. Gruhler S. Martin Johnson Dr. Arthur C. Jordan Joseph Klein David F. Luithlen Anastasia W. E, Lyons Walter E. Mansley Adolph Myerson Ada T. Roby Helen J. Saile Frank W. Streit Albert B. Wraught lion C. Wunsch John Nevin A. Clarke Pafrman Gabriel A. Phillips Esther R. Roth Florence Schlorbaum Dr. Lewis G. Sterner Helen Taylor Charles F. Troxell Jock A. Wapen Carl F, Wise Viola H, Woodruff Charles J. Kunz, Jr, Lora A. Marsh Henry J. Meder Chester A, Sittig Genevieve Wilson AND FACULTY MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS MATHEMATICS Thomas Moore HISTORY Charles Ri Nichols SCIENCE Dr, Franklin B. Carroll PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ellwood A. Geiges LIBRARY Czorino Mt l-loll - V Emmo Roth, Assistant to Principal Margaret E. McConnell, Home and School Visitor Rose E l-luston, School Counselor Robert A, Gerson Frances L. Snyder Forrest R. Newmeyer Louise Druding Elizabeth N. Lewis Minnie Bernstein Florence Y. Bishop William l-l. Boerckel Wyman A. Bristol George Ebbecke Gertrude C. Ellis Helen Ansley Elizabeth S. Cole Leon S. Drumheller Michael W, Fisch Lillian S. Gloss Mildred Goshow Joseph M, Gottscholk Mary E. Bacon Gladys Bulmer E. Alva Campbell Albert d'Orozio Martin D, Fetherolf Dr, Moe E, l-lorveson l-lorry N, Barfoot Joseph T. Covol Theodore H. Doering Joanna B, Fritz Frank C. Lightfoot Elsinore L. Christ Assistant Elsa S. Weishort Ruth E. Wilson Elizabeth S, Lackey Ethel M. McAllister C. L. S. Roby Emma Roth Bernard Q. Sobul Dr, Wayne Sensenig Edith M, Jones James A. Killough S. l-lunter Kurtz James McClintock Ann W. Mills Mary E, Purcell H. Elaine Romsey lfson A Amos J. l-leinly William B. Leighninger Arthur W. Lowe Edith A. Sprowles Ido Strohlein Helen Weidemann Why Dorothy R, McQueen Ethel M, Millikin Louise A. Reichelt Ido W. Smith Worthington Surrick ODD MOMENTS WITH MISS STARK AND MRS. BAUXBAUM MR. CARL WISE MISS ROSEINA GILLNAN MR. CHESTER SITTIG DR. WAYNE SENSENIG MR. ELLWOOD GEIGES MISS CZARINA HALL . MR. CHARLES TROXELL MISS EVELYN WHY MR. CHARLES NICHOLS ' :AA x MLJC.-I QL, THE FACULTY MR. CLARENCE RABY MR. LINFORD WILLIAMS MR. WILLIAM BOERCKEL MR. WILLIAM DONOVAN MR. MICHAEL FISCH MRS. ADA RABY MR. ROBERT ADAMS MISS MARGUERITE EVANS MR. AMOS HEINLY MR. HARRY BARFOOT f X F X f A 4 FACULTY MR. CHARLES O'NEILL MR. GABRIEL PHILLIPS 1 5 MR. RICHARD MOTLEY SIDELIGHTS CRX, MR, JOSEPH COVAL 5 MR. CLARENCE HAMBLETON MR. CHARLES NASH DR. ARTHUR JORDAN MR. FORREST NEWMEYER IN DAYS to come, when we wish to call back memories of our days at Frankford High School, it is to this section of the Record Book that we shall turn. Within these pages are found the officers of the class, the class, the class sponsor, the six senior books, and the various committees of the senior class. A glance through this section is sufficient to give one a cross section of the graduating class as a whole. Here are recorded the activities and achievements of each member of the class since his or her entrance into Frankford High School. THE CLASS S l see it, only one vital problem faces you and the world today. This is the maintenance of peace. All discussions of future social security and increas- ingly effective scientific control seem academic in the face of this paramount issue. The race between education and catastrophe is on. As high school graduates and as citizens, l beg you to remember this. The cause of peace is not the cause of cowardice. It is yours to live for peace, to talk for peace, and to vote for peace. The finest traditions of our great country are peaceful ones, the precepts of Him whom in various ways we acknowledge as Master are peaceful ones, the aims of all honest men are peaceful ones. Be not ashamed of these traditions, these precepts, and this company. Your voice need not be lost, your example need not go unheeded. May I strengthen my plea by a quotation from an American whom you have from infancy been taught to admire. These words are by Benjamin Franklin: "l hope . . . that Mankind will at length, as they call themselves reasonable Creatures, have Reason and Sense enough to settle their Differences without cutting Throats . . . What vast additions to the Conveniences and Comforts of Living . . . if the money spent in Wars had been employed in Works of public utility!" LEWIS G. STERNER. o CLASS OFFICERS DR. LEWIS G. STERNER Clcss Spcnsor Left to Right: President, Mary Yeager, Vice- President, Charles Winsch, Secretory, Dorothy Wall, Treasurer, .lohn Sneddon, Editor, Ethel Childs. CLASS CCMMITTEES o EXECUTIVE l-lE Executive Committee is composed of the senror class officers and the chairmen of the various senior class committees, lt is this committee which acts on all matters in which the activities of the senior class are involved. It is also an informal governing body, Mary Yeager, the senior class president, acted as chairman of the lytecutive Committee. She was assisted in the performance of her duties by the vice-president, Charles Winsch, All of the many financial affairs of the class were handled by John Sneddon, the treasurer Dorothy Wall, the class secretary, had charge cl the sale of pins and charms. The other members of the Executive Committee ore Ethel Childs, the chairman of the Record Book Committee, George Stroman, the chairman of the Dance Com- mitteeg Frank Dyer, the chairman of the Photography Committee, and Adelaide Titus, the chairman of the Senior Morning Committee Who will readily forget the day of the senior class trip to West Point? It will long remain among the memories of our senior year at Frankford l-ligh School The success of the class trip was made possible through the combined efforts of Dr lewis G, Sterner and the members of the Trip Committee. Grace Terwilliger, Betty Gardiner, Alfred Denges, and Edward Spector composed the membership of this committee Ethel Childs, Frank Dyer Adelaide Titus, John Sneddon Mary Yeager, Dorothy Wall Charles Winsch, George Stroman One of the most enioyalvle and memorable features of the senior year is the Senior Prom, We may attribute the success of this year's dance to the fine work of George Stroman, the chairman of the Dance Committee, Through the efforts of the Dance Committee, Charles Rogers and his orchestra were secured for the dance Other duties of the committee were the sale of tickets for the dance, the decoration of Sears' Ballroom, where the dance was held, and the preparation of the dance program, We owe George Stroman and his committee a yote of thanks for their splendid achievement in making this term's dance an outstanding success. lt was one of the finest ever held in the history of the school. The other members of the committee are Dorothy Davis, Henry Burman, Muriel Osluurne, Edith Hekter, Janice l-lorrocks, and Philip Shelley o DANCE George Stroman lChoirmonl, Henry Burmon, Muriel Osborne, Edith Hexter, Philip Shelly, Dorothy Davis. Betty Gardiner, Grace Terwilliger, Alfred Denges, Edward Spector. e SENIOR MORNING The Senior Morning Committee iilans and supervises the events of the seniors' last day at school Adelaide Titus, the chairman at this committee, selected the orchestra tor the dance at the close ot the school day, The members at her com- mittee formulated the plans tor the assembly, which proved to be both pleasant and entertaining, The gitts to the school, counselor, and class soonsor were selected by this committee, lt was also an important part ot their duties to arrange lor the commencement exercises at Baptist Temple. lhe members ot the Senior Morning Committee are Adelaide Titus, chairman, June Kreh, Gordon Buzby, Lydia Gutowska, Jane Wheeler, and George Wormeck One ot the main teatures ot the Senior lvlorning program is the play which is presented by the members of the senior class. The play which was selected by ,lane Taylor, the coacn, was a dellghttul comedy entitled "A Frock lor Francie." lt is the story ol a small-town girl who has come to the city to attend a fraternity dance. While she is on a train bound tor the city, complications arise, and Francie sutters a considerable amount' ot trouble, ln the end, however, the obstacles are overcome, all works out successfully, and we lind the inevitable hair, 15 ending. The cast ot the play is as lollows' Francie lwho loves adventure' ............. ........ lk 'largaret Stewart 0 "A" PLAY CAST 'fr Coach, Jane Taylor, Charles Winsch, Alice Laessig, Arthur Bernstein, Mae Tither, Margaret Stewart, Frank Dyer. Adelaide Titus lChairmanl George Wormeck, Jane Wheeler Gordon Buzby, Lydia Gutowska, June Kreh o RECORD BOOK Ethel Childs lChairmanl, Gladys Gustafson, Howard McCune Vicente De Castro, Grace Ter- williger Edward Spector, Robert Coleman. Ronald lengaged to Franciel .......... ......... F rank Dyer Mrs. Gardiner tRonald's auntl ...... ........... M ay Tither Myra ta social retormerl .................. ........... A lice Laessig Jim tthe man with the gold teethl ...................................................... Arthur Bernstein Benson tltftrs. Gardiner's butlerl .............................,........,......................... Charles Winsch The Record Book is in a large measure the product ot the ettorts of the Photog- raphy Committee. This committee has charge of assigning the times when the pictures ot the various committees, the clubs, and the athletic teams are to be taken. lt is also one ot the tasks ot this committee to attend to the actual pho- tography which is involved. The chairman ot the Photography Committee, Frank Dyer, superintended this work and brought it to a successtul conclusion, l-lis assistants, the other members of the committee, were Charles Troxell, Alice Laessig, Charles Urian, and Ralph Beaton, The fine work ot the Photography Committee would never have been possible it it were not tor the assistance given by Mr, Kunz, l-le took nearly all ot the pictures, giving generously both ot his time and efforts. The Photography Committee is also indebted to William Roeger and Douglas Malley tor securing photographs for the Record Book. This Record Book, in years to come, will serve to perpetuate the memories ot the days which we have spent in Frankford l-ligh School. The capable chairman ot the Record Book Committee, Ethel Childs, has done her best to give you, the mem- bers ot the senior class, the finest and most complete Record Book possible. Vicente De Castro, l-loward McCune, and Robert Coleman cooperated in the preparation ot models and sketches, Vicente was also in charge of the sports write-ups, Ethel Childs wrote the section devoted to clubs, and Grace Terwilliger and Edward Spector prepared the various other write-ups, Gladys Gustafson attended to the vast amount ot clerical work connected with the creation of the Record Book. 0 PHOTOGRAPHIC Frank Dyer lChairmanl, Ralph Beaton, Charles Urian, Charles Troxell, Alice Laessig. T RECORD-i937 FRANKFORD BLANCHE LINDEN ADAMS 1212 Allengrove Street "Chick" Harding Commercial Glee Club, IZB, Pen Art Club, IOA, Christmas Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IOB. Girls Basketball, '34, Girls Base- ball, 34. JOHN AGNEW Aubrey Avenue and Tulip Street Hopkinson Commercial Primi Ten, IZB, Highway Busi- ness Staff, IIB, IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IZA, A. A. Representa- tive, IIA M Ann . R Y ' 235' e ch Street ,ipegu l i if Commercial C ercial Club, IZA, Glee Club, ZB, Pen Art Club, IOA, Christ s Committee, IIB, Bank Representative, IIB-IZB. BENJAMIN ASHBY 4588 Castor Ave e Harding M ch Arts Honor Book, I . lntersectio I osketball, '35, Inter ctionl seboll, '34-'36, Vol y ol ' , lntersectional Foot- bal 6, Numerols, '34. GLADYS ANNE AUCHY 8012 Craig Street 1 I 1 ' O h .1 . . X L Crispin l codem c Gfee Club, ' , pl ing Club, IOB, C anc IIB, Vocal Ensembl , I -IZA, onor Book, IOB, IIA. ZELMA THERESA BANES 1245 Orthodox Street Olney Home Economics Pioneer Prospectors, IZB, Honor Book, IZA, IZB JEANNE ELLEN BA-RNES l2l7 Arrott Street Wilson Commercial Swimming Club, IOA, Dance Committee, IZA, Locker Commit- tee, IOB-IIB, Honor Book, IOB, Track, '34, Hockey, '34, '35. EVELYN C. BAUERLE 5914 Agusta Street Wilson Commercial Christmas Committee, IIB, Locker Committee, IOB, IIA. Track, '35, Girls Baseball, '34. AGNES INNES BAYNHAM 27l7 Orthodox Street Harding Commercial House and Grounds, IZA-IZB. ouvz ANITA BEACH 1828 Gillingham sneer ' Mastbaum Commercial HIGH SCHOOL i937-THE RECORD DONALD RALPH BEATON 2767 Pratt Street Harding Meehan Circle Twe6e,B1f2B, -P gitphy Committee, H Book, 10A-IIB. J' lnteriiyitiefrdl Baskeggggl, '34, '3 ',,lt1tersectioSwdl Ba. it '3-l, ' , Valle-yball,,'34,xF'35, Second oot all, '3-l, Vatggty ootball, '35, '36 ,D AGNES LOIS sgiqfiuyai' L l665 East Street P520 ie" Hopkiniorykx Academic 'hstmas Committee, l lA, Study Monitor, IZA, Bank Repre- -nt ive, lOA-l2B. GMA ,'yX!.l.,0d yoY,,-,A Urs. ARTHUR BERNSTEIN 2938 McKinley Street HNTH Sullivan Academic Biology Club, IOA, Sock and Baskin, l2A, l2l3, "A" Play Cast, IZB, Student Board, FDB, lOA, Bank Representative, IOB, A A Repre- sentative, lll3, IZA, Highway Re- presentative, llA, Honor Book, HUA-IZB, Highway Editorial Staff, llB, Highway Humor Editor, l2A, Hiahway Sports Editor, IZB Track 2nd, '35, '36, Intersec- tional Track, '35, '36, Intersec- lional Basketball, '34, '35, Inter- sectional B a s e b a I l, '34-'36, Volleyball, '34, '35, lntersectional Football, '33, Second Football, '3-l, '35, Varsity Football, '36, Num- erals, '3-l, A, F. A., '3S. EDWARD BERRY 4326 Waln Street Harding Commercial Library Monitor, IOB, Highway Representative, IZB. fwhxff k ,y 2,07 x R0SE.MARIX alas l 44 E Huntiv Pork Avenue s on Commercial lr ivinwrciijcittb, llB, Christ- mas' Corn itee, ICB, Library Monitor, l . Girls Basketball, '35 1 a,,,M,g,atemw,i -A ' r , i X. J' 2 VI," Arffnf X Q N RENA EVELYN BLACK 4566 Mulberry Street "Renee" Harding Commercial Vocal Ensemble, IOB, llA, House and Grounds, IOB. MARIAN E. BLANKENHORN 3575 Keningyen Avenue, -1 i ti Sullivagjn AND? llofatinnal Art l A ' ,M 5 Q Yank Repre 'atiye, 9A, 9B, A Repre tatiye, lOA, House and Gro , , lOB, llA. Girls, ilgsketball, '35, x 'C' l ISADORE BLITZSTEIN 899 Sanger Street "Izzy" Wilson Academic Chess Club, llA, Bank Repre- sentative, llA, A. A. Representa- tive, lOA lntersectional Basketball, '34, lntersectional Baseball, '36, Inter- sectional Football, '3-1. i - I NA' .1 ,-y, 1 fe. 0 t EDWIN BOGUCKI 2414 Orthodox Street "Eddie" Harding Academic MARGARET K. BORR 7038 Jackson Street ,,MG,QC,, Disston x J Commercial Comrnerci lub, l2A, Christ- mas Commit ee, 95, lOAjStiident Board, HA' Study Hall Monitor, its-izfag Book XR' mf Monitor, llB, ZA, Banklagpresentative, 9B-llB, House and Grounds, llA. Tl-IE RECORD- NORMAN EARLE BRA AN 6l26 Marsden Shag "Bunn Sullivan Mech It Orchet , 9B-I2B, and I - I , man lub B, Locker ee, I2 rarv Monitor, I B Track, Manager, '36, Varsity Baseball, Assistant Manager, '35. CHARLES WILMER BROBYN 3460 St. Vincent Street Hwmyn Disston Academic Latin Club IOA-IIB, Student Board, 9B, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Library Monitor, IOB-l2B, Bank Representative, IOA-IZA, Highway Representative, IOA, IOB, Honor Book, IZB. Second Basketball, '34, '35, ln- tersectional Baseball, '36, lnter- sectional Soccer, '34-'36, Intersec- tional Football, '36 EDNA WRIGHT BROOKS 4617 Langghore Street ,, dn Disston Ace mic Orchestra, 9B-IZB, Pen lub, 98, Swimming Club, 9 Senior Twelve, l2B, Executiv Commit- tee, IIA, Clef Cl , IOB-IZB, Triangle Club ll IZB, Latin Club, IIA-I2 ,I cretary, IZA, All High Mus' , stival, l2A, All High Broadr , IZB, Assembly Organist, IZB, Christmas Cfmmit- tee, 9B, IO , Student Board, 9A, Library itor, IIA, llB, Book Room tor, I2B, Honor Book, IOA-I2 Hx? y, '36, Girls Basketball, , 6, Girls Baseball, '36, Volley- on! '34-'36 I J? VQLIMA nonzncs anowu R 5323 Eadom Street Sullivan Commercial Commercial Club, '2A, Pen fvt Club, IOA, Christmas Calnrniltec, IIB, Student Board, IOA, IZB. NELSON T. BROWN, JR. 59l4 Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Mechanic Arts Christmas Committee, IOA-IZA, Locker Committee, IIB, Stndv Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Bank Pep- resr-ntotive, 98, IOA. i937 Thirty-six RANKFORD MERWYN R. BUCHANAN 1626 Fillmore Street "Spucky" Harding Academic Honor Book, IOA-IZB. HENRY MOORE BURMAN 36l0 Jasper Street "Hank" nes Mechanic Arts Thir e ub, IIB-l2B, Dance Committee, l ' A, A. Repro- sentative, l2B. lntersectional Baseball, '33, '34, Volleyball, '33-'35, Second Foot- ball, '34, Varsity Football, '35, '36, Numerals, '35g A. F. A., '34, '35' F '36 f 1 - MARGARET ANN BUSTARD 3841 Frankford Avenue mpeg., Kensington Commercial Hiking Club, IZA, Honor Book, IZA, IZB Leaders, IZA. FRANCES BUTVILLE 4620 Melrose Street Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Pen Art Club, IOA, House and Grounds, IZB. GORDON PROPERT BUZBY l6S8 Unity Street "Buzz" Harding Academic Ye Monks, IZB, Swimming Club, IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Studv Hall Monitor, IZA, Bank Repre- sentative, IOA, A, A Representa- tive, IZB, Honor Book, IUB-IZB Bowling Club, '36, lntersectional Football, '35. HIGH SCHOOL l937-THE RECORD ELSIE M. CAMPBELL 6715 Glenlock Street HEISH ,f Disston J Comm r Glee Club, QB, hnlstmius Com- tee I0 IOB5Stud nrt Board L' onitor IOB' Bo k Room Monitor, IIB, House and Grounds, IIA. Sggkigdkxzall Mbmror, IIB, IZA? I r i VERNON L. CANDY 6707 Torresdale Avenue Crispin Mechanic Arts ARMANDO VICTOR CARPINO 4240 Paul Street if-1-inyri Harding Commercial Lo' EDWARD CARROLL 6740 Tulip Street .,Edrr St. Leo's Industrial Locker Committee, IZB, Stu- dont Board, 9B. Track, '33, lntersectional Track, '35, '36, lntersectional Basketball, '33, Intersectional Volleyball, '32, lntersectional Football, '35, Soc- cer, '34, '35, lntersectional Soccer, '32, F, '34, '35 RUTH DOROTHEA CARTER 342l Aldine Street Wilson Commercial Honor Book, IZB. Track, '35, Thirty-seven RICHARD .I. CAVALIERE 7030 Tulip Street "Rick" x Disston Me ani Locke C itt tudent Boand, - Inter i Basketball, '34, , ., 33, '35, F, '36, Soccer, ' , 35, '36, VIRGINIA S. CHAMBERS 4126 Glendale Street ,,Gmny,, Hopkinson Academic House and Grounds, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IIB. ETHEL V. CHILDS 5218 Castor Avenue Wilson Academic Glcc Club, IOA, Swi I C b IIBVIZB, Senior Twelv 'I2 ' - angle Club, IIA-I , ' Club, IZA, Reco Bo ommittee, Chairman, I , E tive Commit- tee, , ok Room Monitor, IZB, H ook, IOA-I2B. o , '35, '36, Girls Basket- b II 5, '36, Girls Baseball '35, '3 , Volleyball, '34-'36, Numerals, '36, F, '36, 'EDITH C. CHILTON 6609 Dittmon Street Disston Commercial Glee Club, IOB, Christmas Com- mittee, IIB, Late Committee, 9B, IOA, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, IOB, House and Grounds, IOB- l2B, Honor Book, IOB, IIB, IZB, Track, '36, Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball, '35, '36, Girls Base- ball, '35, '36, Volleyball, '34-'36, f ,nv Ill? lla ROBERT R. COLEMAN 5151 Akron Street ,Boba Harding Vocational Art Primi Ten, IIB-IZB, Dance Com- mittee, IZA, Record Book Com- mittee, IZB, Locker Comm.11i-e, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Library Monitor, IIB. THE RECORD MARTHA DACKOWSKA 4717 Edmund Street ' "Mert" Harding Home Economics Christmas Committee, IOA-IIA, House and Grounds, IOA. Track, '34, '35, Hockey, '35, '36, Girls Basketball, '34, '35, Girls Baseball, '34-'36, Volleyball, '34-'36, Leaders, '34-'36, Danc- ing, '35, Tag Dancing, '36, Numerals, '35, , '36 ARTHUR WILLIAM DAHL 1969 Pratt Street "Westy" Jones Academic MARIE E. DNMBACHER 6220 Castor Avenue uma., Willow Grove, Po. Academic Glee Club, llB, Sock and Buskin, l2A, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, llA-l2B. Girls Basketball, '35, '36, Girls Baseball, '35, '36, EDITH W. DARBY 1421 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Honor Book, IOA-l2B. Volleyball, '35, JOSEPH DASCENZO 7247 Hegermon Street ".loe" Dlsston Commercial Varsity Golf, '35, Second Soc- cer, '35, i937 FRANKFORD ' Thirty-eight Ii'- DOROTHY E. DAVIS 6726 Dittman Street HDDVI Disston Academic Swimming Club, llB, l2A, Senior Twelve, l2B, Hiking Club, l2A, Dance Committee, l2B, Christmas Committee IOB' High- way Regresentative QA, 16A-l A, i2A, 1 B, Honor Book IOA-l2B. Hockey, '35, '36, Girls Baseball, '35, '36, V lleybaIl.'33-'36, Num- erals, '36 WILLIAM ARTHUR DAVIS 993 Harrison Steet "Bill" Springfield, Pa. Commercial Band, l2A, l2B. VICENTE M. DE CASTRO 302 E. Cheltenham Avenue "Spigian" Cooke V t' nal Art Primi Ten, l , l2 easurer, l2B, Aero CI 9A, k and Buskin, l2A, l ' Hi y Staff, llB-l2B, Humo Edit , IIB' Spe- cial Feature t 28' Record Book Committee, B, Christmas Commit ef OA, A. A. Representa- tive, l0 ' Prizes, Scholar- ship to Univers-ty Sum- mer School Drama, June '36, Fresh Track, '33, Track, '3 '3 lntersectional Track, ' '3 lntersectional Basketball, ' ' , lntersectional Manager, '3 - , lntersectional Baseoall, '34, 5, Volleyball, '33-'35, Boys' Leaders, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '33-'35, lntersectional Football, '33, '34, Second Football, '35, Numerals, '34, '35, A. F. A., '36, Cheeerleader, '36, Honor- Book, l A-IZB. PAUL CARMEN DE CHRISTOPHER K and East Wyoming Avenue Harding Industrial Locker Committee, l2B, A, A. Representative, lOA-llA. b lntersectional Baseball, '35, Var- sity Golf, '34, '35, Captain, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '34, '35, A. F. A., '34, '35' F, '36, We ALFRED DENGES 6025 Charles Street nAln Northeast Catholic, Mechanic Arts Thirteen Club, llB-l2B, Student Board, IOA-IZA, Highway Repre- sentative, 9B-llB. .Second Football, '33, '34, Var- sity Football, '35, A. F. A., '33, '34, F, '35. Y ll ill ,wi x c X, HIGH SCHOOL 1937- EON VINCENT DEZWOL 2706 East Mlegheny Avenue ul-eel' Jones Academic A. A. Representative, IOB, 1113, 12B, Honor Book, 10A-IZB. lntersectionol Football, '34. , if! at x DONALD ROBERT DOMAN 2132 East Ann Street Jones Academic DANIEL Q. DOOLEY 4721 Northwood Avenue HDGUN Harding Academic Ye Monks, 12B, Vocal Ensemble, 11A, l1B, Locker Committee, '0A, Study Hall Monitor, 12B, Highway Representative, IOA, Honor l3:ck, lOA. Intersectional Track, '35, ln- tersectional Baseball, '14-'16, 111- tersectianal Soccer, '35, intersec- tional Football, '35, lntersevfcmal Basketball, '34, '35. EMMA MAJOR DUNCAN 2049 Park Avenue "Mickey" Kensington Commercial Study Hall Monitor, l1A, Li- brary Monitor, l1B, Book Room Monitor, l2A. Tap Dancing, '36. FRANK REYNOLDS DYER 7018 Erdrick Street ,Ruben Disston Academic Photography Committee, Chair- man, 128, "A" Play Cast, 1 B, Executive Committee, l2Bf, u- dent Board, IZA. l0Ai VOVV Monitor, 12B, HlLll1WGY R NTU' tive, 913, 1013, llA. J E lntersectional Bas a , 'ale ln,- tersectional Footb I, '34, '3QI S cond room ,' . F.,A.. '35-: ritersect 5. 35- 9.223 ' , z 4' 'iii A' tell-ll' 1 . ., F ,- , f 'M ,ww Thirty-nine Tl-lE RECORD HENRY JOSEPH EAVIS Dunksferry Road Wilson Academic Ushers Association, 12A, 12B, A. A. Representative, lOA, ZOB. lntersectional Soccer, '34, Sec- ond Football, '34, '35, Varsity Football, '36, Numerals, '34, A. F. A., '35, '36, ELEANOR M. EDWARDS 5529 Torresdale Avenue MEIN Sullivan Commercial 3gsWQ22fl'?l.ClU5l.,l'2Qg,Efl.5xi Volleyball, '34, '35, RUTH BERNICE FISCHER 6400 Oxford Avenue wilSOI'l gql Study Hall , ln., 425, Honor ook,l . Tr '3 , Girls Basketball, '35, 'S ' Baseball, '35, Leaders, HILDA FAY FORSCHER 5443 Oakland Street Disston Academic Literary Club, l2B, Hiking Club, l1A, Philadelphia Club, 12A, 12B, Library Monitor, 11A-12A, Bank Representative, 1213, Highway Re. presentative, 1OB, Highway Staff, l1B, Cubs Club, 1lA, Honor Book, 11A-12B. CHARLES L. FREITAG 1834 East Schiller Street "Chas" Jones Mechanic Arts Study Hall Monitor, 1213, Honor Book, lOA. THE RECORD DORIS .CLAYTON FRITZ Convent Lane and State Road Crispin Academic Glee Club, IZB, Vocal En- semble, IOB-I IB, Bank Representa- tive, 9A, House and Grounds, I2A, IZB. ELIZABETH E. GARDINER 1440 Comly 'Street "Bats" Sullivan Academic Swimming b, IOA, Seni Twelve, -I2 ' e e'Francais, IO IZB, Trip Committee, I2 ' Represent tive 9A I , rizes, S ehl mo IG r Book, 35 Glr aseball '36, Leaders, '- r" , 9 I l-lachey, ' , Girls Basketball, 'a4" . ' 'X M .ff VIRGINIA E. GARWOOD 3301 Potter Street HJ inny.. Hopkinson Commercial Book Room Monitor, IOB, IIA, Bank Representative, 98, House and Grounds, IOB-IZA. ITrack, '34, '35, Hockey, '34, '35, Girls Basketball, '35, '36, Girls Baseball, '34, '35, Volleyball, '34, '35, Leaders, '36. IRMGARD V. GLASNER 7I68 Cottage Street nlrmon Dlnto Commercial use a d rounds, IDA-IZA, on r B OA-IZB, Lunchroom Aut r y OA, IOB. Tr , 34, '35, Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball '34-'36, Girls ease ll, '34, '35, Volleyball, '34, '35, Leaders, '34-'36. ANITA an RA MEL 1414 rw ne Hardi Academic P Art Club, IOB, Cercle ais, IIB-I2B, Library Moni- ZQ IIA, Honor Book, IOA, IIB- I937 FRANKFORD Forty DOL G0 43I 3 S eff: a ,D I Crispin Academic Glee Club llOA, Hiking C'ub, los, IIA, Cercle Francois, IOA- IIA, Vocal Ensemble, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, Student Board, IOB, Bank Representative, IIA, Honor Book, IOA-IZA. "f9,.,fvj"v' VV el " 50M I807 Churc treet "Kate" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Hiking Club, IZA, Philadelphia Club IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOB, IIB-I2B. LEONARD JOSEPH GRUMM 4356 Leiper Street Harding Commercial Vocal Ensemble, IOA, IIA-l2B, Study Hall Monitor, I2A, Honor Book, IZB. GERARD GRUSSENMEYER 4628 Benner Street "Jerry" North Catholic Academic MIRIAM ELAINE GUMPPER 1635 Foulkrod Street .,Gumpy., Harding ommercial Co r ial lub ZA, IZB, Chr las Co ittee, IOB, Honor Sick, '36, sms Basket- ball, '35. ' HIGH SCHOOL GLADYS V. GUSTAFSO 2080 Ancnar ' r l "Gin Sullivan T Commercial C0 i l Club, IZA, Pen Art Clu, A, B, Senior Twelve, I Literary Club, IIA-IZB, C cle Francais, IOA-IZB, Record B ok Committee, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Volleyball, '34, '35. LYDIA C. GUTOWSKA 4405 Longshore Street ,, ,dn Jones em' Swimming Clu Il , ior Twelve, IZB, Tria I , IZA, IZB, Senior Mor A mmittee, IZ Christmas C ittee, IGB, Stu H Il' M ito, IOA '-B, Bo Ro nito , , B: Hig resentat , IIA, IiB, H , IOA- Track, 4, '3 , Hockey, '35, '36, Girls B etb , '34, '35, Girls Baseball, 35' Volleyball, '34-'36, Leaders, '34 36, Numerals, '36, JAMES VINCENT HAAG 5105 Griscom Street "Haagie" Harding ln us ' A. A. Repres ww , I ci' EVELZ HADDOCK 5905 Tulip Street H if Ev Q Sullivan Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Pen Alt Club, IOA-IIA, Literary Club, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, 9A, 9B, Vo- cational Guidance Office, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB Girls Basketball, '34, Volleyball, '34, '35, ROSEMARIE M. HAINES 5243 Sylvester Street West Point, Pa. Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA. Leaders, '35. i937 ' :lf l I "ly I f it m e . - ' -' i W , .s Y , ' 35,41 -' , , 'f fl , ..,,ir.alilgifl 7 , Q f 5 or ,E I, I ,J Forty-one THE RECORD RUTH DE MAISON HALE 5934 Hegerman Street "Giggles" Sullivan Home Economics Trip Committee, IZA, Bank Re- presentative, IOB, IZB. Track '34, Leaders, '35, 36, Tap Dancing, '34, MIRIAM VIOLA HALL 5015 Dittman Street "Holly" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Swim- ming Club, IIB, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZA, Honor Book, IOB, IIA. Volleyball, '35, '36, Leaders, '35, Girls' Tennis, '36. FREDERICK HAMELTON 2614 East Clearfield Street "Ham" Jones Industrial Christmas Committee, IIB, Stu- dent Board, IZB, Ushers Associa- tion, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZB. Track, '34, '35, lntersectional Track, '33, lntersectional Basket- ball, '34, lntersectional Baseball, '35, lntersectional Soccer, '33-'35, lntersectional Football, '33, '34, Numerals, '33, F, '3-4. CHARLES HOMER HANBY 858 Bridge Strqbt Wilmington, D I. I A demic Honor 5oo l EINAR MARTIN HANSEN 3410 Wellington Street Disston Academic A Junio che tra, 9A' gunned? M- , lub, 9B, Radi Club, IOA, High- way Representative, IOA. - bm, THE RECORD-1937 FRANKFOLRD HARRY L. HARPER 4604 Benner Street lraudrr Y Sullivan demic 'C ess 0" b,NII l En- -W - B, Hi Re enta- i IOAJ Staff, IOA- A ssistant r lation Mana- ge ' B. B ing, '36, JEAN HATZELL 6733 Dittman Street "Hatz" Disston Commercial Christmas Committee, 9A-IOB, Student Board, IIA-IZA, Bank Representative IOA-IIB, House and Grounds, BA-l2B, Philadelphia Club, IZA, Honor Book, IIB, Volleyball, '36. 4 I ORLEIF HAUG Scottergood Street "Thor" ullivan Mechanic Arts DORIS ELIZABETH HEINS ISZ6 East Luzerne Street Disston Commercial Swimming Club, IOA-I IA, Christ- mas Committee, 9B, IOB, IIB, Student Board, 9A-IOA, Study Hall Monitor, 9B, Highway Repre- sentative, IOA, Track, '35, Girls Basketball, '34, Girls Baseball, '34, Volleyball, '33. PHILIP JOHN HELD 4722 Marple Street uphill, Disston Academic Circle Twelve, IZB. lntersectional Basketball, '33, lntersectionol Baseball '32, Var- sity Baseball, '36, Volleyball, '33, Intersectianal Football, '34, Sec- ond Faotball, '35, Varsity Football, '36, A, F. A, '35, F, '36. Forty-two VERNA MA'RIE HELMS 4054 Glendale Street Hopkinson Commercial Book Room Monitor, IZA, Honor Book, l2B. Track, '35, Hockey, '34, '35, Girls Basketball, '35, '36, Girls Baseball, '35, '36' Volleyball, '35, '36, Leaders, '33, '36, Dancing, '35, Numerais, '36. GILES MEADE HERB 6709 Frankford Avenue "Herb" Disston Commercial Bank Representative, IOB, High- way Representative, IOA. lntersectional Basketball, '34, lntersectional Football, '35. EDITH LO HEXTER 5235 tor Avenue Harding Commercial Ridi lub, IZB, Dance Com- mitt IZB, Student Board, IIB, Stu Hall Monitor, IZA, Honor , IOA, HA, IZA, i2B. rack, '34, MURIEL HICKS 4630 Pilling Street "Mama" Harding Academic Swimming Club, IOB, Clef Club, IIB-IZB, Highway Representative, IZA, I2B, Triangle Club IIA-IZB, Secretory, IZB, Music Club l28, Highway eaifafaai staff, lie-iza, Reporter, IIB, Copy Editor, IZA, Assignment Editor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-I2B. Track, '35 '36, Hockey '34- '36, anis Basketball, '35, '36, vai- leyball, '34-'36. PHYLLIS HILLIER 7012 Erdrick Street Hphylf Disston ' mrnercial mer l , IZA, Senior w , 2 ' :king Club, IZA, L l2A, l2B, Stehle Me- ri P ze, 98, Honor Book, IO - B. Bglolleyba '33, '34, Dancing, Hieu scuooi. 1937, CHARLES AUGUSTUS HOFF 5108 Jackson Street Harding Academic Study Hall Monitor, l2A, l2E. lntersectional Basketball, '33, '34, lntersectional Baseball, '33, Volleyball, '34, lntersectionol Foot- ball, '33, Second Football, '34, Varsity Football, '36. EARL WILLIAM HOLLENBACH 1961 Howarth Street Harding Mechanic Arts Locker Committee, llA-IZA, Student Board, lOB, Study Hall Monitor, llB-l2B, A. A. Repre- sentative, lOA, Highway Regre- scirxative, l0A, House and Grounds, lntersectional Baseball, '32, ln- tersectianal Football, '32, Sezonfl Football, '33, '34, F, '34. EDNA' A. HOLLENBERG 1333 Fillmore Street IIEddylI Harding Academic Biolog Club, lOA, Locker Com- mittee, l'lA, llB, Ushers Associa- tion, llA-l2B, Book Room Moni- tor, llB, Bank Represewiative, IOB-l2A. Girls Basketball, '34, Girls Base- boll, '34, '35, Volleyball, '34, '35. JANICE HORROCKS 1207 Arrott Steet ujonu Miami, Fla. Academic Riding Club, l2B, Dance Com- mittee, IZB, House and Grounds, llA, llB. lntersectional Basketball, '32- '34, Volleyball, '32-'34. C. Q, All '- I l RGARET RUTH HOUK npegn .4522 Oakmant Avenue Crispin Academic Study Hall Monitor, IZA, l2B, Bank Representative, 95, lOA, Highway Representative, lOB-l2B, House and Grounds, lOA-l2A. Volleyball, '33, Forty-three THE RECORD CALVIN E. HOWE 5114 Hawthorne Street "Col" Harding ' Academic Locker Committee, llA, llB. Gym Team, '33, lntersectional Football, '33, Second Football, '33, A. F. A., '33. MILDRED JAKUBOSKA 3160 Unruh Avenue "Millie" Disston Commercial House and Grounds, llA, llB, ELIZABETH M. JOHNSON 4151 North Sixth Street "Bettie" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, l2A, Study Hall Monitor, l2B. Girls Basketball, '33-'36, Girls Bqcgseball, '33-'36, Volleyball, '33- GEORGE WALTER KAHLER 5258 Saul Street Harding Academic Latin Club, IOA, Honor Book, l OA- l ZB. MYRTLE v. KARSTi' 4158 Paul St t fr' I Harding ' Commercial Swimmi Club, IOB-l2B, Sock and Bu in, l2A, l2B, Hi hway ff,,'12A, l2B, Make-Up Editor, , Honor Book, IOA, lOB. f rack, '34-'36, Hockey, '34-'36, Girls Basketball, '34-'36, Volley- ball, '34, '36, Leaders, '36. THE RECORD BEATRICE BURT KAUFMAN 2112 Pratt Street HBOUW Disston Academic Tumbling Club, IlA, Christmas Committee, IOB, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZA Hockey, '33, '34, Varsity Basket- tinll, '34, Varsity Baseball, '34, Volleyball, '34, Leaders, '33 JANE TERESA KELLY 7239 Sackett Street "Janie" Wilson Home Economics Swimming Club, IIB, Hiking Club, IZA, Christmas Committee, IIB, IZA, Highway Representative, IDA, IIB, Honor Book, IZB, HEDWIG KERKER 1965 Howarth Street "Kerk" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Literary Club, IZA, IZB, Treasurer, Literary Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Re- presentative, IZB, Honor Book, IIA-IZB Xolleyball, '35, '36, Leaders, '35, Girls Tennis, '36 VERNA KERR 3344 Brighton Street Disston Commercial 1912 t At tic Sire t I K- osonsegossnn Msciick 1 all aj hrist ,Commi ' ni , - N Ut V lruck, '3-I-'36, ntersectionnl Football, '33, '3-I, A, Track, '36-, lntersf-ctional Soccer, '36, IJ J JXX' Jon J ncadqcl it ' t VA I' v Ll 'Ili ' ltlof A l937 f ..:f , -?"'-is A! ., fu. if n Q ' W Ll". 'M s... 1 1,-4 Meal Forty-four RANKFORD VIRGINIA K. KOPSITZ 2026 Bleigh Street "Ginny" ilson Academic orcle Francais, IZA, IZB, Ush- er Association, IZA, IZB, Honor B ok, IOA-IZB Track, '3-I-'36, Girls Basketball, '14, Leaders, '34-'36 HARRY A. KRAMER 1904 Berkshire Street Harding Mechanic Arts J E A. KREH 1629 Rhawn Street "June" ilson Vocational Art Swimming Club, IOA, IOB, Dance Committee, IZA, Senior Morning Committee, IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZA, Highway Representative, IIB, Riding Club, IZB Track, '34-'36, Girls Basketball, '35, '36, Girls Baseball, '34-'36, Girls Tennis, '36, Volleyball, '34- '36, Leaders, '34-'36, Numerals, '35 F '36 C22i:,g, ALICE LAESSIG 5343 Akron Streetx N. 4, Harding Academic Swimming Club, IOA-IZA, Trl- angle Club, IIA-IZB, Photography Committee, IZB, Christmas Com- mittee, IOB, IIB, IZB, Highway Reporter, IIA, Exchanao Editor, IIB, Make-UD Editor, IZA, Man- aaing Editor, IZB, Honor Book, ICA-IIA, "A" Play Cast, 12B Hockey, '35, '36 MARTHA ANNA LAYER 4712 Longshore Street HMOW, Disston Academic Swimming Club, 913-IZA, German Club, IIA, Locker Committee, IZB, Student Board, QA, QB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, IOA, IIIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB Track, '35, Girls Basketball, '3-I, '35, Volleyball, '34-'36, Lead- ers, '36 HIGH SCHOOL i937-THE RECORD LEON HENRY LEGACKI 4460 Edgemont Street "Young Rookie" St. John Cantlus Industrial A. A. Representative, 9A, High- way Representative, 98. Intersectional Football, '35, ln- tersectlanal Soccer, '34. WALTER LEHMAN 4512 Tackawanna Street Harding Industrial MILDRED L. LEUPOLD 4113 Ramona Avenue "MiIlie" Wilson Academic Christmas Committee, IOB, Ush- ers Association, IIB, IZA, Stacy Hall Monitor, llA-l2B. 'Track, '35, Hockey, 'QS 36, Girls Basketball, '34, '35, Girls Baseball, '34, Volleyball, '34, ES. ROBERT W. LIDDELL 2041 East Russell Street ilB0bH Jones Commercial Christmas Committee, IOA, IIA- IZB' ker Committee, IOB, IIA, Ord, 1oA, B, IIB, Ushers Assocla i I2B, Study all Mo' , Bank re ' OB- High- epo er and Copy Reader, I Mona mg Editor, izfx, Eda tor-in-Chieg l2B, Honor Book, IOA. lntersectional Football, '34, WA TER IA. LITKE X315 r enue Rmdm P . ' O' XJWEMIC Honor Book, .IZ . Forty-five DAVID, WIL LITTLE fwkvlie Street A ,Xiu T. Sullivan k Academic Band, I A-IIB, Bugle Corps, 9A, Sta Club, IIA, Vocal En- sembl B-l2B, Student Board, :gg-I A, Highway Representative, ELMER V. D. LOGAN 1153 Bridge Street Hifdinl Academic Ye Monks, IZA, IZB, Rowling, Club, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IOA- A. A. Representative, IOA- FRANK WARREN LOGAN, JR. 1153 Bridge Street "War" Harding Academic Ye Monks, 128, Bowling Club, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, lntersectional Football, '31, '32. A. VERNON LOWE 1628 Harrison Street "Vern" Harding Academic Junior Orchestra, IOA, Or- chestra, IOB-IZA, A, A, Repre- sentative, IIA. STEPHEN LUCZAK 5037 Tulip Street "Steve" Harding Mechanic Arts Study Hall Monitor, IOB-l2B. lntersectional Football, '34, '35. THE RECORD NORMAN SAMUEL LUDWIG 501 East Sanger Street "Ludwig" Wilson Academic Locker Committee, IOA, IOI3, Ftudy Hall Monitor,, IIB, IZA, A A Representative, IOA-IZB. Varsity Baseball, Assistant Man- aaer, '34, Varsity Football, Man- aaer, '34-'36, F, '36. ELLEN BERETTA' LYNCH 2542 Tudor Street "Tweeny" Disston Academic Triangle Club, IIB-IZB, Bank Representative, IOB, House and Grounds, IOB, Highway Staff, Re- porter, IIB, Editorial Writer, IZA, Reporter, IZB ELEANOR MAE LYNN 4328 Comly S reet "Lynnie" Sullivan ercial Commercial Club, , rist- mas Commit , I , St ent Boar, IOA ' Highway Re- pr e tati 9 , House and Gr u , . lf asketball, '35, I , ,y - S. LYNTKO I Q 190 lgftc' reet I 4 ' ll M! MI I Girlsjgligt Academic Christmas Committee, IOB, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IOB, IIA, IZA, IZB LILLIAN MARGARET MACE 9209 State Road Crispin Commercial Commercial Club, Preslden IZA, Hiking Clu A, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. I 937 Forty-six RANKFORD ALEXANDER MAC FARLAND Grant Avenue, Torresdale "Moose" Wilson Commercial Thirteen Club, IIA-IZB, Locker Committee, IOB, A, A, Representa- tive, IDA, Highway Representa- tive, IIB. lntersectional Football, '34, '35, Swimming, '33, EDWIN MAC FARLAND Grant Avenue, Torresdale ,,Ed,, Wilson Academic Thirteen Club, IZA, IZB, Locker Committee, IIA, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IZA, A. A. Representa- tive, IIB. lntersectional Track, '33, '34, lntersectional Basketball, '33, '34, Volleyball, '33, '34, Second Foot- ball, '33, Varsity Football, '34-'36, Captain, '35, A.F,A,, '33, F, '34- '36, ALFREDA C. MALINOWSKA 5044 James Street "Fritz" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Pen Art Club, IOA, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, House and Grounds, IZA. PATSY ANTHONY MA'RBELLO 5010 Barton Street "Pat" Disston Mechanic Arts Intersectional Baseball, '35, ln- tersectronal Football, '35, Varsity Football, '36, F, '36 EUGENIA MAREK 2335 Duncan Street "Jean" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Girl Re- serve, IIB, IZA, Book Room Moni- tor, IZB, House and Grounds, IIB- IZB, HIGH scHooL 1937- FLORENCE ROSE MARSHALL SISIVI Edgemont Street "Flossie" St. Adolbert Commercial Philadelphia Club, IZA, Lunch- room Authority, IIA, Hiking Club, IZA. Volleyball, '35 RUTH ANN MARTIN 48I8 Dorrah Street "Rudy" Harding Commercial Commercial Club a Room or an Basketball 35 1 ' A, B k 't , I , d un IZB f , '3 ' ' .' , all, ' . JANE MILLS MATHER 40I5 Wells Street "Janie" Disston Commercial Biology Club, IOA, IOB, Se ior ing Club C Committ m . a i e, ' OA- A, Hono ook, IOA- 2B. J. Girls Basketball, ' ' 6, Girls Bcgseball, '34, '35, Vo leyball, '34- '3 Commercial Club, Treasurer, IZA, Tw- e, IZB' ' ' , I IZA ri ' , IIB er C i ee B B II DON JOSEPH MATTESON I6I0 Dyre Street "Mott" Harding Mechanic Arts Chess Club, IOA-I IA, Orchestra, IOA-IIA, Band, IOB-IIA, Locker Committee, IZB, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZB, Library Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, IOA. DOROTHEA M. MATTIS 2024 Haworth Street "Dot" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Glee Club, l2B, Literary Club, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Volleyball, '34-'36. f JU , ,rf sl Y' S l i , 4. i'i THE RECORD AURELIA ROSE A 4258 Penn r t u f Hu 509 Co r ercial Co rciol Cl B IZA, iki g CI. 2B ocal mble, I B s s om it I IOB, I , 2 , se a d unds, IIB I . Valley all, '34. ELLEN M. MCCONNELL Kelvin Avenue, Somerton ComlY Academic Biology Club, IOA, IOB, Glee Club, IOA, l2B, Senior Twelve, IZB, Clef Club, IOB-IZB, Hiking Club, IIB-IZA, Cercle Francais, IDA-IZB, Treasurer, IZA, Presi- dent, IZB, Music Club, Secretary, IZB, Library Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Vocal Ensemble, IOA-l2A. Track, '35, Hockey, '35, Girls Basketball, '35j Girls Baseball, '35, Volleyball, '34-'36, Leaders, HOWARD JOSEPH McCUNE 4240 East Levick Street HHOWII Sullivan Vocational Art Primi Ten, IZA, Record Book Committee, IZA, Library Monitor, IIA, A. A. Representative, 9A. Varsity Basketball, '3S. HORACE McCURDY 6256 Montague Street 1rMOCrr Disston Mechanic Arts Vocal Ensemble, 9B-IZA, Locker Committee, IZB. Varsity Baseball, '36, F, '36, JOSEPH WALLACE McCURDY 5251 Horrocks Street Harding Academic Junior Orchestra, IIA, Orchestra, IGB--IIB, Mathematics Club, l2B, liggrn Club, IOA, Honor Book, IDA- Track, '36, lntersectional Bose- ball, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '35, A. F. A., '36, THE RECORD--I937, FRANKFORD r 'I r ,4r':j""' .J'4,,lff-f' F" THELMA A. McDERMOTT 2028 Pratt Street Harding Commercial Qlfl?,mI'5iif'?5Bf9'El?llJlf'?flu'l,','i'5'fRY Honor Book, IOA-IZB, Vocational Guidance Office, IZA, IZB, Hockey, '35, Volleyball, '34, Girls Tennis, '36 DOLORES ANN McFARLAND 2971 Belgrade Street Nativity Commercial CICl?mnI3rAiOlH5:cliLnb' gills' gi? U . I Q f I Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, High- way Representative, IIA, lllwflne- 74-Queeg JOHN MEINUNG 5108 Darrah Street Harding Industrial Bowling Club, IZA. Intersectionol Boseboll, '34, Lead s '35 Alf . WW if l 4153 qvtqtreet - Hopkinson, !M, Co ercinl Book Roo onitor, , High- wa Re entotive, B, IOA, Ho e Gro Bsf I A-IZA. Tra , '35, clky, '35, Girls B ke all, '35, ' 6, Girls Base- bc 5, Leaders, '35, '36 RICHARD MERKLE 9617 Dittman Street "Merk" Wilson Mechanic Arts Christmas Committee, IOB, IIB, IZB, Locker Committee, IZA, Study Hall Monitor, IOA, IIB, IZB, Highway Representative, IZB. o-JJ,J Forty-eight CHARLES HENRY MEYER 446 EAST CAMBRIA STREET "Flash" Stetson Mechanic A'rts Vocal Ensemble, IIA, IIB, Tumbling Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IZA, Locker Commit- tee, IIB, IZA, Study Hall Mani- tor, IIB, IZA, Honor Book, IOA, Track, '32-'35, Leaders, '33, '34, Bowling, '35, '36 RUTH MICHAELIS ' 5617 Loretta Alvenue alti re, I Academic Soc nd Buskin, I IB-IZB, Dan Committee, IZA, Stu y Hal Monitor IIB, Highway - presentative, IZA, onor ffMlQ'l,el'vW Aldo J 3 ' Wok, IZA, IZB Glrls Basketbol, ' Leaders, '35, '36, THELMA RUTH MILLER 824 Knorr Street "Thel" Harding Commercial Hiking Club, IZA, Bank Rubie- sentatlve, IOA-IZB, House and Grounds, IZA, Honor Book, ICA. Volleyball, '34, '35. SOPHIE DOLORES MONACO 7215 Vandyke Street "Toms" Disston If Academic lzgfncgiins Ui Cllgiaif zank Re ative, I IA-IZA, ouse an rounds, IOA-IZB. , , l -f' l 1 I NORMA VIRGINIA MORRIS 4316 Devereaux Street lvl I "Norm" A Sullivan Home Bclnamics Christmas Committee, 9B, Locker Commlttee, 9B-I ,' Ushers Asso- ciation, IIA-IZB' tudy Hall Mon.- tor, IZA, Hi oy Representative, 9A, Hon ook, IOA-IZB. Trac -i-'36, Hockey, '3-i-'36, Gif asketball, '34-'36, Glrs Ba blnll, '34-'36, Volleyball, '34- 'B6, Leaders, '34-'36, Dancing, '34, Tap Dancing, '33, Numerals, '36, F '36 HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM A. MOSER 1808 Kinsey Street GEORGE A. MOST 982 Wokeling Street Harding ,A code Ye Monk , llA-Rf, een Club, llB l ' , Stu ent Board, Vice-P 'de 213, Study Hall M i B, A. A. Representa- e, l A. lnter ctional Football, '33. DANIEL JOSEPH MULLEN 4081 Comly Street ,Donn Sullivan Academic Biology Club, 9A, Orch-rslra, IIB, l2A, Mathematics Club, I2B, Cercle Francois, 9B-l2Ag Vocoi En- semble, l2A, Prizes, Stehle Me- morial, 9B, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. dpiuwol CLIFFORD MUNRO 4842 Roosevelt Boulevard 'Bud" Harding Academic Christmas Committee, lOA, 11Aj Student Board, MA, S-ucly Hall Monitor, IIB. fiyywf HARRY E. MURPHY 1524 Pratt Street "Hank" Harding Mechanic Arts A A. Representative, IGB. lntersectiono' Basketball, 33, ir. Second Team Basketball, '35' - tersectionol Baseball, '33, '34, tersectional Football, '33, '34. Forty-nine l937-THE RECORD CHARLES L. MYERS 6117 Vandyke Street "Challis" Sullivan Commercial A. A. Representative, Book- keeper, l2B. ROBERT GEORGE NECKER 3330 Cott n et if Wils lvl Industrial ematics Club, l2B, Ushers ciation, l2A, Honor Book, A-l2B. X . NICELER V Eddin' n Po. Xf .,C,e. rdi L ' Commercial mmerciol Club, , l2Ag Pen rt Club, IOB' ' ing Club, l2B, Vocal En e, IZBQ Study Hall Monitor, 128, House and Grounds, 11B-l2B, Assembly Duty, l2A, Honor Book, lOA, IDB, Volleyboll, '35. HELEN E. NICHOL 1634 EAST LYCOMING STREET "Henny" Hopkinson Commercial Commercial Club, l2Ag Glee Club, l2B, Literary Club, '2A, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB Volleyball, '34-'36 ANNA CE A 0'NEILL Bust! d Castor Avenues "Ann" W'I Commercial Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Holl Monitor, IZA, Tl-IE RECORD-l937 lvvl 'E MURIEL OSBORN I 4429 Oakland Street ' "Ozzle" Harding Academic Dance Committee, IZA, 123, ftuctx Hall Monutar, IZA, Rldlng Club, IIB I-lockcv, '33-'35, Girls Baieball, ' , '35, Girls '3-I-'36, Volleyball, 34 Trnnls, N6 JOHN F. OSCILOWSKI 4467 Salmon Street "Oscvy" St. John's Mechanic Arts Honor Book, I2B, RICHARD PIERCE-RUHLAND 3214 Fuller Street Crispin Academic Honor Book, IZB. VIRGINIA HELEN POLI 902 Cottman Street ",'inny" S Dominic Commercial Hlkmq Club, IZB, Christrnaz omnnttcv, IZB, Study Hall Man'- xr, 'IA-IIIA, Llhrar - Manltar, IGB, IIA, Bank Rc sentatlve, IIA, I-louse and Grounds, IZB Hockrrv, '36, Gnrls Basketball, 'ii-'35, Girls Baichall, '34, '35, Vallowtmall, '33-'35, Lvadvrs, 't'1, 'IG FREDERICK W. PRAY 5024 Cottage Street "Frm" Harding Com e.cia Bmrl, ICIA-IRB, , mp Curb IIB, Chrcstmas CQ! msttwr-, IIB Bank Rc-prrsc-nt nv , IIA, I-flirt 'I wax' Rcprceqw 1, 'I B lntcrs tio I Basketball, '34 " ctoonal Baseball '34 '31, Inte so , '35, lntr' sectional Football, '3-I ur' JJ. Fifty FRANKFORD PHILIP PRESTON 4108 Paul Street "Phil" Harding Commercial FRANCIS ALVIN RANDALL 5110 Hawthorne Street "Frannlc" 1 Harding ' Cdnqnircial A. A Reprewfitnave, rzfx, Haqu- nav Reprw rv tatlva, 225. late .tional Football, '34-'36 If ff 1' Irie., .lf lf fe I 'AJ if tif! RALPH M. ness: ' 4713 Large Street "Off" Harding Academic VICTOR WILLIAM REIHM 4514 Mulberry Street "Reds" Harding Commercial Clwss Club, IGB, Baan Fawc- :rntatlvr-, IGB, A A Roprrrsvnta- tlvo, IOA. Varmty Track, '36, Intersec- tlonal Track, '35, lntersoctuonal Bcxsrball, '34, Volleyball, '31, Lf-adore, '36 MARY ELIZABETH REILLY 8018 Cotta tr I Crispin Comm rcia nth, IZA, IZB I l COIXIK tal C Give Club, IO , Vocal Ensomblo ICB, CITIISIVTWO Covnmlttvc, IIB .5 HIGH 5CH00L I937-THE RECORD VIRGINIA' M. RENNER 3230 Brighton Street "Ginny" Wilson Academic Study Hall Monitor, IZB, House and Grounds, IIB, IZA, Honor Book, IOA, IOB, B : Track, '34, 35' Hockey, '35 Girls Basketb I, ' - - leyball,"'3 5, 'iir.s Tennis, '36 GRACE ALBERTA RINKER 5817 Torresdale Avenue Sullivan Academic Orchestra, IOA-IIB, Band, IOA- IIA, Vocal Ensemble, l2A, IZB. Foulkrod Street . -en Har ' ' Academic Swimming IB, IZA, Ush- ers Association, 'Bg House and Ground.. IOB-i 1. Track, '34, Hockey, '35Q Girls Basketball, '34, '35, Girls Ease- ball, '34, '35, Volleyball, '34, '35, 3,1 QW ,EMMA M. ROBERTS wif' Fitler Street, Torresdale "Susie" Friends Select Academic Swimming Club, 9A-I2Bg Hiking C'ub, IZA, Vocal Ensemble, IZA, IZB, Highway Representative, 98- IZA, Girls Basketball, '34, '35, S, Swimming, '36, ARTHUR ROBERTSON 8021 Walker Street "Art" Crispin Commercial Student Board, IOA-IZA, Library Monitor, 9B-IZB. lntersectuonal Baseball, '3-I, '35, Fifty-one WQZTMV WATSON V. ROBINSON 6614 Lyntard Street "Watty" Wilson Mechanic Arts Honor Book, IOA-l2B. SADIE RODIS 948 Sanger Street ,ISGVH Wilson Commercial Book Room Monitor, IZB, Bank Representative, IOB-IZB, Phila- delphia Club, IZA. 2' as ROESSLER 5703 No ront Street "Vi' i Wilson Co ercial Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Honor BASIL ROSSELLI 3355 Amber Street Jones . Commercial Book, IOA-I IA. Volleyball, '34. HENRY ROTHENBUCHER I2I6 Overington Street "Hen" Harding Commercial Highway Staff, IOB-IZA, Assis- tant Business Manoger, IIA, Busi- ness Manager, IIB, l2A, Honor Book, l2B. THE RECORD- CAROLINE ECHTERNACH KREEB I4I6 West Rush Street "Gracie" Wagner Academic Study Hall Monitor, I2A, IZB, Highway Representative, IOA-IZB, House and Grounds, IIA-IZA. Intersoctional Track, '33, '3-4, Girls Basketball, '32-'36, Volley- hall, '33-'35, Dancing, '32-'34, Tap Dancing, '32, '33. JOHN EDWIN RAVEN 4223 Hartel Street "Jock" Crispin Commercial 4 f , rl ,iv DORIS VERA SADLEY Y . ZSO3 Rhawn Street "SuzebeIle" , 1 xlllson , fommerciol Bi ogy IOA,, Christmas Co it e. B' Study Hall Mon: tor, IR, Bank Reoresentativei -IQQ,-RIB, House and Grdunds, IIB. Leaders, '34-'36 FLORENCE NAN SARING I354 Orthodox Street H5611 Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, IZB, Band, IOB-IIB, Pen Art Club, IOA-IIB, Trianqle Club, IZB, Hiking Club, IIB, IZA, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, Bank Representa- tiyg, IOA-IIA, Honor Book, IOA, II Hockey, '34, '35, Volleyball, '34, '35, Leaders, '34, '35, RUSS L. SAYLOR rcella Steet l937 RANKFORD RUTH DELORIS SCHADE 1523 Foulkrod Street Harding Vocational Art Primi Ten, IOA-I2B, Swimming Club, IIA, IIB, Hiking Club, IZB, Honor Book, ICIA LOUIS W. SCHLOESSER 4105 Worrell Street "Lou" i Harding Music Junior Orchestra, IOA-IOB, Vocal Ensemble, IIA, IIB, Honor Book, IOA, IZA, IZB. CAROLINE E. SCHROTH 1425 Englewood Street Wilson Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. ANNA MAE SCHULTZ 4225 Tockawonna Street "Schultzie" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Chirst- mas Committee, IIB, Ushers As- sociation, IIB, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA, House and Grounds, IZA. Track, '34, '35, Girls Basket- ball, '34, '35, Girls Baseball, '35 Z- aY scart ' 822 Kerper Street imuiea Pa. industrial "5fO"Y" H o Book, IIB-IZB. Wilson Academic German Club, IIB, Vocal En- semble, IIA, I2B, Honor Book, IOA, IOB, IIB, IZB. ii. - - Fifty-two HIGH sci-iooi. IQ371 ELEANORE SEIGER 4145 Elbridge Street MEIN Jones Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Clvist- mas Committee, IOB, IIB, Ushers Association, IIB, IZA, htudy Hall Monitor, IIA. Girls Basketball, '3-I, Girls Bose- ball, '35. WILBUR W. SELTZER 6912 Torresdole Avenue Disston 5 Aca-lemic Latin Club, II e- presontal e, r Book' ioB,i IB 1, umm. ion ' irf 3-I' '36, Iritersec onal BA , 5, '36, Vol Ieyb I ' ' 3-I' Inter- scctional F , '34, 5. JOSEPH JAMES SHANDA 6lI2 Alma Street ,IJOQH Wilson Mechanic Arts Honor Book, IOA-IZB. RICHARD K. SHARP l723 Bridge Street "Molster" Sullivan Mechanic Arts Study Hall Monitor, IZA, High- way Representative, IQ-A, Honor Book, IZB. JANE D. SHELDRON 4274 Orchard Street "Janie" Harding Commercial 5-iffll-'f 1 ix...- Y 2 ' we 1 .nr- Fifty-three THE RECORD X7 I I , ". Qj r., ' oc I PHILIP FRANCIS SHELLY 4100 Hellerman Street "Shell" Wilson Academic Vocal Ensemble, IOA-I IA, Dance Committee, IZB, Student Board, IZA, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, I2A, IZB, A. A. Representative, IOA, IIA. lntersectional Basketball, '34, '35, Intersectional Baseball, '33, '34, lntersectional Football, '32- '34 , f f -" T134 074' MARY OLIVE SHONTZ 5960 Shisler Street Wilson Academic Honor Book, IOA, IOB, IIB, I2B. DOR THY MA'Y SHULT 9 East Levick Street .e' ull Commercial 'German Club, IOA, Honor Book, IOA-I2B. Track, '34, Girls Basketball, '33, Girls Baseball, '34 JOHN S. SCHULTZ 1108 Kenwyn Street nReVu Disston Academic Sock and Buskin, 123, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, Lacce' Cim- mittee, I2B, Study Half Monitor, IIA-l2B, Library Motitor, IZA, A. A. Representative, SIB, l-gh- woy Reprcsentatiye, 9B-IOB, Honor Book, IZB Track, '32, '33, Varsity Tennis '34, C eerleader, Captain, 7355 filo HUGH N. SIEGEL 4409 Devereaux Street Sullivan Academic Stamp Club, IOA-IIB, Riding Club, IZB, XDX Club, IIB, IZA, Honor Book, IZB. THE RECORD ELEANOR SIKORSKI 4218 Salmon Street HLOQH Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, i"en Art Club, IIA-IZA, Honor Boon, IOA- I ZB. 1 I. wwfvuww JOHN C. SIMONS 4727 Penn Street "Jack" Harding Mechanic A1ts Chose Club, IOA-llAg Bond, IOB-IZB, Stomp Club, IIA-l2B, President, IIB, Mathematics Club, IIB-IZB, President, IZB, Micro- scope Club, IOA, Honor Book, IOA-l2B MARY SKRIVER S907 Frontenac Street "Red" Wilson Commercial Honor Book, l2B CLEDA V. SLEMMER 1761 Brill Street "Cle" Sullivan Commercial Bloloay Club, IOB, Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Hall Moni- tor, IZA EDNA HELEN SLYOFF 4463 Richmond Street "Eddi0" Harding Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Pen Art Club, ICA-IIB, Trlonolc Club, l2B, l-liking Club, IZA, Honor Book, loft, IOB, 125. Volleyball, '35. 1937 FRANKFORD Fifty-four ADELAIDE DOROTHY SMITH 7015 Erdrick Street Disston Commercial VHGHIS Basketball, '34, Loaders, JOHN TURNBULL SNEDDON 4429 Unruh Street "Scotty" Disston Academic Coss Treasure 128, Ch' it ee, ' a t . '4 ' rescntative, Ag e' ,' , IIB-128, Exchame , Co y Editor IZB, r , IOA-IZB ac , 34-'36, lntersectional I ' etboll, '34, Intesectlonal Foot- ln I '34 I lu Co t 12 Stud E 1 9B- A shers 5 ' . o , IIB- IZ 1 x, 9 H - i nr 3 E r , I2 p , o BO k I JOHN BEN SOKOLOWSKI 3442 Frankford Avenue "Soko" Jones Academic Latin Club, IIB, IZA, Vttilodcl- phio Club, IZB, Honor Book, ICA- 128 EDWARD MILTON SPECTOR 4109 Roosevelt Boulevard Harding Mathem 'cs r- Treasurer I2 ' mmitt IZA, Record ommltteo, B, Prizes, Burnett Memorial ' Q, Amorican History, IIB, Honor Book, IOA- l2B, Volcdictorian, IZB USDGCSH f 1 .a - I , 1 WALTER STATKIEWICZ 2927 Hedley Street Harding Mechanic Arts Intersoctional Soccer, '35, HIGH SCHOOL I937-THE RECORD MARGARET STEINMA 7642 Loretta Av e np 'I Disston i' Commercial Co al Club, IZA, Clef Cl , ZB, German Club, IIA, IIB, Hiking Club, IZA. Volleyball, '35. MARGARET E. STEWA-RT 3505 Ryan Avenue npcgn Wilson K Academic Sock and ' , IZA, "A" Play Cast ,l2B, ocker Committee IOB-IZB, Ushers Association, IIA- IZB, St Hall Monitor, IZB, c resentative IOB-IIB' Rep esentative Vice Pres: Jia: , , ,. en 'Athletic Or anifation, IZB, Q Mathematics Club, IIA, Hockey, '35, Girls Baseball, '35 HOWARD STOCK 5924 Dittman Street NHOWU Sullivan Industrial Circle Twelve, IIB-IZB, Presi- dent, IZB, Locker Committee IOA- IZB, A. A. Representative, 9B, Prizos,Drexel Award, Ball Throwing. lnlersectional Basketball, '3-I, Varsity Baseball, '3-l, '35, Captain, '35, F, '32, Varsity Soccer, '32- '3o, Captain, '35, JOHN STONER 3330 North Font Street Stetson Academic BENJAMIN STRAZZERI I439 Church Street "Ozzie" Harding Academic Thirteen club, HA, izfx, 125, locker Committee, IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, IZA. Si-cond Football, '34, 'Varsity Football, '35, '36, Captain, '36, A F A '3-I F '35 'tiff' qw- ei Fifty-five 1 GEORGE LEVIN STROMAN 5261 Sylvester Street wc. ,,5,,,,mp,, Har I Academic letting, im, skiing align IIA-'K-', matics u , - IZB, ce??bmmitta9rI2B, Execu- tive Conr"lffMtee, l2Bf Honor Book, IOA-IZB, 1 lntersectionol sketball, '34, '35. '1 ' J LEVORA M. STYLES, JR. 6022 Tackawanna Street "LEG" Sullivan Academic Tumbling Club, IZB, Honor Book, IIB, IZB, Leaders, '36 SIGMUND T. SUPINSKI 4648 Melrose Street Harding Academic Orchestra, ICA-IZA, RICHARD J. SUTCLIFFE 4461 Leiper Street "Rim" Harding Industrial Locker Committee, IZA. Track, '36, Interseclional Basket- ball, '35, Second Football, '33, '3-4, Varsity Football, '35, Numerals, '33, A, F. A., '34, '35. EDWARD B. SZUREK 5722 Walker Street "Eddie" Shenandaa , Pa. Ac emic Hi A I -IZA, Cu ub, IIA, strn Corn ' Stud oar B Q ay Rep- resentative, N , lntersectional tball, '3-l. THE RECORD kgs! " JANE TAYLOR 6064 Loretto Avenue Wilson Academic Sock and Buskin, IOA-IZB, "A" Play Cast, Coach, IZB, Student Board, IIB, Honor Book, IOA, ICB, IZA, IZB GRACE Ax TERWILLIGER IIZZ Sanger Street Harding Academic Senior Twel Treasurer, IZB, Triangle Clu IOA-IZB, Cercle Francais, I , IZBQ Latin Klub, IOA-IZ, ip Committee, IZA, Reco k Committee, IZB, Stud. ard, IOA, Library Moni- tor, I , IZA, Book Room Moni- tor I ' Prizes, American FII--wry, mi, nor Book, IOA-i2B, samm- tarla , IZB Girls Track, '35, '36, Hockey, '34-'36, Girls Basketball, '34, '35, Volleyball, '35. ELMER THOMAS 3138 Magee Avenue Diss -' Industrial QA C' I Inf! I rf' J- JOSEPH ALLEN THOMAS 7023 Algard Street "Little Joe" Disston Academic Vocal Ensemble, IOA, Highway Editorial Staff, IIB-IZB, Reporter, IIB, Headline Editor, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IOA-IZB, Ushers Association, IIB, Bank Representa- tiye, 9A, A A Representative, 9B-IOB, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. Intersectional Basketball, '34, Interscctional Baseball, '33, Vol- leyball, '33, '34, MAE TITHER 427 Gilham Street "sm" Wilson Commercial "A" Play Cast, IZB, Christmas Committee, IOB, Stu nt Board, IIIA, IOB, Ushers Ass lation, IIA- IZB, Book Rooms onitor, IIA, IIB, Bank Jlcgjosentative, IZA, Honor Book, I? Girls Tggckand Field, '34-'36, I-loiftiw,J -I-'36, Girls Basketball, '3-l-fatty Girls Baseball, '35, '36, Volleyball, '34-'36, Leaders, '34- '36, Dancino, '36, Tap Dancing, '36, Numerals, '36, F, '36. 937 I I 4 I I I I Fifty-six FRANKFORD I S If ADELAIDE LOUISE Trrus I! ans craig sneer ' ll MAIN , Crispin l Commercial Triangle GI , IIA-IZB, Senior Morning C mittee, Chairman, I2Bg Exec ive Committee, IZB, Christmas ommittee, IOA, Stu- dent"B d, IIA, Bank Repre- sentatix, 9A, 9B, IIB, Honor Booty OA-IIA, IZB. CHARLES F. TROXELL, JR. H03 Fillmore Street "Pete" Harding Academic Thirteen Club, IZB, Stamp Club, B' Phat grophv Committ B U er ia ion aossasii . A, Representative, IOB, IIB, IZA, Highway Representative, IOA, IIA, IZB, Honor Book, IZ.B ,Yrock, '34-'36' Intersectional Basketbqtk fi-l,, 'd5g',Intfersectional Bascballj 34, lntersectional Foot'- ball, '34-'36, Numerals, '36, ROBERT CARL TRULL l768 Scattergaod Street Sullivan Industrial Student Board, IZA. MA'MIE TUMOL0 7150 Edmund Street ,,AmY, , Disston ' cademic ' I f ' ' I I I ' C b I2 w I , -IZB, , nd Grounds, IZA, IZB, Honor Book, IZA, IZB. MYRTLE R. UNDERKOFLER I663 Haworth Street HU"di'19 ,, cademic .JV 'V' ,lj- V HIGH SCHOOL i937-Tl-IE RECORD CHARLES AUSTIN URIAN 5117 Saul Street "Geranium" Harding Mechanic Arts Cercle Francois, IIA, -Sock and Buskin, IZB, Mathematics Cub 1 IB-IZB, Photagraphx Cafnn1it'ee, IZB, Study Hall onltar, 128, Bank Representative IOA, 123, Honor Book, IOA-IZB. lntersectianol Football, '36. Jann VANMAMP 4225 new g l fl Mftiam ' ' l l h A D Qinton Mec anc rts W Christmas Committee, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, l2A. I , X ,Af 3'rlSQli.:v VAN rg W t 142dsR0901,IQ,8treet ' ' ty i 11 U JVN ' Stan Wigan Academic MORRIS VERSTEIN 4203 Frankford Avenue "Boots" Harding Academic Chess Club IIB, Riding Club, 129, sock and Baskin, l2A, chris:- mas Committee, IIB, Study Hall Monitor, l2B, Library Monitor, Highway Representative, 9B- HENRY GEORGE VOGEL 1932 Ruan Street "Greek" Harding Vocational Att Primi Ten, IIA, IIB, Christ- mas Committee, IIB, Honor Book, IOB-HB. lfwdlrjfff Q. X Fifty-seven DOROTHY WALL 1351 Dyre Street Harding Commercial uootn Study Hall Monitor, l2A, I-lonor Book, IOA-l2B, Secretory of Class, l2B, Executive Committee, l2B. HENRY WASIELEWSKI 2826 East Bristol Street 'Wasi" f Harding , ustrial WILLIAM WATSON 5001 Cottage Street Hflfdilli Industrial JEAN WEBSTER 1523 Warnrath Street Langhorne, Pa. Commercial OSCAR WEINER 1817 Bridge Street "Ozzie" Sullivan , Academic Chess Club, IOB-IIB, Orchesta, 9B-IIA, Stamp Club, IIA, Study Hall Monitor, IIA. lntersectional Basketball, '34, '35, Intersectional Baseball, '34, Volleyball, '35, lntersectional, Foot- ball, '34, '35, Soccer, '35. THE RECORD n if Ifnlldi r. wssrsnvsu' 3509 Aldine Steet lfvvosw' Wilson Commercial Glory Club, IIB, Christmas Com- mittoo, IOB, Bank Representative, IIA, Honor Book, 3213. JANE B. WHEELER l203 Allengrove Str t Wilson ,l cademic Btoloay CI ,I , Swimming Club, IUA, r Twelve, IZB, Corclo Fran ', IZA, Lattn Club, IIB-IZB nior Morning Commit- e, I , Honor Book, IOA-IZB, MILLICENT A. WHITHAM 4214 Cottman Street Disston Commercial Commorctal Club, IZA, Hiktng Club, IIB, House and Grounds, IIB IUA MARVIN M. WIENER 49ll Frankford Avenue Harding Academic Vocal Ensemble, IIA, IIB, Honor Book, IUA, IOB, IIB-IZB. Track, '3-I, 9, . NANCY COX WIKE 1220 West Girard Avenue HNGHH William Penn Commercial 937 Fifty-eight FRANKFORD HENRY A. WILANOWSKI 3l82 Emery Street Jones Commercial FLORENCE L. WILHELMI 1308 East Luzerne Street "Floss4e" Hopkinson Commercial Book Room Monitor, IZA, High- way Representative, IIA. Track, '34-'36, Hockev, '34, '35, Girls Basketball, '3-I, '35, Girls Baseball, '34-'36, Volleyball, '3-I, '35, Leaders, '34-'36, Dancing, '35, Nurnerals, '36, F, '36 MNBEL DORIS WILL lll0 Howarth Street 'M'p" Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, FIB, ituflv Hall Monitor, IIA-IZA, Lilyary Monitor, IIA, IIB, Bank Repro- sentatlve, IZBQ Rtding Club, IZBQ Honor Book, IOA. BETTY LOUISE WILLIAMS l0l3 Allengrave Str 'few ,V Harding Academic Ridin Clu 4 ,Christmas Com- mttte B, Study Hall Monitor, IIB, . g Library Monitor, IIB, oo Monltor, IIB, Bank e Vsentatvo, IZA, IZB, A. A R rosentatve, IZB, MARIEMMA WILLIAMS IIO East Tabor Road ,,Em,, Wilson Commercial Commercial Clan, IZA, Gloe Club, IZB, Christmas Commtttoc, IIA, Honor Book, ILIA. HIGH SCHOO HELEN H. WILLIAMSON I02I Foulkrod Street William Penn Home Economics LEONARD EDWARD WILSON 8053 Frankford Avenue "Len" Crispin Commercial Student Board, IZB, Highway Representative, IIA, Prizes, Stehle Memorial, 9B, Honor Book, IZB. CHARLES EM WINSCH 4638 Ad Avenue Hardin Mechanic Arts Soc Buskin, IZB, Mathe- matics b, IIB-IZB, "A" Play Cost, B, Executive Committee, IZB, . ident Board, IOB, Ushers A. c tr n ZA, IZB, Study Hall M or, , Honor Book, IOA- l , Vic -President, IZB. lntersectlonal Basketball, '34, 5, lntersectional Volleyball, '3-I, lntersectional Soccer, '34-'36, In- tersoctlonal Football, '36 RICHARD J. WOHLGEMUTH "Dick" Bensalem Pike, Bustleton Wilson Commercial Stamp Club, IOA-IIB, Bowling Club, IZA, Highway Representa- tive, IOA, IOB, 2' Gsnrnuoz woLr 2231 Orthodox Street "Gertie" Harding Commernal Commercial Club, IIA-IZA, l1'k- ing Club, IIB, Honor Book, IOA, IOB. Girls Basketball, '35, Girls Base- ball, '33, '34, Volleyball, '3-l, '35, l937 1 Fifty-nine THE RECORD MARGARET W DMAN Maple Aven e omerto a. ,rpegrr I, Comly Vocational Art lee i 5' A, IZA, IZB, Vocal Ensem IGB, IIB-IZB, Christ- mas. mmittee, IIB, Library Mo r, IZB, Bank Representa- 'ti e, IOA, Girls Baseball, '3-l, Volleyball, '34, ul RGE WORMECK 7034 Glenlock Street Disston Mechanic Arts M5,'Al?5CSllE+m!2A1liF'f Sm' lntersectional Football, '35, '36, lntersectional Soccer, '35, '36. ELSIE WRIGHT 8018 Frankford Avenue "Pete" Crispin Academic Stamp Club, 9A-IOB, Christmas Committee, IOA-IZA, Locker Corn- rnittee, IIA-IZA, Ushers Associa- tion, IIA-IZB, Study Hall Monitor, IZB, Book Room Monitor, IZA, Bank Representative, IZA Volleyball, '34, GEORGIA MARIAN WRIGHT 4955 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial Study Hall Monitor, IZB. Leaders, '3-l, '35. Q pf MARY ELI H YE 8 e Crispi Academic nior T e, President, I B, I ngle ub, IIA-IZB, ce- President IZA, Cercle F s, IOA' V l Ensemble , B, Dani! C mutt , Stud r ard, Treasur , ZA, Bank presentative, 9 , IO ,fRidlng Club, IZBL Honor Book, President of Senior Class. Hockey, '35, '36, Girls aseball, '35, Leaders, '35, '36. Arf CIIII1, IIWBAIIB, Hiking Club I IB, IZA, Bunk Roprrsonlcltlvc, W IDA, Honor Book, MA, IUB, ' TI-IE RECORD-I937 STANLEY ZAKRZEWSKI 3162 Richmond Street ARTHUR ZDANOWSKI 4633 Milnor Street Harding Academic CLARA G. ZOAZESKA 4739 James Street Commercial Corwin wtfr CIQI CIIIIJ, IZA, IZB, Pen DR. ARTHUR C. JORDAN Curriculum Counselor Sixty FRANKFORD EDWARD V. ZALECKAS 4141 Robbins Avenue Sullivan Industrial 41 I I ' ,XX ,LJ 1 ,f-'7,,g, GERTRUDE MARIE ZIEGLER 6023 Vandyke Street "Gert" Sullivan F-jf ommercial Hug ' R Tomo, UA, Homo' oqk , IIB-IZB. K7 Hx " VoIlmhoIl, 'B 3, md '35, 6 GRAYCE THERESA McGINLEY 5913 Hegermon Street St. Bartholomew Commercial Commercial Cmb, IZA, Glec Club, IIB, Gorman Club, IZA, I-IikIr'c1CIulJ, IZA, Christmas Corn- rr-Ittco, IGB, House cmd Grounds, IIA Gmc Bosko1buII, 'Ng Girls Bosc- IWII, '33 SENIOR BOOKS Sixty-one BOOK l Miss Marion Hornung BOOK 2 Miss Roseina Gillmun BOOK 3 Mr. Worthington Surrick F. BOOK 4 Mrs. Ethel Millikin BOOK 5 Mr. Gabriel Phillips BOOK 6 Mr. Carl Wise MOST POPULAR-Mary Yeager, Edwin MacFarland MOST HUMOROUS Charles Troxell Ellen McConnell MOST RELIABLE Robert Liddell Gladys Gustafson L BEST ARTISTS Robert Colema Edward McCun MOST PLEASANT BOY George Stroman MOST ATHLETIC Henry Burman Emma Roberts MOST MUSICAL Daniel Mullen Edna Brooks MOST PLEASANT GIRL Dorothy Davis BIGGEST GIGGLERS Muriel Hicks, Leon Dezwol From early morn 'til evening I remain A bashful and an unobtrusive maidg But after dark, I am no longer staid, For daring thoughts are mingled in my brain. I live and laugh and love and have disdain For everything that does not pleasure aid. Of future punishment I'm not afraid, For only in my dreams these follies reign. Then do I "drink life in one flaming hour," And like a drunkard "reel across the sun," Then all my pent-up passion springs to power, But soon subsides when the alarm is run. Again before reality l cower, And my wild dreams for one more night are done. GLADYS GUSTAFSON. CINQUAIN Two spears Of flame leap up And ioin their hands to dance A gay, fatanstic reel, then fade Again. ETHEL Cl-IILDS. QUATRAIN When all the world seems fast asleep And all the lights are dim and low, From out my room I softly creep To catch in action winds that blow. LILLIAN MACE Sixty-four THE WIND CAPRICE The wind is an artist's stroke! Sometimes it sweeps across the world, And often it just touches here and there. The wind plays idly with our earth, Sending wild gusts to ruin all VVith its mad sweep. Then when the damage has been done, It comes quietly back To apologize for its mad Caprice. BETTY GARDINER. A SONNET You looked at life without anxiety About the future. Spoken sentiment Displayed your love so that you might pre- vent The opening of your heart, Society Knew well the truth, The great variety Of women who believed in your content When you were with them soon found out you spent Your time with me. You had no piety You told me not. I loved you much too well To see that l was iust a figurehead, But now I know, and back into my shell I go, too disillusioned, too misled By worldly things, I must give my farewell To you. My love remains although unsaid. EDNA BROOKS. BEAUTY Beauty is not rare. Trees in autumn, Falling snow, The spring landscape after a warm rain, Low, mellow chords of a 'cello, A blue-black sky, dusted with stars, Summer, The cheeks of a young girl, And sunsets, All these are beautiful, GRACE TERWILLIGER. CINQUAIN The salt Spray blew into Our faces as we watched The vacillating sea. We thought Of life, EDNA BROOKS. MY CATALOG OF LOVELY THINGS My life is filled with lovely things--- The frost upon the window pane, The boy soprano as he sings, The fresh green trees along the lane. The dainty blue forget-me-not, The burnished apple on the ground, The story of Sir Lancelot, The squirrel who listens for each sound. The white caps on a stormy sea, The silent stars on wintry nights, The sweev of a reat sim hon I l Q V D Y, , The misty snow-capped mountain heights. The sun upon the glistening snow, The indecisive April skies, The cliffs o'erhanging streams below, The aged oak of massive size. My lovely things are commonplace, Sometimes their harmonies elude My eyes, again they show their grace To me, according to my mood, EDNA BROOKS. QUATRAIN Perhaps the miser in his lust ls wiser far than we, For we give all our love to dust' e An unsubstantiality, GLADYS GUSTAFSON. CINQUAIN River Flowing onward, Can l dritt slowly, too, And reach what l am hoping for In time? Pl-lYl.l.lS HILLIER. HYACINTHS BLOOMING IN A SUBWAY SHOP Pink and orchid, Bluer than the sky, White like a sepulchre, They rest Amongst sordid browns and grays, Quiet, watching the noisy scene before them, Motionless lno breeze can touch theml, Sweet-scented symbols of Eastertide. MURIEL HICKS. CAN DID '11 1, CAMERA CDD SHOTS 5 , X, Q H. WEST POINT fx mxxs xxx by filifnvffigif-1 ""'?'xf 55939 NAWQQCQXS New my 1 my 7 Y x x W wxx ,MXMKQQB Q fiaisdn K 11191131 nr v xxN Ywax 5f'?365-,av X 'a' ' 2 41 my xx 411111 . 1 x x - pi umnvmgp - 4- ' wowlm D XD xxx mxxnx SWK x ' xx, 5 - ' 4 Q9 A Ifx .FP 419 xmfiiieser.. mx m d xxxjw mxuxxxxe N6 63 w 'i5.x.:f-saisiiiiss-ri' ' Wff K li 9 4,11 ex ea? vmwa -ww xxx Wkxxwk sm Q W em, wx ' 599 1 19-9451 xl four 4 4 4 ' YQQW QXXA 6611? an Qin fl 1 m x xv xv mx' Kxxxxnxxx xnxx 'A 611 44 J "Evo 45?-1"nr 4 A v yi 9 9 ? xx es xxemxavmxxwmx swf 1 We W2 edge' 99? 44 +4 44' WGWYX Wm Mxpfd smxxm we W Km Y 'G x 1 . fu, Q94 6 W 0 W xv 0 . jf Wxo xx' .wjwx 5 x'x' 'HMP' v 5 111 1 Qi W Iii? , , 1' fa , 1 fd 1 . , , ax 4 4 ,H WWW xweewxxvg W ' A M5 ' 9 "5 ff ' 'Nkwng ' ' ' ' Q 'fin v ', 41 29513 4 x A 44,1 W Xxxxxmxxxxg dex W X xix A 9 g f M 4 "' M13 14. - ff? 1 f 2 fl . xx , A GH SCHOOL i937-THE RECORD GRACE TERWILLIGER EDWARD SPECTOR Salutatorian Valedictorian FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT Thursday Evening, January 28, 1937 PROGRAM Organ Prelude ......... ..... ...................................... M r , Robert Gerson Invocation ...... ............................... ................ T h e Rev. I, Sturger Shultz Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Frankford Avenue and Cambria Street Chorus-"Land of Our Hearts" ................................................ Mozart Salutatory Address ..................... .... ....... ........ G r a ce Terwilliger Chorus-"King Frost" ................................................................ Coerne Presentation of Diplomas and Awards of Prizes .... Dr, Frank L, Cloud Chorus--"Psalm ISO" ................................................................ Franck Valedictory Address ......... ........ E dward Spector School Song Organ Postlude ......... .......... M r, Robert Gerson Seventy-one ECESSARY to the life of every school are those voluntary organizations, the clubs. Through this medium, pupils may take interest in something outside the routine of classes. If he has talents in art, music, or journalism, a student may join a club whose members have ability and interests in common with his. Our teachers are very generous with their time ond aid, and so some have consented to sponsor these clubs. They do this entirely of their own accord, outside of the jurisdiction of the Board of Education, and for their concern in our organizations we are most grateful. In the following section, there are pictures of the clubs and information about their purpose and work. ACTIVITIES I YW...-, YG' 'W if 6. N gif- ,o ,,,-.-.......,.,.......,.. .... JU, . .,,...,..X... fl-NWMYQKV RWM Sc-HOBL 1 !1wf9Y.XXRXl, Yp- ,.. .... .. V... ,, ............. ...... , . . .. ...,,f.,-,,....-.,,f,.ff ' I-fb .f .,.,,,.,. 9 . C 1 O uxp..Avxov1 c0r.Qxxx1.s. . W . 'X ' I-pst r. xx x.x x1xu..AxLx-nxlxavxxi is , xoneefs 6 eat 6 vxXp-i185 , xwfx.u.x. xw..4.lx Lx. . . pg... f.:-.v.:..... ymn...-. . 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X u NWS wx ai s .. ..-.-.. -,vxhwvx-1 'f X X vt W " .MX X 'WM mm on W',,,WM A 2 'Wm Emma Y-mx Y.....ucx5 xsxx 1 Q mu Nil W.: .hm-. .1 N.. -.1,xx....-...ay v Y Yi YuXX?ax1mmxsX.1 k',..A ,N L, L VA. LYNN W ..y.f......, . ' 0 ox e.x.'...... if x , X ,X X! ' . x..x.. .., 4 ZW' "W ' ' - . - ' xv- " "" "" .a...a.... ..X......,X W , C an-u D X0 xx... x...--... xx..... X.. X..... -. '. Q ' """ ""' "N" B mm. mx Ng c.............. n.....-cm.. 0 X' " "W " "X" .X.. ...X ...,..... .XX .. . MW - wx. vm----.s v- 0...-. ....... K-'dw Cvxx1-N1-ff- aw...-...X..X.......X ........X ' ' 'W' N .U W.-X..x ,.... .. W QQ ww :......X .I-. x-Xu... x,.-11... x...v...x.x Enf"1'm ee xX,.:X.,- .. .... ...-.- .'..-- W""'x W' ""' ml vw J W UN W .-...x.,.....x gl.. D W X ...x XXN.-.GN .Mn ,X .W I .Ax X. hmm Q -A 'X ' ' " "W ...- ......... ., .....,X P Q R A Q X I ...v x.... .......X 'r...- .........., .--x--1-ug .xv A ...avX.X...--1-.. .g....,,, X., .... . ..-...,..--u .. A. Af A x't"""x hx X uf. .... .m Q.. ...Wm m,,.,m,X,m Wim... .N vw.,,' - -.'.. .-1.4 'rx-.Q 1... x.. .......X...-,WW M mW.m my X ,N hm X fx 'fl-' ,M -V-'HN . :wx -.. " "" "f 'if x' sqmngm.-m Km Dance x-.1,x. .x....14.,o.x.x,. ug..-. ... xr... M wx-M'-G6-......x.. ... ...x- xv- .mf WMM. X Xthh, .dm - X V X, W 'U' l"' fx "' ""- A - -'H-.Mx-1. ""M""x M' Tv., xf..A,... xx.-.x....-. 'sx........-Q.-..' -ax-x......X.,,X.X,m WW HMM X xr-X N .-H.. ..-.. ..X. .. .... "" "H W' '4"A"" "U" ' ' "W'rrfM1xLHX-wx.-C.. ....... .....x....x-4 M.W. H A A K W ' A--L N-1 ..,. . .'.... .- .-x, -x.. 1- .. .,. .XX.. -, .- , .. -.-. . l .L U ,l M H. .U . X W, 5 .xX-...N .WX ....,.5.... ...W-mm WM W .WA U. H-M ,Kiki-xi X' X . ......w X. -X.,X .XX,,. XX X... ..... .......X - .. ... ..,., X. .L l . .A X, ,,,X- .A .X-,,Xv.m ,X.mU.,",NFY.,w.N..'mu.Huw M D Nm-Jufml jx . X ..X ,,..--V.. ...A .-,- .- 1 .XX X H, ,. 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X.X.'! x -, .-.-'.,...,'.1 -.H-x.-X.x--...-A .x.-.-..x- 'X"':":x:"Yf' N" 'iMf'V"QL':'N' .....- f... ............ 4 X. .-...- x.X..... wx "T" X xf ""' Q QMXQSX N1 -'-- .- ...... ... x....X, X...-.-.A .... .......X. -.. .x.- ....e............ 'xx-,.... "Q Mg X 'NL' 'SMX --I wx 'U Hx' .X,,..,.,,. W. ..X.x.X. ..... ,... .. .--X-.-N Qu' tX.X .X..x .-:..-- ...-.X, ....w -,X..,.....X ..-... ...... .... x... -A.. ...X. -.,..-...H WM ' 'M' 'N x"'U"'fA -" ........ -... ,-..XXx,.... ,-X....X,,... A "':" R "Mui g,,.9.,,,..,.,,.. g-,.,.4g,,, pam... Q---x...-A.. .....--, x..X... um ...-... ...- .-..x. W rf.-x xx....-'.....-, '-' -X" M' "'x"'f' WA if mx ......... ..x....w-. . x..X..... N A Tx X.. NW " F W in X Q H in X ----' ww.. .H -x...-. .X .,.,x.-.X... ..,,X. ...Y ...Q--.x..x.... x-...,.., ....-W. .1 V ut X xx A . X .X .. ,X xx.. 'D 'MN ' " ...,...X.--....,. ..-. .XXX.... ... w....Nxx....- wa...-.X xm... 11, ..XX'X QX..-, UW V-"v N-1x'x"x'x'W r1'hF"X"4M' ", WP-W1 --'M xxwu Om-Km ......XXX .... .-. ... s,..... ,.,. ...X ..,X,A,mvWMh ......x. .w-X. Nj.:g,J.....:'.x. .......... ... ""-UA" -' 'H--xx'-Y s....x.- X- ..--.... X - x.- x.....- -' ...-x..X,... x'.-. .x.. ...X. xx.. x1..,.ex .x.-..- N.. v....:X ML: A- 'K FWHM x.X.-.,...,,,. .4......x., '-W" ff., ms.. . -4. t Y.. V ...SKY .. mf " "U XF ' W x--X.. .,- x.. .. ,X.. , -.. 1 .- .x.. "'x.,.- xx....f.-" x..--1. x-...x.....'..., 5.21. 1.313 ...a 1'-x.... W"'W W'xx"Y 5-5 ' ' ""' A' "" ,' 'W' ' 'S H" W- NH' N' 9 5 X X X . .4 X . B04 . X Y X 4 X ,X,.,,,,,,.., . ,,, .-1... .-.-,.x.....,.-.H .. ..X....,...X....... vM,,.,-tn W. .WA ....... ...... -. .X . X -- .-....,-.N ...... ..-x..-.. X,.X. ....n...... .-. ...Q ..-.........- 1. X M K , N X M X X ........ .X ,...... . ... - ........,. W.. W. .....,X .,X..XX...,.. ,,,X.m.,,N .-.- ... 1 tn... ....... .Xi ..... V. ,.,X,,,- ... X... 'Iva ...... .... ... .. .5 ., .- ... .. xx-....X.... x. XLxxx........ ...N ,- x-.xxnw l K" :Wk -' X" X' X'-"W H N .. .. -..-.. ..x..-A .X..........., ....X... ,..-... - ..,.., ..X.. .. 9... ..- 5, CD96 mwg x--'M 1----mv--A--A ....-... A.x.....4'. ....... -x... - ..x x....x f.X..-.vX..X..... ,Xxx ,x -- x.. .,.. -5 ...ix xx ...NX nn! xxx.. -.--.- .... . XX K- x . ..---.A .-. xX,...-...xx.....- A..-,.. ,, . 4 , 1. .- .X ........- x'XX..X, LL- X X-V, X,. , .X ., , 0 .--'- -"WA P Q- V W 'xx..-.-...J......z.,y..X.-.......f........'m..,'m,A..1. ..,... .. X' fi. Wx ' X" X W A xn- . -..,.... .......... Xs.........X.X ..... W--'H 2 N "1-HH -fx " x M 'x "M W 1,1 .,.... ...M . .... ...- ... xx... .X-... 'Qql vm" 'yffrx X X X "' 'Aj -"""'X ""4"' W" .. .... ..,..X -..-... H 1- X..... .. .. .X ..X. ' xg Nj ' jf. ' 'A '- -H-M' -M-M .... .....X........ .-.X. ...x. --x .x-. mx Y'-W H' -N M "WN A 'YH 'f "4" -W' W' .1-...x..-... xx...-.-.a.. .'...u...Mx...X..- 't "mi W X " " ' A L. X" " ' ' 'M ""'x""" "M .X-.X.. N... .gv., xg., wx' xxx, M' 'W' U""x'L 'W-'A' A"x"x V' ,......xw.X -X-..... ..-..- .W-1--K--1 xx.. M'!'Quf.,'.,H.XwL J. 1 x .X at 'MA MMM Mx Ku ...xx wx ...X . ..-.. .-.--... ... .,,..- ww- .-. ..A+....-...... .mX..X-X ...........A,-.X. ,..X... hx .x..- ..... "" Q ""' ' ' ' x..-wx--..-..fa, x.-.. . Q .. x. 9. 1. .1 1. -1. H --A .X .X.. .X , .,,. .H ,. .5 ...-...,. ..-..-...v.... .. ...- xx ...,.-A M.-Hr -5 ' -Wf --N ww- ... N... . M... xg, W... ....- ' ' ' ' U- ' x' " ' ,.... ...-x .X.. .......-.. .,.. W... M. fm-.M x f-.x-1-...,'Ju . .vw-Q.. x ,..-.X.- ......... ' I - ' I K M" 'W x"""'- mm fm... x-x..x...'....... -.x....x...-X ... .x .X.X., . .. ..... xwmcxs K-1-.fn -mix..--T-vi' x-- -... .x .,.,X ... .1 .xv ..-.... """"' ' "'W""f' W" WN' .A .. X. .X .. , .. V H' WH-' '1 D 1 Q h X ' . , . W .,,,,X,.. . .. -. -. .. ,. .. mwx .xx ww , .M--N vu. .,.- .. ...-M... .. .x ... ..-.... 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A 0 OFFICERS g li STUDENT s BCARD Vi HE urge for self-government has always been felt wherever a group has assembled and carried on some organized activity. Our Student Board is a selected council of delegates from the school. Every term, each advisory book elects one of its members to the Student Board. The organization's duties are to collect subscriptions, make appropriations tor the benefit at the school and students, and to help to carry on the government of the school, The Student Board has made our surroundings more pleasant by such gitts as the organ, murals for the first floor corridor, pictures, the amplifiers, and ottice furniture. 1-N I, X o STUDENT BOARD Tl-l E RECORD- l937 FRANKFORD NQOUNUON QRS' 0 USB USHERS' ASSOCIATION The Ushers' Association is a group of alert, pleasant students who render invaluable service. Their assistance is especially note- worthy during the commencement exercises, when efficient ushering is a necessity. The ushers are on hand, also., at the Sock and lluslcin performances, Parent-Teacher meet- ings, and Fathers' Association gatherings. The group is sponsored by Mr, l-larry Bonner, Norma Morris, vvha heads the ushers this gear, has proved a capable leader, A great many of the members of the Ushers' Asso- ciation are leaving the club in February, because of graduation. Seventy-six s HUOR x. MO w0'l ML , s STUDY HALL MONITORS Supervision is reauired for the mainte- nance of an orderly Study l-lall Although there is a teacher in every Study l-lall period, that one person is unable to manage all the necessary vvorlc The assistants, during this time, check the attendance and verify a student's absence, lateness, or excuse from Study l-lall. The monitors accomplish their purpose in a very efficient manner, lhe head supervisor of the monitor staff is Mr. William l-l, Boerckel, A great many of the Study l-lall Monitors are seniorsg therefore, the number is greatly lessened by graduation. HIGH SCHOOL YE MONKS Ye Monks, the oldest active club in the school, is fundamentally a literary organization, sponsored by Mr, Carl E. Wise. The meetings are hold at the members' homes every tvvo weeks. Last spring, after celebrating their twenty- filth anniversary, the club organized a Monks' Alumni Association for the benefit of their graduated members. Candidates for membership are voted upon by the members and they must receive seventy- five per cant support before they are made members. Members graduating at this time are: Daniel Dooley, Gordon Buzby, and Horace Eyre. O lf MONKS V937--Tl-lE RECORD SENIOR TWELVE The Senior Twelve is an honorary club com- posed of twelve girls, members of the senior class, who are organized under the sponsorship of Mrs. Viola Woodruff. Girls who have not failed in either a major or minor subject since their entrance into Frankford l-ligh School are eligible for membership. Meetings are held on every third Monday at the house of one of the members, The members arei Mary Yeager, president, Grace Tervvil- liger, treasurer, Edna Brooks, Ethel Childs, Dorothy Davis, Betty Gardiner, Gladys Gustaf- son, Lydia Gutovvska, Phyllis l-lillier, Jane Mather, Ellen McConnell, and .lane Wheeler. O SE NIOR TWEL VE . THE RECORD---l937 FRANKFORD 1tN9'xlE cttot 0 CIRCLE TWELVE The Circle Twelve is another honorary organ- ization with athletic tendencies The member- ship ot this club is limited to twelve members who are selected from among the outstanding boys in the senior class. The athletic teams contribute largely to the club's membership. Mr, William Boerclael and lvlr. James Killough are the club's sponsors. The otticers ot this club are: Howard Stock, presidentg Domenic Simone, vice-presidentj William Buclcins, secretary, and Charles Weinmann, treasurer Those graduat- ing are Howard Stock, Charles Dugan, Al Giber- son, Philip Held, and Ralph Beaton. C Q-X xttmi THE THIRTEEN CLUB The Thirteen Club is an honorary organiza- tion tor boys which selects its members from various athletic teams. Membership is elective, the new members being admitted after they have been approved by vote, This club gives several dances each year, Edwin MacFarland is president tihs term, and Mr, Michael VV. Fisch and Mr, Charles F. Troxell are the spon- sors, Those members who are graduating in the February class arei Alfred Dengesy Edwin Mac- Farland, Alexander lvlacEarland, Charles Trox- ell, Benjamin Strazzeri, Henry Burman, and George lvlost. Seventy-eight MY-'l 0 UTY' HlGH 5Ct100L i937-YVHE RECCDRD THE LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club, sponsored by Mrs. Eliza- beth lvlarkley, is formed from a group ot girls who are interested in the literature and cus- toms ot the United States with relation to those ot its foreign neighbors, At the meetings ot this club, on alternate Tuesdays, guest speakers are invited to give talks on topics ot current interest Anyone applying tor membership must have a mark ol G or E in English, and must give a threefniinute talk upon trying out, Graduates arei Dorothea Nlattis, Thelma McDermott, Helen Nichol, Gladys Gustatson, Evelyn l-lad- dock, and Hedwig Kerker, TRIANGLE CLUB The Triangle Club is an honorary English organization tor girls who enjoy debates and discussions ot current problems in relation to the modern girl lvliss Dorothy lvlalzer is the sponsor. The requirements tor entrance to the club are an E or G in history and English, and an interest in the vvork ot the club, Members are reguired to give a three-minute talk tor enf trance. Leaving the Triangle Club this term are Grace Tervvilliger, Alice Laessig, Mary Yea- ger, Adelaide Titus, Lydia Gutovvska, Evelyn l-laddock, Edna Brooks, and Muriel l-licks. CLUB Seventy-nine UB e-Li CL . 1 RX P-N A o SOCK Tl-lE l2lfCORDel93T FRANKFORD ND WSUN SOCK AND BUSKIN The Sock and liuskin is Frankford High Scheol's dramatic club, Mr, Charles R, Nash coaches the one-act plays, While Mr, Ham- bleton is in charge of the semi-annual produc- tions. This term "The Showoff," vvas presented To aid this club in producing their plays, two groups have been formed, one concerned with stagecraft, the other in charge of make- up Betty Voigt was chosen president for this semester Arthur Bernstein, Vicente De Castro, Ruth lvlichaelis, and Jane Taylor are the members who are graduating, Eighty UB 0 LP-'UN on LATIN CLUB The Latin Club is composed of students who have had at least one year of Latin with a mark of E or G, lvliss Genevieve Wilson is the sponsor at meetings held in the school on alternate Thurs- davs, Latin songs are sung, and talks are given bv both visitors and students, Cccasionallv the club visits museums to vievv exhibits con- cerning Rome, Last spring, the club gave a program which consisted of songs and a play entitled "A Roman School " The senior members are Grace Tervvilliger, Edna Brooks, and Phyllis l-lillier. HIGH SCHOOL l937--THE RECORD LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais, which is under the guid- ance ot Miss Lora A, Marsh, endeavors to further French conversation through debates and talks concerning the people and customs ot Erance. The meetings ot the club are held in the school on alternate Thursdays, and are conducted in French by its president, Ellen McConnell. lntrance requirements to the club include an lf or G in the language and an interest in the sulugect. The members leaving the club this term through graduation arei Ellen McConnell, Betty Gardiner, Anita Glaudel, Gladys Gustalson, and Marnie Tumolo. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club was reorganized this terrn. Atter this club had been abandoned tor sev- eral semesters, lvlrs, Erances Snyder took an interest in the work and again opened the organization tor membership, lt is a club whose membership consists solely ot girls. Any girl applying for membership will be admitted it she possesses sutticient vocal ability plus an interest in choral work. The meetings are spent in singing selections which have been arranged for girls' voices. A number ot the seniors who graduate this February are enrolled as members rs mem rlwcp' ge 0 Eighty-one B 0 GLEE on THE REC0l2De-i9 37 FRANKFORD gs ci-ieevslfltoi . CHEERLEADERS Thi: cheerleaders, captained by John Shultz, have accomplished splendid vvorlc this year in leading Franlctord lligh School's cheering sec- tion. Mr James Killoughf the sponsor, proved himscilt a competent coach. This term the cheerleaders also received the cooperation ot Mr Michael Fisch, who composed a new tootball song and introduced several new cheers Na athletic contest would be complete vvith- out cheerin g therefore, the leaders ala a ver . l Y important part in these events Vicente De Castro and John Shultz are those who vvill be lost to the group through graduation, Eighty-two B CLEF cw CLEF CLUB Credit is clue the Clct Club tor its accomplishe ments. The club members are active particif pants in many musical attairs, so that their work has become auite vvell lcnovvn That each member is exceptionally talented, in voice or in the playing ct some instrument, is proved by the tact that the entrance requirement lor a candidate is a tryout vvhich must be approved by all the members The meetings are on the second Thursdax ot every month The graduating members are Edna brooks, Margaret Steinman, and lvluriel Hicks. H I U-U4 ALLEN HIGH WAY GROUP Mr, John Nevin acts as the sponsor for a group ot boys and girls at the Allen Annex who have charge of collecting mate- rial tor the "Allen News," a section ot each week's "High Way," which is set aside for information concerning the pupils at the Annex, These students have charge of all the material used in each edition of the paper, Some act as managers, while others till the positions of reporters and writers. Their work, so tar, has been very interesting and successful. GH SCHOOL l937ETHE RECORD HOUSE AND GROUNDS A great many ot our graduating seniors belong to the very popular club which is known as the l-louse and Grounds. This group is under the able direction of Mr, Lyntord Williams, The aim ot the club is to keep the school and surrounding campus in as clean and as orderly a condition as possible, Each member is assigned various periods during which she must maintain order in the corridor, The work has been carried out through the persistence and dependabil- ity of the active members. M 6109? iitffl W Eighty-three GR viouSi Mm OUNDS THE RECORD-i937 FRANKFORD CNY' rm-iw"TICS M MATHEMATICS CLUB Alter a lapse at tive years, the Mothe- matics Club was reorganized several terms ago Requirements tor entrance to the club are an interest in this type of Work and an E or G in mathematics. Miss Ethel McAl- lister is the sponsor. At the meetings, which are held on alternte Thursdays, the members of the club do college entrance examinations, solve problems and work out mathematical puzzles. Several seniors are listed among the mem- bers ot this organization. They arei Daniel Mullen, Robert Necker, Walter Scott, John Simons, George Stroman, Edward Spector, Charles Urian, and Charles Winsch. NG 0 RWE HIKING CLUB A number ot Eranlqtord l-ligh's athletically minded girls have banded together into a club which plans interesting as well as healthful outings tor the pure enioyment ot the partici- pants. The l-liking Club has taken many spe- cial hilces since its organization, some ot them being a treasure hunt, a Christmas tree hunt, a hare and hound chase, and a "doggie roast," Miss Elizabeth Lackey, the sponsor ot the group, takes an interest in and encourages the girls' work, A number at the graduating seniors are members ot this organization. Eighty-four QW' HIGH SCHOOL i937-Tl-lE RECORD A. A. REPRESENTATIVES The A. A, Representatives' Organization con- sists of a group of boys and girls who take an active interest in the athletics of Frankford l-ligh School. Each term a representative is elected from among the members of each advis- ory section, These representatives sell to the students A. A, Payment Tickets and A. A. Books, which are used for admittance to the various athletic contests. Mr, l-lunter Kurtz acts as the sponsor for this organization, Because there are six senior advisory sections, six representatives will be lost to the group after February. THE BAND The band was organized only a few years ago, but has accomplished a great deal in that short time, The main function of the band is to participate in the football games, although it sometimes plays in the school auditorium during assemblies. Last year new uniforms were purchased for the band, largely through the efforts of the Student Board. Mr, Forrest Newmeyer is in charge of the group, and Edward Frey is the drum-major. A large percentage of the band's member- ship will be lost through graduation in February. 1N F5 vm REST-En A Eighty-five mi BAND CN THE following pages we pay homage to the athletes of the alma mater. These fellows and girls under the supervision of a group of crack coaches have chalked up fine records in all phases of sports. Individual athletic brilliance, aided by careful tutoring to unite brown and brains, has paved the way for some of these skilled and agile performers to soar to new heights in gaining city-wide recognition in scholastic athletics. We respect these folks, and in days to come participant and fan alike will turn these pages and look at these teams with ever-lingering memories of the sparkling performances they have given. SPCRTS ATHLETICS AT FRANKFORD F ALL the extra-curricular activities in Frankford Hrgh there is none with as broad a scope as athletics, Some sport here at Frankford affects nearly every student, either by claiming him as an active participant in its ranks, or by claiming him as an active supporter on the sidelines. Aside from having top-notch athletic material in the way of performers and equipment, the Red, Gold, and Blue has one of the finest groups of enthusiastic rooters, and this fact means a great deal in the making of successful teams Then, too, Frankford r-ligh School is fortunate in having among its faculty members men and women who are so willing to sacrifice their time in order to direct these organized teams, and who are capable of turning out players of such high quality. Probably the most popular game among us Frankfordians is the colorful game called "football," lt is to the agile, brained, and brawnv sons of the gridiron that we here pay a tribute, for during the U36 season the Pioneers, under the expert coaching of lvlr, Ellwood A. Geiges and his staff, plodded through a tough season and emerged undefeated in league competition thereby gaining title to the Public High football crown, This makes the fourth time in the history of the school that the Tri-colors have captured the loop diadem. A very interesting fact about the gridders is that they have figured in every playoff that has ever occurred in the league, The V736 annual turkey-day gridiron spectacle was more than just a game between two traditional rivalseit was a game between the All Public l-ligh Champions and the All Catholic Fligh Champions to decide priority in the schoolboy ranks. Outweighed and outclassed, the Frankford eleven fought hard and played brilliant football, thus holding the Falcons till the third quarter, when they scored the one and only tally of the game. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE ODD - Friday, September 25 l-laverford ............,..... Friday, October 2 Friday, October l6 Olney ....,............,... Friday, October 30 Thursday, November 26 Qffq X Northeast Catholic ....... ........ ........AwOy West Philadelphia Home Thursday, October S Gverbrook .........,... Home Home Carat: ................,....................... Away Wednesday, November ll Northeast .............,..,................. Away Thursday, November lf? Germantown .............,......,..,....., Away Home 6 O O O 6 O O 6 lil FOOTBALL TEAM Coaches: Mr. Geiges, Mr. Sur- rick, and Mr. Coval. Captain: Strazzeri. Graduates: Burmon, MacFarIond, Bernstein, Eavis, Bea- ton, Hoff, Marbello. f., ,..,.,, -, If ' - A V f-- -Q Y-ww-- Yr-.. , . ,.. , 5, N--4.1 , ,, 2 r- SOCCER TEAM Coaches: Mr. Barfoot and Mr. Murphy. Captain: Stock. Gradu- ates: Stock, Cavaliere. Second to football. the bride of every son of the Red, Gold and Blue is Coach l-larry Barfoot's soccer eleven. While the Northeast Archives have walked off with the championship title every year for the last twelve years, the Barfoot booters have consistently been the Red and Blaclds chief contender for the honor. The soccer men have fought several loop playoffs with the Lehigh Avenuers and have always given the Terrymen a close and tough battles This year the boys played exceptionally fine, using a fast short passing attack for their offense. The hard fighting eleven dropped only two league tilts this season, thereby finishing among the leaders in the Public l-ligh Conference. As we scan the pages of our athletic history, we discover that baseball is probably the oldest spring sport at Frankford, The Tri-color nine attained its greatest heights in the memorable days of Bill Dietrich and Tommy Tithers, Our diamondmen are tutored in their tricks by Coach Frank C. Lightfoot, Last year the boys played swell ball and broke even in games by chalking up six victories and six defeats. THE PIONEERS THE PIONEERS Graduation during this past year hos knifed o big chunk from the bosebollers' recruit list, thus leaving the coach the job of building up o team from new material. In the spring, while baseball is in full sway, track also comes into the limelight, Since l9l2, the date of its arrival ot Frankford, track has become on increasingly popular sport. ln l92O lvlr, Clarence L. Roby took the reins as head mentor in this field and he has held that role ever since. During the past track season some of the flying feet ond agile bodies that were shown were the best ever to appear on the Pioneers' cinders, The fellows representing us in the field events exhibited exceptional skill and our candidates in the track events showed that they were fine runners in the making. Several fellows rated very high in the All Scholastic Championship meets at the close of the season. SOCCER SCHEDULE Fkd Opp. Fkd, Opp Tuesday, September 29 Thursday, October 29 Abington .....,.,........... ........ A way 3 O Northeast Catholic ....... ....... A way 2 l Thursday, October l Monday, November 2 Upper Darby ............. l-lame 2 I Lower Menon ...................,........ Away 6 l Tuesday, October 6 Wednesday, November 4 Germantown ............... .,...... A way 6 Z Northeast .................. Home l 2 Tuesday, October l3 Tuesday, November IC WGS-T Ph'I0dClDhlG ....... ........ A way 3 O Olney .......................... ........... l-l ome O 2 Tuesday, October 20 Thursday, November l2 Overbrook ............,...... ........ A way 5 O Girard College ...,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, Home l 2 Tuesday, October 27 Tuesday, November T7 Central ....................... ......., A way 9 O Gratz ,,,,,,,.,,.,.,.,.,,..,,,., Home 2 O nl THE PIONEERS However, not only on the cinderpath is speed and agility shown, but also an the basketball court. Basketball had its beginning at Frankford way back in l9ll and is rated the second oldest sport in the school, The quintet at the present time is under the supervision and crack coaching of Mr. Joseph T. Coval, The Pioneer passers, though they've not snared the title or top honor lately, always give CJ splendid exhibition, showing plenty of fight, speed, and brainy passing. Golf, being a minor sport and not occupying as much space in the sporting circle, has not been accepted with quite the same zeal as the other major sports, nevertheless, it is to be remembered that Frankford has produced a fine crop of linksmen, Last year, the captain, a member of the present graduating class, played a bang-up game consistently, hence rating very high in the interscholastic finals. The coach of the Tri-color golfers is Mr. Charles R, Nichols, wha has been responsible for the team for the last eight years. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Fkd Opp La Salle ........... lO 27 N, Catholic .,... l3 36 Olney ..........,.. li l8 Haverford ........................ 22 27 Chestnut Hill .................... Zl 24 Jan. Jan Jan .lan 7-Northeast- -home l 2-Grat: ---' away l Ll'-Centralgaway l 9-Olney-away Jan 2lYOverbrook-Amway Jan 26-N Catholiceaway Feb. 9-South Philadelphia-home Feb l l- Allaxborough-away Feb l9-Germantown-home Feb 25-West Philadelphia-home fywffg 0 BASEBALL TEAM A 4,57 ' , ra.. lr. I Held, McCurdy. The curtain tor tennis was drawn at Frankford under the Coaching ot the widely known maestro ot the racket, William T, Tilden, the 2nd, who led his netmen to a title right ott the bat. The present sauad director is Mrs S, Hunter Kurtz who has successfully handled the team for the last three years. Last year a doubles team was developed which proved to be the smoothest in a long while, This pair was invincibleg they defeated everyone they were pitted against during the playing season. As far as we have gone in this reminiscence we have not mentioned anything about girls, The chief reason tor this is that the feminine sex do not play as large a part in the sports, and also that they do not meet in interscholastic competition But hold on, do not think that the girls at Frankford are totally dormant. Coach: Mr. Lightfoot. Graduates The Girls' Leaders Club is one of the most active of the feminine sporting groups. ln the first place, this club consists of girls who voluntarily offer their time and services to help fellow students attain a better understanding of and interest in gymnastic activities. Many times these leaders give up their own gym periods to teach girls who have either missed some phase of the work or have failed to grasp it and in consequence, since their own period has been cut down, taken lower marks. The members of the Girls' Swimming Club are classed in beginners, intermediate, or advance groups. The girls who rate the advanced group may take up life saving ln order to win a varsity letter the girl must meet these requirements: eighty percent in Red Cross life saving, five lengths crawl, ten lengths double over arm, two lengths back crawl, and three dives in good form, Miss Evelyn T. Why, club sponsor, judges the award, ' o TRACK SQUAD . A A .. A Coaches: Mr. Raby, Mr. Killough, and Mr. Leighninger. Captain: William Brown. Graduates: Kme- cik, McCurdy, Hamelton. THE PIONEERS The Girls' Track Team is another active group. The events last year were: two step and jump, basketball round arm throw, and the 75 yard dash. Awards are usually given in track meets for first, second and third place in all events. The girls qualifying in one of the events are usually awarded an all around ribbon. And so, because of lack of more space we end here, ln this summary only a word could be said of each school team, however, in years to come many, many words will be spoken by members of this class of the teams mentioned. School spirit and enthusiasm in our teams has interested nearly every one in Frankford l-ligh, and will continue to be of interest to them in days to come. So hail to the fine sportsmanship of the Pioneers, and hoil to all the fellows and girls who have won their major or minor awards. By V. De Castro. o GOLF TEAM 0 TENNIS TEAM ..:....uAlr.A. .,.iwe...,. .,..i.i1...mt1i.x.m ,. , A7 lbw L rm ,,n1g,4 kv -' 4' ".q-"v,-4-Q migwail , X , - f , . .."- 1":.Q'.g . -, ',?CL56q2"'- -- ' uW'!,..3. i. -,,gf.,f,y'. , A lx. Aww.. . 3, I skf., Mn, F rf' 5 E . is Qblfxciax ' 3 'gl I ,...' "'1f5,S'f A Q '41 N - . I f' If 9'n. i 6 'fi 4 I 1' 1:5 .3 . . l .' ' S ' f : 'ff' FM HQ .'.Q:"l4:l' N: A in 4 ' I fn F 1 sf K- ' it in If f in Q 'A 7 14' ' Q 'ZX Q 5' A g Q' ' U,-,Ye 1 K - L ,Q '. at I0 L ' , 1 .4 ,H-. "' A- ' ' e. F 4, ,njx H YQ R If W , 3. A .Q 'f ukiif' " by n Gag-'N 1 ,. 'rx,Q?y,.5,, Km n . xmw 1h"'7s 'Q i 's 0 BOOT AND SADDLE 1V-Fd o SWIMMING CLUB GIRLS' LETTER Ethel Childs Mae Tithar NUMERALS Darathy Davis lrnia Glasnar Muriel Hicks Myrtle Karsten Mae Tither AWARDS BUYS' LETTER Ralph Beaton Arthur Bernstein Harry Burrnan Richard Cavaliere Henry Eavis John Held Charles Half Edwin MacFarland Patsy Marbella Benjamin Strazzeri QSW ALL BASES I IMMIN G TEAM GIRLS' L EA DERS PREC TION THE RECORD BOOK Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Dr. Lewis G. Sterner, Mr. Charles J. Kunz, Jr., Mrs. Mary R. Kitchen, Mr. William T. Cooke of The Clark Printing House, Inc., Mr. Marshall De Haven of the Phototype Engraving Company, The Zamsky S t u d i o, Douglas Malley and Hrand Liradjian for their assistance in the publication of this Senior Record Bdbk. AUTCGRAPHS mm gm y yiww, 4 waiw 1 253155 ff DQQYZZSP. a ' f T 0, I , w,f'Af,A.,z1., A 3'x'OJvLtx 18-X .K Xl'fg0'vvxfx,LAJ, 7-ff-W I kv 7712: fLLlc4,y-,Q LZ - ffm H 49012321 -uf-.p A 1 1 4 fIn'1 1, Q Y., ' X A r f ' t 'l'- ' 5 x r .. F ,,.,,..,+ Z , ':' . n' .9 f .' il .8 un 5. lp- 'V P' i,'a,, 4-'39 ' . sf' mv J' M' f ' fl., Q, - j, ' ' .Q ,Ely . ' 4, 1: Q , , 4 'K A .- ,ssl 4 V 9 wi J , 1 -:vi ' 3'--,H :.. X ' . .NSI :.' --'-1-,,-nw Af V r ., , .- ,L ',,,,.,: .I H ' ,.,,11:,1V I, :-., 1, 5121514 'Y',.g1., f'-3 3- f '? ,E Z N .,, Lyifri 1. ,I 5 4 Q, . .,, . , .. I gf," . 'Ll 4- - " :.:i.'J' sv-n, Wg 'ffm A L -. .. A ,J x ,. I . 1,7 fr,V'.Z"' ... 'F'- .l..,q5 . f .sue '7 '.- -gg- , 1.-,, 1 A 4"-f .. .4 3: .fx up 3.45.-:LQ , . - 1- :pig-.5 " I 3 x vw: A ' 4 l U I R , :NY , .X ,, f'5f'41'.-.5 x 'gf if f Q 4' xr ,, 4 L x v . ..- ,L -bm' ' .'1 ' 'x , Q ff, mg.- v A-7.4.1 ' k .. . V A .4 lu, 1 :Ja 'W , 14 , L, 'Q . ', 251741 U R .-. . 1.,' . -Q' '4.'z'7l N-" :H ks 1 1. W -1, .ff'.'-'4"'t'-fu " - "IQ 2.3.-jffl l,f4','1,kHfi'. ,, .fv-5 ".: 3' inf . V 4 ..,:s-..3w,. ? ji +,'f,?' rw V '12 Why J .Ms '. U., .a-,JE Na ., kia. ,:, s, 1 N ' i-A' V- , Xa. '1 "?1udkmk.if1:. ..?',L,?Z 1 hw fl!" -N . ,F .B no "" 4. .r .JJ 1 L.. 4 1 I 1 I .S-Q-, nf '-,, Q, ' un- 'I wksmwwmnfv ,H Btguk ' u jf. 1. E nl ll' 'lIl,ll 1,6 H. - U 1 3 A id .,l - ' 1 1 3 .X ..L ,v t'-5'Q"'f 4 ....., . ff-.r- -11 :-f. ,. 'V'- fit :,:. wi , , lk, H Y -.-f ..... .iw W... , X f ' ,xx . 2. gmwmwm 'Q' 'www Mkggrawiiwi ' H' . A,,,,fwgQQw, gm 7 ,,,,M ww a 5, Q' V .4,gj1l,L -Q, N,ivLx,s3g,b-,515 'af ,,X, A' y """-N ,. WWA ,, W' 4,5 ,' M '. ' QTEK A-1' fmw W N Q V "xv Mi' A-Q , Oh? I. 'wwf 1 'Hd-um:,,,w ,,0.Q2"N'Afn vi fn 4, X ,W wa, 11- f- W wma' -, N M whfw W MM ffm Q ww .,., M f ,,, ,A , , .L . A Q my MW as Dx .M ww mnwxvw ,. L '1X""'m'?'! V WWAXQM Mail-1"mm Q -may H ,Mm Y . . f ,. . . 'Wi' 35, ' Q . " NJ , . ,. U Q., ,,1f ' ww - Y,,, ,Af .W . 'W' ,I .393 1 A A '-5'1g:,-2. ,WWW . K1 4 ., . 'Q , . L - ., , +V ' .ggi I - 3 Q l HN: QQ." T www ,fwaw Mmmmgm 9' ' W W' ,gmwwmwwww ,WMWM . W-mwmwgw ' "2',,'HM ,Q wr 4 6519253313 W, M . mwiffffsffmw M Q.. ,Qfzfy mm M a, N Aw? N WWNW ap A' 5 ff- 4-2..,,,..:.,.4., WW? we ' 'Nw Aw QMS" gf V""f'Iuw ,H , WMYAW. ,f xv ,. ,, I-, , no .. K, .W ,aww my .... W- W .- , Y ,- M ,,,, V N -I ,, , 9, J: t ,' . U V is 'mv' NN! , if aw 'ig ,V 1 ,,., ,A migjff, M -Q, 4- km' ' WMM ' ' may 799 -..,,s'T- 'iw 2,ZGw3?:'::f"" 'T ' "f-fa"W"9WWff""W" ' ' ' - W N -..,, suis N Y,X. ,M NNW .x-. if .Awww Qi, X? W 'iiiswfw M W ' A W N 'kv Mw..W..W www ,Hx WA ,ww Wh, --ww' ww 'L M ms Y M A x A J wx mm MM., QW' , V 121355 .,...,. U ,, ,, 'gym ,ummmw ,wmkwk 'Hayw- .-B F 'wma Y Q 7' fn-0 xx Y'-Sw aw , M , 2 . ., L. . W 'Awww-,, 'ff fanny: fi 2, V wg s ,BJ ,9'-nw W - 'Av iw .E .. ' " A'-'Mwwai , ' --,,,g,f-a W ' V M 1 1 4 -,W .Avy ' V' wp Q3 . ' f . ' IQM 1 ' -' ' I J - 1, ' m..,iVm WMMJQ. 1 ff f, 3 9 3. 'NNW M-N 5. -Ng. X211 4' . F RAT:

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