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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1936 volume:

L .-WM. f' Q .3 wr ,xrgwg-1 1, A 5' ' QQ .,,,,g' ,jx QQ.,. .- , - - 'V' ff- '3 -f ,. 15, was L iw.. , 'ff T' - ,J ...N .fi . ,A '-W -ff' ' 4 . , + + .K . . . ' ,si J X ' ' - "Vx g' ' ' - 'bl ' """-fl ik 1755 ."' -. "' -" bw' ' wg 1 xv.- , - , :-.- X"- -z ED", '1'x1f',.,, Q- ,:Ff?gy, B f - ' X " f 1 -fxgsvintl ' ' ff 1 " ' SQA' ' 'x E XR -1:1 'zzz-11" 1 'A 'P' .. K . 'P 1'fI"T'f':--.wk ' ' A ww - ' ' KV X51 V , K 'JM fb, . R I NL, Q., fg ng .1 , QQ v Q Q-Q Q .Jef -7: -' ,ufxgzwg -Q iw gf-was R, 1 x ...,f , f w . ' 'ff f-fi"-W M3 '- r .- , -' - -g v -f fg, , X Qisf- - - .Dfw W- M - . Q "I Ifffffaiers-'a'?:??rf ' Q .--Q :Q ,, QQ . f .J ,, ,s!f:-eQy.w-ny, A .. .. ,. . QQQ 175. ,, .Q . 4 fQ., 2. - SQ 5,7 few 'L --.- ' , --. I n 'L , P-v .Fx ,g ,, Fw y . ' ' Lg-.-1" :p .- A -. .ya :gsrf f' 'f f ' :J-. f ' Q 'N ' " M, ' A NFA , ., N , 25511-Q"g:f--.4 -5 Q" ,f yn. ff" 'J' -staff I 'S-fp, ' N ' 1 , -2- ' 2 G f ty .gg fiifff- .A 'A . M , .f-- 1 'Q 'H V T' Q N, U, ', .Q 4 'Vi f. 6 f ff' 1-v . "5 Q x , . , N -"fi" .:""AQQ F Q3 X A 5?-y X, rv 15 N311 ' ,QQQ ,QQQ ,QQ "J ' ,T 'H 5' F -' . ff ' M , 'S . A . x - j K x .M ' Y , 15 .5 Q Q Q ,QQ Xl-,QQQ ev Q T fipgx n-.Q-:.Q..u: ' Q ., 1 ,Q, .Q iii., Q!Q,Q .ts QQQQ 1 QQ - x,,.x,- f 3 Q .' ,QQ Q Q ' Q ,Q 1, -Q' 1 ,Q ,Q ' ' LQMQ . -w-- --H f . 5 s.. Q-, . 'w xw, ' ,Qi .,,, f' QQ -Q , Q' . ,' ..f,.Q Q P5 n A 'HIE ,, 'I .ah sf---,.4?'X f-MU. 0 ff" '- - ,, - " A ",, -t - - , -- f y N1 mlm- , Q , v z " A -- . , - ,, j - , ' "H',.,, . . 1 - N" 'M .fx Q . 'T QS' ' Q, ':1' QQQ Q,..- ' 'N ' in Q ' : '- U - , H1 Qu-' " V1+f+T2't 1 ' 'M f " ... ..V. . "N - ' Z "' '. 1 ' 1 ' 'V 4 '. ' wg- vf Q Qhlx Y' -.Q 1, , P 1 rmslgiifwju Q :I Q -:I LLQQ z ,xv ,.. Q 1, QI A M Q Q A f f "'- .. Q.-'. V1 Q if Q-'ff' ' 1, V4 VX' ' L , lf' '..f.., v, Ni .. f n , I ' QQ .Jr f Q .wr 5 Jgg 'Q' s :ffrla'gN'?'M bb x xi y -1 ' " ,' T' 'l ' g' Q ' ' F5314 K4 ' " "' L. ' 13' -4 K Q ,. '. , g ' - QQ - Q k QQQQ Q 1 Q .. , '- Q11 ' Q Q. , Q 'X xr - f .- . ef 'f -- 1-A P -' lwywfi - - M ,QQQ Q ,QQ , ax 1 Q ,QYQQ g y ,V V ' ' -v -Q -.fag 1, Qf QQ : - , Lk z Q I , P' N 5 "' 4 ' l M W H "" 2' H ' F -5 md A A Aff .. ' i I "3 - ' P. 'U h 11 A "' 'i-201-f"'f.'ff' IQ: "V H 1 - A "4 'i ' M-Fw' 'fs i. F ' , f '1 ':FA:JsN'Q'f'L '- A ' S . - ' K -- ' ':l'a'.. 5 -- 'V "ff . 4 ' -".. . 'L-N ' f Y D -if - Qi, . Q - Q Q , , 'I' 53 QI ,M ,,,, 'bfi-P QQ, !', .. Q- 14 f-- s '23, . fy, 4,1 t QS'-1-7. fn " R, - 'i- 1 .gk - 4' ' L ' . . " i1"j" ,' 'sd-'-H. N- : X YQ-Q, ..,. -. Q .1--' , .. ,, -,- 1 , Q . 3 'vu-35 7' ,v paf. ,f A' A"gl,f?..' Q ,QI -7- 5 W' Q . QQ Q . H , Q Q QQ ' x an Q4 K. Qf QQ ' ,Q 'QQQgQ,Q,-,L LQ , Q...Q1Q,, x. . Q w--:Q ,Q Q. Q . Q Q26 ,Q Q WW, Q ,Qmlk QQQ . xii Q v ,MQQ-s'.Qik Q Q QQ , A. .' .y, QV . - - QQ 5 bex' 5' 3 QQ . .QQ QQVQ k Q :if Q. A gf , '. ' ' , .2 ' . -ee , , 1 ' . J ' . - ,, ' , '- ,rf 'K Eli" ' ,x ' - ? ' p..4' m'-L" 1 , Y Q 5 - --Q4' 'QQQQ af-ikfyg. QM.. , -nv ' . ' "X gg... ,, Q , U ff QZQQQQ jnj, , A, Q98 5 A X 9. ,QQ . , ,-'-.' - ,L ,xv " P sv "1',,f 9 Q, 'I :ff Q , rfq, , Z , " 'fwfifrv , A ' wits' Q ' "- H ffgm , gm.. xg, E I" w in Q.. Q 'ww 1 ' nfl Sg3r.f,'f-. " , 1 ...K-ry 4,f, ' H Q, .fp ,. . F -,' 14' .fa N ,yt Aff f-922753 ,P .1 45.1 is , n-. .,?,v M, 1 .r, fp, ,.r Q n iq K ,qlia+Qizi THE RECORD 1936 r si f'OsD E SENIOR FL I P f F f I' If I' Q 1 i i PUBLISHED BY -ASS OF JUNE,1936 JUN I' FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVAN r'I J PRO GU RECORD book IS a pleasant remmder of our years spent at Frankford Years later we will turn these pages that wlll dlsclose a book of memories We wall perhaps smlle at the pictures and the Incidents connected with them ln all events we hope our mem ones will be happy ones DICATI HIS record book IS respectfully dedicated to Mrs Vnola Woodruff as a symbol of her untmng efforts her mspmng teaching and her genlal personality Thus IS Indeed a small tribute but ut IS a sincere one Vw! flfmffl ON T, ' ' X K S, E". P il.. X x x an 1. z ,..-A , ,WAVE 2: "A ,M , -453 4- ,id fn 'A vs... L x"'fhax-T: Wxrx. ,. xx -MS ' .rs N, " "5-M f. AW' ,VM . W ,.- .fr A, uf, , fx , f A fi: ,z fm 'iQ X , 1 ,. b,.,k 'dv + -1 l "Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen mus?c."-Schelling. "We require from build- ings, as from men, two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well, then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it, which last is itself another form of duty."-Ruskin. "Simple was its noble architecture. Each orna- ment, arrested, as it were, in its position, seemed to have been placed there of necessity."-Voltaire. 4- Li mg? ' x -+, 14, '21 v x "Vial, "-W., , ,V- Q .,.. "ff" -. 'w ' ,. ' , F 1..- Y ! -1, N., ' ,gs L xi , 251 A SA, .- ,v" Q5 rv in 21- 'Is mmf. 5 Q--'vm ,'51,'.,A . f' ,,:.. W -15-' XF fm' Ao: s X 52.9 , .3!1L'f' - J 'Q' ,SJ -2 ,gt 4 .5 'fa T2 r i 2 .lfr , 1 g X x F F nx :V , q1Q:v.-f4s::pMfHf -- -s ir- p r--I ' .v 'ii-if 1 . 1: ' ...Y -A: ' g in Mya l ex J. Q' ,!4 Ax? , ,.,v.,,,f, vs p. U, f '.-- 2 -5- fl-. ers' !l A 1 JP' A Q e fs. e 2:"g.5gAgl'gli?' i abs F as ..b 'fgq C v-, X , If, ,-. ,- C-fff?5iA 'qv :S"..,Ng 'Q ' -' rx -':.,4v:.g f., M frijgmu , n.-Sggflff R, s : -, Ig .-- -- .M -. realy:-,F tx ' -,Q-.'M,,-,:' if 'fe-sl -31 .. 571, 'J-9 -an-92.11.-w 'fe --r- F 5w,4'g,'j' ei-a4,:1x :img ' 4- "-' ,JS me f'- A 'xi' ' we --f Nl X , QI. e- , if -. rf '- eg--,-S5521 --' X-.- L: . A yi ,M H I ills, -. .V rlxglx ll ' -- af ,oh " - -Y P V 4 C ' S' V fn, 7 "' L., ' ,x VF- 4? 'r "- - 1 4 we r-'fix X 1. 5 Q. 527 :afi- x g lf ll m - B elf a Tk X H9 1 NNN XY A f X ,f 2 2 -. I 'Sv fl-Efimmly Ph ,ff 'Z H'fU11WLlL4 , tllll nw, 4 VE Lllg lu 'um sci-iooi. l9l0--September 8-Opening of the Frankford Annex of the Central High School, with thirty-seven students. Mr. George Alvin Snook, teacher. November-First "Pioneer" published. l9ll-February-Student Board organized. 92 9 9 97 98 l99 1922 92 November I3-"Ye Monks" organized. January l0 Fathers Association officially organized with twenty seven men February School seal drawn by Mr Rowland L Rudrauff and adopted by the school May l6 First school dance Assembly Hall October 9 First student assembly December Alumni Association organized February 27 Cornerstone of present building ai May 8 George Alvin Snook elected principal February l Formal opening exercises in pres ent building Girls in school for the first time April William T Tilden 2nd coaches tennis team to championship February Enrollment passes one thousand mark April First student William Chism enlists In the World War January to March School closed on account of coal shortage February I3 Commencement exercises held in Frankford Theatre because of the cold school building June-First class composed of boys and girls graduates March l6 First senior party in gymnasium Aprl Mr Harry N Barfoot is the first Frank ford High graduate to become o teacher in the school November ll Memorial Stadium dedicated senior class September First Highway published super seding the discontinued Pioneer , s, r ,fi Ho.. ' 9 -f . . . . N 7 I 1 1 . E I 1 13- - ' , . I l5- - ' ' l 'd. l l - - 1 1 - - X gli? ,4 X gggp I - - . . . . i NA fv Y, .A g I , . RV '- l !llQ,l,llI . rv. Q "W -- - ' ' ' - ' lt f4ifiLlaiaifi?.fg?? - - A 'gg ries, " . 1923-November 22-First tree planting by the F- as 'Lu "le 4 as ' , iigllif., 27 1 . l ll 'Y l' lid.: ll "" l 1 Si . T.. If . n -U fl I - X 1 . ,F .L fy 'Ill l,i- llT ' gl rl ull 'Q . - " Yi A3 HISTORY l926--June ll-Pipe organ dedicated. 1927- 1930- 932 93 934 93 936 September 27-Mr. Snook retires on leave of absence because of ill health. March-"Highway" in first competition, wins first group rating by Columbia Scholastic Press Association and wins All American rating in contest of National Scholastic Press Associa ion February Dr Frank L Cloud comes to Frank ford High School as principal March l3 School bank started January l5 Boxing and wrestling abandoned September l4 Frankford Highs ninth grades move to Ethan Allen Annex because of the crowded conditions at the main building September 22 5150 A A Book system in augurated November 9 Frankford plays Gratz for public high league football championship at Franklin Field and emerges victorious S ptember Enrollment of School reaches new all time high of 4000 June First Commencement exercises take place at Baptist Temple because of the size of the graduating class October Student board buys new band un: forms February Kathleen Woerner the first girl to be elected serves as class president Aprl l7 A and B at Sears and Roebuck Ballroom May Ye Monks silver anniversary May 29 West Po nt Trip June l7 Senior Day June 23 Three hundred and sixty nine boys and gurls graduate in largest class in the school history Commencement exercises held at Baptist Temple .l Q llr!-,ll -we lil at QU F ixx J FT ff m, ill? "" , - . . . fi . l93l- - . . - l -- - ' ' . I 3- -Q . , . l - e - l 5- - ' ' . . W . :nm 'i ' . 'I'- - - . . , , f 5 l ' - X , zu l ' ' 4 1 T' .y nl- li f u 11 i .I t .V 'v. , I 1 - 'f 1, -f 'Q . f-in f, ffl Tu u - . ' I 'll 7 i " i' - l fififl il Er - . A Q ..., .113-1 1-'94 I . ' l ' Wil f :il rw . I Q. . ,ul YY ' .. . - 11. I 2. 1 - ' 951 .- B A i T' nm- tw ,ff . . --' if in T ' r I , - I l ,J T nl . l ":li'i' ' I- l i u " ' li.,-v 1 135 fit. gl ..-.- . "' ' ' - f IT' 1' ly' LW 'X oqllh Dr Frank L Cloud Pruncnpal THERE comes to all of us ln the course of our llves changes which seem so radical that for the time we cannot get our bearmgs Such a change us coming to you the graduates of the Class of June l936 The state of mmd and the physical sltuatlon both become from this day a new and strange world The responslbllltles that you face must be met by you alone No longer do your teachers and your parents share them as they have done heretofore Your posltlon m the world has shifted so that you must carry you may undertake You can not shlft the responslblllty to some one else You must assume rt all How well you will do this depends on the results that you have obtained from this mstructlon you have recelved In Hugh School Your weeks and months of what you thought was hard work wlll appear easy In contrast to the future that IS before you But out of It will come that existence whlch we call llfe with all Its pleasures and pams Your school wlshes you all posslble success and us ready to rejonce when you rejouce and feel regret If you do not succeed ' . 1' I ' I your own burden, make your own decisions and succeed or fofl in whatever , . IGHT I glve counsel to any young hearer I would say to hum Try to frequent the company of your betters I books and lufe that us the most wholesome society Learn to admire rlghtly the great pleasure of life IS that Note what the great men odmlred they admlred great things narrow splrnts admlre basely and warshlp meanly Miss Emma Roth Asslstant Pnncupal M I ' Il 1 ' n , . r I - 11 ADMINISTRATIO 'fm' I 'A' " A ' II ' CLERICAL ASSISTANTS INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS COMMERCE ENGLISH LANGUAGES X " 4-I C' ' . I A , ,,,! 'I , .. - ,- - A III I II I+ ' -1 ,. HEMI ., f m I, g A, I, ' , 'II I:IIs, I. Q' ' I.. '.I I I ' rw, f.I'II'fM.,H . I 'Iw -LLL fi I II' In xxrx IS Jvrrt: g gpm 'II I' 'l'm:rI3 II. M I1 Inxhr' If Ixi' 1' 'I.I.,IIIHQI! LIMNII A I I"ngm'II 'f QIXIIII ',I.i1Iwx ILLVI A XA. 011:21 -A W 1 Ix,II,'y'Ip'rj CNHI- I IIIIXL Y. V 'MII XII, :I Vw? 'IMIII I" XI I uw ,I I v Q A A CIN' J Ifxx 1 Q' lg" '- r I A 'I.7Q'fI' f 'fg' 'XII II 'L ,I If-Nic' Q' x Q Q Lf CI-fs: A Svwg. V' .ww-f 'xI?f,9" MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS MATHEMATICS HISTORY SCIENCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIBRARY U A Ufuf JII " 'Ii IIA A-Avi" ' Frm 1 ,Vgrgf--' 7 JXfI.fCI,rw'M3i min' "Q:-.,I j"Ix IC.I 5 1 I-IJIJI-VI A rg ' ISOIIW - FAQ ?IIin,.i' 'IW In T II mn- Mow! Mwrwrw Iixr' 'I I' fI,,,, . V A, I' ',, , N l , ,..rI J " ' l n W I:wrIrw,'I'I II lg Q 9 I, ' II ' 'V - fAXI1Ii1I ,rI' LIMIT I yy, I. I I. A XI rw, N. " A' 'XII I" ,T CQ' Jwv, IS V fi , L' ' ' 'Ti' N312 7 f1jQ' C1 YI,-A it 'Y Q' 5 XXIMJ CLI" ' " 'I'fY'I",.j , 'N 1"m' U 9 ' ', I- . ,. , L1 , . , V, .' Af: - , V1 ' ' fffk 'Im' .N ' C .IN 'I',fI""' I , f E f1frv1'4 f .' 11 ..L F ., . 2' VIII! f',Ir1zf'- I Remembef Mr. Adcms' English tests. The willing office workers. Dr. Claud's assemblies. Mr. Raby's track team. Mr. Nash's Junior Sock and Bus kin. Mr. Donovan's care of the build ing. Dr. Sensenig's algebra classes. Our fire drills. Mr. Heinly's biology classes. Mr. Bcrfoot's lockers. Mr. Brown's bookkeeping classes. Miss Gillman's attractive clothes. HE LA WITHIN these pages the reader wrll fund the seven sensor books and the clubs ond Committees the class officers, the class, the sponsor, Dr Lewls G Sterner Class Sponsor OR the twelve most formatrve years of your llfe you have been under the guldance and dlsclplme-almost entirely wholesome-of your teachers and parents From tne flrst of these you are now ent'reIy free and from crplrne stlll remams You may learn as many others have done that you are less free now than you have ever been You are less free because any one can challenge your lrberty whereas before we by our dlsclplme protected you To obey us has been easy to obey your better self will be a real task the second you will increasingly be exempt. But the problem af self-dis- ASS O CE Wnlham Prltz President Vrrglnla Scrrvener Secretary Ora Bowler Vice President Claure Habel Treasurer UR offlcers have worked long and faithfully to make all the actlvltles of the class a success They have been a constant support to the class sponsor and a real help to the Record Book Commrttee Each IS a student of whom the class and the school may well be proud F FI R s Book l Mr. Harry Klausewitz Book 2 Miss Alta Ellis Mrs. Marion K. Hornung Curriculum Counsellor , ' N -ff 4 " .E fb I-. 7 KVA ". !A r+ g In 6 3' I A , S:-,,,,,:f 'f .,'w 1-. 2 W? :P 491 3 " 23 1 Q Y-Yg W fixf '21 f Y 75-f '- X 5 Q K i 2 9 . . V' I5 ' 'if' - xg. A 9 Q k'A ll ' 2, XS 5' ki, N. r N Ll Y 1 355: J Q f' w:f-ff' N' jg gf 3? ,533 .Fl "lf 575 J A Q93 5g Sw AY' ' , sf' :ff ,i 9 3 3 Q QKNQ- 'rg-gin ,1 Wd A 4 'gb-1 Q' T5 gf iff, gh it 'c AD L A its M 13? , . S! A Q Q. 1 K- 4 'N , """'?'f fi :S , 'B N 4 f 3l H"X" A , A ' Y' Q kv.,-1 " we If 'Q Z , v 1 :ai IP W MMI? ' V 'V m I A .A 'F ze 'wi wg ,411 ..M. - J r- a ' , W, W mf 'ly xx i t Q ' r 4' " 'H - 4.5 , 'M 9 7 Q v ' V ,f ' N x 1' . ,,,l if-f E RECORD JUNE, I9 Betty Orfe Edna Wulde Chairman Peggy Voegel Frank Sheppard Eleanor Waters Maxwell Jaffe RECORD BOOK COMMITTEE UR years at Frankford wxll lrnger In our memory tor years to come They vvull be made even more lastnng by the Record Book The Record Book thus term IS the largest an the history ot the school Several nevv Ideas have been Introduced and the members ot the committee have done therr best to make It the best record book In the hustory ot the school Edna VM lde the chalrman at the commuttee Eleanor Waters Maxwell latte and Frank Sheppard had charge ot the sports vynte ups Betty Orte vvrote the school auary and mad the sketches Peggy Voegel wrote the school hlstory and several club wnte ups The members of the commlttee suncerely hope that the class enjovs readlng the Record Book and that It wall help to br ng back many enjoyable rnernones T nly slx , I W I I T V f . 'i , . ' , worked, with the and of the committee, to make the book a success. f - f ' T e , . JUNE, 1936 THE RECORD DANCE COMMITTEE Joseph Sherwood, choirmon ot the Donce Committee, proved to be o verv oble ond eth- cient directors Joseph ond the members ot his committee hod chorge ot securing the or- chestro! selecting the donce progroms, ond decoroting Seors' Botlroom. Roger Kent ond his orchestro supplied the very enioyoble music tor the eveningg Miss Jeon McCooI, the vocols. Everyone who ottended the donce voted the evening o greot success, We con thonk Joseph Sherwood ond his committee for the most exciting ond eniovobte evening ot our senior term. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ihe Executive Committee is composed ot th senior closs officers ond the choirmen ot the vorious committees N lliorn Pift the senior closs president octed os choirmon ot the Ex dent oided hind Cloire I-Iobel hondled the ne ot closs virginio Scrivener chorge ot the ons ond chorms Tw The other members ot the committee ore Cdno Witd choirmon of the Record Book rrmittce Wittioni e, choirmon ot S nior Trip Corrmittee Roymond Tucker choir Hott es choirmon ot the Senior Morning Com mittee ond Joseph Sh rvvood choirmon of the Don e Commi tee E T T ' ' E2 c. , u , I i. Q, , I i Z, C3 ' . e 1 Fr ig the X I ' - Q f , I A - ecutive Committee Oro Bovvter, the vice-presi- mon ot the Photogrophy Committeeg Doris mo the ff' I ' hod A 1 e , A i f- 4 K i . X i , to i t , enti,-S xsi THE RECORD JUNE, I936 PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE Roy Tucker, os choirmort ot the Photography Albert I-lebsocker took the greoter port ot Commlttee, very successfully mohoged hrs the pictures of the teochers, students, octivities, committee in the ossigrtmerwts ond tokihg ot ond sports. He is to be commended for his pictures. time work. TRIP COMMITTEE The Trap Committee hod chorge ot the or rormgemehts tor the West Pomt Trap Wllllom Frey the cholrmort ot the comrmttee obtomed the orchestro tor the trnp The other members ot the commlttee helped to sell tickets ond olso olded Doctor Sterrwer on the trnp T e T t other members ot the committee ore Joseph Schvvorzmoh Lots McArthur Robert I-lottmorm Vuvuon I-lorter Joxce Ayres ood Dorothy Wugtoll The West Polrmt trap as one event thot every sensor looks torvvord to egh - 1 I 1 . . . , , f 1 1 1 1 I ' I . nent - ' I JUNE, I936 THE RECORD SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE The Senior Morning Committee plans and supervises the events of the seniors' last day at school, Doris l-laines, the chairman, selected the orchestra for the dance at the close of the school day The members ot her committee formulated the plans for the assembly, which proved to be entertaining and pleasant. The gifts to the school, counselor, ond sponsor were selected by this committee. They also arranged for the Commencement exercises at Baptist Temple. We owe the enjoyment of our last few days at school to Doris I-laines and her committee. A PLAY CAQT Prom Nignt a delightful comedy was presented tor our enioyment as port ot the Qenior Morning program Very expertly directed success The well chosen cast rehearsed their parts many times in order to give us a finish d performance The cas Ti Franlf Kevra Edith Moulson Charles Wright Claire l-label John McLaughlin Helene Schofield Joe Browning Mary Maxwell Dick Bently l-lelen Maxw ll Maxwell Mrs Maxwell ll ll 1' I f I . -...-.'..-I-T...-.......-- ..... l by Raymond Judd, the play was a complete Mildred Buckman .......... Louise Hunter - .................. e e .............. Mrs T, ............. . ,eltty-F' 6 Along The Way September, 1932 l-lere we are fthe nuauoruty of us, anywayl at Frankford? Thus us only the beginning, before us beckon four years of hard work, enuoyable resputes in aftereschool actuvutues, and the enlarging of friendship circles by the oddutuon of many new acquaintances, December, 1932 An amplifier us installed un the audutoruum. Moy, 1932 "The Family Upstairs," uproaruous Sock and Buskun presentation, us a hut. September, 1933 Our class us completed with the arruvol of students from neigh- boring Junior l-lughs. Frankford Hugh's ninth grades are transferred to the Ethan Alien Annex to make room. December 9, 1933 Frankford wins the footboll championship for the first time un eleven years, in a 7-O victory over Grafx on snow-blanketed Franklin Field' .fpril, 1934 Hedgerow Players admurablx present Shakespeares "Twelfth Night" un the oudutorium May, 1934 "Skaddung" us the Sock and Euskun offering thus year. September, 1934 Our school has seen the passing of a quarter of a century thus month, lt's also the tenth anniversary of thc "Highway" lStudy Hall's come panuonl. sponsor, the last sprung , November, 1934 The "Hugh VVoy" arfd the Christmas basket fund hilarious "Bug-Hearted Herbert" 'record-breaking play un town which us financially successful March, 1935 The "1-lugh Way" us in the medalist class, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association gives our school paper a hugh rating for the fourth successive year The Central Theatre Group brings "The Rivals" to Frankford llvlarch 29: May, 1935 The Sock and Euskun gift for V35 us "Mr, Pum Passes By," entertaining comedy October, 1935 At last, by the collection of o sufficient amount of Student Board dues, new uniforms have been purchased for the band members, which guaran- tees o good showung by that group at the games November, 1935--eThus month we're all puffed up over our new class rings ewe've really got something there With Tlwe June, 1936, Class December 6, 1935 'lhe A ond E5 Prom ct the Jotiucirn Closs is o greot success, with mdny ot our closs ottcinding the ottoir los 'vigos sur y hes the rhythm January, 1936 We're oll primping up these dogs, trying tc look cur best, becouse the closs pictures tor the Record Book ore being token January 21, 1936 Williorn Riltz, our new closs president, receiyes the cop ond gown trom the Jonuorv '36 president, iiothlgen Woerner, in the Senior Morning ossembly, February, 1936A Mr, Robert J, Adoms inougurotes o new English Rlon, dividing the students into A, B, C, ond D groups occording to their work in thot subgect. Gur closs otticers ore elected. March 6, 1936e The A Unit heortily ooplouds the entertoining Student Assembly led by Roy Judd April 3, 1936 Thirteen Club gives O Swimming Rorty ot lurner's Pool, which turns out to be so lull it overtlows with woter, noise, ond lun golorel April 17, 1936 -And now our own A ond B' Attended by 2015 couples, it's the biggest ond best prom yet' Syncopotion provided by Roger Kent. May 8, 1936 We'll remember this hop ot Brookline C C becouse it's Ye lvlonks' Silver Anniversory Donce, And with music by the Top Hdtters, nothing could be betterl May, 1936 The comic "Enter Moderne" is presented by the Sock ond Buskin. May 29, 1936' -West Point, here we come' It's one oll-tooebriet dov ot sightseeing, picture-toking, codet-moking, boot-doncing tunl June 17, 1936 Senior Doy hos orrived' Beginning with lVlorriing's Assembly fthe "A" ploy, "Prom Night," is swell'l continuing with the distribution ond signing ot Record Books, ond ending with the dence in the gym, the doy is successtul lbut sodh June 21, 1936-Boccoloureote Service is ot Memoriol Stodium June 23, 1936 'l'onight's the tinol event' At Boptist Temple, 'he lorgest Qroduot- ing closs from Fronktord '30 students hos its exercises ERE HARRY ED N Sullivan Mechanic Arts an C 5 I e IZA u '1 rd IOB Bonk Represento e s ona Basketball Q lntersectlonal No ex al ELLA CLARA ADAMEIT 1234 E VanKork Street Wilson Commercial Commercial Club IZB Senior weve IZB German Club IIB IZB Senior Morning Committee I B Bonk Representative IZA 7B American Historx Prize IIB Honor Book ICA I7B ex ol H STANLEY ALEXANDER l345 Foulkrod Street Aex Harding Academic lrteen Cllb I Reb' sentotlve IIA xorsn Baseball 33 36 In er sectional Volleyball IZA Second Football 33 Varsity Football 4 35 Numerols 33 Baseball 33 Footba 3-I ase F Bosebol 35 36 Foot a EDWIN CRAVEN ALLEN 5346 Hedge Street Sullivan Academic H nor Book, ICA-IZB n JORIE E. ALLISON 006 Higbee Street 'Marge' Sullivan Commercial Commercial Club, IZA, Swim- ming Club, IZA, IZ'B, Stomp Club, IOA, House and Grounds, IIA- IZB, Honor Book, IOA. Track, '36 ..- Thl rty-two UNE 9 Af-A-QQ4, DOROTHY H ANDERSON 6032 Edmund Street Do Sullivan Commercial mmercnal Club IZA Pen Art Club IIA Ushers Association 'ZA IZB Honor Book ICB IZA s Basebal MARION H ANDREW 907 Bridge Str t Wllso Acc e ercl francais IZA IZB Studv Hall Monitor IZB Honor Book ICA IZB ockex 3 Vol ex ball DOROTHY BETTY ARNOLD 7017 Erdrick Street Dotr Disston Commercial Student Board QB Ntldy Hall Monitor IZA Bank Representa tue IOA IZB Honor Book IOA 'A I-I ckex V lexball 33 Le ders 34 6 MILDRED AUGUST 2352 Orthodox Street Harding Commercial Chess Club, IIA, Commercial 'u , , Hi in Cu , , Cercle Francais, IOA-IZA, Photo- graphy Committee IZB, Book Room Monitor, IZA, Mathematic' Cub, IIB, Honor Book, OA- If s asketball, 3-I-' 6, lr. B eball, '3', Vofleyball, '34, ' 5, JOYCE BATEZEL AYRES 46I8 Disston Street Ski-Feet Crispin Home Economics Pen Art Club, IZA, Hiking Club, IZA, Trap Committee, IZB, Christ- mas Committee, IOA, Student Board, IIA, Bank Representative, QA, 9B Dancing, '33. UN IW 3943 'Kensington Avenue OSEPH BA'ILEY Hopkmson Academlc. Vocal Ensemble IOA IZA St dent Board IO IIB Hlghway Reoresentatlve IZA Second Soccer IIA RUTH M 1223 Way pg treet Ru IQ Harding Academic u Tumbling B IIA Hlghway Repre at ve IOA oc ey 34 35 Glrls Bas et a 3-I 36 Leaders 36 SAMUEL H BALLAM JR 70I2 Montague Street Dlsston Academuc Chess Club 9B IOA Bro gy lub IOB Glee Club 9B Mlcro scope Club IOB Ushers Assocla lon IIB IZB Bank Representa tlve IZA IZB Honor Book A 1 Intersectuonal Basketball Second Team Basketball Numerals 34 Irllersectlonal Baseball 9B lntersectlonal Volleyball 3-I 35 lrtersectuonal Soccer 35 Cheer Leader 35 LINWOOD HADLEY BAUER I207 E Alcott Street Lynn Wilson Industrial Engmeermg Cu IOA IZA A A Representative IOB Second Football 33 LILLIAN P BENZ 5301 Oakland Street Hardmg Commerclal German Club IIB Chrlstmas omm tree ICB Loc er Corfm ttec IZA Hockey 33 34 Leaders 3-I RECO HARRY A BERCHTOLD 5900 Tullp Street Saint Henry s Industrial BETTY MAY BERRY 7I63 Charles Street Dlsston Commercial Commercial Club IZB Christ mas Commlttee IZA House and Grounds IZB Glrls Baseball 34 Volleyball 37 35 WILLAM HENRY BERTOLET 1022 Fillmore Street Hardmg Academic Clrcle Twelve IZB Locker Com mlttee IZB Intersectxonal Basketball 32 3-I Intersectuonal Baseball 3 Vorsnty Baseball 36 Volley ball 35 Intersectlonal Football Numerals 36 lntersectlonal Soccer 33 35 CARL L BETSCH Foster Street Torresdale Betschy Wilson Academlc Study Hall Momtor IZA IZB Horror Book IOA IZB MILDRED C BILHARDT l303 Devereaux Street M IIIQ Wulson Home Economics Glee Club IZA Sock and Bus km IZB Study Hall Monltor IIA IZB Honor Book IZA ERE CARL BLOMBAUM 7924 Frankford Avenue Wilson Academic GRACE ANNA BLOOD 3213 Unruh Avenue Gracne Disston Commercial u w H Il Monitor IB Bank Representattve IIA IZB Hockey 52 Girls BasketbaII J VoIICybaII 34 Loaders 5 ELIZABETH K BLOOMFIELD 5624 Loretto Avenue Bette Wilson Home Economics Locker Commtttee tudent Board IIA Ushers Asso Cla lon A Re r scnTOTIVG IZA Q r s Baseball EVELYN F BOODLEY 2131 Granite Street Harding ta lub .J ocnation oom Monutor Honor Book, IOA IZB Glrs Baseball, Commercial B Cerrnan U A I BERENICE BOOTHROYD Arrott Arms Apartments Toots' Burlington N. J. Academic Vocal Ensemble, IZB, UN 9 DOROTHY ANN BORKOWSKA 26l0 E Allegheny Avenue Do St Adalbert s Commercial aommerctol Club A Btologx CMD B EDWARD LOU BOSWELL llll Arrott Street Louey Harding o mercial Cornrnerci Cnrtstrnas C IZA Locker Commtttee Study Hall Mon I or 33 36 Intersectuonal Q3 35 Intersectlonal a 53 EAN ELIZABETH BOUTILIER 4239 Tackawanll Street Harding Comm Cornmercta Club I2 en Art Cru A I ta R or er op dltor Asstgnm Edu or IZB Dance o n A House an IZB Honor Book A rac 5 Gtrls BasketboII I B scbaII ORA BOWLER 5411 Discher Street ulllvan Academic Qentor tx e e IZB German u IZB Trnangle u Turnbltng Club ICB ICQ Prundcnt IZB Executlve Commut tee IZB Christmas Cornmrttee IOA Student Board OA u y HaII M nltor ZA A Rcpresontatue, 9B, Honor Book, IIIA- B Loaders, 35, ' ALICE BOYD 7603 Torresdale Avenue Disston Academic Btatogx Club, IOA, IOB, Student Board, IZA, Book Room Monttor, IZB, I-Itgnnay Representative, IIA, CtrIs BoscbaII, '34, JUNE, 1936 JAMES R. BRADLEY 5339 Hedge Street Harding Vocational Art MAE MARIE BRAUN 1000 E Wakelmg Street Braurrre Harding mmerclal Carrtmercra n At IIA Swrmmrrt Cu A erman lub IA IZB Locker Committee 12A 2 A A Representative Homo ook IOA B 3 Hoc ev Grris BasketbaII 34 36 Girls BasebaII 3-1 36 VolleybaII 36 Lcaders 34 Numeras ALFR MAIER ell Street Kutdt u Mechanic Arts Bok IIA B ALBERT HARRY BRENNER 6554 Hegermon Street Dlsston Mechanic Arts ttdcat Board I 1'ttersecttonaI Track 5 tersecttartal BasebaII Iritrrsectrortal Footba'I 3-I UyHfV.u1-f, AGNES MAY BRETT 5117 Hawthorne Street Nzss Harding Commercial I'1'I'V I H Sf ad Cramdsf- H, rack CI l I Thirty frve THE RECORD GERTRUDE M. BROOMHEAD 5829 Jackson Street ,QQ HF ,, Sullivan Commercial Hqhse arc Fratmcfs, IZB, High- tua-. Taft, 'IB Tract, '3 L ders, '35, ' 6 EVERETT R BROWN JR 1233 Bridge Street St Peters Academic ICA IIA Bart Xarrtp Club 9A OA ng-6-+alsr.J.QA IOB Radio I Voca7NSnsembIe OB IZB IIA B Se tor M r I lttee B Studmt Board 2B Ushers ssoctatr rw y Hall omtor IZB Chas 'TIOfIOi Prtzc I 3 Horror IRA IZB ox tml Tsarr W1LLIAM A BROWN 6755 Glenlach Street Batt Dlsston Mechanic Arts Aera C tt: A IIA Ertgm LI E A A Represertta t xe A JACK A BROWNE Carl Mockley Apartments Reds Hopkinson Industrial E wer rt nb IA Chrr 'was Ccrfmtttr IIA Locker Com rm tcc ttdertt Board ItA Representative QA rr frsectro r 2 tcrsccttoraI BasretbaII 32 vars B s rt 13 36 Second Baskrtba Irttersectrortal Bascbal -I Varsity asc rra 0 etbaIl 32 rs C Foo a a f a 1 36 Irrte-rsectrortaI FCC! ETHEL BROXMEYER 5301 Frankford Avenue Sullivan Academic 'B IZB Cer Fra C Hi4l'tva 6 ports d or B C strras Comm ee I-o Sf r s r-trftor Bork A B Home f'trIs Basket F c a E REC UN 936 .pr N HENRY J BRUSCA 103 Loney Street Flushrng N Y Academic arslty Baseball 5 6 fo Ieyball 35 THOMAS PAUL BUCHER 3895 Glendale Street Hopkinson Commercral Bank Representatlve 9A HIQII I v Staff ILA IIB Irwtersectnonal Baseball 32 MILDRED Y UCKMAN IZI-8 tt Street ' Harding ommerclul Comme al G-I IZA ock ana IZB Chrxstm I oe IIA Honor ook If fX B LINDA WARING BURGER 3411 Tudor Street Dusston Commerclal Commerclal Club IZA Glrls Basketball 33 WILLIAM D BUSCHMEIER 852 Granlte Street Wilson Commercial lntersectlonal Basketba I lntersectlonal Baseball 32 34 Intersectlar1aIFoatbaIl 3 u merals 35 Thirty-six DOROTHY MAE CAMPBELL 3401 Fnendshup Street O Drsston Academic Bloloax Club IFA IOB German Club ICB IZB Chrnstmas Com :tee O A A Re sen atlve 9A ICB House and Grounds IOB IZB Honor Book IOA IZB Irs Basketball 33 fo ev all MYRTLE CAMPBELL 4129 Orchard Street Myrt Hardlng Commercual Cerman Club IVIB IZB I-louse and Grotras IZA DENIS JOSEPH CAWLEY 2062 E Atlantic Street Northeast Academic ack and Buskm IZB lwtersectlonal Basketbal 35 o QXDO I FLORENCE G CHANT 875 Brlll Street Floss Woodbury N J Commercual I-llghvtay Representative 'I lrack 3 I-loc ex Ir s asketball 35 r Baseball 36 Vol eyball 35 FLORENCE MAE CHILTON 6609 Dlttman Street F oss Dlsston Commercual Commerclal Club IZA Studv a Mamtar IZB House an Grounds IIA Honor Book IOA JUNE, I936 THE RECORD VICTORIA F. CHIRIACO 4212 Cottman Street "Vickie" Disston Commercial Commercial C'ub, IZA, IZB, Pen Art Club, IOB, Photoarapht Com- mittee, IZB, Christmas Commit- tee, ICA-IZA Student Board, IZA, U hers Association IZA ook Room Monitor IZB Ban Representative IO IIA Honor Bpoc IOA IZA ww A ETHEL MAE CHRISTOPHER 5037 Tacony Street Duke Harding mercral Vocal Ensemble IZA Studv Hal Monvtor IZA Bank Reore n IGTWQ IOA IIB r flraoers LOIS A CLARKE I6S5 Conklin Street Shrimp Harding Music Cee Club IOB Llterarx Club IZA IZB Vocal Ensemb e IIB Chrlstmas Committee A I-lonor Book IOB IZA MILDRED E CLAWGES thorne Street Ha ding mmerclal ommerclal C'ub Fen Art Club IOB rman Club IIB IZB Christmas Committee IIA A Book Room Monitor IZA IZB Honor Book ICA IZB Grs Basketball 35 Vollcxbal WILLIAM B CLEMENS 1413 E Cheltenham Avenue Colonel Winter Haven Fla Academic Bio ogy Club IIA Ye Monks mp Club Dance Committee IZB Locker ornrrittee IIB IZB I , a onitor I B Librar on i or IB House and Cro n s A Intcrsectional Basketbal n crsectionol Basebal 3-I Inter scctional Football 3-1 Second Football 33 Thirty seven ALBERTA MAY COLEBAUGH 4837 Melrose Street Hem" Harding Commercial Christmas Committee, , I V Ha'l Monitor IA' a e Comrrittee IIA IRMA NANCY COLEMAN 6605 Ditman Street Irma Sullivan Acodemlc Honor B ok IIB A ROBERT SCOTT COLLINS 3426 St Vincent Street Nooney Disston Mechanic Arts Bovr ing Club IZB Ushers Asso ation Stu V a Mnitct IZA IZB A A Re e sentative IIB Highway 'iepresentatlve 9A IOB lntersectional Track tersectional Baseball 35 Varsity Baseball 34 36 Second Soccer 34 Varsity Soccer 35 lntersec ina Football 33 35 A 35 F 34 36 Intersectiona Bos etooll 3 35 CECIL G COMPTON 4730 Sheffield Avenue Herndon, Va Commercial Chess Club IZB Stamp Club ICB IZB Bank Representative IIB Highvray Business Stuff IIB IZB Assistant Advertising Man ager IZA Circulation Manager enior Hir ay Awar HFW ETHEL ARLENE MPTON ,-47 ef: d n a Comm rcral Commercial Club IZB Honor Book wA ICB Track 3-I 36 Girls Basketball 6 Girls Base all eaocrs J ERE LOUIS COOPER 5106 Frankford Avenue Hardnng Commercial Chess Club IIA IZB Mathe matucs Club IIB Chess Team 2 IZB Presudent IZB owl In ub IZ IZB Chec er Tournament Sprung 35 lntersectlanal Football S KATHRYN S CRABTREE 6622 Marsden Street as Dlsston Commercial Bank Reprosentatm CA Otymwbj JOHN M CRAIG 4722 Gnscom Street Jack Harding Commercial Clrcle Tvlelve IZA IZB Dance Commlttee IZA Trvp Committee IZA Christmas Commnttee IZA tuy Hall Monitor Hua way Edntorlal Staff IIB A BLANCHE DORIS CRAVEN 2133 Gramte Street est meld N J Academec wlmmlng Club A enlor Twelve 2 Llterarx ub I B IZ Hnkun, Cub Honor Book 9A IZB MATTHEW CRAWFORD 5319 Charles Street Matt Sulllvan Mechanlc Arts Aero Club 9A ICA Chrlstmas Committee 9A Studx Hall Mon :tor IZA A A Reoresentatlve 9B IZA Honor Book IIB IZA Track 33- 36g lntersectlanal ootball -35' Numer ls ' WFMWW r Thirty-eight UN 936 KENNETH GRANT CROMWELL 4617 Penn Street Hardmg Mechanlc Arts Frankford HI Y 35 6 ROBERT H CRUMP 1620 Church Street Wllson Industnal ELLEN M CUNLIFFE 1946 Ruan Street Hardung Academic Bnologv Club IIA German Club IIA IZB l-llklng Club IZA Honor B O ICA JOHN J CURRY 9602 Clark Street Curry Sulllvan Mechamc Arts Engnneerlng C ub IOB IZA Presndent Radio Club 9AIIB A A Representatlve IOB Hugh wa epresentatwe IOA lntersectlonal Baseball 9B IIB lmera onyx EVELYN RUTH DAENZ 2819 Ovenngton Street Hardung A'cademnc l-llghway Reporter IZA Alumnl Edutor 12B Library Monitor IIA rack 35 Hockey 4 Irs asketball 35 3 Glrls Baseball 35 36 Volleyball 3-I 36' Leaders 35, 36' Numcrals, , , ml' v I ln' m XJ UNE 9 WILLIAM ANTHO 2819 0 Stree Ba u Academrc mms Team if GEORGE DAMBRACKAS 5010 Tulip Street Harding Industrial Locker Commltlce IIB IZB Intersectuonal Baske tball Varsty Basketball 33 36 ond Basketball 32 lntersoctlorlal Baseball 33 Varslty Baseball V llevball 32 5 36 arsm soc er 3 35 Second Soccer lrwtersecrlonal Soccer 33 DOROTHY DANIELS 4557 Worth Street O Hardung Academlc Chrnstmas Cornmlttec I A A oc er Commuttee A u ent Board IIB Stud a Monitor IZA Llbrary Momtor IA Bank Representatlve IA I2 T ck 33 36 I-lockty 33 6 Glrls asketball 6 Gurls B seball 33 36 Volleyball 33 3 Leaders 33 36 Nllmerals uvfffvhu MARY F DAVIES 917 Sanger Street May Stetson Commercral Hofor Book IIB IZB rack 36 ockey ur as etoall Grrls Baseball Vo exball 3 4174 MARION DOLORES DAVIES 4741 Rrchmond Street Cl rlx Roosevelt Commercial r le Froncals IPA I A X dent Board IIA Book Room Camrruttee IPA IZB Bank Repro sentotrve IOA IIA A A Re serltatlve IZA Hzqhway Repre s ntame IB IZB Honor Book A rack 35 Hockew Lsrrs as erball 3-I 3 G r as-G oo , 3-1 Vollexball, , , Leaders, 35, Thlrty-nine E RECO RUTH S DAVIES 4703 Frankford Avenue Sporkw Hardmg Commercial orrmorclal Cllb IZA Lrterar Club IIB IZB Chrustrrras Commlttee IOA Ushers Assocla I I7A IZB Sfadw Hall M I IZA Honor Book I A ocku 3 Crrls Basket all Lrrs Base al 34 36 9+ mod: Bw Q0 WILLIAM DECASTRO 4634 Magee Street Drsston Mechanic Arts amp Club IFA IIA Honor B ok IOA I A ecard Football 35 Nmwerals VIOLET CAMILLA DEUTER SIZI Dlttman Street Harding Commercial student Board IIA Track 3 Vollewball Leaders 36 DOROTHY MAE DICK Torresdale Philadelphia o Wilson Academuc Track 36 Hocke Crrls Basketball Ir seball 35 3 V ewball 3 JD Leaders 35 ,v ROBERT WESTON DIXON 1739 Foulkrod Street L Hardrng Mechanic Arts A A Represemotrve IZA ERE HELEN DOMBROWSKI 4336 East Thompson Street John s Commercral Bonk ReprLsen1ot1vc IZB Honor Book IOA IZA Intersec1IonoI BQSI r Tbol' fo exba I EVELYN DONNARD 5451 Akron Street Wrlson Vocatlonal Art runs Tcn urnrn n C D I A I IB Photograph orn rnnttce WB Chmstmas Cornmwt ee I St rdf T Bc I r PAUL KENNETH DOWD 9331 Edmund Street Crlspen Industrial ROBERT F DRESSLER 5147 Saul Street Wilson Academrc Chess CIUIQ ICA IIB Orchestra IC Engnneenng CIUD IIB B RodIo C ob IBA IIA Mothema rcs o IIB IZB Chowrnon 12B Honor Book ICA IZB WALTER MARJAN DROZD 3150 Cedar Street Wolt Jones Academrc ess Club IIB Orches ro 2 VOCQI Ensernb Q IIB A Stu y H II Monwtor 12B Ban? R resentotuve IOB I-Iwghvtay Rep ese ctlve IB Honor oo crsuty BOSQDQII Assnstont noger 35 Monugcr 16 F rung 36 Forty UN 9 PHILIP M DRUMHELLER Kelvin Avenue Somerton PhI Overbrook Academrc ,ujfy we Mwff WILFRED F DUELFER 5723 Leonard Street Reds Sulllvan Mechanic Arts ork Ruprcsfntohvc IZB A Rcprcszrrome IUA Ir tersrctncnoI FootboII MARION E DUNGAN 5424 Saul Street Sullivan Commercral House on Inds IB WILLIAM M DUNN 6117 Edmund Street Sullivan lndustnal Inters.5cT1onuI FooTI3oII 3 WILLIAM DUTCHER 4215 Comly Street Drsston Mechamc Arts Hrghvtoy Representative IZA lntersccluonal Football JZ 34 JAMES WILLIAM DUTTERER 3208 Stonwood Street Crip n Academic Hwor book I B DONALD R EASTBURN 6052 Tockowonna Street Dar' Sullivan Band IOA Bl in e B lamb ICA IZB tr I Hal Represcrrtativ Hgh Rcpor r IZA Hghwa Nc All Phrlade pl-ra lah Scrvool Chorus ack 33 36 Gmv Team a eyball Lea ers A F A ELIZABETH MAE EMMETT 5806 Cottage Street Mac Sullivan Commercial Omrrlerclul C ID 7 my 7 I I-Ia Norrtor IZA HQ se L ra me :A B HAROLD EMMINGER 955 Fillmore Street Errrr' Ambler Pa Academic BETTY ERRICKSON 6620 Hegerman Street Disston Commercial '."r,r I T, 4- Q Forty-one E RECO DOROTHY KATHRYN ERTEL 4776 Melrose Street 0 Harding Commercial 0 rwercua C r Cl IJ IB Honor Bo Trcck 36 Cir S Basketball Crrls Baseball 6 BETTY M ETZRODT 75 Harrison Street Willson Comm rclal mrrler lol Cllb IZA C r rr'as Committee IVA I-lorlar Book A I cc I-Iockex rs Baske Dal THOMASJ ETZRODT JR 975 Harrison Street Tom Olney Academic Ye Monks IZA IZB President T den Board IZA Lia ar M all r A THOMAS R EVANS 3446 St Vincent Street Tom Disston Mechanic Arts ssl Club A ard I A Study Hal Mow or Barr Re rc-srrwtarrte ,hvay Reprsscnlalive QB teh Mfmorial Award IIA I-lorlor Book I ersecronar Basckball, , Q. ai, IC -I A LOUIS PETE FALINO 4908 Princeton Avenue Disston Commercial Rib, , Hyccl f- Q r, Bnsmfvss 6 a , - '2 , A srstarwf Clrciiatrra Man f ,Q-, , , I ,-na, -L S Anarci, HFW E RECO GEORGE JOHN FARACCHIO 3900 Arcodra Street Frfd Harding Indust ual Intersec1IorvoI f D Intersectxofwoi F TooI MILDRED E FEIL 5331 Oakland Street Mrdq Dlsston Commercia OI'I'1VT"LVCIU1 CI In 7 Locker Comrrwlief IVB Lwbrr M mtor I1B Hors and Grown 5 Honor ILA A Trock 13 35 Curls BoskcTooII Os no Leaders BETTY CLARA FELDMETH 8339 Walker Street Sullivan Commercial Simi nor B r ALICE T FERGUSON 3931 Bennington Street Hopkinson Commercial HousL ond Grounds IZB FRANCES T. FINNEGAN 2001 Bleigh Street ' Frorwnrew Resurrection Asddemic Llterors Club, - B, r- ongle 'CIub, IIA- , Chrastmos omrrutfde, , ousv Grou ds WA, Homo! Book ILA, Irlfk ZB aivuiifff' - -H.-A.-1-A' f' Forty - two UN 9 C ALBERTA FISCHER 1907 Fishers Avenue Homes Wilson Academic rcl Frorwcoxs IZA IZB I-lous on Crourwds IZA IZB Honor k IVA CARL WILBUR FISLER 1021 Pratt Stree Harding 5 cla Book Rrpr serv fA ERNEST GEORGE FISSEL 3363 Tyson Street Ermr Wilson Mechanic Arts VI. CI s rum ILA Locker Commwmr Boord ur wr or A A Re rt mr. rss mor-oI Bosketbml usrcfIonoI ootboII ooTboI I 3 DOROTHY S FLETCHER 9529 Bustleton Avenue O Wilson f ca emuc C ub Lrtororx Club u IZB Cerc Q moss I Studv HoII M mtor I B Ho or Book IOA EVA CATHERINE FLYNN 2109 East Loney Street "PeTIe" Wilson Academic V IUULJX C b, ' , IA, Scn wwe, , Lnterory u , , ZA, Mrcroscopo Club, IIA, Christ- mos Committee, IIA Honor Book, ,A. JUNE, 1936 .4 .w'N'l. MYRTLE M. FORREST 4703 Howell Street Sullivan Commercial Cornmvrclal Club, lZA, 12B, cm- Club, wx, lZB, Cmsxmos Commuttee, llB, Stldw Hall Mont- ANNA LOUISE FOSTER 3445 St Vincent Street Anne Disston Commercial Commerclal Club lZB Bl lo w llb WB 1-louse and Grounds rac 6 Vo ex a HORACE FOX 7115 Tulip Street L Disston Academic Track BERNICE R FRANKS 4636 Horrocks Street Bernle Harding Commercial anu COfT1l'Y1lllQt. IZA C rustmas Comrntttee l B lent Board llA 12B Honor Book Track 34 36 Hoc ew uvrls Basketball -l 36 urs Baseball 3-1 36 Vollexball L ad rs 4 WILLIAM HOWARD FREY 1218 Foulkrod Street W Harding Commercial onks ccr ar lrc r Titel e Treasbrer IZA 1 lnl r r astra r Corvrwttee Cha wan VB Board d Hall Mont + and Basketball 3 Te sec tonal Foatbal 4 A Forty three THE RECORD LOUIS RUSSELL FRITZ 4716 Vista Street "Luke" Disston Commercial Lagkwr Committee, IZB, Strat. Hall Monltor, 12A MORRIS J FRUMIN 4533 Frankford Avenue West Orange N J Academic ness lub lB 12B Stam C lb llA 12B German Clab l A l2A Mathematics Club 12A 12B Hltlmax Editorial Staff 11B IZB 1 wa Copy Reader 12B rar Monxtar A 12B Ban Rear sentatuve lZA Honor Book B JAMES ALOYSIUS GAFFNEY 7221 Dlttman Street Gaff Dlsston Commercial Ab B ANNA MAY GALLOWAY 2161 Kinsey Street Anne Harding Commercial ommerclal Clab 12B Chrnst nas Cowmvttee 11A Honor Book V K ETHEL ANN GEBAUER 7013 Marsden Street Disston merclal C rl as om l IA O r l A s a 7 6 Basket a 5 a 36 Leaders ERE KATHERINE GEHRES 2035 Haworth Street KntIy Harding Commercial Christmas Commxtloc I B T dent Board IFB Studx H I on C ck 32 14 36 Hoc Glrls Basobol' MARIE E GEIGER 4218 Stlrlmg Street Drsston Commercnal omrmrcwal Club amor vw vr' Ccrmarv II V10 Prrsxdcnt of Cermaa lb IIA Prosxdcnt of Gorman In B IZA Sensor Mormm Qfnmrwttu IZB Studw Hall Mom IZA Hehe Momornal Prnzc Honor Book IOA IZB Furs Basketball 3 Vo cxbaI L MABE ERHARDT o Street mrooklyn New York Academrc raclf nr s Baskc bo 6 DORIS VIRGINIA GLENN 1663 Bridge Street Sullivan Academic Umor Orchestra L Chrnstmas Corrvmlttee 9A Lrbrarx Momtor IZA House and Cro was ok JOHN JAMES GNIESCO 4166 Salem Street Horn Commercial at I Forty -four UN 9 GEORGE F GRAHAM 67I7 Frankford Avenue Dnsston Mechamc Arts A A Rcprosonlotwe IFA IOB Intorsocf orvaI Bask tboI Ivfcrsoctlonal Bascba 3 33 GENEVIEVE T GRAMIAK 4755 James Street Cvnn Hardmg Commgrqal rman CIIIIJ A IZB LH: LID IZA IZB Chrstms Com mn Tec omor Book fA ra 16 Valnx a JOSEPH WESLEY GRAUER 5222 Castor Road Harding Academlc ess C D IB Loc er Comrwttec IIB IrvTersQc1no'waI Track 6 Inter sec zonal BasketbaII 3 6 tersectlonal BaseboII Vo eybaII 3-I 36 Irftusectuormol tba I SARA E GRIFFITH ustleton Ave and Rhawn Street Sal I Wilson Academuc S lmmmg CIub ICA I B B 3 u x HaII omtor Book Room Committee I B IIA ckex FRANK C. GUALTIERE 7IOI Keystone Street "Hank Disston Commercial Honor Book, IOB-IZA. 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Commercial Comrnerool CII,.b, 2 , ef, "I I I Q-,IrrIrnIfI'1 OID, -I HI In 'I b, , HoI.sI rv' GroInr.s, IZB, Honor Book, IEQZII ERE WESTON HAMILTON IZZSV2 E Fletcher Street Penn Treaty H11 Honor Book WARREN G HAMILTON 4524 Mulberry Street Dnsston Commercial HI3hwoI Representotwe 9B A CHARLES HANGSTERFER 5412 Oakland Street Hqrdmg Mechanrc Arts wton nt Boord IZA HIQWIOI Rporesgntotwe IZB Irock 3-I 35 Second Boiket J' 6 Second Footbo I ,XC-N VIVIAN HARTER 5227 Castor venue VC! 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HOFFMANN 8229 Germantown Avenue "Marae" Germantown Academic iafagv Club Ag Llterarx Club IZA, IZB, Book Roorn Corn- ml ee, IZA IZB, Honor Book, Hockev 35 Glrls Basketball 36 lrs Baseball 33 6 Vo eyball 34 36 Leaders 33 36 Numerals 36 ROBERT C HOFFMAN 4358 Paul Street Harding Aca e IC s u l nology C b o ltt B Chrlstmos Co mltte ocker Commlt T B Representatlve Hlg entatlve MARY MARGARET HOLMES 4213 Barnett tree: I Sulllva Commercial erc u IZA Q u x an tor ELVA MARIE HOPWOOD 855 Anchor Street Hap wnson W Blology ICIUWW Pioneer Prospect 95 ffl Hlklng Club St llent Board IOB Cody nltpr lA '12 Library -M ltor IIB Bank Reoresenta l ve IZA Hlghwax Representatlve IIB Lea ers 34 5 GEORGE HORROCKS 3218 Fanshnwe Street Dnsston Commercial ern Club ICA senler Vlornlng Carnrnlttee IZB Hlgb wa Reoresentatlve IZB Varslty Tennls 35 6 Forty seven THE RECORD zuzAnz'rH R. HUGHES 6214 Torresdole Avenue 'Bettxu Sullivan Commercial Cnrlslmas Comrnlttee, QA, House on Grounds IZA IZB Honor Book 9B Glrls Baseball 32 ZMAMMQ HN CHARLES HUGHES 945 Foulkrod Street Dlsston Academlc lrc e Twelve IZB Locker Committee IIB IZB Study HOI mtor IIA lntersectlonal Track 33 Sec ond Basketball 33 34 Varsl v Basketball 3-I 36 lntersectlonal Baseball 35 Volleyball 34 Sec ond Soccer 33 Vorsltl. Soccer umerols 35 A F WILLIAM F HUTCHISON 6765 Vandyke Street Hutch Mechansc Arts nsemble Locker Com ml ee IZA IZB All Hugh 0 lntersectlonal Football 33 JOSEPH L IAVECCHIA 7052 Frankford Avenue oe Dlsston Commercial Vocal Ensemble IZB Locker Cornmlttee IZB Honor Book IZB lntersectlonal Basketball Narsn Basketball 34 36 ar sm Baseball 35 36 Volleyba Cecond Soccer 34 Varslty X Cer 5 Nurnerals 33 A ALBERT DOMINIC IGGI 1146 East Sedgley Avenue Hopkmson Academic l nr Board ICB IIA A Reoresentotlve IIB Track 33 Nurnerals QQ, THE RECORD EMMA ROZELIA JACKSON 7128 Hegerman Street "Doll" Disston Commercial Glee Club, 9B-IOB, Christmas Club, IGB. Volleyball, '33, '34 FLORENCE ELLEN JANN 1914 Haworth Street Harding Commercial Txolng Award 12A Honor Book f,.ma+-'ff' f I f' CALVlN H JEFFERIES 4435 Paul Street e Harding Commercial , MG Reporter H1 lorla fl r CLAIR WILSON JOBSON 1870 Haworth Street Jobs Harding Mechanic Arts rcrosfooe Club Roca Ensemble :ZS T k rac 6 X J, J-f-'C' MAXWELL S JOFFE 5549 Loretto Avenue Tilden Mechanic Arts Record Book Cornmnttee l2l3 Locker Cornmlttee C' u x Hall Monltor IIA 213 Representative IOA 12A Honor Book lCA 1713 Track 35 lntersectlonal Track 33 36 Int rsectlonal Basketbal 33 35 Intersectlonal Bosebol 36 o eyball 3 ersectlonal Soccer 3 35 ersecllonol F o 0 t b all 33 Nurnerals 35 Ba eballl F lntersectlonal Manager 913 lZB Forty eight JUNE, 1936 EDNA JONES 1836 Pear Street ,Edu Harding Music Glce Club, IOB, llA, Vocal En- semble, lOA-12B, Christmas Com- mlttee, IOA-11A, Honor Book, FLORENCE JONES 6012 Keystone Street Floss Sullivan Commercial 1 oat Club lOA 1013 Ba Reoresentatue A lc N rxeoresantatuve 9B House Cromds 12B Honor Book 'YU WWW 6 ROBERT JONES 1836 Pear Street Harding Academic Chess Club 1lA 1lB Vocal E sornble 12A l-lonor Book IVA lZA 413 lntorsec larval Baseball 3 .J-lfv JOHN RAYMOND .lUDD 7513 Torresdale Avenut Doc Bensalem Academic Chess Club 11B Sock and Bus 10 Sensor Morrun, Carrynltqee 2B A Plav Cas l2B Coocn Cbrlstrnas Cornmut tee 12A Student Board 9A11A Ban Representotlve 12A 128 Honor Book 12B Track 35 VIVIAN CLARICE JUDD 4413 Richmond Street V v Harding Academic ess Cllb Glee u 7 Svtlrnrnlng Cub 11A A 'lrnangle Club 1lA12B Stu nt Boord IOA tudx HOII Monitor 7 House and Grounds 1 IB lZA Honor Book lOA UN 9 MMM ROBERT JUDELSOHN 1359 Sellers Street Hardlng Academlc EDWIN J JUSCZAK 2147 Wakelmg Street Hardrng Mechanuc Arts Cxrcle Twelve IZA IZB Locker Commuttee IIB IZB Ushers As soclotuon IZA A A Representa lye IOA Honor Book IOA Varsuty Basketball 35 36 Sec ond Basketball 35 Varsuty Bo eball 35 36 Volleyball 3-I Vorslty Soccer 35 Second Soc 4 rnerals 33 A 36 34 fxwjlwff-fx WILLIAM H KAUFMAN 9I8 Granite Street Wulson Commercnal Bank Representatlye ICA A Representatnve B Honor Book IZA Intersectuonal Basketball 35 lntersectlonal Baseball 3-I Vol ey ball -I Numero 5 ALBER Academlc OCC Ensemble 9A IZB O ,onlst IIA IZB Chrnstrnas Corn rnlttee 9A Study Hall Monutor Honor Book I A LAURA KEBER 3242 Wellington Street Abrngton, Pa Academnc S Imrnlng Club IIA IZA DO k and Buskln IZB Chrustmos Corn mlttee IZA Study Hall Monxtor IZA Llbror Monltor IZA Hocke, 33 Interszctuanal Bas ketball 33 Ji? """"ll' .nw Forty nlne E RECO JANET ELIZABETH KEOUGH 1228 Van Klrk Street an Wnlson Commercial Honor Boo IOA IZB E ESTELLE KERN 6309 Dlttman Street Sullivan Academic Blolog Club ICA Swlmrnlng u Z German Club Llterary Club IZB Hnkung Club IZA IZB House and Grounds IZB Honor Book IOA IZB CARL KESER 1735 Loney Street Tad Wilson Commercial lv ters ctnonal Baseball 3 -I arsl x oseball 3 In er IO a oo 3 V17 VO S A FRANK GEORGE KEVRA 5434 Large Street Brush HI ad Duryea Pa Academic ub Z ocker Comrnuttee IZA Cubs Club IZA Hlrghwax Reporter IZA Cubs Club Instructor IZA Honor Book IZB Qoecnol Feature Edlto Hu ghvyay IZB 'rack 0 Cer HAZEL M KNIGHT 5705 Torresdale Avenue Haze ' Sulllvan Acodemlc f c lub, Hlklng IZA IZB Study Hall on vor IIB IZA Book Room on I r IIB IZB A A Representa f vA VA House and Grounds IIA IIB Honor Book ICB IZB T ack 35 36, Hockey 33 '35, Gxrls Basketball 35 36 Girls Basketball 34 '36 Volleyball, 3: JD Numerals, 35 F, '36 RE WAYNE E KOEHLER 4838 Frankford Avenue Shamokm Pa Academic ovtma Club 7 tadent Board IZA IZB MILDRED E KOHLER 5723 Vandyke Street M Sullivan Academic ee C lib O IZB Cercle Francais ICA IOB Vocal Ensem ble IIA IZB Christmas Commit tee IOB IIB Student Board QA Stud a om or Banl Reoresentatlxe ICB 2B Honor Book IOA Ctr s Baslcetba I JEANETTE KOMENARSKY 5425 Horracks Street an Hardmg Home Economics ss C ltr Cao IIA Cerm n C IJ ome Economics C ab I B Ushers Assocuatuor PB B ok Roorr Monitor A A Reorosemame C I-Ilahwax Representatmc A House and " mds I B IZB A sembl IZB Honor 00 IO I B ockex Crrs Bas e a 5 Gifs Base a Vo mba I EDMUND CARL KORNFELD 5036 Homestead Street Yarns: Sullivan Mechanic Arts C rn tn as Comm ttzc A slurs ssocuatuan 7A Honor Book IFA IZB Vzw-1' '7C' WILLIAM J. KOTSCH JR. 4408 Benner Street "Krallt" Sullivan Academic Dance Committee, IZB, Student oard, I. 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I ont Boord, IIA-IZB, Ho, Q- ond Grounds, IIB rock, '34, fo Ie, I, -wmgw Fifty- wo UN 9 PEGGY E MALLON 8090 Faurvrew Avenue I e St Bartholomew s ommercral nrmst cs Corn A brcr onw or B House OV' VF' IU 34 VoIIox 0 ALICE M MARCINKOWSKA 4468 Richmond Street St Johns Commercnal I r Comm IVA Honor olf A S cskr'TImI fl VIRGINIA G MARSHALL 2047 E Paclflc Street Gmoer Jones Commercial I IZA Drornotwf QA QB Crnstrnos Cornrnrt '7 I C oar Bunk Roprcsfntotwe IZB Housr ond frounds MB ruff fo nw o CHARLOTTE MAY MARTIN Fillmore Street Loft Hardmg Academlc VUVTT n ru Cub IZB Mwcroscooo Club u HQI Monrtor IZB a I IDA ELIZABETH MARTIN 4783 Richmond Street " lggglof' Harding Commercial -, M nn or, , , , Bank Reprosentotrxe, IOB-IEA Track, '33. UN 9 DOROTHY G MARUGG 4235 Vnsto Streeet o Overbrook Academic Hkung Club lZB Honor Book OA IPB M2611 REGINA MATELA 275l Orthodox Street Jean Hardmg Academic see Club l B Hlklnq u Study Hall Monltor Lnncheon Authority IOB llA Glrls Basketball 35 ELIZABETH ANNA MAY 5035 Hawthorne Street Harding Commercial Cornmerclal Club IZA B Swimming Club l li German Club lOA llA IZB Hlklnq Club IQA Bank Representatlye l2A A A Representatlye lOA way Representative Honor Book lOA lZA Hockey A Intersectlonal aeball IB eyball LOIS PEGGY McARTHU 2 9 Blelgh t Wulson Academic Bnobq lCB e u'b WI erary Club rlangle Club rl ornmlttee lZB Student Board llB Hono Bo lc lOA Leaders 36 ALLEN McCLAY 7lS0 Glllesple Street rsh Dlsston Mechonnc Arts Chrlstmas Cornrnlttee llA A A Representative 9B Track 32 lnterscctlonal Foot a 33 Numerals 3 Flfty three E RECO HARRY McCONNELL 5014 Jackso Streidvvyx, 1,4 ar m l Academlc gt Club A lntfrse tlonal Basketball lntersectlonal Baseball 35 Num fr s HORACE McCURDY 6256 Montague Street Mac DISSPOII Mechanrc Arts Vocal Ensemble 9B IZA Lock er Commlttee lZB JOHN J McLAUGHLlN 1865 Welsh Road Muck Wulson Academrc C ess Club llA lZB Biology Club lCA Starnp Club lOA llB Chrlstmas Commlttee lOA llA Locker Committee llA Sudy Hall Monltor l2A Library Mon: llA lntersectlonal Basketball Volleyball 33 34 lntersectlonal Baseball 3-l F N-1.4 FRANCES L McLlNTOCK l6Z8 E Lewis Street Sulhvon Academrc Brology Club lOA lOB Chnst mas Cor-nrruttee llA Bank Rep resentatlve 9 House and Grounds WA IZB Student Board LAURA M MCLINTOCK 1628 E Lewis Street SUHIVOII Academic Bloogy Club lOA IOB Christ mas Comrnlttee 9A House and Grounds lOA lZB Hnghway Rep resentatlve 9A 9B l2A REC RUTH MIMILLAN nner Street INMCIX x Sulln Acudemlc O 0 fre Motu I-IO JOHN McMORDlE 4619 Benner Street Mac Sulllvan Mechanrc Arts wcss I I IW IO 0 7A Yr II? 7 CMC f 7 O htstro I ps Intent CIIOYWOI Boskefb0II w Irscctnom Baseball U enms 6 uncumg Intersec vo I of w New x Foo U WILLIAM T MEISSNER 1625 Bnll Street Sullivan Industrial MARY L MELLING 4927 Duttleld Street Harding Academic Om CMD amor Morning Commmttee IVB udx H Momtor IZB A A Re L S 1 otwe I B Le ders 6 WILLIAM M MELLOR 4339 Paul Stret Me Harding Commercial s Assocuotuofv IZA Book F I 7B Honor O IOA B Putty four UNE 9 GEORGE EDWARD METZ 4527 Von Klrk Street St Bartholomew s Industrrol I C D 'JA Sluclemt Boar Imvxoy RLprosCnIo1Iwe ICA Track 35 Intersoctxorwol IFOCV aa IPICFSICIIOWGI FOOIDUII 3 FELIX H MICHATOWSKI 2603 E Venango Street Wrlmlngton Del Mechanlc Arts WVIISI BERNICE MILLAR 1327 E Arrdrle Street Btrmx Hopkunson Commercial 0 mmrmr1I C nb IZA Voco s '11 I B Bank Robr sentc 7A GERTRUDE D MILLER 5906 Alma Street Cort Wllson Commercial OPI7 0rCl0I III IZA Borvk ebmfntctlu A RITA MILLER 4401 Rlchmond Street ce Conshohocken Pa Acodemlc ee Club IZB Hnkmg I2B XOCQI Ensemble IZB S Ldy H Momtor ZB ML.. UNE MYRTLE LOUISE MILLS 4712 Knorr Street Mertsle Dlsston ommercial C rnrrtrcron CI b IZA Bo , VB A A Ropre n otve 9A Honor Book IIB B L IJOII ELSIE E MONTGOMERY 1533 Deal Street Harding Commercial rory M o n I to IB Honor Book IOA IZB IV S osketboll 5-I 6 Bosoboll 35 EDNA M MOORE 5220 Saul Street Dlsston Commercial Commerclol Club IZA Swim rnno Club ICA IOB IZB Honor Book ILA IZB ockax 33 35 Gvrls Bos el Q 6 Grrls Boseboll Vo"exboIl 33 34 Leo ers 6 ornerols Chorrn 35 MARGERY MOSS 4634 Pilling Street "lone" Friends Select Academic I 'ogy Club IOA, C , Liter- O Club IIB-IZB, Donce om- rnurtee, IZB, Cnrus mos Cornmvte tee CPA, Honor Book IOA- A, Hnklng Club, IZB Trork 32, '36, Girls Bosebo, 34-'36, Top Doncino, '5' M RY H. MOSS 46 Pilling Street , Friends Select A ACGUGNIC ,009 Q, ITCFOVN Club, - 'B, In u , ILA, .rn- ang Cub, 9A-ICB, Clwrrsrrnos COVUITIITTCQ, BBAICA, Honor Book, ICA-IIB Tmckl '34, '35, Grrls Boseboll, '55, '36, Leaders, 34- 36, TCD Dovcnng, '3-1. Fifty-flve E REC EDITH DORIS MOULSON 4727 Lelper Street Glrls High Academic 1 or xc JP Z t dent ogr A Honor Book IZB S 96,641 EDNA IRENE MOYER 4513 McKinley Street Sullivan Home Economics G ee C Lb OB Horne Econorn In IOA IOB Cnrlstmos Committee IIB Bonk Represen ronve IIB I-louse ond Grounds I IA A Orr 5 Bcslfe tbull 33 MILDRED JANE MOYER 1433 Erie Avenue Mow Wilson Academic C IZB Honor oo loo Dnrmoq ELIZABETH DOLORES MUSITANO 1328 Harrison Street "Bott," VDFG Academic Cnrrstmos Committee, QA, ICA IIA, IZA, Ushers Assocrotion, IZA' 5 x.d. Holl Monitor, v0IIeI,bQ1', f , f' ELMER FRA-NCIS MYERS Bustleton Ave. and Unruh Sr, Wilson Industrial E RE UN 9 JOHN JOSEPH NAGLE 903 Anchor Street Saint Martin s Academic Jrmor Orchestra QA Orchcs rrO 9B A JOHN JOHNSON NEEDHAM 4815 Roosevelt Boulevard Jungle Harding Academic Y Monks IIB IZB Bond I A NGVSIT5 Trrwms 6 MARTHA JANE NICHOLL 8132 Elberon Avenue Mor x Wllson Academic Io Ogx Club IIA Qvlxmmm C C r Fr rw ous In ll IB H. ELIZABETH NICHOLS 1220 Harrison Street HBGTTV . Wilson Blology Club, W Emm- rw ng Club.: CB, Twelve, IZB Trlongl Club, IB-l2B, er- r roncon9FlD ecror, IIB, N -- r side T 11254, 2 , Latin I , - j PFOSICIPIWTI , cu- Prvsidmt IZB, once Commnttm, H Irs Basketball, '35 0 luboll MILDRED M. NIELD 1655 Meadow Street 'M Hafdlng Commercial Honor ok, ICA- , Flfly- X GERARD E NOBLE 1631 Wakellng Street Harding Academic I O9 Club A I B MI Dt C b IWB Vo Ensemble RAYMOND OCZKOWSKI 4361 Josephine Street GY Harding Academic In Clrb n crsfcfwonol Track 4 Iorersecrlonol Basketball Nolcxbol ROBERT ODENING 1741 Bridge Street Sullivan Industrial ond Aero lub WILLIAM CADY OGDEN 1916 Murray Street Wilson Academic ummotlcs Club, IZA, - I-loner Book, IZB AUSTIN OGRADY 5336 Sylvester Street ew York N. Y. I- Aca ' JUNE, l936 WILLIAM A CAMPBELL 2808 Rrchmond Street Collingswood N J Acodemlc RAYMOND J MCCAFFREY 2825 Gaul Street Mac St Annes Commercnol Student Board IOA IIA Bank Representative IOB ntersectlorval Baseball 32 33 Vollexbal 33 Second Football 32 34 EDWIN OLENDROWICZ 4491 Llvlngston Street Lundy ordmg Acodemnc Honor Book IOA Asslstant Manaaer of Soccer H JANE ORFE 208 Sheffield Avenue Betty Crrspl V c I Ar Jian ce Pre-sl Ser n IOA erman Club T raphlc Cket 2A Cnrustmas t e IA wa Cortoo s Honor Book B Commlttee X805 tall 5 Glrls ass FRANCINE PARIS IZI4 West Rockland Street an Sullnvon Academic Cr lstmas Commlttee A OckerCommuttee IZB tam Hall 'vlonxtor l7B Bank Reprfscntatwe lf s Baseball ,,-,,,-v" Fl rt fseven THE RECORD BETTY PARRY 2507 East Combrlo Street Northeast Md Acodemlc KEITH G PARTHEMORE l330 Orthodox Street as Hamsburg P Acodemnc Locker Commnttee IZB Stu cent Board IOA St dx Hall Mon: to A Intersectuonal Football 33 35 LEONA R PASSMORE llll Dyre Street QQ Wulson Acodemuc Swlmmlng Club IOA Cerclc rancals 2 IZB Chrlstmas Commlttee IOA Bank Representa tlve IOB IZA Honor Book IIB Track 33 36 Hockey 32 35 Curls Basketball 32 Girls ase oa 36 Volleyball 32 35 Leaders 33 Danclng 33 Cage Ball 33 Tap Danclng 33 Num r s MILDRED K PATTERSON 4246 Romain Street M HIE Wilson Commerclol Studx Hall Monitor IZA A A Representative l IA Track Hockey urs Basketball 35 lrs Baseball 35 36 Gym Team 35 o eyboll 35 Leaders 34 Tao Dancnng 34 Namerals 36 Cvm Qcholarshnp 33 RUTH ELEANOR PELTZ 4341 Benner Str Rep Sullnvon Acq emrc Vocal Ense Tumbling Ll t Mont or IZB Bank pr entatuve 9 IIB House an rounds lVA Dan 4 33 RE LOIS PIERCE RUHLAND 3214 Fuller Street Crrspm Home Economics H If f I WILLIAM A PILTZ 6227 Mershon Street Sulluvan Mechanlc Arts fest fl II' Mercer A Bo -4 pC MARGARET E PLATH 5330 Lesher Street V Sullivan Commercial DOROTHY JANE POLHAMUS 7644 Loretta Avenue Wnlson Academic IB BN B Lcaners EDWARD WALTER POTOK 2726 East Clearfield Street B Itch Jones Academrc IIII I. Su L IZB Wwe rtx erglwt U 9 JEAN D POTTER 6932 Dlttman Street Hamllton Academuc UV sr ' A It I L uf' T J Dam MADELEINE RITA POWERS I823 East Hartel Street Wulson Academic v rrsfrwri C one J Q PA CARRIE PRICE I202 Umty Street Hardmg Commercral r BI ok JEAN E RADBILL I3Ol Fillmore Street B In Overbrook Commercial I om Ervs mbr Corrfw I A M Ixtor I7 mflf 36 Cwrs BOS Q rms Baseball 1 NOR E RANGNO erkshlre Street N ckl Hardin-1 Commercual e wr UICLS WB F K D C I I Is r s IIB IZB an 54 35 Urs Basker III I 10 Cwrls Boieboll S, I I rl rx XI J UNE 9 HARRY W RAUPP 984 Anchor Street Wilson Mechanic Arts C If is C Ixforwwtotwf A HI 1h no meoresmtotuve B I-Iomr oc CA Intuscctuorwol BoskctboII o QxboII ETHEL MAY REMENTER 7028 Dltmun Street lsston Commercial IZA Christmas om IKIA Bonk Repmsc-'vtotwe IPA Hwlhvvoy Representotw Q IPA I-Io I A oak ZA Cwrs BGSUUQII CHARLES REUTER 2037 East Castor Avenue Harding Industrial Q NAa4vz's4! Q.- GEORGE P ROBERTS Fitler and wISSlr?fi'III1g Wntsonf is K Academic DONALD W. ROBINSON 4319 Rhawn Street Crispin Academic BO'a.'Irjg Club, IZA., IQB, itofi, HCII Momtor, IZA, IZB Freshman Cross Cowfr, 'aI I"I7i?fSi'CTvO'IOI Footbo I, '35 Fatty-mine E RECO fab HELEN ELIZABETH ROOTH 989 Pratt Street Wilson Commercial word V s ost bo I C1 Q B S IJQII cIeyJoII RUTH BETTY ROSENBERG 4820 Summerdale Avenue Grntz Academic P CI Ib IZB GIQQ Club Qrmovw CILIJ IZB Sock cmd Bus I B Chrustmos Comrmttee A s Y o om or IZB Book Room Commrttee IZB Bonn Peprmcntotwvo IB od Aor It IK I O Irs osftuoll so modus CII SIDNEY W RUTHERFORD 4707 Penn Street Doylestown P Commercial Em: m L 2 Ll for I or H mor oo 'X MICHAEL SABATINO 4917 Princeton Avenue hmch Disston Mechanic Arts JACK SACKS North Tenth Street Harding Academic Hofwr Book, I A J RECO KATHRYN M SAUER 1202 Van Kirk Street Lawton Commercial ANNA MARY SAVAGE 4646 Horrocks Street Non Harding Commercial GENEVA E SCHAEFER 4226 Fairlull Street ec Dlsston Academic rl cs omm I A :S Ci T 7 K ru xc QB B I B Truce 5 I-Im 1 s as fl FRANK B SCHLENZIG 5214 Oakland Street MLN, I Disstok cman Ar s , '1- I , HTHQI. Ra-prfscarot li ' - A A erzctionol Baseball, WA, , 1 A, ' .Hmm io 1 Qc' ,U 1 , frat f 1 emo ' 'ilxckviiffv V HELENE M. SCI-WFIELD 923 Marcello Street "Worr, Hopkinson Academic C .S CI., 23 :X 'Q - Lmerar' W, 2 , 1:- ' . Bi. wi , .Cao ns WD' . - , A lox Cast, , ,P ,of , L L: K - sg otixs, . X, - , ook, - - i s Basbrxn , L Q .I , Sk, CI'I', 'fyl 3' I U' ,- UNE 9 WILLIAM L SCHOFIELD 4429 Grlscom Street Harding Jr Hugh Industrial LILLIAN MARIE SCHWAR 4844 Unruh Street West Catholic Commercial JOSEPH SCHWARZMAN 4435 Frankford Avenue Harding Academic romp Cub A Ce f r S1orrD C Lb B Dr romp C D IB Do rip Corrrr' IIKF Trip in me 7 dont Board I w VLSLV' T Bc A HCV srsac O Sixty Intcfrwc Q CI vmruls WINFIELD D. SCOTT I969 Haworth Street Hardin ' Commercial VIRGINIA E. SCRIVENER 2331 Rhawn Street Sullivan Academic em' . Cm. f "5 T- fn, - - , Q 11 ,I IQ LT: I C1 I A A I :ir Cass mem? . L , l".Ar oe , IA- , M JUNE, 1936 ELINORE CHRISTINE SEIZ 4605 Comly Street HH, Sullivan Academic ., f'i,.i, we KATHERINE R SENATORE 2000 Orthodox Street 1 Harding Commercial FRANCES M SESSOMS 3322 Brighton Street Drsston Commercial CHARLES B SHALLCROSS lZ34 Allengrove Street Harding Commercial JSP S EPPARD Street Hard ng Mechanic Arts iv f rf 'key-19, YW-c -: THE RECORD ifimf SYDNEY SHER l727 Bridge Street Sullivan Academic 'fwwx Cl ill, ll A-l H3 H0"?r if il-I WH-l2l3, Mfxllmrmil T852 .T LUN lfli Clwss lwfim, l A-VB lot-irsrcviorifil Truck, '55 latin X, 1' GS wlbull, 'Sv if J'- JOSEPH C SHERWOOD 3451 Brighton Street Disston Academic L B D gjjfr thu rriwarw I-24' si 'XX A R Qu ci nr i 1 A v Bas in Cl S ABEL D SH ERWOOD d Street Sullivan xk.CQ1nmercial ... of' I ELIZABETH M SHIELDS IIO West Dauphin Street B + Che ter Pa Commercial r T i ELIZABETH DELORIS SHUNK 4120 Howell Street Sullivan Academic 3 r S1 Ho ERE ELFRIEDA M SICKEROTT 4309 Hugbee Street Sullivan Academic Cermorw C uh l7A PB J WILLIAM SIEFERT 1812 East Rhawn Street Sarwdx pson Academic foco Ensrmblr C Is Us Commwttcc IPA A A Ru, cmatvc A H gtmot Rc servlet xc Varswt BUSODOH MARY E SIMMLER 7341 Central Avenue Cheltenhan Pa Commercial Corvmc rclal Club l2B Cm Gent Board IZA Ho Asc and Cru ads IIB Honor Book B EDWARD J SKLODOWSKI 4713 Malnor Street Le I Hardmg Industrial Honor Book ICA 12B ALBERT E SMITH 5129 Akron Street Hardmg Academic Pioneer Prosp clors 12B M cro scope Club IOB Lnbrorx Moo tor IZB Honor Book IZB Sixty wo UNE 9 DOROTHY LOUISE SMITH 5814 Hegerman Street o Sullnvan Commerclal GEORGE SMITH 1720 Glllmgham Street Hardmg Industrval "' Z V' PERYL E SMITH 1686 Fillmore Street VC I Hardmg Academuc I mg Club ZA Tack 34 36 Hockey 34 6 rls Bosketbal 36 Irs cool' 34 Voleva Leaders 6 Namerals 36 G EDWARD SOLLEY 3039 Valley Street Hardmg Academic Blologx Club lCA ICB Vocal nsembe lB 2 Sxmphony Club IIB Hlghvwm Represervto IE IZA ADOLPH ALBERT SPOKAS 2250 Pratt Street pokes Hardmg Academic RAYMOND E STEELE 7150 Cottage Street at Drsston Mechamc Arts EDITH IRENE STEWART 844 Scattergood Street Lower Moreland Pa Commercial Con rcmo1 C1 D ' ALFREDA IRENE STRANG 4741 Rnchmond Street Fredtl All Sannts Commercial Sw fwfr Muck r Q f1r1s Base C1 Jo HELEN ANN STROTBECK 1102 Anchor Street Bmnd Hardrng Commercral mf crrvwttfe 74 B f prtse 'ctw-Q H 'rc rwds C r BUSCDQNN CATHERINE MARIE STURM 1917 Ruan Street Harding Acadzmic 4?-erfrm ,..,, F JI, ,ci- Ccrrw ' ,I VA, ook ,S 2'- Qr '. I ,. , -' . T- - ."j1 , ,for c n ' -'f S'xTy-three RE 0 'ww f 0 JOHN SZYMCZAK 2657 East Burch Street 'ch P Jones Academrc 1-wo 0 ok EDWARD SZYPULA 3051 Rrchmond Street Jones Academic Hof r ok IZA VS1 X OC :V DER NA TALACCI 1 Tab r Street Vocational Art B CCVTVS EDWARD TEISE 4628 Worth Street Hardnng Commercial f f ,Kfcf re-gc.. ELMER TEMPLETON 6037 Charles Street Upper Darby Pa. Mechanic Arts r 52:3 fc : kc' :I '34 fr' e ' fc BGSED, 13, 24 fre Q ': Q Pemba", 'X is - arc 0- ,A '33 'ii els' f Q' FQCLC ', 'if E RECO UN 9 Fl ki, H ROBERT TERRY 9525 Wisteria Street ob Wilson Academic Band IPB IZA Stamp Club IOA IZA Locker Commlttee IZA lrtx Hal Mont or Bank Representative IIB IZA ntcrsccnonal Baseball 33 MARIAN E THATCHER 4515 Tyson Street Junta Disston Academic at I 9 Pon r C ru Il A Organ D QA BA OCU EVISIITIIJIK I IZB S II X onltor CHARLES J THOMPSON 4724 Hawthorne Street Harding Industrial KATHRYN M, THORNTON 4402 Benner Street ,r OV, Sullivan Academic " IZA, IZB, German ' 1 , IOA-IIB, Vocal Ensem 'e, 'ZA, HB Cnrlstmas Commrttee, "A, Sttrrlwt Board, CPB, Bank eo! -I-rw a IZA, Hlonnax Repro- lvl-, f ANNA MARTHA TOMLINSON 6150 Edmund Street "Ann" Sullivan Commercial Inq , I, IZB, Cnrlstmas Commrttl-lr, , I-Ionor Book, Illlx- B I vadvrs, '35 Slxty-four GWENDOLYN M TOWNSEND Mechanlcsville Road Gwen Wilson Academic ockcx 33 5 I Basket a o rx a 33 5 I coders -I 35 Glrls Base Ja HARRY K TREUDE 3464 St Vincent Street Trudy Disstan Mechanic Arts o and Bnskln IZB Assm Program Commlttee IZB Clorvstrnas Comrwtlor IOB Su C' rt Board IZA Study Hall on r IZA IZB A A Rrprrsena IIA Hlglwvvay RO rf' wo rac f4g.Af1AJIQfr,wo-C RAYMONDJWILLIAM TUCKER 4213 Howell Street Sullivan Academic s A Yo Mon s X. co n m 6 B Matnematws I Pr 1 ent otog raon Com the man IZB G ommr ZB Chrnst mas Cor mr tu A IZA Bank ktpmsnnlatr Q 9A IZA Honor ner tonal Sofft-r ct nal ootball JANE B. TURKINGTON 8513 Frankford Avenue "Turkey" Crispin Vocational Art rcntstra, C -IIB, Swrrnnnng Clnh, QA-ICB, Clrvrustmas Commut- ,, 'w , g I 1 , - ' rl, Monltar, IXB- MARION M. TWEEDALE 1920 Harrison Street Harding Commercial Commercial Cab, , , Swimmlna Club, IIA' German 'a , IOB-IZA, Hlklng Crab, , Cltrlstmas Commrttoe, IIA, Sta- dent Board, IOA, Bank Represen- tatrve, IIA, A A Representative, -I B, Honor Book, IOA- Grrls Basketball, '33, Intersec- tional Basketball, '33-'36, Inter- soctlonal Baseball, '34-'35 UNE MARIE URBAN 4614 Pllllng Street Hardlng Commerclal C"mmerc1d1 CMD 17A N serv Chr1stmOS Corwrwtteo 11B Book R omsemtotwe 1 A ALEXANDER JOSEPH URNIS 3127 Belgrade Street Ernie Jones Mechanic Arts oc er Commrttee 17B omtor 1Z 1 L1 for Momtor 17B A A Reoreserm We econd Footbo11 33 3 DORIS E VANARTSDALEN 1927 Briggs Street Perm Harding Academic wo ogx ub 1A Gerrvow 1, H IU Lb rumor Book 1CA IZA MARY VAN OSTEN 4707 Howell Street Vomme Sulllvan Commerual B1o1o,, Club 1 A Ge-rmoo C1119 we Cb H r J 14 A S Bosketbo' EDWARD R VEES 2037 Blelgh Street Wilson Commercial 1ock r Comrvwtt eor s o Swxfx tw E REC ROSE D VENEZIAL 4620 Worth Street Hopkinson Vocatuoncl Art V1V'1 CCT J ck 1 B ro If 36 Hoc Cms osebo11 oo-:rs EUGENE VISCUSI 3610 Emerald Street Gene Jones rcv st o 1-1 gh x G' ZB Asswstd Crcwotov o er 12A C1Co Iotuon er Hug wo ro HFW PEGGY VOEGEL 5035 Akron Street Harding Academic ojw C1ub enuor Txewve 12B Trlong1e Club A Cc-rr 0 Fronroxs 11A B Presndent 12B Latin Club 138 IZB Record Book Comrmttee 12B nrwstfnos Commuttee IZA Honor Boon 1 A 12B Hrghwow StdffR porter 1 A Assngnment Editor 11B Monoqmg Edttor IZA Ed tor un fhxef B Hocke Vo ewbo11 Ceoders 54 36 ESTHER MAE WACHTMAN 4416 Unruh Street Morph Dnsston Commercnal Corvrvercuo1 Club 12A Bao g 1A Bank Reoresc: o ve S Gtbo o11e o RUTH C WAINER 5201 Glenloch Street Furness Academic rcrf stro 11A B Cermorw 1 erorw 7 Bow Representot e Z c r Boolf Bosketbdl cs Q61 ERE DONALD WILBUR WARNER 962 East Carver Street Muskegon Much Academic ms mt' e B oorc, l'A Bo K Reprise l WOR aff! RICHARD M WARREN 4424 Benner Street Sullivan demnc ELEANOR WATERS l200 Alcott Street 'lWnIson Commercial l rrlu f' l-lcncr ook A l B Rcpcrter wrls c V r or Net S Lf y cum 3 Mcmacer Bosketb ll J-l 6 r D l Ollcx L Lnleri 5 6 MGPG3 Q e Q c N rnercls 0 'w Traclf DONALD STUART WEBBER 1479 Stevens Street Oakmont P Academuc Hcmr Book B rut 6 cl BQ at cl ERN ST B WELLS elmg Street Em e S Pe er s demuc UL semble A vwox ZB Cu Q Chrnstm ornmlttee A Q rcs 'U rrsr oncl om' Tram s e srct crm! 0 Q Inter smfllmul ers cccfr Qrscctlo U c Nl rmru 5 Intcrs ftlorml U56 L- X UN 9 LILA E WENNESHEIMER 2037 Haworth Street Harding Academic CC or' K l-lf A ANNA LOUISE WESTIN Herbert Street Harding Acarlemrc L C Ctcr VG Ll lffwcr E A GRACE OLIVE WHITTAKER 1403 Rosalie Street Wilson Cammercral MA ON C WHITTAKER 14 Englewood Street Wrlson Academic rl fr Ecrk 7 rw des 1 DOROTHY EVELYN WIGFALL 2754 Plum Street Doltx All Samts Commercral loo 1 Lltfr ua 2 Trxom G Club lB I B Twp Comm ee LU lstrvm fommlttee l A L Q Q fl lB Bo Room tcm Tcr UB BON Rnprc sm at lf A -Q x A House err r 'was l-lo Burl' 7 I 9 EDNA MAY WILDE 4505 Howell Street Er rirn Sullrvan Commercral At nb 'PA IKIA Nrcre A ivnror Tvreve r-I mn, CIub IZB Executlvr orn rnrrtec IZB Cnarrnnan Record Bock Cornnwrttee IZB Cnrrstrnas Ur' mttec 9B Bank Rraresrnta fre 9B ICA Hranwaw Rapresnn e IIB House and Cromrls VA Txorn Prn Avsarcl A r 0 'A IZB Hranvrax :aI aff IB IZB Rrportrr A Dran1atrcEdltor B e b JOSEPH A WILLIAMS 1243 Kenwyn Street Hardmg Academrc I acol nsemhle Stow I Mon O I CI Intersectlonal 2 Intersectronal B s etbal 3 lntersrctronal B sebaI 15 lntersec a Soccer 34 Inter rc Val ewbaIl 5 Interscc ootbaII DOROTHY WILSON 4712 Lelper Street o Hardmg Academlc nestra I B IZB Ba A s rw a I IIA 1213 Honor ao GRACE WINTERSTEEN 3128 Unruh Avenue sston Commercial C ob 1213 Per Club Crrrsrmas Cammrttee VA fqu Grrls I Vo Ie a nv '-f PM OLGA E WOITOVICH 2638 Pratt Street Hardmg Academic B IVB Trcas B v Room Mon or cr Pc -f A S xt5 seven E RECO STANLEY HAROLD WOLFE 1613 Dyre Street Wolfre Harding Industnal Honor Book IIB IZA 6-554k Sf ELAINE WORRELL 3543 Aldme Street Skeets Dlsston Vocatronal Art ornmerclal Club L CIrb ICB IZB Bank Represer' a tve A Girls Baseball 3-I CHARLES E WRIGHT fl 61x15 Marsden Street Cha! 114 MJJJ A Academic Band IOA IIA Bagle Corps A Mrcrosrope Cab IIB Vocal EnsembIe 9A 1213 Bovwlrng Club IZB Locker Commrttee IPB IZB sta ent Board ZB Sr x HCI Monitor IZB Library Mont tor IIB Hrqhway Reoresentattvc 9A IIA Assistant Manager BasebaII 3 Assistant Manager FootbaII 5 A 35 an ager Secord Team Soccer Manager Soccer 35 DOROTHEA ANNA YOUNG 4724 Mulberry Street Do Harding Commercial Cornrnercral Cub I2 Vee ob IIA Svurnrnrn I Stu ent Board IIA Study Hal Monitor IZA 'o email O STANLEY HERMAN ZAHN 6027 Tulrp Street Sullivan Acudemnc r a hemat cs C ob IB Cnrrstrnas Commrttee I A Honor k A L 0 E REC UN 9 MARY TERESA ZAPF 6431 Tullp Street Tess Dlsston Academuc Pen Art Club IIA Study Holl Monitor IZA IZB Llbrory Monl to A ALBERTA ANNA GETZ l406 E St Vmcent Street Bert Wilson Commercral Chrlstmos Commrtteo IZA Stu dent Board IOA Study Holl Mon :toes IIB House ond Grounds Hockey 3 35 ClrlsBosket A 3-I Clrls Bosebo'I 35 Vol y ol L00 ers CZ GOING HOME Thus pwcture by Henry Cooper o young Phulode ohio crtlst nos presermo to the Nchool by the Close of Jonuory 1936 Sixty ergbt JANE C ZEBR KA 2638 Bucklus Street Jome St John Contlus Commercml Cornmerclol Club IZA Lltercrx u IZB Lubrory Monltor Z Honor Book IZB S EDWIN HICKS Carver Hull Apts Northeast Acudemlc Circle Twelve IZB Cnnstnnns Cornrmttee IZA Loclfer vnlt ee IB IZA Student Boor IZA Usners Assocrotnon A x o on: or Intersectlonol Truck A A Qoccer T H O R D J E , 1 3 6 1 f W , f I 1 f A, It I I V,-IZI. ' ' - C' b, , ' ' ' , MBI I ff H HEGH A V, , A A T I I ,, I, C tr.. de Il , IZA ,I , I I2 I , . T4, ' z w - sm, H II M 1 , mx, IIB JOll,l I 1 .I ' , - , I '354 I If-It I, '35, ,d , 94, '35 F, , , 34 Four Years at Frankford P r - 4 rr rm-M r , V A f - r 'V m 'Vu I ' . ' ' . 1' if f,' ' - ' N' ' ' . yy ' " ' L! 'L .' .' "' 1": Qi I ' x , A , ,7 'i , I. ' X j I , , 4, V X 4' , ,. X xl Desg ,-ol r Vlflth hiultled tr eod Stnfols Ill the uhguorded heort As the log Creegns Ill on Cot's grows Chllllhg Keep thou Estelle Kerr Thy teoriess vvotch All hightg but when blue down Breothes on the sllver moon, thert weep? Theo weep? Ethel l5roxme5er. Muslc Echoecl sottly The surt Gm rock-hound shore In white-Copped, greeh orrox Beots in turhultous ecstos: Then ebhs. Ello Adomeit l lmelt lh close Commune Wlth God The evehlhg bell 'Volled out the deoth ot my slleht Rapture. Dorothy Wlgtoll Luke o whispering breeze Through the dork silence ot the might To me Books ore Ruth l-lowest Voices ot those Long deod , . . ohd rhorwurhehts To me who otherwlse would be Forgot Ethel hroxme- er A SONG OR A PRAYER Vlfhy do l sing? l wish to think of birds Upon a cloud of dreams where they behold The face of their Creator, No need for words SONNET ls it not strange that man oft seeks as far, For beauties to appease his hungry heart, As yonder clouded, pale, and lonely star Which from 'ts brighter fellows stands apart? Of wondrous scenes beyond his view he dreams Of oft-sung glories of some for-off lande, And in these fond imaginings he seems To lose all sight of beauties close at hand. The warm, moist smell of earth after a shower The mossy coolness of a sunless wood, The dusky shadows of the twilight hour, Rich harvests that the tiller may deem goodf These simpler beauties leave his heart unstirred ln praise of these he utters scarce a word, Ella Adameit When thrilling notes from joyous throats and bold Courageous hearts can climb into the sky. Mayhap they guide a soul to l'leaven's door-4 A thankful soul, who sadly passing by Can ride upon a song, alone no more A song too seems almost like a prayer, lt finds its destination when the heart ls singing too, Sincerity is rare, For modern man but seeks to play a part, When gladsome songs with truthful words have died, Saint Peter's gates will never open wide, Jeanette Lyons, DREAMS So oft I dream such things which cannot be And then awake to mourn my visions fair, Which lust now vanished, l strive to see l clutch at them, alas, they are not therel l marvel then at nature's wondrous pow'rs, Which let us do in sleep what we could not Accomplish in nur best of waking hours, Though God to us great powers did allot Again, I feel that nature is unfair To bring us loy in such intensity, Then take it back and plunge us in despair by causing all our cherished dreams to flee And so my heart is filled with secret fear That some day you, like dreams, may disappear, Marie Ge iger Ella Adamelt Robert Dressler Salurator an Valedlctoruan FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT Tuesday Evenlng June 23 l936 PROGRAM Orgon Prelude Mr Robert Gerson lnvocotuon The Reverend A V Kummell Postor Fnrst Brethren Church Tenth ond Douohun Streets Chorus Glono from the l2th Mo s Mozort Solutotory Address Ello Adomeut Rresentotuon ot Dtolomo ond Avvords of Pn7es Dr Fronk L Cloud Chorus Roodwoy s Densmore Voleducton Address Robert Dressler School Qonq Orgo Postlude Mr Robert Gerson i . . ' I I ........................................................................................l , -ef" ' " S ......,.....................,.................................... . X ..n-...........-.-...........-.......--..-q.n.--nn..-..a...----.-.......-......--.-'..-f-' V Chorus--'Goin' Horne" .,.........................,.................................................................. Dvorok ll ll fr X n...'.:-an..- f ....--...-....................-.--o-n...-'-.v... 4 an--.nn-.v-----.--...g., ... X -.u.,.----...-.....-....--...,.......-....g...n.....Anun--....--..--....,,...-.---.. X fl ..................,...... ........................ ..................................... 1 . N' MOST STUDIOUS Ella Adameit Robert Dressler MOST WITTY Frank Kevra Hazel Knight CUTEST COUPLE Clare Habel William Pilfz BEST SINGERS Ray Judd Dorothy Wilson WHO'S BEST ARTISTS Betty Orfe Rose Venezia! 1 A-.... fwfr 'ie""'7 WHO"' MOST PLEASANT Joe Sherwood Ora Bowler MOST MISCHIEVOUS Genevieve Gramiak Harry Truede BIGGEST GIGGLERS William Kotsch Eva Flynn Sauer' MOST RELIABLE Edna Wilde Everett Brown MOST MUSICAL Albert Kay Virginia Scrivener gl " .4.. lt's a long lane that has no furning Scndwich, pleasel Just books! Thirsty? A memorial Fifth floor, please Do we play today? Is your name written there? Jus a few of the 6030 On the carpet "Our feathered friends" June, 1932 Mr. Moorhead and Mr. Campbell Edna Wilde's Desk BEIWDQDI1 By? 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A buck and a halt Looking pretty A tower of strength Three holder-uppers Out for their morning airinq View from Room 3l0 CHILDHOOD DAYS 1 Robert Jones 2 88'-Sullivan 3 Ruth Davies and Mildred Buckman 4 6th grade class 5 Gertrude Broomhead and Huskie 6 Sullivanites 7 Sullivunites 8 Lawtonians 9 Irma Coleman and friend Y I 'E ,Ez , wg J v 94' QM ii? Miffzc.. -1? v ,iff H 1, A 'N'-ilk -Q- .. N xishsssw -ow 'E '-N M.. ' 2 --an Q: gi? 0 'w 55. A., ' .,,. s X ff X- f 1, 4 1 . . Q , g, V. fd--Snr--. 4:o,,.:e..:'o 0 0 0Q..::::,o 1 Q-e,,,g Q .. 4 , - W , f Mwwasa i K .X ef ,. s ,N . ,.a ACTIVITIES rule at Frankford as the following pages teshfy HALL work and no play" is hardly the a KAN SUPPORT PAPER mm' M EDAL ANKFO OHIGH W Y BRING FALBLY TO sas me mvALs yas c Wo nunxrokn man scHooL PHILADELPHIA. 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A-me 41 g s n A1 awnlimux m x xl xr ru c Mwnr uc hm ci x in m Wiw :mu YK naw. w ,cn 'Nir 1-riff m :mm lui ..x am um mr an Urdu M, s 41, LU mum then r ns: moxhcr xi ,4 hfxbv dnoghmer Malh-Ld Xkellcr February 29 :S ww. Xin Ximmr Dmmger and the JUNE, 1936 THE RECO STUDENT BOARD HE urge tor selt gowerhmer t has alwaws he YT felt wherever a group has assembled and carrled oh some oraahl ed actlvut5 Our Student Board ns a selected couhcll of deleQates trorh the school Evert term each advusorg hook elects one t nts members to the Student Board he oraahl atlohs duties are to collect sulnscrlp tsohs make ar r roornatuohs for th behetlt ct the school ahd studehts artd tc held to carrx oh the government t th st hool The Studeht Dcard has h ade our surrouhdlr as more rleasaht ln, such Q ts a orgar VT ra e lrs r rr tc u hlture lla lf whrr t s xear xx s O Outfit rt lre bar d wlth uwltorh s hohe hro l e t t exr u T ls J ra Mr t c xx To rw dl u fcr v - r t f T 9 ' , f I' t , f f o , T 1 ' J- , Q.: 'X - e W' - r , J c . o e 1 . . -N I H r f- X li' C the r, u ls tor th t st floo co raor, glxctures the Ol77If'll?IGVS, amd oftlce fr e 'ulhnf a,t 'theetc v 1 A t r t rv tor vhfch we cart rrexer forget thc Studvrt foard lS the oforw' girleasaht hforherefs me sgleht at the darrces aueh 'or those sfuaevtts who hoc pgald hc d es hs Ecard - sui erased tj, Mlss l3LSCll'G Gullrvar a 'Q f Achu' l Q fe h se a':cuc'1"a are ce? Pool Eerfrrce Fraflns Evi'iT' 5 c of E Ward licks Mawel' ,ills L3 's Fat re: chu 'es Nfrrfh' THE RECORD JUNE, 1936 THIRTEEN CLUB The Thirteen Club rs an honorary organuza tron whuch selects nts members from athletuc teams The Club rs sponsored by Mr Michael Frsch and Mr Charles Troxell Meettngs are held alternate Mondays Edward lvlaciliarland rs the Presldent Those graduatung are Edward l-lacks Wullram Frey John l-lughes Jack Craug dwrn Jusczak and Ernest Elssel CIRCLE TWELVE The Cnrcle Twelte IS another organuzatuon mth athletuc tendencnes The membershrp of thus Club ns lrmnted to twelve members who are le ted from among the outstanding boys tn e sensor Class The athletuc teams contrubute ghx largely to the clubs men bershnp Mr Wrllram lloerclfel rs the snonsor Those graduatung are Stanle Alexander and NVllllOfT1 Paltz , , . - f . . , , , . . . I I I I I . . A E ' , . 1 I- t E' if ., . Mm - Q , lt ' ' ' 1 I ,Wm 1 , A . , , ' - l ,T . , f V BJ K if ' I se- ' -,T f T . c . , T th . F 4 h , I -my ':'Q"T JUNE, 1936 THE RECORD SENIOR TWELVE The Senior l2 is an honorary club tor girls under the sponsorship ot Mrs, Ethel Millikin, gym teacher. The members are: President, Eva Flynn, Treasurer, Elizabeth Nichols. The other members are: Ella Adameit, Ora Bowler, Elanche Craven, Marie Geiger, Claire l-label, Edith Moulson, Peggy Voegel, Eleanor Waters, Louise Weston, and Edna Wilde, These girls have never had a failure in any major or minor subject since their entrance to Frankford l-ligh School The club meets every third Monday at one ot the girls' homes YE MONKS Ye Monks is one of the oldest and most boou ar boys club in the school The club was arte in th ear l ll before the main build ng wcs built Mr Carl Wise is the sponsor r o members allowed in the club Member h is e'ective new members being admitted er oobro al hy v te At the m etings t e members give talks on ant topic at interest to the club The club holds two dances a 5 ar This year Ve Monks celebrated their silver ann: xersar with a dance at the Brookline C C Vice President Travis Treasurer and William Frey Qecretary fl FIVE l l - ' - i ,, , , ' e . st d' .ey T ' - ..' ,i t s J . f y '. T , of the club. There is no restriction on the num- George Most is the President: J, Needham, be t s ' - - ' g ' ' , , ip' , , Ag, M :tt sr o T me , h EQ" V THE RECORD JUNE, 1936 TRIANGLE CLUB The Triangle Club is an honorary English organization tor girls who eniov debates and discussions of current problems in relation to the modern girl Miss Dorothy Malzer is the sponsor. Leaving the Triangle Club this term arei Vivian Judd, Fresidentg Frances Finnigan, Peggy Voegel, Dorothy Wigtall Betty Nichols, Claire l-label, Ora Bowler! and Margaret l-lottman. The requirements tor entrance to the club are an E or G in l-listorv and English, and an interest in the work ot the club. Members are reauired to give a three-minute talk tor entrance. LITERARY CLUB The Literary Club sponsored bg Mrs Elura beth Marl4le5 is tormed tram a groub ot girls who arc interested in the li erature and cus r ighbors Members g aduating tr rr the club this term are Virginia S ivene President Olga Woito vich Treasurer Lila Wennesheimer Secretarx ouise Wlestin Dorothy Vlfigtall Frances Finni NflcArthu F a Fl nn Margaret l-lottmai Lo Clark Margerx Moss Marx Mos ' ' , f . A- - I ' cr' rf D ' ' Q ' - U - T ' , g ' V ' , ,U ti 4 ' e l ' ,r L . s l . - L ., T K I, T toms ot the United States and its toreign gan! Blanche Craven, Genevieve Gramialg Lois i r, w 5 , , N is ' 5 ' 9 F . X ' i r ,' i 45' JUNE, 1936 THE RECORD SOCK AND BUSKIN Fronl4tord's dronwotlc club., the Sock ond Bus- ond, otter unturung efforts ot putting the cos: klnf contlnues to present excellent stoge tore "through theur pocesf' presented to us, an Mo, 590V Offer BGOV lVlO'lY Ol The members Ol THIS the lough-hat, "Enter Moderne" Mrs Chorles group, who hove becorne expert performers R Ngsh rg Ossksmm Coach through rnuch proctlce, desire to continue the Stud, Of Gctlng Offer flier have Qrgdugtgd Mr, The officers ore, Betty VOIQT, DVGSlClGl'll,' Koi, Clorence A l-lonwbleton took over the toslc of Mosler, treosurer Those groduottng ore: Roy dlrectnng the ploy otter Mr Wise's reslgnotion, Judd ond Grlyn Klrnmell PRIMI TEN len ot the most tolented students un th rnernbershlp IU thus grou nous subnwut somnles 0 o ore no noe 0 thls club of has work to be pudged ln the club rvernber tn s ore the betterment ot olutllt5 nn thot llne , D he o nu to droxx con o student d o os o xocotlo ln the l elected: to the Prrrnr le 0 l9 ,ro ressr grou No otlono r G P no VS QVC OMHQ G ores the s uden r more odvonceo st D i- H bpm G fe DW AvlCfCl manner Rut C hode D rslo T e P rnn er fun Qgggl Q XJ dl 'Acodem Amore o rtstud er ess r n cc V C OD Clint Cqlflf l -F I F A Q . r A b if l -l held t rt e 1 rs t A Thelr . ' Q 5, r S. 3 1 r - l ' A Onl-f 'y t ln I ty f be lhe stu tx ol rt F f n h gh n l n sch els s 'm , rw 'wdlxi 'l c ' A t , rf, U Q A .Q F 'A ' l d Pri. fl Ten me 1' e du . or Exef ' the - ' 'ft W - H J Y t N, t Q 'Affvx the subtect nrt hloher lnstltutlcns JOWOVG' Dwi Ulf? ' hgh Q l D WIA h r' Ty cc 'posed nwolnlg, ot Xoco- T l , Nfl Rose Rene: 3. n o tlsn l A GVT3, lS und th sf onso sh: ct 2 d ! cel 'Sim Mrs Mo n R Km her An .oll . A df ,rg 'V ,fre THE RECORD JUNE, 1936 ALLEN HIGH WAY GROUP Mr. John Nevin sponsors a group at girls and paper each week, The present statt members boys at the Allen Annex who write the Allen arei Elsie Rooth, Martha Lose, chief reportersg News tor the High Wav each week. These stu- Helen Scherneclc, Charles Schrass, business man- dents have charge ot the material used in the agersg Mr, John R. Nevin, faculty adviser LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais under the guidance ot Miss Lora A Marsh endeavors to fu ther French conversation through debates and talks can cerning the people and customs ot France Entrance requirements to the club include an c or in the sublect and on interest in t e Ntvt language Vlembers leaving the club this term through graduation are Peggy Voegel President Betty Nichols Vice President Vivian Harter Jane 'Xlicholl Lthel Broxmeger Alberta Fisher Le na Dassmore and Marion Andrews I . . I r l - ' f ' ' i ' I I ' - ' i . , - i ,f i . - I h i , ' , , or F ,. , A ' , Q , h , , . .lne - vw: JUNE, 1936 GERMAN With its membership comprised ot students who seek to learn more about the German people and their language and customs, the German Club sets no requirement other than genuine interest on the part ot a student, Members ot the faculty and the student body and visiting guest-speakers tell the club of their travels In addition, the club practices tor term protects, one of which was the German Club broadcast over WIP in the spring term ot THE RECORD CLUB '35, Those graduating are: Ella Adameit, Ora Bowler, Mae Braun, Dorothy Campbell, Myrtle Campbell, Mildred Clawges, Ellen Cunlitte, Genevieve Gramiak, Myrtle Campbell, Mildred Clawges, Ellen Cunlitte, Genevieve Gramiak, Marie Geiger, Elizabeth l-lartman, Elizabeth Orte, Victoria Raab, Elfriede Sickerott, Cather- ine Sturm, Doris Van Artsdalen, and Mary Van Osten. CLEF CLUB Credit is due the Clet C ub tor its accom olishments in the musical line The club mem Ders are active participants in many musical well known That ea h member is exception ally talented in voice or in the playing ot some instrument is proven by the tact that the entrance requirement for a candidate is a try out which must be approved bv all the members The meetings are the second Thursday ot every graduating are Virg nia Scrivener President lay Thornton and Dorothy Wilson N ne re attairs, so that their work has become quite month at the members' homes, The members . I C , - ,l,. , , , i . , , f , . ix . , , I fy-Th E THE RECORD I JUNE, 1936 USHERS' ASSOCIATION The Ushers' Association is an invaluable group Fathers' Association meetings, Mr, I-larrv t-I. ot alert, pleasant students. Their assistance Bonner sponsors the group. is notevvorthv during commencement exercises, The ushers graduating are: Everett Brown, when etticient ushering is necessary. The ush- William Kotsch, Jeanette Komenarslci, William ers are on hand, also, at the Sock and Buskin Piltz, Vincent Rodell, and Elsie Wright. pertormances, Parent-Teacher gatherings, and STUDY HALL MONITORS Supervision is required tor the maintenance a students absence lateness or excuse trcfn t an orderlx Studg l-lall Although there is a Study Hall l-lead supervisor ot the monit r terson s unable to manage all the necessary The number ot n onitors is greatlx lessened tors in torn tve minu es The assistants ur bg this term s gradua es wg this tme check he attendan e and vent, 'Nielx 3 J ,sign . a...- 3 l t I I E 9 3 i C If f i I i i I ' 3 teacher in even Study l-lall period, that one statt is Mr William l-I Boerckel. n i 1 I b f w I S I , . -.fl i s cd- ' t,. I -tour JUNE, 1936 THE RECORD COMMERCIAL CLUB Large numbers of students now study the Cornrnercual course, however, It has been avarl- able only recently tor study rn the hrah schools The rnernbers of the Cornmerclal Club are un- terested rn work concerning the connrnercual course As the menwbershrp rs cornoosed ot sensor students only the club includes mern- bershrb ot only those who really understand the comrnercual work, The Conwntercral Club has been fortunate tn hovunq prornlnent business men, lawyers, and durectors address the group Mass Elrzabeth R Eynon and Mr, Frank W. Streut are the club's sponsors BOWLING CLUB The Bowllng Club undcr th sronsorshro ot Mr Charles Nlchols reorganr ed rn January V931 Those bos graduatrng are Chorle Wrlght Frank Nheprod lock Needham o Lver Joe Sherwood Bll K tch Bull Plt Harold Hatton l-larr Zregler Jerry Harnett and Everett Brown N The club holds tts rneetrng e-yer Thursday afternoon Meets are held later rn the some day The cnarnplonshto tearr ot U3 was P rt Leyer and Hatton The Bowlrng club wlshes to compete wlth other schools next year L, r 5 3 T L l T it ' 1 Z ,f l w " w s , C 'D r X ' X B b r r ' P Hotfrmn, HOW KGWG, ClTGVl6S ll9'lTlZf B05 tearn FX whtch cansrsted of Sherwood KotschX e X X u os X r :X , X X l ZX ' X r ' f 1 f ' f net,-Me THE RECORD JUNE, 1935 MATH EMATICS CLUB After a lapse ot tive gears, the mathe- and work out puzzles. This term the club had matics Club was reorganized two terms ago. Requirements tor entrance to the club are an E or G in Mathematics and an interest in the subject, Miss Ethel McAllister is the sponsor. Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays, At the meetings, the members at the club do college entrance examinatlons, solve problems, a joint meeting with Olney High School at Frankford. Members graduating this term are: Ray- mond Tucker, presidentg Robert Dressler, chair- man at activitiesg Stanley Zahn, William Og- den, Sydney Sher, and Austin O'Gradyi HOUSE AND GROUNDS Twenti eight ot our seniors belong to the House and Grounds This club is under the direction ot Mr Lgntord Wllliams shop teacher Those members who expect to graduate in June t B Bern A Foslc L McLintock M intock D Lott M Alllson J Heritage N nety Gebauer D Campbell D Glenn E Kern Fisher M Emmett A Ferguson D Leuby Komenarsky V Marshall M Van Osten Haines The aim ot this club is to keep the campus and school as clean as it can be kept X Y 1 Rr ' ,. W36, arei A, Tomlinson, G Broomhead, Ai Bret, . ', JV, Q i F. I I CLA 1 I I , l , ' . l '-El JUNE, 1936 BOYS' The Boys' Leaders Club was organtzed durtng the tall term at V233 Ever stnce the club has been organrzed, Mr, Theodore H, Doenng has been the coach, The actlvuttes ot the club so tor have been entertaunrng the Parent-Teacher Assocrotron and the Fathers' Associatron meetings, both at Frankford and the Allen Annexe The aim ot the club is to teach the leaders THE RECORD LEADERS the gym arms so they can assust the teachers rn class These bovs are tralned by lvlrr Doerf :ng to do the arms an the horses, nngs, rnats, and ropes When the boys have gvm classes, thev Instruct the other bovs The leaders are also taught acrobotncs. Next vear the Boys' Leaders are gotng to enter the Publuc l-ligh League This vvlll gave the team a chance to show what they have accomplished HIKING CLUB A lLlHTlDPl' of Eronlqtords athlctucollv mrnded whtch plans lnteresttng as well as healthful outrngs for pure enloyment ot those bartlcubat ng The lnlrlang Club has taken many sbecral hules svn e tts organ: atron lost September some ot them betng a treasure hunt a Chrrst mos tree hunt a hare and hound chase and a doggtc roast Mass Eltzabeth Lackex ew The members ot thus organtzatron who are graduating are Mtldred August Blanche Cra ven Jane l-lerttage Bertha l-lrtruska Estelle Kern Hazel Knrght Jeanette Komenarsla Dor othx Morugg Peguna lvlatela Rtta Muller Pervl bmuth Ann Tomlunson and Edna Wnlde N nety seven X W ' W I ,t If . H 1 I' If fr , gurls have banded together into a company courages and sponsors the Hllang Club I K U ' , - , , -X C L 2 , , , ' , - , ,, T ATHLETICS Here we see Frankford Hugh School athletes un therr varued achvmes "THE joy of the game is the playing." Letter Winners FOOTBALL Stanley Alexander Orlyn Kummell TRACK VVnlliam Brown CharleS llangsterler llonalcl liaslburn BASEBALL Howard R. Terry Jack Browne Stanley Alexander Joseph lavecjclna Robert Collins llenry Brusca Horace MCCurdy Walter Drozd UNE, 1936 E RECO l.r A A Baseball ASEBALL IS probablx the oldest sprung sport at Frankford lt reached Its groate t height In the days of Bull Dletruch and tommy Tlthers Thus season the team played talrly well unde the Coaching of Frank Lughtfoot Many of the players ot thus years team wall be lost by graduatuon The scores were Frankford Opponent Germantown Academy South Philadelphia George School Olney Central North fqotholuc Northeast West Philadelphia Roxborough Overbrook Gratz 5 l cogue Games 0 rf Hundred One 5 ' ....................... . 3 A ........................... l 5 ........................................ 9 .................................................. .. 5 ................................................ .. 4 X, ' ................................... . l 3 :Germantown ...............................,........ .. O ............................................ .. 4 ............................ .. l 9 ....................................... .. 3 ........................................... .. THE RECORDS JUNE, I9 Track S FAR back as 1912 track became an of thc uno t 1 Spular sports at Frankford The years have added to rather than d mnnnsncd thus copularuty ln the vear 1912 the team flrst entered the 'Jenn Rcla s lhls ear the team placed thlrd un the mule relax at thus annual event ln 1270 Nr Clarence 1. Roby became mentor of the team Thus ,ear the team had a vcry successful season having won many of tts meets Records made by Frankford trackmen Event 100 yard dash 220 yard dash 440 yard dash 880 vard dash Mule run 770 low hurdle 1-llgh lump Broad lump Shot put Pole Vault Frankford 83 Northeast 79 5 Results 9 JG 4424 r F 22 5 Score 1-lolder Brovlne Summers McCafferty R Edgar R Edgar Summers Klmmell Fulmer Buzhx M Cravvfold Place Grat Dual West Chester Normal Ctty Champs Clty Champs W Phila Dual Nornstown Rerklomen Dual Haverford Dual Central Lntn Triangle Grat Ctn Triangle lrcm Meet to date 193F Yea r 93 928 927 927 9 2 93 927 929 Q F Germantown 74 Gralz 8 Frankford QQ Olney 305 On lltj ll 10,2 f z 1, 5 - ..........,..... 23. 1921 52 8 f 1 - 1 I ................ 205 , ' f 1 120 hugh hurdle ............ 1 18 Summers Cnty Champs 1922 -Q ................ 20 1 4 ' 1 2. ' ...................... 5'8" ' A 1 5 ' .......,.............. ' " 1 1' 3911" . 1 1 , A 1 35 JUN THE RECO E, 1936 - ,---- . J-'-"-' Football l-IF Puoneer grad eleven hed o successful footboll seoson lost yeor The teom won ve gomes lo I one ond tued two 'n leogue eompetutuon Fronkford wos undefeoted but wos tued by Northeost ond Qlney Northeost nosed out the Puoneers for the tutle by one nount nn o Close ond exerting leogue roee Fronkford reeenved nts only defeot ot the honds of the powerful nlortheost Cotholle eleven on lhonksglvung doy mornang The seo: es were Fronk ford Oppoz tents Hoverford Centrol West Phllodelphuo South Phllodel vhuo Olney Gerrnontown North Cotholue Leogue Comes f H j d Tf: Q , S , , - , A - ' , 7 .................................................................................... O l2 ...................................................,,............................... C 7 ' ' ....................,................................................ . O 27 A 1 ................,.................................................. . 0 O 'Nertheost ............ ...,.........................,......................................... O 0 " f ....,...................................,................................................. O 32 ...............................,..............,....................,.......... .. U O ........................................................................., VD bl 25 Tre mln' re Three E RECORD s'JUNE, 19 Basketball ASKETBALL ts the second oldest sport pla ed at Frankford The game began here an February 1911 Thus years team has completed a farrly successful season The members of the squad under the guldance of Coach Joseph Coval developed a fast passing attack vvhzch proved troublesome tor all opponents Many of the passers although small In stature more than made up for thelr handicap In splrlt The record of the team rs as follows ODD ODD Central Olney Northeast Catholic Chestnut 1-lull Haverford Olney West Phtladelphua Northeast Gratz Northeast Catholrc South Phrladelphra Roxborough 73 Germantown O e l-ltndred Four F, , F. . 28 ' .......... 26 26 .............................. 34 26 .................... 33 25 f .................................. 22 20 .......................... 22 25 Overbrook .......................... 27 37 .................................. 26 20 ' .......... 41 37 A ............ 1 O 1 O ' ' ............ 38 1C' .......................... 1 3 1 6 ........................ 35 -, .................................. 21 26 ...................... 20 U E, 1936 THE Rec l ' 3- SOCCCT HE soccer eleven played exceptionally well durlng the past season The booters used a fast short passing attack tor thelr offense The hard tughtlng eleven lost only two games one a league game to Northeast and the other to Girard College ln league competltlon the Ptoneers led the league up untul they lost a l O game to the Red and Black The booters won the rest of their games and tlnsshed un second place an the Publuc Hugh League The scores were Frankford Opponents Abington West Philadelphia George School Overbrook Upper Darbx Central Northeast Northeast Catholuc Olney No game wlth Lower Menon N0 Qqme 3 Simon Gratz 9 Germantown 4l 3 League Games One Hundred Fxe O 2 ' .................................................................................... O 3 ' .................................................................... .. l 7 .............................................................................. l 7 ..............................................................,...,................ . O 4 ,f ...............,................................................................ 2 2 ....................................................................................... . O l Girard College ............................................................................ 2 O ................................................................................... . l l ' .................................................................... O 2 f .....,................................................................................... . l ............................................,...,.............................. . l ' .............................................................................. .. O f THE RECORD e e JUNE, 1935 GOLF bolt was started when Frankford was the annex ot Central I-lugh School, Dr, Meadow- crott, head of the English Department, became the tirst coach. Dr. Charles Nichols, the pre- sent coach, tools over the team about eight years ago The team has since placed second in league competition, Last year, two members ot the team reached the semi-finals in the inter-scholastics before being eliminated. The sauad has played tive matches this year, win- ning two of them. The team plays a total of ten matches a season. Paul De Christopher, captain ot the team, reached the semi-finals in the inter-scholastics last year, TENNIS icnnis made its debut in Frankford undcr e cea hung ot William T Tilden 2nd who led the earn to championship The team is now became coach at the team three years ago Hc has shown his ab Iity as a coach by the success which the teams under his guidance havc acniexed This tear s sauad has shown it al ility in handling a racquet by consistent good plaxing Meribers of the sauad are l-lenry Travis beorge l-lorrocks David Pallett and Ed L ans are the members ot the doubles team with William Denison and Milton Kates as sub stitutes E Samsel is the manager ot the team Li 6. Hundred C A i th c ' , , ,I r 1 i r c ' , f , 1 r, - under the guidance ot Mr, Hunter Kurtz, who ward Brysckiewicz, Joseph Madden and Wayne T ' ' . rl Tv . 2 TJ 3. I YM .,? rr H ,fy 4, H .av- WF F2336- I-T632 . nr' 4? wif ' ,, Q, , 4. '- . .,,:--.W""i'f F' K f. . .,,.',1f.'fi'w'5?"'l- .ws '!A .P.,..rp-,Y li k. NA. A Aft w ,.-vw-.ZS .9 f fn 1- II Q 1. , P-f wwf ff- 'H -, Q . Q., , ,. Q 'Q 2 ,,,, .,.....-- Q X " s X I X J Q fx 3 if XJ X, ' , , . U - V O4 V ,K ,K , f, V, a -V QJEJ, w"3'z?JE9i?m5ffZfsigfAi:g'1' f-wig, ' U , . 4 . A N ah Q, ' , ,, ., N' A 5 f51: ,, w 1 A3 M A. 1 , , nit, .ig ,fm 2 kpgigxigm, ,Q 4, V' , 4 ,rind N, L4 Lesggmiz 6 -ig 'H ,ly iQ 1 , . V ' W www A . 31:-JT? .3 K 2. W. .Tl ,JW - ,gwpLkn,f3f,,,f', 'lu " 3 ,gflx ' , 451, 'er Lg, A A I iw' iwuv ' nk , , L .rf"':,i-f:viffff'PQ1"'ia1ff,,-' I ,M- few' - . ,a....g ,.',L-f2,M,M,a:,w F - , , . :ff-: ' -. n - - ,J f ,-'M L .. - . Q T' if 2 ww ,A fgfwllffvq' b ' fggm-1,84 fimff- Ml,.:5g1f4f1iff,-gif.-f,'..,ffwga,i Q - , - -P M ,....v.v..f.,f we ff- ff - 11-A--a-'w-.,..fg,,,"1k my A i ' fi ,ef JL ' ,.itq7'?'5jZ,g4.vxw-Ig-.3" Qgh.. "Wt 'L Q'M5,'li,lZ ,'ff"'A'.-. , K , ffl ','U ' 'limi , ' '55 - . YQ l ' , P 'Euan'-'L...z. .A , X A:mJw4Awy+,AM f-.. 4 NWMH Q f wwf ,' " ,e.f.., W. Q ',,, Q33 ft- F Az',L ,ff-wxJ - Q-fm' ' ' , mmm fL?5x2fff,'NWgQ,jf,-,?, ,. ., " u :. . 1 V W1 ,A K y N auf ' 7 .A V ' , .v ' r A I . QU 1 , - A1 " 4 , A A2 Q ' N 9 Y . ,W 'a . hz. Q . - ,Q m R-I - U ' A W ' 1 N- - fm' I ,,,k,,1,w,, ' , 1 ,A-,.. ,sqm 1 ' ag, , nf? ,gm W1 . , 1 1 '-'r -M ' far fs Q .gg amy' if ' 'hill H 4. sn:-A .1 1, tw. MMI, .f , ,, I, W 5?-7? V: 7 Af vi . fgk GlrIs Awards CHARM Dorothy Domels Cloure I-Iobcl LETTER Moe Broun Evelyn Doohz NUMERALS Ethel Broxmeyer Dorothy Compbell Jeort Potter Leono Possmore VARSITY SWIMMING AWARD Edna Moore Bertho Kowresko RED CROSS SWIMMERS BUTTON Chorlotte Mortuh , I Eleonor Woters I Girls Leaders Club IT IS usually with an attitude of distinctive respect that one refers to a member of the Girls Leaders Club There is a very good reason for this reaction on the part of the student body In the first place this club consists of girls not only from the upper grades but those who in joining voluntarily offer their time and services to help fellow students attain a better understanding and interest in gymnastic activities. Many times these leaders give up both of their gym periods to teach certain girls who have either missed some phase of the work or have failed to grasp it and in consequence since their practice period has been cut down, have taken lower marks. Out of approximately l3O girls who have joined this club there are 27 Seniors. They are as follows-Ora Bowler Claire l-label Edith Moulson Margaret Voegel Ethel Gebauer Edna Moore Eleanor Waters Lois McArthur Elva Gwynn Dorothy Arnold Ruth Bailey Grace Blood Agnes Brett Gertrude Broomhead Marion Whit- taker Ethel Compton Doris l-laines Violet Deuter Margaret Hoffman Mary Melling Mary Moss Mildred Patterson Jean Radbill Helen Rooth Ruth Rosenberg Paryl Smith and Gwendolyn Townsend, One Hundred Nine JUNE, 1936 THE REC0 . 1 Swimming HERE are sixty girls who are members ot the Bwimming Club Ot this number nine are Seniors They are Margery Allison Blanche Craxen Sara Grittith l i itha Kowieslca The members may be classed in eithcr beginning intermediate, or advanced groups The girls who are in the advanced group may take up lite-saving, l ordcr to get a varsity letter, one must have certain reguirements, They are as follows' BOW in Red Cross lite saving, tive length crawl ten lengths double over arm two lengths back crawl and three dives in good torm, Miss Evelyn Why who ponsors this club is the judge tor the award. Edna Moore and Bertha Kowieska are the two Seniors who have won the varsity letter for this term. Edna has won two emblems and Bertha three. Those girls who competed for this award are: Emma Roberts, Edna Moore Mary Coats Bertha Kowieska! Loretta Binder, Virginia Engle, Certrude Simmons, Martha Layer Lenore llienz Mabel l-lalden and Virginia Reeve. Emma Roberts, who is the captain ot the swimming team won a large S. She obtained this because she has won the varsity award tor three succes ive year Ths i the tir t time in ti ie years that thi, emblem has been awarded to anyone One Hundred Ten E RECORD A A JUNE, 1936 Estelle Kern! Charlotte Martin, Edna Moore, Virginia Scrivener, Ethel Broxmeyer, and Q-,. ' n ri 5 I s 1 s x s ' JUNE, 1936 THE RECO Af -g-- - A TYBCIC HERE are 40 Senlors who have loaned track and faeld thus year The club meets every Monday at Baldwin Fleld The events for thus term are step step and lump basketball round arm throw and the 73 yard dash Bunce the grrls were unable to obtain the necessary eauupment there was no track meet Last year the events were broad jump 71 yard dash hugh jump and ball throw There are usually awards given an track meets for flrst second thlrd fourth and flfth place an all events Those gurls who come out some place from one to fave un each event win an all around rlbbon The following are the Sensors who are members of thrs club B Baruss R Bloese J Farrell I Freudenberger J Hepworth B Lennon T Leutwyler lvl McFadden F lvlcFadden lvl Moffett lvl Tutzel l-J Rooth B Schoeofer D Wagner J Walker J Yerkes B Elsemann F Headendorf lvl Leatherman XI McBr1de D lvleglnck C Schleyer F Von Rahr A Bauer D Bates J Bergmann F Bruck T Castor lvl ettn D Dvlun F Dae B Frkes lvl Haldemalr F Hallman B Hardung Harrlson P Maddnck W lvlnllcy C Naylor K CDonncll A Frctt andf Broom head P e Hundred lllexew l 1 F ' ' - I , . T . I I . . y ' ' I I I 1 , I l I I , . ,1 A, I. , . I , , , , 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 r 1 ' 1 - Col , e A nz, 1 , . . I gy D I x I A ' 3 , I I t ,Xl X V1 I I J I , I. ' Jlrl l O HE RECORD BOOK Commnttee wlshes to express Its appreclahon D Lewrs G Sterner CharlesJ Kunz Jr Mrs Mary R Kntchen Mr Wslllam T Cooke of The Clark Prmhng House Inc Mr Marshall De Haven of the Phototype Engraving Company The Zamsky Studio and the Aero Service Corporatlon for thenr as sustance In the publncahon of thus Sen or Record Book APPRECIATI 'I' . Autographs 1 "1 f - I 1 3 i . ' 'JAQL K ' A Wrwlil PHINTLD EY QLARK PRINTING HOUSE INI PHQLI-DI A WHA PA , .MH rv? ? ZJW fa ti 'U -" ,,,,,,..,...-A t-11 N ...-, WP' ig 5 rf' il K' X- 'J '. ' .131 .f.. W.. u' L. .Q ds L Pa ,bs AVX , 'N ' . f. U. , Eh 't 9 'Q . 1 A A -W . , A. via-- , My A ,, .I , Z -fwaifiwfl .Yiwu , W- qu , 3 1 was-af ' ,1w,L..,,. W. W 2 ' . . f WM,"- , t ?"""'ff'-M--,...! v A , ' f""f-. .ps h-Q x an V ,f-G is ,."" -QM 4 r. ff? ff f , Sy' L . M J mf Q 1, r-N. Tl ' 2,

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