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EIRCE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AnM1N1sTRA'r1oN A Practical Business Training in a Cultural Environment University-grade Courses preparing 46, young men and young Women for the 13 ' l " o c o 0 0 A if Qu respons1b1l1t1es of business l1fe: fr? i T3 Q . . . . 'fi g Business Admlnlstratxon wif gif Q ' Q " - ' ggi if is I bfi, Stenographlc-Secretary ,. G-I my '!. . . 33,3 :D L 5 F F 5 Executive-Secretary gr, Teacher-Training Qaccreditedb F F1I1lSl11I1g Courses jf - 3' 'iq Send for Sixty-third Year Book x+' J, r ,ae-fi,,,fff ff - -M PEIRCE SCHOOL C A Pine Street, West of Broad - Philadelphia The Largest and Most Complete Stock of School Supplies Up-town i We Either Have It or Can Get It for You Whether it be a School, Toilet or Drug Requisite HARRY C. ZEISIG Prescription Specialist S. E. Cor. Harrison 8: Oakland Sts. "T he Store with a Conscience" THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Bth Ph A1111 y Newton, Inc. Authofized Dealer For Economical Transportation CHEVROLET Motor Cars and Trucks Show Room and Ser-vice 5809-11-13-15 Torresdale Avenue Q, ggi.. - THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER FRANKFORD TRUST COMPANY THE PLACE FOR YOUR SAVINGS And All Twist Matters Capital, Surplus and Profits .................... ..... 5 1,000,000.00 Deposits Over ........................... ..... 5 9,500,000.00 Trust Funds, Over ..................................... S4,000,000.00 INTEREST 272, on Balances of 3200.00 in Check Accounts 472, in SAVING FUND DEPARTMENT OFFICERS BMMETT 0'NEILL, Chairman of Board JOHN B. HARTMANN President WILLIAM H. SMEDLEY CHARLES B. COLEBAUGH First Vice-President Second Vice-President and Trust 0tEcer WILLIAM R. WICK CHARLES R. CORNELL Treasurer and Assistant Secretary Secretary and Aasistsnt Treasurer ELMER S. CARLL MELVIN W. MMMULLIN Title Otlicer - Amistant Trust Olicer For Window Shades That Work Right Look Right And P-ricecl Right RALPH DE FREHN 3VIanufacturer 3123 FRANKFORD AVE. Bell Phone, Regent 9871 Store Closed Tuesday and Thursday Evenings Kirsch Drapery Rods THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOCL PIONEER -there is no other investment that brings such sure and constant profits as printed salesmanship -no other way by which you may get more business at so little cost. Big concerns use lots of printingg they are big because they use lots of printing -it pays. We are daily endeavoring to increase the volume of business for customers by the production of high-grade advertising lit- erature particularly adapted to their indi- vidual needs. ' i A Josisrii JBRIENNHAN Cor. 3832-40 N. JASPER STREET Philadelphia Two Direct Lines Direct-Mail Advertising Del- 3500 Printers THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Business - - they say - - is a Mcm's game and this profession s is for Women I . E exclusively! It is a safe assumption that a young woman can more easily succeed in a profession composed of her own sex. In a profession in which she is not hindered or ham' pered by the "Conquering Malen! Bell Telephone Operating is that kind of profes' sion. It offers many opportunities to the young woman with High School training. Opportunities it will pay you to investigate before you step out of the classroom into the world. See MISS STEVENSON 1316 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA smtp: C .3 :rx - -----f.1JL4su-- -Af -J- 5-" j. 3.1--' . 1 - wx 3,3 ,X 'Y fr ','-,y '. Kr- -.1, . r, ,A ' W-. - ,, .- -, . P 3 ig 5, 1 - 4 , F .TZ iff- "-' 5 , ..,. . . , . y . X , . A-f Y . . . N . , - . ae 4 .. M, - rx JS. f Q xg, 5' ff' .- HG- Y 3 . . I . ' 2 f D , 4- -' 1 .- 4 A , .v 5 .. , ,. - . Q75 jfif -- Q '-' -N' g if A V i f 4gjg.i -. ' , ' ' .gi -a-W ws --f V1 , - A V g w . uv -- H -4 Eif' " ' . ' '-If' " - ' 14, w ev - W -" - ' , . I . L. A v l 1 .uBAh...:. ,.., .. 'pgw -4 N I N Y 1 1 .X -i S LA 'K CLASS RECORD if W 2 V M Qjfigj S C 9 fix Q L02 , X '56 lzllllulsnil My L' W4 Jw 9 1 1p,1g1gQ! ,,f 1 JI lllllll llllllllU11!Ill'Tlllll'IlWllUIIlllIlllII l f I I MJ M Ln' llulllllllIll'lI'lxlXlHl4 ,,l,,..l.a. If H gf? rx I El :RX Z,-i.x-.T,-v--y1'aa-!f- I ' irq iw, Fi" v W A 'zilqxfqagfd JU E 1928 ll9'leu1+vlelI?lu'-l::a-9-us-uevuemQ-we-:aq:u-gpg-p,.ge,,.e..,E.,,,..,,, Jn 'k xy gf an 3 V 1 : Q! EQ Q Q Q ' Q - C N , F f .ff 1 N W? J , ff Q Q N ' il W? M Q Q CLI f ' f 1 f fo U Q A . W W V 5 : H ,,j" 'WII 1 I' 1 f--5: A Ivo., 2 E Q? fl? I ' JP. wff9i3-,.. v I I 9' lm PMIIYAIE'-Elgmihufg' 4'-. C2 Q L L. 1, I - HI, . i F . , X x , Y 4 IL- .X - I 'Mi' ,1 ,.Qfe4l'kfvfjx'P1..y i' WW'P11 I E ,!.l.lL,1.:1,5,Hif1gImV ' ' A U! : z -WiiziwifiFllitlfffw' y5'T'VW1-' "1,f-f1'5fqg -5, M 0 U '1:!'!.-5. ---- ' .' i-41 P.: 'ln lf, 11 , AI W ,LI :ffl ,T xy 'I' Q F IJ Y U f 'I A fi., lI e,ufg. 11m, J 'V-1 g 'Y I Q .:bI!!1EI 2.15. sim. ,II ,V 1f'713"IfZ'miitigglxiixgdglf 'Eiga : 5 xi Q Q 1 W u:- ' - q Q1n 'ifflfii !l:T ',l1r.,,, dxf W 1+' M? M? .31 ff Q ff' - 5,16 ., N' 11 'H' " ' -1 'L I f U dw - -1 K-ff ., ,, '- wlh. - A.,. . 1' H U 0 f 'gf ' 'X-1 ' 4f X f' .V - 'X E Q - ', x I. ' " , 2 "5 - Lis E fi Taxi 4 VL-J ' if 7- 5-f ix -ff! f . X 'l"'. . Aim- - S l w-1 . ""'P""Y" ' Q wb 'J ' Q, In A -, , 4' 2 Q '11 5 ,f X 1 X N- 4' X N f Q : xg? i 9 E Q E 9 Q Qi' Q Q xp X f Q ,'. , Y 6' - , W V 4 i Y i W - H i in Vw Y. .OK Wbxh N I kr' U1 Jlaillniltillillil.iggqc-ol1i1ln.iili0Dxqulu-al i1lls-.MSIOQ-m u Ku :Q 'M H H 3 x 2 W . ,X 'F ', , ig,, , K, ,, A 4 Q is 5 433 X '23 1421 EJ? X 5 I x XXX- - 3 , Sa, wi K3 x v T wo FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL , ,HV yi ,xr CLASS OE-1 392.3 Mable ni Clllnntents Page Dedication . . . . 5 Faculty .... 6 Class Picture .......... 8 Record Book Committee .... . . 10 Class Officers .......... . . 11 Executive Committee .... . . 12 Editorials .......... . . 13 Scroll ...... . . 17 Tree Oration .... ..-. 7 7 Section Pictures . . . - . 78 Class History . . . - - 83 Prophecy . . . . . 89 Activities . . . - - 95 Clubs ........ - - 99 Organizations .... - - - 119 Senior Committee . . . - . - 122 Sports ........ - - - 127 Th ree V K 1 w X N N , ,, ,,,J F p ,A. -. M.L t Z1Behicatiun Gin George Qlhin Sanuk, our gums ant frienh mba has gihen with unstinteh geal his utmost Iahurs for nur welfare, tue hehirate this hunk. Five be Jfacultp Mn. G. ALVIN SNooK, Principal Mn. Tuoims Mooius, Acting Principal Miss EMMA Rorn, Assistant Principal ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Dr. Charles XV. Mc-adowcroft Miss Irene S. Eldridge Miss Marguerite B. Evans Mr. Earl S. Hargreaves Mr. Clifford Horrocks Miss Delphine A. Lanning Miss Anna C. .Lee Miss Dorothy Malzer Mrs. Bessie 1-I. Markley Miss Marion McMaster Mrs. Ruth IV. Miller Mr. Richard M. Motley Miss Amelia R. Mumford Mr. Gabriel A. Phillips Miss Margaret Reed Mr. Lewis G. Sterner Mr. Charles F. Troxell Mr. Carl F. Wise Miss Ilelen Ziegler MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. Thomas Moore Miss Minnie Bernstein Miss Margaret Bittle Mrs. Florence Y. Bishop Mr. WVilliam H. Boerrkel Mr. George Ebheeke Miss Gertrude C. Ellis Mr. YValter B. Greenwood Miss Margaret Kerr Miss Elizabeth S. Lackey Miss Ethel Mf. McAllister Mr. Clarence L. S. Raby Dr. Xvayne Sensenig LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Dr. NVilliaxn J. Long Mr. Benjamin E. Biswanger Mr. Raymond A. Biswanger Miss Alta Grace Ellis Miss Caroline I.. Gruhler Mr. Martin Sherwood Johnson Mrs. Kathryn MOC. Jones Dr. Arthur C. Jordan Mr. Charles J. Kunz. Jr. Miss Lora A. Marsh Mr. Ilenry J. Meder Mr. Chester Arthur Sittig Miss Genevieve WVilson HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mr. Price B. Engle - Miss Ethel May Burnett Mr. Michael WV. Fiseh Miss Lillian S. Glass Miss Dorothy E. Gleeten Miss Mildred Goshow Mr. Joseph M. Gottsehalk Mr. Andrew S. Haines Miss M. Elizabeth Jones Mr. Samuel Hunter Kurtz Mr. James McClintock Mr. Charles R. Nichols Miss Mary E. Purcell Miss Margaret Thorpe SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Dr. Franklin B. Carroll Miss Mary E. Bacon Miss Gladys Bulmer Miss E. Alva Campbell Mr. Martin D. Fetherolf Miss Irene E. Fort Sir Miss Bessie G. Hanley Miss Mae E. Harveson Mr. Amos J. Heinly Mr. Robert Kunzig Mr. Arthur XV. Lowe Mr. Edwin F. McG1ynn Dr. Sarah P. M. Robb Miss Marion B. Savin Miss Edith A. Sprowles Miss Evelyn T. Yvliy COMMERCE DEPARTMENT Mr. XVilIiam B. Nichols Mr. George E. Alleman Miss Elizabeth R. Eynon Miss Ross-ina C. Gillman Mr. Russell XV. Hargreaves Mr. Joseph Klein Miss Elmira R. Lippincott Miss Anastasia 'W. E. Lyons Mr. IValter E. Mansley Mr. George E. Mumford Mrs. Ada T. Baby Miss Helen J. Saile Mr. Frank YV. Streit Mr. Albert B. 1IVraaght INDUSTRIAL AND FINE DEPARTMENT Mr. YViIlian1 Saile Mr. Harry II. Bonner ' Mrs. Katherine O. Bowers Mr. IValter J. Cole Mr. Norman R. Day Mr. Clarence L. Garwood Mr. Theodore C. Humphreys Mrs. Mary R. Kitchen Air. Charles B. McCann . r. ARTS C. Russell Murphy Miss Edith B. Thompson Mr. C. Elmer Thumlert Mr. Lynford J. Williams Mr. Ralph B. Yonker PIIYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Ellwood A. Geiges Mr. J. Ilarry Ashton Mr. Harry N. Barfoot Miss Joanna B. Fritz Miss Martha Gable Mrs. Louise D. Reichelt Miss Emma H. YVhitaker MUSIC DEPARTMENT Miss Lucia A. Heyl Mr. Forrest R. Newmeyer HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Miss Ruth E. WVi1son Miss Louise Druding LIBRARY Miss Czarina M. Hall Mrs. Elsinore Russo OFFICE FORCE Miss Mary D. Brennan Miss Margaret G. Butler Miss Reba M. V. Hass Mr. Clarence S. Wilkinson IVilIiam Donovan, Chief Engineer Charles H. Stanert, Assistant NVilliam C. Bohanan, Electrician ,. 1 i --'ff 'N'M'rf' " "U TN 'ANS ' 'V ' ' ' " ...,, , N,, Fi' " I1 eff:-, rvfM?i2:-wif:ish:fT:i51:ff2S'oif"r+:'f:Q-515 - 1-L' KT , E 1 Q: 'fl riifff fi- 1173 55 "fiE'?ffQ-ff f 5 f '-,3:5f-q1- '-yr + 3 -' ' ' " ' S 35.35 1, g3tgy-o.,, N . W , ,-.g,N.,o,,.--- N . .. -....-- , if iii, , , I Y .VAL 71 gif gg- irq Y :nf-2 ff 4 3-5 , gl 1 3,1 1 ,sr-E4 g?lfa:QXi X-ii'fi ,zallrf sf' '-if ., . -, 1 ,fi HQ' f 9--51:5 E Y Y -' Vw y 'FL' V':l.3:f,93 :. .. , . , , R o , . . - .. . -. , ' 1 'wi -ff- Q-f-RJ -I '?11'Z'Q'I,' """'ff X5 254111 i 1 . kg . , xl i ' - - ,.1 L., AQ LCIIQIQ? gi? if :sg Lqizxxsrf-:ji 'of' we i 1 - ' v A 31:5 I L tip X -,ig "Ulmn1'e u'ill inof do flu: work. Chanoe swirls ihc ln'00:'f' .' Bu! if the pilot slumber at thc hcl-m. Thi' :Try wind fha! u-diffs us You-urris tho port .Huy dash- us ou- the xhr'l1'c's. The sI0v1'sn1.u11's parf is riglilurlvr, Blow it rough or smooth." -Sir 1Vallr'r Svoff. Eavh mr'mln'r of thi' gradzluliugl vioxx has bmw: in groin? measure fhr' stevrsnznn of his Oll'Il Graff. If you have lcrzrnvd fhat rrigilrrimcf and -not vhauvc is the important thing, fhvn we fool that our work and your work have bolh been well Ilona Tnoxms RIOORE, .blciiny Priiu-ipal. , L, . "Employ Ihy time izvvll, if thou meanest to gain- loisurr: and siuvc thou are not sure of a nziuufv, Ihrouv not almy an hour. Leisure is lime for doing soumthiiug useful.: This leisure thc rliligmzl! num- will obtain, but the luzy man, imrcr: for rx life- of leisure and a life of laziness are hro 1h-ings." EMMA Rofm. Assisimzf Prinoipnl. Soren Eight 1928 CLASS OF JUNE, ,f - . if A V- Q ,vw-Qia4sL:i,Lf1:s ze erik: ' .Y--:...:...4.,-'LJW .g..Xf: - 5 --2-4-:J fn- 75- - -sf:-1--S---,L-af: -1 ,iHEf2,lL3-x.4-- ' five' A fs is . . 15-1 -1 sf. cfs Q' e Q- e.,,.Q..f5iFs: is 1 Q if ii Q.. - 2 .. e, .... ,. ..,,-.,.... High sehools used io be small. eourses fear. and opporiunities limited. Graduation brought the satisfaefion of aiiaining the 'unusual-new opportunities. the joy of diseovery. Now we do not sujfer from a laek of possibilities. but fi-nd ourselves lzewildered by the nzuliilude of ihenz.. I hope. llou'ez'er, fha! 1"raukford is not merely a great building lrith nzueh equipment, a collee- tion of pictures and an organ. but that the spirit of Frankford has been definite enough and per- sonal enough lo give rneanina fo it all.-that '1l?'i1ll a lore of ihe beautiful. a haired for wrong, and a firm faith. in righi, you may hare the key fo fhose opporfunif-ies best suited to each of you. and that many pleasant memories of Frankford shall be deep u-oreu in- a very happy future. Douwrux' E. GLEETEN. Adviser. The zwperienees of mankind shou' ihaf happi- ness is obtained noi by the possession of u'eal1'h. nor' of fame, nor of p0ll'Pl', but that if -is found in the enihusiastif' pursuit of high ideals. Noi the obtaining of u thing. buf the striving afier if. ihat only, is u'orfhu'hile. Seek not eonleninnent in aehiereinenfs easily aiiainedj look uoi for happiness in lou' ideals. Rafher, sirizfe for noble ihings. and ieiih high purpose seek then: aut. Then, are happiness, eonfenfnzent and joy assured. 4EDWIN F. MCGLYNN. .-ldzfiser. Nine Y--K .. gs-N -we va' .J RQLYNNJ EE ei-3 L N1 -4 4.44, ,L , :,Q:.,.,:.e...,-MLe -. --.X ...V ,,e,.,....-,,.,,,.4 ef- f I-?,.ilw . V: i w , , 795. iii: Heffel 1 , '-...fiaiif LQ1- X ' X . ,,. CL? 'gl X! ggi il -I CQ " ' rim-Qi f . ,. e h A V- e-e,-,.,, A ., e . o.e..-o.-.,,, S!53,5?::,N..-,E,-,.-,yY,.v,-,g,,1:.,k,..:.,:,44,-gf .544 ,N , ,noel , -I H, , 5' 1 ,Le f W,-, Loggi-y if are Q., ex., , , .ef ...- , , U. ,K . ,H ,. . - . . f A gp.. M,,,g.,,,e--,..,-e.,,.,.....,,-,........----.--.-,--.,- --.,.,,.A.....,,,. MM., .- ,k,,v,.,,.,.,,,..,..... gf-. wk Record Book Committee lhwr. KENu.xLL, lfditor-in-Chief XIARGARET BROMILEY, Associate Editor ANNA Cuosslxx, .rlrf Iidiior Enwsucn RENER, Assistant Art Editor ALBERT SCIIULZE, Business Manager . N ARDELL bIIADLE, .-ldrerfising llcmogor ClIAR1.Es SPANGLI-IR, Circulation Jlunuger IIARRY Bl-:NsoN Il14:1.11:N CONNOR IIAIWEY CORCORAN Lqllomwu EN'l'WIS'l'l.E I-IORACE FENTON BIIXNIE IJXRY IIARRY KOFF BIILTON BIACDONALD I-Isnm :REDDiN RIIRIAM REEVE EDNA ILENQUF LE01-01.11 SENDER FREDA SPENCE ELI-:ANOR IVIILIIORN DOROTIIY WORK Tm 4 . I 'f' ' X s' vi K.: Q '+..vL AW.. L.. Lg - ' aa 4:3 . . V., f -X xv ,im-A ylrbl Y - ii Y- MV- V-Mx , -- fe 4- -5 -1, -,+- - -- 1 - W.: . ,grx-,:,,-,, 5 Y-Q,i.'-gg gg,,3- fu Q Q: T1 GN wi ie TT-S" -pf -ef -1 e if wg cfs ee V 1 R-9 .5 ' .Lf H 5' P fd iiigtiff ff 55- - 1- 1 'fl'f7ff7Tl'f'f"ffTf7IZ -- f+'f '-'- - ' Nw- 'if -4 ' ...e. TN 'L,e,- - ,rrwrzaty Executive Committee Jonx Coxxmz, President M1l.D1u-in lIU1"1'. Vice-15-csident E'1'm:L Ilonsox, Serretury Cn.uu,x-zs S1-,xNaI.m-1, Treasure-r Jonx KAczM,xn I'lowARn DENN PAUL BROWN L'11ARL1-:s RIACIYONOUGII FRANKLIN Btzlw Tutvlrv I Myne-sule'o0lell1?vl"Minerle'-ol?llef1nie-:asvlibislrzweleeilerlleflleul g f , , 7 i 'y': or-x f" :iv Y. ' 5 YD k-I lluilluvwinin.-we lCiICill ll'ill use Ilzllinltiillilh-Silitk 1 ll Q is EDITORI L gba 6 Lf' Bur Senior Ulierm 1 y THE most enjoyable term of all-our final one. Everyone in the class has at last become acquainted and we seem to be one big family. lVe have come to know our teachers better and value highly their friendship. Miss Gleeten and Mr. McGlynn seem to be more like members of the class than advis- ers. VVhi1e busy on lessons we have, nevertheless, had opportunity to enjoy the many social events that come crowding into the last few months, months that will scarcely be forgotten even though the years of life be long indeed. It seems, in some measure, unfortunate that just when we have reached the desired goal, the culmination of years of striving, the class must disband, each member to go his separate way. Some will go to college and there establish new friendships while progressing more or less painfully through the stages from freshman t.o senior. Others will leave text-book lessons forever and will go into the business and industrial world, there to grapple with the problems of life immediat.ely. But wherever we go, no matter how far distant, no matter' what line of endeavor we may pursue, however far apart we may be, we shall never forget our stay at Frankford and though reunions may become more and more infre- quent and though we may seldom see a classmate, nevertheless in thumbing the pages of this our RECORD Book we can and will refresh our memories of these the happiest days of our lives. May we in parting hope that we have not been entirely selfish and that we have left some little impress for good on the traditions of the school. May we at this time thank Mr. Snook, Mr. Moore, and Miss Roth and the faculty col- lectively and each one in particular for their efforts in our behalf and for their kindly interest in us. mr. merge Zllhin Sneak A BIAN whose heart and soul are in his school-such a man is Mr. Snook. Under his guiding hand Frankford High School has grown from a small school to a very complicated organization. But this much any intelligent, Tl1i1'fCFPI, ' "" Y- ff --- -1-.1-.-.ff .1-- fv- 5 H, ,fs-f'ff f -ff., '-'- vfffesw- ,Vs ., - 'I 7 e '5 .af asc? Q.JK2:.JX--gfpi-'k.3i?x-isis-B .3 "BENQ 'U iW'iLjIt'i af L-sql k sf -6 'ibikfirf - .- ea e- sf - es, 1 N. ,Q .. , ,... .. T, n K g e: - ' -.u ' .. Q - 'fr '- ,. ,. 1 , .. . . s-...,,g.......-,....,,. -, T - ., ., . ,, W 53- vf ..,yr.i ,, i 6:13 sf as-11,, T' ein - el -. ' Li' Li.. "if'f' -751 tvs: conscientious man might have done. To his school Mr. Snook gave much more, he imparted to it a soul. In those early days when the school with its limited enrollment was housed in a gusty, often smoky, old and dilapidated building, Mr. Snook and his few co-workers sought to implant ideals which should grow into tradition and which would serve to guide pupils of generations still unborn. Mr. Snook endeavored to make his school something finer than a mere place of learning. Admiring the traditions and the spirit of many of the fine old private schools, he endeavored to create a like spirit at Frankford High. That he succeeded is evidenced by the fact that our school stands out, today, unique among the high schools of Philadelphia in many fine respects. In those early days he implanted in the hearts of faculty and students an enthusiasm which today is not dimmed. One needs but meet an alumnus of the Old Guard to realize how intimately the school was associated with the individual and how the influences imbibed there have become part and parcel of his very being. Splendid as is that fine structu1'e, the present Frankford High School building, far more splendid is the spirit within its walls. Starting with a stu- dent enrollment of about three hundred, the school has grown in numbers and in excellence under the wise, enthusiastic, ever loving care of hir. Snook. Today the fine organ, the splendid murals, the attractive pictures, but most of all the fine feeling of restraint on the part of the student body, the respect for the rights of others, the spirit of good will and co-operation between teachers and students, all these are evidences of the success of Mr. Snook's hopes. Such an atmosphere may indeed exercise a greater influence for good in the lives of the student body than that learning which is obtained from books. lVe have taken advantage of Mr. Snook's temporary absence to voice in our limited fashion some appreciation for what he has given us. VVe hope and pray that his present illness, may be of very little longer duration and that he may soon again return, in robust health, to the school to which he has given so much of his thought and energies. The Grgan UNE of the most outstanding and significant events in the four years of our high school life was the installation of the organ. This memorable event occurred on Friday, June 11, 1926. Never shall we forget those first strains of music-of course it was the school song-played by Mr. Forrest A. Newmeyer, who had worked unceasingly for this great event. Another mile- stone in the history of Frankford High was passed that morning when the organ in all its beauty was seen and heard by students, faculty and many prominent educators, including Dr. Broome and Mr. Joseph Catherine. The organ contract was signed, Friday, October 16, in the assembly. The organ cost S1-l,000 of which only 39,000 was available, saved over a term of Fo u rfeen class s raft, asses V - was - 1 - 1 ' 4, . 'es ., ,W .k.,. 1 ,, .,,h.s,, --:::- jg-,L-Q' , ,Ja ff-.3.,.-, .-ez:-as-:grwfg -,Q-'s:.'36Qf . , . - -' Ss I s i , , 'fflff ' f?:1YL1t'foi?! ' years from Board dues. The rest of the money the students agreed to raise by contributions. The Fathers' Association, always to the fore in the matter of giving to the school, contributed generously to the fund, as did many of the graduates and faculty. During the month of installation our curiosity could scarcely be restrained. YVe heard llilll1lIlel'lI1gS and bangings, saw immense piles of boards, mortar and bricks, the stage was always dusty and a great draught contin- ually bellied out the curtains. Finally, however, the great day arrived and another dream was realized. Ghz Staineh Glass winhnms IDRACTICALLY all of the space available for murals was occupied by the end of last term, but this did not mean that our collection of art work could not continue to grow. In order to further the beautification of the first Hoor corridor, the class of February, 1928, contributed two hundred dollars to estab- lish a fund for purchasing a stained glass window. Soon afterward the Student Board announced that it would purchase and install the first window. This work of art represents Egypt's contribution to civilization and continues liir. Sinnock's series, of which the murals form the first part. This window was installed during the Easter holidays, 1928. F ol- lowing the short vacation, groups of students could be found at all times of the day admiring the distinctive design and the beautiful coloring. Already Frankford High boasts of a main corridor without peer in the city and on completion of the plans for beautification, it is safe to say, no school in the country will have a finer one. The class of June, 1928, hopes that by adding to the sum given by the preceding group it will hasten the day when another one of the windows in the first floor corridor will be filled with beautiful stained glass. what Clthents DURING our four years' stay at Frankford we have seen the school grow from an institution of moderate enrollment to one with a student popula- tion numbering over twenty-five hundred. VVC have seen the school day ex- tended so as to include ten pe1'iods and then by readjustment reduced to one of eight periods. The separate boys and girls assemblies, on Mondays and Vtfednesdays, respectively, with the general assemblies on Fridays have been abolished in favor of two mixed assemblies on Fridays. The irregular third periods have been made of standard length. VVe have seen old friends on the faculty leave for high positions in the educational world and have welcomed new teachers to Frankford who in return have become our good f1'iends. An old institution, the monthly Pioneer was Fifteen, i 1 -.J - - - e ,ef , iff f' f-1-yas..-ffeszefft-3.1m - zsaessgpwfgffgf -:if-,1 geese: ees:-i...f ...e.e-2.45 ..--'gif any erases exe swiss, s ae T T discontinued to make room for the weekly, the Frankford High- lVa,y. The Pioneer, however, still survives as a literary journal issued but once a term. 1 During these four years the pictures about the school have increased in number by several valuable additions. The fernery on the boys' side of the building has given a line finish to what was a bare corner. - The clubs have increased in number and interest. The House and Grounds Committee has continued its unique work in keeping the school clean and fresh looking. In athletics we have not Won many championships except in the girls' sports, but at all times our teams have shown sportsmanship and fight. Interclass and intersectional athletics have developed very much. And so there have been many developments and we feel that they have made for progress in these our four years at Frankford. Q Q wuts nf Zlpprenatiiuu 1 Frankford High School is blessed with a faculty the members of which deem it no hardship to give their time in generous measure to the many student activities. After school hours, on the athletic field or in the gymnasium, teachers of the various departments may be found coaching varsity teams or encouraging inter-class contestsg in the auditorium, they may be seen, through- out the year, directing rehearsals for the many class and club plays which are given in assemblyg in the classrooms they may be discovered at work with committees and with clubs, advising and encouraging students in their special interests. - " Typical of the willingness of the members of the faculty to help in student activities is the valuable aid rendered the graduating class by many of the teachers. The class Wishes to thank in a special manner Mr. Williams, Dir. Murphy, Mr. Kunz, Mr. McCann, Mr. Troxell and Mr. Mansley, who have rendered great assistance in the activities of our senior term. Skvfeen L af 44.4 QIIQQIIQUIISNSQIIQIIQQ5ls'-l02llgml?su11lg:1eE0?-still9-Il!-'1Il-wil -213 vpn- fn.- '1 x , 'tid if XE 6 5 I I I I , E r I 11 X mwll l.u"f'- ln:-mm. bmufilx Q' N ..3,S2':5 W ' I -QIIIL -32:32, x"Nx L Q71 X is Q if 5 1 Q Q Q fx N 1 Q 'JJV5-2' 4i5,:'b f E f 4 Q 2 ww 4 : mm ' . 7 g Z 3Q I : XE lyx Ang x Q n L I X Q K am I ' 5 3 f 1 if J" ' ' W! Vw : 'N W 'f'! ' 3 i Y 2 1 Q - 5' VUm?? - ff L , N"1' "" 'Fifi' 2- 62- i' N- N 3 if jj-X 15, E s -', 'f " I' 4-k .lg 3 11 - .-A X if-if ig ' gf Q H- -X ' ' gi S L Q I llirkill llfihCilbil1:l4ilNiDllliOl-ilbillillfflhbll lIilllTLmK ,.,,., ssifsss..-:-me-Q.,5s.,igei, fe, gg- -- If A .V Y. .- - 1 W- ff is swf - - -. - A W . :i....s...4Yr -- - :ig . I 1 ,. L iggsv,-cig, ,EAW rl.:-.siigis-f,?,:.i, - 'fs-K ss, km L CLAS S 'Mc' A if. -is ze ,. .-X nf ..- x. e Q il Q a .ex 'Q t.. 1, K E r 3 f W ' ---Q..-r ,far axe--.. .. ... '1 - f J---,Q T-, , -15-:f ss-s ss .,., Q5 U, , we ifrifiil fi Pi s.1..i,,..w,..,.-W., s MARGUI-IRITE ANZONETTE ACKER GOT Arthur Street Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Margie is the typical athletic girl who finds her chief delight in sports. She was a member of the varsity basketball squad from F to A. Margie does not conline herself to one sport. She has also been on the varsity volleyball team, and, as a member of the Swimming Club. earned her life-saving award. Margie has received her numerals for her excellent work. STEPHEN AUGUST ADAMS 2362 Orthodox Street Entered from Henry YV. Longfellow School. Academic Xlihen Stevie arrived with the shipment of Freshies in September, '24, his interest in various activities about the school began. He made ll name for himself on the bowling team, but confesses on the quiet that, of all in- terests. pocket-billiards is his hobby. I-Ie has set Penn as his objective. Chemistry Clnbg Engineering Clnbg Latin Clnbg Math- ematics Clubg Bowling Club. JOHN WERNER ALFREDO 2-18 lVest Olney Avenue l-Entered from Alexander ,Ba 'he-School. Mecllllnic Arts Al 's largely resp sible at tildshocessfhi entegliini ment? given during e last f " 'ea'rs. . lVith the help of A.ii3gl,ocE. he lfiS.1ll'l'2lllg'8Cl fic lighting for the Som 1 'hskxn presentations, tudenti' assemblies, Dads' nffee .i gs, and otheu events in tlie auditorium and gym- n .ll n. ln painting and -setting up scenery his aid has been invaluable. 4 ' X . President, Sock and Baskin, B and Ag.German Clubg Philatelic Societyg Commencement Committee. HARRY LESLEY ALLEN S50 East Thayer Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Mechanic Arts Ilarry's activities at Frankford have been divided be- tween athletics and clubs. 'Ile played a sterling game for his class in the lntersectional Football League. last year. Ilis athletic ability is not confined to football, however. for he has served the school as a member of the track team. Engineering Club. Eighteen H ., .. ,. A I 'D O g g CLASS eE'UN.s:.. E923 aa se fsfiffl 551 at iii-IBF' V es' 11 ,z.z f 5 ' ' ' ' ' ""'-""""'S""' 'x"""" 'r"" CLARA ANGERT -1929 North Eighth Street Entered from ' lVest Philadelphia High School. Commercial Clara is an earliest student and a regular pal. lVhile reserved in bearing, she has taken an aetive part in the club life of the school. Clara is well known for her ability to "trip the light fantastic." Much is expected of her in the business world, which she plans to enter on graduation. Commercial Clubg German Clubg Ilouse and Grounds. XVILLIAM KNOWLES ARNOLD Q 5908 Jackson Street Entered from Henry NV. Lawton School. Academic Bill belongs to that group of Seniors whichgregularly made its rounds asking the fruitless question "Got any dues?" In spite of this very unpleasant duty, Bill re- tained his old friends and by virtue of his cheerful dis- position gained many new ones. Bill intends to enter the business world upon graduation and we know that he will win a name for himself. President. Bowling Club: Demagoguesg House and Grounds: Finance Committee. HAROLD ARSHT 3220 Kensington Avenue Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Commercial XVhen all the dignilied Seniors have their wrinkled brows bent over books in laborious study and when ex- aminations are taking their dread tqll, there can he found one serene and untroubled soul. Harold, with philosophic calm, whispers, "NVhy worry?" Fencing Club: Commdrcial Club: Organ Clubg House and Groundsg Dance Committee. CHARLES EDNVARD BALLEISEN 4706 Hawthorne Street Entered from John Marshall School. Mechanic Arts Bally is a quiet unassuming fellow. Small in stature he justities the aphorism, "Good goods come in small packages." Bally has done excellent work on the Student Board. He intends to pursue higher education at Drexel Institute. Student Board. Nineteen, 1 ,nn ' "' ' W Y - 1 -Q CLASS GEF 15 HS 2. S y ,a, B 55 ?' . . v c ' E .- ARTHUR MANN BARNES. JR. 5009 Saul Street Entered from John Marshall School. Mechanic Arts Art has a very happy attitude toward life. I-Iis joy- ous and care-free manner makes him a favorite among his classmates. Art is somewhat undecided as to his future course, but we advise him not to worryg he'll succeed. Bowling Clubg Triangle Fourg House and Grounds. ROSE BARON 4276 Frankford Avenue Entered from Mclntyre School. Commercial Quick-witted Rosie is the life of the class. I-ler store of keen words rarely gives out. Her carefree manner has won her many friends. Rosie is fond of athletics. After school she may be found at, Bill Kogen's, where she serves as an etiicient stenographer. After graduation Rosie will become Bill's regular steuog. Commercial Clubg German Clubg Mathematics Clubg Reporting Club. HERBERT JEROME BASS 2072 East Albright Street Entered from Jones Junior High School. Academic Herby is not content to gain 11 mere passing mark in his studies. His many E's and G's testify to his ex- cellence as a scholar. Notwithstanding his efforts in study Herby has found time for athletics and was a member of the cross-country and track teams, Art: Club: Sock and Basking Ilouse and Grounds. HARRY C. BENSON, JR. 112 lVest Gale Street Entered from James R. Lowell School. Academic Our class seems to be rich in members quiet and popular. Benny says little, but in class very few are better prepared. The success of the RECORD BOOK may be ascribed i11 part to Harry. who worked very hard to prepare many of the write-ups. A. A. Represcntativeg Manager, Tennis Teamg RECORD Bo0K Committee: Latin Clnbg Music Clubg Ye Monksg Recipient of Schmidt Scholarship. T wcnty U ses g , s ,,ag,,,--.f:,-.,,,f,,s,,:,sas.fsQ:fzA ,- is-safest.. .9 f"'f ,. .. ., A.,e ,A i as .3 sh. x?f'-'iw JACK THOMAS BERRY 1854 East VVeusley Street Entered from John H. lVebster School. Academic The chief diversion of Legs is found in duelling. Dur- ing almost any morning advisory in all our four years' stay, he might be seen engaged in bloody combat with pencils to represent swords, sabers, daggers or what you will. However, as may be seen below, Legs had many other interests. Cross-Country Team: Track Team: Photography Committee: Engineering Club: Art Club: House and Grounds. ANNE MARIE BIELER 4814 North Fifth Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Anne is a very active girl and like most of us she enjoys a good time. Always cheerful and full of fun, Anne is quite helpful. especially in times of need. She enjoys talking over old times upon meeting any of her grammar school chums. Anne intends to continue her education at Temple. Christmas Party Representative: Mathematics Club: House and Grounds. JOHN R. BILL, 3RD 1024 Fillmore Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Billzie is one of our models, but not an imitation of the real thing. Although he is quiet, he is quite the fellow for everything, an asset to his class, and a real friend. His activities are varied, but he seems to iiud his major interests in athletics and club life. Vice-president. Circle Twelve: Assistant Manager, Football: Dance Committee: Sock and Buskin: Ye Monks: House and Grounds. EARL JOSEPH BILLINGSLEY 6114 Jackson Street Entered from Henry YV. Lawton School. Mechanic Arts Tarzan is long, lean and lanky, but he is one of the most popular fellows in the class. Some day we expect to see him on the Keith Circuit, for we all remember his acting in the B play. His athletic endeavors have varied from section to varsity teams. .Cross-Country Team: Track Team: Photography Com- giitttie: Mathematics Club: Engineering Club: Ye on 's. T weozty-one I l ullQ1IllllZlg?ll?l I e lv 1 ' assess oe' swiss asze DOROTHY LILLIAN BIRCHER 7-134 Palmetto Street Entered from Kennedy-Crossan School. Commercial Dot is the little lady who is always around where there is typing to be done. As a result of her ability as a typist, she has won the silver and gold Royal awards.. Dot does not devote all her time to typing, for she IS an active member of many clubs. Board Representativeg Christmas Party Representa- tive: Commercial Clubg Iliking Clubg lVriting Clubg Ye Tale Tellers. ELIZABETH ANNE BISPELS 240 lVest Albanus Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Betty is carefree and determined to get the best out of life. Nothing ever worries her, for she simply won't let it. With all her independence, Betty is exceedingly kindihearted and is always willing to lend a helping iam . Commercial Clubg House and Grounds. FREDERICK STOREY BLEUIT 1138 Wakeling Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Sto is certainly a fluent talker. So voluble did he be- come at times that it was necessary to tiud some means of limiting his tiow of words. Otherwise our under- standing lagged. Sto has been active at Frankford in many lines and as manager of the football team he per- formed notably. Baseball Teamg Senior Morning Committee: Bowling Clubg Mathematics Clubg Philatelic Society. ALVIN GEORGE BLOCK 214 East Tabor Road Entered from Olney School. Mechanic Arts lVe are not sure just where Al got his ability to handle lights with such eliiciency, but we know that we owe to him the tine light effects in all of the plays given during the past few years. If Al is not working on the stage, he is back of the stage studying. Student Board Represcntativeg Engineering Clubg Sock and Baskin. Twenty-two to .S C S if? QUE H923 1,, Q .1ff1f1z:5.+sss.-L 4-wlfsefsc.- fe'".-'ifh-.::.,.ig:srT5s1.:a.a1' L f 9 I AN N M I sg-i' 'ey sq if if .4 ii - E ,. 4 fee: -S-at we-1--if-ww DORIS S. BOARDMAN 4809 Arendell Avenue Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Academic Doris is a good sport and is well liked by all the girls. She expects to study nursing. Since she has a calm and cool disposition, together with a pleasant man- ner, we think she will be very successful in that work. House and Groundsg Study llall Monitor. ALBERT NVILLIAM BOECKER 4848 Roosevelt Boulevard Entered from John Marshall School. Mechanic Arts Al is a star trackman. He has been a member of the track for three years, and the cross-county team has claimed his attention for two years. Al was rewarded for his splendid work on the cross-county team by be- ing elected captain of the harriers. A. A. Representativeg Bowling Clubg Engineering Cluhg Fencing Clubg House and Grounds. ISABEL FLORENCE BOERCKEL 3 XValn Lane Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Shorty is one of those intensely athletic girls. She was a member of the varsity baseball and basketball squads. Our champion volleyball team also boasted of Shorty as a member. The section has recognized her athletic ability by electing her A. A. representative. Shorty intends to continue her education at Temple. C Swinmgng Teaing Christmas Party Representative: verman -lub. CHARLES NVALTON BONNER Somerton Entered from NVatson Comly School. Industrial Charlie's most characteristic trait is his pleasant. dis- position. Ile was a leader in both sectional and club activities and served as president of the Engineering Club. Charlie intends to take up mechanical engineer- ing as a life work. Finance Committee: T-Square Clubg Sock and Baskin. fl'1renty-three gp-qv - 'se5"z:1-ferns? gf--xr: .f 1. Q--w--,f 'fxvgr--.--Q '. Y- .M-4 5 - V- - .- fs s fi' 'iw' f us, , v W W if Y -A xwbwsk A AY 'Y 'Q' FQ 'favs gi? arm Mar we Q is-f-:s'iQ"r"'W'1Y Y '- are 'ferr 'ss'TI""fZ:V 7 V Y H V 4' iii .. :A :5 Lg ENE - S--Q X- 1 52 .QAG N-5' Q S. lu kj iii: gi If me ' l X E 'W Q.. 1 Y - -if P - V ' e --Tesv-.. .2-.:4.71,,,a,: X,-, ' ,, V -1- ff-1-fi-.e-ei...eQs:--, , -1 ., EDNA MAE BORLASE 5913 Keystone Street Entered from Henry XV. Lawton Sehool. Commercial Edna is just bubbling over with life. She is always on the go and urging others forward. Edna likes swim- ming and is a member of the Swimming Club. Edna thinks dancing is "just great" and indulges in her hobby whenever she can. High ll'uy Representativeg Ye Tale Tellers. ETHEL MAE BOWEN 1321 Louden Street Entered from Perkasie High School. Commercial F is quite u typist and because of her good work she was given the Royal typewriting award and silver pin. Ye Tale Tellers have found Ethel to be a willing worker und in the A term they elected her treasurer of the club. High- ll'ay Representative: Commercial Club: Hiking Club: House and Grounds. EDNA DEBORAH BOYCE 4628 Naples Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Ed has one of the finest and most lovable Characters in the class. Perhaps because of this she was entrusted with the otlice of treasurer of her section for four terms. Everyone who knows Ed likes her and the better known, the better liked. Senior Twelve: Finance Committee: Triangle Club: Biology Clubg Literary Clnbg Mathematics Club. ROBERT PATTERSON BRAND 4257 Penn Street Entered from John Marshall School. Industrial Arts Bob is one of the fellowaifrom whom little is' heard, but his good, work in many . etivities testifies to his ex- cellence. The sueeess of our eommeneement exercises was due in great measure to the efforts of the Com- mencement Committee of which Bob was a valued member, I Iligh Hay Representative: Student Board Representa- hveg Bowling Club: Engineering Club. Tiren fy-fo ur -SF 'J' O 5 .Q . Q .. . 'cs -:sq . F CLASS. S? GUNS H3353 be HELEN EMMA BRAUNS 640 West Luzerne Street Entered from Lankenau School. Academic llelen and Elsie are nearly always together and if by chance separated they are looking for one another. Helen has been 'very active on the Birthday Fund Com- mittee and the House and Grounds, proving herself a most capable and tireless worker. German Club: Literary Club: Biology Clubg Poetry Club: I.-atin Club. MARGARET G. BROMILEY 1312 Orthodox Street Entered from Cooke Junior lligh School. Academic There is no doubt of Peg's popularity or ability. She was vice-president of the Student Board. assistant editor of the RECORD BooK and assignment editor of the Iligh llfau. Peg has been intensely interested in the school and its activities and has transmitted her enthusiasm for these to her associates. President, Biology Clubg Vice-president, Chemistry Club: Executive Committee: lliking Club: A Play. BERNARD J. BROWN 3033 Richmond Street Entered from James Martin School., Commercial Mueh of,t e sarees 'of the baseba team must be at- tributed 0 Sabe, w o served ifflo illy. If at any time the te ' - as abo . to fvave , :be would rise to the ! 1 a n si is 'll new - . n e- w a a o 1 ainstay I ' , X i oe . I by is CI u ' b of I0 lrsity soccer tt n. 0 0 Thirteen Club: House an r us: A. J 'ZKepre- sentative. 1'Al'L CLIFTON BROWN 5026 llawthorne Street Entered from John Marshall School. Industrial Arts Brownie was quite active in athletics and in social af- fairs. The class president recognized his abilities by ap- pointing him to membership on the all important Execu- tive Comnuttee. Ilrownie intends to pursue higher learn- ing at Drexel Institute. Track Teamg T-Square Club, Swimming Club: Ilouse and Grounds. Twenty-jive 5 3 uessugxigaeges-1 iii Aff N' G' Y" if ii CE' fi 'M' N' 1 fu of MYR' 'Yi S - Q :- Qsffftsse frm ' s- f f' 'i'11-'fYg-ij"i1Z- -1' 'sz '-1. gi 'xg -3- - , 1 , eq- ' V -- L- f - 1' Y' gs 1 , . A new if-as --.f Q .-ff 45 - ' 5 1.4 .- 2- e ltii ff- "f -f .if ...wifi 3 - R3 R Q.,-9 s.:.,J,' ' 59 f jj, Eg ffl, S Q Tj .Festa-gave.-ge.,-A -1--Ie----g,kf - -ff . 5 sy - ,,,..,g-sw" sf ' 'YM F' ' SAMUEL BROWN 522 East YVestmoreland Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Academic Sain is a believer in the old adage, "Silence is golden." In the physics class, however, Sam is far from silent. His section was particularly fortunate in having Sam to answer many of the ditiicult questions put by the instructor. Fencing Clubg Mathematics Clubg Vocational Art Club: House and Grounds. LISETTE ROSA BUCHSCHEIDT 113 East YVyoming Avenue Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Setz, the epitome of initiative, ingenuity, and ambi- tion. is about to leave her Alma Mater for otiice work. She has exerted a beneficial influence on us not by words or actions alone, but by her enthusiastic spirit. Commercial Clubg German Clubg House and Grounds. ALBERT CONRAD BURGER 4032 North Eighth Street Entered from Cooke Junior High- hool. Industrial Arts If yoi have fver s e1iK:Q fellow ming up Oakland street i he ning s i h a me ' t p s lips and an ev r r ' hgdh,-liis e a , on may be sur it was . ular x iid? he fellox s because of his rea ' speak well og l, Al was! member of many organizations. Track Teamg Senior Mori ing Comniitt g Engineer- ing Clnhg T Square Clubg House and Grounds. HELEN ELIZABETH BUSHEK Knigl1t's Road, Torresdale Entered from Byberry School. Academic Helen is very popular among her classmates, having been elected section president in E, D and C. She has also served on the House and Grounds and as study hall monitor. Helen intends to go Normal School after graduation from Frankford. Christmas Party Representative. Twenty-sir i A. V V V V- ---f-H -W-V-fs-1--sf,--M V..:s-- -es-ef.. -,Q-A: Q., ., :Es V, gflvV1.fs,:g-1es-f- . g.-. fig -, 'sa' ,ff-fT ga V -X - V A sl' H- -1 .,,.. U ' ' . fs ara waves ws! vs" 'sites il efgs 'FE 533' .s EV t - E . gas s . CLAS? si my my wrists, sf is W3 1 I -s-sz VV sf -.-,,..f ,V ,s,.-,mg -z-'wgmrfezsrsv-favs , -Q-Q-,L -f--1-sf.:-rises ,sn . rs ,:--seq-gy-3-pg'-.Y-Q-:LK X., . F- L! CHARLES lv. BUTLER 313 Unruh Street Entered from Q Cooke Junior High School. Industrial Arts One boy in the class who has distinguished himself by his willingness to play a joke on another and to take one, to be jovial and good uatured rather than serious is Charlie. He has been very active in all lines of sport. gaining particular renown as manager of the swimming team. Track Team: Photography Committeeg President, T-Square Clubg Ilouse and Grounds. MARIE MARY BIYTSCH 936 lVest Rockland Street Entered from Cooke' Junior High School. Academic Rie is a good friend to all and is always willing to help anyone in trouble. Singing is one of her hobbies and she has been a valuable asset to the chorus. Besides singing Rie is very interested in the activities of the I-liking Club. Senior Morning Committee: Christmas Party Repre- sentativeg Literary Club: Biology Club: House and Grounds. FRANKLIN s. Isnzn-EMM " 1658 Unity Qrletf' . V Entered from Jolni Marsltzvdl 'School. Academic 'ine Thirteen rlfhlade no mistake when they elected Buz president fm - in doing swthey selected a fellow who tll1'0llgll0lltmlg four years at Frankford High has shown agility along many lines. Buz performed excellently on t e,y,M'sity football team for two years. A Executive Committee: House and Grounds. EVELYN CATIII-IRINE CARRAGIIER 5712 North Lambert Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial u Bud is an athletic girl a11d she can usually be found in the gym. Bud was awarded a "VH for her superior playing for three years on the volleyball teams and nu- merous letters for her efforts in hockey. track and baseball. ' A. A. Representative: Trip Connnitteog Short Story Clubg Commercial Club: Swimming Club. Tll,'C'I1f1l'8l'l'0l1 sw , N 'Q 'Lge' 5, f vii 1 4 ' 'f Clilwngrskosl M3 I 13 Qty 5,5 X21 Q gg gi gf ,L W: Q53 ' Q . fy 1 fir''f'-c-'--'-f-'?-r-t-f'-'sf-11wus1f-:s1-1-r-'-f-----f-H--M-f s --4X--- ---- -1---f-My e - W-fs-------QQ 5hf"'?F -Li I 217.1 Fi "ii 'fl' E' - -g sf 1 up s'fg5rW'1 F191 f SE ETHEL NAOM1 CHAMBERS 458 Rhawn Street, Fox Chase Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Eth is a loyal House and Grounds member, having served faithfully on both the Book Room and Flower Committees. Eth is also interested in class sports- hockey. volleyball. basketball and baseball. Besides these activities, she has willingly given her services as gym eat er. Hiking Clubg Mathematics Club: Swimming Club. ELIZABETH CHORLTOX 043 Fillmore Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Charley and Vi are the two inseparables. lVhen one is seen without the other it is a rare sight indeed. VVhile not looking for Vi, Charley has found time to build up an excellent scholastic standing. Secretary, Literary Clubg Hiking Clubg Mathematics Clnbg Ilouse and Grounds. BIANCHE A. COLAMOSCA 4055 East Roosevelt Boulevard Entered from Southern High School. Commercial Bonny comes to us from Southern. but she has rapidly absorbed the Pioneer spirit. She was very active at Southern and held several responsible positions in her clams. Bobby is very congenial, and dancing is her io y. Commercial Club: Hiking Club. DOROTHY ANNA COMPTON 2010 East Ripley Street Entered from John I-I. lVebster School. Commercial Dot can be depended on to come right to the point. She has little use for verbose discussions and arguments. Dot engaged in class volleyball and basketball with con- siderable success. Commercial Club. 5l'wenty-eight . ..,.,.-J.. -. -1. - --- -ft 11- -- 'A' -'- ,. s:---f'cae- :.- 1 -1--f-ees.,-.1:,ff:-re--' - -,. 3,5 ,ff , -- Q-,q . V ,.., . --H CAS C Jails sf rfje S3 ixevsmai :- MU WA .ea :ei fflflir M K if V 'ET' ETS 'i'-'hi 1 f T' 'Y "f '14 .ff Z 2 S - -- - s H 4 -7 f -- - -- l J 'F v- -2 , I . 'i - K" --X ""!'TTS'7f'Z"'TT?ET'T:L!" Aqvir 1'T'ffEi --3.2 i-T'1::EfFfr'f!'rraf!?2"1".Jing ' K sf. 5 a A Y raft or is MILDRED LOGAN CONIIEIJL 6615 Dittman Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Mildred is well known among her classmates for her cheerful disposition. It is simply impossible to he sad when she is around. Last term, her classmates chose her to be their representative at the Christmas Party. Literary Club: Biology Club: House and Grounds. JOHN NYIIITE CONNER. JR. 1100 Wakeling Street Entered from Frances lfl. XVillard School. Academic Jack made a big hit in the play. "Seventeen," in which he took the part of lVillie Baxter. .lack's election to the Circle Twelve and to the class presidency. the high- est award within the power of his mates, were but titting rewards for his many school activities and but due recog- nition of his abilities as a leader. Sock and Baskin: Birthday Fund: Latin Club: House and Grounds. HELEN RACHEL CONNOR 4735 Oakland Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic llunkie is gifted with a sense of humor which all of the readers of the Dummy Depot enjoy. This. coupled with the ability to draw, which she possesses in marked degree, should enable Hunkie to develop into a cartoonist of renown. Magpie of Bird Club: Art Club: Hiking Club: House and Grounds. HARVEY FRANKEL CORCORAN 4603 Benner Street, Entered from Henry WV. Lawton School. Academic lVithout Harvey we would have been at a loss for the solution of some of our problems. Ile was a very valu- able memher of the High Way staff. Always quiet. un- rutlled. serious and hardworking, Harvey was an ideal student. He devoted his time to the support of clubs and school activities and in recognition of his work he was awarded the XVlSSlll0llllllg Improvement Association rize. RECORD B0oK Committee: President, Chemistry Club: peinagimgues: Latin Club: Organ Club: House and frounts. Twenty-iliac 1 l ulll?ll1ll5Illll?l A 7 CLAQS G? JUNE 'fe-he " rf ANNA CROSSAN S128 Elberon Avenue Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic anna is outstanding because of her artistic ability, for which she was elected president of the High School Art League of Philadelphia. Anna is also interested in swimming and every-week she can be found splashing away down at the "Yi A. A. Representative: Art Club, President: Senior Twelve, Treasurer. MARX CRAIG CROSSETT T750 Cottage Street Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Academic Mary has dramatic talent as was evidenced by her act- ing in the B play. Her classmates have honored Mary by electing her to the position of High lVa representa- tive and to membership on the Christmas gasket Com- mittee. She was likewise appointed to serve on the Senior Morning Committee. House and Grounds. HELEN LOUISE CROZIER 994 Pratt Street Entered from John Marshall School, Academic Helen is another of our actresses. In the B play sl1e made an excellent Gerty Gettum. Helen also took part in the Mathematics Club play. In athletics, too, Helen was very capable, having earned her "Vw for outstanding play on the varsity volleyball team. Swimming Clubg Latin Club: House and Grounds. EDNVIN AUGUST DAGES 2605 Frankford Avenue Entered from Horatio B. Hackett School. Academic Ed is always ready to cheer some gloomy spirit with witty quips and smiling countenance. Versatility is Ed's middle name. Ile has taken part in many of the nu- merous activities which the school has to offer. A member of the school orchestra, Ed has also essayed the role of actor with success. Senior Morning Committeeg President. NVun Clulig' Treasurer. Mathematics Club: Fencing Clubg German Clubg Swimming Club. 'Z Thirty ,L , in.. , . ,, ' f em ': , 5' . .. 1 , .1 asses u ' nal:-efkaxrez-.' e Y t x1m'ff:.-nfleatvgis!sfises.!2!!s:ess.2.1!.. -S 4 Qilesiilsmfr V . seg: 1.51 .,..Q4s.L:.Lf. : a r ' rw- f" rt' gg .,' -- 4 3+ we swans f V. if CLASS QE? 222.55 ' Z . fe S- HOWARD P. DENX ' -1408 Waln Street Entered from John Marshall School. Mechanic Arts Denny is another of the -qyet IEE-w 'king members of the class. His popularity it attest by 1 c lat he was elected pr iden --ofa his sectl 1 for severa ns. 11 his e ' ' ' e was chosen.a. member of the hon- . ll 'teen Club. Executive Committee: Cross-Country Team: Manager, Soccer Team: T-'Square Clubg le Monksg mouse and Grounds. LOUISE IRENE DENN 1305 Foulkrod Street Entered from John Marshall School.. Academic Lou deserves much praise for her faithful and un- stinted work as chairman of the Birthday Fund Coin- mittee. Lou has also served as study hull monitor. We assure her that her diligent and effective work has been greatly appreciated. FRANKLIN XVILLIAM DERBYSIIIRE 5232 Saul Street Entered from John Marshall School. Industrial Arts Ilere is another fellow who has taken great interest in the club life of the school. Derby was a member of the T-Square from C to A. and was High- Way repre- sentative of that organization in the final term. Ile was also a member of the Swimming Club in C and of the Engineering Club in B and A. Traek Team: House and Grounds. XVILLIAM DIGWHIRST 6022 Montague Street Entered from John Marshall School Industrial Arts Dewey has been active both in section affairs and lll athletics. He was treasurer of his section in F and U. and A. A. representative in B and A. Dewey was like- wise a member of the el-oss-country team and an entrant in several of the wrestling tournaments. Engineering Club: T-Square Club. Thirty-one I- I in is t ws- -S mfs eases oe' some tees Y i to B , so ETIIEL MARY DEWSBURY 5831 North Marshall Street Entered from James Russell Lowell. Academic Dizzy has proved her ability to make friends and to keep them, for she numbers a great many. For her bro- tieiency in swimming Dizzy was awarded the Beginners' Swimming Awn rd. Biology Club: Mathematics Club: Swimming Club. FRANK DOMINGFEZ 2126 Gritlith Street Entered from Olney School. Mechanic Arts In addition to his scholastic work Ming has found time to take part in the athletic activities of Frankford High. Football and basketball have claimed the greater part of his attention. Ming is one of the quartet which make up the Triangle Four. House and Grounds. ELIZABETH DUDLEY Verree Road, Fox Chase Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Academic Beth is well liked by her classmates, as is shown by the fact that they elected her Board representative in A. Ever since she was in E. Beth has been a loyal sup- porter of the Ilouse and Grounds. Vice-president. Girl Reservesg Bird Clubg Mathematics Club. MARGARET AGNES EBBECKE 7156 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Some day we expect to see Margaret's name in head- lines as a. great track star. She holds the very unusual record of membership on the varsity track squad during her entire sojourn at Frankford. In addition, Margaret is a very earnest worker in her studies. Mathematics Clubg Ilouse and Grounds. Th irty-t wo -A W ll?i!?'l?9lf'g5!l3?l'T"fim5?55-T!E'1l?l'l'v'5'9l""9'v"E!l""9'l3llL'!'lll.!'Hle'ul I V . .. ..,- , ,, . ,,T ..l.. - ,,,.L, ,. .e CLASS oe ...wwe sees .gf "... ...mb in-aus-an . .lu,i, Q f f ,fe-.fff+-41,fee1- , was IIILDEGARDE K. ENDERS 1223 Longshore Street Entered from llenry XV. Longfellow School. Academic Hil is one of the most charming girls in the class. I-ler ready smile has won her many friends and her gen- eral lovableness has kept them. Trip Committee: Literary Clubg Hiking Clubg Mathe- matics Club: House and Grounds. MILDRED AMELIA ENOCHS 4415 Vanliirk Street Entered from Henry NV. Lawton School. Academic Midge likes to laugh and takes keen delight in making her friends laugh with her. Midge has' been another tire- less worker on the House and Grounds Committee. Hiking Club: Biology Club. NVILLIAM HORACE ENTWIS'1'l.l'l 1911 Kinsey Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial Jnek is one of our modern skyscrapers, being well en- dowed witli legs. His lmppy-go-lucky attitude has made him popular and enables him to carry an atmosphere of fun into every gathering. RECORD Bom: Hoardg Art Club: Commercial Clabg Swimming Clubg House and Grounds. CHARLES EPPIGI. 65 Dearborn Street Entered from Horatio B. Hackett School. Academic Cholly evidently believes in the old adage that says "A loud mouth and an empty laugh are the marks of a fool," or something to that effect. In accordance with this belief we find him n quiet and mighty nice fellow. Normal School will claim Cholly's next. few years and some day he may be back at Frankford but in a very d itieren t capa city. German Clnbg Fencing Club: Bowling Clnbg Phila- telic Societyg House and Grounds. Thirty-fhrce CLASS G JUNE H923 -L.-1 Y-E sf .:.1.'.sf w-is-5--1 'iss ss - --we .- ss?-:fs af.. ,sf-ev.: e-'servant'1.-s-fx:s.sfw . ' 'Q If Q . f S ,,q., of -? MARGARET ELIZABETH FARBER 1308 Harrison Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Peg is a very quiet little mouse. so quiet in fact that one seldom hears her. She has served on the House and Grounds faithfully and was also a valued member of the Christmas Basket Committee. Peg intends to continue her scholastic work at college. Bird Clubg Hiking Club. CHARLES A. FARRELL, JR. 4033 Creston Street Entered from Central High School. Academic Charlie has not been at Frankford as long as most of us. A quiet. unassuming chap. he has devoted'much time to his' studies and as a result has forged well ahead in these. House and Grounds. HORACE I.. FENTON 823 East Dorset Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Dit is one of the most popular fellows in the class. Ile was elected to membership in the honorary Thirteen Club. Dit is a humorist and his quips were enjoyed by the teachers as well as by his classmates. Chairman, Trip Committee: Rsconu Booze Statfg School Editor. High ll'a.y,' Student Board Executive Committee: Captain. Debating Teamg Vice-president, Chemistry Clubg Mathematics Club. HILDA MAY FERGUSON 8112 D Street Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Hil is n. very serious and energetic worker. She served on the Book Room and Flower Committees of the llouse and Grounds. Class tennis also claimed her attention. Hiking Clubg Biology Clubg Mathematics Club. Tllll'f1l',l0lll' , J A , 'L , '4 - s l! E Q. ' Q! ' "i"""5:""5QS. HARRY FIELDS Church Road below Cottmau Entered from lVheatsheaf School. Academic Harry needs no introduction to any of us, for he is seen in every popular activity in the school. His play- ing on the football teams of '26 and '21 was outstanding. Harry displayed his versatility by making an unforget- table "Kami-Koo" in the B play. A. A. Representative: Secretary, Thirteen Club: Champion. Heavyweight xw,l'0Stl1llgQ Mathematics Clubg House and Grounds. GEORGE ELMER FIRTH 1802 East Schiller Street Entered from John H. XVebster School Academic XVhenever you see a crowd of fellows somewhat de- jected after an exaniixnfffoii, 'ou.Eill be pretty sure to find Geo ge otfering encouragen t. Gloomfchasing seems to be G o e's speggty. Geouieilias serveQlg2 president of the hlziglrlhntln M lub and of t1iefS'tring 3.1.4 Representatvie,l Student Boardg Latin Clubg Fencing Clubg Engineering Clubg Orchestra. EMMA SYLVANIA FISII 4620 D Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Emma is one of our songbirds. She has sung several times for the student body. Emmu's destination is Nor- mal School. but perhaps her musical talent will direct her into that field. instead. Literary Clubg Biology Cluhg House and Grounds. PAULINE FISHER Leshcr Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Polly is an ardent supporter of clubs. She has been a member of the Biology Club, the Mathematics Club, the Latin Club and the Hiking Club. Polly has also worked faithfully on the House and Grounds Committee. Photography Committee. Th irty-fire to Ni-f NES A V - 4 ggi il 4 4 1. F I ilml1e9ugne.l!!!!'lS9'--Ieslgfdgitglgeriiehltkleslsvtzlielllsmlleul 5 ' .113 -V., 5 ,sh .1-...leg 11. .rf -.,.-Y.: s.,1-,..g,.h-.pez 5, ,X , k . A K is Q W V A, . . M cLAss oe' .Feiss was ELSIE FLOTHMEIER 4860 North Howard Street Entered from Laukenau Sehool. Academic Elsie is of a sympathetic nature and therefore quite popular. She has. worked actively for the House and Grounds. In G, Elsie was awarded the Oxford Bank prize. German Club: Biology Club: Literary Club. DOROTHY MAE FREED 910 Rockland Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Dinny is a poet. She writes much, but only the priv- ileged are permitted to read the results of her efforts. Those who recall the B play, "The King's English," will also agree that Dinny is an actress. Trip Committee: Representative, Student Boarcl: Treasurer. lliking Club: Poetry Club: House and Grounds. MINNIE AMETA FRY 4912 North Fourth Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Min is outstanding in scholastic achievement. She has become a well-known member of the class, however, not only because of this but also on account of her friend- liness. Min has the enviable record of having oeen dis- tinguished every term since her entrance to the sehool. Min will enter the business world after graduation. RECORD BOOK Connnitteeg Fathers' Association Prize: Oxford. Bank Prizeg Triangle Club: Commercial Club: Reporting Cluhg Numeralsg House and Grounds. JOHN GAMBLE 201 East Gilliam Street Entered from Cooke Junior lligh School. Industrial Arts Johnny: has a personality which readily makes friends. He is not of the noisy sort, but his quiet demeanor has a magnetic appeal. Johnny was appointed to niembersliip on the Trip Committee. Engineering Cluhg T-Square Clubg House and Grounds. Th irty-sis: 'fl " , . I , ,,,,, e ,..,,.. ,3,---151,551-Eylgggll..,,,4,-, g 1. U , M CLASS es' JUNE: was 'Gia 49 RICHARD C. GATTER -1323 Benner Street Entered from Henry XV. Lawton School. Industrial Arts Dick is one of our liearties who is at home on the mat. His showing in the boxing and wrestling bouts has been very creditable. Dick has been a faithful member of the T-Square Club and was, this term, rewarded for his services by being elected vice-president. Though quiet and reserved Dick is a hard. dependable worker. CARL S. GEIGES T146 Lawndale Avenue Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Academic Lefty was a very important member of last term's soc- cer team which so nearly won the league championship. Because he was a regular, he received the coveted varsity letter. Carl was very popular among his classmates as was shown by his election to the Thirteen Club. XV1111 Club: Mathematics Club: Bowling Clubg Study Ilall Committeeg House and Grounds. JANE GELMAN , 4656 Boudinot Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Jun is a good sport: and a good friend. She is always ready to sympathize, and at the same time tries to introduce a little fun. High lifay Representative: Literary Clubg House and Groundsg Biology Club. EUGENE FREDERICK GINGLEND 7205 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Northeast High School, Mechanic Arts Gene is one of our star mermen. He has been a mem- ber of the swimming team, both here and at Northeast for- three years. Gene has not confined his activities to swnnming however. In '27 and '28 he was a member of the golf team and in '27 of the crossrcountry team. Swimming Clubg House and Grounds. Thirty-severz ew-.swf . .. l e M1 L -..ie5sfW"flE:H3..1rex:-. eff as-:,:mrfs.f:-T-qi, . .- .,..,. V 1- .. or less oe' .ssiiss-5 sez. A .i ETHEL MARIE GODFREY 4915 Penn Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Academic Etz is one of the most lovable girls in the class. She is bashful and always afraid she may be intruding, but she is liked and admired by everyone in the class, espe- cially by those few who know her well. She hopes to continue her studies at the University of 'Wisconsin. Christmas Party Representative. MARTHA MIRIAM GOLLER 31S Borbeck Street, Fox Chase Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Light hearted, happy, reliable-that is Mats all over. She is always humming a tune and greets us with some breezy remark. YVhenever we need help, we run to Martha. To these qualities we attribute her popularity. Mats goes in strong for sports, especially volleyball. A. A. Representativeg Student Board: Biology Club. CLARA HELEN GREEN 5-132 Oakland Street Entered from YVilliam Penn High School. Commercial Clara is a talented singer and is rarely Without a part for a play of some sort. She is greatly interested in sports. especially swimming, for that is her hobby. XVe are certain she is going to be one of those busy business women. Commercial Clubg House and Groundsg Girl Reserves. RAYMOND JOSEPH GROLLER 304 tlvest NVellens Avenue Entered from 'ooke Junior H' h School. ff Acacle111iC If Frankfo I ha ever had hard 'orkiifglchafl-:nan of tho House :EWG ounds, i has ole this lh the person of R jmo d Grol 1'. Ifay 11as lpn his whole heart and soul 'Rio the 'ork and tlleldresfllts are quite evident. Ray Ihr? also fit-en quite ilCf1V6 in the clubs of the school. and -vas esident of tfhe German Club. Matlematics C11 3 Ye Monlisg Chemistry Club: Art Clubg 'hilatelic ociety. ' Th irty-eight ' - V' -. 2 4.--fsss-He,.s-.ev-fe. 5 . S' g'9!i'5TfZ!lg"f"'i5"'23lE-'9"'!!5f'Gh""2"L1"" .. t o NE i938 BRONISLAW JOHN GUOKAS 412 Friendship Street Entered from Kennedy Crossan School. Industrial Arts Judging by his name, Gook is not Irish. Nevertheless he may generally be found on the green sod carrying his shillelahs.-No! golf clubs. Be it said Gook is a golfer of distinction. Gook has a fund of quiet humor which makes him an asset to any gathering. Engineering Club. RAYALLOISE HAGER 5537 North Third Street Entered from James Lowell School. Academic Itayalloise seems to be a quiet, retiring kind of girl, but when you get to know her you wonder how you could have been so deceived. She can chatter and laugh as much as anyone. Rayalloise has been an enthusiastic member of the Girl Reserves and was interested in class sports. Gym Leader. GEORGE M. HARBISOX 6620 Hegerman Street Entered from Albert Rd. Academy, Scotland. Academic George came to us in the autumn of 1926 direct from Scotland and he 'brought his dialect with him. But after we learned his language we found him to be the posscssor of a very friendly disposition. Incidcntally. we were sur- prised to learn that. he could tell better jokes about the Scoteh than the rest of us could. Scotty played on the soccer team last year. Swimming Cluhg llouse and Grounds. FLORENCE ELEANOR HARPER 4604 Benner Street Entered from llenry YV. Lawton School. Commercial XVhe-never we want something typed, we just go to Flo. She is always on the job and is always willing to help us. There is some attraction about Flo that has won us to her. She has found inter-class sports a very pleas- ing pastime and has played on several class teams. Connnercial Clubg Biology Club: lliking Club. Thirly-nine . . 1, . , , . " " " "e" """ CLASS GCE' JUNE 592.8 5 ' . "'D""""i"'a" n""' S JAMES LINCOLN HARPER 1077 Granite Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Mechanic Arts Jim made a big hit with the student body in the B play when he took the purt of the tough-Mike of da Gas House Gang. However he needed no outstanding achievement to make him popular with his mates. Jim hus a quality of inestimable valueethat of making and keeping friends. Senior Morning Committee: Orchestra: Chess Club: Fencing Club. VAVGHAN COLEMAN HAYVKSLICY 6950 Jackson Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Commercial It must seem, as one continues to read these personals. that our class is composed mainly of quiet dependable in- dividuals. XVe have some, however, who are noisy and mercurial, but Hawks is not one of these. He belongs rather with the former group. In order to devote his time more fully to study Ilawks was active in only one club. Comnlereial Club. GRACE BIRRELL HAZEL 1413 Rosalie Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Grace is another of these seemingly quiet people who fool you. However. she is very easy-going and never worries over lessons. She doesn't need to, for she al- ways manages to come out near the top. According to G1-ace's present status as a bookkeeper she will certainly be an el'lici'ent member of some iirni in the near future. Seeretary-treasurer. Commercial Club: Ye Tale Tell- ersg Ilouse and Grounds. FRANCES HENDERSON 5427 Oakland Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial I-Ienny is the other partner of Hen and Henny, Inc. TVIIGDEVQI' you see Hen, you are sure to see Henny. She always wears a smile and has the knack of chasing the blues away. Frances is going to be a secretary, but her evenings will be spent at Temple. Hiking Club: Commercial Club: Ye Tale Tellersg House and Grounds: Christmas Party. Forty ng,-isiqegiqnugsiiafuqi-Q-gianseilk:ueiggggijigiicfqg-incense-ah. VSUIZUIQHQIUIEIIESHI , . . , .. . ..,.4...:-.b..,... . V CLASS os JUNE 192.8 GEORGE A. HENNING 5318 North Front Street Entered from Olney School. Industrial Arts George's smile has been his distinguishing character- istic throughout his four years here. Much of his time has been devoted to athletics. George is quite a pro- ficient basketeer and an ardent football player. He was elected to membership in the Circle Twelve. Dance Committee: Student Board: House and Grounds. JOHN JOSEPH IIENSEL 315 Princeton Street Entered from Kennedy Crossan School. Mechanic Arts Johnny shoulii seriously consider musical comedy as a career. He wo ld make a handsome h 'ro and his voice could be expect to thrwhe au 'enee. John has been a member of thqstudontf ocal uaiffiff or several terms. Captain. Golf Team: Triangle Four: Engineering Club: T-Square Club: House and Grounds. KATHRYN IIENSEL 135 East XVyoming Avenue Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Hen is a regular livewire. At all our games, she is sure to be found in the crowd cheering for Frankford. She not only watches games, but also participates in in- ter-class sports. For three terms Kathryn, poor girl has been trying to extort class dues from her section. She is very ambitious. for she is going' to work by day and attend Temple at night. Senior Twelveg Hiking Clubg Ye Tale Tellersg Fi- nance Committeeg Royal Typing Award. GLADYS IIERSIIEY 4155 North Camae Street Entered from William Penn High-Harrisburg Academic This fair lass came to us in our Junior year from Harrisburg. Her peppy nature soon made her popular with everyone and it was not long till Glad gained 11 position socially and athletically. She became section president and a member of the basketball team. Glad surely is an all-around girl. She intends to enter col- lege in the fall. likecutive Committee: Varsity Basketball Teamg Cin-xstxnas Party. Forty-one -, fa---vi..-1, -5 ff---g ,- -- . -- -1 Ks? pq- , "Z, ,. S, K 4... if ' """'s""'e""2"?""'1-'QS' fflZ..3'l'i.,S1fil1.',.1lfi iifriziiffx wen?-i:'ies-Eriiawesgzg? :LV Y W7 Y fr-f-,-2,l,s:,,, ss k.?. f . .,,..x, , Q CLASS MAURICE HERTZMAN 333-1 North Palethorp Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. ' Academic Mash is a genial soul. He possesses a pleasant smile and a flashing eye. llowever it would not do to try to take advantage of Mush. He was Featherweight Boxing Champ in his lil term. 1 Soccer Teamg Vocal Quartet: Ye Monks: Fencing Ulubg lluuse and Grounds. MARION L. IIESS 256 lVest Nedro Avenue Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Hessie is the comedian of the class. She's renowned for her unlimited supply of good jokes, and the best thing about them is that tbeyire all new. lVe all-love I-lessie and we have made her the president of our sec- tion. l'lere's to the best of luck at Temple. Executive Committeeg Commercial Clubg 1-liking Clubg Varsity llockey. ETIIEL IIOBSON 5746 Hasbrook Avenue Entered from Benjamin Franklin. Academic To be sure. l'Itb has captured one of the highest honors of the school-that of being class secretary. Undoubt- edly it is her wonderful personality that has WOII her scores of friends. I-Ethel is one of our most capable leaders. XVben she was not the head of the Biology Club. she was president of ber section or on the Stu- dent Board. We all wish Eth oodles of success at Hood College. Senior Twelve: Pioneer Representative: Litei-a.ry Club: Triangle Clubg Mathematics Clubg Varsity llockey. CAROLINE MARY HOFFMAN 7017 Tulip Street lintered from Mary Disston School Commercial Meat is a 10070 good sport and that menus much. She is a jolly companion in work and in play. On the athletic field Meat can not be excelled. She has been on every possible team, and is the proud possessor of nu- merals :lnd letters. After graduation Meat hopes to be uS0lll0ll0IlX,S Stenogf' C0lllll1Pl'Cl!ll Club: Leaders' Plubg A. A. Representa- tive: Council Member. Forty-flro 'ix-T? this we ' 5 "" 1' fsgsf'-fa-igehgj we -, -ez-f . sf .V ,eps fs-in-. .g,, ,.- V 5 I .M f :asf .-'.eg:,v1usvs-fini? ':- F .fn--2--I gf-f ss.,- gil 3, W 'I .1 . ,, 'ET ' 'i' 34 V5 4 - 1.4 - ' .. 't .p .V ,exam pr ' .. ' f' ,'?'5f31'i ,J . 4' or , - 1 . - 1 C? ASS Q +-.SURE 395.3 H Q mv dF'V"t'i'q"'f3fEF1S'5 .fef'1'e'1':s5"Sw'sWfs- 'i Q , , , -fe ., . Y 4, , , -N A' , C. -4 . . ,.- -4. .. - - s---..---K-, .W-ff 4, A ,--nil'-if---' to--f -.gyf,.,f,,, -,l A--Y, - .- .Ni M, N-. ...W . F-sire-Aww-fw 1 L' "'s'::Sf!"qf:."?:Lg:':3Tif:. 1-vs . JOSEPH I.. HOLLANDER 4025 Blakiston Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Doe has contributed very mat.erially to the sueeess of the High 'Way as make-up editor and reporter. He also worked very hard for the Hogseaand Grquuds. Doe was quite inter ted in el ttristry an was a charter member of the Chem'stry Glu . Commence iient Committee: Orchestra: Study Hall CiTllfIllli't89Q German Clubg Mathematics Clubg Stamp C u 1. MARGURITE ELEANORE HURLEMAN 1712 Belfield Avenue Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Conuuereial Peppy-that's Marge all over. She is always up and doing in everything. Besides. Marge really is quite au athlete. She shines especially in baseball and hoekey. lVhen Margaret isn't playing either of these, she is help- ing the House and Grounds. Y Senior Photography Committee: Commercial Club: Christmas Partyg Gym Leader. MILDRED VIRGINIA IIIYTT 4838 North Camac Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Milly's smile charms all of us and her splendid per- sonality has won her many friends. Milly's popularity has been well shown by her election as vice-president of the Student Board, the highest honor for a girl in B. and vice-president of her class in A. The llouse and Grounds Committee owes mur-h of its success to Milly's efforts as chairman also. Milly plans to continue her studies at college. Senior Twelve: Biology Club: Literary Clubg Hiking Club: Track Teamg Christmas Party. NAOMI S. IDELL 5326 Tacony Street Entered from Henry XV. Longfellow School. Ac-ademic Nome is an exceedingly humorous person and she can always put her eompnnions in a merry mood. But Nome also has a serious side to her nature and this enables her to do well in her studies. Literary Club: Bioloyr Clubg Mathematics Club: Chemistry Clubg Hiking Club. 1"0rty-Iln-ee 1' CLASS riielfltiiiffee C iw 1?-Skww -s-1.5. it 4 ' uegnanezgnnessiaegsnsk-.pal-an , f . sf- ef is " I . , 1 5:34 :Q e , GRACE JANE JACKSON -1531 McKinley Street Entered from Henry NV. Lawton School Academic Everyone knows Grace and everyone who knows her likes her. She has a sunny personality, which is re- vealed in her smile. Grace is another rising young artist, and she expects to continue her studies at Art School after graduation. A Senior Twelve: Biology Club: Literary Club: Art Club: Mathematics Club: Ilouse and Grounds: Christ- mas Party: Sesqui Dance and Drill. DOROTHY MAY JOHNSON 325 Borbeck Street ' Entered from For Chase School Academic Dot is another of our athletic stars, and a very popu- lar one. too. She is especially interested in volleyball, where her serves are famous. Her classmates showed their esteem by electing her their representative to the Athletic Association. After graduation Dot intends to go to college. GLADYS MARIE JOHNSON 5512 North American Street Entered from James R. Lowell School. Academic As a member of the Finance Committee Pat has been busy trying to part us from our money. After the money has been collected and she has received her diploma, she will g'o on and study nursing. Christmas Baskets: Section Treasurer: Finance Com- mittee: Spring Concert: Christmas Entertainment: S-winnning, Biology, Mathematics, and Triangle Clubs: Ilouse and Grounds: Class Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis. DOROTHY ELEANOR JORDAN 4846 A Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Dotty, a highly esteemed and devoted member of the class, holds a trump card in the hand of fate, chiefly because of her sociahility. XVI:-ere you hnd mirth and happiness there will you also hnd Dotty. The earnest desire of the class goes with her for success in the daily grind of business life. Dance Committee: Section Treasurer: Hiking Club: Ye Tale Tellersg Commercial Club: Christmas Party: Sesqui Drill. Forty-four i l 5... Ann.. .'f' ,, 1 ,, we , V V V. V- -V .-. , sg-, 5 5 Jl'F'??I"Tj1E..5.-Q 1 iisilliiiiziii-Q-:K V' !lQH'lS?,"929!!?'F2i-QF! f'Q"2-"',Q?J"9-"i"i'2J'?"' CLASS G? JUNE H9248 if V,-ef of ss we-we Ce JOHN PAUL KACZMAR 5020 Edmund Street Entered from Henry XV. Longfellow School. Commercial Think of that! Three prizes and a "Distinguished." A book worm? Not at all. Just a good all around compunionable fellow. That's John Paul. Executive Committee: Secretary, Commercial Liubg Reporting Club: House and Groundsg Stehle Memorial Prizeg Fathers' Association Prlzeg Oxford Bank Prize. NVARREN FREDERICK KAUCIIER 5700 Leonard Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial Always smiling is one of our quietest and best liked students. There is at least one pair of Siamese twins i11 each graduating class and we have ours in the persons of Kaucher and Kaczmar. XV1ll'l'91l. as member of the Commencement Committee, contributed to the success of our final bow. Commereial Clnhg House and Grounds. BARBARA LOUISE KEBER 1377 Dyre Street Entered from XVheaton School-Illinois Academic Louise is our little ray of sunshine and is the most witty person we know. Just one remark from Louise can send a group of girls into hysterics. She has not been with us very long-only two years, but 'we have marked her as n fine student. NVQ: are sure she will be liked in college for her unwavering good humor and cheerful disposition. Hiking Club: German Clubg Commencement Com- mittee. ANNA MARY KELLY -1852 Melrose Avenue Entered from Henry Longfellow School. Commercial In her own quiet way, Kelly is quite popular. When in doubt about lessons, ask Kelly. for she always knows. and is always willing to share her knowledge. She is an excellent athlete and took part in the Sesqui drill and dance. XVe are looking forward to Kelly's success in business. Commercial Clubg Girl Reserves: Class Tennis. Forty-,five .. x . A - 1, sf - V ., f- - Y- s- V., ,S A-.--Q-Q.-. V.. S., ' , i's"f"f's'-""9"e"Q"2'-1' 1 1. H caress os ness ei ggllfilnisiisi is I'Al'L MURRAY K1-INDALI. -1618 Disston Street l-Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Oscar had diiiiculty in finding enough hours in the day or enough days in the week to enable him to give the proper attention to all of his many activities. In spite of these he has made an enviable record scholastically. l'aul is best known as the capable editor-in-chief of the High- Way, a post he has held for two terms. He is the proud recipient of the Fathers' Association Prize in G, l'l. C and B and of the Tacony Fathers' Association Prize in B. Editor, RECORD Boolcg Captain. Debating Team: Ten- nis Team: Sock and Busking Chemistry Clubg House and Grounds. MARY JANE KERR T525 Bingham Street Entered from Germantown High School. Academic May came to us from Germantown High in 1925. Since that time she has made a place for herself in the class and is liked by all who know her. May has proved her ambition by going to summer school and taking up commercial subjects. so that she is the only academic girl in the senior class who has had typewriting and stenography. May intends to go to Normal School. Girl Reserves: Chemistry Club. HARRY N. KOFF 4511 Frankford Avenue Iintered from Overbrook High School. Academic Harry did more than his slmre in writing the boys' personals for the RECORD BOOK. Besides completing his own allotment he edited many of the others. Although llarry did not come t.o Frankford until February. 1927. he entered with vim into the work of the House and Grounds Committee and other activities. Chemistry Clubg Ye Monks. GERTRUDE ESTELLA KREUZER 505 iVest Tabor Road linterexl from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Gert is full of life and pep. Conversation never lags when she is around, especially if Marion is one of tl1e group. l:0l'i1'S hobby is swimming. and a common phrase of hers is "Yon going swimming?" She lms served on the hockey team and also plays basketball. Fonimercial Club: Swimming Clnbg Senior Morning Uommitteeg Hiking Club. Forty-sir Q ' , A C ,,.. , .. - so C ,se A, Y excess os' .Parse sees 5 ss--it LAURADEAN ADALINE KUNSTMAN 7019 Erdrick Street Entered from Mary Disston School. g Academic TVhenever you see Dean sho is in a hurry, but not too much of a hurry to be able to give you a cheery word and smile. Dean is very fond of music and is rice- president of the Music Club. Pioneer Representative: A, A. Representativeg Senior Twelve: Literary Club: Swimming Club. MARY AGNES LANDIS 5008 Griscom Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Mary is a real Pollyanna. All her many friends know that she is invariably good-natured and ever ready with her winning smile. Anyone seeing Mary without her sunny smile knows that something is seriously amiss. Mary is considering continuing her work at the Industrial Art School. Dance Committeeg Girl Reservesg Biology Club: Study Hall Monitorg Bird Club. PAULINE OLIVIA LANGE 55-15 Chew Street Entered from Olney School. Commercial Pauline is the possessor of that pretty head of curls that all her classmates envy. This doesn't make her vain, and so she makes friends of all she encounters. After leaving her Alma Mater, Pauline hopes to do otlice work. Hiking Club: Commercial Clubg Class Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball. Basketball. SYLYIA PEAR-L LEOPOLD 6629 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Sylvia is well known for her acting. She is greatly interested in the stage, and we would not be surprised to see her name along the Great WVhite YVay. some day. Sylvia is equally noted for her forgiving disposition. House and Grounds: Hiking Clubg Christmas Party. Forty-seven '- 'E-if""ff"f'1:-'wil-1:!?'1'S"S!' -fe .sr -- S- b -af sisasfgssla-vas:-. . -W , T, - ,- ' ' CLASS OE JUNE 5923 ft' T V . 'j - 3 1 S 'Q -if' v.-:favs sa, . .wg-.qi K gy4---ff?-S-'rise-,sg-,,s.s 1' Q s 'f H-we Q- T' i' ik at ' - f IIAROLD E. LIBBY 112-1 Allengrove Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Lib has identified himself very largely at Frankford with club activities. He is good-uatured and carefree. Lib never goes into ecstasies over anything nor does he despair. Bowling Team: Latin Club: Engineering Club: Chem- istry Club: Philatelic Soeietyg House and Grounds. MANUEL LIEBMAN 1015 NViugohockiug Street Entered from Bayard Taylor School. Academic We sometimes wonder what puts that dreamy look in Manny's eyes. Ilowever, when it comes to "ti-ig," Manny is right on the job. lVe hope to be greeted with Manny's genial smile at future Alumni functions. Fencing Clubg Latin Club. LIL-LIAN LINDE 5220 Sylvester Street Iintered from Mary Disston School. Commercial Lillian is a typicial busy, rushing' Senior. She is always on the go, but never forgets to greet her friends. Lillian's popularity was rewarded lust February by her election into the Senior Twelve. She won the Oxford Bank Essay Prize in her Sophomore year. Commencement Committeeg Commercial Club. JEAN ELIZABETH LINTON 4500 Tyson Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Jean is the debater of the class. She was a member of the '27 debating team and captain of the team in i2S. By application of her logical reasoning, Jean has been able to build up a fine scholastic record, being dis- tinguished in G, C, and B, and winning the Tacony Association prize in G. Although Jean is a busy girl, she found time in A to act as chairman of the Com- mencement Committee. Literary Club: Latin Clubg Triangle Club: Swim- ming Club. 1"orty-eight 3 ' V42 Y Y ...QAM , , . 'T' .l -32.51 ,TT 1 ,-'ie,Q- 0 N v, u CLASS GF JUNE.. 592.8 j i ifsm2'Tf sf-1-we JOSIAH MARSHALL LINTON, JR. 4500 Tyson Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Joe has a modest retiring disposition, but .he has. nevertheless. taken an interest in many .activ1t1es. lfle was prominent in intersectional competitions. Joe was chosen Iligh Way representative in B and A and was elected to membership in the Wun Club. Photography Committee: Student Board: Latin Club: Vice-moderator, lbeiuagoguesg Ilouse and Grounds: High Way Stalf. GRACE VIRGINIA LONG 3-134 Brighton Street Entered from Kensington lligh School. Commercial J inny has a very contagious smile, and a pleasant word for everyone who is so fortunate as to know her. Her congeniality and frankness have won her many friends. Because of her popularity and knowledge of the girls in her class. Jinny was made a member of the RECORD BOOK Connnittee. Hiking Club: Commercial Club: Class Basketball. MILDRED RUTH LONGACRE 1143 Bridge Street Entered from lVatson-Comly School. Academic Probably to the majority of her classmates, Millie appears as a rather quiet maiden, but when one becomes really intimate with her it is easy to see that she is full of fun. Millie hopes to enter the big business world, after graduation. German Clubg lliking Club. ICTIIEL LORD 4819 Camac Street Entered from Doylestown High School. Academic Probably very few students know Et, und this is he- cause she is rather quiet and joined us only in B. lflt has made some close friends here, wholthink very highly of her. Et is very conscientious in all she does. She is never heard to say that. she has not prepared her lessons. XVith this fine quality, Et. would probably have huilt up a tine record, if she had'had time to do so. Forty-nine 1 as-sue-sine.-fm-gem-outseameifggiiii-EiigiiQrltileenesgneggseluerxlsemvn wr xv I. Xlliltilliillllillil lellg:-ggsbneesiceQaq:!n:gl5l4l...l!solg1gen,tleqllQs1u Y Y-,fees Vfr- .. I -. .. ... 1, .1.1,. ' . .. .w fv...'.-H -sys.-,.1 ., 8, 1 un:-'alien winimiiu . H, 30.211-aaixgqggagigiaoiiayx CLASS CLYDE ESMOND LOTSPEIC1-I, JR. 6027 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Henry Lawton School. Industrial Arts Lots 'has failed to heed the Biblical injunction about not hiding one's light under a bushel. He is an earnest worker. Ilowever. Clyde has managed to squeeze in a little athletic activity, having been a member of his section football team. A. A. Representativeg Student Boardg Ye Monks: Engineering Club. MILLICENT FALES LUKENS 1665 YVakeling Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Millicent has made a warm place for herself in the hearts of her friends. Although quiet and unassuming generally. she can also he very lively and full of fun at times. With her versatile nature. Millicent will certainly make a success of her Normal School course. Vice-President, Mathematics Club: Biology Clubg lliking Club. CHARLES FRANK LUSCH 3447 Emerald Street Entered from John H. lVebster School. Mechanic Arts Charlie is quiet and studious. Most of his time seems to be spent in the study of natural philosophy. How- ever. Charlie found time to engage in the heavyweight wrestling matches. High Way Representative: Triangle Four Clubg House and Grounds. HARRY MILTON MaeDONALD 529 Robbins Avenue Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Academic Mac has obtained a very fine scholastic record which has been brought about by quiet, steady work. 11110 seems to have an overwhelming propensity to argue and he sometimes chooses an instructor as the party of the second part with results not altogether satisfying. Chairman, Boys' Lunch Room Committeeg High H7011 Reporter: RECORD BOOK Staff 3 Student Board Repre- sentativeg Demagogues. Fiffy f -nt ' - ' 1 " "". 1: sire' - weseiagfgs. .5 . 0930 , ,gs 19 55 -e 5"F-WF?"T'53.L?fE!ig4,iligEEyle-v1.34esaemgnlememusnn 'S CLASS 05" JUNE E923 f . an r -...-an 3 CUAHDES Q. Mac-DONOUGII, JR. 1101 XVakeling Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic There are always a nlnnber of fellows who have the good fortune to be the popular ones of a class, and Bud is one of these. He has been elected to some po- sition of responsibility practically all through his school life. Bud was chosen a member of the Circle Twelve in his A term. Executive Committee: A. A. Representative: Engi- neering Clubg Latin Club. JAMES Mac.KEClINlE, JR. 316 Gilman Street Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Mechanic Arts Jim is one of the sheiks of the class. Tall and slim, he is crowned with a wealth of curly hai1'. Jim's pleasing personality is in keeping with his appearance. Club activities and sports have taken no small share of Jim's attention. Cross -Country Team: Vice-president, Philatelic. Soeietyg Bowling Clubg Art Clubg Triangle Four Club. KATHRYN ALICE MaclVA'l'fERS 5-14 Lindley Avenue Entered from Cooke Junior High'School. Commercial Micky is a fun-loving girl. Naturally, where she is. there is much talk and laughter. It would hardly seem possible that a girl of Miekey's size could possess so hearty a laugh. Micky is very active in interclass sports and makes swimming her hobby. High Way Itepresentativeg lliking Olubg Commercial Club. ESTIIER MAHNKE 5019 Penn Street Entered from James R. Lowell School.. Commercial Es possesses a smile that is most persistent. She is fun-loving and exceedingly good-natured, and makes friends easily. Es is a most helpful friend and can be depended upon to help her classmates in times of need. lliking Club: Commercial Club. Fifty-one is-av-x m n ' nu lxesesu ni-iufffin t' ti "'T3 V ' WT ' ' 05515-lie-1 'it i'i'Qn u fl .T . . E m e A ', 'I stesnasgmieseesxeer-am-all ' .f ' ,I-'Q te."-'rg 3 I F t t :semen agupnem 2 li? fi fs! Q',5f EQ ' 5 ii ti T 3. wil +55 ii s . Lila ii , 5, .ET is 435 2 ' L --1 , i. Q. If Q ind Q za' 4 ueaameemmem: 11-me ' . ",. ' "" " sin? 1.. , . ..,.,,:,.:.S.,. W - an DORIS ESTELLA MANSELT. 7030 Marsden Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Giggles was yvell nicknamed by her friends. She can appreciate the Joke in everything and it is sure to call forth the characteristic giggle. Giggles is one of the artists of the class and hopes to continue her studies at Art School. Biology Club: Dramatic Clubg Art Club: Italian Club: Varsity lloekey Team. M. WILLIAM MARSH 5456 North Eleventh Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Mechanic Arts Bill is an optimist. I-Ie can take a 'ftough break" and come up smiling. Bill hopes to emulate Lindbergh and for this reason has decided on aeronauties as a life Cl!l'i'91'. Surimming Clubg Engineering Clubg T-Square Clubg Bowling Clubg House and Grounds. XVALTER JULIUS MATERSKI 2-102 Duncan Sereet Entered from Henry NV. Longfellow School. Academic XValt has been with us for four years, a quiet, serious, reliable chap. His work has often required his absence from school, but he always found a welcome on his re- turn. Although VValt is a busy man, he found time for the Latin Club and for the Demagogues. Student Board Representative: House and Grounds. XVILLIAM J. MAUXD 3128 Emerald Street Iintcred from Frances E. XV'lll2'll'Kl School. Academic Bill's hobby is music. Most of his time and attention have been given to the musical activities of the school. Bill has been a member of the orchestra since his Fresh- man year. The instrumental quartet of which Bill is a member has entertained us in the Assembly on several occasions. Ye Monksg Conducting Clubg Clef Club. Fifty-1 wo IT, xls.1anemae-.aunenuaenusnlzzvezgvgtuegaiemqegme-srl '92'xlllll2ll1'll!'lI2!1l ul-I , J CLASS OF JUNE 1928 ., FI A GEORGE ALLMOND MeCAFFERTY 2020 East Venango Street Entered from John H. YYcbster School Mechanic Arts Does anyone need an introduction to our Mac? Sports at Frankford have profited by Mac's interest in them since his Freshman year. He was captain of the cross- country team and of the track team. Mac also garnered laurels as a star on both the football and basketball varsity teams.- Dance Committee: Circle Twelveg Swimming Club: llouse and Grounds. NVILLIAM JOHN McFAR.LAND T027 Jackson Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Industrial Arts Some day we expect to see our YVillie Mac a suc- cessful engineer, for most of his irecious time at Frank- ford has been taken up with maciline work and with the activities of the Engineering Club. Not content with these, he indulgfes in the art of disassembling and re- building auto motors as a pastime. GEORGE IfIICRBICR'll 1IeGl..LUGI'II.lN 1749 Foulkrod Street: 3, Ente 'ed from L-Illllffxlxlll' all School. 1 :Academic ,mt ,tint-rt-s'tty1"11ip,eltf'ib,MinvQt'llf'tn"tu-r. I-lis posters 'hae bien xery tiixe. 'Nlae found some little time tor athletics particnhirly' fmntball and track? By virtue of his fellow-studenls' giegard fhe wabielec ed a member of the Circle TXX'l'i'P.J' ' T! Art Club: Student Board: A. A. Ripresentativl. HARRIETT WILSON Mt-KEI-I Bustleton Avenue Entered from John Marshall Sehool Academic Harry has the enviable reputation of never losing her temper. She is very fond of all sports. particularly horse-back riding. I'larriett is also very droll. and one is never bored when in her company. She will enter Gout-her College in the fall. Senior Twelve: Ifiterarv Club: Biology Club: Mathe- matics Club: Chemistry Club. Fifi y-th ree T ti A wggiue:muQvaglvs1-gnnsnlzzngareggae:-nie..-iiisiesrlttvgee!-.sulslleuiemlleswfr QQ! ' 5- - . A --1 '11 , -A - -.- ' - -Y i..1v- ' - - - 4 CLASS OF JUNE 192.8 5 A FRANCIS BICBIORDIE 4619 Benner Street Entered from Harding Junior High School. Mechanic Arts Mac's chief interest has been his studies. In fact even in. the long vacations Mac has been unable to engoy himself thoroughly without taking a class or two in Summer School. However, in this way he has shortened his stay at Frankford High by a term. Mac intends to take a trip across the "big pond," this summer. Bon voyage, Mac. JOHN H. MILLER 1722 Harrison Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Mother Goose and her ditties are not to be compared to Johny and his rhymes. John is, also, of a very musical bent. We have all seen him in our orchestra heroically tooting his horn. German Club: Organ Clubg Study ltlall Committee: High Way Representative: House and Grounds. PARK MITCHELL Bustletou Avenue Entered from G. H. Boker School Mechanic Arts There is something irresistible about Mitch which is at bit hard to define. Sutlice it is to say that Mitch is one of the fellows who makes school lite interesting. The track team has found in him a valued asset. Engineering Clubg Fencing Club: Swimming Club: Triangle Four. ALBERT HALSTEAD MORRIS, JR. Entered from John Marshall School Academic Al's breezy manner has made him a great favorite. His popularitv is evidenced by the oflices to which he was elected. These included the presidency of the Circle Twelve and the chairmanship of the Dance Committee. Al starred in athletics as a member of both the tennis and swimming teams. Swimming Clubg Bowling Clubg Member Student Boardg House and Grounds. Fifly-four l' .ul I l" i . I. Nl5ll25ll5'l2llSQllS!!l5ii?'?'!?l!3l!gQ!2's'l1i!liiNl'll5llEIll ., ' V , . ., ,v.-.-- .. L - - ' -.,f 1 f?iSTR'.'s,2z.:. Fi-f,1::. .. s- 0' M CLASS ore' Joss ness 5 f IR ENE MORRIS -1656 Lesher Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Rene is the skillful organist who furnished the music in the B Assembly. Ilene's sarcastic remarks gain many a laugh, and certainly don't hinder her from having many friends. She has made an enviable scholastic record here and will probably make another at the Normal School. Organ Clubg literary Clubg Swimming Club. JOIIN CARSON MOST 982 Wakeling Street Entered from John Il. lVebster School. Academic Johnny has been most conscientious in furthering the interests of school activities. As Athletic Association representative, section treasurer, High- Way representa- tive and member of the Student Board he worked faith- fully and to good advantage. In his A term Jolm was appointed to membership on the Trip Comxnittee. Swimming Club: Mathematics Clubg Latin Club: Ilouse and Grounds. DOROTHY IRMA MYERS 1650 Wakeling Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial Dot has always been popular in her section. She is jolly and full of fun. She is interested in interclass athletics, especially baseball. Dot was distinguished in B. She is going to be a bookkeeper. Commercial Clubg Girl Reservesg Ilouse and Grounds. ETIIEL ADELINE NEIIIEISER 519 Solly Avenue Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Ethel is one of the shinning lights in our class. She has won for herself the reputation of being a very steady and conscientious worker. In June 192-1, she received the Sittig prize. Ethel also won the awards of the West Philadelphia School of Music in both '26 and '2T. Ethel intends to concentrate all her time on music after graduation. Fifty-jirre e .5 , - .-f-g.. ...sirius ,,,..., . .. . .. lk-9-5!!5"E!'C'l5"?!','3?'??3 i'!3 '4e?Q5E!3'3'C5!?'l2lli'l?'l25!f f V . 1 ,. .::'.,.e. -, :f,Lg, ' --C -:i.1Q,.g.i,.:s54sg.s:.::g-' ,f:. , - s.s,,'N..'.'g,f1f,. 4 . ,. -. A s A Y CLASS 031' 292.3 ELSIE ELIZABETH NYLYND 5931 North Eleventh Street worthy of the tm-rin "sweet" than our classlnhte "ls e. Els will be successful if she charms heratlhiployei- half as niuchfas she has those who have daily come in con- tact witl herg,here. , ' ' W v.. SOCtl0Ml'9!lSlll'l'l'1 President. Reporting Club: Com- mercial Clubg Board Mexnherg Ye Tale' Tellers. 1 ANNA V. OAT 4610 Oakland Street I Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Anna is a small person, but nevertheless a very active one. Although she has a quiet and demure air. Anna is exceedingly talkative. She is well liked by her class- mates. ClCfn'istn1as Party: Biology Clubg Literary Clubg Art u 1. z . . :fr If - , -1 JOHN A. OLEK 4757 Melrose Avenue Entered from Henry YV.'fellow School. Commercial Personally we ean't see how Swede can devote so lnueh time to school activities and still hold the place he does in class. If popularity were wealth, John would be a Rockefeller. Chairman. Photography Committee: Executive Com- mittee: Chairman. Study Hall Committeeg Captain, Tennis Team: Varsity Basketball Team: Editor, High Way Alumni Columng Thirteen Club: President. Music Club: Commercial Clubg Ye Monks: House and Grounds. PETER JOSEPH OSCILQYVSKI -MGT Salmon Str Entered from St. John Conti ' 0 o . Academic Osc is our sile tc! - '. is quietness hides n friendly. good llhtlwfx spr-,' ion. He is a good stu- dent, but not avei to QU?l1ll3Il0S. For three years he lox n relnian Club Philatelic .Societyg has tale: ' 'i',l1e lool wrestling matches. 'V ul .- ' . Z ' ' . Bla 1. les ' ig House and Grounds. Fifty-sir Entered from Julia XVm'd Howe School. Commercial No one. wherever located 011 our campus, is ro - 1 Zi, ii Um: was Q' A """1"i5'li"7" 5'5'?"""'i35' HELEN M. PATRICK 6235 Rising Sun Avenue Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Commercial Congenial Pat. noted for her optimism and helping hand. has contributed mueh to the class prestige, both in athletic and scholastic achievements, having been dis- tinguished in D. Pat just can't help having a lot of friends, because of her pleasing Xpersonality. A Section Treasurer: Commercial Club: Class Volleyball, Basketball. and Baseball. ALICE MAY PAUL 2045 Medary Avenue Entered from St. Ma1'y's Academy Academic Although Al has been with us only two years, she has made many friends. Al is just full of fun and bound to have a good time wherever she is. Thus, it is almost impossible for a group of girls to be gloomy and quiet when Al is with them. Study Hall Monitor: Mathematics Club. XVILLIAM JOSEPH PAULI 3132 Gaul Street Entered from St. Peter School Academic Bill was an ardent worker for the House and Grounds. His beat was generally in the lunch room. Bill was quite proficient in German and on many occa- sions he astounded the members of the German Club with his fluent and guttural speech. Student Board Representative: Study Hall Com- Eiftteeg Mathematics Club: Engineering Club: Chemistry ub. EVELYN LOUISE PEDEN 230 Olney Avenue Entered from James Lowell School. Academic l'lv's hobby is music. and whenever anything l1lllSlClll is going on. she's sure to be there. Iler big ambition is to be a music teacher some day in the future. Ev's time is not entirely taken up with musie, for she has found time to belong to the Swinnning Club and to earn two swimming awards. High Way Reprensentativeg Music Club. l1'ifty-sereu .,.. . ...-. . , . . , i uesmemoeenxenlaalnz-slzalem 'gs-QQ:-1t!?'!g,9e:rQ2:le.-gqlgglellellemnaemn ,., . ' , K , -- , - . - BL 5 ,.-,:..:.,i. Ehlizi- L -5 S9s.:.,,1 . L- K. ..'..nQL1".4Zf'k1, . . ' , -9 A CLASS OF JUNE 192.8 ., .. .. , , so - i c Ng C i EARL WILLIS PETTY T3-15 Montonr Street Entered from Bennington High School. Mechanic Arts Earl is from New England. Like his famous com- patriot, "silent Cal," he is cool, reserved and capable. Earl has projected for himself a musical career. for which he intends to prepare at the Curtis Institute of Music. T-Square Clubg Engineering Club: Swimming Clubg Triangle Four. MATILDA PINCUS T29 Rockland Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Tillie's pet hobby is music, and after that, reading. It's simply impossible to talk to her long, before she is discussing the most recent concert she attended, or the plot of one of Dumas' stories. Ever since Tillie entered Frankford, she has been n member of the or- cllestra, and several times, as a member of the string quartet, she has entertained the student body. UT1-ip Committee: High Way Representative: Music ' ub. , xy I ig -JEQQNON DOIIGLASS PLATT KL, Bustl3to1'l,.fKvenue, Somerton Entered from 'sburg School. Mechanic Arts .V i , Swimliingris But s specialty. He won his letter as a member-of Frankford'sf newly organized team. Bud is angelic in appearance, and his disposition does not belie his enterior form. Iligk- ll'ay Represeutativeq Engineering Clubg Chemistry Club: Triangle Fourg House and Grounds. ESTIIER MARGARETTA POTTER 6932 Dittman Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Es is an all-around type of girl, having been actively interested in athletics and clubs as well as in her studies during her school career. Everyone is fond of the sweetlv serious Es, and all her friends join in wishing her luck when she continues her studies nt Temple. Track Team '2T: Section President, G3 Biology Club: Mathematics Clubig Organ Club: Ilouse and Grounds. Fifty-eight r I , I xlgnesnue-.eo:level11-5l::leslgl!g!r:e1,e,'e1n:,Qo,oe!rI:gaQ-5g43,q5u'e5q'eq,ne,,,, Y 5 . . Kg : ' ' ' - A- 1,i,: 1 1 .,n, ' , Y , ,, V- 5 1 . . -. A CLASS OF JUNE 192.8 Y . 1 " A g' --- V- . - -W -- .- -' -1- - - f... . ,... " H ff ., . - .4 A V . wwf. f 1-1. 5- '- . ' s-,.az.-at , A , f ' -- 4-1 I-.. A i - M ,U - Y ,, .V D- BERTIIA MARY POTTICHEN 6126 Tulip Street Entered from Henry XV. Lawton School. Commercial For three years, the Girl Reserves have counted Bert one of their most loyal members. She joined in her G term and has been a faithful worker ever since. B1-rt's going to make one dandy otiice worker. Connnercial Clubg Girl Reserves: Class Tennis. Base- ball, Volleyball and Basketball. EDITH MAY PRESS 5918 Jackson Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial I'ressy's intimate friends .can vouch- for her ex- treme good nature. In her quiet, unobtrusive way, Edith has come to be known by her classmates as a "good sport." Girl Reserves: Commercial Club: Finance Committee. DEVORA RABINOYVITCH 323 East Rockland Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Deb likes to pound the keys of the typewriter. and is quite willing to help her'friends in a pinch. Keep up the good work Deb, and the cold business world will become warmer. Commercial Club: Hiking Club: Class Vollgyballg Book Room Connnittce. LOVEDAY JANE RADCLIFFE 1511 Orthodox Street Entered from Coatesville High School Academic Probably one reason why we have not heard much about Lovey before is because of her late entrance. However. her sweetness has made a lasting impression on our memories. Lovey is rather studious and always worries n little about her lessons. Anyone in trouble is sure to get help from Lovey. May her years at Ursinus College be equally successful. 1"iffy-nine a-w a NeIN H"' "1-' -1 'f l if .Sash-fv A A .. -. 2-2- -wa .-f-??TT':c," :fi ' -17, -4 , ' czmss or swiss was N MARY ALICE RAYNOR 1632 Ilarrison Street Entered from John Marshall School Academic Sue's red hair is one of her most distinguishing char- acteristics. She is greatly interested in the Girl Re- serves. and is well known at the HY." Mary is also very fond of reading. Literary Club: Girl lteservesg Biology Clubg llouse and Grounds: Christmas Party. ESTOY REDDIN 9415 Bnstleton Avenue Entered from NVilliam C. Jacobs School. Academic Toy is one of our distinguished students, but she has found time from her studies to become an enthusiastic supporter of the clubs of the school. She has also been a member of the High Way Staff and an interested member of many class teams. Toy is always in a hurry, but she will stop to lend a helping lmnd to a troubled member of the class. After graduation Toy will continue her studies at the l'niversity of Pennsylvania. K Triangle: Organ Plubg Literary Clubg RECORD Bo0K Connnittee: Study llall Monitorg Gym Leaderg Steble Memorial Prize. MIRIAM ELIZABETH REEVE 601-1 Cottage Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Academic Mini is one of our "champeen" musicians. llllll is HH active member of the Music Club. She took part in the F Student Assembly and the Music Club's assembly in A. Mim's talents lie in other directions as well. She has been on the High ll'uy Staff for two terms, and is a member of the Life Saving Corps. Min is to continue studit at William and Mary College. Keen Connnitteeg Literary Club: Triangle: Senior Twelve. Q MARIE A. REKATZKY 5221 North Third Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Judging from Marie's persistent smile, she is always happy. Marie has always excelled ln indoor gym work, and as a result, was one of those chosen to perform the drill at the Sesqui Stadium. She is almelnber of the Senior Morning Columittee. Later Marie wlll take up otlice work. A. A. Representative. B. A: Swimming Clubg llouse and Grouudsg Commercial Club, B, A. Sixty Avg- -'st ms o., CLASS W 4- ,.s.w.:-ss.'..+.s.-s-1- .-was--V. -sr rm: s. :..s.K,.:,.ss' -sf arise'-Qs-f i' 1 refs, 0 Y X M S. , EDNA MECKE RENOUF -1-H6 North Fifteenth Street Entered from Edward T. Steel School Renee can very well be called a jolly good fellow. She is always ready with a smile and a joke. Renee's theory is to have a good time and we feel sure that no matter what her lot in life she will always be ready with her smile. Swimming Clubg Hiking Clubg Net Clubg Dance Com- mittee: Board Member. Academic EDWARD JOSEPH REXER S062 Fairview Avenue Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Mechanic Arts Much of the art work in this book is evidence of Ed's splendid talent in this field. Ed found time to servo his section on the Finance Committee and to take part in club activities. Vice-president, Art Club: President, Philatelic Soci- etyg Secretary, Bowling Club: Treasurer, Triangle Fourg German Club: House and Grounds. MILDRED MASON RICKERT 5808 Hasbrook Avenue Entered from Benjamin Franklin School Commercial Mil's best feature is her smile, and she is always displaying it. lvith this smile and her personality, she has won herself numerous friends. NVe hope that she will carry to Temple the fine spirit that she had here. Commercial Club: Art Club: Hiking Club: Swimming Club: Dance Committee: Class Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball. Z KATI-IRYN RIEBEL S65 North Twenty-seventh Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Re is noted for her ability to remember-even history dates! She is always in demand a period before the event of one of those things known as tests. Re likes sports and has been a member of class hockey and class baseball teams. She is a member of the lliking Club. Re is going to be "somebody's stenogf' PCommereial Clnbg I-louse and Grounds: Cllristmas arty. Sixty-one 4 V . - --.- sz--y ha.-11, .. ...Z --.V e.....e - W-, , . . . H. - V ,. .V . . . . .A. ,.. .., , , . . ,.-. .,. ,,,..,..A--,.-..,A 'i'7' s- 5 CIASS Gi Jiiisiig 192.3 Q . S .J ' Ae I, ELIZABETH G. ROBINSOX S001 State Road Entered from School of Observation and Practice. Commercial Ebe is a very quiet girl. She has always been active in athletics. although she never made varsity teams. When the Sesqui-Centennial came along. Ebe was one of those chosen to participate i11 the drill. Ebe is going out into the business world. C0llllll9l'C'l2ll Ulub: Girl Reserves: Hiking Club: Class Iiaskethallg Gym Leader. l HELEN ROHM ' 4611 Ella Street Entered from Gapsville School. Academic Helen is such a' quiet girl that it is hard to get ac- quainted witli her. Nevertheless. many girls of her seclion have overcome her reserve and found herto he a good pal. Chemistry Club: Mathematics Clubg House and Grounds, Y1OLl'1'I' FUNSTOX RUSSELL 4737 Ramona Avenue Entered from John Marshall School. Academic W Yi is the exception that proves the rule that no woman can keep a secret. She 'is "la conhdnnteu of her class- mates. and her cheery grin will be missed by all of us. 1 Literary Clnbg Girl Reserves: Hiking Club: House and Grounds. + FLORENCE MILDRED SCHAAL 5729 North Fourth Street Entered from James Lowell School Academic Flossie is one of the best-natnred and most willing girls in our class. Because of her personality she was elected section president in B and A. After graduation she will make an ideal nurse. Dance Committee, B, Ag Triangl? Clubg Biology Clubg Hiking Clubg Swimming Club: Mathematics Ulub: Class Hockeyg Tennis: Volleyball: Basketball: llouse and Grounds. Sirfy-!u'o li.. : . , ,,. ,. C .. A C my Q CLASS SE? JUNE EQZS as FREDA ELIZABETH SCHENKEL 4757 North Maseher Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School Coinlnerciul Althouizli Free is unusually quiet, she is a first-class friend. She is interested in sports, and has represented her Alina Mater on the traek i'l'lllll. Free will aecept u position as a secretary after she bids Frankford good-bye. Class Tennis and Volleyball: Connnercial Clubg Hik- ing Club. , RVTH MAE SCIIMID 5016 North Fourth Street Entered from Cooke Junior High. Commercial lf you're downhearted, just go to Smittyf She can take the blues away and make you feel that the world is a sunny place after all. Smitty likes sports. but claiming is her real hobby. She expects to add her nanie to the long list of "soinebody's stenogsf' Commercial Club: House and Grounds: High ll'ay Representative Bg Executive Committee A. MARY ROSALIND SCIINERR 5820 North Fifth Street Entered from Marywood Seminary. Academic Sparky has not had niaeh opportunity to show her ability at Frankford, as she entered only last term. In that short time she has endeared herself to her elass- inates. Mary is bubbling over with fun and any little thing can tiekle her "funny bone." Sparky will eontinue her education at XVillian1 and Mary College. Swimming Clubg Iliking Club. ' ALBERT XVILI.-IAM SClll'l.ZE. Ju. 3611 Jasper Street Entered from John ll. Nllebster School. Conunereial Al has gained much experieiiee in his etlieient manage- ment of the business details of the Ri-:Conn Booic and of the High ll'r1y and Pioneer. l'nder his direetion these publications have prospered iinaneially. AI is quite an artist on the typewriter, and he has won the Royal Typing Awards. Student Board Representative: Connnereial Club: Organ Clubg llouse and Grounds. Si.:-fy-flrree , f..s,pse1.. -sd.. ' 'f.f14.n1,,efg.f4.S,ep-5.531 ,.:-. 3 1,1.:f1eeg.i,-:,gs.f .ze , - A CLASS Gee islligsjs 39533 as ,., t ,E ,, .t NVQILLIAM ANTON SCHWEIGER 2054 East Pacific Street Entered from John H. lVebste1'. Industrial Arts Music is Bill's hobby. He was a member of the Mandolin Club and of the student quartet. Bill is held in popular esteem by his comrades, who elected him set-tion president for two terms. Student Board Represcutativeg Swimming Clubg Ilouse and Grounds. GEORGE ALAN SCOTT 2078 Albright Avenue Entered from John H. W'ebster Sem Mechanic Arts 'NVhen feonies to populdrity Al ac cau't lisimp Did you see the Io and Buskinrplay, "Seventeen?" Wlelli xvas the handsome tene? in that marvelous pr li andf he .exhibited histriouic talent of high degree. V X Circle Twelveg Trip Commifteeg Fogtljll and Base- ball, Second Teamsg House and Groun s.Lf' L . LEOPOLD SENDER 626 Arthur Street. Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic If there is one boy in the class who is always question- ing the usual order of things, it is Leo. Whetlier it be political, economic or social problems, Leo is ready to question the validity of the present system. However, with all his radical views Leo is honest in his convictions and iights for them manfully. RECORD BooK Staff 5 Booster-sg Debating Team: Chem- istry glubg Latin Clubg Mathematics Club: House and lroun s. EARL I-I. SEVERS 3401 North Front Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Academic Earl's chief interest has been with the school orchestra. On those mornings in the assembly when we were favored by the orchestra with tuneful melodies, we could see Earl. intent upon his instrument, adding his share to the splendid ensemble. House and Grounds. Simiy-fo Il 1' sul 'r,y,. , . Y-. , J '33, 9255 b. nn . ...W-f ,,f,-- 1-----ref 'B of CLASS E953 , f-- .N "W" HM 9 Y 1 .3 5 We-'M J. ARDELL SHADLE -1732 Knorr Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Commercial Can there be anyone who tioesn't know Artie? He is that well-built, energetic young man whose ability has earned him the position of Student Board President. The Thirteen Club recognized him as a worthy Frankfordian and elected him to membership. In this organization he served as treasurer. Advertising Manager, RECORD BOOK: Assistant Adver- tising Manager, High .Way and Pioneer.: Commercial Club: House and Grounds: Freshman Prize for Scholar- shipg Tree Orator. SYLYIA SHERMAN -1953 "D" Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Commercial Although Tsip entered our class only in B she has made many friends. Everyone who knows her ad- mires her happy disposition. In B she was elected into the Triangle and Literary Clubs. Tsip hopes to go to Normal School. Hiking Clubg House and Grounds: Class Tennis and Hockey. ELLEN JANE SHIELDS 4410 Comly Street Entered from Stetson Junior High School. Academic Ellen's trim figure is the envy of many girls. Iler readv smile has won her numerous friends Darin hel . - - - '- E ' stay at Frankford she has been elected to a number of section oiiices. - Section Treasurer, E, D, Cg Biology Club: High Way Representative, E, ll: Class Basketball. Volley- ball: Tennisg Swimming Clubg Literary Clubg House and Grounds. LEAH SHORE 5140 Saul Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Le h is one of the sliini11 wi'mu'-flslss. She ha' eld the record of bein! c nguished student dur- ing her entire ,course at Frankford High. In Leah's Sophomore ifgvm! she was awarded the Fathers' Asso- ciation-Pri'.e, and also in her Junior term. Leah will probably establish another record at Penn. Senior Twelve: Triangle Club: Music Club. Simfy-fire I Q Jil'-sslix-3 Q.-N wi Q... iii 3 I, Z, s,., -., ,,. ,EL :sms-tl. ,s . ,,,s.s., - '.a:.:i:.f,o-:fic .., . .,.,, ex . . -s- s ,sh - - fy: - 1: 1 'E' ,x is IJ if ff' 1' 'I' Estes of ,Q A3 f . A- H 1 ,Y 1 If 3.4 fs 2 'se pil ag if V' J S' 3-:lg ig- i ' ali -V .4 Guan- n " 6 it Q,-,1 ,f . -:rss - -ss 7 'S ' 13i::?:?f::.W-"'tf1' tif- :if-'ffltfe-we-sitf-'fir--1 7'fQxsQ-Qsoflfsiv-fs1if1+1'?"f'-5-H rev 2 -. ' 4 .. M-L.....4..., '- i F E l'fL...IL-...Q.1l'.- LlQM-1,.. fi ll' 1.A.21IL.1'.g'QQ.LT A' I ' NW" .lj1f.f'fDi-5- -- as . DAVID SHUMAN 4600 Disstou Street Entered from George School. Academic Dnve's ehief delight has been in bowling. He re- eeived prizes for high score und for membership on the winning team. Dave has n quiet and unobtrusive per- sonality, which gnined for him the esteem of his class- mates. Dnnee Committee. MAX SILVER 5001 "B" Street Entered from Natick High School. K' :Qmlexnie Mac hnsn't, been with us very ldDg,f"-llllt ii he is ll fair sample Vo the fellows from,tl1e,B.aymB,t.ue wen would gertz ' Qhit, it-',off" xyitlvtlieln,gyNo ral ' Moe-4 has not 1 I f'tfiPl1f to take up -with 'inalny of the sehool orgaiiiznxonz, but we understand that the new "element" in -tl X Liemistry Club of which so much is heard is none other than Mae. WILLIAM J. SLASOR. I 1252 Pratt Street Hnterell from Cooke Junior Iligh Sehool. Bill is quite ai eluhmun. Ile cl ims X 'ibership in six llilferent clubs. one of theset ig th, honorary Thirteyx Club. Bil hu e consi tently good seholustifc work. By virtuq that e whiled nway . verzll of his sun' 1013511 . lool he skipp ll rm nt Fr' ford. Imnee Committee: Study Hu onnnithvgf Sock anti Iluslfin: lVun Cluhg Bowling ,ubg Mnthe ' Los Qflub: t'hemistl'y Clubg llonse and Iroundsg Ai' nyg Mon- uger, Tennis Team. X BENJAMIN II. SLUTSKY 3319 Kensington Avenue lflntererl from South l'hil:1clelphio Iligh School. Aondexnic Zak can outpoint Doug Fnirbnnks or John Barrymore in the use of the foils. As il 1'0W2ll'll for his exeellenee in this exercise he wus eleeterl president of the Fencing Club. Zak is tl clehzlter of considerable ubility. In this he uses the pnrry and thrust of cold logic instead of that of !Ill'2lllIlllg steel. Orchestra: Bowling Clubg Ye Monksg House und, Grounds. Si.:-ly-si.r 9 ?5'fQ39fdY1'iW"i"er"Wi1siaf1'e 'fu p H My ffiiee 5. iv N' flesgtlvis so .. eg. J era ELSIE MAY SMILEY 1641 Brill Street Entered from John Marshall School. Commercial Smile-'s lllllllf' just describes her perfectly, for shelis always smiling. She is very pleasant. and always will- ing to do her bit. Smile has gone out for class volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Otliee work is the next tlnng on her program. Girl Reservesg Hiking Clubg Commercial Club. LILLIAN MARY SMITH 4443 Paul Street Entered from Jolm Marshall School. Academic Everyone remembers Lillums as the heroine of the B play.."The King's English." In the A term as chair- man of the Senior Morning Committee she worked hard to Brepare an assembly which would equal that given in . Section President. II: Treasurer, G3 H igh. Tliay Repre- sentative. D3 Senior Twelve: Triangle Club: Latin Club: Literary Club: Class Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis. ROBERT RAPPOLD SMITII Tyson Street Entered from James Lowell School. Mechanic Arts XVhenever you see it crowd of fellows intent upon fun, there you will iind Smitty. He is however. deep down in his heart, an earnest fellow and one always willing to put his shoulder to the wheel to get a job done. Smitty was .one of the very few star divers of the Swimming Team. Circle Twelve: Square Club: Fencing Club: Phila- telie Society: Varsity Football Team. JOHN SHFLTZ SNOKE 130 East Fishers Avenue Entered from Olney School. Academic John is a very quiet fellow. but one who can be relied upon to say the right thing at the right time. Like his brother before him. he has interested himself in debating, as is evidenced by his membership in the Deluagogues. Latin Clubg Chess Clubg Telescope Clubg House and Grounds. Ni.:-fy-screxr ,wee l sfsif- -.pfwyge efavfg- 3-Eg 1 fillipfiiflii ' + ,. - ..... -.- vu... xv - , "1 """T '-225- T-"V -- ,gi :vi V. 1 ref- fy fs, s ...Y is-.Ht -11 i2f,.,. ' , an 'Qu lf rr . Q - 2. - 2 X jf - t ,, tr 'K -1 or f' ' Q i . J 2. . X. - - wwe- Q . tg az Q- .g:ce1I1::"f"efe1' sv"--ffS'1-'se"':T' sf-"err ef"1"'-f- v -s : Erfgzfmfieflf 2 use-unerqimgnm-:.fsi-5.1.--.iqmmg ., - .-ff -- ---2w--wff-i-- ff-':gsmis,...fs,6'e-4--e-fe , i-9 ,assess 1, S .14 i- Q, 1 2? i V wr 3 cnnss ss slirsfsisiigi W iii L2 "'-N-f"1f'ff"11-""?..v.Ff new REBECCA JOETT SOMERS Burhohne Entered from C. Jacobs School. Academic I-Iuppy-go-lucky Becky is indeed a favorite. A good hit of her spare time has been devoted to athletics. Becky went out for class baseball, basketball, hockey and tennis, and in '28 played varsity baseball. Bird Clulrg lliking Clubg Biology ,Clubg Mathematics Club: House and Grounds. CHARLES HENRY SPANGLER 1616 lVorreI Street Entered from John H. 'Webster School. Commercial Al is one of the "big guns" of the class. He was elected treasurer and this ollice carried with it member- ship on the Executive Committee and the chairmanship of the important Finance Committee. A1 owes much of his popularity to his confidence in the success of any work that he undertakes. Circulation Manager, .II-igh Way and Pioneerg Rmcouu BOOK Staffg Commercial Ulubg Student Board Repre- seututiveg Ilouse nud Grounds. FRIQDA CAROL SPENCE 5142 Saul Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Freedie is the shining literary star of our class. She was instrumental in organizing the Literary Club and belongs to most of the other literary societies. Freedie. when not engaged in High Way activities, is very fond of dancing, and how she can do it. Itmconn Boon Cionnnittee: Girl Reservesg High Way StnlTg Triangle Club. IDA SMITH SPIIGLBERGER 4813 Mulberry Street Entered fronz John Marshall School. Connnercial Ida always has a good joke to tell us, and many a day we laugh our cares away at lda's jokes. She is usually worrying' about passing tests. but she always manages. Perhaps it is her giggle that helps. Ida has been interested in class sports. Section Treasurer, Bti Connnercial Clnbg Girl Be- servesg Hiking: Club: House and Grounds. Si.:-ly-eixlllf x 41.11 i Qs.4.,. ..,, gi ,.,,,.,.1aY . i --ff.-E. -x A -s' - L-,flu .-T 2 V' s,,-f-,sexes assess assi tests JEAN WOODWARD STEELE 401 Sanger Street Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Academic Jean and Ethel always seem to be looking for each other. After they graduate and part-Eth to Hood and J ean to lVi1son, we wonder what they will do. Literary Club: Hiking Club: Board Representative. B: House and Grounds: Chairman of Flower Committee: Distinguished, H. JEAN STEVENSON 507 Robbins Avenue Entered from Benjamin Franklin School. Academic XVhile Jean is quiet and serious, she seems to embody all the virtues. Because of her shyness and modesty, few have come to know her really well, but these few feel it a privilege to be her friend. Literary Club: Latin Club: Chemistry Club: Mathe- matics Club: House and Grounds: Class Volleyball. DORA ELIZABETH STEWART 6706 North Sixth Street Entered from James Lowell School. Academic Dora is very conscientious in everything she under- takes and therefore has little trouble with her school- work. After graduation Dora intends to major in music. Hiking Club: Board Member, A: Christmas Party. Il. MARY EMELINE SUMERFIELD 192-1 Hartel Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Sunny is our chief all-around sport, having participated at some time in nearly every girls' sport. In recognition of her services and ability. she was elected vice-presi- dent of the A. A. in B and A. Hold on to that smile, Sunny, it will help you in your wo1'k at Art School. Varsity Hockey, '25. '26, '2T: Manager and Captain, '2T: Varsity Volleyball. '26. '2T. Varsity Baseball. '2T: 'lfraek. '2T: Varsity Basketball. '2S: A. A. Representa- tive. D, C, B, A: Art Club: Numeralsg Letters: Sweaters. Sixty-nine , V fx' 1 S .,L,.1.,,51-,. 1 V , '1sg.E.,7:...X ssrzipii ,,f4,ia,:-r f,-..i . fzegi 49325-22-fe,x:,,s1g --fiiffalrgjffs-ry:-ffls,W-751135153255-' , , H... . 1- ., ,. if"',7 -rw.. K Qs , . ,. , , if . . -. Y . Ls.. . - -Y -V ,. -1 1: L . ss.,..., ,J 1, - Y- Y- - L:a.,..g.tJ-- ff ,A-1 A .-,zlve-1: Y , -1-- --.--as is ,Q 'Q CSHUGX 52 -1' ' ' ' T, Nm mmm M C sei", p assess 3-x?fi7.H55""'- Y 7 ' W Y ' Y ' ' ' " A""""' ' "SARS K "'J'L:4-M ' ' " LSL: ' ' ' ' ' L., ' GLADYS ELIZABETII SVTPHIN S000 Frankford Avenue Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Academic Gladys has been indeed active throughout her stay at Fraultford. Art. athletics and dramatics claim most of ner time. A. A. Representativeg Board Member. Gg B Play Committeeg Baseball. 265 Locker lnspectorg Sock and Basking Art Clubg Literary Club: Mathematics Club. EIJXVARD E. TERRY 3606 Nvelsll Road Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Academic Reds ca generally bc.-found in the midst of a jolly laughing -o p.fI.1keKhis namesake he is an excellent baseball playe , haviig made the varsity team for three, yeai leds Xa-med' his scholastic and athletic acti6ties my playing in the orcheshzn. 'Y House and Grounds. K WIl.l.l,sAM XVILSON THOMAS V S235 Jeanes Street W Entered from Fox Chase School. Academic Bill succeded in accomplishing.much with but little fuss. He was cthcxcntly active in sectional and club enterprise. Bill was an accomplished Latin scholar. Treasurer, lVun Clubg Latin Clubg Mathematics Club: Organ Clubg B Play: House and Grounds. JANE GOU-LDIE TOMLINSON 3582 Queen Lane Entered from Lansdowne High School. Academic Gouldie is rather a versatile person, being a musician ' and an athlete. Gouldie attacks the cornet in the or- chestra. and third base in baseball. Good luck at Ursinus, Jane. House and Groundsg Swimming Club: Latin Clubg ' Class Basketballg Varsity Hockey and Baseball. Seventy Yin! Quail -I ,.., .... , ff -ss-ss., me .,1, .ff-W,-9 ---------4---..-v..s.....s--....-s.,............5:f':3sfi efffsiirrf - S -l 2 fratfrrs-S?13z:-1.,1 -in-":3:'ii': 'iiinqg : 1 s 1 ,siiss5gEiff1'.1Q 7 gi'?i:ggijjg1gi1:p,Lgt p,4,,,,,,,.Cf.,.1-. ,j,,,-Q, .j1.jg 'gg-, ' Vg,-gg -' gfsaa ' 'nm ' W ' " "N" "Wax 53555 Qe"'f'5 , ffl ST, gf 777 fl wi-1f:li77 ggi ' glues? 5-xL L' f' WLJ 3. 'XA 4.1 5,15 - Y'-43'I!?'s r f-, .ey A.f"'af'T"?"fTE-'!?E"'.frFT"'E' "if ' vrfse-:X 1:-: f-K1 ':'- !'ffrs'1'Tf:211r-'ff'Lff'i"a'-'rf"?'f't1"T""'T' cfifr- !:1i't::Af 2fi'5'f' ff 77 " f Q 'flii-l lifts? ifti i'EYis:ff11f'-5 :Hifi is 'iff g-1--i--f--+-f----:..f.--....-....v.......-.-...-.s..............s. --- ss, ff V, e . , ,,,....-.. f . A -r - 1-:if AGNES ELIZABETH TOTTEN 9300 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Benjamin Crispin School. Commercial Lil. the fleet-fingered typist. with a combination of athletic and social inclinations. has sought to improve the touch method of typing. Although to date she has been unsuccessful in this development, everyone hopes that she may meet accomplislnnent when she enters her life work of stenography. Commercial Club: Class Athletics: Gym Leader: High Way Representative: Assembly Committee. DOIROTIIY ESTELLE TOWNSEND 4001 Benner Street Entered from Ilenry Lawton School. Commercial Dot is one of those girls that is always in for a good time. Nothing revives her after a hard day's work ut school as does a spin around a dance Hoor. Dot is very etlicient when it comes to playing baseball. Commencement Committeeg Commercial Clubg Class Baseball and Volleyball. FLORENCE MARY TROISE 527 lVest ElennoresS'treet Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Florence is a life member of the Cheer-up Club and her pleasant smile is always ready to greet a friend. lYith her friendly and cheery disposition, 'she will surely make many friends in the business world. Commercial Club: lliking Club: Ye Tale Tellersg Re- porting Club. ELEANOR M. VIILIIORN -1847 North Fifteenth Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Academic Eleanor certainly is a good sport and an all-around girl. ller activities show her versatility. Not only is she an enthusiastic hockey player but she is quite ac- complished at this sport. Eleanor has one of the best scholastic standings in the class. Triangle Club: Literary Club: Athletic Editor of High li'ay,: Itiacouo Book Committee. Se:-cnty-one L l 5. t" " " "S" """' 0 --.Q e.-:sf--vaisisss ,.5g5Q,:,:' .ls Ns... fs Reps. - . ct..Ass ee sees MARGARET C. ULERY 6337 Torresdale Avenue Entered from Henry YV. Lawton School. Academic Peggy is onc of the best liked members of the class. Sheuis quiet and helpful and a perfect genius at mathe- matics. Peggy has proved her capability for friendship by having many friends. lpitcrary Clubg Mathematics Clubg Biology Clnbg lliking Club. Y CHARLES XVESLEY UMSTEAD. JR. 5137 Oakland Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School Mechanic Arts NVQ-s is one of the best bowlers t.hat we have. Nature favored him with the large hands necessary for this engrossing sport. lVes is well liked by all the fellows and ibut say it softlyj by the girls as well. Vice-president, Bowling Clubg Swimming Club. EDITH L. VANDEGRIFT 4831 Benner Street Entered from Henry XV. Lawton School. Academic Eats is one of our promising young organists, having been a faithful member of the Organ Club ever since it was organized. She is also interested in class basket- ball and many clubs occupy a part of her busy life. Eats intends going to Normal School after her gradua- tion. Latin Club: Biology Clubg Hiking Club. MARY PAFLINE VOLLMER 609 Olney Avenue Entered from James Lowell School. Commercial Polly is Mr. Kunz's rival because she is always taking pictures of her classmates. Besides this, Polly is fond of elocution and she can always be depended upon to keep her companions amused. After Polly has received her diploma she will seek a position as "somebody's stenogf' Soren fy-Iwo I QEQASS GE? JEINE EQZS IRENE YVAGNER 1424 Aldine Street Entered from YVest Philadelphia Iligh School. Commercial Coming to us from the lVest Philadelphia Girls High School, Irene iitted so well into our class that it is hard to realize that she was not originally one of us. Irene is a good and faithful student and as a result of her labor she was a distinguished student in D. Commercial Club: Book Room Committee. LEAII M. WALDMAN 4919 Mulberry Street Entered from .Tohn Marshall School. Academic The majority of Ginger-'s classmates regard her as a quiet girl, but the others know that when she gets started she becomes very enthusiastic and humorous. The girls whom Ginger counts as friends are proud of it. Art Clubg Biology Clubg lliking Club. RUTH SER RILL YVALLAN 1707 East Scatter-good Street Entered from WVest Philadelphia Iligh School. Commercial Ruthie is very fond of a good time and can always be found where there is lots of fun. Because she is fond of a good time her classmates. elected her as a member of the C Dance Committee. Q Commercial Cluhg Ye Tale Tellersg Hiking Club. JOSEPH HUGH XVALSII 911 East Rittenhouse Street Entered from XVilliamsport High School. Academic Germantown was certainly a loser when Joe decided to come all the way over to Iflrankford. Joe ha:'u't been with us very long, but he has created a very time im- pression. Basketball was Joe's major extra-curricular activity. Swimming Club: Fencing Club. Serenly-flaree .,,. ..C- --- - - -- .- . -1-Ft .., -1-sf: . .- -.--...A . -..K-sf-z' eE..Ass. ea' 2 W I-ILEAN OR W 141 I NI I OFE R 5217 North Fifth Street Entered from Cooke Junior Iligh School. Commercial Sheba is all her name suggests. Her popularity is due to her Congeniality and her ability to converse. Shebafs hobby is dancing. AvlI0ll a new step lnakes its appearance. she gets the job as demonstrator. Sheba is a busy and important member of the German Club. Nicht wahr. Fraulein? Sheba is going to do ottice work when she leaves Frankford. Class Ilockeyg Commercial Club. MARGARET MARY WEIR 6817 Dittman Street Entered from Mary Disston School. Commercial Peg shows her merit in deeds rather than words, but because of her quiet, unassuming nature she has won a place in the hearts of her classmates. Peg has great executive ability and we hope that this will be of great benefit to her in the business world. Treasurer. Student Board: Commercial Club: Treas- urer. Trip Committee. WILLIAM DEAN WELKER 4623 Penn Street Entered from John Marshall School. Academic Bud is a fine student and a splendid comrade. Elec- tion to the honorary Thirteen Club is sutlicient testi- mony of the truth of the foregoing statement. Bud was quite active in all class affairs, his chief interests being in athletics and debating. UStudy Ilall Committee: Second Team Baseballg WVun ' uh. DAVID XVHYTE 6143 Cottage Street Entered from Ilenry YV. Lawton School. Academic During his four years here. Dave has made an en- viable record for collecting money. Each term he was unanimously elected section treasurer. In recognition of his ability to lmndle financial affairs, Dave was put on the Finance Committee in A. B Playg Chemistry Club: Latin Club. Seventy-four 'Lit . " f" 's - .- -if ,-- -Y Myi-,4N,s,f,,,,i Y-,mls 4, 11,-Q-kg sq,-G, .- . -,. e. --, Y. -- lag sa, 5 xigaltiggb dxrgg ,A Ja I..le:s:'i'e:ui 1 Ig: -A'l Qggskiit GE-i QQNE. SQQEE e , . 1a1s1wcws'Ws'ssstn,fw amiga? .3 , su., -.N ax y i 'Q U .-. 5 wmv - G, .- . .. '-. , fnss. .ins . .., . ,ree ,Q ,. -. . -fs -Q S Q? E-Q, .E E me Q .1 f K K f ,We GEORGE EDWIN XYILLIAMS 1310 East Columbia Avenue Entered from Alexander Adaire Sehool. Mechanic Arts George has made a name for himself by his excellent school work. Ile was awarded the Fathers' Association Prize on two occasions and in his D term he was rated distinguished. George has taken active interest in the Engineering Club. He was elected president in his final term. T-Square Club. JAMES LAXVRENCE YVILLIAMS 1642 Alleagrove Street. Entered from John Marsliall School. Mechanic Arts Vitulis wa a member of the varsity football squads of '26 and '2T. He has satlicient avoirdapois to form an almost impregnable barrier to charging opaonents. Vi- talis was active in both the Engineering blah and the Bowling Club. House and Grounds. GERALD II. XVOERYER 239 Somerville Avenue Entered from James Lowell School. Academic Jerry is lll'01llll'iIlg for a musical career and while at Frankford he has taken advantage of all the music that the school has to olrer. Besides taking the various eourses in music. he was a member of theyorchestra. the band. the brass quartet and the Music Qlab. - YV1111 Clabg Latin Clubg Sock and Basking House and Grounds. MABEL IRENIC XVGLFER 715 lVest Yenaugo Street Entered from Bayard 'Taylor School. Commercial Mebs is always jolly and always likes to keep things moving. Dancing is her favorite pastime and she is at home an any floor. She often keeps her classmates amused with her snappy remarks. Mehs has earned the title of a good pal. Commercial Club: Hiking Club: German Club. Seventy-J'i re 'iff 111' swag-1-is-1-wp-gs-Y-11 . Y . ., .,,, . , K , - 5 Wg'-"""'1""e"'e""""""' 2 5 . ' T 'A PM -'avtr'!"E - 4. . ceases or seas if DOROTHY B. XYORK 5914 Tulip Street Entered from Henry XV. Lawton School. Academic Dot is 'a small but etiicient person. During her sojourn at Frankford she has won many friends be- cause of her eheerfulness and willingness to help. YVith all these qualifications we feel sure that she will make an excellent teacher. Triangle: Literary Cluhg Rrzcoim BooK Committeeg High Way Stall. CATHERINE GRACE WYNKOOP 205 WVest Sulis Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Catherine. who is an ardent lover of music, is very fond of playing the piano. She and Clara are an in- separable pair and if you wish to hear what they can do, ask them to play a duet. Girl Reservesg Commercial Club. CLARA F. ZANZINGER 4155 North Franklin Street Entered from Cooke Junior High School. Commercial Clara. who is a rather quiet girl, is a friend to all, and all who claim her as n. friend know that she is a cheerful helper. Clarzfs hobby is tennis and she can certainly put the balls across the net. Girl Reservesg Commercial Club: Swimming Club. Seventy-si.v C 1 .3 ii I L , ah,-, K - f we W f 1 -- f-'sera-rat s-s1:e+,:f. 11,2 . e -. T . - L . , !le!!ilG!!-llll'-!Z3l2'lf9'i39'33'Q?:'t!E'f !'?l!.lg!59igi!'1'!9'l?9!!G!fllE'0!lf!Y'1ll e - f -' - v - 1-e V V - Y W J -L Y-.qYY Y. V 'L 'Qi V. . , , , dim Station Reahzmg that oul school dats mll soon be over, vue, the Class of June, 28, deem It most fittmg that we should leave some glft behmd us, WlllCll shall sene as a goal and a spul for us, and shall 1011121111 a pel manent lIlElIl01'18.l of ou1 havmg been here Of all the thoughts that ale blought to mv nnnd ln the Plillltlllg of thls Ameucan llnden 0u1 melnoual the most lnterestmg 1S the life of thls tree Throughout a lax ge palt of 1ts mde lange, Wlll1Cl1 extends from New Brunsmck, south to Geox ma, and nest to Nebl aska. and Texas, the Amermcan hnden IS most genel allv called the ba s w ood It IS a Well known tlee, gxomng IH a vanetv of sltuatlons and haung such defimte Cll818.Ct9l'1St1CS that lt IS easxlv d1s tlI'lgl1lSl1Cd b5 evervone In the earlv sprmg the red buds appeal A llttle latel the young leav es push out from these buds 1n a. fasclnatmg mannex, each leaf so placmg ltself that It wxll get the largest possible amount of sunshlne The two sxdes of the heart shaped leaves dlffel U1 eatly 111 slzc, that nearest the branch bemg almost alw avs the lalgel The balk of the hnden tlee IS g18.XlSl'l ln colol, chal acter 1StlC8llW smooth ln young trees and mole 01 less xertlcallv stuate ln oldel tl ees The n ood lb so soft that It has long been used fo1 xarxous purposes 111 cabinet noxll Our Amellcan llnden IS then, both useful and olnamental Am I carumg the compallson too fa1 when I hope that thls 1S exactly what each of our ln es ws 1ll be a dual thlng, devoted to a. useful task and strnmfr aftel the fine and beautlfulp Dehsexed by J ARDELL SHADEL r 5 . 5 ' ' . , J 1 5 , V , . . V , , E . . r . I Y V f : . - . ' V - . . . . 5 V . E , -f E u 1 1 1 -1 ' h 5 . . . . . " 5 . E . . . . ' ,- : - 1 Y . Y , E f v' - ' y . 5 b E -v 1 l S - E . , . . Y . . : - v - . . V Q E ' v . ' , . . . . . . . K . . . 1 . - - ' ' - ' : . 5 v ' . ' Q .' : . X : v Q 1 -, Q 7 7 ' E . ' ' 5 . ' ' . . . ' g rn - E . . . . 5 . , . . , . . ., E . . . ' . . ' : . , - . 1 . V 5 " . . ' . . , w- , . 5 , ' ' ' v . . - E '. . . x ' Q . ,' .' l . v ' 5 ' . , . . ' 7 Y Y : y E . ' 9 ' ' E Y ' .' - ' 5 b ' 5 ' ' 7 . 4 . Seventy-se1'cn SECTION A1 SECTION A211 Sr'1'c1n'y-viglzf I dw gf. I A .wg ,,. P SECTION A2b SECTION A3 Seventy-nine SECTION A4 SECTION A5 Highly 1 . ,JA Y I SECTION A6 SECTION A7 Hiflhfy-one SECTION A8 SECTION A9 Eighty-two i ,312 4 F- E I li fi' 1- 'vfff jjj rzfgg. .- 'w , ' ,gigs-, ,hgzfgr 41.-ie 1. ' .'fine--I-fuzz'1-.n-menesrllc-ill-f-H :lf Q' ,A '. -,Q-'C Qi ,'-' ' 2 V .1 7 2 mf 13 X! 3 as :PQ ,N ' A ,V Q is 5 1 llf' 5 'U :xb ' Q!! .4 N53 3,1 T. malnianiwilua-vshaeztoc-w.am5n-ivou.ini-n::u-uu.sue6v4susn1'3unusu HL' An Historical Play CH.-xlxAc'1'I-zns: Class of June, '28 llr. Snook Clerical Force M 4' Mr. Moore Lunch Check Lady '- ltliss Roth Janitors Faculty ' Chief Donovan Variously and similarly freshmen, sophomores, juniors and intellectuals. Type of play-Problem play: WVhat.'s It All About. Theme-Tlie first hundred years are the hardest. Protagonist-Class of June, ,28. A'nftagowaist-Faculty, lessons, advisers, etc. sf, Plot in Formula Form-Class of June, '28, attempts to go through school-faculty, lessons, etc., oppose. Q' Class of June, ,28, conquers and INITIAL SITUATION The class invades Frankford High as freslnnen determined to do or get their A. T. YV. Their first impressions were not lasting-they thought they could use the elevator. INITIAL Ons'rAcLE The first and subsequent reports come out. CoMrLicA'r1oN The class slowly moves through its freshman year, getting better acquaint- ed with the fellows, teachers and the Friday time schedule. No longer does Mr. Geiges' voice instill the terror in their hearts that it used to. During this term they are cut out of all Friday assemblies. Many of their Monday morning assemblies are made extremely enjoyable by having distin- guished men come and speak to them. Of these talks, Dr. Barker's was the most enjoyable. ' December became January, January became Februaryg Monday became Tuesday and the class became Gr students fsection designation onlyj. Ifiglzty-flzrca 35. 7 i l - V - f '-r-Ja"--U31-ww' ' ff - 12'-ef :"'es:f'1..flsafaqxfgf-. 1,-s,.,fgr--ex.,-is:-:J-.-.-.-52.5, -es-Y -g,..',-.a...,- , . V , , F , f ,V - - - 1-A-fu -Q--'ff H eff- - -s -- -' 'ff-fe -'-'- A-was , like--1-s-ss: .-Leegiam. .ea ,gr-gQ.e.2 :.4.,,:L2q1.1 , .51 ,, ' :sea-ali'-ill!iufErhGi-rio pniauiuilli-iiqfiiiziit he-swliiliialiiiliuluih . t o si Now they arc wise in the ways of the world. Seniors no longer awe them. Bean soup is an old story. They go up the down and down the up without a tremor. - Debating is now occupying a great .deal of attention. At last, summer and the subsequent vacation, followed by fall and the re- turn to school. - Now they are sophomores. No more can the stigma "frosh" be cast upon them. Some of them are being exposed to another language, French. They are learning how to dissect star fish in order tojind the pylorlic secas. At last they are in E and almost half of their stay'at Frankford is com- pleted. Harvey Corcoran and Paul Kendall are members of the championship debating team this year. CLIMAX Summer has come and gone and they are upper classmen at last. FALLING ACTION Q Irregular rosters are mixing the classes, giving the boys and girls an op- portunity to become better acquainted. The members are entering more clubs and engaging to a greater extent in athletics. Harry Fields, Frank Buzby et al are helping the Pioneers through a rather successful football season. The members of the class are on familiar terms with the bread line, the lunch check booth, and the ice cream lady, they know that Chief Donovan is not an Indian. Spring rapidly approaches and the members of the class go into C. Most of them are now polished dancers and strut their stuff on every occasion pos- sible. All look forward eagerly to becoming seniors and calling the teachers by their first names funder their breathj. ' Quickly the summer passes and at last the members of the class are seniors and also students of economics. Now and only now do the class members fully realize the sublimity of their exalted mission fall other expressions, no matter how irrefutable and impec- cable, are merely superiiuousj. The members of the class have received their rings and they for the girl friendj are jauntily showing 'em off, much to the envy of the mere mortals of the school. Life is now a path of roses, the only thorns being Latin, French, English, economics, etc., etc., etc. The class is turning to dramag worse than that, it is reverting to savag- ery in "The King's Englishi' fsavage enough as isj. Amid cannibals, hush- men, chorus girls, heroines and heroes, the play moves to a satisfying conclu- sion fyea at the end everything is jakej. Came the A and B dance, came the Christmas vacation, came the dawn, etc., and now-now, the class has almost reached the pointy, perilous pinnacle of seniority. A With the ending of the B term and the beginning of the A term the class prepares to elect officers. ltiysterious whisperings, fevered conferences, haunted groups are merely thc signs of political activity. Jack Conner, popu- lar and debonair, is elected presidentfjobj g Mildred Hutt is chosen vice-presi- Eigh fy-fire 11 , ,1- . .. - - i R ,,, ' l ' F hir Cifsgsl S H QUIEEI, EQMLS QQ A A MQ- ,. A , L 1- . :rim -4- KW , of f A, W - xc ' E. S ff- . , . A Z' W ' 'K N' ' 'J!""""'s"" if 133.1 Nxfffmwav-sz - "'t-2"i1:?- - - - Q - ' F i dent fhonorjg Ethel Hobson becomes secretary while Charles Spangler is elected treasurer and custodian of the Sacred Shekels. , The second A and B dance, the treepplanting, the A play and last fbut not cheapest, the A dinner dance. The trip is here and gone. A fleeting glimpse of handsome cadets, handsome uniforms and romantic walks Qgirl's eye-view, . .. .J The newness of that "important" look has-worn off. The class is so busy with its Record Book, with plans for Senior Morning and for graduation that it can spare no time for sociology, English, trig and kindred nuisances. Finally, examinations, and alas, re-examinations, then commencement. . Curtain. -. .- ft High ly-seven I THE CLASS or JUNE. 1928 VOL. 26, No. 20 Faaxlcroaa Ilmu Scnoox.. PIIILADELPIIIA, PA. J UNE 26, 1923 SPECIAL ALUMNI ISSUE News of Class of func, 1928, Graduated I0 Years Ago Mighty Fields ls Defeated Last night in the large stadium arena, before thou- sands of spectators, Hllrry Fields, formerly the world heavyweight boxing champion, was knocked out in the hrst round. The new champion. Horace Fenton, defeated the 'mighty Fields by a heavy right to the jaw, knocking him oft his feet. The referee. H. Milton Mac- Donald, declared it to be the most exciting fight in years. Fields' backers were John Miller. Stephen Adams, and Charles Eppel, while the new champion was supported by Vaughan Ilawksley, John Kaczmar and Albert Schulze. Among the many noted spectators were: Paul Ken- dall, famous stage dancer: John Snoke. international tennis champion 3 Gerald lVoerner. famous ventrilo- quist: and Peter Oscilowski, a rising young pianist. NEW RECORD SET! A new marathon dancing record was recently made at the lleavy Date Dance Hall, managed by Jean Stevenson and Millicent Lukens. Josiah Linton and Emma Fish waltzed for ten minutes. Among the vanquished com- petitors were. William lVel- ker and Jean Linton. and Ar- dell Shadel and Jean Steele. Storey Bleuit. was the time keeper. Two brand-new tive-cent lunch checks were presented to the winning couple. Authors Convene A convention of the lit- erati, from all sections of the state, was held last night at Garret Hall, Holmesburg. Franklin Buzby, speaker of the evening, gave a very spirited talk on "YVhat is the Younger Generation Coming To?" Many noted authors were present, among whom were: Jack Conner, NVilliam Slasor, Albert Morris. Helen Crozier and Gladys Sutphin. Miss Sutphin will be remembered as the author of last yeal-'s best seller, "Hot Teddy," and Mr. Slasor for his thesis on "The Advantages and Dis- advantages of Henry Ford's Manufacture." New School Opens Some time in the near fu- ture the new two hundred dol- lar Violet Russel School, named after the famous wo- man orator, is expected to be ready for use. lVilliam Arnold. wealthy contractor and builder, has had his force of men work- ing day and night on this imposing edifice for the last two years. The corner stone for this memorial will be laid by Mildred Condell. The new school faculty will consist of Mildred Hutt. al- gebrag' Loveday Radcliffe, physics: Dorothy Johnson, chemistry: Helen Bnshek, English: Minnie Fry, hy- Hiene: Grace Jackson. an-tg l'lllen Shields and Hildegardc Enders, gym. The new building will be situated at the corner of Mc- Farland and Materski Streets. George McC'ad'erty will be the new principal. Eiffllfll-1lt'lI? FRANK!-'ORD GIRL WINS CONTEST "TVho says there ain't no Sandy Claus?" said Miss Margaret Bromiley today on being told by Harold Arsht. photographer, that she had won the 51.98 prize in the Limerick Contest, sponsored by the wealthy Naomi ldell. These contests have been run- ning in the "Home-Town Tatler," edited by Howard Denn, for some time. Miss 'Bromiley broke into tears when presented with the money, and said it was the first contest she had en- tered since her happy youth. She intends to use it to- ward a home for crippled lunch-checks in memory of her school day friend, Ethel Dewsbury. Miss Dewsbury is at present doing mission- ary work on the Ogeegosh Islands with Anna Bieler. Artists Exhibit Art? Q At a recent art exhibit held at the Academy of Natural Science by a num- ber of famous Philadelphia artists. many fine pictures were displayed. Ann Crossan's. "The Morn- ing After the Night Before," carried off ffirst honors. "0KMNX," painted by Helen Connor, was a close second. "Hurrah for the Irish," by Herbert .Bass received third prize. Among the promising young artists exhibiting their work were: Carl Geiges. llarry Kolf, Louise Dean, and Helen Brauus. The judges were Esther Potter, Jane Tomlinson -and Howard Libby. .l THE FRANKFORD HIGH XV.-XY The Frankford High Way Published Once in a TVhile by the Intelligentia 30.005 per Copy Editors Fmans Srrncn TIELEN CON NOR Young Pilot Succeeds This morning, John Olcltz in his trusty plane. "LS, succeeded in crossing t.he Delaware River. The brave young pilot was accompanied by John Gamble. mechanic, J ames M acK echnie and lVilliam Entwistle, parachute jumpers. The crew braved the rough weather and their spirits were kept "ull" by 1'l1dl0 music which Matilda Pincus and Edna Boyce broadcast from station S. 0. S. Earl Billingsley and Jack Berry backed the flight and were across the water to greet the fliers. having pre- ceded them on the S. S. Leviathan. OFFICE BUILDING IN FLAMES Yesterday at -1.29 P. M.. the otlice of the Abadaba Mo- tor XYorks. managed by Yer- non Platt. burned to the ground. ilihen the fire was discovered, Mr. Platt was dictating to his eight sten- ographers. Pauline Lange. Dorothy J ordan, Grace Hazel, Dorothy Compton, Clara An- gert, Evelyn Carragher. Lis- sette Buchscheidt, and Clara Green. The world famous woman tire department was called in- to action. and soon elv- tinguished the Haines. Those who received medals of bravery are Gertrude Kreu- zer, Mary Raynor, Mary Kerr, Rayalloise Hager, Marguerite Hurleman, hfary Crossett, and Leah TValdman. Mayor Burger commended them on their ability with the hose. , Stenographers' Contest Yesterday in the Wool- worth Building in New York, a speed contest was held for stenographers. There were twenty contest- ants, and Ida Spielberger won over all competitors, with an average of tive minutes a word, counting periods Xlllll commas. Elizabeth Robinson came in second, averaging seven min- utes a word. Both Miss Spielberger and Miss Robin- son told the admiring judges that they use the Seek and Find method exclusively. Some of the other entrants, well known in the business world for their punch at the typewriter are: Edith Press, Clara Zanzinger, Anna Kelly, Caroline lloffman, Florence Harper. Grace Long, Cath- erine lVynkoop and Pauline Vollmer. Bridge Tragedy Averted This morning at 9.30. Pa- trolman Manuel Leibman ar- rived at a desolate part of the Delaware River bridge in time to see a man blow two mournful notes on his trumpet and jump into the deep, dark, dank Delaware. The police boat. Mayor James Ilarper. came to the scene of near tragedy. and Samuel Brown. Maurice HEl'tZlllRll and David Schu- man succeeded in saving the man's life. He was taken ashore and told them that since his offer of marriage had been refused by Alice Paul. he had decided to end it all. Ninety-one Radio Features ' for Tonight 7.00 P. M.-"Dream Dad- dy," Joseph Hollander, will tell the bed-time story en- titled. "She called me a pau- cake and left me Hat." 7.30 P. M.-Marion Iless, contralto. will sing a solo en- titled, "You Made Me lVhat I Am Today." 7.45 DP. M.-Benjamin Slut- sky will give a. toe dance. Ile will wear a gorgeous pea- cock costume especially de- signed for him by Evelyn Peden. 8.00 P. M.-John Alfredo, Rebecca Somers, and Edna Borlase will present a short ocie-actbplay Entitled. "They sin one i it B' - Nell." g 5 01" 8.30 P. M.-Housekeepers chat on "How to Boil lVater Without Burning? lk," bv Freda Spence. ' '9.00 P. M.-Alan Scott and his Nine 0'Clock Night Hawks, with Dorothy Bircher dancing during intermissions. 9.30 P. M.-Irene Morris. Oiganlst. at the console of the mltrhty Winsor organ. 10.00 P. .M.-Bridge lessons by Marguerite Acker and Alvin Block. Lecture Tonight Tonight at the University of Pennsylvania, Dorothy Myers. noted lecturer. will give a lecture on "How to Combat the Modern Evilsf' The program will also in- clude a violin solo by Mary' Landis, a vocal duet by Elsie Flotlnneier and Sylvia Sher- man. and a clog dance by' Estoy Reddin. Joseph lValsh will preside at the meeting, assisted by Max Silver and lVilliam Maund. YELLOW JACKETS START TRAINING Eleven prospective mem- bers of next. season's Yellow Jackets football team. left for the South this morning to start training. They ave: Harvey Cor- coran, Leopold Sender, YVar- ren Kaucher, Paul Brown, Earl Petty. John Hensel, Franklin Derbyshire, YVilliam Schweiger, Bronislav Guokas, and XVilliain Marsh. Arthur Barnes, manager. accompanied them, as well as the coach. Jolm Most. l ' 1 i Hi' -. THE FRANKFORD HIGH VVAY Musical Comedy Attracts Large Audience Last night, "The Hides of Marchf! written by Marie Re- katzy was shown for the 'drst time at the Mary Schnerr theatre. The leading part was taken by Lillian Smith, who was supported by a chor- us consisting of: Bertha Pot- tiehen, Devora Rabinowitch, Agnes Totten. Ruth Schmid, Kathryn Riebel, Bernice Schenkel, Pauline Fisher, and Mildred Enochs. The following prominent Philadelphians were seen in the audience: Helen Rohm, Professor of Botany at the Martha Goller Girls' Finish- ing Schoolg Ethel Neiheiser, inventor of the non-rustable goldtishg Doris Boardman and Sylvia Leopold, president and vice-president of the "Society for the Prevention of Crulety to Animals." and Mildred Longacre and Doris Mansell, noted sociologists of this city. ATTEMPTED THEFI' FOILED Late last night Harriet McKee, Eleanor Uhlhorn, and Louise Keber were leaving the apartment of Margaret Ehhecke and Dora Stewart, who were giving a party in honor of Elizabeth Dudley, woman suffrage leader. As they turned the corner, a man jumped out from the lurking shadows of a building and snatched at Miss McKee's purse. Miss Keber ran for help while Miss Uhlhorn climbed a tree. Miss McKee held on to her pocket-book and so did the thief. but their screams were heard by a pass- erby Robert Brand, who frightened olf the robber. Such heroism should be rightly commended. Girls Conquers Frankford Creek in Three Hours Covered with grease paint, Mary Sunxertield emerged from the treacherous waters of Frankford Creek at 5 o' clock this morning as the first woman to ever swim these wild waters. NVhen interviewed she said, "It was nothing and 1'd do it again any time. Her trainer, lvilliam Pauli, re- marked to the admiring throng that it was a wonder- ful feat to be able to swim that distance in three hours and he was proud of her re- markable record. The other contestants were Jane Gelman, Dorothy lVork, Margaret Ulery, and Gladys Hershey, who were picked up ten miles from shore by Fran- cis McMordie. Eugene Gin- glend and Robert Smith, in a sail boat. Thomas and Benson's Department Store Stage Attractive Fashion Show A very spectacular fashion show was held last evening at the city's leading depart- ment store and was attended by many noted Philadel- phians. Rose Baron and her famous French manequins brought with them and displayed the new fall styles. Among the models were: Miriam Reeve, Elizabeth Charlton, L e a ll Sho re, Margaret Farber, Lauradean Kunstmann, and Isabel Boerckel. Some of the dresses were perfect tits, in fact convulsions. The music was supplied by the Firth-Dages Ur- chestra, a very 'famous or- ganization now in demand by the smart social set. Horse Show Lures Society Society was well repre- sented at the Devon Horse Show yesterday and Ethel Chambers, Marie Butsch, Edna Renouf and Ethel God- frey whom we will remember as last spring's debutantes, were among those present. "Anne Howe" was awarded the pink horse-Hy for the equine having the most horse-feathers. and the wealthy Dorothy Freed. well known in the residential sec- tions of Olney is the proud owner. Ninety-th ree Bus Collides With Taxi! Early this afternoon a Whyte Taxi, driven by Ed- ward Rexer. crashed into one of the Charles MacDon- ough Co. buses, of the Wake- ling to Harrison Street Sight-Seeing Bus Line. Charles Bonner, the guide, was calling out the places of interest to the passengers, when the taxi swerved around the corner unexpectedly, and crashed into the bus. The ambulance was sum- moned, and Edith Vande- grxft and George XVilliams. occupants of the taxi, were taken to the Hilda Ferguson Hospital. along with the Df'SS9Ilg01's of the bus. Among the injured were: Eleanor lVeinhofer, Ruth W allan, Charles Farrell, Florence Troisi, George Har- bison, Edward Terry, Carl Severs, Elsie Smiley, and Mildred Rickert. The bus driver, Frank Dominguez, was arrested by otiicer Charles Lusch. The injured, under the careful supervision of Doctor Dewhirst, and his staff of nurses, Margaret YVeir, Dorothy Townsend, Elsie Nylund, Kathryn Macllfat- ters.. and .Gladys Johnson, are improving, Speed Fiend Held! This morning at the Munic- ipal Court, the first case called was that of Raymond Groller, charged with run- ning his car through the city limits at the rate of tive miles an hour. Judge Lotspeieh sat' -on the ease. The lawyer for the defense was Ethel- Hoh- son. Charles Spangler' was the alert officer who, had captured the speed fiend. The gentlemen and ladies of the jury were: George Henning, foreman: Charles Butler. James -lVilliams, Charles Umstead, Park Mit- chell. Albert Boecker, Mabel lVolfer. Irene lVagner. Helen Patrick. Esther Mahnke, Lil- lian Linde, and Catherine Hensel. The jury remained out for about five minutes, and then rendered the verdict of guilty in the fifth degree. d Ln, k. llknnilluiliwiilvill 5 X Qi fXXy X f THE MOT-1 THE ME12RxER Y ". Z , I . 1 J 5 ,L '43, m m X Z' vvwvy- .. XII K 4 lr ' W by , '75 if A A f k fi U ll4i'lom3liinIiDuQ-41'-I1:2u-m-nluiln-ivlO..iu5.-rift'-.lla-uint'-vllilnlill 75 L: us-nxm-mnQn--an-l::4fQH-ue-an-mf-U-o::vf-.n-wneruevlu-sn-n ,-.IFN ,A H fy if- I .I-' E N , , Q I . we ff .. X! s ' . ' . . I., :3f4f'.' A-s. ,ea A U ...If I --:. i LD ' r-' . - Q triad" a - .7 ' 1 "" I PM . r G F , 5 K ,e U A 'A L' ' i gh, T ' afg 1-4' N' S J- 1 Tuesday, February 21 Just got home from the A and B. I'm just about "danced outf' but I certainly had a gocd time while I was there. Sears-Roebuck's big dance Hoor was crowded with members of the A and B classes and alunmi with their alumnac friends. Meyer Davis, himself, in person, led the orchestra, and maybe he couldn't make that crowd dance--even the B's. Everybody seemed to enjoy the affair as much as I did, and the first social event of our A term was a huge success. ' Friday, April 27 This morning I caught a glimpse of college life. The glimpse was furnished by the cast of the A play, "The College Stick." For an hour t.he members of the cast forgot that they were serious Frankford High School seniors and became frivolous, pleasure-loving college students. Mary's mar- velous transformation took the audience's breath away. And weren't the boys handsome? I think the cast enjoyed most the numerous boxes of real candy, which were necessary stage "props.,' There certainly was great realism in the avidity with which the members 'partook of the sweets. Monday, May 7 Today we planted the Class Tree. It is an American linden and it will stand as a permanent memorial to the graduates of June, 1928. The ceremonies were quite impressive. Ardell Shadle made a splendid speech and Jack Conner, Mildred Hutt. and Lillian Smith did the planting. The exercises were concluded with the singing of the school song and the school cheer. Tuesday, May 29 This evening I ate and danced. But it was not an ordinary meal or an ordinary dance-it was the A dinner dance, a very exclusive and formal affair, held at McCallister's. In spite of its formality, we enjoyed ourselves, because by this time we are all acquainted, and moreover, most of us are able to wear evening clothes without appearing too self-conscious. Ninety-fi re 1 w 5' 4 f W . ,, ' :----- 1 -. 5,-L-f:Tfs-gnf ws., Y ,-. V Y, .,g.Y .i,,. .- , , V ",nseglg:1ess9g!gguggs,gge,5ggog9l::1agsennlxueeua.-maemp , , K f ,, : , , fa ,, N,..-..: ,ws-ea..s:r1:Aa,::.. -17.1. za.: f , .xy fk , - -. . A o li U E N23 i T "Q n - 2 . -3. - , -, ,,:,,.,1...a-.lf - fx-' ff gg,,.f,f-1 ,-Syed 1 ,D Y , . , :V V o , ' " Thursday, June 7 ' On this extremely rare day in June. we made our pilgrimage to VVest Point. During our journey up the Hudson we marveled at the scenery, chatted lazily as well-filled hampers were rather rapidly depleted, danced a bit and then again marveled at the scenery. Arrived at Yvest Point, we inspected grounds and buildings and sought to recall something of historical interest but had to be content with a hazy recollection that VVest Point was connected with some war or something. , ' On the homeward trip the girls raved a lot about handsome cadets, but I didn't think they were so much. Ho-hum! Arrived back in Philadelphia. The conductor had to waken us so that he could put the train away. lVell, the trip is all over, and here I am home again. All that is left. to look forward to is commencement. But why worry about that now? It's late and I'm tired and tomorrow is another school day. Yes, think of it-school on the day after the VVest Point trip! - - sig lglgl 'alrgsss' 'ig' Q ln? Ninety-seven sa.. A PLAY CAST B PLAY CAST Ninety-vighi i .1 Hin Wil!!! neu 4 1-,,1,,.g.9l.sH,-nn 'H N isflli l lvl is lim! I J.: i 5 -"tw" fm- f e Elf? ' ,cg 1 YE zg. "VX 'Q : Q sv Q 2 5 Ml Q Q fl' i if ix I si, z x , f "li I 4 f g ri? A " ' ' -: c-v ' v ' ' -an-sn::n.m-i 2.01 H 't 1 n u-a laiflnsannimhgn WHEN the three otclock bell has rung,'and classes are finally over for the day, then that other side of school life which is cherished by so many students comes into its own. Groups of interested, eager students are meeting with faculty advisers-club activities hold sway. The growth of clubs at Frankford has been as g1'eat as or greater than the growth of the school population. Indeed, the past two or three terms have seen the organization of four or five new clubs, among them t.he Swimming and Bowling Clubs, and t.he Chemistry and llathematics Clubs. The first two or- ganizations were formed for the purpose of providing a new form of recrea- tion for Frankford students. The latter two are closely affiliated with school subjects. In addition to these, probably t.he oldest club in the school, the Latin Club, was revived and reorganized this term. These aforementioned clubs show the varied character of ou1' school or- ganizations. Every student in the school should belong to a club. Every nor- mal boy and girl should be interested in some activity which is sponsored by a school society. If such is not the case then he or she should find fellow-en- thusiasts and start a new club. If you don,t belong to a school organization, join the one that seems to interest you the most. Give club activity a trial-you'll like it. ' Qunietas latina e THE LATIN CLUB is one of the oldest clubs in the school, having been or- ganized in the spring of 1918. Miss Ellis was the first adviser. Later Miss McCaulley held this oflice. She was succeeded by Mr. Benjamin E. Biswanger, who is t.he present adviser. ' H The membership of the club is restricted to those students receiving E or G in Latin. The candidates for admission are also required to give a five minute talk on some subject of Roman life or customs which will be of interest to the club. , The aim is to have only members who are really interested in Latin and to have meetings which will be of some value to the members as well as a source of entertainment. Charles Singer, C2, was elected president for this term and has done a great deal both in reorganizing the club and in carrying out its worthwhile Pi'0gl'illllS. Xinefy-nine CLASS Gs QUEST E953 .V 3. -ff,-C.-gy.-s. ,515 T-.-Y '-gg -5 4.-asf - .P . -4-if , -'f-T, r --bf -1:4 L . , - - s -5 ,, . .Q if E 4 gg Iizii i aiiiavfm-:Digi L L i V rn, 1 if V f ,,,,. Y .-,.,V ,Jw A . Y--in-1 X.. . 'M N . 1 . ,:..1,.R?75, . Zlliijirtzen Qllluh HE THIRTE1-:N CLUB is the oldest senior honor society in the school. Elec- tion to membership is determined by character, scholarship and all-around participation in school activities. This year's organization is the thirteenth THm'rEEN CLUB, a very lucky omen, the members think. The club endeavors to inculcate true Frankford spirit in the lowcr-class- men by presenting, each year, a cup to that freshman or sophomore who best conforms to the traditions and exemplifies the ideals of the school. The meetings, this term, have been enlivened by excellent soloists and speakers. The first reunion dance, at which former and present members of the club mingled, was held late in the term. An innovation this term was the induction of the boys of the B class into the club. These are Palmer DePue, Henry Fulmer and Edward Aff. The other members include Frank Buzby, presidentg Harry Fields, secretary, Ardell Shadle, treasurerg Bernard Brown, Howard Denn, YVilliam VVelker, Carl Geiges, lvilliam Slasor, Horace Fenton, John Olek. Mr. Geiges and ltir. lvilliams are advisers. One I1 unrlred f 46 I ' ' . :eff .:- 2 : see.-sf,.1 fe ,L,,,5.?.,,,L,e..L,.', Y, . . . ,Y 1 5, I V! V Y , - We ,, -. 1-: - s.q,,f..s, ..V. NP., f,,,.,IF-f .1 ss-fs-ff..-fag: 7.1.-sf,s,1z4.s1f" .. remrscsr. L,.z,I.,5g-, , 'Y V V 37. la, canes as crores sees ' . ,AV 'l Qeniur Gitnelhe THE SENIOR 'TWELVE is the only honorary and elective girls' club in the school. It was organized by twelve girls of the June, '27, class. The girls, at that time, chose as their adviser, Miss Dorothy E. Gleeten, who so ably filled her position t.hat the present SENIOR TXW'ELVE unanimously elected her for their adviser. L The SENIOR SFWVELVE, besides being honorary, is elective. The girls are elected for their friendship, sociability, popularity and scholarship. Each term the SENIOR TwELvE elects six of the most able girls from the B class. These have a meeting at the beginning of the A term at which they elect six of their classmates. The officers of the present SENIOR TXS'ELVE are: Grace Jackson, presi- dent, Harriet lNIcKee, vice-presidentg Mildred Hutt, secretaryg Anna Crossan, treasurerg Miriam Reeve, Board member, Lilliam Linde, H igh- lVay representa- tive, and Miss Dorothy E. Gleeten, faculty adviser. One h nmlred one ' " " g ,.f,.,g,5f-les..,fqefg-ss, rs , .51 -..fig " wks, .11 sissy: ssc,-ssefmu,.s.,fg,fEs.,s JM. 33 I E ge ,A E QLASS Q sZZ2.fss?,,... E523 A ,, iff E , ,E E E E ,, Y ,.,. , Qllircle Uitnelhe UNDER the guidance of Mr. Boerckel and Mr. Ashton, a newly-elected ad- viser, the CIRCLE TWELVE is enjoying its fifth term in the school. Because CIRCLE TWELVE is an honorary society, membership in it is determined by elec- tion. The club, as usual, has endeavored to aid the school in carrying on its splendid traditions and in promoting its fine ideals. Membership does not ter- minate upon graduation but continues in the graduate society of the club. Throughout the term the CIRCLE TWELVE has enjoyed many good times, the outstanding ones being the trip to Ocean City and the dances sponsored by the club. These have become regular events in the life of the club. The officers and members of the present Twelve are: Al Morris, president, Jack Bill, vdce-presidentg Bob Smith, treasurer, Al Scott, secretary, Jack Conner, Herm Peschken, George Henning, George McCait'erty, Charlie Dunn, Bud MacDonough, Joe Gensemer, Bill Neill. One hundred tlro 09. , , ,..4,,,..,.,, ,a fi - . , -. - - :' ' g ' - r -:rf-'11 vrsafieiagefxa,-4 744,152 xy-AJ, ef eggg-g,:e7ig,.:A1,1,s,. 5,-5,5 Vx., S-QL ' Y N 3 g ,Q , A , , I inzawsauiiiiaioalriai, ui wg 15. 6.55750 .iiaifgqgi-gm 5 e . .. . H 2 e Clliummercial Ctllluh AS ONE can readily see, the COMMERCIAL CLUB is an organization of boys and girls who are students of the Commercial Course. In order to become a member, a student must be in an A or B advisory section. Meetings are held on the last. Monday of each month, and are of a type that is enjoyed by all. Besides having speakers who give us the practical side of business life, entertaining features are provided by talent in the club. One outstanding feature of this term's COMMERCIAL CLUB was the fine play, "Trying Them Out," which was presented at a general assembly, and which was judged a huge success by all who saw it. The club has for its purpose the stimulating of greater interest among commercial students in preparation for business, the fostering of high ambi- tions in scholarship: the promoting of fuller interest in all school activities, the development of high social ideals. Club activities do not merely include meetings here in school. Trips are taken by the boys and girls to various places in and about the city, among them being the Victor Talking Machine Company, the Disston Saw YVorks and the Hershey Chocolate Company. The ofiicers for tl1e spring term were: J. Ardell Shadle, presidentg Minnie Fry, vice-president: John P. Kaczmar, secretary, Margaret VVeir, treasurerg John Olek, H igh. I-Va-y representative. The club advisers are: Mr. VV. Nichols, Miss Saile, Mrs. Raby, Miss Lip- pincott, Mr. VVraught and Mr. R. Hargreaves. One lrundrcd flirve V . f- f.sf-fzuffg:-less-'seistsfsxgq-2-1 . - , -.,,:. . 5 ' 15 N, " .4 , l K" K -r CLASS or .Eames sees Qlizbquare Qiluh THE T-SQUARE CLUB was reorganized in 1926, under the supervision of Mr. Murphy, for the purpose of interesting the members in the beauties of architecture. It endeavors to show the many possibilities that are open to all who enter this creative profession. All boys who are interested in archi- tectural work are eligible for membership. This term the club has been very active. A number of instructive and enjoyable trips were taken to places of architectural interest. The Conklin Terra Cotta lVorks and the new Art lX'Il1SCl1Ill were on the list. Various mem- bers of the club gave inspiring' talks on topics that were closely related to architecture. The club niet several times to have open discussions on the beauty of modern buildings and their action on the daily life of the people who come into contact with them. The T-SQUARE CLUB is well represented in the class of June, 1928. Gflicers who will graduate with the present class are: Charles Butler. presi- dentg Richard Gatter, vice-president: VVilliam Dewhirst, secretary, Charles Bonner, treasurer, and Franklin Derbyshire, High Why representative. Other members of the class are: VVillia1n Schweiger, John Gamble, and Eugene Ginglend. Une li Il1Il1l'l'li four " , .1 - . fe we A 'f ' fi'--"' :si:52?r's,1i4v:g-yyzsigr. 'LY 5,5,f1fs.,.1, . ,,.,.. ' , ' 0 ' s ' as ,sr Gyn- v.:"- -fe .. 4.2 f- - - - cv - --.m.e---fx- assess. ri- ss- -X -":s?--.ieecfv--.iwz-i:.iEii:'s-gzeeeffesfii- :ggi-:ki . -o Q CLASS OF JUNE H923 me fuihsmistrp Clllluh THE Cuamsrar CLUB began the term with a large number of new members to fill the vacancies left by those who graduated. Mr. McGlynn, who was instrumental in organizing the club last. term, con- tinued as adviser notwithstanding t.he inroads made upon his time by A class activities. Miss Bacon gave valuable assistance as co-adviser. On two occasions during the term t.he club was entertained by experiments performed by members. At. another time the members were guests of the Engi- neering Club at a moving-picture demonstration of trans-Atlantic telephony. In conjunction with the engineers a trip was made to the plant of the Breyer Ice Cream Co., while later in the term a second trip was made, this time to t.he Laurel Soap Manufacturing Co.'s plant. The club also took part in the meeting of the School Science Clubs held at the Simon Gratz High Schol. Four of the five officers, thisuterm, were members of the graduating class, as were many of the other members. Those who are graduating are: Harvey Corcoran, presidentg Horace Fenton, wiice-president: Leopold Sender, treas- urer: VVilliam Slasor, High. lVay representativeg Raymond Groller, Paul Ken- dall, lVilliam Pauli, Vernon Platt, Jean Linton, Harriet McKee, Ruth Fisher. One I: undred fire i ,, , - -- -' . '- s"' 12 w- .- . g, -a,As,,..'-gif , -. , usnmueasu E105 1 I :sn 22 I ee l 'QlQAl'Ql!eunyg1-gs'2.' H ' 1 Q - , - gi, .- sv, - . - .,. ,M-... ..s--.zsiwa aff: f-...:Q.,.,, -gangs .figs .,-sees...:-'saws-Q-.-1',--'::g, -.- r A Y , e e L Qtr Cliluh THIS term the Aim' CLUB has been especially active. Meetings are held every Thursday afternoon and some member of the club has posed each week, while many interesting studies were made. Outdoor sketching has been popular during the warm weather. Ann Crossan, a member of the graduating class, has the honor of being our president as well as president of the School Arts League. The club attends the regular meetings of the League, all of which have proved most entertaining as well as instructive. The annual exhibition of oils at the Academy of Fine Arts was visited by every member and a number of worth while compositions were written about it. Every Saturday morning a large group attends the LaFrance Art In- stitute to study cast drawing. Those who attend have profited very much from the course. Each year the Art Club increases in numbers and in the importance of its activities. Our faculty advisers are Miss Thompson and lNIr. McCann. One h uudrcd si.: ' ' . - , 5 s-1 1 -Q - sz I t-xisgsgss-1. - viii:-'12 xg.-rf'.f1s, ,,,-gg ss- zg r-sefvrzsv 11, . .L . . '---'F gp i a. lr .1 -..., A A , , 1 - . ' v ww , Q Y , 1 Y -"4 . SLAC? S JUNE SQ 2. S 1 ig .2 j Triangle QEIuh HE TRMNGLE Curn is an all-school girls, organization, the main activity of which is debating. Indeed it is from this club that the girls' inter- scholastic debating team is chosen. ' '1'hrough the 'FRIANGLE CLUB there has been aroused, in the school, much interest in debating. Every term the club has usually had one or two debates with other school organizations such as the Demagogues and Ye Monks. However, the club has rendered service to the school along other lines also. It was the ZFRIANGLE which organized and sponsored the All'Club Dance so successfully. Only a limited number of girls may be admitted to the club each year. Speaking ability is t.l1e only qualification for membership in the organization. The officers this term are: Eleanor Chidester, presidentg Jean Linton, vice-presidentq Ida O'Neill, secretaryg Edna Boyce, treasurerg Dorothy VVork, High l-Va-y representative. Going out with the graduating class are most of the officers and mem- bers of the interscholastic debating team. One' himdlcd seven W W W W W W .5 . 1 ..,,4. V 1.- S lsr... . --v. .f.' eb- .a :t w -.:,,Q,,a ,ae fa. -3 , , ,:, .553 efmf-'s Q aida... ,V 1 'itil 533' 'C 'FTSE I We .gg CLASS Se ESQ Swank anh Baskin ' IN THE fall term of 1926 the Dramatic Club reorganized on the basis of a selective club. It adopted the former title, SOCK AND BUSKIN. The following term, the club reached the pinnacle of success in the play, "Captain Applejackf' The three one-act plays, "The Sponge," "Finders- Keepers," and "Rosalind," added to the fame of our organization. These four plays were coached by lliiss llflumford, who deserves much credit for the excellence of the performances. A year ago, a new adviser, lNIr. Motley, coached "The Land of Heart's Desire? It proved so successful that lVIr. Motley undertook the coaching of the play, "Seventeen," which was splendidly done. This term the members of the club are hoping to have their crowning success in the one-act play, "The Thrice Promised Bride." The A members of the Socx AND BUSKIN are as follows: John Alfredo, president, Gladys Sutphin, Alvin Block, Jack Conner, Paul Kendall, Earl Billingsley, Charles Bonner, Jack Bill and James Harper. One hundred eight ' ..vaI.g":d" , A-1---U 'Q----D. 0 : ,, . ...Q ,..- ..-f-, vf --ef .-- --'- wx- -0 -- -+-.: e.L.i,Tx:,:f.-3. 1,,Ltj.,f:g:.:,3,f:yYJ: yi-er W -.-. J -vs. , , ,-,Q X CLASS QE UNE 392. S , Q , , e i i f 5 e :Blanks YE Moxics was organized a number of years ago for the primary purpose of cultivating the literary talent of the boys of the school. Aside from literary work there are the many interesting parties and trips that are made by the members of the club. These include theatre parties, house parties, trips to libraries, museums and newspaper plants. There is one particular feature of the club that brings the members out in force-the interesting and unusual meetings. At these -gatherings there are talks by faculty members and generally musical selections rende1'ed by the members. YE Moxxs limits its membership to twenty-five students who must have received a Gr or E in English. Through the able sponsorship of Mr. Earl Hargreaves the club has made splendid progress. YE MONKS boasts of an alumni group. This term the club numbers among its members the following seniors: Benjamin Slutsky, Harry Koff, Maurice Hertzman, George Firth, John Olek, Earl Billingsley. One hundred nine fifte- Gennvfkk Qha of L w X Q-. i en, "5 i Q --LY -Lp , ., L-if Fifi ,if wg iv' Q fri is sw- sf --X-. ss. fi 'isp tg s :Ex wig W3 2 ,7 -Q ig Q5 - A. ii 'Q -I ,A , ix it 553621, -la A ., M ,-W 1... sf N X.Lf.,o-. as K. -.1 is-' T'I"T"',j.:If,-'1,3""'K:s,,',:EfTlf'g A' i Qf ffffiiriig' ' 5:2 v'fT:'fgi'.'tT'i if-wifi 'ist-5' -1 "HN-his--6-if -- "f . . - . -- - . - ,cf f1fJ,,:i-e,:j':,gf-'P-.T'f'i, i1 -.i?TI4,iXjw5-5 p let lub T THE beginning of this term the organization formerly known as the Music Club became the CL:-:F CLIYB. l'nder its older name the club was organized a few terms ago by lValton'Burriss, now a graduate member, and hir. Forrest Newmeyer, the adviser. The primary purposes of the organiza- tion are to bring together those students who are interested in music, and to cultivate an appreciation of good music. The secondary purpose is to supply the library with operas and scores for the students' use. All students, in sections D to B, who have some musical talent, are eligible to take an examination before the executive oflicers. The examinations are given once a month just before the meeting which is held on the third Thursday. The meetings are held in the homes of the members, and the programs are provided by the members. These programs consist of piano and vocal solos and interesting musical talks. Members of the club who are likewise members of the graduating class are: John Olek, president, Lauradean Kunstman, vice-president, VVilliam Maund, secretary: Miriam Reeve, treasurerg Evelyn Peden, High lfVay repre- sentativeg Harry Benson, Leah Shore, llatilda Pincus, Esther Potte1'. Om' humlrcd ten , 4,-y.....h ' "" ee I 'SFS' : Q ' . , . ,,,3,gw-ssQ:1.-Q-V iffy 4:-2:ns.L..aQ.-.,...,.,,. - g,Y,,,,,:, L. ,.H. ,. 1.4, ,,,,,,,..,,.,,,- ,Q Y, j Y., gcc. - 44,25-.,,,,, gg -ui. sg-ii'a,.iiv -f -fr-1 - ,V Engineering Qliluh THE BINGINEERING CLUB has just completed one of its most successful terms since its organization, under the guidance of Mr. Lowe, the faculty adviser. Because of the limiting of membership to thirty-five it was necessary, for the first time, to refuse interest.ed applicants. The late classes, this term, have made difficult the taking of trips, but this has been more than made up by the interesting and instructive talks given by members and others. These talks were illustrated by slides or moving pictures. The subjects were varied, but all were of a mechanical nature. In conjunction wit.h the Chemistry Club, a fine trip was taken to Breyers Ice Cream Plant at the beginning of the term. This trip was especially in- teresting for several reasons: the members were excused earlyg they were given a free bus ride to and from the plant, and to top oft' a perfect day they received ice cream and souvenirs. The officers for the past term were: George E. lVilliams, presidentg lValter Haring, secretary, Nicholas Lloyd, treasurerg Vernon Platt, High Ufay representative, and Robert Lee, program manager. The members of the club who are also members of the graduating class follow: George Yvilliams, Vernon Platt, George Rexer, Bronislav Guokas, lVilliam Dewhirst, Charles Bonner, Robert Brand, Earl Petty, Arthur Barnes, Earl Billingsley, Park Mitchell, VVilliam Pauli, Harold Libby, Harry Allen. One hundred eleven ,, , Q k , , U ..A.. . it , It Y,,., is if r , CLASS Sli? GENE EQZS 4 1-,, 1 i . I gwlatbematins fdlluh 'T"HE ihIATHElIA'1'ICS CLUB is becoming one of Frankford's leading clubs although is is comparatively young. It was organized in March, 1927, with fifty-nine charter members. At present the membership is restrictedg only those who receive a, good mark in mathematics are permitted to join the organization. The club meets every third Monday in room 105. This term the club members were divided into groups. Each group took charge of a meeting and many interesting sessions were held under this plan. The club also held a joint meeting with the Engineering Club, at which time motion pictures were presented. The club is sponsored by Miss lNIcAllister. The officers for this term are: VVarren Kay, presidentg Florence Lindsey, vice-presidentg Louise Pierson, secretaryg Charles Frank, treasurer. One hundred tu-ellie "'5'5'-E'?il3'L?""" 'Q' I ii S 'PN .fi new it QL!-as o -'Y V ' .V -, .-r.-ng 43,55-,.1-r 'fA-g:--' :W Ytw' J .'f1,: s 3-nv - : src -w x, my .swf ,gg s -v.. .'-v z , is-sz:-32,323 . 'f -'FF " f , B N, Q e e C3 o so , 4 Q Q B ki t . R ,, gi Q3 ? . , - ',, f' -- ""' 'Y H ' ' W - - '-'A H+-4-sv -' " 'N 'H-----'--'---f' ' f 24- ws! Zgutnling fliluh HIS club was organized in September, 1927, and has made rapid progress since that time. The club is under the leadership of ltlr. Charles R. Nichols, a member of the history department. It is divided into six teams which play every VVednes- day afternoon at the Bridge street alleys. llledals are awarded to the members of the winning team, and prizes are also given to the individuals with the highest scores. The graduating class is well represented by the following members: VVil- liam Arnold, presidentg Charles Umstead, vice-presidentg George Rexer, sec- retary: Benjamin Slutsky, Peter Oscilowski, and James lVilliams. One hundrefl tlzirfeen 5, ' Q5 if has 5.523 .2155 3 'A fwe-zifgrssfi-1.f-:essAPNQ: ff-:vhs-A1---fem-:s - b - -:ewes-S-2-sg--ffsxf ,X ,J K R331 A - V J- -- - - -i V ----5---X --,x-.. ...Y ...--,--. . ..- -,. . . - -. ,,,..,., ,,,,,,..,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,:,,Q,6,L,,, ,, i.5,iZ spotting Qlluh HIS club was organized for A commercial students. Its function is to af- ford these students an opportunity to learn new and shorter methods of writing shorthand outlines from dictation. The membership is limited to fifteen and only those having an average of E or G are eligible. Due, in large measure, to the never tiring efforts of Miss Gillman, faculty adviser, many unique features in the way of shorthand articles and stories have been presented at the meetings held each Thursday. Several times during the term the members made a visit to the Courts in order to familiarize themselves with the methods of Court reporters. The officers are as follows: Elsie E. Nylund, presidentg Minnie Fry, vice- presidentg Albert Schulze, secretary-treasurer3 Ethel Bowen, High Wray rep- resentative. One hundred fourieen - ' V f f f""11-Vg.effriisg-wife-r'4:-.-:ff' f .- . f ., , . Kl?!!Nf:!?l'l!-"'IS!1S?L?'lSENSE'f!?','!?J!Se-'!5T!El13lf!'41lS3lete-.-snleuessneulezm 3 - 1 V . . I- V J 1 . - ..., ef.-ifffz-xs:f nr.-E"mu: g,::,,s:4, . se, ,ig--5,1 , . K CLASS GE JUNE i923 B :W literary 6lEEIuh THE LITERARY CLIIB was organized in the spring of 1927 by the girls of the Class of June, '28. The club was formed for the purpose of improving and' furthering the students' interests in English, and for the purpose of helping those who have little literary talent as well as encouraging those who have much. The club constitution provides that all girls in advisory sections ranging from E to B are eligible for membership, which, however, is limited to thirty- fivc persons. All candidates for membership Inust try out. Try-outs are held at the beginning of each school term. Under the capable supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth llfarkley, the LITERARY CLUB has rapidly become well known throughout the school. lVe of the Class of June, '28, hope that in the years to come, the LITERARY CLUB will continue to be a prominent and successful club in the Frankford High School. One hundred fifteen i H fi' I HIKING CLUB BIRD CLUB One Inalrzzlfed siwtvmr S 1-ki K , . W ' xmen'vsf:"'.12-M12-1"1'f5'.'9F12'Sal522299-R2gs5'5,1':,'1'?ai!f'22!5esfrflewlerfiqeevee-'Ir-fi". M , ..,,Q,Q l . . .A. ..,. , H ,. . CLASS 0? JUNE i928 5 Ili-Silhilllillillluhililg ur-'a as gs: LN tfieiegueasnaswn eau-.auuaxx ' "- , , VJ . in ,. ., --e , N J , .-,ws use e s.,g1--rr-vert V -nee,-Q.?.:: N, A. - ,M-Q - u V - .Q fy 2,1 , ,f , 2 L .wrgv ff- S: Y: ,L L .3 Jili n .Agia-gig. -5 , 4 fs-gun-Q , we v i- f.Qa:-fy:-i V , German Cllluh DER Deutche Verein under the capable and ellicient leadership of Miss Ellis and the present president, Raymond Groller, is in its fifth year of existence. The aims of the Verein are to interest the members in the variousrcustoms of German life and to increase their knowledge of the German tongue. Each term excellent speakers, members of the faculty and visitors, enliven the meetings with their descriptions of travels and experiences in Europe, especially in Germany. Also a delightful play is presented by and to the members each term. The largest meetings of the year are the picnic in the spring and the Christmas party in the fall. The officers are: Ray Groller, president, Elsie Flothmeier, vice-presidentg Harold Sittig, treasurerg Herta Miiller, secretary. Q 0110 hundred sczvnieen. S' H SHORT STORY CLUB Zln jflilemuriam LESLIE SllI'STER MAQION SAVACOOL Died May 16. 15127 D d July 11, 1927 One h u udred eighteen I l -fur .il , .. .,.. .V , ,, , - ,V V .,-tt., Y . e. 4' -fffwf-,-rf-fav: ff A- .. - -H 3 ,f.f1,,-..:e, N Q aes,-as sys.--F-1 v V 4 B V 4 N - rm, , , Le +- Q- ,5,,,,, as x w... , Q v V Y 'Z L A in eats 'Psi' T s sgfss Z 3 , -. - . f -fa 'T . - ,ay f V ,gif s . c I.. 1 ,.-eg A. 'fjggs-gg, -s -- 4.,xt,1.Le3 -2-35.-.K ,E " j 2 1, .17 3 W 5 ' W h aes's.1Q.. , J1,.s.1ka:Q?.-nnfrfzf 1:-?- .fZQ-zi?:r:1,.ag. -f,':,,:,ijg-.Ti fd 1 x -as-. -W -- ff - -- -f --r X he Lew-A imalqf- rf fr-1 siszaafsifsruiai , Qtuhznt Baath THE activities of the Student. Board this term have been unusual. The placing of the first. beautiful stained-glass window in the school corridor was perhaps its most outstanding achievement. 'The Board has also placed four large mirrors for the girls' side of the building, and these mirrors have helped to solve the crowded condition of the halls and stairs. This term the Student Board had also drafted and adopted a constitu- tion and by-laws. The constitution included all of the many unwritten laws under which the Board formerly operated and introduced many new phases of student supervision. The Board is greatly indebted to M1'. George E. Mumford and Bliss Roseina Gillman. As advisers their guidance in all activities has been helpful. The officers for the term are: J . Ardell Shadle, presidentg Margaret Bromiley, first vice-president: Leslie Taylor, second vice-presidentq Sarah Hodson, secre- taryg Margaret lVeir, treasurerg Charles Harvey, financial secretary. if One hundred nincfeen 'A ' - ,1-fx 1a.--vfAe:-f:'s1fe-was sem-,vs-asyiffiifrsgh' f 'T' -- f . 'ff'-xr: - .+' r-.msgs-4--',s:ss':-ff Y W QL!-ESS 0 GUNS EQQSA , ,sv V . , , , ,, 1 ,, W W, ..-4,-. 1, 'T i - 5 - iafg-:ff sf22..a1,ii.s..a . 1. ,z ilaigb wap Staff THE termination of school in June for the summer vacation marks the ending of the sixth term of the High. IVa,y's existence. During that time the paper has grown rapidly. Beginning with a four-page, five-column affair, the High Ufay soon began to publish six-page issues. The paper finally faced the situation of not having enough space to present adequately all the news of the school, so last term a larger issue, a six-column, four-page publication was put out. VVhen it first came into existence the paper, naturally, belonged to no press association. Today the High l'V1zy is a member of four high school press associations, one of which was organized by the High. llrllilj. This is the Press Association of the High Schools of Philadelphia. This term the High l'Vay will lose by graduation: Paul Kendall, Margaret Bromiley, Harvey Corcoran, Joseph Hollander, Horace Fenton, Eleanor Uhlhorn, John Olek, Helen Connor, Freda Spence, llliriam Reeve, Josiah Linton. One Hunqdhred Twenty CLASS os' swam sees 'Q 1 ,l,' ,,-, Vi-cv, ,,l , H W K f ismssrfwrsirgcasrrfawf-awww-q-,gigs-5 .. t -. 'irw ' 5-A ,Q Sift. .a .-A is , Qtuhp ilaall Qlnmmittee THE aim of the Study Hall Committee, under Dr. Jordan, is to make sure that the study hall is in good running order. This is accomplished by selecting boys from the B class or lower, who are interested in the work. The committee supervises the whole system and at the beginning of each term sees that it is started on a sound and cfiicient basis. The committee selects the most capable boy from each period and appoints him. to take charge of that period. Two different committee members stay after school each day, to check the study hall slips which are collected at the end of each period, and to see that there is no violation of the rules. There are three of our classmates on the committee: John Olek, chairmang WVilliam lvelker, and lvilliam Slasor. The monitors from our class are: Carl Geiges, David lvhyte, lvilliam Thomas, Ardell Shadle, Joseph Hollander, and John itliller. One humlrcd fll'l'llf!l'0llC' COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE SENIOR MORNING COMMITTEE Om' lzundrcd twvnly-fu'o DANCE COMMITTEE FINANCE COMMITTEE One hundrerl iwenty-three TRIP COMIMITTEE PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE One hundred twenty-four r nh-I. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION HOUSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE Onc hundred twenty-five FOOTBALL TEAM SOCCER TEAM One hundrvd tufcnfy-si.r 1 T T ' . Xl" ll?'1l I 1-0 ne-nn-'ne-in QQ lv r Y' 1 if W5 If N Ll llmnlllillilv I-I Q4-a It-il!-nil llillillillillixb I t m-Qnu-ulse-unn-nu 91:u-Qvr-- , c'1mFDwIn1"12l . nv-l - Q, -pp 31:1 ,o - Ny 'Ny :Lx 'uf ' 3 i P X Wk 2 Q " 'A Q - I . - 1' ' , , J ' Q ff I in N ll Q 'ask 3 E 7 : ' Lf' Q 0 sf ' 'Wi "fit e Q g " .... I ' lx , 7 N' it - oft Uv-iii' ' ' mi-I ' 1:2 liiillfii " ' :ummm K ' T, . ii Athletics is a phase of school life which, appeals more than any other to the greater mnnber of boys. That sport is favored by the girls, too, is evi- denced by the number of girls' teams and the enthusiasm with which the girls attend the interschool games, especially football. Pedants may frown upon athletics as a distracting influence which diverts tl1e energies of pupils from what they believe are worthier objectives. Teach- ers may at times wish that the spont.aneous enthusiasm which their students give to physical competition might be devoted to the pursuit of scholarship. But then, perhaps teachers reflect, only, that their work would be so much easier if this were the case and perhaps pedants fail to realize that boys and girls would lack something really worth while. lVhere is the normal youth who having the bodily hardihood necessary to engage in athletic competition will deny himself that crowning satisfaction of matching his skill and courage against that of his fellow? And where is the normal boy or girl who does not thrill to feats of physical endeavor be they on the football gridiron, the basketball court or the Cinder track? It does not follow that where interest in athletics runs high scholarship must necessarily be inferior. Indeed the exact opposite may be true. Excel- lence in scholarship may and often does accompany excellence in athletics. Generally it will be found that that subtle thing known as school spirit is strongest where athletics are well developed. Athletics serve as a focus about which love and devotion for one's school can crystallize and the pupil who is proud of his school will be slow to flaunt its regulations either in study or in discipline. At Frankford, athletics have been accorded the prominent position they deserve. hiay they never be relegated to any other. Under the unselfish and able guidance of members of the faculty the teams have been a credit. to the school and source of inspiration to the student body. Not always champions, at times the occupants of the cellar positions, Frankford teams have accepted victories graciously and defeats without rancor. At all times the members of the teams have fought hard to win, but they have fought fairly. VVhat better thing could be said? , In football, Frankford had, this year, another team distinguished by smooth play and earnest effort. It was a typical Frankford team coached by that excellent mentor, hir. Geiges. Somewhat lacking in weight the team lnade a gallant bid for the title. Successful in its pre-league games over St. One hundred twenty-seven X. BASKETBALL TEAM TRACK TEAM One hundred twenty-eight . ilk-........ , . .4......n l. 'l -f--FL . I1 M ,,A,.. ., s . A..M. . ., ..... ' , Ill-PllfillilliltilillQhdl!iil gif I fl !Sggiggin J oseph's and Haverford it was defeated by Southern. A win over Central followed, but a defeat by lvest Philadelphia and a tie with Northeast pre- cluded any further possibility of championship honors. The blig game of the season with Germantown was lost mainly through unfortunate fumbling at crucial moments. Harry Fields was a veritable tower of strength on the line. Buzby and McCali'erty were regulars in the backfield and line respectively. Other mem- bers of the class on the squad were Smith, Scott and VVilliams. The soccer team at Frankford has always been with the top-notchers. In the last seven years it has won three championships and never has been lower than second place. This year, although it did not lose a game, the team failed to win the championship. The explanation lies in the fact that the last three games were tie, the final one being with Northeast, the title winners. The team has been coached during these years by hir. Harry Barfoot. Needless to say, much of the success of the team has been due to this fact. Brown and Geiges of the June, '28, class were letter winners. In basketball, in recent years, Frankford has failed to make any very serious bid for title honors. This is in some measure due to lack of proper practice facilities. Then too, the community has never taken to basketball and as a result the material which comes to the school is raw and untutored in this sport as compared with the material in the schools of other communities where basketball is fostered' and where it thrives in church leagues and boys' clubs. Mr. Harry Ashton has coached the team the past four years and de- spite the handicap of inexperienced material he has succeeded in rounding out creditable teams. Swimming was a new sport for the Frankford boys, this year, but in spite of that fact the team did fairly well. Mr. Edwin McGrlynn consented to act as adviser. After only a few weeks' practice, the team faced Germantown High and was defeated rather decisively. lVhile losing to VVest Pliiladelphia, Cen- tral and Northeast the boys improved continually and in the final meet man- aged to nose out Southern High. The most dependable scorers were Clayton llielling and Ginglend in the swimming events and Stricker and Smith in the diving. At the time this article is being written the baseball, track and tennis sea- sons are just commencing and it is difficult to forecast results. The ball- tossers are under the tutelege of a new mentor, hir. lValter Greenwood, him- self an outstanding player. For the first time in eight years, the team seems to be in the running. The track team shows great promise. In an early meet, records were lowered in twto events by Frankford cindermen. Interest in track has grown very much in recent years and under the guidance of lNIr. Raby it may well be hoped that in the near future Frankford track teams will be among the outstanding ones in the city. lkfr. Yonker, an enthusiast in Bill Tilden's favorite game, has taken over the reins in tennis. I-Ie instituted a tournament for the boys of the school and was guided largely in the selection of the team by the result of the tourna- ment. A large number of boys participated. - One hundred twenty-nine X N L ,ii- SYVIMMING TEAM CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM. One hundred thirty gl v . - ' 5' ff ' ' ' 1 - V1 .Ll 1' """"'.': -21.:4'::s4',w:'r1ti,:: - a f. 'fr 22.-rlfssrsi - fesfrf-'air :AFT 1 ulll29ll1M?ll5H2lCIlillllQ2iiQ IQ2P5Q!7l5:'illdQll2Ul2llgwll .l . .. - A iz, N.. ,, .. -- -. :af 11- -. .f', V 1 . ...-fbi...1-'1-k-.4's:4s-la- '- JNL. ,fa as -55,136-':--.Affm-s-'.'::is4C' 1 3 ' A A e CLASS or JUNE :sea Girls' Sports Basketball, si11ce it is the only winter sport, is always well supported. For three successive years, Frankford brought home a championship but during the last season the team lost a game by one point to the South Philadelphia lassies. Tl1e score of this game was 27 to 26. This caused the fsix shooters" to tie for the championship with Southern. In track the Frankford girls have not done wonders but each year shows improvement and last year the. team was well on the way to capturing the championship when threatening clouds let loose a downpour of rain. It was necessary to call off tl1e meet for the year. The year previous the track meet had been held at the Sesqui wliere the Frankford team succeeded in taking third place. Volleyball is a regular part of the gym work and Frankford is usually represented by fine teams. In 1925 a game was dropped to Kensington High and along with it the championship. But in 1926 and 1927 theIFrankford girls won the league diadem. ' , Hockey is considered themost exciting sport. for girls and always has many devotees here at Frankford. In 1924 and 1925 the teams won the championship. In 1926, the league disbanded and but few games were played. In 1927, only one game was played, that with the Gratz team. After a hard battle, the Frankford girls managed to win 1 to O. ' The spring always finds many girls practicing baseball diligently on Community Field. In 1925, Frankford turned out a championship team and again in 1926, the girls were successful in bringing home a championship. Frankford and Kensington were the only schools in the league during 1927 and each lost a game t.o the other. Kensington dropped out of the league this year but Gratz entered and so this latter school will offer competition to Frankford. Varsity tennis does not have many followers probably because no' league has ever been formed. .Each season, however, one or two matches are played with the faculty and several with teams from private schools. One hundred thirty-one ,FJ A U'W'V!d f , W ' v I Vfgyq 5,1 - Jfw, fx: I 1 -' ' BOYS' BASEBALL TEAM lj A f- 'T B fl ffgfwe T BOYS' TENNIS TEAM One Hundred Thirty' two I w..,.-B. BOXERS AND YVRESTLERS LETTER WINNERS One hundred th-irty-three S HOCKEY TEAM VOLLEYBALL TEAM Ono hundred thirty-four BASKETBALL TEAM GIRLS' BASEBALL TEAM One hnndrcfl thirty-jirc GIRLS' TRACK TEAM GIRLS' 'FENNIS TEAM One Hunflrcd 'Thirty-six w X 1 GIRL LETTER YVINNERS One hundred thirty-seven -4. V LSE. 1 'zz' .3' w ,Wv mv' X' w X, X Y LXLTJQ0 . Q n Sf , ff ' Q-4i:f'f4'Ld,n.f livflig,-Lgwkl ",w nj ' ' f-Lipeiwrag Qlutugrapbs Q5-7 " WA' N One hundred thsrty cxghr THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER PRACTICAL B U S I E S S EDUCATIO demand at good salaries. Good Short-hand Coon Srnxociunnans are always in stenographers become private secretaries and rise to executive positions, They become partners and rro' prietlors. Master shorthand and your future is ar sure . . . 374 Goto MaoALs for skill in TYPCWTIUHS typewriting were awarded in one year to students of Strayer's Business College. Learn typewriting at Strayer's. . IP You Exracr ever to be a B00kkeePlng business man or to own an in- terest in any business, you should learn bookkeeping. The bookkeeping course at Strayer's Business College is practical. It was prepared by a Certified Public Accountant. . Gooo XVRITING helps people to Penmanshlp get good positions. Let Strayer's Business College help you to improve your penman- ship, so that you can earn more money. . . 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For Physical Education Compliments Established 1890 A Normal School which prepares men and women to become teachers. directors and super- visors oi' physical education in schools, colleges, playgrounds, clubs, private institutions and in- dustrial organizations. of thg The curriculum includes practical instruction in all forms of athletics. gymnastics, games, danc- ing, swimming, dramatics and the like: also the essential courses in education. psycholol-ZY. anat- omy, physiology, hygiene and others, thoroughly covering the theory and practice of physical edu- cation, AN EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG FACULTY CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST Increasing demand for teachers. Salaries higher than for grade teaching. Employment bureau for students and graduates. ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED. REGISTER NOW FOR CLASS ENTERING ON SEPTEMBER 17th. 1928. DR. WATSON L. SAVAGE, President 308 West 59th Street N. Y. City THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Compliments of Charles Lennig 8z Co., Inc. BRIDESBURG, PHILA., PA. Manufacturers of Chemicals Z enith 'O Kolster Northeast Electric Co. RADIO 6027 TORRESDALE AVE. 6810 TORRESDALE AVE. 7926 FRANKFORD AVE. Atwater K ent Radtola THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER BUSBY Sz PROPERT CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 1658 Unity Street Philadelphia Bell Phone JOBBING PROMPTLY Jefferson 8360 ATTENDED TO I GQUS5 AU CAFE nlazenqp HILA . , THEATRE P PA fs S55 THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER BELL TELEPHONE PENNYPACKER 6190 SITTINGS BY APPOINTMENT H. ZAMSKY Portralts of 902 CHESTNUT STREET Distinction PHILADELPHIA, U. S. A. We have completed successfully over thirty- iive school and college annuals this year, and are adding new ones to our list. There must be a reason-it will pay you to investigate. The photographs in this Record are a sample of our product and skill. "Special Offer" 3-FRENCH GREYS5-00 PORTRAITS A Complete Set of Proofs For Your Selection nn-:Iii THE FRANKF ORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER D. J. POTTER AUTHORIZED EPVIII Kliklly Oakland and Pontiac Sales and Service Station AT 7240 TORRESDALE AVENUE Mayfair 3332 1 Real Estate and ', Insurance CLARK PRINTIIQQAIIZIOUSE 821 CHERRY STREET PHILADELPHIA Tabor Road and Rising Sun Ave. Olney, Philadelphia MICHIGAN 7276 PARK 3031 GOOD PRINTING NVITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCE School Papers - - F 911.7 5532? 5 A .. 3 Mdlazines H VIIV A ESTIMA TIL? gmoniurs. . f CHEERFULLY Pmmm, Eat Q ' Q FURNISHED cmd. -PAAGFN alhvays lc:-mwiiiit. M TYPEWRITERS The Sign of "QM" ALL STANDARD MAKES AS LOW AS t 520 BREYER ICE CREAM co. DONT RENT-OWN YOUR OWN E: 383521222 233 82222232 222: Washington Newafk BUNDY TYPEWRITER CO. f-51 . , L THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER E""" """ ""' O """""'l , 63 -Q 'ff -A Q W Map? ' e- x ' mr f-L4-Wg! ' V '-,NK E ,Q ' w av 2 '- W g . ' 1 -, .fav HN ' xi' . - wm v 1 wb, Q 6710, V A5 0. Y B 5 - 3- LQTZ , ,3 Photo Engvavmg H Compang 1 17.1" ca chewy sts Wnla f HARRY G LOTZ Pnesnuem' B . 1 - U k 0 ff, H " B ' , Q H gk' 9 n Q . B , . , , .. 3 1 . . . Q uf? N . f -. B E 9867 uensg lyhszlrazkfs f H QQ 55 I - - " 1.5.-f B? K 1 B 5 W' 1 ., N, K 1, 0 ,Q L? Lb-f f ,OO G A ' fff l gm 19 ozlo En ravens . 3 O -- Inn AKE S OF THE ENGIQKVINGSIN THIS PUBLICATIO qv-6 W L H wp am GU . .Lg I ng I- THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Consult us as YOUNG men and women about to be graduated from High Schools this year, who want advice regarding the exceptional opportunities offered by Pharmacy, Chemistry, Bacteriology, or any of the allied sciences for a suc- cessful professional or business career, may consult with an oHicer of this College at any time. With the completion of our new build- ing in the educational centre of Phila- delphia, fully equipped with the most modern facilities, laboratories, museum, library, and with an internationally known faculty, this institution stands pre-eminent. to your future aaa fl 3 maui: ip , Q ,',- - El i. :sq f t ,,:g,,,'1 ,.,...,-.-ix. A New College Building West Philadebhia Many elective courses, leading to rec- ognized Degrees. High Academic stand- ards. Limited enrollment. Many student activities. Honor system. Prospective students and their parents are cordially invited to inspect the College at any time. Catalog ready. New Term begins September 19, 1928 PHILADELPHIA COLLEGE of PHARMACY and SCIENCE Wilmer Krusen, M.D., President 43rd STREET, WOODLAND AND KINGSESSING AVENUES Founded 1821 PHILADELPHIA BASEBALL SOCCER BASKETBALL FOOTBALL Radio The Atlz'lete's Friend Sporting Goods 507 Market Street, Philadelphia SPECIAL PRICES TO FRANK1-'ORD STUDENTS LOMBARD 5893-5894 MAIN 1427 THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Bell Phone, Jefferson 4477 Keystone Phone We Are in Business for Your Wedding Bouquets Health Palms ' Funeral Designs Hd HILL'S Plz-wrmaoist FLOWER SHOP 4465 FRANKFORD AVENUE PHILADELPHIA Frankford Ave. and Harrison St. Frankford, Philadelphia WILL S. GIBSON Victrolws, Kodaks and Gene-ral Sporting Goods 4626 Frankford Avenue Siegfried's Drugs Are True to Label Purity-Accuracy-Service 'E Frankford Ave., Corner Arrott St. Opposite Margaret Station Frankford TYPEWRITERS RENTED Three Months, 35.00 and up Coronas and all makes of Portables at special prices. Terms of payment, 51.25 per week. See new four-bank Corona, standard keyboard. Standard Makes as Low as 315.00 LIBERTY TYPEWRITER CO. DR. FRANK J. HAAS DENTIST 1344 ORTHODOX STREET FRANKFORD, PHILADELPHIA 1029 CHESTNUT s'rRr-:s'r Hom: 9 A' M' to 5 P' M' 11, L t cl ld t B lc T e .ixrjqwijs 6gZm.?m,Z.?ty an Kinkerter 8z Sheppard Company Olney Bank and Trust Co. Fifth Street and Tabor Road Rising Sun and Wyoming Avenues Ogontz Ave. and Limekiln Pike Hardware-Housefumishings Bright Corner, Frankford, Pa. THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER RALPH M. SEAMAN Longest Established Jewelry Home in the N ortheast DIAMOND IMPORTER JEWELER AND SIL-VERSMITH Diamond Seller Repairing in All Its Branches Manufacturing Designer and Remodeling of Jewelry 4668 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia 38 N. Ninth St.. Reading, Pa. IBIBIICII, W. B. MULLEN Art and Gift Shop 4646 and 4905 FRANKFORD AVENUE Pictures Framing HAT LAST ART NEEDLE R Perfection and Comfort for Your Home OF IFT SHOP FURNITURE CARPET ai BEDDING M' 4734 Tnrankford Avenue 4627 Frankford Ave. Frankford, Pa. 'fservi 'i-talks! CC Christialfs Certified Coal PHCNES Orthodox Street and P. R. R. L BALDWIN DAIRIES Dealers in MILK AND CREAM OFFICE Foulkrod and Duilield Streets Always Open for Inspection Bell Phone Established 1850 THOMAS CREIGHTON PAINTING Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Shop-4817 Frankford Avenue Residence--1606 Wakeling Street Ernest Broadwater Groceries and Meats 8044 FRANKFORD AVENUE PHILADELPHIA Bell Phone, Holmesburg 2370 Leading Baker and Caterer of the Northeast GUSTAV BECKER Weddings a Specialty Bread Delivered Twice Daily 4310 FRANKFORD AVENUE FRANKFORD, PHILADELPHIA Catering Orders a Specialty THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Neckwear, Shirts Sport Sweaters and Hose Fancy Suspenders and Socks Athletic Underwear THOS. J. MURRAY MEN'S SHOP You ought to be in Christian's Shoes WEAR WELL LOOK WELL Gymnasium shoes with genuine electric soles in all sizes Goodyear Glove Keds CHRISTIAN 4313-15 FRANKFORD AVENUE Open Monday, Friday and Saturday Open Monday, Friday and Saturday Evenings 4502-04 Avenue SMEDLEY BROS. Co. LUMBER AND MILLWORK Upson Wall Board and Fibre Tile B . Sheet Rock-Shingles-Siding nxursoncumv FRANKFORD AND BRIDESBURG HAHNEMANN MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL School of Nursing Graduates Eligible for Registration in Pennsylvania and Other States Classes Open in January and September For Full Particulars Address SUPT. OF NURSING S. ANNABEL SMITH, R.N. PHILADELPHIA, PA. HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER The Bette-r You Know I t- The Better Yon'lZ Like I t. . 231 Tl L M Iii I M Z D K , B BREAD At Your Grocer's-or Direct Always Pure-Always Clean Ask the Folks That Eat It lP'lI-lllllLA. SCI-llOOlL OlF COMMERCE Day and Evening Sessions ENROLLMENT LIMITED TO 20 SELECTED STUDENTS Register now for summer or fall terms-Bookkeeping, Accounting, Public Accounting and Auditing, Typewriting, Shorthand, H i g h School Post Graduate, Administra- tion, etc. POSITIONS ASSURED Telephone GARFIELD 2055 1812 E. ALLEGHENY AVE. At Kc-ns. and Allegheny L. Staticn DR. H. L. LAMB Optometrist 4660 FRANKFORD AVENUE Four Large Stores With Immense Stocks Gifts That Last Most appropriate for Wed- din gs, Graduations and Anniversaries. May We be of serxiice? S. J. Lyons Company Jewelers 4612 FRANKFORD AVENUE FRANKFORD, PHILA. THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER - - 1 ww . W 4 "" 1 ,wean 1:-- msa.,ii1sl:::1l::: -'ii-:num im am r1l:MfI4"1!.!l-li' lIlllIlIlll1llIl1llIlIll1llllIlIMlIl!l1l '1il!l'l"'1'."" ll ' i' A OUR BOYS' SHOP 7 . ,...., - r , has been opened in response to re- u img' ' 1 quests from many fathers and mothers N B 9, j who wanted boys' apparel of the ' ,J 2 :Q quality and style that characterize our " 2 merchandise for men. L-J The Boys' Shop fills the bill-it is splendidly supplied E with Clothing, Furnishings and Hats of distinctly superior quality, and they are not at all high priced. School Suits. . . . . . .. .... 315 to S45 Prep Suits ...... . . . . . . .820 to 345 fs Young Men's Suits ...... S25 to S45 I 9 V JACS3 REED S SONS 5 1424-1426 Chestnut Street Ay: ",- rw'-"-, lu i1l'1"':"',.l'1l""I 'i"l'l1'114 lil' 1y'lU'iU,,' "4' mlmilqjilllilflllw wHi'l,:vg,.i ' The Hoover and Smith Company 712 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Diamond Merchants Jewelers and Silversmiths Officiael Fraternity Jewelers , SEND FOR CATALOG CLASS PINS AND RINGS Designs and Estimates Furnished PERMANENT SATISFACTION Medals Prizes Trophies Quality Laundry WILLIAM W. STEWART, Prop. Foulkrod and Duffield Streets FRANKFORD Bell Phone, Jeiferson 9792 I HOWARD H. LEWIS Apothecary 7941 FRANKFORD AVENUE HOLMESBURG, PHILADELPHIA For "Goodness" Sake, Drink CASTOR'S COFFEE Direct from roastery to your home Castor Brothers, Coffee Roasters Tea Blenders 4637-39 MULBERRY STREET Orders Delivered Anywhere THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Incorporated April 5th, 1843 Charter Perpetual THE FRANKFORD . 9015 fm' cfm Tu-r-Poses INSURANCE CO. Jewelry, Silver Watches Philadelphia China Glassware SWPWS, D00- 31, 1926 Imported and Domestic 351 6,625-97 Novelties Rlsks Talfigngoliggdiggfiiegucks and Stationery Class Rings Our Policies Are Non-Assessable President. WM. H. SHALLCROSS Vice-President, T. COMLY HUZNTER Secretary and Treasurer, WM. C. TAYLOR D I R E C T O R S Insignia and Trophies Chestnut Street at Juniper Philadelphia William H. Shallcross Harry E. Eyre T. Comly Hunter Guernsey A. Hallowell Lewis F. Castor Charles W. Castor Samuel W. Evans J. Howard H01-rocks Wm. Henry Smedley Wm. Overington, Jr. I Q 0 William C. Taylor Daniel R. Comly - u s George A. Sinn Eugene F. Woodhouse Chas. E. Butterworth The Well-Groomed Man The well-groomed man upholds his reputation and ob- tains the approval of his friends by appearing in gar- ments that are not marred by loud effects and cheap tailoring. We cater to the well-groomed man and can place you right in that group. Suits, S65 to S95 ..q1i.p.. PYLE 822 INNES College Tailors 1115 WVALNUT STREET THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER 1858 1928 Anthracite Bituminous ALL COAL SCREENED WE EXCEL IN QUALITY AND SERVICE B. ROWLAND 8z BRO., Inc. Church Street and Pennsylvania Railroad FRANKFORD Jefferson 2807 East 8954 A Good Place To Buy Your Hat New Colors and Correct Styles 'AT MILNES 4610 FRANKFORD AVENUE 53.95 and .Up Heavclquarters for Stetsons L1- .---. ., THE FRANKFORD HIGH SCHOOL PIONEER Growing With lphillacdlellplhiags Industries Philadelphia is the center of ever-expanding indus- tries. With the growth of those industries Robert L. Latimer Sz Co. has constantly kept pace. Today the "Latimer Line" includes products for every type of manufacturing business. Every Latimer Product is double tested. Tested once by manufacturers 'of national reputation- tested again by Latimer engineers. Tested for Efficiency! Tested for. Economy! Double tested . . . so that Philadelphia's industries may be sure that in choosing from Latimer's eighteen Ware- house floors of stock they choose proved equipment. THE HLATIMER LINE" Red Canvas Belting Chain Belt Products ' Cotton Belling T. B. lV00d,S SOIBS CO., . Hangers, Shafting, Pulleys Po-yver Transmission Machinery Sprockets Fafmr Ball Bearings Cut Gears Ramsey Silent Cham Drives th gti?.g3ig.Err?. '2:i:i::1'::.. . d h . Elevating K. Conveying Machinery Tg2:1'1?,-:lx 13813215 Ideal Electric Motors Lgalther Belting Miscellaneous Supplies Balatco Belting s ILLUSTRATED LITERATURE ONKREQUEST 1 PHILADELPHIA BRANCH CHAIN BELT CO. ROBERT L. LATIMER 8z COMPANY 24 to 28 North Front Street PHILADELPHIA IN CLARK PR O LA L IA FX CAPITAL AND SURPLUS - Sl,9U0,000. w 5 T DEPoslTS ------ Sll,300,000. TOTAL RESOURCES - - - 5l3,700,000. sat Second National Bank of Philadelphia at Frankford READY MONEY If you needed an extra Hundred Dollars to-day, would you know where to get it? Regular deposits in a bank account are the seed of future success. T270 Interest Paid , on Checking Accounts 470 Interest Paid on Savings Accounts ACTS AS EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE Our Trust Department is organized to serve this generation and the next In appointing us as your executor you have the assurance of continuous, unfailing service Q OPEN FRIDAY LVENINGS Q p Mlm 5 RQUTPPLU FOR PERSONAL SERVICE 0,1-A 1? iz- Q 21- 1 'Civ nmoalggnavcn Zi? , , J ,X 'W t ,X ""'-. A J I uk Ls Q.

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