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1 . 4 mx, L , Mf,iwL'u'Xw7W J' fx 1 f GX an LQ L Y M X X Lv 4 1 lx! Vx, 'L mmf u ff A fx G' 11 2 1 iv Q 4 L V K if 'fl' MH if W ' A V f' ,U Av' U L! L fx if' f , f '-X W' ,xy yx A 'H' lj. VM L UV rw L' F' I X , wiv. - J Qi? A x is , Q33 K J Q -. T03 A JT S X . my if x FX- .J T3 F-' .JJ . I ij J . N I iii x fi V '-I my. H5 XL uf JV V 27, C2221 Ee? ful HS, yl H1613-Eff GQ K . Q .. V, Qs . L ff im Qffjklw. ff-, wf? .75 fix L If 2 V59 ll if by N6 ff ' g " . Y 'V 3. - . ,J - A -Q. , -5. fi Af- ' 2 lg. Ep if in Hiya X ,X Y qfjhdzg 17 Mfg: vhx V' J 72 my if V mr. "7?V7yf1, V F Y? 14 T, , K X Q. -1- vi M' " Y, - .X N r J J . -Q Qif K f G7 Q11 QL 24 'up4xz?i7 I - V7 an Q A , 2? V yi! T5 J iw, HL- me 'V F-99, ' Zz? 'af . in WK , 1 Y, xg Rl my X I ' - -6 if . Z4 v 1 75 Q, JN 'PX ii X 'CK V V N 7 J 4? oi XJ Q N 4 jj? vi H x -f 4 o Q S. my., M R wEB . . X. ltd y A M 1'. X J 1- 'X x N gf 1 K . 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'i X4 ' ,W .xx ' 7 K J xx A ur--xy V :Q E f 'X X0 mc- A N Vw -V X Y, VJ EXT -.Vs nf V. Q? N Q N Fx QU 'kj Xi, ,I rw xx N .X , X Xiu' X ' X 3 L- . - gg... N aww, X 1fuHQ4,gSg9v'-- 'Fr ' 1 ,. ..xX.. Q . ...., .,.,,...- . ' ' 1- fkgp-'i .rug w Y 1, y ' 3, fi . "' M .. ,. mn 7... ,,xx . , SEV wg-2 9 ja- QIZJXSQ 35' XY' 1: i A"" fm Tf"1iZ "kkA"' ffflw., M... ,xxx vox Mr? - 5 - dxf. if J ...... ,,,,.,., . ,.... ,---- M -0-4-'MN-M -----f-- , - 'a - -H - . . K Q fi - 'f3"A? 75. X . S 'rw New . -. . f H 4. ..,. K kk .xx . gf F - K 'J :Q L Aj. . "gtk . y w"""X 5 ' qv ,gig . . K N, " 'W " ' 1 L' . x-iw R,n"Nw'f'S , ..... 5-A ,JJVQSX -Q . ' - mf-gftib-"-.qmfb5..s'5tI" , x ' 5' 1 1. Fifa!! X 'S ' - Q .K . ,pf s vvgx 4,39 xx.. '44, " h Q' K P.. gi' . A iiagflf' . - fi -ai' 4 N -fx P A--.+. A .-'H . . wr.. 9. . . . 4. . . . A.. P . - .4 6 -A 5 ,g , . -. .. 4 ,w , . , ,Q . ...fwiiziiitiiggw - X 3 K 4 .Q .""'- PN -,e2.925f.,, ' h 5 ' . 'M N' AXX'x M LiiJ1l1i,g1Ti1.1i1111:ii1L1'iii "" ' 2' ' gi M ' fm X : Qi' P f 'ww H' M A ----- x Q., ,. ,.,.x, .K 9 9 . . xt gm., .K L nl .. .,.. .. ...,. N .3 - nf wi.. t 1 - fx- X .+I 'F' fx 1 if Y "mx 'x. ' ' N -X. W . J 3 - WM.---'W - ' .bw ffm. UV' 4 X. ...... . .. + . .. ,,iw.w,,4 g 5. . 'g ff X 1 X.-'XQ g " . vf xg ' HN I X g X K .. 'b" 11: .,.,. Q A k .... TTT f A . - ..... .- A A 'V ' . Vx . .. ..... X s . ' .. Q Emi ? ., -M. K, -gm,-Q " . W., ,Mp- -1 ... . Xi- .. ffm- b . ,J ...Q .5,-1 5 ..... M Aw swim, - ,Q ix: uw .. Lim. Ng . taxis :rw R r Q T Q A... Q . ,QE .l ni .ns 3N x ig -M Z 5 via iq my .. . I A ., '-. QR.. . . . . ,, . . t . .. 5 t in ,. K K K X . . X. 54.5, x l U 5 is ' ' ' 1 ' A -- . 1 it f . 5 . M. Mi X535 5 -fl. 1 3.1. iss! .2 4 -W" ?9"f"fL. i 'i ' 1 .fiiT eQ..?'.f- .... .. ' -. 7f':-'filfff f ', Q ,. A W ,....x l 2 3 2 7 , 5 ,. ... . ., X., Q.. . .. -. .. .1 gui, .A xii? ' 1 . R- :ZS li W 3 wwf. fin TW 5' 1. vs: 'U' S eg gf? ' ' L ' X . A . . 1 . . ' N . x + -if Ni- ' f iflf-1"k S -w s' -ww-. . .. . ' . 'ix . ............. M, I .... . .f' . - ' A "--L- x' ' ' ' ' " ' . . .. . my-1i H .L-- -ff? X Q N X T - aj ...., ' ' L ' ' ' x "N .M . ' 4.43 .. A , x, 3.--ax um Hu. x X +1 A AM .JL Y... Aww-.- X x 'X Q ri A 1 3 FRANKENMUTH THIS IC Frankenmuth-this is Eagle Country!!! This year, 1969, was a memorable, exciting, and rewarding year, in which Frankenmuth High School students proved themselves to be 'number one in the Thumb' many times over. In the field of sports, Frankenmuth's varsity football team proved they could do it, by capturing the Class C State Foot- ball Championship Title for the first time in school history. The basketball and track teams were equally exceptional, as both teams advanced to regional competition, proving once again that determination, pride, and skill help develop winning teams. In the academic field, Frankenmuth's graduating seniors re- ceived thirty-three scholarships, totaling almost thirteen thou- sand. Underclassmen also appeared on the honor roll a record number of times. Forensics and Debate teams captured many honors this year, as Frankenmuth sported awards and trophies from both teams. As a whole, Frankenmuth High School enjoyed a unified, de- termined, and successful school year. ' We are all proud of our school, its students, and their accom- plishments. On the following pages, we present to you the EAGLE IMAGE, as each picture represents an image of the students and school. With this, we proudly present the 1969 Eyrie. Wendy Wessborg, Editor Gary Scharrer, Assistant Editor Mary Abraham, Co-Editor 1539 , R 1 Q X Y "ix Vw ,S x - Jw? W- MM .- , sg., ' f YA Sl XX " ' K. . 4 . ,E ,. K , 4, K 'f -fu A. in Q. SI, . ,.w1iXj ,- N sf .... 1, f ,.,, N - .. , , Q ' l . N . . S -. r X ' if A A 55 ' Q - QM is , S Q g lg: - A . '01 K , Kg t Q . M 5 Q Q . ' L u I' Q, . 9 - Q ""' ' - ff new -ff X 1 4. iw . m 1 Q -2.-X ' 5 x-:Ns N' I .. fx 6 ' I M ' if .. , ,A+ 2- K kg- -.HA MNQHQ ggx f...4..g ' Nsix x N., e s . . Q K . f Hb X it K Q Y i,,.H, AL. as as 44 EQ E NJN! Q Wx 3 5 K A Yi- as s A ,. k Q Q 'Q Q si - L-Q Q ' x Q. Q ? .S st a. I 'wx 5 Q Ig A .aa ..- S. ix Y Q-d Qi . +1 xi ' X'x 5. 9 Wmmmmw xr- X x S X N X 'X XQQWQ sf-my .ws i Nix Friendliness Vocalizing Intelligence Authority Agility Hospitality ACADEMICS I - X ---- 5. A f E NN R Rxlfgx X VS X i x x X Q N .5 1. it i X' Y' 5 5 ALA Interpretation Showmanship Quest MEET THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF Assisted by Kay Roedel, Mrs. Kitty Lee, seated, sees that all of the work in the district office is completed. The school board of the Frankenmuth School District deals with school policy, determining the extent of academic and extracurricular activity to be offered. The board has proven to be an essential and intluen- tial part of school life, and remains in close contact with school programs. -I From the pleased look on Superintendent Jerold Mc- Ewen's face it appears he enjoys his work. School Board members seated l. to r.: W. Riethmeier, E. F. Rittmueller, W. Frahm, president. J. McEwen, super- intendent, H. Braeutigam, R. Bauer, and H. Krafft. Missing is B. English. EAGLE COUNTRY . . The photographer captures Principal Marvin Hauck executing AI1SW6riI1g the lCl6ph0I1C iS OHS Of the one of his administrative tasks. daily duties performed by Mrs. Charlotte Worley, Mr. Hauck's personal secretary. Industrious Dave Dietzel is hard at work picking up the numerous tardy slips. Officeuhelp l. to r. Mike Reif, Tom List, Dave Dietzel and John Beyerlein. 3 X is GUIDANCE AND RESEARCH PLAY F351 Mrs. Janice Dore and Roger Tompkins, head the Franken- muth High School guidance department, and aid students in their selection of high school classes and college study. Guidance office staff top row, l. to r.. Beverly Palmreuter, Gary Scharrer, John Beyerlein, Barb Rodammer. Bottom row: John Katona, Dave Dietzel, Mike Reif, Tom List, and Kim Bickel. Betty Pahl, Frankenmuth High School and Saginaw Business School graduate, now serves as the guidance office secre- tary. Betty keeps close watch on the school files, fills out report cards, and serves as personal secretary to Mrs. Dore and Coach Tompkins, and will assist Mrs. Atkins next year, when she as- sumes Mrs. Dore's position of guidance counselor. Roger Tompkins gives advice to Chuck Rustem on a future vocation. I PGRTANT ROLES N-N. ' -hki Mrs. Judith Maier, head librarian, poses with her ef- ficient staff consisting of . l. to r. James Frahm, Sharon Daenzer, Darlene Jammer, Sue Haubenstric- ker, Marcia Dietzel, and Mary Anderson. Ambitious students Dave Dietzel, Gary Scharrer and Greg Fetterman seek the silent solace of the library to pursue the quest for knowledge. Mrs. Maier assists ambitious student Dave Trinklein in his search for material through use of the microfilm machine. Student overpopulation results in such con- gested areas as the west building stairway where many students enroute to the Library risk their lives each day. LUNCHTIME IS GROGVY . . Ravenous students from the west building stampede outside as lunch hour begins. Shortly afterwards the unfortu- nate photographer was trampled beneath the thundering hooves, of such sprinters as Bruce Renick, Tom Weber, Brick Counzelmann, Chip Weiss and Neil 'Whiteyi Herzog. The female portion of the stampeding herd smartly stayed behind to avoid a needless mishap. These ladies have the task of feeding three hundred starving pupils everyday. They are l. to r. Mrs. Helen Block, Mrs. Leona Weber, Mrs. Hildegard Mauer, and Mrs. Christine Rummel. KEEPING EAGLE COUNTRY CLEAN . . . John Katona, student janitor, takes Albert Veitengrueber and Alois Schmitzer serve as head janitorial time off from his custodial duties to supervisors, and are shown taking time off from busy schedule to brush up on his "touch typing". discuss problems. ' Keeping the schools clean and in good repair are the well known and faithful custodians. Without them the traffic jams in the halls wouldn't be people! Standing from left to right are: Albert Veitengrueber, Paul Wenzloff, Melvin Trinklein, Mike English. Gretchen Schmitzer, Arno Fischer, Alois Schmitzer, Verna Kemarh, and Elsie Fischer. Another important group of people who work behind the scenes are the bus drivers. Even though the stu- dents don't always say so, these people are very much appreciated. Standing from left to right are: Sharon Vinten, Ervin Keinath, Gaylord Gidley, Hildagard Merten, Viola Krausneck, Art Hildner, Esther Hau- benstricker, Dorothy Tank, and kneeling are Marvel Katona, and Elsie Fischer. Arthur Loesel, beams proudly with the bear cake presented to him by his admiring stu- dents. It was these same students who, con- vinced Mr. Loesel that the passing bell had already rung, thereby allowing them to leave the classroom fifteen minutes early. Students of Mrs. Atkin's English Literature class burned quickly through THE GRAPES OF WRATH by John Stein- beck. In appreciation, her students pre- sented Mrs. Atkins with a charred copy of the book. ENGLISH CLASSES . i. li I 'i rl ii f I 4 l l Erik Swanson's United States Literature class ponders over the J exciting material they have just read. Mr. Swanson also in-Q structs freshman and sophomore English classes. Students pic- tured are Dean Bierlein, Rick Preston, Dave Voorheis, Greg. Reinert, Paul List, and Brick Counzelmann. l l U i Mr. Loesel instructs freshmen Paula Riethmeier and John! Bender as to the proper usage of the various parts of speech.. Mr. Loesel, in addition to Communication Skills, teaches United States Literature. l x Q 5 FFER VARIETY . . gi, Y RN I f Miss Rogeris follows along as Her freshman commu- nication skills students read a play aloud. Concentration seems to be the keynote as these stu- dents puzzle over a difficult test. . s Avid journalism students listen attentively as Wendy Wessborg emphasizes a point. Journalism was an ad- dition to the curriculum this year. Freshman students in Miss Joyce Kelsen's communi- cation skills class appear ready to discuss a finer point of English with her. English courses appeal to all four grades with varied lines of study. The English department consists of communication skills, English literature, American literature, creative writing, ancient literature, and journalism, which provides a wide program from which a student may choose. Since three credits in English are required for graduation, a broadened de- partment was created to fill the needs and desires of the English student. Ted Palmreuter and Edgar "Eggs" Keinath take time out to display their musical abilities in this candid shot. STUDENTS TRY TO RULE . . Thomas Flemming instructor shows Harold Little an interesting URBAN WORLD article. if at A X . Bill "The Fuhrer" Rogner, Gary "Teddy'l Palm- reuter, and Brad Grassmick stage a military coup in third hour government class. Edgar "Eggs" Keinath, first hour government presi- dent, leads his class in discussion. Thomas Flemming ponders over the recent over- throw of the third hour democratic government class. This year's government classes experienced a new program in which the students conducted their own democratic government. Each class composed a con- stitution, and elected officers to complete a phase of government. STUDENT TOWARD PROGRESS, F.L.E.M.S., STUDENTS FOR AN EDUCATED SOCIETY, and S.O.B.D.U. were the names of the various organizations. Fourth hour government class proved lively when Wally Daenzer, Mike Reif, Nick Franklin, and Bruce Renick stuck a pencil in the projector. TRAVELING THROUGH TIME. . . , , ,W S Marilyn Yoba, Beverly Weiss, Mrs. Nancy Barry, in- Thomas Flemming's government classes visited the structor, Kevin Koch, Fred Rodammer, and Mike voting booths of Frankenmuth to observe voting Poellet enjoy listening to history records, as a class habits. project. As a history project, Mrs. Barry's classes were required to recreate the days of Hitler, and put the German leader on trial for crimes against humanity. Shown left, ,Rick Sebald portrays a lawyer for the prosecution, as he questions Cheyrl Trinklein. Rodney Franklin acted as judge, and Margaret DeYoung was the court reporter. At right, Rick seems to have made a point, and ponders it before further questioning. Coach Tompkins recognizes student, Har- old Little during his second hour world his- Underclassmen enjoyed a well-rounded social science tory class. field, with such courses as world history and United States history. Mr. Flemming, Mrs. Barry, and Mr. Tompkins rounded out the teaching staff in the area of underclassmen, while Mr. Flemming handled the senior government classes. MATHEMATICS IS CHALLENGING . . Warren Wilson observes his Geometry class as they take one of lenging tests. Mr. Wilson teaches applied mathematics and Al aside from his duties, which include coaching varsity basketbal football. James Weber, right, is apparently amused at one of his ad- vanced mathematics students. Mr. Weber also teaches applied chemistry and chemistry courses, and advanced mathematics. Outside the classroom, '-"Herr', Weber assists as varsity football coach. Graduating from the University of Michigan, he is cur- rently working on his Master's degree. The mathematics department at Frankenmuth High School has been developed into algebra, ad vanced algebra, applied mathe matics, advanced mathematics, and geometry. Byron Charters, Warren Wilson, and James Weber compose the mathematics depart- ment faculty. his chal- gebra II, l and JV' Byron Charters, teacher of algebra, geometry, and physics seems amused as he watches Scott Shively and Kathy Schreiner prepare a construction prob- lem in geometry. Mr. Charters has been a mathe- matics teacher for three years at Frankenmuth, and also enjoys showing his basketball abilities on the faculty All-Star Team. EXPERIMENTING IN SCIENCE . James Weber, chemistry instructor observes as Mark Schiefer and Chris Ferguson conduct an in- teresting chemistry laboratory experiment. James Weber, assisted by Adele Rittmueller and Nick Franklin, and Charles Lyon with biology helpers Wendy Wessborg and Steve Hill pose in the chemistry lab. Charles Lyon takes his Biology II class outside on one of their many field trips. This year's science department con- sisted of physics, chemistry, and nat- ural science courses, instructed by James Weber, Byron Charters, Char- les Lyon, and Gary Bruns. With such a wide field of courses in the curriculum, each science student was able to meet his or her needs and requirements. . 112-'QQAQQQQQ k-Emi -. 'es Gary Bruns, science instructor, pre- pares some weights and measures on his scales. I7 IXDUSTRIAL ARTS OFFERS In beginning shop class, the above freshman boys help refinish the high school piano under the watch- ful eye of Thomas Bucholz, instructor. Dave Voorheis displays his skill while operating Assisting Mr. Bucholz in the Industrial Arts Depart- a lathe. New equipment and materials have ment, is Dennis Schluckebier. Dennis filled the re- been added in recent years to give students such cently created student assistant position, by helping as Dave new opportunities and skills. in the various shop classes. sf' 3 STUDENTS MANY OUTLETS . Dale Weiss tunes up the motor of his Ford, as part of Mike Piesko and Fred Rodammer display a a requirement in shop class. maze they have just completed in class. Washing his car, Mike Smith demonstrates 'methods Warren Nabor assists Gerald Bierlein in pre for keeping his car in good condition. Many students paring a project in drafting class. worked on and repaired vehicles during shop period, in order to become acquainted with auto mechanics. PREPARING FOR FAMILY LIVING. . . Miss Carol Krug, home economics instructor, prepares a lecture for her HOME AND FAMILY LIV- ING class. Miss Krug teaches home economics on all levels of high school grades. Home and Family liv- ing is a new course designed to draw a closer relationship between economics and the home. Each year, the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award test is One phase of first year home economics was a sec- given, the winner being the girl who scores highest in tion on child care, as students such as Sue Gugel, her knowledge of the home economics field. This year shown below, learn to care and study younger chil- the award went to Jonalyn Reindel, who is shown, be- dren's habits. low, examining a new dress fashioned in class. BUILDING SOUND BODIES . . . Coach Arthur Pelzer observes two brave wrestlers during his physical education class. Physical Education instructor Sharon Stephen assists freshman Beth Penzien in the basic steps of tumbling. ,.,.......-.-- The area of physical education was broadened dur- ing the 1968-69 school year, with the assistance of instructors Sharon Stephen and Arthur Pelzer. Mrs. Stephen, during her first year at Frankenmuth High, activated many new programs for the girls de- partment. Swimming, basketball, volleyball, and baseball teams were created to help broaden the field of girl's athletics. Arthur Pelzer concentrated to a great extent on the physical fitness program which proved to be most successhil, as the percentage of boys receiving awards for fitness was the highest on record. Student assistants top l. to r.: M. Braeutigam, R. Warnick, R. Merten. Bottom 1. to r.: L. Crary, Mrs. Stephans and Coach Pelzer, instructors, are shown at left between gym periods. SPEECH STUDENTf 1 What would happen IF MEN PLAYED CARDS THE Loren Rustem competed in the state finals WAY WOMEN DO? Mel Braeutigani, Bob Poellet and with his interpretation of Mark Twain's, Bob Warnick show what men think in a satirical comedy. THE OLD RAM. Also featured was Tom Yoba Knot shownj. I Mel Braeutigam as the angel of death in Under the enthusiastic direction of Gerald Hennessy THE SANDBOX, a short play presented this year's speech department has achieved the peak of by the Speech II class. success. Included in its activities were five one-act . plays, debate, forensics, job interviews, discussion pe- riods and the final exams were recorded on video tape. Much time and effort went into the production of three one-act plays-THE HERO, CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON, and THE LAVENDAR KITE- presented by the senior class in May. Speech II stu- dents performed THE SANDBOX twelve times one day for the students and IF MEN PLAYED CARDS THE WAY WOMEN DO was presented twice to the assembled student body. Competing in the regional forensic tournament were Diane Scharrer, Debbie Geyer, Cheryle Trinklein and Chris Boesenecker with their multiple reading, TO BURN A WITCH. S ,., ..----.,..?...,. .. .... .., . . D0 THEIR THING!!! THE SANDBOX, by Edward Albee, was the selected play that the Speech II class presented to the student body. Mr. Albee's play is written in the theatre-of-the- absurd style, which is void of form and explanation, and relies purely on symbolism. For this reason alone, the Speech II class, chose to perform and present THE SANDBOX. At top, clockwise: Eunice Bickel, as Mommy, and Robert Warnick, Daddy, contemplate a day at the beach. Daddy and Grandma played by Laurie Bock, find they have nothing in common. At right, Mel Braeutigam, delivers the 'kiss of death' to Grandma, at the conclusion of the play. Below, l. to r.: Laurie Block, Grandma, Lynn Crary, the musician, John Katona, student director, and Robert Warnick, Daddy, round out the cast of players. STUDENTS SHOW CREATIVITY . . l Mrs. Margret Willis instructs her art students in the Gloria Uebler, Judy Miller, Sheila Gilbert, Chris art of decoupage. Mrs. Willis teaches two art, two Weber, and Gail Riethmeier assist Mrs. Willis and English, and one journalism class. Miss Krug in art and home economics respectively. l Mary Huber. Mike English, Ken Schmandt, Don Miller and his family enjoy clown pic- and Carleen Bickel display their art proj- tures at the annual spring art show. ects for the spring art show. Tom List and John Beyerlein proudly display the chest they are in the pro- Mrs. Willis discusses a project with one of her cess of refinishing. students. its y . S3583 . LANGUAGES CAN BE FUN . . . German instructor Joyce Kelson poses with two of her eager German II students, Ted Palmreuter and Susie Zehnder, as they tape a dialogue. Sally Rogers, French teacher, is deep in thought as Miss Rogers seems pleased as Forrest calls on a know first year student, Forrest Dankert, gives a clue during ing student who has guessed the answer. a game of charades. MUSIC DEPARTMENT KEEPS Members of the Frankenmuth High School Marching and Concert Band are: Randy Moeller, Pam Van Fleet, Jeff Love, Paul Nuechterlein, Wendy Wessborg, Jim Walker, Gene Rittmueller, David Lawrence, Rod Franklin, Loren Rustem, Ron Haubenstricker, Sue Gugel, Sue Zeilinger, Karen Bierlein, Bill Loveless, Karen Wilder, John Katona, Jennifer Reindel, Sandy Rogner, Mel Keinath, Paul Wenzloff, Dennis Kreil, Dave Auernhamer, Mark Schiefer, Dave Weber, Dave Morley, Marc Haubenstricker, Edgar Keinath, Keith Boesenecker, Warren Schamndt, Jim Reindel, John Deterding, Dan Geyer, Mark Eischer, Larry Hart, Jay Rivett, Kris Kern, Ron Maurer, Marcia Van Fleet, Bev Weiss, Marilyn Trinklein, Denise Malott, Sue Mills, Lauren Finger, Kurt Mayes, Joann Baker, Eloise Walz, Jim Frahm, Mark Olgaard, Wayne Wilder, Floyd Schmitzer, Jim Nuechterlein, Tom Duclos, Andrea Zoellner, Doris Finger, Nancy Birkenmeier, Debbie Botimer, Jonalyn Reindel, Brenda Watters, Jean Weiss, Beth Penzein, Marcia Reinert, Gayle Hammond, and Peggy Pagels. Instructor is James Van Develde. ceremonies during the home games of the 1968 foot football season successful. rating ever achieved by the band. newly created CARNIVAL OF SOUND. The sched sears achieve a highly successful, and rewarding year. Shown at right, this year's majorettes, Gayle Ham mond, Jonalyn Reindel, and Karen Wilder display their twirling abilities in the 1969 Talent Show. The Frankenmuth Marching Band kicked off the school season by entertaining the fans at the half time ball season. This year, the band was blessed with good marching weather and welcoming crowds to make the During the concert season, Frankenmuth carried on the winning tradition by placing in the District Band Festival, with a I Division rating, the first such high In addition, the band also presented a Christmas and Spring concert, along with playing selections at the ule ran tight for the group this year, as many pressing engagements found their way on the agenda. Mr. Van , 55 C L Develde led the band through their paces, however, to I TU E WITH TODAY. . . Mrs. Rose List accompanies her vocal music class through its second concert season, this year with combines. Aside from the Christmas concert and spring concert, the vocal music class studied the various composers, styles, and moods of music. .f 'Jr' ' At left, Mrs. List prac- tices with Kathy Davis, N a n c y Birkenmeier, Tom Yoba and Eunice Bickel. N S as FN X eff' X. X X W QX x X xg I 51" ,F .ff-5 , ,QE wx it i X '1 Q Happiness? Salesmanship ACTIVITIE . . . Skill Chivalry X DEBATERS ARE SUCCESSFUL . 'giisissk Xa S Bob Reindel, Debbie Walz, Wendy Wessborg and Chris Ferguson display their debate trophy that the team cap- tured in the Thumb B League. F so p The 1969 debate season ended on a successful note, as the varsity squad captured third place in a hotly contested Thumb B League, following closely Caro and Millington. Debbie Walz received the first place speaker trophy, and Wendy Wessborg captured second place honors in the Thumb B League. After the regular debated season closed, Frankenmuth proved victorious in the district elimination debates, taking all but one contest. Debbie Walz received the John S. Knight Scholarship for receiving the highest number of speaker points during the district debates. Debbie went on to Detroit to compete for the top prize and placed among the best debaters. Frankenmuth debaters then went on to Regional elimination but lost in the final round to Detroit Country Day, who went on to place second in the state. Shown left are seasoned debaters Jim Frahm, Bob Reindel, Wendy Wessborg, and Debbie Walz. f . The 68-69 debate season gave the FHS debaters another chance to show off their fine speaking abilities. All of the debaters were active due to the fact that there were three leagues. The debaters took first place honors in the State "A" League which included schools from Sagi- naw, Montrose, Goodrich, Flint, and Clio. State "A" League Debaters-Standing l. to r.: D. Hoerauf, C. Nuechterlein J. Katona, M. Poellet, S. Hill. Seated: N. Adams, S. Rogner, B. Katona. J. V. Thumb B-Standing: Greg Loesel, H. Haubenstricker, J. Reindel, D. Miller, M. Eischer, S. Dalton, D Geyer. Seated: D. Bernreuter, C. Hoebbel, K. Keinath, S. Lotter, S. Engel. der, C. Loesel, D. Nefe. J. V. Thumb B Debaters: B. Bierlein, S. Meyer, D. Mallot, A. Friend, J. Baker, J. Beyerlein, J. Weiss, R. Zehn- FORENSICS PRODUCES WINNERS . Local winners-1. to r.-J. Frahm, G. Hennessy, coach, W. Wessborg, L. Rustem, M. Braeutigam, P. Herzog, M. Poellet, P. VanFleet, C. Rustem, B. Heindl, D. Geyer, C. Fer- guson, J. Krueger, C. Trinklein, and D. Scharrer. District winners-1. to r.-P. VanFleet, D. Scharrer, P. Herzog, J. Frahm, L. Rustem, M. Braeutigam, P. Wenzloff, C. Ferguson, B. Gugel, D. Geyer, W. Wessborg, and C. Trinklein. PARTICIPANTS SPEAK OUT . . . Participans in the American Legion Oratorical contest were: back row, 1. to r.: Barb Gugel, Kathy Herzog, Mike Poellet, Loren Rustem, Chris Ferguson, Bob Poellet, Paul Herzog. Front row: Sandy Rogner,CLynn Trinklein, Paul Wenzloff, and Wendy Wessborg. Also shown is Arnold Kern, commander of Legion Post 150. Chris Ferguson displays the plaque containing the list of former Chris FCfgUS01'1 with IUCIIIOF, Chris oratorical winners. Chris placed first in this year's contest with Nuechterlein, are Shown ShOfily before Lynn Trinklein in second place. Chris was also the guest speaker Chris' pHrtiCipaIi0I1 in district competi- at Memorial Day ceremonies. tion. Photo courtesy of Stewart Dalton. EAGLES FLY T0 VISIT -C Q Q F9 :- 55 "1 C' :s Q. CD E F9 20 :1 E1 Q oo 2 Q Q. CD :: FY in U3 FV N Q .91 :z on I.. o 2" 1-1 Q :r :J 71 N FV' Q Q F U Pi :T V2 l'1'l Q Gi 5. vzr Z 2 K4 DP Q. N 5 Y' U FD Q' SI CD E F L7 :s Q. 71 D7 14 'FU Q C0 Q. 2 cn fD sw FY CD Q. FV' Q rf if -l :- Q 5 -Q Ui Q F G1 o :s EL -4 :J 'PU Q. :x Q. fl 5 3 H4 5 M 'f' borg, and Gail Riethmeier. The Youth for Understanding organization, has its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and deals with bettering relationships between the United States and foreign countries. The summer of 1969 found nine Frankenmuth High School students on their way to various countries. Four students ventured to Germany, while five travelers went to Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Below l. to r.: John Katona, Jill Thompson, Debbie Walz, and Kay Roedel all traveled to Ger- l many, and visited each other while on vacation. K, FOREIGN COUNTRIES . Jonalyn Reindel dons her Danish majorette out- fit. .lonalyn marched in a Danish band during the summer. l Wendy Wessborg stayed in Sweden but visited Norway, here she poses with her Swedish family in the Nor- weigan woods. 1 Nine students from F .H.S. traveled abroad last summer, four to Germany, and five to Scandinavia. Memories and events were recorded by pictures of their times en- joyed and treasured. The Finnish mountains offer a beautiful view for Nancy Adams, who spent her summer in Finland. During his stay in Sweden, Dallas English traveled extensively, and is shown in front of a famous landmark. Gail Riethmeier stayed in Denmark but traveled to Austria as well. GIRLS SPORTS REVIVED At top is approximately all of the one hundred plus 'G.A.A. members who formed the largest girls' organization in the history of Frankenmuth High School. The girls broke down into various athletic teams such as the volleyball team Ccen- terj and the basketball team Cbottomj. Mrs. Sharon Stephans was chief advisor for all the girls' endeavors. HGNORS ARE GIVEN . A new hgngrs the Karl Kasten award, created this Rick List proudly presents Dave Trinklein with the year, was presented to Gary Keinath by Thomas highest honor a senior athlete can attain, the Tom Flemming, government instructor- Gary was granted Block Award, for his achievements in the field of the award for his interest and abilities in the field of Sports' social studies, for which the Karl Kasten Award was created. Annually, Frankenmuth High School conducts an AWARDS ASSEMBLY, in which those students who have achieved an honor or accomplishment are recognized. Awards given for skills in classroom activity includeg typ- ing, shorthand, physical education, various science classes, and music. Honors for achievement through com- petition went to debaters, forensic team members, yearbook, basketball, football, track. golf, and baseball team members. Traditional honors such as the Tom Block Award was presented to Dave Trinklein, while the American Legion Cltizenship Award also went to Dave Trinklein and to Jonalyn Reindel. Chris Ferguson was honored as being the most outstanding speech student, and Gary Keinath received the first Karl Kasten Award for social studies. Dave Trinklein, co-captain and MVP of the 1968 MTS- Mafgfet Willis, yearboqk 21dViSOf, beams aflfbf Class C. State Football Champion, Frankenmuth Ea- presenting the yearbook editor award to Wendy gles, receives an award in recognition of the team's Wessbofg- efforts. QIXNN jwwhwv up I 5? I KRAZY KARNIVAL-BIG SUCCESS . . I r i so SSA' Juniors Tom Weber, Dale Weiss, Kent Rummel, and Chip Weiss assemble the traditional Krazy Karnival sign in front of the school, in preparation for the - Drawing the winning tickets was the official duty of coming event. Krazy Karnival King Bill Travis and Queen Carleen Bickel. Each year, the junior class at Frankenmuth High, sponsor what is known as the KRAZY KARNIVAL. The pur- pose is to raise the money which will be needed and used by the juniors to finance the junior-senior Prom in the spring. Each class nominates a candidate for the position of Krazy Karnival King and Queen, with the winners being elected by votes which cost a penny apiece. The winning couple then reign over the festivities and draw the winning tickets for prizes at the time of the long-awaited drawing which closes the evening. Everything from pie- throwing, winning a cake or prize, having a lucky ticket number, or campaigning for a favorite candidate, goes into making the Krazy Karnival a fun and festive activity for young and old alike. King and queen candidates were, Sheila Gilbert, Bob Vengeful Marilyn Yoba is "socking it to" prim Reindel, Carleen Bickel, Dale Weiss, Sue Mills, Carl Rau, Kathy Krafft. Debbie Bender, and Bill Travis. iii" EYRIE STAFF WORKS HARD . Standing 1. to r.: Kathy Fetterman, Debbie Walz, Sharon Rittmueller, Peggy Schwab, Debbie Frahm, Eunice Bickel, Sherry Speer, Jonalyn Reindel, Kirby Goodwin, Mrs.Margaret Willis advisor, and Diane Gugel. Seated: Kathy Herzog, Wendy Wessborg, and Mary Abraham. ax, 5 M SQS SWPX 'rbixxs X555 N. Al At left, the executive staff Wendy, Gary, Kathy Herzog and Mary Abraham take time out. Gary Scharrer, co-editor, and , Wendy Wessborg, editor, discuss a possible layout for the bas- ketball section. STUDENT COUNCIL GOVERNS . . . K. Boesnecker, B. Weiss, B. Zehnder, W. Uebler, B. Goldammer, B. Jorgenson, C. Rau, R. Galsterer, D Zehnder, C. Wendt, D. Wierauch, K. Koehler, B. Weiss C. Rustem, K. Goodwin, M. DeYoung, D. Conzelman M. Reif, J. Beyerlein, S. Travis, B. Reindel, L. Rustem vice-president, C. Nuechterlein, president, D. Trinklein, and B. Renick. Charles Bartel, advisor, observes the student council in action, as John Beyerlein, Kim Koehler, Cindy Wendt, and Brenda Goldammer listen intently. Christopher A. Nuechterlein, Student Coun- cil President. Chris Nuechterlein holds the gavel in position to keep the Student Council in order, as Loren Rustem looks on amusingly. LEARNING BUSINESS SKILLS . Beginning typists Debbie Bender and Barb Bierlein work carefully on their manuscripts. A number of students achieved typing awards at the annual honor assembly. Louie Weiss, director of co-operative training, and business courses instructor, widened his office prac- tice course this year. In addition, data processing was offered to broaden student knowledge. nvwlm Typing instructor, Marco Marcet practices his typing skills to keep up with his students. Mr. Marcet is also in charge of keeping the many typewriters in repair. Kay Roedel points out an important fact to Jean Reinbold on the data processing chart. Mr. Weiss assists Kay by consulting his charts. BILLIARDS BECOMES POPULAR . . This year's billiards club consisted of standing, l. to r.: Kurt Rupprecht, Randy Miller, and Mike English. Front row l. to r.: Reed Miller, Jerry Mardet, and ,TW ss.s Billiard advisor, Thomas Flemming practices his fa vorite pastime. Stewart Dalton. Billiards has become a fairly popular extracurricular activity, which has attracted many students. Thomas Flemming, instructor, has been an avid billiard fan for many years, and enjoys both playing and instruc- ting his billiard players. se:-.. :ms if g r rttts 1 ff if S Jerry Marcet lines up the perfect shot by perching himself on the side of the pool table. Lefty Mary Roedel, sole female billiard member aims carefully for her next shot. HONGR SOCIETY IS ACTIVE . . Qissg S "Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Service," are the requirements for entrance into the National Honor Society. Students receiving this high honor must retain at least a 3.0 average to remain in the organization. Annually, the Frankenmuth High School faculty selects students they deem worthy of being members of the National Honor Society. At left, National Honor Society officers Debbie Walz, secretary, Gary Palmreuter, vice-president, and Loren Rustem, president, take time out from their duties. Senior Members: D. Walz, K. Roedel, A. Rittmueller, N. Adams, J. Rein- del, K. Herzog, D. Trinklein, L. Rustem, J. Thompson, L. Warnick, M. Reif, E. Witt, G. Palmreuter, L. Block, S. Schaefer, D. Knoll, J. Beyer- lein, W. Wessborg. Junior Members: C. Rustem, K. Koehler, M. Piesko, B. Weiss, B. Gugel, B. Heindl, R. List, M. Poellet, N. Herzog, M. De Young, M. Dietzel. Sophomore Members: P. Bernthal, R. Galsterer, K. Rittmueller, L. Fis- cher, M. Bickel, S. Rogner. OCEANS OF LOVE . OCEANS OF LOVE, was the theme of the 1969 Frankenmuth High School Prom, held May 24, at Zehnder's Hotel, Frankenmuth. The annual event, sponsored by the' junior class, and attended by the ju- nior and senior class members and their dates, was a colorful event. Decorations were a major factor in set- ting the mood, and colored lights and music added the finishing touches. Following a meal of shrimp, chicken, and beef, served buffet style, the party swung in to style to the music of the MIDWEST EXCURSION. Shown above, left, prom-goers enjoy lively rock tunes, while at right, the pace slowed down considerably to a slower mood. Faculty members and their spouses also attended the prom, as below left, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pelzer con- verse with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hennessy, Nancy Barry, and Gary Bruns. At right, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Willis pose for the traditional prom picture in the OCEANS OF LOVE setting. SENIORS PRESENT THREE "My dear Mother Dalton," drools Egbert Van Horn, as brave Jack Dalton stands by attentively. CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON! J ack Dalton .................... Loren Rustem Mrs. Donna Dalton . . . .... Wendy Wessborg Anna Alvarado .... ..... S andy Travis Egbert Van Horn . . . .... Kerry Goodwin Bertha Blair . . . . . . Doris Stellwag Richard Blair . . . .... Tom Yoba Eloise Dalton ....... ........... D ebbie Walz "Hold still, Kerry!" Marcia Van Fleet, assistant make-up supervisor, tries to smooth Kerry's complexion. Director Gerald Hennessy spends time working with lighting manager Paul Wenzloff. Eugene "Liberace" Witt, with nimble fingers, ac- companied the melodrama, CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON. NE-ACT PLAYS . . Chris Nuechterlein was the eveningis co-host and moderator, along with Chris Ferguson. The boys in- troduced all three one-act plays. This year's senior class presented three one act plays which included all types of entertainment, from the very serious to the lighthearted comedy of the melo- drama. The three presentations were THE LAVEN- DER KITE, THE HERO and CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON! Lee Warnick and Gail Riethmeier starred in the pantomime THE HERO, which de- picted the last man and woman on earth on a desert. Steve Hill, Lynne Wieneke, and Doug "Duck" Kueff- ner made up the cast of the other one act drama THE LAVENDER KITE, which dealt with a sym- bolic family story. tiki Doug Kueffner tries to hold still while make-up artist, Eunice Bickel paints his nose. Richard Blair LTom Yobaj and Bertha Blair CDoris Stellwagj rehearse their lives in the early weeks of play practice. KX x X X X Q X X N X X X N YN X X X N 'X 'N NX QS Q 'S 4. fi 5 WWHX -.P L as ES S Q N 'mv vs X . if X , X 'Q 3 X ,B N E? X X Q X Ng xxx X X X ww 5 lik Q X is Q X Qs if k' X . .i L,: h ., X Xxx s -1 X S X. Nancy Adams Mary Anderson Timmie Avery Jean Beyerlein John Beyerlein Eunice Bickel Kim Bickel Linda Bierlein Laurie Block Linda Boening Floyd Braeutigam Melvin Braeutigam Donna Coats Lynn Crary David Daenzer Gary Daenzer Sharon Daenzer Harlen Day Catherine Dietzel David Dietzel Anne Engblom Dallas English Chris Ferguson Gregory Fetterman Lauren Finger Greg Fischer James Frahm Leonard Franklin Andrea Frei Sheila Gilbert Kerry Goodwin Dianne Gugel Dianne Haubenstricker Lucille Haubenstricker Ronald Haubenstricker Susan Haubenstricker Kathryn Herzog Steven Hill Mary Huber John Katona Carol Keinath Edgar Keinath Gary Keinath Dennis Knoll Douglas Kueffner Claude Lackowski Thomas List Harold Little Pat Loveless Marsha Martin .ww 52 - 1 Randall Meade Randall Merten Judy Miller Dale Muehfeld Chris Nuechterlein Roberta Ott Peggy Pagels . Beverly Palmreuter Gary Palmreuter Robert Poellet Michael Reif Wilbert Reif Jean Reinbold Jonalyn Reindel Robert Reindel Bruce Renick Gail Riethmeier Q Adele Rittmueller Barbara Rodammer Kay Roedel Mary Roedel William Rogner Gary Rose Michael Ross Loren Rustem Susan Schaefer Gary Scharrer Edward Schellhas Mark Schiefer John Schlegel Dennis Schluckebier Kenneth Schmandt Patricia Sheppard Michael Smith Doris Stellwag Jill Thompson Sandra Travis David Trinklein Gloria Uebler Marcia VanFleet Deborah Walz Eloise Walz Lee Warnick Robert Warnick Brenda Watters Christine Weber Christine Weiss Diane Weiss Kurt Weiss ' Ronald Weiss Paul Wenzloff Wendela Wessborg Lynne Wieneke Lynn Wiltse Eugene Witt Thomas Yoba James Zoellner Phil Zoellner Andrea Zoellner Judging by the faces of these three seniors, Loren Rustem, Dave Trinklein, and Dave Dietzel, itis quite obvious that they aren't doing their Physics. "Munchy" and "Wally" liven up the drab noon hours with their antics. These two are always up to something! SENIORS PROVE OUTSTANDING . . Seniors graduating with honors, Caverage of at least 3.53 are Jonalyn Reindel, Adele Rittmueller, Kay Roedel, Laurie Block, Nancy Adams, Debbie Walz, Wendy Wessborg, Jim Frahm, Steve Hill and John Beyerlein. Twelve Seniors from Frankenmuth High School were chosen by their teachers to be among Merit's WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS, which is a publication of the top seniors in the United States. Chris Ferguson, Nancy Adams, .lonalyn Rein- del, Dave Trinklein, Wendy Wessborg, Kay Roedel, Adele Rittmueller, Debbie Walz, and Loren Rustem were selected. Also picked but missing from picture is Chris Nuechterlein. The Class of '69 selected an all-boy panel to represent them as their class officers. Gary "Teddy" Palmreuter, vice-president, Lee Warnick, treasurer, Gary "Pausal' Seharrer, secretary, Chris Fer- guson, PTSA representative, and Bob "Ozzie" Reindel, president. SENIORS VENTURE NORTH . . . A select group of thirty hearty souls Cnot shownj ventured to the swift waters of the Manistee River to test their canoeing skills. Pioneered by Mr. and Mrs. James Weber and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bruns, the seniors braved fallen trees, rocks, and sand bars for two hours of enjoy- ment and exercise. Avid canoists en- gaged in naval combat as canoes cap- sized, submerged, and sank. After the long trip, the weary water 1'ats returned, dampened in body, but not in spirit. The 1969 senior class ventured to the northern woods of Cadillac, Michigan to the Lost Pines Lodge for the class trip. After a three hour bus trip, the whole class invaded the grounds. Many chose to go horseback riding on horses that didnit always stay on the trails while oth- ers preferred to play softball. At left, Debbie Waliz and Chris Nuechterlein en- gage Wendy Wessborg and Mark Schief- er in one of many chicken fights. Above, skilled diver, Gary Scharrer, exe- cutes one of his poised specialties. Many chose to soak up the sun at poolside, and enjoyed the near 80 weather. After a full and busy day of swimming, riding, canoeing, and fun, the weary seniors sat down to relax and eat supper before the long trip home. At left, Debbie Walz re- tlects thoughtfully the day as a whole, as Lauren Finger watches in disbelief. 'GTO STRIVE, TO SEEK, TO FIND Organist Erich von Behren played the processional hymn, as the graduates of 1969 took their places for the com- mencement exercises, June 5. Frankenmuth High School graduated 113 students, many of whom received scholar- ships totaling almost thirteen thousand dollars. Following the processional, salutatory and valedictory addresses were heard, scholarships presented, and diplomas given to climax the graduation ceremonies. Salutatorian Deborah Walz, delivers her address, Nancy Adams, valedictorian of the 1969 class, offers INDIVIDUALITY, to the graduating class. Debbie her opening remarks, REAPING THE BENEFITS plans to attend Central Michigan University to pur- OF AN EDUCATION. Nancy will attend the Flint sue a career in education. branch of the University of Michigan. AND NOT T O YIELD" Jerold McEwen, superintendent of the Frankenmuth Frzmkemnuth Mayor, Elmer P. Simon, was guest School District, offers his opening remarks. speaker at the graduation exercises for the class of 1969. A Christopher Ferguson, receives the Weichmann scholarship from Principal Marvin Hauck. Wendela Wessborg, graduating with honors, receives her diploma from Walter Frahm, president of the Frankenmuth School Board. Christopher A. Nuechterlein re- ceives an honorary scholarship from Valparaiso University. Lynne Wieneke, featured vocalist, sings the class Adele Rittmueller, graduating with honors, receives song, l'VE GOTTA BE ME. a regents scholarship from the University of Michi- gan. SENIOR ROSTER . NANCY ADAMS-Debate l,2,3,4, G.A.A. 1, Forensics 1,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Exchange student to Finland 3, D.A.R. citizen- ship award 4, Co-op 4, Valedictorian 4, Grad- uating with honors 4, Senior Play 4, Who's Who in American High Schools 4. MARY ANDER- SON-Knitting Club 1, Glee Club 3,4, Speech II play 4. TIM AVERY-Manager, basketball I, Manager, baseball 2, Co-op 4. CHERYLE BENDER-G.A.A. I,2,3,4, F.H.A. 1, Intra- murals l. JEAN BEYERLEIN-Knitting Club 1, F.H.A. 1, Intramurals 1, G.A.A. 4, Senior play committee 4. JOHN BEYERLEIN-Foot- ball 1, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Yearbook I, Student Council 2, Forensics 3, Boys' State 3, Intramurals 3, Homecoming 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Track 4. EUNICE BICKEL-Knitting Club 1, Yearbook 3,4, Class Secretary 3, Speech II play 4, Senior play committee 4, Forensics 4, Glee Club 4. KIM BICKEL-Football 1,3, Bridge club l. DEN- NIS BIERLEIN--Forensics 4, Senior play committee 4. LINDA BlERLEIN-Homecom- ing 1, Knitting Club 1, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Stu- dent council 3, Forensics 3, G.A.A. 4, Senior play committee 4. LAURIE BLOCK-Knitting Club 1, Forensics 3,4, G.A.A. 4, N at i o n al Honor Society 4, Graduating with honors 4, Speech II play 4, Senior play committee 4. LIN- DA BOENING-G.A.A. l,2, Knitting Club 1, Yearbook 3, German Club 3, Co-op 4, Senior play committee 4. FLOYD BRAEUTIGAM- Basketball 1, Chess club I, Co-op 4. MEL BRAEUTIGAM-Basketball 1, Chess club 1, Vice-president of class 2, Intramurals 2,3,4, Forensics 3,4, Boys' State 3, Speech II play 4, German club 4, Senior play committee 4. JOEL BUTTERFIELD-Chess club 1. S C O T T CI-IALL--Basketball l,2, Football l,2, Golf l,2, Euchre club 1, Intramural bowling 3,4, Intramural basketball 3,4, Boys' State 3, Intra- mural football 4, school photographer 4, Year- book 4, Journalism 4. DONNA COATS-Band l,2,3, Knitting club 1, Co-ed correspondent 3. LYNN CRARY-Knitting club 1, Y-Teens 1, G.A.A. 1,2,4, Krazy Karnival candidate 1, Cheerleader 2,3, captain 4, Forensics 3,4, Speech II play 4, Talent show 4. DAVE DAENZER-Chess club 1, Co-op 4. GARY DAENZER-Intramural b a s k e t b a ll 1,2,3, 4, Track 3, Intramural football 3, Bridge club 4. SHARON DAENZER-Knitting club 1, G.A.A. 1, Yearbook 3. HARLEN DAY-Band 1,2, Co-op 4. CATHY D1ETzEL-F.H.A. 1. DAVE DIETZEL-F o o t b al I 1,2,3,4, lntra- mural basketball 3,4. ANNE ENGLBLOM- Homecoming 4, Senior play committee 4. DAL- LAS ENGLISH-Basketball l,2, Golf l,2,3, Chess club 1, Exchange student to Sweden 3, In- tramural basketball 3,4. CHRIS FERGUSON -Bandl, Football 1,2,4, Honorable mention All Conference, Honorable mention All-Area 4, Baseball l,2,3,4, lntramurals 2,3,4, Yearbook 2, Student Council 2, Chess club 1, Debate 3,4, Forensics 3,4, Whois Who in American High Schools 4, Journalism 4, Editor 4, Co-op 4. GREG FETTERMAN-Basketball 2, Golf 2, Intramural basketball 3,4, Intramural football 4, Journalism 4. LAUREN FINGER-Band 1, 2,3,4, F.H.A. 1, G.A.A. 1, Glee Club 4. GREG FISCHER-Football 1, Euchre club 1, Intra- mural basketball 1,2, Pool club 3, Senior play committee 4. JAMES FRAHM-Debate l,2,3, 4, Purdue debate scholarship 2,3, Forensics 1, 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Solo Ensemble 1, National Honor Society 2, Boys' State 3, Senior play committee 4, Graduating with honors 4. NICK FRANKLIN-Basketball l,2, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Chess club 1, Intramural football 2,3, Forensics 3, Intramural basketball 2,3, Football 4. ANN FREI--Band 1,2,3, Co-op 4, G.A.A. 4. SHEILA GILBERT-G.A.A. 1,2,4, F.H.A. 1, P.T.A. representative 3, Krazy Karnival representative 4, Cheerleader 4, Forensics 4, Senior play com- mittee 4, Co-ed correspondent 4. KERRY GOODWIN-Basketball 1, Track l,2, Debate 1, Forensics 1,4, Football 2,3,4, Intramural basketball 3,4, Senior class play 4, 2nd place talent show 4. DIANNE GUGEL-F.H.A. 1, Knitting club 2, Glee Club 3, Forensics 4, Se- nior play committee 4, Journalism 4, Yearbook 4. DIANNE HAUBENSTRICKER-F.H.A. 1, G.A.A. l,2, Glee Club 3, Senior play commit- tee 4, Co-op 4. LUCILLE HAUBENSTRIC- KER-Co-op 4, Knitting club l. RON HAUB- ENSTRICKER-Band 1,2,3,4. SUE HAUB- ENSTRICKER-Glee club 3,4. KATHY HER- ZOG-Knitting club 1, Class treasurer 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Yearbook 3,4, Ger- man Club 3, Forensics Oratorical Contest, 4, Senior Play Committee 4. STEVE HILL-Debate 3,4, Graduating with honors 4, Senior Play 4, Basketball l,2. MARY HUBER-Knitting Club 1, G.A.A. 4. JOHN KATONA-JV basketball mgr. l,2, Track mgr. 1, Varsity football mgr. 2, Debate, l,3,4, For- ensics 2,3,4, Solo Ensemble 3,4. CAROL KEI- NATH-G.A.A. l,2, Knitting club 1, Co-op 4. EDGAR KEINATH-Band 1,2,3,4, C h e s s Club 1, Track 2,3,4, Intramural Basketball l,2, I l 3,43 Football 3,43 Forensics 4. GARY KEI- NATH-Euchre club 13 Intramural Bowling 23 Co-op 43 Karl Kasten Award 4. DENNIS KNOLL--Baseball 1,2,33 Intramural basket- ball 2,3,43 Co-op 43 National Honor Society 43 Senior Play Committee 4g Graduating with honors 4. DOUGLAS KUEFFNER-Chess club I3 Speech play 33 Forensics 33 Co-op 43 Senior Play 4. CLAUDE LACKOWSKI-For- ensics 43 Senior Play Committee 4. THOMAS LIST-Chess club I3 Intramural basketball l,2, 3,43 Forensics 3. HAROLD LITTLE-Foot- ball 3,43 All-conference lst Team Defense 43 Co-op 4. PAT LOVELESS-Football 1,2,3,4Q Basketball 13 Track 1,23 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. MARSHA MARTIN-B and 1,2,3Q G.A.A. 43 Volleyball 4. JUDY MILLER- G.A.A. 1,23 Knitting Club 13 Art assistant 43 Senior Play Committee 4. RANDY MERTEN -Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Euchre club 13 Forensics 33 Intramural football 3,43 Assistant in Phys. Ed. 4. DALE MUEHL- FELD-Co-op 43 Football 'l,2,3,4. CHRIS NUECHTERLEIN-Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Cap- tain 43 Basketball 1,23 Baseball'1,2,3,43 M.V.P., Co-Captain, Batting Champ 43 Class Vice-Presi- dent lg Chess club 13 Band 13 Student Council 2,3,4, President 43 German Club 33 Intramural basketball 3,43 Journalism 33 Yearbook 43 For- ensics 43 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Senior Play 4, Talent show 4. ROBERTA OTT-Co-op 4. PEGGY PAGELS-Band l,2, 3,43 Knitting club I3 Glee Club 4. BEVERLY PALMREUTER-G.A.A. I,2,4, President 43 F.H.A. 1, Vice-President lg Yearbook 33 Ger- man club 33 Student assistant 43 Poetry Award 4. GARY PALMREUTER-Basketball 1,23 Football 2,3,43 Track 2,33 Intramurals 3,43 Stu- dent Council 33 National Honor Society 33 Vice- President 43 German Club 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Vice-President of Class 4. ROB- ERT POELLET-Football 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Chess club 13 Intramural basketball 2,3,43 Forensics 3,43 Speech II Play 43 Bowling 43 Oratorical Contest 4. MICHAEL REIF- Basketball l,2,3,4Q Baseball l,2,3,43 Student Council 132,43 Track 3,43 M.V.P. 43 Vice-Presi- dent of Class 33 Football 3,43 National Honor Society 4. WILBERT REIF-Euchre Club I. JEAN REINBOLD--Knitting club 13 Co-op 4. JONALYN REINDEL-Band majorette l,2, 3,4Q Knitting club 13 Homecoming 2, Queen 43 Forensics 33 Talent Show 3,43 Exchange Stu- dent to Denmark 33 National Honor Society 3,43 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 43 Yearbook 43 Senior Play Committee 4. ROBERT REIN- DEL-Debate I,2,3,43 Basketball lg Intramural football 2,43 Purdue Debate Scholarship 2,33 Voice of Democracy 33 Oratorical Contest 3,43 President of Class 43 Forensics 43 Intramural basketball 4. GAIL RIETHMEIER-Knitting club I3 German Club 33 Forensics 33 Exchange Student to Denmark 33 Senior Play 43 Student Assistant in Home Economics 4. BRUCE RE- NICK-Basketball 13 Chess club 13 Intramurals 2,43 Forensics 33 Student Council 4. ADELE RITTMUELLER--Knitting club 13 National Honor Society 2,3,43 German club 33 Yearbook 33 Forensics 33 Class Play 43 Graduating with Honors 43 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Baush and Lonit Science Award 4. BARBARA RODAMMER-F.H.A. I3 G.A.A. 23 Speech ll Play 3,43 Forensics 3,43 Glee club 43 Senior Play committee 4. KAY ROEDEL--G.A.A. 1,2,43 Girls Intramurals 13 National Honor So- ciety 2,3,43 Forensics 33 Yearbook 33 Co-ed Volleyball 33 Senior Play 43 Co-op 43 Graduat- ing with honors 43 Volleyball 43 Who's Who in American High Schools 4. MARY ROEDEL- Treasurer of Class I3 G.A.A. 1,23 Knitting club I3 Intramurals 13 Forensics 3g :Co-op 43 Pool Club 4. WILLIAM ROGNER-President of Class 33 Student Council 33 Intramurals 3,43 Homecoming 33 Senior Class Play Committee 43 Forensics 4. MIKE ROSS--Football 1,23 Intramural basket- ball 1,23 Senior play 43 Pool club 4. LOREN RUSTEM-Football l,2,3,43 All-conference Ist team, All-area lst team, All-State Honorable Mention 43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,4, Vice-President 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, President 43 Band l, 2,3,43 Forensics 3,43 Boy's State 33 Talent show 43 Senior Class Play 4. SUE SCHAEFER- G.A.A. 1,2,43 Student Council I3 K. K. Rep. 23 Forensics 43 Volleyball 43 National Honor So- ciety 43 Senior Class Play 4. GARY SCHAR- RER-Basketball I3 Baseball l,2,3,43 Intra- murals 2,3,43 Track 43 Secretary of Class 43 Yearbook 43 Assistant Editor 43 Journalism 4. ED SCHELLHAS-Euchre Club 13 Bowling 33 German Club 3,43 Forensics 4g Senior Play Committee 4. MARK SCHIEFER-Football 1,2,4, Honorable Mention All-Conference 43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,2,3,43 Band l,2, 3,43 Journalism 43 Co-op 4. JOHN SCHLE- GEL--Co-op 43 KEN SCHMANDT-Chess club 13 JV Debate 2,33 Bowling club l,2,3,4. PAT SHEPPARD-F.H.A. lg Forensics 43 Glee club 4. MIKE SMITH-Euchre club I3 Football 1. DORIS STELLWAG-G.A.A. I3 Co-op 4. Senior Class Play 4. JILL THOMP- SON-Student Council I3 G.A.A. l,2, Vice- President 23 Exchange Student to Germany 33 National Honor Society 43 Forensics 4. SANDY TRAVIS-G.A.A. 1,23 Secretary of Class 13 Knitting club lg Forensics 3,43 Speech II play 33 Student Council 4, Secretary 43 Homecom- ing Court 43 Senior play 43 Student assistant in Phys. Ed. DAVE TRINKLEIN-Class President 13 Band 13 Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Cap- tain M.V.P., lst team All-Conference, lst team All-Area, lst team All-State 43 Basketball 1,2,3, 43 Track 1,2,3,4, Captain 43 Krazy Karnival candidate 2g Student Council 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Forensics 33 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Senior Class Play 43 Journalism 43 Tom Block award 43 Outstand- ing Senior boy award 4. RICHARD TRINKV- LEIN-Co-op 4. GLORIA UEBLER-G.A.A. 1,23 Band l,2,3Q Knitting club 13 Yearbook 33 German club 33 Solo and Ensemble Festival 33 Senior Class play committee 43 Student assistant in Art 4. MARCIA VAN FLEET-Band 1, 2,3343 Most Valuable Girl in Band 43 Solo and Ensemble 1,2,43 lnterlochen Scholarship 33 Se- nior Class Play Committee 43 Co-op 4. DEB- BIE WALZ-Band 1,23 Solo Ensemble 1,23 Debate l,2,3,43 John S. Knight award 43 Na- tional Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 43 Forensics 33 Exchange Student to Germany 33 Yearbook 3,43 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Graduating with honors 43 Journalism 43 Senior Class Play 43 Salutatorian 4. ELOISE WALZ --Band l,2,3,4Q Music Club 13 Glee club 3,43 lnterlochen Scholarship 3. LEE WARNICK- Football 1,23 Chess club lg Forensics 3,43 Se- nior Class Play 43 National Honor Society 43 Graduating with honors 43 Class Treasurer 4. ROBERT WARNICK-Football 1,2,3,43 Chess club I3 Intramural basketball 233,43 Forensics 43 Speech II play 43 Senior Class Play 4. BRENDA WATTERS-Band l,2,3,43 F.H.A. lg Gir1's lntramuralsg Co-op 4. CHRIS WEB- ER-Knitting Club I3 G.A.A. 1,23 Homecoming Court 3,43 Senior Class Play 4. CHRIS WEISS -Senior Class Play 43 G.A.A. 2,4. DIANE WEISS-G.A.A. 1,23 Knitting club 13 Student Council 23 Forensics 4. KURT WEISS-Foot- ball 13 Chess club 13 Track 1. RON WEISS- Euchre club 1. PAUL WENZLOFF-Football 1,22 Baseball 1,23 Band l,2,3,4Q Boyis State 33 Intramural Basketball 33 Forensics 4. WENDY WESSBORG--Band 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,23 Year- book l,2,3,4, Co-Editor 3, Editor 43 Michigan State University Yearbook Workshop 23 Debate l,2,3,43 Purdue Debate Workshop 23 Secretary of Class 23 Forensics l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Talent Show lst place 2,3,43 Ex- change Student to Sweden 33 Oratorical Con- test 3,4, 2nd place 33 Student Assistant in Biol- ogy 43 Who's Who in American High Schools 4g Senior Class Play 43 Journalism 43 Graduat- ing with Honors 4. LYNNE WIENEKE-At- tended lnterlochen Arts Academy 13 Treasurer of Class 2g Talent Show lst place 2,3,43 Foren- sics 3,43 Delta 43 Glee club 43 Journalism 43 Yearbook 43 Speech II play 33 Senior class play 4. LYNN WILTSE-Glee club 3,43 Intramur- als l3F.H.A. I. EUGENE WITT-Chess club I3 Football 1,23 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Capt. 43 National Honor So- ciety 3,43 Intramural Football 3,43 Forensics 33 Homecoming 43 Senior class play 43 German 43 Co-op 4. THOMAS YOBA-Football l,2,3,4, Honorable mention, All Conference 2nd team, All HICHQ Chess club I3 Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,43 Student Council 33 Speech II play 43 Forensics 43 Glee club 43 Class play 43 Bridge club 4. ANDREA ZOELLNER-F.H.A. lg Band l,2,3,43 Solo Ensemble 3g Co-op 4. JIM ZOELLNER-Co-op 4. SENICRS DU THEIR THING . . Senior Dave Trinklein practices his ROTC drills dur- Senior Eugene Witt enjoys a game of intramural foot- ing a military overthrow in his government class. ball with Charles Lyon and Gary Bruns. Mel Braeutigam does the thing he Chris Ferguson spends his time in the guidance office, and be- knows best: sleeping in govern- comes a familiar sight. ment. FQQWFPUFQ zgewwf- FFHWFSQP 9"?'!"5'!"F3F"f'1 F?"U?"FUf5"57 !'Z5"!'F'?'FFU FFFFZZFV WOOFFFF CU wmowmw Avery Baker Baker '- Bannerman Bartels Bauer Bender Bender Bender Bender Bernreuter Bernthal Beyerlein n Beyerlein ' Bickel Bickel Bierlein Bierlein ' Bierlein Boesenecker Boesenecker Brender Brunner Conzelman Cooper Counts Daenzer Daenzer - Dahlman Davis Deterding Dudewicz Eichorn . Engel Engelhardt Finkbeiner Friend Geyer Geyer Geyer Goldammer Goodwin - Gower Grueber Gugel Gugel , Haubenstricker Hecht Hegenauer 1 Herzog Hochtanner Huber Huber Hurford J orgenson J orgenson Keinath Leprich Lindow Little Loesel Loesel Loveless Mallot Mgtv' V Mziu r- -a Melchc r Meyer Miller M ills Morley ,WWW . 224 mg W, ,.,.f 'W ff , X f 4 V, Z X XQKX ilk X X 'X 5 ll X X XX X X SX 5 X X X 4 XX Nl X.. X XR .. . X if X FRESH 7 T'S JUST X XXX S X X X X ,gi ' EXX 'H ' 5 XX S X X Bk E XB X XX XXX X X XX X X X Q X 3 X X 5 X X Xi X X X X A S Q xg N X X live' XX x X X Xi S XX X XX XXX X X X X X X . ,X XXX, X - -X X X91 L' . X X? XX: X, X . X. fi, .X .XX X X X X XXX LXX X X X Xia' 'iii ' XX .-.. ' ' ' X .. I+. ' XX Q- - -- X XX . X , X X 16X i X- X f XX ..... is X nf'- .. -. X X X X X X XS X X55 X Re X XX X X X X XX? N N-, ..XXA . X il X X fXeefX XX , X: X X :X 5 XX X 1 ff , . -X XXX .eX. X X LX? i ME 'X' Egg XXX ' 1 Q L X .XX -A N XXV? X X-lim 5 XX? .. SX lk XX X YM X352 'X M NE X XX XX X X55 XX X, New O 3 XX SX . , e X X ' XX F ., 1 X., XX X ,V 3 X 'IX X X XX X X X X X X,XX XXX X 19 X -1-L W' X 5 Q ' X5 XX XX E f X X E X Q X 'X X X 5 X 2 S X X S X X X X X V .XX X Y 3 . X . f f malt XE X if :EX 6 1 l m X S X , If XXI' ' L' ' 13' r "1 if XM- 5 , .. . in .QL X. X S X - 5, .X X RXEXS -XJ., X X .. .1 X XX X i, -XX " ' XXX ig. X X XX S X X fe SRX A THE BEGINNIN , XS., X in X l if X XX X t Q I X Freshman boys put their talents to use, as they assist Thomas Flemming in the art of using a paper cutter. osx ix Q Q N N SX ix in wi Q 'X 1. s X . -- irq'-:.z, -INLHQN X is so r -,.t Q . sf X f" . S". .ir . t .eg ' ti 'i .x ' Xi x 3 xi! -Q 2 r X E X A s X X R t S Mossner Nefe Newbold N uechterlein Lotter Ott Palmreuter Pal berg Penzien Pickleman Poellet Protzman Rausch Reinbold Reindel Reindel Reithmeier Rittmueller Rivett Rodammer Ross Ruff Scharrer Schiefer Schiefer Schmandt Sebald Sellenraad Sheppard Shippey Rodammer Sodeman Sohn Speer Stembel Thompson Travis Trinklein Trinklein Uebler Vitany Walker Weber Weiss Weiss Weiss Weiss Wilber Wilder Wolfe Zehnder Zehnder Zehnder RVN W Abraham Bernthal Bickel Bickel Bickel Bierlein Bierlein Bierlein Birkenmeier Boesenecker Bronner Counts Creger Creger Cromie Daenzer Dalton Day Demers Deterding Eischer Fischer Fischer Foss Frahm Frahm Frahm Frank Franklin Frei Friebe Galsterer Galslerer Gehrs Gilbert Grainger Hammond Hauhenstricker Haubenstricker Hauhenstrickc-r Hecht Hoebbel Huber Irion Irvine Johnson J orgenson Katona Keinath Keinath Keller Kern Knoll Knoll Koeppendorfer Krafft Kraffl Kreil Lawrence Lemonds List Loesel Lorenz Love Loveless M arcet Maurer M aurer Mayes Merten Miller X .. XXXX - X fi X A XRS X X X XWX X X X N X S f W e X X we XX XX XX XX XXX K S X X X Xi X XX X X S SX ,X K X X 3 Q 5' X X? X X X N X Xi Xi Xiu XX X-SS X E yjfifxr . 5 ., XX X X F X - HXXIX X F L X 1 x H X SR X X Q Y X X XS + ,. EX I NX l XX is XXX X so S X Qxe XX X , . . X -X X ss '- ia R, ' S a 5 Xe? Q X X? X X Q wr X W X X 1 XXX X X ,fi ,,N . k X X 1 X XX X ' Y ' K-v-X XX: X i , - ss- 'e X X-X. X . Q1 XX .. ,XX X ..L.. .F 'L W, . . XX ., ,. Q S X N X X X XX X r 3 X S Ri' QXXXX X X 35 -X l S X . Q. 1 X XR Q . X XX -ex X XXX X Q l X A65 X N X-. :: ,XX .: X. .T XS 'ff- l L 11 XX, ixg X Xrr X . X XXX .. W .X 552,-'f .. N sf. 'T' is , Xi . Xe i f f I F is . NX 2 1 S X X X X X X f ff ,. -,X X.,: ,K WX .. Q we .X XQX i X 4:-: QV X ,. 1 I SX 'QS X Y sl.. XX . . , .- fx 12 f r ' J X X Xe EQ - QQ X Tv X O X 5 il N S Q !. X-, X -. ,. .,,..L2 " NA ...-...rg of 3 R X X X X X X ki X Q X XI 3. X X X XXX XX N X -we X A XB ka X S X X W 5 e X N ' sei if iiii .X X, ts X is X Q X X N X N .X st XX X-, I! s 4 J S E ' ssX -X 'N if X X N QS Q X N N.. -.XX NN. l 5 N musk 2 N5 X W hp. l F s 'Q XX s XX X st N 5 ' X 5 NKN X K ' A XE .. . X X S N 4 N XXK J .N gigs VX. X X - Nxfk X E A N Q SN? X N N 35 N N NNN N X ix E X X R . , . ' F' i X X SN -X. QX we X Xf X YNNQ -f. -X -Xe X XY 1 T. X X NNY X Ns X X X X X X X XX ,QASX X E t :Q X N X X l N X , X S N ww it a. -s. ff. Q5 --" g 1 46 X X 'Q X QNX X X N X X S N X S E I XS, X . USSYXQ N it X NN S X 1 N YQ X Q XX XNs NX X X 3 XX X six ' XM X 1 X Q, I S 'N N-Pe X-TS T NN X t E X N i H .XXXXN3 Ng X X: NX Ns N N N gs. -X z X X X XX X ' Q. f A N fX "X ' 'Ei'-1 N X 3 is '1 X NX 5 N l N X-X X w X Q X X S N N N N N X N Q ,XX N ' -' 4:-, I - .1 Xe X X XNX N 3 W 'Xi . - sf :ig Typical of the eager Frankenmuth student body, this bright thinker ponders beneath his thinking cap. Kern Mills Moeller Muehlfeld Nuechterlein Nuechterlein Nuechterlein Nuechterlein Rau Reda Reinart Renick Rittmueller Rogner Ross Rummel Rummel Sandborn Sanders Scherzer Schiefer Schiefer Schlegel Schluckbier Schmitzer Schmitzer Schoenknecht Schreiner Schrems Serrick Serrick Schively Smekar Sohn Speer Stolz Suppes Thompson Vanek Van Fleet Vitany Warnemunde Warnick Weber Weirauch Weiss Wendt Wilkinson Wiltse Zehnder Zehnder Zehnder Coman Adams Auernhamer Auernhammer Bender Bender Bernthal Bickel Bickel Bierlein Bierlein Bluemlein Boesnecker Boesenecker Botimer Bronner Buffey Daenzer Dahl man Davis DeYoung Dietzel Duclos Ducewicz Eberlein Engel Galsterer Fetterman Finger Fischaber Franklin Geyer Goodwin G rassmick Gugel G asse Hart Hart Haubenstricker Haubenstricker Haubenstricker Heindl Herzog Qxx SA 5 SW Herzog Hoerauf Honold Huber Jammer Knieling Koehler Koeppendorfer Kraenzl ein Kraft Krausneck Kronkowski Kruger Lehner List List Melcher Meyer Miller McElgunn Mclnerney Nuechterlein Olgaard Piesko Poellet Prestonl Rausch Reif Reinhold Reinert Rittmueller Rodammer Rodammer Roedel Ruff Rummel Rupprecht Rushford Rustem Scharrer Schiefer Schmitt 69 K. Schmitzer R. Schoenknecht S. Schrems P. Scwah R. Sebald T. Sheppard J. Szymanski C. Trinklein J. Trinklein L. Trinklein M. Trinklein D. Voorheis T. Weber B. Weiss C. Weiss D. Weiss E. Weiss S. Weiss K. Wendt K. Wilder G. Wilkinson G. Wilkinson M. Yoba S. Zeilinger C. Zoellner R. Munger K. Easterly 70 NX . . . se X we X XX - A .ss We 3 X X X N. s s . S 'ex 'X N x fifi xiii ' . X 1 Q s s ' A" ' 22? ahxmxwss X N s f s is X3 .N S r e s s rs R - ss. . K QQXM NSS ig if. .-s 5 4? ETSQ X , EX I X t Xi RRR X , SSNQ X X .5 s W X s X Ra R RS V X E XX Juniors Mike Piesko and Chuck Rustem clown around thisyear for the photographer, but next year, Chuck will assume the role of president of the STU- DENT COUNCIL, and Mike will preside as vice- president. Except for a few write-ins, their election was undisputed. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDE . . . ' Freshman class officers for this year are l. to r.- Jane Beyerlein-secretary, Ann Friend-PTA rep- resentative, Jake Herzog-vice-president, J can Weiss -secretary, and Albert t'Butchi' Zehnder-president. Traditionally, the junior class must promote the KRAZY KARNIVAL, as their main money-making project to help pay for expenses during their busy year. This year's junior class was no exception, and presented one of the finest Karnivals in the school history. The money collected from this project is used to help present the annual Junior-Senior prom held each spring. Aside from the Karnival, the junior class also sponsored dances and a bake sale to help contribute to their treasury. The sophomore class sponsored three dances this year, which was more than any other class, to help aid their treasury. Building up funds for the big year ahead, was the main objective, so that when the all- important junior year arrives, they will be ready to meet the expenses that may arise. The class of '7l boasts many achievements in the field of sports, ac- tivities, and academics, as they contributed a great deal to the many school functions. As beginning students in high school, the freshman class began their year by becoming adjusted to school life. Debate, forensics, and every field of sports were just some of the areas in which the freshman class participated. The freshman class learned through experience, the ways and traditions of school life, and will be ready in their remaining years to continue the ideals and pride of Frankenmuth High School. Karen Rittmueller-treasurer, Karl Muehlfeld--vice- president, David Zehnder-president, Sherry Speer- secretary, and Connie Thompson-PTA representa- tive assumed positions as sophomore class officers. Kim Koehler, president of the junior class, sits sur- rounded by Mary Lehner-PTA representative, Ralph Munger-vice-president, and Jo Krueger-treasurer. Missing is Lynn Trinklein, secretary. THIS IS EAGLE COUNTRY 1969!! in WR? . - 9,52 .K f....,, lu . N?m,s- ..t: 5 f i ' f -t .R- .S Q- ii 1 S2 . s.s. i i q l s.iss ieigig sf ':'.. gig? Rei . ks 3 .gin . . N I .S- K X ggi. a ip ! . S 3 . gin I K f .. -il ' , - f l 5 Q .. . .5 x s u 5 t W ., iir' Qy Q! WI ilsib 5 , fi Bi rife' is li, gl A v pt A.. egg 5' S s .. S' i. Y S 4,3 E K , Q X.. IAgpf9,i1'Q,t R A r x rp - YJ PES , "Big Rick" and "Peeko"-all smiles after Our gigantic state championship trophy dom- winning district championship. inates the display case. S hes s W is ig All-conference football players take time for post pose. game "Trinx" proudly shows his battle t'Whitey" and 'gWebs" loosen up before a big scars. meet- N.. Speedy Mike Reif breaks tape for another first, at Caro. The Coaches show the smiles of victory. Captains bring on water bucket after victory at Sandusky. The prize of victory fol- lowing a championship basketball game and trip to the showers. John Beyerlein's swan song, "lead quietly. . ." Golf MVP, R. Jorgenson, demonstrates what should NOT be done to a golf club. Chip does his thing while the band plays 011. Ralph puts all out, hoping to Post game plans produce interesting ideas. i l l l V l win a medal. ki? fs? "Body" Weiss hurls the shot. y EAGLES ARE 1968 CLASS "C" L A SRX aff s 1 A Qs Front row l. to r., C. Rustem, T. Auernhammer, G. Mclnerny, P. Herzog, D. Auernhammer, E. Keinath, R. War- nick, D. Voorheis, D. Muehlfeld, C. Ferguson, D. Dietzel, T. Yoba, P. Loveless, K. Muehlfeld, manager. Second row Coach J. Weber, L. Bierlein, R. Poellet, R. Munger, K. Goodwin, N. Franklin, R. List, M. Schiefer, L. Rus- tem, T. Weber, T. Rodammer, R. Franklin, R. Preston, H. Little, Coach R. Tompkins. Third row D. Conzel- mann, M. Reif, D. Trinklein, T. Engel, C. Nuechterlein, K. Goodwin, K. Koehler, D. Weiss, E. Weiss, K. Rum- mel, N. Herzog, J. McElgunn, M. Olgaard, G. Palmreuter, F. Bender. Despite comments to the contrary, 1968 proved to be a banner year for the Frankenmuth football team as along the way came various achievements and hon- ors. The greatest defensive team, conference cham- pionship, area championship, and Frankenmuth's first State championship climaxed the many awards. Most fans felt that the Eagles would field a poor team, but the players didn't feel they had less talent than teams before them. They went out, lived up to the Eagle tradition and journeyed on to boast the biggest season in Eagle history, 9-0. Kim Koehler, Chris Ferguson, Rick Preston, Ralph Munger and Tom Auernhammer flash the victory sign after clinching the Thumb "B" championship. Game captains, Loren Rustem C703 and Mike Reif i423 discuss pre-game ground rules with Laker cap- tains, Doug Krohn f31J and Carl McArdle. STATE CHAMPS . Gary Palmreuter C22J prepares key block paving the way for quarterback Chris Nuechterlein C145 as Mark Schiefer f84J follows the play. Coaches Tompkins and Weber attribute the success to the exceptional leadership, tremendous hustle and desire put forth by certain individuals before the sea- son started. The early determination rubbed off on other players and the teams worked as a unit for the entire season. Coach Tompkins gave much credit to the team captains and said, "The coaches can only be as successful as the leaders of the team." Junior tackle, Kirby Goodwin U65 leads all-state Dave Trinklein C311 around left end for a long gain. Coach 'iBud', Tompkins plans game strategy with senior quarterback, Chris Nuechterlein. HISTORY OF A VICTGRY . . As the 1968 Thumb B confer- ence championship game with Vassar began, the traditional pep talks by Coaches Tompkins and Weber were given followed by a hard-hitting contest which proved Frankenmuth victorious. 1 Pre-game tension mounts as Coaches Weber and Tompkins go over strategy A powerful offense grinds upfield Cleftj to produce another touchdown, while a stiff defense frightj stops a Vassar threat. Both Frankenmuth's offense and defense were the best in the league in 1968. Both Eagle fans and players enjoy post-game mayhem after winning conference crown. ACTIGN BRINGS RESULTS . EAGLES! EAGLES!! EAGLES! ! ! Typical of the Eagle defense was the great pursuit shown here by Dave Trinklein 1313 Mark Schiefer 1843 Kim Koehler 1333 and Harold Little 1713. Harold Little 1713 powers play for Ralph Munger 1443. Gary Palmreuter 1223 Dave Trinklein 1313 and Chris Ferguson 1633 lead the way as Dale Weiss 1303 breaks through the Bad Axe line. Tom Auernhammer 1643 Ralph Munger 1443 and Tom Yoba 1623 lead the tired- up Eagles charge onto the field. 77 WE PAY TRIBUTE . . Which reminds me of a little story . . . Defensive mentor, Coach Weber, comments on competitive spirit. Coaches and players proudly eye State Championship Trophy. Seniors who played their last year for F.H.S.: Standing--1 to r-Co-Captain and MVP Dave Trinklein, Co-Captain Chris Nuechterlein, Mike Reif, Gary Palmreuter, Tom Yoba. Second row --1 to r-Pat Loveless, Mark Schiefer, Robert Warnick, Nick Franklin, Chris Ferguson, Edgar Kienath. Third row--l to r-Loren Rustem, Bob Poellet, Harold Little, Dave Dietzel, Dale Muehfeld, Kerry Goodwin. J .V.'s READY FOR VARSITY . . . ! - s . -f ' Top row-1. to r.-G. Rittmueller, D. Maurer, G. Loesel, Coaches Pelzer and Wilson. Second row-l. to r. K. Goodwin, S. Counts, R. Maurer, B. Weiss, B. Counts, R. Sebald. Third row-D. Wilkinson, W. Wild- er, T. Brender, R. Hurford, J. Walker, R. Sebald. Fourth row-W. Uebler, J. Reindel, J. Bierlein, V. Lit- tle, B. Loveless, P. Nuechterlein, D. Suppes. Fifth row-D. Miller, J. Jerzog, D. Zehnder, S. Schrems, D Weirauch, S. Schively, R. Loveless, K. Granger, J. Nuechterlein, J . Zehnder. Bottom row-R. Gower, A Zehnder, B. Travis, C. Keller, K. Boesnecker, R. Galsterer, C. Rau, D. Vitany, M. Kern, and K. Mayes. Junior varsity football posted a fine season mark, with a 5-2 overall win- loss record. The J.V. offense rolled up 216 points for the season, while the FRANKENMUTH defense allowed only 74 points for the seven game schedule. 41 0 Marlette One of the tougher games of the season was Bad Axe. The J .Vfs lost to Egliiglty Bad Axe according to the scoreboard. They will remember that game and 421 T8 Caro will be looking forward to coming years when they may take revenge. 6 I 9 Bad Axe The football outlook for the future seems bright with such future gridiron 37 6 Sandusky heroes as Mike Kern, Bruce Weiss, Robert Galsterer, Chuck Sanders, Du- -6 0 Vassar ane Suppes, Gary Schiefer, and Ron Mauer. HOMECOMING CEREMONY IS AN Jonalyn Reindel was crowned 1968 Frank- enmuth High School Homecoming Queen, at half time ceremonies during the Bad Axe- Frankenmuth football game. Jonalyn, at left, is shown being crowned by Jerold Mc- Ewen, Superintendent of the Frankenmuth School District. Jonalyn received a dozen red roses, and tiara as a remembrance of her reign. Shown below is the entire Home- coming Courtg Anne Engblom, Finnish ex- change student senior: Scott Challg Pia Hil- gaard Danish exchange student senior, Tom List, Chris Weber, seniorg Eugene Wittg Jonalyn Reindelg Sandy Travis, seniorg Jer- old McEweng Queen of 1967, Carolyn Goldammer, Mike Pieskog and Gary Schaf- rer. Heightening the festivities, the Frank- enmuth Eagles defeated the Bad Axe Hatch- ets 29-0 in the football contest. mx. .fix -"- ff R . . ' -rr' . A CAGERS CAPTURE TITLE . . . Top row 1. to r. Coach W. Wilson, R. Bickel, manager, T. Weber. P. List, M. Piesko, R. List, M. Schiefer, R. Merten, Loren Rustem, J. Bannerman, manager. Bottom row, C. Rustem, C. Weiss, D. Trinklein, M. Reif, E. Witt. J. Beyerlein, K. Rummel, K. Koehler. While showing much promise, the Frankenmuth varsity in their climb to the top, lost out in regional tournament play to St. Stephen's whose team continued on to capture the State championship. A highly successful season brought back the conference basketball championship, after compiling a 13-l league record. Big factors in the impressive year were the desire and the hustle used in the Eagle attack. Even though the Eagles were recognized for their young team, the seniors played a major role. Things again look bright for next year as four starting juniors return. Captain Eugene Witt i343 drives hard for one of his unusual scoop shots, despite ef- forts of two Sandusky defenders. X R x wall' x... 1 M Q K. if s x N FXK k i X . fx Qi 5 N -E X XXX XX 3 X Q: Lb ik, .exi- Q X Q un ,XM QR xsi gi . R-if ii fx. ' Q if fx X vw f W X Rag ,. -Q5 Q X wmik Q F X51 M 5 .5 5 is TOURNAMENT ACTION. . . Senior, Mark Schiefer C431 out jumps a Action is heated in tournament finals as Rick List C453 and Mark Millington opponent as Eugene Witt Schiefer 1435 watch Mike Piesko fight for a rebound. looks on in district tournament action. Senior cagers display season trophies. l. to r. Coach W. Wilson, E. Witt, M. Schiefer, L. Rustem, R. Merten, D. Trinklein, J. Beyerlein, M. Reif. VICTORY! I ! Immediately following the conference clinching game, with Cass City, Coach "Whitey" Wilson discusses game highlights with radio announcer Ray Borchard while the Eagles sneak up behind to carry oft' their victorious coach. After a ride to the locker room, Coach is unceremoniously dunked into the show- ers where the celebration begins. Dripping wet, Coach Wilson comes out and finishes his interview. Players hold Chip Weiss high in the air as the net is cut down following the championship clinching game. LET s HAV1-if ' lx LQ! l l Varsity Cheerleaders, 1. to r., M. DeYoung, L. Bierlein, B. Gehrs, L. Crary, S. Gilbert, and C. Boesnecker. .I.V. Cheerleaders, l. to r., D. Thompson, M. Abraham, P. Boesneck- er, L. Protzman, and S. Speer. Cheerleading played an active role this year during athletic events. Under the in- struction of Mrs. Sharon Stephans, the two cheerleading squads displayed their talents by taking part in assemblies, bas- ketball and football contests, and also en- tered an act in the school talent show. By attending summer cheerleading camp, and holding various clinics throughout the year, the squads maintained their form and created new routines, to mo- tivate the student body. JV's Pk ,KNNERS T00 . Top row l to r Coach Pelzer, R. Munger, D. Vitany, J. Frahm, R. Jorgenson, C. Sanders, and R. Hurford. Kneeling 1 to r, D. Wilkinson, K. Grainger, C. Keller, R. Galsterer, M. Kern and D. Weirauch. Following the success of the varsity, the junior varsity under the direc- Mike Kern tosses in lay-up shot to score for Eagles. tion of Arthur Pelzer, finished a winning season with an impressive 13-3 record. The J.V.'s played several exciting contests and twice en- joyed beating the league champions, the Lakers. SCO TO BE VARSITY . . . . N N X, XS N 3 . ,L S 3 We 1' A -.SSS W ,L . B A - ff A A . ss . fi f. ss .. . R -- . - . . X- - - s X... . .- 1" 1. .. as Top row l. to r. Coach E. Swanson, R. Maurer, D. Weirauch, C. Sanders, D. Vitany, Middle row l. to r. G. Schiefer, A. Rodammer, M. Schiefer, M. Kern, L. Nuechterlein, K. Boesenecker, Front row l. to r. D. Weber, C. Mayes, S. Shively, V. Little, C. Keller, C. Redn, and D. Zehnder. Top row l. to r. G. Rittmueller, J. Reindel, T. Brender, K. Goodwin, B. Weiss, J. Bannerman, M. Rodammer, D Miller, Manager J. Jorgenson. Middle row B. Loveless, H. Stembel, J. Herzog, A. Rodammer, V. Little, J. Deter ding, G. Bierlein, R. Gower, D. Weber, B. Vitany. Bottom row, Manager B. Zehnder, J. Bender, R. Weiss, D Parlberg, B. Huber, K. Boesen fker, B. Travis, J. Bender, and Coach C. Lyon. This year's golf team finished in a tie for third place in Con- ference play, and fourth in Regional competition. Voted most valuable player was sophomore, Robert Jorgensen. Dave Diet- zel was voted team captain. Team members are top row l. to r. Coach W. Wilson, B. Jorgensen, R. Reif, F. Rodammer, R. List, T. Engel, K. Koehler, D. Dietzel, D. Conzelmann. Bot- tom row 1. to r. K. Koch, M. Olgaard, L. Nuechterlein, D. Bauer, B. Loveless, P. List, R. Franklin, P. Schmitt. At the left Dave Dietzel demonstrates the proper way to bring the club back and at the right, Kim Koehler shows the follow- through, which is all-important in golf. - In this sequence of shots Dale Conzelmann displays the com- plete golf swing, starting with the backswing, picking up speed and power following through to complete the stroke. EAGLE BATTERS SWING INTO SPRING Top row-l. to r.-C. Ferguson, R. Merten, C. Rustem, M. Piesko, M. Schiefer, R. List. Middle row R Mun ger. K. Rummel, T. Engel, G. Reinert, L. Rustem, P. List, Coach M. Marcet. Bottom row-N. Franklin B Poel let, C. Nuechterlein, M. Reif, R. Preston, J. Beyerlein, D. Lawrence, manager. Eagle bench peers glum as Vassar breaks a 2-2 tie. Vassar first baseman, Don Teddy, waits in vain as Mike Reif bears out an infield hit flag if an ,Q Loren Rustem holds a Vassar runner close to first base. Frankenmuthls baseball team finished behind Caro, Vassar, and Lakers in conference ac- tion, but after two early season losses came back to win their last four out of five games to bring their record to tive wins against three defeats. Chris Nuechterlein took the Triple Crown with a .478 batting average, Most Valuable r Q in U r nf , .f , K Mike Reif strokes a single to left field, starting an Eagle rally. It e I i YV -are-L-,.1..,u Player, and was voted team captain. -lr Y l '- A' . 1 is -5. John Beyerlein steps into a pitch because if he doesn't . . . A EAGLE THINCLADS TAKE Top row, l. to r.: W. Wilder, B. Loveless, P. Maurer, J. Bannerman, B. Vitany, T. Brender, B. Weiss, A. Pelzer Coach. Fourth row, l. to r.: D. Miller, G. Rittmueller, J. Herzon, V. Little, G. Dahlman, R. Hurford, L. Bierlein, E. Witt, manager. Third row, l to r: K. Grainger, J. Frahm, B. Walker, P. Herzog, L. Bernthal, D. Suppes, R. List. Second row, l to r: R. Munger, K. Goodwin, T. Weber, M. Abbenante, M. Piesko, R. Galsterer, D. Hoerauf, K. Koehler. Front row, l to r: K. Rummel, D. Trinklein, E. Keinath, D. Dietzel, G. Scharrer, M. Reif, J. Beyer- lein, P. List. Paul List shows his winning form in the high Mike Reif grits teeth while striving for hurdles, extra inches in the long jump. :awww me me E - Xe l TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP . P l I s s Dave Trinklein anxiously waits for the baton from y Duane Suppes in the Eagle's winning mile relay team. Under the direction of Coach Arthur Pelzer, the 1969 track team soared to a conference champion- Senior, Edgar Keinath, sets pace for the exhausting two mile run. Coach Pelzer helps Tom weber' off the track after he came from behind to win the mile relay at the con- ference meet. ship, bringing the total to three for the year, also the regional championship. Sparking the Eagle team was Mike Reif, who was also named most valuable play- er. Dave Trinklein was captain of the team. Setting a school record of 5'1 1" in the high jump, is Mike Piesko, shown below, practicing for a future event. TO OUR ADVERTISERS . The staff of the 1969 Eyrie wishes to express sincere thanks and appreciation to every Frankenmuth business and organization contributing to the successful production of this yearbook. Your support has made the publication of the 1969 Eyrie possible. The 1969 Eyrie Staff Ohm LOL? K wif 1 Wendy Wessborg, Editor Gary Scharrer, Assistant Editor Margret Willis, Advisor THANK-YQU ! 3 Q FRANKENMUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE CUMPANY I Une Mutual Avenue - Frankenmuth, Michigan Safeguard Your Future With Insurance Phone 652-6l2l FQ E 9 KERN'S SAUSAGE MARCUS KERN ROBERT KERN CHARLES KERN Homemade Bavarian Sausage Since 1905 995 So. Main 652-5181 BOENING JEWELERS WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY lVlUELLER'S GULF SERVICE 103 S. Main St. Frankenmuth, Michigan ORDER YOUR -'A 1970 YEARBOOKS NOW!!! -wx FI"aI'1keI'lfTlUth WOOLEN MILL STORE NUECHTERLEIN 570 S. Main HARDWARE Frankenmuth, Michigan Phone OL 2-8121 Hardware-Plumbing--Heating BAVARIAN BOWL TEN PIN LOUNGE uR-TOvvN Open All Summer Free Instructions BEAUTY SALON Balls Expertly Fitted and Drilled if ',"' 1 Y. ' :L .f A 230 S. Main Street While You Wait A Frankenmuth, Michigan Open 10 a.m. ' ' OL 5-8911 Phone OL 2-5811 FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS DINE AT 526202234 J ONE OF AMEFlICA'S LARGEST FAMILY RESTAURANTS STAR OF THE WEST MILLING COMPANY WANT A GIFT? VISIT- RAU'S COUNTRY STORE AND COLONIAL GALLERIEE With Expanded Fac I t es 656 South Main Frankenm th SAGINAW SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION FRANKENMUTH OFFICES Savmgs fmaluan ICFBRIXEUNUIII I D'iVe'i" Sem RUMMELL STUDIOS Photographers .1m,fS5.,5W,,3--.A . f--1, i .se S X - ' FRANKENMUTH CLEANERS 4 160 S. Main OL 2-5166 I Frankenmuth 652-2061 130 W. Tuscola FFKAN KEN IVIUTH STATE BAN K Frankenmuth, Mich. Millington, Mich. OL 2-2231 TR 1-5731 Reese, Mich- Birch Run, Mich. Mungef, Mich- Buena Vista, Mich. SATOW REXALL SCHLUCKEBlER'S INC. DRUGS . 312 N. MAIN Soda Fountain-Lunches School Supplies-Candy Drugs-Toiletries INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS "Prescriptions Are PLYMOUTH Our Business CHRYSLER RUPPRECHTS WEISS FARM SAUSAGE EQUIPMENT HAUS R A S i V Lawn and Garden Equipment 316 South Main 127 S. Main Frankenmuth, Michigai JIM'S FRISEUFI SHOP German Imports "4711" Cosmetics German Greeting Cards 572 S. Main St- Hallmark Cards Gift Selection Frankenmuth, Michigan THE WL'-AGE STORE 652-8940 646 S. Main OL 2-6100 g God Be With You- X ' Class of 1969 ,xQ, X X , , , X55-f, fyzgj FRANKENMUTH co-OP T5 'ii' Tj 9 Pnff ' LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING iffy., 57" V' 1 BRCN N ER'S ' 215 E. Jefferson IN 17rankenmu1h,MlCH. eg-V: ,, un' Open 7 a.m.-11p.m. 'wi 'M Amemcxs LARGEST g ' YEAR-ROUND DISPLAY With Best Wishes QSCAR RAU T0 the Class Of 1959 FURNITURE 8t APPLIANCE Be Protected 350 S. Main by the , Frankenmuth, Michigan EMIL RUMMEL INSURANCE Phone 652-6154 AGENCY X K 3, ,ff l11,v11rz111z'e AGENT HSERVESZYOU FLRST" "Organized to Serve You" Frankenmuth, Michigan Fine Flowers for all Occasions Serving the Community for 64 years FRANKENIVIUTH FLORISTS FRANKENMUTH 320 S. Franklin NEWS RAU BROTHERS Jghn Degre Farm Implements We specialize in dry goods, footwear, floor covering, and Dodge Cars dfapefies and Trucks Stop in and save at 1-at ygur Sewice 446 S. Main 3inQe1914" Frankenmuth, lVliChiQan SCHAEFER AND BIERLEIN FRANKENIVIUTH IGA FCODLINER For Finer Foods in Meats, Produce, and Groceries Stop in and Shop -In Business Since 1926- ss .su-In X- "X "" M - , .M Universal Engineering Company Division of Houdaille Industries, Inc. 126 North Main Frankenmuth AS WE CLOSE . . . As we close the 1969 Eyrie, another school year goes down in the memory book of our minds as well as on the pages of a book. Through the past nine months Frankenmuth students have much to remember, and events of which all can be proud. The school year brought forth many honors and achievements, as the Eagles kept their winning ways in all areas of their endeavors, from foot- ball to debate, to track and forensics. t Above, Principal Marvin Hauck discussed with parents the possibilities and needs for a new school in Frankenmuth, which will be necessary in coming years. The need is evident as the community growth and school enrollment have spiraled at a rapid pace. We remember, too, that the concern and guidance of faculty and parents, has contributed a great deal to the success of the past school year. As we close, the staff of the 1969 Eyrie sincerely hopes that this edition of memories and events will serve as a momento of the school year. l Hgiaifiikf f E12 iim as .ZkvWHX'vQSa? YW X533 HX SEER H H'WW1'4f is H Aykgqiliikgl -:fs ig 'A ig? ww ,U , 352 SQEXQQEQPERE W in 235 ExQ Sq S135-E EE 3333 2gW?giKffQ 3? Wk keg Riga? M362 HW F2 C? qv i is, wi D 4 i 2 ESEEQ giiggggigiggsgfigg gag ,SSW s- 5 3533 SSQ-551 S 3325 5 523555 6 Xml' 4. lf' MM fha fu M 1 Wfhf' fy ffl' ifwzrla MQ, 17455 fffflf lbfwf I , 'Q of 9.1 Www ifryw 'uf ZEZ3 -U WL WW ffm, W WWW Wwvg 4971! xv rf' J W ff fax 1 f, www Q ff, F"x'YfQf Ngivtyq ywwq W mf! xg 1. D he wmcmu 'fl fNU.WYVC'HN3 'ULX 'YV9 1 UPG-K3 'YIJK-'+ ng WWW WM VTWXUT I 17993 QU VSWUV Xovqn vvrmf 'WXSQWW-Q, milvimmf C, M 'SQLWG -sq APU-Nb Pegg ww wx wvox-X Wm M 'T ,. , 4' f f . ,flag ff f ' ' , 'P tr, 'IF 17 Qc Sf, Kfih x jf: X Z A ' a , 'Q , x 4 , ji L, Zigi! fb ,l V f fy? Q", .Sv IW? QQ rl- V Cv X? -P QV' f I Y , 2 , . 'N ,J I 'NAI R, X 31 'qu R11 . ' A bil' 'lf 1, f C7 J fl J'-4 'U 5 1 rl 'ku F 7 , V If V A., 1 CJ if N- ku? xnx Cl! U, - - I - ' . U 9, 'wt 4.5 . KX ,. V Q V , J Q 1, , -A 1, QQ Sh! ' , l7 r'i7f"f x N " QW, 9. L- .Mi ,J ffm If J Ll, jf -' L LY ' 1 I ' 3, 'Sr 1: v I jg Q g ,-il! ' I X -' Nc' a k Z ,f :' X K, 'I it .li 1,4- I-' r " C Z' ,AX ' I J' -I 41, f- 4 15 0 4 ' A .., b,fff'frAkA L! t H r' I J X X ' ydu' Jfcf' .. ,Aff - I, mx, xi , ff' , iff, ff' M A X I . fi I, V ff QW. W LYNX! tArf KV nal t JH ' , , ff' ,I , fi LIN 5 lid F V Rav 2112! jbwf MN? mx. ,ff , A if Q K , , w ff, f , wi if ,. w ff V ff f, ,M fm f, i J! 1, li. ,,, I! A ff Q ,a ,w if We 1 an V ix , . Q!" , X .1 VJ' W W ' ,UH J-sf . MEN FJ' xffif' ry 'll LTJ ' Ti ' ' GLU' b Uv F'l N973 ix b J Y M - ,L - mi .0 ' " W 4 flu f W ff! XV! 53 kv x N X H QA 'NN Af' LY- W' 'f W'- 4 X I '1 , TT ', X' N f fx , W Q A M. X! . L ' W v , 1 X 'N 75 Y QCA. U . 'ww X" ' 1 . , - ' 1 ' V ' 'W - , x fx x X 4 MZ, , , 1 5 'I - x , Y K rw, ' D I I U ' m' R'15m'X"' 29 f , X - A . .

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