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x X L N X - .' 1 f' ' , -:M N - ,. ,-.3:'- .1 I Q- A ' 25 E' A ff Q' J 1 I FA xr , JZ-Gfzcmljfwvfawl No3fff4,,Z""fjjf Qgwwfqmf . OW-D - Nh f M ff N w9f7'M"U-,G mpmwwwmw EL um x X' ,yn M' ,MM W' I N v X . 'n x 07h - K' 0 w x N X 1 .F X Y X, x X-x, X K MM QSM A , QASDQDW QSWL 0 W WL sxxfrmfffm? QMQ' W M tb Wfbfw Q EKQ 4 f - Cx 3 Q W pfwfffwwafd QXUWQQK Uwgimfy 1 21 fW ! 'wo f A fy: ff WP Q V nba' . . . pJWf7J QW WWW 'WW Wh ww! MZWW5 WWW wi yay, I , V ,WW QM wlffw' Wg! M38 :P I O 1 ff24ffE? if 3 JW Npgwiwfflwx WW ffl5' Wm W X Ny, M ,L Th ef wg W MMR k QED , .fJ2gf3Q 3 Miz M M gifgqigaikllaiiig xiii? M M - . - W 3235? 1,23 -5. SEQ M ff VMM 2. yo . fi ifjgffwqgf ,Ol 'Z KQV YW WAV M N M A0 , Wm ffWfwwK if? QV? JMX? aging W 'wwfwwf THE EYRIE I 968 Volume X I Frankenmuih. Michigan TABLE ACADEMICS OF ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CONTENTS ALBUM s Kaihy Loesel ........ ........ E difor Wendy Wessborg ........... Co-Ediror Kay Roedel ................ KaI'yFinger...g.. Chris Geyer ..... . . . . Debra Frahm Karen WIIcIer Jonalyn ReindeI K 'III H rzo . . . Sporis AcIverIisIng . . . Seniors . . . CIasses a y e g ....... .. Mrs. Margref WIIIIS ............ Advisor 1 Wiih Applreeiaiion - We Dedieaie He uioulinvll BAND ,Q-9 , Boosler President Eric S. Wessborg. -Wallace Bronner of ' Display. and James VanDevelde. band direclor, admire -we-2 ...X IS ear O0 . . Th' Y b k To fhose organizalions who donaled funds for 'lhe new Franlcenmulh High School Band uniforms, we cledicale lhis l968 Eyrie wilh sincere apprecialion and gra+i+ude. Kalhy Loesel. edilor Wendy Wessborg, co-edifor pholograph of fhe band ' iheir new 'lorms. 3 ACADEMICS High school sfudenis, like oihers, feel The need of direciion in +he aca- demic work which is necessary 'ro form a basis for a worfhwhile career. Since 'rhe firsi eslablishmeni of a lull high school here in l957, ihe Board of Educalion has consianfly soughi lo broaden +he curriculum by adding lo. and delefing courses. Direciion for The lulfillmenf of fuiure individual ambiiions is handled, no+ only by our eiiicieni counseling slaff, buf in classroom counseling by Jreachers in iheir various fields. The Adminisiraiors Are Busg 'Who Members of ihe Board of Educaiion. worlcing wilh ad- minisfralors, Jerold McEwen and Marvin I-lauclc, formu- lafe lhe school policy. defermining Hue exfenl' of aca- demic and exiracurricular acfivify 'ro be offered. ln This way. They noi only prove 'ro be an essenlial and influ- enlial par? of school life, buf remain in close conlacf wi+h school programs. The 'feamwork of Mrs. Kifiy Lee lrighfl and Superiniendenl' Jeri old McEwen are needed fo keep +he school funcfioning smooihly. Jerold McEwen has served four years as super- infendeni of Frankenmulh School Dislrici. Af- ier graduafing from Cenlral Michigan Univer- sily wilh a BA. degree. he received his M.A. from ihe Universily of Michigan. Mr. McEwen was counselor a'r Saginaw l-ligh School, has laughl in 'rhe English deparimem' af Tawas Ciiy, and served in Franlcenmuih as principal of fhe elemeniary school for one year. 'Y 'we .miwwwmv vw4 w Siaff Behind The Forces Direcling and guiding siudenis is 'lhe maior liunclion of Franlcenmuih High School's guid- ance counselors, Miss Janice DeCou and Roger Tompkins. Laying plans for siudenis' courses, discussing classroom problems, and direcling siudenls foward an enriched iuiure are all ba- sic elemenis in 'rhe counseling service. vlr. Tompkins is learning whal' i+'s lilie lo be a nigh school counselor for ihe lirsl iime lhis 'ear. spending half a day counseling siudenis. 'le received his B.S. in Secondary Educalion rom Norihern Michigan. vliss ege gan ime DeCou received her B.S. from Albion Col- , and her MA. from lhe Universily of Mich- . Alihough ihis is her firsl year as a full- counselor, she was a ieacher in ihe middle chool for 'rwo years. Seaied ai his much-used deslc. Marvin Hauck. principal, looks up from his busy schedule wiih his usual smile. Working The diifo machine is iusi one of many rouiine iobs Mrs. Charloiie Worley handles daily. Her duiies of managing ihe High School office keep Mrs. Worley well occupied. Discussing a s'fudeni's behavior, Miss Janice DeCou and Roger Tomplcins appear happy ar fhe apparenf solufion. 1 Direciing Ideas l Mrs. Joy Aikins aliended Hillsdale College where she received her BA. degree. She also alrended Wayne Universily and S+. Lawrence Universiiy where she aHained her M.A. Mrs. Aflcins reaches Unired S1'a+es liferalure, English- lireralure and creafive wriling. Keeping her English lireraiure class busy Mrs Jo - . . y Aflcins reflecfs upon a Shakespearean passage. Mrs. Margref Willis aH'ended Easfern Mich- igan Universify where 'she was granied her B.S. and M.A. degrees. Mrs. Willis Jreaches ancienf lilrerarure. ar+ l. English lireralure, and world hislory. Discussions are a common facel in Mrs. Willis' anciem' liferaiure class. Following fhis apparenrly humorous discussion are Kalhy Loeseland Beih Hurford. Masiering iv 1 1 Mr. Loesel looks about hopefully, for a real answer fo a perplex- English Arfhur Loesel, l., is a nafive of'Franlcenmufh. He affended Michigan Sfafe Universify where he ma- iorecl in business and received his B.A. and M.B.A. He 'reaches communicafion skills, world liferafure. and Unifed Sfafes liferafure. Wifh five English 'reachers on fhe sfaff, a wide va- riefy of classes in fhis field is offered fo fhe sfu- denfs. ln order fo graduafe. fhree years are re- quired wifh choice of courses offered as elecfives. ing quesfion. Erilc Swanson received his BA. af Alma College. and maiored in English. l-le feaches world liferafure and communicafion skills. "Nof a sevenfh hour!" exclaims David Voorheis as Mr. Swanson pleosanfly sfrilces 'lhis nofe of doom. iSevenih hour means one more long hour on an already full day.i 9 Affenlive listeners, Eugene WIH, Chris Ferguson. and Dave Trinlclein follow Alan Durl:ee's commenfs. Alan Durlcee has allended Kal- amazoo College and Michigan Sfale Universily. and is presenl- ly enrolled al +he Universily of Michigan. He leaches iunior American hislory. senior Ameri- can hisiory. and world geogra- phy. He has earnecl his BA. ancl MA. degrees. Looking Back Anc Thomas Flemming comes from Birmingham. Michigan. He graolualed from Cenlral Mich- igan Universify wilh a B.S. degree. Senior American his- Tory. world geography, ancl governmenl are laugh? by Mr. Flemming. "X no y "Everyone knows whai hislory is uniil he begins To fhink aboul if. Afier Thai nobody knows." Frankeninurh High School offers Hs sfudenls an opporfunify +o sfudy hisiory from ihe beginning of lime 'ro Jrhe presenr. Roger Tompkins and Mrs. Mar- grel Willis give world hislory sludenls a broader undersranding of how 'rhe world began and devel- oped. Siudenis are 'rhen required To 'rake Junior and Senior American hisrory. These classes. along wifh government give +he sludenis a sironger ap- preciaiion for 'rheir couniry. Thomas Flemming. Alan Durkee, Mr. Tompkins and Mrs. Willis bring Jrhe ideas and achievemenis discussed in iheir classes io life. 'mio The uiure Roger Tompkins ahiended bofh Cenfral Michigan University and Norih- ern Michigan Universiiy where he earned his B.S. degree. Shown above, he is explaining a queslion lo Charlolie Gvalsierer and Jane Deierding in senior American hislory. A fesf is always a delighfful l?l sur- l prise. Soienlilio Knowledge Gainei "Come boys. le'r's have your slides." Teachers of The science deparlmenf have one main obieclive--'rhal is 'fo help broad- en 'rhe s'ruclenl"s scienlific background in such areas as general science, chemislry, applied chemislry, physics, and biology l and ll. Science is lhe key lo The fulure. As 'the nalural resources of lhe world are depleied if will be lhe scieniisis who will poinl ihe way lo feed and clolhe humanily. Biology sludenls learn 'lhe ba- sic lundamenials of micro- scopic animals and planfs. Shown al' riqhlz Sieve Schrems and Karl Muehlleld examine microscopes during a labora- 'iory session. iz y hrough Experimenfafion Lab experimenis provide siudenfs wilh prac- 'fical applicaiion of iheir chemical knowledge. James Weber, r., observes as Eugene WSH, Dave Diefzel, and Chris Nuechferlein conducf an experiment James Weber, left is caughf in a fypical pose, explaining Sewing his second year ar Frankenmuih High School. Byron Charfers Teaches in ihe specialized fields of eleclronics, algebrafand basic maih. He was a graduaie of Cenfral Universify, where he earned his B.S. degree. Experimen+ing wirh an elecfronic device, Dave Morley. Leo Weiss. and Ed Dahlman wafch as Byron Charrers inslrucis during fhe procedure. ihe difficulfies of chemisfryf advanced mafhemafics, and ap- plied chemisfry, which he +eaches'daily. Mr. Weber gradu- afed from fha Universify of Michigan wifh a B.S. degree and is currenfly worlring on fha Masier's degree. Maihemaiics eeTs Demands Algebra I and basic elecTronics are being TaughT by Byron CharTers. Warren Wilson insTrucTs his applied maTh sTudenTs To improve and widen Their knowl- edge of general maThemaTics. and in ge- omeTry gives his sTudenTs an insighT inTo The maThemaTics of logic and reasoning. Bob Prohman is using his power of menTal TelepaThy in answer To Warren Wilson's quesfion. lnTeresTed onlookers are Margarei' DeYoung, Kafhy DieT- zel and Mary Huber. ln Mrs. Townley's Treshman basic maTh class sTudenTs sharpen Their sicills in The ariThmeTic, processes oT addiTion. subTrac- Tion. mulTiplicaTion. and division. Also in The maThemaTics deparTmenT James Weber Teaches advanced maThemaTics which is inTended To prepare The sTudenT Tor The inTensive classes of college. Percenfages are always a problem, buT Mrs. Marian Townley dem- onsTraTes The correcT Technique To her class. Indusirial Aris ls Diversified ioih shop I and II s'ruden'rs are Iaughr ihe proper care of hand ind power 'fools and Their use in he consiruc+ion of several proi- pcrs. Shop sfudenis Iearn 'Ihe ba- Iics of welding. wood working and fabinei' making. 'Am I doing 'this righf?" asks Harold .iHIe, coniemplaiing his gun case as :Iassmafes Mike Ross and Tim Kaul mich wiih approving glances. my , , ,c..,,..,-..s-'-- Q- 1, , ., ,W 1 In 'Ihe drafiing I and II classes s'ruden+s are 'iaughi 'rhe basic fundamenials of piciorial drawing, elecirical clraiiing. map skerching and isomeiric drawing. Seniors, Jim Van Wormer and Bob Frank. are com- plefing finishing Iouches under The wafchful eye of shop insirucior, Warren Naber. Power mechanics is beneficial for Jrhe siuclenis wish- ing Io learn 'rhe principal operaiions of various Types of moiors and engines.i This class was iniroduced for 'rhe firsi iime Ihis year. and ir has been accepied by many srudenfs. Larry Maizlce and Gerald Sohn learn ihe funcfions of an aufomobile from brakes fo engines in fheir auio mechanics class. I5 Qiudenis Receive Proudly displaying iheir Bavarian ouifiis are. l. io r., fop row: P. Van Fleer, L, Hari, C. Rusfem, B, Reindel, L, Rusfem, J. Frahm, E. Keinaih. M. Neiileion, M. Schiefer, J. Daiona, V. Schieier, J. Schreiner, T. Duclos, Second row: D. Lorenz, N. Birlcemeir. K. Mayes. M. Headley. A. Frei, D. Finger, P. Pagels. S. Zeilinger, B. Waiiers, A. Zoellner, S. Rogner. S. Mills, W. Wessborg. C. Wai- iers. Third row: M. Trinklein, K. Boesneclcer, R. Franlclin, R. Mauerer. P. Wenzlofi, D. Wilisa, M. Keinaih. M. Eischer. D. Viiany, M. Oldgaard, M. Auernhammer, M. Van Fleet K. Bernihal, E. Walz. Bo'Hom row: R. OH, D. Boiiimer, K. Bierlein, K. Kern, R. Haubensiricker. D. Kreil, J. Love, J. Nuechierlein. D. Kraifi, F. Schmiizer. J. Duff, F. Uebler, K. Wilder. B. Weiss. Maiorefiesz G. Hammond, R. Bauer, K. Zeilinger. J. Reindel. Direciion of The band can be ialcen quiie liierally . . . wiih James Develde, BA.. MA.. from Michigan Siaie Universiiy. Mr. Develde came io Franlcenmuih High School in l96l, when ihe band numbered eighieen. Since 'rhen ii has grown +o sixiy-one. 'Mr. Van' direcis band members down ihe iooiball field. ihrough 'rhe Bavarian Fesiival parade. ,proiecis +wo conceris ai Chrisimas and, spring, and ihis year di- recied ihe half-'rime performance ai' a Deiroil' Lions' game. His guidance has also proved valuable 'lo siudenis pariicipaiing in ihe solo-ensemble fes- iival. Due io 'rhe fine eiforis of ihe Franlcenmuih Band Boosters, and businesses in ihe communiiy. ihe Franlcenmurh high school band was able io purchase new uniforms 'rhis year. On ihe left Mark Olgaard models The new uniform as Paul Wenzloff, righf. conirasis ihe ouidaied band uniform. Musical Direclion l Members of 'fha vocal-music group are: liopl Mrs. Lisf-inslruclor. C. Biclcel. S. Daenzer. B. Rogner, V. Boilce, K. Loesel, N. Meyer. lmidtllel J. Reiss, G. Daenzer. K. Kaslen, D. Haubenslriclrer. L. Willse, E. Walz. lbolioml J. Leprich. B. Frank. S. l-laubenslriclcer, M. Anderson, M. Dielzel. H. Palmrueler, and C. Wallers. Music here lakes a big 'lirsl wilh lhe new vocal-music class, under 'lhe direclion of Mrs. Rose Lisl. Mrs. Lisl. B.S., graduale ol Concordia Teachers' College in I967, was also music major. The 'rwenly-one members of lhis group parlicipaled in lhe Chrislmas and spring concerls. lhe Carnival of Sound. and +he Talen+ Show. All phases of music are sfudied in choir class, as Mrs. Lisl shows her class lhe basic lundamenlals of lhe new organ al S+. Lorenz Church. Augusl' Kehrberg is a familiar figure around Frankenmulh High School where he assisls in lhe leaching of Jrhe German classes and is a subsliiule leacher. He received his B.A. a+ Norlhweslern College in Wisconsin and his BD. from ihe Luiheran Seminary. Mrs. Elfriede Haubenshiclcer, insiruclor of 'rhe German classes, a nalive of GermanyQ is well informed in lhe language. She has earned her B.S. ancl M.A. from 'rhe Uni- versify of Michigan. 1 Language Is Explored . . Judi+h Nuechlerlein reaches French l and has earned her B.A. degree from Weslern Michigan Universify. She is lhe iirsi French leacher a+ Frankenmurh High School and en- ioys Teaching French. Mrs. Nuechferlein insfrucis proper use of accenf marks 'lo C. Rusfem as K. Koehler and S. Travis look on. I8 Mrs. Margarel' Willis, arl' in- sfruclor. conclucls her ari- classes in many phases of ihe world of arlisfic creafivily. One of lhe proiecfs +his year i was wall hangings. which af- 'ier compleiion. were displayed +hrOughou+ lhe school. Lucille Haubensfriclcer, righf, com- plefes her wall hanging as Mary Hoadley and Gloria Uebler ob- serve. Breaiiviig I Displaged Lois Fischaber and Jane Fischer. righf, are shown worlcing diligenfly on fheir proiecfs. Building Bodies M a A varied program of sporfs is offered ingfhe girls' dphysical educafional classes. ln fhe fall. pending fhe weafher, field hockey and soccer are played ouf- side. Bowling and healfh classes were a new addi- fion fo fhe physical eclucafion classes fhis year, along wifh learning correcf posfure. and personal healfh care. Girls are also given a chance fo ex- press fheir individualify during modern dance and free exercise unifs. To round ouf fhe year, sporfs such as baseball and fraclc are offered in The spring. Boys' physical educafion is a course which offers a variefy of sporfs, besides volleyball, foofball. baslcef- ball. soffloall, fraclg. and clodgeball. New sporfs such as wresfling, soccer, bowling, and healfh were of- fered fhis year. The boys have a well-rounded sched- ule. so fhaf all boys excel in some area. This infer- esfing class is always enioyed by fhe young men of fhe school. Mrs. Sharon Barreff has faughf fhe girls' physical educafion c l a s s e s af Franlcenmufh for fhe pasf four years. Before coming here she received her B.S. degree af Wesfern Mich- igan Universify. Mrs. Bar- reff plans 'ro confinue feaching. and mainfains a large variefy in fhe sporfs and fifness program. Before coming fo Frank- enmufh fwo years ago, Arfhur Pelzer. B.S.. af- fended Cenfral Michigan Universify. Af fhe presenf he is working fowards a masfer's degree. ln addi- fion fo feaching boys' physical educafion, Mr. Pelzer coaches fhe iunior varsify baslcefball feam. l l l . . nd Speaking Techniques Speech. 'lhis year.. is under 'rhe insiruciion of Gerald Hennessy, a graduaie of Ceniral Michigan Universily, where he earned a B.S. degree. He is in charge of forensics, deba+e. and drama a+ Franlcenmuih High School. This year's 'fwo Speech l classes learn +he fine ar+ oi public speaking. including par- liarneniary procedure, forensics, discussion. and of course. ihe preparalion and deliv- ery of speeches. Those who enrolled in 'lhe Speech ll class also covered a unii in drama, learning abou? malce-up. lighiing. and oiher aspecfs of ihis broad field. Business Courses Helpful Direclions loward a commercial ca- reer are developed lhrough courses offered in lhe business deparlmenl of lhe high school. Curriculum in- volving ihese areas include book- keeping, lypinq, shorlhand. business law. and office praclice laughf by Marco Marcel, Charles Bariel, and Louis Weiss. "Any more ques+ions?" asks Mr. Macel lrighll as he answers lhe queslions of Mark Olsgaard and Cheryl Trinlclein. Mr. Barlel 'lolks earneslly wilh his lyping class. Mr. Weiss explains a peculiarily of 'rhe law 'ro his business law class. 22 y l y J "The Merry Wives of Windsor" was enioyed by The audience and an add- ed aTTracTion afTer The play was The quesTion and answer period given by The leading male charac- Ter. Dinner followed aT The VicToria lnn. ending an evenTful day wiTh The bus ride back To Franken- muTh. The Black Swan Coffee House was enioyed by bofh sfudenfs Shown here, ' waiTing for Their meal are Miss Carol Krug. Mr. and Mrs. Ar- Thur Loesel, Mr. and Mrs. Lou- is Weiss and Mrs. Joy Afkins. and Teachers. QTraTford Bound An exciTing innovaTion of The English de- parTmenT has been added To The acTiviTies of FrankenmuTh High School sTudenTs. A Trip To STraTforol. OnTario. was planned To see a Shakespearean play in The TheaTre in The rouncl. STarTing early on The morning of OcTober 23. a lighT snack was enjoyed aT mid-morning. en rouTe. and dinner was eaTen aT The quainf Black Swan Coffee House in STraTford. These four iunior girls are discussing The STraTford play. affer dinner in The VicToria Inn. AT lefT are Linda Boening. Debbie Walz, Jonalyn Reindel and Kafhy Herzog. - 24 Home And Familg Living Sandy Rogner is given a helpful hinf from Miss Krug. During lhe school year. ihe classes in ihe area of food and cloihing were siressed in all home economics courses. Miss Carol Krug, insiruc- for. received her B.S. degree in home econom- ics from Michigan Sraie Universify. Debbi Finger, ihe I967-68 Frankenmuih High School Belly Crocker Home Eco- nomics winner, shows Miss Krug 'rhe muf- fins she has iusi' made. ...N-----M' ,,,.......-1' Y' Marilyn Biclcel and Nancy Birlcenmeier model iheir creaiions for 'fha annual fashion show. i Behind The Scene Qiaff Taslcs evolving aboui 'the cleanliness of Franken- mulh High School require behind 'rhe soene aciion. Taking za momenl' off are: Alberi Veiienqruber and Alois Schmiizer and abseni' is Mel Trinklein. For fhe firsf fime. fhis year. ihe high school was nof able fo accommodafe all 'ihe sfudenfs in one lunch hour. bui' 'rhese four ladies handled 'rhe iwo shifis wiih skillful ease. From leff, Mrs. Helen Block. Mrs. Leona Weber, Mrs. Hildegard Mauer, head cook, and Mrs. Chrisfine Rummel. l r Transporiing 'lhe siuclenis safely +o and from school. 'ro aih- leiic evenis. field irips. and ofher acfiviiies are ihese con- scieniious bus drivers. Baci: row: Ari Hildner. supervisor, Mrs. Eslher Haubensiriclcer, Mrs. Hildegard Merien. Mrs. Mildred Trinlclein. Sfanding: Mrs. Marvel Kalona, Mrs. Kafh- erine Suppes. and Mrs. Lois Eischer. Assisfing Mrs. Judifh Maier in her library dufies are sfaff assisfanfs Kris Muehlfeld, Janef New- bold. Linda Parlberg. and Karen Kasfen. l Mrs. Judifh Maier. librarian, displays fhe new reading. maferial for Frankenl mufh sfudenfs. Siudenis Assisi Qiaff Assisfing in fhe principal's of- fice are office girls I. fo r.: Wendy Waaclc. Chris Sparks. Debbie Finger, Johanna Lep- rich. Marsha Boesneclcer. and Helen Palmreufer. 26 l Guidance sfaff assisfanfs are sfanding, l. fo r.: Kafhy Loesel. Riclci Korkus, Ed Dahlman. Debbie Finger. and Anne Roe- del. Seafed is guidance counselor sec- l refary Miss Beffy Ernclf, gracluafe of 1 Saginaw Business lnsfifufe. Paul List Neil Herzog. Bob Baker, Rich Bernihal, Becky Schuil. Dave Weirauch, Tim Hilclner, Karen Zeilinger, Ken Kneilinq. Karen Koeh ler. Paul Herzog, and Chris Boesneclcer. Sianding: Sherry Spear. Pam Van Fleer, Duane Suppes. Tom Yobo, Gary Palmreuier, Dave Trinlclein, Chris Neuchlerlein, Charles Barfel, advisor, Mike Pieslco. Chuck Rusiem. Bill Rogner, Scoff Counls, Linda Bierlein, Sue Mills and Karl Muehfeld. Direoiing Qiudeni Affairs Tim Hildner, presicleni, and Dave Weirauch, vice-president lead 'rhe Siudenf Council ihrough iis rigor- ous paces. li is The Siudeni Coun- cil's duly 'ro regulale ancl execuie 'ihe esfuclenl bocly funcfions ai Frankepmuih High School. Asicle from fhese cluiies. The council also provides ihe sfudenis wiih various enferiaining and informaiive assem- lolies. V ACTIVITIES Branching from The academic cenTer of FrankenmuTh High School is The field oT exTracurricular acTiviTies. STudenTs parTicipaTe in The area of acTivi- Ties ThaT inTeresT Them The mosT, oTTen guiding Them Toward TuTure ambi- Tions and goals. New acTiviTies. such as The Trip To STraTTord, OnTario Ho see a Shakespearean play in The TheaTre in The roundl, and The TormaTion of The Billiards league were added To The already numerous acTiviTies in which a large percenTage of The sTudenT body Take an inTeresT. This year's acTiviTies have been made parTicularly inTeresTing by The field Trips To Dow Chemical by The chemisTry classes and The several Trips by The arT classes To FlinT and DeTroiT's arT museums and exhibiTs. Foreign culTures have been discovered by sTudenTs of The high school Through The Talks wiTh The Tor- eign exchange sTudenTs from Japan and Sweden or The Three girls who visiTed Europe lasT summer. Varsify debaiers I. io r.: Wendy Wessborg. James Frahm, Debbie Walz, Roberi Reindei. Susan Frahm. and Chris Ferguson. Debaiers Take Firs 1 Admiring Their Thumb "B" League iirsi' irophy is The Franicenmuih varsiiy debaie squad. Coach Gerald Hen- nessy surrounded clockwise by'Roberf Reindel, Wendy Vfessborg. Sue Frahm, Chris Ferguson, Jim Frahm. and Debbie Walz. 30 Franlcenmu+h's Junior Varsily Squad consisls of slanding, l. io r.: Gary Creger, Belly Kalona, Tom Duclos. Debbie Frahm. Lori Fischer. Ken Schmandl. and Sandy Rogner. Sealed: Dave Horeaul, Coach Gerald Hennessy. and Karl Kaslen. Place In League Frankenmulh High Schools debale 'ream ended ihe season quile suc- cessfully. Placing firsl in lhe Thumb B league. lhe debalers worlced hard on lhe lopic: Resolved: lhal' Congress should eslablish uniform regulalions 'ro conlrol criminal in- vesligalion procedures. This year for 'rhe firsl' lime. Franlcenmulh al- so parlicipaled in Saginaw A league ol: debale. Saginaw A league debalers, l. io r.: Bradford Grassmiclc, Michael Poellef, Nancy Adams, John Karlona, and Sieve Hill. 3l Hard Work Produces Working indusfriously are, l. 'lo r.: Pai' Roedel. Debbie Frahm. Sharon Daenzer. Kafhryn Herzog. Jonalyn Reindel. Gloria Uebler, Margarei DeYoung. Chris Geyer, Bonnie Borchard, Karen Kaslen, Ruih Bauer, Sharon Riffmueller. Fronl' row: Debbie Walz, Befhany Hurford. Karen Wilder. Diane Creger, Lynn Crary. Also engrossed. l. io r.: Sandy Travis. Sue Frahm. Debbie Finger. Kay Roedel. Bev Palmreufer, Chris Ferqusen, Linda Boening, and Jill Thompson. ln The fron? row: Adele Rifimueller, Eunice Bickel, Marilyn Yobaf Diane Weiss. and Sue Schrems. 32 l I l, 'he I 968 Egrie Kalhy Loesel. edifor. and Wendy Wessborg. co-ed- ifor, 'rake lime off from fheir busy iobs as ediiors of fhe I968 Eyrie. Annually. scholarships are provided for eligible yearbook siuclenls lo allend summer courses af Michigan Srafe Uni- versify. Wendy Wessborg. Sue Frahm. and Kafy Finger. shown righf. represenf- ed Frankenmuih High School in I967 ai' fhe Michigan Slade Universily Workshop. "The Eyrie" is assembled yearly by sfudenfs of Frcnkenmufh High School. who work cliligenily 'through- our fhe eniire school year fo pro- duce a yearbook appealing ro ull. Shown lefi' is +he Head Sheff: seaf- ed, l. 'lo r.: Mrs. Mergaref Willis. advisor. Kafhy Loesel. and Wendy Wessborg. Sfanding. l. 'io r.: Cheryl Trinklein, Chris Geyer. and Kafy Finger. ' s .c...s. shrii. f .ese ' -... 5 ' 'X K K 13' ---- ,ff x .. - ' rf-Yfiif- . ' gh .l- -f'55'ii' in A A . '-frame.. Lasf summer. Three iunior girls speni' iwo monihs abroad as parf of 'fha Youih for Undersfanding summer exchange program. Kaihy Loesel io Germany. Karen Koehler visiied Ireland. and Kris Muehl- feld in Den mark. Siudeni' exchange programs have as iheir purpose "io acquaini' iniernaiional ieenage siuclenis wiih American family and community life through mem- bership in ihe family for a year: 'fo help ihem par- iicipafe in school, family, and communiiy life: and io enable ihem io undersiand iheir places in a democrafic socieiyf' This year for 'rhe firsi iime in several years. Frankenmuih is hosf io lwo foreign exchange siudenis-Hideaki Hirako, left of Japan and Chrisfer Tillberg of Sweden. Hideal:i's Amer- ican parenis are 'rhe Herberi' Brorrners. while Chris- ier is living af ihe home of Dr. Roberi Profzman. Direciions o Sfanding, l. fo r.: Kay Roeclel-Germany, Dallas English-Sweden, John Kalona-Germany, Debbie Walz-Germany, Jill Thompson-Germany, Wendy Wessborg-Sweden, Lynne Wienelce -Germany, Gail Reifhmeier and Jonalyn Reinclel-Denmark. 34 This summer. nine siuclenis from Frankenmulh H i g h School plan io go overseas as pari of ihis program. The pur- pose for sending American siuclenis overseas is +o help 'rhem 'ro be a perl' of life in a seleciecl 'family ancl commu- niiy and may develop a greai- er appreciaiion of ihese coun- fries. L. io r.. -iop row: M. Schiefer. T. Ruff. M. Rail. G. Palmreufer, E. WIH, C. Nuechferlein T. Engel K. Wendi. Second row: G. Ueb ler, L. Trinklein. J. Trinlclein, E. Hart J. Krueger. D. Scharrer. B. Schuii. C. Hoebbel. B. lialmreufer. M. Lehner, Mrs. Houbenslrickeri Officers: Treas.-G. Riefhmeier, Pres.-M. Poellei, Sec.-K. Herzog, V.P.-A. Rilfmueller. ndersianding A German Club of iwenly-l'wo members was organized fhis year by Mrs. Elfriede Haubenslriclcer. advisor. This club was formed io provide knowledge of The German people and iheir culiure, ihrough films. records. and general discussions. The members decided io meei every iwo weeks. They also parlicipaled in several proiecis, including a shadow play for lhe PTA session in March, and a visil +0 'rhe German Consulale in Deiroil. in March. W y yy y y yy 35 i Siudenis Speak Our Parlicipanfs in 'the American Legion Oraiorical Confesi' are. seared: Wendy Wessborg. Karen Kasfen. Wendy Waaclc. and Lynn Wienelre. Sfanding: Charles Goldammer. direcior, Rober-I Baker, Timofhy Hildner. Roberl Reindel, and Richard Bernfhal. This year's winner is Karen Kasfen. senior, wifh Wendy Wesslaorg, iun- ior. capfuring second place. Borh girls were awarded American Legion Oralory Medals and cerfificafes. Karen represenied Franlrenmufh in fha Dislricl Oraforical Coniesf in March. Annually, The Frankenmulh American Legion Posl l5O sponsors 'rhe high school American Legion orarorical conresf. The purpose ol 'rhis aclivily is 'ro "fur+her sfuclehls knowledge of our Consrilurion and ifs values to our socieiyf' To be eligible +o falce pall' in Jrhe confesrllhe eighr sludenls prepared a 'ren minule memo- rized speech on rhe Consrilulion. and were alole +o give a five minure exiemporaneous speech on lhe Amenclmenls and jBilI of Righfs. Charles Golclammer was ihe I968 direclor of rhe confesi. which was held a+ Frankenmulh High School in Februaryq Mr. Goldammer was assisied by George Slolz, Commander, Ameri- can Legion Posr l50. Franllenmulh. .. Q.a,l,.e.....a.,- aa,..., .,, Qiudenis Honored Tr, I. fo r.: D. Weirauch. N. Adams. S. Frahm. R. Baker, R. Schuir, L. Rusfem, C. Rusfem. J. Lisf, E. WiH'. Sr-K. Herzog. K. Roedei. K. Zeilinger. J. Weber-advisor. J. Schreiner. T. Hildner, R. Lis'r. Tr-D. Walz. P. Herzog, K. Koehler, M. De Young. R. Rodammer, B. Bender. Fr-L. Trinklein. G. Palmruefer, R. Prohman, J. Beyeriein, P. Felgner, R. Bernihal, D. Trinklein. A. Rifimueller. Seafed: J. Bier- lein. J. Fischer, J. Reindel. C. Muehlfeld, W. Wessborg. K. Loesei. "Leadership, Scholarship, Characfer. and Service" are 'ihe requiremenfs for enirance info The Naiional Honor Sociefy. Sfudenis receiving ihis high honor musi' refain a+ leasf a 3.0 average. Annually. rhe Frankenmuih High School faculfy selecrs s'ruden+s 'ihey deem worihy of being members of This or- ganizarion. Officers of fhe Nafionai Honor Sociefy are I. 'lo r.: David Weir- auch, President Rebecca Schuif, Vice Presidenh Rosemary Ro dammer. Secrefaryg James Weber, advisor. 1li1 x Billiards . . . Favoriie New Spori A nice break. as lhe eighl' ball siays and ofhers roll Toward lhe poclnef. Under lhe guidance of Thom- as Flemming. The newly orga- nized Billiards club began a year of rewarding enioymenl. Members are, slanding: L. Nuech- ierlein. H.. Day, T. Rodammer, D. Wilber, R. Miller. R. Miller, and D. Knieling. Sealed: P. Schmill. R. Sclwoenlrnechl, L. Minar. G. Engel. R. Seloald. This year's lrophy winners are: G Engel. L, Minar, R. Miller, R. Schoenknechl, P. Schmill. and miss- ing is R. Sebald. ssemblies Are Inferesiing New emphasis was placed uponisfu- clenf parficipafion in fhe assemblies. Talenf shows were parficularly excifing because fhey involved inferesfed and compefifive members of fhe sfudenf body. Quesfion and answer periods in several assemblies. offen became quife involved., Assemblies are one way of clirecfing new ideas fo fhe sfudenf. Loren Bishop reminisces upon his pasf. eager for sfudenfs fo avoid fhe piffalls he suffered fhrough experience. Guidance for sfudenfs This year was given fhrough fhe various assemblies held. The assemblies ranged from fields of enioy- menf, when sfudenfs viewed fhe film Olxla- homa, fo fhe dangers of alcohol as fold by a former alcoholic. A movie demonsfrafing fhe evils of narcofics was given by fwo Michigan Sfafe froopers. The local falenl' show wifh fwelve enfries performed for a recepfive audience. as did fhe winners as- semblies which were from Caro, Marleffe and Cass Cify. The year ended wifh a fallc by Frankenmufh's foreign exchange sfu- denfs l-lidealci Hiralco and Chrisfer Tillberg. Two Sfafe Police froopers explain fhe dangers involved in drug addicfion. Examinaiions Are Rigorous ThoughTs probe deeply inTo The minds of The ancienT liTeraTure class as They evaluaTe Their ThoughTs Tor Mrs. Willis' exam inaiion. ExaminaTions, mediTaTion. ThoughT, silence . . . midnighT lamps burn brighTly as sTudenTs cram The lasT biT of inTormaTion inTo Their minds before The day oT reckoning. Teachers ThoughTFully pacing The room as pupils Try iniensely To re- member The answerlTo a TesT ques- Tion. A sigh oT relief is uTTered as The examinaTion is over and a pass- ing grade assured. Using The library as a lasT minuTe re- source deparTmenT, These sTudenTs Take a break beTween examinaTions. pw aff! ""V A 40-85 Q ' Q. -5' , .,,, wane mg..,..k Y K 1 a f Q , .- Qi 6 ii N Inieresl Shown In Forensics Local Winners. l. fo r.. sealed: L. Wieneclce. P. Van Fleet. S. Travis, B. Kafona. and W. Wessborg. L. fo r.. sianding: B. Schuii. K. Roedel. R. Rodammer, M. Hubinger. P. Felgner, C. Tillberg. B. Reindel, K. Kaslen. K. Kaslen. D. Frahm. and J. Loesel. Loren Rusiem advanced lo 'lhe siaie semi-finals wilh his humorous seleclions. Disfricl winners. l. 'io r.. sealed: R. Bernihalg N. Meyer, C. Schmiif, D. Cregar. and Simon. L. 'lo r., sianding: L. Rusiem. T. Hildner. K. Goodwin. B. Baker. l This year Forensics was accepled iaxlorably by Franlcenmulh srudenis. Under 'lhe olireclion of Gerald Hennessy. sludenis were given helpful insiruciion +o lhel ari of public speaking. Siudeni Eleciions - '68 ll Rogner smiles al ihe enlhusiasfic crowd of supporiers, as he malses s bid for 'rhe presidency of ihe Sfucleni Body. Chris Nuechlerlein concludes his campaign speech 'for ihe office'of presidenl' of 'the Siudeni' Body. Chris and Loren Rusiem were vicio- rious in Their efforfs, and will lead lhe Siudenf Council for ihe l968- 69 school year. The l968 Siudeni' Body eleciions involved four very hard-working young men. Running for Presidenl' on one liclcef were Chris Nuechier- lein and Loren Rusfem and on fhe ofher Bill Rogner and John Beyerlein. Affer ions of con- felfi. cheering and hard campaigning, the sfu- deni' body chose Chris Nuechierlein and Loren Rusfem as 'lheir new leaders. JZ i x . L4 Krazg Karnival . . . Besi Ever!! l l Krazy Karnival candidaTes for King and Queen for T968 were Jane Fisher and Jerry Schreiner, seniors, Jill Thompson and Bruce Reniclc, iuniors. Barb Heindel and Paul LisT lmissingl. sopho- mores. and Cherry Speer and Dave Zehnder as freshman candidaTes. King and Queen promoTers worlc ear- nesTly To have Their cancliclaTes elecTecl.' VoTes are based upon The money giv- en Toward ThaT parTicular candiclaTe and The highesT male and 'Female con- TesTanT receive The honor oT King and Queen of The Karnival. This year's ex- ciTing race was won by Barb Heindel, sophomore, and Bruce Renick, a junior. The royal couple were Barb Heindel and Bruce Reniclc. 44 Fun, TesTive, ancl Tolly are all adiecTive ThaT denoTe The exciTemenT of Kraz Karnival Time. The Thrill of Throwin pies aT a classma+e, winning a luscion chocolaTe cake. or having The winnin TiclceT was iusT a minuTe segmenT c The enioyrnenT shared by The crowd i aHenclanc:e. An annual evenT. The Kal nival is The iuniors' preparaTion To T nance The iunior-senior Prom. Th' year's Krazy Karnival was The larges success in The hisTory of The school. Orienial Garden Of Enchanimeni Gary Weiss, Carol Cole, Bonnie Borchard, and Bob Baker enioy ihe buffef'clinner al' ihe Prom. i l 'sf Eunice Biclcel. Dave Daenzer. Sharon Daenzer, and Mark Schiefer lisfen infenfly +o ihe music. "Oriental Gardens" was 'rhe iheme of fhe i968 Junior-Senior Prom. which was held al' Zehnders Holel. Saiurday, May 25. The annual event given by fhe iunior class fo honor lhe seniors was highlighfed by a buffel' dinner, and dancing 'ro 'rhe music of "The Back Doors". 5 i a gl l f Couples dance fhoughffully io sooihinq music. 45 ATHLETICS Young people involved in aihlelics are direcled Jroward good sporlsman- ship as well as physical illness. Following +he guiding hand of a coach, young men learn rhe basic rules Thai are used 'ro play lhe game. Equally imporfanl are The speclalors who, wiih 'rhe encouragemenl of cheerlead- ers. roo'r lheir Jream on lo viclory. Win or lose, players and speclalors learn 'rhe fundamenlals of good sporlsmanship. a useful +ool in building one's characier. I g gggfgg g Wg mggg g g f 47 ,l v1 Pre-Game Husrle l Chris Neuchferlein leads fhe way as fhe Eagles charge onfo ihe field. Coach Tompkins helps Max Nefflefon in las? minufe preparafion. The Eagles gafher around and lisien as the coaches give a "pep talk." Eagles Soar In Violories Fronf row, I. fo r.: C. Ferguson lmanagerl, T. Hilder. P. Felgner. E. Dahlman, J. Lisf. G. Schmandf. B. Baker. K. Slrobel. R. Bierlein. J. Kein- afh. D. Krafff, D. Weirauch. R. Frank. M. Weiss. K. Muehlleld lmanagerl. Cenier row, I. 'lo r.: R. Tompkins lhead coachl, D. Muehlfeld. Tf Yoba. C. Nuechlerlein. R. Bernlhal. J. Schreiner. D. Crary, M. Nelllelon. G. Weiss, K. Knieling, J. Simon, D. Trinklein. M. Reif. G. Palmreuler, W. Wilson lassislanl' coachl. Back row, I. lo r.: G. Schiefer. D. Diefzel, B. Poellel. D. Weiss. H. Liille, P. Loveless. L. Rusfem, E. Keinafh, K. Goodwin. T. Weber. K. Koehler. N. Herzog. D. Voorheis. G. Mclnerney. Twenly seniors played our 'lheir foolball careers al' Franken- mulh by bringing The lille 'lo Eaglelown. The leam posied an eighl win. one loss record and won a lhird conseculive TEAM RECORD 8 wins I loss Thumb "B" Champs lille. The deiermined play by lhe defensive unil allowed only Frankenmuih I9 Seminary 68 poinls. -The roar of 'lhe offense piled up 232 poinfs be- Frankenmulh 7 Lakers hind lhe blocking of an all senior line and 'rhe drive of lhe Frankenmufh I4 Caro senior backlield. A Team wishing record was eslablished al' Frahkehmuih I3 Bad Axe 3240 yards. Lakeville was held lo one iirsl down. a record Frankenmulh 40 Sandusky for lhe defense. Eagle fans should be 'rreafecl wilh a wild Frankenmulh 32 Vassar brand ol loolball in '68. when 'rhe underclassmen will have Frankenmufh 27 Marlelfe lheir l'urn al' lhe pigskin and shall keep lhe lradilion. Frankenmulh 54 Cass Cify I Frankenmulh 26 Lakeville .ill I if It . X 'v N LS 5 U GARY L. WEISS RECORDS Yards Rushing Single Game Season Career AHemp+s Rushing Single Game Season Career To'ral Poinls Single Game Touchdowns Single Game Longesr Run Tackles Career Mos? Valuable Player. Gary L. Weiss. being carried off lhe field affsr The championship Vassar game. Touchdown Bound 21 l7S 301 22 4. 4 89 ya 21 i l Gary L. pufs The power on Caro player. I 50 Franlcenmu'rl'l's guys zero in for ihe "kill" against La I QL' QS' Asa' W! iw 406 V' -. Vx iw, "Z'2'Ye+ . -', Q 4 J X x 1: , SX L X 51 1 il 5. A A. - . . A its-H? Nei? . I'i',w Aw-K 1 ai .:..Lnniw uh, M' 1 - L -m e r N X . - .g .lm , QR: v w ...MX ? Q nl , X- V fir: Q- T, . SQ six Q 5 Rig x n X gg gxxb w Sv 1: Q J Y EQ 5 X 2 X, X , X39 , Nw xx w Q X Ev 1 W . - 5'.S-E.. .1 -..., .. XL.W,XL f - 35.11-. xLL-Lh - . 3 S. h"' fa g .wif ' 3. 1 .5 - : aw-Y 5 Rf f N? Lraag..w 1' - 151, f As.. 1, Wkfxv ' '?',.9f U 2 1 wg- ' wc, ' 4 Homecoming Ceremong Impressive The I967 Homecoming ceremony was led by 'rhe parade of floafs and ihe represeniaiives from each class. Fireworks and a musical presenfaiion from ihe Frankenmuih High School Band highlighied lhe evening's aciivifies. The iudginq of +he floais 'roolc place during pregame. and ihe final decision was: seniors. iirsi: iuniors. second: sophomores. Third: and freshmen. fourfh. Carolyn Goldammer was chosen as The i967 Homecoming Queen and was alrlencled by her couri lf. 'l'o b.. l. io r.l. Karen Koehler. Rufh Bauer, Chrisiine Weber. Sue Schems. and Pam Van Fleef. 53 Eagles Have Deoisive Season Fronl row, l. -lo r.: M. Reif. G. Weiss. T. Weiss. K. Knieling. R. Bernlhal, A. Weiss. J. Beyerlein, D. Trinklein. Back row. l. io-r.: W. Wilson, E. Weiss, R. Merfen, M. Piesko, R. Lisf. M. Schiefer, L. Rusfem, E. Will, M. Gehrs. Manager. A young inexperienced Eagle cage leam wilh a slarling line-up of lhree sophomores, one iunior, and one senior, slarlecl slow, bul 'Finished wilh a flurry, winning six of lheir lasl eighl lo finish lhird in lhe Conference. The season was highlighled by +he viclory over Michigan Lulheran Sem- inary. whose learn was raled in lhe lop 'ren of 'lhe slale. Ken Kneiling and Eugene Will' supplied spark. while Mike Piesko. Rick Lisl. and Chip Weiss supplied scoring punch. Things look brighl' for nexl year. as 'ren lelrlermen relurn. SCOREBOARD Home Seminary Home Seminary Home Vassar Home Vassar Home Bad Axe Home Bad Axe Home Marlefle Home Marlelle Home Sandusky Home Sandusky Home Cass Cily Home Cass Cily Home Laker Home Laker Home Caro Home Caro TOURNAMENT Frankenmulh 68 Carrollion 76 54 MVP Rick Lisl sfands 6 feel 6 inches fall Chip Weiss maneuvers fo gei' an exira +wo poinfs for +he score ai' Vassar. Rich Bernfhal "dances" wifh an opposing player. Mike Pieslco fries 'io ge? a shot off as Damon Bedella, Vassar. aifempfs +o snuff if. Rick List shoofs over Bob Frye's arms fo make anoiher basket 55 RR . ,XX x W Xilinx. G J.V.'s Show Poieniial fo r.: F. Bender. K. Goodwin, C. Rus+em, T. Rodammcr, R. Presfon. T. Weber. D. Conzelman. K. Koehler, G. Reinerh K. Koch. R. Galsierer Weiss. G. Mclnnerny, and K. Rummel. Kneeling: Ari' Pelzer. coach. R. Bickel, manager, if Paul Lisi' leads fhe pack io score for Frankenmufh JV Team. Vassar player aHemp'rs fo block Tom Weber's shof. 57 Varsiig Diamond Is Hoi . . . si E 5 v Sk. 43 dj Li' . - sf fi' Froni row, l. io r.: Marco Marcei. coach. J. Beyerlein. M. Reif. G. Reinerf. G. Scharrer, C. Ferguson. Middle row: J. Keinaih. M. Neiilefon K. Knieling. D. Knoll, N. Franklin. Top row: Weirach. K. Sfrobel. B. Baker, R. Merien, B. Roellef. R. Lisf. This year's varsiiy squad had rough compeiiiion in ihe Thumb B League. As a resuli of ihis. ihe 'leam won only Two of iheir games 'lhis season. The Eagles selecied Bob Baker as leam capiain, and Dave Weirach as Mosi Valuable Player. Much of ihe problem was inclemem' weaiher, which hampered feam praciice and game sched- ules. According 'ro Coach Marce+. almosi' half 'rhe games were played under adverse weaiher condiiions. The sun should shine brighier for 'ihe Eagle squad nexi year. as Coach Marcei' is looking forward io new prospecis 'For a fine up- coming season. Sophomora Rick List displays his piiching abilify lhaf gained him a varsiiy posilion. J.V.'s Soon To Follow l l l Bollom row, l. lo r.: M. Olgaard, K. Goodwin. T. Engle. C. Ruslem, M. Pieslco, R. Franklin, Middle row: Coach James Weber D Maurer L Bernlhal, L. Nuechlerlein, T. Weber. R. Preslon, K. Rummel. Bacl: row: C. Reda. G. Wilkinson, S. Schrems. G. Schaefer M Kern D Vrlany C. Mayes. "l-li'r'ring is The name of lhe game," is one of Coach James Weber's favorile phrases. His Junior Varsily squad concenlraled on improving lheir balling and increasing efficiency of leam play. Coach Weber has clireclred 'rhem lhrough a rigorous sched- ule, and lried lo develop good prospecls for var- sily baseball. 1' alla? X ., is M' ,Jef-.1-ra.":.""' , N. r A , , . , f 1' fs 6 i aff. ,v 'J' a - C . N- R5 . ' C I 5 1 g -W, . ' ..... Jerry Schreiner is up and over 'lhe hurdles as he praciices for a fufure event Trackmen Sei Pace I S-. Top row, l. 'lo r.: R. Galslerer, P. List K. Weber. P. Loveless. G. Schiefer, B. Serriclc, M. Kern. D. Trinlrlein, Ari Pelzer, coach. Second row, l. io r.: J. Hari, T. Huber. J. Schreiner, D. Hoerauf. N. Herzog. T. Weber, R. Proizmanu manager. Fronl' row: M. Weiss, E. Keinafh, K. Goodwin, M. Pieslco. T. Palmreufer, K. Koehler, G. Daenzer, T. Rodammer, R. Franlc, capfain. ' i l - Dave Trinlclein displays his "Superman" posse as he slrives 'ro make his broad iump count 60 j Sporis Swing Up Baci: row. I. +o r.: R. Moeller. C. Sanders. S. Counls. B. Jorgenson, J. Frahm. R. Rummel, D. Vifany. T. Cromie. Middle row: B. Serrick. M. Kern, D. Weirach. S, Schrems. B. Serriclc, C. Rau. J. Nuechferlein. Froni row: K. Muehlfeld. D. Zehncler. C. Keller. J. Marcel. R. Gillaeri. P. Lisi. D. Weiss. G. Engel. ' .. .S ' of M A s ........ X asm- , . Aller an exciiing season, Jrhe golf leam is all smiles. Coach Warren Wilson wanls io 'gel in lhe swing of ihings' nexl' year w i 'r h prospeclive hopefuls. L. 'lo r.: R. Reif. B. Jorgenson, P. Felqner, R. Bierlein, D. Dielzel. D. English, K. Koch. R. Lisf. D. Conzelmann, J. Lisf. L. Nuechferlein. K. Koehler. P. Schmill, W. Wilson coach. bl Time and pradice are needed in order io become a cham- pionship ream as ihese iunior boys have. Dave Dieizel, Richard Reif. Rich- ard Trinlclein. Tom Auernhamer, Gary Daenzer. Fred Ro- dammer. and Sieve Weiss smile as win- ners of 'fha iunior division in in- lramurals. Compeiiiion ls Keen Compeiiiion is keen and aciion fasr as fhe players bound down ihe court En- ergy and enihusiasm are exerled by ihe iniramurel baskerball players of The I968 season. Win or lose. fun and ex- ci'remen+ is had by all. Balance and i 'reamwork are Jrhe winning combinaiion in a championship ieam. This year's winners were divided info iwo cafe- gories, +he junior division and rhe sen- ior division. i l Don Crary. Randy Bierlein, Rolaeri' Franlc and Tim Hildner agree +ha'r winning lhe senior division inframurals wasn'+ quiie as easy as dropping 'fha ball in The baskei as Bob Proiz- men demonslraies. 62 l , 31' ilx Q wi ,.. if N Ox, 1 23 - A 1 W - ' ...W M-zu- 'ffl - , - M- N, ff. . " 1 sf'-i "M .QM iv JJ? 7' , ,, LQ ' 11, 4 X X Q W ' Q4 ' xalyfr ,xx ' , X , N ,,...f X X ' I sf' Vs , 3 ,r N "' x .- N V- N- 1 W -- ' f 1 ,Q , ,,. ,hyxffnwf , su- 5' Q, ,nf X, J 6 X .x.' I if X , Q H 'Q " Xb Q, kfsginix .f'!w,. 1 ,.R5T'E v ' 4 5 th.,-"Ml: xkfxp- 4 ' "'A"!f'.x' , -n 'QI 'N vq"?1V-'qzzfflmwi 1:5 373.1 ' Q' n - ,':?i.liQL-Agfiif , Ai " r'g 4' --L 7 y F' 5" H4 3'-f 5'1" A ..i tgirl d 5 . H 4 A . l X v ? ' I Q ,Ass imma .in ALBUM Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen crea're 'rhe en+ire'ry of sfudenis in Frankenmufh High. Each year a class is selecied as being 'rhe mosf our- sranding. The con+es+ is based upon acfiviiies. gradesand parficiparion of each ciass's imembers. This year's award wen+ io +he senior class. This con- 'resi' creaies a compefiiive spirif among 'rhe classes and increases school spirit ,F--X -., .Wa wglfliag J-.V .vi X X-. 5 Q rf N' S. x wx P Ek i V Q ,AN- ri -, .Q ' :Sl 'F ifi r ,E X W 41:13 . xg -4 5 ' E, 4 ,nv "mg ? ffl? ,y4..-.v,,Y, rr,.:' Wayne Anderson Roberi' Baker Judiih Bariels Rufh Bauer Cafhy Behrman BeHy Bender Karen Bernihal Richard Bernfhal Dale Biclcel Vichy Biclcel Allen Bierlein Judifh Bierlein Randall Bierlein Karen Boening Marsha Boesneclcer Deborah Boilce Bonnie Borchard Donald Crary Diane Creger Gary Daenzer Edward Dahlman Jane Deferding Roberl' Diffin Julie Duff Larry Eclceri' Philip Felgner Debra Finger Kafherine Finger Jane Fischer Lois Fischhaber Susan Frahm Rolaeri' Franlc Bruce Frei Charlo'He Galsierer Susan Galsierer M.. xx . sh K -Q xi' .vw X xv ' 9- 3' Kg as ' .83 1 X 'ix E if Q X .A X X X X X X fx SS fr k SS vi . I in i K l wg' 'Sf Y, I, 6' SS! 53? ff va ga- - ...Y X t N , YRS '... . P' 5, ,. -meg ' ASQ ,wwe fi Michael Gelurs Chrisfine Geyer Carolyn Goldammer Barbara Gugel Jonaihan Hari Eugene Haubensiriclzer Sally Haubensiricker Timofhy Hilclner William Hill Hidealci Hiralco Mary Headley Ru'l'l1 Honalcl Donald Huber Kenneilm Huber Larry Mahlce Mary Hubinger Beihanv Hurforcl Jean Kamm Karen Kasien Tim Kaul James Keinailx Kenne+h Knieling Karen Koehler Ricki Korlcus Dennis Krafl' Johanna Lepriclm John Lisf Jean Loesel Kafhy Loesel Gary Lorenz Sally Marcy Nancy Meyer Larry Minar Davicl Morle Krisiine Muelnlfeld R X 5 XM, r is R Q x N xx O KX Sgfify Q aw 'H if X ...N fi' I 5 , . og X . X g . H- 1" 'L gif ,. 5 wg X 3. X Q Ne e Ag w:92l'.'o mf N - - - ' ,ai- I, VT' V 'ix ' 1 X1-1 'iLK. A E ik Km,-Q 5 . X N Max NeHle+on Janei' Newbold Wayne Nuechierlein Helen Palmreufer Linda Parlberg Danny Poellei' Roberf Profzman Judy Riess Rosemary Rodammer Anne Roedel Barbara Rogner Dennis Rosencranis Linda Sandlaorn Vernon Schiefer Gary Schmandf Chrislle Schmifl' Floyd Schoenlcnechl Jerry Schreiner Rebekah Scl1u'H' John Simon Gerald Sohn Margarel Sohn Chrisiine Sparks Kenneih Sirobel Chrisier Tillberg Dennis Trinlclein James Van Wormer David Veiiengruber Wendy Waaclr Ronald Veilengruber Carol Walfers David Weirauch Alan Weiss Gary Weiss Leo Weiss ii' 'F Seniors graduahng wiih honors This year were: Judy Bierlein, Karen Koehler. Becky SchuH, Rosemary Rodammer, Barb Rog- ner. Bob Baker, fronf row: Sue Frahrn, Kafhy Loesel. Karen Zeilinger. Jane Fischer and BeHy Bender. Officers for The sen- ior class during 'the I967-68 school year are Treasurer Rose- mary Rodammer, Presiden? K a r e n Koehler. Secrefary Charloffe Galsferer. and Vice-Presidenf Max NeHle'ron. f-uni Q 1-' 72 'T Mary Weiss Michael Weiss Timofhy Weiss Daniel Wilber Karen Zeilinger Thomas Zuellig The I968 senior class, making fhe mosf ouf of fheir lasf year of high school, enioyed puffing on a num- ber of oufside acfivifies. Among fhese were: a hip- pie dance, class frip fo Defroif and Windsor, Can- ada. senior play. and fhe building of a floaf for homecoming. Wifh Baccalaureaie and Graduafion drawing near. 'lhe seniors found pleasure in picking ouf fheir class moffo, song, flowerg and colors. As fheir class moffo reads. "We fear nof fomor- row, for we have seen yesferday and we love fo- day," fhis senior class leaves wifh fond memories and a challenge for fomorrow. Class Flower: Candy sfripe carnafion Class Song: "May Each Day" Class Colors: Red and whife llisliiilslninnli'-r'1"'-' I ' Y , Y ,W , , "Keep Red Chief ouf of my hair!" yells Befh Hurford af Phil Felgner while -they pracfice for The senior play, as Alan Weiss winlrs in fhe background knowing if isn'f possible. The seniors' winning homecoming floai' "Confucius say, fhey who fighf Eagles nof win," parades before ihe home bleachers. 73 I Looking Forward .sawi- Valediciorian Rosemary Rodammer addresses lhe audience. Gvraduaiion exercises werelheld May 6 ai' eighi' o'cloclc on ihe Franlcenmuih High School fooiball field. One hundred and 'ren seniors received 'iheir diplomas on ihe beauiiful Thursday evening. Twen- 'ly-six graduales were awarded scholarships includ- ing +he Ohio Trinlclein scholarship, The Franlcenmuih Nurses scholarship, The Roiary scholarship, Lion scholarships, and various college scholarships. Direciing her advice fo 'lhe senior class is Beily Hanson of 'ihe Saginaw News. e I . Affenfive gracluaiing seniors lisfen closely io Beiiy Hanson's address. 74 Seniors Qplurge Arriving in Windsor, They leisurely enjoyed dinner aT The Top l'laT Resfauranf. A varieTy of foods was offered and The enTerTainmenT was a welcomed addifion To The evening. All Too soon came The Time To end The enioyable day and iourney back To FrankenmuTh. lT was an excifing day and all seemed sad To see if come To a close. Senior advisors: Charles Lyon, Warren Wilson. Joy ATkins, and Mrs. Warren Wilson decide where To venfure before dinner. Excifemenf began weeks before The senior Trip. buf reached iTs climax as The bus empfied iTs pas- sengers before The Fisher build- ing, Defroif. on The morning of May 8. An hour and a half was enioyed doing whaf each person liked besf before The play. The hiT musical. "CabareT," was presenfed in The Fisher Theafre. Affer The play, buses Transporfed The seniors across The infernafional border in- To Canada. Sue Galsferer and Jean Loesel. I., ad- mire The window of Sak's Fiffh Avenue. si .,. .HQ X N? Lk T L. Block L. Boening F. Braeufigem M. Braeufigam J. Buiierfield S. Chall D. Coais L. Crary D. Daenzer G. Daenzer S. Daenzer H. Day C. Dieizel D. Diefzel D. English C. Ferguson G. Fefferman L. Finger G. Fischer J. Frahm psi- 4. X a i 5:- 5 -N- O f Y .FF A 'il' Q A W W' x X new ., . . Qin .G A .gr Xe 9 kaygug N. Adams M. Anderson T. Avery C. Bender J. Beyerlein J. Beyerlein E. Biclcel K. Bickel D. Bierlein L. Bierlein , Q 5 2 Q . X HQ A i i , -1. , 'ir ' , 'Q 1 g f? az. fe - . N ,.... . ' -- ' 1. . . . L L x 75 Ag ai? i +15 X X Y f sf is N xx? il? wi xx L. Franklin A. Frei S. Gilberf K. Goodwin D. Gugel D. Heubensiri icer L. Haubensfri lcer R. Haubensfri ker S. Haubensfri ker K. Herzog S. Hill J. Houck M. Huber J. Kafona C. Keinalh E. Keinafh G. Keinafh D. Knoll S. Krueger D. Kueffner . 'X f Q www S W RN ll 'W B. Renick G. Rielhmeier A. Riffmueller XB. Rodammer K. Roeclel M. Roedel W. Rogner M. Rose L. Rusfem S. Schaefer .su .qw is Sk? gi X f Q5 X . L xx i G. Lauber T. Lis+ H. LIHle P. Loveless R. Meade R. Merlen J. Miller R. Miller D. Muehfeld C. Nuechlerleln R. OH P. Pagels B. Pelmreufer G. Palmreufer R. Poellel' M. Relf W. Reif J. Reinhold J. Reindel R. Reindel 153 an M. i J. Thompson S. Travis D. Trinklein R. Trinklein G. Uebler M. Va n Fleer D. Walz E. Walz L. Warnick R. Warnick B. Waffers C. Weber C. Weiss D. Weiss K. Weiss R. Weiss P. Wenzloff W. Wessborg L. Wieneke L. Wilfse G. Scherrer E. Schellhas M. Schiefer J. Schlegel D. Schluckebier K. Schmandf G. Schoenknechi' P. Sheppard M. Smiih D. Sfellwag ,B .K ... '-I K i I Q 5 E. Wi'H T. Yoba J.Zoellner P. Zoellner S. Zoe-Hner Juniors Surge Forward Under 'rhe leadership of Bill Rogner, pres- idenl: Mike Reif. vice-president Kaihy Herzog. ireasurerg and Eunice Biclcel. sec- reiary. 'ihe class of I969 had an ouisiand- ing year. Among +he iunior class proiecis were a Chrisirnas clance, slave day, and lhe mos'l' successful Krazy Karnival in ihe hisiory of Franlcenmuih High School. "Oriem'al Gardens" was ihe 'iheme of 'rhe I968 Junior-Senior Prom, which was held ai Zehncler's Hoiel on May 25. H proved +o be a mosf enioyalole evening for all, and an end 'ro a successful year. Chosen for iheir oufsianding characfer and leadership. 'rhese boys will afiend Wolverine Boys' Siaie 'rhis summer. They are I. io r.: Paul Wenzloli. John Beyerlein, Mel Braeufi- gam. Loren Rusiem. James Frahm. Sieve Hill and Scoil' Chall. This year's Junior floai' won second place during ihe Home- coming aciiviiies. The iheme was quiie approprieie since ihe game was won. A S4 5 W. X. ty D. Auernhamer T. Auernhammer F. Bender S. Bender L. Bernihel C. Bickel G. Biclcel D. Bierlein L. Bierlein E. Bluemlein A C. Boesnecker D' K. Boesnecker , D. Bofimer W. Bronner ...NWN , M . Buffey sig. x gk D. Conzelman G. Daenzer G. Dahlman S. Dalffon K. Davis lie- wwf K A . . t T 'xx Q M. DeYoung G. Diefzel M. Diefzel T. Duclos D. Dudewicz C. Eberlein T. Engel M. English C. Fefferman D. Finger , . .,... ,AQ K M sf' ' if R D, -Q S . 5 Q' 5 Q - ' t SQ ,xg Xiasaiiw A . L. Fischhaber R. Franklin J. Galsferer D. Geyer K. Goodwin B. Grassmick B. Guqel R. Hasse E. Hari' L. Hari' . .. . L if -:mf is xg 5' Mx Q. M .. N 5. am r if 55? . .Q X. f '15 1' xx-no ,N .H Y C 0 ., . I mf wif' . . Q. Q x f-.-iffy Wir T . , .Q i f. 'Die se 5 .Q ' i ' ai? X o ME. -'if' lll, Fi as, 'fs K Q ve. 55 x. 511 61 N5 'Q QQ i + 4 . 1 S .. mf .: , D 1 uf' . U, YP fi Q' X f i ii wif ' N FN L. Nuechlerlein M. Olgaard M. Pieslco M. Poeliei' R. Presfon M. Rausch R. Reif J. Reinbold G. Reineri' C. Reynolds T. ' Q xx J' 'X E C. Kronkowski J. Krueger M. Lehner P. Lisi' R. Lisf P. Marcy G. Mclnerney J. Melcher C. Meyer R. Miller D. Jammer K. Jenni K. Kasien D. Knieling K. Koch K. Koehler D. Koeppendoerfer W. Kraenzlein K. Krafff T. Krauseneck Haubensfricker D. K. Haubenshicker S. Haubenslricker B. Heindl N. Heifz N. P. Herzog Herzog Hoerauf D. J. Honold Huber Y. tk? . ., . X -.Q '. L We J X X 5. s ' E E , A x X X 5 .. s .., fig, " fi" iff .xx . ,hw ,gi , K wil .. K . if-ff' is Q, ,imd- iix iw QL 'fl' X S. Riffmueller F. Rodammer T. Rodammer h P. Roedel T. Ruff K. Rummel K. Rupprechi' D. Ruslwforcl C. Ruslem D. Scherrer . W S .X ii' M. Schiefer P. Scl'1miH' K. Schmiizer R. Schoenlcnechl' ts., 3, Qx W 2 N M S. Schrems P. Schwab R. Sebald T. Sheppard M. Sfreef J. Szymanslci nw f S X 5 ...N -14 3555 I - i n - kk - 'f3. .'f"'- i ' .I+ .s . .. Q... ss .s is ' , . ..... -fi, g .. ,aw g g , . .. .- ss.. Q ' Sf wig, ss- - C.Trinl:lein J.Trinklein L. Trinlclein M. Trinklein D. Voorlweis T. Weber B. Weiss C. Weiss D. Weiss E. Weiss as ' A -fs .se Xm K A RMU if is .six ' . wx X x . . .. i Wi. ev XX f ss Q S. Weiss K. Wendi' A. Wenzel K. Wilder G. Willcinson G. Wilkinson M. Yoba S. Zeilinger C. Zoellner xx X Q '35 R Ns S af Qs N .1 ..... 14 si F Red . Q . A s I 4 .. ... -S -'K N. X x X '... sww iwx , T x N S M S j Qoon To Be Upperolassmen Serving fhe Sophomore class during the I967-68 school year are Rick Lisf, PTA repre- senlafive: Barbara Heindl. freasurer: Kim Koehler, vice-president Sealed: Neil Herzog, presidenl: and Kevin Koch, secrelary. 5 IN MEMORIAM Karl Kaslen I 952- l 968 The I967-68 sophomore class floa-i was a purple dragon car- rying lhe fheme, "Drag on 'lo Vic'lory." The sophomore cla Ss moved lhrough lhe I967 68 school year wnlh greai success. The class of 70 has proved iiself very ca pable. During 'rhe year 'lhey sponsored a balce sale and iwo dances The sophomores have 'lalc en a big sfep by he members of lhe class par 'licipalion in +he schools various aciivilies M. Abraham P. Auerhammer P. Bernfhal M. Biclcel R. Bickel W. Bickel K. Bierlein P. Bierlein S. Bierlein N. Birkenmeier P. Boesenecker V. Boilce S. Brommer S. Counfs C. Creger G. Creger T. Cromie C. Daenzer S. Daiion N. Day D. Demers D. Deferding M. Eischer G. Engel B. Fischer L. Fischer B. Foss A. Frahm D. Frahm W. Frahm B. Frank P. Franklin S. Frei M. Friebe R. Galsferer S. Galsierer B. Gehrs 1 N i 1 K' ' ' ...Q ,LA Q Q..,1ix., ...iir D .,AL. , L L A 'f ... in X X P f X V 32 Sl, ,Tits f K - .512 5 f. E. ..' .. ...LQ .A f5"5""'L S N S r, K 'N rv M ji Rai d' QA., s SF' ' .A. Sd. .7 ...xl . L 5 K 3 . WV xxx xx R. esuben K. Grainger -1 f" G. Hammond , C. Haubensfricker 35 Q . J. Haubengfricker . J. Haubensfricker .. M. Haubensfricker ' K. Hechi' - X Q5 A 5 if 35 sau Q 'S wx . X f . 93 iw xi N3 Arif 5 'ZW ef N .Nw i .. 4 36. SWS X Q A . wflx K X1 qs X - .: . D S 3. .. - D W' s .N -W 9. . 'KN' Q X ex 1. 4 x R XX rg . Q - L . .Q X Q , Q .5 qs x AM 'WL 'X Q :Xu 1 . "' we X S x X Xw " J X' X x X . Q . s', li- . X ' we Xe X X Xl, W X , N ' X V ? V, v 'Q , XL .. . X . 3 inn as R we Xi? Q fr 5: QX .ive X :XX , S , X , . 5 Rv . 5 X Sa KX gx K . ' w -.. . X . M 3 X 'SSS XX S VH "' X. .6 N Q it fl A XG X 1 fFX V X fX ' S E1 " Q.. 'X K X 'wr 5' K 15 X fe we .X f . K ,.,.: P rr Q .. .. N, .. .Q A . 1.35 . " ' , X K id x 7 -4951? . A ggi... X xx fc . , i ,Q , 7A. - JJ AAA' " i A .Lix Q i s 1 . ri r X 1 X 5 W X X X x 'I 9 X X , S gi Y Gi C. Hoebbel B. Huber M. Irion J. Irvine T.Johnson R.Jorgensen B. Kefona L. Keinalh M. Keinallw C. Keller K. Kern M. Kern B. Knoll L. Knoll M. Koeppendorfer D. Krafff M. Kraffi' D. Kreil D. Lawrence D. Lemonds P. Lisf G. Loesel S. Lorenz J. Love R. Loveless J. Marcel' D. Maurer R. Maurer C. Mayes L. Merfen R. Miller S. Mills R. Moeller K. Muelmlfelcl J. Nuechferlein J. Nuechferlein L. Nuechferlein M. Nuechferlefn M. Palmreuier M. Pickle C. Rau K. Reda M. Reiner? J. Renicl: K. Riffmueller S. Rogner R. Ross R. Rummei T. Rummel K. Sanborn C. Sanders S. Scherrer C. Schiefer G. Schiefer D. Schleqel M. Schluckebier F. Schmiher H. Schmifzer P. Schoenknechf K. Schreiner S. Schrems B. Serrick B. Serrick S. Shively R. Smeicar E. Sohn S. Speer S. Siolz D. Suppes C. Thompson J. Vanek P. Van Fleer D. Vifany J. Warnemuend L. Warniclc K. Weber D. Weirauclw D. Weiss C. Wendi' D. Wilkinson D. Wiifse D. Zehnder J. Zehnder L. Zehnder 6 R. Q-QM Q X 3 S X -X Wx' Si N a . X X XR X .M I QW SAX N X I P sf l 5 X . is X w-.X X' sw B his X gf X R E . X. We FR lx A X 1 ff X. - . - L .,., ,.., , .,. Q if 'K X 4 S aw re . X RQXXXQ 5. ' X Q, X Q X X ? N T .... x X i f X ., X X ,X :.-. ' mv K .X ' 'CX " 5' X Q ., .kib b , . X . . X ...P . . . X. L X '- 4 , , i s -1 G ..., ' K l 3 .3 REX J V X XA -Y Xt .. if -. ,.,.., A L xX 2 H. X X x ,.., X Q X- X: aa .fs Q 2 2 if 'ki X F SVR. i Hg 4 ' xx Y JK it . W XA! , ass. r- 2' X Q XX s 1 - A EWS X X r- , S m 4 X ..., 9: if 5' ... Xs X... Q X X . X ii . . It A . Freshmen Make Adju imeni M erving as The class officers were l fo r Dorcas Deferding, secrelary: Rod Loveless. PTA represenfafive: Scoii Counfs. presiclenf: Roberl' Galsler- if' lr, vice-presidenf, and Cindy Wendi. lreasurer. l l xlering Franlcenmuih High School V one of +he larges+ classes ever, e acliuslmenls 'ro a new school, ew cusioms and lracliiions, new lulines, and a new course of ucly were handled very well by ie l3O freshmen. The class shows we possibiliries of fufure alhleles id fine sludenls. Serving The class 1 Sludenl Council are: Pam Van e'r. Sue Mills, Karl Muehlfelcl, yerry Speer. and Duane Suppes. y l "Sweep Up A Vicfory" was fhe lille for 'the class's homecoming floai which 'look fourth place. 87 Senior Class Rosler WAYNE ANDERSON-Band I: ROBERT BAKER- Class Presidenl I: Wolverine Boys' Slale 3: Na- lional Honor Sociely 4: Speech II Play 4: Forensics 4: Foolball I, 2, 3. 4: Baskelball I. 2. 3: Track I. 2, 3: Baseball 2. 3. 4: Sludenl Council 2. 3. 4: lnlra- murals 4: C-Sradualing wilh Honors 4: Tom Block Award 4: JUDY BARTELS-Euchre Club I: Y- Teens 2: RUTH BAUER-G.A.A. I: -Knilling Club I: Yearbook 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Maiorelle I. 2. 3, 4: Homecoming Courl 2. 4: Talenl Show-3rd Place 2. 4: CATHY BEHRMAN-GAA. 2: Knilling 2: Forensics 4: Co-op 4: BETTY BENDER-F.H.A. Treasurer I: Class Secrelary I: G.A.A. 2: Bridge Club 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: Gradualing wilh Honors 4: KAREN BERNTHAL-Radio Club I: Debale I: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Yearbook 2: Eagle Echo Slall 2: Forensics 4: Speech II Play 4: Solo and Ensemble Dislricl Winner 4: Senior Class Play 4: RICHARD BERNTHAL-Sludenl Council I. 2. 3. 4: Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Baskelball I. 2. 3. 4: Track I. 2. 3: Band I: Bowling Club I: Nalional Honor So- ciely 2. 4: Wolverine Boys' Slale 3: Forensics 4: Speech II Play 4: DALE BICKEL-Film Walchers I: Euchre Club 21 lnlramural Baskelball 4: lnlramur- al Volleyball 4: VICKY BICKEL-F.H.A. I. 2: Sen- ior Class Play 4: ALLEN BIERLEIN-Film Walcher I: Bridge Club 2: JUDITH BIERLEIN-Biology Club 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: Gradualing wilh Honors 4: RANDALL BIERLEIN-Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Golf I. 2. 3. 4: Bridge Club 2: lnlramural Bas- kelball 3, 4: MARSHA BOESNECKER-C-5.A.A. I. 2. 3: lnlramural Tumbling I. 2: Radio Club 2: Track 4: DEBORAH BOIKE-G.A.A. I. 2: Band I. 2: Y- Teens 2: BONNIE BORCHARD-Cheerleader I. 3. 4: Knilling Club I. 2: Y-Teens I: Forensics 4: Speech II Play 4: DONALD CRARY-Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3: Track I: Chess Club I: Baseball 2. 3: Bridge Club 2: Golf 4: lnlramural Baskelball 4: DIANE CREGER-Knillin Play 4: Forensics I: GARY DA Club 2: Speech II ZER Film Walch- N ... ers 2: Senior Class Play 4: EDWARD DAHLMAN- Foolball 3, 4: Baseball 4: lnlramural Baskelball 3. 4: lnlramural Volleyball 4: JANE DETERDING- Cheerleader I: Knilling Club 2: Forensics 4: ROB- ERT DIFFIN-Baskelball I: B seball 2: lnlramural Baskelball 2. 3. 4: JULIE DUF I: Band I. 2. 3.4: Sewing Cluld G-.A.A. I: Debale 2: Senior Class Play 4: Solo Ensemble--Isl Place Dislricl 2. 3: Isl Place Slale 2. 3: Inlerlochen Scholarship 3: Mosl Valuable Senior Girl Band Member 4: LARRY ECKERT-Film Walcher I: Tropical Fish Club 4: PHILIP FELGNER-Baskelba Track I: Foo+baII I. 2. 3. 4: 2n ence 3: Isl Team All-Conleren inawl 4: 2nd Team AII Area I 2: Senior Class Play II I. 2: Tumbling I: d Team AIl-Conler- e 4: AII Area lSag- orl Huronl 4: Golf I. 2. 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: lnlramural Bas- kelball 3, 4: lnlramural Bowling 4: DEBRA FINGER -Y-Teens 2: Biology Club 2: lnlramural Bowling 4: lnlramural Volleyball 4: Belly Crocker Homemaker ol lhe Year Award 4: Co-Ed Correspondenl 4: KATHERINE FINGER-F.H.A. I: Biology Club 2: Yearbook 3. 4: Senior Class Play 4: JANE FISCHER -G.A.A. I. 2: Bowling Club I 1' Y-Teens 3: Cheer- leading 3, 4: Gradualing wilh Honors 4: LOIS FISCHHABER-G.A.A. I. 2: lnlramural Volleyball I. 4: Y-Tee Bowling Club I. 4: ns 2: Bridge Club 2: SUSAN FRAHM--Debale I. 2. 3. 4: Forensics I. 2. 4: Y-Teens 2. 3: Biology Club 2: Yearbook 3. 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: G ors 4: PTA Represenlalive 4: Foolball 2. 3. 4: All Conlerenc radualing wilh Hon- ROBERT FRANK- e 4: lnlramural Bas- kelball 3. 4: Track 4: BRUCE FREI-Band I. 2. 3: CHARLOTTE GALSTERER-Band I: F.H.A. Sec- relary I: Knilling Club 2: Jr. Class Represenlalive lor Homecoming 3: Forensics 41- Co-op 4: Speech II Play 4: SUSAN GALSTERER--G.A.A. I: F.H.A. 2: Speech Il Play 4: MICHAEL GEHRS-Bowling Club I: Manager. Baskeiball I. 2. 3. 4: Track I: Biology Club 2: Foolball 2: lnlramural Volleyball I: Senior Class Play 4: CHRISTINE GEYER-G.A.A. I. 2: Knilling Club I: Inlramural Volleyball I: In- 'rramural Baskelball I: Cheerleader 3. 4: Yearbook 3. 4: German Club 4: CAROLYN GOLDAMMER -Yearbook I. 3: G.A.A. I. 2: Krazy Karnival Can- didale I: Knilling Club 2: Secrelary of Class 2: Homecoming Queen 4: Co-op 4: BARBARA GU- GEL-G.A.A. 2: Bridge Club 2: Senior Class Play 4: JON HART-Band l. 3: Chess Club I: Debaie 2: Bridge Club 2: lnlramural Baskelball 2. 3. 4: Track 3. 4: Inlramural Foolball 4: lnlramural Bowl- ing 4: EUGENE HAUBENSTRICKER-Co-op 47 SALLY HAUBENSTRICKER-Bowling Club I: Knil- Iing Club 2: Y-Teens 3: Co-op 4: TIM HILDNER- Foolball I. 2. 3, 4: Chess Club 2: lnlramural Bas- keiball 3. 4: Baskelbau I. 2: Class Presidem' 3: Wol- verine Boys' Slale 3: Golf 4: Track 4: Oralorical Con+es'r 4: Forensics 4: Narional Honor Socieiy 4: SI'uden'r Council Presidenl 4: Who's Who in Amer- ican .High Schools: WILLIAM HILL-Chess Club I. 2: Foolball I: Foreslry Career Workshop 3: HI- DEAKI HIRAKO-Golf 4: Inlramural Bowling 4: Homecoming Escorf 4: MARY HOADLEY-Band I, 2. 3. 4: Bowling Club l: Knilling Club 2: Senior Class Play 4: RUTH HONOLD-F.H.A. I. 2: DON HUBER-Track 4: MARY HUBINGER-G.A.A. I. 2. 3: F.H.A. I: Bridge Club 2: Y-Teens 2: Talenl' Show-2nd Place 4: Coed Volleyball 4: Forensics 4: BETH HURFORD-Y-Teens I. 2: Kni'Hing Club I: F.H.A. 2: Yearbook 4: Senior Class Play 4: JEAN KAMM-Biology Club 2: Glee Club 4: KAREN KASTEN-F.H.A. I: Sewing Club 2: Y-Teens 3: Yearbook 3, 4: Forensics 4: American Legion Ora- lorical Conlesl-Isl Place 4: TIM KAUL-ln'rramur- al Baskelball 3: Co-op 4: JAMES KEINATH-Ra- dio-Traclor Club I: Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Iniramural Baskelball 2. 4: Euchre Club 2' Senior Class Play 4: KEN KNIELING-Fooiball I. 2. 3. 4: Baskelball I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2, 3. 4: Track 3: Sludenl' Council 4: KAREN KOEHLER-Cheer- leader I. 2. 3. 4: Sludenl Council I: Iniramural Vol- leyball I: Nalional Honor Sociely 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens 2: Class Vice-Presidenl 3: Exchange Sludenl Io Ire- land 3: Taleni Show-3rd Place 3: Class Presidenl' 4: Senior Class Play 4: Who's Who in American High Schools 4: Homecoming Courl 4: RICKI KOR- KUS-Bowling Club I: Knilrling Club 2: G-.A.A. 2: DENNIS KRAFFT-Inlramural Bowling I: Fooiball I. 2. 3.4: lnlramural Baskeiball 2. 3. 4: Euchre Club 2: Chess Club 2: Inlramural Volleyball 4: JOHAN- NA LEPRICH-F.H.A. 1: e.A.A. 1: Knirfing club 2: Forensics 4: JOHN LIST-Foolball I. 2. '3. 4: Golf I, 2. 3. 4: Euchre Club 2: Inlramural Baskel- ball 2. 3. 4: Nalional Honor Sociefy 4: Bowling 4: JEAN LOESEL-Cheerleader I: Knilling Club I. 2: G.A.A. 2: Senior Play 4: Forensics 4: KATHY LOE- SEL-Yearbook I. 2. 3. 4: Forensics 2. 3: Debale 2: School Play 2: Exchange Sludenl 3: Nafional Honor Socieiy 3. 4: Talenl Show 4: Who's Who in Amer- ican High Schools 4: Senior Play 4: Gradualing wilh Honors 4: GARY LORENZ-Fooiball Manager I: Chess Club I: Baskelball I: lnlramural Baskelball 4: SALLY MARCY-Co-op 4: LARRY MATZKE- Fooiball I: Baseball I: Speech ll Play 4: NANCY MEYER-KniI'Iing Club I, 2: Y-Teens I. 2: G.A.A. 2: Speech II Play 4: LARRY MINAR-Pool Club 4: DAVID MORLEY-Radio Club 2: KRISTINE MUEHFELD-Siudenl Council I. 2, 3: Forensics I: Y-Teens I, 2: Exchange Sludenl +o Denmark 3: PTA Represenfalive 4: Bowling Club 4: Volleyball 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Senior Play 4: MAX NETTLETON-Debale I: Foolball I, 2. 3. 4: Bas- kelball I. 2. 3: Track I: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Euchre Club I: Baseball I. 2. 3, 4: Vice-Presidenr of Class 2: Wolverine Boys' Sl'aI'e 3: JANET NEWBOLD- F.H.A. I. 2: Senior Play 4: WAYNE NUECHTER- LEIN-Film Walchers Club I: Biology Club 2: In- lramural Baskelball 4: Volleyball 4: HELEN PALM- REUTER-F.H.A. I. 2: LINDA PARLBERG+BowI- ing Club I: G.A.A. I. 2: Sludenl' Council 2: Senior Play 4: DANNY POELLET-Track I: Band I. 2. 3: 89 Foo+baII 2: In+ramuraI Baskelball 3: Co-op 4: ROB- ERT PROTZMAN-Manager Fooiball I. 2. 3. 4: Manager Baskeiball I. 2. 3. 4: Bancl I: Na+ionaI Honor Socieiy 3. 4: JUDY RIESS-Bowling Club I: Kniiling Club 2: ROSEMARY RODAMMER- G.A.A. I: F.H.A. I: KniI'Iing Club 2: Naiional Hon- or SocieI'y 2. 3. 4: Class Treasurer 3. 4: Volleyball 4: Forensics 4: Valediclorian 4: Who's Who in American High Schools 4: Gracluaiing wilh Honors 4: ANNE ROEDEL-Y-Teens I. 2: Yearbook 2: BARBARA ROGNER-Co-op 4: Gradualing wilh Honors 4: DENNIS ROSENCRANTS-Chess Club I: Bridge Club 2: Inlramural Volleyball 4: LINDA SANBORN-G.A.A. I: Euchre Club 2: Senior Play 4: VERNON SCHIEFER-Band I. 2. 3. 4: GARY SCHMANDT-Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Track I. 2: Radio- Traclor Club I: Biology Club 2: Class Treasurer 2: Inframural Baskeiball 3. 4: Bowling 4: Volleyball 4: CHRISTLE SCHMITT-Y-Teens I: G.A.A. I. 2: Knilling Club I. 2: Forensics 4: Speech II Play 4: Glee Club 4: FLOYD SCHOENKNECHT-Co-op 4: Pool Club 4: JERRY SCHREINER-Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Bowling 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Deba+e 2: Foren- sics 2. 4: Track 3. 4: Nalional Honor Socie+y 3. 4: Inframural Baskeiball 3, 4: Co-op 4: Bavarian Band 4: REBEKAH SCHUTT-G.A.A. I: Slage Band I: Forensics I. 4: Debale I. 2. 3: Sludenl' Council I. 3. 4: Inlramurals I: Talenl Show Winner I. 4: Y- Teens 2: Knirling Club 2: Naiional Honor Sociely 2. 3. 4: M.S.U. Debale Workshop 2: Masncol- 3: Inlramural Volleyball 4: German Club 4: Nafional Meril' Finalisr 4: Salulalorian 4: Who's Who in American High Schools 4: Senior Play 4: Gradual- ing wi+h Honors 4: JOHN SIMON-Class Vice- Presidenf I: Fooiball I. 2. 3. 4: Baskelball I. 2: Track I. 2. 3. 4: SI'udem' Council 2: lniramural Baskeiball 3. 4: Wolverine Boys' Sfale 3: Speech II Play 4: Senior Play 4: Forensics 4: GERALD SOHN-Pool Club 4: MARGARET SOHN-F.H.A. 2: CHRIS- TINE SPARKS-G.A.A. I. 2: F.H.A. I: Bowling Club I: Inlramurals 2: Radio Club 2: Senior Class Play 4: KENNETH STROBEL-Foofball I. 2. 3. 4: 90 Band I. 2: Film Walchers Club I: Baseball 2. 3. 4: ural Baskelball I. 2. Bridge Club 2: Golf 2: lnlram 3. 4: CHRISTER TILLBERG-Track 4: Homecoming TRINKLEIN-Foot Escorl' 4: Forensics 4: DENNIS ball I: JAMES VANWORMER-Bowling Club I: o' ' : N Euchre Club I: Inlramural B Nling 4 Inlramural Baskelball 4: DAVID VEITE Club I: Biology Club 2: RON VIETENGRUBER- Foolball I. 2: Baseball I. 2: WENDY WAACK- Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4: G.A.A. I. 2: Y-Teens I: Inlramurals I: lnlramurals Bow Talenl' Show 3. 4: Forensics 4 CAROL WATTERS-F.H.A. I: GRUBER-Bowling ling 2: Yearbook 3: : Speech II Play 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Co-op 4: DAVID WEIRAUCH-FooI'baII I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball I. 2. 3- 4: 3: Class Presidem' 2: Naliona 3. 4: Wolverine Boys' Siaie Sludenl' Council I. I Honor Socieiy 2. 3: In+ramuraI Bas- kelball 3. 4: Sludenl' Body Vice-Presidenl 4: ln- 'rramural Volleyball 4: ALAN 2: Baskelball I. 4: Baseball I: Inlramural Baskelball 3: Senior WEISS-Foolball I. Gymnaslics Club I: Class Play 4: GARY WEISS-Who's Who in Ame 4: Foofball I. 2. 3. 4: Baskeiloall I. 2: Track I. rican High Schools 2. 3. 4: All Conference Honorable Menlion- Foolball 2: All Conference-Fo Mosl Valuable Player 4: Forens Club I, 2: Y-Teens I. 2: Band mural Bowling 4: Track 4: TIM kelball I. 2. 3. 4: Bowling Club I ll Play 4: Senior Class Play 4: ofball 3. 4: All Siaie FooI'baII 3. 4: Baseball 3. 4: Co-Caplain Foolball 4: ics 4: LEO WEISS- Co-op 4: Pool Club 4: MARY WEISS-Knilling I: G.A.A. I. 2: ln- 'rramural Baskelball I: Inlramural Volleyball I: Infra- mural Bowling 2: MICHAEL WEISS-Foolball I. 2. 3. 4: Band I: Iniramural Baskelball 2. 3. 4: Infra- OTHY WEISS-Bas- : Forensics 4: Speech DANIEL WILBER- Pool Club 4: KAREN ZEILINGER-Bancl I. 2. 3. 4: Maiorefle I. 2. 3. 4: Knilling Cl I: Talenr Show Winner-3rd P relary 4: Graduaiing wiih Ho LIG-Band I: Yearbook I. 2: 2. 3.4: Euchre Club 2: Golf 4. ub I: Class Treasurer I ace 2. 4: G.A.A. 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: Sludeni Council Sec- nors 4: TOM ZUEL- nlramural Baskelball Auiographs W M - ,wf joovk2oJb9i1YNbCffP0'effA:F QWQ1 ffwwwxz M fvk,Qfv-Uuogd-AQ1iJY"4WW"'jg fLMUfW Hgifjifiz W TTffQifff?"U + ,JAMQV W .. Direcred To Our Adver+isers . . . The sraff of ihe I9b8 Eyrie wishes 'ro express sincere fhanks and appreciafion 'I'o every Franlcenmuih business and organizaiion con- iribufing To 'lhe successful produciion of ihis yearbook. Your suppori' has made ihe publicarion of 'rhe l968 Eyrie possible. NAM The l968 Eyrie Siaff .9U.fwLLj, 31' Kafhy Loesel, Edifor Wendy Wessborg. Co-Edifor Q? cf m Q W' -xv C2 Qkfs ' .1 6 A 1 E' ..1:'i'lg,5 V. psig: 5. f Y f is I 4 . . ' V 'I I , .-L9 5 un.. A L?-TP A lk -5x9 .U 2- xv. Ii: . U-Q ,.XfQL,0 Q..- ,. A '- 1' -. W ,H 'sv K I' WJ 3, -f Q Q' , jf" 53.5. ll I I 'X I . Q, In Business Since 1926 UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING COMPANY Division of Houdaille IncIus+ries, lnic. 2 N I1Main FI: I1 FRANKENMUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY U'n'e'M'utuaI Avenue - Frankenmuth. Michigan Safeguard Your Future With Insurance Phone 652-6121 RUPPRECHT'S SATOW DRUG SAUSAGE STORE Soda Foun'rain-Lunches School Supplies-Candy O S D Drugs-Toileiries "Prescrip+ions" 3l6 Souih Main Are Our Business zEHNDER's HOTEL Dine a+ "One of Michigan's Fines?" FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS Arrangemenfs for Special Occasions BOENING wslss FARM JEWELERS EQUIPMENT Qualify Farm Eiquipmenf I27 S. Main Franlcenmufh, Michigan WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY FRANKENMUTH STATE BANK Frankenmuih, Michigan Millingion, Michigan OL 2-223i TR I-573i Reese, Michigan Birch Run, Michigan Munger, Michigan Buena Visia, Mich VO 8-4l Il MA 4-9365 OL 9-35ll PL 4-i459 Drive-in Service Serving 'rhe Communify for 63 Years. FRANKENMUTH NEWS BAVARIAN BOWL OPen All Summer Free lnsiruclions we eeeeee 4. Balls Experily Fiffecl and Drilled While YOU Waif- FRANKENMUTH CLEANERS CPN' I0 Gm- leo s. Main oi. 2.5166 Pl1OflG Fl-ankenmu-fly RUMMEL STUDIOS-Pholographers FRANKENMUTH WOOLEN MILLS L 570 S. Main Franlrenmufh, Michigan Phone OL 2-8 l2l To lhe Seniors . . . wiih sincere congrafulaiions and bed Ylshes for a :ao w. Tuscola 652-206I happy and successful fuiure . . . 97 SAGINAW SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. K Frankenmufh Offices Frankenmuth Savmgs and Loan X FRANKENMUTH IGA FOODLINER wi? 2 -' 7' For Finer Foods in Meais, Produce, and Groceries S+op in and Shop. May ihe word of God direci you To do The Ihings you should To live your life unselfishly To know ancl choose The good. And may lhe richesl blessings Thai Heaven can besiow Be wi'rh you now and always No ma'r+er where you go. X", X UP-TOWN ' f BEAUTY ' -I SALON 230 S. Main S+reeI Franlcenmuih, Michigar OL 5-89I I ww -.K , YN Lf X r ig N xi .--x R gli. ,- it I , . e if l I ygxx . . I R, ,xifiiff "Mr I - ,l ylyyf of RAU BROTHERS l Qi, BR0Ni'3'ER'S lf T33 2':::!f1z.i2+i':Cegr.:- . Ifnulb FIoorlCovering.' IN 3Franlsenmu1h,MICH. Sfop and Shop af 446 South Main - L. - 4 5 73' Frankenmuih, Michigan ..- g If K I AMERICAS LARGEST YEAR-Rourw msmw Flowers for All Occasions FRANKENMUTH FLORISTS OSCAR RAU FURNITURE gg 8: APPLIANCE g I A A I 360 S. Main S+. Franlcenmufh. Michigan Phone 652-6I54 WANT A GIFT? VisiI'- RAU'S COUNTRY STORE AND COLONIAL GALLERIES 655 SOUII1 Main 320 S. Franklin S+reeI Frihllenmufh Frankenmufh. Michigan Phone OL 2-8l8I STAR OF THE WEST MI N G Y 500 S. Main Frankenmuih Wiih Expanded Faciliiies NUECHTERLEIIN HARDWARE Hardware--Plumbing-THeaI'ing LEE'S BEAUTY SPOT A RRERR Y OL 2-629l 467 S. Main Frankenmufh, Michigan CLOSED MONDAY gf x I c 2 X x I X Q. Y' X RW HALLMARK CARDS GERMAN IMPORTS GERMAN GREETING CARDS GIFT ITEMS PARTY SUPPLIES THE VILLAGE STORE 646 So. Main Sf. Franlcenmufh, Michigan LESLIE HARDWARE Spor'rsman's Headquariers THE BEST IN SUPPLIES Home of +he Frieidaire lI2 Souih Main Sfreei' 'E 9 KERN'S SA SAGE MARCUS KERN ROBERT KIERN CHARLES KERN Homemade Bavarian Sausage A+ Hs Besi 995 Souih Main Phone 2-5I8I Franiceninuih We Close wifh A Cheer! l l r Varsify Cheerleaders reioice affer an Eagle fouchdown. l. fo r: Jane Fischer, Wendy Waeclc, Chris Geyer. and Karen Keehler. Oiher varsity members are Margarel DeYoung. Chris Boeseneclrer and Lynn Crary. l i nior Varsiiy-sianding l 'lo r: Debbie Geyer, Barb Gehrs. rb Gugel kneeling: Pafsy Boesenecker. Cheyrle Trinlclein. In closing our I968 Eyrie. we feel if is wilh a cheer. and no'r a +ear, +ha+ we should draw anoiher school year lo an end. The many joyful memories of Franlcenmufh school life ouf- number fhe unhappy evenfs, and wifh 'rhese cheerful Jrhoughls and hopes for lhe fufure, anofher year belongs fo 'rhe past School spirif runs high during the sporfs season. l0l M + + f Q9 W wwf f wW2jg,?WW iW2ww 4 cf p. oo 069 91' 0 9 Q G 0 v qt 'gQO+ Q0 4 I1 I6 P 0 49 f P6 4 0 4, 2 'Yi x fx ! X 'mf A? If' WMM 'mb H Wm 'ff W if ' 01 Quint I I fax K JK GA VV Jw ,W LL 4M 1 W xi- " wx 1 W 1 W xxqx IIE' Q t Q MNA . xr? ., Asif, Q 5 X ,i fou f'1,5ALx' Dvx F XA ,,,Q'Qfft'01 lk? M ' Llcpfjq HW? VMI J g 77 X UG , Ep fd 13 P C' sf 2 be Sswls ' M W P W W T P f' ig l 3 if ff 25? 21? fauj 95-f Qf"VVVVVx, ww?W?qf?WWig wMW W - WWQX WKWWWCSJWIWWM Nggfvwgfwg WW 'vHVj'AT"l2JH"f'0f5'0'WM . J l 6 ' ' JW X' 'QQOQWW few gp W WMW55 Wff jp UQMWQ 1 ff1,w1?tyocccuLQ fl! Jw 000' -Q01-sL?hf Sopfrwod dy' q y ,N M jeu, 1426, IYIEIYIIWQIGJ Pr Sfiofh WJ WL 0 9 of ' W WbUT fM'M ,fi WWW W' f W of 4 M V 6129 oldm. M C 36 6900 Qbvf Nor Q Mfg 5 fd' M ' qw fn! 15-QQ? AW HV oigwgnr Hlf-fe X jwaf fif amd, 'wg , WW B6 CHQZEFU4 MMA wap Q are LSAA 5233, M 1 6? ff C4 gg X Q SX 3553255 WEE SN f iam S 5535 Mig? EW ? 42 fig? , Uffbw Wig Eglfkfifjfgg , ,N RN m . " I .Q img Q2 W wwf? 3355? RHEQQ O A . W AK W, wifQ3,fQfiR 4 WT? 5 E SE wwdM iiw gf X ' X , Xjgwmm ,SE 3 USN' f3m N623 Q Q51 52 Sw if Ugwggyf Q3 V 5 U -Nj Qs 2-2 f Q Q if z272gfQ?55ig?EEQKf QD QJEXTQET' W fZ??ZiigHii?E5 Q22 QQJXTEQESSEQT QL 4 1 fag 5255535 S Ogiagaij 22,1 QESSESSE ii E iSEi5QSg igg gggisgis jggf !yi3 ywfjJl WQ MW 4 f f 555953 fzwffm W 1 WWW Q -Q RTM QW MMAWMQSLSV ,S YQ aww A jjlyifgjr, ff'iw 9 QW, ggiijqwyyy? f mi Q? if EQ sig ff? Y G . we K? A X V? X 'Xixm , , imf + Q, Q, M Q QQ w 4 Y Q39 .1 . U SX E 1- W5 QWQHM M - u X? D nf jdf WM 6, si X? L 'A MQ w Lf 1 ,mf QM f 5 mfg, -Wm-bfdf Qif. .ll vb 1 ffff1i?We,2 535955 X YV ' wx ,f V, -. K 1 U 1 I , , ,E 1 Q "" f f ' xx XG' -K x lf' C' L2 X LK ' X3 VN L 1 5 K f 5 , L , K w fx L Rf , 4' k-,' 1 Q , ,X K , Lf nr X x. I7 L, v lv' A, N A, ' L X x W In dnb PX I , X f' Y , Lx N N -.1 Y' N x xx A lv C-f' AJP lx x , ,, J W , A 5 ,V V X , ,I K, ' X fu X gg dx N W J 3 X! ,Ld YJ ' 5, wwf 'dx i X, 1 J J -N Y C X qv N L, jx, L ' 3 L, ' VV U x. L XL Q , 'V X 4 ,R ' J Nj! K N4 X 1 w 'x I x' ' I J y I 101, rn L Q hx 1 Aj' YN -' 1 ' X V XX K 1 kV M UI - 1 xl Y ' fx V , 5 sf Q F n Vx V ' J L Lf V, M1 A ' T ' ,r L ' Juv I AJ 1. 'X' N X V X V if x 'L . 7 X " J U 4 .1 L I i Q L Jw ' V fw ' i 1 fx v N X , I J QUJ JJ J V ' I -J Al X n J - X ' ,K I N x 1 I ,' 4 J J Y I x L f

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