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THE SENICR CLASS 0F 1959 PROUDLY PRESENTS f Qi S ' , Q 1, I I - ,. W, V X ,F 'A Aw - .., - ' A . , ' ,K -1- , -5' , 1 v"7 '-T,9b -..- . . .5 , ' , K mn E ' I A f ' A f THE EYRIE EN U H HIGH SCHOOL FRANKENMUTH C G FOREWCRD As our semor year at Frankenmuth Hlgh School fades deeper lnto the pages of memory th1s 1959 pages are records of the many memorable events whrch frlled our happy years rn hxgh school Thus we have chosen as our theme remembermg Old Glory has become a tradluonal symbol of rememberrng IH each ed1t1on of the Eyrle To the senrors she represents the freedom and brotherhood whrch because of her they could expenence IH then hrgh school careers To R1Ck1C Schmldt flrst exchange student at Frankenmuth High Old Glory w1ll recall happy memorles of a wonderful yearm the land of the free and pleasant experiences at FHS if 4 1 1 -xr " V .F - . ff gr 1 . . ' . 5 if in 1 5' ' ,Q if 9 9 Eyrie grows increasingly precious to us. Within these H ' f f ' "' . ,. - ... ll N ' ' ' 1 i O . . . ' . ' , ll N ' . . ' DEDICATION you Mr Zmk A mynad of actrvlties and experrences has dotted the th1rty two years you ve served on the FHS faculty staff Your outstandmg personal rnterest and gurdance in school and commuruty affairs are a mark of your con stant wrllingness to serve To you Mr Z1nk the class of 1959 dedicates th1s edrtor of the Eyrre. Remembering at Frankenmuth High School would not be complete without ADMINISTRATION Almost every senior has reason to recall visits to the offices of these men - sometimes on "business, " but usually for advice, or just to talk. Above is James A. Matteson, superintendent of schools. Tracy Stockman, right, is principal and most often, counselor to Frankenmuth High students. Planning to leave the FHS system this summer, Mr. Stockman's kind understanding and cheerful philos- ophies will long be remembered. BOARD OF EDUCATION This is the Frankenmuth High School board of education in action. The untiring efforts and service which these men contribute to the educational pro- gram stands always to be remembered. Standing, from left to right: James A. Matteson, superintendent, T. W. Johnston, and Julius Yoba. Seated: Lorenz List, John Ziegler, and Arnold Nuechterlein. eniors SENIORS Senior activities were headed by these smiling officers, left to right: Ron Block, vice president, Mag Knoll, sec- retaryg Carol Haubenstricker, treasurerg and Bill Abraham, president. Below is the class at the State capitol in Lan- sing. CLASS HISTORY We entered Frankenmuth High School in September, 1955. Any apprehensive feelings we may have had at the time vanished in the rush of high school activity. Our class officers were Tom Keinath, presi- dent, Judy Satchell, vice president, Rosy Herzog, treasurer, and Mag Knoll, secretary. Sponsors were Albert Lundgren and Harold Kaczynski, while projects included a work day and the 'Winter Wonderland Dance. " Sophisticated sophomores saw Susie Nuechterlein take the helm as president, with Fred Roedel serving as vice presidentg Rosy Herzog, treasurer, and Mag Knoll, secretary. We were a busy lot and successfully sponsored a box social-square dance, two work days, and a trip to Detroit where we saw "Around the World in 80 Days. " Rosemarie Koch, Marian Pike, and Donald Beatty were our faculty advisors. We were really rolling when we reached our junior year. It was decided that our class wouldn't take the annual long senior trip, so we went all out on our junior projects - the prom and Krazy Karnival. "The Family Nobody Wanted," was the junior play production. Alfred Zink, Marian Pike, and Bob Marzonie sponsored our class, while Tom Keinath served as presidentg Fred Roedel, vice presidentg Carol Haubenstricker, treasurer, and Mag Knoll, secretary. Taking life easy, we slowed down in our senior year as far as activities are concerned. "Seventeenth Summer, " was the successful senior play, the class also enjoyed a trip to the State Capitol in Lansing, and to Detroit to view the Cinerama production, 'South Seas Adventure. " Louis Weiss, Alfred Zink, and Gilbert Haven served as our sponsors. Now we have reached the all-important threshold of our lives. High school has prepared us well for the road which lies ahead of us. Happy memories of what has been and the brightness of the future com- plete this chapter of our lives. LILLIE ABRAHAM LEON BIERLEIN WILLIAM ABRAHAM RONALD BLOCK PA UL BERGDO LT ST UART BRADFORD . 553.1 , iwfixligi, 9 x ff 1 ,M my ff '21 ,QL 1 ,ff .. M 5 .- ,.v' 1 At-K: I? E53 3 . . L?- S wx uf ff .,, , www Q .jg 5,5 Q. wr fi X XC 'K A , sw YA , M g P' iii Y . Lx L X L Af: Q 2 ' .355 '- KATHLEEN EGGEN VERALINE GREW JOHN GA LST ERER MARCELLA HAAS JERRY GRAINGER CAROL HAUBENSTRICKER KATHERINE HAUBENSTRICKER V ERNA HERZOG EUGENE HEI NLEIN BARBARA HETZNER ROSALIE HERZOG LEON IANNI SANDRA KARST MARIAN KNOLL THOMAS KEINATH MARILYN KROEGER MA GDALINE KNOLL JUDY KRUEGER QM ,ymi 'sw s. F 4 4 x 1 , 535' . ig , ,S 1 5 My "xl'?i- Lf 5, Y S V r , Qf ir-Gfxfs i .V if Q if X - 'ff Q -' hs I gig,- az I gf' , -,zen .gqw if 'W S . 3 , Q Y , f- , 19 J v '-5 fm . fl as Q55 Rs? QA gi: K if M 'lie 5.1 S 50252.-'-.A 43 2 ya Y , gk 1-L, nf ? k Xl 1 11 :Y fi g, ' x 945 tiff .rv""' f.-fs,-A A-rf Y12ifg3E,-Vg' i-Qi - - 532352 K K k ,YQ , , 4 1 , Q s 44511, A 1 1 ' e K 5 JW. ,r if , W A 'QS' 5 ,QL .N ,YF X M? f - H gf ' Az" iw Q Mgsg 5, 324 if N . Q5 A ,,,, V . 3 ,-un i' L? v 5 if i PETER MOELLER JUDY PAGELS MICHAEL NAEGELE RONALD PALMREUTER KAY NUECHTERLEIN EDNA PICKELMA NN WILLIAM RAU MARTIN ROGNER VIOLA REINBOLD EUGENE RUMMEL FREDERICK ROEDEL GARY RUMMEL SALLY RUMMEL EARL SCHLEGEL IUDY SATCHELL ULRIKE SCHMIDT CAROLINE SCHIEFER JANET SCHMITZER LEONARD SC HMITZER DONALD VOORHEIS RONALD SCHNIERLA CHARLOTTE WILLARD CARL SCHWARTZKOPF CHARLES ZEHNDER IN MEMQRIAM In memory of the happy go lucky red headed lad who was left behmd m our n1nth grade Clark Hogan passed away as a result of an auto accldent on November 21 1955 SENIOR ROSTER LILLIE ABRAHAM FHA 3 WILLIAM ABRAHAM Student Councrl 1 Class PICS1 dent 4 Plays 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Footballl 2 3 Base ball 1 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 PAUL BERGDOLT Student Counc1l3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Band l Football 3,4 Track 1 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 Amerrcan Legron Award Honor Grad uate STUART BRADFORD Vrce Presrdent Safety Club 1 Plays 3 4 Football 3 4 Red Cross 1 Safety Club 2 3 Varsrty Club 3 4 Eyrre Staff 4 S1x Teens Rep 3 LEON BIERLEIN VHISIIY Club Presrdent 4 National Honor Socrety 3 4 Eyrre Staff 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 MVP Football 4 Qu1ll and Scroll 3 4 Baseball Captam 3,4 MVP Base ball 4 Most Valuable Senror Football Baseball RON BLOCK Vrce Presrdent 4 Secretary Varsrty Club 3 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 1 2 4 Track 1 Baseball 1 3 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 EARL BRECHTELSBAUER Baseball 2 3 4 VBISIIY Club 2 3 4 JUDY BRINKMAN Vrce Pres1dent Home Ec Club 4 Club 3 CAROL DAENZER GAA 3 4 Home Ec Club 3 Red Cross 2 JACOB DAENZER Safety Club 3 JAMES DAENZER Safety Club 3 Shop Club 2 4 Co Op Trarmng 4 KATHLEEN EGGEN Presrdent Red Cross 2 Musrc Club 4 Play 3 Offtce Manager Echo Staff 3 GAA 2 Natronal Honor SOCICIY 4 Qurll and Scroll 3 F1nal1st Natronal Merrt Scholarshrp Valedrctorran JOHN GALSTERER Safety Club Chalrman 3 4 Play 4 Basketball 2 3 Football Manager 1 Track 1 2 Base ball 1 4 JERRY GRAINGER Play 4 Sports Edrtor Echo Staff 3 Shop Club 1 Safety Club 2 3 VERALINE GREW Treasurer FHA 4 GAA 2 3 4 Co Op Trarnlng 4 MARCELLA HAAS Home Ec Club 3 Commerce Club 4 Co Op Tlf81l'lll'lg 4 CAROL HAUBENSTRICKER Class Treasurer 3 4 Play 4 Echo Staff 3 Feature Edrtor 4 Eyrle Staff 2 GAA 2 3 4 Natlonal Honor SOCICIY 3 4 Red Cross 2 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 FHA 4 Wrnter Wonderland Snow Queen 1 KATHRYN HAUBENSTRICKER Home EC Club 3 Commerce Club 4 Co Op Trarnmg 4 Commerce Club Typlng P1n 4 EUGENE HEINLEIN VHISIIY Club 2 3 4 V1ce Presl dent 4 Football 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 ROSALIE HERZOG Class Treasurer 1 2 GAA 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Echo Staff Busmess Manager 3 News Edrtor 4 Varsrty Cheerleader 3 4 National Honor So crety 3 4 Teen Fashron Board Rep 4 Semor Journalrsm Amerrcan Legron Awards Qurll and Scroll 3,4 Red Cross 2 MSU Journalrsm Scholarshlp 2 VERNA HERZOG Plays 3 4 Echo Staff 3 Red Cross Commerce Club 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 4 BARB HETZNER FHA Vrce Presrdent 3 Secretary GAA 1 2 3 4 LEON JANNI Track 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Tumblmg 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 SANDY KARST GAA 4 Red Cross 2 FHA 3 TOM KEINATH Class Presrdent 1 3 Varsrty Club 3 4 Secretary 4 Echo Staff Make Up 3 Edrtor 4 Na uonal Honor Socrety 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Safety Club 3 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Srx Teens Rep 3 Eyrle Staff, Sports Edrtor 3 Honor Graduate MSU Journallsm Scholarshrp .3 1 2 Natronal Honor Soclety 3 4 Red Cross 2 Com merce Club 3 Musrc Club 4 Honor Graduate MARIAN KNOLL Commerce Club V1ce Presrdent 4 Nauonal Honor Socrety 4 Home Ec Club 3 Co Op Trarnlng 4 MARILYN KROEGER FHA Presrdent 4 Plays 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Tumblrng 1 2 3 4 JUDY KRUEGER Plays 3 4 GAA 2 Commerce Club 4 Red Cross 2 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 JIM MATZKE Basketball 1 2 Football 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Baseball 3 4 MVP 4 Safety Club 3 Varsrty Club 4 Glee Club 1 RAY MATZKE Play 4 Basketball 2 Track 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Safety Club 3 Musrc Club 4 Glee Club 1 NANCY MEYER Play 4 GAA 1 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Red Cross 2 Commerce Club 3 Home Ec Club 4 RICHARD MEYER Safety Club Secretary 3 Football 1 2 Srx Teens Rep 3 JUDY LABEAU Jets Club Treasurer 3 Play 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Typmg Club 1 FTA 2 JAMES LOESEL Student Councll 1 2 3 4 Parlla mentarran 3 V1ce Presldent 4 Play 3 Echo Staff 4 Make Up 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 2 3,4 Basketball 1 contrnued on page '79 - ' - J I I I J J' J I J I I J I I J ' ' , Q , , . . . : ' . . - . . : ' : - . ' 5 . . 5 . ' 3 . - J I J J J I I I J J , Q J I I J J , I J I J J I J 2: Q J J , ' . 1 ' 1 ' ' - - - , ' ' , - J J J 4J I I I I J I J J I J I I I J ' , , Q Q J I I I J I I J J I I J . J I I J I I J I2J J J , , Q , , , Q ' I J J I I ' I I I J I I I J I I I Plays 3.4: GAA 3.4: Band 4: Home EC Club 4: Commerce MAG KNOLL - Class Secretary l,2,3, 4g Play 3g GAA - . : ' ' . : : - - D ' . . - J J ' - I J J I4J - J I I I J J J J J I 2 s J : : , , . J I J J I J - - I J I 9 J ' : . . s - : : ' : . J J ' - J I I J J : . ' : ' : . . s ' ' . . I J J J ' I I I J J J . - J I I I I J - nderclassmen Remembering the 1959 Krazy Karnival brings to mind blushing Queen Ruth Mossner and beaming King John Hubinger, as they receive congratulations from Principal Tracy Stockman. JUNIORS Heading the class of '60 in its busy junior year are, from left to right: Don Lindow, vice president, Lynn Mueller, treasurer, Karen Janson, secretaryg and Tom Leach, president. Class sponsors are Mar- gret Willis, James Owens, Marco Marcet, and Bob Marzonie. 191 'vluuy X 'Q KAREN ANDRUS BARBARA BARACZAK FLOYD BEYERLEIN A if DIANE BIERMANN 'I EUGENE BLOCK TOM BRINKMAN ' CLIFF CROSS PAT CROTZER BILL CRUNK - 1 TOM DEISINGER 'H VY JAMES DUFFIELD EDWARD EDMOND MARILYN FIJAK EUNICE FISCHER DOROTHY FRAKES EUGENE FRANK GEORGE FRANK RON FROST MARTIN GEYER CAROLYN GOODMAN CLARENCE GREENBERG DUANE HARTMAN BRENDA HARTNER ALLEN I-IAUBENSTRICKER EUGENE HECHT MARLENE HECHT RONALD HEGENAUER PAUL HORENZIAK SUSAN HOUGHTALING YVONNE HOYT ELAINE HUBER LESTER HUBER JOHN HUBINGER MARGARET INMAN KAREN IANSON PETER JANSON SHARON JANSON DEE IOERKE DAVID JOHNSTON JOHN JONES JIM JORDAN RON KATONA DENNIS KAUL TIM KEINATH IAYNE KLEMISH IAN KLINE MARGARET KNIGHT JEROME KORF JANET KRAENZLEIN CARLOTTA KRONKOWSKI A23 I M wg I A P I A ' Wi " 'ELWZZL mg , 1 'V ,.,,: K 5 A., 'D S ic, Q. ,Q I -if f f 1 I E x 1 A Q..,! I za. ',:' A an A s x Q I QX 4 8 '?X-I IM' I2 if f SI as vin 198 C17 V A ,f 'Q' .Sli is Rxl 'N x gn--. vm ""-.'3+" 'N' ""x 'Z Y? wma -S I L' 5 F 41 -S M is Q5 5 1 I an fzf i ' ,fs :fy 4 A wg, sf, L v A f. 59 iffium J 'i K wg' 0, A . , f 5 A ' li . f' , 3 , Q 3 K K 1 4 Ali? RON STELLWAG MARY ANN SUPPES JOANNE TECHENTIEN PAUL URECHE RON WENDLAND KEN WORLEY HARRY WOELZLEIN BILL WEGNER JERRY VOORHEIS DUANE VANCE MICHAEL VANWORMER DON VANWORMER JIM ZEHNDER DUANE ZUELLIG Camera Shy MELVIN BIERLEIN DUANE EISCHER DUANE GALBRAITH RON KARTZ. RON KNIERIM TOM MUELLER JERRY RAU DON RHYAN KRAZY KARNIVAL SNAPS SOPHOMORES Sophomores class officers look over class records and minutes ir1 preparation for one of their class meetings. Left to right are vice president, Robert Kern, treasurer, Don Chase, secretary, Margit Joerkeg and president, Connie Fisher. Class sponsors are Thomas Thompson, Carl Nord- strom, Dick Ziehmer, and Harry Kaczyn- ski. The brg project for the class of '61 was the sophomore work day, headed by these ambitious youngsters. From left to right are Larry Rodammer Liz Brender, Jack Hildner, Sandy Rummel and Joan Rupprecht. Betsy Albosta Donna Aldrich Janice Anderson James Baker Sharon Bauer Q na Mae Ben my LI Bob Bennett R f Ken Bickel N , , A Darrel Bierlein f X sl J Corinne Bleke ' o.,, R f A w Janice Block Henry Brewster Kathy Burgess Kay Brechtelsbauer Elizabeth Brender Ffa - f. M? A 1 5 f I : i-W -1:12-'T K - A5?Ssn2x:L 'S 5 a-5zaf:,l6u,,. x '55 . ' - A? v .F . M n 4 1 , f . ,Q ,Wi Wim -.-my aw 1 , Q' ,J fwuggir 3 , V 1 511 A J .Q My , Rall, Ke fx ,z 75: k fi? 2552 , if:F51ii wax . , ?T?.:L 1 9- i 4 f ig , fs 5' , gg ., -, x :a. r iv ,wc-ff - ' sa g ..., 3 1 fm? , , ,I 'M L7 ff Q, . , ,L 'W ,S 'A .ang as Nw K vb 1359? 'A L 4 ' ini? 5 'Q , A Y K, ,4-uf' K . Lzfif A f fa - ff' 55,9 ' has Nsv Q p-N IU' sn. '37 F ai Eb 1:7 if f'-. x 'K at Q. - if :IV 4- , L 8 I A ,I Q ff: X I "lr 4'IN 5 -1.- sa, Q' Hb P : mfr, . , as W .aa .RQ in SEE! if 'rf Q' f gh Charles Knoll Eugene Knoll James Knoll William Knoll Kay Krause Fred Kroeger Judy Krueger Larry Kuehnemund Dorothy Lamb Marwood Landskroner Mary Ann Laux Larry Leaym Herbert Lelo Gloria List Marjorie Mueller Mike Nuechterlein Ron Nuechterlein Bob Offenborn Detlef Olsen Caroline Palmreuter Earl Palmreuter Martha Poellet Catherine Ransom Earl Reinhold Walter Reinbold Harvey Reinhardt Geraldine Reinig Jean Rodammer Larry Rodammer Edward Roedel John Roedel Charles Rose Tom Rosencrants Sandy Rummel Joan Rupprecht Helga Schillinger Janet Schluckebier Bill Schmitt Carl Schmitzer Ruth Schmitzer Carl Schultz Dale Schury Susan Schwartzcopf Lewis Simpson Suzanne Simpson Tim Sleamon Diane Slater Barbara Smith Sue Smith Kathleen Stackowicz Richard Stenger William Stromer Ricky Strout Karen Tatu Howard Trinklein Ann Vanek Beverly Vanek Ed Van Wormer Julie Van Wormer James Veitengruber Martin Warnick Eric Weineke Tom Weiss Judith Yoba Mary Zeilinger ...C at-Z sa E , .f .K Q' 'su Q ,Q , J ii , A -' J, 'S rv- 3' n " . - A b- R 5 I X' A N a' i""'E P S ,,i i.. ' iv A " .Aa S 'rf K- it A all Q V J if if 1 K it J fared, . si A 5 19' f -uf, 0 if Q nit .Q A 'K ivy 5 N , a t 1-Us -I' Donald Chase Herbert Crunk Richard Haas Randall Heine James Krull Camera Shy Rosa Leprich Marlene Moll Donna Schmitzer Kenneth Weber Fred Zwack Tragedy overshadowed the freshman for the class of '62, Frederick Erndt, a quiet, unassuming member of the class, FRESHMEN Into the swing of things is the class of '62, which had no trouble adjusting to high school life. Pictured here with a poster advertising the big freshman project, the 'Bunny Hop, " is from left to right: Miriam Janson, treasurerg Deanna Kaul, secretaryg Creighton Boike, vice president, and Eldon Geyer, president. year was struck and killed by an automobile while riding his bicycle in April. Thomas Abraham Richard Baker Bert Bleke Michael Block Crieghton Boike X A 7' ' , Y 7:21 'WMI J cox t in I If lnflxlff i ,5fm?ff6 Sherry Ann Castagnier Daniel Cteger Pamala Cross Gerald Daenzer Leo Daenzer Martin Daenzer Myra Daenzer Mark Eggen Roberta Engel Janet Faerber Gerald Frank Pauline Frank Eugene Galsterer Richard Galsterer Mary Ann Gerschefske Eldon Geyer Scheryl Geyer Steve Grainger Jane Haubenstricker Gary Hegenauer Terrence Heine Keith Jammer Kenneth Jammer Miriam Janson Deanna Kaul Marilyn Knoll James Krauseneck Richard Krueger John Krurnnauer Mary LaMountain Marilyn Lash Karen Laux Louis Laux Dennis Leidel Millard Leslie James Lindow Larry List Janet Loesel Mary Lou Loesel Nancy Matzke John Maurer Janice Mayer Carla McConnell Pat Mclnerney Beverly Mitchell 5 . ,tv 2. tw W' "rsr- fr if idx: QQ' 2, - k- 7.5 . is if ? 'E' ' lv' ,L 1 7 V I ' , fufa-J' 1-4-R 4 B x' Liv' Y' 1,7 A 4 irtn:...' K 44 IH I .uv W Q ., 1. 'fic tr, . X '-' in-if' -I at 'Q X Q X r 2 .,, f ir- ., Q , i . . e 3 'sf-'J It 1 I xg. gk I9 'It near -if .Q 4 1 K is . 4 ""N-.- U' Fred Meyer Lannv Nuechterlein Sally Pagels Gerald Reinert Sharon Riess Eunice Rittmueller Nancy Rummel Ardith Scheall John Schellhas Charlotte Schiefer Eugene Schiefer Lucille Schiefer Elroy Schluckebier Stuart Schluckebier Susan Schmitzer Janet Schury Michelle Schutt Janice Sparks Clarence Strobel Tim Topham Arlene Ulrich Charles Veitengruber John Veitengruber Virginia Weber Karen Zehnder William Zuellig Gerry Zuercher Camera Shy Mike Reinbold Left: HELENA KACZYNSKI counseling physical education Right: HARRY KACZYNSKI Physical Education Left: C. THOMAS DORCEY algebra geometry chemistry Right: LOUIE WEISS government economics office practice business law co-op Left: Center: Right: ROBERT MARZONIE TYPUIS geography bookkeeping WARREN NABER general shop advanced shop auto mechanics JAMES OWENS physics general science business mathematics Left: RONALD LEINWEBER English German Center: MARCO MARCET typing general business shorthand Right: CARL NORDSTRUM world history glee club band Left: Center: Right: THOMAS THOMPSON biology English MARIAN PIKE home economics English GILBERT HAVEN general math mechanical drawing solid -trig algebra Left: T. RICHARD ZIEHMER English driver education Right: ALFRED ZINK American history driver education ass H . 2 f Q iJ,Q,,!fi 'Q Q hi! !""f.'f " 571 .Q In R -vs 2 1. , , ,W Us A ., ,. ',M.,.i.m, ,,.. W 4, , . L. it X- W, lyk , i . . 1' gi g I M IK w ,ku 34 .gui ki. T W' sl" I ,M My ,,5,'71? aw' -win, -. Sauer' V vmmunmhi- 2 I 'FN wie 5... 1 ..,. COUNSELING Probably one of the most important depart- ments at FHS is the counseling department, headed by Homer Stinchcombe and Helena Kaczynski. Aiding underclassmen in selecting their respective courses, the counselors have al- so been instrumental in helping seniors plan for S the future. Mr. Stinchcombe, above, shows Richard Meyer, senior, a list of the many vocational opportunities for boys. Right, Mrs. Kaczynski and Nancy Meyer, senior, discuss a girls' career in nursing. P.T.A Doing a tremendous job this year, the P.T.A. played a major roll in coordinating teacher and parent endeavors in the school program. A style show, sponsored by this group along with several businessmen, was presented at the annual card party fleftj. Members of the board are, from left to right, standing: Louie Weiss, Dick Rummel Mrs. Albert Janson. Seated: Mrs. Bob Worley, Mrs. Fred Kern, Albert Janson, Bob Worley, Oscar Rau, and Walter Frahm. With the aid of these lovely senior gals, right, Mrs. Charlotte Worley, below, keeps Mr. Stockman's office in organized running order. The girls, from left to right, are: Marian Knoll, Judy Pagels, Edna Pickel- mann, Susy Nuechterlein, Barb Hetzner, Judy Krueger, and Viola Reinhold. SEC RETARIES , Fran Bruns, left, and Doris Beyerlein, right, are Mr. Matte- , son's efficient helpers TRANSPORTATION Giving notice of the new school bus law is Carl Stromer, head of transportation at FHS. A familiar scene at 3:15, the bus line-up offers fast and easy boarding for the trip home. ia uliif 'R .1-"" va U1-A ,-"fit INK M7335 - Q ,f SENIORS AT WORK .411 nil' , Mm.. 13", A .. L LL 1 QA, Us Um, 11' , , S f '..NN"a s fi V , . In , ii-" : 'V ' '.-"2 Q ' 'Y w ,f'55, iffiiify 1.21 'M K rw 41- vw, . nw xg ,, 1 WM. fi sf 4 Q3 .I 3 0 V spdsivhf , 'ff A, WZ is K thletics vw' ffwwy Judy Pagels fleftj a senior, is a four year member of the squad. This year Judy became captain. Rosy Herzog Qrightj a senior, has completed her second cheerleading year. HOMECOMING ROYALTY Reigning over the annual homecoming were these radiant beauties, chosen by the football squad as the most popular gals in school. Lovely Queen Connie Fischer Qcenterj was crowned dur- ing a half-time ceremony at the football en- counter with North Branch by Arnold Nuechterlein, secretary of the school board. Members of Con- nie's court were Qleftj Judy Krueger, senior, and frightj Carla McConnell, freshman. Connie is a sophomore. CHEERLEADERS As important to the school as the teams they support, these FHS cheerleaders stuck with the fellas through thick and thin. Back row, varsity girls are Karen Janson, Rosy Herzog, Judy Pagels, and Mary Ann Suppes. Front row, junior varsity: Connie Fischer, Nancy Rummel, Dianna Kaul, and Sandy Rummel, 2 N Meet the undefeated team! Back row, from left to right: Mike Naegele, Mike Nuechterlein, Jack Hildner, Jim Loesel, Marty Warnick, Ron Block, Walt Reinbold, Stuart Bradford, Art Loesel, Tom Keinath, Harvey Reinhart. Second row: Andy Vitany, assistant coach, Tom Leach, Fred Roedel, Darrel Bierlein, Dennis Kaul, Jerome Korf, Detlef Olsen, Jim Matzke, Jim Zehnder, Ken Bickel, Mel Bierlein, Pete Janson, Gary Rummel, manager, Harry Kaczynski, coach. Front row: Bill Stromer, manager, Bert Bleke, Len Chase, Eugene Heinlein, Ken Worley, Randy Heine, Jack McConnell, Dave Johnston, Leon Bierlein, Eugene Rummel, Jim Baker, Bill Abraham. FOOTBALL Coaches Andy Vitany and Harold Kaczynski discuss their formula for success, right, while below is listed the results of the winning season. September September October October October October November November Seminary Merrill North Branch Ortonville Boys' Vocational Harrison Millington Sag. St. Mary H 7- 0 T 26- O H 26- 0 T 46- O H 47-14 T 13- 6 T 19- O H 27- 0 Rated to the All-State football squad by the Detroit Times were these husky senior Eagles. Leon "62" Bierlein, left, and Fred Roedel, right. pm THE BIG "F" The final victory was completed. FHS senior gridders slipped off their precious jersies for the last time. They had done their job well - undefeated in twenty-four straight games. TOP ROW: Most Valuable Player, All-Area first team, All-State honorable mention, guard, Leon "62" Bierleing Co-Captain, All-Area first team, All-State first team, end, Fred Roedelg Co-Captain, A11- Area honorable mention, tackle, Len Chaseg tackle. Eug Heinleing back, Jim Matzke. SECOND ROW: End, Tom Keinathg end, Jim Loeselg end, Eug Rummelg guard, Mike Naegele. VERTICAL: Center, Bill Abraham: back, Ron Block, guard, Paul Bergdoltg tackle, Charles Zehnderg tackle, Stu Bradford. fr .V , Q. Q w ,i , . .- we . '1 , ., f , V - 1-3. ...nv yu A 5 , ,sa m , X .M - f 1' , ,ggiffqgi A 1, .- w , " vi: V 4 4-Q Qe vfiz-f is-1 2, i :. Y 15 , I -4, lk ,rf 4. zfa f g f 'f fn 1 fm-,,..., A K gm I -my ww wa? A, M ygwmg, J ,,,-. S ., Q L ,7 X , 1'f""1 7-' A A ' -V anim A. f' 413' , ' PM Ailwxxf' 5- 'fn ' - Vf5v'?Q 4 1 V we Q 33,3 A MJ, -, , Q -ff? ' 1 Y ' ff'+P'fHPf7 Q , ' ' D 'rw A . , ' . ' 523' gsm Y, -A , .. ' -L, an x ' , J, 5 , , 3 L A H f., Q ,WWF .X ' ' " f- , ., ' J i ' vm x L K 1 0' f 542 - ' gif M 'i '1 1, 42:1 A "i X " ' Y' z - ' 'fx . H ' -.13 ' Q ' ' Q ,,.,, 1 f , ' ' fy, ' 5 EW 11 W W? ' Q SM ! I 2 - 52 sf V W ., i K ik I :T , . A ,,L As . . , . A A-L' ' Q ,. - W Q ' T H E ' 'X V L- t ' , fM, ,. VXA A, Q YH , , Q it W K M R ' i fm ' f' ' F I l M , . .X ' f ' gs ' I J 4"'Jc, f'?'. X ' ' ffr' 'g,+- - Al M W H ' Q , f 1: ,if .. f V ,,, W ,A 7 N 1 4' V l, Q .. M , . , . . " M . 'Y' . . Fffly ' ' 1 ' -2 Q is A ,,. 3 if AM A ? 3 E , ' f iv 1 5 1 nf ,mi Q W Am K , 2 , .Vg J: K 'QQLQ 3 f Q. Q ff.. 1135 gy K 'Q lf. ,WY V iw: K 4-3 a ,a K M 5 Z! K 'faq-,Q 5 A. r J V :W V. W, I 1 ' G 154' 'ref-g V V, 73513 i'Qg!HZdNw gui, ' Lk V, ,, . if K EY 4,457 E, , in . v ,:,,if5q, c Lf3yTf5Q5g?15?i" f R592 ",', E I. - 3 4 Q ive' fl , M Eff' 5 J J5' mfg- , ' If ' K A A QT ' ' Q" . -Hn. . . fxllfm Y WW m y 4 i Q6 . f k-4' ff '. f , f ww .,e '- 'H' mm. xi . "' 'Nw TK .sggfa A f iififi, , 1- X Q Q . 5 : if j U . 6 gg' 3 6 , .L 4 A W I2 ,V wt, ' 4,9 Q Ax x ggi. f .... H . " kk h 1 ' W E Q." . li 52... .fe ' 3 V . N . .f ' G :'f . V-. A ' A N. I 1 'gi A1 2 ? l+,f1if?fL" :rf ' :Q -' .X f R1g4y,gSgE ff" .F ff 'g,,!f 3g g,fif ' . 1 'E' f nl-'fm-5 A 3, K lmvmnr i , . ks hh' I . . W., 5 YV Q ., 5. bk' .L ' ...lg W N Q Q Ag. M 'dr' 'Il' . . . WT- 'L "' ff, kK" f-mx' fu .QQ V ,fig x if Q A VY 1 s : jg A Q . mf Xsmv J 2,5 f .. . fs fl wg ,W ". mm fx Mn 1' - Standing, from left to right are: Coach Bob DeMain, Peter Hetzner, Lewis Simpson, James Veitengruber, Larry Rodammer, Eugene Schiefer, and Bob Kern. Kneeling: Ken Bickel, Mike Nuechterlein, Jim Baker, Fred Galsterer, Marwood Landskroener, and Tom Weiss. FRESHMEN To acquaint the freshman boys with the game of basketball, its rules, and the coaching methods involved, and to develop the talents of these eager lads, is the purpose of the freshman team. JUNIOR VARSITY Although winning only four of the fourteen games they played, these young Eaglets promise spirit, enthusiasm, and desire for varsity teams in the future. Standing, from left to right are: Coach Ron Hildner, John Krumnauer, Mark Eggen, Dan Creger, Eldon Geyer, Jolm Schel- lhas, and Jerry Reinert. Kneeling: Lanny Nuechterlein, Richard Baker, Bi11Zue11ig, Dick Gal- sterer, and Tom Abraham. it 'V "'-"A Mastering the great American pastime for a season record of six wins and four losses were these Eagle glovemen. Top row, left to right: Gary Hegenauer, Bill Abraham, Jack Hildner, Charles Knoll, Bert Bleke, Eugene Heinlein, Jim Baker, Ken Bickel, Ron Nuechterlein, manager. Second row: Coach Marco Marcet, Gary Rummel, manager, Mike Nuechterlein, John Galsterer, Larry Rodammer, Jim Matzke, Earl Brechtelsbauer, Leon Bierlein. Seated are: LeRoy Parlberg, Marwood Landskroener, Fred Kroeger, Ken Worley, Randy Heine, Len Chase, Tom Weiss, Dave Hunter, and Fred Galsterer. BASEBALL Hitting when it counts, adding a little more effort to fielding that ground ball and "talking it up" on the field are just a few sportsman- ship qualities of Jimmie "Mose" Matzke, left, and Leon "62" Bier- lein who were selected most valu- able player and captain respectively by their teammates. JW' Taking third place in the Class "C" State Finals, this is the FHS track team. Back row, from left to right: Pete Janson, Ken Jammer, Earl Palmreuter, Bob Bennett, Ken Worley, Tom Leach, Floyd Beyerlein, Jim Duffield, Charley Nickless, Gerald Frank. Second row: Coach Kaczynski, Carl Sch- mitzer, Tim Keinath, Carl Schwartzkopf, Wally Reinbold, Randy Heine, Jim Zehnder, Eldon Geyer, Bill Zuellig, manager. Front row: Mike Naegele, Jim Matzke, Jack McConnell, Jim Loesel, Don Voorheis, Tom Keinath, Paul Bergdolt, Kieth Jammer, Eugene Schiefer, George Frank. TRACK 13 Newspapers all over the state label him Don "Flash" Voorheis Z . G ,,. 15 frightl. This quiet, easygoing young man is the holder of state ...M records in the 100 and 220-yard dashes, and has been selected by his teammates as team captain and most valuable player for four years. ,.,s,a,,as. ...C 4 f Senior distance men qleftj which J Q i"- the track team will be losing next year are, standing: Jim Matzke, 440, Carl Schwartzkopf, mile, Paul Bergdolt, mileg Tom Keinath, 880. Capturing many awards was this 880- yard relay team. From left to right: Wally Reinhold, sophomore, Jack Mc- Connell, juniorg Jim Loesel, senior, Don Voorheis, senior. A no Winning the three softball games they played were these members of the gal's team. Back row, left to right: Connie Fischer, Marilyn Lash, Eliaz- beth Brender, Karen Janson, Linda Lee, Sue Scott, Carlotta Kronkowski. Second row: Mrs. Kaczynski, coach, Sandy Rummel, Roberta Engel, Michelle Schutt, Mary Ann Gerschefske, Julie Vanwormer, Mary Lou Loesel, Susan Schmitzer. Third row: Rosie Rodammer, Mary Ann Suppes, Shirley Reinert, Sally Rummel, senior, Janet Schmitzer, senior, Jan Kline, Kat Brechtelsbauer. TUMBLING Coordination and practice combine in making the fine FHS tumbling squad. Below, in pyramid balance are, from left to right: Mary Shoe- maker, Mary Lou Loesel, Marilyn Kroeger, senior, Jan Kline, Leon Ianni, senior, Kathy Stackowitz, Wayne Savage, Julie Vanwormer, Kathy Mc- Connell, Linda Lee, Bill Abraham, senior, Tom Abraham. QSet inj Leon Ianni dives over this pyramid of gals. K INTRAMURALS Intramurals at FHS develop- ed this year more than ever be- fore. Boys who did not wish to try out for the school teams met after school when the gym was free to compete among themselves. Girls and boys en- joyed evenings of fun playing volleyball, kickball, and dodgeball Qbelowj, ? lt i 2 5 E Q? 'l-ff. 31 SWE, 5 gf WG '- 'O JH nf- :Q JB X WA. mpgs in Q WP? f ff ,Q -gg Q .K , , . 5 f EI -' v -xi , Ji" 'f 6 A.'- ' . Q ..,.+,?1Q . ' 'Q ,fm 1 4, -if 5 .mcg - f '--fy'sQ,j Lg f :N E 7' X 33, 2 'ggi , . WF' M , K 4, - 7 fi? " 1. MM 'M ' ,fiy I -4' 'U " ' , ., L.eyq.:t 7 Q. V , '- wQg,wf.:q it X , A J , Z W - KIM ,fi arg X 'Mtv i M , iffy ,inf 1,4-5 3' ,f J' yy wk W vi, 534, H 3. ,V in -ia 12 . i 12 1 fx at ,Q s . f,.w,, gvxmy, A ,X Awww' .W v wi' :Qi 'ii H' is X x x , 91 if W ' 2 H , 2' 6' 2 -Q YQ J ' LQ ., , R f'M'ixEM f ix L , I Y ,,V, w hiff if, L' " ' ' .LA 4 as .. . ' F I ' ' w M f , . J., Psp 1-xfwggfi Q , wa.-v 1 I .S3q'i.1'Q 4 I 1 1 E91 J w M is vig , X W2 V '51 ,. J x-" 1 A m i'-.,,-3, 2 +?"'W-544153 w if W L V32 gy- .hx 5? --H f- , U, ' , - ik" 155555 m2933525 Qs K EA, K . sqm x'x 4,2 if L, , k yjwzq N ' A+, Leon "62" Bierlein received the foot- ball trophy from alumni association member, Elmer Simons. MOST VALUABLE SENIORS Seniors, chosen as most valuable to the team in each sport by their teammates, were presented their awards at the annual alumni banquet Jr, on May 26. Receiving the basketball award from Herb Bronner, is Jim Loesel. In memory of a fine scholar and superior athlete, the Tom Block trophy was purchased by the varsity club with funds do- nated by the class of '58, of which Tom was a member at his death. Recipient of the award was Jim Loesel, left, who re- ceives the trophy from Leon Bierlein. Leon Blerlern receives his second trophy of the evening, this for baseball, from Jim Kern. The track sensation of the state, Don Flash Voorheis accepts the track award from Arnold Baker. ctiuities 3 . Q3 tw Q i J Aff!-L M M A I . ,..... .5 L IM- 154 Elected by the faculty to the Alfred G. Zink chapter of the National Honor Society are, ,back row: Connie Fischer, Barbara Barzcak, Jean Rodammer, Marge Mueller, Tom Leach, Art Loesel, Bob Hart, Reardon Campeau, Julie VanWormer. Second row: Jo Techentien, Marlene Hecht, Tim Keinath, George Frank, Charles Nickless, LeRoy Parlberg, Dee Joerke, Linda Lee, Mary Ann Suppes. Third row: Mag Knight, Jan Kline, Ricky Schmidt, Judy Pagels, Marilyn Kroeger, Kathy Eggen, Charlotte Willard, Nancy Meyer, Mag Knoll, Lynn Mueller, Marilyn Fijak. Seated: Susie Nuechterlein, Verna Herzog, Marian Knoll, Rosie Herzog, Tom Keinath, Alfred G. Zink, sponsor, Jim Loesel, Sally Rummel, Carol Haubenstricker, Leon Bierlein, Paul Bergdolt. Tom Keinath, Jim Loesel, and Sally Rummel are three year members. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY QUILL AND SCROLL Members of the Margret Y. Willis chapter of Quill and Scroll are, back row, left to right: Art Stel- lwag, Dorothy Frakes, John Galsterer, Susie Nuechterlein. Second row: Sally Rummel, Tom Keinath, Nancy LaBeau, Fred Roedel, Marilyn Fijak. Seated are: Kathy Eggen, Rosie Herzog, Jim Loesel, Margret Y. Willis, sponsorg Carol Haubenstricker, and Judy Pagels. EHJL Among their many projects, F. H.A. members sponsored the annual style show. Back row, left to right are: Marian Pike, advisor, Barbara Pretzer, Helga Schillinger, Martha Poellet, Carolyn Goodman, Lucille Schiefer, Pauline Frank, Karen Laux, Eunice Rittmuel- ler, Sharon Riess, Janice Mayer. Second row: Carlotta Kronkowski, Sue Scott, Pat Crotzer, Marilyn Laux, Jayne Klemish, Diane Slater, Nancy Meyer, Kathy Stackowicz, Carol Hauben- stricker, Barbara Smith. Seated: Sherry Castagnier, pianist, Marjorie Mueller, parliamen- tarian, Linda Lee, historian, Judy Brinkman, vice president, Marilyn Kroeger, president, Barb Hetzner, secretary, Veraline Grew, treasurer, Elizabeth Brender, reporter, Charlotte Willard, song leader. i Admiring their pins for outstanding work in the 4 home economics field, presented by Miss Pike are left, Charlotte Willard, Frankenmuth High's Home- maker of Tomorrow, and Rosy Herzog, the FHS rep- resentative to McCal1's Teen Fashion Board. "" -3 Industrious shop club members are, back row, left to right: Warren Nabor, advisor, Charles Knoll, lim Daenzer, Lester Huber, Allan I-Iaubenstricker, Earl Schlegel, vice pre dent, Melvin Bierlein, Gerald Frank, Mike Vanwormer, president, Dave Starke, Jerome Korf. Kneeling: Calvin Laux, Ed Reif, Paul Uriche, Harvey Reinhart, Fred Kern, Ed Van Wormer, Ron Nuechterlein, secretary-treasurer, Ron Katona. SHOP gp.. iv Remembering those varsity club days will be a lasting pleasure for these letter winners who share a mutual interest in sports, Back row, left to right, Mike Nuechterlein, Fred Kroeger, Bill Abraham, Jim Matzke, Fred Roedel, Don Voorheis, Jim Loesel, George Frank, Detlef Olsen, Eugene Rummel, Len Chase, Tom Leach, Mike Naegele, Ron Block, Ken Worley, Jim Baker, Tim Keinath, Dave Johnston, Bill Stromer, Harold Kaczynski,. sponsor, Front row, Earl Brechtelsbauer, Paul Bergdolt, Wally Reinbolt, treasurer, Tom Keinath, secretary, Leon Bierlein, president, Eugene Heinlein, vice president, Leroy Parlberg, Ken Bickel, Charles Nickless, Gary Rummel, and missing are Stuart Bradford, and Randy Heine. VARSITY CLUB G.A.A. Girls participate in athletics, too, and look forward to Monday nights when G. A.A. members meet and "let off steam." Back row, from left to right: Pat Mclnerny, Miriam Janson, Arlene Ulrich, Dearma Kaul, Lucille Schiefer, Nancy Matzke, Janet Loesel, Janet Shurry, Sally Pagels, Michelle Schutt, Janet Faerber, Mary Loesel, Virginia Weber. Second row: Carolyn Palmrueter, Karen Daenzer, Judy Yoba, Mary Laux, Connie Fischer, Sandy Rummel, Margy Miller, Bev Vanek, Kay Brechtelsbauer, Sally Sohn. Third row, Marian Pike, and Helena Kaczynski, sponsors, Mary Shoemaker, Mag Knight, Shirley Reinert, Rose Rodammer, Ruth Mossner, Linda Lee, Carlotta Kronkowski, Eunice Fischer, Diane Roedel, Brenda Hartner, Sharon Janson, Janet Kraenzlein, Sue Scott. Second row: Lynn Mueller, Pat Crotzer, Jan Kline, Carol Haubenstricker, Caroline Schiefer, Carol Daenzer, Judy Brinkman, Nancy Meyer, Janet Schmitzer, Diane Bierman, Mary Ann Suppes, Karen Janson. Front row, Barbara Hetzner, Sandra Karst, Veraline Grew, Marilyn Fijak, vice president, Judy Pagels, secretary, Susie Nuechterlein, president, Janet Loesel, point keeper, Jo Rupprecht, treasurer, Sal Rummel, Marilyn Kroeger, and Rosalie Herzog. Smiling members of the music club are, back row, left to right: Carl Nordstrom, advisor, Willy Schmidt, Wayne Savage, Kent Burgess, Duane Vance, Tom Weiss, secretary-treasurer. Second row: Jan Kline, Julie VanWormer, Yvonne Hoyt, Sally Sohn, Lucille Schiefer, Bev Vanek, vice president, Judy Yoba, Jean Rodammer. Front row: Donna Aldrich, Karen Irish, Margit Joerke, Kay Brechtelsbauer, Kathy Burgess, Shirley Reinert, Jan Anderson, Mag Knoll, Helen Chawaniec. Gloria List, president, is absent. MUSIC CLUB COMMERCE CLUB Prospective secretaries and office personnel find commerce club activities particularly interesting. Left, are business students, left to right: Marcella Haas, Edna Pickelmann, Marian Knoll and Kathy Haubenstricker, who are on the co- operative program. Below, members of the commerce club are as follows, standing, left to right: Janet Loesel, Janet Kraenzlein, Kathy Haubenstricker, Peter Nieznajko, Bill Rau, Ron Palm- reuter, Ron Schnierla, Marlene Hecht, Lilly Mayer, Eunice Fischer, Marcella Haas. Seated: Louis Weiss, sponsor, Marian Knoll, vice president, Judy Satchell, president, Edna Pickelmann, secretary-treasurer, Judy Krueger. Mother nature and her performances interest this group of students who meet during activity period. Back row, left to right: Alfred Zink, sponsor, Jerry Reinert, James Knoll, Edward Roedel, Jim Duffield, vice president. Jack McConnell, president, Carl Swartzkopf, John Kern secretary, Ronald Wendland, Carl Schmitzer, Herb Lelo, Dick Cronk. Front row: Michelle Schutt, Mary Loesel, Virginia Weber, Janet Faerber, treasurer, Eugene Galsterer, Martin Geyer missing Don Ryan, Fred Galsterer, Eugene Knoll. NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB Trying to fine out why things happen as they do in science and mathematics brings about many projects for jets club members, who enjoyed a trip to the Flint Plan- etarium to study the stars. Back row, left to right: Ken Weber, Jim Veitengruber, Tom Brinkman, Dale Schurry. Third row: Jim Karst, Rick Strout, Bill Zuellig, Crayton Boike, Harry Woelzlein. Second row: John Roedel, Fred Erndt, Bill Crunk, Sue Simpson, Marie Haas, Len Felgn- er. Front row: Jim Owens, advisor, Bill Wagner, presi- dent, Sharon Fisher, secretary, 'Buster' Simpson, vice president, Charles Dorsey, advisor, missing Bill Hook, treasurer, Charles Veitengruber. JETS CLUB PSYCHICS According to Homer Stinchcombe, advisor to this happy group, there are two definitions for a psychics club. One, it is an organization by which several intellectual individuals gather to study life's psychic phenomena while enjoying their daily noon nourish- ment. Two, the psychics club consists of a bunch of nuts who enjoy having dinner together. Back row, from left to right: Homer Stinchcombe advisor, Mag Knight, Charlotte Willard, Carla Mc- Connell, Mary Ann Gerschefski, Len Felgner. Front row: Bob Hart, president, Detlef Olsen, vice presi- dent, Janet Faerber, secretary, Bill Crunk, treasurer, Bill Wagner. H394 FORENSICS Forensics consists of individual competition by categories. Students are judged first on district con- tests, and then in regionals. Connie Fischer, left, placed first in the interpretive reading category in the regionals and second in the district. Right, Jim Loesel, in original oratory rated first in district and second in the regionals. Jean Rodammer also entered in this category. DEBATE Debate and forensics, headed by Richard Ziehmer, were new to the activity program this year. Providing wonderful training for the mind, these competitive exercises call for hours of research and study. Left is the debate team which won 10 out of the 13 de- bates in which it participated, From left to right: Gloria List, Dick Ziehmer, coach, Mary Lou Loesel, Michelle Schutt, Tom Weiss, Bob Hart, Julie Vanwormer, Marjy Mueller. ,VS 'Cf' ,,,s Above right, is Mike Nuechterlein and Bob Hart, both entered in extemporaneous speech. Bob took first place in the district. Lynn Mueller, right, took part in the interpretive reading category. Declamation was the category of these "But, girls, be reasonable, 1've taught you all I know, " pleads Coach Ziehmer with, below, Judy Krueger left, and Corinne Bleke who were entered in humorous reading. girls, left, Mary Lou Loesel and Gloria List. '2 1. Judy Satchell Business Manager Fred Roedel Ma ke-Up Editor X Dave Johnston Advertising Manager JOURNALISM Conference as the finest newspaper in the state, was the Eagle Echo, as well as the '58 Eyrie, produced by last year's journalism class. V .ph Tom Keinath, right, is editor-in- -J - 'X F X chief of the Echo. Rosy Herzog, managing editor, is absent. Mrs. Margret Willis, right, has been the head of this department since its origin in '57. Under her supervision are senior stu- demg, upper left, standing: Judy Krueger, Eugene Rummel, Carol Haubenstricker, feature editor, James Loesel, and Sally Rummel, student advisor. This group was instrumental in presenting the workshop for area schools last fall. Holding a joint banquet initiation at Zehnder's Hotel with Quill and Scroll members from Bay City Handy, these six pledges of the Matgret Y. Willis Chapter were sworn in as members of the organization. From left to right: John Galsterer, Fred Roedel Dorothy Frakes, Nancey LaBeau, Ron Stellwag, and Marilyn Fijak ' "4 Nj' NX. oxfv FHS BAND Dressed in the smart new, flashing-red uniforms for which they worked so hard, here is the FHS band! Back row, left to right: Carl Nordstrom, director, Eugene Block, Carla McConnell, Dorothy Frakes, Michelle Schutt, Wayne Savage, Herb Lelo, drum major, Marilyn Lash, Sheryl Geyer, Betsy Albasta, Kathy Burgess, Margit Joerke. Second row: Virginia Weber, Janet Faerber, Tom Abraham, Judy LaBeau, Bob Hart, Jack McConnell. Third row: Judy Brinkman, Corrinne Bleke, Donna Aldrich, Charlie Nickless, Lloyd Phillips, Dick Galsterer, Lanny Nuechterlein, Larry List, Helen Chow- aniec, Jim Hudson, Jerry Zuercher, Brenda Hartner, Colleen Miller, Barbara Barczak. Front row: Jim Duffield, Fred Galsterer, Susan Schmitzer, Karen Zehnder, Charlotte Willard. "Man with the horn" is Mr. Nordstrom, left, who thrilled FHS jazz enthusiasts with old favorites as "You Made Me Love You' and, "Sugar Blues." One of Frankenmuth s most ver- satile gals is smiling Dot Frakes, right. Dorothy held her own piano recital this spring in the auditorium. A popular trombone-piano com- Raising money for band uniforms was the great bination are Carla and Jack Mc- project of the Music Boosters who sponsored a talent Connell. both members of the band. show from which this hillbilly scene was taken. From left to right: Dorothy Frakes, Michelle Schutt, Marry Lou Loesel, Mary Ann Gerschefske, Jan Faer- ber, Carla McConnell. Meet the cast to this year's senior play production, 'Seven- teenth Summer." HSEVENTEENTH SUMMER" Starring in the delightful three-act presentation was a complete senior cast. Above are, back row, -left to right: Ray Matzke, Jerry Grainger, Eugene Rummel, Ron Palmreuter. Front row: Judy Brinkman, Judy Pagels, Nancy Meyer, Verna Herzog, Stu Bradford, Susie Nuechterlein, and Judy Krueger. Right are Marian Pike, assistant director, Bill Abraham and Carol Haubenstricker, leading players and Ronald Leinweber, director. Prompting, make-up, and last minute Members of the production staff below ' . ' Ro , P lB d lr, ' . .' ' Eg at ' ' Sitting- Carol Daenzer Janet Sch- 1 . . d gen. . . mg: Chiles Zehnder, Eugene I-lemlein, an miner' Mag Knoll' and Marilyn Kmeger Ron Bloc . gf, fy' if I G2 ,Q Fi A 1 l 1 details for the play were left to these girls Standing- Charlotte Willard Sandra Karst .wg 7 r lc 6300 7500 9500 1:30 - - - Coketails - Eugene Rummel's - - - - Dinner - Zehnder Hotel - - - Dance - FHS Gymnasium - - - - Foot Hockey - Verna Herzog's JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART" Many hours of work and planning suddenly seemed worthwhile for the junior class on May 29, when they presented the seniors with a prom truly ro be remembered. The banquet began at 7100 with swiss steak dinners on the menu. While everyone sat back comfortably after the meal, Tom Leach welcomed the group and Bill Abraham offered his thanks on behalf of the seniors Charles Nickless and Karen Janson took charge of the giftatory which followed, and proved to be quite hilarious. At 9:00, stomachs and hearts filled, the "gang" went to the school. Juniors glowed with pride as seniors "oo-ed and ah'ed" at the cheery, springtime decorations. The Arliss Woodward orchestra offered romantic melodies both for listening and danc- ing, while in the cafeteria, punch and cookies were on hand throughout the evening. All too soon the clock struck one, and seniors heard the familiar strains of "Good Night Sweetheart" call a reluctant farewell to a wonderful evening and four years of happy memories at F. H. S. PRO M-NIGHT ACTIVITY 2530 3330 5:00 - - - Hot Pretzels - Bill Abraham's - - - - Shuffleboard - Gary Rummel's - - - Breakfast - Sally Rummel's - .f,. 'e ps- f. 2 .1 .5 vit, 1 - x , X A 'Q '-.QIITU .Xi 'T' , 15X 'KN .f ea nu - wi clk 'ind 'E' JJ, 2' i Friendliest CAROL HAUBENSTRICKER and LEON BIERLEIN Best Athletes MARILYN KROEGER and DON VOORHEIS Best Dressed MARCY HAAS and TOM KEINATH MOCK ELECTIONS Most L1ke1y to Succeed KATHY EGGEN and JIM LOESEL Best Dancers VERNA HERZOG and LEN CHASE Best Looking JUDY PAGELS and DON VOORHEIS HONOR SENIORS Valedictorian of the class of '59 was Kathy Eggen, right, who held a 3. 97 point average. Charlotte Willard, left, was Salutatorian. Graduating with honors Q3. 5 or better, were Paul Bergdolt, Tom Keinath, Mag Knoll, Jim Loesel, and Sally Rummel. The American Legion Citizenship awards went to Paul Bergdolt fbelowj and Rosy Herzog, presented by Mat Kern. Sally Rummel, right, was selected as Frankenmuth High School's first exchange student, and will spend the summer in Germany. :Av--'-7 , , -. SCHOLARSHIPS Seniors granted scholarship awards were as follows: Kathy Eggen - Eldred Memorial Scholarship, Kalamazoo College, Regent's Alumni Scholarship, University of Michigan, MSU Honors Scholarship, Valparaiso University Scholarship. Paul Bergdolt - Michigan College of Mining and Technology High School Scholarship. Rosy Herzog - MSU Entrance Scholarship, Saginaw Garden Club Scholarship. Tom Keinath - MSU Honors Scholarship, Michigan College of Mining and Technology High School Schol arship. Marilyn Kroeger - CMU State Board of Education Scholarship, Rotary Scholarship. Jim Loesel - Great Lakes Area Scholarship Oberlin College, US Naval Acadamy. Charlotte Willard - MSU Honors Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship. BACCALAUREATE AND GRADUATION Baccalaureate service was held Sunday, June 7, at seven-thirty at St. Lorenz Lutheran Church. Forming our procession beside the Cen- tennial house, we filed across the street and into the big church, followed by our teach- ers. Pastor Mehlberg addressed us and empha- sized the importance of "doing the right thing for the right reason. " Graduation night, June 9, proved to be a beautiful evening. The FHS band was playing "Pomp and Cir- cumstance' and we found ourselves walking solemnly onto the football field. We stood together by our chairs after the proces- sional, while the teachers took their places. The football field suddenly disappeared and we were standing on a thick, green carpet. Dusk fell as Pastor Kehrberg prayed the Invocation. The Evening Star twinkled merrily in the sky, like the harbinger of a happy future. Mr. Matteson gave a brief S welcome talk and introduced Charlotte Willard, class Salu- tatorran. "The future is ours to hold, " Charlotte said in her concluding remarks. 'With God's help we want to continue to build upon our high school foundation. . . Following the awarding of schol- arships by Mr. Stinchcombe, Kathy Eggen offered her Valedictory ad- dress. Kathy stressed our good for- tune in finding our education in T Amerrca. 1 Q 'Take Thou my hands and lead me. " The words of the class song, sung by Elmer Schemm, and accompanied by Dick Nuech- terlein, fell assuringly on our anxious ears. "Be afraid, but do not fear. Raise your voice for honesty and truth, raise it against injustice and lies. Pray for the courage to stand up and be counted, " advised Dr. Samuel Cornelius, head of the English De- partment at Alma College, in his inspiring address. Diplomas were then awarded by Mr. Stockman and John Ziegler, president of the school board. The band played the new school song as we marched quietly from the football field, away from high school and into the future. "Eyrie" staff members from left to right: Fred Roedel, Leon Bierlein, Carey Schiefer, Sal Rummel, Louis Weiss, Susy Nuechterlein, Kathy Eggen, Stu Bradford, John Galsterer. "Men with the money" are these members of the advertising staff. Receiving the whole- hearted support of the local businessmen these boys sold enough ads to completely finance the book Ln-3 "EYRlE" STAFF The '59 "Eyrie" is a basement product of the Richard Rummel residence. Sally Rummel fbelowj was editor-in-chief, while her father, Dick, advised the group. Mr. Rummel donated almost all pictures in the book. '31 N"-va-...may Layout and typing were the pri- mary duties of fleftj Carey Schief- er, Leon Bierlein, and Susy Nuech- terlein. ' .W FNS ,fs Left, are Kathy Eggen fshe writes the checks, and Louis Weiss, faculty advisor, fhe signs themj. duertisers TO THE STUDENTS OF FRANKENMUTH HIGH SCHOOL S 81 E MACHINE PARTS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES if I A ff 1 f , I ,lg ing!-,HSI I,-4, I I23y,'s, I Q A , I fa I 1, "4 2' QQ Rf' .X A g -.,S IW.IIi2- My w'g'5XI I Q f QQ34 f f' ff, if -A1532 -5f,,y.i2, 4 '+ 1,Q v fgfm A s s I . III E M Q A T T I . UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING CO. One of Frankenmuth's Finest Industries INSURANCE CO. FRANKENMUTH MUTUAL mg. Na My gm X Frankenrnuth WITH OUR COMPLIMEN TS FRANKENMUTH STATE BANK Birch Run EMIL RUMMEL AGENCY STAR OF THE WEST MILLING CO. PLIMEN TS E THIRD ISSUE HE EYRIE Senlor Por tr a.1ts Taken by Congratulatlons to the Class of 1959 Congratulatlons Gr ads 19 59 Compllments RAU BROS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 1959 FRANKENMUTH RESTAURANT Congr atulatlons Gr aduate s 19 59 Cornphments of WEISS FARM EQUIPMENT All ' , ' ' of RUMMEL STUDIO of ' of Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 1959 OSCAR RAU ELECTRIC Best Wlshes From Your EAGLE ECHO' PRINTERS THE FRANKENMUTH NEWS Compllments FISCHER'S FRANKENMUTH HOTEL Clucken Seafood Steaks To Future Homernakers Congratulatlons to the Class of 1959 HARLAN ACRES ARNOLD KR UEGE R Owne r Frankenrnuth Il 1 " Your Record Headquarters" of ' Eat at ZEHNDER S HOTEL Famous for Flne Food BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 IGA STORE Compliments of RUPPRECHT'S FRANKENMUTH SAUSAGE Congratulations Class of 19 59 BEST WISHES MCDONALD PRODUCTS RAY E. WEISS - Distributor Congr atulations Clas s of '59 SATOW'S DRUG COMPLIMENTS OF Don's Standard Service Leslie Hardware Frankenmuth Cleaners Walker Cleaners Norm's Oldsmobile Sales Baker Sales and Service Albert Hetzner, Pontiac Dealers Ben Franklin Store Hubinger Super Market Kern's Sausages Frankenrnuth Bakery Ed's Barber Shop Bradford, LaRiviere, Inc. Mueller's Service Trinklein Oil Co. sen1or roster con t from page 18 2 3 4 Capta1n Most Valuable Semor 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Tom Block Award 4 lst Place D1str1ct Forensrcs 2n Regronals 4 Honor Graduate MIKE NAEGELE Basketball 3 Football 1 4 Track 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 KAY NUECHTERLEIN Qu1ll and Scroll 4 Vrce P13651 dent 3 Class Presrdent 2 GAA 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Re Cross 2 Softball 3 Student Councrl 1 Natronal Honor QOCICIY 4 MSU Journalrsm Scholarshrp 2 Plays 3 4 Echo Staff 3 Eyrre Staff 3 4 JUDY PAGELS GAA 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Play 4 Echo Staff 3 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Captam 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Red Cross 2 Qurll and Scroll 3 4 Eyrre Staff 3 RON PALMREUTER Play 4 Track 1 2 Safety Club EDNA PICKELMANN Commerce Club Secretary 4 Home Ec Club Secretary 3 Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 Co Op Trarnrng 4 BILL. RAU Basketball 2 Track 2 Safety Club 3 Radro Club 2 Commerce Club 4 VIOLA REINBOLD Home Ec Club 3 FREDERICK ROEDEL Student Councrl 4 Pres1dent Class Vrce Pres1dent 2 3 Echo Staff Make Up 4 Eyr1e Staff Baseball 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 4 Co Capta1n, All Area All State 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 Qurll and Scroll 4 MARTIN ROGNER Track 2 3 Safety Club 3 Glee Club 1 EUGENE RUMMEL Plays 3 4 Football 4 Track 3 Safety Club 2 Scrence Club 3 Varslty Club 4 GARY RUMMEL Play 3 Basketball Manager 1 4 Football Manager 1 2 3 4 Baseball Manager 1 2 3 4 TAYLQISJ EU ?LlSP:lN9 'COMPANY SALLY RUMMEL Student Counc1l1 2 3 4 Secretary 2 3 Plays 3 Echo Staff 1 2 3 4 Sports 2 Edrtor 3 Student Advlsor 4 MSU Journallsm Scholarshrp 2 MSU Journalrsm Awards 2 GAA 1 4 Natronal Honor SOCICIY 2 3 4 Qulll and Scroll 3 4 Softball 1 2 3 4 Tumbllng 1 Glee Club 1 Red Cross 2 Eyrre staff 2 4 Ed1tor 4 Karnlval Oueen 3 Exchange Student 4 Honor Graduate JUDY SATCHELL Class VICC Pres1dent 1 Commerce Club VICE Pres1dent 3, Pres1dent 4 GAA Pornt Keeper 2 Echo Staff Busrness Manager Lrbrarran 4 Red Cross 2 CAROLINE SCHIEFER GAA 3 4 Home EC Club 2 3 Eyrre Staff 4 ULRIKE SCHMIDT Student Counc1l1 2 3 4 Class Pres1dent 1 2 3 Neue Augustanerpost Staff Natlonal Honor Socrety 4 Exchange Student 4 Honor Graduate LEONARD SCHMITZER Baseball 1 Safety Club 2 3 3 GAA 4 Co Op Trarnmg 4 RON SCHNIERLA Band 1 2 Basketball 1 Safety Club 3 Commerce Club 4 Co Op Trarnmg 4 CARL SCHWARTZKOPF Basketball 1 2 Track 1 3 4 Safety Club 3 Red Cross 2 Natural Scrence 4 Varsrty Club 4 Debate 4 DON VOORHEIS Varrsty Club 1 2 3 4 V1ce Pres1 dent 2 Band 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 MVP4 Football 1 2 3 Trackl 2 3 4 MVP Capta1n 1 2 3 4 Most Valuable Seruor State Records rn 100 220 yard Dashes CHARLOTTE WILLARD Play 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Red Cross 2 FHA 3 4 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4 Semr f1nal1st Natronal Merrt Scholarshlp Glee Club 4 Thumb B Talent Show 4 Sen1or Musrc Award Salutatorran CHARLES ZEHNDER Play 4 Football 4 - , Y l f U ' . , ' 3 ' Q , , r Q 1 n 9' 9 v . Q I 1 ' I ' 3 ' , ' ' : I 3 I 3 I Q ' D . . Q d ' S I Q ' : , l a I I n I u 1 n I . s 1 I I 1 ' I 1 1 ' 1 I C n n 1 v l 5 d I D . D U ' 1 - . ' - ' - I o n 1 1 3: Commerce Club 4g Glee Club 3: Co-Op Training 4. JANET SCHMITZEI? Home EC Club 2' 3' Historian - ' ' Q - 9 : I - 5 3 3 ' . s .2. - ' ' ' 5 - ' 0 n 9 1 . .- ' ' , Z ' - : ' Q 0 P 1 D t Q 1 , ,g ,',, '2'3' ..: ...s . '...: Y - I - 1 - G I ' ' 1 ' . - . . : ' . I ' 9 - ' : Q I : . , . S E , Q ' I n 2: 3: - 3 '

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