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The tate of Ona year' aquala approximately '1 ED daya The State of lnCDXltatlon OPENING An InCDXutatlng Experience svuoemufe Levels of InCDXltatlon peome gggrganlzed InCDXltatlon SQFIVIHQ While lnCDXltated InCDXntated with Learning Acwoemres InCDXltatlng Ingredients nos ...4 woex After a Year of lnCOXltatlon CLOSING 'IDB 'I 42 'I 78 'I 94 232 . . 2 . . . 6 ' ' 44 - - " - 'ffNOOXf1ATibN x w r 1, 4 1 1 Al' Bubbles and shades, two passions of high school students, ' still young at heart. ' o 1 9 Es 7 TA L. Cl VQLUME E6 Franke VV. Cox I-ligl'1Sc:I'1cJoI 2425 Shorehaven Drfive Vir'-giriia Beach, Virginia 2134 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :Virginia Start, lrfd by Mr Bob tori.-f play lin- light song ring ornecorning Tis 4, .St ate O fn O0XiJl,CLl'Tow It you were swept oft yourteet by an ex- hharatng wneshing 'nahdn danced unhl dawn o' Prom Night, or 'f you were dazzled by the ba'd's precision 'narch"ig, you were caught "1 the state of in- COXitat'on. lt you wore Green a'd Gold, bought a candy gram, worked hard for that A ir math and sat on Santa's lap, you were inCOX'tated. InCOXitation extended beyondrdassesirtothe hals, spread to chibs, and Hhered uno hte outside of schoo. We ' d with success, with ure, with loss and ga n, and the style with wrich we lived through- ioutthe yeariwas our own spirited state, the state ot inCOXitation. l l ive tai WENING oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc . ,Yu 1 15-1 if H 1 'ma ' .WE 7 .f-V31 1 4 -'L I .. 'Fly' in I x f if 'R 1 a 'S . I 1' 1 'X ax! 1 if ur '1. N? Q7 is mx Nga, Q 5' Ns -if 0.6, Z' TM 1.8 .X , i Q. fl 5 " X I aff Ik ,i Q- .gisifi ,, " 'fi Q' mr 'JT' ,ir x . Vik, , Q. Ag!! f . x ,, . 511-f"' , '55 -. .4 '54 Sf " fi - ..f ' f- ' -il . ,- " 'Q 'EP' . gf.. E? as .A Q f ,, 5 35, q Q- f Tw? fiv- x 1+ 'il U U fill sa . V 'ff' lv' ' Q .vis 14830 ?' 'x mf 5 If , lv 05' if ,fl .1 4- -w C 'ir' ' ' .sf f"Z'1 - Q -X Mia-Ii" 1-' 'A -if 1 .I I'-as 5 H' Q J , X I' 5" t 3,1-,-. , ,Q . r 'ek AQ 94 r n 3 . as .s-' 'Q , n , , Q H fig? in J? is 'fe N, ' ' ' .. Q A ne' f .1- s ap. 2 5. Q! ' f ,., ' Q .1 .,-J .I 4 :H-6 ,ri f r 1, , S1 sw? 1-1, 41 2' A ,if 1' - -Q ,Q .r' r .., " rig' -as : ' ,Wg ., , Enqlpgn wg 3. ,ln basic themes. The Senior Parade inspires Tracee Godwin, Amy Riddick. and Too occupied with bubbles and food, seniors Jonathon Stauf- somefmf ' Shannon Myers to new heights in fantastic fashion. ter and Jennifer Pennington find Calculus incalculable, sfku N I fS'g L ,ff' -L, -w uf :yt ., fd. ms il X.,.,,,.. Dunno the llamous Younq lile minutesj Ami Woodard alarms she s not a chubby bunny with eight marshmallows in her mouth qi While others try lor the slender look, Cathy Welborn is inllated lhe possibilities ollered by ai phone call incited John Prodan to by the unCOXitation ol Green and Gold Day bubble over with inCOXiluliori On Green and Gold Day, Marc Nlayelle and Allison Blozsom Cul the links lor the spirit links competition H YMMQooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo l l l l l I l I l l I C i 7 r r""lQ l l l g , Xl l The very essence of inCOXitation, our spirit, our pride was what being a Falco.. l was all about. The sources varied, from the willingness to strive for academic or artistic excellence, to the satisfaction in sinking a jump shot, or having a good day i at work. From the most visible achievers to the students who simply did their best. lt couldn't be contained, we all bubbled over with inCOXitation. l ff 7w,g,:,, ' :-, 22, ,Q - 1 all L? 3 :Ti v - 'I' , , , ' b 't 'A xz . , ,' , I 'u 0 1 ' 'r ,, D L5 3- .lf 1, " 4 , ,K A W V- ' . , i 211' ' 1 N ,V xx c X A 07 rf i..,., -. 1 r., a Q ' ag" f - ? X Sh g th ir levels of inCOXitation in dressing up tor Spirit T, W k th t d nt body shows theirtrue colors-green and 1 g ld I '-r' N2 The newest member ot the cheering squad, Dr. Burletine I COXit ted wrestling fa I d g M k H kl d Karlen, is inCOXitated with Homecoming Spirit. oth , joiceasMikeDavd p h G R pp t Q l sthan thirty second lvOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCDff ,NYNGQS l ff so Q9 A fo NF X3 ,te it Q99 Q5 Q, Qfgeziqp Q6 QF C399 we L 'w ,ew If , J 51 a l 5 Thesplans Amy Rlodlck and Larry Bayles entertaun with a scene from "The Man Who During a weekend celebration, Paul 0'Neill and Pete Howard look into the kitchen for Came to Dnnner' the next batch ot popcorn. . . . , , l Worklng at the Key Club booth dunng the Neptune Festival Amr Show provided an l amusing moment tor Lynn Bolglano, , we Sf? N KX sf fe. 'D Young LW! 'NUM SYN! ROSS SUDONUSOS U10 OOUQHIIUI D888 UONIOOD Rob BIQDY Ind John POB. DENING oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyl l ii lllltTl' ll.l'l.IU.Ml E UNI The total student body en- gaged in and provided one another with some of the most thrilling, most touching, most intensely inCOXitating mo- ments imaginable. What feel- ing could compare to the fever pitch of Homecoming week and all of the inter-class competitions? Who would have dreamed that our pockets and our hearts would have opened so widely for the United Way? Who could have made us laugh as much as Donald Morris on Hero Day or Dr. Burletine Karlen as she donned a cheering uniform and led us in a Homecoming cheer? Could any other school boast an SCA president who reached such heights as Wendell Cosenza? These and other people entertained and enthralled us at isolated times. Combined, they made up the inCOXitating experience that was our Student Life. incoxitating spirit of Christmas is spread by Tammy eiko and Alison Davis via Christmas balloon-a-grams Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OPENINGO7 ,W 6 QA X QQXWN 'A A j.' effic- fr ' ne" .. , , , C arming Olaf Info ffze Reaf l!V0rfa'! f,g"' ,uf 2 T The weatherman was wrong, Rain had been predicted all day, and many seniors were wishing they had voted to hold gradu- ation at the Pavilion. However, when the sun broke through the gray sky in the late afternoon, it was obvious that the choice to hold the ceremony in the stadium was the best one. The proud parents and guests of 500 graduating seniors filed into the stadium and found seats on the bleachers while anxiously awaiting the commencement of the sewice, The traditional "Pomp and Cir- cumstance' could be heard as the ecstatic seniors marched onto the field. Several speakers were scheduled, including Mr. Bill Whitehurst. Following his talk, usan Wood gave a memorable valedictory speech. Finally it was time for the seniors to receive their iplomas. While Mr, Williams and Mr. Porter announced the students' names. Dr. Karlen and Mrs. Waters shook hands and distributed diplomas. The service was finally completed, and 500 hats flew up into the air. T e happy graduates marched off of the field to meet their parents and attend the reception in the cafeteria. as W9 Wa 'me- .aem soggy genie lag V eSl bi! Emmet S605 :te Swoem rs meme During the commencement ceremonywunior Audrey Hernandez looks enviously at the graduates. ishful thinking, perhaps? 'TUDENTUFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo N 'TN . S 7. J :ff 5 I , .,.,,..,,,.. .. ,-,.. K J! ,J .VI 1 n A f I IW, ' ., . R lj, I if? f, f v Q3 xv. ll H., , f ,- . 1 1 V .11 pg-v,. , , , .,i, e.-. H03 -s yi, 1 ,4 ""T.L":?zvEL2""..25k'v" , .V F. rv.,-,wx x -ff--as - Z' 1 " .u www . A ' wwf , ,fw- 4 ..1,. , ., '4' . Sggpg,-a" "Hr f' 'ir , , 91 5',, . V .ff O74 , 1 ' 45 .Qs . . 5,1 r..- . W 41 ., ff X -s , 4. s. .,, N.-,, A-: V' y jx Y, 4 bw iq" ,I ,- .vu QQMAVA,,.. ' 'S .' ,QB V -w. ., -ff f ,Urn 4512 1. J"...3Qji f ,,. 'dill hx. ,., f ,2K'K41 M ,M 1 4 n-, 0-1 , . If V145 'ef '- 1 . 4,- 'A 4? Y ,js . Q I". A ,, r" I f-Emi: ' .An 2 I pf., . .3'w.f?' Va. '59, ' Kita-' 1? K ffyif. sg "1 .1 v " .e ' lr , 4 ,,,. O I ?- ' ,. V vw- ',,,g:g.g, gy 1'- R"" ,,x I 9,43 . 1 XD . 1 . W zravefzfgg w:g4Zfz.:..5Y Q 4:4154 -Q-f:A?,1zg,f-wg ' "1 "ZZ-.htfswsalf . .swf ' ' V-4'-, 2, ,L , 'Q,:'gf.:':':. ,fav Qfigfp ':. 4. gg:':7!v""' '1 2. , . - f ..M..i,e' .. .Lg W ' rs- ' sfzgzgzim . ,524-'L 15' AT,ff,ff . ,ue vn- .., ,l" ' ' P' ,svzfffiajgi if !?""',s1ifl'f1a' 'V 'FWLY fa-' Q5 Z4 K-gv,v',.59ffi' V N WF JAH .W ., , , . 'ff . .. A i NJ I ,,.2g,,e 1 a,,f,V . , f v ..J1J" .,v?.-14 ,. '. ma . Q 4 1 4 s I O Q I I e k Nerd Day provided us with many laughs like this onefrom Billy Sawyer The Key to Fafcon Fever - things began to curing the third week in ooer. Flatbeds were parked behind the stadium and there was a .geady stream of lumber and pizza deliveries. Saws hummed and hammers pounded nails as clubs and classes began to put their floats into final form. All week long competition between the classes thrived. Spirit links were sold dur- ing all Iunches and the winning evidence, thousands of Senior green links, was on display at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Dressup days added a little color and ex- citement to the pre-Homecoming fes- tivities. Fifties day brought out greasers and bobby-soxers and Denise Morgan was the best bopper of them all. Tuesday was career day and every profession imaginable was represented, even housewives in this age of modern women. Doctor Pennington and John Jansen MD took first place . . . STAT. Max Headroom rubbed shoulders with Tina Turner and more than one Dolly Parton dined in the cafeteria. What looked like Halloween was actually Celebrm' Day and Donald Morris as our own r. Porter captured the first prize among the rich and famous. Thursday brought out the Alfred E. New- man' in all of us on the first Nerd Day during Spirit Week. Unmatched polyester and pen- filled pockets were proper attire with Christi Davis and Ted Sakis, scoring highest for the overall tackiness. Faculty and students alike decked out in Green and Gold on Friday which began with the now traditional Senior Spirit Parade. Resplendent in green and yellow balloons, senior Cathy Welborn floated to a first place win. At the Homecoming Pep Rally there was further competition between classes in the form of cheers and relay races led by a new member of the cheering seiiad, Cheer- leader Dr. Karlen!! When as ed why she decided to join the squad, Dr. Karlen re- plied, "l dressed up like a cheerleader to show a little school spirit. It was a lot of un " competition was fierce as Alan Norman, Ricky Engel. and Ambitious freshmen Brent Bohlke and Ryan McGuinness dis Marc Mayette awaited the iudges' decision on Green and Gold cuss the "battle of the burgers" on Career Day, L 1 'W CTUDENTUFE ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo if , .,4 I vl ggi fl, My Q7 -I 1 NVVJB' g u s n W Q I 1 iii ' Pg-r X, vp a 2 n . O . , 0 . 0 Q 0 O 5. 0 lg. gn: 4 f r "w, 15541, 4 nl-s .gp-ov V -ri . 15 , 'Ile . . Q . I 0 , O I 4 A K2 Y- ! 's 11. . If- ' f Q V. . ,:'A r'-'11 . 5 .Lfr .K 1' tu- s A 44.q...Q 4 1 v vm ' 3 - fx '42 -f 151 Jxl L NWT -2-fr' 5,-,,., ., .-. 4 J x ,gi is if Q1 '99 . wlcjeriic I nferfuafe Clfiffer af Hczgcfime he 1986 Homecoming night was filled with excitement. Although our football team suffered a loss. the halftime celebration was colorful and memorable. The Theme. "The Past is the Key to the Future." challenged the students to portray on their float previous events that had relevance to the years to comer Every float showed time, creativity. and much effort put forth by members of each organization, The fourth-Elace winneroutof tenfloats. the Latin Clu , showed the charlot as a fore-runner of the spaceship. The French Club took third place with their focus on the French and Indian War. The second place winner, the sophomore class, showed edu- cation as the "key," The winning float was that of the junior class, showing "Alice" and the 'looking-Past Mirrors" The Homecoming Court presentation at half-time was a show of elegance. The 1985 Homecoming Queen, Rachel Atkinson. returned to crown the new queen, Mandy Tavares. Our principal, Mrs. Lottie B. Waters, presented Mandy with a bouquet of one dozen roses. Other senior representa- tives were Meg Dobson. Kim Haynie, Amy Riddick, and Natalie Taylor. Junior representatives were Nicole Andrews and Sheri Miles. Representing the sophomore class were Amy Collier and Michelle Whetmore. The Freshman Class chose Amber Medlin and Courtney Wilson as their representatives. fTopl Senior representative Kim Haynie. lBottoml Senior representative Natalie Taylor Llctfra' olzivo Biff New re 71 NN fl 'lm 'il 1- f' ' ,J 4 ,. ll lllffulf"lll1'lii'lll1lll'l" iii-i, iiiiiovu lil-f Vlfi . H .- -.i im ill ii' 'mill 5' K -f,lf. 'VIII .yiilii iiri-.ii'i1 lil- ini llllj 'im M ylliv' lllfufrl f,lii',', Mill liixl lil,lli 1 rl A 1 N 0- . P X CTUDENTLIFE 000000oooooooooooooooooooooooo I 4 Senior representattve Amy Rrddrck Hop! Junior reprcsentatrve Nlcolrr Andre so tTopj Sophomore representatwe Mlllflffllft no tBottoml Senior representattve Meg Dobson tBottomJ Jumor representatrve Sherrr Mules fgonomy Sophomore reprogentatrve Amy Collrrpr 3. I 5 t 1 ' s ,. 1 s-, it .f-f..,, ,- O. V W tTopJ Freshman representatrve Courtney Watson. tBottomJ Freshman Am er Medhn. 'F IF!-1-'una' f ,oooooooocjooooooodooooooooooooooST .JFE073 4' -, N18 I 1 ,w, u 1. f , I ,. a 6 I-. 5111, . 4: v ' , ,f . , I ?4 , isifgg , fzzwal, ,,...,, ..g.:?r.x3z K W 4'-Vt" . -V W- WL-1 ,,,,.,f, '- I'.,i',.f.s , 'ff7'lb2"'4-fig - , 'w,,j?L'!.'i!'.?k . ,. ,,V , 9 A , L.... T22 fs ' O 1+'ff-.1- . , . .,-f.i' ' W' ...Q ,mehr M 'eil QW f . ,1I,,'f JE. x if ff H' . . v i ' , xv .:'l X -' 9 I ,, ,. if ff ' - -....,, FTE 1' I , -w Y - :war --1 rw.. . W. y , ' '- .1 ' - 4' A' M.. Q- 0 , zEg:::.: .::..:1 fx. 5 . ' y,M,wmf1-f- .' v bent ' ff ..f ' . .g V gi , .3i... J. -V .. 1 M 1 V " ' ' E ' 1' 1 . , 'M-r,' ! , J . . - W 1 , 5:11 , . .RY - , 4, . 4 6' Ay . - - .AN ,. MM 4 M , v if, X 1 , ,, I .sa HL 1 ' Q . ' 33? x -1: , 35 , gl- ff! ..: i FQ . s - 4- v,s 1 ...,.. ,.., an-fs Q ' 10 fu y --. ya . - -Q 4 4 - .'?5!,,,, R- A w. . a R ' ,Q it . i. NM, , .., M, ' ' ,,ff 'i fx. 1-of 0 :gf 4 fll-U3 V o' ' v ' ' GTZ. ,gf :M 4 ,. , -' yi. if-1,,..,gA.L H D 1 . , ... .Liq , ,LQ - ' 5- 'V,f1I,'l, Q I w,,i,-'xp :M- P ', 4 1.-'..--. :Y Q . - If ' A . . 9' 'fx .J , Q I , 4 ':. , Z . 1 ' rf 4 4: ., 17" .- 1" Q' J" .. . O Qs Us 4 Igx l 5 so ln the sprung muslcal. buddles Phlllp Grant, Pat Dooley. and Glenn Gnmsley clown aroundl ,-x. 'Qmj , I fs, '- Co-stars Sally March and Larry Bayles show the extent of the talent ln thus scene from the fall play. is , 'pf' Subs:-1 ln thus clrmactlc scene ot Once Upon a Mattress, Pat E and Glenn Grlmsley confront each other as Anne Filer. Jackson, Dlana Vann, Chrrsty Underhlll, Robert Flores. Hayden, and Jenny Sullrvan watch STUDENTUFE 00000000oooooooooooooooooooooclo i 'ht , 'The PW , Thin aa Fel T ,Sflw 7 gpring A Under the direction of drama teacher Mr. Garrett, both spring and fall drama productions were success. The spring musical was a production based on the fairy tale, ncess and the Pea." Meg Dobson as Winnifred the Wobegone charmed auntless, Larry Bayles. Otherfine perfor- were given by Pat Dooley, Jeff Ames, and Andrews. Commented senior Allison Blox- , choreographer, "We had so many people out that Mr. Garrett chose a musical with a cast. It was a great group of people to work The fall play, The Man Who Came To Dinner, " .L starred Sally March and Larry Bavles. The olav. a comedy, depicting a stranger taking advantage of an innocent family, ended with an ironic twist. The elaborate sets demanded the skills and time of the Drama ll, lll, IV classes. Each production required countless hours of rehearsal each week, and the final products reflected the talent and time that went into each. Musical cast member Matt Jackson said, t'lt was hard work but definitely worth every minute of ef- Ort " Cast in the role of a seductress, Amy Riddick casts a coy glance toward Larry Bayles, the man who came to dinner. lx ih.:.1 Aspiring actresses Kristin Ftegula, Missy Bell, and Anne Filer discuss the latest news +V' Sharing a musical momirnt, Nir,olr:Arir1ri:w', -.ingq rl, ea' Larry Bayles in Once Upon A Mattress. r .T f ll i fd sw 0 ,if ""p.,kx .5 Acting as the estranged aunt, Nicole Andrews confides in Larry Bayles during the fall play. 71 YE' ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSTU? JFEG77 if ,,.- 'Q - PQN ,- h I Q r - x L 'V' I -l I l Q71 1 Q? I NX Jrrrrrrrr t,l,r','. rrTtrr,r:r'. Krrttr Trlrrrrr tr Aim 'miller and Cqrttrl Arr rrrtrrrrrrtc rrvrerrrrrr rf, is Jorrt wtth tl group of trrortds Krrrt Sophgmgre Allrgon M00r0 gmrles as she thinks of her Rilf I V 1 I oft 'rIUff'! tfrff ro'-1"r trtmrrff ttf'-Itthltilltlt tlftflv Sgrvrrro Altrrrrt Afrrirzrrorr, Mrrlrsstr Strrzelcr, Hrck George, LII Dance to come whrle rumor Kevrrt Shea looks to the dam! ,P Hrfrrry, .rod Krvvrrr Phrllrpfr floor r, After art hour on the dance floor wrth Brandon Perry, Karat ' Kay must rest her tact fo STUDENTUFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrnc Junior Nell-Garwood MacEachern and hor date lun Blarfcltarrl give their most sophisticated look to the photographer Junior Scott Stovall and Jerri Edwards take llllie out to atlrnirr: C '1 x? ,' if as ' In-4' yu 'f 4 5'00 1, On The Town Lef fire Good Times Roff! Anticipation rose in the hearts of juniors as the hour for ring Dance approached. Juniors all overthe Cox district began to prepareforthe nightsfestivities. sthe girls primped in front of mirrors, their dates waxed their dads' Mercedes. Dates began arriving in their shining cars at the homes of iunior girls all over the city. As parents fumbled frantically with cameras, couples posed in front of the fireplace with phony smiles. Couples began arriving at the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Excited voices could be heard from inside the hotel. 7:30 10:30 12:00 Males awkwardly helped their dates out of cars and up to the door. Dinner was served. After dining. the dancing started. The ring ceremony started as people approached the bridge with their dates to receive their rings. They wobbled onto the bridge over a shaky cinder- block and kissed one another. Midnight! Juniors left the Executive Center with rings on their fingers. blisters on their feet, and a warm memory of the highlight of their junior year. rcoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSTU? viLlFECD77 Taking time off away from her date, Debbie Kupyar finds a moment to herself, i I lx I -D x7 whiff thx H nl Two Fun For Word: Cowpfef Sfep Olaf ln Siyfe During the Iastgruelincg yearofhigh schooI,the who waited until the last moment were disap- minds of seniors tende to dwell on one of the pointed to find out that the dance was sold out. most glamorous dances of the year. It was events When couples weren't sitting down or carrying on like this that let many of us show our true colors. conversations, they were most likely found danc- On prom night, seniors left their jeans, t-shirts, ing to music provided bya local band, The Plaad, sweatshirts, and tennis shoes at home. The girls At the end of the night's festivities the guys got out their new dresses, and the guys put on took their dates home, and the next morning the their tuxedos. seniors took back their regular identities and their Last years grom was held at the Ramada Inn, rented finery. Oceanfront T e turnout was incredible. Those Lp STUDENTUFEooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogf i i W 1 ii, i While getting away horn the oniict: tlooit lingua Nei-,on .inn I Dawn Cohan discuss the nights tirstivitiof, 5 Senior class president, Tun Brnnnzk czintnns-, the spotlight tor 3fCWlT10IT1CI1TS10 speak to his poets Unitingtiiizeveiiirig, lrir,:1I',UiiIyiiiz1r1e.1',iiinii',f:,it,g,- x i f i I i i M Px 5 J -af, Vtlearing his sunglasses at night, Brett Derr and his date Debbie Brown share a few moments a one. :ipsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooS757 ,UFEO27 it QU? 2 MWD MS Summer Fran Heczzir IJ 83rd Street. The very name evokes the thought of summer and the smell of Panama Jack coconut oil. Summer was sun, surfing, and festivity packed into three short months that passed all too quickly, Harborfest kicked off the season as thousands of people poured into Town Point Park to celebrate the official return of summer. Ult was amazing that out of the half million people there, I ran into a huge group of people from Cox!" exclaimed arah Ashton. From that point on, summer was non- stop fun as we packed the strip and cruised the Boardwalk. The long drought meant bad days for local farmers, but great days for working on that perfect tan. While there may have been a lack of rain, but there was no shortage of entertainment. From cooling down at Wild Water Rapids to a few rounds of Jungle Golf, those days of summer were anything but lazy! JQEW' If Qzlfbb.. - I Delegates Danielle Mayette, Sarah Ashton, Richard Walsh, Marc Mayette, and Susan McClellan rush up the hill at the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop lhe heach isn't rust lor hreaklast anymore as Leigh Mazach, Monique Dockterr David Brazier and Sean McKenzie meet lor dinner Ll STUDENTUFEoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ' . I, - y , -L ' 'M , Neptune Festival Court lllffllltlyfilfs inr,lurll:l1 Hill l 1- - U Jennifer Grooters, Susan lVlcLlellan and Mffq time S0l'l. 11 -Q f 5: -E - !','f's'g --x . tv-f Spending a lazy day at the beach, Claudia Brassil and Alison Davis soak up some rays Croatan waves were three feet high, glassy. and rideable as Peck Fleming snows oft his awesome boardwork. 1 ' N 4 ff.-ff 2 , , we-Z1 , ffijj' 1 ' 'Q-'.".4 4 3 W ' V f 3:42 -1 l i A V ' y ' f - ,,,7, L . 4 , , in ' wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQU JUECQZ l , W -U y Posed rrl lrorll ol the hrlal they wrlrrlrl hr: Irvrrrrr rlrr lor lrve days are Sarah ASYITUII, 5u'..rrr Mrlllrfllarr .lrlrl llarlrly Wrlrrrl l'Ammal Nrghr' glves Amr Woodard a chance to express herself Frrsr-mare Caddy Wood tends to the mast while taking the I Chesapeake Cha Ienge. l I r - I an JO ff Q .far dnl l i-l Members ol the gurls cabrrr at Saranac wrlh therr leaders Jerrr1rlerLucas,Arr1y Srnrthwrck, Grna Clark, Chrrslrr1eAbbale. Stepharrre Slebekrrrg, Sarah MeElvern, Angle Hughes, Krrslerr Horton, Jeanme Murphy, Julre Byrd, Kun Kung, lrkr Garrett, and Mrssy Bell Lx CTUDENTLIFE oooooooooooooooooo .' .. 'x' ' P, :ix 0 ,-l - .1 x L11 . L F- 'TL is ' -1 .-7 'rx SerrlorRob Bagby andlormersludenlMrke Whaley take partir a volleyball game at Saranac OOOOOOOOOOOOl r N l ,I ,ol -. 5, 0 I l r fl- i l l 5 i ii i I 43 l iN fi il1f0'f' Tlflwl'-Wl4yH APM' Lgte Thurs- day already? You say you have a ton of homework to do? Vllhat? You're not stopping at TCBY? You're going straight home to do your home- work? Oh yeah, it's Young Life tonight. All week long you were looking towards an evening out of the house and a chance for fun and fellowship. Young Lite is an extracurricular organization that is not oiticially affiliated with school or school clubs, yet ithboasted a large membership. Under the leadership of both adults and students, Young Yo M119 Life incorporates fun and games with a more serious religious theme. Young Life also provided many occasions for interaction with students from other schools, such as Camp Saranac in New York and the Chesapeake Challenge, which was a week of survival skills on a yacht on the Chesapeake Bay. "After spending a week on the Bay with no shower but bay water, I was glad to be on land. The trip, a challenge of my endurance, was great because I had the time to get to know myself," said Susan McClellan. W- x-'any' ,,,,- ,L: 4 -.. .Z ,gli -sk Young Life clubs usually attract a large crowd , such as this one. Senior Susan McClellan makes waves while on the Chesapeake Challenge. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9? iUECU5 Star player for the lumors, Sarah McElve1n, runs wlth the ball for a touchdown Before the gamenseniors Sally March. Kathy Crowder, Alllson Blox5om,. Mukko Dean, Mellssa Eamondsony and Lynn Bolglano listen attentuvely. Fr-, - -4- , a- ,, L l i T s 2 5 l 5 x - ll ll!! , , fl! ll! has A 0.5- Jlllllllfb Sllldfl Mrzl lVt?lll, llllrrllf MUIIQCY. .md Rohan Hudson Wflfll Ihfz fnrrllma nl lhlvlr upcorllmq Llnrllrll la ,1- A4 'v STUDENTUFE ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc .ffl Taking N 0 Prisoner: uniors Pfay Rough af Powder Puff The seniors did not pay attention to the message printed on the back ofthe shirts of juniors, "Juniors are tuff." However, alter having been beaten 22-0, they all wished they had heeded the warning. Despite more than a week of long prac- tices, the seniors were not prepared for the juniors. Although the seniors played well, the juniors' strategy and speed perser- vered. There were several factors contributing to the seniors' loss. Because of inclement weather, the game was postponed from its original date, and much ot the seniors' momentum was lost. During the course of one of the roughest girls' games ever played, one ofthe key senior players, Lori Grubbs, was injured in a tackle attempt. Nevertheless, the seniors practiced good sportsmanship. Co-captain for the seniors, Sarah Ashton, commented, "Even though the juniors won, we had a great time play- ing " fi 'ii -me po ,T 'U e Z' 'it f I i yi v The confidence ol the juniors was written all over the back of Sarah McElveln. Seniors Kelly Malloy, Lori Grubbs, and Raelin Storey prepare for the game in the locker room. OOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .an t reach Pat Baldwin at NOTE n at work at Dan Ryan s for Mer auf" iz . 1, . ,4 - I .a .M ,.,m I c Affer Scnoof A ciion The Day 1'.rju.rzL Beginning What's the one thing students didn't want to do after six hour f s o school? Homework, although sometimes it was necessary to go straight home and hit the books in order to avoid staying up half the night. Most of the time, though, after school activities were the maiority's choice on how to spend their free time. From Debate to Science Club, students were involved in a wide range of clubs that reflected their interest. The level ot in- volvement in these clubs varied from half-hour meetin gs every two weeks to two hour meetings tive days a week. Many students found the idea of eamin Q money more appealing and chose to spend their time ' 4 outside ot school on the rob. Cox students could be found all over Virginia Beach, from Farm Fresh to Dan Ryan's tor Men Aside from extracurricular activities and work- ing, some popular pastimes after 2:00 p.m. were working out, sleeping, shopping, or going to a . populargathering spot such a TCB - , s Y, and gorg i ing to forget a terrible day at school. Whether it i was activiti es, work, or just plain tun, the i stud t U en s were never at a loss on how to spend - their tree time. I -""g!.i .ftp ff' Ap fl- I 'Q' rel fs . Benti. Molly ,Y .mony Anna Liisa In ulehgrsegrgtolrlrisghaltivifgmx spend an exciting two hourS Whe a . workinQ 0" me yearbook X STUDENT UFE O 0 O O O 0 0 OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO ll UO i..,,' C, ,wiffflfil in Ihr, 'HA' , rrinulfi V,. A . Kll,'.f,.H W ,H HH ULU . " l1,.l , Nfiiiv., fi f.l,, I ook rfxfl ll,'fiC""li nly,,,M, ' , Ur , ,,,,Mw hm, r RQ? My 'f -4 A ? 'J' "'1 -M he '- i ' ""xgywC,i:U 1 ' -1. ' an W' :gi1,.W,i " 'es x Students Tanya Brothers, Monique Dockter, Leigh Mazacn and Heidi Fountain spend the afternoon studying together 'UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOO L. Wfr1'z Kids Sfualenziv Who Excef Students strive to uphold the reputation of academic excellence in all areas, from the arts to leadership to SAT's. There are many opportuni- ties for students to achieve distinction. ln their junior year, 5 students are nominated to apply to the Governor's School for the Gifted. Last year, two lucky students were chosen to at- tend. Also in the summer, several students at- tended Girls' and Boys' State. Students are nomi- nated for this on the basis of their involvement in school activities and their leadership ability. Other school leaders are selected to attend the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop, during which new office holders learn the skills necessary to do what is expected of them. Senior Class President. Alex Sadler, commented, 'Leadership Workshop was a very special weekg I was thrown into a group with a bunch of strangers, and by the end of the week, we were all the very best of friends." Most of the honors previously mentioned are geared towards upperclassmen. However, the in- novative Superthinker Seminar honored many freshmen and sophomores. The Governors Magnet School for the Arts is open to all ages. Because of the multitude of talent in the school. we sent several representatives. The "Tidewater Challenge" is a game show in which students from various area high schools participate in televised competition. The team consists of 4 players and 4 alternates. Because of their outstanding performance on the Scholastic Aptitude tests, three students qualified for National Merit scholarships as semi- finalists. "lt was a great way to brighten up a monday morning!" added semi-finalist Barbara iott. Looking exhausted after a busy week at Leadership Workshop are delegates tback rowl John Dustin. Alex Sadler, Marc May- ette, Kevin Kratzer, Richard Walsh. Vllendell Cosenza, Matt Valerro, ifront rowl Caddy Wood. Sarah Ashton, Molly Whelahan, Danielle Mayette. Susan McClellan, Audrey Hernandez, Jennifer Lucas, Karr Broocke. and Nell-Ganrvood MacEachern, Q 7 i .1 . ' - J --i J s - Those selected to attend Girls' State were Caddy Wood, Kim Haynre, Audrey Hernandez, and Meg Dobson Boys' State participants were Jon Oden, Wendell Cosenza, and Alex Sad- ler lNol Pictured Mike Davis and Mike Dooleyl, Many talented students attended the Governors Magnet School lor the Arts Jennifer Lrpfert, Charlie Cho, Sally March, Kathy Crowder, Phil Grant, Larry Bayles, Leslie Short, Kathy Zrnas, Jeffery Ames, Jenny Sullivan, Carolyn Vann, Melinda McCuiston, and Ginger Middlebrooks ,o STUDENTUFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Seniors Nr:lleGarwood Marg! aclierri and Caddy Wood atlcrirlerl the Goverririrs School lor the Gifted. National Merit semi-linalists were Mike Davis, Caddy Wood, and Barbara Elliott. " , ' I Challenge participants were Mike Pelton, Caddy Mike Davis, Audrey Hernandez, Chris Sprouse, Kristen Scott Eun, and Nicole Andrews. X r ML ,pw Kplwg I 112. Ev fmt Sing, ff . i y wi Those students chosen to be regresentatives at the Super' thinkers Seminar were Lee Hark, reg Shields. Ken Coll, Mrs. Sylvia Hallock ladvisorl, Lisa Overton, Emily Becker, Kristin Coll, Kim Zenarolla, Anne Walker, Shelley Sheridan, Julie Brunges, Ana Ghore, Shian, Yvonne Jones, Mrs. Susan Downie ladvisorl, Ryan McGuinness, Scott Eun, Clift May- hall, Phil Grant, Korb Matosich, Jason Schick, Duane Gabor, and Scott Haynes. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooS UFE031 JQ 22 .gc 1132, M 'I I ' 155' ff' --- iliim tt :Af N - ll - . 1 '-ra , ----, -llg... - "" ---.. -. x - , -s - sm ,, . S , - mi an U ., - 5.,,- Q .. - -. 8 -fb-Q sq ,. -I .: U H u ' ' ' -1 ur 5-Q - Q -.- Q on ng ,, " " at lliiiim ' 'llqg 5 -'- ' - 2-1: - -. -5 Q '--D uh' r 'Q--,:-na: "wg::'Q-1 -a' M. --Q- . ... ""-1213--. 'iii"-:'fl'g1"t'f--"':31:---A' r, M Q , ,, ' A Q. 3mgi2,...f---'?"5-lm:,--""F2 Serhor Nellfiiarwood MacEachern dances for a Scottish competrtroh tn Charleston, South Carolina. In preoaratroh tor her next show, Tammy Tasheiko practices on her horse t Flyrng Nun" taka Emmal. 'WTF- I ,'4' S V: ,LrWMMNWEoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Recreafionczf Therapy lnfererzfr ana' Tczfenzir -fun Ez Qs! rape- fr .W A Cl While most seniors looked forward to going away to college, Becky Lrzrnburg anxiously awaited the trip to Paris which kicked oll :i career in mod- eling. Aside from being a very talrentcd rr rodrfl snr: was, as well, an excellent student and wri it she would Q0 to college, but not irrirrnflli.rlfw,f "Everyone thinks modeling is all fun, but l vc learned that it is really hard work," added Becky Lemburg. There were many other students who devote much time to outside interests. Senior Tammy Tasheiko rushed home. finished her homework, and rushed out again quite often to the nearby stable to ride Emma, her horse. After spending some time away from the equestrian sport, Tammy said she was glad to be "back in the saddle again." She regarded riding as the "great escape" after a physically and men- tally gruelling day at school Skateboarding had become a very popular activity among teenagers Driving through almost any neighborhood, you were bound to see someone maneuvering his board in the street After much practice, Tommy Stewart appeared to have perfected this art. Both having started at an early age, Jocelyn West and Nell-Garwood MacEachern had ac- quired a great passion for dance. Hardworking and determined, Jocelyn has attained great skill in ballet through extensive practice and quality in- struction. Nell-Garwoods avid interest in her Scottish heritage and dancing had aided her in achieving a national rank in Highland Dancing, "Between teaching and taking lessons, l spend a lot of time on my feet, but it's worth it," said Nell- Garwood MacEachern. Modeling is more than a pastime for Becky Lemburg, it looks like a future career. An example of skateboarding-made-simple is given by Tommy Stewart The talent of freshman Jocelyn West has won her many parts in ballet productions. toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SSE JLIFEQZZ UDD6ff,ii1SSmEifl Demse Boakof Trrsl Def!! , , 1 N I ,. . 1 1,P'.lHwlUl . .luliy li U1 !V'v":" -' v- NM .V alls dead asleep aher a rough .1 STUDENT LIFE O O O 0 0 .-1-""'w fursmwuym . ,. ,, . ' eastqlmceatthd nmkuup muzroonmn's.1fI1u1c'vt0l1kL on I OOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOUC .L F' 1" F' Be If Ever 50 EczrQ' Theres N0 Pface Like Homeroom Second bell on the first day opened with the traditional "May l have your attention for the morning announcements?" and then the students were bombarded with pertinent tips for survival during the year. Not every homeroom was spent filling out forms and reviewing school policy. More times than not, homeroom consisted of announcements and the homeroom teacher shuf- fling those gold attendance cards. Occasionally there were diversions: Mr. Gary Leagan hunting down stray students, a United Way Fund collec- tion, holiday door decorations, or Homecoming and SCA ballots to be completed. Homeroom offered a brief respite during which Rounding up attendance cards every morning was one of many tasks assigned to teacher Mrs. Karen Jenkins, students took a glance at homework, caught a few quick Z's, adjusted makeup, or gossiped with classmates. And of course, the focal point of the ten-minute periods was the announcements Just who were those two people who served as the voice of the Falcons? After a rigorous audition and selection process, Ted Sakis and Christine Abbate were chosen to pass along vital information or, during National Library Month, the trivia of the day. "We were really excited to be the announcers. At first I was nervous, and Ted used to switch my papers so that l'd find myself repeating the announcements," said Christine Abbate. When Christine Abbate and Ted Sakis talk, the whole school listens. 1 :oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Si' LIFECDZS te troar scehe A1yrrtNOw331LS , X-Fi F mfs whrte A'rberAgee CefttsB'o'ot1: we l ' H fvoetvtrtceht. Jertotfer Hoftrhar Bef-. E' . bshg come toqethe' for the f tai' Liv Ffo',r'rr trlrttory fsrrrrtf. rtrrtt fortorrr: Tttoxe come with the tttr: of gr rrtortrzt but ztrertt the ortly thrrtos behind tw wtetfrorrtoly otztrrrorotts rob its our fatttrterttfa too' tx fttrt to the ztrtrtortt tztshtort f,hovv Hztrti work qrrrrt ot ttrrrve ottry rrrtoortxtrrt rolex ttf, well fttttfr t,-,tr fury, ot try ootu, the utttotartt rrtottrztrg between the scenes were the tree door prrfes to hr rt, rho to Wrth tht hrlo ot rhortoo ltr . 11, , rtrotttrr tootfoot orrrrrror1r'l'.Wffrrtrtlllfrttlpllttilld J ltTVttttf4'Y Hottrrttrrt iff' Fm K 'Q Q' ht-tr mo rot .tot Stacey West, Jrmmy Burrrtt, and Uwf of flue Shadow: Fczfcon Faffrions spectacle ot fort and colorful tashrorts teaturrrtg Clothiho trorrt Lee Kztrtrs, Btthztrrto Shop, Ber- rrmrtra, amd Clerrtehs Hot dztrtee scones and rorrrztrrttc love Scerrarros created the themes tor the Show Keeorrtg the ztudrertees Interested rrr work and long hours that were put into the show. By workrhg together our Cox Hugh tashrort rrt0deIs.r were able to create a show better than any like itm Soortrrlo therr rztrtrttes .lvrrrrtfur Holtrrmrr .md lrs.rJt2rrr1tr1gS rrrottol strrrrrrtvr soortswt-.rr w t rf t t 2' : : 1 2 e riohtttrzrt by rrtrtrry local stores Some thrrtos we cztrt be sure ot are the httro t CTUDENTUFE O000ooooooooooocnoooooooooooooott l Becky Lemburg models the latest weekend wear. Raelin Storey dances in the latest wear by Lee Kartis. Models Stacey West and Jimmy Burritt flash their sultry looks 4-7 X-1171 f ff! . JZ ' Q 2 xX efx Model Becky Lemburg looks dazzlwl tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooST lUECU7 nvvwwf ' nur ,ww fyww 5. 41 . - L , A 1. 'fin AI, . 1' l if DO drnve to school DONT rude the bus' D0 wear hair accessorres an Ja, " 1 a a ' . 5- Lf, 5:-A..i:Q,l1Q,I,,V Q, ,gffgi ' . . . w Q , '-Sf" '- a- - '1i?'5'1 '-' 'lf +- DON'T spray and tease hanr Qespecnally un the bathroom! - " ' A-gggrg F, .,. 3 1 ' ' . -uaagmg f..-fi .1 vs- ' ,..,.i, g Win 'v I9 1 fx - . . . . 1. Xxx s 1' .-J' - ff' ,X us at .c. 5 MUN I wwf' lhlll 11' D0 eat on Deli Day f STUDENTUFE 000000QQQOOQQOQQQQQQQO00000000I I I l D0 load your books into a backpack. DON'T be loaded down with books' it' tifa X I f When there are over 2,000 people of vaiying iages at one school there is bound to be a wide range of tastes. However, certain things seem to lbe well-liked by everyone. Of course, there are lalso those things that most people do not like gwhich are not accepted in almost any social circle. , Looking around the halls, you might feel as if lyou are at a local university. Although backpacks 'have been popular on college campuses for yyears, bookbags weren't really accepted until this year. This more organized way of Iugging books to and from school is definitely a 0. Never- ,theless, you still might see a few ambitious fresh- i To D0 or Nof fo D Survivaf Trp: men campaigning forthe title of "Most Studious" with a pile of books in their arms. However, that is a DON'T. Brown-baggers appeared to be a dying race ever since Deli Day was introduced on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Deli sandwiches were much preferred to the familiar chicken filet and the dreaded hot lunch, as well as the usually safe bag lunch. Deli Day earned its standing as a DO. Riding the bus to school is often excused it you're a freshman or a sophomore. But, for juniors and seniors, there's no other way to go except by car. When asked about riding the bus. senior Susan lvlctllellan e . . . lei walk." For the nie:-l ,za i. flifiilg the bus is definitely a DDM? The new styie :iw girls' hair this year was bows. one of the biggest D0'S of the year. Fortunately for those who really needed to use the bathroom. there werent as many people in the way spraying hairspray in all directions because teased hair just wasnt the style and a big DON'T. lf you want to succeed socially in high school there are only these simple guidelines to follow. These tips should help you get on your way. 'moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LIFEQZQ LD WOR WTY A I Week Language Foreign some Spanish By a proclama- tion from the Governor, the first week of March was designated officially as Foreign Language Week, and we here at Cox did our fair share to celebrate it. Monday, the kick-off day, select language classes were invited to hear Hope Mihalap, who provided insight and a humorous ap- proach to the study of foreign languages, after beginning the day with the pledge in French. Tuesday was German Day, and in addition to the pledge in German, the staff began its day with gummi bears in mailboxes. Wednesday. Latin Day, was a chance for some not-so-serious competition between language classes in the traditional Latin- sponsored Silly Olympics, won by an awe- ' I 1 team. Thursday, the language classes provided an all-day smorgasbord for the staff as we all were startled to hear the pledge of allegiance in Russian. Friday. Spanish Day, saw Level 3, 4, and 5 language students sent out to elementary schools to teach mini-lessons to grades K-6. Saturday was the city-wide observation, and Cox High students competed against other schools in prepared forensics, impromptu speaking, and International Trivia. Cox's German speakers were first-place city-wide overall, and our trivia team placed second in the city. lndividual speakers won different honors as well. "Our performance at Green Run was out- standing!" exclaimed lVlrs. Margaret Beck- ner. The students prove their proficiency to us every day. Here we proved it to the whole city " Visuals such as this helped Sarah McElvein teach her elemen tary class. French students Mike Hopper and Gil Compo get their 'class' involved in the lesson, we STUDENTUFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JI fl Using phonetics, Will Dasherand Robyn Hudson teach correct li Jronunciation to their elementary sc ool class. Wearing her fancy-dress toqa, Candice rdonlaer .n Language Fair held at Green Run Hlqh fmool 91 5'-v Ps M """ 4 and Trivia team membegs DwightGibbs and Gil Compo show their Introduced by Mr. Larry Becker, the Cox High School Trivia enthusiasm over their victory. Team, Tammy Tasheikog Alec Marshall, Dwight Glbbsg Gil Compog and Shawn McCauslandg awaits the first toss-up question. wt:oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .UFEGLI7 i ll "The Glamorous Li e" fVl1Lr.r Cox Has The Key f 1, Qlllb did another excellent job with the Mlss Cox Pageant this year. Many hours of hard work and organization shone through on that night of the pageant. All of the girls. looking spectacular, certainly did appear to live the "Glamorous Life." As the spectacle began. all of the contestants sang and danced together to their opening num- ber ln their black leotards with high kicks, the girls were our own version of the Flockettes. Following the opening dancing and singing act. the girls were than able to show the audience their individual talents. From dancing to singing to playing the piano, each girl became a star as she stepped onto the stage. The most original talent, however. was a Korean fan dance performed by Susan MacDonald Following the talent segment was the evening gown competition. Each girl, as she walked across the stage and spun around forthe judges, was a vision of loveliness in the special gown she had selected that reflected both her personality and taste. The moment then came when the iudges had to choose five finalists. While judges were tallying scores, Meg Dobson, Amy Riddick, and Jeff Ames entertained all who were present. Then. with one last look at the finalists, the three winners were chosen. The second runner-up was senior Pam Pascual. Amber Medlin, freshman. was chosen as the first runner-up. Finally, it was time to announce the new Miss Cox for l987. As Amy Riddick, Miss Cox 1986, announced the winners name, anyone could tell by the excited reaction of the audience that they agreed with the iudges' decisions. The new Miss Cox, 1987 was Susan MacDonald, Miss Cox contestants Susan MacDonald Mollie Schmidt Lisa Crulchfleld Ami Woodard Amber Medlinf and Shelby Leh' man smile and dance during the opening number ln tlelfveeri corripelitioris Meg Dobson and Amy Riddick one terfairl by singing By My Side and The Rose Q. wpmqzr l ,l Upon hearing the announcement that sho would reign as the new Miss Cox, Susan MacDonald looks happy and surprised Sophomore Susan Macllonald porfonns hor winning Korean lan dance 9. STUDENTUFE Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi Yan L.. E . The winningcontestants ofthe Miss Cox 1987 Pageant were After Christi Edwards and F fs- r - i M, , Amber Medlin, first runner-up, Susan MacDonald, Miss Cox contestantAmber Medlm are d iirzrwdsrrodily while Carol 1987, and Pam Pascual, second runner-up. Vest and Pam Pascotri BWI' Lrvrr turns Jonior Carol Vest was voted Miss Congeniality by the other girls for being the nicest, most helpful contestant. .,, wi W.. 4 Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo3 JLIFECDLIZ l 1 I 1 lnCOXrtated wrth Sensor Sprnt, Wendell Cosenza, Alex Marshall and Rob Bagby cheer for therr peers at Homecomrng Pep Rally Q, can .gs +35 6565 Q95 G56 C Q,- U5 Q ZGSZKQQQQQ to +2 at QF, GZ gifs Q9 x Q 195 X fo we .,T Q, a 'I".D 75 . J' K.. ,.,. :aslif " . 5 Sf -ur jr I I 1 f 1 Crammrng fora current events qurz. Kathy Slough and John Jansen share a moment of lnCOXltatlon InCOXrtated wrth excztement, Melrssa Perez rerorces as she makes the Cheerleadrng squad. .i I iewrells of llinililibbkiiiitdnitiiioin From the youngest freshman to the most veteran faculty mem- bers, we were marked by diversity, yet unified by the one thing that gave us allthat common bond. We were all Fal- cons. Each class, each person left his own mark on the school, whether in the subject taught, the club sponsored, or the locker opened with the start of each day. Each person affiliated with Cox, from principal to counselor, from senior to junior to sophomore to freshman, worked to his own individual level of excellence, together we were the Levels of lnCOXitation. ceo v' ii, z1st,sxfee1?ifin 2223 gn 3 ' W ' V, Qipoo: fLEOlr" Seniority Rules ' g Eieflifdllfl Senior privileges may have seemed few and far between, but, in actuality, the seniors were granted several privileges. Admittedly, some seemed dubious, but the majority of them were fully appreciated. The graduating class -the whole class - was given a special treat. All the seniors piled into a fleet of buses in order to go to the Pavilion to see a modern rendition of Shakespeares 'Much Ado About Nothing." Though not everyone enjoyed the fact that the play was Shakespearean, the general con- sensus was that the trip as a whole was enjoy- able. The best part, seniors said, was that they were able to miss a full day of school. Typical was given a class assembly in the auditorium. The topic of discussion was the magazine sale. The assembly was a success and most found it very worthwhile since it brought together the whole class. Senior Senate was along these same lines. For the first time, government classes elected representatives to attend Senate meetings in which solely senior issues were discussed. The final and most important privilege given to the seniors was the status of being a senior itself. After all, it makes perfect sense to save the best year for last. Dressed to the hilt in green and gold, Amy Riddick and Shannon Myers prep for the Senior Parade. i to ,J 'Y-l S. ' 1 t 1 of the graduates, right? Along those same lines, the senior class f l Practicing her smiling techniques, Alison Bloxsom prepares for senior portraits, one distinct privilege. o SENIORS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocli . L 115 ag, y ,Q 1- f , ' A? I I r, , 3--r 'f-Iv-'cv-maya , A pf -sw , , QQ gg- CN ,4r, wr' I K'9 xl x hx ,x 'lf' ' I V 1, ,f -4 9 flhrlstlne f Abbatc - It rs over for now but I wrll rerrrrfrrrber forever Bradley R Adams Leann I Adams - - I dont belleve I have actually made It thrf, lar Mtchael D Adams - The best mrrror IS an old lrrrcrld Sarah J Allen -W The frrst 100 years are always the hardest Kathleen E Allts - The lun stans now Jetferey L Ames A Flnally, all my prayers have been answered Corby M Amos 7 My mom thrnks I'm cute Jason N Anderson Y Nothrng lasts forever, but somethlng new always beglns Alecla N Andrews - No one can walk backwards Into the future Sarah L Ashton - In reference to all aspects of llfe "whateverl'P!" Charlotte G. Aymond - Experlment to me rs everyone l meet Dlelan M, Badawi - Time wrll pass and fear wlll fade Crystal L Bagby - Born to be free Robert L Bagby - Wrnnrng rsn't an achtevement, rt's an attrtude Henry C Baker Patrrck W Baldwln - J'alme les femmes Robert W Balog Nicholas M Balovrch Chrrstopher S, Banks Kara Barco Mark A. Barker- Never lose srght of your goals Wanda M Barnard - Let this star shlne better than the moon brlghtens the Earth Nrta T Barnes Wayne E Barrlneau - l've got rt all under control Stacey L Bass Krrsten R Baum Larry Bayles Bowen F Beachum - Soon, I can see a bumper stlcker sayrng "Llfe's a Beachumf' No roke, Julte E Beachboard - Fads may fade away, but true fnends wrll always stay, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0 SENIORS U7 rt t rho-'es race tt' J. trarn , Be Jer ,e ode hess and deoressron .' - The .woot sum we th a mord ot iecnnorogy Dy ctrngrng to the oast 'r A Bernharot - Rock - Reach the Beach John CJ Best - Do rl t dare you' Trhrotny P Branchard - Don t worry about rt " 2 4 L if edsoe -- Cherrsh yesterday dream ot torhorrow and we tor today ittrSG'tE Btoxsonr W WhtC?t one rS he? TAJ 'odd , Boa we Jracdaya rnean we have to go to schoot tor tour more years? tyrrn M Borqrano - Today s accompttshrnents are the results ot yesterday s dreams Jennrter M Botlard Uerrrse M Bosko - The one wrth the most toys wtns' Eyette Y Bower - As a senror thrs year was the best - no hotdrno back 4 FUN Troy D Boyd - Four toot overhead on the beach shore break rs scary' John E Branche - Outrageous Colette Y Brannen - My wrll rs my way f,t.1t1t1t.tU Htttsatl its-twr,r,.t I Hmtrhr-r Hr- mth tttrr You H rtvyvt rrqtvt rt' Hyrrr M lttvrttor Vrtrrrrrty Hrttlll 'ST ,vs mr' 1 , -38 .mv 0- . fl ix K4- v1' 'Q-fy ,Q ix Q0 QT C"'f 0 y, L gn Vi' 31' V t .jg W T2 4- Toddy tn hand, Krtsten Wrlcox, Bobby Torbert, and thetr sponsor Herr Becker put tn extra hours after school tor the sensor class rSEAHOt2S000000ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. YOU Picked 'Em t ini ictgirss, Qt UUt1eililtfilliiS225 vlvii iiliilk1tcxi.ll lliiiiinwl wiirr ,view It was definitely a year of firsts. We were the first to graduate after spending four full years inthe new building. The pride and knowledge of this fact convinced seniors to go that extra mile in order to make our last year fantastic. The achievements were many, but they might not have been as outstanding had it not been for the ready, willing and able class officers: president Alex Sadler, vice-president Bill Brownlow, treasurer John Dustin, secretary Alison Davis, and second vice-president Kristen Wilcox. They led the pack on to victory. Not only were we the first to enter the new building as freshmen tremember that? , but we were also the first class to create a enior In an effort to boost magazine sales, officers Bill Brownlow, Alison Davis, Alex Sadler, John Dustin, and Kristen Wilcox display valuable prizes. Senate. The main purpose of the Senate was to give the twelfth graders a chance to meet in order to discuss solely senior issues. Prom and the graduation ceremony were, of course, the main topics on the agenda. The concept of the Senate was ideal since seniors were scat- tered throughout several lunches. Fundraisers were discussed, too. We were off to a high flying start with the sale of green and gold balloons for Homecoming. The big push went for the magazine sale. lt seemed that the graduating class was challenged by Kellam: sell the most magazines or face the humiliation of a pie in Alex SadIer's face. So went the school year: balloons, maga- zine sales, and above all, incredible senior spirit. The Senate was in session, and the seniors were making sure it was . . . a year of irsts. I A T' . , Peter Brinkman - Milwaukees the best themselves Joseph C Brooks Bradford C Brown Danny K Brown David T Brown Kimberly D. Brown Kimberly F Brown - Kathy. what should I doooo'7 Michael L. Brown Mike Brown Tammy Brown Victoria J Brown - The fun is lust beginning Jennifer A Bryson - Things can only get better ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 5:EFfvlORSCD5l4 Kari B Broocke - Dont expect from others what they don't expect Rhonda L Brown - Strive for excellence and success will be yours William J Brownlow - Diamond lifts her glass and says cheers Steven A Burke - Train train take me out ol his place Jafnes Fl Burrrn - You rnust believe to achieve James Bushee LrsaL Bushee Monica E Butler- Always accomplished rl ever started Gary W Calkins - I rn finally out' Nels E Carlstrom - People are too quick to rudge you when youre drtlerentl Stephanie Cameron Heather A Carmichael - Love and llle go hand in hand Pamela A Carter -- Live love and laugh sornemore Krrstn M flerturowskr - Yesterday Delonqs to memories hopes and aspirations belong to tomorrow Tina M Chambers RicltJ Chapman H Cool as duke U-yan R Chilcott A smile is worth a thousand words, share your knowledge with someone 'J l lrvl 1' ll l ri'll'.iri- llullrh 'i lull v'i"i,il irrrrirr llrllllll' lrrri rl , in-.-ri V ', rlllj 'r 'i' i'1rl,r'rr' '-":' rr will ltill 'mlliw r llltl lllrrr llilillulili' i ' Y' lla, vi r' y 'r't!-i, lliixirrr lrrr l rrrilrrrriw f rf' 1 i.l ,ilu mn- 'rr 'rrlilrr lrrr lhi' ini-Arr-rr' Hermit-ll H l rw.:-fif,, llrr' lirrr ,r N J. r rin rrfiw Nlril-I1 'H'-I lvl-.-it itll! llrrlil' Viri ll ll ,avril lil-lrrlirrrr lirtlillyl Milly M Lrrlnlln-r Hr, burn ti-r ,ini 'l,l1f,llr"rrllr'rrln ,irrll ,nga-r 'lllirrpir iii" l,r,:'i-i-nf lryg, .ry V-lu itll r-, what, rhnil-r, ll l,n,l,iu-r lin rin' i,iw,r it flint ir ,ini ,in will rf' ,J 4 x 5. K' is K ii 3 - 'P I 4 ,. g Future Miss America Kristen Wilcox adjusts her fur stole while aspiring Flying Nun Molly Whelahan stands by. 7- Qx ,Dx AKD? X ' ' P T3 ' .3 1 N . Xnf' ,,. , i A s 4- Qtr Q ' 3.1 T' 4- 9 AWSENIORS 0000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooolr Welcome to the Future Wir, Lltllll Wllilll illi ll llrorilrrillr "Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be," sang Doris Day. Though she wasn't as popular with this generation as she used to be, her words still held meaning. Twenty years from their graduating year, what will these seniors be doing? Some had set plans for their futureg some had a vague idea of what they wanted. Some had no idea at all. Whatever category they were in, the majority of the seniors knew that their tentative plans would probably be subject to many changes. ln twenty years, many of the seniors will be in for more than a few surprises. None of them could predict what would happen after gradu- ation. Who could now? Perhaps that really quiet, kind of weird guy in math class would go on to become the President of the United States. Perhaps the student voted most likely to succeed was married straight out of college and became the mother of eight kids. Maybe the guy with the old, beaten up Chevy called the "Brown Bomber" became the next Lee lacocca. Maybe that buck-toothed, freckle- faced girl who laughed like a hyena became a top glamour model. Seniors needed to be very open-minded about their futures as well as that of their peers. ln twenty years, the graduates may learn never to say never. f 'X . Q 'r 4. g X- Michele Culver Ke ny B Cumming - C les David Dangleman Alex Darby Jennifer Darden . V Q -an. 'N . -..Y r3,..,b . O 1 Wpx A TL? ff 11 -i " . Q W 5 WllsA Dasher.J -Toe eryo e H ea lotolf a d good I ck Daniel W David- A ma s fool sh it he hears all th l he hea s Micheal H Davidson - What' Its over9' Darn, I should e st ded - 89 - Mike Allison M Davis .3 'W AW! Mike D. Davis - who told o e that poetry is nothing sacred U08 Rrchl v0 bv Ho a d A Decke Aldo D bela d na Q M . Avi, H 1 St 4 1 ' 55. A " 'rf " Dennis Dillard . I r Tomi Dingle Jill A Diltrrck - Dsta ces ay sepa at p ople b tt e - -- friendships go on 41. 'N K Mary M Dobson - Time will never erase my memories of you ff A Y A . A Q' James K. Donahue - August 6, 1986 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORSOS7 ' Christ: Davis - You are Gods gitt, what yo beco e s yo g lt to God Tracy L Davis - Smile' No arte ho yo feel of what happe s Michelle M Dean-You se o yea sthe best do rlet tpass pirit Spelled Victory The cheers in the gym were deafen- ing. lt was definite, the seniors won the overall Spirit week competition again. The competition included the races at the Homecoming Pep Rally, the overall Spirit Week costume competition, and the Spirit Link sales. The seniors blew the other classes out of the water. The pep rally was outstanding in terms of spirit, and the graduating class led the pack. The senior class domi- nated the costume competition with some of the most outrageous get-ups imaginable. With combined speed, coordination, and talent, they zipped through the pep rally competitions and won all races but one. The sale of spirit links was phenomenal, and the seniors proved their pride by winning the cheer- ing competition. Though the pep rally was the proving ground of the seniors' prowess in competition, the true proof of the pud- ding took place in the parking lot in front of Hardees on Friday morning of Homecoming Week. Over one-hundred cars were jammed into the small parking lot, the nearby supermarket was sold out of streamers, tape, and balloons. .fx , ,- Why? All forthe Senior Spirit Parade. -97" T' After decorating the cars, the proces- sion began. While half of the cars drove straight to school, the other half took a detour in order to strut their stuff inthe parking of their friendly rival First , Colonial. What a way to wrap up a week , J .H of fund and excitement. ' v 2 R a 1 H P u Al s ui o A . ni x 63 y Ol U16 OlTT6COTTlll'l 8f3 8, EX 8 Sf, STTISB , , , , A ' 5 f 'Q' Michelson, Kelli Malloy, B?ll Brownlow. Kristen Wilcox, A "gg, -- ,Mm Q51 at qi Paul Cnswell, Molly Whelahan, and Matt Savacool were "Q," f , ,, SL, kk X iyQ:.:g1'.'-ag' I ,yu WN' Q dressed in the current fashions of their times. 'T 2 v k- - 3 3 43, -54' l l U l N lh ll t M i in :ey l A ll y ll M lf if g ss ll l ll lan U grill bar l l l M 2 l 1 l ll I l,llll,lllll'f 1 l 'K A Mir' llfill','lilw.ill1'. NU' :.""'1 gf -ir-"rl 4.. SEAHORSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u, .af 19 af . a -fa z- fa f F gf ., -a " 24' rif?2.2we,?-Qgralwc-r 1. ,QQ Us. in 4 .., .1 ,eyes Q, . -. x f1M'5ff'P3: .sr M 4: 55' V " , Mmwwwwf,Mww a , f' 'kdm . 'rn ist.- 'GI' .ff U. .. ' 4 S.. ff' " . 3 Y .4 . ,4 X , I Hey, Isnt that Rrch Walsh rn the bomr Week races? Cute outht, Rreh 1 Lookrnq at the smuies, rt looked as 115169- hanie Tatem, Steohanre Cameron and Roh Bagby were havrnq great fun al a game 1' 1 Y 5 LN'xN,Zh'Ng I UTU? 7a a W l P aw' rw-'fs 2 f 'Wliff 'A 1' A 35 .-75 Kathleen L Edwards Laura A Edwards -- :P dld whalwr Laugh ar yourself be1ore anyone else can' Todd M Ehrenzeller Mmhaer Ersenourger Barbara A Ellroi - Oh. Doon' I f ,,f b , , ff 1. V f ' ' 1 11 ' if '2fjf a: , I rf will it A , ' 4 ' . 4-Rgxi 1 x e ' 4' :A Qa- JW' Susan Ellsworth ' , Stephanre S Emerson -- Thr was Catherrr1eJ Essau Rhonda Eversolr NJ, ' , f 2 V if ' Kevin W Ellrs - God out me on h V 291' ,.. . oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQWWUCWZ Douglas C Ferguson A To all lreshmen I leave my lrrst book l01 Un the Rvad A9350 .5 ,Y ., .t!!--VY ,F f- - ?- A 7 f I -lg . X M .-l it , Q ,S-em,w1flQ X K L Q. si 4 - t. , Q - 'QQ x, RF,-. X, . K S W xi- t X.-- ,. x,-..QX.L,f-s- "On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again," sang Willie Nelson. Though he was not a big hit with seniors, he did have something in common with them. Little did he know, but the majority of seniors felt just the same way. They couldnt wait to get on the road again, either. This was proven each afternoon at two o'clock by the traffic on Great Neck Road, which swelled due to the outpouring of students from the parking lots. The car carried with it connotations of status and freedom. Those who drove to school could arrive a good twenty minutes after the buses. They could also stay after school as late as necessary without having to have Mom come to pick them up. Sometimes, however, this creature comfort seemed more a burden than a blessing. On any given winter day, several seniors were tardy because their cars refused to start. The risk of a detention was not the only risk some ran. Some ran the risk of bankruptcy because they had to pay an arm and a leg for their cars. Was the car really worth the tardies and the money? You bet it was, most agreed. After all, how else would a senior have gotten to those Friday night parties? How else could one have been in the senior parade? The pros definitely outweighed the cons. Complete with green and gold tailfins and f'PRlDE' license plates, this was the seniors' official spirit car. Kevin P Ferry Y Do it and don t think about rt Brian Fentress David H Ferguson g JOG-475 ways to Get ISS Anne C Filer - Ne dis ramais Jamars' Pierce Flemrn package Jana M Forreztei - B J and C A that s the ticket Katherine M Toairia l can leer rl coming in the air tonight Jett A Foster -- '- 'Q O in we- - zu, I Q! 3- 'Q , C -:'L"' ' ' e ff! ,L , . -5-rv-an-9 'R ...qw U H . l I 1 lMt ll gl .T SENIORS 0000000000000ooooooooooooooooooooc 1 F i, 101 'vt X laura Gardiner Larrri I Baylor I rrr qrirnrg in rnr'.'. AH ul you but trnrf troy ry, ,,f,r Irmrvrfr rig it Sim" iiwiqhl fr fiihbz Ihr: world r'. 4 r,i.1',',morri Hur: hir' rr, rm' rrg,,r,rrrr no qui ready ini'.', SIIJVIQH inizzori Hobin Grlrrrari 'ev vr- -1-yur V .. . XIX Sharon P Gish - I'iI rnias you all irur: irirgnrjr, lan! lnrerrfr rqrn . 5' X , F., A .- '. W ' I - fi ... 1 K1 psy N 4 , 'T cl 'N ' J ' -N , A ix , 7 1 N ii. X ' ' 'H L- : r 1 Car7 Joann Gluckowskr - Deal with ri Tracee A Godwin - Thats sooo eooi Frankie' Lisa M Goooali - Mr Mer noni forget tr ir ,,, P T P sticking together' Richard J Gordon A It s tinatly over gy AL 'wp Mah Gostel Cedric Gray - lite is set on goals, so make them high Jenniter Grayson Lon A Greber - Do I look okay? Tom E Gregory - Enroy lite while its easy ,nw , , David T Grihin Jenniter L Grooters - Too many to count- F C Al" Lon A Grubbs - Relax take it light Louis Gwin Jenniier B Hadiieid - Why does someone always have to play charades? mage, l l""1 ,fr , 'D ' "'--E N ,.. f A 5 - 'x - e-.. , "W ' lf' , , -V W kdhli' , 'Q- : , ., kr-,rf Q X if K-N a,.ar' ii Before entering the Senior Parade, Cheri Sike, John Best, and , Paul Criswell put the tinai touches on the car. i wroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSENIORS SS P ir ii .r 41' I :goeth u me - La ssez re Don tefnns router' me, A E-'er,o'e .ww sumtye out onty the strong mn prosper Ehud Z Haton - 'Nate' out wond here t Lorne' Bran U Harnfv - too- uc and :neyohc rsetn Marnyn K Hanrn Ttrnothy Hannan Susan A Harder - O0 what you can vvtth what you have gr-xp' 1 1 X 40 '- r 4 I Susan C Harman Ltsa P Hannon - Ltte ts what you make ot tt Sandyt Harnson K A - - fs K cr' f I A N A 'R V s . rv. Katnna S Hasetrnan - Lute s not easy, but tt s worth tt LV ii Ennstopner D Hayes - Show rne a good loser, and I ll show you a oser Ktmoerly K Hayme - Laugh and the wortd laughs wtth you MarkF Heckler Mona D Hedsoeth - The greatest aotttty ts dependatnrltty r :fl 'fn 1 Q . g, I . . r' ,Q .. f 4 ,.s ., J A - 4 Ehzaoeth Henry Audrey A Hernandez Lute ts rneanrngtess wtthout tnends - they make It wotthwhrtt? Suzanne M Hesbot Y- The best ts yet to come SarahE Hess -- Good good good' I Noah M Httt f There s at method to rny madness , CEAHORSoooooooooooooooooo Government class current events competition heats up as Kathy Singh and Mr Sylvester Smtth tally the score OOOOOOOOOOOOOOODO L . 'W , .. If . , V Q03 1" ir y Q ,aut g 'I J s L4 r 'I rm L H A y Ill CeclliaJ H dq U I I ly 1 MarcusJ H I lammyt H dd I Mel l. H ph y MaureenA Hunt-Trut e lk o hall d g Mark Ives Chrrstopherl Jacobs Kenneth C Jacobsen A Katrina D James - The e o f I e without God John Jansen Hank M Johnson, IV - Tormentor Holly G Johnson - Best friends lorever - Mo and Razy Dazy Jennifer J Johnson Rebecca A Johnson Barbara E Jones - Bound to co e y sta Ittle more ground KerryE Jordan George C Kapos - Life is live Karen V Kay Kathryn A Keeler - Excuse me wh Ie I kiss this guy Let the Contest Begin! Clioirrrfemlt eveilttts., eoirrtremt events., etmrent . "Our contestants for today will be Jenkins vs. Smith and Godfrey vs. James. Everybody knows the rules . . . let the contest begin!" H The competition was cut throatg the ques- tions, deadly. It was a survival of the fittest. ln order to win, one had to be married to his newspaper. The game: Jeopardy lcurrent events stylel. The answers ranged in topic from the most important international affairs to television trivia. Anybody could try it, but any- body giving the wrong answer was jokingly heckled and booed. Nobody wanted to tie: nobody wanted to lose . . . the consequences: a deadly current events quiz. Everybody wanted to win, so the classes battled right until the end of thte bell in hopes of scoring those few extra porn s. lnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORSCDS7 ill Leah A Kelley M :nel e E Kent - Loo-1 'l QU ook 'W 1001 everywhere TO aC'tl8v8 SUCCESS Tara U kim - Things can only get better Kelly L Kincaid - Lookout world we ve only rust begun Larry T King - The bigger they are. the harder they hit' Michelle L Kitchens - You Goof have l0 oe fall to get ahead in lite Christopher S Krriel -- Don l gain the world and lose your soul Nilliarri F Krrudsen Revival and Survival M r r if r 1.-r, We r..1ririril tll'.l.U'H'l ri. N gr, itll-U, NIjlOff1VlflfIlf',flUlP Mark ll l"lli1r.'u'v lliv irhrirl lirw, lJl'lUr1' llir- lmflv That Was Then U' Siilffl fx f f -Ei r Yr. 1 L' 5 VX rs. -,Q tw 'Q-is rw"-D. 'S FWZ Pt T 'VO 5 "9 N W NT ' Q-R3 gl TQ-sa also u get -Q uluttls LQ, L- Keep your eyes on the watch, back and forth, back and forth. Now relax. You are getting very tiredg your eyes are getting heavy - very heavy. You are asleep. Let your mind drift back, back to your freshman year. The year when everything was, well, bigger. You were degraded about your size and age, and re- member how you used to dress? How about the countless times you stood shivering at the bus stop in the rain while the up- perclassmen drove by in their cars, snickering? Worse still were the times when dear old dad had to chaulteur you and your date to and from . . . those were the days, huh? Ah, nostalgia! lt's forthe birds especially the fledgling Falcons .L .'r' ,X Over the years. Caddy HB0 Derek" Wood has opted lor more traditional hairstyles. 56 CENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon DU' Q ACI 4 . Agreattan of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Claudia Brassil does her impression of em. 'FN ,HN P.- y l as-In If ez 4-' x . 3 , .A .Y My ijlqgsfi' P ., 1' y 3 We - -- an Z, fx' Y . 11- , Al fr t 3 -U 14-. lrua A lauolx Miki: l larntir: lt", Allllljfyl over no what ', ne1t'1 llratq ll leap Uucntrn .l Leqq We linally rrnidr: it r,ut and dryll ltetiecca L Lcrnhurq Ieli ln-tr lleut-.r.hland' Charles F Lrndauer - Tie two birds together, although they have lour wings, they cannot tty ChristineE Lloyd Colleen M Lonq Hope M Lucas - I let go ol my past while grasping my lutufe JennilerJ Lucas Tammara A Lucas Toby E Lucy - Trying and losing is like not trying at all Lisa L MacDonald - Looking forward to my future and lite with Greg Harris Nell-Garwood MacEachern - Sleep, food, friends in that order Keep your priorities straight Kelli A Malloy - Were there not someone who loved. the sun would be extinguished Geraldine L Maraia - Being me is great, but I wouldnt recommend it Sally K March -Just like in the movies Kay Marella - Dont forget me when lm gone Jimmy Mariani Matt Maroon - The quest has ended - 'V'ictory Roll A. Marshall - OH, applesauce! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo S'ENlORS S4 V I ,W My MNH- , ,, r ,Hn ,Hwy rr ,rrrrrrn tr rr- -may qw! tn-ltvr' 'rrrrMn,r. M 'Mr-r, lr---r r' .rut l'r't' ef 1 Y " IW' 'Htfl 'AW""l"IY .1 4 rw- lrm H 'rant V lt '- a, QA f. .5 ,N , ' 1' I rg A A Renee Marttn Trmotny Martrns Warren M Matnews - Use rt or rose rl Lrnda Mamet. - Lodrrdut tor mat? W: tram . McCar2dm ,A Susan McCteItar1 - Stand Dy me Nora and Drtstr But wno are we lookrng tor? Rma McDanrets W Ho' Sud specrmen ahead Cnrrs McEtfresh - Gam Real Lrte - Romans 6 23 Heatt1erMcFrtItn - 143!!! Rober1F McGregor 1. A , ' X -2' , a ,Q ,, ,Q 1 1 :QU Q x - Marrorre G McKe0n - Sducess wrtnout napprness rs nottnng Cratq McLauqnrrn - Suecess 15 getttnq 'NVIBI you want Happrness rs warrtrng what you get Tammy McLeod Denrse O Mrcketson 4 Let us run wrtn patrence tne race that rs ahead Errr1C Mrrby - Don r ret senool get rn tne way dt your educatron 'Aw ,x Q. Snayne K Mrtler V- I rn qraduatrnq so let s Ue gone llavrd A Mrttner - It was lun wnrre rt lasted tlnarlesf Moore James M Moore Jr Udrr A Mrrrr 3 - I never ret scndorrnq rntertere wrtn my educatron - , ' Iv. fires O L' ' " Q 'J . L br A M - A ,t 1 ,t ' vt Mr," ,yy Urrrrrwt 'rnn pn, Mm' tra ',rrr tre 'rr ,ttryrvv 51,11-1A Mn ,rrntrt ,r"'Yl"'1' ',4r,,r-r 4y't,:tr1flr,'tr1 f,'rrr' r ,wr rp-Y rt wr ,gm rrrtrtr Mm Qtr! ft,1trw'H Mrrrttrry rf'- 'ti -Q . 'C' O vt-rlrr I' Mnrtrtry-. 'Jrrwr Mwr. Mr-,fr t 'rrrytrr' Talan re rets its error in placing t is picture out ol order. L, SENIORSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I 9-5 1 C . 1 Sorry to Eat and Run . . . ' Txlll KTTllJllllllllt'll llttllswiltllltttitrtlilltwill-TT gt T T T it yi lbttininlcl t., V, J il 1, 7 xi ly T , Sure, lunch was a time to fill grumbling stomachs, and, yes, it was a social period. However, many students put those fifty minutes to the pursuit of high education. Whether it was in the din of the cafeteria or in the quiet of the library, many seniors grabbed the nearest newspaper and attempted to swallow the contents whole. One could never be too ready for a current events quiz. In order to get ahead of the game, some chose to complete homework due the next day. Some chose to receive math help in room 160. The SCA room was, as usual, a hotbed of activity. Class and SCA officers strode in and out, performing various duties instead of eating lunch. Now, that was devotion. Though some studied and most ate, still another portion of students opted for recre- ation. The volleyball net was always busy on warm days, and students battled it out. Hackey sack was a popular way of passing the time. Seniors could be seen contorting their bodies in order to kick or hit the hackey. Whateverthey did during their lunch bell, the seniors did it to the hilt. As anyone could see, Tammy Tasheiko and Kristen Wilcox took their current events very seriously Mt t' S ffw 1' A V .,,i,..' J WWTW ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CENIORSCS7 Ugh! V7 mf ' ' 'N 5" 31? J li yi g Tx ll it of T T 1 gl ff A lf? 3 at it ff 75 lv: 'PN 'A 17? r ul sus is Yi yyillltt .ai swiiilwi llrlfnlpl .J Ugh. Every year the seniors talked of that dreaded disease called "slump," Those who weren't seniors thought it was all inthe mind. Then they became seniors and found it wasn't true. One cannot fully describe slump until it has been experienced. Parents just didn't understand. They thought it was simply a two-week stage. "Why should you have slump?" they asked. Why, indeed. Who wouldn't groan over having to rise at six o'clock each morning? That was so one could make it to school at the inhumane hour of seven-thirty. Dogs weren't even up that early. Why should you have felt down when you were faced with the prospect of a current events quiz every day? One day of not reading your paper and you were lost. Also, what was so bad about having eight hours of homework? So what if you had to stay after school until four-thirty? Anybody could handle that, right? Think again. There was no reason to gripe even though some were stuck with the deadly duo of Legan and Lambriola? Who cared if they were the two toughest teachers of your educational career? You recovered, didn't you? Well, almost. Lastly, what was so bad about filling out all of those forms for colleges and scholarships? So what if you had to write twelve different es- says? lt's good practice. Oh, yeah? Tell that to the muscles in a senior's hand. Slump. Will it ever end? Seniors everywhere hoped for a cure. At the bi-monthly Executive Council meeting, Sarah Ashton and Audrey Hernandez managed to look slightly interestedi Tammy Tasheiko gave up, F' ., ' bl- :W 9.6 , no 1 , P f CllllNlBjldldlI1ll f Jtlml wriydik ir l l vll k i ANI for d lltlll myii ll rr X A AI N i l ll r ll ll 1ir-,.- T f ' p ll J lx Al N oil K lll lhlllll llkllllllru Alun ll ll.ill-'. lrivr- i'. I iiiiiq Vllllllljll lu lvl lwl qu -S. , TSEAHORS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i I P? ,fe ' -1 .M I Q " , , X vf if 1 fi li vs 1 f 1 'TKT' 1 Pondering unfinished homework, Jonathan Stauffer weighs the pros and cons of attempting to finish it. 55 -.ia L4 -'X , nfs r l 1 fc Q ff' ? '. l 7 ,Ag Jon M Oden - I ll give you a definite maybe FIebeccaJ Oglesby - Sorta Kinda, but not really' Paul J O'Neil - Swing hard in case you hit it Gina M Pacheco - Life is a poem rhyrne it Frank D Balermo - l'm over it Pace B Palmer Jeffrey P Parr Pamela F Pascual - Big things come in small packages Samuel E Pavey - My first seventeen years were repetitive, my last one was genuine John N Peckens - I was only absent on test days Robert D Pellerin Jennifer C Pennington - Procrastinate tomorrow' MichaeIJ Penny Joel W Perry Mark L Peterson - When the tough get going the weak get stepped on' Scott M Peterson - I dont care about a quote unless I get extra credit7' Kriss M Phelps - The saints are the sinners who keep on trying Lars-Erik Pierson - To flyy one must be able to dive at the ground and miss Kimberly A Pollard Raven L Prevette - lt's been real, dudes Elizabeth A Prodan - Up, up, and away Erwin G Ramos Susan E Rayfreld - There are no walls if J your mind MaryJ Redding - Kim - You have lr r Kara E Reed ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS 63 OD F' r g' ot EXDEVICWCE ': "I cues wIll last a IYEIIVTIE Gregory S Flenno may ng a good day dont worry you ll get over It' tor L RICCI - Slow to start hard to stop Rae ,Ina R cpardson - Ho! DIQQITY Dog-my last year-watch out world Amy H R-GOICK 4 What was the QUCSIIOUU Ar'eneE Rldge W Bye Bye Cox High' Rheat Rleye - Mo and Razy Daly - Best Friends forever Nlerednh A Roberts - I was born to graduate Slaceyi Ross Karen S Roullel - Coxfone memorIe too good to Iorget Katherlne D RUOIQGI VICKIE L Rumpl - Don I grve up' Jay C Russell - ls this the beginning ol the end9 Alex E Sadler - Am I dreaming. or Theodore T Sakis - I ve llnally passed go on lite s monopoly board Floyd R Sarvella kimberly A SQVIHO f Strive to do your best wrth a load ol conlldence ellen S Schlosser v AFIIICIDBIIHQ lite and Its great experience 6 u - 3 d"X 'Q v F L It 5- Q Stupid Pet Tricks 1 l 1 l I I I I Y ,IX - I t, I . I ,tr I X I IlIIII'lIlI llleltft 'rkflxlllllwwklx llllIIIItllII' ItIlIIIvIIIIIIItII'sYIJl I ,Ie ,I I l ' , I , , , I V ,Ir I I As seniors prepared to leave tor college. many laced parting with their beloved pets. Although students knew they would be separated from a purring or panting crea- ture, they would not forget the warm snuggles or a cold wet nose. What would be remembered most, however, were the stupid pet tricks peculiar to each animal. Some tricks were so ridiculous that only the owner could find humour In them, Did your dog bark at the bells on game shows because he thought It was the door- bell? Did your animal scarnper ott with your stutted animal so he could sleep with It? Did your kittens do the high tive wlIIle play- ing together? Each pet has a special trick that endears him to his owner. Memories ot such odd- ities accompanied each owner to college. lt one ever became lonely, he simply pulled out a picture ot his favorite domesticated creature to lift his spirits. It that didn't work, he might have placed a long distance phone call to home simply to hear that much missed meow, bark, or twitter. The things they did for those animals. Considering she had tour animals, Nell-Garwood MacEachern coped the best way she knew how, Q. xi I ISEIKIIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo O l t 'VU' lrsa l ficlurrurl Mollie W brjrrtndt Hrnoh' Hactlaffl M Stghrntdl A qufczltorr IJIIAHPIIU la rr rrurlrl UlIlJ'Jf'1 Drew l Sclurntt - .lout tu:r,au',re you look llkr: a potato utno rlorfnn t rrrean you of wma' Stephanrr: A Schoenhanh itdvil ,0- Sonya A Scott - I cant belreve l made lt Marvrn E Seay - Lute rs not a spectator sport LonnL Sebasttan Kemberly D Senter A Fantasy rl gets the best ot me when I rn sallrng Cathy R Sereno - ll we dont stand lor sornethrng we ll tall tor anythtng 'Dm Rr V ' HU Q ' Mtssy Serrano - Dont forget mrmer, Lt, soggy anchttos and T P Drowmn' trmes Davld M Sharpe Chnslran 0 Sharrock - I thought rt was rllegal to out mrrrors tn larl Kevrn M Shea - School only seems to lasts forever, but what lS learned does. Marcre E Shrelds - Dare to be drherent' 4 U, 'vt . 4,4 A Karen M Shreckengaust - Don't ask me, l dont know yet Melrssa A Shon Lance P Shores Davtd L Shull Barbara A Srbert - lt's all been a long haul A we made rt through rt 1 x v ,1- 49 ,ww 1 Chrrr L Sake - Overcome your tears. and push your dreams to reallty Danlel H Stmpson - May your blossomrng and eternal souls be eternally depleted and rmmaterral Presenting her with her very own cake, Sarah Hess and her parents celebrate Sadie's birthday tSadle's the fuzzy onel. m oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSMW5 65 Destination Unknown , F W 77, Ex - ' Y xi eil' - L -Q, Everybody had a favorite place to go on a Friday night. Many people went . . . . , , to the Jewish Mother. A huge video screen, great food, and a cool atmosphere - what more could one ask? . . . to parties. They were a great way to get acquainted with others, among other things. T . .to the Mall Shopping, then a movie made a full evening for anyone. . . .to a football game. This usually pre- ceded the parties. At the games, people socialized more than they watched football. . . T to TCBY for a nutritious munchie. Though not the most exciting thing to do, it was a nice, non-fattening way to end the evening. So, there was a wide choice of places to go on a weekend. The fun started at 2 o'clock on Friday afternoon, and it dldn't stop until Sunday evening when seniors buckled down to their homework. Did someone say "homework?" On Thursday nights, Young Lite was the place to be sinoe there was always something interesting like the donut pass as performed by Rob Bagby and Chris McEltresh. Christopher Sister ,,,.l Y QU ,,'l,,i vtjb want NUI what they expect' Melissa Slaven r herihef Slough -- ll S- ll ur the slate nl mind Mlchae:IJ Smith Monica Smith Christopher .l Smoke l ah Sono VJVUI year is areal no don 3 uool get it -straight' Henna y' it 1-ar. - lfllaw s-vs-ryrtay a dr:-am .ind tnrnorrnw a vision ol hope kathy F My-' 'Fi Curr, l Pfllfly lill- and ll'lill!lTlDt'l the fl.1'a'slJl HT V r',loplu'l W xr Pour yvuir i,i lllllllljlll lil rin ll ,iulini liliiilivily V Slallliir il:-.illu-i M ',l.irlii- Y lilily l hint' H l limi ljwly HH ri- fi-lil 1 L will tp limi thi- tire'-,i-ill rd, NI llvi ln ll l lin' Mlitivwllf llllli 3 0. 1 - .4-I 1 WSENIOES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,-- .- '4 ?a,,,l .itll tlhrlfrtlrlrc M frtrrnlrlarld Im Illllr: boyz qrr to Lfillrfqrf lorff Mrchrellre Strlrlrfr Krrrrturrly IJ Stroud - Au I rrrovr: lrrrwarrl l ll look tmrj ,ml nrrnlf' Mrke L Summerlrn Tveryorrr: luvrcz uorrrurrrw '.urrrf-.-1tlrfrr- Gregory M Super Saret Sehzlrrnnlhazlt' f ,,. Letecra M Tamayo - Frndrnq orrectron, person. ano T Ft F guarantees me a hrrqht luture Tamara L Tashelko - Yawn Oh as school over now? Steohanre R Tatem Mandy E Tavares - Success begrns wrth a person s wlll Natalre Taylor- Llle s a bowl ot chernes - watch out lor the ons Andrew J Terr, Jr CharlesJ Theurer Stephen Thomas BrranJ Thompson Henry L Thompson - Never look back' "' v Krmberly Tolbert - Heecckk, yeah' Robert Torbert Carl L Trafton - Lrle rs a Deautrful thrng. lets not waste rt CharlesE Trent Scott C Trowbndge w- Isthmus be my lucky day' 1. uf.. ro- ,ws - . r . . . , Q Q hx P D I Crndy L Tucker- To lrve rs to love Mrchelle D Turner Danlel J Tyrell - Is rt over yettlo Chrrstre M Underhlll - Thanks tor all the memorres Ouack' Cathy Van Eycken Hi . "X vs in 15 X, Crarg R Venable Anne V Vrnh r- Was rt worth rt? Garnet L Vrncent - Learn lrom the past, lrve tor today, look for tomorrow Anna J. Vlta - Let us stay forever now Anne B Warte - Homework what homework? Sch what school'7 Party my house' ,f 4 l l oibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSENIORS 67 i ,atherrne A Wood - And rmtfza and ITINIITS and mates to qu tnfthuc I .ve .vs .5 Q Q- ' .. 1 ' 7 - Q - s f 6- v -. J h 7 gr nt what t wanted to say X -n 3's do tt better atter they graduate 1" ' .Wa an - Oh to the best years ot our trves 'ru C Watsh - Novnnq rs ever what rt seerns Mtcheat G Weber f5'rD"li'6 4, ,4 Q-- Cathertne W Wetnorn e Four rnrtes uo on Shore Drrve Crnoy L Weloorn 4 What can I sayV f Ayelet welter J 1 Errc C Wetter f II s been rear out ROI rear tun BradleyJ Wentz - When rn doubt take tt U W Y 'N N . . X 'Q L , f ,Y sy ,J " O 'J Q I I 3 LT W. Mrchaet D Whaley 6 Margaret N Whelahah - I made rt through the wrlderness Chnsttne A Whrte - Believe rn yoursett and anythrnq ts possrtute Amy E Whrteman - Happtness ISD t an end product tts a means x f Stacey Whrte ot trahsportatxon 32 I as-as ,.. 01 7? Cynthra J Wrlhncht - Character rs what you are rn the dark Krrsten A Wrtcox - Wheres my syrup? Chrrstopher S Wriey UahE WIII Krrsttna A Wrlharhs A The nest ot trrhes deserves the best of trrends Phi' f' I N Rrctlard P Wlllmrrls - From Cox to eterhtty' .lnhn G Wrtlrz Out ot control' slrrnp 4 Q- 1 Q ts -. .. 'V' 9 r., 1- 1' ' ' ' ' Q Vrfwtnrrt V. Wnrttfnrl Waw rw: up who-rn rt I, over' Arn, fI'v4fll'I Hrmrly wrllrhq ,1rtt1.4t1h- VQSENIORSOOOOOOOOOooooooooo-oooooooooooooootc :S IE S 3 Larry E Wrlltams tl I t Jackass U Wrnstead v G t 1 I l N t I l l l A l l rf Dedlcated to therr class Sarah Ashton and Colleen Crowley essed In Cleopatra mode Denrse Mrchelson wondered If spent numerous alternoons workrng on the senror sectron of e was rn the nght mlllenlum me yearbook This IS Now lt S Fab lit S Here, lt S Worm lit ss Now They put on thelr red Reeboks they stra ped on their Swatches They pulled on an utback Red shlrt and tapered leans Where were they gorng'? The semors were probably headed for a concert whether at be The Monkees or R E M Perhaps they were on thelr way to see a box offrce hut such as Top Gun or Stand by Me Just for a change of pace some chose to go to the Naro for thelr srxth vrewrng of Stop To wrap up the evemng many went to TCBY Others chose the Ilvelrer atmosphere of the Jewish Mother Both places offered a wlde chorce of sweet mghtcaps No matter where they went the semors went In modern style Happy lust to be together Greg Super Barbara Elllot Claudia Brassrl John Stauffer Sarah Hess Chnstn Ed wards and Meg Dobson smrle ln unlson 559 1 !,'V'll,tm I I 9 D 9 9 9 3 it Q T ,gg Making Sense." u yDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SENIORSOM Must Athletic: KQV. Lil 1 5: --.' 1 Must Likely to Star on Broadway: Amy Rwadmck and Jef? Ames 9 ' si , i - I, 1 ,SA - fi 1 . 3, 4 J' . A , v'! v-4 'GF is 4-5 T U1- ig 'Q , 0- ' .417 Mosttuhelylu Appeunna Newspapenieadllne 1 ,mmf Mmm m.m+1Mttr1 Mtmmu Most Likely to Must "Saturday Night Lnve" Nahum- Laylur .mn Mm Pvt:-:umm BIUQBSI FIMS frlt'v.lII Mr'lZIuII.m .md Mm' lluuhw , fJ'SENlORS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I INCOXITATED! rr Url W lr rr r . , , , ,, , r r E r .X , , U 3 r r lull rllf lil' 'ell or All roll rlrl 'll or l Next Mr. or Miss America: Becky Lemberg and Brran Ward Mos! Lald Back: Frank Palermo and Raven Prevetle Mos! Lllrely to Cure the Common Cold Lmrly Wlrrlrl ,mfr Mrvrf rr,,,rr, IC- r ,k.. ...ff 'fa ' 'I A . : I M I ' "Frei 'F 'X pzx-61" Il:-annum vxnlvmlv Most Spirited: Kathy Slough and Wendell Cosenza Most Involved: Molly Whelahan and Alex Sadler llllosl Unpredlctable: Kellr Malloy ann ll. 5 C oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOSENIORS 77 The Jewel of the Style NOW ADDEEIFIYTQ OH 3 FITTQEI' Neal' You I was, despite all obstacles, prepared for my journey to thejewel. I had in mind a picture of how it would be- sparkling, elegant, unique. I found myself in oppressive surroundings as I stood by the other exhausted people. The line moved slow- ly, and I was quickly running out of patience. But what could I do? I had to continue my quest. At last, I caught sight of a flash, a glimmer. Then the jewel was clearly visible. Then two, three, four! A multitude of jewels came into view! As I inched fonward, I could see the merchant and his wares. Every jewel that Balfour had was just within my reach. Their colors danced before my eyes - rich greens, delicate aquas, deep reds, and fiery diamonds. My head began to swim with confusion. All of the choices just compli- cated my decision. How would I ever choose between all these precious stones? Did I want silver or gold? IOK or 14K? Suddenly, the perfect stone in the perfect setting caught my eye. Yes, this was the ring of which I had dreamed and sought since the 9th grade - the jewel of the style. Filling out her custom choices, Jennifer Connors orders her class ring. 4 ji- ' .if ' t gig!! Ll N " j, ltarnnll "lib I " : nxa I-I 'x 1 J!- I leA sta V "fu 'Wm I P' 'Q I' I h Ag far A C 8 AHUBII A drea Akers ' ' " ' Grant Alrins , - GI iAIIari J E D lh Alrrly Q - J AI ora lx f , , M I A . W3 - 1 x Y I r I I HBNX- A I la ' 1 W K I A derson ' 5 FI by A Gerson , R A I rton , h M W N re " " ' "' ' 1 p ' I IAd Ahmbe X, , I Agbg urn ur er K I 1 ' K liflney Ayers - , h Ar' ff 'TN X' 1 JU Vi EAU Brett .I e ' CQ If - M I I ""I1-"V" 1 r' T1 ly Q X. A 5 'I 4 ' ' ' I .4 ' ' K ' - X J - I , gwill. IF I . ,I 4 ll? ta I-ff-ver ff' I--we' I is lllf I 'I E ' A It ' in I 5 x 1 ' ' s M ML -mu X A A T ,. , . .xiii If . ir' ""'1V'gl""""F"" 'wr 'qv' sf!" ll lil l I I I lj A ll I I J 'V - ' ov- 'IJUNIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gazrng over the rlngs Suzanne Kemp and Carol Vest seem satlslred wlth therr cholces. T l " ' I Fur .4 ' - I A W' U' rv ww T1 .. sk is-:M 1 'H ,C 7 K r. , . x f ' "tl :i""? 4 fl 'faawlqw '11 F-ei, I -2 - d ' " 9 " '54 .K L .mug S-F- -., r U ! i U7 I X X I I ! ft IL. "" 'W' 'T if 1 :J Tm? 'FFF 1 I 1 x M "1 vm . .T rn eW"1r'f -l X, 3- A . ,, Al ai 5 I' V -1 Q 1 Li 'r,, l fx .5 ' ,'5i.'?f1,'y5 er ' 'I . - ., r f' 'I .1 ' S X F N N an lr" 'wr' a T ' 5. ii' -or .- 12 -' ' : 4 ' " 'S F q X ,is iv 3 s lv Q fall Q11 2 - s fx N L. rr . ' - v I r T rl , . I A X rr" l Va' Kurt Hruel Lorlll, Hrurrrtrrfr Uavrfl l5ur,tl4llarl Kelly Dunk lonrr- Hurkr: Chrrs Buzhlrlq Krm Byerly Colleen Bgrne .larnrnell anne Bobby Caldwell Donlo Caradrne Mary Carlson Donald Carlstrom Jennrler Carroll Deborah Carter Rodel Catahan Dlnah Catlett Todd Cauvet Candy Celalu Brett Charbonneau Jennrter Check Shaun Chllcott Charlre Cho Brlan Clark Carl Clark Carolyn Clark Glna Clark Scott Clark Shelly Clark George Cobb Karen Colehamer Carolyn Coleman Hunter Collrer Carol Colllns Rodney Collrns Tony ollrns Shannon Colllnson Gllhert Compo Matt Concert Rob Conger Erlc Conner .lennrler Connor Courtney Conover Katnna Cooke Chrrstran Cool Jlmmy Copeland Barry Couch Vlrglnla Courson Jason COWCII Devon Cox Tracy Cox Amy Cralg DHVIU Cralne Nrck Crlsalullr Lon Cottee Jon Currey Kevln Curry Phllrp Damuth Sean Davenport Heather Davrs Mandy Davls Qfwnvii Gannon Cori ,'r'TL?T l pq 5' '- L ' WVCFT L C':F3Ul looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooDWDM 73 Homeroom representative Jennifer Perry collects for the United Way At a local air show, Carrie Monger serves up cold drinks illI.i .A WE, the JUHIDYS As our American History teachers told us, our Founding Fathers undertook the job of establish- ing a nation, and the junior class worked toward the making of 'lThe Perfect Class." The first job we undertook was the weeding ofthe flowerbeds in the front. ln two days of hard work and back- breaking drudgery, volunteer juniors succeeded in transforming the weed-infested masses of earth into perfect examples of fine gardening. Needing money to fill our treasury for Ring Dance, the juniors decided to sell Ready Teadys, those cute little bears. It was a roaring success and contributed heavily to the money supply of the class, And to make the year the perfect dream envisioned by the juniors, there was Ring Dance, and with the perfect Ring Dance the juniors finished their "Perfect Year!" bifllirirj spirit link-, Caroline Colcrriziri and Kevin Kratzer show their spirit in llii- igriiirr: urgfiool all iii OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC 1- V141 'l ' V' 'r ri lr," H 1 Van lrlur 1 trlffllff Uurrbar Barr. brave laugh Uryr: fred Uyzart Uwlqht Faster Larrru lalrrrl lerry Eby Yilllr fr,r,ltrlrrl-r1l', MP1-fvrrrfrllrg rgr Hlryy Fm rg Jrfnrnlrfr 81.',lr-- Lrattarr' fm'-'. Jlll' fN"rq Kffylrr Fay Charlene Ferlorl Uavld Fr:lllr:l', Doug Ferguzorl Janet Flke Mlchael Flnch Laun Frnger Jack Push Kathleen Flsher Stary Fllnt Fobert Flores Mellnda Foley Marc Ford Ruth Ford Krm Foster Herdr Fountarn John Foy John Francavllla Mrchelle Frasher Chrrs French Joren Frey Matt Fry Scott Fuller Chns Garner Knox Garvrn James Gates Crarg Goldberg Cathy Gower Greg Green Stephanre Green Wendy Gutermuth Party Haley John Hall Eddre Halton Mrke Hammer Can Hanzl Jrll Hardrng Jonathan Harrell Bruzer Harns Gary Harrls Lrsa Harvey Vrckr Hatch Tory Hawk Shawn Hayles Benramrn earst Tammy Hedspeth Tacy Hernrrch Kevln Hendershot Carole Henderson Jennller Herbert Colleen Herzke Jrm Heston Cnarlre Hrnos Molly Hlghtdn Amy Hall Kelth Hrnson David Hobart Denrse Hobbs Melrnda Hodges Jennrter Hoffman Kelly Hogan Trm Hol en Renee Holrk Make Hopper Krrstln Horton Laura Hough Pat Houlrhan Charlene Hunenthal Rooynn Hudson Ang: Hughes Carne Hume Carol Howler Sli ,H, -- Q -ll fl glam lmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooJUNIORS 75 "I have never seen a class with so much en- thusiasm as the class of 88l" exclaimed Debbie Moser, the junior class sponsor, when asked what she thought about the junior class's in- volvement with Homecoming 1986. The Class of 1986 walked oh the field with first place in the float competition this year at homecoming, John Fox, as the class's float chair- man, came up with the idea of "Alice Through the Junior representative Sherri 'Miles and father, JO Miles, l , l l i i Floating into Wonolerlandl victory on a Fiatiaecili Looking Past Mirror" as the homecoming theme "The Past is the Key to the Future." "I would like to thank everyone that helped me construct the float. l'II be looking forward to next year's float which is going to be even betterthan this year's," stated Fox. Not only did the Class of 1988 win first place in the float competition, but it also raised the largest amountforthe United Way, 3260. ln the spirit link Junior representative Nicole Andrews and father, Peter Andrews. l . competition, the juniors fell to third place behind Il il the sophomores and seniors. What the jUI1l0fS!l'. lacked in links they made up for in spirit during jl Friday's pep rally, where relay races were held il between the classes. ln yet another display of the 1 Junior's own brand of spirit, Nicole Andrews and 1 Sherri Miles, Junior Class representatives, pa- - raded onto the field during the half-time show. lt's Nerd Day and Cassie Dehm struts her stuff. i l ir ,lf fl Ili fl M ""r" 'i""F"" r"f"j""s' .."' 'wr'--u tr lit 1 ..Q.5, 4 - l , ' ,, f ' 1 , . 1' . ff .is .i All lil ug. .1 ' 1 1 " " 'Xi f . I Nt it A i t A FY' ' ' Q P' 'wr' 'lr' "'-if "r" 1 r 'Q r ' ,Q L ,, Z- :I 6 A . , in . f ' y t Q Cx i X . ij "1 ' 'I r ' " ' r 17 "1 ' 1 M l n F?-1 ff " - ' 4 g.. .. 1... "i ' , HI! ,Ll 4 ' t j -ijt g 1 " '-i' Hifi: 1- s X 1 s ' ' . i A A. i ' N +JUNlORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo1 U y V I Miming the cards an Alice in Wonderland as Colleen llcrfkr: l Hammerlng on hrs class float ls Ronme Shank, and Amy Hill on lholr class lloal l ' fr l t f2+-- L lr f 3:-r., S r- - 5-ww - I ' in-,YF , 4 'Www ' 'aff' . 4 1 'MM .gf , l?.LLan'.f-xii J S " 1' X rr N, ww- W-,a r F' N K "' FFT' K as lx ' A H - A ' lx A ' ' Billy Kldd V ' N 2 A 4 k I Ehrrsbty Klnoreo ' K - N , ' - r ff -- 'I I m rn . 'F j , r .. X 5-7 .. A by Steve Klgrnsllne L f H 1 V , 1 Am , , f V Z, X -4 gleobge Kigutsen It . b ' ' 1 5 A - ' - 4 A ennrer oss L f : 6354! NX l . Mig' X ' lx 7 , frefrrrwxgitn Y - I kt ., ,I-3,'1,5., V' X - N ll 5 ingkg.-tzilff . ' L A x ri 'L I A , r' no A rv--1, -'-5 - X f li V ' A ,I ' f' ' r KEVIN Kratler N " r Jennlter Kuhlrnan 1 X 3 a ,, :'-- Jh K lc "' Z ' . A YA. S- f' . - 'I af r Pceten Lalelflore - r - .' - '. .. L .. ,' s ' Amy Lane 3 ' ' A . - A is Y Doug Lane r N, G, , , ' . , Chuck Lawrence l Q 1 1 W 1.1 I J ' K . 35" V 'X Amy L86 'xx' 1 V Alta 1 on I V N 1, ,','4 '- ,Q , - Lon Lee 'f' ' .lhlltrl .ll ll ly . L, " le. Y Q l 4 1 1 l F ' ' ' -. Shelby Lehman , X ' 4 Davrd Leonard " I Davrcl Lerrnge , 7 's sr I ,, V - Mark LewlS ' , . - f ,V L Jennller Lewrs I " - - X ' Casey Lewls A, X , Weel Llndsay M X ' - Dustin Llttle f Q s fx ' K I Dons Llverman ' , J. - X ' . ' .ri n ZA . .Ji-LL I is . - . 4 I , V V I ,, ' I I I W M! ' g, F ww Susle Lloyd N X f P 4 -V , Cathy Long i .5 M Nathan Long 1 "' - .lon Loschl , " ' - - L Chrrstrna Lucas 4, Pam Lucas ,, I I - ,' Martln Luuk g V, -, l ' I, . x Dena Lyon liar imma ' Mmm ry F 1 V , V ,L -,..,.. ,I , ,,'l Q Wy, , 8 aa ! 1 - , . Llsa Madeysalrl r - 1 'L' I Mark Marcus 1 :ZW N- - A ' J ,: 5 Johnny Marlanr ' " A , d " , "' 7, X L. ff Candle Marshall '- ,, - Z, .J ' 'M , Rlch Marshall " if ' 4 Jan Marlort xx , ' O, rf' 54, A , ,J , Zach Marston , XJ, ,C I ' 'fl an is 1' Mlke Mason 3 W N 5 . gf +54 1 E4 ,N .XM ' Alex Mathas , N f 'X ' , lm.. F th ln+,f"L .Ea A f' Jernon Matoslch Sharon Mathews Gary Mathews Denlse Mauylln J lt M rw" 1,51 or r on F " r"'Mg"' fx e ay Marc Mayette Brran McCartney Julle McCready Terrre Mcllutcheon W 'V " , Q l l , AV M' Q x, rv 'Q Sarah McElvern ' f ' ' George McLeoo ,, S I A ,, ,. -- James MfMannes " Q .J 4. "' ' y "' ' R ' ,I 1 Anoea w"'l.2LJo J. - -- ' a M ' -' " ' ' if Ig' " J 'x " , L ' X 2 A J. L X l X I X L 1 'NL ' H -ep C Y r 1 'L' -' Wller .M or 1. ALEX? . ioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooHWWU 77 l l fe' M rer "arf, M er Fhsr, M S -a, M rave' Mega' M me Cane Mcrger A M30'e A 53' M::'e Bet' M132 . -Il : "',':': VA rp l'lL,L5Y Y" Murgfry Sggrt Masten Gr, Nanurrr Betsy Near Ref ' Ne Son Lam, 'aersofr Par, Nerson Sngqrg Nprsrn . J LBA" '19.UEVT vc- Neeoerr M sr, Neuron Kai' Newbvifn Jason Nrcxors Leslre Nonres Cnr s OBoyre K vw Ocarnn Heather Oden HOW Odum Jenn1erOgrrne Caror Olerar Comme O Near Snaun O Heal Nancy Fae Onqurl CVrr'SIrne Owsrany Bran Palumr Mar, Pascnarr Andy Payne Karen Pelrerrn Mme PEYIOVT Dannrelra Oeobre Perez Melrssa Perez Dave Perry Jennrrer Perry Owns Person Mrcnere Peterson Tom P13123 Lark P-erce Herde Plato inc Prumlee Krrsten Poore Hydrr VUVWPV Jvfrrr PM PUY13 Myer: Pwm-H lrrr1rVrrF'rrNf'H U,1rm'rri- F'11m1r', ,r,fr'r F'rnr1n-rr I I L Jryi r '. vrr rr ur.: V r I4 if in-rw, darn , I ,Ywr Hn-rrrr 'W F' r pw- -'ny 3, M rw 'jfif . , f' e- X 'Q 3521? M Q - V- 'ir ' .I x' ..4LX. :Aki KA k XJ 'Ml Ar Y 1 ' " ' 'r' 1 X . as ip! E' K AA . A .r ' "6 P' Vis. Lxk ' - . I I' P ae-rf' 1' 'H' '1"""'l 'Ai ' f"F"""1"',mi l 11 B .. .M F -S... 0 F ,AQVKX . X J A J 1 1 . x . ' ' pr ---au' 'lp' r P'1""P""T7P 'wrr' "I.rf'fj'wup f, ,rea I . i ,.. 71, P ex ,L A.. jr r' 'N' 1 1 -. rv.i?""" '1 X .H 'W' 1r"" :O 4 Y-v Mu re, X I r f x V' An uhvrrmealy plmsnrri Nurtole Andrews rcrmces over hor hnstory grade 1 l N Q Q J . be . I M. - JUNIORS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC What Juniors Dread the Most T "Teh NIO t Dreadedn l X I tl PSAT's-"You meanlwasntsupposed to guess?" Carmen Akbari 211 US. History - "It's my hardest class' ' Anna-Lisa Bentii 31l Chemistry - "C6H1?06 - Aren't they play- ing at the Jewish Mother?" Shelby Lehman H, 4jl Term Papers - "Bibliography cards, note cards - ABGHV' Jeannie Murphy 5l Playing 2nd fiddle to the seniors - "lt stinks!" Jen Taylor 6l Being denied a parking sticker - t'Four miles down Shore Drive and on the left!" Mr. Porter 7l Being seen on the "Big Cheese Mobile" - "Maybe if I duck they won't see me!" Carolyn Clark 8l Not having a date to Bing Dance - "Girls' A A A A -f'j:':.Ef9:'.'.2EKT::?.,i '-.'. r Outwv -.,,,, 9l Not getting the right ring - "But my ring wasn't supposed to have a drum maiorette on it!" Gary Scholl l Not passing - "You mean 'E's' don't mean excellent?" Nick Crisafull A i A Just a sample of the PSAT alarms Jett May. fm'--V "aww as f ' er P 'f P4 'Q N if X .l l Tara Richards LeaAnne Ricka d 1 T1 . A A FV "'1 Liz Rin Gary Robert James Bog Scott Rom l 1 Q is A S .W Cn p Rudow I A Bill Sabou Talley Sale j Ned Salyer X J J f L pf rt A The rigors of research send Jeannie Murphy to the shelves. I 3 I X flboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JUNYORSQ77 ,I Smrrrng prerf, fgrtn A n K atrer Jumor ofrrcers Krrstm Regula Denrse Hobbs Snerrr news nrs n" fn Mules Kevrn Kratzer and Grna C ark J.. .-,, -T -i ,.,1xk' Cnrrs Saunders Bw Sawyer Marry Smarter Uavrd Scnleck L83 Scnrnurr Gran! Scnneroer Gary Scnolr Aran Scnron Stacy Scnroeder Jason Srnugan Jeri Scnurq Errzdoetn Snwreden Adam Sconr Wrndy Seay Kevrn Seqernrom Scott Seqerqrom George Server Ronnre Shank Wrrr'arr1SneGNoCx Mme Snepard Cnr HI rm Snrm Hurry Snupe Rob Snupe Huber! Sknes Umm!!! Shrnrwr Susan Srdven f,nvf,1'w Srwth 'lm grnrmer Srnrrn Army ',rrrrtnmr,h Srraurm Urrynvr MM: ',pf:r,krmr1 Nrmre 'rpnlummd Mm: 'xldHH1Q', Jef? '1l.4rrYrI'Nr1 11"r"rVrfr U14-Mrrq WH 'zY6'f'll' 5' rr wr 'Jn' ', J rw' r . ,H L, rw- M-fww. How uf ,'r'f, VV A Fmfmr JPN Y V' 1 qv rw Ur Mmm 4 ,W VY Hf1YU,l'r! ,NH Y " wr" ' u y mfr NlrN'w rr'T4rrr M1U',rHY r 'mn ,1 Vrrrrmfr Tnrw Mqrrrmr-, ,o"'r1r'r lqfwl l'r1'rr.qw Lqfrm IM? lrrrwh- r,1,4n- Im-rv 7 X QNX? sk QQ X ff- ,. 4. R . Y , Xlxf . "F-a I 4 X , s . ,-1 f , . gxnlgr V '- X H. , . . - 1 " Q 0 'X 72:7 M .1 rd W' Y' .- .I I r .ky P' 'lwr f 'ir Y' pg I x. 4 1 r' --mqrr 'jr' 7' -'17 --1 9' -. 'WJUNIOES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1 s- ' i i Above and Beyond l Juniors Answer the Call of Duty f is The junior class leaders gave it their all tr. further benefit the class from Hornecornrng to Ring Dance. With Kevin Kratzer as President. Denise Hobbs as Vice President, Sherri Miles as Secretary, and Kristin Regula as Treasurer, how could the junior class be anything but terrific and original? And that it definitely was. t'The junior class proved enthusiastic and pulled together to help us meet our goals this year," said Kevin Kratzer. Originality was the key which opened new doors to the Junior Class, from meetings on the beach to Sherri and Denise's homemade cookies. Ready Teddy Spirit Bears, Homecoming Football Raffle, and Value Checks were some ingenious ideas that raised money for Ring Dance, which highlighted the Junior year. While doing dog tricks at Young Life, Sherri Miles shows her spirit, l ! . r Eric Tho ' ,A David Thom Tamatha Tho as ' "- ' , "' '- Laurie Tho pso - ' Tami Th ps N ' ' ' Patricia Tiedem X i jx l S '- - Bill Tolbert e -V A , Paul Tomlinson I , Yah y , Erik Townsend A . ,t . T 'T 1. f N, V ya 'W - V ' . - " Johnny Townsend ,h -A , 5 ,N a ' Maren Trout . 4 ' 'Q ' Ryan Turner ' T . ' ., I ':. 4' gg- Paul Tye If ' , , . ' i C , 1 ' Wendi Upton A A ,A . - f -' ' Caralynn Vann ,, if ,f rt t as i r'3W' T " ' I emu , ' lv' 'nw' 7'l'f' , "ff" . I 'ft P A 5 ' H ' ln I Carol Vest Denise Vincent Christian Von Schmidt P l f .Q f Amir Vots 4 "4 Rf Tamara Vrooman .12 "J Angela Wade ' ' Danny Wagner Q' ' Nr wendy Wald 2 X T N Bobbie Walke rw'rf'fT1 ac. . n , X I H'-ir' 'wir' er-1 Geoffrey Wall c , Stefani WBITO Trice W d Melissa Wa li it Mar Wargo Roger Warren Dennis Weber , , i Debby Werkmeiste A I Stacy West 'Y' L- W ,c , , A I' ""' . F W1 ' Andrew were ,- ' ' Ray White ' ,T 1 - 4. -.. rv r r ft -9 ' r Tilt, Wvllir fi I 4 ., , L Kristin Williams ' ,y . . Y 'N Emma Wilson ' im Wilson fr' K 0 r r 5, x 7 Ax Qiysorcvwoirek ., . r 'a , xi ean ornac Mio' ami W, J it if ,A --, If - -'rqnwe . - I W x r V , " 7 A ,rss. V " r"'Bl' fu Ne' are mme - . . ' 1 I sf ' Toot -'r r i M ' , 1 V ' . , ' Q T .AQ r " KX +4 fx i r Y r ' f T X L U U L V if x!r- V V, V, X .L-I lx 1 : ' 4 3,5 ,, r ,- ,foam jig j Q1 , Q A ' ,MMA A 'A 5 ?Llfig -549 fzfrslie rwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMWMUCW7 Spirit Bound Sotbhorrlores Jtlrrlp lnto The There was a new presence felt at the Homecoming pep rally, There was an under- current a little different from the other classes that ran through the spectators at wrestling matches and basketball games. When the cheerleaders gave the word, . . all for sophomores, stand up and holler!" the tenth-grade class did iustthat. No longer was there a freshmen murmur. Instead the sophomores emerged from their silent shells Socphomores Chris Murphy, Annette Terlizzl, Scott Eun, Brent Dr eronimo. and Matt Valerro rally for first place in the class spirit competition Corrlpetltloh to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with their older peers and screamed at the top of their lungs. t'lt was great to see so much excitement from our classlj' commented Brent DiGeronimo. Sophomore spirit was on the rise all year long and it grew by leaps and bounds. "We have so much more responsibility this year than last because we are sophomores, not freshmen," quipped Coquette Lisa Crutchfield. ln the Leap Frog competition, Kathryn Murray hurdles Scott Eun to the cheers of ecstatic sophomores, 00.9 'VPSOPHOMORES0000000000oooooooooooooooooooot lophomores Kathryn Robertson Susan Criswell, Danielle mme Britt Heislg Jenny Abbrt Amanda Whitfield, Beth and Annette Terlizzr show their spirit with a cheer dur- A I gr F' 1. fin it B A r- PUB , A f'F'o""l A A Il""""""'l " ,X 'V '5 N A f ' A' :- 52 ' if .WA ' . A , Y if N A X ' gf ff arts' x rg ' .lu A X 'H 1 A J -'V 5 fl? 9 fs.. ' ., -6- , 7 1 y I if 3 4 Y ' ,V .,n.E-.zu I Atl L, 'HW' J rc' .x ir' ' a . A 5 B' A N C A- .. I 5 If A f M fwn ' xl ' y 1+ va ff . in i.fVs4LaAu A M r"r'W- , ' an 0:1 l m All , kXX L 1 nw fa. I FT A' W A' ' fifaef 1 1 ' v , A Y pr ' Wg V "' .,. as-1 Tv ' . Q- ' '11 S.. X Q 6 1 r A f A as 'Er 4 E to r ug 1 Av: Jenriiler Atthate Cheryl Adams Crystal Adams Amber Aqer Christina Allen Lloyd John Allen Natalie Andrews Jennifer Arnhuld Aaron Auqer Sean Auger Nellie A al Hayley Baer Tammi Bagnall Brian Baldwin Chris Baldwin Becky Banks Cindy Bano Lisa Barnes Scott Beasley Tim Bell Christian Berling Jon Best Carlo Blankenship Kristy Bivins Clay Blancett Neil Bender Linda Blount Kelly Boone Sean Borsky Richard Bowman Shelley Bowman Jaime Bracewell Cherie Btadlley Melissa Bradley Kelly Bradlord Shane Braunbeck Enc Breece Mary Brenn Adria Brrttingham Alicia Brooks Kevin Brooks Paul Brooks Tonga Brothers David Brown Scott Bruggeman Julie Brunges Heather Bryan Beth B ant Allisonrgundy Jason Buonvlno Kristi Burnett Kristin Burr Tom Bush Yolanda Byrd Terry Byer Bryan Brne Jeannine Caltrey Jammel Caine Marlo Callanan Greg Cannon Trina Cannon Sarah Caotain David Carden Kimball Carr Jay Castle Ben Catara Liar, r mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQHQWR5 23 '::: C ayooor nrstrn Con Steve Coney Amy Cotttel' Connre Corner Jay Cooper Dawn Cone and son' Coereas M fa li - -E'tEy A P1 , L-V-QW i'.'L'UtE'G 3, Qornmrngs .dire Damron 'J rne e Danqternan Steve Dasner Kerry Davtd Ceartes Dayrs N tram Day s E oert Deems Monrcoe Douter Bran Dodson wort Domansxt Eno Doney Errca Doscrter Ross Drtlard Brent DrGeronrmo Errc Drexier Anqte Drornnetler Nancy Dufiracnek Jetty Uufty Stepnanre Dumpney Ketty Duty Krts Edetman Scott Edetman Doug Edwards Jerrt Edwards Ttrn Edwards Karrr EWS Jonn Ettswortn Amy Emnerton Bnan Emerson An Estes Matt Estes Mrchette Eubanks Scott Eun Kerry Evans Jeanne Everett Lours Farano Mrchete Farrow JJ Feltz Jason Freld Davrd Foreman Etrzaoetn Fostna Robert Frazter Amanda Freed Uawn Freeman Juston French Arny Frrmn Uav-rl Frstrur Uuanr: Gabor Marranne fmtqrur 'mutt frardnrfr T'-t tra 4.1-rlftvt Anna Vnrrrrr-r-,vnu-rr 1:-fvtniwr V, 'rr r,4', 'N.1tt11rsA-nr' Ht' r, I,:,qr1m-tt My Mlm:-r MMU Vrfrttlhvrrj l',qYYr tnytrlfn-rq Q. ,Q .- .1-,, . - 1 1 A -YN 0- -at IWW M rl, I 'gp ri I . , t f XX- I ,f 1 xx 'V , x x f ',5.':. Pm' n""""1 3""' """1 Q """Qy'v - r-' '- P 'V , 1 f-, - .. get 8 - ' 4 Q I, .wit 1 M 1 E U ri-, 'rr K N. V , Q h t E ' qi.. I ,Tm get K yr A :EW Q' r , 1 F:"1r' A rl' v-sqrvv --1 Q -V O A-.-Q C' , ' .-P' ' R , tr X! Q' A ' -Frsrira r 'wr-a -' J-, 4 --, K ls' 1 JI I .I l ix, 1 17" ' r IF' P' F' 'qw' if ' J " ' - 4 C I E X 1 ., 5 i W .' Q K gr I M -.-W - , .5 QJ J' My AY' . , ,X in XJ y E1-t,r r.r.,13sr.aatl ' "' "'Y"",.'1l1r ir r " " ' Q ' A' i A ? Lex L . ,X 7 -ka V Q 's J J ' J . ' f .' - X. E Q y Q L W .J .- ', -'P' 41" ,.!""" ," f: : " H .aim ...Eff t syv' I Vtsrhly drsapponntcd, Chrrs Murphy at1dJCny Duffy prepare for another Drrvers Edt movu J' r fm J .tg ,lnlxfd of,NNSOPHOMORESOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGOOOOOCOOOC 'll i l I Th Lights Went Oui Tlwcuts Erwtertctlrwrrrerw The lights dimmed, the shades were pulled and lowered as yet anotherfilmstrip flashed on screen. "What'd ya' do in world geography "Nothin', just saw a movie." were quips of sophomores throughout the Besides being of educational value, the video gave them a chance to attend to important . "Usually I fell asleep, but sometimes l notes and talked to peopIe," said Natalie Andrews. h "Religions of the World Parts I 81 ll," "UFO's rn a Moving Car, " and "The Life ofa Protoplasm" were not exactly Academy award material. lt was a pity that all of those nice TVs weren't put to a more interesting use, like showing "General Hospital" or "St, Elmo's Fire." Why didn't those teachers use the machines for something besides educational purposes? if Ill' A ' 1 ' " ,' ' , -L xt AJ 4 r X I --1.52.4 J KAL a, .1 'rl -I 3 Pwr , FT'WmQYmUWWmwW' "'f Wnmf mlFFmffaM,4'WHV" n Q'-I 1 I L r X! S is ' W ' ,txm JEERJEWL hik mhairikiabt in E J r WrW"1!nrWmwqnVfrW1f' "tii '1F'jQQQ f , -5 ,A 1 . M V ' 1,5 x ' 1 XL1rfJaieHi,s T it at yttt G g J ,- X ' ffag. 1 "' 5 V, M i""""w . q ' ' f I ' 1 iw I ' " 'fl XMB ,A ., VW "1,s J wt Vi X Wil A A l'i first J 'G '17 1 ' 4 rm, as .l ,T X, T x ' ligggi JSA kd :ix y XWXJ 1 a'1 ,l-Hai -rr V5 The thought ol yet another filmstrip strikes terror rn the hea of Julie Dameron, Roxann Roberson and Kim Millers Jennrler GOII John Good Andrew Gostel Jane Graham Phrlrp Grant James Grayer Elrzaoeth Green James Green Jennrter Green Kim Grover Trm Grover Salma Gulranr Carolyn Hall Laura Hammer Amy Hardor Ava Harom Lee Hark Laurence Hart Lee Anne Haworth Krrk Hazelgrove Jerem Helnnch Brrtt l-Lrsrg Susan Henderson Tanya Hendrrck Krm Henson Crndy Hewrtt Aaron Hrckman Leon Hull Luke Hllller Dawn .+"r5r' Errr Host: H.1eJlr' Hung Greg Hood J nnll rH rt e e o on Mrke Horvath Ben House Jennrler House Michelle Houston Cnns Howard Scott Howard Apnl Huddleston Krmberly Humes Jennifer Hurst Julle Hutchens John lmler Stacey Ja Kevrn James Tess trarikso Phi' pr- ll w. .., tl I i-for J OV1 FIS tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHDMORESCDQS l -ee Johnson Setn Johnson Ronnie Jones Bo Jorgerison Amy Josephson Ronald Joyner fraCy Kaczrnorczyx Cons Kane Frank Kam nxer EG GKI C RQ e'yKa ma Jea ek Mc yK g Stee o K e LM Aa ao A g e L d St eLaey Heath L ence El abeth Leary Je te Ldl Joe Lee M tt L To L g os Ma a L Sh I Le S Thomas Lewis Chris Lime Scott Little Ad ienne Lond Joe Lloyd Kelly Log Michelle Loggins Party Loggins L I L e o aane omp r Amy Lougheeo Wi Lucas R0 Lynn Ja ell Lyon S MacDonald T acy Madigan J seph Macktal Kyle MalIaS M c Malloy k ste Maple Ry Ma gto ' fa-1 .7 , 'Z , Qx 4 o- A . . Q 1 I 1, 2' -1: -5 -A A A V"Q A L , Inn 'eil ,F 4,Ly L xx A . .. S 'RL i-n.A'Kl i xy ! .1 X, n-or W gr-'f r N'-Q g 'f""""""1 L- , ' A. h i, S f ' Q ...Qi V .a. l A X .il I XA .i ul .Qs-'rail' LJ l . 4: . 0. - 'Q I 5 I I ,, ,. ' 0- -. -A .' 'fn I I A , Ng 'i ' A 0, 5. N ' nl. Y ' "N x F Il K U 'i 1 Q Y S ' 2 f 4 if if If . L, J WN i 1 , 2 ' "'-Il K yMarsh ew' 1 Ly M till Ad Martin A Mft 1 KDMI fi 6, of 'lxi 'L-. I V' 5 r' "W .' r, M - bg" ti-I if M L 'X' Q I A " ' I '1 , I r -ar A M - -Yu IE-3 ri vi --L , .1 ' X I x Digging Dee into pockets Grid Competition Scraping into the depths of pockets and purses, begging fellow sophomores for money, the class of 1989 managed to gather enough money for the SCA spirit link competition to re- ceive second place at the end of Homecoming week. The week previewing the Homecoming football game, sophomores banded together to create the class ot '89's float, which won second place in the float competition. Not only did the sophomorew- display their spirit through the spirit link competi- tion, but during the relay races at the pep rally or Friday, they placed first in the balloon race second in the orange race, and third in the spiri yells. The sophomore class showed real initiative ir plarticigating in Spirit Week this year!" said Leigt azac . I M ifWSOPHOMORESooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F 4- v. ' 1 F' 'av .X Y' 41" if ' X Xl ' ,ref fx. K 1 4 x x W , gif' I ,ll ' ' ,I 'V ' K lf 41:w ri,1Pil .il ,L ,W i l ' J .r llhlllu . l I ' n "CQ l? 'W 'NY' "' r' "WH Q - 'U Q ' g k Url ',lrriif MLC ,iw-' f,':li:',lr: Mil rrrr F'alrrr,i.1 Mrylrilrri' l,ryrl'y Mylrilyrr t 3 lfrr Mrlfay 4 l,1',l,'i Mr,Yi-lrfi N l ln gririfr Mr V 'ini-, l ' rxrr r, Mr l r-r,rj Holi Ml l will . it l A rgl ww f 71 pv ' 1 1 r 1 A wi B Qllrilfr 'J l V Min' 'Jil ,,! 'l lui Nlnllr-rr, r,rrr,r r,rrr,,,...r , " ' Q lfaylt' Mi:hfi'ir'- - 1 lI'Yl'lllFfl Nlrrgw fllllzori Miiiigr 5 Q Hvcartrer Miller t I lfirri Miller "i 'H-nf 'ir' i ' 'ar' - ' ' ' ' Hubert Mllltlifl - , .A Q . Suzanne Mrriqer X - ' ' ' "' Catherine Mrrilrawzlr - ,, f .. " 4 'N vi ,, "' " ' Ray Mitchell ,. . - 7' Xe '- -V ' L- 1 H Q, Shaudy Moayery ' A4 X i 5hanora Molto N' ' , is , W I Chris Moon X i, J ' If I A I Fancy Moore A I - Ax f i Thea Moore i HL ,. km J i " ' ,, ix I l I l -Ja-P A KS 2 , J ILVDUQ Chairwoman Sara Captain shows her dedication by spending countless hours on the sophomore float. Eolpchomore representative Amy Collier, and her escort Mr. Bill 0 es. Sophomore representative Michelle Wetmore, and her escort Louis Ferrano, Sophomores Anne McCall, Bent DiGeronimo, Scott Howard, and Kathryn Murray were all smiles after the sophomore float won second place in the float competition. ' ' 1 r u 4 b - N Y cr 1' , - .....-.3n.'.,- nn. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHQMURESQQ7 2" re' Mcraw M TE e Mora ca Va'- 'f'c"a':z Case, wr' 5 Slefe 'Jer' 5 . I N A Surah Ner V he Nemrwaw Brac N me s V9 ma Horner 51,56 Now re Laura Oates M awre Oberwm F'-eo O Ccwwerr Yfmlw Ofeary Heamer Oson Br an O Near L sa Overiorr Brrry Owens Todd Owens Sarrq Pak Agrrf:S Parker Jrmn Parker Sonya Patrerson R marc Penuer Oearr Perry, HVrLjrY7Ff Petierserr Blake Pmlrrpg A warm Prckard lrmrr Prerce Kr 5 Prersurr Yragy PM Jen Pom Ulf:pVr4rrrf: POS! Wrrrdy Pmtwrm Hrrj Prrmrrgl M any Prnvvrl 'pgdrr PYUUCU P,1rrrr:m H,1r'lUQH mm-y H,1rrr:'v'.pffrq+:r 'r'4'rFMrl1' ,. . Hrrarx Harvey '.r rr!! Ndyuw, Iprrrrj Hwrjrr-rr lp-H gr Ha-,'rr,rrj1, M rjrvfrr' H r,'r,4rr1',r,rr Firfmrrr HI1fn'r',urr UI-Mr Hrzf1I'Y1', 'Nmwrr Hrf!Jr'r1'. F,1Y'rrf'r HrnU6'YY',U'r V rrr Hrnfwr'. Ulu Hrnwhsrrfl J1'.v',',,s Hung ,drum-r Hullrrr Shen Vw r rn- V,'11yU,"1-r , ',.,,.rrr Ffrr',',r-r Nm-4 mn Mgrf ',,mr1n-rrw lrqrn-rrrv ',,grrYr,'r. Ilrr ',r mr! WH ',r urn-H1 Q '.r'w'1r1. :lrr'rri'1!,Vr1 r1',1Vr',mrrw I 'wr ',Vr,M, 1,-,','rrr11,,rr l,rn-11 ',r,ra'rr1', flrrrr 'Hrrrir Mmrrf Jw!! VV . H' rn If FV'-1r"' O "" Y kan, 5.- Q 1 x ix. N , K , nr 7 X 5 XX of 1 O A 1 A 4 '11 1 4 X!-N . r OX. J r"' "'-1 'wrw r' lv-s. O ,, 'N- l I A r rv """w H. Nw X Ni. . Av P' f r" 1' . V at A x I " A1r""W"1' 1 C 1 lc. Q I r 1 0 Y 1 H " O 'ff M 'V , r P I X II K ! :AXX I r' '11 'lr' " r P' ' V' ' ,Q 4- ,, fn W K "' ., 1 ...V " .. 4 ,fx E 5' K . X Q. x.. 4 I -lx I 4 . . in i. 7' L ark , , 1 fi . l ,1 nw- ' X I 1i 1 x HSOPHOMOEESoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo V ' Hing th Hang of it Sophonkmeihwe There was a lot of employment out there, and sophomores seemed to have found it Many sophomores spent their after school hours on the rob. When asked what their new found income was spent on, answers varied. Girls seemed to have had more definite idea. Their money was used for clothes, jewelry, and makeup. The guys seemed to lose track of their money. "I don't lgnow where my paycheck goes," replied Britt elsig. Driver's Education is one of the year's highlights for Amy Josephson and Kathryn Robertson. Some sophomores were saving their money for bigger and better things. 'lm saving my money fora car," commented Amy Josrfrihzoe And speaking of cars, many sophomores learned to drive. Sophomores took drivers education in their health classes. Moat of them didn't show much enthusiasm about the classroom instructiong however, when it came to driving behind the wheel, they seemed much more enthusiastic. Auto doctor Lee Hark solves yet another motorists dilemma J 1 fsefszzf f 4. - :z1,.....: f -rf-ff A., s. V 1' 10.6 tv... A g , -, ai ". . PWM N , V" 1 , t . ft 1 , 'Q' I f ,Q , .,. "' V I -1- -.. ' Ui ' 'V NK . I W Y Q , 'eu . W- -v" . I r-, A Lenore Shurnpert Cassie Simons Sean Sinclair Bobby Skinner - Becky Smith Jennifer Smith .Q 1- a v' 2 K- t John Smith X Y A V ' i T ahh fa ,Watt . ttt ,,,at ta K . r C 4 .. ,. n 'deign A V W ,,,,, ' l 5 4 fs V' Q ' Y' l X ' f A ' ' x tli..3s.....Ll WW M' V, ,Wm W1 ' D ,, ,.,,.i rn- ,V . a '- A .., Y ,,- , n ,, ,- - 1 F , M if eewe 1aq Mia Smith X r Stephanie Smith 'E , """"'P"""'!n T 1 ' ' Charles Sntlka I Ray Sokolowski ,. ., Danny Soroka 'N r- Aaren Spence David Spencer David Sprouse Arthur Squire Tom Stables I X' .f Jerry Stace J l I f' !' Greg Stagg Bill Stanton - , A .3 .V Lisa Steele A, ' Tony Stephens Q ,, fi , . Toni Stephenson Mark Stets Becky Stevens Bruce Stewart Robbie Strother Adam Stroud x D d St bbl field avr u e Dorris Sturgeon Y' I Will Suggs Burt Summerlln Wayne Sweger 4 1 S .ts . 3.13 ' '5 ' ,Xu V V M fi r X Chris Stevens X A f X xx! 1 xt X e J t . 4 ,e f. Q O 1, 3 A ,I Leu it- Jimrney Sykes Todd abor 54 fi I 4, A W V Y 75 'WW A!""l M 1 Mrke Tarney Krissy Tartonl MT" T'V'3D'll'f H fx, , 4- 5 i Q 'Q Cleat- Uvlor ' ,gfnpson . . Ls- 1. Rm-r Valor V , tg '77 ' J 'fr ir' -I' '-' 5 'if ' '1 ' X V "ii li 'N" on " 1595. .H .4 xt it - :J r 1 .fr n, 412. ' . - noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SCPHOMORESG97 Soaring to the Top Qfficers hind The Forrricilca for i f" -o We had an awesome year!" exclaimed Danielle presidentg Danielle Nlayette, vice-presidentg Efgg , f Mayette, vice-president of the sophomore class. Diana Vann, secretaryg Chris Howardl treasurerg ,.,5:-.g - ,fi Q, And we did, thanks to the efforts of the leaders of and Kevin Brookes, second vice-president, their the Sophomores. ".We had more involvement and success was virtually guaranteed. These talented ' ' , enthusiasm! which were the keys to our officers organized the Gummy candy sale and the - success," said Danielle. talent-show, andtwo big, successfulfundraisers. Withayearundertheirbelts, the sophomores The officers ofthe sophomore class led the A would no longer be consideredrookies. Ml think classes to a roaring success of a year! I our class was more enthusiastic and wanted to - get more involved in what went on in the school," Q " Wmmemed Matt Valefloi S0Dh0m0V9 CI333 Showing her true colors sophomore vice-presdent Danelle 5 N President. With such officers as Matt Valerio, Mayene dresses up for Green and Gold Day. ' I 'vm 1 P-'Il lf" 'I "i '1 Franklh pS0n Dawn Tiede ,, 1 ,S To lOl , " " "' 0 Rick To d - "' - Dgngelle Tru . ' Q " Chi: lgrne t t N 5, j K f I 4 0 A I v -I X iv vu 0. Fr 4 bm'-, - 'V v i T4 I - W' A N F: Vdlfjtilfrigplffll ' U r I l V A- Blggfy 'Q A , .' I J, , ,hh 3 ,z - V 'lllaivlil ' . - l . 0 A s mul lOl Yte "' - . , . lillyillil t i s , all t 6 Q- - t rl . - A . A r ,. 'F 'Iv' ' I' F' 'Q P"" 'Q 1 w kr H 1 ' , l y W l l - . " ' A , , fr W J 4 if vw, LN s " ' C ' i " 'lr - i L . ' it in Wil it, X l .- A 3 N ' X I, I ii w 1 1 e p i'1li1l'l rv ' ' ' A Y v-' ' M N iff-trriifrr' ' l I I Niiilr- ' 3 " - A 1 N i ri 'v f , 5 .,s L ' f -'V v ' 5 5 - f , .. i N r , e - , 3 M W i - ' "s l p W lmrii I t lk xky px' . X H .a,f1,- A N , il , 1 I ' i ,Z'tl1fffwfi4 " 1' "' l"' "1 D t. " ' A wiii.filir'il A - fd - .. J lm Wrlrl ' ' - ' -' -. , N. 1 -,,, Wriryil ' ' I -,y Y1'lli', .. l Mita' Y yt p Q i .t QV QI I - X f JLX :X hm 4 lSOPHOHOl2ESoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocl Tired sophomore secretary, Diana Vann, takes er break for a hit of relaxation. The sophomore officers, Danielle Mayotte, Maitvalerro, Diana Vann, and Chris Howard prepare for a class meeting Sophomore officers Kevin Brooks, second vice-presrdenf, Danielle Mayeffe, vice-president, Mah Valerro, president. Diana Vann, secretary, and Chris Howard lead the sophomore class to a successful year. r QU. 2 . A f'i7i"'F+-Q .- i A a ' 1' . ,' I 4 ,' ,Q s ' int ' ri N., f . -".f- I J Q, VI I I f sd! i I I K sq.,-. W -A f . 175'-. f I -' A K 1' cv A V . J' ' ,1 . " ' ' ' '7 ?" ' AQ. f-1f".agw-510. ,.f. . .rf , I- h,.sbV .. 'Q' 4 , - .fn tj-"4',.,W.' x,.J 3,541 '7-'I9gi','f1,-' -' - 'LH Q f,,3G1"-iw1g,.,'..1'.Tir ' . 4 ' .f I 'V' - . . 'X K " .. H , 'asf' jg -Ii.-'I' Y v' Q ' IFr+-1'2.i:- ff :-wr, -f 4 N, 'f 'Y -'.4.fl.Y3,' . - ' .- '. re-..'f-'. Airs " - I- V A '7 ' 'r .. - , ".I4'f.5:"XQ. ' 'v..'Jf.,I-,, . ' '-ag' ."' 4-1- 1 . '. 1.5, 'Nd F-Prqgi F ." u 'tu - 1 v1-ggy' ' . 0-A., :I ,3."' .,'.:l , QAN ly wliftf A fare.-x"9 Xa ' -r,1'2ci35:,' ..-'mr S -. U.,,:-I ,-.,5x:' ' fist s'-r-f'Z' g I 3 'R' Q, , -'sau ': YS .,.n- -'i .V .--.If .,-NP -' ' 'S-"ij-Fx KI ,Q h 1 E 4 gs' ,rr gg x A I N .., gel? - .' rm ,a 1 Y' rf 1 ' , ,Q . 21, if ,mg - R329 i Ni y .Ni '. N - MH' .F "N" I f f X I I gf? " ' I 5 ' I sn I an ' . ' ,gi ' I ' I, - 'I ' 1, s f' - ' , " . " ,, - N' 4' ' e 1QLag 'Ff2.g L I h f -5' 1 - e,,r ' ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHOMORES 77 .anon Lea Marr and Vanessa Perez :near tedious Search for Inerr mass- .ms As Jennifer Sears and ne' 'wine' tax ine scnool. they take a sock at :rat ine "er: four years of ner ufe an UE -: In Huston, L is 1' ivusmel studies the famous me 5 Handed out by all nus .E3CU+:'s ' IYBQ x'7 ,QQ Knn Abe! Vanessa Aqar Hafry Agee Rmanne Alexander Rebecca Auen X " 5' 5-QD , an l if I.. rf Y '1 f., . ' Mavk Axpn-n i f x , X ima Awaro Hamm Anim MAI! Arnold K ' A Troy Amruqtun - , A .agxsfys Q3 's 'L " y 6, Ima Au5I4n , flu' A1615 -3 Q -- -U X Juannd Baller fury Bach f,'w',Y4 Haney V1aryH4Wf1w1r1 Muff Hawrlwun Yn'Wv1VWHdHQfffY H TY' luv Eiarua ' Muuy BJVKYHTW ',I45gn.1rnf: Banff!! Hvffula H,1H.4qu.1 H' Hmaqna Hxnu HJHAQMA f,'1u', Huurn ,zuHf5,4U1vv lim! Haffuv cl " 'T 04m x x Q ' "' ""1 rm '14, fwfgy Fw H'-f Ulf' Hrfmn-I Av" PNWM Imn- Hs-nn -11 g., 1 Q' :s Q? .wif I 1 K V' 'Y s jr" if .1 'QF' kt - 2.1 4. 'll 1 9 , U- 1. f I , 4 Ash Kg. A , ' 1 pr "' """q' 1 P' -an -. g W nv bh1,mn'v Hun I Anno-oa Hvvlarniu , J I HMM Hrfvmvnlu s, ' Hr:.1Hn-1 Hwnqqvflw ,- , i Mhalrm HMM I . . , 1 Eh . ln.. f 'lt v v - Pu-M-v U-.swf A I 'A w ' vm- Hwzuni R WMM Hfmvi ,f sawn Hnrnw , ' ' I , ' 3' in " ' l A 5 Jn,gnI1mnvw-V ' ' fUn1nAHuvuIJumllV S l'vw',Yf Hufbif I V,Vu1w',Hu'.Pu a- x70 ' b A 1 lawn, Hu'-run H Wg I I L. . X I ' 'RJ r A Q x ' xv X. Xv's x IFRESHMEN oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo '11 Q v ..-J X I Y A-MAZL Freshmen Learn the Labyrinth Orientation is a tradition for in- coming freshmen. Every year, the ninth graders gather in the audito- rium for their first look inside the school. At that first glimpse of the school, each individual felt differently. The size of the school was intimidating, as were the upperclassmen. "A lot of people are afraid of the up- perclassmen, but l thought they were very helpful," commented Hard-working Tavis Sipe contemplates the year to come. Shaula Bullen. The first day's anxiety erased everything that orientation told them. "I was really nervous since Cox is such a big school, but to my surprise I didnt get lost," said Steph- anie Brass. Lost, but not alone, the freshmen braved the first day of school accompanied by their friends. Now, in retrospect, they look at that shaky start and are grateful for one another's support. Looks like they made it! 1 Av - rw, A ' V I I Wi q X Mike Bowen , 'f U ' ' - JflBr h e anc e , Scott Branum A, ., N- a Stephanie Brass - .,'1 , Shane Brennan Carl Brincelield John Brooks X X' T f li ' ,ts . 2-J' N ' ' g W , A Dux lt XL 1 - J rn 'K 1 4 ,lr "1r""'l 'iq Jason Brown Kimberly Brown Stephanie Brown Susan Brown Sonia Bruehl D k B f ere rum ield Shintel Brumfield - Tavis Brumfield Fred Bryson Pam Buchanan ' Shaula Bullen .L - ' 15' ' 5- , , . -n a- Q. - 2 L , ,A c I, .- '- - 5 " - f I . iT A-4 -. L J X ir! Q E Al x' 'dll I J, .' asia' wg s V, Ax B - , f f' N X nz M an J f Bea!! K' ., V , K. Audra Bullock John Burch Jerem Bun 1 , Anna Caldwell J C ll ason a -I James Callon Cristi Campbell Garrett Campbell Kristin Campbell k NN i f xi Melissa Carr rr W-1 -v, .- 3 " -T le- ' A, F : rv v- ,, ' Q. Genniter Carvey Sean Carvey , Dennis Catahan "' ' Mark Catron Susan Chesney l ,, I ' X f 1,5 - , f. M if f J ss3w'a'.,S:gii:rert I -, 1 . .K X Jill Clancy I Kx i A. I cfiiiidi i lj - - 7' X 'H 'V "" i"'1""! xg V' 'wwq 'Y "1 Daniel Clark tl' H N it . V v A- ff 4 Charles Clarke K n C Il e o -v' 0- Aimee Collier f James Collins ' ' Karri Collins . f Sean Collinson . Warnie Conley 4 1 I r M, 1 K X XA , ,G l lx X X X XX J i K i Ek e-. f -K ei' Michael Connor --- ri 'HF WFT' l Lareina Consalvo 4 Kathi Core ' Jessica Cormier ' Katrina Cox M Q' Shannon Cowell ' Steve Crowley Barry Danner Justin Danner Catherine Darby ' ' W " ' 3" "Q ' " ' ' ' vim , .V ' -e K I-'IH B k D rt -I ' ' ' ' '51, ' An?iCDav?slenpO ' -, ', " x Ann Davis ,. , J f 6' " X WWTW DAWS X . I "1 " Q , as ,9 Y ' Jl,Sf."rD3Vi5 V -- , . . - 1 Lift' Ja. 5 1 l 5 " f ' ' - . ,1 li it' Qayvl-in ire? Lian XX e , 'fa Deane Xi fl . M ' A ' ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FWSHHENC73 Tl-IE SCA-TEAM Freshmen Officers The freshman SCA officers did a great deal for their class. We were especially lucky to have a terrific fortunate to have were, President - Amber Medlin, Vice President - Alison Hanwit, Secretary - great deal, and did it with style. Thank you officers for doing an excellent job of guiding the fresh- team working for us this year. Leila Doran, and Treasurer - men class! Through juggling all the project Ryan McGuinness. These were suggestions, listening to the the students that succeeded after Freshmen Sponsor, Mrs,Jermie Lou complaints, and keeping the a hard week of campaigning and Pa'l9'e- OUSBWGS 0fl'CefS Wllll HWS- paper work straight, they speeches and the nervousness somehow made it through the before the incoming results. Our year. The officers that we were so team of officers accomplished a rv' 'QY' 'HQ y e ,XX P Anthony DeCandra Jon Decker Steven Decker Emanuel Delidakis Joe Desormeauk 3 Brian Dietz tx I Heather Drsbrow John Dobson Leila Doran A 1' e F S' Jay Drye - L TraCy Drye ' Chris Dueii 1 -- Andy Duffy ., f Q I ' Woody Dunagan xg ' r X , K ' r A ' l ' l J i , l 9 - l Larry Earl I 415 ' l - . ' ' r x Allison Edwards ' S ' Tina Edwards V. , N Nikki Ehrenzeller "'g ' Ov Q. ' 'W ' 4. M6gVl8DfIllUf1CO A' helley Ellison - Matt Evans Amy Ewell Chas Faison f X . ' r nf.: . Aa F ton - 07 if, Q ff F? avi 8 ' ren a .: lim Penn ' Stnril ED HSS avirer er uson ri er: in er I I t vu A . - . 4-. , . . 1 , 1 N . l v . A V- i oi ,, Q -. v- X L. . -rw ' Y Y f l w 7 4 1 7 FF YJ is 1491- ., I 'N N if 3 Sv 0' ' ' ' 'M x i r - A r r ' A i r C , A W I ii r 1 . r I 1 A eQ""' Li..-...A f I H:p.5,'i:l,..'.':z r ' " 7 'F , 3 r 1' V' at r w A as ., 'l l' .A . L 1 . T f t TFWFRESHMEN oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc Aflflllle' born an the oHlr,r:r'. . url Harrrrlt Irr:a'.nlrl:r rr, 'rrqrrlafrll Arnlmr Mlfrlnrr 'Ulla Doran r1l'.r,ll'.', lllr , ' l r l WN X we or Hfffjf fm? 'ff 'T' W FT' - lan Grflaff Kathy GIDD p"'I - , 1 F iq 'H f""'m UW' 1 " " I"""' " I' ' ' ' r , -. Doug Glesen ref. ' ' Mrcnelle Grlson gl 5 ,5 -N, - Tanya Gllson f 1 , . 3 Mlc elle Glass K l , Marle Glazebrook 4 , 1 Travls Glover f I Stace Goodman - ' Ervc gone l J ' Kerr Grandellr V ' A lj . ' . . T ' Fred Gray f Jermel Gray Ted Greenouoh Amuee Hadlre d Jerry Haggeny ' ' Cnnsrel Hale D d H I Ji I av: ae Krlsll Halfrnll ix Jason Halka f Mellssa Haldulsl 1 Scott Hamm Jason Hammer Dale Hanak P H lr Y Q ' r eter ana 5 ' GV Allson Hanwn Mrke Harrlngton Roger Harrrngton E I Glnny Hartley p W-qw W -Y ,..f"""' "W" -f - A -r ' ' ' ' 'Q Mrke Harwood , Carol Haskell " '- Jon Haskrns - Alll H' S son aye, y , Y Mlke Hearst , X N., Q ' Y y ' Dana Hegedus of T T ' X Rlch Henry X Joe Hernandez Z T Tony Hess 'Aid I I ll A ll""',T ra 1 rr 1 r 'W r 1 rf J Llssa Hlckman John Hllqers I T d H Il 9 I l Mlke Hrlller Stacy Hlnman I I If Jeanna Hlx ... ea IX y , f y. ff?-X ' Healner Hobbs an N N no I or T T M A -1 -- J--fe A -awww we-' P""T"W""NP'f"" f wr' Eva Hooqard JESTT-E Holbrook ioiarlna Holmes .fr N T. r'all3Xllrilh foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WESHMEN075 Al ,gi .ennrter Hurt Tony Hume Mme Huafert Dana Jackson Randy Jacxson Steve qacxson Trttaw .acsson Jean.e Jense' Key .o"s" ,NNI mes Hi-"lf: JONES '.' S169 Jordan Me ssa Josey Cnrrs Kanter Suste Kawecxr Trrsn Kam Katny Kent Donovan Kesster Raran Knarbanua Ar K rn 91 r Slepnante K.nnaro Krsry KterrtStrn6 Rodney Knrqnt Mrsty Knox Kevrn Koh! Gngr Koonrn Robert Kramer Ttrnotny Kratzer Greg Kravcnak J6f1nrY6rKrOf1 Vrckr Kuntmann Scott Lalrk Motly Lane Lee Laslo Noor Le Amanda Leolow Jrrnrny Lee Paul Lee Peter Leon Travrs Lester Marc Levrne Carolrne Lewrs Reuben Lewrs YrrvrHuS LewrS Herdr Luneberqer Tonya Lrttle Mrcrlete LIVLUQSIOFI Bobby Lott Mrsty Lott Barry Lynn Hytton MacEachern Tara Macktar Dawn Magrrcco Mrcheat Maione Horrrecormnq prunfe s Lourtmywrl on rs Hormrommg prmress Amber Median cs rortcd by tather, Waynf Wal on rortrd by father Larry Medlrn VLUFRESHMEN oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc N -t D is i l 2 l Adding a New Twi t l 'uv I V A . I r""'1 ll, T Freshmen Key ln Un Homecoming .-'Q' - AFreshmen enthusiasm soared dur- 50.'s and a much anticipated gqradu- ation. Senior Tammy Tas eiko really happy and excited." l M ,U Spirit Week. There was a good H The first of four Homecomlngs for 2- l M lowing of costumes and we took summed it up, "The freshmen float the class of 1990 was a first class , ' cond place in the banner competi- looked very competitive this year." show of pride and spirit. Heres to n. Freshmen green and gold pride Courtney Wilson and AmberMedlin three more! lly showed through! were the two freshmen princesses el- ir --q The freshmen float reflected the ected to Homecoming Court' For Freshmen Kevin Kohl, Tara sraenle, Jennifer L ne and hard work that our con- Courtney, it was an emotional night, m3"AS?F2igUdY,Wfn9' afd K'm V8'lVa"fefl' f, 'uctors put into it. Using the theme "When they called my name overthe 9 9 Own 0 WO' ' 5 i Mlm. M 1 'he Past ls The Key To The Future" public address system, I looked at all -l t.. 9 float depicted a scene from the the faces in the stands, and I was iust t ill 7? ii ' A J . M r q .tx ig 'Pr' "HQ 5 ,, ' + 1 ' , " A . -- X img? xx Q Craig Matth .y my FQ P' ' 1 X " I NT .X li i , ,F - 'Qu y M Ad F ' cni Mcn ,ik r' U Xxkx 1 " .SA ,A ,, ' Tarn M ll 1 " 1 1 X' " , vi .. Sean McC k 1 I ' V ' ' Tim McCr dy P -l 'P r fi'st1.l:il'tl gh X .L., L . Q-, 6- ' . -ig Ewan mcg V I A X ', 44 N- earn c T fr' 'I ! ' X AV K Sqgnsalslggda gm 'e 'lp' ' ' irnngfmo 8 I 4, ,Q ,,. ,B " 'k C1243 YV' of Q 35 Lf -e -1 ' W M I l X I v . Yx 4 l 3' ECL MA f 1 J X - l f , , f K A xesnlgrly M . my. D ' 4 ul: 19, .' ' LE ,eliooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FQESHMENOW7 EC Moore 513623 Molan E'oa Mor an Q Joe Morga' Wes ey Mor' ngstar Lsa Mo'o oenole' Vol' serve 33' a Vo" sz' 'a':a:e Vins? I , v . - l'l --r- - - .- V 3, VLH! Y .f s M,e's D a'a Myers Mai? Myers Jonn Nagle Snaron Nanurn CN sta Savacool Randy New Dana Nelson Qonalnan Nlcools Emerson Nolan Dane Nownacn Ann Nglffwgn Sean O Donnell Davlo Ollvf3! Susan O Prandy lara O Pranoy Lyssa Orcnlo Cells Osborne Cnao Parson James Paslcov Lsa Patterson Paul Panevson E as Paulson Joe Pavey Carol Pekarslry Vanessa Perez Tflany Pervaull Deonls Perry Jlrn Pefry Mann Person L nda Pelrey Anene Perlersen Tomrna Plerce Relny Plerson Mlgnael Plleclml Tvacey Plns Cnanes Pleacner Keno Poore Dlana Poslosny rs I r 'rv -1 '11 Q V3 ' . 1 b I 'Q-17 V -I , 'LW -- sl an th g .a 'Q ' I :ffl 'NWA X 'L 1 I I l r 1 X ' .. 4 ' 4 lm BJ haw! . 7 'W J .. I lf S . ,Qu If S N Q o I 4 A J A ku I A x at r' P -f P --P W- P-'1f"s""'P?fr is 5' I E in Y li ' ' ' Y' Sn' a Al v l I' A 1- .-l fl -J -Jul 1 Jan Powell Rebecca Prestndge h,.l. Chfls Prllcnefl Rlcnard Prouly Brenda Ralner Edwln Randall r""Q Hobby Halflrlle- Ullti R.lyn.lIl The Wlld Pall shoe store ollers Courlney WIISOD and Klm Russell some lnteresllng Iashlon concepts "IV" """""" 'r Q' . Q ' Ln l- ' Y' 'PT 1 '1 l . - JTWFEESHMEN oooOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo At the Mali Freshmen Qff Duty On any given afternoon or Saturday, you could find freshmen checking out the local malls. At the Limited, a popular store filled with the latest fashions, quite oftenthere were clothes-hungrygirls. Angie BonDurant commented, "The Limited is one of my favorite stores. I love all of their clotheslf' At Aladdin's Castle, you'd find ninth- graders vying for spots at popular A pair of black boots makes an unusual fashion statement for Emily Becker. A new survival kit is what Amy Moyer needs for the bare essentials. games such as Gauntlet or Pole Posi- tion, or maybe watching videos, They were also in force in the restaurant areas, munching on a Big Mac or maybe a slice of pizza. "Its amazing, I spend most of my money on clothes and food," said Kristin Rohdenburg, Why spend so much time at the mall? "Because it's fun," said Kim Vanvalkenburgh, "lt gives us a place to hang around. ln the summer, its the beach, in the winter, it's the mall." H So whether shopping, snacking, or lust hanging around, freshmen were never at a loss for something to do at the ma . ' A ' , M ' Thomas Reed Q 4 Oayne Reid , . l 5 Kim Reid 4, 5 ' . , --I -. Nicole Rothoff -. - R' . fl. A . 1 'qi' David Reyburn Eric Rice M R h ' aureen ic Mike Richardson JoAnne Rickard i "1 --. 7.-.y Mark Ridge Royce Rleve Laura Rieves Robie R0binS Chris Robinson Monica Robles Mike Roetker Kristin Rohdenburg Marne Rose W l F' na F l ' I kwa ry 'W r' A ' GUY Rogen James ouse Q .- v , ,Q Q , ' ,t e Q - s ' talzrifmrr N. , f 1 3 - Q Ltrkkrrqnumgili 1. im sse 'X I 4 Qu' , TracieuRusseIl r Y X l V x,A,g H Josh Russo N :N ff Chuck Sale , i r ,,,, is .Cr 'I ,mir ,mn ,-,, .. " 1.3 A., - v -w ,,. , . 'A ,, R X Kim Saunders Margaret Saunders David Savino Scott Schellhamrner A S h f -P , mie c ie Amie Schwartz - Kenny Schwartz Tabit a Scott Thomas Scott Y - s up Q gf.: 4 9 1 Cm , 'W'-'milf diy. V A . R Corey Sears 1 7' Jennifer Sears lf - 4 Lrad S8QBll ' ' 2 6' Carrie Ser' ' J D Sereno 1 , 1 Raquel Silva T S is-f s nuff Z 3-W-r "" "'-"f1Il1r 9-1 a. . , by . , - avis ipe F Mark Shewchuk X ,, Charlene Shelton , ms. ...LM i v 1 vi R1 ' Kieran Sherlock Jason Shrck ,I -4 Julie Shields Dominique Shores ' - Kim Shorter ' Stacey Shull Chris Shuman tk 5 ' tty Mike Shuman Ronetta Singleton . l l ill gygg M at , ks -s, -v',g F Allen Cmrgtrng Smith ' A ff Deana Sm th T, is-,f-1 avr, ,o. , 4- Y ,, -.,. . 1 N Ik "" 1 lx ,.,'- -S , A A -,-,-tart Ea' gl .I slr I JoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooTQRESHMENGM Kyrtre Silencer Man Sprague Mark Sprur Tara Staehre Merrnda Staftorc Shannon Stafford Ton' SLaf1o'C Jasc' Sire' .ew Sfiff' 'e . .ff EQ.-:' t-are' 5te.e's J 'ge' St vers Sona Stranan Jenn fe' Stratrnan JoAnn Straautto John Strazzutto Stacey Surrryan Drana Syece JOHN Swanson Seth Sweetser Scot? Syrnons Aprn Tatbot Debby Tarton Ga.t Tatay Sxrp Ternpretorr Cynd Thomas Errn Thomas Trrn Thomas Shannon Thompson Jen Trppert Kelty Totbert Bree Tolenon Mrcneat Tomasettr Dru Tomlrn Kerry Troedson Andrew Turner Jason Turner Jonathan Turner Rachel Turner Hunter Tynes Patrrck Tyrrell Kara Urbanskr Vrxxr Vanderwerken Errc Vanlderstrne Bobby Vansten Krm Vanvatkenburgh Gearge Vassrtaxrs Chrrstran Velde Jennrler Venanle Vaterre VonCanon Laura Vore Robyn Wade Karen Wagner Anne Watker Adam Walsh Celeste Watton Courtney Watton Wade Warton John Ward Krrn Ward A y T, T r' "-1 - Q' it . B ,, . A vi. K -1 Q L , 'W vs 1 " rg 3' ' -li Y' - -7 il , 5 ,. K . Q I K k it , , is ' Q X 35' l ,Q , ,t Q i . r A ' A -- 5 - - Y A y """'?r'rF"' ' "W " 5- th , ' x kvfgjix, I , - i. . NA' ' t my r I-K i A, N Q V-55' W 1-A g, 'Q 6' 1 'hx Ht at r - .1 -- ' 4 ' ' T : H W 5 44 Q x Y 1 1 gi . YQ I . .4 ' Qt X' t "Jiffy: Lf- " "w1l' S1117 'F' ' ' r b 1 F A .T 5 -sw C' fb -' 'Q - 'y N ' l Q - 55- u ia 5 ' W rl ' .S lf' ' N ' X X ', F x x . A g . X ML- ,. ran. .task Mt .. .- v -1 -.t .A--t y T H F' "1" 'U Y 3 ' , 1 ' 4 E W Q E ---A h.,x - W 'A or N' ' 9 'Q . 1' 'W . Y' 'pb' -yr Q A-r Q, ,. ' , N F Q " ' --V .ir . f 3 'T .L 5 - E - ,. I Q ,1 t f. A I ty, 5. . - 1 Lili X ' A w any 7-' rn 117' 'QI' bf ' A l"""'1 4, 4,. Su ' f -' vw 1 Y I 1 I '. K I I I' v , B ,D 'au 1 1 . u f 1 -0 Terry Warnrch Mrke Watkrns Wyrtdv Watson Jalene Warts no VW 'A arf' 'Q. 'fil At Greak necks soccer practrce, Krm I 1 fain Sr Shorter strrves for a goal N ,r 'OUFRESHHEN ooooooooooooocooooooooooooooooo i W P"""' 'fr'f1""'f-f 1- - r' . M f l Y ., ,x J, I Vu 1 l ' ' 1 T f s r l ,lv """1'Y'P' T17 'N "1 P' 'q .3 '1 ff'-Q my I A F o QI - r ' j j it u 4 . . li .1 I 1 X -' Q lr 1 .f x.4,q,..... . . . A A - ---v .s- ..-s fa rr ' "ig-:limi-1 riff-4 ' F wr-arswf-fem' C L. .2254 , NAIS? lPm . 4, . 'b4:,ml',1 . i . . V L, A v NAL. 'Ne I 01' . , "nf I :VU J '- ' r , -fm? ' , ' 1-"-Z-?'iff'4'H"3 gi' inn-:anna-' - f - W",,55.,"2,5'.: . fi . vi I. i k ,igxgilfkrn ' Q' 5, , I ,, v, 15-Lirea , , f. W r :- ill 5 ... f.. i 4-Q5 , Q' - 2 'Z o-s -, Craig Mathews, and Sean McCor- mick. These exceptional athletes revere only but a few who played for ox. The majority of talented athletes decided to play on their junior high teams where they would be counted among the top. Jennifer Venable, a halfback on lndependence's field hokey team was quoted as saying, "I QQ 1 ,Q ,,,' .. ,gen Completing a left hand lunge, Jennifer Venable shows why shes one of lndependences best. Freshman starter, Lyssa Orchid, shows her stuff on the courts. H T A TRIBUTIQN ! reshmen on the Sports Scene really enjoyed playing for Indepen- dence. lt kept my Eagle spirit alive at We would like to thank those freshmen, who, without them, their junior high teams would be lost. Their contributions should not go un- noticed. Great job, guys! 4 w S r l I I yiN l yN J 1 ly w V W i l lW il fl K Wllr L W M I ll WI fn W l 1 yWl All W rl .ltr ylll Setiazt W Fl Wrlticfrz J dy Wnnr J Mark Woodard D Onne Wright H ather Wright Ta y Yates Mk Z M tl Z lou! L3 3 Z cky ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FRESHHENU707 Und r th Influ nc of Our Administration Did Dr. Karlen in a cheerleaders uniform make us sit up and take notice? "lt was absolutely hysteri- cal. I couldnt believe it was atually her!" said junior Jenn Taylor. Our administration had a positive influ- ence on our everyday lives, from seeing Mrs. Waters at a football game, to catching a glimpse of Dr. Karlen with her pompoms. Our principals supported us in every- thing we did, from standing on the sidelines in the rain at soccer games, to greeting students in the halls at the start of each day. Celebrating her birthday at school, Mrs. Lottie B. Waters proudly displays her birth- day corsage. C I The most spirited administrator, Dr Bi me Karlen cheers, on the students during class relay races at the Homecoming rally ,'lf"fDFACULTY ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 7 Al thi: r,ily wiilig f Uifptrfrriliifr ', oulqoiriq ',r.lriio A lii l I Brickell pzxii',i:', to f,:' ' 'Arg Ginny Jarnuz I I' X fu -J-5 'I' i , 'fs , - , - . Mrs Lottie B Waters 'S ' Principal A v 'X x J 1 i' A' ' f xl X Lending a hand, Mrs. Ginny James introduced one ol the mothers to Mrs, Lottie B, Waters at orientation. lf' Dr Burletine Karlen Mr Phillip Williams Mr MICNBSWW Porter Assistant Principal Assistant principal Assistant Principal giioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootgi WCULTVCD703 il Durlng the Homecornlng pep rally. Coaches Hank Armstrong, Nancy Fowlkes and Glenn La Ferrlere and players John DUSTIH, AI Novoa, Cnns Plerson, Kelth Hlnson and Davld Brazer awalt the lntroductlon of the football team Wlllls Alexander Kathleen Angle Judy Handy Larry Becker R B rk ona e Margaret Beclrner Wllllarn Boyll Mary Anne Bray Alan Brown Lynne Carson Torn Copley Hob Cotter Nancy Cromer Vesta liruser Pam Curnrnrnqs Oapnnr: Curtls Mary Uartltcrl llrroa Davls Martha UdVIS freraldrrre Demi Henecca UEUdUIl', Suzarr Downle Elllabeln Duvall Amella Ferrnll llllll fl',ll6'l Nrlllry lrrlko-4. '.lllf lrrl-.l Vlllllly lr-llljul-l lrlrrn--, l,,qln'll l l lrlllllrl' fr l' 'r 'Hr l l, ,All lllrly Hart' l'lo'll-3.1'l' Arlrl llllwrlll l'.lrll Hfrl14jl'r',' llvlllllrlll lllrllnllr llll.lrl llllll.4lrr ll-url Hfltrl' Mary llrrphlrl' .Q s ,,,Qa',"'-'-0 elim! ,gx' y-1..,Q, ,i i - ' lbiiuu R ag N--l's-4 "' 6' -Vi x 3 05- .1 ' 'CY YY is ' ux1-' ., M U --M 1 'll ull' 3 Al rr -1 fc" 'H -uf rr A f tx .- QT, H-v' ., C . 1,11-. l- ig, " 5,3 y u A Q J' ' Ili l . 'ff T"lY"l"""""l""'Y""'w" U - - 1 - Pk X .I Qx X? " -4 'F l'n"'1"p' 'P' p I f is , 0 E ' ., 55' fy' . , X K XX l l I L -l r,z1rfi1 ff D .lx l' A - F fl XQ I .. LJKXL A t rrp" 'Qt A - J ' V Q A - il, 1 "- 1 if l l X l ul' MWUMGMVoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo In and Qut of Class, Teacher Spirit Shines Through Miss Terry Sawyer in a clown Coach Gary Haitranaft as a from the fifties? Of course! what teacher spirit was all pride extended beyond the walls Why else would eckey Depaolis and Mr. Syl- Smith have spent their Friday collecting tickets at football What else would prompt Margaret Beckner to spend a at a VHSL yearbook con- Whethelr you knew it or not, B . This same pride was evident as Mrs. Kim Hux kept her usual seat behind the girls' basketball team, and Dr. Kathleen Angle was always on the fringe of an activity snapping pictures. So don't wonder why Mr. Leon Hoots had on a pair of white plat- form shoes ala Pee Wee Herman, or question why Ms. Laura Godfrey was looking a lot like June Cleaver. lt's just their Falcon Pride showing through! On Fifties Day, a slick Mr. Gary Hartranft takes time to welcome Mr. Bob Cotter to the faculty. career involves taking a dive! i V .3 .' 2' n,-, , 3 f Day shows Ms. Terri Sawyer has a new career in entertainment in mind. Laurie Thomp- ,f.,,: r Q " avr, 3 4 -In s 4 1 XXL, l. . , H' , li 1' - if-he ur.- 521 le F A iq W-r v I-...,'1 , A , X lfx - ' t tt .Zh-' Laura Houtwed 1 ' ' L., Allen Hurley . ., Mary Hutcheson f' Q I T- . ii T Q' ' j. ifsif' ft EA -Ma. If F 1 t X S' mm HHX ' f ' .' a man ' , Virgilniahlames . N 15' V LQ, 4 A F L I K bnhx. .rd rf' rm 7' .N Karen Jenk s ' - A' L Terry Jenkils x Skip Johnso 1 1 'A V V lit . . g x 9' F' V Arthur Keogpen A V ,,, 1 - ' ' Tom LaBar era ' ' A Glenn LaFerriere x y 4-N . x A Q -1- y - 'A , iw XX 'lt it A ski gli , fflllhn. ul "ss M ' Jd I L h Gary Leag J W L Q lf ' re S-1 - L, ,As f 3 T 4 A fi V I The es Ma N ,Q ' - '- B n M M - 4' Jo at , ls' 1 if V , A is , , 1 N I xtahl M Tffi 9oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQ5-?fCL1LTVCD7OS UE " , - 1 I ' I'- ,', E 5 J G t .ff-5 l ima WC d 'A",' 5 5 " A ,h uae, ve' r I' L 2- - . . Bonnie Mo o, , 3 is ' 'H - Ceoora' Mo I J x X A DUiE M E : y rr Vu "n Ja s M D i R 2 , X, 1 'f i Ll X '1 J A . f r ' Q v . v ,V Y Clorac New' A , SX T E ' ' ' wr 3 Oakes R ' - V G crge Ont-o - i ' Roberta Owens Y. Q I x ' Jen' e Pang e ' Bruce P at. '- vance R630 g T K 'X A ' I i A A X . ' or 1 -1 Fw- , ' Y 4 4 lg' ' A Robert Hnod 'r .,, ,N A -.Y ,, , G8liRlT1l f"l" L ,y Je 'A h . - ' 'R 'Vw kalberine Samlord -Qui ' Q I A Terri Sawyer A "' Rag Scarborough '-7 - Xl ' . aroara Senter n-ggi ! J t Q i 25:1-,7 X X 1 4 ll' s'lll' A W '1 IP ", Jen srioai 5 ,g ' ' 1 4 - " gf Sylvester Smith " ' " ' , L T 3 r , , .. , -1? 5 ,K 1 " ' T0fTl Smllfl v l I I 1 Y X 4 , Q Bruce Stewart ' f' . , - - ' ' I Romain siuitz Y 4 ' 'X ' Ma? Sutton JOCI rarnmell B SA c 1 . r 4 .. I It wasnt the money and it wasnt the glory that kept them there along- side the students long after quitting time It was something much more important that made Mrs. Marilyn Wiley give up her afternoons and weekends to sponsor debate. "I love debate because for me it is a combination of exhilaration, ex- citement and challenge which results in a giant ego trip," said Mrs. Wiley. What prompted Mrs. Debbie Hol- land to sponsor SCA, "Student activities are an important part of a school and a students life. They benefit so much in the areas of responsibility and leadership train- ing. According to Mr. Larry Becker, Aft r H ou r Sponsors Go the Distcincer- Hlmagine a German Club member savoring his last bite of Wieners- chnitzel that he ordered himself in German, the seniors hammering the last nail in their Homecoming float. or the graduates switching their tassels in unison at Commence- ment. These tiny moments of learn- ing and success make sponsoring the German Club and the senior class all worthwhile." Football Coaches Al Habit and Hank Armstrong discuss a play during the Kempsville gamer at Q Sponsor ol the senior rglziw, Mr larry llircker uxhi hi, idea ol the best strategy lor -,telling tickets I l MMMVoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom ll l eign language sponsors, Mr. Larry Becker, Mrs. Vesta Cruser, an lgress ot the Club floats. ,ff ' d Mrs Margaret Beckner discuss the W ' S 'fb 4-M-4. i F l I 1' 1 'an '4'QfIy N,1',hiriglr,ri 'l- Chap V912 -6 . 3 ' , Earl Waters Steve White -1350 -n . 2 - ' Rixey Wilcher , Hilda Wilson Lufax' t:1.:il :- Q Betty Woodhouse . Sidney Wool on , i Miki it!-fe. Bah. ' ' x I I " in 1 I' . -v'b'-- . 154, A' 'Xu Q1 K 5 .xg , up ' . V . Q , f Mary Worthington wx? ar I Q Vera Wyche Qt' Q-, R" '57- 1-ni . M.. i 5 V0 QQQQQ. viii 'U Q 'z""' 1 'wasrf ' ' ' ' .,' ,' D XE , g N.-v' V - A - at ' - :-2: ' '- -1 . N 1 ' C ,f l Veteran custodian Phyllis Chicken sandwich with a smile Bottom - MJ. Ballard, K. Had- Crumble pauses fora moment from Kay Haddock: over 5 million dock, W, Malery. D. Bea, 2nd - gg before tackling a day's work. served. C. Young, S. Halsey, K, Turpine g Back- R, Crusher, Ll Hoffman. -, M,Shaggs, RSuber, P.Acord, N. Prellano. l Hamktns. roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fi4CULTYQ707 l i? -1 ni" Enioying themselves at the Latin Club holiday party, Tammy Tasheiko and Jennifer Blowing a bubble, Sarah Ashton helps Student Life editor Molly Whelahan with: Lucas exchange presents layout, oss CN QQ 39 QQ, Z Q of Xe 6 '89 Qi Q G Q Q33 Q, ed 'T 'I 94' 'T L ,-. i V, i In' .rf v. l , 'liar ti' V Qi . Sealers Jon Oden and Alex Sadler prepare for the United Nations conference i X 4 irgjoliniiz-E-dl llll'llClUPXlill6llllliiDllW ggdv HATS IGH , ,rm - l S X T... 55,4 . Underthe clubs' um- brella was an array ot groups varied enough to satisfy anyone's in- te'ests, and a place where any student, regardless of age or ability, could find a niche. Whatever the fied, politics, the fine arts, service, career bcilders, or outright funseeking, the wide se ection of clubs was there to provide an out- let. Clubs boasted large rosters and numerous activities for members who enjoyed a year of service, fund-raising, and just plain enjoy- ment as they partici- pated in Organized ln- COXitation. 3. g, fy If gig Af f 'I ' fl: ,ffm up 7' Q5 i' 'y nj' . 4' " ' 1.44 , Q "ff Y ? r , by i 1 T51 T 3 " Q L X 34 I if ig 'E 'lr ..-3.-. ,. B I I ii, DIY . .asia 5 A ' e 'f ix iw A "'1.i'r-ae .u ri Let the good times roll! Boasting its largest membership ever. the French Club swung into action early on with an every member pizza dinner. Under the leadership of president, Pat Baldwin, the club kept its homecoming tradition alive with a third place in the float competition. Service projects in- cluded a food basket at Thanksgiving ' rl . -, x L v I ,F french Club openrrtl thi: year with .i ',iir,i,1:-,-,liil ill rn rribrr irly J Y If : pina pr Many Latin Club rriernbers Clllllyffll thi: Chr:-il mas party at Megan Mitrglitills housr: l l Romancing the Good Times French and Latin Clubs Lead the Way! and tutoring in French. "Nearest and dearest in my heart is our projectAGAPE which supportsavill- age school in Haiti," said co- sponsor Mrs. Margaret Beckner "because it involves gifts other than money." The club also took part in a scavenger hunt and dined out at Le Charlieu for a taste of haute cuisine. The year was capped oft with a spring visit to Busch Gardens. One of the most active language clubs is the Latin Club. From the state convention in the fall to Certamen in the spring, club members occupied themselves with a diversity of activities. To raise money, 1,000 decorative candles were sold and some of the proceeds went to Toys forTots. The Latin Club also assembled a food basket at Thanksgiving. On the lighter side there was a Christmas party to ring in the holidays and preparations for State Latin Convention competitions in arts and crafts, literature and language. TYOCDCLUES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooQ v T uring the Latin Convention, Kim King and French Club member Kristi Anderson waits ,andy Davis prepare lor the Latin exam lor her next order to help on the lloat 4 ,D-..- Q E g 1 ,n 'ff 'Q f ,L QL-'bas' ' I T' A Q' 'X M ,, xkn. M. ll Latin students Charlie Cho and Scott Eun take time out ol their busy schedules to eat. r if French .K l, Front Row' P Baldwin, S Schoenbach, J Epstein, C Brassrl, M Roetker, R RICVC, B Tolerton, S Slaven, S Bullen,L Hark,J Frey,K.Cooke, M lngram,J Krall,K Broyles,K Sherlock, K Wilcox 2nd Row G Shields,C Morrissey,J Lewis, L Grubbs,A Agee,A Freed,N Ayat.S Nelson, L Cul1ee. M Cianfrani,J Ryson.C Celalu B. Neal, K Senter, K Johnson 3rd Row: A Miller, D Jeroy, W Waldron,D Powers, S Hesbol, T Kim, M Flowers.C Monger,C Baldwin,M Turner,D Megette, M. Dean,S MacDonald,K Brvins 4th Row J Horton,D Adams,K Mewborn,S.Brass,T.Prerce,S.Kent. McCallum,K.Cebrowskl,L Mazach M Valerio,D Fulkerson, S Gish,K.Colehamer 5th Flow'M Mayette,J Field,K NeIson,M Whelehan,P Doyle.R Hudson,W Dasher.T White,J Brunges,C. Poe, C Person,J Cormier 6th Row' S Guliani. B Hale, C Hall,A Gostel, L Johnson, K Hazelgrove, A, Ghoreishian, J Hollman, G Compo, D Sprouse, D Weber fl 0 0 ups. W1 -xx .-,v gall: .. ':Y.L...L,., .W D -, Ld- Front Rowt J. Loschi, T. Tasheiko, M. Mitchell, J. Lucas, K. King, S Eun, L Zawaclqf, K Jordan, C Oleiar, J Darnron, V. White, C. Bano, A. McCall, J Parker, K. Coll, L Warren, C. Blankenship, L Short, S Sher1dan,H Chrrstian,A. Kim,C. Byrne, K. Ellis,T. Bohlke, P, Damulh, K Slough, K Haynie. D Schnm,W David,J Fike, D. Mickelson.3rd Row' K. Soencer,L.Greber,K Allis,A Medlin, D Chiaise,M Frasher,M Wardzrnskl,N Kemp,H. Beckwith,K.Marsh,J.Amhold,S. Runnells, D Kindred,J Marlot't,C Hanzl,J Boswell,T.McLeod.C Clark. 4th Row: K. Ellis, M. Valeno, J. Miele, J Walsh. H Highes, J Dobson, S Pruden, C Kaweckl, S Morrison, M Brenner,A Windrow, S Raynes, S Lehman, S Brown, K Morrison,C. Minkowski 5th Row'M Foley,T Lewis. A Benttr, P Mclntire, P Marshall. C Marshall,J Rogers,G Taylor, N.Taylor,T Shank,S Russell, D Bain, M Gwin,J Holl, D. Reid 6th RowJ Stanlield,C Cho. Wilbncnt,S Gardner,T Wllson,S Davenpon,D Miele. W.Barrmeau.K Shea, L. Farane,T Stepr1ens,P Jacobi, D Edwards. 7th Flow'W. Lindsay.Z Marston.C Garner Latin limooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUES 77 Al The Spanish and German clubs have enioyed a successful and funfilled years Throughout the past year, the Spanish Club has been sponsoring a child from Mexico. while also lending a hand to the needy people close to home by providing them with food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Along with president Becky Starbuck, vice president Jen Acosta, treasurer Mike Speckhart, secretary LeAnn Neubert. and historian Henry Baker. the club went to many of the areas Spanish restaurants for dinner A Cultural F. perience Spanish and German Club meetings. The high point of the year was Foreign Language Week. held in March, which gave everyone the chance for fun and a little friendly competition. ln the spring, the Spanish Club went to Busch Gardens and ended the year on yet another high note. The German Club had a bus year ln September, members too a trip to Das Waldcafe restaurant in Newport News. October brought the building of the Homecoming float. which was based on their award- winning float from 1984. The Y k x Mr Becker explains a game at the German Club Christmas party The German Club based their float on the 1984 award-winning lloat second trip to Das Waldcafe came in November and was a great success. Members held a Christmas party for patients at the Medi-center in December, and sang Christmas carols in German. They served hot cider, and later sang along with the patients. A Christmas party was also held after school, which included games and cake. January and February brought a Foreign Lan- guage tee-shirt design contest. Designs were submitted from the whole school. Tee-shirts went on sale before March so they could be worn during Foreign Languag Week. March brought participatio for members in the Foreign Lan guage Festival at Green Bun High April was busy with a trip to Busc Gardens and several lucky clut members were able to take a trip tc Germany, Austria, and Switzerlan to experience foreign culture. Spanish Club vice-president Jen Acosta, and other Spanish Club members await the iudges decision Kgs 7 ' -.,q, , I r- aw it A- 'Wu f' ' 5 'W X i i... t . ,f tt is Q , 4 4 -. f. ,T it , ,.,:".,,,.ff U 'PWCLUES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooci F Spanish Club members help out on the Homecoming lloal f e li:- Qfwvb E YQZG ,l my-P: . 'fhvw-' or- N. ,WHQ x .w..3'-wJ"2 Sgr? if - fgh - .4935 1 Hip, SUHL VAf4,.i,, ,. Club float riders wait to be pulled German Club member Christian Von- lhe track. Schmidt-Pauli anxiously awaits. German Front Row: K Marella,S Steher, M,Shuman, R. McGinness, N Ehrenzeller, R Holik, M lngram, B Ralclifle,M Glass, 2nd Rowt M, Edmondson, K Vanvalkenburgh, K Rohdenburg, V Bommer, A Dozier, C Lucas, C Con over,J Kuhlmann, R Barton 3rd row K Curn,',J StarIing,J Russell, D Gibbs, S Summerlin,J Zinas, S MCC8uSlar1d,S Ray1ield,A Moore, W,Seay 4ll'1R0w'K McDonough,T Davis,J HiIgers,J Cowell,A Donald son,C. Underhill,.l Schullz.S Moore,J Mucha,C,Von Schmidt-Pauli, P Grant,5th ow J Scolield, T Tabor G, Kapos. B Jorgensen, M, Savacool Spanish Bi FrontRow:B.Starbuck. L. Neuberl,H. Baker,A.Shirk, K, Shorter,P Rainboll, M Dock1er,T Brothers,J.Zook, K Wilkie, M. Hunt, 2nd Row: A, Novoa, K Burnett, A Brooks, J Marils, S Dunphay, J Nelson, J Kokoska, A Turner, E, Leary,A.Terlizzi, H Miller, B. Bryant 3rd Row. K Johnson, M Highton, K Steinkamp,C Wombolt, N Crally, D, Catlelt, K, Edwards, L CrutchfieId,J,CarroIl,E Wilson, L. Marr 4th Row:A Josephson, K Johnson, S Clark, S. Pavey, M. Summerlin, R, Robins, T Rich, K. Brown, C Morrissey, V Ruiz 5th Row' T Bohlke, L Bolgiano, A, Walsh, K, Schreckengaust, K, Regula, C Smith, K Fay, K Economidis Sth Row' K Robins, A Kellam, M Bowen, G Keefer,J Gates, M Wargo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooUNK 16 DECA and the Industrial Arts Club both had a productive year. As well as meetings and club activities. these clubs helped students to find robs and learn skills for later in their lives. This year DECA opened with a huge banana split. Numerous members came to help build it with lt's Not lust A Club It's An Adventure! all the trimmings, In December, DECA held tryouts for its fourth annual fashion show. This show had models who are students at Cox and features clothes from many Virginia Beach stores. The Fashion Show. held in the spring, was a great success once again. The Industrial Arts Club slowly grew and became more active. This year they were involved in the "Toys for Tots" program. The ninth grade construction classes built wooden bears for the needy. The tenth, elev- enth, and twelfth graders did preventive maintenance for cars to earn more money for the club. Members also cleaned track equip- l ment for a school project. Officer this year were presidents Mar Momando and Kevin Reed, vice president John Coates, treasure om Legros, secretary Chris Smolr and sergeant of arms David Perry DECA member Kevin Bremer helps ada whipped cream to the sundae. . 4944 -anngl -gf' SIM' xx -91 'ii 'ffUCLUESOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo C An Indusrrral Art club member works hard on a prorect An Industrral Arts club member works on a moped engrne DECA r'5 Front Row'C Aymond. M Serrano.C Hewrn L Eames R Scnmor C Weroorn T Henorrck H Jonnson D Cmioott S Chrlcon 2nd Row'T Godwrn K Bremer L Gooda.2,A Rees K Stafford R Rreve M Edmondson M Perez. C McKuen G Yares. G Vrncenl H Bryan 3rd Row P Marsnari S Nran-nor' B Brom T Tayror S Myers, K Gegner, M Streeter K Wrilrams J Scrum R Lyon B Loomrs Arn Row J Heroen C Pacneo S Robens. G Seay N Ala, D Washburn. C Brumfre1d.R .rorner M Gargon S Levrrrge Sm Row M Poaefr R DecKer,K Walker J Waisn. M Tumer,J Pom A Marrrn K Keeier C Lroyd C Long S Tafnayo GLR Ron v Courson,J Elrrson L Edwards G Marara.B Watson K Morrssey D Ferguson M Maroon K France 7r'r Ron J Fox. K Crowder.K Baroo,M Lewrs.T Johnson. B Jorgensen S Jarary P Tomrrnson T Co' ros Bro Row T Hannan. M Rodr1guez.K PheIps.H Fountarn K Kraft R Jennrngs P Ponskara J Hoffman 911 Row D Young J Smrm. A Scortr. C Aslan, R Taylor, M Set1ord.D Easter 0- 2 Al b:1jZ',: . Lf - T WW Y -Y ff? W T LM, K ' zlrwrfl, , , . T ,iz f 'www W, 1 se A A A ' is J . L A , '- l 4 , 7 1 b A.r Q Q T Greenougn, D Perry, T Legros. J, Scruggs, J Gates. D Ciark. D Magircco. L Hrlr Sponsor. G Krllougn Industrial Arts oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUBS 175 r . 'Q Q- -AEI -rs , , , -lv in 4 Hot Off the Press Falcon Press and Wingspan The past year has been a busy one for Cox's publications. Falcon Press, the newspaper, attended, along with Dr. Kathleen Angle, a workshop in Athens, Ohio at Ohio State University. From there the momentum picked up and never slowed as the staff participated in two more workshops in Virginia Beach, The reporters did not miss a beat as they covered sports, current events of local national in- terest and social issues such as Drunk Driving. This extensive coverage enabled them to win first place awards at the Virginia High School League and Columbia Scholastic Press Association Pub- lications Division Workshop. The Fine Arts Publication. Wingspan, also attended work- shops held at Virginia Wesleyan Colleges Co-Editors Torri Brown and Karen Roullet oversaw a staff whose activities ranged from fundraising to a layout and design of the magazine. To pay for the cost of printing, the staff held bake sales after school and sold Christmas ornaments and memo-boards. Christmas also saw the staff playing Santa's helpers for elementary school students as they answered letters from the children to Santa. The spring months were the busiest as Wingspan stuffers read, edited. and revised poetry and prose forthe magazine. The finished product was available for purchase in May. Playing Santa for a day, Bitsy Frost answers a Christmas request .X W your Ari, .' lp l I 'S S .1 ,V xl l 'a il- T . .ml .I 'C' TCLUESooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor5 4 T' gllembers of the Falcon Press eat before a busy SDVCHUIUQ CNVISUUHS Chefff. TON BVOWH Hlld lmmer Convention day4 Karen Floullet make Candy-Grams I , L V L l l 454' l--"""' Wingspan rf Q.. .v Q Qon U ,545 Finns 'il , . - Front Row' D Wn ht, M, Rrchardson. S Dunphey, D Schlosser, M Shon.L Doran M McCulston Zno Row V Domrner K. Haselman, D abor, A Shlrk,T Sale, C Stnckland,J Zook, T Brown 3rd Row R Johnson,J Mrele L Greoer L Overton,B Frost,J. 8runges,J Cormler,C Mayhall, Mrs S Downle 4th Row J Bergstrom,J Prerce K McDonough A Whrte, S Petersen, S Branagan. K Logan, K Scnreckengaust l I 3 4 1 1 LW jepanng Christmas letters for mallnng, the Wlngspan memberScott Peterson promlses A Urngspan staff rolls letters. gifts to a chlld from Santas l ,a 2 'Cf i FrontRow K Stroud,V Vrolette,K Senter,E Fosrna,S Dawson.C Stnclrland 2nd Row T Brown,S Grsh, L Bolgrano,C Davrs, C Kroooth, A Becker,T Blanchard 3rd Row M Tarpey. C Herdt,E Ramos.J Darden,T Gottal,T Vrooman,J - Check. Dr Kathleen Angle 4th Row' S Fullerl A Deems, D Grbbs, B O'Nelll. S Bruggemann. D Fulkersons G Calklns,J Grooters. L Wllllams Falcon Press roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0CMH 7U Q isa Q .J Y Q X 51 Krisrahifgv esfp ' 7 -Sl ii sk -Q? M' 1-e--11. Gurdance helper Suzanne Hesrbol sorts through rnarenals for Mrs Drehl In the Irhrary Grna Pacheco spends her Irrne studyrng and wntrnq names ull. 1 ' QMSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor 9? in the office can be an exciting and Office helper Tammy Weniger sorts through job for Laura Hawley. memos for students. Guidance' Front Row'C Kroboth, M Turner, K Keeler K Malloy ?no How 'Q tlwbol Mr- ll hl if i x FF' ,Q . 4 - I ,T J. Clinic: Front Row: L. Pierce, W. Spears. K Yeafts J K hlman 2nd Row J Walker, E Thomas . .J Ad ' ' ' H I ml e Office: Front Flow: K. Smith,T. Wenlger,C.Gaylor,T. Garrett,L Hawley 2nd Row' P. Collins. P. Fleming,S Clark Always on the Run L Helpers, take your message, get it, go! And so they did, running 'rands for this teacher or that ecretaiy. Why the school would ost certainly stop without the ealpers. . Office helpers traveled to the four Jrners of the school for the ecretaries, teachers, parents, and ost importantly Mrs. Waters, Dr. 'arlen, Mr. Porter, and Mr. 'illiams. Office helpers worked ight along side with the clinic elpers, collecting attendance cards td helping injured students up and Jwn the stairs. Library helpers made sure that everyone who entered the library signed in and all who left signed out. Another vital part of the Library helpers' association were the Audio- Visual helpers. Without these spe- cialized aides, who assisted the librarians, teachers would not have been able to get the necessary equipment, such as VCRs or slide projectors with which they taught their classes. Yes, once again, helpers were es- sential to the sanity of the school. Without them, the workload for faculty and other statf would have been much heavier. R. Windmiller. at ov!! 5 -. Libraty: Front Row: A. Hoeverman, D. Mosman, H. Thompson. K. Moser, M. Richardson, M. Schon 2nd Row' G Pacheco,D.Dangoeman,T.Pitts,D.Estes,M.Frasher,T Chambers,V Hartley. 3rd Row4J Dushn,W.LaBore.J Branche, C. Amos, N. Balovich, M. Brown. D Mlllner ISS: T. Bally. l l if W if M ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCWBCMW li I l l lr Spirit Soars Like a Falco The spirit was better than ever. The students joined with the Pep Club and the Coquettes to make the most spirited year yetl The Coquettes started a year of rebuilding a tattered image. The beginning was try-outs. With only six girls returning, there was little hope of a good squad: but after two summercamps, one atJames Madi- son University and the other at Donna Wilkins School of Dance, the Coquettes started a long uphill Ag Though they were nervous, the Coqueltes gave .1 ',tunriinq prfrformance at the opening pep rsilly Pep Club vnu: prrfairlrfrif lJ.inir:lli: Muyulli: in lr0dllr,f:'. lrlf::1'. lor iufw lurid r.ii',rcr', f'lf battle. They obtained a choreographer, Donna Wilkins. Mrs. Wilkins helped in their performances and behind the scenes with helpful suggestions like new performing uniforms to help change their image. The first test for the girls was orientation. They had all worked very hard in preparation for the event, but they were nervous. This was a group of people who had never heard of or seen the Coquettes Coquettes. Also, there were people who had been at Cox for two or three years, and they expected to see the usual routine. They all received a shock. One person said he couldn't believe itg the Coquettes were all together. The Pep Club, under sponsor Mr. LaBarbera, had an enthusiastic year. As a new club, they progressed well. There was a large membership. The officers were president Kathy Slough, vice- f , ygf ,,,,,,n1:1 and Pep Clubl president Danielle Mayette, second vice Alison Miller, istorian Ki Senter, and treasurer Jenny Abbott. Though it had a late start, the club' was busy. The members sold green and gold Cox pennants in January, which were a big success: Throughout the year, meml could be seen and especially h at various sport events. .Mk JCLUESooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ll rit at the Christmas pep rally. rhythm at the Homecoming pep rally Af? ii., '- J A ""?'f'ra,f-531 Q. Coquettes Alison Bloxsom and Melissa Edmundson relax after a performance. Coquettes show their enthusiasm and Spirit shines through in the Coquettes' 1 - .., 0- J .,,-. .,,. ,.. AM. ,,,4,.---1 , A--f-""' rinse-..,... Pep Front RowzK Slough,D Mayette,A. Miller, K Senter,J Abt:iate,l-I Rieve,J Damron, R Roberson D Poslusn , L. Thompson, C. Bano,M. Docktor,T. Brothers 2nd Flow K Mrtler,V White. N Ayat S Nelson, H Johnson 6 Cover, A, Freed,K,ZenaroIIa,A,Brooks,A Whittield,S CriswelI,J Garns 3rd How B Dngeronimo,A Terliz1i,K Coll, D,Vann,C, RunnelIs,J ArnhoId,K, Marsh,M Valeno,M Dean,T LaBarbera 4th Row M Edmundson, P Baldwin,C.CetaIu,K Fosina,A Josephson,K.Johnson,B Bryant,K Grover,B Frost Sth Row'S MacDonald,R Fuma,K.ElIis,S,Glsh,H.Waterman,L. Crutch1reld,C ColIier,C Morrisstez, M Turner.M Frasher,W Seay Sth Row:J. Rrckard,J, Hutchens,A Moore,C Smith. D Hobbs, M BeIl,C azach, K Cebrowsk1,A Woodard 7th gohx:41.ilf.Anderson,M, Mayette.J Lucas,T Tiedemari,J Grooters,A Riddick.A Moore, S Miller, M Wargo, S er . A ' 1 ,P-.Q 5 i kj? ' 4 lx e , , ll a- 1--v .Z vun f,, A Front Row: S. MacDonald. 2nd Rowi R. Rieve, V White, 3rd How' S, Watson, M, Dean, M Edmondson, B Frost 4th Row: K. Ellis, S, Gish, A, Bloxsom, C Wargo 5th Row' S. Nelson, L, Crutchfield, H Waterman. L Overton Coquenes noooooooooooooooooooooooooo0ooooooUNK 7U L Reaching for Physical Achievement Volleyball and Science Clubs are Where lt's at! What could holiday helium balloons, mosquito control, hospi- tal volunteers, and X-Rays possibly have had in common? You could have asked any science club memberandthe answerwas simple . . . Science Club! President Kelli Malloy oversaw a number of activities as diverse in nature as the many areas of science itself. The Club took several field trips to local areas pertaining to the study of science, such as a visit to the Virginia Science Museum in Richmond and the Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach. They also took a tour of the Non-Invasive Diagnostic Areas at Virginia Beach General Hospital, where pieces of equipment like Cat-Scans, Sonars and X-Rays were explained to the group. On the lighter side, there was a canoe trip in the Virginia water- ways, a pool party, and a fundraiser which sold helium balloons at Christmas to students. "The club's objective is to ex- pose members to various areas of science through speakers and field trips. l also gain something from each activity. lt opens doors to me in aspects of science," stated Mr. Stuart McCauseland, sponsor. "Besides l love doing all of those neat things!" Among the newest additions to Falcon Country is the Volleyball Club. The club served as a means to involve students in both fellowship and sports. Under the leadership of sponsor, Miss Terri Sawyer, the co-ed group held meetings twice weekly to practice and improve their playing skills. President Jerri Friedsam, a player for five years, began the club as a means to continue her play. According to Friedsam, the sport must first begin as a club before being made a competitive sport in Beach schools. "We really need to make volleyball a sport where we can compete with other schools," Friedsam said. The core of twelve to fifteen club members had shrunk since it's start from a beginning membership of around fifty people. But according to Friedsam, as the sport's popular- ity grew, so might the club's mem- bership. "Everybody should come out and playl" lC'LUESoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocm r . - i The vice-president ot the Science Club, Mike At volleyball practice, Ms. Sawyershows her 1, Stallings, iokes around while giving his report. stuff. l li l kt l I l y Science l 1'i 'l L.. , , :J- ' ti Q I I, 5 Q. ee fr' rw 0 ft 0 fl . 9 41, Au! l l X 4 11,73 l ii Front Flow: T. Kim, A. Kim, N. Ayat, J. Pennington, M, Savacool, A, Danz, M. Stallings, K. Malloy. 2nd Row: S. Peterson, G. Compo, M. Sutton, H. Harrington, D, Reyburn, D. Brown. W. Davis, . McGinness. l li iX F i. li l 1 i i G l 4313 l l I i rl li , l Front Row: A. lson, A. Novoa, J. Graham, N, Agar, B. Ratclitf, L. Gray. H. Anderson, J. Friedsam 2nd Row' K. L Kratzer, M. Covaney, J. Sykes, M. Bowen, J. runges, H Raltenspurger, E. Hoden. J Collins, C. Wiley 'Q Volleyball ,l l l 1 Science Club members sit attentively through one of their meeting. i Volleyball club members practice for interclub matches. l Y.. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCNKCDHZ Q! The Cox High Virginia Stars have had a very successful marching sea- son under the superior leadership of their new director. Mr. Bob Cotter. They were awarded second place in the Neptune Festival Parade. third place at the Bayside High School Band Competition, and an excellent rating at the Virginia State Band Fes- ln Perfect Step Band and Flag Team tival. They also won recognition in the categories of Best Drum Major and Best Drum Line. At the Tidewa- ter Band Festival Competition the band placed well in the finals. They have improved greatly and are still a tradition of excellence at Cox High. The Flag Team under the leader- ship of captain. Tracy Davis, has been an integral part of the marching band. They remained in perfect step under the choreography of Becky Oglesby who also helped to instruct the Flag Team along with Barbara El- liott. Mrs. Cotter, the adult instruc- tor, was also on hand to help with instruction. The team's routines visually complemented the bands l music. Since many members of tha. team did not take band during the day, they often attended extra prac- l tices in addition to rehearsals with the band. The award-winning drum line from the Corli, High Virginia Stars show their rhythm. i Vt'l0LUESooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot fn 4 rl Q 4 ,at D not 1 ,- gg. 3 7:5 ...p-',,,4w Jnvlus. W' A-gt f L WS-X ,TN 5, 'Win- JQMQ ff XR Vice president Marc Mayette leads an IC C Meeting. D .....,---- Plans and judge: Two integral parts ot our political system at Cox are the l.C.C. and the Executive Council. The Executive Council deals with special school activities such as dances, elections and student teacher relations. The l.C.C. is made up of the Vice- Presidents of the various clubs at Cox. lt is their job to approve or de- y wi li KA i i i l rlvlolly Wlitrl.ill.lli, ltr luri to llll il w liillli t u l.C.C. and Executive Count cline any activities or projects that are proposed by the clubs. The Executive Council swung into action early by overseeing the elec- tion ot Freshman ofticers and did not stop until June. The Dance Commit- tee, headed by Ronnie Shank and Kim Brown planned the Homecoming and Winter Dances. We were enter- tained at the Winter Dance by Ravens! The Student Teacher tions Representative, Jennifer l planned the Secret Santa project a reception for the teachers v were both great successes. All in all both the l.C.C. and the ecutive Council made life at Cox ter for everyone. N '-x CDCLUESooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo W At an Executive Councrl meetrng, Caddy Wood, lrstens attentrvely to the speaker rl' I.C.C. ' "7f?F'ZeiA" T'f' f' 3757? , . I V-.4 lggnlgf 454. . . , . - f , , ,,., W f, I' ., Front Rowi G. Super, M Valeno, A Medlrn, S Cameron, S Raynes, S Ashton, A Hrll, K Slough, D Hobbs, A Norman,2nd RowiA Hernandez,B ElIrot,J,Koss,lJ Mayette,D,Vann,M Tavares,K WrIcox,S Mrles,L Doran 3rd Row:J Lucas,A Bloxsom.M Dobson K Brooke. N MacEachern, R Brown.T Kam L KelIey,A Hanwrt,8 DlGeronrmo 4th RowiJ.Jansen,K Kratzer, A. ParD,K Brown, K Crowder,A Marshall,T Tasherko,G Clark, C Llndauer 5th RowtJ Loschr, M Speckhan, K Curry,J Fox. R Shank, B Lemburg,J Staufler P 'aklng notes at an Executrve Councrl meetrng are Alec Marshall. Denrse Hobbs, and Torn Brown 'OCOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCLUES 127 kr The entertainment section this year has been organized and has pleased everyone. The spring play by our Thespians was "Dark of the Moon." Our fall play. "The Man Who Came to Dinner." was a great Li hts. Camera! Action! Entertainment at Cox! success and received an en- thusiastic response from the student body. The Nladrigals, our select chorus. delivered a magnificent perform- ance at the band and choir program. As well as this concert. Madrigals have performed at Norfolk General Hospital. the Diamond Club at Met Park and at various P.T.A. meet- ings. Altogether our choral and acting 49" wig 1 fo '- f I, ,,f',' : . .j. I' '. J ' -L' ,',rv' .r -1 ..d I 5 v ,rv-Q A li., Q -' Q' 4 .muy as F' 0 Xl DTN 1'-sif' groups have shown their orgar tion and their want to please student body. During a Madrigal practice Amy Rid Shelby Lehman and Jerri Edwards sing latest music 'iff ghespian Amy Riddick gets plastered by Mi ioyl 'VQMHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo T Bing "The Man Who Came to Dinner," Larry Bles complains to James Dow. .3 . ,A , A Cv ' 4 ' pa tv QP f f 9 IE . ii. 'l Front Row: M. Kent, R. Clark, S, Lehman, C Cetalu 2nd Row D Freeman, J Ames. A Riddick 3rd Row M Dobson, A. Novoa, R. Flores, J. Edwards 4th Row L Rickard, L Drye, M Jackson. T Davis Madrigals i i ,..,. .. . - Front Row: S. Molin, W. Spears, C. Thomas, C. Sike, S, Green, L. Hammer. R Alexander 2nd Row'J Ames, T. McCollum, J. Grooters, T. Chambers, L. Wheellus, A. Bloxsom. D. Vann, T. McCollum Mixed Chorus bw . is 1 1 Front Row:M.TarRgy B. Frost, M,Turner L. Overton K. Cooke, E. HaIfon,J. Sullivan. A Aaee. G Mat1hews,A. Filer, S. Dawson, . Dobson. 2nd Row: V. Vann. C, Brassil, C. Morrissey, J Grooters K oser R Stroey, R ' Flores, L, Baynes. 3rd Row: J. Hadfield, D. Sharipe, J, Coggin, A. Bloxsom, C Kane, C Underhill, A Novoa, K Johnson. 4th Row: J. Ames, G. Compo, K. Regu a, L. Williams. S. March. A Riddick, C Ahoate, M Jackson, G During their morning class, the Madrigals warm up their voices. Nahum, T. McLeod. Thespians ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCLUBS 127 Service for the School Library Club, Video Club, and CMA The primary goal of the video club is not profit, but service. Club members were behind the cameras at sporting events, pep rallies, and also helped out with video equip- ment in the classroom. They were not organized as most clubs were with officersg rather they were es- tablished more along the lines of a publication, with an editor, assistant editor, etc. Among their produc- tions were a tape of Homecoming which was played during the Christ- mas season and "Falcon Focus" which is a video news magazine featuring school lite and other activi- ties. According to Mrs. Joan Manuel and Mrs. Mary Stuart Darden, who are the co-sponsors of the club, "We enjoy working with students who are interested in putting together a program on video tape. lt is interesting as well as rewarding to watch their progression and en- thusiasm for the production take shape. Along with promoting reading. the Library Club wanted to spread a little good cheer at Christmas. Tak- ing the money they earned from their doughnut sale, the club bought poinsettas to give to patients at the Shore Drive Rest Home. The objec- tives of the club were to encourage interest in the library as a profession and to honorthe teachers during Na- tional Library Week. CMA developed awareness in the medical profession and related H I C x hggp gn! O 'Q' 7 fields through field trips and activities pertaining to med Mrs. Elizabeth McBride, oversaw the group as they t area hospitals and the Univer: Virginia. among other actit Said Mrs. McBride, "Were a group, but with a serious goal mind." Video Club co-sponsors, Mrs. Mary Darden and Mrs. Joan Manuel prepare video camera . its tt I lbs CMA sponsor, Mrs McBride gets ready another exciting day' Library Club members Stephanie Tatem Stephanie Cameron speak with sponsor Long '-'UUCLUES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo T V i CA members attend the field trip to Video Clubbers Wayne LaBore and Corby 3, Clirloltesville, VA. Amos show their expertise. ' v. ,T-7 An 4 L1 P... "' -IQ' -ffgikl sffwrf Front rowiS. Kawacki.J. Hadtield, K Troedson, S Miles,A While,T Tledeman,C Kawecki 2nd Row P Dumlao. J. Harrell. C. Eaton, C, Hall. J Murphy Video i B 48 Front row: J, Walker P. Pascual J. Fnedsam, T. McLeod 2nd Row' E Thomas, L. Overton, B Johnson. D Schlosser, T. Wat1s,C. Oleiar, B.Chrusceil,J. Pennington.3rd Row'L.Greber. K Bruehl,A, Davis, K Spencer,A Kim. H. Beckwith, W. Spears, T. Kim. 4th Row' Mrs. McBride, M Savacool, C Abbate. J Harrell, A Ghoreishian, C. Cho, L. Johnson, C. Poe. CMA 541 1 'sl bar :-?" if .. - . 1 RFQ l . 1+ 4'-fe Y. ,-Q, S 7,0 Q fr '-- FrontRow:A.Hoeverman, M Frasher,E Wilson.T,Chambers.2rid Row:S Cameron,A Ghoreishian.K Smith,A Plckard, Library I yy, . ,lv y . . 7. 1 - 2 2'4"-'41, J CMA members Jerri Friedsam and Tammy McLeod ride in the Homecoming car. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUBS 137 The political ticket to be on is the Teen Age Republicans ticket, better known as TARS. Members of TARS participate in projects which get students involved with the United States government. lnthefall, TARS held a congressional election debate between Joe Canada, Owen Pickett. and Stephen Shao, to let students get a glimpse for themselves of who the best candidate for Congress was. TARS also sponsored speakers such as Delegate Bob Purkey and Congressman G. William White- hurst to come speak to the student Model UN fliembtrr Wendell fjo',l:ii1.i tlrtrf,-,tru in roslurni: at a convention Dirbater Scott fun listens diligently at a inszirt ing Politicians of the Future Advancing in Leadership body. President Andrea Akers said STARS was not just for Republican teen, but for anyone who wants the opportunity to know and learn more about the United States government and the people who run it." South Africa? Refugees? Star Wars? Ask any Model United Nation member about foreign relations and they will give you the details. Members of the Model UN formed committees like the committees of the real United Nations in New York, and discussed ways of resolving world issues. At their weekly meet- ,1f'.-or ings, the team prepared to attend conventions at Old Dominion and the University of Virginia. Knowing what to say and when to say it was the key to success if you were on the Debate team. Affirma- tive or negative, you must have organization, logic, and guts. The Debate team spent many an after- noon after school working on their cases for competition at the Tidewa- ter Debate League Convention. Literally speaking, the Forensics team competed in district, regional and state competitions, much in the With e e contact and space contro attitude, and perfect as the essentials, a Forensic te member concentrates on deli' his state of the art speech, be prose, poetry, dramatic inter tion, extemporaneous, origina tory, or spelling. Public speaking the name of the game and under pressure is the numbe aim. same way as the Debate team Y' ' ' 1 s Debate speaker Jon Oden practices for next tournament. 'TZVDCLUESOOQoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lbate members Nicole Andrews and Lisa Model UN members sell Halloween lerton practice a speech for a tournament. pumpkins lor a tall fundraiser l l ! i ll l I I il l r i r 5:53 6 . l i 's.:"f i l l r l i l 1 debaters Jon Oden and Mike Davis dis- a new topic. Model UN and TARS sponsor Mrs. James attends all the events. uf' k v.,-,rs .J.,1 V QHMY. ,- Model U.N. FrontFlow:J.Slautler,C.Ch0,J Curry,M D0oleY.S Eun,C WiIbricl'it,A Akers,L Haworth 2nd Row E Beaver A. Dozier,C onover.J.Acosta,K. Brciiyles,C Co eman,D Hobbs,S McElvein,C Donalo,J 0qIine,L Kelley 8 Starbuck. 3rd Row' L Hart, G. Shiel s, T Wilson, J Burritt, C Sprouse, T Nugget, B Welch, Y Jones TARS Front Row: Mrs. James, A. Dozier, C. Conover, S. Clark, K. Pellenn, S, Miles, D, Hobbs, M. Hunt, A. Akers President. 2nd Row: C. McCallum, G. Shields, A. Norman, D. LaBore, T. Bohlke, A Marshall Vice-Pres . C Venable, J. Peckens, W. LaBore. NJ E al' Debate Front Row: S. Burke, M. Davis, J. Oden. 2nd Row. J. Brunger, S. Eun N. Andrews, L. Overton J. Cooper, R. McGinness, K Malloy, L. Hark. 3rd Row: T. Wilson, W. Cosenza, R. Bergstrom, J. Harrell, B. Wentz iii, Forensics Front Row: J. Harrell, J. Oden, G. Compo, B. Welch. 2nd Rowi K. Mallm, S Miles, M Dobson J Sullivan, A Hernandez, B. Elliott, A. Miller, A. McCall, 3rd Row: J. Calfrey, S ctlausfand J Murphy, J Cooper, R McGinness, D. Jeroy, L. Bolgiano, N.G. MacEachem. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooCMB 13 .l The students in FHA and FBLA are working for their futures. FHA members become prepared to enter the world of business The FHA year began in the summer of 1986. Anne Pasley and sponsor Mrs. Kim Hux traveled to Orlando. Florida. for the 1986-87 National Leadership Conference. Anne took second place in the na- tional competition. presenting an illustrated talk on teen suicide and its prevention. FHA members chaired the local STAB lStudents Taking Action for Y q . - Q- , ,3- '5 K Spa Wuaw ngq, Kp 1 A u . ' X In Pal FBLA member Hope Lucas calls out the numbers for a Lynn Shores Manor bingo game FHA member Beth Moore helps out on Child Care Day Worki g for the Future -A FHA and FBLA Becognitionl events for the city of Virginia Beach. Members of FHA sold cookbooks for their annual fund-raiser. They also made an annual contribution to the Joy Fund. During Vocational-Education Week. February 9-13. FHA held a reception for the Vocational Education teachers. The purpose of FBLA. sponsored by Ms. Gail Biffle. is to promote leadership and participation in busi- ness classes as well as interest in the school and community. Students are encouraged to partici- pate in both regional and state con- tests and to attend conferences on regional. state. and national levels. Cox FBLA started off this year by serving as guides for the PTA Open House. They held a fund-raiser. sell- ing calendars and locker mirrors, a project that earned over 331000. Once a month FBLA visited Lynn Shores Manor. a convalescent home, to play bingo with the residents. lt was fun seeing them enioy the games and watching their pleasure at winning quarters. As a token of appreciation. teachers were sent a candy ca with happy wishes for the holiday ln 1987 FBLA members sol Worlds Finest Chocolate to rai money for Project ASK, a group help prevent and cure childhoot cancer. FBLA also had a pizza party and participated in regional eventsl Officers for 1986-87 were presidenl Christina Lucas, vice president Kinl Stroud. secretary Shelli Hunter. ant treasurer Karen Boullet. -8 'x 5 , 9 I It ,. ' 'S s . X, -1 N 'x 7 x QI 'UCLUES Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo T -0' :ll J' 'SveTi5f'4WQU.j' 4- if Ag.x 3 anta's helper, FBLA member Karen Roullet, FBLA President Christina Lucas aids a bingo alps Lynn Shore residents with their bingo. player at Lynn Shore Manor. bl. if 1 r l 1 GG A Ks- FHA: Front: C, White, J. Fike, K. Haynie, M. Flowers, C. Welborn, M. Edmondson, J. Bullard, A. Parker- president. 2nd Flowt M, Turner, K. Slough, J. Gluckowski, K. Phelps, L. Finger, K. Nelson, C. Underhill, T. McLeod, M. Myers, K. Fosina, K. Spencer. ffl 9 95 FBLA: FrontiA. Londeree,C.Strickland, R. Roberson,J Damron,J Marits,S.Dun'phey,M McCurston.2nd Rowt H. Lucas, T. Kaczmarczyk, E. Leary, C. Collier, C. Bayot, K. Miller, D. Copeland, Ayat. 3rd Row: K. Marsh, K. Robertson, B. DiGeronimo. C. Bag y, D. Vann, K. Senter, S. Hunter, K. Stroud, C. Lucas. 4th Rows T Young, K. Jenkins, C. Cool, R. Williams, K. Kings R.Anderson,W.Sezg, N.Andrews,A Josephson,T BaghaIl,J.Arnholds, C. Flunnels. 5th Flow: K. Tolbert, K, obins, G. Keeter, S 'Neill, T. Madigan, J. Goll, T Moore, T Heinrich, C Herzke,A. Hill. 6th Row: K. Brown, C. Wiley, H. Rallensberger, C. Hall, A. Scotti,J Bnnges 7th Row' L. Williams, N. Barnes, P. Carter, S. Gaston, K. Jenson, L. Bolgiano, . Gish, G. Vincent, M Bengson, H Baer, K Fosina mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUBS 13S N SCA officers Rich Walsh and Caddy Wood stand by while Marc Mayette and Wendell Cosenza perform their rap. -- ,i , f' V . Q71 fuiizfisg cy- ,, 'f' -11 s , 5. W1 i "1"-5 ' A xl K Our SCA here at Cox is an integral part of the school system. The officers for the 1986-87 school year had a hard and challenging job, but they persevered and accomplished much. President Wendell Cosenza, vice president Marc Mayette, second vice Caddy Wood, secretary Molly Whelahan, and treasurer Rich Walsh handled the school well this past year. Our SCA homeroom representa- tives played a large part as well. ' 1 JO I if nm' 'S 'Q .C To Th Top SCA Meets the Challenge They carried their homeroom's opinions and ideas to the SCA meetings, and reported the results of the meetings. SCA homeroom representatives attended a Delegate Workshop on December 13 here at Cox. They heard lectures on time plannings, parliamentary proce- dure, and evaluations. Yearly events which took place again this past year included Fresh- men elections, Homecoming, and the United Way Fund Drive. Special events for this year were a Student- Teacher Breakfast, Get-It-Straight Week, the Christmas Door Decora- tion Contest, and the Christmas Dance. The SCA also sponsored the Student-Teacher Volleyball Game with the committee headed by juniors Jen Koss and Mike Speck- hart. The SCA this year was one ofthe most successful due to the excep- tional leadership of its officers and the dedicated work of its home- room representatives. Li ' SCA Representative Coordinator Bec Lemburg keeps attendance at meetings. OMMKoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,,,...A gl ilir new marquee proudly displays our theme for the 1986-87 year, "To The Top, Challenging ':rlection. " ll- SCA THEME J T0 THE TOP CHALLENGING PERFECTION 1 l tl 41 W ,,,g::..--........ Q i 'f ' 'iiwwvnlv' , . . if-elf' ' i iii-ff f fi . . .5225 ' H 4--f . . , J J 'K ,qu Q h ' l fi I f A J av E V 1, A . an 1 W ra ' 4, I J! . blur SCA officers, along with sponsor Ms. Hol- SCA President Wendell Cosenza sgeaks end- and, speak at a pep rally. Iessly of ways to improve our S A. SCA: Front: S. Hess, A. Talbott, M. Bell, A. Moore, J. Perry. 2nd Row: T. Jessee, L. Brownell, M. Bengson, l. Geise, R. Johnson, R. McGuiness, L. Reives, K. Foster. 3rd Flow: S. Captain, R. Chapman, H. Thompson. T. Gregory, D. Fulkerson, T. Bohlke, T. Tamayo, M. Barker. 4th Row: B. Welch, L. Haworth, K. Bivins, B. Bryant, L. Mazac , B. Neal, K. Dickson, M. Whetmore, K. Matbas, N. Taylor. K. King, R. Bagby. 5th Row: K. Jenkins, L. Neubert. A. Bentti, L. Barnes, L. Overton, A. Waite, . Brenner, C. Brannen, N. Ayat, A. Josephson, R. Kelly, C. Hayes. 6th Row: S. Eun, J. Pennington, S. MacDonald, S. Stetler, A. Terliui, R. Holik, L. Cut1ee, S. Nelson, C. Sereno, L. Goodall, G. Maraia, K. Horton, K. Fosina. 7th Row: M. Petersen, K. Haynie, S. Brethauer, C. Davis, M. Stallings, M. Myers, C. Herzke, M. Heckler, M. Lane, A. Edwards, G. Koonin, G. Kravchak, J. Oden. 8th Row' J. Moore, P. Patterson, C. Faison, R. Silva, R. Alexander. B. Tolerton, K. Vanvalkenburgh, S. Petersen, C. Cho, T. Curren, C. Monger, B. Raney, S. Clark. 9th Row: treasurer R. Walsh, second vice C. Wood, secretary M. Whelahan, vice president M. Mayette, president W. Cosenza. fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oooo CLUBS 737 .I Cox s chapter of NHS or National Honor Society is one ofthe service organizations here at Cox. The members chosen are picked based on grades as well as their in- volvement in and out of school. The officers for NHS for the 1986- 87 year were president Audrey Hernandez, vice president Jennifer Lucas. and secretary Barbara Elliott. and treasurer Karen Floullet. Members of NHS again this year offered tutoring sessions in varied subiects for students. These sessions took place alter school and aided many students with classes. NHS realized that the student body was receptive to the idea of sending messages to their special friends, Members sold Candy Grams, and carnations for Homecoming, Christmas, and R ' 'rporisor Pain Currirriings iinrl prr:-,irlenl Noll- "f 'L .1 firirwonrl Miirlarlivrri rlizriisf, tlii',iiir'ss lur ,J ' - lflfy Club HHH '.r-r,rr:l.iry lllrrill rlisplays Ilii- frlllflblll lil thi- Morrill r,lio',i:ri by NHS Service to the School Ni-is, Key Club, and SADD Valentines Day. A tradition for NHS is to sponsor the Honor Roll receptions. Our principal, Mrs. Lottie B. Waters, honored those who made straight A's, and praised all those who were fortunate enough to make honor roll. Students who attended the Honor Roll reception for the first semester were privileged to hear our superintendent of schools, Or. EE. Brickell. Key Club for the 1986-87 year here at Cox was busy. lt is asso- ciated with Kiwanis International: the two groups do service projects for our schools and our community. A yearly event for Key Club which was again a success in 1986-87 was the Miss Cox Pageant. Held on March 5, the contestants all gave stunning performances. fb ... x. ' .NV ' I 4 . ru ,. 'Qnsfouv ' .03 3. gfltifzf I! 4' 3-fr. Q lx Ea' ' . -L f - x , r . fi, , , ,,4 . .1 .7 r 91-L ', ' ' 'Hut .H-'ws ' -. . f M . I .5 . I . ce- H - - " ijt. Tyr I A.. 1 ',.,,.J!r- . - 'fr . . it . 3' .515 . ' N --S'-2'--' -4- 47 , 'v 1' J Ll- f Y it -L27 - fl VIZVI' if 14' Ag ,- I . J. f X-.2 There was a fall officers' workshop with Kiwanis members. Those who attended saw speakers such as Mr. Joseph Hoffenberger, a 4-H representative, and the Lieutenant Governor for our Key Club district. The Key Club also did volunteer work for Cultural Alliance. The members stuffed envelopes and put stickers on pamphlets: this was done at a pizza party at Key Club member Annette Terlizzi's house. New at Cox this year was a chap- ter of Students Against Driving Orunk lSADDl. Officers included Lynn Bolgiano, president: Allison Bloxsom, vice president: Raelin Storey, secretaryg and Patrick Baldwin, treasurer. SAOO began its activities for the year with a Valentine pledgegram sale, where students promised to about. Other activities for the included a newsletter distrib through English classes with er rials and statistics on alcohol driving, an assembly in March with panel of guests to answer questions from the student body, and an awareness week before prom in- cluding the showing of the m "The Last Prom." ln additi SADD did volunteer work for ginians Opposing Drunk Driv sponsored senfice announcemi on local radio stations for holidays, and held biweekly m ings, some with guest speak and an occasional fun-filled pizza party for members. drive sober for the person they ca . . . i 'ff E , . I ,L-' si'- rv- 1 x . - A - '51 .-,-Q' Q' , I 'n ,WUCMB'ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . .51 X A' 4, N ' tjvfl' Y Ji nf I X L- Q ,X -gn Hmm 5 4 i' r officers discuss new business with Key Club float assenger Greg Super was onsor Mrs. Vesta Cruser. Benjamin Frank in for Homecoming. ,- it -Abe-I i i X. . .ll I , 6 I 5 Rx rt. if , slim Key Club member Lynn Bolgiano enjoyed helping at the Neptune Festival. E ,ix Q , 'K x NHS Front T Krrn, K Broocke, K Wilcox, B Oqlesby, K Haynie, B Elliot1,J Lucas,A Hernandez 7rri1lii.f. 0den,C Gaylor, M Whelahan,S Ashlon,J Dittrrck,M Dobson, K Malloy,N Macfactrernj, Srclroeriuaclr 'aio Row J Dustin, G Compo, S March, S McClellan. S Hess. IJ Brown, C Wood, K Nelson Fi: FW x-:-evfrwvrrv-'vw 1 w- SADD: Front: L. Bolgiano, A. Bloxsom. R. Storey, P. Baldwin, R. Rieve, V. White, A. Terlini, C. Wargo, S. Miles, K Broyles, K. Wilcox, .Holik. 2nd Row: C. Conover, A. Donaldson. H. Johnson. A. Whiteman, T. Kim, C. Brassil, M Bengson, J. Marits, S. Dunphey, J. Hutchens, J. Rickard. 3rd Row: P. Dobson, S. Summerlin, A. Londeree, N Ayat, V. Bommer, J. Cormier, . Vrooman, C. Monger, S. Slaven. A. Wade. 4th Row: J. Taylor, J. Murphy, J Drttrick, M. Dobson, C. Morrissey, M. Turner, S. Ashton, M. Whelahan, M. Bell, L. McKenzie, J. Usre .5th ow: A Bentti, S. McCausland, J. Heinrich, M. Valerio, J. Grooters, A. Davis, S. March, K. Brown, Abbate, K Economidis. 6th Row: L. Crutchfield, S. Carroll, S. Pierce, G. Compo, K. Barton. Key Club: Front: N. MacEachern, A. Bentti, C. Edwards, G. Sugar, A. Dozier, K. Troedson, N. Sale, T Garrett, L Thompson, B. Neal, B. Elliott, J. Zook. 2nd Row: K. Wilcox, . Conover, A. Terlizzi, K. Zenarolla. S Slaven. D Schlosser, K. Haselman, J. Powell, K. Harnie, C. Brassil, M. Bell, A. Waite. 3rd Row: K. Colehamer. S Walton. J Usrey,A.Wade,L.Warren,H.Mach,J. cCreadK,J.Murphy,K.Pellerin,K.Johnson,C Morrissey J Epstern,H Oden.4thRow:S.Ashton,L.BoIl?1iano,M.Whela an,S. Snyder,S.Hunter, K. Sgencer,C Kawecki.S Kawecki,H MacEachem, J. Russell, A. Sm' wick, C. Clark. 5th Row: M. Trout, S. Clark, MacDonald. K Ellis. L Drye. L Crutchfield, M. Newton,C. Ganlor, S. Gish, K. Nelson,S. Hess. 6th Row:L. Neubert W Dasner, L McKenzre.K Rohdenburg, T. Vrooman, L. ough. K. Mewborn, Y. Jones, T. Cormier, K. McDonough 7th Row R Furrna. C McCallum, S. Pavey, C. Abbate, . Hobart, K. Economidis, G. Compo. G Keeler noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo CLUES 737 ff ai! Cut Y-Yes Qglt BeI0'e Y Right up there in importance among spring events is the arrival of the yearbook. Its distribution is as eagerly anticipated as the Prom or the Ring Dance. and to some, second only to Graduation In late May, books are swapped for the traditional signings, and each reader savors the two-hundred-odd pages of mem- ones. It seems. however. that the majority of readers are in the dark as to just how it is that the books make their debut. What exactly went on every Tuesday and Thursday alter- noon behind the somber black door of Room 1607 Just who was Mrs, Beckner, and why wasnt she accepting any excuses? What was in those ungainly beige trays that Susan McClellan lugged around with her? And what did Saray Hess do with "croppers" and "pi- cas?" You have the answer before you. Co-editors Hess and McClellan, with able help from assistants Sarah Ashton, Carolyn Clark and Nancy Moore, worked with the staff from mid-July through May on the cre- ation, design and editing ofthe book. Indi- vidual section editors drew layouts, wrote copy and found photographs to complete each of the spreads, sometimes working as late as nine or ten o'clock, or coming in on teacher workdays to complete their work. Yearbook staff was more than a publica- tion: it was a chance to work together, to share ideas, agonies and laughs. It was an annual affair! FRONT M Roetkerg2nd Row:C, Yellrs, K Van Valkenburgh, S BuIIen,J Doe, 3rd Rowi Ji Hull, S. Lehman, K. Shorter, J McCready. J Doe, L Mazachg 4th Rowz P Bledsoe, C. Crowley, A Filer, J, Cooper, L, Neubert, K Mewborn, K. Crowder IIIIINI P llaldwrri, K Robertson K llroyles, .I M.iyy 2nd llow tl Aktmrii K tlollirirner, Il Ilrtiivrorrrrno, K llohden- hrrro IJ Myers S Aslilorr I Inslierko, N Moore B llursrg. f Photograplry editor Matt Jackson dons his apron while separating pictures Sponsor Mis Margaret Beckncr reviews the copy lor one ol the sections ml',lC7LUES GOOOOOGOOOOOCDOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Y morris: tony i l "'5'.L,g-3.-. V, - W . if l ll E? 2 , V, I U, r V ' , f ' an c, W ., v- ' -1 ,'-w-uv-asv" - f V g Editor Susan McClellan writes captions tor pictures, Chief editors Susan McClellan and Sarah Hess review ad sales Assistant editors Carolyn Clark and Nancy Moore get comfort- and the chosen yearbook theme, able during a late-night deadllne moooooooooooooooooooooooo00000000OM5CMM Al O QL -Q "l Semorwrestler Davao Schull ehforcesa oalhful DOSIIIOH on hrsoppohentasthe referee ln perfect form, Natalre Taylor hurdles forward agatnst a Prrncess Anne rrval keeps watch The football team practrces at the scrlmmage lrne for a tough season, Q A xg Qs QQ, N986 Q X 25 so 'b 'Ea C+ 60 B QQ eo XX N ,ge +29 ' 58' f.Q,, 1 CMWWK Ono 00000000 ,r . ' 0 0 0 .Mft 11.31-.fw' - r 2 1-,.-1:-mf.-azz' '1:.fl'r-.,... Sltlrliwlilngl Wlhiillte lIlrrilDlUXrlitont-edl From early August To the end of lVlay, tre Q h courts and playir fields resounded wif the olash of helmet agairst helmet, trethtd ot ba ls as they bo.rnoed, vvhisiles shriekirg tre begirning and end of a practoe or a tou te locker rooms tal hat unmistakable aro'na of sweat, soap, and Atomic Balr'g and they 'ang with laughter, pre- game oheers, game ex- J tation, eoroed the metallic ring ofthe ast ooker closed or The giiet acceptaaoe ot a oss. The soLnds, The snells and ot course, tte images c'eated by athletes as they ran, tackled, pinned or vaulted their way to the top left a lasting impression on us as we watched them Striving While ln- COXitated. .T Sit wenng over the la ers, Dwight Dunbar shoots for two phomore Jason gieild is ready to assist. oooooooooooo SPORTSQ143 rin a ? Hardly! to the and . lid by nd Renee igh through the team kept The girls al To local QU3, 99" ctomes 015106 More 'ments were losses to cross- the girls to do was is powerhouse Green Run which to play their hardest the QMS' Dial' in H Kev Dis- certainly met that match against Bayside. The by Bayside ended the Lady Caddy wood ' quest for Regional and destined for ompetition but according to Renee Mevefs "All l wanted 'jf V1 ,fl ' V K l 5 i in I I W v l l W Q l X 'F ix fu OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'i9."3SPORTS"ooooooooo OOO4 ' Celt .U ,I Y. K . 'f A ' i x '45 3 4' f .. I .Wh . 4- G K Awaiting their turn at bat are Renee Meyers. Cathy Slough, Candie Marshall, Kelly Wil- son, Geraldine Maraia, Susan Wood, and Cassie Dehm. 091100 , 8 Lake yqolonldl M0 .aylof lf7dig,SVge Nu, ,gay-Sfde ,Ver f A romana 'me S Kelfa,,f0'0nfa1 Green fggsfdegun pri IUSVIIIQ Fffsy?-BSS Anne Kellam 0'0fNLaf BGree,, Run aysfde 'Q l i X V! f 1 ...G An easy out as Geraldine Maraia snags a pop- fly, FRONT: Heather Davis, Kristy Ritter, Shelia Higgins, Cassie Dehm, Kathy Fosina, Renee Meyers. 2ND: Elizabeth Fosina, Susan Wood, Heather McFiIlin, Kathy Slough, Leah Kelly. BACK: Coach Art Koeppen, Candle Marshall, Kristen Horton, Woody Ballew, Caddy Wood, Anne Waite, Geraldine Maraia, Svor 79- 7: 75-5 25-2 9-0 6-0 59-5 19-5 70-7 ooooobioooooooooooooo SPOl2TSG1flS ' ri J' .'w?'4, i U' ' A C V -is . w v ' 4' f .sl Q, . - ea s on. the D1a,mond L.-,a - . 'W . Fast Ptbefgies-Q, ,QTSfl,QVV'.'.SS3,SO'I1' T . f . stood stilldas the gatter for -- ., ,me ,f .2 .. - acons steppe u ' N, -n -,yy 5 .. 3 Tension mounted whime Q """"""' J' ""m"""Q -' 1 ff:-xl: ,' A 1 crowd watched the COITIG 'upto' 1 " " contact with thebalt.,A V ' rf-gg, ,iff Q- -- ..t.- .f,,,., 7 ' ' r .si-isM"mtta,-it-, at T -1 - e . . ' -its-.-is-f . . , . happy rear ron thafa- i r 1 T. ' "V " - T- ' been captured. This set the pace for the remaining matches. Coach Tom Fisher stated, "although a 10-8 season is a good season, the team still didnt win it all. However," he continued, "the Cox baseball team did improve through- out the season and dominated over other area teams in the Indian River Tournament. The team really banded together to win." Several scholarships were awarded to last season's team members, including Tim Fenn, who received a scholarship to VPI for his pitching. Tommy Boothe was granted a scholarship to VCU as a first base- man, and Matt Swingle and Reggie Moore, who are presently scholar- ship players at their respective colleges. When asked who the team's main rival was, Coach Fisher promptly re- plied, "All of the district teams are rivals because when you play, you play to win." 1 ' . rrygir' I1 "" ' .. . --'E 1, ,Eng ,Q A.x,.,AM,A .FVQ T- it 1 Cf' Ili ,lf if H 'E ei "za te 'ff-SPE 'ft , ' V,'fLl't.?i'ir" , I" ,I -,4 V V Q' gf -N ,,,.. Front Row: Scott Chambers, Tim Fenn, Pete Howard, Paul 0'Neil, John Jansen, Mark Barker, Keith Hinson, Jerry Barker, Matt Swingle, Rob Bagby. Bac Row: Coach ' Lt lbitMsrllla,JitJli. 4 .aff 'CDSPORTS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 'f'-lfzfnf Ft: "af -as .c,.wUQ+-uf, w ,i-av, V641-fu-,lb-g.." i -fg:Q:sf'w.3-41-'-Qtek: A- ,uf-.. . , , .,..,,+ ' , . i., ..,Q- 'wif A 5' hair 'Ui ' f - 8 44 0pP0Ilg r 931' Brid or ,Wan Rivge Sfvre WCGSS A 9-0 PFINCQSS A nfle 3,7 mayor 'me 7 3-0 S C ' 2-7 During a lull in the action, Mr. Bruce Stewart Kellam Olomaf 7-2 and Coach Fisher discuss the game. Eaysjde 5-5 . K , em . 9- 5 Diving for first base, Pete Howard escapes a Lake pgvlfle 5,757 pick-off. Green Riff 6-0 Prin Firsfcggf Aflfle gfeiiam Uma! 72.6 F9817 llgaysfdemm 6- 10 empsville 8-6 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPORTSO147 Goal Blush! Boys Sooeer Team Kiolie Up ice Heels lt was like California in '49, the boys soccer team was out digging for the goals they needed to win. Paul Doyle was the leading scorer with five. With such outstanding players as Co-Captain Geoff Cam- bell, Ron Copeland, and, junior, Will Dasher the team placed fourth in the district, and had a third place finish at the end of the season tournament. Mr. Jim Snodgrass said about the eleven seniors on the team, "We're Fighting for control, Graham Evans challenges a Green Run opponent 1- going to miss many of the players who graduated last year." Especial- ly notable were Geoff Cambell, who played in the first all-conference team and Will Dasher who played in the second all-conference team. Said Will Dasher, to sum up the sea- son, "We had an awful lot of talent, but we had some bad luck and some iniuries to key players that really held us back." In hot pursuit of the ball, Will Dasher and Davey Johnson attempt to gain possession. 3. J, L B. 'x li. 'WU' 4 S I l S lr J dit: 22633 be t' 'T' W xif s an ,B 0 - m af XD - f , . Q J - ,Ya J af.. ,Mfg ' ' P O 'QOQWNSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo O 31 fin 0 i 7 - lv P' 1 l i I 1 4 A V Racing for the ball are Will Dasher and Don ' -ull? 13 1 I Spencer. ' 5' JGQQ 11 I 'mweme l . W 'q' "" 'I v li 5 Q U I I n 1 ' b "" I n 1 1 , ef Un Q U' I' Vqfagglnent Gfgffgz Branch G seo figsjde age re Kef1aff,SV'fle If-1 1356583 Anne 2-fp Green gflonral 0 3 faaysfde " 4, Kellam Anne 5 Frrgf CO! 7 Green Rufzfifal 2 OQJ titing the pass is Sean Moore as Green Run Fighting tor position, Ron Copeland moves 'ers close in. to steal the ball from a Green Run player. l ljoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 51902750747 Matching Point for Point Boys Tennis Serves up LOVELV Vlclgociee The ace came on April 15 when the Falcon netters defeated their arch rival the First Colonial Patriots 5 - 4 to claim an undisputed first place in the Beach District race. The team, led by Beach District singles champion Peter Brinkman, had a perfect 6 - 0 record and appeared to be on their way to a third straight District crown. Then came the bad bounce. Traveling to Kellam, the Falcons lost a close 5 - 4 match on May 6, which placed them in a four-way tie for first place and an eventual playoff to determine the District champion. Cox met Kellam in the first round of the playoff Displaying a winning backhand is Jimmy Youngburg Izfq' - , on: if 'img 'o.CQ',W?e:O:l' 'IR 11 ' ot'-'flfi U., 5 09. l. Im "iv.0.9x't6e3 l 5..- -iii-1 "" 'USPOETS ooooo 'i and again was defeated 5-4, thus temporarily ending the Falcons reign at the top of the Beach Dis- trict. Jimmy Youngberg, a four-year starter and Brant Pryor, a transfer from Northern Virginia, were the only seniors to graduate from the 1986 tennis team, leavin rising seniors Peter Brinkman, iilichael Davis and Wayne Barrineau to con- tinue the Falcon tennis legacy. Following through, Wayne Barrineau makes the shot. FBDNT, Jamie Kress. Jimmy Youngburg. Kevin Brook BACK. es 4 Coach Leon Hoots, Peter Brinkman, Brant Pryor, Danny Fitz- patrick, Michael Davis 0,9 -,3- E li! I it .U 4 la! l at 141 - i' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCN l W-1,3-ff, , , , ry A 1 , , , .."-,W .. ' Y' ' i f , - ig ' . ,e D ,. . 4 1 V , a- N -H 5 -- ' . ,M 1 .4 ,Q , ' Y H. .,.. ,U J gffgf Y ,-,A ' ,. V4 . f 0'P"43f.A's I . -"57!'Bf3i7E1 -"" "4 " f ' 1 .- -0594 1' , 'EN- W' -A., Accepting their first place prize for winning While Brant Pryer makes the shot, Wayne the Va. Beach Invitational Tennis Tourna- Barrineau waits readily for the return ment are Jimmy Youngburg and Brant Pryor along with coach Leon Hoots. 'lf' ,f-0' 5 pslffflg Side Gr S An Sc fp FKelZ9i?i R017 ne we lfgf CO! h fglempsvjlgilal prjyslde Petncess An N Brgbur Ne Grgrfolk 4020 6' lfgf . K6'll3,7?0!0f7laf 1-f, ww-mf Q, .V 7, ' gtg. ,- ,L fy-Qpifx' TAQf',?' ' oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 51902750757 Making Strides Qutcioor Track Stretches to Win lt was a cold, early, spring after- noon. and the first practice of the outdoor season. Long unused mus- cles groaned from the hard practice they had to endure. These runners, sprinters, and jumpers had a long way to go to get in shape for the first meet. Distinguishing the girls team un- der Coaches Glenn Barr and Melody Haynes, were freshman Jacqui Kelly, junior Michelle Myers, junior Natalie Taylor, and seniors Jackie Stanfield and Liz Jones. Said Coach Haynes, 'We had outstanding per- formances from the few above, but we lacked depth." Under coaches Vince Marshall Charging to the finish line is Mark Bowen and Al Habit, the boys track team was led by returning senior Wayne McNeal, a sprinter and a long- jumper. Also, outstanding on the team were two underclassman, freshman John Mckinney, sprinter and long-jumper, and sophomore Kit Ehrgood, a distance runner. Mike Hopper had to say about the team "I enjoy the team aspect of track. lt's fun working with good friends for a common goal." Whether it was during the hard practice or the grueling competi- tion, the Outdoor Track Team did their best in their stride for excel- lence. Practicing the pole vault is Aaron Auger, Practicing the baton pass are John Mckinney and Mike Hopper. 1- JWSDORTSOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,Br "'- 'ff"' ' ' ' mini. .54 'X N X, 1 .fs,x.f.,g,s.4..,w.'N... E A 4. X f4,A,4jw.?1,R S 'Sf' wx, K, 'mx A. x. xi gf-I X n 1 M ' ' I K xx 'K 39' is NVX 'K' , , Q .ww 'JN Jogging laps to build up endurance are Jeff Scoflield and Erik Townsend. Track members Jacqui Kelly and Margaret Hurt take one more lap before ending prac- oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 51302750153 A 6 Dribbling downfield, .Erin Walsh is headed wards a scoring position. "Hb ,,. , ' . Q' u f ,,,,,- 5- My ff -I Star-Crossed Soooer Lady Faloorte Fell Short of Their Goals Starting oft the season with a smashing victory over Bayside, it seemed as it the Girls Soccer team would have one of those stunning seasons so typical of girls sports at Cox. But a winning season was not in the forecast for the Girls Soccer team as they saw winning hopes dashed by the close ot the season. Returning for the Falcons were co-captains Kristen Epperly and Erin Walsh, both ol whom were selected for the Beach District First Team, along with teammate Liz Jones. Junior Becky Haselman was selected as a member ofthe Beach District Second team despite good. solid play by Walsh, Epperly and Jones' competitive drive, the Falcons tell short their earlier promise of placing higher in Beach District competition. The team was plagued numerous injuries and in turmoil. Stated Coach T Sawyer, "We started the se strong, but had difficulty due to juries and lack of unity." TUVDSPORTS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo il viii?- i Junior Jenny Connor puts 'i littlf- hotly En C' l' W' W . t , ,0- ,aplaiii frlri V. -y li,i',',rgIrri:1ri ,,,..f lish oll her lass ocke lor lielil pouiiii I Y X -'iz - , 1 - - ay.: 5024! 10.04 ' 0-0 " - r tvs we 1 f 'u'- f 'viva ' Lf! 9. A L is'-fd 7 " -'- 'As-H 5 135739 1' i x 'G S'8 5"s - 'v'-' .. V p Q gm . '3l9kQP4Q' " '-' - , 5919. f ,A Q Q. A .Q EBYHF T135 .1 . z '-4'a'b R5 041 ' W' v .. .,, .V V 3-533310, 'gg Q 'ups . i . ' 9,53 , 12539 I .' .'.' ' i . Q154 '- vc ' ' Q,9,1L.jQ.9 " ' 0 N 1, v' v - ' ' 1 2 J' -. .-ilk Fl: na., ' S V Q 'Yi' , I? ff, ' V 4 ,QQ Q nut v ll' ' A A ' A "'. ' . -- is .-'Is A' ' - I ,h ' . -A .. ,I , . , Y ' . I -H ' S ' u ., ff , 'VR - .V 4"" .I . A w-fwfffddfd' - "'-P-K ',a": 4- -F - ' X Y gi - I ' . V s Y , ills- 'gy- X Z' . N .nf hr- I .- 'ffsfl-."-:f'i7" . - vi 'sf' " -fn N, In , 1,944 1',,-ing? .iss K i Q --B-c.A --,, 'IE' l ...... 4-1+-Q . i' fm-Q , ' "Tp-i-f '1 -.5 -.ZS papa-f ..4'A 4 - , as .tux v Q -411 ff' if'- ' ' if" 7 I l'l ERB' 1 . ,W , 4 is--ef' ,' -' X int Row: Sherri Sike, Lori Grubb B s, ecky Miles, Coach Terri Sawyer. Back Flow. selman, Tracy Johnson, Carol Vest. Shannon Collinson, Shauna Snyder, Heidi :ond Row: Jan Marriott, Liz Riner, Liz Fountain, Susan Ellsworth, Anen Vinh. ies, Kristen Epperly, Jenny Connor, Sherri OOOOOOOO Alb 011 ,Z-Hygg, Pffliijlflfe Afqrsi Coiwjfine Keggandafe Gr m 2 2 Ba een ,gun Kefgslde. 0 2 Nodofglsglislle 07 FMQCESS Acgfgfmy 5. 7 ireiia,,f0'0fiiai 0-1 7 Run 3- 2 oooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOETSCYISS A A Geen Run Player rs felled by the Falcon defense Front John Dustrn, Mark Petersen Second Kery Jordan, Art Souure, Cedrlc Gray, Tom Stables Jett Stanlreld, Mlke Davldson, Chns Fountarn, Pat Doe, Corey Vann Thurd Trevor Whrte, Wrnston McLeod, Dan Wall, Donald Sell Ronnre Shank, Rlchard Jarrett, Kns Prer- son John Mclirnney Fourth Mrke Shepherd, Dennls Drllard, Scott Edelman, Jason Cowell, Shawn Meyers, Fred O'ConneII, Kurt Dornanslrr, Krrs Edelman, Tam Wrlson Frfth Jeanne Leverett HarnylVlcBnen, BllISaDourrn. Jererny Kessrnqer, Errc Duoaul, Greg Yellrs, Kleth Hanson, Davrd Brazrer, Jason Mclienzre Back Ryan Wood. Jarnle Moore, Matt Ehrenzeller Chrrs Garner, Larry Kung, Toby Lucy, Alvln Novoa, Donald Carddrne, Rob Shuoe , - W ? , 1- . J F ff 'lf 'X I-,,. ,qv . xv S- 0 ' .141 4" -Q. I O , w y s V 1 M . . . ,L 9 r' Q55 4 if' w ME ly., .W ka' - . 'ww , o -9 Q in T -1 V 41 L it Fl' "W'fv-11i""""""' ""' Turin-1 " TJ"-1',i ' TJ "' IA' I.. --?v-111 I5 P J fl!H?Ml ff? -y , ,!lHQIAl'3lUl'W' r "L-J'--L.-I. l :fad 21-1---uf. .,....., -. .Anza P".--,e.+1f7'.f12' -x M... A-.Q -.. 2 ? , J T I 1 ' 5 -V I A 'I ' N 5 I -- , 49.11. .. .f My Lip! J -A. id. "' SNYKOOOOOQOOOQOOOOOOQQooooooooooooooow me , mf " Nu! ' wef- .4 ' 4' 3' Y 'Ak' J' f'ge,,f f we me fi, rr . C 'J' Mao OO ard Hits on the Gridit l'fl,lf1'lIlf1 ,'Zrrrrfrrr,r 1 : August saw the team swettrnr it ,c ,c J fy way through grueling practices which carried into swealterrng September afternoons. The team, under veteran coach Al Habit, saw its hard work and hopes fade as the Falcons fell prey to stronger, more experienced teams, Ouarterback Keith Hinson kept optimistic fans hopeful as he threw for 1,011 yards and five touch- downs. Wide receiver Chris Fountain was another bright spot as he caught twenty-two passes for Giving a signal to his players, Coach Habit concentrates on the game Pushing themselves to the limit, two teammates battle it out during a grueling practice. M3001 LGf9Qf, RUN lOl' Kem 0.700131 li' DS 'ffffe ellgm B00lrer p 117050 UZ? W3Shfj7gf0n r . ri , firliili if ri three tnuchdownf, and Qffl yarrfz Sophorrrore .lohn Mr,Krnney had nineteen catcher, for QQ! yarrtn and averaged live yarrlf, per carry lrnrn the backflelrl for a total of live llurr dred and twenty yarrif, ltrfrliripz 'rr highlight of an otherwise rirx appointing season was the Falcons defeat of Eastern Districts Maury High School, The victory boosted the Falcons' sagging morale and kept their hopes alive for that next elusive victory. Sf-'org 74,24 79-30 6 0 0, 0 23 73,37 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOETSCMS7 inexperienced, but proud! With only two returning starters the Field Hockey team's prospects were dim, picked to finish only fourth or fifth in the District. The seniors. though, were used to winning and overcame their teammates' inex- perience to capture second place in the Beach District. Kathy Fosina, Geraldine Maraia and Cathy Sereno were elected as the Tri-Captains. They each offered sound leadership both in philo- sophy and by example. They were supported by seniors Laura Ed- wards and Kathy Slough in their commitment to excellence. Kathy Fosina had a banner year. Having been selected for the Junior Olympic South Team, she proceeded to win the Gold medal. Other hon- ors included Most Valuable Player for the second consecutive year, and she was also recognized as the High School Female Athlete of the Year by the Virginia Beach Sports Club. To top off her good year, Kathy was the most highly recruited field hockey player in Virginia Beach history. Kathy Sereno, most outstanding backfield player, and Geraldine Maraia, outstanding forward, along with Fosina, were selected to play on a Select High School Team representing the Beach District at the National Hockey Festival and finished second in the nation. Supporting the seniors were the un- derclassman starters Sherri Miles, Amy Craig, and transfer Simone Augsburger. But without Coach Nancy Fowlkes the inexperienced team would never have gotten as far as they did. Said Kathy Fosina, "l believe our success was due to the outstanding coaching by Miss Fowlkes." The Lady Falcons record on the field was proof positive of that. X . iii' ll rszizsimfaz: un anna: . 'll awww me nn "UNI lil'llainq:::g::'-I llllllhllltlllllg llflfnfllll g... Ill . nun naiiumfi 3' galil! ll Inu nina" """"' 'n' Nfl llflflll a ouiu an-iq UNI llltll urn 1,9900 annum lll9llllll'llolll9 XIII llllll llullf Ill HHN llnu: Ill IIHH Ninn ll in nuniuiu :pecan uiuinnu .gi 'Nil mlm' ' "Q" llhuinzll i :'l.Rlllllill mn Y ' ll lllllill :mu llc n n ' " I I in ur ll Lg nu an :Jug . ll Gvertime Strokes Field Hockey te Committed to Goesle Frontg Laura Edwards. Cathey Sereno, Connor, Sherri Miles, Simone Augsburger Captain Kathy Fosina, Captain,Geraldine Amy Craig, Back Rowg Laura Oates, Cindy Maraia, Captain Kathy Slough. Middle Row: Bang, Monique Dpekter, Tonya Brothers, Monica Stewart, Kristen Horton, Jenny 'P L':'.',?-'iM. . .. :45:f..,.f4'f-7' -. ,fn , I - . ,ng ,.', 5 .2'.A .,. ,, , '-FH - .1 fe, - - 4' ,. .- . Ndawe ' , ' ' g. ' Another save for Goalie Kathy Fosina WFDSPOETS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo -J- fa , K, ew' 4 Q" f. 'av9':7,:-V il-, y, ,"',.,4" Na, ' F 4 ,Q if fl , A 1 X, Ei.. 'Pay xv .ga , t J ru.. 121,159 ':c4f,4,5,: 1 N vw. ,Q f .,,. . ,, ' , 1 ff fr r- 1 ,,- 'ff' n ' , m.t'- .-,. -fi-mmf HEL' ',, , mf ""'f' ,. ".-we ."""'i" I 'S 'X , X , . 11 9- 'V WJ:-:'f A ' uv ,Z 2' nie. "::n,s-'HIT 'gglf' af' ,.. , X . H- , I? - . - V, ' ' ,.,..A,,g:ivqZ .- ,.,,,', li W. , I if f,,v.w:' MLA f. X A 1 N ,aff Y-wtf, a - Q Q l .V 1 . . f.- '- , .-'. e 5 ,,', - ' r, X ff-?'lf'.:"f' "W-' 'Q if ' -' -f -4: ' W '1-'li' a f .. 5 ' ' 'A lx ' If y 1 ar "' 1, r -vo ' .v -. . Ak ' u A ku r 5 A ,L wr Jw- W 4 ,Q Q1- -1 ' 'Q ' N Junior Monica Stewart makesapass as she Goalie Kathy Foslna looks on as Geraldlne moves towards the goal. Moria takes an overtlme shot Firgf nf Kefla,,f0f0fffaf Ba . RUN C0 lfgf CO! Nile looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0 51902750157 u' M Running to Victory Early Bird Gets the Win Thumpl Thumpl The ground shook as fifteen cross-country run- ners practiced in the early morning darkness. In a radical new twist to Cross-Country training, Coach Greg Killough had the team on the track by six o'clock AM. for an early morning practice. The potent com- bination of early morning and after- noon practices took the team on to the regionals for a fifth place show- ing -- one place from State compe- tition. Led by Captain Jeff Scofield, Eric Townsend, and Alan Norman, the boys team competed in both the Dis- trict and Regional levels. "With such a young team, - only one se- nior, two juniors, and the rest sophomores and freshmen in the top seven -the competition felt we didn't have a chance but we made a good showing," said Jeff May. To top off a good season Jeff Scolfield went on to the State competition at UVA. Despite injuries to both its co- captains, the girls Cross-Country team finished third in the District and eighth in the Region. Leading the team, Jacqui Kelly who returned from a severe ankle injury forcing her to miss two-thirds of the sea- son, represented the team at the ... .o . '- 'f .'..,-f .r,.1 . . . N , J-I .. 1-' ' : .v -... -- , p ' . "w,-'.... ,. a .. W s .- FRONT1 Susan Slaven, Anne Norman, Helen Snyder, Shauna Snyder, Heather Miller, Jacqui Kelly, Chrasty Jordan, Megan Mitchell, Heidi Fountain, Angie Huges. MIDDLE Shawn McCausland, Craig Matthews, Eric Townsend, Jeff Scolfield, Mike Speckheart, Rajar Kharbanda, Brian Hamm LAST Coach Pat Sanary, Coach Greg Killough, John Allen, Bret Baylor. James Rogers, Jeff May, Sean McCormick. Alan Norman, Scott Seltzer NOT PIC- TUHED Kevin Nelson, Anna Gherershicer, Eric Gotte, Terry Eby, Doug-Reichirt. Coach Greg Killough leads the team in a practice State competition - for the second time. The other Co-Captain Heather Miller was also plagued by an ankle injury during the later part of the season. As summed up by Jacqui Kelly, "We worked hard to achieve our goals." Facing injuries and the dim prospects of a very young team, both the girls and boys Cross- Country teams showed true Falcon spirit in their run for victory! Running ahead of the Bayside team, Kevin Kratzer moves toward victory. . .n.41"'v .ms -5.152 a - 1'- Inf i JOOSPORTS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FYA p C, 'ln-no-4 vf'.1f9'4 Running toghether during a meet are Jeff Leading three of the Bayside team members May and Jo n Allen. Captain Jett Scottield increases his speeds opponent b ,Cir Oy-S sr C010 . faaysfde UH Care fn . Pffhcpswffe 99-27 Kel ess An 4 1 fam V78 4 ' 77 Firsglrls 4 77 .77 7 Gfeencgloniaf !i7ySl'de UH 77-43 Pm7gigS Vlylg 45- 75 Keffam SS Aflne - 45. 45. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo51302750761 ,Nj Smashing Victory! , gg Aoetrtg the Competition ln his first year as tennis coach, Mr, Glen LaFerriere found himself with a courtfull of talent and a wealth of drive to win. The Lady Falcon netters had a stunning season as they stroked their way past local competition, losing only to Beach District Champions, First Colonial, who boasted the top two players in the state. ln many respects this past season was one for rebuilding as four out- of-sync starters graduated. Co- Captains Caddy Wood and Mandy Heading for her match, Caddy Wood con- templates her strategy for victory Davis led the team to impressive matches, including a defeat of Eastern District Champions, Maury High School. 'The girls worked very hard to be ready for the season and continued to work until the end," stated Coach LaFerriere. HThe team improved as a whole throughout the year." Although the two losses to First colonial were disappointments, the Lady Falcons drew on drive and de- termination to carry them to a very solid season record. Freshman Lyssa Orchid changes service courts ,...-"1 ,QZUSPORTS ooooooooooooo Q 7 , ,,g4!'l'fAQRu'A.f- M.-.-A.- l L, 9 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOO 4 'EE 1 l sire 'ef figs ef. f i '- 'c 37' KJQQ., ,fi-, .,-.1f',f2r"....g - 'JM , .M y . , Q, , Qi amfv - -L+-gf-1'li-g':.' -'He :-J'-'-' 1' rowing mixed reactions to pairings, Kelly Ancaid, Rachael Schmidt and Jernon ratositch psych themselves for their atches. A. XXX X X xx C jf ,NN Showing good shot anticipation, Jennifer Darden moves into place for a backhand return. .3321-f-I--'92fr'4+fls31i '- " L' 5ll'.r-'Niki' 1. . . 3 3- it h 1 " mfr, -:M-'9 fr- .-- 3-GF ..K+,?,.A -,gg ,--Wfggg? A -ld N., , .v .v -7 -.,h' u, . Nl, .f,e'I.zx. ,-ffzil, 3. , ,....,-. ar, . A Q13-lEL.TA,f. 1.1. xg--rw .Q ?,' 'TE' Q 1 A ,, A-f 'A rn, ' v 1 ' Y' S ' ' h. 'I WZ' xr " -Q, "E'.g?vGjg,,1.,,, 'Y I if ' ,lg-4 " .55-""' . ,X 'vs,'- 4,3 ..Z,.Z.W', .-' 'hAl.s- fl -N., y "RA-mmL'2:.AwA 1 .:' . '- - r ' 1 Af- Front: Captains Caddy Wood and Mandy Davis. Back: Jennifer Koss, Suzi Kawecki, Colleen Byrne, Jennifer Darden, Holly Shupe, Lyssa Orchid, Rachael Schmidt, Laura Warren, Angela Wade, Coach Glen LaFerrierer lnot picturedl - Kelly Kincaid. Upp Keifaxen' irlficegs An G,i,'grfgffie N8 Maufycoloflfaf Igfellam Hfgf C Un' BHysfae0!0"'af Sl-'org lloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOETSO163 f'-Q-wa'-2.1 Par Excellence -. Petleerie on the Links N Led by the strong play of Warnie Conley. the Falcon golf team had a respectable season and placed third in the District. This play enabled them to qualify for regional play where two of the golfers, Warnie Conley and his teammate Brandon Boyd represented the team. The Fall season saw Coach Tom Smith and his team practicing at Broad Bay Point Greens Country Club regularly, This new course offered ample opportunity to the Falrnns fnr imnrnvernent of their 1 'st Y game. Most matches were played at Bed Wing Golf Course or Sleepy Hole Golf Course. Coach Tom Smith reflected on his team stating "The whole team was not really strong enough for State Competition We had some good seniors whom we'Il miss next year." FRONT Tommy Gregoix, Jeff Shultz. Mike Penny, Sean Snyder, B CK1 Brandon Boyd. Wes David, Matt Beech, Danny Murphy, NOT PICTUBEDT Warnie Conley, Seth Sweetser Q0 I ff A good round is rrzlgixing lor cn r3.ipl.iui-, fllll?f.kIW the hreukol lheqreen lor his next l nin fi rnr ind Wi Uiyrl pull irriif fl! yir-ly. fs.: ', . :Conley WTMNWKoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5-a,. Qvlx wwf rr- If vw I s .-1,,,,,,- "' 1' a 1 'l"'l!4s'.r mm. 'W i, 4 : wi 3 , 4 L N Pin-nacle - 1 , , V , luslll' lm VlfI'i15LlftF5 t'liwzei,t:lit llllttf ljsfatilfi if 4 Ji Y lf 1 f The sweet smell of success was in the air as hundreds of spectators crammed into the stuffy gym. With the first notes of 'Bad to the Bone" began to play the crowd roared with excitement as the unbeaten wres- tlers, hot on a winning streak, took the floor, Silence fell over the crowd and the match was ready to begin. Coach Gary Hartranaft gave a few last minute pieces of advice while administering a few last minute chiropractic adjustments. Hartra- naft sat casually back in his seat eagerly awaiting the match. The whistle blew. One after the other, the unstoppable wrestlers took their opponents down. One, two, three and they triumphed, pin- ning and showing no mercy. The packed gym was now clammy with the stench of perspira- tion throughout it. The once loud and rowdy fans were now hoarse and more subdued, but they con- tinued to show their support. Holding up their reputation the mighty wrestlers continued their winning streak by once again upset- ting their opponent. nw i N-N A 'fx I- -Of-" LookingonwithfrustrationCoachfiairyHartra naiult and floach Billy Guttirrrnuth givi: their ailtizriliori to si rrialch , 0 L . " ! ,, - I . 43-'C f l ki-viii llli-. Hill ll.iIi- ',li.iiivki'iil t,r.iigt.iililtwit1 l lvlkllll Ylllillkl lli ll' ll I' l IVY Ulf UI l' . .INUH UUY Vlllll lt l y i lliiliy Wliili- Miki' fifii-ph.iril Tiviiiiiif Huw y 4. i-girly liiii ,'iii.i-. lJ.iviif Siliiill Phillip.liiliriatiiii l t-rin-t ii-fl 'it.liifii-lil M.llhflllll1llt'l liii' Yi-Ili-. , ni . , H .t 1, R . txkxgxftn LUX f vm " 1 ' Q - -. LJ y ' f 4 s. ' I xr s 'M I ni 3 -1 11 H V 1 V b ' lx-,gg--' 'ZL.. 1 -fr , z an . 4- , .--all 5 L- -4-L Kratli-r ll.iii Simpson lJ.inny Wilbiiqht Mike Summc-rlin Si'.iiiAtiqi'r Ad.1mSlioud fuurthffluw J.irni's Slvvt' Sirriiinvrliri Arltly Iiriiwr, N filfllllfl loin lewis Mark Ki.ivr'h.ik Ryan luriivi filth Row lony flurnmmgs .liiliri I llswiirlh KrisPi'irsir1 Miki' lhivitfsiiii M.itk Pvlvt it ll i l lt-if, Mark Miililmliilii Alilii llitii-l.iiiliiiii ki-v sun loin hlnblvs liavitl livin i'ui1of'.iri ffiSP0l2T5 oooooooooooooooooooooo i I Illl ' il Q b A sw myam . ' if zz, fb M'r ,, iii-'n'.l M' if.x 1 11' 011 The Reb oun gjoys Basketball Weaschers A Tough Seasso The winter weather was cold and harsh. mirroring the bleak season endured by a dedicated boys team, The win-loss record was by no means a reflection of the efforts of the team and veteran coach Vince Marshall Despite a season of dis- appointments, the team managed to keep its morale high through con- siderable contributions by Kevin Shea. Craig McLaughlin and crowd '-'fl'i-. fu-..un,, su X, ,v ,-.- , ' 1 'jum'f gain v nu D. in pleaser Bowen Beacham. A crucial factor in the season's outcome was an injury to standout point guard Taekwon Hodges which forced him to spend several games on the bench. Nevertheless Coach Marshall was complimentary in his assessment of the team's play and perseverance in the face of defeat. Effort it appears, was not to carry them through their season. .., ll 4, 5.' M H 4 lvl :PQ il KN Q 0 Reaching lor the rebound, Craig McLaughlin muscles in lor possession of the ball Battling lor the ball, Shawn McLeod and Kevin hea work head and shoulders above the rest FRONT: Robert . Jerry Jones, Bowen Jason Field, Taekwon Hodgqes, UXST: McLeod, Frank Palermo, evin Shea. Loschi, Dwight Dunbar, William I Bruce Stewart. NOT PICTURED: Brian tress and Craig McLaughlin. iQMNSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOM L I e"0VW 4 1 .':Na.'i,- - at IFQJF- , .yet - C' W' . A, . '.-,-..q-,.- ,..--,L', wlif Ir, 4 . '45 . . .v'!,.,.t.d. ,lm .rvf 714,15 'M ,A ,nj U'-'LN ' A-,J,r,-'J' If 2 ' ' 'QQ ' il? "Wir-'-,"' , ,,,:o..--1 ' ' "fi " "f-X94 .2""g41" , 3 -I--1+ V . 1 , . th , , .,f.. ...M Q, I . I . Minn' ,EI I :W 1 V ,viii V. :rin-'ie ' . - 'Thi' " f , 99' ' ' Mp i-'W If. Alf. VF gl --'H ,A-'-v,' i. 1 f .1,.-'R .-.-.-"8 4' -, . 512 , . .,-,aa 8 -'. 17 ' ,Q ulnfyow ,"' Vain? 3- ' 151,392 "1 8 " k , L' Q' A '79 is Q -1, I 1. , '. wp" - I -www, .Q , .'A.y-"VM 4 A 'I' ., ' - ,I . . g , ,yn y. '33, ,iw I , 5+ 15.21 1, rf MT X .va O 'L-2 .-Af ,j-' -1"'?71,r A- ,, a -,M IM, o KN:--Q .- yu-gat-,N V, - 'AWE gg,-...LgfQ.?f,?L , 'l'i 'nv 1 Q 9. Q 90941 Y X as me O defen d Ffan iof Quar eb0Und' Eiigket' ni Dulls d0W" 3 r c John LOS Centef OPPONENT SCORE A XN Mallfy V- Great ' K6!f3f77 B 39-59 P' nd e 57- Cradock g Gr 46-57 rincess Anne 64-60 63 Lake Taylor 53-56 80-74 Bayside 52-49 'een Run 49-50 Hrs! Coioniai 65-76 ncess Anne 87-63 Green Run 35-53 n'olir Christian 79-55 Kempsville 47-58 reen Run 47-49 Granby 63-59 Mnison l 64-87 Keilam 58-68 K5'f77DSVlll6 37-50 Granby 58-60 Hrs! Colonia! 59-76 Bayside 64-67 1M T50 51902 00000 o OOO 000 000 OOO OOO 00 OOO OOO OOO 1 ' V A - v For veteran Coach Stuart Holland fi 'w Lady Falcon basketball 4' irese .-.les seemed almost ef- lonless asthegirls breezed pastthe local competition en route to their annual trips to District, Regional and State competition, Tri-Captains Kathy Fosslna. Kelly Kincaid and Michelle Kitchens lent their ex- pertise to underclass first-strangers. creating an invincible combination of experience. skill, and the hunger to take lt all With Kincaid as center, the competition had more than a dif- ficult time reaching the basket, and with the ball in her hands. Kincaid was more than a mere threat. Among the underclass players. Juniors Allison Moore, Kristen Holton, and Tammy Hedspeth, and Competition! !! Fietiloorte Take Sophomore Sarah Captain provided some of the finest in local defense and offense. Holland also had a strong bench on which to rely. The Lady Falcon basketball team also had its share of dedicated fans who followed the sweep of the Beach, savoring the 20 win season The only regular season loss was to Kellam, who, by the seasons end. fell to the Falcons three times, The March trips to Regional and State tournament play is fast becoming a tradition for the girls. The dynasty lives on! A lumlp shot guarantees another two for Alli- son oore The team pauses for pre-game reflection and strategy 5.3 Em To The Hoopel I, - lv 'TTVP' s Qc' ' NV 5 ' 3504 i l SPORTS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooml ,lll , gGv.fQ4' -0 O. , N 4. - s. 5 In l ' . x QR , I, , fiffml 1 inf affvf -f...4 FRONT: Sherri Miles, Hayley Baer, Tammy Falcon defenders Allison Moore and Kathy Hedspeth, Becky Reid, Kathy Fosina, Fosina vie for possession ofthe ball, Michelle Kitchens, Heather Davis. BACK: Assistant Coach Greg Dunn, Linda Blount, Allison Moore, Kelly Kincaid, Sarah Cagtain, Kristen Horton, Melinda Hodges, oach Stuart Holland. UPPU M NENT Grgglfy , Svogf Gfeefl R 65224 P70093 prince UN 78-29 Lake T 3 Anne 55-59 Vf1geC0Ug'Raf4nn5 594-47 gaysldealffor 54 7.28 3 - fl -3 ' 9- Dengiwck 871126 Gr2ZiC0'0"'9f gig Kemp gf? 57-35 Kem RUN 78-40 WSI owe- 62-46 Gfaniwfe 52547 0009! 4477-37 gfeffamy 57,5-46 '45 HVSIU '43 5 7- Center Kelly Kincaid puts up two more points. lioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooociilSDORTSG171 9 l"a -5, ,P'S'f""-,'.,"'1- ,ls .5-5. ., 5' ,ly il.. fax - 9 . 1115 .I H 1 Ulkl M1 slim!! as : uf mv fuimpdwsgr Q 4 15 -9 '1f'l, Ka. N14 S. 'T' I if Heading forthe finish line is sprinter Eden Zimmerman during the 800m relay. During a match against Princess Anne, Gary Matthews gets off to a good start as teammate Mark Bowen anxiously looks ahead. 0111100 Baysfgeegfyys Hrs-I C Gfffg .y 30 Green Run B Gfrlss 38 gg Ke! GUYS 83 70 Pfff7C6S3 Anr?l'ffS 5 564 4? 6' Bo 57 Gif? 79 956 Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPORTSCDWZ QP CDSPORTS ooooooooooo gymnastics team had an season as they placed n the Beach District and qualified for both and state competitions individual performers. Lead- ng the team were Seniors Kim and Natalie Taylor. Haynie ranked third on beam, third in floor exercises, and was also as the fourth place best all s ndi gymnast in the District lor top performances were her bar routines and most nota- , her success on the vault events, n which she achieved a career high Perfect 1 D fymnaete Vault, To Victory mark of 9.55. "I've spent a lot of time with Natalie and Kim, and l'm really going to miss them," commented Coach Melody Haynes- Hartranlt. Despite a strong team, and standouts like Taylor and Haynie, the turnout for gymnastics was un- fortunately light as a rule. There was a lot to be admired on the floor, skill, grace and strength. When asked about the reason behind her team's strong season, Haynes replied, Hit was because of lots of practice, dedication and hard work." Senior Kim Haynie demonstrated her best A graceful Michele lar form on the ba ance beam. scale. Cox 32 0pp0l1En r 1 76359605 lgevgifl RUN Score 989 Keffam 93430 93.05 gaysiae 85136. 95 Onpgnem 593. 75 5-fsmbsvillg 72.35 Kembswlle Scare 7,7 fsfc- fa! '5 -0 Bgysjd 0l0fllaj 97. 95 8 98. 8 G 83.100 Pffifn RUN 7 Prfngeess 1417179 572.35 ss Anne 8 75 V 5 :oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 51302750775 Cneering tryouts were held in the spring of 1986. and more sopho- mores rrade the squad than ever before. Co-captains Kari Broocke and Mandy Tavares compensated for the addition of more sopho- mores and a less experienced squad by having two and three practices a week during the months of July and August. They also had at least one Raising Yells Cheerleaders Boosts Spirit, - practice a week once school began. They used their lunches and study halls to make all the banners to cheer on the teams, and they prac- ticed their fifteen-man pyramids and their fifty-some-odd cheers after school. Cheering was a time- consuming activity. especially because the squad had to attend all the football games, basketball . 'Y VT ' ' ' - A .tl vf. 'I' - ,U- ,A' '1-- D T. t,tii:i:rlif.iili:r', l Mr,Keii1ii: K llrriiii lit' l tieltinq re.itly to practice their cheers lor the lliverim M laviiii:-, K llyerl N l.i lei ll ltititlmll fdlllt? .ire .len Dull , Kllll liyerl . V Y l Y V Y V.iiin K llayiiiif :intl ll lrlw.iril'. lriiiii .i li-..i Mr.Ken1ie Kari llioncke, Mandy ryriiiil ii iliilltriii tl-iiiiri tritirri livii Kirin M lyi list lliriiiin li!1.iiIft,l'..l . . O", . il ik fi Q i , Mi-Ii'u..i l'i-ref, N.ii.ilie l.iylui and .lennitei Mllyi'l games, wrestling matches, and most of the other sports activities. 'We put in a lot of hard work and effort," said Holly Edwards, "and it was all worth it to see the spirit in our school come out." The cheering squad was different from previous ones because of the administrative decision to have a single squad for a whole year. Usually there had been a fall squa for football, field hockey, an tennis, and a winter squad f basketball, wrestling, and gy nastics. "The cheerleaders are an im portant part of inspiring student ir volvement from the sidelines, commented senior Pat Baldwin. ' 'r 'Vo SPORTSoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocti it "5 I 4 t t t Head cheerleaders Kari Broocke and Mandy Sopnomores Karan Matyas and Diana Vann Tavares get things organized forthe evening clap tor the football team on Hornecomtng footbalt game. night. Che ,Qfffff Zffjgjff r I I' Kirigsgl Bflffnse Jen Yerly S H06 gum' S08 1688 Ha3','5'dS fvnfigomofe Ca,'Z1lHaynfe " Sf90ph0f,,0,e fafin 1Ef,,fgfShaff Senrfgr Jaffa 'Mckffngf 'SWG' Mefmfer Moy 6 lUf7l0r Dgfalie Taylgres ' Useqfo, o-Captains S-Efzior or So Dhgmore gtivoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPORTSCD777 1' A I r !'e gf -..f' I F, A l Sv -fl , . C , , I I 3.5 . 1,5 .- 1 ln a government class Beckv Johnson and Karen Roullet get rnCOXltated vvrth learn- Chemrstrv teacher Mr Tom Flsher demonstrates to Susan McClellan how rng current events Ing the mrxture ot vrnegar and oaklng soda can be A college gurde causes Bowen Beacham to bubble over wrth rhCOXrtatron Q SX Q35 W' X Q wg Q .QQ Q5 QQ? X Q5 Q , Q5 AX ogvixzkzw Q Xxx N5 XQ- Q, if QXQQKZSZQ X G65 of Q59 QS can AL' V2637' K Qi!" ,ui 'Q-5 gf ' 1 rx xg ht- JZ, A .1 Thehrrospects of the selections burst Bbvm hub o. g 1 'Vfl!-lGADEMlC'Sooooooooooooooooooooo.ooooOQ .A .-'funk 'rrelzu I . IliniEiU iiitontie I Mviiitlh I ie-oliriniiingil iNhen you were suxnped by aloo- arifhn or bewildered as yo.i tried to find ce is Through a mi- croscope and fren sudden y the soiuton hit yon, or that h Lf came into focus, yoJ fmth.'hatqumkrro- "ent of reahzauor, fhe Hash ofrecognl ion, and the effort 't fc-ok to achieve those rx-'oblems are part of thefhruithatyou ex- perienced when you tomcpan m We processofeducauon. There's no way to ex- Slain itbofher than to eu.a, escn e H - you E Ni were inCOXitated with learning. oooooooooooooooooooooooooif3f3fiD5MfC50177 Divine Dev' ces A Hands-On Experience Gadgets. gizmos, and gimmicks: they were in departments as different from each other as home economics and art class. Science labs provided welcome relief from the monotony of daily lec- tures, not only for the students but for the teachers as well. Sometimes it wasn't just the monotony that was broken, but the equipment that suffered also. Even teachers were not exempt from an occasional mishap. For instance, during Mrs. Moser's first year teaching, she had one of those embarrassing moments. "During a demon- stration I was giving, I broke everything to pieces. The lab contained three flasks and four beakers. l pi Q 5 l ', Y A . 1 'Q xh- in was using my arm as a pointer, and when l turned around, I knocked everything to the floor," said Mrs. Moser. "I guess the only consolation I had was that l didn't have to pay for everything." These labs, when successful, serve as hands- on experience that most students find fun as well as educational. As Andy Turner said during a Biol- ogy lab, "Hey, these thingamabobs are neat!" Gadgets -just can't live without them. Without the triple beam balance, senior Kevin Oakes would not be able to explore the mysteries of chemistry. 'K gp: 'l 1.1 Q , . .. l ,L A --. rr-, f'Hf B it 1 i : . Language sludrfrilz limi- in on thi: latest in educational equip- A microscope expands students' perspective ment, taking a break lrorn llll' uaiizil teacher instruction E Dunn Home Ec . seniors Amy Hoevermann, Anne Collir and olly Highton apply their culinary skills to concocl gourmet delight WCAKDAUADEMICS Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,A ' i r Chris Ha es uses his divine devices to create his :CH 0 U - Y nasterpiece in art class. luring art class, sophomore Jon Best is found molding a :reation at the potter's wheel. 5 I ,- it In I x:3 'ni ' ........-1 Fr. t rl' 1 F' at ?' 7 G A V I N M - nv- Qi' .nfl ," X ,?, 15 ry 'H+ A' W is 1 4 2' 3 ' M-?X.4 i 1-,f N154 Q W, 1, -an 4 1 .- .4 " . X woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMMWW5CWW 1l lxfl T v "VA , My ,AJ "I I .II " x rr H ln- ' v!!! -U H' 5 H , I 1 7 1.114 'Q s I A' I 5' nl . 'r"0fun, 14,6 fl P ,'.,gQ ,sr do kia, rs 'E S f'-,,. A 'fe' Li , ' 1 144, ' . Ti' 7"-' ' '-'fvfz ," f-40 'V A6006 4 00417 ..f'rfl"7t ,-1-flap, Inv, 5, I' Nay ct S , ,Q ff 'af ,,,,2w-,H ,. ' 1 A AAF car j , iffy, - . If lhipguf .f f-"E'l 'M' .-pu 4-v 'VVSO I Durtnq the mock electton debate an government, Scott Trow- H t ' . A tnrtdqe hem up za qtattt we card for has cartdtdate . ,--f IX ' - T-I JI' 5 ' ' ' f Y I - I . 1 ' -Q ' , X 5 The Itbrary was uttffn the accrue ot lstudents catchtrtq up on 4-3 . 'L' ' auf, T if I . ' ttotrteworlf anti progcnti, 1' 1 I L' J 5 7 ag ' 'rl A- :if l ff 14 L t M' V g V' -' t '-1 UT . I Q 1 ' t ,. pl- '. IQ- ,- 4l ' ,. t. - -W ,Jas ' f 1 :D I M -I i V 1 it N t A' U Milf' Q F n 'Il' 1' ' b -ni! x fr' X. Lwllg - 4 -- 'U :fl-P tl I ""' ' 1 11 f ' ! -t. wi , vi t 5 .. ln, t 0-All 'E 4 M 7532 UOADEMICS oo0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooocO l l ri- g i f: -T UZ ima "gg iii , - .7 . ar 4 I' 7' uil ' g Character English, Math, and Social Studies "I know you don't like it, but it builds charac- ter." This expression has been passed down by mothers everywhere, yet its meaning still remains unclear. How can anyone build character by sitting home on a Friday night because of last weekend's escapades? But, rt is especially hard to believe that one builds character in English, Math, or Hrs- tory class. These classes follow a very strict curri- Senior Barbara Elliot ponders poetry in AP English class. tv...-' ,,-'f' During AP Calculus, seniors Jennifer Lucas and Cynthia Wilbricht give Mrs. Neola Waller their undivided attention. culum throughout high school. All of us have spent countless hours doing monotonous grammar exercises, math problems, and history essays. Although we didn't know it at the time, those tour years ot hard work and mind-boggling problems have given us something that went beyond the textbooks. Taking all ot those somewhat boring courses has enabled us to develop a sense of persistence, patience, and responsibility. These traits serve as guides for the rest of our lives. Maybe, just rrgjaybe, that is what building character is all a out. i J Intense concentration could be t the faces ol Amber Medlin and Andrew White in G Wy class. moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMMMWKCUW Al, A Different Tun Everyone Hears Their Own Beat All ofthe students at Cox had their own rhythm. By choosing courses and making decisions, they created their own song, No one person took the same subjects as his or her classmates. The most popular electives varied from typing and independent living to psy- chology and public speaking. There are also those courses that are rarely heard olz oceanography. photography, and shorthand. With such a large span of electives, ranging from Russian I, a new course at Cox, to the marketing classes ohered by DECA, it was hard to find two people with similar interests. The subjects taught allowed equal room forthe career-oriented, college-bound, or consumer in- terested student to expand and become involved in the symphony called Cox. f 1 1. 'I' lliirlnq llu','.t.irr l rw' .- rw ,it lxrx 'rUllllll lice laritayo rtfviifwz llifr ticul hlllt lf Latin 5 provided a time tor Jon Stautter and Alec Marshall to tl! ' 1 , if". discuss the mysteries ot ancient ages 'J 'f 5 - ,y ' lmmMW6000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOGGOOOOOON 'l Jruggling to make the grade, Alex Mathas crams before a lest l French 2. lhile in the library, seniors Kim Brown and Keith Murphy isearch lor psychology, a popular elective. is M,...,f ,s 9 , fi Z f 'fa A 3,1 f, QW 0oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!'lCADEMlCS07?S " "1 ,V M f!,WI!1XH'01H!L' 1 U ,,1Mwf1':'Uflwlrifrrgm ',o'mr1rfUs-1?m11IvrM1r+P', 1 fpvvr 1,m mrs ru? fhrml gli '-+ -sv ft..- ACADEMICS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom X 5 "l 1 Gimme A Break . . . We Sure Deserve It! f Field trips and assemblies provided a neces- 1 ary break from classroom rituals. Many of these 5-breaks" were educational, but the difference in xi lutine made them fun. -r One Friday morning, for example, the entire , anior class was bussed to the Pavilion to watch me Shakesperean play "Much Ado About Noth- rg." Never had studying British literature been 'rn entertaining! wen One unusual break was when the lead flyer om the Blue Angels came and spoke to the vs :udents during their visit to the Neptune Festival. A e talked about the duties of a Blue Angel and how , r it pilot becomes a member of this elite flying eam. Not all assemblies were educational, though. The much anticipated pep rallies gave the students a chance to yell, scream, socialize, and show their school spirit, The first pep rally of the year was quite an impressive sight for it was the only time that the entire student body was together in one place. When you least expected it and most needed it, that long overdue "break" was there to keep you going. ' -lar .3 ' l if--wr :'.rgw:.g:+..y . 434. -, ., W I L I Q SL 'F -G-. Given a rare moment of free time in English class, Kelly Kincaid chooses to spend her time napping, During lunch, students gather to enjoy the fresh air and catch up on the latest gossip. 0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooFlCFlDEMlCSO797 Y 7'f'1" - V I, :KA .-5-+,,-x 'L st? mn. P A . 1 1-A Pmymq mf: xgiuphorme rlurm? halt-tame at a football qame. Sffmur .John 51:51 shows 017 IIB mumcul dbuluty Pewrwq f.arf:Tu1gatIf:rutmr1 IrJf1f:T11H Senior Scot! Peterson woiks to mrrwplfftv: mf, .mztracl p.asr1tmq ,Z ,10- X JACADEMICS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocc Ever thin Your rt Desires Media of Satisfaction What do drawing pictures, marching in a band, and changing a tire have in common? All of them make up the many media of art offered at Cox. Students showed their feelings through paint- ing in Art I-V, many of them participating in city wide art contests. Also in the arts curriculum was art appreciation, in which students examined works by professional artists. In the industrial arts department, students prepared for the real world by exploring career Senior Kathy Crowder, an Art 5 student and a participant in the Governor's Magnet School for the Arts, works on yet another masterpiece. possibilities. Such courses as woodworking, electronics and metal technology were offered. as wellas optionsforcourses at the nearby Vo-Tech. There were some students that just couldnt express themselves quietly, these people were al- ways humming, tapping on their desks, or just talking. Well, there was a place in the arts for them, too - namely band, chorus, and drama. Our marching band, drama group, and madrigals received much recognition. No matter what your artistic interests were, youdwere able to satisfy everything your art de- sire . x.y-'wf' wg-45 s'r-"'- QPSK is l Stenior Kim Pollard works diligently on a painting for her art Seniors Sally March, Eddie Halton, and Larlaf Baylles putin fine C BSS. performances in the production of The an ho Came to Dinner " Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !fl0ADEMlC'SG797 P lr gr, 9. .tus mf war fi -j ,E W gg ggi? Sensors Pam Pascual and Jon Perry work dnlrgently to fumsh f-"' merr rromrfwork probiems for Phymcs l C1 Jur1rorsJoTT Byrne, Make Hammer and Alan Schrob out torth a group effort to complete a Broloqy assrqnrrrent W WMMMW6oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Blind d with Science The Light of the Future The scientists of the future got their starts in the classrooms of today. Would-be geologists scrambled around Bice's Fossil Pit and examined erosion of streambeds in Earth Science, while aspiring chemists tackled the elements and BoyII's law. Biology gave a glimpse of life under a microscope or a slice of life in a dissecting pan. "Fossils and Bice's Fossil Pit make the year for During a Biology lab, organisms under the microscope come into focus. Mel" exulted Mike Boetker, a ninth grader The science department was well represented this year at the Virginia Junior Academy of Sci- ence by senior Kristen Wilcox who was elected President. The science curriculum also met the needs of advanced students with AP Biology and the addition of AP Chemistry to the curriculum. Sciences were seen as the light of the future by those students who planned to pursue careers in scientific fields. af Y' 5 After a skit in Marine Science, Junior Jon Currey shows off his clam costume. .lunior Kevin Kratzer captivates his Earth Science class's atten- tion during an oral presentation. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo iflCADEMlCSCD17'l Psyc ie!! Classes for the Mind Problems. problems, problems Who would want to sit and talk about social problems for 50 minutes? Well, many students seemed to be gluttons for punishment because Psychology and Sociology were popular classes. Child abuse, so- cial diseases, and quirks of the mind were the usual bill-of-fare for these students. Though these topics could have been quite gruesome, the teachers made them quite interesting. Mr. Tom LaBarbera and Ms Michelle Walker, who was a new faculty member, taught Psychology. Sociol- ogy classes were taught by Mr, Sylvester Smith and Mrs Ginny James. Many oeonle had difficulty distinguishing between what is taught in Psychology and Sociol- ogy. Sociology is the study of interaction between people and social problems, whereas Psychology is the study of the mind and its workings. To provide a new approach to Sociology, the class took a field trip to the municipal buildings to view the legal system in action and the social effect the law has on its subjects. Both of the Psychology classes took in films like "Future Shock," and daytime talk shows. These provided a good basis for the discussion of topics under consideration. A day in court or the morning with Donahue? No problem! . f , C s la ..K While playing the Dear Abby game, psychology teacher Ms Michelle Waker pulls out questions to analyze the mind 77?IACADEMICSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo S Qin W ,,,4 "V Seniors David Mosman, Mike Davidson, and-Tommy Giegory sit back and enioy the class discussion in Ms. Michelle Walker's Psychology class. Obviously enjoying her job, Sociology teacher Mrs. Ginny James explains the meaning of the word Hfascistsf' Ly ht! Q I 1 i oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MMMWGCMW we XO X59 QS h 'E Sensor Alan Norman threatens to cut Drana Vanns narr as she backs away K QQ, 93, mx 'b Q1 QF QQ 0 N' Q3 6 bo as Qx QQ Q1 QQ X9 L , Enroytng the break from class, Mark Petersen and Geraldtne Maraia exrt the fora ftre alarm. The famed Jewtsh Mother deltcatessen ts often a Falcon I 1, rt 17-fTUADS-ootoaooooooooooadqt tv. H+. X X ' gr -iwlr ,J A t., .. , , ' .G . --hz- lxf : x- 'v 'iv'--fa-"wg, NA:-:dxAl:'L1r Ti IlinilD+DbXiiitonitiiinq y I inqlirreoliireintts From Shore Drive to Lynnhaven Niall, the shopping possibilities are endless. No matter what your preferences irclude, desgner fash- ions, that rew car or something to snack on alter a Iorg day at school, the variety of bisinesses 'n Virginia Beach offer an In- CrIJXitating assortment ot choices. A y Ridd sarah Hess enjoy the ski ,,',!N w 1 if BACK A WINNER . .. BUY AMERICAN at ' ' ' each Blvd., Virginia Beach, - 776 ADS llfvnx N I '.V.wD y I .V II FTIQQ fw of:-455' COMPLIME OF Owned A Operated by GEORGE POULOS E T ' 19" II 5 - ,1' ' CY JIMMYS PIZZA I-IILLTOP 1625 Hilltop West Shopping Center Behind McDonalds at Laskin Road blnne la Not Attihated with any other Jimmy's Pizza FREE DELIVERY - PHONE 428-0105 Starting 11 00 A M Daily TS . ,,i.i A .. A Seafood Restaurant 3319 SHORE DFI - VA BEACH, VA. LOCATED AT LYNNI-IAVEN INLET BRIDGE 481-7300 I-I. S. BFIAITHVVAITE, JR, OWNER ,.14.f , - r f , ADS O 177 -.Kr - 4,4 4 xi lux -1 iwi iiwiijxi 'wk 'ref - 613 Virginia Beach Blvd. Yirgiiiizl Beach, VA. 23451 68049 425-1985 ACCSSSOHGS K Sales Q' , 7 n Service X . , Q1 O QQ? QHQMEQS 5 xx,-51-ff X Bayside Shopping Center Bill 8. Marjorie Parker Owners 4837 Shore Dr. 18047 464-4534 Virginia Beach, VA 23455 Nerds Christi liclwginls giml Krislcii Wilcox cllllul svviii in iigllll' out what is so lililiiiy. BEST WISHE TO THE LVA, BEQEIEQEZ-5-1221 lhrminl'-. lnlhrmy A lb. 1 7 me Hiiuop wssr - vinC.iNiA BEACH, VA 23451 GD. Robertson L SIJCCCSS Coming iogeuicf U5 Cl BQ5lv1l1iv13,f1QQPn13 logeffxh' i5 -Progress, worfxmj logeiheu is bucccss 'flare -Ubamcffc Mhagclfc l' OOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO4' , -n Q S a I A l I . Guess Who! I 'fx Lge' Congratulations Xa Best Wishes to the Class of 1987, Especially to this future Executive . . . you've made us proud! 5 Mom and F' ,tt 1 ' i 'f- 'i' woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo M7 . - 1 1 tl fha tl 'zglt -1,900 91:04-5 silt' Q 1 A .4 . 5, ' ,, avi- ...S ,A -4,1242 3. .'i'gg'gf:' -,,s.. ' N' 4 3ff'5ff'f-"3gT'f4'e 5 . ,, an - if H' Hippy ai c 'M Vi -5-'Yrs' , , , F .i Q A -1 Q V. 4 - , L - , 5. -W. . -qt. ' -jvgfv dx, 1 as , , fw."',-5 ggi., ..,,.. v. 4' -.. K .341 ..'n4..x,3. -5 I, - ,. . 'Q .K I ' i H . 1' . pl- - - e . 1 -' -' - . V -1'L'- ' . . .. L - 4.7-, ' ' ' f ,' ia' ' L I '- me r 1- , ,- - L . Jr. 1. - .- ' - - . , I , . . , rf T-iii .W ' "if - - - L lficlcl Ilockcy IIICIIIIJCIN Nloniut Stcwzttl and Kathy Ifosinu play tmvztrcls at tmmuon goal. SAM WELCH, Photographer L fzlfdldld Phd. 746. FGSY H ffl H' 1.12, 'S R gforqffgng Sfninrs 3f'c'ddin,.1s Famtlv Gmuns B ,Q 11' for Inslant Passpurfs Puhlipafion Qt ummm Cibachromr' Prints C'u5I0rn Black ,Q Whfgp from sltdvn V Iiervloping .Q Printing framing Y, 3736 Shore Dr-ve Vurgmia Beach, VA. 23455 Telephone 460-1515 - -. 5. 'Q V. Unmneg . BAYSIDE SHP LL ,'.n't tvtug-v'f 'um ,l.lIlulv tin .WMI ' f PM-5-,qw '1vwltn1',wlwm1- flltf' 'Junta' Huw' N P flf HUHI x.fnvq1lul.tH1'.u In VA IW-1'w'+ I -1-.ala-1 M-Ivtfhtrlln'IWK-1V11HlfK1UH ,xii--"'fx4'W1!: Beth 's School of Dance Established since 1980 Tap Ballet Jazz Pointe I Onlv IU-12 students per class? - X Ages 3 to Adult For information Call 481-2582 2262 St-ashore Shoppes iform-r of Great Neck 62 Short- Dr.J " Dlllwlnf Hrlfl flwnlkktbtllti Cul 3619 Pacmc Avenue Vurgnma Beach, Vurguma 23451 804 422-2940 400 West Olney Road Noriolk, Varguma 23507 804 625-4531 200 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCQO Bay Chevroletflmports. 6970 N. Military Highway UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOQL'.QJGOOO 1 ,- 1 f l iii.. - . ff KIQQB Doughnuts 9 . N ix 1' Dou fhuut J - 3, PX I Ste v sl1111z1i'Slmppi11g Cntr. 1060 W. Nlercury Blvd. A l l Indepeudunce BIY d' Norfolk. Yu. Hampton, Yu. P4 Ya. Beach. VA 23455 '4f31-5f'3,f5V, V 0 Q B I Bl iiw-0441 0 Linl ll'Qll1l2l CZICI, vc. Virginia BCLICII. Yu. Donut. 403-2112 1 Think GREEN!! W 1 When you'x'e said uper Laums FALCONS You've said it all! Kc-I1 Xilllllwlelllglll 4813-lb 4518-8181 f,Wllt'Ik - fJlbl'I'2ll0l' Le Matin Bakery Lfnusuzll Cakes Unlmezllznble Szmclwicflles Ncwlx Ruzul S111 Sl1ul'c'SI1um as ! S4-uim' I lm Howl Slxillvs on his lmc'kx'gml raunp. tu I 'i 7 mn CDOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCECO Il l lllll lllll: lllll .' lllfll 4 l , . H 0 . o I , -' "Savings so big you need a shopping cart" l l WHAT IS DRUG EMPORIUM? l'.e are l.igli volume, low pmvtl health and l-'nary ails stor' in l cfeiniplete pharmacy lor you: cozi-.'erm'ricv HOW CAN WE OFFER SALE PRICES EVERYDAY? We cl,m,nate the middleman and warehousrig meds 952 of Drug Emporium niereharzdist- is bought and sold directly from tl.e manufacturers and all special purchases are passed on tu you IS EVERY ITEM IN THE STORE DISCOUNTED? Xes, we do not run special sales or loss leaders in ads' Our everyday prices are less than our competitors' 'special' prices We offer conszstently low prrces Nou may find identical items I marked at different prices because we never mail:-up existing merchandise when new sh:pments arrive' We encourage you to buy the lowest priced itcml Over 23,000 items sale prices everyday! - Everyday Savings - ' American Greeting Cards 40 90 off l 0 Designer Sunglasses 50 O5 off ' Designer' Fragrances 10 to 40 CL off ' Cosmetics 35 'E off ' Prescriptions 25 'Q off ' Hair Care Products 45 to 50 OL, off 0 Health 8: Beauty Aids 33 Oli off Hampton Stare Hours Virginia Bear li 2165 Curwzrziighnzri Drive Nlfiii thru Sat 'P .lil a :ii t 0 '-'I ri rn' 3352 Vngiir .i Burt lr LZ' S11-re 48043 827-7538 6niirri..3,' tri tri .ii t tr litl it ni strife t804i4t.1i.0O1u Vi -tir nr-fra 01041827-5743 ii i,ii U i.if i, limi 4c,3,o'a7: i , S l - ,l .1 ul- i i i ' Touch of Countr , Ltd. Furnishings ' Gifts ' Cards ' Shore Things Antique Reproductions ' Furniture 48045 460-0434 is Ms. Noah Creations X Gordon Frazer X Quoizel Lamps 4425 Shore Drive ' Suite 102 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 Y jackie 84 john Moss junior Liz Riner eyes the Super Big Gulp as she rests during a soccer game. --ws 'fa ' Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 203 x 4. nuff r' Us ,, - ,ii 'lf 115 J, 1 755,31 "2 'Bri .A . .', -I ur- 4 5 5 sq " ' , WN, 4. i W w 5 ,M lg - -:gl . , 2 .. 4 P' r , Yi' 2' 7. 3 'f 'Mi-K3-f H 'L- - w 1 l 1 I 1 1- Y: VZVQVQVQ O U NK WEE WEN WTIDEWATEYZS NURSERY LEADER" Qumfv EAMXUGS QED 3 mcmome mam umwme zv urwsum VAMEWES UWDUME g m .Y 351 N R' G PREM! S HELP WU WA '24 AIN GMS 0 5. A T ff lmusfooms, Fcrzmnzmsa. OTHER CHENIKCALSQJU-XMTEQS, . 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VH. 23452 CUSTDM BUILDING BGCDKS SHEET MUSIIL ' INSTRUMENTS BOUGHT AND SGLD INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE vga 5, 3 LL DIRT R0 DS I LE D T0 , "" Hh--s.- ,N 1, .X-, FIRST TT I a f I C DLD I L f G0 F LCCNS! l Fully clothed, Kelli Malloy exits I ,nl as Matt Savacool continues li .gn OOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOCOOOOO n e WWW C I l I ' 4 Chesapeake B y A ' CHESAPEAKE BAY Bridge Tunnel Vis d rf M , , . 6 ' A Xgqnnhavem ofa O ' .M -Q aww cvs .- 3 Rd 5 OJ -. gkm W - E f Va Beach Blvd Z La 3 - Sf -1 se 0 2, V f e - 44 5 Q 6 Bch'NorfoIk Expy 1TOH5 S7 FD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOC Y' The future is so bright for Mike Dooley that he has to wear shades. FRANCES R. ROHDENBURG VICE PRESIDENT OFFICE ISO'-11460-3341 . EVENINGS -181-1828 MANAGING BROKER I-IAYOOOD OFFICE GoodmanSegar Hogan RESIDENTIAL SALES CORPORATION 4521 E I-IONEYGROVE RD 'VIRGINIA BEACH. VA 23455 Figurines-Placques No Firing Required Don's Plastercrafts Finished Pieces For Sale Monthly Classes 1764 Independence Blvd, Don 8. Estelle Price Va. Beach, VA 23455 I804I 460 9030 CALIFORNIA I . ,NFL IEA!!-I co. I, U e.. U nA ,if iff- ' . E if C83 fiif' "IP 'A' X 0 Q 383 ., 71 ' yiwocggw f faerie W' ' Q' .IDU M BROAD BAY I . GUTFITTERS HILLTUP A .fgggw ' IIIIHUIIO 'WISPA' Ifk I --"I.j.-iI4Q!N' au' Ji Ore , ,tr 7' "' F 3. ', A . :ij ny N ,, ,f ,nn fs' ' ' VI X 'WL-41 if f 'A - , I , .- I tl, . ' - 9' fikn - . - 51 b ' 1.4 . 7- ,.-cf" :KK5 Jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooas soooo 207 l'rniicllx' Serving lliiipluyccs. Studciils. .Xml 'lilicii' liiiiiilies Oli 'lilic r iigiiiiu Bczicli Public' Scnliciul Systciii VIRGI IA BEACH SCHOGLS F EDER L CREDIT U IO ?fZ2Ezii5is32sf11''f'-T'-1:4:2ifs??z21E112-,'i252sE2ffffE'1 - "ff 'ff5,53255552E2i35:i552i2iEi2i2f" '-'- jg.555Ei?f4 iiEi2.53'T?sf12E2s2i2:SQESIIEQEQESESSREEQEa2:.5isEsi2fzf-:nfs-'XY2s2si5l:fs::s:2SiP5S2s23' i?f2421:f2-.5.i: ". Q',V 1 'V'- r r,ig111aaefffrf:1f f N' ' ' X lx ffl "" '- - Q-Q- "" ffl '--AA 111253555 ' -, X 'ill .-" '1::gEfliiiff.Q? 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NJNQO 4 BEACH. l ,ervlclng All Your Skaleboard and Surfboard Needs" 121-14 Great Neck Square Stripping Center Hifirll 1196-9343 2x17 DOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO xii Ui l I For more information call 466-5564 in South Hampton Roads. On the Peninsula call 873-1300. ' ISV Virginia Natural Gas 6 - Les Trois Griiees I 'I S .. ' ' 7 "When you think of Y S f F' Unique Gifts. P lliiiik of us" x if 1. .T A Fine Selection of Fine .-XVI, Ugg? fy 5 Qi" ' Antiques Lind Uiiusiml Gifts " Rl? 'T , Wli HAVE AN liXQL'ISl'llh l,lNl-I OF lf.-XGGARAT GRYST,-Xl. m 5 Hll.l,'l'Ul' lf.'XS'lx SHOPPING GlfN'lll'lR lfititl LASKIN RD. 422-4292 TUESDAY THROUGH mioxtv SATURDAY 9ooTo6oo 90OTO500 Bo BAYSIDE T BARBER SHOP BAYSIDE SHOPPING CENTER CORNER OF SHORE DRIVE AND PLEASURE HOUSE ROAD Senior Kathy Slough ezitelies her breath as she PHQNE 46463727 stops to watch fielcl hockey practice. fi 1 toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 207 SOUVENIR BEACH SOUVENIR WORLD C IT Y DISCGUNTS 25118 ,'XI1llll11l' A11-11111 18211 ,'xl1L1l1I111 .'XYCl1llt' 19111 .'X1111111i1' .-X11111111 1- . - . Yi1'v'i11i11 1gx1111'l. Y11'1'i1111 X11'g1I1111 110110118 WEAR P' Q 1 5 221111 111111 .-X11z1111i1' .-Xx'c11111 1118141111111 1111111111 N1RU1NlAURliC'CO RUN GRELCO AMERICAN SEW N VAC VAC'17l'N1C'1,1-,ANER 61 S1:VV11N1GMAK'H1N1: SA1,1'.S8i RLPAIRS Af Home of the 1 Rated Panasonic VACUUMS .H V.l. A .1 1.1 LM ,iv- 'Ht RI U NH K Rl tm U NH ku.. ul 111111 1111 111111 111111111111 1111.1111s. 1x11l1x 111115 11111 11.11111 11 I1 12111111211 1111 411111 11111111 111181111 111111 111 111'11 1111 1111' 1'l'U1N'11 211 1111 111-11 14411111 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO V 94290210 X . Good ruling wmv - no cnemicm s w s H 1 r yA 5 s o 1 B - No Moving Pm, - MAINTENANCE FREE - wELLs - HOMES -- POOLS - FREE TESTING VA. BEACH CHESAPEAKE NORFOLK 425-5005 424-1404 627-9411 N be Atlantic PET CENTER DAVE JOHNSON, Jn. 2817 shore Drive la04l496-2660 M496-2661 Virginia Beach. VA 23451 Physics teaclier, Mr. Leon Hoots, exhibits his white Oxfords on Nerd Day. LYNN AV DI E Sun 61 Swim VVear Guys 61 Gals ll' 29329 it ' ,ifl,!is:f ' U '4" O, ' .. "-L-5, Q -I f r .unit I 5 ., , A, " " G Q' H ' 1 f- Z-X I , I 22- v' X' 5- 54 N f U 1- ,, K o. A rg ' . .Li ' ' 'o- ' - f 1 , .' 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BY APPOINTMENT i804l 46104 K Congratulations to the Next Pillar, Mike Davis Love, Mom Sc Dad JIM MORRISETTE l Division of ,ggi dar-L' Oo 'oo 560 Baker Road o Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 Since 7948 7 Virginia Beach: 490-3131 I It'S a different beat for Mr pen and Bowen Beach? oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 273 v- . - V - ----1--ll l Natalie, December 19, 1986 i CONGRATULATIONS la I U U Congratulations the 'MSU Love, I Class of Ronnie l especially 5 Natalie 'CGNATM T ffany thffnks to T21ylO1' Mrs. Gail Riffle Mrs. Don Martin Mrs. Peggy Washington . and the advanced 'Annu-rg fb typists, Love, Talon. 6 460-1080 H X . g . . it , A GAZEBO FLORIST I i N L T 95 fc-. -2- t 4 3- y ' ,Xi f li Q 5:37 ET ,Qiiafifq ivhmnz V4 Qllff,5E1L'fCE xgfowisf 4 Wi iid 2 ' i -, ll 4. ' ,. 4 I I f-?5"'i'?2 , - ,- i 5--L ' ' .' - 'i 4 STEVE 3. RITA PILAWSKI 4425 shore Drive 4101 ' ' ' Q' .1-5. ...f K 1, --5 Owners Virginia Beach, VA 23455 I i ' . 54" - -M - .- -x-x - -x-xpx- - -x-x-x-xA.-x-X 'NlN'X' ' - ' Q 'Q' i - J n -1, 2, J. g ,' , 1'6- ' HOUFIS 0 MON FRI 8 30 8 1' lv SAT 8 6 Love, 4 Oyarters I 1 f Ngllllli Hrmh my i 1 ix cl d q i:4iicarr-iiiwrru Rim.: LK-rvnl Nrck Shnppinpl l'Hll'Yl -IRI Vary: 1 I it Qi i, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOC +- P' "' 1' ...l.. SOUTH EAST RESOURCES, LTD. Af I I IIIIIII 'Nil MAIIAI ,IMIIII mf-w -rm: NYJ HMT fl IV I VJ Y P F gs V lf FFA PRESTIGE CAMPERS AUTOMOBILES TRUCKS VANS ' l BAYSIDE MQTURS 4747 SHQRE DRIVE CSQLLEGE PARK EXXON VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23455 QO.S.'rM1l'tffW E1'gP?'H2' Vllglnlcl Beagh, VA 23-104 18045 460-1050 OWNER 'D 1 A 0 II.-,4EsAvERs,lNC. , .fi D ' Q C' Z, cnsnmousss a. Nunssnv H'lEgSgSF,'l'i55li"Lf X f ' I 463.8789 B R IB I B1 1 I 0414630685 L f ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .Qoooo 21S PHONE -199-6605 ' DUN EAR 'QQ WF CONSTRUCTION . D R E I IQ C0 5 XIII? CDI , IMERCIAL, Y YIIIIT- 1 INDUSTRIAL, f SiCkR00mi I RESIDENTIAL LNMSRJ BUILDERS , BILLY DLINDAR 577215 I a'f5"lH13i'E"1"-Z 5-.E---.-L H A RMACY ARROWHEAD DRIVE P BAYSIIJIC Sll0l'lLlgYSfh: VENTEH V ' ' ' ' , I ' sur ousr Roo ore nvc X IRCIINIA BEACIH, VA 23402 ph" 'H 0 ... Clothing - Shoes - Accessories N X .. SXvilHXyC2ll' Y l , Q A K- 'X I XX IvIAxINE'S N .Pg I Ma - - . . g 9 Q Sa I 112 Hllltup Ncmh Shoppmg Center Q 6 Virginia BCZICII, VA 225451 V T72 llihup North Shopping QICII NI-lf IfIL:IIIjxlgililllsijilltrylllIll-fiplll '4SueeeSS begins with 21 SPECIAL IJCI'S0ll,S will." THANKS QIfHlglillI,l1l21Lif,l1S Mzmcly T0 THE HtJlllf'C'CJIlllllg Queen FBLA I U86-87 LOVE, I Nlum. ll.ul, X' Nlicllnel Z!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC1 1 1 Best wishes to the C1355 gf 1987 2 Good Luck Seniors! giffwfffwfflfggyz I 2240 Wolfsnare I Road, Virginia I L h724F tColonial.Rd. 2 3 4 5 4 Y 425 sgiasnmshcriiigiiggeme 425-0192 I - B- - Miltorfs Pizza 200 S 1421 N Because youire Baulefigld Militaryi SUITICOHC SPCC131! Blvd. blazing Hwy. I 2272 Great Neck Road Dagjggjfmi GO FALCGNSI 2 CUMPLIMENTS ' GF I ROB 0 1 l LGNDON i 2 - BRIDGV ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooci ooooo 217 In Memoriam james Kevin Donahue Erie Wallace Rice Class of '87 Class of ,QO l -, 4 ' - f - 5 . ' ,, -- ' , ' - - ' '.- ', Q ' ' -f -. - -7 1, - ' 1' '-, A' ' .. - J -- , , , - G, - 1, --, - A , -- " ,Q "" , . .5 f- --'-W i ' " - 'lv' -0" ' - - 1 .., 'Ag' 3 . 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'H-'..,,':"v.I K '. -V .f ,. - VIRGINIA CHEMICALS I'm'IsmuuII1.X:X X . I I . N l 1 1 I l . 2D ADS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I9 I 1 I il i 1 I i l GOMPLIME TS OF BALFOU RING COMPANY MR. MOTLEY, REPRESENTATIVE. GOOD LUCK SENIORS! 1657 usxm nom, vmcmm BEACH, vmcnm. 23452 ... .-,., American Cafe k5 ,gsttgqvb p7 V 0 "'f"'vf 31'-1 Q 0 1427 N. Great Neck Rd., Va. Beach, VA 23454, 18045 496-0656 45' , 1 5 Q M1291 Catering 1423 N. Great Neck Road Appetizing Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 Bakery 18049 481-3255 Restaurant ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,foo ADSG221 211 24th Street Virginia Beach, VA 23451 11.4. 181141 428-3311 Helium balloons brighten e Homecoming for Christie Morrissey and Aldo DiBe1ardino. Good Luck Class of '87 T H E and Cathy Crowder Love, Mom and Dad PUB ALXAHDERS I Urrllu'l5.1Azy j '-"'-:- Kl5l4lllI2IIIf fb 'QL -is I W.XYNliSNllll1,I'RU1'Rllil'UR 152413 UIIIQXN Yll".W .'XYl'fNl'l'f'X'lRlllNl.lX llliillll. 'Elaine' 1 r 1.le'.nl Nvvlm 1111.111 Ylllfllxlxx 214,155 ,i"l 1311-11-lli-1-ililflfl V ADSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooilg OOO 1 ,... f . 5 x A R A gf W "L 1615 PACIFIC AVE. VA. BEACH, VA. 23451 .-6551 ooooooooooooo oo ADSOZZ3 1tlna Abbats: Ke, Cleo, '2 CMA 11 12 Senor' .aazor 12 Soawsr ClCD 10. " . :ec C cc 12 Young Lfe xml 1 1 12 Car'1::a1gr'ers. 12 .- lr-" 1 1 12, Fel: Play, 1 1.12 Asst . -1,12' Snr ng rv1..s1ce1 1 1 State Ivlan Q'-3"a 1u'.C,'v5'OD 9 Laann Adan-ua: Pv1arcr11'1g Band S 10 1 1,12. F ag Tear 12 Mtofsaal Adarna: Soarwsr Club. 10. SCA. 10. rg,--Q gre 10 1 1 12 Richard Adina: Nresung. 10 Bord'lAllC'1: N1ar1:r'1r1QBanO 9.10 1 1 12 Cor'- Sano 10 1 1 12. Sonng Mus-cal 1 1 Kathlssn Allls: Coouecvee. 10,1 1. lcatln Club. 10 1 1 12 JoNar'yArnaa: Adv 9871019 10,11 12. .Jazz Bgng 9 10 1 1 12 Pv1arcr'1ng Band 9 10 -1 12 Own- Manor, 1 1 12 Sr czegona. Benq 11 12 fv1aor1gB15, 11,12, Sr- Flegonal Chorus 11 12 State Chorus, 1 1 12 Honors Cro' '2 Scf'1r1gN11.e1ca1, 9 10 1 1 121C C. ' 1 Ciervfan Clog 1 1 Taleu-15 Snow 9 1 1 12 3c.errorsN1agnetScroo:'orU1eAr'ts 11 12 McDonald S A11 AFWBPICBF Hgh School Band 12 Corbrstt Arnosx GOI' Team. 9 Gerfnan Club. 'CJ 1 1 Senor Serator 12 Jason : vvnesuvrg, 10 Alsola Andraws: F1e1o Hoc-e, 9 SCA S 10 12 N1155Co1 Pageant 9 1 1 Young 1,1'e 1 1 Cross Country 10, Horv1e1:ofv'1f:Q Cor-'1nr1r3r,ee 12 f:OxFBl:P1Or1SV1Ow 9 1O Drorw rfoarrab 1 1 Sarah Ashton: E1-ecutue Councw WC 11 12 Prear'rar1C1aaeTreaaurer Ke,C'..o B Trias 10 1 1 12 cabo Cleo 10 1 1 Na1.1c1r'1a1 Honor 50095, 1Q 1 1 12 Downer uurvf3fa.ffw.3n 12 Vearbook 9 Cea5Sec:'. En 105.1 1 Asst Eo 12 Yourfg 1.1'e 10 11 12 Cernrnogners 10 'E Ayrnond: OECA 12 Soar-er Club. 10 1 1 Young L-fe 12 Dlslan Badawla French Club. S. Soar-15' Cub 1CJ VJAS. 11, Fune APL5 Club, 1? Crystal Bsgby: Spaman Club. 9 10 11. COE, 12, SCA. S. FBLA 9 12 Hsnry Baksrx Soar1cvfC1ub. 1 1. 12 Nloholaa lslovloh: Football, 10. Wrestlung, 10: .woeo Club 1 1 12. FBLA. 12. Junlor Ach1e1err1er1t 12 Chr-tstaphar Ianlma: Cross Country. 9.10: ln- 'Joor T'-ec' 9 10 Latun Club 9.10, DECA. 12 Mark lsrksrx Footbau, S. Baseball, 9.10.1 1. Co Capt 12 State and Flegouml Gyrnnggguc Qrarv1p.Or1 liocrwr r1Nat.of1 Winds Barnard: For'er151ca 10 C3yf'1f1aB51CB. 9. CNAA 17 12 Track 10 F'13r'1ghC1uD. 10.11, SCA 9 FHA. 9 Mynlts Bsrnss: PHA 9.10: FBLA. 9 10 11 12 SCA 10 Puwderpuff, 12 Wayns larrlnsau: Tennua, 10,1 1,12. l.Bt1n 1' . ,tl 1 2 Klr-stan Isurnu Latun Club. 9: SCA. S. Jr ALr11efufrr1w1L 1 1.12. Young L.1l'e. 12 Lawrunealaylssl Thaao1anSoc1ety.10,1 1,12. 6 H1 5113, 1 O, 1 1 , 1 2, Sprrng Nluaucal 1 1,12, bo rr-1110 sSchool. 12. SCA. 10. Forensvca. 1 2 Iowan lsashamu BBBKBEDBII, 1 1,12, SCA. 'J 10. Soonlsh Club. 9 Juls lsaahboardr Drama. 9.10. Talon. 10. Falcon Pr-ess. 1 O. Natuonal Honor Socuety. 10,1 1, ROP, 10, 1 1 lrysnlxlrda V-Gao Club. 9. Corvmoutar Club. 9 lksllsss lsngsonu FBLA. 9.10.1 1,12. French Club. 9. 10. Junoor- Honor Soclaty. 9. Young Lure. 12. Who's Who Arvvong Arnarlcan Hlgh School Studswts liar! lsrgscrvrm Debuts. 1 1,12. Soon-sh Club. 12, W-ngsoan. 12 Jdun DECA. 12. Gorrnaru Club. S Johnlaato Jazz Band. 9. 1 0.1 1,1 2.Syrv1ohon1c Band. 10. 1 1. 12. Concert Band. 9, N1arch1ng Band, 9. 1 0.1 1.1 2, Gorman Club. 9.1 1. Cornouzar Club. 9. Vucleo Club. B lsorgs lladl Football. 9. 10, 1 1,1 2. Baseball. 9. 10. 1 1, 12 Tllnodvy Wrasulng. 9. Journaluam, 1 2 Phrlsls llsdsosu Cr-cor-laadung. 9. 1 O. Student Councnl, 10, Ysarbook, 10.12, Show Chorus. ' "1 Ammon Ilousonu Coouetus, 1 1. 12 Co-Cool. . " '1'111nf11. 17111 YP Vuca-Pr9s.SCA.10.1 1. 1 -1- .1 .u- 1.11.1 1 1,1 Vfqnch Club. 'n1'.1'1.'l1..1l'1u.,11111',u..-yu-1.11111 12, '.1111, . .1 1'1'11.'11111,l1u-1111-1.11111 "nf l'11. ' 12' lnu,111,u1',lu1n 11 '.-..1,11.1. .. 11111 11...-f.1f1'1..,, 11111 Todd lonlluau Jw--1 1 , 'u 111 11 1.1 '.1x:1tnr. 'I 'ww'-ul-'F 1' 11"-1.-1111'1.r1'l,12.Laun '. .11 '.' 1f.11'. ' 1. 1 Lylvl.0lglano1!J'11r.J1' 1- .11111 11' 1. '.v .11nf.-u. '..-1 1,1 '.u11n1111 1.' 1--..1u...1., 111:1lu111.,u.1'ff-1.-. 111.4 ,u11'.,1 1.'1-.., '.l11l1 4.lnuv1llng1 1.' '.41nv 11,' I 1 11 l.' '.f-llll '11.11lf-1 12'll1f- 11 llllf- '1 '1'1l' 'r1'.1. . -... ...Ju,.,.... 11, u,,,.1..1 .. 1. 1,-1f.,,,.1..1l1,,vu 15- JavvsNorlallsrdul'.-11..u11.- .11 'l 111 u-.1,1 u 'u 111 f1..111J111'1'u111111.'1,n1-.1u111111--1- 11,11 u,11,rf1A11111l1l1, N111-lr-Hlfl '.' N111 12111.11 A ff-f 111Uf-1-u-- 1 leur ',.r.,., ',r.,.g,...1u. Dsnlaa loaluou '.1f- 'l 111 l'-111-fr' all Senior Stats S. 1 0 1 1 Young L1fe.S.1 0,1 1 1 2 Soccer. 10. Powder Puff, 1 1.12, Soamsn Club. 1 1. DECA. 12. Fllng Dance Cornrn . 1 1 Mark Bowan: Indoor Trac-. 10 1 1,12. Outdoor Track. 9.10.1 1 . 12 3060450 Club. 9 Evstts Bowsar: Chorus, S. Trafarv Poses lSor-or-utyl. 10. at I C Norcorr' Coxstta Brannon: SCA Horreroorn Fleo . S. 10. 1 2. Honwecorwng Cornrwttee. 1 0 Soon- -sn Club, 1 0. FBLA. 12 Claudia Briaallz Talon, 10 Fall Play, 1 1,12. French Club 9.10, Trees 1 1. Trees 12, Key Club, 1 O, 1 1 , 1 2, Tnesouans, 1 1,1 2, Powder Puff, 1 1.12 Spf-1r-19 Nlus1ca: 1 1. Prom Comrwttee Cnawvnan. 1 2 Joy Bratohan FBLA, 1 1,12, FHA. 12 Pstsr Brinkman: Tenn-s. S. 1 0.1 1.12. Latln Crum. 1 1 Young Lufe. 1 1.12. Soamsh Club. S: FBLA. 12 Karl Broooks: Cr1eer1eao1r1Q. 10. 1 1. Caoraun. 12, Homeccrwng Court. 9. 1 1: Hornecornlng Cornrv11ttee.S 10.11.12 SCA. 9.10.12: Ex- ecutlve Councw, 1 2. ICC. 1 2. Fueld Hockey-1-JH. 9 K. Dana Brown: Soence Club. 1 2: Hornecormng Corvunlmtee 12, Natuonal Honor Socnaty. 10, 1 1, 1 2. T-oewarer Sclence Congress. 1 1: VA .lr Ana.-Jerry of Scnence. 1 1. Soanueh Club. 9 10. .J V Guuz Bowl Teern, 10: Nioot Court. 10 Ed-L-ng Yeanw, 10. Nlath Team. S Klmbsrly Brown: Executlve Councul, 1 1, 12. .Jumor Clase Secretary. Soenuah Club. 1 1, 12: F1ne Arts. 12, FBLA. 12. Young Lufe. 1 1, 12: Model UN. 1 2. Senuor Class Fundrausung Cnaur- WHH. SCA RED-. 1 O, Thesolans. 10: Senuor- F loat Cornrnuttee. VSCA Conference Cornmucree, Prom Cornrmtree, 12: Homecom- -ng Cornrnuttee. 1 2 Ronda Brown: Soanush Club. 10.1 1.12. Key Club. 1 1, Jefferson Club. 1 1 , SCA Flep., 1 0. 1 1 . Executrve Councul. 1 2, Tldewater Scuence Faur, 1 1, Young Lufe. 1 1. DECA. 125 Spaclal Olyrnplc Volunteer, 10 Vlotorls lrowm Drama Club. S: Indoor Track. 10, 1 1 . Outdoor Track. 10: Wungeoan Co- edntor. 12, Falcon Press Actuvltres Edlror. 12. Whoa Who Among H.S. Students Wllllsm lrownlowx Leon Club. 9.10. VP 1 1: TAFIS. 1 'I . 1 2: Debate, 1 1 , 12: Wfestlung. 1 Og ICC. 1 1 . 1 2. Executlve Councll. 1 2: Chess Club. 10. Sec. 1 1, Semor Class Vrce Prealdent Jsnnlisr Bryson: Concert Band. S. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2: Marchnng Band. S. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2: French Club. 1 1 . 12: Put Orchestra for lvluaucal 1 1 Btsvsn lurks: SCA Flap. . 1 Cl: Senuor Senator, 12: Debate. 1 1,12 Jsmas lurrltt: Latln Club. S. Tennus. 9.10.1 1.12. Sku Club. 10,1 1. Model UN, 12: SCA. 12.Horr1ecorhung Cornrnlttee. 12, Prom Cornmlttee. 12 Pstrlok Burton: Golf. 1 2 Nals Carlstrornz Wrestllng. 9: VOlI8ybBll. 10: German Club. 9. 1 0: Latan Club. 1 1 Haathsr Carmlohaals Spanueh Club. 9.10: FBLA, 1 1: Fl-lA. 1 1, LJDPBYY Club. Sec 9. Pres. 1 0: Wlngsoan Staff, 1 1: German Club. 1 1 Psrnala Cac-tar: FBLA, 1 1,12 Krlatln lr Cheer-leedung. 9, Hornecorn- ung Court. B. Powder Puff, 12 loott Chambsrsx Baseball, 1 1 . 1 2 Blok Chapman: Concert Band. B: Syrnohonlc Band. 1 O, 1 1,1 2, lvlarchlng Band. 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2: Jazz Band. 1 1 . German Club. 1 1. SCA Rep. 1 2 Dysn Chllaottl FBLA. 1 1,12. DECA. 1 1, 12: FHA. 1 1. Lubrary Club. 9: SCA. 10 Mlahslls Clsnfranlx Track. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . French Club. 12 Robln Clarlu Concert Cnolr, S,10, Flna Arte Club. 10. 1 2. Nladrlgala, 1 1 , 12, Flegnonel Chorus. S. 1 1, Sprung FAUBICBI, 1 1g Young Lufe. 9, 1 O, 1 1, 1 2 Jsolnta Coggin: FHA. S. Spanlah Club, 9. 10, End VP 1 1. Soanuah Danclng, S. 10. House Manager. 1 1 . Stage Nlanagar. 1 2 loot! Cohan: fv1arch1r1g Band. 9,1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. ln- door- Track. 10. 1 1,12. Outdoor Track. 1 1, French Club. 9, Wroathng. 9 Ansdlquo Collins: Track. 9, CMA. -lo, FHA 9, 1 2 Llss Csoln Band. 9,1 O, French Club 10, 1 1,12 Ynnrbook, 1 1.12, Key Club. 9 Wsndsll Cosanaax SCA Pr-aa 12, Exacutuve Councll. 1 1. Soon Clnaa Troaa , Football, 10, Dobaus. 1 1, 12, Nlodol UN, 1 1, 12, JaHarsor'1 Club, 1 1, Boys State. 12. Tldowausr Raglon SCA HUD . 1 P. Fell I-'lay 1 2. Gorman Club. 9.1 0. fouflq L1'o,9,1O,1 1.12 Paul Crlswalll Spnnunh Club. S,1O,11, Horv1ocorv11nQ Cornrvwutusa, 10, 12, V.lA'1 1 1 Hsatnsrllrvotsu Lamln Ii1.,u. 111511111 1:1 KathyCrowdar-1'-11.11 1... u.1.1..u.'111 1,1 -.111 'u 111 l111r- A1v1.1 1..11 '1 111 1.1 1.11. M1111 31111111-1.vr.1-11. 17 1,1 1f1.,.,.1.-111.,-1 11 1.11. u-- 1l1,r'l11111--11 11 1.1 vu-.111--111s '.u.1v' 11 1,1 111-1111,,11'-1 ll l.' 1--fr.-11.11111 1.1, 11 Wu1.,., 'NP1u1A111u111u1fl1u ..-1 1l1.,1 '.. 11.1.11 '.u,,.1,.,,,., lIll.f4 l.'luu.l.u111'.l111.A.l'1u1-1111111.11 1.1 Collsan Crowlayu 1-u-, 1 11111 '1 1 1 vl1uu1l111u1l ll 1,- wlllls Dsshsr, Jr-.u .fu-1-.11, '.u1 1... 11111 1..,.u 1.1u1..111u 1.11111 ll 1.- v.,..111,1.r.. ul 1,1 u-.1,1 11,11 1.1 111.11-11...u1.1..11u-uf 1.- u11,.1..-..1.1111..,1.11-11111uu.-.1 l.' Dsnlsl David: Latln Club. S, 1 0.1 1 , 1 2. Golf, 10.1 1.12. CMA. 11,12 Mlehasl Davldson: Wrestllng. S. 1 0.1 1. 1 2. Foouaall. S,10. 1 1,12 Allaon Davla: Yearbook Staff. 9.10. Soanush Club. S. 10: FBLA. S. 1 0. JETS Tearn. 1 1, SCA. 1 1. DECA. 1 2. Execuove Counc11, 1 2. CNIA. 1 2: Scuenoe Out: Sec . 1 2. Sen-or Class Sec VJAS. 1 1: TSC. 1 1. Powder Puff, 1 2 :ng Cornrnrttea. 1 2 Chrlatl Dlvls: French Club. S, 1 O, 1 1. SCA. S.1O.12: ICC. 10: Fune Arts Club. VP, 10. Falcon Press. Asst. Ed. 1 1 . Edutor. 1 2 Wrngapang FBLA, 1 1 . 1 2: Senor Senator Traoybavls ColorGuard. 9.10.1 1. Capt. 12. Nladngala. 9. 10.1 1. 12:Gerf11an Club. 1 1, 12: French Club. 9: Talon, 1 1. 12: .Junuor Aohuevernent. 11: Powder Puff. 1 1.12 Mlohslls Dasnx French Club. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 12: Church Actuvutles. S. 10. 1 1: Key Club. 10.1 1.12: Coouettes. 1 1.12: SCA. 1 12 Hung Dance Cornrnrttee. 1 1: Senior Senator: Pr-orn Cornrnuttee. 12 Howard Daolzsr: Nexus Club. S: DECA. 1 1 . 1 2 Ddlnla DIlld'd Foodtlell. 1 2 Jlll Dlttrlaln Yearbook. 9. 1 2: Cheerleadung. 10, 1 1: SCA Par-luarnentarlan. 1 1: Natlonal Honor SOCIEW. 1 1 . 12 Mary Dobson: Natlonal Honor Socrety. 10. 1 1. 12. Forensucs. S. 10, 1 1,12: Yearbook, 9.10.1 1. 12. SCA. 9.10.1 1.12: Executlve Councll, 1 1 , 125 French Dub. S. 10: Key Club, 1 0. 1 1 z Sprung Musucsl. 9. 1 O. 1 1. Honors Cho-r. 1 2. Hornecornung Court. 12: Thesplans, 1 2 Chsrla Donato: Cheerleadlng, 9.10: Track, 9. 1 0: Cross Countw. 9. 1 0: French Club. 9. 10: Talon. 9. 1 Og Forensuca, 9, 10: Powder Puff. 1 1: TAFIS. 1 1 . 1 2: Latln Club. 1 1 . Scaance Club. 1 1: lvlodel UN. 12 Paul Doylsa Latun Club. 1 1: Soccer. 10.1 1. Capt. 12: Jr. Float: Hornacomlng Comm.. 125 Young Llfe, 1 1 , 1 2 John Dustln: Football. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 25 Baskemall, 1 0: SCA. 9. 1 0: Executuve Councul. 1 1 : Sr. Class Trees.: FBLA. 1 15 Powder Puff, 1 1 . 12: hllarquee Comm.. 1 1: VJAS, 1 1. Young Lufe, S. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2: Carnpalgnera. 1 O. 1 1: Leaoershro Workshop. 12 Dawn Dunagsnx SCA. 12: DECA. 1 1,12 Nlsllssa Edmondson: Art Club. 9. 10: SDIFIC Club. 9.10: French Club. 10: Varsuty Soccer. 9.10: JV Basketball. 9: Coquettas. 1 2: Homecomung Float. 12: DECA. 12: FHA. 1 2: German Club. 1 2: Denclng. S. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2 Chrlstlns Edwards: Sprung Muaucal. 9: French Club. 10: CNIA, 10: Powder Puff, 1 1. 998111511 Club. 1 2: Senuor Senate. 1 2: Key Club. 1 0. 1 1 . Sec. 12: Yearbook. 1 1 sectuon edutor, 12, Nlnss Cox Pageant Chaurmen. 12. Student of the Month. 1 2: TSC. 1 1 -second place Holly Edwards: Cheerleader. 1 1 , 12: French Club. 10. 1 1 . SCA Rep. 9, 1 1: Powder Puff, 1 1 . Key Club, 1 2 Kathy Edwsrdax French Club. S: Drama Club. 9: Spenlsh Club. 1 2: Dance Corrurmttee. 1 2: Nlarchlng aana Guard. 12: SCA Flap.. 12: Homecornung Float. 12 Laura Edwards: Flald Hockey. 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2: Basketball. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Softball, 1 Cl: Soanueh Club. 10 Todd lhrsnxallsrx Football, 10. 1 1 , 12 lsrbsra llllott: Band, 9. 1 0. 1 1, 1 2. Flags, 1 1.12: Foranenca. 10. 1 1. 12: NHS. 1 1. Sec.. 12: SCA Flap., 1 1: Execut1veCounc1l. 1 2: CMA. 10,1 1.12: Powder Puff, 1 1.12 Ksvln llllsx VVYGBUIHQ. 1 0. 1 1. 1 2: Baseball, 1 Og Football. 1 O. 1 1 1 Student Gov't. 1 0: Latln Club. 12: TASS. 12: Young Llfa. 1 1 . 1 2 ltaphsnla lmsrsonl Fuald Hockey. cept 9. Softball, 9: French Club, S.1 0: FBLA. 10.1 1.12: FHA. 12: Key Club. 1 1 Rhonda lvsraollu Chaerlaadung, 1 0. 1 1, Who'a Who Among An-uerucan l-hgh School Students. 12: Vldeo Club Kavln Faltyu Football. 9.10: Basa- ball. S. 10. Journallsrn, 1 1 . Wungapan. 1 1. Llbrary Club. 12 lrlsn lsntrsssl Basketball. 10, 11.12 David Fsrgusanu Modal UN. 1 1 . Gorman Club. 9.10, 1 1, Marthung Band. 9. 10. 1 1. 12, Con- cert Band. 9. 10. 1 1,1 2. Jazz Band. 9, 10. 1 1. 1 2. Sprlng Musucal S. 1 1 . 12: Younn Llfo. '10. 1 1 , RQQIOHQIBBDU. 10. 1 2, fv1r,3D0r1rlIr1'r1 All Amar-scan Hugh S1-mmol Flnml, 1 1, 1:-' Douglas Fsrguaonu Cmumu-n Club, 9, Yu-nrbnon. lllllll1A,1I' Anna Fllarx P11-ull hllluuh, ICI 11, l'HlA 11 krw 1311111 11, 1:11, Y--uuu-110111. Sum 1 1,1l'. l'll1ll'lr1v, 12' fulul1l1UfV11All1trII I 1 SIQA. 1 1 Plaros Flsrnlngn V1-nl K1 El I 1.-11411 Lllulu SJ, llll A ll' fQllA5Ingu 12' Mgrllggi Fgggrgx Fr'vr11l1l.lu1l1, il 1LJ 1 1,19 Wuuwllavv l'11H, 11, 1l', IIQA, 13.19. Vuulug l1lr'. 111 11' I'lull11 llnrvwrrlulhlvlv, 12' 1111111414 Ul""'ll luu1u111111u-u- 13' .lanaForrQstarnlIl1u-vuul, Sl lll, UCLA IU, In-1: vwlnrvl 11.11 ll l.'ll1lA 11 Kathyloalnall1uvlull1c1ul-ny,U.lll,ll,1np1 l2'. Ilnruhuvllunll lll 11, l2', kuullllrrll, Ll 1l,l 1 l H' lllA 1.'lIlll'k,l2'f-ilQA'Xl1ug1 lllll' Jsffsry Fostarl luulllnll, fl 1U I1 SHA. 'l lll ll Chrls llountalnu l1uu11l1n11 111 1 1 l.'. Hum-mmll, 12, Gerrnan Club. S. 10. 1 1 llans Foaard: FBLA. 1 1,12 Jarrl Fr-lsdsarn: CMA. S. l-lust. 10. Sec 1 1, VP 12. Gerrnan Club. S. 10. Lawn Club. 1 1. Volley- ball, 9. 1 0,1 1,1 2, Gurl's B-ball rngr 1 0. Basket. ball. S. Softball, S. 10: JA. 12, Young Llfe Blcsy Fr-oat: Falcon Press Staff, 1 1 . Wungspg-1, 12, Coouettes. 12, Nluss Cox Pageant, 1 15 Powder Puff. 1 1, Soanush Club. S.10: Cheerleadung. 9. 10 Dsvld Fulksrson: Wrestlung, 9.1 O, 1 1,1 25 French Club. S. 1 0.1 2. FOOCDEII, 1 1, Newspaper. 12. SCA Fleo., 12 Laura Gardlnaru French Club. 1 2: l-lor-necomung Comm , 12. Scu- ence Club v1ce-Pres . 1 2 Vlator Gardlnsr: Tr-ack. 9.10: Football. 10. Basketball. S, 10 Tsrssa Barratt: Soanush Club. 9.10, Gym- naams. 9: CMA. 10. 1 1. DECA. 1 1, Powder Fkrff. 11.12: ung Cornrn, 12. FBLA, 12: Fashuon Show. 1 1 Jsnnlfar-Gd'rls: Youngufe. 9.10.1 1.12.5001- ogy Club. 9: Latun Club. 1 1. 12: Powder Puff, 1 1, 12:CN1A. 12: FBLA. 12: JAVioe-Pres., 12 Gonna Gaston: Track. 9.10.1 1: FBLA, 9.10.1 1.12:Po1Nder'f?.uff. 9.10 Gsrtlllaylor: Classl-hatorlen. S: FuneAr1sClub. 10: Flrng Dance Cornrn.. 1 1: Powder Fhff. 11: NHS. 1 1 . 1 2: Horneoornung Corrurn.. 1 2: Frswch Club. S. Secretary 10. Prasudanr. 11.12: Kay Club. 9.10.1 1.12: VJAS. 1 1 Katls sgnsr: DECA. 1 1. 12: Young Llfo. S. 10. 1 1. 12 Dwldrtlllbbsu Gerrnan Club. 9.10,11.12 Robin Ullman: Basketball, 10: Soonuah Club. 9. 10. 1 1: LubraryClubTraas.. 1 1: PowderFN.:ff. 1 1.12: SCA. 9.10.1 1.121 FBLA. 12: DECA. 1 2 Sharon Blah: French Club. S. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2: Coouettes. 1 0.1 1. Cant. 1 2: Key Club. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2: Young Llfe. S: FBLA. 10. 12: Who's Who Among Arnerlcan Hugh School Students. 1 1: Falcon Press. 'I 1: Exchange Ed. 12: Dance Comm.. 1 1 Joann Gluokowskl: Cross Country. 10.1 1:10- door Track. 10. 1 1: Outdoor Track. 10.1 1 Trioss Godwin: DECA. 1 1.12: FBLA. 10.11: Powder RJR. 1 1,12: DECA Presudant. 12 Usa Goodall: Fleld Hockey. S: Basketball. S: SCA. 9.1 1.12: French Club. 9: Soph. Dsl.. 103 FBLA. 12: DECA. 11.12: Who's Vvho Arnong Arnarucan Hugh School Students. 1 2 RHIIQQQIWII Smenoe Club. 11: Dabata. B Gsdrlallraya Football, 1 1,12: Wreetirng. 9.123 Track. 12: Powder Puff Coach, 12 LCP. rsbsn CMA. 10. 1 1 . 1 2: French Club. 10. 1 1: FBLA. 10: SCA. 10: Powder Puff. 1 1 . 1 2: Latln Club. 1 1 . 12: TARS. 122 Wlngapan, 12 Tom Grsaoryx Golf. 9.10.1 1,12: Wrvstlung, 10.1 1. 12: Young Llfa. 1 1,12: VIUOO Club. 121 TARS. 12: SCA. 12 Jsnnlhr Gunnar-au French Club. 9.10.1 1.122 Sorlng Nluaucal. S. 1 0. 1 1 . 12: Fall Plev. 1 0. 1 1: Thasp1ans.10,1 1.12: Coquettes. 10,1 1: Fow- cler- Puff, 1 1,12: Falcon Press. 1 1.12: Kay Club. 1 1: Storybook Thaalto. 10. 1 1: 009-ACU Play. 10. 1 1 LCP. Grubhsl Soccer. Cant. 9. 1 Cl. 1 1 . 1 2: Cheeneadung, 1 Cl: French Club. 9. 10. 1 1 . 1 2: SCA. 1 1 Jsnnls Hsdflaldu Soccer. B: Chaarlaadmg. 9: Flne Arts Club. 10: Vldoo Club. 12: FHA. 12 lllbbath Halal Nlarcheng Band. 9,10.1 1.12. Concert Bond, 121 French Club. 10. 1 1,121 SCA. 10: Wl'10'l who Arvvong Arnarrcan Hlgh School Students. 12 .Ill Halayu Wrestlung. 10. 1 1,12: Audlo Vususl. 1 O. 1 1 lhud Hallam Sprung PIBY. 10: Flll Play. 12: Thaaouana, 12 lrlsn Hamm: Soccer. 9.12: Cross Country. 1 2: Indoor Track. 1 2 Marilyn Hunan: Dance and Orall Tsarn. 9: Gym- nasucs. 10: FBLA Hlstonsn. 12 lussn Hsrdsru Key Club. 10.1 1.12: Fronoh Club. 9. 10, 'I 1 Usa Hannon: Sosnrsh Club. 9: Chasrlasdar. S. 1 1. 12: Young Lufa. 10. 1 1: Latln Club. 1 1: FHA. 12:Po1wdsrPuH. 12 Idhdrs Harrison: FYQHCN Club. Q. 10. 1 1. Ecol- ogy, 10: FBLA, 10. DECA, 12, Gyrvuuuetucs MW, 10 Katrina Hasslmanl Soctur-, 9. 10. 1 1.12. F11-rr1z:h Club, S. 10. Lnt.1n Club, 1 1, Kay Club. 1 1, 12, TAPS, 1P,VV1r1gl-lnnrx, IP, Yulnu, 10. In door' Truck, Q. Tnlurvt Show, 9. Glfu1dPrv.1gl'nf11. Fi, 10.1 1.19, l3'r.1wn1erl7uH, 1 1,18 Christophsr Hayaal Sulirnr. U, l-111111-ls Club. H, 1U VVrWir1l.l1r1gj, EJ, 1O. 1 1, SCA, 1 1, 12, KBV lfInul1, 111, lfluh Bnhalu. 1 1, lncrxumus, 10, 11 Klrnbsrly Haynlsl Nl 15, ICJ. l 1. 19. Kay Club. Ei, lil, l 1 'IQ' Frfvrlth lllllb, U,1Cl, LMUII Club. 1 1, IP, Youruu Lulu, SJ. lfl, 1 l, 129, Lllvnnrlnndunq. 10,1 1,11-1, ljyvvlunlulll 11, Sl,'IU,11, Cnul. 12. llurnnl 1111111143 Cl . 1 1, 129. VA Cilrln Auxll1l'lf'y Hlntv, 1 1, SCA, 12-', I-HA, 19, VVl1u'n Who Anuuuu Arvmr1u'nr1 lluqlw 517111101 Sturiunul. 12 H0000 Hodapathl Elcvuknllmnll, EJ. Band. 9. 10 Audrsy Hsrnsndslu Advnru-nd Sand. 55,10 11, 113, lrnrw-vrxnurul. 8.10.1 1 , 113, Dnbnlld. 1U, 1 1. lirnuiuntunuu Curnrvw , CxuL:uL1vn Councll. 51,10 11,19 li1r'I'n 5l.nI.0. 12, Tudnvvnher' Cllnllurugn. IP. I vwmlu L-llnnn Vnzn F-'run , French Club. U, Ill, Nrlf-j, 1LJ. 1 1, Illini 19. Key Club. SENIORSTATSoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5. Nl 5 lf' II. :Ls NW PI' 3 IU' si. ll' TAN' Ml-l l'5 10111 Ita Q5- Hal 53.1 5'I 9 'I Ja: 51: Dun Tn Elec We 111 I. . 3-: CJ1 Ill Yen 'Fee I-In Ilull Gem D111 Ease 111 VII Tum lit 12 1 Sm hurl DJ: Ori YC ,uf FSA hnl E.. Vql Ut! 'YC Till Pam 1 FreA 1253 Cwc Hs Ussi F1011 Killl N hx :1'1 Ulrll: . Pd Inu, 1 FIVM1 :Mn New Warm UNM 11 l 11 W111u,,, luun 5 11 . .1 1... , O 1 1 1, ICC. S, Who'-:S Who Among Amerlcr-in Hugh School Students, 1 1 Buzanna Haabolx Cheerleadsng, U, 10, 1 1, Hep Club, S, Msxed Chorus, S, Varssty Club, 1 0, Band, 10, Newsletter Staff, 11, BETA Club. 1 1, Dsstsngusshed Anwerscan Hugh School Student, 1 1, VVho's Who Among Arn:-rfsmznn Hugh School Students, 1 1, French Club, 1 2 Sarah Haaa: Key Club, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, NHS, 1 1, 12, Powder Puff, 1 1, SCA, 1 1. 12. Spf-install Club. 1 1, Talon, B, 10, Asst Ed 11, Ed 12, Msss Cox Pageant Co-Chesrman. 1 2 Noll HIII: FBLA, 12 Pain Hlnrnan: Young Lsfe, S,10, French Club. 10.1 1, Key Club, 10.11, Latsn Club, 12. Homecomsng, 1 1, 1 2 Coollla Hodgoa: Adv Band, S, 1 0, 1 1, 1 2 Maroua Holman: Wrestlung S, 1 0, 1 1, SCA, 10, Sensor Senator, 12 Stavan Holt: Latsn Club, S, 1 0 Tammy Huddlaatonz DECA, 1 1,12, FHA. 1 1 , 1 2 Mauraan Anna Hunt: Spanssh Club, 12, TAPS. 1 2, Yearbook Staff, 1 2, Basketball, S, 1 0. Volleyball, 1 1 Kannath C. Jaeobaan: Track, S, 10. Latsn Club, 12, German Club, S, 1 0 Katrlna D. Jarnaa: FBLA, 1 1 , 1 2, CDE. 1 2 Hanry M. Johnaon, IV: Band, S. 10. AIASA, 1 1 Holly G. Johnaon: Merchnng Band, S, Color Guard, 1 1,1 2, French Club, S. 1 0, DECA, 1 2, Young Lufe, 1 2, Psng Dance Comm , 1 1, Prom Comm , 12, Powder Puff, 1 2 Robaooa Johnaorl: CMA, 1 2, Latsn Club, S, Powder Puff, 1 2 Gaorga Kapoa: Spanssh Club, S, 1 0. German Club. 1 1,1 2, FBLA. 1 1 . 1 2 Kathryn Kaafar: DECA, 1 1 , 1 2 Mlchalla Kant: Spanssh Club, S, 1 0, Cross Country, S, 1 0, Dutdoor Track, B, 1 CJ. 1 1,1 2, Indoor Track, 1 2, Wsnd Ensemble. S,10.1 1 , 1 2, Marchsng Band, S.10,1 1. 122 .Jazz Band, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Pep Band. S.10.1 1.1 2, Drama Club, S, Sks Club, SQ Glee Club. 1 1, Chosr, B. 1 0,1 1.1 2, Musucal. S, 1 2 Tara Klm: French Club, S, 1 0,1 1 Vuce Pres., 1 2. Exec. Counc,, 1 1 , 1 2. NHS, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Who's Who Among Hugh School Students, Key Club. 10, 1 1 , 1 2, Latsn Club. 1 0,1 1, Scsence Club. 1 1,121 CMA, 1 1.12: ModeIU,N., 12. TSC, 1 1- 3rd place, VSL. 1 1, Latsn Con.. 1 1, Sprsst Comm- 1 1 Kally Klnoald: Basketball. B, 1 Cl. 1 1 Capt.. 1 2, Tennus. S. 1 0,1 1 , 1 2: Latsn Club, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2: "Falcon Press", 1 0, 1 1 , Powder Puff, 1 2 Larry Klng: Football, 1 1 , 1 23 Latsn Club, 1 0,1 1 Mlohalla Kltohana: Basketball, S. 1 0.1 1 , 1 2 Capt, Chrlatophar Kmat: Wrestlsng, S, 1 D. 1 1 , 1 2, Baseball, S, French Club, 1 0, German Club. 1 1 , 1 2 Wlllldn Knudaon: JA, 1 1 , 1 2, Scsence Club, 1 2, Talon photographer. 1 2 Mark Kravohak: Wrestlsng, 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2 Mlka Larnba: Wrestlsng, S. 1 CJ. 1 1 Cralg Loop: Football, 12, Track and Fseld, 12 Rabacoa Lamburg: Freshman Class Vuce Pres., DECA, 12, Exec. Councsl, 1 2, NHS Leadershlp Conference. S, Annual Speech Fest. S, Homecomsng Comm., 1 0 Charlaa Llndauar: French Club. 9.10, Latsn Club. 1 1, Exec. Councsl, 12, Sensor Senator Chrlltlno Lloyd: DECA, 1 1 . 1 2, FBLA, 1 1, FHA, 1 0 Hoon Luoaa: French Club. S. 1 1 , Coquettes, 1 0, FBLA, 12: Wsngspan. S, Falcon Press, 1 1 Jannlfar Luoaa: Sprung Track. S1 French Club. 10,1 1, Key Club. 1 1, Talon, 1 1, NHS. 1 1,12 Vice Pres.: Latsn Club. 1 1,12 Treas., Young Lsfe, 1 1 ,12, Exec. Councul. 12, l.C.C., 12, Lead- ershsp Workshop, 1 2 Toby Lucy: Football, 1 1 , 1 2, Latun Club, 1 1, Powder Puff, 1 1 S. 12. coach Llaa MacDonald: Photog- raphy Club, S, Volleyball Club, S:DECA,10.1 1,12 Nall-Garwood MaeEacharn: French Club, S, 1 0,1 1 Sec.: Fsne Arts Club. 1 D: Talon, S, 1 0.1 1. Copy Ed., 1 2 Sensor Co-Ed,, Forensscs. 1 0,1 1, 1 2, Exec, Councsl. 12, Key Club. 10,1 1 Jr, Flap., 12 Pres., NHS, 1 1 . 1 21 Sensor Prom Hostess, 1 1. Muse Cox Pageant, 1 1 1 st Punner-Up, Leader- shsp Workshop, 1 2, Governors School, 1 2 Kalll Malloy: Gymnastucs, S, 1 0, Foresgn Lan- guage Club, S, 1 O, 1 1, 'l 2, Spur-ft Club. S, 1 0, De- bate, 1 1 , 1 2, Talon, 1 1 . 1 2, Scsence Club. 1 1 , 1 2, Homecomsng 1 2 Chaurman Garaldlna Marala: Fueld Hockey, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2 Capt . Softball, 1 0,1 1 . 1 2, SCA, 1 2, DECA. 1 2, Fashson Show, 1 1,1 2, Powder Puff, 1 2 Bally March: Sophomore Class Secretary, Thesplans, 10, 1 1 Sec , 12 Pres , Fall Play. 10, 1 1.1 2, Sprung Musscal, 1 1 , 1 2 Kay Marollaz German Club, 10. 1 1, 1 2, FBLA, 1 1.1 2, DECA, 1 2, Concert Band, 1 0,1 1, Flag Team, 1 1 Matt Nlaroon: DECA, 1 2, FHA, 1 2, Young Lsfe, 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2 Alac Marahall: Wrestlsng, 10, 1 1, Latsn Club, S,10,1 1,12, Nexus, S, Exec Councsl, 1 2, SCA. 1 1. TAPS, 12, Cross Country, 1 2, Wsnter Soc- cer, 12, Young Lsfe, 1 1,1 2 Warran Mathawa: Basketball Undo Maxwall: Chorus, S, FHA, 1 1,1 2, FBLA. 12, Spanssh Club, 1 1 Wllllam McCallum: German Club, 1 1 Buaan MoClallan: Key Club, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, French Club, S, 1 0,1 1, Young Lufe, 10,1 1 , 1 2, Campasgners. 1 0, Talon, S, 1 0,1 1,1 2 Co-Ed . NHS. 1 1 , 1 2. Sensor- Senator Haathor MoFlIlln: Huxlllsuull. 1 l 1, l 1.19. VII LA, 11,12, Powder' Pull, 1 1,124 Maggla MoKaon: rl-Bl A, 1ll, l 1, 121. lJl ILA, 1 1 , 1 2 Craig MoLaughlln: Bunsl-1-l,lsnll, El. 1ll, 1 1, 1L', Bnalzbull. 10, 1 1, 12, l Clulu, S, 10 Donlaa Mlokalaon: Spussm.h Club, SJ, l anus l Jllsls, 11,12, FaIlF1lay, 11Su1g44'Mr:usf:u1'u', lluzlruurrulvs mg, 12 Co Chasrmarw, Cullum-l.Lus,, 10 Erlo Mllby: L:-:Lan Club. S, SCA, 10, 1 1. PHI A, 12, Sensor Senator Dava Mlllnar: Current. Eyreustc, 10 Don Morrla: Tennus, S, Som.:-u-. S, JA, 1 1 Chrlatlna Morrlaaay: Spauvush Club, U, 10, 12. French Club, 1 1,12, Wsngspan, B. Thu-uf-.pus-susu-., 1 0.11,1 2, Key Club, 12, llnrvseconuuusg, 12. Spsrst Comrn , 12 Jannlfar Mayor: SCA, S, 10, 12, Ind Arm. Club, 1 1 Treas , Cheerleadsng, S, 10, 1 2. DECA, 10. Powder Puff, 1 2 Dan Murphy: Golf, 1 1. 1 2 Mlahalla Myara: Indoor, 10, 1 1, 1 2. Outdoor Track, B.10.1 1,12, MVF'. S,10,1 1. FHA, 12, SCA, 1 1, 1 2 Shannon Myara: Art Club, S, French Club, S, 10, Young Lsfe, 1 1, Powder Puff, 1 1, Fashson Show, 12, DECA, 12, Sensor Senator Bhawn Myara: Football, 12, VJAS, 1 1, JA, 12 Jannlfar Nalaon: Gymnastscs, 1 0. Spanssh Club, 1 0,1 1 . 1 2. 0ffsce Asde, 1 1 Krlatln Nalaon: French Club. 9,10, 1 1,12, Key Club, S,10.11,12, FHA, 12 Alan Norman: Latsn Club, 10, 1 1 . 1 2, TAPS. 1 2. Model UN, 1 2, Exec Councsl, 1 2, Cross Country, 1 2, Indoor S Dutdocsr Track, 1 2 Blll Nottlngham: DECA, 10, 1 1 , 1 2, Latsn Club. 1 1 Alvlrlna Novoa: Spanssh Club, 1 2, German Club. 1 2. Fsne Arts Club, 12 Kavln Dakaa: Cross Country. S. Track, S, Marchsng Band. S.10.1 1,12, .Jazz Band. 1 1,122 Concert Band. S. 1 0,1 1 , 1 2 Alan Oataa: FHA. 1 2, Football, S Jon Ddan: Forensscs. S. 1 0. 1 1, 1 21 Debate. S,1O.1 1,1200-Capt., Latsr'lClub, S,1O. 1 1 , 1 2. Model LIN, 1 1.1 2, TABS, 1 1 , 1 2, NHS. S. 1 1 , 1 2, SCA. 1 2, Graduatson Chaurman, Fundrasssng Comm., 1 1 Baoky Dglaaby: French Club. S: Symphonnc Band. S,10,1 1.12. Color Guard. S.10,1 1,12 Capt., Homecomsng Comm. S. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2: Sung Dance Comm., Sensor Prom Comm., Gradu- atson Comm., Powder Puff, 1 2, Model UN. 1 2. TSF, 1 1, VJAS. 1 1, Young Lufe. 1 2, Wsnter Guard, 1 2 Jafnaa Dllvar: DECA, 1 2 Paul D'Nall: Football, S Capt., 10, Baseball, S Capt., 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2, Latsn Club, S. 1 0, Spurst Comm., 12, Sensor Senator Blna Paohaoo: Latsn Club, S, Span- ssh Club, 10, FBLA, 1 1, DECA, 1 2 Frank Palarmo: Basketball, S.10,1 1,12,BasebaIl,10,1 1,12 Paco Palmar: Track. 1 0. 1 1, 1 2. Football, 1 1 Pam Paaoual: Spanish Club. 1 0, Latsn Club. 1 1.12, Key Club, 1 1, l.C.C., 1 1. CMA, 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2, SCA, 1 0, Sensor Prom Chaurman Sensor Senator, Adv. Band, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2 Sam Pavay: Spanssh Club. S. 1 1 , 1 2, Latsn Club, 10.1 1, Key Club. 12, Model UN, 12: SCA, S: Student Exchange, 1 0 John Paokana: Latsn Club, S. 1 0, Marchsng Bend. S,10.11,12,TAF1S, 12 Jannlfar Pannlngton: NJHS. S, Flsng Dance hostess, Latsn Club, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2. VICL. S. 1 0, 1 1,1 2: CMA, 1 0.1 1 , 1 2, Homecoming Comm., 1 1 , 1 2, Young Lsfe, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Scsence Club. 1 1,12, FHA, 121 SCA, 12, Softball, 12 Johnathan Parry: Wrestlsng, S, 1 0, 1 1. 1 2. Latsn Club. B Mark Pataraan: Football, S. 1 Cl, 1 1, 1 2 Capt , Wrestlsng, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Track, S,10,1 1,12, SCA, S. 1 0, 1 2 Boott Fataraan: German Club, S, 1 0,1 1, TAFIS. 12, Wsngspan, 12, Scsence Club. 12 Krlaa Phalpa: FHA, 1 0,1 2, DECA, 1 1.1 2, Latsn Club. 1 1 Lara Plaraonz Baseball. 1 0, 1 1, 1 2 Capt., Foot- ball, 1 0, Key Club, S, 1 0, Latsn Club, 1 0.1 1 , 1 2, Homecomsng Comm , S, 1 0, 1 1, Exec Councsl, 1 1, TAFIS, 12, Sensor Senator Carolyn Poa: Track S. Fseld, 1 1, 1 2, Flagbearer, 1 1, Stage Crew, 1 1, French Club, 1 2 Raven Pravatta: FHA, 10, DECA, 1 1.12, Caucassan. 1 0. 1 1, 12 Ellzabath Prodan: SCA, 10, Drama Club, 10. Soccer. 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2, Basketball, S, Powder Puff. 1 1 . 1 2 Suaan Rayflald: Latsn Club. S. FHA, S, 1 0. German Club, 1 1,1 2 Mary Raddlng: Spanssh Club, 1 1, FHA, 12, Gusdance Helper. 1 1 Anna Raaa: DECA, 1 1 , 12 Sec . Spanssh Club. 10, Latsn Club, 1 1, FBLA. 12 Chrlatlna Raynolda: Thespuans, 1 0, Fall Play, 1 0, Sprung Musscal, 1 0, French Club, 1 1 , Pow- der Puff, 1 1 Chrlata Rhudy: VICA, 1 1 , 1 2 Councsl Vsce Pres Lorl Flloel: SCA. S: Homecomsng Court, 1 0. Powder Puff, 1 1 , 1 21 DECA, 1 2 Raalynn Rlohardaon: FBLA, 1 1 , 1 2 Amy Rlddlok: Fall Play. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Sprung Muss- cal, 1 0,1 1, Madrsgals. 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Pegsonal Chorus, 10, 1 1, 12, Va. Honors Chorus, 1 2, Thespsans, 1 0, Hsstoruan, 1 1 , 1 2, SCA, 1 0, 1 2, Homecomsng Court, 12, Flne Arts Club, 10, Msss Cox, 1 1 , State Dne Act Play Festsyal, 1 1 Arlana llldga: DECA, 1 2 Rhaa Rlava: Coquettes, 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2, Young Lufe, 1 1 , 1 2, Chorus, S, French Club, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Flung Dance Comm , Prom Comm., DECA, 1 2, TLIQA, 1fl, fnelslsll 'sl-runlA-All., l'lNvul11l l'uull 11' Btaoy Roaas lsssu- Asn. l,luls, lll lL', lllllx, 1ll,11,12',lsu-lsulsl.llulu, l1,11'lllA 12'luu,I nUyI.Isuls. 11 Karan Floullatx l su-ssl u. l,lusIu 'u ruuul, l .sul 'Q K:-yl1lssls,fl,1l lnsuuusulllxfs. lll ll ls l,lunu.-. l'lul:lur,uLy l.ulrsusus, lssluunu l'uu--,v. 11 llusnulvs Pull, 11 llIlA, 11121lsu-lu'.,I'lll', 11 12' ls1:ur.,VVlssu,s.gusuus, 12' l .rs l ll Katharina Fludlgarz l UL A, li' Vlokla Flurnpf: l uuu.sus l Zluls, 1 1, 1.1 Jay Ruaaalls Wsw-s,u.Isus,,, Sl, I.:-v us..,ss I ,lush 'l l1', Vudx-so Club, 12', l Fil A 12' '.u su-ssl u Club, 12 Alax Badlar-: Sr lclusu.-. Pr:-u. , .Jr Cleans, Turns , NH!-a. 11, 12, Mrurjffl LIN, 11,12, Cllabate, 10,11,12. lnl.suu Club, U. 1 1, TABS Treas 1 1,1 P, Lee-lderehsp VVork shop, 1 2, Boy's Stale, 12, Executsye Councsl. 1 1 , 1 2 Tad Bakla: Gerrvsan Club, S, Newspaper Slfsrl, 1 1, Asst Edstor. 12, Lsbrary Asda, 1 1, VVlsu's Who Among Amerscan Hugh School Studs-nts, 1 2 Matt Bavaoool: Soccer, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Cross Country, 1 1, Track. S, FBLA, S.10, 1 1, SCA, 10, Scsence Club. Treas. 1 2, CMA, 1 2, German Club. 1 2, Key Club. 1 2. Vsdeo Club, 1 2, Homecomung Commuttee, 12, Leader-shup Con- ference. S. 1 O Klrnbarly Bavlno: SCA, 1 1 Donallan Bohloaaar: Spanssh Club, S, CMA, 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2, Key Club, 10,11,1 2, Latsn Club, 1 1 , 1 2, Wsngspan. 1 2, TAPS, 1 2, Powder Puff, 1 1 , 1 2 Mollla Bohmldt: French Club, S,10, Ecology. 10. Chorus Psansst. 1 2, Sprung Musscal Psansst, 1 1.12, Fall Play Asst Stage Manager. 12. SCA. 1 2 Raohaal Behmldtz Softball, S, Basketball, S, Tennss. 1 1.12, SCA, 11, Powder Puff, 1 1 , 1 2. DECA, 12, Model UN, 12, Sr Senator. 12 Draw Bohnltt: Wrestlsng, S, 1 1, Spanssh Club, 10.1 1: French Club, 10, CMA, 11,12, Sr Claes Fund Flasssng Comm , Latsn Club, 12, Scs- ence Club, 1 2 Btafanla Behoanbach: Latsn Club. S,10, NHS, S, French Club, 1 1, Vuce-Pres 12, Fune Arts Club, 1 2 Banya Bcott: Cheerleadsng, S, Homecomsng Comm , 10, Gymnastscs, S. 12 Bono Baay: Wrestlsng, 10, DECA, 1 2 Klrnbarly Bantor: Spanssh Club, S. 1 0, SCA, 1 0, FBLA, S,10, Treas 1 1,, Hsstoruan 12, French Club, 1 1,12. Talon, 12, Newspaper, 12, Pow- der Puff, 1 2 Cathy Barone: Fseld Hockey. 1 0, 1 1, 1 2, SCA. 1 2 Mlaay Barrano: Homecomung Flt 10, DECA, 1 2 Matthaw Batford: DECA, 1 2 Davld Bharpa: Thespuans. 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2 Chrlatlan Bharrook: FBLA, 1 1, Gymnastscs, S, 10, French Club, S, Chorus, S, 1 0 Kavln Bhaa: Basketball, 1 0, 1 1, 1 2, Baseball, 1 1 . 1 2, Latsn Club, 1 2 Marola Bhlalda: Spanssh Club, S,10, German Club. 12, DECA, 12 Karan Bhrackangauat: Key Club, 1 1, Spanssh Club. 1 1,1 2, Wsngspan, 1 2 David Bhulls Wrestlsng, 10. 1 1, 1 2, German Club, 10 Barbara Blbart: FBLA, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, CMA, 1 2. Homecomsng Comm Chasrman, 12 Char! Elko: Soccer, 1 0,1 1, 1 2, Marchsng Band. 1 1 . 1 2, SCA, 1 1, Spanssh Club, 1 0,1 1, Lubrary Club. 1 0, 1 1 Danlal Blmpaon: Wrestlsng, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2. Newspaper. 1 0.1 1.1 2, Key Club, 10 Scott Slovall: Senlor Senate, Vsdeo, 1 2 Kathy Blough: Fueld Hockey, 10, 1 1, 1 2. Sol-tv Dell, 1 1 , 1 2, Jr. Class Vuce-Pres , SCA, S. 1 0, ICC. 1 1. Executsve Councsl, 1 1, 12, Latsn Club. 1 1.12. Key Club, S, FHA, 12, Young Llfe, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 Wandalyn Bpaara: Latsn Club, S, Track, S, FBLA, 10.11, COE, 10.11, JA. 11, CMA. 12 Kathy Bpanoar: Latsn Club, S. 1 D, 1 1. 1 2, CMA. 1 1,12, Key Club, 12, VVho's Who Among Amerscan Hugh School Students, 1 2, FHA, 12, Young Lsfe, 12 lnah Bang: Honor Socsety, 1 0, 1 1 Chrlatophar Borouaa: Model UN, S, 1 0, 1 1, 1 2. Debate, 1 1,12, Tsdewater Challenge, 1 2, Forensscs, 1 1, 12 Klrnbarly Stafford: DECA, 1 2 Haathor Btarnar: FHA, S, DECA, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, FBLA. 12 Flabaooa Btarbuclu.: Model LIN, 1 1, 1 2, Spanush Club, 1 1, Pres 1 2, Powder Puff, 1 1,1 2. Fresh- man Treas , S, Basketball, S, 1 0, 1 1, Young Lsfe, 12, Basketball, S Nllohaal Btoub: Wrestlsng, 1 0, 1 1, 12 Jonathan Btauffar: Executsye Councsl, 1 2, Latsn Club. S,10,1 1,12 Carl Btaphanaon: Wrestlsng, S, Golf, 1 0, DECA, 1 1 Raalln Btoray: SCA, 10, 1 1. Soph Class Pres . Thespasns, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Talon, 12. French Club, S, 1 0, FBLA, 1 0, FHA, S, Cheerleader, S, 1 0,1 1, Track Man, S, School Play. S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Dne Act Play, 1 0, Dsstruct Speech, 1 0,1 1, School Musscal. S, 1 0,1 1, 12, NJHS Vsce-Pres S, Ch 2B Productuon Team, 1 2 Mallaoa Btrootar: Newspaper, 1 0, 1 1, DECA, 1 2 Chrlaay Btrlcklandu FBLA, 10, 1 1 , 1 2, Hung Dance Attendant, 10, CMA, 1 1, Scsence Club, 1 1 , Young Lsfe, 1 1,12, Powder Puff, 1 1, 12, FHA, 12, Wungspan, 12, "Falcon Press", 12 Klrnborly Stroud: Spanssh Club, 10, 1 2, FBLA. 1 1 , 1 2 Mlka Summarlln: Wrestlsng, 1 1.12, Spanush Club, 1 1,1 2, Young Lufe, 1 2 Gregory Super: Young Lsfe, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Campaugners, 1 0, 1 1,1 2, Band, S, Key Club. 10, 1 1, Treas 12, Flsng Dance Host, Prom Host, Executsye Councsl, 1 2, VVho's Who Among,u.ssulsu,s s Lotlola Tr. s 'f.4.s,s-us.: s Tamara Tn- 'Q 'lru 1 1 sw . ln1,uu. l.lsull 1lll l' 11 l ,u-u.,u.,u' l, l,lssll,'!,Yu-lnllnululf,11 ',a- Luuur lflu, l,uf lhsqu-ssuss '1lusv.v suusssu-s up Mandy Yavaroa: l.ls1'l'll1lU 111 1 1 'usp' . lllilrfursluurvsuruguf,suuur1,1lllls.u'1'vs12' ',l.l. 'J l.' Lxumsuuufu- f.s.u.ssu.s 11' 11.1, 15' lu.,-,ssl-u lun' 11 ll' Natalia Taylor: s,,us,u..s-.ww 'ls 11 12' suylfsuf Tvususs, 1lll112'lls.'1lususs luuv. 11111121, 11 1.' ls.-s.uu,r,s..r.'u11u '.l.f. l.' ',v'rsuuul':1-rsul'l' ll' Hanry Thompson: Ns.-s,vs.s-su '4 111, 11 12' l,1ulsulss.u-ll.lsuls'1',I,f4 sss 11 sis KlrnbarIayToIbar-t: 'ugsu-us.s,u.l ,lssls l 1, l Ill I. 121 CorI'l'rafton: T1-usu sss, 'Q 1uu lll l,f- 11 ',g...ussv,u l,sul-, 'A Charlaa Trant: Vfssssl rs, ls.s' 1 1l1 's 151 Cunfu-u-v lglfss-si '!1'.1' s.s Boott Trowbrldgaz Juv' ', . ' 1 11' Cu-om. Country 12" V!-l", l.' ', r 12 Cindy Tuokar: FBLA 1ll,1 l 121 fl-u1sl.u,f.v S,10, Lf-xl,urs Club, 'L Lsl.u.,s ,s s,ss.r. is lf.. 12' FHA, 12, DECA, 12 Mlohalla Turnarz Frffruuls C,lul., 1 1 12 LJi.f,A 12, FHA, 'l2,Thef1,psarsrs, 1l,l,11 1 .9 Yusuf-ul slr- 1 1 , 1 2 Danlal Tyrroll: Latsn Club, 1 2 Chrlatl Undarhlll: Color Csuau-rj, 1 1 , 1 2, Fall Play, 11, Sprung lvluf-.ur cal, 1 1, lnternatsonal Theepuars Socsety, 1 1 , 1 2, German Club, 12, Fl-lA, 12, powder Puff, 12, Sophomore Class Homecomursg l-loat Commsttee Cr-alg Vanabla: DECA, 1 1. .Junsor Achueyement. 11, FBLA. 12, SCA, 12, TAPS, 12 Garnot Vlncant: FHA, S, Spanush Club, S, 1 0, Powder Puff, 12, DECA, 12 FBLA, 12 Anna Vlnn: French Club, S, Treas 10, VP, 1 1, TABS, 12. Key Club, S, 1 0,1 2, Varssty Soccer, 11,1 2, Wsngspan, 12, Homecomuu-ug, B,10,1 1,12, ICC, 1 1 Anna Vlta: Spanssh Club, B,10, Yearbook, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, CMA, 11,1 2. DECA, 1 2, Scsence Club, 1 2, JETS Team, 1 1, TSC, 1 1, Whos Who Among Amer Hss Students, 12, Key Club, S, 1 0,1 1,1 2, Class Hsstorsan, 1 2 Hobart Vu: Band, S, 1 0 Anna Walta: SDfCDBll. 10,1 1,12, Key Club,11,12, Jefferson Club, 1 1. Soanssh Club, S. 1 1 , 1 2, FHA, S, 1 1.12, FBLA, 11, Powder Puff, 1 1 , 1 2, Young Lsfe, 1 0,1 2, Homecornung Commuttee, 1 1 , 1 2 Karry Walkar: German Club, S, DECA, 1 1, 12 Judlth Walah: Gymnastucs, 1 1, 1 2, Latsn Club. S.10, 1 1,12, Model LIN. 1 1,12, FBLA, 10, DECA, 12, Soccer, S Rlohard Walahz SCA Treasurer, 1 2, Wrestlsng, 1 0,1 1,1 2, Latsn Club, S. 1 0.1 1,12, Who'sWho Among Amer H S Students Brlan Ward: Wrestlsng, S,10, Football, S,10, 0ECA,10,1 1,12 Catharina Walbon-1: Band, S, 10, 1 1, 1 2, DECA, 1 1 , 1 2 Clndy Walbornz FHA, S, 1 2, Latun Club. 10. FBLA,10.1 1, DECA, 1 1,12 Robert Walsh: Debate, S, 1 0,1 1, 1 2, Model UN, 1 1,12,TAF1S, 11,12 Eric Wallar: German Club, 10. 1 1 Bradlay Wanrz: Debate. 10, 1 1 , 1 2, Computer Club. S Molly Whalahan: French Club, S, 1 0,1 1,1 2, Key Club, S, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2, Freshman Senate, Sopho- more Senate, SCA Hsstorsan, 1 0, TAFIS, 10, 1 1, Executsve Councsl, 1 1, 2nd VP .Junsor Class, TSC. 1 1, VJAS, 11, Yearbook, 1 1, Student Lsfe Ed 1 2, Leadershsp Workshop, 1 2, Powder Puff, 1 1,12, Natsonal Honor Socsety. 1 1 , 1 2, SCA Secretary, 12 Chrlatlna Whlta: German Club, S, Indoor Track, 1 1 .'1 2, FHA, 12, Powder Puff, 1 2 Amy Whltarnan: Marchsng Band, S, Coouettes. 10, Spanush Club, 1 1,12, FHA, 1 2, Flag Team, 1 2 Cynthla Wllbrlght: Latsn Club, S, 10, DECA, 1 1 , Sensor Senate, 1 2, Model UN, 12 Krlatan Wlleoxs French Club, S,10,1 1 , 1 2, Key Club. 10, 1 1, 12, Drama Workshop. S. CMA, 11, JETS, 1 1, Powder Puff, 1 1,12, TSC, 1 1, Yearbook sect Ed , 1 1,12, VJAS, 1 1, Pres 1 2, Sensor Class 2nd VP, Tsdewater Challenge, 12, Who's Who Among Amer H S Students, 12, Natsonal Honor Socsety, 1 2 Dan Wlll: Football. 1 2 Krlltlna Wllllama: DECA, 1 1, 1 2, Powder Puff, 1 1 Larry Wllllarna: Marchsng and Concert Band. S, 10, French Club, S, 1 0, Thespsans, 1 1,12, FBLA, 1 2, Fall Play, 1 1 , 1 2, Sprung Musucal, 1 1, Newspaper, 1 2 Rlohard Wllllama: FBLA, 12 Jackla Wlnotoad: VICA, 1 0,1 1 , 1 2. NCA, 1 2 Catharina Wood: Class Pressdent, 1 1, 1 2 F F ' 2nd VP, 1 2, CMA, S, 1 0,1 1,1 2, Softb-f S,10,1 1, 12, Tennss Team, 10, 11 ' ter Challenge, 1 1 , 1 2, Key Club " Club, S, 1 0 Daana Woolard: DECA, Club, S, FBLA, 1 1, FHA -,wrnan Jlrn Zlr j, 1 1.1 2, Gere mar- , l 12 Ja' sk: key Club, 1 1,12, u .. , S, 11,1 2, .Jefferson s .uh Senate 1 0 Powder ? uvngspan Bus Ed 12. "'sKtEe.10.11,12 Puff, 1 ' Horner ' Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JORSTATS ZZS Bollard, Jennrter M 48 l i l , Ag A Aobate, Christine Ellen 24, 35, 47. 129, 131 Abbate, Jennrter Lyn 83 Abel, Kim 92 Atademrgg Divider 178, 179 4-F-A 2 1' 7 -' TZ, 112, 133 Q , Lynn 83 ..rySl3l Lee 83 I-Janis Leann Irene 47 Adams, Michael David 47, 111 Adams, Richard Bradley 47 Ads Drvrder 194, 195 Agar, Vanessa Diane 92 Agee,Am11era3, 111,129 Aoee, Barry Eugene 92 Agurar, John Marshall 72 Akban, Carmen Ezzat 72 Akers, Andrea Lee 72, 133 AKIYIS. Stephen Grant 72 Alexander, Roxana Mary 92, 129 Alexander, lMllrs 104 Allen, Chnstrna 83. 115 Allen, Davrd Glenn 72 Allen, John Lloyd 83 Allen, Rebecca Jean 92 Allen, Sarah Joy 47 Allis, Kathleen EIIZBDCUI 47, 111 Alphon, Jellrey Mark 92 Aluqra, John 72 Alvaro. Enca Ann 92 Ame. Jellery Lamoun 47, 70, 129 Ames. Melissa Kay 72 Amos. Cororett 47, 119, 131 Anctrl, Naomi Anna 92 Anderson, Jason Niles 47 Anderson, Knstin Lynn 72, 111 Anderson, Robyn Lynn 72, 123 Anderton, Mark Ross 72 Andrews, Alecia Lynn 41 Andrews, Natalie Tillany 83 Andrews, Nicole Caroline 72, 76, 78, 133 Angle, Kathleen 104, 107 Archambeau, Pamela Sue 72 Armstrong, Hank 104, 106 Arnhold. Jennrter M 83, 111 Arnold, Matthew Millard 92 Arrington, Troy Tabo 92 Ascenon, Allred 18 Ashton, Sarah Lark 22, 24. 27, 28, 30, 47. 62.69, 127,139 Audrrrlhsual Helpers 119 Auger, Aaron Michael 83 Auger, Sean Mathew 83, 166 Augsburger, Simone 72, 159 Austin, Lisa Anne 92 Ayal, N1l0olarNellre 83, 111, 123 Ayers, Erik H 92 Ayers, Tillney Star 72 Aymond, Charlotte Grace 47 Ayscue, John Ashley 72 686 Baber, Jo Anna 92 Bach, Gary Wrltram 92 Badawr, Dielan M 47 Baer, Hayley Marie 83, 171 Bagby, Crystal Lynn 47 Baqby, Roben L 24, 44, 47. Bagnall, Tammr N 83 Barley, Christa Jeanne 92 Barley, Wtlltam Brett 72 Barr, Kenneth 72 Baker, Henry Carson 47, 113 Baldwin, Brran C 83 Baldwin, Christopher 83, 111 Baldwin, Gary Thomas 92 Baldwin, Patrick 28, 47, 111 Ballard, MJ 107 Ballew. Woody 145 Balog, Ruben Wrllram 47 Balovrch, lll Nicholas M 47. Band 124, 125 Bandy. Judy 34, 104 Bangert Shane Lawrence 92 Banks. Christopher 47 Banks, Rebecca Lynn 83 Bano, Cyrrthra Marie 83, 111 Barba, Lee Nrch0laS 92 Barco, Kara 47 Baretield, Holly Lynn 92 Barker. Barker. Barnar, Barnes, Barnes. Barrett Barrick, Jerry 146 Mark Allen 47. 146 Wanda Mychelt 47 Lisa Donnell 83, 174 Mynrta Tonya 47 Stephanie 92 Marcia Elizabeth 72 llarrrrreau, Wayne Eugene 47 Barton, Karen Elizabeth 72 Baseball 146, 147 Bass, Staqr Lee 47 Battaglia, Benrta Ultssea 92 Battaglra, Jeanprerre 92 Battaglra, Rosolrno A 92 Baum, Christopher Davrd 92 -x A 53. 119 159 66, 146 172 111 ,l51,150 Baum, Kirsten Ruth 47 Baum Scott Robert Jr. 92 Bayles, Lawrence E. 47, 129 Baylor. Breet Chandler 92 Bayot, Chnstrne Lea 92 Bea, D. 107 Beacham, Frankie Bowen 47, 178 Beachboard. Jule Evon 47 Beaird, Bryan Henry 48 Beasley, James Scott 83 Becker. Amy Sara 72.117 Becker, Emily Susannah 92. 99. 133 Becker, Lany48, 104. 106. 107, 112 Beckner. Margaret 104. 107 Beckwittr, Heather Mane 92,111,131 Beech, Matthew Sean 72,161 Beibonen, Paulina 72 Bern. Davrd 92. 166 Belcher, Simone 72 Bell, Angela Michelle 24, 72 Bell, Robert Jellrey 72 Bell, Timothy Allen 83 Belzer, William Jellrey 48 Bengson, Melissa Joy 48 Bentley, Michael Alan 72 Benttr, Anna-Lrrsa 28, 72, 111 Berg, Heather Michelle 92 Bergdoll, George Haines 72 Bergstrom, Robert A, Jr. 48, 117, 133 Berk, Rona Lee 104 Berlando, Amy 92 Berlando, Beth Mane 92 Berlrng, Chnstran Laneve 83 Berlrng, Enc Travis 72 Bemhardt, John Ashley 48 Berry, Elizabeth 72 Best, John Davrd 48. 55, 188 Best, Jonathan Robert 83, 181 Brnggeli, Heather 92 Brvrns, Kristy Owen 83, 111, 174 Black, Tabatha Mane 92 Blain, Mary Elizabeth 72 Blakely, Peter Joseph 92 Blancett, Clay Gant 83 Blanchard, Jerald Lane 72 Blanchard, Timothy Peter 48, 117 Blankenship, Carlo Brran 83, 111 Bledsoe, Patricia 48 Blount, Linda Mane 83, 171 Blount, Michelle Anne 92 Bloxsom, AlIlS0f1 26, 46. 48. 127, 129 Bohlke, Bent Weston 92 Bohlke, Todd Joseph 48, 111, 113, 133, 166 Bolgrano, Lynn Mane 26, 48, 113, 117, 133, 139 Bommer, Vrvran Lergh 92, 113 Bondurant, Angie 92 Boone. Kelly Aline 83 Boothe, Tom 146 Borgholl, Francis Anthony 72 Borsky, Kristin Ann 92 Borsky, Sean Paul 83 Bosko, Chnstopher 92 Bosko, Denise Mary 24, 48 Bostrck, William P ll 92 Boswell, Jennrter Lergh 72, 111 Bowen, Mark Andrew 93, 113, 123, 173. 172 Bowman, Richard A, 83 Bowman, Shelley 83 Bowser, Evette Y, 48 Boyd, Brandon Gray 72, 161 Boyd, Troy Davrd 48 Boylt, William 104, 128 Boys Basketball 168, 169 Boys Soccer 148, 149 Boys Tennis 150. 157 Bracewell, Jamie Allen 83 Bradley, Ann Cherie 83 Bradley, Hope Melissa 83 Bratlord, Kelly Lynn 83 Branche, Jetlrey Allen 93 Branche, John Edward 48, 119 Brannegan, Shannon Anne 72, 117 Brannen, Colette V 48 Branum, Scott Davis 93 Brass, Stephanie Anne 93, 111 Brasgg Claudia Diane 23, 48, 59, 69, 111, 1 Bratcher, Rebecca Joyce 48 Braunbeck, Shane Anthony 83 Bray, Mary Ann 104 Brazier, Davrd Wayne 22, 72, 104 Breckenridge, Derek Paul 72 Breece, Eric Auld 83 Bremer, Kevrn Michael 48, 114 Brennan, Amy Elizabeth 72 Brennan, SnaneE 93 Brenner, Mary Frances 83, 111 Brethauer, Stephen C 72 Brran, Anne 72 Brran, Tammy Lynn 4B Brickell, Dr EdwardE 103 Brrnoelreld, Carl Dale 93 Brinkman, Peter John 48, 150 Brrttrngham, Adria C 83 Broocke, Karr Brett 30, 48, 127, 139 Brookes, Kevrn Andrew 83, 91, 150 Brookes, Allvia Lynn 83, 113 Brooks. Joseph Charles 48 Brooks, Paul William 83 Brothers, Tonra Lynette 29, 83, 113, 159 Brown, Alan 104 Brown, Bruce Davrd 72 Brown, Christopher D 72 Brown, Danny Kevin 48 Brown, Davrd Alan 83 Brown, Davrd Thomas 48 Brown, Jason Davrd 93 Brown, Kimberley 48 Brown, Kimberly 93 Brown, Kimberly 48.127, 185 Brown, Michael 48, 119 Brown. Michael 48 Brown, Ronda Lynn 48, 127 Brown, Stephanie Atyson 98 Brown, Susan Elizabeth 93 Brown, Tammy Lynn 48,117 Brown, Vrctona Jeanne 48, 117, 127 Brownell, Jaye Loomis 73 Brownell. Leigh M. 73 Brownlow, llhlliam John 48. 49 Broyles, Karen Ruth 73.111,133 Bnrehl, Kimberly Naomi 73, 131 Bmehl. Sonia Anne 93 Bniggman, Scott 83. 117. 172 Bnrmheld, Curtis Lee Ill 73 Brumlield, Derek Lamarr 93 Brumlield. Shintel Lavine 93 Bnrmtield, Tavis Ouentine 93 Bnrnges, Julie Anne 83 Bryan. Heather Joe as Bryant, Beth Alison 83, 113 Bryson, Fred H. 93 Bryson, Jennifer 48 Buchanan, David Wayne 73 Buchanan, Pamela Denise 93 Buck, Kelly Leland 73 Bullen, Shaula Dene 93 111 Bullock. Audra Michelle 93 Bundy, Allison Sue 83 Buonvino. Jason Paul 83, 166 Burch, John Charles 93 Burke, Latonia Mechelle 73 Burke, Steven Allan 50, 133 Bumelt. Kristi Jo 83, 113 Burr, Knstin Lynn 83 Burritt, James Randolph 50, 133 Burt. Jeremy Scott 93 Busching, Christopher G. 73 Bush, Thomas Shane 83 Bushee. James 50 Bushee, Usa Louise 50 Butler, Monica E. 50 Byer, Terry Farrell 83 Byeriy, Kimberly Ann 73, 174 Byrd, Julie 27 Byrd, Yolanda Marcia 83 Byrne, Jeffrey Todd 190 Byme, Mary Colleen 73, 111, 163 Byme, William Bryan 83 606 Callrey, Jeannine Marie 83, 113 Caine, Jammel Arthur 73, 83 Caldwell, Anna Celeste 93 Caldwell, Bobby 73 Calkins, Gary W. 50. 117 Call, Jason Thomas 93 Callan, James 93 Callahan, Marlo M. 83 Cameron, Stephanie Gail 50, 53, 127, 130. 179. 131 Campbell, Crrsten Roberts 93 Campbell, Garrett I. 93 Campbell, Kristin E. 93 Cannon, Gregory Allen 83 Cannon, Tnna Antoinette 83 Captain, Sarah Marie 83. 87. 171 Caradine, Donald Clayton 73 Carden, David Andrew 84 Canson. Mary Nell 73 Carlstrom, Donald Alben 73 Carlstrom, Nels Edward 50 Carmichael, Heather Anne 50 Carr, Kimeall Bannett 83 Carr, Melissa Anne 93 Carroll, Jennrter 73, 113 Carson, Lynne 104 Carter, Deborah Jean 73 Carter, Pamela Aneen 50 Carvey, Gennier 93 Canrey. Sean Tremayne 93 Castle, Jason Anderson 83 Catahan, Dennis 93 Catahan, Rodelro Anrmca 73 Catania, Beniamin John 83 Catlett, Dinah Drmol 73, 113 Catron, Mark Curtis 93 Cauvet, Todd William 73 Cebrowskr, Krrstrn Marie 50, 111 Celalu, Cynthia Nicole 73, 111, 129 Chalul, Marnie Lynne 83 Chamberlain, Mark 83 Chambers. Scott Edward 146 Chambers, Tina Marie 50, 119, 131, 129 Chapman, Rick Jason 50 Charbonneau, Brett Paul 73 Check, Jennrter Lynn 117 Cheerleaders 176, 177 Chesney, Susan Jean-Marie 93 Chraiese, Danielle Arlene 83, 111 Chrlcott, Dyan Renee 50 Chrlcott, Shawn Kimberly 73 Cho, Charlie 73, 11, 137, 133, 131 Christiansen, Heather 93, 111 Christie, Melina Simone 60 Chruscral, Brain Chester 92, 93, 131 Church, Autumn Heather 83 Clanlranr, Michelle Dante 50, 111 Clancy, Jlll 93 Clark, Brran 73 Clark, Cari Michelle 73 Clark, Carolyn 73. 111 Clark, Daniel Ralph 93, 115 Clark, Gina 24, 73, 80, 127 Clark, Kristin Renee 83 Clark, Robin Gayle 50. 129 Clark, Scott Ward 73 Clark, Shelly Rae 73, 113. 137, Clark, Mlliam 83 Clarke, Charles Linwood 98 ClayD00l. Richard Todd 84 Closing Divider 232, 233 Clubs Divider 108, 109 Cobb, George 73 Coggin, Jacinta Hope 50, 129 Cohan, Scott lMlson 50 Colehamer, Karen E. 73, 111 Coleman, Carolyn Anne 73, 74. Coll, Ken 93, 111 Coll, Kristin Marie 84, 111 Colley. Collier, Collier, Collier. Collier, Collins. Stephan Garth 84 Amy 93 Amy 84. 87 Connie Janene 84 W. Hunter 73 Carol Kathleen 73 Collins, James Edward 93. 123 Collins, Karri Anne 93, 180 Collins. Marshall Anthony 73 Collins, Patricia Frances 119 Collins. Rodney 73 Collinson, Sean D. 93 Collinson, Shannon Michel 73 Colophon 230, 231 Compo, Gilbert Pennoyer 73, 111, 123, 133, 139 Concert, Matthew 73 Conger, Robert William 73 Conley, Wamie Edward 93, 161 Conner, Enc 73 Conner, Jennrter Sarah 72, 73, 159 Conner, Michael Casey 93 Conover, Courtney Lynn 73, 113, 133 Consalvo, Lareina Anne 93 Cook, Lisa Marie 29, 50 Cooke. Cool, C Katnna Joanne 73. 111, 129 hnstian Clay 73 Cooper, Jay 84, 133 Copeland, Dawn Renne 84 Copeland. James Earl 73 Copeland, Ron 149 Copley. Coquett Tom 104 es 120, 121 Core, Kathleen Gayle 93 Cormier, Jessica Sue 93, 111. 117 Cosenza, Wendell 30. 44, 50. 81, 132. 133 Cotter, Bob 104, 105 Couch, Barry Dale 73 Coureas, John Alexander 84 Courson, Virginia M. 73 Covaney, Michael J. 84, 123 Cover. Michael Howard 84 Cowell, Jason Spencer 73, 113 Cowell, Shannon Tracy 93 Cox, Katrina Kay 93 Cox Medical Association 131 Cox, Tracy Mane 73 Cox, William Devon 73 Craig, Amy Suzanne 73, 159 Craine, David 73 Cralle, Michael Vaughn 84, 113 Cnsalulli, Nicholas F. 73 Crisher, R. 107 Criswell, Paul Ruben 50. 55 Criswell, Susan Joyce 83. 84 Crocker, Charles David 50 Crocker, Nancy 104 Cross Country 160, 161 Crowder, Kathy Mana 26, 50, 127 Crowley, Colleen E. 50. 69 Crowley, Stephen Vincent 93 Crumblel, Phyllis 107 Cruser, Peter James 84 Cruser, Vesta 104, 107. 139 Crutcher, Eva Lynn 84 Crutchlielrl, Lisa Laurel 84, 113 Cutlee, Lon Janene 73. 111, 172 Culver, Michele Kay 50 Cummings, Anthony Bryant 84, 166 Cummings, Kenny Bryon 50 Cummings, Pamela 104, 138 Currey, John 73, 191, 133 Currey. Kevin Michael 73, 113, 127 Curtis, Daphne 104 ADA DECA 114, 115 Damron, Julie Anne 84, 85, 111 Damuth, Philip Hallock 73, 111 Dangleman, Davrd Anthony 50, 119 Danglaman, Michele Ann 84 Danner, Barry Eugene 93 Danner, Justin Ryan 93 Danz, A. 123 Darby, Catherine Clarke 93 Darden, Jennllar Lergh 50, 117, 163 Darden, Mary Stewart 104, 130 Dasher. Steven G. 84 Dasher, Wlllls Allred Jr 111, 148, 149 Davenport, Brock Harrison 93 1 137. Davenport, Sean Christie 73, 111 David, Daniel Wesley 50,111,161 David, Kerry Beth 84 Davidson. Michael 50, 166 Davis, Alison Mehera 23, 49, 50, 131 Davis Amanda Jill 73, 111, 163 Davis Ann 93 Davis, Ann 93 Davis. Charles Stanley ll 84 Davis. Christi Glenn 50. 117 Davis, Heather 73, 171, 145 Davis, James 93 Davis, Justin Ross 03 Davis Lawrence Sidney 03 Davis Linda 104 Davis Manha 104 Davis Michael Carter50, 63, 71, 150, 133 Davis Davis may tavern so, 113. 129 wrrraam naymorra is-1, 123 Dawkins, David Jeremy 93 Dawson, Shannon Lynn 73. 117, 129 Dean. Michelle Marie 26, 50, 111 Dean, Tramy Michael 93 Deane, Sonnie Leigh 93 Debate 132, 133 Decandia, Anthony lhncent 94 Decker, Christopher Slade 50, 73 Decker, Jonathan Paul 94 Deems, Albert Earle 84. 117 Dehm, Cassandra Elizabeth 73. 145 Deihl, Geraldine 104, 118, 119 Delidakis, Emanuel George 94 Deneroll, David Laurence 73 DePaolis, Rebecca 104 DePaul, Eric 73 Desonneauz, Joseph L. Jr, 94 Diaz, Denise 75 Dibelardino, Aldo Joseph 50, 166 Dickson, Holly Katrina 75 Dietz, Brian Christopher 94 Digerohimo, Brent Joseph 82, 84, 87, 127 Dillard. Dennis M. 50 Dillard, Roston Bnrstead 84 Dingle, Tomi Lynn 50 Disbrow, Heather Scanlon 94 Dismore, Michael Steven 75 omrrck. oianrary, Jill Allison 50, 139 Sepanda 75 Dobbins, James Ryan 75 Dobson, Jann Lynn 94, 111 Dobson, Mary Margaret 23. 30, 50, 69, 127 179,133,129,139 Dockter, Monique Angeliqu 22, 29, 84, 113 159 Dobson, Brian Craig 84 Donahue, James Kevin 50 Donaldson, Angela Gail 75, 113 Donato. Cherie Lynne 52, 133 Doney, Erin Elisa 84 Dooley, Michael C. 52, 70, 133 Doran, Leila 94, 95, 117, 127 Doscher, Erica 84 Dow, James 129 Downie, Susan 104. 117 Doyle. Paul Edward 52, 111 Dozier, Alison Lynn 75, 113, 133 Drake. Elizabeth Barrett 75 Drexler, Eric Christopher 84 Drumheller, Angela Lynn 84 Drye. Jay 94 Drye. Leigh Ayn 75, 129 Drye. Stuart Tracy 94 Dubrachek, Nancy Anne 84 Duell, Christopher Owen 94 Dully, Jenniler Lee 84 Dully. Raymond Andrew 94 Duke, Thomas Lee 75 Dumlao. Paul Anthony 75, 131 Dumphey, Stephanie 84 Dunagan, Dawn Jurine 52 Dunagan, Edgar Woodrow ll 94 Dunbar, Dwight Deland 52 Dunbar, Leslie Steven 75 Dunn, Greg 171 Dunphey, Stephanie Jean 113. 117 Dustin, John Charles 30. 49, 52. 104, 119 Duty, Kelly Leann 84 Duvall. Elizabeth 104 Duvall, Kipal Kathryn 52 Dysart, Fred Hudson 75 CEC Earl, Larry Richard Jr. 94 Easter, Dwight David 75, 115 Eaton, Carne Lynn 75, 131 Eby, Terry Lee 75 Economidis, Christopher K, 75, 113 Edelman. Kns Daniel 84 Edelman, Scott Lowell 84 Edmondson, Melissa Wlnlle 26, 52, 113 Edwards, Alllson Leigh 94 Edwards, Christina 52. 69 Edwards, Doughlas Michael 84, 111 Edwards, Holly Mechelle 52 Edwards. Jerri Lynn 84, 129 Edwards, Kathleen 53, 113 Edwards, Laura Anno 53, 159 Edwards, Timothy Craig 84 Edwards, Tina 94 Ehrenzeller, Nlcolo Renae 94, 113 Ehrenzeller, Sean Michael 53, 75 ' INDEX oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Grover, Kimberly Alison 85 l Ehrenzeller, Todd Matthew 53 1 Elizondo, Mary Meghan 94 1 Errrrm, Barbara Anne sa, ss, 127, 183, 138 1 133,139 I Ellis, Karry Lyn 84,111 Ellis, Kevin Winlord 53, 71, 111, 166 l Ellison, Shelley Jeanne 94 . Ellsworth, John Lawrence 84, 166 l Ellsworth, Susan Leigh 53 Emberton, Amy Lynn 94 1 Emerson, Brian Eugene 84 1 Emerson, Stefanie Sue 53 1 Engel, Eric Paul 75 1 Epstein, Jennifer Beth 75, 111 Esau, Catherine Julia 53 Estes, Arthur William 84 1 Estes, David Michael 119 1 Estes, Matthew Scott 84 1 Eubanks, Carmen Michelle 84 Eun, Scott 82, 84, 111, 132, 133 Evans, Graham Colin 75, 147 1 Evans, Kerry Ann 84 5 Evans, Matthew Lee 94 1 Everett, Jeanne 84 1 Eversoll, Rhonda Dyan 53 1 Ewell, Amy Marie 94 1 Ewing, James 75 Executive Council 126, 127 lFl l FBLA 134, 135 FHA 134, 135 Faison, Charles James Jr, 94 1 Falcon Press 116, 117 Fanton, Aaron Todd 94 Fanton, Lawrence Bert 94, 166 1 Farano, Louis Italo 84. 111 Farrow, Michele lrene 84, 174, 175 Fay, Kevin Michael 75 1 Fedon, Charlene Francess 75 . Fedon, Michelle Leigh 94 Feineis, David 75 i Feldman, David Lawrence 94 Felty, Kevin Patrick 54 - Feltz, Jeremy Joseph 84 Fenn, Brenda Mela 94 Fenn, Timmy Maurice 94, 146 Fentress, Brian C. 54 1 Fentriss, Jennifer Aynne 94 l Ferguson, David H. 54 ' Ferguson, Douglas Carl 54, 75 1 Ferguson, Xaver 94 1 Fermil, Amelia 104 1 Field Hockey 158, 159 Field, Jason Risk 84, 111 Fike, Janet Elaine 75, 111 1 Filer, Anne 54, 129 l Finch, Amy Christina 84 l Finch, Michael Lewis 75 Finger, Katie 94 ' Finger, Laura Louise 75 Finn, Tammy Sue 94 1 Fiore, Jamie Michelle 94 4 Fish, Jack 75 1 Fisher, David Alexander 84 1 Fisher. Kathleen nacnerre 75 Fisher, rom 104, 147, 178, 146 Fisher, Wayne Curtis Jr. 94 1 Fitzpatrick, Daniel K. 150 Flag Squad 124, 125 L Fleming, Pierce Celon 23, 54, 119 Flint, Stacy Lynn 75 Flores, Robert V. 75, 129 . Flowers, Marlissee Anne 54, 111 l Foley, Melinda lrene 75, 111 1 1 Football 156, 157 tl 1 Ford, Marc Christopher 75 ' Ford, Ruth Annette 75 lr Foreman, David Lee Jr. 84 ll Forensics 132, 133 Forget, Jon Andre 94 1 Forrester, Jana M. 54 1 Forzano, Corinne 94 1 Fosina, Elizabeth Anne 84, 117, 145 11 Fosina, Katherine Marie 54, 70, 171, 145, 1 159 '1 Foster, Andrew Gordon 94 'l Foster, Jeff Adam 54 11 Foster, Kimberly Shown 75 11 Fountain, Christopher P. 54 1 Fountain, Heidi Elyse 29, 75 1 Fowlkes, Nancy 104 ll Fox, John Edward 75, 127 ' Fozzard, Ilene Rena 54 Francavilla, John Thomas 75 1 Franssen, Andrea Elaine 94 1 Frasher, Michelle Lynne 74, 111, 119, 131 1 Frazier, Robert Esker 84 1 Frease, Joseph R, ll 94 ' Freed, Amanda Rene 84, 111 '1 Freels, William 94 li Freeman, Dawn Marie B4 l French, Christopher M. 75 French Club 111 '1 French, Justin Glynn 84 1 Frey, Robert Joren 75, 111, 166 I Friedsam, Alexander John 94 ll Friedsam, Jerrilyn Paige 54, 123, 131, 133 1 Frohlich, David William 94 1 Frost, Angela Yvette 54, 116, 117, 129 1 Frost, Sue 104 1 Fry, Matthew Lewis 75 Fulghum, Billy Dwen Ill 94 Fulkerson, Darvd G, 54, 111, 117 Fuller, Scott 75, 117 Fumra, Rebeccqa Suzanne 94 2611 Gabor, Duane Bradley 84, 117 Gaiennie, Annie Lee 54 Gaiennie, Edmond Harry 94 Gaither, Eric Stanley 54 Galgon, Marianne 84 Galvan, Tanya Kathleen 94 Ganser, Jennifer Paige 94 Gardiner, Famous L. 94 Gardiner, Laura Lynn 55 Gardiner, Vicker L. 54 Gardner, Ginny 104 Gardner, Scott Hoffman 84, 111 Garner, Robert C 75, 111 Garrett, James 104 Garrett, Teresa Kay 24, 119 Garrrs, Jenniler Marie 54 Garvin, Knox Lytton 75 Garvin, Rachel Leah 94 Gaston, Sonra Marie 54 Gates, James Albert 75 Gates, Jonathan Daniel 95 Gattshall, Becky Chrrstin 95 Gaylor, Carol Jean 55, 119, 139 Gegner, Patricia Ann 84 Geise, lan Sebastian 95 German Club 112, 113 Ghoreishran, Anna 84, 111, 131 Gibb, Kathleen Ann 95 Gibbs, Dwight Grubb 55, 113, 117 Gibson, Stephen Edwin 55 Giesen, Douglas Brent 95 Gilman, Robin C. 55 Gilson, Michelle Deann 95 Gilson, Tanya Ann 95 Gingras, Jennifer Renee 84 Ginn, Michelle 118 Ginn, Wanda Jean 84 Girls Basketball 170-171 Girls Soccer 154, 155 Girls Tennis 162, 163 Gish, Sharon Paige 55, 111, 117 Gladwell, Christopher S. 84 Glass, Michelle Lynn 95. 113 Glazebrook, Celia Marie 95 Glover, James Redd 84 Glover, Travis Wayne 95 Gluckowski, Joann 55 Godtrey, Laura 104 Godwin, Tracee Ann 55 Goldberg, Craig lan 75, 166 Goldberg, Mark Lawrence 84, 166 Goldberg, Patricia Jean 84 Golf 164, 165 Goll, Jennifer Lee 85 Good. John 85 Goodall, Lisa Marie 55 Goodman, Stacey Jermaine 95 Gordon, Melody Dawn 55 Gostel. Keith Andrew 85, 111 Gostel, Matthew Morgan 55 Gottal, T. 117 Gower, Catherine Marie 75 Graham, Jane Elizabeth 85, 123 Grant, Philip A. 85, 113 Gray, Cedric 55 Grayer, James Allen 85 Grayson, Jennifer 55 Greber, Lori 55, 111, 117, 131 Green, Elizabeth 85 Green, Gregory Lee 75 Green, James Wilson 85 Green, Jenniter 85 Green, Stefanie Renee 75, 129 Greenough, Theodore Louis 115 Gregory, Thomas 55, 161, 166 Griftin, David Thomas 55 Grooters, Jenniler Lynn 23, 55, 117, 129 Grover, Timothy Scott 85 Grubbs, Lori Anne 27, 55. 111 Guidance Helpers 118, 119 Guliani, Salina 85, 111 Gutermuth, Billy 104, 166 Gutermuth, Nancy Ann 75 Gwin, Marvin Louis 55 Gymnastics 174, 175 ZH! Habit, Al 106 Haddack, Kay 107 Hadfield, Aimee Windsor 107 Hadfield, Jennifer 55, 131, 129 Hale, Elizabeth Jane 56, 111 Haley, Patricia Lynn 75 Haley, William Patrick 56, 166 Halton, Ehud 56, 129 Hall, Carolyn Joyce 85, 111, 131 Hall, John Turner 75 Halsey, S 107 Halton, Eddre 75 Hamilton, Mark 107 Hamm, Brran David 56, 172 Hamm, Marilyn Kathryn 56 Hammer, Laura Louis 85, 129 Hammer, Michael Paul 75, 190 Hampson, Bridget 104 Hannan, Timothy 56 Hanwrt, Alison Joy 95, 127 Hanzl, Carr Anne 75, 111 Harder, Amy Lynne 85 Harder, Susan Anne 56 Harding, Jill Suzanne 75 Hark, Lee Justin 85, 89, 111, 133 Harman, Susan Cherie 56 Harmon, Lisa Paige 56 Harom, Avrran 85 Harrell, Jonathan Michael 75, 133, 131 Harrington, Roger Scott 123 Harris, Gary Walton 75 Harris, Judith 104 Harris, Theresa 104 Harris, Vincent Gordon 75 Harris, Sandra Leigh 56 Hart, Laurence Gordon 85, 133 Hartley, Virginia May 119 Hartranft, Gary 105, 166 Harvey. Lisa Kay 75 Haselman, Katrina Shan 56, 117 Hatch, Vicki Lynn 75 Hawk, Tory 75 Hawley, Laura Christine 119 Haworth, Anne 104 Haworth, Lee Anne 85, 133 Hayes, Chnstopher David 56, 181 Hayes, Raymond Shawn 75 Haynie, Kimberly Day 30, 56, 111. 139 Hazelgrove, Kirk Ramey 85, 111 Hearst, Benramrn Allen 75 Heckler, Mark Francis 56 Hedspeth, Mark David 56 Hedspeth, Tammy Alayne 75, 171 Heidt, Christopher 117 Heirrch, Jeremy Lee 85 Heinrich, Tracy M. 75 Hersrg, Britt Alan 83, 85 Hendershot, Kevin 75 174, 175. Hunt, Maureen Anne 57, llfl, lflfl Hunter, Carol 75 Hunter, Shelli Vaughn 75 Huntley, Sharon Cornelia 75 Huplert, Mike 96 Hurley, Allen 105 Hurst, Jenniler Jo 85 Hurt, Margaret Ann 75 Hussey, Elizabeth R 75 Hutchens, Juliet, Claire 85 Hutcheson, Mary 100 Hux, Kim 105 Hyman, Mary 105 I I 4 N lmler, John Robert 85 Indoor Track 172, 173 Industrial Arts Club 114, 115 Ingram, Michelle Leigh 75, 111, 1 Inter-Club Council 126, 127 lpock, James Michael 76 lson, A. 123 lves, Michael 51 13 Katlwrr Win Kaweckr, l,.1' Kaweckr, flux., Kay, K Ka11k. Keeler Keeler Keller, aren V11,l111 Tricia Lyllll '11, , GreQ0fy Huglr 1,11 , Kathryn 57 119 Melanie Dawn 86 Kellam, Adnan Renee 86, llil Keller, Philip David 86 Kelley, Jacqualrn Suzanne 86 17? Kelley, Leah Ann 58, 127, 145, lflfl Kelly, Roberta Annette 86 Kelly, Kemp, Kendal Kendal William John 75 Sulanne Nicole 73 761 111 I. Donald John 86 I, Robert HElllI'.0ll 16 Kennedy, Jason P 86 Kent, Katherine Elizabeth 96 Kent, Michelle llarne 58, 172 Kent, Shane M1chael86 lll, 156 Kerr Patricia Davis 76 Kesler, Donovan Paige 'lo KCSSH key cr ger, Jr:rr:rr1yA Ili ub 138, 1159 Kharbarida, Ralan 96 Kidd, William Leland, Jr 77 Krlloughm, Gregory 172 Kim, Alex 96,111,123 131 Kim, Tara Un Suk 58, 111, 123, 127 139 Kincaid, Kelly Leigh 58, 187, 171 Krndre d, Christy Anne 77, 111 King, Cynthia 86 Wi Jackson, Dana Robert 96 Jackson, James Eric 76 Jackson, Matthew C 76, 129 Jackson, Randall Howard 96 Jackson. Steve 96 Jackson, Tess Marie 85 JBCKSOTI, JBCKSOTI Tiffany Lynn 96 Trina Ann 76 111 Henderson, Carole Lea 75 Henderson. Susan Mane 85 Hendrick, Tanya Marie 85 Henry, Elizabeth 56, 18 Henson, Kimberly Lynn 85 Herbert, Jennifer Lynette 75 Hernandez, Audrey Ann 30, 56, 62, 127, 133, 139 Herzke, Colleen 75, 77 Hesbol, Suzanne Michelle 56, 111, 119 Hess, Sarah Elizabeth 56, 65, 69, 195 Heston, James Patrick 75 Hewitt, Cindy Marie 85 Hibbs, Charlie William 75 Hickman, Aaron Blake 85 Jacobi, Philipp 85, 111 Jacobs, Chrrstopherl 57 Jacobsen, Kenneth C ll 57 Jacqurn, Ryan Richard 76 James, Ginny 103, 105, 133 James, Katrina Denise 57 James, Kevin Donald 85 James, Stacey Renee 85 Jansen, John Martini 44, 57, 127, 146 Jarrett, Richard 76 Jastano, Michael 76 Jenkins, Karen 35. 105 Jenkins, Kris Everett 76 Jenkins, Terry 105 Jenson, Jeanine A 96 Higgins, Shelia 144, 145 Hrghton, Mary 75, 113, 180 Hilgers, John Jack W. Jr. 113 Hill, Amy Marie 75, 77, 127 Hill, Leon Perry 85, 115 Hill, Noah Mendenhall 56 Hillrer, Luke M. 85, 166 Hinman, Pam Lynn 57 Hinson, Keith Levi 75, 104, 146 Hinton, Dawn Lee 85 Hobart, David Bruce 75 Hobbs, Denise Rene 75, 80, 127, Hodeen, Eric Stephen 85, 123 Hodges, Cecilia J, 57 Hodges. Melinda 75, 171 Hodgkiss, Pamela 104 133 Hoeverman, Amy Elizabeth 119, 180, 131 Hoffman, Jennifer Lynn 75,, 111 Hoffman, L. 107 Hogan, John Kelly 75 Holden, Timothy Ill 75 Holik, Carolyn Renee 75, 113 Holand, Deborah 104 Holland, Stuart 104, 171 Holman, Marcus Joe 57 Hong, Hae Jin 85 Hood, Gregory Clark 85 Jeroy, Deirdre Ann 85, 111, 133 Johnson, Dana C 85 Johnson, Davey 148 Johnson, Donald Anthony 85 Johnson, Henry Macewan, IV 57 Johnson, Holly Goodwin 57 Johnson, Jeftrey L. 85 Johnson, Jennifer Jean 57 Johnson, Karen Adele 76, 113 Johnson, Kelli 96 Johnson, Kelly 85 Johnson, Kimberly Ann 76, 113 Johnson, Leland Lloyd 86, 111, 131 Johnson, Rebecca Ann 57, 178, 131 Johnson, Rhonda Mane 96 Johnson, Ross Elliott 76. 96 Johnson, Seth Gabriel 86 Johnson, Skip 105 Johnson, Tracy Ray 76 Johnson, William Ryan 96 J0hl'lSlDI'l, J0hflSl0l'l, Elizabeth Page 96 Phillip S, 76, 166 Jones, Barbara Elaine 57 Jones, Jerry Lee 115 Jones, Ronald Alex 86 Jones. Shannon Lee 96 Jones, Yvonne Deidre 96, 133 Hoots, Leon 104, 151, 150 Hopkins, Mary 104 Hopper, Michael Allison 75 Horton, Jennifer Allen 85, 111 Horton, Kristen Effie 24, 75, 144, 171, 145, 159 Horvath, Michael J. 85 Hough, Laura Evelyn 75 Houlihan, Patrick J. 75 House, Benramin 85 House, Jennifer Lynn 85 Houston, Michelle Angelrq 85 Houtwed. Laura 105 Howard, Chris 85, 91 Howard, Pete 147, 146 Howard, Scott Reed 85, 87 Hubenthal, Charlene Ann 75 Huddleston, April Diane 85 Huddleston, Tamela Lynn 57 Hudson, Robynn 26, 75, 111 Hughes, Angela Jeannine 24, 75 Hull, Jennifer A. 96 Hume, Anthony Charles 96 Hume, Carrie Frances 75 Humes, Kimberly Ann 85 Humphreys, Melissa Lynn 57 Jordan, Kerr E 57 Jordan, Kimberlea Kelle 76, 111 Jordan, Kristie Michelle 96 Jordan, Tania Dawn 76 Jorgensen, Bo Kandborg 86, 113 Josephson, Amy Beth 86, 89, 113 Josey, Melissa Anne 96 Joyner, Ronald Lee 86, 166 AKA Kaczmarczyk, Tracy Jo 86 Kahler, Christoher B. 96 Kane, Chnstopher Michael 86, 129 Kapos, George Gus 57, 113 Karlen, Burletine 102, 103 Kasperbauer, Kelly Rae 76 King, K1mberlyA 24, 77, 111 King, Lawrence Thomas 58 Kinnard, Stephanie Elaine 96 Kitchens. Michelle Leigh 58. 171 Klemstrne, Katherine K 96 Klemstrne, Steven James 77 Kmet, Chnstopher Scot 58, 166 Knight, Rodney Wayne 96 Knox, Misty M 96 Knudsen, William 58 Knutsen, Deborah Anne 77 Koeppen, Arthur 105, 145 Kohl, Kevin Kltchrn 96, 97 Kokoska, Gerald John, Jr 86, 113 Koonln, Gigi 96 Koss, Jennifer Lynn 77, 127, 159 Katarrdes, Michael 58 Kraft, Gernot 77 Kraft, Jennifer Michelle 96 Kraft, Kimberly 77 Krarl, Jeanne A 86, 111 Kramer, Robert Jack 96 Kratzer, Kevin 30. 74, 77, 80, 113, 123. 127 191, 166 Kratzer, Timothy Andrew 96 Kravchak, Gregory James 96 Kravchak, Mark Douglas 58, 166 Kress, Robert James 150 Krieger, Michal 86 Kroboth, Carrie Audrey 117, 119 Kuhlmann, Jenniler Emily 77, 113, 119 Kuhlmann, Victoria E 96 Kurek, John Henry 77 ZLZ Labancz, Steven Monroe 86 LaBarbera. Tommy 105 Labore, Daniel Carl 133 Labore, Wayne Anthony, Jr 119, 131 Lackore, Everett Peter 77 LaCroix, Lisa Anne 59 LaFerr1ere, Glenn 104, 105, 163 Lahm, Janet 105 Lalrk, Scott Travis 96 LaMarche, Karen 86 Lambe, Michael Lee 59 Lambrrola, Bob 183 Landau, Alan 86 Landon, Angela Christine 86 Lane, Amy Catherine 77 Lane, Doug 77 Lane, Molly Elizabeth 96 Laney, Stepehn Marcus 86 Laslo, Lee Scot 96 Latin Club 110, 111 Lawrence, Charles Arthur 77 Lawrence, Heather Nicole 86 Le, Thr Nhu Ngoc 96 Leagan, Gary 105 Leap, Craig R 59 Leary, Elizabeth Alene 86, 113 Ledlow, Amanda 96 Ledlow, Jennifer Nan 86 Lee, Amy Sue 77 Lee, Jimmy 96 Lee, Joseph Allen 86 Lee, Lori Ann 77 Lee, Matthew 86 Lee, Paul Arthur 96 Legg, Ouentin Jarv- Legros, Tom 8+ Lenham, S1111 ,1, 128 Lervas, M7 Lembur e1se 33, 59, 71. 127 Leon ,1 96 Le 1 narles 77 1 .. 77 .15 Scott 96 oiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ,ao WDEX 227 Levine Lewis l,.,, Marc Man 96 f?'1'ffFlD8U'l 96 ,fe 111 finer 77 96 - . 558113 Ann 86 Lewis, Thomas william 86, 111. 166 Lewis, Tnvrllus Marqurso 96 Library Club 130. 131 Library Helpers 118 119 L"d2uE' Ta' ee F'ancis 59. 127 ' ' iaward E. 77. 111 1 di 96, 174 if iirer Anne 79 , .e Qnnstopher86 Crue. Dustin 77 Little. Scott 86 Little. Tonya Tana 96 Lrverman, Dons Jean 77 Livingston, Michele Dons 96 Lloyd. Chnstine E 59 Lloyd. Joe Anhure 86 Uoyd. Susan Adele 77 Logan, Kelly Jane 86.117 Loggin. Michelle 86 Loggins, Patti 86 Lompero. Lalane 86 Londeree, Adnenne E 86 Long. Cathenne Carlisle 77 Long. Colleen Mane 59 Long, Jerry 105, 130 Long. Nathan 77 Loschi, Jonathan David 77, 111. 127 Lott. Misty Ann 96 Lott. Reobert John IV 96 Lougheed, Amy Beth 86 Lucas. Christina Lynn 77, 113 Lucas. Hope Marie 59, 134 Lucas. Jennrter Jerry 24. 59, 111, 127, 183 139 Lucas. Pamela Dawn 77 Lucas Tammara Ann Kel 59 . - lv Luaas. Wingate Hezekiah 86 Luq, Toby Elliot 59 Luuk, Martin J H 77 Lynn, Barry 96 Lynn, Ron 86 Lyon, Dena Faye 77 Lyon. Janell Lee 86 Ma-MN Matthews. Craig M. 97 Matthews. Gary L. 77, 129. 173 Matyas, Karin Lyn 86 Mauylin. Denise 77 Maxwell, Linda Ann 60 Maxwell, Melissa Jean 86 May. Raymond Jellery 77. 79 May. Susan 106 Mayette, Danielle Lea 22, 30, 83, 86. 91. 90. 111, 127 Mayette. Marc Robert 22. 30. 73. 77. 111. 126. 137 Mayhall, Clittord Wesley 117 Mazach, Leigh Carlsen 22, 29. 87. 111 McAdoo, Jason Lee 97 McBnen, Harry I. 87 McBnde. Elizabeth 106. 130, 131 McCall. Anne Clark 87, 111, 133 McCallister, Shannon L. 87 McCallum. Charles F. 97, 111, 133 McCallum, William Joseph 60 McCanna, Richard D. 87 McCartney. Charles Bnan 77 McCausland, Shawn Stuart 87, 113. 133 McCausland, Stuart 106 McClellan, Susan Elizabeth 22. 23. 25,30. 60.70,178,139 McCollum, Tammny Leann 97. 129 McCollum. Tina C. 129 McCormick, David Matthew 87 McCormick. Sean Michael 97 McCready. Julie Anne 77 McCready. Timothy Daniel 97 McCuiston, Melinda Dawn 87, 117 McCullough, Kendra 87 McCutcheon, Terne Lynn 77 McDanrels, Nonna Lee 60 McDonough, Knsta Lynn 97, 113, 117 McEl1resh. Chnstopher J. 60. 66 McElveen, Chnstin 87 McElvein, Sarah Jean 24, 26, 27, 77 McErlean. Michelle Leigh 97 McFillin. Celeste Margaret 87 McFillin, Heather Deborah 60, 145 McGinness, Ryan Joseph 95, 97, 113, 123 133 McGregory. Robert Francis 60 Mclntrre, Patncia M. 87. 111 Mclntyre. Corey Rhodes 87 McKay, Kimberly Frances 87 McKenzie. Jason Enc 87 McKenzie, Lisa Annette 177 McKenzie, Sean Michael 22. 97 McKeon, Manone Gail 60 McKinney, John C. 87, 146 McLaughlin, Craig Earle 60 McLaughlin, Patrick James 97 McLendon, Detra Devonne 97 MacDonald, Lisa Lynn 59 MacDonald, Susan Lee 86, 111 MacEachern, Hylton Hughes 96 MacEachern, Nell Ganuood 30, 32, 59. 64, 127.138,133,139 Mach. Heather Anne 77 Maclrtal, Joseph James 86 Macktal, Tyra Lynn 96 MacNamara, Theresa 105 Madeyski, Lisa Maria 77 Madigan. Tracy Ann 86 Madrigals 128, 129 Maglicco. David C 96. 225 Malary. w 107 Malla, Barbara 105 Mallas, Kyle Howeth 86 Malloy. Kelli Anne 27. 59. 71, 119, 123. 133, 139 Malloy. March Breidenthar 86 Malone. Michael J Jr 96 Mangus, Dawn Mane 97 Manuel, Joan 105, 130 Maple. Kristine L 86 Maralino. Joseph 106 Marana. Geraldine Lisa 59 March, Sally K 26, 59, 129, 139 Marcoccio. Frank Dominick 97 Marcus, Mark Jason 77 Marcy, Lon 106 Maraia. Geraldine 145. 159 Marella, Kathleen 59, 113 Mariana, Jimmy 59 Marianr, Johnny 77 Martin haus R an 86 McLeod, Christopher Scott 87 McLeod. George Murray 77 McLeod, Robert C. 87 McLeod, Shawn Christopher 87 McLeod, Tammy June 60, 111. 129, 131, 133 McLaughlin, Michael A 87 McMannes. James Edward 77, 166 McNaught, Angela Siobhan 77 McNaughton, Steven Brian 77 McNerney. Jill D. 87 Mc0ueeney, Christine D. 87 Meads, Chnstopher S 97 Medlrn. Amber Elizabeth 95. 96. 97. 111, 127, 183 Medlrn. Mark Alan 77 Melinda, Altice 97 Mercker, Mary 106 Mewborn, Kayte Ellen 87, 111 Meyer, Renee 144, 145 Mickelson. Denise Deann 60, 69, 111 Mrddlebrooks, Virginia C 97 Miele. Donaldson Anthony 77, 111 Miele. Jennrter Ann 87, 111, 117 Mrlby. Eric Christian 60 Miles. Joseph Dudley 97 Miles, Sherri Lynn 76, 77. 80, 81. 127, 17 131, 133,159 Miller, Allison Brooke 87. 111, 133 Miller, Heather Dawn 87 Miller, Heather Lynn 77. 113 Miller, Kimberly AnneMari 85. 87 Miller, Miller, Misha Lyn 97 Nicole Elizabeth 97 Miller, Shayne Kenneth 60 Miller, Stephen 78 Miller Tra L nn 78 0'8oyle, Christopher Gran 78 0 . Y Maroon, Matthew Wayne 59. 70 Marr, Lea Allison 92. 97, 113 Marriott, Jan Blwin 77, 111 Marsh. Katherinef 86. 111 Marshall Candace Lynn 77, 111, 145 Marshall, Elizabeth L 86 Marshall Richardson Lee 77 MZTSYIJII, Roll Alexander 44, 59. 127, 184, 133 Marshall, Vince 106 Marston, Zachary Co: 77, 111 Martin, Andrew David 86 Manin, CDTISIIC Michelle 97 Martin, Dianne Renee 60 Martin. Don 106 Martin, Timothy Kerr 60 . CY Y Millner, David Allen 60. 119 Mrllner, Robert Louis 87 Mills. Rusty 78 Mills, Robert Jason 97 Minger, Suzanne 87 Minkowskr, Catherine S 87. 111 Mitchell. James Richard 78 Mitchell, Megan A 78, 111, 172 Mitchell, Raymond Arthur 87 Moayery. Shaudy 87 Model UN 132. 133 Molin. Shandra Lee Anne 87, 129 MOIIOY. Bonnie 106 Moncol, Deborah 106 Monger. Caroline A 26, 74, 78, 111, 137 Montel, Joel Lawrence 97 Martino, Jeanette 106 Martinez, Anna 86 Mason. Michael Wayne 77 Maslon, Jennrter Lee 97 Mathas, Alexander Thomas 77, 185 Mathews, Warren Marsallle 60 Matosich, Jernon 77. 153 Matosich, Korb Steven 86 Matthel, Wiebke 86 Mathew, Sharon Denise 77 Moon. Moore Moore Kimberly Ann 97 , Alison 78 ,AIIISOTT 78, 171,18 Moore, Althea Loucille 78 Moore, Beth Pomeroy 78, 134 Moore. Charles Franklin 60 Moore, Edward Joseph 98 Moore. Fancy Mary E 87 Moore, James 60 Moore, James 78 1 . Moore, Nancy Bennett 78 Moore, Reggie 146 Moore, Robert Christopher 78 Moore, Sean David 78, 113, 149 Moore. Shannon 178 Moore, Thea 87 Moore, Theodore Michael 78 Moran, Jennrter Lynn 88 Moran Stacey Ann 98 Mordica, Michelle Yvette aa Oden. Jon Marshall 30, 63. 132. 133, 139 Odum, Holly Michelle 78 Ottice Helpers 118. 119 Oglesby, Rebecca Jane 63, 139 Ogline, Jenniter Lynn 78. 133 Oleary. 'timothy 88 Oleiar, Cami Lynn 78, 111, 131 Oliver, David Scott 98 Olson, Heather Lynne 88 0Neal, Constance 78 ONeaI Shaun 78 Morgan. Enca J. 98 Morgan. Joseph Buxton 98 Monnando, Mark Anthony 88. 166 Momingstar, Wesley Robert 98 More, Lisa 98 Moms, Casey Sean 88 Morris. Donald Archie 60 Moms, Steven Edward 88 Momsette. Jenniter Man 97, 98 Mornson. Dania Renee 98 Morrison, Kandace Renee 98. 111 Morrison, Sara Michelle 88, 111 Mornssey, Chnstine L. 60. 111, 113, 129 Morse. Anna Mane 78 Mortarino, Matteo 88 Morter. Jerry Emesto 98 Mosbach, Chnstopher Haro 98 Moser, Jett 146 Moser, Kevin Eugene 88 Moser, Kimbertee Jo 119. 129 Mosher, Debora 106 Mosman, David A. 60, 119 Moyer. Amy Lynn 98. 99 Moyer. Jennrter Mane 60 Mucha, John 60, 113 Mucha, Mark 98 Mullamey-Yano. Jim 106 Oneil, Paul Joseph 63. 146 Oneill, Charles Brian 88. 117 Onquit, Nanqr Fae Panga 78 Ontko, George 106 Opening Divider 2, 3 Oprandy. Susan Mary 98 Orchid, Lyssa Janel 98. 101, 163 Osbome, Chnstopher B. 98 Outdoor Track 152. 153 0verton, Lisa Brandes 88,117,133.131. 129 Owens, Billy Warren 88 Owens. Roberta 106 Owens, Todd Randolph 88 Owsiany, Chnstine Renee 78 7-Pr Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy . Chns 82. 84 , Christine Ann 86 ,Daniel R. 60, 161 . Janis 106 . Jeanne Megan 24. 78. 79, 133 , Keith 60, 185 , Mano Benramrn 98 Timothy Joseph 78 Murray,' Kathryn Elizabeth az. ar. ss Murray, Robert Ian 98 Mustert, Scott Bradley 78 Myers, Curtis Todd 98 Myers. Diana Lynn 98 Myers, Matthew Shawn 98 Myers, Michelle L. 60 Myers, Shannon Morris 46, 60 Myers. Shawn Allen 60 Pacheco. Gina Marie 63, 71, 146 Patumi, Brian Anthony 78 Pak, Sang Yon 88 Palermo, Frank David 63, 71, 146 44 44 Nagle, John Stephen 98 Nahum, Nahum, Nationa Galit 78, 129 Sharon 98 I Honor Society 138. 139 Neal, Elizabeth Mason 78. 111 Neil, Randy Keith 98 Neil, Sharon Lynne 88 Nelson. Anthony Paul 78 Nelson. Clilton Lane 62 Nelson, Dana Anne 98 Nelson, Jennrter Joy 62, 113 Nelson, Kevin 78 Nelson, Kristin Annette 62, 139 Nelson, Larry Charles 78 Nelson, Shauna Lynn 78. 111 Palmer, Pace Bryan 63 . Pangle, Jennie Lou 94. 106 Parb. A. 127 Parker, Agnes Mane 88 Parker. John Daniel 88. 111 Parr, Jett 63. 166 Parsons, Chad Ean 98 Paschall, Mary Lou 78 Pascual, Pamela Flor 63, 190, 131 Pasrcov, James Matthew 98 Patterson, Lisa Mashay 98 Patterson, Paul 98 Patterson, Sonja Renea 88 Paulson, Elias William 98 Pavey. Joseph Edwin 98 Pavey. Samuel 63. 113 Payne, Andrew Mason 78 Peckens, John Newton 63. 133 Pekarsky, Carol Beth 98 Pellerin, Karen Anne 78, 133 Pellerin, Roben Dennis 63 Pelton, Michael Lynn 78 Pennington, Jenniter C. 63. 123, 131 Penny, Michael Jon 63, 161 Pentzer, Richard Dale 88 People Divider 44, 45 Pep Club 120. 121 Perez, Daniella D. 78 Perez, Deborah D. 78 Perez, Melissa A. 44. 78 Perez. Vanessa Marie 92, 98 I Perra Per Perry Perry U YY. Perry, Perry. Perry, t. liltany Rae 98 Brandon 18 David Edward 78 Dean Michael 88 James J. 98 Jenniter Elizabeth 74, 78 Joel Wade 63 Neubert, Leann 78, 113 Leubert. Victoria Anne 78 Newbern. Kathrine Lynn 78 Newill, Donan 106 Newman, Michael Lawrence 88 Newton, Misty Lynn 78 Nichols, Jason C. 78 Nichols, Jonathan D. 98 Nichols, Steven Bradley 88 Nobles, Lesley Paige 78 Nolan. Emerson G. 98 Nolker, Melissa Marte 88 Nommack, Darrell 98 Norman, Alan Patnck 62. 127, 133 Norman, Ann Marie 98 Norville. Alyse Paige 88 Novoa, Alvirina 62, 113, 129 Novoa, Alvin, Jr. 62. 104, 192 000 0'Donnell, John Sean 98 0'Prandy, Tara 98 Oakes, Kevin Charles 62, 180 Oakes. Maria 106 Oates, Alan Brooke 62, 185 Oates. Laura Stewart 88, 174, 169 Oberlin. Michelle M 88 Ocamb, Kimberly 78 Oconnall, Frederick W 88 Oden. Heather Jager 78 Perry, Jonathan Charles 190 Person, Chnstina Lynn 78, 111 Person, Mark Richard 98 Petersen. Mark Louis 63, 70, 165 Petersen, Michele Diane 78 Petersen. Scott Michael 63, 117. 123, 188. 137 Petrey, Linda Kay 98 Pettersen, Anette Stiegle 98 Pettersen, Brigitte Stiegle 88 Phelps. Knss Michelle 63 Phillips, Blake Hunter 88 Phillips. Kevin 18 Piazza, Thomas M. 78 Pickard, Allison Paige 88, 131 Pierce. John Williamson 88, 117 Pierce. Lark Ellen 119 Pierce, Tomma Rene 98, 111 Pierson, Kristoler Jon 88, 104. 166 Pierson, Lars-Enk 63, 18, 146 Pierson, Reinholdine K. 98 Pilecki, Michael Scott 98 Pitt. Tracy Gail 88 Pitts, Tracey 98 Plato. Heide Marie 78 Platz, Bruce 106. 184 Pleacher. Charles Jody 98 Plumlee, Charles Eric 78 Poe. Carolyn Lee 111, 131 Pohl, Jetlrey Kenneth 88 Pollard, Kimberly Anne 63 Poore. Kirsten Roser 78 Poore. William Keith 98 Porter. Michael 103 Porter, Scott Ryan 78 Poslusny, Diana Jeanne 98 Post, Stephanie Mae 88 Poston. Wlndy Raye 88 Potts, Jennrter Lee 78 Poullot, Richard Earl 88 Powell, Jan Dlnna 98 Powell, Joyce Dawn 78 Powell. Judith Ann 78 Powell, Missy Lea 88 Powers. Danielle A. 78, 111 Prectlanlo, N. 107 Prestridge, Rebecca Lee 98 Prevette. Laurel Raven 63. 71 Pritchett, Christopher 98 Prodan, El beth A. 63 Pmdan, John Paul 78 Prouty, Richard Charles 98 Pruden. Sean Robert 88. 111 Pryor, Brant 151, 150 4 'L Rattensperger, Harvey P. 88, 123 Rainbolt, Pamela 88, 113 Rainer, Brenda Denise 98 Rainer, Donna Ann 78 Rains, Philip Sean 88 Ramos. Erwin Griialvo 63. 117 Randall, Edwin Jay 98 Raney, Brian Kent 88 Ratclitte, Robert lMlton 98, 113, 123 Raytield, Susan Elizabeth 63. 113 Rayhall, Clitl 98 Raynes, Scott 88.111, 127 Reading, Van 106 Reaves, Stephanie Ann 78 Redding, Mary Jane 63 Reed, Kara Elizabeth 63 Reed, Thomas Claude 99 Rees, Anna Margaret 64 Regula, Knstin 78. 80. 113. 129 Reichenmiller, 0la1 78 Reichert. Douglas 88 Reid. Dayne Michelle 99, 111 Reid. Kimberly Dionne 99 Reid, Rebecca Ann 78, 171 Renno, Gregory Scott 64 Renno, Sheri Ann 78 Reybum, David James 99. 123 Reynolds, Christine 64 Reynolds, Dennis Alan, Jr. 88 Rhoades, Abigail Carleton 79 Rhudy, Crista Paige 64 Ricci, Loma Lee 64 Rice, Eric Wallace 99 Rich, Maureen Anne 99 Rich. Umothy Michael 79. 113 Richards. Tara Patrice 79 Richardson, Michael Joseph 99 Richardson, Michelle Lynn 88 Richardson, Raelynn 64 Rickard, Jo Anne 99 Rickard. Lea Anne 79, 129 Riddick, Amy 46, 64. 70. 128, 129, 195 Ridge, Arlene Elizabeth 64 Ridge. Mark Gregory 99 Rieve, Rhea Lynne 64. 111 Rieve, Royce Johnson 99 Rieves, Laura Cathenne 99 Rittle, Gail 106 Riner. Elizabeth Marin 79 Ritter, Kristy 145 Roberson. Roxann 85, 88 Roberts, Deborah Lynn 88 Roberts. Meredith Ann 64 Robert, Ronald Gary 79 Roberts. Shawn Marie 88 Robertson, Kathryn Hard 83, 88, 89 Robins, Kimberly Aline 88 Robins. Robie 99. 113 Robinson, Christopher Mic 99 Robles. Monica Lynn 99 Rode, Robert 106 Roelker, Michael Robert 99, 111 Rogers, James Gordon, Jr. 79 Rohdenburg, Kristin K. 99, 113 Romaine. Scott Edward 79 Rose. Marne 99 Rosen. Guy 99 Ross, Stacy 64 Rothott, Nicole Mane 99 Roullet. Karen Suzanne 64, 117. 178 Rouse. James Stanley 99 Rowe, Julie Elizabeth 99 Rowland. Dax Michael 88 Rudiger, Kathenne Denise 64 Rudoll. Chester David 79 Rutlin, Amber Kathleen 88 Ruttin, Lonnie. III 99 Ruiz. Vanessa Lynn 88, 113 Rumpl, Paul 88 Rumpl, Rlkki Lea 99 Rumpl, Vickie Lyn 64 Runnells, Cindy Amanda 88, 111 Russell, Jay Calvin, Jr. 64, 113 Russell, Kimberly Fay 98. 99 Russell. Susan Mane 88. 111 Russell, Tracie Lynn 99 Russo. Joseph 99 454 4' INDEX ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo iw' arf I li 95 ll ge Ct gg llf g It ,fi 1 3-rd M. W 3164 W W W QIK gift 98 iff W F gh N 572 W W W FW V1 F. S78 inf N Ylti MI S73 311 331 bi N in S31 S1 S1 it fri Yi ii ie B 22 F 3 2 it in in it at tt! I!! it it' it ll h Fi R Ye :? be N it le k it N ll it it E1 h Pt R it R it it il: it it ll. it lt it it it lt 9 it h it S' ir it 1 it 2 I i ii I 5 1 1 Van lderstlne, Eric Paul 100 SCA 136, 137 Sabourin, William Leonard 79 Sadler, Alex Edmund 30, 49, 64, 71, 186. Slough, Katherine Ellen 44, 66, 71, 111 127,18,145,159 Smith Allen Edwin 99 Sports Stedman, Jaimi Marie 100 18 I Sakis, Theodore Thomas 35, 64 Sale, Charles Latane 99 1, Sale, Noel Lee 88 rl Sale, Talley Virginia 79, 117 II Salyer, Preston Edward 79 ii Samford, Katharine 1-6 I Sanderlin, Mary Lee 88 11 Santoro, Florence Ann 88 1 Sarvella, Floyd Randall 64 Saunders, Charles Christopher 80 Saunders, Kimberly Marie 99 I, Saunders, Margaret 99 3 Savacool, Christa Lynn 98 I1 Savacool, Matthew Jetfrey113, 123, 131 1' savino, David Andrew 99 1 Savino, Kimberly Anne 64, 18 I Sawyer, Terri 105, 106, 123 11 Sawyer, William Jordan, IV 80 Scarborough, Kay 106 Schatti, Timothy Michael 88 Schellhammer, Scott Frede 99 Schief, Amy Noel 99 . Schlatter, Martin Duane 80 'I Schleck, David Ryan 80 Schlosser, Donellen S. 64, 111, 117, 131 Schmid, Lisa Lorena 64 1 Schmidt, Mollie Wilds 65 l Schmidt, Rachael M. 65, 163 Schmurr, Lisa Renee 80 Schneider, Grant Michael 80 . Schnitt, Drew Evan 65, 111 . Scholl, Gary Laverne 80 il Schonback, Stefanie Ania 65, 111 ' Schreckengaust, Karen 113, 117 Schrob, Alan 80, 190 ' Schroeder, Stacy Ann 80 I Schugardt, Richard Jason 80 ' Schultz, Jeffrey Thomas 80, 113, 161 I Schwartz, Amie Kathleen 99 1 Schwartz, Kenneth Ray 99 It Schweickert, Mary E. 80 1 Science Club 122, 123 .1 Scofield, Jeffrey Paul 88, 113 . Y Scott, Sonya Ann 65, 174 Scott, Tabatha Betrand 99 1 Scott, Thomas Henry 99 1 Scotti, Adam Michael 80, 115 1 Scruggs, Craig Overton 88 Scruggs, Jason Walker 115 1 Sears, Corey Comel 99 H sears, Jenmier Rachel 92, 99 ' Seay, Marvin 65 Seay, Windy Jill 80, 113 Sebastian, Lorin Lee 65 , Segall, Liad Y. 99 I Segerblom, Kevin Lee 80 I 1 Segerblom, Scott Dana 80 Self, Donald 88 1 Seltzer, George H. IV 80 I Senior Stats 224, 225 ' Senter, Kimberly Dawn 65, 111, 117, 119 3 Senter, Barbara 106 , Sereno, Catherine Regina 65, 159 Lk Sereno, James Daniel 99 ' Serl, Carrie Ann 99 1 I 1 1 Smith, Christine Leslie 80 Smith, Christopher L, 80 Smith, Christina Franchesc 99 Smith, Deana Jane 99 Smith, Donnyell Pierre 99 Smith Gregory Shawn 99 Smith, James Dennis 99 Smith, Jennifer Lynn 89 Smith, Jonathan Allen 89 Smith, Kim N.119,131 Smith, Mia Trinean 89 Smith, Michael Joseph 66 Smith, Smith Monica Ann 66 Rebecca Eileen 89 Smith: Stephanie Michelle 89 Smith, Sylvester 106 Smith, Tom 106 Smithw Smoke, Snilka, Snyder. Snyder. Snyder, Snyder, Softball Song, I ick, Amy Lynn 24, 80 Christopher Joseph 66 Charles 89 Helen Jeanean 99 John Shawn Harris 99 Sean 161 Shauna Ann 80 144, 145 n Ah 66 Sokolowski, Ray 89 Sokora, Spears, 129 Daniel C. 89 Spanish Club 113 Wendalyn Rachelle 66, 119, 131 Speckhart, James Matthew 99 Speckhart, Michael Louis 80, 127 Spence, Aaron Christopher 89 Spencer, David 89 Spencer, Don 149 Spencer, Katherine Elaine 66, 111 Spencer, Kyllie Ann 106 Divider 142. 143 Spotswood, Nicole Marie 80 Sprague, Matthew Russell 100 Sprouse, Christopher W. 66, 133 Sprouse, David Boyd 89, 111 Spruill, Mark Brandon 100 Squire, Arthur Clifton 89 Stables, Thomas Bernarr 89, 166 Stace, Gerald Lynn Jr. 89 Staehle, Tara Michelle 96, 100 Stafford, Kimberly V. 66 Stafford, Melinda A, 100 Stafford, Shannon 100 Stafford, Thomas Alan 100 Stagg, Gregory James 89 Stallings, Michael Kent 80, 123 Stamer, Heather Marie 66 Stamer, Jason Edward 100 Stanchina, Jerry Gene Jr. 100 Stanfield, Jeffery Allen 80, 111. 166 Stanton, William Anthony 89 Starbuck, Lucy Rebecca 66, 113, 133 Starling, Jennifer Ruth 80 Starling, John Randolph 100 Staub, Michael C. 66 Staulfer, Jonathan W. 63, 66, 69, 127, 133 Serrano, Melissa Lyn 65 Setford, Matthew J. 115 Shaggs, R. 107 Shank, Ronnie Laverne 77, 80, 127 Sharpe, David Marshall 65, 129 Sharpe, Sarah Garland 88 Sharrock, Christian 0Neal 65 Shaw, Renee Marie 88 Shea, Kevin Michael 65, 70. 111, 18. Shedlock, William Michael 80 Shelton, Charlene Renee 99 Shepherd, Michael Anthony 80, 166 Sheridan, Shelley Anne 88, 111 Sherlock, Kieran Carter 99, 111 Shewchuk, Mark Dennis 99 Shick, Jason Tyler 99 Shields, Gregory Scott 88, 111, 133 Steele, Steele, Jeffrey Alan 80 Lisa Ann 89 Stefonich, Danielle 66 Stein, Roger Samuel 80 Steinkamp, Karen Lynn 80, 113 Stephens, Anthony Moore 89, 111 Stephenson, Carl D ll 66 Stephenson, Toni Michelle 89 Stetler, Stacy 100, 113 Stets, Mark Alan 89 Stevens, Christopher Alan 89 Stevens, Karen Michelle 100 Stevens, Lee Travis 80 Stevens, Rebecca Ann 89 Stewart, Bruce 106, 147 Stewart, Joseph Bruce Jr 89 Stewart, Monica Grace 80, 159 Shields, Julie Marie 99 1 Shields, Marcie Elizabeth 65 1' Shirk, Ann Marie 88, 113, 117 Ii Shoaf, Jeffrey 106 1 Shon, Melissa Anne 65, 117 1 Shores, Doninique Rennee 99 I Shores, Lance Patrick 65 1 Short, Christina Kaye 80 ' Short, Leslie M. 88, 111 . Shorter, Kimberly Elaine 99, 100, 113 I Shreckengaust, Karen M. 65 I Shugrue, Christopher P. 88 1 Shull, David Leonard 65, 166 Shull, Stacey 99 I Shuman, Christopher Scott 99 1: Shuman, Michael Jason 99, 113 li Shumpert, Lenore Kay 89 I. Shupe, Holly Lyn 80, 163 1 Shupe, Robert David 80, 172 1' Sibert, Barbara 65 Siebeking, Stephanie 24 I Sike, Cheri Louise 55, 65, 129 1 Silva, Raquel 99 Simons, Cassie Lynn 89 .1 Simpson, Daniel Harrison 65, 166 1 Sinclair, Shawn Christopher 89 Singleton, Ronette Andrea 99 Sipe, Tavis Winton 93, 99 1 Sisler, Christopher 66 I Stovall, Scott Allen 66 ri Skiles, Robert 80 1 Skinner, Donald 80 , Skinner, Robert Allen 89 1' Slaven, Melissa as 1 Slaven, Susan 80, 111 Stewart, Rebecca Lynn 80 Stewart, Robin James 80 Stewart, Thomas E, 33 Stivers, Ginger Michele 100 Stone, Christine Noele 80 Stoner, Barbara Anne 80 Storey, Raelin 27, 66, 178, 129 Strahan, Sonya Miranda 100 Stratman, Jennifer Lyn 100 Strazzullo, Joanne Marie 100 Strazzullo, John Anthony 100 Streeter, Melissa Ann 66, 18 Strickland, Mary Christin 67, 117 Strickler, Michelle S. 67 Strother, Robert Glenn 89 Stroud, Adam D. 89, 166 Stroud, Kimberly Denise 67, 117 Stubblefield, David E. 89 Student Life Divider 6,7. Sfultz, Ronald 106 Sturgeon, Doris 89 Suber, R, 107 Suggs, William Thomas 89 Sulecki, Sharon Lee 80 Sullivan, Jennifer J. 80, 133, 129 Sullivan, Stacey Meegan 100 Summerlin, Burt 89 Summerlin, Michael 67, 113, 166 Summerlin, Stephen James 113, 166 1 Sweetser, Robert Seth 100, 161 Sweger, Wayne Nolan 89 Swrngle, Matt 146 Sykes, Jimmey Wesley, Jr 89, 123 Symons, Scott 100 IT! TARS 132, 133 Tabor, Todd Martin 89, 113 Tagmons, Tom 80 Talbott, April M, 95, 100 Tamayo, Leticia Maria 67, 184 Tamayo, Sonia Suzanne 80 Tarpey, Michael Patrick 89, 117, 129 Tartonr, Debra L 100 Tartoni, Kristi Carol 89 Tasheiko, Tamara Leigh 30, 61, 62, 6 127 Tatay, Galit 100 Tatern, Stephanie Rose 53, 67, 130 Tavares, MandyE 67, 127 Tavenner, William Markus 89 Taylor, Ginger Lorraine 89, 111, 174 Taylor, Jenniler Paige 80 Taylor, Keenan, Joseph 80 Taylor, Natalie Hope 67, 70, 111, 174 Taylor, Robert Macey 89, 115 Templeton, Skip 100 Teri, Andrew Joseph 67 7,11 Terlizzi, Annette Dawn 82, 83, 89, 113 Theurer, Charles Joseph 67 Theile, Jeffry Bengamin 80 Theile, Layne Bruce 80 Thespians 128, 129 Thomas, Cindy Leigh 100, 129 Thomas, David Eugene 81 Thomas, Erica Levon 89 Thomas, Erin Wayne 100 Thomas, Gordon Damien 89 Thomas, John Eric 81 Thomas, Stephen 67 Thomas, Tamatha Renee 81 Thomas, Timothy Daryl 100 Thompson Brian John 67 Thompson Deanna 89 Thompson, Henry L, Jr, 67, 119 Thompson, James Franklin 90 Thompson Laurie E. 81 Thompson Thompson Tiedemann, Tiedemann, Shannan Michele 100 Tamara Suzanna 81 Dawn Marie 90 Patricia Lynne 81, 131 Tippett, Jeffrey 100 Tolbert, Kelly Suaanne 100 Tolbert, Kimberley Erin 67 Tolbert, William Haywood 81 Tolberton, Bree Revere 100 Tolertin,B.111, 137 Tolive, Thomas C. 90 Tomasetti, Micheal David 100 Tomlin, Dru Delance 100 Tomlinson, Paul David 81 Torbert, Robert 48, 67 Townsend, Erick David 81 Townsend, Jonathan Mark 81 Townsend, Richard Slade 90 Traffon, Carl Leslie 67 Trammell, Joel 106 Trent, Charles Edward 67 Troedson, Kerry Shannon 100, 131 Trout, Maren Lynn 81 Trowbridge, Scott C, 67, 182 Tuazon, Danielle Michelle 90 Tucker, Cindy Lou 67 Turner, Andrew Delton 90, 100, 113, Turner, Christopher Wayne 90 Super, Gregory Matthew 67, 69, 127, 139 Sutton, Christopher Matth 80, 123 Sutton, Hollie Marie 80 Sutton, May 106 Svede, Diana Clare 100 Swanson, John Patrick 100 Turner, Jason Armstrong 100 Turner, Michelle Dawn 67, 11, 119, 1 Turner, R Jonathan 100 Turner, Rachel 100 Turner, Ryan Lane 81, 146, 166 Turpine, K. 107 Tye, Paul Winston 81 Tynes, Hunter Lynne 100 Tyrell, Daniel Jude 67 Tyrell, Patrick James 100 40 M- Underhill, Chrislianne M 67, 113, 129 Upton, Wendi Rae 81 Urbanski, Kara Corcoran 100 V V 166 29 Valerlo, Matthew James 30 82, 91, 90 127 Vanderwerken, Noelle 90 Vanderwerken, Vikki Ann 100 Vaneycken, Cathy 67 Vann, Carolyn Elizabeth 81 129 Vann, Diana Fentress 90, 91, 127, 129 Vann, Ronald Corey 81 Vanvalkenburgh, Kimberly 91, 100, 113 Vassilakrs, George 100 Velde, Christian Rudin 100 Venable, Craig Roberts 67, 133 Venable, Jennifer Anne 100, lfll Vermillion, Pat 81 Vest, Carol Lynn 73, 81 Vest, William Thomas 90 Viar, Bonnie Rhea 90 Viar, George Duran 45, 81 Viar, Jode Lee 90 Video Club 130, 131 Vincent, Denise C 81 Vincent, Garnet Lee 67 Vinh, Anne Baoanh 67 Violette, Victoria Ann 90, 117 Vion, Cheryl Leigh 90 Visbeek, Karen L 90 Vita, Anna Jeannette 34, 67 Vokshoorzadeh, Amir A 81 Voncannon, Valerie Lee 100 VonLudwig, Amelie 107 VonSchmidt4Pauli, Christi 81, 112, 113 Vore, Laura Kay 100 Vrooman, Tamara Lynne 81, 117 Wade, Wade, wWw Angela N 81, 163 Robyn L 100 Wagner, Daniel Paul 81 Wagner, Karen Biscoe 100 WBITS, Anne Bryan 67, 145 Waldron, Lisa Marie 90 Waldron, Wendy Therese 81, 111 Walker, Anne Mathis 100 Walker, Jennifer Blythe 90, 119, 131 Walker, Kerry Ann 68 Walker, Michelle 107, 192 Walker, Steven William 68 Walker. Bobbie 81 Wallace, Geoffrey Hart 81 Waller. Walsh, Walsh, Walsh, Neola 107, 183 Adam David 100, 113 Judith M 68,111,174 Richard Craig 30, 53, 68, 137 Walston, Joy Elizabeth 22, 90 Walton Celeste Shannon 100 Walton: Courtney Machen 100 Walton, Stephanie Elizabeth 81 Walton, Wade Presley 100 Ward, Brian Philip 70 Ward, John Gilbert 100 Ward, Kimberly Sue 100 Ward, Patrice Valerie 81 Wardzinski, Geoffrey G 90 Wardzinski, Melissa Marie 81, 111 Wargo, Chamie Ann 90 Wargo, Mark Christopher 81, 113 Warnrck, Terry Lee 100 Warren, Roger Dalton, Jr 81 Warren, Laura Elaine 111, 163 Washington, Peggy 107 Waterman, Heather Elaine 90 Waters, Earl 107 Waters, Lottie 102, 103 Watkins, Mike 100 Watson, Sandra Lynn 90 Watson, Wendy Michelle 100 Watts. Watts. Watts. Weber, Weber, Jalene Marie 100 Tania Leah 90 Terry Nicholas 101 Dennis twin 81, 111 Michael Gregory 68 Webster, Jack Raymond 101 Webster, Sterling F, IV 101 Weed, Weeks. Weiss. Heather Alexandra 90 Robert Lee, ll 101 Thomas Alan 101 Welborn, Catherine Warren 68 Welborn, Cindy Lynn 68 Welch. Weller, Robert Thomas 133 Ayelet 68 Weniger, Tamara Lynn 101 Weniger, Tracy 118, 119 Weniger, Wendy Marie 90 Wentz. Wentz. Bradley Joseph 68, 133 Trey 101 Werkmeister, Deborah Ann 81 West, Jocelyn Kristine 30, 101 West, Stacey 81 Wetmore, Michelle Louise 87, 90 Whaley, Michael David 24, 68 Whaley, Michael Wayne 24 Wheelous, Lisa Anne 129 Whelahan, Margaret Neary 28, 30, 50, 6 71 13 111 137 9 wntre,'Anurew oewm ai, 117, ies, 131 White, White. White. White. White. Christine A. 68 Richard Eugene, lll 81, 166 Roy Littleton, Ill 81 Shannon Marie 101 Stacey Rene 68 11, , 1.11 8. White '. While, lit While, Vain Whiteman, Ari., Whitfield, Arnanrl., Whitfield, Paul 8 ll. Whitney, Anita Ann 90 Wilbrrcht, Cynthia Joan bfi . Wilbrichf, Daniel Charles 90 111 Wilcher, Rixey 107 Wilcox, Kristen Ann 28, 29, 48, 49, 50 68,111,l?7,139 Wiley, Christopher Scott 68, 123 Wiley, Marilyn 186 Wilkerson, Michelle tee 90 Wilkie, Susan Kimberly 101, 113 Will, Ilan tric 68 163 Williams Clirrstoptier P 101 Williams, Kristin Michele 81 Williams Kristina Ann 68 Williamf. Larry 68 11l 129 Williams, Michelle Collee 101 Williams Phil 103 Williams, Richarrt Dean 68 Willis, John Gregory 68 Wilson, Christopher Mark 101 Wilson, Courtney Paige 96 98 101 Wilson, Emma Nannele 81 113, 131 Wilson, Hilda 107 Wilson, Kelly 145 Wilson, Timothy Michael 81, 111, 133 Winborn, Stephen Francis 90 Windmiller, Richard 119 Windrow, Allen Lee 101, 111 Wingspan 116, 117 Winstead, Jackie Denise 68 Winstead, James William 101 Wise, Sebastian Vivian 101 Wise, Wade M 90 Withers, Christopher M 101 Wolle, Alyson Nora 81 Womack, Sean Antonia 81 Wombolt, Christopher 81, 113 Wong, Judy Yat 97, 101 Wong, Krey Larhung 90 Wood, Catherine Anne 25, 30, 44, 58, 71,127,144,137,145,163 Wood, Elizabeth Elaine 81 Wood, Susan 145 Woodard, Ami Elizabeth 24, 90 Woodard, Mark Lee 101 Woodhouse, Betty 107 Woodhouse, Oscar Ray 90 Wool, Sidney 107 Woolard, Deanna Carter 68 Wort, Victor 90 Worthington, Mary 107 Wrestling 166, 167 Wright, Dionne Annette 101, 117 Wright, Heather Nicole 101 Wright, Lisa Kelli 90 Wyatt, Tony Michael 81 Wyche, Vera 107 7 7 Yates, Tanya Leigh 101 Yeager, Amy Ann 68 Yeager, Deanne Catherine 81 Yearbook 140, 141 Yeatts, Krista Kelly 81, 119 Yellis, Cassandra Suzanne 90 Yellis, Nicholas Gregory 81, 166 Young, Albert Draper 68 Young, C 107 Young, Christine Marie 81 Young, Thomas J 81 Youngburgh 150, 151 Zr Z Zamarin, Eden Elena 81, 173 Zarn, Robert Michael 101 Zatout, Matt 101 Zawacky, Laura 101, 111 Zenarolla, Kimberly Miche 90 Zinas, Jim 68, 113, 166 Zinas, Kathy 90 Zook, Jennifer Kay 27, 68, 113, 117 ,iooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc ,o INDEX scyzaa The 1987 Talon, Volume 26. was published by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem. North Carolina Mr John Perry is the publishing representative. The press run was 1300 copies. The finish of the paper throughout the book is Warren Gloss. The cover is a four-color limited lithographic design. drawn by Mick McKay. The endsheets are 65 lb. stock, color 4115 Orchid Amton Text The maiority of the type used in the book is Helvetica Condensed. Body copy is printed in 10-point, captions in 8-point, and kickers in 18-point. Most senior portraits. faculty and underclass pictures. group pictures. and assorted candids were taken by Mr. Hall Ward oi Max Ward-Delmar Studios. Chesapeake, Virginia. lt bubble gurn did not exist the Talon would not exist either 1.f.. ,X S-N v .ff- iq'- 5. .1 1' W, f . . I'- .' I., Q ,uf ff'- X J-" 'LOMN 0610 We .would like to gve special thanks to the following: Mrs. Gall ittle for helping tyge the indexg r. Leon Hoots, Dr. Kat Ieen ngle, and Mr. Sylvester Smith for their help with photogrlajahyg Mr. Hal Ward for his photog- raphy: r, Ken Janosko and Dr. Kathleen Angle for the us ofthe dark room: and espe- cia ly Mr Michael Porter tor his theme, " he State of lnCUXitation." We would also like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the stalt of the Talon. Thanks for puttirlg up with us. We both agree that the hard wo and tedious deadlines finally paid O O O oft. Also to our assistant editors - Sarah Ashton, whose knowledge was indispensable, and Carolyn Clark, who gave so much of her time. Our special thanks to Nancy Moore and Jeff May, our most dependable staff members. Finally, our sponsor, Mrs. Margaret Beckner, who belongs inthe Hall of Fame for her writing and listening abilities. How could we have survived without our Thanks, Sarah and Susan "Mom," We love you! Nl! Acknowledgements Editors-in-Chief ............... Sarah Hess Susan McClellan Advisor ................. Margaret Beckner Assistant Editors ........... Sarah Ashton Carolyn Clark Student Lite Editors .... Molly Whelahan Kristen Wilcox Senior Editors ............ Christi Edwards Nell-Garvvood MacEachern Junior Class Editors ...... Carmen Akbari Karen Broyles Sophomore Editors ........... Britt Heisig Kathryn Robertson Freshman Class Editor ............. Kristin Sports Statt ....... Photography Editor Copy Editor ........ Rohdenburg Karen Colehamer Tammy Tasheiko Clubs Editor ............ Academics Editor ...... Pat Baldwin Brent DiGeronimo Michael Boetker Nancy Moore Matt Jackson Jett May 'UCQCLOSINQ ooOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo We 0 IMCDX' ' N N ""' General Staff Editor: Nancy Moore Assistant Editor: Carolyn Clark Student Lute Edrtors: Knsten Wal' Nnelahan Editorsaln-Chiefi Susan McClellan and Sarah Hess Asslstant Edt' ton f Oifooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Q CLOSINGQZZ7 I g Y '--w-.-,,, - W u 1 l' J a Y. Ax I . . 5. .y I .4 v' , ..7-in x lx Y -5 f safe? ,grtfi .E , 'Q I-h?.",,-1 a , ' l 'af' . Q5 i f " " t-11 .4,1 I '-4 W! - . 1 fr 1. , After having won the spirit competition, the most rnCOXitation seniors parade their spirit links around the gym at the Homecoming pep rallyi I I 'MX X 450 ess, G55 X 9 RQ? of ,oo Q . Go ,335 ,ge Q3 GX 0 ,gm P553 GQ' f-Sw Q56 '7 Q7 'l"f- 'T-"Hi.1i..'-'.'Yl'ia' HXWQI-I! 'va I X '. 1.52. e, X' llc I , '41 -,J , :L-r.. 'wr The effects in inCOXitation leave Lance Shores and David Griffin blowing bubbles. Freshmen Kim van Valkenburgh and Kristin Rohdenburg prepare for graduation dur- ing the Homecoming float competition. Q. ' v T1 4 4 4 Alitelr on Veolir of lllfllc UXIITIGIT Dlfl th the arrival of warmer er, going about the business ication grew increasingly dit- as tan lines and surf racks their appearance among the verwhelmrng and days of jackets and scarves seemed ears in the past So did the s activities: Orientation, club gs, snow days, and wrestling es. There were lectures, tests, nt body. The lure ofthe beach J ' , I I . . I . I n I ion to be served Young Life ht lite We skated surfed and tried out new licenses nced to dee lays Wild King Phil Collins and decked our ith green and gold or red tor fcoming or the holidays. We d money and time for others, ur sweat and inspiration en- us to conquer on all fields - papers, and the occasional t' . ' , nts, parades, and parties gave Q -I 3 , l, ,. a -' , ' ' - lv' , e l ic and academic. The feelings d e, of participation, of joy, of ation, of occasional sadness rstration captured us in one I . . . glorious technlcolor bubble year of inCOXrtatlon. of l o Raelm Storey Kristin a 4 4 cnool day ithein- 335' F A , X ' Mick Ashton Meg Dobson G 'E ff? ,, 'M -. N - A , ,, r ,V . r A 1 .Q ' . -. - . ,:, el I-, 3-. Q55 Q ' X 'f 9 V :fr ' 9 'lf 2 k - -. Ar,-.4"a2igQv tg. Q33 3 ,sg A S,3.,:,f:1 ,:,.c.g5Ks:k F -33. e ' A tjk fal v zt ' i 'Pi 'ff ' , f 4 . V .r 4 ' ' 'ev .f-2 fs'-'-f . 1 s .M . , 1 1, - . 1 Q A . N ug 4 ,.gg?5I'?t.i. 'Er' Ei N1 i -: 'A 'v it Ui ' x .1375 m Y ' "x, t ' kv , S -. '::,1-Ljgiikg, Q ' A '15,-.'.-.535-f.,f . ,--55 ki.. 'N ' 3 t '-.,',--".-uf-'wwf . .. -lg ' V ' 'Q J I i - initdlgliiioulsi! lflhle ll2ii1lles -Ulf SIDll'lilDQI Although Spring's official arrival wasn't until March 21 st, the early signs began to show as far back as February when seniors placed cap and gown orders. Seniors made daily mailbox checks for those all-important college acceptance letters, all the while planning for a long weekend ski trip to Snowshoe. Those of us who were less fortunate, had to content ourselves with an early departure and a late start, due to a dusting of snow and sleet. The discreet few, who were lucky and sneaky enough to capture those sought-after Genesis tickets, were the envy of the have-nots as they paraded their new Genesis tee shirts on the Monday after two sold-out shows. March blew in a host of activities - Foreign Language Week, the Miss Cox Pageant, and underclass pre-registration - all of them sure signs that Spring was on its way. Ring Dance and Prom preparations merely contributed to the frenzy, as students bought gowns, rented tuxes, and even hired limos for the festivities. A soft silence reigned over Cox country after the students were released early Looks like Brian Fentress is getting ready to cut back into the soup Prieparirrg tor a bottom-turn and a cut-back, John Prodan enpoys himself t Hllllilllllltl Pier tlnsutl --4 .r if wg, ,. r. , Q. Q .,. .., pal aw- ' im., ,. 04,-K 'Qg,e'w""-"M 4 - Quint-me -7.6 N ,T J-of ' . - 'R- ' -ns. be an "fi .I QA "1UCL0SlNQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocii I' 0 Ula 1 , I in L rr' i 5 1 Q I 1 ' ' I 0 I, Ov 5 ' ' I r ff AOA K 4 3 Celebriiy Day exposes the real Pee Wee Herman, senior Alex Sadie' In jubilation and celebration, the year ends with graduation jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GLOSINQQZZS .Y 1 ,,,ji,'. 55 E? :rl .4212 . sf 5 , Gradually, the vveather softened, days lengthened, attention spans shortened, and tans darkened. By April everyone was counting days until that long-overdue and much needed Spring Break, and vve returned with a vision of the year's end in our mind's eye. We savv the next slate of leaders elected to class and school offices, each candidate full of promise and the hopes of filling the shoes of their predecessors. In late lVlay, the seniors skipped en masse, ordered cards and announcements, and studied for their fin i f-nal exams. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen all pondered the summer months ahead and vvon- der next year they'd be vviser, as well as older. Seniors would practice graduating on a hot field, attend the tra, -'il Sunday Qaccalaureate service, and at last, on a Friday evening in June, they would don their green anu gy r' one las. "me, With the toss of a tassel and a cap thrown high at the close of the ceremony, each and every for are 'ell as those of us vvho taught them, learned or lived with them, would be caught up in the years i l inun int of inCOXitation. Allloughhishuhhlcou IL Sl l ll l l, tg ol Illfioxlliillflll s .f 'UCLOSINQ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 6 EA, T' '.'f"J 11' HUNTER PUBLISHING CON DANY Jmw Furry Vwrqnm.lB1'iu,h, V.: --:15'v1. I '. Q .4 0 5 Y if O 'U 1 'n. it ' ' 0 . . ,Q v O 1 rv -vi"......:m.1 Y ' ' l ' 0 qgmm1,"W W 'WXQYES SQ rYMdAHDw5l ,AQ clmfilf Kwong udmmcjfs bcgwiw F2221 gvgayu lcxqfd Fo bi mg gage fb sxqm 1S.Lf3cxM 1mk nude xkwmuqh +143 qcjcm mdmpcv VVLEJ Eid' HQLQQQ MAGS SJWX WWUVYKWWS- Qdocwgb 'wk-ci K0 mcg if S-'ici Miha YcQ5f?CEJLQL3YVE, C1006 HMS CM? WN ,xibf QLUL63 xbgd' VNQ'N'ifW0kk3QX. LQCU Liffyxfq 50+ Cuxfmwwwf wwf 11 ww Q"U Wf'1g Qwygq N MCD Qfiilflll KQQH WL Ng KJ ldgdmggi HMIDGV 565+ MMS AMW 'SQ QQQN, .dam qcdggli. wcwomt mom, W YwQQi'QMp cut CQQQQQKQ ffmac dawn My GAS? LQQM uw' VL Qomilwma iw mmf ULDQQ Fw?-Wk ' k QS mom ua+ Zymkwiufgv MWC fp du XSQQNMQ X ou2ffW0bfJ51'g! ffldmi, VWWC M535 MLM LQQLJCI-iwlikfyi KQKQHJ. 50050451 Wh W Li! WAAWGM WJ 451775 ff wwf - O

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