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v X X X x I967 TALGN VCLUME V FRANK W. CQX HIGH SCHCOL VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA II I Y A a longing for something better something new a hope for dreams fulfilled desires realized a thirst for knowledgeg experience an ambition to lea rn and succeed aliveg afireg full of life and hope. we have aspirations ablaze. 3 l l we come whether cinxious or hesitont to leorn. our place of learning- Fronk W. Cox High School. experiences form our future lives. here we experience in closses, in sports, ond in student life. 4 4 'Q' :QL W: Vg, Q fb, x vii ., -4...-,yn 3' 1 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY the spark of ambition the beginning the reason and incentive to instill knowledge to create and form individuals as examples and by their experiences the faculty. understanding through experi- ence . . . a smile always ready for students . . . a genuine in- terest - in academics, social lite, and athletic events . . . school pride . . . decisions, de- cisions, decisions . . . strength of convictions and character . . . ad- mired and respected . . . quali- fied executive . . . our principal, Mr. Carroll. Mr. Carroll, the principal, stands proudly in front of our school. Dealing with parents is only one of Mr. Carroll's varied duties sly wit and humor . . . no funny stuff, though . . . announcements over the PA system . . . early departures seen before school . . . D. E .... the future golf champion of Cox ? . . . friendly to all . . . versatile . . . allows no ex- cuses . . . assistant principal of ad- ministration. Mr. French, Assistant Principal in charge of administration and discipline, is caught smiling as he leaves his office at the close of school. kind and quiet yet firm . . . authority to discipline . . . scheduling with the guidance department . . . office off main office . . . ready to help . . . cheerful while business-like . . . demands the truth . . . assistant principal of curriculum. l3 THE ADMIN ISTRATICN GUIDES FACULTY AND STUDENTS THROUGHCJUT THE YEAR Mr. Bulla, Assistant Principal in charge of instruction, searches through the files for a student's subject schedule. Mr. "D." . . . human dynamo i . . . planning, directing, and exe- I cuting . . . includes everyone . . . activities, worries, responsibili- ties . . .desire to unite the student body . . . besides teaching English and Speech . . . cha- perone at school functions . . . director of student activities. MR. DEVINEY DOLIBLES AS STUDENT ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR AND .IV BASKETBALL CGACH l clicking of typewriters. . . ringing of telephones . . . sign-in and sign-out . . . wait in the outer office, please . . . checks for various clubs . . . transcripts . . . files . . . balancing the books . . . I busy, busy, busy . . . perpetual mofign of lqdieg in the Qffice, Mr. Deviney, Director of Student Activities, speaks to parents at o Key Club banquet. x Mrs. Tayloe, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Seacrist, and Mrs. Grant lseatedl, the school secretaries, get ready for the long clay ahead. I4 Mrs. Knight, guidance counselor for the Senior Class, advises a student. MRS. KNIGHT HELPS SENIGRS WITH THEIR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE S year begins with scheduling, rescheduling, and changing reschedules . . . always an atmosphere of interest and security . . . guidance . . . college boards . . . graduation requirements . . . college and career in- formation . . . scholarships . . . able coun- selors to assist students . . . forms, in- formation sheets, achievement tests . . . student guidance committee . . . always ready and waiting to help . . . a place to plan . . . Career Night, Open House, Christ- mas Drive . . . nucleus of each student's life at Cox. ! i Miss Whitley, ninth grade guidance counselor, listens to the troubles of a young freshman. Mrs. Peck, tenth grade guidance counselor, helps helps a sophomore plan her subiects for the Mr. Carroll and Miss Price, guidance counselor for the Junior Class, discuss the YGCIF- semester exam schedule. I 5 grammar . . . our language . . . learning the funda- mentals . . . correct punctuation . . . another term paper. . . book reports . . . literature . . . English and American authors . . . Shakespeare and Frost . . . a required course every year . . . each year a review plus new information . . . helpful electives offered -drama, speech, advanced composition, journal- ism . . . individual thinking introduced and stressed . . . courses to remember. Miss Pickerell prepares her English students for a test on Modern Poetry. Mr. Garrett, along with teaching Senior English, directs the Senior Class play, The Skin of Our Teeth. 16 e ss- sss,.sxL wmm wmwQ:s,- -if 'W---fr -- Front Row: Mass A. Wnlhams, Mass Perdue, Mass Rooker, Mlss Dowdg Back Row: Muss Repass, Mr. Waters, Mrs Hahn, Miss Samford. LITERATURE AND GRAMMAR COMPOSE STUDENT'S ENGLISH COURSES Front Row: Miss Pangle, Miss Beldog Second Row: Mr. Moor- ing, Mr. Lumpkin, Mrs. Gray, Mr. Coulthurdg Beck Row: Mr Blum, Mr. Phipps. The department head of the Social Studies Department, Mr. Lumpkin, prepares a test for his classes. Haw K M Ni-5-5, . fi Mr. Blum, one of the four teachers in the Team Teaching Program, lect es his class. TEACHERS OF THE SOCIAL STUDIES DEPART- MENT INSTRUCT STU- DENTS ON THE CULTLIRES OF NATIONS study of basic human behavior . . . the past as well as present affairs in society . . . geography-study of the earth's surface . . , history-life as it was . . . team-teaching - English and history togetherg fondly known to Juniors as "torture-time" . . . international re- lations-study of present-day world af- fairs . . . sociology-man's relations with other men . . . government--study of our democracy . . . necessary courses for future life presented in the Social Studies Department. 19 LANGUAGE LABS INDLICE GREATER LEARNING Mrs. Bassols assigns Spanish homework before the bell rings. communication proven keyword to understanding . . . knowledge of custom and cultures of foreign peoples given . . . language labs provide new tech- niques . . . to speak, to read, to write, and to un- derstand another Ianguage . . . French, German, Spanish, and Latin complete choices of study . . the Foreign Language Department. 20 Mrs. Morgan takes Q break before returning to her French class. Mrs. Wood, head of the Language Depart- ment, heads for home. Left to right: Miss Delk, Mrs. Morgan, Miss Purdue, Mr. Waters, Mrs. Wood, Miss Watkins, Mrs. Lapin, Mrs. Bassols 21 Mrs. Waller explains the fundamentals to her class. N...,.,... .1 .X of trigonometry Front Row: Mrs. Waller, Mrs. Owens, Mr. Mulderrig, Mrs. Spainp Bock Row: Miss Lohr, Mr. Mitchell, Miss Garner, Mr. Barba. 22 a new method for an age-old subject . . . modern math presented in all courses . . . five year program of study offered . . . enthusiasm and interest as well as skill necessary for higher levels ...Math 8 and 9, Algebra l, ll, and lll, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Analytic Geometry presented to the students . . . college preparatory classes . . . faculty department to encourage these pursuits shown excellent in their fields . . . the Math Department. i Miss Wild looks on as o student solves c problem. Mr. Mulderrig, head of the math departments, goes over a lesson his free bell, UNITY OF METHCD AND THEORY lN THE "NEW MATH" IS MATH DEPARTMENTS GCAL 23 plc d in ANALYSIS, FCJRMULA, DISSECTION- ALL A PART OF THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Campbell, our illustrious Chemistry teach- er, views the blackboard skeptically. Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics . . . from basic knowledge of the world around us to advanced courses . . . a preparation for life and a base for future scientific study . . . first year for P.S.S.C. physics .... experiments and labs . . . problems solved . . . hypotheses proven . . . part of our stepped-up pace of modern living . . . the Science Department. 24 k department head, helps a student mix a formul l i l Front Row: Miss lsbel, Mrs. H sk, Mrs. Willis, Second Row: Mrs. Grant, Mr. He drix, Mr. Wood, Back Row: Mr. Kiester, Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Campbell Mrs. Willis patiently listens as a con- fused student asks c question. 25 INDUSTRIAL AND FINE ARTS COURSES INCREASE SILIDENT CREATIVITY a technical talent . . ..Woodshop . . . Electronics . . . Drafting l and ll . . . Metal Mechanics . . . "the male home ec." . . . proper techniques of construc tion . . . T-square, hammer, nails, drafting board, metals, welding iron, and other tools . . . all part of lndus- trial Arts. Mr. Brockman, head of the Industrial Arts Department, explains power mechanics to his class. Front Row: Mr. Silverman, Buck Row: Mr. Coffey. 26 the finer thin s in life . . . art music g I I drama . . . Chorus . . , Drama . . . Art l, ll, and lll . . . learn to express one- self . . . develop a natural talent to create and perform . . . Music Ap- preciation . . . an atmosphere of crea- tivity . . . provided in the Fine Arts Department. Front Row: Mr. Cooper, Miss Robertson, Mr. Boyll, Bock Row: Mr. Garrett 27 Front Row: Miss Tilley, Miss Wade, Miss Childressg Back Row: Mr. Soles, Mr. George, Mr. Holland. get along . . . play hard. . . lead . . . follow . . .win . . . lose . . . enjoy . . . perfection . . . endurance . . . strength . . . enthusiasm for lite . . , to keep one physically fit and mentally alert . . . class participa- tion . . . intramurals . . . team membership . . . sportsmanship . . . P.E. teacher's goal . . . champions . . . the Physical Education Department. 28 PHYSICAL EDLICATICDN DEPARTMENT STRESSES PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM cise. typing . . . shorthand . . . notehand . . . preparing for a future secretarial career . . . business law . . . economics . . . bookkeeping . . . vocational office train- ing offered . . . pica or elite? . . . skill, study, and accuracy required . . . classification . . . files . . . letters to type . . . a background for business . . . home economics . . . learn about suc- cessful home life , . . special education . . . gratifying experience . . . the future . . . the Vocational Department. Mrs. Brown teaches her class how to type. Mr. Wilde, Special Education teacher, shows o student the fundamentals of sewing Mr. Sadler, Distributive Education teacher, relaxes ot a basketball game. 30 1 VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT READIES STUDENTS FOR BUSINESS WORLD Front Row: Miss Ledford, Miss Leggett: Second Row: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Frazier, Miss Williomsg Back Row: Mr. Wilde. Mrs. Long and Mrs. Whiting, school librarians, provide a quiet place for students to study. Mrs. McBride aids another student in the course of the day. a haven for serious students . . . books for research papers . . . books for en- joyment . . . required readings. . . class- ics . . . dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more books . . . Mrs. Long, Mrs. Whit- ing, and their assistants . . . over-due books and fines . . . the library. an aspirin? . . . or just a friendly chat? . . . the phys. ed. casualties . . . rest for an hour. . . band-aid for cut finger . . . the mental and physical first-aid of Cox High . . .the clinic. 32 Mrs. McBride, the school nurse, knows all, sees all, and heals all. MR. JOHNSON SUPERVISES SCHOOL MAINTENANCE keeping our halls, cafeteria, and school neat and clean . . . a broken locker fixed . . . our lunches made and served . . . an effective service department . . . a security check at the end of a school day . . . efficient . . . our custodians and cafeteria staff. The cafeteria staff prepares the school lunches each day. 33 g QQ X , ,ks A 'fp . q f gil' 2. X51 'Qi Q' ff' E g . ' ZQQ X Q '11 ask, X. , A., . . J ' ' If L' J XSL A' 'C ,ef K, 'jg I 'tixg' f.. ,sf Y ,Y 1 M w CLASSES the essence of the fire. questioning, learning, growing an mental and physical years. grouped by our capabilities ages and schedules. five long, worthwhile, unforgettable years of classes. the fire at its heighth as SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front Row: T. Monahan, pres., B. Calfee, vice-pres., Second Row: N. Corneliussen, sec., J. Meads, treas.g Back Row: Kathy Lewis, rep. our fire leaping to the apex of accomplishments. four long years are almost over- remember the football games, parties, dances?- all the work has been worth it. the double lite ofa final year. let's exercise a few senior privileges! -where do you write for college applications?-you're supposed to wash the cars, not me. -- please put ideas for the senior gift in the suggestion box in 301. lasting memories. 1 may I have one of your senior pictures?- all activities are free it you've paid your class dues-who should l ask to the prom? - how about me?-- graduation announcements are here-Skin of Our Teeth is the senior class play- class sponsored a car wash, bottle drive, homecoming dance, Halloween dance- our sponsor's Miss Wade -- gollyl graduation is here!!! this the Crescendo of our fire. 36 CFFICERS IGNITE CLASS ACTIVITIE Cathy Ackerman Joan Adkins John Adkisson Rickey Albertson Hugh Alexander Gail Allen Pam Ansell Margaret Anthony Mary Anthony Susannah Athey John Austin Maureen Bailey Jean Baker Terry Borden Linda Bamaby 37 . -"""' MISS WADE SPONSORS CLASS Elizabeth Barr Marcia Bartusiak Louis Beasley Rick Binder Ken Black Robert Blowe Charles Blum Dwight Bolling Art Bond Peggy Bosserman Ed Boudreaux Robin Boyd 38 Sheryl Boykin Fred Bozard Bob Bradshaw Pai' Branson Miss Wade questions problems of seniority. Allen Brantley Bob Bridwell Wade Britt Barbara Broughton Bruce Broulik David Brown Kolieen Brown Pauline Brown 39 I 5' "'U'Q2T,'f?1x1-arg-wx, C .. L C '.' Qt'5'i3'm"'4x mf- wx- x W, N M N. .,..-.. ,L K W . . f..M,x,,,..3 xx N vm.. --,.,..,..m...., , - . - . - . .A . Q X.-,..-X, A C .- ., C-sr-1 -4 QQ xmmf. . . mmm,X . C J Q' ' W' . viii' X 1 - f,.,w.wE. r. 'F K -W K K 5 '-fEq:i'.- --Aifflfi I K .. i' S K X Y 5 . W... ,W ,. 1 - ff. .- '67 "tops" the school. Larry Buchanan Charlotte Burton Bill Calfee Darrell Carlberg Candance Catan l l Linda Catrambone Cindy Cove Judy Chancey Wiley Chandler Ed Chapman 40 -. .mf ., x if at 5 ., fx .213 Q ' ' , - . .. K Q- Q. .ggfifi 1- Q qi., Mfr, W -Q . 1 . ' K -f . 1 3 it , PIRIT or '67 BLAZES Bob Chellis James Cherwa Diane Clark Laurie Clift Mike Cochran Howard Coe Chuck Collins Betty Compton Barry Condon Cynthia Corley Nancy Comeliussen Pam Cox Pat Cox Mary Crawling Sue Curtis George Davis Vicki Day 41 Susan Day DILIGENT SENIORS SUD UP PROFIT AI Gary DeLoach Jan Drinkwoter l M ta DeHa rt Steve DeLaney argie DeLoach David Dodson Steve Doyle Dick Drennon Debbie Duncan Sharon Early Pam Edenton Toni Elder James Elliott Cheryl Evans Mary Faas 42 Jan Ferguson Sue Ferguson Lcboro Vincit omnia . . . work conquers all. Danny Ferraro John Fields Ann Forbes Ronnie Frazier Karen French Reecye French Rick Gallup Deborah George Eddie Gibbs 43 9 in Mary Glover Vicki Green Larry Gosnell Skip Gossman Dennis Greenwood Rise Gury Leslie Hall Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on your "fingers" Ann Marie Hqllqhqn Les Halstead overnight? Paul Hannah Anita Harper Lucy Haskins UPPERCLASSME PARTICIPATEI NSOMETHI G BETTER" Chris Hawkins Cindy Heinze Janet Hempson Nancy Herring Tam Herring Diana Hinman Leslie Hogue Cathy Holland Winna Hostetler Ronnie Howard Phyllis Howlett Jan Hudson 45 Mike Hennigan Joann Hogge Debbie Houghton Sharon Hughes "Wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerfuI," mutters Mr. McGovern in his usual manner. Ann Humphreys Glynn Humphries Ronnie Hunt Terry Hurst Kitty Irwin Mike Johnson Gene Joyner Candy Kaine 46 Pam Husk Debbie Keegan MR. MCGCDVERN CONTRIBUTES TO SAFETY OF STUDENTS Jean Keller Diane Kight Vickie King John Knight Beth Koski Arthur Kreymer Geargeanne Kunkler Ken Kwedar Rhonda Lawson Susan Leidlg Becky Lewis Candy Lewis Kathy Lewis Pam Lipp 47 "SKIN CF OUR TEETH" IS A SENICDR PRODUCTIO Woody Marr Danna Matzen Shelley Litchfield Barbara Little Jackie Longworth Steve Lorenz John Ludeman Theresa Luther Cynthia Malbon Tina Marer Darrell Martin Jeanette Martin Nick May Sandra McCloud 48 Kathy McConnell Jane McFarland Rehearsals and more rehearsals take much time and effort on the part of all involved Donna McKee! Janice Meads Vicki Meek Ken Meyerhoffer Kathy Miller 49 Pat Miller Andi Mills Timmy Monahan Christy Monthan Mrs. Knight guides Seniors in determining their future. Chip Morgan Bob Morrison Bert Moss Ann Motley 50 Darryl Moore Pat Murden SENIORS FACE CGLLEGE BOARDS Mike Murphey Charles Nagel Carolyn Nagg Alex Newton Vera Newton Michael Ney Gail Oberleitner 1 .5 Regeno O'Berry Richard Odom Mary O'Gorman Cynthia Oliver Mike O'Meara Anthony Owens Donna Page 51 BCNFIRE KI DLES SPIRIT Susie Parker Don Parkinson Janice Patterson Sandra Pfuhl Tommy Pitkin Allen Price Margaret Proctor Heidi Purvis Linda Quick William Rea Charles Reich Mark Reynolds Sam Rhodes Jane Richardson Peggy Richardson Steve Richardson I 52 James Rivenback David Rizy Bill Roderick Howard Rogers Diane Rork Judy Ross Kebbie Russell Donn Sachs Jo Ann Sohaj "Cox is gonna win!" Abby Sollenger 53 The crowning is the high point of Homecoming. Pot Self Duncan Sellers Pam Sellers Jane Saunders Billy Sawyer Jocklyn Schacht Ingrid Schwegler Kathy Sciortino Linda Seely MAXINE STONE IS CROW ED HOMECOMING QUEE Cyndy Sl-iarpnack Russell Singer Gerald Smith Nora Spillane Nancy Steele Aldo Steinat Sharon Stewart Maxine Stone Joe Stott Kathy Strange Dotty Strickland Paul Striffler Richard Strohkorb Richard Stuart Stephen Stubbs Chris Sumerlin Vann Sutton 55 Brenda Taylor Mike Taylor Beth Terry Larry Thatcher Charles Thompson Leslie Hogue and Patty Cox lead the Kestrels, while Russell Singer assumes the role of Drum Maior. John Thompson Linda Thompson Barbara Todd David Tucker Lynn Turner 56 HALFTIME ACTIVITIES INSPIRE E THUSIASM Peggy Turner Martha Tyndall Sharon Vanderploeg Bonnie Van Dyken Carol Vannoy Patty Wahrman Cheryl Walker Lit Walker Darlene Walker Pamela Wallace Rose Walters ' Bruce Waters Darlene Weidler John Wells Cecelia West 57 THE E D . . . A D YET THE BEGINNING Allen Wettstein Brenda Whitaker Janice Whichard Bruce Whitaker Edwin White Kathy White Cathy Whitmer 1 K Si. Airfield Wilder Bill Widely Corky Williams Laura Williams 58 Ray Williams 7 Rita Williams Sondra Wilson Sank Williams They said it couldn't be done! Steve Wohler Jacqueline Wolf Bill Woody Jeff Wray Becky Zenk 59 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS T. lttner, pres., D. Hill, vice-pres., J. Noel, treas., J. Cockmon, sec. energy, pep, spirit -characteristics of this year yep-the "C" on the ticket box waspainted by a juniors - l can't wait to see the talent shows - are you kidding? of course we have more spirit than the seniors! the coming of responsibilities and hopes can you drive to college boards on Saturday? - think there's a chance to get picked for Boy's or Girl's State? - sure hope l did okay on those National Merit Scholarship tests! the fire growing what kind of ring did you order? - wait until next year - he asked me to the Ring Dance!! -- sorry, I forgot to turn in the candy sale money - when are elections for next year? a fire bursting forth. so CANDY SALE INCREASES TREASURY David Abeshaheen Gene Adams Russell Adams James Aiken Vicky Allen William Allen Steve Ambrose Jack Anderson Pat Arnold Michele Arsenault Walter Arlrip David Aurilio Cleo Ayers Terry Babashanian Georgia Babe 3 X D A 1 'X . Ann Barker Linda Barrett Patty Barrow Wayne Basquin Terry Baucom Debbie Beale Jackie Beasley Nancy Beatty Pat Behrens Rita Bissell Randy Blume Martha Bonwell Valerie Boroody Brenda Brown Barry Bruner Kim Brunnenmeyer Nancy Buhrer Missy Burton Annette Butler Rhonda Butler Lorraine Caruana Karen Castle Ann Cherryman Jerri Chrisman JUNIOR - SOPHCJMCRE SCHGCL Miss Joanne Belda sponsors the Class of '68. Donna Collier Vickie Collins Lindo Cotton Diane Cowden Gail Crawford Doug Crinklaw Susie Cummins Robert Dale Joe Dalia Jesse Danford Chuck Davis Ronn Davis Tom Day Karen Dietterich James Doyle Angie Clark Cindy Cloutier Jan Cockman Cora Lee Cogswell Celia Coker Bill Colden Mike Cole Mike Coleman SPIRIT WEEK I A S CCESS Miss Price guides the class through their iunior year. ,,-f- 63 Anne Duncan Reggie Early Jackie Edmonds Janet Elliott Loralee Ernst Beverly Ernst Sammy Emst James Ewing Tommy Farrell Greg Felthousen Mary Ferratt Nancy Finch Doug Fondren Jack Fowler Nancy Fowlkes Lois Fox Debbie Gammill Thia Garred Julie Gaulker Jim Gaylord Rhonda Glass Rickie Green Mary Anne Haines Sonny Hall Kathy Hallahan Don Hanna "SOMETHl G BETTER" PLAY Tina Hardwick Steve Harrington Teresa Harris Denny Hill Beth Holmes Frankie Horton Larry Horvath Bonnie House Harvey Howlett .lere Hudson Leigh Hurst Mari-Anne lhlenburg Tania lhlenburg Everett lshie Terre lttner Brian Janz Joy Jarrett Ralph Jennings Audrey Jernigan Rick Jewell 64 TO S ANDING ROOM ONLY Mary Ann Haines contributes her talent to "Something Better." 65 Jack Johndrow Allen Johnson Martha Johnson Brenda Jones Randall Kelly Curtis Kemp Scott Kervin Tom Kiernan Ellen King Ernest Kitt Martha Korte Anne Kreymer Kathy LaFetra Gail Lamkin Kathy Lassiter Peter LeClaire Becky Lemon Kathy Leveridge Jamey Linder Jim Littleton Maggie Locke Donna Logan John MacDonald Lou Mace Larry Martinette Suzanne Martini Scott Mauldin Linda Mault Deborah Maynard Tina McCain Bonnie McClellan Greg McSwain Craig Menser CLASS RINGS ARE ORDERED, Merrie Messick Pat Metz Sandra Meyer William Meyer Linda Monaghan Jamie Moody John Moore Mary Moran Karen Morrell Kathy Morrell Patty Morris Sonny Morris Ronnie Moser Elaine Mott John Myers Johnny Noel Tommy Noel Charlene Norman AD THE RI G DANCE IS PLANNED Rex Reed George Regan Ed Richardson Sue Rittenhouse William Robinson Sharon Ross Stephanie Sansone Doug Schroeder 67 Owen Oberg Cathy O'Mearo Peggy O'NeiII John Parker Tony Parks George Parr Irene Pavey Mary Polansky Don Pollard Nick Randazzo Sue Sewell Terre lftner leads class for a second year P AT TESTS PREPARE JUNIORS FOR Bob Souder Jim Spiess Julie Stokes Sandra Stark Linda Stenke Sydney Stockton Debbie Stone Bonnie Stonum Betty Strickland Marilyn Stubbs John Sullivan Bob Tarbutton 68 David Shanahan Lols Simmons Marianne Simmons Bob Simpkins Frances Skinner Lou Skinner Nancy Slaughter John Smalley Diana Smith Jerald Anne Smith Martha Smith Shirley Snyder Frankie Horton represents the Junior Class at home coming. APPROACHING COLLEGE BOARDS Brenda Wells Gail Verner Skip Wheeler Stephen Wiggins Anne Williams Kathy Wilson Debbie Wood Terry Woodruff Kenneth Waolard Rod Woolard Steve Wright Bob Yoder Debble Taylor David Tew Marilyn Thorlngton Donna Thurston Genny Tiller Debbie Tobin Alexia Touch Diane Trump Stephanie Tucker Mike Ussery Karen Vegelahn Gery Verbruggen Mike Vogt Susan Vrabel Linda Wade Wayne Weirich SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS D. McDermott, rep., S. Cummings, vice-pres., D. Derrick, pres., M. Wood, trees D. Bonney, sec. now, halfway there we only have two more years to go-if we can make it through this year-we aren't young but we still aren't old enough. a fight against sophomore slump who's making posters for school spirit week? - come on! - let's see which is the best class-our president and other officers sure are energetic! spirit renewed to succeed will you take tickets at the sock hop?-have you heard about the plans to adopt a Korean war orphan?-the car wash was really a success! a glow appearing in the fire. 70 LEADERS EGR '69 ARE BEI G TRAINED Benny Bannerman Neil Basanavicius Kevin Baucom Christopher Baughman Guerry Beatson Copy Berg Russell Bissell Kathy Black James Blain Martha Blossom Mary Blossom Debbie Bonney Art Bormann Lucy Brannon Bonnie Brooks Larry Brooks Jose Alonso Steven Ambrose Karlene Armstrong Andy Arvin Elizabeth Athey Michael Avery Ernie Ayers Susan Bailey Calvin Baines Lynn Ballard Albert Brown Karen Brown Curtis Bryant Verne Burlage Allen Byrd Barbara Byrd Richard Cake Sandra Carpenter Linda Carter Carol Caruana Edward Chatterton Needham Cheely Lynn Christensen Cathy Cogswell Deborah Colby John Cole Sarah Cook Page Cooley CAR WASHES HELP TO BUILD Carl Cooper Bobby Condon Georgia Conrad Marcia Culwell Sue Cummings Margaret Ann Dahlman Maureen Daigle Denise Dalia Wallis Damon Millie Donner Davy Davidson Mike Davis 72 SOPHOMCDRES' TREASURY Steve De Angelo Sallie Deason Dlane Derrick Pat Devlin Mike Dixon Marcy Dunbar Mrs. Hoffman advises Class of 69 Virginia Eason Margie Echlin Gary Eckert Walter Edwards Ben Eggemon Terri Elder Michael England Dale Esber Harry Evans Paula Evans Ricky Faber Cathy Fields Barbara Flynn Martha Fowlkes David Frazier Carol Freeman Roger Gallup Eddie Givens Sherry Goldberg Nancy Gray Tommy Higgins John Hilliard Hugh Hinman Paul Howarth Marvin Humphreys Pat Hurley Boyd James Connie James Dianne Jarvis Myra Jemigan Eamie Johnson Karen Johnson Norman Greene Colleen Greenwood Charles Gregory Lee Gregory Dianne Grimsley Dennis Gragam Frank Gupton Janice Gury Donald Haddock Patrick Haggerty Jennifer Halladay Timothy Hanna Nat Harlow Linda Harper Jo Ann Hawkins SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS 74 HCLD SCHOGL SPIRIT WEEK Donna Maxwell Frosty Mayo Jean McConts Peg McConnel Debi McDermott Robert McLintock Stephen McNair Monty Meier Susan Metzger Glenn Meyers 75 Anne-Gray Jones Zeke Jones Diane Joy Sandra Kappler Martha Karnes Sean Kelly Mike King Bruce Kuehn Steve Lamborn Alice Lawson Allce Leadingham Roberta Lee Nancy La Haye Sharon Linthicum Virginia Livingston Maureen Locke George Mann Bob Marchand Kay Marcus Tania Mason Mona Midgett Gennes Milam Gary Miller Kenneth Mills Irene Mitcham Terry Moore Michael Mordica Pam Morgan SUE CUMMINGS REPRESENTS HER CLASS ,-r'- BFS ? -X 'Lu 76 Karen Johnson helps spark Sophomore spirit Paul Morgan Laurie Morris James Mullahy Larry Newark Diane Newsome William Newton Beverly Nowers Patrick O'Meara Debbie Page Roxann Parker Sherri Parks David Perani Hal Pfingst Marsha Pick Joseph Pinder Bobby Pipkin Jacque Pollack John Pollard AT HOMECOMI G FESTIVITIES Su Poteat Debbie Pritchard Laura Rasnlck Joseph Roynor Richard Reed Kathy Reich Tim Renn Elizabeth Re olds YU John Reynolds David Rhlnebolt Larry Riggs Pat Rlvord Debi Robertson Joseph Robinson Sharon Roland Mark Rosenstock Peggy Rux John Salop Robert Sanderlin Walter Sotterwhite Mark Scoppini Carolyn Scurlock Dorino Shanahan Chris Simons Becky Smith Jimmy Smith Lynn Smith Joan Snyder Terry Springle Paul Spirells Mark Stakes Peter Stark Sheila St. Arnaud Cliff Stevenson George Stockton Ronnie Stone Judy Stutz Craig Sumerlin Vicki Taft Sharon Terry Kay Thomas Terry Tillette Caroline Tobin Gerald Todd Maggie Touch Pam Towns Carol Trammel Donald Trump Pat Turner SOPHOMORES PLAN TO ADQPT Sophomores enjoy homeroom. 78 A KOREA WAR ORPHA Debbie Vann Jonna-Dawn Vanagas Donald VanDyken Veronica Vrabel Howard Wade Walsh David Thomas Ward Robert Warner Donald Webster Joe Weinbrecht Mike Welrich Sarah Welsse Jen Weller Robert Wells Randy West Karen Wheeler Dlane White James Whiteley Charles Wiest Janet Wlggs Dara Willey Suzi Williams Penny Wlllls Donna Wltcher Sally Wlvott Mary Ellen Wood Leslie Woodburn Michele Woody Jlm Wray Harold Yelton FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS P. Sanderlin, pres., G. Hanna, treas., M. Williams, sec., D. Bradshaw, vice-pres. a status reached we aren't the youngest anymore-are you going to the class fair? familiar with surroundings and ready for challenges meet me after homeroom - this year we can join clubs - class dues are being collected. maturity added to our fire the car wash sure helped our treasury - yeh, so did the candy sale! -which officers will speak at the assembly? a flicker of light noticed. so FRESHME BEGI A EW YEAR WITH A BA G Sandy Abrams Carole Allen Martha Allen Raymond Allen Ruth Alonso Michael Amburn William Andrews Nathan Arvin Marie Arnold Elizabeth Ashburn Willard Ashburn Donald Baker Claudia Barnes Jack Barnett Kathryn Barr Ricky Baucam Susan Belch Ben Bialy William Bill Michael Bostron Lonnie Bowden Benjamin Bowdoin David Bradshaw Brenda Brantley Elizabeth Brantley Andy Branyon Kyle Britt Richard Bruning Tony Brewer Terry Brown Walter Brown John Brazena Karen Coker Pam Colby Kathy Cole Bill Coleman John Compton Mark Cooper Blane Cowart Steve Cowden Joseph Crute Suzanne Culbertson Keith Curry Roger Donner Margaret Dayas Paul Dennis Gary DeAngelo Sandra DeWaters James Dickerson David Dietterich Richard Dinkins William Dorton Don Dossey Donald Drew John Driscoll David Dunbar Loretta Bunting Linda Carawan Debra Carlberg Sharon Castle Jacqueline Cibik Charles Claxton fiom Hershey Candy makes a great snack for hungry students CLASS OF i970 HOLDS A CANDY SALE William Hall Kathryn Hedges Edward Heiland Cheryl Heinze Robert Henchey James Henderson Edward Herring Barbara Highton David Hlpp William Holloway Susie Howard Vickie Hunt Karen Hunter Ann Hurst Jane Hussman Cathy Ingram Terry Ingram Linda Jarvis Jenny Johndrow Brenda Jordan Kevin Early William Edwards Erick Elchman Ellen Evans Phil Fantone Janet Farley Jeanette Felton Kathy Ferriter Judy Flaherty Thomas Flanagan Janet Flora Glenn Floyd Susan Frederick Lorene Glover Andrew Gordon Mary Greene Claudia Griffin Debbie Hackworth KATHY INGRAM REPRESENTS CLASS Don Mang Clyde Manges Mike Manning William Manning Marianne Martini Milland Mathews Debbie Matzen Bob May Laraine McBride James McCracken William McFarland Kathy McNamara Toni Kamp Carol Kanzenbach Suzanne Katz Beverly King Gary Kitt Chris Leclaire Tom Leclaire Dorchen Leidholdt Marianne Lindemann Bonnie Lipp Blaine Lucas Eric Luehrs Lois Lumsden Nannette Lupia Michael Lyle Debbie Lyons Benjamin Mace George MacKinnon Pete Magee John Malbon AT HOMECOMI G Anthony Price Fenton Priest Tracy Redburn Robert Respess Christy Richards Gary Richardson Diane Rountree Scott Royal John Rubendall Michael Rumfelt David Meier Dennis Menser John Middleton Robert Miller David Mitchell Mark Mitchell Deborah Mangold Christine Morris Nancy Na le George Negdham Jeff Oliver Renato Pasqualino Randall Patterson Charles Payne Gerald Peebles Pam Peevey David Peloquin Randall Pierce Joan Pitkin Travis Pitt Marsha Smith Sammy Smith Yancey Smith David Spady Lynne Spillane Peter Striffler Keith Sudduth Mark Sullivan Walter Sumerlin Patricia Tatterson Steve Taylor Kim Terry 86 David Russel Everett Ryder Larry Salerni Pat Sanderlin Skip Saunders Jerry Seay Beniamin Shaner Colleen Shannon Darlene Simmons Katherine Simmons Joseph Simons Claudia Sink Ray Smalley Robert Smalley Frank Smith Geoffrey Smith Glenn Smith Jeffrey Smith FRESHMAN FAIR HELPS C ASS TREASURY A typical ninth grade homeroom is hectic. Helen Williams Maury Williams Roger Williams, Jr. Robert Williams Tchermauin Williams Terri Williams Charles Wilson Robert Wolf Thomas Wright Sharon Young Lewis Thorp Cynthia Thomas Ronald Todd Thomas Trent George Treadwell Phil Wallace Charles Watson Lynda Weir Cathy Wheeler John Whitaker John White Charlie Willey wr PREFRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS G. Francisco, pres., B. Shannon, vice-pres., V. Berg, trees., W. Gorred, sec. beginning in a new school it sure is different here-have you found your locker yet? - where's homeroom? --what's homeroom? - I think I'm lost! getting acquainted with and accustomed to the atmosphere I'm getting to like high school-you sure make a mess in this locker-oh no! late for homeroom again! our fire needing a beginning class officers have been elected--did you work on the constitution for our cIass?- bet we beat the seniors in the magazine drive! our blaze beginning. as CLASS ELECTICNS BEGI A HIGH SCHOOL CAREER Valerie Berge Bruce Beumer Cary Blain Renea Blair Fred Blanchard Gary Blankenship Teddle Blum Hilda Bonham Lynn Boroody Charles Bowden Becky Brehl Alice Brickhouse Bob Bridges Donna Bridwell John Brien Bob Brirnson Melllssia Brinson Paul Brockman Peggy Adams Susan Agollni Ricky Allen Virginia Allen Gary Ambrose Judy Armstrong Mike Armstrong Phyllis Arsell Dale Auchenbaugh Cary Austin Sammy Ayers Kathryn Babashanlan Glenn Baker Kathleen Bailey Bill Ballard Dinah Barnes George Barnett Danny Bosnight Linda Battle Roberta Beale Ronnie Beale Camp Beanan Sharon Beard Archie Benton Robin Chapman Larry Coates Steve Coe Ronnie Condon Susan Conway Anthony Cornick Debra Cornick Karen Cottonn Gay Cowling Sally Craft Bill Crosby Calvin Crouch Joan Culwell Aldustus Daily Jeffery Dalia John Daniel Holly Davidson Richard Davidson Carol Davis Ned Day Jill Delany Susan Deloach Nancy Dmoch Don Doxey Linda Brogan Cathy Brooks Connie Brown Kathy Brown Kenneth Brown Sheila Brown Kathy Bryan Patsy Busbee Donna Burton John Burton Debbie Butler Sue Ellen Byers Buddy Byrd Nancy Callahan Gary Carpenter Kay Carroll Joanna Carter Sonny Carter ORIENTATION D Y HIGHLIGHTS EIGHTH GRADER'S YEAR Cathy Flanagan Donald Flynn Sandy Fondren Nancy Forbes Steve Fowler George Francisco Pam Gallup Wendy Garred Lynn Garrow Gayle Gentile Gram Germaine Sandy Gibson Jo Gotwald Mary Graeff Margot Graham Bernice Gregory Pat Gregory Paul Gregory Mark Grimsley Stephanie Gross Steve Gurnsey Glen Hall Mike Hall Mike Halladay Bill Doyle Wesley Drake Debbie Dunnan Jane Dyar Drew Dysart Debbie Echlin David Edwards Sharon Edwards John Eggehan Elizabeth Elder Steven Etheridge Floyd Evans Hank Evans Pat Evans David Ferguson Anita Ferris Cole Fields Jim Fitts Helen Halstead Tom Hamilton Gary Hamrick Kevin Hanna Linda Hardy Sherry Hargrove Pam Harksen Bill Harrison Bill Harrison David Hartzog George Hawkins Robert Hempson Donald High Brenda Highton Sherry Hill Jeanne Holland Susan Holland Kathy Hoots PRE FRESHME TAKE FIRST IN MAGAZINE DRIVE Bill Horstman Edwin House Jimmy Houser Kathy Howard Jim Hudgins Jim Hummer Brian Humphries Joyce Humphries Ginny Hurley Harold Jackson Martin Janzen Edwin Janzen Lonnie Jarvis Pam Jeffers John Jennette Craig Johnson Evan Johnson Marlene Johnson i s is Tony Johnson Donna Jordan Jim Kellihan Rebecca Kight Gay King Celeste Kingdon Wesley Kitt Lester Lampman Tom Longley Valerie Leadingham Nancy Longworth Leslie Luehrs David MacCIary Phil Machen Elizabeth MacKay Nanci Mangum Tommy Manning Reuben Manor Bob Marsh Bruce Martin Bonnie Martinetie Pat Mason Mike Mathews Trudy Mault Margaret May Tom May Mark Mayo Denise McBride David McCIees Beverly McClure 94 Eighth grader rushes to the coke machine during lunch James McCullough Lynn McCullough Gerri McDade Jack McEIueen Donna Mclntyre Thomas McKean James McKenna Terri McLeskey Ivan McMahon Deborah McNamera Kevin McNamera Karen Merkt John Meyers Lee Miller Richard Miller James Minerd Daniel Minser Mike Monaghan EIGHTH GRADERS EXC ANGE WITH NORVIEW Donna Moody Samuel Morgan Deborah Morrell James Morrilette Theresa Morse Bee Mosley Jane Moss Glenda Mott Ingerlise Murden Marilyn Murphy Mike Nichol Patricia O'Neill Donna Parker Sharon Parker David Payne Doyle Payne Laura Pickett David Pope James Porter Marsha Potter Vance Powers Ronnie Proffitt Darrett Pullin Linda Purdy Linda Purvis Richard Quigg Fred Quist Allen Raines Cecil Ramsey Diane Rayfield Nancy Silverthome Kathy Simmons Patty Simpson Barbara Smith Brooke Smith Jimmy Snider Jimaye Sones Ruth Sproull Becky Stakes Debbie Steele Bill Stuart Becky Stubbs 96 Steve Rosenstock Donald Rosle Peggy Ross Deborah Roughton Mike Rouse Steve Rubendall Sherry Rucliger Nancy Salerni Bill Sanderlin Patty Sontti Jaquin Schulz Cynthia Selbey Robert Sewell Brett Shannon Alon Sheely Sue Shelby Jeffrey Shield George Shipp Miss Isbell becomes class sponsor. 'S'Ne PRE-FRESHMEN ENCOURAGE SCHOOL SPIRIT Douglas Welton Suzanne Wheldon Robert Whitehurst Rixey Wilcher Brenda Williams Gary Wilson Mike Wilson Stephen Wood Susan Wood Tom Wynkoon Billy Young Diane Zimmerman Curtis Sumerlin Melissa Taylor Richard Thomas Tommy Thomas Kay Thorpe Vince Threinen Teresa Touch John Tripp Dexter Trump Linda Tucker James Turner Randall Turner Linda Vandervoort Sherryl Vann Vernon Vye Mark Via Richard Via Vincent Vita Richard Wade Howard Wainwright Edgar Walker Brenda Walters Freddie Waterfield Gary Webster Carlton Wells 97 5 W I CLUBS warmth - friendship creativity being together with a common interest new rules days to meet open to all interested a wide variety covering academic and social involvement clubs-a major part of Cox. 99 SCA OFFICERS Front Row: J. Schaj, rep. J. McFarland, sec., M. Bcrtusiak, vice- pres., M. Stone, trees., Back Row: J Field, community rep., A. Newton, pres. , R. Frazier, second vice-pres., C. Berg, chap W""hEi P RTICIPATICDN, E THLISIASM, PERFECTION I THE MCJTTO OF THE SCA . school functions function . . . . the meaning of SCA-Student Coke and Nab machines good Cooperative Association . . . idea always busy around here everyone included . . . great pres- planning, working for a bet- ident this year . . . the new slo- . gan - participation, enthusi- orientation week being on asm, perfection . . . 3Ol . . . all Disco Ten the march show- those interested . , . you - the ing support of the men in Viet SCA. Nam the process by which all S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: V. Collins, F. Horton, H. Davidson, J. Holland, B. Shannon, C. Whitmer, W. Hostetler, Second Row: J. Meads, N. Lupia, L. Tucker, C. Shannon, T. Kiernan, M. Mathews, A. Motley, Third Row: D. Mason, F. Skinner, K. Reich, H. Wade, J. Turner, B. Little, D. Walker, T. Le- Claire, Fourth Row: L. Carawan, J. Wiggs, R. Sewell, M. Bailey, B. Corneliussen, A, Mills, M. Culwell, C. Williams, S. Wheeler, Fifth Row: C. James, J. Ambrose, C. Williams, J. Richardson, G. Stockton, S. Wohler, A. Sallenger, Sixth Row: N. Nagle, D. Weidler, J. Chancey, M, Proctor, V. Burlage, S. Stubbs, M. Johnson, Seventh Row: S. Cowden, S. Fondren, A. Jones, B. Brooks, K. Vegelahn, H. Hinman, J. Noel, D. Drennon, Eighth Row: L. Monahan, D. Roughton, J, Longwarth, P. Burroughs, J. Dickerson, J. Hawkins, D. Pritchard, Buck Row: C. Stevenson, G. Hamrick, D. Bradshaw, C. Miller, P. Braudrick, D. Fondren. w1 m ICC OFFERS CLASSES TO STUDENTS ICC REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: C. Thompson, A. Mills, B. Shan- han, J. Sahai, V. Day, Back Row: A. Butler, M. Murphey, D. Weidler, non, G. Fransisco, D. Bradshaw, J. Hempson, P. Self, L. Hogue, S. D. Derrick, P. Sonderlin, C- COVE, J- C0Ckm0n, R- Odom. 5- FSFQUSOP1. Vanderplaeg, C. Berg, J. Richardson, Second Row: B. Brooks, M. Taylor, D. Page. T. Monahan, D. Hill, B. Calfee, P. Cox, B. Taylor, C. Whitmer, A. Holla- co-ordinates the clubs . . . head authority over conflicting activi- ties . . . constitution must be op- proved by the executive council ofthe ICC. . . a needed discipline . . . leadership conferences . . . as- sistance in career night. . . policy of judicial review . . . the Inter- Club Council. ICC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row: M. Bartusiak, chairman, M. Ihlenberg, vice-chairman, P. Morris, sec., Back Row: A. Hallahan, information committee chairman, J. Saunders, constitu- tion committee chairman, M. Bailey, treas. I l02 a dark assembly for the tapping of new members . . . nationwide recognition for scholastic achievement . . . honor roll every six weeks . . . service, scholar- ship, character, and leadership abilities . . . selling Tootsie-Roll Pops at basket- ball games . . . chrysanthemums for Homecoming . . . accomplishment . . . fulfillment of being a member of the National Honor Society. ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: S. Athey, R. Gury, pres., M. Row: T. Monahan, S. Whaler, J. Adkisson, A. Newton, B. Roderick, C ylor, vice-pres., S. Day, sec., M. Murphey, treas., M. Bartusiakg Beck Cave. 103 MIXED CHORUS Front Row: G. Cowling, R Cervilla B. Wells, K. Bryan, G. Mott, L Gooding, J. Gotwald, D. Logan, S. DeLoach Second Row: L. Christensen P. Santti S Rudiger, P. Fischer, D. Butler, N. Dmoch M. Stein, S. Terry, A. Rittenhouse, D. Brad ley- Back Row: S. Stewart, R. French, J Holland B. House P. Tcitterson P. Willis L. Emst J. Barnett H. Shipp A CAPPELLA CHOIR Front Row: J. Mar- tin N. Fowlkes D. White G. Babe H. Pur- vis, P. Turner, M. Polansky, K. French, R. Butler, Second Row: V. Day, G. Humph- ries, P. Wahrman, M. Korte, K. Mclntosh, N. Beatty, M. Bonwell, R. Williams, C. Wiest, W. Satterwhitep Back Row: G. Brinn, L. Buchanan, M. Ussery, C. Nagel, M. O'Meara, M. Cole, M. Via. GlRL'S ENSEMBLE Front Row: W Garred, B. Smith, A. Rittenhouse, V. Day, P. Towns, T. Garred, D. White M. Polanskyp Back Row: P. Wohrman M. Korte, L. Ernst, S. Rittenhouse, Ml Bonwell. requires interest and enthusiasm . . .a desire to learn to sing. . . music appreciation . . . develop- ing a taste for listening . . .group singing . . . necessitates skill and talent . . . girl's glee club . . . girl's ensemble . . . mixed chorus . . . results in musical concerts . . song . . . Chorus. PRACTICE PAYS CUFF IN CONCERTS FDR CHORUS GIRL'S GLEE CLUB Front Row: M. Blossom, L. Falletta, D. Jordon, R. Blair, M. Dyor, W. Garred, P. Towns, Second Row: B. Smith, R. Albertson, D. Duncan, I. Schwegler, V. Green, S. Vanderploeg, A. Humphreys, V. Eason, S. Mallory, N. Herring, M. Blossom, C. Hyers, T. Garred, Third Row: S. Pfuhl, C. Williams, S. Ross, S. Belch, P. Amold, C. Corley, K. Sciortino, C. Malbon, D. Hackworth, K. Barr, J. McCants, P. Lipp, K. Morrell, L. Carawan, P. O'Neill, K. Leveridge, M. Jernigan, D. Wood, Back Row: C. Freeman, M. Williams, S. Roland, S. Rittenhouse, C. Whitmer, S. Crockett, C. Ackerman, J. Pollack, K. Black, L. Smith, C. O'Meara, A. Jones, S. Bailey, P. Wallace, P. Mogan, J. Stutz. Not pictured: V. King, D. Maxwell, P. Shearer. 105 COX SENDS MORE MEMBERS TO REGIONAL BAND THAN TOTAL IN VIRGINIA BEACH practice, practice, and then more practice . . . leadership of new, capable director . . . assemblies, pep rallies, parades, and concerts . . . half-time entertainment providing tempo for Drill Team . . . awards for excellence . . . the strange noises for the 300 hall . . . learn to march while playing . . . flying batons of the perky majorettes . . . letter formations for Homecoming . . . familiar green uniforms. . .all make Cox High Band the greatest. BS, e band is lead by Drum Major, Russe I06 if x f 1Wv.,.Av,xMf ef . MQ J N? .' 4, ., ' f v 'Y df 'Lf E x k ,K if! A -x X I - x . 5 wx-as .Q ex.. , e as K , - .. ' . - ' - ' ' S rms .. --M1 -- K K K V v -- - K ff.: 5fSsvg"w'Y ---.- N,.vKl.., KM, M w ,.,w?:: LRTKW 'K 5 in .K ef . in ' .w.,. if Iy1-'xv' f".1..7.'Y... - ,, ' .Q . -. . . K . . 930. , Qs Q wwf, N LgK..,gffp-f-.LES -5 .gg --. f , fMtVKf,K 1 -.K . . -1 Q x...,.., fi. ,sw K.. K KKKK I-4 ' . K K. ,K .1 K-- Q, ...K WK . K .M K 55,3 f.W'..xX., is-K .-M ---1 - J f., .. ,wi X, .. .K K , 5, ,M K K QQ.. . x g- K K, . gg..Kx.g,?'gQN f f s. 55431 YWMQK MMM- . . "'f'c.'f, .-'f-,'.:'M'.- :s'Q,'55f".E.g xii.. , I., -N SA' . Sig -2 - fy ?-. ft N - 'fiiifi iw. il ,gg . sae H-sygi...-X ' V. +' f if f x A -. 'gf' S' ' Q . . . N . rfx fyifmi M -wb uf iiizafw ish--xf' '- 53 M F ' ?x.w3f"'- ' 'Ezsx ifw .. A f ' x ' X -+'7Q525'Q??59YW73QS.v'1ff'w' 35. :N . - I ,g - ?Kgg3,53xf.q-.. 'rf' .yf . K . . 'Nils 'R-51 'ian ' ' E455 :fi A 5 pxxks-xf:b+gw f Q3v,fa ' . ' x' 3?'9'i?f'+ . X '+ ' 3'-xx 1 W 1 U... .- X ., A K . ? T5-. 425 . " -S -V 753- 'L , W F95 QE. 1 'T ' hi sim. M Q 1 am: -lfvf-w.fvf3+ V2 . sew -Y mf.-,Q,.gf.,,,4,fx. -' .Q x - -' . . ,1fM7i"' Q--7. , 'i fft A Qfggem- f M- ., , 3iQ:wSsNqf8?sg:...+Q,Q-5xqggf-KK.:-gr-wymb .1 wr .fs1A-.w-.- N -XM ., M, 1 'Q , . .. M t . .Sw '- v"TfA1..+,:. K fsimx x-iiaP'6'35'5?'i 'H '53-e5f'x liiiiwrv lgilwa' f. 1 TW '5+l':'ivY"9X'Qg5:iS'5"?ii21'X' fS'ffW'iX .' X' XK Q SQ-,Q-fy, X5SiKQA,.,,,, . ...V 1 ff.. --'Q -,fy . A -g. .-.w,,,rSwfx'Qe.... QNX , gf A: .pews 'V' A. , 1 J . V x N--N.. 6 1 ffm: -.,..+i... .:' . ,. - xx.,-fy -rf, 1 -xyg-1 ...., R. 'A-..z- my -. .K f- -L ' W, K, . -, . x Mg "H QT' L15 'xxx . l v X. -- gk' .5 'i 23 Xrfftlk L ' 3 - , jifgq: YI 'j'.fw-4-"'k"i.fv 'fix W Q f if R..'.i f Kgs ,V f YV xffygsivf N 1 X .." 2, X4 V 'f ' . ' ' 'J . I 1 'Y ' v . K 5 K Lv 6 W X ,N , 5 gf . . . . 1 K I 5 . 8 . n 5 ,KK Q51 f . 'K4.,,sg---K1,s,1v, QQ 'Us ll it 15 q Q A'-. an I l B ii qu R ll It A lx lx A IS C Q IX Q lx ll Qt i K, W K W j 01 K ' K f:Qii,i' " ' .Q iff AQKM M W- -X5 'W X . ifglli 'X A f f 'Tga - ff K ' - - .' x ' . . - x' K , . X ff . S ,1 A - , M - H JW.. . Q SMA 1 K -fx--xy' ' 3,155 ' '- ' - K K w f ss?-..S?n'3Sisi?+lwfP:. .3 . N.. X - - fx .M , V .. - . . - - s W. N N... Left to right Front Row: Darlene Walker, Joann Wrean, Karlene Arm- strong, Brenda Jones, Copy Berg, Beth Holmes, Judy Armstrong, Christy Richards. Second Row: Steve Ambrose, Karey Simmons, Carol Alan, Paul Morgan, David Paroni, Becky Brehl, John Mordici, Andy Bronyon, Kevin Early, Russ Singer-Drum Major, Danny Basnight, Doug Gentile, Edgar Walker, Doug Schorder. Third Row: Chris Allen, Roger Williams, Ricky Davidson, John Compton, Jill Delaney, Mona Midgett, Ronnie Morris, Charles Watson, Gayle Gentile, Virginia Allen, Betty Strickland, Albert Brown, Celeste Kingdom, Sam Jones, Pete Striffler, Larry Brooks, Gary DeLooch. Fourth Row: Wesley Kitt, Gary Kitt, Bruce Ford, Fenton Priest, Dan Bowden, Allen Crute, Mike White, Charles Gregory, Sank Williams, Dale Achenbach, Bill Robinson, Lois Beasley, Mike Bostram, Andy Gordon. Beck Row: Chuck Davis, Arthur Cramer, Carey Blain, Jimmy Smith, Anita Harper. The "B" band practices for advancement into the "A" band. band practices mcinv hours after school for t heir shows. Mr. Cooper strives to instill c standard of perfection in oil bond students. "B" BAND SPARKS NEW LIFE FOR FUTURE " " AN SPCNTANECJLIS COMBUSTIG MOVES TALCN STAFF T0 PRODUCE ASPIRATIONS ABLAZE Pandemonium always reigns when the annual staff tries to take pictures IW' ev'-Q TALON STAFF Front Row K. Miller, C. Ingram, P. Sell- Back Row E. Boudreaux, M. Murphey, M. Taylor, S. ers, M. A. Waller, C. Holland, co-editor, B. Taylor, co- Williams, A. Cherryman, M. Bailey, K. Russell, V. Meek, editor. Second Row P. Richardson, M. Taylor, B. Zenk. R. Reddy, G. Oberleitner, P. Bosserman. H0 Larry Thatcher, yearbook photographer, takes pictures at Homecoming. begin with a few rough ideas . . . blank layout sheets, empty copy sheets, plans for pictures . . . volunteers willing to work and learn . . . arrival of l0,000 class pictures . . . division pages . . . type, cut, identify . . . HELP! . . . meet that deadline . . . think of headlines . . . more copy? . . . class officers' pictures . . . the theme? . . . stay after school for the index . . . type more copy . . . finding 20 pictures after filing . . . re-file and identify . . . a new cover . . . fresh approach and new style . . , hard work with challenge and criticism . . . finally, a yearbook possible because of the Annual Staff. Proofs are hurriedly checked by staff members. ,t 8 idence of slow sales of annuals. Miss Lohr, advisor, and a staff member thumb through annuals from other schools. Adkisson, Business Manager, smiles wryly after looking at 'lll REORGANIZED COXSWAIN REACHES NEW HEIGHTS NEWS . . . school functions that happened or will happen . . . a publication presented to each student monthly . . . new columns-Threads, Through the Looking Glass, Senior Spotlight, and Dear Eddie . . . new and better print . . . put out by iournalism students . . . new advisor helped considerably . . . better coverage of students, sports, and faculty . . . entered in competition . . . news belongs to the Coxswain. Miss Repass and Jane Richardson watch as members al the staff layout the upcoming newspaper. Q l S , COXSWAIN STAFF Front Row: J, Hempson, J. Sahaj, J. Richardson, K. Reich, l. Schwegler, R. Odom, Back Row: M. O'Meara, B. Jantz, managing ed., Miss Repass, advisor, S. Athey, publishing ed., P. Self, Tucker, B. Bairdain, S. Delaney, E. Gibbs. K. Lewis, Second Row: C. Berg, A. Hallahan, C. Thomas, J. Longworth, ll2 HA DISPLAYS PROJECTS TO SCHOOL UTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front Row: A. But- Roundtree, G. Acree, Y. Smith, V. Eason, Fourth Row: S er, pres., S. Martinii, sec., Mrs. Frazier, advisor, T. Harris, Craft, P. Simpson, B. Broil, Y. Johnson, Beck Row: P. ist., C. Cole, vice-pres., Second Row: D. Dunnen, treas., L. Gallop, G. Milam, L. Brannon, N. Callahan, D. Parker. pillane, chap., S. Beard, rep., Third Row: S. Rudifer, D. prepare for the future life of a other . . . sew and bake . . . arn new techniques for a happy ome life . . . Mother-Daughter anquet . . . sell results of new cipes at Bake Sales . . . the sic ingredients for a member the FHA - Future Home- akers of America. ll3 THESPIANS HELP IN PRCDUCTION OF SENIOR CLASS PLAY the advancement of standards of excellence in dramatic arts . . . membership given to those superior in work and perform- ance ofthe dramatic arts . . . in cludes off-stage responsibilities . . . student director, stage man- ager, electrician or crew mem- ber . . . participation in plays and musicals . . . encourages perfec- tion . . . welI:acted part of Cox life . . . the National Thespian Society. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY MEMBERS Top to Bottom: S. Ferguson, C. Berg, S. sec., M. Bartusiak, M. Korte, G. Humphries, pres., V. Day, vice-pres. Not pictured: B. trabajar - to work . . .to belong to a national educational societ' in the study of Spanish . . . main tain an A average . . . promoti an interest in the Hispanic . . speak, read, and write with pro ficiency in a foreign language . . projects of a club with the dis tinction of merit and award fo scholastic excellence . . . a Span ish booklet this year? . . . all z part of membership in the Span ish Honor Society. in SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: J. Hudson, trees., J. Alonso, sec., A. Kramer, vice-pres., S. Athey, pres., Sra. Bassols, advisor, V. Meek, Second Row: M. Faas, A. Forbes, S. Wheeler, M. DeLoach, J. Adkisson, J. Cockman, Back Row: L. Caru- cna, T. Messina, D. Hinman, P. Metz, M. Echlin. SPANISH H0 OR SCDCIETY M ANS EXTRA WORK CLUB Front Row: J. MacCracken, J. Keller, N. Slaughter, J. Hempson, pres., Second Row: C. Barnes, G. Crawford, S. Third Row: C. Berg, H. Hinman, B. Smith, R. French, Buck Row: B. Brantley, D. Boughman, M. Ferratt, S. Day, D. Weidler. 115 GERMAN CLUB Front Row: R. Smalley, M. Rosenstock, A. Brown, J. Littleton, T. Moore, E. Richardson, L. Gosnell, C. Collins, T. Boucom, R. Donner, B. Kuehn, D. Walsh, Second Row: S. Hall, B. Bell, B. Brooks, J- Adkisson, H- Pfil1QSl- A. Hallohan, S. Bellmore, S. Rork, P. Haggerty, J. Long, Back Row: a new organization . . . interest in culture and language of the German people . . . a beginning-enthusiasm and optimism . . . group participation in talent show . . . sponsor familiar with customs . . . "littIe Germany" at Cox. . GERMAN CLUB P RTICIPATES IN TALENT SHOW GERMAN CLUB Front Row: P. Jeffers, S. Curtis S. Purvis, M. Wilson, M. Donner, Second Row G. Miller, Miss Watkins, advisor, K. White, rep. hist., C. Kemp, vice-pres., K. Irvin, pres., D. Ga mill, treas., J. Longworth, B. Ernst, J. Gaylor Back Row: L. Thompson, J. Smalley, R. Wilche G. Mansfield, G. Smith, D. Rork, A. Barker, Carpenter. LATIN CLUB From Row: Mrs. Wood, advisor, E. Koelenbeek, C. C. Cooper, S. Goldberg, S. Williams, M. Robinson, D. McKeel, M Vannoy, B. Brooks, vice-pres., K. Kemp, M. Dahlman, pres., P. Evans, Blossom. secg Back Row: M. Blossom, treas., A. Jones, J. Reynolds, H. Alexander, CONLEGIUM LATINUN RELIVES ROMA TRADITICN dead language? . . . not at Cox . . . joins the National, Junior lassical league . . . new members . . . Induction Ceremony along nes of Roman Liberalia . . . Roman-style Saturnalia -- annual hristimas party . . . senior discussions of language and culture . . learn how to drape a toga . . . certainly not a dead club . . . onlegium Latinum. ll7 GAA MEMBERS Front Row: J. Pollack, A. Hallahan, vice-pres., A. Motley, sec., S. Wilson, treas., D. Keegan, pres., M. Stone, rep.-hist., C, Hallahan, rec. of pts., S. Baileyg Second Row: P. Branson, J. Richardson, C. Lewis, L. Thompson, M. Faas, B. Cornelliussen, M. Proctor, P. Husk, J. Meads, B. Stonum, Third Row: B. Zenk, C. Walker, D. Thurston, K. Vegelahn, A. Harper, L. Burting, V. Vrabel, S. Medscar, A. Mills, M. Crawling, Fourth Row: J. Hudson, C. Lewis, G. Humphries, D. McKeel, M. O'Gormon, D. Stone, D. Pritchard, B. Whitaker, P. Edentong Back Row: K. Miller, G. McDade, M. Blaine, D. Motley, V. Newton, F. Mayo, M. Woody, J. Hawkins, D. Derrich. Sf' 'ms viibivf ll8 GAA ENCOURAGES COM PETITION an interest in developing physi- cal perfection . . . competition in hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, tumbling, softball, and crab soccer . . . participation for points . . . earn a letter . . . demonstration at Open House . . . plans for re- modeling ofthe Girls' P.E. office . . . student-faculty games . . . athletic ability witnessed in the Girls' Athletic Association. The GAA practices for a basket- ball tournament. VARSITY LETTERME AONOGRAM CLUB Front Row: D. Parkinson, C. Morgan, D. Hill, P. Ltriffler, S. Doyle, J. Cherwap Second Row: D. Tew, B. Magoon, B. Voody, S. Rhodes, S. Stubbs, J. MacDonald, O. Oberg, Third Row: T. 'arks, D. Drennan, L. Halstead, P. Murden, E. Johnson, C. Williams, . Knight, B. Broulikg Fourth Row: D. Fondren, M. Taylor, A. Sallenger, ec., V. Burlage, J. Austin, T. Pitkin, A. Owens, B. Chellis, sgt. at arms, fifth Row: R. Williams, A. Newton, D. Davis, M. Johnson, treas., B. B Ialfee, M. Murphey, vice-pres., B. Whitaker, pres., Back Row: G. Meyers, . Ellis. letter sweater . . . bright gold "C" on a bulky green jacket . . . outward sign of athletic achievement . . . part of hours of prac- tice in a particular sport . . . turns a boy into a man . . . a letter- man . . . sponsoring a student-faculty basketball game plus dance . . . not always the victor but able to say it was a good fight . . . champions of Cox High School spirit . . . the Monogram Club. ll9 STUDE T GUIDANCE CCMMITTEE PREPARES CAREER IGHT STUDENT GUIDANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: C. Blain, P. Rivard, S. Ross, D. Matzen, Turner, B. Smith, C. Barnes, C. Walker, P. Cox, C. Lewis, B. Little, C. Greenwood, C. Jarvis Rubendall, Second Row: M. Dryer, S. Stockton, L. Fox, K. Armstrong, D. George, N McClellan, Back Row: D. Richie, N. Slaughter, A. Cherryman, S. Donaldson, M. Bonwell, Humphries, R. French, S. Hughes, B. Tarbutton, S. Wheeler, G. Milam, D. Wood, B. House ' Odum, B. Bridwell, B. Zenk, L. Skinner. 120 5 I B. Martinette, C. Sharpnack, M. Taylor, P. Lipp, A. Mills, J. Cockman, K. LaFetra, R. 5 Miss Price has a typically hectic day. Ann Cherryman and Lou Skinner work on Parent's Night display. Guidance Committee bulletin boards encourage students. L i -i l services to the students . . . pipeline of information from guidance facilities . . . willingness to give of time and energy . . . assist in planning, executing, evaluating, improving, and extending guidance services . . . Open House-parents followa schedule? . . . displays on guidance in the cafeteria . . . work to prepare, then clean-up . . . monthly bulletin boards . . . monthly meetings. . . sub-committees . . . Teen-Age Christmas Drive-collect clothing in homerooms . . . wrap presents . . . label dresses . . . rewards of a successful attempt . . . homeroom delegates . . . spend study hall helping in the guidance office . . . work in co-ordination with the counselors . . . College Night . . . Career Night-representatives from various fields of oc- cupation . . . learn of a specialized job . . . hosts, guides and par- ticipants . . . learn how to guide. . . the Student Guidance Com- mittee. l2l TQ, Q5 Q S if " Q We ig 'Q x Q 3 M X me Q.. ,W A -1- X A - 25 V X kifvifx A L F' , 'Af gg V J s H x 'Sk '.f,.i"'f5r -sk X 'H if Q, w Q5 gi S 2 . 5 -3 Q v. .xx NE ARTS CLUB Front Row: J. Reynolds, B. Lemmon, T. Mason, C. Vonnoyg Third Raw: S. Cake, D. GeOrge, J. Schacht, D. Trump, Elder, D. Corlberg, vice-pres., D. Hinman, sec.-treas., Mr. Koeppen, N. Gray, K. Marcus, P. Morgan, R. Lee, S. Lithicum, P. Willis. Back visor, B. Smith, J. Smalley, pres., M. Blossom, S. Salop, M. Blossom, Row: J. Haliclay, J. Drake, D. Joy, H. Alexander, C. Berg, S. Wohler, . Roberts, Second Row: P. Haggerty, P. Towns, M. Jernigan, J. Stutz, P. Morgan, N. Nagel, B. Brantley, T. Brown, D. Ramsey. Not Pictured: Rux, D. Colby, J. Weller, J. McCants, D. McKeel, D. Walker, B. Jones, R. Reed, C. Corley, P. Fischer. a group with "discriminating taste" . . . Cox with culture . . . attending Norfolk Symphony rehearsal . . . speakers on matters of intellectual importance . . . no stuffiness of sophistication but R I, a definite interest in the finer arts . . . attendance at the Norfolk and Virginia Beach Little Theaters . . . enjoyment of experiment and discovery . . . all seen in the Fine Arts Club. 123 seeking knowledge . . . listening to a guest speaker in the field of medicine . . . a trip to Dewitt Army Hospital at Fort Belvoir . . . tours of medical centers . . . view- ing an actual operation . . . a candy striper or hospital assist- tant . . . helping the nurse in the clinic. . . being a member ofthe Cox Medical Association. MEDICAL CLUB Front Row: B. Terry, B. Jones, R. Odom, vice-pres., K. White, sec. Mrs. McBride, sponsor, J. Sahaj, pres., J. Jarrett, treas., D. Beale, hist., D. Logan Second Row: P. Braudrick, F. Skinner, A. McElveen, D. Carlberg, D. Page, D. Hin man, N. Grey, P. Rux, C. Caton, G. Milam, Back Row: S. Williams, J. Longworth, J. Aiken, T. Kiernan, P. Haggerty, T. Moore, C. Thompson, R. Reddy, K. Vegelahn. 1 CMA VISITS DEWITT ARMY HOSPITAL l24 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Front Row: S. Litchfield, B. Taylor, P Wahrman, M. Smith, R. Boyd, P. Neal, S. Ross, J. Ross, Second Row: M. Anthony, M. Anthony, D. Houghton, T. Luther, K. Morrell, R. Walters, B. Whitaker, vice- pres., R. Albertson, pres., N. Steele, D. Walker, Miss Williams, advisor, Back Row J. Whichard, rep., T, llenburg, M. Ilenburg, J. Stakes, treas., K. Strange, hist. C. Burton, B. McClellan. debits, dictation, sten- dittos, typing, and manu- . being able to under- the meaning of these and being able to do these things . . . business- possibilities of unre- odvancement . . . glam- of an unglamorous job . . . all this in an informal plus service projects . preparing for the field of by belonging to the 125 1 KEY CLUB OFFICERS Front Row: L. Thatcher, sec., B. Bridwell, pres., R. Frazier, vice-pres., Mr. Sadler, advisor, Back Row: M. Vogt, treas., B, Roderick, rep., L. Gosnell, hist., D. Crinklaw, sgt.-ot-arms. KEY CLUB NEW MEMBERS Front Row: M. Meier, E. Richardson, S. Doyle, D. Walsh D. Sellers H Alexander L Horvath P. Sca ini P Ha ert I , - I - I PP 1 - QQ Y, D. Martin, B. Waters, N. Randazzog Second Row: R. Bradshaw, D. Carl- berg, J. Ewing, T. Kiernan, F. Gupton, D. Mashaw, M. Scappini, L. Buchannon, B. Condon, M. Tignar, T. Messina, Back Row J. Smalle J Fields B. En land G Lons L. Newark, Y, - 1 Q 1 - Y , S, Wohler, G. Seakrist. LUB OLD MEMBERS Front Row: S. Cake, J. Wells, H. Coe, B. Colden, A. Newton, V. Burlage, J. Moody, Buck Row: S. Delaney, T. Monahan, Second Row: J. MacDonald, J. Littleton, B. Calfee, A. Adkisson, M. Murphey. KEY CLUB SUPPORTS TANZANIA KEY CLUB to initiate personal responsibility . . . build . . . international or- ganization . . . three delegates to convention in Chicago . . . give up weekends to help clean the stadium . . . canned food dance . . . parent-son banquet . . . Holly Wreath, Ball . . . Variety Show . . . emphasis on serving . . . scholarship given . . . Kiwanis Kid's Day . . . teacher car wash . . .outstanding service club . . . foundation of Tanzania Key Club . . . Key Club. 127 KEYETTES AID IN STADIUM CLEA -UP a new addition . . . "we serve" . . . motto with a meaning . . . little blue and gold key . . . symbolizes opening ofthe door . . . leader- ship - experience in living and working with others - co-operat- ing with school administration - preparation for useful citizen- ship. . .all girls. . . ready to help. . . new advisor. . . new proj- ects . . . Thanksgiving presents to a rest home . . . school clean- up day . . . a club well on its way . . . Keyettes. KEYETTES Front Row: P. Cox, treas., D. Page, D. Matzen, pres., Miss Ledford, advisor, C. Walker, S. Wood, vice-pres., C. Whitmer, sec., Second Row: P. Tiller, C. Williams, D. Thurston, J. Hudson, M. Colo, D. Lyons, Third Row: J. Patterson, P. Neal, S. Litchfield, R. Boyd, D. Houghton, S. Hughes, Back Row: B. Zenk, A. Mills, D. Walker, T. Elder. l28 ADOPTICD OF INDIA HILD HIGHLIGHTS AMlClTlA'S YEAR under the direction ofthe YWCA . . . adopt an Indian child . . spirit of giving . . . desire to serve school and community . . . social rewards . . . yearly Christmas coroling and party . . . the feeling of belonging to a worthwhile group . . . Amicitia Y-Teens. ICITIA Y-TEENS Front nw. P. Branson, A. Paine, T. Babqshqnafm, T. williams, D. Weidler, D. Duncan, G. Keller: Second Row: N- Nagle, Hempson, P. Turner, N. Mangum, G. Cowling, K. Thomas, K. Leveridge, P. O'Neill, P. Morgan, Back Row: R. French, pres., J. Longworth, C. Kaine, Edenton, K. White, D. McKeel, S. Lin, R. Lee. I29 SIGMA CHI OLD MEMBERS Fran! Row: P, Boggermqn, V, Green, B. Stonum, S. Early, K. Sciortina, M. O'Gorman. Back Row: J. Gaukler M. Crowling, F. Skinner, C. Norman, L. Hogue, I. Schwegler, A. Mc- A. Krymer, S. Crockett, B. Stewart, J. Ferguson, J. McFarland, P. Hack Elveen. Second Row: L. Robertson, T. Hardwick, L. Fox, N. Finch, worth, D. Collier. club ot eighty girls. . .anxious to excel . . .very successful Mr. ani Miss Personality dance . . . adoption of a needy family- at Thanks giving and Christmas . . . girls' hospitality shown at Homecom ing and Open House . . . attendance at various churches . . service projects . . . help crippled child . . . powder puff fc I . . . social events . . . slumber parties . . . satisfaction ofa s ful organization . . . Sigma Chi Sigma. SIGMA CHI SIGMA NEW MEMBERS Front Row: L. Christensen, C. Matzen, D. Hockworth, S. Abrams, I. Mitcham, R. West C. Ackerman, J. Pollack, P. Peevy, J. Pitkin, E. Mott, D. Parker, L. Carter, D. Robertson, C. Simons, A. Hurst. Back Row: J. L. Rasnik, D. Page, N. Lupio, M. Pick, D. Pritchard, Second Row: C. Hyers, M. Morgan, J. Edmonds, C. Cogswell, K. B. Ashburn, J. Hawkins, P. Turner, C. Cogswell, C. Kanzenbach, D. M. Faas, L. Thompson, D. Derrick, P. Zorn, D. McDermott, S. 130 4nng l The front line for Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens gets ready for the powder puff football game with rival Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y. SIGMA CHI SIGMA SPONSORS THE PERSONALITY DANCE GMA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS Front Row: S. Vanderpioeg, pres., C. Molbon, rec, sec., P. Cox, vice-pres., T, Hurst, sgt.-of-ormsg Back Row: T. Ittner, p,, M. Proctor, chap., B. Taylor, treos. I3I TH ET SPDNSORS P TRIOTISM WEEK 3 newest of Tri-Hi-Y's . . . service organization tha t believes in 5 service . . . cleaning teachers' v lounges . . . Patriotism week. . . helping needy families . . , clean speech campaign . . . collecting clothes for Good Will . . . Christ- mas caroling for those ill . . . social functions, too . . . slum- ber parties . . . basketball game . . . rewards of working together toward common goals . . . be- longing to a club like Theta Chi SlQI'T'lCl. Byrd rep. ' THETA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS Front Row: J. Drinkwater, treas., M. DeLoach, v. pres., A. Hallehon, pres., G. Babe, rec. sec. Back Row: A. Forbes, hist., D. Gammill, page, B. E l THETA CHI SIGMA TRI-Hl-Y Front Row: D. Hinmon, S. Whivett, P. wood, K. Hallahan, D. Thurston, B. Byrd, C. Newbern, C Rivard, M. Dunbar, C. Sharpnach, C. Caruanna, S. Howard, D. Mason, N. Lupia, M. Daigleg Back Row: M. Haynes, S. Donaldson, M. DeLooch, Second Row: D. Dalia, M. Echlin, D. Bonney, C. Green- S. Stark, C. Shannon, M. Roberts, S. Frederick, G. Conkler 132 L, ' .. sw...:f.1 .. E IGMA ALPHA BETA TRI-HI-Y Front Row: B. Koski, P. Self, J. M Stubbs, K. lrwin, P. Tatterson, M. Proctor P Richardson L Haskins unders, P. Ansell, J. Wiggs, S. Culbertson, S. Scrantlan, J. Meads, M. K. Marcus, Back Row: S. Samson, B. Brooks M Ellenwood B Knowers oiley, J. Richardson, C. Griffin, D. Leidholdtg Second Row: N. Gray, P. S. Weisse, A. Harper, S. Parker, M Stone C Lewis J Gochler B illis, C. Lewis, P. Sellers, K. Cole, K. Vegelahn, A. Jones, K. Lassiter, Zenk, A. DeHart, D. Wood, R. Reddy B House IGMA ALPHA BETA SPONSORS ANNUAL nctioning under Christian mor- ls and standards of living . . . tting an example for excel- nce . . . Code of Ethics Board . . presenting Thanksgiving vors to needy orphans . . . con- ibuting boxes of books to the ive during Tri-Hi-Y - Hi-Y eek . . . making stockings and esenting a show for the Salva- n Army during Christmas . . . nual Sadie Hawkins Dance. . . esentation of outstanding ser- e awards . . . group of young rls eager to give of time and forts for worthy causes . . . the ma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE KAPPA DELTA PHI OFFICERS Front Row: W. Hastetler, rec. sec., T. Garred, corr. sec., L. Caruona, hist., C. Cave, vice pres., M. Locke, chap., Second Row: K. Miller, rep., J. Cockman, hist., C. Coker, sgt.-at-arms, G. Oberleitner, pres. Not pictured: D. Stone, trecs. KAPPA DELTA PHI MEMBERS Front Row: L. Lumsden, G. Lamkin, S. Oliver, M. Locke, M. Karnes, D. Joy, S. Terry, K. Wheeler, M. Palanski, D. Ramsey, V. Taft, D. Bowman, Second Row: G. Mansfield, M. Smith, P. Wahrmon, E. Mertz, L. Ballard, N. Fowlkes, J. Halliday, 134 Vanagas, D. Trump, A. Williams, M. Culwell, J. Snyder, B. Littl J. P. Maynard, Back Row: K. Strange, P. Colby, C. Scurlock, B. Compto Smith, S. Williams, J. Stakes, S. Rittenhouse, J. Smith, S. Youn Crawford, K. Simmons, V. Allan. KAPPA HOLDS FIRST SLAVE SALE AT COX CAPPA DELTA PHl OLD MEMBERS Front Row: S. Day, D. Nall, R. Bissell, S, Stockton, C. Evans, D. Johnson, Second low: M. Johnson, A. Cherryman, B. Corneilliusen, M. Korte, 5. Goldberg, N. Buhrer, Buck Row: M. Waller, S. Curtis, P. Vletz, D. Cowden. e platform of clean speech, clean scholarship, lean sportsmanship and clean living . . . carried out y numerous service projects . . . sending flowers to achers on birthdays . . . collecting for Unicef . . . ntributing to home and world missions . . . giving Christmas party for orphans . . . also, a chance r fun . . . powder-puff football game . . . Spring shion show . . . Cupid's Capers . . . encouraging hool spirit . . . earning money by window washes, ndy sales, and donut sales . . . being proud to be member of Kappa Delta Phi. 135 KAPPA OMICRON CHI HI-Y OFFICERS Front Row: B. Tarbutton, treas., S. Wheeler, vice-pres., Second Row: C. Thompson, rep., D. Moore, pres., Third Row: T. Metz, sec., L. Halstead, hist.g Back Row: C. Davis, chapl., S. Gossman, sgt. at arms. Hi-Y prepares for the sale of directories. 30 young men . . . interested in serving . . . dedicated to Chris- tian ideals ... collected books for orphan's homes . . . magazines for the hospital . . . aided in cleaning the stadium . . . sold Christmas trees . . . the surfing movie . . . alphabetiz- ing everyone's name for the Stu- dent Directory! . . . boys and a club to be proud of . . . Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y. APPA OMICRON CHI HI-Y MEMBERS From Row: C. Davis, C. Thompson, B. Tarbutton, D. Moore, S. Wheeler, . HaIstead, T. Metz, S. Gossmong Second Row: C. Stevenson, R. Adams, G. McSwain, G. Adams, C. Hurd, M. osensfock, J. Gaylord, T. Moore, Third Row: R. Moser, C. Collins, R. Binder, D. Frazier, W. Edwards, D. Dren- onp Back Row: R. Blume, D. Schroeder, D. Tucker, R. Dale, M. Johnson, A. Sallenger. KAPPA CMICRON CHI HI-Y DRGANIZES STUDE T DIRECTORIES I37 second seoson of bottle . . . know- ing o pawn from o queen . . . h ll f ' ll . . . - t:rocticfi:?1Zc?ess'otfy eocclinrnisse B o serious decision . . . not o spec- totor sport . . . yet worthy of no- tice . . . improvement olwciys open . . .checkmotel . . .the Cox Chess Club. CHESS CLUB Front Row: S. Atl-iey, vice-pres., L. Miller, D. Moore, sec.-treas., J. Elliot, L. Gosnell, pres., Buck Row: S. Wohler, K. Mills, rep., M. Manning, T. Kiernen, D. Gentile. l38 i i i l LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Front Row: D. Logon, S, Katz, P, Ansell, F. Quist, S. Coe, Second Row: N. Callahan, D. Dunnan, D. Roughton, S. Rork, A. Ferris, T. Mason: Back Row: Y. Smith, V. Boroody, S. Purvis, S. Holland, M. Roberts, J. Reynolds. errands . . . type . . . help to . keep books in proper . . . straighten the shelves fill requests for books . . . the library clean . . . stamp . . . h k b k . . . book? .Sf . .iieiviulooks STUDENTS AND FACULTY unrewarded, except for the of being a library os- 139 learning about a lifetime career with others interested in the same goals . . . experiencing the problems and judge- ment needed in grading papers . . . FTA discovering responsibilities . . . selling Cox High charms . . . attending a state convention . . . assisting and observing our teachers . . . presenting a turkey to a lucky teacher at Thanksgiving . . . preparing for the future by being in the FTA. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front Row: J. Baker, J. Weller, K. Castle, L. Thompson, K. Whitmer, J. Cockman Millsg Back Row: A. Cherryman, M. Fass, P. Neal, S. Ross, K. O'Meara, B. Perry. 140 . E. CLUB Front Row: C. Oliver, D. Strickland, C. Sharpnack, Mr. adler, S. Bailey, N. Herring, N, Steele, J. Martin. Second Row K. iddle, L. Catrambone, T. Maren, C. Monthan, K. Parishen, P. urner, S. Mallory, S. Poteat. Third Row: D. Page, D. Witchen, C. West, . Leidig, D. Rork, L. Parker, S. Thomas, S. Parks. Fourth Row: P. The D.E. officers guide members to better service in their iobs. l4l Brown, B. Van Duken, O. Harrell, R. Williams, B. Saunders, A. Brant- ley, J. McKee, B. Simpkins. Fifth Row: J .Raynor, M. Kervin, T. Yankush, L. Peverall, L, Wiggins, M. Ney, B, Lachman, B. Floyd. Back Row: J. Livingston, M. England, E. Johnson, S. Wright, A. Price, G. Regon, D. Davis, B. Wildey, J. Thompson., DE MEMBER RECEIVE PRACTICAL JGB EXPERIENCE attend classes a halfday . . . then work . . . homework, somehow . . . learn the aspects of employment first hand . . . familiar blue and gold diamond - shaped emblem . . . to promote understanding and appreciation for the respon- sibilities ot citizenship in our free competitive enterprise system . . . a new job and responsibilities. . . preparation for the future . . . presented in Distributive Educa- tion. r'0:l S. Q QW . XNX9 XNO ' X W xv CN Q9 ,Q of Q N to xl ,fu .V ll ffl! UU f Qlvflgt fi gh Gi X? J than f QA, I V? ig rx' ML! Q H Qf Q, QAHCQVXXN nstoxww Xx, x N at Q5 Vw E Xlt ,Y N i 2 x, Q91 .QL SPGRTS waiting to go "bottled up" anxious to please and win the potential of our fire the fuel. these forming a fight for victory in sports. T43 VARSITY TEAM Front Row: B. Barbour, B. Striffler-Managers, Second Row: D. Drennen, C. Williams, E. Johnson, D. Fondreri, G. Parr, B. Chellis M. Taylor, P. Striffler, N. Randazzo, A. Salinger, S. Hall, S. Doyle, M, Johnson, Third Row: B. Woody, J. West, D. Hill, B, Rubendall, E. Oliver P. Striffler, E. Boudreoux, T. Woodruff, G. Lyons, S. Delaney, B. Anderson, Back Row: K. Brunnenmeyer, W. Weirich, T. Day, S. Rhodes, M. Murphey C. Morgan, K. Black, G. Smith, B. Cashman, H. Pfingst, S. Stubbs, D. Davis. Coach Barbour confers with referee during halftime. - 144 Cox 32 .,..., Deep Creek 2l Norview 26 . . . Great Bridge 2l Cox l2 ...... Maury 3l . Kellam 7 , . Cox 22 .... Granby 66 , . P.A. 47 .. FALCONS .. Bayside 7 .. Cox l2 . Cox O .. ,........ Cox 0 First Colonial O ..,..,.. Cox O .........Cox O Oscar Smith O Cox I3 . Cox l2 Mike Johnson reflects the tense moments of the game, Falcon's opening game . . . a 32-7 victory over Bayside . . . an experienced line . . . hard-running backs . . . leadership of Nick Randazzo . . . result: highest score in a sin- gle game for Cox . . . following week, Fal- cons bow to Deep Creek . . . however, 12 points still put on scoreboard . . . Cox over- powered by Norview . . . one of two games Falcons fail to score . . . fourth gomeg Fal- cons keep Great Bridge pass completions to lowest ot season . . . Homecoming . . . Fal- cons defeat First Colonial I2-O. OPEN SEASON BY DEFEATING BAYSIDE Doug Fondren scores against Bayside. 145 Cox-Maury clash . . . second game Falcons fail to score . . . 26 yard scoring play by Wayne Weirich . . . only touchdown by Cox in Kellam game . . . victory over Oscar Smith . . . first score by Ken Black . . . blocked punt run into end zone . . . defeated by a large margin . . . impressive amount of passing yardage against Granby. . . final game of season . . . lost to PA . . . final record 3 wins 7 losses. The Falcons prepare their attack for the next ploy. l46 Wayne Weirich struggles for extra yardage against First Colonial. George Parr displays good punting form against PA. I S Bob Chellis sprints by the First Colonial secondary for long yardage. Sam Rhodes drops back to pass against Granby. FALCONS DEFE T FIRST COLONIAL IN ANNUAL I HOMECOMING GAME Behind exceptional blocking, Wayne Weirich prepares to run through the Oscar Smith line. JUNIOR VARSITY WCJRKS TOWARD THE FUTURE Bayside 7 ....,...... ....... C ox 0 First Colonial 13 .............. Cox O Cox 7 ...,,...,......... Kempsville 0 Kellam 13 ........,,.......... Cox O Cox ........ forfeit ...... Oscar Smith li l i J.V. TEAM Front Row: M. Weirich, G. DeAngelo, G. Stockton, S. DeAngelo, S. Royal, J. Salop, Second Row: P. Mang, G. Miller, K. Sudduth, K. Green, R. Robbins, S. Jones, Back Row: A. Ross, W. B. Sanderlin, R. Reid, G. MacFarland, R. McLintock. 148 W The team puts in long hours of practice every day. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM IMPROVES TO MAKE A TRONG SHCWING IN IST RICT MEET P.A. 35 ..,.. Granby 41 ..... Cox 46 Maury 20 .................. Cox 36 Kellam 24 ................,. Cox 36 Third in Virginia Beach City Meet Seventh in Eastern District Meet CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK TEAM Bottom to Top B: Magoon, J Dalia, M Taylor, J Austin, R Binder C. Suntmerlin B lioderick. ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: J. Knight, D. Hill, Coach i Coaches Holland and Devuney watch as excitement mounts. Holland, G. Parr, J. Doyle, Back Row: B. Calfee, D. Tucker, L. Walker, K. Black. undefeated in first six games . . . lead Eastern District offen- sively and defensively . . . senior players in the spotlight . . . first loss to district champion Granby . . . bounce back for strong win over Great Bridge . . . team relies on tough rebounding by front three . . . guards lead fast break . . . three players consistently in district top ten scorers . . . cage- men earn berth in district tourn- ament . . . Cox completes suc- cessful season. J. Deiss, A. Sallenger, gf, Ki- ,MX 5,6 :ix FN COX CAGERS PLACE FIFTH IN DISTRICT ack goes up for two points against K f Jim Doyle attempts side shot. Abbey Sallenger successfully outiumps his op Cox 90 .... Cox 75 ,... Cox 73 . . . Cox 52 ..,. Cox 78 ,... Cox 6l ...,., Granby 65 . . . Wilson 57 . A . Cox 64 . . . Cox 85 .... P. A. 65 ...A Cox 55 ...,.., Churchland 7l . . . Norview 64 . . . Cox 63 ...,. Cox 70 ,...... Cox 75 ..i..,... Maury 82 ,.....s, Great Bridge 60 , . . 153 ponent. . . , . Bayside . . . . Kellam Deep Creek First Colonial Oscar Smith . . . Craddock .......Cox ......Cox ..Bayside Kellam Cox GreatBridge .......Cox Cox ......P.A. . Deep Creek First Colonial .......Cox .,.....Cox 39 42 40 51 7 l 44 44 53 56 50 59 35 68 59 49 42 6l 68 52 JV BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: M. Sullivan, T. Grimstead, G. Eckert, R. McClintock, N. Cheely, K. Sudduth, A Ro J S Iliv D W I h OS. . ss, . u an, -ALJ 1 ACL 'Y A if , x wx W WX Hwvbwuv f QW Bayside 63 .. ....,. . Cox 5 R 3' ,Q G' ,CQVV ,yn . my Cox 56 ...... ..... K ellam 5 Q65 yy-1 1. . 4 'N P fr pg Cox 62 , . . , Deep Creek 3 LJJ L v urs WX ,K-'M . . , LVN .Uv ,."'KXvJ J his A Cox 47 , . . First Colonial 41 J 'X 'mx V' go Cox 64 . . . .... Oscar Smith 5 'XUWQL QU' w wmv Ak 1 gox 57 ..... . . . Craddock 4 rv ADL' ranby 54... ,....., Cox 4 3, . it EZSZEMZ 1 1 1 '11 'Q Ss: 2 Q57 MQQ Cox 59 ....... ...... K ellam ' G Y' X., P. A. 67 ..... ....... C ox NDUJX Cox 59 .......... .... G reat Bridge '51 Churchlond 51 ....... Cox Norview 57 1 1 Cox 47 ...... Cox 54 ..., Cox 40 ..... Maury 68 1 1 1 154 ......5.'Cox ......P.A. Deep Creek First Colonial .......Cox 4 5 5 3 3 4 4 2 3 4 X K 1 if .IV SHOWS PCJTE TIAL U DER EW COACH Tom Grimstead shoots from outside the lane. Keith Sudduth attempts to get two points in Granby game. Gary Eckert drives for a lay-up against Kellam. 155 f I i 5 -' A v.: WRESTLING TEAM Front Row: B. Coleman, W. Coleman, J. Stott, G. Smith, P. Strifflerg Fourth Row: J. Simons, S. Smith, L. Nework, G. Beotson, A. Newton, P. LeClaire, B. Striffler, monoger, Second Row: D. Lyons, T. Woodruff, R. DeLoochp Fifth Row: S. Tew, M. Johnson, B. Whitaker, M. Murphy, J. West, C. Morgan, D. Dotson, H. Pfingst, R. Reid, Back Row: F. Priest, Third Row: J. Meyers, J. Johndrow, S, Lomborn, J. Weinbrecht, J. Team Coptoins, Jerry Truesdale and Bruce Whitaker, receive instruction from coach George McGovern. 156 enmeyer J. Truesdole, n Mike Johnson stacks up his Great Bridge opponent. COX MATME WI D-UP SEASON WITH A IO-3 RECORD RSITY WRESTLING TEAM Front Row: B. Coleman, W. Coleman, J. Stott, G. Beatsonp Back Row: D. Tew, J. West, M. Johnson, M. Murphey, Morgan, B. Whitaker, A. Newton, P. LeClaire. 1. Pete LeClaire pins his Wilson opponent as "Doc" watches anxiously. Jerry Truesdale rides his Deep Creek opponent in a key match. Coleman rides his opponent in the night's opening match. Alex Newton stacks up another opponent BRUCE WHITAKER PLACES FIRST IN STATE TOURNAMENT lO-3 season record . . . place of 5th in Eastern District Tournament . . . four boys to State Meet at Norfolk Arena . . . Bruce Whitaker lst place State Champion . . . Jerry Truesdale, Chip Morgan, Mike Murphey - achieve- ments in District Tournament . . . first year as head coach for Mr. McGovern . . . hard, long practices . . . worthwhile efforts of a winning team . . . Varsity Wrestling. Bruce Whitaker, Mike Murphey, Chip Mor- gan, and Jerry Truesdale represent Cox at the State Meet. ruce Whitaker calmly pins another opponent. 159 JV GRAPPLER SHOW PROMISE FOR FUTURE SEASONS Jack Jondrow tries to put a pinning combination on his opponent. JV WRESTLING Front Row: S. Smith, G. Todd, S. Lomborn, K. R. Dodson, F. Priest, T. Woodruff, B. Smith, R. DeLooch, R. Reed Brunnenmyer, P. Strifflerg Second Row: G. Lyons, S. Gossmon, J. Wein- breck, P. W. Myers, J. Johndrow, H. Pfingst, L. Newark, Back Row: 160 The Junior Varsity Heavyweight, Rex Reed, pins another opponent. Joe Smith, 165 pound weight class, struggles to maintain his position i6l BACKED BY Fouiz RETURNING LETTERMEN ! THE GOLF TEAM ANTICIPATES A STRONG SHOWING ' a new varsity competition sport . . . different courses and ob- stacles . . . "Fore!" . . . individual skill required . . . trying to lower their averages . . . a "swinging" game . . . personal challenge . . . team success . . . the '67 Golf Team. GOLF J. Ellis, J. Burlage, T. Pitkins, B. Calfee. Bill Calfee, an outstanding golfer, tees off. GOLF TEAM, Front Row: C. Summerlin, J. Dickerson, J. Ellis, Back Row: B. Calfee, J. Burlage, Pitkins, S. Wheeler. l62 2 S: P. Devlin, T. Kiernen, W. Weirich, N. Randazzo. ike Taylor, Rick Binder, and Brion Magoon represent the team at e state meet. l63 B E-- TRACK TEAM Front Row: Coach Kiesier, S. Rhodes, B. Magoon, T. Day, Second Row: E. Boudreaux, J. Binder, M. Taylor, Third Row: J. Dalia, C. Summerlin, S. Doyle, B. Roderick, Back Row: B. Rubendoll, DOGR TRACK SENDS THREE TO STATE Cox 68 .. . First Colonial 45 P.A. 75W , , ....... Cox 42M Wilson 73 . .. ... Cox 40 U DER THE AUSPICES O TWO NEW COACHES, COX CINDERME EXCEL IN '67 Mr. Kiester and Mr. McGovern couch this year's track team. Left to Right Front Row: B. Smith, C. Williams, G. Beotson, S. Rhodes, J. Austin, M. Taylor, M. Binder, H. Pfingst, E. Boudreoux. Second Row: M. Mathews, D. Doyle, A. Sollenger, M. Johnson, T. Kierrn,on, K. Sud- deth, J. Dalia, S. Anderson, J. Hall. Third Row: T. Priest, J. Dalio, N. Cheeley. Fourth Row: Cliff Stevenson, P. Devlin, J. Peterson. Fifth Row: R. McClintock, M. Sullivan, G. Treadwell. Sixth Row: D. Mans, B. Mc land, J. McElveen. Seventh Row: J. Doyle, B. Moy, B. Bowden. Eig Row: N. Day, R. Reid, S. Lomborn, B. Magoon, R. Reid, C. Summer B. Lucas. Back Row: L. Newark, D. Rosey, J. Doyle, S. Armstrong, Delaney, D. Rioy, A. Boyd, D. Smith. DI . '--if A high jumper attempts to clear the 5 foot mark. .. s .X A.. Steve Doyle, o weightman, prepares to release the discus. the sound ofa gun . . . start of another series of events , . . dashes, mile runs, relays, shot put, discus throw, pole vaulting, high jump, broad jump, hurdles . . . Indoor Track Meet . . . Cross-Country . . . a circle of asphalt challenges . . . perseverance pays off . . . the final effort of physical en- durance . . . Cox Track Team. ..,',,, , ts s. , .1 . Rick Binder strains to improve his hurdling form 165 QQ? is Hardthrowing right-hander Jim Cherwa returns this year as ace of the Falcon pitching staff. Knowing how is an important part of playing the infield as Coach Lyons educates a young, learning ballteam. Jack Beasley darts to his right in order to move under a sharp, sinking line drive 166 David Tew seems to have taken too much time on the basepaths as he slides into the lag at third base. if 5 FI E LETTERME RETUR AFTER SUCCESSFUL '66 SEASO start practice in rainy weather . . . two capable pitchers for this season . . . strong outfield . . . new batting aver- ages . . . leadership of Coach Lyons . . . spring season with hopeful outlook tor Varsity Falcons. nt Row: J. Knight, R. Chellis, J. Beasley, B. Allen, M. Weirich, T. Day, N. Randazzo, B. Cashman, D. Greenwood: Back w: B. Striffler, mgr., K. Brunnenmeyer, D. Hill, S. Stubbs, J. Cherwa, D. Parkinson, P. Striftler, D. Tew, S. Wohler, W. eirich, V. Sutton, mgr., Coach Patrick Lyons. I67 y L 1 1 lvl! ,xg Cotcher Don Parkinson lifts his face mask to determine the direction of a pop foul ball. L on l i 1 g lxilt' I g Y 1 I' xx els Jack Beasley lays o bunt dawn the third base line in order to move up FUDOEYS. . 1 X sp' Y ' IQ., F, F V X '. A Y. Kulxkrl' "-KW X XXX fi.'.15'xk"fix'wiv"X"fl'1 frixx K:5N'w'.'- ' , . ,N gk ,yin ji jc Xgyr ix yr a , K X Y X X1 sw sk .KRR-Q N YN1QY1 . Qjalf t'ffIc'Sfl sc QNXCH '-XUYH Yjw TEX Y-KxKfyN' my f'W1'Q'! 'i ., 1l,x-'Mxxgp,rw1x i -. 2 -.f-. W, 1 N ., ', . ' - ' Xl KX. Xvxgx .X Wx 5, K ' N- .W.KX',EVXtx"xx.QxrkfNX' ' 3 N' ' X' ' K X if NY JQNE"KIe 'iv X '1' if x ' I Steve Wohler moves in on a ground ball, while on anxious left fielder awaits the putout. l68 AR .4. A JV BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: F. Gupton, B. Shannon, P. Striffler, B. Sattlewhiteg Second Row: R. Stone, A. Brown, P. Payne, R. Taylor, Third Row: C. Wilson, K. Baucom, R. Boucom, R. Dinkins, Fourth Row: G. Echart, B. Respass, C. Bow- an, G. Shaw, Back Row: Coach Hendrix, A. Ross, N. Green, J. Smith. hurler Pee Wee Payne heads pitching duties for this baby Falcon edition. great enthusiasm shown by young Fal- cons . . . Coach Hendrix trying to shape future varsity material . . . boys with potential seen in JV Baseball. COX'S FLEDGLINGS WORK TOWARD FUTURE PERFECTION 169 Chuck Collins follows through with a back-hand motion. Sean Kelly scoops to return o play. 170 Stretching to reach the ball, Som Rhodes completes the volley new tennis courts . . . fast moving sport . . serve, return, return . . . singles and . . . back-hand, over-hand, various techn . . . hard work and practices . . . Mr. Lurr - coach for second season . . . prom players and hopeful outlook of Cox T4 Team. TENNIS TEAM IS BUSY THIS YEAR IN ATTEMPTS TO PLACE HIGH IN DISTRICT PLAY ENNIS TEAM Front Row: P. Flughom, L. Mace, A. Owens, J. cLaneg Second Row: S. Whatson, C. Cooper, P. Mang, S. Kelly, . Springler, B. Mace, Beck Row: Mr. Lumpkin, Coach, R. Drennon, . Broulik, S. Rhodes, C. Collins. HOCKEY TEAM Front Row: J. Meods, P. Hackworth, P. Husk, D. Lewis, C. Lewis, M. Proctor, M. Stone, S. Wilson, Back Row: D. Keegan, J. Richardson, M. Crawling, Second Row: J. Hudson, K. Motley, T. Hardwick, K. Sciortino, D. Stone, P. Morris. HOCKEY TEAM COMPLETES SECOND U DEFEATED Kathy Sciortino leads forward line for another goal. SEASON pass . . . dribble . . . run . tackle . . . scoop . . . dodge . . . "sticks!" . . . run . . . harder . . . bully . . . goal! . . . undefeated team . . . nine girls on District teams . . . short corner . . . long corner . . . roll-in . . . foul . . . rules that require understanding plus a definite skill . . . frozen hands and feet after practice . . . physical endurance and a desire to win . . . a team to be proud of . . . Cox's Girl's Hockey Team. INTRAMURALS PROVIDE A CHANCE FDR INDIVIDUAL ATHLETIC PERFECT ION after-school practices . . . mus- cle strain . . . covers all sports . . . class competition . . . open to all students . . . sportsmanship . . . a practice for perfection . . . an opportunity to develope a natural talent . . . from amateurs to athletes . . . interest intro- duced in intramurals. Babe Cornelliusen believes in the powers of positive thinking Mr. George demonstrates a lay-up shot for one of his classes. - :.'-arg? L fs,--... I .,, Debbie Stone goes in to recover the ball and win another hockey game for Cox. I73 , . 3 S -fs ing X-:Y is adm 'E Kai' .p-"""' 'F' ff? ,ki 'Mas ,J JV CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: M. Woody, K. Coker, D. Derrick, co-capt., C. Simmons, co-capt., J. Hawkins, K. Johnson. CHEERLEADERS INSPIRE E THUSIASM IN TEAMS A D STUDENTS .-'J , - ,- g ' K r x , X , 1' . x f X.-J p -4. xx X I X X J NU 5, A N V 'N In ,A x -I J '. cv xi- .- ' H, ' -V , A ' , . mf x ' , ,X "1 X- . . A xi, 1 , -. - Rx. X by Y fx -sf- I . ri. f C .jgxx I: T 'ENX Xa., MKTJXKQXE 1 - - cv' H., " X ' . 1 A f' w xr , -X - s :- ,1 A N X , , Xi' :T ,' N ,X ff-- .,.. z Q E , az' 'Q XD-X. ,X NY, x X-L, X , 1. v. -. 4. N, 1 V X. Pwor X so . N.. . iw N T , 'sg'-X' T , " ' f' ' V' X ' DY-Q ' Y fx- ,, 'Hx .. ' . , ' '- , D X-.N A 'X ,gl -.WX ,ffm Y' N?" -. .. 'W i T . K. ,f , T XX- 'xggxxh' N'-'SK A X V X ' A X . Lx CM -f M f. MV: 5 x , ' . ' jmsf ' J ,. 4 fy 7 g-sjf . if' ' 1,1 -Qs' 1., i 'YS "-V' . is A 3 X-RQ,-A Y. Varsity squad discusses cheers for upcoming game. Rf " X ,fx M -" 'y Ns, . " . A A rg.-" AK KX X , ' N-,X X. ,S mr- S " X ' ,- ' , X .., . x . V ' X A 1 S' X ,'-ifx-, ff R,-X -'F l-1 K 1,-X 5. Effie ' Q-.1 lc- f O J hx'-, ' 1" ' 4 f T fjxx ,' . A N'-. ff? X 1 LJ. . X X xv' A '- A' 'L-" -X .. 175 boots, earmuffs, green sweaters and white skirts . . . seen at half- time of football games . . . about seventy spirited girls marching in support of the FALCONS . . . long summer practices pay off . . . traditional before-game peal . . . great sponsor . . . marching at the Oyster Bowl . . . pom pom squad dancing at basketball games . . . co-ordination with the band . . . girls proud enough of Cox to drill and support school spirit . . . the work and rewards of a Kestrel. .ser il'- OFFICERS L. Hague, co-capt., P. Cox, capt ,ai POM POM TEAM Front Row: R. O'Berry, J. McFarland, Back Row: P. Rivard, M. Faas, L, Robertson, P. Edenton Horton, E. King, T. Garred, D. Tobin, C. Thompson, P. Behrens, D. Stone, B. Byrd, S. Brauderick. 176 Pom Pom Team promotes spirit during the basketball games. KE TREL PROVIDE HALFTIME E TERTAINME T AT GAMES f Sid?-1.1 if GJEQHH5. 'F1QPrSSfl3f izlfljliifif 1551 'liQ4EQnSfRQ Fiehdi ER1 Rolienson, J. wkhqrd, D. Joy, 's. wiisonf ' lossy Fifth Row: I. Pavey, E. King, S. Brouderick, J. McFarland, Cindy 177 COXMEN Front Row: T. Moore, B. Waters, B. Brimson, R. Miller C. Thompson, M. Johnson, J. Snyder, D. Moore, D. McKean, Rl Patterson, D. Brunemeyerg Second Row: l.. Riggs, P. Haggerty, S. unmistakable green blazers . . . loud, deep voices . . . promote spirit and good sportsmanship . . . sell programs and pep rib- bons . . , pep bus to away games . . . two new peppy mascots to inspire spirit . . . got the school spirit committee out of debt for the first time . . . show colors at basketball games . . . supporting Cox by being a Coxman. I78 Williams, P. Scappini, F. Priest, J. Fields, J, Elliott Back Row: R. Bridwell, D. Frazier, R. Asams, M England, W. Chandler, C. Summerlin, D. Tucker. Coxmen cheer at a home basketball game. PEP CLUB Front Row: S. Ferguson, pres.: Second D. Wood, A. Cherryman K Hostetler M Linde Row: P. Metz, C. Whitmer, vice pres., Third Row: man, Back Row L Lumsden G Humphries N P. Sanderlin, M. Simmons, G. Hannah, Fourth Row: Gray, L. Carawan D Dahlia A Monahan female equivalent of Coxmen . . . make posters for all games . . . decorate home and away goal posts before football games . . . new uniforms that mean SPIRIT in bright gold . . . enthusiasm . . . support all athletic events and display the hopes for victory . . . Pep meaning win shown by the Pep Club. PEP CLUB AND COXMEN COMBINE TO CHEER TEAMS ON TO VICTORY I79 - , ,J l""x nk ,rx s, p-an .gina Q...-Q. J .4-fm..-5: . gffa. 1 gg., 3. gs ' ' ' ' Lf. -31.--'.l',j'L.j at Y .' '- I 7'-..L..5 ' .r .5 . Y , f. .ly - if . , Q Y 1 a Q. 15,3-5 .5 ffffxb' tif!-Y , fy .-2' su' 'y ' f-gfif - ..-ei .., ' . gf? , X A ' ,, xi . -R ,. r -' L, ,st -,7 3 A 1 - J .1 "1 J gn! xl .i , cj jj X 'J fi Q 'Yi' ' 'ffl 53:6 X X f"-i l X - ,Q Y 1 ,- .X t , Y .V .jx ,fl l Aw ,X X1 ' aff x, ' -. Y . .. V K L- ' .v A M, K1 35 Ly ! x4 f r YW. V , ,,i t gg cp, . Q5 kj ffl J' rag lj -vf g..' .K A : 4- V I. .X as . N , PM? X ! v tl M4 -Q, "2 . is 3 M, - - VN- ...,. , 'V '-.J W V. 4 .-x 1 fr -rr W-.J Q Vw, Q 1 'Mj'j"'7" ,fix fp i ' . ---f f l '51, . , .Pf U, 'Q.w- F1 ,' gl - ,.-'-:-'fx--- .L H U . W 75,4-,, .k nj Af- 53.1 ggi: X A, of 4 xo! y 2 f-,. ,. I ' ' "ff: -. ,, e f 7 ' -I I 3 ff J 'w l-:Q . 'Q ' -, N-fe' f.,-3 m N4 V1 fs' P Q "R it 'V' .WH .f XJ Ei 'W of cf ,if vs- ,SN-RQ2 Hs ' -new U- 1,1 NN ,jx ,X , , .X N-. Alf- . li A if ' z L: xg' "-, ,--af -v ,. 1 J , Y H' ' ' xkf Y 4 ll , .ki 1-Y. f - X A -35 ,X ,-- cv, a, mx ,Y P ., .. 1 SB fri, xc, . ,V-. - : ,4',,,,,, x S.. -A,,,.-:gi-aw ' ' 'Q i J arf---,. 1 ,mf -Y' 1 -was 1. Q xx 'lv ,f. XJ' STUDENT LIFE month after month the passing year bringing its activities. our plans and preparations realized the many special events occuring throughout the year the warm light and glow of Student Life. l8l 'x "when everything is new again . . . Senior SEPTEMBER BEGINS ANOTHER YEAR "good grief, . . . too hot to be in school!" . . . "the portable buildings oir-condi- tioned!" . . . rush, excitement, orienta- tion back to the old grind . . . the month homeroom weird . . . first football game -we won! . . . pep rally, class func- tions, . . . new and different activities . . . an assembly to initiate those un- familiar . . . a year of studies, clubs, sports and Cox High School . . . in Sep- temberl The students follow a straight and narrow path. The Kestrels help create an enjoyable half-time while accompanied by the Cox High Band 182 - :rm 'N' +.s,a"" Nu. uni' it ig: ' -s:'w'L- , Q 4 Q A i E x 'V' X . X' x 3 2 S' Qgx " i QQ 1 X .. -9, A i f if-1 - w v - x Q Y Q1 4-m.,,, swam.,- KJ? f xx N. m :gf f xx-L x vi .,. is 'U 'i ' .xgf it E pX'f'igwf: Y 1 xx 'em K. ,Q V, ' ' x Nf'f'7'b'f1 - 5..QfE-,rx - W FIX Q ix '- 1 '53, f Q 'N . . A . xp,-xg QA Q . - -X ww X QQ. wil. , x w f' -. X' ' Q 1,32 :mfs-flvgg 3' X X if: ' k . ' A - . 1 fwwv, , f x . Q 5 gf Y V 4 kk Q ,F 1 iii 9' -:T 11 Q PX gs-L W 3 x . J M AX ' XX xx ' ' v. - A s -'fl 5? ,ai 4 -nm , fl v J.. . + c Sf 'K WQE gr ' I A . X fx, ,, X X SQ? r ,,k:6fq'1-, A , X A xl H "r LGS? U Fir- A CF lk -X I X5 , ' X 'A-- L f'!H' S , fixlugx . il P ix Y- vw ,' ,- 1 W ii? v ' N----- "af . N M14 . a px :fir ,,,. rg, 1 . x s W .NA n '- 1 3 N kg Q' if 1 f 5? l .awww I tk X XW I K 2 T' A fix E. 5 N U .Nd , f s s 'S gan C wf sf' , TQ? . ,A A K' , f fv 'J Q' A w .fwQ1f ,faiagg :ADQ 2'?j 39f59igX Q get ,,.: ' W4 HQQMAI QQ M s if Q kj I .i,,..,5 ,ff z"' Mzffx ,...x,Q K .5 K kfyxr, . Vw . ,, , , .k X 5, A x .Q x 9. is s - I., Hotdogs and hamburgers make a universal meal. TUDE T LIFE SETTLES TO THE RGUTI E And here begins another nourishing lunch. fl Mag's Hogs conduct the Magazine Pep Rally with rousing cheers like SELL. the leaves - turn, fall from the trees. . .the air- brisk and chil- ly . . . school -a routine but not al' Cox . . . Parent's Night - par- ents thru the paces . . . an inter- est in state's affairs shown in the mock election. Performers anxiously await curtain call. Das Bier ist gut! The German Club's songs add variety to the Jr. Class Talent Show Mr. Cooper conducts the Band in a concert for parents and students. l87 Over the Thanksgiving holidays, the SCA sponsors a march supporting the American men fighting for freedom Hockey team shows exuberance after winning a game. 188 9 - Q vswvsg Q Y f L N. fi? K K nf, Wi ,ggi 'QQ' vip' hm . ' wi WL S S' . , ff' ag- - wx , X ilk 0 :SX ,if K X, A r xi V , 1 eg-,Lug - :sri X X i L x 1 Q - -'N nf Q-, . W .55 X xx . -X x Q WW M Q AI' .wx ..,. .x x x "Ta- 351 We .,', in X 'Nhwl.N K' sd' ways! Seniors show theatrical abilities in "The Skin of Our Teeth." Tony Elder as Sabina shows her wrath. Class of 1967 presents . . . "Skin of Our Teeth" . . . December 2 and 3 . . . acclaimed a success . . . a typical family in a typical city which is typically American - the Antrobuses with their un- forgetable maid - Lily Sabina . . . life before the Ice Age? . . . a vacation in Atlantic City . . . look out! The Great Flood . . . all this plus a cast of father, mother, sister, brother, maid, fortune teller, three nurses, tele- gram boy, the judge, and dino- saur . . . the Senior Class Play. DECEMBER VACATION ENDS YEAR' LAB R , l Our policeman guard at the dance takes a break from Students display Cliristmas spirit at the Key Club's annual Holly Wreath Ball. protecting the crowd. SCA sponsors Teenage Christmas Drive to help underprivileged youths. l9l GRADUATIGN GROWS NEARER WITH THE END OF l966 winter . . . and last month before g vacation . . . college boards and the Senior Class Play . . . basket- ball season with school spirit re- newed by Spirit Week . . . then the much-awaited Holly Wreath Ball . . . beginning of wrestling and completion of the successful Teenage Christmas Drive . . . all in the month of December. Hi-Y sells student directories in December and January. Alumni speak to college-bound students about their experiences at college. ' l92 First flurries bring hope for later snow days. Enthusiastic students add another link to the pep chain. Painting the mat can prove to be a tedious task for Cox wrestlers January . . . still cold with occasional snow appearing . . . the first month . . . a new year . . . a new semester . . . basketball games and wrestling match- es . . . a first this year - Seniors pick superlatives . . . leadership conference . . . SCA activities . . . all part of the active month of January. Every moming students flock to 301 for their early release passes. EWSPAPER SPCNSGRS SENIOR SU PERLATIVES 5 P , Q S Q l 5 S Q l Q l Q S g. if K S Q X is M in E "l can't see your lunch either, but l sure can smell it!" Director of Student Activities, Jerry Deviney, finds an unusual moment for relaxation in a usually hectic day. 194 February . . . shortest month of the school calendar . . . yet activ- ities never cease . , . Cox student life not dull . . . final matches and games with the last sock hop . . . "Sweetheart Swing," the Valentine Dance - one of the main events of February. All education is not found in the classroom. For the first year, Seniors choose their superlatives. 195 Edgar Cayce speaks to Cox student body on ESP. VALENTINES DANCE I THE FEBRUARY SPGTLIGHT s Mr. Barbour defiantly guards the girls' dressing room. Bob Bridwell helps Cox clubs in community drive for the March of Dimes. E John Knight exerts maximum effort for Falcons. Marcia Bartusiak competes for the WGH Scholarship Award. Junior Class sponsors dance after the Cox-Granby wrestling match. hifi' 197 LEADERS FOR '68 ARE CHOSEN IN MARCH ELECTIONS a hint of Spring, perhaps light rain showers . . . an early Easter vacation and the month of March -- frantic forces of the Faculty Follies . . . long-awaited status of class rings at annual RING DANCE . . . information for future pursuits at Career Night . . . Key Club-sponsored Variety Show . . . College Boards, assemblies, beginnings of base- ball,Cox activities during March. Kappa Omicron Hi-Y defeats the Key Club, 44-36, in the annual fund raising basketball game. This is only one of many feats done by able gymnasts. 198 - -s. fy fa .P 5 '5 ' 6, :nw fr M w Annual staff deliberates on captions for the Talon. ,...-... Coach Lumpkin demonstrates his own unique form. 3 B s egg, 'x ! GAA displays culinary talent in pizza-making Sometimes beginning gymnosts need more than o helping hand. The Covolier becomes o Treasure Island for the Junior Closs Ring Dance 200 Mr. Garre ton with friend cas SPRING BRINGS EAGERNESS AND IMPATIENCE FOR THE CLOSE OF THE SCHOOL YEAR x -2g1::N-'A.Q.ff- 'A mgg..-,.-- 1,7 1 -.. -,N..-.X5' MSRP? 5WiP .. f.w--- .WT - mme- -R -Mw-MWr,ws,X r-wrsf-f -:J-1':,.XggM A X FR 2 R: 'Fw-?:ia',,3Pu XX Q M-T , r Q A-.NN 5 gum. - wx - x .-:WA 1,..g:'-ffm-gym.-:.w.. -R2 qi x ' H Q Y -X QQWQ K Q- wg 1 1 . f -- , Q A - ' - Af'-ff "Ve '1 - , if" S3 " if R- Q3 t Q-:L y n ,,,, N:2.:3..1,r - ' fi A ?fSiiX"fw3 -,1l:lgf:f'9" xi-357-fl i f 1 - gmg. ty, my -335 : W- Y ikl Q , Mx .. Y, fx: . wg': ,,,,, ,4 f u v N L 4 ,. - W X ., K ADVERTISING the community in which we live-our aspirations supported. work and play the backing necessary for a success given to us business firms, stores and patrons supporting this book. 203 For all your pharmacy needs go to MAHAN'S PHARMACY in the Lynnhaven Colony Shop- ping Center. Mahan's' also carries a fine line of magazines and household items, and they have a snack bar for your convenience and enjoyment. For further information phone them at 464-23Ol. MAHAN'S SUPPLIES ALL YOUR DRUG NEEDS Rune Zllall Shops for the Ladies and their Daughters I. ' 'Q4 ,V if f " 1 i, , x,I,l 'si Q R HL SEHK' Q Q f: in ' - , cmcA 1126 204 FLOWERS HERBERT HARRELL FLORIST PRICE'S - APPLIANCES ' STEREO - TELEVISION FINCH MASSEN BU RG CARPETS 343I N MILITARY HIGHWAY "Quality Footwear Since l885" is the slogan of many HOFHEIMER'S shoe stores in Tide- water -- Norfolk, Wards Corner, Janaf Shop- ping Center, Princess Anne Plaza, Virginia Beach and Pembroke Moll. How can you tell a Hofheimer's shoe? Try it on, only your feet know for sure. KELLAM - EATON INSURANCE CO. For capable insurance agents and complete attention to your individual needs visit KEL- LAM-EATON INSURANCE COMPANY at 3lll Pacific Avenue, Virginia Beach. "TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU" 2 THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT . DOWNTOWN 0 WARDS CORNER 0 JANAF PRINCESS ANNE PLAZA FASHIONS FOR THE FAMILY OCEAN PARK MARKET Fon AFTER SCHOOL sNAcKs 37so Sh D v gn B h SPORTSMAN'S SHOP OUTFITS THE COX HIGH FALCONS The best quality and an excellent variety can be found in all the name brands at ALEX- ANDER BEEGLE ith t o I t' t r w w oca :ons o se ve you at 207 Laskin Road and Pembroke Mall. ALEXANDER BEEGLE JUDY ANDRASSY REALITY INC. 1035 L kin Road Phone 4288800 SALES 8- RENTALS OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK MONDAY THRU SUNDAY 207 WIIQWW With a heritage that reaches back to I890, WILLIS WAYSIDE not only main- tains the outward appearance of tradi- tion, but also upholds a well-deserved reputation for furnishing homes in the Tidewater area with the finest furniture, carpets, household accessories, and ad- vice on interior decoration. E. RAY HOWELL NAPOLEAN'S LTD. OPTICIAN 974 Luskin Road Phone 428-3206 for o full line of quality clothing 970 Luskin Road Phone 428-7180 VERY BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND MEMORABLE SCHOOL YEAR VIRGINIA BEACH FLORIST JACK BROTHERS 933 LASKIN ROAD Fon Quick SERVICE TRY MURDEN'S DRUG STORE MURDEN'S DRUG STORE at 2264 Virginia Beach Boulevard in London Bridge offers com- plete prescription service plus a large selec- tion of household needs and school supplies. Phone them at 340-8I I l. CURTIS MARKS VIRGINIA BEACH 1f""'-.. 1" QF' Q05 Fmouaws GIFT sl-lor I 'I' 0 X 2202 ATLANTIC AVENUE S X VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA 1 4 N Q' I X Phone 42 6351 X 1 I GIFTS FOR ALL8 OCCASIONS ,ll Ml COMPLIMENTS OF VIRGINIA MODEL CAR BUY YOUR HOME FROM BYLER REALTY CORPORATION BEST w1sHEs FROM LONDCN BRIDGE BUSINESSMEN'S ASSCC. JOHN SEN'I'ER'S TV PATRONS 3014 Virginia Beach Blvd. FEw,s AUTO SERVICE Pm' 3404444 mzmsns GULF STATION ADMI RAL RCA DUMONT PINE TREE INN 209 to the G5 graduating class if Q? W if 1+ A' QQ Wlth 5355? Q Sag TTLED UNDER AUTHU DCA-COLA COMPANY BY N0 . 210 COMPLIMENTS OF HAYN ES FURNITURE COMPANY GRANBY 8- MAIN COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARD G. BRYDGES THOMAS C. BROYLES JAMES R. MCKENRY SHOP AT SULLIVAN'S FOR THE LATEST IN MEN'S FASHION SULLlVAN'S serves the discriminating deni- zens of this auspicious area the Virginia va- riety of casual clothes that people prefer. Ties with taste, slacks and shirts with style and suits for all occasions occupy the shelves of SULLlVAN'S. For a vivacious variety in hand- some haberdashery see SULLIVAN'S. Nonrouc, vA. EVELYN BOWEN FLORIST 7l3 FIRST co1.oNiAi. Row 42a-0245 BAYSIDE PHARMACY IS DEDICATED TO SERVING 2II THE HEALTH NEEDS OF THE COMMUNITY 0 COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 0 CONVALESCENT 8. MEDICAL SUPPLIES 0 FREE PRESCRIPTION PICK-UP 8: DELIVERY Hl1Si!fH -T-"" 1-.-'l-l..PHARMACY -I L COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY EAGLETON CO. ART AND DRAFTING SUPPLIES I I I i i I BUILD WITH C 8. 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In the main office, portraits and special photo- graphs stand in cases or fill the shelves as testimonies to the skill and technique of.the photographer. Behind an unseen door lies the precious equipment which trans- forms talent, experience, and ac- curacy into the final masterpiece. In plain facts, 340-7752 is the number to call. West 21st Street in Norfolk or at Pembroke Mall is the place to go for the biggest, newest, best- equipped studio in the area. MCINTOSH STUDIO i ,, W , 213 SEE VIRGINIA CAROLINA MILL OUTLET FOR ALL YOUR SEWING NEEDS 6353 B INDIAN RIVER ROAD 420-2922 COMPLIMENTS OF HAMPTON ROADS CIGAR COMPANY 4 ALLI E 81 BILLS STOP-IN AT ROBBINS CORNER LUNCH BURGERS ORDERS TO G0 SEE W 464-4707 WEBSTER'S EBSTER'S NEW IN-CROWD STYLES AT 302 LASKIN ROAD VIRGINIA BEACH 428-8220 COX STUDENTS BUY JEWELRY FROM FRANK R. FORD 'F' lx ,f w' ' -1 M M ' QU5' fl 552639 Q0 fy V ,UWM 0 WO ' or' NQWVW, Ji if .U Kay Ak Cfv, diplf 'iw Q' PM W we I XQ C V U' Q52 I n -' . all lvl if 4 if Efbf lf if WL 'iw Lf ' A f U' 4 . UIQ? 7 ffvljhf f lvk l L U! 0 ,ol ,NM CHARLES MOTLEY - DOUGLAS DIVERS The Most Distinguished Name in School and College Jewelry GUARANTEE OF Prf tStft U hdQ lty D h gStyl C pl S ty 215 SMITH 8. HOLLAND SURF SHOP QUALITY CUSTOM HOBIE SURFBOARDS 204 22nd STREET VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. 428-85I3 FIRESIDE NEWS 8. BOOK SHOP 208 LASKIN ROAD VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. SEE THE TREMENDOUS SELECTION IN PAPERBACK EDITIONS ALWAYS FIRST QUNIY COMP'-'MENT5 OF EMMETT SKINNER COMPLIMENTS OF ZALES JEWELERS DeHart HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 2306 VA. BEACH BLVD. ' LONDON BRIDGE VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. 23454 PHONE 340-8300 FABRIC MART ONE STOP SEW SHOP 4736 VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD. VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA PHONE 497-8568 2I6 THE 'I967 TALON STAFF WISHES TO EXPRESS ITS GRATITUDE TO THE ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS FOR THEIR WHOLEHEARTED SUPPORT OF TH IS YEAR'S EN DEAVOR 217 I DEX sENloRs Ackerman, Cathy-Sigma Chl Sigma Y-Teens 1- 37,04,05,130. Adkins, Joan-Art Club 5, Chorus 5, Y-Teens 3- 37. Adkisson, John-37,lO0,103,110,115,116,l27. Albertson, Ricky-SCA Rep 4-37,105,125. Alexander, Hugh-Art Club 1,2, SCA Rep 2, Fine Arts Club 1, Lat Club, Key Club lAi7,1l7,123,126. Allen, Gail-37. Ansell, Pam-Cox: Lib Asst 3,4, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Art Club 1-Other: Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 4-37, l22,I39. Anthony, Margaret-Band 2,3,4,5, FBLA 1-37,125. Anthony, Mary-FBLA 1-37,125. Athey, Susannah-Span Hon Soc 2, pres I, Chess Club sec-treas 2,3, v-pres 1-Awards: Cox Scholas Team 1,2,3-37 103,1l2,ll5,138. Austin, John-Football 3,4,5, Cross-Country l,2, Letter, Monogram Club 1-37,119. Ayers, Connie. Bailey, Maureen-SCA Rep 1,2,3,4, Fresh Class Treas 4, Soph Class Sec 3, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y l,2. Sigma Chi Sigma Y- eens 2, Homecoming co-chair l, ICC treas 1-Awards: Homecoming Court 1-37,101,102,l10. Bairdain, William. Baker, Jean-FTA 1,2,4, Span Club 3A57,103,135. Borden, Terry-37. Bartield, Marsha-Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1. Barnett, Tony. Barr, Elizabeth-38. Bartusialc, Marcia-38,l0O,102,103,114. Beasley, Louis--Band 3, Letter-38. Blog, Mike-Other: Basketball 3, Volleyball 3. Bin er, Rick-Football 4, Baseball 3 Guid Comm 3, Indoor Track l,2, Outdoor Track l,2, Cross Coun- try 1-38,137. Black, Ken-Cox: Football 1, Basketball I, Other: Class Play 4, Football 2,3,4, Letter, Basketball 2,3, 4, Letter, Capt 4, Baseball 2,3,4, Capt 4, Soph Class Treas 3, Jr. Class Treas 2, Lat Club 2,3-- 38,144,150. Blain, Martha-GAA 1,2-118. Blowe, Robert-Football 3--38. Blum, Charles-Wrestling 3,4, Basketball-4-38. Bolling, Dwight-Wrestling 2,3, SCA Rep 1-38. Bond, Art-38. Bonney, John. Bosserman, P2995'-Guid Comm 2,3, Fr Club 3, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, Chap 3, Talon 1- 38,110,130. Boudreaux, Ed-Science Club Sec S, Football l,2,3, 4,5, Talon 1, Sr. Class Play 1-38,1l0,144. Boyd, Robin--Cox: FBLAB, GAA 3-38,12S,128. . Boykin, Sheryl-Kestrels l,2, Theta Chi Sigma Tri- Hi-Y 1,2-39,177. Bozard, Fred-Football 3-39. Bradshaw, Bob-Key Club 2, Guid Comm 2, Sr Class Play I-39,126. Branson, Pat-Pep Club 3, Amicitia Y-Teens 1, treas 2, GAA l-39,118,129. Brantley, Allen-Awards: Certificate of Achievement, Workshop49. Bridwell, Bob-Steering Comm 4,5, Coxmen 2,3,4, Key Club 1, pres 2, treas 3,4, SCA Comm Chair 2,3, ICC Comm Chair 2,3, Domestic Exchange 2, SCA Exec Council I, .Elections Chair 1, Gymnastics Team 1,2, Awards: Boy's State Alt. Delegate, Sr of the Month-39,l00,l20,126,178. Brinn, George-104. Britt, Wade-39. Broughtton, Barbara-39. Broulik, Bruce-Tennis Team l,2, Science Club 1, Monogram Club I-39,119. Brown, David-Kapga Omicron Chi Hi-Y 2, v-pres 3,4, SCA Rep 2,3, I C Rep 2, Lat Club 4, Wrestling 4,5, Basketball 3,4,5, Baseball 4,5, Soccer 5-39. Brown Kolleen-SCA Rep 4, Keyettes 1-39. Brown, James. Brown, Paulim?39. Bryan, Wayne-Band 2,3,4,5. Buchanan, Larry-40, 104,126. Bunch, Dirk-Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y 1,2,3,4. Bunn, Ceretra. Burton, Charlotte--SCA Rep 4,5, FBLA Sec I- 4O,125. Colo, Marsha-Keyettes 1, Guid Comm 1-128. Calfee, Bill-Basketball 1,2,3,4, Letter, Golf l,2,3, 4, Letter, Monogram Club 1,2,3,4, Key Club l,2,3, Sr Class V-pres 1, ICC Exec Council 1, Inter-Club Council 1-40, 100, lD2,119,127,l50. Cameron, Alex. Carlberg, Dean-Fine Arts Club 1, v-pres 2, sgt at arms, Key Club 1, Science Club 1-40,126. Coton Candy-Gym Team 3, Sigma Chi Sigma Tri- Hi-Y Q, CMA 1, Pep Club 2-40,124. Catrambone, Linda-FBLA 2, DE 1-40. Cave, Cindy-Fr Club 5, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 1, v-pres 2 v-pres 3,4, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2, Zee SCA Chap 2, SCA Exec Council l,2, Homecoming omm. Chair I Pep Club 1, Talent Show 2,3, Sr Class Play 1, Spring Musical 3, Domestic Exchange 2, Natl Thesbians 1, ICC l,2, Awards: All Star Hockey Team 3, Forensic Meet 4-40,l00,102,l03,134. Cerville, Ramona-Glee Club 5, Fr Club 3,4-104. Chancey, Judy-Cox: Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 2, ICC Rep 2, Pen Club 7 P'-" F"-"P ' " "tv Cheerleader 1, Other: Paper Stott 4, Span Club 4, JV Cneeneaaer S+.u,....,.1-.. Chandler, Wiley-Spring Musical 2,3, Sr Class Play 1 Talent Show 1, Coxmen 1-40,178. Chapman, Ed-Awards: Workshop Award-40. Chellis, Bob-Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football l2,3, Foot- ball l,2,3, Monogram Club l,2, Steering Comm 5- 41,119,144 Cherwa, James-Baseball l,2, Letter, Monogram Club 1-4l,119. Clark, Diane-FBLA 2, GAA 3, Glee Club 45-41. Clarke, Brenda-Span Hon Soc 1, Literary Magazine 1, Coxwain I, Fine Arts Club l,2, Natl Thespians l,2, Sr Class Play 1, Spring Musical 2, Drama Club 4, Science Club 4. Claxton, Diane-Ger Club 1, CMA 1. Clitt, Laurie-CMA 2, Amicitio Y-Teens tres 3-41. Cochran, Michael-41. Coe, Howard-Coxmen 2, ICC Exec Council 2,3, SCA Exec Coulcil 2, Key Club l,2,3,4-4l,127. Collins, Chuck-Varsity Tennis l,2, Ger Club 1, Kappa Omicron, Chi Hi-Y I, Varsity Football 2, JV Football 3, Track 5-41,1l6,137. Compton, Betty-Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 1, Kestrels 2, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2-4l,l77,134. Condon, Barry-Key Club 1-41. Corley, Cynthia-Chorus l,2,3,4, Fine Arts Club l,2, Lib Asst 1,2-4l,123. Corneliussen, Nancy-Rep to Glrl's State I, Sr Class Sec 1, Varsity Cheerleader 1, Gym Team l,2, Key- ettes 2, GAA l,2, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Coxswain 2, Domestic Exchange 2, Band 2,3,4, JV Cheerleader 4-41,101,1 l0,135,174. Cox, Pam-Chorus 3,4,5, Fr Club 3, Keyette Rep l,2, Coxswain 1,2, Guid Comm 1-41,120,128. Cox, Pat-Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, rep 4, rep 5, v-pres, Dramatics Club 5, FNC 5, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 1, v-pres, 2, treas, 3, Kestrels 1, Choir 1, ICC Rep 1-4l,l02,l22,i48,131,i1o,.ll. Cowling, Mary-Cox: GAA 1,2 Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, Other: Trinity Y-Teens 5, Gym lub 3,4-41,lI8,I301,72. Curtis, Sue-Kestrels l,2,3, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Sr Class Play Student Director 1, Ger Club 1, Natl Thesbicln sec 1-41,114,116,135,177. Davee, Lana. Davis, Donnie-Football l,2,3, Letter, Monogram Club l,2, DE I-II9,l44. Davis, George--41. Day, Vicki-Madrigals 2, Natl Thespians 1, v-pres ?bE1?l'Il2Q Musical 2,3, ICC Rep 1, Chorus 1-41,102, Day, Susan-Science Club 3, Drama Club 3, Natl Honor Soc l,4,.., rr L.uo l,4, Cn. .mgmo i- Teens 2, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y I 2-42,103,135. DeHart, Dee-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 1,2-42. Deiss, Jack-Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter, Monogram Club l,2, Other: Fresh Class Sec 4-150. DeLaney, Steve-Basketball 4, Key Club 2 Fine Arts Club 2, Coxswain Sports Ed 1, Fotfball 1- Coxmen 1- 42,144, I7B. DeLoach, Gary-42. DeLoach Mariorie-Theta Chl Sigma Tri-Hi-Y 1 v-pres, 2, chap 3, Lat Club 3, Kestrels l,2, Guicl Comm 2, Span Hon Soc I-42,ll5,l77. Denton, Don-Key Club 3-142. Dodson, David-Wrestling 1,2--142. Doyle, Stephen--Football 1,2,3,4, Letter, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 3 mgr, 4 mgr, Indoor Track 1,2, Outdoor Track l,2, Key Club, 1-42,119,l26,l44. Drennon, Dick--Football l,2, Letter, All-City Band 3, SCA Rep 3, Regional Band l,2,3, Monogram Club l,2, Tennis l,2, Letter, Sr Class Play 1, SCA Orien Comm 1, Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y 1-Awards: All- Tidewater Football Honorable Mention 1-42,101, 119,l37,144. Brinkwater, Janice-GAA 4, SCA Rep 3,4, Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y 1 treas, 2, Sr Class Play I-42. Dryer, Mark-SCA Rep 5, Math Science Club 3,4, Key Club 1, Guid Comm 1. Duncan, Debra-Cox: Ring Dance Comm 2, Y-Teens 1 hist, Kestrels 1, Other: Pep Club 2,3, UN Club 3, Fr Club 3, GAA 3-42,105,l17. Intermural Hock Early, Sharon-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 1,2, Intermural Hockey 3-42,130. 218 Edenton, Pam-FHA 4, GAA 2,3, Kestrels 2 Pom Pom Team, Amicitia Y-Teens 2 chap-42,118,129, 176,l77. ' Edone, Donald. Edwards, Warren. Elder, Toni-Cox: Keyettes 1, Sr Class Play l, Other: Latin Club 3,4, Pep Club 3, Ticket Comm 2 choir- 42,123,l2B. Elliot, James-Fine Arts Club l,2, Coxmen 1 Chess Club l, Sr Class Play 1-42,l38,178. Ennis, George. Esber, Mike--Steering Comm 4,5, SCA Rep 4,5. Evans, Cheryl-SCA Rep 2,3, Span Club 3, Span Hon Soc l,2, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 1,2-42,l35. Ewell, Richard-DE 2. Faas, Mary-Cox: Pep Club 1, Span Honr Soc 1, FTA 1, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens I, Pom Pom Team 1, Talent Show 1, Sr Class Play 1, Other: Cheerleader 4,5, capt, Newspaper Ed 5, Fresh Class Sec 4, GAA 3 Peg Club 2,3, Basketball 3-42,,13O,135,l15, 176,17 . Ealletta, Lorraine-105. Farrow, Charles. I Ferguson, Jan-Fr Club 5, SCA Rep 4, Sigma Chl Sigma Y-Teens l,2,3, Kestrels 3, Cheerleader 1, Prom Decorations Chair 1, Norview Exchange 1, Natl Honor Soc 1, Awards: Talonette Contest-43, 174. Ferguson Sue-Cox: Natl Thespians 1, Pep Club 1,2, res 1, Sr Class Play 1, Talent Show 2,3, Spring lelusical 2, Gym Club 3-Other: Varsity Swimming 4, Letter, Jr. Science Club 4,5, v-pres 5, JV Basket- ball 4,5, Letter 4, Pre-Fresh Class v-pres-43, 102, l14,130,I79. Ferrara, Danny-Football Manager 2, Gym Club 3- 43. Fields John-Norview Exchange I, Sr Class Play I, Sgglsgec Council 1, Coxmen 1, Key Club I-43, Fischer, Pamela-Chess Club 2,4, Fine Arts Club 1, Ger Club I-104,123. Forbes, Ann-Girl's Track 5, Pep Club 4, Span Hon Soc 1, Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y-43,11S. Ford, Bruce-Cox: Band 2,3-Other: School News- paper 5, Band 5, JV Basketball 4. Foy, Joel-DE 2, Basketball 1,3,4. h - Frazier, Ronald-SCA Repu 3, Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y 3, Lat Club 2,3, tdoor rack 2,3, Indoor Track 2, Key Club l,2, rep 2, v-pres 1, SCA Second v-pres 1-43,100,126. French, Karen-Kestrels l,2, Girl's Glee Club 2- 43,I04,l77. French, Reecye-Amicitia Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, tpres 1, Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y 2. Kestrels l,2, S A Rep 1, ICC Reg l, Fr Club I-43,l04,120,129,177. Fulgham, aul-SCA Rep 5, Tennis Team 2. Gallup, Rick-Tennis Team 3, Chess Club 2--43. Gaskins, Alan-JV Football 4, Varsity Football 2,3, George, Deborah--Fine Arts Club I, Sr Class Play 1-43,120,123. . Gibbs, Eddie-Key Club 3, Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y 2, Natl Thespians 2,3, Coxswain 1-43. Glover, Mary-44. Gosnell, Larry-Math and Science Club 4, Key Club l,2,3, hist 1, Chess Club l,2,3, pres 1, Domestic Eiiihizgige 2, Ger Club 1, Sr Class Play 1-44,116, , B. Gossman, Alexander-JV Football 3, Wrestling 2,3- 44,l36,l37,l60. Green, Vicki-SCA Rep 5, Chorus 4, Kappa Delta Phi Tgi-Hi-Y 2, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 1,2-44,1D5, 1 0. Greenwood, Dennis-44. Gury, Rise-Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 3, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 3, Natl Honor Soc l,2,3, pres 1, kitirggy Magazine l, ed 1, Rep to Girl's State 1-- 4, . Hall, LesIic?Coxmen I-44. Hallahan, Ann Marie-Cox: Gym Club 2,3, GAA l,2,3, v-pres 2, Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, hist 2, pres 1, Hockey Team 2, ICC Exec Council 2, Ge? ICLIQJBIA, Talent Show 1, Coxswain 1-44,102, 1' .i . Halstead, Les-Cox: Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y l,2, Indoor track 1, Letter, uuta..or :rack i, Letter, Cross Country I, Letter-Other: Cross Country 4, Letter-44,1l9,136,l37. Hannah, Paul-44. Hanson, James. Harkins, Lucy-Cox: Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y lnmgier: GAA 4, Fr Club 2,3, Basketball Team3- , I . Harper, Antia-GAA l,2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y 1, Moiorette 1, Hockey 2,3--44,118. Harrell, Thomas. Hawkins, Chris-Span Club 4,5, Coxswain 4, Talent Show Asst Director 2, Literary Magazine I, Spring Musical 3-45. THE DAY ENDS WITH STUDENTS MADLY RU HI GT THEIR BUSES I-leinze, Cindy-SCA Rep 5, Kestrels I,2,3, Sl ma Alpha Beta ri-HI-Y 2, German Club I-45,I7g. -lempson Janet-Cox: French Club l,2,3, treas 2, ares I, Coxswoin i,2,3, FTA 2, Amicltia Y-Teens l -45,I02,I I2,I29. I-lennlgan, Michael-45. I-lerrnig, Nancy-45,I05. Herring, Torn-45. l-linman, Diana-Fine Arts l sec-treas, 2 rep, Theta Chl Sigma Tri-Hi-Y I, Span Hon Soc I, Amicitia Y-Teens 2, CMA I,2, Math and Science Club 2- 45,lI5,l23. Hogge, Joann-Y-Teens 4-45. I-logue, Leslie-Fr Club 5, Kestrels I co-:apt 2,3, Theta Chi Sigma Tri-HI-Y 2 corres sec, 3, Sigma ?yg7ma Y-Teens I,2, Art Club I-45,lO2,I22, 30, Holland Cathy-Amicitia Y-Teens 3,4 sec, Talon 1 ea, ia, Sr wash chair 1, Ring Dance co-chair 2, Coxmen Mascot 2, Jr Class Rec Sec 2, Awards: Girls' State-45. Hostetler, Winna-FNA 4,5, Biology Club 4, FTA 3, CMA I,2, SCA Rep I,2, Tri-Hi-Y I sec, 2 hist, Pep Club I treas-45,I0l,I34. Houghton Deborah-FBLA I, Keyettes I-45,l2B, Howard, .Iames--45. Howlett, Phyllis-45. Hudson, Jan-Hockey Team l,2,3, Kestrels 2, Key- ettes I, GAA I, Span Club 3-45,128 I72. Hughes, shawn-Guid comm :,2, Sr Class Play 1, fsgitags I, FHA 3, Leadership Training 3,4-45, Humphreys, Amber-46,l05. Humphries, Glynn-Art Club 2,3,4, Girls' Tract 3 Fine Arts Club 2, GAA I,2, Spring Musical 2, Natl espians I Pep Club I-46,10-1,1 4,II8,l20. unt, Ronald-Others: SCA Rep 4,5-46. uQl,2 Charles--Wrestling 3, Kappa Amicron Chi I- . urst, Terry-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 1,2 sgt at rms I, Art Club I treas-46,l22,l3I. usk, Pam-JV Cheerleader 3,4 co-captain 3, arsity Cheerleader I,2, captain I, GAA ,2, Key- ttes l Hockey Team l--46,Il8,I72,l74. rwin, kitty-Art Club 5, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri- i-Y 1,2 treas I, Peg Club 2, Kestrels 2, Ger Club , pres ICC Reg-4 ,iI6,I77. ean, liobert-D 2. ohnson, Mike-Katppa Omicron Chi Hi-Y I,2, Mono- ram Club I,2,3, S A Rep I,2,3, Football I,2, Wrestl- g I, Track I,2,3,4-46,IOI,Il9,I37,l44,l56. oyner, Gene--JV Football 5, Golf I,2, Track I-46. aine, Candy--46,I29. eegan, Debbie-GAA I,2,3,4 Cpres I, FTA 4, Hockey eam l,2,3 captain I, Sigma hi Sigma Y-Teens I- 6,Il8,l72. eller, Jean--Fr Club I,2,3 sec I, Amicitia Y-Teens ,2, SCA Rep 5-47,I29. ervln, Marshall. ight, Diane-47. ing, Vickie-47,l05. night, John-JV Basketball 4,5, JV Football 3,-1, Baseball 4,5, Varsity Basketball l,2,3, Varsity aseball l,2,3 Letter 2, -47,Il9I50. oski, seth-Sigma Alpha oem tri-Hi-Y l,3,4 his: p I, Art Club I,3 sec I-47,I22. reymer, Arthur-Science and Moth Club I,2,3,4 pres 2, pres 1, Span Club 2,3, Span Hon Soc I pres I--47,Il5. nkler, Georgeanne-Theta Chi Sigma Trl-Hi-Y I- wedar, Ken-47. chman Bob. wsan, Ilhonda--SCA Rep 4,5-47. idig, Susan-Science Club 5, Amicitia Y-Teens 2, LA 2-47. mmon, Randi. wis, Becky-CMA 2-47. wis, Candy--Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 12,3 s l, Amicitia Y-Teens 3, GAA 1,a, soph Class es 3 Jr Class Pres 2, Hockey Team I,2, Key- es 2-47,II8,l72. wis, Kathy-Cox: Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-HI-Y ,3 rep-hist 3, pres I, Amicitia Y-Teens 23 chop GAA l,2,3,4 treas 2, Hockey Team I,2, Natl Soc I,2, Sr Class Rep-Hisl' I, Sr Class Play air I-47,ll8,l20,l72. dsey, Robert. p, Pam-Lib Asst I,2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3, FTA Guid Comm I, Sr Class Play I, Chorus I-47,I05, 0. ChgI1I5islgI'sBIIBY1COXSWOIn 3, Keyettes I, FBLA tle, Barbara-Cox: Kappa Delta Phi Tri-HI-Y I ther: Newspaper 4, Chorus 2,3, Ger Club 3, A 3-48,l0l,l20,I34. ingston, John-DE I. ngworth, Jackie-CMA I,2, Amicitia Y-Teens I,2, Ger Club I sit at arms l, SCA Rep l, Coxswain I -48,l0l,ll6, 24,l29. Lorenz, Steve-48. Ludeman, John-Football 3, Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y 2,3-48. Luther, Theresa-FHA 2,3,-1, Art Club 3, FBLA I, Sr Class Play Comm l, Sr Prom Comm l-48,l25. Magoon, Brian-Band 3,4,5, SCA rep I,2,3, Steer Comm 3, JV Football 3, JV Track 3, Track I,2, Monogram Club I,2-II9. Malban, Charles--JV Track 5, JV Wrestling 4. Malban, Cynthia-Cox: Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens I,2,3, sec l, Kestrels I,2,3, sgt-at-arms I, Home- coming Comm I, Prom Comm l, SCA House Comm I-Other: Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 5-48,l05,l3l,l77. Malban, Ronald. Mallory, Sharon--DE l-IOS. Morer, Tina-DE l-48. Marr, Edward-Cox: Football 2, Guid Comm l., Wrestling l-Other: SCA rep 3,4, JV Football 3, JV Wrestling 3, Track 3-48. Martin, Darrell-Cox: Homecoming Comm l, Key Club I-Other: Jr Class Play 2, One Act Play 2 French Pla! 2, Jr Ring Comm 2-Awards: Natl Thespians -48. Martin, Jeanette-DE I,2, Glee Club 2-48,l04. Motzen, Donna-Cox: Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2,3, Keyettes I,2, pres I,2, Guid Comm I-Other: Allan Tri-Hi-Y 4-Awards: Miss Sadie Hawkins 3-48, l20,I2B,I30. May, George--48. McCloud, Sandra-48. McConnell, Kathy-SCA Rep 5, Span Club 3,4, GAA 3,4, Pep Club 3,4,5-49. McFarland, Jane--Fr Club 4 GAA 2,3,4, re 2, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens I,2,3, Kestrels I,2,3, gam- Pom team I,2, cap I, Jr Class Treas SCA sec I -Awards: all Girls' State 2-49,l00,l30,l76,I77. Qlgiratgah, Kathy-Madricals 2, Chorus 2,3,4,5-49, McKee, Jeannette-Kestrels 2,3, Y-Teens 2, DE I sec. Keyettes I, Natl Thesbians I, Awards: Finalist, Miss Princess Anne, Miss Va Beach Runner Up. Mciieei, Donna-Drama Club 4, Lat Club I,2,3, GAA I,2, Amicitia Y-Teens I,2, FTA I,2, Guid Comm I--49,ll7,ll8,l23,I29. Meads, Janice-Pre-Fresh Class v-pres 5, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens I,2,3 sec, 4, Kestreis I,2, Gym Team 2, GAA I,2, Hockey Team I, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y I,2, Sr Class Treas l, Cheerleader I, Awards: State Gym Meet First Place, Unevens State Gym Meet First Place-49,l0I,lI8,I72,l74. Meek, Vicki-Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 5, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-'leens 2,3,4,5, SCA Rep 3, Talon I, Span Hon Soc I-49,Il5,ll8. Messina Anthony--ll5,l26. lil5egg,35l'ecl-Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y I sec, 2,3- Meyerhoffer, Ken-49. Milner, James. Miller, Kathy-Fr Club 2 rep, 3 Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 1 re, 2,3, oomesnc Exchange 2, 'roion I,2, GAA l, gym Club 3-49,lI0,ll8,l34. Miller, Pat-50. Miller, Susan-50. Mills, Andi-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2,3, FTA I,2,3 v-pres 2, pres I, Span Hon Soc 2, ICC Rep 2, GAA l, Keyettes l, Guid Comm I, SCA Rep I- 50,I0l,l02,llB,l20,l35. Monahan, Timmy-Key Club l,2,3,4, SCA Rep 3, Soph Class Sgt-at-arms 3, Jr Class v-pres 2, ICC Rep 2, SCA Exec Council 2, Sr Class Pres I, Natl Honor Soc I-50,l0O,l02,I03,I27. Monthan, Christie-Latin Club 4, Gym Club 3, Theta Chl Sigma Tri-Hi-Y I, Coxswain 2-50. Moody, Mike. Moore, Darryl--SCA Rep I,2,3,4,5, SCA Exec Coun- cil I, Steering Comm 4,5, JV Football 3, CMA I,2,3, Coxmen I,2 pres I, Chess Club I,2 sec-treas l, Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y I,2 pres I, Boy's State Rep I-50,l00,l0l,I02,I36,I37,l38,l78. Morgan, Chip-Track 3, JV Basketb-all 3, Varsity Football I,2, Wrestling I,2, Monogram Club I,2, Guid Comm l-50,ll9,l44,l56. Morrison, Bob-50. rassh Wglgarn-JV Basketball 3,4, Varsity Basket- a - . Motley, Ann-Cox: SCA Rep I,2, GAA 2-Other: Pre-Fresh Class Sec-50,l0I,Il8. Murden, Pot-Wrestling 2,3,4,5, Monogram Club I,2,3--5O,I 19. Murphey, Mike-JV Football 3,4, Varsity Wrestling I,2,3 Letter Track I,2 Letter, Varsity Football I,2,3 Letter, Key Club I,2,3, Natl Honor Soc I,2,3 treas I, Monogram Club I v-pres l, Talon I--5l,l02,I03, ll0,ll9,I27,l44,'l56. ADMI IST RATION GIVES RE TLESS STUDENTS CDD .ICDBS iii ill? II- - 220 Nagel, Charles-5l. Nagg, Carolyn-Band 45, Kestrels 2,3-Sl. Newton Alex-Band 2,3,4,5, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Key Club I,2,3, ICC Rep 2,3 v chair 2 Monogram Club 2, SCA Pres I-5I I00 IO3,Il9,l56. Newton, Vera-Sl,ll8. New, Michael-51. Oberleitner, Gail-SCA Rep 2,5, Fr Club 3,4, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y I,2 hist 2, pres I, Sr Gift Comm Co-Chair I, Talon I-SI IIO,l34. 0'Berry, Regeno-Kestrels I,2,3, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens I,2-5l,'l76,l77. Odom, Richard-Wrestling I,2, CMA 1,2 v-pres I, Guid Comm, ICC Rep I, Coxswain I-5I,I02,l20,l24. O'Garman, Mary-Hockey 2, Sigma Chi Sigma Y- Teens I,2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, GAA I,2- 5l,ll8,I30. Oliver, Cynthia-FHA 4-Sl. O'Meara, Michael-Varsity Football 2,3, Track 2, Sr Class Play I, Coxswain I, Chorus I-5I. gsterhgus, eter-Wrestling 3, Kappa Omicron Chi I- . Owens, Anthony-Band 5, Wrestling 2,3,4 Letter, Monogram Club I-5l,ll9. Page, Donna-FBLA 3, CMA I,2,3 Keyettes l,2, chap 1, oe 1 gres I-5I,l02,l22,l24,I28,I30. Parisher, Kay-- HA I,2 sec l. Parker, Linda. Parker, Susie-Span Club 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri- Hi-Y I,2, Pep Club l-52. Parkinson, Don-JV Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball I,2, Monogram Club I,2-52,lI9. Patterson, Janice-Kestrels I,2,3, Keyettes I,2, Amicitia Y-Teens 2-52,I28. Peverall Larry. Pfuhl, Sandro-52,l05. Pitkin, Tommy--Golf Team l,2,3,4, Letter, Mono- gram Club I,2,3-52,Il9. Price, Allen-Wrestling 3, Football 3-52. Proctor, Margaret-SCA Rep 5, Girl's Track 4, Fr Club 3, GAA I,2,3, Kestrels 2, Hockey I,2, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, ICC Rep I, SCA Rep I, Varsity Cheerleader I-52, I0l,l02,ll8,l3I l72,l74. Poms, Heidi-S2. Quick, Linda-FHA 4, Fr Club 3, Art Club 2-52. Rea, William-52. Reich, Charles-52. Reynolds, Mark-Band 2,3,-1-52. Rhodes, Sam-52,ll9,l44. Richardson, .lane-Lat Club 4, GAA l,2,3,4 v-pres 3, pres 2, Guid Comm 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3 sgt-at-arms I, ICC Rep l,3, SCA 2, Hockey I,2,3, Domestic Exchange 2, Coxswain I ed I-52, l0l,l02,l l2,I l8,l72. Richardson, Peggy-Cox: Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi- Y I,2 Sigma Chi Sigma Y- eens 2, Talon I-Other: Cheerleader 5, Fr Club 3,4 Pep Club 3,4-52,1 l0,l33. Richardson, Steve-Gym Team 5-52. Riddle, Karen--Other: Chorus 5 DE I,2, Art Club. Rivenback, James-Football--53, Rizy, David-53. Roderick, Bill--Cox: Wrestling 2, Exec Council I, Cross Country Team I, Indoor Track Team I, SCA Dance Comm Chair I, Other: Beta Club 3,4,2, Bas- ketball 3,4, English Club 2,3, SCA Rep 5, Fresh Clos v-pres 4, Soph Class sec 3, Awards: Natl Beta Clu 53,l00,lO3,l26. Rogers Howard-Basketball 3--53. Rofk, Diane-Lat Club 4, os i,2, aer Club I-53 l I6. Ross, Judy-FBLA l-53,l25. Rubendall, Bill-Lat Club 2,3, Football I,2, Trac I,2, Other: Newspaper 2, Drama Club 2, Letherman' Club 2, Jr Class v-pres 2--I44. Russell, Kebbie-Cox: Talon I, Other: Cheerleader 2 3,4, SCA Exec Council 2,3,4, Yearbook Ed 2,3,-53 lI0. Sachs, Donn-SCA Rep 5, Sr Class Play I-53. Jahai, JoAnn-Cheerleader 4, Kappa Delta Phi Tri Hi-Y 4, CMA v-pres 2, pres I, Sigma Alpha Bet Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, SCA Reporter l-53,l00,l02,ll2,l24. Salienger, Abby-Football I,2,3, Letter, Track 1,3 Letter, Basketball I,2,3, Monogram Club 2,3, Kap Omicron Chi Hi-Y 2, SCA Re I, All-Tidewate Football 2nd string I--53,'l44,l?9,l37,l44,l5O. Saunders, Jane-Sp Club 3, Pep Club treas 2, FT 2, ICC Exec Board 2, ICC const chair 1, Sigma Alph sem Tri-Hi-Y i, Yi-.wp I-54,l02. Saunders Bill-SCA State Conf.. Sawyer, Billy--Baseball 3,5-54. Scappini, Paul-Coxmen I, Key Club I-I26. Schgrihtigackie-Fine Arts Club I, Sr Class Pla Schwegler, Ingrid--54, I 05, I 23, l 30. Sciortina, Kathy-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, Hockey Team l,2, Sr Class Play l, Keyettes l v-pres, Award: District Hockeiy Team l-54,l05,i30,l72. Seely, Linda-Cox: r Club l,2,3, Pep Club 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Guid Comm 2, Talon l, , Sr Class Play i, Other: Natl Honor Soc 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Newspaper Ed 4-54. . Self, Pat-SCA Rep 4,5, Glee Club 3,4 lCC Rep l, FTA 2, Cheerleader l co-capt 2,3,4, Coxswain l,2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3, Awards: Home- coming Court l, Miss Personality l, Miss Fresh Class 4-S4,l02,l74. Sellers, Duncan-54,l26. Sellers, Pam-Lat Club 5, Fr Club 3, Amicitia Y- Teens 2,3, Talon l, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y l, Leadership Conference l-54,l00,ll0. Sharpnack, Cindy-Theta Chi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y l, Guid Comm l, DE l-55,l20. Shipp, Harvey. Singer, Russell-Soph Class treas 3, Drum Major l-55. gmith, Gerald-JV Football 3,4, Varsity Football l,2- 5,l44. Spillane, Nora-Keyettes l-55. Steele, Nancy-Cox: FBLA l, DE I-Other: Drill Team 3-55,l25. Steinat, Aldo-55. Stewart, Sharon-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, SCA 'Rep 3, Art Club 2-55,i22. Stone, Maxine-Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4,5 lchap 4, SCA Rep 2,3,4,5, SCA Chop 3, SCA treas l, Glee Club 3,4,5, Fr Club 4,5, Keyettes 2, GAA 'l,2 reporter i, Coxmen Mascot 2, Gym Team 2, Varsity Cheerleader l-Honors: Homecoming Queen I, Key Club Sweethear l-55,l00,llB,l72,l74. Stott, Joe-Varsity Wrestling l,2--55,l56. trange, Kathy-Band 2,3,4, , Maiorette 2,3,4,5, SCA Rep , FBLA l hist l, Kestrels l, Kappa Delta Phi ri-Hi-Y l, Chorus l-55,l25,l34,l77. Strickland, Dotty-FHA 3,4 chap 3, Span Club 3, ym Club 3, DE l-55. tritfler, Paul-JV Football 3,4, JV Baseball 3,4, arsity Football li2 Letter, Varsity Baseball l,2, onogram Club l, -55,l44,ll9. trohkorb, Richard-55. tuart, Richard-JV Baseball 3-55. tubbs, Stephen-JV Football 3,4, Varsity Football l,2, Letter Varsity Baseball l,2, Kes Club l, onogmm Club 1, scA Rep 1-5s,ioi,1l ,l44. umerlin, Chris-SCA Rep 3,4, JV Basketball 3,4, olt552i7goxmen 2, Cross Country I, Indoor Track .. , , utton, Vann-55. aft, Tommy. aylor, Bec y-SCA Rep 5, Talon l,2,3,4 ed l, igma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l, treas 2,3, rep-hist 4, appa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Soph Class Hist 3, r. Class Reporter 2, lCC Rep I, Span Hon Sac 2- 02 l3l. aylor, sill. aylogwzgrenda-Bond 2,3, Maiorette 4,5, FBLA -5 , . aylor, Mike-SCA Rep 3,4, JV Football 3,4, Keg lub 4, JV Basketball 3, Domestic Exchange 2, lC ep l,2, Varsity Football l,2, Varsity Track l,2, Cox- virgiiii4i,2, Monogram Club l, Talon l-56,l02,l03, , . erry, Beth-Cox: CMA l, Sr Class Play l-Other: nnual Staff 2, Newanaper Staff 2, Forensics Club SCA Rep 2-56,l2 . ltatcher, Larry-Key Club l,2,3, SCA sgt-at-arms 2, alon I, Coxswain -56,l26,ll0. homas, Susan-Hockey Team 3, DE Club l,2. ompsan, Charles-Kappa Omicron Chi Hi-Y l, ,3 Rep l CMA l,2 Gym Club 3, Coxmen l, ICC ep 1-56,1o2,l24,i:le,i37,17s. hompson, John. hompson, Linda-Kestrels l,2,3, GAA 2,3,4, Girl's rack 3,4, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l, Ger Club l- 6,ll6,llB,l30,l35,l77, ompson, Russell. reinen, Tom-Coxswain l. dd, Barbara-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, Art ub l,2 pres l-l22,56. uesdale, Jerry-Wrestling 2,4,5, Gym Club 4. cker, David-Coxmen l,2,3, JV Basketball 3, Var- y Basketball l,2, Kappa Omicron Chl Hi-Y l,2- 56,l37,l50,l78. rner, Lynn-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2 sec l, Club 2, GAA 2-56. mer, Peggy-Cox: Amicitia Y-Teens l-Other: Pep ub 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Newspaper 4, Musical 2- ,l04,ll7,l20,l30. ndall, Martha-Bond 3,4, Chorus 2,3, nderploeg, Sharon-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2, 3,4,5 chap 4, treas 3, v-pres 2, pres l, ICC Rep l,2- S7,l02,l05,l3i. Von Dyken, Bonnie-Lat Club 3,4, DE l-57. Vannoy, Carol-Lat Club 2,3,4, Fine Arts Club l,2, Ger Club l-Honors: Natl Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist l-57,ll7,l23. Wahrman, Patty-S7,l04,i25,l34. Walker, Cheryl-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Keyettes l,2 treas l, GAA l,2,3-57,ll8,l20,l28. Walker, Darlene-Cox: Band l,2,3,4, Fine Arts Club l, FBLA l, Keyettes l, SCA Rep l-Other: Natl Jr Honor Soc -5, Band 5, GAA 5-57,l0l,l23,l2S,l2B. Walker, Lit--SCA Rep 4, JV Football 4,3, JV Basket- ball 3,-JV Baseball 3, Cross Country 2, Varsity Bas- ketball l-57,l50. Wallace, Pamela-57,lO5. Walter, Bruce-Key Club l, Coxmen l, Science Club l, Industrial Arts Club l-57,l26,l7B. Walters, Rose-FBLA I-57,l25. Watertield, Tammy, Weidler Darlene-Cox: Amicitia Y-Teens l,2, Kes- trels l,2, Fr Club l, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 2- Other: Pep Club 3,4, Art Club 4-lOl,l02,l29,l77. Wells, John-57,l27. Wells, William-JV Football 3. West, Cecelia-DE l,2-57. West, Jerry-Varsity Football l, Wrestling I-l44, l56. Wettstein, Allen-JV Football 3-58. Whichord, Janice-Kestrels l, FBLA l reporter l- 58,l25,l77, Vlgytaker, Brenda-GAA l, FBLA l v-pres l-58,llB, Whitaker, Bruce-Manager Track Team 4, Wrestling l,2,3, Letter, Monogram Club l,2 pres l-58,ll9,l56. White, Edwin-Other: Annual Staff 3-58. White, Jackie-58. White, Kathy-SCA Rep l, CMA l,2,3, Amicitia Y- Teens 3-5B,ll6,l24,l29. Whitmer, Cathy-Span Club 5, FTA l sec-treas 2, Guid Comm 2, Keyettes l,2 sec, Spring Musical 4, Christmas Play 3, Pep Club l,2 v-pres-58,l0l,lO2, l05,l28,l35,l79. Whitson, Sam. Widley, Bill--58. Wiggins, Lonnie. Wilder, Airfield-Other: Span Club 4-58. Williams, Corky-SCA Rep l,2,5, Football l,2,3, Let- ter Track l, Monogram l, Key Club l,2-58,ll9,l44. Williams, Sank-Band Club 2, Coxmen l, Talon l- 59,ll0,l78. Williams, Laura-Lib Club 5, Spring Musical 4, Kappa Delta Phi Tri-Hi-Y 3, Keyettes 2-58. Williams, Ray-58,l04,ll . Williams, Rita-FBLA l-59. Wilson, Sandra-SCA Reg 4, Hockey Team l,2,3, Kestrels l, GAA l treas, ,3-59,ll8, 72,l77. Wohler, Steve-Span Natl Honor Soc 3, Baseball I, 2,3, Fine Arts Club l,2, Chess Club l, Domestic Ex- change 2, Guid Comm l, Awards: Boys' State SCA State Convention, Cox Scholarship eam-5P,l0l, lO3,l23,l26,l38. Wolf, Jackie-Other: Cheerleader 2,3, Pep Club 3, Honororyx Pep Club 2, SCA Rep 2, Awards: Jr High Sc ool Queen-59. Wood, Sue-Keyettes l v-pres, Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens l Awards: Miss Pre Fresh 5-l28. Woody, Bill-Football l,2,3,4 Letter, Monogram Club l-59,1 l9,l44. Wray, Jeff-59. Wykle, David. Zenk, Becky-Sigma Chi Sigma Y-Teens 2, Guid Comm l, GAA l,2, Jr Class Talent Show MC 2, Sigma Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y l,2, Keyettes 2-59,ll0, ll8,l20,l2B,l77. 221 .IUNICRS Abeshaneen, David-61. Adams, Gene-61, 137. Adams, Russell-61, 137, 178. Aiken, James-61, 124. Allen, Vickie-61, 134. Allen, William-61. Anderson, Jack-61, 144. Arnold, Pat-61, 105. Arsenault, Michele-61. Artrip, Walter-61. Aurilio, David-61. Ayers, Cleo-61. Babashanian, Terry-61, 129. Babe, Georgia-61, 104. Bacle, Michael. Bailey, Sheila. Barker, Ann-61, 116. Barnaby, Lindo. Barrett, Linda-61. Barrow, Pot-61. Basquin, Wayne-61. Baucom, Terry-61, 116. Beale, Debbie-61, 124. Beasley, Jackie-61. Beatty, Nancy-61 104. Behrens Par-61, 176, 177. Bisek, Craig. Bissell, Rita-61 135. Blume, Randy--61, 137. Bonwell, Martha-61, 104, 120. Boroody, Valerie-61, 139. Bos, Otis. Bosse Joseph. smudefack, Pam-101, 124, 176, 177. Brown, Brenda-61. Brown, Elizabeth. Browne, Garrett. Bruner, Barry-61. Brunnenmeyer, Kim-61, 144, 160, 178. Buhrer, Nancy-61 135. Burton, Melissa-61. Butler, Annette-61, 102, 113. Butler, Rhonda-61, 104, 177. Coruanam, Lorraine--61, 101, 115, 134. Castle, Karen-61, 135. Cherryman, Ann-61, 125, 135, 179. Chrisman, Danny. Chrismon, Jerri-61. Clark, Angie-62. Cloutier nthia-62 Cockmon, Yon-60, 62, 102, 115, 120, 134, 135. Cogswell, Cora Lee-62, 130. Coker, Celia-62, 134. Colden, Bill-62, 127. Cole, Mike-62, 104. Coleman, Burwell. Coleman Mike-62. Collier, Donna-62, 130, 177. Collins, Vicki-62, 101. Cook, Richard. Cotton, Linda-62. Coulboume, Tom. Cowden, Dian?62, 135. Crawford, Gail-62 134. crinkmw, Doug-oi, mo, 126. Crockett, Solli-130. Cummings, Harry. Cummins, Susie-62. Dole, Robert-62, 137. Dalia, Joe-62. Danford, Jesse-62. Davis, Charles-62, 136, 137. Davis, George-62. Day, Thomas-62, 144. Derforcl, Dietterich, Karen-62. Doyle, James-62 150. Duncan, Anne-63. Early, Reggie-63. Edmonds, Jackle63, 130. Elliot, Janet-63. Ernst, LoraIee+63, 104. Emst, Beverly-63, 116. Ernst, Sammy-63. Ewing, James-63, 126. Farrell, Tommy-63. Felthousen, Gregory-63. Ferratt, Mary-63. Ferraz, Nora. Ficarra Joe. Finch, Nancy-63, 130. Floyd, William. Forbes, Janis. Fondren, Doug-63, 101, 119, 144. Fowler, Jack-63. Fowlkes, Nancy--63, 104, 134. Fox, Lois-63, 120 130. Debbie-63 116. surfed, gfhia-63, 104, 105, 134, 176, 177. Gauker Julie-64, 130. GQy1ofJ,1im--64 116, 137. Gentile, Doug--134. Glass, Rhonda-64, 120, 177. Goodrich, Thomas. Goodrich, Tim. Gross, Celeste. Guite, Frank. Hackworth, Pam-130, 172. Haines, Mary Anne-64. Hall, Sonny-64, 144. Hallahan, Kathy-64, 118. Hanna, Donald-64. Hardwick, Tinio-64, 130, 172. Harper, Larry. Harrington, teve-64. Harris, Teresa-64, 113. Hartman, Patricia. Havens, Bobby. Hill, Denny-60, 64, 100, 102, 112, 119, 1 Hill, Stephen. Holmen, Frances-64. Horton, Frances-64, 101, 176, 177. Horvath, Laurence-64, 126. House, 8onniw64, 104, 120, 177. Howlett, Harvey-64. Hudson, Jere-64, 118, 115. Hughey, Robert. Hurd, Charles-137. Hurst, Leigh-64. Husk, Pat-174. Hyers, Carobyn--105, 130. lhlenburg, ari-Ann--64, 102, 125. lhlenburg, Tania-64, 125. lshie, Everett-64. lttner, Terre-60, 64, 100, 123, 131. Janz, Brian-64. Jarrett, Joy-64, 124. Jennings, Ralph-64. Jernigan, Audrey-64. Jewell, Rick-64. Johndrow, Jack-65. Johnson, Allen-65. Johnson, Martha-65, 135, 178. Jones, Brenda-65, 123, 124. Kello, George. Kelly, Randall-65. Kelton, Richard. Kemp, Curtis-65, 116, 117, 126. Kervin, Scott-65. Kierman, Thomas-65, 101, 124, 126, 139. King, Ellen-65, 176, 177. Kitt, Ernest-65, 127. Korte, Martha-65, 104, 114. Kovach, Julia. Kreymer, Anne-65, 130. LaFetro, Kathy-65, 120. Lamkin, Gail-65, 134. Leveridge, Kathy-65, 105, 129. Leary, Al. LeClaire, Peter-65, 156. Lemon, Becky-65, 123. Leveridge, Kathy-65, 129, 105, Linder, Jamey-66. Littleton, Jim-66, 116. Locke, Maggie-66, 134. Logan, Donna-66, 104, 124, 139. Lang, Jerry-116. Luehrs, Jane. Lyons, George-126, 144 160. Mqcoonaia, John-ee, 119, 127. Mace, Luther-66. Mang, Peter-148. 222 44, 150. Mansfield, Gayle--116, 134, 177. Marinette, Larry-66. Martint, Suzanne--66, 113. Marshaw, David-126. Matzen, Tony. Mauldin, Scott--66. Mault, Linda-66. Maynard, Deborah-66. Mc ain, Tino-66. McClellan, Bonnie-66, 120, 125. McElveen, Anne--124 130, 177. McSwain, Gregor!-66, 137. Menser, Graig 6. Messick, Merrie--66. Metz, Pat-66, 115, 135, 179. Meyer, Sandro-66. Meyer, William-66. Monachan, Linda-66, 101. Moody, James-66, 127. Moore, John-66. Morgan, Mary-66. Morrell, Faye. Morrell, Karen-66, 105, 125. Morrell, Kathy-66. Morris, Patty-66, 100, 102, 172. Morris, Robert-66. Moser, Ronald--66, 137. Motley, Diane-118, 172. Mott, Elaine-66, 130. Murakami, Jenny. Myers, Leonard-66. Neal, Potty--125, 128, 135. Noel, Johnny-66, 60, 101. Noel, Tommy-66. Norman, Charlene--66, 130. Oberg, Owen-67, 119. Oliver, Ed-144. 0'Meara, Cathy-67, 104, 105, 135. O'Neill, Peggy-67, 105. Orgera, Ray. Parker, Joe. Parker, John-67. Parker, John-67. Parks, Tony-67, 119. Parr, Georg?67, 144, 150. Pavey, lrene-67, 177. Peloquin, Greg. Polansky, Mary-67, 104, 134. Pollard, Donald-67. Proctor, John. Pumn, Den. Purvis, Heidi-104. Rainford, Dennis. Randozzo, Nick-67, 126, 144. Reddy, Rosemary-110, 124. Reed, Rex-67, 123, 148, 160. Region, George-67. Ric ardson, Ed-67 116, 126. Rinenhouss, Sue--67 104, 105, 134. Robertson, Judy-176, 177. Robinson, William-67. Ross, Greg. Ross, Sharon-67, 105, 120, 125, 135. Sansone, Stephanie-67. Schroeder, Doug-67, 137. Seocrist, Greg-126. Sewell, Sue-67, 101. Shanahan, David-68. Sharpnack, Thomas. Simmons, Lois-68. Simmons, Marianne-68, 179. Simpkins, Bob-68. Simpson, Merl. Skinner, Frances-68, 101, 124, 130. Skinner, Lou-68, 120, 122. Slaughter, Nancy--68, 120. Smalley, John-68, 116, 126, 123. Smith, Bill. Smith, Diana-68. Smith, Jerald Anne-68, 134. Smith, Martha-68, 125, 134. Snyder, Shirley-68. Souder, Bob-68. Soiess, Jim-68. Stakes, Julie-68, 125, 134. Stark, Sandra-68. Stenke, Linda-68. Stockton, Snydeny-68, 117, 120, 134. Stone, Debbi?68, 118, 134, 172, 176, 177 A STLIDE T FINDS A HAVEN FGR STUDY I THE DESERTED HALL 1-69. 122, 118, 130. 136, 137. 176, 177. 115, 120. 105, 120, 179. 144, leo. , 118, 128. Yoder, Bob-69. Alonso, Jae-71, 115. Ambrose, Steven-71. Ambrose, William-71. Armstrong, Korlene-71, Arvin, Andy-71. 1 SOPHOMORES Alhsy, Elizabeth-71. Avery, Michael-71. Ayers, Ernie-71. Bailey, Claude. Bailey, Susan-71, 105, 118. Baines Calvin-71. Bullard, Lynne-71, 134. Bannerman, Benny-71. Basanavicius, Neil-71. Baucom, Kevin-71. Baughman, Chris-71. Beale, Paul. Bealson, Guerry-71, 1 56. Berg, Copy-71, 100, 102, 114, 123. Bissell, Black, Russell-71. Kathy-71, 105. Blain, James-71. Blossom, Martha-71, 105, 117, 123. Blossom, Mary-71, 105, 117, 123. Bonney, Debbie-70, 71. Bormann, Art-71. Brannon, Lucy-71, 113. Brock, Brooks Robert. ,Bonnie-71, 102, 116, 117. Brooks, Larry-71. Brown, Albert-72, 116. Brown, Karen-72. 223 Bryant, Curtis-72. Burlage, Verne-72, 102, 119, 127. Byrd, Allen-72. Byrd, Barbara--72, 176, 177. Cake, Richard-72, 123, 127. Carpenter, Sandro-72, 116. Carter, Linda-72, 130. Caruana, Carol-72. Cashman, Charles-144. Chalferton, Edward-72. Cheely, Needham-72, 154. Christensen, Lynn-72 104, 122, 130, 177 Coajwell, Cathy-72, 130. Co y, Deborah-72, 123. Cole, John-72. Cook, Sarah-72. Cooley, Page-72. Coom s, Francis. Cooper, Carl-72 117. Condon, Bobby-'72. Conrad, Georgia--72. Culwell, Marcia-72, 102, 134. Cummings, Sue-70, 72, 130. Dahlman, Margaret Ann-72, 117, 177. Doigle, Maureen-72. Dalia, Denise-72, 179. Damon, Wallis-72. Donner, Millie-72, 116. Davidson, Davy-72. Davis, Mike-72. Deon, Mike. Deongelo, Steve-73, 148. Deoson, Sallie-73. Dejournette, Gail. Deloach, B111-160. Derrick, Diane-70, 73, 100, 102, 119, 130, 175 Devlin, Pat-73. Drake, Joanne-73, 123. Dukes, Murrey. Dunbar, Marcy-73, 177. Eason, Virginia--73, 105, 113, 122. Echlin, Margie-73 115. Eckert, Gary-73, 154. Edwards, Walt-73, 137. Eggeman, Ben-73. Elder, Terri-73. Ellis, James-119. England, Bo-73, 126, 178. Ester, Dale-73. Evans, Harry--73. Evans, Paula-73, 117. Faber, Ricky--73. Ferguson, William. Fields, Cathy--73. Flynn, Barbara-73. Fawlkes, Martha-73. Frazier, David-73, 137, 179. Freeman, Carol-73, 105. Gallup, Roger--73. Gilbert, Glen. Givens, Eddie-73. Goldberg, Shen?--73, 117, 122, 135, 177. Gray, Nancy- 3, 123, 124, 179. Greene, Kenneth-148. Greene, Norman-74. Greenwood, Collen-74, 120. Greer, Randy--74. Gregory, Charles-74. Gregory, Lee-74. Grimsley, Dianne-74. Grimstead, Tommy-74, 154. Grogam, Dennis-74. Gupton, Frank--74 126. Gary, Janice-74, loo. Haag, Paul-74. Haddock, Donald-74. Haggerty, Pal-74, 117, 123, 124, 126, 178. Holladay, Jennifer-74, 123, 134. Hanna, Timothy-74. Hargrove, Stephen-74. Harlow, Nat. Harper, Linda-74. Hawkins, Jo Ann-74, 101, 118, 130, 175. Higgins, Tommy-74. Hilliard, John-74. Hinrnan, Hugh-74, 102, 124. Howarth, Paul--74. Humphreys, Marvin-74. Hurley, Pat-74. James, Boyd-74. James, Connie-74, 102. Jarvis, Dianne-74. Jernigam, Myra-74, 105, 123, 177. Johnson, Karen-74, 135, 175. Johnson, Earnie-74, 135, 175. Jones, Anne-Gray-75, 117, 102, 105. Jones Zeke--75, 148. Joy, biune-75, 123, 134, 177. Kappler, Sandro-75. Karnes, Martha-75, 134, 177. Katzenberger, George. Kelly, Sean-75. King, Mike-75. Kue n, Bruce-75 116. Lambron, Steve-75, 160. Langley, Mark. Lawson, Alice-75. Leadingham, Alice--75. LoHaHe, Nancy-75. Lee, oberto--75, 123, 129. Linthicum, Sharon-75, 123. Livingston, Virginia-75. Locke, Maureen--75, 134. Mongum, Dennis. Mann, George-75. Marchand ab-75. Marcus, Kay-75 123. Mason, Tonla-75 123, 139. Maxwell, Donna-75 105. Mayo, Frosry-75, 11s, 130. Magnard, Pam-134. Mc ride, Michael. McCants, Jean-75, 105, 123. McConnell, Peg-75. McDermott, Debi-70, 75, 130. McLintock, Robert-75, 148, 154. McNair, Stephen--75. Meier, Monty-75, 126. Metzer, Susan-75, 118. Meyers, Glenn-75 119. Midgett, Mona--76. Milam, Gennes-76, 113, 120, 124. CANDY SALE HELD BY U DERCLASSME Miller, Gary--76, 116, 148. Page, De1:1biz+76. Mills, Kenneth-76, 138. Parker, Roxann-76. Mitcham, Irene-76, 130. Parks, Sherri-76. Moore, 'lerry--76, 124, 137. Peroni, David-76. Mardico, John. Pfingst, Hal-76, 116, 144, 160. Mordica, Micheal-76. Pick, Marsha-76, 130, 177. Morgan, Pam-76, 105, 123, 129. Pinder, Joseph-76. Morgan, Paul-76, 123. Pipkin, Bobby--76. Morris, Laurie-76. Pollack, Jacque-76, 105, 118, 130. Mullahy, James-76. Pollard, John. Newark, Larry-76, 126, 160. Portlcck, David. Newsome Diane-76. Potent, Su-77. Newton, 1Nilliam--76. Pritchard, Debbie-77, 101, 118, 130. Nowers, Beverly-76. Ramsey, Debbi1+123 134. Ochs, John. Rasnick, Laura-77, 130, 177. Ochs, Sandra. Raynor, Joseph-77. O'Meara, Patrick-76. Reed, Richard--77. 224 Reich, Kathy-77, 101, 122, 177. Ronn, Tim-77. Reynolds, Elizabeth-77, 139. Reynolds, John-77 117, 123. Rinebolt, David-77'. Riggs, Larry-77, 178. Rivard, Pat-77, 120, 176, 177. Robbins, Raymond-148. Roberts, Marguerite-123, 139. Robertson, Debi-77 130. Robinson Joseph-77. Roland, Sharon-77 los. Rosenstock, Mark-'77, 116, 137. Rosie, Karen. Rosie, Kenneth. Ross, Thomas. Rowe, Wayne. Rudacil, Charles. Russell, Gary. Rux, Peggy-77, 123, 124. Salodp, John-77, 148. San erlin Robert-77 148 sanerwhsie, Walter-77, 148, io-1. Scappini, Mark-77, l26,' 178. Scurlock, Carolyn--77, 134. Shanahan, Donna-77. Sides, Russell. Silverthrone, Jan. Slmmons, Millicent. Simons, Chris. Smith, Jimmy. Smith, Lynn. Smith, Jimmy-77. Snyder, Joan-77, 134, 178. Springle, Terry-77. Spirelis, Paul--78. Stakes, Mark-78. Strak, Peter-78. St. Arnaud, Phillip. St. Arnaud, Shelia-78. Stevenson, Cliff-78, 101, 137. Stockton, Jake-77, 102, 148. Stone, Ronnie. Styron, Sidney. Stutz, Jud!-78, 105, 123. Sumerlln, raig-78. Tatt, Vicki-78, 134. Terry, Sharon-78, 104, 134. Thomas, Kay-78, 129. Thompson, Pot. Tignor, Matt-126. Tillette, Terry. Tobin, Caroline-78. Todd, Gerald-78. Touch, Maggie--78. Towns, Pom-78, 123, 104, 105. Trammel, Carol-78. Trump, Donald-78. Turner, Pot-78. Ussery, Michael-104. Vann, Debbie-79. Vanagas, Jonno-Dawn-79, 134. VanDyken, Donald--79. Vrobel, Veronica-79 118. wade, Howard-79, lol. Waller, Mary Ann-110, 135. alsh, David-79, 116, 126, 154. ard, Thomas-79. arner, Robert-79. ebster, Donald-79. easter, Larry einbrecht, Joe-79, 160. eirich, Mike-79, 148. eisse, Sarah-79. eller, Jen-79, 123, 135. ells, Robert--79. est, Randy-79, 130. heeler, Karen-79. hife, Diane-79, 104. hite, Randolph. iteleg James-79. leer, horles--79, 104. lags, Janet--79, 102. i ley, Dora-79. illiams, Suzi-79, 117, 124, 134 cod, Mary Ellen-70 ,79. oody, Michele-79, 119, 175. ynne, Billy. illis, Penny-79, 123. ll Ill Nl E Ulla laliosrpo-an Q mp K k'Kqnuu-l . . I illllll , I punad penn! 225 Witcher, Donna-79. Wiviott, Sally-79. PRE-FRESHME Woodburn ,Leslie-79. Wray, Jim-79. Zorn, Pam. Abrams, Sandy-81, 130. Acree, Gail-113. Allen, Carole-81. Allen, Martho-81. Allen, Raymond-81. Alonso, Ruth-81. Amburn, Michael-81. Andrews, William-81. Arvin, Nathan-81. Arnold, Marie--81. Ashburn, Elizabeth-81, 130. Ashburn, Willard-81. Boker, Donald-Bl. Barnes, Claudia-81, 120. Barnett, Jack-81, 104. Barr, Kathryn-81. Baucom, Ricky-81. Bauihmon, Deborah-134. Belc , Susan-81, 105. Belmore, Suzanne-81, 116. Bialy, Ben-Bl. Bill, William-81. Blume, Madeline-122. Bostron, Michael-81. Bowden, Lonnie-81. Boykin, Debra. Bowdoin, Ben-81. Bradshaw, David-80, 81, 100, 101, 1 Brantley, Brenda-81 123. Brantley, Elizabeth-111. Branyan, Andy-B1. Britt, Kyle-81. Brewer, Tony-81. Brown, Terry-81, 123. Brown, Walter-81. Brozeno, John. Bruning, Richard-81. Bunting, Loretta-82, 118. Burns, Carol. Carawan, Linda-82, 102, 105, 179. Carlberg Debra-82, 123. Carter, Charles. Carter, Douglas. Carroll, Florence. Castle, Sharon-82. Cibik, Jacquelinr-82. Claxton, Charles-82. Coker, Karen-82, 175. Colby, Pam-82, 134. Cole, Kathy-82, 113. Coleman, Pat. Coleman, William-82, 156. Compton, John-82. Conway, Joseph. Cooper, Mark-82. Coke, Lennie. Corner, Laurel. Cowort, Blane-82. Cowden, Steve-82, 102. Crute, Joseph--82. Culbertson, Suzanne-82. Curry, Keith-82. Danner, Roger-82, 116. Dayas, Margaret-82. Dennis, Pau -82. De Angelo, Gary--82, 148. De Waters, Sandra-82. Dickerson, Jimmy-82, 101. Dickerson, Sharron. Dietterich, David-82. Dinkins, Richard--B2. Donaldson, Susan--120. Dorton, William-82. Dossey, Don-B2. Drew, Donald-82. Spand Driscoll, John-82. Dunbar, David-82. Early, Kevin-83. Edwards, William-83. Eichman, Erick-83. Evans, Ellen--83. Frantone, Phil-83. Farley, Janet-83. Felton, Jeanette-83. Ferriter, Kathy-83. Fields, Cindy. Evans, Ellen-83. Frantone, Phil-83. Farley, Janet-83. Felton, Jeanette--83. Ferriter, Kathy-83. Fields, Cindy. Flaherty, Judy-82. Flanagan, Thomas-83. Flora, Janet. Floyd, Glenn. Frederick, Susan. Glover, Lorene-83. Gording, Laura. Gordon, Andrew-83. Greene, Mary-83. Grew, David. Critfen, Claudia-83. Hackworth, Debbie-83, 105, 130. Hall, Susan-116. Hall, William-83. Hanna, Gay-80, 179. Hanna, Kevin. Hedges Kathryn-83. Heilancl, -Edward-83. Heinze, Cheryl-83. Henchey, Robert-83. Henderson, Jarnes-83. Herring, Edward-83. Highton, Barbara-83. Hipla, David-83. Hal away, William-83. Hastetler, Katherine-179. Howard, Susie-83. Hunt, Vicki-83. Hunter, Karen-83. Hurst, Anry-83, 1:30. an, une-8 . Inkgsfamw, Cathy-83, 110, 130. lngrarn, Terry-83. Jarvis, Linda-83. Johndrow, Jenny-83. Jordan, Brenda-83. :cordan,TNeil. 84 am , om- . Kanzinvach, Carol-84 130. Km, Suzannr-84, 136. cieverlyaz-84. Laelenbelzk cleaner-111. Leclaire, Chris-84. ml Le 1 ' , T m-84, . Letdhgfdt, Elorchen-84. Lindemann, Marianne-84, 179. Lipp, Bonnie--84. Loptien Cynthia. bucals, Bga.une?E4. u rs, nc- . Lugia, Nanette-84, 102, 130. Lumsden, Lois-84, 134. ons, ie- . Axace, Benjamin--84. Mackinnon, George-84. Magee, Pete-84. Malbon, John-84. Mm" D35l'E8"' 84 an es, e-- . manging, Gxvilhe-84, 134. annin , am--8 . martimgglarlannfa-84. n, une- . Mgthews,lMilIand-84, 101, 178. matzes, Deblife-84. a ob-8 . mggrldel, Larjzine-841 n, ames-8 . MCF::Elni'1, William-84. McNamara, Kathy-84. Meier, David--85. Menser, Dennis-85. Merkt, Lise-134. Middleton John-85. Miner, Robert-85. Miller, Velua. Mitchell, David-85. Mitchell, Mark-85. Monahan, Anne--179. Mangold Deborah-85. Moore, terry-na, 175. Morris, Christine-85. Morris, Ronald. Morrison, Roberta. Murrell, Nancy. Myers, Cathy. Nagle, Nancy-102, 104, 123, 129. Needham, George-85. Newbern, Claire. Nowers, Larry. Oliver, Jeff-85. Oliver, Nancy. Oliver, Steve. Owen, Nancy. Parker, Donna-113, 130. Pasqualino, Renato-85. Patterson, Randall-85, 178. Payne, Charles-85. Peebles, Gerald-85. Peevey, Pam-85, 130. Peloquin, Charlene. Peloquin, David-85. Perry, Brenda-135. Pierce, Randall-85. Pitkin, .loan-85, 130. Pitt, Travis-85. Price, Anthony-85. Priest, Fenton-85, 160, 178. Proctar, James. Redburn, Tracy-85. Respess, Robert-85. Richards, Christy-85. Richardson, Gary-85. Rlley, Betty. Roark, Randi. Rose, Regina. Rountree, Diane-85, 113. Royal, Scottt-85, 148. Rubendall John-85. Rumfen, Michael-as. Russel, David-86. Russell, Clifford. Ryder, Everett-86. Salerni, Larry-86. Sala , Cassandra-123. Sangerlin, Pat-80, 86, 100, 102, 179. Saunders, Skip-86. Seay, Jerry-86. Shaner, Benjamin-86. Shannon, Colleen-86, 102. Simmons, Darlene-86. Simmons, Kathy--86, 134. Simons, Joseph-86, 160. Whitaker, John-87. white, John-a7. Willey, Charlie-87. Williams, Anne. Williams, Helen-187, 102, 128. Williams, Roger-87. Williams, Holloway. Williams, Maury-80, 87, 105. Williams, Robert-87. Williams, Tchermauin-87. Williams, Terri-129. Wilson, Charles-87. Wolf, Robert-87. Wright, Thornas-87. Young, Sharon-87, 134. Adams, P A ollni, S e99Y-89. usan-89. Aaen, Richard-89. Allen, Vir ginia-89. Ambrose, Gary-89. Armstrong, Judy-89. Armstrong, Mike-89. Andrass Debra-89. Ansell, Phyllis-89. Auchenbaugh, Dal:-P-89. Austin, Cary-89. Babashanian, Kathryn-89. Baker, Glenn-89. Bailey, Kathy-89. Ballard, Bill-89. Bannerman, Benny-89. Barnett, George-89. Barnett, Linda-89. Basnight, Francis-89. Battle, Linda-89. Beale, Roberta-89. Beale, Ronnie--89. Beanan, Walter--89. Beard, Sharon--89, 113. Belton, Norman-89. Bennett, Ronnie-89. Sink Claudia-86. Smalley, Ray-86. Smalley, Robert-86, 116. Smith Frank-86. Smith, Geoffrey--86. Smith, Glenn--86, 116. Smith, Jett-B6. Smith, Marsha-86. Smith, Paul. Smith, Russell. Smith, Sammy-86, 160. Smith, Yancey-86, 113, 139. y, David-86. Spillane, Lynne-86, 113. Stein, Melani-104. Striffler, Peter-86, 144, 160. Suddeth, Keith-86, 148, 154. Sullivan, Mark-86, 154. Sumerlin, Walter-86. Tatterson, Pat-86, 104. Taylor, Steve-86. Terry, Kim-86. Tharp, Lewis-87. Thomas, Cynthia-87, 122. Thompson, Thomas-122. Todd, Ronald-87. Trammel, Gerald. Trant, Thomas-87. Treadwell, George--B7. Tumbull, Kathy-87. Vita, Vincent. Wallace, Phil-87, 148. Watson, Charles-87. Weir, Lynda-87. Wertz, Mary. Wheeler, Cathy-87, 134. 226 Berge, Valerie-88, 89. Beumer, Bruce-89, 122. Blain, Susanna-89. Blair, Renea-89, 105. Blanchard, Fred-89. Blandenship, Gary-89. Blankenship, Vicki-89. Blum, Teddie-89. Bonham, Sherry--89. Boroody, Lynn-89. Bowdoin, Charles-89. Brehl, Becky--89, 113. Brlckhouse, Alice-89. Bridges, Bob-89. Bridwell, Donna-89. Brien, John--89. Brimson, Robert-89, 178 Brinson, Mellissia-89. Brockman, Paul-89. Brogon, Linda-90. Brooks, Catherine-90. Brown, Connie-90. Brown, Kathleen-90. Brown, Ken-90. Brown, Sheila-90. Bryan, Kathy-90, 104. Bunn, Wade-90. Busbie, Patsy-90. Burton, Donna-90. Burton, John-90. Butler, Debbie-90. Byers, Sue Ellen-90. Byrd, Buddy-90. Callahan, Nancy-90, 113, 139 Carey, Blain-90. Carpenter, Garg-90. Carroll, Kay- 0. Carter, Joanna-90. Carter, Sonny-90. Chapman, Robin-90. Coates, Larry-90. Coe, Steve-90, 139. Condon, Ronald-90, 126. Conway, Susan-90. Cornick, Antony-90. Cornick, Debra-90. Cottonn, Karer+90. Cowling, Gay-90, 104, 129. Craft, Sally-90, 113. Crockett, Jernon-90. Grosby: William-90. Crouc , Calvin-90. Cruz, Eddie-90. Culwell, Joan-90. Dailey, Aldustus--90. Dalia, Jett-90. Daniel, John-90. Davidson, Holly-90, 102. Davidson, Richard-90. Davis, Carol-90. Day, Ned--90. oeiany, Jill-90. Delooch, Susan-90. Dmoch, Nancy-90, 104. Doxey, Don-90. Doyle, William-91. Drake, Wesley-91. Dunbar, David-91. Dunnan, Debbie-91, 113, 139. Dyor, Jane-91, 105. Dysart, Drew-91. Echlin, Debbie-91. Edwards, David-91. Edwards, Sharon-91. Eggman, John-91. Elder, Elizabeth-91. Etheridge, Larry-91. Etheridge, Steven-91. Evans, Floyd-91. Evans, Hank--91. Evans, Henry-91. Evans, Pat-91. Ferguson, Dovid-91. Farris, Anita-91, 139. Fields, Cole-91. Fitts, James-91. Flanagan, Cathy-91. Flynn, Donald-91. Fondren, Sandy-91, 102. Forbes, Nancy-91. Fowler, Steve--91. Francisco, George-88, 100, 102. Gallup, Pom-91. Garred, Wendy-88, 91, 104, 105. Garrow, Lynn-91. Gentile, Gayle-91. Gibson, Sandra-91. Gotwald, Jo-91, 104. Graeff, Mary-91. Jeffers, Pam-93, 116. Jennette, John--93. Johnson, Tony-93. Johnson, Craig-93. Johnson, Evan-93. Johnson, Morleene--93. Graham, Jermaine-91. Graham, Margot-91. Gregory, Bernicw91. Gregory, Patricia-91. Gregory, Paul-91. Grimstead, Mark-91. Gross, Stephonii+91. Haag, Mary-91. Hall, Glengary-91. Hall, Michael-91. Halloday, Michael-91. Halstead, Helen-92. Hamrich, Gary--92, 101. Hamilton, Thomas-92. Hanna, Kevin-92. Hardy, Linda-92. Hargrove, Sherry-92. Harksen, Pam-92. Harrison, William-92. Hartzog, David-92. Hemoson, Robert-92. Hawkins, George--92. High, Donald-92. Highton, Brenda-92. Hill, Sherry-92. Holland, Jeannce92, 101, 104. Holland, Susan-92, 139. Hoots, Kathy-92. Hortsman, Bill-93. House, Edwin-93. Houser, Jimmy-93. Howard, Kathy--93. Hudgins, James-93. Hummer, James-93. Humphries, Brian-93. Humphries, Joyce--93. Hurley, Ginny-93. Jackson, Harold-93. Jackson, Robert. anzen, Martin-93. arvis, Edwin-93. arvis, Lonnie-93. Jordon, Donna-93, 105. Kellikan, Jim-93. Kight, Rebecca-93. King, Gay-93. Kingdom, Celeste-93. Kitt, Wesley-93. Lampman, Lester-93. Longley, Tom-93. Leadinghom, Valerie-93. Lee, Harry-93. Lokerse, Steve--93. Longworth, Nancy-93, 120, 122. Luehrs, Leslie-93. MacClory, David-93. Machen, Phil-93. MacKay, Elizabeth-93. MacLane, James-93. Mangum, Nanci-93. Manning, Tommy-93. Manor, Reuben-93. Marsh, James-94. Martin, Bruce--94. Martinette, Bonnie-94, 120 Mason, Pat-94. Mathews, Micheal--94. Mayo, Mark-94. Mault, Trudy-94. May, Margaret-94. May, Tom-94. McBride, Denisle94. McClees, David'-94. McClure, Beverly--94. McCullough, James-94. McCullough, Lynn-94. McDare, Gerri-94. McElueen, Jack-94. Mclntyre, Donna-94. McKean, Thomas-94, 178. McKenna, James-94. McLeskay, Terrie-94. McMahon, Ivan-94. McNamera, Deborah-94. McNamera, Kevin-94. Merky, Karen-94. Meyers, Johnny-94, 160. Midgett, Sumner-94. Miller, Lee-94. Miller, Richard-94, 178. Minerd, James-94. Minsen, Daniel-94. Monaghan, Michael-94. Montogino, Patti. Moody, Donna Jean-95. Morgan, Samuel--95. Morrell, Deborah-95. Morrisette, James-95. Morse, Theresa-95. Mosley, Bee-95. Moss, Jane-95. Moss, Nancy. Mott, Glenda-95, 104. Murden, lngerlise-95. Murphy, Marilyn-95. Nichol, Michael-95. Norman, Larry. 0'Neill, Patricia-95. Parker, Donna--95. Parker, Sharon-95. Payne, David--95. Payne, Doylm+95. Payne, Wesley. Pickett, Laura-95. Pope, David-95. Porter, James-95. Porter, Marsha-95. Powers, Vance-95. Proffitt, Ronnie-95. Pullin, Darrett-95. Purdy, Linda-95. Purvis, Linda-95, 116, 13 Quigg, Richard-95. Quist, Fred-95, 139. Raines, Allen-95. 227 9. PRE-FRESHMEN OUT UMBER ALL CTHER CLASSES Ramsey, Cecil--95. Rayfield, Diane-95. Roynor, Janet-95. Rehn, Joanne--95. Reynolds, Barbara-95. Reynolds, Marianne-95. Reynolds, Roxanne. Richard, Debbie-95. Ritchie, David-95, 120. Rittenhouse, Ann--95, 104. Robbins, Cheechee-95. Robinson, Debrah-95. Robinson, Melinda-95, 117. Ronham, Cheryl-95. Rork, Sharon-95, 116, 139. Rose, Charles-95. Rosen, Thomas. Rosen, Whit-95. Rosenstock, Steve-96. Rosie, Donald-96. Ross, Peggy-96. Roughton, Deborah-96, 102, 139. Rouse, Michael--96. Rubendall, Steyr-96, 120. Rudiger, Sherry-96, 104, 113. Solerni, Nancy-96. Sanderlin, Bill-96. Santti, Patty-96, 104. Schulz, Jaquin-96. Selbey, Cynthis--96. Sewell, Robert-96, 102. Shannon, Brett-88, 96, 100, 102 Sheely, Alan--96. Shelby, Sue-96. Shield, Jeffrey-96. Shipp, Georgt+96, 104. Silverthorne, Nancy--96. Simmons, Kathy-96. Simpson, Patty-96, 113. Smith, Barbara-96. Smith, Brooke96. Snider, Jimmy-96. Sones, Jimaye-96. Sproull, Ruth-96. Stakes, Becky-96. Steele, Debbie96. Stuart, Bill--96. Stubbs, Becky-96. Sumerlin, Curtis-97. Sundt, Richard. Taylor, Melissa-97, 110, 120. Thomas, Richard-97. Thomas, Tommy-97. Thompson, Robert. Thorpe, Kay-97. Threinen Vince-97. Touch, Teresa-97. Tripp, John-97. Trump, Dexter-97. Tucker, Linda-97, 102. Turner, James-97, 101. Turner, Randall-97. Vandervoort, Linda-97. Vann Sherryl-97. via, Mark-97 io4. vac, Richard-67. Vita, Vincent-97. Wade, Richard-97. Wainwright, Howard-97. Walker, Edgar-97. Walters, Brenda-97. Watertield, Freddle-97. Webster, Gary-97. Wells, Carlton-97. Welton, Douglas-97. Whelton, Suzanne-97. White, Michael. Whitehurst, Robert-97. Wilcher, Rixey-97, 116. Wilesome, Richard. Williams, Brenda-97. Wilson, Gary-97. Wilson, Michael-97, 116. Wilson, Richard. Wood, Stephen-97. Wood, Susan-97. Wynkoon, Torn-97. Young, Billy-97. 228 a yearbook-an annual- the TALON. to remember the years of learning and friends, events and activities. achievements and failures through faculty and classes, clubs, sports, and student life. the '67 departure with hopes and the future ahead. 9 5 the embers still glowing with a promise. to build a new, different, and totally unique series of aspirations. longing to ignite a new fire. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who made the 1967 Talon possible. Thank you, Miss Lohr, for your understanding and patience when the vote was two to one. Thank you, Becky Zenk, for writing and rewriting our copy and Larry Thatcher for the countless hours spent producing pictures asked for at a moment's notice. Thank you, Staff, for your needed assistance and patience with us at our odd moments. Thank you, administration and faculty, for your co-operation at all times, Thank you, Mr. Perry for your inspiration and guidance and Mr. Mclntosh, for your time andsenergy. -Cathy Holland and Becky Taylor, Editors The 1967 Talon was published by Hunter Pub- lishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Caro- lina. The Hunter representative for the Talon was John Perry. Photography was done by Mclntosh Studios. The advisor to the Talon was Miss Susan Lohr, and the editors were Cathy Holland and Becky Taylor, 231 I Winston-Salam HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY 0 Nath Carolina JOHN G. PERRY, VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA F.. ,UP .M fs: -' ' 'A -f' if. - api- . , 4' 14- 'Q 5 xfvfifreff 5-74? ' ii , -H 5"':ff1 .. 1 .f, fvug-'QXF1 A , V 4, Ll ,ay Mg: ,, ,V . 1.1 1. 1 , . . ...,:,:4. 'E i , .. l 1 1 - .fp 1 A I 5 ,I -. .Y -2- ,- A it-, ...5g,L4 U ,A-' A, .,4..0,f . .,. . J- . sz L1 45 .1 'A-. w , . ,. x, A x . xl "H-.311 . . . I., ,. nf. 5'-,..' fr j 'Wqifi Ny' - Ji10'f- .QQ . .ww ' wmifmmil

Suggestions in the Frank W Cox High School - Talon Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) collection:

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Frank W Cox High School - Talon Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 140

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Frank W Cox High School - Talon Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 45

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Frank W Cox High School - Talon Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 71

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Frank W Cox High School - Talon Yearbook (Virginia Beach, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 59

1967, pg 59

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