Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN)

 - Class of 1982

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Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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U' Y- - -t - --V.-lg!-wr S! Mm UV' Q5f 97? L, 'Q 0 ' ' MMV f f Z by jjj OJ fAv'f'f1'7 f' 7 LfcUXi'Cf f Qu? load 611 W ' C71 ' 4 ' 6 L 7 I 4 A,f:f,m, f fi ' J Jwjjffwy WM f MU! 445011 f a,m Nw rgggd 51454, W7M, Wm Ljgili V2 1117 0255 !L UkA1 U QLWME A N' U j X QU V' Qix, N, Uxfyh . Q7 pl af 'VK V +013 WM giigfgwcf mi U7 Vf0UuH6L,LQ f Qjjwkff wr 4 M49 cl mn! ,dafflfblfafmj ' M my Cfflwgfp ' ' gown OL MALL , Pfwvi QWM Www F S52 uf, if XA' 'QM-xx 650 Mx x ' ig 55 Q3 Twwf ED "W ww A G QQSXNQ Lzgwp 'VU Egiisg 220 Sffyuf? 32231 P SMB - ' 2 WWMLQMMW ,f 670k N ,,b, ,H bv .g X 4034535 if Law K , ff ff yy M iff Q,,,,glJhO Vq,Lfz1ifJf"Z,vQR9olf5Jp, vw W JD gf ffjfwgf W Qlfji Wyyiif jgqgflff A W , Y gd fjbdv' Aijxg 0 L, H Q QWW 4 W' '. svxgfibtgfjgf 5613135 3 S OM! CR 4 Gigi? QOQQQQQHQSE WfL mi' iwifif N of ovwudalldyulcw ,sw l f W ff HMWWWWWMWJM , Q - S! fylppfpw k61 i'CQll' Q - ws-wacm LM Q vw1Q,Q?i?5vaJwmWi S5 W3 VQQV W s MM WW WMM VWZVQAQXZQ A if WZZLMMWWMMQ mm W 5 5 31726 V0 -PYVUQ WU , - 5 CQ magxalnv QQ wwf WWW QQ ?dg954ZWw??'yr ikxwrf W ' 'W W' FRANK mm r HM WJ Am' 6 d,lff'3f lfuffff 9,411 A NJCLW bd Efimk MQ, W ww! U73 150 B. KELLGGG 15 EAST counw ROAD BQ uma CANADA, mlAAe:soTA W EQUESTRIAN, 1980 Q QT y3w VOLUME 16 X AA, A Am W A A A JN 257A AQ 'A C A WM A,E.EE WWWJSW E A A'A A XE ' U iq" Prom Kshort for promenadej is a special and exciting time for those who attend. Following in the spirit ot "Precious and Few," dancers gather to capture these eternal moments, an evening of scented flowers, a crisp tuxedo, dinner by Candle- light and friends-May 5, l 979. IV' is L 1 tb x Q.. in lx wang 4 V me My ,f fin ffl V fii, , 'ggt v E A-Jw' i H -if ww -X, Q Homecoming skits give the stud en ts a chance to de- cide which candidates they want tor King and Queen. Each skit involves one King and one Queen candidate. The skits were held on Monday, Qc- tober l . The Hrst skit, by Ka- ren Teipel and Tom Zarem- binski, involved a search tor a homecoming King and Queen. 'l4rterella", the second skit, involving Ann Grotenhuis and Art Kealy, was patterned after the story of Cinderella. The Third was "The Bong Show" by Zoanne Brown and Dave Flatten. Concluding the show was Beth Larson and Howie Braatens skit "Howie 's Heroes" in which the Super Heroes helped search for their kidnapped Queen. if' To the rescue Kermit and friends Any resemblance ? , M. No evil Announcers 'Potential royalty" Barbershop Hduetff Angels ? I Gauls Plqge """"""" A R0!V.47! can Jfwfaes an -f. ..xx.. , Z..- xg x ff J i i' V S 1- , .. .. F S E iigqj ,. .... X 5 k W' vase. as fx ww as . I I .,,f--" 317' ' A , ,' ,,.,, , -. ft Nu...- 5 A ,wa , . at wk' ' X-4 ream wa y "Oh no! I forgot our lines!" H nge The King and Queen Candidates M Mike Haagenstad sings the Homecoming theme "Dream Away Home." Ann is crowned Homecoming Queen. This year's Homecoming Coronation was held on Mon- day, October lst. The concert choir sang "Sentimental lourney" under the direction ot Mr. Mllard lohnson. King Arthur Kealy and Queen Ann Grotenhuis Milce Haagenstad sang the theme song, "Dream Away Home", and also "Come in From the Rain. " The speakers were athletic director Fred lohnson, and our principal Milo Gaul. Kurt Eclcstrom and Shellie Noland, last yeare royalty, were on hand to crown the new King and Queen ot 1979, Art Kealy and Ann Grotenhuis. 31111 Bruce Thorpe reflecting in "The Grateful Gracluate".' 'Our American responsibill ity is such that each of us must be aware of and par- ticipate in change. We must establish the change neces- sary and then even more importantly control that es- tablished change .... ' -a. 2 "Let her pay."' 1 King Arthur and Guinevere ti Can? I get in free?" Here, let me help you Disco Rik Following the victorious football game T21-JO over the Blaine Bengalsj, Kellogg students moseyed over to the Homecoming Dance. The cafeteria was hlled with the roclc sound of "Probe" as students mingled. When "Probe" took a break, senior Mlce Haggenstad accompanied his mellow solos- "Dream Away Home" and "Come in From the Rain. " The Dance? "Oopsl They 're looking. " vg- ,f"T'x l ohn Tra vol ta 'I 3 m 5?-3 MTB' Cm ro The American Field Service student present- ed their annual talent show followed by the hilarious donkey basketball competition be- tween .faculty and students. ,mm hw -if kj W y v xx rw- J Q . . v ,HUM NX-We re 1 ee nocent baby sophs. 'A KX ,Of 1 'f , IJ 1 1. 1 li. , J: K ,. Xxx! jf , ai' fi .x j . x I .I . x fmt? 4 w K Xt 5 QQ i c it C7 ,,.. xi NX fi! XX Q ' 1 ,xp 309991 K "I'm tree Friday night . . . ?" "Com syrup, molasses and kitty litter! Um-m,m good." Before . . . Aner' Y 1 Z Q 1 'alayhi ,s11 1 JFK SENI OR-I TI GLORIA ACOSTA Good times with A.L., P.B., di L.S., Best triend Mike, Perch, T.H., TM., M. T., Summer 79, Spooner, C.D.B., . . . Thanks Kellogg. KEITH ADAMS HM ADDINGTON Hi Nowl, Bike trip, Bizcakes, Rochester, Light Blue Action, Rose gold, C.P.R., Yearbook 7, Pick- le, Lane change, Mucho Spater, Hey- itfs been real.'.'.' HM ALBERT B.S., RG., CN., TO., TR., Sadie 78, Summer 79, Nasty? Perkins, Rose, C.M, S.P., "Battles- quane.", "Class of QSO." L UIS ALB URNOZ CARLA ANDERSON Brian, Vadnais, "53"Ford, The Park, CBs, M.R., LB., R.B., Kansas, ELO, Kicks, lane s, Pizza, Du- luth, Thanks Dad and Mom. HOWIE ANDERSON IEFF ANDERSON Homework leveryone else 'sl Kauder and Home- coming 79, Basketball 79, Knot '77 or 782, Base- ball, Am. Lite, Rock 'n Roll, Free and Flyinf RENEE ANDERSON E.C., Camelot, Mink, lncredible, Oz, You take the low road, Tll take the high, Urbana, Where he leads, Tll go. GARY ANDERT DA VE ANDREWS TOM ARCAND Welcome to the NS., Break out of your shell, ball and chain, come on, letfs take the track, Tom. DIANE ARIOLA Skiing, Colorado ski trip, Slalom, Homecoming 79, Supertramp and Boston, Drafting, Track, Mr. Steak, Afton, Friends, a great three years' JENNIFER ARONSON Never enough timel, DB., R.L., Dances, Proms, Hugs, Nextl, M.B. di B,M, M'goomba,' P.A., Reeeerl, Plays, France, Thrush, Summer 79, Bear. SCO TT ASH WOOD Fridleyfs, The Rose, Thelan's, Celephane, leaves, LB., Duluth, Kicks games, Colorado, Rocky Hor- ror, Soccer, Mr. Smith, CV Pool, Phacochere, Kathy. 3. . .- A'-L, A X ,RX -ff LYNN ASPL UND Swimming, '79 Conference Champs, Super Rat, Kristy Fried, 5:45am, Hurry up Lynnl, BOOIW, Di, Schwartz, VW, Prom '79, Elrandir? CARY A URANDT Crazy, Guys, 1.2.3, Dating, Party, P.W, Freedom, 20, lam. to 2 am., LA UGHS. ANN AXDAHL D.L., Suckerman, Yip Hp, Prom '79, 5:45 am, Pebbles-Pink Suit, BOONE, Colorado- 'locked in!" GTGE ROXANNE BAPRIEAU DANI BARTZ Gymnastics, St. Cloud, Hawaii, Valentines '79, cheering, soph, Am. Life, "I guess", SP., len, Thanks for special friends and memories. ANNE BASTCH Valencia, Twin lOO, Camelot, Oz, The War ls Over, Mt. Norway, Lutsen, Valentines, Prom '79, D.N., 2lfC.s, L.N. Greatness. SUE BECKER MD. WSpecial, BJ. 49 C.S. 'For sure . . . Okay", Smilin 'lack, 'Summer '79", Bonhres, Homecom- ingfsl, Twinzie, Espicodego . . . good friends, softball, Florida. PATRICK BEDNORZ ERIN BELLAND Champlin, Hospital, concert, Canada, Hawaii, Boettners, Sophomore kidnapping, Leslies, Pe- tainer, Bemidji, Bahamas, 50th, Dan, 17th, Brace- let, Poem, Surgery, BaliHai, DJ. ROSEANN BELLAND T916 Vo Tec busj, I VC Portable tunes, To all my class mates "Good Luck and Love in the future! " "Show 'em your nutsl" LINDA BENNETT Birthday, Put, Tr.B., Football, Soccer, Kicks, Rubber Ducky, Brittania, Tailgate, Harpo, Bets, Vany, Chickens df Dinosaurs, Great friends 1:9 memories, Proverbs l8'24. MARIA BENNETT KRIS BENSON Halloween df New Years 77, Pepsi df ?, Lauras red cadillac, Canadian Days Penneys, station, Curb jumpinf Back roads, Schneds. DA WNA BEPG KRIS BERGQUIST CONFERENCE CHAMPS! Super Rat, 5.'45am, BOOIWN Burnie, 13-15, Kicks, River Falls Tootsf, Mankato, Hawaii, "79. LORI BEUTHLTNG Camping '79, Wendys, Homecoming, Powder Putt, Lillipop girls, 1983, dreaming and then laughing, to the bestest, Gert, Tressel, Friends, memories! TENNY BIERMEIER Tl Swann, Mille Lacs, Mr. and Mrs., Ron, Beer Butt, Lindy, lonathan Paddletord, Thumpers, No' vember 24, See yas . . . BECK Y BLES Homecoming '79, good triends, parties, tun times, carrot, wild and crazy kinda gal, bowling, rose, cabin, yearbook, Sadie Hawkins, games. TIM BLADE BLAAADE, Wipeout, YL., Castaway, Ranch, G.A., l ,2,3, Pork, Babes, Kicks, Voluptously suc- culentl, Oz, Camelot, Pokerll, NP., mass moon, Good triends, Good times' MICHELE BLANCK I will never torget the good times with some good triends. PC., Al., T.H,, RH., RS., etc ... Thanxs and good luck always. SCOTT BOND Hockey, invitation, Tamarak, Scoobs, Helens, Spooner, Keller, Crazy Baby, Moorhead, Kellogg Pride, yeah man, lam, CDB, parties, Rootsky, Rose, skits. RACHEL BONSACK IEFF BORN Good Friends, the Dart, the Chevy, the truck, The Rose, the suicide pinch, DB., B.B., great times . . . MICHELLE BOROWSKA SARA BOSSENMAIER Third Party, Varsity Rollers, Whip, C.R., LA., B. W., Cabins, V.B., Track, Grote, R-wrist, l TYM ?, POPS '78, Football Games, OS, nose-elblw: Help MIKE BOVY Athews, VLF, YOU PAHADRELIST, Mnnesota Prowler, Summer Parties, WR., 4 X 4s., ltfs hnal- ly over, CORE Y BOWES l HOWIE BRAATEN Sophomore Football 464, lunior Football oops, Track tun, Hockey Games, Rene, Thanks tor the good times Kellogg, Good Luck Everyone' DAPHNE BRANSON New laces, Graduation K6-5802, Thanks Noies- cen, DECA, Parties, Those were good times! DONAZELL BRANSON Track, Variety Show, Sadie Hawkins, Prom, Fox Trap, 94, Party, Friends, S.L., L.C., C.G., Love to T.l., Good-bye, ' 'T' - 1 8 V . aw 'ii CHN ,kv-1, 'Q- TR' -. 'Uk KA THY BRENNAN Cheerleading, Duluth, Hearthside, Bosley, Hunch Back, Sausage, Beerboom, IB, 23, Lakes, Halk, Wellp, Flashers Friskie, Tigger, Pool Shark, Fireball, DAN BREUER "CALIFORNIA FEVERH Parties ot BO, "CROSS COUNTRY BIKENH Minn Blues Led Zep, "High Litew "Class ol ION BROTH U TON ZOANNE BROWN Bucks T-4-Montana "Move over let me drive,','."' Homecoming 79' -The Best' Skirts, Brainerd, 56 Chevy-IS. S,N.A.F U. House- UMD-KESSI' KRISTIE BRUEHLING Beach Bums Rarties Rondo thai Good time with Denny Taylors Falls, Apple River, Memorial Weekend, Rastrami, Lazy Summer Days. IIM BRUNNHUBER RICHARD BUCKLEY IR. DIANA BUSE "I.A." Sharon, Iulie, Grand Kids tGrandmal Greg, Rev Linda, Nancy, Lori "Thanks tor the Great Friendships", BRAD BUYS Kevin, Brenda, Wrestling, Sailing, Hunting, A new beginning-A better ending-Mich1gan-Ke- vins bird, our tuture, Taylors Falls, T Lake. DA WN B U YS Skiing, "Hit the trails", HC. 0 S.C,, R-R Right, Volleyball, Chchch, Rafts Zonin, IS. Bianco, tam- ily, Special Friends and Memories lorever. ernie if 2 P, WR. BRAD CAMITSCH MARIANNE CARIS IULIE CARLSON Valencia' AB. Summer 79, YB, CI, Ultimate, Cheerleading, SSS, Cardiral pultputl, "Whos in that Car?' Gymnastics Wyatt Earp. GOOD TIMESH IEANETTE CARRELL Honkl B.L., 50s, Iulie, Bluevan, Excursions, Hockey-Moorehead, Cheerleading, Ropshop stops. soccer, N.B. Owasso, Soph Summer, Thanks Mark. GINA CASA DECAL VO Wendys, Kicks games, Too much, IR, IS, KK, 73' Chevy, a night at V Vadnis, Homecoming 791 RH, Go Rams, MR, I'm ready, white teeth, Lo- brary Gang. PA UL CERYES HENNING CHRISENSEN "Katta Bra, Men, Kellogg Best," Thanks For a Great Year at Kellogg! KEVIN CHRISTENSEN Wired, Lunch, DUCK, Cruising in the Bird, Rob- stonka, Busted at Taylors, Snow, Parties, Koud Mobiles, Skiing, Friends, Mller Kept US Going, B.B! SUSAN CHRISTIANSEN Good FRIENDS, Gymnastics, Music, '79 Prom, Sadie Hawkins: Iohn, Bay Lake, Chuch Re- treats, Ski Trip Nhchigan, B.WC.A., Florida, Sunrises. CHRIS CHU 60-40 Santa Frisch and ThanksgivFULL, Krop- hshski, Reemichstangroridley, Wheres F.S. ll.C.l H.S.? Wl-IEE Palisades, Homecoming '78 and 84! From via Altitude BONSAL! Daytes, . . . Mushball, , , . WAI WU V WU! CHRIS COENEN Summer ot' '79, Staying up until dawn, Kicks, Florida and Her Goatwoman, Thanks to my Spe- cial FRIENDS: Sheila, Mardie, Shelly, lean, MIKE COLON Bald Heads, Crowbars, Stop signs, Rochester, 'Cuda, Kicks games, GO HAR V! Poison Ivy, Les- sons at Como, Mice, IC: WYB, PB. PARK, Ann. GENO C OLONNA COLLEEN CONROY Larse, LR., Mase, Roy+ Zack, Sparky! Mnter '79, Soph. Year, Sadie '78, Perch, Rose! Hand- shake! ?! P. W., boxes, leanettes house, "Clic!" CARELIE COMBE Dime a dozen, compa, Boom! No-Doz, tarantulas, you make me laugh, Who this time ?! Free advice, Good Iriends, SKI MARK COSSA CK California Rambling '79, Prom '79, Physics, Ani- mal House, "Gassers", After football games, Bos- ton Concert, American Existance, "disco-chemis- try" K.K. GOODBYE! MIKE COSTA Rightloe . . . 4 wheelin, Alignment, Taylors Falls, Lambrusco, Haunted House I. O. Waterskiing, County RD. C, Harry 's boat. Hit the Damsite. DEBBIE COX CARL CRIS T Mhthout Science Hction lite itself would be im- possible. With Science Hction lite is alot more livable. Long live Doctor Who!!! I ULIE CROSBY E:2fs::f551:s!?5'aL:r rm:-1: X wa . . , M33 .. . W 'lim' W ft, K ,L ,p si W' 6 W is li R X E S5 - n ff' .. L 'x:1T75-7 V'!f"W"v 1 JUN yr .u Z of? X 4.15 MITZY CULLEN CMCC, Hne, l'm Sure, Ice Cream Social, TK, Eive, Exactly, Bushmen, The Lex, Ouingie, I be- have, Mountains, GIO, unsoph, Serbic, FCA, SK, PHIL 3: l2. BARB CURTIS Linda 's birthday, clowning Homecoming, Foot- ball Games, Find voo-doo dolls, Tailgaiting at the Met, "We're finally out of this x-Lg hole. RICH CZECH KIYA, Spooners, Iunction, TULL, C.D.B., Cabin, Big Sandy, skiing, party, Sept. I7, Mller Time, Good Times, PBR, Hockey letdown. MIKE DAHLQUIST Numbers men, Colo. 79, Bird, Every time- MC quits, right Kev? Donna, KI, Put-put, friends- ale ways room for more. DAN DEAN Lori, C.C., Dessert, E.P. St. Iohns Track, St. cloud, State, H.S. S.R.X. Forest Lake, Pound of Bacon, 6-I-79, Antlers, C.A.S.L ANNE DEGAYNE1? Soccer, 41, MC-Guy, I2f26f78 Pudder, Pre- cious, Tiger, Tob, PG,-Per, "Well?", P.YA.M, Betcha, Red Tomatoe, Props, 9f23f79, Thanks Allll. GREG DEMARS Radison, Wrestling, DEMO, 50s Dance, Spoon- erville, Homecoming skits, Charlie Daniels, I unc- tion, Kabas, Hopes, CR SHOT, All the good times, Yahoo,'.'.','.', Grad parties, The CORNER, KAREN's. CARRIE DEMULLING Girls STA TE, Ceta, Diving, Softball, Rose Bowl, BOOM.'.'.', Ilocis, 53, 5, IT, BS., D,Wf, ID. DA VE DE VOU T Bighorns, Isle Royale, Senior HIGHS INCI, home- work, Iazz I-Duluth, CBE, Pop Concerts and Track. Its been great. Thanxl. MIKE DI TTEL MOM. Picnic, Dads Model A, Challenger BREAKDOWN, YZ 400 CRASH, Track Bus, Car- ol Andrews, "Beach Closed CRAZ'YSwimmers, OH' Michael. MIKE DODOR TIM DORDELL "Hes PE TER."', hveeman lift, red underwear, Butch, alarm clocks, mere picon, fout-merde, er, levitity, Senior Hall Patrol, H PM PN Ppm gom msttl wh I MICHAEL DOROFF GAIL DOYLE Stanley, WY.Y.A.I.L..' Summer of 79, BERTS blue-frosting, PA TTI 'S Peppermint schnapps, and kathy's Kisses .' Good friends-Great-Times. RONALD DUFRENE Lessons-Como, mice, Radisson, Skits, At a jog, pm, tt, mc. ag, kb, and especially Anita P., Tay- lors Falls, Friday mornings and nights. RON EGGERT Skiing, Hoi toi, king Dog, Miller time '66, Spoon- erville, high times with high friends, fer, C.M ffl the gang, thanx Rae. TODD EKSTROM Soccer X79 "Serious as a heart attackn California summer, Snowbird powdwer, wild card parties, Styx, "radical" and MP. ALEX ELDER Bighorns, "Ready, highspeed turn at go", Sound of Music, Camelot, Oz, "UNGOWAH"!, On the Rocks, Marching Band, TRON MAN TIM ELGAARD CHRIS ELTASSON Oct 21 77-78 prom 79 Soph Kidnap Fire dizzy cards S. V., K.S., a lot of good times di memories, good luck to K 6? l MONICA ENGEBRETSON My friends, you know you are. These things are clear to all from time and time again. The best! DA VE' ENGER fob at Pennys, summer of '79, mornings in the lib, teddy, chicks, memorable trips to the cabin, San Diego and Chicago, '69 Ford lorangej. SUE ENGLEBERT Memories: sharing lockers, homework, having great friends and fun. A lively fun time of high expectations- on to the future' BETH ERICKSON Colorado slop, B. WC.A., skiing-Michigan, KG. Concert, The Great G., SN Br, Soph. Kidnap, Sharon s Slippers, Praise God' GTNA ERICKSON The year of arabs and discothegues mon tchotte abdallah, ma tchotte and Sulaiman, Launching Pad, Studio 94, Rickshaw TLEEN ERICKSON Watch out! the red car. Dreaming than laughing, Camping X79, powder puff Lino and Caddy, friends, skits, weekends, Du, memories. ION FAUE Fury, MT, Mol ST Croix, PH KEVIN FAULDS Cindy, Prom '79, B.WC.A., VWlder, Football if 32, whirlpools, Gassers, 'At a jog! RAMBLEQ 'Everybodys doing it."' Very special friends: THANKS!! STEVE FERNANDEZ JENNY FEYEN S.C., Maurice, AmyLyn, Pam, Sucker, hunting season, Buzz-zz-zz, Zppin right along, l 41 gram Huckleberry hooch, C U U-089, Ert df Buzz, Cul- vert, 'DH ----ev JODY FICK VINCENT FICK Spoonerville, Homecoming skits, Wrestling, Mill- er time, PTERS, Radison, STA TE, Women, DSRR, Weedend lzys, Austria, Cheerleaders, Flem- ming, St. Croix, Dibos, QR. KRTSTT FTNKELSON Varsity Rollers, Third Party, cabins, gymnastics, golf, B.L.C., 437, drain pipe, Bl-l. Mts., PIE, MB., GOG, Coy, Babs, B.C,,', Am. Death, lusinthpre, Siati-ho. DA WN Fl TZGERALD TERRY FITZSIMMONS DA VE FLA TTEN Gymnastics, FRED, GREG, Track, Bummin Around, Okee Doke, leepin, PETE'S Winnie, Friends, STILL WATER, Liftin, STEAMBOAT, SUMMER VACATION! GOOD LUCK EVERY- ONE' TAMMY FOX Shorty, prom, lenny, Senior Skip, U. Sam 's, good friends, good times, hun, mornings, green ma- chine, Tina, too tall. TOSEPH FRANTZ ll JOHN FRA WLEY Summers, Good Friends, Good Tunes, Roches- ter, Time Tells All, Party, WE KNOW Suntans, Starriders, Concerts, Get Nuts, HTACOS, " Been GRE!-FIV!! SUE FRTDLEY Rambling, Lingerie Sales, O.S., C.C., Pre-Prom 78, Midnight Capers, Moontan, Getting Honest, Acme Auto Painting, Laughs df Love. DA VE FRTSCHMON Theories, St. Croix, Concerts, Weekends, lunc- tion, Colorado '80, l.S.S., The Dances, Skiing, Baseball, Playing Cards, C.K., The Tree and Fred Breychski. ClNDY FRYXELL April l5, September l5, Summer School, Friends, Mitch-Peaches, Buds, lulie-Crash, Fri- day and Saturday Nights, hm Lundgren-49er. PETER FUELLING "He 's Tim."', On The Linef, Sundance, H.P.lVl.P.N.P.T,T,L.W.H.B.B.B., Mere Picon, Alarm Clocks, Booha, Big One, Radical, Levity, Alasf, Bloooodl, L.R. di O., Freak, Gender. TERESA GA YLORD RON GELBMANN Rock Concerts, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, VLF, Radio Control Flying, Macs Models, Bowling, Tee- Son, Pure- Foy, OH M Y GOD.'.'.' RAM GERAGH TY funtimes with close friends and Steve, Rose Driverln in long talks, fat lip, Apple River, lener detoirs gambling. So long KELLOGG' MARK GBTTY Summer of '77, Lakeview, Duluth Colo., Sponge, Mop, 33:81, Goldfish, BMA, O'Brian, Valen- tines '78, MlKE GIBSON Gettin' Crazy, Parites, Class ol' '79, Spoonerville, U.S.A., Good Hmes and Great Friends, P.N., S.S., EH., especially L.B. March l7th, 1983. lt's about time. SONTA GLADER My Tribute, Airhead Twins, Quisp fills inner spaces, BK., capers, Prom '77, Sunshine Cootie, Where do you live Scott? lSS What happened? L YNN GODFRB Y College Fair, Our friends, Tupperware parties, squirt guns, Mr. Ds, tardies, twinsies lalufh, Hud- son house, RA., RR. 70, Mickey Ds, Good times at KELLOGGY RERRT GOBRTZBN Anne, Scott, Cindy, Liebensteinm Senor, Props, "Ohn! Cons" Red tomato, S.S.S., Your crazy! A. YfA.M. 5! l 3X78 Great memories - Greatest Friends - Thanks' BOB GONTARBK Old but good times, nights outm good looking girls, Class of '80, 4-wheelin', Motorcycles, C.D.B., Molly Hatchet Boston, Cheap Trick. SUSAN GOODLAKE RANDY GRA CZ YK Moose Point, Skiing, Big and Little Red, The parties, Cedarlake, Hunting trips-theres tive, Thanks Kellogg for all the memories. RACHELLB GRlESEL Greece, AFS., family and friends, D.S., RC., LC., Thanks Mary, I know not what the future holds, but l know who holds the future. Romans 8:28 BE TT B GRTLZ Boom Boom, M 'Goombe, Corner, Reeever, len- ny, Sadie, my Rep., Gayle, Ann, Teri, l'm Sure, Good triends and lots of good times. ANN GROTENHULS Ranch, Castaway, Valentines '78, Homecoming '79, Cubes. CC, OS., Chocolate cake, Moontan, Pork out, SB., C.R., D.K., Wonderful friends, THANKS! SHELL Y GR UENING LlZ GU THRIE Scotland, Gretarbo, Minnesota Kicks, lnt'l Prez. clowns, Hoho lives in Britannia, Purpule lris, sen- ioritis: Live with a gusto for Lifel MARY GU TS CHE lunior Achievement, lnternational Club, Rose- bowl Lanes, Utah Ski Trip, "The Dad goats, Basketball, Eva . . . ular, D.R.,' RH., CD., G.L,' A.D.,' Urbana '79 f -SFX M? 6 il SHARON GYSBERS MIKE HAAGENS TAD YL Ranch, GAl23, Soph. Fling KT Petes Cab- in, Summer '79, PF, TB., TD., LH., di The Kicks ssss, C.R,, A.G., G.A., Hay!! What a BUM OUTI! KRIS I-IADRI TS Dave, Prom '79, Europe, Caramels, YL, BWCA, foe Yard, YSAE Lis, WYM?, PALS, Wen, BRFalls, Blondy, Kidnaps, MHZ, Memories, Thanks! ANGIE I-IAGGENMILLER Water logged? Sum. Plays 77 di 78, SF Music, Skits, kidnapping sophs. Pullout, RSAI-L home- comings, 50's Dance, What happened ? BurgerK- ing Capers. DIANN I-IALLBERG I.C., dreams, men, MC. ci' S. California here I come, Azusa, Shawn, The Sun df Sand. SG., I.R., L.H., A.H., LS. KIMM HAMILTON Moe, Floe, Toe and Dick, Am. Lite, Cabin, Turtle Wsion, Camping, Bwca, Ihlls, H.C. '78 in the B.R., Prom getting P.I., Thanks Kellogg AL HANDY Cruisin' Rose, Maple Leaf, ID., 4-wheelin', D.B. Kept me going, Boston, REO., Molly I-Iatchei, YES ei' Someone special-C.A. Its Over BRUCE HANSEN I remember I 3 yrs. ago l was tolo' I had I2 more yrs. ol school to go. Its all gone quickly, but its been fun. ROBERT I-IANSEN Rochester, Taylors Falls, Swimming, C.C., FCA., Snup, Bobe, traitor, Sailing, Weights, Go-karts, Frozen Lakes, Crowbars, Night Cruises, SF, A.G. SUE HANSEN P.H., T.S., D.D., SK., G.D., "Barracude lips," '1Sisters, sisters", "Canoes" "Rip off Artistll Kicks, I.D.S. Tower, "Floating" Thanks a lot! GREG I-IANSON Mysterious White Chevelle. The Falc. B-ball. Poker Games. Waterskiing, Rainy Lake. Slam- ming Delta 298 IIM HANSON RUTH HARTMAN IOHN HARVEY Rose, Apple, TF, Carlos, FB. Cars, Elect. Signs, GM 's car, N, Y 79, Anoka, Pies, Parties and stuli You look old enough. IOM HA UGAN Hunting, South Dakota, Wrestling Track, Yamaha 360 Enduro broke againl, Swim meets, Strut, Shattered, Good times, Whatever. lEFF HEDBERG LISA l'lElR David, KH, YSAF, WYM?, Yellow Roses, foe Yard, Prom '79, Peanuts, Caramels, Wiz, DH, late nights, Heres lookin' at you .... lEFF HENDRICKSON SARAH HENKELS IOHN HERRICK HOLLY HESSLER Homecoming Skits- Duckman, lunction, Par- tyers, Charlie and ligglers- " Charlie as I ts".' Gym- nastics ll, Ma Burton and TV Stars Fun Umesl RODNE Y HLEL Herm, Al 's TP tail, Camelot '79, flultf Pizza, Tom Turkey, Percussion '80 J if l, and to all the great times, " l'm sure. " BRlDGET HlNDERER Taylors, grad, parties, Karen 's closet, Spooner, Skits, Summer 79, tendencies, lub., t.h., Tm game, lets spin, Homecoming, Munch dances and Pete. GREG HlNRlCHS ramblin, Easy classes, The shadow, lers class, the function, Liquor runs, Memorial Weekend 79, Rollin, The minnow. THERESA HINRICHS great friends, cheering, summer softball, super- man, early run, espicodego, Good Luck to Ev- eryone. DODD HIRSCH 65CHEV., A.H., M.H,, T W, SAT Mom. Bowl., 4 Wheeling, Soph. Kidnap '79, M.H.L, HM HQBBS GAHPMPNPTTL WH, pssss, Radical, YL Ranch, big one, Hobbs shot, stairs, Radison, sheer raw guts, serious as a heart attack. PA ULA H ODGIN Pep Club President, "Lucy" "Sisters, Sistersl' Canoes, "Go Rams!" 487 Blue di White L.N.Dt. HH. AGC. SH. library gang, Moorhead, THANKS! CURT HOFSCHUL TE CATHY HOIT ard! if 'LY' 1 if fX :rf-v ,Q XV Z? A ft., CHRIS HOLMAN 4th hour, buppy, stutly, chimpyf Mr. b., High times, lunch. Rod, Auto shows, 9-R, Apple River, wine' Thanks' GEOFF HOLMES Northern Sun, Far Out, Radical, River Flat, Zonker di Duke, CC, "Reality- What a Conceptn. KRlS HOLMES Skiing, D. Bros, B WCA, Toe, Moe, Flo, Dick, St. Croix, CBAR, Honey, Theatre, Hills, Prom, Kicks, K1mmie's, The Q, D Trail, Sadieland,-CLS. DA VID HOLPER have a SEARCH Warranty LETS NOT PULL A LEE Bigtoot. A.W.M. The Hrebarn, SCHPOONERWLLE USA. HEY, Whos l9. MARK HORTON B.B.B. Maple Leaf, 4-Wheelin, Cedar Lake, Country Kitchen, SC., Pam, l.O., Miller, Playin in the Mud. lT'S ALL OVER. HEIDI HUBER MB., S.K., CD., P.H., KG., B.K., Saturday Nights, "Rejects", Scotter, lobs, Great Parties, friends, parents, Good Luck to all Seniors' CHRIS HUGGETT Gymnastics, Diving, Mustang, 500 T, Yellow bug-big tree! Bald Heads, C-Bars, Cupa-Chase, StopsigneOUCH.l, Psych-? Friends, THANKS, BlLL H YDEN M.P., bunch ot Booha, distance swimmers do it longer, soccer, swimming, Tennis '78, all the good times l 'll never forget. MlKE IRELAND Son ot Earl, devoted gymnast, shattered V.H, LISSA ISAACS "Pete 's Sister", "Tell ya later", Ticling Hghts . . . wrestling, " . . . much or what."', Green, Living, Loving, Laughing, Special Friends, Great Times, Thanks. TERI TAEB Soph year, 50's dance, Feb. l 4, Valentines Dance, Corvair, S. Disco Doris, Wendys, Parties, Lori, lleen, Good Times, Good-bye. SANGEE TA lAlN DA VID TENSEN Cruisini '72 Charger, CBE, lazz Band, FF, Taylors Falls, Styx, Schools Out. SHELL Y TESPERSEN What do you mean, ludy? sooming, soph sum, sadie, Val, Prom Canadian days, N.E.D., CC., Track, rusted stang, Tl. AND B,C.A. CHRIS TEWELL Duluth, Florida, S.P.P., white bomb, tressel, b- ball, Styx, Schillers, l. WS.L., HH. 's, A.l. 's. green peppers, water bottle, Rippy Beau, great memo- ries. DEAN JOHNSON They will rise on wings like eagles, will run and not get weary, will wallc and not grow weak. Isaiah 31 JAMIE JOHNSON Iun times . . . The dartturn them tars, Taylors falls, skiing Steamboat 78 J.D., partys and lots more. JILL JOHNSON Colorado, I-Iunchbaclcs, Bizarre, YL. My tribute, Picnics, Castaway, Nerd, Cheerleading, P. V Parlc, Prom 79, GA., Oh-my-word, Airhead Twin, J.K. LISA JOHNSON Vwsconsin, Summertime, Barb, Football, Fords, Farms, Friends, Bars, Guys, Pabst. Only the good die young! Do it illegally! School Sucks!! TOM JOHNSON Ripley, Burned by Lulce with 3 seconds lett, SR. here, Beech Nut, Slcips, BL TZ St. Croix, The Falc, RENEE JOHNSON Which one?, American lite, Concert Choir, Back halls, Memories that time will never erase. DA VE JONES BONNIE JOEGENSON JENNY JORISSEN Bongo, Dennys Zoo, Stannium, A-Murakami, Latte, Prays "Ward", Banno, Sports, Newspa- per. Many hearttelt thanlc-yous tor three inde- scribably fantastic years. DANIEL JOS T TERESA M. JUNGEN SANDI JUSTIN Friends, Sophomore Kidnap, Games, Dances, Soccer, B. Ball, KL., "Snutty", P,G.zSzL.B., BWTK, Memories. SUE JUSTIN Young Lite, Happy Days, Castaway, Theatre, 'PONDO", "What is?", Friends, Steve, SLEEP- ING in orange pickups, Bubba, Sports, Band, icor 13:4-9. CHRIS KAISEI? QR, l?acin', 67 Piclc-up, guitars, Colorado. GREGG KALES TAD fwfr N. I T Q V9 X . K. ,F . 5 STEVE KA UDER Its hnally over, the conference room, Mop, Rihly Woo, Koodra, Sponge, Gog, Take the jump, Iu- niors, Seniors have more fun. ART KEALY SOCCER, sophomore initiation, "Take a Big One", HOCKEY "The Dome", Goat Games, Moorehaed, Rootski Brothers, Mickie Sept. I5, 1978, Homecoming, Arterella. NANCY KEGLER Peaches, Beebles, Great Friends, Special Teach- ers, KK, CP, HH, KW, LE, SW, B-O-W-W-O-W CLARE KELL Y Loveyou HS. Friday nites-High Umes? St. Croix River, Roach, the park, 5 finger discounts, "Drugs, Music 49 Se" ROBERT KELL Y Good Times, Nice friends, L,TO.S, Am. Death, Study's, Iune 5. TERR Y KELSE Y Ed and his steak bones. Dueling Monte 's. Main- tain. Denny's 3 mile joke. Let's take the tracks. Paranois. "Carpin" at Rice. SHARON KEMRER Special Friends and unforgetable memories, Kicks game, homecoming 77 "TooTs" TL. CAROL YN KENNEDY ACSIW, BC, Idaho, summers, weekends, good times, memories, Thanks to my Family, friends KS, SG, BS. I've learned a lot. TOM KERSTING rambling, cards, "Whats Pulling off" Cabin fe- ver, Toms Tuba, "Choice" "Free Apple", Muss- quash, conculsive. GERALD KING hoi toi, all my Parties, special people, my 57, King dog and all the good times Ya graduation and always "Kath" IIM KING IULIE KING Greetingsf, 916 Vo-tech bus ride inhaling, the smoke "I need a caffine liftw, The Pod, Scuttles, Oooo burr 'Scuzn STEVEN KINGDON Tow Accidents to many, Caprice, Nova, Smilin lack, MH Garage, Kawasaki, 5 years left, molly Hatchet, Thank God I am our. BOB KIRCHOFF Soph. F-Ball, A,WM,, Garage Door, Sadie 78, D.S. Prom, the picnic was better, Anybody I 9?, 3 Mile joke, C.R. Shot. KAREN KIRSCH Mark, Espicodcgo, Sp, Mt., Scum 's party, Vega- lane Hot Damml Prom-Chartered plane, Owasso, Rolling, Billy Ioel, Van mobile Broken arm, Lost at Drive-in, Bongos Class, Thanx! KA TH Y K TRSCH lr. year the BEST with TIM! College Fair?, Tay' lors Falls, Paul s Place, Snowmobiling, tires, .fron- tenac, ZOO, All Day Longs, Espicodego , . . Bye. KEITH KISSELL Football, cakes with Chris, carps with Kelsey, snowmobiling, signs, St. Croix, lriends, sopho- more basketball, Laurie. TBANETTB KLA USTNG Look out tor the red carl, Whata ya doin 7, house- boat friends, Steamboat lnn, Dave Chippewa, Law Vegas, Keep smiling. TOM KLEIN The Sponge Livesl, Sulfur, Bleacher Screams. Friday night raids. Sloth man, lon-Mop, Bip-Boo, B-Sue, BEW G.O., BM., DM., M.C + more. Slan go bragh Kellogg' MTKL' KLTNB Chuck, Rube, Pugs, Dubba, lhnn, CDB. Con- cert, Beating fan to the gates for lunch, "lt makes you behave", Good times. JOHN KNUTSON KRISTI KOERNER TOM KOLASA Wrestling, Radison, KABA, My backyard parties, Spoonerville, skits day, 50's dance '78, Rivertlat, Grads, R, T. MOLLT KOOK Hudson House, Apt, lO9, A.G.S,C., Best friends, l.F., BR., RM., L.G., LN. MlKE KORTE Take a day ottf Football, Buckets, Baseball, BL TZ skips, Taylors Falls, Gold Country, a day late and a dollar short. HM K ORTUS ROBERT KRAMM KA TH Y KRBBS When you look back on the I3 years you 've been in school there is nothing really to say except- Finally! RICH KREY Skynard., A. Cooper, Nudgent, Cycles, Oh well, no one is listening, FORD TRUCKS, Camp at MR., LD., FISH with lCE, T. Y, -Snow-, TERI KROENTNG Utah, Summer '79, Prom, espicodego, Twinzie, Chevy Nova, California, Vegas, gern prima, Colorado, Great Friends - AM., G.R,, Thanks Kellogg! Memories last . . . 'Ei ,Pls x ili ma IEFF KROPP "The Row" Look no Hands.' Ooops' Theater nitsnd Chu Hshin'pack em' senic Route, Home work, Yukl Bicken', Bye ION K ULHANEK PA UL KUPPERSCHMIDT STEVE K URI TZ my Iriends . . . And those are the memories that make me a wealthy soal. " Bob Seger TERRI K US TELSKI Snoozer, Leesa, too bad Chris, Hello Mike, suck- er and Schmidt Beer, Van Halen concert, Her- mes, Frazen and the gang, Lets party. THOMAS LACKNER "Nothing that was worthy in the past departs' No truth or goodness realized by any man ever dies, or can die. " ARIF LAKKA IEANETTE LAMOTTE Catch that man, Boss and chief, Bruts, Bowling, O-Kay Fine.' Wash DC. Remember when The good old days, Go tor it' CHRISTINE LANG ANN LARSON BETH LARSON SOCCER' BR, The Gang, Spark, I's house, Sadie '78, Winter 79, MT, Bobs Cabin, l7th B-day, Eus Leverlolars, PW,L,S,A,R, Zup DEBORAH LARSON RANDY LARSON DECA, State Competition, Venetian, T-Bird, ELITE, Football '78, BM. 's, Stinger, Good times. Thank you Kellogg tor three great years' LORI LAR UE 49er, Sucker, Soph. year, Friends going out to lunch, skipping classes, senior prank, Best time- getting out finally' ICE LEE Football, Hockey, Holpers, Kabas, Elk s, Spoon- erville, the junction, Homecoming '79, Coon Ra- pids Shot, CDB., Grad Parties, California, Graduation Ya-I-Ioo.'.' ROBER TA LEMM Hey Baby! df 37, S1000 Bull, lil! rabby boofoo, Utah, St. Cloud, Homecomming, profoundly re- tarded, Lets find some cheese burgers' lA YNE LENSCH Painting, building those dumb stretchers. Thanks Mr. Grengs for all your help. Chrissie thanks for everything- A-Doyl Good-Bye FBK. LA UKTE LENTSCH Friends, Quanda, swimming Sugar Hills, DQ., sisters in art 3rd hour, dl 6th hour. Had good times at Kellogg. LETGH LENTSCH College fair, Our friends TUPPERWARE, BON- Ell?ES, squirtguns, Mr. D's tardies, twinsies Lyn, Quadna, PA., PP. 74, Mickey Ds, Good Times At Kellogg .. l.K..'.'.' CARRIE LESLIE Special friends, l,Si,EB., ME., Yellow Stone, Wis., Ma Belland, Calif Parties, Bemidji, Ol T. l8, Concerts, a lot of good times. ANTTI LEVITARUI GENEVA LE WN O Homecomming "79", Labore, the stables, lenny thats, Embarrasing, Easter Bill. DA VE LTBBY lam, Cruisin, CTB., pnehrmo ldrhophoid, Bos' ton, Styx, April wine, Wyoming Skiing, Tubing, Achoice Year! ASA LTNDBERG MARY LINDHOLM Cookies on the car, Locker room, Being Subtle, Getting Stalled Not You, YOU5' Depressed Mon- key Y.L, Thanx Val, Chell Timothy l.'l3 HM LINDNER Spoon, Lucky, Country Music, Bob Wills is still the king, Poco, History the West. SANDY LOEHLEIN CR. .. RC. . Big H,Ds .. Ll. BM. "A" Torino, Homecoming Night' Succer B-Dale, Backups, pizza, Cruising, 'Sail On" Freebird, Beany . . . Trouble Aheadll' STEVE LOEHLEIN LINDA LOVEIGY ANN LUCAS All the gang, M. T Spooner, Deer Hunter, Sadie 78, Padison, Keller, 50's Perch, TH., Boston, C.D.B,, Dibb'os, Skits, N.E.D .... Thanks Frank!! -1- C' Ha t'.--i ' iff S '11 vi! 'S' 'Nr'- v-tv DA VlD L UND A.M.A., Hockey games, Prom '79, All4State Band, Pie, American Life, Bighorns, Thanks Frank B. for all the fantastic friends and memo- ries. DON LUND Good times with SM., P.R., KZ, and Scraps. Hockey '77, Football Champs '78, Senior Skip, Class of 80, skiing the rocky mountains, Thanks Kellogg High. CHRIS LUNGREN Krinks parties, Drive ins, Lips, Lep, Soccer Friends, RS., TK., homecoming '78, high school memories, Thanks mom and dad. ED WARD L UNZER HEA THER MA CKINNON Mop, sponge, GOG, Golhsh BMA, O'Brien, Val- entines 78, Babs, Varsity rollers, lazz Band l, soccer, Good friends and times. MELODY ix,ADlSON Sponge, Mop, Bip-boo, GOG, Babs, Koodra, H- M, Friday night raids, pizza snarf "conferences", camelot concessions, duluth, jazz, northshore ad- venture. BRUCE MAEDA ANN MAGNER Fall 78" The chase, l.S., Ditch Utah, Summer 792 Calif Las Vegas, Waterville, D.H., fair, gangs bonffires, priests cabin, new years 80. colorado, friends, Gayle, Teri, Betti. IOSEPH MAHONE Y TERRI MANN Early graduation, Oanl, friends parties, out for breakfast, Cedar lake, races, cabin, losephine, Vihnnebaga, camping, Millacs lake, Hnally out. HM MANSON Ezmc 2, A.FL.A., l+ tan2:csc2??? disco de- struction, no time, computers, anquiril and Stormbringer, DandP, Beaker Dies, good-bye Kellogg. TOM MARKS CHRISSIE MARK WORTH Laurel and Hardy in Art class, Day and Ling-say, Always trying to lose weight, Rustler, Falling asleep PA TTI MARTIN Caves, Appleriver, flasher beach, big dock, ca- sanova, sucker, miller time, sgueelers house, busted, hightimes Taylors falls, good friends, esp, CW. later JENNY MASON soph summer, A.G.P., Morehead "Clic" camping at Perch, 4-saling, blue van midnight excursions, spnr. M.T.T Switz, R.WG.R.R.N., snowcrest and TH. 35 SOICHI MASUDA MARIE MATTESON swimming, locker room, FOOD, don 't tell gor- manl 5:45.a.m. blues, MV, cont. champs, re- gions '77, '78 '79, rat oil, BOOMI Track, CBE, m.b., CC., M62Mfs GREAT MEMORIES. DAN MAY LISA MAZZOLA LEE ANN MCARDLE l.C.S'. bucks t-4 Montana - NO WA Y- You 're too drunk to drivel. ZO + LUS. Lets Bongit' ,' It you can 't take a joke . . . Rodd PA T M C CANN the beach, apple river camping, U TAI-I, toga pare ties, col 7, sadies, Ram parties, skiing, VV W, Apt. IOQ, D.OD., B.Gs, good friends. MICHAEL MCNA UGHTON A.I-I., Prom '79 American Lite Mach Making, Bridger, Bighorn, tetons, broken leg soccer, Frontier, Green Delta, Friends, Teachers, Lite. SCOTT MEIGS telling hunting stories with Raul, Basketball, line drills and ambushed at Spring Lake Park, Track meet at Park with TT. and R.M., coots. CHARLIE MEISNER wheelin dealin, beating jan to lot, lunches, 2 wheelin, charlie daniels skin "I'm not usted to your cluch". BRAD MER WIN IEFEER Y MESSENGER C. soccer, yellow VW., M. pie, yellow stone, Glacier, ski trips, l5l, Mr. Steak, GolL Iunior year, winter breaks, steamboat, Vail. CYNTHIA MICHLER Am. lite, "mich" wrechir, 'iuniorn Accidents + tickets, Laungerie sale, Nylons, Steak Inn, S.M auto painting, Trilts chieks, Midnight Pranks. MELISSA MIERVA Upon us all, a little rain must Iall. L.Z I'm run- nin' for the hills. Goodbye, EVERYBODY' God bless us all. IOHN MILLER Chinese jam, chew, bugging Karen, bongos class. Spooner, skiing, scooting, TT, Faribault, Cedarlake Speedway, R.B.C., I-Iarvester, Scrot. S the Fand G the L munchkin. LISA MILLER DA VID MODER PAM MOEN Tennis' Regions '79, football, riv p., p. p. YL, raft, YOWSAH' lights? snowbanks, M. Lacs. Unfor- gettable memories. lt's time to grow-from here. AMY M OLLlSGN SC, zip-zap here zip-zip there, Duck hunting weekend, Late dates with Bruce, your all high, Ert 62 Buzz, Boilermakers. RANDY M UDGE TT CONNTE MUELLER M,C., K.M. and the rest, tC.C.j 2, fEcoltGeollogy, Mac pant nights, Duluth, "l behave", ice cream social, VR., L.P.-HBR., llCorin. 5 LISA MURAKAMT YOWSAH' Lights? Tennis Regions '79, Raft, PP., Football, Hawaii, Palisades, Day-tes "Teddy Bear, " Prom '78, BBQ Time' '8-4? Thanks for the memories.' RICK M URRA Y Bad times, good times Home Coming Sadies 78 thank to Dawn Holpes House l made it yahh.'.' Hoooo.'.' THERESA NADEA U JODI NAGLE Paul, Ramblin 72 espicodego, l -243 regardezle- setoille, flashlights, Get Outf, Good Buddy WN., Aunt Jemima, Duluth Maryf, Smilin lack, Memo- ries . . . Thanks friends DA WN NEA ULT Live, Love and make new friends Sun Valley Idaho, Grease Lightning 119 excellent, beeebee Chick: Sunshinef Pretty zine, crazy skating.' DEBT NEGAARD VWdji '77, '78, '79, Bridge.' Salomi. l'LH'ing Mt. Norway, Lutzen, Twin IOO SoM, Camelot Oz, ALC,AB.LN,SR, YB. CINDY NELSON Special times- B Ball, soccer games, Am. Life, Wizard of Oz. Special people P.G., A.P,, KE, Now memories forever. Thanks Kellogg.' DA VE NELSON PA UL NENTWIG 69' CAMARO, 78'football, Hockey, Winterpark Colorado, lakie, 3rd gearvWahm, TRUCKS, HomeCom1ng, STEREO, STYX df KANSAS BWCA '79, Good Friends, Graduation STEVE NERHEIM GP., 2402, A.D.T. Balc, Brut 7 Michael D., Steamboat '78 C.D., A.A. 62 lots of mixed memo- ries. REALlTY' Straightness is Greatness, SE 1'm yours. BECK Y NESS Marshal Tucker beer bust' K EIA PartY Lakeridge, V.F. W., Ray, Tish, Susa, Mardiloo, Cinder, men, memories, Sept 29th, Party Hardy, Graduation! CHRISTINE NE UDA UER CHUCK NlCOSlA Oseola, l-lyw Bl fence, Brainard gaurd rails, Cherries in the rear view Parkway, Runnin from the county law' Cedar Lake PETER NIELSEN SHARON NIELSEN Partying, Lindstrom, St. Croix The Hideway, The Bali Hai, RS Randy, Lori, Bill, Lisa. The good times l 'll never forget. LA URlE NlX l-2-3, Regardezlesetoille, Knife-gun, Kool-Aid, Refill, Renegade, bizarre, Chem gang, Amy Carter, luly 31, l979, VlCTORY' friends, thanks brother. RON NORDlN Farewell Kellogg, Friends, English the rowdiness, and finally the homework in all its glory. WENDY NORMAN "Summer 79" "ROSEY'."' "Whos in that car?."' GOOD BUDDYLN., "Blind date.'l" 'Aunt lemi- ma" Swimming, Conference champs, Great Memories , , , Great Friends, DOUG NORQUIST THANK GOD! PAM NOVAK The year of lhe Arabs, Studio 94, Launching Pad, Rickshaw Shabob wants you Robert. Mon Tchotte Suliamon. lULlE OCZAK Soph. Summer, Curbs, boxes, Ariz Utah, Sadie 79, N.B. on Owasso, lawn jobs, TB., one-way st., id, tennis, lodis cabin, Zak di Ray. TOM OCZAK 4 Wheelin, Oseola, S.D. Trip, Big and Little Red, M. V Girls, Cedar Lake, Kathy Connie, R.G., TR, BS., l.A., C.N., G.A., P.C, 80. PAT OLFALLON Ya Hoo, Crasy Baby Keller, Spoonerville, Mil- lertime, Utah, Homecoming skits, Cidney, Elk, 50's Dance, DB, SR, GEN, DSRR, RTers, Zepplin, Apple River MlTCH OHLENDORF Get to the POlNT' TLC., girls, C.S., l.G., MJ., Chicago, TE., A,M., SE., Apple River, lawn beautitying, AM. Lite GERALD OQKEEEE H-M, 33:81, THE SPONGE, St. Croix, Green jacket, Bip boo, pelt removal service, lon mop, BS, OBrian State Park, l985 Cher' PATRICIA OLSON Sophomore kidnap, Macs, dances, games, par- ties, work, R.L. B-Day, Dreaming, S-E-N-I-O-R-S, Later! 92279, Summer ot '79, Graduation '80, Special friends STEVE OLSON Taking it easy and enjoying it, under the towers, riding, running, ISI-ing, oft' to Duluth TRACY OLSON D US TIN OOS TEN It is so simple to be wise. I ust think ot something stupid to say, then say the opposite. DEBBIE OPPEGARD Sadie '77-'78, S.K. KCapitol2, Valentines lCicerosj '79, Prom '79, Homecoming '77, '79 lbowlingj, Tennis, BB., SB. l'79Q, Great friends and memo- ries.' THOMAS OWENS BIR, Miller time, skiing with LD., 72 Impala, CID- NEY Mega Buzzll camping on St. Croix and a lot ot memorable times, IOANNE PALMA Duluth, Heartside, Stew Pigeon, Homecoming '78, Cat, Starsky and Hutch, Cheerleading '77, Great times at Kelloggl' SHANNON PA TTON V-2U, Medora, Maplewood apartments, Como, Thanks CLO, Baujje, C.S., KH, AI, DS, Red biki- ni, Cheerleading, Iuly 18, VWzard, Thanks Kel- logg NANCY PA ULING IA Y PA ULSON O brien Iune and October '79 Augies, Laurie, RH., T.G., L.D., LH., IP., Crank it, "shattered", Olsen 'S basement, "T.I. " Finally Through TERRY PA ULSON SCOTT PA VEL CHARLES PA YNE LISA RA YNE P.O. and DO. - I.L. Y, Leon, Blow, Carp, "Chow down Boys."' "Ian's coming."' Bongeshow, Cook- ie, T.I,, Thankyou Pilgrims. SHARON PAZLAR A.I. Kid, M.V Apt. Parties, Scrutty, ALIEN, "Sturgeon Iam", 4-Wheelers, DYTID7 Rowdy Nights, Ernie ifl P, WP., "Family" Hunzie SCOTT PEARCE Mnter 79-80, Homecoming skits Graduation, Scotties rig, Ramblin guy, Thanks class of 8O'. BRT TTA PEARSON Paris '78, gymnastics, music, Lots of nice people, Voila. CINDI PETERSON DAN PETERSON Meil, Bighead, Soph CC., Wrestling, hrebird, work, Faue, EP, Danol. The Y, Mr. Brewski, Mer- cury, just EO., Buddy, EARL, stevie moody's, dangerous dan. LA URIE PETERSON "what's happening with your life" kicks games, Koombie T.L., L.K. Homecoming '77 special friends, special memories. CARLA PETERSON Deca, state, Dist, O'Brien. BS, lowa, special peo- ple, summer of '78 Graduation. CYNTHIA PETERSON "Pauls sister", Hi dad, YL, The gang, ALU, "Wizard of Oz", clowning, laughing, loving, learning, good times and great friends, Thanks. KAREN PETERSON Summer '79, double vision, skits, Taylors, Hawaii '79, Let it spin, Brrr. Lub. 777778, l'm game, grad. parties, tendencies TH., spooner, special times, special friends. DEAN RE TREE Crosslcountry, Track and all the guys, good times. MARY Pl'llLLlPPl Duluth, Ann 1o4o, lim l l l 9 Pam, lodi remember Rondos, Levis, regardevouslesettoille, long dis- tance next best thing. Memories are forever leff GA YLE PHILLIPS Banning, Quadna, Doubling, summer '79, Anns house ??? Waterville, Bonhres, Priests cabin, Thanks Dave. new years, green acres '80, colora- do, Ann Teri, Betti, memories TODD PHTL The sponge, Mop, 33:8l. Night raids utah, con- ference rooms, CC., pep band, Pyghon, verdun, Thanks all. TOSEPH PTNOTTT Corner, S.P.D.B.A.G.EN Holiday lnn, football, baseball, lunchies exploring, spoonerville, NYE '78, Donkey b-ball, hremans ball, rose, friends, Katie. ANI TA PLAGENS swimming, 5:45 am, boom regions, conf champs, YL. track, football snowbanks, P.P., raft, prom, sadie, m.lacs, T falls, riv, p. RD., friends and memories DEBBIE POLSKT Cheering, SSS. Hockey games, AM. Llfe, homecoming, in the B.R. Sadie, 78 Prom, Oct. 20. Grandpa 's cabin, special people. X. .,. F , 3 'fi'-'P TULTE PORTESAN ah- guah-ching, C YC, prom '79, missing spanish class, working on "yearbook", Thanks for good friends SP. B.C. memories. PAM POTTER France 79', hang it over the edge.' Lets rub knee- sies? Oct l 7, 13, what, Mer, Tigger, Good friends and good times. SANDY POTTER Special friends TP, KM., TC, GK., Oregon '79 yearbook 78-79 God bless each and everyone.' CHRTS RRTGGE Sadie, Summer of '79, m.p. X means 289, Alaska, Missed Hobbler Shot, 313, Hunting 79' Tammys Cabin, KC. and Nov lOth lmore M.P.j DOUG RASMUSSEN Montana 78, Marshall Tucker, summer 78-79, Times up north, Bemidf, Black, Paul, Carl. and a lot of memories. MARDTE RA WLTNGS Moonburn, Sunrises, Prom '79 losephine, Mar- shall Tucker Beer Bust' l can hear you,' Meatie7 Taylors Falls, Boobboo. lm coming Arizona. PAUL RECKSTEDLER 9R, Get win, M. T AHC. Fleming, Oiasis, its time for shots, Danbury Days, Mermaids, P. V escort. CINDY REED Y.L Ranch. Cubs snowbanks, football, games, Triffs chicks, Lakridge, "buddies", GA Bunny, Sadies' Prom, BWCA '79 Sisters, choke, wilder Kevin, Thanks. MIKE REHLING Good friends, Great parties, Lorie, Feb 3, ll, 14m CDB Hockey, get down. see ya Kellogg. STEVE REHNBERG Safe-Slope M.D., skiing, CT MP., GD. "Peon, Shee face, "The Look", Red eye, soccer- "A bunch of Booha "l- V '79, P. C. '78', super times at FB, Kellogg. TODD RICE Oseola, 4 wheelen, Brainard Gavard Rails, Run- nin from the country la ws' 50's dance Theres hve, Cedar lake, little red, S.D. trip. SUSAN RIEKE VWdji '77 78' 79'Savant lake, flag flowers, pump- kin, "Brisk walknfootball games, B.K.S.P. Mimor- ies to remember and forget. Thanks.' SUSAN ROBERTSON ROB ROFFERS Taylors Falls 79 "busted"Koops Chev, KC. Fire- bird, Belmont, College fair, 79' Parents out of town.' Cold springs 53.00. IODI ROONEY All the gang, P.W Rose, summer, WINTER 79, rushouts, SOCCER, lL.S,A.B,l Perch, skits, 505 farm UTAH, always T.H. MARIA ROOT The best of luck to all my wonderful, wild and crazy triends. DA VID RORTVEDT BETH RUGGLES ALC crew, special friends the nights, contest, MEM, Igg, Rondo, Rz9M V, associates, popcorn and cider times, Phil, 3:3-l6, 4:4-7, IODI RUIKKA what happened ?? mac s, steve, Paivi. siii-ster, squirrel: special pal. God bless to all. Steve, our time has just begun. VINCE RUNNING TI-IERAN RUSCI-I Mac trips, atter homecoming, M, Th. R. T. Ms.C. MIKE RUSSELL Great times D.B.S.P.G.H., CDB '79, Mr. Bill dt Deca, State, "it makes you behave:, X75 Duster, close calls, Grad. parties. memories I wont torget. DUWA YNE RUZICKA IANET RUZSA PAM SAAD "Calitoria here we comel Guys, Its already morning?? "Where-Z-the party" McFeast, "Great times", "What beer, othcer?f' "Boy is he built. " DOUG SAIKO ROBERT SAMUELSON I3 years and I38I2,5 hours later, many friends, held geology, Mr. Bill s NDS, 20 QTX 70. JOHN SANDER SUE SANDGREN Styx, White bomb, Tressle, water bottle, parties, C.B.S, Crave, why me? Uncle H, B-Ball, Big red, sandstone, summer 79' special friends. RICHARD SAPP ,..-' '29 cf, L LYNN SA TO Good times, clowns, Espana, Tailgating, youre so popular, pooh bear, I-Iarpo, Liza, Twiggy, L, BM. Thanks for the memories. TINA SA UNDERS DENNIS SA VARD Night, ink to the el boys, Statemen, print I O tooly, baseball, in the office, Carlas l79l, M.H. PIA, BARB SCHAAF DECA, State, O'Brien, CP. Summers, C.K., Calif fornia-S.T.- Leo Creo, l.C. friends-thanks for all the memories. CINDY SCHAFFHA USEN Sharing, "We arrive on this earth alone we de- part alone, this time called life, was meant to share". IIM SCHAFFI-IA USEN CONNIE SCHA UEI? TACAM, Mac, Iunior, Western camping, Arby'S, Saide, I-lomecoming, Softball, Champ, the Chev, Hawaiina Punch, no josh, and friends, PETE SCI-IA UER HTAYLORS FALLS", Austin, the winnyf, Got damn, ha-weenie, Okee-Doke, hockey, track, Daves cabin, special-X, Lambrusco, Deb, Lot 's of luck to everyone. LA UREEN SCHEEKEIQ sleeping in class, D.l. being rowdy, volleyball, food tights, T,G.FF Friends, Homecoming '79 "Airhead" KRIS SCHLECHT SUE SCI-ILENER Chippewa, Steamboat, diehards, houseboat, homecoming, 77. CDB, l?Al?4rights, Duluth caves, Wendys, smileys MHL, swims, midnight swims. G WEN SCHLICIAITING Special friends, special times, Memories Summer '79 Kicks, M YF -Canoeing, Duluth Macs, Softball, crazy. Psalm 23, A new life, lots of luck everyone. BILL SCHLOSSEI? IENNIFEI? SCHMECKPEPER LA URA SCI-INEDECKEI? Holloween and New Years, '77, Penneys, Kris the poolplayer, Pepsi and 7, red cadillac, Canadian Days, curb, jumpin, Benson. THOMAS SCT-TNETDER Spooner, THC, HTS" hockey games, crazy, DB., SP., GEN, DSRR, millertime parties, places, lm- palas and camaros, Cidney, 7,fl3f79, spader mun. TODD S CHNEIDER DEBBIE SCH OEDER Best friends, Flo, Moe, toe, Dick, Q-lite, Kimmys cabin, Hawaii '79, Sadie land, '78 279' Valen- tines '79, Dec 9, BK-dh, special moments. TEANNENE SCHROEPFER Burger king capers, whats happened? Tennis, CC, Track, Quisp night, rolling, FB, games, Fun. DELON SCHROETTER Saints north, Donatelles, Cedar lake, Pine City scootin, skiing, perverts like Tom munch and me band parties and pies. LISA SCH UL TZ l. C., T Ro, A. Bannanas D.M., Scummy itch, going straight, the castle, funny mushrooms, At- ton, Spooner, p. micro d. learning to understand. SHARYL SCOTT "l am not afraid ol tomorrow, l have seen yester- day, and l love today." DAN S C ULLE Y PA T SEEGER "Soccor", Pollie Rag, B.L., Lips homecoming '79, tailgating, LC.. yo-yo, Oppy-U-dance, 78, and sat. nights at Krinks. Thanks everybody for the good times. TONY SETBERLTCH Waylon and Willie who else. TOM SEIBERLI CH RON SEIVERT BILL SE TTLE Wrestling, state, C. C, stud Teil, monza, "Basical- ly", get nuts, the wife, light blue action, Hydro- ponics, Bubs, Nabv, Lane change, stairs, Spater FBK. LORI SHONKA ANN Sl C ORA X -v-.v if f ...-m-R59 'QQJTIP 43-, 1 SUE STNGER Goodtimes, Tim, Diving, SK., lcapitoll, CYC, Sa- die '78, EUROPE-TWICE, "whos in that car?, red bikini, homecoming '79, SP., l.D., LS., friends and memories. RICHARD Sl US TA TEFF SIOLSE TH CHRIS SKUNDBERG BCI, hi cutie, nice policemen, ESPICODEGO, softball, homecoming '79, Prom, cheerleading, Steviekins, "for sure, okay" party Oct 7, good friends, memories, TEFF SLA TER On the rocks, M.B., Unfgowah, campin 79, great- ness, "Ready, high speed turn at O "Boom", chaw, lron man. TOEL SLOMKOWSKI LANCE SMITH Ave Atgue Vale, Rv: nrt, Debate, TSTH, farmer joe, Are we not men? "Oh Nooo".' student sen- ate, pinball Lizards, bye, Rotwang. BRENT SOCKNESS lazz band Duluth, MB., "Utah bound" 79, Mn- nie, "Burgundy, " pizza parties, cultures, Rodney and percussion, transformation from Conformaa tion, KE SCOTT SOLET College fair, Spooner, weekends, baseball, M.H.L. Molly, REO, parties, open lunch, yollin, Bim 's car. STEVE SORENSEN California style, Colorado, skiing barefoot, rats, canoeing with Bill, FB, RSI-l, friends that always were there and always will be. SHART SOWADA DJ., R.S., RA., Library gang TS.-trouble, LP., CS., DN., T-l, Mrs, A. homecoming '79, one of those days. SHIRLEY SPEARS MARK S TAFNE Utah lam, The bus Off to BFE Colorado, Que pasa, Rochester, to Duluth, AMF SUNITA STANESLOW GTCYS, concerto, Lost in London, R. festival, Tanglewood, freezing film making, Phozochere, Paris, CC, Owasso women, midnight capers, OS., Steak lnn, Praising God, TEAN STANLEY "Wheres the parties", skiing ID style, Minn, Goodbyes, Millertimel 'AH weekends at the house, Most of all Shelley BFA,' KEVIN STANTON My best days in school. Teachers helped me a lot. lt' l didn 't come here, l wouldnt be graduating. Thanks KELLOGG. THOMAS STEBBING soccer, hockey, almost missing, Valentines dance, Prom, Oct. 20, weekends, the cabin, long johns summer ot '79, good times. JOSEPH STEELE REGINA S TEGMANN Hab Sonne im Heizen und zwiebeln im Bauch dann kannst du gut scherzen und luft hast du auch. MIKE STTNEBA UGH Utah '79, Colorado, Canoes, Cry me a river, Floating, Fool, Cruisin' to BFE, Foreigner, Bos- ton, Lucy, Hrebirds, Styx-3 a.m, TEl?l?l S TOCKSE TT Rick, K,K., K.E., EP., CM., K.M., SG., l.H, N.S., SH., Volleyball, Basketball, Sottball, 77-BO "lump Woman" Thanks tor the memories. DIANE STl?ElF Europe '79, V and A., Arnold P., volleyball, cur- tains, Lidos and hockey games, lynnie koogle, my bug, STEVE STUCKER RTC ot W.S.P. on C.B.E., Band trip X79, The Sponge, lon-Mop, The practice room, B.C,W.O.l,B., Hunting, E.TWO,L,V CHAR SULLlVAN A special thanks to SF., K.l-l., DS., l.S., A.l., and everyone else who made these years at KEL- LOGG great' God bless everyone and good luck, LARRY SVENDSEN Football Ksoph.2State wrestling Kl?adison, 3 timesj, Spooner-5:30 before skits, 5Os dance, C.l?. shot, parties, "Crazy Baby" B.H. NANCY SVOBODA HANK SWAGGERT High times, Sydny, EGGMAN, CCXXCl, To be a rock and not to roll. l?lCH SWANSON Skiing, UTAH lAM '79 Colorado l98O, oft to BFE., "Cold as lce, " Macfs, The times l'll never forget. TOM TAUBE Vernon Schlepp 62 the Schleppkins, SC., Kicks, Football games, Barnum, in the shadows, open house, Park moonshiners, Good times. MICHELLE TAYON B.B., '78-'79, cookies on the car, lockeroom, BSU, rifle camp '79, jeeps, MB., Summer '79 rainbows, Ya-Ba-Da, Good Friends. wwf X wig gr rf KAREN TEIPEL SPP., T.M, G.M., HCW ISS., SSS., Good An- swer, Special friends and Special moments, Tay- lors Falls, Prom '79, Cheering, Gymnastics, Get Well. SHEILA THEIS Prom 78, Holiday Inn, Leo Creo, Kicks, moon- burn, sunrise, patches, 74 Mustang, Taylors Falls, Yogi Iosephine, I am coming ARIZONA. TOM THEIS State Wrestling, Radison 50s dance, T.I., Good parties, Friends. TIM THELEN "The big chase, X' grapplin Fla., Texas., Sadie '78, Prom '79, Am. Lite, Sue, IS., Spastics, Deerinf, Say, Isnt that funny? Carp, scraps, Ing. Pall: KIM TI-IIRL WALL UWE THOMANSCHFSKY Statesman, Thur. nights, soccer, MECC, Bernie and Bongo Uncle Iaclc, Am. I., NDS, Mr. Bill, RT, Chess, Electronics. DA VID THOMAS No college boy, but able to lcill bugs in corners and destined to make it big. "MEA TBALLH IA Y THOMAS MITCH THORPE PA UL TH URN "eddy" "Charade are You" "Latch" Hunting, "Well it 's just too advanced" "It Ieels oogyf' Pin- ball, trip to the cabin, baseball. NICK TIERNEY Party! CR. Shot, 5:30 before slcits, Grey Ghost, For Fat Rose, Lealcy Taps, Senior B. s, Get Nuts, Spooner, "Crazy Baby" LISA TISCHLER SP. Rarlc, N, Fries, No Strings, not Iunny, Cha- teau Leveau, Harlem, T. Bop, Uncle Herman, C's house, parties, good friends, Big Red TRACY TOBIN LISA TOOMBS PAM TRA VER Ert ci Buzz, Sucker Park Millertime, Hightime, Prom '79, MB SC Wca, Caves-Kegs, 'AH Lee- Ver-Lor-Lars H untn' Weekend. BOB TSCHIDA lERRY UDSTUEN MARK VAAGENES VALERTE VAGHER B-l-lorns, Twig, Wen, YL, Van s, S.l-l. 76-79, Thanz Mar, Summer '79, depressed monkey, Not you, YOUL' l-Ll.L.L. ? Good friends, memories lEEF VALENTO MARY VANGERUD Pooh Bear, l-loho lives in Britania, you 're so pop- ular, Clowns Gretarbo, it was lun but l 'm glad l 'm out. JULIE VTKER B.L.C., SKL'! Cabins, Drainpipe walking, Harry Baby, VR. Qs Jusinthpre, Babs, Babs lr. "Hey K" Am. Death, What?? ION VILLESVIK MAPLE LEAE B.B.B. Boston, Molly Hachet, Collge Fair, Spooner, Tennis 79, MH,L. S.E BAND Concerts, 69 Cougar! SUE WAHLIN Soph Kidnap, Cheering Ellsworth, State, Duluth, Valentines, Prom, G.B. Red Bikini, Styx, S.S.S. Homecoming 79, Sweet Pea, Ped, Pokey. LEFF WALDEN mere picon alarm clocks 'you ---- er!" Wu Fu, Durdlebutt Blaaade, CB 49 R, BN pmgommsttlwh I lost it in Monacco, 'Radicaln HPNPMP. LINDA WALKER PA TTY WALKER To good friends, L.L.P.G., C.A., SS., M. W, R.B., Parties Mhnona, Dive-ln, Best to All, Guys, Fun over all, VICA. MTTCH WALLIN N.N., "lVHthchba, "LL C.P., Snapper, Swimming, LP., M.S., L.L., Frontier Ralfanch, GA., LB., "disco" Duluth, P.A,, Thanks Y'all A God Bless. STEVE WAL TER LORIE WEA VER Lee- Ver-Lor-Lars, Soccer, 78-BO, Big Sandy, MIKE, Feb. 311,14-78. Three wise monkeys. Par- ties, Friends, Dixie cups. 'fix I 0 . -. . f , f . x . .,i... DA WN WEGNER homecoming, class of '80 is the greatest, school plays, OBA Hnally made it through twelve years of school! BETTY WEIDELL Four day weeks' Four-wheelin' in Fords, Hinck- ley. Bye KELLOGG GARYf','l,' TODD WETNMAN Northwestern, Pitt, GTCYS, Maple Leaf, Debate, Country Kitchen, London, Poker, Downer, Sen- ior Trombones, kidnap, Boss-Trombone. BARB WESSLUND Varsity Rollers, Perkins 33:81, Pops Concert '78, Babs? French Trip, red bikini, Wm. O'Brien, VB, BB, SB, Whiplash, Cow Eyeas. ALBERT WESTERGREEN CHERYL WHEELER MEA Recess "178" Nursemaid Trish., Mill.e1't1me, Parties Shuzbug?, Nanu, Nanuf Taylors Falls- Falling ln, Best Friends, PM. LINDA WHITMER Happiness comes from feeling deeply, enjoying simply, and thinking freely, TAMES WTELENBBRG Rose, Miller High Life, Pine harbor, Catch one, Sucker Creek, Party Mobile, Tom 's cabin, Coon lake, Lockness, LUNCH' Summer friends. BRIAN WTLCOX Skiing, Soccer, Golf, l5l, ATC, Steamboat, G.D. Partiess, People and Good times. KATHY WILDES Doing term papers at 2:00 a.m. Soph kidnap, muppet, weasel, the old neighborhood, friends and many more memories. JENNIFER WILLARD Colorado - G.A..' Dani, NY 79, Plays, "DORO- THY" thanks forever DF, Am. Life, Trout '79, Grub-ln, Thanks for friends and memories. LQRl WILSON Thanks to all my good friends - l won 't forget all of youll SCOTT WILSON Goodby KELLOGG.' Hello ln verhills, Hreman 's Ball, Homecoming '79, Skiing, Colorado, hay ride, Dynasier Free Style, Slalom 444, "Locker Flingsn DA VID WOLFE YL. Colorado, Castaways Happy Days, 50 Easy Steps, Class of '79 baseball, Mass moon, lt's been real! MARGARET WURST Cleaning the football held, Fast runner, C.A., P.W, M.G., D.F., L.L,S., Slow Runner, Fredie, BC, and B.M. Pep Club DAVE YASMINEH S.C. '78, Taylors Cliffs, f.T.A.H., C.C., "Schpader'f WYE., Skits-oops! The G.MC. LD.-LA. IAMES YOCH WEND Y ZATI C Utah, B WCA, hugging trees, Mld hair, get crunched - ice cream and cow pies, Kris Bert, YL, Bleb, Black River Falls, Buckos TIM ZAEEMBINSKI Football, Hockey, get nuts parties, Spooner, fuc- tion, good time, Hopes df Kirchofls house, C. V, 50s dance, lsophj, homecoming '79, Hnally, YA' HOO! TOM ZAREMBINSKI Football, Hockey, Moorehead, Rudski, C.l?., Shop, Spooner, 5:30 a.m. Soph SOXS, B-Ball, the corner YA-HOO!! Graduation, Finally. SUE ZETTEL 77-K. Y., BS. lr.-DP., N.S. C9 D.P. dr. rollong, ground, RR., S.W- lChem. "Hsh Water'Q Prom '79-80, Sadie, Valentines Dance, Friends, Thanks l KELLOGG, ED ZIL GE Holiday Inn, Skit Day-what a trip Hey Todd lets pump the York, Hey KELLOGG, thanks for the good times. DALE ZOCH SUE ZOFF 'Admit what your feeling, and see what's in front of you, lts never out of your sight . . . You shall go far. DON Z UPPAN Saide '78, Spooner, Hockey, Cidney, Soccer, S P B Hockey Tourn MP Part Place DSPR Southern, Pep, Shnopps, Ere Barns, Apple Riv- GF. ,QJXK 's NOT PIC TURED WA YNE BIOCKL UND PA UL BLOOM Strobe, Brainerd International, Cidney, Stanleys Mechanics, Smily, RT's class The Archery Range, Vadnis, Road Runner, And most oI all Mary. KARL BRAUN IEEE BRUNETTE WENDA BUCHER RUSSEL CLARK DENNIS DOBSINSKI PATRICK DOYLE ROGER ERICKSON IOLENE ETTESVOLD KATHLEEN HARWELL MICI-IELL HA WTHORNE MARK I-IEALY AL VIN HILL RUSSELL HOWARD IACK HUGHES PAM INOTT DANIEL IOHNSON TERESA IOHNSON CHARLES KASTEN IOHN KASTNER Parties, Going out for lunch Skipping classes, CB's "Wheels," '72 chevs, 9l6, Good Times, Thanks to Mr, Kormick, Done forever I 980. IERRY KIDD CAROLYN KILTON 4-In 'Y TODD LANGESLE Y DENNIS LA TOURELLE PA UL MAI-IER RICK MCCARTHY ROB MCDONNELL CHRIS MCGING Good Friends, parties, Laughs, Concerts, winter, Taylor Park, "Whiskey bottles and brand new cars. " IAMES MOLIN SUSAN NEUMAN PATRICK NORMAN IOHN O'NElL TODD PAS TORI US MIKE PETERSON VU PHAN IAMES HA UGEN ANN IOHNSON B. W.C.A., Turtle Wsion, glasses Hills Friends Moe, Toe, Flo, Dick, D. Bros Utah skiing Mm Mm, Honey, D. Trail, Kimmies Cabin The O KA THY KIRSCH KEITH KISSELL IEANNETTE KLA USING TOM KLEIN RANDY M UDGE TT IA Y THOMAS MI TCH THORPE BARBARA ROSS IEANNE PIERCE MIKE REHLING BARB ROSE RENO RUSSELL Spooner 5:30 am. lor breakfast Iunior lunches and football, Painted K 's on the Goats barn l.S.S., at Goats Barn, Michelob Light IOHN SAMSON I UDY SIDEBOTTOM IOHN STEELE MARK STEELE CINDY S TINGER FRED STOLTZMAN BILL THOMPSON MARSHALL TSCHIDA DOUG TULGREN ROBERT VANPA TTEN IULIE WALLACK STEVE WALTER MYRON WEMMER IEFF WOODBURN IOHN YANKOVIC KYLE Z WACK 4 an 'la 2 Q' . Q1 1 Ni, aw You Say? Zahn ,,, 0" ,Naam , Hi Another Exciting ap? iff Day At Kellogg ff' tv px I ?QfV?l ., , I .4-uv: , A ,W I my ,4.. I """"'-M I 1 , WI-IOS THA T MASKED MAN ? SMILE PRETTY R 3 'Fla Qt-I 36,5 5 DECORA TIONS DON 'T GROW ON WALLS SENIOR SPIRIT L E iz .. .gf I Q s W, Z b 4 0 vs T .f If I .Q 'M ' sf gf ML - QF PN PHOTOGRAPHER ON THE LOOSE ,QA .. .. f2gf::122f:f1:fglzfffgf-swf: -- f 1 -WNFR -xw,.- N fif1:Sfir522222521?vx'S??QEii?2i1f15Hf' 1 ' 5' was -111.,,,X1,l1-1:11 Q 11-- f,,, :ja-4 , ,Jafar w 5 2 ' Q f , 'M ' ' 2 'Qui'- ,3 Q 1: il .,,,,--. K .,,.9" J' N ' ' 9' .M F V II, x f. W 'E 1 .F SM in AM V, V... .. VARSI TY FOOTBALL: Front Row: Steve Kuritz, Steve Sorenson, Mark Tipler, Steve Moe, Guy Ellis, Scott Thomas, Rob Meyer, Keith Oellce, lim Beran, loe Lee. Second Row: Ron Dutrene, Kevin Faulds, Lee Graczylc, Carl Vlhehe, Mole Tierney, Chris Chu, loe Pinotti, Doug Kampsen, Mark Cossaclc, Doug Sporre, Ken Gutzman, Marlc Horton, Bruce Karger. Third Row: Steve Sageolahl, Steve Bonesho, left Boeltl, Wnce Hartman, lon Cowart, Dave Gooding, Clint EWalolfCoachl, Mark Knutson, Keith lansen, lohn Harvey, Tom Kissaclc, Tom Zarembinslqi, Larry Svendsen, Dave Grove, fCoachl Fourth Row: Tim Zarembinslci, Bob Kirohottf Keith Kissell, foe Beclcer, Dusty Oosten, lim Walcem, lVhlce K orte, Tom Arcand, left Valento, Mitch Thorpe, Tom Hannigan, Dave MacNeil. Football K V, vs., 4 9 A T 2 1 CHEERLEADERS lill lohnson, laclcie Nelson Dani Bartz on top of Ann Lucas, Sandi Fistine, Shann Patton. 60 OU .. ,.-qxmt-.-,,f.W ,.., , ,Mt-,, LMW., .,,f,,...,,, ,,,,W:. ,,t,.,- Wf.. ,Wt ,,,,,,,,:,, -,C f, .,-f -N -ff. ,,w,w,,,, ,,.. ,,,,,4,... ,,,. ,,k,,,,,, ., ,K K, ,tw ,mr KJ, ,. ,, , W, ,,, k W, ,, ,kt ?1 fi -rig-fAf3! r ak. was at-sc ,-A Je xx A, Q3 1 f.: if as 4 '31 'S .v 41,12 -, .v ,' tcm 'f v A ' -,x ' , t .' , 'f s , - like f wQ.s.,A.- W L ivy' """" i- .W,,, li ,Ja ,.., I s bl V "" 'ritz S n g ' we " Q 'H:s5"W'l -4" xx.-.W B SOUAD FOOTBALL: Front Bow: Glen Girard, Toni Wieck, Pat Tierney, Mark DelVlars, Grant Mohagen, lohn Severson, Gary Kallestad, fell Hoppe. Second Pow: Ron Dutrene, Peter Boyer, ldinily Peteixsoii, Kurt Bragg, Chris Thelen, Cwlitt Paatznielc, Steve Rielce, Pat McLeod, Rob Krogtoss, Richard Gerard, Coach. Third Row: Toilil l?oii1owlqy, Mark Espersen, David Olson, Bill Hollenbevlf, Mike Carlson, Rob Davy, Scott Koll, Charlie Horton, Matt Hoover, Chris Hofinws, Keith Nelson, llmrth Row: Dan Valento, Kevin Aiiqe, Craig Paulson, Perry Noland, Beetle Webster, left Squires, Bob Glunz, letl Reilca. N N52 NN E ls Nfns' figs 2 34,5-EE :d -DH-EN , I CNMN 2 E451 321: 2 -C nn. f'C V ' R 'Q 'DZ To , ri 3 P- i- fi ,aaa Fiil 31 ,N "' 2. T.-it gf? 55525 QQQ4 QL is :geo EEQQRQSES Rags so 568225535 'N-4 ' f-1 :Qb1mmm2m mcgg 2266 comb QQQQQQNQ S392 'N 'N 'NNKNKNI '-.--.f-.--N it-to-i 2222 QQQINN Qw--N EEUE N RYPNN asain 3333 QOQO CHHRUMDH5 Karen Nelson, l enn y Gren gs, Sherri Rice, La uri e M ohar. , 5.. sf ff . 33 ng ,- X A squad, Back row: Coach Tobie, lulie Oczalq, Barb Dralse, Missy l-lintz, Debby Oppeguard, laclfie Honerylc, Anne DeGayner. Front row: Beth Erdman, lanet Cleland, Karen Kaiser, Lisa Murakami, Pam Moen. , 6,3 ,,,. fl ' .s. f, ' 4. 221' :V , ENV ' ' Zh ' f HJ , , sf, 4,5 iw, ,A ,V ,i 5 ' f.,-,M 'Q V M, iv, a , . ' - .aw The girls' tennis team was heartbroken as they just missed the state tournament for the second season in a row. The head coach, Tom Toebe and assisting coach Mary Farrier said the girls played very consistent l-up-I-back tennis and had an all-around good season. Barb Drake, a junior this year, was all-conference. Mchele Tayon was this years manager, Pam Moen was the teams captain and was also voted most valuable. fanet Cleland was chosen as next years team captain. tennis or baseball ? f gs 2 E, g, , 52 ,t,t,, P ' , i,i, " -W? M ts t ,,s 1 llii li,is f MMM ,,,l ,, C , , ..,,h V Vg mv- !" ra tennis elbow' Q5 wa 3. 4 , , Moundsg lT?3F1'dU , Mariner White Beiaf 'iPdrl:iiiCffiff22Qe f i Spring Lake Park l?amseqy ,g lrondvigle Anoka i Columbia Heights J7ore51'-Lalceh Blaine Coon Rapids ooo K K o oooo o,,o o ,Oo 2 ,,o 2 - f ,mm Q . ,M H, 5 ooooAoo . , ,,.. my L., I o,Eo ,, 0 o 4 I 5 2 4 6 . S f M, . .g .qs if I 1 I Vu mf Q in Q Q at if 'ff 4, Og EQ :awww if ,, . B squad, Back row: Coach Lisa Eoudiz, Sue Kemper, lulie Burton, my M' wstflg X "nice serve! " GH-I gf:-1-.sw asf a 2' is L gt i " . ' 1 as Sharon Black, Debbie Olson, Kari johnson. Front row: Lisa Howe, Carol Chu, losie Ramnarine, Shelly Crislcine. Missing: Audrey Phillips. ep 5 i,,4,,,,,,,N1,, ,. we Hi. lm ,N,,,,,. , , ,N 4.. ,TH :rw 1 7 " ., pi, ,,g,i,,,o :L ,. Mil GIRLS TENNIS ,,, .Q .1 ...ww A1 X 8 . k ,I gn-vw"""""' k in " .,ooiol o se, Q11 an no em ,,. .ig ' if LJ. : N: K mtv! Qiw an 'E Q: ki- - - ,, .VS ,wwe-www R' 'Q , i N .. 'V ,.., . gi f, N . 5, V ' if f e 1 4, " ff . ,. ' 'A' -- , n V f- , 34 -. . ,. 4. - A-M1 ,AA , . wwranxkiwsnaxe wwf, -wb x ' -- 'ff--f - -' ' i - yi. . R , R g , . 1 - , . . . . v ' Wi, K, Z...,,m, if X W. V A sg K Y ,. , 9 Q 4 I ' , . Q .. X f :M 1 - ' . . . ' ' ' ' Q t , A X , . . , , , , , f i SP First Row: Don Zuppan, Doug Bea."1'cml, Tom Glidden,Marlc Ch urchich, Bill l-lyden, loe Mahoney, Art Kealy. Middle Row: Tom Stebbing, Scott Aslzwood, Tom Moser, feff Messenger, lim Hobbs, Peter Fuelling, Paul Haskins. Back Row: C oach Pollie, Tim Blade, Chris Prigge, Todd Elcstrom, Steve Pehnberg, Vien Tran. The Kellogg varsity soccer team surprised many people this year. After mediocre conference play the Charger squad stormed baclc with six straight victories. ln region play the team burned up the pitch with their intricate passes and inspired team play. Led by their dedicated coaches, Bruce Rollie and lohn Scherf the Chargers went all the way to the region hnals where they suffered a disheartening loss to South Saint Pa ul. However, this years team will go down in the annals of history as one of the best in soccer. X Honorable Men tion AU'State leff Messenger Art Kedfr Todd Elcstrom M lc Ch h' h All - Conference TOT? Gjjjggnlc Art Kealy Heavy Controversy D017 Zllppdn an average night on the pitch my v' . ff 2 Hy , ,q,x . aw V ,pv- Qwff 1' . I? A myfa- 'QR-ngim W6 is x S Q N- 5 Charger line- up f' f""X fp ,, 9 ,' l 'lf , ,kj 41 1 f Mfg ' f NVQ 7" F ' g 'wa-,..j a QQ ft ff, Q. s Wi fix .9 I In , .Q XJ ' N-'f' W. 9 'F' un'-' Front Row: lohn Gral Rob Fredriclcson, left' Shaber, Scott Nelson, Coach Dave Lepp. Middle Row: loe Morlau, Ed Barlau, lim Squires, Marlc Deborde, Brett Schomalcer. Back Row: Dave Stokes, Brett Wenzel, Steve Burde, Scott Mlls, Steve Woods, Front Row: Chris Whaling, Ed Kline, Bill Foxley, Dave Warren, Doug DeMulling, Bob Msner. Middle Row: Kevin Roeder, Pat Lasard, lohn Wong, Brett Kealy, Dave H umenanslcy, Tom Connolly. Back Row: Coach Weaver, Nhlce Arcand, lohn Wheeler, hm luster, Mark Goertzen, Dino LoBaido, Eric Ternes, Marlc Anderson. NNW if 'E S H4 Q 5 ba 5 Lf qi I V7 22 Qu 2 K Bw Cross Country The FB. Kellogg Girls Cross Country team had a great l979 season. They were Sth in the North Suburban Conference meet and 6th in the Region 3AA meet, both held at Goodrich Golf Course. There was one very outstand- ing runner for the girls, Shelley lesperson, who was the Hrst girl in Kelloggs history to make All-Conference in Cross Country and also the hrst girl Cross Country Runner to run 2 miles under l2 minutes. The other runners were: Lynn Albrect, loan Tincher, leannine Schoepter, Pam Sheldon, and Kim Sitzer. Sunita Staneslow was the captain ot the team. E T L4 lu, . , W. Pam Sheldon, Cindy Hee C Sitzer, leane Schoepter, ' 4 up A , J.- .rn f WML 4 ' K . ,:::5!?hfQ: ' . 4 . ' ., ,- one lonely runner in the long run .. , lm, Vi , 7 Q., 2 ' Y A, gn .ymg Q. if ,nq , . 3 'Q lk gifM Ll!Lw.afJ? 1 ,l'W""" . ' ::: 1 wg W" Q .W MW' V . , , ZH New .R 4-'9""' 1 , I ' u ff . , spaced ou! ,L sw: f ' Eff - 1 'Y 4 1211 huffriz I'11puIf . . . Q x '+Q.:cgs?rK Q .Lu...4, 'I' Q .ai ...I Front Row Todd Pihl, Todd Lahlum, Bob Hanson, Bill Settle, Paul Schneider, Tom Klein, Geoff Holmes, Mlce Thompson Aaron Root Marlc Reed Back Row Coach Rivlcin, Dan Peterson, Henning Christianson, Dean Petree, Todd Thorson, Dave Yosmenitt, Gary Van Guilder Dan Dean Scott Burt Chris Glanzer, Coach Leslie. This has been the year for Kellogg sports-including boys' cross coun try. Mth the encouragement ot coaches Rivlcin and Leslie and the example of captains Dean and Yasmineh, the team traclced its Way to the Armstrong lnvitational with a 2nd place trophy and the regional meet with third place, the best in big K history. Front Row: Kari Hellervilc, Colleen Da venport. Back Row: Marissa Madison, Kathy K uritz, Deb Koepp. , 42n,,',,,,, , V Y K X h X ,KX w., gs 'Q --X' b N x Vx V QF' AI' x x A Y ' LL,, w J z ,E N' ' . I ' 2 ,-', -Lu b"' " 4 " rw. :gr W, 'wsu f W ki W . "" iid" , Y' ,gg , M. 4 .9 AVVVVA , W, Va the big mac attack "" by 'Q ctr' 1 , 'E 5 v 1 ' fi Ya an ll' put your left loo! in . , . L! "1 .MM l ' -if -1 -J see Bob run? hey, guys, Wdlf up' T Varsity Volleyball X xx an I 4 e WNW 5 'x A XX! Q 3 KMUZ, Nix QMIUQ LMULQX Front row: Diane Stoltzman, Pat Seeger, Nordine I-MI, Lynn Cardwell, Middle row: Arif Lakha, Sue Justin, Sara Bosse- maier, Bridge! Hinderer, Dawn Buys. Back row: Coach Bu- celi, Terri Sfockseit, lenny lorrisen, Caron Miller, Barb Wess- fund. in ,,m,,, Abi, Q we up, up and away ... it's a bird, iis a plane, its a ' 'sg S... 'S 1' -A Sb. .,,,-Wn ,vim I"' 173 O I-1 xvonvi 'brand -au, i . 1 : H ' Q AaM....,, .W - W -aa., . . Front row: Lee Svendson, Mary Berg, Lori Harris, Barb McNeely, Luci Harris, Karen Hedstrom. Middle row: Dorothy Tanu, Lisa Hessler, Mary lane Griebler, Karen Block, Lorraine Sheerer, loan Suchy. Back row: Coach Bucelli, Diane Streiii Polly Dubbel, Beth McGraw, Regina Stegmann, Osa Lundberg, This years' girls Volleyball team had a disappointing season. Their record was 2 wins, and 7 losses. They placed 8th in conference and 13th in regions. Although Miss Bucelli thought that they could do very well this season, they just couldnt put it all together. Barb Wesslund, captain was named All Conference, the other outstanding captain was senior Pat Seeger. Front row: lanet Suchy, lenny Hujanel, Lisa Mine, Wanda Theisen, Cindy Raue, Heidi Sallee. Middle row: lulie Ward, Cindy Handy, Susan Herrick, Carol Stalne, Kristy Rott, Annette Htzgerald, Donna Facina, Carol Chu, Back row: Coach Bonlcowslci, Sharon Strenf Diane Helwegen, Shireen Sandberg, Sue Taube, Chris Noesen, Carol Finlcelson, Tammy Ostregen, Michelle Godfrey. fglinf win , 'Hwr' sfwfff Mhhllt. kgmmblif XY ' . 2 Yw..,i!,1 QM! ' K ' Nw' at N -"I Ni ,1 x XX -M----X .T. f 3 g? 3' we . ::f .. . 'ia V' g Y , , c Af l .L P T , 1 5 V, Q QL H K , Q 2 f 4 . A vi T ' x T "" , T g L g f g i Front Row: Chris Huggetl, King Elder, Brian Pierce, Mike Flaiten, Lance Anderson, ludd Nelson, ferry Behr, ferry Maas, Dave Flatten, Back Row: Coach Bartley, Ken lohnson, Ed Pelto, Tim Thelene, Milce Trland, Craig Depperi, Kurt ,N Lacy, Dennis lohnson, Richard Nadeau, Bob Bigelback, Toni Kolasa, Kirk Carrier, Coach Kuefier. 'U 5 E -Q 2 5 This years Charger gymnasis had an outstanding year, hnishing second in fl regions and fourth in siaie. Led by senior ca fains Dave Flatfen and Chris .ig p Oi H uggef, the Kellogg gymnasfs posted a dual meei record of B-J. The highlight of Q the season was Chris H uggefis hrsi place hnishes on the still rings and in the all- 5 around compeiiiion ai the state meet. Fred K ueffer received "Coach of the year" N honor. 3 -S 'S Q cn Zi ig O D1 rf 55 L: 5 B Front Row: Lisa Drage, Louise Sargent, Barb Bell. Back row: Kris Olson, Sherri Briclc, Chris Slcundburg. , I ' .1-1,1 A " 1 - fi ,,,, ,W5 " A 1213 , f . MQWWQZ .111-1,1ff,,f1g,gg M 'Am W A 1, ,'Kf A . ,imqyrnw ,,4::, Wg, ,.., ,. ,,,.,,, ffhv f ,ww-'lf Tim Thelen perfolms a shoulder roll 1111 flu' parallel bars .a 4 ag wwf f 'W ' - 4 1. 1 4 , - L? ' If Dave Flatlen Con1ple1'es 13 muve OI Fe VD 5 FI : L :: FD N 5 E D -. .1 VD O 2 5 CL -N :T E Z 'L -N 'J 1 llk? pommel horse lefty Behr holds dn olyrnpzc-style 11'OI1 57955 Q A 41 I1 lhe sl1ll rlmzs hlwh is 1 A 3 V. A 5 1 1 Q Q sr,,..,,,... ,, .. -mw- VARSITY GIRLS ' GYMNASTICS TOP ROW' Coach Rai Mooney, Manager Iennifer Vwllard. MIDDLE ROW' Krisii Hnlcelson, Lisa Tisohler, Liz Fridley, I ulie Carlson, Lori Shonlca. BOTTOM ROW' Iaclcie Nelson, Danie Bartz, Sandy Risiine, Karen Tiepel. THE B LLERI AS 0F THE SPORTS WGRLD B-SQUAD GIRLS' GYMNASTICS TOR ROW' Coach Rai Mooney. MIDDLE ROW' lulina Smith, Amy Nelson, Kris Peterson, Kim Bies, Pauline Tracy, Kris Anderson, Terri Welsh, Holly Hessier. FRONT ROW' Lora Melby, I ulie Kosel, Carol Chu, Shandale Lewis, Shelly Modean, and Britta Pierson. L XA,. ,:,x 1' Q...- f i uirtnyr -H' E' 3 CB U3 CE S E. 5'- D' YD 'S E O -s S Q 3 5 fb 5 9, Z 9. lenny Mason in space Swimmers Tied tor conference champions Pfeced Second fn regions Sue Brings in the 200 individual medley Lisa Trammell in the 500 freestyle Triumphed seventh in the state Pointed with pride to their . Coach of the Year - Mark Gorman Colleen Carroll in the IOO breaststrolce who attributes his success to his morn- ing 6 oz. of grapefruit juice. WON funfof Vdfsfff' meet' THREE REGION RECORDS , . ,vmi ,, ,E ,V 11, ?,3,L, E 7: 2 2 Q40 U caan ' S fu -'Q -E 3 O .. V3 fu N1 MN, N.-.wfifs-N 'N-W 1 1 2 K f Diving COdCh Sieve Counlryman Coleen Carroll mediiahng on ihe beauty oi' the 5:30 a.m. swim Back row: Coach Gorman, Lynn Slcie, Sue Brings, Coleen Carroll, Kim Chrisiensen, Lynn Asplund, Theresa Pofhausen, Coach Tom French. Middle Row: Mara Lanasa, Ann Axclahl, Karla Stautz, Carol Andrews, Wendy Norman, Captain Anita Plagens, lenny Mason, Lori Szondy, Careli Combe. Front Row: Carie DeMulling, Lori Shonlqa, Marie Madi'son, Lisa Trammell, Ann Neniwig, Terri Kupferschmit, Captain Kris Bergquist, Laurie Peterson. fiii . ,uf .nn A ,, I BACK ROW' Mr. Gorman, Mr. Stan way, Mitch Wallin, Dave Rortvedt, Dave Plagens, Dan Morton, Mice Colon, Brett Shoemaker, lohn Duplissis, Dave Hinrichs, Tim Brotherton. MlDDLE ROW' Kurt Buchholtz, Dean Hazard, Dennis Hanson, Nick Tierney, Dave Welsch, Um Dordell, Bob Hanson, Guy Bergman, lohn Frawley. FRONT ROW' Bill Hyden, felt Peterson, Pat Holmes, Luis Albornoz, Soichi Masuda, Kyle Zwaclc, Todd Klingsiensen, Fritz Wirtz. 80 Mke Colon set new regional records this year, doing the JOO-yard butterfly in 53.02 seconds and the 50-yard freestyle in 21.82 seconds. Bob Hansen broke our school record in the l OO-yard breaststrolce with a l 03. 175. k ' ,z fa, K , -Q Q " fQ'h 4' nr kwsf , ff A l J gr WM i , , . if 1 . - 5 1 ff , Q, M" f' ' I ' "fi ' , ,, f M. , Y 1 L Q A I .gf ., , ,,, . SffQQ '?. '. iq f if -:lam gg -A , M Av N . . P ,, . ,4,,, A ,f,,..,.,,, . I 0' 1 . ' --' h , f V f ff , I gl, , X .V,:V4 : H. V J -4 ., , .,,., ,V ,f Wa. my . 1 .Vg . , A T ' 5 W ,Lf l , . ,,,, 8 il --. W I ,V H V A '-aginazipfz , 9, 5 - ffl' 4 - , D ,, ,, , my 6511 W 05" M Q . ff ' ' ' 4 f ' Tyr' WW.wm,,,, , V , .f2 f:ggf,4n V . L, WM ,,,L V ,,,, . .-i, . ,.., :.,,.,,, HL V 4. . u a ,-Q-ww-ewemn iawfk 'Q -if, , P . , , ff' 1 1 , Yqgw- ,,,:f'w-W V M fi'."m.'7f1- Q -. ,f A., N I 1,9 , 7' A f Y ., ' .,. . ' ,: ' , , ig , V W , ii if 4 fx , , J, , ,V y, I-I001' WOM lf 7 ff , ,,...f-- VARSITY BASKETBALL: ROW ONE: Terri Lebens, Mary Lindholm, Robyn Lensch, fackie Honeck, jenny lorissen, Michele Ta yon, Linda Buccelli. ROW TWO: Sue Engelbert, Pat Seeger, Debbie Oppegard, Tammy West, Shelly Erskine, Sue Hanson, ROW THREE: Barb Drake, Lynn Cardwell, Sandy Tustin. NOT PICTURED: Jeanette Klausing, Beth Erdman. GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS: STANDING: Mary Diedrich, lanet Cleland. KNEELING: Wendy Ryberg, Lissa Lavalle. f"1: B-SQUAD BASKETBALL: ROW ONE: Heidi Putnum, lanef Suchy, Pam Sheldon, Chris Noesen, laclcie Leseman, Lynn Hedenstrom, Linda Buccelli, ROW TWO: Lisa Hessler, Diane Becker, Barb Faschingbauer, Nadine l-Hll, Nancy Hill, Audrey Phillips. NOT PIC TURED. Coach L. Lunclin. l VARSITY BASKETBALL L to R BACK ROW' Kei th Rinta, Kevin Faulds, Dave Gooding, Greg Hanson, Tom Arca nd, lohn Vulcelich, Scott Meigs, Bob Simmet, Bret Wenzel, Mitch Thorpe, Terry Kelsey, Mlce Korte, Torn lohnson, left Anderson. FRO NT RO W' Coach left Wells, Manager Bruce Karger, Coach Doug Helds. B-SQUAD BASKETBALL BACK ROW' Coach Doug Fields, hm lustin, Doug DeMulling, Rob Albrecht, Gary Van Guilder, Pete Boyer. BOTTOM ROW' Chris Wahlin, Steve Rielce, Dave Hendrickson, Mike Arcand. lUNlOR VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK RO W' Coach hm Ml son, Peter Mayer, Thomas Hannigan loe Becker, Bret Wenzel, Kurt Lacey, FRONT ROW' lohn Vulce lich, Keith Rinta, Arif Lalrha, Chris Smell, Marty Rye. QQ W . 1 N x, E ' , Bae x ' 1 B-SQUAD BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS TOR ROW Mary Reed, ludy Veilleux, Sheryl Davies, BOTTOM ROW' lenny Grengs, Lori Mohar, Cathy Cady. 4 ,.,,, 4, sv ff if Y J J, an-nv ,MM Neue PM... L. n-"""' VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS I ,..w' TOP ROW Chris Olson, Sonja Glader, SECOND ROW' Lisa Drage, fill Johnson. BOT- TOM ROW' Barb Bell, Louise Sargent. 1 'K fi R. 3 -A A"-1 TUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY' 3rd ROW' Scott Prigge, Matt Hoover, hm Squires, Tim Nagle, Keith Jensen, Mike Dean, Scott Mies, 2nd ROW' Glen Gerrard, Scott Kofi, Mitch Carrier, Pat Tierny, Brett Kealy, Coach Dick fenkins. Ist ROW' Pai McLeod, Chris Reinke, Bob Rehiing, Terry Reeves, Tom Weick, Mck Bredemus. VARSITY HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS: TOP ROW' Sher! Brick 2nd ROW' Mary Thompson, Shannon Patton, Nhckie Selirnan 3rd ROW' Laura Wall FRONT' fenny Mason. S P Y N 1 fjb! Zarembinski waits for a centering pass. OOPS! e,-as r5ip,y, X ...- ..- bk, 4-. A -af S.. N- U 1 9 xl A , 4 Q FACE OFF f, . J! . ' ..1 .. .l S -1 x s And the crowd is pressed against the glass. REEVES MAKES A SAVE 1 97 Un CJ IIA 373' YT? ,W , -1" - .- 9 .J -1--, lfe Y 2541 Q I 9 Q11 ft ffff MQWMMW VW ,i if www WL V'Pf0f'l W ww W5 5 Jm Q?QZoJ xCQQ51'O5f'7j QQ W QE R I X1 s gg? jwgb6WD2!am ,M . -ow'aw rv044r'ow fffgfeafi HWMW W ACL" F 1 ,XJ ,TQ , L r-,gig 'via " L 'iiff'4'S- aff' 51 .KL qgaffigb ,gf -r 1, 3 Q ,,.. + , 6 fg'5ff91'f1 if ,WM if U f' Hy . 19, f ,,f, was y -,y ,ry '35 , ..M, QQ?5?'5 0 N154 ,J 5wwM E A Q Oh WW !JWM6 aff as ,v ' H- msn. .YA - Acfsfgyf -,gy .gf N H. mm,AA W ' Aff ll! I .I 'ir '-'w ,iN f Lynn Cardwell giving ii all she's got, trying to win. Taking a break alter working so hard. Trying to get a lar ahead as he can. Showing them how it is done, and how he wins. Y THE SPRING 0F Q-k qs u- fi xiii . S , Getting as high up in the world as he can. Showing oft' one of the things he can do best. Dave HOIPGF QOUIQ f0f U19 Qold- Anita Plagens, "Il I could just pass her, I might Mn. " fm' .fo--""""ww af K 'E 'Ls A 'iififffi L VARSITY WRESTLERS BACK ROW' Coach Bruce Hartman, Ron Dutrene, Brad Bles, Larry Svendsen, Tom Taube, left' Valento, Coach Clint Ewald. MIDDLE ROW' Tim Thelen, Grant Mohagan, hm Leider, Tom Thels, Bob Bigelbach, Mllce Dahlquist. BOTTOM ROW' Dm Lee, Steve Maser, Bill Settle, Tom Kolasa, Greg DeMars, Marlc DeMars. WRES TLERS VARSITY WRESTLING CHEERLEADER TOP ROW' Sue Wallin, Kari Hellervilc, I-Iathy Kuritz.MIDDLE: Ann Lucas. BOTTOM: Colleen Davenport. 75 ,K8.A'Qgv 7ll'TlC DIP! I I B-SQUAD WRESTLERS BACK ROW' Ietl Anderson, Milce Car lson, Iohn Pazlar, Todd Rice, Craig Brown, Tom Fox, Matt Muntean. MIDDLE ROW' Reede Webster, Marlc Esperson, Kevin Auge, Mike Ireland, Dan Peterson, Coach Clint Ewald. BOTTOM ROW Ierry Cook, Mark DeMars, Chris Thelen, Kirlc Carrier. B-SQUAD WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS TOP: Sherri Rice. MIDDLE: Mary Iohnson, Gretchen Bovy, Sue Young, Gina Palumbo. BOTTOM: Karen Nelson. I i mwam-...Q l ii I x xx, mg X, f""" f""g 5 , I QF 'M - ...IP xe'N-JU 5' Us ,Wg .fl Q x ' Q M Ja. : V gnfwx 1' z aiu and ' " QSIIIKNQQQQJBA -f ff, gtg? fs 'B V 1 H' A Y ,ai - b nl'- Mi .Q A H4 cfmmzuv, I 1 T4 '55 Nocfcn Bok X"'W2lQi1X'i3QCQ CEN WXHNM Qifig Xkw .XSCAOQQX FQAQB wkgy ,Mr wcwqxf X N I . X f N- ' X . QYCWCZQEQCQZP 721 Haw 85? MAR SQ 'W' 'WW LP Z'?cu 1Es AXQKJQS I .7154 3 A Qf,AW,,gGo Ch argers 5 WW 31:15 -f X3 Qi ovmnul , X x . . X 1 ' Nov N X A X A03 WY W7Cf5JffYfQ WINS! if C CMS gm xsofi GQVQ WQKCV3 N G: Nix, wax-JQQN X LQQXN my wow? NNQMQ, OX S332 +5 mxxmxxe V X X CJWPQQ x OVXXZSAZIX ARTIST? pd uf Cordzzo I ,wi f, Q 5 'fx x Z A V x THE FA CILITA TORS , 5+ Eire, 1 Q - M . 'fa-if2,i?2!N 4-rin mug - 1 x -A+-QQ , .W in-1"K,f a f ,,f,, 13 , ' ,.1,,,b --, K if .. roi? SSI ffi'JTL'g?52l ' mzrmf.:wfs,- f' -' A J 1. dw L - 11, g. .LE, , 5 if 3 uf 3 . 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Solution A: KFor upperclassmen onlyj , , , Overpower the sophomores' Solution C: lust let em sinlc! Solution B: Exterminate Sophs. 116 5 'mf- Q , .. W . , 5 , V , Vi , - - . - -.,,. 2' . ' -.m.,,, .1'f'vxiu3v-- 1413 -wqqwa-r.1mff'a:,i.u -,mf ax, -J,3'5'.1,, y,,y., ,3 '1:v,-X'-Xl" g F. nm.. x .dur-'1-G -'Y' u H - , S-'- ,1,":M'Q, "Msn, W ,, " 2'f-iff"-,"u'fpf.'5hZ9x9W3VR1+r KW fi vim 'Q i f :Q KWH-1YX'NG'.1i ' 2 , .X x,, ,,. ,,x. Xxx .. . wk -. .x 1 w. ,, , ,, .A , Viva., .2511 QNX, V J . .rw ,,.-g0,A,v4,.,...q, ,W,,'45,S,:5m',,2Y.tXxftft' . xx , 1 VxikXRgx,,5gW,,-KQPQEHVJMQ' va 1 -. B ,-Qgfmgs V - ,, 19, K-,aw ':, v Axffr. Q f :nn-yy 4-,Ja-igik 2535, h X-,wixik SAG' WV,-,4.,..,x?'. Y K is Ji... ' -V:-, .x -, .,,yY,..5..x.f .V..-,,,- x , . I . Ag Ujv,..,., . .-V 3, Min - I gl :VK 1.6. 1 - ' ' film, ' . wrby-W'P'?'i:f,ffTff.' riff-i'Ll1, '-Ln ' ?'.gz f- ff, + ,twill 'imzaw A A W. W , L. ,,,QQ L, 'ff 1Qg w if Eff, 'fi-ffllgx YK, . , AAL-. 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Not in the library, boys I used ie say Ver all that is joy there is ,min ,Now 7 knrfuf ?or all that is ,min there is jay. " -Dvug Nrfrquist- , I , I W W, I ii 1 Si e i35"w". YY . M if ,C AW? R 2 QW fp 5 x 'ik . W we X E A Mfg ' .fam .. 4 N Q , 53 -Q X--A ..i,, W8 9' as 5 N reigned Gina Gorence df Peter Mayer N x ,,b'Qi,'f:"- M A j,fr-:g'- . , Q-P .frfivzl " 5-gr , 'Q 9 -.J ,L 0 , . . N ' K gentlemen, start your faces 3 1 1 W , r w 5 wa SX .-, J I' ' ' who me? I do? Sadie Who? 4tffi70m QYW ' f ' Q ii I I SNOW KING ROGER HIEL, CON Z UPPAINL BOB KIRCHOFF1 CHRIS CHU TIM ZAREMBINSKL CAND DA TES I SENIIEIR VfFll.:EN'l'lNE S Q- 5513 a ' 5 ' . . f wx 'P+ :-K i Q t 1- ' ' ry 5 h . QA. .J .. f kd-5, i 5 '. a . AVA, W,bff i A 4, if f X . 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J I ' ' Af ,, 6 A b ' .4 2 -an, n t ffm A :m?'-5 N., L. Anderson Tony4Arrigoni Caml Andrews Phylhs Atlcms U Gregory Anklan Raymond Bdbm Roger Bartizal Pamela Arnold ZZf:nB1jZZie Ban Bane, D B d Edward Barlau 1022317 22333 211332523 lc Lynda B65 er Pamela Berends ferome Behr Mary Berg fohn Bergman Paul Bergmann QA 7N,.1eQQI Debra Bies Lawrence Bjes John Bigelbach Sharon Black Karin Block Jeffrey Boeltl Eric Bra un Nicholas Bredemus Sherri Brick Richard Brilla Susan Brings Joseph Brown ,,, Denise Buche Steven Bunde Laura Burns David Burris Scott Burt Jeffrey Burton six ,Q .,,, 7.7 Q 2 -- ..l Kenneth Burton Leslie Buys Tanya Byng Gene Cadmus Lynn Cardwell Laura Carigiet ,Q ,gg w u laik, ill. if-ix Zan wwf!! Sherry Carley Patricia Carlson Mitchel Carrier Colleen Carroll Nancy Champeau Joseph Charbonneau -1 . Tracy Chestn ut Kimberly Christensen Scott Christensen Leslee Christiansen Mark Ch urchich Wa unita Clare Deane Clark Janet Cleland Chris Cmiel Gary Cocchiarella Catherine Coenen Jeffrey Colbert ik 5 7 W '11 4 -4 f f uv WLJYT1 ii K , A W Xe .' f If mtv " A 'av "4 Q V' . 3' .tw K ,B 'CLC' 4 .1-. " ,A .1 ' ll V XX s 2 5 YL' I Killian: ":: K Lily 2 xi Q 1 h,h. , A M +V ' W k E I xv, - , 1 M 'Aff' Q- " ','. 1 YA . E Q, xt 4 5 .. , f k . CV M 5. va . if 4-1 Wayne Cook M 'L ' Steve Coomb nm Cooper Carol Dalquist l C rt on Owe Colleen Doug Crum Davenport Daryl Currence Cynthia Davis Steve Davison Mke Dean Mark DeBorde xg... o r 'CA' 4 i 5:59 if u V fr Q Wt if I IW 4 .W R .-:MVB 'x 375 W MX 5: pfk T , Q 41 ' x ' I Q , 3 2. , o 'QM lim Dempsey Marcia Diedrick Marc Dirkswanger foe Donovan Robyn Dordel Lisa Drage f QW .EA fy I Dual w- 's- ffl,-, , L .-H, fg ,ai n x 3 gt? 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Steve Gambino Chris Garner Mark Gavett loan Flood Coleen Foxely Robert Fredrickson Cory Fryxell lody Furch Cindy Gallowy Keith Gimler Chris Glanzer Tom Glidden Mark Gutzmann Guy Glover Mark Gobran Gina Gorence Lee Graczyk lohn Grat' Ag,-f' ,Ln ,21 X , ,,. i n Q 'Q let! Graham lanet Graul lohn Grogan Hope Guenther Lori Gurslce Ken Gutzman HF' xg -'S mo Linda Hann Tom Hanningan Arm Hare Lori Harris Luci Harris Wnce Hartman A is 'Nx'afx'x3 xv xxx fx' tix f K '22 N , Wi 'isdn , I . 4,5 'L,, si.. , , II. ,, 1 X A W -T25 , 9 I J .Af s"L i , , V H . tar 5 I V. Q 4 f M lf, f-sk ?""'3' if 'k.-I F i U9 at 3 f dl S 1,5 f ll 'ai .1 4 fl -- K "'-,. ,. " 5, ,.,, ., . ,, x f 5 . 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'A 4' 1- Donald Orlando Leon Osellca Tom Ostergren Bob Palma Dave Padeltord Da ve Peterson Laurie Peterson Tim Pettit Barbara Phillips Robert Priestley Scott Prigqe Heidi Putnam Bob Pehling ..........-- Those Not Pictured Steve Combe lohn Duplissis Mark Edwall Robert Enes lett Greene lett Hamilton Kit Heath Mike Herbert Lawrence Hill Susan lepson Dennis Isaacson Sangeeta lain Renee lewett Kathy Knack Donna Kortus Paul Kropel Kent Kutscher Heidi Landro Chris Leed lames Lieder Pat Lunzer Lee Ann McGing Robert Meyer Patricia Murdock Scott Nelson The Charger Says . . . Mike Norman Kristin Olson Mark Patram if Doug Peterson i Carl Recksiedler lames Rice Tim Rieschl Mike Ryan - .ft Susan Schaeter ' Leonard Scmidt ' Raul Schwartz Michelle Sellman Robert Simmet ludy Skuzacek Tim Skogen " Deborah Sowers Iii ' Russell Thole 5 . , Dan Towle -1' ' " Tracy Raulin ' V ei is Q .. ,wx ve' . , ps 4- 'Yi 1 X W IS N K i AQ' . X 0 Vien Tran t if , Cindy Valento , - i L!! Charlene Vandenbeusque T T E lim Van Patten . Y' i , ,. Bruce white T ' Q, - -tg ' ""' T ..... fi. . , ' M .iff , A x , 5 j .L ,f I .. .. T ' ,, V," ss 'W1 kj V? ,QA 5 T- . . ,,,, M, ,,. Q 5? we 1. H tt, , ' was " lett Schuster Keith Sebesta left Staskal Eric Stoeckmann Lori Szondy Todd Thorsen X Debbie Th unhorst Mark Tonia Dorthy TonNu Pauline Tracy lane Trydgestad Kim Twedt 1 TWX lohn Udstuen Cindy Valento Vickie VanNess Scott Weber Laura Wisher Scott Zins ,fx ' U5 -1-Han. '???1iS"vJiz.g i '5 4 - Q sf . ' . 'xi Wm , im ,--M. . 'fx Vi.: fig 5- vb ' .7 ,x.,. .1,1,.. xiii? if -W " + K Y s Q W if W-1' 5 '. N-Wi . Qs Q- ' ,air , w 'Q mv- 1 X f I X """'! ,T H' ,fi 'l 3 Follow the yellow brick road Wlcked wifch and munchlcin We 're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful :I--"-' 'Z 4 . H ,filly ,, ,J 5 , W ' rv' I w in 1 1 Ql l Y o l l 'E Actors: Tom Cleland Al Englebert Dave Kenney Wallie Meisner Bruce Thorpe Actresses: Viclci Burton Lisa Drage Sonja Glader Kris Holmes Cindy Polski Director: Michael Robertson Assistant Directors: Dave Stewart Bruce Thorpe Story Theatre adapted for the stage by Paul Sills is a narrative form ot drama in as possible. The play tries to recapture that simplicity in storytelling. Story Theatre takes away everything' there is no sce- nery no props nothing except actors tell- ing a story and the imagination ot the audience. which actors tell a simple story as simply Stories . . . The Little Peasant The Bremen Town Musicians ls He Fat? The Robber Bridegroom Henn y Penny The Master Thief Venus and the Cat The Fisherman and His Wife Two Crows The Golden Goose L05 STDRY THE TRB Talent Galore Karate exhibition Chuck Keely singing "Your Song" 156 The Madison sisters in 'Aqua Boogie" Michele Engman singing a song written 'by a friend .QA b 125 ig nh Wizard Cf 0 Somewhere Over fhe rainbow pupppg Apnf 9 Q f at 'N ff ya 'N 5. 4 IM- N x f 4 M' r I is ' 2 F l , - Q , gi 4 'Ml' E " , 'aw' ' og' x' k. 1 f 1. LN 2 fy W ' l . A 4.4 The Concert Orchestra under the baton of R. Negaard Concert Band Ensemble warming up for "Trittico" The Hrst Movement of Haydn 19 Symphony No. 97 in C Major 9 gaze I I 086 The Woodwinds under the direction of Les Lueclc The Treble Choir singing 'Soil and Blue" 'Ympossible Dream" from THE MAN OF LA MANCHA by the Varsity Choir , . W' Q., it if , 4 xl, MQ, Lb ,J f wg, ,A Q 'Uno H 6515 Mg -'L' 3 uv-J" 163 '. e I ' 'ws-f-1 Q in 'EW-. V'-ff' "g, ,Q an Mi s 6? v N SJ' -.fxj X N R' ' ' ' L 'M f'A"s A Q fs, - aww W. L? . L--'K 'L ' fs -f 2 fm 3-fp K Kun If Q My . x xv, xfia X X 9 5-.M fx?" A.. N' ' f X W A ,fxff Li 'A'-:Nw 'Q xii? Q5 'H "QQX':?"1f'. ui . QQ- V 'uf' 1 ' ' Q' 5 f X f in Lhih Sign' Z5 'twk X' ,xx ix. Q N A ffgpix W ANNI- NA A Y? fix -iv 5 3 3, ' QT.-45" 3 1.iAr'N:5f7 " 4 A r X .Q ,A 5 Xi.. L A xfx-V1 ,L "X 1,553 u u J H A IN I. 5 ,f W-qw 2 , f V W- 3? I H F1 u tes Mary Lindholm Lisa Draqe Missy Hintz Kathy McGraw Deb Thunhorst Sherri Roller Cindy Handy Diane Helwegen lulie Ward Clarinets Laura Burns Robyn Dordell Annette lewell Patti Lee Sara Reibel Cindy Ulshater Lynn Albrecht Karen Hedenstrom Colleen Kane Lee Svendsen Beth McGraw Bass Clarinets Beth Erdman Tammy Ostergren Kristi Rott Lynn Lotz Alto Sax Betti Grilz Dave Stokes Scott Sponhiem Dave Welsch Dave De Vout Trumpets Marlc Getty ' on Heather MacKinn Bruce Maeda Da ve Rortvedt Chris Cmiel lay Elgaard Lynne Hedenstrom Tom Koziel Dave Woehrle Rob Albrecht Tom French Lisa Howe Kirl: Anderson Sharon Streit Trombones lon Kulhanelc Theran Rusch Al Handy Doug Bearrood Scott Christensen let! Leseman Scotty Kopp Dave Warn foe Woerhle Baritone Horn Gerald O'Keet'e Todd Pihl Steve Stucker lerry Maas lenny Cook Cris Noesen Heidi Sallee Mary Savard Percussion Kristi Finlcelson Pod Hiel Tom Klein Alex Elder left Slater Brent Soclcness lean Baniak Chris Wells Rich Gerard Carol Finlcelson Laura Haslach Qndy Fa ue F lag Corps Terri Welsh Kim Wood Sue l ustin Sue Engelbert Marie Mattison Mary Getty Sue Rielce Maureen To wnsley Shellie Griesel lenny Hujanen Carol Andrews Ann Yantes Polly Dubbel Kim Christensen Sonja Glader Pam Arnold Asa Lundberg Kris Aronson losie Rumnarine lanine Moser Tenor Sax Mitch Wallin tin q Horns I H Dave Lund john Sludtman L Dave Drum Maj OTS! Les Lueckg' Glanzer Carl Reclcsiedler Kiln Sitzer Corps Stalne Tayon Path fewell Ioan Tincher Affddlal, Rausch Wanda Theisen t Jenny Aronson,' King Elder me A "'-cl' an TH. :' 'N -, ,,,,,k p A Jf,Ml'.4,,,,,f,..., ,, x, K N' i'5"' i i 'Q-. l- Y v vf QQ 4,1 L l 2 if V' v -QQ. A 4' f V31-'1'fv -r O' MMV .iv-is ""' r'f15 9 ' G Q In O .8 0 wwf f"f?':.8o'P- . nf 0 Q x 5. xg, I 6-2.63: . , I" Y A " IEW K V N 04 .v i I I ' - K 'R 5 .P " 1, lu ,, " g ' N4 ,'nn -...V . six. ' 5' . . Q. .-..-1' 'sr Qi - -Y - --- GRGAN in S 9 fi 1 S ,, ,Q ,, 4, in A , , ffiyssf f' M 5 1 . N - ,,,, 'f If t ,,., , inf' MAP' W I ?.r' f-J. VM X :ww 1 'lu i K Q i V Z 5 ZATIO S 'sw 'IN 0 Clowning In the tradition ofBozo and Marcel Marceau, the clowns look silly, make people laugh at others and themselves while they lighten their own hearts. This year they brought tears of laughter to the Fairbault Home for the Deazi the Childrens' Hospitals and grade school carnivals. Whether performing antics at a pep test or ushering at "IfWzard" matinee tor sixth graders, they clown. Who does? Lissa lsaacs, presidentp Cindy Peterson, vice presidentg Lynn Sata, secretary' Tom Keller fthe only gentleman ?j,' Nancy Phil, Liz Guthrie, Mary Vangerud, Gwen Schlechting, Linda Bennett and Sue Bever. 'W' ,yn- 1 41' A4 'li 'V' I 1 5 x , ,Wi W mf g? i n i s - Aw I , 1-4-.4,,W,.i3g ,V -la.. 'QWJSHM K is k z Pepping The responsibility of Pep Club is basically to generate school spirit. SPIRIT' The 'peppersnmalce posters and signs, cheer at all the games and sell buttons. Paula Hodgin, president' Roxanne Greene, Vice president' Gina Casa Delcalvo, secretaryj Lisa Moelter, treasurer. 'l 1,11 f W, The Statesmen Print E D I T O 1? S A D V I S O R It Themselves -4? ' Foreign Exchange Students 18 'VX Q4 International Club Nita-5,-ew, , W , 1 www? Broadcasters Wh,,+a:. ,pl 'iwjff 5 Q A' ,,a,W,,, V., , - . gfgza fgt 5551 4,g.. Nhg, I, W W 5 to t of sz'-'iw ---- ' K 3 5' ' 3' of U . QM, '39 hw' U ., " ' 7 ,.,.., 5 ,Ll 5, ,exit Why -143,17 M ff if gf! 'f HL f. fftiff. f use 2 3 4,412,154 H, W4 ,, "' at E B iff- ? 5+ 9a 'ia f.- 1 , . ' 1' it 'fb 1 4 "Y 'ff 'i 4.4 4 A f' 'W PV 5 W ' 5? f ' I , , an A Q - t Debate: t Be It resolved that the United States should significantly change its foreign trade policy. .86 Y 5 ...M 175 'NN - . in f F I 5 1 A ,s AQ , IL, Q. V4 10" if 'Q' 'U .M-.,,N fix? 7 A . Yr. 'JY .A 1 ,X fn E, .Du g We 're Hospitable And That Government Uf The Shall Not Perish People By The People For The People .F rom The Earth 5 .. MSI-- fun, Decision Makers Student Senate . 6 f J A95 e fs V' fm W Humana .. X-f ulbil i .. ., ,H-M. . . , ,Q A Q ,M Q Q 11 Q: ueeze or fwo. Ac d a Sq 1 ldv I . wh Smlle, you're on Candid Camera -2 4 . .Av i Qi 4, ,,g.,, .4 f -:wh wg,,.ft- a'1Nu1wgi,aL?5zFf ' 'Y -fs-'se'csw4 1: ' fm f'.v-+zw f. af, ,w k 41. ' I 3 ,, 'weygg 'Wg fd P V' 7 5 ,, 2 J sf fav 5 P ,ff A W" A s + W " 4 K 7 W f '5N3?f?i,J'f V jj 9 L - 1. .ff -E, rw .,.. H L . d la? ,V 'Hg ' k wc! ., 1:3 'im , a gfgwj' xg hgzjfygggf if, e 4 , A L.,E, . .,ge,,-:ff 41 V14 We drink lots of grapefruit juice. M-.. . , ,N .,W,1,, ,-,..,,. a few more gray hairs. US P1 This is a 2:42 AM deadline, gi . 'SW' ,I ff, 1 Then we scratch the head. QW" ,-' -30 N' s' "r is 5 I S ' 5 I I S K , '. 0 ' v 5 I X S O in ' , X. -- 'lx xwww Mya, 59. N N, Q . ' "' 3 K' an Q ' s s v Q ' 9 s I Q 3 5 I I I ' h ,, ,K "" ' x 'Q X 'ga 183 M MQ! , S Y 4 + 1 -Hifi, ,,.. use 1 Y 'fx b xx ,v 9 V A kg , . Q 7' i A, .IKJ '- 2,9 SN if f' 4 l f Q- Y ' f Q f . v ,Y . '1---P-3 Ae ." F3 . L. 5? W N?- Q "- iff- E223 gigs fi 5? ,. Q G M: Q ' , I ,s 5 EX 'T B ,,,yA2,,?A 3 ,, 1 W V My , fra -1 'Lmp rf.: :' . -3 r XV,,MW sf. I , i 54 I x Tom Anderson X Amy Andert af W 4 x M' N. , ,J KN If y X x r .4 V: ' ,, as fn. 2 L+' i 'M .4 .IIN 'K ' an 1' N ga , 4 x Marlc Anderson Steve Anderson Sue Bever left Anderson Kirk Anderson Kristin Anderson Diann Becker Susan Benjamen Laurie Bennett Alan Bergeson Chad Aanenson Steve Aguirre Lynn Albrecht Robert Albrecht Wncetta Baltes laclci Bamberry Terri Bamberry Kevin Auge Pam Backer lvhlce Arcand R . wi I vi it F54 4-.wx X , K . 'st 13 ,CT as ,ah NT WX L . A , . ' NIT 'K 5 K ' wc, I. y iv th A L x L, Kimberly Bies Bob Bigelba ch WN Dm Bloch Scott Blomberg David Blomster leanne Bloom Laurie Boettner , N if S " Q N Mike Bond Deanna Bonrud mv' T, 4 miv ag , 4- 'A me lean Boudin Z s 'X '56 K 'f r iS.,,,- ,. 3 Qu . my ik JT "" ff 1 N. Greich en Bovy W W" W 4:22 Q 4, QI 3 Suipp In Y '1-' A M 2 iii Peter Boyer Kurt Bragg J k ,, 41- V' K' vm C7 J 1 X A Ioleen Chelgren Erick Christiansen if fill Brandt Micael Broderick Craig Brown Spur! fT"7 Kirk Carrier Kathleen Casey Michelle Chan Michele Rrgwn Rodger Brown Carilyn Bucher Kurt Bucholz 1527 James Bullis lulianne Burton Catherine Cady Michael Carlson Laurie Buck Carol Chu A ,mi- Q7 lames Clerx V f' 1f2X? 4 wfff' I lm Lane Christianson J -rj P 1. HQ ii g " Y A Mary Cocchiarella v Kathy Colberg Q MW, ia 'gs 9 C K Thomas Connolly We , ,th X lenniler Cook L ' " Paul Corazzo i f A 0 in - L- 77 ' F lx. 'A Deborah Cm ' ,Q fliiiffffaf , I 4 Mary Cowan' f 'w,,,z V A-' feff COX ' lal - as Q, C, :f ,, A I -x. Q 1: l , ,f K , " K ' ' X'-7x ' ' 1 B a c - V K 9' A V, L , H ,.,:i. ,i,?..,i,.V., av , M C -op- ... f X P ff, Q Q Q :-. -,.., .,'- "k-' wi i w ag F v asv r X N ,3 R ii ' 3 rt A , gy., X . . .. , it 46s,bQf""!S l sff3Qe'.m W. ,us V Robert Davy A h Danielle DeChaine F Roger Delcastillo Mark Demars ,"53SWf6x Sheryl Davies Glenn Davis Lori Davison William Dudley so- Richard Crum lames Curtis Wayne Dahl Karen Danlcs Carol Doerller Christinea Doody Chris Drees Polly Dubbel Mary Dulce Susan Dunn Stephanie Dziuk Ronald Eagan Brenda Diedrich Robyn Djos Lynette Dobsinslci loseph Edwall Steven Elcblad Kingsly Elder Do uglas Dem ulling Craig Deppert M -NMA ae L ' X' sm., W " fa so as 3 y L 1' 3, ' ,. ii 'ws ' A, 'ri ' Q - , ,Y William England Elizabeth Erdman ilu-fs J , by nfl lix V--., 41 .v aw 44 4 I Q40 'CTBT KY' N M.,:3,, 1 wi' . if NM ., ax x 'M AQ A 'fb X i x ,Q .KW A A - . . X 'ff' X' 1 1, A 5 - ' 4 , M 4 - A .: - ern- ' M' R , . , , , ,, N 62,7 X . N - l .fx of 'fn' Mary Erickson .M Wi v lu ..,,,. Div- vx Mark Espersen Kevin Everhart MW ? A Nik -f' I . F ' fr gy h 5 ' 1 Barbara Faschingba uer lames Filbeclc Dawn Hllcins Carol Hnkelson Annette Htzgerald X lames Htzpatriclc Shawn Flack Michael Flatten Brenda Fleischhaclcer ' x leanne Fracis lill Frazier Dawn Geraqhty Richard Gerard Michael Gerten Robert Glunz gl S-P ge' ,nk Diane Gobran A X R Qs, .x'f" W 4 Christine Htzpa trick 1.-fl A . l tr QS X 3 4 Q Q if . 5 is i Michele Godfrey Mark Goertzen 'TL i' l O56 ph Gon tarek Michael Gott M' Richard Haller , i Q it rlfrr r rr 'rrf' z V "' Q Susan Graczyk . 'S , l Robyn Graz' - G' - Roxzanne Greene I 2 K+ M . G ' A , f I Cindy Handy 2 ff ., ' Dennis Hansen ' ' "" ' , k,,, 'Q,g:3:Q3: RL . M M Kristin Greenside . f' l Zz, Lx 1 A lanelle Grengs V ig -1-Tx Q' ' 3 . an -. f an W K X has 'flffifx ' G , x we KJQP R Brad Hanson Michael Harvath 5- ' . Mary Griebler dum Hdslach ,,, EA A .3 al' , . G1 ' 'H' layne Haugen . - as g jessica Haugen E, . 1,35 A V t Philip Hayne as G ' k X 4-i Dean Hazard ' ll E lacguelyn Gurney 1- X J F n 'S+ - I' - gn Shelly Hecomovich 'I 73 v 9 W 5 - 1 ' 4 + ..,, E . - N V. M - I .".' A - Karen Hedenstrom Sandra Hellron Diane Helwegen Da vid Hendrickson Patrick Herold Suzanne Herric Lisa Hessler k , . 'Q Rv! vw' ml 6 I , M1 an ,., , fl? ,M ""' L Wendy Hessler Dawn High ,fe-v f ii' ,K X 2' i ,Q is Amy Hildahl X if, 56'X ,N4 David L. Hill 4 wi' rv Q Q DX, David 1? Jhll Nancy l'hll Gregory Hoiem V Joseph Hodgin if ' Jeffery Holbein 4. at if? 1 Ji ,KK r ,D a -' A xx ... W f Q-P3 44 Mx J 'J "rh" , y .. ,,,,, . ,, AW fi 1 sb. .b gil, ' .- 1' A ' 'V 'V 'R A- D,-f "' , va: f :- In ' . , .N ,V A Q V I 'C-if . 1 5 X N y V . X , M Av, wi r, , i' rift.. ' David Humenansky " A A , Douglas Janu we 'Ir .. Jerry Jensen an 1 X, ,y 1 -af 4 'K 1 V I , f 15 ' Z iw. 1 f Thomas Jensen Pamela Jewell , , Bradley Johnson 41 1 QR 1 1 . s a Mlliam Hollenbeclc - ' James Hollenlcamp Jon Hollenlcamp Pat Holmes 4 Dianna Horlry Charles Horton Lisa Howe Matthew Hoover Jennifer Hujanen Dawn Johnson Jonathan Johnson Kari Johnson J J J I ' Kenneth Johnson . ' X ' W' 1 M ' ,. 4- W Mary Johnson , 'E ' 5 X Troy Johnson ' , A Lisa jones . I ips, "H M ' " ,W -, ai-.D 9 I '1r',, J 4 1 H " Mtchell Jorgensen 11 ' I V 1:3 'li' ' ,' Theodore Jungbaur 'm v :l x ,. , J .9 G James Justin as 1: " " 'V R Karen Kaiser ' f 24, ,J 'L -' 1 'uf ,X .. ,, ,, 'M J: fi is Kenneth Kastner -Q, V Bret Kealy WWW Gary Kallestad Susan Kallevig - Colleen Kane Melissa Kasten Lynn Katzenmaier David Klammer ,. Susan Klammer Y -. r .4 ' , V, la fm Y is 1, fx Susan Kelm Karen Kmg Thomas Keller Patricia Kellner Scott Koll lulie Knabe Laurie Knox Kenneth Knudsen VWlliam Koepp 45 lohn Kongsvil: Gerald Kool: Scotty Kopp Paticia Kortus Edward Kline Todd Klingseisen Cindy Klosowslci Mchael Klawitter QT 'xx . . ,..M,f, ,,,Wff,,,,,,,, . 2 'fi-ew , gr is Q, W if r,.u , N ' Li' W l ulie Kosel Robert Krogfoss Theresa K upferschmidt L. rss lov fi f t " is vw' ! X jx ' EW! -,. X 4 O . Ag fx L v- 1 . , AY? 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MIDDLE POW' Mark Anderson, Brett Schomaker, Tim Dordell, Steve K uritz, Jett Kropp. BOTTOM ROW' Lisa Drage, foan Flood, Kri Holmes, "Yah, Chonny, its a tine hideout."' "For a ministers daughter you know a lot about lite. " yi filiw 'Z 35 Q Qgmj W A 'fgazki 1. -114 2' .1 Q xxwjf A A . A , 5 202 J Thurber X Tales C Fe1ffer's X People W Propose ,ff S A T How To Molly Hatchet Never X - ' .,. - When they yeii into your ear, just hold the receiver on your shoulder, .4- fs, Com Flake Factory? This is a high school, SOUNDED LIKE THIS NUMBER Q! X L A fg,,.QM ,MN f bxrxj 1:1 CK ,.- B 16' f '24 1 Tk K Vi- ex is , 66 t , T' . X. it x wig yfhxx O 1 ' li -7, E fQ ' ' K ' 'ffl . e ' 029 K ,. 1 if jj 1' vs 'av X 'Q - 'V vliix 3 y L , ' xl, I . .V Y He has strep throat and the measles and a temperature ot' 104 but he'It be in school TOMORROW? Thank you tor Calling. NO MORE, NO MORE, PLEASE! You should talk to Mrs. but shes teaching a Class now, then shes going to the dentist at three and VdCd' tion starts at 3:30, Heh, forget it. - 205 Collector 's Items Mike Di ttel is 1 955 Packard Debbie Olsen 's "Ke11ogg's Cu test Couple" Made And Photographed By Debbie. THA KS T0 A LDVELY LADY Cb IN: :ha fb .nal 'I'-'F'-LL 9.1 O ...ww-.....,.,... -.-,... IHIJSPU rd ess! Wa 3 2 E ..... m 51 E 53 U E 2 rline Ste wig QQ X m E Q nh. P1 C13 Q 5 nh m rf: an 3 5-1 E Q E 5 'E 0 E xx s, MOTHER WITH SONS PETER AND PA UL -lg 3 0 2 3 o -3 5. WIFE WITH HUSBAND ERNEST - IN THE PUMPKIN PA TCH x . 1 V Q Q 1' 15, 2 0 Q. :T R3 .., . 8 0 im 1 -A 5. S URRO UNDED B Y CREA TURES GREA T AND SMALL, THIS GERMANXENGLISH WOMAN IESTS ABOUT BECOMING AN AIRLINE STEWARDESS. GRANDMOTHER WITH GRANDCHIL- DREN TOBY AND ANYA May A11 Your Dreams Come True - Q. Qi f ,f- M- ag ' iW29gfg,Q?ff 23 ' lg KX , I Qwj QSwrx'jfK 'xo' JM My SGY life ' Q W S3 ' JK 58,5 X5 never know take a chan ij 2tA,,1'25Qv ' fifi J V 'J N, J w pf M ,mf ,-N X 0 . -my 0' Pb We f 7WMx'Jy ,i,wWW"-'MW5 WW' ' f J' A' -04 MF!! wan ' my ff J W Qfiwwfff, ?!i8WfJXW'u-fgiywfzfyf ZW.-Qwm wgljfwff' , L, My Wim W 5323? wg0yW,Q3 Lgf5 L74 NXKUMNN ,fy 5' N g?gQ ,iw Mr cliffs sg is 736 TRD EPM E6 3 QW QZZZQQQQZZW 243 Wwwfwww wwf Qyifagwww 5524 'iw bf W JMWMUKQQYQQW -W3 igiglvm 2,325 omwigwxxx 5396 gd ffow fr3?5f.3Q1Lc5fj3f1fvL0L6 ff!-Zagw' ,QF ,iggw 2 ,, Q9 Uwjgwgigf . i29gNC9g5K A65 03fKMfi53fQfifd MN wp33ppyJy , , fi Uwgubcofg Q4 'XD m5955650 x52W56 W 5109 ZMWYQV 1 F0 ff? 52 4, J? 26562 Zi 7 52295 REE ga if ff 522 2 H 3 2 3 43333 I .XI Xi Q ,PAN ,iii ,mx Q:EJf, zQ x 1 Qdcigijb Qi 32 Q , X, 33 f ' 53, k KL EJ : ' 2 4 ew wie f Q - , K5 Q T5 FR A f N 'XS Q f

Suggestions in the Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) collection:

Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 16

1982, pg 16

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Frank B Kellogg High School - Equestrian Yearbook (Roseville, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 181

1982, pg 181

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