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A f 1 i F 1 A 5 E 0 U yr ur: f 1. .1 ,ziiwfg 'N Q Q 13", ' - ' 1,2 2 uf , , -rfb' ...W ff- af 4 wi 5 A l'V 1 X .- rum,- -wf. ww 1 19+ 'ii xv-f 1 J R f 5 H J K N. ,f-QW W -f' 1 ,lf A I fv- L X el gf f 9 N , iz' WWW pi u 5 '-, 'Q if ,yy ff 9' , , WI ' 4 .iv X 'mf A if ,W 1'- fn-+1 V' ' " ff U ff AV. nw- Q ,gwljy 4 .J 1 , ,, 1, , f -'sq H1 FRANCIS W. PARKER CGMMUNITY DICTICDNARY THE 1987 EDITIQN CDF THE RECGRD By THE SIX DEVQTED WGMEN DREN GEER It is almost impossible to record accurately and briefly the impact that Dren Geer, and all the philos- ophies, projects, and personality that his name implies, has had on Francis W. Parker. His concerned direction of the school has left an indelible impression on the minds and hearts of each member of our community. Qualifying the extent of Parl-cer's debt of appreciation would be tantamount to outlining a child's love for a father. The implicit trust and respect that he has earned are only natural consequences and manifestations of an especially caring attitude that lent authority and comfort to his actions and decisions. His rare ability to synthesize benevolent governance with genuine sensitivity for the individual was indeed uncommon and will be remembered and upheld. As no man will ever truely replace him, we shall have to settle for profound reverence. DEDICATIO 2 Dedication s K- FRED DUST ' ' - wxxytkkx ww 5 "'v"'1's'v's'4s"3Y , DEDICATIO Even now it is difficult to believe that he is actually leaving. Fears of future chaos and predictions of disaster are barely reduced by a practical sense that Parker will, of course, continue to function. The community will live and think without the concerned and thoughtful direction of Fred Dust but, perhaps, with certain terrible differences. Mr. Dust's special dedication, sensitivity, understanding, and fairness may well be irreplaceable. It is, however, the unique intensity of these attributes that will insure their future as well as encourage sadness over their loss. It would be, in fact-, an improper tribute to Mr. Dust to envision a weak future without him because, by nature, his thoughts, accomplishments and concerns are dynamic and consciously future-oriented. He will be missed dearly but also remembered daily. l- Dedication DEDICATIO Recently, Parker became aware that a delicate balance had been significantly disturbed. The usual accepted and expected problems continued to frustrate and confuse but their solution, the solution, was missing. Since 1978 one man played a special role in maintaining our occasionally malfunctioning com- munity. lf Parker was excessively dependent, it was justifiably so. It is tempting and comforting to rely on someone who is consistantly helpful. It's even easier when that individual is friendly, kind and remarkably selfless. lt is with great respect, admiration and appreciation that the staff of the 1987 yearbook wishes to dedicate this edition of the Parker Record to Handy Walker. ANDY L. W LKER l 'i x , 6. G ml- 'cw ww 1 Dedication - 5 ..,v , my W wwf -M ,. ,D-y.. ,XWXX ,, ,X,f XXXX f ffffXXXX ffwff fffffff ,fffff M ,f, V'GfZfC,ff f 'f,,,,,f,Xff X ' f f, ,,,, ,fff,,, ,ff, f,, lfff MWAQZXXXX W Wm. WXXXXXXXX ffm, V91 X W, ,, M f ff! ffffff ffgygi K-W N W v M. . -. X. ff! ff! XUXXXXXXX ' ff! . f f ff ,ff,XXXXX I!! X ff, ff'7fffXX f f,,, f1fXWXXXX X ff af, ww, fffff,XXX ,X X Hfff fff ff! ,ffffzf W M5Q2?f9f fX XXXWV Wfffwff Wf?2Z?fzf fWZ:1ffff f ,,,f , ,,,ff,, , ,, ,f, A , f,,, , ,, ,,A,,A,, ,, ,f ,,ffXX, ' my, I ' Wifff Mfffffffff Wfwfff ffff ff,, fff ff!! XX,,,,ff fffff ff ff,.f fffff ff ,,f,,, X! ff ffff ff!! fiffgfffff ,ff Ziff! iff W4fffof,f ,fff ,ff ,f f f , , ,, ,,, Wffffff ffffffff 4 ff47Qfff W? Mfffffffff Wfffff M f fffffdffffff f, Miiilifvf f WL: Wff M'C,f5L5f'ff,f f f fff f!!4?f7X?XXX fffffff yr!! ff!!! , ,fwfffXXXXXXXX , Wfff ,,,,ff, X W ffffiffw, fffff f,,ffff f,,f,,, ,f ,,,,, f 77 fM fff Xxffff X f ff fl! WW? fff fffff XXX!!! IW!! ffff W fff fff fff, fff Zffgfiffw f4745fWZ4ff4 ffffffffffffff fffffffffffff fffffffffffw XXX X Wwfffffff f,ffffffff,ff ,, fffwffffffff ffffffffffffffwf X fffffffffffffff, ff,ff,,,,,,,,ff f,,ffff, ffff fff,f ,ffff, f, ,, XWQWZ ff fffffffff , f V muffff, , ffff, fff X lffiffff, fffffzffwfff WjfffwfWgX X ffffffff f, fffhfffflffh Wffiilffffd ,,,,,, ,,,f,ff f ffffifffffff f,,f , ,,ff, ,,,,,,X,X,X,XX X ff f ffffffffff X X fffffff fffffff W WM Wfffffff Wfffffkw fffffffffff ffffffffff fffffffff ffff MMM! 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' ', -1 4 i Miiiilmlil 651'gpu! - L 1 Jf .. vu ,w -an H Z 1 r U 0 4 as nv ,jj ' ' w .. 4. ." N jeff fl fi X " W1 2 " Q 8-St tL' .COLOKAD NEG ?-Gm' UW 7 ff "WK fly!!! 4: JM C U x H fl VU X . WNXXN Wx Z ff i i- iL'i-:-.- . Y A " F ,: i- , 11 lug U .1 I l . I I I Ml l Days in the Life of l Friday- Friclays at Parker are filled with anticipation and anxiety. Everyone is excited about the upcoming weekend, but before one can enjoy it one must get through all the classes one has not done the homework for. But it is manageable because there's only an hour of each intensive, and equally unprepared classmates help the time pass making enough to just discuss the beginning of the reading assignment that was skimmed over while watching David Letterman and talking on the phone the night before. There will be time to read it carefully on Sunday. After classes, there's time to hang out for a while, then go home to prepare for the evening. At night, students congregate at various differ- ent places, including people from oth- er schools. Whether one chooses a party, movie theater, restaurant or someone's house according to the lev- el of consciousness for lack thereofl that one want to maintain during the course of the evening. Activities range from wholesome to illegal. Try to make a curfew, and get a few hours of sleep before . . . Saturday Parker is rarely quiet on Satur- days. People are at school for play rehersal, the Weekly, the Record, sports games andfor practice, and people just dropping by. ltfs almost like a school day, except without classes, which is the way most of us O - Student Life want school to be. ln conversation. homework comes up. One has hours of work to do, but Saturday night means party! Homework will have to be put off til' Sunday. Sunday By the time one wakes up it's al- most noon. Gathering together all the homework it is time to decide what to do first. The completion of such a monumental task is exhausting, so it's breaktime. One will take off a few hours to watch or play football, or hang out with friends. After coming home, eating dinner, and finishing all that homework around 3 a.m., it's Monday A tardy for graderoom is received, of course. All homework is done, but one has trouble in class anyway be- cause it is impossible to stay awake. But itls okay, one says to oneself, "I know what is going on and I've done the work." Writing down on a piece of paper homework assignments, one realizes that it will probably be lost by the end of the day. No matter, sleep is all that was planned to be done tonight anyhow. Some days are better, some days are worse, but Parker students juggle studying and socializing like this most of the time. And though we complain constantly, we really do like it here. Student Life -11 'KF' x .Q Vai. 12 - Student Life l gg A ' Q? w 'V o ffftz- L - Qt " A V Y ' vis Q, Q ,If , I4 CN DDI Dill! WMUS HHK SYRKKIS HUBIIY lllullll I 0 Clll VI 11313 NRL CDNMISSIUIIR YA it -' L Top Right: Grey shows off his bitchin' board.Top Left: The Sixth graders show signs of deep affection for one another. Right: THUG! Bottom Left: Eric just has to stick his little bald head in every damn photo! Center: Liz finds the energy to smile after five days of being up all night long. gn: ,tu Le. ' ' fa- 15.4.-' iifffaiy' if EJ? 58 'S SPIRIT WEEK From January 15 to 20, the 1986- '87 Social Committee held its annual Spirit Week. Spirit Week is usually one school week long, and each day of that week has its own theme. Monday's theme was Blue and White day. Parker students and faculty were urged to wear Parker's colors andfor clothing with Parker's name on it. Tuesday's theme was Dress Like Brendan Phillips day-a man whose fashion sense has definitely been an inspiration to me-as well as to all of the Parker community. Cloth- ing featured black Sweatpants, a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, and a flannel shirt over it. Wednesday brought us the familiar Big, Fat, Ugly Tie day, and never have we had so many great offerings. Thursday, unfortunately, coincided with Martin Luther King's Birthday celebration, so the Social Committee radically changed their plans and planned a day which will probably never be seen again-Dress Like Harold Washington ls Coming To Speak At Your School day. Everyone did. Fri- day, the last day of Spirit Week, brought us once again an innovative proposal-Wear Someone Else's Clothing day. Many people participat- ed and the week came to a tremendous finale, Who, you might ask, were the most spirited students? There are three who stand out from all the others: from the Senior class, Brendan Phillips and Steve Harris, and from the Freshmen class, the tried-and-true Social Committee re- presentative Deborah Ballis. The Faculty winner was French teacher Jan Leary, whose stunning Friday ap- pearance as her husband clinched her title. Top: Brendan never settles for the norm. He needs 3 ugly ties, not only one. What a Ham? Side: What a perfect match as Jake eyes the camera showing off on Big Fat Ugly Tie Day. Spirit Week -13 it vrrvrv l , ,y ...-4-f"' Top Left: See Dick and Jane talk on the phone. Is everything in this picture in its proper place? Top Right: Mackey Smith contemplates the primeval beginnings of life as we know it. Left: Chris Barnes is moved by his own music. Right: Pete Keim takes a short intermission from his indepth conversation with Stan Smith. 14 - Student Life l 5 M-A Linux HT 453' ii i' Yi' in mg i i I, KT 3 w il it L. f K., 4 .. Jn l, ali I -1 Q Q ,i Top Left: Luke Carroll brushes up on his Plato. Top Right: SLEEPING INNO- CENCE! Right: Hanging out with Bart and the guys, Bottom Left: Grin and bare it. Bottom Right: "No comment". ig,- M . V755 I 6' Q Y H x9Q,X'g, 5 GSSX' NXV1 Sp rf b GYW? QNSHS2 ffwki K,,1 Q ' T :S A X N Q sg " 1f,T.Ol3f- F5 3 .IqmiyV,li,': Q-5 nv:.I'VV Y'-fs E "ff xf O A WU l :. xx -va 'A Q2 1 Q1 Oo an be 2 fi al expene 9.26 YW V696 C ' ' ': TA , 1568 blk- X if Qs 01" v x A- temporary Vulnerable 0nfY TO kryptonite C5 V -'xx--x ,r nam- ' 'Qif4'1f:e'g. 3 .xr "vga -' 6'-5 0 , ww mes '6 3 'Ro fu J W 'Q -' 3 1- 625 ' X 5.2 1.9 ev 9. 4' W 'F 3 rv G2 Zfm - Q ,. f-Z um 'A l if 0 46. Er 'J' 9 MW ' ' 4 ."' 29 W' 'ELF R g whK , V- M- Ov' o' 4' 0 '6 o -A O Q Q 5 ' CHALLENGER 2,9 'f mfr" frth Comtrol l'fv T ' Q9 Scf auf" ir' ., fu Ol 5 151160 fox ip -3 Lffffii SNP uihf O f Q Lg- I I f - 87 " JE 1,7-'HM - ! ' 1' J? l 0 Q fashig I7 gl L HE BEASTIE : aramid? ' s F I ' Ep!! DBI I 1 1 ' '70' fl a 'ia 6, Sh: ALS 17 , T 4.4 i CELEBRATION Csel I e bra'shenJ-special services or activities in honor of a particular person, act, time, or day. By Frank Brainard To me, the major feature of Parker School is one that pervades practical- ly every aspect of the school: celebra- tion. From Balloon Day to Graduation Day we celebrate progressive educa- tion, the accomplishments of our stu- dents and the life of the school. Park- er is a forum for the enjoyment of learning. In the gym, the halls, the classrooms, the auditorium and on the field celebratory events abound. Uniting diverse parts of our communi- tif these on-going tributes are part of long tradition which is unique and very special. I feel proud to partici- pate in the celebration of Parker. Top: Danny observes Peter as he prepares for the senior celebration. Above: Serious study- ing? Naah. Middle: You must pay the rent. I can't pay the rent! l'll pay the rent. Bess pencils in the starting line up for todays base- ball game. Chelsea 8a Liz appear to have settled an arms deal. 20 - Events N new slllt t P t ' A l t , I f C f ' f' 37 l n . . . t stu lard Shlp pos1t1on or Work of one again ' ' ' l s 1 t t Z ffl? ji' ,"' , , ' f hi fanllestate or anot er. 2252? ttll a5ji13?Qf25Jf wff 1 llttsl , s Qet3ffg,Q1Lfz,moregy eafsffga ozptheltffkel ,l btlxty IS a term wluch encom asses er-on steward shx . Unfor- 'yf',fyQfjgjj2j,Zf4M4QLyfy'fZ,wyf',ZjfyfQQ,Qf,fj,'f' , Q j,,yjL,Q'l' uf 55 fry, fy If V' 5 x ' H p U p Zi3ml5dil3atketl,fwas2leflfesponszbzlyl, the material aspect of stewardship, tunateiy, it seems as if we cannot 1,5 fg,,nL42yf,1i5, " ,Yfffgif ,fUC'fffff'fifff," bij fjrilj' 'Q xii, ',V', ,V,, X z " , A ' A I ,fgqwgfti l andflt xs also a term whxch tells us not even meet this goalg the halls remam m'f11zffff'212if ',llll if lflff f'lf iff J - - l . . . . . . Q54Q4QZZ?g'2l9?52l'i8r19elgf4r59,lfezminQlQgy5sffnotygcnly,.ftothe apathetlc-1t tells us to parhcx- covered m debris and, generally, stu- kffzi171uif'1lifcff,-2mifffiv4 2427 ttsll f t t l . tesentsid qabclicatgqnfQolfmluehffffreft s l, 1 ate, W l dents have no res ect for thenr tttlf , , s l 3 w l . P WZ??ZfziQU9nSibili1i9sQffabd?4ff16ISoledemQnSfvaiea:tri- in 1987, we seem to have given up School- s l l . . J5fjgQQZ44g4Qfa:,gj1f1ffgf,tQ!materfql1srxJy11an,lQftenptedllfii,hope of ever bemg responsxble, and If djk jf fly1,lf,fhf,?l'f?f!Vf Zim f," 5' ffi,i4fi,u Q ,'!' f f.,,7 Q iff! X V , f F ' 1 l t L ,so wehaye set our sights a httle low ,pfff,?f!'?4iMf?,fi,ff,lf'1'f,mCf,ff,wif K, Q' wfhf, Q f I ,f fl pf fb , , ' f V ' - . . 53359 N C l l I 4 Cf . I L t v Top: l Jane Lei-ner displays the xessentie kifjistewefl Qi arcIsl1ipt.tSiddg is this aftconfiscatibilffa btlbexfil tste e. m. Q accepting, or just a breechtsgfsscohilqptfi fijf iffgg slt. 5 cw-- -1? 'rl' I Ezvents - 21 five years. Construction donate funds over the next three to When F.W.P. opened September 12, many were shocked to find its 553.2 million solution to overcrowding virtually completed. Save the chorus room, art department, field, photocopy machine, gym and forgot- ten furniture, the school was in working order. "I don't care about the cost," said Junior Dan Gross, "lt's just that they pulled it off." Parker has been promised 33.9 million in gifts and pledges to cover the 33,2 million owed to Creative Construction Co. of Chicago. Pledges came from individuals who offered to 51.9 million has already been col- lected, but "The Construction Co. can't wait three to five years before we pay," said Jill Burbige of the busi- ness office, "so we arranged a short- term, low interest loan, based on ex- pected pledges, to be paid over the next three to five years." Fred Dust, 1986-87 acting princi- pal, explained that extra money will go into an endowment fund. "The in- terest will be used to absorb extra school costs . . . to assure that Parker will not have to cut back financially." The school's expansion was pro- posed August of 1977. The proposal QQ Nl -s lm -,D 'NN ba 0lli l 'Il itll f , ,gf f Nr O' fC 1 Pt' W' X cited the art and shop, science and kindergarten rooms as most in need of expansion. John Holabird, who de- signed Parker's first new addition, then drafted architectural plans for the expansion. According to Dust, "All that was talked about in the proposal was covered." At the moment there are no plans to enroll more students, "We designed the school for the present student body, and not for any more." All the structural work is finished. The school is safe and has been used, "What is left," says Dust, "are en- hancementsf' an., X X M11 il N Q Hsmi' gt, 0 img ill lit 1,5 mi mi ul in S ' il- l 22 - Events .. g ,ia Hi,-3 M-J al -ri New Parker Gpen House After a year and a half of construc- tion, the school was finally able to open its doors September 27, officially, to parents and alumni. The day's program began with a lunch in the lunchroom for the community. It followed with speeches given by new and old administrators including Dren Geer, Fred Dust and "Buzz" Ruttenberg. To keep in the spirit of the event, student volunteers showed the parents and alumni through the newly changed Francis W. Parker School. Following the tours and speeches was a Varsity Soccer game on the newly sodded field. This game was the annual Zoo Tournament. The game ended in a tie, but because last years soccer team won, the trophy remained in our possession. All in all, the day was quite a success! Top Right: Ali Ruttenberg leads the tour. Middle: Steve and Chris prepare the new field for the big game. Bottom Left: The fans await the exciting game. Bottom: Buzz Ruttenberg tells the tales of construction. 4? 4 f Changes I The little school building has expanded out into the kinder- garten playground area provid- ing a two story atrium entry- way which will be used for an indoor climbing facility. The entryway contains "lots of win- dows, making the whole atmos- phere much brighter," explains Mrs. Judd, a Junior Kindergar- ten teacher. The expansion also made the four classrooms much larger, addressing anoth- er one of the problems men- tioned in'the Leggett report. ,OAll of the classrooms re- ceived new windows, floor tile, sound absorbant ceiling tile and new bathrooms. A wall separates the two J .K. classes from each other and another separates the two S.K. classes. The wall can be removed when the two classes are working to- gether. Says Mrs. Judd, "the' rooms are more efficient and quieter." OUpstairs, in place of the low- er school science room is the lower school music depart- ment. There are three practice rooms for after school lessons. 0Six new science rooms and some business offices have tak- en over the old Seventh and Eighth ,Grade hall on the ground floor. The lower school science classes have also moved into the hallway fthe former seminar roomy. SAccording to Librarian Anne lluncan, the library's expan- sion into the space of the 01d business office and cirriculum office almost doubled its area. The children's library is now finally large enough to accom- modate all of the children's books in a logical manner. In the big library there is roonl ggi othe new shelves for about , 00 volumes although the Present collection is at abg t .This is because "the saild.yDlS always expanding," S40 .ullCan. 'We've spent boolltgglvln the past two years on Four private 4-person study rooms have been built, one small computer room, and one photocopy room. A small class- room was also constructed in- side the library for times when a whole class descends upon the library. 0When sixth grade moved upstairs into the new East Wing with the seventh and eighth grades, they left two rooms in the Lower School wing. Chock full of IBMs, Mr. Pajkos' room has been con- verted into the Upper School computer room. A fifth grade class moved into Mr. Dreuth's room, and the abandoned fifth grade room has become the lower school teacher's comput- er and resource center. UI'he new is located directly above the lower school wing. It is accessable from the stair- way between the auditorium and chorus rooms. While pro- viding a haven for the whole middle school, the new East wing is also being used by high schoolers who once relied on the seminar room. These va- grant pilgrims were ousted from their niche in the seventh and eighth grade hall to make way for the new business office and science rooms. The photography studio moved across the hall into part of the former lower school cen- ter. The remanding area of the lower school center now ex- tends into the old lower school lunch are. Ul'he art department expanded out into what used to be the shelter across from the little school. This gives them a lot more room for lower school art classes, a problem mentioned in the Leggett rf-port. lAt last the lower school sci- ence room has running water. gas jets, a stove and a refridg- erator. The two "compatible" biology and chemistry rooms contain specially designed hex- agonal tables with sinks in the middle and three counters jet- ting out of every other edge of the hexagon. The shape makes it possible for six people to have simultaneous access to a sink, gas jet, and an electrical outlet without getting up from their seats. 477, . lThe move of the lower school music department to the sec- ond floor of the little school provide' a lot of extra space for the 'ipper school's music facilities to expand. A new drama room now oc- cupies the space where the af- ter school music classes. l'I'he East wing is connected to the high school wing vii a hallway above the Karen Kup cinet gallery. It is accessable by walking through the ghost of the college counselling oflice tnow located in the former computer room! near the high school stairway. Events -- 25 'vi rf . s , rf, K sqft., I I W s ' -Q1 . riff , f , . , 0 5 'ri if ' . 3. , K f- A - . " . 'wg-Q. lgji' Q . to . , sp., g ' N . Lff lfi 5 ' -X ',-'. .5 ' ', i g I . A.,A Q at 0 "5 , I F ' 'Q 1 ? ji Sw 'A 'F ' Fl ' 'F rv 3 All ' K ' A '- sf-s ' '-1-: 4 f 3511. 1 Q K x Balloon Day Parkerites sent their inflated liter- ary egos soaring skyward on Ocotber 6 and received a bumpercrop of re- sponses from rural America. Eastern winds dispersed a combustible touch of Parker to distant places and distant lives when, participating in a relatively new tradition, the Parker community launched 750 balloons with attached favorite book titles from Ray Field. Wolcottville, Indiana-the balloon, appearing during harvest season on October 8, was sent by Lower Schooler Mike Welsh with a recom- mendation of his favored book Cos- mic Trigger. The card, requesting the finder's preferred titles, was noticed by Amish housewife Mrs. Sam Bontrager in a small field near a barn housing colts and calves. "We go to the Amish Church. Ever heard of the Amish before? We do not drive a car but still use a horse and buggy and live in plain houses and dress in plain, simple clothes. I do not have a 26 - Events favorite book. I read any kind". , Todd Within a short distance Stringfellow interrupted his routine with Parkers' form of "friendly skies" communication. "We are dairy farm- ers. My son and his girlfriend found the balloons while looking for a place to go deer hunting. We would have responded earlier but we have been real busy making hay, farming and milking Guernsey dairy cows. P.S. The only books we have read this summer are hunting magazines and cookbooks." From findings while coonhunting in Sandusky, Ohio, spreading fertilizer in Lindsey, Ohio, and scavengering soybeans in Millersburg, Indiana to mid-day strolls in as far destinations as Jamestown, Pennsylvania, Parker balloons threaded the rural east with literary encouragement. And, this reading incitement was reciprocated. A businessman, among others, from Basho Rogoshen, Indiana, whose re- cent captivation was The Reader's Digest for Variety, affirmed to all students, "Continue to read books- they are mind builders!" Balloon Day, initially organize promote reading for pleasur ea d to has e in succeeded in a remote sens uniting the urban and fast-paced Parker community with the farm ilies, with the Amish, with the town executives, with American of differing background and c It is the comparison between Fireman Book, Space Travel Catcher in the Rye on cards to The Bible, "because only book we really read," in Balloon Day tradition has bec educational opportunity by e Parker's "complete communi learn from other peoples and lifestyles. "Traditions help knit the fa fam- small areas ulture. The and Parker it's the a large percentage of the responses. Ha a community together," clai Head of Upper School, Mr. Brainard. "It was an exilerat perience to be a part of this event, one that brought tears to my eyes." The OIT18 El bling ty" to other bric o' me' Fran ing e 9 o ea? fi The Kindergarten's Instant Art Day is a much loved Parker tradition. Since its founding some ten years ago by teacher Yvonne Carrera, both its structure and its purpose have remained unchanged. This year's experience took place on October 17. Arriving at the Little School at nine a.m., Kindergarteners led their parents through their territory, from activ- ity to activity and from room to room. Teachers served as creation facillitatorsg all instruction was meant to be an interac- tion and expression between parent and child. "A major emphasis this year, " ac- Instant Art Day cording to Senior Kindergarten teacher Beverly Greenberg, "was a variety." The veritable smorgasbord of project stations included tie dying, woodworking and painting areas. "We don't want to score off imagination." Generally, participation is limited to Kindergarteners and their parents-even siblings are discouraged from attending. Organizers of the event feel it is necessary to stress the importance of enhancing "new experiences" over providing a social atmosphere. f l . 5 2 1 i l l E l 2 s 3 i Ag A i f . ' 'fl' s - . ' 1. at I Q ' 4 Q ,H g . .T 5 f . YL is Maud Left: Right through the board son, right through the board. Above: Haskins and his daughter at work at Instant Art Day. Below Left: The future Picasso, Below: Mr. Leary regresses. -O g-,,,f 1 XT:-f Events - 27 Big Brothers and Sisters l As the Morning Exercise grew near, Seniors began to talk with ex- citement about the assembly they had awaited for years. Some even can- celled their college trips to work around this one day. It was finally time for the seniors of 1987 to receive their little brothers and sisters for every class, j.k. through eighth grade. The program acts to bring the Parker community closer together by promoting interaction between all age groups of the school. However, the big gym, where the Morning Exercise is traditionally held, was still under construction on the scheduled date for the assembly. The next week the gym again was not available to the disappointed seniors. So instead, they agreed to hold the assembly in the auditorium. The next break from tradition came with the alteration of the meth- od of presenting senior quips, which are comments on the seniors made by classmates. In the past, these were copious and each one riddled with private jokes. Last year, acting princi- pal Fred Dust removed quips altogether from the assembly, insist- ing that they are incongruous with the purpose of the Morning Ex. Instead, different teachers gave short summar- ies about each senior. However, this 28 - Events Top left: Wait-shouldn't the seniors be in the big gym? Top right: Liz teaches her little brother to sew leven though she can't!l Above: Mr. McCutcheon smiles over. his crippled athletes. method was hardly less time consum- ing, partial to the students friendly with faculty, and a disappointment to the majority of the seniors. This year, the seniors met along with selected faculty and agreed that each student should choose a maximum of five quips that would be as informative and as self-explanatory as possible. All of the hard work put into plan- ning this Morning Ex. was worth it. On Friday, Oct. 3, the whole school sat down to a touching and fun Morning Ex. that lasted only forty minutes. Said Ali Ruttenberg, "Be- fore the Morning Ex. took place I was concerned that it wouldn't be the same since it wasn't in the gym. I was thrilled with the result, and l know this Morning Ex. will live in my mind forever." i I 5 I ' -J ' wil X .-.- -tif ,Q-Y ii-P Q Above: Here's David's little kids trying to teach him how to read. Below left: All with broken bones but still smiling, Below right: Alexis seems to be able to help her little kids do their homework. -J ' X iii-fha-at Q . ,I 4? . I ' of 'u a . hi MX T Il .1 - ,r-, -' + Events - 29 Count Fair "Let's do the Time Warp!" On County Fair 1986, with the help of the Freshman class, Parker was hurled through time and space to another day of fun, excitement, and tradition. County Fair has always been a day where the young and old could enjoy themselves, and by the reactions of the students, October 10, 1986 was no exception. "It was great!", said third grader Shelby Kohn. "It was great!", said Senior Ju- lie Golden. The traditions of the Fair were all there: the First grade notepads, the Forth grade cookies, and all of the Lower School booths. As she watched the Lower Schoolers race around yelling about shifts, tickets, and tee- shirts, Junior Heather McDonald laughed "I can,t believe that we were once like that." Of course, County Fair isn't only for the Lower School. The Freshman Top right: Evandro enjoys his first County Fair. Right: Freshmen sell tickets to all the anxious people at the fair. Below: Tim ex- presses his dislike of the Junior Tearoom. Bot- tom right: Little kids enjoy the moon walk. ' f s . 'T :S . -R X-'X . fa ' '19 S, .P f In , 1' DABKEB 30 - Events class made sure that County Fair would be entertaining for everyone by setting up a highstriker, a dunk tank, and of course, the traditional County Fair Play. As one Freshman put it, "We tried to make sure that everyone in the Parker Community would enjoy themselves, and I think we succeeded". Judging from the High School's enthusiasm about the Fair, the Fresh- men did succeed. The Chinese Auction was as chaotic and noisy as ever, with prizes galore. The Junior Tearoom, prehistorically dubbed The Bedrock Cafe, provided lunch, re- freshments, and entertainment. Then, of course, there were the Senior Hot Dogs, or The Red Hots Cafe. The Seniors managed to cook, sell, and dance all at the same time. As Senior Chris Olin said, "County Fair brought out the true feelings of community that I have always felt at Parker". 'X X ff - Asia PARKER , f ' 1424 , , M' gf 5 W , , .,,..,...-.. 1 in Fu. 'Q--N .Y Q ii' , I ft'-ff' A - ' , W. "-' - f 1 ' - 1'-f' -mf' 54 , . u.,-. - W .rf M uf.. fm. ae, , 4 ,-1. Mm. Y . U. H- Wli. . . Q .af 4 if far' sw , ggi . , My w i A- 3 . W! DAM YA KEES The chorus and baseball players in one of the great dance numbers. Some of the chorus members doing the famous L'You Gotta Have Heart." 32 - Events by Sally Elly It began with a flier mailed in the summer that announced: "Debuting this fall will be yet another glitzy ad- dition to the Chicago theater scene- the FWP BROADWAY QUITE LIMITED PLAYERS. On the famous stage of 330 West Webster will be a cast of thousands in a revival of some musical or another. The FWPBQLP Company will include anyone with the faintest connection to the Parker School: persons, alums, teachers. . ." And it ended with two glorious foot-stomping performances of Damn Yankees on October 24th and 25th. The auditorium was filled with parents and children and friends, all of whom had come to see the results of many weeks of hard work- memorizing lines, learning dance routines, practicing harmony for the chorus numbers and building sets for the twenty-two scenes. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Forty some cast members, fourteen in the orchestra, untold numbers behind the scenes, plus Jim Belushi in a mar- velous walk-on and Page Hannah in a lovely introduction produced a show worthy of anything to be seen in the "real" Chicago theaters. For the parents, alums, staff, faculty and audience who were part of the production, it was at its best. Lola CLil Lowryl tempting young Joe KAI Buettnerl. "Shoeless Joe" starring the baseball players and reporter Gloria Thorpe. "The Game" and its Rookies: J. Pajkos, E. Balagot, S. Wolf. H. Triplett, and P, Yankeesi Druzinsky. Meg and Joe sitting, thinking, and singing about those "Damn Events -33 Halloween Witches goblins pumpkins pen guins and whales all came together to join in one of Parker's favorite traditions-Halloween. Halloween at Parker is a special event that only participants past and present could understand. The day begins early, unable to control excitement any longer, kids wake before their parents. When on most days parents can't get their kids to school on time, Halloween morning is the day that kids are ready hours before the school bus arrives. Once they arrive at school they find that the day leaves nothing to the imagination. Beginning at nine a.m. is the Halloween Parade in which all students from jk-fifth and the Senior Big Brothers and Sisters march through the school displaying their costumes to the faculty, parents, and remainder of students. Directly afterwards is the special Halloween Morning Exercise which only jk-fifth are invited. Each class then presents its dramatical and musical interpreta- tion of Halloween. Parents, faculty and the Big Brothers and Sisters are 34 - Events www . ix also urged to attend. The day begins to vary after Morning Ex. Most classes return to their rooms and have snack. This time is devoted to the sharing of holiday goodies brought in by various students. Younger classes also sing scary Halloween songs and read frightening stories of witches boiling their brew and houses haunted by ghosts and goblins. And if that is not enough there is still a full night of trick-or-treating ahead. Halloween costumes this year were both original and amusing. Through- out the Lower School there was a co- lossal number of athletes, both male and female, angels and countless but various types of animals. Traditions run rampant in Parker but Halloween is one that sticks out in the minds of all. Students who par- ticipated this year look forward to next and those who are leaving are saddened and will remember Hallow- een as a tradition special to Parker. ' Y V 5 D, L . Qt, f.' MEM' ,5n. 3 4: Top left: Our very own John Hankock bunlding. Top right: De- scribe this couple rn two words. Bottom left: Deep concentration IS necessary for ghost stones Aboves What a beautxful Lady of Llberty' Events - 35 The Rimers of Eldritch For the 1986 Fall Play, the Drama department presented The Rimers of Eldritch, written by the Pulitzer Prize winning American playwright, Lanford Wilson. The play, written in 1966, won Wilson his first critical prize, the Vernon Rice-Drama Desk award for the best Off-Broadway play of 1967. The title of Rimers refers to the rime, or frost, of vegetables and fruits in autumn. The play is about the physical and moral decline of a small, fictional Midwestern town called Eldritch. Director Paul Druzinsky called it the "back door, or darker side of Grover's Corners," the setting of the well-known Thorton Wilder play, Our Town. Druzinsky picked this play above others because it had many parts for males and females, wonderful charac- ter roles, and was written by one of Bottom Left: Julie and Sasha stare off into space. Bottom Right: Yes, our souls will be saved." l'L..-JV wl,:4.LJ'K Tl-Elfullflw fl GFEUBR' " bt! , l.NU52.b Wllgll 1 ,I , AFWQBW-UPARKEYQ DWVVQ raw Pxeseirrfxivov ff l HlI.NfN.2I - 7f30PMr f'9ATNOlZ2 - 7:a0a2m.,, Fw-PAEKUQ Abbmum E J im, Q ADULTS 549 STABEJJTS5 ji' ,rl Jane Lerner Robert Conklin Eva Jackson Evelyn Jackson Nelly Windrod Mary Windrod Patsy Johnson Mavis Johnson Peck Johnson Josh Johnson Lena Truit Martha Truit Wilma Atkins Skelly Mannor PreacherfJudge Cora Groves Walter Trucker Friday Josh Mora Kim Kamin Julie Golden Alexis Merrick Rachel Bradley Lenke Wood Ami Berger Josh Goldman Peter Steinberg Laura Sage Lisa DeFaria Kim Fadim Brendan Phillips Tim Riff Amy Landecker Luke Carroll Eli Miller Saturday Josh Mora Sasha Earle Julie Golden Alexis Merrick Rachel Bradley Melanie Nutter Brian Study Peter Steinberg Erika Hassan Lisa Delfaria Kim Fadim Brendan Phillips Tim Riff Amy Landecker Luke Carroll Eli Miller l , W ,W 1 L, i our premier contemporary writers. Also, it was a play in which the audi- ence could relate to all the different emotions involved. Druzinsky called the play "excit- ing, disturbing, and thought-provoke ingfl Comments from various cast members supported his summary. Senior Julie Golden said, "lt was great, it sent chills down your spine." According to Brian Study, the play symbolized the "cruelty that one didn't know existed in people," and Rachel Bradley felt that it portrayed "the results of vicious gossip and how much it can destroy lives." Bradley continued by saying, "The Rimers of Eldritch was a play everyone should have gone to see because you learned a lot." Top Left: "Oh my. When l think ofthe evil in this world l could just cry," Bottom Left: Mother mavis and daughter Patsy discuss the latest town gossip. Bottom Right: Brendan looks at the camera with hatred after a long rehearsal. If 1?"""1"4f-'Wm-' J l E ' x i at ' rw I 0 1 Events - 37 The Tenth Grade Decorating Part On December first, the sophomores and their parents gathered to continue another long standing Parker tradition, the Tenth Grade Decorating Party. Fol- lowing an afternoon of soaping windows, pouring paints, spreading newspaper, and then potluck dinner, the tenth grade and parents began to work actively at painting holiday greetings on most of the windows at school. The bare windows changed to colorful pictures which in- cluded the Twelve Days of Christmas, a large peace sign, Mr. Bubble's "Happy Holidays", and many other cheerful and festive messages. Other decorations such has candycanes and snowflakes were also hung, giving the school another touch of the holiday spirit. Fam- ilies began to depart when their painting was finished and the school was left as a winter wonderland for the other students and the' faculty to enjoy during the holiday season. Top Right: Sophomores contemplate world peace. Right: Jane adds the finishing touches. Far Right: The Zamiars paint. Bottom Left: The Russ' look on Mrs. Russ' work. Below: Artisians caught vandalizing. gawk 38 - Events Vespers "The students look and smell so nice," exclaimed Upper School Head, Frank Brainard, as the high school and middle school choruses took to the stage. This years Vespers was a "team effort by the entire depart- ment, which worked efficiently to make this colaboration of 250 a joy as always", remarked Bart Wolgamot. This year's program was divided into two partsg the first, starting with a Christmas processional conducted by John Franz, followed by many tra- ditional Christmas favorites, and an original composition by Lucius Bell. After a short intermission the special chorus presented their artistic contrie bution to the community for the year. With a, "Wolcome Yole" exclaimed by Bennie Britten along with high school chorus they started 'A Cere- mony of Carols'. Rounding out the evening all the choruses presented Bart Wolgamont's powerful adaption of Bizet's 'Three Great Kings'. ln addition to the special chorus an elite singing group crowned with San- ta Claus Hats, presented a traditional Spanish Carol and "The Christmas Song'. The special chorus' fine vocal demonstration was possible only after months of after school practices and Saturday rehersals. Only behind the unfaltering leadership and direction of Bart Wolgamot was the special chorus able to achieve a new plateau of musical expression. Steve and Dan's antics also provided a boost of morale when the troops were tiring. But the hard work paid off, pro- ducing perhaps the best Vespers in the Independant School League. Vespers brought the community to- gether, Hthrough a unified expression of love in music." -Lucius Bell Events - 39 Santa Claus Part It was like many parties before it. You know, the Santa Claus party! An abundance of little kids fbig kids tool happily listening to Aunt Holly and Uncle Mistletoe spread holiday cheer with the help of lower and middle school musicians. Christmas carols were never sung as gayly as they were at this party! Mommies and Daddies with faces bright helped their children sing Joy to the World and Deck the Halls, to coax Santa out with his sleigh that night. In fact, San- ta came a bit early this holiday, just in time to pass out the delicious, home-made popcorn balls that about three? four? seven? seniors baked the long, wild and slightly crazy ibut very funkyi night before. Oh, how happy the little ones were! Their glee was of a genuine, untaunted type, not altered by thoughts of "No more school", No more homework!", "I'm tired","Let's blow this joint." The youngsters were happy because San- ta would soon be lighting another candle on the Menorrah, and lots of presents were on the way. Yet, what- ever reasons people had for being happy, the atmosphere on that beau- tiful last day of school before vacation was filled with joy, laughter, and love. Now isn't that what a party is all about? Top Right: Brenden and Alexis stand by while the two scrooges futilely attempt to spoil Christ- mas. Right: Dradel, dradel, dradel. Kindergardeners show off the latest holiday fashion. Far Left: Alexis Bond and friend make a Christmas wish upon a star. Left: Third grader Colin McKee sports his babush- ka while playing the cello. 40 - Events Have you ever tried to turn sixty- eight people or less into seventy-eight or more? Well, when you have to have two people for a partridge in-a- pair-tree, two turtle doves, three french hens, four calling birds, five golden rings, six geese-a-laying, and then at least eight maids-a-milking, nine ladies dancing, ten lords-a- leaping, eleven pipers piping, and twelve drummers drumming, let me tell you! lt's very hard to stretch six- ty-eight seniors into seventy-eight cos- tumes fwell, maybe seventyl. Espe- cially when at least three of the seniors are sick or have broken their foot, or something like that. Fortu- nately, miracles still happen today. Thus, the Senior Class on December welve Days of Christmas 19, 1986, was transformed into the Twelve Days of Christmas. Of course we had to be trained for our parts un- til 11:00 p.m. some nights, until the moments leading up to the perfor- mance. The partridge-in-a-pear tree through the seven swans-a-swimming people had to learn to kiss each oth- er, while the nine ladies dancing taught each other to be Jennifer Beals and Flashdance. Even the lords- a-leaping had to practice their dunk shots, as in basketball. The whole Twelve Days madness was an experience that I'm sure none of the seniors will soon forget. But to tell you the truth, staying up until 11:00 p.m. for rehersals . was for the birds. s 5 .f' Q SL. 9"""' x . 1 W If I , D - ,-.!r4..Q A Top Right: Lucky Adam Sutherland gets an early Christmas present from Liz Cicchelli and Anne Heche. Center Right: The Seniors led by Evandro and Liz, in all their glory after the Twelve Days of Christmas. Center: Josh Goldman sits catatonic atop a barrel while the other seniors recover from too much popcorn. Bottom Left: Who's that Lord-a-leapin'? Events - 41 "I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, other-centered men can build up." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 42 - Events Q .U t. S Y S 'f' 'l as . ,QA .- -C S" 1776 8th Grade Play HThe play had the most challeng- ing script and music score ever at- tempted by an eighth-grade class. Given the level of the challenge, the final product was miraculous," says gradehead Vincent Threet of this years eighth grade play, Sherman Edwards' 1776. Beginning the process in early December with audi- tions, the eighth grade eagerly antici- pated the following weeks. Upon re- turning from vacation, they were double casted and began rehersals which were interspersed every day among classes and all day on Satur- day. The play was directd by Paul Druzinsky who contends that it was, "one of the most rewarding exper- iences I've ever had with a class." Its musical coordinators were Sunni Dolinar and Lucius Bell. The play was performed on January 28th at 10:00 a.m. and again at 7:30 that evening. Set in Philadelphia, it is about the days leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Indepen- dence, and the problems that had to be dealt with. Cast member Desma Mitchell says, "When we work togeth- er as a class we can accomplish any- thing. The play brought us closer to- getherf' "Our time and effort paid off. Ev- eryone was very devoted," says Jon Singer. "lt was definitely very good and everyone had a lot of funf' Fira gyigade UQ C ,. Q Y rs . i iiii 44 - Events .W 6 I 49911 H. ,., In. 1 - 4.w.Q' bi V Q ELL, X A. 4, nf is V ' 1 I X - Y M . A AR 1 ,,,, 1 EL T - J X rT i" Kindergarten Ol mpics The annual Kindergarten Olympics was again a success. Junior and sen- ior kindergarteners, wearing their offi- cial Olympic tee-shirts, excitedly marched into the gym to the theme from "Rocky", As parents, teachers, and students anxiously looked on, the kindergarteners participated in each event with the help and encourage- ment of Big brothers and Sisters and kindergarten teachers. The games included a frisbee throw, a shuttle run, a long jump, a ring toss, and grueling obstacle course and several other games. gg The purpose of the day was to en- . courage the kids to engage in the physical activities without emphasiz- ing competition. Both excited and exhausted, the olympians ended the day with the tra- ditional popping of the balloons. Each participant also received a ribbon and a certificate of achievement. Said one senior, HI thought the day was a lot of fun for the kindergarteners as well as for the Big Brothers and Sisters." i fuku. glam f fg,, Above: "Riding along in my GTI " A kindergarterner scoots along in the scooter board event. Top Right: 3 kindergarteners, obviously from a winning team. Middle Right: An athlete competes in the treacherous tire run. Middle Left: Susannah Smetana helps a little brother plan strategy. Below Right: Ja- red Davis referees the shuttle run. 46 - Events H 'fl -f K'bi5...hJZf+ Fiddler Top: The Cast parties off and ON stage. Left: Paul tells Dan that he doesn't want to rehearse any longer! Right: The lovely Grandma Tzietal, Bottom: The one and only cast of Fiddler!! L ' , "'2 "'iw'1f-.1 AU 'Ea i fa-2-1.1 ' -Q!! rf' 1 H Q ir' On The Roof "lt's a nonstop party extravaganza with sex, violence and hot tunes," says Senior David Singer of the 1987 Spring Musical. Actually, Dave, the musical was really "Fiddler on the Roof, " but it was still a lot of fun. The auditioning process began in late January. Hopeful thespians read parts for director Dan Reichel and learned such songs as "Matchmaker," "Tradition" and "Sabbath Prayer" with musical director Bart Wolgamot. Tension mounted as audi- tion week drew to a close and then, one Thursday afternoon, the cast list is finally posted. Principals started memorizing lines, chorus members started learning songs and l'Fiddler" was underway. "Fiddler on the Roof," unlike other musi' cals, has its roots in Russian-Jewish music. lt's the story of Tevye, a Jewish milkman in a small Russian town during the turn of the century. "The Jewish-Russian heritage is played so realistically, you feel like you're living in Russia at the time of the play," says Sophomore Rachel Bradley. A big part of i'Fiddler" is the Jewish folk dancing. Some students were afraid that this very different kind of dancing would prove too difficult for the cast. However, with the help of second-time choreographer Katheryn T. Hazard, the cast found them- selves dancing up a storm. Hazard says she was very enthusiastic about the production. "Fiddler on the Roof" has always been one of my favorite musicals. lt's so exciting to be able to choreograph it and see my ideas come alive on stage." The fact that the musical was done at Parker just eight years ago was a sore point with some, but Mr, Wolgamot had no regrets. 'LThis is the second time around for "Fiddler," and l liked it just as much the second time." All in all, the musical was a smashing success and fun for all involved. Director Dan Reichel summed it up by saying, "I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me." Events - 47 FT ,H 6' '95 QM Y 4 x 1 kb K D I I ECLECTIC Ci-klek'tikD consisting of components selected from diverse sources. By Katerina Christopoulos Upon entering the Parker halls, one is greeted by a homey atmosphere, cheerful students of all ages, and a variety of competent teachers. This is a school held in high esteem by the community, a school made famous because it uses "pro- gressive education" to benefit and enhance its inhabitants' knowledge. Parker harbors an individualistic streak that distinguishes it from the average institution of learning. It prides itself on its diversity. This is the image that one sees. It is not what we believe. What is beneath the surface? ls Parker really a country club for identical rich snobs or a place for developing innovative origi- nality? What Parker is, is eclectic, nurturing an environment that pro- motes speculative thought. So let us contemplate. Eclectic is a word defined by the dictionary as "selecting or made up of what seems best of varied sources, doctrines, methods, and styles." Parker appears to contain the finest of everything. Isn't that what we are paying for? But appears is a key word. Are we really that well off? It's true that it is hard to give credit where credit is due, but the World of 'birker makes us wonder. Everyone is supposed to be non-judgemental and supportive of one another to reach the higher goal of gaining education. The school motto, everything to help, nothing to hinder, somehow it doesn't really work out that way. In fact, Parker seems to suggest the opposite of these ideals without meaning to. What we view is a background for being social, a setting for phoniness and select exclusiveness. Encouraged by the amount of freedom given, peo- ple become divided from one another and start not to care, about each oth- if 50 - High School 4 if f ti ui, g Q., at . HG. ' l X. N ii..- H Eng X: fy n ,. ffm 4' Opposite Page: "you really expect me to eat this?" Adams S. smiles his wonderful smile. Top: What Holly says-goes! Middle: "Oops, Hi Mr. Brainard. " Above: Ray and Ali attempt to keep Dee's mouth shut. Side: Scott Feldman relaxes with some reading of Carl Jung. er or anything else. Instead of taking the responsibility to be self-motivated, they subconsciously and consciously wait to be told how to act or what to do. For a school that strives for char- acter, critical thinking and courage, this is what is attained. This is what is behind the facade. But to consider just one facet would be unfair and not right to do. Accepting and realizing the wrongs makes us comprehend what we can do to change them and also clarifies the good. Although when asked what we are doing here at six, seven in the evening and on Saturdays we jokingly say, "Well, this is our second home. " The amount of time we spend here is second only to our real home. And do we really mind? We enjoy the comfort- able familiarity we feel within these walls. We like being able to know ev- eryone by name, rather than facing thousands of obscure faces each day. We are taught extremely well how to write, analyze, speak about our feel- ings, three skills which are very impor- tant in life. We discover how to appreciate music, drama and the arts. We try to maintain a sense of family and do our best to help those who need it. These things and the unique traditions at Parker proliferate special moments that could not be felt else- where. What may be regarded as lazy lounging might make us more creative, productive and happy in the long run, which a freshman should understand and work with, not against. As we grow up, we leam by having had these experiences to use our conscious to make the right decisions to lead us through life. Ultimately, perhaps we don't have the desired image, but what we do have may not be so bad after all. That is eclectic to the core. Maybe we do have the best. Whatever it is. we'll be okay. High School - 51 The Morning Trauma Of A Senior . . . 8:13 a.m.- Josh and David meet on the way to school in a mad dash to escape the dreaded 15th tardy-that would sentence us to fifteen days of arriving at eight o-clock in the morning. 8:13:15- Pushing various students out of the way wastes valu- able time. Visions of Mr. McCutcheon with a big red pen make us push on. 8:14:00- We rush up the stairs stepping on various Fresh- men, beginning to break a sweat. 8:14:15- We begin the home stretch. Bodies strewn across the hall block our paths. 8:14:45- Seeing no other means, Josh and David go to the air. 8:15:01- Too late. No matter what kind of excuse we have, there is no escaping the capital T. 52 - Seniors gif Mags' . :"' X? ig J 5333 e l fx f 35 ' V ,jjj V' ,' '-Q W --f----M -f--- fm..- .. 1- 4 "'- -In V , -:ff 5 v ,' , . ' .. .'-,,.,,'..E-5 X I I K 35 A '17 10,114 I f 1- 7,1 ,V ,. L Q . L. , Q F " iafii' '--:M-'-f--'M ---- W' T: .iff 7,,Q...f" A fzi'-' ' vffmw fvs LE w -,. . Sv- 'xl "" "'. - 351 ., , , - . 1- 4' -, 'A34g':4':+-'+A-:jf Q 1, ,,, , , HS?-Q"-'M' iff- - ,gi f',,,.... l 5 gy,',,ff -V , Mugs ,.,., Q gk, r A 1 Q- rg f ,, .4 V V . . . an- -- . LAAQA-L . - N nl Q A lu 'V , cb.: ff . J-3 gg.: if - "' -if X 5 9, nmiigfgvfy, ' 4,-,--.Lf . , 4-.L glz-2:23, . ' - fy- :fp 1, 24 ' s dm XXX - ,.,.,, hi '1if.,. ' H ' ' ''.i1Z9'I'::1f5I:fffff':"iff: ' 's -- . fi-5 --'ij .,,,.. 1 j bn, X . ,S , M. V"' 1155 .V 4: M ' , 1 xg.: .Q a - A. I ., ...... ,,...--M I ,. , ., 74,,,,g.,q,.pf:-,,, W.: ,, ' . - '-" 8 ' A. , -Ni -'-" I "'f"'22f 92, ,W s, I N. ., M r a J vviv - V, - . , - .. . ...'. Q .1..:1,.:: , ' ..,. .,..,...,..x, I .N af yvffxfpfa " ' 12' f1'if1,'wf'ffg5f,.j' "fr 'affix 8 eae' - -V "':' r H K. ,, 5 'fwfr' VV,k I, , 174, ,VVV V Q, vw:-V, Q. is I. . A . s Z .5 . LI , r ' W C ' IQ .Q . ,s lrrv Q . fi V P .I f- ' - ..:, - 1 '1-1 2 1f" Q . "wg, f ff T4 V v f ,i f 1 .r .,i'VQ b " ' Q Cjfjg 1,' - ' v aff? ans, 3 Q53 1.x , f Senior Football Team r- 1 r 1 . .,.- I ,W , .. . - . . ,...i, .- Top Row: P. Stepan, D. Singer, A. Donahue, A. Laser, J. Newman, M, Ujiki. Bottom Row: B. Phillips, D. Sacker, T. Riff, D. Furman, P. Adelstein. The "Monsters of the Midway" are closer than you think for, though they are not quite the NFL, Parker's own class of '87 has dominated Lincoln Park for almost three years. Since their freshman year, "The FWP SLIGHTLY UNOFFICIAL FOOT- BALL TEAM" has grown in attendance, size, weight, and certain- ly in dedication. The games began in the fall of '83 as friendly gatherings yet by the spring of their junior year the team was issued a chal- lenge from neighboring Lincoln Park This brought a whole new dimen- sion to the game-no longer did the team have to play amongst themselv- es. Emulating the Godlike Bears, the team played good, hard, rough-hitting football. Among the many challenges and then victories over such schools as Roycemore, Lab, U-High, Loyola University-the sweetest of all was against arch-rival Latin. The fiasco lasted a mere 45 minutes-for Park- er the game had barely begun, for Latin the game was 45 minutes too long. The Latinites slithered to their homes knowing the worst lor bestl de- feat in the school's history: 63-7. "THE FWP SLIGHTLY UNOFFI- CIAL FOOTBALL TEAM" had high hopes for its final year. Behind its frontline, whose combined weight equals more than 920 pounds, the team expected many more victories throughout the season. The players took great pride in their team, and were prepared to make its final season one to remember. A glorified success!! Q Junior Mark Kolker attempts to run down Senior Brendan Phillips defensive block while Sophomore Gerick Smith just holds on for dear life! Seniors - 53 A Senior as defined by Webster's is, "a student in the year preceding graduation from a school of secon- dary or higher level," but in all reality does anyone tbesides those who currently arel know what one really is. Anyone in their first thirteen years of schooling, or anyone beyond the school process would be quick to believe the above definition. And so were the seniors on September 12 as they woke up extra early not wanting to have to see if all the stories about the infamous McCutcheon were true. This was kept up for a while, seniors could be seen frantically trying to make it before 8:15 hoping not to have to experience the CUT in McCutcheon. But then something happened, something snapped-sen- iors realized that they were seniors. They had their little brother and sisters and they had survived the Sen- ior Christmas Party, Stories came fil- tering back from those who had gone college visiting. "Co-ed dorms and beer" stated one senior, "that's what college is." It would have been at this moment that things would have started falling apart if it hadn't been for the application process-the poxy of a second trimester senior's life. So just as they started thinking they could stop sprinting up the stairs at 8:14 and 45 seconds they realized that they really weren't seniors. Now this may come as a harsh realization to those of you who thought they were seniors on the first day of their senior year, but the real definition of a senior tas agreed upon by S.A.A.- 54 - Seniors Senior Association of Americai is one, has fulfilled all graduation require- ments fexcept gyml and has land this is a mustl been accepted into a Fresh- man class of any college or university or, has been registered in one of the United States Armed Forces. Now, of course, as we are taught at Parker, there are exceptions to every rule, but those must be dealt with in a sep- arate category. Now, stop skimming and start pay- ing attention, because this is where it becomes confusing. ln accordance to S.A.A. definition 'Seniors' don't really become SENIORS until April 15, and of course that's true, but then how does one explain their action starting in early February. How does one explain lack of school attendance fmore appropriately termed cuttingl, disrespect for authoritarian figures, and a lack in speed when racing to- wards graderoom. Well the answer, in all reality, is quite simple. Since we belong to an embryonic democratic school so up until April 15 they are termed 'Embryonic Seniors'. As the school is preparing us to live in a de- mocracy the 'Embryonic Senior phase is preparing us to become full- fledged seniors. The full-fledged sen- iors life is marked by three very im- portant events-those, of course, being Senior Ditch Day, the Senior Prank and finally graduation. As I am writing this in the middle of February I can only hope that our enterance into becoming full-fledged seniors will be safe, memorable and a hell-of-a-good time. r Seniors - 55 i 'Y ag ' U li i X-x U P? A N- 1 rg- ". u Just whistle when you want mefOn the bus to now herefDanifDance imitationsfSuth's girlfStepan, s basementflrilm Festival ClubfBedroom eyesfSlu gger'sfHigh ballfSalads at Julie'sfC.D.f"Take th e bear"fWait for the camerafwhat a Muffinheadf B.P.L.fA.O.K.fl, HamyfReads the Cliffs and th e bookfBruce and ShannonfBrady Bunch Frida y Night ClubfOWWf House of chicl-cenf"l'll pa y you S100 to roll for mefWeird Sh . . . f"We'v e got to do something,'fLet's make plans, not thi s weekend, or the next, but the next weekendfSh e punched me in the neck!fHas to use a quote boo kfOh my God! f we Wk., 'J -, yo- gi' x sg . Ms ggi I lam V' , iixfslssw-i .ser-so - 1 - 1 ss..-2, w- X-Ti" 2 iii ix J X -Sl Q -QNXSXQJ ' 5RigwX3f5S - Q-Q5 9. ., . .4 5 X X -NMEQ,-Ax sswrcsxbrxwk - -sg AX as X Wg . Q '- X X .1 5. an X-Qwest-:.1'sL-ss .-. ss ' ,-Q t- gy' . . .V Z5- wx, .2 is Se mis. is. my na s f'-'fs 'sf' Q' The piecefDo the Craneflrtow 'bout them Sox?fUnder the stairsf666fl'd do herfAlways singingfya the Chandelier ClubfSeduced by a 25yr. oldfNT PromfConverted SuburbanitefGO BROWNSf1f3 Springsteen ClubfSees Joe Jackson every other yearfHow many Williams shirts?fSnow White GrillfMy bed's wet and I didn't do itfChill out RifffDriving in my carfNSC SummersfPaul Adelstein playing at the Candle- light l.oungefConstantly guiltyfWhat?lfl'lave a quote for me today?fSorry guys, l'm newflst chord to RifffT., T.A.D., l.A.U.T.Y., Y.C.D.A.T.Y.W.f Rachel Beth blin 'Qi Paul Charles X X X X X x X Xxx N X f G Q.zT9'5Zfl'l 6 W f sf' M50 M , , z. , Q 5 gy "Rome was not built in a day, opposition will come your way, but the harder the battle you see, lt's the sweeter the victory." -Jimmy Cliff "Time remembered is grief forgotten." -E. Dowson flilffli Adelsteln A' Q " 1 W 6' J , f'When you come right down to it, I'm just a collection of cliches, but I think I've managed to combine them in a rather exciting way." -Weber "Running into the darkness some hurt bad some really dying, at night sometimes it seemed you could hear the whole damn city cryingf' -Bruce Springsteen "He had tried to build a breakwater of order and elegance against the sordid tide of life without him and to dam up, by rules of conduct and active in- terests and new filial relations, the powerful recurance of the tides within himself. Useless." -James Joyce v f f ,ff ew:cL,..--- --- -'-- YW- sfefwhz.-fWM.f-Kew f ,ww f , f f f '1 v "He had flown up very high to see, on strong wings, when he was young. And while he was up there he looked on all the kingdoms, with the kind of eyes that can stare straight into the sun. Beating his wings tenaciously-finally frantically-and keeping on beating them, he had stayed up there longer than most of us, and then, remembering all he had seen from his great height of how things were, he had settled gradually to earth." -F. Scott Fitzgerald RR The Last Tycoon Eric S. Antonow .FJ nn Ni Q f' . f ' l i , s It pk 4 ' WS i . g.-,J 5' ...ff .l lx ill. If . t NatfNatameefNooclles BabyfNat-DogfPookiefHe ad of every committee in the schoolfMooch queen fThat nervous twitchfSenior t-shirtsfLikes floors! White boys are so prettyf5f5 of the Semi-Conscio us ClubfWhat a partyfNatalie, can I tell you somet hing?f"Oh, how l love this girl in the picture. An d this girl is me."fRachel, how did you make tha I celery?fClass party . . . fSeventeen pictures wi th JoshfHey honey, where'd you get your big one ?fYou're just a throatfHow do you spell weiner?!f Master huggerfNat Batfl really do wuveth Ulf W of the Big Lips Clubf"You goofy butt!"f Natalie Racquel if n Y i 'FL 1. 'u ., Bullock fi ,1 4 Nz: '5VX.,... 'A J f 9 S 'X N 3? xx x "Music is the key to set yourself free" -J.M. Silk "Licensed to I77! -The Beastie Boys "Guy still hated tennis. He felt that one of the players in any sport should be allowed to use a un Q -Paul Rudnick Social Disease "YIhla Moja, Yihla Mala" National Anthem, S. Africa , ffl Q29 w 1' F3123 fllfl KX l "All you can do is raise them. You can't live their lives for them." H -George Stevens Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so." U -John Stuart Mill l can see your true colors shining through. l see your true colors, that's why l love you." -Cyndi Lauper "Lo-onesome, Lonesome. Gotta get me a man." -From a Popeye episode "Life's too fast. lf you clon't slow down and enjoy it, you might miss something." -Ferris Bueller Seniors - 59 CivicfNo I'm not.fNickolas and AlexandrafBirky's babyfAm I late'?fBreakfast in Terry's carfWill you help me with the math?fSay something in ThaifTutor for everythingf14 yearsfWilI do any- thing if you begfLoves sciencefSorry, TerryfEmpress Catharine and Mr. Edf ChichbethfFluffyfPeter's sisterfBubblesfl-lmm-Cu rious f Little Lizzer f Butter Rum f Diet Coke f "Do I ha ve a story to tell you" f Missing Leg f Low Flying Dra gons f 4 bestfreinds? I thought it was 2 X Cheeks f Eac h had 7-we didn't splitfOn The DeckfLatin Buddi esfWe did that in front of 2 guys?fCafe Ba Ba Tip sy X Paul's home again? f Mysterious evenings in th e parkfAnd l have CIaudefThe Real hunks are aft er mefI'm never sarcasticfConverted Squeeze fan fShut Up!Shut Up! Shut Up!fPB ice creamfWha t is a Dez? fAnne's organizerfToo sweetfOne Frie ndfThen we went to GlencoefSomethingfToni Bel If Terry Supanee 1 if -T: fy I . F X Chongulla Elizabeth Alicia Cicchelli if W l.:f lQl:.' f . , I Q -I ff fw' I , af ,I Ilfl ykf! f f We NL 5 "If you aspire to the highest place, it is no disgrace to stop at second, or even third." -Cicero "I want to be alone." -G. Garbo "Veni, vidi, fugif' -Anonymous NYY. gil! , 1" ith' .-Qi!! Qi X I -..-1519 il I L i X , l 4 I 1 ' I r if . I l l I.: lv ' I N SFF "It's not the years in your life, but the life in your years. -James Dean "Living alone with someone you love can be lonlier-than living entirely alone!-if the one y' love doesn't love you." -Maggie The Cat "Some undefined sorrow was hidden in the hearts of the protagonist as they stood in silence beneath the trees and when the moment of farewell had come the kiss, which had been withheld by one, was given by both." -James Joyce "Watch out for low flying dragons" -S. Hitchens - - f-f 0--w-ws rf 0-W 1, rr 5 ff V- J.. , fy Q pe-K-fm- wffw af1a..'a.-fair,-e f-2 ,,., f I, I I I' I 7ll"337'-Wipe 'Ni I 'K KA I K, s. i The new girl in town!Diz!14 year gang . , . minu s 13!Have you ever been really embarassed!No fu rniture-Let's party!!Carmelizing apples! Maryla nd-is that in Wisconsin?!Highland Park Sandbo xlflub!Kroehler lives!Wolf Eggs!Spying at DePa u Ondrayuh!Dreas!Secret languages!Fish!Olivier Fr ench men start on the dance floor!Club Med Zeek !Peerler for the beautiful body!TLF! FF! Princ e charming on a scooter! Peaches 8: Cream!Jame s Bond!Guys at Stanford!lnvalid! Umbrella!Do yo u know where we were! Club Med!"Marge"!lt i s things like that!Library adventures!Daiquiri ic e cream by the tub!Chloe's friend!"Hard to say I' m sorry"!Californian guy's!Health Ed vegetarian ! Lisleux!lndia!Deia Vu!Sandbox buddies in High land Park!Train trips!Merde puissante treize! De auville weekend!Cat kisses!Bastlle Eve!Petit-beur re! Frog! Elizabeth Gefsilp New G sd fuk. J' 3 , 4 if 'Wits 'I "There are places l'll remember all my life though some have changed. Some forever, not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All those places had their moments with love and friends l still can recall. Some are dead and some are living, in my life l loved them all." -The Beatles EALTII al Qwlrxrlif-t - , J, Q VW? lgeees ffwi M2 iff f 551 f - as T www Y-4 l 5 -.- . ',Z' 'il Lf r- p smug i l l - l , "Laughing and dancing yet tears in my eyes I've watched northern lights dance in skies To a simple freedom song Twisting and turning yet calm all around They've made my feet never touch the ground Yes they've made me dance along We'll never have this time to live again So why not live it up while we can For there is less time than before And I don't know how much more: But I know We'll never have this time again," -J. Hagen Seniors - 61 7 , Lm,,, , f - 1 45,4 P iff ChipmunkfThe only black-white boyfl don't know what it isfThinks he's coolfSummer campful got a problem that only you can solveolPimpy "JH Pretty BoyfFredfJason's little twinfJean's house f 2nd home-TCX Brainchild f Real genius f Para spookfGreat AmericafCreator of crude remarksfwhatll? My fault?!lfRun DMCfOmega! Don't ,fChicken legsfExotic women named lrisfDamn, l should have told them l was blackfl'm not mad!fPoutsfHave you been there-l've been therefl know himfl feel so unlovedfThanks for last nightflirratic behavlorfWilliams rejectfM-t-Mf v 4 ,L w fa as-my eww we 52 1 4 4, f ' Jared Davis OW ' M 9 5 CD W t us 'DMC ... X "Ya darn right I'm sick. l sick of school, I'm sick of washln', I'm sick of liver, l'm sick of . . . ',-Den- nis The Menace "If we all died right now that would suck." -Danny Furhman "People who sell drugs, not do them, these are the people to hang with." -Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC "The only solution to South Africa's crisis is for whites to accept blacks as human beings." -Rev. Desmond Tutu ,--' Yeahbob f Squimps f The only person who does McCutheon imitations f J ackmaster f Weird Al f The Lab SchoolboysfTimfJamie McNuttyfThe 8th Grade's only spy f A true Letterman Fan f J amin' and a fixin' and a schemin' f Porsche f L.L. Cool RichfThe one and only Steven Wright impersonator f Richard Gere f Sub Station v2 f Dead DuckfRichard HeadroomfLook I'm Joe Kennedy f And all that time I thought he was bor- rowing records f Saab-o-mania f Did he fire six shots or only five f Early morning thrill cam f Only one word comes to mind when l look at you- voluptuous- f What is Mr. Rents? f f'f'ffi'1fws2f':-: -0 .em-1w-X-w.Q:i,311 5511, ff ifi-wivfg L, Richard Davis HELL CHILD i SPALLJN or sum 'J if L 'R-DAVL5. "We're hopelessly lost, but making good time.'l -Dave Letterman "Life's a bitch, and then you die" -Unknown "A man's got to know his limitationsn -Clint Eastwood "Porscheg there is no substitute" -Tom Cruise ffl! If Nfyffy X ,1-,- at f1-., 1 f '1,1ts'1,'1t1 1 -we e"--,, i '-.'--'. s't,, i ,,-- s...-t- f--- iz ..-e puffy ..--Ws Q .W -ffLte-' 3 --'-r ,.-'- 3 1151,-gi.'-,ia-13-pri: 1,,1 1-,z ',-i "" L Q"' ilk-fi-i --'-" 1 eailiffli -"', Z i--i.2-f'.l1-"fl--TL ..,.'- i Z1ffi'i-1-'ki' ---' .--- 1 .1-alfi'-qty,--'Z-34 .'-'f 'vrri fr'2 ,YL-jl. WM ffff X f f 3' o,ff,f4,y7ff0fWff,W 4f 7WWffff fl f ft ff f f ,, ,.,s. ff , ,L f , , .,,,-W,,,..L. e ,L -1 MM" A 'G CarefCare bearfFirst 4 letters of a great namef 16 3a.m. study clubfPollsh powerfDeck parties f Delta Tau DeltafSkinhead partyfField hockey i n front of lwo JimofSlugsfThumbs upflh of the fo eman altosfAre you wearing your contacts?fCawi n Cutie Cwazyf . . . and they lost our luggage, an d . . . fPenelope awardsfHow many hours at the pl ant?fThe tankfThinks she's funnyfUVM bike trip fPerspectivefCherry coke 8a SCfNo bladderfSepa rated ln Frat housesfls it HOT?fMinistry concert s with PachlnafSaclf"At least we have friends i n Chlcagonfl can't chew on this stick foreverfLatl nf Carin Dehne Er Q? 1 Q N., li, X7 ll l Ci 5 x I x N .1 "l'm not here l'm somewhere else, and l'm not coming back." -Nik Kershaw "I would rather model harmonical holders than discuss Aztec anthropology . . . " -Bob Dylan "All l ask is that the present moment be postponed until l am ready for it," -Ashleigh Brilliant "I am human and l need to be loved." -Morissey Adam Donahue fin.. Farmer boyfHowdy pardnerfTaft StafffStone' s Am. Lit. classfMy leg is broken, but l'm playin g soccerfln a state of perpetual crlpplednessfCapt aln of the Boxing TeamfPart time CowboyfHicfO ld Style ManfHorse show instead of SAT'sfParker 's ground keeper! 417- L ff." N it W- ' , ' , ' ' 4 I is gif - Q U-'IE i---- " l A -41 Q- n '.fA "Soccer is not just a sport it's an obsession." -Paul Stepan "l've always dreamed of being a cowboy, and lov- ing the cowboy ways of pursuing the dreams of my riding hero, l burned up my childhood days." -Willie Nelson Seniors - 63 r,p""i l've made me a moon-catchin' net, And l'm goin' huntin' tonight, l'll run along swingin' it over my head, And grab for that big ball of light. So tomorrow just look at the sky, And if there's no moon you can bet l've found what l sought and l finally caught the moon in my moon-catchin' net. French KissingfShe punched me in the neckf "Smoke Choke Croak, Amy"fAmy brastrapfPut- putting around Franceffhe Lemony taste l lovef Pimp-mobilefO'Fame, may I help you?j"Hi'fThe boiler room on AG's rooff"Want to play?"fGood talks in the bathroomflsraelflinow what?fWe'll be best friendsfAnd there's a BUGfCDfSugar BowlfWait for the camerafThe phone's deadf Hook in sockfl was there too, AmyfDon't be de- pressed, be jealousfFriday Night Brady Bunch ClubfTim's Best FriendfThe experienced skier! Bruce and Shannonflt's a dent, l mean. . .f 64 - Seniors B Deanna Doty Amy Ilene Eisenberg wif" f " 7375 ,f'f5fGA'?iZX:ET7i.' 5" 43.53529 ' - - -' the ss, ,WW fswmz, ya ll st. ll S 1 But if the moon's still shinin' there, Look close underneath and you'll get A clear look at me in the sky swingin' free with a star in my moon-catchin' net. Shel Silverstein Moon-Catchin' Net mwggycce t3aa.X?.t9z.rxk:aQ:r5 , . . + Y J' "She blew my nose and then she blew my mind." -The Rolling Stones "And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations, they're quite aware of what they're 90319 through-H -David Bowie "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him." -Thomas Paine "Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints." -The Rolling Stones "ln an insane world only the sane are insane." -Joseph Heller I f ef f g - Lftfz.1,.'qi 717 Fleld Trip bus ridesfThat hair-that squiggly wigg ly halrfHe's got the bod, but his brains are bad ne wsfB.H.fBelden Parking LotfThe Otis Triplettes! Bowling nightsfCl.HfThe Dating GamefThe Riv.f WangfWhere have you been, what have you bee n doing, have you been getting fFlydropper phasefFerrari 8: Blue Nun nfl drink, I get drunk, I fall down, no problemfl re member where and when, you forgot to tell me wh ofSnaged the autofllm gonna stick my shoe up yo ur fBig 'I'0efTwlnfTwo girls in a shower 7X I an Nobody lives forever except maybe Dick Clark." -Unknown Oh my God Bob Hope!fNotes from drivers Ed.fOll on Canvas-The TwltchfSecond City- SuberbanlteslfGheiasfGuys 8: DollsfOuting club PartiesfB.B.C.fFright NightfGreat Sleep OversfDangerous VideosfSylvianistf'hof Base- ment cowardsfAlmost drowned in the basement seepagef"They're not shadows?!"f1f5f of Latin IVfOct. 18, '85fSoup at 3 a.m.flnvisible people knocking at the doorfCeramlcs CIubfScary con- certsf3 hr. phone calls with Pachinafult didn't recordl"fPhoto-notfl feel so bad!"f . ' 'ff 'vb Jenmfer A. f ' - i ' T, Entman 5 I X A A 'f s F25 - ve ' .. . sa s A f - -faslvsig C, , .i' " Sf! ? i i N Carolyn Sue Faber ,w. 34 l v ' , v gf, ,i iv-A., Q t. L' '4 Q., ,re . lf Nfiffgg ,.l, Q, - P 1 ,W A ,. In L M?"""+- V my Tam "Make the most of freedom and of pleasure, 'caus e nothing lasts forever." -Tears 4 Fears "Everything you heard about me is true, l change th e rules to do what I want to do." -Prince "I may not know where I am going and l may not kn ow what I need, but one things for certain I know wh at I want." -Prince 1 cm 95"-:I X T N wi EN ff "Isn't it sometimes a shame that things have to change?" -Anonymous "Look not for reward from others but hope that you have done your best." -Churchill "And I've been walking talking believing the things that are true and I've been finding the differences between right and wrong, good and bad-am I just like all the others? Have I always been singing the same song?" -D. Byrne Seniors - 65 zl 4, X , 1 f V A-940.0 X ff-31,1 My L, M ff-K '7Zi?y?i 1, 4. wr-'V rf 'X if W if mm" F Scott I. Feldman ij XX .. .1 V I f l 0 I Q , ScooterfSWARMfAlmost converted to Buddhist "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free." churchfEliajafMosesfJungian dreamerf"Yea and "ln spite of our proud domination of nature, we Freud sald"f"l'll lose it first"fQuenchfKarate are still her victims, for we have not even learned master XA combination of Freud, Einstien and , to control our own nature. It remains quite natural 5 Bruce I.eefRhodes scholar at age 518-month old for men to quarrel and to struggle for superiority f pervert-loved the nursesfliaula loverf"Sarah over one another. How then have we 'conquered Conner?" fSandwich nightfAlien nightfSkweenh- 3, nature'?" ' fBouncing Bonza: Bunny BoppersfSavamataf"You -Carl G, Jung owe me dimer babe"f Monopoly champfRollerball- "We are spirits in the material world." lg fWhite sand-"Hello Mom . .. "f"Uh, Scott, could -Sting you maybe help me with my chemistry?" fScotty Q "Fly, be free, the sky is your playground!" Feldsparf"Bugs!"fSecret psychotic and future world 'I -History of the World lll controllerflihlf C Peter Fisher Jr. W V9 Pew ov isbn UML! Q 2 ff' , . W 4 224 Qi f N O If wg I fp f ' GZv W PICTU RE af ' ' AVAILABLE 0 M 1-. CE This travel agent named Edwardo tripped me at the Prince ConcertfRoach!fArm it 8: Alarm ltfBeth from TalahaseefShaws Crab House f Power Windows f Here, it's a jelly. f The sun never sets when you are coolfl'm a palm reader so leave me alonefRock me, Caius!fMagic BagfBetter car BerniefYou got your own parking spacefThe Wunder KinderfBeemer QuestfOur favorite waitress from Mother'sfB6 of the Hit Fresh Crew! "I dialogued, I gave them a little dose of the old BBD." -Scamin Jamin Scotty Palmer "You ask too much of me, you try my patience, you choose your words like weapons, here we go battle stations." -George Michaels M717 I jffg XJQQ f X MW 02 f ",t as 'ssi i-si' 'tll I X ff ff X X f 1 , Qfmfzfz MQZMMX f MN e .', f I f 'f' 1 , A ., ,ff ffff ,f 'f,,f ,fyk,i,,fg,,4fw Vffygg, W-MfFerpeesfIt's only my forth ticketfSuper Moo chfConcentrate on the road, DanfMungusfQuagm lrefThe cllpfHung like a . . . fGave the cop his fak e IDfNorweglan GlrlsfSmoking on the slopesfPul l my fingerfDo girls do that stuff?fAnshe GangfC an say more disgusting things in one sentence tha n anyonefSmall accident after templefRevlew cre wfThe drlver's drlverfParker Football Team! Daniel Nathan Furhman W '13 r" -, ,Z On my God, l'm such a ditz!fClass duesfbehind th e stalrsfThree month sabatical in StanfordfMe an d my 4 friendsfloves babysittlngfSpeaks Spanish wi th a wierd accentfClass partyfVeDe francefModel 's pacefJohn Erik HexumfCarninofBolng-bolngsf Don't believe a word she saysfShe's a vegetab le-I mean vegetarianfhlumberto y Kanela de vera no uruguayofwednesday sushifViveca's sisterfLu nch bunchfStlng's fanfESPfQulnnfChip and dipf Kinks KoncertfCaritasfA+ driverfCumberland Isl andfLotus posltlonfTaIl guysfBrickyard mallfNO TfTechfStretch-MarkfAu Bon PainfWhite Merce desf1f3 of Spanish 5fCrlt as 5- ff Carita Gardiner it ,V 4 sv . :iv s 1, sb 3. l if ll ' l l ff Ll "I don't know what's right I don't know what's wrong I don't even know what's going on." -Jim Ignatowski "Not bad for a high school boy." -Phoebe Cates "The force is with you young Skywalkerg but you are not a Jedi yet." -Darth Vader I ,ll ,. - I I- T T 1 .. 'Z F412 I ' x nfl" fa W' QL "Qu1zas porque, soy un mal negociante, No pido nada en cambio de darte Lo poco que tengo, mi vida y mis suenosf' -Sui Generis "Looking out on the morning rain, I used to feel so uninspired, and when I knew l had to face another day, Lord, it made me feel so tired." -Aretha Franklin 'I got sunshine on a clowdy day." -The Temptations "Next time you place your order, don't forget to say,'no anchovies please." -J. Gexls Seniors - 67 f I . ,.,. , .. The Lincoln GangfChris? Andy?'s watch a movie at Julie'sfLunch at Julie'sfSlugger's woman f Oak St. reorganizer f The Big Snit f Eric will drive usfShake your eyes here, shake your eyes therefPlease baby, please baby, baby pleasef"Do you respect me?"fCould you help me with anything?fBut why?fPerpetual whinerfBut I don't whine!fBut I still love himfSuburbanitefJosh's sister?fNeed a ride home?fCan I shower at your house?fI am not dumb, l'm really very smartfLoves my brotherfle of the big lips clubf"Oh my God, it was so goodl"fTry this California sushi roll f Goodman jZippy the Pinheadf Eddie HaskellfBeak erfPhotomanfThe Big ApplefSqueezefBoca Wes t TennisfTenaxfDid you drive today?fCan I ha ve a ride?fIt took me 656 hours to get here, my a. c doesn't work, and the heater on the second poo I broke fPotbelly's PartyfUGWHfFoundry Fan Clu bfStuardshipfRidiculed in Ed Debevic'sfI'm int o December's allowance f Fetticini political talks f Ju lie, can we talk f Wandering round looking lost f Wai ting for Rogerflli lunch bunchfMy Violent Femme s tape brokefHey Jake, want a . . . fNo parking i n the student loungefPrinceton Review Party! ----H.--. Y , -.,.- AAA4 V ,P grk. , X O Julie Anne Golden fi-IQ Q 5- 3 I I I X il , A ,, . .. I "I never change, I simply become more myself." -Joyce Carroll Oats "Don't worry about what people think of you, because they seldom do." -Something my Father once told me "If you don't have good dreams you have nightmares." -Diner "When a bell rings,an angel gets his wings" -It's A Wonderful Life "And the fish swim in the lake and do not even own clothing." -Ezra Pound Joshua David Goldman HAW HRW O ''Wombompalubompawompbamboom'' -Little Richard o O o V or A I 0 oo 0 to "Get Out!" -James Dean "The world would get along very well without literature, it could get along even better without man." -Jean-Paul Sartre "For the very first time ever, when they had a revolution in Nicaragua, there was no interference from America. Well, the people fought the leader and off he flew. With no Washington bullets, what else could he do? Sandinistaln -The Clash , 0 WW, MXQWQQW Q ' fi f- , 1 , 1 - , ...:. . . 1 in, L,-sQf4mq,i,,Zma, ,,,,:,Z4,,,f,,a,Qfag,f,g,q,.-,4,g5,,,we-f,,f,,,. , ,ff 7 ,,.Vy,4,.',,f,f4f,5, I- A MM,-4.-f,,,L,, 5, ,K ,K K K T, ,k,., -.-Q-1.1.,Tt, ..,. 1 .,,,. a'.m1,Ji .W ,..,,. ....... ,. if ,,,, giiia 'J ' A f f WW 1237 U3 Seebold AdvisoryfSuzf01 BartenderfThat bl ue jean sklrtfAttacked by Skinheads at Dunkin Do nutsfWho's that tall guy l saw you with?fWhich Pe ter?fLatln Guysfult was kind of skummy"fUBlfJ ust whistle when you want mefCDfI am a TV guid efCommerclal queenfSkiing ln VailfB.P.fRochliss fBoozyf"Susle, how was French?fSuzy QfMy lov e to Suzy QfNlce Girl . . . fWait for the cameraf BQ of the "l'll take two hlstorles together again" cl ubfWooslefWait, do l know them?fDance imltatio nsfGreat Mint SearchfSearch for the hotel partyf She punched me in the CHUD!f54a of Lunch BunchfRebelfPrinceton Revi ew PartyfMaster Thesbian 4f1fZuckin' in the Beld enfFork fettishfGlmmie a dozen crullers and 3 squa d cars to gofYou go to Parker! Oh my God!fWhat 's ln the corner housefHas a lot of patiencefWlnter fest AlumnifYou just want me for my carfFranki e goes to ParkerfBulleyesfBlzzare-Head livesfStu ardshlpfBasketballfHuman JukeboxfFoundry Fa n ClubfShyboyfChorusfAmerikafPet RestfRoa d Trlpf . ,..,.................-ann. H. h1. tif' Susan Jill 'I ,l. In f If , Gradman X , ai of L, T Qi? 52 My-if X 'Wi' "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know." -John Keats "The time to relax is when you don't have time for lt." ' -Sydney J. Harris "lf it weren't for the last minute nothing would get done." -Unknown Timothy C. M ,V -S55 Griffin 53' 1 rx - , 'X X y ' ,gg ' W "Don't slap me I'm not in the mood." -Klymaxx "Around here we brush our teeth with scotch." -The Black Sheep Squad "95C7o of my money l spent on wine and women, the other 5071: I wasted." -Tug McGraw Seniors - 69 FiascofLooks like lvan DragofPaul G.fBilly ldolfHockey TeamfScoping 4fAryanfEveryone's scared of his FatherfWhompfA.J. Foyt vs. Suburbanteslncidents at McD'sfSun Times PhotofSenior girltriendsfFlakefSAOfCook Coun- ty SherifffDavid Bowie-9th GradefBlakayfDamn, he's biglfBlake, don't turn redf Donald Blake 'A7' 'Ext ' . 5 I-lander Steven Carl my .. ZR 1, ffllwk avr l 'llgfllxly t l f ll? ll 7 Q QE ,. Z xp l X 5 f SWVK5 Q F 'Z- : lg, "By nothing do men show their characters more that the things they laugh at." -Goethe "For the last time in history, man must have seen something commensurate with his capacity for wonder." -F. Scott Fitzgerald "Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. With the major major it had been all threef' -Joseph Heller "Damn the torpedoes, tull speed ahead!" -Adm. David Farragut, 1864 :Lian 50!.ff,0., f,-Q.,-3 A f,-mfg 5 7, gh 345 ,:,,m Harns lf 3 of the Big Bang Theory f HippyfJ'ai oblie me s devoirsf Last of the great radicals.Because you'r e stupidfEskimo loverfliver seen one of thesefSt . Elmos ClubfMy what long hair you havefVisine st ock holderfl have a psychiatrist appointment fSplis h S-plashfWho's that new girl?fBlonde bombshellf Don't movefPart of the Breakfast Club XA not a da y keeps the cut slips away fWhat color are your ey es? f Procrastination is my middle name f Lettuce en tertain youfVacationing at Kadar'sfZippo triofAg e of Aquariusf Seniors- 70 'i"'.:.-.s N ' f. f-. 1 I .- 1 'ally !q'1Q7,L':7,. 5 July" ,A ,.- Vid-Q-ft ' ,ff 'NX 1 Q FE' ' ' " ' ' 9' 'V'-'li' . , -il .:j.-5 , ' .1 S,-arg ? ' '. 1' ' iw,-s 'X " f, 1 a i . -5.5 NX ' '51 5u ' '5 , , '5g4:'.?',:'!.-'N - l '5'i'3s':-'Zn ' . 1. 625, I '. . ' . 'filg- - If ,' , , 4 V ' 4 4.4 , . v l - 'f goin: f, I ' , '-, ,ty sas , ,- f K '- V. 1 "Big tits will get you in anywheref' -Kurt Vonnegut It's better to burn out than to fade away." -Neil Young Love is a thing, well you know, it's a bit like quicksand, the more you wriggle, the deeper you sink, and when it hits you, you have have to fall." -UB40 "Don't look so frightened, this is just a passing phase, one ot my bad days." sc rc -Pink Floyd "I get high with a little help from my friends." -John Lennon Y 0 ef' L.zL2.gmgf4fffW .1215 M: 2 year Pres.!Ray Ray!Real man!"Ray, Teshome' s hot"!Tlm S's Party!Hey Ray!!I.ittle Ray-Ray! Buppy ! The Party Boat ! Ramone ! Prince ! You ar e the prettiest,sexiest!Julie's in the school!Sex y man!The hotest man in the school!The black To m Selleck!Jack and Jill Graduate!"Ray, are yo u calling Kelly?!1!3 of the Rich Teshome and Ra y CIub"!Dld Rich tell you about . . . ?!My young bl ack stud Presldent!Rayyy!! Fluffy ll!Giggles!You're my only friend!Peanut-bu tter on everything!Twltching in the Belden!Sings i n sign language!Our golden angel!Tiger!This is De z!Closet anlmal!Always doing the dangerous!Sh e goes right for the kitchen!So unorganized!Wai t-which Paul?!The Haagen Daz Trio!Corona on th e beach!!-lappenings on the . . . in front of 2 guys?! !Global romances!Let's go on my deck!Have yo u talked to Marcy?!Screaming on the train tracks! Blood!Alrplanes!Something wild inside!Shut up!S hut up!Shut up!!I'm in Iove!New York City Girl! Dreams of living together!Your Chich-B!New Yea rs memories! ar 'Wil Pg, Raymond Earl Harth Jr. Anne Celeste Heche 'tx ,J w:',4l'THf0 UE of null Afliluuaq ' UI-A if-l L11-iyrxi 1 515 P S. 1 s , .f " is N if "The tough minded person always examines the factg in short, he post judges. The tender minded person reaches a conclusion before he has exam- ined the first factg in short, he prejudges and is prejudiced." -Martin Luther King Jr. A4 l rf Ji f CULB F "Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair . . . .We got one last chance to make it real, to trade in these wings on some wheels . ,. Heaven's waiting doum on the tracks." U -Bruce I want to be where the wild things are." U -Wild Thing No anguish is too sharp in which eating can not allay it." -Herman Wouk "Somehow, Someday. Somewhere . . . " y -Barbara Streisand "I dont want realism. I want magic." -Blanche Seniors - 71 PachfPanachefManic laughfFear of clothingfEdi e Sedgwick look-alikefSCGfDancing in the halls fB B-l-C f Ministry concerts with Carin f Cider f Kinks Ko ncertfSuburban copsfJapanfl am so far beyon d caringflixhaustion paranoiaf"The bad people"f Photo-notfDuncan BrownefPicklesfEvil?f"So wha t?"fTim, Dave, and MattfSchizophrenicfDr. Wax fFreshman syndromefRed Rover '84fKnows ever y album ever recordedfCeramicsfLess than zero! OHCfProm '85fElvisfl love himlfMy beautiful la undrettefLoves obscure musicfWhat?!fSF Heada chefDead people in the carfEcology tripfEterna l infatuationsf sync xg lf! W .J Quadruple wack packfDon't l have a cold fSay hi t o CellyfI..CrossingfWPick a Date ClubfNo, real ly l don't like him anymorefBo and Hope from G.H .fJuly 4,1984fI'm not having people over, I'm jus t having some partyfMatzoah-balls and noodlesfT hose Greek Godsf Soupqueen f High School sweeth eart f Erika Cane look-a-like f Squirt instead of 7upf Pebblesf How do rumors get started? fGolden Fred fNimrod CabinfVaefShe likes Green River, she sa id I look like Paul McCartney and she's hotfYour gi rlfriend is hotter than fireflsisfMr. GoobergoofPre ppy foreverfRules are meant to be broken! - -f1"v'zrf:z:r'f.: QL- Pachina m'31'f7Ei Henderson 1 if j lzelzazfvw' i. is 1 11' Y 1,-V 93019 1 l w I. f 13, "In music, the passions enjoy themselves." -Fredrick Nietzsche "Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, 'So what?!'." -Andy Warhol "I smiled, no longer caring." -Hunter S. Thompson "l'm caught up in the whitlwind of my ever-chang- ing moods . . . " -Paul Weller Valery Jane Hodes "There's no time to lose, l heared her say, cash your dreams before they slip away lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Ainlt life un- kind." -Rolling Stones "l know that each of us is all alone in the end, but the trip still feels less dangerous when you've got friendsf, -Carly Simon "Nothing's more determined than a cat on a hot tin roof-is there? Is there baby?" -Tennesse Williams l "The end justifies the means.', -Niccolo Machiavelli 1, 1 ,s., 1 .,.L- ,.-ff- 1 1 111 .,,t.,,t., H ,ks,..,,, 1- '.,,.,s. ,,,. t,,t , K, f,kk,, s.,, 1 ,. , 1 ,K.,f ,.,s ,,,- .st 1. 111 ,. .,-s .t,, 1 ,,.. ,,.. 1, 1.,,1. 0 ..,, ,,,1f1 ,,1., 1.,,,1.. .,.. 1 f f1,-11f- 1-1 1,-- f1-- -'1s1 all ' I xllif -fl'lI5',y xi jj lla' i 1' lx nr u f' , i f 1 S t .. 4 ' li V ll ll' lx l 1 1 l x Ii J' gb 5 i Mr President and Treasurerfllz the chandelier clubfHiding in Chris's closetfScooterfUh- Peter canyl have a rlde?fMountain Manfl can't believe you re charging us a dollarfNever has something good to sayfRemember when we played Superfriends?fFrlends since we were littlefYou gave me food poisonlngfOUT!fSee you at 8:00 a.m.fWhat time did you get to bedfPKfThe friend I can always count onfTalk to you tonlghtfSt. Elmos ClubfWeter!f"You guys, shut upl"fBullyfPeteyfMa scoping 4.1 The Haagen Daz TrtofNeelle's cabin-not usfAll the black children are so prettyfJuly 4'85fUnhealthy lntakefTriple wak pakfDBK's menfYes, he's really my dadfWisco-boundfl read it somewhereffiootball queenfKiethfFricklefK's bouncersfSleepy prom queenfHe is evilfSo many men - so little timeflvlargarita - mucho gustofAin't nobodyfAnd l fart tooflf I had the car l could have any guy l wantedfPeniless pennyfTab and TunafOk, let's switchfThere once was a man from nantucketflfironies KidfV and T straight upfPink LipsfWill you play with my halr?fO,C. at times! Peter B. Keim 1-1.- l 1---""-' l VRWONT rib q Q:1Cl'llCM':O ,X ! . Q .-.....,,, 1 I -sill A l "You are only what you are when no one is looking" -Salada Tea Fortune "Absurbityg to which no creature is subject, but man only" -Thomas Hobbes "Plainly there was something wrong somewhere" -Theordor Drieser "Nice guys finish last, but we get to sleep in" "You can't get away with the crunch because the crunch always gives you away" -Captain Crunch Amy Lauren lr g ,s g , gest fy, Landecker J j f if Q3 "But l'll control my feelings l findg healirg and l'll find hope singing. The way is so long but l'm going to be strong. Oh, what a turn around. Soon, someday l'll be bound." -Steve Winwood "He was obscurely terrified lest she should cease tribe something he could feel himself unworthy o . -Alduous Huxley "Pick up the pieces you see before you don't let your weakness destroy yot Aou know wherever you go the world will fcriow you. So let your reasons be true to you." -C. Stevens "Do l Dare Disturb The Universe?" -TS. Eliot Seniors - 73 Never cheated on the Lincoln Park loser Not Dont mess with the best Bathrooms work best SaIamifCheck out those cheekbones Here comes troubIefChinfLove em and leave em LaserfSecret lover Double of Tad MartInfMy car is my trade markfSyrburban Maphia GangfTammy Homey! Dat s right man I be blackfmake my dayfD-I-D with seaweed fl gotta date with the Bf3 4 of commit- tee of 4 B6 the inevitable C misersfExcaIibur killer Unique Romancers W Dunes gang 56 Brum doersfl did her-I hate herfAfter Lans cIubfSplish-splash takin a bathfSquafPorsche S.M.D.fI'Iobbit feetf Laser,R f Wet hair in the morning f Radar Rachel f D id more homework in one night than Adam did th e whole yearfFrench SummersfLincoln GangfWh at, a Latin quiz? f Happenings in the square f L.Cros singflk 3am study club f College guys f Don't you kn ow any other Ianguage?!fNo-it's not my baby!! Oodles and Noodles! Squa f Always finding little bla ck things in foodfLunch at the Laser'sfWhereve r we gofQuartersfSeal Eyesfh pick a date cIubfL ate Nights in the dormfRachie Baby CwazyfGlowi ng drinksf1f5 Latin IVfWilI you write me a note . . . I-Ii Mr. WfNatiefVinnie's PetfPotbeIIy'sfWalki n' Buddies! X -Q V V ts' 1: +,. '11 ,. . .fewfrr-5 , , dam Mathew Laser Abs Life s a bitch . . . .then you marry Bear weather . . . .Woof Woof . Dont ever tell anybody anything. f J ff One. -Otis Wilson If you do you start missing everybody. J .D. Salinger rf.-Q -Q - ., 'k m 2,-vp - f 254 'af-'T ,Q i f-m '5 ,-1.-v . - X 4 5 Rachel Karen I Laser I at 's'.. V ' , os 4 ' . 4QxQ'i', X 'ex' I nw I M 5 i i -Elizabeth have up there hacking at a leaf?" s ff f fyfy, fn -Wy, 7., My, ., ,. I "In a word, I am always busy, which is perhaps the chief reason why I am so well." Lady Stanton "But if the roof was sour what business did she -Gwendolyn Brooks "Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight it out." -Phyllis Diller itis " 1 p sttilsirefsfrss ssli r -I srarsr 1 fssles of i I it Si X Q I x. The Lincoln GangfJasonf"l have a song for you!" fMcGreevles wfEmlfJean's housefNag,Nag,Nagf Can I have your car after you die?!fDoolyf"Giv e me a dolla"fPalladlum-l'm ltalianf"We don't ea t dogsnflnfamous dirty looksfMlddlemanfWell wh ose playing?fl need to flnd myself, l think l'll go t o KoreafLet's go to EuropefPooper ScooperfWha t? You did what-what is that?fG.D.M.F.A.fWan g Wee PeefPung!f"Suck it up babe"fNo!NolNo!f PrlncessfNlckfThe guy from MichiganfLan'sfAlw ays late for FrenchfSaw AtillafYou're actin wierd fCarrlge rldef"l hate diet cokel"fFun times at Ed 'sflileptof Laughs at everythlngflnfo passfCasparf95e week sfQEZfEds funfCariosfBennigans clubfPeanut Bu tter plefVeggie clubfAnthonyfBlg B-day Partiesf Hayrldeflnternational boyfrlendsfAnne Klein llfA nother walter?fSue boogaloofLike okayfEasy acc ess clothlngfSkallnder gangfKeep your cool Suef AFSfPathological liars clubfls he cute?fBorn to b e wild!-man lets boogief3 yrs. is enoughfNorthwe stern gangfU2fAh shut upfPretty in pinkf1f3 ori glnal Bennlgans gangfPsycho killerfSunday Blood y SundayfBilly's wifefOh my GodfWang Chung! Young Lee av' W J al' , Susan E. Levine J ,fi . ' X In 5 kv' X005-F foe sflfi 5 af X xii m D X A , .ff X ld , J, rlllllll QW T 'i ' I . 5,4 N I i ' 'I , li 11 "The little ones leaped, and shouted,and laughed . And all the hills echoed." -William Blake But she keep on. You got to fight. You got to figh t. But l don't know how to fight. AZ l know how t o do ls stay alive." an -Alice Walker "Temptation, frustration, so bad it makes him cry.' -The Police "Well we all have a face that we hide away foreve r and we take them out and show ourselves whe n everyone has gone. Some are satin, some are ste el. Some are silk and some are leather, they're th e faces of the stranger," -Billy Joel 43' XiQC5mOx' , hi mga I' :J fa El m MZ fy "This neurotic persuit of sanity is driving us all cra zy. -Solomon Short "l'm so glad we've had this time together just to ha ve a laugh and sing a song. Seems we just get starte d and before you know it, comes the time we hav e to say so long." -Carol Burnett "How do you know l'm mad?" said Alice, "Yo u must be," said the Cat. "or you wouldn't have co me her." -Alice in Wonderland "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein Seniors - 75 Mr. Treasurer f Taciturn f Why don t you study a littl e more Ben? Lincoln Park-what a mistakefl di d so badly on that test f Did you write another play ? f I ll ruin your committee Early admission to Cath erine Collegef14 year-1 year of hell!fThe embezzl er Princeton Review Crewf Benjamin T. Lo ""' if 2.2ii1tL1.g5gg2 ,. ..,cc was st? 253 is ,Q ,ig - ' f ,A - FEISER 'as' Nora . -1 F1 A ' f 'fe 6 ll-j V is l .1 lf ' 3 iff N- --., ,,, tif- N--f 2-' .gi lm . QL? X , 1 -X X I 1 C X 'Nl G 0 Q . ,Q T . Be silent or say something better than silence -Proverb No one knows what it is that he can do til he tries Qi -Publilius syfus Truth is the highest thing that man may keep. -Geoffrey Chaucer 5 The reward of a thing well done is to have done it -Ralph Waldo Emerson Quick-le hamburger qui epate les americains. -Quick Hamburger Motto A4 'ffsv-1.::,.1--,Aff-ewstir'aisww is 4, f, 1, , ..,,0,w ff .,-y.,.-,- -, 4pz,..e-'M-Q, 4. f, 1,.-,wtf , f, f .,W.A.-M-' -4 . , fm,-14 4- .Q f- :Q.-,-mf .: -, swf-X f, W.-W . r,- ,,sr ,1.,, Emily Alexis I Merrick ,tw ', . ' 7 ii Egg? 1 If , I ,' ,nl 'lf' 1 ,Q 0f:"' - ci . Qi' ,X 1: . .if ' F' A 1, f- ' .. ' g , G., 44' A sv' i,-IMI ' -H ' - 75.,,f,jbl'1i. Z' , t --.r --5 i 1 X3 of the Big Bang TheoryfVactioning at Kadarls "So it goes." 1 f S.M.D. f 2 tone hair f Nanook of the North f Eskimo -Kurt Vonnegut fJust one ot the guysfField trip bus ridesfHippi "Just gettin' by on gettin by my stock and trade. 2 e loverf Petite, Dainty, and Ladylikef"Did you fin Livin life day by day. Pickin-up pieces where ever 1 d it?"f"l'll write you a note" f Blond bomb shell f Wi they fall. Just letten it roll, lettin high times carried , zard's Chunky Raisinf"You bring the Diet Coke, I' low- JUSf livin my life, 23551 C0m2 221551 g0.' . ll bring the Vivrin. Books?"fCheap white winefNe -Jerry Jeff Walker L xisfNocturnal WomenfHel-lo!f1962, 193 lbs.fAla NIH B f00m- In B house. In 8 dream. No oneis too ' skan MenfBralessf"Me procrastinate? I just don' 5'-H0 wh0'S dream if is W2'l'2 living in." t do it"fZippo Triof , -Robbie Grey N "I hope I die before I get old." 1 -Pete Townshine I "Gonna' try with a little help from my friends" 'Y -John Lennon ' X1,'g-.' 3 g '-g-,.-,g ifjlf.fijjgiii1f..fgi.g1ji.f.j lg-f fig .-. igqjfg"g3fQfjj -,',g -"'.," rffjfif '.l1."' 5 i-,"." ig',f.l'ji"f.'.i -V.-g, sfikf g"g ',g"---' I ff! 1., g -n.- I.. lntsi 4: .t.if jx irsl ls.i if .ssrs jfilifj ig. rnyif yl,nt .iioi I ,.,.i.i'z if 'ii' i .Til llii liii ilii I I I 'lii "iii I 'ii"i1ii-1"i'1 -'1-i. f t Q ",1- ,,.1 , '..- f :f1r.fa4, 1.. :wfszrp 'f-,, W ---',. f z .:-r ,aff ,'f,', f',, f f yfff . ., J J:f fff 0 MelfMoosefBunkerfAnd that's the way life isfCid erfMy period of brain damageffivenings at Emily' sfMolly 8: MollyfHis nut blew upf3 way phone call sf3 day crushesffimbarrasing momentsflt's ju st a phasefMs. Editortcolflclands 8: BacksfHe play s saxaphonefDelta Tau DeltafDiet CokefShe use d to be the tallest, but we all grewfDo you go t o Parker?fHow much older is he?fl haven't don e my homework in a weekfHe's NOT gay!f30+ho urs at the plantfDave the photo manfOlder me n are the only menfAre you stupid?fThank Go d we get along so wellfl like him so muchfHitchin gfCompulsive liarf14-1yr.f WormfGersefAdventures on golf coursesfMissio n lmpossible.l.oves back seat and floors and sofa s and bathrooms and there's more to him than yo u knowf1f3 of the Springsteen clubfGersleburger fQuick lovefEven talks in his sleepfParties on cha irliftsfJunlor party partierfBlack silk boxersflnfam ous storiesfJoshettefl did her-l hate herfPennbo undf1f2 after Lans clubfChiparoos and apple sh moozeflnexplicable summersflsraeli ArmyfNipple s erectf1f3 roaring tresf1f2 Brum doersfHighlan d Pk. Harem.Loves to babysit DavidafGolf course sfGrafitti boxers! X9 Al' O O Lygo NUQQ-0' Nma Melissa 44 1,:,e.f"f-N" SA , Egff 0 ad Mltchell S ' vswjig QT ff- ff S K sl? ff ff 'X -S 2 " NJ .2 .i y.. f . :QL Joshua Newman Qfivlw 'a Phantoms! Whenever l think I fully understand mankinds purpose on earth, just when l foolishly imagine that l have seized upon the meaning of life . . . suddenly l see phantoms . . . forming a qavotte that says as pointedly as words: "What you know little man is nothing, what you have to learn immense." -Charles Dickens "The search for perfection is all very well, but to look for heaven is to live here in hell" -Sting "There are too many stupid people in the world." -Adam Laser S' s ux nllafm AWS A " For-ry, AACTQJ' I I "Sex is the central problem of life." -Hevelock Ellist1859-19391 "Government is essentially immoral." -Herbert Spencerl1820-1903! "Monday moming Fridays far away pray you'll ma ke it, it's a magic day. Bells will ring and you'll g o out to play, pass the bottle, Friday rules." -Joe Jackson "We're gonna play some pool, Skip some school , act real cool. stay out all night-lt's gonna be alri -Bruce Springsteen Seniors - 77 Christopher Olin .Ag K xxx M' . T INN tif 'ff ' , 'F R2 N L E .. H QE? ' sz' F7'7ll I Q T ' .se A ' -' You were in France f Photo nerd f Audiophile f Chris O "With separation comes the birth of the individual, , can you fix my walkman f What do you say BEFO with all birth comes pain." RE you take my foodfOlain f 14 year gang-1fLil-te , -Julie Oppenheimer s the music everyone hatesfThe farmfPlastic frien "Harvard is like your ticket into the 5001, tax dsfBaseball shoes! From Algonquin fSqueeze or Sq K bracket." uozefl've got four wheel drivefO.C.fArretefNote U Qi 'X' Q5 K ' t -Tim Riff f Cheese fries from Ed'sfYour place, tonight, at 8f .. HW9 Come t0 the fair to Sen Some d095 - - - H HATES cats f 2nd cord to Riff f This watch resis 'V' T T' 4 - -The Senior Three ts 2 tons of pressure f Voting adult f 1 curfew violati A ' fx.- onfNever Trak in the backpackflinows Radio Sha ckfNever read 1984fHey, DoodfLet me see, I ca I ,V ' N n fix it f i-S-f 1 .Jw .Inf J l' A ' ll IC HD . , P h 'll V 0 Ori 2 fi.f'1a-QA . Q50 u " N Qe Tomboy f Sunday Park Picnics fSpeedster f Can I bo rrow that? fWhich Phil? fFriends coming out of he r earsf"As they say in the game of love, on to th e next one!"fA ROOM WITH A VlEWfLate starte r?fCloset psychoful am so happy"fAnshe gang! Native freak f Let's do something creative f 114 lun ch bunchfNola darlingsfSumo tomato,J.O.fDon' t move, l feel a hug wave coming on f Eternal optimi stf Too much to dofMulti-lingualfThe tree of loova ah f Jam woman f Smile f Nature woman f Which ani mal is she saving this week? f Julie for good causes fVegetarian ClubfBeautiful-but she doesn't kno w it f Oppenheimer R Q53 F' 'ielnb O ' ' '- -'U Qc 1 gill pimp 1- A ! T Qs!!! A 6 . 1? ' 1 Y' ' fwqmb 1' 25 4-E3-hx P ' I 1 in fglgf- --1 'I l swf? Q 5f55?'f!'?f. E I -2 4' 1 "They say these seeds of what we will do are in all of us, but it seems to me that in those who make jokes in life the seeds are covered with a higher grade of manure." -Hemingway "There is no such thing as a wierd human being. It's just that some people require more under- standing than others." -Tom Robbins "If lim not dead, I'll see you again within six months, even if l have to turn the world upside down to do it." -Dumas, The Three Muskeeters "Long live the weeds and the wilderness yetf' -Hopkins -' V -"- f z 1 --" nf fff .... . .. . ,.,.. . , . ..., ' ' P r ,, f!'!7fYffZ67 ',.c I f ' , Wwwwfzfpfifiifir?W,., M , , , , David LettermanfPotbelly excursionsfWild Franc e summerfLife ls too longfCat kissesfHubbard Str eet connectionsfHarrls Klndergarden alumnifThat 's so blzarrefWalkln' buddiesfJane FondafYou br oke the . . . thlngfBunkeefHysterlcal momentsfTh e 2 AquarlusesfPenelope AwardsfKlm Cwazyflflb ertlesfGreen Beanf No lt's not HOT!fInlo passfH ow's Plx?fBeen worried about quips since Kinderg ardenfWe stuck our hands together with pastefLe t lt flow over youfYum Yum Tuna BltsfWe can' t have guacomole lf we don't have corn chlpsfEs t-ce vous?fWait, let me get my oll paints . . . fNor thwestern gang! Q W '! M4 Kimberly Pacion iff.. -'Q il. Q' ,lllllll ll ,ll ll "Imagine all the people living life in peace! You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world can llve as one." -John Lennon "O body swayed to music, O brightening glance, How can we know the dancer from the dance?" -Yeats Brendan Grant Phillips MoosefVoted most likely to be killedfA smoke bo mb In the audltorlum?fS.S. Clubfl-IitmanfDresse d as a wltchfB4a Chandalier ClubfDon't movefHey , look up theref . . . A Rocking HorsefCo-Founde r Kid-MilllonsfCatatonic statefBig ChillfLeast Sup portive Actor Awardflmmortal sweatsf"The" Bea rdflffi Big Bang TheoryfPoker Party IIfA pigeo n with a machettlfOne of the Bad Dudesf"Don' t waste my tlme"fSuper Fan and Magic HornfFou ndlng member FWP Slightly Unofficial Football Te amfZlppo TrlofWhat Disco ball?fAftershave?fVa cation at KadarsfBowling shoesf Q J7l7Wl7!77!T7ZF Q Q .Hill sfqsggrangi I I l C I 1 if V U ' ,' 4 22 .'- ' ., 'i 5'-I s A , ,f , .. , l I 5 ' fr '4 ' ' ifln- 1' 0- ,, ,' I.. ' I," . 'f, 25221 'S ft!" I in a Vg., ,Z , f.. um- Rf' 1 '!.-'W'-K 'L ' .'.'g' XI 7,,ff'e'r, .. 'E .!"'f,. ,, 5,17-"f'f'f'-'f 7f'1-,'4'f ,, ,ch .I -- 5' A-A -. - f, ,Lvl L... vgv, -5 T, -14, ff --4 .' -..-ru - u f. , ,, "Things are more like they are now than they have ever been." -Gerald Ford "l've a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." -Julius "Groucho" Marx "I bet I can make you say more than two words this evening. YOU LOSE." -"Silent" Cal Coolidge "Football doesn't build character. it eliminates the weak ones." "I get by with a little help from my friends' -John Lennon Seniors - 79 X X X X X 7.-M.-Q..-W..0.-W, . ,...,.s,, Q, Q: Q V., .W f-391 A-ff .Lx , , Indian pow-wowsfWanna play?fI'm going to quit today f Penelope f Boulder band fChinese food f Are you Amy?fTuna and TabfO.K. let's switchffhose coverglrl eyesfLong distance love affairsfHe's a modelflfleis a professional swedish hockey playerfRHT NOW fl never want to go over there againfMaggie come herefMadonna wanna befreally she has talentfkroonies klanfO+V straight uppfC,C,+CfMica mouthfSo many men, so little timefSlave to lovefGoffer girlfWizzardsfYou bring vivrin, l'll bring the diet coke, books?fNizziefHEL-LOfPizzazfTab, Tab cola, for beautiful peoplefl know but I'm not going Elizabeth Lauren Randall """""" - at - .Y ,. , ., . : . :'t.:rvwv.-pg-fawz. sr .,:,fqQ:"' gf. ff. ffgxllmi l X gal 'e f I fa-sun, g if" djs' cj'Y , ' E tx i'. ' sr- an I 4' V "We gotta go and never stop, gang till we get there. Where we going man? I don't know but we gotta go." -Jack Kerovac "You can't control and independent heart" -Sting "And we're not little children, and we know what we want, and the future is certain, give us time to work it out." -Talking Heads "We share the same biology, regardless of ideolo- gy, what might save us, me and you, is that the russians love their children too." to remf -Sfmg TiIIl0th R'ff Z X 2 Ak X Goat fba,ba, f Mi chandelier club f Riff , what are yo u doing?-Chill Out! f Tim, can I come over? f Tarantu ra f coke addict f Redheads have more fun f 1 f 3 ba d dudesflwllarmadukefln a cab?f1h Aztec gangf8:O O- don't be late f f Timpy f Rac f Biscuit f Member o f FWP Slightly Unofficial Football Team f Hello?-He llo? fDe-facing Olin's fridge f Stoic f The shows f La s Fuentes Dinners f Chuck's Pet f Wanna walk to th e corner? fIt's just a title fScalping tickets for Al f La te-night baking f Meet you downstairs in 5 minutes f "I love to hit, and I love to win." -Dick Butkus "You be illin'." -Run DMC "If I donit get some shelter, I'm gonna fade away." -The Rolling Stones "I never want to be a millionare. I just wanted to live like one. -Walter Hagen "I'd rather be a poor winner than any kind of a loser." -George S. Kaufman ., ,.., . rrff sr.. f C.,5,g..f,,.,,,l.,.,.,..,i5, ,,..,, 5,.,i,1:11, ,,., ..,,,,, -i" -fYY2ff-iffl-'.E'ii Q '."' 5 zmifffilrii- ---'! f.,-s. , ss"'- l s-slsi -s X I - -- . .. , . 'ff f -' f f' ' " f ' 67 ff ' Kelly DustersfWhat Kim? She has another friend? Older menfSpanish ll with BrumfThe Lincoln gangfTong who? Mike who?fHow tall?flt's not Klmberlylflb of the De Paul gangfBlond bomb shellfh of Seebold's advisoryfK1fDe Paul vs. Georgetown-go Georgetownffellow advisee personfI'm Gumby, God D--it!fFinger curIerfMusical boyfriendsfYou met him on a ladder?fBurlyfKimmurie Ann Rosen bowfTuckpointingfRivina BeachfLocker break in 8: notesfEve, your phone is off the hook agalnfThe couch 81 l are becoming good frlendsfcan we get them any older?fThe phone's attached to her ear. NO PICTURE AVAILABLE GraybeefSwaying at lthat place!lfWizardlyfUsed TestarossafBaby killingfDevil worshipping musicfRoguef"Gray, like the color"f1f5 Latin lVfSquidfObscure Latin charadesfShe's not McCutheonfHe really does play bass at 2a.m.fBowlefMonroefKelly BusterfRoach M0telf"N0 --n'l?"fPoetfElricfBassfWind loverfEyelashesf"l have a little black book with my poems inf"l'm tired of intelligent girls..." Strange '86 New Years Eve, fstrangefonly on New Yearsf"Can't get away with anything, so I don't try."fGray skiesfblack jeansf4 years!No parking ln the student loungef"We re acting! f Kimberly Ann Roseman 4-'ff f N-3. 2 . Gray Sebastian Rothkopf Y-.L "lt's not all that serious." "Girls just want to have fun." "When the light is green you go. When the light is red you stop. But what do you do When the light turns blue Wlth orange and lavender spots! -Lisa Rance -Cyndi Lauper -Shel Silverstein 'J af l 1,:xQ.-dial V ,fi " xv A .WC .F p if if , ffifff 5 X. A f gf My 4 rl ff LJ IP. Q X 5 f X f ff T A 'iff l Staring at my blank hungry book After months out in the wild, Rarely give thought to how l lookg Escaping for home less a child. Learned so much, living a rhymeg Blossoming in the spring time. Understanding that eyes must see What is carried and what is lost: Wild berries in the forest, Only sweet nourishment when found Among the now familiar trees-but naught fades faster than the background and all of the bad memories. By Sebastian Seniors - 81 The Ruttf46f34fBatmanjBest wishes! 14 yrsfSpic n Invincible McWomanhon Me an my 4 friendsf2 O-O Good friends share everythingflmitations 441 fBrad s big sisterfMary Meyer gangfLemonadef Names that start with ZfDouble stuffedfBluntfSu perman powerfAIi hoopfThe White HousefCDRf I got the tickets Peanut Ride like the wind Ragdo Il RuttenbergfWe are the championsfIcefTaft Sta ff Cruises downtownfOrange juicefBGfNo I m no t hurt Shop majorfLaaaughfMurphysfAli what Ru sseIIfLover s cavefBuIIs buddyfBPfWherever w e go Circular staircases Boom boom boom Ox Junior partyfHung like a hippofl dont like t o be messed w1thfLaser stoplfl m just a normal gu yfAnshe gangfWho did you vote forfDm1ng Mexic anfNOTfTalks till twofskl mach1nefTenn1s is my I1 fefl thought it was 6 30fSaaackfPrmceton revie w crew Quiet during the next week and crazy al I weekendfbabe the blue oxfYou did what'-'fl cas e of tanex per week Tennis 1ockfOnIy without a lic ensefThe last of the true Republicans ReganitefP ersonal friend of the freshmenfBuIIyfToo big for hi s own goodfLunchroom trouble maker S49"'f?fWfxTJ77 fif3'5'ffI M x X ? I ill Ruttenberg in W -v-'-a, l-. ,v wuqi' DOYW . 4-1 Qu - N VM PORYDQ 'x,fuNf ru I mmm: mv 15595 YE Never give up never give in stand up to it fight it through. -Caryle 8: Greer Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isnt there a white knight upon a fiery steed . . . It s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet. -Bonnie Taylor Hold on to sixteen as long as you can changes come around real soon and make us women and men. -John Cougar "'-ok" 'f"' "ff1f""1"f"' 'i" 1 .f .. ,.,., ,. ,,. 7 I-"Vx -1-WM :e'e'S.x e v Q . -Qt-Sizzges, N we . . " 'sites-zzzizfz '-'s'c'- -fl, '-.fekp fs 2 Z . 5 i lk 7 .3 'zz ft ' x , The fact that the future becomes the present the present the past and the future become an ever lasting regret if you dont plan for it Tennessee Williams Wine comes in at the mouth and Iove comes in at the eye That s all we shall know for truth before we grow old and die I lift the glass to my mouth I look at you and I sigh William Yeats Life goes on It happens every day So just take what you get before its taken away Kinks ffff,,ffff C' f ff ' - - - . - X f . . Yi, ' ' . lr- .1 s ,. . K -, I . -f . . .V i. , . - .V . X ir, -i , .,.. ' 'Z-.raw-I ig1.,kt.,V.,isf,,,.-.,.1..,'.f,'fp,f..57.L,,.,gf.,g..fg.,4"4f D fx 1,54 -A A , 1 LL -f - . . - - . I ' -.1 .... .... , 1- f..-' Fernando Lamas sound alikefBilly CrystalfTotally unbellevablefYou look Mahhvelous, simply mahhvelousfTaco BellfBagels 8z cream cheesefBreak dancingfMarquitolfSex craved dancerfBaryshnikovfHe did how many turns?f13 glasses of Champagnefl hate It when that happensfSorry, I lost my mind for a secondfActs like David AddIsonfObsessed with Giorgio ArmanlfAlways right!Psuedo-Intellectual . . . notfl'm not Fruit Pie the MagieianfDon't deliver any brown bagsfHey you, I know you, I know youfLake GuItchigumifA belly dancer?fDances the whole partyfAnywayf ff' , Do you know who I met?fGorden 'I'ech's promfOb scure placesftlump off the balconyfDidn't I tell you ?fG.T. summer schoolfTaught me everything I kno wfDepache Mode concertfGeoff's second sister! Wild Ohio weekendfSatan worshipperf"I'm not pu nk"fDepressIng tapefPeter's housefSkinhead par tyfHard core muslcfReally, we go herefBicycle ri de at UVMfTrapped In Iowa StatefSummer funfl 'm not Chung!fThompson Twins concert-preten d we're not with themfNew Year's EvefAttack o f the slugsfCan I see your room?fHe's only 2 year s youngerf14 yrs fPretentiousf -.4 115- K I I l i , x 'F .cw - -We - . kgs' s , L , Upon a secret journey, I met a holy man, his blind- ness was his wisdom, I'm such a lonely man, and as the world was turning, it pulled itself in place, this does not seem to touch you, he pointed to our race. You will see light in the darkness, you will make some sense of this, when you've made your secret journey, you will find this love you miss. And on the days that followed, I listened to his words, I sprang to understanding, I chased his thoughts like birds, You will see light in the dark- ness, you will make some sense of this, you will see joy in this sadness, the love you miss, -Police I F Mariko all J "Don't ever give up your dreams . . And never leave them behind, Find them, make them yours, And all through your life cherish them, And never let them go," -Elisa Costanza "ln my life why do l give valuable time to people who don't care if I live or die." -the Smiths "Alone in a darkened room .. l'm dead, l'm dead." -Bauhaus "Spontaneity Sc whim are the order of the day -Guildenstern Seniors - 83 14 year gangfVegitarian clubfDiet cokefRedfBuy s everything at Banana RepublicfGoaliefI had a GR EAT summer, too bad . . . fMath 5's timekeeperfl t's a drug.fBilly Joel's biggest fanfEarrings-of-th e-week clubfMusicaI advisoriesfPhiI CollinsfKeIl y bustersflnebrepuntingf''This is NOT 1984"fMo usse cans . . . X314 at DB. KapIan'sfThose eyes!! Spanish If Sweaters to last 1000 wintersfJuanitaf Artichokes f Big J f Allergies f Rugged individualistf Destined to be a member of Parliamentfl do too kn ow where Vermont is!! GeorgefMoishafWon't eat in publicfDon't make me mad or I might have to hit youfTaIks till past 2fOhio or bustfNew Jersey guysfl used to be his friendfStill obsessed with himfGeorge, Harry, FrankfGreat dancer in disguisefllnknown summersfDance babyfThe tree of LoovvaahfShut up f California coolers fWhich Roy Rogers? fRum and cokefWhich Julie?fBuIls buddyflderoin and 7th grade boys while her parents are away.I didn't finish my homeworkflh lunch bunchf2 year freshmanfConstant talkerfWho'd you vote torf17 pictures with JoshfDroopyfSmokef Jenmfer J ff'W'7lI W , A . 14: - :fifls ' T11 A !lf I f Schoenstadt -.ia ll i H! I 'II A L' 1' l I 'E I-I X 94,5 1 "I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadow, if I fail, if i succeed, at'least I'll live as I believe . . , " -Whitney Houstan "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a dif- ferent drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far awayf' -H.D. Thoreau "Life moves pretty fast, if you donit stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller ,U-V -wa-rr.-f-Z.-W W. ,,..- I 4.-e,':h:yfgf,':,'::'f,fyf-ff-'f Q- Q.:-, :r fu, -0,-'f-qv-f X ,wt-wa ',y'gf,qqf,y, yfgfygg,-ff,f,4,-f,, r.ff.,.r.-M.4 ,,.., f .:,9!,fi.:j'h?g'fyJ W7Z2,f-V.-,sr ..-f 4 .., ,,4,,i:,!,Q4gf0 f- ,MJ ,..,,-f,.-- fs! f,r,f,.,,f,QZQ, ,,.2.4,.., ,V,,,, ,ywyfk X Julie Anne Shkolnik fe X , I ,cf xvxvi :':: mg : -1 5-A Fg o.f:Q :za -.30 ,-: 91-5 .U mm- - S35 2 -ww na", 5 X... 5 212 3.591 2 ggi ' Q. OI'-1-Q0 fv3'ET...E 551:08 409.9251 finer o O-na :o.f+E::: -1'0g'm'i mgapg 'U....'.""-'U :va 'QQ 'C o' 5'rr1 mic COE PL.. EU ED- gym '.IJ"C tn. . ,S uf 5, ,,,f ' 1 7 if f A -Rolling Stones "Time may change but I can't trace time." -David Bowie . , .,,.,,,-f,,w ,--f--' ,av f M'-nyfffze-ww,-'gre W-wszf.-:ff-W4,3M.-gff:,:,.,W.-It,.,, ssgg, ,, gs I firlr emorsr+84- I I Wi5Z7xQi5f,Jf,w,+ rf FoodahoIicfTen dollar lunchesfYou want food, g o to YunifSpanlsh ll with BrumfHey can I have so me food?fNo, it's not YooneefPringles and driver' s ed.fClao babiesf7 croissants for lunchfYou kno w who in driver's ed.fBon bons and oreo ice crea m sandwiches! 3 way phone callsfWho is it now , Yuni?fHe's so obviousflHMKJfThat's the answer If i.. f' Laughs like Mutely the cartoon dogfEmotional Rol lercoasterfSeriously, no seriously, I am so in lov e with-fSEM GangfJoltfPlays guitar like Lou Ree dfFerris BuellerfThat's insanelfToo pretentious fo r his own damn goodfldli, l'm a modelfDer Studzf Whiz KidsfSigh PalacefBizzare Head LivesfBull' s eyelfStuardshipfOrange you smartfEsoteric Bea t-boxfCorner HousefGive me a dozen cruellers a nd 6 cops to gofUgwhfPotbelly's PartyfWoody All cn and Costello Disciplefl.ast of the great Parke r radicalsfYou go to Parker? Oh my GodfJ'ai oubl ie mon amscofNo parking in the student loungefl: oundry Fan Clubf Yuni Valerei o 'L Simpson i . -t I V' David A. Singer 2 f'fnlWJ5W"X . W' t 1" , X 45 cf-5 1 .X ff 55' "A e 1 'af-, t viglj NX .4 3. ' . ' Lawn Y-'i Y' MXPX J EW, as Qi F: df.,-I K :WIA f ft" X, Q: X-X ou- f SQ, E i ff I " " ' I A- to it X I fu eeuu -4 f I , I -, i,. g I ' , llfqf if - p ff' ' X ---E- I I f Q, M Mmm X Tuis 'S 71-A CHI LD sur rx, Y" EWVU2 wmfmwwyyvvqr' "He sins twice, who denies his crime." -Anonymous "Love can mend your life, but love can break your heart." -The Police Z- "N A Monet I UON' . , now ro r MW Xi' X ULAY Guitar? X ' k ' Pk I Q '- Giulio MTE. ffflll f ll' X X fe- I no ll P " "After that it got pretty late and we both had to go, but it was great seeing Annie again 8: I real- ized what a terrific person she was 81 how much fun it was just knowing her Sc I thought of that old joke, you know the one about this guy who goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doc, my brothers crazy-He thinks he's a chicken" 8: the Doc says. "Why don't you turn him in?" 84 the guy says. "I would but I need the eggs". Well. I guess that's pretty much how l feel about relationships. They're crazy SL irrational 8: absurb. but I guess we keep going through it because most of us need the eggs," -Woody Allen Seniors - 85 AnnaSuef"Me and my four friends"fTaft Stafff' l can't even believe it"fThe Lunch BunchfGood fr iends share everything . , . even their friendsfLuck y Jumpsuitsffopless WonderfNo one spells my na me rightfWild dreamsfThe secret rockfLZZfKne esfMy summer at Exeter.fMary Meyer Gangflvlak e a wishfMy "List"fPhoto Womanf"Behavior prob lem"f"You look like you're 1O"fThe PrepfSailing fEspadrillesfLa Tour EiffelflMNFNfShoes Galour ful hate call-waiting"f"Have a .... "fLovers Cav ef'l'earsfCDBf"Call me"f'tAnnie"f" . . . is so inc redible"f14 Year GangfLater Daysf 91:6 daysfLittle boysful got it on sale for S300fYo u can run but you can't hidefl don't luv yo no mof PlutoniumfCaIvin Klein .. . there'sXno substitute! Dirtfaceflwflubfls my eyeliner smearedflnfamous ca rwashes f Mather f Extravagant lunches f great ameri ca clubfMark F.fPapa don't preachfNasty boys! IVlewovsmemoodofWhat's that on your neck?fDon 't you use two handsfJasonfThe guy from Michiga nfThundercats fanfJean's housef"Hey you on th e bike, let me tell you what l like."fBig ol' dorkf l wanna get my teeth bleachedfl need to buy . . . fHair spray is her IifefBennigans gangfCullen' s dream girlflfledalf 4 Susannah April Smetana ' ' A K 'nf . 1, W ,fy .jr X f f QV .Lv f.- ,Q .- ., .1 4' We f 44' 4, A I Q, 4' K M A' is 5 . 'Sid 7, I f Q '- LQ , I M If , X 5 r In I ,V Q3 2.7. 3 5514 ' 6 e If 33 1 P gf 7 2 . - ,..,.,b,,. , . V SKAETANPX If 'M ei X "Up into the cherry tree Who should climb but little me? I held the trunk with both my hands And I looked abroad on foreign lands." -Robert Louis Stevenson "Multi multa, nemo omnia novit." -Unknown "Let not your first thought be your only thought." -Sophocles "The music in my heart bore long after it was heard no more," -William Wordsworth ,y i Chung Song Y -- f.s . f i ' 47 fy K4 V M 1 rf ,111- Ci A NXIIKB' "Work for money spend money spend for love, love for money, pain and love, love and pain, pain and lust, lust for money." -Bronski Beat "When I think of you baby I go out of my head I just can't get enough." -Depeche Mode "Don't do today what you can do tomorrow." -Anonymous ul think I can, I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could rvlrs .rlts. . v s.r. swrlsr ,. 5291018 35 . ' I srtlr l X X ff! ff X f f f f f Q, 1- ff? 7ff0QfWff7Q54wffQ'Zff , . ff f :N X .1-qfeifw , X f ffiymfgr Y ,V W W 7 , X Leapin LeprechanfKennedy look alikef1f3 Sprin gsteen TriofFence KillerfC.B. did what?fWater Pa nfThose EyesfBye GuyfHappenings on the beach fPOTATOfDate with the B.fJoAnna who?fSupe r JockfStelphfB6 inevitable cruisers gangfWWebst er Townhouse CrewfEastern Romancesflixcalibu r KillerfTwo Psychos in lovefSuburbanite Mafia Cl ubfChiparoos 8: Apple SmoozefFWP's 1stTriathal etefNewspaper TagfHiawatha-Chico FanfSheffiel d Street SyndromefJX 89f1f3 Roaring TresfWat er Polo JunkiefNever had it, Never will! Do you remember whenfMacaronifBozo CircusfC hoc-o-chip cookiesfPierre Deuxf1f3 of Seebold ad visoryf14 yearsfGuessfl can't do my I.atinfSpani sh lfC.C. '84fSergeant ShapirofCincidaddyfForei gn travelfSummer at WellesIeyfI'm going to NYC fMrs. W.fMusical Wrapping PaperfGlamourfPow ers of twofCharofChemistry UGHlfFeb. vacatio n in ArizonafGood night moonfMary Meyer gang! Ding-a-ling DorafThere's a bus!fThe long distanc e 18th birthday! Paul H. Stepan W F' ", i -5 1 - 'fl , 7" -1 . " Vt ' ' "F " - '21-.-:ff If ' -if .gi N1 rc 4-5. - J ' I QSM, if 'Q ', Ti" 'iff' ' 9 1, : 1' ' , , ', M E: . fy, - Ch Arm PoLo c Dioufwp CHICAGO INTERUTY W 5 3015 J it v my glx W 8 I-jxlACu1 ,fs-I AA!-j' ' ., "First it was dangerous if you felt like that about anything, because then you'd never get it or some- thing or someone would take it away from youg then it was dangerous because nobody would un- derstand you and they'd only laugh and think you were crazy." -Ralph Ellison "My feet they finally took root in the earth and I got me a nice little place in the stars and l swear l found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car." -None But The Boss "l am their leader, l must follow them." -Lord Milbourne Lisa Stiffel I l "You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time." -Charles F. Kettering "Quid enim stultius quam incerta pro certis habere, falsa pro versis?" -Cicero "My answer is maybe and that's final!" -Unknown "The best way to get the best ot the world is to make the world better." -Arnold Glasow "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves," -Thomas Canyle Seniors - A-TeamfDid I call home yet?fHomie GfSpikefl'm not skinnyfDog tagsfThe concussion KldfThe Latin LoverfMecenaryfSuthfSutfTall, dark and spikyfMoon Masterflron IVlanfFEfHe- ManfTexasf"All I saw was this big gray thing"f"Guys I got my own car"f T.A.fJ+5:Af"I never cheated on Lesly"fTaft staff f8th grade red eyesfSubstance free summers at GrantfGreat Americaf Film Festival Club fThat 8th grade partyfDodges toothfBush showsfGuys look at my pecs"f NO PICTURE AVAILABLE Thank heaven for little girlsfLate night Beldenfl woke up and she was gonef Mickey Rourke's ProtegefAnywayfRoachfNiveafBoxers for BarsfMagic bagfTwo on one fast break! 116 of the Hit Fresh CrewfHMFf13'll get ya 20fEvan, Tristan and Brad what a triofDon't smell it just drink itfMuscle Head fSnausagesfLets go float in the cigarettefNeptune BeachfBTFfl'm flying down for lunchfl swear I love youfI'm on the guest listfNot Evan's little brotherfObviously you don't know who I amfl hate fat copsfSo many 8th grade girls and so little time f Jackin the house f We be chillinf Adam Robert Sutherland Q-gaemafgem . ,. . ,.., ., ...M A A xi f ixrd ii . rpF""' I lc Q I I You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire, once the flame begins to catch, the wind will blow it higher.-Peter Gabriel. Let me not pray to be sheltered from danger but to be fearless in fac- lng it. Grant me that I may not be a coward, feeling your mercy in my success alone, but let me find the grasp of your hand in my failure.- Rabindranath Tagore! For long you live and high you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.-Pink Floydf All I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme, Juliet I'll do the stars with you. f l,.. f Bradley Thor Jr. ff ,iyf I ' iw KWI5 rw A Q I A XJ "If you don't look good, we don't look good." -Vidal Sassoon "Graveyards and Country Clubs, the biggest waste of prime real estate." -Rodney Dangerfield "lt costs twice as much to go first class." -Jerry Nixon "Never bow to authority but always tip your hat." "So why waste time, with other guys, when you can have mine? I ain't askin for no sacrifice. Baby our friends do not need to know. I gotta real nice place to go . . . " -Wham 3 "-- i -X-74 '--s wg. -.-, f 1 .'..t,- .3,31-,sg1gf,g551g3i,i:4.t.g'ij ,'.V wg '... i '.-,. Q Q.-,X lj , vkg. ..,- 7 ,,..f',.,-.V... y,Zk:j,Zf,Z e-f" if - 'M ,f" X f ', Q, ,,f, , ,. ., -vff 'fy Wwgffffffff KX ffffffwfzfwfvwff , fftsgfff, , f ,,,, 4'ff 0 Kink! V L , , I W? ' ' ,731 r' 1' ' 5' fi 2 'gl ' ht f 1154 S, ,4 4 1 -Zinrffzfziwfhfmifvi , . - 4,1 a,Ye"'5iy.3f","f -, A , SushifJeeksfJeeklesfWhy do they call him cheese?f"Michel Ma Belle"f14-1 GangfTaft StafffPolof"For Your Eyes Only"fBaby you know I be talkin blackfl never been so happy in my whole lifefScopin 4fMostestfWhat the hell you doin?fHang up!fAight denfPillow thieffLatin BuddiesfOne hell of a trucefHappenings on the beachfNice of you to say hi after a monthfD.S. reading impressionsfWhat's up with you man?fLook how short you are and how tall I amfContinental driftfYou owe me five dollars HarrisfMike ls not home at the present timefGullt tripfWho me?fLove chickenfThe Windowfl hate glrlsf World's longest crushesfFunky pen collectionflvl e and my 4 friendsfStratf16 candlesf'I'rakeyfTo o organizedffhe Lunch BunchfVe De FrancefGo od friends share everythtngfLibrary songsfAcy-Tr ayfESPfShe walks faster than she runsfPearls wit h everythlngfModels pacefPerriefBGfCoorcIinate d socksfwednesday sushifPermanent shotgun i n Ali's carfChocolate kissesflMNFNfPersonalize d presentsfEyesfJane AustinfTechfMary Meye r GangfPolo menfTearsfMath anxietyfHill St. fan fSpinlch ptzzafDinosaur eraserf"Do you know wh ere we were?"!Phone addictfFFf"'l'racy van Stra aten syndrome 'fwf35f14 year gang! Mike ujiki Tracy van Straaten PCESIT' ,gg i--'EFS I . 1 O More AT Ttfvift' TNC... . I Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them." -Publilius Syrus "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer." "Pressure makes diamonds." -Anonymous "We're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just bet- ter at hiding it." -The Breakfast Club ,UQ "Aish "-1 I 'lc ' ' fALlSfGv' A 4 il Q , 'Z It N' A 1, l 0' A i L l Y Q5 . "'I'hat's why they call them crushesg if they were easy, they'd call them something else." -Sixteen Candles "There's a land that I see where the children are free and I say it ain't far to this land from where we are . . . and you and me are free to be you and me. -Free To Be You And Me "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can, changes come around real soon and make us women and men. -John Cougar Seniors - 89 it 'Q -- J ffswsnz use-'f TY EPP-Wil' if fy Qffm' ' , h 0 Jos ua M. Well l fl I l .ll at gui 'Ill :EE 'fl A K . ii? if N 1 X ' 4 , l I I I I I I - U At least I can skatefRuedafBrodefBrodamanfI-Ie'l "And you know it's time to go through the sleet an I always be known as Brodefone-third of Spanis d driving snow, across fields of mourning to a ligh h VfThis is so stupidfBarnabyfNice ending to Bab t that's in the distance." es In ToylandfI.ooks like the lead singer of Loverb -U2 oy f Short-tempered fThinks he can play basketball "You can't always get what you want, but if you tr f Hockey, the only sport left for mid-sized white bo y sometimes you might get what you need." ysfbeautiful eyesfFilm Society destruction crewfD -The Rolling Stones amn it! I always sit next to the postfCheck Brodef "I'm feelin' okay this mornin' Hockey is my lifefThinks he can play tennis,NOT! And you know fSnake Welre on a road to paradise Here we go, here we go." l -David Byrnes 5 I 3 thx. Q idk.: LVKXL by txkr . gK.MT,5 i,kL i lhhy i I kiri . !i.NgEI.V.X z..L rLtL,kVrL, I I-i,Ll.,,-V V.., , fir,Vr 3 V.g',1'-hi ,V" i 4K.g I X ff X X , 4 I Q Ruby Wlrsum fri 0 , " Fw I l54V'AI,'y. , , N 1, ll f V Q1 ' ll . , 1 XJ I l l Scoobie DoofOur math tutorlfl can't explain it, I ju st know how to do it!fRuben AmarofThe rubefAl ways babysittingfNever shuts up . . . at homefDoo befWhateverfThe chauffeurfNevermind!fForget it !fNo I wasn't driving . . . my father wasfDoobiefSc oobief R , If T z 3' I ,. f x r-,,,,',4, ,d f , f X ,gf f 9 12 I r'Vf I I i 5- 7 V f V ,Q 4 'Z' f ' ' sx V f. . W 2,74 4- Z as 4 W aft I M4 X' I' "Someday my ship will come in and with my luck, I'll be at an airport." -Anonymous "If you have nothing to do, don't do it here." -Anonymous "Some nights you have days like this." -Yogi Berra "I have nothing to say and I'm only going to say it once." -Anonymous "When in doubt mumble." -Anonymous I kyrk I I KVVLLV X K A KKLVL I A ..,, ., ,,,. , . X 'I' - ' ' I "-I mf f- f f.., 1 f.f.,, , f .,f,,.- - Lf... J., -VN .-ff A ss-I . as a s gs I I f 1 . . -I - X - ".,. L , 1 as f1"'i lff "1' 2 477 i , .. , Aff Waffwy , .U ,,,,,f 1 fy Jw Earth, Earthfl want to walk to the aquariumfLong Distance writerfBlame it on RiofOne more timefSpells better than most english speakersflforever writing lettersfHow 'bout those bearsfTchaikovsky, Shostarovitch the name is the samefDo they have razors in Brazil?fNot writing his willfls the lunch card ready? No, it's brown,fWhat are we doing?fNo apologies, no explanationsf OverwhelmedfYes, l speak english-l'm even speaking english right now.f Cutchftwiddlerfhelloofwell timed sabbat- lcalfhand picked advisoryfokeydokeyftime to gofsomettmes you need a long twiddlerfbuilt in calculatorfperfect circlesfGremlinsfElmer is hungryf.2 sec. trigfmade sure to be back for the GOOD classfMr. McCutcheon, walking down the street . .. fgood morningflvlr. Mickeyflvir. Mlckfcome back herelfcutieflxl is 1, 2x2x2 is 8, 3x3x3 is 27, and 4x4x4 is 64fTHE DASTARDLY DUOfbad chalkflove that tie! Evandro Luis Domingues I AXPEEQ George Barr McCutcheon ,ki mam - ldf Xl' ?:r.ff'L2 W My ,LINE p X VJ g-Z 1 ,ff e.- -'ax lg Y X-ff ' av- , , "Be as the sandal, which preforms the axe, that cuts him." A Buddha 'What will happen to us if we get tired of the truth of love." H -Beto Gueses 2 wanna the morning star. Where is the morning star? My friends, my enemies, seek everywhere." H -Manuel Bandeira ln love, the more you give the more you have iff, -Costa Gravas "Singulas dies singulas vita putaf' U -Seneca Open your heart, l'm coming home," -Pink Floyd lh Q B jwlfb. L 4: t 5.35 ,- i :Q- eniors - 91 ff f, f f VV, , ? f 14' Above Left: uTop Gun llg Jocks from Hell" Above right: Andrea dreams of Jean-Pierre. Right: Valley Girl left-overs. Below left: Ary- an Committee. Below right: Soon to be seen in post offices. Q if J ff 2 42? if Af f z ,,,,, X fy? gf 4 42, f WW, zz " 'fm ff ff, f fv in fy, f 4 92 - Seniors f mf 1, , ,U- CLASS or '87 Hnppo ya tookre tookre Suburban Fiesta Bang the Gong Where s the couch? Chesters 8: Busters Maggie Band of the hand That s what lt IS Bro Who called Rach? U B lllm' Brass Monkey Stepan s Urban Flesta 22 cuts rn 1 dayll KADARS ls Markwell here? S1300 00 debt' Shell never know If we dled that would suck Where s the Popcorn Ball Party? 13 ll get you 20 That s the truth Jesse Well Tumblers Fire Starter Where s my prllow? Respect Stepan s crlb Scopm 4 Who moved the horse? ls she really going out wlth hum? Loule Louie Semor Hot Dogs Wake up Good Morning turn that radro down What s a semester? The flrst and last class with class The last of the wild and crazy anythmg Leonard Bernstem On the Town Mr Anderson The Last Parker Semors Mike lsn t home at the present time It s Ruff s Blrthdayl Pressed Ham Wobblms Warhead Euro Killers Semor Show Up Day . . . . ... ... ..- , . .... ... ... I ' ' ll ' ii "! ... , ... . ... .... , . . ... ... ..... 1 ... .... . .... Ki ' 17 ! Oil Ill - OOO! , 9 . . ... ... ... ! ' ! ' '7 ... Q... ... ... . . . . .... .... , . . . . ... y , , . . ... .... ..- . . . ll! - OOD . . . y . ... ... . Q . Q . . ... .... ... ... 3 O Ol! C ll! lil Seniors - 93 wr ,ns X 5, I " '-ff S XP 3 , A4- 5 ggqg., PM P- ' 'AA 1 f 55" , , , i 'vg- ,, . fi 1 ' W . 215: 555. f :f . 1 5 .L.LL , x m gawk b my LL Q, . ,. 5 9' mf QV ' a f ' ' Q z ' ' ' 1 Q mf, 'KAAL 8 f L'.1 1 ' A , , M , -X.. A .Q-,f , Q x'V' .J J " R"' ,, - 4,,, - . .4A' ff 1 43 :fi ji . , svj. 4 , . -ffl , A-1 if W 4 ay' Q at A ii. 3. , F gg z., gr A,,, , ---,- N 3 K 2 - 5 f f' ,L L f' ' 'ix is 1 4-Q 41 was, ,, . ,-.1 e-JK' .. - . J,-V q 1 id: U5 5- nr:'x'R4 ' a f . M . if 'Z . ,-Q., .5f,5"1QHm i . - 'ki Q , fa" f ,. 4 ' . , Zfwauggg QE: 3 'QV 5- Q 3 7' M- 3, af, . 'Q -A 11,41 Exif Ruth Alan Ethan Asch Linda Babich Mattew Behr Andrea Bennett Ami Berger Jacob Brody Tiffany Brucato Jill Carlson Luke Carroll Barbara Case Michael Csernovicz Mac D'alessandro Lisa Del-Taria Juniors - 96 Juniors , V, ,fpfmwg-f-1-f,f,f-fy-, i , 3" , 'M1f,f,,f , , V, if .ww 3' l Zig i 4 -fx-:wr I4 4f f '9'-. wife'- W f , 4 1 , A-f. .,,. X ' f ff V' , V any , 5, W W' I pf, In I !,p .- J- xl E 1 X '11 'K ,Q , ,, 5, P' 3 ' W' V' 1 Q we r will x s rv 2 K 174 ig rc. ,,, A . Q' ,", ' .-1w' 4 2 'I' 'ia 4 "' Q' ,G , ff mp. ? 11, , A X 5, ,lf r, I I, , K A f ff 1 Z, f f X 2 My c f'-'zrf f f We , Y Q19 'Q .. M?7Hi71f.'Y ,4 A typical Junior's hang out-the library! Moeed Ekbal Kim Fadim vi Elizabeth Feiertag ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,. , . , Adam Fels A X :F Alison Flaum 'Y Phyllis Franklin X Daniel Freed My I Lesley Ann Friedell K D -5 , Alexandra Goldblatt lan Greengross Kim has better things to do than spend her time posing for GQ. Allison Greenwald Dan Gross Amena Hashmy Rebecca Hoffman Juniors - 97 Ann Holabird Corrie Jo Huston Scott Jackson Mark Kolker Eve Kufrin Stephanie Lashbrook David LaVelle lan Lesch Tu Luu Heather Macdonald Molly McPharlin Christopher Meisel Josh Mora Peter Olesker Juniors - 98 31 . 11, ,, 4 4 9 0 ' , ,.,,,,.7 N, ,, 'f ,V ' ami wr. Wait-Why the hell am I sitting next to a sophomore? i Q'-'1' W ,,..7.e, ,, V ,. , l1:j I 'S A A ': 1 auaelunnillilf h,,.nrl1lis!'Wi Sophomore?!?!? -KILL!!!! QW" ...ggi ' x ""s', L. .1 1 We 'Q ' X ' fn? za' i - John Oppenheimer Paris Patton Mari Philipsborn Eric Poticha Doug Reiners Miriam Rocah Rose Ann Rodriguez Sena Rosenberg Jacob Rossof Laura Sage Adam Sher Frederick Smetana Mackey Smith Effie Spiliotis Juniors - 99 Peter Steinberg Brian Study Zach Sudler Elisa Tamarkin Darryl Tom Tanya Wexler Lenke Wood Michael Zoller Absent: Christopher Barnes Stephen Chevrier Heath Kennel Martha Lippi Robert Maremont +4-A Chelsea MC!! Bottom Left: Liz is obviously not amused with Kori Wulkowicz Liz. Stolen: Bottom right: Stephanie ponders polymorphous Bob FI0l'8hi6lIl perversity. Anyone, Anyone? . . . We are not plants . . . F.F.W.C. . . . Randy Chels? .. . S.M.D. Brunski . . . Killa . . . Serpee . . . Boto . . . That's Baaaaaaad . . . Double Mint . . . New Year . . . We wouldn't lie to you Steve! . . . Oasis . . . Bifurcation . . . Pillow . . . E.G.O.S. Juniors - 100 74-A ,ty 4 aw .me,r,.,.. I, I W1 'O ?? at S 2 Q QS Above right: Where are my women? Left: Even though I think I'm cool, what I am is a great big fool!! Below Left: Don't concentrate too hard Mackey! Below: Does a Junior life entail anything besides work? Below Right: Well, I don't, I mean, I'm sorry! Oh forget it!!! IK If fa l ,f lg ii i 411 'H A A Juniors-101 ' ' 1 , s w W S . ,S 537 :E Q ' 4' Wi X 32 , .1 , .Q A .i,1 '. A , -APP , fi , 1 b ,' lVV ,Q.A5 K . -V L , - ,,-, ' M -. ., L ' f 5 -V L, gg. sf-gy L' , .4 xwre, j 4-,. .:'L M K b. 4' . x 'v.-, -I ,xil 59 ,2 - ,- 3 I V , X T I K I X ,h Q K 3 Q X, Q 3? 55 R Qs f if ai 5 ff 3' as va., Q S 5 5 f , ": 2 5 L fi? x-' ,V m x '-, n l if G '1Q" 4? Q Q Q 5, 5 f X 5' v 3 if Q' Q -v ,f 'fx V' f ii' -...i. 13, ,xv f if 43, 4 . Z 5 4 V' if " ' f f if 1 1 I 2 A 3 ' V 4, will W6 I xy ff5" f fi 1141. X ur , . w R u fy?" rl gf .1 " fs Sophomores Joshua Anderson Christopher Antonow Alexander Barnett Catherine Bentivegna Liza Berkoff Shadawn Boone Rachel Bradley Bess Bredel Daniel Brody Matthew Brown Jared Cohler Ania Conrad v ff ff 'fi sp.- Kfe in .,i 43' HN' xs HQ .... A Laura and Melanie grasp each other in fear of the camera. Alfred Decker Jason Donahue Sasha Earle , Cindy Elden X Sophomores - 104 F' X lg-v I EM? s 14 5 Nr iv' Lf if A bunch of Sophomorcs, during a break, are involved in a tete a tete in the lunchroom, wg .f- ' Kristina Feigin Robert Fox Jill Frenzel Ted Geilen Colin Hall Katherine Hand Douglass Harth Erika Hassan Marc Holubow Angela Johnson Kim Kamin Eric Klinenberg Joel Lederer Jane Lerner Sophomores - 105 Jason Levitt Ronald Lieber David Meyers Eli Miller Michael Morris Melanie Nutter Heather O'Malley Daniel Rosenberg Edward Russ Douglas Sandner David Shafton Amy Shkolnik Gerick Smith Kimberly Smith Sophomores - 106 3 413 X 470 54 ,. f 4' ,,-,Lim 1 W' M I r em .7 -, .ff +,1"'J2. sfkzy i' ' ' fvzmfyzgy 1 9 ., M. s. wa' I-1.4 .w 'K 1244?-W"' ' Q .H V, -n-vw-4 . gf .V , zwzmimmz. D 15,:L14.5' ,pf 2? 1, f ., vw ' J ' . 'MS-XX XX "' 131 ' sk Katherine exercises her ears. 1 ! l I 5 w I n I w I r 1 A 1 1 1 . Q 9 r 1 i 1 , 5 , jj' Z i' ' ' ,..,,5,?1 yy, . ag of . i gel ', ",' ' flz A X . , 5 f M Absent: Tali Bensinger Shaen Bernhardt Brian Buchanan Cullen Davis Rachel Gordon Lara Khoury , .MJ1 ,, Katalin Zamiar Aleksis Kins Laura Maloney Joshua Miner Audrey Patt Marton Sass Adam Schon Daniel Yu Justin Steinberg Jeffrey Tancil Liisa Thomas Jeremy Treister Rachel Triplett Holly Ventura Stacey Ventura Deidre Williams 'E 4 U' ,- 'YQ-- . s 2 . . . Reggie . . . Broken answering machine . . . Gramma's cooking . . . Toga!Toga!Toga' . . . .Fire . . . That's OK., lim an existentialist anyway . . . Hoosier . . . Class of '89: Basket ball hopes . . . Oh my God! . . . Oyster crackers . . . When we were Freshmen did we act like that? . . . Stand up Jared! . . . Sophomores - 107 Top left: "l'm so sad" Jason reflects as he flashes his underclassman numbers with pride. Mid Left: Smiling sophomores brighten the hall. Bot. left: "You mean you don't understand math either?" 3nur-"- -,pit "ii - s is l , ., '2v.s:4,., ,i ff' '-giigtllilggt f, li Q, 108 - Freshman N, . ! M,,,,..,.-M--' ,. ,, .5 ibm -s, i. 'wifi Top right: Isn't life great! Bottom right: Doug moves into observer gets some helpful hints. action as We a-:faq .Z A gL ' , I -L, , . ' I ' n v v L r- , . 9 , Vx Ja QM. A as ,ts .,,,.,b 5 t , u . . S , t t Top left: Birds of a feather stand together. Center: All the guys enjoy Tally's great music! Top right: The latest attempt at reaching your books. Bottom: Doesn't the Student Lounge look nice?! Sophomores -109 s E A 1-ff. v . v ' 4' Luv:-, fy A' J' lf! ,L -,V ir 'ff W 1 ff m, fm ,..v,, 4 ,,1 .f I K' . A 1 is ,xp - .- , ,K I v , Ht lw., . .fi ff, ,fr , N .- AWXIA W. f .-1qMQ,,Ng,,, - w " o . , i ,,gf,,. . Sv. ,rg W w Freshmen Deborah Ballis Eugenia Breu Andrea Burd Katerina Christopoulos Kevin Crawley Cornelia Daniels- McNamara Roxanne DeGraff Joseph Dunne Jacob Estes Anne Feiwell Jason Feldman Beth Friedell Courtney Friedlander Christopher Galdamez Freshmen - 1 12 Nathaniel Goldblatt Jennifer Goler Jessica Goodman Theresa Haddon If X f I y 1 79 '7 , f if zu 1 ,i fr . fm , Rebecca Hendrickson Adam Hessl Jesse Jacobs K Ng W Featherway Johns N3 phQiQNlXfll'i l . tffe xi in I ll! N f iv H f " I 'P -, Brian Kerns 'X , J Brendan Kiley al' nv' B-Q Ahh! The never ending facade of a freshman. Petty scum . . . She is a fever from which I will never recover . . . Dress like freshmen girl day . . . We clidn't earn the reputation . . . Pulling my chain . . . Don't give me a snow job . . . They're not juniors anymore, they're SENIORS . . . There is a dead punk rocker on my couch . . . Whasup? Freshmen -113 Lunn Kingsmill Amy Kohn Nicholas Kolias Eva Kulp Lavenia LaVeIle Alain Lee Hue Luu Peter Marks Sabina McBride Seth Merrick Norina Mikicic Abraham Mora Christopher Morris Carrie Newton Freshmen - 114 Why are there always three guys to each Freshman girl? wr- w-:ff yu' 1- 'Ui Q-of fl' Vw Ls hc senlor gradelist is up and the freshmen boys are eager to get the important numbers. . , ,..a..ii..,.,,.,,1 Qu I '-' 1 11" " .r I .f Mez' f S K X, if 7 . f ,A if x Kimberly Patrick Regan Pritzker Uri Ratner Alexandra Rau Stephany Rimland Regine Rousseau Jill Rubin Michael Sackar Shaun Sanders Jessica Sandler Mia Segal Octavia Shack Guy Sharfman Alfred Shaw Freshmen - 115 Joanna Sheinkop Matthew Siegel Courtenay Smith Curtis Tom Rebecca Waugh Toni Williams Right: "When will this odyssey ever end?" Far Right: "Why is it that you always catch freshmen do- ing the oddest things? Below: Why don't any of the freshmen girls seem Absent: Anne Addington Tanya Geller Michelle Giliberto Trevor Hall Christopher Hammond James Johnston Zaren Keleshiap t Meadow Sisto Brett Wolfson to be interested with such a stud like Paul? Freshmen - 1 16 Weiweuw , f-lam J - Above right: Meadow poses as the Statue of Liberty. Left: The blonds do writmng lab. Be- low: Smile for the picture! Below Left: Oooo . .. another scary freshman. Below Right: Freshmen girls' answer to GOD! 3--Q 'P' T" emi- ,, X 4 f il J? Freshmen - 117 in J A we 8 A nv f gkgjl 9 p , 5, 1- 4:5 ' jwf-kygkyil..v-:g5'3.,g.rX , . - K .Q,fAV'M PM 'S 1. .am ,J ui 4, , Q, ' Tint Anctawzq, I of 1 A My I W ' "'?"S'L"f'N ' V1 W V. M. I I 65, HT ! if H, yIM,,, 4 V ' ' iw' , ' .l5Q.Q,.M-ff: ' 4"' f -J , 1 ,Q wvag. 5 . if ,f . , , , A f' 'Q ., '5 , . .0 ' L' ' V ' ' "cf, -1 1 ' :.q,,g- wg' H ,Mr ' Q 'j ,, , ' , . V' Y, -I I w x? xy 1 1 F, s., 7 ' P... ,A T l ' 763 Ifili' 1 'V - .1 L Ng., 'F' ? nw! 3 ' ' Nl- ' r' 4, ii J' .V 74 l in ,Y Qx F 'v Alu 'KP-1 'W' ' ' "f" N A . I ' , ,',,-' ' I ' , al Q. fs 1 'J ,, X M . fu-'hjf-bf bra NW NH, . 1 Mp. J" f. .nl .1 ., . ' - , . , A k5f2,s:,f1,5-z':, . , ,- 4. f.y,.:... .' ligfg l UPPCJRTUNITY Cop l er tu'ne tel-a good chancep favorable timep convenient occasion. by David Shafton Most people have goals. At Parker those goals can be enlarged. The stu- if ilu' dents at Parker are given the oppor- tunity to do most likely whatever they like. Life outside of Parker can be unusual to a Parker student because of Parker's uniqueness. Most schools do not have mottos dealing with "Em- bryonic Democracyf' Parker gives a to-. kid a chance, and opportunity. Park- er has such an enhanced curriculum, and most of its students don't even realize it. Parker people take for granted the chance and opportunity that they are being handed. Parker is an absolute one of a kind. Parker's music, art, and drama departments offer skills which most other schools cannot offer. All of the other depart- ments are equally advanced. Parker's purpose is to educate the students, not to provide a pre-requisite for col- lege. Opportunity is the one word that summarizes Parker. It is some- thing that every attending student re- l ceives. , ,,... M a t 3 Y ,egg 1 H Raef. cj u k 5 W' is f K P ' K PA -'::r'fQ":.r'-ss.. K r K -..4,,5g,1Q9zw.., V .:. r-a.f-q.a1k,3:qr:- lfkfi' ' Qu:-MJ: ' . QQ-Q, Q V A X xX Q 529' -O. ."111:x'f'r:iM'1'sN V: r :::u2,v.r:1.i.: gc or-N:1".i..1-1:ref-Q , of - f -1- S i ' We EQSQFFSQ-ii:x::.g?a.Q:f, 120 - Middle School x .Qi Social Services ic'- ' W- W'f"- W1 Social Services was a program in which sixth, seventh, and eighth graders were involved in the aid of others in the city. Being divided into small groups of ten including kids from each grade allowed students to become acquainted with younger and older kids in the school. Each of these groups were as- signed to specific institutions where their main goal was to better the en- vironment of the people there. Through this program, a middle schooler was exposed to numerous varieties of people and had the op- portunity to be involved in one of four institutions which wereg child care, the elderly, different ethnic groups, and disabled children. ln the visits approximately twice a month, the middle schoolers had a variety of goals which they did set for themselves once they reached their sights. These goals could have ranged from going grocery shopping or running errands, and clearing designated areas of their sight, to play games, help teach, organizing and putting on plays and parties, or even being involved in interesting conversations with people there. If the students didn't go to their sights, then their agenda could include watching movies, or documentaries on the disabled, writing reports, or planning something special for the next time middle schoolers met, Finishing its fourth year, social ser- vices, although a rather new idea, has proven to be in most cases extremely successful. lt has also been described by students as not only, "a tremendous learning experience, but also a good opportunity to interact with other people in our community." Top: Two future fire fighters. Middle Left: Snoopy is still one way of getting smiles out of children. Middle Right: Bret Wolf plays house at Family Focus. Bottom: An instructor at Family Focus looking over two pre-schoolers Middle School - 12 1 Eighth Grade-Harrison Casey Benjamin Michael Berkoff Kate Cicchelli Darcy Cohler Anne Decker Ascha Drake Pericles Ducas Joshua Fine Adora Glen Marshall Gordon Lynn Holabird Joshua Kahan Anna Kipperman Michael McPharlin Su-Lin Meyer Addison Monroe Michael Murphy Gabriel Rosenberg Lizabeth Rossof Daynia Sanchez Kimberly Schoenstadt Emily Shelton Jonathon Singer Deborah Wexler Rebecca Wood Jason Zilberbrand Karen Harrison 122 - Middle , A. .y Q.. .. I It K a .,,,.. . :i1?. , 5 , . . .J Y X Q X. w w 4 F YK ,Nl ,X J , ' Sig x of X is lx X .pw-.. Q K .--Fas .f I f.Tf X T 115' Mc ' S ., --sa J, x X X X is X XX X ahv- Q'-s kg' x an YE 'Se 355 r F' 2 QX or 2 --X-fa fi 1. . ,E ..-'v : ,. Ri '!f"'7'K as sa X X Q 2 , , si A , , , A' an Eighth Grade-Threet Douglas Bamett Vincent Blumberg Ana Boyer Marc Chernoff Heath Corson if ' A a it A Vvq Edmee de Calbiac ,A J? Steven Feldman J' Q Mariko Finn , f ' J J Melissa Gibson Q I -flv 'S 7 it a , J Dana Greengross s F 1 y Y, yi Dylan Henderson S K" . J W ' V, James Johnson fi ' . J J L Minus Kina nj, S 4' - - -1 Marc Klutznick , , i F 5 M W Henry Mayer Amanda Merrill ' "-ai I is J . Lori Miller ,r 3 , 1 461:-f f Desma Mitchell , Vi J q,..... Larisa Olson -1 Hilary Poticha H 7 22. Wendy Rubin J a 7 Halee Sage l 1 V J Q 'a'e Adam Schindler 9 i Justin Schultz ' ' Simon Weffer Brett Wolf Vincent Threet ni L Middle School - 123 Seventh Grade-Kalin Allison Amend Catherine Barry Sara Bloom Thayer Brainard Joseph Brody Josepha Conrad Lauren Creamer Gavin Fine Jeremy Goldblatt Steven Gradman Katrina Kins Aliza Miner Jonathan Morris Leah Nelson Justin Oberman Mattew Olins Mandy Perry Alan Pierson Robert Polachek Ayanna Pressley Lawrence Reifler Timothy Sheldon Andrew Singer Nathaniel Treister Derek van Straaten Maryanne Kalin Absent: Jeremy Sisto ,fwfr Z of ef rf ! W. f ' 11? ' f 7 K 'kg W ,W ' 'gin 4' 0 , f ,M 4 , 'Q' W 4, A , V11 ,ff Ax 'QW ,9 " L-, fa I f gf f 'iff V K 1 f f 1 fi. 1 J rf f Q ft ,,,,, my f 7,34 49 af l 1" " i ' f ff W vi, "V", J f ff Q- ff. Q ,', -, , zu 2 f, f ' Mr Lf' Q 5 'v nw 54 , ! r A J ff f ' 2? , . , f 'f ,f f' V J fx - "4 , rf, I -,f - 75 mf:-, "Y ' ,f - - "X ,, i f f 4 ,, 11 ' 254' f 124 - Middle School ,wr aw 22' :am ia.: , 2.4 Q A in we 'f yy ,ix if 4 . 7 f T72 if A? ,, 2 A ,ff""ff A ,! ' fu - f my , 4 4.1 , , I , V ,y VI I if - . , w y . ,f 3 7 ,. 7 Z., fy 'ft A' ,J Y y Vu. . ,Q A LZ .' vs- 1. , 2 V V v ' I 'G 55 'I 1, - ' ei: V. f 4' ' , r i A V. , , Seventh Grade-Wallenstein Dino Bentivegna ,QQ Daniel Berger Gif Matthew Conway sf- Lauren Doerr f p 4 W 5 ,IXO 3 S vi Chelsea Dohnar fx in J ,nn,' J ff J ' J g rg Alexis Fox A Laura Pram J " Noah Furhman if Rollo Girando i ff? , ' YS' J ' J Lea Glenn v , ,4f,e W J nnn r , .fvg , 5 ,W L " I sl ' Caitlin Hunt J J .. Va A J , A - n James Johnston if i L, 3 5 O Jordan Kessler H 7 ' Erika Kono t in i A Phuong Luu i . I , 1 1 he as Arthur Meyerhoff Kennise Miller Christopher O'Neill gg-1 Solange Shechtman Robert Shafton b..L E Amie Siegel Jay Spriggs Ethan Steinberg -1' Justine van Straaten Jennifer Wallack vx- Roger Wallenstein Absent: Benjamin Gordon Michael Kennedy J X it A J X N34 ,C J f KA 1 Middle School-125 Sixth Grade-Pajkos Greg Antonow ,j Holly Bachiewicz J, A Brandon Berger ig' A hm 4 Travis Chandler if Abby Corson all G. K. Darby 'Vl Michael Feiertag 5 7 Cameron Friedlander J H Timothy Gray ! Q Sabir Hashmy J 7 Qef K , Y Daniel Joss ' Samantha Karrel K Danielle Klinenberg Kimberly Klutznick Jesse Kulp A is Anne Meyers Megan Nakano Alejandro Ojeda Sean Ricks Sergio Reyes !"""7 , .1 f S A ,i A h 1 y ' ' ,., Q ,, . fwfr., fs, , 'Q k 21 , no , Q, . 'Z I A 1 i ' is . 3 E if, Y 4- A ., ff 2 i J A J Judah Rodgon V g g J V Kendra Segal I K Aaron Solomon g A, g I g J 4 4 Stephanie Spencer Virginia Triplett ' 1 ' QV -' if f A fx Elsa Wenzel Sarah Ziesmer W gif John Pajkos usp E ,fi in um " 1 J 52 hu ,, its " 1237 , s V Nh, L49 vs? 'ui C. l L' Auf, Sixth Grade-Dreuth ,., 'N . ' Aw , ful, if 1 , Jr N ' Y y r Q fb CD Q L 7 7- Q NS., T il QT?- - ,1'. ip 1 Oscar Amos Adam Block Katie Brennan Marshall Brown Tony Frenzel Guy Geller Alicyn Gianukos Jonas Ginsburg David Gray Justin Hall Leigh Keiser Elizabeth Kohn Joshua Koppel Jessamay Kroth Noah Luken Richard Martin Andrew Mayer Courtney McCargo Alec Michod Holly Mills Brad Morris Markisha Nance Jennifer Piser Jennifer Ratner Jamie Sher 'A Sarah Wexler I J Sundee Wrslow I-,., v... -- . - r' Lee Druth r J ,Ai sxtwfw fra, ,gps if x ,f,, +1 A . ., ,Aga uv 1 H' ,g f , f " 'gn fff-,f 'T-:I-, , ,. " Lg- V" ' , - X0 9-'ff'C f, A, ,v - aa-f f ' ff Mifff f' lf g, , bf V ' Af5k5Zw4,, ff ' 46, Ri 4 .Oy I , Y 1, , ,p-,-fww,.- in-Lv -1'1.: .. - feb f,f J ,. :r,n4z 4 'Qg:4m?U' ff , .1 . ' ' nq af' ,-.. ., -gh vw' " .--J 1 gp- pn- 5- G 1F"5 xx g ...5 .i f f X f Q ii 4 f,i2EfH5l?LQ Wil .-,f '-kfifzffhll -fl, fx? if ""' 3 ffl ,"'-' "k': 4 f J E f . , ,, ., , f,., ..,, ,,X, X , , .,X, . ,,.. .,,.., , , ,,.f. . Xf0.,. ,.,. , ,..,,..,.v,.4.-, Q .-,,.. - -M, ,,,-Z,.4, X ,,4,.-,Nagy .,,f ,.-,1- 41- Q5' 4 - -, - .- .f-f. -, -'f.. ,.,, , .-,- i ,.,, , ,.-,, .. .,,k, V. ,k.., , k.,,. H, ,.,, ,,4:.m.,k,,,.5k,J, " 'C Ag,g. jf V-Mfg, W,-, V. wa giwf , ' af A 577' , A L"' " f "X-444f4"1f4' 3.4 L 5"'.cf' .df--'7f'ff"L.-C A-9 7.-G' f-f.7'4-"0-?7w L J L4 ' 4. 'Q--M.: 7 . -, n,.,f f Wffy 505 1 W? , "' fvlg' W'2Kw'f'wf- X- ' Q' ' y-.K ff' 'AW JVM X, wif A , NQM-, 2 1 V 'Z 3 www f V ,mn .... .M . .nvfmw b 9" " 0' f' " "fy 'W -742,-nf,-wz',-M11-zrfve--w:m:7-'f.f-Mw--hmff--1,.-an-m,..,4m' WfMf W N f ff ! W-W i 1 Y i i i z QfLa l gfgax 1 l 1 7QfW1W!!ly wwfivw ywnmwg 7' Qfifw 4 WM WW wif 'Q Wx? - Qu if 7 KI. 4 Mwlffji awww ,MMQM ?k43"!I,Y2b4 '37,51!!174l 1 1 , 2, ,279 QP .Wy ' an-11. f" . 4 -4' 'N ,, ' X.h,.M.-M K. uf' Fifth Grad -Bradley Beth Berlin Sara Berliner Kimberly Buettner Cecily DeLaria Ariadne Ducas Grant Epstein Jeremy Feiwell Caroline Fox Erinn Hunt Molly Kovler Katherine Kretzman Stephanie Lieber Shayna Magdich Ethan Matyas Sarah McLennon Jason Mitchell Mary Jane Orr Eli Rothernberg- Lehrer Lora Schatz Amir Sharrett-Hasson l-lolly Stapleton David Weber Alexander Wingert Andrew Woods Todd Zilberbrand Katie Bradley V7U'f, ' f 'JW4 91 ,f ' ' A f ,ll 4 f f f if 62737 ' 2 f X 7 , f if ini, ' I t"?:H'i2. WW I A Q' . ,316 W f X ' Q Z f f , af f X ' Z J f ' ? Z ?, H . y W .N ' 41 Y f , 7 4 K. 4, ,46' f .M W, ,V ,f - ,kenaf f 4 I ,,f, W' I M y V i v VAL , f 'fl Wwwiff V,- Z f 4 J f f Q f f A ,MV ' Wi! :fi Q i If 4, y . .cb ' Q"-J , W? If " Sf 1 U 1 ,. , 1, 1 1 X7 ff 132 - Lower School ft if , f' W W 1 ' ' A ,QM , ' V fm 5 Z I y V we V, ,fy 1 2 fyh f , I ,V B f .X R 2153 X: .54 N- air -' wi N1 .p ogy f. r ., 3 is ' r at e NN...-Y Nkww, X 4- , xr X, W W Wig! f'v' 'Z' - ,1 if ff wi ' 1,-' V f V , f 552, 1 Zim' gify ' M,-iw , "MTV 'ff ,, , ZW i is H , fw ,y4f 1 A wfixa . ,, ,E 'WW 1 y f f, f W f f If f f gf Z K7 ,, 1 I-ff f' , f fyylz' , K, , 1 , it f 1 ff iii-at -Geer Katherine Baldwin Catherine Barnhart Mara Beth Baumgarten Carolyn Chernoff Courtney Crumley Courtney Dolinar Rebecca Golde Jennifer Gomberg Laura Grand-Jean John Harris David Johns Joshua Kalin Kyle Kamin Kathryn Kelly David Lieber Gabrielle Mcl-lale Cary Neiman Daniel Persky Joshua Poticha Crystal Redmond Christina Ruhaak Meredith Soren Chet Wallenstein Alexander Weinberg Erik Wright Mrs. Geer School - 133 Fourth Grade-Felertag Erin Carr Claire Colt Blake Davis-Hammer Nicole Diamond Claire Fuqua Jessica Gaines Kelly Kirby Andrew Landan Jennifer Lange Benjamin Luken Nick Martin Jonathan Mindes Joseph Patt Aaron Rice Eric Roth Zev Salomon Stephen Schutzman Joshua Travis Amy Ujiki Benita Volid Jesse Weinberg Sasha Wiesen Andrew Zabel Judy Feiertag A e Z n fi ,ye f i , Mfaw Q 'i Zia 134 - Lower School f ,f V4 5 ,, 1, - . 9 f A y f awL . 390 j 4 ff W X 1' W' W , , ZW 5 Z , , 1 ' I nf 7, , , J .nh ,,,,,,, , hal V' If A V75 V W! A ffl' 7 ' ' 5 4 - ,, , f I -, Fourth Grade-Heller 8: Patterson - Anthony Amend eu Q A Eric Bachewicz Q is A- E 4 YS gf AZ V f Seth Caplan W Arie Davis Kate Feietag E Greg Feldman 5 Andrew Golding Toni Grove Y Af ' Claire lltis . L' J Kimberly Johnson Jillian Joss J y Dana Keiser L. - 5 J ' 3 5' Jonathan Landan C' ' E gil if f ff- Christopher ' - McCaaughan EAM' Ei V Bonnie McLean I Maren Oberman Charles Rasmussen E 'R' ' Joshua Rosenstein 'L f ' t 7 Victor Weffer Sarie Winner l ! Britney Wislow Hillary Wolf Eric Zale xr, T'7y' Jill Heller-Suor Ms. Patterson .g- ff f -. 5 f School - 135 Third Grade-Bradbury Rowan Balagot Joslyn Baxter Lauren Berry Brooke Corson Jeremy Duda Rachel Durchslag Julie-Anna Edidin Suzanne Foster Kate Horsch Jonathan Kaufman Shelby Kohn Evan Kono Adrienne Kovalsky Benjamin Kovler Abby Leibig Rachel Levin Matthew Lissner Paul Lo Patrick Mcl-lale Sarah Polachek Sean Shechtman Alexander Spirovski Peter Talhame Jennifer Zander Joan Bradbury Barbara Manilow 136 - Lower School ' g wfaa Qi' r Wi gaifi G 55i'if'?N'i yf, , fm-,W I 4 I, f ' L Z7 , W, Vw 5 'V vt I Y X .- 3 X 0 I X R M. Y Aw X 4r', W K W Y Z' ffi Z jigpffa 0 Q f ' i Q. , 2 gf y - , g, fab' , ' - 'V li V M45 3 ,V .4 ,MW , f f , if - ima 1 1 ' gf '1 X0 4f f f f Q W f 1 ' ff Z Q , 1 if J fm I'- fy Q J' f C' 9, V X Q ,Zi V 12, fl f, 2340 if f 7 4 ,. 1 e-o, an A -X , , X Ears 1 or ,M X X X X wav'-A R, ,m,wWW. Y 'Nl Q X K X XX X X QX-Q S X Q ,X ,i Nagy gat , X X N X X A S wx v X X ml vim, y,,m , jj gona 4 " 4.3 QW QQ off , f , . f ff f if f ' V , ff-ff ff K L, 8z Manilow swf Q rg I Q : Q1 X Q 5 vw. 'Dm it 15 im: ' ,, ik' HVQAWW - fat ,p ima X we 1 f. 'lisrrfli X y,,, V.,!5 ,,hV. , ,ryV,y i llh, ii -,-.4 5 K .J aura 1 54 -. 31 ,go-'W N N Ir? or 'xxx 54 Q TN K xy. , . pgggy, g W2- - fxlwvwii' 1 WEEK' ag ff 4 f , f Q? 9, y fgw f 1 ff ,ff ' I Q 'Z 1 W4 ff J fa W Jw ,hw f ff Q , X ,ff f ,, 4 ,qi 4 -,P ,V ig f www J yy, -,V V gf Third Grade-Donahue A if T 1 or If - ' B . R 'W v-4 , -.gA my A ' 1 4 1 it - ' K A' 5 E ' - g z A J S. H ' s-,.. X . A AL ww, I I A ry ,, , v ' s R, jg 0 ' A. YI F km S.- M Rachel Arfa Claire Austin Daniel Axelrod Rea Brennan Taylor Brode Anthony Christopher Mona DiFiore Nathaniel Dust Zachary Fine Amanda Fuqua Jessica Glassberg Sarah Goldberg Barbara Karrel Kristin Krupka Jordan Matayas Colin McKee Sarah Mills Molly Miner Russell Perry Adam Piser Jonathan Solomon Carrie Sandler Billy Wingert Molly Donahue Lower School - 137 Second Grad -Conant 8: Fuller Casey Baer Abigail Baim-Lance Daniel Barnhart Jason Bender Mattew Bernhardt Kate Bremer Alexander Elson Sarah Haskins Aaron Hessel Sarah Hoffman Evan Jahn Phaedra Kolias Jonah Koppel Vanessa Larson Mara Magdich Oren Matteson Michael Michod Amy Neiman Kate Novich Nicole Persky Samuel Saltzman Miriam Schiffer Eric Schroeder Elen Woods Mrs. Elizabeth Fuller Mrs. Shirley Conant f , , 5 ff f' " ff' X We Qi , Wil - Z X I , f Z X V W4 ff Z 412 av 7 , f ' 11' ' an 5, ,fn-,f N L f M V ' if 71 Q '!ff2,"v5f3,'nf,, f 4? ? 7 'ja " VJLTZZ? 351347 IM" mf ' ,, 4 l 138 - Lower School ,fwfr rf AMY 5 " gp.fav1 'MM 4 , I X , , 4 ff' if f Z 1 f LL ' 127i f , , 1 1 WWW iff I f ,f ,f ,f ff 1 X, ,Q A f A Q f , f f 2 W WA, ff K , , , M H ,V X lf! , ? K W ,, f I' ff U Wm Q f 3 vf, V f ,X N f I X 1. K annf K f X Lf ,, X , f , 'ff fn Z W, WM, f if Yi X X K ie f Z' ' fy ri? ,f "'-. ' W 5,7 , f H , i ff ' "f f 3 , !W,,ff 4 V ,Am K , ,,,V, 07,2 i f A , ' -, l f ,, -M X I- , ,W 1 .ff W f -,ff ' 'C' A 74? if 4 Q I , 9 L f , 4 f if 0 wf , ff ' ,Q 1 5:3 1 f ,J f , , , K VV ,',AA V 'Cu g i ' -5' 2 f gf m M, YQ LQ f 6 2 4 W 1 A ? , f YW' ' mf Q5 hm - ,. V Q1 ' ' Z 50, 'gpg ,f f 52. x 'fww e,a titt ' f i, J Y' rg mimi a "' "fl its S--f' '-N 4 'Q 4, ,f I' I Le 2 A 1' I . 3? K I Second Grade-Sullivan 1 4 'BO K Q 'IL t f- N: ' I ' fail? Xl, 'Q"? H ll 1' . .vm 1.- tif 'Y ' ,, i ""?. p , .if X . x x' ng, ' 4 L' ' 4 ' 4-, ' .. N '- -ti' - 5 1" ' , ' Y ' 1 K -A Q ' ,L nf- Q -1 'r A 's .V . , . J A 'A. z , .' X 4 x . in i -inf . 1 .L - Qt f ,, all Q 4 1 .Q fb-1 I-of 1 Lorraine Anderson Michael Breed Julia Davis-Hammer Misha Geller Leslie Hoffman Annika lltis Stephanie Johns David Kaplan Christina Kirby Keith Kolton Marcus Kretzmann Ari Levy Jennifer Lissner Daniel Marczak Rick Michod Casey Morris Morgan Murphy Samuel Ryan Grover Shack Adam Smoler Brent Taylor Andrew Weiss Chalice Woods Christina Wright Kate Sulivan Miss. Hadesman School - 139 First Grade-Abbott Julian Baumgartner Bradley Davis Victor Grigas Laura Joy Hachmeister Jennifer Hall George Hoffman Kelly Holmes Ajay Jenkins Skylar Keith Neil Kolton Abigail Levine Laura Levy Zachary Matayas Katie McCaughan David McCormick Ethan Meers Morgan Melto Colleen Murzyn Sondra Pozan Michael Rosenbaum Amy Roth Luke Singer Sophia Terp Sara Travis Anders Watson Alison Abbott Barbara Hunt L 'i'i if Y rs -V x 1 V d 'wk Q X in is V it N X A N" I - S' , f '48 , wi? 'f5:f. " 1 ix ay Z up , . 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First Grade-Bailey Alexander Balick Alison Baxter Amy Berliner Jason Berger Leslie Buettner Julie Epstein Marshall Escamilla Baker Franke Thaisa Gee William Gomberg Eric Holubow Sarah Kaufman Adam Kosobud Kerry Krupka Elizabeth Licata Amanda Luken Claire Matteson Cate Merrick Joshua Milberg Mary-B 0'Malley Joanna Parker Marisa Rice Garron Segal Jeffrey Weinstein Marc Zale Mrs. Bailey Mrs. Chernoff Lower School - 141 Senior Kindergarten-Greenberg Jacob Berlin Matthew Berry Alexis Bond Andrew Bremer Rachel Caplan Christopher Castellan Joseph Christopher lan Coelho Sarah Duda Sarah Duncan Jessica Fifer Arlen Ginsburg Shannon Hardesty Maki Hattori Aaron Jemison Scott Kohn Callista Kolias Mari Levenfeld Sarah Levy Katrina Nordine Andrew Powers Kira Price Andrew Rosenstein Emily Rosenberg- Lehrer Anna Schultz Chad Taylor Douglas Zabel Verona Greenberg Ms. Clarkin 142 - Lower Sc AXA M V Wfyf 1 fp , f f X i s 5 " we s 'Q Rv. + Q-Y. i' my X ,. 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S., Jordan Balagot Jonathon Baskin Robert Belushi Jenna Blick Jeffrey Byrnes Kathryn Carr Laura DuFour Rebecca Falk Ariana Farina Rebecca Felsenthal Alexandra Franke Graham Gilbert Joshua Kotin Daniel Kovalsky Sarah McCaw Paula McLennon Larry Miller Joanna Miner Daniel Morris Roxie Nance John Raskin Jonathon Schatz Adam Shindler Cara Smith Marc Smoler Dylan Stahl Catherine Whelan- Wuest Hoppity Ann Breed Cynthia McGinnis Elizabeth Kariotis 1,- 5-3--Lower School - 143 Junior Katya Bender Hannah Breed Oscar Erkenswick Benjamin Felton Jay Gidwitz Amy Gomberg Tennessee Grimes Jaime Hammer Margaret Haskins Noah Horwitz Emily Hume James Leary Benjamin Levi Daniel McCormick Ashley Meade Constance Nelson Carrianna Ortiz Jonathan Radtke David Rodgers Sara Rosenbaum Eric Sheinkop Rachel Terp Emily Walton Brendan Watson Francis Judd Lori Campbell Emily The Bunny Kindergarten-Judd X V0 r i: n 2-IQ? 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'O 1 5, i X , Yr 1:1- Q , i z , A , -' fit A 1 A L, - I E d X 4 1 U i , o Av, 11' N and F Q E- T17 1 it 6, A Joshua Anderson Lisa Fogel Madeline Frank Elizabeth Homsy Dylan Hunt Lia Jordano Elizabeth Kaplan Kimberly Kaufman Michael Keiser Alexa Lennard Ari Levin Adam Levine Stacy Marczak Robert Matteson Augustus Moss Amanda Murphy David Mysel Ethan Pond Robert Rudich Alexander Schriner Joanna Share Scott Stern William Tanzman Nicole Wexner Carol Kennel Priscilla Taylor Sugar Lump Lower School - 145 fffy, J A f ,f , , ,, ,,,, ,,,,,, ,ff yg,jM., m,f,1V af f 7 f' f yf , v .- 'W-:-f V 1 , .. ,.: . , , W! ,I , .,,, ,I V, A 1 ,Y , ,. J H ff, if .,,,,,, X 0 1. , Ag I U! K 0 . WMM s,,.,W,,,a: me ' f "" 10-fffff,-wi -f----- 2fWitf21..wwww-1::4ff1vaw4:mae49mf,ggggfNf-4-if, -,.,.gL.. A....., L. , MM..NL.,,,,,,,,,,,,, . , A , , ,, f , , WW kWM"""' f-4' M--Hz, 4, "Zy,,yf,5Wh ' , f' if f' , , W -. , , , . , V A. " ' A ' V2 W ' I fi Q if W ,zs g f , w f, Tw ' 7 - fi, W, ,Q :V 4 4 , '1 5 -ff yfww WA 4 'T f f 1' V f fha 5 4, , ,Q f' ' ' ' , , ,f 74 , J , I 9' fi 'va' , ' J , f ,, 0 , f 1 ,, ' ? , ' ' Lf Q 1 ',,' ' Q ZH , ff V , Z7 , , f ' ff 70 wif ,j. yf'6 7- 'v 79 mf, 0 , f 4 , ff f, lv , f ff f hi X M f 'M , , K V2 f f wfwff V ' yy! , ' X f f f 7 g 1 'ff Q, Q , ' Mgr! , Q , 5, ,V i 3 3 Mvkv y ' xv ,M T 'U W , f ? 'j W, X alms." V w.Q....W,,.Ns-.N X, Mx QA ,W ' , fr 2 i 2 1 WWW ENDURING Cen dyufingj-lastingp permanent By Heather Macdonald To describe Parker in one word is a difficult thing to do, even though I have been here for twelve and a half years. I feel that I am as much a part of Parker as Parker is of me. I think the school and student should compliment each other. l've fiddled with words like "com- munity" and "democracy" and other words that seem to fit with Parker mot- tos and philosophies. However, I find that these words only describe parts and pieces of the whole school and not the whole spirit. The one word I find most appropriate to describe Parker is EN- DURING. Although I may graduate from Park- er, the education does not stop there. I will be drawing upon the experiences I had at Parker for a lifetime. I also like "enduring" because it is flexible in its in- terpretation and meaning. The fact that Parker may endure the test of time and live immortal in the memories of its graduates could be a positive or nega- tive fact. For me, it's both. I've always seemed to have a love j hate relationship with Parker anyway, so the word 'Len- 'qflfls 02122. ,bf 'le -- - 148 - Sports 'fl Opposite Page: President Ray Harth seeks another election. Alison 8: Liz stand cheek to cheek, knowing that gym has been can- celed. Arm in arm in the eighth grade hall. Pretty as a picture. This Page: Itopl "Please someone take a picture, we didn't pile up for nothing." There's no place like home! "Would you ladies like to work for Eisendrathln "Story time is a blast, ain't it!" during" allows room in its meaning for all the complex emotions I have felt for my school. Some days I have walked into school really glad and excited to be there. But, there are other days when I'm ready to shove textbooks down people's throats! Either way, I feel the memories of school will never leave me. l'll remember stuff- ing my face with six glazed donuts out of anxiety before a final exam. And who would forget the senior prank when the lunchroom was filled with Creall auto- mobiles? In some ways it's really nice to know that somewhere inside me there will live an ENDURING, immortal spirit and that spirit witholds the memories of my life at Parker. Parker is forever a part of me as I am a part of it. Sports - 149 Varsity Soccer I ,,,....,. M h..., 29,9-f 1' I0 fx -f 4 1. I if gum A I .X 'f ' I' 'fray ' l :avril - -- The 1986 Francis W. Parker Varsity Soccer Team restored the tradition in Parker Soccer as they recaptured the Independent School League title. Led by Co- captains Paul Stepan, Adam Donahue, and Chris Meisel the team finished 13-3-3 and 9-1 in the league. Having one of the most competitive schedules ever, the Colonels maintained a balanced at- tack. Parker dominated virtually every facet of the game as the of- fensive line scored 71 goals and the defensive line allowed only 11 goals the entire season. The Colo- nels returned to Ray Field for the first time in three years where they clinched the league title in an exciting 1-O victory over Elgin. While as much as 7070 of the team was injured at one time or another, the Varsity was able to put this aside and maintain the winning edge. With inspiring play from the seniors, as well as a tal- ented group of juniors and under- classmen, the Varsity proved it could compete with anyone in the state. 150 - Sports .5 J' N2 f v-SP he 2' el xailill Top right: A. Sher, P. Stepan. Middle right:M. Zoller, M.Behr, M. D'Alessandro, D. LaVelle, S Jackson, M. Behr, S. Chevrier, E. Russ, C. Miesel, M. Ujiki. Bottom right:E. Asch, A. Donahue J. Sanders fi, 4 Z WW .,..-. .. , .. , M H T5 3' f " ..-- - I jx. , V L, . I ,. - 4' ., ' 5' Wy. K' I! . I I ' Above:Mike gracefully blocks the rival teams shaky pass. Right: "No, no your wrong" the ball definately won't get past these magic hands. Cf. Back right: A. Klns, M. Brown, G. Smith, T. Hall M Siegel D Yu Front right C Tom J Donahue J Anderson A Lee J Tancil, M. Morris. The intensity and "winning atti- tude" according to Peter Marks, on the J.V. Soccer team, was a key fac- tor in the team's season. The team finished at a record of 8-3-2. Led by coach Kean Addington and team cap- tains, Jason Donahue and Eddie Russ, practice began mid-August. "We were already psyched for our first game," says Russ, which was won by Parker. However, the rest of the season's games were much tougher in which the team's "intensi- ty and winning attitude" helped them pull out hard winnings. All of the members of the team made contributions to the team's sea- son. According to team member Pe- ter Marks, "Trevor Hall and Josh An- derson had outstanding seasons as well as Jason Donahue and Adam Sher." "J.V. Soccer Team played hard all season long and never gave up," was the consensus of the team. arsity Field Hockey ,gil Back: C. Sato, S. Gradman, R. Laser, H. MacDonald, T. van Straaten, A, Ruttenberg, S. Smetana, M. Philipsborn, C. Dehne, V. Hodes. Front: J. Schoensradt. 152 - Sports Field Hockey is a game that requires skill and stamina. The members of the 1986 Varsity team played through their season with both of these qualities. September 6 brought the annual pre- season tournament at Deerfield High School. The team came out of the tour- nament rallied and psyched. Captains, Ali Ruttenberg and Tracy van Straaten, helped the Colonels open the official league season with a victory over the Latin Romans. Except for Link Andrea Crane's broken thumb there were few casualties and the teams' road games were excit- ing and close. With wins over Lake For- est and North Shore, they moved to- wards the ultimate game: the Hilltoppers awaited us. Coach Pat Schaefer told the team, "lt's on our home field and we've got to beat them." Inspired by Pat's words, the team fought hard with finesse. With an outstanding game by Goalie Jenny Schoenstadt and the offensive line, Heather MacDonald, Tracy van Straaten, Carin Dehne and Valerie Hodes, the Hilltoppers had been topped. While playing other teams outside the league such as New Trier, Deerfield and the "much disliked" Homewood Flossmore, the team seemed to have only one goal in mind. The Independent School League was their vision. "This second win against Elgin would clinch the title," said pumped halfback Susanna Smetana. With much determin- ation from both teams, the game went into overtime and then penalty flicks. Out of five flickers on the team, the Ruttenberg flick won the game! We've worked hard to get a winning team since Freshmen year and it sure felt good to win," said Link Mari Philipsborn. Senior Rachel Laser said, "Although the school did not support us, we did it anyway. This was the biggest thrill of my hockey career at Parker. To win the league during my senior year and do it on our home field." Iii.- ..,-'na Top Left: Stretch 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Again! Above: Ballet Hockey. Q I J Q I J .V. Field Hockey The girl's Junior Varsity Field Hockey 1986-season has been one with many diffi- culties. The J.V. team, coached by Melanie Trimble, began practicing with the Varsity a month before school, but this was not enough. Because the J.V. is comprised of all freshmen, they missed a week of practice due to the freshmen trip. Also some of the players are new students to Parker and have never played field hockey before. Unlike the Varsity, the J.V. members have not played together very long, so it took the first few games for them to start playing as a team. Their improvement was obvious after each game. More than half way through the season they had yet to win a game. Though they were disappointed with their record, their spirit and enthusiasm was still strong. One team member commented, "We started to play better and better. It didn't matter if we won or lost, as long as we are having a good time." r ivtzr-' 'A Back right: A. Rau, M. Giliberta, S. Rimland, Theresa, Front Right: O, Shack, R. DeGraff. J. Sandler, C. Friedlander, M. Trimble. I Sports - 153 Girls Tennis Team The Colonels' first match Was the eighth of September Victory over Morgan Park Our team did render It was certainly not Their school's ego mender. Our coach was Jan Steffens Cheering us as we played She and Seth Merrick Were the only fans that stayed. We were tough and daring And we fought to the end Seeing along the way How many rules we could bend. Through wind and through rain We were like angels in heaven And our final record Was seven and seven. We came in fourth That's not so bad Considering all the fun And good times we had. And there's always next year And we hope you'll all come Because that's when girls' tennis Will be number one! Back right: T. Haddon, J. Sheinkop, B. Friedell M Rocah S McBride E Kulp R Pritzer L Coustan A. Feiwell, C. Newton, Bottom right L Randall A Greenwald S Merrick C Smith 154 - Sports ,. Golf Team 'X .--, V -fa, - -- aj T Q r L ...- ---.-- "4- The golf team had a three week sea- son with a record of 2-2. Under the coaching of Lee Dreuth, the team "im- proved and had great fun in the sun at Waveland golf course" says Teddy Smetana. A 22 member team competed against Lake Forest, Elgin, and St. Rita. Due to the rain, practices and games had to be cancelled. Top three starters, Josh Goldman, Mark Kolker, and Al Decker led Parker to two victories. "There has been no apathy on the team's part, but because of the few teams left in the Independent School League we are forced to play the same teams repeatedly," said coach Dreuth, "I think everyone would agree that it's just as important to have fun as it is to win." Practices took place three days a week, twice at the driving range and once at Waveland. Though the season was short it was all worth while, and most probably we will keep getting bet- ter under Dreuth's coaching. Top left: Adam in his natural state of mind lAnd BODYl. Top right: Brendan not thrilled with the new hall. -- -..- Y IQ it , . , ,--W it . ...ff 'wi"t Top left:J. Cohler, L. Dreuth, B. Haider, A. Decker, R. Fox, M. Kolker, J, Weil, D. Tom, T. Smetana, Z. Sudler, N. Kolias, Z. Keleshian, A. Hessl, C. Antonow. Bottom left:C. Olin, A. Sutherland, J. Goldman, T. Firr, J. Oppenheimer, E. Poticha Sports - 155 Boys Varsity Basketball The Varsity Boys opened their sea- son on Monday, Nov. 24 with a three game tournament against Northridge Prep, Quigley North and U-High. Parker took the first game, but unfortunantely lost to Quigley North and U-High. However, none of the games were league games, and it was obvious that the losses were soon for- gotten when the Colonels came out on Dec. 2. and whipped their arch-ri- vals Latin. The Varsity team is hop- ing to carry on the winning tradition of Parker basketball, whose 85-86 Varsity team went all the way to the second round of the state tourna- ment. The task is not easy though. Last year all five starters and much of the bench graduated. This year he? Bottom Top Right: Does or doesn't Left: Too bad Mike, not this time! 156 - Sports Parker,s destiny was determined by good shooting, passing, and quick- ness. Senior starters Mike Ujiki and Paul Stepan showed the leadership qualities of a winning team. Junior Scott Jackson was an explosive addi- tion to the offense, and Paris Patton dominated the point on defense. Sophomore phenomenon Brian Bu- chanan anchored the Parker team with spectacular play at both ends of the court. Everyone agrees that Park- er should be able to repeat as Inde- pendent School League champs. The atmosphere about the team is one of hard work and dedication. With these investments, Parker should get paid back with victories making this season a carry-over of last years' success. ,A 1 TOP: B. Buchanan, M. Smith, D. LaVelle, M Ujiki Middle Row A Decker P Patton J Newman Front Row: E. Russ, B. Haider, D. Furhman M Zoller C Meisel S Jackson P Stepan The J.V. Boys Basketball Team had a successful season this year. It was perhaps, the most successful sea- son ever produced by Parker J.V. Basketball team. Their overall record was 15-1, with a flawless record of 12-0 in the Independent School League. The team started off the sea- son with strong wins against Latin, Elgin, and U-high, before depositing their first non-league opponet, Cathe- dral, in the dirt, 36-26. The next game was a close one with Lake For- est Academy, whom the Colonels beat by a one point margin, thanks to the strong play of Sophomore David Meyers who popped in the winning shot. The Colonels continued to romp over their next four opponents, in- cluding a 68-25 whipping of Morgan Park Academy at Morgan Park. The Colonels were 9-0 at this point, and felt a bit invincible, but reality would 't -ti llff A L.. Right: Hall, who gets fouled on the play, gets ready to make his free throws. Bottom Left: Colin Hall rips down a rebound oyer a lesser opponent. J .V. Boys Basketball set in soon enough. The Colonels next faced the St. Benedict Bengals in their toughest game of the season. The Colonels came out weak in the first quarter, where the Bengals out- scored them by 8 points. Although the Colonels played them basically even for the rest of the game, they were never able to build up a lead, as the Bengals totally dominated inside. Although the nine point loss put a blemish on their perfect record, and shattered their undefeated dream, it did help the Colonels to realize they'd have to work extra hard to defend their already strong record. The Colo- nels responded to the challenge, by beating their last six opponents, an exciting 56-55 win over the Catholic league Champion Holy Trinity Tigers. With 22 seconds left in the game, Sophomore Eric Klinenberg hit a jump shot to put the Colonels up by two points, then with six left, Sopho- more Ron Lieber hit both ends of a one and one putting the Colonels up by three points and icing the game for them. The League Champion Colonels feel great about their sea- son, but are already looking toward next year. Many members of the team are playing spring basketball, and are looking for another undefeat- ed year. The Varsity should be strong next year with Sophomores Eddie Russ, David Meyers, Eric Klinenberg, Ron Lieber, Al Decker, Colin Hall, Matt Brown, Adam Schon, Doug Harth and Gerrick Smith all moving up. The J.V. will have to work hard if they are going to repeat, but with Freshmen Chris Morris, Matt Siegel, Peter Marks, Alain Lee, Seth Merrick, and Michael Sacker all re- turning, they have a very good chance. Front Row: A. Mora, P. Marks, A. Lee, D. Harth. Middle: A. Schon, E. Russ, D. Meyers, G. Smith, E. Klinenberg, C. Morris. Back Row: Coach McHale, A. Decker, M. Siegel, S. Merrick, C. Hall, R. Lieber. 157 arsity Girls' Basketball The 1986-87 Girls Varsity Basket- ball Team had a great season, with a few changes and innovations to add to their previous success. The girls, Seniors Ali Ruttenberg, Carita Gardiner, Tracy Van Straaten, and Chris Sato, and Juniors Linda Babich, Lisa Defaria, Amena Hashmy, Corrie Huston, Heather MacDonald, Marj Philipsborn, Lenke Wood, and Roseanna Rodriguez be- gan practicing in November with Coach Roger Wallenstein, who worked with the varsity for the first time this year. "I inherited a team with a lot of talent," said Wallenstein, "and l have their former coach, Pat Schaffer, to thank for that." Wallenstein describes the players as "good athletes with a lot of characters and traits, that will carry them further in their athletic careers-traits such as sportsman- ship, and the willingness to work for team goals rather than individual goals." Ali Ruttenberg, who averaged 25 points per game said, "the most im- portant factor in our success was the amount of hard work we put in. The team had great organization and we pulled together to win." Linda Babich mentioned that the team benefited from having "more than the usual five starters this year. We had a good number of people who could play the game well." Among these experienced players were the four seniors, Ali, Tracy, Chris, and Carita, who played basket- ball together for six years, without much support, except from their Upper right: Ali Ruttenberg, 034, takes a shot to the dismay of LFA Caxy. Lower right: Linda Babich shoots from the baseline, helping the Colonels to yet another victory. 158 - Sports 1 Sh coach." The girls were prepared for their games due to Wallenstein's theory that "the practices should be harder than the games-that way we're ready to win." The Season consisted of a 21 game schedule, including the Walter Lutheran Tournament, and their first appearance in the Illinois State Tour- nament. Basketball fan Pachina Henderson said, "The girls varsity team was great to watch. I could tell that they had been playing together for a long time, and that they knew the formula for success." 0 L, V got? 5 ,, 4 , Z-. G ,ggi 5 Y A 51' nw. Back Row: R. Wallenstein, L. Wood, M. Philipsborn H Macdonald Front Row C Sato A Ruttenberg T. VanStraaten, A. Hasmy, Absent: L. DeFaria C Huston R Rodriguez J .V. Girls' Basketball E int-W X .. Parker's freshman and sophomore basket-ball playing females had an excellent season this year. Lead by Coach Pat Schaeffer, the girls finished off their twelve games with a 9-3 record, a definate accom- plishment. "I'd say we were very successful," Freshman Terri Haddon commented when asked about her feelings about the season. The team played against eight schools, ranging from l.atin's women to Elgin's amazons. Three of the J.V.'s games were played against teams out of the Independent School League. Unfortunately, these schools fSt. Benedicts and Woodlandsl defeat- ed Parker, but by near miss scores. Perhaps the "Colonelettes" would have had less losses if they had had more support at their home games. Yet, Haddon says that the 15 girl team didn't really mind the absence of fans. ln fact, Haddon attributes the team's losses to size of Parker's players. "We were fast, but if we had had more height on our team, we would have been more successful." Sports - 159 Baseball Out of all the extra-curricular sports programs offered at Parker, the baseball program has received the least attention. There are two main reasons for this apathetic atti- tude: spring-fever. With the arrival of spring comes other activities for the non-baseball playing students includ- ing the tennis, track, and softball teams, and of course, the spring musical. These other activities and the low amount of games played by theteam are one reason for the lack of attendence: the second reason is a little simpler, the teams have been lousy. This year, however, promises to be different. In the past 4 years the baseball program has changed for the better. This can be attributed to the head of the baseball program and the head coach for the varsity baseball team, Roger Wallenstein. Wallenstein's knowledge of the game and his person- al care for each player have enabled him to use his players to their poten- tialsg and to turn that into victories. Wallenstein, recognizing that other spring activities were causing lack of fan-support for his team, scheduled 25 games this season most of which fall after the spring musical in hope that this would allow fans to adjust calen- dars to attend more games. Wallenstein also recognizes the po- tential this team has because he coached most of them in the younger grades and he has gained last years junior-varsity players who had a ter- rific season last year, and Wallenstein believes the team can be 25-0 this year. This years team has one ingredient that has been missing in the past, a good attitude. These players have grown up together and have been playing together in all athletic fields for 4 years and they really like each other, they're family. The team has set out two goals this season: 160 - Sports 1: To win the league 2: To win the state-regionals Neither have been accomplished by a Parker team, but, says the Colonel's "we are the team to do it,,' and what about being state champions? "If we make it past the regionals, anything could happen." Back Row: E. Poticha, J. Goldman, B. Study. Middle Row: M. Csernovicz, l. Greengross, M. Ujiki, P. Stepan, J. Newman, D. Furhman, S. Jackson, B. Buchanan, B. Haider, Front Row: M. Zoller, M. Kolker. .N Back Row: A. Hessel, B. Wolfson, A. Shaw, S. Bernhardt, J. Steinberg, J. Donahue, D. Shafton, J. Cohler, J, Estes, U. Ratner, T. Hall, A. Schon, S. Merrick, E. Klinenberg, Mike. Front Row: C. Hammond, M. l-lolubow, D. Rosenberg, S. Sanders, M. Siegel, P. Marks. rf fg' X' 15'-Q "' Top Row: K. Roseman, E. Kufrin, J. Schoenstadt, L. Coustan, J. Oppenheimer. Botton Row: R. Wlrsum, V. Hodes, A. Ruttenberg, T. van Straaten. J .V. Softball Varsity Softball FL--fill? yum. '- . sp - 91 X 4 Top Row: L. I.aVelle, H, O'Mally, T. Haddon, C. Newton, K, Smith, J. Rubin, K. Chrisiopolos, M. Gilberto. Bottom Row: K. Kamin, D, Williams, M. Nutter. YL "Q V- 1i'ly.HA3W 'K' . 'au - R il 1 -I . V! f -u Pk Track Top Row: R. Triplett, H. O'Mally, E. Miller, J Rossof, P. Steinberg, J. Oppenheimer, Z Sudler. Front Row: E. Hassan, K. Paczon. L LaVeIIe, Sports - 161 Cheerleading " -Sf" S Y V krtgggih ii Z Back Row: K. Christopolous, J. Sheinkop, A. Greenwald, D. Williams, M. Nutter. Front Row: T. Wil- liams, R. DeGraff, S. Boone, Featherway. Top: The cheerleaders do their best to finish the routine before the second half of the game begins. Center: Seven girls all wearing skirts, whose feet hurt. Bottom Left: Smile Girls, Smile! Bottom Right: Katerina certainly gets a funny look on her face when she starts a new cheer. For the past three years that I have been here, I have seen little fl or 2l or no fan support for the Boys Parker Tennis Team. I know it isn't one of the most exciting sports that Parker has to offer. But once you come out to watch, I personally guar- antee you will be intrigued. This year the Parker Tennis Team will play against many high school teams, i.e. Latin, UfI'Iigh, Lake Forest Academy, and Elgin, all are tough schools to beat. But this year, unlike last year, the Parker Tennis Team has a better Boys Varsi self image. As coach Jan Steffens said, "We should come in at least second in our league this year." Jan Steffens, who has been coaching the Boys Tennis Team for the past two years, has a good outline on what's ahead of us this year. Right now she is already getting us in shape by hav- ing us run to Oz Park and drills with intense exercise. Everything is 9' Paul Stepan: The Swim Team at Francis W. Josh Minor: The schools great gymnastic team. Parker. ty Tennis running smoothly right now, however, we are missing one vital piece of equipment which will help us to be our best this season, and that is Ten- nis Courts. The Parker Tennis Team also lacks Tennis outfits which would be terrific to expand our image. Own- er of Center Court, Pat Heneghan, says that he would be more than hap- py to supply the Tennis Team needs with special discounts. This year we feel very good about ourselves, and as Jake Brody said, i'This year we will take no prisoners!" Middle: Our Famous! Well Known! Tennis Team!!! ..- X A IQ Y, ON ,IJ if f ?? Bob Fox: The Fencing Team at Francis W Parker. Sports - 163 All League f H, , 1 I 1 Back Row: B. Haider, C. Meisel, P. Stepan, A. Donahue, S. Jackson, B.N. Buchanan. Front Row: C. Sato, A. Ruttenberg, T van Straaten, J. Weil., H. McDonald. 164 - Sports 2 Left: Parker's suicide rate skyrockets! Right: thletic Pastimes Brendan must make par to graduate. Bottom left: Josh Mora, a Mover and Shaker: the Cof- fee Generation. Bottom right: Moe and Curly go at it! , M V I ' 1 XA Sports - 165 While the Varsity soccer team con- tinued to topple its numerous oppo- nents, its future prospects, the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, carried on the prestigious soccer tradition at Parker. Coach Dure and Coach McHale transformed their already aggresive players into men with the desire to destroy each and every opponent. Al- though they didn't succeed in downing every team they played, they did win most of their games, and finished with a very respectable sea- son. One key to the scoring attack came from eighth grader Michael McPharlin, who, along with Ethan Steinberg, gave the middle the neces- sary offensive punch. Goaltending by Andy Singer and Gavin Fine also con- tributed to their fine season that de- serves congratulations. Soon these young prospects might lead Parker to State Tournament Championship, so keep your eyes open. The Boys Middle School Soccer Team even practices in the school hallways aff . Front row: T. Frenzel, A. Mayer, B. Morris, S. Reyes, C. Friedlander, M. Feiertag, G. Nickles, R. Martin, E. Steinberg, S. Hasmy, D. van Straaten, R. Shafton, S. Ojeta, A. Block, J. Ginsberg. Back row: M. Olins, T. Sheridan, D. Berger, G. Goldblatt, J. Hall, M. Blockoff, J. Fine, G. Fine, M. Gordon, A. Singer, M. Murphy, C. Reifler, J. Sprigs, R. Gircado, C. O,Neil, M. Kins, B. Gordon, S. Feldman, J. Johnson, J. Oberman, M. McPhar1in, P. Ducas, J. Kahn. 166 - Sports Middle School Field Hockey Back row: S. Ricks, A. Corson, D. Sanchez, J. Sher, J. van Straaten, S. Bloom, J. Wallack, L, Frain, C. Hunt, L. Glenn, A. Siegel, K. Klns Middle row: L. Doerr, L. Creamer, A. Fox, A. Amend, C. Griffiths, S. Zeisner, S. Wexler, L. Rattner, L. Keiser, K, Siegel, K. Klutznick Front row: H. Mills, M, Nakano, A. Meyers, J. Piser. Field Hockey is a sport that re- quires mental and physical strain, as well as talent and skill. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade players possessed all of these qualities and more during the 1986 season. The 1986 middle school field hock- ey team was a special one, with ev- ery team member putting forth a positive attitude. It was this attitude and the girls' will to win that helped the team propel themselves to a record of 9-2. The team was able to pull itself out of numerous tight games and difficult situations to get wins. This type of nailbiting play made their games ex- citing to watch. Congratulations on a great season! Center: Holly Mills tries hard to get her hock- ey stick from her friend. Bottom Right: The Middle Schooler smiles as she goes to practice. Sports - 167 Middle School Boys Basketball The middle school boys on the basketball team, coached by Steve Poulous, ended the season with a positive outlook of the year. Only thirteen members were on the team, a considerable drop compared to last year. However, fatigue was not a big factor in the games. With a solid starting five and a strong bench, the basketball team finished with an adequate record of 7-9. Said mem- ber Gabe Rosenberg, "The team was really good. This year's coach was a real pro at basketball and he helped us become a real team. I think being on the team was a great experience for both competition and enjoy- ment. Our motto was 'success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfac- tion in knowing you did your best to be- come the best that you are capable of be- coming'." This was what the eighth grade basketball team strived for. They succeed- ed. Back Row: G. Fine, C. O'Neil, J. Spriggs, S. Gradman, J. Goldblatt, Middle Row: T. Sheldon, M. Kennedy, Front Row: D. van Straaten, D, Berger, A. Singer. , .wrt Back Row: M. Klutznick, M. Berkoff, S. Weffer, J. Kahan, B. Wolf. Front Row: J. Singer, P Ducas, J. Zilberbrand, M. Gordon. Middle School Girls Basketball se 4 1 - N 1 4 -w Back Row: J. Coher, J. van Straaten, M. Perry, L. Creamer, S. A. Menu, L. M1ller,A. Decker, A. Drake, D. Sanchez, D. Mitchel, K. Cicchelli, M. Bloom- K' Beffv- L- Pfam- J- Wallacki A' FOX? K' Kms, K' Millefi Mid' Gibson H. poticha C. Griffithsfcoachju dle Row: J. Conrad, A. Amend, L. Doerr, L. Gleer, A. Siegal, C. Dolinar. Front Row: A. Miner. V, I Y 1 Left: We must block the shot, thinks the eighth grade players. Center: What an awesome shot. The 1986-87 Middle School Girls Basketball lineup consisted of two teams. The Seventh grade, coached by Joel Cohen and the Eighth grade, coached by Chris Griffiths. Both coaches were new to Middle School Girl's Basketball, but had ex- perience in other areas of coaching. They replaced Roger Wallenstein who is now in charge of the Varsity team. Although the girls missed "Wally," they had a great season with Joel and Chris. The 25 members of the Seventh grade team recovered from a slow start to finish their sea- son with many victories. The Eighth grade team had a similarly successful winter and are looking forward to playing on a High School team next year. Their season was a particularly difficult one due mostly to the loss of a team member. Seventh graders were promoted for crucial games. Perhaps this hardship, however, was the key to their success. One player claims "it provoked us to work hard- er." The undefeatable spirit of both teams made their games great fun for players and fans. lt was an indisput- ably victorious season that none of the team members or coaches are likely to forget. Sports - 169 f+?1 Z.: '11 Z ILL! ..... so f . 7th and 8th grade Baseball The Middle School Baseball team opened practice on Wednesday March 11 with pitchers and catchers. The rest of the squad, as Coach Eric Skalinder would put it, joined them on the following Monday. The Middle School Baseball team was led by coaches Erik Skalinder and Larry Johnson in 1987. The team had 10 games scheduled versus all of the Independant League teams. Most im- portantly to the team were their two toughest games against Lake Forest Country Day School, who is coached by a former Parker teacher, Mike Steffens. The Middle School team had an A and a B team. Either the teams played back to back or the B game following the A game. There were about 20 eighth gradersg and 20 seventh graders on the team. Coach Larry Johnson expressed great opti- mism entering the new season, "be- cause most of our guys can play two or three positions we have the ability to move around alot of guysf' There was no shortage of pitchers Cas feared by Erik Skalinderlf when practice started the team had ten eighth graders and two promising seventh graders. Along with two eighth and two seventh grade catchers the team's strength was secured for a successful season. Parker's 5 home games were played at North Avenue Fields, directly West of the lake. They practiced from the beginning of March all the way until their final game which was on May 28. 170 - Sports Seventh Grade Baseball Team looks psyched and enthused as they take their team picture for the season. The Eight Grade Baseball Team feels confident as they get their practice interrupted, They know that they'll have a winning season! Middle School Softball 'aaa Y M' ffl.. T fr. f'f'4 "fbi-I ' gli? 'Ii G.. J ae '-., . .M V- ' if ng 4, 'IM L lu ll? - at +- l4'.ll,,. la ffimit L,-L5 . 1 452.5 " EP' 1 J" V, li? 7' bt - 'l"i'Z H' . . '1 'WF i . H1454 ir MW .. "V .ui Eighth Grade Softball, Top: M. McPharlin, E. deCalbiac, R. Wood, A. Decker, D. Mitchell, L. Miller, S. Meyer, Middle: D. Sanchez, K. Schoenstadt, C. Benjamin, D. Greengross, A. Kipperman, A. Drake, A. Merril, Bottom: M. Finn, D. Wexler, M. Gibson, A. Boyer, Absent: A. Glenn, H. Sage, H. Poticha, L. Holliblrd, K. Cicchelli. "-22" f'i " l " 5 iff y 'Q Q he .1 gms. l'."l'I V 331' K- gang :TTS it 5 , Aw -.F 1 . K" . X This year's eighth grade girl's softball team had a fun, exciting, winning season. "The team had incredible spirit," said one of the players. Another player said, "We didn't need spirit, we had too much talent." All in all, the team had a positive attitude. Coach Vince Threet enthusiastically commented, "They had remarkable talent and potential, but the true battle was won on the field of competition." This season's games were challenging and we're looking forward to a promising '88. Seventh Grade Softball, Top: K. Miller, L. Creamer, J. Wallack, L. Frane, J. van Straaten, L. Glenn, C. Hunt. Bottom: A Fox, S. Bloom, T. Brainard. several absent. Sports -171 'N X, Mfr! ' 0 fi , :fb I -'YL Y ,JY . xx ziffi wif-Q A 'V K V X, "QA m K-Qfk if ,. ,K Agri' 3 V! . . N...,M L M fi, K ' 9 Qin j . fxfxsg. A9 'ftiv if E, ff aria X Yi' X! , K - Q N., wffsw "fig 552, 5222, '35, MQ, X ',,h Mai M - ' ,. ,yf ,.,., I, 'X X ff - f 6 R - n X 'm h fiyzggk Jgfiigjg, 3:32 . J Y ' ' Ng' K fix? 'e?crf jx -af A "' "2-fa 'fbf f x""' ffi??Q' X - 1w ,. , "rw 45 A .,.LL ., . L .,W, I X,.. 5 ,ff I Qi' ,ww K' K ' Nm, W. 553, he :,,--' 'w,M,.9 4519 . 'wk K wwf . K - ,W YKWLJ-' f-" X ,A -ff -fo Kxylvyhvn M NX A b ,.,.AAA V wif . ,!..f,4jS, N Y 4 X ,f A . l + Q C ,X k xx 5 .,,, Q VK. K ,M 4 lf? ,X M7 mag, Wwe.L.., fo, 4 gf Nflb W4 i ' ' fl an L' L m J Riff , C -an --,XV xx , .f-' 'AM fun rfqmffbh QQ .ff 'V Wffec ' -Q. fm. ' -Q, Cf Q1 ' ' 0, E 6 -V hx vA""'- K R" .V -A M he '5ffi-a 'ef X 6 - N, "" x . ' ' "' 4: W Q'ii'x 1 X.. M, ex. 'f fr, , "5-J A ' - M V ' W. - - , -M., fx viii ' Xxx hx' 'N f"' M. ' ,' wQ+ Q . 1 N 2 ww f inf,Q1fJ?'i5'2:f Ng X' "'4 ff fa . N .M N Nm x Q5 .xanga . .ix v.. I ur. . .N- av jf wg, RK ja s Q59 xq . N . I ., xx N Wi, X EK if ...x , ,,,v K ,. X, ,Ak W A, ng Am ' X , 425- AM, , V A , Q LLL.,. K 1.L L ' A' x S' '5L-W ff, 0, -af, g .3 . X M, f If QKQ, N, iw. 5 ab? I y'v4046 , kv IF!! I ' ff, 0 .1 14 4- " , fgrl 1,718 ff- 'f , ' -I,-, V 16.0, fdel' eq' AQV4. fa ,I I rw, go P!! ' 4, ,ffl ki ,O ' W' 404 ""4, L ' 4 f', , W fry, 'lo f P- r-Q 4 .. L NA 'gf' .WU 'J If I xx l'h .-"0 f' "x 74' r ' K '- , K 01 1 X'-, ry "ff 1 4 J x. N. . xx x I N . Ll! p .r xx A V wQA QR XX, f xx 1 h X, Q NXNN ff' .K Q "' if ,F ' Y 1- Q,7Y 4- p 1 7 f' Q4 1 9 l , " 15,5- " 4 'is' 'if Z ,vii I ik wi yi A 4' w af kr.-.v "Lf J:--'. 4I , f ' A 9 A 'Fe I '- 'E 5 .. gggg 5 21E2 1 4 A1 f' 9 'f 'A 1 L Vx' L' f 3 1, F 5, '.. ,V " 173 Student Government Issues Lest it be said in retrospect that Student Government '87-'87 was not a rolickin' good time, here follows a selective list of that body's accom- plishments. "Cat Boxesn-purchased and in- stalled despite clear declination from the student body. lt remains unclear who will spot the S3000 bill for the redefinition of the concept "lounging experience." "New Schedule"-despite tardi- ness and perhaps insignificance, the student voice would not be ignored. Semester tyranny seemed unavoid- able, but the student government was equally solid in their pro-trimester po- sition. Students expressed fears that the actual learning process was being compromised. Outrageous teacher and pupil course loads seemed to dilute and almost preclude individual subject concentration. Opposition was fueled by a sense of involuntary uninvolvement from the beginning of the project. The new schedule was approved and implementation in light of student concerns, is already under way. lt seems unlikely, however, that the student government will discontin- ue its relentless crusade for educa- tion, truth, and the American Way. It has not been our history. "Friction and Poetry?"-The stu- dent body has continued its rejection of conventional, careful education. lt swf x T ii pg bi?f459q was argued that stimulation and not abuse was delivered to a MX,s captive audience. That found itself mercilessly battered by bad words and unspeakable offences-Horror! The issues extended beyond defini- tions of good taste to consider if any censorship has moral, healthy or consistant with the philosophy of the school. The fact that a decision was never reached should not only be ob- vious and understandable, but also appropriated. It is this kind of dia- logue that keeps the student body on its academic, philosophical and ethical toes. We can hope for further intellectual debates in the future of Student Government. Q Side: A dominant female. Middle: Two such diligent workers in Student Government. Kim chats with her book. Top Right: President Harth contemplates one of Mr. Dust's proposals. Center: The Juniors work hard, at not doing their homework. Right: Caught in the act. Bottom Left: Adam Sutherland helps Dee pose for the picture. Bottom Right: The day after . . . St. Patrik's Day. 4-1-33 'fw "Y 5'- fi Twig, rw -Qui T PEN THEN PULL DOWN .ef HANDLE i I I 'K' ir is- Q 1 Silk' Members Of Student Government With a new school, a new princi- pal, and a new schedule, student government saw a new face, Ray l-larth, the first black president in 25 years. Natalie Bullock, and Liz Cicchelli as the parliamentarian and secretary respectively, who took on the student government new year. Student government began the year with the rebirth of a committee that has been somewhat dormant in past years. The Exchange committee, Liz Feiertag, Allison Greenwald, and Mimi Rocah fheadsl, was able to pass a proposal in student government which gave the committee more free- dom in conducting exchanges. The big issue that followed was the implementation of the semester schedule. After Acting Principal Fred Dust met with the assembly, a system was developed which gave the stu- dents the opportunity to have some sort of representation in the new schedule. Although interest was quite evident among all grades at first, apa- thy later developed among the major- ity of students. The rest of the year was to find a new method for cutting down the time spent on committee reports, couches in the upstairs gallery and alcove, elections and the fantastic performance of Run D.M.C.'s "You Talk Too Muchv by President Ray Harth, Parliamentarian Natalie Bullock, and Secretary Liz Cicchelli. 1-faq 5 5 as 3 1 i l Executive Committee Management if a Ulf ii 'ff i il " , " ri IS X' l I n f r' tsfg ,Q 45-.0 The Group and oh, what a fine group it is!!! I 5. -. Ben Lo, Ray Harth, and Chichbeth Cicchelli, Missing: Natalie Bullock!! Committees -177 Executive Advisor Michae Student Senate The Wonderful Committee missing the Co 1 78 - Committees. d Ch f C Curriculum Ron Lieber, Andrea Crane, Paul Adelstein. Finance Board of Trustees y Lanclecker, Colm Hall, Rachel Las Committees - 179 Morning Exercise Many's the student who has taken from the auditorium procenium a per- sonal credo. Parker strives to create and display an atmosphere of com- munity. Morning Ex is the perfect tool and manifestation of this philosophy. Despite all convincing evidence to the contrary, the Morning Ex committee has attempted to adhere to this ideal. Well, it's the thought that counts. Morning Ex is a lot of things to a lot of people. Boring, a study hall, boring, ditchable, boring, ftritei. Re- cently, we asked a Senior to cite his favorite Morning Ex. He said, "can- celledf' The result of this attitude? A new motto: A SCHOOL SHOULD CRE- ATE A MODEL DRONE, A COM- PLETE IMMUNITY AND AN EM- BRYONIC HYPOCRISY. A MODEL DRONE: A drone for those who have yet to achieve this status is a persistent, monotonous activity, a pilotless, re- mote-controlled airplane or an idle, Utopian, robotic society. Hm. Apathy has invaded the Parker personality as thoroughly as its vocabulary. "Gimme an M gimme an X" is far too short a cheer to incite serious spirit. The Morning Ex committee delegated program coordination and execution responsibilities to the Junior class. The consequent performance was the most expensive and least well re- W ceived of the year. Had it been anyone's fault, they would have fielded complaints about the performers' lack of English and the audiences lack of understanding. Morning Ex, however, is not just plagued by idleness or boredom. A major debate over censorship related directly to a lack of individual control. This is definition number two: the re- mote-controlled airplane. Students felt restrained and reacted strongly to what they interpreted to be an in- fringement of educational freedom- from County Fair skits to Fiction and Poetry. Individuality, it seemed was to be compromised for an undefined standard of vanilla appropriateness. "A captive audience," said one teacher, "must be protected." A COMPLETE IMMUNITY: Must be protected? How like Park- er to put subtle censorship over healthy exposure. Many considered Morning Ex just another instrument designed to shelter students from the evil realities of four-letter words, com- petition and karate. No one wants Parker's complete person to live in a world of half reality. AN EMBRYONIC HYPOCRISY: But Parker's well meaning protection is not a lonely inconsistency. Teaching responsibility ,fl . .li L A t s W3 180 - Committees by revoking it fAdvisory seating, less than controversial programsl, extend- ing limits by destroying them and attempting to encourage participation by forcing it tusl are serious and documented contradictions. BUT negativity is only con- structive as an enhancer of good. As an epitome of Parker's philosophy, Morning Ex has accomplished a great deal towards a vague but positive goal. This year's abundance of all- school Morning Ex's and Lower School programs planned by high schoolers encouraged a special unity. Various presentations incited enthusi- astic responses and the diversity of programs insured acknowledgement of special interests. Speakers Father Andrew Greeley, Gene Siskel, the 43rd ward aldermanic candidates and Pam Zeckman stimulated assimilated audiences. With a little suspension of disbelief and a little effort, the real motto isn't so foreign. Submitted, Ali and Elisa Left: Elisa left, Ali right. No, no, wait Ali left, Elisa right which is . .. Alinelisa Elisanali . . . forget it. We would like to give a special thanks to Brian Study, Alex Barnett, Molly Donahue and the maintenance staff. X 5 QQK4 I ff fi ff , f ' 1 f' j I ,f 1 J :g22flf 5 xAs4Q 4'u3 Q Q, . , ' ..,..,-, f.,. , H - f,.. -,-f .1 -,-f 4. f.f, , vf f--f k,.k,,k , kr ,,.k fk,,kf.!..f.., 4 nw, fk,,k ,U ..,,., ,nf .,.,.,,k f.,. ,TM k,V. .V .- U , ,f ' -ffl 1'1 Y ' ' 'i fi L I f ' 12 ,L f beQmr1lnQfe2f fQie Qs +12 ,h' 1112 4:fg:' mihf21i f'?Qf , 1 f2si2ffsL afaliafri?1 '," f1?f ,l1f- 2 m. h of fffff, ' X, 1 -L', fi "'fX1-'f 4 1'L 'Pia ',",kf 1 -"' 5-2-kf'1iY'1izi-Hr --" 745,31 k,,- -'lX 5 fX:' 1 -':- Z Xfziifiwy . f " A W 51415 4 M, Q f v"X ' , 'f 23 3 mf 9 is 2 gf-32 - f , :1s fai :six , - ., ff -, . , V fff--,, ,.., ,, ..... ,W ,,,... ,,W,,,fL-fr,M.Q U, ,,,.,V,,k, X, . ff ' X, K , . ,. . , ..,,. .,-, , ,ff. 4 0 . . mi: , , 'ffc.,'m.fMw, wnf.,,vf441LWJLZWMMMQ, yzW1g:VZ45q2g'5Lf':,f my 'f,-51' Bk , 'CTT' fl f I 5 152 it , , Gi .. ,X 1, ... fa' Left to Right: Pachina Henderson, Kimberly Pacion, Molly McPharlin, Lisa Thomas. if fa lls x fwfr T A 5- r"'5Q"' : I I f- Sfl, h .,J1u5:5 :.- - l, e l li W B M' 'wi n .glff mY I 6' ' I 49 . lash -. fag mx V i . Watch the drifting sand, Taken in by the rough w and The children answer. -Kimberly Pacion SVC "The Pathway of Life" When you get what you want for your struggle for self and the world makes you king for a day, just go to the Mirror and look at yourself and see what that man has to say. For it isn't your father or mother or wife whom judgement upon you must pass, the fellow whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back in the Glass. Some people may think you a straight shootin' chump and call you a wonderful guy, but the man in the Glass says "you're just a bum!" if you can't look him straight in the eyes. He's the fellow to please, and you've passsed your most diffi- cult test if the man in the Glass is your friend. You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life and get pats on your back as you pass, but your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you've cheated the man in the Glass! Amen -Christopher Barnes Phaedrus "What could be more fun than to collect short stories, poems and drawings done by my peers?" you might ask yourself. Compiling them and putting them into a magazine would be the answer, of course. This is what Phaedrus is all about. Phaedrus is a literary magazine. And it shows the community all of the creative talent at Parker iwhich in- cludes about everyone.l "What problems would I face in doing Phaedrus?" might be your next question. Well first of all you'd need a lot more money from student government which you'd beg the finance committee for land promise to do anything except put their picture on the coverl. You'd also have to go around and ask people to submit things which they're some- times to embarassed to do. "What would l do to make Phaedms look nicer?" you'd won- der. You would change printing com- panies and use a different kind of pa- per and type set. You would also put cool photographs in it to give it some variety and to jazz it up a bit. When putting on the final touches, you'd think of each page as a Picasso as you'd create exciting layouts. Now all you need is some glue. Then twenty typos and five paper cuts later you and your committee have created the best Phaedrus ever. Committees - 183 Social Committee GLTim!7! "What?" "Wake up. We have to go to the dance." "Dance?" "Yeah We're the Social Committee this year." "What time is it?" "Hurry up, it's 7:OO" "That's okay, no one will be there until 9:30 anyway." "It doesn't matter-we have to be there when the Freshmen show up." "Oh yeah. Who's the DJ, anyway?" "I guess we are." "Cool" Thus, with all the spirit and fore- thought generally associated with Parker students, the Social Commit- tee began the year. Following a Park- er tradition, we announced that the first dance of the year would be the infamous WELCOME FRESHMEN DANCE. It was hailed lat least by ourselvesl as the glorious return of Rock and Roll, and most students i where: See Map above. x B your final destination... The "Accurate Stamp and Dye" Warehouse! This social experience is being brought to you bg Timyileue and Jake Prudufiinns E I L 184 - Committees seemed pleased. Turnout was quite high fno pun intendedl, and we raked in a bunch 0' bucks. The next dance, however, was not quite as successful. It wasn't just unsuccessful, it sucked. OOOHH God did it suck. No one came. Homecoming. It was lousy. Music was good though. Okay. Well, maybe we're not the jackmaster DJ crew that we thought we were. De- feated, we called in the professionals. THE MASTERS THREE supplied the music for the next dance, bringing with them music, laughter, and kids we didn't know. Response to the dance was mixed, ranging from "It was the live-est dance Parker's ever seen" to "you guys sold out." Now we could sit here telling you about all the dances of the year, but we feel that you really want to know about what happened behind the scenes. Besides, this article was due in December, so those are the only dances we've had anyway. You know, it's funny fha hal being a social cigno noe 2 cz e: I committee head is a lot more difficult than it seems. You have to contend with getting the lunchroom reserved, getting chaperones, publicity, permission slips-a myriad of prob- lems. For example, we arrived at the WELCOME FRESHMAN DANCE to find the lunchroom filled with tables and chairs-the maintenance staff did not know about the dance. With a lot of extra work, we cleared out the room and no students ever knew. Pretty sneaky, huh? We've come to expect problems like these by now. However, kids keep coming to the dances, and we keep making money. And so we leave you with this motto: "Lead, A lot of lead. Lead put 'em down once, and lead will do it again. Lead." Film Society --.--...B my ., The Film Society at Parker School: Jeff Tancil, Jason Donahue, Joel Lederer, Eli Miller. 1- , 1 Film Society in 20 years. i EF ifilgl S-fi. it-T'i-X.-f -lfiqfi K .Q ,Lg g..gX.'-XX5 S 4 L -X gg 5 Xifl-Q -T14 ivlgif-35 55 55951 -iifxiif J if .ggi -X....X-.Xggfii St -. sr- f .xt XX Xr-Xssbs-.-et QX-X - -. '- ff T..-Sffi-XFQQQX5 i-QSSQQ-iii-ii 1iXi4:iSi3i1ii5 X F C.-SE-SFF-XFX-Xe.-iisi-SQ A-Sloisfi-E-xiii-X -X - XXXX. .XXX-X XX-XXxx.XxssXs.X X.-XX asc- X- RSX -. X. sbs-SX X1 S SX X X-.X-.S Y Ts'Xf-Y fx -X X ...x. ...X X .X ..w ..Xs XXXXXNXX. XXX.. M. .., ..X Q-f...if-Xs. iX1-.rssQswiss-Q2QXgSqXxwFQsXs isis-Xss-X-Q - - ff xi S-tit isks-533-4? iii? X-X532 ' Xewix- 5--ii-XSS-Xifww xv XX- wNNx X ,XX .XC.XsXXXQiQyX.XXk SX Xixsibxxxx XS s..xiQ.styX X X ., X. .XXL s -X X, X.g..f. - .- . X-K Xi -. X- .- . ti."-Xqf NSG- sSFXl-XP-X-XXX-.XXX-NN Q X.Xxy.x.. sy.. ...X XX U . .XXXSXXX .XA-ss. sxx.Xx..Xs.X. XXX, -j gcge QX XlfXSX.,Q.. XQXX. XXXXX yy-X XEXX- -jx,-X.X5S ,gg X - 41sw-1: Qsi111s1- Y5?SfF?-TN-I :aX l 3 45. -csNQQv X is - SYN -XXQ15 X NN XX-KIT:-X-Cs .Q .5 X.-Lf --jf X Q gg. .,1.qlXgQigSSXQXXSSXXQ35-K TXQXQSN-X.QX -- X. X, s. -- s -.5 .l XX X. 5 .5.jX -. 5-. . -- X -. X at -,XX 1-.-55 "Movies aren't torture" -Anonymous FACT: '86-l87: The Film Society will have made over S800-a record that is sadly destined to last for a long time. FACT: In '86-'87 the Film Society be- gan showing children's matinees which will probably become the main purpose of future Film Societies. FACT: The '86-'87 Film Society, thanks to Chris Antonow and Jason Levitt, revolutionized advertising throughout Parkerg introducing mass marketing, computer generated ad- vertisements, and showing previews. FACT: The '86-'87 Film Society was THE ONLY committee in the past decade to successfully get the Middle School involved in a high school com- mittee. FACT: The '86-'87 Film Society has showed a wide variety of high quality, entertaining movies, including Psy- cho, Rear Window, Animal House, Spinal Tap, Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians to name a few. FACT: Going to a '86-'87 Film Society movie was fun. Just ask the three people who went. "Gee, Jeff, your committee's a failure." -Freshmen Committees - 185 AFS By Evandro Dominques Being in Chicago and studying at Francis Parker are two things uncom- mon for an AFS student. For most of the students are sent to very small cities for suburbsl and to big public schools. I don't know and it is useless to speculate about how it would be if I were in a "common" situation, but I do know that I like the situation I'm in. I came from Rio de Janeiro land we don't speak spanish in Brazil, we speak Portugese.l. The marvelous city and I are already accustomed to the rush of big cities, but of course things are never the same, each city has its own way of being. The city of Chicago pleases me very much and although it is such a big city, I am very glad to see that it has been dealing well with problems concerning ecology. The things I have been see- ing, doing, hearing, are numberless as well. About the school, things are quite different, but don't ask me to compare. I see that the students are not only involved in several activities, but also interested in which way the school is going, building its philosophy and fate every day. Acting like this, everybody can prove that principles don't work if they are only words and books. For they need to be lived as Top: Sue Levine and Andrea Crane smile for the camera with the schools exchange student, Evandro. Bottom: Evandro and Mr, Brainard have really hit it off being the two new mem- bers of the Parker Community. 186 - Committees 4 , Q well. I also appreciate that the deci- sions are taken from the bottom to the top in a way which everybody can have his voice heard. What AFS gives me is something one is not able to find out until he is living it. Because of the false informa- tion around us just to confuse it is really important to be abroad, to know a different people and culture so that we will be able to see the dif- ferences and respect them. To discuss a little more about the same essence we all carry inside ourselves, H2116 W I ff 4 Y 5 ff ,gi f 7' X 3 r' ff 7 f K f , 4 .1 0 ,4 y - if 7 My ff Z ' I af 'i echnical Staff li g,.J l vi l lflllllll ibilflf lllilli itil? .18 rig? Running Student Lounge has been harder than we imagined it would have been. We never really thought that there could have been so many prob- lems ordering couches. Our first set of couches managed to disappear when Parker's Bazaar four storage place for the couchesl closed down. Of the two couches we finally found, out of the four that we originally had, only 1 was still in good shape, the other had a busted leg. Then we were stopped by Mr. Dust while bringing a couch up- stairs. He explained that we needed something sturdier. So the two of us looked into sturdy couches, and found out that there was no such thing. Eventually it became clear to us that our choice were the cat boxes for what- ever you want to call themi or nothing. We decided that we would rather have the cat boxes. There was a huge or- deal in trying to get the boxes, since nobody really seemed to want them. lf Mr. Dust hadn't stepped in then they probably never would have arrived. After they arrived, they were greeted with approval by the students. Our next goals are not easy tasks ei- ther. First we would like to purchase a pay phone. We are excited about this phone, because if we can get this Although the Parker technical crew is not often seen on the stage, they can usually be found under or over it, in the light booth, or attempting to lo- cate a microphone. Being a member of the Tech Crew, however, involves a great deal more than turning lights on and off and responding to the command of, "next" during a slide show. Building and painting the sets, setting lights, and organizing sound for both plays and morning Exercises are only a few tasks a crew member must face. Despite the few trials and tribulations which occur, the successful completion of a show more than makes up for it. As a result of the production of Damn Yankees the schools supply of stage flats was greatly increased leaving many more opportunities for exciting new sets. That and a new space in the shop room for storage will make tech easi- er with more room to have fun. Student Lounge phone it would mean an income paid to the student government. We would also like to try to get the food ban lifted. lf not in the whole school then in the lounge only. All these goals are for next year but considering all of the obstacles that Student Lounge has had to over- come, it still has been more than worth the effort. Committees -187 Special Services and Amnesty Due to the lack of support and enthusiasm, it has been difficult to involve Parker students with local, as well as global, social service issues. We have held one blood drive with American Red Cross. We have at- tempted to sell Parker tank tops and cardigans. We adopted a young boy in South America, through the foster parent plan based in Rhode Island. Our unique system of fund raising has already raised the first month's payment. We will make all of the payments for him until September 1987, Our successors will take over after that. With the minimal amount of student support we have had, we did everything possible. Amnesty lnternational is a world wide organization for preserving hu- man rights. It's main purposes are to stop torture and to release those pris- oners who are being held unjustly. Amnesty attempts to achieve this goal by soliciting letters from people around the world. These letters are directed at those governments or or- ganizations which practice torture or deny basic human rights. The Parker chapter of Amnesty lnternational is headed by Eric Antanow and Tim Riff, with Bernard Markwell as the faculty advisor. This year Amnesty has been effective with the help of the other representatives from each grade, and for the first year, the Parker chapter of Amnesty lnternational has a bank account, which allows room for more action. In addition, an extremely successful benefit was held this year at Parker, which provided over 1800 letters, and an increased awareness of the cause. Next year there will be new heads of the Parker chapter, who will, hopefully, continue the success of the Parker chapter of Amnesty International. 188 - Committees 6 at Q X, W? M Carita Gardiner and Eric Antonow show signs of anger in reference to their committee. so-, l ,f , Eric Antonow and Tim Riff laugh at the thought of no longer writing letters to help those in need Health Education The Health Education Gang look so healthy and happy!!! This year, the health education panel was extremely productive. The main goal of the committee is to provide information for the Parker community relating to all aspects of health from such topics as drug and alcohol abuse to eating disorders, aids and stress, The panel achieved this in many ways. A bulletin board was located in the high school hall with new topics every two months. The board offered articles, statistics, surveys, and hot-lines concerning all areas of health. Another format the panel used to inform the students was morning exercise. This year such topics as eating and sleeping disor- ders and stress were addressed. Also, the topic of drinking and driving with a strong emphasis on prom. The most significant accomplishment of the year, however, was the completion of the Family Connection. The Fam- ily Connection is a booklet which was written in Texas for a small com- munity by a group of teachers, parents, and students concerning communication between parents and students. Two years ago the health education panel was introduced to the book and with permission decided to edit it to apply to our own small community. With a great deal of work, the editing process was finished and the Family Connection will be published and introduced to Parker by fall, 1987. The health education panel was pleased with the success of its efforts and is already planning ahead for next year. Committees - 189 Academic Clubs Latin Club Totae re. Sub solem! Quid agit? This past year has been a fruitful one for the Latin Club. From a Chinese dinner before the Fall Play to bowling and pizza, the Latin Club has partied from morning 'til night. You might ask what these events have to do with Latin. The answer is simple- spirit. As Latin is a dead language, we in the Latin Club have devoted our outings towards resurrecting the spirit of ancient Roman decadence. In Rome people knew how to have fun. For each work day there was a holiday and the Latin Club's goal is to let its members relive that "bop 'til you drop" attitude. So, to those Frenchmen who think theirs is the language of food and romance, I would like to remind you that French is only the imperfect child of Latin, language of gluttony and orgies. Semper ubi sub ubi. Special Chorus For forty minutes at least twice a week, numerous members of the High School meet for Special Chorus. We begin by warming-up-an experi- ence we all enjoy. Next come the songs and oh, what songs they are. Vespers was a resounding success, as was the Spring Concert. Chorus is al- ways exciting and fewer people are getting kicked out every day. The chorus motto: "As clerkes finden" certainly rings true. Bottom: Eric looks for extra work to do for his favorite classg Special Chorus. 190 - Committees Math Club For the first time in Parker history a math club has been organized by mathematician Peter Barrett. Existing members include sophomores, juniors and seniors all trying to achieve per- fection on Illinois math competition tests. Beginning in February after many hours of instruction, the club took the first recorded test. One doesn't have to be an official member of the math club to take the tests, one could just come and take the tests when they were announced. The test included problems of algebra and geometry word prob- lems. There are six questions one must solve in a half an hour. Five of the top scores are added together, the optimal number of points being thirty. The club scored nineteen on the first test then sixteen on the sec- ond test. Although this was quite pa- thetic, the club took no serious offense at the fact that seventy-five percent of the other schools participating did better. One point Parker can cheer about was that al- though we lost to Providence St. Mel in basketball, the club kicked their butts in math. Top: The Math Club in all their glory. Center: Mr. Barret works very closely with his fun bunch of Match 32 students. Bottom: Bob and Darryl study hard for their Latin parva. Committees - 191 Outing Club Exchange This year the outing club will start a new tradition. In the past, the out- ing club has gone on several small trips throughout the year and occa- sionally has gone on one larger trip. Unfortunately, none of the trips were usually well attended by high school students. I remember, sophomore year, I was one of the four people who went to the Indiana Dunes outing club trip. Last year, on the beautiful Cumberland Island off the southeast coast of Georgia, there were twenty five people representing Parker. Unfortunately, only ten of them were actually high school students. This year, we have limited outing club trips to members of the high This year's Exchange Committee overcame the one obstacle that hin- dered it in past years. lt was able to pass a proposal that allowed students to go on exchanges on regularly scheduled class days. With the support of Frank Brainard, the com- mittee was received with much enthusiasm. The first exchange was to New Trier. Although Exchange overcame one obstacle, it was confronted with another. Many stu- dents signed up to go on the ex- change that for one reason or another should not have, so instead of having 20 people go, only eight were allowed to go. Later in the year Diane Fitzgerald approached the committee with an school. We are only sponsoring two trips to guarantee large attendance on both trips. The smaller of the two trips was a one day trip in the spring. We planned to take a bike trip along the beach north into Evanston, Illinois. This trip does not demand great physical strength, and therefore at- tracted all kinds of students. The second and larger outing club trip going to be an encore of the Cumberland Island trip during April vacation, but it had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We used this as an opportuni- ty to investigate our possibilities. Our goals for the trip were to find a warm and beautiful, isolated and sandy Cumberland-like atmosphere. We researched all of Northern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina's state parts. We discovered that South Carolina was too cold, and Georgia's islands were either too touristy or filled up. We therefore concluded that Florida was our best option for the large group. A record twenty four high school students signed up for the trip. Chaperones were surprisingly eager to supervise the lively bunch. Both trips proved successful in terms of attendance and fun. This has, therefore, been a successful out- ing club year. I Carolyn Faber and Carita Gardiner. Liz Feiertag, Allison Greenwald and Mimi Rocah. 192 - Committees exchange with Evanston Township. But instead of it being for one day for 20 people, it was for four people. Other exchanges included those with Highland Park I-Iigh and Kenwood Academy. The 1987 Exchange Committee, although did not have as many ex- changes as liked, was the first to alle- viate the restrictions that hindered the progress of the committee and with that, the hope for a stronger, more effective committee for the fu- ture. . g, M, Q 5 ,lx 4? w w as W , w f. -5' ...- 5 . I ,L c 5 X wg , . -xv 1 N iff Anim! Committees -193 RECORD As you're reading this Record, you may want to stop and think for a minute how much work was put into it. You take for granted that this issue is in your hands, just like you took for granted that someone else would put it together. Imagine, Sunday night, deadline Mon- day, exactly six girls sitting in a base- ment screaming at each other because the tension is so great. Trying to turn out 200 pages by the next morning. They've stayed up the previous two days until 5:30 a.m. and they're just about at their wits end. Nobody volun- teering. They didn't make it. Oh sure, people gave themselves credit, they had volunteered one or two nights the whole year, but that was only one fiftieth of the work that needed to be done. The rest was left up to the devoted editors. "Editors" changed meaning, instead of looking over their committees and editing the material, they became the committee and created the material. Now we must look to the future, we could complain and we have the right to complain forever, but hopefully you get the point. Now you must decide where to go from here!! .I :zu -- , ,fr-.1115 11.5 'tab 194 - Committees Chairperson: Elisa Tamarkin Copy Editors: Liz Cicchelli Liz Feiertag Photo Editors: Chris Olin Eric Antonow Layout Editors: Amena Hashmy Mari Philipsborn Ad Editors: Anne Heche Amy Landecker Art Editors: Lenke Wood Peter Steinberg Sena Rosenberg Special Thanks To- Jake Brody Paul Stepan Ali Flaum Tracy van Straaten Lisa DeFarria Ali Ruttenberg Melissa Mitchel Mr. Brainard Mr. Dust Maintenance Mrs. Ely Thanks To: Ami Berger Jenny Schoenstadt Natalie Bullock Katerina Christopolos Toni Williams Josh Goldman Peter Keim Mr. Gleason Sasha Earl Jane Lerner David Shafton Jeremy Trister Jessica Sandler Pachina Henderson I . .ss -,-,,"s:x'l' 4 "' 'ww iii il n, lv Q. . . F ' pc ' Q v X ' "'B4' 1' fi x ' "' iv: -- -Y-111 Z it " ,.I'r,Nv -A ,,,i,,,-:gem , ,I .s.-I .k -N I-ei' as-M Shut Up, Mari!" . . . I can't believe it's 4:30 a.m .... Who needs help? . . . Sleep, what the hell is sleep? . . . I don t care anymore if it comes out late! . . . 339.00 and a car on the sidewalk . . . My Dad wants me to lose my virginity-LIE!!! . . . I'm irritable, I'm pissed off, and I want to smash heads!!! . . . Homework? . . . Committees - 195 M4 N:- 5 CHAOTIC- Cka ot ikj very confused, completely disordered. By Peter Barrett When your daily schedule, as a ninth-grader, allows you no more than 3 lunch periods a week lone of them 15 minutes longl while, as a twelfth- grader, it provides you with 5-hour breaks on Monday and Wednesdayg when your annual schedule has you preparing for final exams in every month from November to May except for December and April when you take SAT'sg when the library has only three tables to study at and someone else is always using the conference roomsg when the only place you can relax is in the hallways where people step on you and teachers say you're rude when you donit move your legsg when the one course you really want to take has a class size limit of 24 and you get 61 in the registration lottery but you know you can fal trade registration with a friend or fbi talk the teacher into letting you take the course anyway or fcl get your ad- visor to arrange somethingg when your locker has a combination lock which you can't use because some- body lbut you don't know whoi has all the combinationsg where your sup- posedly no-religious-affiliation school gives you a two-week to celebrate a Christian holiday at the end of De- cember but gives no time off at all after you've suffered through three days of language and math mid-year examinations . . . somehow, calling this a lack of organization and plan- ning doesn't quite describe the situa- tion. CHAOS is what we've got, and of course we love it. Top: Could there be a happier couple? Mid- dle: Brendan discusses his behavior with Brainard. With devilish eyes, Harney looks for another victim. Side: ln one of Parkeras infa- mous love triangles, Amy tries to save Tim from the wrath of Bernie. 198 - Faculty Histor Department Frank Brainard John Leary Bernard Markwell "WVR Risk Takers-"Parker students are willing to take a chanceg a fine attribute, indeed." Dance-"Oh body swayed to music, O brightening glance, How can we know the dancer from the dance." 'vs ' Word-"ln the beginning was the Word, and the Word was' with God, and the Word was God." John McClintock Robert Merrick Society--"Parker is a school A very good one immersed in a society of seekers of personal excell- ence." Q Opportunity-"To make choices, to succeed, to fail, to accept the conse- quences of our acts, to start the process of knowing ourselves, to grow, and become fearless." Faculty -199 English Department William Duffy Intense-"Because the faculty who are here and the parents who send their kids here, are mostly over achievers so no one is able to relax." Bonnie Seebold Peter Green Change-"Parker has changed a great deal in the six years since I graduated. Change at Parker is not good if traditions and philisophical beliefs are tossed to the side." Katheryn Smith iff? Glib-"Because my Chamber Theater class was glib. And we are quintessen- tial Parker." 200 - Faculty Bright-"The students are bright, curious, and eager for ideasg the rooms are bright from the light of the open courtyard and the walls are bright with creative work." Andrew Kaplan Chartreuse-"Because it's not logical." Marie Kirchner Stone Responsibility-"That's the only Parker word, responsibility to people, to ideas, to things." Math Department Peter Barret TOUI Campbell ...W 2' Linda Triplett Chaos-HIS what Wave got, and of Home-"After all, I've spent more course We love its, years in this building than any other place in my life, and we all have a ten- dency to 'Let our hair down' here." is Barr Mccutcheon Melanie Trimble NOT AVAILABLE Chaos-uwhyjp Have you been Hectic-"Always too much to do in around this school long?" too short a time. ' Fifi ' ' Language Department Joel Dure Jan English Leary Debra Lowe "Fun and Depressing, 202 - Faculty l " Vitality-"Although chaotic at times, our vitality is the most heartening as- pect of this school." Constance Tripp Marsha Creative Chaos-"I am definitely a product of Parker, I cannot even give one word when asked." Brumleve Wagner NOT AVAILABLE Enigmatic-"Commendable educa- tion." Music Department Bart Wolgamont Lucius Bell I I "'? Q 1 My , fflrr I I Listening-"This isn't my word, it's Harmonic-"Just as in music, the my dream." elements of Parker are designed to fit workably well together." 50m'1i9 DOIIYIHY John Frantz Marybeth Harding ji xp -L' AI av-wr I" NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE Sallie Lund Irene Quirmback Xwy x rgnl W 4 NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE Faculty - 203 Science Department Cliff Barsevich Anne Marie Fries ff' " H4 7 5 N, ,I , 5 !,, If 'Q , ? ? ff Aj f' "I hear . . . and . . . and I forget I see . . . and I remember I do . . . and I understand." JO Birkrrleyef Maryanne Kalin Linda Katz f fwff fkff-1' ", " X his f f ,. B 1 Wu we if If wif ff f . , ,wif V ,ff f f Y , M W f l' f , W fy 6,6 f X Insular-"5tUCl2UfS Pfofected from People-"The people at Parker have Synergistic-"Groups of peoples' in- real world, it's hard knocks." made a difference in my life because of teractions result in larger, louder, more their enthusiasm and wisdom. They exuberant outpourings of words, etc. have always encouraged me to grow." than each group could put out individ- ually." Eric Skalinder P. Zaraga Imperceptible-"Not plain or dis- tinct to the senses or the mind. The functioning and the process of educa- tion which occurs here is far more sub- tle than people recognize." 204 - Faculty Physical Education Department Chris Griffiths P . L . J' f G . Opportunity-"Parker gives mem- bers of its community the opportunity to become involved in numerous areas. This develops the whole persong physically and emotionally." Pat Mcl-lale Entropic-"Despite our efforts, this school appears to onimic the universe by constantly moving toward randomness of state." Steve Polous Flexable-People here learn to bend and stretch without breaking." Pat Shaefer 11-5 Tradition-"I grew up going to a camp each summer-that meant Tra- dition to me. My first year at Parker kept reminding me of my camp exper- iences, I love tradition." Jan Steffens N--. all Unique-"Francis W. Parker School is unique because rather than treating their students as children they are treated as young adults." Faculty - 205 206 - Faculty Drama Department Paul Druzinsky Dan Reichel f-:iff '- Q - 1 ,l,Q Q. Hectic-"Because you never know Leadership-"This isn't my word which end is up." but my dream," Ruth Byrnes Not Available Art Department Diane Fitzgerald Roger Gleason My W9 , X ,l UH! V WS. . . ....,,,, L 4,1 Enterprising-"The institution is en- "It's very complicated." ergetic, bold, and full of initiative. If only we could end the visual chaos!" Mark Mattson JO Roof Bob Steffens 1 "--III 1-1 um,-vi' Not Available N01 Available Faculty - 207 Administration Left: Elaine Whitman and Laurel Carlsen. Above: Fred Dust and Frank Brainard Q' mm 'bw Left: Georganna Kovanda, Hertha Falt, Eleanor Williams, Florence Wachtler, and Mercy Mendez. Right: Norma Nelson, Anne Nagle, and Cathryn Livingston. ,Q 1 7 l . VQ MWAX . f W Above: Terry Bentivegna and Barbara Baldwin. Right: Fae Webster. 208 - Faculty lv l Freddie Smith, Barbara Cortez, Eliza- beth Burns, Pat Powers, Geraldine . Senese, Angels Colletti, and Michael D. Barnett. Q- Left: Marie Stone. Middle: Patsy Wynne. Absent: Sue Ettelson. Right: Norma Nel- son. HI, J f-3 ,fn .-qi TW' . Patsy Davies. Kathryn M. Sullivan, Jacqueline Rudman. and Nancy Dann. 04 Absent: Alice Ducas. Jose Reyes. Carmen Senese. Jimmy Contreras, Walter Kyles, and Mike Welsh, Absent: Handy l, Walker Faculty - 209 LAST CALL FOR musicians interested in kicking around tunes of the 30's and 40's. Strictly ama- teur.jim BeIl383-3l39. ADOPTION: HAPPILY MARRIED, secure, loving doctor and wife seek infant to love and share our lives. All expenses paidi Private, legal, confiden- tial. 248-536l. GAYAND MARRlED?'We're a group of men who meet twice-monthly for support and fellowship. Write GMM, Box l0l92, Chicago 606I0 or call 327-8499. MANAGEMENT - BOOKING AGENCY wanted by hot music group. Seasoned, dedicated musi- cians, some of the finest in town. Performing jazz, blues and pop-rock originals to the utmost de- gree. Record contract will be sought. A must to call. 95l-795l. SECURITY GUARD INTERESTED in full time ca- reer work, I have college degree and State of Illi- nois 20 hour certificate for unarmed security work. I also have MP background. j.A. P.O. Box 87l2O, Chicago, IL 60680-OI20. LEAD VOCALIST TO front urban rock band, I0 Second Delay. Must be musically proficient and absolutely serious. Contact Dave, 883- l042. MOVIE MEMORABILIA. CASH for posters, mag- azines, lobby cards, stills, etc. Car, 323 S. Franklin Bldg, Suite 804, Chicago. IL 60606. PQYSOIIZIS CLASSIFIED USERS PLEASE NOTE: New classi- fied rates will be effective with the April 3, l9B7 is- sue. Commercial classifieds will cost SIO. for 25 words or less, plus 5011 each additional word. Cur- rent rates will apply to all ads placed before the deadline forthe March 27 issue. BOBBY RIEGER formerly of the Esquire Hotel: You have a small inheritance from your Uncle Her- man who passed away. Please call your sister Patty in Columbus, Ohio, or write Reader reply no. 6070S.f DOES ANYONE KNOW what Royal Yukon Blue is? l've seen all those little Tribune ads 'Royal Yu- kon Blue wanted,' etc. What is it?f ANYONE WHO WITNESSED an automobile collision occurring at 5:40 am, Sunday, I I 19186, at the intersection of Ashland and North Avenue. please call 782-9000, ask for Mr. Winter.f THANKSGIVING NOVENA TO St. jude. Oh, Holy St. jude, apostle and martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsmen ofjesus Chrust, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent peti- tion and return I promise to make your name known and cause yours to be invoked. Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Mary's, 3 Glories, for 9 consecutive days. St. jude pray for us all who invoke your aid. Amen.j - LAZER ZONE MEDUSA'S Lazer Zone Medusa's. Have you ever dreamed about blasting your way into a futuristic laser gun battle? Dream no more. lanr 7i-mp ic L...-. mf., , ..:,i-A M..- V... .-. OUR LADY: I doubt pelting me with rolls of Char- min would make.a good commercial. How about you lating on rows of rolls, whispering, 'Wipe me, baby, wipe me good'. MR. WI-IIPPLE. EAST LANSING LADY: Intreat me not to leave thee, for whither thou goest, I will go. Mitak Oyasin. Long Drink ofSiIence. NO MISTAKING THIS one,..This one's for you. Ted. I love you, I need 'you, I want to be your wife. Talk dirty to me, make me cum. lt's a Kitty. GD HEADS: Let's hear Sailor Saint Estimated Eyes to open Thursday night. PHONE SEX IS...dlsco for the 80's. Cheap, trashy and trendy. This message has been brought to you in living color by johnny Guitar. ' jAKE TAHOE: Hey there brother, I thought you were workin' the Catskills. joe Tahoe. MAG the more I see, the more I like. RR Donelly. THE PRODUCERS WISH to thank all who sent their pictures and resume for the dramatic film entitled 'Pootski'. Best wishes in all future endeav- ors. DINO - HEY, BABE! It took me a while, but I fi- nally typed one for you. Surprised? Lynn. CETACEAN LADY: l'LL have to talk with jude. He takes the shortcuts sometimes. j. Hovah Sr. DR. SEUSS VIA Brian Damage: That sentence has always conjured up very obscene images for me. ILove your pseud, by the wayj Basil Metabolism. CAROLYN DIANA HALL. How can I get in touch? Michael. f5l2j 994- I 690. Collect. DIANA: l'm frozen here waiting for a glimmer of interest. Could it be you are as shy as I am? Tired ofjust Looking. ' PORNOGRAPHY IS NOT violence. One man's peeping is another man's whore. Dream Cabbage. Does anyone withoug severe brain damage REALLY give a shit about the Grammys? I mean, NO METALLICA! NO SLAYER! NO ANTHRAXI Why bother. IF I EVER catch a rapist on a chilly winter night, l'll carve him into pieces, and burn him in the Devil's sight. Sinister Minister. A MESSAGE TO you, Bossy: l've'been gone pal vis- iting - have you written me back yet? Oh, by the way - who are you? Boheme. GIRLS: ARE YOU an inny or outy? Diamondite or Almondine? Horizontal or Vertical? 'Fess up Cuz Summer is coming 8i l'm the...Naval Inspector. GUY WHO'S GONE Awry: Take your own advice and fly those fucks to Concept Gone Awry. That is if you'reaIly Concept Gone Awry in which case you can go fly yourself. 4 81 20 Boobirds. THE SCRAWL OF the Wild: The advantage of sex over money is that it is possible to get enough sex. AND THEN lT'S just me in a rented suit. NICOLETTA VON GOTTBLUT: My pont was simply that you may be inspiring others to do and think things they ordinarily wouldn't. ls it true you're co-habitating with Brother Ken in Melrose IS ANYBODY OUT there? I want some excite- ment. Where do I find it? Blue Suede Pseud. MR. BLUE: TRUE love? Where? It seems unattain- able to me. I repeatedly give every ounce of my affection and faithfulness and he repeatedly leaves. Psyclone. RANSFORD. I GUESS you'll have to break out the vase again. Here's a shanrock to help you cele- brate Saint Patrlck's Day. Brown-Eyed Angel. KATHERINE- WE STAND apart only in anticipa- tion, and wake only with longing. AHS Boy. ROLY-POLY LITTLE Bat Faced Ten... So-just get high while the radio's on...adjust the lights 8ising a song... 8i drive your car up on the lawn...8i take the skinheads bowling...take them bowling...Ciao Babe...l gots 2 mambo... REGRESS FOR SUCCESS: Congratulations on your new acquisition and happy anniversary! One who took in two strays. TOPEKA ZOO: I'M back from my rest. Attack those Smiths! Psychic Vampire. FOR A HILL, men would kill. The Watcher. TOPEKA ZOO: THERE once was a band called the Smiths, drooling in ignorant bliss, churning out tons of plastic piss. Color me Morrissey! johnny Rourke. THIS TIME I sent Chris a good lotto ticket. Major Tom. MS. GODIVA: THE only honor that I seek, is to worship at your feet. Have read Montague's work per your order to pet. Count Masoch. RONALD, HOWEVER, WAS ostracized by his constituents, and fellow politicians, and barely was able to waddle his way through his lame duck term. FRITZ QUADRATA. YOU probably are a mass murderer, but still a really swell guy. Parker Mc- Street. 4 NOW THE CYCLE is complete and I, again, stand alone to face the world. Where is she when I need her? Robert ofthe Lake. FS SCHAAL: BEWARE of the party elements in 7th period. Grant them any 8i all. Bolshevik. IFA MAN lies with a man as one lies with a woman, it is detestable. They must be put to death. QLeviti- cus 20: I 3j. SUNSHINE: I'M AN not 'giving hours of pleasure' to anyone. But of course there only two I would. I wish they would only let mel Sharkskin. WHAT DO YOU mean you don't know who I am? -sparky. CORNMAN: BLOW AWAY with the rest of the kernals. OF THE TWO, she is the one. Because of the many she can never be the one. Why? RPKID. 2 MY 2 favorites, Dan 81 Bill lets do it again at Ham- iIton's each Thurs. nite...intimately speak-ing, Twi- light Zone 81 Indian Princess. SEX OVER THE phone is a pain in the ass! How would you like to have a plastic phone under your ass during intercourse? Ms. Godiva. shoot back. L! N.SheWmMf opening atMf cial price off Zone open 6:5 until dawn, IE: our classihed' THEPRBON tional televisicl around. The S' oooopod QUOTE OF T to be the next tune, I had toj my ribs is dislcf the big wheel j' jim mom MI esting, butthef MOTHERME ity and vision: dawn ofsanityi THANKYOE Rose. ISANYONEI superior fema Party Planner. MS. GODIVA: can make it upf see women as natural superi- Please write ag S E N I OF Tito JL QUINYITSSC flect dlsappro' fore you app enough? SENSITIVE N close, yet worl points unlesst trieve? PRAYER TO ' You who mak show me thei me the divine that is done ti this dialogue v to confirm oni rated from yo sires may be. ones in Your for Your lovel this prayerth: for a favor, tl quest and it sl your wish will may be. Pron as your favorl CYCLE OF Ll former living funeral pyre- I THE GRADL alot. Good co ARGUS: FAI' about yourse HEY TEST E vote and a shouldnt Ma sure you can' Signed Mindl er Zone is now at Medusa's, 3257 azer Zone celebrates its grand isa's on Saturday nights with a spe- WCS for Only 53. Medusa's Lazer Ipm-l0:30pm, under IB. Midnight id over. For more information see der notices.f 1: I'VE been in-Philadelphia. Na- .y'know. Spin this great big world eamer. .DO do. C'mon Rocky Boy. E week: Although I was scheduled contestant on the Wheel of For- ecline due to the fact that one of .ated and l'd never be able to spin operly. JUSAQ: I find the white very inter- revious color was very appealing. CURY: A glimpse of hope and un- of one sweet union. The day will Jack to humans. Black Queen. SAINT jude for favors received. ITERESTED in having a party for :sand lowly males? Let me know. lapologize if I upset you. I hope I o you. I agree with you and want to ert their superiority. I'm reading rity. I'll let you know what I think. iin. Slaveboy. S - Good luck NIORS. hard to resist you. My no's only re- al of your actions with others be- oach me. Wny others? Aren't I DSE? ALWAYS attentive? Works sthe whole field? Knows, holds his e bird runs? Consistent, gentle re- l-IE Holy Spirit. Dear Holy Spirit. me see everything and You who ay to reach my idea. You who give ilt to forgive and forget the wrong me and You who are with me. lin Int to thank you for everything and :more that I never wish to be sepa- no matter how great material de- want to be with You and my loved erpetual glory. Amen, Thank you lwarids me and my loved ones. Pray ie consecutive days without asking in on the third day make your re- Ill be granted. After the third day. egranted no matter how difficult it ie to publish this dialogue as soon isbeen granted. BL. This works. E. As she chosoes to return to her eath, I am reborn again from the ive Phoenix. TE: GO for it. Misslady loves you tolation too. A.C. Angeley. LIAR SLAVEBOY prose? Tell me Slaveboy. KT. If Daley got 9506 of the black aiority of the white vote. Why Ir Washington get the same? I am Ive a honest answer you ugly bigot. iber. THESE AMERICAN PIGS scream in my taxi every time I speed through a red light. In my country, such cowardice would not be tolerated. Alien, I'M GOIN' OUT and run over some old ladies. Driver Against Drunk Mothers. RECORD: Congrats on a great yearbook! Kitty CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES: DO you believe in love? What I mean is, what exactly is love? It's so easy 2B hurt. ls it worth it? Punky. FAULKNER MIGHT IUST have stopped drinking for the chance to watch you for a long, hot sum- mer. LITTLE NYMPHO SOUNDS like a deal to me, I have at least two things I think you'll enjoy. Hard deal to pass up. Lingus. SAMMY SOMETIMES: WHY would you want 2B alone when you can be surrounded by people? If you have true friends-savor them, you're lucky. Punky. KNIGHT OF CUPS I rule from the 2l degree Aquarius to the 20 degree. Pisces. DEVIL IN A black dress: Something happened to me, I can no longer doubt it. Must have been you. lumped up Pantry Boy. I IUST LOVE properly done punctuation. I never skip a period and get off on exclamation points. No colon trouble for me. Punk Shoe Ation. THREE DAMNED SOULS in Distress- l'm con- cerned, what can I do to help? Or what will you let me do? Printer's Devil. UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL. NO, I didn't. I entered some contests but I didn't win. Were you there? Anything interesting happen? limmie Durannie. PUZZLED: EVERY NEWSPAPER has features for slower readers. That's why there'll ,always be a place in the Personals for the Marlboro Man, Pro- fessor Shulian and His Peers, The Superior Intel- Iects. GIZMO: HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to usl Critter Lady. THE OPERATION WAS a success: Later, the duck with his new human brain, went on to be- come the leader of a great flock. QUINN: lT'S NOTwhether I become your 'lover,' but that I do love you. My lover is still unborn to me as he was before. SOME, FEAR DIEING alone, never having found their love. I dont fear dieing alone, I have loved an- yway. Si02. AN WE WERE TO evolve into a loving race, free of gender barriers, loving all for the sake of love. Then they created AIDS. SIRROCO: WANT FRIENDSHIP, provide the time. I'll do as he had, take thetime he hasn't, show you me while the opportunity presents itself. Saga, DEAR TEST DIRT U are a jerk, I bet U live in Ci- cero, Berwyn, or the Southwest or Northwest Side. By the way when is the next cross burning? Royal Chief Rocker. IULY 4TH ODYSSEY: Her body slumped deep into the armchair. As her gaze became riveted on the slowly rotating crystal, his voice softly intoned 'Look.' PERSONAL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'Z'. Friday 03X l3!87. Love- WAH Z- EK. .n.,....,-.......,, -.I,.--..., , edging him as I did. GPS, IR. HUGH M. BING - Are U nuts? Back off B4U get lapped off. TROUBLE IN PARADISE. THE READER STAFF made another typo. The Breakfast Club is pissed. We are. an Athlete. a Princess, a Brain, a Basket Case and a Criminal, RED ON WHITE, the CampbelI's soup cans...back on the shelf - Andy WarhoI's dead...? Damian ?Fleshj. I IUST WAGERED on stupid human tricks and won 75 cents! Dave says not to because he wants all the profit for himself. Capitalist Pig. EYESPY: THE FEELING is intense. He grips you with his eyes. And then you realize a sense of ur- gency, tonight. It's RedHot. Monster. THE QUALITY CONTROL around here is totally unacceptable. Commas and periods inserted at random, capitalizations omitted, words mispelled. Typesetter the Ripper is hard at work. Punk Shoe Ation. TAKE YOHAND 8- put yohand in mine 8- tell me that U'll never leave me...4ever, Zgether, 2Iuvers fall 4ever...this luv will last. CONDITIONED SOUL - A renewed friendship is worth more than a pound of reefer. Looking for- ward to sharing summers and the rocks. Newest wave. ANNIE. FRIENDS LIKE you are rare. Thanks for listening flittle girlj. quad left. SIRROCOZ SO WHAT had you really -gained? Your now alone, even more than when you were with me. lm still here, still in love. Saga. IQ. MURDER: And if you have tive seconds to spare l'll tell you the story of my life. You. You. You. You. You. DB: You bishop, me pawn, this old bit, arghl - GIZMO. WHO PLACES HELPLESS babies into the arms of unfit, unsuitable, unwilling, murderous parents? The noble anti-abortionists, who love fetuses and hate babies. Ex member. LUNCHTIME ROCK: Bacon, Lettuce 'nd Tomato Overdrive. ETERNAL VIRGIN - FIRST, please define 'decent.' Second, why are you dissatisfied with the gay community? Masculine Queen. STEF - OH...THE sex dance...once more please! It was great when it all began, I was a regular Frankie fan... hot breaths galore! GAS: MY OIL leaks whenever I think about you. Romeo DeVoid. ZNITE l'M ALL alone in my room..,l'll go in- sane...If U won't sleep wfme l'Il still B wf U...Gonna meet U on the astral plane. NICOLETTA: WE ARE all Vanna White, in our own little way. Android. XENO: GETTING RID of the albatross. I know you very wellj You are unbearable. just kidding. Tell sister 'Sheila take a bow'. Hanukkahhouse. CHAOS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY la little Iatej. Hope the year brings you love, joy. and happiness for at least large sums of cashl. Entropy. QUIN: YOURE NOT high, lust horny, Please un- derstand that our friendship must strengthen be- fore I'm to consider fucking l'rn SO'ry, thats lust howlam. Dazed. l W-' 212-Ads Dear MARCUS, FELICITACION! "You can soar De Sigrid to bigger and better Victor Eduardo heights." y Dilva The Sanchez Family ip A but u P '-:f X M75 wx 1. .la iq L To the guys, We shared four Cthreeb great years together: the good times and the bad times, the joys and the sorrows the triumphs and the defeats, and lots of beer. Thanks, Olin PAUL-to one very special person from four not to secret admirers. All our love. A515 - 213 Mom, Dad, Sal iyi and Eric To o reol pioneer, 'Q C W9 Love You! "The reward of a thing well done, Dgd Mgfn is to have done it." Jack Sfacy Ralph lgfggdpgggerson ond Sieve. Love and Congratulations! Mom and Dad .af - Ads "Mike is not home at the present time. If you dialed the wrong number you just wasted a dime. Leave your message right after the beep and I'll call you back before I go to sleep. This is the end of my little rhyme so leave your message right after the chime. Leave your name and your number, too, and I'll make sure I get right back to you." Daddy and Mommy, When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way. Now those days are gone and I'm not so self assured, now I find I've changed my mind, and opened up the door. Help me if you can I'm feeling down, and I do appreciate you being round. I LOVE YOU- what more is there? -Ienny ' dear jenny, so long and thanks for the bathroom! love, kim ng, Ls' 1 1. ' V was f 4 f To SPLENDITA- A wonderful young woman- With Congratulations. Much Love. and "once imagination on her daring flight reached boldly for confident l'lOp8S fOI' E111 Olfffniiy Gflethe exhilarating future. Go For n, Iosh! and Dad Indy 81 Viveca Ads 215 Gwoob rfvixwbs me 1 FNENDS FOREXIEQNX 5 AU Xoxiej Susannah Ad. J.- "I con't remember who met who first or who become friends with who first, dll I can remember is the three of us crlwcrys being together. Terry- Thank You for being ihere when I needed you, thanks for being d friend- Lesley 216-Ads rv. Mom, Dad and Steven 0ur Woman Of The Year SQJJSMJ G ma y AD and J l can't believe you guys are leavingl It seems like we've been friends forever. We've been through soo-much togeth- er C8th grade party and 9thJ CARIBBE- AN! Hard Rock Cafe parking lot at 3:30 a.m., sneaking out. Have a blast at college! I LCJVE You and will miss you guys tonsll Annie blah blah JENNY- Adcm fb'Q Bm' blah Eli? Eli? 21323153 You have been the best BIG blah blah blah blah LOVE. BROTI-lER CNY One COUICI SVSF have. blah blah blah blah FOOD. Our friendship has meant a lol to me. blah blah blah blah WALKIES. l'll miss YOU S0 much! Love always, YOUR PAL 'D' yOur lillle Sis ' "Youth's like diamonds in the sun and dia- monds are forever." -Alphaville Bobs, "Hey Drea," Don't ever hesitate to "Call me" .. in any language. 218mAdS MY You held my hand lhose nighls we laughed so hard we cried. l held your hand lhose nighls we cried so hard we loughed. lguess il's lime lo lel go Jusl hold me for o momenl longer unlil lhe leors slop -Jen p. s. For 1000 yeors ond so much longer! QR I. . l - 1" l X 'K' su, Q ., H N 3 1 . x www, Q .,:, Dear Yayah, "DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN I Thanks for being the leader of the pack all HI never forget! these years. Good Luck, Love, - I Justine 8: Derek Your Friend Alwoys, Jenny 17 -.- DEAR MIKE- Congrolulclions! ll will be my lurn lo welcome A YOU home. l love you. X? ffwf Q Good Luck in college. ' E h " qcon'l wail lo have your ' ' phone.J Amv , AZN- :Q-A 'W' E ll 4 el'f F 1 J I Ads-219 I 220 - Ads Wwpmwmawwmn wf4,fw,wm. v.f.,fW . , ,, l'f.p V50 V ,J 1 y , i f, Dear Mike, Have fun at college!! Thanks so much for being the best Big Brother ever. It has meant a lot to me and I love you for it. l'm really going to miss you. Good luck in everything. Love Always, Your little Sis A.G., L.R., A.M., A.L., How do you soy goodbye to the closest of friends? You con't You just re mind them how much you love them. Jenny 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q To the five friends lSophia toojz You've put up with tutoring, stories about Uruguay, Weird knee problems, silent lunches, endless ballads, and the rest of me. Thank you for being my friends. LOVE, Carita To my dear classroom mates, How much I love you guys, you'll never know! Please don't forget me. And maybe when you think about "Nat" ten years from now, the thought of me will make you smile as my memories of you will bring me joy. I WLIVETH YOU! -Nat To Scott: The artist, although gifted by God, creates his own painting. Man is master of his own destiny. His weaknesses make him the servant. Everything is within you. The outer world is but the mirror reflection of your own soul. You have utilized your heritage to give us happiness. Grandpa Al 81 Grandma Anne 'ir i Young- Don't ever change. You are such a special person. our friendship has meant so much to me. Love Always, Chris Ads " , gif Carin- Our "Little Flower" off to bloom and grow in new ways and new places. Take a bow-you've been one terrific kid and are now one terrific young woman! Congratulations! And Love, Mom, Dad 8: Nicole ..---......I Iulie, eres, llenu de carino, bondod, sinceridod, apitud, octividod y amor. Te deseo que siempre seas feliz y que tu destino te lleve por el buen Camino. Con todo amor y carino 222 - Ads tu abuelito Zenobio Dearest Scott, Your many unique qualities and talents make me very proud. Grandma Rose I 1- ,g.k,,,f-' if il 0 1 -3 1 4 Q K, A ., .a -':9g1mnwii?,j ,J 1 J of 9 W Dear Andrea, You have filled our lives with love and light 1 Bib f- ' ,Aja V .,. vi . Ziilw f We love you! Mom and Marcel Jenny, We love you- Don't go away to quickly- Take a step at a time. Mom, Dad 84 Leigh W' You have your root and now your Wings. Go safely little one. I Love You, Mom. ., , I See you at the "'h' hour ofthe peorl. 2 W. is 2, t ro Froncker, rn ju 1 il D . I..- Scott: Dinner won't be the same without you. dy J, , ,, ,,, -xii za " V, 4 -VVA , ,..,, .,..,,,-n-1 gr- , ,, ., , ,V ., . , ,, x f as ., v..-'rv ,,fraf , -2 ,iv wgffrg . . ' To Chung-Min, Who's going to look out for you in col- lege? I'm going to miss the fun times we've had. I will never forget those good old Mather Days. Be good! I love you, Christina 1 Dear Tim, You make me proud, not only because of your good Work-but more who you are. Congratulations Love, Mom and Chris L -'M ' V ' to ' I W 'twabw ' ff 3 z importantly-because of CON GRATULATI ON S LIZ WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE PROUD OF YOU LEONA-DAD VALERIE-BARBARA-RQBERT STACY-IQNATHAN AND MISSY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '87! May all your future endeavors reward you with happiness. You are truly a class deserving of it. Sincerely, a member of the class of '90 "You can do what you want, the opportunity is on." I-Cat Stevens 1 To Kinky dink I'II always admire you Cgive me back rny doH1 Love ya, Poochki TO MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 25 SUSIE, I LOVE YOU! LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A BORE WITHOUT YOU - LOVE 1 YOUR BEST FRIEND FOREVER, RACHEL Uust whistle when you want mel Anna-Sue, 10-Q 4 B-N N I-D-L F-R-N ll! Love always Acy-Tray Family- Thanks to you guys-the "carifa song is a happy song l LOVE YOU' Carifa 1 v .. .v .. ,,. +- vw.. 0 'lo v 389 060, , ss fsotwo x 0 K0 f' ,Geez ooo 55 C, X 'x 9 62 og? ,Q vo Q59 ok ,QQQQQQ K8 0 KS' 0 z O xo' cf' ,r to vez Q95 DXQIQ ' 0660 59,5 G' 64' 'l3so5x'b+ 58' L What a big i little sister! I love you, Cree. land welcome to ' the 'real worId."l REMEMBERING THE FARM For Chris' Friends 1 -ll ,. .iY,f'...-2. The long car rides out to the country . . . loud tapes . . . tackle football behind the school in Hanover . . . Go-Karting south of Savanna . . . movies in Dubuque . .. bowling at the Palisades barbeques on the back porch .. . pop guns . . . doing the dishes . . . all night monopoly . . . shooting stars .. . the milky way .. . mooing cows .. . and the blissful silence before anyone woke up the next moming. If there are things I can't remember, or never was told in the first place, you guys Ell in the blanks. At the end of one of Arthur MilIer's plays, a father says, speaking of other young men his son's age, "They were all my sons . . . " And so, for me those weekends at the fam1, were you. Best of luck to each you. CHUCK OLIN Now, whose tum is it to do the dishes? -,- --,--Il--1, F L When I am with you I know I will be challenged, played with, have the law layed down, asked provocative questions, listened to, supported, and like-have my English-like corrected. I like being in your neighborhood. Love, Nancy SWARM I'll miss you Looe, jason If I I I We've always had a special relationship! Congratulations, and thanks for being special. Love, GiGi Liz- It is impossible to sum up 12 years of a wonderful relationship in such a small space. In my ever changing world you have been a constant of strength, support, and love. You have been a true best friend. I only wish I were eloquent enough to tell you how much I love you and how I will always cherish our special friendship. We have years of good things and bad and hopefully will see many more. Please remember I am always there for you, anytime, any- where. I will love you forever, Peter P.S. Even if you do cheat at superfriends. Amy E.-Without you my life would be humorlessl Thank you for being there when I needed you most. Valery-From Arby's to boys to senior year and beyond ....... it was great growing up with you. I love you. lulie G.-Senior year was great just because of you. I had fun getting to know you- you're the best! All of you will be in my heart forever -Rachel A. Mr. McCutcheon- "I used to trouble about what life was for, but now being alive seems sufficient reason." Ioama Field You have made a big difference in my life, somehow thank you just isn't enough. I'11 never forget you, Love, Jenny What joy, pride and meaning you have brought to our lives! All our love, Dad, Mom 6' john LIBE ,J LJLJLJL. Iulhqitl 197 sau - 'Q' you Tim- and mean it 1,000 different ways I mean it all those times and a ways. How can I not? -Ienny You look good together and always have. Love, The Ablins ri I can say I love you 1,000 different times ll those To the class of '87 lt's good knowing that glasses are to drink from, I the bad thing is not to know what thirst is for. Antonio Machado l hope each of you in your way learns, if not the answer, at least the question. I You've been a great class and great friends. I wish you a wonderful future. Chuck Olin I I I rlcowe seem :ld An s c ci. e Klflt Kgccniv VMOUJ 4 Afmjl-vwe rwjll-NEG. ccofld in 5VUV5 """ maiden 5+ Moauewlwl WO'-U M5510 Ftff f5f""f '-'J'll'5"" 'lv s bi 4 s Sunoco sm le R?-A-' ,L clklygsljg Njfvbl G .LL r E- A Lum: tx .C h I lLLxACefl uxvhl L,y3.JC,v1.f,dx-pcxlcdfl-lf! ,Adi Mikie' ' R+' V qlflgtcah A 4 gd- itfligvifwwm depend Oh meuhkl l I Q-W de 15:15 "0-Ll C"',""e fl CD1 than V1'lWCl'f1OV'xL'SOJeSl0d'e5 yL,Qi59V16 Mnrmq lutow- all vwf wmfil vxcw-'outv w'evwcries,f-Nic I lift sgCx5rQ Cx lfiewd of Mme" Gnd we Cum' ClQZ'5lYd' L "'+Kfc-,vw L -50" Mffq 'TVBYDWNC Y ACU , Y WA W , I 'A' "A J ' ll ,Rach 4- Wm yoved -9,955 do-L45 dc yu 22152 xWlhSCfi?l:gWqiS4v1':legL5T::Cx ry-V55 +l'efvxl'fV0.y-5y,,g -'OO' 0.5-QCAQS PQ ' q ' Q l Msg kd Q l'll 'OE' +veve,qe5 X cosll Gmc, T535-rig? lif'Y"'CLrllLf'f 5 UC 'Mcluw' cpl ci -Slnevvdh -Ccwolc' wicxesiear Wm V Y , A ,.,,,,, I-- +oc ' digilni vggig slrared so MDA Q-btw' 5 , we Lt-fwo.Lu.y wad? it ,ami Lf- xqou 91 req Gowcies-+ QFCGQM Com vpn, ioeueuv it t,rxxf5 iF'-5.vAY0.-ffs cc l QQ63 mai-Hn t-ku . mid lox-IE :El CLL4,UL,wL,L,N,X Jun CQCVXCW 'klhe mctch,"'-UGA NO? water? gf A A Atfirnmqv Wm- " -Qs JTC x.x xwqattfx scupi -Sgdrc Quxiek' s fectctl tit-we +H3,pm555 ,fb I m -kkfwgxil Evevxt+b-233 :Tgxvvecl hnniwwrr A tjtaxxll M63 ci ' imealv +0 be i DM 'W OU' O ' svwfdpvwe-ffis os- n0Ir1e1f?ML:ifqiU, COUIWI- ' l cl-2 wllwaj gms-Q -kwa Dey, m,H,,,5 lik: xfov 'NP N3 'Dua' tg q,fj'x,,L, ner 4-acl +VCi?xl?.tL dum-Q LYON ui 0 medial VV5 QFIC "lbvxcgXi'-Nkcgell 5 ,ter -x Qggg I Y we bod +oof:is.e.r .V C'9"TYi.g,'5i ,Hti .kfffilm x-ct. A 4 L Maori? gimfsiiiilizzel rF43rf:f:t:lN-strc, locuoq-5' I fre8::Ti:fzS:.iE.ieafi t I Y, , , .,... ,.V.,A.sla.-Y., . -. gl 'im elf' You've come a long way, baby L. ......- To Our Wonderful Son Danny, Because of all your ability, determination and your wise and discerning heart we know you'll succeed in whatever paths you Choose. All Our Love Mom 84 Dad Raw... ,.,.,..--f BRAVA RAGAZZA! Keep on Shining V t. Ia , SSW? . .. . LW Thanks for your support and the 7:45 a.m. Belden breakfasts, Thanks for be- ing my daddy. I love you. There aren't enough words to express my love, gratitude, and respect that I have for you. You were always there for me, always my friend, always my mommy, but now it's time for me to go. You'1l always be my mommy and I'll always be your Lizzy. I love you so much. Thanks for being you. You've been my idol for 18 yrs. You've been my friend for 18 yrs. I know we've been through rough times but I want you to know that you are so important and special to me. I wouldn't give you up for anything in the world. I love you so much. Thanks for being my sister. Memories Skiing at Tahoe Telegraph Avenue Iosh long plane trips weddings, and . . . cacis Matzo Balls I'll miss you Love, Noah To Amy: If a man lwomanl does not keep pace with his lherl companions, perhaps it is because he lshel hears a different drummer. Let him lherl step to the music which he lshel hears, however measured or far away. Thoreau We love you very much. Mom, Dad 81 Eric I Val- Remember how we used to dress up like this and put on shows for our parents? I always looked up to you so much- Like the sister I never had. I can't believe you're graduating already! l suppose we have our memories as we pass today and try to cre- ate a successful tomorrow. Good Luck! I You're the best cousin and friend! Thanks for always being there for me. All my love, Kim -AND A FORMAL CONGRATULATIONS- From Aunt Kay, Uncle Mal and Kyle Through the years, you never let me down, You turned my life around, The sweetest days I found, I've found with you! Through the years, you never had a doubt, we'd always work things out, and l'm so glad ta ed with me-through the years!! 1 Forever your friend, VERONIA Congratulations Amy With love and best wishes from Grandmother and Grandfather Tom, Sharon and Will Traxi, "No photo?" you may ask. Well, you have the only one. I'm going to read my ballad in the next talent show. Get one of my brainwaves, I was here first. Don't tell me that you are older-I already know that. But who yeah, anyway. Do you have a carrot in your lunch? You mean we both bought car- rot pens? Does that dinasaur mean any- thing? I digress. Five years of best friendness isn't all that long. You should know that. Don't get sentimental on me. If Besty and Tacy kept together that long, we can, too. Love, Carita I"l"""' '- ' """ 1 I 1 l 1 Z You'll always be Daddy's little girl-even when you're president. Arielle, len, AI, Lexi, Good friends are people you neither look up or down on, but see eye to eye with. There are plenty of acquaintances in the world, but very few are real friends. Friends understand each other's thoughts before they are spoken. You all have made my life worth living, full of happi- ness, and full of surprises. I don't know what I will do without you next year but I know that we will always be only a phone call away. You have been the best friends any- one could ever ask for, I hope I have been the same. I'II always be there for you guys no matter what. I wish you all the best in life. I love you so much, thanks for being you. Love always, Liz Scott: Here are three critical messages to remember: ll Sushi and pud thai are not served here. Stick to major urban areas. Zl We are extraordinarily proud. 3l We'll always be with you. We love you, Mom and Dad l Dear Mr. Skalinder, Thanks for being there when I needed you. You're one of a kind. Love, Young WE COULDN'-I' BE From one pair of friends to another WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU . . . I R WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND I SUPPORT I Cso-da-muchj love always, A ' Rachel 5 Adam L. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS sf HAVE FUN! Love Carin 8: Chris I I .- 1 . l V CONGRATULATIONS KIM I I I Carin- I l'm going to be I able to look out for you next year. I never thought the day would come , that we would be separated. Cherish our memories I I i I through which we will always be together. Have fun at Carleton! Love Always, CHRIS p.s. When you're sitting behind the ' stall-think of me! 1-.U ,,,r fa ' 1 YOU HAVE MADE US VERY PROUD LOVE ALWAYS, MOM 84 DAD HEATHER- There are three things I want you always to remember: ll "when it rains it pours." 2D Only real field hockey players have plaid blood. AND 3I If you ever need me just say "come hither" and I will "go hither." Thank you for an amazing friendship Love Forever, Tracy R 84 A I have no bone to pick with either of you. Thanks for all your love! Iessiedoggie "Greenie" Thank you for teaching me much more than just first grade. I will always treasure our friendship. Love always, Tracy Rachel L: Let's go home for lunch. Iulie S.: See you at the stadium. Mari: You'll make a great grandmother. Heather: Dream big', play hard and keep smiling Carita: You're the best darn mason ever! Andrea: Those advisory parties were great. David: Thanks for being my friend. LOVE, ALI Well I am off for another four year battle against the books. Thanks for everything Mom, Dad and Michael. Love. Chris I I I I I I Dear Dad, I just wanted to say that I love you and I'll miss you. Love always, Young li, J , "Q 1 s Q -A Susannah- Congratulations to a Wonderful sister. I'11 miss having you by my side. Lot's of love, Teddy Dear Adam 84 Rachel, Please have a Crib in your cribs I love you. jessica 'H' 3 sf X lbearlosh, I'II never forget the call from Roger Wallenstein. So glad you made it I'Il always be proud ofyou. Love, Mom i l w l - I V 1 Congratulations Kija. You've made me proud. Enjoy college but don't work too hard, after all, you still have your life ahead of you. "What doesn't l-:ill us mal-:es us stronger" "The World is yours." Sito lake, Uyou know I love you-as a friend." All qualifiers aside, I love you, Too. Love, Carita Keep Riding high Rachel!! 1 Love Grandma 8: Grandpa l na.. e i . S M, .1 Lyzahelh, When you're down and out, there seems no help at all. But if you just believe lhere's no way we can fall. Lvl its realize that a change can only come wlieri we stand together as one. l'll send you my heart so yoil'lI know that someone cares. lLioi1cI Richie, Michael Iacksonl Love Mercredi IF YOU'RE EVER DRIVING YOUR CAR THE MUSIC BLASTINC THE WIND BLOWIN', IT'S 2 OR 3 AM-AND YOU'RE IUST DYING TO PLAY MIND GAMES, IUST LET IT RING ONCE. I'LL FIND YOU BECAUSE IT'S UNDERSTOOD, EVERYTHING IS KOR I'D LIKE TO THINK SOJ. DID YOU EVER THINK IF OUR GENDERS WERE SWITCHED WE'D BE EACH OTHER? YEA. IT'S BEEN WELL, IT WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN WITHOUT YOU. I DO LOVE YOU. LATER, BABE. I will always remember these years spent together. Love, Susannah NN. s ,1 if XQ ' Our Dear Davie: We love your warm smile We love your warm heart We love you very much May your life always warrant you happy smiles. G0 FOR IT! Mom, Dad 8 Michael I 'if' ' Dearest Mommy and Daddy, How much I love you both you'll never know! Thank you for your love, guidance and understand- ing. Your little girl will always need and love you! Pookie-Moose I. ..... - Birtha, There have been times when I though it was you and me against the world, but the road wasn't so painful because we had each oth- er. We've had a few set backs in our friendship but the love we have for each other has gotten us through the heartaches. Thanks for being there for me, I love you, Pinellipe 1 "Caritas"- Whenever you find yourself walking down the street at a mode1's pace, while wearing white sweatpants, eating carrots, and thinking about tall guys, make sure that next time you leave out the anchoviesl Thanks for everything. "Traxi" P.S. Do you think E.S.P. works long distance? 531' Mom ana' Marcel, You have given me the world and filled it with love. Thank you for everything! l love you!!! Andrea iYou have ohvoys been our silver lining. A4oy you ohvoys receive os much as you give. xxxxxxxxx, Mom 8 Dad 3 1 Susannah, stay bright, beautiful, and happy To a glorious future . . . We love you. Mommy, Daddy, and Teddy YOLI ARE CNE IN A MILLIQN How many know what l've always known-- Happiness and success always l Love You l'm proud of you God bless you Mom Here's to the laughs, tears, adventures, secret letters, late nights . . . and the Public Library. Thanks for always being there. Friends Forever. Liz, Here's to the Highland Park Gang. I Love, Andrea Love - Andrea. i................... ..... .. .. . .L . ulie- Ali, Carita, Susannah, Rachel, "When other friendships You are, all begin to rot so special. ours will still be hot. Ladadadada Thank you for your dadadididif' FRIENDSHIP. I Love You' l'Il miss you. Andrea Love, Andrea 3I2 - Val - ery! 3I2-MOM-DAD Av -f- To Richard I I I I A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN EI ignotcs clnimum dimiIIiI in orIes. -OVID, Metcxmorphoses, VIII, I88. Love, Mom Amy- I have always thought of us as little vagabonds, somehow meeting one another on our roads and rec- ognizing each other as partners. There's a poem about you and me by a French poet that you'd think is pre- tentious but- "l had, in truth, pledged myself to restore him to his premature state of child of the sun,-and, nourished by the wine of corners and the biscuit of the road, we wandered, I impatient to find the place and the formula." I hope you find them both, and I'll be right behind you. l love you. Tracy I was with you from the start, and I will be by your side forever. ic ?:2,'1-:5 f - x'r..:'-:LgQ.s EVERYONE SHOULD BE Hey Master Thespians lTimmy Smak and The Modell Wreak havoc in college and stay cool, even in emergency crises. p.s. We love you. Love, And A 8: A We'll miss you. SO LUCKY. LGVE, Rach . li Who would N30 Nj. have thought it ' would last this 2 , long? l am Wk 2.57, grateful to you . . for seeing me through adolescence. Thanks for r, A everything. if l lv' n Love, Always, ' ' Young :Htl X Ad, I You've never been one to bury your I I head in the sand. May our man of truth and justice I always find happiness. I I H f I Man You've filled our lives with sunshine" Love, Mom 2 " WWwWr1Werffff ff " Your future will be as bright as your smile" Love, Muffy, Gatsby 8: Bubbles Love to Susannah, our wonderful granddaughter. Congratulations. Grandma and Grandpa ,Q 1 'Together we experience joy memories, and new horizions Love, All Of Us Roch-cha-cha- snow-snow-snow" Plckm the Wmnefs- You will build more than We Plck em rlght Snowmen in your future, Love' Ioame Love, Dad I 1 ..-..-A .,-1 UWAGINAT l roof IS U Q QA.-IXIQ 'P LIFE J2B1'N1CY? 4.1.r.of11'! 4 wilh our lvft. kxflgplnt Sharm 7 , Look out world here I come! 0,1 Love and Congratulations, Mom, Dad, Desrna and Jason rag? Riga To Ali, Good friends last forever, Thank you for everything. Buenos Suerie! Love, pARKEg Chris A garland to Amy Landecker we throw from barnbi and Bill and Debbie and joe and Lyndon and Ange As we Celebrate Your Graduation. Amy, you're great! "IIC LA cc bliezwsed zihihg thai in evehg age Aomeohe hom had Lhdividualiiig ehough and Qouhccge enough to Mtahd bg hiza owh eoh- vLeii0h2.S." Robert G . Ingersoll Jenny, you are a wonderful person. Our respect, admiration and love go with you on your journey through life . Love and kisses, MOM and DAD '----- +V' , i Deor Seniors, We'll miss you ond we love you olmosl os much os you love yourselves. Good luck, The Juniors 5 I You've come a long way, I From IK-12th grade From D.C.-Iowa Through THICK and thin . . . WE MADE IT. I babies!! : Now, nothing can stop us. I l'II always love you, FRIENDS FOREVER, Q-Yayyafi I I love you- I I The other shoe. ITo my favorite gerbil hater- I I D6 1''i' , Ego o1Uzf,olcla.rlde'?lvcolle0An.'? ' I y 'Po.+rsc,K : 11.2 e ,I i u? 1mw9:ff,ffngfL'iL? g Sflvgr I IE :h + bbc-love. I I . Lisa, Thanks for I your friendship I during the last fourteen years. I Good luck and success for I the future! I will miss you! Love, Susie 1 Z 1 l 7 l I 1 Evandro, We love you! We miss you! Ellen, Dave, Josh, Aaron A.B. and Shadow 52' 1- ,Q 'FP-1 ZEP5 hard 'robekkesle Gmduchion is near' Efrm Va! NN I. hokd so dear? How red' 'fa wb be 'keen 'Wse xbfionop a QM Off: Nloung cbueen You have -Phe. workd ahead a-P pu cmd 1 Qmw your Nah wiwbe, 5 VWPP1 One, 'Nuo LOTS os: Love: Grandma Tfbv J ,A A USA AMA! I Love you. GIQOFFVW I Love U OUk, lime Goaovwnff. glgw QYQXN' up So beamfullfg. The beef are qe Fl6 Go VYXQ. . Cmwqmiu 1061543 QLokfQ y Hour Hoo ,, Noah and loshua, The two of you are more important to me than either of you will ever understand, You two always listen and always understand. You are a part of me. Together we laugh and together we cry. You are the best, Danny Ali an jenny: lt's not the critic who counts, Not the man who points out how strong men stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood: who strives valiantlyp who errs and comes short again and again: who knows the great enthusiasms, the deductions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who, at worst if he fails at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. -T. Roosevelt Love, Heather 8: Mari d Tracy, "It's a rare thing to liveg Most people only exist."-anon GO LIVE! "Fate makes us relativesg but, Choice makes us friends."-anon Love, HKIM p.s. We are the champions my friends! Mom, Dad, Marc Thank you for doing and being so much for me I love you, Daniel K s , " l avi!- CHRIS As we've said all along - U . . . The Child is father of the Man . . . ! S H b l l And still is. But if a cot for me in your college room seems inappropriate, l could always find a small apartment just off- campus, meet you for breakfast every morning, attend a few classes, maybe have lunch, just sort of hang out play some catch, eat dinner, help you with your homework, knock out an essay, see a late movie, get a pizza talk. What? Not this time? Oh, I get it. A period of transition, huh? l understand. I stay, you go. l get it. l get it. l'm proud of how far you've come and where you're headed. Have a wonderful year. Love, Dad P.S. You never talked much at breakfast, anyway. koi meh Schoou The END is in sight, wg xv - Q YOU ARE SPECIAL Already you've given us more than we could hope for. You deserve the best. We love you. Lovey, lovey, lovey, lovey, M C? D Even then we were all dressed up with no place to Ali, I cherish our friendship and I will always feel close to you, thank I gO, I d0I'1't k1'10W what I am g0iI'lg to do WithOl1t YOU for being there for me you, you have been like a sister to me and I will Love always, Susie r love al a S, P.S. Beware of Rockless and Boozy I you W Y I , -Ubi """' """"-"I Val, All the fun I've I shared with you can never be replaced. I Together we've had many good times and conquered the problems we've faced. I Love always, Susie Steven, Thank-you for bring- ing out the comedy in every situation. You're a wonderful friend and brother, I'II miss you beave, now it's two against one, good luck, I Love you, Susie To Joshua with pride, I CONGRATULATIONS! I MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS I COME TRUE. I WE LOVE YOU, MOM Gnd SAUL ' I I I MY IOSHIE, YOU MAKE MY WORLD BIG, BRIGHT, AND BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, DAVIDA 4 Dem- AM, xx Legg- gg Q, FFNCWNASMQD LICLS Cclvclhi FIYTQ--33' Ii Quad- uvxdevxsi-Cnvxcllh .IMUTUCLI QcmpIdeW1ce,6Kf1qfmvx and 'Forci4uavw3.iK+ :gl oji Harough Ciood Tlmeg, bo.el.T11+ Semgs For Legg 'Haan pevkpeduovm C-and Malts G.llou.:CLY1ceS FOP KUMCLVX luecd-Lhesseg , " Love, is Lon?-eww lpaffk We pmsevii-I I+ Hopes For- We FULUVQ and 'ai oloesm'-L bfoeal ever- We pcLSJ:I4'5 Hfxe dab- W3-amd - QICLB- 00+ SNOW' ' CRS QF fvrlhdf 1 cms DTOKK-QW1S,QOYvXp1P0yMxSQS , Srfmcdl du'sG.ppo'm4 megqs I hifi UlQ.+OYslQQ- Qhd CQMAOA jools. " 'tirtjocg have love nun OUY' ll?-Q1 I+ CCLYJ MCLRQ up OV 0-'1Y'2CL+ VVXQV15 4'l'XK'lA S Ol IQCVTF 5011 dmv? clue UP' ma mojfm. wbu-P 6182 H101 iS, W5 ho? 971 ouoyh, " We IOUQ, god lfool Hom,Do,d and Gem? I I You will always be anal, I will always ' ver special to me ' love you. I IT..-..- losh, I know you're stronger. Could we just cut the cake!! Love, Taylor Brad and Casey, "Whenever you need me I'll be there Whenever you want me I'll be there Whenever you call me I'll be there I'll be around" You two are the best little brother and sister anyone could dream of, my second family. Thanks! I love you both and will I forever be your big sis'. Love, I Ali I Rach, through the good times . . . and the bad, you've always been there for me. I love you more than you'11 every know. Love, Adam -- al, rf, What it is, what it was, and what it always will be BRGTHERSI l 1 jv- Susie, I'm so lucky to have you as my oldest friend. 17 years 8 months is a long span of friendship, thanks for making it wonderful! Love, Ali Anna Sue, Can you believe, some people still think you're a shy little girl with long curly hair? Don't worry I set them right and told them you look like you're ten. You were, are, and always will be my siamese twin, I guess we're stuck with each other forever! All hail the leather dress. Love, Ali Rutt close. Chris, After 14 years, shared broth imaginary dogs, River Park, great cookies, swim- ming, great cookies, birthday cookies, I couldn't ask for anything more! Let's stay love, Ali ers, violin lessons, parties, and great I l "Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is content with the present, It hopes for the fu- ture and it doesn't brood over the past. It's the day-in-and-day-out chronicles of irrita- tions, problems, compromises, small disap- pointments, big victories and common goals." Y ' I -w fe Dear Mom, Dad 84 Geoff, During the past 18 years you I I have taught me many things and I hope l have done the same for you. There are two more things, however, that l would like to make absolutely I love you all! Love, Ali certain you know: "The world needs messy people. Otherwise the neat people would take over." I Y-- -- , 1 'P Y .en MN' ., DLI H12 ' thlon 1 1 Q w, G x XJ 'Y QXQJXJXJ GP' O35 5169 325 0150639 0193 i- , ,,,q if P r-its 1 Q 1 3 1 ff' Q 'F I Tracy, l've spent a lot of time with you so much l can't believe 16 years! Yes it's true But now it's time to leave From Helen Stern to Bev C. The time, oh how it's passed I know it's true and you'll agree lt's gone by not so fast At 3 years you were my friend And yet you still are now lt's obvious we've defied a trend But I don't quite know how I shout out Yes and tell you all The things of which I speak Beginning with a midnight call And a tire leak Tennessee Tuxedo, Speed Racer too The Brady Bunch, and Mr. Magoo Batman, Superman, soap operas now We'lI go to McDonalds just don't have a cow Betty Barefoot, Iohn and big Neal Have all had an impact on how we feel The van and the blazer prove that we've grown We always knew it, but now it's well known Walkman antics, Barbara and Susan Wild nights we've gone cruisin' Post game chats on the black stairs Filled up with pleasure, hardly a care Belden and Cleveland will always be home Wherever we may be together we'll roam I know I could go on forever But here I haven't the space To take on the grand endeavor With dignity, class and grace And so good friend I will conclude Our friendship fits like a glove I hope our bond is forever glued And with this I send you my love. I have a hunch that makes some sense Love, Please tell me what you think Ali ls our dear friendship so strong and dense Due to a common link? HG99, Cousin Valery... Do you think we'll ever be old enough to go to college?" Randy Valery Well , now you are. . . but it seems llike such a short time ago when you were babies together. Congratulations, Valery, and the best of luck in your grown-up life! Love, Randy, Terry, A.J. and Uncle Pepper P i5f'JNN MPX ke VN 'vw Esmer- SEOQE WQYSQ MUFFQQOVCSV Q-Sie ggrgllrgqkoug Pie? VOXEVY VOXe rTHfNe Q NM65 NN xsclmg-F ' ?Jdf?5k'EQ5jQLLQhQH3S mas QSEEEEEZSPS I CKQ :To my Fava r"x'N'6 GIVE ' My wish acer you iss LQVGJHGOWQ Happlvwesi QW ACCO 'CYNgbN'KSK0Y'fN6VN"3V You WXLXX Imwfuge be 'ww my Xmenv? Q?VNiwwmxe Q?WXimEXa Q9M0mr'rwsf Q? l ,-uf--.mff-:SR I, .TEH - , ,,,,,,-3 THERE IS ALWAYS ONE MOMENT IN CHILDHOOD WHEN T-HE DOOR OPENS AND LETS THE FUTURE IN. . WWW X 3 " N 5: X X ,I N ' f un ::iiEFi' I-,L A ',,!', -v.-lu-llnvtf' '!,, lf' -D ' I ' ' w-fi E., 4 . ' .AJ z-'?G"mf1 4.A-.Lunv-nu----'l1Ln:': r' First Footage ofthe Hhn of IHe.EHc CONGRATULATIONS Love, Chris, Gary, Mom ., X, KW ,fm Waker, 'I 2 Q y non f ' wwf" K W? X - ,V , f 5, . ' 'V j f, 2 , 4- VV I f ,, i f ' -1. umstv In I 'cosy 3,191 fi GR' .f 1 1-1 "if-'U f e 1 ,V I HNTQNDW - i 1 - Y ,. ., ,,,,11, - -,,Q....,..f.-g We've opened our hearts to let each other look in. Oh the tears in your eyes just make me want to cry. It's just that sometimes I get so lonesome I could die. The The. I can't believe the time has come that we're apart. I miss your little silk fingers and your soft pouty lips. I wish we could sleep together forever. But now real life begins with another chpt. in our lives. I love you so much. Ienny, lf the sea that you look upon Should tumble and fall And the mountains should crumble in the sea I won't cry No I won't shed a tear lust as long as you stand by me You are the light that shines in my life I reach out my hand to be with you lust keep on believing You give me a reason A reason to smile Stand by me Thanks so much for making me laugh, making me cry, making me get coco Ifinallyl, giving me advice, teaching me, listening, stand- ing up for me, being there, being my bowling partner, for all of the good times and the bad, but most of all, thanks for being my best friend. I'll miss you, I love you! Barbie ,,-i,-,..l,.?l. ........ . "Now ls the time to follow the wind, to walk alone. And a star will show the way. Above the clouds-beyond the sea, and now is the time- now and farewell. And as we part, you taught me well. You gave me strength. You showed me the way. l'lI not forget you." Love always, Kim Congratulations, Tracy-a "chip" off the old "block"! Love, Nana 1 l l 1 A 1 Ni it TRAVELING! EATING! DANCING! You are a large part of my life, Billj Bear. You filled an area in my heart tha had been empty. Saying Thank you isn' enough. I don't know what to say-I lov you very much and want you to know the I will always need you. You are my one and only BILLY BEAR Always, Liz ' wmmw, ' .xii VJ :f u f V My ' , ,, 'W "' '74 gn ' I J Q, :Fi V11 vw ffl ww g I - - 4' , ,., 1 I i c To the other - Dove , ,,,,:, Le-t's get some A- 4535-sfvqig sushi' '21SG'.Lfnlif"- ' gf' weszg k Love, , ' lOSl'l "You are my sunshine, you make ' You are the sunshine me hm, when skies are re , I you'll nevir llgnow Y dear how much l love you, please don' a e m suns ine awa I I Lizzyllgtay :nd lallgh withy . fliiilifigtffhllifetffl.251228 L Mamacita Grande K- Mfr K l llSome of them had been together since kindergarten. Now they were being all directions like the silk from I an opened milkweed pod." Maud Hart Lovelace WORK HARD PLAY HARD Thonk you Dr. Stone Mom-I will forever cherish our mental health days together, our Thursday night dinners, when you'd try to have a phylisophical conversation with me at 5:30 in the morning, and all the times you gave me guidance and healing invaluable ad- vice. Love, Pookie Dad-You're sort of like a teddy bear to meg This cute cuddly thing that I sometimes take out my aggression on because I know I can't break and it will always be there. I know I can be almost as moody as you fif not worsej but I hope you know how much I need you in my life and what a truely great dad you've been. Love, RamRapper, Tielownoper THANKS CUTCH! "Time to go" What was then . . . Is now . . . And forever shall be. You two are super-duper! Let's get together sometime and we'll really dance. "Sisters are doin' it for themselves, Standin' on their own two feet ringin' on heavens bells." I love both you unique creatures. And thanks for, you know, all that sisterly stuff. Ernie. DEAR LISA IM. G., Hana, Argula, L. c. 5.10 You LIGHT UP owe uvfs, HE12E's ro A BRIGHT FUTURE!!! WE L O VE YOU. MOM 84 DAD Yi CONGRATULATIONS CARITA WE LOVE You RICHARD sf PATTIE Dearest Liz, this much i I Know - you are the best. Bill I am treating you as my friend, asking you to share my present minuses in the hope I Can ask you to share my future pluses. 3 n in-'Y l 2 Charles 8: Paula, Thank you for always positive and supportive but never intru- X sive. I hope you'll always be there for me and Tracy and my A mom 8: dad "cause this family needs you. You two made some- thing in my childhood that could have been very painful turn into something wonderful because it brought you into my life, Amv Whether it he - 60'S 7O'S or 8O'S We can't remember when it started, we are just thankful Thankful for the times lchampagne 8: the You have given me everything. I think it's time beachlyalthough not many ffm one reason or I Start paying you back- anotherl, we cherish them. FOREVER. Mike and Paul PAUL. 1 55.1. -Leif up 1 AM YOU'l?E MY NUMBER ONE. Lcve, DAD "Are you two sisters?" I - - - ANY DOD-corn Ief1? I love you. ' ' I Pinnelope, I We sure have been through a lot over these 14 years but we managed to come out of it together. I r You've been one of my few backbones in life with your caring and consistency. it VJ- ' X -DONT BE SAD- I love YOU- I We still get to play grown up even when we are Birtha I p.s. We did it! 1 - I i 2 1 1 , 7 The living self has one purpose only: to come into its own fullness of being, as a tree comes into full blossom, or a bird into spring beauty, or a tiger into lustre... lt' Eli s all been wonderful zabeth - I love you dearly and will miss you... ff 1, 'I' 'ON rf J' 13 1 9' N W C A -:VL i. ,JJ ' , . 'Q , ' ,QQ :- .4.muv-cn:.----wm.:.- .ffm Eh nom my ftai ffWJE.,llQ ,, Wim? lflklqr fllffl' 'e --..,,,,,, my lfra E A NN l -x UVQY 'X ffl X- 5 1 , o . V Y ., ...ff ,X ....... .A kxff fin. vc' I' U . Q y el i ' FJ as HQ ll "W LSE, M CTW H551 HC-:OE s-1 All 1914265 gi? 51 , , Y , qfxnhi if 1 5 A5 rf 1 f . LOD v'q -hm... -. I J Z pg-sw i "WY ?vQj'f.i-A 52 Y ,J Q 5 fa Q H -USL. lj 1 jf Huang g V , .5 ui,-1. "Oli u Af, L' 11, N Qsagfzf 'QUjVP":fAV X -.f ,1 - r nfl! C-Czliwthumxy 'SwQY.,: WH? YW" + A ,-1vpU+H,'eF. rw N i 'WWikV'ff O76 if fri' il.- . . All I can think of saying is THANK YOU. i wr, All three of you have taught me so much. l LOVE YOU guys. Smile on and let your free spirit show Mike Wherever you go. 3 1:- l'Il always love you. Natalie, You have enriched all our lives. Off you go to be the lit you can be. Love you always, Granny ff! Let's get together and feel alright. -Bob Marley HELTER SKELTER "Look out 'cause here she comes!" Congratulations Partner Love, David I at Tim, Dave, 81 lulie -Rolling Stones Thanks for being great friends -losh 81 Bob Alison- WILI. YCU MARRY ME? -Mike Two American kids growing up in the heartland . . . I is Two American kids done the best they can." -lohn Cougar Rutt- Thanks for the best friendship ever. 16 years . . . and counting!!! Love Always, Strat 'lwhat a drag it is getting old" it s, ., , s 1 M, -sf.-, Dear Anne Celeste, ' 1.5 "nf -1 mother " Waiting on the Lord, mounting up with wings like an eagle." Mother ., "You're the greatest!" Iud "Well made and making something of it." A Susan "If you can fly with all there is, why settle for just a piece of sky?" Abi "I like you because you're my aunt!" Elliot "The lions roar at Ahn's zoo. Ahn, I la lou," Elise Amereyea Oblonguya, if she wasr1't ours we'd have to buy her! . . . "DAAAD" . . . Amy, I'm your father, I can tell you that I love you. I can tell you that you're beautiful. I can call you a wee one. I can call you a ram wrapper, cramcrowper an tie low noper. lust ask Paula. I know you're going to college next fall . . . now what time will you be home? AMY LANDECKER, WE LOVE YOU Dad 8: Steppie " on your path to the stars!" Grand- ll l H-1 -Y..Q? , , A.E. To others it may seem insane but we I I will always understand each other. I You will forever be my better half. I I A.H. Here's to one of the strangest but I most wonderful relationships ever. . I.E. Thanks for bringing life and humor I I and absolute craziness to my every day. ' A.M. You came into my life and showed me a standard of living which I will ' I forever envy. V.H. Thanks for always being there and showing me that life doesn't have to be that difficult. ' You are all very special to me and I love I you very much. I Amy I I I love you. Alison Dearest Brody's I think of all the time spent together, all the fun we have had, and all the food eaten. You all have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and each of you have helped me to grow into the person I am today. There is a part of all of you in me. I love you dearly, and will always need my Brody family! Forever, Your Lizzy I -A M44 V- ww V . fffll I, far, Wi ,f 'I , 'fa '. 4 ' 2 ' 'I .v. . 'faf'F.3-.I ,ju 'wtfil all wal To my little Fool: "For there is no friend like a sister," and they're right. When you think about it, you and I are a great pair of sisters. All the laughs, cries and secrets will remain in my heart forever. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there for me. Leaving you will be hard, but I know you'll be there when I need you. My shadow will al- ways walk along with you, Katie. I love you dearly! Liz "I feel fine any time size around me now. Sl1e's aroan me now, almost all the timl If l'm well you can tell tlzz sl1e's been with me non Slie's been with me now qaii a long, long time. Yes, ana' feel fine." I'll never leave your sid' Kermy. You can alway count on me! Chich-Beth Sz Heche-Bache How come we spend 24 hours a day together and never be sick of one another? Who will ever understand that it's their turn to pay the bill? Who will know exactly what my tastebuds are craving? Who will express my exact thoughts at the same exact time? Face it-there's just no other friendship quite as special as ours. We will forever cherish our memories, but the time will never come when we will cease to make new ones. I LOVE YOU! 'once there was a very tall mouse and a very short mouse who were very good friends."Mouse Tales Aschu- You mean more to rne than you could ever imagine. I'll love you ul- ways, Be: ff Amy- We wish you well, but what are we going to .QQ- ' sleep on now? White Shoes and lonesic UML! is Q: ffm 1 .rw tml. I 1 95 ,-- I 2 l Yflllltyu V ,fu f i I Chester- Nobody does it better from park city to Palm Springs you're the best in the west. Love, Buster I-,--,--..-.. .1 "' """""l"' YOU DID IT! Congratulations to our Carolyn- With love, Mom, Dad Iulie, Ieffrey, David In England, driving in a small town fdriving of course!D, on the boardwalk, lots of blankets, funny scarves, Nickie's tapes, stupid fights, and the sun was setting. Do you remember? Pit stop, The first brother and sister cop team, watching Scooby Doo fwithout Scrappy!J "Good shows are on!" and fight- ing to see who would have to get the froot loops "good cereals!" during the commercials, ritual Saturday morning tea parties with our fuzzy friends who never had the same name twice. The se- cret place in Mundi, Remember? 1'll never understand half ot what goes on in your head, but if I did, it wouldn't be half as fun. Being an only child wou1d've been a real drag. I love you In vacant or in pensive mood,They flash upon that in- ward eye which is the bliss 'f of solitude: And then if, my heart with pleasure ,g I fills, And dances with Q the daffodils n l 2 ,52 3 WE HOPE YOUR HEART WILL 'Mikal ALWAYS BE FILLED wifrn , PLEASURE, Mom s. KATE ei -'- iii f Y - 'L g A .np 3 . L 0 x' ,, y N Q ' 'afti , ,, ,. L - si-' " ' - l,L,,.if...,.,f:, To Ray- Congratulations and good luck in life. Love, Mom, Dad 81 Doug Xi To everyone who has meant something to me in my 12 years at Parker: Thanks a million. Love, Ray .J-1 l u i in- In I1 i Sitting with my Grandmoth- er, I was told stories about my mother when she was a little girl. "joey was a wonderful daughter" said little Grandma. She was right. There you sit a beautiful girl with a heart full of dreams. . 5 . , if ttf, 74 4 i, ., , ' 7 I vw' A. Qtr . A ., ,. r .yi f ' ',', t, , Ha? .ylffx . . Q Y' 2. wth Now we sit in the trees to- gether. Two women, mother and daughter. Our dreams and thoughts are shared together. You are an outstanding, beau- tiful person who means more to me than words can express. Together or separated your arms will be around me. I Looe You, Mommy and will always need you. The years passed and there was another young girl sitting in the trees with a heart full of dreams. She spent hours in that tree, singing, talking, and calling her mother Elizabeth To Mom. You were always there. Words cannot express my feelings towards you. I love you. To Davida, I love you more than anyone or anything ever. Always keep the smile. To you Saul, Thank you for valuable insights and everything else that have made me what I am. To Mommy, Saul and Davida, Thanks for everything I love you all. Iosh Josh, JJ, Eric, David 8a Adam: You six are what make Parker such a special place. You have stuck with me through the good and the BAD. My brothers in all but blood. We must always stay together. Daniel I I X 'V' BLUTH'S I It started with you Vicki-my aunt, older sister, and friend. I Words just can't express what you mean to me. Tom, you have always been able to make me laugh. Your help has always been great-I love you very much and Jesse, You'll always be my l'll miss the Cute face, the I cheerful laugh, the fur IESS-MAN games, someone to cuddle I with, and all the practica l love you all so much -Lizard lokes- You're a Qfeal gif and l'm very proud of you I Love, Mike ' ,..--.. l Iaker: What a pair you and I make. From the sandbox in the back yard, the bike rides to the zoo, Brush Ranch, and back to Orchard street. You were the first man in my lite, and no other will be able to take your place in my heart. Your little Lizzer loves you dearly, and always will. You're the best lakerl I love you, Lizzer Dearest P.K.: This has got to be one of the hardest things to do. The thought of not meeting you at 8:00 am for school or talking to you each night, and listening for Barkley and "out"-a scary feeling. Your friendship, - 3 means so much to me. "I think we had the chief of all loves joys, only in knowing that we loved each other." No rules of any distance can separate your soul from mine. I LOVE You, Peter . . . Very Much, Liz 7' ,gi I - 1 Chris, Care, Kim and Pachina, I've been lucky being a part of the class of 1987, the four of you sum up all the reasons why. It's hard explaining how much I love you but even harder saying goodbye, because you'e my friends I know you under- stand. A friend is someone special whom you trust enough to laugh and cry with, but most important a friend is someone you love to be with. You guys have been all that and soooo much more! I'lI love and miss you forever. S 1 1 17, Y, NVVH Y. 5:3 RIGHT O Mm . I LIE THANKS, TA YA Steven- The long ond the short of it is We love you ond We'll miss you Mom 81 DCJCI For all the women in my life: "You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. Shine on you crazy diamonds. Threatened by the shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamonds. You rode on the steel breeze. Come on you ravers, youseers of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!" With our arms around each other we'll conquer all our fears, and soar beyond all our dreams. It's a wonderful feeling to know true love. Anne Celeste fyour baby flyerj "And the tree was happy." -The Giving Tree Mom 81 Dad, Thanks for everything! l love you! Love, Tracy Big l. We had a lot of great times. l'll always be your top dog. Caddy Carin, Melissa, Deanna Rachel, Andrea Pachina, Carolyn, Ami, Mom and Dad "This is the time to remember 'cause it will not last forever. These are the days to hold on to 'cause we won't although we want to. This is the time But time is going to change. I know we've got to move somehow But I don't want to lose you now." Love Always Kim HEATHER, MARC, 8: MARI "How can there be a life worth living . . . unless it rests upon the mutual love of friends? What could be finer than to have someone to whom you may speak a freely as to yourself? How could you define true joy from good fortune if you did not have someone who would rejoice in your happiness as much as you yourself?" , -Cicero You are true friends and l Love You -Jenny l l P 5 f 2 f Z 9 V-1 5 ,C Af ,y' . .A+ S Q Z 5 A W F uw mf I M . A 7 id: R ' K H 2 iw 4 get 1 i ff Nl w- M? 1, W I ,. Q Q ' ' 'M Maj' J K, ,N 3, ,, ,' J is QF 1 , 7 5 Q 1, I i '4 um! 51,9 ' 354 im , F Q' , . ' . -5 ,, , 1 .prwi Q sk Ev K fs., -in 1 X Vg, i I.. :N , H , gg 'T' 5- 1 I X. ' 'iid-.K A 'f F, j-V, ' ' aiu? I ,.., .AL.1'5!'f.i ' w WH W, ff' ' - VT-E 'VW?!r ' Kew xn-

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