Francis W Parker School - Record Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1950

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wx' 3.5. Jr I ,,...,..---.1 '-x .ix I .1 "ig 1' ' Nz" 4 Rf 1 v , xx, 9-.WN If A x 1 p i I , vm, W V151 NL .. 1 - N. 3-1 '!"M 1: I ,ls wr, , W X Y lryx 4' ' , F 5 ji a-.F 5 F 'ti' Z. 6 ' fr 'ff f H X- I1 'o Q 'I . H Q - v . 1 Q 4.'5 . . :- ul. vu' 'fb' 1 wg-9-e' P"-' ' ' '+fs??a1gk I A v- -Q-, ,, ....,. 1, ' ' ll 2gT'T3X"1.q 'v 7 ?1iQf,,,1 ' MFE, '. if fi gd, sr 0 45" I f ll img ' ' 21 I iinwia 'YQ kg gm 'fi V wav - V GNC: vigw B9 Uwe Sjcuderwjcs HI-ne am: SW Pa kergclw L 0 R i . r oo 330Webster Avenue Chuc.a3o,lllinois I uf. QM nl. HMQQEJ i-Nj-10 54 WM rl 5 .. Sf ix ,, -bunny,-. V4 ,,..,.g.,. ' 4 , 1 -,Q 12 - fy if' x 1 5, W KL ' 0 5' 4 3 , 'ix 5? v 7 AQ. X - '41 '4 f ,gm ,, -K I ,f ,ii iw my Q5 K 'ff ldv ln' A iw laa ix fr fifty 5 my A long tlme ago we were In Fourth Grade Miss Davis was our teacher then We were about elght or nlne and very lm presslonable It was a bug year for us A year fulled wnth Greek fantasy when the Illad and the Odyessy were not names on a Great Books lust but vlvnd picturesque stones as real to us as our growang pauns lt was a year when Persephone danced for us, Hercules lnfted our chaurs, and Pegasus and Ballerofon galloped across our room Mass Dovus belueved In "learnmg by domg," so that year we dad thungs We staged, directed, wrote, and acted m our own plays, we -X I U 4 had typmg lessons and spellmg bees And through each of these actnvmes we were guuded by her sweet temper and quuet pataence lt was a bug year for us We were growmg up And so we went on Fifth Grade Slxth Grade until now we are Seniors But somehow a part of Mass Dovls has always remamed with us and a part of us has always remamed I that Fourth Grade room So the 1950 Parker Record takes great pleasure IR dedncatmg theur book to Mary C Davns, because to us she IS symbolic of all that we love and cherish nn our school !2, ajax Jadl' ll ffl . all - e . -' - n e is l X 1 y ' Q5 n 4 I W 'Wk , U ll QW .t ul, , Z . 1-f ,v--"' I fear the contented man SUld John P Marquand ress unless there IS dIscontent WIthout It today I even belneve there can be no Inner peace of mInd Active and constructIve dIscontent has marked 'I949 1950 at Parker Student Government dlscarded ITS old CONSTITUTION and spent much of the year In wrItIng a new one The SIxth Grade establIshed a newspaper an scooped the Weekly on the sensatIonal event of the year the break INTO the lIttle school bUIldlDg Student commIt tee and faculty have laborIously transformed mornIng exercIses from sporadIc entertaInments mostly by films or speakers from outsIde the school to the central role they used to play that of the expected dClllY gatherIng where day after day dIfferent members of the school famIIy test theIr mastery of new Ideas and experlences by makIng them VlVId to us all The Twelve Days of ChrIstmas added pageantry to the musIc of Vespers Such numbers as TrIal by Jury replaced the trIvIalItIes of recent forums The Fnfth Grade found no Vlklng play to G, ,..A..AAIl T- ITS taste and wrote ITS own SenIors who belIeved n the clnema verslons collaborated to write theIr own for senIor play In partIcuIar the Record staff were dIscontented and determIned to break precedent They reported and be gan work before school opened and devIsed and loyally carrIed out a plan of raIsIng addItIonal money wIthout compllmentary advertIsements or advertIsements from Parker parents Throughout the year they have organ Iled eI'ficIently and worked well possIbly wIth less encouragement than any other actIvIty GIVES from faculty and admInIstratIon KHOWIDQ Parker I have no fear that you or they wIIl be dangerously contented eIther wIth the 1950 Record or wIth any other aspect of the school And so I am realIstIc In wIshIng the Class of 1950 the Record staff and all theIr readers the Inner peace of mInd that comes from progress makIng dIscontent I Is I I P is H. E 1 il R i . " M I w I Y 3, I' N i I C . NI I I P T A L V, ' L I H N ' I 3 '-If . I ' I ,, l,, , ' . , . I . . i to a Time reporter. "I fear him because there is no prog- "Crime and Punishment" but disliked both the stage and , - - - d . . . . . . I I ' . . . t YL . . . H ' , ' ' ,, . ,, . . .. . . . Q ' ,V ' 4' X ' I I . y I 'P MTL W 4 C'E:vcf vw' MMM OCIAL NW Q35 ' HYS I CAL DUCATION tg k 42,59 Q1 L V4 I is HSShd1e N am e ES.CAJ-1.254 .Mlamtzen 835 C115 LJ Cl 8 Qi 10 O1 10 L41 10 1-Ho MEX 1131 1211 1214! 12 54 1L LIN 1 I 2 LI -tu. 2. 1 2717 5 L. C7 I 4' ART Miss Fisher J ig I-ws 1 r.L 1- 17' 3. ,pg-, .Q35 1 6 3 5 ,pffe -'zixx Eg5O 3330 PHYS. ED. Mrs. Rissmun 6 LGU- If , f H", ,, IQWTW 3 530 . C. e U 2.25-3:55 -l-TIEH Sf,Hc+c51. ANNouNc '4 25 xml 14 23 . 50C'Al 5TUD'E5 tm 1-fi SOCIAL srumes q . 5 3 Mr. Ellison Mr. Kramer 1 , M I ,Hop 1 ,. 3 :Q I Mr. Mc Ik' Miss H 1 111 1 , MEX, 41 -MAvif,',.. 1 Pslfilff' 5 1 1. Qi 9x1 ' 1? 1 Q2 Li 1, " Zloiflfl ' O 1 NV . O F LIIOO FDL- - A Gracias we ,- :W ,f:! X 4 .-, - :--.-.:-I ? I DOCTOR 'i ' ADMIN. ASST. 1, ASST. PRINCIPAL Dr. sI'lCfI0l'l C E Mrs. McGuinn 2, Miss Wilson DIETICIAN , is PRINTING X L' LIBRARIAN I f' as , Y . Mrs. Schmidt AWD-f Mr. Sfelfens ' A Miss Hudson 'H i.. ,in f I my UBRARIAN li.: DRAMA .-.. LIBRARIAN Mrs. Rheinsiein M R Mr. Holabird Mrs. Adler E Q33 ' 'V ,V i , 1 .L I I 1 I VI E x. M E x. x X PSYCHOlOGY I MUSIC 1 MUSIC -:'- M 1' 3, Miss Hardy , Mr. Grimih Y , , Miss Cornish .- 1, , ' -1 r , .I 3 E - FRENCH A GERMAN -lg' ENGLISH, LATIN Mme. Richards ' Dr. Hennig Mr. Barnes EOM MATH Mr. McCu0cheon any MATH, CHEMISTRY Dr. Richards 1 5- Twp MATH , VQ Mr. Barrows I , ,kv y V, E C A ART - Mr. Hackett 5 1. T7 fm PHYS. ED. Mrs. ScI1onfe!d 3: PHYS. ED. 7 Mr. long N ' 'I . , C? Z Buck row Mrs Wolters Miss Sfueblg Mnss Kuellmar T3 lUNCHROOM B Doble A Pfammuher locker C Blau H. Gustafson, F. Mulcuhey, Mrs. Schmidt. Absent - Ellis an . H I E A From row E Nord ulst C Lmn Mrs. Elkin. Back row: E. locher, T. McCann, E. Or en. UNK Poo HA M11 rN.-NN- BRYN W1 ANNE ff""1 DCLW MouNf Mouiowe RIpON K O fl? KO 4 dxf V . Hg ! Buyer xla act' CJ 3 me u D010 P pohmt 3n.n11h1nc1 1 c 1' 25 G-A.4 ., zz: I W- Q nllllg, Dubbarmpfaong needed -for.-.... and pleasq ? Q E L .-M ek XKNOVJ 1 'KW' go :J 'Ch -'17 53 vg lv x'x l.3rr iof rcbf of 1? f ur photos info C1Cl:vl'2-Elin Q ' V .V Now - X' I Ia' lf' f rc pared U 3:-' uma Cara C1355 1 Niven' fgdw-'-9 ov- owe T W 15 2,0006 11 e9 QV' Y' 1? I wonder wherg John could beer +0115 pomi' X R,N .D U HRX '71 X x 7 xAf?u 'L o"f.1+'bf 'kffi' - 9 41,-M' 'P vtfyfsv qofvfff' 4531" 001,56 Cor 1 Qnd x A -' 1 ' ' ef M ,po c0063 72562365 ' 1' ff.-.h cf' Kurl'--- vdcckl 9 M3C1Kllc,5.-.zahlcdlf 4'-'Y I :Illia I N Kao WILLIAM AARON 7'5" Ah but a mans reach should exceed hu grasp or whats a heaven for? Robert Browmng J Busy Bully Student Government Presudent Thurs day mornmg glory Jokes from way back Basket ball Captain Schnzophremc RUTH ASHENHURST Some are born great some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them ii Wllllam Shakespeare "'3lQ-V 'Mi Chercher l homme 2000 l Q next stop Harvard us 4 ff 111444 ""-4 .Alok REUBEN BALLIS Square preoccupied Im more normal than you 3 S Oh Its excellent to have a grants strength E But ut s tyrannous to use It lake a giant 1 Wnlluam Shakespeare 'W Atlas The fake art of rasslun the lad wlth the delicate aur Aw rlght klddues dues are due W Q football addict a i Q A or l"l ,L-.1 Soap Wm .all -v ff NJ I A JUDY BLOOM is A stlll small vouce The Old Testament Lower School Councul Partridge IU a pear tree Weekly Charter artust a true understandmg of Parker s basic rdeas conscuentlous obgector N, V ,gli 'y Y ' l Z ' r H I , . It K O Q . l ' I H "W V' W, 1, . - . 'qi 'ry I' dm , x ' I Q Q, ,F , n n n Q o u ' V 1 F .lr 5 , X in 1 1 W , iii., lim WD ,fb L 'aff' ,, . AZT' 7? - . , H f 'lllfifll , L ' Qi I If I - . . Cv' Q 5 I -1 17- ' A ll I H l I . I I ll in-D-My I fl'llt1k." VLA fr. L1 ,i , i g ,. 1 W , galtlu , - 1 5- j 2 Qual, , . 4 A ' . I X X flu " ' ' ' ' ll ' hr " ' ' ' ." ILVLQS A' . . Q as 9" 'fir l lr I - 1 11 - ll ll I ' ' l 44, 1, ' . . . P 1. 1 at 9 5 Awami I Y s ' gqrk 1 l 1 els ,, fj e X -I. r . n, V ff ' ' j' We J g,,,fA ' ' I If fl 4 r , , , Q -:sr .N I I l ' . . . . . .. l l . tl ,JM xx: , ..:,J " ' W 4 f NORBERT DELACEY 75 J Men who klss and tell are not half as bad I as those who klss and exaggerate I' bl 7" nate No butt Have you seen my scar lately E? t d Henfetz personal lnfe at the Weekly dusconten e armchair at zeros X 1 I I ANDERS DOE Sweetes lll feller everybody knows Dunno what to call lm But hes mnghty lak a rose Mrs Doe Handy Andy Perpetual eate Class Social Commit Z fa. 6: r baseball enthusiast tee favorite perch on raduator I' LEONARD DETTMERS fzfc "' We ifffz 54 I-W lll H u emi l 11' L I 3,4 ,.- 9 4 ll, fu f f Z fa K What dire offense from amorous causes springs ROBERT DOWDELL The silent, swlrlung snow other Barrymore musogy Blushing blond But now I know the things I know And do the thmgs I do And uf you do not luke me so To hell my love with you Dorothy Parker obsequlous mst Class Presndent What mughty contests arlse from trlvaal thmgs Pope Toy Shop Head Mormon progeny football team Krauthead 6 pomts U fll 1 ffm V 4 . ,Q if "ck " ' , ,W L ,V Q, , tl: I -I .d V ' ' ':'F" ig! ..,,.1 ,px -A C 1 :A ,f 1 -,. 5 k '-,VQ7 n 1 - 'u 1 1,5 ' ' ' - . Y Y ' s " . ' U- on Z y2fgf7W L ,M X ri , 'Ml 1 K' , B Q ff, - Teas ix in I K If -V K V H Q. f 4,-zffcf, f ' 1' ' C' " ' ' . 4 fl? xflfhxt ,Y ' I f . . .. . u f .s :E 0 ,I iffi '- x ff , ' ,, f' W N 1 f',f Q jiggy 1.0 ix . . . . . . co- ' F-X f ' I 1 - 2,3 'Q '-...- as ... ... ... ,, . W: . "tn , 'Z-:Iv - . 1-Q 0. ' 1 f' H - ,wir , I . I ' - if ' ' 'ul A ' . ,, K "rt, ,rf 4 I -I X H - - - n ll - ll an- I ll 'I k ' ' ' ' L' 'Q lg Q lg l Q captain of ,1 ws- vlnl' ' V 'T' 'KAI -li-ul lr Ya as N DAVID FAIN If I should labor through daylight and dark Consecrate valorous serlous true Then on the world I may blazon my mark And what If I don t and what If I do7 Dorothy Parker Ten oclock scholar Phuz whnz Parker s answer to 1950 T S Elliot addict x .,, ig IW QM 'E' W i IN? M T lf' CHARLES FRANKEL A well tamed heart For whose more noble smart love may be long ln choosmg a dart Richard Crashaw Hey, Don, l'm down nn the darkroom developnng" real addmon to the class nndustnous worker Mediator Co Edstor of the RECORD Clest we forgetj lv JOHN FOGELSON lm tired of four walls and a cetlmg I have need of the grass Richard Hovey Fogey every day us vlsutors day at the zoo gentle the strong silent type i rv , I ""'--Q Y I 0:5542 W 3 RICHARD FREEMAN There IS at least one thing l would less rather have In the neighborhood than a gangster And that IS a practical prankster Ogden Nash Dlckle Head of Study Ol Halls "Bonlour, Madame, ou est mon A?" curly headed soccer player per sonaluty and wut .Q W ' 'sw I4 ' v is I 9 ' , 7 3 ' - 5 'w , It . f Ill QW 1' lf I f l , ' I - lv mx I lj , I f I - rf bf. -' 'K I f . f xt ay I M Z I . if I , 'J b ' y j S593 5 if of I A ' K 'f' ' W I as ' f IF ' , 1 at . ' . "' 1 'l . O ' 'll I 1' I f I ,r 1 1 . ,. ,.., . . , ,L ,, the H-bomb . . . oft to Wade's . . . Boiler Room Boy of football player . . . "Some of my best friends are horses" wuz 'f',ii+t'f' If el RG, nl- ' I , I, I I 'A wif., X f ' 4 fm e E I, 4 J E fl 'I All "l l I 2 if M 7' to fi v ' 'I Q5 " , . If hw, Q ' I ' S L 1 1 sl! N ly 7 ,rf f A It E ,f- A . ,f ,W4 2, I M fl 4 ' J 'ffff' 4' fl l, Fc? ' I, A ,, E V x A' I I 1 WW, I, M.:-L. '1 Q! I K -I 'Mt A! X NIU' . - u ll u 1 1 . U MW1 MW I fr 1X 9 'Q sue FRIEDMAN Oh woman' lovely woman' Natur made thee to tempt mon If you kgew Susle Secretary of Student Government artist RECORD staff Oh no' You re luddang' terrufic IVE vonce ,--wa, , -15 14A I .1 HANS FRENCH Poets alone should luss and tell A Frnend Dorothy Parker Cherchez la fem Frenchle Larry or what have you? Rover fixture at the Belden another Baseball enthusiast nfflhl .L A, Qld' 4 K I1 M4 rfoMAN W7 E Nl P165 y ,WM I W .. w WILLIAM GOODHART "We loan ourselves to no party that does not carry the flag and keep step to the music of the Umon " Rufus Choate Phantom of the Opera R C P Goodhead, Good heart . . staunch Republncan . able tenor a nose for busuness X If -,,,, -4, H. BARBARA GUMP "When all the world consplres to prause her the womon's deaf and cannot hear " Alexander Pope Effluent GAA Head Tennessee Gump loyal sports fan hard worker occasuonal southern accent "Surprise, surprnse"' .I I I I U iishvfl fl. fi- I , QQ ' ,f M V 'X R A, I 2 A If I H "u-.' ' Z - V . . f 5' w ,W f ' ' .' If I II I A ji' tr , X! ,f' , , sf I? 2' 'I Hip , ' . J ,ah xx:2f,, Ii-V - -1 fa. H . . e .H H ' .H ll ' II ll ll I . . . . . . . , , u u 4 . c c e - 1 ll I . l ,I 1 y if r ,D if, ' -H4 'V Y K .fl fy rn- I , U N Q . , lff i M 6 , A - 1 f 'f fs T K' , , 4 I me Y' ' ' 15 R, - I A O f I My MW' 4' f . - , CHM Q ll y,Vtttts , o f If I A ,. I -' L I I -. kg! f 1 Qff fy .f-L LINDA HORWEEN I have fou d you argument I am not obltg d to f d you a underst dung Famous hag parties Luberal Parker Prnnts 49 another social worker chvld psychology brudge addlct Formalsl Do or due' fry vv ' V MQ gi I is if l S muel Johnson BARBARA HASSEN oce soft g ntle a d o cell n IH Sh kespeare Excellent Head of Lsbrary Committee always a he p :ng hand social worker Oh Ive moved you know' 09- HAWLEY HUNTER Tobacco IS a d ty we d I atnsftes no no l ne d GHem er lnduvudualust future bactertologust Toy Shop Erme Simon fan Weekly Charter female tenor ,j'Nf JOAN KEARNS to J H c n best p t who shall feel the most Alexander Pope , 9 Member at large to Committee of Four First of a dynasty The Old Master Palnter tnclustnous and , talented dangerous fullback RECORD artlst J N ' 1, - 'Ml I .LLKW ,4 A Ifgfg iq? b . .- uw I' "Her v i was ever , e , n I w, Ui fm". I an ex ent thi g ' a woman," W WW- in G 1' l I 'I .H I.-I l- "wx if 3 Q -11 ly I .ri -X. - If x I 5 ,, 5 ,K wt' n an 5 ' e in n an ' ." Q A - G 421 ' ' ' "Hywlf 5 If 5 fl X . - Q1 Q ,Q 1, A I A - pts, I in I N lnuzs X .' ....Y FI' 1 i k " ' ir e : like it. ' It s ' ' rma e : I like it." N, - . m ing if Fi' 'iii 'ole I I I ... ... Ik Lsjllf 'ff " 6 " e u ain ." N 'NZ "J, I an " rf , I ' If lxtflff ' I 1 ' I I lg ' " Ixl 'X DEBRA KEEFE Q 6 On this hapless earth 'Nw' BARBARA KENWORTHY Not ten yoke of oxen Have the power to draw u like a woman s hair Innocents abroad UI Im sorry but you re Beautlful Barbara '49 ting 1 df A- ' H di ..'1'1' 5 ' ' There s small smcerlty of marth And laughter true IS but an art I I. Hartley Colerldge Debbue smnle for everyone peppy cheerleader one man gal? C mp us the Iufe for me" fthe outdoor typej WENDELL KEMP The human knee IS a lolnt not an entertainment Percy Hammond if 5 wr Bug Bull and his Bug Ford hard worker Co chair man of Social Commlttee addsct of football from a -.Q prostrate posltlon Co captain mechanical genius champion C71 cake baker -iraq Longfellow v But I really cant go to gym out of uniform scrapbooks ALFRED KING Beneath the rule of men enturely great The pen IS mlghtner than the sword N K II -LQ Edward lytton Q Co Editor of the Weekly Jazz addnct'-' ever present thermos of mnlk Can tcho write lust one hort paragraph?" lil 4.1 I wr 4, 031 "- 1 'snr Q I 4' ' A sa-Jew KENNETH MARKS Talk not of genlus baffled Genuus as master of man Gemus does what ut must and talent does what It can Anon Ho' Ho' I thank thats gust wonderful ISanta Claus Marksl Class Presndent staunch supporter of everything nn snght swnms Ilke a fish sk: expert too? P S Beware of avalanchesl Assnstant Edutor of RECORD vf' 040 ,ll:"3n'Z4 i T' nl iv J ey 1 -Sv' DONALD PRITZKER Theres a host born every mmute Ogden Nash Hey Chuck Im upstairs workung on layout er petual 'A party as what you make It Can tcha sell another book? Co Editor of the RECORD fneed we remund you"'D - fl If lwffgllll I... Z ,M llibh ."" VI 0 .ix sf' , ,, Z . OILLL .ff EARLE NAKANE The man who smokes acts luke a Samarltan And speaks luke a sage Alexander Pope Hard working Co Edltor of the Weekly We need typesetters chimney Now dont be butter Rogues Gallery In the Shop Y is-ani -...ff fd U W Amd 'U' RICHARD ROETTER Of scnence and logac he chatters As tune and as fast as he can Though I am no judge of such matters Im sure he s a talented man Winthrop Praed Docs nemusls Gorlus Ruchard math and physics genius shoulders Class Treasurer Sulphur fiend practical C71 loker 5' I Q54 Q I ' 'gf' ' ' rt ,fb . Z 1 1 , f :' 5 X IA, 5 ' A ll ' I ' II .' ' f . . ' '. ' . - - - ff If II ' ' Il ' II I ' II , . :ff 3' llll. , I Q p 'yy 1 L I , IQ! . , ,6 I .fnlllm I f , Q , U' -do 'L mg: I , ,, E S, ' lv' I' - - 'f f - ' ul if M I, MIM v Y I y- 'f I I 7 ffl U 'I I f Ox 5' .I 'if , I f - I If I' ,f I 4 I. 'rl ' ' 'I - ., V 5 '51 'YQ , ' ,1 I ' ,yy I i, at Vs I an f ',,,4 , ,,., if L' 1 k ,l M - V A A? H I I I I I H . . . p ' - I I ' ' II ll I . . . . . . l ' ' ' ' ' II - ' I 'W f 1 I 'LJ f. M7 if .BA Ja SUE SANDEL What a oman ants I5 a strong nflex ble man that she can wrap around her httle finger Anon Lousy wnth brams Come on knds Cheer literary genius of RECORD perpetual Class Secretary personallty plus really' my halr Isnt that short' esta" Q4 3' T' BARBARA STRAUSS Cleopatras nose had at been shorter the whole aspect of the world would have been altered Pascal Bobble Powder Room Co Head of Socnal Commut tee V2 Literary gemus of RECORD Ogey another real addntlon to the class Im less normal than you thunk' 1 I W Q EW' Q N 4 Nfl' 'Q-,V im! ff? it W' CAROL SCHRADZKE God forbnd that I should go to any hea en where there are no horses R B Cumngham Graham The Red Menace Parkway for lunch? Class Con stntutson a threat to Robert s Rules sardonuc sense of humor Slx Gun Schrad Y' ,fl-:P A 0 I 1 il l'1"'q" X' l R JUNE THORSEN see her as a pucture hear her IS a tune know her an mtemperance nnnocent as June Emily Dlclunson Class Socnal Commnttee G A A representatnve mfectnous giggle German Fraulenn Junue Mass Lyden s dnsclple All Star basketball forward lvl l , Z l F I' '44 ' we Q R, A R use 5 vm rf , fffsts s -.f f f .f -l - 'f 1 P P R., Q R l"",1f I 1 'V ' lr , , E N K V' V, N , y., . ,, ,I fy y ,1 lu! I I 1- - Mlm? V V ll Q A . R ,514 ,f QM 4 , , will XX-sz . J "" Q W ' .R ' ' . . . " ' - " . . . W ' .Niall . -- ' ' Eh. I, 7 -,V ,. ' Q. f, -I K Q:-1 ,V X" 4, ,A , Q ll.. f U C I mimi.. I 1 I ,I 5 7 , ' Q lima . A - 'ml ' 1:5 y, 4 .J rrts 5 Y lj. if ,,' ll f l fl 4 1-'fs f X L A' il l an . 'x ' 'f in ,, , 1 . I ,,To . . I ." To ' , - To ' As ' ." YY' nu Ql ' x. Wh: I KURT WAGNER ANNE WILLNER And nf I lov d you Wednesday We hat IS that to you I do not love you Thursday So much IS true case of good ludgem nt Ed a St Vincent Mlllay Peppy Cheerleader definite lakes and dnsllkes sultry songstress happy go lucky Socnal Com on Latin Fneld St Peter Snup and Snap mlttee advlce to the lovelorn Freshmen Wag Morning Ex Head Shy? I left my nose 25 -X 'aw Y Q at WN l mmm I! h I m... ilihei ll V WENDY WOLFF DONALD YOUNG lf thou must love Wt and wisdom are born with a m Let at be for naught Except for love s sake Selden Elizabeth Barret Browning Head of D A I don' know what Im gomg to do Don Hey ya wanna bet on the parlays this week? Library Commmee Head 49 parker prmts always late one of the few to survive the 49 foot good things come ln teensy weensy packages ball season fwall recenve medal soonl -,P Q Q :Wi 1 l Q 'Q 4 4 , 'lr jg 'ull 4 X, ll AX. fu f 1 lk f ' l 5 l S "lt's a ' e ." ll' W I ' l. J. ' -H X, . Q D 11585-ti , Q N , ' fig? y at I2 5 f , 4 '... v-f .AV1 4 f .V I A I ll '. lr 1 1 or 1, iff' s l c l ' ,ig ' 2 -ax 5 ' ' f " arjf. ill l - , ' ' ' v 1, QA, fl " me U U l . U BERNARD NEGRONIDA as a wase fat er who knows has own chaldren '-'Q-' i' Barney W T B CYes we dadll famaly man Sergeant at Arms manana Infamous John and Mary Legend Dont change offa caal notaces' ra l 793 Nt 'agp' 9'-,gi 5 ,ef 'vu Q... a d Cllfffaf 39425 WMM MMM! Q22 Wx 7 For several years now we have looked forward wath maxed feelangs to seeang returnang alumnae To us they always seemed to be remanascang nostalgac ally for Parker and an the next breath exclaamang over the wonders of college Somehow at has always both ered us to hear them and yet more and more over the past few months we have been thankang back over our lafe at Parker and worryang about college Remember the tame Pratzker locked Schradzke an the locker? Have you heard from Harvard yet? ' Or the tame Hawley drank all those cokes on the sophomore weekend? lm goang crazy decadang what courses to take next year Wall you ever forget the day we took Meyer s desk? Snatches of conversataon radang to a fevered patch as we became aware that a certaan securaty would be ours no longer As we waated scared and tense for letters from all parts of the country begannang wnth "We are pleased to accept you as a member of the freshman class of 1950 5l " Some of us wall be glad to leave Parker has not meant the same to all of us We have been a hetero genous group wath vaolent lakes and daslakes We have backered plenty and been petty year after year And yet on the whole we all lake each other a great deal For some of us the larger more profound aspects of Parker have been obscured by the travaal For some of us the travaal was all we were able to comprehend and we grew to hate at blamang at on the school not ourselves For all of us though Parker has meant a certaan basac securaty A securaty wath faults to be sure but ca securaty an whach a rare freedom of expressaon was allowed to permat us to remedy these faults Thas secur aty wall last us through out our laves our struggles to ward a perfect communaty wall better able us to com bat the same faults an the larger communaty anto whach we now emerge Yes, thas socaety has benefited us all, and an the future as we grow more obaectave about at, the faults wall dasappear and we, too, wall loan the ranks of alumnae who return each year to remnnasce about the "easy and wonderful lafe at Parker" , 'I lx,,7l,- 'tx ' . 'L' -1 L l' lf. ay, at t V- sa M al . . . ...... ' . F, . . . Good friend to all . . . "Para la K' ' ll I , ' . . . . . . X ,l ' gal x . 1 .H . . , 1, I - N. Xa 'Y -2 Ep fi c E O ,sf W.d X 1 f 0' ...- .r X 49? X. Sensor residents of zero sfudy Don Al Par and Dlckle study drowslly while Schrod snoozes ,.... -v--v s""N C7 ,-f' wt gf. Z? Ann Chuck Ken June Hawley and Earle pui anoiher nlckel m .3 'flu vu if A study perlod nn the home room B Kenworfhy D Fam D Pritzker B Dowdell B Strauss R Ashenhurst and l French take advantage of a Senior privilege 4 K 41 rv if Mrs. Collier hands out the usual 'inexcusable' note to S, Sandel, J. Bloom, B. Goodhurt, L. Horween, B. Hassen and B. Gump Q THIRD ,X C 'rIRSr KINDE. RBARTEF NQORS DPHMORE 5 'GHTH fgve.NTH 'ef' vvxmo L ,, I plfTH 'G 4 A I' 5 ECONO LESHMAN gfiq I ' I 111:v11111111 GRADE .,1 1 I. . I .IVF 11 I 11' . I I 1 Il , I I1 . 1 , III 1 I , ,,, 1l'. I , A1 1. -'1 I 11 I 1 .--'I 1 1' 'I 11 I '11 I, II In 1 I' . 'I I 1 , 1 ' .-11' ' 1, . 1, I IIIIZII-I'I'I'I'f-'III IIINI IIIIIIIIII I II, I IJ IIII - 'I I .II,I I 4I1lvi1 w 'R ,5 we , '1. -1' f-1 I 1 1 I 11'II ,Nh -'III :I M l 1 ' 3, ' 1 1 4 A i .1,.N,. I I' + 4 ' I1 I :.I , , ' 1.1,,1I 114. ,H ' 1. ' 1 I fin fr 1 I 'III A: '--' 1' ff, 11' I ,II '1I 1 . 1. - 1 Judith Allen Richard Barnes Alex Biol Rohan Bloch Nan Chapin Q ne , .II I V II, ' n 1,1 - 4 .I v ' ,I XVAW I I Martin o en Wi iam Corbidge Judith Co ,III . . ' 1 1 I , 'N ' ,I ' 1 1, Q. I' 1 I II , I II I' ., Y I 1 III I1 III Rf 1-I 1 I I I I .II I1 --' ' 41 1 I-' , I 1 e uzanne rown aren Dettmers I I I ., ' 1 II . I 2I111i1 1 1,1111 II 1I'1 II 1 II I 1 II I III II, ' Y to 'IIII 'I II111 'IQ IIII I 'IIN ,III 'Il I 1IW'1I,1 1 I 'Ax ,III 11 1 IIIIIIIII WY CI' IIIIII1 r I I' I 1 IIIIII x 1-:xx I It I I III' I1 II 1 I IHI I1 5. q on 1 III' AIIIII 11, II III I II l L. Q t x I1 IIIIIIII III: I1,II' Ch II nl s c K 1 I I IIIIIIIII IIIIIII III ,I ll, 1 IIIIII1 ' -1 ." I I I I 1' I W1 I I ' Y I I h I ' . 1.1,I 1 II, ,V I 'A ' 1' 1 I 'QT I I I I 1 I f 'Ii 1 f Bttyl-I t M MCII 'Vila W A t W . ,IIII 1 I I 1lIII IIIIIIIIIIII 5- sr' I ' K IIIIIII I , ,III IIIII wt. I III 1 'II -'.,'1I11-I f1I1 INMII, xx! Iv, 1I.1,y1pg1 II' IIIII ff' IW Ik 5 IIIIIII IIII ,I A.. N N lu X 'I 1 I 1 I III I IIIIII I Richard Elden John Friend Xl! I? . I Kermeen Fristrom Cherie Goldblatt I III1, ' II Iii 'Ig H, to 1, l'1,lII,,21 1II1'.1IIIII111II or I 'M 1-I f 1-1 I 1 - I ' 7 I III I 1'1- IIQII I IIIII , 1'-I jj +1 I an I11111'1111I'1111I II IIIIIII III II .I W I 5' I 'II ' I II:IeI!'iI13 I-no I I I T' II1t,!IlL1I,l I IIIIII' IiI1I!III ' I j. ,V 51' 1 IF' 1 'I:'III1IIl:I IIIIYIIIIII I - ,I1.11I1IIII1I II IIIVI H Julia Goo lldri Paula Greensfeilt en Meyer' Grade Head Helen Hqrrig Q gig gd I IW' 'I -V III III III III I I'I'I11'II"1' ,1I1i1I 1.111 I I I I I1,I111,1,g'41 , I II1 11 , N, I 3 A953 I ,I1 1.1111-, II3 II IIII1 I f " I I 'I' . 'f , v1IIII1.I III IQIIIIIHI, 5 K I I All I ' 'Ill 1'I III III I -,go A.,: :IA ,1'. 1 I1 ' ,iI1II11. I' I 1' ' I .maui I ':II,I I 'I' I 1,1 I1I IIII ' IVII I . Barry Hornstein Katherine H ween Suzanne lackritz Candido arquez James c a III' Il-III I, ,IEIII IIII ' A IIIIIIIIII-IIIII I 'III -III II 11f171111I1III'IIII' 1 Ig'1II.1I f I I I I , Q I'1'Q.1f'e:11'1l .II III,I1I'I' 'V' we 33, QI I E LQ: I 11 IIIIII 'I I S . I f' t. V I I YI III 111 I W A f A 1.I'II'I1I'I1 - v-I IMI- , ,I I I I 'I,.11II III HIIIH P 9 Patch Ellard Pfaelzer Suzanne Rook: Gail Schaps Audrey Schwartz John Stone IIIIII ,II ',,I,Ig1 PIII Q V x IIII 1 II' II1.l I I-II" II vI 111I1I I 1 IIIII IIIIIIIIIII I U1 IiIII'II Il .N K , ,I 5 3, A I IIIIIVIIIIIII 1,1 II ,III 'II W ti I r if 1' K S - IIII IIII I , 1 ' I Ag - 1 I 1 ,:I'1,II1.I It 11III IIIIIII- A , I :I I ' I'1I I1 !'ILI II I Joan Straus lee Strauss Donald Toxay illiam Thorsen Joy Tookey n hony einrott II IIIII II ' I .IN III H I1'I'I'haIIIIvII, ,IMI I - A 7 1 V IIII YIII1I'I'I 1.1-I,.'1.,?"II' I Ti?-el 12 alia:e:,i+i123E,i2i2iE - I III I' III frigfiif ie liiliigi 553-EL,,f,i5 31 -I III 'II I -E2 f ?5gL2:fE5f+ Ig A-lf I II. amz! glass Wuth the words go back to sleep my llttle ones, Eggert Meyer sends hls drowsy Juniors to classes each morning By afternoon we are consuderably more luvely after all we have a prlze set of blood stauned antlers guardnng our doorway as a symbol of our strength We permit no underclassmen to brave the wulds of our den, oh yes, we are exclusive as Junuors have a rlght to be as ,W .1 ,L Pyromanlacs smoke each other out m the Chem lab We boastfully lust as prume contrlbutnons, the eflflcuent, pleasant tea room, and the sparklung alumnae dance We are besides loyal partlclpants and observers of football basket ball, and baseball On the scholastlc side our grade has boosted utself, and whsle we are learning by domg, we also search for things mduvudually Our grade room continually resounds with vosces argumg a polnt an stentoruan tones But whatever we do wherever we go the class of 51 wall always look back on such thungs as the sacred desk he eternal chess players, the permanent Zero Study resudent and a tall flgure nn a lab coat, as mementos of a wonderful year ' ll ' ll I I I vm X , f I A t x 4 K W 1 ,xl a ' 1 '. -v .A ,, -A n V, Ji ' ' ,F A 4 "": " 4 ,, "W ' , vt f , . .1-i ' 1 I I ' I I I I I U ' II II R I 1 w'c'Ll'l Q IENII-I CRA 1 I ,, rx ' . 1 ,W ' w W w ' , , v . ' u I. A . A 1 E.. vile I1 mn l 1llx'i" '.'i"l"'Ji uiwlllil A 1 Te ' " '3 ll'l'l N hlrl 'O Hullul 'liikil it li l u 1 li' Q K A A A lllil 'wvxil-XE: ,L p ' i 1' 'l' ,H Dv, . , lUi, xl! , is 7 A, Fly,-, -.,:, ALA An A 44 - l .'4l 'llc Ill Renate Baron Jill Bernheimer Virginia Catanzaro luis Checkers Paul Davies Diane Dickerson August Drafflxo lla' ' l 4 r I a I ll eq, 4 Milli' v- K , ll Q," ilrllfi' D . r l ' n l W .1' 'W' lllhirwlt in A ll' 'l:'l.l 4 ,V .,, ff! V'j1,u rf" hr" R etlel d ld .eo G Q F Mil 'I R , Mi., K 4 I W A A -. 15,5 K, J 'lui , 'I t' Ill ' Sandra Franks Betsy Geraghty Gordon Goles E win Halperin Joan Hancock Elizabeth Harvey Theodore Hass 'lil nl ' ' ' - rt 'mil-l-ll' 'lille I' ful 'S ik. Qillil 1 M M M Mey t F Q Q-p L e t Do ald Ret Id S 0 y Sch Sh p W g f N Q l lui X Vi llrylrfulr ,X gf at Mil!! 'fig Ii' Nancy Hirsh ob r r an Rona Kalom Thomas Ke s I l I. :X i- A ' 1 .M pl , alll iilll, Y " A tl - Q Q .I S ll ,H J, 1 1 ' , fl I lihli. 5 will ' :fp , '.r M 1 ' il il'i A , I Mr. Barnes, rade Head X . I til li l l Pr lint Frances King Harry lee George allxo Charles a l i 4 l . F ,l iixyqxiw li I' ' E A 5 QV' 1,.ll ry S. M , 1- IL . infiillliil li I 5 I Y ' ix i jyiyp-M! ' x 'M ' nw' -'llllllliuii if A X x ii A i I G t gi' lg l 'fryfillllh llg Elizabeth Mayer Winston cGiII Frederick Meine Warren er Reber Negr d J ll I! l 'HIS Ulu: I I Mfr' 1 . n gr. Ui!-Hia G T lil? i',lL wx' Q' it i J W K 4 1 2- L 1 li li F 'gl' , ,, i f iii 'lui' 1 L , ,fe e, A 1 Ji ' A i'i' I l 13'-L ill! 1 llli- Martha O s reicher Nancy Pfaelzer n i 1 Pat Sawyier Rona chaps Barbara Schroeder Natali Schr d l ,I ,rg ui ll il tl, -1 if . F llnlllldlml A Hr mm" Q M 'Q .Q Q lg S ' ot'-K, 'W U l I - Y Y . M ,W .V X . ' F . - . lf' . M F . 4 - .v 1 T IVV' ril' A! Arn wartx David a iro llllam Stem Herbert Stemmeyer Roberta Stone Tony Tausslg Pm To l V Tuul' llff, ll '11 ' T" Qirie'-fi T12 i4 fi,f425if1f4f:-gi l gahiamaie ffm! So you want to know what the Tenth Grade has done this year? Well, we can sum it up in about one word . . . WORK!!! You know those beautiful Christmas decora- tions? That was some of the Sophomores' handiwork. And certainly you remember the 330 Club at the Turn- about! Nobody can say we didn't work on that. But like every other class, I guess, our greatest occu- pation was school work We were going to introduce into Student Government a bill to outlaw all school work but we didnt think the Faculty would pass it The poor Faculty' They try so hard to teach us English and Social but its a losing fight and math but I m afraid there are very few Einstems in the Sophomore class As or languages its a wonder the teachers havent given However we commend them tor their noble efforts Espe cially Mr Barnes Wed all like to see his head on Mt Rushmore fplease dont take us literallyl He is a great gradehead and has helped us more than anyone knows Well you asked us what we did and here it is but confidentially it isnt that bad And any way when , X X . , if ., . . ' 1 ., . , . , ., , . , up. . , . . , . . , . .., I ' I I I ' we re together we dont mind the work at all NINU-I GRADE U' 5, r, tff g B Harold Arai 'B i Thomas Frankel Mary Ke rns d Muelhoefer Aa Pe!! Edwin Roth Cary Sokole ,S Judith Bel! John Herberi dre Kne .loan N e man Ol ver Schmid! fan 015 51 pl 'V' 2 fl Y' 1' 'gs' - 1 is .lorgen Brix David Cramer Muller Davis V 45 Lx Ed a d H hu Ann Jorge sen fa,--N .la lr Ell son Grade H d beth Pfaelzer Elea or Schonfeld Pa R m er Ba o Sh flon Gerald S kole: Wlllam Swarkhld M r Tompk ns :holas Kal Joy e Oppenhe mer B My Ja e R gers Elena Shop o J '- x ,Vi g. fn u A Tira Faherly G :KA lynn Kauffman Anne Loeb .luePea 45- 5 M chael Rosenberg Sa dra Sl lun Judith Weber George W ll ams , gg 4' Vi - 5 Q fi - 6 , qs.. A X' 1 I w r oriuc ' n -f 'j i ' I K ,V 1 V, g A , xv K Q ' , W ' if a An w rr Ni man R , , N an A av 5 -ww, T fe yu, A 1- , K 'fx , , ,L N- K 12-NL l I K 'lil ' . c i , ea . Edwar l r c I n rson 6 SN W . Q- ga 'N in ar ' M 4 -ff 1 M S 1 A l in i Eliza lricia iff ill e n o i : 4' ' ' jffj V C Q ' f -V -"- no M a if - A . ah As gl vi ' i ' n r n u ir n 'm ' V I RW. 4,-Q M . if M - 'Hz ' , S' ' vi ' 5' bl '.. c q i ' i a i ' i i f:-4 fj,L127f?'iR I'-i -.,..fL5-" iEfffi92'l' R-Ee-eff "jE:1li5f1!7- l ul ' -29:-'fn 225 5 ff'-'f1':L'1:Q?"::-?-'fii?-11535 gig?-in--f.' 9 :1:fii- Qiesftmafz My The school year of '49 and '50 started in the usual uproarious way, with violent class elections. This was closely followed by the "wrath of the gods," sometimes known as County Fair. The big day arrived much sooner than we had planned, and with everything still pretty well mixed up. However, despite the inevitable confu- sion the starting time arrived, and it was "Hi Ho! Come to the fair." We had long hoped to set a new record in net and gross proceeds, and at the end of that magnifi- cent day we found our wish gratified. Soon the Class Social Committee got busy and staged its first party which went over with a "bang," as next day's remarks proved. Mr. Ellison was reported to have said that we were "a most congenial bunch." Glum, haggard faces revealed the initial impact of first report cards. Toy Shop, prelude to freedom. Freedom, Christmas Qty, ,,L.. I . vacation, gloriously taken in by all. Back to the mines! Midyears, Wow! Dark circles around the eyes disclose sleepless nights. Second report cards, refer to first. All were somewhat revived by skating party, minus skates. Deep winter sets in, Freshmen girls begin mass scoop on the sale of cut oFf stocking caps. CHundreds soldlj. "The long theme will consist of about twenty pages. Notes must be taken first on cards, and then . . . " There must be an easier way to get an education, take a pill or something. "Agamemnon" produced. Mid-winter vaca- tion sets in. Many return to classroom with golden brown sunburns, mostly acquired with the aid of a sun lamp. Class meetings in a near riot stage, under a new consti- tution which was lost, but l believe recovered, and a new administration which should have gotten lost. And so this year has come to a glorious close with our play, "The Lottery," and a very sucessful Freshman Dance. B? Q . U Nr nv I' I' 0' r 40 W " , a Friendly Freshmen fraternize in lavish lunchroom. "Point of order, Mr. President." Some fellas have all the luck! , fi J V L. N , -A 4 .4,' '. if A .J if 9 IL-4 I bs..- A 1 Q I ' 4 Agy 'fp n , S Q, Drlf If J X Pwr 4? is AE V. WD , ,V ,L., if 5331 J I ' i lf , ' , f O f ' o 4- 1 - 49 f. .5 4 f' A S V V- 2 5 ' S f JW? Z l . L ' f y , . M-f-I ' y ' K. 1 4 , A .C"w' 5 lag-xg ' JC 1 .Ab Q i N . ...P A Q fx K .Y -...Sf ,ES 1 '-ug. ' nw ' A 'X 'aw Q If K an 4 5" 11 if gf iff -. ' ai I I 7- Q. N - Rx QA A-2 M kr., up n'- 15 '94 4 ,H if QQ asv , '-1 iv fu 5 5 I I r ' IL I 1 O' x w, ,ning 'Win f W. ax ' Ann-7' 1.4- Hts... ,r if Y, .. '03 lv pa . 2 I e V a 1 B ' n f' X' 1 1 ,,, 9 Q 4. xl liliilff 95115329 film R91 , Win Ply, J Weber Mrs Moen Bosca J Y Re H Hosk ns Henry K Gbson J Mora uade -X i vm., 'uh N-QS' f Q. J Wess Fa rbank Back row -K J Mner 'S J. Gronner, E. Seefe, Laing, A. J. ulsch, S. O'Flaher1y, De w - G. Steinberg, B. l'0 Fronf A Hardy D Cmbe L. Cooperman, A. Sprague T. Kaspar, M. Shafer, Mark, de Van w - A. Michel, P. I'0 Middle M. Thomas, G Peferson, A ScaJa C. Kreeger, Camera shy - N Deukh D McQ vu was v-v. .W .M Ui 5. ...-v 'N C CNN 5 M 'rx-f N. 0 i 'NI in ,uv-4' Hasg M Werner J Rcnlz J Cash n J Borovsky R Forney S S Barr Zechme sfer row-R Back Of M nth, J Griff' I, A. Zan I1 Va iclc, P. Buehr, R. Blulherw user, P. Flynn, M. Fo J. W- nl ro Fro Las? row - Mss G xon M ss Wa ker Holmgren, M. MsCuinn, M. Geraghfy K. Hel' Mi es, L ffl Ba E. in, WG :S ce, B. M ullcl w-P.W Middle ro E Wormser Punfenney J Bu J B ouke Camera shy - P Kaplan J, M Z 15 fiswlwwrow- .ai ""V -gh of-'nf-nu ,.-...H .., , eww -f " 'f??'w"M' "1 P '?23mTf..,,,, Q 3 if w""'- E Q' l Ruck l Gradman Reynoldt, ,P. eege clgue, L. K Spr Deutch, D. Graham, O. yalis, S. Grimlh, S. Ba J, W- Middle ro ll Mu Mu Krahn N Gmberg Jaffe Mrs row - Mrs Las Haroutunian S. esl, Go I.. T H rich shy - l Ge man Camera gal 2 svwf 1-by iyfrfdb mm. ,, ww IME, liSHa.r6Q.9i VHA 49991 'sf www vm. "Q-. ws. Q-ff? S.-.., sync' Jef W 'YM 4' M ss Lyden Ho mgren los! row - M ss Frank n Mrs Sampson Rod D S Hyde J Cash n H Grossman N Davs Rosenberg Suond row - L CY Q ' ' 5 H , 1 1 f , no M g ox . 5 X , he . . . , 1 5 . , , 4 , . I 3 4 I ' .Q L - , ' lbw 2' - ' f fl V Q H W fi "' 2 ' 1 f-. P l l , 1 A f' v- , .w if 'M ' . Q U- - 2 ' , - f ' Q 5.21 lf , , 'I I ' ,K 1' Q F- 1 1 Y 1 2 V S ' v f Q E f . .d . 'x 1 . , n . rr H ' ' A , 1 ,, Q U , Q . A . NS' M 3' 1 . Q. . P N 1 ll :XR ' J ' . l 4 1 5 - T 4 m ... tv 1 E. 4 4 , 4 54 tix. f . v .J . ,'. N ' 1. 5 ll' s W , 1 i . , . I i , . onk, J. Walker, R. Runenberg, D. Flynn, S. Blouke Third row - D. Mixon, J. Strauss, H. Tannenbaum, H. Meifes, J. Persky, R. Kahn, J. Haroufunian, . , . , 5, - i , - , - l , - i li I ' I I 5 . , . Ili, . , P. Punlenn Leroy OsR rancfa J J G shy YC me Ca MX --asm 1 gf 351 1. .nf Back row - M ss Benneff M ss Mart n Hanig, C. Church. A. Biel, 5. Sakano First row - T. Jerro d Barr John Barr Bergmann .I D Ndhon Roeser C Roslenberg Camera shy - E Voynow S XDI1 M aryan, R M arh, N. Prifzker, T. Krohn, w - S. Uniermeyer, G. Schw Second ro Sorgatl row - K. 0'Neil, K. Wexler, R. Third Second row Seventh Grade J Spuegler Fffh Grade D Lundberg R Gray Seventh Grade A Franks Third row Seventh Grade P Siaalsen J Frmrom P Freehlmg Elghfh Grade J Beasley , 4 1 Second row Klndergarien P Punlenney R LeRoy Furs! Grade L Gellman T Hirsch Pr N c,, 4'- mm, Nx'NN TfQ h WEP -if 'AQ Y 1EEKLY ORCH EST RA GQVE2 rvDE-NTNNU4 r"""""-' t llllmlll lllllllli -mu, lllllllllll ll lllllrlllll ll ll lllllll' lliwmll 1u-illmu l llllllll .,.. Kermeen Fristrom Auditing Comm. ar, Kurt Wagner Morning Ex. Comm. ivy Barbara Hoxsen Library Comm. ,sa ll Kemp Social Comm Co head -1wiAv"f Bi 1 " e , A Bill Aaron President if I 47-'R X zi f 2 1 I N . 2-wise- xg jg . Student Government has not been crit- icized as much this year as in former years. Students say that the powers re- served for the student body are few, especially with the faculty having an ab- solute veto power. However, the main purpose of a Student Government is to train the student body to handle aptly the affairs and situation which arise in a Democratic Society. Our Student Govern- ment offers this opportunity. The assembly under the able leader- ship of the Executive Committee has been successful in adding a few more stones to the foundation of the Govern- Sue Friedman Secretary ment These Include the experiment of abolnshmg cheerleadmg for one year a new more stable constututlon embraclng some of the Important understood laws the Weekly Charter which sets down the structure of the Student Government Weekly relatlonshap as well as the skele ton of the Weekly Itself The Executlve Commnttee hopes that succeedmg Student Government organ: zatlons wlll profit by thus years accom pllshments Wm Aaron Presldent Ac 40 Bull Goodhart Relief Comm pqah CVS SJ' Duck Freeman Study Hall Head Bull Thorsen lunchroam Comm Barbara Strauss Soclal Comm Co head ggi Q, 'CX X All l 5 M Q .., y l if l in and traditionsp and the establishment of QW? 1 . n . - l :S qffzfzbfzf gamma! My fill, Secretary Paul Freehlmg President Em: Mortln and Secretary George Bosch Wuth the help of the Faculty the student Councll was started agaln thls year The first quarter of the year was spent organuznng and layung the foundation We formed a Constntutnon and elected members About February we really started doung thnngs such as forming a Dramatic Assocuatuon for the Lower School ln our oplnlon the idea of having a Student Council as excellent first ut helps prepare a student for Student Government by teaching hum to cooperate organuze and generally become more mature second nt gnves hum the opportunity to assume and dlscharge responslbullty This year we have been extremely successful IH both these respects lt as especially pleasing that there ns such complete democracy nn the Council The representatives of the Thnrd Grade speak as much and as nntellngently as those In the Elghth We would like to take thus opportunnty to thank our faculty advlsers Mrs Schonfeld and Mass Greenebaum for thenr much needed asslstance We would also luke to thank the Grade Head assnstants and Miss Wllson for their help and crltlclsm We ar looking forward to an even better Student Council next year wnth the hope that future members can do as good a 'ob as thelr 1949 50 predecessors Erac Martnn President Student Council if Engrossed students take an active part ln their Student Councll I C W- .s s we N 01 ol V v ll ll'-,P , ,-, . . . . I . I I ' l I I I i I . . .. . Q - I I o . . . .. 1 l u I . . ' ' I ' I 5 av " f as , 1 . 1 D 1' 1 2 fs , 1- x l '- P' , l Q QW? Qmiefzfie :tors Margaret Tompluns Mlchael Wnllson Rchard Fnnn Last fall the Slxth Grade declded that the Lower School needed a publlcatlon of nts own and that we wanted to prlnt one First we bought our own prlntnng machine with money from our grade fund, and three parents donated type writers for our use We elected grade edutors column edutors, a business manager a prlntlng manager Cwho wasnt really elected he lust walked into the lob'J and of course an Edutor an chief We decided to publlsh monthly and we figured that a cost of ten cents a copy would cover our prmtung expenses One lnttle boy asked us why The Parkerlte costs ten cents when the Tribune costs four Any one of the Slxth grade could answer that of course The Parkernte ns better' e Parkernte prmts poems, stones drawmgs, and puzzles done by students from the Klnder garten through Grade 8 In thus nts first year, each Issue had about mne pages and we sold between 170 and 180 copies each month In February we put out our first EXTRA one page whuch was put on sale an two hours ln March wnth the help of Mrs Holabird we dad a Morn mg Ex called The Blrth of a Newspaper The current Fafth Grade IS very excited be cause they are taking over the Parkerute next year We have enloyed very much our work on the Lower School paper thus year ln spate of all the troubles and messes we have gotten unto and we hope The Parkerute has many successful years ahead of It Margaret Tompkms Edttor In Chief 9 we MV' iimwv dl spv-' J Staff Members Erm Faherty lynn McGumn Paul Armento Annu Rueben .Ian West Peter Corcoran 1 w Ed : ' , ' ' , 3 ' ' I . I I . . , , ' I . u 1 . . . . . , ' I ' ll ' II , . . . I - I I I ' ' ' I I - - . I ' I 1 Th , Y", ' ' ' ,'i"'T. " " 51 ,, .lr . - - 'f' . j 4 N , ., V V gqjfli ' 1 ' 'ff X' 7 , v ' A ,v- . ' V, f,, . . ,xl TF ' uv 'IA '. 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 611112 Marks ski Vol 39 330 Webster Avenue Chicago 14 Illinois No X WEEKLY GELEBRATES 39 TH ANNIVERSARY POWDER RCOM The Allllfllll are lIlVdlllflg the st hoo like Ihr ll es We find lt hard to get to tlass m three minutes as is hut when we re m constant terror of bemg run over by the Forelgnl eglon lt sa small wonder lf we nuke lt on time for the homework tsslgnnlent We found these preeautlons helpful last year and would like to pas them on to you 1 Don t feed alnmnl they lute 2 bpeak to them 1n a low, awesome voue be as ohsequlous as pos sible and lfyou re lucky, they may speak to vou Nc ver never, never remmd them of thelr days at Parker they were but mere ehlldren then All By all means dont get too close to an alumnus Von newer know what they xe got Over the last ten months the WEEKLY has had many accompllshments as well as its share of misfortunes At the end of the summer a few ambitious and energetlc students managed to pamt the walls, cell mg, eabmets, and clock Very soon after that the floor was covered w1th hnoleum and with the addltlon of a few chalrs, slgns, plctures, and a radlo the shop was gener ally made more comfortable mentally and physleally Out of our hmlted budget we pun hased or salvaged mueh permanent equlpment such as type, furniture brush es and other pfllltlllg equipment Durlng all thls work we manaffed to put out a llllITllJf'I'0f1Sbll6S of the WEEKLY mclud mv 8 consecutive ones Everythmv though did not seem to run is smoothly and at the time of their ou urence the misfortunes seemed terrlble althouvh thev now seem amnsmg One another tlme the shop was broken into and an almost completed ISSUC was de stroyed lt seemed to happen perpetually that after the paper was all ready to be prlnted the type would mahuously drop out at midnight Our personal eomfont dis appeared wlth seorehmg heat, freezing cold, a laek of water, blown fuses and many other SllTllldI'tll'slOl11fOI'lS How many hours were spent ln teaching people to dls tribute type IS not known but even so we ended up mth such gems as lower ass men But through ll all we had fun and wc hope next year s staff has just as muth a U . fY-,:.L.Il,-'-,,,YY,-- --1 7-- ,f 'f ' ' - , - T - - - I I C , , - D . , r , 1 F, , . V J . .., . U ,. 5 :: 5 2 K ', ' : 1 a. . ' , . . . A .ka V I U v . , . A . . . . . tlme the press broke down completely, 1 . . . , . . F J ' J Q 7 1 . . ' W 5 Y . ' 7 . E 1 I' l ' . ls w 1 . 1 ' 3 ' V ' . . ' ' '. I. - - 1 1 'I - I ll j . , vl - 1 ee 1 I ' I, M - . . , , V ' 9 PARKER Wm-:K LY THE PARKER WEEKLX 1 publxshed weeklx durmg the chool year by the students of the Francls W Parker School H0 Web ter Ave Cluca o 14 Illmols EDITOR IN CHIIII- ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR FEATU RES D II Sh PII' B bb! S! K tWg Y D PLCIAI REPORTERS B y M SPORTS M CLSTODIAN B LITERARY EDITOR FIRCULATION MGR b FAI ULTY ADWISOR k MEMBERS A dy D 2 ..,..........................................Mullor Davin ' ................,.... ........................... - ........... o e lllll Hawley Hunter ur A nor "Punk " Frioh-on Bob owdell Suu Sandal :B ' , ,. ....,.. ..,...,........,,............. n rbaru Gump David Flin Kenn llkl .. ,, ,.,,. .,.,,.,,,,,,,.,,,A.,. ...,.,...,.,....,,.................. J i m cCaIl ' 'Q ' ' f ,,,..,,.....,..,,,..,,,...,,,,,,,,....,A,.,........,..,............. Pl! lllil M ,,.....,, , ..........,..,..,,..........,.,,,....... Pal Sawyier Y ' Q f . r' . .,,A,,,,.....,,,.,............, Nor er! Delncey ' -4 V ' I ' , ' ,.., ....,,...... ..............,..... 5 I r. Jac Ellison f ' .. . l 9 I 5 . . , s .. S S . A n M Rene Baron ' S- . - ' ' ,.,., .. ......,. .,.EarIe Naklnr Dgn Young ,uma Kang Fr-nw Kin: "' M- 4 ,M 'W-M: V If :JMU N 2 M f--" N . 3 .V , ., uv--' ' " ' , L If , , f- 4 Y """"""A , ,M LJ. ,, ,.N. M ,J ng V? --s-.,m - 1 ' 9" M ' at , W? W, , A . ,....-a-f ' 'f-"f""M"1 A N n . as f s y A W'-we , ,.,,.,.4f " X "F ' r' I A 'N .-.Mean V , L. Wd-qw ,,,,,,,, ,E J , , , - A A ...H . ,-- B4 a , , r --H ....--- 2 n ' , . 3 1 ,:'.. . .T tt, , , ---MNH-A 4 'YP 1 J ' I ' .4-a---n . y W s ,X - s I. .an E , "- 1 xx 7 K. ' as 4 a a O Af' l -- Q - ,, ' wb' 'vj 1 N X. , y., . I I fm ' , 5 I f ,ff S .- Q ' Q , . i Q A PY 9 'J 7 'J ' ' I I I I . ' . . , . 7 n n ' V - , , -V .L , , , , . I ' . I I I What ln your opmxon was the most lm portant event at sehool this vear' Yacatlon every sm weeks Blbsle Vlayer Madame letting us out of class five mm utes early Sue Sandel That Iam graduatmg Lmda Horween Beating U. High 1n our one and only wm. - Kenneth Marks Larry commg to Parker Ruth Ashen hurst ?....,... ,AN f"-'x OI' VP.- Revlew of Headlines 3 Mmutes Between Classes Students Take Study Halls Da1ly Mormng Exerc1ses R. C. P. Makes 5 5 3 3 Wolff' Makes D.A. Success A's Snap I3 Game Losing Streak F1 'Lu Ye lth rift' .Mr.G CDO tPi A K Marks H Hunter Top Row left to rght-A W ner B Gump G Schaps G W ams M Oestr :her E Nakane Shafton Freeman D Young L Dettmers Goodhart W Aaron Snwy er P Schradzke C Tookey J Horween K J Hancock Schonfe d Middle row C Maryan Ste nmeyer H Hn per n Dckerson M Rosenberg l Checkers D Strauss Dettme rs K L Horween Strauss J V Catanzaro Pfae zer M Tompk ns Pearson J Bottom row R Ashenhurst Kng F D Keefe Lackr tz S Cott e J Harrs H X963 'W' Qznlgwo 6 Q . Msgwfi 'Q . 'gnc Oh? ' 3 M65 av we 9 5 sow Qwwcggieiswe 2921955 zo G06 'Q' D- pTQ "' ... XPS f15no X Bc 9. Awldawut B9 yu yv wifgggwisaagmviw I Af! 5 away? S my if M' ,mUf5tW' ,- I", 'xml 89,1 V-I EUQQBS? vw xr, C. .flfia-vrliq ,mlm S an,..' ape.: a,. G F ' s e 4 . I z.u35EiTEEE?,I9 nuvnc:,IIj4X 2 MON QSJIJDO Q - Qqm J J ' I QS' , i, S 2 'Mya fOQ1f1f: .fQ K fzvfiofgggoogd O7 ww www A Xu Gram Gab A U ,gms A 5030? 3f?hoigs9-'naev , . ' A A . ' dye unaww k 'SXSW L- . V -C un D Z K ,.Y"'f"u?d 'wt 'W E .2 T2 Jw!" .x 5 . : V .E U --o Io- 'i C 5' GI D X .,x"' i .1 .6 f , ., .- . .Q 0 .. m E . ni E I 5 ' 2 'x U g Q 'f A 6 B A 1 5 C 'ffl' 22 I 5, ,. U7 1 4 -: . A , IAS .,, , ,gf Ox . 6 Q Q 1: 'Nw A 01 5 :f .Q V: NY fwwzg DF 'N CJ YQ so , C? C53 , 63' 'X 5 ,X EDITORS IN CHIEF 15. Ni imp 'W' I-UST' ,,,.f'-" DONALD PRITZKER and CHUCK FRANKEL EDITORS V-J WV! 'TF B-r' Business Manage R Elden Co Literary Edtor B Strauss Assistant Edto K Ma ks layout Edto I. Dettmes Coltea y Ed to 5 Sandel Circulation Manage A Bel Absent At Ed tor J Kear s MEMBERS W. Aaron S Friedman P Davies J Friend M. Davies B Gump N Delacey E Halperin We have endeavored to introduce some new ideas un the i950 Record We hope that you like The Record, and will treasure it as a pleasant reminder of thus year at Parker We wish to express our deep appreciation to John Holabird, our advisor, H Lueblnng, Senior Photographer, H Johnson, Class Photographer, Greenlee Co, Record Publisher, Trl Lune Products Inc , Producers of the Cover, H Hunter C Schradzke E Mamn L Strauss E Pfaelzer P sawyier M Tompkins J Weber, who assisted us IH Circulation, E Weiss, for the use of his enlarger, The Weekly, for helping us nn the productuon of several pages, A N Pritzker, for the use of has home when compiling the Record, and to the Faculty without whose and thus book never would have been produced Chuck Frankel and Don Pritzker - - R S I iw M V C I. 3 T r it , . 4--,,, . Q- S "":::-'- 4 rrr F Q ..,t . .Qt tl - ' " M 1 D I, ' I M r k I I ' - 'L F J. I , I 1- - 1 if -Q I ' ,4v:1,. I A f S 1 , - g- ,tt 1 ,Q y fre' I 7 QM, I 'D ri V x 4 ' f 2 I 5' I I I i. " , - ' as I 0 " . 4 q V x X 'I vrik I . I I r . , - I I . , ' I r . r , I r . r , - I r r I r . , ' ' r . I 5 , r I . n JI?-sf arm Sfjf T' BALL foot BALL SKET BQSALL 1555 fl'-' BALL 4! AARV fi VOLLgy BALL Y ll C9 --1 1 M55- Il x 'X ' i G 7 I 4 O -, ..scmb M: :N,coAcu,"' 1 aw Q 3:55522 ,J L W '- -'1T:iff+f?k"Q ' ' ' F W P 'f' ,Ygy .vii J -ff. ' ' I.. French F51 R. B. Pfoelzer li A W X A. Doe f 'IT B. Goodharf C. Marquez Y - J, Fogglgon I X 43 W. Cliff R. Roelfer D. Prihker K F lsfrom L. Deffmers D. Young Q L1 2 I ses PMWER5 mwrwe 1-oomr P1 7 M114 kg IFoo1 lf' f W' TO DEN CLD A COOUQUNQTY HOSPITAL Z'- H1 IS HAI! X lo-1230 Y R. Dowd II P P We K. ii V- I-C-T-O-R-Y Ddwui m V95 SCORE Noam PARK Pamczn Captains Dettmers and Kemp, .., 4 .J s x'v . confer with Couch Negronida on pre-game strategy H 6 mm C99af'6fzf h t th football season was a complete success lt would be foolish to soy t a e this year, although it was certainly not a season to remember in terms of scores, etc. lt was, nevertheless, enioyed by many, and there are certain memories that the boys will never forget: L. Dettmers - High scorer of team, 6 points, B. Kemp - One-half season spent on field, one-half season on crutches, D. Pritzker's unusual ability as fullback, N. Delacey - Veteran, although never got on field because of hot appendix, K. Wagner - Better known as "Gimme the ball" busted nose in the first game, P. Ballis - Played splendidly in pre-season prac- tice, broke ankle in first game, K. Marks - Fought rough battle with dummy . . . lost . . . result? One broken shoulder, T. Weinrott - Run in with alumni, broken nose ensued, J. Friend - John's championship team . . . next year, B. Pfaelzer - Busy understudy. "Don, how's your health?", D. Elden - Victim of Dettmer's block . . . broken ankle, J. Fogelson - Big disappointment . . . never got a chance to break any opponents' bones, W. Clif - Tisket-a-tasket, get this boy a basket, B. Aaron - Has a friend named Charlie Horse, D. Young oe on and one shoe . . . ?, P Patch - Oh, where oh where, could - One sh Preston be?, A. Doe - Dirty Pants?, P. Fristrom - Only starter who didn't make a tackle all season, L. French - Little experience, little play. Busted ankle, J. McCall - President of B.K.A .... Bum Knee Association, C. Marquez will get his chance at that dirty player next year, B. Dowdell - Tribune pet. Ace Camera ham R Roetter Weak ankle but strong part of line W Goodhart ron Man One of the few who remained whole B Negronida W conclusion we would like to express our gratitude to Barney who stuck with us to the bitter end and wish him and the team next year all the success both in scores and hope the tl'tlUI'IeS will be held to a minimum Leonard Dettmers and Bill Kemp Co captains Downs YDS Q6 A IDAFQKEFQ V P KCI! BITCH A'Tl N XAfHE Avon LUTHER Tl-'ODD N QRTH PARK ffl y , . - ' , . - I . ' : . ' - . T .... B. ln . . . , , i - T ' ,f 'M Ti , 1 ' i "'.-A . wi' A ' 1 . .3. .J - , fs, H, . 7 4 A '. ' X V1-'Thief , r xl J f, .A ,fs -..', 4 5, , itggfjj' ' if 'g 4 , V g 7.,g,.,. 4 .,g...,fS .iffy-...W 4 ff. , 'nmefvgsai P ff- Q V R e- . ,L rf. mga .pry-1 -5 g V .gkgbt K - , , A D Downs o wr' - V TODD N PARK LUTHER LATIN 'H ARVARD 18. P I ' I l lefi fo rughf Bock row Coach Conley Roth Dramxom Kner Kalom Meme Schaps, Lee, McGill, ma. I H 0 I Downs HEAv7's4ltG-HT N SHORE HARVARD Luau-r-wcaaur LK FORE5 N SHORE Middle row P Freehlmg Kenms Gunn CoN'e Coach Larson Negron da Shuflon Schworh Walersfeln RKEFQ Em-'al A if -za IQ f-1 Xu! QQ Standmg A Doe J Frlend W Aaron W Kemp B Thorsen D Young Kneeling R Freeman K Wagner D Pritzker E Nukane Absent N Delacey l Dettmers ,S-Zf lgesieflfzff Parker's 1950 heavyweight basketball season was none too successful A lack of experlence and practnce faculltles proved fatal to the teams hopes Although we won only one game there were several things of which we can be proud throwing the Alumm around the court and then only losmg by a single ponnt playing a bang up game agamst Harvard who placed second In the tournament bemg on the wrong end of a league record but never qunttmg slaughtermg U hugh to the tune of 39 to 35 gnvmg Latm a bloody tight and lust losmg by one basket commg closer to beating North Park than any team In the touranment The team tried to overcome the lack of henght wnth spnrlt and tight and succeeded In always putting on a good show We slncerely hope that Coach and next years team employ the use of many pre season practice games and better facnlltles In brlngmg about a vlctorlous season Bull Aaron Captain I , , 1 A -. 1 , I 11- K, "' . X, M. l ....- N . .Vg dna.. f A ,I f . . s A X. 1 K N, Q 1 . xc , . ':. ,.' ,. ,. ,. ,. ':. ,. ,.' ,. :. ,. I , .. . . I 7 . ' I I i I :na u 4 a n n I 1 ' , gg 5 56 g s 'wi FF 99 Drbbl ng W MCGII W S atchlld E Halper D Ret R Neg on da St ndlng B Sh fton C M y n Kear ch d W ten H a Look Ma no hand ' B te m wa ts Neg ond s tlp off scones VICTORIOUS PARKER TOQD Parkers B team of 1949 50 has not only had a good basketball season statustlcally but also a very successful year ln terms of acqumng knowledge and skull WHEATON HARVARD LLJTH EF? Barney has been an excellent coach He has made the sport a lot of fun but also has had the team take the games seriously Every player mspured by Barneys pre game pep talks fought hls hardest NSHORE N PARK U HIGH N SHURE The Prlvate School League was exceptionally rough thus year Although we lost only three out of ten games we placed fourth In the league standings The teams looks forward to next years season with hopes that It wall be as much of a success as thus years LATIN u ' : . a , . ar un, R. Schaps, F. Mei e, 1. ns, P. Davies, x 1 . 18 Q l lllX'k I: PARK vlan I H H - 'S' ER RRY . . , . .. as I7 '- aff gg. . , 32 lfo - . ,- - . W 55 511- ' - I ' - - 35' all ' ' ' . - 51 21 I ' ' - . 45- 36 , . . . - 35 Q3 ' '. . - as 45 - -, - A Eddie Halpernn Captam MM Ll .RA '53 Xl: Frst o P Da s G Gunn T Shafton J Loeb Second row P F eehl ng T Cott e S Deutch K Ste n E Lassers W Freehl ng Th rd row K Fr end G Abrams L Dan g M Wallerste n G W lker T Kayser SCGRES F5Af?KEiF? S IG HTH GRADE lf TTDDD HARVARD LAWN EVENTH RADE TODD HARVARD LATIN 21 HALF AND HALF The C team nn basketball has two teams the Seventh and the Eighth Grades The games are played as double headers the Seventh playmg the flrst game and the Enghth playmg the second The season consusted of three games for each team Furst we played Todd then Har vard and finished the schedule by playmg Latm The Enghth Grade team was more successful than the Seventh wmnmg two of theur three games whsle the Seventh won one game On the whole the season was very successful and the team wushes to thank Coach Gerry Larson for helpung to make thus posssble 91 ff-f 7 7K1-'Ai at 'rl' J xxx, M,-1" f"-. Sx x S ' E -' LS' www. . 5' Zlxx LX 1 N X -Y X- ft K X f WYYT 4 ff. 5.22 ' N I V lv' 1 i i I- N Furs! row - G Gunn T hafvon G Bosch T Conle P Rhymer P Negromda Second row S Schwartz B Oppenhelmer D Cohen M Kearns N Kasper P Davas P Freehlmg Thurd row - S Deutsch L Danzng M McGunnn K Fnend G Walker E Lassen K Stem T Kayser At last Parker femmes have come unto theur own After long years of practuce and unturung effort fWell effort anywayl the Senuor Varsuty managed to wun a hockey game Both th J V and Varsuty beat Latun but lost to North Shore The Senuors were vuctoruous un the untermurals after comung up from last place last year Blue and Whute and All Star games had to be postponed untul the sprung We were able to have more practuces by usung a grass field un Luncoln Park whuch was larger and better to play on than our own West Fueld Needless to say the lack of buts of glass and varuous suzes of pebbles helped us to umprove our playung and thus wun the game wuth Latun not enturely besmurched by the redeemung fact that the Junuor Varsuty team won Luttle mentuon wull be made of the Latun games whuch were lost by ghastly scores On the whole however l thunk the gurls played very well consuderung the fact that the rules were changed every tume they played the game Also un the second game they were greatly handucaped by an unfamuluar gym Interest was stumulated a lot by the new rule provudung for the use of the unlumuted drubble and gurls basketball us finally beung raused to the level of the boys for thrulls and last munute surpruses Other accomplushments of the year were the 2nd annual Stagette a pucnuc for the letter club and an enlarged baseball program uncludung untermurals Barbara Gump Head of the GA A . . ' . . . I I Our basketball teams weren't as successful. Although the Varsity lost to North Shore by one point, our honor was I I . . I . . . U I . . I . . . . , . l . . I , . . . . I . . I , . . . Q . 1 .xA ,ix t , - -v 'rv'-u-aww ,il 'HNXI I 14:3 I ' l ','!!"lv- 1 vii' A-4""Q'g-M '!'f."9"4' ,-:. rlcerites race down the field to a 4-2 victory over Latin. Zfiiifg. . .v .. 'AF -. .. ' Wynn ,' v . 4- 1 -. f, '51 ' -1 . ' v - Fr ' --gf' ,, , 1- f .tn sh mglx'-'.iL.'W1j" 1- 1 ,, 'M .ma ' 'ff:r.,2':1:fv?..f '87 'X -' f' -Anas"- , v... . ,, A. , ,Q .Ml ,Ks ""V"f..I1w , "Just l90lK G9 that f0fm. will ya?" Blue and White games call for some long stretches. A , 5. .14 ' -1-, '.. -911' .-49 - Watch that pvtcher gurls she s got quite a curve. p.- " -Q.. --. .Av s--'- ', -.., f-.-"' sl"'L Q-.....,... in-f..,M Why arent we wlnnlng Conch? A lyplcul scene In 'he locker room durnng the half X.. 'Q 1 We've go! the pep?" Cheerleaders A. Schwariz, D. Keefe, S. Sandel and A. Willner lead the crowd on io victory. , ' W--. '-' 11 J.4?,j ' is Yi- ,s - " ' ' X v 4 'N""9llo4 0' Q. -4 X Q OCIAL EVENTS S DA X I DUN wma Vo i 6...- MORNING ,,,,... ANTALLAUS PARTY EXERCISE Y Q SLNIOR C7 PLA-1 SX TAG 0wE.R SCHOOL. ACTIVITIES f- IAQ E-1 if' X MW? Q79- is.:- xx F5 NRL! fV?"T v. ni. Dr Shcfton introduces nutron s first school wrde TB test Mr Meyer and Dr Levme officlate at the examlnotron A little more than lain und less than kind - Hamlet '5-ii Wu 'O' :zap-M v' he -:Aft -1. as given by several of the Eleventh Grade members. YQ...- r W 434' .'-era McGill breaks thorugh Harvard line for a 'first and tenl' Schroeder and Oestreicher racing for a goal. . 't'nsn9'i2d'!'l , Ana- -we Y9"Bf'+""" IJ --fx.. " Ju' C team back Walker sweeps end for a lung gain 1243 an , 4 Latin runner halted by strong Parker defense. Dettmers picks up yardage with the help of able blocking V I , . i K A ! , 1 X 'rx W f li' W.- . 9 , Q e ,, Q fv , Q g . ' 5. '14 .- U , -' , 3 .nh-...., y K I 'want' I I r ,ln .l 4 v,,.wqg5f' Hr ,V A i V ,fl i,,JUw1--1 n-., U ,..,, ' 1, tru'-Q ' i . bf' L. Feall '3- fm 'A . wir Un fx JN 'fn J fi 'W r . Q -A fx. fa A X! oclal VEven+S V H 3 Rf Feudin', Fussin', a-Fightin' In spite of 'he mis-carriage, if was "A Dick Freeman and Lois Checkers in Pleasant Journey from Trenfon fo Cumdenf' "A Proposal of Marriugei' X R MCRNING O K moi 0 60080 xc ofx ' 0906 0 6 oo qxxsoto 'tad PNG oogq vb Q' o wo' ,N co e 5 NXV .XG 9 Go Web ,n 5- fm s, 1 ' x o G6 ee S O ood? '9- N s XX, 9 .sow """ 'ok yyixhow' 9 Yixifwx 2' . . ,q,g4l'. dm Ko we ww' og ykeooxqs 6 086 1 glad gixt 6 QlxQ0t0 ' ' ' Th. fro ls . m 'S C b , 0 Bhlnd Tharade F e r hon eem cu, an fe 'gin Porn . ng . ' D and doe S he 'ulko Step right up, lady, five balls for only a nickel'.' J Q A is 1 5. l fix s.-ll' COUNTY FAIR COMMITTEE lleft to rightj E. Muelhoefer, T. Frankel, L. Kauffman, J. Weber, M. Davis, G. Sokolec, A. Kner Pony rides ore one of the highlights of the "Just watch me pull a rabbit out of this!" clay's activities. fazffzfy 922122 ,sk This year's County Fair, as always, went over time ' 315.24 f ...'ii5.f'f YM, . ., Grade's Tea Room which had magnificently with all past records being broken in the "money collected department." The gross receipts were 570359. And after expenses were deducted the net profit totaled 547990. The leading concessions included the Eleventh a net profit of approximately 560. The Eighth Grade Plays and Sophomore's Chinese Auction, however, were a close second, both having slightly over 555. In the forty dollar bracket we find the Senior's Doll House Rafiel, and Hot Dog Stand, the Fifth Grade's Tafiey Apple Stand and Candy Conces- sion. All totaled it was a marvelous Fair which the class of '53 immensly enioyed putting on! It was a thrill and a pleasure to have the iob of Chief Executive in such a successful "business" venture. Muller Davis "Do I hear five? . . . Sold to the gent in the Senior service with u "smile'.' front raw!" Maxwell Street y . T 'ZT- moves to Parker. Nu 4-Q The work began as Barney bnefed the Senlor Class on the functions of Toy Shop Committees fPhoto by Lxebermunl TOY SHOP COMMITTEE Cleft to nghtl B Kemp K Marks P Balhs were Wie, Vi, 1,5 l A 3 Nix 1 'P xl 'V ' tttlx L ,arf L Meanwhile, down in the Shop, industrious . . . And in the South Gym the girls were busy . . . Completeing games and puzzles workers were building new toys . . . sewing doll clothes, or . . . any Lgfgdf We feel that this year's Toy Shop was a success from all stand points. Students, faculty, parents and friends of the school all played an important part in making Toy Shop one of the most outstanding in Parker's history. We not only helped the settlement house to put a smile on a youngster's face, but found that it was fun to make the toys and even more fun to give them. The spirit was one of cooperation and cheerfulness. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who worked to make Toy Shop what it was. L. Dettmers Q The parents come one night and . . ln return the students provided displayed their hidden talents . . . refreshments and . . . Christmas carols. When the excitement of Parent's Night had died down lPhoto by Lieberman! . The finishing touches were added in the . . . And the finished products were put on Book Department . . . . . . The scrap books were finally assembled . . . exhibition .I g S. x in X . LX 1 C 54 if -F AWS X YA A Av' ' tu, 'f X ft, ig :A A,,, 1 ,, EQ. .1 rt 'Sli AQ . . X--J ,Nt ' A - . 2 X 5 J, I V 1 i,.,,.,-Q . 1 aw, 1.44-fm If-4 K' NNqni6!r ,.g,ggL P0fis 9 0 5? 1' 9 G X s my nl . L. .' ali' . td - 5? 1- Winfer 5 ocgia L F N, V1 3'1ifV ' ' as ISE .L-4 EFX T u -., G fl f S 7 .1-g, qw: H . 'I . N 1 'F .x -N 5. . '?'w.f2 nf fw 0 ' ffgw ,, 4 'fn , -N lf,-" 'f .50 0 .., iso., 3 e N- 'M Dont' worry, girlsg He's gonna make it. Nothing like whipping up a little entertainment. MCRNING 'Y 3 .,. xoxeol 0 ., . 569 ,Q , t '0' wx .K N . vX v- dw Q' 68 49' 'Q N6 00 As. i.,.! if 44, -rf 095 We 'oe 'X - ' 0 Sxseoowse 0 9,000.5 px 1eeX5N99 QPU" owen! Nix! ,,Thi s wo man shall d. 'e!,, I Da vid Vu n Go 9h dem ons' fa'e s hgs fa mo Us fech niqu e F .WI 'W' :ww 529' haf 2925 A in aw M. 3 r 5 l Mother, can I go out tonight?" "The Birth of a Newspaper." Eat, drink and be merry. i I F Q 2 I If-my wg! The 6. "' CW x 1 The waitresses engoyed the Stag almost as much as the men and boys dld The Sllver Annnversary edltnon of the annual Parker Stag went off gloriously on March 31st Flrst on the star studed program was a delectable meal served by the very charmnng Junuor and Sensor Parkerettes After all had had thelr fill and then some the feature part of the evening got under way It started wnth communuty sung mg thus was followed by a faculty student sklt the hllar nous Day at the Football Game The now famous Parker The Parker band was on hand to add a muslcal touch band was on hand to add a musncal touch The tradmonal maglclan followed wuth has extremely clever act Coach Long gave out the athletnc letters In record tume after whnch Leon Hart Americas number one athlete took the spotlught Notre Dames end coach John Druse concluded the speaklng part of the program The program came to a grand close with the tradutnonal movies and everyone went home happy An hour m A Day at the Football Game L A Q 0 Z! 4 2 I A . " . 7 X F 5 fx A 1 ' '33 T I f , "' I 'A . t., Q 3' Q I , I , A 'E ' T. 1 7 l A 1, ly Nb! a ' F ll X 2 Q' A . ' N- 1, ,Qt a W W l l Lv 2 , ' lt . V, , A K H ,. Q v 5 , .. . KF' W' . , , -5 ' f ' 1 4 n ' ' I ' I ' I 4 ' I I I ' . I . - . I . - . . . ' ll ll - ' ' t i T s i T l ' W s l 3 F 2 5 ,1 ' l l l 'Al V F , 5 3 V if 5 . . 2 A Q X' bprm Soual Even'f5 XX IK NJ X2 G4 - m 'sgsix MS7 x Q -v' 4- Q ,,, 'vegan 1 ,fr Q 'fo 'if 3.4 I f, 4 Q, ' "iii . f 2 'K . "ug 1 K4 .,',, M W , 1 . if li 'ix is gym Earl dons a mustache and s Cast Katerlna Soma Douma Amalla Mother Leda Poletchka Natasla Marfa Anyutka Llzaveta Alyona Widow Daughter Raskalmkov Vouce Porfiry Marmeladov Luzhin Razumnkm Zametov Lebezlatnnkov Koch Pestkov Professor Doctor Bartender Porter Nlcolay Stranger Street Vendor Painter May 5th and Wlllner Ashenhurst Strauss WolFf Schradzke Sandel Friedman Bloom Keefe Horween Kenworthy Thorsen Kearns Hunter Freeman French Dowdell Fogelson Nakane Goodhart Doe Fam Ballls Young Aaron Kemp Pritzker Kung Marks Frankel Wagner Frankel an Hassen I e burns for the bug mght SENIOR grime amz' zzfzfxflmmf Dlrected and produced by Donna and John Holabird and Mary Lou Whnte Duck and Bob rehearse a scene In preparutnon for the openmg curtam I I Maw 5? -1:1 Raskalmkov Freeman and Soma Ashenhurst give sterling performances under the floodlughts .,,, ,,- -.--c 4.4.-1.-.-.......g... . ... ..-, , Richard Roetter pulls the right switches at the right time. Cast May 'llth and 'I2th Katerina Sonia Dounia Amalia Mother Leda Poletchka Natasia Marfa Anyutka Lizaveta Alyona Widow Daughter Raskalnikov Voice Portiry Marmeladov Luzhin Razumikin Zametov Lebeziatnikov Koch Pestkov Professor Doctor Bartender Porter Nicolay Stranger Street Vendor Painter Gump Kearns and Hunter Friedman Sandel Horween Wolf? Strauss Kenworthy Thorsen Schradzke Keefe Bloom Ashenhurst Hassen Marks French Dettmers Aaron Delacey Pritzker Frankel Fain Ballis Young Fogelson Kemp Goodhart King Freeman Doe Wagner Doe A411 A-Alsfbfilftfxiv 4 f f 1 .S 0 OO COVHPOSMYC a e ortl ss look 0 beautl ul 56T6HlIy that eomeb SMN :uw KQDIRSIHINIK 'Xl h Ni oum uw mllluery n e . of being dressed by 912 L Ort 1 ichigan Avenue air con,Utfor1eJ ' 5 of 4 0 I A1 ' 470 my Adler JOIHININIWS RECORD SIIIOP 43 East Oak Street CHICAGO 'II ILLINOIS WH? h ll 4 6999 MGM RCA 3313 y HARRY JIIHNSIIN STUDIUS Edgewate Be ch Hotel 57 East Oak St eet All Phones DEI a e 7 6 86 wwf Yuplvme cg gamiafzy YO7 F L o w E R s CW 'I361 No th Cla k St eet Phone SUperlor 7 1400 I I LU IIII LUIIIPIIIII I ie a - r a BI B' Cl Decca C p'I l London, ffrr I, CI . . . C l bl Mem-'VY Your Photographer Since Childhood C d . . .V't C 1 H II T I f k : aw r - 8 D t h G ph V c pill' fAII lkgpl 'QR d i G DQ rl r ' .J I r r r I r w r r r x PHONE LINCOLN 9-2720 CHICAGO pmdwaq Durga PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS I. ARNOVE and R. FISHER 2368 N. Clark St. - 2754 N. Clark SI. CLARK-BELDEN SERVICE STATION 2317 N Clark Street Llncoln 9 5282 Ask for "Frank" CIILUMBIA HARDWARE Hardware Pamts Glass House Furmshlng Goods Electrncal Supplles Sheet Metal Works All Kmds of Repalr Work 2136 Larrabee St Near Webster Llncoln 9 1 GOOD FOOD FOR PLEASED GUESTS JUHNSBXLUIIRCU CIIICAIO LDIIISLLII CITY YIIILAIIUIIIA BALL!! ATLIIYA-PITTSIUIGII-IITIOII J A' Hams FINE MENS FURNISHINGS 540 DIVERSEY PARKWAY HOHMEIER MILL 8. LUMBER CO LUMBER AND MILLWORK ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK 2011 2013 W BELMONT AVE IAt Damenl RI TZ BARBER SH OP 3125 N BROADWAY New Personality Haar Cut Men and Women Special Department for Chuldren Dlversey 8 8509 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS from F A047600 05 Lfmmay FLORIST AND DECORATOR New Larger Shop 40 East Oak Street TELEPHONES SUp 7 6042 7 2721 AI WH t 4 6 42 Sh p MEMBER FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION ., - 811 , 1 'IOS N I o I U 1 Blttersweet 8-2360 Chicago 18, III. o J I I erior - - - so iehall - 0 - Ask for Flower o sylI0l,g YArds 7-3840 IIHIEI IGRADEI YOUR ASSURANCE OF TOP QUALITY MEAT BEIDEII SIIIHIIUHII PHHHIIIHCU NEW PARKWAY 2300 Lmcoln Park West R PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Founia n Luncheon 2153 N CLARK STREET Drugs Cosmehcs Free Deluvery Phone Dlversey 8 2350 Chmcgo Dlversey 8 6140 BRING THAT SPECIAL DATE C H A R M E T S FOR THOSE FOUNTAIN CREATIONS 750 North on Mnchngan SIMONS DRUGS PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS FREE DELIVERY LAKE SHORE MEAT MARKET CHOICE NATIVE MEATS and FROSTED FOODS Henry Gallert Prop 3329 BROADWAY Blttersweet 8 1548 Llncoln 9 7060 i 3311 Broadway -:- 3401 Broadway TQ Corner Roscoe Edward C Wagner 81 Sons CANDY DISTRIBUTORS 6'I7 W WEBSTER AVE CHICAGO I4 ILL Dlversey 8 T770 Established I9'I2 ff Graver Fnmpauy Wholesale Dressed Kosher Beef and Veal 3813 S MORGAN STREET ZUZZQGZZW me nada 3203 BROADWAY CHOICEST MEATS IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC GROCERIES We Dellver ower A 0,96 942 N M ng A C7 uafsnasna age! ng cqaaafsmy, J EXPERT INSTRUCTION INDOOR ARENA MOhawk 4 1794 1795 T506 8 NORTH CLARK STREET ,Ecebl ng Lgfaalzo FINE PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 3403 Broadway GRaceIand 2 7727 EXCELSIOR COAL COMPANY 3443 W ADDISON STREET ' CHICAGO JUmper 8 7700 BELDEN STRATFORD BEAUTY SHOP 2300 Llncoln Park West See Mary Wllllams o 0 . . ' , . Q 7 Member of Grocerland A . ic i a b d H I I EA Ig te 7-7343-4 - Dlversey 8-8026 - Ch' g T3 III. SUP. 7-1789 7-248-I SUP 7-7200 A ' ' ' 6 . . . l IZC. . , lu.. if 1031 N Rush Street 1777 Howard Street 1112 Wilson Avenue 107 W Monroe Street 618 N Mlchlgan Avenue 64 W Woshnngton Street 538 W Dlversey Parkway 5322 W Lawrence Avenue we gvfirzdffzg STARTS Again September 8th CHICAGO ARENA Erle McClurg Court and Ontaruo Street ICE FOLLIES OPENS OCTOBER 5th Daniel F Rice Sz Ce MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS Joseph Wmkler Sz C0 CHINA, GLASSWARE SILVERWARE KITCHEN UTENSILS for HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, KITCHENETTES 667-671 North Clark Street 47 coluzelfa ' 1 f "i-1- ' .J 'N ! 1 X , x xx! I Qixlffhfis .4 , I ,ff XV- Iv fi p , At. yu sf E ,, 1 N x N, Q W WX -H 1 Q-'M h, f 'maxi f ' MMJM ff . I if , 4, 41 my lx xy..-an I 1 1 4 A ., X. ,P 1 .W Er X 1 ,m if I V-Kamal ww 1 ' 'Q J I ,TIT Vg VN M sum my ' N , R A Q'-wmv' iv'T"'7v41,p2fWW"' QA M' if M Q wuwp w. ww S f 5, .ij 1 . Y'- A f mWA1,,M3y Wig , 1 if f ' QQ K 3 , yn 5 2 . , ' if "VA f A ' A Qs VF Ti i W 'MM 1,2 N K -g 1:15 Q ffiiazf M WWW i " mm R, y X f f EEi2i3Zp" i"""' sis6"s25faw' 'D' ,1.,n ,L,z My if -'ks Zgftxsi ,mx 4 A QL - .W Mk ff ,, .- 1 Y, M 'ZH il 1 vw

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