Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT)

 - Class of 1960

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Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1960 volume:

.... ?WQ!!E:S:fiii it llll -U M P Ng BMDWHI 1 . .. nuns. -N- , ,71..... R--5 3 1 w x 1 w w w w . I I w 1 I 4 1 1 I Q v w f gal STAFF Q11 EDITORS LITERARY CLUBS SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS TYPISTS FRANCIS T MALONEY Kathryn Dunlop Joan Krystock Renee Curtlss Barbara Harbron Roberta Hodson Pamela Mort Ray LaMay Dorothy Calmyca Margaret Lagockr Patr1c1a Zolmk Margaret Gaffney Frances Kay HIGH SCHOOL Mcndcn, Connccucut Y W I - M YA K . ART ......................,............. Patricia Crispino I X 'I sl , A I 'V X E :Qs 'I 7 jg! ,,., il! ' ,I gf ' ' l ' - ,.. A U by, g' '. 2 Zz- 1: ' ' "-' 4 -f ,T ,f X L + 1 -.4... Q F- JUL, 1 V V igf----Y--.' 'i . , ff'---:F"'.. A -9 . - V ' ""' K- -- -A f ,A " ' 1 II I V fl' i U . .i ' - -,J f 7 - 'bb W W Qnpfg -+-.A - ..,. W ,. A n ,.-"5 , , ,. :-Lui. -' --"Q-' THEME The editors and staff of the "Janus" of nineteen hundred and sixty invite you to journey with us to Ancient Greece and Rome. ff MR. ROBERT HART Assistant Principal MISS MYRTLE EVANS Assistant Principal ADMINISTRATION aaa MR. H. CHANDLER HUNT Principal DEDIGATION Mr. Edward McGee We, the Class of 1960, humbly dedicate "The Ianus" to Mr. Edward McGee with appreciation for his unselfish work with us as teacher and coach. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS' and MRS. PAULIN E BERNARDA BERNARD CIOSEK Vice-President SPONSORS PHILIP PLOTICA President NEAL MCCOLLOM Treasurer MR. JOHN OGINT JULIA BOULEY Secretary ,QM n Ziff? ' ,ff 1' r',, . E45 MRS. JUSTINE HAMPP 6 MR. JAMES EULIANO I x N 5' I ,xx .f O' '- , , I ' 3 SEEN X 'JA' f ' GK. ' X5 f ' 1 , .' X L uh - ii f . K ' H , YN-N , , A5 HQ - 1 ' 1, - 'Q :M f X N , N F 1 x A N N, ' ' 'v' i'i'Ti h Lf R r 4 X X S ggi , Q 1 JOHN ACABCHUK "On with the Dance" Jack College Soccer Teamg Co-chairman of Decorations, J u n i o r Promg Washington Historical Societyg Physics Clubg Co-chairman of Music, junior Hop and Senior Welcome Danceg Key Clubg Home Room Representative. GUY ANDERSON "I never met a man I didn't like." Andy Veterinarian A.A. HOWARD ABELE "What? Me Worry?" Howie College Co-captain Swimming Teamg Washington Historical Societyg Alternate Representariveg A.A. ROGER W. ANDERSON "Silence is more musical than any song. Rog Engineer Props and Painrsg A.A. SALLY ADAMS "jovial and gay, she goes along her Way." Sallie Hairdresser A.A.g Chorusg Home Economics Club Treasurerg Washington Historical Societyg Library Serv- ice Clubg Homeroom Represen- tative. CHRISTINE BALAWAJDER "Music hath many charms" Chris Nurse Special Chorusg Biology Clubg Home Economics Clubg A.A. ROGER E. ANDERSON "A spark neglected makes a mighty fire." Rog Draftsman A.A. CHARLOTTE BARRIERE "Oh how sweet it is to love." Secretary Glee Clubg A.A.g Horne Eco- nomics Club. RONALD W. ARNDT "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls." Ron Construction Engineer Future Farmers of Americag A.A. ALEX BANLAKI "Happy art thou, for thou art a senior." A1 A.A. 5 E KENNETH BARTULIS "Better a mischief than an inconvenience." Foolis Accountant Varsity Footballg Baseballg A.A. DAVID BEHNKE "A strong body houses a strong mind." Bink Surveyor Washington Historical Societyg Swimming Teamg Track Team. KENNETH BARSE l "A little nonsense now and Q then is relished by the 1 best of men." , Kew Civil Engineer T Soccer Teamg Swimming Teamgi Physics Clubg A.A.g Chemistry, Clubg Special Chorusg Germani Clubg Projectors Clubg Wash- ington Historical Societyg Golf Teamg Music Co-Chairman for. Senior Dance. 'Q w l SHEILA BLOWER "A heart that feels for others woes." Commercial Artist Orchestrag Special Chorusg Art Clubg Washington Historical Clubg Junior College Club. GUY BEEMAN "Consider the significance of ii silence." 1 Engineer' Biology Clubg Spanish Clubg, Washington Historical Societygl Physics Clubg Key Clubg Chem-l istry Clubg A.A. ll M RICHARD BIELOT I "I never think of the futureg Ni it comes soon enough." 4 FREDERICK BORGESON "Pretty handy with that test tube." Borge Electronics Engineer Biology Clubg Chemistry Club, Pres.g Washington Historical Societyg Props and Paintsg Pro- jectors Clubg Physics Clubg Key Clubg A.A. RICHARD BRANDL "He did nothing in particular, Dick Naval Test Pilot d d-d -I H .. U.N.E.S.C.O.g Chemistry Clubi Physics Clubg Bandg Washir:-SE ton Historical Societyg Foru , A.A.g Golf Team. 5 I ll P . an 1 i very we Rich Navy Swimming Teamg A.A. BETTY BLUME "Sweet minds are usually the most happy." Teacher Chorusg Campus Clubg Wash- ington Historical Societyg F.T.A.g A.A. JULIA A. BOULEY "She rwinkles like a star." Julie Hairdresser Co-Captain Cheerleadersg Vice- President Home Economics Clubg F.N.A.g Badminton Clubg Special Chorusg Senior Class Secretaryg Co-Chairman Home- coming Danceg Red and Blue Sports Club. tae sm is-an li . WN' aware ..f.f-wrfglf Yls ..7uf:E91.a5l.i'lE?',5t1iZ :: 'TS'-mme Y-fevig X 'Sit , Y -'freagtaiilislimt ms .era .,f5wl5,tl1mgm5E m 3 , .,. . ,mrs H . at as W. mms .. www aesxar..-4-tsgfrsf, .. f f ffftgg gFls'5g3??5zHfs-its-ff,lv,ilra's td., - r ,afev92s'9satfg5sf-Yfgflfwa that t . kginmins-151 -2 t avian' slksil-idslsgislviszs iii Eggiggfsstgftgf " , Esgagffal'gqgigxlasftgffge .C - M - .Mg a - .msez,e,.1,-FPL.-A L- if . -'c. e ef1ffi?wE?5i575f?ig Y E i5E,..K,La?sffQ? , L 1 4 " -A , 1 I Q-iii + ' 'fi ' L' Lalwam. . 55 . ii- ' ' ,i7f57Qf3f 'if5WI?':n'f " fsi . K ' ': :E V ELM itygjgvsry l , . 15:9 All siislissis was w-vw... 3 ,gsrmggas .., - K, ., 5 .-1w,fehg ., 1 ' rw ' 7 ,xi . ' -"f-2252:-1 -Gil? I, - 9'-iii? , wifi' : tif , - 1-E' X' If in KATHLEEN BRAY "It is better to forget than to remember and regret." Kathy Hairdresser A.A.g U.N.E.S.C.O.g Green Pep- persg Decoration Committee for junior Promg Invitation Com- mittee for Junior Prom. CHESTER BRUZY "My mind's made up - don't confuse me with facts." Bruzer Washington Historical Societyg Chess and Checkers Clubg A.A. IRENE BRANDT "Nothing endures but personal qualities." Rene Teacher Future Teachers of Ameticag Library Service Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg German Clubg Chorusg Campus Clubg H o m e - Room Representativeg A.A. SUSAN BURGESS "Angels must paint to look as fair as you." Sue Teacher Pep Clubg A.A.g Chemistry Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Cheerleadersg Props and Paints. SHARON BRECKENRIDGE "Where she met a stranger she left a friend." Shea Teacher Pres. Future Teachetsg Secre- tary of Sophomore Classg Vice- Pres. of Junior Classy Treasurer of Student Councilg Co-Chair- man Decoration Committee for junior Promg Secretary French Clubg Voted: "Did Most for M.H.S."g Biology Clubg Chem- istry Clubg Washington Histor- ical Societyg A.A.g Club StaE of Janus. SANDRA JEAN BUTLER "Her talk has charm and playfulnessl' Sandy Nurse Washington Historical Societyg Home Economicsg Future Nurses of Americag A.A. PETER BUESS "So prime, so swell, so nutty, so knowing." PelHY Playboy Varsity Footballg Chess and Checkerg A.A. PAMELA ANN CAREY "A good laugh is a bit of sunshine." Pain Teacher Press Clubg Megaphone Staffg Props and Paintsg Special Chor- usg Badminton Tournament. ARNOLD BURT "Why should the devil have all the good times?" The, Kid Teacher Home Room Representativeg Baseball Teamg Key Clubg A.A. DOROTHY CALMY CA "A perfect woman, nobly planned." - Dorrie Secretary U.N.E.S.C.O.g A.A.g H o tn e Room Representativeg National Honor Societyg junior Senateg Secretary of Student Councilg Co-Chairman Invitation Com- mittee, junior Promg Editor of the Photography Staff-Janusg Business Staff-Janusg Under- wood Best Typist I959 Awatdg Most Outstanding Girl-Junior Classg "Most Businesslike." lwaeeasfmii:fwfr 2 fi t afgffigfi i, t w ii 13ffizL?fs,ff,5?ff.s'?iag2,f1gif f Ri g?3fff,f?fagg?3gfg59i5fig 2 wifes?iivfe?sw5?sf2:1fifiif ' ' A'swfmff-2754.'e1zfl,fm giiiffs yy, 1.,1i..!-ig., iiyw,-f. as Y . .tifif P A '5'i5fW':' QT!" 7 K fi: :ff . I -if t , - li it i ,fi 'iiiffif 2 mir t ,E-, si-Smart.: 1 t . I ., T, ,.,,L," ff g I A in L16 vga , f an - 'Ziff ...MSU ,Eu , LLV., . ssffgi-y,5,..,.1Z,?- ,E-IW,-L, 5.1-.2 i Snfifefi-3 - ss, . 5 :-e, , 'l:,a..,:.a.a'?4:..:gGa-gr-.. a -' I I ai Si is K V , ia-fft T fe as , . JEAN CAROL "A quiet. tongue shows a wise head." Jean Teacher Special Chorusg Future Teachers of Ameticag Campus Clubg Latin Clubg Badminton Clubg 2:'tbStalI of janusg Chemistry u . MARY ANN CERUTI "A modest bud in a bouquet of flowers." Nurse Washington Historical Societyg Future Teachers of Americag Home Economics Clubg Chorusg A.A. H RALPH CAREY ii "I have been a jolly fellow i all my life." 1 Business Executiveil Props and Paintsg Washingtoni Historical Societyg Soccer Teamg Chess and Checker Clubg Chem- istry Clubg A.A. ' LINDA MARGARET CHURCH "In her tongue is the law of kindness." Churchill Wave Washington Historical Societyg Bowling Clubg Future Teachers of Americag A.A. ii 1 is lx JOHN CASPER Q "Handsome is as handsome does." . Jack Colleges' Bandg Footballg Key Clubg So-ii phomore Dance Committeeg' Voted "Best Looking"g A.A. PATRICIA WHITE COAN "A joke's a very serious thing." Pat Jr. College A.A.g U.N.E.S.C.O.g Washing- ton Historical Societyy Props and Paintsg Homeroom Repre- sentativeg P e n n a n t Business Staffg Photography Stal? of Janusg Orchestrag Band. DORIS CHAMPAGNE 'E "Your modesty is a candle to your merit," , Dodie Teacher Washington Historical Societyil Special Chorusg All State Chorusg Chemistry Clubg Frencv I Club. il DAVID E. CONROY "Silence is more eloquent than words." Dave Medical Doctor Key Clubg Bandg Chorusg Soc- cer Team. BERNARD MICHAEL CIOSEK "They can conquer who believe they can." Mike Technician Co-Captain Football Teamg Co- Captain Swimming Teamg Vice- President Senior Classg Chess and Checker Clubg Track Teamg Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Key Clubg Home Room Representativeg Student Coun- cil NORMAN COHEN "He knows the time and place for everything." Norm College Washington Historical Societyg Key Clubg Physics Clubg Ger- man Clubg A.A.g Props and Paintsg Voted "Class Speaker." W -. ---- . gi Bi 5 a s 5- v f igmiasltgggEggliai-5555555335sg i Maize- - 5 . fb . 1- . - sees.: Sf . " .' : 2' , - -- f-fl-:P V asff xaifiac -. . iff' 452355 Q ' 1 W - ' M at - faf iffwisfffit, . .. .,1afv,1- w si fer " f 'iiffiiiiliii K il'-it-.ii 1 39 5,13 "lv ,,:j 55111. ,yc ifgggg . t,..,, .,.. r lg- ' -:, - z N. P ' - Mig ' CAROLE COOPER "Frolicsome and self- possessed." Coop Teacher Red and Blue Sports Clubg Lit- erary Clubg Photography Staff- Janusg French Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg A.A.g Va- riety Showg Decoration Commit- tee-Senior Homecoming Danceg Senior Banquet Committee. PATRICIA CRISPINO "A sweet girl and a nice one to know." Pat Artist Student General Assemblyg Art Clubg Art Editor of Janusg Bowlingg A.A. WILLIAM CONROY "He is a talker and needs no questioning before he speaks." Bill Aeronautical Engineer Special Chorusg Chess and Checker Clubg Treasurer Ger- man Clubg Chemistry Clubg A.A. JOHN CURTIN "The greater man the greater courtesy." Jack Civil Engineer Washington Historical Societyg Biology Clubg Rifle TeamQ ihxsics Clubg Pep Bandg Bandg SHEILA CORCORAN "Smile with an intent to do mischief." Teacher Campus Clubg Future Teachers of America -Vice Presidentg A.A.g Chorusg Washington His- torical Society. CONSTANCE G. DAGNEAU "The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." Connie Marriage A.A.3 Home Economics Club. DAVID CRUMP "Let's all be gay boys." Dave Accountant VICTOR DEL FAVERO "What shall I do to be forever known." B h A.A.g Washington Historical mc Societyg Soccerg Chemistry Club. Chess and Checkersg Soccerg Cross Country Team. i RENEE E. CURTISS "Nothing is accomplished without enthusiasm." Teacher National Honor Societyg Presi- dent of French Clubg Vice-Pres- ident of Latin Clubg Junior Col- lege Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Cheerleaclingg Dress Majorette of Bandg Co-Chair- man of Publicity Committee, Junior Hopg Washington His- torical Societyg A.A,g Co-Liter- ary Editor of Janusg Chorusg Pennant Staffg Home-Room Representativeg Pep Club. PATRICIA D'AGOSTINO "There's always a twinkle in her eye." Pat Secretary Library Service Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Janus Business Staffg Janus Art Staffg Bowlingg Art Clubg Home- Room Representativeg A.A. 5 5 il yt CAROL DENNIS "I am sure care's an enemy of life." Nurse Future Nurses of Americag Li- brary Service Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg A.A.g Science Fair. PATRICIA A. DOBSON "A winning way, a pleasing smile, dressed so neat and right in style." Dobbie College Secretary, Spanish Clubg Camp- us Clubq Washingttin Historical Societyg Future Teachers of America: A.A.g Student Govern- ment Associationg Pep Club. ELSIE ANN DE MARCO "A tiny package of fun and 1 personality." Squeaky Beautician Washington Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg A.A. KATHRYN M. DUNLOP "A keen mind and a winning personality are the keys to success." Kathy College National Merit Scholarg Na- tional Honor Societyg Co-Editor, "janus"1 President, L i b r a r y Service Clubg Physics Clubg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Campus Clubg Chorus. l MARGO DiGIANDOMENlCO "Full of excitement, always in a fuss." Special Chorus: Pep Clubg Props and Paintsg Washingtonl Historical Societyg A.A.g Cheer-I leaders: Campus Club: Spanishi Club: Latin Club: Co-Chair-1 man Music junior Hop: Co-l Chairman Music Senior Home-l coming, Co-Chairman Publicity Props and Paints Playg Co- Chairman Music Senior Hop. ROBERT DUBOIS . What should a man do but be merry?" Bob Armyii Soccerg A.A.g Intramural Bas ' 1 ketball 13 STEPHEN DYNDER "Happy is the man who is carefree." Steve - Teacher Chess and Checker Clubg Pro- jectors Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg A.A.g Soccer. BONNIE ENGLAND "Music is the thing of the world that l love most." Nurse Special Chorusg Future Nurses of America, Presidentg Campus Clubg Bandg Voted "Class Mus- ician"g French Clubg A.A. FRANK J. DUSZAK "Small talk is a gift." WCHSCI College C h e m is t r y Clubg Projectors Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Forumg Golf Teamg A.A. ROSEMARY EGAN "Big blue eyes and mischief in every wink." Killer Art Clubg Bowling Clubg Home Economics Clubg A.A. .-i..-i..:1.wi- gt,uf-ti'fewfi.fifI..-:W.11msg-.ff.eaa.:..ia-f 1 ,fifsrfieagzaaef 5,f,:sfs. 1.1ff.g2i..z 5ei ffi w i fi' ii'?,??t1gggg5gs " " ,' ,fi5g1'-'Ti iff l WL?" I X ' " '1fi1z?lg-1 ' .. ' .i f a. -..,3,:a,i ' 1 V 'Q .ff.fiifaii-Wit-1isf4tsl'i , I i - V - .-.,.gw,tgQgti,1ig ' lille M' ' :E i'lt'5,-'fLfi.:i7L:5 , my K fir we-z4:fg'zfsff1 E lawn ' ' F' Q57 'qty 2tg.Qg.1'? i ,Q ,I ' . . . Li fm Q s iiililgi ...i . Fifili t' "li H .... l ' ' , I 1 I f if ,. sm- ' 113 i I 1 ' A 5 - ' is fwafi . .. -rf. lit , A ' if 1 I :fS::191ili'i-il?l'a ,ig S ' l- 325 . f '. ji'-ff.-'V' ' 15157'f'X'iil6til43xfsiitiix'f1 ' . i .wig italian-ui.. .- . -f .toailkig f K f'5W?,5T,f . '- U s .f r e I " fi .. . , 'V Q' . N t A zny' if axgfxr 3 ' 5 fffipq aifisfi 1 gi il af ,' g f .f 5 .5 if . fi 1 51 -4 11,54 i :. 3, LEONARD FENELON "It is such a serious thing to be a funny man." Len Coast Guard Swimming Teamg Washington Historical Societyg Chess and Checker Clubg Props and Paintsg Play "Aaron Slick"g Voted "Class Wit"g A.A. DIANE FLEMING "To do is to succeed? Di Teacher Campus Clubg French Clubg Chemistry Club. DAVID FENELON "His time is forever, every- where his place." Dave Engineer Banclg Orchestrag Physics Clubg Washington Historical Societyg A.A. JOAN FRAZIER "I hate scarce smilesg I love laughing." joanie Stenographer Home Economics Clubg Future Teachers of America Club. ALEXANDRA FILIPOWICZ "She may look quiet, but wait." Sandy Secretary A.A. PATRICIA GALKO "Faithfulness above all." Pat Teacher A.A.g Home Economics Clubg Washington Historical Societyg "Janus" Business Staffg Home Room Alternate. CAROL FORTUNATO "Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself." Private Secretary Washington Historical Societyg A.A. PETER GAUDET "Pleasure - the sovereign bliss of life." Pete Key Clubg Intramural Basket- ballg Home-Room Representa- tiveg A.A. GLORIA JEAN FREDERICKS "This girl just doesn't have talent - she can dance." Freddie Dancer Props and Paintsg Spec i al Chorusg "Megaphone" Staffg Vice-President, Press Clubg Stu- dent Councilg Business Staff, "janus"g A.A. - 2- .fsgieiggisgygqt rig L I W-vj-'vgnyg " "' " "E :-'fH '.et. '2 -- ' V ' 5L,5,yy-jif-:ga,Q,,f,'f,, Wz?.ivr2a'iisf :'::.'a':-"- ,S f' 1- 1 . 3 J - " sm V. ' sisiffigl K H " CAROLYN GARZA "Cute and neat, from head to feet." Carrie Nurse A.A.g Future Nurses of America Clubg Props and Paints Clubg Press Clubg Megaphone Staffg French Clubg Chorus. PETER J. GOLANSKI "I try all rhingsg I achieve what I can." Pete Teacher Washington Historical Societyg Varsity Footballg Varsity Basket- ball. PATRICIA GRIFFIN "Happy as the day is long." Trish I Physical Ed. Teacher Twirling Corpsg Maloney Meg- aphoneg Press Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Athletic Associationg Chorus. CAROL ANN GELT V "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen." X-Ray Technician SHIRLEY GRITZ "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Art Clubg Projectors Clubg Spe-ll Shirl Wife cial Chorusg Glee Clubg French Clubg Future Teachers of Amer- icag Future Nurses of Americaq President of German Clubg F.T.A.g Props and Paintsg A.A.g Chemistry Clubg Physics Clubg Home-Room Representativegll Chorus: VOICCI "Class SPe3ke1"'- A.A. RAE LYNN GREENBACKERQ "Curls, smiles, brains, and pep: -no more explanation necessary." X Teacherjl Red and Blue Sports Clubg Treasurer of the Press Clubg- Secretary of the Biology Clubg, German Clubg Washington Hisl: torical Societyg Home Econo? mics Clubg Campus Clubg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Lit- erary Staff of Janus. 3' WALT GUMKOWSKI "A good sport is never in want for friends." Chooch College Washington Historical .Societyg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseball, Co-Captaing j.V. Foot- ball Coachg A.A. JOHN GRILLO "You know I say just what I think, and nothing more or less." X Fighting john Lawyerj Projectors Clubg German Club: Latin Clubg Washington Histor-1 ical Society. l 4 I CAROLE GWIAZDOWSKI "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind the wisest books." Gwize College Campus Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg Latin Clubg French Clubg Cheerleaderg Chorusg Biology Clubg Voted "Best Dressed"g Voted "Best Looking"g Pennant Literary Staffg Co-Chairman of Decorations- junior Hopg A.A. GEM WILSON GUITE "Silence is golden, but it hath no charm for me." jr. College A.A.g Special Chorusg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Props and Paintsg Red and Blue Sports Clubg Co-Chairman Tickets for Senior Homecoming D a n c eg Voted "Most Talkative"g Janus Business Staffg Janus Literary and Photography Staffg Intra- mural Girls Sports. ELIZABETH GUSTAFSON "Seldom seen, seldom heard." Beth Missionary Biology Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg Campus Clubg F.T.A.g Latin Clubg French Clubg Music Committee, Senior Homecoming Dance. PATTI HACKBARTH "The world is made for fun and frolic." Blondie Nurse Special Chorusg Washington Historical S o c i e t yg Future Nurses of Americag Red and Blue Sports Clubg German Clubg Chemistry Clubg Campus Clubg A.A. LILLIAN HANDEL "Always laughing - full of mischief." Shmots Ofhce Work French Clubg Photography Clubg Bowlingg A.A. JON HACKBARTH "Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense." Bruno Coast Guard Key Clubg Chemistry Clubg Props and Paintsg Football Managerg Washington Histor- ical Societyg Biology Clubg Jun- ior Prom Committee. BARBARA HARBRON "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." Bobbi Teacher Washington Historical Societyg Latin Clubg Co-Editor Literary Staff, "Janus"g Campus Clubg Chemistry Clubg journalism Clubg A.A. GLEN HADLEY "It is meat and drink to me to see a clown." Chef Bandg A.A.g Washington His- torical Societyg Intramural Bas- ketball. CHARLOTTE HOBSON "Ready for mischief, ready for fung Willing to' talk to anyone. Shotsie Undecided Future Nurses of Americag Washington Historical Societyg Biology Clubg Campus Clubg A.A. KENNETH HOFFMAN I PATRICIA HANDY ..My theory is to enjoy ' Cheerful, sweet, and a fine life." friend to have." Ken Pat Q Siflger Key Clubg Intramural Basket- SPCC1211. Chorus: A-A-Z T1Ckef ballg Washington Historical So- Committee, junior Hop. cietyg German Clubg A.A.g Voted "Class Artist". JOHN HILL "Hold the fort, for I am coming. Jack Technician Intramural Basketballg A.A. ROBERTA JEAN HODSON "Enthusiasm is the light of the world." Bobbie College Campus Club, Pres.g Forumg Spanish Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg Orchestrag Chemistry Club, Secretaryg Na- tional Honor Societyg Physics Clubg Bandg Janus Staff, Assist- ant Club Editorg Voted "Most Likely to- Succeed"g A.A. ELIZABETH HUBBALL "Gracious to a1l." Betty College Campus Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg Future Nurses of America, A.A.g Home Eco- nomics Club. EUGENE JARVIS "Fun and frolic, keep him happy." Gene Navy Soccerg A.A. W fwifffi 'YA llifilifliz Wil? lt fl",'T9X'?l 5?l?5Y'9l'ii 1 Y L' l v . i I V fzzqaigfff i- . . , fel , .... , .fn ,LF f svn-xy. ' lf: if 4""..,--. 'M- -, 3' --N-,.f , , i :f f 1 K L, ,. I , . ' ,'i'S5f' . , ,r . L' f. , . 1 . Lis-i . - Q .' Yi' 'S , Ai, ,L ' fl, pi 7 .sr Z . El? 6 aw miie? N V ef 1 , .sagssxfsi ts ' a s WJ- -His W, g ' ,l,i,,'i5l'Qs fii'- I - Aysgigp Alfa ' W Site Qi s l, M ewfxf.-3375533 SUMNER HOPKINS "A good talker, even more than a good orator, implies a 1 good audience." l Hoppy College Washington Historical Society, Physics Club, A.A. ALICE HYATT "Good nature is a beauty of her mind that can be seen wherever she goes." Liz College Biology Clubg Art Clubg Red and Blue Sports Clubg Treasurer of Sophomore Class, French Clubg A.A., Campus Clubg Phys- ics Club, Washington Histor- Q ical Societyg F.N.A.g Props and Paintsg Co-Chairman of Pub- licity for Senior Homecoming. ANN JONES "No one could be pleasanter." Nancy Teacher Biology Clubg French Club, Campus Clubg Chemistry Clubg A.A.g Physics Clubg Future Teachers of Ameticag Washing- ton Historical Societyg Co-chair- man of Publicity Committee, Sophomore Danceg Co-Chair- man of Junior Prom, Home- room Representativeg Special Chorus. CHARLES KELLY "The rule of life is to make business my pleasure, and pleasure my business." Killer Baseball Player Soccer, Baseball, Biology Clubg Chess and Checker Club, Pro- jectors Clubg Props and Paints, A.A. JOANN KATUZNY "She seems born for success." joan Secretary A.A., Washington Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg Janus Typing Staffg Janus Pho- tography Staff. FRANCIS M. KENNEDY "If you're there before it's over, you're on time." Micky Draftsman Football, Chess and Checker, A.A. THOMAS JOHNSON "A good mind possesses a kingdom." Washington Historical Societyg Treasurer, French Clubg Cap- tain, Golf Teamg Key Clubg Bandg A.A. I7 Tom College B. PETER KIERYS "None but himself can be his parallel." Pete Doctor Intramural Basketballg Wash- ington Historical Societyg Latin Clubg Projectors Clubg Props and Paintsg Chemistry Clubg Play "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick"g Veterans Day Assem- blyg A.A. RONALD KOGUT "Greater men than I have lived, but I haven't seen any." Ronnie Florist Washington Historical Societyg A.A. ANTHONY KOSIENSKI "I never worry - it makes life unpleasant." Tony Chorusg Soccerg A.A. ' " " t .sw f .fQfi:sis stef? Y 1 ,. .. - -, s,,7gm,,e'-- .sz . f.g92fi.'f,g.w ill 5 l M: I fj2,igj2tlMf.sg2gu4v jfQiEf'fHi,f57i'ii,f'f 'I' 7' V , J M 5 ,lrfgfrf ' . ter-usa Jig- . -Sian if f sfiefsrfgsgii. :fm ., r wifffll -1 '-B,m:P4:r.+zs-'LJ' L.: ft wx, 1: ,, t 1 2 -'ft aa , . ggi. 5 'A giffazfm frjzssgfv ft ,- . V 3 Elf GEORGE KOCZON "He's a sure card." N02COk Teacher Biology Clubg Journalism Clubg Spanish Clubg Chemistry Clubg Co-Chairman of Ticket Com- mittee Junior Promg Soccer Tearng Washington Historical Societyg Maloney Megaphone. JOANNE KREMINSKI "She's quiet, but wait until you get to know her." Jo Social Worker Spanish Clubg Orchestrag Bandg Campus Clubg Washington His- torical Societyg Chemistry Clubg A.A.g Future Teachers of Amer- icag Intramural Sportsg Press Clubg Biology Club. WILLIAM KORB "Great floods have flown from simple sources." Bill Mechanical Engineer Key Clubg Washington Histor- ical Societyg A.A.g junior Prom Committee. KENNETH KROEBER "He speaks but a few words." Ken Engineer Bandg A.A.g Pep Bandg Wash- ington Historical Societyg Phys- ics Clubg Chemistry Club. JOE KOTCH "A friend to everyone." Navy or Marines Washington Historical Societyg Projectors Clubg Swimming Team. PATRICIA KRYSTOFALSKI "Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing." Pat College Twirling Corpsg Washington Historical Societyg U.N.E.S.C.O.g Photography Staff Janusg A.A. Nl 1 1 a that-Q aff 'am .Wg f rig-It , Q i 'IIE55 ':'EE'.l55'.:.55' ,.x?l:.:5: :E i f 5 ' 7 a i ' T ff 9trz.1f1i3 il4g,,fri SV t g . :jjei.,fv zfyti2fg,lgfl ,L fqisitlzl Nw Haigv..,gfs.'ffff15, fs 'L55,3251si3.3Elnggrg,.Qf2 H, :--5'-:f: u f' E - 273 i.', ' 53212 2 . tm Sf . .. .- .ff .V ,. V.y.i.3,?53i H ' .- . . " Wfdziisi att. - 5:5555 s. K ,,.. 5 Q . , .... - RUTH KROCK "Her voice is softg her smile, sweet." Ruthie Social Worker Latin Clubg Biology Clubg Ba- ton Twirling Corpsg French Clubg Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Literary Staff of Janusg Megaphone Staffg Press Clubg Co-Chairman of Refresh- ment Committee, Junior Promg Co Chairman of Entertainment Committee, Junior Hopg Co- Chairman Refreshment Com- mittee, Homecoming Dance. JOAN ANN KRYSTOCK "She seems born to be a success." College National Honor Societyg Presi- dent, Latin Clubg Co-Editor, "Janus"g Secretary, Library Serv- ice Clubg Chemistry Clubg Voted "Class Scientist"g Campus Clubg Chorusg Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Hitchcock Science Award, Chemistry. MARGARET LAGOCKI "Quiet, shy, and agreeable." Peggy Dental Secretary Janus Photography Staff, Co- Editorg Bowling Club, Treas- urerg Glee Clubg Home Eco- nomics Clubg A.A. SANDRA LANGE "Nice to look at, nicer to know." Sandy Nurse Washington Historical Societyg Campus Clubg Special Chorusg Future Nurses of Americag A.A.g Science Fair. GAIL KUZMAK "Her modest answer and grace- ful air Show her wise and good as! she is fair." " Dental Assistantif Home Economics Clubg Pen-li nant Business Staffg Campusll Clubg Washington Historicallf Societyg Janus Business Staffg,l Janus Photography Staffg Home- l! room Representative. RAYMOND LaMAY "Whose words all ears took captive." Rah Rah Radio Announcer! Chess and Checker Clubg Man- ager of Football and Baseballl Teamsg Megaphone Sports Ed- itorg Janus Sports Editorg Pho-3 tographyg Projectors Clubg Soc-' cer Teamg Co-Chairman of Pub- licity Committee, Senior Home- comingg A.A. DONNA JEAN LAPRISE "Small in size but great in whati makes for character." i Don Undecided Washington Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg Art Clubg A.A. I PAUL LAPUC "The finest souls are those that have the most variety and supplenessf' Biologist Key Clubg Biology Clubg Wash- ington Historical Societyg Phys- ics Clubg President, Spanish Clubg Varsity Footballg Projec- tors Clubg A.A. MARION LESSE "A quiet girl, but quite a girl." Penny Florist Special Chorusg A.A. THEODORE MICHAEL LISZCZAK "Life is not life at all without delight." Ted Journalism Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Props and Paintsg Physics Clubg Chorusg Latin Clubg Key Clubg Biology Clubg Soccer Teamg Swimming Teamg Intramural Basketballg Sports Broadcasterg Janus Pho- tography Staffg A.A. SHARON LeGENDRE "Her face is like the milky way in the sky - a meeting of gentle lights without a name." Nurse Future Teachers of Americag Latin Clubg French Clubg A.A.g Campus Clubg Washington His- torical Society. MARTIN LILIENTHAL "Live all you cang it's a mistake not to." Mart College German Clubg Biology Clubg Soccer Teamg Washington His- torical Societyg Decoration Com- mittee, junior Promg A.A. KAREN LOWNEY "A merry heart goes all the day." Nurse Washington Historical Societyg Chemistry Clubg Future Nurses of Americag Physics Clubg Sci- ence Fairg A.A. JOAN MACK "A good heatt's worth gold." Secretary Washington Historical Societyg Janus Photography Stalfg Janus Business Staffg A.A.g Props and Paints. GAIL LOGOZZO "A good nature wins the heart." Teacher Chemistry Clubg Physics Clubg Special Chotusg Future Teach- ers of Americag Campus Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Art Clubg French Clubg Club Staff of Janus. JAMES MAGUDER "He gets around in his own quiet way." jim College Bandg Soccer Teamg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Chem- istry Clubg Spanish Clubg Or- chestrag Decoration Committee, Junior Promg A.A. KATHLEEN LUDECKE "Although she is quiet, she says what she means." Blondie Hairdresser Bowling Clubg Home Econom- ics Clubg A.A. KATHLEEN MANCINO "I'm no angel." Kathy Housewife Chorusg Props and Paintsg A.A. CAROLYN 1. MACRI "She is one girl who does her own thinking and needs but little advice." College Props and Paintsg Washington Historical Societyg Forumg Latin Clubg Basketball and Volleyball Tournamentsg Chemistry Clubg A.A. ANTHONY MARCANTONIO "News, my friends, I have wonderful news to tell." Tony Business Mgr. of Megaphone, Editor of Megaphoneg President of Press Clubg President of Washington Historical Societyg Homeroom Representativeg Voted "Most Businesslikef' WILLIAM MALERBA "Those who jest with good taste are called witty." i Bill College Varsity Footballg Biology Clubg l Physics Clubg Projectors Clubg ' Key Clubg Washington Histor- ical Societyg Spanish Clubg Janus Photography Staffg A.A. l l 1 l THOMAS MANFRED "Your wit makes others witty." Tom College Chemistry Clubg Biology Clubg A.A.g Varsity Footballg Swim- ming Teamg Physics Clubg Cho- rus. issei s'c ,ij Sy JOAN MARLOW "Such ambition finds joy." Private Secretary Washington Historical Societyg A.A. CORNELIUS A. MCCOLLOM "With the swiftness of an eagle you don't knock a good man down." Neal College Treasurer of Junior Classg Treasurer of Senior Classy Vice-President of Student Coun- cilg Varsity Footballg Varsity Baseball, Co-Captain, Co-Cap- tain, Basketball, Key Clubg Chairman of Key Club Danceg Voted "Best Dressed"g Voted "Class Athlete." il PATRICIA MARINAN "To be born with the gift of laughter." 1 Pat College 1 Homeroom Representativeg Spanish Club: Chorusg Wash-N ington Historical Societyg Home? Economics Clubg Co-Chairman of Programs, Junior Promg A.A. MARY ELLEN MELESKO "Energetic, willing, anything but idle." Mere Teacher Home Economics Clubg Wash- ington Historical Societyg French Clubg A.A. NANCY E. MCARDLE i "Sweet, with a sparkle in her eye." Nanc Teaching! Treasurer, French Clubg Presi- dent of Homeroomg Junior Class Social Chairman, Co-Ed-, itor of junior Newspaperg jun-3 ior Play Committeeg Future Teachers of Americag Co-Chair- man of Ticket Committee, Homecoming Dance. G. SEBASTIAN MILARDO "A gentleman with manners soft and mild." Sebby Engineer President of the Biology Clubg Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g President of the Spanish Clubg Intramural Sportsg Phys- ics Clubg Key Clubg Homeroom Representativeg Chemistry Clubg Literary Staff for Janus. ANNE McGEE "Her charms strike the sight, but her merit wins the soul." College Biology Clubg Red and Blue Sports Clubg Girls' Intramural Sportsg Campus Clubg Future Teachers of America, Librariang Art Clubg Washington Histor- ical Societyg Chemistry Club, Spanish Club, Secretaryg A.A. LUCILLE MISENTI "Silent, but sweet, and a friend to everyone." Lu Office Work A.A., Janus Business Staff, Dec- iQ oration Committee for Home- coming Danceg Voted "Quiet- est." MARIE MIGLIORE "Why not eat, drink, and be merry?" Squeeze Social Worker Washington Historical Society, Co-Chairman Ticket Commit- tee, Junior Promg Business Staff, Janus, A.A. MICHAEL F. MILEWSKI "Football makes a nation hardy." Iron Mike College Varsity Football, Varsity Base- ballg Homeroom Representa- tive, A.A. LAWRENCE MOREHOUSE JAMES C. NELSON "He who can fly, let him not "At the game's end, we shall creep." see who gains." Larry Fighter Pilot Carter Singer Chemistry Club, Band, A.A. A.A.g Soccer Team. GEORGIANNA MORRISSETTE "She is never to be found, but remembered by all." Ollice Work Business Staff, Janusg A.A.g Lit- erary Staff, Janus, Committee Junior Sock Hop. I ' i .PT jf-' " . " ,iflfilm X tsysisalsfws K 4, I , , gQrwueg.Sigg?i.sfw .'.,1 'l'il.fil.-vw, ' L fag, K ,fis t -' 'f ig? ' . , 51,555 20,1 ,N . ,Mi z lie 991' we . , Ei fil l' if ' ,H 2f'w!irrs.ia2i.ti 'EL' i ' , f Wvfiyzvl - LINDA MORSE "Nice things come in small packages." Mousie Teacher Special Chorusg Washington Historical Society, French Club, Props and Paints. CAROL NESCI "Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity." Teacher Co-Chairman Record Hopg Co- Chairman Cheerleading Danceg Secretary of Classg Vice-Pres. Junior College Clubg Secretary Washington Historical Society, Chorus, Student'Councilg Sec- retary of Student Councilg French Clubg Co-Chairman Sen- ior Homecoming Danceg Co- Captain Cheerleadersg Voted "Most Personable" and "Most Versatile", CATHERINE A. MOSIER "Laugh and be merry the whole World over." Ma Undecided Washington Historical Societyg Future Nurses of Americag Home Economics Club, A.A. PAMELA MOT1' "A keen mind is a virtue to be valued." Pam Nurse Future Nurses of America, Na- tional Honor Societyg A.A.g Vice-President of French Clubg Co-Club Editor of Janusg Co- Chairman of Refreshment Com- mittee, Homecoming Dance. THOMAS O'BRIEN "In silence also there's a worth that brings no risk." Tom Accountant Varsity Baseball, A.A. DOROTHY NENNINGER "Whatever is, is right." Dolly Medical Secretary Bowling Clubg Business Staff of Janus, A.A. PAULANN NOWAKOWSKI "Capacity for joy admits temptation." Bunny College Washington Historical Societyg Twirling Corpsg Business Staff of Janus, Future Nurses of America, Pennant Business Staff. JEAN O'NEIL "A friend is never known till a man hath need." Office Worker A.A.: Pennant Business Staff, Photography Staff of Janusg Business StaH of Janus, Wash- ington Historical Society, A.A. ROBERT OUELETTE "Silence may do good, and can do no harm." Owl State Trooper A.A. RICHARD OLSCHEFSKI 1 "His line sportsmanship was not 3 left on the held. It was his constant companion." Mouse College Varsity Baseballg Varsity Foot- ball, Washington Historical So- cietyg Key Club: Chorusg Swim- ming Teamg A.A. . , w .wwfi2geg12zg4wfz.E-iii iff-wg ai ae:fs:.1f2'gisSQa.fs.s-is-is fefssfv-14',zffw !M,Ji3.w is-ffgegfligg , iii E?T'WZ?l1C1Es..i.eEIi-Siilisij,5 ' I ,Qi,'1jg,gP5jg,,g5.s,1L3.r.E,.k.g,3 zgangif. 1531 H 3 -.:- --fu f,,1q,i-fe-.yfftafearsmrerr-T..-.Q 1 .." -" f 2 . ' I' C5 ag-fresher V . . Q- 4 . Sf, A. . ,- f. . .. . ...Leaf-f-r..-zpwfmj - bfi. .' . ii? Qieww ' ef. "if .a . sf LEEHQZ 1 If f - 4:-' -s, Var"av'Qeu':7'a'V'srL,z" 'x e .. . I- 2 eg fm , nz V., ssfuswselwffrf-fffi '3'9fs'X V . H. K.. ffX..51.5?isl?El'.7lC? ' ff . rggggrgkg k - . Q , ...wi -Q 52 2 fgggigefgsgsi -. ,, . rw gg -- , - 1, ,. sr- Wir .P f.fjzjg,1gg - . 9 5,533 3 1 .fy K if , f' rr. ini' U. MARY ANN OPALSKI "Busy here and there." Shorty Technical Writer Megaphone Staffg Chemistry Clubg Washington Historical , Societyg Press Club, Futuregi Teachers of America, Campusl. Clubg Business Staff of Janusgs Physics Club, A.A. PATSY PAPANDREA, JR. "Let any man speak long enough, he will get believers." Codger Teacherj Footballg Basketballg Baseballll Key Clubg President of Student Councilg President of Junior Class, junior Prom Committeeg Voted "Most Versatile," "Most Personable," "Did Most for M.H.S. N 23 PETER PARISI "If I lose my honor, I lose myself." Pete Pharmacist Special Chorusg President, Key Clubg Chemistry Clubg Soccer Teamg Washington Historical Societyg Publicity Co-Chairman, Sophomore Dance. CHARLOTTE PERKINS "Sparkling eyes, full of pep, she makes friends at every step." Shots Secretary Pennant, Future Nurses of Americag Washington Histor- ical Society, Business Staff of the Janusg Literary Staff of the Janus, Props and Paintsg A.A., Orchestra. JAMES PETROSKE "Mischief is my specialty." Jimmy Public Accountant Football, Baseballg Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g -Art Club, Intramural Sports. tg f-. H i if few swf' V' " saw-izzagraggfi 'rzasagsggaawwafhfrlv Q?..r.,..s. W..,., is... .Z gffawg., yfsgsssagssi, ,Ds-1 , svagegsesieew-ss . : we fre I l , .fi r ' 'f1KY5b?.!?f" l. M . ' . ,. L' 3 I' gfi..'r,4fz,.s-.1 3522? 5 ' Alera? s m f ig. 32, riivv., . Z 1 Me? Q2 1 1.3625-' A L a,".:f2v:5Eg4eivlf5f5, , 1 H .'.gE!ei14sgs1r,-, A .V f .--f as .21-i,-, MARY ELLEN PASCUCCI "Little news goes quick and far." Macky Hair Dresser A.A. CHARLES PERZANOWSKX "He may be quiet, but he's still a heartbreaker." Charlie College Washington Historical Societyg A.A. PHILIP PLOTICA "Reason and calm judgement, the qualities especially belonging to a leader." Phil Millionaire Biology Clubg Physics V Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Props and Paintsg Megaphone Staffg National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Class Presi- dentg Tennis Teamg Swimming Teamg A.A.g Voted "Most Like- ly to Succeed." WILLIAM PRZYBYLO "Good luck never comes too late." Priz Priesthood A.A.g German Clubg Latin Clubg President of Forumg Pro- jectors Clubg Chemistry Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Chess and Checker Clubg Phys- ics Club. H55 .wise Wh .W is ., at WS' liz Llfiifhiliz 45 geaaggsaaz .S 3 sw... .9 ms. :'E,,-f ai.. . az: " W .5 in 5- 'S . all . NANCY ANN PIKE "She is a true friend like a diamond, scarce and rare." MICHAEL REWINSKI "Every man's reason is every man's oracle." Nan Marriage Mike A.A. A.A. FREDDA POLLANS "The determined mind will accomplish its goal." Architect Press Club Vice-Presidentg Ma- loney Megaphone, Club News Editorg Forum Vice-Presidentg Campus Clubg Art Clubg Art Staff, Janusg A.A. INGRID RIES "Amazing brightness, purity, and truth." Ina Airline Hostess A.A. KAREN REDICAN "I have a heart with room for every joy." Nurse Junior College Clubg Future Nurses of Americag Pep Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg Span- ish Clubg A.A.g Biology Club. ROBERT ROGOZ "Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are." Bob Navy A.A.g Soccer Teamg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Intra- mural Basketball. KAREN REYNOLDS "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Nurse All State Orchestrag All New England Orchestrag A.A.g Bandg Orchestra. an-. JOYCE RILEY "Silence always offers high rewards." Airline Hostess A.A.g Home Economics Clubg Bowling Club. YS 2 gr. r :lizzie-rig' 'MMV 3 , . A ' It f Washington Historical Societyg Campus Clubg Spanish Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Photography Varsity Footballg Varsity Swim- mingg Biology Clubg Spanish Clubg Physics Clubg Treasurer, "" N i9i,9?YfQ?3i3f15fgiffwA "iii l . c e H2visiegiiiiif1f25fi2?5ii5i2if22lEs.T1.5 - 1 ffm--wpssffssi H K5-rkfffffii'llliiliilislgiiwslilfitlv. " -- 1 gi , f 1 kiwi?-ggiigggrfgigggggggliggglgiiiiigjrfgglfi '- i THOMAS SARTINI I -2 2sieiliiiligiiiiisiiifgiiil52-2222 ' Y' ' Qfilsfiijiff w gain gs 8 'ESI' 2'Vf525:iS5z5fifl5-Hbllliil g N , LINDA RUNGE "He has a tongue to persuade lg l 3 55Ltiigfifiiififilfiifgiljzlijzisfg ggnfwn - . . L-I. r . . -luiiij'l:f'1E1..ggSjiiii3Li'. S Im a quiet sort of a girl, until And a head to execute L' A ::.5.K-.--. E ,K u - - 1 ' ,1 'f --L 5 . I s eigiifiit , 'I i V011 get to know me. mischief." W"- g. a- . - , D ' ir i A , V ,V Lin Medical Secretary Torn Engineer if W - - , . . . M. i M53 . 221.522 K - BERNADETTE RUZYCKI "I like laughter that opens the lips and heart." Bonnie Physical Education Teacher Cheerleadingg Biology Clubg Chemistry Clubg Home Eco- nomics Club Presidentg A.A.3 Homeroom Representative. DOLORES SADLOWSKI "My friend is one who takes me for what I am." Dolly Dietitian Campus Clubg Home Econom- ics Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Washington Histor- ical Societyg Library Service Clubg A.A. StaH of Janusg A.A. Key Clubg Chemistry Clubg Bandg A.A. PATRICIA RYAN "An ambitious gal." Pat Physical Therapist Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Spanish Clubg Treasurerg Homeroom Representativeg Chorusg Biology Clubg Chem- istry Clubg Chairman of Re- freshment Committee, Junior! Promg Intramural Sports. KAREN ANNE SCHNICK "Quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Kay Biology Teacher German Clubg Red and Blue Sports Clubg Physics Clubg Na- tional Honor Societyg F.T.A.g Washington Historical Societyg A.A. ROBERT SALKA I "I agree with no man's opinion. 3 I have some of my own." Bob Undecidedi Soccer Captaing A.A. ll WALTER SEMOLIC "Truth hath a quiet breast." Paul Architect Bandg Washington Historical Societyg Pep Bandg House Man- ager, "Aaron Slick"g Orchestrag A.A. k g5f,.f,1f',p1' 1' M 1 'r 1 fe-ef-wi ff'..g-'V-'igfif' 1: f67i."J C :SER 'C -2, ,I - " 'V' . a'!f-1r'f.,i , st, B T li CORILYNN SATTLER "Full of joke and jest." Corky Secretary Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Business Staff of Janusg Photography Staff of Janusg Business Staff of the Pennant. 'LESLIE ANNE SCOTT "Behold the dreamer cometh." Scotty College junior College Clubg Campus Clubg Chemistry Clubg Wash- ington Historical Societyg A.A.g Home Economics Club. .4539 I. r : ici. ai sw: :fit 5 1 - m,'i-v 'fa:g'?f-gs cw -- ' l3p??tre5s'2,':hr'52,31fx525?itsisfreigftfirzriis' oss 2s.:tifsma,ffsv-4 , t: . A X, Q ,QW 5i,wf'i.fJffz,'i " U "1s-siiiiiiffsxfgrmf zifsfz 4. aff? 'L 121259135 1. 2, 'Z - s 5 ezfjigutkf 'fic' . K T K " s ,e,'t-ri.-..t, fr, -cg-iifiiiii .1 . ,fm -wif: ms? 1 ' fri fwfr zi ssf, EDWARD SHEMIT "Normally he's very quiet, but when started, he's a riot." Ed Machinist A.A.g Spanish Club, Basketball. KAREN SILVIA "Her laughter makes up for her lost inches." Peanuts Secretary Pennant Staffg Photography Staff of Janus, A.A. SHARON SERVICE "Like a small coin of great value, to be estimated not by its bulk, but its worth." Shae Nurse Spanish Clubg Campus Club, Future Nurses of Americag Washington Historical Societyg A.A., Home Economics Club. JOAN SKINNON "Humor is the harmony of the. heart." Joanie Teacher Art Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Campus Club, Wash- ington Historical Societyg Fu- ture Nurses of America, A.A. KATHLEEN SIEBERT "My crown is in my heart, not on my head." Kathy Home Economist Twirling Corpsg Home Econom- ics Clubg Washington Histor- ical Society, Business Staff of Janus. .....-1 C. GEORGE SLOBKO "I've never made a mistake in my life - at least not one that I coulcln't explain." College Football Manager, Washington Historical Societyg Intramural Basketball, A.A. JUNE SINISCALCO "Where hearts are true, few words will do." College Homeroom Representative, Washington Historical Society, F.N.A.g Co-Chairman of Pro- grams for Junior Promg Co- Chairman of Senior Variety Showg Photography Staff of Janus, A.A., Science Fair. 26 GAIL SNOWMAN "Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well." Snowman Elementary Teacher Props and Paints, Treasurer, Biology Club, Fotumg Home Economics Club, Future Teach- ers of America, Washington Historical Societyg A.A. LORETTA SLAVINSKI "If not an angel, an earthly paragonf' Mousie Nurse Journalism Clubg F.N.A.g Janus Business Staff, Chorus, Decora- tion Committee, junior Prom, A.A. MARGARET ELLEN SMITH "She is a quiet lass, you'd hardly know when she's in class." Peggy Hairdresser Art Club, Bowling Clubg Assist- ant Art Editor Janusg Commit- tee for Decorations of Senior Homecoming Dance. BARBARA SOSNOWSKI "Silence is golden." Bobbie OHice Worker Home Economics Clubg A.A. JAMES STAFFORD "To kiss them all at once from North to South." Jim Air Force Science Fairg A.A. U CAROL SOBEL "A little laughter makes life , GARY STEELE Pleasant-H lg "I find earth not gray but College 1: IOSY-U Washington Historical Societyg Chorusg Biology Clubg A.A. A.A. l ll X MARGARET STEVENS ELLA SPEARS ly "She that llirts and runs away ..s h . I ,. " will be free to flirt another ports are er specia ty. day:- Lefty Secretary ' Peggy Secretary Home Economics Clubg Basket- 3 ball Clubg A.A. ll Washington Historical Societyg Library Service Clubg Home , Economics Clubg A.A. l LEANNE STANKIEWICZ JUDY ST- ONGE .let evelly mg' be fully per' "I laugh at work while suaded in his own mind." N others sigh:- Lee Hairdresser ll Peanuts Nurse Washington Historical Societyg Badminton Clubg Future Teach- 1 Ciugi FN A ers of America. l ' ' ' ' AA' Chemistry Clubg Physics lm ll . -' als' - . K -! T A X ? fl ??53f'?r4'eQ1T'5:f1fi'rQs lee fb -' ' , r- f'.-if ,,.,,r . , ' 3331:Wie,f-v.is1e,3gi1f'rQ Alf , 'Y nff,g'r'f,7,'3f--i's--- fm, sf, Q - - .H eff f 1 M f .F i 't illisf' V g f'p i .' :: .V ' . H4 f 4 1' as . V Ally- r-,A Z DAVID STEVENS "But when he speaks what elocution flows." Dave College Co-Captain Football Team. LYNN STONE "Faithful friends like him are hard to find." Lindy Outdoor Writer- Photographer Intramural Basketballg Bandg Spanish Clubg Janus Photogra- phy Staffg Props and Paints. ANDREW SULLIVAN "Look the world straight in the face." Andy Doctor Chemistry Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Manager of Soccer Teamg A.A. GARY SWARZ "Intelligence, personality, and energy - the virtues of a leader." Zeus Engineer Soccer Teamg A.A.g Spanish Clubg Literary Staff of Janusg Megaphoneg Band. SILVIA STRAZINSKIS "A keen mind is a prime requisite for laughter and good fellowship." Poodles Secretary Washington Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg Girls' Bowling Teamg A.A. JOHN TENCZA "Nearly all the great men are cleadg and I don't feel so well myself." Jack Success President of Sophomore Classg Student Senateg Key Clubg Washington Historical Societyg Bandg Co-Chairman of Junior Promg Co-Chairman of Senior Variety Show. CAROL SWANSON "She has her moments of nonsense." Swan Nurse Bandg Campus Clubg Future Nurses of Americag A.A.g Washington Historical Societyg Chorus. KATHLEEN TETREAULT "There is no beauty that attracts without zest." Kathy I.B.M. Operator Janus Business Staifg Janus Art Staffg Home Economics Clubg Glee Clubg A.A.g Homeroom Alternateg Washington Histor- ical Society. JAMES SYLVIA "The devil will take his own." Jim Electronics Bandg Washington Historical Societyg German Clubg Props and Paints. DONNA TRAVERSO "Always happy, never sadg sometimes naughty, never bad." Don Nurse Future Nurses of Americag Home Economics Clubg Biology Clubg Washington Historical Societyg A.A. ROBERT TERRY "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." B.T. Air Force Washington Historical Societyg Projectors Clubg A.A. MARY JANE TORCHIA "Then she will talk - gracious, she will talk." Zorch Teacher Spanish Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Campus Clubg Home Economics Clubg A.A. l C. DALE VALENTINE "Hunting I reckon very good To brace the nerves and stir the blood." Navy Special Choxusg A.A. SALLY WARNER "The silence that is in the starry sky." Sal Nurse Future Nurses of Americag Li- bgxry Clubg Photography Staffg PETER UNANSKI ll "He may be quiet, but, boy what mischief." 1 Pete ' A.A. JAMES J. WANAT l "Is there a future in my N car?" , Jinn Electronics 'roolinioinn l Football Toning -A.A. l tl l l l WILLIAM WAWRZENIAK l "The tune the, drummers play- lt am t so gay. Bill Engineer Bandg Orchestrag Pep Bandg Physics Clubg Projectors Clubg Radio Club. 1 l l J29 CAROLYN WEBSTER "She is a fountain of boundless energy." Webbie Teacher. Art Clubg Spanish Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Washing- ton Historical Societyg Campus Club. VIRGINIA WEST "There is no genius in life like the genius'of energy and activity."- Ginny Physical Ed. Teacher Art Clubg Biology Clubg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag' Props and Paintsg Chemistry Clubg Pep Clubg Cheerleadingg Wash- ington Historical Societyg Ath- letic Associationg Voted "Class Athlete." MARY WHALEN "Patience is a virtue seldom found in women." Teacher Junior College Clubg A.A.g Sec- retary-F.N.A.g Biology Clubg F.T.A.g National Honor So- cietyg Washington Historical Societyg Treasurer and Secretary, Latin Clubg Chemistry Clubg Campus Club-Vice-President. JOHN WESSMAN "A man devoted to p1easure." Jack Varsity Footballg A.A. JUNE WETTISH "Thou art so tall and thou look so queenlyf' Nurse Washington Historical Societyg A.A.g Future Nurses of Amer- icag Campus Clubg Pep Clubg C0-Chairman Publicity Com- mittee, Junior Prom. ,..-- --1,,1 - .. HELEN ELIZABETH WHITE "The soul of a journey is liberty to think, feel, and do just as one pleases." Betsy Teacher Junior College Clubg Washing- ton Historical Societyg Home Economics Clubg French Club: Red and Blue Sports Clubg Biol- ogy Clubg Future Teachers of America. LORRAINE WISNIEWSKI "Good nature is the beauty of the mind." Lori Secretary "Janus" Business Staffg Props and Paintsg Glee Clubg A.A. SHEILA WOLF "All who joy would win must share it - happiness was born a twin." Toby Hairdresser Pennant Staffg Photography Staff of Janusg Voted "Best Dancer." ALLAN WIELAND "He does his own thinking and needs little advice." Al Scientist Chorusg Physics Clubg Chess and Checker Clubg German Clubg Soccer Teamg Projectors Clubg Washington Historical Society. SUSAN WOLF "Me and my shadow." Sue Janus Business Stalfg Janus Photography Staffg Pennant Staifg Home Economics Clubg A.A. 5 -- fi 1. Q --ieeiaefaeaisi ,V -, , ff ,535-2 L-artifzfff ... ..--. f,,,,C,., ig C A ggaeaegsw t W: ' - so - Q-ff .. Q, nrt, ffaisag, -ig 3 5-7:1 7 ' 1' " , 'f 4 ' , i' ...' 1, :- fzf, Q2 -ig ' -,.... ,ff-.i-. iz 1- , : 1? .. P F A ' 'iz i7"f" ,fic T ... .4111-Z-'--' 30 PATRICIA WOOD "Easy-going, friendly, and full of fun." Woody College German Club, Secretaryg Camp- us Clubg Special Chorusg Props and Painrsg Megaphoneg Or- chestrag Pep Clubg Red and Blue Sports Clubg Washington Historical S o c i e t yg Literary Stall, "J a n u s"g Photography Staff, "janus"g Girls' Bowling Club. STANLEY WORONICK "Inconspicuous and quiet." Stas Baker A.A. GERALDINE WROBEL "Anything for a quiet life," Gerry Hairdresser Chorusg A.A. DONALD LANOUE "Remember what peace there may be in silence." Chick Air Force A.A. PATRICIA ANN ZOLNIK "She seems so quiet - but don't get her started." Pat Teacher Library Service Clubg Janus Business Staffg Home Room Represenrariveg Co - Chairman of Decoration Committeeg Sen- ior Homecornmgg A.A. 1 ' , rg g , ,---'l"""""-' -I 7 -illT'lfQ,- H ,,,,,g:Lfi1ig'g.i.g-.uf:-Tan - Z' -ll- 7 ,31 1 JOHN DESMOND "Bashfu1ness is an ornament to youth." A.A.g Washington Historical Society. PETER KLEBAN "He is a slave to intelligence." Pete Physics Clubg Assistant Editor "Megaphone"g Foruzng Wash- ington Historical Societyg Ger- man Clubg National Honor So- cietyg Harvard Book Prize. During his senior year, Peter attended Antioch College in Ohio. ff, f' f 7 '24, ,Q x f X 1 4 fd ,. NV , 927 f I ' ff , 1' ,il I N ,xl f Y uf 'X F I X X F' D- --Y' ?il1IE1EE5'l 1-'.:::::e!!'. firiimlll +H',::u5e gf' lmaaani kvfizxexg ,ll X ni? 33 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DID THE MOST FOR M.H.S. Philip Plotica, Roberta Hodson Patsy Papandrea, Sharon Breckenridge g!.C9llb.n live 'iffeef BEST DRESSED MOST BUSINESS-LIKE Carole Gwiazdowski, Neal McCollom 34 Anthony Marcantonio, Dorothy Calmyca BEST DANCERS CLASS MUSICIANS Sheila Wolf, jack Acabchuk jack Tencza, Bonnie England 1 1 CLASS SCIENTISTS MOST PERSONABLE Joan Krysrock, Fred Borgeson 35 Carol Nesci, Patsy Papandrea MOST VERSATILE BEST LOOKING Carol Nesci, Patsy Papandrea jack Casper, Carole Gwiazdowski CLASS ATHLETES CLASS SPEAKERS Virginia West, Neal McCo11om 36 Sh1f1CY Gflfz, NOUDHI1 Cohen CLASS WITS MOST TALKATIVE Donna Traverso, Leonard Fenelon Gem Guite, Ray LaMay MOST QUIET CLASS ARTISTS Lucille Misenti, Guy Beeman 37 Kenneth Hoffman, Diane Fleming Sw wee- X5Ii?5T?'?5f:Y Gzm,ws ggggzg sl if 521515 ,ff if v ?FfZF55f?1!4k'1"2pf! 1 K K Uzmwmfr, 4 Q w4f,14w5fss.w,5,. swim MW, mu ff gr,-fwwf, w w 5253 K "SJ ,,,, ,gW ,, S 2, f ,sri - ,, -Y Eifiiili, X f 5122 +254 ifkffi gs?-.. K ff gf xv 1ewsl ,'ff'svfzkfLfvf-f V my W. ,ff f, -' mn Em, N xx M gg P mi sms we L f S5 my f W g is .ia , X f mx A W-Q mfg W s H H Q F K, K gif Q vw g gf, is 1 2 ..w.!1 Q. ,:. .Lil rf- X' ,,,,, ,,,,,,H5 ,z W ff L.,w,wf,,:f, ,, gre, fav- , '-QR M-Q .,, w 755165 I ff , -1 2' -5 H: -M Qi iiilliiiwi, ' 5 , f ff'f, 5,,'i am, wm,w,m. pw, X U6 ,Ag WQYTYSWYT1 D fwm, N, - , .,.,,. , K, t,,g1, x, as ,W 112235 -f: f --, : 11,157- 7 I , U25 ' ,, Q, ,5 ,, 51, ,ji Hg 55? R, ' isiiihi :..5f :ai5f' jam, , PM lg , X 1 1 Mai, , i SH f X xx 335,15 x H , ,J gf 255 Ks? is f,,m,fs1Q gig, :Z , ,, Q 3 ,a5g,,3,ag:s "" , Y Wk 91 fixing UK H 5 fx 2 M25 Wg M2320 X a m, ' K Ji H fi , fx' 3 WiiiiizffgilfimgffilsfiiW? Hx H158 X A 5 1 M e l. ..,ffwQ'1Lswe?'f 2 xv 1 4 M U Szfiifnflk fl 2 -' f,11f5ifs?iwQ 1 555,14 i "5 sl K K P, W 2. ,.,, Eiilqiilqzfelfa N 2 If H ,A F-9 ' Q, fgiifigim fx K N' H 5,1 s'5f??:f'29x, 55 2,5 9 . 1-2 lizifeiffw Q 1 ' , Z !4,ss,,f1,im,, Nl 'gg S??3Uy 5 M 1 Sv?" 2 sef4s2f.WU?xS Q3 W K Esfsszffs' 2. M:?zQ1?5fffV' N295 4 4 H wsggigg, fgssisisw igx xx 4, Wim ,, , M 2354- , ...ygau Q up gerigggi www ax, W 'sfqww F' M .1 M45 mfg g K 25,317 il ,fs Kp ,H ,qi , wifWsimfmw .si S JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MRS. SOPHIE WILKEY DONNA VUMBACK Vlce-Presrdent MR. FLOYD BRACKLEY and SPONSORS BRUCE MOLLOY President GEORGE LOPOS Treasurer 339 MR. NORBERT FAHEY CHRISTINE OLSCHEFSKI Secretary R MRS. STELLA CURLEY 'xg ,Q-4 M,,,.f-Q'- s X yum SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MRS. KATHRYN REISCH and SPONSORS ROBERT CHESTER MR. ROGER CHAFFEE President ROBERT HOROZY JOANNE LONGO Vice-President Secretary MRS. ADELAIDE POOLEY 41 JOSEPH ANNINO Treasurer L'AIR DE L'AMOUR l 44 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS MRS. JEAN MCELROY and SPONSORS JOHN RYAN President MR. GEORGE HODSON KEVIN KIERNAN Vice-President JOAN CARROL Secretary JEANNE J CAROFINO Treasurer MRS. MAGDALENE NAWROCKI 1145 MR. ARTHUR LAMOTHE yu Ji t- . dv F J-M U 515 I . g H ' - wb, V, ..,, .. f ,L , "- 1 f - -: ' '---' X 1 ' ' -' f A' - A H -. Y -. , . -e: v Ji .ma Mzxzkbfw' s '.,-1"E2s'f'n :'. .5 ""' ?!fw,a:., :"" 1' 1 , V 1 f . "h' , H LL 'h . , , , Q -M -I f gtg Vfkr QQ v:jj'f'f-4 A A -.,,M.. . ' W "" , .. ag H .... - -. ' A. , ,QK ,,,i, -::, i,1, .,, , L L E E...,, f ,.. Q 'bmlf' A U ,.'-:1"fQ::::',f252l':..:- 5' H V " sf, Q35 .S , 'XF A 2-S , X. , ..: ..,. , :EM ,S N , 1 -1,1 Q. 1, Q x Q am NMS' ,VN fm A ,, K S K-Q? ' ,msf i mf L31 ,fv 1. fv 5 Q ,.k,lfi2Qg?QT3l3f , R .Hz F OR HOLIDAYS . 1 H 2 Q 3 -a 48 Q UBS 7 4 :E X J X Q, f M uf Xxx Y XXV fix NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society was formed to encourage and acknowledge students who have shown themselves noble in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The SILI- dent body has the opportunity to nominate classmates with a "B" average or better. The nominees must also have a recommendation from one member of the faculty for service and from the entire faculty for character qualifications. New members are welcomed into the society at a public assembly. At this time, they take the oath of the National Honor Society, and receive a card, a yellow rose, and a pin to wear proudly or to keep as a memento. Students have three chances to be elected to the Society: once in the junior year, and twice in the senior year. COUNCIL Mr. H. Chandler Hunt Mr. John Galski Mr. Robert Hart Miss Eleanor Gantley Miss Myrtle Evans Mr. Roger Chaffee OFFICERS President ,.....,.......,.. .,..,..,.. P hilip Plotica Secretary ........ ....,..,.,. P amela Mott Vice-President ......... ...,.... M ary Wahlen Treasurer .....,.. ......, R oberta Hodson MEMBERS Borgeson, Frederick, Calmyca, Dorothy, Curtiss, Reneeg Dunlop, Kathryng Hodson, Robertag Kry- stock, Joang Mott, Pamelag Plotica, Philipg Schnick, Kareng Whalen, Mary. 50 STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council is to form a more stable school government and to assure proper representation for the student body. The Council consists of five seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen, all elected by their respective classes. OFFICERS President, ..,......,. ........ P atsy Papandrea Secretary ......... ..,................,.. C arol Nesci Vice-President ....4.. 4...,,.. N eal McCollom Teasurer ,.,..,.,. ........ S haron Breckenridge SENIORS JUNIORS Sharon Breckenridge Sandra Brenner Neal McCollom Richard Gumkowski Carol Nesci George Lopos Patsy Papandrea Donna Vumback Philip Plotica SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Joanne Longo John Ryan Dennis Lutz John Stewart Marcia Norris 51 LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB The Library Service Club promotes an interest in library work. This club is unique for it is strictly a service club, no awards are given. Any pupil who maintains a good scholastic average is eligible for membership. Members assist the librarians with clerical work, shelving, mending, and other activities. This year, club members spent fifty periods a week working in the library. OFFICERS President ....,........ , ...... Kathryn Duhlop Secretary ...,.. ..,.,. I rene Brandt Vice-President .....,.. ....,. R obert Russell Treasurer ...,..,. ...... B ruce Persons SPONSORS Mrs. Ralph Gomez Mrs. George Knox MEMBERS Behuniak, Mary, Benoit, Neilg Bish, Barbara, Blakeslee, Donald, Boisvert, Nadine, Brandt, Irene, Cardona, Josefag Carey, Ellen, Carofmo, Jeanne, Crist, Sharon, Dubb, John, Dunlop, Kathy, Fon- tanella, Kathyg Goodrich, Margaret, Gura, Michaelg Huse, Carolyn, Jurek, Mary Ann, Kiernan, Dorothy, Klinski, Mary Ellen, Kravchenko, Trina, Krystock, joang I.aF1eur, Candace, Lange, Diane, Leahy, Patience, MacLauchlan, Diane, Marchetti, Bob, Martin, Vicki, Martin, Barrett, Modelski, Florenceg Neidhart, Leslie, Nissen, Nancy, Person, Bruce, Pociadlo, Frank, Poirier, Angelag Porter, Gailg Russell, Robertg Sadlowski, Dolores, Sargent, Elizabethg Schnick, James, Surowiecki, Micheleg Walker, Carol, Warner, Sally. 52 ll 'Wm KEY CLUB The Key Club is a boys' service club organized to aid the school and the com- munity. To qualify for membership a boymust be recommended by a teacher, be voted on by the members, and maintain a "C" average. This year the club purchased National Honor pins, sold banners, programs, and confetti at school games, and furnished buses for the cheerleaders. The boys also Worked in the coatroom at the Nurses' Ball and helped our at the Kiwanis Kapers. OFFICERS President, ., ..,......., ................, P eter Parisi Secretary. ,..,. ........ T ed Liszczak Vice-President .,...,..,....... Patsy Papandrea Treasurer, ..... , ,..., Tom Sartini SPONSOR Mr. Antonio Parisi MEMBERS Barba, Jim, Barse, Ken, Beeman, Guy, Borgeson, Fred, Burt, Arnie, Ciosek, Mike, Conroy, David, Casper, Jack, Cohen, Norman, Crump, David, Curtin, John, Doucette, Christian, Dubb, John, Faj- kowski, Bob, Fenelon, David, Finley, Gaudet, Peter, Gibbons, Jim, Golanski, Peter, Hackbarth, jon, Hampp, Bill, Hoffman, Ken, Johnson, Tom, Kitschman, Peter, Korb, Bill, Lapuc, Paul, Levine, jerry, Lisczcak, Ted, Lutz, Dennis, Malerba, Bill, McCollom, Neil, McDonald, Bob, McKenna, Don, Meyer, Tom, Milardo, Sebby, O'Laughlin, Peter, Olschefski, Richard, Papandrea, Patsy, Parisi, Peter, Parmentier, Mike, Person, Btuceg, Salka, Ronald, Sartini, Tom, Savoie, Don, Silverman, Bob, Stone, Lynn, Tencza, jack, Toman, Henry, Walsh, Mike, Bogdanski, joe. 53. 1 DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN The purpose of the German Club is to develop an interest in and better under- standing of the German way of life and its language. To join this club one must be studying German II or III or have a B average in German I. OFFICERS President ....,.,.,.. ,........ P eter Kirchman Vice-President .,.... ......,.. N orman Cohen Co-President ......... .....,, K aren Schnick Secretary ......t........ ......... P atricia Wood Treasurer ......,...., Patricia Hackbarth SPONSOR Mr. Walter Marwill MEMBERS Anton, Robert, Barse, Kenneth, Brandt, Irene, Brinley, Williamg Burkhardt, john, Cohen, Normang Greenbacker, Rae Lynn, Griffin, Pat, Hackbarth, Patti, Hassell, johng Kirschmann, Peter, Kulp, Rus- sell, Lacz, Walter, Ladd, Philipg Levine, Jerryg Milewski, Richard, Przybylo, William, Russell, Roberrg Schnick, Kareng Wood, Patg Wruck, Linda. 54 SOCIETAS LATINA The Societas Latina is open to all second, third, and fourth year Latin students. The members take turns participating in Latin and English plays, word games, humorous skits and songs. They also celebrate the holidays with appropriate festivities. OFFICERS President ,.....,., ....... ......... J oa n Krystock Secretary ......... .....,. P atience Leahy Vice-President ....,... ...,.... R enee Curtiss Treasurer. ..,.... ....... M ary Whalen SPONSORS Miss Ruth Coleman Mrs. Justine Hampp MEMBERS Bish, Barbara, Brenner, Sandra, Brooks, Mary, Carol, Jean, Conroy, Sally, Couch, Susan, Cox, Edie, Curtiss, Renee, DiGiandomenico, Margo, Forster, Michele, Frederick, Kathie, Gwiazdowski, Carol, Harbron, Barbara, Hirst, Sarah, jurek, Mary Ann, Katuzny, John, Kiernan, Dorothy, Krock, Ruth, Krystock, joan, Kusha, Donald, Leahy, Patience, LeGendre, Sharon, Lepkowski, Ann, Macri, Carolyn, Miller, Sandra, Nissen, Nancy, Przybylo, William, Rafferty, Sue, Rosadene, Diane, Ryglinski, Rita, Sholkowitz, Robert, Schott, Robert, Sholkowitz, Edward, Wessman, Doreen, Whalen, Mary. 55 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The purpose of le Cercle Francais is to acquaint its members with French customs, culture, and humor and to encourage them to converse in French. Second or third year French students, or students who have completed two years of French, may join the club and participate in its activities. These include the annual Christmas party, games, lectures, short playlets, songs, and stories. SPONSORS Mrs. Catherine F. Mahon Mrs. Carmela Tino OFFICERS President .........,.. ....,. R enee Curtis Secretary ,.... ..,..., Sharon Breckenridge Vice-President ..,.... ..,..,. P amela Mott Treasurer ....... ., ....... Thomas Johnson MEMBERS Azzolina, Donna, Breckenridge, Sharon, Cooper, Carol, Corcoran, Sheila, Currie, Sue, Curtiss, Renee, England, Bonnie, Erardi, Nancy, Fleming, Diane, Forster, Michele, Garza, Carolyn, Gelt, Carol, Giuffrida, Lyn, Godek, Melanie, Gura, Kathy, Gustafsen, Beth, Gwiazdowski, Carol,,Handel, Lil- lian, Hyatt, Alice, Impronto, Diane, Johnson, Thomas, Jones, Nancy, Kleban, Nancy, Krock, Ruth, LeGendre, Sharon, Logozzo, Gail, Meinke, Joanne, Melesko, Mary, Morse, Linda, Mott, Pamela, Parmett, Nancy, Swanson, Carol, Traverso, Esther, Whalen, Mary, White, Betsy. 56 EL RINCON ESPANOL The purpose of the Spanish Club is to increase the knowledge of the Spanish student, while making Spanish "fun," The membership is open to anyone taking Spanish. The club members improve their Spanish by presenting short skits, celebrating the Spanish holidays, and singing Spanish songs. SPONSOR Mrs. Pauline Bernarda OFFICERS President .......,..,.. ,.,.,..,.....,.. P aul Lapuc Secretary ...,... ..,..,., A nn McGee Vice-President .............. Sebastian Milardo Treasurer.: ....,... .,..... P atricia Ryan MEMBERS Beeman, Guy, Bellante, Donald, Burt, Gary, Butler, Carol, Church, Karen, Church, Linda, Clark, Peggy, Clarke, Raymond, Conroy, Sally, DiCioccio, Nina, DiGiandomenico, Margo, Dobson, Patricia, Fleming, Donald, Gibbons, James, Graham, Kay, Gumkowski, Richard, Hagood, joan, Hodson, Roberta, jagielski, Janice, Karsmarski, David, Kraft, Nancy, Kreminski, Joanne, Lamarine, jack, Lapuc, Paul, LeGendre, Ellen, Lyons, Susan, McCarthy, Catherine, McGee, Anne, Machnik, Stanley, Magruder, Carol, Malerba, William, Mansolf, Paula, Masterson, Catherine, Meehan, james, Milardo, Sebastian, Mitchell, Donna, Nawrocki, Diane, Neville, Nina, Panciera, Arnold, Pellegrino, Susan, Redican, Charlene, Runge, Linda, Ryan, Patricia, Sartini, Thomas, Sexton, Linda, Shemit, Edward, Shiffer, David, Smith, Gail, Vumback, Donna, Webster, Carol, Michael, Diane. 57 M BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club offers students an opportunity to perform experiments according to the scientihc method. Every month the students are able to discuss their ideas and increase their scientific knowledge. Lectures and movies provide further information in many biological fields. OFFICERS President ......., ,................ J oe Bisi Vice-Presidentm... .....,. john Kuchle Secretary ,...,..,............ Ann Lepkowski SPONSOR Mr. Norman Burgdorf MEMBERS Aldridge, Martin, Bisi, Joseph A., Dillmuth, Jack, Gebson, James, Gudrian, A., Herath, Ronald, Molloy, Dang Perlot, Richard, Rossbach, jeifg Schott, Robert, Sholkovitz, Edward, Cook, Pat, Cox, Edie, Gidclings, Barbara, Jurek, Mary Ann, Kiernan, Dot, Kortum, Deborah, Lepkowski, Ann, Mo- delski, Florence, Plotica, Eugenia, Rice, Barbara, Semolic, Carol, Studeny, Joan, Taylor, Linda, Bar- ton, Steve, Bauer, Henry, Blakeslee, Donald, Brinley, William, Clarke, Raymond, Dowling, Bob, Fajkowski, Bob, Gibbons, Charles, Hampp, William, Hassell, John, Katuzny, John, Kogut, Walter, Kuchle, john, Lacz, Walter, Marchetti, Robert, Meyer, Tom, Rogoz, John, Russell, Robert, Sawicki, John, Schnick, james, Surowiecki, john, Chambers, Kathleen, Gura, Kathie, Schmitt, Roberta, Curtin, john, Milardo, Sebastian, Person, Bruce, LeGendre, Sharon, Snowman, Gail, Sobel, Carole, Stevens, Peggy, Strazinskis, Sylvia. 58 CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club, whose members are past and present chemistry students, stimu- lates interest in extending the frontiers of' science and in applying scientific knowledge to practical, everyday occurrences. Many field trips are planned in addition to experiments, movies, and lectures. OFFICERS President ,.,,......... ...... F red Borgeson Secretary, .... ,...,.. Doris Champagne Vice-President ........ ....... T om Sartini Treasurer .,..... ,....,,. G uy Beeman PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman ..,.. , .....,,... Tom Sartini Phil Plotica Norman Cohen SPONSOR Mr. William Bryan MEMBERS Beeman, Guy, Borgeson, Frederick, Carey, Ralphg Carol, Jeang Champagne, Doris, Cohen, Norman, Conroy, David, DiGiandomenico, Margog Dunlop, Kathryn, Fenelon, David, Greenbacker, Rae Lynn, Hohlstein, Louise, Jagielski, Janiceg Kreminski, Joanneg Krystock, Joan, McGee, Anng Milardo, Sebastian, Plotica, Philip, Ryan, Patg Redican, Kareng Sartini, Thomasg Skinner, Esther, Wieland, Allan. 59 PHYSICS CLUB The purpose of the Physics Club is to stimulate the student's interest in science and to further his understanding of the sciences. Any student interested in science is welcome to join. The meetings consist of experiments and demonstrations performed by the members. SPONSOR Mr. john Galski MEMBERS Acabchuck, john, Anderson, Roger, Barton, Steve, Bauer, Henry, Bielot, Richard, Blakeslee, Donald, Borgeson, Fred, Brinley, William, Ciosek, Michael, Curtin, John, DelFavero, Victor, Duszak, Frank, Fajkowski, Robert, Fleming, Diane, Gritz, Shirley, Hampp, William, Harbron, Barbara, Hendee, John, Hill, john, Hodson, Roberta, Hoffman, Kenneth, Hopkins, Sumner, Hyatt, Alice, Jones, Nancy, Kierys, Peter, Kirschmann, Peter, Kleban, Nancy, Koczon, George, Kroeber, Kenneth, Kosi- enski, Anthony, Krystock, Joan, Lilienthal, Martin, Logozzo, Gail, Lowney, Karen, Maguder, james, Manfred, Thomas, Marchetti, Robert, Meyer, Tom, Milewski, Richard, Morehouse, Lawrence, Olschefski, Richard, Opalski, Mary Ann, Parisi, Peter, Pollans, Fredda, Price, Jeanette, Przybylo, William, Rewinski, Michael, Sartini, Thomas, Sawicki, john, Schott, Kathryn, Scott, Leslie, Semolic, Paul, St. Onge, Judy, Sullivan, Andrew, Surowiecki, john, Sylvia, James, Tencza, John, Valentine, Dale, Van Leuvan, Albert, Walsh, Michael, Wawrzeniak, William, Wettish, June. 60 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club helps to promote a growing appreciation of homemaking while it stresses democracy in home and community life. This year the members spon- sored a Mother-Daughter Banquet in the spring and an informal Sadie Hawkins dance in the fall. OFFICERS President .....,.,,.,,. ......,. B onnie Ruzycki Secretary ...,..., ......, S haron LeGendre Vice-President ....... ...... D onna Vumback Treasurer. ,.... ...,.,..,. S ally Adams SPONSORS Mrs. Helen Vennart Mrs. Francis Curley MEMBERS Adams, Sally, Augenfield, Jane, Baillargeon, Barbara, Brangiero, Marsha, Choiniere, Mildred, Clegg, Linda, Cormier, Anitag Custy, Jackie, Dagneau, Connieg DeMaria, Donna, DelFavero, Denise, Dennis, Carolg Egan, Rosemary, Formsiski, Carmen, Grodzicki, Betty, Hackbarth, Cindy, Holbrook, Susang Hopkins, Charlotteg Isyk, Carol, Jurek, Mary Ann, Kantor, Sharon, Kissell, Barbara, Lagocki, Mar- garet, Pasinski, Pat, Petroske, Marilyn, Laurendeau, Ann, Marinan, Patg Marquardt, Patricia, Mosier, Cathieg Mushero, Kathy, Page, Gail, Phelps, Patriciag Piechert, Evelyn, Piller, Lee, Pulcinella, Mary Anne, Randzio, Leonag Ruzycki, Bonnieg Ryglinski, Rita, Sadlowski, Dolores, Scappaticci, Gloria, Scott, Leslie, Smith, Trudy, Sobel, Carole, Sosnowski, Barbarag St. john, Virginiag Stevens, Peggyg Stickel, Gail, Strazinskis, Sylviag Surowiecki, Michele, Vumback, Donna. 61 MALONEY HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS The Maloney High School Chorus offers students an opportunity to enjoy group singing. The Chorus sang in school at inspirational assemblies and at the Christmas Sing, besides putting on a combined concert with the Platt Chorus and with the Meriden Symphony Orchestra. They also sang for the Nathan Hale P.T.A. and the St. Rose Guild. As this book goes to press, the Chorus is anticipating its Spring Festival. SPONSOR Mr. Antonio Parisi ACCOMPANIST Miss Ruth Coleman MEMBERS Alsop, Samuel, Balawadjer, Christine, Barse, Kenneth, Blum, Christine, Blume, Betty, Bouley, julie Brandt, Irene, Baldwin, Richard, Blower, Sheila, Benoit, Renee, Corcoran, Sheila, Conroy, Rita 1 a Champagne, Doris, Clark, J domenico, Margo, Dunlop, Fecteon, Richard, Golanski, Goldsmith, Michael, Guite, Patricia, Holder, Lawrence, Boisvert, Nadine, Kosienski Logozzo, Gail, Ladd, Philip, Donna, Miller, Sandra, Mar udy, Carey, Pam, Currie, Susan, Curtiss, Renee, Dennis, Carol, DiGian Kathryn, England, Bonnie, Fredericks, Gloria, Fearnley, Virginia Peter, Giuffrida, Carolyn, Garza, Carolyn, Gritz, Shirley, Gelt, Carol Gem, Gura, Mary Ann, Ganon, Carol, Gwiazdowski, Carol, Handy, Hackbarth, Patti, Impronto, Diane, jones, Nancy, Krystock, joan Tony, Katuzny, John, Koczon, George, Lowney, Karen, Lesse, Barbara Lange, Sandra, Lisczcak, Ted, Montag, Lewis, Michael, Diane, Mitchell inan, Pat, McKenna, Donald, Maskell, Earl, McCollom, Neil, McCarthy 1 y 9 9 Kathleen, Morse, Linda, Nesci, Carol, Perlot, Richard, Peichert, Evelyn, Petroske, James, Parisi Peter, Pedrolini, Al, Rafferty, Susan, Sexton, Linda, Scafone, Aldo, Siniscalco, June, Stodder, Henry Schott, Robert, Silverman, Robert, Schnick, James, Swanson, Carol, Semolic, Paul, Treloar, Gerald, Traverso, Donna, Valentine, Dale, Wood, Patricia, Wood, Mary, Weitzel, Sandra, Wieland, Alan, Young, Ursula. a 1 62 H MALONEY HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Maloney High School Orchestra is composed of students who are musically proficient on string instruments. The orchestra plays for several school functions through- out the school year. Its most important production is the spring concert. DIRECTOR AND SPONSOR Mr. Guy Bates MEMBERS Kreminski, Joanne, Silverman, Robert, Smith, Gailg Golemo, Halinag Chase, Doreeng Marschner, Claudiag Benoit, S.g Hackbarth, Carol, Hackbarth, Cynthiag Skinner, Estherg Kravchenko, Trinag Smith, Briang Reeves, Tom, Bibeau, S., Barba, James, Budzinak, George, England, Bonnie, McLean, Margaret, Martin, Vickig Olson, David, Van Leuvan, Albertg Chase, Barryg Santaus, Dianeg Hassell, John, Semolic, Paulg Russell, Robertg Wood, Pat, Hobson, Muriel, Shepard, Janice. l las MALONEY HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES The Maloney High School Majorettes were organized to accompany the band. They perform at football games, concerts, and parades. In order to be in this organization, a girl must have had considerable experience in baton twirling. CAPTAIN Paulann Nowakowski ASSISTANT CAPTAIN Alison Aloia SPONSOR Mr. Guy Bates MEMBERS Nowakowski, Bunnyg Aloia, Alisong Carnot, Lindag LeHerissier, Patg LeHerissier, Carolyng Anderson, Donnag Mack, Nancyg Marrow, Barbarag Krock, Ruthg Seibert, Kathleeng Busa, Doloresg Moniewski, ,Iuneg Godburn, Dianeg McCarthy, Kathyg Schmidt, Roberta. 64 ll MALONEY HIG SCHOOL BAND xl The members of the Maloney High Schdol Band have a chance to develop their musical talents and to become better educated in the fields of music. Throughout the year, the students participate in assemblies, atphome football games, in parades, at con- certs, and at the Christmas Sing. H SPONSQR r uy Fates M . G MEMBERS Carroll, Joan, Hackbarth, Cindy, Herman, Cindy, odson, Roberta, Huse, Carolyn, Kravchenko, Trina, Meskell, Carol, Wooley, Carol, Zabrowski Ca hy, Baldwin, David, Dashner, Robert' Fenelon David, Gearing, Tom, Knell, Chester, Levine, jerr , Magrath, Richard, Maguder, jim, McKenna, Pete, Olson, David, Sartini, Tom, Wettish, Robert, Ilibeau, Stephen, Brown, Donald, Kroeber, Ken, Massow, Joyce, Reeves, Tom, Semolic, Paul, Stacey,l ike, Targonsky, Leonard, VanLeuvan, Albert, Barba, James, Goda, Richard, Murphy, Ray, Walsh Mike, Wasseluk, James, Chase, Barry, Coan Pat, Hackbarth, Jon, Shilfer, Fred, Stabach, jerry, AN ziano, Barbara, Bielot, Richard, Bisi, Joe, Con- roy, David, Curtin, John, Dubois, Karen, Filipowidz, John, Hadley, Glenn, Heath, Jan, Hendee, John, Hobson, Muriel, Kaplan, Linda, Klinski, May, Lampman, Dianna, Magrath, George, Mar- tinelli, joe, Page, Gail, Person, Bruce, Phelps, Pat, ussell, Robert, Santaus, Diane, Shanley, Pete, Skinner, Esther, Taylor, Linda, Tiezzi, Joyce, Urban, john, Vlood, Mary, Yale, Fred, Bauer, Henry, Hassell, John, Martin, Vicki, Smith, Brian, Stabach, obert, White, Ken, Siebert, Kathy. l T ll 6 PEP BAND By playing modern jazz, the Pep Band stimulates school spirit at basketball games and at pep assemblies. Its members concentrate on improvising and using modern harmony. To qualify for membership one must be an older member of the regular band, be an above average musician, and have an interest in popular music. LEADER ASSISTANT LEADER David Olson Bob Staback SPONSOR Mr. Guy Bates MEMBERS Gearing, Tomg Levine, Jerryg Maguder, Jimg Olson, Davidg Kroeber, Keng Semolic, Paulg Van Leu- van, Albertg Barba, Jamesg Chase, Barryg Staback, Jerryg Conroy, Davidg Curtin, Johng Magrath, Georgeg Yale, Fredg Hassell, Johng Smith, Briang Staback, Robertg White, Ken. 66 l Q THE FORUM The Forum is open to any student who wishes to participate in public speaking and debating. The meetings consist of discussions, debates, and instruction or improvement in public speaking. The purpose of this club is to encourage the student to take part in debating and public speaking. OFFICERS President ...,,............. William Pryzbylo Secretary ...,.....,. ...,... B arbara Giddings Vice-President .....,.. ......... F redda Pollans Treasurer ............. ........... K athy Curtis Librarian ............ Anne Lepkowski SPONSOR Miss Claire DuPlessis MEMBERS Przybylo, Williamg Pollans, Freddag Giddings, Barbarag Curtiss, Kathyg Lepkowski, Anng Macri, Caro- lyng Blakeslee, Donaldg Kusha, Donaldg Snowman, Gailg Schott, Kathryng Cook, Patg Wood, Patg Hodson, Robertag Marchetti, Robert. 67 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses of America provides an excellent opportunity for girls to learn more about the various fields of medicine through field trips, speakers, and volunteer service at the Meriden and the Memorial Hospitals. The girls also offer their aid at school inoculations. A junior or senior member may be "capped" after completing thirty hours of volun- teer duty at the hospital. SPONSOR Miss Bette DelGiorno OFFICERS President ...........,... , ....... Bonnie England Secretary ....... .,..... J oan Hagood Vice-President ...... .,,....... S ally Warner Treasurer ...... ...... S andra Lange MEMBERS Heselton, Beverly, Gudelski, Trudy, Hart, Linda, I.eGendre, Sharon, England, Bonnieg' Warner, Sally, Hubball, Betty, Zaborowski, Cathy, Bish, Barbara, Jagielski, Janice, Redican, Charleen, Hagood, Joan, Maguder, Carol, Nissen, Nancy, Berardino, Jean, Butler, Sandy, Dennis, Carol, Page, Gail, Phelps, Pat, Marquardt, Pat, Hackbarth, Patti, Skinner, Esther, Santaus, Diane, Hanley, Cathy, Isyk, Carol, DeMaria, Donna, Fecteau, Mary, Hackbarth, Carol, Cox, Barbara, Logan, Jeanie, Muenchow, Carol, Marth, Janice, Paczek, Janette, Neidhart, Leslie, Jarvis, Re-nie, Martin, Vicki, Meskell, Carol, Wood, Mary, Choiniere, Theresa, Vumback, Donna, Pulcinella, Mary Anne, Mott, Pamela, Barnes, Eleanor, Slavinski, Loretta, Miller, Sandy, Lange, Sandy, Lepkowski, Ann, Augenfeld, Jane, Schott, Kathy, Budzinack, Anne, Kierys, Judy, Heselton, Shirley, St. Onge, Judy, Lowney, Karen, Hyatt, Alice, Wood, Judy. 68 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America Club is for those students interested in teaching. The meetings are held on the second Monday of every month. The program usually consists of a business meeting, a speaker and refreshments. The speakers are present teachers, students at teachers' colleges or people affiliated with the school system in Meriden. OFFICERS President ..........,..,,.., Sharon Breckenridge Secretary ....... ............ N ancy Kleban Vice-President .,..4.......,..,, Sheila Corcoran Treasurer ......... .,...... S andra Brenner Librarian ..,..4.....,,... Sarah Hirst MEMBERS Baillargeon, Barbara, Brandt, Irene, Breckenridge, Sharon, Brenner, Sandra, Brooks, Mary, Chadwick, Carol, Cheerman, Marilyn, Church, Karen, Church, Linda, Clegg, Linda, Corcoran, Sheila, Couch, Susan, Cox, Edie, ACzine, Judy, Danovick, Christine, Dziados, Christine, Fleming, Diane, Fordiani, Mary, Graffam, Dorothy, Hermann, Cindy, Hirst, Sarah, Huse, Carolyn, jones, Nancy, Kirby, Mary Lou, Kleban, Nancy, Kopp, Alice, Kravchenko, Trina, Kwaak, Gail, Lange, Diane, Lonoue, Maureen-g LeGendre, Ellen, Logozzo, Gail, Longo, Joanne, McConnell, Betty, McKone, JoAnne, Mikowski, Pat, Mixon, Carol, Modelski, Florence, Molloy, Patricia, Neville, Helena, Paddock, jane, Paddock, Marjorie, Pellegrino, Susan, Petrucelli, Noreen, Porter, Gail, Przybylo, Diane, Robb, Judy, Sadlow- ski, Dolores, Schnick, Diane, Schnick, Karen. 69 JANUS PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Bateman, J. Calmyca, D. Cooper, C. Guite, G. Hanclel, L. Kozack, C. Kuzmak, G. Lagocki, M. La May, R. Liszczak, T. Marinan, P. O'Nei1, J. Sattler, C. Silvia, K. Siniscalco, J. Smith, A. Stone, L. Warner, S. Wolf, S. Wolf, S. Wood, P. JANUS BUSINESS STAFF sPoNsoRs Miss Julia Blanchard Miss Mary Flynn Miss Elaine DiCaprio Mr. John Riccio Calrnyca, D. Fredericks, G. Galko, P. Guite, G. Mack, J. Misenti, L. O'Neil, J. Sarrler, C. Sieberr, K. Slavinski, L. Tetrault, K. Wisniewski, L. Breckenridge, S. Curtiss, R. Dunlop, K. Fleming, D. Gelt, C. Guite, G. Harbron, B. Hodson, R. Hyatt, A. Jones, N. Krock, R. Krystock, J. La May, R. Logozzo, G. Mort, P. Perkins, C. Whalen, M. EDITORS Co-Editors .,.....,............,,...... Kathryn Dunlop Literary ........ Joan Krystock .........Renee Curtiss Barbara Harbron Photography ........,. ........ D orothy Calmyca Peggy Lagocki Clubs ....,.......... ....... R oberta Hodson Arr ........... Sports .......... Business ....... Advertising.. Circulation... Pamela Mott .,........Pat Crispino La May Tony Marcantonio Pete Unanski Doroth Calm ca ' Y Y ......,......,.Gem Guite .......,.Pat Zolnik JANUS LITERARY STAFF JANUS ART STAFF Crispino, P.g D'Agostino, P.g Smith, M PRESS CLUB The Press Club trains all those interested in the many fields of journalism. It prepares its members for the Maloney Megaphone Staff. This year the Press Club attended the Connecticut Press Association Convention at the University of Connecticut. OFFICERS President .t.......... .....,. T ony Marcantonio Secretary ....... ...... G ail Garvey Vice-President ....... ,... . ,Gloria Fredericks Treasurer ...... ...... B ruce Person MEMBERS Bellante, Donaldg Carey, Pamelag Fredericks, Gloriag Garvey, Gaily Higgins, Margaretg Kusha, Don- aldg Marcanronio, Anthonyg Nissen, Nancyg Opalski, Mary Anng Person, Bruceg Pollans, Freddag Rogoz, John. 72 MALONEY MEGAPHONE STAFF The staff of "The Maloney Megaphone" aims to present the ideas and news of the pupils to the school and the city. Every other week their articles appear in "The Meriden journal." This club offers pleasure and valuable experience to those students who have the ability and desire to write. , EDITOR Anthony Marcantonio SPONSORS Mrs. Carmela Tino Mr. Mario Cavallo MEMBERS Bateman, Jerilyng Bellante, Donald, Bish, Barbara, Butler, Carolg Carey, Parnelag Garvey, Gailg Gid- dings, Barbara, Higgins, Margaret, Karlhofer, Linda, Kusha, Dong La May, Ray, Marth, Lindag Marcantonio, Anthony, Nissen, Nancy, Nolan, Tom, Olschefski, Christineg Parenti, Mariag Person, Bruce, Plotica, Philip, Pollans, Freddag Rogoz, johng Sargent, Elizabeth, Smith, Anng Wood, Pat. 173 l 1 . WASHINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY The members of this club are offered an opportunity to keep apace with current affairs. Every month movies and speakers create an interest in foreign people and in foreign countries. A "C" average in a history course is necessary for membership. OFFICERS President ,............... Anthony Marcantonio Secretary ....... ,......,.. S usan Lyons Vice-President .........,...... Peter O'Laughlin Treasurer ...... ....... . Ellen LeGendre MEMBERS Abele, H., Adams, S., Aldrich, J., Aloia, A., Anderson, A., Bardwin, B., Barnes, E., Barton, S., Bauer, H., Behnke, D., Behnke, D., Bellante, D., Benoit, N., Besi, J., Betts, L., Bielot, R., Bish, B., Blower, S., Borgeson, F., Boriello,'C., Brandl, B., Brandt, I., Breckenridge, S., Brenner, S., Brooks, M., Brown, D., Burbidge, C., Burgess, S., Burkhardt, J., Burt, G., Cardona, J., Carey, E., Carnot, L., Carol, J., Carol, S., Chadwick, C., Chambers, K., Chase, D., Cheerman, M., Christy, A., Church, K., Ciosek, M., Coan, P., Conroy, R., Cooper, C., Corcoran, S., Cox, B., Crump, D., Currie, S., Curtin, J., Dahlke, K., Dashner, B., DeCantillon, M., Delaware, J., Dennis, C., Diamond, R., Dobson, P., Dowling, R., Doyle, S., Dykas, C., Dynder, S., Erardi, N., Evarts, R., Fenelon, L., Fontanella, S., Fontanella, M., Forster, M., Frazier, S., Garvey, G., Ganon, C., Gibson, J., Gilluly, R., Godburn, D., Godek, M., Golanski, P., Graham, K., Greenbacker, R., Gudelski, T., Gumkow- ski, W., Gudrian, A., Gura, M., Gustafson, B., Gustafson, C., Gwiazdowski, J., Haaland, A., Hackbarth, P., Hadley, G., Hagood, J., Hall, K., Hafbron B., Hart, V., Heselton, S., Hessel, T., Higgins, M., Hirst, S., Hobson, C., Hobson, M., Hodson, R., Holstein, L., Horozy, J., Hugo, K., Hyatt, A., Impronto, D., Isyk, C., Jagielski, J., Kantor, S., Kaplan, L., Kiernan, K., Kierys, P., Kirby, M., Kirschman, P., Kleban, N., Klinski, M., Krock, W., Kogut, R., Kortum, D., Kosienski, I., Kowalski, B., Kruse, D., Kreminski, J., Kroeber, K., Krystock, F., Krystock F., Kubeck, J., Kurzweil, R., Kuta, S., Lacz, S., Lacz, W., Laprise, D., Laviana, G., Leahy, P., LeGendre, E., Leorowski, S., Lepkowski, S., Lesiak, B., Leviue, J., L'Heureux, R., Lillienthal, M., Logan, J., Louthard, S., Lucas, L., Lyons, S., Macri, C., Magrath, D., Magruder, C., Malerba, B., Malloy, D., Mansolf, P., Marcantonio, T., Marinan, P., Marth, J., Marth, L., Martin, B., Martin, V., Masterson, K., McCarthy, K., McDonald, R., McGee, A., McGee, E., McKenna, D., Meyer, T., Miller, S., Mitchell, D., Modelski, F., Molloy, P., Muenchow, C., Mursliener, C., Nawrocki, D., Neidhart, L., Norris, M., Norton, L., O'Loughlin, P., Opalski, M., Paddock, J., Parisi, P., Parente, M., Parmett, N., Paton, E., Peregrin, W., Peichert, E., Pellegrino, S., Perry, D., Petrucelli, L., Pizarelli, L., Plotica, E., Pomian, T., Potvin, J., Price, J., Redican, C., Rhodes, C., Rice, B., Robb, J., Rodin, E., Rogoz, B., Rogoz, J., Ronner, C., Rotella, J., Russell, R., Ryan, B., Ryglinski, R., Sadlowski, D., Salka, C., Salka, R., Sattler, K., Savoie, D., Sawicki, J., Scappatticci, G., Schmitt, B., Schnick, D., Schnick, K., Schoenfield, B., Schott, B., Schott, K., Schroder, W., Sernolic, C., Sexton, L., Silverman, K., Skinner, E., Skinnon, J., Sholkowitz, E., Smith, B., Smith, G., Snowman, G., Soroka, B., Stankiewicz, L., Stevens, P., Strazinskis, S., Swanson, C., Sylvia, K., Szymaczek, P., Tencza, J., Thwott, B., Tylec, M., Vumback, D., Whalen, D., Wanat, P., Wanat, R., Wanat, T., Webster, C., White, J., Winkel, S., Wood, M., Wood P., Young, K., Young, U., Zalen- ski, M., Acabchuk, J., Budzinack, G., Dayton, B., Galko, P., Kraft, N., Tetreault, K. THE CAMPUS CLUB The Campus Club is open to any girl who plans to further her education after completing high school. The purpose of this club is to acquaint girls with college life and better to prepare them for further education. The meetings feature speakers from colleges, a panel discussion by the women from the Meriden College Club, and panel discussions by members. SPQNSORS Miss Myrtle Evans Miss Barbara Luty Mrs. Adelaide Pooley OFFICERS President ..........,.,.,. ......, R oberta Hodson, Secertary ,..,.. .....,...., M ary Brooks Vice-President ........ ...,... M ary Whalen Treasurer ..,..... ...... D onna Mitchell MEMBERS Azzolina, Donna, Bertagna, Rose Ann, Bish, Barbara, Brenner, Sandra, Brooks, Mary, Carey, Ellen Sue, Carnot, Linda, Caroline, Jean, Carol, Jean, Casper, Sue, Chadwick, Carol, Chambers, Katthy, Cheerman, Marilyn, Clark, Peggy, Clegg, Linda, Conroy, Sally, Cook, Pat, Corcoran, Sheila, Couch, Sue, Cox, Edith, Currie, Sue, Custy, Jackie, Dahlke, Rosemary, Dahlke, Karen, DiGiandomenico, Margo, DiCioccio, Nina, Dobson, Pat, Doyle, Sue, Dunlop, Kathy, Dykas, Carole, Dziados, Chris- tine, Fleming, Diane, Fordia, Mary Jane, Forster, Michele, Jagolinzer, Toby, Ganon, Carol, Ghezzi, Gloria, Giuffrida, Joanne, Godburn, Diane, Godek, Melanie, Graham, Kay, Greenbacker, Rae Lynn, Gura, Kathy, Gustafson, Beth, Gwiazdowski, Carol, Hagood, Joan, Hallback, Margaret, Higgins, Margaret, Hirst, Sarah, Hodson, Roberta, Hyatt, Alice, lmpronto, Diane, Kleban, Nancy, Kopp, Alice, Kortum, Debby, Kraft, Nancy, Kreminski, Joanne, Krock, Donna, Krystock, Joan, Krystock, Frances, Kwaak, Gail, Lanoue, Maureen, Leahy, Patience, I.eGendre, Ellen, Lepkowski, Ann, Logoz- zo, Gail, Longo, Joanne, Malm, Christine, Marth, Linda, McGee, Ann, McKone, Joanne, Meinke, Joanne, Miller, Sandra, Mitchell, Donna, Mixon, Carol, Molelski, Florence, Molloy, Patricia, Ol- schefski, Christine, Opalski, Mary Ann, Parmett, Nancy, Pellegrino, Sue, Petrucelli, Loretta, Plotica, Jean, Pollans, Fredda, Rafferty, Sue, Roden, Elizabeth, Rosadene, Diane, Runge, Linda, Sadlowski, Dolores, Scappatticci, Gloria, Sexton, Linda, Shoenfeld, Barbara, Skinnon, Joan, Stickel, Gail, Taylor, Linda, Uryase, Bonnie, Torchia, Mary Jane, Webster, Carol, Wessman, Doreen, Whalen, Mary, White, Judy, Wood, Patricia, Wysocki, Elaine, Zalenski, Marion, Semolic, Carol, Baillargeon, Bar- bara, Bogdanski, Betty. ' ll il ART CLUB The Art Club provides extra time for pupils interested in art to carry out projects of their own choice. It also gives pupils not enrolled in regular art courses an opportunity to explore various fields in arts and crafts. In addition to creative work, one social meeting and one trip are planned each year. Any student attending Maloney is eligible for membership in the club. OFFICERS President., .... ,. ....... Susan Lyons Secretary 8a Treasurer ........ Diane Fleming SPONSORS Miss Doris Allworth Mr. Stephen Hermaszewski MEMBERS Blower, Sheila, Blum, Kristine, Carnot, Lindag Cheerman, Marilyng Cook, Pat, Crispino, Patg D'Agos- tino, Pat, Fleming, Dianeg Franz, Carolyng Ghezzi, Gloriag Killeen, Karen, Kleban, Nancyg Klenski, Mary Ellen, Laprise, Donna, Logozzo, Gail, Michelson, Bobg Pollans, Freddag Ryglinski, Ritag Lyons, Sue, Smith, Peggy, Wessman, Doreeng Whinnem, Linda, Wood, Judy, Wruck, Linda. 76 PROPS AND PAINTS Props and Paints stimulates an interest in theatrical arts. To qualify for membership, pupils rnust show an interest in the theater by helping with a play production. Members of this club produced "Arron Slick," which was held in the Maloney High School audtiorium and was open to the public. The club plans to sponsor a one act play tournament in the spring. SPONSORS Mr. William Cary Mr. George Hodson Mr. Arthur Lamothe OFFICERS President i........... ......,. S teve Wasseluk Corresponding Secretary ...s.,.. James Sylvia Vice-President .,..... ...... H enry Bauer Recording Secretary .i...........,.. Alice Kopp Treasurer ,... ..., ,... G a il Snowman MEMBERS Amato, Sandra, Bauer, Henry, Borgeson, Fred, Brinley, William, Burgess, Sue, Budzinack, George, Carey, Ellen, Carofino, Jean, Coan, Pat, Cohen, Norman, Cook, Patricia, Couch, Sue, Cox, Barbara, Dahlke, Rosemary, Doyle, Sue, Fenelon, Leonard, Forster, Michele, Fredericks, Gloria, Ghezzi, Gloria Geleno, Helen, Good, Terry, Guite, Gem, Hackbarth, Carol, Hackbarth, John, Hevey, Richard, Hyatt, Alice, Jarvis, Renee, Kierys, Judy, Kierys, Pete, Kopp, Alice, Liska, Charleen, Lanoue, Maureen, LeGenclre, Sharon, Lepkowski, Ann, Lockert, Karen, Marshner, Claudia, Martin, Barrett, McConnell, Betty, Meskell, Carol, Mikowski, Patricia, Mitchell, Donna, Neidhart, Leslie, Norton, Lucille, Miller, Sandra, Paczek, Jean, Parmett, Nancy, Perkins, Charlotte, Poirier, Evelyn, Porter, Gail, Rice, Barbara, Sattler, Kathy, Schipke, Carol, Semolic, Paul, Sibley, Gerry, Snowman, Gail, Stone, Lynn, Sylvia, Jim, Sylvia, Kathy, Vinci, Pat, Walsh, Mike, Wasseluk, Steve, West, Virginia, Whinnem, Linda. 77 CHESS AND CHECKERS This club provides the students with an opportunity to play or to learn to play chess and checkers. Each year a tournament is held in which the members may participate. SPONSOR Mr. Frederick Clark MEMBERS Brinley, Williamg DelFavero, Victorg Katuzny, Johng Kusha, Donaldg Person, Bruceg Rogoz, Johng Russell, Robertg Shanley, Peterg Sibley, Geraldg Smith, Briang La May, Rayg Surowiecki, john. 78 GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB The purpose of this club is to provide entertainment and competition to all girls interested in bowling. The girls bowl every Friday afternoon at the Meriden Bowling Alleys. OFFICERS President, ..,...,.... ........ P at Crispino Secretary ....... ..,... C orilyn Sattler Vice-President ...... ...,..... J ean O'Neil Treasurer. ,....... ....... A Peggy Lagocki MEMBERS Beauregard, Gloriag Boisvert, Nadine, Church, Lindag Crispino, Patg D'Agostino, Patg Egan, Rose- mary, Franz, Carol, Galko, Patty Anng Handel, Lilliang Hicks, Cecile, Karlhofer, Lindag Lagocki, Peggy, Ludecke, Kathyg Marquardt, Patg Nenninger, Dorothyg O'Neil, Jean, Page, Gailg Petrucelli, Lorettag Phelps, Patg Sattler, Corilyng Smith, Peggyg Wood, Patg Strazinskis, Sylvia. 79 i PROJECTORS' CLUB The Projectors Club offers its services to teachers to help them show films and slides to their classes. Members give up study halls to assist in this way. At their monthly meet- inps, they have special films and demonstrations of the operation of new audio-visual aids. SPONSORS Mr. Robert Russell Mr. John Awdziewicz MEMBERS Barse, Kennethg Borgeson, Frederickg Grillo, Johng Hackbarth, Jong Kelly, Charlesg Kierys, Peterg Kirschman, Peterg Przybylo, Williamg Wawrzeniak, Williamg Wieland, Alleng Dubb, Johng Magrath, Rirhardg Pascucci, Davidg Malerba, Williamg Myers, Allen. 80 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Elected February 4, 1960 Irene Brandt Doris Champagne Bonnie England Diane Fleming Carol Gwiazdowski Alice Hyatt Gail Kuzmak Gail Logozzo Fredda Pollans john Casper Thomas Johnson Peter Parisi HICKS PRIZE MEDALISTS-1960 i HICKS PRIZE ESSAY CONTEST Alice Hyatt ....A...,A,A,A..A..........,...,4,..........,. "Are There Others?" Mary Ann Opalski ...,........ "The Happiness of the Living Soul" Philip Plotica ........,.,.,... "A Case Against Capital Punishment" Carolyn Webster .,...,...,.....i................ "A Challenging Frontier" HICKS PRIZE SPEAKING CONTEST Frederick Borgeson, ...,...,. ,......,......i................ ' 'Civil Defense" Gail Kuzmak ..,i.ii.......i ,...,,.. ' 'I Look Towards the Sky" Sebastian Milardo .....,. ..,.....,..............,..., ' 'Success" Philip Plotica .,.,....,.,.ii...i..,..i.,...,...... "Education or Popularity" SUSAN CARRINGTON CLARK CHAPTER, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award - Carol N esci BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Shirley L. Gritz 82 SPGRTS -5 NR s SWS- .Q ,fa 'Yi CHEERLEADERS Our energetic cheerleaders, wearing striking green and white uniforms have done a line job of increasing the enthusiasm of the students and bolstering the spirits of the teams.'1'he girls, led by co-captains julie Bouley and Carol Nesci, have spent many hours practicing and have come up with some new cheers and unique formations SQUAD Julie Bouley, Carol Nesci, Sue Burgess, Margo DiGiandomenico, Michele Forster, Carole Gwiazclow- ski, Fran Krystock, Donna Mitchell, Chris Olschefski, Sue Rafferty, Di- ane Rosadene, Bonnie Ruzycki, Carol Scully, Ginny West. SPONSORS Mrs. Jessie Margetts Miss Elaine Obrist U GREEN PEPPERS The Green Peppers is a club organized to provide a real cheering section at the foot- ball and basketball games. This group meets regularly to learn new cheers and practice with the cheerleaders. Any girl in the school is a candidate for membership, provided she attends the meetings regularly. SPONSORS Mrs. Jessie Margetts J Miss Elaine Obrist Donna Azzolina ,Barbara Baillargeon Roseann Bertagna Ann Bezdelous Janet Biestek Adele Blackburn Elizabeth Bogdanski Candy Borriello Sandy Brenner Mary Brooks Linda Carnot Jean Carohno Jean Carol Carol Chadwick Marilyn Cheerman Linda Clegg Sally Conroy Pat Cook Sue Couch Barbara Cox Ellen Cunningham Kathleen Curtiss Jackie Custy Karen Dahlke Rosemary Dahlke Chris Danovich Denise DelFavero Nina DiCioccio Carol DiLorenzo Sheila Dobson Susan Doyle Madeleine DuBois Marilyn Fontanella Michele Forster Kathy Frederick Gail Garvey Gloria Ghezzi Barbara Giddings Gail Gillespie Joanne Giuffrida Lyn Giuifrida Melanie Godek Donna Gohr Barbara Grabowski MEMBERS Betty Grodzicki Trudy Gudelski Carol Gustafson Carol Hackbarth Margaret Halbach Karen Hall' Beverly Heselton Margaret Higgins Sarah Hirst Sandra Hoffman Louise Hohlstein Diane Impronto Renee Jarvis Joan Junga Carmen Karsmarski Sharon Kennedy Judy Kierys Mary Lou Kirby Nancy Kleban Alice Kopp Debbie Kortum Carol Kozak Nancy Kraft Nancy Kwolek Gail Kwaak Sally Lacz Candy LaFleur Diane Iange Ann Laurendeau Barbara Lesiak Charlene Liska, Karen Lockert Claudia Marschener Janice Marth Barrett Martin Betty McConnell Juanita McKee Diane Mclaughlin Joyce Michalowski Pat Mikowski Pat Milbrandt Pat Miller J Sandy Miller l l Florence Modelski Pat Molloy Joanne Mongillo Marge Murdock Leslie Neidhart Diane Nawrocki Nancy Nissen Marcia Norris Lucille Norton Jackie Olson Jan Paczek Cynthia Paddock Jane Paddock Sue Pellegrino Noreen Petrucelli Linda Preece Mary Ann Pulcinella Carol Salka Liz Sargent Gloria Scappatticci Connie Schipke Diane Schnick Carol Semolic Carol Sexton Marie Smith Susan Smith Trudy Smith Donna St. Arnold Virginia St. John Kathy Sylvia Mary Ann Szymaszek Esther Traverso Mary Jane Tylec Bonnie Uryase Laurie Vandrella Joan Varley June Vivari Donna Vumback Carol Ward Mary Wood Elaine Wysocki Christine Dziados Donna DeMaria Edith Cox FOOTBALL TEAM FOOTBALL A CCIL Championship Team, a victory over Platt on Thanksgiving Day, two players named to the All-State Team, and an undefeated season, which all adds up to quite a season and quite a football team. From their first game the Spartan eleven showed that they made up with determina- tion, speed, and most of all spirit, for what they lacked in weight. The "Little Giants" of '59, as they were so named by the many fans that followed them throughout the season, set many records that will long stand in the annals of Maloney High. Seniors on the squad include: Co-Captains Mike Ciosek and Dave Stevens, Pete Buess, Fran Kennedy, Neal McCollom, Don Maleto, Ken Bartulis, Mike Milewski, Bill Malerba, jack Wessman, Paul Lapuc, Dick Olshefski, jim Wanat, Jack Casper, Tom Sar- tini, Pete Golanski, and Tom Manfred. COACHES Orlando Vece Edward McGee Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Benjamin N essing MALONEY'S VICTIMS 54 - 6 Middletown 20 - 6 Manchester 2 2 - 0 Windham 52 - 0 Bristol 25 - O Hall 12 - 0 Southington 1 6 - 14 Conard 18 -- 0 Bristol Central 29 - 0 Platt U , , w ii 4 5? G0 SPARTANS . If v F u A BE 4 ,ox .ff fB2 i, ,, A Q ' fi A A ,1- fi! QV mf' W fx. Q7-+R il V l i E11 K tl ,,,.,,,,, ak. SOCCER TEAM SOCCER Once again an unexperienced Maloney soccer team fared poorly against opposing schools. Their record, however, was not clue to lack of spirit, but rather to lack of expe- rience. With more than half the season gone, the booters from Maloney High began to show great signs of improvement. In their final four games, the Spartans were beaten only by slight margins. However, the boys can look back with fond memories at the final game of the year with Platt. Maloney won 2-0. l iii? , 1 -Y., . , 1 . t. -- 1 I. k'a?sf'F1 aw r V' as f r C has if Q- i 1 as . ' , -- gm ,,1Xlf1i.j'?h'i' 5 "ish, t ' i 2, a t., . ,, ' We ga A5 4 as , 1' .3 t V Fri' Q - ' rpifiwzi fs- ,, t A 4 1 ,,.f ,.4.g,,f1..,, I g . Nwgf' , ,...,-. 1, , 1 5 , 3 V' straws ,U --,- J r- 'Fl ' fl' if .. I , Vk , ....,., .. . -, 1- f'-, ffzgds , i'afifL.' sg'i1ifsf:x ' ' ' .,r.m.Q,,m Hz., 1-Q-.W at . - 7 - 55,94 Qwwfiff. wwf, .f 55 -,-1.:.--,,,, 'Q'.. f .-,, f I V ,,,3i:,:'f - J V. A--!vR6,u,,,,-,vm-sp ill a ig wwf s Qsfq-wg,,y t'5s: ' ' ' T' 5 -A iii' f' ' 1 ... 'Q E l i il E VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL Even though the Maloney High Basketball Team didn't fare too well in the CCIL, they did prove to be an exciting team to watch. This was proven in a number of games, especially the first Platt game which was won by the Maloney Spartans. The first victory of the season came at the expense of the Alumni. Then there was Wilcox and the game that usually makes or breaks the season, our win over Platt by a 70 to 68 score. Once again we tripped Wilcox, but in the final game of the season with Platt, we lost. Playing without Co-Captain Patsy Papandrea proved to be quite a handicap in this big game. Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney 90 BASKETBALL SCORES Wetherslield Notre Dame Lyman Hall Manchester Windham Alumni Wilcox Tech Hall Conard Platt Wethersfield Southington Wilcox Tech Manchester Windham Hall Conard Platt j.V. BASKETBALL TEAM -WH V - I fzvwmv M , V- 'ffivanh SM "Wx"--wffMiWTWzsW1 A -, 'ffffwi 'T' A'iAW . . - A b 1 A 4 'fi ' f Tk A in -- ii f z g . ',,'h K ' A -5 H f . . , wx A aw WA x 71' X M7 ,,f1'f"1""M- W2 1 4 A ff' , 72 -vii W X -A ' w we A f A we fri? ff' f-'ff A f ., W ,af ,'A' Q2 , ' My , . Qiffgw .- , ' f?"gf" n if' .,,' 25' "Q, -AW ul ' , . I .1 if 45 7, ' is rj sw ' wilf 6' . ' ' 'K ,JA L M .1 gffjyjgjf N 54 kkkyk Q -Nix ity K - Ka XXX tak! . 35751 j. iw-if 2 QP , A F R W1 1 " 1.1 QM S XX V. X 5 .3 :cj L f... 15 K 3 A W' 2.5 E f-f "' 17- 63 - A ,, A A f Y A A Q 5 Q . 55, k A' A ,i A i g ' W'.' ,".A Y '..1 , A A life: A-F if fL?5L?L 3 , .3 F ' T " 'I f N., 'f ia A 1 -A A A A Q.: , . - . VAA ,..f A y n, L. ' W5 ' A 2 A'AA AA'A , 5 ? ' ? 2 - A A . , , ' 1 V, A N P 5- ' f 'H eg' 4 wMr""M-'sa f., x' , if.-ggi 'wM.M,,,-g. - A A V A 41 ' ge m A : , V f . A A 15.3 . V M" A' , ' ' W .T V- A -iilrfig - ie' f- V " -mr 'Q' , - , W, ' 1 1 , E 315 I dv I f X? ,Zx,,kwt,,1 1, iw ----- A K7 fi .YW fu fm ZW MALO EY HIGH .V A k S t 5. :wq5g?w3L,gfmgfzL.W.i2 vry- I - " ml: UEQJ . ' A ' , -1 -- ' A ,,1, g is. , , A .,,.,if?'Tf'22i'f' 'X 4 W 5 Q his 2 H V WM LQ3f.Q,'-v:5v,gQ:am1rf., .J f Q .wfiw ',gV-fuk ,rg - , - . . , dwg, 1595 a ww."-wa-fi ff f'?LWW' 1 L',g",-MT-" fwe4wv.,,,1'1+ g ,QL I " 1 . V- - 'N X 5 -wsxffifsagl-4i.'?2fl??5iiw 3 f?z?iTLiQ3'f?3'mfg2g2ggidggxgg'23 ' --ffl: .. fwww r i f , fe ifignbwefg Q H f 'fig 7-A +51 vf-3"5"P-wfaicf. -, nw -1- .. , . 14' K' 1- "'3' W , Qwml, 4? V. . . '1---v'f- fx . 2'-'. ' :ff,,.,: . an . fff, -- -ft?-. -,'-, M , , A . ,W 1 ai'?'9,. wa s w i -4 : 5 ' 'Fw ' Km. +4iiz'X.1'f-ifrfiifiwaf 1?-if f. ,, .Q ,- .'ea- ' 1 1 '- - aff-B WM sn www .p -me 5. gy ?y,,fe2H1j,,x X fm ACTIO -. WM' 14 ' kj5..4ggvi541Sig WQQYLI ' Q ii sr. - Av 33,4 YV ,A 5,92 gf, ,,gf,Q V33-W. , 2, M. 4 :gli gyfslljz- ' wig ,. .. N gh :T ..?3g.,ff5 fL.. His Y -- ,ins-J y 'V N , A-:M Tm Eh ' ' mi fx, ' -1 -A is ' gmk-, - , ,, 1, -- - f 'few IZ, M , a gm . I 5-ff L A Q z ' ' VKV' . A A id 4' A - J u :,1wa.w , . Wy W, L If -. A 5451 Q A . -Piglifh 5 ' M A 1 I if 1J!WQ,Q,'. ga-" .Q 74:,g""'x -' , ' gf . 'A .,h-,mv A, Jw W, Xf.. 1:21 49,211 -532115-,'Q A , S1 ,wx 93 If . .,.,,,.,, ..r..,..,,..,..a,, , , '52 SWIMMING TEAM WIMMI G Even though the swimming team was allowed only two days of practice a week because Maloney and Platt had to share the same pool, the team did manage to end the season with a 3 and 4 record under the leadership of Co-Captains Mike Ciosek and Howie Able. Since there are only four seniors on the team, Mr. Chalice and his veteran swim- mers are looking forward to a successful season next year. Members of the team include Co-Captains Mike Ciosek and Howie Ableg William Angiletta, David Behnke, Richard Brancll, 'Robert Gritz, Dennis Lutz, Pete O'Loughlin, Phil Plotica, Ward Redmann, Bruce Valentine, and Mike Walsh. , -il i aff' 155,512 -. , I- api.-1 , , ,riff ,A fu - 322: . . :tum ,. ., E, fir, wit:-is ,115 rpg., 1 f. U la, -f 1 M .ff P, - fl 1 fist fr via g V- ' ' :gg 1255 ., , , ff :. , ' 1 -' S22 2' 2' s at ,az ., -' , i, lvl . 1 p : as 1 's ,, ..., ., 'it , Q Q W '- A i, " se . . . , , . I , Q. ........,y.W,,,,,..,,,.g,. ll. ' 5 3 ff is-1 .Q .5. "M ,:1""'!"a:q - i........T.,,-,,-.,.....s...,s,-i-V Q . I H V Y f--,W -Wm.. ws F 'jf' V 'vwy fl- - if AN, .5 ,,:.'14iiI .... : Qw engffaar-an-v.m:gw,,' was wi w,,.m,.s,t . X : -- i , 7 Wtlzaiafiiif ., ,.tsrtpa5W,..-s.-..,. r, .- . ww a i , M it Y ' W2 V . V- Y -W ' - '- mfxlwairriaif , ,2t.y-l,SegEQt:et. ttg,s,,m - 2225, i CROSS COUNTRY TEAM CROSS COUNTRY This year, there was no ofhcial Cross Country Team. A group of boys inter- ested in track met regularly for practice sessions. Mr. Walter Marwill, the coach, feels that next year there should be a good team because the group this year, for the most part, was composed of freshmen. GOLF With four returning lettermen to bolster this year's golf team, Mr. Crowell thinks that this could easily turn out to be one of the hnest teams in years. Mr. Crowell hopes that the boys can pick up where they left off last year when they beat Platt 18-O with all four starters Hnishing in the low seventies. GOLF TEAM BASEBALL With twelve returning lettermen, Coach Papallo forsees a very successful season and possibly even a tournament invitation. The starting pitcher will be chosen from Mike Milewski, Dick Gumkowski, Patsy Papandrea, and Jim Gibbons. Bruce Molloy, Phil Horozy, john Billingslea, Frank Kry- stock, Ted Rogoz, and Bob Chester will be looking for starting assignments in the in- field. Outlield hopefuls include Neil McCol- lorn, Rich Olschefski, Ken Bartulis, Patsy Papandrea, Mike Milewski, and Arnie Burt. And handling the catching chores will be veteran Walt Gumkowski. With a team like this, how can we lose? BASEBALL TEAM Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney Maloney BASEBALL SCHEDULE Hamden Wilbur Cross West Haven Wilbur Cross Wetherslield West Haven Middletown Wilcox Manchester Windham Middletown Hall Conard Naugatuck Platt Platt 'Y 'TI MW 3' Mg.: :, , , M' ' ,N ,. . , i fl K yn' I FACULTY 6-F' MR. GEORGE MAGRATH Superintendent of Schools OARD OF EDUCATIO N SPECIAL t i l DEDICATION gi i is 3,M.i:+, K S h,,, pp K is ,W 2 lik ax-2 'fit digg Elie Wien Ji E .p A E ,k.V X8 X K: gt x '-: if Ae-P-we 'z , qi Q as-, ' +3 - 1 a-i'sfl5,-w- L' st it ' YQ i fs' "rl z?55w:.y3e?'fv, l sf- , K' 'ma ' fag vs: , , f ,ik 4, ' , I ' r, 1 , ' E. 1 I . K :N .W is D K --5 ,L A yfzz . 1 lg. I , Q 2932-sf' 'f',.:fi!,xeffff "5" ,2:a2k'--at 5 'K K ' Q .' -! 1 dm 5 -:W ir - V- ,ig .gil '- go --if -!:5:: ,:'L:-155 . s '-5251 ' -5:12-'24 af " ' P-' 1. 5' i?fw Qfff4r2 V :fi -.f ere- .ws-llfzir skis' : .- -:e,v,,:34 ' " ' :W t A css :MW K 1 ',l':Z"Q'5,",ffi:'Q-" 'sc-w,,.1 . N rf 51 'ik a M .-w::::x+.f:wJz1ew xh- .sxr5q:QZ5'e:'f53yQsgP'Q:s ' Yi: MISS JULIA BLANCHARD MRS. HELEN VENNART We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Miss Julia Blanchard and Mrs. Helen Vennart for all they have done ' ' of for us and other high school students during their years teaching. lf ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss Barbara Luty, Mrs. Justine Hampp, Miss Eleanor Gantley, Miss Shirley Webster, Mrs. Joan Lipsitz, Mrs. Pauline Bernarda, Miss Claire DuPlessis, Mr. Earl French, Mr. Mario Cavallo, Mr. John Ogint, Mr. William Cary, Miss Mary Flynn, Mrs. Adelaide Pooley. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Antonio Parisi, Mr. Guy Bates. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Stella Curley, Mrs. Helen Vennart. 102 I ART DEPARTMENT Miss Doris Allworth, Mr. Stephen Hermaszewski. GUIDANCE DIRECTOR Mr. John O'Dwyer LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Justine Hampp, Mrs. Catherine Mahon, Miss Barbara Luty, Mr. Walter Marwill, Miss Ruth Coleman, Mrs. Carrnela Tino, Mrs. Pauline Bernada, Mrs. Alice Greco. 103 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Norman Burgdorf, Miss Bette Del- Giorno, Mr. Floyd Brackley, Mr. john Galski, Mr. William Bryan, Mr. Orlando Vece, Mr. David Beall. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert Russell, Mrs. Kathryn Reisch Mrs. Sophie Wilkey, Mr. Roger Chaffee, Mr Edward Hoffman, Mr. james Euliano, Mr John Awdziewicz. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. Walter Marwill, Mr. Thomas Ladenburg, Miss Margaret Dooley, Mr. Frederick Clark, Mr. Norbert Fahey, Mr. Edward McGee, Mr. William Papallo. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. Arthur Lamothe, Mr. Charles Crowell, Mr. George Hodson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Owen Beach, Miss Elaine Obrisr, Miss Ethel Conklin, Mrs. Jessie Margetts, Mr. Benjamin Nessing. , K BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Miss Elaine DiCaprio, Miss julia Blanchard, Mr. Gordon Fontanella, Mrs. Jean McElroy, Mrs. Magdalene Nawrocki, Mr. john Riccio, Miss Elizabeth Flynn. 105 -Q--u-nauo uliii1 LIBRARIAN Mrs. Mildred Gomez s 'Lb ,fg ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN Mrs. Rosemary Knox OFFICE Mrs. Beryl Smith, Mrs. Virginia Sibley, Mrs. Lee Rafferty, Mrs. Norma McKenna. 5 X 5 E S K X 2 E 2 K 1 5 5 is S 1 I 1 3 ADS ii mfxwi Caesar KSA fx A11 fg., f'XS Zi? f' f- -4 'Sf'- fx Z-if -,gf XV Q? fg kg A ..--X '00 -0110220-f02f-aw! 5694202 THE MANUFACTURERS OF MERIDEN AND WALLINGFORD CONGRATULATE THE GRADUATES OF 1960 AND WISH THEM EVERY SUCCESS IN THEIR FUTURE STUDIES AND ACTIVITIES ?"07G9"0'N9' 107'QK0Y lC7"95995 I0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 C-010 0202 gC9"0'K0'f0K0X0N0N0f'0110N0b0'10K01r024740N0'5'-0f'Qs01!0f'6'140f'-0N0'-40'R0J'-0N0N0N0'-C0'tf0N01L2105C fm! The future is BRIGHTER for savers! -Ax ,fx T-1-Il N fi 1 ""'-'W-M---N... Ayy if-'EITLLE R Join the more than 22,000 thrifty peo- S I .I A 5 ple who save at First Federal Savings. ' fwlvg' I' T3 f K I X 5, ,H A' QI11 INSURED SAVINGS up to 510,000 by A 3 Qigizizj I' 'AA "-X 7 the Federal Savings and Loan Insur- ' M Q A X ance Corp. ef I I 1- I in in X ' ' . ' IN L.. ' o Home Office: 20-22 Church St., Meriden X T I ' I ' 'g I o Cheshire Office: 218 Maple Ave. N E X C E L L E N T D I V I D E N D S o Wallingford Office: 26 South Main St. first feds ral fr? anticipated S ' annual rate ..ICInUClI'y'I - pl! A., - ' ' 5 June 30, 1960 ' 'M 5 CONGRATULATIONS! 9 CLASS OF I 960 I THE FATHERS' CLUB 'I 'I 'I EC?1'0'Y01'-014-0'f010'6f0N?C?4?1?436I6102L?WR?40PW50N?0'0'616P0K0lW20'6t270l616H 9 THE CONNECTICUT BANK JEp5QN'5 BQQK STQRE 5 2 8: TRUST COMPANY 31 COLONY STREET congratulates Greeting Card Center of Meriden THE CLASS OF 1960 ZIPPER BINDERS PENCIL SHARPENERS 5 55 East Main Street 9 3 'I4 West Main Street DLCTLONARLES MERIDEN, CONN.. Est-1909 5 9 3 9 Phone: Hartford JAckson 9-6801 - 9-6802 2 GUITE Tool s. ENGINEERING co. 9 . 3 Designing and Manufacturing of PRECISION TOOLS 0 GAGES 0 JIGS AND FIXTURES EXPERIMENTAL AND MODEL WORK Glastonbury Avenue Rocky Hill, Conn. :Royal wwoxovaxaeovaxoffafamowacoaeonawowo-I 'I'l2 ff f VIMWWW . ,l, . 4 I - H! ' ., 7 full Q f W f 5C7010f026f0'00f00W10'000610000-6"?65000f012?'000bW'0"90040Wx Dial BEverly 5-'I 372 RESIDENTS 2 FURS 5 COMPLIMENTS . LINGERIE, sPoRTswEAR 5 CERTIFIED com FUR sToRAoE or 'I I State Street Meriden, Conn. MERIDEN FLORIST ASSN. SHOP ESTHERS OUR OTHER STORE 22 Center Street Wallingford, Conn. Phone BE 7-0581 I FABRIC DEcoRAToRs 5 Custom Made Slip Covers for 9 STUDIO COUCHES, DIVANS, CHAIRS and BOUDOIR CHAIRS DRAPES and BED SPREADS Custom Upholstering 48 Williams Street Meriden, Conn. . You can confide In me. Mrs. Steven C. Opalski 'II4 Q K ' ' ,119 is - L - , ,--. 1 ksizsyii, - I K . iiET'I-tif Jaya' K A. . . , . M 5+ ::i5'i'1'a'::7f2'5gff-ikrfi -- '1 ., - ' ft 5- 1 Y rr W, . ,, i - My N AKLJ Awww L TA I . ,. . ,. , ,,... , L, M ,ww-mst ,- .-- ., :wg .iw b I K ,V M MW-W,W..,e., . . .,,, I , , ., , , I V A ff W WT' "'L'w"'7"W'Q'M-r"'WwPwls-WE. -f i ., .s,Z'T1.,, M' rg: -v:A-W-qb.s.e.s,M-.-wi' -- I aqzeggf ' - -A -W A I mt,i,wmQ.wm.w..,2 . , .. ., , -- T15 is ,, he em MVAMMWMM- W..,,.,.. , .Ag . H .W , 1 ' it My sw - s I.. WMM ,Q,,.i,,,.,,, ,M,w,a .. . , ...I ,, ,.. W ,N - ffl - W il , M M.,-m.,.,, W -oi I sm, I 4 V MMM, A- -tw .A a-.f" " ' 'k .. 15 Q ,,, Wi L.,e.....,M, ....,i .. ,. ,, . IN. .. H55 sfwmmwww .- X M..-I . , , , ,5- Hf-.,,....m M ,...i . . ,. -.. 1 , STYLETEX COMPANY I - -- . , , -- . . Z ' N 1 -1 T K f . "" Sei 3. I - :""" " First With Fine Feminine Fashions 5 MERIDEN, CONN. 5 E 5 , What's the answer? Q AFTER HIGH SCHOOL - ' s S TRAIN FOR BUSINESS 9 3 Secretarial, Accounting 3 Business Machines 5 Gregg and Speedwriting Shorthand LAUREL COLLEGE 9 Crown Street BE 5-0043 The Thinkers gg vafaacafamfoxosoasotemeovfoaealmwfwifai 'I'I5 I 5C9N?'0 4?4?021?L70A0N90s71?047W56Wf7i7040P'7G?'0i00f0'6261Z16x JOHN F. MOLLOY, INC. Stationers OFFICE EQUIPMENT GREETING CARDS I could have danced all night MERIDEN FURNITURE COMPANY 53 COLONY STREET BEverIy 5-6329 Selling better brands to satisfied customers for 69 years. And then she said . . . gi -oxmwv Q 'II6 l A 5C?s0M01?0s000s0s?00M000f0s01000-00IwWs0200A0W'Wf0200fW1W100WX ' CONGRATULATIONS BILLIE'S BEAUTY SALON Maloney High School Class of 1960 'l'l5 WEST MAIN STREET k A sslr -liiifi Meriden, Conn. H H - ,,. T. ,. ,T TTJT aircu mg - in mg .V A . lf ""4' Permanent Waving .::, 1' i 5 for appointment call 1. l BE 5-5329 ffom THE IVES, UPHAM 8g Air Conditioned CO' 5 u P H A M ' S Established 1836 5 5 Q OSCAR GROSS-SONS 5 Q STUDENT DEPARTMENT 9 3 2nd floor 5 First in Style - Unexcelled in Quality 28 Pratt St. BE 5-7959 iii Hail to the Queen! xo-Aafmfonoa wxoxaf S l 'l'l7 S01'-01'-0"-0Y0Wf0N0K0-'-0'N0'ff01C?f0Y0'0Pf0f0140'61l0f'0'0M4W!0WP0K0N0N01'?l01040"0N01f01WX 1020210 '00 40100 QQNQC0' 40110117 '0-W0 K7 MARLEN'S 41 Colony sneer HATS - HANDBAGS - WALLETS BELTS - JEWELRY Compliments of CHURCH 8. MORSE, lNC. Industrial Supplies and Hardware 41 SOUTH COLONY STREET MERIDEN, CONN. M-A-l.-O-N-E-Y 0'0'v?' RINALDl'S SPORT CENTRE 33 STATE STREET Meriden, Conn. 1020 49 40" '050 10247 550 N02 5 9 ii H7010v0'0G72?047027GJ0'J0'7010f?0f00+0N700'W10Q10f70f0fl96S0W0x 9 CONGRATULATIONS! FRED L. YALE 8g SON COLUMBIA CLEANERS . "Qualify Foods Since 1878" Six Times Cleaner With Columbia Cleaners 300 EAST MAIN STREET 32 SOUTH GROVE STREET Phone BE 5-4481 Meriden, Conn. 9 3 I THE cl-IERNIACK co. FURS - WOMEN'S APPAREL Emily Post says . . . v5'?WY 119 I 17040N701?f?'?0N7W2w-0C00PW5ZW17h0N04010b046?h7'0f6t6'h0K0WK Our Heartiest Congratulations J, C, "Where all Meriden Shops and Saves" MERIDEN 45 WEST MAIN STREET MERIDEN East Main at Crown Streets Congratulations to FREE PARKING BE 7-5571 CLASS OF 1960 JUDY'S 5 ing E SHOP De We specialize in Sub-teen -- Teen, and Junior Sizes Judy Sklaolzien, Proprietor We'lI make the noise 120 ub ls7G0N0N70f02'0'040N0w01s0l7'0'f0f?0rf042?'040v'0f6W4910N0 40W 4? -65 -61 1047 '01 0-Q7 4010 I H? Best Wishes From M. SELIGMAN 8. SONS PLUMBING - HEATING - APPLIANCES DELICIOUS GRINDERS Residential - Commercial - Industrial and Contracting HOT DOGS BE 5-3377 Mrs. Peter Misenti, Proprietor Phone BEverIy 5-0684 Which way to the cafeteria? Repairs Teaching Rentals Records JIMMY AZZOLlNA'S MUSIC BOX Band and Orchestra Instruments 49 Colony Street Meriden, Conn. -vwdvfw KY. X x 65'04?Q7'?695X0PG0N7554?5WZ7C7C?51475'04?5N74?5'54?'?5455Zx -'J -s01'?'0' 405'-020 20-4-0R050 K7 We invite your deposits and suggest you Form Your Savings Habits Early in Lite CITY SAVINGS BANK OF MERIDEN "Your City Bank" 'I4 WEST MAIN STREET Cnear the Traffic Towerj coMPuMENTs or DANAHER 8. DANAHER THE L. SUZIO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS Crushed Trap Rock - Mason Supplies Certified Mixed Concrete Telephone BE 7-8421 WESTFIELD ROAD Meriden, Conn -01-0w0v A stitch in time '03 7620104?1?00-06Y011?004?2?01?0S0'0C?650500f61'?W16N?040W'?1761 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 MERIDEN PERMANENT SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN. 61 COLONY STREET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 BEECHWOOD LODGE 816 BROAD STREET Meriden, Conn. Phone BE 5-2211 Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow . 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Suggestions in the Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) collection:

Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 15

1960, pg 15

Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 32

1960, pg 32

Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 84

1960, pg 84

Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 74

1960, pg 74

Francis T Maloney High School - Janus Yearbook (Meriden, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 105

1960, pg 105

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