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. L 1 Q-J! 71 gg , I ' v fff MW" f SPYXQORXQ9 Q, QQPNXKQA5 lf! Q10 69 'iv Don 010 Uk UMC Mm W ow v mo w W ax MXWL ooxwd XX bmgmwwg' oxxfifw XX 'owe PIN ' X0 ga JQWX X0 QC MN' OKXQQAQQR Pgwkxw goixw' M ww Qcmwwdxfo x Od Exo h 0L,0NV'QJQ6x,ixX!b,0 XNNQJ Qfpx-0563 DM WN Wi C UN J ivy- ,, ,, , om an. a malty Mat pffsow . l'matwaL5a,m 0LbYtL.'.,, ' varidcy oz your agiilih L, Dont bf. oLisLoura.24oL by tb. Spun' . Vw., hwuc, TCALLY SEGA Hain to Q5 I am. I cw-u.l :Lys ww!-vi Elarougk. an , Dom, ' Tn yrs-X-fUnIJoffSl:4'nf - xl?-guezgjjlc ttlkmoua, tmlui, l'Ll lon lkuping ws eye. aw. YW, so undead! CAVA CADE 1977 Volume V Published by the Associated Student Body Francis W. Parker High School 6501 Linda Vista Road San Diego, California I 'Tyan Zgiflgx " N. -3 . V , 5 V7 AA.' 52, . Am xl lzq, Y , ,, L f gym rf :ff 1, ,ff 1' H 1 f li- n Q A if W n j. mi? V 1 fi 1 M Dedication . . . 4 Editors' Message , . . aff' ,mf i f i I X ...6 Headmaster's Message . . . 7 Seniors . . . 8 Underclassmen . . . 16 2 Contents Sports . . . 38 F acultyf Administration . . . 62 Activities! Organizations . . . 70 Patrons . . . 82 Advertisements . . . 84 Parker Honors Renaissance Man A man who admires Renaissance men and in many ways is one himself, is esteemed by those he helps prepare for college. This teacher was born in Inglewood, California, but soon after his birth, the family moved to Trona, California, where he spent 13 years of his childhood. He was next to the youngest in a family of six children. His father worked in a chemical plant at Trona. When he died, the family moved to San Bernardino where his mother worked in a rectory as a cook until she retired last year. He went to Aquinas High in San Bernardino where he admired Father KJV" Sullivan, another Renaissance man. After he graduated from Aquinas, he received a scholarship to go to the University of San Diego where he majored in history and minored in political science and philosophy. Two important professors in his life at that time were Dr. Braniss and Dr. Gilbert, at USD, To earn money for his schooling he worked for an insurance company for a year. He also worked as a night watchman. He felt the jobs were not suited to him so he went to University High to teach. He graduated from USD in 1966. In 1967 he married Diane Schmeits and a year later alson Kurt was born. Kurt was followed by a sister Colleen in 1973. This teacher joined Parker's history department in 1970 and also coached football his first two years. He had played quarterback in high school as well as baseball. At University High he had coached water polo. He feels coaching is not for him. He is at home in the classroom where he enjoys teaching history and humanities and taking the students on cultural fleld trips. He also likes to teach all of his students to think for themselves. He is fond of quoting one of his heroes,xThomas Jefferson. Parker is suitable for him because he is free to teach what he wants. He feels the class sizes are right for teacher-student rapport. His hobbies are: Western art, history, sculpture and writing. He believes in diligence, a favorite quotation of his is: HFor with slight efforts, how should one obtain great results? It is foolish even to desire it."-Euripides With pride, a smile, and a handshake, we dedicate the 1977 CAVALCADE to the man in the hat - Dave Russell. l-" ,""e . ""'f A X 5 X Above and opposite page, the various stages of Mr. RusseI1's life. ,...,. 1 f 1 U,-', .. . .:." 35" ' .f -iw 5 :l -fl gs z z' - .... ., f, 33+ ' gf W .ef fwm W 4' A A Fw X x 'EE 5 XFX Wg ,Wi , W S . W, 5 - J 5 'liigffiiffiiliiffii L - 2 Y rk, . .- - r fp-UQ. ,N P -. ' f ' .Q f"' ' Siva QL-1 ff '- A' , f... 1 film ,7 55 i , , 'figg ff- ."' 71. ' 5513152 - i g. 1: '-1 1: ., 'i'i5ff97- - E. -0' 3 niff - A K' Nm ' - gags .W Q . x gf M3 K N ,xg " aw A dak, li , N X Ng, X Sw- 4, 9 1 -, W irx RE ,Q 1 Ex Q3 I 4 5 Q 'Ss ii W G Q +5 5 Q El P 4 X1 2 Q N 4 r E Nw I , gjliszlf M ff'- f , iii. CAVALCADE Editors Express Feelings We are presenting this year's CAVALCADE with a theme of Faces and Feelings. You will notice that this year there are many new faces on the pages of the book-Parker's enrollment is up not only because of new seventh graders, but also because of many additions at upper levels. The feelings of the students at Parker can be expressed in individual ways or in group situations. A cheerleader's mood of anticipation as her team receives a kickoff can be matched with the team's mood of jubilation as they score a touchdown, and misgivings of a seventh grader as he begins his first day at the upper school can be equated to a senior's anxiety as he prepares to enter college. A most important event of 1976-77 was the accreditation of Parker by WASC, or Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This evaluation was done by giving the students questionnaires on the school and by having the faculty, administration, and service people write lengthy reports on all of the school life. This accreditation was climaxed by a visit from WASC representatives in lVlarch. The accreditation should prove valuable to Parker, through the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our school. A phenomenon of 1976-77 was Parker's Ubaby boom." lVlr. and lVlrs. Corbln's son appeared on the scene for Thanksgiving. On Jan. 5 lVlrs. Rogers had a baby girl and lVlrs. Cheskaty had a boy a few hours later. The next day lVlrs. Pooch gave birth to a little boy. We would like to thank our industrious staff, our literate contributors, our busy photographers, our illustrious advisor lVlrs.'Spain, and professional photographer Tony Francis, and special thanks to lVlr. Galyan and Otto Hirr for building us an excellent darkroom. We would also like to thank all of our generous patrons and advertisers for their much needed financial help. cum Www. Moya 711-M570 j it Below left and above, industrious editors Alex lVlayer and Maxine Fuentes study yearbook material. Below, an important part of making a good yearbook is filling the HSuper Dummy." However, Alex lVlayer has different ideas, 54 is if-si mix M TT f :xi 7' fllillg K M ff tg gag at sr E '53 '- ggi l, X X 5 x Y 1 ix f5l1"t as If , msg 3 A it , 'K ff F553 ?. .,,f.,rgJg? . Santa' , 571' A N , .A . 5 fi' s9,tf.s' nfs ,, .4 . a, r 1- N. if logi n 6. ,El N ex ' A 'S k k 1 ln, 1-, 6 ee DC Encourages Class of '77 To the Class of 1977: You are the largest senior class in Parkens dxty-hve year hmtory Thus,rnore of you have contnbuted Uothe growth and developnwent ofthe schoo than fonner graduahng dasses You have perforn1ed weH acadenncaHy,rnade a Qgnihcant nwark on the schooVs athledc successes and provided quahtyleadershipin aH phases ofschoolHfe.CoHeges have achvew sought your apphcahons and your coHege adnnssions prohleis connnendable.You have a pracUcalincHnaUon in your future plans Qnce you have selected coHeges ohering BumnessAdnnmsUaUon,Oceanography,JournaHsm, Bimogy,PhysmalTherapy, careerrnajors You've had good dass spint,enjoyed your fun thnes Cat the beachL and have exhibned nwature judgenwentin managing school affairs. As Ihstthese accon1pHshn1ents and as you read thern Uf anyone reads the Headrnaters hAessagel,I think you have muchto beproud ofand we attheschoolareindebtedto you for what you have given to Parker. However, I sense that as a group, you are inclined to sell yourselves short as far as your Parker successes are concerned and the brightness of your future. YOU NEED NOT DO SO! I feel conhdentthatin yourindnndualfutures,thereis asrnuch success and happiness ahead as there has been in your years at Parker As we partconipanyl oier onelast conteniporary mece ofadwceto mlofyou-GO FOR VU LATER, DC Above left, Dr. Crone relaxes after a vicious game of volleyball Cbelowl. 'T Seniors 9' ws -rf L x s 4 5 . TY N E. .N ,KP . gg :ff . get .45 ,. mx , xv . N . in 'fiigik Q23 ff' "' 9' W ' X. MY ,QQ . L5 N M' --.- .... 'K . - K f 'Kh' .. C - 1 F . " 'fx fm .1 N ., f?Q.,.x X fwW...-:- 'Wm- ' A AH K 4, A 3 L ' '1grii', x ...., L L 9 .. f -- A ' 5 LAURA SUSAN ALMOUR Sue . . . hopes to be a resort manager . . . hopes never to be without friends . . . can't stand boring classes, phony people, or math . . .San Diego on a clear day. . . sunrise. . Mrs. RMC. . . milk. . . idolizes Winnie the Pooh... lying on a sunny beach . . . BB, DB, LA, SKB, DM, JT, SO IThanks to alll . . . SILK DEGREES by Boz Scaggs . . . GORILLA . . . 100 yd. dash . . .the twins... L.A.w!LA,.. :rl i9!11-9!22l . . . blink , . . loves mom, stickball, partying I6!15, 7!31, 12!2Ol . . . cosmic man . . . this is Sue. . . writing notes during lectures . . . movies w!B . . . llaccept people as they are". . . Mrs. Brown . . . T2 .. .Europe '74 . . . Leadville '75 . . . Hana '76 .. .Bolvill '77 . . . 'IThe things I hear and seel!". . , Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed." f Mark Twain SANTOS COTA Santos. . .hopes to be a prominent engineer and have a big ranch and a lot of horses . . . hopes not to die . . . can't stand lazy horses and low riders . . , Russell and Ghironi . . . Pancho's Place. . . enchiladas . . . dancing . . . UJay". . .Grace Slick. . . GODFATH ER I and II , . . idolizes Zeus. . . Sylvia, Blanca, Mama, Ana . . . 'II don't know" . . . stand on my hands . . . "One for all and all for one" . . . loves Donothuis, Mama, 'lLlano", and playing piano . . . 'lNever lend your women, rifle, or horse" . . . night . . . San Francisco '66 . . . Track and Field . . . San Francisco. . . llBut I really had better go and bathe so that the women may not have the problem of washing my body when I am dead."-Socrates 10 ROBERT RICHARD BAGNALL Bags. . .hopes to make it big and be happy.. . can't stand leprosy, class or socks . . . Mr. Volker . . . Pat's and D.C. Jr.'s . . .weekends were made for M . . . Basin, T2, Black's . . . partying, extinguishing fires . . . llFree Bird" .. .THE OMEN . . . idolizes O07 and James West ...C...M...friends...KAMANNA WANNA . . . UTS!" ...GDD . .. M is for the many things she gave me . . . llIt's your life .. .so take it to the limit" . . . Whompin' . .. watching llSaturday Night Live" at M's . , . Farrah Fawcett. . .The Heep. . .4 wheelin'. ..llParty it up and live it down" . . . Portrero. . . Beer Bob. . . Sally Smith . . . J.M. in reverse. . . shboys . . . hunting hat. . . Organ Power without M . . . llWith a friend at hand you will see the light. If your friends are there, everything's alright." -B.T. MILLARD JOHN JAMES COVER Millard . . . hopes to be a teacher, veterinarian, or a psychologist , , . hopes not to live in Los Angeles . . . can't stand essays, my jokes, nagging, or Monday mornings . . . Corbin.. .Wyoming and Montana . . .Tacos . . . sleeping . . . listening to music . . . llQueen of the Forest 'I by Ted Nugent . . .THE LONGEST YARD. . . idolizes John Fogerty and Jack Nicholson . . . llAsk me ifI care" . . . Zits ...llBabies on Fire". . . Hamburger Brothers ..."To be interesting you've got to be weird." . . . loves spending money. . . Ulf you screw up, forget it, who cares"fEVERYONEl . . . morning . . . early evening , . . entering and leaving Parker... Harold in P,E .... llI'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens."-Woody Allen 1 ELISA VICTORIA BARTLETT Yaz . , . hopes to be remembered, to love and be loved . . . hopes never to be second best , . . can't stand frustration and insecurity . . . Mr. Volker , . , Mrs. Barrett IILYI . . . Corby and Co .... My Journal . , . llTiny Dancer" by EJ . . . III can't do that" , . . Nov. 2, 1970 . . . idolizes MUSK OIL , , . Puzo . . . Michael Corleone . . . I adore my sexy supertaco . . , Al Pacino... Edgar Allan Poe... 425 . .. "Thank God for Mr. Russell!" . , .Teddy . . . Banana throwing . . . 'lIt's funny how young lovers start as friends"-B,T .... Honda Cars . . .Dr. Frye . . . RW. . .the wisdom of Mother, the patience of Ninny . . . USD on two hours of sleep . . . Essays at 4 a.m .... SSLM . . . Math? . . . Some men see things as they are and say why-I dream of things that never were and say why not."wRobert Kennedy MICHAEL EATON CRONE Croner . . . hopes to be a successful person . ., hopes not to be a failure . . . can't stand stuck up chicks. . . Mrs. Corbin . . . Mr. Lipman . . . My bed CI like to sleep a lot? . . . stewfatho . .. working on cars . . , llGet The Funk Out Of My Face". . . many. . . B.S, walks and money talks . . . Dyslexia. . ,Red Hair. . .football . . . after dark . . . giving swirly . . . Southern :Teague Champs , . . I'Variety is the spice of i e." NNN . 'x SCOTT LOWELL BENNETT Scott. , . can't stand Brussel sprouts and liver . . .chocolate milk . . . idolizes Robert Blake and Farrah Fawcett. . . loves playing football and tennis lbasketball?l . . . 6th period rock outs . . .the basin , . . Hey Vow!!! . . , Let's go out and get some pizza. . . I'lI let you go . , , Harvey , . . a new school record . . .ticklish . . .head!? . . . really wired at the beginning . . .I smell clutch . . . the Mazda's dirty. . .TN . . . Saturday Night at the Mov lil es. . . 14 . . , Want some gum? . . . Submarines? Where? .. .offroad ...Want something? . . . a senior?. , . my middle name was going to be Oliver. . . Later. , . S.B .... 'lThere are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on."fRobert Plant MAXINE ELIZABETH FUENTES Max. . .hopes to own a limegreen 450SL with 20-200 glass . . . hopes not to go gray, blind or become something I'm not . , . can't stand turnips, dumnkopfs or SK music. . , Mrs. C . . .Alps . . . G. Pie . . . SOUND OF MUSIC.. TOMMY . . . CASABLANCA . . . ALL of ELTON'S 135 . . , idolizes EHJ, SIR C, DF, SUPERESIBAT, SH, 007, F, GGP, Brando, Bogart, RB, JN . . . enravished by NJ, FF, MD, GG, CD, ASB . . , admires RMN, RW, CJ, VG, RM . . . 111-LB, Pirates, Vikes . . . traveling, bowling, pinball, music, SPORTS . . . Sombrero Man, Gaga, AM, SDPS8tmost of all MOM-Thank You! . . . muck about crumpet .. .JPS8tMP. . .antenna 8tHK-HLJ , ,, innocencetitpalmistry-CRB . . . EvDon't forget-You ain't seen nothin' yet!-IALY . . . Extremist . . . llMake the most of yourself for thats all there is to you." JUAN CARLOS BLANCO Carlos . . . hopes to live happy with a big family . . . hopes not to fall and can't get up .. .can't stand Mom's green beans . . . Mr, Lipman . . . dirt. . . everything . . . Motocrossing . . . uThick as a Brick" by Jethro Tull. . . Carolina . . . nervous . , . loves jumping, playing in the mud, my Suzie K . . . evenings, summers of '75 and '76 . . . llEverything here has been just ine" . . . 'lCaminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar caminante no hay camino, son tus huellas el camino y nada mas."-Antonio Machado DAVID THOMAS GOULD David . , . hopes to have the freedom to do what I want , , . hopes not to become too much of a hypocrite or be drafted . . , can't stand water, intolerant people, listening to records all the way through.. . Mr. Russell.. . Mrs. Corbin . . . Paris . . . Japanese Food . ,. listening to records . . . uDon't Let It Bring You Down" by Neil Young . , . DARK STAR .. .idolizes Jesus Christ and Mohandas Ghandi. . , R.B .... elephants. . . 'lThe Brabrogs are disturbing my sleep again" . . . loves drawing . . . The Grand Vizier . . . my pet monster. . . TlNever do something today, because it will ruin tomorrow." . . . 9th grade Christmas Dance , . . being a senior was such a turn on- getting out is even better . . . UI don't mean any of this" . . . l'Insanity destroys reason, but not wit."fEmerson CYNTHIA RENEE BRYANT Renee. . . hopes to have a successful career and contribute to the welfare of society . . . hopes not to stand back. . .fried shrimp 81 niet mignon . . , can't stand washing dishes or doing housework . . . f'elephants" . . . "tweezers" . . . Mrs. Moore, Corby, Mr. Russell . . . l'Nights in White Satin" . . . 'tReasons". . .loves dancing, singing, running, and being with friends . . . I'What's your problem?" . . . uShut up" . . . Stevie Wonder. ,,R.M .,.. sugarless gum . . . HJ, D8tM-car. .. MF8tM with welts 84 sand . . . HiYa! HiYa! HiYa! . . . 6th gr. lost dress . . , Christmas Dance '74 with D.G .,.. llbig shock" . , . first girl on track . . . Winter Dance '76 . . . Thanks Mom and Fatty for 13 yrs . . . l'No man was ever endowed with a right without being at the same time saddled with a responsibility."-Gerald W. Johnson GUY EDWARD HALAC Skeeter , , . hopes to be wealthy and enjoy life to its fullest. . . hopes not to go crazy . . . pair of socks . . . can't stand Mullen's car or writing essays. . . Uncle Russ and Mr. V . . . Bedroom . . . Steak. . . Listening to my stereo . . .Jeff Beck. . , Flyers , . . idolizes Charles Bronson and George Carlin . . , Penny Incident, death turn, Espresso . . . Ulf you don't get caught then it's legal" . . . hockey . . , evenings . . . Parker 500. . ,"Every person is born to one possession which out values all the othersfhis last breath."-M ark Twain 11 CHRISTIAN WARREN HALL Stoneface . . . hopes to make it through college. . . hopes not to be a vegetable or an undie . . . can't stand Hanafin's shoes and surfer chicks . . , Russell . . . the boat . . . pizza , . . spinaker flying . . . meeting at the basin . . . OMEN . . , idolizes Dean G. Gall ifatherl . . , 'lThat cracks me up" . . . too much done on lst. . . PDO not buy a '42 jeep" . . . memory of Brigade after practice, Fiesta Island . . . Pizza Face and 7-11 . . . love cruisin' . . . l'A Mich in the hand is worth two in the Cooler." . . .Ambassador Game . . . Parker 500 . . . Espressos . . . going out with the guys after a game . . . Football , . .The Jeep . . .The Basin... B.E .... Mullen's car reeks hard . . . 'lThere will be no free rides."- Charles Pooch MARK STEVEN LASER Laz . . . hopes to be the richest man in the world . . . can't stand to lose, smog, being forced to do something, Newton's Ah-Woo yell . . , Uncle Russ.. .back hills of Alpine . .. pizza... Mexican food . . . Linda Ronstadt .. .Johnny Cash ...THE STING . .. Muhammad Ali .. . Lisa.. . Newt. . . Marilyn Monroe . . . Wien Man, I know, Ya, It takes two to tango . . . undies . . . Pls that you Bob?" . . . Silver Train . . . Rita. . . l'Love God, people and nature for they will love you" . . . loves doing anything that's fun and playing basketball and baseball . . . l'Live life to its fullest, be an individualist, and be crazy" ...Dinner time, Party time and Skiing Time. . . basketball . . . Presidio Bust . . . Beating l.J.C.D ..,. 'lMake hay while the sun shines."-R. Laser 12 JAMES TRUITT HANAFIN Jim . . . hopes to own a TR-6 and be on the Gong Show. . . hopes not to be an illegal alien . . . can't stand bad drivers, getting-up too early, socks without elastic . . .the History Department. . . Hilton. . . Homogenized Milk . . . Linebacking . . . uHarbor Lights" . . . idolizes the Pillsbury Dough Boy . , . Bouchie, Kirsten, Friends . . . llIt's pretty ugly" . . . have wings will Hy . . . l'Keep your head on a swivel" . . . loves lying in bed listening to the radio and driving . . .Gusto . . . Being scrubs.. .L's 84 M . . . Perfume. . .You're gone... Cow... Football... U.S. History. . . Even Me? uEven you Halac" . . . Rudeness . . . Friday Nites . . . Penny Incident . . . Westbound on Balboa. . . etc. . . UI do not believe in an afterlife although I am bringing a change of underwear."-Woody Allen MARCY ANNE MAHER Marce . . . hopes to grow 4 or 5 inches and always be happy. . . can't stand playing tennis wfk, egos or mushrooms . . . Mr. Volker, ooh la Ia . . . basin . , . T2 . . . singing in the rain wfw . . . l'Saturday Nights Alright" . . . SOUND OF MUSIC . . . mom and dad, thanks. . . "Never heard the word impossible" , . . strange noises in 0 . . . J's reverse . . . abandon ship, Doc! . . . O.P. without M . . . TAB, 77 calories , . . 5-2 . . , loves cheering, V- ball and H's tennis . . .The Way. . . Sept. 3 . . .moose . . . nighttime with Santana at K's . . . B . . . homecomings . . . M's house . . . in the park. . . Corbyx. . who pulled the fire alarm? . . .friends . . . 'You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart."-Carole King . BYRON WENDELL HARLAN Mr. Chest. . .hopes to someday play bass for Parliament. . . hopes never to lose his love for music. . . can't stand La Jolla surfers or David Gould's taste in music or TAB . . . aboard the Mothership . . . Grape Crush, Sorrento's pizza . . . playing on my bass . . . llStretchin' Out Un a Rubber Bandl" . . . Let's make it tonight, well I guess not. . , New York Yankees-they'll win it all . . . idolizes Drew Pearson and Bootsy Collins Che can really jam? .. . Patricia, I love you so . . . llDon't mess with this chest". . .skiing and listening to Dr. Funkenstein . . . llWhen you mess with fire, you get burnt." . . . Ulf you're feeling mediocre, tell me, will you still smile?"- Bootsy Collins JULIE LYNN MANSFIELD Jules . . . hopes to be a linguist and travel around the world . . . hopes not to be normal or run out of TAB . . . Guadalajara, Mexico, Mexican Food . . . watching old movies, going to the beach, meeting people. . . GONE WITH THE WIND. . . Gene Kelly. . . Earth, Wind, and Fire my Celica. . . Mocha. . . Sags . . . MF, LC, CD, Phil, the fabulous foursome . . . mass hysteria. . . duck. . . Incognito . . . may I have this dance? . . .are you loaded? . . . Disneyland . , , guera . . , city zoo! . . . being totally insane with Karen . . . M, D, L, J . . . cheerleading . , . Homecomings . . . I'm old enough to know better but too young to resist ..,fais ce que tu voudrias . . . sunset in Puerto Vallarta. . . tlThe tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it."-Richard L. Evans OTTO ALBERT HIRR, JR. Toe . . . hopes to be an engineer, have friends but stay an individual . . . hopes not to become an isolatioist. . . can't stand Frank's Porsche . , . Corbin . . . Summers . . . Pooch .. , Point Loma. . . La Jolla. . . Liver sauteed in onions and butter browned mushrooms . . . working on my VW . 4 . jogging . . . Seals 84 Crofts, Chicago, AWB . .. PAPILLON ... OLD MAN AND THE SEA... Betsy... Ribbet Ribbet . . . Knee Deep. . .thinking of the impossibles . . . loves doing anything that requires a large resource of knowledge . . . 'lYou can always succeed if you try hard enough". . . 6:00 a.m .... 12:10 p.m. . . . The Jack Log . . . "Observe the turtle-he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out Iwhich is the only time he can get his throat cutl"vAnonymous ALEX SIMON MAYER Ex-Lax . , , hopes to be a NATLAMP writer and get a fast car , . . hopes not to compromise all of my life or die gloriously , . . can't stand tapeworms or maggots . . . Mrs. Corbin, Mr. Volker, and Mr. Russell , . . Underwater . . . Jelly Beans and Popcorn . . . listening . . . 'tMy Generation" by P. Townshend . . .A CLOCKWORK ORANGE- Anthony Burgess . . . idolizes Harry Reems, James Hunt, Steve Prefontaine, Patty Hearst . . . llEverybody, I love you!"-Stills . . . QUADROPHENIA . . . nobody's home, Hello? . . That's very nice. . . pencil tapping under desk . . . snap, crackle, Hake . . . spastic . . . loves running and the L.A. Dodgers . . . MJ W! C.S.N.8.tY . . , sunsets. . . sunrises . . . Europe '76 . . . my first day . . . Track Buses.. llHope I die before I get old,"-P, Townshend HA'l'l'IE LAVON JOE Hattie. . .hopes to travel and have a business career. . . hopes not to become a bum . . . can't stand homework, having to wake up early or arguing. . . Mr. Russell . . . Mrs. Corbin . . . beach . . . shrimp fried rice , . . going to dances . , . 'lJust To Be Close To You" by the Commodores. . . Brothers Johnson... MURDER BY DEATH . , . D.C,B.. ,.J.E.M .... PR. I have to tell you something." . . . 'ttweezers" . . . l'elephants" . . . 'tpicks" . . . loves singing, playing the guitar, going to scary movies and reading mysteries . . . t'Flowers in a field are beautiful". . .Dany8tMcuIa , . . R.B, . , , Taco- P.-car . . . perfect disguise. . , D,M,C,K , . . learn protein . . , MF and Satre . . .Winter Dance '76 .. . hustle. . . "All things come round to him who will but wait."-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ROBERT PREDRAG MITROVICH Metro. . . hopes to be rich and successful . .. hopes not to be a Republican or bet on many Charger games . . . can't stand Mexican food and science majors . . . Mr. Russell . . , Mr. Volker... Beach . . . Stadium . . . Arena . .. pizza. . . UToo High" by Stevie Wonder. . . THE STING . . . THE GODFATHER . .. BANANAS. . . SLEEPER . . . PLAY IT AGAIN SAM . . . idolizes Harry Truman and Thomas Jefferson . . .Woody Allen , . . Mel Brooks , .. Humanoid . . . "The thing is..." . . . If you believe in what you are doing, you will do it weIl" . . , l'Do what is right for yourself" . . . Alka Seltzer. . . 'lMan is the only animal that laughs and weeps for he is the only animal that is struck by the difference between what things are and what they ought to be,"- William Hazlitt BRIAN ROBERT JONES BJ . . . hopes to always live near the water . . , hopes not to be a history major or go to Mesa College. . . Volker, Rex. . .the beach, day or night... living, swimming, sailing . ,. extinguishing . . . l'White Bird" . . . DEVIL IN MISS... SHAFT . . . J. and everybody . . . Wake up, class is over . . . Gdd . . . All right take your seats-Where to? . . , water polo , . . 'lGo for the best or don't go at all'l . . . weekends, sunrise . . ,Organ Power without M . . . Donuts on the football held . . . Guadalajara . . . 'lTake away the motive and you take away the sin."-Miguel de Cervantes BILL VINCENT MULLEN Bill . , . hopes to stay happy and live in Southern California . . . hopes not to host llBowling For Dollars" or major in Physics. .. can't stand slow drivers, short hops and egomaniacs . . . Mrs. B and Uncle Russ , . . sunny days, T2 and M.B., cheesecake, Whompin' and Swoopin' . . . 'lYou Can't Hide Love" by Earth Wind and Fire , . . THE EXORCIST . . . idolizes Dr. J and the Pink Panther. . . l'That's rude" . . . Cow, B's, the Penny Incident, full blown essay, Party Hearty, The Love Wagon . . . llYou only go around once" . . . Fridays and Saturday Nights.. .The Basin. .. 10th grade baseball, 6-0. .. 'lYou will End peace of mind when you look way down in your heart and soul. Don't hesitate because the world seems cold. Stay young at heart."-M. White 13 BRYAN KENT NEWTON Newt. . . hopes to be happy and have a fulfilling life . , . hopes not to conform to others' standards . , . can't stand moles . . . Uncle Russ, Corbean, Dexter, Lipman . . . O.B., Colorado . . . Mexican food . . .chocolate chip cookies. , . Body Whomping . . . "Color My World" . , . GORILLA by James Taylor. . . L.M., Lazy, Umpy, Bob, Thanks G and C . . . llYou're crazy," ah-Woo, Come awn now! . . , E.T. and the P tree . . .the kow . . . Colorado Kid . . . loves writing, music skiing, reading, tennis, B-Ball, CIF rrl. . . l'Smile, be honest, be'yourself" . , . "Prove it" . . , Storm Waves, Whomping at night , . . ltMeddle with no man's conscience, especially your own, for the convictions of the mind are sacred."AB.K.N. . . . llSeek and ye shall find," TANAZ SONDOUZI Tanaz . . . hopes to be a good friend to everyone... hopes not to hurt people or be a bore . . . reptiles and insects texcept butterfliesl parents.. , all my teachers at Francis Parker. . .anywhere as long as I'm with friends . . .enjoys reading, drawing, listening to music and dancing . . . 'lMichelle" by the Beatles. . . novels and biographies . .. loves badminton, table tennis, chess and teasing people . . . 'lWe have to learn to live and not just exist. Take an interest in what goes on around you and the people" , , . sunrise and sunset. . . llThe first day in Parker is one of the days of my life I shall never forget. Everyone was iand still is? unbelievably kind." . . . not fond of horror movies . . . llTreat people as you would have them treat you." 14 THEODORE JEFFREY NOTHORN Ted . . . hopes to be a successful doctor and enjoy life . . , hopes not to die young . . . can't stand old lady drivers, cold weather, the Dodgers, homework or Neil Sedaka . . . Corbin .. . backpacking in the High Sierras . . . German chocolate cake . . . sports . . . "Nights in White Satin"-the Moody Blues. . , THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT by Tolkien . . . idolizes Spiderman and Paavo Nurmi . . . T8tT . .. llDifferent strokes for different folks" . . .gardening service . . .Tad Steinbeck. . . pole vaulting . , . loves running, go-karting, movies, tlChicago" and playing tennis . . , t'The Doc is no more" . . , Christmas Dance. . .the llFlame" . . . swirlies ...stickball . . . '76 Cross Country . . . Parker track-mile Bt 2 mile . . . alright-now look . .. llHe conquers who endures."-Persius ELON FRANK TALIAFERRO Farkle , . . hopes to become a successful businessman and enjoy life to its "fullest" . .. hopes not to get killed . . . can't stand homework and reloading . . . Mr. Summers . . , likes Mammoth Mt., steak and skiing . . . 't1984" by David Bowie . . . ltVienna Strauss Waltz" by Johann Strauss . . . BLAZING SADDLES , . . SILENT MOVIE . . . idolizes O07 ... Kari Nansen . . . ltdon't worry about it" ., .llde Fodas" . . .fast cars and fast boats. . . llCerveza" . . . going out with Kari . . . anything to do with guns. . . going for the de Fodas . . . 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m .... traveling to Mammoth tin the back of the busl . . . ...Fair . , . ULive life to its fullest every day of your life," MARK ERICH OEMCKE Umpk . . . hopes to own a Chevy Cheyenne 4x4, catch a blk. marlin . . . hopes not to live inland or eat Rocky Mtn. Oysters . . . can't stand losing tAmbassadorl . , . idolizes Ernest Hemingway, Robert Conrad . I .the beach, mtn. cabin . . . sunrise to sunrise.. . hunting, fishing . . , Mr. Volker. . . Julie, Scott, Newt, Las.. . Big Blue, a little chew . , . pizza 84 Fosters . . . l'Lay Lady Lay" . . . Stevland Morris . . . heavy frisbee, "A punch in the nose," It's so nice out. . . off roading, roundup, victories, extinguishing tires, 110 m.p.h., sneaking out the back door, A Sunday in the mtns . . . loves M.D.D., the deep blue brine, riding a dirty, silver Suzuki . . . Be happy, live life . . . t'Before the gates of excellence the high Gods have placed sweat."-Hesiod Vp, 2 Sa ,g:,, -N X . 4 K SCOTT JAMES ORR Scott. . , hopes to be a prominent lawyer . .. hopes not to be behind a desk eight hours a JOHN AGOSTINO RIPPO friends, knowledge and Smoneyis . . . hopes THOMAS WARD RUTHERFORD Rip . , . hopes to always be secure in wealth of Tom . . . hopes to know where he IS and lf not hopes it's on the coast , hopes not to be day - A - CHFIW Stand 1999 Yepaif' bills and not to be a pilot for Aerflot . , . can't stand stuck alone inthe desert can t stand crutches - 4 4 HIQU 5l9YYf3S, DGBCH 4 - 4 Dl2Zf3 - - - decrepit English teachers . . . steak , , . undependability and triviallty Pa s Bob s four-wheeling, hunting , . . llJust You Nl lVle" building things useful and lasting . , . 8tTad's , , . hshing any time Free Bird . . . Nlark . . . idolizes parents. . . heavy frisbee, I think I'll leave it out , . , loves T.N. .. t'Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin . . . fascinated by Sherlock Holmes . , . Jesus The SHOW and late night WGS 4 - . basketball 4 Christ on a bicycle! . . . I write with a fountain 4.SurlSet4 4 4 llByr0n St-'Z beach D3l'tl95l Sixth pen, draw everything I can . . . t'Try like hell to Grade Camp, uTirrlber Wolf" . . , "If you can win, but don't cry if you lose" , . 4 loves trust yourself when all men doubt you, if you can dream and not make dreams your master, Yours is the earth."-Rudyard Kipling drawing, doing anything intricate , . , people think you're the bloody idiot you're pretending to be, The element of delayed surprise is not without virture" . . . sixth grade movie . , . UA man begins to lose his individuality when he becomes too popular among his peers,"4Wilbug Bright George Carlin 'fff' u 'efgd lVlany unique faces with individual personalities . . .their contributions will remain. . , K,W .4.. HI feel like I m ln a movie Spanish peanuts . . , Tony the Tiger looks quite tasty" , . . loves body surhn not body whompin', B and V-ball Get your balance then go for it" . 6 20 so OB be there . . , Saturday nights at the Basin The Krug in Doc's class , , stay on the coast' . . . t'There's a moment coming it s stlll ln the future, hold on, Oh No, we ve missed It T ei., Underclassmen . a 17 Juniors Get Shaky Near Top of Ladder The highly spirited juniors added more than just life to the Parker campus this year. lVlany became fully aware of their academic life stimulated especially by the various college reps who were able to get them moving in the search ofthe right college and get them out of many classes. Their academics were also stimulated by lVlrs, Corbln's talent for teaching and being able to take up half the period by talking about her "olden days." It was an enjoyable class , . . even if she is so short. Even though one more year has put a damper on the juniors' rowdiness, there are times when their old spirit still breaks through. They can be seen dancing to classes, singing the newest songs and adding life to P.E. lVlost of them are looking forward to another year at the old Parker homestead, and adding a touch of class to the class of '78, Right, Otto Eros concentrates on homework. PET' Leesie Assam Denise Bailey Bob Bartlett David Bassham Fred Blum Jim Crawford Patty Crews Ken Crone lx Dv- Eugenio De Pavia lVlary Day Devvart Avi Dimenstein Stephen DuPlessis 'Wi ?fi'f75'3i 18 X. l y X v ef x lofi :L iis .-,gm an Q' wa L eif Sgvi? .. N17 ' 99 "QW Qjainif 4 if N95 T-WK Alf-'9' Otto Eros Helen Fares Nasim Fares Martha Flores Lisa Goehring Jocelyn Guiles Doug Halverstadt Kirsten Hedin Judy Kay Kincaid Joth Layton Jim Lyons John lVlalil4 Tara Nelson Bill Osborn Susan Peshel Above, Jocelyn Guiles, Denise Bailey and Leesie Assam enjoy chatting in history class. Right, a smiling Tara Nelson makes her way to class. 19 David Peterson Pete Price Letty Rosado Marguerite Rossis Michael Sourapas Ken Sulzer Cliff Treais Bob Warwick Jim Whisenarid Keith Wickman 20 Above, Cliff Treais relaxes on the grass during a football game as Marguerite Rossis tries to read in the hot September sun. s Sophomores Stress Scholarship, Spirit, Sports The class of '79 is a mixed bag of personalities and ambitions. Interests range from auto mechanics to zoology. lVlany are active in sports and they stand out in academics especially. At fre Honor Society dinner held in October more sophomores were honored than any other class ts t lVlany worked on the newspaper and the creative lm tt! writing magazine. They all showed a superior 'N ei it t"i amount of spirit during Homecoming week. lVlany in this close knit group of 10th graders Jtt have been togethensince their lower school days it Sophomores move up through their high school ,Xi WW years and look forward to being the largest graduating class yet. Above, Jay Plaehn says hello in his unique way. Above, Cathy Vafis types diligently as an ever threatening deadline approaches. Mk ,. 1 H. 'K Tl Sonny Adler Eric Allison Andy Almour Tim Avilucea Barrie Berg Jeff Cass Jim Comstock Lisa Cook lVlatt Crosbie Courtney Field Debbie Freedman Gordon Gilbreatb Liz Giidred Cathy Gilman Anne Goodbody Byron Gwinn Debi Haugen Niadeieine Herriii Kristen Hobbs Scott Irving Barbara Jones Warren Jones Glynnette Kosmas Beth Lavender Carol Leonard 22 .fYi,i,-irliiifii A , . tttift, .ttf , , e 5. 1 K af ' S .- ':'- i "' QW , .. H, 1 , S it ii, ,. K. F ,.dl'S'ff-' a.,,..L, K.. iett L "ei ' L Jii A'-' 1 ' 'X o ff? Above, Glynnette Kosrnas snows ner stuffg as George Rains leaves another Hinterestingn English class. Mf- r 1 newer-'Mama ,ai wmiww T' ' W, , r Mime A I 5 -I hdliillhir' Top, Harold Singleton waves to his friends during a break. lVliddle, Barbie Jones contemplates her plans for the weekend. Bottom, sophomores engage in llGirl Talkl' during English Class. 'le e . .,. 1 N f X Ramon Lozada John lVlansfieId Desiree lvlitrovich Claire lvliyashiro Adrianne lVloss Katie Palmer Jay Plaehn George Rains Karen Reavis Tim Rutherford 23 Right, Jennie Smith strikes a thoughtful pose. Steve Seiber Nina Severance Harold Singleton Jennie Smith Katherine Steiner Chris Todd Chris Trepte Ernie Tucker Cathy Vafis Alex Vargas Julie Wahlen Laura Wolf 24 fIwS?5Y55HH , ,itteii, 1 1 rtii it L. ei,tti tiiit W nxt N . rg, P ff, :B "" . Y .9 , e. ' P ' to ' 99' fi 33 X, :N gi if -hi A, k'L- , kkk ,,..', . . Mg?',tQg, 5 aim NW . -- . f':f:1..'1 .Ar 'P f ' ' ,... nique Group Sparks Senior High Life This year's freshman class feels they are refreshingly original. They are of a mixed variety, capable of expressing a wide selection of emotions at a single time. No one characteristic stands out by itself: they are an unusually well blended sort. They are sensitive to life, and respect it. This class definitely has the HSpark of Divine Fire" which glows brighter and with more intensity as each year progresses. Their standards are set high, but whatever paths they choose, they will do well in their journey through life. "To be or not to be" is not a problem to them, they ARE. At right, Bruce Jackson, Steve Carey, Curt Ittner and Tony Ryan talk things out on a warm afternoon. wr i2.1 i ii? 3 9 x, Q -:'. fx' 'R :Sd-Qj,,,,,, 5'-f"""""""""""""-'n E M., . , ,-.,.4.............M --Af K me 22'1: . iw 'f 'L I S X I ,4- zu., .5 5 . .. . ssr '...' X tk . 1 1. ff-2: Jeff Adler Caroline Anderson Deborah Aylott Cheryl Barbour Matthew Bradaric Don Brandon Kevin Brown Steve Carey Monica Childers Greg Chlad Mark Clifton Julie Denenberg Kenneth Dewart Diane DuPIessis Cary Estes 25 A nf ' mn f 'emi E, i 1 K iii if in ' f .1 - new David Fulwiler Kelly Green Pam Guiles Freddy Hardy Peter Harrington Bill Hawes Bill Helvvig Karen Hirr Jim Ilko Craig Irving Curt Ittner Bruce Jackson Andi Kaufmann lVlaile Knudsen Randy Laser Leigh Ann Layton KM..-...X 'i Ear Sw wma' kan Larry Leflier Dave Lieberman Richard Marsch Courtney Millburn Pat Muglia -f . " . ski atm.. nrriie 53 Opposite page Cleft? Monica Childers and Maile Knudsen find their homework enjoyable. Right, Jeff Adler, Curt Ittner, and Bill l-lelwig get together to compare notes. S am U .lean Mullen Lisa Mumby Lisa Nothorn Leslie Pearce we Teresa Pesquiera ' e ., - 'S Q Lori Roberts Tony Ryan Rebecca Smith Chris Sullivan Tony Williams .mx ,au- . .Sim Below lefty L F J ' 6 if I X jj F A' Ax xx A annicefj n ade QQWX Ml A .if . ' Above, 9th graders Pam Guiles, Bill l-lelvvig, Teresa Pesqueira, and Leslie Pearce learn the intricacies of writing a term paper from Mr, O'Rourke. 27 Class Braces U For High School The eighth graders are very vivacious and often smiling. Since this is the brace stage, many of these smiles are backed up with braces. But these young teenagers have a serious side to them behind those smiles. A whole class of them took Algebra I, and many improved their reading in the Brown Reading Course. Because it was an election year, the eighth grade had the advantage of learning more about politics than usual. In their own election, Sandy Iverson became the second girl president ofthe junior high student council. To use up some of their excess energy, they planned interesting games nights and became more involved in school activities. The class of '81 was Hbracing" up for high schooll At right, eighth grade girls Find Parker's new menu tasty. Geoffrey Berg Thor Brickman Sherre Bryant Susan Carpenter David Carson 5. steve? sbs Laura Crawford 2 ittfi'-1r is Tricia Engel Brian Freeman is Allison Gordon E ff K. Li wus.. Kenneth Graham f tt WY David Green Holly Grover Colleen Grubb lVlarc Guiles Heather Hanahn 28 Rs? Matthew Herrill Roxanne Hon Violet Ilko Sandra Iverson Jim Jacquet Kim Jenkins Alyson Kauth Tififany Kemp Grant King Paul Kruger Pia Lindquist Scott Maches Ross Nlandell Lisa Niangiameli Matt Matheson Susan IVIcKig David iVicl.ean Ann Nliiler John Nlowrey John Otterson Ann Pavel Nlarilou Quini Lee Rhein Keith Sampson Katie Seiber Gienn Shishido George Smith George Snody David St, John Ted Tchang 1 an 1 30 Above, eighth grade boys watch as IVIr. Summers creates a new form of life lie'-T, -:assi gl-X ,kv 1 r +1 xt Kim Theilig Jeff Thomas Sara Vahs William Van Gaasbeek llllarco Vargas Bert Wahlen Charles Williams Walter Wincek lVlarc Wolfsheimer Julie Wright Gabriel Zatarain Chris Zucconi At left, lVlarc Wolfsheimer, Gabe Zatarain, David lVIcLean, Scott lvlaches, and Kim Theilig surround lVlr. Kerkering as they wait apprehensive-ly for their grades. 31 Renate Adloff Chris Brickman Brigitte Brown Mary Jane Buck Julie Carlin Stephen Carter Mike Collins Jaime Cruz Michele Deilgat Cathy Denton Mike Ecks Devra Engel Andy Eros Eleanor Estes Charles Fares 32 7th Grade Tykes Cope Well The seventh grade class, largest at Parker upper school, is comprised of 40 lower school graduates and 21 new students. The llpea-greens" did a good job adjusting to homework, tests, the responsibility of having lockers and getting to classes on time. The seventh grade enjoyed different school activities such as game nights, football, basketball and baseball games. The spirit of the seventh grade was really exhibited at these sports events and especially during spirit week. With the hrst year behind them, these enthusiastic people look forward to the second rung of the ladder. At left, Suzanne Turner and Mary Jane Buck take on their new responsibilities with a smile. "'.,alf'l l2s..",'5s,"'1 L X bg- Wwe 'sun Al 8 5 E Above, seventh grade girls Cathy Denton, Marie Wexo, Cleo Van Doren, Elizabeth Reid, Sue Rutherford, Leslie King, Julie Field, Nancy Harrington, and Jessica Sheridan gather to express feelings on a hot day. Narmar Fathy Julie Field Barney Firks Steve Fisher Tom Gildred Alyce Graham Nancy Harrinton Robert Ilko Jennifer Jenkins Kent Jones Chrissi Karrow David Keely Leslie King Peter Krause Bear Kreusser 33 Tara Littlejohn Maury Liwerant J Annette Mangiameli Stefan Medin Pat Millay Greg Mltrovich Laura Mumby Laird Nelson Steve Oddo l s l s 2 s 5. V5 ifiii ig? f 'i H ii x 4, X 'il ' -wil is 3 , 5 ' C65-,' Victor Pesqueira Andrew Rebele Elizabeth Reid L 'W Rusty Reniers F Eric Rosado David Rudee Above top, Mrs. Fisher shows Jeff Scheider how to get a grasp on Spanish. Middle, Victor Pesquiera, Kent Jones, an anonymous leg, and Jaime Cruz enjoy their new locker privileges, At right, Peter Krause, Jennifer Jenkins, and Mike Collins finally get to the head ofthe lunch line. Opposite page, seventh graders play hard in "Luncheon Bowl." 34 Sk asf- -.. fjg -- , ' S I 'QQ. S S ' S' ' S 1' Z.. it f": 4? Q Q " 1:- . ,.-, LKL? lift X L 'X ' KX X4 if? it ' I 5 xsq-Ns. i .. IQ WZ""' X ieti s , . . SS X 'K gsrgg, .i . i S Xin by e l N Above, Alyce Graham, seventh grade Girlsf League representative, lights candles at the installation as lVlrs. Fisher and lVlrs. Styles look on. Susan Rutherford Sharon Sachs John Sanhlippo Jeff Scheider Greg Schultz Jessica Sheridan Joel Smith Shellee Smith Rod Sornson Ben Stephens Pat Styles Suzanne Turner Cleo Van Doren Shelley Warren lVlarie Wexo Angela Williams ,ff 94 I, 3 I R lla. 1-vn..,, . vp """"'t1vamp- .i M Jordana Bboom Jackie Blum Beth Brown Tim Carpenter David Cockcroft Sean Conner Andrea Dahlberg Stevan Denenberg Patty Drane Dan DuPIessis Penny Ecks Ana Ecnberton Lynn Fowler Jon Gordon Todd Graham John Grubb Andrew Hawes Lisa Helkkila Nel Holstein Kristen Jackson 36 Sheryl Kauth Ty Keith Jane King Here We Come! International Women's year was most appropriate for the 1976-77 sixth grade as boys were definitely a minority Despite the imbalance, everyone managed to have a productive year. The year was devoted to preparation for seventh grade with great stress on responsibility and independence. The highlights ofthe year were sixth grade camp at lVlataguay and the end ofthe year party. Look out upper school, here we come! Opposite page Cleftl David Cockcroft and David llfleadows study their spelling words. Right, sixth graders Andrea Dahlberg, Robert Palmer, Patty Drane, Stephen Vafis and lVlrs. Brown enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for learning, Far left, Ty Keith, Andrew Hawes, Lisa Rathjen, Beth Brown, Sheryl Kauth and Lynn Fowler have become close friends in their last year of elementary school Left, the two faces of lVlr. Freeman. 11 it Malte - ,Q Sean lVlcVicker David Meadows Christina Oggle Anna Palmer . gs so . ..-t..t t...,.tt it E tt 2,5 Q time 5 ,s H :EK Q Baiili 4 W Us Rob Palmer 1 K 4 N7 v V gas llllarites Quini Caroline Randel Lisa Rathjen Stephanie Shenas Linda Shishido ei if Eric Steiner Vanessa True Stephen Vafis Monica Whitney 37 Christine Sperrazzo . X :X V 5? 1 Lf L .1 I , f 5 X Q if 'SW T'.k"5?h. ' -X-fi' "5vf3'5fh Q .., . ., , A -fm. Q: . .--md fsrzmm - ..,-mmf: f K W- x 1. 1. 'km-12:1 fx f f 2-si 5:1 sa, ,ax 112 'gg 1, f., 15-1: dm --K K, Mt w 3 r X .,, . W x. , is 1 ' i . v - y 'L -W X .S , 11 X v A 1 Q Q . V P 3f!'?!.C" 'Q , . git 5361 . 1 -4 N H ' J X 5 w ' 4 N Q Q . f , 3 'UV' 4 ' A wiv QL 5 X . Q 5 K . .M ,VL M A ' -5 , M , , .-,, K 1 K Li I Q Q , . mz, A QQ? xwuwrf' Mfg I A . fwf- A Q. X X. V., L . E Aegis A .. M 4' 1, ' Zfvff, 163 fpy 5 XX nxun.-nwuunrs nav W' X5 - if ,gxfugu , rw. ., ,W ., nr'-ww -w Ks-wan . X 1 ,,, V1 1,5 .M s., . , ly K -s. . inf Ak F. - . , QM up M - A-wN3m T W .-. . 4- . ,., . Tia... -, X , N K 'K 5 n, -Na: K nw- y5,1'ik,i.L..lQ 2 5 V EH' 5 T .-'ive' .zz Q 'Mr-M Y gsqqaixf mag: S. ' 51 if " fi K xi .M.g. 4 :fig i Q Q L W xm 2 X 2 528' ,. A .i-15 , 55 ang as nzazfg ' .. ish W, 'Viv , 3 ,q.Q,,.,421 , , , ,, VV I i x my M ,,,,,, 2 S1257 k , Mlm X :QQ y 42 w R . . , . N1 . . . lq-mm 'Mu-au,.M an Y- Q 'C -' .fm - ,LL-IM. ' 'fm ,V ,'....L N .Q 'Q' .nh Homecoming '76 Homecoming, October 29, 1976, took a different twist this year with the game and dance being held on a Friday. This change did not at all effect the impact of the Lancer football strength as they destroyed Marshal 27-O. However, it did affect the attendance of alumni. There were fewer Parker graduates than ever before. After this homecoming victory, the HMonster Mash" Dance was held at the lower school and was a smashing success featuring the top-notch band, uWisdom." Spirit week was sponsored by the senior high girls' league this year. Such activities as Western Day, Fifties Day, Flower Day and Clash Day kept the spirit strong. To end the week, the girls' volleyball team played the faculty and won two out of the three games. This was the week prior to Halloween which added even more excitement. Halftime festivities were full of color. Balloons filled the air. Anticipating students, faculty, parents, and alumni stood around the stands and sidelines as Tara Nelson was crowned Homecoming Queen with Steve DuPlessis as Head Escort. Julie Mansfield, Kent Newton, Mary Day Dewart, and M-ark Oemcke made up the honored court. At right, Tom Gildred crowns Queen Tara Nelson. Above, the Homecoming Court: Julie Mansheld, Kent Newton, Steve DePlessis, Tara Nelson, Mark Oemcke, and Mary Day Dewart. 40 ,gu- Top left, various "greasers" and 'lchicks" gather around NIr.l.ipman for advice on how to be "cooI." Top right, two cowgirls take a siesta. Middle, from left to right, Barrie Berg, Carol Leonard, Rebecca Smith, and Teresa Pesquiera model their Clash Day outfits, and IVlr, Giraud shows off his 50's Day garb. Bottom, left to right, Andi Kaufmann readies for the last roundup, as pioneer Judy Kincaid takes a rest from the wagon train on Western Day. Above, spirit banner provides backdrop for cowpoke's chow time. 41 We've Got What It Takes! if iii.: Football . . . basketball . . . summer practices . . . cheer camp. . . new chants, cheers and uniforms . . . daddy. . . Southern League Tourney. . . going on a lion hunt. . . a X" A young squad. g Cheer camp at UCSD in August was the biggest help in fl" developing the varsity squad. The first day we began to rw, .gi straighten out the many differences between us. After a A healthy Hare of tempers and a total failure in the iirst . . 4 , evaluation, we began to develop as a unified squad instead of five separate individuals. 1' 4 ' W The varsity cheerleaders had a spirited year of new and 7 'Y exciting experiences. IVlade up of four underclassmen and only one senior, with different personalities and some very large appetites, the group gained many memories. They'll never forget Lisa's big mouth, Joce's agility, Karen's Lancer locomotive, Chris' cheer: t'We've got what it takes" and lVIarcy'S TAB addiction. l'l fii' A W- ..-mwmuugupupwvff V, ... ,i H. f Right ltop to bottomb, Lisa Cook, Marcy Maher, Jocelyn Guiles, Karen Reavis, and Chris Trepte. Below right, Karen, Jocelyn and Chris shout encouragement. Below left, the girls show their enthusiasm, Below, the varsity cheerleaders stir up Lancer spirit at a football game. V. . .. My E .3 .F Swaie - S? 42 cushions It Was "Funtastic!" Five unique personalities comprised the JV cheerleading squad. Although they had some misunderstandings during the year, everything always worked out. No one will ever forget yelling 'ltake that ball away" when actually Parker had the ball, or baking cookies for the team, and then forgetting to bring them. The people in the ofhce must have gotten sick of watching the girls practicing their cheers in front of the building. It meant that not only the cheerleaders but also the office staff knew the cheers for the next game. Because of the formation of the JV football team the girls were able to participate in supporting both the JV and varsity teams as they did during basketball season. Altogether it was a llfuntastic" year. Left ltop to bottoml, Diane and Pam lead a cheer, everyone gets into the act, the squad lleft to rightbz Glynnette Kosmas, Pam Guiles, Laura Wolf, Diane DuPlessis, and Courtney Field. Below, the JV in formation. l X Q.. ... if, get 43 arsity Completes Winning Season f l Pictured above Cback rowl Coach Cook, Coach Volker, Chris Hall LM, Mark Oemcke FB, LB, Jay Plaehn LE, Byron Harlan RE, LB4 Scott Bennett FB, DE, Mike Crone QB, DE, Mark Laser QB, DB, Coach Ghironi. Front row, Jim Hanahn LM, LB, Cliff Treais HB, DB, Guy Halac LE, Keith Wickman LM, Mike Sourapas HB, DB, Bill Osborn HB, DB, Ken Crone LM, Joth Layton LM, Jim Crawford RE. - 1 v U American Christian Chadwlck Ambassador 39- 0 Califomia Youth Home 27- O Marshall 52- 8 Marshall 44 Even though the 1976 Lancers were minus a league to compete in they still displayed their excellence by ending 5 1 O and acquiring a number five rating for all of California The Lancer grldders experienced one of the toughest schedules ever Their only loss was suffered at Ambassador Christian rated number two in the state, in the last fifteen seconds of the game Jim Hanahn was selected as MVP for the year. Hanafin was also recognized as Top Defensive Player for his consistent tackling and heads-up play at linebacker, and he shared captain's honors with Mark Oemcke. Oemcke was also voted Most Inspirational Player. Mike Crone and Mike Sourapas were voted as Top Offensive Players of the year. Crone, at quarterback, aggressively piloted the Lancers. Sourapas, at tailback, was leading ground gainer and scorer for the Lancers. The players gave their all in every game, Homecoming was traditionally victorious for the Lancers as they shut out the Marshall Eagles 27-0, before an enthusiastic crowd. V Shows Promise in Debut 55 t B Pictured above lback rowl Coach Cookg Coach Volkerg Jim Ilko LEg Tony Williams LMg Byron Gwinn FB, LBg Bill Helwig QBg Alex Vargas LlVl Ramon lozada LlVlg Andy Almour HB Chris Todd DB5 Mark Clifton Cy John Mansfield LlVl lVlatt Bradaric LlVl For the first time in Parker history the Lancers fielded a Junior Varsity football team. The JV was not expected to win all of the games because it was an experimental and growth year In their first two games they were overmatched and consequently were decisively defeated but the team benefitted from these experiences In their last two games they ielled into an extremely tough team. Inspired by hardhitters like Bill Helwig, Ken Dewart, and Bob Bartlett the team showed great spirit and enthusiasm. A lot was learned this year. The JV will undoubtedly contribute many fine players to upcoming varsity teams. John Ivlansheld was awarded IVIVP on ofiense, and Chris Todd was selected on defense. Named co-captains were Ambassador American Christian American Christian Marshall Bruce Jackson LlVlg Curt Ittner REg Ken Dewart FB, LBg Coach Ghironi. Front row, Bob Bartlett HBg David Peterson HBg Steve Carey HB Bill Helwig and John lvlansfield. in ,,,. .bf lil , , K W'."'W:',':,i 1 'wi ll lfif-i .e a , . is A I Q bfi' K Ego- -,Sys K , A s , W " K' 'Eu ' LLV F ss . i 1 qbkq , . ' n he 1 ' it 'QA . . i U e 'ffl' eiltf i t 4192: t ww--'-A+ .P f i - l , I , W M- s ., ALL, ,g , in N A 0 Y T L9 Y :em ,r1nndaiL. v ""'f . . A me ,Bi . , Top left, Parker defense rushes in to sack Marshall quarterback. Middle left, Jay Plaehn celebrates Parker touchdown as Mark Oemcke looks on. Right, Coach Ghironi and Cliff Treais plan strategy. Above, Mike Crone prepares to hand off while being protected by brother Ken. 46 rx srr 3 . ssissa 4 Left Ctop to bottom? Parker and American Christian ciash. Mark Laser weaves his way down field. Diane DuPIessis, Courtney Field, Laura Wolf, Pam Guiies, and Liz Gildred practice cheering. Top right Mike Sourapas dances downfield for Hrst touchdown ofthe season, Above, Ken Crone readies for the snap. 47 E .1 13: Qty Who Needs a Star? Pictured above, from Ieft: Manager Randy Laser, Ken Sulzer, Matt Crosbie, Mark Laser, Kent Newton, Robert Mitrovich, Byron Harlan Scott Bennett, Steve DuPIessis, Mark Oemcke, Jim Crawford, Scott Orr, Manager Peter Harrington. Not pictured: Coach Kerkering 5 fiSouthern League Invitational Tournament Championship f:Second Place Coastal Division Finish :'Play-off Victory ffClass A Championship i19-7 Overall Record These were the major accomplishments of the 1976-77 varsity cagers. Indeed the going was a little rougher this year, but what this team lacked in ability, it certainly made up for in desire. To no one's surprise, the Southern League Tournament trophy will remain at Parker another year. The Lancers conquered Mountain Empire, 43-36, in the Saturday night final game. Byron Harlan was named the tournament's Most Valuable Player. In league play, the Lancers dropped two games for the first time in three years, which was a surprise, but still placed second and in reach of the Class A crown. In play-off competition, Parker was slated against Christian. The Lancers had defeated the Patriots twice in regular season play and that night was to be no exception. Parker speared Christian, 58-36, to earn a berth at the Sports Arena against Army Navy Academy. The Hrst half defensive display that the Lancers put on at the arena was awesome. The halftime score was Parker 25, Army Navy 8. In the second half the Lancers coasted to a 35-30 championship victory with most of Parker's upper school cheering wildly. With two extra wins the Parker Lancers boasted a 19-7 overall record. Coach Brian Kerkering has much to be proud of: two years as coach and two Class A Championships. He instills a winning attitude in all his players. Left, Ctop to bottoml Matt Crosbie goes in for a layup, Mark Laser leads a Parker fast break. Bottom, il. to r.l Steve DuPlessis puts up a shot, Byron Harlan pulls down a rebound with authority, Scott Orr lays it up uncontested. Opposite page, fl. to r.l Kent Newton fires one up, Lancers Kent Newton, Mark Oemcke, Mark Laser, and Byron Harlan psych up before a game. S3 in is 4 lv galil' 5 in tiki if .- ili"' W M lin! ,fare sts 49 JV Cagers Show Fine Promise Af' Pictured above, from left: Manager Randy Laser, Chris Todd, Matthew Bradaric, Tim Rutherford, Bill Heivvig, Jef? Cass, Doug Halverstadt, Byron Gwinn, Ken Dewart, Curt Ittner, James Ilko, Manager Peter Harrington. Not pictured: Coach Glassey, Steve Seiber, Cliff Treais. ,av , 'Y f4W""'4f, wafxfff ww 5 waves minus: I L manned mmm' M A ' , 'Q'F57'j'J't' WW' N was -.mnmu N, .mean-.t. 19535 Jaan' , mf i '97' r Q r,, M , me , , A .awk fi 1 W , Q M , eerer t e mi C rs,, M 5 eb R in , 14 ' Q t V VVVV , H ,,,,,, ,mf i., ml. ' H WWW. , K x .A ,J Above, Coach Glassey and his JV team plan strategy, Right, Doug - -f I1, ' e Halverstadt and SDMA battle for tip off as team readies for action. ,V,, Q' V V, , L 'i'M" M7 f,, Mig. ff' "" rrtr "i, 'iltf 50 Af . ,. 2w . .wsu f 2. Q..- fr we 9 ' 1 f. fi! 'I X, -of pi lil is WM 2 2 MNM,,,1.-if W , .,,. aw W X, Qs... 1 S 'X QQ :rf K f The Junior Varsity Lancers terminated their productive season 11-6 overall and 5-1 in league to share lirst place with the Army Navy Academy Warriors. lVluch credit should be given to Coach Glassey who put together the pieces of an inexperienced team creating the most respected JV basketball machine in its league. Two big non-league victories for the Junior Varsity cagers came this year in the defeat of Chadwick and Polytechnic, two strong Los Angeles based schools. The JV Lancers vied with three area public schools this season. Lessons were learned from Point Loma and Southwest, but the Lancers almost upset Ramona High. The Lancers couldn't hang on to a seven point half time advantage as the Bulldogs' second half fastbreak strategy paid off for them 46-39. League play went smoothly with easy victories against all opponents except one, Army Navy Academy. Because of a tear jerking 35-33 loss to the Warriors near the end of the season, the Lancers had to settle with sharing the League title with ANA. All in all, it was a highly respectable season. With the return of Ken Dewart, Byron Gwinn, Tim Rutherford, Jeff Cass, and Jim Ilko next year, the JV Lancer cagers have a solid base. Left top, Doug Halverstadt and SDNIA position themselves for the rebound. Left bottom, Steve Seiber lets go ofa jumper over defenders. Below, Cliff Treais displays perfect form. lf ME. "WV ,, -ia 41? ' ,,, il, ,,.,, A I mi 51 1 l Lancer Sluggers Vie for Crown i J' I , P , , A l Av ' W 'e 9- " 5 ,, , p i, J, J ',. 0 , Hr i l vhtx .L 1' , f, lr ,,,,5L Pictured above, istanding l. to r.l John Mansfield, Clif? Treais, Mark Oemcke, Mark Laser, Steve DuPleissis, Byron Harlan, Kent Newton, Bill Mullen, Mike Crone, Matt Crosbie. Kneeling, tl. to r.J Manager George Smith, Bill Helwig, Ken Sulzer, Bill Osborne, Chris Todd, Guy Halac, Jim Lyons, Steve Seiber, Tom Rutherford, Manager Bert Wahlen. K X we RE Ibvb' Pictured above, Cstanding l. to rl David Fulwiler, Louis Fanucchi, Tony Williams, Ken Dewart, Curt Ittner, Sonny Adler, Coach Morrow. Kneeling, ll. to r.l Manager Joel Smith, Bruce Jackson, Ramon Lozada, Craig Irving, Jim Iklo, Tim Rutherford, Manager Victor Pesquiera 52 5.4-.1 at ,F 44-,ug1,,. A . 4 1, I w::.w,....'., tux, - - - W- ...,.:l2 ,, . , . ., ' ' . . "" fl , k", 3 5,f.'-to -- "' -1 l 2' ' 5'1" ,533 :S "i'1?gsi'- " ff? 1 . 1. e Q ' - ' f " " V ' V l ' ' A , A , ,f at ir . ' .gQg,ff' f. A A., ' fa ' if s i , , , -. M we . , mn 'ff'-f":t""' ' " , 5 ' ' ' .fr -if: -2- , 'f - Q - I L ,,,, " 4.5 1 A 5 5 ffkff aft 225921 ff,fi.rq?, fw if-of-, sd- - .WJ 1 , -'iq 3g '.L,2f Sf1Yg4i. l i f ,r f - 4. . .,ne,,,, " - fl X., ,,- 14,f,,-may-gggw r -1 :'.,e'w,?-:fs 'wt' ff..."'?.'.'ft. ,.'ag2,5' ' ': , "a , w-'fgQ-,p- ig ,r 6 i s - l,.,.,s, , w. m l, 5-M, WF?-r , A f , , w it5,,,,:.' 0 1.4 Mi - . ,ik L., f., 7 V1 1 V gjgt :3" .Ha,,g.l1 'P, ww- -H , H 4,i3,,,,,,, Left, ttop to bottoml Steve Seiber takes a healthy cutg Mark Laser belts oneg Byron Harlan blazes through the base paths. Right, ltop to bottoml Ken Sulzer scrambles back to hrst baseg Mark Oemcke holds the runnerg Bill Helwig makes a pivot to throw. 53 Netters Go for Fourth Troph Pictured above, Cstanding I. to r.J Peter Price, Scott Orr, Bill Helwig, David Bassham, Steve Seiber, Scott Irving, James Whisenand. Kneeling, Cl. to r.l Jeff Adler, Chris Sullivan, Madeleine Herrill, Ken Crone, Lisa Cook, Martha Flores. Another successful season of Parker tennis was anticipated at presstime with many new faces joining the ranks. New players such as freshman Jeff Adler, Chris Sullivan and Bill Helwig, along with senior Scott Bennett and old hands Scott Irving and Ken Crone were expected to put Parker on top again. The team went looking for their fourth CIF Championship in as many years of Parker league play. They were led by Brian Kerkering, in his second season as coach. Left, Bill Helwig watches doubles partner Steve Seiber return a shot. Opposite page, top, il, to r.J Bill Helwig displays his serving form, Coach Kerkering shows how it's done. Middle, tl. to r.I Madeleine Herrill waits for the return shot, Scott Orr readies for a forehand. Bottom, Cl. to r.I Scott Irving follows through on his shot, Chris Sullivan concentrates on the ball. 54 F S. t m:K ,,,. .wt auf., , ..............,.,,,r:1f-"'-""ws K , s's ' ',"""f,s,s4.j3g.4f I Q 1-A. . . .2 -I .5 1' .gk f--,,ff.g,g X - --Q-...NX xl - 1"" I Q "5 r A 1 x s". Jfixri 1' - If -' ' W 'I-1" IR, b ,dt ,h , . R , it t ,,p:.,.1,, -. ,-. 'Y , 455 'ffm nf f ,Q f ., If MMM .X ef tv-IJ. . fr til-X51 ' A Q , .iirq-Q. - Y I, ng X T, , -,,,, '.A I is Q K ., Y ,, A K 2 Q A Ula 8 -,r. 'fx -L K - If S - ,f ,S-IQ.: IW- C W tr't wi 1 swgr' .- ' , . - . jk. k..,.i. N, .3 gb 3 . 'u:.,5,,,a,, ,A., yi-oqtw,S,f,., 'iii A ' I ,W Qkyk E K W. ,,L- if ,, Q ,,kV In I I - . Q fffTii'f?'f"i 'K ti- X C , ' - A Vi c f 1 .Ii V A v ' ' -.i- rl I '--A- . wi 5' .t 5- I " it . '-I '1 . I . Cs,, S. ,C ' ' 'Ai' A , ,b , , ,,.,.. f . X.. v 1 1 Q...f+ If I af .5 , fT3fiQ:" , ' . -. ' f ., -J' - 1 Rs T' - .AA z.. . vi if - ' " Sn- ' - -, 1 5 . I 4 "" .:k, ' ' I Q f . 5: ' K X K b " . - A H Q 1 . ' mi, K ' iq U' 5 1 f 26 3-2. ,Q jg- K K' .413 Q ,T ,. A wi H Bm , 1 K s, 5-. - haue 5.991 MN - 1 .----,. - , . 1 , Y V I-w X e, 'N 1' .. M j .,, .,..,--" New Tracksters Join Ranks At this writing, the 1977 track season was in its First days, but the Lancer tracksters were definitely looking for an improved season. The sprints were a strong area, with juniors Mike Sourapas and John lVlalik returning joined by freshman Fred Hardy. The middle distance runners including freshman Matthew Bradaric, sophomores Jeff Cass and Warren Jones and senior Santos Cota-Gomez looked good also. Seniors Ted Northorn and Alex lVlayer and sophomore Gordon Gilbreath headed the Lancer long- distance department. They were expected to be challenging some records later in the year. The Lancers also expected to dominate the field events, as well. Joth Layton, lVlike Sourapas, Scott Bennett, Harold Singleton and Jay Plaehn were all jumping and throwing well. The hurdlers, Fred Blum, Joth Layton, Doug Halverstadt and Jay Plaehn, appeared promising, although they were rather new to this area. Harriers Gut it Out For the hrst time in Parker sports history, the Lancers produced a cross-country team which competed in the California Interscholastic Federation. The team was organized at the beginning of the school year and competed in five meets, including the Southern League Finals. Because of their small size, lno more than four membersl they were allowed to compete as a team only in the finals, where they Finished about in the middle of the 40 man race. Though the team had no coaching and had to work out on their own, they did very well. Only one member of the team will be returning next season. If Parker is to have a strong cross-country team more students will have to turn out and a coach should be found. The 1976-77 cross-country team members included: seniors Otto Hirr, Alex lVlayer, and Ted Nothorn, and junior Ken Sulzer. 56 :IH W' . 1 :-k' . 3 A f J 't" S , elif: " 'g , g I . ,Q V A to h 'E .. l ,X , 40 N TV L., ,' l . " D fe 1 f bf 2 Qlxmlf f-. 11 f , , max Pictured above, lback row from leftl Coach Summers, Manager David Carson, Warren Jones, Jef? Cass, Jay Plaehn, Harold Singleton, Doug Halverstadt, Joth Layton, Fred Blum. Front row, ll. to r.l Gordon Gilbreath, Matthew Bradaric, Ted Nothorn, Alex Mayer, Mike Sourapas John Malik, Fred Hardy, Manager David Green. N9 nie ff Q sv Bottom, ll. tor.JJohn Malik practices getting out of the blocks, Jay Plaehn shows good form while clearing the hurdles. Above, Jeff Cass, Warren Jones, and Doug Halverstadt ready for the 100 yd. dash. At right, Cl. to r.l Alex Mayer grins as Gordon Gilbreath and Ted Northorn let him win, Harold singleton gives the shot a big push, Below, the Cross Country Team, L. to r., Alex Mayer, Ken Sulzer, Otto Hirr. Not pictured: Ted Nothorn. Softball Team Sparkles in Debut . - 4. M.-e M 4,1 . Pictured above, tstanding l. to r.l Mrs. Styles, Letty Rosado, Denise Bailey, Jean Mullen, Madeleine Herrill, Kathy Steiner, Diane DuPlessis, Lisa Goehring. Kneeling, Cl. to r.J Maile Knudsen, Cheryl Barbour, Leigh Ann Layton, Renee Bryant, Maxine Fuentes, Jannice Kinkade, For the first time in its history, Parker was able to field a Girls' Softball team. Along with live other Southern League squads, Parker trained and practiced through a game-packed three month season. Julian proved to be the toughest nine. However the Lancers were able to finish with a healthy record. Despite their lack of experience, the girls made a good showing. Many enthusiastic eighth graders provide promise for future seasons. With the return of Jean Mullen, Diane DuPlessis, Madeleine Herrill, and Lisa Goehring, Parker will have a strong foundation to build on. Clockwise, starting top left, Madeleine, Jean, Denise and Diane take their swings at the plate. 58 . ,,,,, Wm, ,J ,iw L Q WW if -gamma- et Ewa t .e i ' J fi 5 aff i 8 t Js i 'if' o Y - K -' .k'k . 1 " W J eter at it . J' f if + . .zzff-f., Q i :m s 3 ab, ru V Q 1 , V+ my 4,1 f', fg gf: f a g? 'gb fa 4 " :MU"'3i:i - f j lilf I ' ' K ss' , .l uf r f f.hW ' 7 ' " lx " If' Y ' 1. Biff, 5 bl N 'su-, ,x , f, .. Mgt ,W if , ' Y ' "f if n e ftaiftii , fa 5' ff., ' "'- ' ',, gi., -2. 4 i ,. JVM . A. I , K V , , ' - f 1 ,ff ' -f 1 i . , 'i"f' , , I ' ,," V-W' if K ' Q f , ' yi? , QQ -A .ff , H W I A ' ., 4 Y - ' 1 , I 1 Pt' , , . .':,Vt is NWI., A n I A if ' 1115! e - i' 9' "-tt ' J get gi im . W' if ,, , , l , - I - I li-11-Q2 , ., , , -,ef- f .1 f'f" , ' '.-ff '.'o"," ' fm' 'fer' Y " "- VA 'ki' ' ' ,-f. i V J ' i" ' ' t..i i i'1i . W ., N: , I VVVV . J ,i L .5 V W eiiv .... .... . - is vvlis J . J ff . or J it it l S ii.. J Q w g,,'f H by V 'V ,,f. " 1' P . 'e.'e' l 1 J . L e Female Cagers Display Spirit RKE Q! ,M i ,i RK lf! Pictured above, fstanding l. to r.i Julie Wahlen, Monica Childers, Nina Severance, Coach Volker, Jennie Smith, Carol Leonard, Kathy Steiner, Jean Mullen, Kneeling, fl, to r.i Barbie Jones, Kirsten Hedin, Maile Knudsen, Leigh Ann Layton, Maxine Fuentes, Lisa Goehring. .mm-wa i A s. ii The 1976-77 Girls' Basketball Team had high hopes for a winning season at presstime. This year, the female cagers had an official league to compete in. Twenty tough games, employing a varsity and a JV were scheduled for the three month season. Fifteen spirited shooters, jumpers and dribblers turned out for the team. There was a representative from each high school grade, with a record of seven from the sophomore class. Coach Volker's patience and determination combined with the girls' stamina and spirit produced a fine squad. Returning veterans Maxine Fuentes, Lisa Goehring, Karen Reavis, Jennie Smith and Julie Wahlen along with new prospects Jean Mullen and Leigh Ann Layton provided a strong offensive and defensive foundation for Parker. Far left, Barbie Jones vies for possession of the ball in practice as Monica Childers looks on. Left, Maxine Fuentes hurls a pass away from defenders Jean Mullen and Kirsten Hedin in a pre-game workout. Successful Spikers Reach Playoffs Girls' volleyball had a very successful season this year, thanks to Coach Kerkering's time and patience. Boasting ten wins and winning their league, the team went on to play the second place team of the Avocado League. Though they lost to Mt. Carmel in the playoffs, the girls had a good year. Following in the footsteps of the varsity, the JV also went undefeated 'W N in league play. Many members of the JV team show much promise for next year's varsity squad. 09 Below top, Cheryl Barbour sets up a spike for Maile Knudsen and Jean Mullen. Below left, Madeleine Herrill spikes one to the Julian team as Lisa Cook looks on. Below right, the varsity squad gathers around Coach Kerkering. The varsity team. Pictured above lback rowl Lisa Goehring, Jennie Smith, Madeleine Herrill, Jocelyn Guiles, Chris Trepte. Front row, Julie Wahlen, Marcy Maher, Patti Crews, Lisa Cook, Mary Day Dewart. vunuf, 2 The JV squad. Pictured above ll. to r.J Cheryl Barbour, Jean Mullen, Kathy Steiner, Denise Bailey, Liz Gildred, Diane DuPIessis, Letty Rosado, Leigh Ann Layton, Maile Knudsen. 60 : U1 Q " Y- 35' ' Standing, fl. to r.l Manager Sandy Iverson, Keith Sampson, Katie Seiber, George Smith, Gabe Zatarain, Matt Herrill, Pat Styles, Manager Marc Guiles, Coach Lipman. Kneeling, tl. to r.l Bill Van Gaasbeek, Marc Wolfsheimer, Pat Oddo, Pat Millay, Bert Wahlen, Maury Liwerant, Mike Collins. Mini-Cagers 2 Tie for First After losing their First game, the 7th and 8th grade basketball team found what they were missing and went on to win their next seven games. Their record of 7-1 was good enough to tie them for first place with Army Navy Academy. When given the choice of sharing a trophy or having a play-off, the team chose unanimously to play ANA for the trophy. The team went into the game with spirit and eager to play, but they returned from the game two points down. Only two members will return to this team next season. Next year's senior high basketball team's roster should be greatly bolstered by the addition of this year's 8th graders. "swag - ,,.f I . - -'sue-,531,:g: .5 'ff 1 , " 'Q Photo Courtesy of SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE Below, fl. to r,l Katie Seiber holds the ball out of reach, Pat Oddo outjumps his opponent, Bert Whalen tries a jump shot. , 8 - ' 'wg' K K 61 Faculty! Administration .ni-Q Administrators, Board Make Decisions Few people are aware of the importance of the Parker Board of Directors to the functioning ofthe school. Responsibilities of the Board include establishing the general philosophies, selecting the Headmaster, and overseeing the Financial well-being of the school. These decisions are made by a total of twenty-eight members, including the Mothers' Club president, Fathers' Club president, and the student representative. Each member is elected to a three-year term by Parker parents. The dedication of this Hne board is evident in every area of life at Parker. Above, tl. to r.J Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Treais and Dr. Crone relax after a hard day's work. Below, Board of Directors President Philip Gildred, Jr. Board of Directors Philip L. Gildred, Jr., President Samuel Carpenter, First Vice President Paul K. Tchang, Second Vice President Mrs. George Smith, Secretary Robert Nostrand, Treasurer James Hanahn, Student Representative Mrs. Sam Assam Clarke Braly Mrs. Milan Brandon Mrs. John C. Carson Victor M. Cruz Kenneth Nl. Graham Lowell G. Hallock L. Thomas Halverstadt Mrs. Robert Harrington Mrs. Dan Hedin Otto A. Hirr J. Lawrence Irving Tawfiq N. Khoury Nicolas Marsch, Jr. Predrag Mitrovich Milagros Quini, M.D. Donald Reniers J. Mark Rhoads J. Stephen Thornborrow Louis M. Wolfsheimer 64 Fathers' Club Officers Kenneth M. Graham President William Hitchcock Vice President Eli Sampson Secretary James Wolf Treasurer Mothers' Club Officers Mrs. R.L. Harrington President Mrs. Kenneth Graham First Vice President Mrs. Joan Evons Second Vice President Mrs. Lynn Williams Secretary Mrs. Robin Mansheld Treasurer Above left, Mrs. Corbin reads a story to her animal friends. Below left Mr. O'Rourke prepares for his get-away. Below, Mr. Kerkering, Mr. Russell and Mr. Bennett talk over a football game. iff- A ,,-1 ef N we . l je. 6 .E , ' Ninn l V ,Q A f , x ei Q 1 -, X l E f 1. 1531- if i Teachers' Faces Show Moods A perceptive student will often study a faculty member's face to determine his mood for the day. But is the teacher wearing a frown because someone forgot his homework, or is it because the teacher wants so badly to get his class to understand the material he has just explained? It could also be, this year, that the faculty member's report for Parker's accreditation is overdue. Whether they are explaining the concept of the common market, the meaning of a Shakespearean sonnet or the proper way to build a model boat, Parker teachers are conscientious. They are concerned about individual students and their progress. Smiles usually prevail because they have a feeling of accomplishment. A 35 f it tas. ss. ly f Patty Barrett English, Drama Ron Bennett Social Studies Dir. of Athletics Barry Cheskaty S h o p, A rt J u d y Co rbi n E n g I i s h ve: --'. . K . ,Ei ' l ' ' ' IVI a rl e n e Fi s h e r gigiffli 597 - K A My Ed . p Spanish g 3 Chuck Freer L Tennis - if Susan Geroe . t A French as Q '- J' 5 v 2 W 1. S, . n Q .1 VI Mary Jo Ghironi Q, ,kL,.,f,.:,4',,,l,n-.aggp Latin, Sewing " .sl '-ri". 3. -A ' .- lf, ' . .Q .Es mn- ',.-,- .p . 65 Tony Ghironi Science, P.E. Mark Giraud Math Sharon Jackson Art, PE. Brian Kerkering History, P.E. Stephanie Kerkering Music Doris Larson Librarian, Typing Larry Lipman Math, P.E. Terence O'Rourke English Rex Panton Auto Mechanics Lynn Payette Spanish Chuck Pooch Math, Testing Dir Dave Russell History, H umanities par' l Dolores Spain . English, Journalism Fran Styles Girls' P.E. fi l ,W ll! n. 0' Above top, Mr. Lipman chows down on a hearty lunch. Above left, Mrs. Jackson sports fashionable duds. Above right, lVlr. Volker prepares for another invigorating history class. W rl Above, three hardworking ladies: Mrs. Jan Rogers, Mrs. Lisa Hume, and Mrs. Pat Helwig. 68 Ted Summers Science, Math Ray Terrill gf Science gf Evelyn Treais Spanish - Ray Volker History, P.E. who Left, Mrs. Barrett ponders over an English paper. Secretarial Staff Ready to Serve Most of us see the secretaries as those who find lost books, supply pens for a test and give passes for being late to class. Actually, their duties cover much more. Mrs. Helwig's ofiicial title is Secretary!Receptionist of the Upper School. Her list of duties ranges from answering a busy set of phone lines to assisting the ill and injured. Students, teachers, and administrators rely on her. 'lAsk Mrs. Helwig," is heard often during the day. Her job is never boring. Mrs. Rogers is the secretary to Dr. Crone, Mrs. Smith and the Board of Directors. She also purchases textbooks and handles the accounts payable in the bookkeeping ofice. Her invaluable service to seniors is her assistance with college entrance materials. Transportation secretary Lisa Hume assists in preparing bus routes, meeting parent requests and generally helping out in the bus office. She also does some bookkeeping, operating of the switchboard, and is in charge of the main ofihce in the early morning. Jim Galyan Carlos Jimenez Juan Montano Jeorge Villasenor Willing Workers Keep Us Going Despite having to carve Thanksgiving turkey in the dark during a power outage, the cafeteria ran smoothly under its new manager lVlrs. lVlathews. The food was delicious, and the ladies were never faced with the problem of left-overs. Jim Galyan along with his small army of custodians and groundsmen kept the classrooms and surrounding areas in top condition. They performed their duties in a happy way with no complaining. The Transportation Department, headed by Dan Zatarain, with help from Lisa Hume and Beverly Brock made sure students arrived and departed from school on time. The drivers were responsible in their driving and taking care of their passengers. At left, cafeteria crew I. to r. Lorraine Polhamus, Josenna Cruz, Betty Turner, Virginia Mann, and manager Louise Mathews. Not pictured: Agata Bork and Fran Parrino. Dan Zatarain Beverly BVOCK 69 ActivitiesfOrganiz ations 71 I-B3-lil CAVALCADE Works to Record Faces, Feelings for Editors ............... ...... ....., ......................... M a x ine Fuentes, Alex Mayer Copy Editor ........ ............................,.............,.......................... S ue Almour Photographers ...... .....,...................... S onny Adler, Liz Gildred, Lisa Goehring, Otto Hirr, Brian Jones, Letty Rosado, Frank Taliaferro Staff ............... .......................... E lisa Bartlett, Jim Hanahn, Ted Nothorn, Mark Oemcke, Nina Severance, Cathy Vafis Artists ...................... ............................ J ohn Rippo, Tanaz Sondouzi Business Manager ...... ................,................................ L eesie Assam Advisor .............................,................................................................. Mrs. Spain Contributors ..................................... Renate Adloff, Mrs. Barrett, Bob Bartlett, David Bassham, Mrs. Brown, Renee Bryant, Dr. Crone, Mary Day Dewart, Courtney Field, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Helwig, Karen Hirr, Marcy Maher, Robert Mitrovich, Bill Mullen, Mrs. Jackson, Scott Orr, Mary Lou Quini, Mrs. Russell,' Mrs. Smith Team Pictures and Senior Portraits ......,........ Tony Francis, House of Portraits Thanks to Mrs. Helwig for supplying us with innumerable amounts of information-Maxine 84 Alex This year's CAVALCADE is the result of six months of taking pictures, writing copy, squeezing money, and editing. Much of the actual production took place on holidays, weekends and after school. The moods of the staff ranged from the panic that theyifelt as the deadlines neared, to satisfaction when they Hnally perfected a difhcult layout. Many times they encountered hopelessness when a picture was botched or a headline was counted wrong, but also there was relief, when some missing copy turned up or a headline fit just right. And at the end there was exhiliration and a sense of accomplishment as their goal of completing what you are reading now was realized: The 1977 CAVALCADE Above right, CAVALCADE staffers show up for "annual" meeting. Above left Ctopl, Sue Almour checks over copy. Middle, Leesie Assam hgures budget for the year. Bottom, Ted Nothorn actually types up a couple of lines. THE VIEW Brings New Name, New Look to Paper Editor-in- Chief ................................................................................. Bill Mullen Assistant Editor ..,.,.. ...... T 6-dINOih0YU Feature Editor ...... ............................... L eesie Assam Sports Editor ..........,.........................................................,........... Mark Oemcke Sports Assistants ...,............................................ Sue Almour, Robert Mitrovich Typists ..,............. Elisa Bartlett, Maxine Fuentes, Harold Singleton, Cathy Vahs Artists ..................................,............... Leesle Assam, Lisa Goehring, Sara Vafis Photography ................ Sonny Adler, Liz Gildred, Brian Jones, Frank Taliaferro Circulation ..........................,.................................,... Renee Bryant, Tara Nelson Reporters: Bob Bagnall, Bob Bartlett, Barrie Berg, James Comstock, Courtney Field, Maxine Fuentes, David Fulwiler, Kelly Green, Jim Hanafin, Carol Leonard, Alex Mayer, Scott Orr, Harold Singleton Advisor ............................................................................................... Mrs. Spain 1976 was the year for the bicentennial, the year for Jimmy Carter, the year for THE VIEW. The new name debuted in October marking the end of the CLARION era. After considering choices for a new name some very good, the staff chose THE VIEW for two reasons. First, because of the location of the school and its surroundings, THE VIEW is appropriate. Second, THE VIEW also symbolizes a way of looking at things from different perspectives which is what we try to do. The change brought about a new attitude towards the paper and its objective. THE VIEW branched out this year to include coverage of happenings not only on campus but around the San Diego area as well. The paper did its best to provide students with information on entertainment including movie and concert reviews. Another strong area in this year's paper was its extensive coverage of all on-campus sports. Girls' volleyball and basketball came into their own this year and were given the recognition they deserved. This year's staff was the largest and most productive the paper has seen. The responsibility was evenly distributed among THE VIEW's hard working members as everyone was a major contributor to each issue. All in all we feel steps have been made in the right direction towards improving the quality of the paper and providing material to interest everyone. We know this trend will continue and we wish the best of luck to the staff of '77! Above, the gang's all here. Above right, Elisa Bartlett types a story. Middle right, THE VIEW ready for paste up. Right, Editor Bill Mullen pastes up a final copy. Many Faces of Government The 1976-1977 ASB clearly refiected the tradition of fine student government leaders at Parker. HActive" fails to describe the productivity and intensity of the senior high council's work. Numerous activities such as recorded dances, sales, etc. Hooded the calendar raising school spirit and the bank account in order to have funds for larger functions. Spirit Week and Homecoming, organized primarily by the senior high student council were smashes. Besides wanting to better Parker's social events, the student council worked to improve its basic machinery, student participation. This year, the student body clearly illustrated its satisfaction in the council. Student support climbed and all functions throughout the year were highly received. The student council also played an important role by assisting with accreditation of Parker. l 1 This was a good year for the junior high student council. They sponsored many funfilled and profitable functions such as games nights and magazine selling. The council's attitude towards their different goals was very mature and business like. With Sandy Iverson as president, the student council accomplished many things. Keith Sampson was an enthusiastic vice president and Katie Seiber was an organized secretary-treasurer. They both did fine jobs in carrying out and helping with the council's ideas. 74 Pictured above tback rowl Bill Helwig, 9B rep., Harold Singleton, 10A rep, Jim Hanafin, representative to the board, Sue Almour, 12A rep., Cliff Treais, 11B rep., Mark Oemcke president, Julie Nlansheld, 12B rep. Front row, Karen Reavis, secretary-treasurer, Julie Wahlen, 10B rep., Glynnette Kosmas, 10C rep., Denise Bailey, vice president, Leslie Pearce, 9C rep., Andi Kaufmann, 9A rep. Not pictured, Judy Kincaid, 11A rep. At left, president Nlark Oemcke contemplates a new idea. 1 Pictured below Kback row? Susan NIcKig, 8B rep., Katie Seiber, secretrary-treasurer, Sandy Iverson, president, lVlatt Herrill, 8A rep., Pat Styles, 7C rep. Front row, Keith Sampson, vice president, Steve Carter, 7A rep., lVlarc Wolfsheimer, BC rep., Tom Gildred, 7B rep. IW., 0 0 0 Q Smllmg Faces of ffiirnrn at ..., Pictured above lback rowl Debbie Freedman, 10 rep,, Mary Day Dewart, 11th rep., Renee Bryant, 12th rep., Teresa Pesquiera, 9th rep. Front row, Letty Rosario vice president, Leesie Assam, president, Liz Gildred, secretary, Karen Hirr, treasurer. Pictured below Cleft to rightl Alyce Graham, 7th rep., Michele Deilgat, treasurer, Lee Rhein, secretary, Sherre Bryant, president, Ann lVliller, vice president, Pia Lindquist, 8th rep. Glrls League Baking cookies. . .crawling under the bleachers looking for trash ...decorating and cleaning up.. .singing . . . blowing up balloons. . . planning various activities. . . spending money . , . and just generally making people happy are some of the things that the senior high girls' league does best. This year's league carried on with their daily candy sales, went caroling and, of course, chattered away during the ever popular slumber party. The girls were a tightly knit and very enthusiastic group. They enjoyed drawing up a set of by-laws for the upcoming board members to follow. Below, president Leesie Assam discusses new ideas with Teresa Pesqueira and Karen Hirr. With goals of friendship, fun and service, the junior high girls' league has worked enthusiastically on many projects during the year. Fun and accomplishment prevailed at games nights, the annual slumber party, and Christmas caroling with the senior high girls' league. All the girls worked hard on the major ways and means project selling stationery, and are proud of the donation they were able to make to the school. It was a rewarding year for alll 75 Students Display Creative Skills Cassette tape holders, bowls, lamps, skim and skate boards, a gun cabinet and the ever-popular boats for the boat Regatta in Spring were among the items made in woodshop. One of the bigger projects of the year was a large-size dining table. All in all it was a successful first year for lVlr. Barry'Cheskaty. Auto mechanics continued to be a popular elective with Rex Panton teaching the class. Tara Nelson and Letty Rosado were the first girls brave enough to take the course. The group worked on old cars and every now and then were able to try their skills on a car that was in good shape. Wire sculptures, lettering in Old English and papier mache masks were all a part of this year's arts and crafts course taught by lVlrs. Jackson. The class benefited from two new potters' wheels built by lVlr. Giraud and IVlr. Cheskaty. Despite a few soldered fingers and getting lost in the mysteries of one and two point perspective, this year's arts and crafts program can be termed a success. Even though there were no boys signed up this year, the girls in the sewing class had a great time making jumpers, skirts, and bathing suits. At press time, lVlrs. Ghironi and the girls were planning to put on a fashion show at the end of the year. Right tTop to Bottoml, Cathy Steiner measures off a guideline, Dave Lieberman works on the lathe, Jessica Sheridan concentrates on a typing exercise. Below tTop to Bottoml, Keith Wickman 'lbondos" a tailgate, Kristen Hobbs pins a blouse for a good fit. .... , ..... N 76 D 6. .... Q -. or -Q lil " win. 5 ,I . mmm. Y-ii 5 Y i 9' :tiff f X x x if Y, R .X ."l 94 M Fe 9 I. 7 "l' 'fl if ig W SW' .,.d""" New Clubs Flourish t Parker The 1976-77 school year marked the beginning of three new clubs at Parker. These clubs gave the students, faculty, and alumni a chance to get together out of school and also to reveal some of their more hidden talents. ltBody Whomping, Inc.," presided over by teacher Larry Lipman, was a club which practiced the fine sport of body whomping, one of the more deranged forms of surfing. The members, Bob Bagnall, Kent Newton, Tom and Tim Rutherford, John Cook, and Fred Blum met before and after school and on weekends to whomp and be whomped upon by some 'ignarly" waves. Their favorite spots were Ocean and Mission Beaches. The NTower Two" club was another beach club. It was named after a well known landmark on Mission Beach. Tower Two was one of the more sophisticated groups, having four different orders: Upper School, Lower School, Alumni, and even a Foreign Exchange order. The club had more than 50 members including unofficial leader Mrs. Brown of the lower school. Although not really new, having died out the year before, the Bike Club started up again this year with about 15-20 members. The group was headed by Mr. O'Rourke. It was made up mostly of 7th and 8th graders, and took about eight outings. They usually rode up the coast, averaging 30-40 miles a trip. At the end of the year they planned to take a century trip la 100 mile tripi. v--- Top Mark Oemcke Ken Dewart, Sue Almour, Andy Almour and Steve Du Plessis gather around Tower Two, the landmark for after school hours and summer club. Middle: Mr. Lipman reigns as Body Whomper king. Below: Some of the Bike Club members. Back row Laird Nelson Annette Mangiameli, Alyce Graham, Jennifer Jenkins, Ken Graham, Mr. O'Rourke, David Rudee, and David Carson Front row Nancy Harrington, Mary-Jane Buck, David Green, Steve Fisher, Rusty Reniers, and Joel Smith. 77 Dances, Games Nights Enjoyed by Students Dances of the year included the Kick-OH, Monster Mash and other casual dances. The semi-formal ones were the winter dance, and a year-end spring dance. ilWinter Reflections" in January proved to be a great evening of dancing and dining to the music of HPrysm." It was held in the Kon Tiki Room of the Catamaran Hotel which has a beautiful view of the multicolored lights reflecting on Mission Bay. A Sadie Hawkins and a 5O's dance were held during second semester. The 7th and Sth graders had fun at their games nights as well. They danced, bowled, skated and went to basketball games. Dances were organized by the student councils and girls' leagues. Top, Richard Marsch, Andy Almour, and Sonny Adler rest before the next dance at uWinter Reflections". Middle, 8th graders carry on at games night activities. Below right, Dates Lisa Mumby and Richard Marsch arrive at winter dance. Below left, Fashionable Monica Childers and Sonny Adler show how a well-dressed couple should look. 78 W Honor Society Awards Outstanding Scholars The National Junior and Senior High Societies' purpose is to recognize and reward students who have shown high academic achievement. On Tuesday, October 5, at the University Club, a dinner was held to honor those who had fulfilled the requirements during the 1975-76 school year for admittance into the organization. Mrs. Corbin was the guest speaker for the evening. She stressed the fact that students need a good home atmosphere in which to study as well as an appropriate environment. Dr. Crone gave recognition to honored students by classes. Due to the large number of last year's seventh graders being honored, they were presented with their awards at a later assembly. Those inducted into the Athenian chapter of the Junior Honor Society from last year's eighth grade included: Donald Brandon, Kenneth Dewart, Diane DuPlessis, Karen Hirr, Jim Ilko, Andi Kaufmann, Maile Knudsen, Larry Lef'Fler, Leslie Pearce, Teresa Pesqueira, and Lori Roberts. Students commended for their ninth grade academic year were: Eric Allison, Jeff Cass, James Comstock, Madeleine Herrill, Kristen Hobbs, Barbie Jones, Warren Jones, Beth Lavender, John Mansfield, Adrianne Moss, Katie Palmer, Karen Reavis, Nina Severance, Chris Trepte, Ernie Tucker, Cathy Vans, Julie Wahlen, and Laura Wolf. New members inducted into the Lancer chapter of the Senior Honor Society were: David Bassham, Fred Blum, Patti Crews, Joth Layton, Pete Price, Cliff Treais, and James Whisenand. Individuals recognized for their eleventh grade academic performance included: Bob Bagnall, Renee Bryant, Millard Cover, Maxine Fuentes, Hattie Joe, Brian Jones, Julie Mansheld, Alex Mayer, Kent Newton, Ted Nothorn, and Mark Oemcke. Twelve of last year's senior class were also commended, They were: Christina Blanco, Lee Braly, Carl DuPlessis, Kiki Flores, Lori Fisher, Hilary Hanafin, Don Jones, Scott Miller, Mary Nelson, Tim Nelson, Sarah Semlak, and Betsy Smith. Above top, Madeleine Herrill gets a proud smile and a handshake from Mrs. Treais upon receiving her award. Middle, Peter Price, Nina Severance, Alex Mayer, Cathy Vafis, and Joth Layton are pleased with their awards. Bottom, Mrs. Corbin captivates scholars and parents with her informative address. 79 Many Enjoy Drama, Chorus Those who enjoyed singing or acting turned out for the drama and chorus classes. Among the innovations was a Christmas musical, a modern version of the birth of Christ, UNO Room at the Inn." The chorus for the nrst time became known in the community by giving performances at local elementary schools. New and traditional Christmas songs were sung. Another project was their Spring program with the theme: Sound of lVlusic. lVlembers of the chorus included: Denise Bailey, Renee Bryant, Mary Day Dewart, Diane DuPlessis, Cary Estes, Helen Fares, Courtney Field, Debbie Freedman, Nladeleine Herrill, Hattie Joe, Andi Kaufman, lVlarcy lVlaher, Julie Mansfield, Desiree lViitrovich, Jean Mullen, Tara Nelson, Lisa Nothorn, Katie Palmer, Susan Peshel, Karen Reavis, Letty Rosado, Nina Severance, Jennie Smith, Julie Wahlen, and Laura Wolf. Although their plans had not yet been finalized, at press time, the drama class was making plans to produce one drama, either HSorry Wrong Number" or uThe Curious Savage," and two comedies selected from the Reader's Theatre. The actual class, made up of 15-20 members, teachers iVlrs. Patty Barrett, lVlrs. Lisa Hume, and lVlrs. Regina Smith was divided into two parts, a lecture section on dramatic history and a practice section. The class also planned to put on a few small skits, to take held trips to television stations, and to have outside speakers come to talk to the class. Below, Hattie Joe and Renee Bryant take a rest in between songs. Right, ttop to bottoml The chorus presents their version of the Nativity Scene, Letty Rosado, Jennie Smith and Julie Wahlen lead the chorus, The girls start out their program smiling. fav 80 K 'H Patron We would like to thank those whose contributions made this year's CAVALCADE possible. Their generosity is greatly appreciated. Dr. George Abdelnour Patricia R. Adloff Mr. and Mrs. David A. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Sam Assam Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Aylott Mrs. Burleigh Bagnall Mr. and Mrs. Merlynn J. Barbour Dr. and Mrs. Earl A. Bauer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Hugh M. Bennett Mr. and Mrs Jeremy Berg Mr. and Mrs William L. Bradaric Dr. and Mrs. J. Brand Brickman Cecelia A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo W. Bryant Arline Buchanan Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. J.H.D. Buck William G. Cass Judith A. Clifton Mr. and Mrs. E. Alan Comstock Mr. and Mrs. Irving P. Crawford Capt. and Mrs. Quintous E. Crews Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Denenberg Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Estes Mr. and Mrs. Nasim Fares, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Flores Bruce Freeman Ernesto Fuentes Mr. and Mrs.PhiIip Gildred, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gilman Betty S. Harlan Mr. and Mrs. Otto A. Hirr Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Irving James E. Iverson Chief and Mrs. Joseph Joe Joesph J. Keely Mr. and Mrs. John Kosmas Maria Irma LaGreca 82 I Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lavender Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Z. Lozada, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jim G. Malik Mr. and Mrs. George D. Millay Dr. Arnold J. Mandell Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Marsch, Jr. Lisa and Laura Mumby Elizabeth Ann Nothorn Mr. and Mrs. William E. Osborne Pacific Scene, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Palmer Parker Mothers' Club Dr. Margaret Peshel Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. R. Price Dr. and Mrs. Romeo A. Quini In Honor of Dr. Sam Assam from Sandy Randel Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reniers Mr. and Mrs. John H. Rippo Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Robbins Hon. and Mrs. Raul Rosado, Letty and Eric Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sachs Mrs. Maxine Scheider Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shishido Mrs. Grace V. Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Steven Soares William T. Stephens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sulzer Dr. Edgar E. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ernest S. Tucker Dr. K. W. Vargas Hazel Warren Mr. and Mrs. George M. Warwick Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. James M. Whisenand Angie and Monica Whitney Mrs. Ethel Wylie 83 Jump, Chump! Hit the frickin' ball! Hot Dang! Get a hand on everything! Son of a bun!" Who could forget these words? Thanks, Coach Kerkering Volleyball '76 SEE YOU NEXT YEAR Dear B, With you there is happiness, without you, I have no ful- fillment. Love, FJ YOU AND NIE For F. W. P. Jeftrey Dene Scheider To my babes, Bllp!! Love you, Peach Just You !n' lVle Corazon Santa Bobo 81 Schnookums Trojans 84 OB Cinnamon Lifesavers ZFTABX Grandpa Shorty PCM Forever Together lVl K and L.L Thanks for all those Friday and Saturday nights! What are buddies for? Love L and T W. R. B. F. from Lollie Stop flirting! . . . going on a lion hunt... porking out . . . don t take no beginners . . . 7-11 and Del Mesa . . . be aggressive . . . Varsity 76- 77 to the class BEST WISH ES of ' '77 Nlrs. C and Nlzz G, Thanks for everything! I S. B. fr 1-!!Funny, I can't see" 4-I2-HY. C. Locker" 113-!!Let's get pizza." M4-!!You know how it is " Thanks for Nothiqg YOU RE GREAT! ENGLISH I LOVE IT! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING SUSAN C. NIRS. CORBIN! To Nlr. Giraud: It's been a good year for us redheads. Sunkist fruit gems.. . S20 or 10... Death Valley 8t Nlt. Everest. . . Spaz . . . getting juiced . . . our 'Ove you both' love life . . . bumpin' 84 uh-huh . .potato-chip Cook The Rothchilds incident . . . Glynnette . . . What's the deal? . . . ANA. . . speedy . . . We're a bunch of A's and B's . . . Thanx Varsity . . . Later, Pam, Diane, Liz, Courtney, Laura CONGRATULATICNS GRADUATES ' Your' educauon has helped to make a better- world And lookmg toward the future per Maps one day you'l1 help us to bmld a more attr-actwe one as well 0 Nz AjJpa,.lIC i.. BBQ Sth Ip ' tfkf: I A on Q I S A if ,xffile lsme ' H Q QQLQJQUUM W CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '77 IVlay you End happiness and success in your chosen fields. We are p oud to ha e been able to help you abide 'th the lldress code both in and out of school, 1014 Prospect Street, La Jolla Ca. 92037 ' SOMETHING p IS ALWAYS I CCIOKING l IN THE l SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' LEAGU E 86 4 II The Senior High Student Council is always on the job. 1 it 1 - -- ' ' From the rowdy class of '77 The Comstock Co. Real Estate Consultants ABC PROPERTIES INDIANA FARMS 2246 3rd Avenue, San Diego, CALIFORNIA IOOO sq. ft. of antiqoes-collectibles Ideas Incorporated 4010 Goldfinch 916 W. Washington open Tues. thru Sat 10 to 6 llower Hill Center, Suits' 240A 2670 Via de la Valle lJ4llV1dl.C21l1f0I'l'1lEi 92014 l714l 755-1882 4040 Goldhnch Street Ham Diego, California 92103 T341 299-8442 TEE FIERFIECJ MPN Best Wishes from The Junior High Student Council and Girls League 171 41 755-9347 T O N Y F RA N C l S Photographer Senior Portrait Photographer 1430 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California 92014 BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF '77 Crest Beverage and The Sourapas Family O-' Q -Ev H 5005 5 V35 We 866 Qt X vailccgxjfxoifmwcg :C if wicfwaxfg QQ? 'CWZQNXNQC Ggwfb OSCLOV Cv Oxlxflf QLQQQ SOMO Q36 Of? Mobs CS-Lavafl-f X55 O J by A Y C5055 Q0 C NX Sf 3563 Xi? if 05 Qui VMQQQS. bww Www W wwf? I kfsiwf 'CLAEL-N, Tzzmmoke W. Wszzeeg pi W6OD3H05p STUDENT 'Fu-ve 'EDEST' O11 1.,UQi4., bd, 2526! . 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Suggestions in the Francis Parker High School - Cavalcade Yearbook (San Diego, CA) collection:

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