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Ffmsi ulvfe,Oxx-eoKX Wxicbi' New im Avo Cx kat, icfggsvk-Rx. QQQVEONL ogxmh-Ke Qig-xii wage. NQNL wmv belvk-Ev 'LM QSDPNCL Qwxxix Wtxlv pg-e.o,v xw'xec,s.rxuoxNxX'g. Yuba cs, 'X'ivVl9iQ, ikxhxxpgx gr NX-Q58-53' NAT ZQSDU 4- 'YN CAVALCADB - 1976 - Volume - IV - Published - by- t he - Associated- Student- Body- Prancis - W. - Pat ker .1 High- school- B5o1- Linda- Vista- Road - st in - Diego - California-Celebrate! - CAVALCADH - 1E 7B - Volume- IV - Published- by- the- Associated- Student- Body - Francis - W. - Parker- High - scho ol - 6561 - Linda - Vista - Road - San - Diego - Caliio rnia- Celebrate! - CAVALCADP - 1976 - Volume - 1V - Published - by- the - Associated- student- Body - 'ranois - W. - Parker- H h - School - 6991- Linda Vista - Road - S nia- Celebrate! CAVALCADR - ublished - by - t he - Associated ker - High - 9 - Road - 92 in - Diego - C CAVALCADR - 19 76- Volume - IV - the - Associated- Student - Body - Francis - W. - Parker - High - Soho ol - 6961 - Linda - Vista - Road - San - Diego - Caliio rnia- Celebrate! - CAVALCADD - 1976 - Volume - IV CUIIIETIIS i2lf?crSQU2dfS?' " SIJUFTS . . . 12 Pacultvmdministration vfmwegn-W.,,s , , 1 . . , .,L. Wh I '-'KM efefieff ey ew M W we . We Headmasters Message . . . 36 U11dB1'ClHSSmBI1 . . . B2 Aetivitieswrganizatiens . . . 42 Advertisements . . . B4 S91'1iUl"S . . . 55 Patrons . . . 55 THE SPIRIT OF 4 Wham ,5ZC0,4Z,bv0?a2aZ0gfnww ff5fwm Wm Cgf-gd!! wie, ,miziigwfzzgfjmw , 7WfW.wzfmfwMg7q4 ' g WMXM ,L f 2.1 , .- 4 4 P8l"lCBI' S8lLllBS Coach f'l"BBl' Wearing a boyish smile and dressed in white tennis togs, this man is rarely seen on the main campus. But if you go out to the courts, he hails you with a friendly greeting, and often stops to talk. Usually he reminisces about the "good old days" remembering his former students and his consistently winning teams. His proteges include such outstanding players as his own two sons, Rich and Doug, George Turner, Mike Devin, and Hale Maher, who was ranked fifth in San Diego County. The tennis team is the only Lancer team competing with public schools. In addition, it has captured the CIF Southern League championship for the three years it has competed. This teacher is not only concerned with the members of his team, but also with all players he instructs. Who can forget "Bend your knees! Follow through and hold itl"? Though he works for perfection, he tempers the pressure with joking and teasing. He demands much of himself as well, and is extremely competitive. This may have come from his background. The son of an army doctor, he moved frequently as a child. He was the Junior Tennis Champion of the Panama Canal Zone. After college in the South, he became a naval aviator flying all types of aircraft including blimps. He served in the Navy 22 years, worked as a Russian interpreter for the C.I.A., and was highly decorated. Always he played on various tennis teams including the Junior Davis Cup. After retiring from the Navy, he came to Parker. This year, his twelfth, he resigned as coach. He is still teaching at both campuses and advocates physical activity for everyone. To keep fit he runs and plays tennis. Who could better exemplify the All-American spirit than this dedicated man? With sincere admiration and thanks, we dedicate the l976 CAVALCADE to Mr. Chuck Freer. Above left, with Tim Rutherford. Inset, Hale Maher. 5 qs:-u.,,k :gk E 7. 1 W My -. V X Hx ....-...--P af' dis... I ,Qf1M,w' Mm, -W, if f f 4 ' 151 A T if r if 'VF' ,ark 5. r- Q ,.., MW .., H: M, f , HW , ,.f,MA.,,,.,n ' ' . , Q51 J , . ,W M, wfSvaafg,wegw:mf,W,,,W,vx . ' H - A ,W 1 ff'L gui, 5 S 1 ,gm -W., 9 -mga-on-mmm K 'Q 153 ff .,... s if s w. R, ,W 1 A 45r,.,Q 'F-s W , 5 I Lnimf. K K 1 , W 1 5 ,, l . 11 AHNWR ii-I f W . ,, , tiki, ,f J! . , I A 7,3 Nunn N-,.. WW if L i Q fy: U I U! J... , yu 2 ,UL f W 0 YUM, 'A UW W JZ- . UC H QQ, if on i W 51 ff W 22+ ,WJ ' ...QV HI' X 513 f Q A 1322 We 3 ws W -1,3 ,f , ,ryan . an , I , -S .. RL . 4 Af' -:waxy , , W - , ,A OHS -1---- -i M ikx' Sourapas ftop lr-frj swivels through San Miguc-l's rl4'fcnsr'. Sta-vv Sourapas imp rightj thruws a short pass. Mark Um-mckr town-rs ow-r opponents Qmidmilm' lvftl. Lancrrs huddlc for nrxt play fbottom lvftl. WE'1'E the B-B-S-T BEST. The 1975 Lancers captured their second straight Southern League Title, ending 7-I-0 overall, and tallied more shut- outs this season than ever before in Parker history. ' The Lancers coasted through the League matches winning all by shut-out scores. Three Los Angeles teams vied with Parker pre-league. Lessons were learned at Chadwick where the Lancers suffered their only loss of the year shattering hopes for another undefeated season. Steve Sourapas and Jim Hanafin equally divided MVP status and shared honors as team captains for the year. Sourapas' explosive running game and accurate arm inspired the Lancers' avaricious offense while Hanafin shouldered the yoke of a sturdy defense at linebacker. For this burden Hanafin also earned thx title of Defensive Player of the Year. Mike Sourapas, whose speed and evasive antics made him leading scorer and ground gainer, was honored as Offensive Player of the Year. Homecoming proved to be the zenith of the 1975 season when the Lancers quelled the hard-hitting Knights of San Miguel, 39-0. Pictured above lback rowl Coach Uhironi, jim Hanafin RG, LB: Mike Crone Llf, DE, jay Plaehn LI-I, DB, Byron Harlan RE, LB, Mark Oemcke FB, Ulf, sloth Layton LG, DL, Chris Hall C, DL, Steve Sourapas QB, DB3 Dan Dungan TB, DL, Coach Volker, Coach Kerkering. Front row, Cliff 'lireais TB, DB, Chris Bonn C, DL, Ken Crone C, DL, john Mansfield RB, DL, Miki' Sourapas TB, DB, Ramon LozadaLC1, DL, Dale Mann RE, Ulf, jack Cook RG, DC, Frank Strausser C, UF, Manager Bill Helwig. A concerned Mike Sourapas walks off field lleftj. 15 4 w 9' 5. 2 Y eh-wi' 4 3 If Q 4 'm Q-' Z Z: - k 16 ,,,..-s-' ...-nn ,, ,, ,V 7,1511 'L 3 4 .2 K f J ,, Q. , E Qihiw '- 3.pi.3fazw,k ,, fi La-., I ,,,. , 5 La X, Wir 2 , S i 4, 'P f' EJ We kg ff M 1 ,Q ai vl af f U? W ff, Af wi , ff X 1 .ai ! hi. . Q , X .N in ,..-av-' Chris Hall ffar lcftl strrtvthvs for Ihr hall from Christian quarterback. At thc- Homcroming gami- thc Lancers fir-rcely halt San Nligucl lahnvc rr-ntcrl. Cheerlm-ails-rs smile ovvr anothvr succcfssful play by Parker lla-ft bottomj. Byron Harlan labuvv rightl looks on, as Miki- Sourapas lunge-s from a tacklm-r for anothrr toufhnlown labovcfl. frowfl lrightj offers rousing chu-rs for the winning Lancm-rs. 17 I I 1 Mark 04-mfkr labovvj gors for a hard spikv. Studi-nts stand as Scotf Miller conducts thc' kazoo band in thc- National Anthm-m Qabovc li-frj Mr. 0'Rourkm' lahovz- cl-nn-rl rvfm-ra-vs thx- gamvs. Thx- Homecoming qui-rn and princvssvs luppcr rightjz julim- Mansfic-lil, Sarah S4-mlak, and Kiki Flon-s. Thx- Hom:-coming court frightj: Kiki, Carl Duplx-ssis, Sarah, Daw' Cook, Mark Ui-mckr, and julir. l'lD1TiECUITliI'1Q '75 Spirit in Action Colored balloons drifting over the field . . . enthusiastic parents, students, and alumni packing the stands and strung out along the sidelines... an overwhelming win over archrival San Miguel . . . an action-packed game of volleyball between the girls' volleyball team and the football players earlier in the week . ., the kazoo band playing the National Anthem at the pep rally.. . the Homecoming court being chauffeured by jeff Blum in a 1948 Chrysler. . . these are the images that come to mind when we remember Homecoming, 1975. During the week before the game, students competed in the Girls' League spirit contest by wearing brown and gold one day, clashing costumes another, buying tickets for Saturday night's dance, and yelling enthusiastically at the pep rally. Seniors won candy bars as prizes, and Mr. Russell ate five. Gameday activities began at noon with the Fathers' Club barbecue lunch. Half time activities included the crowning of Sarah Semlak as Homecoming queen with Dave Cook as head escort. Kiki Flores, Carl Du Plessis, julie Mansfield aml Mark Oemcke completed the elected court. 19 Keep Teh en Sheer Vers1ty's Here The varsity cheerleaders, most of whom are seniors, have many fond memories of a spirited year. Probably best known as the girls with the ever-present cans of TAB they could be seen along the sidelines at all the football and basketball A games ready to start a rousing cheer. But a lot more behind the scenes effort Went into maintaining school spirit. The girls decorated locker rooms, distributed oranges to the football team after practice, organized spirit buses and pep rallies, and made enormous posters on butcher paper. Other highlights of the year were cheerleading camp during the summer and riding to away games with Mr. Bennett. ' Above right, Sarah Selnlali displays Parker pep. Above, "VVhat's next?" Right, Julie Mansfield, Marcy Malls-r, Sarah Semlak, Mary Nelson and Kiki Flores. 20 I , Q A iw xv'-Q it SN Y S 5 mms? F X3 Sr sf "REadV? U. ." J .V.'S on its Way The junior varsity were busy learning new chants all year and never quite felt that they did all of them eorrectly. They hada lot of laughs along the way and were sure that the crowd was entertained by their antics. Nl r. Kerkering must have thought that they were a little crazy when he moved the varsity team away from them to the opposite side of the gym. 'lihough the year was somewhat frantic, it was a good one for learning and growing. It was one they will not soon forget. SL Above left, Jocelyn Guiles ponders the play. Above, Claire llaldwin and Lisa Cook show concern. Left, Lisa Cook, Claire Baldwin, Jocelyn Guiles, Chris 'lirepte and Karen Reayis. Not pietured: Helen Knurlsen. 21 ' U ,, , fr H 5511 ' 'vw W' A , sw i ia'-.. 4 . W5 , , u1fwvsf.QNy, s V E EIl i g V -ll-' - as E W6 V' ,Q . 'V , , f,,i,,f,,,1.. . 1 1 Wifi J , L1 . rv: i 45. Y -Zu i1Ul'!!S!,N ' I 'WWEHYQ ' 7 L2 r v , '3' , , ff? , asf:-wmv fv -Ko . -4- f - IEEE' . . 4 I L4 W , L5 53,3 411 433, r 19' L6 LHHCEFS PFUVB It ri 32. Vo ,A,,A W, , ..,, , ,,,, ,,,,, , g1?g,',"f sf, a3g,zs"'fn, Eg MWYHQTP4 M , mum mimi :WW M 'V fimmmzs ZNW06 M-.ff wwf, , 'Lama Pfowaaai, , ww 4 um mn ,,,,. Q Fm , A, my zzzi, Z! X tg, ,I , , 4 ff H 1 v Q 12 A 1 'A 4 I, , ,,.5f"6"g ' ' vvr if M r M' 19 asf' -2, I 1' ry fr ,',k A gr I I VV ' , t 5 of or? 3 QM.. M ar" - :my vw - ' ,gf vi . YU . 2 . rfwraff - . V7 . -'rf V Q ymfsrf 1 L um ' ? g ww , I va 5 , , 'UB' W.R?ii,5i k,,' , I , VI! , 2 I mn um v 5 -9- :yeaffupvf , - A W 1 W8 3 4 v '-7 , -w- il 4 . Ll! Above left, Ste-vg Sourapas controls tht' hall. Above right, Mr. Benn:-tt congratnlatcs tht- Southvrn Lt-aguv Tourncy champs. IA-ft, Tourney score-hoard maps Parker! rou te to victory. Right, Dave- Cook shoots against strong defense-. 22 "Prove it" was the Lancers' huddle break slogan, and that's exactly what they did in a victorious '75-'76 season. Coach Brian Kerkering was confronted with a challenge. The new basketball coach had a tough act to follow after the '74-'75 record. He had the material, but most important, he had the desire, and built a team that was ranked number ten in the county. The Lancer team faced an exacting schedule this year yet boasted a 24-3 overall season record. Chadwick and two public schools, Mt. Carmel and Ramona, were the only stumbling blocks for the Lancers. The Southern League Tournament trophy and the Huntington Valley Christian Tournament trophy are displayed in Parker's front office thanks to the Lancer cagers. A spotless 9-0 league record wasn't surprising as the Lancers clinched the Coastal Division. They were slated against the Mountain Division Champion, the Christian Patriots, for the Class lA crown. After a frigid first quarter, the Lancers came to life, and at the end, raised their hands in victory. Dave Cook was elected to THE SAN DIEGO UNlON'S county first team. He also amassed the highest average in the county. He was voted MVP, and named on the Southern League first team along with Carl DuPlessis. Steve Sourapas, Byron Harlan, and Mark Laser made second team. Mike Crone's hustle brought him honorable mention. I hx xlctorlous pagers Coach Brian Kcrktring Ricardo Ciarcia Mike Crone, Hale Maher, Dave Cook, Carl Du Plessis, Byron Harlan, Kent Newton, Mark Oumkz Mark Lastr Sttvt Sourapas and managtr Bill Hclwlg Above, Hale Maher leaps for a lay-up. 23 Ql.V. cagers: Tim Rutherford, Jack Kruger, Scott Urr, .lim Crawford, Doug HfilVCrST2idT4, STVVF Du Pli'55l5v-lay l,lfil'lUL P2111 I?'lI1l-fall, Mart CfUSbll', Cliff Treais, jim Cottingham, Ken Crone, Mike Sourapas, and manager George Smith. Not pictured: Robert lVlitrovich and Steve Seiber. J.V. Captures League Title Seasons come and go, but this season will long endure in the memories of those who watched the Al.V. basketball team and those who played on it. They were an inexperienced group in the beginning, who became increasingly proficient as the season wore on. The team won only five of their first thirteen games. However, six of the losses were by less than five points. As more time was spent on the court, the players' confidence increased. By the end of league play, the team had jelled into a smooth-running basketball machine winning the Southern League JV title. Not enough can .be said about Coach Dave Glassey who skippered this team to an undefeated league mark. He patiently corrected the mistakes of the inexperienced team, dilignetly teaching the players the fundamentals of the game, and then took pride in the results. Honors went to Jack Kruger and jim Crawford for consistently outstanding play in this inconsistent season. 24 Se .4 5-.. -tis .. ASM ' S. i K ' S, - 1. ts. 'Q' Right, Lancer Basketball drew enthusiastic crowds. Opposite page above, Lancers plan strategy. Below left, Jim Crawford and Dan Qungan go in for the rebound. Right, Jim Crawford shoots. E fs. EN wwf wa -. :sums 1 4' . Batters Up. Continuing in the tradition of top athletic programs at Parker, Lancer baseball again looked promising at presstime. All-leaguer Carl DuPlessis, returning letterman Steve Sourapas and numerous new players comprised the starting line-up. Steve DuPlessis and new addition Mark Laser were called upon to pitch for the the Parker nine. 'lihe Lancers were to participate in the Lions Club Tournament, gaining experience and composure for the crucial following league contests. Ar this writing, the season was in its early stages, but the Lancers were slated to meet Christian in the finals in defense of their title. Coach Dave Glassey and his players were confident that they could win the Class IA title for a second year. Below, Dave Cook. Upper right, Steve DuPlessis, Below right, Coach Glassey. 26 W we ,W iff V, VVVA ' H 3 in Wo, Z? Q a 10? 3, af is 4 ri s wx, ffwtlfn T' r "'-'ia 12' Q '51, yfgg.,A. 2 1 law! fi 3 Nwwmq, A '-' Ngw Front row, lr-fr, Matt Hcrrill, Bill Hvlwig, Nlanagcrsg Matt Crosbic, Stott Urr, jack Krugvr, Guy Halac, Tom Rutlwrford, Ga-'orgv Smith. Back row, John Mansfield, Stl-vm' Sourapas, Mark Oemckm-, Carl Duplrssis, Dave' Cook, Mark Lasvr, Cliff Trcais, Dan Uungan, Coavh Glasscy. Not pictured: Byron Harlan, Mika- Cronc, Strvr Duplessis, ,lim Lyons, Bill Mulls-lr, and Stn-ve' Sm-ilwr. Below It-fr, Mark c,l'l!'lL'kQ, Mikt- Cronc-, and Scott Orr in avtion. Below right, Lancvrs enjoy new batters' cage. result of an industrious car wash sponsorm-cl by tllf' sixth graclr. x 6 v ...qu- . ,N 9' 3f'En't - of TB111'1lS TBHITI lilHlllBS lee, FUI' Sl1'U1'1QSEElSDl'1 , ,t M i Prospects for the l976 tennis season were , ' excellent at presstime with a new look begun by a Je new coach, Brian Kerkering. ri ,l11 Top seeded Hale Maher and ,lack Kruger V , would lead in the Lancers' bid for the trophy. Adding to the Lancer attack were Dave Cook, Steve Sourapas and Kent Newton who contributed highly to the success of the team. Freshman Scott lrving and sophomore David ,i Bassham were two netters who looked promising. V sllF"""""'w Uur deadline prevents the appropriate coverage of Parker tennis, but Coach Kerkering held high expectations for his young team, expected to be tops again. ibm WW? 72mm 5 V, f Kwb ' mi y, , W K...-ar Front row, jim Cottingham, Madeleine Herrill, jack Kruger, Scott lrving, Steve Sourapas. Back row, Marcy Maher, Hale Maher, Kent Newton David Cook, Ken Crone. Not pictured: David Bassham, Chris Bonn, Lisa Cook and Collette Wand. Top, Hale Maher exhibits his skillful forehand. i...-......-,, Q sjfmi-gifs N Q N -M CQ cm S f smgliwsiwm W fr if 'UlFC ' -...,,,,-5 h Top lm-fr, Madvlcim- Hvrrill svrvcs, Top right, Coach Kvrkvring din-rrs. Above Lisa funk awaits sm-rvv. L1-fr, SCOtI Irving clings to fvmw- zlftvr hard match. 29 l ,W X N. W, if- ' -ASQ' lf ,Q t. M' XX il fi 5'-'un Mi V .... +-f--MH ""' K "'nn,1qp..,,,,m 3-fa-,L 'M ,L . FV -. am. ' if "' D as nf' .5 ... VV N-0 K I N' 'w Q, A - - fam- Y , M-W- ff f .lf 1 AU rh 0 , N WS? All M31 Ill EL by l gl 52 X l we W ll N? lll 'V M v , XS N M RSP-B Wx, 1, fl ll l lid lwflf 'P A fy lx Rl M N l x . ' WEB ll aw X lx ll J .O N ,Vx N as X ,. ' x?Fi'3x9 " k - f 7 3 11,5 ,, E4 Top 14-ft,jim Hanafin displays good form in thc shot put. Top centrr, Mr. Summc rg reloddi stdrtlng, gun 'llup right, Alex Mays-r in a clvtvrminf-Cl effort to place' in the two-milf. L4-fr, Str Wl Soumpax wars to .1 sm-mrlrl plate in the lungjump. Above, Tim Rutllvrforcl llanfls-off to Brian juni s Ill rlu mllf' rx lay K X Wald 'S Xb Q " fx F were l Front row, Brian jones, Bob Bagnall, Fred Blum, Alex Mayer, 'Fed Nothorn, Santos Cota-Gomez, john Malik, 'Fim Rutherford, jeff Cass. hack row, Coach Summers, Renee Bryant, Scott Nliller, Chris Hall, Peter Price, Doug Halverstadt, Otto Hirr, jeff Blum, Frank Strausser, Joth Layton, Vllarren jones, Mike Sourapas, Frank Taliaferro, Coach Newmark. ,121-A, 1 t M--M' in Tl'ElCliSlBI'S Ready To SBl Mark With the track team making its debut at presstime, Coach Ted Summers felt that the strong points of the Lancer thinclads were established. Steve and Mike Sourapas returned to head the sprinters' stafffa consistently high scoring department for Parker. Jeff Blum appeared promising in the hurdlesg Steve Sourapas was expected to dominate the long jumpg and Mike Sourapas and jay Plaehn made up the high jumping squad. The long distance endurers were very much in the running with freshman Frank Strausser and returning miler Ted Nothorn. Depth was a problem for the thinclads with only four returning varsity and five junior varsity lf-tu-rmen. The addition of assistant coach J.P. Newmark was expected to bring out the best from the Lancers. Right, jeff Blum gracefully clears the hurdles. 31 Girls Get Sporting Chance Playing in an unofficial league of small schools, Parker girls were able to compete in a program similar to the boys'. Hampered by a lack of playing experience and competition, the girls still enjoyed full seasons of volleyball and basketball. They also took part in a track and field day meet, both co-ed tennis and track, and in an imaginative P.E. program. The year opened with the volleyball team, coached by Mr. Kerkering, setting a 2-4 record, and gaining a chance to play in the CIF playoffs. Although competition with Bishop's and Our Lady of Peace, where volleyball is a year-round sport, was rather one-sided, the team, comprised of mainly freshman, made a strong showing. Members of the volleyball team were: Lisa Cook, Patti Crews, Mary Day Dewart, Lori Fisher, Liz Gildred, Lisa Goehring, Kirsten Hedin, Madeleine Herrill, Marcy Maher, Jenny Smith, Chris Trepte, Cathy Vafis, and julie Wahlen. Due to the popularity of basketball, Coach Volker was able to recruit both a varsity and j.V. team. Although the results of the season were not available at press time, ten games were scheduled in a six school league, and a lot of intense practice was going on after school. Renee Bryant took advantage of the "equal opportunityn attitude and competed with the boys' track team. Several girls played on the co-ed tennis team. Among the varied activities in the girls' P.f'f. program were the 7th and 8th basketball play-offs, folk-dancing, figure control weight- lifting, archery, and aerobic dancing. 2 ! X fi R itflmffl ,, . il QXNMQS , ,non ' s KL-55 l ,gg,.,. it Aw: ligftgg-an rvunrsim- gttgqectm. lW""'fW5 time '1 'W' owne 'ima ll WPS arf'-1 ' 5-ws, ' ff C it 23 S ff . . L gr is M 6,1 . me I Varsity basketball team: Coach Volker, Susan Peshel, Denise Hailey, Claire Baldwin, Jennie Smith, Lauren Lovett I orl Schmt ln r Nina Sutranu Kart n Reavis, Chris Trepte, xlulie Wahlen, Lisa Goehring, and Patti Crews. J.V. team not pictured: Jeannine Du Bois Martha Flores Maxim P uv. ntts Madeleine Herrill, Barbie jones, Lynda La Fleur, Kathy Steiner, and Becky Stevens. Above, Patti Crews spikes the ball as Chris Hall readls s for return 32 7ll'l and Bth Cagers HEVB GLHS, l'lLlSllB Fear is having only two short practices before one's first basketball game. Happiness is winning itg and extreme happiness is winning the next three, also. This year's 7th and 8th grade basketball team will be remembered for its sheer guts., determination, and hustle. That's our trademark -simply because we didn't have enough time to make any other trademarks! As coach my only real hope before our first game of the season lbesides trying to learn the players' namesl was to stress the basic fundamentals involved in basketball. The players took it from there by playing their hearts out on the court or cheering their hearts out on the bench. Who can ask for more? Coach Lipman Above, lfront rowl Marc Wolfsheimer, Bert Wahlen, Craig Irving, Coach Lipman. 2nd row, Larry Schrift, Tom Paull, Curt lttner, Davis Schmelzer. 3rd row, Pat Muglia, jim llko, Tim Dorsey, Bill Helwig, George Smith, Gabriel Zatarain. Top row, Kenneth Dewart. Left, David Schmelzer is in full control during a jump ball at Parker vs. SUMA game as Larry Schrift waits for ball. Top, little Lancers vie for the ball. 33 .Ui IQ L2-5-if ff K P Facultvmdministration Auf hi- N' DP. CPUHE SIJEEKS Lee's friendship - Lori's laugh and smile f Elizabt-th's sincerity and Citroen '- Kiki's chatter - Mary's Harriet Stanley - Betsy's questions - Sarah's school skipping note and cookie monster - Lyn's absences ! ,l-lilary's loyalty, service and notes, plus l,inc's cars, Scott's Kazoo Band, Tim's transporting Mary, Ste-ve's quarterbacking, Carl's homerun against ANA, ,Ieff's leadership, Fred's music, I-lale's serve, Don's photography, Bardahl Jack's enthusiasm for football and Dave's jump shot against Christian High. 'llhis Class of '76 is a special group to Parker school in many, many ways. Each of us here at school is happy that they are ready to move onto a "higher calling," but sad that they must leave 'our school. Their spirit, enthusiasm and sense of fun will be difficult to duplicate, and we can only hope that they have set a standard for those Parker Seniors yet to come. My memories of this class are very personal and subsequently highly prejudiced. l admit to this prejudice without shame. l have experienced great joy in working with these young people, and they will always remain in my memory as a group apart. Many thanks to the Class of '76 for what you've done for Parker School, and do know that "Wt-'ll remember the laughter when we remember The Way You were!" Douglas C. Crone ae' AEllT1lI'llSll'8llU1'1 ' and BUBl'El of Dll'EClUI'S J -.N l M... lAbovel lfvelyn Treais, Ron Bennett, Mrs. George Smith. Board members, lback rowl Mrs. Dan Hs-ding Paul Tchang, Znml vice presidentg james McDaniel, Mrs. Smith, secretaryg Samuel Carpenter, first vice president, Hilary Hanafing Lowell Hallockg Mrs. john Carson. llfront rowl Philip Gildred, Jr., president, William Hodgson: jan Rogers, minute taker: Robert Nostrand, treasurer, Mrs. lfdwin Collins, Dr. Milagros Quini. Not pictured: Mrs. Sam Assam, Clarke Braly, Mrs. Milan Brandon, Arthur -I. Flores, l.. Thomas Halverstailt, julian Kaufman, Tawfiq Khoury, Mark Rhoarls, Louis Wolfsheimer. lVll'Jll'lEl'S' Clllll UlllCEl'S Mrs. Ed Collins, President Mrs. Andre Burnier, First Vice President Mrs. Richard H. Evons, Second Vice President Mrs. james B. Orwig, Secretary Robin Mansfield, Treasurer Fathers' Club UfflCBl'S james McDaniel, President jack Mullen, Vice President Gene Ross, Secretary Kenneth Graham, Treasurer Few people are aware of the importance of the Parker Board of Directors to the functioning of the school. Responsibilities of the Board include establishing the general philosophies, selecting the Headmaster, and overseeing the financial well-being of the school. These decisions are made by a total of twenty-eight members, including the Mothers' Club president, Fathers' Club president, and the student representative. Each member is elected to a three year term by Parker parents. I One problem facing the board this year was the lack of government food allotments which made it difficult to stretch the food budget. The most important issue was the effort to sell excess acreage at the upper school campus in an attempt to meet indebtedness. Two years were spent working on this project. The major stumbling block was the need for a zoning change. The dedication of this fine Board is evident in every area of life at Parker. ' 37 5El'VlCE Wllh H Smile Those tired souls at the back table in the cafeteria are discussing their week-end plans. One will be off on a fishing excursiong another will take the family camping in the mountains. One may have a pre-occupied look as he mentally budgets for summer vacation, or tries to decide, if he is single whether to keep dating that certain friend. Envied by many in their profession because of their small classes and confortable teaching conditions, Parker teachers are unique individuals dedicated to helping students grow academically and socially. Right, Good ol' Mr. Terrill Lee Adams Art,-Woodshop Ron Bennett Social Studies Dir. of Athletics Judy Corbin English, Humanities Julia DeMonner French Marlene Fisher Spanish Murney Gerlach Tennis, Coach Mary Jo Ghironi Latin, sewing Tony Ghironi Science, P.E. 38 , 1 ' at . 1 , 1 . .1 Q 41 an , ,M u sk, nRw.x,:.nw5it,,. N ,it Q t ,wt .ps q 1, , K in " xQ'. Q ,' v. n fa 3'. v c 1 . s 1 -1-W n . 4 1 w 5 u 1 K' ws, Q fr- 1 1 3 , H grain Q wins' 1- 1 Q Q Q' if ey 4f"fal5i4 W l' -W Q 1 an f " ' " Q 5 A -Q -4.' X, it .f left Mr Russr ll and Mrs. Corbin in a smrlous discussion Bt low Mrs I arson takas a bra-ak. if --cg, i My . , ., Ei I if 5' Q hx W i'?i' 9 fa? ,X FY """'he's Lisa Hume Drama Sharon Jackson Art, P. E. Ruth .I ones Math Brian Kerkering History, P. E. Stephanie Kerkering Music Doris Larson Librarian, Typing Larry Lipman Math, P.E., Coach Terence O'Rourke English Rex Panton Auto Mechanics Not Pictured: Chuck Frur Daw frlassry 2 Lynn Payette Spanish Chuck Pooch Math, Testing Dir. Dave Russell History, Humanities Dolores Spain English, Journalism Fran Styles P. E. Ted Summers Science, Coach Ray Terrill Science Evelyn Treais Spanish Ray Volker History, P.E., Coach ., f s I WW ,ww ci,c 512:-...,. Left, Mr. 0,Rourkc reflects. Above, Mrs. Treais gives her reassuring smilv. V O 1 3 or r V forgetf- ,3 mx my A J. . A e., f fx we ig 1 W M I 1 5 4 Q ,. f fl... 1 N! ..,L.' 1+ They Serve Us Well Working long hours behind the scene are the devoted few who staff the kitchen, offices and maintenance building, doing their utmost to keep the school running smoothly. We often take for granted the amount of time and effort they put into their work. For instance, how many of us realize that the cafeteria ladies get up every morning at four a.m. in order to have lunch ready in time? Or that Mrs. Helwig and Mrs. Rogers keep the office humming long after dark when everybody except the maintenance crew has gone home? Whether it's a lost book, a blown fuse, or brownies for a party, they're always there. For once f thanks! l'l'op jim Ualyan, William Bayes, Carlos Jimenez, Dan Zatarian, Roland St. Pierre, George Pruter, and Rex Panton. fcenterl jan Rogers, Lisa Hume, Pat Helwig, lla-ftl 'lialma Gauthier, Josephine Cruz, Betty Keeler, Ruth Mclntosh, Dolly Bork. 41 fx' X, .If Activitiesfurganizations LEl,S 581108 Social life at Parker turned out to be different things for the junior high and senior high divisions . For grades 9 through I2 there were dances, beginning early in the year with Homecoming. Also during first semester was "Magic of a Winter Night ," a dinner-dance at the Sheraton Harbor Island with live music by "Lightnin'." Second semester brought Hliicentennial ' Boogie" in February, two sock hops, and a Sadie Hawkins dance. The annual year-end semi- formal dance was held in june. Again a live band and a good turn-out made it an evening to remember. The junior high specialized in games nights. They rollerskated, played basketball, and dined and danced in the evening at the lower school. Sponsored by the Girls' League and Student Council, the games nights were enthusiastically attended. lf i fs..- D Top, dancers enjoy "Magic of a Winter Night." Above right, David Bassliam and date. Above, 'Ll.iglitn1n' H performs. Right, eleventh graders at the ever-popular punch bowl. 44 I ,s h""'Me'w+f ,Q UTI 5lHQE EVEFYUUUY, U11 5l8QE Top, Tim Nelson, Martha Flores, and Sarah Semlak caught in the act at a rehearsal. Above, girls' chorus on stage. Right, lflizahi-th Collins, Vital aspects of Parker life were the chorus and ' drama departments. Becoming more attuned to the needs of the school, changes were made in both areas during the year. Drama saw a trend towards smaller, shorter and more frequent productions as both Mrs. Hume and Dr Crone rehearsed two one act plays at press time, with spring productions planned. The cast for Dr. Cr0ne's "A Final Dress Rehearsal' included Leesie Assam, Denise Bailey, Lee Braly, Elizabeth Collins, jack Cook, Lori Fisher, Kiki Flores, Hilary Hanafin, Don Jones, Mary Nelson, Tim Nelson, Sarah Semlak and Betsy Smith. ln 'AThe Importance of Being Earnest" were Denise Bailey, Claire Baldwin, Carl DuPlessis, Lynda' La Fleur, Claire Myashiro, Letty Rosado, Frank Strausser, Cliff Treais, and Colette Wand. The chorus was also trying new things, with a smaller group and the introduction of choreography. Two big performances at Christmas and in the spring required a lot of preparation on Saturdays and after school. Membc-rs ofthe chorus were Renee Bryant, Jeannine DuBois, Helen Fares, Courtney Field, Anne Goodbody, Kristen Hobbs, Hattie Joe, Marit Kummeneje, Beth Lavender, Marcy Maher, Julie Mansfield, Desiree Mitrovich, Susan Peschel, Karen Reavis, Lori Schmelzer, Nina Severance, Jennie Smith, and Laura Wolf. 45 1 B1'B.l1'1S Dl1'1E Tradition was preserved as outstanding students from the 1974-75 school year were recognized at the annual Honor Society dinner held at the University Club early in October. Dr. Crone and Mrs. Holliday, a fifth grade teacher from the lower school, gave principle addresses. Mrs. Holliday recalled many fond memories of Parker experiences such as attending sixth grade camp and singing "H ya, hya, hya" with Mrs. Moore. Stifling a few giggles, thirty-five students took the Oath of Honor into the junior and senior Honor Societies. Seniors were Lee Braly, Carl DuPlessis, Lori Fisher, Don Jones, Scott Miller, M-ary Nelson, and Tim Nelson, juniors, Bob Bagnall, Maxine Fuentes, Brian Jones, Alex Mayer, Mark Oemcke, and Julie Mansfield. A Sophomores included David Bassham, Fred Blum, James Cottingham, Otto Eros, sloth Layton, Cliff Treais, Hugh Whelan, and James Whist'nandg freshmen were James Comstrock, Barbie jones, Beth Lavender, John Mansfield, Adrianne Moss, Katherine Palmer, Nina Severance, Chris Trepte, Ernie Tucker, Cathy Vafis, Julie Wahlen, Colette Wand, and Laura Wolf. Two students were specially honored with national awards. Mary Nelson was named a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test finalist, and Lee Braly received a Letter of Commendation. Tim Nelson and julie Walilm-n receive honor awards ftop and bottom right! Mary Nelson and Lee Braly before taking induetion oath. 46 1 'BXSTHQ E niiimll Q b Bisffitsiu :Q tennis it-,fi Lt 2 1975 591 ..-.---,H Marine Corps parades through flag assemhly ltopj. john Rippo looks on as Chris fierlach talks about Uxford University friglitl. "Crazy George" lahovel exhibits his hall-handling skills. T5 X ?ji H , 1 K iii - 524 That'S E1'1lB1'l3l1'11T1E1'1l.? Assemblies . . . a welcome break in the monotony of day to day classes. . . images of students pouring into the gym to join an enthusiastic audience for the Marine Corps flag ceremony or Crazy Georgc-'s basketball show . . . packing people into the library for a slide presentation about Oxford . . . a group of educators offering new ideas on outdoor exploration upperclassmen drifting into Dr. Crone's office to listen to college "reps" . . . the girls' chorus singing vivaciously at Christmas. . . the seniors spoofing their way through "The Night Before Christmas" . . , all wrapped up in the certain Hesprit de corps" of being involved in a novel experience once in a while Y together. 47 BHBFUY, SIJl1'llAllB1' 2225 Spurred by student interest in various extra-curricular! areas, small groups of people interested in learning to speak Russian, weight lifting, modern dancing, and playing in the pep band got together after and during school. The Russian club was designed to prepare students for Mr. Russell's trip to Russia this summer, under the auspices of the AIFS, an organization which has sponsored trips in the past. Versatile Coach Freer teaching a group of dedicated kids made the class especially unique. A mini-course in weight-lifting during fall P.E. classes gave impetus to a small group after school, taught by Coach Xiolker. Theggroup, making use of some fairly new equipment, concentrated on individual improvement. Modern dancing, also a spin-off of the P.E. classes, met weekly with a small group of girls, led by freshman Laura Wolf. The pep band, started by senior Scott Miller, was for most of the first semester, a kazoo band. lt later became a small woodwind ensemble. Among the featured tunes was a new school song composed by Scott. Though the winners were not known at press time, Parker's Science Fair projects promised to be fascinating and innovative. Last year's second place winner at the San Diego County Finals Competition, Karen Hirr, entered a project on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, a method of getting electricity from solar heated water. Julie Mansfield prepared a survey concerning the Equal Rights Amendment. Jean Mullen's study on fingerprinting and bloodtyping in criminology was a definite contender. Top left, Kazoo Band at Lancer game. Top center, Fred johnson , Ernie Tucker, Otto Eros, Joyce Miller and Betsy Smith practice for next performance. Top right, Music Man Scott Miller. Above, Coach Volker demonstrates new weight machine. a NE ARE THE LANCERS OF PARKER DRESSED IN COLOURS BROWN AND GOLD THROUGHOUT CALIFORNIA OUR VICTORIES WILL BE TOLD ' OH YOU CAN TELL PARKER'S SPIRIT BY OUR LOYALTY AND PRIDE NE ARE THE PARKER LANCERS DEFENDING EVERY SIDE NE'RE NUMBER ONE IN THE CITY NE FOREVER DO OR DIE WE ARE THE MIGHTY LANCERS OF FRANCIS PARKER HIGH Music and Lyrics by E. Scott MiI1er KCIass of '76J Capable Leaders Head 7-12 Believe it or not, Jeff Blum, once known as a school clown, made a very conscientious student council president. His efforts were a welcome sight after last year's slump when much was discussed and little was accomplished. The productivity of the l976 ASB was shown throughout the year. The Homecoming Dance, the first dance of the year, was the biggest in Parker history. The mouthwatering refreshments were supplied by the joint efforts of Student Council and Girls' League. The band, Monsoon, was excellent. As a gesture of friendship, the Council presented a Bicentennial flag to the Lower School. While trying to keep straight faces, the kazoo band played the "Star Spangled Banner." Students from both campuses joined in pledging allegiance. With the help of a donation from the '74-'75 senior high, this year's junior high, and the school, this year's student council raised money for a stereo. It is to be used at dances and in the library. As Hilary Hanafin said, "We argued a lot, debated and discussed things, but the results were worth it." The peppy Junior High Student Council has been extremely successful in its efforts to present varied and interesting Games Nights and to promote a modern dancer program in P.E. It also contributed money for assembly speakers and the stereo. At spirited meetings the council showed enthusiastic interest in Parker and its activities. 50 1" ii!! Pictured above fback rowj julie Mansfield, llth rep., Mark Oemcke, llth rep., Cliff Treais, 10th rep.g Fred Blum, l0th rep., Lori Fisher, 12th rep. Front row, Karen Reavis, 9th rep.g Joyce Miller, 9th rep., Hilary Hanafin, representative to the board: jeff Blum, president, jack Kruger, vice presidentg Denise Bailey, secretary-treasurer. Not pictured, jay Plaehn, 9th rep. Pictured above lfrom lower left clockwisel Laura Lerg, Sth rep., jean Mullen, 8th rep., Don Brandon, Sth rep., Keith Sampson, 7th rep., Dave Carson, 7th rep., Marc Wolfsheimer, 7th rep.: Tim Dorsey, vice president, Craig Irving, president. Not pictured, Mails' Knudsen, secretary-treasurer. Pictured above ftop rowl Colette Wand, 9th rep.g Letty Rosado, l0th rep.: Liz Gildred, 9th rep.: Mary Nelson, 12th rep.g Mrs. Corbin, Advisor. Bottom row, julie Mansfield , llth rep.g Sarah Semlak, vice presidentg Kiki Flores, presidentg Kirsten Hedin, secretary. Not pictured, Lee Braly, 12th rep.g Lori Schmelzer, treasurer. ' From left, Mrs. Fisher, advisor: Monica Childers, vice presidentg Elizabeth Jorge treasurerg Debbie Tobin, secretaryg Mrs. jones, advisor, Andrea Kaufman, presidentg Anne Pavel, 7th rep.g julie Denenberg, 8th rep. Girls' League is - 5Cl'lUUl SE1"VlCE El1'1ElFL11'1 The Senior High Girls' League, though it serves in many other ways, is best known for its daily candy sales. Students can be seen crowding the bookstore window everyday after school to buy candy in time to catch the busses. Among the activities which the Girls' League sponsored were the various events of Spirit Week, and participation in the traditional decorating for the Homecoming game. Traditional, also, was the slumber party for all girls which included games, dinner, a movie, a lot of TALK and singing. Christmas caroling is always a favorite activity. This year the girls sang, and served refreshments at Green Manor and University Hospital where they were gratefully received. The Junior High girls have spent an active year working on projects to benefit all of the upper school as well as the seventh and eighth grades. Girls' League sponsored Games Nights were very successful with roller skating as the most popular activity. Programs for the girls included a speaker on self- improvement and a baby-sitting workshop. The slumber party held in the gym was one of the memorable events of the year. Caroling with the Senior High Girls' League was a rewarding experience for all and an opportunity for service. Junior High Girls' Leaguers were also concerned with rai-sing funds with which to help Durchase needed equipment for the school. Stationery, candy and pop sales at football games, and assistance to the Mothers' Club helped in realizing this goal. 51 ClElI'lU1'l The CLARIQN staff can be proud of the ten issues published this year. They were informative, interesting, humorous, and accurate fwell, most of the timel. The additions of feature articles, such as "After Dark," about dining out and f'Rock 'n Roll Happening," added another dimension to the CLARION. "Martha's Vineyard" scooped all the latest social happenings. More student art found its way into the paper than ever before, and the photographers could always be counted on. Special thanks to the typists who often worked in their spare time to get last minute copy typed, and to Mrs. Dewart for never complaining when given a fourteen page paper to run off in two days. Thanks also go to the staff, the largest ever, who worked hard and imaginatively, Lee Braly, this year's editor, wishes luck to next year's staff: "May you come away, asl have, with many memories and a feeling of accomplishment." Above, right, reporters cover everything. Right, Cathy Vafis graphs. Below, Sue Almour makes a handset headline, Q. 52 Editor' ....... Assistant Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor. . Typists ..... Artists ...... Circulation . . . Exchange ..... Photographers. Staff , . . . ....... ...... L ee Braly .. . . . . . Bob Bagnall . . . ......................... Elizabeth Collins . . ............................. Mark Oemcke . . . .Maxine Fuentes, Kirsten Hedin, Ted Nothorn Lisa Goehring, Mark Oemcke, john Rippo ............................ReneeBryant ................,.........HHTIICJOC ........ .. Fred Blum, Brianjones, Letty Rosado Reporters: Sue Almour, Sybil Baldwin, Elisa Bartlett, Fred Blum, Santos Cota, Dan Dungan, Patricia Fasbender, Martha Flores, Maxine Fuentes, Lisa Goehring, Kirsten Hedin, Fred Johnson, Alex Mayer, Joyce Miller, Robert Mitrovich, Bill Mullen, Letty Rosado, Frank Strausser and Cathy Vafis. Advisor V Mrs. Spain Staff Editors ....... .............. L Ori Fisher. DOH JOHCS Copy Editors ,,,,,,,.,,,,,., Q ,,,,,, Elizabeth Collins, Betsy Smith Photographers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fred Blum, Lisa Goehring, Brianjones, Don Jones, Tim Nelson. Letty Rosado, Frank Taliaferro Staff ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Kiki Flores, Maxine Fuentes, Mary Nelson, Mark Oemcke, Sarah Semlak Business Manager ............................... Hilary Hanafin Art Advisor ,,,,,, ,,,, M rs. Jackson Advisor ........................................... Mrs. Spain Tony Francis, House of Portraits: team pictures and senior portraits. Thanks for everyone's help!-Don and Lori Eavalcade This year's CAVALCADE was produced las such publications usually arej by a few dedicated people known as "editors," Little suspecting what they were in for, these people started the year off calmly enough meeting several days a week to look at a few pictures, choosing the cover, arranging finances and making grandiose plans Then reality set in. Deadlines had to be met and those "do or die" dates began to loom threateningly in the all too near future. So layout began, copy was written, photos were developed, contact sheets were printed, and slowly but surely final pages were completed. From November through February the staff spent long hours in Mr. Russell's room, on Saturdays, after school, during exams, any time, time could be found. Naturally conflicts, problems, and major and minor crises arose, but for the most part, peace prevailed, deadlines WERE met and it happened: CAVALCADE 1976! Above, left, everyone's here for once. Left, diligent editors Below, Maxine Fuentes, "super-typistf' i T ' ' tt W , I , 53 UI'EE11VB Skills Highlight Electives 1 Shop, taught by Lee Adams, and auto mechanics, taught by Rex Panton, were two of the most popular electives. A special project in the shop class was the construction of a full size sabot, which was sold at the Mothers' Club auction. Jay Plaehn constructed his own sabot in class, and other students worked on projects such as bird feeders, cassette tape holders, exotic bowls, and model boats for the annual regatta. Auto mechanics, a class open to girls, although none signed up, was designed to train students to be competent "backyard mechanics," not professionals. Although this was a new class and was short on space and equipment, the group of 24 learned to repair and tune up engines, adjust brakes and perform general maintenance. Top, John Rippo works at the drill press. Above, an ambitious project for the auction. Right, first aid for a troubled car. A.. , f I WM 54 Mrs. Ghironi's sewing class was introduced last year to teach girls and boys the basic rudiments of sewing for themselves. As yet no boys have taken advantage of the course offering. Students provided the material, chose patterns, and created clothes, tablecloths, bags, etc. Results of their work were displayed and modeled at the year-end fashion show. , Art students experimented with different mediums. Work with clay, and pottery were popular projects. Many students tried their hands at jewelry making, silk screening, linoleum block printing, water color painting, life portraits and perspective drawings. Top, Laura Lerg sews a fine seam. Left, Leigh Ann Layton successfully completes a silk screening. Above, Frank Taliaferro concentrates on intricate jewelry making. 55 2 if 1 f D' 56 SE1'1lU1"S NO "Wu, bk Being a senior at Parker is something very special. Especially so with this year's senior class, a close-knit group of only twenty-four, most of whom have been together at least since seventh grade. lTo quote a popular cynic, "almost too long."j But not everyone is an "old-timerf' Five new students, four of whom are visiting from Mexico, have joined the group. Seniors have a few other distinctions: the freedom to leave campus, take cuts in the lunch line and to drop P.E. second semester. The seniors of '76 can also be characterized by. . . going to symphonies and the theatre with Mr. Russell and Mrs. Corbin. . . taking classes at both USD and UCSD. . . running the concessions booth at the Southern League Tourney. . . taking a field trip to the Huntington Library, Paul Getty Museum and a Polytechnic basketball game. . . attending Grad nite at Disneyland. . .eating and sleeping through Humanities. . . feigning interest in college reps. . . filing a million college applications. . . playing in the Kazoo Band. . .spoofing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and "Macbeth". . .and practically monopolizing the yearbook, Girls' League, Student Council and many sports. Along with the memories of our senior year, is the nostalgia of growing up at Parker: seventh grade at the lower school campus. . . tenth grade survival club camping trips. . . being guinea pigs for so many new projects. . .going through fads of squirt guns, yoyos, knockers, and cords. . . flying airplanes out of the music room windows. . . all the 16th birthdays. .. The spirit of the class of '76 will live on for years to come. It was fun, it was sad, it was eye-opening, it was boring, it was frantic. . . but most of all it was worth it! 57 Cristina Blanco Kraus Louis Jeffery Blum Giiera. . . hopes to have 3 Cai-f-er and praqrice ir -leffy , . . hopes to ride a motorbike into a brick . .. can't stand doing nothing ,, Mrs, Corbin U wall. .. hopes not to clean toilets or fall short . . . loves being at home with friends , , i driving H "This is true" . . . can't stand the computer talking O.K .... "The Stingl' , , . Chocolate ics Crearri , , , back. .. "The Slurp" by E.A. Tea. . . Mr. Magoo Camillo Sesto. . . motorcycles . . . The Beatles ... Morbid I and II . .. Sambos . .. "Here it . . . playing billiards . . , Jim Croce , , , basketball ' comes and there it goes" . . . sitting in the corner of and volleyball, listening to music, . . reading good books. . . gardening. . . Unever lose patience when you are doing something difficult and complicated, instead be perserverantn . . . "Man is the existence of liberty, the existence of personality and existence of right."fLudwig Feverbaeh Elizabeth Nancy Collins Lizzie . . . hopes to be occupied, satisfied and speak three languages. . . hopes not to be alone . . . can't stand hunting and apathy. . . England.. . D.H. ,. . Theodore Dreiser's SISTER CARRIE . . . loves johnny Carson, magazines, tea, and a good movie... Canada... Cary Grant . .. 6 A.M. Xmas Day... Eltonj . .. Galiano . .. Elton ,Iohnls "Funeral for a Friend" . .. McGovern . . . Marx Bros. . . halcyon days . . . Art. . . green . . . "It will all change when you get to college" ... FIAP . .. The Spacemobile . ,. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE... "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."-Emerson 58 a round room... "Let me think about this" . .. ' the anteater. sliced pancreas ,. "Partyl Where?" . . . sailing the ocean. . , watching kelp . . . T.V. time. . . "Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."-Mary Poppins David Christopher Cook Cooker. . . hopes to make it big. . . hopes not to sit behind a desk the rest of his life . .. can't stand torres and fish . . . "You only live once" . . . B- . Ball, Fosters and chewing. , . idolizes Warren ,Iabali . .. Sunrise... "Wet Funk" by King Curtis. .. "A man should live according to his own nature, and then in accordance with the truth about himself."-Les McCann Janice Lee Braly Lee. . . hopes to write and act. . . hopes not to be an observer . . . can't stand drivers who don't signal. . . hopefully. . . classless . . . the green tank... shaky hands... M,C,D, and Rudi , . . Mrs. Corbin . . , Tom Tryon . . . loves going to movies, dancing, reading, wind, rain, fireplaces, sunset, poetry, coffee, coke, wine, mushroom pizza, and Robert Redford . . . "Dreams never die, therefore dreamers are immortal" . . . Mendelssohn , . . Bacharach . . . "Moondance" ... EXODUS... field day, Sth grade . .. lst V games night... Ballet . . . "I am a lover and have not yet found my thing to love."-Sherwood Anderson john Leighton Cook, Jr. -lack Bardahl Cook . . . hopes to play a guitar. . . hopes not to live in the city . . , can't stand routine, homework or people hassling him . . . Salmon Lake Lodge, California... "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver. , . any food except Parker food . . . Summers, Ferbal, Volker, Lipman, and Ghironi , . . grinding teeth . . . "Live life to the fullest, be optimistic and live dangerously" . . . traveling. . , "My car, 'La Bomba"' . .. finger snapping.. . "Way to go Bozfn . . . the crunch bird joke . ., the time Jim Hanafin got short changed at Samobs . . , getting out of Mr. Pooch's class . . . Mr. Ghironi breaking his clipboard. Laura Patricia Cruz Russek Gorda. . . hopes to finish her school work, have .X ,A b Maria de Lourdes Cruz Russek Pollo. . . hopes to travel and have a career. . . a good career and try to be a real person in all ways can't stand being without a goal. . . Mexico. . . . , . hopes not to be without a goal . . . can't stand not doing anything. . . the field . . . Chinese food . . . the beach. . , "Today l'll diet" . . . loves to work with her hands. . , being with friends. .. tennis , .. swimming... sunrise... sunset. .. my people.. . "Words are big and small, but to express how you are feeling-there are too many. . . . Mexico! . . . "What are you doing? Call me' ... "Principito" . .. Alberto Cortez... Manzanero. . . john Denver. . . "To accept, to admit and to conquer yourself," Chocolate . . . Mickey Mouse. . . Que Loco! . . "Today is the day to be happy" . . . motorcycles ... the first dayl was at Parker... THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupery . . . horses. . . sunsets. . . "Pansa llena corazon contento" . ., Saturday. .. fire... Pier... Pink Floyd . .. Shaft... Elton john . .. Issac Hayes ... UThe little details make the big things." Lori -lean Fisher Peanut . . . hopes to have a happy family and a good job . .. hopes not to be a history major . . . can't stand disorganization, irresponsibility, essays or drivers who don't signal... Mrs. Corbin . .. green pine trees and running water . . . hates cooking . .. "Ditto" . ., arm tickling... sports ... Sunshine... mountains... morning... "Bass and Tenor" . . . organizing. . . "anyways" 7th rade Leadville summer '75 cheerleading. . . camping. , . Rev. Sam . . . Mom, Dad, Steve, Grammy-Thanks , .. Sunny. . . "When fate knocks you flat on your back , remember she leaves you looking up."fAnonymous Frances Myda Flores Kiki. . . hopes not to be a bobo or too psycho. . . Vail... "The Sound of Music" . .. one day at a time . .. Mom and Dad... "Nights in White Satin" . .. laughing with friends. .. "l can't take it" . . . Kookie. . . M, C, M, SSS. . . La Costa ... "Moondance" . .. BD 8: CCC 5: LT's. .. "lt was so funny" . .. Brahe . .. piano, swimming and tennis . .. late... "lt's the weather" . .. Homecomings. . , "Garbie" . . . shine.. . show the door. . . fast talker. . , cheering.. . visiting Brud . .. "Half Breed" . .. ,Vs slumber party.. . to get along and to accept others. . . Thanks! . . , ' "We do not remember days, we remember moments."-Pavese ' Carl David DuPlessis ' Carl . . . hopes to be the first person to body surf in the state of Alaska. . . hopes not to have a son named Jack . . . can't stand being around Sourap when talking about girls . . . East Coast lobster . .. 'ARhoda U . . . idolizes Doc Dev . . . Blacks ... extinguishing fires , ,. Ult sure is nice out" . , . baseball. . . Friday night at Kona Kai . . . "Life is nothing, until you've driven ajeepu . .. Mary Brown . . . "Miles from Nowhere" by Cat Stevens. . . crashing Point Loma slumber parties . .. "l saw a star,l reached for it, l missed. Sol accepted the sky."AScott Fortini Ricardo Dario Garcia Russek Sarch . . . hopes to become a doctor, learn English and travel . . . can't stand being without sports. . . shakes. . . Campestres discoteque in Chihuahua . . . basketball. .. listening to music. . . Elton john . .. discussing everything... JAWS . ., Mr. Summers. , . Cat Stevens. . , "Entre menos buros mas olotes " . . . homecoming, 1975. . , the end of 1974 . . . "No por mucho madrugar amanece mas temprano" . . . "l am content at Parker." 59 Hilary Hanafin Hil . . . hopes to please and discover. . . hopes not to be too short. . . can't stand being late . . . "extra-school" activities . , . the great outdoorsl . . . slips and skirts. . . shining. . . slumber parties . . . "Hildegarde" . . . dancing, singing, and laughing. . . horn of plenty . . . "always make room for miracles" . . . friends, family, and Mom-Thanks. . . "l believe that every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity an obligation: every possession a duty."-J.D. Rockefeller, Jr. Donald John Jones Don . . . hopes to win some and lose none. . . hopes not to write for Parker CLARION . . . can't stand to be told what to do, ignorance, people who can't read his writing, and deadlines. . . Mexico City . .. Norman Rockwell... Homework? . .. C, K, L, R . . . Keys. . . idolizes Art Buchwald . . . "That's absurd" . . . beans and rice . . . "Thanks to Mr. Russell, who's taught me everything about nothing" . . . selling Cokes for the Student Council. . . can't spell . . . "The trouble with putting armor on is that while it protects you from pain, it also protects you from pleasure."-Celeste Holm 60 Seldon Lincoln Herron Linc. . . hopes to be SRICHS and always be rowdy . . . hopes not to be a nerd or become an alchy . . . can't stand getting in accidents . . , Mimi... Smith and Wesson Model 19... Yosemite . . . anything over ll'7k: by volume. . . wasting time. . . "Omar the Vampire" by the Hamburger Bros .... girl watching . . . "White Lightning" . . . Sudden fits of uncontrollable insanity . . . magnums . . . destroying. . . riding down Rosecrans. . . "Drink today, and drown all sorrow, You shall perhaps not do it tomorrow: Best, while you have it, use your breath: There is no drinking after death."-J ohn Fletcher Frederick Bowen Johnson Fred , . . hopes to be a rock'n roll star . . . hopes not to fade into oblivion . . . can't stand John Denver . . . steak . . . any record store . . . experience. . . "Who drank all the beer?" . . . idolizes all rock'n rollers . . . insane desire to go cruisin' down 5 at I AM . . . loves playing, writing, 'and listening to music. . . Observing the opposite sex . . . 'lThunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen . . . "Strive for the stars but keep one foot on the ground" . . . 'AThe Doonesbury Chronicles" . . . "Night time is the right time" . . "I wanna rock'n roll all nite, and party everyday."-KISS Hale William Maher Hale . . . hopes to hike across the U.S. and own his own Porsche. . . hopes not to be hit with the Queen of Spades . . . can't stand to have to chase down his food in the cafeteria. . . living day by day ... Mr. Kotter . .. Beef Jerky . . . Heidy . .. idolizes Maxwell Smart . . . Jackson Hole . . . THE LORD OF THE RINGS byJ.R.R. Tolkien. . . bed. .. tennis. . . 'ABallroom Blitz" by the sweet. . . be kind to nature, kiss a frog. . . carrying a tennis ball. . . morning . . . Gandalf the White . .. Peanut Butter spreads easily. . . "HW of being smart is knowing what youlre dumb at"--Anonymous E. Scott Miller Cottie . . . hopes to be a scientist . . . can't stand smoke, geeks, petty questions, homework or humidity. . . the jetty . .. wasting time. . . Pooch and Terrill . . . nail biting . . . the wee morning hours... shavinglll . .. music . .. nature . . . idolizesjim, Artie and G-D . , . "Cast a giant shadow" . . . Fishing . . . licorice, spinach with cream cheese and chives . . . Tschaikowsky's 5th . . . "The Pit and the Pendulum" . . . returning favors. . . Strauss. . . "200l" . . . "Don't make quick decisions, Comtemplate all sides and consider all available data. Make your decision and hold fast to your convictions" . . . "Seek and ye shall find," Mary Nadine Nelson Marita. . . hopes to travel, not to be a homebody ... can't stand pushups or sewing... "I don't get it" . . . lapful of popcorn . . . singing in the rain ... THE HOBBIT, THE LORD OF THE RINGS... j.R.R. Tolkien . .. "I have teeth!" . . . jogging, fidgeting. . . restless sleeper . . . loves slumber parties, singing, swimming at Sarah's. . . always baking cookies. . . family night.. . EJ, NU, and T... Thanksgiving . .. Christmas... julian . .. the cheerleading... "We want jacks! ... Brahe. .. geometry... Rosebud... "I want to see what's never seen, I want to live that age old dream."-Ronstadt Elizabeth Anne Smith Betsy. . . hopes to do something unique. . . can't stand talking to people who listen intently but never seem to hear a work you say. . . Terrill . . . "Hal" . . . "Color My World" . .. cheese . .. talking to people. . . sunny mornings and clear nights. .. "Happiness is found in the little things" ... Pooch . .. "Rah, for the life of a bear!"fMilne . .. listening to and playing my music... "What would YOU do in a sandstorm?" . . . Daphne de Maurier . . . sailing . . . P.G. Wodehouse . . . abrupt departures from anyone, anyplace, anytime , and tendencies to laugh land runl in all the wrong palces. .. "To know me is to love me."-Charles Schultz Timothy Russell Nelson Tim. . . hopes to major in Emperorship and get a B.S. degree. . . hopes not to get caught by the l.R.S .... can't stand the morning after, paragraphs or senile old drivers. . . Kurt Vonnegut, .Ir ,... the S1000 dollar bill... birthday cake with fluffy frosting . . . l0th grade . . . sarcastic remarks. . . "Starsky and Hutch" . . . Arnold Horshak and the sweat hogs. . . Mimi ... 'AI like beer" . .. Mel Brooks.. . "Peanut Butter, spreads easily" . . . "You gotta be kidding, l'm not going to do that." . . . my stereo. . . my, German shepherds. . . "Cash makes no enemies,"-Cash Conover Steven Sotiris Sourapas Sourap . . . hopes to take over Dad's business and go to USC . . . hopes not to get married too early . . . can't stand llth grade English. . . Pinnacle Peak . . . Mr. Summers and Coach Volker . . . ldolizesj.K. McKay . .. Friday nights in Point Loma... Jaws . .. Cherries Jubilee . .. "Work to Do " by AWB. , , parents and coaches . . . "You know who" . ,, all sports. .. I974 Homecoming game. . . "Ace" . . . too much energy.. . 1974 USC-Norte Dame. . . "Always follow your shot."-Coach Bennett Sarah Minteer Semlak Sarita . . . hopes not to be psycho forever . . . can't stand fat, beets or M.F .... my phone . . . C, J, S, C,-I . .. "How romantic" . ,. Las Vegas... swimming . . . "Yes, dear" . . . picnics. . . dancing . . . "Support the Olympics, hug an atheleten . . . the desert... Pat . . . Nov. 2 . .. Homecoming '75 . . . slumber parties. . . cheering. . . sailing WU 5: K and-Ioe . .. kneecaps . .. Ridgway . .. London . . . Miss Sex . . . "relations" . . . classless 1Leej. . . sings. . . "Boogie on Reggae Woman" ... Cookie Monster... gets lost. .. C.C,C., B.D., and L.T .... "A butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough." . . "We're off to the Wizard." Lynanne Wickman Lyn. . . hopes to someday own a condominium in Hawaii. . . hopes never to be a poor sport. . . can't stand germs, having to get up early in the morning, and the San Diego Chargers in '75 . . . 5000 Kahala Avenue... D, M, Hairy. . . "Chicago" . . . the upstairs lounge of a 747 heading anywhere. . . "Kini Popo" . . . Idolizes Rich Little. . . getting tan... "Right, Bobby? Right, it sure does!" . .. 'APinky, Winky, Dinky" . .. loves staying up late . . . follows the sun. .. "Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly will alight upon you." -Anonymous 61 UI'1C1El"ClHSS1T1E1'1 ,118 'vi-il llw.yY,f.Q.- - fwkxzzusaagewcmgsmnev dl .3 'W' JLl1'1iUI' 51855- A Tnrpedn Sandwich With tht- addition of st-vc-n ncw mvmbcrs, tht- class of '77 is on its way to bcing Parkt-r's largc-st graduating class ova-r. Finding a gcm-ral dc-scription of this 1-xtrm-mcly dim-rsc sc-t of pvrsonalitic-s, how:-vcr, is anothvr mattvr. Although many of thc-m havc grown up togvthvr since vls-mcntary school, otha-rs arc nvw to thc' group this yt-ar. Whcn juniors thc-msc-lvvs arc consultt-d, they arc- quick to mcntion the 2:1 mah-ffm-malc ratio and thc- fact that most of thc-ir class arm- athlvtvs. jim Hanafin likvs to dc-scribe his class as a torpcdo sandwich. "We-'rc hams now, wc-'rc' going to bt- big cht-1-sc-s latcr, and wc-'rv full of baloncyf' What mort- can bc- said about thc' junior class? '1 juniors smih- alot.QAbov1' righti 'IR-d Nothorn.1Cm-ntvrj Hattiv jot' and Rvnvc Bryant.fAbovm-jfiuyHalac.1Rightj Bill Mullm-n and Mark Oi-mckv. 64 Suc Almour Bob Bagnall Sybil Baldwin lilisa Bartlett Carlos Blanco Runcc Bryant Mikc Cronc Dan Dungan Patricia I-'ashcndur Maxine lfucntcs David Gould Guy llalac Chris llall Jim llanafin Byron llarlan Otto llirr Hattie Joe Bryon Jones Jack Kruger Mark Laser Marcy Maher Julie Mansfield Alex Mayer Robert Mitrovich Bill Mullen Kent Newton Ted Nothorn Mark Oemcke Scott Orr John Rippo Tom Rutherford Frank Taliaferro I X K 4- ' . ,, Qw. AT, ' get X 1f . kg fr. Left, Elisa Bartlett on thu- way to class. Above, Suv Almour looks puzzled over a computer problem SU1Jl1UlTlUl'BS LEED ll'1lU CllU1'1 No longer "those 9th graders" the sophomore class became much more active in student affairs. Leaping at chances for authority, they participated to their fullest. They didn't win any awards during Spirit Week, and came in only third for "most spirit" in the pep rally, but it wasn't that they didn't try. Good humor and comradery were present throughout the year in this fun- loving bunch, and a few teachers dourly mistook this for rowdiness and disorder. They showed great interest in dances and had fun planning them. Academic achievement was also high. The classrooms were alive with their animated discussions, English being an especially favorite battling ground. The heated debates about poetry were carried on long after they left the classroom. All in all it's been a good year for the sophomores. They've accomplished much and are more than ready to face the llth grade. Left, Judy Kincaid all decked out. Leesie Assam Denise Bailey Claire Baldwin David Bassham Alfred Blum Santos Cota-Gomez James Cottingham James Crawford Patricia Crews 1 P? awk I ., 67 Kcn Cronc Mary Day Dcwart Jeannine DuBois Steve DuPlcssis Otto Bros Ilclcn lfarcs Nasim Fares Martha Flores Lisa Gochring Joceiyn Guilcs Doug Halvcrstadt Kirsten Hcdin Judy Kincaid Iiclcn Knud son Marit Kulnmcncjc 68 " 7'5v'f!5f1'A'e wa vzzwii , .,i, V siifff' Iyar? -' ,,i,,5,::5: f ai , ,, V f is f S Q M QM S fylt , A ff Mfg Ly , fir J, 5 Q 5 ji ,W is , , f f mi Q f y w s g I K, 4 Y if 1 ,iii 724- V, - ,W vi. ,Wm ,,: ,ww -- Joth Layton Jim Lyons John Malik Turn Nelson Susan Pcshcl David Pclcrson Pctcr Price Lctty Rosado Lori Schmclzcr Mikc Sourapas Cliff Trcuis Robert Warwick HLlgllxVilCi11l'l .lim Whiscnand Kcith Wickmun Nl1'1ll'1 EPHUBFS BBCU1T1E l1'lVUlVEEl "To be or not to ben: the class of '79 have chosen "to be." They are a self- confident group and show much potential in both academic and extra- curricular areas. ln academics, they are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, from Shakespeare and algebra to auto mechanics and sewing. And they shine in athletics tespecially in girls' sportsl, as well as in student council, chorus, drama and journalism. Looking forward to the next three years at Parker, the ninth grade is planning to make the most of the years ahead. Eric Allison Brad Bittner Chris Bonn Jeffrey Cass James Comstock Lisa Cook Matthew Crosbie Courtney Field Debbie Freedman Gordon Gilbreath Elizabeth Gildred Cathy Gilman , 70 'Shi' 1 ...-1'- 1V"7' if Anne Goodbody Charles Gwinn Deborah Haugen Madeleine- llerrill Kristen Hobbs Scott Irving Stephen Johnston Barbara Jones Warren Jones Lynda La Fleur Beth Lavender Ramon Lozada Dale Mann John Mansfield Joyce Miller ft mi- Opposite page-, ninth gratis' group rr-turns from fic-lil trip to county court and city library. In-fr, Str-vc' W4-rtz rm-laxn-s. Above a frir-mi from biology. 71 QQJ Stephen Seiber Desiree Mitrovich Claire Miyashiro Adrianne Moss Katie Palmer Jay Plaehn X George Rains -Karen Reavis XXX? 5? Tim Rutherford l , HQ, rf W N N? P .Q Y -ff hx G' XLS? C Nina Severance W, 60' Mary Shamshoian 'JN Leslie Sheridan Jennie Smith Katherine Steiner Becky Stevens Frank Strausser Chris Trepte Ernest Tucker Cathy Vafis Alex Vargas Julianne Wahlcn Colette Wand Steven Wertz Laura Wolf O' . Mi? -M wa C-j V., -J D V me, Y-Swv-Q VXA 1 Opposite page, Steve Seiber gets his exercise. At li-fr, ninth grade girls observe Clash Day. 73 Eighth Grade - A Lively CFBW A This year's eighth grade, a big part ofthe active and lively junior high, is out to try as many new things as possible. Ambitions range from living a happy-go-lucky life to discovering a cure for cancer, but most of the members of this class have no idea what they want in the future. In the meantime, it's very exciting to explore new ideas and experiences in an aura of security with the Girls' League, Student Council, football and basketball. The class of 1980 is ready to emerge from its cocoon. Caroline Anderson Deborah Anne Aylott Matthew Bradaric Donald Brandon Steve Carey Monica Childers Gregory Chlad Mark Clifton Robin Crittenden Julie Denenberg Kenneth Dewart Tim Dorsey Diane DuPlessis Cary Estes Michael Gardiner 74 . X-v-V Y Pam Guiles Frederic Hardy Pctcr Harrington William Helwig Karen Hirr Mary Iannucci James Ilko lfrunk Ingrande Craig Irving Curtis Ittner Bruce Iackson Gregory Jackson Opposite page, a break in English class. Ln-fr, girls show their form in football. Above, Bill Helwig, varsity football manager, engrossed in the game. 75 Elizabeth Jorge Andrea Kaufman Janniee Kinkade Maile Knudson Leigh Ann Layton Larry Leffler Laura Lerg - Andrew Lurie Richard Marsch Marvin McLellan Courtney Millburn Linda Miner Patrick Muglia Jean Mullen Hugh Muncie 76 !'w..W re., 1 M3 'Uh rata! , A,- el gli!! To ei 'lith raslrrs are alwa S read ' to clwcr L4-fr, Pi l-. 2 - Y- Y ' Mike- Taylor anal Richard Marsch. Above-, Mark Clifton anil Km-n Ds-wart ham it up. ., Lisa Nothorn Thomas Paull Leslie Pearce Teresa Pesqueira Ronald Remmcrde Lori Roberts David Schmelzer Larry Schrift Rebecca Smith Rocsanne Soares Chris Sullivan Michael Taylor Deborah Tobin Tony Williams Peter Zien 77 Seventh Grade Bettem ef Totem Pele With the addition of twenty-eight new Parker students the seventh grade totals fifty-three. For the first few weeks, students began adjusting to the rigors of junior high life, complete with changing classes, having lockers, and doing plenty of homework. As the year progressed they enjoyed various after- school activities such as Games Nights, basketball and football games, and pep club. Five girls, Laura Crawford, Violet llko, Susan McKig, Anne Pavel and Mary Lou Quini, started, their own magazine, FOUR-SCORE, which featured puzzles, stories , and creative writing. During the month of November, the seventh grade participated in the canned and boxed food drive, winning the contest for collecting the most food which was distributed to needy families. The prize was an appreciated trip to San Dieguito Park. The seventh grade has adjusted well to junior high school and is looking forward to eighth grade next year Karina Anchondo Sherre Bryant Susan Carpenter David Carson Catherine Chase Laura Crawford Tricia Engel Xanthi Gionis Allison Gordon Kenneth Graham Holly Grover Colleen Grubb Pictured above, Ted Tchang says power to the seventh graders. 78 f"'2.x Marc Guiles Heather Hanafin Matthew Herrill Roxunnc Hon Violct llko Sandra Iverson James Jucquet Chris Kanzius Grant King Paul Kruger Scott Maches Ross Mandcll Matt Matheson Susan Mc Kig David McLean Ann Miller John Mowrey John Otterson Ann Pavel Marilou Quini Lee Rhein April Saleebey Keith Sampson Katie Seiber Brooke Sheridan Glenn Shishido George Smith hw :,...:h S xg? lg is L' 80 2, ,QM X is J? fl George Snody Roger Soares Ted Tchang Kim Theilig Jeff Thomas Sara Valls Marco Vargas Bert Wahlen Charles Williams Marc Wolf sheimer Gabriel Zatarain Chris Zucconi At lc-ft, David McLean on his way to English class. Opposite page, james JZICQUCI casts a giant shadow. Far left, seventh grade' campaign signs. 81 Patriotic St th Grotto Roady tor ttooor School The sixth grade probably celebrated the Bicentennial more than any other class this year. Their musical production of "Hurray American traced the story of the American Revolution, and the annual May Day program was highlighted by a red, white and blue May Pole. Other exciting activities included: a field trip to the county courthouse to witness a trial, the annual sixth grade party, Field Day, sixth grade camp, and something newfftht challenge of an hour long final exam. Above right, Mrs. Brown and Steve Devin. Above, Eric Rosado in his Bicentennial American costume. Center, Mrs. Zolezzi assists Michael O'Rourke with his work. Below, Mrs. Brow n's desk draws a crowd. Emo :A--"" 'I-w Renate Adloft' Brigitte Brown Mary .lane Buck Ann Cole Michael Collins Jaime Cruz Stephen Devin Michael licks Andrew lfros Charles lfares Barney l"irks, Stephen lfishcr Toni Gilred Alyce Graham Naney Harrington Robert llko David Keely Leslie King Peter Krause Bear Kreusser Tara Littlejohn Scott Lottis John McGrath Stefan Medin Gregory Mitrovich Laird Nelson Michael O'Rourke Becky Ann Pesque Victor Pesqueira Andrew Rebele ira Elizabeth Reid Rusty Reniers Eric Rosado Susan Rutherford Jessica Sheridan Shellee Smith Rodney Sornson Benjamin Stephens Suzanne Turner Cleo Van Dorcn Tal Vigderson Shelley Warren Angela Williams Sara Zien sal CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Y Your' ecluoatxon has helped to make a better- world And lookmg toward the future per' haps one day you ll help us to bulld a more attractwe one as well TH IL 0 ,g4IlI Eli? I" lfuia' . I A K 'J fi' 1 X' Fw is M PA N Y LCD L JE I FRED B. MITC f K 5' 3- f Z! -,.-- A ,-1-- i -'Rm I .. Vgqeymwf -, 3:-,,' 16 Sm? A v , T' 1 , v-- - 1+ 1-. G Q' UU Congratulations to the Class of 1976 lT'S BEEN FUN WATCHING'YOU GROW UP. BEST WISHES FOR THE HAPPY PRO DUCTIVE YEARS AHEAD. 1014 PROSPECT LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA 92037 PHONE 455-4709 THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH STU- DENT COUNCILS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. f-'ff ESTME T R A o R M N XP f Q N " 'll' INV N , E LT Rs, Pnomzz TY MANAGE E T n , ffl- .Kg XV A . B 'e f 5 . , T. !..- -L, V ,. J' ' ., X ' GI5 ASH ST., SAN DIEGO, CA. 92101 239-9641 I, K X . r , I -- . f . THANK YOU f ,' AND ' f' " BESTWISHES ,I I FROM THE A ' I , GIRLS' LEAGUES. I" N 1' "IIIIIiIlllN ITALIAN RESTAURANT AND DELICATESSEN ITALIAN GOURMET CUISINE SERVED IN A RELAXING PIAZZA ATMOSPHERE W CLARKJNELSON- INSURANCE BILL CLARK RAHLE NELSON , .A fr Ie K, it '1 " fp I f w ' f , Ili u "WU 1 f 'If' IN 4 Q ,I W 1 . hw I , at ' I 9 ' I' MQIMIIIIQ JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH I r!! mlm , Vxmmy ff ' LIPIIIIIVXM lj 'I 'M ,X rim I m!l.W1W "!lIIIII" 4403 PARK BLVD., SAN DIEGO, CALIF., 291-5412 C7145 755 9347 From the Free Spirits of '76. T O N Y F RA N CIS Photographer Senior Portrait Photographer I430 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California 92014 1776 1976 YEA FOR THE CLASS IS THERE A METHOD TO IT S THE LAUGHTER W ALL OUR MADNESS? WILL REMEMBER THE CLASS OF 76 THAT, AND A LOT MORE THANKS D C , UNCLE RUSS AND LITTLE MRS THANKS FOR ELEVEN YEARS OF MEMORIES LEE BRALY 1 M REV SAM S 3 oo II SUNNY TO PAT AND STEVE, MUCH LOVE AND MEMORIES THE TWO OF 1 MRS SPAIN THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TIME, PATIENCE AND EFFORT' LORI AND DON M K YOU RE THE GREATEST' ILL MISS YOUR FACE LOVE YA ALWAYS C W 8: S ESCHEW THEORETICALLY SPEAKING GEOGRAPHY TEACHERS CHEERING WE WANT BE AGGRESSIVE HEY CHADWICK WE LUV U J V WHEN EVER YOU RE HOT JACKS HOLDING HANDS AND PINCHING TAB SEXY KNEE CAPS DECORATING THE GYM WE RE N 1 1 WE RE HOT TOOTSIE TOOTSIE BOYS GET LETS BOOGIE CHH CHH BOOM BOOM VARSITY HERE WE COME' JOCEY LISA CLAIRE, CHRIS, KAREN OLD GEOGRAPHY TEACHERS NEVER DIE, THEY JUST LOSE THEIR BEARINGS A TO MIKE, MY JAMES WEST HERE S TO THE TWO OF US' LOVE, HELEN B 8: L S DREAMS COME TRUE HI YA, A, HI YAAA WITCHES SAY HELLO HI YA HI A, HI YAAA MANY MOONS AGO MACBETH 8: THE 3 WITCHES MR LIPMAN ONLY HIS HAIRDRESSER KNOWS FOR SURE T J 8: L PREDICTIONS CLAIRE JACK LEESIE CHRIS JOCELYN KENT KIKI STEVE SUE BRIAN MARTHA CLIFF LISA STEVE PATRICIA BYRON P THANKS TO THE SENIOR FLOWERS FOR THEIR HELP, HAPPINESS AND LAUGHTER LOVE, c-ARISIE GREETINGS FROM ' GLEEP CV SB, AND CW FORGET M NOT BETSY ' ' E . - . 1 ." I IT' I !.. I OF . '77 - C.I ! I N S I . . . .S.- , ' I I' I US. - I I l I M I Y , 7'B - . - -.- ' IT ON.. ,GO JARVIS. . . - ... U, y 7- I ' v O. . - M l - I l . I I I M l ' - HI'Y - . - I . 1 1 - Y -Y - - l . V - I I M I l . 5 I I - ' , V . Q Q ' E - I - 17. ,, , . - I - 84 P - . -Q P. ,, 3 -- if i 5 - A ,, W .A,, 1 . . Q W " ' L. .... Q ' K' K ., " L , gf QQ -fs-wwiwivMfmfrf. , f, z. , W, i ' . X w flfisf ix , ' , , S" 'f I , I are grateful to those whopontrhxbutcd tqgenerously toward the publicat! on of CALVALCADE X . ,,.., Ag, - sf mkggf.. Mowrey James Jarvis Cottingham December 3. l959 - April 15, I976 4 In Memoriam Jim Cottingham was killed in an airplane crash on April 15 when he was on his way to Palm Springs during spring vacation. The loss of this fine student and athlete was a shock to all. Dr. C rone offered the following prayer at flag-raising: Dear God: This is an enthusiastic recommendation for Jim Cottingham, a student and friend of mine from Francis Parker School. I've known Jim since the 5th grade-seven years in all. I'd ask you to please consider the following facts before deciding on a place for Jim: . Jim has always been an Honor Student excelling in all academic areas. He doesn't spell too well, but l know you'll overlook this. Jim is a good tennis player. His bac khand needs a little work, but he can really contribute in singles or doubles. He played JV basketball and is a real "comer" with his height and can play either forward or guard. Jim will be shy at first, but you'll find he has a great sense of humor, can laugh at his own misfortune and will show great maturity in anything you ask him to do. As you can see, we're fond ofjim- students and faculty alike. We'll miss him, but know he's in good hands and ask only that you keep him busy and challenged and use him on "Your team"-he'd like that. XQQumW6KYWN,SfWiiiiQvmdN mQ1XmA,m,vmJwJMQ5mn'WUYWQf5nWW Ovvxfi Q5fQ,Q70'0Lv'L9!XJf13Qf0Vb 1 TOL oumgt-Hump M612 Q Ori, cum Vp Q J fm My uw, MNC mmm Jccoyubiufx 'Alum C I okmii -www MM Lgyafhmhly- Ugrm UJQJUCLULH Fwd cm 1,0 A vhs uf N mmwvvwx ma W wt I Qqapmwu ut . ' 0 WLM? mwxbe amfwwk. WQYHWQKWXWT Aoi Jduodw-Hfwu YXLNQJC Dfw' Ju wa Jwdiwxv We - gag Z J . QLA 1r'X 6 7,13 1 fr wofgyfegg gzol iq mg QQUL in FQ WCM WHGOQOL !U:D'4'9fi6wfulCz50,m C1553 gr - We OUCUO 7+glf5jQf174j mwfwa mpezllwy M WI!! fflaefgzom HQ Q twwwvwmdwm ffl sea gc MMM of , A 1 CW. 50J5oW5 f?R2fJi7Qiv 905 yn fe . UOJWI P99 'Lv ov! X ei f L 'Un dw ofa bob 'CO D0 JMU l'n9+W11l ew' I 0153- 5Qx+2fgYgo1f0p PM ii Vlglfiji-Z IGB! 1 AWN, Abymha. o- ,s.o.-.vw-.f 1Q,,,,L,Bl idomfvl Q LX xg Awwgl lb?-iw. dl WLAN wil. Mi Ox gong 'wigs JSA M1 WM W M1 W. 2, Q3 ix J5OMmmgMu85mw"xMagiQbWx XDWWQZSL M .. X 1, 16 FLGJLJ-Q, Ok - QYMOEIJ.. 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