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A ' W Jw war m:, , b, , ' .' A 2 iw F3 M if Q ,bm G fe' A A 'T' if .A"'i' may Q ' X q0Qgg5Jffgwf WM 099 QX '57 Qagfx my of 'Q P CW My fu Qbfggqczggsecfqqqfig fm? Q 705 gm Q4 Qfgfhgf QFUQOQ S Q w XgQC5i12GiC Cj4CZ?rjfQg N QY 455 86415 Zh fww9yQVw 'B ww W W QJXJEG-Q53 QMELQDLS ,fa Ns5J m Qgycgwhh 'Q q wx . 14 V' f -mfoj 5+ , 6,afMWW gf QWWWSWQW 2525595 JANE? Cavalcade '7 5 .,.......,4,,qg .f--mann L 4 C0l'i1IGDtS 8 dedication 10 editor's message 11 headmaster's message 12 facultyfadministration 20 seniors 28 underclassmen 50 organizations 56 activitiesfsports 84 advertisements 86 patrons acknowledgment--cover quotation by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, GIFT FROM THE SEA, 1955, Pantheon Books, a Division of Random House, Inc. Jlf F 1 , F I.. , H Q, . ff ti I il ,QQKE an Aw .1 S 'Tw 1111" ' . b'5T '. . ' 'f' Heil 'x' 'ff , ., ,b aa ia .. . . A 4 M1 .Lv 11.- -.W 4 ff . 1 A .. , ,sf jak-f If Q ' ff YSL ne, ,ITT 9 y -5 "'i?f V-554 ,Q 1 ,5jvS?MgN.:w,? , V, R ky: I .L ww awww? I A gil-, Q EUS A I pil! ' LJ dedlcatlondedicationdedicationdedicationdec "Do what you want in your own sphere, and enjoy it to the fullest," says the man to whom we dedicate CAVALCADE '75. After graduating from San Diego High and San Diego State, he remained in this, his home town. He taught at Mission Bay High and then at Montgomery Junior High before coming to Parker. He is a man of many interests. He enjoys leather- craft, lapidary and gardening when he's not camping or fishing. He also loves to travel. Mr. Frost enjoys most working with wood, and imparts to his students his same enthusiasm for the craft. He strives to find projects to suit the students' needs including providing them with the opportunity to enter boat regattas with the models they have built. Watching his students win, the Steinman and Kettenburg trophies in the Kiwanis boat regattas at various times are among his most memorable moments. These are the top awards in these competitions. For more than a decade, he has made his classes enjoyable for all his students. As years go by, students will continue to be proud of the projects they have made under his guidance. It is with great pride and appreciation that we dedicate this annual to Mr. Jack Frost. ltiondedicationdedicationdedicationdedicatior ' '? I proudly present CAVALCADE '75, Into it, we have poured many hours of work, conflict, compromise and creativity. I hope that we have continued the improve- ment we've seen in the CAVALCADE over the years. We have added eight pages, bringing the total to 88. We have a larger staff, have updated our approach to design, and the photography is better than ever. It is a joy and relief to unveil the end product. I opened my message with a quote that best illustrates the theme I chose for this book--individuality. Parker as a small school, strives for high academic standards, but it also looks to the individual. Where there are only 260 students, each student has a chance to gain an identity, not just to be one of the masses. We are given the opportunity to participate: in sports, student government, the publications, drama and many other facets of student life. That is what this book is about-- the importance of the person: his moods, interests and expression. Many- people helped finish this book with their encouragement and support. 'Foo many to name,staff, friends and faculty, but they know who they are, and I thank them very much. To close, I know that the CAVALCADE is dedicated to a great teacher and good friend of the school, Mr..- Frost, but in a larger sense it is also dedicated to the spirit of the institution that I have known and loved for nine years. Laurie Mansfield Editor's Message To nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else--means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. --e.e. cummings. Head master's Message I think you realize, along with me, what a remarkable year we are having together at Parker. Your successes in college admissions, in athletics and in setting a high tone of enthusiasm for school life is a significant tribute to each of you and a joy to behold. In all things you share a sense of friendliness, excitement, joy and an occasional tear. This permeates Parker. It affects me, the faculty, staff and most of all the student body. For you members of the Class of '75, I suspect you are anxious about the "tomorrows" and look forward to the good things that lie before you. And so it goes each year with another group of Parker graduates. But you as a group and individually represent something a bit unusual as you relate to Parker and your handling of "today. " It takes years for a new school to develop this kind of spirit. It develops, like character and breeding, by example and you are providing the example to those graduates of Parker who must follow in your footsteps. Forgive me for this "sentimental journey" and salute to you. However, the fact remains, the Class of '75 is unique in my experience as Pa.rker's Headmaster. You will be missed and I didn't want you to go without my having a chance to say, "Thank you!" D. C. Crone gi, . . Q. Q Q 551542: , ' 4 sv V 12 6 ,ab 'Z SIZ AQ . ,U We f mr- 1 f A if, W ulfpg. , is W my Af 15 Q if gffni' Q 'sz X4 5 325, ii R' -K, Q wi V? . J 5 75. Q11 ia' , if -1:55 335 Y i .1 5 il es. Ez, f TG ' 1 Q1 1, W ' mf v - , -, ,vw-,:1 , ..,. TM.: . 5- Ss 1 ww Mmm? iff f .EL-1 Q 1 -- Am-uf , Vfif-5511-1:3 lf' ' M,sM.:,4 '?". 5 , .bbw 1 .A ,Y 4 X 1 facu Ity! ad ministration Administration Janet Smith Administrative Ass't Ron Bennett Dean of Boys Evelyn Treais ji V Dean of Girls Board of Directors Board of Directors. Front row: Mrs. John Carsong Mrs. Sam Assamg Mrs. John Bennett Mrs Dan Heding Mrs. George Smith, secretary. Back row: J. Mark Rhoads, presidentg Louis Wolfsheimerg Philip Gildredg Arthur Flores, Robert Nostrandg Paul Tchang, second vice president, Thomas Halverstadtg Samuel Carpenter, first vice presidentg and Otto Hirr. Not pictured Lowell G. Hallock, treasurerg Clarke Braly, Walter B. Broderick, Julian M. Kaufman, Tawfiq N Khoury, Mrs. Vincent E. Mazzanti, Mrs. C. Arnholt Smith, Jr., Dr. Thomas S. Whitelock. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs . Mrs . Mothers' Club Officers Fathers' Club Officers Sam Assam, President Robert M. NOStI'2I1d, President, Burleigh Bagnall, First Vice President Gene E. Ross, First Vice President J. H. D. Buck, Second Vice President Arthur Flores, Second Vice President Kenneth Kanzius, Secretary John V. Mullen, Treasurer Eli Sampson, Treasurer. Pat Helwig Receptionist Jan Rogers Secretary mmm. 'i Lisa Hume Barbara Breen Trans. Secretary Ass't Librarian Agata Bjork Talma Gauthier Josephine Cruz Ruth McIntosh Mr" Betty Keeler Cafeteria Manager Gene Scarborough Transportation Mgr. Maintenance Supv. William Finley Staff Jim Galyan Carlos Jimenez Roland St. Pierre Don Winters Bill Tweedell Dan Zatarian ,,, fu2,U RMK' My Lffvfilgulty isgvfjigrt Q Lsvbfub-Nflfi -' H9 K , 5 gli' K7 1 X3 Wx 'vxfiwifb QwfJUgCQQf Mr. Pooch and Jenny Tchang 16 9 Matu re A. 1 . Senora F1sh sk i.+ef2i1'5' Clvlllzed and Observant tw Q. .A af? zf - Mr. Russell and Hilary Hanafin Parker teachers come from as far away as China and England, and from our Deep South, New England, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and, of course, California. Not only do their geographical backgrounds differ, but also their educational achievements are varied and interesting. They bring their own unique talents and personalities to, their classes . At Parker,due to small class size and emphasis on individual instruction, students and teachers have unlimited opportunity to communicate. Lee Adams Art, Woodshop Ron Bennett Social Studies Dir. of Athletics Judy Corbin English, History Julia DeMonner French Marlene Fisher Spanish Charle s F reer Tennis , Coach Jack Frost Woodshop, Drai Latin, Sewing N 5 Wir ss ei f at , if , was B3 'if 1 ,MS Y it 5 if Mr. and Mrs. Ted Summers chaperone groups of students, mainly from Parker, on American Institute for Foreign Study tours. Trips have been i 'i'i F"ttfiffe-' ,T ' T taken to Africa andEurope. Students who have taken the tours agree this is an enjoyable way to learn about other countries and cultures. 1. ai W This summer the travelers will visit the South ez SA i K -f sf J, 14 jg? gl Mary Jo Ghirom , -Sf, -1 Pg, I sg.: , ,gg,-f ..:.t',. , . " FZ: 2 . -i F .,. E H . V Seas stopping at Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Tony Ghironi Scicnce, P. E. Coach David Glas s ey Coach Sharon Jackson Art, P. 111. Ruth J ones Math Brian Kcrkering History, P. IC . Coach Doris Larson Librarian, Typing r ' e 'YM' David Ling Spanish Lawrence Lipman Math, P.E. Terry O'Rourlcc English -,re-Hi . 5 , ,. F5 n y K6 f-6. 1 y ae 4. 23 , . X35 .ff gg' k f Km fa. 'F , if A 5. W 5l5'm ffm " he-A ' 59111: Za Chuck Pooch Math, Testing Dir. David Russell Social Studies, History Rev. Joe Sandvcn Social Studies .g - . .- , ff-,,.:L-fifawzi-ww-Q M , :- - :'a.i-nz-" . it 13 R35 S. .i M if ,gf X 'ff' ,' 4 SE? X . 1 K ls' 'fx S f , Dolores Spain English, Journalism Fran Styles P.l:.. Tcd Summers Science, Math, Coach Q "7 s-1513: S: EZLT? if 1 ,. ia, , ,ff , X xvgflf 722533:-3 ,,, wr ibm 45'-nf' 1 . fi L 1' .K ' iq' ..iW K z K .5 , V AI , Q , r .. at IN M EM O R IAM ew. .. f .Q-fy .2 f , Q5 t is K + .. 'A J S. Ray Terrill Science Evelyn Treais Spanish Ray Volker History, Coach Students and teachers alike will miss Mrs. Mercedes Ferbal who died in November after a long illness. Because of 'her Spanish background and her enthusiasm for her subject, she brought many insights about Spain and its people to her classes. While teaching at Parker, she became a proud and loyal United States citizen. We offer our condolences to her husband and two children. We pay tribute to her, a dear friend. CL The class of 1975 is an extremely diverse set of individuals. Tastes range from jazz to footballg aspirations go from achieving happiness to marrying Princess Caroline. In keeping with the theme of this book, each individual describes himself, his likes and dislikes, his hopes and fears, in a paragraph below his portrait. Unfortnmately, there is never enough space to record all the things that we'd like to remember about our senior year. Certain things, like Grad Nite at Disneyland, and Graduation Day, will always be remembered, but it was the little things that kept us going from day to day: listening to Mrs. Corbin - describe her love for "tragic liver". . . seeing a teepee put together in the class- room area. . . making a wagon-circle with cars in the parking lot. . . running the concession stand at the Southern League Tournament with Pat Flynn being creative with the ketchup. . . stealing the Christmas tree in protest. . .watching movies in Oceanography with Christmas lights blinking around the screen. . . of course the weekend parties--we needed those to prepare for the coming week. Our senior year may be over, but we'1l never lose the memories that made it all worthwhile. X. THOMAS MOORE BOBCZYNSKI JOHN COOK DAVID LIGGETT DURRILL Tom-Bob. . .hopes to sail arotuid the world. . . "J". . .hopes to marry a rich girl. . . hopes not Dave. . .hopes to be healthy, wealthy, wise and hopes not to be a bonegada. . . can't stand the to be a toad or a math major. . . always get the the owner of an ocean racer. . .hopes not to be smoke from smokers. . .loves the water and first punch in. . . "Push Push" by Herbie Mann a deadbeat. . . can't stand running the hurdles sunny weather. . . heh, heh, heh. . . football. . . . . . idolizes Esquire Holmes. . .favorite hobby for Mr. Summers during track. . . THE LURE M's house. . .by Pa.m. . . "lf you aren't happy, is wrestling bears. . . Chuck P. and Ray T. . . OF THE LIMERICK by Wm. S. Baring-Gould don't bitch, just get off your butt and do hamhocks and blackeyed peas. . .going . . . idolizes Jackie Stewart. . . sailboat racing. . . something about it. "--John Wayne. . . undefeated in football was great. . . "Toads when the small craft warnings are up. . .loves must die. "--James T. Ranck. . . sailing and cruising. . . "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different dummer. "-- Henry David Thoreau. . . l JEFFERY L. BRANDON NEIL EDWARD DICKENSON MICHAEL BRUCE FARLEY Jeff. . . hopes to help others find happiness, Doc. . .hopes to find an inner peace and to Mike--hopes to be rich in knowledge and to find peace and happiness for himself. . . bring a little happiness to those around him. . . wouldn't mind a little money. . . hopes not to can't stand people that put themselves first hopes not to be relegated to a life of drudgery be a Coleman College graduate. . .can't stand and try to dominate, hurting others. . .think by his occupation. . . "May I be the friend of Brandon's truck. . .work rough in laying out for yourself, don't let others do it for you. . . that which is eternal and abides!'. . . roast animation put in details later. . . "Golden Lady" San Diego. . .idolizes his father. . .Walt Disney beef sandwiches. . .between 10:30 PM and 7:30 by Stevie Wonder. . . idolizes James Westflftobert . . .loves fishing, hunting, golf, etc. . . Mr. AM. . .loves to sleep. . . favorite teacher is an Conrad. . . Remington. . .loves to draw. . . Terrill, not only as a teacher, but as a friend. . . honest and open one. . . "You can never do a football. . . fiesta island. . . Mrs. Spain. . .uncola kindness too soon, for you never know how nut. . . sailing the P with B's. . . "Ride 'em cowboy soon it will be too late. "--Emerson. . . donlt let him throw you down. You can't make no money if you hit the ground. "--Paul Davis. . . ARTHUR JOSEPH FLORES JR. A fc-iSiY5:ai-Yam?" 5 , , .M 5: r .0 , A V.. ii? -. fgigl -1' if 3 if .. . W K' FWS: Pancho. . .hopes to have fun as he lives, and at the same time, make it big. . . hopes not to be caught up in the regularity of life. . .ca.n't stand the onesidedness of humans. . .try to live each day as it comes rather than live in the past or future. . . ay ay ay. . . Vail, Colorado. . . radical . . .ten.nis. . .being with my friends on Friday Ki Saturday nights .... "The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think than what to think. "--Beattie. . . PATRICK JOSEPH FLYNN Pat. . .hopes to marry Princess Caroline of Monaco and write for "National Lampoon" . . . hopes not to be a bartender at Barbary Coast. . . can't stand Talia.ferro's slmglasses. . . "Barnac1e Bill the Sailor". . . Annie. . .basketball . . . Chadwick's blonde cheerleader. . .when Coach Cordon beat up Alan Rath. . . the Alka Seltzer incident. . . Homecoming '74, . . Sarah. . . "Write without pay until someone offers payg if nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for. "--Mark Twain. . . DAVID ALAN FOLKERT Dave. . .hopes to be happy' and to enjoy life to its fullest. . . hopes not to be a person caught up solely in his job. . .ca.n't stand the corruption and lack of integrity in the government. . .life is W beautiful and nothing is impossible to achieve. . "Money" by Pink Floyd. . .the ocean. . "The Gulag Archipelago" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. . .waterskiing. . . "What is a cynic ? A man who knows the price of every- thing, and the value of nothing. "--Oscar Wilde DONNA JEANNE GIBSON Onna. . . "Mifh1ight after you're wasted". . .bakery sand Ka snow. . . okey-doke. . . ah-WOO. . Tab, Diet-rite, churros. . .bumping. . .nature walks. parking lot. . . Carrying On Our Routine Studies . . .Woodle's home. . . "iing with the Pavels, Athy, Elly, Enny". . .pooltable conversation. . . our Monday nite. . .tuna boycott. . . goblets of champagne. . .God's gift to women. . .lying in the sand during PE. . .love of the last four years. . . "I am united with my friends in heart, what matters if our place be far apart?". . . LOREN THOMAS HALVERSTADT, JR. Halvie. . .hopes to get a million dollars and live on the north shores of Hawaii. . . can't stand 8:30 PM and homework. . .eat, drink and be merry. . . "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix. . . "THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW" by G. E. Hinton. . .parking lot. . .that's life. . . B's and pizza. . . Led Zeppelin. . .bummer. . .basket- ball. . . 2:25 PM. . .loves the beach. . .the Hilton Inn. . .the mountains. . . El Cortez. . . "Winning isn't the most important thing, it's the only thing. "--Vince Lombardi. . . i DEBORAH ANN HARLAN Debbie. . . hopes to be contented with herself and attain her goals. . .hopes not to be a conformist. . . can't stand homework, reflecting sunglasses and tardiness. . don't do today what you ca.n put off 'til tomorrow. . . there's hope for me, isn't there ?. . . double- mint gum. . .tennis and basketball. . . I'll do it tomorrow, you weirdo! . . .Paul Newman or Al Pacino movies. . .jazz. . .likes weather that suits her moods. . . GREGG ARLIN HARRIS Gregg. . . hopes to be a dictator. . . can't stand mumbling. . .try to live life to the fullest. . . THE HOBBIT by Tolkien. . .loves onion soup . . . excellent. . . idolizes himself. . . Mrs. Jacobson. . . November 11, 1957. . . "To die! To be really dead! That must be glorious !" --Count Dracula. . . DEAN L. HILGEMAN Dean. . .hopes to be rich and happy and health . . . hopes not to be a bum. . .do unto others an deny it. . .BaCh'S TOCATTO AND FUGUE IN l MINOR. . .before and after school. . . M. C. Esher. . . Hironimous Bosch. . . fried shrimp. . "I feel I have the right to say the things I've been saying"--Lenny Bruce. . . MICHAE L ALAN LAYTON LAURIE LYNNE MANSFIE LD KATHRYN SUZANNE PAVEL Mike. . .hopes to make life more than a job or The Tootsie Roll Kid. . . hopes to write. . . hopes Kath. . . "Midnight after you're wasted". . .beach chore. . . can't stand to pull weeds. . .you are not to be conventional. . . can't stand PE and trench,'s, bakery 81 fog city. . .dirt here to enjoy life--never let it get you down. . . pompous people. . . "I AM THAT I AM"-- bikel. . .Where is my baby powder ?. . .duplex, "King of the World" by Steely Dan. . . Mr. Exodus 3:14. . . hey now. . . "Simple Man" by ice cream, Diet-rite. . .bumping, skiing, Summers. . . football. . . eruisin'. . . idolizes Nash. . .I LOVE TAB. . . P, J, Ez the Wave. . . tennis, . . Kelly 81 old English. . . Larry Csonka. . . '73 Christmas Dance at the good times. . . THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH sprinklers. . . Coach Roberts. . . "iing in Cuyamaca Club. . . G. . . "When life gives you by Norton Juster. . .my keys ?. . .thc tenor Ammoth". . . Gary. . .grad nites. . . cheering. . . lemons, make lemonade!". . . and the bass. . . Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Corbin "Chioago". . .chariot riding. . .Dee's and B's . . . Eng. 176. . .if I get through this year. . my yearbook. . . moondancing. . . M. . . "I am the peom that doesn't rhyme. "--Taupin. . . . . . . TUNA. . . sun bug 8: the parking lot. . . saying good-bye. . . over!. . . "In the middle of Here and Now I have found friendship a.nd love. "--J. L. S. JEFF ERY JAMES MALIK Jeff. . .hopes to be happy in whatever he does . . . hopes not to be a steam bath owner in Gila Bend, Arizona. . .happiness is in taste Ez not in thingsg it is by having what we love that we are happy, not by having what others find acceptable--you must work hard to be happy. . . "Moondance" by Van Morrison. . . loves Italian food. . . El Cortez. . .the mountains. . .track. . . 220 Ramona Pre-lims . . . school dances. . . 6th grade camp. . . "Smile, it makes the world wonder what you've been up to! ", . . JEAN MARSCH VALERIE LOUISE PECK Jeannie Weenie. . can't stand bein told what "It's so nice to be insane. No one asks you - g to do. . . "Indiana Wants Us". . . "The Art of Fly Killing". . .I look like a squirrel. . . horsebackriding and t. p. ing. . .4130 AM. . . basking in Mexico. . . Lake Country Fair State Trooper, Mike. . .fox hunting in the FIAT. . . Godl. . . Dee's. . . Pomona Convent. to explain. "--Paul Williams. . . a couch roast! ! Fire ! . . .tomatoes, airport, Toyota. . .bottle in the haystack. . . T 1, o . TODD LEIF PRATUM PAMELA JEAN SMITH Todd. . .know yourself, listen to that little Pam. . . hopes not to be like everybody else. . voice in your head. . .he'll tell you the truth. . . can't stand wearing shoes. . .hey, that's not Qhe'd betterj. . . "I live for my dreams and a funny. . .idolizes M, L, Sz J. . . "Moondance". pocket full of gold. "--Led Zeppelin. . .hopes to by Van Morrison. . . good times. . . dirt bike. . know all he can, do what he pleases and have pizza. . . Mrs. Brown. . . stormy weather. . . what he wants. . .pet peeve: petlpeeves. . . frog loves to wave. . .teddy bear. . .sunsets on the 81 lizard hunting, books and drive-ins. . .who beach. . .her husband. . . M's party. . .I can amI?...amIcrazy?... really relate. . . lawnmowers. . . Homecoming ' . . . T. . . "Happiness. . . Ha-Cha-Cha! "--Louis Armstrong. . . JEAN ELLEN POLHAMUS Pocahontas. . . hopes to be published. . . hopes never to be dependent. . . can't stand egotists, fakes or squeaky chalk. . .loves the water. . . neun. . . cold pizza. . . snow skiing. . . cold, blustery nights. . . Maxfield Parrish. . .DINOSAUR FUNNY BONES by Jean Burt Polhamus. . . "I scorn to change my state with kings. "--Shakespeare. . . ALAN G. SHELDON Melvin. . . hopes to have a good time. . . hopes not to be handicapped. . .can't stand term ALEXANDER O. SZ EKE LY Zake. . .hopes to make a million dollars and own a NASCAR car. . .hopes not to be a papers, reports and slow trucks. . .the past is teacher. . .the id is all. . . "Where do the past Sz the future is yet to come, but the present Children Play" by Cat Stevens. . . MORE THA is here now. . . "Big John" by Jimmy Dean. . . HOT ROD MAGAZINE. . . and uh. . . Mr. Lindquist. . .lower school locker room. . .will eat just about anything. . .loves the mountains and cold gl muggy weather. . . "Winning is not everything, but it sure beats anything that comes in second. "--Bear Bryant. . . HUMAN by Theodore Strugeon. . . idolizes Qui Chang Kane. . . artist: Livia Szekely. . . when we leave, you'1l find outl. . .driving over 80 on the street, 50 on dirt in his car. . 396 Chevy. . . Ted Summers. . . Mexican food. "The past is pastg the present is but a momentg the future is all. "--Zuz. . . GENEVIEVE TC HANG Jen. . .hopes never to go completely crazy. . . hopes to lose ten pounds. . .can't stand filling out forms, tailgaters and chilibeans. . . "Your Song" by Elton John. . . Huh?. . . I'm hungry. . .taquitos from El Indio. . . SB. . . skiing Scripps. . .blue ink spots. . . going "ape" in Physics. . . "Why to be for why I know not". . . Thanks Mom, Dad and everybody ! . . . "The Lord in his goochiess made the fly, and then forgot to tell us why. "--Ogden Nash. . . in 90 years I'll be reading this '?. . . ROBERT MONROE WADDE LL Robert. . . hopes to travel and lead a good life. . . hopes not to be a hari krishna. .reach for all the gusto in life. . . "Bridge of Sigh" by Robin Trower. . . all right. . .dismal. . .you dwit! . . . loves eating abalone and sleeping. . .scuba diving. . . "Friends are necessary to a happy life. When friendship returns to us, it is as though the tide came back, gave us buoyancy and freedom, and opened to us the wide places of the world. "--Harry Emerson Fosdick. . . . , 3812: . ,Q , , . :wif ea., ,, 1 :,,,.q.a-f , . Not pictured is Martin Pleahn who was studying in Germany for a semester and had not returned in time for our deadline. --ed. ROBERTA LYNN WELLMAN Bobbie. . . hopes to be a biologist or a vet be like the sun: smile Et others will be influenced by the strength you radiate. . . "King of Trees" by Cat Stevens. . .loves art, guitar, horseback riding Sz being outdoors Mr. Bennett knocking the clock down. . . basketball. . . "One who knows others is wise one who knows himself is wisest. . . The truly wise do not selfishly crave. They live for other people 8z thereby grow richer. They give freely of themselves 8: have great abundance. "--Tao. . . l LINDA KATHLEEN WOODLE Etta. . .hopes never to be without her FIAT . . . hates moving in her senior year give the winds Sz tides a chance to change. bumping KL . .trench. . .idolizes Dad . . . senior car circle. . .horn honking. . . mountain party. . . Godl. . . Indiana cornfields . . .Dee's and B's. . .grocery carts. . .Dad, Mom, Xt Liz, I love you. . .Donolla, Weenie, I hate tears K: goodbyes so to FWP Sz my closest friends whom I'll be back. . . "You're why donkeys sent to college. . . "--Roy Woodle. . . Kath, I say I love- aren't 4 v underclassmen Though small in number, the junior class is strong on campus. It boasts of star athletes and peppy cheerleaders. It contributes numerous members to Student Council, Girls' League and the journalism staffs. The juniors can be counted on to show spirit in school activities While maintaining high academic achievement. At right, Hilary Hanafin is caught napping after a day of fun and excitement. Facing page, clockwise: Lori Fisher, Don Jones, Mike Devin, Carl DuPlessis, Sarah Semlak. Larry Bernstein Jeff Blum Lee Braly Elizabeth Collins Dave Cook John Cook Mike Devin Carl DuPlessis Lori Fisher Kiki Flores Hilary Hanafin Linc Herron juniors Excel In Academics and Activities miigsws gsfzisssisafiggsiiaii ima, K if- - QiLi.Eiti55i'i? 1: . Q., S ff, 32, i ffl' A ai A , ry' 1 ti x ,ix Av? ji if Ja, 5, ,wr ,if 32. w i Q r M X S W G 2 1 f my if K 42 i -4 if film W5- i fgnvv - if f i i n n , s ,Ate lf HH "x?1QH. '. i-iii?" .3296 -. V H597 ,Si e 1. Aw, .V ., IE. if we W, L ii fi gs i gf. 3, L JE? ' X 'ff fi. . ., . wi,-s Q . fv-lf A. , V. A 1' . 1 -lf. . ,i 410. .v . ,-., ' - ,-in 1 is 4 I, , in-L fa NVE M T 5 K i is if 'Haw s X fm ,.. 4 1 if W? ? .5 22 5 : 'uf i V ' K 1 """"'IillOilmng,0,,,Wh f 'f W Gm Malik-0-' 1 .-.Q i 1 , :nif-,rp W . -1 Q X, -P i juniors Exhibit Exquisite Taste Fred Johnson Don Jones Hale Maher fL.:'f,,f-y'wa'f was fvem ' xp, t V if, .ivg . L s ':Hw,. - . WE? 2 L si S ww s S V' ds 5' 78 ,Ass 'W' is S Q Q wt f- if 3 fi 1 , K W, f J 5 " .TW 'swf' 'A Jiiiliii k fp iff .L ,L ,A qge .5-.,,-, M 22 wife-m.: Q: -uf' f, Scott Miller Mary Nelson Tim Nelson 545 ff if H SJ 'FE 'K Q91 gf - , ' 21i?T7'fff1,,l :?w' ' i E 1 5 -r 1 Good Things are Expected From the Class of '77 Bob Bagnall Lee Carson Mike Crone Maxine Fuentes Renee Bryant Susan Christenson Dawn Dewart David Gould The class of '77 will be the first to complete their junior and senior high years at the upper school campus Of the thirty class members, only nine are girls. The sophomores are a varied group: bright, funny and athletic. Many were on the undefeated football team. They show promise for future varsity squads in all sports. Class members are involved in many activities ranging from cheerleading to ice skating, journalism and drama. Good things are to be expected from the class of '77! Guy Halac Jim Hanafin Byron Harlan Brian Jones Marcy Maher Otto Hirr' Jack Kruger Julie Mansfield Hattie Joe Brian Love Alex Mayer ' ' f-syf222:m2222f2,f--12222222 2 , 222,f2,,f2,222,2:, 1 22 ,W2sf--M22 . 5, i35555yQ2522232222s52?i2ggf5egggi212s2Sia 1 f:2?ff:" f " w1feiev111Hf2f3i ,. 7-2gsg2m22,2. ew vmfsgim 252211 lat' I QM , r..,,rL 2 1 15 2 ' 1 n w,:fw222rL.2m3f ff .ae K sf H 2 if 3 4 21 1 2 2 2 r Q 3, 2 l 2' E , 9912 2 K ,Q 2 22 2. if wg We .. 5 km , ,2 2 aw d -QW!!! 322 2 2 . fs:f121w12nmm2f2wvW , 222 2:2 :ser - fb1 :J422zw'EQ5f52s9 ,,225e.2fif,.2 1, f.22f2,Qf22222-,gf 22- k 22 192 if":5iQ5ff25r5,4 ' 2223541-"""'. - :Z ' I TISEZZSV' 'fl H12 122291112 gee sis. ex sw f S 2 W 2 ,, I 2 F 2 2 A5 2 ,iw-2, 2 2-3 :fm v A ' 2 QE mm H E 2 2 2 fk f 222 E 5 2, fs ss 2 Q fm 2 22 Q, K mmmr Mm., .,..,.,,.,,.. , -,-f, 2-f, r-fA- f2ff..mw1221ff2,:f-2 -ff2i7i2?s?42z,'s22v fww , i v,,. , 22 32 .22 222mg-4 1222222 - v- - - 2- -f mm 2 22 , . .,., 2, .,.. Aw' Y .: , -- f - -M211 111 :f2,1222w2w2:wHE'4W2ei9? nf 2 zzgg 2 22,w,,,,w.,2g,22,22.W2 .,,, w w M 5f2?22:m. , 15212, 15245 - i rruasmi ' as 22222222 23 V W Q . 2222, , 21 2 ., rum 952 ,. ,- 2, ,, F ff . M J fm My 2..2 M22 Q , 222-1 2222 W ,ifzff:i'1" . . :S ff ,2 --1 2' ff 2 Qf2,,3,2,' - . I 12 : : , ', 12- -- , 2, 2 -22222221322 2 ,gh wr 1' 2 1 , 2 2 Www' ,2 , , , ,W 22 ,.. -2 ,-2 ,, Y' ,ar ,.2f W4 ::f f'2 25' -:::-,: ".. 2 r' ' 2 eeer 2.2 ' ,ggi 2 iz 222 222222 2 a 2, as an 32 ,H 'fflihf 2 xg 52 ' was Fi 2 3, H 2r ,Y 2 S A ,Q 2 ,Wi Af wg fe 2 2 1 22 -26 122 176 2 H ,225 Q 4 229, , 3 x 1' x .5 x 5 2 2 K, 1 3 9, 2 3 ? X S ' 2-ffega4gs1ssz's2f ff '1 , 72 f -f 5522222 1 J 1 H in if 2 ' 0 .2251-q2f523g5fef121zf2v'2sxaz1Qa 2- 21 1,,2w if A . ,. 22 Q ,,.,5,2 2 - - 522mgig.2,w2Y I f.-ff2222Qa?EaEgg ,ig 12,f2ww,2 4.. . - JH 1 . A .nz-. 15, 9, 2- ' 1 E J 4 S 2 1 5 Y K 2 3? 5 QQ 2 ,+ wg 2 22 2 2 K K2 21 ,v f 2 2 Misra 1 2 gg .2 M 8 V2 9' f 2--2212. . W., 2 li 1 1 22? 3 X 2 J ,, f. 52 2 L12 ,Wim Q2 Q1 IfiffiijilfYQTYf:yZ5H1i2f?iQ4f2E713'fn' 2 fi' 2: 1 21 55155151 W f ' f'1r,si21 if! 2, mam 2223 S 2 axwfgm ' 22853 2325 322222gm5?. N , ::, 2 22,2 .. mu -2222222 -, 2 2 'W 4- 2 21 ,K 2 f 12 3 22 2 1 J 3 x 2 x, A Ps J qui 22,2 , ax ' 2 WW E V, K E If 2 E I f Mark Oemcke Scott Orr John Rippo Tom Rutherford ff ,, .M .. :Wessex f1egmQ.5f2g M A f:-f.::a4faa: .:a-e:5,--::M:- '- MA C J 1 2 fa f mx, Freshmen Show Promise On Their Way Up The majority of the 9th grade have been together since the 7th grade, forming a close knit group. They have been for the most part earnest and hardworking, yet they have participated in many extra-curricular activities. They can be found in sports, cheer-leading, journalism, drama and debate. Having become accustomed to the role of upperclassmen, they show potential for leadership in the next three years. rwsfgfgildietf' e gy r ttytoy ,,, .QQ 5, fa.. -' ,, . 'I 'i' .,P?f 5: ':Ti:II-- iwir f S i r t, M W "-. - , f' Z ,Qi Yi if Leesie Assam Shelia Belinsky Santos Cota-Gomez Denise Bailey Paul Bell-Lee James Cottingham Claire Baldwin Alfred Blum James Crawford N ' f-!1i4CfNWl34u.4 , . J AR, X , Eg Ken Crone Cathy Crosbie Scott Deming Robert Devin Mary Day Dewalt Jeannine DuBois Otto Eros Helen Fares Nasim Fares Martha Flores Lisa Goehring Martha Graham Doug Halverstadt Sheryl Harris Kirsten Hedin Robert Jackson Julie Jennings Pam Kennedy Susan Kiewit Judith Kincaid Helen Knudsen J oth Layton George Lerg Michele Lewis hs. ' 2 , as 9 Jim Lyons James Montalbano Tara Nelson Susan Peshel John Malik Bruce Morey Kim Pavel David Peterson David McGinnis Chris Muglia Richard Pavel Peter Price Letty Rosado Lori Schmelzer Celeste Schmid Steven Schrift James Snody Mike Sourapas Walter Spain Leslie Stephens Cliff Treais Gigi Wadsworth Robert Warwick Hugh Whelan Keith Wickman Kim Wilson James Whisenand Alison Wolfsheim GI' Christopher Bonn James Comstock Lisa Cook Matthew Crosbie Brooke Culbertson Randy Dible Michelle DuBru1 Courtney Field YS N K M 'En M3561 fl Maisy, M 5 mine 2 41. 5: :ri " Agn A232522 - '.Qlf:i,fkff2f9 V. - YZ?-?,.e:'5':1.'-, QI -. Qsl ff, fwfwswfv -. " 2 , of is-:gf Q V M My ls wi 7 4 1 it R 5 4W"4' ,..,,.., . g. Ma Q sims W' 5 Lx W W W, ff F -1- Eighth Grade Gaining Character The eighth grade is second in size to the seventh grade by one student. Many eighth graders have achieved scholastic honors. They also have sought to express themselves in other areas. They participate in sports such as basketball and volleyball as much as possible. The class is young and still developing its character. Deborah Freedman Kate Gallagher Gordon Gilbreath Eliz aheth Gildred Cathy Gilman Anne Goodbody John Graham Byron Gwinn Scott Haraden Paul Hartwell Deborah Haugen Madeleine Herrill iii BU YL JN 9 -r " '- ' : , " if i , . ' ,.::.-:'w- -ef: f 5 R 'A isfsagmyxgw W JK'-'fLl'L W V H :W f' h W ,names-in P - Q, i 4 E' r fa ak Q aa Q 'Q 4, 85:8 M ff VK' W w mrs .. ma , m H W ,am ,. Q W , ww E . ef M355 rw .Q N .fa ,Th . has at h -- gk? X S ,Fa .qfz ., 2: 1 , g en' "'57f -all ' 1 . if 5, ,af ...A 3 X L 2 Gayle Hewitt Kristin Hobbs Scott Irving Morgan James Stephen Johnston Barbara Jones Warren Jones Anna Kiewit Beth Lavender Ramon Lozada Dale Mann 3 ffl fwiavf ' I 'GIS-x'li5fif-Qs597Z1F?""V"?g1' si -, 1. 1" . ,, ., ':.-we..-gjgsg "S':1",.24- " .L. 7" Iia f' , . " .Ei ' r. ', is 'I' K' HP? ' : ' - '21 ZZ? " iii' 5 f W 'L .L .f I""'- if '-.-f'.' f:Ff?" W LQ. . , I, .V ,mi ,, ii i? , A J fi- ' ,Z J , . A 'fi' 4 ,gy A f, f K - wif an , 5 me .px wwf' his JA :Wi , is A 'MWQSPISW 1' . - ,I gig. ' K Ffa yn Katie Palmer John Mansfield Cindy Peterson Joyce Miller Jay Plaehn Desiree Mitrovich George Rains Adrianne Moss Karen Beavis ,fn 1 ,ze x Tim Rutherford Stephen Seiber Nina Severance Mary Shamshoian Leslie Sheridan 5, 1 QM 12556 L '1 ni- l -' Wtiliggiif ff2 ::g,'5 j,e:?25f : - . :sl " - ' ' A ' 1 1,2 , Q , ,':' Si K ,JW qi ., 1 gg 1 W s 5 M it lv Q M Jennie Smith Elizabeth Stockman Chris Trepte Alex Vargas Steven Wertz Katherine Steiner Frank Strausser Ernest Tucker Julianne Wahlen Laura Wolf Rebecca Stevens Kathy Suess Cathy Vafis Colette Wand Melissa Wolfram ,lf 43 Vernon Alexander Caroline Anderson Deborah Anne Aylott Matthew Bradaric Donald Brandon Steven Carey Monica Childers Gregory Chlad ,'l' 5 -vt, H an H 9 nu, 17316 4 I , ,G We . fx .3 if di , i sy if 3 l f ' 3 lim 0 .. h,. J '-":22ii ,:If'z g'.:41"'n" Eglin? 5 M S 5 ,. , , QTQ N i f .igwslg 2 f ,Q x , , at 1-5234 Adjusting to the upper school campus and learning how to deal with much homework, study halls, and the upperclassmen, kept 7th graders occupied during the first months of school. As time passed they found their own enjoyments: attending games nights, going to athletic events, and taking part in student government. They now feel they have become important contributors to Parker life and are ready to welcome next year's 7th graders. Mark Clifton Robin Crittenden Julie Denenberg Kenneth Dewart P193-YQG if a , Timothy Dorsey Patti Grundmeyer Cary Estes Fred Hardy Michael Gardiner Peter Harrington Patti Greene Bill Helwig 'M Md' ie it 1 7 , , ,Q ,,,,,, .WW ,t.., ,. , li, F -7 fe W it .... We Were All Seventh Graders Qnce ff .B V L:- nf ' ' , 5 Mi ye 1 wr .4 X f 9 5 2:11, Y s, f 5 5 H , , j ' Lfffhl e KK K 'N ' Karen Hirr James 11140 Mary I3-I1I1L1CCi Frank Ingrandc T34 9555 E . 1rfM,51::75f.,.,...7- 'y,,. r R' U 1--,.L:1z1zs.5-1, f ' , f ' " yyff 'W' ies ,A " Li? , Craig Irving Greg Johnson Bruce Jackson Elizabeth Jorge .f Andrea Kaufman J annice Kinkade Maile Knudsen Daniel Koryn Leigh Ann Layton Laura Lerg Andrew Lurie Marvin McLellan Courtney Millburn Linda Miner Patrick Muglia J eau Mullen Lisa Nothorn Thomas Paull Leslie Pearce Melinda Pesqueira Teresa Pesqueira Ronald Remmerde Lori Roberts Rebecca Schiff me 'ill . ,Q f -A iikgg Q 1 I ,. A - 'iii-5,5 ' ,q w 5 Aw " , , , Z ,E li ' iz a X 'L H 3 8555 I L 1' w at J . ,1 Y f U all iwimigss 'J "?'ia:r2 ,iq -ng :ns .. R' 1 A ,fs I A-6653: fz " ::, : in ami? M .fl t .3 M 4 uw. ffl . N: x:,..,.- .,...,...,,1. L gg 1 f 5 I, we fm ,, l Z3 H ,K if , , L ii' 1 f . gil 3 ,,, ,, mx M .. . hr. Www -Jw . .. f Eg -XL .If ,ea X A 1 if 'S if f 4 ' W , ff. Lx if S M -, ' - .f'- g , .3 L J ,,e, i fmaflf A J. 1 ' 39 9 ff fell ff ,if i 8. .if , 1 - " ""':55'i:gEi5EEf5J'ff-5 J 1' ' -:V 5 - f i , '- '. 'g . ":?.3' 4. 11 -- :. Y ,- :::g me iw -rf 'f ef fr '-1 - , ,r eef-fx :-f1?,. ': , " f : avi P I Lv V :ff-'Z :wif r ' . W M M ' ' 453555351 ' I 1 ,. 1 w e .Y 5 I 4 5 ix S, S S f is S -ff fi XLPM l e ,E . x UZ 1, E P E 5 L Q 1 -x 59592: Hz X J J P4 M -WW , Wea 1 yr i E S' a A ' r 11 W J I K ies' ' 2 4. 'Tfl,.w: 'Wk 2 , , S v, 1, -:,,.. 4 as 5, . . " 7753 , 15- ' f, VS , f 453 sg an f if . ,- 5347 4- f ,, ,, 4 -2 ai? f if v png, , 5 ' ,WWQKWAQMK M,,,.,s. . P rig' 'l ND V Q. WH 1 1 2' Qi Q Rfk, ' - ' .--.. David Schzmelzer Laura Schott Larry Schrift Scott Seaton Rebecca Smith Rocsanne Soares Chris Sullivan Mike Taylor Deborah Tobin Tony Williams E liz abeth Woodle Peter Z ien Jeff Ross Stefanie Sada Keith Sampson Glenn Shishido George Smith Ted Tchang Jeff Thomas Sara Vafis Marco Vargas Bert Wahlen Angie Whitney Marc Wolfsheimer Mary Yarber Chris Zucconi Lisa Bruner Susan Carpenter Craig Chappell Eddie Collins Lee Ann Collins Laura Crawford Mary Jean Gibson Emily Graham Kenneth Graham Sara Henderson Matthew Herrill Roxanne Hon John Howell Violet Ilko Jenna J ardirn Chris Kanzius Mark Knox David Lindsey Ross Mandell Susan McKig David Mc Lean Anne Miller David Montalbano John Mowrey Bill Parkinson Anne Pavel John Petersen Marilou Quini Craig Randle Mark Rauch - f,-TWf?f'i r ja il? 'jikisfirlf 1, lf' .Q all fm 3 -, V ,Q , S K ' 115234-Q -' ' ff Q Q s S s ww. - f eg. 5:1 , 'xl 2 1? W ,I 4 1 f M r u f 'Il :XR A , s , X fi- 5 .S L , 'f 0 ll Wax 5 5 t . . f if 3515 1 fi r , 1' u n M uw ,: . 3 - if e J N5 Y lris 'sf fx rf! . jfs ' 155 P 3 ff gifs i fr. im z. 5 -Qifqmfffw: , 5 - ff:-fm a: J Je.l,J, eJJ eye in QS? Ma-B' f i a ,ix V 'iiu-rw: f 1 s ' o av i a 9 4 -3' Kean 'ey ,ff in ,gg ., 9 -if :gg ity,-' .' ,gpg 5- i 9 SEQ if if ff ' , 1., 'E G 4 W, CL,'f '? -4 - we wi?" Rfb' 1 ,Q 55 1: V 1- 6 . ' is , i- gigs , f f-2 f ' 1:32:51 F' .. , 5 '5?iViQ?:5: . fs Q ,. 2 Y' C :SQ fi Q L Q?a, 1E ' er ' ' Ll . , ,,,, , H .lvl -nv ff I' at All Mrs. Brown t l l L A L V 'ay Miss Sullivan 3 "f,4v- . M' pf' if t nag: , num.. I J M '., K '5V73" I-ff Sixth Grade Awaits Upper School Campus Parker is not two schools, but a single school on two campuses. The campuses are run with the same goals in mind: a higher level of education, an interaction between student and teacher, and the development of character. This class is the link between the campuses. Team teaching and open classrooms this year have prepared students for the individual responsibility of the Upper School. But ask any of them and they will say it wasn't all work. Sixth Grade Camp was held at Camp Mataguay last fall. Seniors Jeff Malik and Todd Pratum accompanied them as counselors. Highlights included survival hikes with an expert, and storytelling by Trainer's grave. During the year there were minimovies, field trips, parties, kite flying, the sixth grade pa.rty with roller skating, and a baseball game with the parents. P' g ga. I A I :V .., , v YL sv wg, t , 5 ' A if Y- A. JA.. if organizations , ,Q Pm F 1' 1 assi. 9? if QS' M ji , -K if '. will ,Q f Q if ra- fin 4 'Q z ,Y QPR x. Hwkx 'X 'Wi A .1 UM. -' A -I e Y A ' 1 4' xl ? Q ,zagglisggfg S , , I 5 A 's K 3 in S E s Q I E' ' Q ii- ' 1 52 S If is lsif fi Z , , K 5 ., vl... w 5 Z K . X .,.. . is 5 x , E N5 ni , 55555 Q J . e 2 if :Q E2 51 , A if 5 2 'Q f , Wig 2 Z 5 - fi. v ,. 5.3 2 5 ' X . Q 'E 2 , ., K, E X 1 X 1 16 if s 5 5? YE iff, 5 fi s 735252, siig X I , K nf , YE , ,Iwi ,E .xi X P2 E i x S ' 2 ! X 2 I E 3 n 2 2 7 , , 1 5? Q , sg , an , A 5 . f ' , 1 Eg - i ' 'E Q g s 5 , 5 Q Q sf 1 . .KE 2 ..., 25: J . x 5 v f 2 : , 515253545 I ' , :,5:g:55f?Sf. , 2 ' V ' Xa X Q , S .,.. SL f 2 M , I-gn .: . . A .. .Hm, ,,. f x f H' Lv 1 ,f .. we is ,wg ,Ag if ,r Q ,..,, .M,,,.m1w+ 5 Q ww M, - 9 1 -9 S fm P: , ws 1 v f -S F K Y V f 2 S . f :-, fm f 5 1 J S .wa Q 4 Q 6 WEA I: ': "I: Jr- -gf W S ff, ,H , Vfggsmsgk' 5 ,W wmv . ,. mm 2 W, sf www I, ,A , -T K0 3 WW ,gf .:. , X 91: ' " ""iM 95. ' ,y ..,:'E.fi2i:-H':E":'lT!al::..,.A-V " -WN" Y"TfI"'f -1- FUN "'5'VXL'W f'AGH6" 'M .. , -- ,.. .M Qwwawywf wwwxgwk, Aw, 3 Lwwmwffwfm . .,.. .. . A wgwugmw , , -i-5,55 -. eff -- , ' A ww-gwrivfww . , . ,A AYWQQQWQ, Qggfsgggxwivffiwww 19 wmf w sz A H' -- Q,-,Al ,,,, ,QA , . -,.... A fwsawggmifgwf Mmfxg ,,,, , V X ,, , V, ---- , , M ""' W sw, 5,555 --A' M '--- "1",:2fvfu'Li wwf gsggmql, L.-":. . ,N,-MMMf-MwM-- - ww- H U M ,.,,W..f I 5' ww- -ww-W .:gZ.f' '..: :,w '2- www"-Q.. W ,, ,A A 'W f A . - :: ui www" "'Wli::w LM , 1 3 X E .5 3 gf X25 , 5,2 , EH -i S 'r ,ez 'E 2 1' 31 Mrs. Spain 9 kj, x i -fi lation Vol. III Francis Parker High School June, 1975 Paper Ends Third Successful Year The Clarion has completed its third year at Parker. Published monthly by the journalism classes, it presents news and student opinion. Under the direction of Mrs. Spain, the advisor, ii: has grown from four to as many as ten pages, using more photography and art. Articles such as A. A Clarion Staff. Front row: Jenny Tchang, Jean Polhamus, Lee Braly, Elizabeth Collins, Debbie Harlan, Dawn Dewart. Back row: Hugh Whelan, David McGinnis, Bob Bagnall, Mark Oemcke, Pat Flynn, Brian Love, Ted Nothorn, Mrs. Spain. Students Contribute To Literary Magazine Orchids axad Onions bring out the lighter side of campus life. Sports and human interest storiesal- so fill the Clarion. The staff includeszedi- tor-in-chief, Lee Bralyg feature editor, Jenny Tchangg sports editor, Pat Flynn, circulation, Bob Bagnallg exchange, Renee Bryant, artist,Mike Farley, photography,Brian Jones and Don Jones, typ- ist, Ted Nothorng repor- ters, Bob Bagnall, Renee Bryant, Dawn Dewart, Otto Eros,DebbieHarlan, Brian Love,DavidWmGinnis, Mark Oemcke, Bobbie Wellman, and Hugh Whelan. Parker's. literar ma a- X X Wffl7fWfffffi S222 22:22 zz,S,i2g?dyassi?zz KW W W Lori Fisher combined the gigriggtiigaigisxis112535 y l M ff served as advisors. Agggzzzzzzgzzggzig Student Council In order to provide more partici- 1 pation for the lower grades, and appropriate activities for the different age groups, Student Council split into two groups this year, each with its own set of officers. The Junior High Council held a games night almost every month. They worked toward buying a stereo for school functions. The Senior High Council planned numerous activities. Dances were held almost monthly including Parker's first Sadie Hawkins Day Dance in February. Fund raising activities such as book sales, concession sales, and car washes were held. Junior High Student Council, front: Katie Gallagher, secretary-treasurerg Collette Wand, presidentg Becky Stevens, vice president. Back: Laura Lerg, 7th Rep.g Julie Wahlen, eighth rep. , Scott Seaton, eighth rep. , Tim Dorsey, 7th rep. l6,f YLiki'Tf , I . Senior High Student Council, front: Sarah Semlak, secretary-treasurerg Tom Halverstadt, presidentg Art Flores, representative to the boardg Laurie Mansfield, vice president. Middle: Judy Kincaid, Julie Mansfield, Donna Gibson, Hilary Hanafin. Back: Alison Wolfshiemer, Jeff Blum, Kiki Flores, Pat Flynn, Lori Fisher. Girls' League Junior High Girls' League Officers, front: Laura Wolf, treasurer, Maile Knudson, 7th rep.g Cathy Vafis, president. Back: Debbie Freedman, 8th rep.g Madeleine Herrill, vice presidentg Gayle Hewitt, secretaryg Mrs. Fisher, advisor. A1 Senior high and junior high girls formed separate organizations this year. Since seventh and eighth grade Girls' League was new this year, officers were busy setting standards and goals for Junior High Girls' Leagues to follow. They worked on games nights and money making projects. The Senior High Girls' League started off the year with concession stands and aiding in Homecoming activities. They also held a wet fund-raising car wash at Shoppers' Mart, and assisted the A.S. B. in their dances. The wvo leagues combined for Christmas caroling, a big slumber party and other activities. Senior High Girls' League Officers, front: Sarah Semlak, 11th rep.g Jean Marsch, 12th rep.g Dawn Dewart, 10th rep.g Pam Kennedy and Denise Bailey, 9th reps. Back: Mrs. Smith, advisory Kiki Flores, secretaryg' Hilary Hanafin, president, Lori Fisher, vice presidentg Mary Day Dewart, treasurer, Mrs. Corbin, advisor. f3f-...TX 1: fi, 3 Q y K , X Q , A. M5 5 . M y , 1,V.. -N 5 ' ,L H, , , . In ,AJ L ,, N A 'W . if if .K M 3 M: M ' I 3 K N , V 5 A, -Q4 1 . f, g ,L 1 3 ' . , 51:1 um ,P Bleu 'max m., J 1 X , . .,--L,-My UM, .. Q: ' swf X X K Lf' K X K X ,, , N,v,7.f,s ,M .vs , . :wise : L : S W pi x ,, .. , M -f ,V-.W ,.,, A - fb 245 2 .5 fy' - L H - L 1 'A KL ' " . ' IWS'-f,i5J-',f ' fflijigiiili VF' , 'iffi'ffYNif:'5Efgf5f E 1 ' ag A M if. WEN' was ' gi f ., ,f-WSI: " W-f ,N ' , -mm WH'- Ai, .1 --ff ,wvmmmns ...K .ww "'12 www . - ' Q? - ,W'm'N f, ,wff,2Qf- X f .. ,t , ..: , U. 5. gffili ,lfsm-lg. 'H' f M A 'Ss-M M' W, ,V nw ' L ,Alh H . ' Y , ,.. L A I , 'WQW E QQH S , - ' f ASW-1L"'3 -ma 51,-1,:Hf.:Xf W3i Wk ,A fi ' ? if. " M" , . 1 ,A ...... W-, f I: L, 1 M, J W EA iz fw w i 2 1 1 V fegfz,-115'- wa h , 5 , 7 if M W' A T' H ' - ,si-w i f i ' L. rf Q ls mzsig M,-1,i5?1i,5Q?sQ3z,.gLwe,A ,Lx L' , , '. WV! ,y U A V Y' " I - fi L - LL ,I A 5 xv , X wa f", ii? wi Q . :W fx 5 'ff f Qi, ' 1fiiQf'r35 ' "W f L A 'av -f f ' . " -'iWzgg:f,yn f ,Ze kg, f f, fkfa., 1: ., 1 fix, MQ - LP A i , Q24 A ,,, ,Wag , . A A 5 , fs 7 15" H iff H i 9? X .1 'fr ' ,gy 'H' 1 14 , ,wkfftfa:w ','ff e,1,.sQ,wJ ,L 1.1,-MQ, ' - Wg, iwi'W"'f"5fesg - in ilgfggaisagkg '-9, f 1:91 ff-fiwifw ' w.5W,,zhh+1i,l A R ,LQ K W , ,, I A , . , m.,, Q ay! f 22 :Q :N W ,,.' ,f -N ' f .. . 1 ' fp up xii' , 4 ,,. , ' N 1 -20:57. K .Y . J - u Q, A 'fha ,- , ? 3?5.ffy " 1 ' 'Y ' Sw K4 SA' 3 564 f , 7 !,N' 55 'X Vi fix , ,keg vylx ',,: i fi W fi-0-My , Q , ' f INK- z fry . V I , L V,,, r i , f X W f -+38 -1 " A - viii- ' J A, ,... . .,,.L 'MY "ff .ILE .. ,X PQ 4 Fm 2 ,gp ffm, 'SSS' ki we 4.1 s Q if , ., F .,. ,w..,Lmv 0 1 mfvzm .A W 5i"5.4Ei25s, ,Q X. N Y 'Ili Y? "' 51 A w ,A ,, v. fn- A' .. 21 35, N, .wk A Lzifw- - 3 ,,..,,N. wE5R,M,f fd g:,M-.W . Q 'HK ., me-. 4 , , Q gi? .i 4 Y if Q . Q52- Ufg, 1554 K, sf Na . .5 M f .wfwzlw A2 if f ' Q , W ' ,,,: K .- . Q-L HR mf' W. 'ff Km, 19 1 4 ,,,,,g wi 'fin ui.. , 5"0N,w Qi'. , ' 'Sir V A, . vp. Q.. -ln,- , K hx Q, N.. ,W-ff ,Q an J Q L 3. Q Y U. V4 L S' ff-1 ff 2 1 S W I Z Q' , y J 4 I N? if 'Q H f- X, Y f ' T X L A f ' A, , x jim I' J . sg Heb., mf J ': ' 1 1 VA, J g an I YW I In .',:.,: L I kg V .Q:, r-7.,- ::A: Q ..-' S YH .2 ' ,gk .iiiifh , wmzw H3 4 fag,-sf. . .. T' wa' qs. M -J K HW A1 K. , 25,5 Q 'Qgqv ,I , X ,gym --,,. 3 The Honor Society's purpose is to acknowledge high academic achievement. A dinner was held in October at the Cuyamaca Club honoring those who had fulfilled the requirements during the 1973- 74 school year for admittance into the society. Dr. John Carson was the guest speaker for the evening. He commended the students for their fine work and urged them to continue striving for success. Dr. Crone gave recognition to honored students by classes. They included, seventh: James Comstock, Kate Gallagher, John Graham, Barbara Jones, Elizabeth Lavender, John Mansfield, Adrianne Moss, Katherine Palmer, Nina Severance, Christine Trepte, Ernest Tucker, Catherine Vafis, Julianne Wahlen, Collette Wand, and Laura Wolf, eight: David Bassham, Deborah Bassham, James Cottingham, Bob Devin, Otto Eros, Martha Graham, J oth Layton, David McGinnis, Cliff Treais, Hugh Whelan, James Whisenand and Kim Wilson. Ninth: Bob Bagnall, Lee Carson, ,Susan Christenson, James Dotson, Brian Jones, Julie Mansfield, Robert Mitrovich, Bill Mullen, Ted Nothorn, Mark Oemcke, Trish Selfe, and Gloria Stevenson, tenth: Larry Bernstein, Lee Braly, Michael Devin, Don Jones, Mary Nelson and Tim Nelson, eleventh: Jeff Brandon, Pat Flynn, Mike Layton, Marci Lawson, Jeff Malik, Laurie Mansfield, Valerie Peck, Jean Polhamus ,and Jenny Tchangg twelfth: Roy Holliday, Jon Licht, Almeda Lynn, Bill McCreery and Paul Zellman. Also mentioned were the results of the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Pat Flynn was named a semifinalist. Commended students were Laurie Mansfield, Valerie Peck, Jean Polhamus and Jenny Tchang. Honor Society 58 , Assemblies Mrs. Adeline Hudson New Day Singers iifftyi iii! has An important part of the school year is the assemblies. They are an interesting way of bringing knowledge to the student body, as well as being entertaining. Topics of this yea.r's assemblies ranged from international study and freedom of speech to the role of women in modern Indian soci- ety. As a change of pace the New Day Singers performed during the Christmas season. The High School started its social life off with the Homecoming Dance in the fall and ended it with the Year End Dance in the spring. In between were the Winter Dance, Sock Hops and Sadie Hawkins Dance. Live bands played at many of the dances. At others, recordings of popular artists such a.s David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Average White Band or Stevie Wonder played to capacity crowds. Todd Pratum and Donna Gibson ftop, lefty ham it up at a Sock Hop. Jenny Tchang, Tom Halverstadt, Trish Selfe and Dave Cook fabovey at the Sheraton, the site of the Winter Dance. Dances DUecvoeccoavo6ongj Ciarmee if , fiwzzifer f-' 96237869 Ycefellnd DBDCC Games Nights E Q as ' M2235 uw su sae vu :nm ' 5 F HIS The Junior High this year had its social events separate from the High School. They were more oriented toward the age group they served. Games Nights always included an activity such as go- carting, bowling or skating and ended with dinner and a dance. eaiesmv . . im S ' L ' . , 7, ww tk ' .X 1 is is E 3 3-. A new event in the Parker calendar was the Winter Break. Though a few went to Mexico, the desert, and even the South Pacific, the majority went to the snow. Shown clockwise are: the Gildred family and friends at Aspeng Dawn Dewartg the Dewart family with Trish Selfe in Park City, Utahg and Jean Polhamus at Mammoth. Winter Break Chorus and Drama Mrs. Ernest Stanley Miss Preen . . . . . Richard Stanley . . . June Stanley . . . John....... Sarah....... Mrs. Dexter . . . . Mrs. McCutcheon . Mr. Stanley . . . . . . Maggie Cutler . . Dr. Bradley . . . . . . Sheridan Whiteside . Harriet Stanley . . . Bert Jefferson . . . Porfessor Metz . . Beverly Carlton . . Banjo ........ Lorraine Sheldon . . . . . . . Sandy........ . . Lee Braly . . Lori Fisher . . Art Flores . Sarah Semlak . Mark Oemcke . . Hilary Hanafin . . Kiki Flores . Debbie Harlan . . Lee Carson Elizabeth Collins . . . Fred Blum . . Todd Pratum . Mary Nelson . . Pat Flynn . . . Otto Eros . Ernie Tucker . . Byron Harlan . Jean Polhamus . . . . Jeff Blum Extras: Bruce Morey, Hugh Whelan, Peter Price, Clifford Treais, James Cottingham, Robert Jackson. The Girls' League Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Stephanie Kerkering, pictured on the left, met once a week during second semester to prepare a program for the Mother-Daughter Banquet. The thirty-two girls, from grades nine through twelve, worked out four numbers, in- cluding "The Entertainer," "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, " "Rock Around the Clock," and "One of Those Songs." They also performed at an assembly at the Lower School in May. Members of the chorus were: Denise Bailey, Claire Baldwin, Sheila Belinsky, Lee Braly, Renee Bryant, Elizabeth Collins, Cathie Crosbie, Mary Day Dewart, Helen Fares, Lori Fisher, Kiki Flores, Martha Flores, Hilary Hanafin, Deborah Harlan, Sheryl Harris, Hattie Joe, Pam Kennedy, Judy Kincaid, Helen Knudsen, Missy Lewis, Julie Mansfield, Mary Nelson, Kim Pavel, Susan Peshel, Letty Rosado, Lori Schmelzer, Trish Selfe, Sarah Semlak, Leslie Stephesn, Gigi Wadsworth, Kim Wilson and Alison Wolfsheimer. ak Pk Pk bk Pk ak lk ak This yea.r's dramatic production was the comedy THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER. The play, set in the 1940's, was chosen and directed by Dr. Crone. A cast selected from grades nine through twelve gave two per- formances at the Lower School in May. Set design and construction was supervised by Mr. Adams. Dr. Crone and the cast of THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER. if Ktnnhlsqp-..q...a 63 Varsity Spirited and spunky cheerleaders have led the crowds through spectacular seasons. Because of our winning football and basketball teams, the crowd turn-out and participation were tremendous. And because of the enthusiastic families and sports fans, our teams came out on top. It's a winning combination! 1 Varsity, from top to bottom: Mary Nelson Sarah Semlak Kiki Flores Lori Fisher, and Julie Mansfield. cheerleaderscheerleade N955 -M V junior i Varsity Junior Varsity from top to bottom: Sheryl Harris, Marcy Maher, 1 Denise Bailey, and Kim Pavel. 1 cheerleaderscheerleaderscheerleaderscheerlea ,1 A I Q in i y if -fr? E g. ,ff Homecoming '75 'Q me ff' I V, , ,. 'M' 1- 'gl ik Spirit Week preceded the homecoming game with such events as Clash Day, Brown and Gold Day, and contests held by the Girls' Leagues. Football players competed for the title of "Best Legs." Pat Flynn proved to be the most popular as attested to by the students' thunderous applause. The Student Councils sent their officers to the pie-eating contest. President Tom Halverstadt soared to preeminence on the wings of a chocolate pie. Amid con- fusion and cheering, Jeff Blum came out ahead for his tricky trike riding. Qf' ill' ' Mau, W' We as i fa Q AL,' L1v,. k,,. , K Kiki FIOTGS Pam Smith Kathy Pavel Capturing the Southernbeague title made the '74 Homecoming the most exciting in Parker's history. Bleachers overflowed with enthusiasm as students, faculty, alumni, and friends urged the Lancers on to the end of a perfect 6-0 season by destroying La Jolla Country Day, 75-14. During the half time ceremonies, an air of anticipation prevailed. William Bassett, 1927 alumnus and former Parker athlete, crowned Pam Smith Homecoming Queen. Kiki lflores and Kathy Pavel were honored as the princesses. The Fathers' Club sponsored a barbecue before the game. Many came early for lunch and socializing. The Student Council's second annual Homecoming Dance ended the festivities that night. "From Us, " a local band, performed for a capacity crowd at the Lower School campus. , If eg xi A 4 I . f ' L-r ' f . , .lil 41' N - ' '. ,X ' Mil- ' X ' " , ' 1' f only ig .. Southern League Champions 'WM y 1 W e ,S We 'C u '1:,"- ' K 7 gf -A gf W QW? x H if Back row l. to r.: Tony Ghironi, coachg Neil Dickenson, managerg Alan Sheldon, G St DTg Mike Crone, DEg Lee Carson, C gl DT 9 Mark Oemcke, Eg David Durrill, Gg Pat Flynn, E Xt QB: Steve Sourapas, FB gl DB5 John Cook, QB Sz LBg Jim Hanafin, G KL LB: Ray Volkert, ass't coachg Brian Kerkering, ass't coach. Front row, l. to r.: Frank Taliaferro, DTQ Ken Crone, Gg Mike Layton, Bg Tom Bobczynski, FB Xt DEg Mike Farley, B9 Mike Sourapas, B 8: DB3 Scott Deming, DEg Jack Cook, Gg Jon Layton, G. Not pictured: Scott Orr, QB gl LBg Byron Harlan, E Sz LB. 1 Parker Opponent American Christian Academy 46 13 San Miguel 48 13 Chadwick i 19 14 LaJo1la Country Day 38 12 San Miguel 40 7 LaJo1la Country Day 75 14 Coach Ghironi Lancers Clinch Undefeated Season Their first winning season on the varsity level, their first undefeated season, their first league title, all were accomplished by the 1974 Lancer football team. The Lancers breezed through the league portion of their season and also won both their games with Los Angeles area eight-man teams. Seniors Alan Sheldon and John Cook were honored as the league's lineman and back of the year respectively. Sheldon anchored both the offensive and defensive lines while Cook's deft ball-handling and pinpoint passing led a Lancer offense that averaged over 40 points a game. A11 in all, nine Lancers were accorded first team all- league honors: Tom Bobczynski, Lee Carson, John Cook, Mike Farley, Pat Flynn, Jim Hanafin, Mike Layton, Alan Sheldon, and Steve Sourapas. The culmination of their perfect season came when the Lancers systematically destroyed LaJo11a Country Day 75-14 in their final game of the season. Playing before a large Homecoming crowd, the Parker gridders played a flawless first half. The Lancers scored every time they had the ball, and held the Torres without a point or a first down throughout the half. The second half saw Coach Ghironi mercifully clear l bench, but the reserves continued the ruthless onslaught until the end. an Tom Bobczynski fabove lefty looks on as the Lancers break through the opponents' defense fabove rightj. Kiki Flores feenter lefty rallies spirit while the tearn plans the next play fcenter rightj. John Cook qrightj fakes a handoff. ,gf :,: , gap Ai Steve Sourapas Qaboveq stops LJCD player at the homecoming garneQ Line of scrimmage deft centery. Mark Oemcke fright centerj returns to the locker room after another victory. Coaches Kerkering, Ghironi, and Glassey qlefty help injured player. From 1. to r.: Coach Bennett, Mike Devin, guardg Steve Sourapas, guardg John Cook, forward, Robert Waddell, centerg Tom Halverstadt, centerg Pat Flynn, forwardg Dave Cook, guardg Carl DuPlessis, guardfforvvardg Mark Oemcke, Iorwardg Mike Farley, guardg Neil Dickenson, manager. OPPONENT PARKER San Miguel 12 115 Chadwick 31 51 ACA 12 78 Julian 48 54 Christian 53 62 Chandler 53 80 Victor Valley Christian 21 79 Berean 33 99 Huntington Valley Christian 49 76 Z Harbor Christian 43 94 Q Ramona 45 81 E Christian 66 61 2 Thatcher 38 62 55 cate 33 53 E Christian 51 79 Z SMDA 22 76 5 LJCD 30 70 Q.. ANA 36 48 Qu SDMA 22 66 3 LJCD 41 61 E ANA 54 71 8 SDMA 28 88 3 ANA 44 55 .S LJCD 42 68 Q' Julian 60 57 Varsity Dreams Shattered It seemed as if destiny had been rerouted. The Lancer basketball team rolled over everyone in sight this year as they amassed a 24-1 regular season record, the best in the county. They won the Southern League tournament and the Huntington Valley Christian tournament. They chalked up a perfect 9-0 league record as they took the Coastal Division crown. They scored over 75 points eleven times. Six Lancers gained all-league recognition and that doesn't include stellar guard Dave Cook who was sidelined with a shoulder injury in the second league game. Then in the first round of the CIF Calss A playoffs, the heavily favored Lancers were ambused by Julian's Eagles 60-57 and eliminated from the playoff contention. Those gaining all-league recognition were John Cook, who was also the Coastal Division's Player of the Year, Pat Flynn and Tom Halverstadt on the first team. Carl DuPlessis and Steve Sourapas were named to the second team, and Mike Farley received honorable men- tion. E I 4 f E E i l 3 Q' 1 .,. -N...-p.r,. The Tourney The annual Southern League Tournament, held at Francis Parker, ended as it began, with a Lancer victory. The Lancers, tipping off the tournament against Mt. Empire's Redskins, coasted to an easy victory with four starters sitting out the fourth quarter. Steve Sourapas had a game high of 15 points while making his first varsity start. Tom Halverstadt and Carl DuPlessis backed him with 14 each. The rest of the first round was no closer. Julian breezed by LJCD, and ANA steam-rolled Borrego. SDMA was topped by Christian who would eventually meet Parker in the finals. In the second round, LJCD beat Mt. Empire in a consolation match. SDMA sailed past Borrego in the other 1oser's bracket. In the third game that day, Parker got by Julian. The day's action would up with Christia.n's rout of ANA. On the final day of competition, it was Mt. Empire over Borrego for seventh place. Julian took third by rousting ANA. In the consolation championship, LJCD outscored SDMA. The final game was every bit as exciting as had been anticipated. Christian led the Lancers by 6 after the first quarter as Parker only managed 7 points. John Cook came off the bench to score 10 of his 18 points to bring the halftime score to 29 all, and the hosts out- scored Christian 15 to 8 in the third quarter. The Patriots cut the lead to as little as 2 points before Parker pulled away to a 62-53 victory and Parker's first tournament championship. On the All-Tournament Team were ANA's Rob Swindle, Ju1ian's Kent Bales, Christian's Kurt Edwards and Phil Getman, and Parker's Pat Flynn. The Lancers' Dave Cook was the tournaInent's Most Valuable Player. the SAN DI GO UNION. Q... o eu ... s-4 :1 o o ca Q o .n F14 Ki 'fl-""" 'X The Lancers ftop lefty psych up during halftime. Coach congratulates Big Halvie fmiddle lefty after the fourth quarter. Dave Cook ftop righty goes for a lay up and Steve Sourapas fbottom lefty scores two. Pat Flynn fbot-tom righty shoots from the outside. 1, . Q, . W ,N M . W f if-W' We M' 'W' 1,5 A, ....... ,,.,.,.-V 5, A , 5 Q' 1 N . xslt, . 32 it 9. :'-"'-- ,. ' E -.:: kr .ii so "3 e ttte e , ?P1P 'f.1 if ' 1 y of e M t t teyecc A 'if ff "fr 'qvu h e E 7: A , fs U M it K t -i o 4 Standing, 1. to r.: Bi11He1Wig, Jim Crawford, Larry Crawford, Larry Bernstein, Debbie Harlan, Lee Carson, Robert Mitrovich, Mike Crone, Bob Devin, Ken Crone, Alex Szekely and Mike Sourapas. Front: Tom Rutherford and Jack Kruger. Not pictured: Doug Halverstadt and Cliff Treais. u 'KV' kiwi , :",:VP, ,,5:fxQ',5'e:.- , , , ,, 5E59i,5M?ijL,.Q,, .V ,,,. ,, ,. .MA JV Cagers Win 13, Lose 5 in Season The Junior Varsity ended a successful season with a 13-5 record under the direction of Dave Glassey. The JV started strong, going against Christian in the league opener with seven wins and no losses. The Pat- riot offense was too strong, and held the Lancers to 30 and won with a 24 point lead. The second game against Christian was just as tragic as the Patriots took a ten point lead in overtime. Parker seemed to pick up momentum as the team easily won over LJCD, SDMA, and ANA. The season made an abrupt turn about when the Lancers met the Army-Navy Warriors for the second time. In the last four games, Parker won only against SDMA, Shining in the Junior Varsity starting lineup were high scorers Lee Carson, Bob Devin, and Jack Kruger. Var sity prospect Mike Crone strengthened the team with his excellent ball handling. P M L I 'fi w qrr tbilt a ,,,, L.--a VY at ,,, , , , ..... Standing, left to right: Brian Love, Alan Sheldon, Lee Carson, Dave Cook, Bob Devin, Carl DuPlessis, John Cook, Byron Harlan, Mike Crone, Mark Oerncke, Mike Devin, Coach Glassey, Tom Bobczynski. Kneeling: Bill Helwig, manager, Steve Sourapas, Mike Farley, Bob Warwick, Tom Lyons. Jack Kruger, Bill Mullen, Jack Cook, Scott Miller, Larry Bernstein, Guy Halac, Neil Dickenson, manager. ., I. f Y ,. ' A V C - ,K A f 'x nv Hi A-I , xec, , v. . Coach Glassey Brian Jones, the whole team Spring Ritual Starts Again Returning all-leaguers Carl DuPlessis, Mike Farley and Alan Sheldon will key the 1975 Lancer baseball team. Sophomore pitcher Lee Carson will also be relied on heavily. At this writing the season has yet to begin, but Coach Dave Glassey's team should challenge Army-Navy for the Southern League's coastal division crown. Brian jones Takes Plunge Parker's swim team, for the second consecutive year, placed in the CIF all league finals at San Diego State Uni- versity. Brian Jones represented Parker in swimming competition with both public and private schools. It is hoped that the team will continue to grow. anim!! Agwiuili filliiiltlll nam Timm Standing, left to right: Larry Bernstein, Bob Devin, David McGinnis, Kathy Pavel, Mike Devin, Jeff Brandon, Hale Maher, Coach Freer. Kneeling: Alex Szekely, Sheila Belinsky, Jean Marsch, Marcy Maher, Art Flores, Jack Kruger, Ken Crone. Several of the regulars on the courts are Jeff Brandon, flefty Art Flores, fopposite, lefty and Ken Crone, fopposite, righty. Coach Freer fs' Tennis Team Goes For Third Title The 1975 edition of the Lancer tennis team looks strik- ingly similar to the team that went undefeated and won the CIF Class A title last year. Indeed, all but one of last year's regulars returned. The CAVALCADE deadline hinders our coverage but a similar finish is predicted this year. Hale Maher returns as the number one man on the team Other top players include Mike Devin, Jack Kruger and Art Flores. The nucleus of this team is made up of underclassmen, and the future should continue bright for Parker tennis. .--n . .,.. ' 5 Mai... Standing left to right: Coach Summers, Jonathon Layton, Mike Layton, David Durrill, Jeff Blum, Frank Taliaferro, Doug Halverstadt, Chris Schaffer, manager. Kneeling: John Ross, Richard Pavel, John Mal1k, Gregg Harris, Jeff Malik. Not pictured Tom Bobczynski, Tom Halverstadt, Alan Sheldon, Mike Sourapas. ,il WM, ,, . I , X Coach Summers he ', Its 121210 fwiffgfgj iqafffi I CWQ? g'01'.f' News lylaffffi' pacmsv youre? ff fiitfilgf fffx' f 'f"',f1 ,i ,, - , ,, t " ff t mt WW KY CWTCPCM 5Mfzf'ili'aMK .f 1 . gf 5 4' Thinclads Hit the Track Although the first meet is yet to be held as we write this, track coach Ted Summers knows where his team's points will come from. Sprinters Jeff Malik and Mike Layton appear to be the cream of the Soughern League crop this year. The long jump will be strong as usual with Layton and Alan Sheldon competing there. The 440 relay team re- turns intact from 1974 and should be strong again. Tom Bobczynski adds pole vaulting to the list of events for the '75 season. As always, depth will be a problem for the thinclads. Tom Bobczynski shows his versatility by competing in both shot put flefty and pole vault fabovej. 83 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF E75 I, 5 FROM N I I STANLEY ANDREWS oo! . SPORTS OUTFITTERS S AOL' 4?fZ'?of GMS' Q ' ' I?-9 8 0 1yy,CAtyACAvAvAv . ? C' lflK'L'l-'fv-1' ' I5 lg, , M rr's TIME 2 0 'N 'x -mf 6' 6 TO SAY f' Qjixgb " ' " ' soon-BYE I .1 soon LUCK 5:!.iz:::a.1'. CONGRATU LATIONS GRADUATES ! Your education has 'helped to make a better' world. And looking toward the future per-- naps one day you'll help us to build a mor-e attr-active one as well. TECH BILT T-A g 'Ea Wag 2 We HELL COMPANY INVESTMENT REALTORS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BEST WISHES FROM Jams .Avenue aol: fare 3502 ADAMS AVENUE SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA 92116 CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY PHONE 281 3330 CLARKJNELSON INSURANCE BILL CLARK RAHLE NELSON 615 AsH s'r , SAN DIEGO CA 92101 239 964' 4403 PARK BLVD , SAN DIEGO CALIF , 291 5412 f if 'gffifi E139-2141. ,V 4 A -wa :fi Q 'K yi 571 e . Y . , . ' . , . ' N 2 S . 5 , A 2, , . X -' ' Y .1 ' - SA 4, , 1 1 , 1' 5 , We are grateful to those vyho contributed so generously toward the publication of CAVALCADE '75, patronspatronspatron Mrs. Burleigh Bagnall , Mr. a.nd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs.. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr.. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Belinsky. Sigmund A. Bobczynski Clarke Braly 1 A ' Andre Burnier .David L. Collins John L. Cook Daniel P. Denenberg James Dible Waldo E . Dickenson C. T. B. Sherrillo DuBois Joel C. Estes - Arthur J .- Flores ' Gildred . Richard A. Gilman . Thomas A. Gould W. R. Grundmeyer Betty S. Harlan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Harrington f 3.tI'Ol'lSp8.tI'OI"lSpatl'OI''Ol'lSp3tI'OI'lSp3.tI'Ol"lSp3tI' fMr. and Mrs. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Head Da.n Hedin Robert S. Herron Otto Hirr Donald W. Hobbs J. Lawrence Irving Chief and Mrs. Joseph Joe Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. a.nd Mrs. Robert G. Jones Robert C. Kinkade, Jr. Benjamin J. Layton Henry and Blanche Llegel MP. and Mrs. MT. and Mrs. s Ramon Lozada, Jr. Jim G. Malik The Mansfield Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Marsch, Jr. Dale McLellan Richard L. Millburn Da.vidson Obenauer Erich C. Oemcke Dr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Palmer Parker Mothers' Club Mrs. Paul Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Leif Pratum Drs. Guy and Martha Russell San Diego Surf Shop The Schrift Family . Barbara,A. Severance The .Sheldon Family Mrs. C. A. Smith, Jr. Jeanne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Steven Soares Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sourapas Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Thomas, Jr. Evelyn Treais Mr. and Mrs. Ward William Waddell, Jr Dr. and Mrs. James M. Whisenand Lynn T. Williams 'B Vu If awk 9 E4 iw mr -gn.. ' if, ' ,gf f-sg- my 1 1 7 7 Q. , mf -xii? 54 if K' 5. ak el A bi ,. i vt Q Q MW' A M ,Y f U Y' 'xi' K 1 1 ' Q Wiz., , 4 f f 1:41 ' A , M, I J , , SM A,Q,,,f :Q v .V f, ,. Eff' Q W H' Q' M 3 in ,Q S is R ff' 'H gif Q 5 Y fx 1 ig W s M? av " V , gg if? K uiww pk ,". 'N ' 5' . 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