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pa? X-.5 3' , 3 A ,L X x.?'5 my-If nw N!! Ffgj., , , .ff ,, A X fm-. iv if? 'J , 2 ' X V, -'AXQIJ' Q, :PQKYLY Egg fbcv-'S ,bwchigcivg Q' A 23 1, , I 5.6 'UXYQQVQQ5 Y04 QVXQOI ...-Q ,.,X 'SX QM JDO 05 xfosx em B Ncsfy Q5 0 'X ff hh? QSQLS My J Q fbi Ngfw J BXUULQVXC3' 'x . 0269 ' I ,ge-ffQ Pu-XxX0'NS 0 Pubs x.,,'Q1i0l4xQ'f osgszjvof Qqof' 6 Qgr OW l Q3 K ,xo 9 Qld g!Qx2, 'sfixe-N b,f'fQQ4x A Wage QQVQK ob' dv? ,hw 'MO 6 W wr 'B"'iw1.MX L ' NU . X N , , Av -fo OJ DQ Q33 6 ities, .L gb Q09 V54 mfg bm ' X MQ Q95 QL dw 695 GRD A W QPTAER AME M A K9 1 TULW5 GN wx x uf Q TNQ R0-50,9 SN BW NV! QQANQ SCQTTT . ' Ll. ab 1 V23 L 3 ff--r' 93 'ff' n lo CP 0' Q' if mad Ffr E 9 M ' i if 5'jQ'?CY3sfA'ImM- ' ffiiff ' U my M 5 7902! KWPJZQQMM 7M 4,,,,N CAVALCAD E 1973 Volume I Published by the Associated Student Body Francis W, Parker High School 6501 Linda Vista Road San Diego, California DEDICATION is ,4 E YS 5 A is Q' Q - v- ,,,,,.......,...,..-.-----v "If I could make some changes in the world, Iwould like to see human beings simply be more considerate of one another, to be more concerned with others, and demonstrate the ability to help someone else," To many, this exemplifies the attitude of a man who has done much for Parker, He was, at one time or another, the director of summer school, Assistant Headmaster, and teacher of U,S, History, 7th and 8th grade math, first year Spanish and geogra- phy- Before coming to Parker in 1958, he served his country for 27 years in the Navy. He was awarded the Bronze Star for action in the Philippines when the ship he was commanding was hit by a ka- mikaze. He is enthusiastic about his work, empathetic with his students. He teaches because working with young people is intriguing and challenging to him. He tries to help strengthen their weaknessess by giving them a hand, hoping that eventually they will become stronger people. He does, as he says, "keep trying to help each person as best I can. " It is with great pride, appreciation, and affection that the 1973 CAVALCADE Staff dedicates this annual to Admiral Ralph H. Benson, +19 TY , 4 -.2 EDITOFVS MESSAGE San Diego's climate knows no seasons, but student life at Parker certainly does, In the fall everything gets under way - classes, clubs, student council and Girls' League, Winter comes with basketball and holidays. Spring brings more activities and dramatic productions, And then summer is here and another school year is over, The '73 yearbook staff has adopted a completely new format in the hopes of capturing the spirit of Parker student life as the year progresses, Our book is no longer divided into "Classes," "Sports, " "Clubs," and "Campus Life, " Instead, the divisions are "Autumn, " "Winter, " "Spring," and "Summer," and we've attempted to cover every as- pect of the year from the first day when we meet faculty and friends, to the last day when we start summer vacation, As you've noticed, we've also changed our name, CAVALCADE is defined as "a procession of people on horseback," and the staff feels that it suits both our new format and Parker's Lancer mascot. We hope that this name will be used in successive years and become a permanent one, CAVALCADE '73 is different from past Parker yearbooks in that we have relied almost completely on student photog- raphy, I think all of our photographers have done a wonderful job, and I would like to thank all the contributors, es- pecially Alex Szekely, Howard Eddy, Frank Taliaferro, and Paul Bell-Lee, Special thanks go to Keith Kaufman, who spent many hours in the dark room during his evenings and weekends. I would also like to thank our advertisers and patrons for their financial help in making this book possible, and the Pischel Publishing Company for their cooperation, But most of all, I would like to thank the CAVALCADE '73 staff, and our advisor, Mrs, Spain, who expressed con- fidence in us and kept us going when things got rough, We have enjoyed facing the challenge of putting together a yearbook which depicts Parker student life, and we hope that you will enjoy reading through it. Heidi Munzinger ' H E A D lvl A ST E R ' S lvl E SSAG E 'Q xx 5 TO THE CLASS OF 1973 After twenty years spent in education as a teacher andfor administrator, the question asked of me most frequently is "Why did you go into education?" The answer I gave twenty years ago seems more relevant and valid today than at the beginning, "In a group of stu- dents that I am trying to help learn, if just one of them is influenced or motivated to go on from here to a higher learn- ing, then my efforts are all worthwhile. " You and I have seen Parker launched on a remarkable new era. There were some frustrations accompanying a new campus, new curricular offerings, new faculty, new responsibilities and freedoms but you adjusted to these rather gracefully. You worked with enthusiasm and determination to instill the student body with a sense of pride and spirit in the Lancers, Your academic accomplishments are equally impressive and your college acceptances reflect a tan- gible symbol of reward for your years of academic effort, , Each of you in your own special way, as you move on to "a higher learning" has given to me a greater sense of satis- faction than I have ever felt with thousands of students encountered in past years, Your marks of excellence and high spirits will act as a "benchmark of success" for the many Parker graduates of the future, The Parker faculty and I deeply appreciate your contribution to the school, My feelings for you are perhaps best summarized by the contemporary prophet, Jonathan Livingston Seagull: Jona- than's parting words to his prize student, Fletcher, were, "Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'1l see the way to fly, " Your race to learn has just begun! D, C , Crone President Mark Rhoads addresses the Board, BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. Mark Rhoads, president FAT H E R 5' C LU B Burleigh Bagnall, second vice president Mrs, George H, Smith, secretary Predrag Mitrovich, treasurer Officers: Mrs. Gretchen T. Allen Robert Nostrand, president Clarke Braly Raul Rosado, vice president Walter B, Broderick Hugh MCNeiHYy Secretary Mrs, John C, Carson George Lergf treasurer Philip L, Gildred, Jr. Percy M, Goodwin Otto A, Hirr Julian M, Kaufman Mrs, Vincent E, Mazzanti ' MOTHERS CLUB John Z, Mraz Heidi Munzinger, student representative Robert M. Nostrand Officers: Mrs, Raul Rosado Mrs, Raul Rosado, president C, Arnholt Smith Mrs, Sam Assam, first vice president Mrs, C, Arnholt Smith, Jr, Mrs, Otis Brooks, second vice president Paul K, Tchang Mrs Alan Schrift, secretary Nicholas Wallner Mrs, Paul Tchang, treasurer Thomas S, Whitelock III, M,D, Louis M, Wolfsheimer AUTUMN iff A . iw , L Q 4, ,. ,L Q55 -bi, yfwf me V if 'Zim I i 7 ADMINISTRATION Hugh McNeilly Janet Smith Ronnie Bennett Business Administrative Dean of Boys Manager Assistant Dolly Bork Talma Gauthier ssss f f? I I ...: Q ' Betty Keeler Ruth McIntosh Evelyn Treais Dean of Girls 'rf QQQQ- , :Ei i,.ff,1vr's9 I avlffdgsifgn 'xml Pat Helwig Armando Arciniega William Finley 41 wr ,QQ Jo Montroy Jimmie Galyan Richard Holder I I s NM' AHA! FACU LTY RH , 'fini 5 Ronnie Bennett nn 4 W Social studies, Dir. of Athletics, m e Coach .1 'P Q Ralph Benson . f ' sexi, Math .,, . L :fi -eg. '3k"?X E! Julia Carr French Mercedes Ferbal Spanish Adm, Benson and Mr. Frost enjoy an afternoon of football, if 5 h E. 5 CD Q- :1 CD 'fl 6. 55' V1 , W Q E? E H ,.. .- YJ E2 O '11 S 3 O CD :r -4 S 3' " ,. o 0 O 7 - 5.3 h nn,, n gl 5 ' X 1 V7 iw F 3 . , N H -131' U 1 2, 1 A P, ,f 1? 1 HL .,,. .AM n E' .,.' 2 f'f ' UQ X ' flwQ,lsfee,'w?9?i24y16 ' N fr: sw 5 ,gf in 5 D.: H ,,,, V V :S 'Q JT. ' E' S4 ' VV7- g 5 e . if S- I5 Q- F , a, , "' U3 3 y' , fi A V , ',',, - H 55 O ,D s 5 fe 2 C1 - ET .11 2 ra 5- O O sw O s Faculty's favorite function, ,444 -sul". David Glassey Anne H0bbS F red H0DkiI1S Coach Music English , iz, ,rr Q V, 1 .ig I In - ' fi- W 5 fig Doris Larson Librarian, Typing Kathy O'Neill Art, P , E , Terry O'Rourke English Charles Pooch Math, Testing Dir, Q 4 fix iiiii Q a 1 sv' a w::f"'f. D. Russell History Dolores Spain Social Studies, Journalism Now, if I could only remember where I parked my sleigh, , , 'W X QM X X In x Q' 'Rx X ig 5 1 'XR W James Steiger Ray Terrill P,E, Science Ted Summers Evelyn Treais Science, Math, Coach English Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing. A nonymous Joe Bagnall You got to sorter give and take in this old world, We can get mighty rich, but if we haven't got any friends, we will find we are poorer than anybody, Will Rogers SENIORS Dione Brooks Scott Brown If men would consider not so much where- If you begin by sacrificing yourself to in they differ, as wherein they agree, there those you love, you will end by hating would be far less angry feeling in the those to whom you have sacrificed world, yourself, Joseph Addison George Bernard Shaw Mark Brandon Gary Chlad To follow the sun, bo surf, to swim, to sport, to befriend, to think, to challenge- to live with such enthusiasm that most people would not seem alive. Now forget everything that I have said and live your own lite, Gary Chlad It is not how much we hgve but how much I remain - Anonymous You must look into people as Well as at we enjoy, that makes happiness. Spurgeon them, Chesterfield Scott Collins Lynn Dewart Tim Dowdle Such intense concentration! Kurt Eberhardt The world is so full of a. number of things I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings. Robert Louis Stevenson Speak softly and carry a big stick, Theodore Roosevelt Roy Ehlers Edward Fiorella It is almost better to tell your own lies than somebody e1se's truth, Feodor Dostoevsky Joyous distrust is a sign of health, Every- thing absolute belongs to pathology, Friedrich Nietzche Judy Fabion Keith Kaufman I live each day as it comes, striving to en- joy life as I can, And if I have but one mo- ment of happiness during that day, Iwill keep it and cherish it, For Iwill make that single moment last a lifetime. Keith Kaufman Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be, Man of La Mancha Charles Fares Michael Lindsey Pay no attention to Caesar, Caesar doesn't have the slightest idea what's REALLY going on, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, It takes a rat to win a rat race, Anonymous Tom Lococo Heidi Munzinger Let the wonderful, infinite variety of sea- shells inspire you with faith in your own individuality. F rank Lloyd Wright Those who are not busy being born are busy dying. Bob Dylan Facilior est reprimere cupiditatem pri mam, quam explere totum quid eam se quentur. Translated from POOR RICHARD'S ALMANAC' Karen Molnar Shelley Mraz George Neves The only failure that lacks dignity is the failure to try. Malcolm F, Macneal "You beaner! " I believe that every right implies a re- sponsibilityg every opportunity an obliga- tiong every possession a duty. John D. Rockefeller, Jr, ,pun Craig Rhoads "ENery body needs Andrea Scott I believe in the sun even when it is not shining, I believe in love even when I am alone, I believe in God even when He is silent. Anonymous Livia Szekely Maybe we are less than our dreams would make us, but that less is more than some gods would dream of. Joseph Pintauro milk. . . even Charles Fares. " ,.ll ml We Chris Waddell Set sail towards the sun, feel the warmth that's just begun, Share each and every dream, they belong to everyone. Ray Thomas Robert Anderson Kim Berry Carla Buchanan Patty Cook Ted DuP1essis Howard Eddy Table talk, JUNIORS Roy Holliday Kelly Luce Dan Jones Almeda Lynn Jon Licht Bill McCreery ,fm ff an away' ,ff e' 7 as U Q' Howard McPhatter Robert Schwanhausser Elizabeth Waddell Greg Pennington Carla Shestag Phil Webster Victor Roberts George Turner Paul Zellman So help me, if we lose this game today, . Completing High School courses in 11th grade Diane Foushee VAX? But Mother never told me about Ultra-Bright! Arthur Flores Pat Flynn Dave Folkert Donna Gibson Tom Halverstadt Gregg Harris Dean Hilgeman Jim Holt Chris Kneib Marci Lawson Mike Layton Laurie Mansfield 'X uw I , ll,-,.ff , H . ,, , ., ,,,,. My .,, ,.., ,,,,,.,..,, - . ,W ,M ,- , 2 W ,f , 5311 , 4 X 4 L, f W? Z Zim ,, W in FK 'U Our new cheerleaders ? SGPHGIVIORES 4, Eff.. .ma-,g . '- f 1 5 Z 1,444 4154! fm , 4 , W ,ff H 1 f 5 it ,Q f 2 , f l Jean Marsch Kathryn McKown Kathy Pavel Martin Plaehn it vc." "K.g.,,,.,,4 Jean Polhamus Rosalind Ragsdale Pam Smith Jenny Tchang Bobbie Wellman Todd Pratum Alan Sheldon Alex Szekely Robert Waddell Linda Woodle FRESHIVIEN David Cook Mike Devin John Cook Carl DuP1essis Jim Cooper Jim Ferrari Wes Cramer Lori Fisher This is our type of class, Larry Bernstein Lee Braly WU 2, ' ' ijiuw-iz ww s-Sryafwfff, .4 f ,, ' " -2 -ffff -, iw ., ,fix f i f Jeff Blum Diana Brown f ' V 1 1 ' f Q , .Y , gg is W1 7 f"' ' f Q . X' ,kr . 1. ,, 'W li, 'QW V X ef-V I JE 1': J qua David Lasry Bobbi Mohr Lori Rollins Sarah Semlak John Laux Mary Nelson Rene Rustad Steve Sourapas Hale Maher Tim Nelson Rick Sanders Rath Webster ? 1: 1 5 gl ai 5 1 W.. 5 ls,--2, 2' f- J 1, , E Q Kiki Flores Jill Goodwin Hilary Hanifin Don Jones Howard Kennedy E ligiiilfi "And then she said My homework is in here somewhere! Steve Barrett Paul Bowers Ayres Boyd Mark Bryant 5 oo- Terry Allen Eric Assam Bob Bagnall 2 F V J' ,.,,5 ,,,,, Q 4 , Cv f W fa is M af- X ' 1 in ,,.. if 1 , if ,W 32 , 1 K wmwr 1 7wW Renee Bryant Laurie Busalacehi Doug Carter Malynn Chew -vr.,7" E 1 f 42: Susan Christenson Greg Crippen Mike Crone Dawn Dewart ff. ,wap , fr 5 X EIG HTH GRADE fvw 'lair' 5 ' " li '--' ' I ' ,,-" A fmtfzemgw n 'rg .: Lzmguamii' . ,iw-f,, ,31,25gw,f2ff , w,i,fs,w it fa f , if W l A '.....,, , James Dotson John Elliott Mike Fares Sally Finn Maxine Fuentes David Gould Spencer Harlow Dan Heath Otto Hirr Laura Holt Holly Hood Chuck Hope Linda Iannucci Shari Jackson Hattie Joe Brian Jones 4W Wfwiyff f MMD 'JT ' M fliiiil , f Ask .- v. 4: Q? 4, Lesley Knoth Joni Lawler Isela Limon Bobby Fischer watch out' 'R v.. ,V ,g V' , Q is 1 2 f-7 "' Wu, L X1--,. , , it M R - - U 2 Q ' ' i . 41.-nr. : f. ' 14 :rust X L m', in , 1 in . it Marcy Maher Julie Mansfield Steve Liska Richard Lococo Mike McCuen Sean McGee Robert Mitrovich Betty Neild T R "A"",5 X3 ir,. ee e e -,:: R h A x,, , 95' . Ryu t'-. Y ., R 1 Ri Q 22 Ted Nothorn Mark Oemcke Dylan Palmer Bill Rights if John Rippo Tom Rutherford Jake Rus sell Ma rk Schwanhaus se r '4Tf""7' -are-ww' Patricia Selfe LaTanya Squires Q ,., gil ' II M Gloria Stevenson Frank Taliaierro Beth Wied Matt Z edake r 7C takes a social studies test. 'WDP' SEVENTH GLRADE E mm N SKS ,,,,,,.f 'few-vi!! .iii Leesie Assam Loretfa Bailey Paul Bell-Lee Tom Byars Jim Cottingham James Crawford Ken Crone Cathie Crosbie Bob Devin Mary Day Dewart Jeannine DuBois Steve DuPlessis Otto Eros Helen Fares Nasim Fares Martha Flores Will Gall ie Lisa Goehring There must be an easier way! Sheryl Harris Mark Hartwell Kirsten Hedin Bob Jackson Mark Jones Susan Kiewit Kenneth Klaser Antoinette Laux Jonathan Layton George Lerg Michele Lewis David McGinnis Jim Montalbano Chris Muglia Kitty Napier Tara Nelson A , A Doug Halverstadt mf slim! Ma rtha G raham :, j. , .. 'fa,,. n V ' , .5f, vff, , iff af w ., A f we Q Wx Af, 'Z-W' is Wg 0' ' g-ig . 1 ' 1' dm-0 ay' Y- Q, www .... . Q N gg? Ig 5458, fix. xi if :Si kr Peter Price Letty Rosado Andrea Rustad Lori Shmelzer See what a Parker lunch can do to you? ""' r l 4 ,Q W if n ff. My ,ig . 'Sf fi? 4 ef 'ig 4 v 3, 4, V lg 2' aw Q82 , Randy Dible John Graham Elizabeth Lavender Mike Fletcher Madeleine Herrill John Mansfield Gordon Gilbreath Leroy Kinzy Jay Plaehn Elizabeth Gildred Melissa Knox Karen Reavis Not pictured: James Comstock That special individual attention, -Q. 4 4 Q 1 'W Mary Brown SIXTH G RADE Karen Rhodes Jenny Smith Kathryn Suess it QW, , Christine Trepte af 02 55 ff, H R Q. 32, 1 sa Catherine Vafis Robin Tricoles Laura Wolf Ernie 'Ihcker Melissa Wolfram ,ll ' V ., -Q ,E .Q vlgv - w i .M 'M V ug, Eh? fa .l'. fm, ' lQyf:,4-Au,,,,,uf'1 ,VV. , ' n flif Q .I , I Mi, ni "AU, YW 57 , f F2 -.fx ' ' ,A 4, ,fi f ' er r K 4 3 W 'J if 'Y i , " l 55 .L :. . as Y A z4Yyf",zQa 4 I 3 'Vg mf" 'QF f ff Q Q , Q 9 E 'f -4 fi ff W1 g X Y- eenn gg, i . K X , 2: rf" M " 4 , 1 ,V el , Q--Q. ' 'Y K Lee Wolfram Stephen Johnston Shane Little Beth McFarland Dale Mann Desiree Mitrovich Katherine Palmer Cynthia Petersen Janice Roland Tim Rutherford Nina Severance Alex Vargas Doug Wied Brian Blaisdell Brent Boyd Sharlynn Chew Tammy de la Plata Courtney Field Debbie Freedman Diane Gilbert Catherine Gilman Julia Graves Morgan James "I know-- Iknow!" STUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Andrea Scott, sec.-treas,g Hunt Braly, pres,g Carla Buchanan, vice pres,g Heidi Munzinger, rep, to Board, Second row: Jim Holt, 10A rep,g Jake Russell, 8A rep,g Bob Bagnall, 8C rep,g David McGinnis, 7C rep.g Bob Jackson, 7A rep,g Leesie Assam, 'IB rep, Third row: Pat Flynn, 10B rep,g Jim Ferrari, 9A rep,g Dione Brooks, 12 rep,g Ted DuPlessis, 11 rep,g Jim Cooper, 9B rep,g Trish Selfe, 8B rep, Not pictured: Dr, Crone, advisor, GIRLS' LEAGUE First row: Martha F1ores,7th rep,g Carla Shestag, pres,g Hilary Hanafin, 9th rep,g Isela Lirnon, Bth rep,g Elizabeth Wad- dell, llth rep, Second row: Mrs, Treais, advisorg Kathy Pavel, treas,g Kelly Luce, vice pres,g Linda Woodle, 10th rep.g Livia Szekely, 12th rep, Not pictured: Rosalind Ragsdale, sec. CAVALCAD E CLARION and CAVALCADE staffs met every day to learn the basics of good journalistic writing and applied production, Both publications se- lected new names, The paper, with Hunt Braly as editor, was published monthly, Charles Fares did an outstanding job as production manager. The yearbook, with Heidi Mun- zinger as editor, chose a new for- mat and used student photography. Seated: Rosalind Ragsdale, Laurie Mansfield, Heidi Munzinger, Jeff Brandon. Standing: Jenny Tchang, Jean Polhamus, Hunt Braly, Keith Kaufman, Alex Szekely, Howard Eddy. Not pictured: Andrea Scott, Livia Szekely, M rs , Spain, advisor Seated: Dan Jones, Jean Polhamus, Hunt Braly, Art Flores, Standing: Craig Rhoads, Rosalind Ragsdale, Lee Braly, Jenny Tchang, Pat Flynn, Robert Anderson, John Cook, Heidi Munzinger. Not pictured: Jon Licht, Charles Fares, Andrea Scott, Laurie Mans- field, HONOR SUCIETY In September, a dinner was held for the students who qualified for the National Honor Society, It stood out among past dinners because it was held in the fall, instead of spring, so that work of the previous fall and spring could be judged, The curse of a "Friday the 13th" had no effect on the Junior Honor Society initiates, An assembly was held for them on Friday, October 13th, in which they received pins and certificates. Students honored at the dinner were, Joe Bagnall, Hunt Braly, Mark Brandon, Gary Chlad, Lynn Dewart, Roy Ehlers, Judy Fabion, Charles Fares, Keith Kaufman, Heidi Munzinger, Livia Szekely, Roy Holliday, Tom Lo- coco, Mark Allen, Dave Folkert, Jim Holt, Judy Hope, Marci Lawson, Jean Polhamus, Jeff Silberman, and Jenny Tchang, Students honored at the assembly Were: Lee Braly, ' 1 1 If Mike Devin, Lori Fisher, Kiki Flores, Mary Nelson, A ,,,, n J , ' 3 Tim Nelson, Bob Bagnall, Greg Crippen, Maxine Fuentes, L, , ' ng Spencer Harlow, Chuck Hope, Brian Jones,Joni Lawler, H 4 r t V " 6 Isela Limon, Ted Nothorn, Mark Oemcke, D lan Palmer, ,, lo, 1 ' , 'f V 3 J f and -Mark Schwanhausser. Dr, Crone greets dinner guests. Nw , mi Junior Honor Society inductees take oath. 5. i l Students, parents, and teachers enjoy dinner at Bahia Hotel, J x, - .f -E Y OPEN END MEETS WITH REVEREND SANDVEN GYIVINASTICS CLUBS GAMES CREATIVE WRITING VIOLNITAINIEERING E T' I PHOTOGRAPHY CHESS CRIBBAGE CINEMA MUSIC Swmww BRIDGE MATH SEMINAR FGUTBALL 2 W F I 4-,.' i, ,yiy V , , , it 'J Tom Bobczynski Hunt Braly Scott Brown it " wsw Ted DuPlessis Mike Farley Pat Flynn . , r ,.,.,, f Alan Sheldon Paul Zellman Coach Ghironi M lgua 'Q' me Scott Collins , , s 5 WWW Q f if X 'N -1 John Cook Mike Devin Carl DuPlessis Dan Jones Mike Layton George Neves Coach Glassey Steve DuPlessis Otto Hirr Manager Manager Six man football made its debut at Parker this year. As the season progressed, our team became ac- customed to the new rules and strategy, and the games became more exciting. A spirit bus accompanied the team to Chadwick for this game. M A, , ...l.,-:.'r-xiaxamw Below, Scott Brown unloads against Poway Christian, At right, Lancers wrap up Crusader ball carrier, Brown is brought down, Paul Zellman concentrates on kick, 1 End of the line for Layton HCIVI ECOIVI ING '72 Preluded by a Homecoming Week in which anti-school- spiriters were punished for their treasonous acts at a Kan- garoo Court, the Homecoming Game was a culmination of school enthusiasm. During Homecoming Week, football players ruled the roost and were on the lookout for Parker no-no's. Of- fenders were brought before the judges, senior football players, by the other team members and appropriate sentences were meted out, On Saturday, a valiant effort by our team came to naught as we lost to LJCD, 27-20. At halftime, Kelly Luce was crowned queen by President of the Board, Mark Rhoads, Judy Fabion and Livia Szekely were honored as the two Homecoming Princesses. Alumnus Walker Scott prepares to annoimce game. Homecoming Court and Escorts. Cheerful Cheerleaders during halftime, A5 The Court henchmen and willing UQ victims Today Parker, tomorrow Vegas ? Dr. Pronko executes a traditional move- ment. Takao Tomono dons his elaborate wig, VARIETY PREVAILS IN FALL ASSEMBLIES Highlights of the assemblies were a talk by a former P, O,W, , the Thanksgiving program, and a fascinating lecture-demonstration of Kabu- ki, an unusual Japanese art, Bob Chicca, who was on board the PUEBLO when it was captured by North Koreans, told about his experiences. He illustrated his talk with documents and pictures. The Thanksgiving program at the Upper School was in the form of a chapel service, Reverend Richard Duncan was the speaker, He is the youth minister at the Kensington United Church of Christ. Andy Paine sang and accompanied himself with the guitar and harmonica, Dr, Leonard Pronko, a foremost authority on Kabuki, visited Parker on December 1, with his assistant, Takao Tomono. They performed a segment of the play "Benkei at the Bridge," after speaking on the art, By putting on their outer garments and making up while Dr, Pronko spoke, they were better able to illustrate the fundamentals of Kabuki, At right, Rev. Duncan gives a Thanksgiving message, Below, Andy Paine entertains. Q if An ancient art enacted. WINTER r Today, fans, we have with us . . . HOLIDAY MOOD SVVEEPS CAMPUS Visions of Christmas and a two week vacation danced in the heads of Parker students, The first Christmas pro- gram put on by the Upper School was a success. Every- one from classes to choir got in on "the act, " Organized by the High School Student Council, the pro- gram consisted of three skits and several musical numbers, The 7th grade presented "Jingle Bell Travelog, " and, joined by 8th graders, sang several musical numbers, Truly unique was the seniors' production of "The Night Before Christmas, " to which they gave a humorous twist, Juniors Roy Holliday and Carla Buchanan sang and acted out "I Can't Dance, " The girls' choir harmonized beau- tifully on Christmas songs. The 7th and 8th graders Went roller skating on Decem- ber 15th for their Christmas party, The day after, the 9th- Grace, David, grace and talent! 12th grades held their annual Christmas dance at the Uni- versity Club, sponsored by the Mothers' Club. "Power" y supplied the music. Do, re, mi-me-ME!! Seniors ham it up - as usual! 1 PARKER HOSTS LEAGUE BASKETBALL TOURNEY Parker faced SDMA in the consolation round. SDMA PARKER SDMA Parker hosted the Southern League Basketball Tournament this year for the first time. From December 5 through 9, the teams battled it out on the court, with the Army-Navy emerging victorious. Having the tournament in our gym was beneficial to many. ASB card-holders could watch the games at no charge. The seniors ran a refreshment booth and made money for their year-end activities. Parents and vis itors enjoyed exciting basketball in Parker's fine facilities. With a strong possibility of having the tournament from now on, students look forward to making money through concession stands, and eliminating long bus trips to Ramona four days in a row, Mr. Frost provided this board to keep fans posted during the tournament. SDMA BORRE O SDMA BORREGO CHRISTIAN JULIAN CHRISTIAN JULIAN CHRISTIAN BYE PARKER RAMCNA BYE PARKER BYE PARKER RAMONA I i M NA PARKER RAMCNA ...ZI2L.... ANA MT. EMPIRE BYE MT M SDMA SDMA ANA I BYE A M CU L MT. EMPIRE SAN MIGUEL BYE MT IM- LJCD CHR ,A M LJCD LJCD LJCD - A Rex- "sl Mike Grone, manager, Dave Cook, Ted DuPlessis, Greg Pennington, Scott Brown, Chris Waddell, Robert Anderson, Pat Flynn, Jim Ferrari, Gary Chlad, George Neves, Scott Collins, Coach Bennett. VARSITY BASKETBALL Two for Ferrari! Coach Bennett instructs team during time-out. Ted shoots a. jumper. mi Dave Cook goes up over Don Tavie. 1 . W W " S - Un? . .5 Fumble or first down? Scott Brown gets the tip, Q r,.,.., Chlad rebounds against Borrego, JV BASKETBALL Vic Roberts readies for rebound as Mike Farley shoots jumper. Tom Halvel-Stadt guns against S.D.M,A. Kneeling: Joe Bagnall, Steve Sourapas, Jack Laux, Art Flores, Wes Cramer. Standing: Coach Siunmers, Jon Licht, Tom Halverstadt, Mike Farley, Paul Zellinau, Jim Cooper, Vic Roberts, Robert Waddell, Roy Holliday, Carl DuPlessis, Not Pictured: Mike Devin, Dan Jones, 7TH AND 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL A v ,gb Kneeling: Bob Devin, Sean McGee, Mike McCuen, Chuck Hope, Mike Sourapas, Spencer Harlow, Ted Nothorn, Standing: Steve DuPlessis, Mike Crone, Matthew Zedaker, Greg Crippen, Robert Mitrovitch, Steve Barrett, Mark Oemcke, Coach Glassey. Not Pictured: Jake Russell, Tom Rutherford, Lancers await tip against Patriots, Parker's youngest cagers listen to Coach Glassey. n-num Kneeling: Jean Marsch, Rosalind Ragsdale, lst row: Hilary Hanafin, Livia Szekely, Lori Rollins, Elizabeth Waddell. 2nd row: Dione Brooks, Heidi Munzinger, Andrea Scott, Kelly Luce, Mrs. O' Neill, advisor, VOLLEYBALL C'mon, Ros, you can do it! Heidi, Dione, Carla, Andrea, and Kathy CHEERLEADERS ,, ,1 ,, E fi ,milf ij, A Mary, Lori, Renee, and Kiki CAREX FREE GUIVI VS. THE SCIENCE FAIR There was an amazing difference in the amount of student participation in the Science Fair and the Carei'fFree Gum contest. Parker's Science Fair was to be held on February 22, but only Roy Holliday, junior, and Mike Devin, freshman, entered high school projects. Therefore, the official judges didn't come, and Parker was not represented in the Greater San Diego Science Science Fair this year. On the other hand, students Went all out on the Care"4Free Gum contest. A massive effort by students and teachers showed Parker spirit at its best. At one time, the paper cutters couldn't keep up with the demand for 3"x5" cards on which to write the magic words. Dr. Crone even designated a special assembly period March 14 for the project. By the end of the contest, Parker people had written "Carei"Free Gum" 233, 700 times! First prize was 8500. 00 and a concert by the Grass Roots. One-thousand-two-hundred-and-forty-seven Keep on cuttin'. The Magic Words Award winning science projects by Roy Holliday, Mike Devin, LaTanya Squires, and Kirsten Hedin. SPRING Q iw, 5 7 , is is Vx x. Q 'fa J M w X -xi M f 'wtf i if-33, X by rv -Q" . Wfibify ix W 1 Q mf W 5 nk .i .W .t .7 'Q f Q53' xi gg It ' fkl' s N. 4. .,. A 1' f . wi- B i ,sk i BASEBALL Paul practices pitching. A Kneeling: Mike Sourpas, Jim Ferrari, Ted DuPlessis, George Neves, Scott Collins, Tom Bobczynski, Joe Bagnall, David Lasry. Standing: Coach Glassey, Alan Sheldon, Mike Farley, Kurt Eberhardt, Robert Anderson, Paul Zellman, Robert Waddell, Greg Pennington, Scott Brown. 1st row: Mike Crone, David Durrill, Pat Flynn, Victor Roberts, Jim Ferrari, Robert Waddell, Hunt Braly, Gregg Bartell, Roy Ehlers, Coach Summers. 2nd row: Dan Jones, Mike Layton, Wes Cramer, Chris Waddell. 3rd row: Chris Kneib, Doug Carter. 4th row: Howard Eddy, Alex Szekely, Mike Farley, Greg Harris, Todd Pratum. Not pictured: Steve Barrett, Tom Bobczynski, Scott Brown, Robert Anderson, Gary Chlad, Jon Licht, Alan Sheldon. Tracksters run a brisk workout. Up and over! 1st row: Roy Holliday, Hale Maher, Scott Collins, Scott Brown. 2nd row: Coach Freer, Chris Kneib, Art Flores, Larry Bernstein, Mike Devin, Howard Kennedy, Jeff Brandon. 3rd row: Dave Cook, Jim Ferrari, George Turner, Gary Chlad, Keith Kaufman. Mike Devin stretches to make a return. Too close for comfort. Hale works on perfecting his serve. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Our newly-formed girls' basketball team was in- experienced but very enthusiastic. Coached by Pat Flynn, they showed steady improvement as the season went on, The girls' first game was a tough one against LJCD, Kneeling: Almeda Lynn, Bobbie Wellman, Hilary Hanifin, Renee Rustad, Rosalind Ragsdale, Carla Shestag. Standing: Elizabeth Waddell, Lori Fisher, Kathy Pavel, Kelly Luce, Jill Goodwin, Marci Lawson. "Cur Town" In May, Parker High drama students staged "Our Town' by Thornton Wilder under the direction of Mrs. Wolf The play revolves around life in Grovers' Corners, a small New Hampshire town, and emphasizes the value of the Stage Manager ,... Dr. Gibbs ....... Joe Crowell ...... Howie Newsome .... Mrs. Gibbs ....... Mrs. Webb .... George Gibbs .... Rebecca Gibbs . . . Wally Webb ....... Emily Webb ......... Professor Willard. . . . Mr. Webb ........... Woman in the Audience . . . . . . . Man in the Audience . . Simon Stirnson ....... Mrs. Soames ..... Constable Warren. . . Si Crowell ........ Baseball Players .... Samantha Craig ..... Josephine Stoddard . . . . Technical Assistants Student Directors ..... . Lighting ,........ Costume Manager ..... Publicity and Stage Bill smallest events in daily life. CA ST Gregg Bartell Jim Cooper Art Flores Paul Zellman Patty Cook Rosalind Ragsdale Chris Waddell Almeda Lynn Mike Layton Jean Polhamus Roy Holliday Howard McPhatter Diane Foushee Rath Webster Craig Rhoads Carla Shestag Hunt Braly Art Flores Mike Layton, Rath Webster Art Flores Carla Buchanan Bobbie Wellman Livia Szekely and Laurie Mansfield Mike Layton, Donna Gibson Linda Woodle, and Rath Webster Bobbie Wellman Carla Buchanan and Diane Foushee "I think it's awfully important too.' SUMMER l ii 2 E E Tennis gets into full swing in the summer, - f- X f-,gifs-sy, - f- V .V X.-:fs-ws- 12 :M fp. Q,.J-me mp.-s, -:gf-1, ser'-rw-, si fu--.zfm ff--- sv .'J.l"i'l5' ":m"?f?i'i rl-We x"3?7hWs I as w1:f2v1fmsf-ffwsiss.:Les:fasfs:.:QiZ:':4.1isz.s42s:xi'iififvsfi -waits-swsyesswggaffes-.EGQSAP1 Why Mission Gorge? Because it's there. Skiers take off for Mission Bay. Basketball buffs and Mr, Bennett discuss an active summer at basketball camp. Students recall summer's fun in Africa. My New-' u Q55 Others find unique pastimes. "Summer breeze makes me feel fine . . . " S1 if fu Summer jobs are fun ggam W -' f ms" is A' .g3i,:f5-L5 :,g1,s1'1f1fW-W -': Lf was . .s:1q,sg3ggw- 5 S 5 s syffirk, .A-'Q: ff., S '15 a:1.1'1--Tis1?ffE'.ess 5 .M 5 l 5i75if .. S .LA.,., . ' 5 Mmm- ff' S H W kms wif N miLWQ,',,,,?1WSSvxS2.- A ? X 5 SN QM " L' 2 rr 'X W SXSNWS N my NW Q 4 Q V xii A "' MW .ix X5 A ,Xxx-.X ,N XL X, L.1-A l 'fy X 1 S. ,. .QM ai? xi, Ml' I HEADQUARTERS I ' .Q Qgg I GOOD LUCK I I 77106. I-'59 I FIND BURIED TREASURE! To E I 3928 - S TWIGGS ST, 297-2672 SAN DIEGO, CA, 92110 I GRADUATING I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 73 T0 THE I CLASS OF '73 FROM THE JONES FAMILY 53.1-33-Q , IIIIIII IIIII III IIIIIIII IIIIIII II I I I mosf elegant homes ' If f p Q111-I4 i . ,WY nj , ,WE l, In Southern cdllfbfllld -- Im IIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ,DQ .,,, jXnh2r5gn- MII R as al g WWE? iikfunnv I 2601 IIvIPERIAI. AVE, , SAN DIEGO, CA, PHONE 232-7477 I RAGSDALE'S THIRD GENERATION V OF SINOERE SERVICE , PAT'S MOBILE SERVICE I I I 1624 ROSECRANS SAN DIEGO, CA, 92106 PHONE 224-3381 OLD TOWN GENERAL STORE I 2701 SAN DIEGO AVE, ' ' SAN DIEGO, CA, 92110 I SAM AND WILHELMINA MANL.O CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE BIBLIOPHILE BOOKSTORE VILLAGE PLAZA 1050 ROSECRANS POINT I.OIvIA 92105 VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Wmmwmwmwwwm Dnnnnnnm ,fj,9ff' 1 I suvrnaazmla fi, 4,gfp f,'7 FIWIIISMHII' 5 4 f 1' ' Of nur: anmnw ff! 4,fvf' ,,4f unmnnnn I HM' f f Iuuu Ima - " fff ,-, cngigamn v -- BUD OVERBY 2943 CANON STREET PHONE 222-6589 NEXT TO POINT LOMA POST OFFICE GOOD LUCK TO THE 73 CLASS PROM SWA P-A-TA PE LOMA SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER GEORGE IVI. FOXWORTHY INDEPENDENT SHELL DEALER 2461 SAN DIEGO AVE, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92110 PHONE 295-1609 PHONE 295-2768 F PATRONS DR, AND MRS, SAM ASSAM MR, AND MRS, BURLEIGH BAGNALL REAR ADM, AND MRS, RALPH H, BENSON, JR, MR, AND MRS, SIGMUND BOBCZYNSKI HUNT BRAL.Y THE BRANDON FAMILY MARK I., BRANDON DR, AND MRS, A, J, CHLAD MR, AND MRS, JAMES A, COOPER MR, AND MRS, ROBERT EBERHARDT MR, AND MRS, E, F', EHLERS THE FLORES FAMILY THE HELWIG FAMILY DR, AND MRS, BENJAMIN J, LAYTON MR, AND MRS, J, A, LINDSEY LISKA ADVERTISING AGENCY THE MANSFIELD FAMILY MR, AND MRS, FRANK MCCREERY ERVIN AND MARY MOORE MRS, .IOSEPHINE MUNZINGER MR, AND MRS, MANUEL NEVES, JR, ELIZABETH A, NOTHORN MR, AND MRS, PAUL PETERSON MR, AND MRS, JOHN POLHAMUS DR, AND MRS, LEIF K, PRATUM MR, AND MRS, H, w, RAGSDALE J, MARK RHOADS AND FAMILY MR, AND MRS, JOHN H, RIPPO DR, AND MRS, ALAN SOHRIFT GEORGE A, SCOTT MR, AND MRS, GEORGE H, SMITH MR, AND MRS, PAUL TCHANG VALEDA M, TURNER DR, AND MRS, JAMES WHISENAND PISCHEL YEAHBUUKS INC

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