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u ti -• M 1 IXJ |4J [ i || Q IU U ! IM ■ ' 4 lit n 1 11 1 ■ I i 104 f ■ 1 _ — «-, K I M A N I A - - ' - 3 ■ fr- ■ • 1 « ' „: B RjW £ V a — d9 . 1 1 • I L rt. • Ktfrt-70 ■ »„. _ .Wr -jT ■ It §k . lt»W U ffi 3 i ■ • JP J 5$- ■; -$-£-£ ?c ■B ODICAREGt , t}, , • ' ' " A ' -. %» .■ ■ .-. FO DBLLA SIRTE -- B I F L I, T A N 1 A V ' tf -■. , , V Liir2 i : A PROUD HISTORY FRANCIS MARION was built in 1954 by New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, New Jersey and originally was named PRAIRIE MARINER for the State of Illinois. After her maiden voyage under the Military Sea Transport Service she was determined to be in excess of requirements and was placed in the Reserve Fleet. She was transferred to the Navy in March 1959 for con- version to an Attack Transport. She was rechristened USS FRANCIS MARION and commissioned July 6, 1961 at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia. She is the newest, largest, and fastest Attack Transport in the U.S. Navy. The ship is named after General Francis Marion, the American Revolution- ary War hero who was affectionately known as the " Swamp Fox " . General Marion ' s harassing tactics were a model for present day guerrillas and he received the official thanks of Congress for his part in keeping South Carolina from reverting to British control. It is the mission of FRANCIS MARION to transport and land troops, sup- plies and equipment in Amphibious Assaults and to serve as a Command Ship for the Amphibious Commander. She is currently administratively assigned to Amphibious Squadron FOUR and is the designated flagship for Commander Amphibious Group TWO. Since commissioning, FRANCIS MARION has deployed to both Caribbean and Mediterranean areas, participating in various exercises and events. Notable among these are: A Presidental Review; the Cuban Crisis in 1 962; the Domin- ican Crisis of the same year; assistance to the city of Galveston, Texas during hurricane Carla; joint operations with Norwegian, Spanish, French, and Turkish forces; Operation Bar Drink above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway; Opera- tion Beach Time, LANTFLEX 66, and Clove Hitch III; served as flagship for COMPHIBRON FOUR while deployed as part of the Caribbean Ready Squadron 1-67. In Mid 1967 the ship underwent extensive overhaul and modernization. The latest and most modern, sophisticated communication and electronic com- mand systems were installed to permit effective command, control and gui- dance for large scale amphibious operations. After her departure from the yard in 1 968 her role as flagship came under heavy demand, as she performed the function for COMPHIBLANT, COMPHIBGRU FOUR, COMPHIBGRU TWO, COMPHIBRON EIGHT and COMPHIBRON SIX. In addition to her normal res- ponsibilities as an amphibious flagship, in December 1968 the SWAMP FOX participated as the secondary recovery ship in the historic Apollo 8 lunar mission. In 1 969 the " FOX " made two deployments to the waters of the Mediter- ranean: first as flagship for the annual NATO exercise " Olympic Express " ; then, as flagship for COMPHIBRON FOUR on an extended Med deployment, Med 2-69, in which the FRANCIS MARION displayed her high degree of read- iness by shattering her own record for off-loading boats: off-loading all 22 boats in the amazing time of 13 minutes, 43.8 seconds! During the first months of 1970 the " FOX " served as flagship for COM- PHIBGRU FOUR, participating in operations " Springboard 70 " and " Exotic Dancer " . At the present time the FRANCIS MARION once again has COM- PHIBRON FOUR embarked for her Mediterranean duty with the SIXTH FLEET, Med 2-70. General Francis Marion was an American Revolutionary War hero bom near Georgetown, SCof Huguenot stock. He was the youngest of a family of six. In 1776 he was elected a member of the South Carolina Provincial Congress which adopted the Bill of Rights and voted money for raising troops. Commissioned a Captain, he took the field against the British and aided in the capture of Fort Johnson. Having shown great skill in or- ganization, he was made a Major and stationed at the unfinished Fort Sullivan (afterward called Fort Moultrie). During its bombardment, he distinguished himself and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He led his regiment in an unsuccessful attack on Savannah in 1779, and soon was obligated to flee to the forests and swamps. While in hiding, he began to gather recruits from the surrounding country. Fearless moun- taineers, bold hunters, and other good marksmen enlisted with him. The unit, known as Marion ' s Brigade, provided their own equipment, worked at times on their farms and came and went at their bidding. Keep- ing a strict watch on the enemy ' s movements they interrupted communications, captured for- aging and scouting parties and intimidated the local Tories. Colonel Tarleton, the British Cavalry Com- mander, was ordered to capture the Swamp Fox, as Marion was called, but the Fox proved wary, and joining forces with Colonel Henry Lee, cap- tured Fort Watson. After raiding 290 miles of country, he was given command of the first line in Battle of Eutaw Springs. He covered himself with glory and received the thanks of Congress. Marion ' s Brigade was not disbanded until after the British evacuation. The hero served in the state senate from 1782 to 1790, and was a member of the State Con- stitutional Congress in 1790. LOG OF CRUISE MED 2-70 LOG 13 JULY 14 Jin 25- 26 J I IV 28-30 Jl I V 5- 12 VI GUST 14 - 20 AUGUST 24 - 27 AUGUST 28 -30 AUG I SI I - 2 SEPTEMBER 4 - 13 SEPTEMBER 14 - 24 SEPTEMBER 25 SEPTEMBER - 1 OCTOBER 2-11 OCTOBER 14 - 15 OCTOBER 18 - 24 OCTOBER 26 OCTOBER - 5 NOV EMBER 6- 14 NOVEMBER 17 - 20 NOVEMBER 23 - 27 NOV EMBER 30 NOVEMBER - 1 DECEMBER 10 DECEMBER II DECEMBER Departed NORV A BKT 22 Eoadout. MCV Vixii PON1 V DELGADA ( VZORES) V isit. Turnover, ROTA PORTO SCUDO, PHIBEEX 1-71 Visit l()l ION IIMBAKION, PHIBI EX 2-71 Visit VI HENS Visit RHODES IIMBVklON E. MED OPS, MIDEAST CRISIS si l) II W. I raining Vnchorage Visit ATHENS STRIMON RIVER, PHI BLEX 3-71 Rehearsal ALEXANDROUPOLIS, PHIBLEX 4-71 Visit ATHENS N VV PI ION. Training ANCHORAGE Visit NAPLES V isit BARCELONA V isit, Turnover ROTA BLT 2 2 Offload. MCV Visit NORV V YE ED ' S INTENTIONS Planners of the USS FRANCIS MARION BUILT HER WITH A MULTIPLICITY OF CAPABILITIES. Combine that multiplicity with the ersatility of her 415 men and you have a ship with a personality all her own. It is the versatility of this ship and her crew that we salute and which the editors intend to illustrate in this cruise book. We think you ' ll be proud that she carries the flag of the United States of America. The Editors CHANGE OF COMMAND AT PONTA DEL GADA, AZORES RELIEVED BY CAPT. R. D. PACE VADM I.. Heintz visits ISS Francis Marin CAPT. R.D. PACE Commanding NROTC GRADUATE - UCLA, 1946 SERVED ON MONTPEEIER (CE-57), BARTON (DD-722), PCS 1399, PCE 881, PCS 1444 GUNNERY OFFICER - LOFBERG (DD-754) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF NAVAL SCIENCE - UNIV. of IDAHO COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER - WASP (CVA-18) STAFF MEMBER - COMMANDER NAVAL FORCES MARIANAS XO NAVIGATOR - HOPWELL (DD-681) NAVAL WAR COLLEGE GRADUATE AIDE FLAG SECRETARY - COMMANDER SEVENTH FLEET CO-TRATHEN (DD-530) XO-TOPEKA (CLG-8) XO MILITARY ASSISTANT TO THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DE- FENSE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. CO - U.S.S. FRANCIS MARION (LPA-249) The Navy-Marine Team Public relations with the young and old of Toulon, France Sharing some time off with an ensign CDR. V.R. BUSH Executive Officer a versatile man ENLISTED SONARMAN STUDENT AT NAVAL PREPARATORY SCHOOL GRADUATE - U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY - 1956 BASIC FLIGHT TRAINING - PENSECOLA, FLA. ADVANCED FLIGHT TRAINING IN SKYRAIDERS - CORPUS CHRISTI,TEX. DUTY WITH FASRON - OCEANA, VA. SQUADRON COMMUNICATIONS LINE MAINTENANCE OFFICER - ALL WEATHER ATTACK SQUADRON 33 SQUADRON 33 TEAM PILOT EMBARKED IN FORRESTAL (CVA-59) ATTACK SQUADRON 65 TEAM PILOT EMBARKED IN INTREPID (CVA-11) COMMUNICATIONS NAVIGATIONS OFFICER - SPIEGEL GROVE (LSD-32) 1st LT. -NORFOLK (DL-1) WEAPONS, NAVIGATION SENIOR WATCH OFFICER - WALLACE L. LIND (DD-703) POSTGRADUATE TRAINING AT DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE SCHOOL PLANS, POLICY AND PROGRAMS ANALYST - DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY XO - U.S.S. FRANCIS MARION (LPA-249) CAPT E.P. SMITH... CPR 4 ENLISTED, USN, 1 JULY 1943 BS DEGREE, UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE NAVY SCOUT AND RAIDER DURING WWII CO USS LSM 160 UDT ONE - KOREAN WAR UDT INSTRUCTOR - CORONADO, CALIF. UDT THREE - KOREAN WAR CHIEF ENGINEER - USS HOPEWELL (DD-681) EXECUTIVE OFFICER - USS THEODORE E. CHAND- LER (DD-717) ASST. ATTACHE - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA EXECUTIVE OFFICER - USS NORFOLK (DL-1) COMMANDING OFFICER - USS CONYNGHAM (DDG- 17) HEAD OF JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF MANPOWER MATTERS SECTION OPNAV CSO - RIVER ASSAULT FLOTILLA ONE OFFICER-IN-CHARGE — RIVFLOT ONE ADVANCE PLANNING DETACHMENT - VIETNAM COMMANDING OFFICER - USS PLYMOUTH ROCK (LSD-29) COMMANDING OFFICER - AMPHIBIOUS SQUADRON FOUR A hard charging leader of men and ships but not above mixing it up with his subordinates - •£ X ' i» r ; r,V my. " s -;• . C J % ffiJSp . SSw ' MARINES ARE OUR BUSINESS i r- AND WE MAKE n ADMINISTRATION q i b i ■ OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT - The dissemination and interpretation of vital information necessary to a ship ' s operation is the domain of the aptly titled OPS Dept. Manned by both RD ' s and ET ' s, OPS personnel put in long and tedious hours scan- ning radar scopes and maintaining super-sophisticated electronic gear. ECDR E. KESSEER KIK2 Odell Now that I e found the trouble ET2 I owe ETR2 Craft LIN 3 Clark OE DIV LTJG Sheldon, our leader uith his leader ETC Wonders and ET1 Watkins KTR2 Caldwel 4 ETSN Ganem Turn around, men 17 18 IN MEMORIUM Gary R. Pesquera Gany R. PeAquefia wa bo fin 11 Jan. 1949, the liAM chUd o£ Edgafi Otho ' n Pe quefia and kU id fie. Ma Uon Eliza- beth nee ColUn , at Go fatown, HIU - bofio, New Hamp luJie. Gamy belonged to the. MCA, Boy ' Club, and tiie Boy Scout . A a ' Scout he eoKned the fiank ofi Eagle. Scout. He gfux.duaX.ed fifiom Manche teA MemofUal High School In June ofi 1967. On 7 5 Feb. 1968 he enlisted In the U.S. Navy. Upon completion ofi Re- cAult Tfialnlng at NTC, Gfieat Lake , Gamy attended Cla P and Cla A School , alio at NTC, Gfieat Lake . He wa promoted to ETN3 on 16 May 7969. He. Atpofited on boand the USS cl Moscow 7 1969 at Malta to efive fialthfiully and competently until tiie day ofi hu death, 11 Au- gust 1970. He leaver to mounn hi pa ilng, wci patient , two lMefv , Pamela and Bfienda; a, Glen, and many lilpmatc aboatid USS Eland MaxLon. • ■ _ j- • ta •» « - RD1 Buckner C Ljhy " ■ I s s - 4K %». I We ' d like to get hold of an E.T, LCDR J. Hagen, Chief Engineer ENGINEERING ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT - " Engineering " , in a word, makes the Francis Marion " exist " . Power in its rawest form is controlled and meted out by A, B, E, M and R, the divisions that comprise the Engineering Department. The " snipes " are the most critical link in maintaining the mini-city that is . . Francis Marion. « , 4Hn (H - " ■r MR3 Chandler FN3 Beverly EN3 Cody MR FN Barnes MR FN Langes FN Green FN Devita FN Smith FN Putnam 26 STANDS FOR... 27 Active 1 Able I Alert - With hardwork, horseplay, spirit and steam, they do their part to keep Francis Marion charging .... W BT3 Ryan FN Cichocci I .W FN Seagraves TO HELP OTHERS STAY ON THE LINE KMC Subala r 1 Sir t fC Anderson 9 EMI Buddies IC1 Proud EM2 (;ienn W IC2 Roberts r- LM3 Holcomb IC3 Massengale EM3 Ceracola EM3 Jenkins w FN Morehouse EM3 Jenkerson V FN Keefe o FM3 Price A ■y Doesn ' t someone have a better idea? 9 » i -- " Til- ■ ■ s - i pR-195-20- I-I95-0-0 El) IV LTJG McClane, M Division Officer MMC Smith IVIMC Cericino M DIVISION MM 2 Eilerman MM3 Balbirnie %af MM3 Elliot MM3 Williams Are you sure the Captain called for 30 nauts? f% V- MM3 I abbe w!i I 13 Reed £ FN Wiggins MM I Koss " Vou till him, Pappy! ' F Rundlc and F kirkpatrick ' Sailed ' em up on our first Hatch, huh, Scotty? ' THE HOLE MM3 Williams and MM3 Sheffel " . . Bought SS Potatoes at 1415. " Would You Believe....? The Francis Marion ' s engines are powerful enough to propel 22 coastal minesweepers at a speed of 1 4 nauts. MM3 Reed See, I told you I could run this ship with my eyes shut! FN Gordon FN Tripp This tank. Chief? FN Wiggins Don ' t accuse me of gundecking! 51 FN Johnson FN Tripp MM2 Tayse " They said it couldn ' t be done ' " FN Johnson Its my new MM watch! W} FN Litten and MM2 Filerman " Aye, me I ad die. we ' re going home " 38 ■ FN litten FA Kundle MM3 Balbirnie " Is ' laddering ring ' one word or two words? " FN Stanley And then the recruiter said I ' d gain valuable experience as a MM. ' SF2 Jones - rl • V SFC " Ski " Shewtzuk ( VVQ2 J. McMullen, K Division Officer DIVISION DC2 Warren SK Ream with a pair of able hands. ' - - " ¥ V SF2 Buckland DC2 Harrison DC2 Krzyczynski 39 DC3 Jacobs DC3 Horton w SF3 Saylor SF3 Romanowski SF3 Cordray SF3 Brueggen FN Baker DCFN Hunt Do A or »k. mti WAifcm i ,wj . By " 7 " 1 " K.TT Not again 40 I s SF3 Cordray lights up f C2 Ski and FA Dutton team up to ready e new cdunk for business. FN Pecararo So what, if it says U.S. Navy; Marines can ' t read! 41 FN Straws SFFN Cochran DCFN I- onu no! FA Scaggs FA Ely Able to do many things well.. ju » i ■-..,. aaeattF — ...and ready for more. 42 »-y Mm «gc m 9mmm ' t c- QMC Schuhl, CM A Escorts isiiiny dignitaries SN Cortez, BM2 Lester, PM2 Williams, BT1 O ' Neal Cheezit! The fuzz! BM3 Germano BM3 Jordan MA A Shack steno F ' ick on somebody your own size, boys. 43 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT- The " mini city ' s " supermarket, shopping mall, warehouse, cafeteria, personal services center and disburser wrapped up into a single package — that ' s the Supply Department. Through procurement of all types of equipment, repair parts and consumable goods, the Supply Department maintains both the ship and her crew in constant readiness for the rigorous demands of the sea. X LCDR C. Hayes, Supply Officer CSCS Brown CS1 Coon a FOOD SERVICE Would you believe . . . " The historic Mayflower ' s 102 passengers could have eaten for four years on provisions capable of being carried by the Francis Marion. " Xay CS1 Locklair CSCS Brown CS2 Hughes Ens. kametta, food ser ice and disbursing officer •: CS3 Trail . 45 42,500 lbs beef 10,000 lbs chicken 10,000 lbs veal 12,280 lbs pork 7,600 lbs apples 9,000 lbs oranges 6,000 lbs cabbage 9,000 lbs lettuce 35,000 lbs potatoes 2,960 gallons; chocolate milk 4,436 gallons; white milk 174,000 fresh eggs and 3,280 lbs frozen eggs 55,000 lbs wheat flour 23,000 lbs sugar 14,630 lbs shortening SN Trujillo Just A Sample Of Some Of The Food Consumed During MED 2-70 46 SN Rabon This replica of Columbus ' Santa Maria at Barcelona is a reminder of our noble heritage and lasting traditions. THANKSGIVING . shared together in Barcelona, Spain . not like home but a noble effort ENERAL EEPINGi SN Peek .-. SKSN Duran SN Larue SN Filiatrault ? € SN Lock wood SN Davis DISBURSING... DK2 Nore OK3 Smith DKSN Mueller DKC Bondoc SN Clagg « T L -i SHI Richardson RECEIVING... SN Gillespi operates the " gedunk " stand for LTJG A. Grinstead. stores and ship ' s store officer. i SN Dimailig dispenses the white hats. etc. in the small store. _ 1 SH ' i Leap keeps orders in order SN Bivins takes in some more hardearned cash at the ship ' s store. Sl fr LTJG A. Grinstead SH2 Long SERVING AND CELEBRATING ! " Y SH3 Singleton SN Wilson SH2 Allen SHU Aaron SN Flemmont |l SN Walker SH3 Reves • SH3 Purcell ry SN Jackson SN Wittreich SN Giamateo M I g-3 2 U iAAj61X a, .. Ni W.L. Whitehurst Capt. USMC S-3 Division Officer L.S. Toledo Tabon, Kawit Cavite Philippines Land the landing force SDCS G.W. Patterson Norfolk, Virginia 1 Congratulations " Boot " Chief Smith Dominador Laureta Balungao, Pangasinan Philippines SDC B. Smith Norfolk, Virginia Jose L. Solevilla Quezon City, Philippines Rofulo A. Landa Palauig, Zambales, P.I. Ruben E. Hayag Long Beach, California More beers! Well . . . back to the Ramblos Rhodes, Greece The tired warriors... 1 Running for academy award " ? Be happy in your work., Ernesto D. Ebalo Olongapo City, Philippines f I SUPER I ' M Leonardo Oaquioag Pasuquin LUocos Norte Philippines Jack of the dust Feliciano Ebete San Isidro, Batangas Philippines k-W •TT " ' JSiii Baf | H. - - j — - mT B ■ B M - - « ,1 H Join the pepsi generation... Marino Campos Zambales. Philippines ■ A Cf r,l Benjamin Lacson Naic Cavite, Philippines General quarters ! Timothy Fagsao Bontoc Mt. Prov £ General quarters! 55 Look at the camera, Daqs Arturo M. Dullas Botolan, Zambales Philippines ▼ Antonio G. Suban Caloocan City, Philippines The potato artist... Dearest Gay ... I miss you so E.D.G. Hingada . Kawit, Cavite Philippines Bad news Pete? I will. The painters in action a$: " M ■ Ricardo Palma Iloilo, Philippines Had a rough night... Harold I)a is, Texas 57 Champagne, anyone? Piorillo G. Rubis, Lagasit Pangasman, P.I. M SD3 Da is and his protege Jose A. Famini Here comes d ' judge! Mindoro, Philippines ida, S-2 Division photographei romin, buv more drinks . . . Acropolis Smile Sam We Celebrated in aThen™greece DKCK DEPARTMENT - This all-purpose department is guided b the " gentle " hand of Mr. Todd. Deck ' s responsibilities are aried and almost infinite. Cargo handling, weather deck mainten- ance, boat handling, weapons maintenance and firing and the pro iding of competent watch- slanders are just a few of them. Despite the tremendous manpow- er strain placed on 1st. 2nd. 4th and 5th di isions, deck depart- ment is second to none in per- formance of duties. . " X Load ' em up, mo e " em out. X Its been a hard day t tyfic e v. YOU CALL WE HAUL W»y " e ? BM2 Rainge SN Merrill SN Wilkins KM:t Jordan BM.f Thomas LTJG L. DeMarco 1st Division Officer V BM1 Pearson BM. ' J Runner SN Home A SN VanWormer 0 I f SN McGarvey ' SN Moore SN Carter SN Sirois SN Briggs SN Burns SN Webster SN Streett W ms r SN Nulph SN Stone 65 SA Walters D s I E V C I S N I D N Don ' t look now, but here comes Murphy! 68 ' % Fns. Sanders Division Officer SN Fox SN Solywoda ; BM2 Watkins s SN Ford a ,.y jbI WW r SN Baker BM3 Sullixan Where ' s Dash? SN Daniels BMI Dash I CO _ SN Weidel P SN Marsh " " % SN Poree 69 You looked! Mount 33 SA Burneson SN Lewis SN Benson SA Carney SA Giallanza SA Murphy 70 Mount 34 I ' ll Record It Tonight BM1 Dash. BM2 Vnderson Thanks for the relief, Chilton! S lord. S Cuff Sometimes we skate BM3 Little, BM3 Warren SN Benson, SA Ferrara I couldn ' t see you. Sully! 71 Sometimes you eat the bear And sometimes the bear eats you! j " : ® 6 i " BF -j- ill p 1 SIDE CLEANERS The task thai ne er ends What do you mean, " There ' s no third di ision! " ? 73 LTJG R.D. Coss Gunnery Officer GMG1 Post GMG2 McDorman GMG3 Clark FTG3 Vincent GMG3 Burkhart FTG3 Strickland GMG2 Mann GIV1G3 Morrison FTG2 Pierce FTG3 Cook FTGSN Rapp » Hope GSK hasn ' t got it Post MC George Bob 76 • • It 1 Hi i 1 " — j f F fj t • I IJ(. M. Nye: Division Officer I Kns. in ii Vssisiant Division Officer BM1 Sirk A 4)X LTJG H. Churchman f%£J Boat Croup Commander BMC Williams 77 We salute BM1 Szylaga who served the U. S. Navy faithfully and ably. He was transferred to the fleet reserve from U.S.S. Francis Marion during MED 2-70. BMl Szylaga BMC Williams BMl Doyle BMl Sirk Meet at the gedunk in 5 minutes - pass the word BM3 DeHaven BM3 Sleeper BM3 C-ermano Did he say bring it up or down? •4 BM3 Gallagher BM3 Bittner © f V ' SN lonyi SN Snyder s roth SA Galanti F ■ i BM3 Carmody BM3 Kocosky BM3 Winter " s Decker SA Hill SA Cortez 80 SN Sakcrs SN Keller 1-ALPHA ZULU BRAVO PAPA THAT ' S NAVY FOR " BEACH PARTY " Remedial SANDBOX FOR DROPOl IS Land (he landing force Two hands for beginners: With or without sand ' . ' Fun toda - groans tomorrow 83 We ' ll take on all comers. SECURITY KEEP OU muutttm DEPARTMENT Because Francis Marion is a flag ship, this department works feverishly around the clock receiving and dispatch- ing the thousands of mes- sages necessary for regulated operations. Messages dealing with earth shaking events to the mundane provide flag, ma- rines and ship the all im- portant contact with the out- side world. Equipment used ranges from the ancient systems of flashing light and flags to the most modern techniques in electronics communication. All are handled with profes- sional expertise by the offi- cers and men of this strate- gic Communications Depart- ment. EI . J. Carter, Communications Officer LTJG R. Brewer, Assistant Communications Officer 84 RM1 Miller scans the POD for planning purposes. I— -.- i Mulli talented RMC Fike communicates wel in song, too! Ot» 0 w«»o ooo- o »oooo uuooo •ooooo ooooo £UOOOO ooooo oooo oooo oooo oooo 00 o OOOOU uoou OOOOO OOOO ooooo oooo ooooo oooo ooooo oooo OOOOO , OOO " OO OOO no ooo - ' oo ooo IUO oo oo o »o 00080 ooooo o ooooo fiOOOO © ooo Sooo 3 1 vOOOO o PDOOOS OOO m° o| KM I Stewart takes a moment to pose with his watch section. ooooo ooooo ooooo OOOOO ooooo ooooo oooojr aMito ooooo ooooo ooooo oooo ooo ooo DIVISION 0-0-0. o 89 Boarding at St. Peter ' s Square Chaplain Bichel served as tours and hand clasp officer. " ! " V»? ' J ., ' RH |M mm The Parthenon on Athen ' s Acropolis New Horizons Hundreds of sailors and marines took advantage of the many tours to gain new insights into cultures ancient and modern. We haven ' t yet determined if the men of Francis Marion or the orphans benefitted most from having crossed paths. 90 Below decks at the coloseum landmark of Naples, Italy New Friendships Two hundred orphans of Pamma- karistos Orphanage Nea Makri, Greece were treated to a cookout and given tons of hand clasp material. Si Dr. Lembach dots his thing H DIVISION I Ship ' s dental officer, Charlie I. ail, takes a break while DT2 Stump torments the patient for awhile. " A stitch in time " by H1Y13 Dietsch Better layoff girl watching, " advises HM3 Schmiechen 92 NAVIGATION DEPT " Somewhere between Rota and Moorhead C in, 1 guess. " NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT - The quartermasters of N Division are responsible for guiding the Francis Marion on a safe true course and fixing the ship ' s position via stars, sun, radar, loran and visual observations. QM3 Ford QM3 Wooley QM3 Phelps QMSN Englin Charting routes to far away places... Democracy ' s birthplace: the Acropolis at Athens, Greece. 3RECIA b jjj i_ HHf of E ' .i si HK aeabaAj » s ATENE IL PARTENONE GRECIR vi ' nfli | •». V Ah . ' sSJEM • " i . .-; JIW1 i iL -j!fm - " i " VATICANO Michelangelo ' s " Pieta " at St. Peters Chaplains Kane and Spreier are greeted by Pope Paul VI tm i-

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