Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO)

 - Class of 1958

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Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1958 volume:

M f Rf' 'lit Club L1 COL 4,1 p OUI llou c lflorzzan Cl Of Vte now present to you the Howelltonlan for 1958 Page by page we have watched lt grow untll lt lS now complete We have not trled to make th1s a masterplece of llterature lt IS merely meant to be an annual whlch records the lrfe of F H H S 1n the past year Thls nlgh school lS the part wh1ch we have trled to capture ln these plctures We have done thrs book 1S a success or fallure now depends on you It lS Wlth these thoughts 1n mlnd that we glve you the HOWELLTONIAN for '58 350+ Nba MQW lb t, W? f7rf'L everything possible to make this book one that will please you, the student body. Whether J " K . s X. 1 l 1 f f" 4 1 'fxifi A N A, I Q MSS Elvzra M Rzckmers We the Howelltoman Staff of 1958 are proud to dedlcate thls annual to MISS Elvira M Rickmers for the falthful and unt1r1ng servlce she has g1ven to the students of PTSHCIS Howell Hlgh School For the past nine years Mlss Rlckmers as teacher of the Commerc1al subJects, has served students and graduates of Francls Howell Hlgh School We hope that th1s ded1cat1on w1ll convey our deep appre c1at1on for her servlce and intelllgent lnstruction lx. . . . 1 1 A 0 . 1 . 1 4' 1.7 lfourzl rj llillllflllllllll if- :f',Tj 1, , .LM .1.X': e :.2if-.1 ' I. -5 Altlioqjh smciems are 45307. aware 1,1 the' .'.' ork of me Loirci of Eciucatlon, few 1p.a gqve more responsgzlgty m jlilfllflj the p0l1Q:.+,:gffr1i:,sc-Llinzthc Qtr Yltl fm., .ni ' I 1'1" school. f V pcarai Qzervffrs ag t..-, ,Q 'JL body of iff ,C:.u,Q, Ewlaignz 0, II.QYIU11'y' I'Y,9CIlITj to Am1.:c,t:1c L.l.i1I'1Eg35 o:tA1L:t.Q::,efnt. .V:.c,g: - .-.- c,:L: rgip1 1e, g inc .gwcciiom or me :ac- L ', lug.. fYlZL:11 I1 ofpux':..e,,e1 ami'.f,:.'-r'.1.g em: 1puro'.'1Q bl fE:1.fOIT.H.CI'AC':IlOIH.5 U tue Licgilty COYZ.H,lIIc','CLj 5 gguimgg Qmgzr1fgX.l.r kami 11. ,cxpl1:.1ry:.1ls,.-15. Q MR ROBERTW BARNWELL Su permtendent P MISS IDA KRUEGER Secretary MISS MARY BOEISMER UR- TR-N'ffl7 -f secretary Vfim' PGA 59' ww' X -"' x fx yn' ff sf ff, if 11" it Gi MY- George W- Sheellr' Miss Elvira M. Rickmers Miss Myrtle nomsey Mr. Donald McCarver Social Studies Commerce Art 'N Science ff 1 J, l L 'E' V 1, . ' - V 6 ' ' ' N Mrs. Ruth Stelzer Mrs. Cynthia Dinwiddie Nh-. James Eden Mrs' Martha Eden ET1Q1iSh English, Librarian Vocational Agriculture Home Economics Mr. Robert Head Music Mrs. Wilma Stewart English Miss Mary M. Johnston Mathematics Mrs. Gladys Wright Science Mrs. Alice V. Nichols French, Citizenship, American Problems f Mrs. Mary R. Edwards Mr. Roy W. Rupp English, Publications Physical Education, Coach, Health Miss Mable 1-iall Mr. Chauncey Randall JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Social Studies Mathematics 1 N,- Q93 M' ll-.R flfg I I RICHARD ADAMS "Hold GVGFYTHIHQ, " "lt all comes back to me now. " PEGGY BARBER "Wanted": "Band of gold. " ORVILLEI BANZE "Paper doll" .xeckl 9 "A fellow needs a girl. " I M 5 fl' I, -rf 3 ,Y fix. I L DALE OETTIXG 44 JOYCE FFEIFYER "'.'...ere Lnere'5 l1fe" CE. laces are" ::zere':2 lOYC9- "l'n1 not a lfxgy Lones, " "l':n ke-eplng out of n.l5crile if env' BREA pil I,Af.ll"l'ON " Comentedw wlth "I.Iy Loy flai top. " 11 LUCILLE SCHUKNECHT "I wish you knew" "Lucille" she's the most. DENNIS GRIMM "Ruby", "Why do fools fall ln love?" y V 1 V"V'V, Q KENNE rl BERGFELD "A.m't misbehavlngn --"No, not much!"-- RUBY rlflv DAT That glr' You can never tell whats up next. 12 -u.,., REX BREHKT ' I've been "VVaitihgJn school" for "Graduation day. MARY JANE SIEDENTOP "Sweet and lovely" and "Oh so nice." I 5 , PEGGY EHLMANN "Hello there" "I'm available. " l s if an f r i WAYNE TAYLOR "Don't fence me in" because "A good man is hard to f1nd." T 1 4 S DAVID HORSTMEIER "The story of my l1fe"-- "There 15 nothmg lxke a dame." 'fs- -12:5 BONNIE SELF They say, "Love never went to college" but "They're wrong all wrong 'Lv JANE BORGMEYER "This small fry" IS a "L1ttle bltty pretty one." 19" Q., I R VER. TCK lx silent lxps twat Fold .1 umxle 13 Q77 5 f , 1 I DAVID TIEDfZL.ANN "Why can't1 be The life of the party?" Y. Q ff x .g, ,A . 4 ' 1-.3 V, ,. bw BETTY VUILSON "Dark eyes" Lhat are "Lovely to look at." XQ.. :Q E TONINIY WILSON I say, "L1ve and let luxe" and you're sure to "Enjoy yourself. " if 'r 1 GEORGILNN "5he's neat" "Del1ghtful, delove-ly, delectahle-." fIiAJ PRISCILLA JONES "Priscilla" knows "A smile will go a long long way." RICHARD GRAFF "I'm the terror of highway 101" in my crazy "Hot rod." A gl' JOHN KOHLER "Have you heard" "l'm just a boy at heart." CLARICII BARKLAGIE "I'll get by" "All by myself. " 16 ORVEL EHLNIANN "Sure enough" "I'm just a country boy.' FLOYD MEYER "l've changed" "I'm lover, not a fighter G MARVA LEE BOENKER "Boy wanted" perferabzy "Young and foolish. " QP" DAVID TALLEY I'm " Trying " -SZ' "No more. " ,sp inf' DOUGLAS BURT - I m going to be a "So1dier boy" and have "A girl In every port." IRIS SCARBOROUGH "The girl In my dreams" "I can cook tool " ALMA FAIRCHILD "She's the most" this "Little Miss bobby sox." '5- in f RANDALL UI- LIVANN Iu t I atchxng we worl' v by cause I'm Inf. and I r-. F I in RQ, if EILEEN BORGMANN "I could have danced all night" by the "O1d lamplight. " i ,aqua- wsu MARLIN LEIQKER "Why" Marlin! "Don't get carried away. " 18 CHARLES PARKER "As the girls go" "I believe" l'll be going too." ROSE HUFFMANN "Stay as sweet as you are" "Little Girl." HELEN MARTIN "Hey there" I'm a "little bit independent . laik KENNETH MEYER "Oh happy day" "I-le's graduating. " B 120.6 ., 3 in IOE JONES 'Ioe" here, ls "The life of the party." E' iv GUY SWAN They say I'm "Wild as the w1nd" really l'm just "Breezlng along with the breeze." enior Class Ojfcers 2? 2,4 1 SEATED: Bonnie Self, Secretaryg Peggy Barber, Treasurer. STANDING: Dennis Grlmm, Vice-President: Kenny Bergfeld, Presldent. vwlLMA MASSMANN "Hey little girl" what you need is "A wonderful guy ' l L fr ON ' I. i . . lfkl . . 5,,"xn Aol x 4 Nu 8 xl- IOHN ADAM Quiet JOYCE BANZE .skyscraper v S IOAN CUNMINGT Pnendly 'Dua 7' l fa! 234, 0- , X , .. 1 x X l ROBERT ANDERSON iialf-pmt ROY BOgCl ERT Masculine 1' RUTI1 DAUSTER Pleasant T 1. we JAN DRA CRW ,L DALIJQ GRONVEFI D Glgules Bewnderef' ,WY ' XX EEARVIE ARI NGTON Wltty 3 PAT COLLINIH me bv-f' sf Iv ARILYN FRY Glddy .ff .1 1 NORBERT CK Pollte xr -ua f I- .E if IOAII ARNOLD Taken 25' IAMED CORVEY Dtfferent 44" CAROL GET RQ Practxcal Wm XANA 1 RN K au: ed ii ' A 5 . ... E i 1 CXROL BANZE lntelltgent PATTY CRO ELL Casual as S. CMROL1 NI GIBDON Independent - .AQHA 3 'Q-YJ' If TCC fl 2 X , X W . f 3 ,f ..-. : G - " ' 'O - 5 I - l , 59' 4 '- , :: , Z. R A ', A '-'L . v kg . 1 , X' 1 s 1 , XX ' :Mit K' , Q V ' 5 . .' ' W A N ' . X K K E ,,..s W A A -'f ... ,. tt - 'jf AQ -'T . 9 " , uv. -+- 'T 3 5 R 'M A- X, .X .- -. Y Y .ZAPJ V 1 ' ,Z " VA " A' , E N A fff , -2 ' ' , M1 - 'k Q 2 ho 3 x' ,V lo ', Ref ' Y - I, . Q R - E S Q wi .X . 43 g fu 4 L J X X 4 . I 1 1 M ' I -15"-T 'f .. U ,' HA f.1,A.j ' .AR Q LLATMJE I 'iff j'ffjIjjjQ'fTQj W I - 5 'fl I' ..5:at:t'e Gi! X Y LOIS METTGERD Tmy viii, 'IX WILLIAM H USTER Pesty it-6' i v JIM KOLKMEIER Tall BOB VcCAl1N I xschxevous LL LL Z,. A- ' JK' ,. I, 1 K A J , ,L t I T 4 A , " . 4 ,,,' 1 I N' it I W f If ff -J: -W., .I , I I . f , A W' fb is 6 J" ' 2 ,' ' aw , " 5 . F . ' fr 1 Q re I I A I A N Wxs 1 , Q' , X , ' Wi'-x , 4 f A , 'Af - fam ,qix f J 1 A , 5 A lk . ' A A V A Q03 Y' ' f I Jsee N' 4 4 ' 1 "' 5 A " Ill, I ,ff . Q I WV I ff S' U f. J, E, I A I 4 .ia 'LY r 1 I L.. Q R J r xx WILLIAM HICKMAN Reserved ilk, Mgr nl JAMES JONES Reasonable MARI LYN LAU ER Slnc ere aol' l RAY MCCLURE For rod up -Q ed C541 TIIOMAS HOLT Teddy vw- P I JANET KEATON Carefree 745' Qi JOYCE LEH Dehcate b ,.... ROsE MACKEY Iv xndful .,.f 'Y 3 GENE IIORSTMLIER Handsome 1113. in Sr ' MILTON KEISER Butch 'N CAROL LeROY Brillxant 'X' S135 tv' LARRY MATEJKA Courteous fa-Y 'C' MARILYN HORSTMEIER Observant is ur- ,ef MARLENE KLEIN Wistful nie 1' BARBARA LOVELLETTE Loud 21 '15--' AMN JOYC E M EYER Prudent -15" 159- SHIRLEY MOLITOR Neat X915 m DEN N15 OWENQ Favorable aj 11 Li DANIEL REICHARDT Gracious tx ...Q CAROL NULL Confused 3 5' Q ARLINE PAUK Feminine fps 5 ... IOAN ROELLIG Changeable ti. L. NORBERT SCHUERN Nb. BOB SHO-AF Kind Consclentlous i 416 BONNIE O TTINC Lxkeable -..- 'aa- BILL PRALLE W :ld B111 5-8 'T hr xxx X K QN ffl DENNIQ SABERS Thoughtful ag- Sui, BILL STEGL.-lNN Agreeable A BET'-I OLCMAN Alert Illv PRICE Drastlc wwf t uv GERALD DCHIERMEIER Reasonable PATTY STE' V1-tRT Vlvaclous J' ,QM yffgfm! -Q Y. VX. ILDON OLJMAN Interestmg C.-N' 1' RALPH RAIN. EY Wlthstandlng N, X x Xu M CMEQTLRBC UER l Red ,f-Q1 ' RbT:: Il' STUELLHL X Tldy 1' l DON 1AYLOR IAM ES TRACY MARG1E TUCKLR GAIL YAHN Flirty Silent bweet Considerate DAVE BARRY Unusual fumor Cass O lcers SDATED- Janet Keaton, Student Council Rep resentative STANDING Gene Horstmeier, Vice President, Icanle Roellig, Secretary, Larry Matejka, President ING wk RAY ZLRR Good Natured 1-wvmaggw 3 M y 5 i9 'G-vi' tr' 36 by N QX sa if Q! is Q-" Xfv Q9 ng. if 'i V 7:1 ik.: inf X0 I -rv If fn 4 5 .E tg 31 5-f ophomores if if P t Xngel arvm xrnnstead Jonme Ban: Lors Baroen lame Barrett Ierry Baurran Carol Borc mann I Ann Brxgbl Wonald Burton Uelorea Chaney Joyce Collms George Cornpton Katny Corrpton B111 Creech Jrold Lurct Bamara Jaws Xugxma Jrcklnson Etnel Dxekamp Iay Fadler Don Penr Leon Prldley Llnd 1 Garner Paul Gxbbs Barbarx Grllette Lnlrta Crowe Dorotny r enny I arrroc .Darrell errpton i,OflS E1 gem. Rocert ease e'ney EDI' 25 Davld llollenbeck Pat 1 orrcll Emma Ituffman Lucllle lluslage Iudlth Iaeger Bxll Johnson Arnett Kamer Sue Kendrlgk Io Ann lxohler Aesley kolkmeler Dlane LHuer Charlotte Lmdermann Dale Llndemann Bonme Lovelette Donna Lukach Ddvld lx cGef. D Ann McNown Florence lNlBl'I1I'1 Rosalie Martln Norrra 'X'.3SCl1mE16Y Iudy lvierx Willlam Meyer Roberta Morgan Perry lxlosbey Jewell lfouser Larry Nadler Jane Pendleton Betty Perkins Arlie Relnwald Betty Rueweler 26 4.414- QA 1 Q34 'Q.""" ei hu- ' aw s- '-"5 4' Q-r tXl 'G'-Fl 'Qi 147 Qvv 5- r,,,w vit: , 5,9 .C- inf' if .,.-4 E -1' 44:4 .qu-ov' :gy ,N-. 1' ff' I .ff fi-156' .av-A I3 MR Q Q tm 3' 'S-I Us QP Q6 1' ,-f Z iso me 1 L.-42 in-9'1" ,..f.-I r-S 'F ou bw If V fd-A on x lx? 1 xx 'Z Q' in-o' s Vs 'T tr' 1 1: 18 Ci'-0 1 'Q 1 'L' Y' I if i- Tneresa uammelmann Clyde Schulp Clarence achnelder JTIIQIEY Schneider Robert achmidt Loretta achroeder Freddle molomon Rlchard otarks Carol Stuhlmann Laddxe awan Charlotte Tayon I arold Teacutter Betty Thompson Ianet Thompson Ronald Thomure Rlchard Tracy Mary Tuepker bhlrley Vxatts Gene X hltehead sandra Vkxllxams Ruth NA 1lson Nancy VN olf ,, .,, Rlcnard Zoellner X9 Nlot Plct red. Kenny Boswortw f 5 r Q- , ' C E . N It fs ' x V , 1 ll ' ' T N W' ll r " , . -, H." 'TV - tix? li I ,. g K vt ' I - . W, , , A 0 Q., A ' I 3 ' ' ' 73: TF' A w fl X 1 W A 'fl A 'X -- ' N XX fx jf z .l. , TK 'V . 1 Q N: 5 x 6 .1 ,f --5 4 'Y v Wk , , 1 I V ' f x xy! ur, 4 A ,- H T Q, of 5. , , , E I V X w ,. . K T Av . V A Q2 9 ,iz X - .. Q 5' ' -X , 'dll T Tx as b-N Q-Q' GPN -.f ,AN sv .hx itil' ev L. sv -'16 'sr F on 8... -nv Q s 'Z' as X us Q6 em- 'bv an Qs' 'T Freshmen sr' 1' 'U :Rf 'Evita v -ll' i wr -h on QQ-r ff fi Gene Ames Paul Anderson George Armgton Evelyn Atchlson Earl Banze Benme Bell aharon Bell ul Terry Boschert Daxrd Brakensxek Janet Branch Samuel Brock Cl yfon Brown Jud1t Brown Davlo Bruns Joyce Roschert Martha Chrxstran Sharon Colman Edward Lollrer Sharon Collxer Robert Curdt Ted Daleen Jeanne Depper Dorls Derryberry Ivrarjorxe Edmond DGV1d Ehlmann Vxayne Ehlmann Arnold Emge Mary Lee Fehl Neal Fix Joyce Flmn Alan Fueret Joyce Garner bhlrley Hemsatn Sherry l'1eQlnbOttOm Rlchard Il1nkel Jerry llofrman Patsy Irood lv ary Ann llorstmerer Davld Jones Ronald Jones f A Q W A -f, ' Q- . J ' " A A A- ,A - ' X x I A to X..- . + r l A ,J ' 1, V W 6 . Q' 64 I Bell W in , A 'V ' J E Q 5 E .LSP A 'ir Q W on I ,M . . , X .r af A x G3 7 1 WG 5 H K Joan Co:-1 as- ,J 'v , W A 5' 5, 5 . A 1 K . L l K . 55- .. A . E ef 9 me 'A f ' Q A - 508.1 L' ,E ff 6. 5' . t V' k f I S I, "' 1 . XD I A G Vw, w W gwf F ye, 'Q Sw R r V M 1? X E V I Q -' A Q Q Q V V ' A 5 W , off' , A 6. 4.7 , f 'FQ bv 6 7' 1 A we, 'T' L I ' 1' . J K l 1 I ' Susxe Kasper Charlxe Kexser Leon Koelllng Dale Kolb Barbara Leveren Carol Lxndc rr ann Robert Manlxa B111 Maury woody N orrrs Larry Nesslage Lowell Parsons Burton Paul Wanna Ann Pfelffer nxllxs Pfelffer Berme Phxlllps Tom Pxcraux Larry Pxper Sandra Prongue Loulse Ramey Davxd Scarborough Robert Schmxermexer Iudy Schne1der George Schrader Dorleen achweoe Patrxcxa mnodgra s Q Lllen Ann Speer Ianet Starks Barbara Stewart Randy Sunfleld Bonme Swan Elxzabeth awyers Chester Talley sandra Taylor Rachel Teaca ter Larry Teson aharon Thorrpson arcla Txeman Gary Vaxls Della Vx ehmeler Ierrxlynn NN rxgnt Gloria Yann Ilm Zumwalt I 1 Not Pxctured. Dxanne skelfcey V..-Y up 'x 'sur E71 was mpg. , .Sv r 41 -nf i wx we Q g X- XV W 1 ueen Joyce Miss Ioyce Pfeiffer was crowned the Basketball Queen of 1957-58 at the annual Coronation Ball. The coronatlon ceremony was held Ianuary 25 , 1958, at the Francis Howell High School Gymnasium. Queen Joyce was es- corted by Orville Banze, Captain of the Basketball Team. , x X V Q ., , N V 1 . 1 9 VW 5 P 'Q .. ' 1 ' W X ,.. 4, N4 . - 7 3. s' x ff - . , 1 'f 22' ' . A F I gg Q ,m y a ml. ., ,,.,..f X W, J ' 315, 'g""iff. - 1 A 4. I MX A ,, , ., ,AA . v K 1 Yi, ' Am.,fw f' ., . Y ywwggi vi MA , Aye 45 W fl , N W wid ,.f 4 FA' Jizz" .' MU y'kA , 4 , , 1 Eff, ' 1 23101 X' 5f""' fszfwv fm L N FA 1' f' 355- A -15"3ii1J"' ' 'WH ' 4' f iff WJ I if ,fm iiziibi W 1 8' A 'fi' , "J 7' ' 1425, 4 'W' Qi 'It ,N A I 555 ,- , , ,, f -L V I ty, . df 2 1. Q ,. gi ,La ,fn X, ,gb Q i V ,a?3, ,?,fu wr P ., M5 , ' ,gf ,, H, ' f 'J 7 -.,. v " F' A . 7: . , I S I 1' 3 +L ' ' V 1 , 3' ,gr Z' . . , W. 6 at V i fi? .. ,f 35:13 K1 A .K ga ff 'MfEi- , ' , f W QQ, ' '? , Ti s ,i ,gf 'Y ,H wma mg' vu ' if 5'Ql"ff A V ,f A y flgaiff fffgfg 'ravi-34, fr . , 2-,W 5f::Qfg"S:g, , Vihfftlif gina? , Tw. 'gf R "?jmf?+t f 'L W1 ,iff V J' .155 Q ' an ' 'f 'as 2 fi V 6. f a E xv ?'fQQ,4f 1 9 , ., fb 5:91, '- 5' xwifwv, , .gy -5 W My ,sg , V 1 bg ,Af L g ' r'- rf' my if Library Club SEATED' Joyce Heginbottom Sandra Taylor Mrs Dinwlddie Sponsor Ins Scarborough DAnnMcNown STANDING Barbara Grllette Emma Huffmann Harvie Arington Sue Kendrrck Student Counczl Presxdent Ianet Keaton Secretary Kenny Bergfeld Treasurer Gloria Yahn ROW TNO- Burton Paul Mr Edwards Mary Ann Horstmexer David Hollenbeck 7 Q, Ko, kde 1 i 1 I Wire , I 1. 1 e ffzfff Q V 'N - , .,VV , rl in v . I 4 d o . Q7 g O 7 ' 1 1, '1 W Y ROW ONE: Betty Thompson, Wayne Taylor, Larry Matejka, Vice-President: Tommy Wxlson, I Q ' V 0 69 ' , I A , X, O . y .9 O , Q V v I . . I . Goa, f 0 . gf 1 ,f O , A7 r , f ' ' . I f' f' I lf' I 1 ROW ONE: ROW TWO: ROW THREE: ROW POUR The F.F.A. Chapter of Francis Howell se- lected Miss Margie Berlekampas the 1958 " Sweetheart" . 38 Future Farmers of America Bill Creech, Jerry Hoffman, Dennis Grimm, Treasurer, Tommy Wilson, Presidentg Kenny Bergfeld, Vice-President: Orvel Ehlmann, Reporter: Bill Stegmann, Sentinel: Terry Boschert, Mr. Eden, Advisor. Don Fehr, Wayne Ehlmann, Ray Zerr, Roy Boschert, Willis Pfeiffer, Larry Nadler, Sam Brock, Burton Paul, Alan Fuerst. Earl Banie, Paul Gibbs, David Horstmeier, Don Moellering, Orville Banze, Daniel Kolkmeier, Chester Schuerman, Marlin Lehker, Norbert Schuermann, David Ehlmann. Charlie Keiser, Randy Sunfield, Arnold Emge, David Bruns, Gerald Schiermeier, Ralph Ramey, Bob Smith, Wesley Kolkmeier, Dale Kolb, Don Burton, Bill Creech, Freddie Solomon. Our Q fl-f HER ATTEN DANTS: 467' Iunlorp Bonnie Oetting Sophomore, Iudy Merx Freshmang Ellen Speer ROW ONE: ROW TWO: ROW THREE: ROW FOUR: ROW FIVE: The F.l-l.A. Chapter of Francis Howell se- lected Kenny Bergfeld as the 1958 "Heart Throb". Future Homemakers of America Mary Ann Horstmeier, Gloria Yahn,Reporterp Sharon Thompson, Historian: Ioyce Collins, Vice-President, Linda Zerr, President: Lucille Schuknecht, Secretary, Ioyce Flinn, Song Leader: Ellen Speer, Treasurer: Barbara Stewart, Parliamen- tarrang Mrs. Eden, Advisor. Carol Null, Barbara Gillette, Carol Lindemann, Marcia Tiemann, Bernice Phillips, Mary Fehl, Linda Garner, Alma Fairchild, Pat Crowell, Carol Gehrs. Sharon Coleman, Martha Christian, Betty Thompson, Iewel Mouser, Lois Bargen, Patsy Horrell, ,Charlotte Lindemann, Louise Ramey, Sherry Heginbottom, Sandra Prongue, Joyce. Meyer. Patsy Hood, Sharon Bell, Janet Brauch, Wanita Pfieffer, IoAnn Arnold, Pat Collins, Marilyn Fry, Shirley Watts, Roberta Morgan, Bonnie Swan, Ioyce Garner. Racheal Teacuttes, Susie Kasper, Ierrilyn Wright, Elizabeth Swyers, Della Wehmeier, Betty Rueweller, Theresa Sammelmann, Shirley Hemsath, Ieanne Depper. Our nn- le K HIS ATTENDANTS: s i Iuniorp Gene Horstmeier l Sophomore: Bobby Schmidt Freshman: Charlie Keiser Band ROW ONE jewel Mouser Gloria Yahn Iernlyn Wnght Burton Paul Ierry Bauman Sandra Wllliams Ianet Thompson Sandra Graham Scarborough, Sherry Heglnbottom Darrell Hampton Norbert Schuermann Dallas Gronefeld Orvel Ehlmann Chester Talley Harvie Arington, Larry Matejka ROW THREE Mr Head Instructor Larry Teason Jim Iones, Ilm Corvey ROW TWO: Dale Lindemann, Larry Nadler, Chester Schuerman, Wesley Kolkmeler, David Z !rt,, up rf -it 0 n 4 , v 1 ai E luftll Hour Cla' Club ROW ONE: Joyce Hegznbottorn, Kathy Compton, Roberta Ixiorgan, Emma Huffman, Joyce R OVV R OW Meyer. TWO: Bob Anderson, Bob hicCa1n, Janet Keaton, Carol Null, Eugene Horstmeier. THREE: Richard Starks, George Borgmann, Dale Oetttngl, P-illton Keiser, Larry Matejka ROVV ROW ' FOUR: Damel Reichardt, Harvey Arlngton, Jim Prlce, Davld Talley, J1m Corvey. .Sllrllz Hour Circ' Club ONE: Jane Borgmeyer, Joyce Colllns, Vlrqima Dtckmson, Judy Merx, Joan Cox, 'Arima Massmann, Georglann Schnelder, Nellie Auchly, Mary Jane Sxedentop, Linda Zerr, Lucxlle Schuknecht. ROW T'-YO: Patty Stewart, Nancy Wolf, Linda Garner, Sharon Collxer, Evelyn Atchxson, ROW ROVV Brenda Hampton, Margxe Berlekamp, Charlotte Lxndemann, Lols Bargen, Patsy llorrell, Helen hiartm. THREE: Bonme Lovellette, Dons lleitgerd, Joyce Pfelffer, Delores Chaney, Janet Keaton, lfaul Glbbs, Donme Burton, Barbara Davls, Betty Wilson, Prlcllla Jones,'Alma Fairchild, Elleen Borgmann. FOUR: Joe Jones, Roy Boschert, Gerald Schxermeler, Danxel Kolkmeier, Bill Stegmann, Don Moellering, James Kolkmexer, Don Fehr, Norbert iiackmann, Boblallckmann, Davxd Barry. Pep Club CHEERLEADERS: Carol Null, Ianet Keaton, Ioanie Roellig, Vice-President, Patty Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Ellen Speer. ROW ONE: Mrs. Stelzer, Sponsor, Brenda Hampton, President: Margie Berle kamp, Sec- retary-Treasurer. ROW TWO: Bennie Bell, Bonnie Swan, Joyce Garner, Mary Ann Horstmeier, Gloria Yahn, Shirley Schneider, Barbara Gillette, Lucille Huslage, Iane Pendleton, Ruth Dauster, Sue Kendrick, Marcia Tiemann, Lolita Grohe, Sherry Heginbottom. ROW THREE: Ioyce Heginbottom, Wanita Pfieffer, Ioyce Lehker, Marilyn Lauer, Iris Scarborough, Clarice Barklage, Earline Lang, Peggy Ehlmann, Ruby Hemsath, Sandra Graham, Kathy Compton, Bonnie Oetting, Carol LeRoy, Arline Pauk, Sandra Prongue. ROW FOUR: Della Wehmeier, Ioan Cox, Margie Tucker, Carol Lindemann, Ierrilyn Wright, Susie Kasper, Ruth Wilson, D'Ann McNown, Io Ann Bright, Ioan Cunningham, Ioan Arnold, Pat Collins, Marilyn Fry, Shirley Watts, Shirley llemsath, Carol Gehrs. ROW FIVE: Pasty Hood, Janet Brach, Sharon Bell, Martha Christian, Mary Lee Fehl, Betty Wilson, Georgiann Schneider, Nellie Auchley, Sandra Taylor, Lucile Schuknecht, Linda Zerr, Virginia Dickinson, Joyce Collins, Bonnie Lovellette, Mary Jane Borgmeyer, Ioyce Pfeiffer, Mary Jane Siedentop. Cheerleaders Carol Null, Ianet Keaton, yoanie Roellig, Patty Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Ellen Speer. 3+ ROVM ONE Patty Stewart Make Up Editor Orvel Ehlmann Assistant Make Up Editor Bonme Oettmg Actlvzty Edrtor Arlme Pauk Typxst ROW TWO Carol LeRoy Editor Carolyn Glbson Proof Reader Mrs Edwards Sponsor' Ianet Keaton Class Editor Carol Null P1cture Edltor Ioanxe Roellxg Assocxate Edxtor Howelltoman Sta an Publzcanons Class K' 1. . ., Q Q A 'V 4 R wx, V '- r . . x . f w sf, ' 2 , - : , - 2 ' . , : ' . : . , . . : , : ' ' , ' ff I I Mlss Margie Berlekamp and Dale Oettmg were MARGIE BERLEKAMP F.H.A ............. 1-2-3 Pep Club .......... l-2-3-4 Secretary-Treasurer ........ 4 Glee Club ............ 2-4 F.F.A. Sweetheart ........ 4 voted Best Mixers by the Senior Class Both students are active ln all school affairs E 'F AA DALE OETTING F.F.A. . . . . . ....... Basketball .......... Baseball . ....... . . Glee Club .......... Escort to Second Senior Maid J I' 'S X -1 Basketball Girls RO'A' ONE: Ier-rilyn Wright, Marilyn Lauer, Sandra Taylor, Brenda Elampton, Ioyce Heginbottom, Lolita Grobe. ROW TWO: Coach Rupp, Bonnie Oetting, Gloria Yahn, Ioyce Pfieffer, Co-captain. Managers: Shirley Schneider, Barbara Gillette. ROW THREE: Peggy Ehlmann, Peggy Barber, Co-captain, Nancy Wolf, Lucille liuslage, Carol Banze, Jane Pendleton. Co-captain, Ioyce Pfeiffer, Co-captain, Peggy Barber. gf' ,fx f, kill nv- ! ursllv .Squurl ROW ONE: Davui Txedemann, Roy Boscnert, fvi1lIOY1 Kelser, Dale Oettlng, Bob McCain, Larry Nfatejka, Wayne Taylor. RO'.'.' TV. O: 'Wesley Kolkmeler, Manager: Dame-1 Kolkmeler, Ray F.fcClure, OfX'l1lS Banzze, Iames Kolkmeler, Dennrs Grxmm Rex Brrght, Coach Rupp. Captam, Orvllie Bange, Co-Captain, Dennis Grxrnni. B Bo s KNEELING Clarlie Kexser David Ehlmann Tom P1crauxyEarl Ehlmann Chester Talley STANDING Earl Banze Arlie Reinwald Leon Prxdley Co Captain Paul Gibbs Bob Schmidt Co aptaln ly! X Varsity Squad F H H S Champlons The Francis Howell Dragoons defeated the Silex Owls taking f1rst place in their own tournament Thzs is the f1rst time since 55 that Howell took first place 1n their tournament The Dragoons are the undisputed Champions of the Daniel Boone Con ference It is also the first time that the Conference was won by an undefeated Howell Team The Dragoons now hold a 17 3 record being defeated by Kinloch, Wentzville and Duchesne all nonconference teams :L so Q .,,. f f fl, Wy 'Q ,ff -1 4,1 f "VF ' gg ' 77 I . .I , I I v ' I I I ' Wanna 1 19' 'Hi - ' -4.- WFS 5 -- , K grae 1, 4 ' 'A A s . 08 'S' :' 5 X f 6 " ,g so 'LT I ' . .. I . X Q- . IA S G X ge' Q-' fb x .J Ns - K Q 1 s nr, - 6 G 9 5' 0- 4' an 'N bw Q ix S UO' R , L f uc- , - M lx e fx I I x -" - 2 1' N.. X 'X - ' "' 'fi s.- " in f 1 ... ' . ., wh g' : 1. .., 'ae 4- v B w .. r 'Q' -2 " B e "R I . 3 xxfir K' ff li K 6 2, sd 9 . v- 'Q A' Us W. 6. 4 5 3 1' ' -. 15 3. , Y Q" .3 et- N - 4 - ?5:i?5 l -fn L xr l G A K E 5 a 5: N.. 7f"5g Q, vi: ,630 L. br 45 ZX Q' 3: :f 6 C' M , G 'Y' 3' Sum- fr X75 1 xx f'A 5 C G 0 if R 4' Iv :v on H iv. - ' 'z 'gr it V X 3" N A sl, is l '. ,, , F7 Y fill Grade ROW ONE: Mary Anderson, Lecretia Arington, Wayne Babcock, Richard Balden, Roland Bargen, Larry Barklage, Buddy Bradley, Ioyce Bradley, David Berlekamp, Nancy Berlekamp. ROVY TWCX Mary Ellen Borgmeier, Eileen Brauch, Nadine Caldwell, Fred Calicotte, Carol Calloway, Carol Cough, Bill Chaney, Betty Corvey, Shirley Decoster, Dennis Delmain. ROW THREE: Duane Dickson, Kenny Donahue, Ray Duncan, Delbert Ellerman, Ianet Flemming, Gaylord Daleen, Lee Gibbs, Lannie Graham Gerald Gronefeld, Ann Dee Gulledge. ROW FOUR: Velma Gutermuth, Dee Ann Hecht, Dennis Elemsath, Io Ann Hemsath, Sandra Henson, Dave Hollis, Larry Elorstmeier, Marian Horstmeier, Roy Livengood, Shirley Kamer. ROW FIVE: David Kampmann, Carol Linkogol, Framan Maddmg, Ierry Liadding, Mike IN.cAbe, Chuck l.icNown, Iudy P-Zerk, Virginia Meyer Carol Miller, Sharon Miller. ROW SIX: Iohn Morgon, Nancy Nesselage, Leo Partl, Richard Ramey, Ethel Reed, Ianet Rosem, Janice Schafer, Carol Self, Keith Shnarre Laverne Stegmeier. ROW SEVEN: Dennis Stikman, Recie Talley, Margaret Thompson, Gail Waerner, Ronald Walker, Carolyn Wehmeler, Kenny Wehmeier, Irina Wendt, Linda William, Iack Wodke. O. gg nm, 1 fumor Hzgh Student Council ROW ONE. Dixie Solomon, Treasurer John Davis Vice President Richard Nissmg, President Linda Williams Secretary Manlyn Echelmeier Secretary ROW TWO Lynn Sonnenfeld Carolyn Roth Dwane Schlermeler Nancy Berlekamp Ianet Rosien Marian Horstmeier funlor Hgh Librarians ROW OINE Dave Hollxs Emxl Horstmeier Nancy Berlekamp Duane Schiermeier Junior Meyer ROW TWO' Ann Dee Gulledge Lynn Sonnenfeld Linda Williams Mary Anderson, Irina Wendt Ianet Rosien Iudy Merk Q 51 As Pb 55,4 fumor H1211 Spotlzglzl Sta STANDING Beverly Nolle Qnaron Allen SITTING Lee GlbbS Ianet Rosem 0 I W u V if L 3 1 I , . Thls Has Been A Year BULKY KNIT swmms WHITE BUCKS SPUTNIKS ROCK N' ROLL GUIDED MISSILES THE BOP KNEE SOCKS AMERICAN BANDSTAND ROCK N' ROLLERS RICKY NELSON ADULT WESTERNS HI FI TIES CREW NECK SWEATERS CAL PSO AND The Howelltonzan For 1958 N of 'G Humgeapda X 'Ak- fwiyfv Ljquboy 'ltlflgi 1 , z , I Q , , 1 X ' x LL ' 1 ' 1' .Tl J in 4 +6 Q x x 1 " - , .- , , ,f.',,-,qw-"f xp.:-effwx:-'-".'nA1r 59.1.'ar-',,1H42g,3,.-'..g. 'gjfgza 1--Ja,.Arf.pfq'-2, '4..,g. .- ,.2..'-' k-,gf 1. , , .5 , , . , ' , ,1 . V"-ff:-"'1if5-'i' ' V 2' - :I " ' '34 -h-yt-e,.-4-:rn -N Fifa-'.,,1:::ii-1:-:.. ,,-M51 .A--1-zg.t:s....f':'f2-Tir :iW,+'4x ., '- . '::,11-1'-A411-eb... .. 'A .. 'f- V.-2114: as

Suggestions in the Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) collection:

Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 60

1958, pg 60

Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 64

1958, pg 64

Francis Howell High School - Howelltonian Yearbook (St Charles, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 36

1958, pg 36

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