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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1987 volume:

■ I :■: ' .: ■■■, ' ■■ USS FRANCIS HAMMOND i FF-1 067 f APRIL 1985- JULY 1 I ■ ■■■ w?- ; - The President of the United States in the name of The Congress takes oride in oresenting the MEDAL OF HONOR oosthumously to FRANCIS C. HAMMOND HOSPITALMAN UNITED STATES NAVY for service set forth in the following CITATION: " For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a Medical Corpsman. serving with the FIRST Marine Division, in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea on the night of 26-27 March 1 953. After reaching an intermedi- ate objective during a counterattack against a heavily entrenched and numerically superior hostile force oc- cupying commanding ground on a bit- terly contested outpost far in advance of the main line of resis- tance, HAMMOND ' S platoon was suP- jected to a murderous barrage of hostile mortar and artillery fire, foll- owed by a vicious assault by onrush- ing enemy troops. Resolutely advanc- ing through the veritable curtain of fire to aid his stricken comrades. HAMMOND moved among the stal- wart garrison of Marines and, THE NAMESAKE : HN Francis C. Hammond although critically wounded himself, valiantly continued to administer aid to the wounded throughout an exhausting four-hour period. When the unit was ordered to withdraw, he skillfully directed the evacuation of casualties and remained in the fire-sweot area to assist the corpsmen of the relieving unit until he was struck by a round of enemy mortar fire and fell, mortally wounded. By his excep- tional fortitude, inspiring initiative and self-sacrificing efforts, HAMMOND undouPtedly saved the lives of many Marines. His great personal valor in the face of overwhelming odds enhances and sustains the finest tradition of the United States Naval Service. He gal- lantly gave his life for his country. " SHIP ' S STATISTICS OVERALL LENGTH BEAM DISPLACEMENT NAVIGATIONAL DRAFT SPEED PROPULSION ARMAMENT COMPLEMENT SENSORS 44: feel 4(i feet, 9 inches 4100 tons 24 feet, 9 inches In excess of 27 knots Single screw, steam turbine. 28,000 shaft-horsepower. 5 " 54 caliber gun. ASROC, HARPOON, homing torpedoes. PHALANX t ' lVVS, Super RBOC 17 officers, 250 enlisted Long Range SONAR. IVDS and TACTASS. Long Range air and su rface search radars, fire control radar, electronic countermea- sures equipment. •• • r s s s m ■ , — J " 6 •ip SNSSft [■ lavsjigMiJcjet 1 1 v _ lUfd isM M M m m m pmi ed Mp lo 1 1 c Jm whjmwljh p-y M flg£ I -;t m w B m N i H vj Ptf ' K ' JPPvFyv ifSifftj ' :-JjiK.t»» ' [ 1 [.imi ' - iilliii " Oiir CAPTAIN Donaldson was Operations Officer of USS CALIFORNIA (CGN- 36) from 1 977 until 1 979 and Exec- utive Officer of USS CLAUDE V. RICKETTS (DDG-5) in 1980-1981. CAPTAIN Donaldson assumed com- mand Of USS FRANCIS HAMMOND in April of 1 985. CAPTAIN Donaldson received a Masters of Science deeree from the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School in 1 975 in the first course of the Anti- submarine Warfare curriculum and is a oroven ASW Subsoecialist. He graduated from the Inter-American Defense College in 1 982. His other shore tours were with Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group TWO Destroyer Development Group and Surface Warfare Development Group from 1 975 until 1 977. From 1 982 until 1 984 he served as COMMANDING OFFICER CAPT Paul H. Donaldson head of Anti-SuPmarine Warfare Sensors Section for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operation for Surface Warfare. CAPTAIN Donaldson ' s awards include the Bronze Star with Combat " V " ; Meritorious Service Medal; Navy Commendation Medal with Combat " V " and gold stars in lieu of two subsequent awards: Combat Action Ribbon; Presidential Unit Citation: Meritorius Unit Commenda- tion: Battle Efficiency " E " ; Navy and Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal; National Defense Medal; Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and numerous personal and unit awards from the ReouPlic of Vietnam. CAPTAIN Donaldson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Donaldson of Lee, Florida. He and his wife. Carol, have a daughter, Uennifer, and a son, Joel. - : mM: s _ " wm 5 " -- ■ „ f — s? t I « 1 „ • EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR Robert B. Borries LCDR Gary Coyle 7 I jj. w. Jb t?. P llv ■ i- i T •I SUBBUSTERS " Betwe hundrec Francis stantly many ha tures in point in ' L pril 1 985 and July 1 987 f sailors Droudly served in mmond.jThe crew is con- jnging. Therefore, though Ssed we brow, the pic- itton capture only one ■ ■ l -i i-x s v ► - ■■ m I . «.■ ■ ■% i .-■ » — OPERATIONS 9 oc DIVISION r u tftfl RMC David Schmeltzer LTJG Dan Morris, Communications Officer RM1 Kevin Jackson RM3 Jeffrey Walters. RMSN James Williams, RMSN Duane Steedsman 10 +p SM3 Craig Sundberg, SMSN Marc Vautrin, SM2 Jace Herrod Can you say " random urinalysis " ? ■ B c SM2 Salvatore Malfa Ready on the hag ' 1 1 LTJG Earl Oshiro, CIC Officer OS1 Ed Strawbridge Ol DIVISION «L OS1 Ira Gossett, OS1 Thomas Augustine, OS1 Dale Rider OSSN Charles Zink, 0S3 David Osborne 12 OSSA David Jones, OS3 Bobby Sterling, OSSN James Connelly, OSSN Rodney Davenport OS1 John Hyland r H . =»■— Those happy-go-lucky OS types. OSSN Michael Fry 13 OM DIVISION LTJG Edgar Alhambra, EWO Cfe I % mm- m M OS1 Gary Hoooes, EW3 Ross Hicks, EW2 Anthony Mitchell, EW3 Ronald Ratliff, EWSN Jeffrey Hairston ■■ ■ ■B OE DIVISION i:i I h ENS Scott Evertson, EMO, clowns with Mr. Winebarger. ET3 Mike Lisco, ET3 Scott Winchester, ET2 Howard Lyons, ET2 Kenneth Harris ETC Ron Carrier. ET1 Timothy Neal 14 WEAPONS V o 1 ■ r t LT Cliff Perkins. Weapons Officer , , LT Tom Litowinsky, Weapons Officer Goob,neh? 15 FIRST DIVISION LTJG Morgan Winebarger, First Lieutenant BM2 Rich Fielder and the torpedo retrieval team. BMC Gerald Barnett LTJG Winebarger, BM1 Steven Mam. BM2 Eric Sakamoto 16 BM3 Michael Guerrera, BM3 Michael Murphy, SN Mark Bujnoski iLslrfl? 1 rr ni SN Kenneth Caroenter, SN Raymond Shields, SN Alan Lagrimata SN Roger Starks, SN Steven Hammaker, SN Chris Brown Station the underway replenishment detail. The ever watchful Happy Harry Dunnellen. 17 AS DIVISION 8 v LTJG Michael Hardebeck, ASW Officer 1 n - j rz STG2 David Cook, TMSN Derek Jones, GMMZ Doyle Wilkins, STG3 Christian Lewton [f found return to nearest naval activity. 18 Basset away STG2 Alfred Salamanca, STG3 Stuart Kennedy, STG2 Cosgrove, STG3 Cecil Hallmark It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. STG3 Michael Colden, GMM3 Kevin Nyhof f , GMM3 Charles Fuller, STG3 Duane Workman STG3 Claude Howard, STGSA John Carey, STG3 Anthony Bowens. STGSN Geoffery Laooi 19 FOX DIVISION V f FCCS Willie Traylor, GMGC Bradley Berauist LTJG John Fabian, Gunnery Officer r " ] ' FC1 William Grindel, FC2 Frances Floyd, FC2 Joe Johnson Now, maybe we can get MTV. Hum WLsan mmm FCSN Michael Jellison, GMG2 Michael Kneocer. FC2 Sean Mannion 20 jx- - FC2 John Bisacky, FC3 John Snelgrove r " »v w 1 But it ' s too cold to PAC fire. - S 1 FC3 Mikel Strall, FC3 Randall Duncan, GMG3 Kerry Wheeldon ENS David Hughes, Assistant Gunnery Officer fr - t ■ Oj 4 A - o v HflBfl l H M ■ 4 FIRE CONTROLMEN Hailey, Kneooer, Bisacky, and Treche 21 ENGINEERING DEPT ? II Mx LT Steve Wilson, Chief Engineer 1 LT Tom Balcom, Acting Chief Engineer 22 R DIVISION HTC Daniel Lamar HT1 Charles Smith, HT3 Brandon Brown, HT3 David Miller t HT2 Scott Chapman, HTFN Steven Zabik, HTFA William Talbot 23 A E DIVISION LTJG Rob Gancas, A E OFFICER ® c {j Oi, EM1 Ronald Alexander, EM2 Clarence McMillan, EM3 Nathan Holman E II I V 24 EM3 Ronnie Jones, EMFN Vincent Lyons, IC2 Marvin Goulet MM3 Paul Koehler, MM2 Michael Maloney. MMFA Daniel Whelton r 1 y !-■ ■ I 1 ' - V Mi - IC3 Rodney Bashaw, EM2 Paul Blackwell, IC3 Curtiss Williams What, me worry? 25 M B DIVISION M f L NT BTC Thomas Huebsch, MMC Jed Beyer LTJG Dave Melin, Main Propulsion Assistant FA James Welden, MM2 Richard Kelly Darnel Parks, FA Frank Kane, MM3 John Niederhofer 26 K - riw • fc A £ MM3 Jeffery Bush, MM3 Albert Kooecki MM1 Larry Bates FN Robert Gelina, MM2 Lowell Higgins, MM1 Thomas Slater BTFN Stoddard, BT2 Nelson Cudal, BT2 Frederick Colburn 27 = I . u 4 V " 4 jL BT3 Ricardo Burrell, BT1 Sixto Cagdan, BT3 Jose Medina Sf5r LTJG John Stiff, B-Div Assistant BT3 James Prusek, BT3 James Moreland, BT1 Ronald Neet BT3 Gary Soencer, BTFN Jerry Hitler. BT3 Michael Wilson 28 J SUPPLY DEPT v.y T i LT Charles Sullivan, SuDDly Officer LTJG Ted Robinson, Disbursing Officer 29 DK1 Isagani Fernandez, DKSA Visgilio Perez, DK1 Jimmie Talley SK1 Pete Rose, SKC Alfredo Davalos, SKSN Adrian Williams, SK2 Jerry Malong SHSN Robert Baker, SH1 Douglas Thomas, SHSN William Harrison, SHSN Humberto Chavez, SH2 Bruce Gardner X 30 hi MS2 Roger Marshall. MS3 Jarvis Watkins, MSC Oscar Magee, MS1 Doug Fellows, MS2 Marvin Garcia, MSSA John Moore ; A A : L , t SA Roger Starks, OSSA William Zindash, YNSA Scott White. MMFN George Pharo, FA Steven Gaskill, SA Wayne Castillo Flieht Deck B-B-Q Toto, I don ' t think we ' re in Kansas anymore. Chumming with leftovers. 3 1 NAV ADMIN I I I LT Jerry Buckley, Navigator LT Dick Duffett, Navigator nj I 32 QM3 Steven Schroeder, QMSN Luis Lozano, QMSA Terrence McGowan, QM3 Patrick Youngs, QM1 Mark Cearbaugh, QM3 Louis Cruz. SSSS QM2 David Kramer PC2 Richard Chavez sv i HN Dan Valdez, HM3 Brian Duerr MM Ken Powers Y PN2 Juven Egana, PNSN Yonsen Stog YN3 Matthew Jochim, j PN2 Rov Varin, YN1 Steven Marker w I? i 33 Never fear Marker ' s here. Anchor Watch. Hone Kong My God Wojo! You have thumb in your eye. Yes Commodore, I tied it myself. ( ' . • • Conn) se llama ' . ' 34 TURN TO t i SURVOPS Front Line Soviet Combatants surveiled by Francis Hammond KIEV CLASS CVHG ' S MINSK AND NOVOROSSIYSK KIROV CLASS CGN FRUNZE SOVREMNYY CLASS DDG ADMIRAL SPIRADONOV AKULA CLASS SSN HULL NO.l KARA CLASS CG VASILY CHAPAYEV KRIVAK III VVFFL IMEN 27 ' SYEDA 36 W V. fll th UNREP 37 GUEST CRUISE 88 m Mt 38 REACHING OUT Some Francis Hammond Shiomates turn-to to helo out an orphanase near Pusan, Korea and a school in Phuket, Thailand. • 39 FLIGHT QUARTERS IV 40 26 MAR 86 KUDOS SUBJ: FAREWELL I FRANCIS HAMMOND READILY ADAPTED II) [ " HI HIGHLY VOLATILE AND CHALLENGING OPERATING ENV1ROW1I I l I " HE GULF OF OMAN Willi I I I I I TIVELY DEMONSTRATING RESOURCEFULNESS WD FLEXIBILITY IN A FREQUENTLY DEMANDING AND DYNAMIC TACTK Al ENVIRONMENT. YOUR Ql l K REACTION TO CONTINGENCY ASSIGNMENT AND " CAN-DO " SPIRI I IS NOTED Wl I II PI I ASIRI 2. AS YOU RETLIRN HOME YOU CAN REELECT UPON A JOB WELL DONE WE WISH Not A SAFI AND ( Al l VOYAGE AND MAY YOUR REUNION WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS BE HAPP RADM J I ADDAMS 04 APR 86 SUBJ: GOWPA STATION AWARDS CEREMONY 1. BZ ON ANOTHER COMMITMENT COMPLETED IN LINE FRANCIS HAMMOND FASHION I MONITORED YOI R PROGRESS DAILY AND WAS PLEASED THAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED EVERY MISSION WITHOUT FAIL AS YOU HEAD BACK TO YOKO FOR A WELL DESERVED BREAK DO SO KNOWING THAT YOU SET THE STANDARD BY WHICH SUCCEEDING SHIPS WILL BE JUDGED. 2. PLEASE CONVEY MY WELL DONE TO YOUR CREW RADM WEBSTER 26 J UN 86 SUBJ: BRAVO ZULU I THE PERFORMANCE OF USS FRANCIS HAMMOND DURING RECENTLY COMPLETED KENNEL FREELANCE AND CVHG MINSK SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS WAS UNIFORMLY OUTSTANDING FROM THE POINT OF INITIAL PREPARATION. THROUGH ONE OF THE MOST EVENTFUL KENNEL FREELANCE EVOLUTIONS TO DATE, FRANCIS HAMMOND ' S CREM WAS OBVIOUSLY PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED AND PREPARED FOR WHATEVER CHALLENGE CAME HER WAY. YOUR WORK IN COMPANY WITH THE MINSK AS WELL AS YOUR BENCHMARK SURVEILLANCE OF THE AKULA SSN WERE PARTICULARLY NOTEWORTHY THROUGHOUT, THE READINESS. TENACITY AND OPERATIONAL FLEXIBILITY OF USS FRANCIS HAMMOND WERE WELL DEMON- STRATED. NICELY DONE CAPT MANESS. 01 JUL 86 SUBJ: SOVIET SPRINGEX SURVEILLANCE 1 THE PROFESSIONALISM DISPLAYED BY THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF USS FRANCIS HAMMOND. REEVES. AND OLDENDORF DURING RECENT SOVIET SPRINGEX SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS IS NOTED WITH PLEASI RI ADVANCE PLANNING. EFFECTIVE PREPOS1TIONING OF FORCES. AND SLIPERIOR SEAMANSHIP WERE INSTRU- MENTAL IN PROVIDING VALUABLE INSIGHTS INTO SOVIET NAVAL OPERATIONS YOUR FLAWLESS EXECU- TION OF THIS SHORT NOTICE OPERATION UNDER EXACTING CONDITIONS WAS IMPRESSIVE. 2. PLEASE CONVEY MY PERSONAL CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL HANDS FOR A JOB WELL DONE. ADM ACE I YONS. 03 OCT 86 SUBJ: COMNAVSURFPAC ANTI-SURFACE WARFARE AWARD 1. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING SELECTED RliNNER-UP LOR THIS AWARD THE COMPETITION WAS RUGGED AND YOUR SUSTAINED PERFORMANCE IS NOTEWORTHY 2. KEEP LP THE GOOD WORK RADM H. L. WEBSTER 17 FEB 87 SUBJ: COMSEVENTHFLT ASW EXCELLENCE AWARD I YOUR SELECTION BY REE A AS RUNNER-UP LOR THE 1986 COMSEVENTHFLT ASW EXCELLENCE AWARD IS NOTED WITH PLEASURE. YOUR TACTICAL INNOVATION AND SMOOTH COORDINATION OF ASW SENSORS WD ASSETS WHILE OPERATING AGAINST ONE OF THE SOVIET UNION ' S FRONT LINE SUBMARINES HAS PROVEN ONCE AGAIN THAT OERP SHIPS REMAIN THE FLEETS RESIDENT ASW PROFESSIONALS 2. WELLDONE. RADM D. C. RICHARDSON. 30 MAR 87 SUBJ: SOVIET SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS I I WISH TO CONVEY MY CONGRATULATIONS AND APPRECIATION TO THE OFFICERS ND MEN Ol EHE USS FRANCIS HAMMOND FOR YOUR SHORT NOTICE RESPONSE AND SUPERB PERFORMANCE DURING YOI R RECENT SOVIET SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS TRUE PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS MAKE THE VER DII I [CULT APPEAR VERY EASY. YOU DID JUST THAT THE RESULTS OF THIS HIGHLY SUCCESSI I I SURVI II I W( I OPERATION REFLECTED SUPERB TRAINING ND DEDICATION OI 1111 ENTIRI FRANCIS HAMMOND CREW WELL DOM : KEEP CHARGING, ADM ACE LYONS. 05 APR 87 SUBJ: BRAVO ZULU I FRANCIS HAMMOND ' S PEFORMANCE DURING RECENT SOVIET SI KM II I W 1 OPERATIONS l III! NORTHWEST PACINI WD SEA OF JAPAN HAS BEEN OUTSTANDING YOI R RAPID RI ( HON lo SIIORI NOTICE TASKING AND EXCEPTIONAL ON STATION PERFORMANCE I NDER ARDUOl S ENV1RONMEN1 l CONDITIONS REFLECT HIGH SI Ml Ol COMBA1 READINESS AND SUPERB TRAINING GOING SEVEN FOR I IGHT ON FRONT LINE SOX IET WARSHIPS IS AN I SIM ( I ALL NOTEWOR I H ( llll I Ml I Will DONE K) THE ENTIRE FRANCIS HAMMOND CREW FOR AN Ol rSTANDING MISSION I ROM STAR! lo FINISH KEEP ( II RG1NG AND ALL THE BEST VADM PAUI MILLER 41 ( II ll ' r, (J ( J 1 ■ --- 43 44 f fi PORT Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Yokosuka, Japan Yokosuka, Japan Yokosuka. Japan Subic Bay. R. P. Davao, Mindanao R. Hong Kong, B. B. C. Yokosuka, Japan Chinhae. K.. S. Subic Bay. R. P. Bahrain Phuket, Thailand Singapore Subic Bay. R. P. Yokosuka, Japan Shimoda, Japan Yokosuka, Japan Pusan, Korea Yokosuka, Japan Kure. Japan 06 Jul - 1 2 August 9S5 18 August-03 September 985 6-8 September 985 14-19 September 985 1 1 October-30 November 985 4 December 985 12-15 December 985 21 December 1985-6 January 986 9-14 January 986 18-22 January 986 20-21 February 986 24-29 March 986 30 March 986 4-10 April 986 17 April- 14 May 986 15- IS May 986 22 May-] June 986 2S June-2 July 986 5-15 July 986 18-20 Jul 986 » ' « « 4 Ml I »• •M • VISITS u okosuka, Japan Subic Bay, R P. Subic Bay, R P. Cheju Do, k. S. Yokosuka, Japan Ohminato, Japan Pusan, Korea Manila. R P. Hong Kong. B. B. C. Yokosuka, Japan okosuka, Japan Subic Bay. R. P. Subic Bay. R P. Subic Bay, R p. Yokosuka. Japan Pusan. Korea Yokosuka, Japan Chinhae, Korea Pusan, Korea 25 ,lul -I (l August 1986 22-24 August 1986 2S August-02 September 1986 7-10 September 19X0 13 September-21 October 1986 31 October- 2 November 1986 5-12 November 1986 20-25 November 1986 27 November- 1 December 1986 7-12 December 1986 20 December-8 January 1986 1987 IX January 1987 20-22 January 19X7 25 January-7 February 19X7 13 February-12 March 1987 7-19 April 19X7 21 Apnl-27 May 19X7 31 May-3 June 19X7 8-13 June 1987 Mr. Cruisebook would like to thank OS3 Osborne and ET3 Winchester for their ohotograohic ser- vices; all the shutterbugs of Francis Hamaiond for their contributions; Mrs. Cruisebook for backrubs the command for oroviding; ment and artistic freedom necessa creative work of this magnitude; eeand viron- awn a itzer Board for its consideration J DAITO KI PRINTING CO., LTD 1-15-8, Shintomi, Chuo-ku, I Tel r ' okyo (03) 552 8341 Printed in Japan ' ■M Mm i . - w pm »m m . i m ■ ■

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