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- Hwm- ' m NSwJ ii V ■ fit • H . % ■ | . ! M MI.U K. 1 I ' St w ' J v s V fi i lii: • A ' . » U ' - .-t s ' - i% T Rv r r o The 1954 IMPERSONATOR Volume XV Published by FRANCIS GARROU HIGH SCHOOL Valdese. North Carolina 1 FOREWORD Movies play an important part in the life of most students. They influence our thinking more than we know. Our activities during these years at V.H.S. have written a script deserving of an Academy Award, for it tells the story of youth. And with the confidence of youth we sincerely hope that this fifteenth volume of the IMPERSONATOR inspires others in the cast to give a better performance from opening night until the close of the run. 2 DEDICATION For her friendly interest, sympathetic understanding, and helpful guidance during our days at Valdese High School; in recognition of her good influence in school activities and classes, and in appreciation of her un¬ tiring efforts in our behalf, we, the annual staff of 1954, fondly dedicate Volume XV of the Impersonator to Mrs. Eleanor Brevard 3 IN MEMORY In memory of MRS. EDITH B. THUEMMLER, who J contributed so much to the life and functions of the school. 4 MR. JOHN L. JOHNSON Principal 6 FACULTY Mrs. Rassie Baker Seventh Grade Mr Burton Barger Health, Phy. Ed. and Drivers Education Mrs. Myra Braswell English, Guidance M rs. Eleanor Brevard Algebra, Geometry Mr. Leo Brevard Mr. Carroll Calhoun Mr. Worth Campbell Biology, Gen. Science, Phy., Ed: History, Dramatics, Librarian Geography, Chemistry, Gen Science Mrs. Ada Clark E nglish Mr. Ralph Clark Eighth Grade Miss Anita Ghigo English, French Mrs. Melissa Grill Seventh Grade 7 FACULTY Mrs. Betty Hammond Home Economics Mrs. Frances Keller Mrs. Rachel McBrayer Seventh Grade Typing, Shorthand, English, Civics Mrs. Ruth Gray Mull Eighth Grade Mrs. Gloria Pons Typing, Bookkeeping, Business Arithmetic Mr. Carl Robinson Seventh Grade Miss Ruth Scott Typing, Shorthand, English, Civics Mr. Ted Starnes Economics, Sociology, Math, Civics Mr. Walter Wagner Industrial Arts, Mrs. Dell B. Wilson County Guidance Supervisor Mr. George Wilson Band, Chorus Diversified Occupations, Math. 8 9 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Raymond Barrett Gerry Buffington Carole Walker Shirley Jacumin Johnny Burns Sergeant-at-Arms Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer President CLASS MOTTO: Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life. CLASS COLORS: Lavender and white CLASS FLOWER: Lilac 10 SENIORS RAYMOND BARRETT Beta Club 3,4; Annual Staff, Art Editor 3,4; FTA 4; Dramatics Club, President 4; Echoes Staff, Art Editor, Sports Editor 4; Chief Marshal 3; Class Officer, President 2, Sergeant- at-Arms 4; Junior Rotarian 4; Basket¬ ball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Senior Superlative, “Most Likely to Succeed.” BARBARA BERRY Basketball 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; Dra¬ matics Club 1; Women’s Athletic Club 2,3; Baton Club 2; Softball 2,3; Echoes Staff 3; Senior Superlative, “Cutest.” DICKY BOGGS Class Officer, Secretary, 3; Beta Club, 3,4; Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 3; Library Staff, 4; Homeroom Rep¬ resentative, 4; Junior Rotarian, 4; French Club, 4; Senior Superlative, “Most Studious.” ROBERT BONNER BILLY BRASWELL Beta Club, 3,4; Office Assistant, 4; Senior Superlative, “Most Dignified.” JIMMY BRIDGES Band, 1,2,3; Drum Major, 3; Dra¬ matics, 2,3; President, 3; Debating Club, President, 3; Chorus, 4; Cheer¬ leader, 2,3,4, Chief Cheerleader, 4; Beta Club, 4; Annual Staff, Co-As¬ sistant Art Editor, 4; Octette, 4; Chair¬ man Student Council Constitutional Committee, 4; Library Assistant, 3; ' Echoes” Staff 3,4; Art Editor, 3, Co- 45 Senior Superlative, “Most Talent- Editor, 4; Senior Superlative, “Most Talented”; Historian, 4. 11 SENIORS NORMA BRINKLEY Chorus 1,2,3,4; Delegate to Chorus Clinic at Mars Hill 1,2,3; F.H.A. 1,2, 3; Song Leader 2, Parliamentarian 3; First Aid Staff, Secretary, 3; Girls Chorus 1; Octette 2,3,4; Office As¬ sistant 4; Senior Superlative “Most Talented.” GERRY BUFFINGTON Beta Club 3,4; Annual Staff, Business Manager 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1; Allied Youth 2; Junior Marshal; Class Officer, Vice-President 4. ELAINE BURNS Allied Youth 1; Women’s Athletic Club 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Band 2, 3; Dance Band 2; First Aid 1; Debat¬ ing Club 3; Valentine Queen 3; Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award 3; Soft- ball 1; French Club 4; Beta Club 3,4; Treasurer 4; Senior Superlative, “Most Athletic.” JOHNNY BURNS Beta Club 3,4, President 4; Annual Staff, Picture Editor 3; Class Officer, President 4; Football 4; Chorus 4; Chorus Officer 4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Octette 4; Student Council Consti¬ tutional Committee 4; Junior Marshal 3; Senior Superlative “Best All Around.” DANNIE KATE BYRD Chorus 1,2,4; Allied Youth 1,2; Librarian 1,2,3; First Aid Staff 2. CARLYLE CARTER 12 SENIORS NORMA CHAPMAN Chorus 3,4; Office Assistant 4. FRED CHURCH BETTY COFFEY F.H.A. 2; Library Staff 4. SHIRLEY DARNELL Albemarle—Mixed Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1; Band 1; Valdese—Mixed Chorus 2; Class Officer, Vice President 2; F.H.A. 2; Octette 2; Chorus, Vice- President 2; Debating Club 2; Mars Hill Chorus Delegate 2. GRADY DAY Football 1; Bus Driver 3,4; Chorus 4. BONNIE DEAL Chorus 2,3,4; F.H.A. 4; Octette 4. 13 SENIORS DONALD DUCKETT CARROLL ECKERD PAT EPLEY F.H.A. 1; Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Office Assistant 4; Dra¬ matics 3; Football Sponsor 3,4. BENNY GARROU Chorus 1,2,3,4; Octette 2,3,4; Dele¬ gates to Mars Hill 2,3,4; Allied Youth 1; President 2; Class Officer, Secre¬ tary, 1, President 3; Beta Club 4; French Club, Secretary 4; Annual Staff, Sports Editor 4; Football 1,2; Chorus, President 3; Senior Superla¬ tive, “Most Original.” GWENDOLYN GARROU F.H.A. 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Librarian 3; Girls Chorus 1; F.T.A., Charter Member 3, News Editor, 4; Football Sponsor 4; Octette 4; Office Assistant 4. JOAN GOODE . F.H.A 1,2; Dramatics Club 2,3; “Echoes” Staff, Exchange Editor 2; Reporter 3; Delegate to Dramatics Festival 2; First Aid Staff, Chairman 3; Office Assistant, 4; Beta Club 4; Annual Staff, Picture Editor 4; Junior Marshal 3; French Club 4; Senior Superlative “Most Popular.” 14 SENIORS ULYSSES GRISETTE, JR. Football 2,3,4; Class Officer 1,3; Al¬ lied Youth 2; Monogram Club 4; Of¬ fice Assistant 4; French Club 4; Rand 1; Dance Band 1; Senior Superlative “Cutest.” REX HARRIS Chorus 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; “Echoes” Staff 4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2; Senior Superlative “Wittiest.” LYNDA HICE Chorus 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1; Octette 4. MARY LOUISE HOLTON Basketball 1,2,3,4; Band 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Football Sponsor 3,4; Softball 3; Office Assistant 4. JIMMY HUFFMAN Football 4; Monogram Club 4. ELIZABETH HUFFMAN Allied Youth 2; Octette 3; Football Sponsor 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Library As¬ sistant 4; F.H.A. 1,2; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4. 15 SENIORS JOHN YATES ICARD Library Staff 4. HERBERT JACUMIN Football 3; Chorus 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Elected best School Bus Driver of Burke County 3. JANIE JACUMIN First Aid Staff 2; Softball 3; Basket¬ ball Manager 4; Senior Superlative, “Most Courteous.” SHIRLEY JACUMIN F.H.A. 2; Dramatics Club 3; Library Assistant 4; Class Treasurer 4; Dele¬ gate to Library Convention, 4. GLADYS LAIL F.H.A. 3,4; Office Assistant 4; Library Assistant 3,4; Debating Club 4; Re¬ porter 4; Dramatics Club 3; “Echoes” Staff, 3, reporter and typist. DELON LAMBERT Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 3,4; Basket¬ ball 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Delegate to Optimist Bowl 4; Senior Superlative “Most At¬ tractive.” 16 SENIORS BILLY LAUGHRIDGE F ' ootball 3. ROY McCAMPBELL Football 1; Band 1; Librarian 3; Bus Driver 3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Chorus 4. SHARON NICHOLS First Aid Staff 2; F.II.A. 3; Library Assistant 4. MARGIE PAGE First Aid, 3, 4. SAM PAGE MARGARET PERROU Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cheerl eader 1,2,3; Class Officer, Secretary 2; Librarian 3; Library Club, Vice-President 3; F.T.A. 4, Program Chairman 3; Presi¬ dent 4; Football Sponsor 2; Softball 3; Girls’ Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Office Assistant 4; Representative to the Local NCEA 4. 17 SENIORS GWENDOLYN PONS Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 2, President 3; F.T.A. 3,4; Secretary 4, Vice-President 3; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 3; Delegate to Girls’ State 3; Franch Club 4; Senior Superlative “Most Studious.” ALMA PRUETT Library Assistant 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 4. DURLENE PRUETT Chorus 3,4; F.H.A. 3,4; Senior Su¬ perlative “Most Dignified.” BILL SEAGLE Basketball 1,3. ROENA SETZER Chorus 4. JIMMY SMART 18 SENIORS EARLENE SHARPE Chorus 3,4; F.T.A. 4; F.H.A. 1; Allied Youth 2; Band 1; Senior Superlative “Most Attractive.” PAT SPENCER Baton Club 1; F.H.A. 1,2,4; Delegate to Raleigh for F.H.A. State Conven¬ tion 2; Representative in Burke County Fair 3; Band 1,2,3; Majorette 3; Cheerleader 4; Library Assistant 4, Junior Varsity Basketball 1; First Aid 2 JAMES SOUTHERLAND JOE TEMPLE Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; Delegate to Shrine Bowl 4; Class Officer, President 1; Chorus 1,4, Vice-President 4; Dra¬ matics Club 3; Monogram Club 1,2, 3,4, Officer 4; Halloween King 3; Senior Superlative “Most Athletic.” SHERRY THOMAS Chorus 1,2; Baton Club 1; First Aid 2,3,4, Chairman 3,4; Office Assistant 4; F.T.A. 3,4, Treasurer 4; Allied Youth 2; Cheerleader 2; Library As¬ sistant 1; Sponsor 3,4; French Club 4; Senior Superlative “Most Original.’ PATRICIA TREADWAY First Aid Staff 1,2,3; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Allied Youth 2; Chorus 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Paper Staff, Chief Typist 4; F.H.A. 1. 19 SENIORS PATTY TURNER Basketball 1,2,34, F.H.A. 1,2; Debat¬ ing Club 2,3; Softball 2,3; Delegate to F.H.A. State Convention 2. JEANNETTE VERREAULT Montreat School for Girls—Class Treasurer 1; Class Representative to May Court 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Marshal 1; Lifeguard 1,2,3; Class Vice-President 2; Student Publications 2, Associate Editor 3; Music Club 2,3; Representative to Student Government Cabinet 3; Freshman Adviser 3; French Club 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Glee Club 3; Secretary-Treasurer Student Govern¬ ment Cabinet 3; Beta Club 3; Valdese Beta Club 4; Chorus 3; Senior Su¬ perlative “Neatest.” LILLIAN VINAY Class Officer, Treasurer 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., Treasurer 1, Vice- President 2; Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Beta Club 3,4; French Club, President 4; Football Sponsor 3; Senior Superlative “Best All Around.” CAROLE WALKER F.H.A. 2, Vice-President 3; Dramatics Club 2,3, Vice-President 4; Paper Staff, Reporter 2,3, Co-editor 4; De¬ bating Club 3; Girls State 3; World Peace Speaking Contest 3; Delegate to Dramatics Festival 2,3; American His¬ tory Award 3; Office Assistant 4; Class Secretary 4; Beta Club 4; Senior Superlative “Most Likely to Succeed.” PATRICIA WARLICK F.H.A. 1,2; Librarian 3,4, Secretary and Treasurer 3; Class Officer—Vice- President 3; Football Sponsor 4; Of¬ fice Assistant 4; Delegate to Library Convention 4; First Aid Staff 4; Senior Superlative “Wittiest”. CURTIS WELLMAN Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Class Officer, Parliamentarian 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Delegate to Optimist Bowl 4; Senior Superlative “Most Courteous.” 20 SENIORS CHARLES YANCEY FAYE TODD Post Graduate. ' MASCOTS Claudia Pons Alan Zimmerman 21 SUPERLATIVES Jimmy Bridges, Norma Brinkley Most Talented Raymond Barrett, Carol Walker Most Likely to Succeed Joe Temple, Elaine Burns Most Athletic 99 Benny Garrou, Sherry Thomas Most Original SUPERLATIVES Ulysses Grissette, Barbara Berry Cutest 23 SUPERLATIVES Gwendolyn Pons, Dickey Boggs Most Studious 24 SUPERLATIVES Joan Goode, Douglas Powell Most Popular Johnny Burns, Lillian Vinay Best All Around 25 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of Valdese High School, being of sound mind but in failing health and remembering the uncertainty of life and the cer¬ tainty of death, do hereby make, publish, and de¬ clare this our last will and testament in manner and form as follows I, Barbara Berry, will my naturally curly hair to Barbara Franklin. I, Raymond Barrett, will my ability to work Chemistry to Vic Micol, who will probably need it next year. I, Norma Brinkley, will my lovely voice to Betty Pierson so she can sing “Butterflies.” I, Dicky Boggs, will my play boy instincts to Joe Duncan. I, Gerry Buffington, will my brains to Geneva Chavis. I, Robert Bonner, will my seat in History to Buford Abee, who will probably use it as long as I did. I, Elaine Burns, will my ability to make Garva blush to Rachel Burns. I, Billy Braswell, will my ability to “tippy-toe” to Worth Campbell. I, Danny Kate Byrd, will my ability to be a “B-I-R-D” to Carolyn Lou Byrd. I, Jim Bridges, will my ability to be in the middle of everything to Gary Owens, who has every¬ thing in the middle. I, Norman Chapman, will my ability to yell over the P. A. System sixth period to John L. Johnson. I, Johnny Burns, will my physique to Lynn Setzer. I, Betty Coffey, will my ability to mix the library books to Bonny Robinette. I, Carlyle Carter, will my ability to relax at the steering wheel to A1 Britt. I, Shirley Darnell, will my “Knock, Knock” jokes to Jean Greene. I, Fred Church, will my job at the Pauline Hosiery Mill to one of my eight or nine brothers. I, Bonny Deal, will my wonderful low voice to Jeanette Pons. I, Grady Day, will my ability to hit the driveway entrance with the Activities Bus on the first try to Glenn Zimmerman. I, Patsy Epley, will my glasses to Myra Braswell so she won’t squint her little eyes. I, Donald Duckett, will my ability to take occa¬ sional vacations to Arthur “Teamo” Garrou. I, Gwendolyn Garrou, will my love for earrings to Carol Ann Perrou. I, Carroll Eckerd, will my ability to buy Mc¬ Allisters’ cars to Jim Young. I, Joan Goode, will my ability to get help with my geometry to William Wilkie. I, Rex Harris, will all my dead roosters to Barbara Wiseman. I, Lynda Hice, will my brains to Faye Branch. I, Jimmy Huffman, will my ability to spell aloud my spelling words to Mimi Searcy. I, Mary Louise Holton, will my athletic graceful¬ ness to Amelia Bridges. I, John Icard, will my quietness to Jerry Church. He needs it. I, Elizabeth Page, will my ability to get married at Christmas to Nancy Thierfelder. I, Herbert Jacumin, will my ability to talk back to “Horn” to Oris Starkey. I, Janie Robinson, will my position as manager of the girls Basketball team to “Eyeballer” Icard. I, Delon Lambert, will my ability to run after girls to Luther Williams. I, Gladys Lail, will my shorthand to somebody with a long arm. I, Billy Laughridge, will the name of “Rhubarb” to anyone who looks like one. I, Sharon Nichols, will my “Marilyn Monroe” walk to Shirley McGhinnis if she hasn’t already got it. I, Margie Page, will my beautiful handwriting to Richard Whisnant. I, Roy McCampbell, will my albino complexion to Kenneth Lambert. I, Margaret Perrou, will my “s-s-s-st” to Jean Greene. I, Sam Page, will my ability to get out of high school at such a ripe old age to Gilbert Hogan. I, Gwendolyn Pons, will my puddle haircut to Delores Barus. I, Bill Seagle, will my beard to Danny Bridges. I, Alma Pruett, will my typing ability to Jock Cline. I, Jimmy Smart, will my ability to play cowboy to Jimmy Spinks. I, Durlene Pruett, will my dignity to Louise Johnson. I, James Southerland, will my ability to leave my books at Connelly Springs to Gary Shuping. I, Joe Temple, will my flashing sped to Mickey Viggers. I, Roena Cosette Setzer Crump Biddix, will my ability to collect names to Jane Doe. I, Earlene Sharpe, will my “Most Attractive” su¬ perlative to Carol Woods. I, Curtis Wellmon, will my outspoken character¬ istics to Burton K. Barjger. I, Pat Spencer, will my ability to ask questions in Chemistry to Nancy Thierfelder. I, Sherry Thomas, will my ability to take “mama” on dates to Gail Rutherford, who already has Pat. I, Charles Yancey, will my love for Rutherford College to the River Rats. I, Patsy Treadway, will my hair to all bald head¬ ed girls. I, Douglas Powell, will my ability to get “Most Popular” to anyone else who can get two votes. I, Patty Turner, will my ability to guard old six foot three to anyone with a ladder. I, Alfred Lowman, will my ability to laugh at Joe Temple’s jokes to anyone who can act that good. I, Lillian Vinay, will my insanity after working on the annual to Linda Reep who hasn’t got far to go. I, Carol Walker, will my efforts to try to get the Seniors off to Washington to some Junior boy who will probably be President next year. I, Patsy Warlick, will my strawberry blond hair to Clara Rector. I, Jeannette Verreault, will my ability to get en¬ gaged to teachers to anyone who can’t pass their subjects. We, Benny Garrou and Ulysses Grisette, Jr., will the management and supervision of Valdese High School back to John L. Johnson and the faculty. In testimony whereof we the said Seniors here un¬ to set our hands and seals this 14th days of May. ULYSSES GRISETTE, JR. Class Lawyer. 26 A DAY OR TWO IN THE LIFE OF A VETERINARIAN After bandaging Doug Powell, the new worlds middle-weight champion, (who got his start by fighting Danny Bridges), I left my private nurse, Lillian Vinay, to close up my office. I stepped into an elev ator and was greeted by Fred Church, the operator. Also on the elevator was a promising young accountant named Dicky Boggs. As I walked down the corridor I had to detour around Margaret Perrou, one of our scrubwomen. Her husband is the janitor here. I waved to Barbara Berry, the receptionist. Walking out on the street I flagged a taxi, driven by Carlyle Carter, to take me to Rutherford College to see Charles Yancey, the Mayor, about a health menace. It seems that City Manager Curtis Wellmon has been letting his men dump garbage on the street. I bought a “Rutherford College Times” from Carole Eckard, and went into the Barber Shop to get a haircut. Since Billy Braswell was cutting the “final fringe of hair” of Roy McCampbell, the telegrapher from Connelly Springs, I sat down in Grady Day’s chair. Opening the paper I saw an interesting editorial by Jimmy Bridges on “Booing at Ball Games.” It seems that Jimmy Huffman, Alf Lowman, and Herbert Jacumin are the ring leaders. I saw in the sports section that Lees- McRae’s basketball teams, under the coaching of Patty Turner and Delon Lambert finally won a game. Also that the highest paid Pro football player last season was Joe Temple. Needing some groceries I went by the A P and talked to the manager Johnny Burns. I bought a dozen of my favorite eggs from Rex Harris’ Poultry Farm and a new “sudless soap” invented by the noted chemist Donald Duckett. Passing by the Post Office, I saw an announcement of a golf exhibition by Ulysses Grisette. I no sooner arrived home than I was called by Sam Page about one of his and Lib’s nine children. I decided to go to the show. When I got there I bought my ticket from Earlene Sharpe and some popcorn from Joan Goode. The show was a new “super-duper-scope” directed by Raymond Barrett and starred Gwendolyn Pons and Robert Bonner, two great film lovers. During intermission, a new record by Norma Brinkley was played. The usherette, Margie Page, told me I had a phone call from Gladys Lail about the illness of her fifth husband. As I left the theater I noticed a poster of a coming attraction which was a revised version of “The African Queen,” starring “ROENA.” I passed the gym and saw that there were to be two bouts, Bill Seagle vs Jimmy Smart and James Southerland vs Billy Laughridge, promoted by John Icard. Later seated by my television I picked up a magazine. On the back cover was an advertisement, asking which Patsy has the toni?—picturing Patsy Warlick, Patsy Epley, Patsy Spencer, and Patsy Treadway, all famous fashion models, sponsored by the local beauty salon managed by Bonnie Deal. Relaxing on the sofa, I saw on the television newscast that Jeannette Verreault had won the “Miss America” contest. Later on “What’s My Line? , emceed by Carole Walker, the panel guessed the occupation of Shirley Jacumin—a pretzel bender. The commercial was about RDX and showed before and after examples—Norma Chapman and Dannie Byrd. Just before television went off, wrestling came on with the feature bout starring “Bruiser Elaine Burns vs Mauling Mary Louise Holton.” Television was signed off with Mrs. Braswell singing The Star Spangled Banner.” The next morning I got up bright and early and went to church, where Shirley Darnell was conducting a revival. Down the street, I saw Gwendolyn Garrou still making-up for her boy friend s night work. I stopped for lunch at the “Alamo” now owned by the two Pruetts-Durlene and Alma. Sharon Nichols served my table. I met Gerry Buffinton and she told me that her two students, Betty Coffey and Lvnda Hice were still trying to pass English IV. I asked her how Janie Robinson’s family were. An when I finally got home and thought I could rest in peace, my neighbor, Sherry Thomas came over for a cup of sugar. It seems her husband wasn’t sweet enough. Then I fell into a semi-conscious state trying to think of what had happen to my High School companions but I couldnt think of what any of them were doing now—ten years later. Benny Garrou— Class Prophet 27 CLASS HISTORY Nineteen Hundred Fifty. The year we, the graduating class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-four entered that revered realm of life known as high school, for we were the Freshman Class in Val- dese High School. This class entered school with all the deter¬ mination and will to succeed that one hundred eighteen green “Froshes” could have. What was lacking in will of one student was made up for in determination of another. The greatest ma¬ jority of us entered into the new routines and subjects with zeal and mastered them. Mr. John L. Johnson headed the faculty which included: Mr. Burton Barger, Mrs. Sayde Barger, Mr. Leo Brevard, Mrs. Myra Braswell, Mr. Charles Brinkley, Mr. Ralph Clark, Miss Betty Ann Clement, Miss Jessie Fowke, Miss Eloise Marlow, Mr. H. D. Moretz, Miss Ada Lee Randall, Mr. I. C. Wilson, and Mr. George Wilson. As Sophomores we were even more determin¬ ed to show the faculty, our parents, and especi¬ ally the seniors that one day we would win out in our pursuit of knowledge. It did not deter us when we realized that twenty five of our num¬ ber had dropped out in their first year of high school. To guide us that year were Mr. and Mrs. Barger, Mrs. Braswell, Mrs. Leo Brevard, who re¬ placed her husband when he re-entered service, Mr. Brinkley, Mr. John Charles, Mr. Clark, Miss Ghigo, Mr. Moretz, Mr. George Wilson, Mr. I. C. Wilson, and Miss Clement. It was in No¬ vember of that year that Miss Randall became Mrs. Ralph Clark. Our Junior year was marked by a fervent in¬ terest in activities other than straight “book- larnin.” Our ball teams made the most impres¬ sive record in Valdese’s History. Our football team was the Highland Conference champ and Joe Temple was the state’s leading scorer. Four delegates were chosen to attend Asheville’s Optimist Bowl. Basketball, too, had a good year in Valdese, and baseball as well. Elaine Burns was our Valentine Queen, and a beau¬ tiful one she was. Mr. Barger, Brs. Braswell, Mr. and Mrs. Brevard, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Miss Ghigo, Mr. George Wilson, Mr. I. C. Wilson, Mr. Carroll Calhoun, who was our new history teacher, Mr. Ted Starnes, our new social science teacher, Mr. Betty Hudson, who replaced Mrs. Barger in the commercial depart¬ ment, Mrs. I. C. Wilson, who taught commercial subjects and English, and Mrs. Betty Hammond, who was formerly Miss Clement, were our teachers. Junior Marshals were chosen on the basis of scholastic standing and were Raymond Barrett, Chief, Benny Garrou, Joan Goode, Geraldine Buffington, and Johnny Burns. And then there we were—Seniors; But, even though we laughed and had fun together, and acted much as Seniors are expected, there was a somber feeling all around us. We were a com¬ pact, close-knit group, but something was miss¬ ing. We looked around us and saw once occupied seats were now vacant. We walked the halls and missed familiar faces. We marked names from rolls, turned in books used only a short while, realized that we were growing thinner in num¬ ber all the time. Some lost their will to win and the determination to finish what was then undone, and so they left us. We wonder if those pupils wouldn’t give a great deal to be with us today, would it not be fine to have among us Joanne Abee, Stanley Willis, Martha Arney, Lewis Warlick, Peggy Zimmerman, Fleeta Bennet, Lydia Yancey, Garry Berry, Richard Woodie, Rachel Bivens, Nancy Wiseman, Evelyn Bradshaw, Bill Street, Eleanor Buff, Thelma Stamey, Sue Bumgarner, Herbert Stamey, Charlotte Smith, Jean Chaney, Vernell Setzer, Lee Canipe, Kathleen Seagle, John Childers, Kenneth Sain, Martha Childers, Betty Roper, Maxine Childers, Peggy Ann Rogers, Ruby Childers, Virginia Robinson, Joe Eller, Charleen Robinson, Wanda Harris, Burline Robinette, James Houck, Joe Poteat, Billy Joe Hughes, James Lee Oxentine, Ruby King, James O’Sail, Joanne Lingafelt, L. B. Miller, Virginia Lowman, Harvey Metcalf, Bobby Mabry, and Annie Dare May? Can you not imagine the impression we would make if we could say, “All who started, finished the coarse”? Some dropped out because of necessity, some transferred to other schools, some married, but the vast majority simply quit. Yes, it is a shame for they are to be pitied. We, the graduating seniors have run the race and won, and they who quit will never feel the wonderful sense of vic¬ tory that we have in our hearts now. We look forward with all the hope and expec¬ tation a graduating class could have, and we firmly believe in our Motto, “Not simply to exist, but to amount to something. James Fletcher Bridges Class Historian 28 BABY DERBY. 29 era rag mmm 30 Junior Class First Row: Clifford Abee, Richard Whisnant, Luther Williams Back Row: Gary Owens, Garva Day Anna Lou Abee Buford Abee Clifford Abee Doris Allen Joanne Annas 31 JUNIORS Faye Branch Barbara Bumgarner Vance Cline Anaise Bridges Alton Britt Louise Brittain Alma Buff Jerry Church Jimmy Church Kenneth Cline La Vaida Cline Jerry Crotts Merlene Costner R. A. Coulter Garva Day 32 JUNIORS Joe Duncan Bruce Glazbrooks Jean Greene Gilbert Hogan Betty Houston Blanche Hudson Harold Hudson Jack Hudson Mattie Hurst Richard Icard Jimmy Jacumin Harry Jensen Bobby Johnson Louise Johnson Mildred King 33 JUNIORS Harold Martin Victor Micol Richard Mobley Corrine Lowman Shirley McGhinnis Lynda Reep Aileen Rhoney Ted Rhoney Glenn Robinson Tommy Robinson 34 JUNIORS Venise Seagle Mildred Searcy Ruth Shook Audrey Smart Doris Smart Guy Smith Bosh Smith Katie Smith Betty Stirewalt Jane Street Audrey Taylor Nancy Thierfelder Jim Weir Richard Whisnant William Wilkie 35 JUNIORS Janie Wilkerson Jerry Wilkerson Luther Williams Olin Wilson Regina Wiseman Carol Woods Jimmy Young Glenn Zimmerman JUNIOR MARSHALS Left to Right-Richard Whisnant, Lynda Keep, Faye Branch, Ciuet Marshal; Merlene Costner, Jimmy Jacumin. 36 37 Sophomore Class David Abee CLASS OFFICERS Carol Ann Perron, Lorraine Perron, Elsie Abee, Jerry Murray, Gre Grana. Elsie Abee Pansey Barnes Delores Barns Paul Beach 38 SOPHOMORES Gwendolyn Benfield Lynda Berry Vernon Bivens Mavin Bradshaw Danny Bridges Charles Burnes Billy Butler Joyce Callender Betty Carter Geneva Chavis John Church Bobby Cline Douglas Cline Coy Deal Robert Deal Sally Duncan Barbara Franklin Gregory Grana Sandra Guigou Amanda Hall 39 SOPHOMORES Glenn Hallman Paul Hallyburton Valerie Hendrix Suzanne Hogan Charles Hudson Naney Hudson Harold Huffman Osborne Huffman Rachel Huffman Shelba Huffman Larry Humphries Joe Jacumin —• Joann Keever Vernon Lail Kenneth Lambert Max Lambert Tom Lowman Blenda McGalliard Johnny Micol Vera Milholen 40 SOPHOMORES Cameron Monroe Jerry Murray Sylvia Pascal Carol Ann Perrou Lorraine Perrou Vernon Piercy Jeannette Pons Charles Pons Tommy Pons Dean Powell Doris Powell Kay Powell Richard Pruett Carolyn Queen Bobby Rector Bonnie Robinette Reba Robinson William Satterwhite Gary Shuping Robert Sipe 41 SOPHOMORES Carolyn Smith Charles Smith Dorothy Smith Margaret Smith Beverley Speagle Jimmy Spinks Joe Stirewalt Martha Thomas Gloria Travis Joe Verreault Milton Viggers Rachel Watson Johnny Wilkinson Jack Wilkie David Wilson Mack Wilson P. O. Wilsoi John Wood Glenn Zimmerman 42 Freshman Class FRESHMEN OFFICERS Ray Benfield Allan McClure Carolyn Clark Harold Baker Wanda Abee Janice Abernathy Jerry Annas Luan Bailey Harold Barker Jerry Barnes Ray Benfield Charles Berry Grace Berry Herman Berry Jeannette Berry Wesley Berry 44 FRESHMEN Ann Bills Amelia Bridges Ray Bridges Billy Bumgarner Evelyn Bumgarner Rachel Burns Wallace Cannon Henry Carlton Dorothy Childers Gwendolyn Church Carolyn Clark Harold Clark William Clark Kitty Conley Howard Crotts Jackie Darnell Barbara Deal Margaret Deal Harry Dippman Gary Donnelly Jackie Edwards Norma Epley Derry Franklin Paula Franklin Pat Gaddy Hope Goode Peggy Griffin Jack Harris Homer Heavner Kenneth Hice Myrlevenia Hipps Lily Ann Holloway Danny Hoyle Lee Hudson Margaret Hudson Judy Humphries 45 FRESHMEN v Larry Icard Earl Lee Lail Johnny Lail Lynn Lane Dianne Ledford Bobby Lingafelt Arnold Linsey Carl Long Faye Lownian Gene Lownian Geraldine Lowman Esther Martin Patricia Metcalf Joan Micols Edgar Milholen Betty Moore Allan McClure Nell McClure Frances McIntyre John Ogles Jane Oxford Myrna Oxford Anna O’Quinn Gene Page Julius Passmore Alda Perkins Barbara Piercy Betty Pierson Tommy Poteat Norman Powell Ray Pruette Patricia Ramsey Charlotte Reece Johnny Reep Lillian Reynolds Ray Robinson 46 FRESHMEN Ruby Robinson Barbara Rodgers Gail Rutherford Melva Sain Joanne Satterwhite Edward Seagle Lynn Setzer Clyde Shuping Frank Simmons Dale Sipes Naney Smart Jack Smith Myrtle Smith Nita Smith Lynn Smith Hugh Southerland Sandra Spencer Guy Stamey Ray Stamey Doris Starkey Oris Starkey Joan Stirewalt Nora Stroupe Edward Taylor Ronald Travis Leon Treadway Jimmy Turner Elaine Walker Nancy Warlick Lynn Watson Rama Whisnant Wayne Whisnant Harold Williams Barbara Wiseman David Witherspoon Jewel Wilson 47 FRESHMEN Tommy Wilson Edwina Yancey Sue Yarborough Johnny Zimmerman MEMORIES -48 MR. CLARK Eighth Grade First Row: Dorothy Lowman, Geraldine Cook, Jimmy Page, Betty Carswell, Winifred Ogle, James Lee Hatley, Margaret Herman, Burl Warlick, Mr. Clark. Second Row: Rita Smith, Roy Allen Lambert, Johnny Salvaggio, Wetonia Carswell, William Brown, Ellen Hefner, Dorothy Street, Iris McGalliard, Kenneth Pons. Third Row: Mary Ellen Buff, Jerry Page, Verita Hildebran, Jerry Rhoney, Jack Shook, Edna Bradshaw, Harry Jackson, Fred Smith Jerry Key. MRS. KELLER Eighth Grade First Row: Judy Keever, Laminda Shytle, Betty Garrou, Linda Deal, Glenda Laughridge, Evelyn Kelly, Milton Pons, Mrs.Keller. Second Row: Ronald Owent y, Nancy Shook, Carolyn Lou Byrd, Loretta Sharpe, Lo Ann Berry, Selenah Pons, Jane Cline, Margaret Barus, Paul Settlemyre. Third Row: Don Waldrop, Paul Whisnant, Robert Icard, Douglas Squillario, Larry Nickols, David Hunt, Russell Shuping, Roy Abte, Francis Wilson. 50 MRS. MULL Eighth Grade First Row: Anne Harris, Elsie Mull, Jane Boggs, Margaret Deaton, Tally Carpentar, Linda Sue Powell, Charles Abernathy, Jimmy McEntire, Jackie Parker. Second Row: Mrs. Mull Carolyn Ann Harris, Eleanor Wilson, Phyllis Stilwell, Margaret Ann Poe, Charlotte Dodd, Maurice Smith, Paul Page, Frederick Burgess. Third Row: Edward Williams, Bobby Shook, Jerry Lowman, John Duckett, Danny Wilson, Laird Jacob, Ray Lail, Marilee Guigou, Jo Kaye Burney, Betty Kelly. MR. ROBINSON. Seventh Grade First Row: Maxine Warlick, Elsie McGalliard, Rachel Powell, Patricia Jacumin, Richard Hudson, Billy Shuford, Mary Sue Cranford, Mickey Johnson. Second Row: Mary Alice Lambert, Betty Stamey, Patricia Rhyne, Barbara Whisnant, Faye McIntyre, Janet Page, Carrie Biddix, Virginia Carswell, Mr. Robinson. Third Row: Jimmy Robinson, Ruby Cook, Glen Rhoney, Alan Taylor, Jimmy Burns, Gail Lowman, Patricia Smith, Rosemary Mull. Fourth Row: Beqjamin Queen, Buck Bradshaw, Edward Smith, Lloyd Craig, David Frazier, Ray Dodd, Benny Yancey. 51 MRS. BAKER Seventh Grade First Row: Loraine Ribet, Kenneth Benfield, Peggy Stanley, Patricia Shuping, James Jamison, Leroy Treadway, Bart Bounous, Lena Mobley, Dianne Burns. Second Row: Paul Huffman, Marshall Brinkley, Evelyn Deal, Judy Teague, Rita Powell, Anita Bumgarner, Mildred Lowman, Maxine Vance, Joel Piercy, Mrs. Baker. Third Row: Freddy Taylor, Nathan Cline, Benny Burns, Joan Franklin, Gail Paige, Jean Lingerfelt, Marie Eckard, Hildred Robinson. Fourth Row: Ray Seagle, Bobby Smith, Steve Conner, Basil Kelly, Gerald Harris, Jimmy Chester. MRS. GRILL . Seventh Grade First Row: Judy Gaddy, Jane Goode, Joyce Keever, Madelaine Burns, Reba Wilson, Guy Abee, Velma Whisnant, Clifford Decker, Billy Griffin, Bill Buffington. Second Row: Judy Franklin, Norma Yancey, Margaret Smith, Charlene Lowman, Rosemary Clark, Mary Johnson, Kay Sinclair, Rheta Walsh, Judy Spencer. Third Row: Benny Carswell, Paul Jacumin, Paul Smith, Jimmy Lowdermilk, Joe Clark, Jimmy Christmas, David Deal, Randy Rhyne. Fourth Row: ohn Louis Garrou, Larry Nichols, Arthur Thomas Garrou, Roy Seagle, Donald Franklin, Mrs. Grill. 52 53 IMPERSONATOR STAFF Lillian Vinay Kditor-in-Chicf Gerry Buffington Business Manager Left to Right: Gerry Buffington, Business Manager; Jean Green, Go-Assistant Picture Editor; Barbara Bumgarner, Co-Assistant Art Editor; Benny Garrou, Sports Editor; Jimmy Bridges, Go-Assistant Art Editor; Raymond Barrett, Art Editor; Lynda Beep, Assistant Editor; Carol Woods, Co-Assistant Picture Editor; Faye Branch, Assistant Business Manager. Middle: Joan Goode, Picture Editor; Lillian Vinay, Editor-in-Chief. 54 BETA CLUB Johnny Burns President Elizabeth Page Secretary Dicky Boggs Vice-President Elaine Burns T reasurer Mr Campbell Sponsor Lillian Vinay Jimmy Bridges Gwendolyn Pons Raymond Barrett Mrs. Pons Sponsor 55 BETA CLUB 56 BAND Front row, kneeling: Melva Saine, Lorraine Perron, Carolyn Clark, Carol Ann Perrou. Seeond row: Kay Powell, Janie Wilkerson, Carl Long, Jr., Patricia Ramsey, Anita Smith. Third row: Amanda Hall, Charlotte Dodd, Eleanor Wilson, Kay Sinclair, Wanda Abee, Edwina Yancey, Jane Oxford, Ann Harris, David Deal, Phyllis Stillwell, Delores Barus, Paula Franklin, Lynn Smith, Ann Bills, Joe Clark. Fourth row: George Wilson, director, Gail Rutherford, Doris Starky, Carolyn Harris, Sue Yarbrough, Myrlevenia Hipps, Margaret Ann Poe, Jewell Wilson, Norma Epley, Joan Micol. Fifth row: Donald Franklin, John Marshall Ogle, Edward Williams, Frank Simmons, Margaret Deaton, Jo Kay Burney, Lillian Reynolds, Clifford Decker Jr., Jackie Johnson. Sixth row: Bobby Johnson, Jeannette Berry, Glenn Hallman, Harry Jensen, Derry Franklin, Arnold Lindsay. Seventh row: Robert Deal, Alton Britt, Carolyn Queen. MAJORETTES Carolyn Clark (kneeling), Lorraine Perrou, Carol Ann Perrou, Melva Saine. 57 CHORUS First row: Barbara Wiseman, Jeannette Pons, Gwendolyn Pons, Gerry Buffington, Barbara Burgarner, Gwendolyn Garrou, Regina Wiseman Norma Brinkley, Myrtle Smith, Shirley McGhinnis, Esther Martin, Bonnie Deal, Alma Pruett, Joann Keever. Second row: Earlene Sharpe, Rama Jean Whisnant, Patsy Treadway, Harriette Pons, Lavaida Cline, Durlene Pruett, Norma Chapman, Jeannette Berry, Betty Piercy, Amanda Hall, Sandra Guigou, Blenda McGalliard, Bonnie Robinette. Third row: Janice Abernathy, Gloria Travis, Patsy Metcalf, Lilly Ann Holloway, Peggy Griffin, Sylvia Pascal, Betty Carter, Mattie Hurst, Geneva Chavis, Joyce Callender, Valorie Hendrix, Lynda Hice. Fourth row: Joanne Satterwhite, Gwendolyn Benfield, Barbara Deal, Doris Powell, Frances McEntyre, Geraldine Lowman, Ruby Robinson, Margaret Deal, Faye Lowman, Roena Setzer, Dannie Kate Byrd. Fifth row: Gilbert Hogan, Tommy Poteat, Jerry Crotts, Jerry Barnes, Buford Abee, Rex Harris, Bobby Cline, Robert Bonner, Delon Lambert, Johnny Burnes. Sixth row: Ted Rhoney, Bobby Rector, David Abee, Kenneth Lambert, Mack Wilson, Oris Starkey, Gary Donnelly, Jack Smith, Billy Bumgarner. Seventh row: Harold Clark, Bruce Glazbrooks, Robert Deal, Harold Huffman, Tommy Wilson, Grady Day, Herbert Jacimin, Roy McCampbell. Eighth row: Benny Garrou, Joe Temple, Jimmy Bridges. Seated: Gwendolyn Pons, Mr. George Wilson. First Row: Jeannette Pons, Regina Wiseman, Gwendolyn Garrou, Lavaida Cline, Norma Brinkley, Lynda Hice, Bonnie Robinette, Bonny Deal, Sandra Guigou, Amanda Hall. Second row: Benny Garrou, Joe Temple, Ted Rhoney, Bobby Rector, Jimmy Bridges, Mack Wilson, Johnny Burns, Delon Lambert. Bobby Cline, Robert Bonner. 58 TRUMPET SECTION John Marshall Ogle Jo Kay Burney, Donald Franklin, „ 11IlcUlls Beverley Speagle, Lillian Reynolds, Margaret Deaton, Clifford Decker, Jr. Edward Williams, Frank Simmons, DANCE BAND Judy Mobley, Laminda Sbytle, Betty Garrou, Patricia Carolyn Byrd, Mary Alice Lambert, Lynn Setzer. Smith, Loretta Sharpe, Luan Berry, 59 ECHOES STAFF First Row: Carroll Calhoun, Nancy Thierfelder, Ruth Shook, Doris Allen, Aileen Rhoney, Venice Seagle. Second Row: Roy McCampbell, Patsey Treadway, Carole Walker, Rex Harris, Raymond Barrett, Louise Johnson, Mimi Searcy. Third Row: Sam Page, Jimmy Bridges. FRENCH CLUB First Row: Lillian Vinay, Joan Goode, Gwendolyn Pons, Miss Anita Ghigo, Elaine Burns, Sherry Thomas. Second Row: Dicky Boggs, Donald Duckett,Ulysses Grissette. Not Pictured—Benny Garrou. 60 DRAMATICS CLUB Aileen Rhoney, Venice Seagle, Mimi Searcy, Doris Allen, Nancy Thierfelder, Patsey Treadway, Sam Page, Carole Walker, Roy Campbell, Louise Johnson, Raymond Barret, Jimmy Bridges, Ruth Shook, Rex Harris, Mr. Calhoun, Director. F. T. A. First Row: Margaret Perron. Second Row: Sherry I homas, Gwendolyn Pons, Harriette Pons. Third Row: Lorraine Perron, Earlene Sharpe, Carolyn Queen, Gwendolyn Garrou. Fourth Row: Reba Robinson, Raymond Barrett, Louise Johnson. 61 FIRST AID STAFF First Row: Barbara Bumgarner, Joan Micol, Sherry Thomas, Nancy Smart, Faye Branch, Katie Smith. Second Row: Audrey Taylor, La Vaida Cline, Shirley McGhinnis, Nlerlene Costner, Margaret Mull, Clara Rector. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First Row: Bonnie Robinette, Elizabeth Huffman Page, Muriel Rhoney, Sharon Nichols, Alma Pruett, Gwendolyn Pons, Gladys Lail, Lorraine Perrou, Carolyn Queen, Shirley Jacumin, Patsey Warlick, Betty Coffey. Second Row: Mr. Calhoun, Roy McCampbell, Dickie Boggs, Joanne Annas, Esther Martin, Mattie Hurst, Aileen Rhoney, John Icard, Jimmy Jacimin, Clyde Lail. 62 First How: Jeannette Pons, Ilarrictte Ann Pons, Sliirlev MeGhinnis, Carol Ann Perron, Clara Hector, Heba Hobinson, Merlene Costner, Barbara Bumgarner. Second How: Anna O’Quinn, Carolyn Queen, Lorraine Perron, Barbara Wiseman, Gwendolyn Church, Judy Humphries, Frances McIntyre, Joan Mieols, Patsey Metcalf, Hope Goode. Third How: Lillian Heynolds, Doris Starkv, Wanda Abee, Paula Franklin, Sue Yarborough, Margaret Deal, Sandra Spencer, Joyce Callendar. Fourth How: Mrs. Hammond, sponsor, Patsy Spencer, Geraldine Lowman, Evelyn Bumgarner, Alda Perkins, Barbara Hogers, Grace Berry, Jeannette Berry, Doris Powell, Bonnie Deal, Alma Pruett. Fifth How: Gladys Lail, Durleen Pruett, Elaine Walker, Belinda McGalliard, Katie Smith, Melva Sain, Doris Allen, Suzanne Hogan, Joanne Keever. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Patsy Epley. Patsy Warlick, Norma Brinkley, Ulysses Grissetle, Norma Chapman, Carole Walker, Gladys Lail, Herbert Jacumin, Billy Braswell, Mary Louise Holton, Joan Goode, Sherry Thomas, Margaret Perron, Gwendolyn Carrou. 63 BUS DRIVERS Gene Page, Ted Phoney, Grady Day, Herbert Jaeumin, Glenn Zimmerman, Harold Hudson, Roy MeGampbell. CAFETERIA STAFF Sitting: Mrs. Anna Pons, Mrs. Eva Smith, Mrs. Jessee Queen, Mrs. Blanche Harris. Franklin. Standing: Mrs. Velma MR. SISK 64 65 MISS JEANNETTE VEB1IEAULT QUEEN OF HEARTS Sponsored by Beta Club 66 HOMECOMING QUEEN CAROL ANN PERROU 67 Miss Valdese High School MISS CAROL ANN PERROU JEAN GREENE Miss American Legion 68 HOMECOMING SPONSORS SIIKKKY THOMAS Sponsored by Ulysses Grisette PATSY WAHLICK S ionsored hy Curtis Wellman CWENDOLYN ( ' .A HH()U Sponsored by Douglas Pouell 69 PATSY KPLKY Sponsored by Joe Temple HOMECOMING SPONSORS LA VAIDA CLINE Sponsored by Ted Rhoney JEAN GREENE Sponsored by Delon Lambert CAROL ANN PERROU Sponsored by Rex Harris 70 ELSIE ABEE Sponsored by Jimmy Huffman 71 SPORTS IN REVIEW Front Row: Harold Huffman, manager; Jack Wilkie, sports reporter; tommy Rons, Harry Jensen, Vance Cline, Vic Micol, Jimmy Huffman, P. O. Wilson, Harlon Smith, Jerry Wilkerson, Luther Williams. Second Row: Jimmy Turner, Clifford Abee, Buford Abee, Richard Mobley, Douglas Powell, Rex Harris, William Wilkie, Ulysses Grisette, Jimmy Lynn Weir, Ralph Clarke, assistant coach. Third Row: Leo Brevard, coach; Curtis Wellrnon, Paul Beach, Charles Glass Smith, Johnny Burns, Gary Owens, Jock Cline, Garva Day, Richard Whisnant, Richard Icard. Fourth row: Sam Page, manager; Alton Britt, Tommy Lowman, Ted Rhoney, Joe Temple, Bolt Rector, Danny Bridges, Delon Lambert, Jimmy Jacumin, Garland Lail, Burton Barger, coach. HEAD COACH BURTON BARGER COACH RALPH CLARK COACH LFO BREVARD 72 SPORTS IN REVIEW JOE TEMPLE JIMMY LYNN WEIR DANNY BRIDGES 73 FOOTBALL DELON LAMBERT REX HARRIS TOMMY PONS 74 FOOTBALL VIC MICOL WILLIAM WILKIE HARLAN SMITH JIMMY HUFFMAN JIMMY JACUMIN FOOTBALL CLIFFORD ABEE BOBBY RECTOR P. O. WILSON RICHARD WHISNANT 76 SPORTS IN REVIEW PAUL BEACH KENNETH CLINE BUFORD ABEE RICHARD MOBLEY 77 FOOTBALL VANCE CLINE JOHNNY BURNS GARY OWENS 78 FOOTBALL TED RHONEY RICHARD ICARD JERRY WILKERSON 79 SPORTS IN REVIEW CURTIS WELLMON GARVA DAY Bottom row, left to right: Jack Wilkie, Johnny Reep, Johnny Church, Micky Viggers, Terry Murray, Ray Bridges, Tommy Poteat. Second row left to right: Jimmy Turner, Harold Barker, Harry Jackson, Allen McClurd, Johnny Wilkerson, Mack Wilson, Jerry Murray, Ralph Clark (coach). Third row, left to right: Harold Huffman (manager), Gregory Grana, Bobby Sipes, David Frazier, Johnny Micol, Charles Burns, Ray Dodd, Sam Page, (manager). Fourth row, left to right: Leo Brevard (coach), Bobby Lingafelt, Julius Passmore, Charles Pons, Laird Jacob, Johnny Lail, Douglas Cline, Burton Barger (coach). 80 SPORTS IN REVIEW DOUGLAS POWELL CHARLES GLASS SMITH CHEERLEADERS $ il rlr f I 1 Mul i i H 0 ® If ‘ $0 - Front Row, left to right: Jack Smith, Jeannette Pons. Second Row, left to right: Patsy Spencer, Elsie Abee, Jimmy Bridges, Louise Johnson, Harriette Pons. 81 FOOTBALL ALL-STARS JOE TEMPLE Shrine Bowl CURTIS WELLMON Optimist Bowl DELON LAMBERT Optimist Bowl 82 SPORTS IN REVIEW mi k ,iA„. y WM 1 H BT 1 " i • m- ' - JmUm mil :f m 1 A,;, , . I r y . A. . vml First Row: Jean Greene, Margaret Perrou, Patsy Turner, Elaine Burns, Mary Louise Holton, Barbara Berry. Second Row: Carolyn Clark, Pat Gaddy, Rachel Burns, Lillian Vinay, Lynda Reep, Gail Rutherford. Third Row: Janie Robinson (manager), Anaise Bridges, Nancy Hudson. Anna Lou Ahee, Mr. Burton Barger (coach). 83 SPORTS IN REVIEW V V -, 1 MARY LOUISE HOLTON ELAINE BURNS BARBARA BERRY JEAN GREENE MARGARET PERROU PATSY TURNER SPORTS IN REVIEW ANNA LOU ABEE ANAISE BRIDGES CAROLYN CLARK PAT GADDY LYNDA REEP LILLIAN VINAY 85 SPORTS IN REVIEW GAIL RUTHERFORD NANCY HUDSON RACHEL BURNS JANIE ROBINSON, Manager 86 SPORTS IN REVIEW First Row: Harold Huffman (manager), Jerry Murray, Raymond Barrett, Douglas Cline,, Tommy Pons, Charles Burns, Mack Wilson.Second Row: Mr. Leo Brevard (coach), Delon Lambert, Kenneth Cline, Curtis Weilmon, Gary Owens, Buford Abee Danny Bridges. W’ 1 ' K f| ■ - EkM W i Varai v pjE 1 ii j ■■ J i % |j Mill ] GET raj t r j wT jPj 1 J flK . ® L First Row: Johnny Beep, Douglas Squillario, Frank Simmons, Jack Wilkie, Jimmy Turner, Julius Passmore, Bobby Lingafelt. Second Row: Tommy Poteat, Allen McClure, Joe Verreault, Carl Long, Laird Jacob, Mr. Starnes (coach). Third Row: Harold Barker, Johnny Lail, Tommy Wilson. 87 SPORTS IN REVIEW KENNETH CLINE GARY OWENS DELON LAMBERT RAYMOND BARRETT JERRY MURRAY TOMMY PONS 88 SPORTS IN REVIEW CURTIS WELLMON DANNY BRIDGES BUFORD ABEE DOUG CLINE CHARLES BURNS MACK WILSON 89 SNAPSHOTS OH ' J SNAPSHOTS j-kA ' f yj !n A l AJ 4s f L ? DAVSy } M r 0 v ' V 7 H h J. ■ A V q 1 SNAPSHOTS VI V vl Mli 92 ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Impersonator Staff of the Valdese High School wishes to thank all those who have contributed their time and money to make this annual possible. 93 Francis Louise FULL FPSHIOri HULLS, inCORPORATED ☆ Your Friendly Shopping Center BENLEE’S DEPARTMENT STORE VALDESE, NORTH CAROLINA 94 95 TO THE MOST IMPROVED BOY AND GIRL SENIOR OF VALDESE HIGH SCHOOL Ljamen 6 CREDIT JEWELERS WILL AWARD AN ELGIN WATCH " This will be an Annual Affair. " 96 GARREEN’S JEWELERS ☆ QUALITY JEWELRY 97 onipihncnts. Pilot Full Fashion Mills, Inc. 98 Compliments of a idese mnnuFRCTURinG oompnnY ☆ 99 Waldensian Hosiery Mills 100 2 ® FORD FOR DRIVERS EDUCATION Is furnished by WALKER MOTORS, INC. ( f B urn ' s Meat Market BE WISE BUY WISE AND ECONOMIZE 1 1 1 1 1 • • Phone 4541 101 PONS INSURANCE AGENCY Fire — Auto — Life — Casualty Accident — Health — Bonds “Insurance Since 1933 VALDESE, N. C. CREAM MAPS IY THE BORDEN COMPANY BLUE 11061 ICE CREAM 01V.. HICKORY. N. C. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Dick Pons, Owner Phone 6131 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of People’s Drug Store Phone - ' 3261 V aldese, N. C. Compliments of VALDESE FLOWER SHOP “Flowers Wired Anywhere’’ Phone 299 Day or Night JACK and JEFF ' S Men ' s and Boy ' s Wear VALDESE, N. C. Featuring Nationally Advertised Line of Men ' s and Boy ' s Clothing Martinat Hosiery Mills, Inc. Valdese, N. C. Compliments of IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3951 Valdese, N. C. VRLDESE UUERVERS, IRC. 104 AUTOGRAPHS •A .XUXsti ' A- . _ ()j JjZAA „ bMAlr. VA n y (j t A cJ iy?v (iJjnMA. ' J ituM . J wl{ ajAA f -A Afi sz caA) 6i y(A A. UlX J- ojA ' AAo A A A i ]y cuAZjb srld f S ' cM - J AdU-’. oAf-s A $xaJ ' Q tA Ws . ' AazJ Oa ocsA A e? L t - y . C $ Jz ra % X aT JLj.. Sy tsUAZAA fJ $J . y. Q .. e Jy jrff asx , AZ ' Y y AA A ' ' A. 1 Aa_ • Cvft N$ . V _ — rrr.ri rm?rrrrrrr r c err- sssis ss. ■ + T VX Jt ' fs; ' ' . ' AYS; Atnt. ' , ’ » WHI-VX AUTOGRAPHS no AUTOGRAPHS - t rrr ' hr- y 112 7 jr y sytofa sT ry? - 2 ' pfror? -¥ jrr Y • cr w-rrrptf b (TV T crrp xi , ' v u JV ' nr (j 0 A - u. -7 UU RNC RNC 371.897 Valdese The Impersonator: Valdese High School Y 33557004136966 ref The Impersonator: Valdese High School Y RNC371.897 Valdese 11 16 17 208385

Suggestions in the Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) collection:

Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 42

1954, pg 42

Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

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