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Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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HxVk H»U If @g§; 5 ffil i fytILt OS faity, 7il , ' tfi ' LKXjf jY tiLiYj ' }% ' t Wj, ‘-W» :i i ; [ » ' ■ ■ i 4 B ■ liK. • ' apt ! . ?«wH ! M •«W? 4g4 |sf 1 Ml i Wwssag HraKsE pi a » , ' f’: •£? fl jjwi • ■ Printed and Bound in the U. S. A. by School Printing Service CHARLOTTE, N, C. (pro f PiJyr . THE 1952 IMPERSONATOR Correction: The 1951 Volume Through Mistake was Numbered XIII. It should have been XII. VOLUME XIII Published By THE BETA CLUB FRANCIS GARROU HIGH SCHOOL Valdese, North Carolina FORE We wish to show our appreciation c this town, and hope their spirit will guide Therefore, about one quarter centu: Valdese High School, it is with pride thirteenth edition of the " Impersonator”, 1 as we have enjoyed publishing it for yoi WORD tie pioneers who have built so well for us on to further progress. nfter the first class was graduated from we, the Class of 1952, offer you this ng that you will enjoy this book as much DEDICATION To MR. MORETZ, whose patience and understanding have endeared him to us all; whose friendliness and sense of humor have made him loved and esteemed by fellow teachers as well as students; whose willingness to help others . . . for these and many other admirable qualities, we affectionately dedicate this 1952 edition of The Impersonator. C U LTY FACULTY MR. JOHN L. JOHNSON, A.B., M.A. Principal University of North Carolina Appalachian State Teachers College Carson Newman College Jefferson City, Tennessee BURTON K. BARGER, A.B. Physical Education, Mathematics Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. SAYDE BARGER, A.B. Commercial Education Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. MYRA BRASWELL, A.B. English, Guidance Counselor Greensboro College Greensboro, N. C. JOHN CHARLES, A.B. Physical Education, Social Studies Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. ELEANOR BREVARD, B.S. M CHARLES BRINKLEY, A.B. General Science, Biology U. S. History, Librarian Appalachian State Teachers College Wake Forest College Boone, N. C. Wake Forest, N. C. FACULTY ANN CLEMENT, B.S Vocational Home Economics Winthrop College Rock Hill, S. C. HENRY CLONTZ, B.S. Seventh Grade Western Carolina Teacher’s College Cullowhee, N. C. ANITA GHIGO, A.B. French, English Maryville College Maryville, Tennessee MELISSA W. GRILL, A.B. M.A. Seventh Grade Lenoir Rhyne College, Hickory, N. C. Appalachian State Teacher’s College Boone, N. C. . fIJM es S. MRS. FRANCES S. KELLER Seventh Grade jiieens College, Charlotte, N. C. Florida Southern, Lakeland, Florida H. D. MORETZ, B.S. Mathematics—Chemistry Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. RUTH GRAY MULL, A.B. Eighth Grade Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. ADA LEE RANDALL, A.B. English and Dramatics Flora Macdonald College Red Springs, N. C. GEORGE F. WILSON, B.S. Music Appalachian State Teacher s College Boone, N. C. REBECCA J. BARGER Music Lenoir Rhyne College Hickory, N. C. DELL B. WILSON, A.B. Guidance Counselor Agnes Scott College Decatur, Georgia IVORY C. WILSON, B.S. Industrial Arts, Mathematics Western Carolina Teacher’s College Cullowhee, N. C. STAFF MARY ANN McCARLEY Editor-in-Chief FRANCES PERKINS Picture Editor CATHERINE BAKER Assistant Advertising Manager BOB STREET JUANITA CLINE Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Mgr. BOB WILLIAMS Sports Editor SHIRLEY GRISETTE First Assistant Advertising Manager FREDDY LEGER Assistant Picture Editor BpBBY ROBINSON Assistant Picture Editor MRS. SAYDE BARGER Sponsor MISS ADA LEE RANDALL Sponsor JOAN HALL Art Editor SUE LACHOT Assistant Advertising Manager SAM POWELL Assistant Sports Editor DIGNIFIED SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bertha Icard, Parliamentarian; Weeta Searcy, Treasurer; Kenneth Bumgarner, Treasurer; Gene Glasco, Parliamentarian; Steve Perrou, Secretary; Harold Passmore, President; Juanita Cline, Vice- President. CLASS MOTTO— Build a better world for tomorrow CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Blue and White Class Mascots REGINA SHOOK HARRY GLASCO SENIORS RICHARD ABEE MARY CAROLYN BAKER Softball 2, Office Assistant 4. GENE BRIDGES Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Brass Sextet 2, 4; Dance Band 3 ’ 4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty 1; Junior Rotarian. PAULINE BRIDGES JOHNNY BUFF Office Assistant KENNETH BUMGARNER Band 1, 2, 3; President 1; Dance Band 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2, 3; Chorus Delegate to Mars Hill 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Secre¬ tary 4; Class Officer, Vice President 1, Parlia¬ mentarian 3, Treasurer 4, Student Faculty 1, Senior Superlative, Most Popular. mmm SENIORS MAVIS SUE CARPENTER Basketball Manager 3, Library Assistant 4; Chotus 4. JOHN CHANEY Librarian 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3. 4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Baseball Mana¬ ger 1; Delegate to Optimist Bowl 4; Office As¬ sistant 4. BILLY JOE CHURCH Office Assistant 4. JUANITA CLINE Girls ' Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; Beta Club 3, 4; Impersonator Staff, Sports Edi¬ tor 3, Business and Advertising Manager 4; Class Officer, President 2, Vice President 4; First Aid Staff 4; Junior Marshal; Senior Superlative— Most Studious. BARBARA COULTER Basketball 1, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; Women’s Ath¬ letic Club 2; Football Sponsor 3; Majorette 2, 3; Drum Major 4; Paper Staff, Art Editor 4; Dra¬ matics Club 4. MIRIAM DAVIS Class Treasurer 1; Representative to Burke County Festival 3; Office Assistant 4; First Aid 4; Senior Superlative—Most Attractive. SENIORS RAY DEAL Scouts 1, 2; Allied Youth 3; Baseball 1; Boys’ Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Football 3. BETTY ELLER Student Faculty 1; F. H. A. 1; First Aid Staff 2; Debating 3; Librarian 3, 4; Basketball Mana¬ ger 3. BENNY EVANS WILLIAM HUBERT ENNIS KERN FEIMSTER Senior Superlative—Most Dignified. BARBARA FRAZIER Girls’ Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 1, 2, Secretary 2 ; Librarian 2; Paper Staff 4. SENIORS SAM GLASBROOKS GENE GLASCO Football 1, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Band 1, 2; Boys ' Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Allied Youth 3; Class Parliamentarian 4; Student Faculty 1; Senior Superlative, Wittiest. JOAN HALL Girls’ Chorus 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Allied Youth 3, 4; Amis de Francais 4; Beta Club 4; Impersonator Staff, Art Editor 4; Foot¬ ball Sponsor 4; Senior Superlative, Most Original. HILDA GREY HASTINGS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Paper Staff, Sports Editor 4; Women’s Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Majorette 2, 3, 4; Football Sponsor 4. CHARLES LEE HERMAN PEGGY L. HUTCHINS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dra¬ matics Club 4; Women’s Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty 1; Football Sponsor 3; Paper Staff 4; Senior Superlative, Most Popular. SENIORS BERTHA LOUISE ICARD Sigma Delta Phi 2; Dramatics Club 4; Manager Basketball 4; Paper Staff 4; Class Parliamentarian 4. RALPH JACUMIN Football 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Boy Scouts 1, 2; Bus Driver 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. DORIS ANN LAIL First Aid Staff 1. OMERLE LAMBERT Allied Youth 4; Senior Superlative, Most Cour¬ teous. SENIORS NORMA LESTER Chorus 1; Band 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Presi¬ dent 4; Impersonator Staff 3, Advertising Mana¬ ger 3; Delegate to Girl’s State 3; Amis de Fran- cais 4; Senior Superlative, Most Dignified. FREDDY LEGER Beta Club 4;Amis de Francais 4; Impersonator Staff, Assistant Picture Editor 4; Senior Superla¬ tive, Most Studious. NORMA LINEBERGER Paper Staff 4; Dramatics Club Treasurer 4. GRACE KATHLEEN LOWMAN Student Faculty 1; Class Secretary 3; First Aid Assistant 3; Office Assistant 4; Class Historian 4. LORNA ROYMAINE LOWMAN First Aid Staff 2; Amis de Francais 4; Office Assistant 4. BETTY McCAMPBELL Librarian Assistant 3, 4. SENIORS MARY ANN McCARLEY Band 1, 2; Girls Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Basketball Manager 1; Basketball 2; Women’s Athletic Club, President 2; Chief Marshall 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Impersonator Staff, Art Editor 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Amis de Francais 4; Miss-Hi- Miss Delegate to Winthrop College 4; Senior Su¬ perlative, Most Likely to Succeed. LARRY JOE MICOL Football 2, 3, 4; Allied Youth 3; Band 1, 2, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Boys Chorus 2, 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Boys Octet and Quartet 2; Chorus delegate to Greensboro 2; Band Delegate to A. S. T. C. 4; Senior Superlative, Cutest. AURELIA DARE MILLER Librarian 2; Class Vice-President 2; Office As¬ sistant 4; Football Sponsor 1, 2. RICHARD PAGE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Assistant 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Dance Band 3; Allied Youth 4; Class Officer 3; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Superlative—Neatest. HAROLD DEAN PASSMORE Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Allied Youth. FRANCES ELAINE PERKINS Girls Chorus 1, 4; Amis de Francais 4; Beta Club 4; Impersonator Staff, Picture Editor 4. SENIORS HAROLD PERROU Basketball 2; Chorus 4. JOHN STEPHEN PERROU, JR. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Boys Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Quartet 2; Octet 2, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; President 4; Octet 4; Debating Club 2; Greens¬ boro Music Festival Delegate 2; Mars Hill Chorus Festival Delegate 3, 4; Declamation Winner 1; Public Speaking 2; Dance Band 3, 4; Class Sec¬ retary 4; Class Lawyer 4. ALTON B. PONS Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Basket¬ ball 2; Amis de Francais 4. EUGENE HENRY PONS Basketball 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Football 1, 2, 4; Monogram 1, 2, 4. RUTH RHONEY Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dele¬ gare to Girls State 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 3; Secretary 4; Senior Superlative, Most Athletic. BEAVER ROBINETTE Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; Boys Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Student Faculty 1; Class Prophet 4; Boy Scouts 1, 2; Sax Quartet 4; Senior Superlative, Most Original. SENIORS KAY SCRUGGS Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Women’s Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Football Sponsor 4; Dra¬ matics Club 4; Paper Staff, Editor-in-Chief 4; Class Secretary 1; Junior Marshall 3; Senior Superlative, Best All-Around. JENELLE SEARCY Girls Chorus 1. 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Amis de Francais 4; First Aid 4; F.H.A. 1, Treasurer 1. WEETA SEARCY Girls Chorus 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Band 1, 2, 3; President 1; Secretary 3; Class Officer 4; Librar¬ ian 4; Amis de Francais 4; Senior Superlative— Most Courteous. BILL SMART SALLY SMITH Girls Chorus 1, 2, Secretary 2; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Dance Band 3; Student Faculty 1; Class Secretary 2; bootball Sponsor 4; Office Assistant 4; Librarian 1; Amis de Francais 4; Beta Club 3, Secretary 4; F. H. A. 1; Senior Superlative, Neatest. BOB D. STREET Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Delegate to Optimist Bowl 4; Delegate to Boys State 3; Amis de Francais 4; Class Vice President 3; Beta Club 4; Impersonator Staff, Assistant Editor 4; Office Assistant 4; Junior Marshall 3; Junior Rotarian 4; Senior Superlative, Best All-Around. SENIORS GERALD SMITH HATTIE JEAN VANHORN Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; Office Assistant 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Football Sponsor 3. NANCY WALKER F.H.A. 7; Sigma Delta Phi 1,2; Spotlighters 3; Paper Staff 3. JERROL WHEELING BOB WILLIAMS Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Class President 3; Delegate to Shrine Bowl 4; All-State Football 4; Junior Marshall; Senior Superlative, Most Likely to Succeed. RUTH WILLIAMS Girls Chorus 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Allied Youth 3, 4; Ciass Officer 2; Amis de Francais 4; Senior Superlative, Cutest; American Legion Rep¬ resentative to Burke County Festival 4. SENIORS PAT WOODS Scours 1, 2; Paper Staff 2; Allied Senior Superlative, Most Attractive. Youth MASCOTS REGINA SHOOK HARRY GLASCO " Most 0 tG N»i“ St hue titst ineTte Jo H»u. BLUETS - ALNAUW For ths yt»« IS fi£ T ftt S .tvri y £v n POST Ju « 4 W tL 1000 JOKES lJuNE % 1151 Uimrsr " Gcm GlttiCO HB SsfTH (MSo “Must Po holh ' Kehhe r n 6vt a r ?ahf? Peg ci Hutch ins " Best JUNf 1J9S2 H tye ScPuggs «Htt 60S Sr ter Mademoiselle W teTtcf sen cv and 0i.A na£Ar SPORT JUNE 95 j Ha old P4 s }6 b rtb fivTti H 0 NcV CHARM " Mar 0,c«,r,st“ MHlWSX M »uiUsTtfi ho k-iUN rntn sic SEVENTEEN CUTEir L WfiV i iiceL «we Ruth U il.ui« ms Mr ar ar ” sm.LV snirn a d (Pich»«o p sf V f »1V38V nsriMdVHVi AVVJCf s j • JV W fa -iL i es Gk u! The V ldeseHigh Sch OOL A LhJI AlflTE Wo os wo f )ustc 6 v R, A . Ge u «q L E V rift t - j i 3 m Al-ai AIa-to I L viTmu. ,Wa Cherish Thv N mr . » ' ■■. - i ■ •• ' -- 1 j | d , 4 JU J W | THV IiCHT 15 SHtD fort 05 TO 5 £E AND HEED TH FLfl nE. t J j J 1 JtjV g ii To vot-Drsc trr Y»VR Mfil-Sts sing t UFTHiguHia totl NM t } 4 «» y4 -«) JI i v H«N- VOft BftlMC. OUR HE WSMTS smoNC UCT» UV - At - TV -I - 1 j J J M J J. H jrft sens ftWP ODUeH-TCft EV - 5 ft ff£. CLASS HISTORY The long awaited time has finally arrived. Soon the class of ’52 will have ended their high school studies and will go out to seek whatever fortune that awaits them. But first come with me and let us review the years to 1948 when we, the dignified Seniors, entered Valdese High for the first time. We were green and excited and tried to find out what was going on. We soon did! Our teachers for the first year were Mr. Honeycutt, principal, Mrs. Honeycutt, Mr. Cotten, Mr. Donald Johnson, Miss Ghigo, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Barger, Mrs. Braswell, Mr. Gourley, Miss McNaull, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Wilson. When our Sophomore year came, we were more settled and ready for new studies. We did part of our studying in some of the eighteen new rooms which had been added during the summer. Some of the space was occupied by the 7th and 8th grades which were taught by Mrs. Grill, Mrs. Mull, Mr. Charles Owens and Mrs. Eleanor Brinkley. It was this year that we welcomed Mr. John L. Johnson as our new principal. Other new teachers were Miss Jane Caudell, Miss Eloise Marlowe, Mrs. Mary Reep, Mr. Leo Brevard, and Mr. H. D. Moretz. Our Junior year brought new activities. The Dramatics Club, the Allied Youth, and a French Club were formed. Our most important task was the sponsoring of the Junior-Senior Banquet. The new 7th and 8th grade teachers for this year were Mr. Ralph Clark, and Miss Beverly Ann McDaniel. Our new teachers were Miss Ada Lee Randall, Mr. I. C. Wilson, Mr. George Wilson, Miss Betty Ann Clement and Mrs. Leo Brevard. Now the great year that we have been waiting for is here and we, as dignified Seniors, take our place of leadership over the lower classmen. We still have on our working caps, trying our best to make our Washington trip a success. The teachers this year are Mr. John Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Barger, Mrs. Braswell, Mr. Brinkley, Miss Clement, Mr. Moretz, Miss Ada Lee Randall, Mr. I. C. Wilson, Mr. George F. Wilson, Miss Anita Ghigo, Mrs. Brevard, and Mrs. Wilson. Our new teachers are Mr. Charles, Mr. Clontz and Mrs. Keller. There are 61 members in the Senior Class. We are each eagerly looking forward to the future with open hearts for new and better opportunities. Some will go to college, while others have other plans such as keeping America going in the wonderful liberties of freedom. May the years to come hold in our hearts a tender spot for the four years we spent at Valdese High School. BY KATHLEEN LOWMAN, Class Historian SENIOR CLASS RING Symbolizing the " Class of 1952” the class ring is gold, set with an oval-shaped blue onyx. Inscribed around the set is " Francis Garrou High School, Valdese.” On one side is the school mascot, the " Tiger,” and on the other side is the Waldensian Monument—thus representing an outstanding symbol of the school and the town. Hands of —KAY SCRUGGS, KENNETH BUMGARNER SENIOR CHARACTERISTICS NAME NICKNAME WEAKNESS WANTS TO BF WILL BE Richard Abee— " Chicken” —Fishing—Army Officer—A Yard Bird. Mary Carolyn Baker— " Mert” —J. R.—Textile Worker—Cotton Picker. Eugene Bridges— " Fat” —Food—Engineer—Tinker Toy Producer. Pauline Bridges— Guess! —Quietness—Farmerette—Milk Maid. Johnny Buff— " Buff” —Arguing—Carpenter—Chip Off the Old Block. Kenneth Bumgarner— " Ken ”— " Nine”—In a Band—In a Jam. Mavis Carpenter— Ask Them —Men—Hairdresser—In the Waves. John Chaney— " Hero” —Sleeping on Class—Coach—Water Boy. Billy Joe Church— " Mousey” —Pestering—Dyer—Dead. Juanita Cline— " Nete” —Giggling—Stenographer—The Boss’ Boss. Barbara Coulter— " Barb” —Temper—Old Maid—Married. Miriam Davis— ”Abby” —Blushing—Secretary—Needing a Refresher Course. Ray Deal— " Willie” —Tardiness—Lawyer—Needing One. Betty Eller— She’ll Never Tell —Drexel—Nurse—A Hypo Squirt. Hubert Ennis— Who Wants to Know? —Two-Finger Typing—Mechanic—Maniac. Benny Evans— " Evvy” —Mixing People Up—Clerk—Jerk. Kern Feimster— " Doc” —Frenchfries—Radio Engineer—Sound Effect. Gene Glasco— We Know! —Girls—Racer—Roller Skate Champion. Sam Glassbrooks— " Snozz” —Loafing—Theater Manager—Pop Corn Boy. Barbara Frazier— " Babs” —Don—Married—Disappointed. Joan Hall— " Lacy” —The Beach—Designer—In Stitches. Hilda Hastings— Ask T. D. H. —T. D. H.—Hairdresser—In Our Hair. Charles Herman— " Potleg " —T. V. Sets—Mechanic—Wind Shield Wiper. Peggy Hutchins— " Hutch” —Athletics—Journalist—Comic Strip Writer. Bertha Icard— " Bert” —Flirting—Teacher—Still Flirting. Ralph Jacumin— " Cook” Baseball—Kennel Owner—In the Dog House. Bill Johnson— H 9 SO — Alma—In An Orchestra—In a Mess. Gay Nell King— " Little Fly” —Richard—Lucky—In Love. Doris Lail— " Dot” —The Army—Stenographer—Office Girl. Omerle Lambert— " Jack” —Cigarettes—Department Store Manager—Sales Clerk. Fred Leger— " Doodie” —Berry’s Store—Agriculturist—Aggravated. Norma Lineberger— " Shorty " —Second Gear—Secretary—Pushing That Pencil. Norma Lester— ? —Florida—Laboratory Technician—Guinea Pig. Kathleen Lowman— " Kot” —Piano—Musician—Piano Tuner. Lorna Lowman— " Who Knows” —Hilderbran—Missionary— " Over There. ’ Betty McCampbell— Ask K. S.! —Soldiers—Telephone Operator—In There Punching. Mary Ann McCarley— " Didder” —Rheumatism—Successful—Housewife. Larry Micol— Guess! —Jean—Doctor—M. D. (Mental Dope). Dare Miller— Ain’t Got One! —Under Weight—W A F—Another Waif. Richard Page— " Worm” —Peggy—Breadtruck Driver—In the Dough. Harold Passmore— " Puse " —Valdese General—All Star—All Shot. Frances Perkins— " Fran” —A Sailor—Lawyer—Bar Maid. Harold Perrou— " Hero” —Reckless Driving—Service Station Owner—Grease Monkey. Steve Perrou— ”T. T.” —Trombone—Journalist—Paper Boy.. Alton Pons— " Punk " —Chemistry?—In College—In Dutch. Eugene Pons— " Pooch” —Pleasing Margaret—Baseball Pro—Bat-Boy. Ruth Rhoney— " Coots” —Athletics—Dressmaker—Seamstress. Beaver Robinette— " Bive” —Saxaphone—Orchestra Conductor—Facing the Music. Kay Scruggs— " Tootie” —Blue Convertibles—Harold’s Wife—His Chauffeur. Jenelle Searcy— " Nell” —A Lenoir Rhyne Student—A Teacher—Teaching Her Six Little Sons. Weeta Searcy— " Weetie” —Height—Nurse—Worse. Bill Smart— " Cowboy” —Books—Patrolman—Another Flat-Foot. Gerald Smith— " Bock” —Rock Station—Reporter—Reported. Sally Smith— " Googie” —Sweetness—Dietition—Starved. Hattie VanHorn— " Bootsie” —Jack—Telephone Operator—Jack’s Boss. Bob Street— " Diesel” —Sally—Physical Ed. Coach—Seal Trainer. Nancy Walker— Nobody’s Business But Her’n —Talking—Interior Decorator—Painting the Town Red. Jerrol Wheeling— Don’t Know, Do You? —Wimmin—Undertaker—Lady Killer. Bob Williams— " Pork " —Tall Tales—Free—Spliced for Life. Ruth Williams— " Ruthie " —Clothes—Model—Walking The Floor. Pat Woods— " Mort” —Looks—Aviator—Up in the Clouds. JOLLY JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Shirley Grisette, Vice-President; Jean Bowman, Parliamentarian; Sylvia Bolick, Treasurer; Dorothy Street, Secretary; Frank Erwood, Parliamentarian; Sam Powell, President. JUNIORS MURIEL BEAM aVENTA BERRY iDWARD BLEYNAT YLVIA BOLICK ROBERT BONNER IE AN BOWMAN LORENE BUFF SARAH BURNS JUNIORS JOHN CALLENDAR ROBBIE COOK CHARLES DEAL EULA MAE DUNCAN FRANCES ENNIS ROBERT LEE ENNIS ANN EPLEY FRANK ERWOOD VICTOR GARROU SHIRLEY GRISETTE ALICE HALLYBURTON CELIA HARRISON SYLVIA HARRISON BETTY SUE HERMAN EDDIE HICE EDWARD HIPPS JUNIORS AZALEE HOYLE LEWIS HUFFMAN ERVIN ICARD HERBERT JACUMIN JERRY KEEVER RACHEL KINCAID LOUISE KING SUE LACHOT LEA VON LAIL MARY LAIL VIRGINIA LAMBERT EARLEEN LARMON RADY LOWMAN .EITH MULL :rrymcCorkle •OROTHY O’QUINN JUNIORS RICHARD OXENTINE BETTY POPE NORMA PASSMORE KENNETH POWELL SAM POWELL ALMA PRESSLEY VOLA PRESSLEY TOMMY QUEEN ELIZABETH RAMSEY JULIA LEE RIBET BOB ROBINSON PEGGY SIMMONS AGNES SMITH NANCY SMITH PAUL SMITH JAMES SOUTHERLAK i JUNIORS DOROTHY STREET HERBERT THUEMMLER BEVERLY TRON LOUISE VERRAULT Y Y I UBY WATSON LARA WHISNANT •ANNY WILLIAMS HERRILL WILLIAMS GEORGE WILSON MACIE WILSON MARSHALS (Left to right) first row : Nancy Smith, Chief Marshall; Shir¬ ley Grisette, Sam Powell. Second row. Catherine Baker and Irvin Icard. UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS School—Without an Anchor. Juanita Cline—Voted most likely to be a senior next year. Gene Bridges—Whiz at typing. Gene Glasco—Quiet type. Joan Hall without Ruth Williams. Ruth Williams with a dirty face. Sam Powell—Short, light and ugly. Bill Joe Church—Brainy and brawny. Jenelle Searcy—Unable to crack a smile. Bob Williams—Cream puff type. Shirley Grisette—Without pencils in her hair. Peggy Simmons—Lena the Hyena. Betty Pope—Without a man. Sue Lachot—With D’s and E’s on her white card. Pat Woods with a crew-cut. Nancy Walker—Spectacle-less. Victor Garrou finishing his book, " My Days at V.H.S. ' Harrison Twins—Speechless. Jimmy Bridges saying " Sorry, I just can’t Charleston. " Louise Johnson calm and collected. Kay Scruggs—Hating blue convertibles. Barbara Coulter—A wall flower. Delon Lambert—Tough and outspoken. Weeta Searcy—Petite. Peggy Hutchins—Afraid to express her opinion. Bobby Robinson—Sleeping on class. Mr. Johnson—Loafing. Nancy Smith—Ill-tempered. Mimi Searcy—In a hurry. George Wilson—No comebacks. Kern Feimster— " Shorty.” Danny Williams—Taking a Charles Atlas course. Beaver Robinette—Saying, Don’t like music! Miss Ghigo—Hot and bothered. LaVaida Cline—Minus men. Betty McCampbell—Studying 5th period. Joanne Annas without Carol Woods. Norma Lester—Hating Florida. A1 Britt—On time. Richard Icard—Without Mom and Dad. Jim Rhoney—Not at R. C. Jimmy Lynn Weir—Not aggravating Juanita. Ted Rhoney—Friendless. Bobby Rector—With his hair combed. Fay Branch—Undignified. Linda Reep—With jet-black hair. Herby Thuemmler—Hating Beverly Tron. Jerrol Wheeling—Woman-hater. Johnny Burns—Not studying Algebra. Allen McClurd—Disliked by girls. Mr. Brinkley and Coach Barger— ' ' Vice-Versa.” Vera Milholen—Not giggling. Pauline Bridges—Shouting. Bertha Icard—Not comical. Frances Perkins—Hating blondes. Mrs. Braswell—Chewing gum on class. Steve Perrou—Without his funny noises. Girls—Standing before a mirror and not primping. Norma Brinkley saying, " But I can’t sing.” Larry Micol—Hating blondes. Richard Page—Hating Peg O’ My Heart. Pooch Pons saying, " Who is Margaret Perrou?” Beverly Tron—Dressed sloppy. Miss Randall—Not getting a good look from the males. Julia Lee Ribet—Disliking music. Sherrill Williams paying attention in class. SILLY. SOPHOMORE S CLASS OFFICERS Seated-. Lillian Vinay, Treasurer; Margaret Perrou, Secretary. Standing-. Shirley Darnell, Vice-President; Raymond Barrett, President. SOPHOMORES JOANNE ABEE JOHNNY ADAMS MARTHA ARNEY RAYMOND BARRET FLETA BENNETT BARBARA BERRY DICKY BOGGS BILLY BRASWELL SOPHOMORES JIMMY BRIDGES NORMA BRINKLEY ELEANOR BUFF GERALDINE BUFFINGTON SUE BUMGARNER ELAINE BURNS JOHNNY BURNS DANNIE KATE BYRD CARLYLE CARTER JEAN CHANEY NORMA CHAPMAN MARTHA CHILDERS VIAXINE CHILDERS FRED CHURCH BETTY COFFEY SHIRLEY DARNELL : jRADY DAY JONNIE DEAL )ONALD DUCKETT :arroll eckard SOPHOMORES I PATSY EPLEY GWENDOLYN GARROU JOAN GOODE ULYSSES GRISETTE REX HARRIS WANDA HARRIS LINDA HICE MARY LOUISE HOLTON BLANCHE HUDSON ELIZABETH HUFFMAN JIMMY HUFFMAN MATTIE HURST YATES ICARD JANIE JACUMIN SHIRLEY JACUMIN RUBY KING GLADYS LAIL DELON LAMBERT BILLY LAUGHRIDGE JO ANN LINGAFELT SOPHOMORES ALFRED LOWMAN VIRGINIA LOWMAN ANNIE MAY HAROLD MARTIN ROY McCAMPBELL SHARON NICHOLS MARGIE PAGE MARGARET PERROU GWENDOLYN PONS OE POTEAT OUGLAS POWELL iLMA PRUETT )URLEEN PRUETT EGGY ROGERS ULL SEAGLE LOENA SETZER IMMY SMART ARLINE SHARPE HARLOTTE SMITH ATSY SPENCER 4 % SOPHOMORES THELMA STAMEY CLYDE TAYLOR JOE TEMPLE SHERRY THOMAS PATSY TREADWAY PATSY TURNER LILLIAN VINAY CAROLE WALKER LEWIS WARLICK PATSY WARLICK CURTIS WELLMON ARDEN WILSON STANLEY WILLIS RICHARD WOODIE CHARLES YANCEY PEGGY ZIMMERMAN tm 0 X f ay = 3x (5) ax +Vy =c ) © .s-x - V x 6 ) = x = ' ?X FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS (First Row) Secretary —Jim Rhoney, Treasurer —Faye Branch. (Second Row) President —Linda Reep, Vice-President —Harry Jensen. FRESHMEN CLIFFORD ABEE GARY ABERNATHY DORIS ALLEN JOANNE ANNAS DONNEY ARNEY BETTY BARNES JOYCE BIVENS LOIS BIVENS FAYE BRANCH ANAISE BRIDGES LTON BRITT i USE BRITTAIN L BROWN it LBARA BUMGARNER l { NELLE CARSWELL I VEVA CHAVIS RLEY CHILDERS ftMY CHURCH U .RY CHURCH VNETH CLINE • AIDA CLINE ; CE CLINE LRY COOK ■ R.LINE COSTNER L COULTER FRESHMEN JERRY CROTTS GARVA DAY ROBERT DEAL JOE DUNCAN BRUCE GLASBROOKS JEAN GREENE NORMA HICE GILBERT HOGAN BETTY HOUSTON CHARLES HUDSON HAROLD HUDSON JACK HUDSON RICHARD ICARD JIMMY JACUMIN HARRY JENSEN BOBBY JOHNSON LOUISE JOHNSON TOMMY KING CLYDE LAIL CARLON LAIL I FAY DEAN LAIL CORINNE LOWMAN NORMAN LOWMAN shirley McGinnis VICTOR MICOL FRESHMEN T RICHARD MOBLEY MARGARET MULL DELANDA OXFORD GARY OWENS DELORES PAGE GENE PAGE MADELINE PASSMORE HARRIET ANN PONS JOE RECTOR BOB RECTOR LARA RECTOR NDA REEP ILEEN RHONEY M RHONEY 2D RHONEY DNNIE ROBINETTE .EN ROBINSON )MMY ROBINSON ANDA ROBINSON ■ 2NNETH SAIN ILDRED SEARCY JTH SHOOK AY SHUPING ORIS SMART UY SMITH FRESHMEN HARLAN SMITH KATIE SMITH WADE SMITH JIMMY SPINKS BETTY STIREWALT JANE STREET AUDREY TAYLOR NANCY THEIRFELD: LYNN WALSH FRANCES WARLICK RICHARD WHISNANT JIMMY LYNN WEIR WILLIAM WILKIE TERRY WILKERSON JANE WILKERSON LUTHER WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS OLIN WILSON P. O. WILSON REGINA WISEMAN CAROL WOODS JIMMY YOUNG GLEN ZIMMERMAN EIGHTH GRADES First Row: Left to Right : Beverly Speagle, Sylvia Pascal, Esther Martin, Emma Sue Harrison, Shelba Jean Maltha, Joyce Calendar, Delores Barus, Carolyn Queen, Rama Jean Whisnant. Second Row: Barbara Franklin, Elsie Mae Abee, Rachel Huffman, Betty Carter, Dorothy Smith, Margaret Smith, Nancy Hudson, Doris Powell. Third Row: Greg Grana, Neverta Eckard, Blenda McGalliard, Alice Burns, Barbara Yates, Bobby Lee, Joe Williams. Fourth Row: Dale Mull, Charles Burns, Harold Huffman, Charles Pons, Jack Cranford, Dean Powell, Cameron Monroe. Fifth Row: Kenneth Lambert, Terris Eller, Johnny Micol, Danny Bridges, Mr. Clarke. First Row; Left to Right: Jack Wilkie, Catherine Donnahue, Sandra Guigou, Jeanette Pons, n n Keever, Lorraine Perrou, Coy Deal. Second Row: Barbara Williams, Shirley Glasbrooks, Reba Robinson, Vera Milholen, Suzanne Can, Jackie Edwards. Third Row: Mrs. Mull, Carol Ann Perrou, Betty Swink, Kaye Powell, Valerie Hendricks, i lie Biddix, Rachel Watson. Fourth Row: Max Lambert, Billy Butler, Tommy Pons, Vernon Piercy, Sammy Eason, Larry It, Billy Brinkley. Fifth Row: Glen Halman, Joe Verreault, Jerry Murray, Bobby Cline, Tommy Lowman. Sixth Row: Paul Beach, Verlon Lail, Charles Smith. SEVENTH GRADES First Row. Left to Right : Myrle Rhoney, Margaret Deal, Judy Humphries, Frances McCentire, Sandra Spencer, Wanda Abee, Myran Oxford. Second Row. Wayne Whisnant, Wayne Smith, Herman Berry, Jack Smith, Ray Robinson, Howard Crotts, Danny Hoyle, Bobby Lingerfelt, Nancy Warlick, Donald Alexander, Derry Frank¬ lin, Harry Dippman, Johnny Zimmerman, Patsy Metcalf. Third Row. Donald Jackson,Norma Epley, Betty Pearson, Evelyn Turmmire, Jerline Lowman, Jerry Hughy. Fourth Row. Edward Taylor, Ray Benfield, Danny Robinette, Patrick Lowman, Clifford Stevens, Mr. Clontz. First Row. Left to Right : Gwendolyn Church, Louise Berry, Elizabeth Goode, Anna O ' Ouinr Joan Michael. Norma Powfn 1 BarnCS ’ Dale Sipes ’ BiIIy Bura Sarner, Jimmy Turner, Jackie Darnel P ird t u R v W ‘ ' rs - Gr c in , Frank Simmons, Carl Long, Barbara Deal, Tommy Poteat. Charles Berry D ° nS Stafkey ’ Carolyn Clark, Gail Rutherford, Rachel Burns, Patricia Gaddy Sixth Row T A r ndSay Haf r? ld ? Ia ’ EI f n f Walker Ed g ar Milholen, Sue Yarborough. Sixth Row. Lambert Carpenter, Oris Starkey, Jack Harris, Joe Cline, Johnnie Reep. MRS. KELLER ' S ROOM First Row: Left to Right: Janice Abernathy, Melva Sain, Martha Johnson, Jewel Wilson, Leon Tredway, James Robinson, Barbara Piercy. Second Row: Mrs. Keller, Virginia Chester, Evelyn Bumgarner, Julius Passmore, Myrlvennie Hipps, Wesley Berry, Patricia Ramsey, Paula Franklin, Lillian Reynolds, Jeannette Berry, Lou Ann Bailey, Jane Oxford. Third Row: Ruby Robinson, Shirley Coats, Edwinia Yancy, Amelis Bridges, Harold Williams, Douglas Robinson. Fourth Row: Harold Barker, Allen McClurd, Iynn Watson, Tommy Wilson, Johnny Lail. 7th AND 8th GRADE CHORUS First Row: Left to Right: Evelyn Bumgarner, Beverly Speagle, Sylvia Pascal, Jeanette Pons, Esther Martin, Shelba Jean Maltba, Rama Jean Whisnant, Carolyn Queen, Delores Barus. Second Row: Lillian Reynolds, Virginia Chester, Shirley Glasbrooks, Joyce Callandar, Bar¬ bara Piercy, Emma Sue Harrison, Dorothy Smith, Coy Deal. . Third Row: Mrs. Barger, Doris Powell, Minnie Biddix, Valerie Hendricks, Jeanette Berry, Paula Franklin, Betty Swink, Betty Carter. „ , _ . XT __ Fourth Row: Nancy Hudson, Barbara Yates, Reba Robinson, Sandra Guigou, Norma Kay Epley, Vera Milholen, Bobby Lee. , _ _ , _. Fifth Row: Alice Burns, Danny Bridges, Blenda McGalliard, Charles Pons, Johnny Micol, Dean Powell, Joe Williams. T , , . .. Sixth Row: Harold Huffman, Terris Eller, Charles Burns, Kenneth Lambert, Dale Mull. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President — Mrs. Kurt Thuemmler, Secre¬ tary —Katherine Jacumin, First Vice President — Mr. Valdo Martinat, Second Vice President— Miss Catherine Dalmas, Third Vice President — Miss Betty Goins. ACTIVITY BUS A gift from the Alumni Association and Merchants Association DoRoTHyStREET Vice- President Bobby 7?o8 a s-on Tre asur t-R, Sal lV Smirn Secretar V No rn a Lester P ftESl DENT Jo AN I T A LINE Joan Hall Sa alev G« ' 5Errc AWyAvN AtcCflRLEY floe WlLUAN S Mrs Saoye BarGBH Sponsor mmsim Sflm Powell Ervin Icaro Frances VeHKitJs Sue LachoT Bob Street CATHERINE A HER f?uTH T? HONEY Freddy Lcger Wr YCV SmiTH !• iins o Fdito l ALLIED YOUTH Joan Hall, Geraldine Buffington, Alice Hallyburton, Sarah Burns, Clara Whisnant, Sherry Thomas, Virginia Lambert, Sylvia Bolick, LaVenta Berry, Muriel Beam, Earline Sharp, Annie May, Ruth Williams, Beverly Tron, Agnes Smith, Julia Ribet, Ann Epley, Deannie Kate Byrd, Ulysses Gris- ette, Victor Garrou, Herbert Thuemmler, Peggy Simmons, Richard Oxentine, Benny Garrou, Mr. Moretz, Omerle Lambert, Hugh Abernathy, Sam Powell, Harvey Abee, Benny Evans, Richard Page. SPOTLIGHTERS Left to Right : First Row. Betty Herman, Sarah Burns, Barbara Coulter, Julia Lee Ribet, Martha Arney, Joan Goode, Norma Linberger. Second Row. Dorothy O ' Quinn, Agnes Smith, Alice Hallyburton, Bobby Robinson Kay Scruggs, Barbara Frazier, Carol Walker, Peggy Hutchins. Third Row. Miss Randall, Hilda Hastings, Bertha Icard, Sherrill Williams, Richard Oxen¬ tine, Charles Deal. Left to Right: First Row. Dorothy Street, Lillian Vinay, Gwendolyn Pons, Celia Harrison, Norma Brinkley, Faye Branch, Elizabeth Ramsey, Dorothy O ' Quinn. Second Row. Miss Clement, Patsy Spencer, Gwendolyn Garrou, Barbara Bumgarner, Carol Woods, Betty Houston, Jane Wilkerson, Joanne Annas, Nancy Theirfelder, Doris Allen, Eliza¬ beth Huffman. Third Row. Shirley Jacumin, Jean Chaney, Barbara Berry, Joan Goode, Martha Arney, Mer- line Costner, Clara Rector, Shirley Darnell, Louise Holten, Patsy Warlick, Leavon Lail, Eula Mac Duncan, LaVaida Cline, Louise Johnson, Linda Reep, Betty Coffey, Sylvia Harrison, Shirley McGinnis. Fourth Row. Azalee Hoyle, Patsy Turner, Anaise Bridges, Mildred Searcy, Blanche Hudson, Carol Walker, Joanne Lingafelt, Anna Lou Abee, Margaret Mull, Harriet Pons. |Hi» THE STATE RALLY WAS HELD IN VALDESE THIS YEAR MIXED CHORUS First Row. Left to Right : Norma Passmore, Madeline Passmore, Bonnie Robinette, Regina Wiseman, Gwendolyn Garrou, Geraldine Buffington, Wanda Harris, Mr. Wilson. Second Row : Elizabeth Huffman, Audrey Taylor, Frances Perkins, Bonnie Deal, Shirley Mc- Ghinnis, Harriet Ann Pons, Anna Lou Abee, Barbara Bumgarner. Third Row: Linda Hice, Frances Ennis, Shirley Darnell, Patsy Treadway, Betty Stirwalt, Carol Woods, Annie May, Norma Brinkley. Fourth Row: Benny Garrou, Steve Perrou, Glen Zimmerman, Sherry Thomas, Mavis Car¬ penter, LaVaida Cline, Shirley Childers, Martha Childers. Fifth Row: Ted Rhoney, Harold Perrou, Hugh Abernathy, Vance Cline, Jerry Crotts, Harvey Abee. _ i, tf m - m | ' w 3 m 1 m : ■ t ' m ' " M , F l. MAJORETTES Left to Right: Faye Branch, Hilda Hastings, Barbara Coulter, Jean Bowman, Mary Lail. 1 JM0 BAND Jane Oxford, David Deal, Johnny Garrou, Kay Sinclair, Phyllis Stilwell, Jimmy Weaver, Billy Ray Wilson, Ann Harris, Margaret Ann Poe, Judy Spencer, Patricia Shuping, Lena Mobley, Sandra Blevins, Donald Franklin, Edward William, Clifford Decker, Billy Brinkley, Joe Clark, Paul Whis- nant, Arnold Lindsay, Bobby Johnson, Doug Squillario, Harry Jensen, Glen Halmon, Kay Powell, Margaret Smith, Robert Deal, Timmy Wilson, Murline Hipps, Neverta Eckard, Elsie Abee, Shirley Coats, Nancy Hudson, Joann Keever, Lorraine Perrou, Beverly Speagle, Gregory Grana, Sammy Eason, Doris Starkey, Barbara Williams, Jeanette Pons, Carolyn Queen, Patricia Ramsey, Paul Settlemyre. First Row —Elaine Burns, Linda Reep, Faye Branch, Beaver Robinette. Second Rou— Steve Perrou, Edward Bleynat, Donald Franklin, Richard Woodie, Jimmy Lynn Wier, Bill Johnson. Third Row —Buzz Long, Louise Johnson, Mr. Wilson. Pianist —Peggy Simmons. t WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC CLUB First Row: Left to Right: Jean Bowman, Ruth Rhoney, Catherine Baker, Sarah Burns. Second Row: Betty Pope, Shirley Grisette, Patsy Turner, Hilda Hastings, Vola Pressley Third Row: Barbara Berry, Alma Pressley, Elaine Burns, Peggy Hutchins. LES AMIS FRANCAIS Left Side (Back row) Freddy Leger, Bob Street, Weeta Searcy. (Front Row) Joan Hall, Sally Smith, Mary Ann McCarley, and Jenelle Searcy. Ribht side (Back row) Miss Ghigo, Norma Lester, Lorna Lov man. (Front row) Frances Perkins, Ruth Williams, and Alton Pons. I m " ■ «MMF «. ■ ' W « «® » mmmm mmmmtj mm» paw aw lP»di,, • • " •- ‘ s« 6ipC «® CHEERLEADERS First Row. Sue Lachot, Hattie VanHorn, Agnes Smith, Margaret Perrou. Second Row —Sherry Thomas, Larry Cook, Louise Johnson. DEBATING CLUB Sylvia Bolick, Julia Lee Ribet, Dorothy O Quinn, Bobby Robinson and Sarah Burns, not pictured. APPRECIATION ! , T e ’ th f Annu al Staff, wish to thank the following people for their kindness and willingness to help us during this year; FIRST AID STAFF (First Row, Left to Right) Sharon Nichols, Sherry Thomas, Patsy Treadway, Jenelle Searcy, and Beverly Tron. (Second Row, Left to Right) Janie Jacumin, Annie May, Ruby King, Margie Page, Juanita Cline, and Miriam Davis. CAFETERIA STAFF Left to Right: Mrs. Minnie Baker, Mrs. Davis Rader, Mrs. John Glasbrooks, Mrs. Essie Leatherman, Mrs. Paul Franklin, Mrs. Onnie Pons, Wilhelmia Singleton. BUS DRIVERS Edward Bleynat, Ralph Jacumin, Kenneth Sain, Louis Warlick, Gene Bridges First Row: Left to Right: Mavis Carpenter, Betty Eller, Betty McCampbell, Dannie K. Byrd. Second Row: Alma Pruett, Jimmy Bridges, Sylvia Bolick, Weeta Searcy, Mr. Brinkley. OFFICE ASSISTANTS First Row: Left to Right: Sally Smith, Dorothy O ' Quinn, Hattie VanHorn, Dare Miller, Miriam Davis. , _ , „ ,, Second Row: Richard Page, Kathleen Lowman, Carolyn Baker, Johnny Butt. Third Row: John Chaney, Bob Street, Lorna Lowman, Edward Hipps, Billy Joe Church. CLUB OFFICERS BAND MONOGRAM CLUB President __ Bob Williams Vice President _ Bob Street Secretary ... Kenneth Bumgarner Treasurer _Danny Williams Parliamentarians —Eugene Bridges, John Chaney ALLIED YOUTH President _ Benny Garrou Vice President... __Sarah Burns Secretary and Treasurer __Muriel Beam F.H.A. President Dorothy Street Vice President _ Lillian Vinay Secretary _Gwendolyn Pons Treasurer _ Celia Harrison BETA CLUB President _Norma Lester Vice President _ Dorothy Street Secretary _ Sally Smith Treasurer _Bobby Robinson SIGMA DELTA PHI President _ Sylvia Bolick Secretary -Sarah Burns DRAMATICS CLUB President -Bobby Robinson Vice President _ Hilda Hastings Secretary __Dorothy O’Quinn Treasurer ___Norma Lineberger WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC CLUB President - Hilda Hastings Vice President ___Kay Scruggs Secretary - Ruth Rhoney Treasurer --- Peggy Hutchins President --Steve Perrou Vice President _ Sue Lachot Treasurer - Shirley Grisette PAPER STAFF Editor-in-chief ___ Kay Scruggs Assistant Editor - Bobby Robinson Sports Editor -Hilda Hastings Humor Editors Richard Oxentine, Barbara Frazier Birthday Column - Bertha Icard Art Editor -Barbara Coulter host, Pound, Wanted - Agnes Smith Barbara Coulter Exchange Editor -Joan Goode Business Manager -Julia Lee Ribet Feature Editors —Peggy Hutchins, Sarah Burns Typists - Norma Lineberger, Chief Barbara Coulter, Assistants Nancy Walker, Assistants Layout Editor -Sherrill Williams Printers -Alice Hallyburton Agnes Smith Charles Deal Reporters -Betty Sue Herman, Carole Walker Martha Arney, Dorothy O ' Quinn Advisor - Miss Ada Lee Randall COACH CHARLES COACH BARGER COACH CLARK MANAGERS Je r ry,,Rhoney, Assistant Manager, Anchor (School Mascot), " Judge” ager, and " Jay Bird” Huffman (standing) Manager. Warlick, Assistant IMsl FOOTBALL TEAM Assistant Manager —Jerry Rhoney (Left to Right) Manager —Louis Huffman; Luther Williams, Douglas Powell, Ulysses Gris- ette, Jerry Wilkinson, Richard Whisnant, Richard Icard, Coach John Charles; ( Second Row, Left to Right) Kenneth Bumgarner, Bueford A bee, Jimmy Rhoney, Ted Rhoney, Clyde Taylor, Vick Micol, Benny Garrou, Kenneth Powell, Coach Ralph Clark. ( Third Row, Left to Right) Kenneth Cline, Kenneth Sain, Gary Owens, Bob Williams, Sam Powell, Eugene Bridges, Edward Hipps, Curtis Wellmon, ( Fourth Row ,Left to Right) Eugene Pons, Gene Glasco, Danny Williams, Har¬ old Passmore, Joe Temple, John Chaney, Bob Street, Richard Page, and Coach Burton Barger. FOOTBALL ACTION SHOTS W rjfy Richard Page Guard Bob Williams Tackle Eugene Bridges Tackle Harold Passmore Tailback Bob Street Center Gene Glasco Center FOOTBALL INDIVIDUALS John Chaney Wingback Kenneth Bumgarner End Eugene Pons End Joe Temple Wingback Sam Powell Guard Danny Williams Fullback FOOTBALL INDIVIDUALS Gary Owens Tackle Jim Rhoney End m: Kenneth Powell Blocking Back 100 POUND FOOTBALL TEAM (First Row, Left to Right) : Jack Wilkie, Terris Eller, Harold Clark, Jack Smith, Jimmy Hatley, Frank Simmons, Tommy Wilson, Tommy Pons. ( Second Row, Left to Right) Harold Btrker, Mr. Clark, Coach; Donald Jackson, Allen McClurd, Harry Jackson, and Jerry Murray. (Third Row. Left to Right) Jack Crawford, Charles Pons, Clyde Baker, Danny Bridges. (Fourth Row, Left to Right) Verlon Lail, Johnny Lail, Bob Cline, and Alton Britt. FOOTBALL SCORES Valdese 12 Valdese 27 Valdese 19 Valdese 19 Valdese 53 Valdese 48 Valdese 13 Valdese 39 Valdese 20 Valdese 28 Cherry Bowl _ Lenoir 0 _ Eikin 6 ___ Hudson 6 _ Spruce Pine 6 _ Boone 7 _ Newton Conover 12 _ Wilkesboro 7 _ Granite Falls 12 Rutherford-Spindale 19 _ Taylorsville 6 Valdese 7 Cherryville 32 MONOGRAM CLUB Bob Williams Bob Street Kenneth Bumgarner Danny Williams John Chaney Clifford Abee Edward Abee Conley Benfield Edward Bleynat Gene Bridges Kenneth Cline Edward Hipps Lewis Huffman Delon Lambert Larry Micol Victor Micol Gary Owens Richard Page Harold Passmore Alton Pons Kenneth Powell Joe Temple bam Powell Eugene Pons Ralph Jacumin Jerry Wilkinson Jim Rhoney Ted Rhoney Gene Glasco Coach Charles Coach Clark Coach Barger COACH BURTON BARGER came to Valdese High School in the fall of 1947 to begin his coaching career. He came to Valdese direct from Lenoir Rhyne College where he gradauted with a major in physical education. Coach Barger hails from China Grove, N. C., and it was there that his participation in athletics began. While in high school he lettered in baseball, basketball and football. After two and one-half years at Lenoir Rhyne, where he played baseball and football, Coach Barger served in the army air corps for four years. He returned to Lenoir Rhyne in January 1945 and played two more seasons of baseball, being voted on the all-state team both years. He ended his last football season in 1946 by being elected captain and also the most outstanding player on the team. Since coaching at Valdese his football teams have come through with an outstanding record. Out of the 54 games played, they have won 40, tied 6 and lost 8. Valdese was honored for Mr. Barger to be a coach at the Optimist Bow! this year. BOYS IN OPTIMIST BOWL We were honored to furnish three players and a coach for Optimist Bowl Game this year. JOHN CHANEY BOB STREET HAROLD PASSMORE BOB WILLIAMS For the first time in ten years Valdese was represented in the Shrine Bowl. This outstanding player and honor student is also on the All State line-up. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL First Row: Left to Right: Shirley Gru“tte, Hilda Hastings, Peggy Hutchins, Ruth Rhoney, Vola Pressley. Second Rote: Sarah Burns, Betty Pope, Elaine Burns, Patsy Turner, Jean Bowman, Mr. Barger. Third Row: Barbara Berry, Cathrine Baker, Margaret Perrou, Lillian Vinay, Bertha Icard, Manager. Betty Pope Forward Peggy Hutchins Forward BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS ■nHHMHi iiiS. ' --V Sarah Burns Guard Vol a Pressley Guard Ruth Rhoney Guard Barbara Berry forward Elaine Burns Forward Hilda Hastings Guard Catherine Baker Guard Patsy Turner Guard BOY ' S BASKETBALL (First Row, Left to Right) Dannie Williams, Gary Owens, Edward Bleynat, Edward Abee, Eugene Pons, Kenneth Cline. ( Second Row, Left to Right) Coach John Charles, Rayomnd Barrett, Delon Lambert, Kenneth Sain, Douglas Powell, Harold Passmore. Edward Bleynat Forward Eugene Pons Center Harold Passmore Guard Edward Abee Forward BASKETBALL ACTION SHOTS Gary Owens Center Raymond Barrett Guard Delon Lambert Forward Danny Williams Guard Kenneth Cline Guard Lewis Huffman Manager GIRL ' S SOFTBALL TEAM First Row: Left to Right : Jean Bowman, Vola Pressley, Ruth Rhoney, Sarah Burns. Second Row: Catherine Baker, Shirley Grisette, Elaine Burns, Peggy Hutchins, Hilda Hastings. BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Left to Right: Kenneth Bumgarner, Joe Temple, Eugene Pons, Alton Pons, Harold Passmore. Second Row: Mr. Barger, Rex Harris, Ray Shuping, Conley Benfield, Ralph Jacumin. Third Row: Kenneth Cline, Gary Owens, Delon Lambert, Louis Huffman, Manager. % ■m- w jm:. - ■ -,:, % ■■■ .. « ■ QUEEN OF HEARTS JENELLE SEARCY Sponsored by Les Amis Francais HOMECOMING SPONSORS SALLY SMITH Sponsored by Bob Street MARGARET PERROU Sponsored by Eugene Pons JEAN BOWMAN Sponsored by Larry Micol JOAN HALL Sponsored by Gene Glasco KAY SCRUGGS Sponsored by Bob Williams HILDA HASTINGS Sponsored by Gene Bridges SARAH BURNS Sponsored by John Chaney VALDESE LIONS CLUB CITIZENSHIP AWARD YESTERDAY ... HAS MANY MEANINGS TOWN HISTORY The town of Valdese was settled in 1893 by Waldensians who came from northern Italy, dose to the French border. Many people believe that the Waldensians came to America because they were persecuted by the Catholics, but that is not true. It is true that the Waldensians, ever since Peter Waldo established their religion in the 12 th century, were persecuted for hundreds of years, but that had stopped long before they came to this country. The primary reason why they left their homes in the old country was because of over-population. Some Waldenses came in contact with the Morganton Development Company. Finding that land could be bought cheaply, some deeded to move. The first group, consisting of eleven families, left the old country in the spring of 1893. The second group of more than fifty families left in the fall of the same year. When they reached Valdese, there was no town or depot, and they were in a new, strange country, among strange people, who spoke a language they could not understand. The eleven families, who had come in the spring, had made a crop. They had also constructed a big wooden building and a few small shacks. Most of the new comers stayed in the big building. Although they were crowded, no one complained. The first thing the) did was to start a saw-mill. Everyone helped to cut timber, log it to the mill, and saw it up into lumber. They built a big oven for a community bakery. One family would tend to the baking one day, and another family woidd do the work the next day. They started crops. The next year a church of stone was built and a wooden building for a school room. Soon the community grew, but the Waldenses discovered that they were not much better off than they had been in the old country. One day Francis Garrou and his brother John (Bo-bo) were talking and agreed that they should have some kind of industry if they were to progress. They went to Newton, Catawba County, and later to Manning, South Carolina, to work in the hosiery mill and to learn about the machinery and business. The first mill was made of timber cut from nearby farms and covered with corrugated metal. It employed twenty persons. The need for delivery of yarn caused a depot to be built by the railroad. A new bakery was built and the bread sent all over the state. Gradually the little shacks gave way to better homes and the thriving community grew and developed. Today we enjoy the benefits and blessings of the following institutions and industries. Churches of various denominations. The Public Library. The Community Center. The U. S. Post Office. The Valdese News. Colonial Theater. The Northwestern Bank. Valdese Building and Loan. Waldensian Baking Company. The Textile Plants. The Hosiery Plants. SCHOOL BOARD MR. A. GRILL Mr. Grill has served on the School Board for forty-three years. MR. L. P. Guigou Mr. Guigou has served on the School Board for thirty-three years. CnArm . axt Schooi. or Waldens , Valdes . N C. HOW VALDESE LOOKED IN 1894 The large building was the first church and school. VALDESE IN 1952 At.DF.XSIAM ClISJ.DSES AXt Tf ACHES, VaI.DESE, N, C. FIRST SCHOOL AND TEACHER o . v a a c T « i 2 h a i o -a u g v a — 2 2 2 a zr. 3 J w i 4 — U 3 U Hi " |c=S . ' SgaelTtf.i Ph cj rn 2 T G 9 s- — V5 .S 3 ' 5S ?2 5l sj S " -S oh t- —Q-« q- 2 ' 3- I bS-s e- ' ° S u s :C g-rfi _ o 2 5 5 c (2 | -2 « C(£ " • -5 .J3 Q 3 S 3 O O C S «u . 3 o— u_i i-J « u • » 53 T! -.SP_tt 2 8 a‘ 3 H 3 Ooiw o - 6 oO- h 2 £ " c3 3 c s.SiK % v - 3 ' l c r h Q „ r ®gw 33 --« o i— 0—5 ” «. « %x c M ’—» O — r »- ' hr r-Pn w cO « i 3 Z :r O L LU .0 O _ c cd .fa . - uT J G p b )G 3 u , 3 . “ g g £ « „ G u X C 4 -T « Z 1 o - 2 0 S 2 ' c Q 3 -a-g« « C rh cq “ .£ -T) c ’g 04 0 3 ,5 § j= « = e- 2°c3 o ;r ‘s h - »S CQ X) o Pi u G L O ‘S 2 3 : oo .5 « G X 1 Q r f do a —1 S u — .y _; rt L — • , — 1 — fe .a? | £ 8 0 2 — « Ch CTI " .” 1 h w a Ch 5 rt .04 ■ ■ . C o ♦ -1 c 2 E £w 3 • b -, 5 4 bS««(£ jj l 5 X n cd rs oj 2 Hp5. G v. U Ci c k Cr: 5 h -«55 uy JC U. fo Sr? o « U O z — Lh 04 h-) 1 “-rS oS «r?. " G C 3 5 P LAYING CORNER STONE OF PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOW FIRST BAKERY THIS IS THE NEW ADDITION OF OUR MODERN BAKERY ONE OF THE FIRST HOMES {The First Manse ) WALDENSIAN DRESS TOWN AND FIRST DRUG STORE This picture was taken as the present Elementary School was being constructed. ■ ■ ON E OF TH E FIRST CARS One of the first Automobiles to appear in Valdese was the Hupmobile touring car. Men are Frank Pascal, left, John Refour and Albert F. Garrou (with cap) at right. John Garrou (Bo Bo), Mrs. Italia Mourglia Pons, Mrs. A. Grill, Mr. A. Grill, Clementine Perron. WALDENSIAN HOSIERY MILL Starting Operation —1901 Notice Improvements WALDENSIAN HOSIERY MILL— 1904 .. .. In the beginning, there were timbers cut from nearby farms and covered with corrugated metal . . Thus the first building of Waldensian Hosiery Mills. THE FOUR MODERN PLANTS OF WALDENSIAN HOSIERY MILLS PRESENT WALDENSIAN MILL OFFICE FIRST VALDESE JAIL It Stood for 30 Years and No Waldensian Was Ever a " Guest. ' ' YA L DE-SE, (ZOMM N TY ClBhtT R £ ' OA 7 £T £a?Pz. o YP£:.s , ££ v s Co up £ " s o v vy ,3u £5 Af ' A f v A ' V Cj A o O J if f fA A O CJ U,’ SOi ' V - M tf ' 1 . - 5 GIRL ' S BASKETBALL TEAM Twenty-five years ago (Left to Right) Dorothy Morgan, Bell Cline, Bessie Grisette, Campbell, Flora Lowman, Goldie Smith, Edith Brinkley, Ethel Powell, Mr. Howard, Coach. a —i W Mfil f; " Hr W f lij3 RxlifSi TODAY. . . BOY ' S BASKETBALL TEAM Twenty-five years ago (Left to Right, front row) John Simpson, Ray Simpson, Grady Stilwell, Gene Campbell, (Left to Right, Second Row) Wayne Owens, Lester Cline, Hobart Berry, Sam Powell, Horace Bolide, Mr. Howard, Coach. TODAY.. . . TOWN BASEBALL TEAM-1926 (First Row, Left to Right) : Lefty ' ’ Jenkins, Louie Copeland, Carolus Cline, Ray D. Caldwell Glenn Ramsey, Branch, Bub Blair. (Second Row, Left to Right) Albert Garrou, Ervin Berry, Err- sM ttm SNAPSHOTS SsSSES " «Wniiii«] teW jS«i»a§@» ®gaS8B ? m wm SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS SNAPSHOTS ENJOY GIBSON ' S ICE CREAM TODAY -ft ENJOY PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. Hickory, N. C. Shelby Sporting Goods “Finest in Athletic Equipment” Zll N. Lafayette St. Dial 5141 Shelby, N. C. Sporting Goods Foul Crymes, Inc. 415 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, N. C. Compliments of Miller Knox Company Wholesale Grocery “Best of Dixie Lily Flour” VRLDESE WEAVERS, IflC. Compliments of THE STYLE SHOP BELH-BROOIDf c o m p r n y ☆ “A Good Place To Buy Your Dresses and Shoes At Cut Rate Prices " Phone 74 Valdese, N. C. Phone 293 VALDESE, N. C. Tim vam i;si: .1 i;wi:i.iiv moki ✓ Valdese ' s Oldest L eadlng Jewelers P. O. Box 117 Phone 109-W ☆ (Sompllmenti oj Compliments of the NORTHWESTERN BANK DOLLV " The Bank of Friendly Service " Hosiery Mill, Inc. ☆ ☆ Phone 105 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of mnnuFftCTURino compmtY Pilot Full Fashion Mills, Inc C ompiimenti o Waldensian Hosiery Mills Valdese Furniture Store Compliments of WALDENSIAN BAKERIES INCORPORATED ☆ SUNBEAM BREAD AND CAKES A. D. FARM SUPPLIES Farm Equipment —- Hardware — Home Appliances ✓ ✓ ✓ Sporting Goods VALDESE, NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ☆ GARREEN’S JEWELERS ☆ QUALITY JEWELRY TO THE MOST IMPROVED BOY AND GIRL SENIOR OF VALDESE HIGH SCHOOL Ljamen J CREDIT JEWELERS WILL AWARD AN ELGIN WATCH " This will be an Annual Affair " Francis Louise FULL FflSHIOn miLLS, inCORPORRTED ☆ BRINKLEY LUMBER COMPANY “Everything to Build With” Builders Supplies PHONE 20 VALDESE, N. C. Compliments of . . Laundry L Dry Cleaning Company PHONE 400 VALDESE, N. C. KIRKSEY COMPANY Compliments of Furniture — Hardware Electrical Appliances WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Radios — Plumbing Dick Pons, Owner Phone 62 Valdese, N. C. Phone 108 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of Powell’s Furniture VALDESE SANDWICH SHOP Gift Shop Phone 256 “Gifts and Household Furnishings ” VALDESE, N. C. Phone 40-W Valdese, N. C. Compliments of Waldensian Market Ph one 76 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of VALDESE FLOWER SHOP “Flowers Wired Anywhere ” Phone 199 Day or Night Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS Phone 110 Valdese, N. C. ROCK DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists Phone 49 Valdese, N. C. City Radio Tire Company COLONIAL SODA SHOP Your B. F. Goodrich Store TELEVISION SERVICE Phone 290 Valdese, N. C. VALDESE, N. C. Burn ' s Meat Market Compliments of Phone 81 BE WISE BUY WISE “CORBETTS CLOTHIERS” AND ECONOMIZE Valdese. N. C. Compliments of H 8 J MOBIL SERVICE STATION Martinat Hosiery Mills, Inc. PHONE 220 VALDESE, N. C. Valdese, N. C. Compliments of CASTLE’S CAFE Compliments of RUTH’S BEAUTY SHOP Valdese, N. C. Phone 136 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of Brinkley Hardware and Furniture Co. People’s Drug Store Hardware - Electrical Appliances B. P. S. Paints Phone 16 Valdese, N. C. Phone 277 Valdese, N. C. Little Man ' s Grocery " FRANK AND TUDE " Compliments of Grocery, Meat, and Feeds IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP Phone 254 Valdese, N. C. Phone 95 Valdese, N. C. Your Friendly Shopping Center BENLEE’S DEPARTMENT STORE VALDESE, N. C. ☆ Compliments of COLONIAL THEATER City Market Cr Grocery Quality Eats Quality Meats You Call — We Deliver Phone 104 Valdese, N. C. ☆ Compliments of Phone 97 Valdese, N. C. A FRIEND " Apparel That Appeals " The Dress Shoppe Miss Myrtle Carpenter, Owner Phone 72 Valdese, N. C. Valdese Hardware Co., Inc. Hardware Furniture Frigidaire Appliances Plumbing Building Materials Maritta Paints Phone 237 Valdese, N. C. Compliments of Service Barber Shop THE MEN ' S SHOP " Where The Tigers Buy Their Clothes AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS cJyCr ' •u JL CynJ J c[s(r St r Ou-i, yULCJL- ° " r AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS UV u w b y f - „ j- , 0 j " ■ y $s vyL t yr) . vi 4 jn o. {nrr ' y r ' ' nr7 y- ' ' ? ' 73 AUTOGRAPHS A a -) Aj- yu j£+-. C ' H-t AcH x. guc €L- - 4i £j£cg A - " ‘ ■ U) 7 e . A JJL Ct xJjL hjL S- a S ' £ h £L JU± X 4« za . s- ° T Aa_ ' CxlA jL k OLn L J AM j co A hS-L -A-J l V 4 - - ,, . ' • M . J, jif ■ ;■- • ‘nZZtJi - 0 J -OytA 4 4 ft vt ' ( ' A 0 i -jlX ALj p 4 «s ' - t - fp- 0£«+i pfist jj ? AUTOGRAPHS X AUTOGRAPHS O’ " . V • •■ A C eJT • fS A ' ' Vv x r v , f V y s - X A At- ejt ■ ' " V x -v:, ' Wm wm. |RNC RNC 371.897 Valdese ; The Impersonator: Valdese High School Y 33557004136750 ref The Impersonator: Valdese High School Y RNC371.897 Valdese 11 16 17

Suggestions in the Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) collection:

Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 97

1952, pg 97

Francis Garrou High School - Impersonator Yearbook (Valdese, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 64

1952, pg 64

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