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THIS IS THE STORY 0F OUR SCHODL LIFE Presented by the Semor Class of Froncesville High School L R F y our c ool Life began and now the last chapters of this story are belng rapldly filled Now, these years, though scarce begun, are soon to end For their guidance through these four years we are ln debted to our parents and Mr Lawrence, our sponsor We the class of 57 do gratefully dedicate thus, our yearbook to them our years ago the Stor of S h I J 1 ' ' K , 1 5 f .' Q u x N x R, ' : if ' - ' ' ' ' 'xi . . l . ' ' f , . A , . 1 '1 'fr-. -' LQ, 11 "I-QA - ' x X' f - 'V' . . X -, AA x 1- ,f , ,Max ,,,,, X , . k', 1.,,g,gwr1'.gs,Usxx xx' .L .g x 2721 l-+343 3,21 I fy .wx X X. x Xe 4 ',,'gQ:,f4Lv,-Pix 'xxx . , lf",i xZf"i'F" ' ,' it X ' ' X? 1 -. . gr ,.,,.,,g 1, V, xx s , Zx2Ki"?"t-,-.Q 'Nur 'lx .g X- x,-:A -' V. ' -l.'4i.'f'1'i"l-Q-J... 74-K. ' ' is .. 2' . . . . , y . . I . fig u Teachers 4, ,, TOP ROW Mlss Hlggnns Engllsh Mrs Webster Commerce Mr Port Sevenfh and Enghth Grade Mr Childs Coach and Math Mr Cords Snxth Grade Mrs Sears Third Grade Mr Humphrey Fvfih Grade SECOND ROW Mass Owens Farsi Grade Mrs Maller History and Phy Ed Mr Ehrlnch Muslc and Art Mrs Koster Second Grade Mrs Humphrey English and Latin THIRD ROW Mrs Robunson Furs? Grade Mrs Brlfewelser Home Economics Mr Lawrence Agrucullure and Shop Mr Carlson Prlncnpal Miss Rlggs Fourth Grade County Supf Trustee nk Ks G W Gerlchs Ross Nelson 4 all jf' J . 1 .X t , x 9 ' - up 1 . . . . - . - - . ' I ' I ' I . - , . - , . - , . - . : - , . - . ., . ' - . . - , . - . : . Q - . I ' " I ' ' ' , . - , - I . I 5 I v X so if Q . 1 , ,f eeyr ., ,kr fi ' my - 2 .Sf ' 'liitifgih I I l Annual Staff All TOP ROW Donna Downs Janet Lnnback Carol Vogt Ruta Lowry Carol Swmg Jo ce Jordan Kathy Honegger Ruth FOX Carol Rogers Karen Cords MIDDLE ROW John Fusher Don Ledford alph Byroad Phll Gutweln Fred Manson Rnchard Wendt Don Davls Harold Bexswanger Jnm Ramey BOTTOM ROW Mr Lawrence sponsor Joe Moncel Shesla Tom Max Kruger Norman Querry Student Council 1-.J Q svn, A .Q TOP ROW Carol Swmg Martha Davns Denms Orr Fred Monson Joe Moncel Tommy Boehmng Judy Overmon Lmda Swnng MIDDLE ROW Roberta Lemon Janet Walters Davnd Boehmng Kathy Honegger Rugh Fox Bar laara Fnelds Ronald Gutwenn BOTTOM ROW Betty Wuethrnch Davns Von Holton Sammy Bumbalough Jummy Ehrlnch Dnona Harung Gregory Byrd Mr Carlson J f 1 Q C s W 1- S' a M Q K I Q f V' f I 5 5 , , 4 f ., 2 f gel, - ,' , 1 'Kr 4 1 - l xqt 1 ' V ' - J , 3135- t r..,, Q '. ' sf. . A ll l Tr l 2-m . 'Yi 1 K 11" . 5 vt K if Ki K Q 3. at I, 6, .. ' L - 4, ' . " K AX K . K K 3 QA 2 . ' , , ' K 1 ' , E , K , 1 K I K' K 5 K 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 I ' l - 1 , I I I ' . I D - f- - 1 ..- is b xi A X .. K K K . KK KK KK K . , K5 .- J, A , ' " Q W! .SMKKK KK 'KK ,Q 1 K- K K 'B Ll 1 I 1: ::' "' - 52 , . 5 -, . - ft , gf sw. l , f. , - . C , 'I 1 - f 1 f :L 1 I ' t- sz .1 -1' K A , ,K . : 6 I , . I ' I A g Q H K K K, W' AZ. X ' N K K K : . I l I A I . IA I I l I I ' l 1 :K I 1 IK ' 1 I I 1 1 1 I I I ' ' ' ' ' l PrincipaI's Message Class after class, I watch young men and women complete high school, which was an ad venture of some magnitude when they contemplated it from the eighth grade, and step across the boundary of graduation to a bigger adventure full of excitement and new loys and sorrows In this yearbook, you mark the boundary by looking once backward before turning ahead with hope and courage l voice the prayer of all your teachers and friends when I say that the future can be bright understanding, wisdom which with God s help will guide you faithfully toward achievement of the best and most enduring treasures of life Never lose courage or hope, but with confidence in the truths you have learned add accomplishments to accomplishment Never fail rn applying to new tasks all the industry and determination of which you may be capable, seeking only the goals of lustice, mercy and peace Class after class, I would voice this prayer but to yours especially as the Class of 1957 Sincerely I if you build on the finest you have been taught. From knowledge grows understanding and from J Q t. Flower American Beauty Rose Left to Rrghf Treasurer Secretary Presudent Reporter Vice Pres Motto Out of the Harbor into Deep Channels fl Richard Wendt Karen Cords Shella Tom Ruta Lowry Max Kruger Colors Blue and Wlnfe ,- ex, K x. .1 . Y ',f . , .-. ... on -1. -. 0.0 ... ..- .Q can MARSHA BYRD "Nice things come in short packages." Class Reporter l01 Annual Staffg Cheerleader 95 Cheering Block ll,I2p SSS 9,'l0,ll,'l2, lRecording Secretary lOl. HAROLD BEISWANGER "He who invented work should have finished it." FFAIO,l1,l2, Nice-President Il,l2lg Stage Manager lli 4'l"l 9,'l0,l2i Chorus ll. "5 :QQ . YI! fs. Q.-16 KAREN CORDS "Quietness-o virtue in a woman" Class Secretary-Treasurer 105 Class Secretary 'I'l I2 Class Play H5 Annual Steffi Cheering Block ll. I RALPH BYROAD "Love me, love my dogs." Class Play 'Ili Chorus ll. DONNA DOWNS "l'm no angel." 4-H 9,'l0"ll,l25 Softball Team 9,105 SSS 9,125 Chorus 95 Cheering Block l2, fSec.-Treas. l2lp Annual Staff. DON DAVIS "Who's the phantom who writes 'Tee Hee Snort?' " Basketball 9,'I0,Hg Baseball 9,I0,11g Class Play lli Class Reporter IO: Annual Staff. JOHN FISHER "I was born fired and never recovered." 4-H 9,1o,11,12. RUTH Fox "There's something abou! her-Oh, ir's Jiml" 555 9,10,11,12, fsgf.-Arms 10, Carr. Sec. 111i5fu- dent Council 11,12, QSec. 1115 Annual Staffg Cheer- leader 10,11,12i 4-H9,10,11, fSec.15 Band 9,107 Junior Play fpromprerl. Al ,, .K I PHIL GUTWEIN "Work foscinafes him-he can sir and look af it for hours." Basketball 9,105 Track 113 Junior Playp Chorus 10, 11.12. KATHY HONEGGER "Hand me my diploma and step aside." sss 9,1o,1i 12, lReporver 1o, R... se.. 11,1215 sf..- denf Council 9,11,12, fReporfer 1115 Annual Staffg Cheering Block 11,125 Cheerleader 9,10. MAX KRUGER "Oh 'fis a plague io be handsome." Vice-President 123 4-H 9,10,11,l2g FFA 10,11,12, fTreas 1011 Pres 121' Junior Pla ' Chorus ll: - , , f 1 Yr Annual Staff, JANET LINBACK "Calm, Cool, and abou! to be collected." Junior Playg Annual Staff. r' WW- " ' 41 1 3? JOYCE JORDAN "A smile for every girl, Two for every boy." 4-H 9,10,11,12, fPres. 121, Cheering Block 11,12 Annual Staff, Junior Leader 9,11,12. FRED MANION When asked what to put beneath his picture Kathy said, "Well he's a star basketball player!" Basketball 9,1O,11,12, Baseball 1O,11,12, Track 10, Annual Staff, Junior Play, Student Council 1O,11,12 CAROL ROGERS "How can you doubt those big brown eyes?" Junior Play, Annual Staff. JOE MONCEL "His days are spent in arguments, his nights in planning them." Basketball9,1O,11,12, Baseball 9,10,11,12, Track 10, Junior Play, Class Treasurer 11, Student Council 125 Annual Staff 12, RITA LOWRY "She didn't let books interfere with her education." Class Reporter 12: 4-H 9,1O,11,12, CSec. 9,10,11,12 Junior Leader 9,10,11,121, Cheering Block 11,12 SSS 9,1O,11,12j Junior Play, Annual Staff, Chorus 11 12. DON LEDFORD "Makes every Civics class a slumber party." Junior Play, Chorus 11: 4-H 9,10,11, FFA 9,10,11 Qsec. 121, Annual Staff, I NORMAN QUERRY "UnI1and me girls, I'm a boy scout." Basketball 9,105 Baseball 9,105 Track 9,105 Band 9, 10,115 Chorus 9,105 Junior Play5 Student Council 115 Annual Staff. CAROL SWING "Her days are spent in soothing Joe, her nights in planning how to do it." SSS 9,10,11,12, fVice-Pres. 1215 Student Council 10, 11,125 lVice-Pres. 10, Pres. 11,1215 Cheering Block 11,125 Cheerleader 105 Junior Play5 Annual Staff. JIM RAMEY "When I'm not near the girl I love, I love the girl I'm near." Student Council 95 Basketball 9,1O,11,12, lStudent Manager 1215 Junior Play5 4-H 9,1O. SHEILA TOM "She is never at a loss of something to say." Band 9,10,11,125 Cheering Block 11,125 SSS 125 Jun- ior Play5CIass Reporter 95 Class Pres. 11-125 Annual Staff. RICHARD WENDT "Most handsome men are conceited, but I'm not." Basketball 9,10,11,125 Baseball 9,1O,11,125 Track 105 Junior Play5 Vice-Pres. 10,115 Treos. 12. CAROL VOGT "You can agree with her, get mad at her, but you can't help but like her." Cheering Block 11,125 Band 95 SSS 10,11,125 Annual Staff5 4-H 95 Junior Play5 Chorus 9. Class Prophecy As three classmates of 58 fall nlnety mne years young were gathered around the medium during the seance concentrating very hard to conlure up the past a fllmy shape suddenly maternalozed causing us to blmk rapidly We saw there a man dressed ln a ludge s robe standing before us Why It was JOE MONCEL of the class of 57' He began speaking slowly nn a deep solemn vouce saying Why dad you call me back from the dead? We called you back to mqunre of the members of the class of 57 What happened to them? What accomplushments did they GCIWISVC7 Well sand Joe Francesvslle wall never forget us We were one of the most remarkable classes ever to graduate For Instance HAROLD BEISWANGER became a wealthy landowner He developed many new farmmg tools which greatly Increased the Iensure tlme of a farmer MARSHA BYRD dad own a huge cham of barber shops across the world KAREN CORDS was the owner of hundreds of frozen custard establishments DON DAVIS became the foremost racung druver of all time wnnmng the Indlanapolls 500 twelve times drnvmg hrs own car the Davis Special DONNA DOWNS became prlvate secretary to the Kung of England At thus pomt he faltered We all chanted Go onll Go onll JOHN FISHER who owned o farm In Beaver townshnp and discovered uranium on his land retired a wealthy man at the age of twenty two RUTH FOX became a third grade teacher and won Teacher of the the mlllmg lndustry In Francesvllle to an alltlme hugh Rear Admiral FRED MANION and his secretary wufe KATHY HONEGGER while enloynng theur second honeymoon ln 2003 went down with the ship U S S Plahomla off the coast of Hawau JOYCE JORDAN was a meducal Mlsslonary In the wllds of the Dark Contment MAX KRUGER ascended to the peak of stardom ln Hollywood At thus time JOE lost has volce momentarily and then contlnued saynng DON LEDFORD and RALPH BYROAD became co-partners of OLD CROW was worn out JANET LINBACK and CAROL VOGT were authors of the artncle thoroughly explained was The reason why teen agers hate Pelvls Esly RITA LOWRY was a dress designer whose creations set the trend for the ages to come Speaking of sports RICHARD WENDT became a pltcher for the Brooklyn Bums taklng bug Newk s place and JIM RAMEY became student manager for the Harlem Globe Trotters CAROL SWING was a graceful model for RITA LOWRY S Deszgns Inc SHEILA TOM was solo paamst for the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra CAROL ROGERS became a noted dental hygenlst for the skalled dental surgeon EARL MOORE Jr son of the great EARL MOORE Sr The last of the Semors of 57 was NORMAN QUERRY proprietor of the mortuary whuch had taken care of all his class members Joe paused took a deep breath and sand I hope I have gnven you a good and complete report on what our class of 57 accomplished and achieved Then an a twmklung of an eye he vanished as qulckly as he had appeared We left the seance wlth a satlsfned feeling that we had secured a complete record of what the class of l957 had been an their Ilfe time Wrltten and Durected by MARILYN KRUGER DENNIS ORR TOM BOEHNING 13 1 , I 1 - , 1 J 1 1 . 1 . , , . 1 . I I 1 t I p ll fl ' ll I ' 1 . 1 g 1 1 . 1 1 fl . ll DI. Year Award" in I989. PHILIP GUTWEIN was the proprietor of the Gutwein Milling Company. He expanded . . . yy . . . . ll I ll . I ' , It . ' ll . ' ll T I - l , v I 'I I 1 0 ' U ' . 4. . . I I I I - - H - . . . . Class Wsll We the members of the Sensor Llass ot I'rancesvslIe Hsgh School sn thss year of our Lord Nsneteen Hundred and Fsfty Seven, do hereby declare ourselves to be of sound msnd body and spsrst not besng under the sn fluence of any person drug or lsquor of any ksnd d solemnly bequeath these our most prszed and chersshed possesssons to the under graduates of Francesvslle Hsgh School To the JUNIOR CLASS we leave the memory of besng the class that got away wsth everythsng sncludsng eatsng a snack dursng school electson You re the last to fund out aren t you Mr Carlson? To the SOPHOMORE CLASS we leave our power to get along fsne wsth all our teachers To the FRESHMAN CLASS we leave our abslsty to get out of class most of all seventh persod study hall To Mr CARLSON we bequeath four more wonderful secretarses and the pleasure of worksng wsth our class sf that ss what you call st, especsally after the lsttle pep talkslllll To Mr LAWRENCE we bequeath another outstand sng Sensor Class to sponsor To Mr CHILDS we bequeath three more outstandsng athletes who wsll trasn follow orders and get along wsth hsm To Mrs MILLER we bequeath another very good Csvscs class and then too some more very hard worksng Sunshsners To Mr PORT we bequeath another wonderful class to start offllll Thanks To Mrs WEBSTER we bequeath another good Typsng Il class and Bookkeepsng class To Mrs BREITWEISER we bequeath a few more sn To Mrs HUMPHREY we bequeath another large Sensor Englssh class and a few more people to make up her ssxth persod study hall I HAROLD BEISWANGER wsll the rsght not to go steady wsth any gsrl whsle sn hsgh school to John Johnson and the rsght to sung Hound Dog perched on top of a shop bench to Robert Von Holten I RALPH BYROAD the able bodsed sensor that I om wsll the rsght to contradsct any teacher at any tsme to Donald Huffman and the rsght to go steady to my ssster Jean I, MARSHA BYRD wsll my quset bashful ways to Vscky Gunnerson and my hesght to Judy Overman I KAREN CORDS wsll my quset ways to my ssster Mary Lou and my abslsty to be the only gsrl sn o Latsn class of two to Bonnse Long I, DON DAVIS wsll the rsght to stay out of trouble to Donald Gutwesn and my front seat sn Government class to anyone who thsnks they can fsll st I DONNA DOWNS wsll the natural color of my hasr to Lsnda Swsng also my abslsty to work sn the offsce to anyone who doesn t know what they re gettsng snto I JOHN FISHER wsll the rsght to be the only sen sor who dsd not wrste a wsll But John we wrote stll I RUTH FOX do hereby wsll my abslsty to have slumber oartses to anv underclassman whose parents H are heavy sleepers and my abslsty to be cheerleader for three years to an anonymous person I PHILIP GUTWEIN, wsll my trappsng abslsty to Jeff Johnson and what Isttle hasr I have left after studysng so hard to Donald Huffman I KATHY HONEGGER wsll the rsght to go wsth the same boy for two years to Lsnda Boehnsng and to Carol LaHue I leave the natural color of my hasr I JOYCE JORDAN wsll my red hasr to Betty Wuethrsch, my msddle name Adlas to any good democrat also my perfect attendance to anyone who needs st I MAX KRUCER wsll my abslsty to go steady sn my sensor year to Jerry Thompson and the rsght to talk to gsrls sn study hall and not get caught too often to anybody able to get away wsth st I DON LFDFORD besng of sound msnd and body do hereby wsll my rsght to turn Csvscs class snto a slumber party to John Ksdwell and to Jerry Freeman my seat sn fstsh persod study hall I JANET LINBACK wsll my abslsty to become engaged sn my sensor year to Martha Davss and the rsght to eat food all the tsme wsthout gasnsng wesght to my brother Rschard I RITA LOWRY bequeath to my ssster Renee the prsvslege of gettsng along wsth the ksds sn the burg north of us to Noreen Moncel I gladly leave the rsght to be the root of all trouble between two sensors oh yes to J D B I leave my money of whsch I don t have I FRED MANION do hereby wsll my abslsty to play basketball on the varssty team to anyone lucky enough and the rsght to go steady wsth a blonde to Junsor Radclsffe basketball to Gary Ezra and to my coussn Eugene my hesght and busld I NORMAN QUERRY wsll my wesght to Gary Ezra my deep vosce to Houndog and my parksng place to anyone lucky enough to drsve to school I JIM RAMEY wsll the abslsty to dnve to school to Larry Msller and my quset ways to Junsor Vogt I CAROL ROGERS wsll my quset ways to Lsnda Boehnsng and my slsm fsgure to Norma Johnson I CAROL SWING wsll the abslsty to fsght constantly and stsll go steady wsth the same boy to anyone who can lsve through st and to my ssster Lsnda I leave my half of our bulletsn board for all her Elvss Presley psctures I SHEILA TOM wsll the prsvslege to play the psano before the class plays to my ssster Sondra and my place sn the band to Marse Neshouser I CAROL VOGT, wsll my abslsty to be sloppy n my second year of typsng to anyone who thsnks they can lsve up to the nsckname sloppy and my power to tall people gust what I thsnk to my coussn Janet Walters I RICHARD WENDT hereby wsll the abslsty to go steady wsth a very nsce Iooksng gsrl to Donald Huff man and my short hasr cut to Mac Lawrence e I - . I . . I I O . U I . . 1 I ' , I I I , O I . ' I I I 1 ' - , 5 1, I I I I l I ' ' ' ' f - - u -rl I . . . , ' I . , . . I 1 I . . . . ' I , I - -' ' l . ' I ' I . I I I I 0 - I I . . . ' I ' I I . ' . ' I I I I . . . . ,, . ,,. . . I I I I I ' I ' I . , . . . , . . 1 1 I I . Advanced Home Ec. class. I, JOE MONCEL, will my ability to play varsity I II II I ' . I . 9 I I Q - ' Il ll ' I I I I . . ., ,, . . . . I I 1 l , l . I I ' I I . I I ' I I , . I I I I I , . I I I ' I I I ' I I , . I I I ' I ' 4 ' ' ll Il I I I ' I I I I r - - . . 1 I ' I I l ' I I ' ' I Q I ' ' Kathy Honegger s clothes Noreen Moncel s eyes Donna Downs s nose Ruth Fox s fugure Marsha Byrd s halr Ann Gutweln s legs Carol Roger s hands Mary Ann Houston s personallty Katherlne Smldler s ears Febe Alva s teeth Martha Davis s walk Lols Stevens s complexuon Janet Llnback s smlle Mary Cord s mouth Jeanette Wlegand s eyelashes Shella Tom s brains Paul Von Tobel s clothes Tom Boehmng s hair Larry Muller s hands Phil Gutweln s ears Joe Moncel s physuque Max Kruger s brains Bob Von Holten s teeth Jerry Glrton s complexion Butch Llnback s smnle Jlm Ramey s mouth Danny Overmyer s eyebrows Jim Ehrlich s eyelashes Don Davis s personality Harold Belswenger s muscles Fred Maman s legs Richard Wendt's eyes TITLE Happy Wanderer Quletest Faculty Rusher Most SlUdlOUS Wlttnest Most Determnned Shyest Most Talkatlve Best Joke Teller Best Natured Girl Glgglest Smartest Lazlest Frlendllest Best Worker Slowest Best Arguer Stubbornest Calmest Most Honest Nervuest Best Singer Most Cooperative Best Natured Boy NAME Harold Ralph Marsha Karen Don D Donna John Ruth u Kathy Joyce Max Don l. Janet Ruta Fred oe Norman em Carol R Carol S Sheila Carol V Rnchard General Statlshcs LOVES Motorcycles To stay home from school To chat Readung Women Slumber parties Food Dates To loaf To eat Boys with black hanr To dance Wine women and song Wedding bells Early morning hours A blonde My steady My steady Money Pretty clothes A green Chevy Library books Future preacher A certain lunlor girl lb blue eyes HATES To stay home nughts Teachers Certam girls from Monon Gum popping Studying Cheaters Slow drnvers Home work Dependent women Basketball rules Republican Stag lanes at dances To be home before 3 a Monday mornung Snobbxsh people 56 Chevles To go home early Schools Gnrls First Period S H I2 OO p m Elvls Presley Liars Blue oul burnmg Chevles Ph'l ' , ' I .m. J J 1 . .r Sunshine Society TOP ROW Carol Vogt Kathy Honegger Marne Nelhouser Ruta Lowry Sheila Tom Marllyn Weaver Carol Swlng Sherry Boehnlng Linda Boehnlng 2nd ROW Margo Mlnkert Patsy Wnllnoms Crystal Myers Janet Walters Jeanette Wnegancl Mary Ann Houston Delores Gus tm Mrs Muller lsponsor 3rd ROW Bonnie Long Donna Downs Ann Gutwem Mary Ward Carol La Hue Lols Stevens Loretta Rlchardson Peggy Sulllvan BOTTOM ROW Dxono Harlng Marsha Byrd Donna Rohloff Madeline Smith Vicky Gunnerson Juannta Gutwenn June Weltzln Glrl s 4-H new 1 ----r 1.25 9 0 " TOP ROW Shurley Kraay Mary Ann Ward Marne Nenhouser Sherry Boehnlng Karen Wueth rlch Marilyn Weaver Linda Boehnmg Ruta Lowry Carol La Hue June Weltzln 2nd ROW Mrs Breltwenser lsponsorl Katne Vlscher Twyla Von Tobel Donna Rohloff Donna Downs Margo Mlnkert Marcelle Nelhouser Ann Gutwem Peggy Sullivan Carolyn Hauptln 3rd ROW Patty Clark Marilyn Anllker Sharron Gutwem Barbara Overmyer, Renee Lowry Bonnie Garrlgues Betty Wuethrlch Dlana Gutweln BOTTOM ROW Rosqnn Myers Shqfrgn Hum phrey Vlcky Dalka Betty Rhmehart Sue Rnchardson Nula Jentz Jamce Montgomery Esther Howat Jenmfer Myers, Bobby Sue Claussen , xx 5 y I , A ,I Y X 4 X ' A , 4- . ', bg ' . ' I ,I 'ff' I l I I ' : I l l 1 1 I l 1 1. ' ' I ' I I' 1 . I I I I l I . I ' I . I l : ' I A I I l I I . I I . . , I S , ' 4 f nl 5 'Q 5, , s V ., 5 y JA A ' Q f . ' . 1 I 5 W f v l W, L 5 'X-1 I ' " A I 'tl 2, Q1 f I 1 "f . , , - ' . ' r , , f .xx xl ! J 5 Qgma W P-If A ,ze 0- L: , 9 .x L ' . . .ff 5 , 'X a " 56 as A -1 ,A , y yilhg i, ' 3 A 'Ut I l lj I l Jw ' Q W 1 ,I Qflff 5 z , 2 1 Off xi , fffff I l vdllgy 5 T 5 , S ' Q . F lg 5 5 5 if fied. I I: I . I I ' l I l I ' I I I . I I I I . ' : ' . I . - I I I I . I I . I . I - I l' : I ' I . ' I I l ' , , . : I - I ' I I . I I I . I . I , . Boy s 4-H F5 SWG? 1' bf L X J Ml, tm TOP ROW James Culp Dwayne Cavness Robert Von Holfen Ronald Tanner Marshall Putt John Johnson Raymond Cooley 2nd ROW Gary Le nan David Von Holfen Wayne Putt Roger Shller Terry Howat Larry Bachman BOTTOM ROW David Leman Rodney Ehlluch David Goller Donald Goller Larry Leman Malcolm Lawrence Sponsor Future Farmers of America wr-A. TOP ROW Dwayne Cavness Marshall Putt Ronald Tanner Junior Vogt Robert Von Holten Phullp Markln W1lllamWlegand Jack Downs, Donnie Gutweln Jlm Jordan 2nd ROW D d R Ruchard Linback Harold Belswanger Max Kruger John Johnson Don Led avr amey ford Charles Malchow Ronald Anllker Lee Kesfle 3rd ROW Donald Fnnnegon Terry J F an Howat Don Huffman David Von Holton James Culp Don Franscovlak erry reem Malcolm Lawrence Sponsor BOTTOM ROW Charles Hartman Larry Gruegor Larry Kopka Carl Kooka Jerry Glrfon Richard Shndler Gary Ezra 19 , Q 7.5! J' V1 ,f. L , , 1 ' - fig ' 1' , . v K a ' if ' , , ' .. , 9 fa, , t , ,H 1 , i I L . , - 1 '. A T 4 T L :yr V ku A .. 1' gv 5 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 5 1 l . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 0 A ,Q . K K it ' 1 ' , l l W fx f " I , 6 T? ' - v "5 l 1 ' gf fi 'cn ,ju ,if Q f 71 J . , Q' 'Q , ' v J .. f I A Y 2' 5 X Qs Q 4 ' I V 7- - , L: Y Y , up . , b . . I , SL , r ,NK f 3 K 6 M Q N . if T .o I , y L' K " si .gl Q A A . . as ' .f, . ' if 'Ll 1. i W 5 ' 'J l A 3 l I 1 1 1 l A 1 1 1 1 1 ' 3 1 1 1 1 .- 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 ' : . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I 5 1 1 1 . , , . enlor Band .ddr Lu... Donna Rohloff Marlnyn Weaver Charles Tom Marne Nelhouser Shella Tom Marcell Nelhouser Sondra Tom 2nd ROW Margo Mlnkert Sherry Boehnlng Twyla Von Tobel Loulse Smith Jo Cory Don Gutwem June Welzenn Helen Myers Carol Nelson Esther Howat Ann Gutweln Roger Quarry Linda Boehnung Karen Wuethrlch 3rd ROW Betty Wuethruch Charles Ehrnch Nlla Jentz Don Ehrlch director Dlana Horlng Vncky Gunnerson Mary Cords Nma Myers Roger Overmyer Jan Onken Wayne Putt Trena Pelsy Jlm Albreckt Duck Overmyer Marshall Putt Davud Boehnmg Us., TWIRLERS Lynette Malchow Helen Myers, SondraTom, Nana Myers DRUM MAJOR Karen Wuethrlch. Marne Nelhouser 'H S ' 44 R ' f ' ' . W ' 'ig L - I R. 3 l ' 5 ft - C Q , ' Li , , , 1 f Q, -Z. 5 Q lp n - l' , ' ., iis l ' - 1 ' me. al ' 5 ' - - tl 5' ,, W , - Q - -f--2 J 'i ' , .gy K y LG y 5 1 sims., lst ROW: Peggy Sullivan, Lynette Malchow, Ron Anliker, Barry Radcliff, Shawna Shubert, James Culp, I . ' I .I I . I I ' I D I I l . : I I I I I I T ' ' . ' . . ' .' . . .I ' ' ' : I 1 1 " 1 I I I I . I I I I I I ' I I l l ' V 4,5 V - ' , b 4 js 4 l . L W if y A' 1 . .vs 'YA' - I Q ' iff 'if , I U ' V 5 J f 'X " ' ' , If ' ' - if e . V 4, 2 2 1 , N - f Q 3 A 1. I X i ' I X, - r ' I . 1 Junior Band 8-W4 TOP ROW Sue Ruchardson Shnrley Kraay Cheryl Haupflu Barbara Overmyer Jenmfer Myers Duane Gufwem Bonnne Garrngues Gene Forney 2nd ROW Mr Ehrlich Dlrecror Davud Leman Patty Clark Roberta Sue Claussen Duane Radcllffe Marnlyn Anluker Shelby Culp Roger Albrecht Ronnie Grlegor Jerry Adams 3rd ROW Eric Gufweln Craig Gurweln Wayne Ludeman Eddie Harlng Carolyn Haupilu Marvm Tom Carl Elston Norman Putt Thomas Jenfz BOTTOM ROW Rurhae Davis Peggy Bumbalough Danny Leman Paul Pelsy Rodney Ehrlnch Donme Goller Denms Leman Chorus TOP ROW Lmda Boehnmg Marne Neuhouser Rlfa Lowry Sherry Boehmng Marulyn Weaver Marshall Putt Mary Cords Karen Wuethrnch Jean Byroad 2nd ROW Vuckne Gunnerson Ann GUYWBID Johnny Kudwell Ronnle Gufweun Donme Gufweun Barbara Fuelds Jam Ehrlnch Doragean Watt 3rd ROW Donna Rohlolf Helen Myers Nina Myers Shawna Schubert Trena Pelsy Peggy Sullnvan Margo Mlnkerf BOTTOM ROW Juannta Gurweun Bonnie Long Febe Alva Dnana Harmg June Welfzln Mr Ehrluch Director N , 5 X . Q l , S K 4 I , ' 1 1 , , . . . . . . ' I I I I I . . . ' . . . I I ' ' ' I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 I I I I ' 1 - 4 x . 1' . Q. -. , , ' 5 I .1 I M 1 it X ' A sw I 1 V -1 , , F W' ' A, A 1 , - ' ' "' J ' 7 .4 v - A "' v vu M I' 1 . 1. N .A f- 1: 1 " 1- 1 f' o . - -1 " 1 2 1 y O- " . 'H7 I o 1 1 . ii . i c 5 r ' I Q ,J r l , X ' 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : I I I I I ' I Office Help Kathy Honegger Caro Swing Marsha Byrd Donna Downs Jr Play Cast F1 fn TOP ROW Jr Radcllffe Mary Houston Dennis Orr Jeff Johnson Norman Wntt Tom Boehnlng, Director Mrs Humphry BOTTOM ROW Vicky Gunnerson Marne Nelhouser Beth Farney Martha Davis Crystal Myers 5 1. ATL? 5 ...- V , v h N I A r , I l I I ' 0 I f 1 lr if . ' - 1 - I M - rf 1 V v e , ' T ' 4 rt, 4 W 'Q A. r- - W, f,- r ' K 'A " vs 9' V4 I-'fy .f if I- : ' . I I . I , . . I I I I ,. A Day Here we are orrlvmg, ready for the new day Af our lockers we soy Good morning, and then loknngly What s good about MV' X by 'ur Thus ns the sensor clvncs class fNofe Don L 1 ' II ' ' ll I - I I I ' x I 4 . . . . . . J '1 clfFHS Flnolly o-PRX Seniors corrylng books home? Chemistry class What s everybody grmmng about? -W Wouldn t It be Dlfferent If'-W9 Joyce Jordan had blonde haIr Instead of red? Senlors stayed In study hall? John Flsher was a lady s man? There would be no Gutwenns In school? The students dressed up to come to school? Rlchard Wendt thought women worked? The students had somethIng to do at noon? Don Ledford were brIght eyed and awake? Donald Huffman went steady? Freshmen wore Semor Cordsu? FrancesvIlle gIrls dIdn t go wIth Monon boys? Carol Vogt was lazy? Fred ManIon couldn t play basketball? JUNIOI' Radcllffe was quoet? Mac saId It l Sophomores were qUIef and well mannered? FrancesvIlle played football Instead of basketball? Loretta Rlchardson weren t receIvIng letters at noon? Tne seventh graders dIdn t Wflfe notes, land a few got caughtl? Mr Portlwere short and fat? Jeff Johnson drove a T957 Caddy"? Ruth Fox dIdn t go wIth .,lIm Maman? Don DavIs weren 1 a bIg tease? FrancesvIlle had a new school? Peggy wasn t Wlfh Jack at noon? The senIor gIrls dIdn t have to do all the work for the class? There wasn t a sensor table? Teachers put out the attendance on tIme? Mr Carlson were fall and skInny? The custom of tradIng class rungs went out of style The classrooms were all red Instead of green Shella Tom not sendlng letters to Larry? Joe Moncel had long curly haIr? Boys had slumber partles Instead of gIl'lS7 The basketball long dIdn t tram? The classes were two mlnutes long and IntermIssIon was 55 mInutes? Mrs Mlller drove a hearse to school? All Semor gurls were engaged? Full sklrts were worn as much as tlght skIrts All the gIrls wore thelr haIr In long pony talls? The students could drnve to school? Senlor gIrls dIdn t QOSSIP7 RIta worked In GIrl Scouts lIke she does In 4 H? Everyone had all theur wlshes come true? The JUDIOTS graduated Instead of the Senlors Semors dIdn t look forward to the Senlor Trlp Carol S and Joe M weren t always fIqhtInq? Mac Lawrence had a bl halrcutf FrancesvIlle and Monor weren t rIvals? The student gave the teachers tests? Bobble Rhlnehart was 6 toll? Everybody ate lunch at school? , O I I O C . g D ll - l-I . - ll . . . . y . . 7' . g . . l I . 1 . A . I.. . g . . . . i . U I . . . . - I ' I . I . ' b . ' ? . l . I . . . 5 . ' . . 3 . . :P p . . ' . I . - . . g ' 26 ATHLETICS "A" Team Basketball Rel TOP ROW Larry Muller Student Monagerl Ronald Tanner Duck Roblnson Coach Chnlds Fred Manson Paul Von Tobel Jlm Ramey Student Managerl BOTTOM ROW Jlm Jordan Tom Boehnxng Rnchard Wendt Norman Watt Jack Downs Donrue Gutweln They Buffalo 50m Plefre Pulaski Royal Center Brook Chalmers Wolcott Ruchland Center North Judson +C'l1esterton Mon Medaryvllle +Rensselaer Burnettsvnlle Reynolds Monterey i9fDouble Overtime -flfnox 4fBrookston +Rensselaer Hollday Tourney Team TOP ROW Charles Malchow Marshall Putt Coach Childs Junior Vogt Phllnp Markm BOTTOM ROW Donald Finnegan James Culp Lee Kestle Student Manaqerl Jrm Ehrllch Gary Ezra 5: A , ,i xx:-K A fls " ' ,k ka 1 X A . Q V, , . X I fr UT 2. ' v.. "5 : l I W I ' . I . I . I 1 . K n 1. 2 . I . I . We 40 3l ' ' 46 45 ' 66 37 " 63 78 " 68 60 Bl 48 " 6l 67 ' 59 56 57 41 - 42 54 ' on ' 47 39 40 39 ' Star City 66 50 Kewanna 56 75 ' Midwest Conference Gomes 52 31 65 73 ' 54 52 7'l 73 ' I 6 B 1 1 I if I - Q 3 1 I7 T . -or X 3 I l W J TQ: 6 T a L9 - Q 1. M I. A . ' K . I I I llc A' I . f I . 28 What Makes an Athlete There are, of course, countless qualities a person needs to achieve success in athletics. The obvious and probably most common answer to such success is to have a strong physique with good reflexes. Certainly this is a great advantage to anyone aspiring success in athletics. Yet chief among the qualities a boy needs to possess to be a successful athlete is a strong desire to succeed in an honest way. lnvariably one who possesses such a desire will succeed, for he will, as a result of this desire, do all that is necessary to he a good athlete. Such a desire will lead an athlete to practice, to work hard, to do more than is asked of him, and thus achieve skill. Desire will further lead the athlete to want to follow a good set of training rules: get proper rest, eat wholesome food, and get sufficient exercise to make the most of the physical qualities he possesses. Furthermore, desire will lead the athlete to willingly make personal sacrifices that will not only aid his own success but will also help his team to succeed. These, of course, are only a few of the qualities which help to make a boy a worthy athlete. So also these qualities and many others will help any person to succeed in any worthwhile field of endeavor. Desire to succeed in a honest manner, willingness to work hard, and willingness to make personal sacrifices are all admirable qualities which help a person to succeed in life. by Vernon Childs, Coach High School Basketball Ends for 3 vm. "5""Sr Fred Manson Joe Moncel Richard Wendt 29 O 1 ! - ,,,,.,.. A X . 5 1 5 1 gf fi. Cheermg Block Of V' Liakmfbghitm fl W It Q1 F Of: 0 Ogg? VA' TOP ROW Dorlean Wltt Judy Davus Lmda Swnng Richard Gutweln Roger Querry Ronnle Gutwem Gene Robnnson SECOND ROW Ann Gutweln Donna Rohloff Marilyn Weaver Judy Overman Sherry Boehnmg Bonnie Moncel Twyla Von Tobel THIRD RCW Marilyn Weaver Febe Alva Diana Harnng Judy Shldler Delores Sl-ndler Mary Ward Lols Stevens FOURTH ROW Noreen Moncel Juanita Gutweln Karen Wuethrlch Lmda Boehnmg Roberta Lemon Sondra Tom Barbara Fnelds FIFTH ROW Nlna Myers June M k f Weltzan Loretta Ruchardson Madelme Smith Margo un er Peggy Sullivan Mary Houston SIXTH ROW Donna Downs Marcelle Nenhouser Marne Neuhouser Vicky Gunnerson Beth Farney Sheila Tom Janet Walters BOTTOM ROW Joyce Jordan Carol Vogt Ruth Fox Martha Davns Lynette Mal chow, Ruta Lowry Kathy Honegger Cheer Leaders 'HU as f,,.,,, Lynette Malchow, Martha Davis, Ruth Fox. lil Mlclwest Conference Baseball Champs STANDING David Ramey Paul Von Tobel Fred Manson Joe Moncel Junior Vogt George Richard son Rach Wendt Tom Boehnmg Vernon Childs Coach KNEELING Jumor Radclnff Jlm Ehrlich Don Gutweln Charles Malchow Norman Wutt Jack Downs Mecloryvllle Washington Twp oyal Center Wlnamac onon Brook Camden Wmamac Brook owler lclwest Conference Games onference Play-offs SCORES They Mfg 31 O 41? " . A' 3' gf, K' 1 S a x 5, 6 'ff ish C , C wg lk, - ....... 12.. . 3 CJ n it ' US.. . ZS - R. ...4... . 9 , fm '.'7Iff . . 6 , . .. 1.. . ..1 M4 + ..11... . 2 H ............... . 4.. ..0 - HF ............... . 5... . 1 ,M r fic Q fl C+ . Jr. High Baseball xi, f -Q R I- - r ' , fy , I R fir,-:fl TOP ROW Barry Radcliff Ari Wendt Bob Overman Ruddy Cords Coach Wllluam Crawford David Boehnlng Jom Byrd Rnch Gufweln BOTTOM ROW Ronald La Hue Fred Boehnung Jan Onken Howard Manlon Roger Overmyer Roger Quarry Charles Ehrlnch Mmnlcus and Vollmer, Builders 1 1 Vi www div Francesvllle, lncllana 3 1 s- 'Q ,,, 1.-. J . . b x -- ' v N Q ' .. v" 1- V 5 Q N I . 4 7 ' X ' A 9 . : I I I I I ' I I I . : I I I I I I ' 0 0 o - f I X . ' 6 f v a " 1 yy., - f ' in l . ra .1 W A sr +1 fe 5 Qqgzvxp-A an-L 4"7I..r'1 ' I I WEL, fi AT' 'J A V 'l ' A as r V, A, ,Mb ,V ffl my .ye-gm, ...J . . , f, 5 z Junlors Norman Wntt President ' 'W Larry Muller Vlce President Marllyn Kruger Secretary Marne Nelhouser Treasurer Beth Farney Reporter Wm Tom Boehmng Dwayne Cavness Martha Davis Vicky Gunnerson Mary Houston Donal Hoffman Jeffrey Johnson John Johnson John Kldwell Lynette Malchow Crystal Myers Denny Orr Danny Overmyer Robert Radclnffe George Rlchardso Robert VonHolten Delores Vollmer Paul Von Tobel Janet Walters Jeanettewelgand Q Fl T 45 . A A XX X ff I y J. Js , ' ft D "fi 3 M W ' J tsl t o r , f' ' t o I U - , l-: s 9' , '45 V .J 1 gs It li . J J -tV:'-': tt x ' Q I K ' V Q . ., r 1 ' 7 . ' t I n .Y J , ,Q l.'. ' A . ? ' f , r,, .. I r ' t fx X--l ' Y 'Ltr ll g gigs - N my 34 -6 ..,, an ,RX ik 1 r 1 Sophomores Sqlvrx 'in '11 -1+ iQ: Len Jean Byroad James Culp Jack Downs Jlm Elrllch Barbara Fneld Donnie FYCIDSCOVICR Larry Grelger Donald Gufwem Ronald Gutweln Juanita Guiwem Norma Johnson Jlm Jordan Lee Kestle Larry Kopka Roberta Leman Richard Llnback Bonnie Long Phnlnp Markln Margo Mlnkerf Anna Myers Nina Myers Tom Myers Marshall Putt Edward Rhuneharf Loretta Richardson Gene Robinson Rlchard Robinson Kaiherlne Smldler Madeleine Smith Peggy Sullivan Ronald Tanner Jerry Thompson Sondra Tom June Welfzln Karen Wuefhrlch r Y- Q t a f -'R , ' . l L R 2, ll he - 1 i "'l M ' MQ J L 3' gli, Rhlo - zz gs ' f R J A ' 'fr R J. .' J . R R l ' l ya x. N. ' B 7' Q X FL, L L gk ' . . 'xo so R Li., 1 lg A lsr r - R rr .lly R a n . ' if Qi H , A ' , is Ivs I: ,Sk J' kv Vr. , 15 iv 35 .DL Febe Alva Ronald Anllker Linda Boehmng Sherry Beohnmg Sammy Bumbalough Mary Cords Gary Ezra Donald Finnegan Jerry Freeman Delores Gushn Ann Gufweun Elden Gutwem Marvin Guiweln Diana Harlng Charles Hartman Terry Howat Carol LaHue David Kldwell Carl Kopka Lulu Belle Losh Charles Malchow Bonme Moncel Eugene Moncel Nancy Monnett Helen Myers Ronald Myers Judy Overman Allyn Onken Wayne Putt Davld Ramey Robert Rhlneharf Donna Rohloff Delores Shldler Judy Shldler Richard Shldler Lows Stevens Jake Vogt David VonHol1'en Mary Ward Marllyn Weaver Wllllam Welgand Patsy Wllllams Freshmen 3+ NN Inn 1-ffl fs!- iw 31 Wie + m. ? U . . g y g r g C , xg or U gg M if ik' Mi fi asra ' ' -, eq, 44 f- A , J Q 4 r Q l -L 4 3 x 'rg .ex e ' A 5. - . N, 'C I A C3 .rglla ' .. 4 ,M R ..N f v fi ' 5 Q K-'QM ' gs...-' 1: .IP M 4 l E M 1 ' I , - eflf .f X. 5 ' f - l f f aw Y 2 w ill - V YP . 1. 4 Q,4M, V K' ' ., 'jj D' ' r ,., as . H ., if M M ee r it D ' C' I . ' L ie--V . 1 , 'U H C g - l Q . . mv .lhn ' e Y ig . -'g F 36 .ka2I..... Eighth Grade 1 ! FIRST ROW Louise Smith William Manson Tommy Koebcke Renee Lowry Enid Westphal Martha Myers Christine Rhmehart Jo Cory SECOND ROW Twyla Von Tobel Shawan Schubert Trena Pelsy Richie Gutweun Doragean Witt Barry Radcliffe Gary Leman Larry Bachman THIRD ROW Mary Kldwell Teddy Westphal Richard Overmyer Marcell Neihouser Jimmy Albrecht Judy Davis Arthur Wendt Roger Querry FOURTH ROW Barbara Clark David Boehmng James Byrd Linda Swing Raymond Cooley Mr Port Spon William Crawford Roger Stiller Bonnie Richardson Charles Tom Donald Williams Seventh Grade FIRST ROW Ronald Snowberger Ronald Lahue Betty Rhinehart Charles Ehrlich David Goller William Bucher SECOND ROW Billy Kesler Dean Lowry Nlla Jentz Angelo Kudwell Esther Howat Fred Boehning THIRD ROW: Patty Franscoviak, Jan Onken, Juana Sanders, Phyllis Fritz, Diana Smith, Betty Wuethrich, Gregory Byrd, Sharon Gutwein. FOURTH ROW: Sherrill Eide, Howard Manion, Diane Getz, Bobby Overman, Mr. Ehrlich-Spon., Mary Monnett, Sharon Robinson, Roger Overmyer, Donald Myers. 37 Sixth Grade FIRST ROW Robert Madlung Ronald Grieger Roberta Clausen Marilyn Anliker Vicky Dalka Larry Williams David Leman SECOND ROW Tim Stiller Eugene Forney Carl Elstan Norman Putt James Myers Joey Clark Jon Clevenger John Kimpel THIRD ROW Mary Alice Byroad Roger Albrecht Waunita Montgomery Donald Albrecht Peggy Bumbalough Dianne Gutwein Eddie Haring Diane Radcliffe Katy Vischer FOURTH ROW Jerry Adams Bonnie Garrigues Ray Wiegand Cheryl Hauptli Stella Richardson Mr Rudolph Cords Shirley Kraay Marvin Tom Ruth Davis Barbara Overmyer Fifth Grade 'T FIRST ROW Laurel Bucher Dean Pelsy Danmel Lemon John Moore Nancy Williams Fred Rhinehart SEC OND ROW Sharon Humphrey Paul Pfledderer Patricia Clark Shelby Culp Rodney Ehrlich Rosann Myers THIRD ROW: Opal Losh Paul Lowry Craig Gutwein Eric Gutwein Jennifer Myers Dennis Leman Donald Goller. FOURTH ROW: Frank Sanders Evelyn Richardson Cecil Lerch Norma Wiegand Carolyn Hauptli Wayne Ludeman Janice Montgomery Thomas Jentz. 38 Fourth Grade 5-9. My J' ROW 'I Ruth Ann Lures Tommy Parks Wendell Anllker Ryan Pelsy Kutty Erb Donna Munkert ROW 2 Denlce Harlng Eldora Wlegand Karen Lawrence Beth Tanner Chrlstlne Gunnerson Dorothy Dalton Geraldine Gutweln ROW 3 Jean Howat Harry Llnback Earl Malua Tommy Ksdwell Richard Tyler Danny Swmg Davud Ward Mark Gutweln ROW 4 Terry Westfall Carol Myers Charles Weaver Karen Cooley Helen Ruggs Vlrgnnla Von Tabel Janet Myers Carol Ende Elda Whntaker Thlrd Grade FIRST ROW June Dalton Allen Pelsy Marcella Kldwell Vicky Bucher Gordon Gutweln Roger Ward Elaine Eldridge SECOND ROW Muke Davis Ronald Smlth Gerald Carlson Betty Gastlneau Rebecca Byrd Fred Over myer Kathleen Myers Jerald Kesler THIRD ROW Margaret Kldwell Ronald Schlatter Susan Spelcher Mike Honegger Wanda Smith Donald Weaver Karen Fritz Rex Gutweln FOURTH ROW Ruth Rlnker Gene Kesler Carl Runker Tamara Boehnmg Earl Moore Mrs Sears Bruce Coryell Thomas Racks Alfred Byroad Carol Lmback Douglas Gutweln 59 Second Grade FIRST ROW Anna Pfledderer George Goller Michael Bucher Wendy Moncel Carl Snowberger Peggy Harmg Linda Faulks Darrel Erb SECOND ROW Jacqueline Westphal William Onken Janet Overmyer Barbara Pelsy Maurice Kopka Sheryl Myers Robert Tam John Van Tobel Beverly Kesler THIRD ROW Mary Pfledderer Robert Waymire Daniel Scott Mary Howat Susan Moore Thomas Cory Rodney Gutwein Keith Stiller Roger Campbell Denise Rhinehart Robert Hnnman FOURTH ROW Ronald Osburn Johnny Boehmng Larry Rinker Ray Vischer Dennis Albrecht Olive Owens Daniel Von Holten Gladys Koster Donald Adams Michael Lowry James Lowry Janet Gutwein First Grade FIRST ROW: Sharon Neihouser, John Faulks, Veronica Bucher, Brenda Linback, Orin Rhinehart, Yvonne Wil- liams, Ruth Ann Linback, Darla Yaggie. SECOND ROW: Pat Davis, Mary Gunnerson, David Hinman, Edith Dalka, Douglas Snowberger, Sandra Lang, Jason Bunting, Marie Overmyer, Gwendolyn Gutwein. THIRD ROW: Bobby Kesler, Mary Kay Claussen, Connie Malia, Larry Lemon, Sharon Tanner, Peggy Tiede, Jeanne Kidwell, Larry Doll, Evelyn Myers. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Honegger, Billy Myers, Kenneth Kraay, Edward Overman, Miss Owens, Gregory Stone, Mrs. Robinson, Steven Overmyer, Steven Westphal, Konnie Sanders, Steven Coryell. 40 'Y' 2' S. .A 3' uw fmplznlcnls V T COMPANY MEL GUDEMAN NC roncesvnlle lndlono Always at your service Good Wlshes for 0 Froncesvulle lnduono f n1ff1n1f'nts 0 DR E l. MOCRE Froncesvnlle Indncno ADAM AND LES PFLEDDER Shelllng and Hauling Phone H4 Froncesvulle Indmono ,un ' o S Of 0 ' Better Community and School fu 1 4 5 GETZ fonzplzmerzts 0 Plumbing and Appliances Telephone 200 T 8- C DRIVE IN Francesvulle Indoana Francesvulle Indiana HAUPTLI GARAGE Telephone IO4 s 5 sfo Qugt Batierles Accessories Parts General Repaanng Weldung fmnplzmz nts PRAIRIE MOTEL Clean Comfortable Rooms Francesvulle Induana EHRLICH S STORE Friendly Service I or the HAUPTLI FEEDSTORE Feeds Ferhl lzer Seeds Ehrlich s Grocery Store I Phone 54 JJ Francesvulle Indiana fonzplzrmrzts 0 TIEDE S BARBER SHOP Francesvulle fomplzn1enl.s FRANCESVILLE TRIBUNE The only newspaper ln the world Interested Francesvllle Indnona In the welfare of I I ' .' of - VV, S: - I fl! - I. - E.E?5i,F " K Oliver Farm Machinery ' ' I - f 24' I I . n .', J. , . f ' ' of f ,I r, 1 N .lil . . 66 ,oxen D9 1:0 f If Eff W 21 W IX JIM , 'se Gurumn llhluns Cu., Inc. I iibgfjff PHONE 'I40 FRANCESVILLE INDIANA I If DP b N' E PULASKI COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION INC FND daryvl gi I Phone 11 eesville Phone 32 , , Me 'lle Phone Wmamac, Indiana I 1 K . .. , 1.3 ' .RISQJLQLES STATE BANK OF FRANCESVLLLE Capli I d Surplus S100 000 00 FRAN ESVILLE INDIANA ,3E?.?"' ,5g',f""'s'47'f- W Gudemdn D Mall ket Grocerles M t avebptdbleb Phone, 58 FI'8.l'1C95Vl1lL 1nd1.1na QUALITP S AND ERVICQ' fix Q' A "' ggahggswh 'TCI ht ' 'lg ' 4 'vip 13 X lk I I x A . Q MIW- H x Q' L-R. 1 7 ' ' Tf Q Q A' . INSURANCE DF ALL KINDS FRANK A WITT PHONE 221 FRANICESVILLE INDIANA THAT REALLY INSURANCE INSURES In ' n , F f 3' 'Q ' a an , . F '..lffS.,V ,,ggf5 , 13fii'iQV: V, " , ,Q V, I " ' " fi ii- Q 5 'K " 19 5 E Q , I143"IIliffg1'f"f"1 :A f 7 3- A I 1 '52 , ,,2-i""""""""'i-..Q V K 5 ' , , 14" , z " "1 g,4f..f, ' Q fd--f A..A I if f ,Y lf' A if k , 3 I i ifwmi gEFgf I' f i 3: ' ffff' .ifz f ' ' ' "' ' " f'?T"f""'f' 1 , n . f ' 1 f 1 I ' ' , ca 5 ' f A ' - ' 1 A , 1 A. , , ln erl S DRU GOODS e unrezz-:Tu A.. FRANCESVILLE INDIANA MMIU' 1 Q f 00? X --- 2 J 555f'9W I W J Hubbard CI1evroIetSoIes 8 Service QJ,-., 15-'I tiki ll- ,,.,.j fir mmf fmzxfjzzf BUY Mal DUNN BRUTHERS wEAvER BROTHERS QUALITY MEATS I G A SUPER MARKET p 9 IW" Franceevllle Ind1ana 4" ' -L If ' gli.. , ,ti-4 ::.1- , ,gi T NK: f I ii -il 1 S" , ,'s.f 'A , X - A Q xx g f - I R I 5 :Er I ' Q.I dn' ff! Epi, f 4 ' " - ,Q ' ,, S , ' - f : ' - -S e- f ' - XX .fs ..-f-f" XX E ,.-. -H V H E, N. .g,,.. 'L-3 -x f TeIephone I65 If , Froncesville, Indiana S, 'Au' 4, wx? 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