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55' 'K H ,Y 'Y , " 1 7 or . 1-' tid' v . ' i' ' 75 V x 'At 'll-1 '.' ,f,, n J-'ff ' f X.. "' Y I , 4 Y 1 gf' Q QM'?,.j.:ri.1.'f" "' 4' 1 ' ' .H ' 'f K .5 B3 iv? X A Y' :if if lv M Q 4 1 :L -.fn .if "'5 L1" U" ' P 15 6' 1 'P 48,3 24 zfbsoifwu vans H lf w '.' ,yfs VI? .-bu ' I.. W V 1 6 i -uri-w fu' f- ff .ff ff f. '- tl pg' rr ni Aye.. "6-A 2 I' F' x . it 'f W I al .,A .h , . , 4 . , ,a,. .. , ' ' I 6 v 4' ' :E 13 'fif- 1 ' .ff ' J. - 4'y7P "'l'f' Q ' . w v .'-1 H571 ' MA 1' .6-. " I nf 'sa 40 ' I ' . Q f Pig" , , f " w- , K ,N-'Qg:."i,M, v , .gt we , 'M ' 2? ' fl' " 'Q . "' . Q ' 'I n' 4 .lr " -1 S' -1. L fji. , . -. ' I 5 Al - 'Mfr i ' wf "' 3' 'f1""' 1-- V' .L ." s' ' A -- " ' ' ' P O J' UF ' Q im, I' , r " K -'f ' gifs:-fy. 1-at 'nf ,' v . W ,. A, U - . Afs' My U ' '.- 9' ' , . i . , ,.f'r',f' il Al! .fa 1 ,Tj .:+. Ogfylgn' 1.9, i.. Af'-Y ' ,!'1."l,go'. , si 'Q r., +5 . an-L, ips. F' ,Q M 74a Seneca 56444 ymmmeze 2444 same pullwieddg 7!m5006 0 0 Wiumecota 7954 7 fe dv' ?'fzcmce4acZZe, Vadaum 1401016244 ' . mmm' . v 4 SPONSOR Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Advertising Manager Layout Manager Athletic Editor Art Editor Social Editor Music Editor Photography , at Q s f s y 5 We . 5 S sl '76 is N if 25 Mrs. Fred L. Miller Roberta Houston Billy Beiswanger Gerald Kruger Jackie Burnette Otto Wuethrich Gloria Getz Lillian Gutwein Virginia Ehrlich Pat Houston Om Spawn -4' 4 l" i We the Sen1or Class of 1954 dedl cate our yearbook the Franc1111an to our sponsor Mrs F M111er We w1sh th1S yearbook to be a token of our deep apprec1at1on for her un se1f1sh k1ndness never t1r1ng patxence and very generous ass1s tance She has been an able and de voted sponsor a true and loyal fr1end We thank her for makmg our four years of hlgh school a t1me that W111 long be remembered "The Semors of 54" I We . , ,, hx ? . X133 4, 4 If ' lows- -p n . 1 - ' ll ' ' H 1 1 , . . . 9 S 0 1 0 0 661 Z4 County Superintendent Trustee Principal Mr. G. W. Gerichs ,4 gnu! ,br Mr. Ross Nelson Mr. David Ha mblin Dr. Raymond Ives, Keith Putt, and Joseph Yaggie 4 MRS. CRISE Norma Ruth Miller, one of our new teachers, has provena very popular and efficient Home Economics teacher and Junior Sponsor. She came to us from San Pierre, Indiana. Miss Mil- ler is a graduate ofPurdue Uni- versity. Other activities in- clude 4-H Club and the school lunch program. MISS MILLER Mrs. Don Crise of Winamac is a gradu- ate of Muncie State Teachers College. Her work consists of two full-time jobs ------one. that of school treasurer. the other teaching commerce. Activities include the school paper. Sunshine So- ciety, and the Seventh grade. Mrs. Fred Miller. University of Illinois, 1940. Indiana State Teachers College, ManchesterCo11ege. Purdue University. She teaches History, P. E. and serves as librarian. Activities: Junior play. Sen- ior sponsor, and the "Francillian". MR. LAWRENCE Mac is from Teft and has been with us severalyears. Purdue University gradu- ate, he teaches Agriculture, Science. and Shop. Activities: Freshmen spon- sor, 4-l-I Club. and F.F.A. MRS. MILLER Mrs. Ralph Humphrey, our Eng- lish, Latin, and Speech teacher for a number of years, was born in Oregon but has lived most of her life in Indiana. She has been a class sponsor of the Sophomore Class. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey have a daughter, Sharon who is in the second grade. MRS. HUMPHREY COACH BROWN Mr. Benton Port is a localresi- dent of long standing. He has a full time job teaching the seventh and eighth grades but often does wood-working as a hobby. Mr. Port's chief extra- curricular acrivity is the annual eighth grade trip to southern Indiana. MR. PORT One of the new teachers this year is an eligible young bachelor Mr Newton Brown He is a local lad having lived at Pulaski and attended school there. He received his B. S. degree from Pur- due University and is, at present. coach and mathematics teacher here. Bess Myers, our youthful-looking 3rd grade teacher is among the few teachers honored this year by teaching their 3rd generation. Mrs. Myers, a 1912 gradu- ate of Francesville, has spent 35 years in our school. She received her training at Terre Haute, Valporaiso. and Man- chester. MRS. BESS MYERS Mr. Don Ehrlich is chiefly known as our band instructor. l-le holds a B.S. degree from Oakland City College and has taught music and art in Hosmer and Francesville for the past 15 years. Don and his wife, Marion have a fine family ofsix child- ren. MR. EHRLIC H MRS. HEDGES Our new first grade teacher is Mrs. Ira Hedges. a very capable and efficient person. Born in Monon, Indiana, she at- tended Monon High School and Ball State Teachers College at Muncie. Mrs. Hedges and her husband. Ira, reside at Monon. MR. HUMPHREY Helen Riggs, a favorite teach- er of many years in Frances- ville, has taught grades four and five. She was born in this town and attended Indiana, Wisconsin, and Butler Univer- sities. Miss Riggs resides near Francesville with her parents. MISS RIGGS Mr. Ralph Humphrey who hails from Paris Crossing. Indiana, is the husband ofour high school English teacher, Ber- nice Humphrey. He attended Hanover College, Central Normal, and Indiana State TeachersCollege. Mr. Humphrey teaches the fifth grade. "Rudy" Cords is another Francesville graduate and a favorite with many of our students. He teaches the 6th grade, in addition to coaching the Junior High baseball and basketball teams. Rudy attended Manchester college and has taken extension from Butler and Indiana University. MISS KOSTER Miss Gladys Koster our second grade MR. CORDS Mr. Hamblin, a man appreci- ated by both students and the faculty, was born in Frances- ville, Indiana. He attended Manchester College, Ball State, and the University of Southern California. Besides being a wonderful principal, he teaches Science, Math, and Social Studies. He married Opal Hooker and now has two sons, David L. Hamblin Jr. and Jef- frey Lee. MR. HA MBLIN HQ' teacher was born near Francesville and is a 1917 Francesville Graduate. She attended Valporaiso University and North Manchester college. Her teaching experience has been in the elementary schools of Jefferson and Salem township schools. --tg 1 605 Oh so many talk about her But her charms they can t relate For her deeds they are so many And her learmng rs so great In the frrst place Bert s the mcest In the next place she s the best And she s certa1n1y the frnest Senror g1r1 1D east or west From our class she was selected For three years to lead the rest And as Pres she s been respected Made the grade and passed the test Chxef of all our yells and cheers She has been for three full year From the Councll Bert was voted Best to lead and best to steer So we want you to remember When you watch Roberta pass That she s the very fmest member Of Francesvrlle s flnest class DONNA LOWRY Ass t Treas Ill Take Care of You IS Donna s pet song srnce she hopes someday to be a nurse Donna has a quret gentle vorce and IS always on hand to help carry the load BILL BEISWA NGER V1ce Pres B111y Boy IS a member of the basketball team and one of the better students 1n the class B111 took part in the play both years B111 is th1nk1ng of gorng to college .Z OTTO WUETHRICH Treasurer If I Had a MIIIIOU Dollars says Otto Id never bother you any more Otto IS one of our fust frve on the basketball team and a member of the student councrl T .i awww' KAY KOEBCKE Secretary "Dance Ballanna Dance" No truer words were ever spoken, for Kay rsknown for her graceful dancrng. She 's eas11y dlsungutshed by her bright blonde harr and laughmg blue eyes. I , L --,v, nv? E' N . . ,, i, I s y' M, V. ' r . . ' ' '54 ttl A yit ,V 't Lil . . 'lrdsi ' D 'f X I . 2.50. 'W A . V ' ' ' , ' . . esss D re 9 GLORIA GETZ "Ask Anyone Who Knows" and they'll tell you what a swell girl Gloria is. Her dark hair, olive skin, and blue eyes make a provocative combination. Glo. is good humored and a lot of fung everyone likes her. CHRIS LEE WUETHRICH a hot trumpet Chris is a great basketball star well known for his fighting spirit He also plays a guitar and s1ngs his famous versions of all the Hillbilly Songs GERALD KRUGER There ISa1d It Again Gerry keeps every one in class laughing with his Wltty re marks You d be surprised how Gerry can slam a baseball too He s been Student Manager for the team for three years and 18 considered a Great Guy LILLIAN GUTWEIN There s a Song in The Air when Lit IS around She knows all the popular songs and does a good Job of imitating Her b1g blue eyes and long eyelashes are her most sinking feature 'Trumpet Blues" isChris's theme. he plays I ' ' si 10 KENNETH LOWRY Kenny 15 The Farmer rn the Dell H works and l1ves on a farm 1n Salem town shrp He IS always eager to help and IS qu1te handy wrth a hammer and saw BERTHA GARLING "What Are Lxttle Girls Made Of?" Ask Bertha, she ought to know. She's f1ve feel four rnches of concentrated pep and per sonahty. Bertha IS the lucky owner ofa sweet disposmon that ought ro carry her ar. MARCIA FARNEY Sweetand Lovely Marcra has an attrac IIVC face and a great deal of P0158 She is a lot of fun and can always be depended on to help JACKIE BURNETTE Lmle Grrl and that she 15 one of the unrest members of the class Proved to be a very able treasurer for our class rn our JUDIOI year Iackre had planned to be a nurse but has not decrded defmnely to go ahead wlrh 1r ,B 11 ARNOLD ELSTON si DONNA ROCKWELL Take Me Out to the Ball Game so I can see Otto play Donna has been a cheer leader and tw1r1er for the last few years She IS also a very good typrst FRED RICHARDSON Fred IS So Hrgh that he has to bend over to talk to many of the other krds Fred halls from the farm and hopes to have one of hrs own some day .JG Smoke Gets In Your Eyes when Arnold rs around Tall as they come and wrth a b1g wave 1 1 hrs haxr Arn always has a brg smrle for everyone He drd a great job on the Senror play stage setting and all other 8CI1V1I18S 695 ,-Kiwi IRENE VOGT "Memor1es" Irene wrll long be remem bered for her narrow escape tn chemrstry class, nevertheless, she rs sull a very stu dlous pupll. A blt temperamental, she has a m1nd of her own and always lends a helplng hand. ,mfr fi- A ' V L4 1 , Q, ,V 1, kg K 4.-Mgt' ., ., 'N - fl' A A7, A' My t so i2fJ'R V7 ffV,..f,,z P HERMAN SMIDLER Darktown Strutrers Ball IS a great at tracuon to Sonny He IS energetrc and a real smooth dancer Sonny loves to tell Jokes and laugh at them Hrs curly harr and blue eyes are a brg attractron r ab PAT HOUSTON "Brown Eyes" sparkle l1ke the rrng on her thrrd frnger, left hand. Pat surpnsed us so much thrs summer when she arr1ved sportmg an engagement rmg that all we could say was "Lucky Guy." Par has a pleasrng vorce and a pleasant personality. g 'bv CHARLENE ROGERS Put Another Nlckel In rf you want to make Char happy She lrkes dancrng especrallyjazz and square dancmg Char 15 very studlous and rates hrgh rn most subjects HAROLD JOHNSON It sMagxc the way Harold zooms around rnhrs well known black Ford and st111 stays a11ve He IS always wrllrng to help and heads the class when rt comes to current government O r f s .5 O ' 13 CORINNE SA NDERS form a DISCS of matenal 1n to a beaunful garment Corlnne IS noted for her n1ce clothes and neatness RAY CORY Me and My Shadow Ray IS never alone for where he 15 you re sure to f1nd Corlnne Bes1des bemg a mus1c1an he also hasa very good s1ng1ng VOICC Ray plans to at tend college after f1n1sh1ng h1gh school CARL ANDERSON Cowboy has a long 11st of fnends He IS seen qu1te often w1th a car full of boys Andyls one of the smaller members of the class and shles away from most gxrls ARLOS FISHER Whispermg Arlos IS a qu1et girl whom everyone lxkes She 15 always busy helping someone Although she doesn t say much what she does say IS always worth hearing. . , . . "lt's Magic" the way Corinne can trans- ' . . . n ' vw ' ' . I 14 BOB HARTUNG That "Baby Face" never manages to hide the mischievious gleam in Bobby's eye. Bob likes to play football. was a member of the Junior play cast. and is a steady worker. 3 endow VIRGINIA EHRLICH l Class Reporter "Kitten on the Keys" - - Gin will be long remembered for her musical work at Francesville H.S. Nearly every school Function has moved along with her piano accompamment. 4 1. ab Let 's go! Q E K 'Sl' 2 if like .v I I N-'Tix ith E t Q, A "w,w,mv , m. .sf-We Wa- 45 O ug. Bob likes football! Pictures for the "Franci1lian" I didn't do it! bg sig Q Y adde77Zef Lrsten now IU solemn wonder As my story I shall tell Once a class of D1gn1f1ed Semors Wlthm the halls of F H S drd dwell L1sten carefully whlle I tell you Of the1r deeds both great and small Thus I 11 put them here 1n wrmng So that years hence we may recall Let us mentlon flrst the presrdent ROBERTA HOUSTON you wlll say She her farthful band of semors Led toward graduatron day In her three years as presrdent V1ce presrdents two had she OTTO WUETHRICH and BILLY BEISWANGER D1d they help her? Yes slr ee' In the1r frnal year of schoollng Otto kept the records true Whxle KAY KOEBCKE as the secretary VIRGINIA El-IRLICH was our reporter A regular fem1n1ne Wlnchell was s e If a Feller pulled a boner It was rtght there rn prrnt to see There was among our classmates A g1rl by the name of IRENE And also a fellow named FRED Who wrth her was always seen RAY CORY was edrtor of the Banner And I tell you that paper was some W1th CORINNE SANDERS as able asslstant Ray was pralsed to Kmgdom Come' There was also a g1rl named DONNA Her brother was rn our class too But now that 54 has amved KENNETH and DONNA wrll soon say adreu f4awicz'e Wie' In our class was an ARNOLD and GERALD ELSTON and KRUGER you know And also a HAROLD JOHNSTON Who drove a black Ford so slow PAT HOUSTON and CHARLENE ROGERS Were two of our classmates dear We shall th1nk of them so often And wrsh that they d always be near HERMAN SMIDLER and CHRIS LEE WUETHRICH Were two of the semor boys And 1f you heard them srngmg You d say II wasn t just nolse MARCIA FARNEY and BERTHA GARLING Were dear frlends good and true And everywhere one would go The other would be there too BOB HARTUNG and CARL ANDERSON Both were our classmates too They both seemed rather happy And then there were two other grrls BURNETT and FISHER I do declare ARLOS was always the qulet type Bur you always knew JACKIE was there There rema1ns but DONNA ROCKWELL, LILLIAN GUTWEIN and GLORIA GETZ oo Our class started out somewhat larger But the rest just d1dn t come through So my story now IS ended And the class of 54 In the halls ofFrancesv1l1e Hlgh School We shall m1ss forevermore By Ray Cory ' I g I Wrote down what we wished to do. That our high school days were through. . ' ' rl ' 11 h . ' ' . , t . 16 L1ll1an Gutwern s eyes Pat Houston s walk Barbara Radcl1ffe's harr Phylhs Albrecht s legs Donna Lowry s complex1on Corlnne Sander s hands Bonme Von Tobel's clothes Renee N1ehouser s smrl Sh1rley Berswanger s ears Glorla Getz's teeth Charlene Rogers nose Roberta Houston s bra1ns Marc1a Farney s feet Vlrglnla Ehrl1ch's speakxng vo1ce Ruth Fox s d1mpleS Kathy Honegger s neatness Bertha Garlmng s personahty Norma Houston's sense of humor 2 0 lx. 79 rD6 s15'J' Duane Swlng s clothes Max Dav1s' ha1r Howard Leman s complex1on Rrchard Wendt's srnmle Herman Sm1dler s eyes Chr1s Lee Wuethr1ch s physlque Fred Man1on s hands Ray Cory's nose Fred R1chardson's teeth Joe Moncel's he1ght Andre Nerhouser s muscles D1ck Boehnrng s bra1ns Kexth Nelson s dlmples Otto Wuethr1ch's neatness Arnold Elston s spealung vo1ce B111 Berswanger s personahty Gerald Kruger s sense of humor 4-. X 1 x ' f N ffsrwx ' ,O -1 ,- x -I4 , .1 v IAQ! xx Z,'f'..1 ' I f nfl' I I. . . . l ' S - I I ' 2 ' I . I . e . . ' v, ' I 1 ' 7 - . . . ' , ' . . . . . . , . ' . I ' - I I . I . A . ' I . . I . . I . I . . . . ' . I 17 gl 'GJ All In Fun Qu ffmfemswm .EL 'fgw e Those Ads' Reserved I A mv my V'- p-.. New FIYCITICHQ C4 18 G I . . KV ' V H " kv Q e W1 5.4 9 -Lx hwy u e N4 J wiv H y .4-f"f X 1 O Y .Q M 5? --A YM I':Q 2 NHL i , J fa I .NIU X , M V Chr1s Lee Wuethr1ch wlthout hrs gu1tar'P Duane Sw1ng NOT tak1ng Bonn1e Von Tobel to morn1ng'P Mr Brown teach1ng Health 8: Safety? Arlos F1sher ta1k1ng out of turn? Max Dav1s own1ng a 1954 Olds convert1ble'P M1ss M11ler tall and thlllo Corr1nne Sanders w1th a 'Poodle' ha1r cut? Mrs Cr1se contented w1th her 1953 bookkee-p1ng class? Herman Sm1dler w1thout a toothp1ck'P Francesv1lle H1ghSchool w1thout Beaver gl G1ll1am'P Roberta Houston w1th noth1ng to do? Kay Koebcke afra1d to say what she th1I'1kS9 Mr Hambl1n not 0o1ng along w1th the students? Mr Port w1thout a 7th per1od study hall? Glor1a Getz not wr1t1ng to Jack? L1l11an Gutwe1n w1thout her man's 'wholebunch and youse Charlene Rogers w1thout her lessons? school every Ph1l11p Gutwemn wlthout h1s motor scooter? Renee Ne1houser g1v1ng GOOD compl1ments'P Phylhs Albrecht not talk1ng about her 'troubles 'P Carl Anderson tall dark and handsome? The band members paylng ALL of the1r dues to Larry Boeh n1ng'? Mary Lowe not ta1k1ng about her love affa1rs to Cordeha Crawford? Barbara Radchffe knowmg everythmg she says to be a fact? Otto Wuethr1ch not trylng to get out of class? Andre Ne1houser short and puny? Mrs Humphrey not g1v1ng an as s1gnrnent after the bell has rung? Mary B Wuethr1ch go1ng steady? Mrs M1l1er havmg long blonde ha1r'P Pat Houston w1thout Ralph? fa Kennth Lowry the romeo of Francesv1lle I-hgh School? ,Www Mr Lawrence b1g and fat? ff Vxrgxma Ehrhch not talk1ng about D1ck'P X . l COMPLIMENTS OF I-IAUPTLI'S FEED STORE 20 Www? W' Y fdf - 0 ,V t I' " Nll-e:': 4 fl 7 ? fll n n q 0 n E ll Il? , 1 . . , . ' Ja ' L 74? Doc. Barbara gdb .o-.K 'Ts Em on the "Reel" Sharon Please! is Sue Grable? Don't tell anyone! N17 'S We 79' ,.""u-. Lois? Wow! ,. A of , .,k,1 ' K wap -L K 1 4 X 3 ga, XXNXQQ7 vc' ,M,.....,............... .-...Q ff' J J 1 f ,.x X f M' xl' af' J fly 5 X QUE A llllldff- 's l. ff, X JL. , 1 .qw -zffsaagm The Juniors are one of the most active classes this year. Sponsored by Miss Miller andher assistant, Mr. Ehrlich,the class has served a fish supper, taken care ofthe coke sales, all year , operated a food concession at ball games , sold cards , picked up corn, given a class play,given a lovely Prom din- ner dance ...... to say nothing of many other projects. The very able class officers included Dick Boehning, pre- sident and Barb Radcliffe, an efficent secretary-treasurer. COMPLIMENTS OF WRIGHT'S FURNITURE STORE 22 I' ' war ' IM X f a Q 'f 1 ,xi k x ew eww bg S ' Sc1ent1st Albert T1mes has 1nvented a fu i xx X' turescope by Nh1Ch we look 1nto the future l1ves of the Sen1or Class of '54 BER THA GARLING 1S seated 1n the future scope whlch takes us to a room 1n Nash v1lle on Grand Old Opera N1ght There Bertha J1m JACKIE and Bud g1Ve an exh1b1t1on of Duck the Oyster And now we see DONNA LOWPV 1n a steamy bath g1v1ng1nstruct1ons to her ass1stant ARLOS FISHER on how to reduce Donna's brother KENNETH a bakery owner Here's CHARLENE ROGERS wr1t1ng Johnny s honorable dlscharge She IS secretary to ROBERTA HOUSTON Pres1dent of the U S A PAT HOUSTON 15 shown prepar1ng a hasty meal for her ador1ng hus band Ralph SH' " she 1S late for the Lad1es A1d IRENE VOGT and FRED RICHARDSON are st1ll court1ng Fred has made the navy h1s career hop1ng he can soon marry Irene SON and GERALD KRUGER The wonder rrach1ne now focuses on ROBERT HARTUNG star Knuckleball P1tCheT of the Sand Lot League Oh here IS a heart render1ng scene' DONNA ROCKWELL andOTTO WUETHRICH quarrehng' Otto wants to h1re a secretary and Donna 1ns1sts upon p1ck1ng her out The mach1ne now spot l1ghts on CORINNE SANDERS p1ck1ng up musx cal 1nstruments her s1x ch1ldren have left on the floor The1r famous father RAY CORY 1S now top notch band leader across the nat1on Who IS th1S' Why lt 1S CARL ANDERSON who heads a b1g st1lt and elevator show manufactunng company Carl feels sorry for short people ARNOLD ELSTON hav1ng taken overh1s father's bus1ness 1n now seen pa1nt1ng and redecorat1ng MARCIA FARNEY and Tub s new home KAY KOEBCKE LILLIAN GUTWEIN and GLORIA GETZ are p1n1ng away for three men who have been reportedlost onaSouth Sea Island The mach1ne now takes us to Ch1cago s Comm1skey Park There s commentator BILL BEISWAGER g1v1ng aplay by play descr1pt1on of the World Ser1es The futurescope now sw1tches to W C K Y where CHR IS WUETHRICH 15 a famous h1llb1lly s1nger HERMAN SMIDLER w1th h1S Hawa11an Chorus IS equally famous on a r1val network A small modern home appears VIRGINIA EHR LICH1s stand1ng1n the doorway Ste IS Waltlng for her husband D1ck Our tr1p 1nto the future of the class of '54 now ends' Good luck and best W1SheS to a class we w1ll not soon forget 23 N X 9 ff, .. X , ,X ' O 0 Q ' ll ' ll , . n 1 I ' We pass on now to a dusty race track. In the lead is HAROLD JOHN- . . 1 . , ' ' ' ' ' . 1 i " . ' A A 0, lb, ,va H F .Q A afs .Q f 'C' : ,,, ,land :sg-1.lflllf Q6 T 1 COMPLIMENTS OF KRUGER MOTGR SALES 24 S iv' We ' f , X xg" . 7' 6 -- 4 :Fi u I .u. J! iii ' 5 1 o - ' t ' 3, 'Mil JE, 2 'E i ., . U wi 4- QT y 9 np' ,. V 'XJ ' 1 ' A ,ff-4 lH!9P?"l?l9Q QKSEQ 75- AMS EQ uiiifis H 1' vim .gan "swf 52.1 X' J 4 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. M. P. DUBLIN Q v I im' ,,-FSfj 61654 V 1 f F Q11 I Q.: s.l' 355 4 k iff? Q '1' " A A- j5V5xf'fT1' "'-?Tf5"4 W Ti lv' if . 61 f BM 1 mu 'FQ A 1 gisrk I COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8: MRS. ROY JOHNSON 26 ,nz Q pf 7441454 1 .5 N Wi? - !. , ,.,,x., X" Wim .IC 5.4 Y 11' 0 I s 0' 1 .I 1 I F Q, - ' 29 A if ' 37: , seam, - my ywgr alll-W ilgxx ,wr 5' .,f 'Refi wi' 15,1 iv' ..9' .AA COMPLIMENTS OF WINAMAC FLORAL CO. 27 5. ecaad . A1 - I H- ,, kr . lg! not ,W 12 'H sd no K "? 0' .-'- glvvg f . 1 . 2 I Q, fs. 5,-J' '!!"' if 9' fi -A Q.: 'f if 1 , 'qlvf QF! R' 'J X ' nh f:?,'.a q 04 1 4 sl' ' Q .4 ll? A i . f hyd F COMPLIMENTS OF BOWMAN DAIRY V 28 ff!!! 5 Gerald Kruger Harold Johnson Arnold Elston Bertha G Dmgnet 7ane4 Adrmenne G Emma J and uamta G Lena Smlth Elvx ra G Alma Norma and Vxolet E Ray and Cor1nne Cordel1a C Kay Koebcl e Jack1e B Duane S Phylhs A Max D Otto to Donna Mrs M1ller L1I11an G Glor1a G Mrs Cr1se Robert H Arlos F X WMV Come Ona My House Carolyn razy Man Crazy I m Gonna Pa nt the Town Red 'A Nest The West and You Dear Sllppmg Around I Taught I Taw a Putty Cat e s 1n the Army Now' e're Three L1ttle Glrls from Llttle Rock S1de by S1de ' Never Get Away ve Forgetten More Than You'1l Ever Know About Hlm Golden Earrmgs "My Bonnxe Lles Over the Ocean Can Anyone Explaln Hey Good Look1n In the Mood ,ix Three L1ttle Words I Get Ideas When My Dreamboat Comes Marchlng Horne The Typewnter Song Mamma Come Get Your Baby Boy Take Me In Your Arms Charlene R Johnny IS the Boy For Me Fred R to Irene V Golng Steady Chr1s Lee Tennessee W1g Wauk' Herman S G ve Me the W1de Open Spaces" B111y B to Lynette M Too Young SCDIOFS on Graduat1on Day At Last V1rg1n1a E "Can't You Hear Them Bells Carol Sw1ng H y Jo e' Mr Brown You Alone Barbara R R1chochet Romance' Ml 315 Nl"N QJVJ YN 29 I""'I1Ul bv 4, 4, - ,Z ff ,V L Q q'1l .ff I -.. 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La! 34 74a Fwy Ddlamt Junior Play Cast 36 Off to Pick Up Corn Senior Government Class Takes a Field Trip Activity Progra m 37 New Sunshine Member jr ,Wm aufnpclw chew wff'l"""" 'NSY 19? i ...Q F .. J., by , , 'AV 7 wi 554.3 QA...- -qv 38 vb www 1 S , S . KWRPW fxx 55.9 L 'mi X f i. 1, xg C - U ,fm H 0 x PIQ ...Q ' ?Zaa6mm!4jald'5amzm"S fd!! ' is-rw - ne.-if , ' Jill!! i f A 1' ' 'lr W3 '4 Vx! A X-U x fn - x xv--fx X355 mam Z4-W! n Seackw gwwl 24 552-.4 ,A ,ax Staaieazfdaacd Pa H5 Sal efaaeec '76 ffotckw Pi W. ,if vw, s 'U Q LL? E A sg Q Zvwfvwdmfw 'ia-'rf , X ' Q iv .iw . if--ff 42h 7954 I Standing left to right: Principal Hamblin, Bob Gutwein. Andy Neihouser, Chris Wuerhrich, Max Davis, Rich. Wendt Don Davis. Seated: Geo. Malchow Cnon-participantj, Joe Moncel, Duane Swing, Coach Brown, Otto Wuethrich Billy Beiswanger, and student manager, Gerald Kruger. .Q It sure is a swell trophy! 44 5:14446 Zambia 7mm by , ,Q faalqb .league-w 45 ' 70: fgdflhlf Mrs. Miller 8: her nine Whiz Gals Km? Z g J A..-and You can go. . .but ya gotta win! ii 9 4 I Y 'X xg s. af! It S Q13 Sl '54 AW M0051 iff 0 M1 ,. .125f"f.,,"f . ,f . . ,w.f,iq2 X A ,L , A , Sift? , 2 - 'A x - 16'5i,'w5. , 'V . VM. V--.4 ' qw- ,aww 1 L f . 'ml ffapwyf. W 9. o ' 4 Q, I Umeknlmdeu Donna Rockwell Roberta Houston Kay Lowery 49 s . K 9232, 3 giwaax fm 'im 23 Q' .aw 4 K Qi A ,. . L+., -V1 , , , ,QM These Merchants Backed Us 0m Zooeteu x41-ze 'Zum 7714419 'facma FR ANC ESVILLE MONON WINAMAC LAKE SIDE KOKOMO MONTIC ELLO MEDARYVILLE PULASKI STAR CITY RENSSELAER LAFAYETTE BUFFALO X X X . . . LET'S BACK THEM! anew a,eg.,...,w,,, 5ulZwan4Dfu49 Stone 7fKolc'l9a4and7fZalclocZ A 229641, ?-wmgeau 5z'aa6av4Small 7-uueeculle Vndaum 7ownSa'ou Dann 3:04 p4au20 Wtawwzaua 7-zaaceaadle Vndiana Qzmueaadle Vnddana Wuthwl Vvzaafwzaee Sauce 70: ,411 Zum Vnaafumce 7leed4 ?fuuce4adle 'kdaua 1 , 1 " fl . 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Complzments 0 'lfacfwoud Pzodaud Phone 56 FrancesvrIIe Indlana Fisherman s Headquarters 014161 4 Sauce Statue Slnclaxr Products Francesvnlle Indiana Phone 37 Daury gamma: pwddtfd WALTER ITURIO ONKEN Francesvulle Indiana Complzments 0 ?fz4ncc4aclle 7uJane The only paper ln The world Shop ai Sears and Save Saved 20654446 aaa! Q Rensselaer Indiana Compliments 0 77Koou 4 gud Francesvl Ile Indiana Highway 421 faq Polauon Dealer Minneapolis Mol me Francesvnlle Indiana gfaaptlzc gauge U S Highway 421 Francesvulle Indiana Phone 'I04 ' I Q n . I . I IIRD, . if interested in Francesville . I . , . . I . . I . Qalc5QmuzQ Seeds Feeds Ferhllzers Grmdlng Phone 26 Medaryvllle lndlana Saudia Farm Equipment Center Your Allis Chalmers Dealer New Holland Balers Kewanee DISCS 8. Elevators Wolcott Indiana Corn ffdam 5 .law pfleddazn Francesvalle lnduana Complzments 36446 7545 Q9 Medaryvllle lndlana Complzmen ts Of 70e4an 2104 Francesvllle lndlana Complzments Wooneedfe Francesvllle lndlana Fern Wright shelling 81 Hauling of Uf Dm E A' 7750046 Denial Surgeon 7fZozfofz Q 7:14 Power Farmmg Equipment Phone 178 Francesvnlle Indnano Francesvllle lndlana Hardware Wlnamac Indiana Francesvllle Indiana D isp H S5 Slf,a1n44S4le4JSmza Wmamac Indiana Phone 394 Dodge 8. Plymouth Wmamac Indiana a 1 1 . 1 a I r I Complzme ts 0 mplzments E H yrd VETERINARIAN DEVON THEATER PHONE 197 FRANCESVILLE E E 5"""' COMP Ll ME N TS OF HUBBARD CHEVROLET MONON CLEANERS Sales and Sorvnce 'lack Luce Francesvllle Indiana Monon lndmna . n f Co ' nocToR of . .B General Insurance Phone 221 Mobllgas SOCOIV VICUUI Service Stahon Francesvllle Indiana FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS Complzments Wie! or A Befter School and Bob All"""" Community ln which io Ilve Box 9 Plymouth Indiana U - l-T11 - 4 . Francesville Indiana ' . t . i of 'A' 'A' i f Milling Company Francesvllle Indiana Compliments of Bowman Dairy SCHLATTER Machine Shop Pete Schlatte Manager Francesvllle Indiana Hoosier Pride Hybrids FRED GUTWEIN AND SONS Producers of highest qualify hybrid seed corn and other grain seeds. " I Til, X. , I . . ,: A - I I if ' ' E f - r im- 3 Ie, L 3 2515 :Q r' f., ,S . . ,Www iff, 6 'Q F 213 Z' wig E 'iv Q f mg. 3 Q55 ,ahah 4? - 4' .A 'y ,Q bf-,AN af 4 y . ufin ' 3 A , 4-4 ' 1 f' '. X J Q . wa., ,K 1 V' 93 , 8 ii if?-4' N , ..f,,Q 'vs-wi, , , .. . Q , Q:5'?1?5?'361 Q- vsgky vv 2 ff? K. K ,af :Ur , MN lwfi? A M :JW 2. ' 3 2 ' it ww-wr 1 -3 X ag ,Qi If !if W N Q 1 f Kvxixqk f Q mga I! H E. I 1 M f, -if ,ff V E 5 0 5 53553 , f , . ,, mnsq- ,- KQQW 5 1 fm is KW Q :X f x X E, x 1 Q S -9 an 1 ni 5 3 A Q. 4 05+ ? - h Ay 'Q '-5 ,L 31, Q "" H. Seaview Wd! We, the class of 1954, in the town the state of Indiana, being of differ in opinion, and in much our last will and testament wills that may have been made by and ville, the county condition as usual, Qsome may x usual, do hereby make this, of no avail any former will or aperiod.of optimism. We bequeath to the following persons the treasures and possesions enumerated below. To the FACULTY ........ We hereby give, free from all tax, our entire store r, and some extra nails To From them it came and to them it should be returned. OLD PRINCIPAL ...... We leave the peaceful quietc sed by any apple cores wads of gum or crumpled not I e " gk for being graduated 4' WRENCE An automatic timer for lunch sch uqliggt P portation and an extra Job or two ' ' I U O 4 J . X1 X. l RISE ...... A printingpress, a crew ofproof readers n arm y trans ' , ' . x x Mr. Brown's boys. band and chorus. One new hound. .A secretary to give book tests and a big oom ICH ...... All of the skipped beats and missed notes lost by To MRS. MILLER ..... A phys. Ed. class without boys and another "good" senior class to sponsor. To MR. BROWN .... A cushion for the players bench, a new bag of marbles, and a ping pong paddle to use in study hall. To MISS MILLER ..... One new Science class, a new fire extinguisher, and a book of rules on when and how to use same. To MR. PORT ..... A quiet seventh period and no pass-outs. To PAUL MORGAN ..... The right to "paste"anyone who drops gum on the floor, a chair -mending kit, and a new chore girl. 'short hair to Duane Swing. C I ve BEISWANGER, will my ability to compete in sports to C Du ' r, w KIE BURNETTE, bequeath my height to Pat Elston. To . l ' Q -"1" 5 lucky enough to live through the ordeal Ileave the rig-ht t K. Q the headaches of the school paper to Dick ' eh '71 my study halls He needs the sleep so he can ' 4 I, will the right to be engaged to Bonnie Vo - : to Margo Mmkert , A 1, 5 to . Q' -1 ' lk' ' by . l ' . . ' Ml LSTON, will the honor of driving a Plymouth to Mr A2 54? and my height to Monty Stiller. To the Juniors, the ability to act l ' II- '- a little sense , ARCIA FARNEY, will my blue eyes to my sister, Sharon, and my ability n ate boys o Joyce Jordan. 4'-"ir Hij- ' "Els X nv ' Q' - '. Q. 'Ll- 70 'I' X 3? lllfl J P ' I FISHER w1ll my brown ha1r to Joyce Jord ' lucky enough to get lt W GARLING w1ll the r1ght to be a prompt 4 other Leonard i , I, GLORIA GETZ, w1ll the r1ght to have my boy fr1e srgc P e 15111 the servlce to Elv1ra Gutwe1n I LILLIAN GUTWEIN w1ll to Vicky Gunnerson the r1ght to play the drums all four years of h1gh school to Phylhs Albrecht the Bu1ck anyt1me she wants lt I PAT HOUSTON w1ll the r1ght to be engaged 1n my sen1or year to Lo amey and my sunny sm1le to Hazel Lowe I, GERALD KRUGER, w1ll the r1ght to be broke most of the txme to 1S fool enough to take 1t, the r1ght to have a g1rl 1n Monon to Rolland X and the ha1r I had cut off to Mr Port I DONNA LOWRY, w1ll my curly ha1r to N1na Myers To Alma and P? Ezra, my ab1l1ty to ga1n welght I, KENNETH LOWRY, w1ll my phys1que to Howard Leman To Carl Dun g1V the ab1l1ty not to get 1n an argument all the tlme , D RICHARDSON, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mrs M1lle m to Stanley Jordan ' ROCKWELL w1ll four years of tw1rl1ng and three years ofyell , t Mar1e Ne1houser the ab1l1ty to get alongw1th the Wuethrlchs to Tom rv E SANDERS, w1ll my long ha1r and sl1rn f1gure to Glor1a W A E Q AN SMIDLER w1ll my ha1r to R1chard Wendt E VOGT w1ll my ab1l1ty to "pass" to George Malchow S LEE WUETHRICH do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to play and smg h1llb1lly mus1c to Kelth Nelson I OTTO WUETHRICH w1ll my basketball ab1l1ty to Ph1l Gutwe I, CARL ANDERSON w1ll my helght to Andre Ne1houser and my along w1th Mac" to D1ck Lowry I, ROBERTA HOUSTON w1ll my he1ght to Margo Mmkert and the r1ght to be cl ss Pres1dent and Yell Leader for three years to Sylv1a Lowe I OBERT HARTUNG, w1ll my sm1le to Rolland Conwell my ab1l1ty to st'ay Z rom g1rls to Duane Swmg and short ha1rcut to Mr Lawrence OFI:lcg.aIC3IlINtSOlItIA w1lIlAr1i1y phys1que to Jun1or Radcl1ffe and the ho ,Q r o rs 1 er Zi? OEBCKE, w1ll to Sue Myers the r1ght to play a saxophone To Lena Sm1th the r1ght to dr1ve to school K WAZH RLENE ROGERS, leave the honor to be 1n both class plays to W X W , AZ ol, my s1ster the r1ght to go steady jk f W vm G9 Ill 43 N ,I -fav f- Jim' A VLBA nl I Q ,t QM ag? if rx Z:-gg ,,. ! I - - -445 ' A i . . . ' :-' on s Q' 3, ? 7f, H ' .' .. ,I ' , K "" , ' ' 1. .1. - ff- X , C : r'vg. Y 4 ' - .1 . - . - . -ffl . . . . . - .-- X n 'I' -,-'?"-'-Q.: . A --v' ' , ' . . . S v - 9 s - - , I 0 . . ll s an . N u u o u . - E . Y I B . . 9 ,J 1 , I . . . - l , 5 ' . . 5 . . . . I: on 'Q ' uf -, ',j . . . . . 6 ' . . . . ' i,.--,a:.- my ab1l1ty to br1ng empty d1shes to class suppers to J. K ol: , al , . I, , , . . . , , . . . . I I . ,, . , . . . . , 'r 1 n , 1 u "f, ' - - t Z' , .... I. . , O 2, . ,I . to Hfffvt ' ' ll , i , - , - - - .y,fs7,. , " " ' ' V "iff V42 ' ' .. A dx 'WV' . - ,W 1' "ffl, B ' I ' fi w El , AL 1 I I IZ' aff' ' 3' 5' 2, 252 f pizza, ya f-13. I swf'- P m L The lessons the play are over at last But we llnger awhlle at the door For the world presses on to the work of the day And we know as we turn our faces away We'll pass through these halls no more The teachers we know may vamsh away The frxends we have made w11l be gone But our love w1ll ab1de and 1n memory we ll see Our Alma Mater as mt used to be When we were sen1ors Class of 1954' M Iris!! Vw -1 L mdk? Q K ffm s nf NYM 4' - . w I ,AW -a-1 Kink V V 4 lun wi 15 -4' -M Q74 ,, .Q ta, '32 2' if If I f if 3"i7'1 wk F , 1 r , Q x. . 1. ' r 0 ' 36 ' ' Ah J. ' Q All if fn Q, gf ." 1 haw 'nv Q 4, Q 4- s ,,, lf' M , 1' r H ,g-arty. I 1. ' 4.- f 'F ,MQ V N ff . Q fr ' 'Fwy Q ti s 4 I A k fr 'T -pf v - K K f-Rl' gf L 2 V I . jf, 'gif' ur f'.. iw fl' by A i New ...-- wp4lr1f3 9' 5 , -f I :Fir , 'QYQ5 Q5"'Vf'1ff-Q A fff- 'Ln ff, rn " 'L . fo . 0 f arm, , . ,A r 4 5 'tiff ,ai Q Us Q ,. 4. .U 4. F L if 'gf 'W , ' eg N " , .. 7 LA: V A Q ' Af' '-tif. V' fl' ' I x T' " . 3.5 Q . . fl f55f,iI:" 4,1 Q., V , Y 2,1 Q- v I4 .hjkx Mil, Q .3 .vu 'vlgf A 'nv M 4 UP n Qs fr U lv ,M -s zf ' 4 ' 'HE' iii' J i' at , lain ,fr -1.6! if Q - 45 D pm A X ,W 3' f gn., I 15.-PM 'L A H 5: 5-gf' ga ' if K I 415, 1 '7 ir ' -fx. 4 1 ' 'Pe' il , , ,LfP,Q54i"HL"' ."'sf 'fy-r f If A A L Y ' - T f 'P' 6' " ., ' 1 . 4 F Yr' 1 W . . 4 1 4 , agrifv, ijt if . ' Q , . 1 9 -V vi A fir 'gf ' Q .f if 3 f A' 4 JFVQ' ' f'J1"?'g 4, A 'ff -Eff x A Q -x Z ,Zi sw, , , . 5 .F .3 Y ' me J Q X 1 -ig 1, " ' 5 ' K Q ga K L1 if 1 ' 1 I 5 'Y ' .gs 6 qs. J, 5 Rh uf, Q , 6 eh l ti! 79 I. 4 r'h' " Qui! t. f " fK'?'6'o Yi. rw, Tug: K .g 1 hh Bs 9

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