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N9 13,0016 THE VROVER 'YYL N F ,..:5, cSbQ6LC6tfl0Ifl We, the Senior Class of 1951, dedicate this Uphouse and Mr Kincaid, as a token o' our ap preciatlon for their loyal friendship, never tiring patience, unselfish kindness, and very generous assistance O O edition of the Francillian to our sponsors, Mrs. - fix-5 ADMINISTRATIQN f 1 2 E 1 Top Row Helen Riggs, Fourth Grade, Gladys Koster, Second Grade, Bess Myers, Third Grade, Thelma Ramsey, First Grade, Wilma Miller, History and Physical Education, Bernice Humphrey, English, Latin, History, Patricia Elliot, Gom erce, Mary Uphouse, Home Economics, Second Row Ralph Humphrey, Fifth Grade, Malcolm Lawrence, Agri culture, Farm Shop, and Science, Benton V Port, Seventh and eighth Grades, Rudolph Cords, Sixth Grade, Wendell King, Principal, James Moore, Coach and Mathematics, Donald Ehrlich, Music and Art WENDELL KING G. w. GERICHS Roggugggrgon PRINCIPAL COUNTY SUPEFINTENDENT f .t., Y ,SJ i 1 -.......,. t Q, 'a- f a I ' I V ,,4s,-.8 K-K F M- - ' -es-1 - .- , ' " ' ia' ""' - L , .sp-M "1 .vi Q o a O o a . o O V 'Q 0 K 3 ' ' a . . Q O . ' 0 ss , Q 1 . W 1 -uw A1 ISN'T THIS NATURAL? 9 9 OFFICE HELP CLASS FLOWER as '54 1 RED Ross LV CLASS COLORS cal N GR aox CLASS MOTTO AEK xf V 4 X QQ QQ fi X Q f 'ZX X OSA V 4 axe 3? S' W A QLMER SWINEE- Compliments e 8: New Id rm Machinery HANK'S hone 169 S ruck CLOVLR SHIRLEY CORDS ARTHUR GEYER MILLIE BOEHNING CAROL ERB MARLENE GETZ - v- EDWARD KELLEY SUZANNE G-UTWEIN DICK KESLER E Q g D w Q r D E, . . DAD, I im ,QM XX ' D .V,4,,,k ,, W1 ,W ,W ,D A .fa af i JOHN GUTIEIN P'-Ilan,-'sa 'Y v Ng DO ROTHV KRU EER A L HANNAH cmmaus 4 DORA WESTPHAL PAUL LEDFORD -K la? dugg 'H 61 PAUL KRUCER CLARA GAHLING 1 I uw I . kr, . ,N " 1 5-iq., "- ' 5 ' 'vw l V 4 , . - f r . ia ' 5 . 4 N. . e A Q ' - apk 2 L -L. , , - K - 4 ' . W: A V I 11' . ap: 1 n W ' 5 Y 3 V ffS1 iff. ' -13 QV Q7 X , f 1 ?. f 4Lg f'15f94' 1 fx A' f , ' 25 ' 41 LJ I ' ff" 'IA ,L 7 5 'f 3 L pt. QA 1 Mm ANN UPHOUSE RONALD BRISWANGER HAROLD KINCAID CLASS SPONSOR PRESIDENT sPoNsoR ARLENE BEISWAN EIR mm GASTINRAU -T P NORGHN DONNA OWEN SEERETARY TREASURER VICE PRESIDENT REPORTER aaa Adfory In the early fall of the year 1947, a group of thirty two booked passage on the bus nFrancesv11le High School Our Freshman year we elected nDr1ver' Marlene Getz,nRdie Driveru Arlene Beiswanger, secretary and treasurer Millie Boeh ning Our 'Manager' for the year was Mrs Decker This year we lost five of our 'Bus Riders , Morris Cain, Pete Hartley, Jeanette My rs, Robert Myers, and Gary Smith We also gained six new 'Passengers , Arlene Beiswanger, Clara Garling, Isabelle Dunker, Paul Ledford, and Dorothy and Paul Kruger Although the sophomores were quite liberal with their war paint we survived the initiation, thus our expedition end ed in the late spring of 1948 Toot' Toot' All Aboard' Here we are as sophomores on the train of our good old nAlma Mater For engineer we select ed Shirley Cords, WF1reman' Ronald Beiswanger, 'Conductor Arlene Beiswanger To our sorrow we lost one of our classmates Phyllis Nelson Our 'Overseern this year was Mr James Moore At the end of the year, we felt we had risen to the realm of our upper classmen Suddenly we found that two years had gone by and it was time to board the train and take another trip homeward In the fall of 1949, a smart roup of passengers booked Beiswanger, nFirst Mate J P Morgan, secretary and treasurer Betty Gastineau As our 'Instructor we had Mrs Uphouse W lost two members of our 'Crew' this year, Bill Ent and Mabel Lee, and gained a new passenger, Ruth Emerson Since this voy age was a business trip, we had to raise money for our junior and senior reception In order to raise this money we present ed our junior play, 'Here Comes Charleyn, sold cakes at baskgt ball games,and gave jitney supoers At the end of the school term, we felt happy that we had acquired a large sum of money for our reception We were proud that we had given the seniors just the kind of a reception they wanted, semi formal in the High School Gymnasium We chose as OUT theme, Stardust Serenade Everyone had a grand time Edmund H Weaver Wilfred H Weaver WEAVER BROTHERS JOHN DEERE ualit F 1 t Q y arm Equ pmen I GPA Su er Market P t s P ar S and ervice Francesville indiana Rausch Farm bquip Winamac Ph 159 phone 123 SEIDEL 8 BLASTIC JOHN'S JEWELRY STORE Winamac Indiana Elgin Hamilton Helbros Furniture, Carpets Watches Floor and Wall Coverings M Watch Repairingl di onon n ana C Q ' f ' O ' Q O .- Y U U AJ U . ' ' ' n u n - I . I YI O ' I K passage on the ship nOnwardn. As gCaptainu we elected Ronald . Y . . ll ' e Y I . . Class History cont' On our voyage homeward after the last day of school all of the crew and their overseers assembled and agreed that our junior year had been very successful 'Zoom We're off Our big Zepplin, the "Victory" carrying us toward our last destination in our High School career 'I' is year our Pilot" is Ronald Beiswanger, "Col Pilot' Morgan, "Stewardess" Betty Gastineau Serving as our 'Supervisors are passengers we missed the fgce.of two of our fellow classmen, Mary Louise Gutwein and Ruth Emerson ln the midst of all the fun and excitement we had this year we did get serious long enough to prepare our annual Now that our goal is won iwe hopel, we have set our aspirations toward a higher goal in life which will be more difficult to reach, but by our many experiences and coaching in F H S we are determined to reach it Suzanne Gutwein E Arthur Geyer Rdax have a Coke !" . is h " ' J.P. ' . I ll Mrs. Uphouse and Mr. Kincaid. In the midst of our twenty-three 4, MOP QC? - Dear Friend Charley, As we were walking down the street, we chanced to meet an old man who at once attracted our attention by the brilliant green and white ribbons flying from his buttonhole. Looking into his face, we perceived that he had such a benevolent, intelligent countenance that we stepped up to him and introduced ourselves. He received us pleasantly, and after conversing with him a few minutes, we remark- ed upon the ribbons he was wearing. nWell,n he said, I'll tell you about them. I'm celebrating the anniversary of my graduation day. You see, my class graduated from Francesville High School on May 6, l95l, just 25 years ago, and that is why I am wearing our class colors. uIndeed" Chrisann commented, and I suppose your class wa q te up to average9n 'Up to the averageln he almost shouted at her, nWell, I shou say we were' Why it was the most remarkable class that ever gradu ated from the finest school in the land' That class produced some of the greatest geniuses of all time You see, in recent years I have had a yen to find out what became of all my diligent class mates, and so being a man of some means, I had detectives look them UThey have done a remarkable job and succeeded in tracing t life of everyone back to the time they graduated from high school I'll tell you a little of what they have done after leaving the halls of old F H S While I relate this tale of success and fame, bear in mind these were once your fellow schoolmates 'You remember that in our class we had quite a wit by the na of Eddie Kelley? Well, in 1956 this capable young man cashed in upon his talent and proceeded to Broadway where his name was soon in lights as starring opposite Liz Taylor in nWhy Husbands Drink He was a singular success Since then, he has made many instant have their own studio in Hollywood He is married to Gloria Dazzle a former starlet 'Although the war has been over about a quarter of a centur , Uncle Sam decided that he still needed some privates to keep the officers' barracks clean and to prepare their meals He chose a couple of men from the Francesville vicinity, Web Darnell and Herb Cook They are now at Camp Breckenridge and eagerly look forward to the week ends when Millie Boehnin and Suzanne Gutwein come to visit them Perhaps you are won er ng why'EH6y'HaV5'h5V6r married It seems as if fate has intervened, since Suzanne is still at home keeping house and cooking huge meals for her brother Edwin Millie graduated from Purdue in 1955 and is teaching Home Economics in the school from which she graduated Although the girls are a little gray now, they are still hoping for the day when they will walk to the altar Oh well, they say life begins at forty ' .I fl S ui . ' ld up. J he ' 3 me H 0 hits--all comedy roles--and today he and the son of the Lone Ranger 9 I . ' . Y PROPHECY Ccon'tJ 'It seems as if Marlene Getz is the only one for whom life turned out exactly as she planned You remember that when she grad usted in '51 she was still waiting for Junior to be called to the Seabees Well, along about October the next fall he was called, however two weeks after he was inducted the war was officially over He was immediately discharged and not having the money to come back from California, he settled there and sent for Marlene, who was still working at Sull1van's Drug Store They were married in December of '52 They now have a family of six fine boys CBase ball teams make money you know"'J nYou remember Carol Erb, don't you? Well, the day after grad uation she married Dwight Bucher, a farmer from LaCrosse You'd still recognize her though because she still has a tired look You see, she gets up at five o'clock every morning to go with Dwight on the milk route to make sure he doesn't pick up any women hitch hikers nTwo of the old group found their way to the altar togethe , culmination of a school day romance After Shirley Cords and Ronald Beiswan er were married, they both obtained teaching jobs at Ball State Co ege because of their extensive education Funny shake before he leaves in the morning instead of kissing her good bye Still the same bashful old Ronnie 'Speaking of bashful boys, that reminds me o one who was just the opposite J P Morgan He used to be quite a cutup and is still going strong I understand he has a hot dog stand on the Staten Island Ferry that goes from New York to the Statue of Liberty about ten or twelve times a day He still is in love with his favorite sport of his high school days hunting But I understand the game he is after is no longer rabbits but a wife because he needs someone to help him at the stand and its the same old story can't afford to hire anyone nJake doesn't get lonesome out there in New York, as every t he goes to the Statue of Liberty he meets an old friend I'l1 have to tell you about this boy because if you saw him you'd never rec ognize him Johnn Gutwein is the lad's name you know who I mean he belongs to the ine o Gutweins who are millers John has a job as a guide through the statue and is just a mere skeleton of his old self I guess some days he walks as much as ten or fifteen miles just up and down the stairs of the statue CThere is an elevator for only the first ten stories I JOHN Manufacturing wholesale Grocers service in and about ten splendid cities SEXTON k CO A good school affording placement Good Food for Pleased Guests Chicagg Illinois LAFAYETTE BUSINESS COLLEGE ' has r a thing about that couple! Ronald still gives Shirley a hearty hand l f ime PROPHECY Ccon'tl uYou recall Don Clover, don't you?, I guess he is just heart broken. His son L le Clover, who graduated with me, didn't follow along in his fathers foo steps and become a farmer but instead has a job driving a commuters' bus from Francesville to Monticello for those who work at Bryanvs, The only reason he likes the job so well is because he has a fifteen minute layover in Monticello and can look up all his old girl friends. He has remained a bachelor thus far. Rumor had it that Lyle has been shot by the arrows of a mis- chievous little fellow who sometimes changes our minds for us. Poor fellow! I hope he doesn't regret the loss of his freedom. They tell me she is spoiled and jealous! I don't know about him! nYou also recall that young lady whose hair was always within an inch of perfection in school, don't you? Bett Gastineau--you guessed it! She has put her talent to a profits e use. After graduation she attended beauty school and now parlor called Bet's Salon. Betty's specialty hair by changing it to a lustrous red. Rumor regularly visits the salon for rinses when he town. has her own beauty is enhancing women's has it that Ed Kelley visits the old home nOur class had its share of boys who ran around considerably, but one of the miracles of the tale is that Art Geyer, one of those who had the habit very badly, settled down and is one of the best husbands and fathers in the countryside. At,least-this is what his wife, the former Roberta Houston, said about her farmer husband. nYou remember that I said our class harbored some of the great est geniuses of all time I'll tell you about one of these This lass was quite a whiz at shorthand back in 1951, and, after getting her B S and M S in business, she went ahead and specialized in shorthand and is now considered one of the greatest experts of the day Of course I'm speaking of none other than Arlene Beiswanger She has written several textbooks along this line for high school use Quite a popular place on highway 45 just outside of Medaryvi is the former has to him at to her 5D Drive In This eating establishment is run by three seniors Of course Donna Onken is quite busy because she work at the restaurant and keep house for Bob you remember the same time, but as yet there have been no children to add household duties Dora Westphal especially likes the work because although she has never married, she has a soft spot in her heart for the place dating back to senior days I haven't quite figured out what Dorothy Kruger's aim is but at least she has furnished the other D for the name of the place nIt seems as though our group cou1dn't all get away from the old home town Two of our most enterprising young men went into business for themselves Paul Kruger and Paul Ledford started the Two Paul Drive In Theatre They are doing quite well except that Paul Ledford has had quite a time keeping his partner in line You See THE FREEMAN C0 PULASKI COUNTY ABSTRACT For all kinds of Insurance Far Abstracts Real Estate Loans Join the American Motor Club and Play Safe on your Trips 0 o so oo ' ' 0 ,V ,nr 0 0 H - lle O . 0 o 0 . , . l , O - . o PROPHECY icon'tD see Paul Kruger still has his mania for throwing fire crackers out the window and this causes quite an interruption in the middle of a romantic show. You would think he'd act his age! nNone of the fellows of our class ever went into the service of their country but two of the girls have served in the Waves. Hannah Gerling and Clara Gerling are secretaries for two top officers of the Navy. The only drawback is that they haven't yet found any sailors who like to square dance. , nPatricia Lowe married soon after graduation and began her -lifework of raisIng colored canary birds, red, green, and purple. She became so successful in her job that she has to advertise for an assistant to help her care for them all. Imagine her surprise when her former classmate, Isabelle Dunker, answered her emergency call Isabelle had been a prfvate nurse for years The majority of her patients were old men, who, when they died, left her their estates' As Isabelle had accumulated quite a fortune, in this way she was able to pursue her own manner of living without financial worry e was merely working for the good of her fellow man The man paused for a while as in a reverie As we gazed at him lost in thought, we marveled at the change that had come over this interesting, benevolent character, for he was none other than that harum scarum Dick Kesler, who used to stay out all hours, sleep all day, and was tired at the very thought of work in school that 1 nAh, we thought, ntime changes everything Well Charley perhaps by now you are weary with reading such a lengthy letter but we, having heard the tale repeated by the old timer, could hardly resist passing it on to you We know you will be cheered and heartened by the story of the class of '51 Here's hoping you will soon be able to leave the hospital and be back at your desk again As ever, Virginia Myers Ardith Morgan Chrisann Wuethrich NEWBOLD GARAGE HEINEN PHARMACY Oldsmobile Sales 8 Service Prescription Accuracy Frigidare Home Appli8nCSS Phone 4971 M0309 monon Indiana THE FRANCESVILLE STONE CO , INC ONKEN SERVICE STATION as Oil Tires Accessories Mobilgas Francesville, Indiana a 1 Sales Serv ce Phone 51F 12 Phone 1:58 state Road 43 THE BLACK CAT GRILL COUNTRY SIDE BOWLING LANES Private-Room for Clubs R Parties Resturant Fountain Service Sis and Truby, Props 5 miles South Medaryville Phone l3O Indiana Of San Pierre Indiana O O C N . Sh . , Q 1 I I ' 11 5 s. W .N C ' 0 C 1 I .- Vi I V I I T 'I . , , C ,-aW . -. L 1 W - .,:c' ' u ii 1- l alan 'lflf an edfamenf We, the Senior Class of 1951, A D , being of sound mind and memory, does hereby declare this its last will and testament, revoking all former wills To the Francesville High School as a whole, our sincere hope and wishes that it may obtain a prominent place in the education al and athletic field ARTICLE I TO THE FACULTY, who have gone this way before, knowing the same trials and joys of accomplishments, understand us and have faith in us They are always patient, willing to guide and in struct, ready to assist, to explain and to examine We are grate ful for their success We, the Senior Class of 1950 '51, nominate and appoint the faculty of Francesville High School sole executors of this, our last will and testament TO THE JUNIOR CLASS, we hereby will and bequeath our ability to make everyone look up to them, acquire dignity and a kindly, solicitous attitude toward the lower classmen TO THE SOPHOMORE CLASS, we will our ability to get along with TO THE FRESHMEN CLASS we leave courage to walk around in the assembly and to say what they think TO THE EIGHTH GRADE, we will our pencils, erasers, and books TO THE SEVENTH GRADE we will our conduct and interest in books TO THEogANITOR we will the gum under the seats and the dirt s ARTICLE II I, Millie Boehnin , will my ability to go steady with one boy throu our years of high school to Peggy and my right to get the car when ever I want it to Chrisann Wuethrich I Carol Erb will my twirling abilit to Mary Malchow and my ab1lIty'tU'g5'!teady for three years to vonne Neihouser MINKERTESDRY GOODS a VARIETY STOR HOWAT FARMS, INC Ladies' ready to wear and notion Men's furnishings and shoes Francesville Indiana Francesville Indiana Hybrid Seed Corn I 7 O L thezteachers. D ' 0 1 I on e , 8 . will cont' A I, Suzanne Gutwein, will the right to be m8JOP0tt8 and. secretary of the Band to Charles Warnell, also my ability to sit at home nights reading letters from a certain soldier instead of reading books to Virginia Myers I Marlene Getz, will my ability to play a drum all four years of high school to my sister Gloria, and my ability to go with a guy from Monon to Judy Myers I, James Paul Mor an, known as J P , will the right to play a cornet to Mars a u t all four years of high school and my ability to get straight nD'sn in government and sociology and still graduate to Virginia Myers I, Arthur Ge er, will my ability to play basketball to Harold Johnson and o art Smith the right to talk back to any faculty member I Ronald Beiswan er, will my right to be class president during my Junior andd enior years to Carl Anderson, and my right to work at Gudeman's to Robert hartung I, Lyle Clover, will the right to drive a new DeSoto in their Senior year to Albert Smith I, Johnn Gutwein, will the right to drive a car to school in my Senlor year to ugene Fisher and my ability to get along with Miss Elliott to Carl Gutwein Also we, John Gutwein and Lyle Clover, will the right to take the same girl to the Prom to Gffbert Gutwein and Perry Neihouser I, Doroth Kru er, will the enjoyment I get from reading to Joyce aup an my quiet ways to wary Ann Scott I, Arlene Beiswanger, will my ability to get on the honor roll to my brother, floyd, and my quiet ways to Gloria Getz I Shirle Cords, will to Yvonne Neihouser my quiet and unexcitab e ways an , to Donna Rogers, I will my right to go with the Senior Class President iRoonieJ Paul Ledford will my ability to laugh at a joke to Louise Vogt, and my ability to get along with girls to Eugene Fisher I Dick Kesler will the ability to get the car and stay out late o sworth Pelsey, and my ability to smile all the tlM6, to Miss Elliott Complimentg of COOLEY'S COFFEE CUP MELVIN GUDEMAN Monon Indiana Q 111.-ill ' s Guess whom ' 1 1, , . will cont' I, Dora West hal, will my short height to Roberta Houston and, to my sister, nid, L leave the right to go out anytime she wants to. L, Isabelle Dunker, will my quiet ways to Virginia Myers. We, hannah and Clara Garling, will our ability to square dance to Rita Fedderer and Mary Conwell. 1, Paul Kruger, will my physique to Gary Witt and my abil1t1 to get the car whenever I want it to Harold Johnson. I, Betty Gastineau, will my right to stay out of school and get excused absences to Gary Witt and my right to turn my brown hair red to Barbara Cooley I, Eddie Kelle , will my ability to be the Senior Class comedian to aul Yokuml Malchow and my right to talk back to any teacher in my joking manner to Carl Gutwein , will to Joyce Hauptli the ability to be close friends with her Senior Sponsors all through her Senior Year I Donna Onken, will the right to be engaged in her Senior Year to Marlene Gillmer The co OPERATIVE ELEVATOR co WINAMAC FLORAL C0 Everything Por The Farmer 215 N Market Street GRAIN FEED PLOUR coAL SEEDS Winamac Ind Phene'15e 164 ' Francesville Flowers for 81 000533328212 THE WINAMAC REPUBLICAN DILTS BRO HERB Insurance The County Paper l Quality Job Printing Wlnamac, nd Phone 144 P1113 Powders P6ll6tS ROY ROBINSON for NB SULLIVAN'S DRUG STORE Phone 26 Francesville, Ind Francesville, Ind Phone 120 GETZ PLUMBING a APPLIANCES F1TZ'S BIG GARAGE I di Your Dodge 8 Plymouth Dealer n ana Francesville winamac Ind Phone lo THE SPORTSMAN, INC Compliments of Lafayette Indiana DEVON THEATER I I, 1 9 -.i .i - 1 1 ' T - - I Pigs-Poultry-Pets ' Sales-Service-Repairs-Parts . X 1 ' l S E N I O R C L A S S P O E M To the class of fifty-one I shall dedicate this rhyme That you may not forget us through the passing of time We are famous for our honesty, our loyality, and skill Our faith is never lacking and I am sure it never will Ronald is our president, he really -rates "A" plus Millie is vivaoious and she's always tops with us J P 's witty gestures make him quite a guy He even pleases Isabelle, whom we know is rather shy Lyle's trlps to Monticello have won him great reknown And John is always with him as they head out for that town It seems to me Dick Kesler can never go to bed He prefers a shoulder on which to lay his head Dorothy hates to ride with Paul, a master of the wheel She claims he is too reckless with his father's automobile Hannah and Clara Garling are really feeling low Since Reynolds closed the dance hall they have no place to go Since Uncle Sam stole Herbert, Suzanne has been quite blue And now Marlene's unhappy, Now that basketball season For he now finds plenty of Dora likes her boyfriends, Donna is content with one, because he's taking Junior too has ended, Art's happy without a doubt extra time to take Roberta out she now has quite a few she's making Bob do Patric1a's energetic, she really likes to work She helps at all our suppers and we've never seen her shirk Neither Shirley nor Arlene But both of them are eager Paul Ledford goes to Monon Carol travels to LaCrosse, have anything much to say to help in any way most every Saturday night her object is Dwight Betty is our secretary, her hair is rather red And now I think I'll mention me, my name, of course, is Ed Our sponsers, Uppy and Kincaid, each deserve much praise And I think that Mr Nelson should give them both a raise And now I think I'm finished, my little verse is done We hope you won't forget us, the class of FIFTY ONE Donations were given by the following Dr M Dublin Shirley Goble George Boehning C E Kemp Lough Hoff o 0 0 . 0 o . 9 e e ' 0 o o C O ' Pamela Hoyle, Geraldlne Ware Mrs Meeks Mrs Guppy, Natasha Federovna, Shelby Parsons, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS entor Cast ay An art student Suzanne Gutwein A dramatic student Carol Erb Loves a masterful man Arlene Beiswanger Landlady with an eagle eye Hannah Garling Temperamental Russian Marlene Getz A medical student Ronald Beiswanger Aunt Eustacia Carstairs,Pam's aunt, who loves cats Millie Doehning nraymer Dabcock, Ethelbert Meeks, Mike, Bill, Gerry's poultry minded uncle Edward Kelley Has an ingrowing disposition John Gutwein Delmveryman Arthur Geyer Deliveryman Dick Kesler TIME An evening in September PLACE. Mrs. Gupoy's roomlng house in a midwestern city . , A OOO! 00000000 1 Q , OOIIO Jimmy Love, A glamour boy...... .......J. P. Morgan 'Wg "P N. 2l'll0l"5 For re "For Better Health Drink More Milk gular or homogenized Milk see our driver or Phone 119 MONTICELLO DAIRY my .JL D Q 7 , J' A 1 I jeff' A A fs 'f I 'A . bf Q' ' N n 4 A' A! ' filo e 'P ,x 'X Q Ni" ANNUAL STAFF KSenior Classl Editor Senior Class Advertising J P Morgan, Eddie Kelley Millie Boehning, John Gutwein Typists Betty G atineau, Carol Erb, Ronald Beiswanger Artists Shirley Cords, Dora Westfall, Hannah Gerling Layout Lyle Clover, Marlene Getz, Suzanne Gutwein Dorothy Kruger, Clara Gerling Photography Donna Onken, Arthur Geyer, Pat Lowe, Dick Kesler Activities .Arlene Beiswanger, Isabelle Dunker Paul Kruger, Paul Ledford W J HUBBARD DUNN BROTHERS Your Chevrolet Dealer Quality Meats Francesville Indiana Phone 204 Francesville, Ind O 'IIZOOOOOOCOOOCIOOOOOIOOOOOOOOIO0OOO.Seni-or URS Citizenship lq5l Millie Boehning Scholarship Ronald Beiswanger e cs vu? Athl ti Band J P Morgan FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL To be eligible for recognition here the pupil must have been on the honor roll all three grading periods of the first semester Grade None Grade PS say Karen Grade Betty Jim Ma 1 Sullivan Wuethrich 7 Greiger nion Mary Wuethrich Renne Neihouser Grade 10 Edmund Weaver Margaret Gross De Marris Bailey Sharron Onken Grade 2 Marcella Neihouser Dorajean Witt Grade 5 Marie Neihouser Dennis Orx Tommy Boehning Grade 8 Richard Boehning Grade ll Gilbert Gutweln Donna Rogers Virginia Myers Charles Warnell CERTIFIED SUPER MARKET Grade None Grade Billy Hartung Grade 9 Roberta Houston Harold Johnson Grade 12 Millie Doehning Ronald Beiswanger Compliments of Self Service PEAK CAFE Fine Foods 8 Beverages Winamac Indiana L30 Kathle Q 1 IUNIQRS Top row Richard Wiley, Louis Sanders, Cilbert Gutwein, Gary Witt, Lloyd Beiswanger Middle row Richard Cavness, Perry Neihouser, Glen Malchow, Bernice Humphrey, Sponsor, Pat Myers, Don Ames, Jack Overton, Paul Malchow Bottom row Betty Lowe, Mary Malchow, Louise Vogt, Mona Lou Moncel, Donna Rogers, Chrisann Wuethrich, Virginia Myers, Ardith Morgan Charles Warnell was absent Dgnald C, Boulden, Agent Radios-Sporting Goods-Auto Parts Farm Bureau Insurance Company Corner Pearl and Riverside Drive BEAR CAT STORE Winamac, Indiana Phone 3123 Winamac, Indiana Phone 129 , y ,I nV,,, , , x - ..., f .- ' , 5 . 5 f 5 . l 5 ' 5 ' n Y . ., S L t , ,I Q A I - ,.c 3 - I ,f ff- , X ,-: . a -" ' " ' QV' , ' , N ' so IM X 3 A I I, s w xr . N, -slr ,K .A N w, . -,L 5,4 Q: I ' mf furry' N ,. p .Mme mbwpey C I , I . I O Q . O G I O The Funny Brats bU'lL0l" g Cast Harriet Gresham, Sylvia's daughter Virginia Myers Aurora Borealis Pike, The servant Patricia Myers Mrs Sylvia Gresham A beautiful widow Donna Rogers Dick Gresham, Her younger son Gary Witt Lauralee Lynde, Tom's fiancee Mona Lou Moncel Loren Gresham, Sylv1a's brother in law Gilbert G Gwynette Gadwood, An astrologist Ardith Morgan Aunt Bettie Higginbotham Sy1vla's aunt Chrisann Wuethrich Whaley McWhorter, Sylvia's fiance Richard Cavness Boogerface Boggs, Aurora's boy friend Charles Warnell Time A Saturday afternoon in May Place The Gresham home in a small Midwestern town l 6t Q , Ill OOO! Tom Gresham, Her elder son... ...Perry Neihouser ii SUPHUMCRES la S? SCDPHOMORES Top row Albert Smith, Ellsworth Pelsy, Denny Swing, Ralph Wendt, Eugene Fisher, Ronald Honegger, J Edmund Weaver, Stanley Boehning, Lee Radcliff Middle row Malcolm Lawrence, Sponsor, Marie Johns, Joyce Hauptli, Mary Ann Scott, Rita Federer, Mary Margaret Conwell, DeMaris Bailey Bottom row Carol Ann Lowry, Margaret Gross, Judy Myers, Sheila DeLong, Sharron Onken, Geneva Fields, Gertrude Dunker, Frances Smidler GUDEMAN'S MARKET 8 LOCKER SERVICE Quality Service 8 Economy Francesvil le , Indiana P11030 59 , an 1. 5: . 5 A ' 5, bc, ..4. X . A A he-ge - , . - 5 vm, N' O O I o Q C , . O I 0 M' -f- Y, se Qs FRESHMEN Top row Chzis Lee Wuethrich, Carl Cutwein, Kenneth Lowrv, Jack Johnson, Gerald Kruger, Jerald Gastineau, Otto Wuethrich Second row Marlene Gilmore, Dixie Moncel, Kay Koebcke, Carol Koebcke, Roberta Houston, Corine Sanders, Yvonne Neihouser, Donna Lowry, Bertha arlinp, Patricia Elliott, Sponsor Third row Jackie Burnette, Beverly Emmerson, Pat houston, Arlos Fisher, Marsha Farney, Virginia Ehrlich, Lillian Gutwein, Donna Rockwell, Charlene Rogers Bottom row Robert hartung, Billy Beiswanger, Dean Beiswanger, Jerald Losh, Harold Johnson, Herman Smidler, Carl Anderson Arnold Elston and Gloria Getz were absent. Compliments of AHLERvS 1 Food Market R Locker Plant WINAMAC ICE CREAM COMPANY The Food Land of Medaryvllle Pulaski Co. First Locker Plant .v I V x NNW 6 5 E 1 5 is p , . 'Nr' s : , w., Q ,I I L F' 'V f X l , . Q , . x Q L 4, X 131' 'W N 'in r. A 'OF' lb f -3 X521 . , ,..,,. G Q 4' 1 'L -" K , -2 P' 1+-fa P' O c , . C v 1 o - 0 vw' 9 5 , ,,. 1 5,5 :5 JU IDR H15 if 1 i ' , - mfifi' U .w:a,,,. f A ' - W' 'N -,, - , Pg ' ii" ff. f, , 4 'fy ' ' " ' " 5 .., EIGHTI-I GRADE Top row Benton Port, Sponsor, Dick Myers, Bobby Gutwein, Dick Boehning, George Malchow, Junior Ent, Bob Wiley Middle row Kenneth Seine, Jack Goble, Andra Neihouser, Billy Joe Howat Dwayne Swing, Jimmy Clover, Herbie Weltzin Bottom row Adeline Gutwein, Barbara Radcliff, Phyllis Albrecht, Peggy Boehning, Cordelia Crawford, Mary Lowe, Carol Deck, Kay Robinson Larry Boehning was absent and Paul Deck entered since the picture was taken Compliments of HEIN'S CAFE Winamac Indiana Compliments of HENDERSONS FURNITURE STORE Francesville, Indiana -'- 'Q "' A git - 'rv -4 ... A 9 M KL It Q, v A K' V 1 X 'v 3 . 1-if Q . O .ity av V' x 'x',f',t , , , X , ' x f x A 'L . -, 1 1 w .- V' f W A , ' ' "."i'Y?d Q n C 0 0 3 0 . s Q I 4 . -I SEVENTH GRADE Top row Arnold Gutwein, Richard Ringen, Richard Lowry, Donald Swartz, Delos Alberts, Kenneth Gross, Robert Wiegand, Gary Joe Hauptli Middle row Howard Leman, James Monnett, Donald Linback, Mary Wuethrich, Emma Jean Johns, Renee Neihouser, Jimmy Manion, Sammy Gunnerson, Donald iJerryJ Ehrlich, Wilma Miller, Sponsor Bottom row Betty Lou Grieger, Sharon Farney, Elvira Gutwein, Phyllis Malchow, Bonny VonTobel, Hazel Lowe, Mary Alice Lowry, Sue Myers Patricia Elston was absent and Buster Brown entered since picture was taken HERMAN WUETHRICH For all Your Insurance Needs Phone 38F5l Francesville ---------------- Indiana .f , H., .. .... -..V ,,, ,-...-- ., - .. . , . ,, A17 C O O 0 s I O O O O WG f C213 E , fd Vp f'Z- TS TABLE OE CONTENTS NOTES OF MUSIC CAN YOU IMAGINE HOPES AND WISHES WOULD NT IT BE DIFFERENT IF STUDENT PERFECT X! K 'X E S T V G O S T P 4' hr?-P f sn T C mwah M li One For All nThe Thing ' otgun Boog e 1'l1 sec By nAny Time Of The Year N A1n't Going To Stu yn I - T nI'11 Be A Bachelor T111 I Dieu 'Slipping Aroun U - 'Look Who's Sorry N Seniors of 1951 Paul Kruger Lee Radcliffe Mary Conwell Paul Ledford Ronald Beiswanger Ed Kelley Mr Port Mrs Humphrey to the Speech Class 'lf You Got The Money honey, I Got The Tim N J P Morgan n ut It In A Box, T e I With A Ribbon Pass Getz N e'll Be Comin' ound The Mountainn WQu1cksilver 'Hillbilly Fev nG1ve A Little, Take A Little NPla1n Old Country B y nOld Suzanna 'If I Had The Wings Of An Ange NI Want A Girln uI'm Forever Blowing Bubbles uDon't Fence Me In ' Can't Give You Anything Bu Love, Ba yn ' ucky, uc y, uc y en 'L vesick Blu s ' at Happen W n The Lights Went Ou an nWon't You Play A Simple Melody? 'Bicycle built For Tw ' W even Wonders Of The Worldn ' ympat y nwilhelmina ' rk All Day, Work All Night' 'This Is The Arm nI'll Never Smile A ainn NI Want To Be Loved' nCuddle Buggin' Babyn Sharron Onken Donna hogers Chris Lee W Lyle Clover Eugene Fisher Herb To Suzanne Millie Boehning Dick Wiley Mr Lawrence Dick Kesler Rita Federer Seniors receiving diplomas Gilbert G A Perry Louise Vogt Denny Swing Pat Houston to Otto Virginia Myers To The Teachers Fred to Mrs Miller Mr Kincaid The Senior Bovs Miss Elliott Roberta H to Art Ralph W to Peggy MAYHEW COAL k GRAIN CO Medaryville, Indiana Phone 26 Feeds, Seeds, Grinding 1515 is A M U s c A L N o E N is 45:5 ll ll ----.--.-------,----.--------------- , If --.---.-------------..--.-------..- .-,- U 1 Il .-.---------------------.---,.--- , ll IU -.-.---.------.----------- -----.---- N ---....-----.-------,-.----- 1 d -------------------------- ' d ...... ....... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII , I ow" """""""""""' ""' 1 Q ' Q 6 """ 0 0 P 1 t " ----- , ----- . Sh R ------------- n ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,.,,., - 1 ern ,------,,-,---,-,,-,-,--,-,,,,,-- . ll ...--- ,.-------,-,-. 0 n -,-------.-.-,--,-.--,---,- " ................... 4 ............-..-. G, NDark Eyesn --------------------------------------- Genieva Fields I ' ll! -'-----.---------- """''""'5fIffIIf.IffIIIIIIIIIII , ll -.--....-.--.--.--------------- '1 n b -------- 'L L k L k M -------------------------- I 0 6 Il -----.'.-.---.----.-'-----'.------ . . 'Wh ed he n t. --------- 1 or ,,-,,,,,,,.,-,,,,,,,,,,,,-, S ---.---.-.--------..-- S h ll .-------.-.-----------.,----.---.--.-.-- ll .--------.------.-'.---------...-----. . ' --'.Q-----------.--- Q I yll -..--------.-. 4 ------------ ---- ' sf- A Q C ei ., 'X CAN YOU IMAGINE Jack Overton not sleeping in class? Peggy without Gloria? not passing out gum? Virginia Myers going steady? Paul Malchow being a city slicker? hd Kellv not borrowing money? Gary WIUU looking like Charles Atlas? Miss Elliott not being on her high horse? Paul Ledford winning a perfect attendance certificate? Adeline Gutwein being quiet and refined? Dick Myers not showing off? Dorothy Kruger going with Gary Witt? Perry not being jealous of Gilbert? Phyllis Albrecht not talking about Jerrel G ? Junior Class as smart as they think they are? Mary Ann Scott not talking about anyone else? Donnie Ames not writing notes to Donna Rockwell? Carl Gutwein not being sent out of class? Pat Houston without her friendly smile? Herbie Welizen not knowing llcense numbers? Carol Deck without her brother Paul? Chris Lee Not spending his 5 minute intermission with Charlene? Carol Frb not wanting Dwight around? Denny Swing going with Lillian Gutwein? Juniors without their wine class sweaters? Suz Gutwein not looking for a letter every day from a soldier? John and Lyle without their orange hats? Pat Lowe hating men? Isebelle Dunker reciting in class? Eugene Fisher being the g1rl's Heart Throb? Arlene and Shirley laughing at Mrs Millers jokes? Art Geyer not braging about his painting? Hass Getz not going with Junior? Millie Boehning not talking about a soldier 'Web'? Mr King attending all his classes? Ronald Beiswanger being a passionate lover? MSP? Ann 3? Joyce having their lessons? Stanley Boehning being in 8 hurryo Mr Kincaid R Miss Elliott going to the prom together? Judy Myers walking home from the Grill when Lewie is around? M9157 Cvnwell being a majorette? MI' Kina weighing 110 pounds? MPS King weighing 300 pounds? Compliments of PULASKI COUNTY FARM BUREAU C0 OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION FRANCESVILLE TRIBUNE Francesville, Indiana Q A .Ci fa if f Ek! ' ZXN' Q 1 41'-1"'1s.. een see oeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee J,Peeeeeneoeeoee one . eeee e eeooe oeeo . eeeo eeeeeeee v V M eeeeeee o see eeeeeeeeee N - Yeeeeee oeeeoeeeeoooeee . one eeoeeeeeee eeone . eeee ease . eee eeeeooeeee eaee eeeee . eeeeos oeeev--eeeoeeeneeeeeeeeeee Y ,L eeee e eeoeeeeee - 0 eeeeeeeeeeeeee eee . ooo eeeee e. eeeeee eeee . eeee eeeeeeee Y , oeeee one . . eeeo oeeeeeeeeo 1 , aeeeoee eee eeeeeeeeeeeoeee , ' 4 eeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . X eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . eeee . Yv0nneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeecbeing in Love? . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeee . eeeeeeeeeereeee eoee eeeeeoeee . oeeeueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . oeeee . eeeueeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . eeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeaeeee . eeee eeeeeeeeeeeee . neeeeeeee eeeee . eoee eee e . eeeeeeeeeee see . eoeeeeeeme eeeeeeeeeeeeee , eeee .gg . e eeeeeeeueee .eeeeeeeeee . ' eeee eeeee gggg g , oeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eoeeeeoue ee . 0 eeeeeeeeeeeee I eeeeeee , eeeeeeeeeo oseeeoe eeeeoeeeeeeoeeoeoee . 0 U'0l eel eeee . e ees eeee f4W'tf -"5 FN Suz E Millie Marlene Carol Ronald Dora Donna Hannah 8 Clara Rita Mae Score FHS sas' .12 ka NHS je ddisilliege P E S S H That Uncle Sam would give his boys more furloughs That she could drive so she could go South on the nights Junior doesn't come North That come That LaCrosse were a little closer so Dwight could up four times a week instead of three the Seniors would shut up when he tells them That like That she can always keep two men on the string she has now Bob would buy a new car for her to drive There would be more Square Dances in Francesville so they wouldn't have to go out of town That her bike doesn't ever break down Uphouse 8 Kincaid That they can keep the Seniors under hand on the King Yvonne Carl Gutwein 7 8 8 Grades Chrlsanne Donna Rogers Peggy: Eddie: J. P.: Lyle: John: Lou: Miller: Mary Mrs. Gary wins: Senior trip The Seniors would be a little more co operative at times That there were some boys around here she could go with to make Carly jealous That Miss Elliot didn't have such a liking to kick him out of class That Mr Port would find some new jokes That Purdue would furnish its students with cars to come home in over the week end That she could find a book that tells how to get two men and kee them That Ralph d dn t have to be home at 10:00. More people would laugh at his jokes. That someday he will get a car of his own to bend up. That gas 8 tires won't be rationed to cut down his trips to Monticello H Winamac. That he could get a girl of his own instead of sharing Ly1e's. That maybe someday she will get to twirl. That General Motors would put a little more zoop in Pontiacs so she could go 95 MPH rather than 90. That when he takes a bunch of kids someplace, they would at least furnish the gas. KRUGER FORD MOTOR SALES Medaryville, Westinghouse Appliances, Indiana Francesville, Sub-Dealer Willis Hauptli T Xa Q N-'A ' . , h 5.4 .Ll H O 8 W I E S ' to. 'Q ju P74 Wouldn't it be diff6P6nt if Mr King Paul Ledford Mr Port Clara Gerling Eugene Fisher Sharron Onken wasn't always scolding the Senior Class was never absent didn't have a cold and wasn't clearing his throat had black hair was a lady's man hated horses Lloyd Beiswanger was tall and lanky Sheila DeLong was calm and quiet Harold Johnson wasn't bashful Arlene Beiswanger was always ski ping school Charles Warnell drove a 519 nBu1c H Miss Elliot Dmma0mwn Lyle Clover Hass' Get 'Mac' Lawren Jin R Chris Chris d1dn't alwa s beat Y always got good didn't drive to Monticello more than twice d1dn't go with ce always had his hair was a Mrs instead of a Miss grades a week Junior combed on Jin Paul Kruger was loud and forward Millie Boehning was bashful and backward J P Morgan had straight black hair Shirley Cords was engaged Arthur Geyer hated to play Basketball Mrs Humphrey didn't direct a play Gary Witt was always on time Hannah Gerling had her class ring back from a certain Menon boy Ronald Beiswanger wasn't President of the Senior Class Pat Lowe didn't read love stories Paul Malchow told a teacher off Donna Rogers didn't have two boys on the string Mr. K1nca1d...... .........drove a WModel T Fordn to school Mrs. Mi11er....... ...drove a nChev1en instead of a Pontiac The Junior Classooo osonocoooooooooooooooohated Mrso Humphrey Dick Keslerooooooo ooooooo oooooooooooooooohad long curls Isabelle Dunker... ................always spoke out of turn Dora Westphal.... ....................liked only one boy at a time John Gutwein... ...........d1dn't go around hitting all the girls Carol Erb..........went to Menon after her man instead of LaCrosse Suzanne Gutwe1n......didn't talk about a soldier in her spare time Irene Vogtqooooooo oooooeoooeoooacoouooooodidn't talk about church Betty Gastineaueoo .........................was always at school Dorothy Krugeroooo .........81Ways had 8 date Mrs. Uphouse..... ....d1dn't know how to cook Goble Implement store John H. Kelly HH1'd'91'e I.H.C. Oldsmobile A09 St0Pe3 Winamac, Indiana Winamac Indiana . A u p v, 7 0 339 , J 2 Q U75 ua 0000OOOOICOOOOOOIOOOOIOOOOIIOOOOOOIOOO O Jlllffllf 'OOO'OOOOIOICOCOCOIOOIIOOOIIOOUOIIOOCIO 00000 V 05900000 OOO DOUG oo::.. ::::Cl.lOl H k Ed Ke1ley..::::. :.......................never made a Wwisen crack ...l...lDOOl..llO....'........Ol. n ZOO.COOlO...OIQOIOOOOQOOOIOIOOOIIOI O U 00.00 OOO .Ol OO' OOO IOOQOO U N s T U D E N T P E R F E c T ggg Ideal Girl Student Millie Boehning's personality Chrisann Wuethr1ch's clothes Suzanne Gutwe1n's complexion Arlene Be1swanger's teeth Dixie Moncel's eyelashes ,-X Virginia Myers' brains Lillian Gutwe1n's hair Donna Rockwell's voice Hannah Garl1ng's ear Ardlth Morgan's legs Marlene Getz's laugh Pat Houston's smile xfy Sharon Onken's eyes 'FV Shirley Cord' nose fx Carol Erb's figure Donna Onken's lips Judy Myers' hands num XHKUH Ideal Boy Student Richard Cavness' complexion Chris Lee Wuethr1ch's lips 4st, Perry Neihouser's clothes Billy Beiswanger's smile Ed Kelly's personality Q::, Edmund Weaver's brains Arthur Geyer's teeth Lee Radcliff's ears Denny Swing's hands Dick Kesler's voice J P Morgan's hair Ralph Wendt's eyes Lyle Clover's nose Don Ames' physique COMPLIMENTS OP FIRST UNION BANK N TRUST co WINAMAC, INDIANA 'lb Q . x' ' K """"f Herman Smidler's eyelashes , I X YJ Q3 F Nfwwlaydvkg My fy. Q 8 i?0!W if WW Wg! Www M X J? CM' K 45,11 QQZW my Md agwwf ' F R A N K F. W I T T WHERE INSURANCE IS NOT A SIDE LINE jeff' "?qllf0Z,-,Q ww N ig N Neg-fx -WW? f wiv!! E W f , w Q Jw . ' W 9 2 Sf' . at kayak . VJ? FM I I h . Ph 221 Franceaville Robert Cooley Richard Cords Louise Dunker Bernice Garling Lewis Geyer James Gudeman Edison Gutwein Erven Gutwein Audrey Houston Carol Koebcke Jeanette Pfledderer Pauline Poole Phyllis Steffel Phyllis Smith Nola Ward hichard Wuethrich Annabelle Yaggie De Alum is Is in the army at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky Is employed by Gutwein Milling Company Works at Lafayette Has now become Mrs Charles Rose Resides at his father's farm and works on Works in his father's store Is attending Purdue Works on his father's farm Resides at the home of her parents Is now Mrs James Pardue Resides at home with her parents Works at indianapolis Is employed by Von Tobel Lumber Company Is attending Nurses Training at Lafayette Besides at the home of her parents Resides at the home of his parents Is employed by Von Tobel Lumber Company THE SMITH STUDIO and CAMERA SHOP Attica Indiana FINE CLASS RINGS and ANNOUNCEMENTS Josten's Owatonna, Minnesota 00000 0000 it. Harold Novotny.......Is attending Purdue and studing pharmacy. i,- gg,,, 1-.w.Q,1. .7 KW .fx ,- g . mp, Nik, Q,-.2 -. , 'iff ,I , Y z ff L' S' X. S fvw 1 .. fy Wgfik I , J ,,wM '5'S , ,K 4- W,ww,Qf ' ' .'ffQ'e- " ff W Nw. . 2 'ff I ,ad w+""ffv" , 5 .fi Sa.. X ' Y 1 3 4 xv 6 E 4 s 3 5 3 1 Aafsw A333 ,I . w rl- f, I Ji 5" g A 1 W' fp bf, von U - 1 W' ,A Q 5 . R? W I wa If Q Q73 K W1 . 1 "' if '17 f . My ,M ' I Q . ,P 9 I , , .I w 1 4 N IQ fmlf' 'f " wifi ' 1- '14 M A 4? ei 3 H D lu. 0.11 won 1 'iii .n in -yr X 4'4 x Q ! . ,., Q 3.1 ffl Q 1.7: as H . - 'L th ag E We 'kv ,, '.,,' 1 kk, J '1",v 'H .Q?fw ,, 1WvAgf I N .. RKVA 'buf .w?,xi . My '15 - 3 9 A L?Q1vT v, .. Xkf4Jggv-A, f 2 K ycrfvs V X. x ,F M W N9 Cooks Clara Orr, Gladys Goble, Mary Beiswanger Custodian Bob Beiawangel EL FRANCESVILLB HULLH LO McCormick Farm Machinery International trucks r , , , X V - yrs? ,M "-'V .. ,E . Cf' AX 4 , -If X K I Lay A 'jf , 1 1 X l f f-1 X, - 1 , V , , , 1 R 2 in - 5 S SWE! ,Q Q LX. , .. .4 'P f Y Nr X T we MFE x . ,fr gf sg Q ,yi sw wk . SENIOR BAND E Q. .. L .. A fy' wt, At , , Q 6' vw: A T1 T' Q 'uw W, is ,S Egg' '- -gg vw F Y, ,iw 25 as , nvN"""" . , gs! 3, fv"""""" . 5? 4' if wvH " fx V-9 il., eQxU!!lHl 2? Ra, ' 'NN , t wx , . . , . W, a mvifwwu-. - My ' 224 ' . .gs f N n f -2 .lf-L Q1 .wil t I L E, 'H' ' A ' V1 1,5 1 W 155 .. fZ :.w:5,? ' 45 4 + Y 'V ,. mil' ' nu., 5. ,Q "' xfg . , Q , X 3, A X .,,. WF Wy' Y i . 1 ,,, I 9 qw .Ty 5 A Q X t l 1 5- X KY . P 4.,. 4 x 3, ART CL ' -r, as , A . , .. . , 'GV 1 - J -'.'. ,QQ L- -,,Q , Q iff ffm 'Q K lx 1 J if F ,ix V 1 QR Q imma gg, Tama' i 5 Q mga' 5 4 I KWH. I3 if 3 in viii KSA A N wuscm wa 5-F92 2 'iv MB? gm J, . wcaf-anvr +4 1 -W mx.. umm Q - '. wx-,F ,W-fwmfaww A 1 A-gm .nuubaeum .ff lf h aw' I-rf! 1 my 7 '51 A Q-ffiiif ' ........- ,ls a ji... -..-- 9 4 - , ,A ill ff' ,hiv .7 5 Q. . 'K'- Q.. X ,f N4 ff- 'WA 'WL 'WJ ,fits fl 3 0' 3 g, 'r fq 4. 6A5?'1 ,Q .554 i C an N new Tea wx Fo U5 GARY WITT See me for photographic work Weddings end special occasions at popular prices "B" TEAM "A" TEAM Q U9 ELEME TARY I SIXTH GRADE Top row Robert Wiley, William Hartung, Richard Wendt, Bernard Briles Middle row Lewis Albrecht, Ralph Byroad, Jerry Moncel, Charles Johns, Fred Manion, Norman Quarry, Philip Gutwein, Rudolph Cords Bottom row Janice Lowe, Kathleen Honegger, Patsv Saine, Karen Cords, Compliments of Fred Gutwein 8a Sona Hybrid Seed Corn f 1 2 I 'W ' " X ' Janette Linback, carol swing, Claramae Ent, Rina Lowry. E4 FIFTH GRADE Top row William Burnette, Norman Witt, Tommy Boehning, Dale Ward, Paulie VonTobel, John Johnson, Dennis Orr, Kenneth Briles, Dwayne Cavaness Middle row Robert Radcliff, Crystal Myers, Joanne Swartz, Kathryn Overton Beth Farney, Delores Vollmer, Marie Neihouser Jeffery Johnson Bottom row Sylvia Lowe, Marqueta Owens, Tenean Malchow, Vicky Gunnerson Carol King, Jeannette Wiegand, Lynette Nalchow, Anna Marie Myers VITAMIN. 'D'. GRADE. 'Au.MILK in the Purple Cartoon ASK FOR IT AT YOUR GROCERY Phone 137 Winamac Dairy . 7 ., , ., i ., , ' X if . A, ' V 4 . I ' ' " sf' ' 'lu' . f -0 ,J " NE -if .. , --.. 1, . s. , , A 1 . . v ..,-- -..s.--sa.-..- ' " ' L . , S.. I ,J 0 . O o o I , o 0 . o ' f A FOURTH GRADE Top row Donnie Franscoviak, Richard Linback, Marshall Putt, Richard Pobinson, Ronald Tanner, Donald Johns, Tames Paul Culp, Donald Putwein, Helen Riggs Middle row Pddie Phinehart, Ronald Cutwein, Larry Prieher, Pen Pobinson Fred Putwein, Jimmie Fhrlich, and Tommy Myers Bottom row Nina Myers, Margo Minkert, Roberta Leman, Karen Wuethrich, Jeanne Byroad, Madeline Smith, Peggy Sullivan, Juanita Futwein, Norma Johnson June Weltzin and Delcena Losh were abeent THE WLSTPHAL BUILDING CORP Your Dealer of National Homes Francesville, lndiana Phone 227 ,S . ' 3 -.. , . uf. 1 ' I Q f 1 A . . C U 1 v. .1 , q 1 2 la " if ' J 'I 1 9 n 1 , I I ' J J . 0 2 A ' . J 7 1 0 N I 1 O . " -In THIRD GRADE Top row Ronald Myers, Allyn Onken, William W1o,and, Garry Pass, Marvin Gutwein, Ronald Anliker, Sammy Bumbalough, Tommy Tiede, Bess Myers Second row Bonnie Moncel, Patsy Williams, Shirley Salne, Judith Overman Mary Lou Cords Third row Ann Gutwein, Donna Jean Rohloff, Helen Myers, Mary Ann Ward, Delores Dustin, Linda Boehning, Linda Priles Lulu Bell Losh Diana Haring, Sandra Nightengale Bottom row Bobby Phinehart, Plden Gutwein, Wayne Putt, Charles Malchow William Crawford, Terry Howat Compliments and Best Wishes of GUTWEIN MILLING COMPANY Manufactures of nHoos1er Pride Feedsn Phone 140 Marilyn Weaver, Nancy Monnett, Carol LaHue, Sherryl Boehningi I -' .v 1 . L , SECOND GRADE Top row Larry Bachman, Vincent Clews, Michael Hartung, Robert Getz, Thorton Westphal, Thomas Koebcke, Gary Leman, Barry Radcliffe, Roger Querry, William Manion, Gladys Koster Middle row Arthur Wendt, Roger Stiller, Jimmy Albrecht, Raymond Cooley, David Boehning, Samuel Peter Shuler, Jerry Weltzin Donald Williams Twyla VonTobel, Christine Rhinehart, Martha Myers, Fnid Westphal, Linda Swing, Marcella Neihouaer, Dorajean Witt, Shawna Schubert, Treha Jo Pelsy, Renee Lowry Richard Gutwein was absent USL DRIVE AS YOU IAY AUTO INSURANCE S2 50 Puts Your Policy in Force See Joe D111 Winamac, Ind office at News Stand I O Bottom rowg O ' 0 O O Top row David Goller, Ray Wiegand, Donald Myers, Shirrell Fide, Robert Overman, Billy Malchow, Dale Brlles, Howard Manlon, Freddy Boehning, Thelma Ramsey Second row Dean Lowry, Diana Smith, Mary Lou Monnett, Janet Llnback, Sharon Robinson, Nila Jentz, Sharon Gutwein, Jan Onken Third row Opal Lesh, Betty Rhinehart, Patty Jo Franscoviak, Sheila Weltzin, Patty Shuler, Betty Wuethrich, Juana Sanders, Linda Lowe, Phyllis Fritz, Lorraine Plover Bottom row John Bill Kimpel, Ronald Snowberger, Ronald LaHue, Billy Kesler, Richard Nightengale, Robert Madlung, oharles Rhrlich, Jimmy Myers, Ralph Maple, Billy Bucher. Compliments of The VON TOBEL'S Francesville, Lucerne, Winamac, Remington, Logansport FIRST GRADE I Pd Y! I. des KM, . f,wlf9 Q Ilia .1

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