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BW fx: EDICATIUN QXXX . r J f .SV - W ? ll l DEDIC AT ION le, the Senior Class of '50, wish to dedicate this our yearbook to the classes in our posterity le leave the annual as a reminder to them of the spirit of loyalty and fellowship traditionally fos- tered by our Alma later lay they be inspired by the pages of the Fran cillian to keep alive and cherish the traditions of our school, and, having passed through its halls for four years, may they take with them pleasant memories and an assurance of successful, happy living IN REMECWBRHNCE l QVELY Orgef auvme SSG Yew' ovneis F-Ya n I f'i1 1 iffy N m ' m Q 1' E 7 ' e J. Q ! ANNUAL STAFF Editor Harold Novotny Co Editor Jim Gudeman Activity Editor Phyllis Steffel Layout Editor Erven Gutwein Copy Editor Nola Ward Typists Annabelle Yaggie Bernice Gerling Circulation Managers Edison Gutwein Richard Cords Art Illustrator Audrey Houston Photography Phyllis Smith The Annual Staff wishes to express their appreciationtn all the Seniors and Faculty who have co operated in this pro- ject and to the many contributors who have made this annual possible. Compliments of PEOPLES STATE BANK OF FRANCESVILLE Francesville, Indiana 'rn .H UN my x., mov. xo Xmwt 'VX Mahon 5 xg 'W an x Qs, Wx ,L bxnaxu X 4 xx x ndwq w xx .43 , EW un W sf NX w x fqgx xxx1n.g,x'NN35 QM 0 XXX x mx X 1 xy NK S lx O ww-XM! Q 6-JN, HUF xxx ' mr A Uk O v w xg! S f ', A L., , A xy A b"- N xvomm Q,-'-x V '- bl w.. L ' 3- 42 'A W I Ve-fx L- Y' Ak if' r, ' fu ox tx: D. icwfham. N--fA'k':AbA-g"x fn Qc Af 'X N W N NSW --L . X . -Q .. -K--Ns ya an :Mxoxj o N31 VOX v'N 3 A li ' vfk 1 . , --n , V I I .Q AH. X.-.,QkXK , '-Qc www xc: 'xx' 5 A U avi' '1 xkfbx -7 f Q ez ,,, R D MYERS TRUSTEE 5,32 my U S Z U2 '-3 II my 1.3 O Z ,uf-fvv....-4 mm WENDELL KING G W GERICHS PRINCIPAL COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT ffk -1. Q o E-1 'U H o-'- E! cn IJ cr Ch o Ha E 2 U1 I-U O E A... 'JU ua COMMERC IAL FERT ILIZER Phone 69 Francesville 'Y I Vw l' ' 5 I id Q V I 4 Q' 'Sv s N +V 3 - -gli 122 E in 7 4' 1 I 1, 7 N41 'ifzszjlixg J ,YL -mx N 2 ' :V ,-',y V ' if ' E, 1 W5 fi? Q iryl, M. J V 5 ' A E l " 1 Fra: 4.155 ,gn 25 5 A .we 1,, ', 'Tw N -4-xw ,lxdhfh V E 15 E, f ' Q' l . ' 0 E , f I x , N XM It Top Row Mary Conrad, Home Economics, Mary Nichols, Commerce, Gladys Koster, Second Grade, Thelma Ramsey, First Grade, Bess Myers, Third Grade Wilma Miller, History and Physical Education, Bernice Humphrey, English Latin, History, Ruth Ezra, Fifth Grade, Second Row Malcolm Lawrence, Agriculture, Farm Shop, and Science, James Moore, Coach and Mathematics, Rudolph Cords Sixth Grade, Helen Riggs, Fourth Grade Benton V Port, Seventh Music and Art W J HUBBARD HOME RESTAURANT Chevrolet Sales E Services Fern 8 Dale Wright Phone 165 Francesville Phone 41 Francesville and eighth Grades, Wendell King, Pr1ncipalg.Donald Ehrlich, ?"'i, ,l 1 'K 1 f f CLASS FLQVVER QM x SSS CLASS MGTTG We 7715 OIFFICULT WE'LL D0 Now THE JMP SSIBLE WILL W 74,115 A f vvHu.f ,XLDNGEQ fy f CLASS CGLCDRS GREEN fm 1 f x VZ? X f,' ig? S .fifjf . S R o 5 e. 5 . Y, , X wif, f UA '- fu S S NKEN SSERVISCES SS S S SS S S Gas-011-T s- ss s- 1 P '1:7 PHYLLIS SMITH RICHARD WUETHRIC AUDREY HOUSTON A HH A LOUISE DUNKER EDISON GUTWEIN ANNABELLE YAGGIE af -VU' -M' RICHARD CORDS JEANETTE PFLEDDERER LEWIS GEYER PHYLLIS STEFFEL JAMES GUDEMAN BERNICE GARLING NNABELLE YAGGIE HAROLD NOVOTTTY A PRES1Q NT SECRETARY TREASURER Jim GHDEMAN nwofcraa CLI-XSS CDFFXCERS mm! XUCHOLS cmxss SPONSOR GUDEMALU 3 MA L RKET Phone seocker Sgrvice P8 ncesville x!!P""'f W c-Lass r X 5 ' 5 ' 1 HISTORY 4 yy' - 5 7 5 -A. e .ve-1sz..."'2 ll K CLASS HISTORY Quite dimly the elementary years of our schooling are re vealed Our greater days began with our seventh and eighth grades under the direction of B V where we heart1ly" Chardlylstudied Higher days were yet to come. The next year we were initiated into the High Schoolandbe- gan planning our future High School days The large study hall amazed us, and our entire success with our teachers, including Mr Ralph Curtis, was unbelievable Our parties that year were a huge success We opened our Sophomore days with a new principal, Mr Frank lin Our life changed through this year as we studied harder and harder Remembering our initation we were not slow to join our elders on the 'initiating squad At this stage of our higm school days, we could see little use of activity period except to take up time Our Junior year was a dream We were much more highly re spected now and found ourselves ln the midst of many activities Our treasury increased with our coke sales, jitney supper, and play Our play "A Ready Made Family was a complete success Our Junior Prom brought out our creative ability with our theme "The Mardi Gras The work was entirely overshadowed by its im portance to us In the alumni banquet, our part as waitresses and waiters was anxiously looked forward to and gladly givm up of our Junior year greatly Our Senior year stands out in bold relief Starting out the year with a class treasury of about 8700, we planned t wo jitney suppers the first semester, both of which were quite suc cessful The class served at the Eastern Star supper, and also sold ice cream at the basketball games We sold personalized stationary and school emblems The annual became a Senior proj ect thls year and we weary Seniors, adding more work to ourschsd- ules, finally survived Finishing the year with our class play "Bound to Marry, we climaxed our school career Takin with us the skill and knowledge gathered 'dmoughour S school years, we shall turn to the future to display our talents hzre f rth Ever thankful to our parents and teachers, we now ven o to shoulder the responsibility that will be ours May we be able to repay the debt of gratitude we owe them as we venture down 'The Road of Life MONTICELLO DAIRY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE Pasteurized Dairy Products School of Commerce 742 N Main St Phone 119 Fort Wayne, Indiana .I H . 'f . , Ou ' I as we advanced into the place of honor. We treasure the memory ll . 0 ! .N PRGPHECY Now, in the year 1960, gazing into tloe crystal ball, we find ourselves reviewing the lives of the members of the Class of 1950 Many change have come about in the world since this cla s s has le t the site of P H S Let us review this small but mlghty band and s e e what they have been doing since graduation and what the futu re holds in store for them It may be surprising Sitting at the desk of the Novotn Fu C y r om pany, Mr Harold Robert Novotny, its new president, conducts the business of the firm Bouncing the youngest of his four children on his knee, he is talking to his wife, the former Virginia Myers We see that the children have one similitude of the mother chubbiness Jeanette Pfledderer has been with the Waves since graduation and this year has been commissioned to one of the highest offices We hear lately that she has been romantically 1ncl1ned towa d near Admiral Fitzpatrick, whom you will remember as 'Pete ' The out look is favorable, Jeanette Rackers' Association He is now becoming fabulously rich from the proceeds of this occupation It is rather unfortunate that he is in the hospital, recuperatlng from a broken back, an injury sus- tained whlle attempting a difficult shot at their annual meeting last year Medical experts say he will soon completely recover Edison Gutwein, the once multi millionaire president of the wtwe pany, has suddenly gone bankrupt from squander ing his money on Chrisann Wuethrich, his fiancee Last year Mr Gutwe1n's name appeared in the news column The Ten Best dressed Men of the Year but, due to financial losses, he now is wearing shirts made of Hoosier Pride feed bags But time changes every th1ng"' Phyllis Smith, who is now Mrs Donald Anderson, is a proninent member of Chicggoig Upper Thr-ee Hundred She now owns the largest night club in Chicago Phyllis has just hired two new employees Look' As they approach us, their features seem familiar W e recognize them as Mrs Anderson's former classmates, Louise Dunker and Bernice Garling C'I'hey started their careers as Models, but competition was so keen that they were forced to give that up and become hat check girls! have a promising future ing and her and ing all I Under Mrs Anderson's supervision they Jim Gudeman, who has radio program, is now cracking corny jokes, replaced Happy Hank on his early morn known as 'Smilin Jim Playing a banjo he works at night for Mrs Anderson in minstrel show He often forgets he is at work in a night club starts singing his theme song "Hello, Hello, Hello, Good Morn- Everyone.' But Jim! He is not bothered by trifles. It is in a day's work f M '. . . ' , g p . r P - Robert ,Q,BobJ, ,Cooley is now chairman of the National Pool Ball U C '- -1-"'-"' O .ll - Prophecy cont nued Ruby Carole Koebcke, co owner of a large firm, is now serving time in the Women's State Prison a t Indiana polls for attempting to poison her junior partner, H ank Sullivan also formerly from Francesville She was caught pouring arsenic into the hot fudge Audrey Houston, we see, is married to one of the richest cattle ranchers in Arizona Audrey has developed that southern accent, and we cannot tell her from Minnie Pearl of the Grand Old Opera Incldentally, Audrey, once in a while, doubles for her as in case of illness Nola Ward, who is tke feminine rather Flanagan, has organized a town for wayward girls Girls Town, Iowa, is located near Des Moines Throughout the bnited States, Nola is considered a novice in her field She has been elected Mother of the Year for two consecutlve years Greater accomplishments will no doubt follow as the years roll along Madame Pauline Poole was operating a beauty salon in Toto , until recently she kept her shop so clean that the native Totoites were scared to enter therein She was forced to leave Toto and is not operating a street car line in Lakeside where she expects to make a huge fortune Although she has been there only a short time, her onlv competitor has been forced out of business Lewis Ge er, who has been skinning muskrats and selling the furs to the ovotny Fur Company, has saved enough money to operate a fur busfness of his own He and Harold are competitors now in the fur business as once during high school days they were over a rosy cheeked, vivacious brunette Three guesses'P'7" Annabelle and Carroll Messer are now living in California Mrs Messer was the former Annabelle Ya le of the Class of 1950 They are now operating a thriving usiness in orange growing 'lhelr oranges are extremely popular among movie stars as is Annabelle Carroll gets so insanelv Jealous that he often threatens to commit suicide but changes his mind when Annabelle hands him a gun Richard Wuethrich and Erven Gutwein, who have become confirm ed bachelors, are still living in Francesv lle Erven is employed at the Gutwein Milling Company and Richard is working at Von Tobels Lumber Yard Both men are very active in all social affairs and are very popular in the community Richard Cords enlisted in the U S Air Force immediately after graduation and is now stationed in Texas Phyllis Steffe , his high school sweetheart, is still waiting for that diamond Richard promised her when they were Seniors It seems Rickard has had gambling excesses and can not save enough to buy her one His alibi to her is that he has been giving his money to charity What's her last name, R1chard'P'P" THE END Eddie Kelley Millie Boehnlng Ronald Belswanger . -.. w Q , , O 0 ' 7 11 e I I 1 1-......-..-.. af 5 o . r 0 e . O O O . . 0 , 1 U 4 o 2' X., w -L O - -. g ... l 0 0 0 r . 0 -.. J O . . U e - ,,,,- - , --.-....1.1........-. X J- O O O o 0 -iii.-..,.....1 . 1 O I o ..- - - CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty, of the City of Francesville, County of Pulaski, and State of Indiana , being of sound mind and body do hereby declare this t be our la Will and Testament hereby revoking all former debts, threats, and bets by us at any time heretofore made Section I Bequeaths to the Faculty Grade Teachers We leave the ability to teach other groups the quiet ways taught us, and we leave sound proof rooms to elim- inate the unavoidable noise caused by our dash for lunch Faculty as a Whole We will the chance to come upon a class as intelligent and co operative as ours Also the power to ad minister punishment for any wrong as you have done with us Mr King The right to throw out from their home room o r halls during the restricted noon hour any oncoming Seniors a nd also the permlssion to paint lines down the hall with stop and go lights at intersections for better traffic handling Mr Moore The luck of again having a basketball team a s well trained and with such ability as he now has changeable ways and someone to take over his tiresome job of keeping attendance records Miss Nichols We leave the right to crack down on any class or home room in which she sees fit to do so and for her wonderful sponsoring, we will her the class nearest us in intellect LAST WILL A N o TESTAWLNT I I... W ...J Wall paper by the roll or by the carload 6! a single roll and up We trim it free of charge SU'LL.EVAN'S DRUG STORE 0 st . O Mr. Port ---- We will him the personal wish to change his un- ' Class Will continued 1 I Mrs Humphrey We bequeath the power to go on helping and liking other senior classes as we know she gent and well mannered class Cwe have no Mrs Miller We will a civics class than we do and also a new car next year so with the times likes our very intelli egotismb which likes tests better that she may keep up Miss Conrad We bequeath and hope for a man whom she well deserves Mr Lawrence - We bequeath a new set of tools and an unbreak able combination lock with which he can keep them, also a free butch haircut Mr Ehrlich We bequeath a comfortable bed for his own personal use when he becomes tired in study hall This bed should be double CMr Moore may wish to leave his geometry class and rehash with Don their hunting and fishing experiences J Our Trustee We will a trunk for his car, and, should this trunk not fit, we will him a new car with a trunk that cannot be Our faithful janitor We bequeath two two cylinder power driven mops Section Il I, Jeanette Pfledderer, will my power to keepmy boy f'r1end's name a secret to Joyce Hauptli and also my slim figure I, Edison Gutwein, will to Ed Kelly my ability to get along with Jim Moore and play ball as long as he cares to I, Bernice Garlin will my quiet and. dignified manner toDe Maris Ba ley, an my a lity to get good grades in Civics to Ed L-iQ ,J I Kelley I THE SPORTSMAN Exclusively Sporting Goods Lafayette Indiana 0 .... 0 0 , .... 0 C O -.. - - O , .... O O O O -............., removed. O 0 O -i........-. O I Class Will--cont lnued I, Bob Cooley, will my height to Albert Smith. I, Carole Koebcke, will to Mary Lou Malchow the right to go with her typing teacher's boy-friend in her senior year and to Chrlsann Wuethrich, the right to work in her Senior year in Sulli- van's Drug Store as Hank's best assistant. I, Jim Gudeman, will my co-operation and sense of humor to Rita Federer, and my slim and graceful figure to Paul Kruger. I, Phyllis Smith, will my ability to work in the Devon Theater for ten years without being fired to Marlene Gilmerg and Jim Gudeman and I will to Virginia Myers and Paul Malchow the right to be a Negro cook and gardner in their Junior Play I, Annabelle Ya ie, will my red hair to Rita Federer and my typing ability to Paul edford We, Pauline Poole and Nola Ward, will our thirteen years of perfect friendship to Donna Rogers and Louise Vogt, also we will to Joyce Hauptli and Mary Margaret Conwell our special pet habit of always being on time I, rilcha :1 Cords, w'll to Paul Kruger the right to go with a girl such as Joyce Hauptll during his Senior Year, and leave the ad :ice not to hit bridge butments on foggy nights I, Lewis Geyer, will my athletic ability and participation in all sports to Eugene Fisher We, Richard Wuethrich and Erven Gutwein, will our desire to live for Jesus throughout our Junior and Senior years and the re malning years of our lives to anyone and everyone who will accept I, harold Novotn , will my ability to get along" in Mrs Humphrey s classes Historyl to Suzanne Gutwein and Marlene Getz and to Garry Witt and Ellsworth Pelsy, the ability to carry a number of subjects along with class activities and still make the grade I, Louise Dunker, will to Betty Lee my blue eyes, and to I, Phyllis Steffel, will my pleasing pelsonallty to Dora Jean Westphal, and to Hannah Garling my ability to go steady in her Senior year with a Senior boy I, Audrey Houston, will my Texas figure to Hannah Gerling, and my good sense of humor to Shirley Cords GUTWEIN AGRICULLURAL SLRVICE Everything for the Soil 8a Crops Phone 255 Always here to serve you Francesville it. ' Rl . Patricia Myers, I will my plumpness. is for is for is for is for is for is for is for is for is for is for is for 88 SENIOR CLASS POEM Steffel, a gay little lass Edison, the clown of the class Nola, a lovely burnette innocence, the name is Jeanette onward, the password of fifty Richard, we think they're bgth nifty Cooley, Robert's the name Lewis, of basketball fame Audrey, who hails from the farm Smith, who has personality and charm sorrow, sadness and strife we Seniors of '50 go out into life for obedience, in which we excel for Faculty, they've all taught us well for Miss Nichols our sponsor this year for her patience with us, she is really a dear for industry, Louise is the name for for for for passed for for for for for for 83 OUP Novotny, a scholar of fame Erven, we trust him indeed tiny, Pauline takes the lead energy, in which we rank high on to the Juniors, may they give it a try Earnestness, which we have all the time no one left out of our rhyme me, the writer of this piece future, as we look to Annabelle truthfulness, don't we Seniors do well? youth and years ahead too Senior year closes, we bid you adieu Jim Gudeman THE CO OPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO Grain Feed Flour Coal Seeds Phone 156 and 164 Francesville is is is is is is is is is is A is for farm girls, both Carol and Bernice is is is is Our Devoted Director--Mrs. Humphrey SEN ICR PLAY Bound to Marry Betty Jane Dove Madly in Love Annabelle Yaggie Augustus G Baker, A Whoopee Maker Edison Gutwein Hilda M Slater, A Born Man Hater Audrey Houston Samuel Boyer, A Resourceful Lawyer Lewis Geyer June Ray, From Old Broadway Carol Koebcke Evelyn Grace, The Girl in The Case Phyllis Steffel Mose Lincoln Hall, A Black Snowball Jim Gudeman Mandy Snook, A Colored Cook Phyllis Smith Betty resents the efforts of her Aunt to choose ahusband for her She stages a rebellion worthy of the Mexican.Army Allkinds of humorous as well as embarrassing situations arise astheremnt of her determination to marry Billie instead of the manrH'herAu- nt's choice A School Worth Considering LAFAYETTE BUSINESS COLLEGE THE INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE OF LAFAYETTE e w . I , 0000000 U00 Billie Pouder, The Make-Believe Tutor... ...Harold Novotny fl ml' W X PULASKI COUNTY DEMOCRAT RALPH STLDIOS Gorrell R Son, Com ercial Printers Lafayette Phones 65 66 Winamac Laboratory Brazil, Indiana 2 - 3 , fs A Sv :I P lg' J ismf ' .a , A A u I " ' sa .V 1: rx E wa' yggwm Ef1 xi- 66 3 f 6 ??'Wf' 8 6 .n S 6 6-f 6 ' W 65664 if E ask A ,R is Q , ' 1 6 , W n 95 I if ? W no 4 , gk if ig Q X 5 Hi ' T 'U i 'yn Ulillllll g1ilQEQfg SENIGRS First row Richard Wuethrich, Harold Novotny, Bob Cooley, Erven Gutwein, Jim Gudeman, Richard Cords Second row Lewis Gever, Jeanette Pfledderer, Bernice Gerling, Audrey Houston, Miss Mary Nichols, Annabelle Yaggie, Edison Gutwein Bottom row Pauline Poole, Phyllis Smith, Flomeda Claussen, Carol Koebcke, Phyllis Steffel, Nola Ward, Louise Dunker M1NKER'1"s DRY moons an VARIETY s'roRE Ladies' Rgady to wear a Notions Mens Furnishings E Shoes Phone 89 Francesville v I , t gg M 3 'sys-on 1' QQ- k 4 'fn 1 5 1 WF 6 W. liz 1 ., , at P . I ' P , " .nf , k ' Q ' ' V 5 .I U I' ' I 7 , V I up I , if S l . D . . V Q ' wt Q V l . 1, h K K 0 I fl , Y N, l . "Q '1 f. I Q: . .L ' A A O , -f' -. . .Vi-'.'L,., -' fa ' n,w...-ssl-..-Q-an-4.-...... -l.-.fxs...1.n .4-wuerx. .vo-arena:-aas,0v--...-. lv O Q 0 I O U 0 C l I O -Y' if an-1-0646 3. -v 'Q 3' i AA. P ' 'Q- Q K,-1 wh x fa, 9 i! nz , -1 ' 3 7 X F 15 i! ' '- v A 2 -F g 1 . 3 ,, x V! i 4 4 MARX - ... 'QI W!R!l!!!ll QE Sami L 5'- raw'-'J' Q PAL! his-.WW IUNIGR CLASS First row Lyle Clover, Ronald Beiswanger, Bill Ent, Jacob Morgan, Richard Kesler, John Gutwein, Arthur Geyer, Eddie Kelley Second row Shirley Cords, Donna Onken, Dorothy Kruger, Millie June Boehning, Suzanne Gutweln, Mary Louise Gutwein, Carol Erb, Miss Mary Conrad Bottom row Hannah Jean Gerling, Clara Gerling, Isabelle Dunker, Mabel Lee, Arlene Beiswanger, Patricia Lowe, Dora Jean Westphal, Betty Gastlneau WEAVER BROTHERS ELMER SWING I. G. A. Super Market Case G New Idea Farm Machinery Phone 125 Franceaville Phone 169 Francesville Q ' a - 'lt ' 40 1 ., ' f 1 1' N .Q W . ,L ,f-:W ' ' -.A ' v , x Q 0 1 ' A . l 5, 'Q f : g0 U I-' 6 J ,- 4 X , X -A X X ix 1, , ' J ' -in f. .A - 3, .5 . , B R, u Y 7 . 1.6, -'1',',f -Y ' ' ,a .P . - - 53 3 if" '- f 't - ,f 1 1 '- - J nfl- aa.: 0 " .fH"'-F' f 'Y' a:f"1,2-ui-432' ,J Q 4? fi.-l' fi ' LQ L . O . I ' C O I I -.XXW NX- ,xx .A K X in-Xi,kvxgJ, ,A f'W.,,--su, in 7,14 IUNIOR PLAY HERE COMES CHARLIE Cast Nora Malone, Cook at the Elliott home Betty Gastineau Officer Tim McGr111, Nora's sweetheart Dick Kesler Mrs Fanny Farnham, Larry's aunt by marriage Marlene Getz Larry Elliott, a young businessman Ronald Beiswanger Ted Hartley, his old time College pal Bill Ent Uncle Aleck Twiggs, in charge of Charlie John Gutwein Charlie Hopps, Larry's Ward Suzanne Gutwein Mrs Caroline Smythe Kersey, V1vian's mother Millie Boehning Mortimer Smythe Kersey, V1v1an's brother Edward Kelley Time The Present Place Larry Elliott's home in a suburb of St Louis, Mo FIRST UNION EANK R TRUST CO Resources over 156,000,000 00 Winamac, Indiana 5 x Q a I f x . ' s Vivian Smythe-Kersey, Larry's f1ance.:::::: ..:::::::b0aD8 Onken UNDER CLA SSM:-:N 399 l. .....L. gi? N ff -SCDQIS? 'W 11 Cqubxc C., Z4n'i' h ca' bd: '14-I-bj .,,, or 9-.134 PHY XX X X 1 QQ xx 1 613+-. N xx 2 ' Z6 ' fgin A 'ff' .JN A N 'L Atv rj Q . f , 1. ,f.- f x5 Q Q M .J Z P' I . Q- Q , j'Q ur-1 1 X, SOPHGMORE CLASS First row Don Ames, Charles Warnell, Paul Malchow, Harry Field, Richard Cavness, Glen Malchow, Dean Alberts, Perry Neihouser, Gilbert Gutwein, Lewis Sanders Second row Richard Wiley, Fred Weltzin, Mary Malchow, Mona Lou Moncel, Mrs Humphrey, Patricia Myers, Chrisann Wuethrich, Gary Witt, Lloyd Beiswanger Bottom row Lois Huber, Maxine Stotler, Virginia Myers, Ardlth Morgan, Donna Rogers, Louise Vogt, Peggy Butler, Betty Lowe FRANK A WITT Compliments of General Insurance VON TOBEL'S Phone 221 Francesville Phone 28 Francesville .wif 'I u I I fa' " ' ,. 4' ' fa' x fwfr fi il ff GSM gifs ,' , , E j K , 4 , Y I dk 4 K ' ,k . A L-,- ra., X ' . ,. fy. ' . S 'A -.-. -L we -. . I -' ' - ' --- -vs. am.. - 1. L, 5- K V . U -W. . n t, at ,u..,. rs . I , 'P 1 rf '1 'frm'--- 2 r . .5 ,, .,f!l:,+fgr1-p .., ,A L L I I e Q I 0 . 0 I C 0 I N FRESHMEN First row Dean Monnett, Stanley Boehning, Ralph Wendt, Ronald Honnegar Eugene Fisher, Denny Swing, Jimmie Weaver, Ellsworth Pelsy , Second row Albert Smith, Sharron Onken, Mary Ann Scott, Sheila De Long, Joyce Hauptli, Mr Lawrence, De Maris Bailey, Mary Margaret Connell, Rita Federer, Lee Radcliffe Bottom row Judy Myers, Margaret Gross, Geneva Fields, Nancy Wagner, Marie Johns, Carol Lowry, Francis Smidler, Gertrude Dunker. GETL DUNN BROTHERS Plumbing R Appliances Quality Meats Phone 200 Franoesville Phone 204 Francesville , ' ' ' - my A Q W . . 0 4 v.4 .2 1 . x vi , ,fx s. . ' - ' ft ,a J -" ' A ' f ' c - a I V?. K J . S :SY eiiv- 1 Q L . 1 if A I ' - f.f"z , N R V 4.7, .N C , R " - f ' 4 . ' 1 V 1. ' 8 Pa V gs,-'. wa E ff? . I C O I I I O I EIGHTH GRADE First row Otto Wuethrich, Chris Lee Wuethrich, Carl Gutwein Kenneth Lowry, Arnold Elston, Jack Johnson, Clarence Ringen, Jerrel Gastlneau Second row: Mr. Port, Robert Hartung, Gerald Losh, Gloria Getz, Corine Sanders, Carol Koebcke, Dean Beiswanger, Billy Belswanger, Carl Anderson. Bottom row: Marcia Farney, Lillian Gutwein, Marlene Gilmore, Donna Lowry, Yvonne Neihouser, Virginia Ehrlich, Kay Koebcke, Dixie Honcel. Compliments of Compliments of FRANCESVILLE TRIBUNE MAXINE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 16 Francesville Phone 158 Francesville . ,WA . -we A . ,M N N ' Ah ' K . . V. if , V hx '71, . -1 Q all ...A 2 TA' f 4 f 'V r f ' Sv e o , o SEVENTH GRADE First Row George Malchow, James Clover, Duane Swing, Billie Joe Howe Andre Neihouser, Jack Goble, Kenneth Saine, Jim biala, Larry Boehning Second Row Richard Wiley, Richard Boehning, Herbie Weltzln, Cordelia Crawford, Mrs Miller, Robert Gutwein, Harry hnt, Richard Myers Bottom Row Barbara Radcliffe, Willa hay Robinson, Carol Deck, Adeline Gutwein, Peggy Boehning, Mary Lowe, Phyllis Albrecht, Betty Lee -M592 t Compliments of THE FRANCESVILLE STONE CO. WAYNE W. HOUSER, M D. Francesville, Indiana Monon, Indiana Phone 5lFl2 ' K ma' ea .Q P9 .W W 'E f .4 vw V il' , P 4 Y' x G . . Us X ' x..n'4f'- M7 1 t 3 ri 4 ' A Q2 '55 15.3 KA, -og .- , x 1, Q, 4, 'H'- i -" ' A . i l O I C I - . O ' e O I C . . MEM g mv L 7 fi Wu ...A Y Thilg T. ot F Cpes and Mf I1 HHPP ess d e, DFP je d Q! '1 ,,,,,,-,. Q N AXN-C' Q, A 555- El Q . I, I, 'W Q 1--3' f -41 Gaim Ou I j Q -5 ,W-TW Q5 C Wusllc 1.5 Qs iv Wow! YN't 127 u i Ci'f1C-:Yxf HF Lelis Cham Qu, t TWa.'rrw.:5 f,5'Cu, erwf Pen-Feat Jeorg rznmceswlls. I L ?"'T'j 'lcnvn 9 Can You Imagine? Ronald B not laughing when someone makes a mistake Richard Wuethrich without his flashy red pants and bright green sweater? Millie talking more than Bernice Garling? Harold getting to his fourth hour study hall on time? J P Morgan having his lessons? Annabelle not being famous and Bob not being notorious? A picture of Nichols hung on the wall and a picture of Port hange on the wall? Lewis being judge and Bob being judged? Miss Nichols not keeping the Dlgnified Seniors of 1950 perfectly quiet in activity period? a perfect big gentleman under B V's supervision? Mrs Miller not giving the Senior's civlcs class a quiz every other day and a few days in between? Mr Ehrlich not sleeping in fourth period study hall? Paul Kruger being a passionate lover? Louise Dunker being a loud mouth? Ed Gutwein not being able to drive a car? Mr Port not looking for his white slips? Certain Junior girls not talking about their dates the night before? Nola Ward and Pauline Poole not Harold, Edison, Lewis, Bob, and that must be taken care of Joyce Hauptli being nothing but Sharron Onken not talking about always together? skin and bones? horses? Stanley Boehning having a date every night or not wearing his flashy red hat in the house? Paul Malchow being a daredevil driver? Harry Fields going steady with the girls? Eugene Fisher being the girls' hearthrob? Virginia Myers as a perfect Venus de Milo? Louise Vogt getting married in her senior year? Some of the Junior girls without glasses? Mary Ann Scott being a demure little miss? Gary Witt present when there has been a difficult Latin or Geometry? Harry Fields without that long, drawn out voice? Charles Warnell Richard Cavness Lois Huber with Ronald Honegger Lillian Gutweln flunking geometry? getting the foul shot trophy? a different laugh? warming the bench every game? looking like Katherine? Jim not creating something urgent in activlty period? assignment in Francesville School without any Gutweins? Donna Rogers sitting with anyone but Richard Cavness in the show Tuesday night? Mr Moore not telling the "team" to get more drive? Hass Getz working? F s 5 m 1. 0 .4 'lg PF' 0 45 ,xg ar 1 . ? ' d nCarly' Gutwein being a perfect little-a correction if you please- U 4 Hd J 7Q7af5fff7f NOTESEF nag 1 V hail, Hail, the Full of Fun and I Love You Only My Sweetie Went Why Does it Get Early Gangs all here Fancy Free Away So Late So Thank You Lord for Saving My Soul For he's a Jollv Good Fellow Don't Fence Me In Jesus Calls, I am the Way Oh, How 1 Wish l Could Sleep Faraway Places Stormy Wheather Some Day My Prince Will Come Saved to Tell Others of the Man of Galilee One Dozen Roses Someday You'll Want me to Want You Jesus Means Everything to Dear Hearts and Gentle People Now the Day is Over Good Morning To You That Red Head Gal Nobody Knows the Troubles I Seen Who's Sorry Now The Old Master Painter A Smile Will Go A Long, Long Way Waiting to Grow Jealousy The Sheik of Araby Ma, he's Making hyes at Me I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby Meet Me By The Moonlight Alone Bicycle Built for Two Love is so Terrific Waiting and hoping Mary, You're A Big Girl Now Make Believe You, You, You, are the One Little White Lies Sweathearts Work for the Night is Coming-- The Seniors of H50 N Harold N and Edison G Phyllis Smith to Don Anderson Annabelle to Carroll Messer Phyllis Steffel to R Cords Pauline Poole Jim Gudeman Audrey Houston Richard Wuethrich Bob Cooley Jeanette Pfledderer Lewis Geyer Louise Dunker Erven Gutwein Bernice to Charlie R Carol Koebcke to Someone Nola Ward The S6H101S to the People of Brancesville Seniors Receiving Diplomas Mr Port Jim Moore to the Ba ketball Boys Mrs Miller to Civics Class Don Ehrlich Donna Rogers Gary Witt Joyce Hauptli Ed Kelley Shirley ords Mary Margaret Conwell Carol Erb Rita Mae Fedderer Marlene Getz Ardith Morgan Mary Louise Gutwein Virginia Myers Millie June to Web Suzanne Gutwein Mary Ann Scott and Art Geyer Mr. King HEINNAN'S PRESCRIPTION ACCURACY MCMILLAN ATHLETIC GOODS CO Smith-Alsop Paint Outfitters to Champions Phone 4971 Monon,lnd. Terre Haute, Indiana ' " r Lu ' ' , 0 H . O Q Y U 4 " ""' o 0 39 1111 1111111171111 1it1 3111 . ll ll ---- - 111111 111'11111 it . . V Me---- -1- 1 1 1111111111111 . ----------- ---- Miss Nichols 've c-n--n---u----n---n-cn-nn-masons:an S iiiiiiiitiiittiii . g---,------------------- 12 fl Vis' vt 4, 1 at VWMWVWMA Hope-Y fr VVl5!v'f5 Nj ' HOPES AND WISHES 'Q ff f f , X' ' -V I iw Chris Ann Wuethrich My Moore C To get married Lewis Geyer To rope a special sopho more girl Ardith Morgan To corral a boy Millie Boehninp That Web Darnell will still be waiting for her when she graduates Mr King bor a more efficient office staff Mrs Humphrey To have a good speech class this year Gary Witt He were taller to attract a certain gal Marlene ihassl Getz? To keep under her finger a special Monon Man Jim Gudeman he could give some of his plumpness to nugene Fisher Mr Port That the students would have better memories and get their excuse blanks in on time Mary Ann Scott That Arthur Geyer will still care for her in years to come That he could retire Miss Conrad That she turns out at least one good cook Annabelle Yaggie She could have a personal television set that would show only Carroll Messer's picture Rita Federer She will get a boy friend soon Dick Caveness To vet a girl in the near future Best of luck, Dick' That Don Ames was not such a flirt Shame, Shame, Don Lloyd beiswanger That he wasn't quite so tall Phyllis Steffel To graduate so she can settle down with her senior boy Betty Gastineau That she has finally found her true love althoufh he graduated in '45 Miss Nichols That she will sponsor a class as co operative and quiet next year as ours ha been this year Duane Swing That Mr Ehrlich would MT LQWISHCS learn to control his That a partlcular boy in temper farm shop would be in time for a chan e ll all is - D 1 . ' : O . Mary Margaret Conwell: HAPPINESS Do you want happiness? Then don't depend on your own solution or the advice of man to find it but take the advice of one who knows. In Matthew 6:55 the Lord Jesus Christ says, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnessg and all these things shall be added unto you." The word"th1ngs" signifies all you will ever need to obtain happinessg and in Psalms l46:5-6 we find "Happy is he that hath the CodcfJacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God,: Which made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth forever." And how do we seek the kingdom of God? Why,d'moug1 the one way God has provided--through His Son, our1o1dJes.1sO'Ir'1st Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." CJohn 14:65 If you are interested read KActs 4:l2J,CRevelat1onZ5:201 and continue reading. Who does not punish evil invites it' iGermanD 'As rust corrupts iron, so envy corrupts mann KGree D 'None but myself ever did me any harm CNapoleonJ Love your enemles for they tell your faultsn KFrankl nl 'When a man tries himself, the verdict is in his favor A person may e e uca e eyon s n e ligence' 'Eggs and oaths are easily broken' CDan1s I Marriage is heaven or hell' CGermanJ "Who marries does well, who marries not does better" QNew'l'es J "Forewarned, forearmed, tobe prepared is 1'nlf the victory" iSpanishJ 'None preaches better than the ant, and she says noth ng 'We compete only with ourselves, we co operate with othe "Of all crafts, to be an honest man is the master cra "Into each life some rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary" CAmer1canJ Compliments of FRLD GUTWFIN 6: SONS "1'Y'3RlU S all CORN ll Y ' k I 'I ll ' 1 I H " b d 12 d b d hi 1 t 1 ' U I h N I ' 13. "Two in distress make sorrow less" 1 1 n I . - my' ft" .X PKQ f 13' Mr King Bob Cooley Lewis Mr Lawrence Everybody Mr Moore Phyllis Smith The Juniors Ellsworth Jeanette Pauline Mrs Miller Annabelle Dean Monnett Miss Nichols hdison eernice Mrs Humphrey Jim Gudeman Mr Port Audrey Richard Wuethrich Phyllis Steffel The Sophomores Carole Koebcke Nancy Wagner Erven Hass John Gutwein... Mr. Ehrlich... Paul Kruger... Ardithslollle Virginiaeeooellil Ritaqonleeililoet Ronald Beiswanger Joyce Hauptli, Hi 4533 Wouldn't it be different if was seen running down the hall won the award for attendance didn't like to play basketball caught somebody running to lunch got out of line in the halls had long blond hair wasn't busy had good co operation was a great lover often shouted at people weighed about 200 pounds forgot to give a test wasn't secretary of the senior class could txain for basketball as Jerry did cracked down on the Seniors didn't know Chrisann told a teacher off had nothing to do drove a "SO" CadilJac to school didn't manage the attendance records got her driver's license ran around hated Mr King were a quiet group couldn't laugh out loud was refined and rather stuck up dldn't carry a Bible was quiet, refined, and serious .......was in a hurry and serious ............wasn't a teacher his assignments .....................had some horse sense . .... n't get checked for 'talks too much ..............................were afraid of boys ............was an athlete and forgot his lessons ta Federer, and Mary Ann Scott ................. ..didn't talk about one another Lee Radcliffe ................. ......... were a big robust man Jimmy Weaver and Jim Gudeman... ..... couldn't play the piano Stanley ........ . .... . ......... .... was an expert at algebra Glen Malchow .................. ...would smile and be lively Sheila DeLong and Judy Myers... ......... exchanged figures Mary Margaret Conwe11....................... .......loved boys KRUGER FORD MOTOR SALES MEDARYVILLE, WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES, INDIANA FRANCESVILLE, SUBDEALER WILLIS HAUPTLI, INDIANA C 3 5 ' 6 gf' Efxx B x ' em! D f' fn Qf XX L 1 if . gb- a S , , ox f 1 I-J0uiSeOC'i..::' ..::..lflllOl.-OIIOUQIDIlbecame did ' - N .2 . i . . ,'n M glial Q33 Let's Change our Names Imagine if Wendell were a gueen instead of a King Mrs Miller were a fly instead of a Miller Richard were wires instead of Cords Phyllis were a welder instead of a Smith Edison were bad wine instead of Gutwein Nola were a guardian instead of a Ward Jim were a less instead of a Moore Pauline were an ocean instead of a Poole Jim were a bad man instead of a Gudeman Louise were a sug estion instead of Vogt Eugene were a hunter instead of a bisher Mary were dollars instead of Nichols a slide instead of a Swing a high instead of a Lowe a cone instead of a Wendt an apple instead of an Erb 4'!f Denny Betty Ralph Carol Gary were a brain instead of Shirley were strings instead were were were were were de short instead WGPS W6I'6 WSPS W6I'8 if a city instead of a levy instead of mountains instead a maid instead of Mabel Harry Pesay Sheila Albert were a tailor instead a Witt of Cords a Port a Lee of Fields a Butler of De Long of a Smith Audrey were dallas instead of Houston Bob were an emgeror instead of a Coole Paul were a zink ford instead of Ledford Jimmy were the loom instead of the Weaver Mary Ann were irish instead of Scott Don were a hit instead of an Ames Jack were under a ton instead of Overton Marlene were a ggt instead of a Getz Lyle were alfalfa instead of Clover Donna were community instead of Rogers Margaret were net instead of Gross If-,l-Q N Compliments of MAYHLW COAL 8 GRAIN CO CLAHK'S DRUG STORL Feeds, Seeds, Grinding Phone 66 Medaryville Phone 26 Medaryville gg, -- -ll n -l- --N--- J5 . A B. V. Marie were waiting rooms instead of Johns ---- Y g .- I ll, .Q. ll -- I I 42925 x X The annual staff wishes to enlist the help of all the readers of this page in finding a person with the character istics and abilities described below If any member locates him, please notify nat once any member of this annual staff Ideal Girl Student Annabelle Yaggie's complexion Phyllis Steffel's clothes J! Chrisann Wuethrich's hair ' Ruth Emerson's eyebrows Millie Boehn1ng's hands Mabel Lee's pelsonality De Maris Bailey's legs Virginia Myers' brains Ardith Morgan's figure Audrey Houston's voice Mary Ann Scott's nose Phyllis Smith's teeth Louise Dunker's eyes Pauline Poole's lips Joyce Hauptli's ears Patricia Lowe's feet Sharron Onken's walk Nola Wa1d's chin Ideal Boy Student Perry Neihouser's complexion Richard Wuethr1ch's clothes Jim Gudeman's personality Daniel Koebcke's eyebrows Arthur Gefer's physique Harold Novotny s brains ' 4 Richard Cavness' smile f Edison Gutwein's teeth Q Ronald Honegp'er's chin Erven Gutwein's voice Johnny Gutwein's hair Richard Cords' ears 'll Lyle Clover's hands ' Lewis Geyer's eyes Denny Sw1ng's nose Bob Cooley's lips '1 'I ' vs. if '1 . qi. ' bein Yoo ISL. K1 s CV Qjc fl,- . Lum ox ,L a KC? fe X-'bf sy f 2 Q fd P ag: 'Q xg .Q wF'Q,wr STUDENT CCDUNCIL Standing Duane Swing, Harold Novotny, Phyllis Smith, Erven Gutwein, Ronald Beiswanger, Gilbert Gutwein, Eddie Kelley, Carl Gutwein Seated Mr King, Phyllis Steffel, Millie June Boehning, Ardith Morgan, Mr Jim Moore Under the direction of Mr King and Mr Moore, the Council was organized with four seniors, three juniors, two sopho mores, one freshman, one eighth grader, and one seventh grader Harold Novotny was elected President, Millie June The Council is striving for better cooperation between the faculty and the students, it aims toward a better recrea tional program JOHN H KELLY HARDWARE Quality at Lower Prices Phone 292 Winamac, Ind Q 1 i J 1 Boehning, Vice-President, and Phyllis Smith, Secretary. Phy.SJci.l. Trgrnrns Cl-asv 5,15 we ai' x,f"P""' Sun hfye ocaely '?blmaQ M I Lys r"""5 63:9 1 9 I I g .Yw7wT"" W ' - S I. , 1 w f"X13' ? 4l+'W T:f ' J i , 'i I -:J-Ii ., M1 ws? x WL-A D ' . W , - A 1 ' W' 1 ,fu-Q M 23' :V K ' TA . .h I A V ,. - My f ' f ' ,. , .V - A . , Y , . . - , , WW I ' 1 1 - Q., ' x , ff. ,L M4 t K W I - r .f"' A f A ,, .'! K - In N1 1 V rfff ' 1 E I 0 .LA:-fz: I 43, Il ,-, 1 T12 ' fl'...'T.lfAll. 2 Q "' 1 ' X f , W Q. Q "' ' 5 k k WS'-if -11. .l K Cooks Left to right Mrs Clara Orr, Mrs Gladys Goble, Miss Della Johnson, Mrs Mary Beiswanger EIIEH k H' K V ,LM i j- .ga-as . OUR CUSTODIAN To the man who makes possible the comfortable and clean school that we enjoy, the Senior Class wishes to leave a parting 'THANK YOU enwfov- Band. U'mo'r 8-Wd Chorus Our band and chords, which are lmportant parts rbf our daily school life, are under the direction of Mr l x1Ehrlmh The Band officels are President Millie June Boehning Secretary and Treasurer Suzanne Gutwein 'Xi Av if i' g 4' mn V '.'Ww "file ,,,.,h. f.. A--..,,--. Y f ,., 3 i ig .- 2 'Fm C OTTlTTXE.Y'C.E, Room Avi Room .1 ' A mV',L W . A m ac 'ITsa.c. L SPL W t 73 77 rom JOHN SEATON :Sc CO AHLl:.R'S FOOD NIAHKLT 8c LCLKEH PLANT Manufacturing Wholesalu Grocers Pulaski County First Locker Plant Chicago 90, Illinois Medaryville, Indiana ' ..f x"x 7 K fn I Q ' 8, , s ' V l N . I f ' Q me LL, , , --.. L, tg ASW, fb-'QA t r . ls-' fffgi' W , - J .' as sl 847' a- l - 5 1 H.: : ,fs 1 X' ' ' SgP,.:Q1!f - -'N is Q K aug. f S fl . fax -.. I- i 1 y 1 A Y - V Y Y -v Y Y i - A i Y O fha ve may W4 Nerf Y W pond 5 'PP 11 h IS Q-ou-Jdw-Lt PPG- 331,211 ' 4 f X THLETIC HGH.- as 'W-. V . V Z ' sf' . if I . 4 ,c -wr ' 4 ,I ff' K x ww 1 SWINGS LUNCH FRANCESVILLE MOTOR CO Home Made Soup 8: McCormick Deering Machines Good Sandwiches Phone 178 Francesville eafm M547 f9f4!!afawff1f 7 49 R afydaoilx 50'-4f60aU-,EJ JMWFHS H 8? 5 C p11 M 8cM wld T gf 1 . f ' I ff"'7"" V- ld Q ---- ff Q , , fp I vii ' QYWW . ' aC...Qf KN .-LDV in M uni metwf - A 0 'QW TQ 'i Xl 'll SENIOR HONORS BLWE R65 Citizenship Jlm Gudeman Scholarship Harold Novotny Athletics Lewis Geyer 0 To be eligible for recognition here the pupil must have been on the honor roll all three grading periods of the first semester Grade 1 None Grade 4 Carol King Dennis Urr Grade 7 None Grade 10 Virginia Myers Donna Rogers Grade 2 None Grade 5 Karen Cords Kathleen honneger Prade 8 Billie Beiswanger Corinne Sanders Otto Wuethrich Grade ll Arlene Beiswanger Millie Boehning Ronald beiswanger Grade 5 None Grade 6 Mary Wuethrich betty Crieger Renee Neihouser Gary hauptli Grade 9 Sharron Onken Margaret Gross Grade 12 Annabelle Y8ggl6 Harold Novo ny Phyllis Steffel K. Fx Q I K S T P , K 1, A FIRST SEMESTER HONGR ROLL Glen Boehnlng John Eide Jr De Alumnis Resides at the home of his works on his father's farm Resides at the home of his works on his father's farm parents and parents and Donald Erb Is attending Purdue, studylng Agriculture Margaret Fitzpatrick Is keeping house for Ronald Thomas Pete Fitzpatrick . . Is 1n the Navy at Chicago Faye Fritz . Works in Lafayette at Haywood's Publishing Company Louise Garllng Works at Bess Russells' home Clarence Gastlneau Is in the Air Corps in Katherine Gutwein Works in Kathleen Gudeman Donna Herr Ronald Hooker Ann Jackson Beverly Long Leroy Malchow Carroll messer Bernard Minnicus Glen Morgan Arthur Novotny Joanne Rockwell Ralph Rohloff Arlene Smith Mildred Thornberry Donald Vollmer Sylven Wenger Karl Westphal the Gutwein home of her mother Resides at the works with her in Winamac New Jersey Milling Co parents and . Works in Lafayette Resides at the works on his father's farm home of his parents and Works in Lafayette Is married to Max Odom Resides at the home of his parents and works on his father's farm Resides in Californla with his parents Is in the Air Corps in Virginia Resides at the home of his parents and works in his father's grill Is attending business college in Cleveland, Ohlo Is attending Purdue Resides at the home of his works on his father's farm Resides at the home of her University parents and parents and works in her father's theatxe Has now become Mrs John Anderson Helps his father with calpenter work Is employed by George Bolliger Resides at the home of his parents and works on his father's farm 74" , M xN fw Q X 0 52 X NX 3 Q X A A" 3 -46.4 X 45 Q fs 4'5- eg ' f7 .. MONbMENlS Winamac Granite Works Phone 2141 Winamac Ind . Ili UO' O C O OOO.. O OOUOUOOQOQI . l OIOOOOII O l OO'.UllUOOilOOlO .O . C ICUCCUIC U. I Ollllllli Q UCIUOIUUOCQ Q IUC COOIOOICO C Ol. O.. O lillfl OllOOl. OCOOOOIQOIIOIO O OIC OC. O ODI' OCCIOOOOOIUUCCOOUOIOQ g 0 'll ICOIIUUCIOIOIUOOOO . .ll C.. A I , .P OIIII I... C Ill IQUIIOOUC O IQOOICO OO. l - 1 0 00.0 ICOOIUQO -L i . I Of. IUQIIQOCO . . .Ol ll. O IOIQIOO ICU 1 I x 'OOO lllllf O Q QOUIOO Of. 1 0 OOCUOI QOOICIIQOIO 1 1: . .ll Ol. O Ja. ,FWQ 22. Nl ' ' h.qU 5 5XQ -bf 'N f X X 5 2' F 2 9 x ? w' u Sgsf, X 0 F .ix-y Mg ' .Y ,A 5' I ,x Z? Zfs' I n - ff X I Ib ' L wa ,v Z -0 1 ,Q-'f. 'K lx I, , -fn: ff , --"' '-'f" --,v-rv , 'K "' Y "" 'r"'1"'A"'T" ' Y ' 'W O LEMENTAM' ZS 'daft 'X .f I 1 'Q' 0 0 J f Q O , -5 - KK Fm 'NJ SIXTH GRADE First row Gary Hauptli, Kenneth Gross, Richard Ringen, Richard Lowry, Charles Johns Jr , Donald Swartz, Delos Alberts, Arnold Gutwein, Robert Wiegand, Mr Rudolph Cords Second row: Howard Leman, Donald Ehrlich Jr., Donald Linback, Renee Neihouser, Mary Wuethrich, Emma Johns, Bonita Von Tobel, Phyllis Malchow, James Manion, Sammy Gunnerson, James Honnett. Bottom row: Betty Grieger, Hazel Lowe, Mary Lowry, Patricia Elston, Adrienne Gillmor, Elvera Gutwein, Sharron Farney, Karol Sue Myers. JOSTENS Class rings-Invites-Cards Lyndell Gooch Plymouth Ind. s 1 1,i14,., U we :levi P H X ff : gg ., . F' L . I B EMT, N V ' W H v f ,.'e f-fe , d , My G L ' . , ,,5gJ X ..5.. 6 ,W . ag - ax 3 w Ab' Y Q ' 4 Q F 'N ,J Q 1 , . 1 1' ,-as x I 'xnxx . I O O 0 O First row Bernard Briles, Ralph Byroad, Fred Hanlon, Lewis Albrecht, Dewayne Wiley, Valera Culp Second row William Hartung, Earl Lee, Richard Moncel, Norman Quarry, Jerry Honcel, Philip Gutwein, Richard Wendt Bottom row Rita Lowry, Patsy Salne, Carol Swing, Janet Linback, Karen Cords, Kathleen Honneggar, Janice Lowe Compliments of GUTWEIN MILLING COMPANY Phones 55 140 Francesville 5 1 Q S4 I ' 2 FIFTH GRADE k k kl FOURTH GRADE First row Dennis Orr, Kenneth Briles, Norman Witt, John Johnson, Paul Von Tobel Jr III, Dale Ward, Tommy Boehning, Dewayne Cavness, Helen Riggs Robert Radcliffe, Crystal Myers, Joan Swartz, Beth Farney, Deloris Vollmer, Marie Neihouser, Carol King, Ruth Ann Maddox, Jeffrey Johnson Bottom row Anna Marie Myers, Jenean Malchow, Lynette Malchow, Jeanette Wiegand, Vicky Gunnerson, Juanita Moncel, Sylvia Lowe LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY CO School Equipment and Supplies Terre Haute, Indiana 'x I L f ev O Second row: O ...,- - - gy xfffifgg is THIRD GRADE First row Ronald Gutwein, Donald G twein, Donald Johns, Ronald Bingham, Ronald Tanner, Richard Robinson, Marshall Putt, Donald Franscoviak. Second row: Tommy Myers, Larry Grieger, Gene Robinson, Fredrick Gutwein, Jene Byroad, Delcine Losh, Karen Wuethrich, James Culp, James Ehrlich, Richard Linback, Edward Rhinehart. Bottom row: Margo Minkert, Juanita Gutwein, June Weltzin, Madeleine Smith, Peggy Sullivan, Roberta Leman, Nina Myers, Norma Johnson. Compliments of Compliments of HOWAT FARMS, INC. QUERRY FUNERAL HOME Phones 77-186 Francesville Phone 177 Francesville , ' ,.v5..,:,,..A A' U is as F ff-2-fem 1 A A ,- ,- -- I a, Mg A ' ,.. 1:1 Y . N Q iw an F ,sam Q f' A A - - ,, 'v A 'lainie , ,fa 7, ,1 ' W -., ,iii WW L , ,- L53 ,, . P in D k W 'fy Q Q 4 S Q I ' x U . , . -H. y L I , . ' 'if . C I IHT""'1?P"'4 l? '-7 SECOND GRADE First Row Charles Malchow, Ronald Anllker, Marvin Gutwein, William Wiegand, Allyn Onken, William Crawford, Ronald Myers, Wayne Putt, Sammy Bumalough, Miss Koster. Second Row: Mary Ward, Lulie Losh, Dhirley Seine, Carol La Hue, Mancy Monnett, Marilyn Weaver, Judith Overman, Patsy Williams, Mary Cords, Linda Briles. Third Row: Diana baring, Dorothy Garfield, Donna Jean Rohloff, Linda Boehning, Sherryl Boehning, Donnie Moncel, Delores Gustin, helen Myers, Anna Gutwein, Sandra Nightingale. Bottom Hou: Edward Rhinehart, Terry Howat, Thomas Tiede, Elden Gutwein. FRANCESVILLE DRAIN TILE CO. PULASKI COUNTY ABSTRACT CO E. C. Overmyer M Sons R THE FREEMAN CO. Phone ll6 Francesville Winamac T'f"',gg-W """ ' nw" . ' " ' A 151 wi J-,,, .1 , -H- lv , A , 1 .. O of ' V .. I V I ,s V Ab, vs tx A Q' , W QQ.- f' T rf 5 . C K D f N ' 4. Aki? Y NA. wr C A ' A K .- an ' . 4, llf'g ff ,. O I 3 l 1'if"!'?? ,z 321 FIRST GRADE First row William Clews, Jerry Weltzin, Donald Williams, Samuel Shuler, Raymond Cooley, James Albrecht, David Boehning, Arthur Wendt, Thorton Westphal, Berry Radcliffe Second row Thomas Koebcke, Richard Gutwein, Roger Querry, Beverly Lee, Linda Swing, Dora Witt, Dale Briles, Michael Hartung, William lanion, Larry Bachman Bottom row Margaret Tetzloff, Marcella Neihouser, Trena Pelsy, Shawna Schubert, Enid Westphal, Martha Myers, Renee Lowry, Christine Rhinehart, Twyla Von Tobel PULASKI COUNTY FARM BUREAU Compliments of C0 OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INC FRANCLSVILLE FURNITURE CO Phone 32 Francesville Section Huron henderson, Prop Phone 76 , ' - ., gc O I I O I I O I O O 1 1 U O I Mr. Lawrence: .HPau11ne, give the formula for water.n Pauline: nYes, Sir. HIJKLMNO H M L nwhatever are you driving at? Do you think you're in kinder garten9' Pauline. UNO, Sir' You said yesterday it w s H to O ' Richard Cat basketball gamel. nThat fellow out there playing center will be our best man before the s ason is over Phyllis nOh Richard, his is so sudden'u Bobby WI wanna watch Mr King Umm Bobby nMommie, daddy won't let me watch U Mrs King 'Dear move over and let Bobby see the pretty girls on television Mrs Miller nSeniors we are going to have a test today QS1lenceD Mrs M 'I suppose you all studied hard last night? QSilencel Mrs M HI wonder how the class will react to morrow in school when I tell them that? Oh well Good night Fred 'Why are you running l e that, Ronald9n 'I'M trying to keep t o s from fighting That's good and who are the boys? 'Harold Novotny and me JOKES While visiting a large city, Mrs. Humphrey cross- ed the street against the off1cer's signal The enraged officer ex ploded nLady, don't you know what it means when o d up my hand9' 'I ought to, I've be n a teacher several years Chrisann nYou remind me of the sea Edison. Why Because I'm wild, restless, and romantic? Chrisann. nNo because You make me sick D N A group of boys were having a heated argument about who was to be the janitor in their game school One boy who seemed to be boss was giving out positions T the largest boy in the group he said nJohnny, you be Mr King Johnny NI wanna be the Janitor Boss HYou a1n't got sense enough to be janitor' Jim Gudeman, while earning his living as a blind begger was arrested, by a police man who noticed him reading a newspaper 'I wasn't reading, plea e Jim, HI was just looking at e pictures r Kin Annabelle, take a letter ' Annabelle Where to?n fd "fr Zgalfgifv' 0141 Cglvob CJ' LAQZZJLAJ :7ff ZJE?L4, HERMAN C WUETHRICH For all your Insurance Needs Phone 38F5l Francesville r. .: ' O 1 l N . 1 - , h 1 . ' ' e a .' 'N . 2 II , II . 1? e .N 'N t . . ' , On I : ll . H t . of . : ' ' . Y' . Q 0 : ll O I , . . .n : H . : ' i z You be Mr. King.n . . 1 5 ' O . ' ik ' ' 'f d d ' 1 . wo th .N b A O UI Z " ' M e 5: n N l Q 0 fl . : H 777 .1 ,,vq J, ' VALEDICTORY During our twelve years of schooling, the class of '50 has lost some of its original members and found new ones until today widmekhb een fellow classmates, we face graduation Our school staff has grown with us in intelligence and ability, and we feel proud to be graduates of F H S With delight, we re call our many activities and studies Our appreciation to our parents, principal, faculty, cu todlan school board, and bus drivers can not be fully expressed now,butdm years ahead, we trust, will prove that fact Since 1937, our lives have been guided and corrected by mn'sup tion, we are preparing to graduate into a new life with open andcdo- sed roads at our disposal and with the decisions 1n our hands alone This annual could not have been made possible without our adver- tisers, the many others who contributed time, work, and material to make it a success, and the teachers who directed us The pictures taken by Foto Shop and Gary Witt give us a VlS1181 idea of the classes and activities that are oarried onih thkaschmm. Many seniors have spent long hours to produce a Yearbook wlrich we will cherish in years ahead, and one which will be a guidepost to our posterity To those who knew us and helped us and to the many others thatwe have known and forgotten, the Senior Class of '50 says Our hearty wishes for success, May strength be to your arm A hearty Godspeed to you all Go forth and fear no hawn Harold Novotny, Editor 5 9 eriorsg today, equipped with subject matter and filled with insphaf 1 RA FACULTY 1 A c rns 'Q l 'x if' V 4 xx QU ...Y AUTOGRAPHS 1 ,L X Q X i 4 5 Q Ig I A C66 ff, 'H mtv' ... w E' P H S I X if X 5 I if I X fxxxl x XX l go N Have a Coke It's the frlendly lngh slgn COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MONON IND I L h in' -I O ' 0 - BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF TH - MPANY BY ' , , ., DC. - l -

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