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 - Class of 1957

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, IIEIEIH ,- wr-lswfg gr A V x 1-'55 -ng f ' 0 rv Q A im mlm. I Il' -vim? Q S x 1 "al ,I State Teaclwers College 1 Framingham Q ll 1 - , sm ,.....,.. 3..J.. O...fI No. ,.4.... Z...S..5 .Qf5 V . n G , , , .11 THE DIAL EDITOR ART LITERARY BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY DATA SECRETARY ADVISORS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE DIAL STAFF 1957 Connie Safford Barbara Turner Jacqueline Peferson BeH'y BriH Arlene NorI'on Mary Jane DoyIe Anne LawIor Terry Iv1esqui+a Johann Pia n+ecIosi Sandra LucIcraII' Pa'r Kenney PI1yIIis Brown Gladys PraH David Berger FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS TO DR. LAWRENCE NEWELL WHO HAS INSPIRED OUR CONFIDENCE AND TRUST WITH HIS SINCERITY, KINDNESS, AND DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF OUR PROBLEMS, WHO HAS DEVELOPED OUR SELF-RELIANCE AND GUIDED US TO THE REALIZATION OF GREATER ACHIEVEMENTS THAN WE IMAGINED POSSIBLE, WHOSE WISDOM, HUMILITY, DIGNITY, AND STRENGTH OF CHARACTER WON OUR RESPECT AND LOVE, WE DEDICATE OUR YEARBOOK. 5533 vi'-.-,,f,, -7 ' ,, -" Sk-1 fx I7'??xxQl5.'?-' V, Q. " zyw-:X-1 5 -M- .v x ,- , H"fY5fkxilL f1v:vQ'H2W X '. X Q' 14' 1. Nj .r, ul l .P ,AQN xx. h.-3 C5 H f, . f gf , 'I .2 5.5535 an-, 1 ,X 1 ,Nxxf-xvb. 4. 2 . ', 19' . , . in if ZA:-H 21' A T if Z' w' '-. 4 ,xl . 4,7g5 .fl N ff UL-' I 1 x'I f . x 1. , li . ,v0 X ,. 15 ,. 1 .4, 14 1 1 1 Q ! ,J A 1'-A' 1 r x f . X x 1 fr A 4, X K x ff 1 , x Kfrg. f ' 'VV 3 S: iffk 'f I.,-1-1 V x' .rlfs J' Tx ewwk Wffww X1 'lf 'f!'x' AVI, R, 0f'W'Z f7?W'5 ' f MQNQff3Q,N H fy m.M'g , C1-,, 4 I H i. , yi x f 1 n wry 1 f Q- ff 1fj,'lTV , . ,, ..,,,,.A.r,..D, wx -',-N- ' - ,-J,bS 5 .JAM . M4 5G35 UPON OUR ENTRANCE TO FRAMINGHAM, WE HAD DEFINITE HOPES OF WHAT WE WISHED TO GAIN FROM THESE FOUR YEARS AND VAGUE IDEAS OF WHAT WAS TO BE EXPECTED OF US. WE HOPED TO DEVELOP WITHIN OURSELVES AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE OTHER PERSON A LOVE OF LEARNING AN APPRECIATION OF THE OPPORTUNITIES OPEN TO US. THIS WAS TO BIZA PERIOD OF PREPARATION FOR LIFE. .PA 1 :: X 5 +5 'T c I vi 4 ..."I X , S1953 'NA m NOW, AT GRADUATION, REFLECTION BRINGS TO MIND MANY IMAGES OF THE PAST FOUR YEARS: WE KNOW THAT BECAUSE OF ENDLESS HOURS OF STUDY VARIED SOCIAL AND CO-CURRICULAR ENDEAVORS THE EFFORTS OF OUR FACULTY THE SACRIFICE OF OUR PARENTS OUR OWN SELF-DISCIPLINE WE ARE READY TO BECOME GRADUATES OF THIS COLLEGE AND TO CONTINUE THROUGH LIFE WITH A GROWING APPRECIATION OF THE FRUITFUL YEARS SPENT HERE. 1957 MARTIN F. O'CONNOR, Presidenf 'TP r X DOROTHY LARNED. Dean NJ "X .ar D lflr X, 0 7 A if ,. rgifr ' fe W' Hf"".. .,-1- . '1,,,,.' .1 "yi . Uwe L . 1. - .u"v'f' , .. -,naw-'4.' ' f, , :-' --1' 4 er. . A ,--.. Y P-2 .QQ-QQ 'Qkklwx If X Q Xwff-!:2' 1- "3!'ii'-:LSLH wr . 2' "3 K . 'H IJ o , - , I , , ':- .J .1 WILLINGLY DONATING THEIR TIME, KNOWLEDGE, AND LEADERSHIP, KINDLY SHARING THEIR WISDOM, FRIENDSHIP, AND UNDERSTANDING, THEY BROADEN OUR HORIZONS, EXPAND OUR INTERESTS, AND ADE- OUATELY PREPARE US FOR LIFETIME PROFESSIONS. RACHEL D. BANGS, M.S.Ed. O Q! Zo DAVID BERGER. M.F.A ANNA BI LLA, M.A. CONSTANCE BRINE, Ph.D. XJ -Z JOHN F. BOWLER, Ed.D fl, 5,627 w MURIEL BUCKLEY, M.S.Ecl. K I I vm X Sf IMAX XE 'f gfwl Y'lgSj'i'ff f If F HARRY S. BROUDY, Ph.D. STEPHEN DURKEE. M.S. yas! ,MV ELEANOR F. CHASE. Ph.D. FLORENCE DORWARD, M.A. X. 'N , ,AV J D. FRANCIS HARRIGAN, JR., B.S.EcI. II atb I,-IIIII i ALICE M. GLOVER, Ph.D Q , 'W' I rl' 1 A. CAROLLA HAGLUND. M.A.L.S. VINCENT G-ANNON, M.A. RUTH R. HERRING, M.A. VERA HEM ENWAY. M.A. f 5.1 :Q-C'Umw,. :hy 9 S, f Ax -a, AGN ES HORNBY, M.S. JOAN E. HORRIGAN, A.M.T. fu-4? 'VU' EMMA A. HUNT. M.A. 'v DANA N. JOST, Ph.D. MARION M. MACDONALD, M.A MARIE P. MAHONEY. M.A. ANNE M. MACKEY, Ed.D. MARY E. McGANN, Ed.D. MADELINE E. MONROE, M.A. MARY L. O'CONNOR, M.A. RUTH R. MILLER, Ph.D. F -. at ,em Ci? T GLADYS F. PRATT, M.A. DEBGRAH M. RUSSELL, M.A. i 'z-R MIRIAM A. RILEY, M.A via? JAMES P. SAVAS. M.A. ELMER SALENIUS, Ph.D 1. I MARJORIE SPARROW, M.A. ,C"'s Q BARBARA W. SCULLANEi M.Ed. - r' 'XJ Q:-rg' 2 ' a N - . ' 1 V 79 I 'r Q fm! Jr' ADA M. SHAWKEY, M.Li++. MARGARET A. SCULLY, M.A. CI? DOROTHY STEWART, M.S. Q lakh 'CSV 'W T 'fl 9 x XLI1 K , fi! KI!!! KATHERINE WILLIS, A.B. J I T r MARGARET J. WALKER, Ed.M. BERNICE N. TAYLOR, M.A. ,,,,, , ,,,,,1. 34+ A , I " X es . ,. .. I ' -sl i . ,X . B If Y uf l L ' 34'S7ff'1"I'x'I iv LX ..1.X. STUART B. FOSTER. PI'1.D. WISDOM. HUMOR. WIT, PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING ARE BUT A FEW OF THE OUALITIES OF THIS MAN WHO HAS ENDEARED HIMSELF TO HIS STUDENTS. HE HAS SET HIGH STANDARDS FOR US: HE HAS BEEN A WILLING ADVISOR AND A CONSTANT FRIEND. WE ARE SADDENED TO THINK THAT HE HAS CHOSEN TO RETIRE, BUT WE SHALL BE EVER GRATEFUL FOR THE EXTENT OF HIS INFLUENCE AND FOR THE GOOD WHICH HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED. FOR ALL THIS AND MORE, THIS CLASS JOINS THE MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE US TO SAY, THANK YOU. DOCTOR FOSTER! 'gs Q9 .qilv Q57 PRINc,PAL I MISS MARY STAPLETON, PRINCIPAL JONATHAN MAYNARD TRAINING SCHOOL FACULTY-A. SpeIIman, R. Clark, M. Bond, R. Ward. E. Wells, M. Cauni, M. MarsI'1aII. Y I n F' FACULTY-I. Carboneau, M. Hoffman, A. Bruno, M. Donahue, A. Scipione E. Purcell, M. Dwyer, C. Haggerfy. I F 'S Classroom scene LEARNING TO LIVE AND WORK TOGETHER, SHARING GOOD TIMES AND RESPONSIBILITIES, WE GROW IN AWARENESS AND UNDERSTANDING OF OTHERS. 'bv-' N, , ,sf ui W.. ,A 3 ,tg fx Lana . H. ,.x gi mi , is G gifs! 3, 1: 'B rf .. 2 n 3' P4 n HORACE MANN OFFICERS - N. Coyne, F. Ahern, P. Brown, N. Sullivan. Miss Bray af fhe Voc House 'tx -. Vocafional House 3- A4143 A senior explains 5 J Y - .. - i I HX 39 li CROCKER HALL OFFICERS-C. Dube. C. Bousquei, M. Doyle, N. Fiizgerald. PEIRCE HALL OFFICERS - B. S+ahle, F. MacDonald, D. Murphy, L. Lynch. gn... X-.1 as ,4 . x 'X Y ST' QW-x. N eq Q r -X I V n " . I F' f' T - ' ,f -- . MR. REEVES MISS HARDINC-5 4,4 '44 "Til 1 1 Z ' I , 4 I f ,tai-zz. x -P Q QA , .1 . ,115 4 , V X , YHA 1 1 I l -542 , ' 'xxx "Z K ff 'Y "H x A , . "A f- xf"x"'4'fGQw X . .iv A K -3' ' ,. V 9 - 1 -if? X 52, .4 ' I wa -1- - -A ' .bk I i -f , , I Kifchen S+aFF 1 7 ' 1 5. l I 1 'A X x' 'A ' 1 MRS. TAYLOR 4 .J Q rl : - L X S 7 ,M iv a Tim OFFICE STAFF M. Buckley J. Mallar ' B. Eafon M. Fair af! MRS. FOSTER TT 'i 'T A-M4 T. ., A g3?F?ifQi?f.iTe?5?x , '-e',. .zwiy -.g,3 t?L' i bf! M., .'fW- x . 'Ta' -,:. 'ii Q'. I 1:3 4 E 2 4 fha! uilffgi 'Q i N32 2211 3 v 2 I ' n I -114 .5 fin! 'E J - In , rv XT' 'gp .I - ' -.v ...l .lf Q3-T 3 If 4? - ' r gl' THROUGH ASSOCIATION IN GROUP PROJECTS AND RECREATION, THROUGH WORK IN PLANNING AND CARRYING OUT SOCIAL ACTIVITIES, WE HAVE BECOME MORE RESPON- SIBLE IN OUR DUTIES AND MORE CONSIDERATE IN OUR ATTITUDES. I ,J V1 f" . .V .-x T7 JUDICIARY BOARD-L. Frizzell, B. Turner, S. Adams. CLASS AND CLUB COUNCIL- K. Hickey, T. Mesquifa, A. Teehan, M. J. Doyle, M. O'Keefe, B. Keeler, M. Callahan, M. Hamilfon, M. Foley, C. Safford M.Mal1oney. SCA COUNCIL-J. Farley, P. Hoocl, M. O'Brien G. Aspesi, A. Teehan, M. Callahan, B. J. Graham S. Barros, B. Brill, M. Reid, B. Turner, L. Wesffall L. Keefe. 1'7 BETTY-JO GRAHAM. PRESIDENT E.-V' SYLVIA BARROS. 3RD VICE PRESIDENT MARIA O'BRIEN, N.S.A. DELEGATE STUDENT CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Learning and pracfising democraiic procedures, iudicial, Iegislafive and execufive, 'rhe SCA reaches each s+uden+. CZ? xy q l Z' l i NV OFFICERS-M. Fahey. C. Mello, L. Marinacci V' I 11' . Chrisimas pariy A. C. E. I. Reaching ou+ +o help ofhers and fo share +he ideas of our nafional organizaiion and ofher childhood associa+ions, we grow in wisdom, we broaden our ou+look, we clarify our professional goals. 'f-'bca IAQ! 'D NJ -D X IJ Q -321 Q ,, v i gs Q7 R B Q5 1 l X jo 'A . A 1 -l K C i' x l A 1 ll Ml. , .. A Bridal show 'L " I A 1 I - '- 4... v Q 7: B, 1 y x I I gf' C? VX OFFICERS - E. deBeH'encour+, C. Bousquef, M. J. Doyle, C. Brown. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB lmparfing knowledge aboul' fhe Home Economics pro- fession, bringing associa+ion wilh a nalional organizafion, llmis club slimulafes professional development i ie E A J. Hifchcoclr. 1 i ,s iii Q , .lf-" "N ' 2' ..... -- OFFICERS--K. O'Brien. J. Denham, J. BarreH', Cl1ris+mas pageanf HILLTOP PLAYERS As our appreciaiions expand and increase and our abilifies in acfing and fechnical produclion develop, we realize +l1a+ +l1e sa+is'Fac+ion of a successful dramafic presen+a+ion comes from giving pleasure and enioymeni' +o o+l1ers. Behind 'Phe scenes M gygl L fi tix' lyk 1 nl X fxl Xgggg YN xl, WN? W1 iam A gay whirl Chrisfmas banquel , i l 'Ha-7 3 OFFICERS-J. ScoH, P. Tierney. COMMUTERS Working +o promofe inieresf among commufers in campus ac'rivH'ies and dealing wifh special problems of 'rhe commuling s+uden+s in relalion +o campus life, lhis club flwereby eFfec'I's beH'er relafions befween commufing and dormifory s'ruclen+s. lv- , CERS - A. Sullivan, Miss Taylor, M. Foley, A. Looney, R. Keafing. Sporfs specfaiors ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Developmeni' of 'rhe whole per- son canno'r be achieved in Ihe classroom only, and if is Ihe AA which offers a wide range of physical exercise and acfivify. -51092 BIQQK NXQDQAB WWI. Q20- vt X-IQQKEY GC? V' QRAQTICE 5941, Q' T0 D AY Q76 ' ix lllh M J CHOIR-E. deBeHencour+, J. Heron, J. Pianfedosi, M. Nelson, S. Knowlfon, D. Murphy, S. Secord, L. Rubin, B. Pierce, C. Dennehy, E. Hilyarcl, J. Richardson, T. Mesquila, pianisf, M. Savas, clirecfor. Q-.-..,,. .J '---we .4 f- I.. - . ' "va, ... Aw-, 4, ir' gills: MUSICAL cLuBs i' Our experiences in vocal and ins+rum'en+al I I music leach us +ha+ lrue joy and wor'rl1- " ' while accomplishmenl' come from working Q Q.. fogefher cooperafively. ' ' ,A ..l.. A fi wwf-- OFFICERS-T. Mesquila, S. Monlalbano, K. O'Brien, J. Richarclson. 1? I "vw, .5 ilg 3: EAW' -195.-ig l ' 1.15 '.gi2:f5331?3.s . 'fi . sh'v3,'E'k:f' . ..L f "The Gondoliersu eff? Ms Glee club 1 x f fF'd.1'T . -.. ' xf.,' N , W4 3- . . '1 ,Q , , duo 'Q -Q. A 1 I 1 u 3 Ev u fx, ', I 4 . . . .,",- Uh' I' J. - . , ., '. f . -' V ,. I ' Q. -' w f i I K Juniors Sophomores rg 4 Seniors STUNT NIGHT ' W ,- .- .- , f . - .,',g,5 ,..'c- 5, 1 , ,s 5 "fe " Faculfy DR. FOSTER AND MISS HORRIGAN Freshmen .gov . :'. --rf' , - '-W..-rr-Q., M 1-5 I 1 .' . 1 , 5. f,'s i Baclxs+age nv .Q r 4-. -8 sv- -v DINING ROOM COUNCIL This Council is esiablished 'ro main- 'rain order and a pleasanf almos- phere conducive Io gracious dining for all dormifory s'rudenI's. fi! , s Dining room lf'-'5 T7 I DINING ROOM COUNCIL CHAIRMAN - J. Pianfedosi HONOR COUNCIL This Council has made an ouf- sfanding confribuiion in esfablish- ing a code of honor for every girl in +he college. HONOR COUNCIL - N. Sullivan, B. Sfahle, L. Marinacci, M. Johnson, M. Nelson, M. Belcsha, K. Magnani, F. Mongeon, B. Harris, M. Reid. - . 1 2 INTERDORM COUNCIL AND RED CROSS Wi+I1in 'rI1ese +wo groups, good cifizens, boI'I1 Ieaders and followers, in I'I1e communi+y and on +I1e campus, are developed. I vqd-J KES, ix I 4 Q I I-J X - X' RED cnoss CHAIRMAN-s. Hendriques I INTERDORM COUNCIL- L. Lynch, P.Brown, P. Hood, J. Pian+edosI, S.Campm B. Harris. ls I Pass" M X "' 1 .417 ' l Winfer formal A KEMPIS The Calfholic sfudenfs parfici- pale in +he Thomas A. Kempis Club fo increase 'lheir knowl- eclge of Cafholicism and +o malce fheir lives more meaningful and eFfec+ive. "Your program, Sir" ol Oy QQG C f 4 E795 OFFICERS-N. Coyne, M. Mahoney, P. Fahey, A. Carney. Y. W. C. A. Worship, fellowship, and cooperaiive planning and work bring us new friend- ships, safisfying experiences, and a grea+er folerance for and undersfanding of our fellowmen. Cryslal ball OFFI uk, QQ' CERS-P. Milnes, A. Norfon, M. L. O'Brien M. Hamilfon, Miss Dorwarcl. May I presen+" 1 Shag ai' work STAFF-V. Campesi, P. Haley, L. Lynch, A. Clark, E. Hynes, P. Brown, M. Hamilfon, M. Callahan F. Ahern, S. Luclcrafl. TU I E Ci' GATEPOST The College Newspaper funcfions as a means of communicafion, an ou+le+ for amafeur iournalisfs, and an example of cooperaiive effort STAFF-A. Norlon, J. Pe'l'erson, P. Brown, T. Mesqui+a, B. Turner, J. Pianfedosi, B. BriH', S. Luclcraff M. J. Doyle, P. Kenney, A. Lawlor, C. Safford. DIAL I Through careful planning, developing and execu- V 1'ion of an idea, we use fhe slcills we have acquired b ' iq! i A, , ,, 5' and fhe abilifies we have developed a+ Framing- ' ' ' i 3 " C I ' If ham in a harmonious group effort ll,,Q,4 ,,v,, , AN-.---. flash- Sraff working Will-'1- f' X ala N fs 'FJ'-Q 'ur 4 0 mllllm MR ff HL: X, l xi " "' xl-' rl , JN, i Key ' A ,,- Volleyball Baskelball 4 A 1 I . . 1. , VY -'A .' ' ,- 8 h QI- U '66 ,v.- ' 1 g 4 '- ' 'Z 3-J' ' I ,, , . V .f l ' ' I ".,Q'. Y- l ',. 4' ' . ' by" ".51:V' ' V" lf 7 ' gl. .in 5 . ' ' -1' ll I, . -,: V i 'f .lj T- . ' is .,,I . N .,N.,'.A ,-, 1 . L 6 6, is-T.N, f-'-YYl-vf f If I Y?I!v,, f '13 .r ' l' all lx , I ' . C Y xv Q A . s,-- :Ln ' 'O mn f :T 1' A s- ' lv'-'l' . ,L 5. I X ,N in N., g, 91.2- Field hockey 1 1 W , QA 1 1 lx 1 TK KNEIDHTS 'wi Y - gg FRATECO WEEKEND 1- "1 iffii 2 f 1 F f I x v if 'bfi fa Banquef Dance DISCOVERING EAGERLY NEW FRIENDSHIPS, NEW INTERESTS, AND NEW IDEAS, LEARNING TO FACE SUCCESSES AND DISAPPOINTMENTS REALISTICALLY, WE STRENGTHEN THE FOUNDATION UPON WHICH WE ARE BUILDING OUR LIVES. - '. X ev il 's lex 15 PRESIDENT MARY HAMILTON Senior class presidenf, known for a keen sense of purpose and an aleri' mind. VICE-PRESIDENT MARY JOHNSON Mild fempered and gen+ly,na1'urally agreeable, our proficieni' college freasurer. SECRETARY if J NANCY TREANOR Well-poised wi+l1 'rhe grace of a model, neai' wifh a casual air, our S1'un+ Nigl1+ "Venus," I f..,, TREASURER I DOROTHY A. GOODMAN Easy fo lcnow, a willing hair sfylisl finds fun and fancy in life. an , ADP, -in 'CP s..,,.' RX? MRS. ALICE ABLONDI Quie'r yer indusfrious, she combines FLORENCE AHERN an inferesf in her home wi+h love for Fumloving and hardworking wah a fhe college. R, charming genfle personaliiy MRS. RUTH ANDERSON A cheerful and friendly nafure, will ing and eager fo lend a hand, con fribufes much fo +he college. Wx JOAN ANTHONY Cheerful and congenial, her easy- going manner conceals a sys1'ema'I'ic mind. MARY ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG JANET ARSENAULT Friendly, good-naiurecl and co- operafive, a dependable and 'rhouglmfful person. Siunning beaufy, a keen mind, so- phisficafion and a noncl1alan'I' air. GLORIA ASPESI Wisdom, dignify, abilify generously applied in co-operafive endeavor make Gloria a compefenf leader and campus favorife. PATRICIA BAKER Wise, inquisilive, up-+o-da+e, capa- ble and sociable, wi+I1 a ready smile and an eagerness 'ro please. SYLVIA BAKER A s+imuIa'ring conversaiionalisf, well-groomed, and companionable wi+I1 bubbling Iauglwler. BARBARA C. BELL Serenify, -compefence, reserve - qualifies which bring rich graiifying life experiences. SYLVIA BARROS A decided individualisf and pro- crasfinafor who has mischievously +winkling eyes and +he abiliiy 'ro do everyfhing quickly and efficienfly. ALLENE BENGER A liH'le girl wi+h sparkling hair and sfunning clofhes, congenial and capable. MADELINE BOYCE A finy girl wifh a big hearl' and +he courage of her convic+ions, always ready for a hand of bridge. BARBARA BRADY MARY FRANCES BOYLE Amazing academic abili+y hidden by unruffled reserve and smiling eyes. A philosopher af hear+, affable bui' sincere a s'rimula+ing conversafion- alisf. I CATHERINE E. BRITT A 'lypical sluclenl wiih a flair for Ivy-league fashion, BeHy is capable. responsive ancl enfhusiasfic in any si+ua+ion. 491 PHYLLIS BROWN Perspicacious and alive lo all she meels, warm-hearlecl and well-lilcecl. Y A BARBARA BULLOCK Serious wi'l'h a smile, sincere, palienl' and happy in a long-dislance romance. MARY CALLAHAN A diligenf worker, an excifable ecli+or, she refains fhe enviable arf of blushing easily. MARY ANN BUTLER A real lady, sweei' and slighf, wifh a voice as clear and high as a flufe. SHIRLEY CAMPO Diminufive, lcind, vivacious, an avid Holy Cross fan. CAMILLE A. CELI A generous na+ure, a gay wi+, full of life and love for +l1e oul'-of-doors. ,402 ELENA COSTA A sweei' sympa+l1e+ic and loyal ARLENE CONROY Wi+l1 a happy disposifion and a co- operalive naiure, Arlene is serious and unassuming. friend who has long golden 'fresses and a ready smile. NANCY COYNE Reficenf, a prolific 'rl1inlcer, well- read and surrounded by many friends. ELLENORE P. CREAN A sul'rry voice, abounding rl1y+l1m, Ellie is capricious wi'rl1 fender emo- rions. X MARGARET COXON A pe+i+e pixie whose wil mingled wiih l1ones+ sincerify wins her many friends. fa CAROL CUSHING "Cush," fashionable, +all and s1'a+ely, whose wiH'y remarks are cle- lighlfully surprising. GAIL CROSBY Wi'rh a clemure voice +ha+ belies a vibranf and acfive mind she is +he epifome of grace and femininiry. CAROL DEANE Compe+ence, arfisfic 'ralen1', a spe- cial fondness for Cape Cod, a sympa+he+ic and fun-loving nafure. 'H NANCY DESMOND Capable and reliable wifh beaufiful curly locks, clear blue eyes, and a friendly gracious personali+y. PATRICIA DEVLIN Soff-spolcen bu+ firm, fond of danc- ing, dis+inc+ively aH'rac+ive wi'rl'n keen dark eyes. RUTH DELANEY Our own lrisl1 colleen, "Rui'l1ie," will be remembered for keen wii, self- assurance, obsfinacy and forfhrighf- l"leSS. STELLA DOUCET "SaIIi" +o all, collegiafe ancl fun- loving, wiih an infecfious laugh and sparkling eyes. LOUISE DRISCOLL MARY JANE DOYLE A fasiidious s+uden+, an eFFicien'r "Home Economist" whose voice is quiel' and whose iemper is even Known by her mischievous eyes and recl hair, a hosfess +o sfranded "sui1'- case s+uden+s." , , , . Af. ah MARY LOU FAHEY A probing mind, s+eadfas'r and loyal 'ro her friends and fo Framing- ham, devofed +o reaching. r , MIRIAM FOLEY 'i u A.A.'s very capable and conscien- fious presidenf, "Mim" effervesces wi'rh sincere enfhusiasm and school spirii. . , i x-'d"?I'v:ii-' .Q I "- ' .1 -' 4- A f -..,,, , , N 5, ' Q, 'si 3 , X ELOISE FOLEY A bi+ of an imp wiih a confagious smile and whimsical ways which win friends. I' EVELYN FORMALARIE A careful worlcer and loyal com- mufer wi+h alerf brown eyes and a warm friendly smile. MARY LOU FRANKENBERGER Judicious, efficient amicable, al ways on call when help is needed. BETTY-JO GRAHAM Compe+en+, conscien+ious, accom- plished and aH'rac+ive, "a go- geHer." 2' x. , Q24 SYBIL GRANNUM Our modern dance s+ar, pre++y, friendly and warm wi+h sparkling brown eyes and a con+agious laugh. .ifq if Ax ,:'Q', -3,4 .. . Y' JANET A. HARDIMAN Ex ressive e es befra her mafure P Y Y poinf of view, she is firm and serious in her convicfions. New . A, ,V fr . ELIZABETH V. HARRIS Unruffled and unhurried, her reserve veils a warm heart , 1 ELINOR C. HORRIGAN Eye-ca'I'cl1ing cufeness characlerizes +l1is perfecfionisf from whose sea rch- ing mind come many quesiions. ELEANOR M. HYN ES Diligenf and dignified, always busy and busfling, a memorable parfy- giver. PATRICIA M. HOOD Business-like yei' iovial, smari' and sensible, a would-be bohemian. CLAIRE JANSE A friendly smile and aHrac1'ive appearance enhanced by sub+le wif and +l1e rare abili+y 'ro enjoy life 'ro +l1e u'rmos1'. FRANCES KANE lnfellecfual and inferesfed in l1er sfudies, quiei' and demure, an avid diefician. CAROLYN KAY Blonde and sfafely wi+l1 a quief smile denofing her assurance of life. MARY LOU KELLEHER VersaI'iIe and exfremely capable, blessed wilh a bell-like voice and a s+unning graceful appearance. A . ' I. , th ' fr ELAINE KELLEM Laughing and Ioquacious, always IcniH'ing, she does have her serious momenls. M. PATRICIA KENNEY Ever cheerful and congenial, she accomplishes her 'raslcs easily and perfecfly. 5' ANNE C. LAWLOR A lilceable carefree exferior, 'rl1ougl1Hul and kind, possesses an up-To-dare ou+loolc on life. JEAN LIEBERG An all pervading appreciarion of beaury, infelligence, charm and a deep sense of dufy. MARY LOU KILEY From a dep+l1 of characrer and pur- pose come good and +imely advice rempered by subfle wir. 'N SANDRA LUCKRAFT ANNE LOMBARD Calm, cool and collecfed, a nafural beau'ry, her deep voice adds depfh 'ro +I-ne choir. Memorable for her indomi+able wil, co-operalive reliabili+y and arfisfic +alen+. MARY BEATRICE LUTENDER Unassuming sincerify, alhleiic abil- ify, laughing eyes +l'1a+ denofe a lceen mind and opfimisiic ouflook. LILLIAN LYNCH A genuine friend, a proficienl' chem- is'l'ry sludenl, 6 l0Ver of good MacDONALD par+ies. She offers a ready wil' and lasfing friendship plus a rare abilify fo laugh a1'herself. MARY MADDEN "Works" for her educafion yel' finds fime +o be fun-loving and carefree, an excellenf cools. MARION MAHONEY Carefully casual, supplemenfed by srrilcing blondness, a drama devofee. MARJORIE A. MAHONEY Our "spiri+ual advisor" wifh a con- genial charm who loves +o lislen and +o be lisfened +o. EDNA MANNOS Well-informed and inferesfing in conversaiion, a iazz and drama l lover. MARY JANE McCAULEY An op+imis+ic individual, energefic and ambifious, she sfeps info a se- cure fu+ure. an fl X! 1. ANNE McGOWAN "Kim" has a love for monogramed swea+ers, a proclivi'ry for nea+ness, a +oucl'1 of sophis+ica+ion. KATHERINE McLEAVEY Easy-going and friendly, 'rl'1ougl1'rful and kind wifh an aciive imagina+ion. ANNE MARIE MIELNICKI Courageous and convivial, humor- ous and wiH'y in every word, sur- rounded by many admirers. PRISCILLA N. MILNES Qualilies of loyaliy, fenacify and indusiry merge wifh a deep religious 'faiih and a sincere love of beauiy. THERESA L. MESQUITA Our very accomplished pianis+, "Terry," is loved for her good humor and magnefic personali+y. MARCIA MONAHAN An indusfrious seamsfress, a hard- working "Mademoiselle" represen'r- afive, resfless wifh wanderlusl. CAROL A. MORAN Her dark eyes por+ray her in+eres+ in life, oufwardly shy, inwardly warm and recepfive 'ro all. XX -X EILEEN MORAN A June bride-fo-be, co-opera+ive, pleasanf, sincere, Lee s'ruden'r. is a diligeni' ELIZABETH E. NOONAN Tall, graceful, fashion-minded, al- ways laughing, skilled in +l'1e culi- nary arfs. A ' ' igfmlr MARJORIE A. NOONAN Originalify, reliabilify, fwinlcling blue eyes, and an infecfious smile. ARLENE L. NORTON lnfelligeni, easy-gbing, capable, 'a faifhful 'Friend wi'rh a lovely person- alify and an engaging manner. MRS. MARY O'BRIEN Her even disposi+ion and relaxed charm make her a pleasure fo know. PATRYCE O'NEILL A 'rouch of sopl1is+ica+ion, a casual carefree aH'i+ude, +l1e abilify fo selecl' and wear clofhes well. FRANCES O'CONNELL Knowledge, creafive imaginafion and inifiafive combined wi+h +hough'rfulness and a gen+le, happy nafure. . JACQUELINE PETERSON Our unforgeH'able Egypfian mummy, JOHANN PIANTEDOSI swee'r, loquacious, vivacious. VERA E. PLANTE AH'rac1'ive and as'ru+e, resolu+e in her beliefs, memorable s1'iclc-+o- i+ivi+y. Enrlwusiasiic aboul' "'rl1a1' summer in Europe," Jo is unclersfanding yer candid and lively. bfi 121349231 cf l, ttyl. G Sf Tw' "1 MRS. HELEN QUARTON Tl1ougl1+ful and genlle, persevering l0WdI'd her goal of a college degree. 1' I ff JACQUELINE B. QUINN Exfremely conscienlious, capable and kincl-hearfecl, a greal love for fhe aesfhelic and 'rhe anfique. MICHAEL QUIRK ln+elligen+, unclersfancling, and sin- cere wi+l-1 a vibranf personalify and an unaffecfed manner. MARY ELIZABETH REID ELIZABETH RESTAINO A prominenr "4H-er," inclependeni' Poised and gracious, possessing en- and resourceful, a generous friend. viable dark curls and laU9l"l"'9 eYe5 she is fhoughrful and speaks wisely in CLAIRE ROWEAN A "sui+case s+uden+," excifable and sweet she bubbles wifh laugl'1+er. MARY RYAN Wi'rl'1 greal vi+ali1'y and a confagious giggle, Mary accomplishes wl1a+- ever she se'rs our fo do. MARY ST. GERMAINE A generous nalure, indusfrious wi+l1 lime for pleasure, +l1e owner of a lovable "Henry J." CONSTANCE F. SAFFORD Collegia+e and careful, adroii' and efficienf in all her underfalcings. Connie is generous and kind. MARY SARNO A local gal wi'rl1 an arresiing voice who is sympa+he+ic, easily excifable and goocl-naiured. Junm-1 Llohnsony SEBASTIAN ln+elligen'r and eFFicienl', a fashion- able dresser and a capable seam- slress. JEAN SCOTT Clnerubic, happy-go-lucky, and cu1'e wi'rl1 big brown eyes and an aHrac- five volubleness. JEAN SHANNON BRENDA SHEA An inimifable individual wi1'l'1 sucl1 A symbol of digni+y wi+h a ready sparkling eyes, wi+l1 a 'raleni' for smile, serious in all her venfures malcing friends efforilessly ROSEMARY SHEA Kind, sweef, unaffecred, lovable for her ready smile and warm friend- ship . RHODA L. SHEPPARD MYRNA H. SHORT Quief, kind, a faifhful friend who is A diminufive package of friendly always willing fo lend a helping spirif, wifh discriminafing fasfe in hand. clofhes. CYNTHIA SIMPSON A sincere friend, "Cynni" has a wonderful sense of humor, arfisfic falenf and afhlefic abilify. SISTER MARY LUKE, s.m.s.m. A quie+, ioyous, generous nafure combined wi'rh serious-mindedness and direc+ness of purpose. SISTER MARY NOELITA, s.m.s.m. Truly a philosopher al hearf, our 'rinies+ Sisfer wi+h 'rhe biggesr vo- cabulary and a crypiic sense of humor. SISTER MARY RITA, s.m.s.m. A winning sense of humor, a sof+- spolcen manner and a fondness for craffs and fIu+ophone playing. -Y -Hu-1,-imp-I7 up . ...f ' P!! 5,-"aff, ' .1 SISTER MARY ROSALYN, s.m.s.m. A diligenl' s+uden+ wi+l1 a fine sense of lwumor deriving her grea+es1' joy from working wi1'l1 liH'le children. SISTER MARY RUTH, s.m.s.m. Genile and kind, quiefly giving fhe maximum of l1erl1igl'1 crea+ive abili- fies +o every proiecf wi+l1 wonderful resul+s. CLAIRE SLACK Happy and easy-going, quick-wi++ed and a +alen+ed musician. BEVERLY STAHLE Swee+, sociable and eager 'ro please, in+elligen+ and enfhusiasfic. MARGARET A. STANKARD Nafural and unassuming, characier- ized by her laughing eyes, Peggy always sees +l1e humor in life. ELIZABETH SLATTERY Clear-headed and as+u+e, lner irre sisfible smile reveals a senfimen +alis+. V SUSANNE STERLING Sincere in her I'hougI1+s, ye+ she in- fecfs wi+I1 gaiefy +I1ose around her ANNE J. TEEHAN Nonchalani' and casual, very ac'I'ive on campus, her mind and hands adapfed Io craffs. PATRICIA E. TIERNEY WIII1 a rare combinafion of brighf- ness and wi'I', Pai' makes friends efforflessly and does any I'asIc com- peIenI'Iy. MRS. VASILIKI TRYPHONAS Blissfully marrried, accommoclafing and friendly, an exofic coolc. S' , Iv ' 1 1' ts' BARBARA A. TURNER Vivacious and sparkling, spirifed and crea+ive, a would-be psycholo- gisf. HELEN qwalkupy VARNEY Chic in appearance, cufe wi+l1 a con'ragious giggle, an efficienl' feacher and s+uden+. SARA A. WALKINSHAW lmpefuosify, enfhusiasm, high spirii' all combined wi+h musical 'raleni' and infellecf. PATRICIA WILSON Open-hear+ed and well-liked, char- acferizecl by dep+h of characfer, Pai' is neai' and lady-like in all she does. CLASS HISTORY FOUR YEARS OF OUR LIVES. FOUR WONDER- FUL YEARS OF UNEXPECTED JOYS, OF OVER- COMING DISAPPOINTMENTS, OF MAKING NEW AND LASTING FRIENDSHIPS, OF HARD WORK AND GOOD TIMES. AS WE LOOK AROUND AT OURSELVES WE SEE MATURE, POISED AND QUALIFIED WOM- I EN READY TO TAKE THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD. WE WONDER AT THE CHANGE WHICH HAS TAKEN PLACE IN OURSELVES. AS FRESHMENI WE FOUND THAT OUR DREAMS AND EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE WERE ABOUT TO BECOME A REALITY. WE WERE ACTUALLY STARTING TO MOUNT THAT CHOSEN STAIRWAY WHICH WAS TO LEAD US TO NEW VOCATIONS AND RICHER LIVES. FACED WITH NEW AND DIFFERENT COURSES OF STUDY, TYPES OF EXPERIENCES AND PEOPLE WE HAD MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE. TIME FOR STUDY AS WELL AS FOR FUN BECAME MORE VALUABLE TO US. WE SAW THAT YEAR THOSE THINGS WHICH MAKE FRAMINGHAM UNIQUE. ITS BUSY FRATEACO WEEKEND, ORIGINAL STUNT NIGHT, BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS AND IMPRESSIVE MAY DAY WERE ALL PA- RADED BEFORE US. THEN EARLY IN SPRING WE TREATED OUR FATHERS TO A SUCCESSFUL DAD- DAUGHTER DAY. WITH FINAL EXAMS WE BECAME MORE A PART OF THE COLLEGE. WE FOUND OURSELVES FACED WITH MORE DECISIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES THAN EVER BEFORE. WE MADE THE DECISIONS, ACCEPTED THE RESPONSIBILITIES AND IN THE PROCESS BEGAN TO FIND OURSELVES AND TO UNDERSTAND OTHERS BETTER. WITH SEPTEMBER OF I954, WE RETURNED TO THE CAMPUS AFTER FUN-FILLED SUMMERS READY TO CONTINUE ON THE STAIRWAY TO JUNE, I957. WE FELT MORE SECURE AS WE SETTLED DOWN TO WORK IN OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR. WITH THE FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE HIKE WE GREETED THE CLASS OF I958 AND REALIZED THE GREAT CHANGE THAT ONE YEAR CAN BRING. IN A UNITED EFFORT WE PRESENTED THE MOST STIRRING AND BEAUTIFUL MAY DAY POSSIBLE. OUR TRIBUTE TO THE UNITED STATES SERVED A DUAL PURPOSE, EXPLICITLY TO CONTRIBUTE OUR PART TO THE FRAM- INGHAM TRADITION, AND IMPLICITLY TO MAKE US REALIZE HOW MUCH CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED WHEN ONE CLASS WORKS CO-OPERATIVELY. 4, OUR JUNIOR YEAR BROUGHT SOME CHANGES TO OUR CLASS. VOCATIONAL GOALS LOOMED IN FRONT OF US AND BE- CAME REALITIES AS EACH OF US ENTERED THE CLASSROOM AS A STUDENT-TEACHER. THE FIRST TIME BEHIND THE DESK. HERE WE BEGAN TO SEE HOW IMPORTANT OUR STUDIES I HAD BEEN. THIS YEAR WAS NOT ALL WORK, HOWEVER, AND THE GAIETY OF JUNIOR INFORMAL AND JUNIOR WEEKEND LENT SPARKLE AND EXCITEMENT TO THE YEAR. THEN, AS WE WORE OUR CLASS RINGS FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE KNEW THAT WE WERE ACCEPTING A RESPONSIBILITY, WE HAD WORKED AND STUDIED HARD, AND THESE RINGS BECAME A REAL SYMBOL OF OUR LOVE FOR FRAMINGHAM. COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT WE REALLY WERE SENIORS? WERE WE ACTUALLY MOUNTING THAT UPPERMOST STEP IN OUR STAIRWAY? FOR MANY OF US THE REALIZATION DIDN'T COME UNTIL WE DONNED OUR CAPS AND GOWNS FOR OUR INVESTITURE CHAPEL. THE SLOW AND STATELY PROCESSION INTO OUR NEW AUDITORIUM SERVED AS A MOMENT FOR RECOLLECTION AND FOR DETERMINATION OF OUR PLAN FOR THE SENIOR YEAR. THERE WAS STILL TIME TO MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT FOR MANY OF US WOULD BE OUR LAST YEAR OF FORMAL EDUCATION. MORE WAS EXPECTED OF US AS SENIORS, AND WE DISCOVERED THAT WE COULD WRITE SATISFACTORY TERM PAPERS AND COMPLETE LONGER ASSIGNMENTS FASTER. WITH THE SPRING WE MET THE ACTIVITIES OF COMMENCEMENT WITH MIXED EMOTIONS. FINALLY WE WERE READY TO LEAVE FRAMINGHAM AND TO GO ON TO GREATER RESPONSIBILITY AND MORE INDEPENDENCE, TO NEW VOCATIONS AND TO FURTHER STUDY. BUT WE KNEW THAT NO MATTER WHERE WE SHOULD GO OR WHAT WE SHOULD DO, WE WOULD ALWAYS REMEM- BER FRAMINGHAM AND ALL THAT IT HAD GIVEN TO US AND ALL THAT IT HAD MADE POSSIBLE FOR US IN JUST FOUR SHORT YEARS. Maypole dance May Day queen and courI' ACTIVITIES in-un: llll cv 1- R1 fi if! D I 1 L Y The minsfrels Finale , ,sax,.,vk.:: ik? -4, ff Nsax lr .34 9, .-'Q V . .eg Via' f"A,? , 5. V 1 1 T 1 ,, Y. E ,fa-dh 'LQ .." ,lf--.4 I I Mr. Saves af Field Day ,an The sophomore hop Our iunior prom Senior-facul+y 1'ea fo fhe freshmen lnves'ri1'ure chapel Farewell parfy +o Dr. Newell -yi' LH 1 4. - MAKING NEW AND LASTING FRIEND- SHIPS, GIVING AND RECEIVING IN WORK AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES, WE DEVELOP SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, BROADER INTERESTS, AND NEW SKILLS AND ABILITIES. -L . -Q- I. : a 4 : 5 as N i Q- I -, ' Q - o -- ' 1 , - . W U Q v X' ' X , ' C1 V4 x, U w A. Leone, M. L. O'Brien, N. Farrow, J. Hifclucoclr, B. Croclrefl, B. Kachaclorian, T. Reen, S. Weaver, R. Capodanno, C. Dube, J. Blanchard. J. Haley, J. Denham, M. O'Brien, B. Lane, C. Bousquel, M. Doyle, M. Reldy, D. MacRae, A. Krebs, M. MacDonald, C. Brown, P. Slcucllarlr, E. Poremslcl, T. Monfminy, P. Relniclne, M. Hamilfon, M. Nelson. JUNIORS J. Cahill, J. Richardson, S. Knowlton, P. Burlre, J. Hamlelf, J. Clarlr, B. Frosl, E. McDevi++, P. MacGinnes, B. Summers, J. Danahy, J. Willcey, R. Warren, A. Ballaglia, B. Sleczlcowslri, S. Monfalbano, C. Kenna, C. Slaflravih, C. Murphy, J. McLaughlin, H. Maloney. M. L. Donnelly, L. Holmes, A. M. Looney, M. Morgan. i 4 WXUIH C. Slaflravifz, A. Sullivan, L. Burn, L. Fowler, P. Shanahan, S. Henriques, E. Dreher, C. Murphy, L. Holmes, J. Higgins, J. McLaughlin, F. Coughlin, K. Manaclras, S. Monfalbano, J. Doull, B. Curley, J. Rooney, C. Leonard, H. Merrill, A. M. Looney, V. Ellis, W. Walsh, J. Willrie, H. Gulhrie, M. L. Donnelly, J. Dseclowilz, U. Uebel, J. Lyons, N. Ciampa, L. Wesllall. D. Cioffi, H. Carlson, J. Laliford, J. Cahill, B. Sleczlrowslri, C. Mello, D. Murphy, A. Baffaglia, B. Sallman, J. Hamblei, S. Knowllon, L. Rubin, A. Smifh, J. Richardson, B. Frosl, A. Carney, J. While, P. Daley, C. Nanafonis, J. Danahy, J. Clarlr, A. Cardoza. an 1 E 1 l ills mm- . V, K T23 -2 s :NH VP R. Cooney, B. Rodriques, M. Dwyer, M. SureHe, M. Flanaglmn, J. Dal1ar+, V. McDonnell, J. Schneider, J. Griffin, M. McGinnis, A. M. Kenney, M. O'KeeFe, P. Fowler, M. Quirlr, V. Wiewwan, R. Lyncln, M. Bernlmardl, C. While, J. Volpe, P. Knowland, F. Robinson, R cc: E. Rooney, M. Mellody, P. i ', J. F 1 u-. P. Jengo, E. O'Neill, J. Allen, K. O'Brien, B. Ballou, A. Clifford, P. Fahey, M. O'Brien, N. Dex+er. SOPHOMORES N. Couch, A. Clancy, A. Johnson, L. Valalris, N. Cooney, E. Healy, E. Hilyard, E. Dowling, M. E. Carignan, LaJauci, J. Long, T. O'Connell, E. Dreyer, M. Cuneo, S. Deneen, M. Shea, M. Winslow, S. MCDOHDOUQD, B. Syzmanslri, . MacDonald, J. Fleming, M. Slweehy, J. Tier, M. Daly, J. Lynch, M. Galvin, C. Roach, G. Cooper, M. Gorman. .a-f-"F" af'-1f' -4 Nb'-,,,.-n '?l 3-ani A--Hi-3 KLM! P. Allen, G. McGurren, N. Thomas, V. Baldi, J. DeSROCl'I6S, E. McGuinness, A. McGinley, C. Dame, E. deBeHencour+, M. B. Hayes, J. O'Connor, J. Farley, K. Kerls, D. Bernier, N. Gusfavason, P. Eraf, J. Laing, C. Quinn, F. lacaboni, B. Hull, V. Edson, J. Bussey, R. Keafing, A. Kozocas, E. Ferris, H. Kelley, B. Fros+, J. Kenney. P. Sfevens, M. Moynihan, M. Shapiro, C. Paul, S. Galavoifi, C. Cheney, V. Carroll, W. Dennis, N. Anderson, V. Vodollys, N. Linfield, S. Nazarian, B. Colacey, J. Hendshee, L. Hiichcoclr, L. Graves, E. Headberg, B. Empey, K. Heiheringfon, E. Daniels, C. Hiclrey, D. Goodlalle, C. Curran, R. Bianchi, K. Griffin, J. Paln, J. Shea, P. Driscoll, S. Ginsberg, J. Hamilfon, P. Tivnan, K. Magnani, L. Cepurneelc, J. Tillman, B. Shaw, J. Green, W. Hoskins, L. Boni, M. Fleming, M. Fifzgerald, S. Black, K. Parsons, D. Zophin, B. Chandler, E. Hearne, M. Weinfield. FRESHMEN A. Wafers, B. While, J. Luippold, E. Bailey, M. Waldron, M. Jacobs, J. Shapiro, C. Ryan, V. Dias, L. Anderson, R. Fisher, Nd. Mills, A. Calcrese, M. McKelvey, R. Barry, A. Longley, L. Keele, S. Dixson, C. Boolrer, E. Cohen, J. Money, B. Sullivan, vi. Healey, S. Secord, J. Brownell, S. Hosmer, A. Morgan, N. Shaflman, K. LaFon+aine, E. Johnson, M. Merrifi. S. Maloney, J. Hourihan, J. Cowhig, M. Lannigan, N. Flynn, S. LeClaire, A. Shean, J. Waife, J. MacNamara, J. DeBaHis+a, T. Grignoflini, M. Buclrley, N. Sullivan, M. Cronin, E. Weflz, M. Hindlian, L. Chevoor, B. Sfone, J. Miller, J. Chisholm, J. Heron, J. Colpiffs, M. Fifzpafriclr, F. Gallagher, A. Haley, A. Craig, B. Novifshi, P. Dowling, J. Canli, N. Bolduc, S. Giffleman, M. Driscoll, E. Brown, A. Bowen, J. Gawey. E. Niclcles, A. Folsom, S. Curiin, M. C. Gerrils, B. Crisci, N. Hayden, J. Blanchard, J. Suffrelfi, R. Crooks, A. Head, D. Sanlero, S. Malcepeace, N. Fifzgerald, E. Shea, E. Hayes, J. Kiley, B. Odiorne, S. Carey, J. Curfis, J. Cowell, M. Looney, M. Belrsha, C. Benson, J. La Vallee, J. Dalfon, D. Dwyer, P. Pierce, B. Rouleau. J' f v L 3 N. T li--ff JUNIOR OFFICERS-V. Campisi, B. Keeler, K. Manalcas, P. Haley I Faculiy ge+ acquainfed "If 'rhe shoe fifs . . ." SOPHOMORE OFFICERS-P. Murray, B. Hobin, M. O'Keefe, J. O'Connor. Sock hop FB "-ig if T FRESHMEN OFFICERS-N. Flynn, A. Folsom, K. Hickey M. Moynihan. Sfudious freshmen Firsi' Chris+mas banquei' Guesfs in fhe living room H X x feeff'?"f 1 f ' fygfil-7.X,,, - gli' -5,t4,f??' . . gal K ,A ug, in 'Y . i-.1 X -A - A' ?'.:nl7 0 Jfv' L' " 0 kv 1 v i' -Dv Q J1- Q 4- .5 Cl ff' 'S '!t'J 'sf .1 X X 4 .a In I-sn. DIRECTQRY in AJ ABLONDI, ALICE AHERN, FLORENCE M. ANDERSON, RUTH D. ANTHONY, JOAN M. ARMSTRONG, MARY E. ARSENAULT, JANET M. ASPESI, GLORIA M. BAKER, PATRICIA H. BAKER, SYLVIA M. BARROS, SYLVIA BELL, BARBARA C. BENGER, ALLENE L. BOYCE, MADELINE M. SENIOR DIRECTORY Vocafional I02 Warren Road, Framingham Graduafe of Framingham Normal School. EIemen'I'ary 49 Marrin Sfree'I', Wesf Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3: A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Commufers' Ig A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Horace Mann Hall Vice-Presidenf 4, Gare Pos? 3, Make-up Edifor 43 May Day Dance Co-chairman 23 Chairman Senior Invesrirure Chapel 4, Sfudeni' Lounge Adminis+ra- five Commiffee 4. Home Economics 36 Thomas Road, Wellesley H. EC. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics I7 MouI+on SI'ree'I, Charlesfown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Commufers' I,2:I'I.Ec. I,2,3,4. EIemenI'ary Eas+ Main S'rree'I', Soufhboro Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presideni' 33 A.A. I, 33 HiII'Iop 3, Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4, A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, May Day Couri' 2. EIemen+ary 62 Hammond Sfreef, Walfham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. Ig A.C.E. Ig Commurers' I, 2, 3, 43 May Day CommiH'ee 2. EIemen'Iary Turnpike Road, FayviIIe A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secrerary 2, Vice-Presideni' 33 Commurers' I, 2, 3, 4, Co-chair- man Chrisimas Banque? 3, Chairman Dance Pub- Iicify 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. 3, Treasurer 4: Black Knighf Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-chairman Sophomore Record Hop: Chairman of Hospi+aIi'I'y for Junior Informai: Campus Improvemeni' Com- miHee 3, NaI'ionaI SI'uden+ Associafion Commirfee 2: Honor Council 33 W.A.A. Conference DeIega'I'e 2, 3. Elemenfary 2I BenneH Sfreei, Hudson Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 43 Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Science 2, 3. Elemenfary 83 Browne S+ree+, Brookline A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 41 I'IiIII'op I, 2: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: Junior InformaI Commiifee 35 Transfer from Universiiy of Massachuseifs. Elemenfary I64 Macomber S'rree+. New Bedford A Kempis I, 23 A.A. I, 2, A.C.E. 3, 43 Mari Chair- man 4g S.C.A. Third Vice-Presidenf 4. EIemen+ary 26 Sunsef Road. Gardner Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinei' 4, Glee CIub 3. 43 A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 43 Science 2, S.C.A. 4, In+er-Dorm Council 3, Judiciary Board 3. Secre+ary 4, Sfunf Nighf Commiffees 2, 3. EIemen+ary 379 Linden S'rree+, Holyoke Y.W.C.A. I, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 41 Gare Pos? 2, 3, 4, Sfudenf Advisor 2. EIemenI'ary I6 Lake Sfreef, ArIing'I'on A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 2, 4, Commu+ers' I, 2. 3: A.C.E. 4. BOYLE, MARY F. BRADY, BARBARA A. BRITT, CATHERINE E. BROWN, E. PHYLLIS BULLOCK, BARBARA E. BUTLER, MARY A. CALLAHAN, MARY T. CAMPO, SHIRLEY CELI, CAMILLE A. CONRY, ARLENE B. COSTA, ELENA A. Home Economics 87 Main Slreel, Hopkinlon A Kempis Ig Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, May Day Commillee 2. Elemenlary 640 Boslon Posl Road, Marlboro A.A. Ig Commulers' I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. I, S'ruden'r Advisor 3, 4, May Day Commillee 2. Home Economics 738 Main Slreel, Shrewsbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 4, Hilllop Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 2, 3, Sla'I'e Secrelary 3, Gale Posl 3, 45 Dial Lilerary Edilor 4, S.C.A. 3, 4, Assembly Chairman 3, Secrefary 4, N.S.A. Com- miH'ee 2, Chairman 3, Sludenl' Advisor 3, 4: Frafeaco Hockey Ig Co-chairman Sophomore-Fresh- man Hike 23 Chapel and Assembly Commiflee 23 Co-chairman S.C.A. Orcheslra Commillee 2, 3: Ex. Secrelary MassachuseH's Slale Teachers College Conference 4. Elemenlary 559 Park SI'ree'r, Allleboro A Kempis I, 2, 3, 47 A.A. I, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 43 Presidenl of Horace Mann Hall 4, Gale Pos'I' I, 2, 3, 4, Dial Execulive Secre- 'rary 4, Inler-Dorm Council 4, Co-chairman Cap and Gown Commillee 43 Sludenl' Advisor 4, General Chairman Gale Posl' Dance 3. Home Economics 39 Dunbar SI'ree'r, Canlon Y.W.C.A. Ig A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, I'IiIIl'op Ig I"I. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 4, May Day Commillee 2, Chapel and Assembly Commillee 3. Elemenlary 37 Pond Slreel, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Musical Clubs Vice-Presidenl' I, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, Organisf 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, Banquel' Commil- fee 2, Secrelary 3. Home Economics I5 Thompson Lane, Millon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, HilI+op 2, 33 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 43 Gale Posl' 2, 3, Edilor 4, May Day Choral Narralor 2, Fra+eaco Banquel' Chair- man 3g Library Council 2, S.C.A. 41 Freshman Hand- book CommiHee 2, 3, Publicily Commillee 3. Elemenlary 5I5 Monlauk Avenue, New London, Conneclicul' A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 43 Gale Posl' 3, 4, Village Represenlalive on Inler-Dorm Council 45 Sludenl' Lounge Ad- minislralive CommiH'ee 45 May Day Commiilee 2. Elemenlary I20 Lewis Road, Belmonl A Kempis 2, 3, 4, A.A. 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. 2, 3, 4: Science 2, 3, Fraleaco Field Hockey 2, 3, Cap+ain 4: Transfer from Boslon Universily. Elemenlary I5 Auburn Place, Brookline A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4g'A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Informal Com- millee 33 Fraleaco Hockey I, 3, Baskelball 2. Elemenlary Cedar Slreel, Millis A.A. Ig Glee Club 3, 45 A.C.E. I, 45 Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, Dpecoralions Commillee 33 Slunl Nighf Commiliee 3. ,. . . N, ..- .. +'ff" ,NK v ..,L,t'uC .- ' ,A Q' .. COXON, MARGARET J. COYNE, NANCY E. CREAN, ELLENORE P. CROSBY, V. GAIL CUSHING, CAROL J. DEANE. CAROL A. DELAN EY, RUTH G. DESMOND, NANCY A. DEVLIN, PATRICIA M. DOUCET, STELLA M. DOYLE, MARY JANE DRISCOLL, LOUISE T. FAHEY, MARY L. Elemenlary 62 New+on S+reeI', Marlboro Y.W.C.A. 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Ig Com- mufers' I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Science 2, 3. Home Economics 7 Beecher S+ree'I', Jamaica Plain A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club Delegale 3, Vice-Presidenf 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 43 H. Ec. I, 2. 3, 4: Horace Mann Hall Treasurer 45 Ga+e Pos? 2, 3: Benevolence Chairman 3, 4: Chair- man May Day Refreshmenl' Commiffee 2. Home Economics 53 S+earns S+ree1', New'I'on CenI're A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Commu+ers' Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 2, 3: Sfudenf Advisor 2: Co-chairman Freshman Inifialion and Freshman Cour+ 4: Chapel and Assembly Commif- 'ree 2. Home Economics 353 Lowell Avenue, Newfonville Y.W.C.A. 4, Orches'I'ra I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 4, Library Council I, 3: Chairman May Day Flower Commi++ee 2, May Day Queen 2. Elemenlary Maynard Road, Sudbury Y.W.C.A. 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 43 May Day Commi'H'ee 2. Elemenlary 49 Edgewood Road, CochiI'ua+e Y.W.C.A. 47 Commufers' 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. 4: Chapel and Assembly Commiflee 3, Transfer from Bosfon Universify. Elemenlary I86 Cherry SI'reeI', Wes'l' NewI'on A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hilllop Ig A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 43 Commulers' I, 3, 47 Science 2, 3: Chairman SI'un+ Nighl' Commiflee 2. Elemenlary II Pearl Slreel, Belmonl' A Kempis I, 4, A.A. I: Commufers' I, 43 A.C.E. I, 4, May Day CommiH'ees 2. Elemenrary 9 Sharon SI'reeI', WaI'I'ham A Kempis I, 4, A.A. I, 4, Glee Club 4: Com- mufers' I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 35 Charles S'I'ree+, Walfham A Kempis I, 2, 4, Commufers' I, 4, A.C.E. I, 4: May Day Commiffees 2. Home Economics 29 Wesiland S+ree+, Worcesfer A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Board I, Treasurer 2, Vice-Presidenf 3, Presidenf 4: Class Vice-Presidenl' Ig Croclcer Hall Treasurer 33 Dial Business Manager 43 May Day Co-chairman 23 Co-chairman S.C.A. Dance 2, 3: N.S.A. Commi'I"Iee I, 2, Dining Room Council 2, 3. Home Economics 74 Harrief S+ree+, Brigh+on A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Commufers' I, 2, 3, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenfary 202 Blue Hills Parkway, Milfon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 3. 4, Board 33 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Presideni' 43 Chairman May Day Cosfumes Commi'H'ee 23 Chair- man Sfunl' Nighf Cosfume Commiffee 3. FOLEY, ELOISE M. FOLEY, MIRIAM R. FORMALARIE, EVELYN J. FRANKENBERGER. MARY LOUISE GOODMAN, DOROTHY A. GRAHAM, ELIZABETH J. GRANNUM, SYBIL A. HAMILTON, MARY G. HARDIMAN, JANET A. HARRIS, ELIZABETH V. HOOD, PATRICIA M. Home Economics 42 Bos'I'on Avenue, Wesl' Medford A Kempis I, 2, 4, HiII+op Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 4. Elemenfary 70 Princelon Road, ArIing'I'on A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenl' 43 A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Secrelary C.C.C. 4, Black Knighl Cheerleader 2, Capfain 3: Sfudenl' Advisor 4. Elemenlary 23 Elsworih Road, Wesl Newfon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 43 Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 4. Elemenlary 6I3 California SIree+, Newfonville A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. Ig Sophomore Class Treasurer: S+un+ Nighl Co-chairman 25 Co-chairman Junior Weekend 3: N.S.A. Commi+'ree 2. EIemen+ary I74 Samosei Avenue, Hull A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hockey Manager 3, Glee Club 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Treasurer: Co-chair- man May Day Scripl' CommiHee 23 Slunl' Nigl-I+ Commiflee Chairman 3, Delegale New England Teacher Preparafion Conference 4. Home Economics 74 Madison S+ree'r, Dedham A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Baskefball Manager 27 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 41 Chapel and Assembly CommiHee Ig Honor Council Ig Freshman Class Presidenh N.S.A. Dele- ga're 23 Gale Posl' I, 2, 3. 4, Personnel CommiHee 3, 45 S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 3, Presidenf 4: May Day Courf 2, Spiri'r of Spring 3, Co-chairman Frafeaco Weekend 3: Fraleaco Baskelball I, 33 Vice-Chairman New England Regional N.S.A. 43 Co-chairman For MassachuseI"I's S'ra'Ie Teachers Col- lege Conference 47 Na+. Ex. Comm. Delegale for N.S.A. 4. Elemenfary 2 Lorimer Place, Roxbury A.A. I, 4, Glee Club Ig Commulers' I, 2, A.C.E. 4. Elemeniary 55 Cypress SI'ree'I', Norwood A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Science 2, 3, Presidenl' 2, Gale Posl' Typing Edifor 2, 3, 43 Chapel and Assembly CommiH'ee 23 Faculfy-Sfuclenl Curriculum Com- miH'ee 4, Co-chairman MassachuseHs S'ra+e Teach- ers College Conference 4, S.C.A. 3, C.C.C. 4, Freshman Class Secrelaryg Sophomore Class Vice- Presidenlg Junior Class Presidenlg Senior Class Presidenl. Elemenfary 48 Caughey S'rree'r, WaI+ham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, A.C.E. I, 3, 4, Sophomore Hop Commiflee. Vocafional 7 Norcross SI'reeI', Baldwinville A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman May Day Prop CommiHee 25 Honor Council Secrelary 4, In'l'er-Dorm Council 4, Voca- fional House Sfudenl Assislani. Home Economics II5 Lowell Avenue, Newlonville A Kempis I, 2, 3, 41 A.A. 3, 4: I"I. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 3, In'rer-Dorm Council 2, Chairman 4, Chapel and Assembly CommiI"Iee Ig Fraleaco Baskefball Ig Faculfy-S+udenI Public ReIa+ions Com- miHee 3. HORRIGAN, ELINOR C. HYN ES, ELEANOR M. JANSE. CLAIRE M. JOHNSON, MARY A. KANE, FRANCES R. KAY, CAROLYN L. KELLEH ER, MARY L. KELLEM, ELAINE H. KENNEY, M. PATRICIA KILEY, MARY L. LAWLOR, ANNE C. LIEBERG, JEAN A. LOMBARD, ANNE T. Home Economics 460 Craffs Sfreef, Wesl' New'I'on A Kempis I, 45 A.A. lg Glee Club I, 2, 4: H. Ec. I, 4: Infer-Dorm Council 33 Sfudenf Advisor 3: Campus Improvemeni' Commiffee 43 Chairman In- ves+i'I'ure Chapel Program Commiffee 4g May Day Commi'H'ee 2. Home Economics 28 Oriole Sfreef, Wesi' Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: Glee Club 3, 43 Hilliop Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl Business Edifor 43 May Day Choral Narraforg Co-chairman Junior Weekend 33 Crocker Hall S+uden+ Assisianf 4: Chairman Gale Pos+ Dance 45 Chairman Senior- FacuI+y Receplion +0 Freshmen 4: Delegafe +o American Home Economics Associafion 3: Sfuni' Nigh'r Chairman 4. Elemenfary 35 Norfh Lane, Framingham Cenfre A.A. Ig Glee Club 3, 4: HiIII'op I: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4, Decorafion CommiHee 33 A.C.E. Ig Science 2. Home Economics I8 Lincoln S'Iree'I', NaI'ick A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commu+ers' I, 2, H. Ec. I, 2, 4: Senior Class Vice-Presidenh Honor Council 2, 3, 4, All College Bookkeeper 3, Treasurer 43 Chem. Lab Assis+anI' 4. Home Economics bl Wes? Plain SI'ree'f, Cochiiuafe A Kempis I, 23 Commufers' Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 4. Home Economics 5 Woodside Terrace, Auburn A.A. Ig Commufers' I, 23 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Chapel and Assembly Commi'H'ee 3. EIemenI'ary 7 Gorham Road, Belmonl' A Kempis 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 FacuI'I'y- SI'uden'I Public Relafions Commi'Hee 2, Sfudenl' Advisor 3. Home Economics 25 Day S+ree'r, Auburndale A.A. I, 2, HiII+op I, 2, 3, 43 H. Ec. I, 2, 4, Science 3, Gale Posl' I, 2, 3, 4, May Day Commiflee 2. Home Economics 239 Bellevue Sfreef, Wesi Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 43 Dial Dafa EcIi+or 4: Co-chairman May Day Scripf CommiH'ee 23 Junior Weekend Commiffee Co- chairman 33 Judiciary Board 4. EIemen+ary 77 Bromfield Road, Somerville A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. 4: Commuiers' I, 2: A.C.E. 4. Home Economics I04 Pond S+ree+, Weslwood A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Secreiary 33 A.A. Ig Hilllop 4: Commuiers' lg H. Ec. 2, 43 Gafe Posf 3, Dial Business Manager 45 Transfer from Regis College. Elemenfary 33 Princess Roacl, Wesi' Newion Y.W.C.A. 4: A.A. I, 43 Commufers' I, 43 Science 4, Sludenl' Advisor 3, 4. Home Economics 30 Farley Avenue, Ipswich A Kempis I, 2, 43 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Choir I, 2, 3, 4, H. Ec. I, 2, 4. LUCKRAFT, SANDRA J. LUTENDER, MARY B. LYNCH, LILLIAN F. MacDONALD, CONSTANCE C. MADDEN, MARY C. MAHONEY, MARION A. MAHONEY, MARJORIE A. MANNOS, EDNA M. McCAULEY, MARY JANE McGOWAN, ANNE M. McLEAVEY, KATHERINE F. Elemenlary 85 Illinois Sfreer, New Bedford A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Winler Formal Co-chairman 3, Chairman 4: A.A. I, 2: Hillfop I: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Chrislmas Parly Commilfee Chairman 4: Horace Mann Hall Treasurer 3: Ga'I'e Posl' Arr Edifor 4: Dial Dafa Edilor 4: May Day Commiffees 2: Co- chairman Cap and Gown Commillee 4: Campus Chrisrmas Decoralions Commiflee 3: Co-chairman S.C.A. Dance Decorafions Commiffee 3, 4: Chair- man Sfudenl' Lounge Adminislrafion 4. Elemenlary Soulhville Road, Soulhville A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 4: A.C.E. l, 4: Blaclr Knighf Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 3: S+un+ Nighl' Com- miHee Chairman 2: Co-chairman Commufers' Chrislmas Banquel: Honor Council 4. Home Economics 6 Belleflower Slreel, Dorchesier A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop I, 2, 4: Commulers' I, 2: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Peirce Hall Presidenl' 4: Gale Posl' Proofreading Edilor 4: In+er-Dorm Council 4: Chem. Lab Assislanl' 2, 3, 4: Chapel and Assembly Commiflee 3. Elemenfary I0 Mararhon Avenue, Arlingfon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 2, 3, 4: Commulers' I: A.C.E. 4: May Day Dance Commi'I'I'ee 2. Home Economics 32 Belvidere Road, Framingham A Kempis I, 4: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl' Adverlising Edifor 3: May Day CommiHee 2. Elemenlary 432 Allen SI'ree'I, Springfield Transfer from Our Lady of fhe Elms: A Kempis 2, 3, 4: A.A. 4: A.C.E. 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4. Home Economics I43 Summer SI'ree+, Hingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3, Presidenf 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 4: Class Treasurer 2: Sfudenl' Council Class Represenlalive I: Dinner Co-chairman 3: lnferdorm 3: Fraieaco Field Hockey I, 3, 4. Home Economics I34 Universily Road, Broolzline Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Chairman Weelcenders Club 3. Home Economics I9I Huron Avenue, Cambridge A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: Hillfop I: Com- muI'ers' 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Pierce Hall Secre- fary 2: May Day Commillees 2: Frafeaco Field Hockey I: Dining Room Council I, 2, 3. Elemenrary 2l Sfacey Slreei, Naliclr A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 4: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: May Day Commillee 2: S'I'unI Nighf Com- miI"rees I, 2. Elemenfary 36 Hawrhorne SI'ree'f, Somerville A Kempis I. 4: A.A. 4: Hillrop 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 4: Science Club 2, 3, Program 3: May Day Com- mi++ee 2. MESOUITA, THERESA L. MIELNICKI, ANNE M. MILNES, PRISCILLA N. MONAHAN, MARCIA F. MORAN, CAROL A. MORAN, EILEEN L. NOONAN, ELIZABETH E. NOONAN, MARJORIE A. NORTON, ARLENE L. O'BRIEN, MARY D. O'CONNELL, FRANCES I. O'NEILL, PATRYCE M. EIemenI'ary 975 Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Accompanisi' 2, 3, Secreiary 3, Presideni' 4, Choir Accompanisi' 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Pierce HaII Secrefary 3: Dial Business Edifor 4: Inferdorm 3: May Day Chairman Music and Dance 2: Siunf Nighi' Co-chairman 3. Vocafional 90 Main Sfreei, Uxbridge A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Freshman-Junior Par'I'y Commi'Hee 3. EIemen'I'ary 77 Gardner S+ree'r, Groveland Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4, Treasurer 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: May Day Commiffee 2: Frafeaco Gold CheerIeader I, 2, 3: Advisor +o Freshman 4: Chapel and Assembly Commi'H'ee 3. Home Economics 3I5 Mounf Vernon SI'ree'I, Dedham Transfer from ImmacuIa+a Junior CoIIege: A Kempis 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 2, 3, 4: Gaieposi' 4: Mademoiselle College Board 3, 4. Home Economics 2227 Cenrer SI'reeI', Wes? Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: Commuiers' 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 4: May Day Co-Chairman Class Song 2: Frafeaco Field Hockey I: Chairman Or- chesfras CommiH'ee Junior Weekend 3: Junior Prom Queen 3. Elemenfary ISI Winchesfer SI'ree'I', Newfon A Kempis I, 2: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: HiII+op 3: Com- mufers' I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Gafeposi 4: Frafeaco Baske+baII 2. Home Economics 3I Cresceni' S+reeI', Wesi' Bridgewafer A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Refreshmeni Chairman 4: Crocker HaII Presideni' 3: May Day Couri' 2. Elemenfary 46 Galen S+ree+, WaI+ham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: Commurers' I, 3: A.C.E. 4: May Day Dance Commiffee 2: Frafeaco Black CheerIeader 2. EIemen+ary Pine S+ree+, Edgariown Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Vice-Presidenf 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Dial Li'I'erary Co-Chairman 4: May Day Chapel Speaker 2: Sfunf Nighi' Com- miHee 2: Advisor fo Freshman 3. Home Economics II5 Humphrey Sfreef, Lowell A Kempis 4: Home Economics 4. EIemen+ary Barfon Road, Sfow Y.W.C.A. 3, 4: A.A. I, 4: GIee Club 4: Com- mufers' 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2. EIemen+ary 86 Palfrey Road, Belmonf A Kempis I, 3, 4: A.A. I: Commu+ers' I, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: May Day Commi++ees 2. PETERSON, JACQUELINE PIANTEDOSI, JOHANN PLANT, VERA E. QUARTON, HELEN R. QUICK, MICHAEL A. QUINN, JACQUELINE REID, MARY E. RESTAINO, ELIZABETH ROWEAN, CLAIRE M. RYAN, MARY C. SAFFORD, CONSTANC SARNO, MARY M. SCOTT, JEAN B. A. E EIemen'rary 434 Concord S'rreeI', Framingham A Kempis 3, 43 Glee CIub I, 2, 3, 47 Choir 3, 4, HiIIfop I, 23 CommuI'ers' I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. Ig Dial Ari Edifor 4, May Day CommiHee 23 Sfunf Nighi' CommiHee 2. Eiemenfary 9 Sias Avenue, Shrewsbury A Kempis 2, 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Dial Phoiography Ediior 43 S'I'udenI' Council Associaiion Red Cross Represenfafive 3: Chairman Dining Room Council 4, Co-Chairman May Day 2, Co-Chairman Freshman Inifiaiion and Couri' 4. VocaI'ionaI I964 PIeasan+ Sfreef, FaII River Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics Main S+ree+, Sou+hboro Graduaie of Framingham Normal School. EIemenI'ary 44 SchooI S'freeI', SaxonviIIe A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Glee CIub 2, 3, 43 Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presideni 3, A.C.E. 4: Home Ec. I. EIemenI'ary 542 ChesI'nu+ S'I'reeI', Waban A.A. I, 2, Glee CIub I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 2: Gafeposf 2: May Day Commif- fees 2. Voca'rionaI 7 WaII'ham Road, Wayiand Y.W.C.A. Ig A Kempis 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, Square Dancing Manager 3, 43 GIee Club I, 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presideni' 43 Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 43 S.C.A. Class Rep I, Secreiary 2, Honor Council Chairman 4, May Day CommiHee 2, Choral Narra'ror 2, Fra- 'Ieaco TaIen+ Show 3, 43 Sfudeni' FacuI'Iy Cur- riculum Commi'H'ee 4: S'Iuden+ Advisor 3, 4: Chair- man C.C.C. Dinner Ig Chairman Food and Lodg- ing for S.T.S.G.C. 4. Home Economics 4l Waverly S+ree'I', Belmoni' A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Glee CIub I, 2, 3, 4, Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 342 Temple Sireei, Wes? Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 33 Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: May Day Commi+'ree 2. Elemenfary 86 Norwood Avenue, NewI'onviIIe A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Commufers' I, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- den'r 4, A.C.E. Ig May Day CommiHee 2. Voca'rionaI 5 Oak Ridge Way, Shrewsbury Y.W.C.A. I, Board 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, Co-Chairman of Dad-Daugh+er Day 3, 4: Dial Edifor 4: May Day Courf 2, Co-Chairman May Day Dance 2: Frafeaco Hockey I. EIemen'rary 530 Waverly Sireef, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee CIub I, 2, Communfers I, 2, 3, 43 S+un+ Nighf Commiffee I, 2: Library Council 3. Elemenfary I29 Lexingfon Sfreei, Waierfown Y.W.C.A. I, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Commu'I'ers I, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, A.C.E. I, 4. SEBASTIAN, JUDITH JOHNSON SHANNON, JEAN M. SHEA, BRENDA S. SHEA, ROSEMARY C. SHEPPARD, RHODA L. SHORT, MYRNA H. SIMPSON, CYNTHIA E. SISTER MARY LUKE, s.m.s.m. SISTER MARY NOELITA, s.m.s.m. SISTER MARY RITA, s.m.s.m. SISTER MARY ROSALYN, S.m.S.m. SISTER MARY RUTH, s.m.s.m. SLACK. CLAIRE F. SLATTERY, ELIZABETH A. SONNENBURG, REINE Elemenfary Pelham Avenue, Framingham A.A. I, 2, Board 3, 4g Hillfop I, 2, ProperI'ies 3, 4: Commulers 43 Fra'I'eaco Gold Baslcelball I, 3: Co-Chairman of Weekend Club 3. Elemenfary I Byron S+reeI', Worcesier A Kempis I, 2, 3, Treasurer 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: A.C.E. 2, 3, 43 Home Ec. Ig Pierce Hall Treasurer 3: May Day Couri' 23 May Pole Chairman 2. Home Economics 572 Dedham S'I'reeI, Newion Cenfer A Kempis I, 2, 33 A.A. I, 23 Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 45 Frareaco Field Hockey I. Elemenfary 22I Common SI'ree'I', WaI'er'rown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. Ig Commufers I, 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. I, 2, 35 May Day Commi'H'ee 2. EIemen+ary I3 Woodland S'IreeI', Evere'H' Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3: A.A. I, 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 A.C.E. I, 25 Science Club 2. Home Economics 64 EvereI"I Sfreef, ArIingI'on Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 4, A.A. I, 2, 43 HilII'op I, 43 Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 253 Union Sfreef, Millis Y.W.C.A. 4: A.A. I3 Commu+ers I, 43 May Day Commiffee 23 S+unI' Nighi' Commiffee 2. EIemen'I'ary 863 Ceniral S+ree'r, Framingham Cenire A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chairman May Day Chapel 2. Elemenfary 863 Cen'I'raI S+reeI', Framingham CenI're A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Co-Chairman May Day Chapel 2. Elemenlary 863 Cen'I'ral Sfreef, Framingham Cenfre A Kempis 3, 43 Transfer from Our Lady of Mercy College. Elemeniary 863 CenI'raI S'rreeI', Framingham Cenfre A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Co-Chairman May Day Chapel 2. Elemeniary 863 Cen+raI S+ree+, Framingham Cenfre A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chairman May Day Chapel 2. Home Economics I78 Main Sfreef, Boylslon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 4: Glee Club 4, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 5 Braemore Road, Brighion A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 43 Commufers I, 23 Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Crocker Hall Treasurer 4: Chem. Lab. Assisianl' 4. Elemenfary Cenfer Sfreef, Soufh Bellingham Transfer from Rhode Island College of Educafion. STAHLE, BEVERLY A. STANKARD, MARGARE STERLING, SUSANNE ST. GERMAIN, MARY E. TEEHAN, ANN J. TIERNEY, PATRICIA E. TREANOR, NANCY M. TRYPHONAS, VASILIKI ECONOMOU TURNER, BARBARA A. Elemenlary 35 Revere Sfreer, EvereH A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.C.E. I, 2, 4: Pierce Hall Secrefary 4: May Day Commiflee 2: SI'un+ Nighl Commi'Hee I, 2, 3: Member of Honor Council 4. Elemenlary 79 Edwin Road, Wallham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers I: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 24 Myopia Road, Wollasfon Y.W.C.A. I, Board 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, Board 4: May Day CommiH'ee 2: Frafeaco Volleyball 2: Co-Chairman Favor Commilfee Junior Weekend 3. Home Economics 450 Sunderland Road, Worcesler A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I, 2: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics I82 Waller S'rreeI', Roslindale A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. Class Rep. I, Board 2, 3, 4, Baslceiball Manager 3: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Presidenf 2: Ga+e Pos'l' 2: S.C.A. Treasurer 3, Second Vice-Presidenl 4: InI'er-Dorm Council 2: Frafeaco Baslcefball I, 3: Siunl' Nighl' Co-Chairman I: Dining Room Council I, 2, 3: Represenfalive fo M.S.T.C. Conference 3: Regisfrafion Chairman M.S.T.C. Conference 4: N.S.A. CommiH'ee 2. Elemenfary 5 Wheeler Avenue, Framingham Cenlre A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I. Co-Chairman Sopho- more Freshmen Hilce 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2: Hill+op I, 2: Commuiers I, 2, Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Chairman Coolcouf 4: Dance CommiH'ee 3, 4: A.C.E. 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 4: May Day Commiflee 2: S'IunI' Nigh'I' CommiH'ee I. Elemenlary 42 Eliol S+ree'r, Jamaica Plain A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I: A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Secrefary 4: May Day Courl' 2: Fra'l'eaco Cheerleader Black I, N.S.A. CommiI"ree 2: Chapel and Assembly Commiffee I. Home Economics I08lf2 Auburn S+ree'r, Cambridge Y.W.C.A. I, Board 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: Home Ec. I, Board 2, 3, 4: Commufers 3, 4. Vocalional Plymoufh Avenue, Ccean Bluff A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. u, 2, Publici+y 3, 4- Hilllop 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer I, Vice-Presidenf 3: Treasurer Horace Mann Hall 2: Gale Posl I, 2, Ari' Edifor 3: Co-Arl' Edifor Dial 4: S.C.A. Firs'r Vice-Presidenl' 4, Judiciary Board 2, 3, Chairman 4: May Day Commi+'ree 2: Fraleaco Black Cheerleading Caprain 2: S+un+ Nighl Co- Chairman 2. VARN EY, HELEN WALKUP WALKINSHAW, SARA A. WILSON, PATRICIA A. Elemenfary I00 CenI'raI Sireei, Ashland Y.W.C.A. 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: I"IiII+op 4: Commufers I, 2, 3, 4, A.C.E. 43 Gaie Pos'I Ig May Day Com- mi'Hee 23 Sfuni Nighf Commi'Hee I, 2. Elemenfary 57 Fisher Road, Arlingfon Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 45 A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Glee CIub I, 2, 3, Choir Ig A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4, Gafe Posf Copy Edifor 3, 4, May Day Class Song Co-Chairman 2. EIemen'rary 44 Sou'I'h Sfreef, Shrewsbury A.A. Ig Glee Club I, 2, 4, Choir 3, 43 Commufers I, 2, 3, 41 A.C.E. I, 2, 4: May Day Commi'Hee 2: Sfuni' Nighi' Commiffee 2. FACULTY DIRECTORY I956-I957 RACHEL D. BANGS DAVID BERGER ANNA BILLA JOHN F. BOWLER CONSTANCE BRINE HARRY S. BROUDY MURIEL C. BUCKLEY ELEANOR F. CHASE FLORENCE G. DORWARD STEPHEN DURKEE I37 Bellevue Road, Lynn Crocker Hall, SI'aI'e Teachers College af Fram- ingham B.S. in Ed., Sfale Teachers College a'I' Framingham M.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universily Assislanl in Home Managemenl' House Inslruclor in Foods, Nu+riI'ion, Household Equipmenl Home Economics Club Advisor 592 Union Avenue, Framingham CenI're B.S. in Ed., Massachuselfs School of Arf M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Ari Assislanl' Professor of Arl Dial Advisor I I9 Maple S'rree'r, Framingham Cenlre 39 Eulaw Slreel, Lawrence B.S. in Ed., Slale Teachers College al' Framingham M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Assisfanl' Professor in Clofhing, Texfiles 9 Arfhur Slreel, Framingham A.B., Bosfon College B.S. in Ed., Slale Teachers College af Filchburg Ed. M., Slale Teachers College al' Fifchburg Ed. D., Harvard Universily Regislrar Professor of Social Sludies 252 Islinglon Road, Auburndale B.S. in Ed., Sfale Teachers College al Framingham M.P.H., Harvard Universily Ph.D., Cornell Universify Head of Home Economics Deparlmenf Professor of Home Economic Educalion 87 Oaks Road, Framingham A.B., Bosfon Universify M.A., Boslon Universify Ph.D., Harvard Universily Professor of Psychology and Philosophy I I Orchard S+ree'r, Belmonl B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universily M.S. in Ed.. Cornell Universily Assislanl Professor of Clolhing, Texliles 592 Union Avenue, Framingham Cenfre 45 Highland S+ree+, Amesbury B.S., Universily of Massachusells M.S., Universily of Massachusells Ph.D., Columbia Universily Professor of Chemislry 89 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenlre B.S., Simmons College M.A., Columbia Universily Assislanl Professor of Foods, NuI'ri+ion Y.W.C.A. Advisor Sfudenl Slale Home Economics Club Advisor I8 Anzio Road, Framingham B.S., Massachusells School of Ari' M.S., Syracuse Universily Insfrucfor in Arl STUART B. FOSTER VINCENT H. GANNON ALICE M. GLOVER A. CAROLLA HAGLUND DANIEL F. HARRIGAN. JR. VERA HEMENWAY RUTH R. HERRING AGNES M. HORNBY JOAN E. HORRIC-SAN EMMA A. HUNT DANA N. JOST I Maynard Road, Framingham Cenfre B.S., Universify of Massachuseffs M.A., Columbia Universify Ph.D., Columbia Universify Professor of Chemisfry, Nufrifion I I7 Plain Sfreef, Millis B.S. in Ed., Bosfon Universify M.A., Harvard Universify Insfrucfor in English Commufers Club Advisor 88 Russell Road, Framingham Cenfre B.S., Simmons College M.A., Bosfon College Professor of Physics I6 Hilldale Road, Ashland B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College af Gorham, Maine M.A.L.S., Wesleyan Universify Insfrucfor in Social Sfudies 2 Margarel' Road, Peabody B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College af Salem Associafe Professor of Handwrifing I54 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenfre B.A., Wellesley College M.A., Wellesley College Assisfanf Professor of English Gafe Posf Advisor 45 Rochesfer Road, Newfon B.A., Universify of Delaware M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Head of fhe Arf Deparfmenf Associafe Professor of Arf I78 Maple Sfreef, Framingham Cenfre Pleasanl' Sfreef, Dighfon B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College al' Framingham M.S., Syracuse Universify Head of fhe Vocafional Deparfmenf Assisfanf Supervisor of Teacher Training l02 Arlingfon Sfreef, Newfon A.B., Trini'l'y College A.M.T., Radcliffe College M.O.A., Sfaley College of fhe Spolcen Word Insfrucfor in Speech and Drama A Kempis Club Advisor Direcfor of Hillfop Players Producfions 30 Henry Sfreef, Framingham Norfh Charlesfown, New Hampshire B.A., Wellesley College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Chairman of fhe Elemenfary Deparfmenf Assisfanf Professor of Healfh Educafion, Audio- Visual Aids I5 Davidson Road, Framingham Cenfre B.S., Universify of Massachuseffs Ph.D., Harvard Universify Assisfanf Professor of Biology Sfudenf Governmenf Associafion Advisor DOROTHY LARN ED MARION M. MACDONALD ANN MACKEY MARIE P. MAHONEY MARY E. McGANN RUTH RICHARDS MILLER MADELINE E. MONROE LAWRENCE NEWELL MARY LOUISE O'CONNOR l54 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenlre I49 Highland SI'ree'r, Winchesler A.B., Mounf Holyoke College M.A., Middlebury College M.Ed., Harvard Universily Diplome, Ins'ri'ruI' de Phoneiique, Universife de Paris Dean of Women Associale Professor of French, Elhics 82 Rosewood Road, MaH'apan Graduale, Sfale Teachers College al Framingham B.S., Boslon Universily A.M., Boslon Universily Inslruclor in Clolhing, Home Furnishings I79 Aspinwall Avenue, Brookline B.S., Sargenl' College Ed.M., Boslon Universily Inslruclor in Physical Educalion, Firsl' Aid A'lhIel'ic Associalion Advisor Class of I959 Advisor I8 Slurgis SI'reeI', Worcesler B.S. in Ed., S'laI'e Teachers College al' Worcesler B.S. in L.S., Simmons College M.A., Clark Universily Assislanl Librarian 48 Aelna Slreel, Worcesler B.S. in Ed., Slale Teachers College af Worcesfer M.A., Clark Universily Ed.D., Harvard Universily Assislanl' Professor of Psychology, Educalion I7 Ealon Courl, Wellesley Hills A.B., Mounl Holyoke College A.M., Boslon Universily Ph.D., Boslon Universily Assislanl Professor of Social Sciences, Educafion Y.W.C.A. Club Advisor 3I Salem End Road, Framingham Cenlre B.S. in Ed., Slale Teachers College al Framingham M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universi'I'y Associale Professor of Clolhing, Educalion Supervisor ol Sludenl' Teaching 24 Traflon Road, Framingham B.S. in Ed., S+a're Teachers College a+ Salem Ed.M., Boslon Universily Ed.D., Boslon Universily Professor of Elemenfary Educalion Supervisor of Sludenl Teaching 46 Burncoal' Slreel, Worcesler B.S. in Ed., Slale Teachers College a+ Framingham M.A., Columbia Universily Assislanl' Professor of Home Economics Eclucalion Supervisor of Sludenl' Teaching GLADYS F. PRATT MIRIAM A. RILEY DEBORAH M. RUSSELL ELMER W. SALENIUS JAMES P. SAVAS BARBARA W. SCULLANE MARGARET A. SCULLY ADA SHAWKEY MARJORIE SPARROW 89 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenfre 25 Jeweff Lane, Soufh Hadley A.B., Mounf Holyolze College M.A., Universify of Illinois Librarian Associafe Professor of Children's Liferafure, Library Mefhods Dial Liferary Advisory Library Council Advisor 3 Ofis Sfreef, Framingham A.B., Emmanuel College M.A., Bosfon Universify Associafe Professor of Hisfory Judiciary Board Advisor Chairman of Faculfy Boolrsfore Commiffee 3 Edgell Road, Framingham Cenfre B.S., Columbia Universify A.M., Columbia Universify Associafe Professor of Chemisfry, Nufrifion, Die- fefics 4 Bafes Avenue, Maynard A.B.. Bosfon Universify A.M., Harvard Universify Ph.D., Bosfon Universify Assisfanf Professor of English Hillfop Players Advisor Honor Council Advisor 686 Worcesfer Road, Framingham Cenfre B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College af Lowell M.A. in Music Ed., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Direcfor of Music Educafion Supervisor of Music, Sfudenf Teaching Musical Clubs Advisor Class of l957 Advisor I8 Parlr Avenue. Wellesley Hills A.B., Regis College M.Ed., Tuffs Universify Insfrucfor in Insfifufional Managemenf, Managemenf I34 Oakley Road, Newfon B.S., Simmons College M.A., Bosfon Universify Insfrucfor in Biology 75 Maynard Road. Framingham Cenfre Sigel, Pennsylvania B.S., Universify of Piffsburgh M.LiH., Universify of Piffsburgh Associafe Professor of Geography I5 Church Sfreef, Framingham Cenfre A.B., Radcliffe College M.A., Wellesley College Associafe Professor of English Lunchroom DOROTHY M. STEWART BERNICE TAYLOR MARGARET WALKER KATHRYN WILLIS Crocker Hall, Sfale Teachers College al' Fram- ingham 868 Winfer Slreel, Waliham B.S. in Ed., Sfaie Teachers College al' Framingham M.S., Cornell Universily Gafe Posf Financial Advisor 22 Long Avenue, Framingham Graduale, Sargenl School of Physical Educafion B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universify M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universily A.M., BosI'on UniversiI'y Associale Professor of Physical Educaiion, Hisiory 46 Normal Hill Road, Framingham CenI're B.S. in Ed., S'raI'e Teachers College al' Framingham Ed.M., Bosion Universi'ry Associale Professor of Educalion Direcior of Teacher Training A.C.E. Advisor Il Sfagg Drive, Naiiclc B.A., Universily of Wisconsin C.P.A. InsI'ruc+or in Malhemalics and Physical Science JONATHAN MAYNARD FACULTY MARY E. STAPLETON MARY F. BOND ANGELINA M. BRUNO IRENE B. CARBONEAU GENEVIEVE CLARK MARY J. DONAHUE I387 Concord SI'reeI', Saxonville B.S. in Ed., Slafe Teachers College af Framingham Ed.M., Bosfon Universily Principal, Jonaihan Maynard School 26 Collage S'rree'r, Naliclc B.S. in Ed., SI'a'Ie Teachers College al' Framingham Ed.M., Bosion Universily Grade One 88 Purchase Slreef, Milford B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College ai' Lowell Ed.M., Boslon Universily Grade One 6 Andrews S+ree'r, Framingham B.S. in Ed., SI'a'Ie Teachers College al' Framingham Ed.M., Bosfon Universify Grade One I6 Hilldale Road, Ashland B.S., Universily of New Hampshire M.A., Clark Universily Grade Five 47 Clark S+ree'r, Framingham B.S. in Ed., Sfale Teachers College al' Framingham Grade Two CATHERINE F. HAGGERTY MARGARET M. HAYES MARY W. HOFFMAN MARGUERITE F. MARSHALL MARY E. KERR ELEANOR E. PURCELL ALICE M. SCIPIONE ANNETTE M. SPELLACY ROBINETTE WARD ELEANOR E. WELLS 3 Curve Sfreef, Framingham B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College ai' Framingham Ed.M., Bosion Universi+y Grade Four I0 Emmeff S+ree+, Marlboro B.S., Clark Universi+y M.A. in Ed., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Grade Six 92 Warren Avenue, Marlboro B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers College a+ Hyannis Ed.M., Bosfon Universify Grade Three 67 Pleasan+ S1'ree+, Hollisfon B.S. in Ed., Bos'ron Universi+y Ed.M., Bosfon Universify Grade Three 59 Adams S'l'ree'l', Walfham B.S. in Ed., Sfafe Teachers Colle Ed.M., Bosfon Universi+y Grade Two 54 Lawrence S+ree'l', Framingham B.S. in Ed., Bos+on College Ed.M., Bosfon Universi+y Grade Four 22 Goddard Road, Framingham B.S. in Ed., Bosfon Universify Ed.M., Bos+on Universify Grade Four 392 Union Avenue, Framingham B.S. in Ed., Bosfon Universify Ed.M., Bosion Universify Grade One e af Framingham 355 Brook Sfreef, Framingham Cenfre Grade Six l95 Union Avenue, Framingham B.S. in Ed., S'ra'I'e Teachers College ai' Framingham Ed.M., Harvard Universily Grade Five ELEMENTARY JUNIORS Baker, Joyce, 99 Harnden Avenue, Waferfown Barreff, Joan, 505 Nichols Sfreef, Norwood Baffaglia, Adelaide, 6 Donazeffe Sfreef, Wellesley Byrne, Louise, I8 Exefer Sfreef, Belmonf Cahill, Jane, I I Fairfield Road, Cochifuafe Callahan, Mary, 239 Weld Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Campisi, Virginia, 79 Barbara Road, Walfham Cardoza, Alice, I33 Sfephen Sfreef, Soufh Darfmoufh Carlson, Helen, 86 Mapleshade Avenue, Easf Longmeadow Carney, Ann, I9I Bainridge Sfreef, Malden Ciampa, Nafalie, I6 Howe Sfreef, Hudson Cioffi, Dorofhy, I7 Mounf Vernon Sfreef, Arlingfon Clark, Janice, Main Sfreef, Conway Coughlan, Frances, 328 Newfonville Avenue, Newfonville Curley, Barbara, 30 Henry Sfreef, Framingham Daley, Priscilla, 4I Dover Road, Wellesley Danahy, Jo-Ann, I I Church Sfreef, Hopkinfon Dennehey, Carolyn, 298 Belmonf Sfreef, Wollasfon DiGiovanni, Claudia, 335 Lake Avenue, Newfon Highlands Dilworfh, Joyce, 40 Griswold Sfreef, Cambridge Donnelly, Mary Lou, 44 Clemenfs Road, Walfham Doull, Joan, I5 Washingfon Terrace, Dedham Dreher, Elinore, 8 Maple Avenue, Fairhaven Dzedovefz, Jane, I I Sunsef Road, Cambridge Ellis, Valerie, 20 Hemlock Sfreef, Easf Walpole Forresf, Marifa, I65 Neshobe Road, Waban Fowler, Saralei, 33 High Sfreef, Norfh Affleboro Frizzell, Louise, 22 Edgemoor Road, Belmonf Frosf, Barbara, 5 Highland Avenue, Waferfown Gufhrie, Helen, 36 General Cobb Sfreef, Taunfon Haley, Paula, I68 Essex Sfreef, Saugus Hamblef, Janice, I92 Hunnewell Terrace, Newfon Head, Elizabefh, I4 Bond Sfreef, Gloucesfer Henriques, Susan, 3 Prospecf Sfreef, Affleboro Higgins, Janef, 58 Orvis Road, Arlingfon Holmes, Lois, 2I9 Union Avenue, Franklin Keeler, Beverly, I38 Purgafory Road, Whifinsville Kenna, Carol, II Church Sfreef, Hopkinfon Knowlfon, Sylvia, 2I6 Easf Cenfral Sfreef, Franklin Lafford, Joan, 2I Church Sfreef, Newfon LaRose, Marilyn, I22 Lockland Avenue, Framingham Leonard, Carol, 37l Hanover Sfreef, Fall River Lewis, Priscilla, I57 Cedar Sfreef, Framingham Looney, Anne, I05 Sfrafford Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Loukas, Diana, I6 Pond View Avenue, Jamaica Plain Lyons, Jean, 46 Marked Tree Road, Needham Magennis, Pafricia, I8 Benvene Sfreef, Wellesley Manackas, Karolin, l37A Offer River Road, Gardner Marinacci, Leona, 2l Houghfon Road, Belmonf McDeviff, Eileen, I2 Albino Place, Newfon Cenfre McLaughlin, Jeanne, 69 Waushakum Sfreef, Framingham Mello, Carline, 57 Gross Sfreef, Fall River Merrill, Helen, 33 Walnuf Sfreef, Winchendon Moloney, Helen, I99 Corey Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Monfalbano, Susanna, I97 Eliof Sfreef, Ashland Morgan, Mariorie, 85 High Sfreef, Hollisfon Morrow, Rosemary, I9 Wiley Sfreef, Belmonf Murch, Joanne, 7I Conanf Road, Wesfwood Murphy, Cornelia, 5 Circular Avenue, Nafick Murphy, Doreen, 27 Cerdan Avenue, Wesf Roxbury Nanafonis, Carol, 65 Herberf Sfreef, Framingham O'Neil, Joanne, 82 Day Sfreef, Auburndale Pauleffe, Helen, 75 Lovers Lane, Medway Richardson, Jean, 38 Emmons Sfreef, Milford Rooney, Joanne, 422 Lynnfield Sfreef, Lynn Rubin, Lois, 56 Barfleff Avenue, Piffsfield Salfman, Barbara, I2 Winchesfer Sfreef, Newfon Shanahan, Pafricia, 50 Pleasanf Sfreef, Lexingfon Slafkavifz, Charlofle, I5 Soufh Prospecf Sfreef, Millers Falls Sleczkowski, Elizabefh, I35I Concord Sfreef, Saxonville Smifh, Ada, 38 Wendell Sfreef, Cambridge Smifh, Mary, I73 Maple Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Sullivan, Anne, 69 Bosfonia Avenue, Brighfon Summers, Barbara, 2I Grove Sireef, Upfon Uebel, Ursula, 7I Eleanor Road, Springfield Vahey, Mary, 27 Maple Sfreef, Waferfown Vangel, Sophie, 46 Cummings Road, Newfon Cenfre Walsh, Walla, 8 Crescenf Sfreef, Wellesley Hills Warren, Roseffa, 6 Spring Sfreef, Wesfboro Wesffall, Lesley, 4I Summer Sfreef, Andover Whife, Judifh, 273 Cabof Sfreef, Newfonville Wilkie, Joan, Main Sfreef, Lakeville Williams, Jane, 6 Sfandish Road, Waferfown SPECIAL ELEMENTARY JUNIORS Burke, Penelope, 733If2 Easf Sevenfh Sfreef, Soufh Bosfon Goldman, Carol, 50 Englewood Avenue, Brookline Kelley, Pafricia, 27 Wesf Walnuf Sfreef, Milford Kershaw, Barbara, 26 Gregory Road, Framingham Lerer, Emylee, 53 Summer Sfreef, Maynard Ross, Beffy Jane, 23 Wesf Comm. Road, Cochifuafe Schnare, Sandra, 9 Lake Avenue, Framingham HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS Blanchard, Julia, Thompson Sfreef, Middleboro Bousquef, Carol, 6I Sfickney Road, Medford Brown, Carol, 54 Church Sfreef, Winchesfer Capodanno, Rose, I74 Fosler Sfreef, Ocean Bluff Casfellano, Barbara, IO Francis Sfreef, Waferfown Clark, Anne, 86 Jenney Sfreef, New Bedford Crockeff, Barbara, I44 Warren Sfreef, Wesf Medford Dalrymple, Hazel, I3 Maple Sfreef, Hopkinfon Denham, Judifh, I77 Beulah Sfreef, Whifman Dowgialo, Irene, 520 Summer Sfreef, Weymoufh Doyle, Margaref, 6I Beaumonf Sfreef, Dorchesfer Dube, Carolyn, 77 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wesf Springfield Farrow, Nancy, Poifras Avenue, Tyngsboro Grady, Mary, 3I Broadway, Lynn Hifchcock, Judifh, 28 Mayflower Road, Springfield Johnson, Elizabefh, I40 Whiffemore Sfreef, Leicesfer Kachadorian, Barbara, l52 Park Avenue, Holden Krebs, Anne, 2I Parkman Sfreef, Nafick Lane, Elizabefh, I4 Saxon Road, Newfon Highlands Lawlor, Joan, I04 Pond Sfreef, Wesfwood Leone, Angelina, I32 Crowley-Rogers Way, Soufh Bosfon McCaffrey, Pafricia, 529 Sunderland Road, Worcesfer McRae, Dolores, 38 Maple Avenue, Cambridge Minahan, Marilyn, 252 Old Connecficuf Pafh, Framingham Mullins, Mary, 6I Longfellow Road, Worcesfer Nelson, Marylyn, I43-26 Oak Avenue, Flushing, New York Nicholas, Helen, l6I Hillside Sfreef, Roxbury O'Brien, Maria, 5 Phillips Sfreef, Wesfboro Reen, Gerfrude, 57 Cliflmonf Sfreel, Roslindale Reidy, Marilyn, 43I Mill Sfreef, Worcesfer Rosencranz, Elinor, I5 Wesfbourne Terrace, Brookline Skudlark, Paula, Fargubar Road, Sfurbridge Wiley, Nancy, lI2 Highland Sfreef, Hyde Park SPECIAL HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS Bearce, Mrs. Alice, Bellview Drive, Mansfield Boofh, Sheryl, 22 Lakeview Sfreef, Arlingfon Kelly, Joan, 735 Highland Avenue, Malden Kelley, Thirza, 58 Lynde Sfreef, Gardner Walsh, Jean, I40 Roslindale Avenue, Roslindale VOCATIONAL JUNIORS Haley, Janice, 72 Jasper Sfreef, Saugus Hamilfon, Mary, Norfh Main Sfreei, New Salem McDonald, Marilyn, IO5 Waban Hill Road, Chesfnuf Hill Monfminy, Theresa, 29 Waldo Sfreef, New Bedford Nelson, Carole, I3 Broadway, Rockporf O'Brien, Mary, Marion Road, Rochesfer Poremski, C. Elaine, I9 Marvin Avenue, Franklin Reiniche, Pafricia, 75 Oak Sfreef, New Bedford Weaver, Sandra, 49 Sfonebridge Road, Cochifuafe ELEMENTARY SOPHOMORES Allen, Joanne, 28I Humboldf Avenue, Roxbury Ballou, Belly, I8 Upland Road, Waferiown Bernhardl, Marcia, 38 Beals Sfreel, Brookline Branagan, Palricia, I2 Oakland Slreef, Nafick Brandli, Carol, I I Dixon Avenue, Dedham Burns, Helen, 47 Chapman Slreef, Walerfown Carignan, Mary, 386 Union Slreel, New Bedford Chisholm, Barbara, I29 Eas? Plain Slreel, Cochiluafe Clancy, Anne, 398 Wallham Slreel, Wesl Newlon Clifford, Ann, I8 Dewey Courl, Norlhamplon Cooney, Nancy, I5 Gilberl Sfreel, Framingham Cooney, Roberla, 6 Shirley Slreef, Wellesley Cooper, Geraldine, B68 Pleasanf Slreel, Allleboro Couch, Nancy, 39 Kiwanee Road, Warwick, R. I. Crawford, Nancy, I2 Gorham Avenue, Brookline Crowley. Eleanore, 33 Hovey Road, Wallham Cummins, Anne, I73 Davis Avenue, Brookline Cuneo, Marilyn, I6 Winchesler Sfreel, Brookline Curlin, Rila, 96 Langdon Avenue, Walerfown Daharl, Jean, Williamsville Road, Barre Daly, Marilyn, 2 Langley Road, Arlinglon Deneen, Sarah, 3I0 Washinglon Avenue, Chelsea Dexler, E. Norma, 82 Wheeler Sfreel, Gloucesler Dowling, Elena, I87 Beacon Sfreel, Framingham Dwyer, Marie, 35 Skahan Road, Belmonl Fahey, Palricia, I02 Waldeck Road, Millon Flanagan, Marilyn, I25 Winchesler Slreel, Newlon Highlands Fleming, Janel, 333 Trapelo Road, Belmonl Fowler, Paula, l258 Brook Road, Easl Millon Galvin, Moira, 9 Fayelle Slreel, Newlon Gorman, Maureen, Main Slreel, Uplon Griffin, Judilh, I56 Park Slreel, Gardner Healy, Elinor, 3 Fairview Terrace, Wesl Newlon Henderson, Shirley, I69 Blossom Srreel, Lexinglon Hilyard, Elizabelh, 22 Arlell Road, Graflon Hobin, Barbara, I33 Chesler Avenue, Chelsea Jengo, Phyllis, 62 Halford Slreel, Gardner Johnson, Anne, 23 Cornauba Slreel, Roslindale Kenney, Ann, 78 Walnul Slreel, Wellesley Hills LaFauci, Johanna, 7 Clarence Slreel, Soulh Darlmoulh Long, Joan, 83 Rufland Slreel, Waferlown Lynch, Jusfina, 3 Concord Road, Marlboro Lynch, Rila, 44I Somerville Avenue, Somerville MacDonald, Failh, 28 Welles Avenue, Dorchesler McDonnell, Virginia, 9 Princelon Slreel, Newlon McDonough, Shelia, 25 McPhee Road, Framingham Mclnnes, Marfha, 20 McKinnon Road, Milfon Mellody, Mary, 400 Cedar Slreel, New Bedford Mongeon, Frances, 228 Worcesler Slreel, Norlh Graflon Nolan, Palricia, II Cousens Circle, Newlon Cenlre O'Brien, Kalhleen, I77 Lexinglon Avenue, Cambridge O'ConneIl, Terese, 96 Jersey Slreel, Dedham O'Keefe, Mary, I I2 Wellesley Avenue, Wellesley Hills O'Neil, Eleanor, 383 Arnold Slreel, New Bedford O'NeiII, Mary, I27 Worcesler Sfreel, Walerlown Quirk, Maryanne, 207 Goden Sfreel, Belmonl Ricci, Pafricia, B3 King Slreef, Walerlown Rice, Joyce, 7 Hardy Road, Wellesley Roach, Cecelia, 966 Cheslnul Slreel, Newfon Upper Falls Robinson, Elizabelh, 2I5 Grove Slreel, Melrose Rooney, Elizabelh, 36 River Slreel, Soulh Nafick Schneider, Judilh, 523 Washinglon Slreel, Brookline Shea, Mary, I2 Silverwood Terrace, Soufh Hadley Sheehan, Eleanor, Massachusells Avenue, Harvard Sheehy, Maureen, 93 Darlmoulh Slreel, Holyoke Surelle, Margarel, II9 Main Slreel, Wesl' Medway Szymanski, Barbara, Village Slreel, Medway Teir, Joan, 24 Nelson Slreel, Gardner Valakis, Lois, 85 Prospecl' Heighls, Milford Volpe, Joanne, Joyce Road, Wallham While, Carroll, 6 Cenlral Close, Auburndale Wieman, Virginia, 39 Percival Slreel, Dorchesler Winslow, Mary, III Farnham Road, Belmonl SPECIAL ELEMENTARY SOPHOMORES Gamarie, Marcia, I0 Fredrick Slreef, Norlh Adams Hall, Juanila, Crescenl Slreel, Slow Macker, Carolyn, Harfford Avenue, Wesl Upfon Offenback, Bealrice, 92 Harvard Avenue, Brookline Spray, Sfella, 579 F Union Avenue, Framingham Teel, Joan, I9 Linden Sfreef, Needham HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Adams, Simone, I5 Chrislopher Slreel, Dorchesler Allen, Pa+ricia, 5 Wellingron Slreel, Easl Brainlree Baldi, Virginia, 2I Slewarl Terrace, Belmonl Bernier, Diane, Horseneck Road, Darrmoulh Bussey, Judilh, I8 Winfer Slreel, Arlingion Cooney. Mary, BI Varick Road, Waban Cronin, Palricia, 59 Dover Sfreel, Worcesler Crump, Lois, I9 Saunders Terrace, Wellesley Hills Dame, Cynfhia, 586 Graffon Slreel, Worcesrer DeBeHencourI, Eileen, 57 SIra+hmore Road, Brighlon Denning, Claire, I52 Summer Slreel, Somerville DesRoches, Jean, 26 Phillips Slreel, Wes? Medway Driscoll, Gail, I688 Norlhampion Slreel, Holyoke Edson, Virginia, I5 Wilde Road, Wellesley Eral, Priscilla, 77 Phoenix Terrace, Springfield Farley, Joyce, 8 Brigham Road, Framingham Farrar, Joyce, I3 Huguenol Road, Oxford Ferris, Elizabelh, Winrer Srreel, Fayville Fleming, Eleanor, 72 Lowell Road, Winlhrop Freeman, Priscilla, Sandwich Frosl, Elizabelh, 54 Sainl James Slreel, Holyoke Geary, Mary, I I33 Beacon Slreef, Newlon Cenlre Gilberl, Ida, I9 Mayall Road, Wallham Girard, Carole, 40 Grenada Slreel, Worcesler Guslavson, Nancy, 62 Ledgewood Road, Wesl' Harfliord, Conn. Hayes, Mary, 46 Ainsworlh Slreef, Roslindale Hull, Beverly, 90 Norlh Slreel, Medfield Iacoboni, Frances, 3I Franklin Slreef, Leominsler Kazokas, Anne, Charfer Road, Wes? Aclon Kealing, Roberla, 469 Myslic Slreel, Arlingfon Keller, Dorolhy, 60 Clarkwood Slreel, Mallapan Kelley, Helen, 25 Cornwall Slreel, Jamaica Plain Kerls, Kalheen, 352 Tremonl Slreel, Brainlree Kinney, Jocelyn, 5 Norlh Slreel, Mailapoisell' Laing, Judilh, 39 Abigail Adams Circle, Weymoulh Laing, Pauline, Old Meeling House Lane, Norwell Larsen, Marian, 46 Brenlon Terrace, Pilrlslield Lyons, Maureen, IBBI Commonweallh Avenue, Auburndale McGinley, Ann, I3 June Sfreel, Worcesler McGinnis, Elizabelh, 57 Aldie Slreel, Allslon McGurren, Gayle, 2 Germain Slreel, Worcesler Murray, Palricia, I42 Firsl Slreel, Lowell O'Connor, Joan, 462 N. Washinglon Slreel, Norlh Allleboro Quinn, Charlofle, 35 Highland Slreel, Swampscoll Riley, Elizabefh, 64 Myrlle Slreel, Somerville Robson, Cynlhia, 54 Whifman Road, Longmeadow Ryan, Mariorie, 25 Beauview Terrace, Wesl Springfield Slanlake, Judilh, 445 Prospecl Avenue, Revere Sullivan, Nancy, 78 Dwinell Slreel, Wesl Roxbury Tanner, Nancy, Railroad Avenue, Rowley Thomas, Norma, 70 Norlh Main Slreel, Raynham Cenler Tighe, Palricia, II Anderson Road, Framingham Walsh, Ann, I Forbes Lane, Andover Washburn, Nancy, R.F.D. No. 2, Nelson Lane, Andover Zebal, Rulh, 64 Amory Slreef, Cambridge SPECIAL HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Belcher, Amy, 336 Websler Sfreel, Rockland Byron, Virginia, 50 Fruil Slreel, Worcesler Leavill, Carol, Easl Barringfon, New Hampshire Lynch, Barbara, 27 Mahew Slreei, Dorchesler SPECIAL HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Thiesfeldf, Marion, 23 Barreff Sfreef, Medford Tobin, Margaref, 7I Erie Avenue, Newfon Highlands VOCATIONAL SOPHOMORES Afkinson, Pafricia, 59 Chesfnuf Sfreef, Saugus Harrison, M. Priscilla, I7 Dunbar Road, Reading Hunf, Carole, Bosfon Road, Suffon LaCIaire, Marcia, Sfar Roufe, Monfague Mandis, Barbara, I25 Park Avenue, Arlingfon Moss, Virginia, 446 Cenfral Sfreef, Saugus Pearson, Janice, 26A Cenfral Sfreef, Byfield Randazzo, Pauline, 20 Nason Road, Saugus Sisfer Mary Tekakwifha, 863 Cenfral Sfreef, Framingham Thorburn, Marilyn, 454 No. Warren Avenue, Brockfon ELEMENTARY FRESHMEN Andersen, Nancy, 84 Park Sfreef, Wilmingfon Anderson, Lorraine, I0 High Sfreef, Framingham Auerbach, Irene, Il Newfon Sfreef, Bosfon Bailey, Ellen, 238 Berlin Road, Marlboro Barry, Rosemary, 27 Kingsbury Sfreef, Worcesfer Bassing, Pafricia, 4I Bowker Road, Walfham Bianchi, Regina, I3 Dominick Sfreef, Milford Black, Susanne, 264 Hollisfon Sfreef, Medway Bond, Janice, I20 Worcesfer Lane, Walfham Boni, Linda, 8 Oldham Road, Arlingfon Booker, Carol, 83 Highland Sfreef, New Bedford Brownell, Judifh, Il68 Harbor View Way, Nanfuckef Calarese, Alberfa, I03 Mendon Sfreef, Hopedale Canesi, Dorofhy, 248 Winfhrop Sfreef, Framingham Carney, Ellin, 57 Gale Road, Belmonf Carroll, Diane, 4 Roberf Road, Framingham Carroll, Virginia, 9 Johnson Road, Arlingfon Cepurneck, Luciel, 378 Eliof Sfreef, Framingham Chandler, Beverly, 62 Spruce Sfreef, Norfh Affleboro Cheny, Celesfe, I5 Lindale Avenue, Dedham Cohen, Elaine, I8 Founfain Sfreef, Haverhill Colacey, Beverly, Old Orchard Road, Sudbury Connors, Phyllis, I4 Crescenf Sfreef, Wesf Newfon Coughlin, Kafhleen, 84 Wilmingfon Avenue, Dorchesfer Curran, Claire, 955 Old Connecficuf Pafh, Saxonville Curran, Sheila, 22 Berkely Sfreef, Marlboro Daniels, Evelyn, 37 Leonard Sfreef, Walfham Dennis, Wilhelmine, 525 Counfry Way, Egypf Dias, Virginia, 28I Hollis Sfreef, Framingham Dickson, Sandra, 84 Fisher Slsreef, Walpole Dixon, Beafrice, Ruggles Sfreef, Wesfboro Donnelly, Grace, 2I8 Highland Avenue, Arlingfon Donovan, Eleanor, 29 Upland Sfreef, Dedham Driscoll, Penelope, IOO Milford Sfreef, Wesf Medway Eldridge, Sally, Main Sfreef, Dover Empey, Barbara, Main Sfreef, Sherborn Ferruccio, Cecilia, 249 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinfon Fisher, Rhoda, 22 Gowey Sfreef, Springfield Fifzgerald, Marfha, 208 Chapel Sfreef, Newfon Fleming, Mariorie, 72 Lowell Road, Winfhrop Foisie, Brenda, II9 Nehoiden Sfreef, Needham Galavoffi, Sandra, Middleboro Road, Wareham Gallini, Dorofhy, 9l Mellen Sfreef, Framingham George, Virginia, I3 Highland Sfreef, Framingham Ginsberg, Sandra, 77 Needham Sfreef, Dedham Goodlaffe, Doris, I75 Foresf Park Avenue, Springfield Gorham, Palricia, Box I, Williamsburg Granf, Kafhleen, 36 O'CohIaghan Way, Bosfon Graves, Lois, I32 Page Sfreef, New Bedford Green, Juclifh, I36 Warren Sfreef, Medford Griffin, Kafhleen, 83 Easf Main Sfreef, Ayer Hamilfon, Jacquelyn, Easf Harfford Avenue, Mendon Haskell, Joan, Pleasanf Sfreef, Nafick Haskins, Winifred, 32 Elinor Road, Newfon Highlands Headberg, Elna, II Gafes Avenue, Marlboro Healey, Mary, 397 Huron Avenue, Cambridge Hearn, Elaine, ISO Pleasanf Sfreef, Newfon Cenfer Hendsbee, Joan, I6 Verona Sfreef, Jamaica Plain Hefheringfon, Kafherine, 20 Chesfer Road, Belmonf Hickey, Cafherine, I Waring Road, Nafick Hifchcock, Lois, 92 Tremonf Sfreef, New Bedford Holmes, Winifred, 26 Fenway Drive, Framingham Hosmer, Sylvia, School Sfreef, Soufhboro Hussey, Joan, 23 Pershing Road, Newfon Hufchins, Carol, I4 Amhersf Road, Beverly Indrisano, Carol, I2 Peck Avenue, Wellesley Hills Jacobs, Miriam, 69 Rencelau Sfreef, Springfield Johnson, Edifh, I54 Trapelo Road, Belmonf Johnson, Jean, Middle Road, Soufhboro Kaufman, Judifh, 37 Homer Sfreef, Newfon Keefe, Lois, 80 Garden Sfreef, Milfon Kelleher, Maureen, I94 School Sfreef, Waferfown LaFonfaine, Kafhleen, 24I Read Sfreef, Soufh Affleboro LeBlanc, Beverly, IOI Francis Sfreef, Walfham Linfield, Nancy, 27 Porfer Road, Walfham Longley, Ann, I307 Soufh Sfreef, Needham Luippold, Judifh, IIO7 Wesf Sfreef, Walpole Magnani, Kafhleen, 5I Granife Sfreef, Ashland Mayer, Marylynn, 30 Websfer Sfreef, Wesf Newfon McConnell, Eleanor, II Ripley Road, Belmonf McKelvey, Maryellen, 6 Jerome Sfreef, Somerville McLaughlin, Joanne, 5I Clearwafer Road, Brookline McMannus, Joan, 26 Palmer Road, Framingham Merriff, Marcia, Main Sfreef, Norwell Milles, Mariorie, I2 Franconia Avenue, Nafick Money, Joan, 33 Sfevens Road, Needham Monique, Lois, 34 Miller Avenue, Framingham Morgan, Anne, I678 Norfhampfon Sfreef, Holyoke Moyihan, Mary, 4 Homer Sfreef, Worcesfer Mullen, Kafhleen, I4 Coffer Road, Waban Mulvey, Mary, 30 Elecfric Sfreef, Worcesfer Nazarian, Sonya, 5 Sferns Road, Waferfown Negus, Arlene, Brooks Sfreef, Upfon Normile, Pafricia, I4l Trapelo Road, Belmonf Palm, Judifh, 46 Phillips Sfreef, Wesf Medway Parsons, Kay, II Bluff Head Road, Sharon Paul, Carole, 234 Bacon Sfreef, Nafick Pepi, Joyce, 95 Pincushion Road, Framingham Pineau, Rifa, 24 Commonwealfh Road, Waferfown Pinna, Frances, I5 Mefcalf Avenue, Ashland Poffer. Chrisfine, I20 Brook Sfreef, Hollisfon Ryan, Corinne, 72 Walker Road, Swampscofl' Secord, Shirley, Downey Sfreef, Belmonf Selver, Beverly, 32I Cross Sfreef, Belmonf Seymour, Nancy, 26 Homesfead Sfreef, Waban Shaffman, Nancy, I8 Milo Sfreef, Wesf Newfon Shapiro, Arlene, 855 Dickson Sfreef, Springfield Shapiro, Mariorie, 62 Sfeadman Sfreef, Brookline Sharon, Maureen, 40 Grove Sfreef, Hudson Shaw, Barbara, IOO Massachuseffs Avenue, Springfield Shea, Joanne, I0 Wood Avenue, Framingham Slade, Marguerife, 22 Whiffier Road, Nafick Sfellafo, Lorraine, 2I Benfon Road, Medford Sfevens, Pauline, 64 Cypress Sfreef, Brookline Sfoll, Elaine, 307 Tappan Sfreef, Brookline Sullivan, Barbara, I76 Garden Sfreef, Fall River Sullivan, Joan, l062 Websfer Sfreef, Needham Tillman, Joan, 4I Shaker Road, Longmeadow Tivnan, Pafricia, 27 Raymond Sfreef, Worcesfer Varley, Kafhleen, I56 Myrfle Sfreef, Walfham Vodoklys, Virginia, I67 Hasfing Sfreef, Sfow Waldron, Mary, 88 Highland Sfreef, New Bedford Walsh, Janef, 40 Aberdeen Avenue, Walfham Wafers, Adeline, 4 Maple Sfreef, Ayer Wafson, Arline, 25 Marion Road, Belmonf Wegerdf, Ann, 34 Lowell Road, Wellesley Hills Weinfield, Marcia, IO3 Beaumonf Avenue, Newfon Whife, Befsyan, 24 Sheldon Sfreef, Milfon Wrighf, Janef, Woodland Sfreef, Sherborn ELEMENTARY FRESHMEN Ziel, Elinore, I0 Cunningham Road, Wellesley Hills Zophin, Diane, 66 Weslchesler Road, Newlon SPECIAL ELEMENTARY FRESHMEN DiPesa, Mildred, 52 Pearl Harbor Road, Framingham Grass, Calherine, I3 Park Avenue, Nafick McCormack, Shelia, 67 Granl Slreel, Lexingfon Plummer, Nancy, 3 Pollock Road, Cochiluale HOME ECCNOMICS FRESHMEN Beck, Paula, I4 Dighlon Slreef, Brighlon Beksha, Mary, I40 Sawlell Avenue, Brocklon Benson, Karyl, 905 Plymplon Slreel, Middleboro Blanchard, Janis, I2l Easl Main Sfreel, Avon Bolduc, Nancy, I6 Chandler Sfreel, Arlinglon Bosworlh, Judilh, 855 Pleasanl' Slree+, Framingham Brown, Enid, Kalama Road, Edgarlown Buckley, Maureen, 52 Boylslon Slreel, Jamaica Plain Canly, Jane, I5 Wyola Drive, Worcesler Carey, Sheila, 35I Crafrs Sfreer, Newronville Chevoor, E. Lorraine, 76 Purnan Slreef, Waferiown Chisholm, Judilh, I2l Clare Avenue, Hyde Park Cowhig, Jane, 60 While Pine Srreel, Newlon Cowell, Judirh, Main Slreef, Cumminglon Craig, Anne, 36 Pondview Road, Arlinglon Crisci, Barbara, 26 Prospecl Terrace, Leominsler Cronan, Mary Lou, I86 Slale Slreel, Framingham Crooks, Rhoda, Crooks Road, Norlh Brooklield Crosby, Helen, Wafer Slreel, Pembroke Currin, Sheila, I3 Sunsel Road, Walrham Curlis, Joan, P.O. Box 5, Island Creek Dalfon, Joanne, 486 Pearse Road, Swansea DiBa+lis+a, Jeanne, Sl Norlh Bow Slreef, Milford Dowling, Palricia. 6 Cily View Sireef, Worcesler Driscoll, Maureen, 3II Adams Sfreel, Quincy Dwyer, Dorolhy, 225 Park Slreel, Sloughlon Fihgerald, Nancy, 99 Lincoln Road, Medford Filzpalrick, Marlha, 54 Mayall Road, Wallham Flynn, Nancy, 48 Elm Slreef, Shrewsbury Folsom, Anne, 9 Brouers Avenue, Winlhrop Gallagher, Frances, 8 Bucknan Sfreer, Roxbury Garvey, Jane, 25 Plain S+ree'r, Nalick Gerrils, Mary Claire, 75 Moreland Srreel, Worcesler Giffleman, Shirley, 60 Woodrow Avenue, Dorchesler Grignaflini, Theresa, 60 Pleasanl' Slreef, Wellesley Haley, Anne, 97 Parker Sfreel, Newfon Cenler Haydon, Nancy, Rl. 6A, Wes? Barnslable Hayes, Eleanora, Norlhgare Road, Wesl' Newlon Hedquisl, Ann, 279 Cedar Sfreel, New Bedford Heron, Julie, 27 Howard S+ree+, Melrose Hindlian, Mary, I6 Irma Avenue, Walerlown Hourihan, Joan, I4 Dunsler Road, Jamaica Plain Kiley, Janel, I I Winler Slreel, Clinlon Lanigan, Mary, 9 Cleveland Slreel, Arlinglon Lavallee, Janel, 86 Lincoln Slreef, Marlboro Looney, Maureen, 20 Winlhrop Sfreel, Winchesier Lovell, Alicine, 75 Faneuil Slreel, Brighlon Luz, Ann, 95 Russell Slreel, Marlboro Makepeace, Sally, 22 Kenilworih Road, Shrewsbury Maloney, Sallyanne, I4 Holland Slreel, Springfield McNamara, Joan, 29I Providence Road, Farnumsville Morrison, Nancy, I88 Mechanic Sfreef, Canion Nicholas, Edilh, High Sfreel, Wesl' Duxbury Novilski, Barbara, I4 New York Slreef, Worcesfer Odione, Barbara, 266 Lowell Slreel, Wilminglon Pierce, Barbara, 46 Brookfield Road, Winihrop Pierce, Benifa, Box I49, Wesl Yarmoufh Renaud, Roberla, Anawan Sfreel, Rehobofh Rouleau, Beverly, I98 Fremonl Sfreel, Taunfon Sanloro, Denise, I89 Pleasanf Slreel, Brocklon Shea, Eleanor, l82 Hawfhorn Road, Brainfree Sheehan, Anne, 69 Hope Slreel, Allleboro Sullivan, Elizabelh, 45 Larchmond Road, Salem Sullivan, Noelle, 26 Prospecl Sfreef, Bradford Waile, Judilh, Box 59, Wesl' Yarmourh Welz, Ellen, I4 Derby Road, Walerlown VOCATIONAL FRESHMEN Bowen, Alice, I37 Boardman Avenue, Melrose Colpills, Jacqueline, 35 Lincoln Slreel, Dedham LaCIaire, Susan, 3 Summer Slreel, Spencer Miller, Janef, 9 Rounds Slreel, New Bedford Sfone, Barbara, 7I Pleasanl' Sfreel, Somersel Suflrelli, Judilh, I5 Fairmounl' Place, Saugus IRREGULAR VOCATIONAL FRESHMEN Cabral, Anna, Box I84, Walnuf Plain Road, Wesl' Wareham Rand, Virginia, I9 Marker Square, Lynn O91-T-EPB, 10 TW! r 1159441 l l K U is lad 415 f 'lsvrms-149 of '01, .- ii," E '59 V v ' ffl ' 'F ,gr , ' 13 "LIVE TO THE TRUTH" To reach your goals for fhis June of i957 once seemed an inferminable fask of accomplishment and yef wifh diligence from so many sources you have succeeded. The alumnae of Framingham offer fheir sincere congrafulafions on your graduafion, and exfend cordial wishes for your fufure. May if be one of professional, as well as personal, fulfillmenf. While reading fhis volume, you loolc baclc on your college years wifh fondness for fhe undersfandings affained, for The friendships gained, and for fhe innumerable incidenfs shared. Buf 'rhe memories will never be so sharp as on fhaf nighf when you form your own Friendship Circie as parf of commencemenf acfivifies. l-lowever, as you go your separafe ways, remember fhaf fhe fies you feel now will evenfually bind more sfrongly and fhey will find greafer ouflefs fhrough fufure service fo your college. The Alumnae Associafion, fhrough ifs numerous meefings for class, club, and general purposes, will always be a means fo fhe successful refenfion of all you hold dear af Framingham. Knowing fhis, we who have gone before open wide our hearfs and welcome you fo our ranlcs. ELEANOR F. WELl-S Presidenf, The Alumnae Associafion of fhe Sfafe Teachers College af Framingham HALEY HOMES, Inc. Members of Mulliple lasrauq Bureau BUILDERS and REALTORS Worcesfer Road, Roufe 9 Framingham Cen'rre TRini+y 2-I600 Builders of "WOODLAND HEIGHTS" in Hollision Visil our Model Home FRAMINGHAM CRAFT CENTER Arlisl supplies- Cuslom Piclure Framing 3 ARCADE Tel. TRini+y 9932: Complimenfs of THE NEW YORK STORE IO7 CONCORD STREET FRAMING-HAM CENTRE BEAUTY SHOPPE 96,3 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMING-HAM CENTRE TRAVIS DRUG STORE School Supplies, Cosmelics, Cards FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS TOM'S SHOE REPAIR 937 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMING-HAM CENTRE, MASS. GARINO'S Record and Music Sfore ZENITH, RCA AND PHILCO Television - Radio - Hi-Fideliiy Phonograplws bl CONCORD STREET. FRAMINGHAM Complimen'rs of THE B AND W LINES CENTER FOOD MART FAR!-EY'S JOHN GRELOTTI FRAMING'-'AM CENTRE 939 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. MASSACHUSETTS TRini+y 3-7333 Recommended by our cusfomers . . . SHOE sToREs KEN'S STEAK HOUSE FRAMINGHAM Open Daily - Holidays - Year Round o SHOPPERS' WORLD 3 TO I0 P.M. . NATICK Sundays I TO I0 P.M. Known for Famous Fabrics by 'I'I'l6 Yard Sporfswear Manufacruring Co. I-36 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Complimenrs of SUNSHINE DAIRY FRAMINGHAM FOIIOW Your SCHOOL ACTIVITIES in The FRAMINGHAM NEWS BEST WISHES CLASS or 7 May all your dreams and ambifions be fuIfiIIed, and may your Iurure be filled wirh Success, .....,f,: Zffffiiifififi.132523335 3 222555521 Good HeaI+I1, and Happiness. P T ' 5WP4'f?CF CQUOMTIQN r"'s 8 CONVENIENT OFFICES SERVING GREATER FRAMINGHAM Your N ez gbborbood Bank BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '57 MR. oncI MRS. WILLIAM M. E. MONAHAN AUTOGRAPHS "GIFTS FOR THE EXECUTIVE" THE ALBUM Records - Phonographs Greefing Cards SHOPPERS WORLD . . . LOWER LEVEL TRini+y 2-0309 E. B. RYDER 8: SONS CALDWELL 8: SONS MARKET Painfers - Decorafors Our Aim ls To Please You Improved College Dormi+ories Q alify Painfing for Parficular People Framingham Cenlrel Mass- BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS GF 1957 from 9 ' ' Go. SEA 8' SURF KATZ PHARMACY The Very Besi' in Your Dining Pleasure 765 CONCORD STREET ROUTE 9 - FRAMINGHAM FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TRzna+y 2-1800 GORDON MFG. CO. IOC70 Discouni 'ro F.S.T.C. Siuclenfs on regular merchandise Coa'rs - Dresses - Sporfswear - Sweafers FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Open 9 io 9 JOHNSON GORDON JEWELERS SHopPER.S RESTAURANT Diamonds - Gifis - Wafches Sferling Silver SHOPPERS' WORLD SHOPPERS' WORLD Sfudenfs' Spoi' for Work and Fun FRAMINGHAM, MASS. TRMHY 2427! Owner Al Zarella MASCIARELLI'S Complimenfs of Jewelry - Furniiure - Appliances BATES STATIONERY CO. 43 HOLLIS STREET IRVING SQUARE FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS TRMY 9-9624 FRAMINGHAM, MASS. I- FF. H Complimenfs of The LINCOLN STUDIOS Malden, Massachusetts PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS CompIe+e Phofographic Service for The l95I-52-53-54-55-56 and I957 DIAL BRETTS Luggage, Leafher Goods, Handbags, Jewelry, Giffs SHOPPERS' WORLD FRAMINGHAM, MASS. RAYFIELDS Framingl'1arn's Largesl and Leading Specially Slnop F.T.C. GIRLS ALWAYS WELCOME AT The Village Yarn 8: Tweed Shop FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Complimenfs of THE D and M SHOE STORE I FRAMING-HAM CENTRE FW E, -5. Q. ,T MILL END CENTER Headquariers for all your sewing needs IO8 HOWARD STREET, FRAMINGHAM TRini+y 3-874I "For Allin Favor of Fun" Skale ai ., THE ROLLERENA 'iso woncesmz ROAD x 'N TERAMINGHAM, MASS. .J 2 5 Paran-es - Lessons - General Slcafing BEST WISH ES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS THIS YEARBOOK PUBLISHED EY Og og 0gl"6Ll0A CO. A COMPLETE PHOTO '- LITHOGRAPHIC SERVICE Q , I FRAMINGHAM. MASS. AUTOGRAPHS ' 4 AUTOGRAPHS .F 'JI 31'- A " P75 'Yr J F I. J . . 'Ov-Ev't'1h.' O -',l ' J' ' r -y O J, 4 1 Q O 'Y J 0 Q? ea, ,l' . In , 4 . 'O 0 -4 I- O C t xt O 01' AJ" Q. , A, ,I 'Q 4,4 ol 'I Q rt I u A ' A , a u, ,4 5 1 0 fe ,y A x rt Q, I . u I ' ' ' 4 PM Y w n LW1. s I I Q lu .1 Jax' Mn u ' , 1 . lf' .. 1 1 . , r + I 14 11 N . If ' .1- 4 4 ' 5 Jian. KHAKI., Q AAL IIEIEIH I KV-Il? I 3' A -' x ii? O Q. O N V QGV Sw ' I l r 5 Q M fb M Q I 1' 1 E giuxgpdgmql , xt of .ff I T 1 4 P O I fn S LU if

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