Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA)

 - Class of 1954

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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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el i Q 4 Ft IQ'-" YN " P. in 5 .3 . Pj- Q: , ',1 w v. x i. , L x. K. 5 fi :V-A .E A rf F' ' ru! lil 3, if ' 4: ' 33' Q. . N ,.. af-. F. ,, "Lf: ' ff' s. -1 f-'Z , 1 1 1 1, ,. I I.. , 45' y I, I .. ..:e?, .. L, a 1? gf- . , n. k Ju Q, T 1 .V ,J . ax -. 1 6 f. . ., -4, xv 1 fi 'Q , A ' n Y J ' f ,1. ,f- . an .. . - , . x 5 xm- f ,'5 'f. , 5, Q, - A .fr-. N-f . .HQ ...,. ... - ,. . Q E .W-f. I., ' ' 'jT'r.. 1? Q' Q .', f-. .if J. .L4 .,,. Fix. ,, Yi' - .-., sw . .. ' 'FMZQKMK if-1" 4 .. -r .T-Hx. J. H I .-a-1 'f -L ' 1 A 1 ,,, . 4 . ,A .. , .1 N. 1 mx . .x,..' - . ' 1 2. 1 dk Sf!! A 1 1 , 4 x 4 I x r .P is Un 1 fl, .Q Z --7' x :Y ' 'w. ', 93' v HJ 3: M' . 'XA' '. 7 MA- -rn , .M awmlsn- m n THE DIAL I954 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS DIAL STAFF EDITOR CAROL NEE BUSINESS MANAGER VIRGINIA CAREY ART JEANINE HARBECK IDA TORO LITERARY MARJORIE WANZER SHIRLEY LAYCOCK PHOTOGRAPHY HELEN CROSHERE ELLEN O'HARE DATA ELEANORE SHARPLES ANN HARRINGTON ADVERTISING JOAN MQTEIRNAN ANN-MARIE McKEEVER Q SIC FOUR YEARS- SEEMINGLY INSIGNIFICANT, YET SKILLFULLY MOLDING THE VERY SUBSTANCE OF OUR LIVES INTO FORM. LET US EXAMINE OURSELVES. THE PLAN HAS NOT BEEN A SIMPLE ONE- IDEAS, PLEASURABLE HOURS OF EFFORT AND LOVE SPATTERED WITH MOMENTS OF DISCOURAGEMENT, DISILLUSIONMENT, MISUNDERSTANDING OF LIFE. AT FIRST DEPENDENT ON OTHERS, THEN A GRADUAL BI ZZILILF-Q COMMANDIN6 OF OURSELVES. BRINGINC-3 A FULFILLMENT OF EXPECTATIONS. IN US HAVE BEEN ETCHED IDEAS, THE WAY TO MAKE THESE KNOWN, AND THE SKILL NEEDED FOR ACTION. OUR REWARD-HARMONY, ACCOMPLISHMENT, SUCCESS. YET THE PATTERN IS ONLY PARTIALLY COMPOSEDg NEVER WILL IT BE COMPLETE. HERE HAVE BEEN WOVEN THE FUNDAMENTALSQ TO THINK, TO SPEAK, AND TO ACT AS INDIVIDUALS. WITH THESE FIRMLY IN MIND WE WILL MEET THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE. aff 1 N A s , ' ' " - ' t I In ,,.,v.,' ,'5.'. "Q-' ., ' ,n 1? P-'fg:fS.i'fiq,1f.,5'5 A ,Q , ' X 1. . X f' 'f'1Pi-5'-'lvfffz7.'1:"5',f'f",'-'.-S. ', , . f , ,, s -rw A . V -V . , .we M , 1 I in .,,-'.v141,,,',g,114-Y ,ifq . ' , , ' X L V ,I 7 1 .-. ,-5-gn' , ,. ,.1 , - . H V, 1, f- -' , Q V ,.,'.-,,.1:. :fy ':,,'I.I gk-It 5 . V lf' ggyjfh , , ysgggx -:,1'f.,'.'1' ef ' ' N U N i 4' ' ' l.,,'-f,1l'-".f"n:. .' - , ." " ' P 4 ', ' . " Q V, X fw J'--:,:""?"f'Ki:"EW Jtfuv-' " ' j' 'V w w X ,A fff ' :".'.7'Z.1Zff" .1,'-f.f'fff5'lfW 'J ' N W, -3f"+3M"'f'i3"' .- Yfi ',f."1f1:1'.:"Efft" -3 ,C ' ' -. 1.1.-1. fa-lypiw '.5'.,' , . ,.,,, , 2 .f7.fl"25'i' gi . 151x::',I5iijj"' ,Qi .f,g:,,a 'nf a' ..,f4.1'f'?T4!f?'?f5WB V m,,.J .fu ., qs. I ,,,p5S11, ,M 'W' 4.5 'ek' . X f, Q,5.3,,.1xwvff'2 ,V , , .,w,W-x.wgma .usmwilm mswmawcs , ,, 1. Q 1 ' ' w 1 w 0 , gvnsal- .ce"", .9 1 . , . 1. M -M y- .gi 2 sy- .9 xI""? Hs.--2' .1 ':f' x Wilw v s 'f wwf, M' . Q Fkwfigil . 1 43555 , xx .Z - - am. f-1-qayy - , x., ... ,L , I N N-if 4555 ,245 w, X -.w ze. . 1 5m v-W 1 . ' 4' 'fk'2xv ,,,1 , W A ,,,,A,Q X . - 'LY' M- fif7,,.:.v- ' ff?-N' 25:83 A "aria, ' ' , .HW im. ,F x X ' -A 'vu . , I . , . C Xzfgi - v 4 :.g . X b- ' , X 1 '.l10nl.aQ,,.,..!.. , , + - -1-a..a,,,5 t4 ' . , ""'!'1avro9 N X Q v HIDDEN HUMOR GENERATED HEARTY LAUGHTER. EVIDENT KINDNESS GRANTE US AN ASSURANCE OF UNDERSTANDING. TRUE WISDOM ESTABLISHED CONFIDENCE IN SOUND JUDGMENT. WITH THE ADDITION OF WARM INTEREST AND WILLING ASSISTANCE, WHAT COULD WE RETURN BUT TRUST, THANKFULNESS, AND LOVE. . 'fff 'JPL .REQ kg i' L ' f X li?g,lEv."'-.,, 5 mags gg ' I vs .JZ 'QM "' "' 4 w T325 iv: I' . ' YJ' vi 1 I 5 ,gy 'YA If X Nm W I Q v'fY I N ' Q MM X .v J' W I .,l A X 3 I s X . ' f ' X Vx :L V V Y I Y X II I J, s Q r .ff I In I J fs Fl I 'X N xx X .." r: I - - . I. . f I gf'i'f:f.4 '- I .IAA gy, . 'V' ' .Iq,.,,,',e Q ., U - -- MARTIN F. O'CONNOR A POETIC SPIRIT EXPRESSES ITSELF ON ALL OCCASIONS. HE IS INTERESTED IN EVERYONE AND IN EVERYTHING. EARNEST AND DEVOTED, HE REPRESENTS FAIRNESS., INTEGRITY RESPECTED, ADMIRED, BELOVED BY ALL. I wif I 5 . I . I I f' A I , ' ' 1 i , 1 Z, I Q .yvy W , , f -I ,TWNV.i,,,-.,...,g,7m.LM.:ww,,M,-72,li.?E2 I A f 4 A J 8 I ' ' g f 'W 1 , - S -' I ' DOROTHY LARNED HER FIRM AND CAPABLE HAND HAS GUIDED US AT EVERY TURN. HER KEEN MIND AND IMMEASURABLE WISDOM HAVE LED US TO UNDERSTAND AND BECOME PART OF FRAMINGHAM. . , l 5 ya, f-,. fly f ,'. 'H'- V 'A if ' " V .' , I lg. ,: . , , . 5 - Q -,,mfJ.,m5 gi, - , ,z ' ,X '-1 ' :3"l:r. V x. K4 ...lg U. Tl, -1, ,- .V ' .' 2 K ':?' . 3-g'C'1.'. ' . .. . w V -.. ..' ' .1 , . , A .,'- 4 3- K 1-W,--, . . . , ., H ,. ,,,, ,, ,.,, .., -. . ,, ,. ., ,V .. . .... .. . X , . .A t wr' -,,xjvV-3-.vj-,-.1 ., x , V1 1 ' V' . - ' , 5. vl'.j -M-..j,g3,:1.:j,, I. y.HZ,i. , 735 .-X-L, -'LM ,.' K1 A- UL- - , Y . . N- V- . i OUR VOICES ARE HEARD. WE SING IN HARMONY: IN STUDENT AFFAIRS WE EXPRESS OUR OPINIONS HONESTLY, AS WE STRIVE FOR UNITY, ACCORD. E Saunders, J. Frizzell, N. DaI+on, P. Perry REPRESENTING EVERY STUDENT, SCA PROMOTES UNITY. SOLVES EACH PROBLEM DILIGENTLY. E Saunders, MQ CI1isI'1oIm, J. Kenny, M. Piflield, C. George I TO AID IN DEVEL TI ,I THE COUNCIL FU or THE COLLEGE I JUSTICE :Ts FOUNEI I , I ALICE GLOVER B.S., Simmons College M.A., Bosfon UniversiI'y Ph.D., Bos+on College Professor of Physics Siudeni' Co-Op Aclvisor I I HI I, STUDENTS MAINTAIN PEACE AND ORDER THROUGH WISDOM AND SOUND JUDGMENT. I I i I ,PING CHARACTER, y y V - ,I ,V,. 3 pf ' L' ,rpg V O, , 4cTloNs AS THE voice -f Q , O y r .3 . , ., E :A. M 'mi f' , . .,., N - as f .Q E .1 I ., 'H ,,g...o,..x... ,, ' V l.i, AJ , K 2 5 M V '- w w, H. . f W, ,, - f x A 5- 4 he ff fv QSM Q 43416 Q W 4. ,, Q- f ,ff , :ATIONS E S E Q . Wagon' N F f V fr -H ' . 'ey ' ' fS'?w5"'i' , VS 'f,.1',fh. ww - iuizjfig' f, ff-, " .-if be .' , ks'-Q, ,Q , ' E. Fernandez, B. J. Graham, E. Sullivan, N. Quimby, E. O'Hare, P. Mclieown, M. Peierson, J. MacKay, H. Tracy, A. Hogan, E. Saunders DANA JOST B.S., Universify of MassachuseHs Ph.D., Harvard Professor of Biology WHERE COOPERATION IS THE KEYNOTE AND SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE. E. Mee, M. Chisholm, N. Quimby, P. McKeown, C. Courfemanche, P. Perry, J. Blancheffe, E. Fernandez, D. Fobes, B. J. Graham, C. Nee x , Q ga N L kg . . qw QQ Y Z ' 555 x 5 1 ' IMPARTIALITY, I 2' 5 af f N a N. Quimby, M. Chisholm, E. Sullivan, E. Saunders, H. Croshere, S. Wallrinshaw, M. Wanzer, P. Perry, M. Bu+ler, M. Delaney, D. Norris, J. Drinlcwaler, B. Rice, J. Kelley JAMES SAVAS B.S. Ed., Lowell S'ra+e Teachers College M.A., Music Ed., Columbia Teachers College Ins'rruc+or of Music, Musical Clubs Advisor CHOIR GLEE CLUB OFFICERS -'Z' IT' Wil? 5 B. Rice, N. Quimby HERE EAGER, TRUE VOICES JOIN IN SONG. RESULT-ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE AESTHETIC. GLEE CLUB ,.q,.?,,, ,7, ,Y PUBLICATIONS TEA CAMPUS NEWSPAPER-WHERE EARNEST AND UNTIRING JOURNALISTS WORK TO DEPICT AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF FRAMINGHAM. MARJORIE SPARROW A.B., Radcliffe College M.A., Wellesley College Associale Professor of English Galeposi' Advisor MARY MAI-IONEY , B.S. Ed., Worcesler Slale A Teachers College M.A., Clarlc Universily Assislanl Librarian LAWRENCE NEWELL B.S. Ed., Salem Slare Teachers College Ed. lvl., Bosfon Universily Ed. D., Bosron Universily Associafe Professor of Elemenlary Educarion, Supervisor of Praclice Teaching EMMA HUNT B.A., Wellesley College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Chairman of Elemenrary Commiilee, Assisranl' Professor of Healrh Educalion, Audio-Visual Aids , ! we f l l . - l 4, I . i X 5 I A MARY McGANN B.S. Ed., Worcesler Sfaie Teachers College M.A., Clark Universily Ed. D., Harvard Assislanl Professor of Psychology and Educalion I E s s ll P. Howe, G. Cronm M. Ryan, A. Doyle D. Deverauz, G. Kirk pa JUNIOR INFORMAL SECURING KNOWLEDGE IN THE PROFESSION BECOMES FOREMOST IN MIND. FOR THE FIRST TIME WE SPEAK AS TEACHERS- REALIZE OUR GOAL IS ONLY TOO NEAR AT HAND E. A. Sfarlcey, E. MacGarraI1an M. Geffings J. Appleion, M. Burlre, V. Sfeeves, M. A. O'Day, D. Caples, M. Lynch JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS M. Chisholm P. Monfminy R. Keady M. Nor'I'on M. Farrell, C. Pefronio, E. Hill, A. Temple, M. Doran, J. While, M. Burke, M. Callan, B. Kligman, M. Lynch, D. Caples, V. Sleeves, E. Marchioni, C. Bonner, D. Parefe, J. Applefon, D. Crowley, A. Frazier !'9h 17.3.4 Q'.,. :-1,3 .:,..,-:,,.4,- N.: ,4.1,z-.::,- ,. I" . U1 run "aI.x.11!- -.'f."ia.-,'.- ,5"!.1i.1L-"'1:r" T 1 5-, f 1 y JK. , 1 ..l . s N X . X w , .- 1 N K X xv. .- H x X- .w 1 , XM , x . , N w ,- 4 " -1 f-x,.X- H ,ww fl 'x '.-v - .fan ,. 1 Q Q 1 v .MM-V . .- K, - -. ,, . i, , . W ,. IA, .h ,,,., . . . OUR HANDS BECOME SKILLED, ALLOWING US AS ARTISTS AND ARTESANS TO EXPRESS OURSELVES FULFILL EXPECTATIONS. MAY DAY RUTH R. HERRING B.A., Universi+y of Delaware M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universily Head of Ari' Deparlmenl' Associale Professor of Ari 1 SPRINGTIME IN THE U. S. A." ' THE CULMINATION OF ALL OUR EFFORTS AND IN BEAUTY ONLY TO THE OUTSTANDING I ' .-wah V WW alll , , -. A 0 'WM , V 1 w,vV Q f V , Wi f V KA ,I , ' HTALENTS. HERE WE CREATED PAGEA VZCOURT AND LOVELY QUEEN V W W J V1 ' w I V NTRY SECOND ,.A ,. is wh- ,1 A ' AI' X ,Q 1 .' " ,. fy, V A ' ' " , . 'r ' ' .. Q I , 1 ' 'A'-...3' 'kv.. ' V - " V J . 51 ,. J-'iii fin. ',,,?'1'3,22L," I V , " -VW ' 4- "H L47 ffl"-' - 1" :. JMC? V V , . ' .1 1. -1 L -, V,wm?,y?s 1 A ns ' ' .M ,A Q' W .L Q. Av ?gE ww 4 M , 1 fx, r J- -. lx 'f?"i',, if Sf Va. 1 V ,Q -un "' M -,qv--4 If if . -' M me 59 5 ' , 4: , 7 .54 1 -' ., V aw -V 1- H ,,,, N x, A-' 4 Q . 5' V mv Q-ff .f "i""""' z' ff? .AZ QW' 7 if -fy.-3 ' T7 , :nw 51: ' " ' . V- my kr 1 ,I ,vw 1 .,:5? ,j?1l,., hi Q . , 1, 5 If . ., ,, A .N 1 V V Lf' V 1 wg ' Vfh www uw a 3 1 A f 4? ' QQ M 255, 5 I 1 , - , ' " " V'-fv ,fnigl X 'V-f5.A,.,g, .. , V , 41 " f, L-, ' - Vp V wif: ,fjuh ,, 1 X , X A up My mm z Uf qiu HEX MEFWM , Y f 3. I 5 ,., . U- ,.V . V MW. ,V wg V, .,, , .,,,V , V, ,,,'y, . 'SV 1 AV, .V V, g , I' Q V if , 1555.1 ii. , ,,,,A.., -V , ,Sag ,V,,s5fZf,'L5Qg Hsigigiq V ,ffffmf V, if-,Q JM, A, ,I s-,HV pau V -V VV 2- V ' 2 f- "az - - 'f'1j,Q , 1 - VV , V V. ' ' +,J,V . I - . Vp wif-Y' wif: fi Vw ' V-f1""V. 4 fp, Zag H -. 4, iff: V ,, V ' "Y, ,V ' 'T' ' iff' Wffdf?-,'f ,Q-' pFV4Vf"'iQ, V . ,' " ' " is ' fm'9.::., 3 V! '- -Q3 , VV ' - .70 f M.. ' V V , ', Nh., E, if 'Y' 'fvfa . .2 ".V, -, -1,3 2, nf kJ4?Q2g7f,-Q, riff-wail V iff Tlflmv- V. , VV ,Q :guy ff-fn' -42 f V V V VW? "1Lf'1fV?ggf:nVs, .-vi-V' efwgfsg V V V .. fm V' X , -. f x?'xf..V ,fffu f- . - V 'AV :V V-:sf:V,"VPV,V .V V- L , V V I , , , ,. f Tiff :il ,f?.h:,:,Ec,E-5,tE.,, ipdfl.. fi. V? 'VL ,A ,b 3 W r :A wily! 1:5515 ,ijljjlljkgw Qin? -M k En! Q, x 5 I " iff , 21' ' ifgg vw My ami? V1 Q., , , V, :uri . lf kg "ff . if ,f'V,f5Y:3fQ'ff'iiij,.'GS5g14!3H:L"7"N"3fA2'2Vf'+W??5'g --Vw. ' V' X 1... Hyam:-V ' Kiwi-'--wV2' . 1 . M. 'f 1 V' 55.2-ff 5'-Tp' H .Viv 4- 1 ' .1 1213- -,Jwf 1 V l V 2 'V' V712 'fi 1 vih 1 aff! 'fgxf' ' sf.-w QF- Vy-' V V ' .V 4 'VV' V? 1 V'V'g-f-.m-X-1+i.- ' ri 1V V MQ. .??f?"i',i'-if 5,54 933 MH qi. , sm , i, , ": iw ,N V, ,V www ,V V, ,. ,,,:.-,V -?V+g,sV,,-.,.-:mm ' f',5g,4A1fVgvg'fV,fmr'"G W WVV1'-VS. n fu' 'W,1f4'rf,,f,,f.ef'43,-JV,Ei.-fjxffw -:uf V. Q R ,V V f J, fm'ff'F25"fV:mi?"'7V- .V-'11-W .tgfgffa ITV.-VV.G.4i,wEMf???gP'?u 15fAf.fs:zi:i1.4,-Hi V' l ,V ,,:Vz.i. , yyzgw uf '-'Vicki ' V71 -1 .' A'-2 .f-453, V iii.. si SOPHOMORE OFFICERS 5: M. Dee, J. Corcoran, M. Poole, ' P. Falloni J. Saxion, J. Burchill, M. Daley, M. Fosler, N. Tracy, J. Corcoran M. Hoag BERNICE TAYLOR Graduafe Sargeni' School of Physical Eclucaiion B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universify M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universi'ry A.M., Bosion Universiiy Direc+or of Physical Eclucaiion Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory -..f-n,,sNAs.,,h A i y 55 ,..e.,e,,,..,.,.x,, .,,, 5 W A "PI 5" 2 K gg' ,C ff Q v 3 fi ii'ilfiif,: A f -1, 5'-v J 1 ' , ...,-. -A A """' - V i.'ff15., . 3. 'wif 'f'1:.:,'I-I, 1. Yr - fi .-.uumfm -df". " H T- STILL EXPLORING, WE ATTEMPT TO APPLY KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS GAINED THUS FAR D. ScoH, A. Turbin, M. Krisioff, J. Hampe, P. Kilgallon, J. Jenlcins, B. Pafriclcs, P. Power, P. Delahunf, A. Higgins, P. Quinn, J. Green, G. Sweeney, N. Carney, C. Sco++er, J. Kenney, C. Gagnon ls. v r ELMER w. SALENIUS A.B., Boslon Universiry l A.M., Harvard Universi'ry Ph.D., Boslon Universify Assisfanl Professor of English ancl Hislory Class of I956 Advisor Dial Liferary Advisor i WORKING TOGETHER BECOMES AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR LIVES. l GOALS ARE MORE CONCRETE. ! M. Callahan, C. DeLa'lhauwer, M. Borrelli, M. Cashman, B. Connerny, H. Curling, K. Lodge, M. Powden, M. Fahey, S. Donnellan, L. Slodden, H. Malloy, J. Galvin, D. Lopes, N. Norman, N. MacDonald, M. Thompson, M. MacDonald, C. Hill, P. McGovern, J. Dewire, B. Wilmon+, M. Fihgerald, M. Holf, E. Hamm, J. Ahearn, J. Johnson, J. Wilson, J. MCC8ffhY, E. lgoe, P. Hilliard, M. Hayne, M. Nigro l i l l 1 1 i l I. i I R. Kosliclr, M. Buclzly, R. Margardo, M. Scribner, C. Blaney, P. Carly, B. Maher, E. Cooney, M. Hurley, P. Falloni, N. King HORACE MANN HALL q - MISS JOHNSON Q OFFICERS M. Dee V 'Q E' V 1 M. Powden ? ""' if ' Q luvv . . ' :,- V I , -.F f ' ' Q N. Tracy .s-r, ' j 4-B., we ,7 , V . -...,,1,,, Y 1. gf L.. M XMAS' Kfq D. Coleman, E. Olsen, J. Canning, A. Ful+on HARRY S. BROUDY B.A., Bos'l'on Universify M.A., Harvard Universify Ph.D., Harvard Universi'l'y Professor of Psychology and Philosophy X y, , ' n ' U ,- ANNA BILLA . B.S. in Ed., Framingham S'ra're Teachers College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universily Insfruclor in Clolhing, Texiiles CATHERINE M. DUNN B.S. in Ed., Framingham S+a+e Teachers College lnslrucfor in S+uden'r Teaching, Household Equipmeni' RUTH E. CORRIGAN B.S. in Ed., Framingham S+a're Teachers College ABILITIES ARE DEVELOPED, SKILLS ACQUIRED THRU DAILY EXPERIENCE. HERE WE PRACTICE AND LEARN TO APPRECIATE TRUE FAMILY LIVING. T. Roy, E. Leach, A. Bliss VOCATIONAL HOUSE I I E 2 I S I I I I AGNES M. HORNBY B.S. in Ed., Framingham S+aI'e Teachers CoIIege M.S., Syracuse Universiiy Head of Vocaiional Household Assis'ranI' Supervisor of Teacher Training in Household Ar'rs Educafion CROCKER HALL WHERE EACH ASPECT OF LIFE IN THE FAMILY IS LEARNED AND APPLIED. W "f My DOROTHY STEWART B.S. in Ed., Framingham S'ra'I'e Teachers CoIIege Iv1.S., Cornell Univers'iIy Assisranf Professor of Ins+i'ru'rionaI IvIanagemen'f OFFICERS E. Sprague K. O'Connor M. Kiley J. PrescoH RUTH SCHMITT B.A., New York SIa're College 'For Teachers a'I' Albany M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Ins+ruc+or in Speech HiII+op Players Advisor I-IILLTOP PLAYERS OFFICERS E. Ivlee J. MacKay E. Schmifl E. Buckley 'I vw- .1 , ,..r ,Jag ,x T , 91 1 F aw, . W? 4 14 is .M , 15 X., is zf , haw Q1 kill feng, ff Lil . ff .FIAT f gf ' '24, 5 f X? .L W ., STAY' 'wx Qs f y I' in, . 3 ' 'f 1 A 4 zf, 'EY . .5.ff'ff': -f L15 -I' WHERE DRAMA TAKES THE LEAD AND ALL INVOLVED AGREE THAT "THE PLAYS THE THING B, . f ."'l -U,-1, .y . 1 hivli ,- x -Q gr. . .UNI .1f,., -.-,. " l' .- Zl- . 'ff' . . ,.x'.:Q' . ' L., I fag- 2 ,.:., ,H- x?,. .lc N-Ifsgi ff' 'Q'-WS, ..: -: :3 t, f , , 5. , " 'f Q , .-:iff .e'f QL' 'sfii' V. X fs' ' L, 3. I '.- V 'z -, Q . : X V ' .-, ,H. if . ' '.1', Fr I -I . 11' V. I 1 ,x - f f I ,1,f,,A,, f 1 f .,,'f,, , ' . ,,, J 1 f ,-.1 JM 1 1 X x , . . 1 ' 'Q 'VG . 1 , if ' ' Kva ifil' i 72' 42' V A Q hh H if, ff . . . A,wgwv'difi! N 6 , .X 1' ,- , if xmqff'-'fH'i gf nf ma!" " .-i,-1f'ff,,,.4fM-M Q -f 3 1 ' 15' ' ' ,My 1, iff 7 21 45 mx X Q, . 5151 255531 if faswwffi 4 f v 4'-52"-13' , fs ? I A., 5 , 14 I ax 51 I SI QI 3 I I II Q. I I I I I I I I II' I I I WITH THE ADDITION OF MANY AND VARIED ACTIVITIES THE PATTERN OF OUR LIVES BEGINS TO TAKE DEFINITE, CONCRETE FORM. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION--M. Callahan, J. Blanclwelle, J. Brennan LIVELY SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS UNITE SKILLS, INTERESTS, ENTHUSIASMS- AID IN ENRICHING FRAMINGHAM. ANN MACKEY B.S., Sargenl' College Ed. M., Boslon Universily lnslruclor in Firsl' Aid, Physical Educalion A.A. Advisor - .W , , -Q, X 'GS FRATEACO CHAIRMEN-C. George, R. Keady WHERE SKILLFULLY COORDINATED TEAMS DEMONSTRATE THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP STUART B. FOSTER B.S., Universiiy of Massacl1useHs M.A., Columbia Universify Pl1.D., Columbia Universily Professor of Chemislry, Nuiriiiqn Commulers' Club Advisor COMMUTERS' CLUB-S. Fifzpalriclc, M. Moore, J. Appellon, J. C HERE THE DAY HOPS ASSEMBLE AND SETTLE PERTINENT PROBLEMS. COMMUTERS' COOKOUT DORA HARDY PEIRCE HALL-M. Kannally, V. Shea, E. O'Hare, M. E. Cronin MISS NEWALL FRESHMAN ORIENTATION WEEK-END THE CLASS OF I957 MEETS FRAMINGHAM. THROUGH PLEASURABLE HOURS OF MAKING NEW FRIENDS, SHARING EXPERIENCES, THE FRESHMEN HAVE THEIR FIRST IMPRESSION OF COLLEGE LIFE. I -ill- . ' I in I -.xx , E JJ V1 SSW af' K " 'S r 6 'P' FRESHMEN-B. J. Graham, M. Hamillon, B. Turner, P. Hood X. L. Bryan+, M. Mahoney, A. Collins, R. Sheppard, M. Hamillon, P. Hood, B. J. Graham, G. Crosby, M. Kelleher ' 325425. vm, x W., , Y' "Q fl 1 iff' fl ,f NY. 5.3392 3 V .wa rmvfvf. rg J!- ' 'f y' 'x A a , M ,4Q..hQ'lS'l lff, , if 3 -,,, f 5, , Y A 'J' lfmvl eea' M A,r- 5' W l v , V j Rf W fl ,, A. Meliniclri, E. Noonan, M. Shorl, P. Kenney, E. Foley, M. J. Macaione, V. Economou Fw" D FRESHMEN-M. Kelleher, M. Johnson, A. Turpin, A. Lombard, M. Callahan, J. Dilworih, F. Ahern, E. Hynes, C. Rowean, F. Boyle M. Madden, N. Trainer, J. Shasegreen C. Coogan, M. Foley, M. Peierson, M. DiLibero, F. Andrews, M. Tobin, T. Mesqui+a, B. Bell C. Kaye, P. lnnis, F. Kane, P. lngoldsby, J. Drinlcwarer, B. Shea, C. Moran, E. Crean, E. Slallery, J. Anihony, M. J. Doyle, B. Bri'H', J. Shannon 'far . if ef. 523 ll ff? Mr. fi W l -T il .v .ll 1 u. ll Q, .lr 'I -ll 1 121 Il .Jw rl ll 'Il Rl 1l l .gl l L n . ,, ,l Ja , l 71 fl, -Q fl I I il l ,li I .1 l f. E Fl l -f l l -l E 5 I 4 I 5 l ,I l .lr '1 s ee el , .li fl B. Bullock, J. Blancheffe, E. Horrigan, B. Turner, J. Murphy, E. Mannos, M. McCar+l1y, E. Harris UNCERTAIN, BEWILDERED, WE ARE EASILY MOLDED AND FASHIONED. UNSURE OF GOALS, WE ARE ENTHUSIASTIC EXPECTANT, EAGER TO SUCCEED. C C g A. Hanlon, M. Coxon, J. Arsenauli, M. Foley, M. DiLibero, J G l 'l' J. Lieberg, J. Quinn, F. Andrews, M. Pe+ersen, M. L. er, P. Milnes, R. Sheppard, S. Wallcinshaw, J. Sullivan, n J. O'Brien C. MacDonald M. L. Kiley SENIORS FORMALLY PRESENT THE FRESHMEN TO THE FACULTY. HERE THE FRESHMEN BECOME ACQUAINTED WITH THE UPPER CLASSMEN. JUNIOR-FRESHMAN PARTY FIELD DAY WHEN FACULTY AND STUDENTS SPEND AN ENJOYABLE AFTERNOON COMPETING IN THE MANY GAMES AND SPORTS. Buckley, B. Leclerc, J. MaIIar OFTEN UNNOTICED, UNRECOGNIZED, THE STAFF WORKS BEHIND THE SCENES TO PRESENT A SMOOTH, EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION. . gf - 'I FRANK 7, WITH ORIGINALITY, HUMOR, AND BEAUTY, CLASSES AND FACULTY STRIVE TO DEPICT FRAMINGHAM- PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. FACULTY I955 ' I957 V ? l956 1 L 1- 1 1 3 1954 ' 1 , i +P' X 12' ,, E fl W 3' ff It :? U 4 I 51 IDEAS AND BELIEFS ARE ETCHED IN US: WE LEARN TO THINK MORE CAREFULLY, YET QUICKLY. EFFECTIVELY. 2 2 i 5 Z 2 n , S 2 E f Z ' 2 ,- vf,fV,'. ' - ' f,V 1 , ,fV '. U V ,-,lf 9. ,: A , V V , , 1 '- fx, '., .r9l,.r.'-,, L ,.l V, ..,. 1.-In Ii. V V .,' "V V , A in -V ,. JSE, A ,I V V., ,MV ,, I I .I VI x.Vv,.', 1.1, . f-,A , , .14w. " "' ,..Vf1,1, iw.,-' ,, - ' ' n.1- 3VfV. 1. 'V' 'V' . .. X V, p I., ,. ,V.. V. V, V, X , VV . ,, .V , ,V .,..f,Hl6:.-J. V .M , ,,, ' VV.fV' 4, f f V.. . fc ' , -., ':- ,, V "1 ,'ff',, .' V ' VV I , . fn- , ,,', HV 1,,,f.1-, V.,- f 1,-, fx . 3, " A .. I V,,, ,. , , , . ',, ,fr , ,I . ., V V, ., A ,..y. V V V , 4,V A-fl 5 11. VV'V ,V rl V',V V, .. .3 ,JV Lf 'ww 1: , 3 V ff , ' fl' V- .' Q.: f V ,,. ,z,- ' ' V, ,,, . .1 I V V V , .V . 'Vq 11 -, 1- . 1 ,Vl,VV 1 - , , - . . , ., ,,V,-Vf, .. , 1'-.' - .- wp, .,. V . , , ., , , . , I VV V. ,,f-.V .15 VV V, V ,I ,V,. ,. ., , 1:,,,.V,f, . 1 - V V, 1,-1. 1Vq', ,. ,,-:,,.V,f - , L., . ,, ,V fVf.."1V. ,V V ,f,. ,, ., V' V, .VV.l,. - . THE "Y" ENCOURAGES THOUGHT, BRINGS RELIGION TO ALL, IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE OR CREED. FLORENCE GARDNER B.S., PiecImon'r CoIIege I'v1.A., Teachers College Columbia InsI'ruc'Ior in Science, MaI'InemaI'ics I, , 3QIg 4'9Q rl .fed -x 4.,' is' IIII' I fda 9 'U Iv, f i is Sz ,Y , ,f Q ". II," 52626 Hgfga Imam 'I Y.w.c.A. OFFICERS MOONLIGHT MOOD Z4 W :X Q3 I 7 i I 19 'N i HQ V . ., , , :sz ' W if ' ' L F, ,MA T-, 541- "1 .-A' H T B . , f, , - , .R nf., A 5ig,.T.,l,i, -. .3 ,- M .x jf ,Q f , :fi 1 ii - a.-Tfiwgq Q35-ig. -' . X F 4- . nfs x Q Q 3 S ffsiazfibalw 141 5 A? 2- . T fvijx' Q-urea-wan' iv- ggwf3f1i?AM -1. . ,mg fx wg 5 ff 1 5' , ix ww? 5,15 :kQQiYffQ3i,'1Y-5 x A 5 , w3'fi,, 'gfeislfl Fi V A .. X .X .L -.m Q.. ' T wx 'N ex , XJ ws-Sf +.4. , xA, X' yifgf -. S TQ QW if 2:52 nf 1 ,aigqi .gil .,:g' , xg E33 Q g,,g,ge,5f.,z,l51 . fm. -Q 4 A ' im EN, W flbi x MF 52. W 'QS 12 'wx + X ,V :HTL rim-W 2- , ff gi W 'X ,Y - Q vw w -N f 4 3 . 1- M,-ff ww' ..,k-"W:-Elf: 1 U X ' .m,,'.:f,v,f -1- ::f",::t ff". If-ig' 'V+ 'f I 3 v , ' " 1521. fr' 4--mwfiif 'H . 5.3, Ewa 51 , ' T T S- Q 55. N . . v A 5, M. 0.6, M 9 gg L, . , ,Q , Q A - ,xg 'f 1 ya X .9 . J-:iiv -. my V W f. 1 X . - 4 , ,ggksmf mam .. X'si,w F- j E Y 2 T' " wx,f,, ssh. -A .NN xf L:-T 1 m.x..xWw if 4 1 53 V-.X-W - fy .W A mf F :S my-., ,Q gi f f. Aff fm 'A 'T A ' M' "W -g T N - i,-f , Z? 534 ' 'L :ESF ,S f f .Q .:., 2 .5 ,, , Q ,. mf-,N--V fb 4.5, ,is -:N ag A, Q .f 4.-:Q ...,, xv 2 A '- ' -"' ' Q gk WRT? AWS? YK ., , ,, H ., , T:-,: w Q av W, aw p: 4 ---. ' ugly : Q -4 'P 2: . ,fr ii., G v' 'I S ' W gag, if K 'ge L if 2 xi S T if S" ' 1 L L, m X + A ' wi, W in an xv H. 32 Q , gg if NX S I 5 R: f ,gf L Q? I f L A gi? if , 5 N .5 S X f 5 A Y Q fig 5 2 X K 2 ' Q 'Q Siva ' ' Mg? E L 1 S 1 . 4 f Q ff X 1 1 1 , 1 2 Q vb, X Q 4 ,, , .. T ff' , Q 3 , Q f p s ,. sf r 3' J Q4 , xl w N C f ,. , K+ f r s as 1' af M 1. 4 X A ji Q I 5, fi 6 w ww I 6 I 4 . ..,,, , .. , j3,?,Sfh??i5g 'fijifffilf 'S FUIFZ4., S1-2...Exf ..' iff?-:,: ,A E ,, ,.., . , 4.,1:L,ff.k-::..f .,,if,,,.,.I,y5+:. ,--5 TO FIND NEW IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS AT FRAMINGHAM, BETTY JO REPRESENTS THE COLLEGE AT ALL N.S.A. CONFERENCES. fs' ' LLT1 ' 13, 2572555 ,se Q- Qwf 52,'.M4.:i 2 Q gf , , A -M ..-Www 4 W, W Y' W , , 1 - . .- fnxzmvwmwmwnwmmyfw wmwwmmmpn-1 ANTICIPATING OUR NEEDS AND DESIRES, OUR COLLEGE STORE FUNCTIONS AS A SERVICE ORGANIZATION. I ' far- S22-. jg.. HELPS INSURE FULL ENJOYMENT OF TI-IE LIBRARY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE MIND. .Avi 1 IL , ADA SHAWKEY B.S., Universiiy of PII'i'sburgI'1 M.LiH., UniversI+y of PiHsburgh AssociaI'e Professor of Geography I I I I I I I LIBRARY COUNCIL-N. Norman, B. Wilmot J. VogeI, P. Mon'rminy, E. Brillanfe I I x .Q Q N4 . u . 1 Q2 L a Qs. f . Qs x THROUGH MERGING OF VOICES, SKILLS, ACTIONS. IDEAS, OUR PURPOSE IS ACCOMPLISHED, THE PLAN OF OUR LIVES COMPOSED HOME ECONOMICS CLUB--M. Sfraw, G. Kirlcpafrick, E. Fernandez, J. Sax'I'on, J. McTIernan, C. Nee, E. Pairick, B. Paren'Ie, E. Sullivan, M. O'NieII, V. Carey, K. O'Connor, B. Whipple ,, . , ff ,x - my ,A V -,M rf 'f 's X' R, .g if ' ' I WA" x . ' .11 I l I 5 ,,.-- I f l- MARION MACDONALD ' I f, . ' , X, Graduafe - Framingham A SIaI'e Teachers College V al" v f B.S., Bosfon Universilfy I L A.M., Bos'ron Universi'Iy QQ - - W ,,. . Ins'I'ruc'ror m Clolrhmg, 5 5 Home Furmslwmgs f... Q ,I Home Economucs Club Advisor fliq- ff? i Ag ' lf A sf BRINGS THE HOME EC. STUDENTS TOGETHER AND KEEPS THEM INFORMED ON CURRENT HOME ECONOMICS PROBLEMS. P.I.E. XMAS PARTY VERA HEMENWAY B.A., Wellesley College M.A., Wellesley College Assislani' Professor of English P.I.E. Club Advisor M THE PROFESSIONAL CLUB FOR ELE'S WORKS TO MAKE ALL PARTNERS IN EDUCATION. DAVID BERGER B.S. in ECI., MassacI1useHs School of Ari' M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Ar+ Assis+anI' Professor of Ari' Dial Advisor OUR YEARBOOK. A REPRESENTATION OF FOUR YEARS AT FSTC. MADE POSSIBLE BY THE DETERMINATION AND DEDICATION OF MANY. 4 ll , 'Z '5??bw's5w, w QSQV' , ' ' xx f :':' ' f .wjgnf..1e,, 1 T f' ' 1 ' f- V s ELEANOR CHASE B.S., Universily of Massachuselfs M.S., Universiiy of Massachuse'Hs Ph.D., Columbia Universiiy Professor of Chemis+ry 5? 53 Q3 4 fi S , 3 2 s 3 is ,Www - 7'377vf5Si X-'z ffh 2' X ISCVW 'QM 5 V f 'TK-L sw ' ' ,, . FY ef Q ,E ,,..,, ,Q ,ll 'A ess 5 A gf RWM fk ,sh ,K Mfgw wgfwwmnlsw My 'X' MARY O'CONNOR B.S. in Ecl., Framingham Siaie Teachers College M.A., Columbia Universily Inslrucior in Foods, Nulrilion ul lla fa. MAY TURNER B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universify M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universily Head of Home Economics Deparimeni' Professor of Home Economics Ecluca+ion ,-47. ,N - ' ,P ,ny-T. ss g Q 3 SENIOR CLASS-P. McKeogl'm L. Hughes F Donagher A Hogan - 'lx MIRIAM RILEY A.B., Emmanuel College M.A., Boslon Universily Associale Professor of Hislory Class of l954 Advisor I l l r S T v THOUGH HESITANT AND AT TIMES UNCERTAIN, l 1 T WE ARE READY TO MEET THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE. A nl 2, Sl lf 1 T --l 2, l ll I xl l P , 5 l l l 1. ll M I 1,1 l El l l li T. ll ll 'Il ll EL l I ll 1 F , w , , ' ,: '-m,,,f,-fn, Aff., DEBORAH RUSSELL B.S., Columbia University A.M., Columbia University Associate Professor of Chemistry, Nutrition FLORENCE DORWARD B.S., Simmons College M.A., Columbia University Assistant Professor of Foods, Nutrition gg-ev HAZEL TAYLOR, RN. Newport Hospital Training School for Nurses Childrens Medical Center instructor in Nursing Arts, Resicient Nurse .. ,fx 'fi' X , 'S i 1 ,Q A Lv i -Aye 'vlbni wr 'A --. fqqglfk, Yak J .x ., Y :.? , ,,,?,,, 1, -r x r ' ... x ng Y v 'l 7 315144351 ,Q A A wk 1 I DANIEL HARRIGAN, JR. B.S. in Ed., Salem State Teachers College Associate Professor of Handwriting L .Asif , i 1 sm 'A i 3. , ', y ,V gf - V. ng Y . . 2 1 A 55,5414 'Ar 1: 59 :L sf 4 ..,.,, ,s , ' , - ' iv - f, w'U Mr2'4'?4fffs fwfw.: Q I V , ,Z .' f,ai.A,-w w. , . uae. 'wmevitaf if mm ggggizng-,r,frpi Q E f-F4 .f '- 1. A fl ' " 94252155-1 V mt ,rf .mg.,xw2,4,, 5 f T ' '-si. .ff MARGARET WALKER L B.S. in Ed., Framingham State Teachers College Ed.M., Boston University 4 Director of Teacher Training, Associate Professor of Education GLADYS PRATT A.B., Mount Holyoke College M.A., University of Illinois Librarian, Associate Professor of Children's Literature, Library Methods B S In Ed Frammgham S+a're Teachers College MA Teachers College Columbia Umversily Assrs'I'an+ Professor of Clofhmg Eclucahon ,af .ae-arf, W X - fl R' '46 RUTH RICHARDS MILLER A.B., Mounl' Holyoke College A.M., Bcsfon Universi+y Ph.D., Bosfon Universlly lnslrucfor in Family Relalions, Child Developmenl my 4-wr'f IN SOLEMN ACADEMIC ATTIRE WE HELP OUR COLLEGE TO COMMEMORATE ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF TEACHER PREPARATION AT FRAMINGHAM. WE UNDERSTAND MORE FULLY OUR ROLE, OUR PURPOSE. THE HANDS OF A SCULPTOR MOLD AN UNDEFINED MASS INTO AN OBJECT OF FORM, OF HARMONY, OF BEAUTY. SO WE, THE CLASS OF I954, HAVE DEVELOPED AT FRAMINGHAM FROM AN OBSCURE, UNSURE BODY INTO A UNIFIED AND MEANINGFUL WHOLE. SEPTEMBER I950-THE PROGRESS BEGAN AS WE WERE GREETED BY A SEA OF FACES, WERE CONFRONTED WITH NEW PROBLEMS, NEW IDEAS, THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MAKING OUR OWN DECISIONS. MANY TEAS INTRODUCED US TO FRAMINGHAM-TO FACULTY, CLASSES, CLUBS. INITIATION FOUND US EAGER, RECEPTIVE. IN THE CLASS OF I95l WE FOUND MATURITY, ACHIEVEMENT. WOULD WE EVER BE LIKE THEM? WITH OUR FIRST STUNT NIGHT WE GAVE IMPRESSIONS OF FRATEACO-PAST AND PRESENT. JUNE APPROACHED. OUR MANY ADJUSTMENTS HAD BEEN MADE. WE WERE FIRMLY ESTABLISHED AT FRAMINGHAM. SOPHOMORE YEAR FOUND US BURSTING FORTH WITH OUR EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. WE EXTENDED A OONFIDENT, WELCOMING HAND TO THE CLASS OF I955. A RECORD HOP IN OCTOBER SERVED AS OUR FIRST CLASS DANCE. THE SPIRIT OF YULETIDE CAPTURED US ALL. A SOPHOMORE PARADE THROUGH THE DORMS, CLIMAXED BY SOPHOMORE CAROLING AROUND THE CAMPUS, MADE THE CLASS OF '54 UNIQUE-THIS A CHRISTMAS NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN. ON STUNT NIGHT OUR SOPHOMORE WEDDING RECEIVED BEFITTING POMP. A MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR WAS BROUGHT TO A CLOSE WITH THE ANNUAL MAY DAY PROGRAM. "SPRINGTIME IN THE U.S.A." WAS AN EXPRESSION OF ALL OUR INTERESTS, EMOTIONS, ABILITIES. HOW LITTLE WE REALIZED THAT THE HALF-WAY POINT HAD BEEN REACHED. O ,LE I ISI. P, I .II I I I I I I I .gf I JUNIOR YEAR BROUGHT OUR FIRST ATTEMPTS AS TEACHERS. LEARNING THROUGH DOING, WE SOON DISCOVERED HOW LITTLE WE REALLY KNEW. JUNIOR INFORMAL IN NOVEMBER, JUNIOR WEEKEND IN MAY ROUNDED US SOCIALLY. ON STUNT NIGHT, IMPRESSED BY THE CHANGING WORLD ABOUT US, WE TOOK A ROCKET TRIP TO MARS. AS THE SENIORS RECEIVED DEGREES IN JUNE, AN EMPTINESS CONSUMED US. OUR GOAL WAS ONLY TOO NEAR AT HAND. COLLEGE SENIORS. APPLIED TO US, THE TITLE WAS UNFAMILIAR, STRANGE. MARCHING IN SOMBER, BLACK GOWNS AT INVESTITURE CHAPEL, WE WERE SILENT, A LUMP IN EVERY THROAT. IN OCTOBER THE COLLEGE CELEBRATED ONE HUNDRED YEARS AT FRAMINGHAM. WE ENTHUSIASTICALLY PARTICIPATED IN THE MANY ACTIVITIES AND CEREMONIES. HOW PROUD WE WERE TO BE A PART OF FRAMINGHAM. DECEMBER BROUGHT THE TRADITIONAL SENIOR CAROLING THROUGH STILL FRAMINGHAM STREETS. HOW DEEPLY GRATEFUL WE WERE TO THE FACULTY FOR THEIR WARM AND SINCERE FRIENDSHIP. WE REALIZED THE CLOSENESS OF OUR BONDS. FOR OUR FINAL STUNT NIGHT WE BROUGHT TO FRAMINGHAM THE MUSIC AND COLOR OF THE MINSTREL SHOW. WE DANCED SERENELY AT SENIOR PROM. ON CLASS DAY WE BORE THE DAISY CHAIN, JOINED HANDS AND VOICES FOR THE LAST TIME. JUNE 6, I954. IN DIGNIFIED ACADEMIC ATTIRE WE COMPLETED FOUR YEARS AT FRAMINGHAM. THE LAST STRAINS OF ALMA MATER FADED OUIETLY INTO THE DISTANCE. WOULD WE EVER AGAIN BE TOGETHER AS A CLASS? WITH HOPE AND AMBITION WE LOOKED TO THE FUTURE. 23 3 DAWN ALLEN Awareness and merrimenf veiled by a quiel' exferior. JEAN ANDERSEN Infeclious laugh, full of lhe gaieiy of life, realisfic aHi+ucle. VICTORIA BARBONE Days leave her fireless. A conlagious laughler accompanies her al' every A + rn. U PATRICIA .BERNHARDT Sense and perserverance quieily lead +o accomplishment Jgfagwi -' Q V .x ,ff .G JEAN BLANCHETTE Arhleric skill, combined wi'ri1 crea- 'five abiliiy and lively humor-so in'reres'ring +0 know. JOANNE BLOOM Known for an undescribable manner. Carefree in +l1ougl1+. lnclependeni' in a'Hi+uole. ELINOR BRILLANTE Always cheerful and unassuming, she raclia+es beauly and delight ELIZABETH BUCKLEY Her engaging manner is augmenfed 4 by sincerily in every respecl. Com- menclable wil. VICTGRIA CAMILLE Wilh exuberanl naiure ancl queslion- ing infellecf, she seeks lhe +ru'rh. wer VIRGINIA CAREY Endowed wi+h lceen iudgmeni ancl praciical wisdom, she eliforllessly accomplishes all. ROSEMARY CARMODY There is cons+an'l' mischief in her beauliful eyes. Compleiely genuine. MYRA FARNUM CLAFIN No mailer what life brings, we can always use a fouch of wif io brighien 'Phe day. iii 1' IRENE COSTELLO She views lhe world calmly and per- forms ifs many 'raslcs quielly, com- plefely. CLAIRE CCURTEMANCHE Ideas, enlhusiasm, and aclion her companionsg buf always ready for fun and frolic. 2 l MARY COTTER Calm of voice and disposilion. Will- ing and eager fo parficipale. 1 MARY ELLEN CRONIN Thinking before speaking and lhen speaking wilh dislinciion make whai' she has fo say important HELEN CROSHERE Philosophical in nafure, opfimislic in aH'i+ude, music on her lips. 'R PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM Ereciness of body is fiHing, for H' reveals direcifness of personalily. A sprinkling of +he mischievous com- ple+es 'rhe piclure. JANE DALEY SANDRA DALLAIRE Her generosily is excelled only by Sfafure which cap'riva+es +he eye: her sincerify. quiefness of mind which aH'rac1's fhe hearf. fn NOREEN DALTON Slrilcing capalailily marked by earn- es'r dedicafion. She wins friends wifh- oui' efforf and keeps fhem. FRANCES DONAGHER A sympafhefric and underslanding friend. Never loo lousy 'ro smile: always ready +0 ioin 'lhe fun. CLAIRE DQNOVAN A pleasing combinalion of sense and nonsense, iusfifying 'rl1e expec- +a'rions of all. AVE MARIA DOYLE A winning smile and engaging man- ner, marked by deferminalion, help her +0 win friends. M. VICTORIA DUMAS Her abiIi+y Io speak freely, easily, frankly is possessed by few. She is eager 'ro help wifh any problem. CLAIRE DUNPHY Her words are food for II1ougI1+. In- dusfrious in acfiong inclepenclenf in nafure. SALLY ANN ELBERY Pixies paved her roaclg angels Iighfeol I+. ENCARNATION FERNANDEZ Unsurpassable abilily for success. Hs loundafion - ioy in helping ofhers. MARJORIE FIFIELD Harmony is refleclecl in her every- clay living. Broad-minded in aHi- 'rudeg iusl in aclion. BARBARA SHEFFER FISHER Uur firsl' MRS., she aplly combines homemalcing and sfudying info a pleasing whole. JANE FRIZZELL SUZANNE FITZPATRICK Her road, paved wilh en+l1usiasm, efforl, and congenialify, is bound 'ro lead fo success. DOROTHY FOBES She finds pleasure in mainfaining a quief and conscienlious mind. A compelenl' worker, accomplishing much-and always in her own in- imifable way CAROL GEORGE Dependable and willing, she does a 'rhorough iob in all she underlalces. I ELINOR GIBBS She illumines life wi'I'h a flash of wil' and a glow of kindness. 'l will , Zmif IRENE GILFOIL A sudden awakening has made her confident secure. JEANNE GORDON Serenily is +l'1e lcey lo life. Paiience, sinc:eri+y, willingness +o help-all fhese are hers. JEANINE HARBECK Poise and grace radiale from a calm inferior. ANNE HARRINGTON Her s+ep reveals her love of marches. Rlniylhm is displayed in every aclion. 1 l I 1 1 4 l 3 l ii rl fl, , li -el l r il 1,1 rf: Tl l Q PATRICIA HEALEY A believer in cloing. Promp'rness and capabiliiy are sparlcled wi+I1 a cI'1eer- ful smile. nf PATRICIA E. HENRY Forever Ihinlcs of oihers firsl. Quiei ye+ efficient Possesses a subfle wif. BEATRICE HIGGINS Honesf in voicing opinions, firm in icleag a willing and indusirious worker. ELEANOR HILL ANNE HOGAN She never succumbs +0 a problem, Always ready wilh a smile, she is be il' greal or small. Achievemenl' nafural, unassuming, sincere. is her reward. SYLVIA HOPE She possesses gaiefy and kindness fhal' will never die wilh age. BARBARA HOSEY Many in+angible a+'rribu'I'es combine +0 presenf us wi'ri1 an inimi1'abie friend. LORRAINE HUGHES Earnesf in +hough+, word, and deed. imbued wi+h spom"aneous laugh+er. MARY KANNALLY Quie? and unassuming, wifh 'ine sweefness and sinceriiy of an angel. 'E CECELIA KILGALLON Pe+i+e and sofi'-spoken: a compIe+e and perfeci' blend of feminine cha rms. PATRICIA LANAGAN InI'eresI'ing and in+eres'recI. Sincerify is +I1e Iceynore of her every Ihoughi' and acfion. SHIRLEY LAYCOCK Appreciarion of her increases wi+I1 Iimeg she is gen'rIe, unassuming, serene. . ADRIANE LIPKIN Efficiency influenced by earnesl' de- +ermina+ion helps her +o overcome any problem. LORRAINE LUCA Her keen vi'rali+y is second only fo her genuine na'rure. MARY COLETTE MALONEY Her caplivaling vivacily immedi- a+ely sefs you al' ease. She is sfraighlforward, l1ones+.. JANE MCDONALD Ease of manner and a quiei' confi dence reveal an inward composure ANNE MCGURTY Realness of personalify, clari+y of mind - fhese make a pleasanf com- panion. ANN MARIE McKEEVER Frankness and sympa+hy 'Fuse +o cre- a're sinceriiy. PAULA McKEOWN True abilily is expressed in every- 'lhing she does. A loyal and under- slanding friend. MARY A. MCLAUGHLIN An abundance of energy leads fo eFFicien+ accomplishment MARY B. McLAUGHLlN Complele sophisiicalion and poise help fo round our 'rhaf pixie-like charm. JOAN McTlERNAN Perserverance and de+ermina+ion generale success. ELEANOR MEE One of +l1e l1ill's accomplished speakers. Wilh any form of drama she is relaxed, conl'en+. GLORIA MOBILIA as 5 One who openly enjoys life is always a pleasure +o know. MARJORIE MORAN l.augl1+er lo iii 'lime occasion reveals her own delighf and racliafes ii lo o+lners. KATHLEEN MORRISON Eagerness +o lnelp o+l1ers is demon- slrrafed in her favoriie pasiime, so- cial work. Easily con+en+ed. ROSEMARY MURPHY Mucln can be accomplished in an un- hurrieol manner. CAROL NEE RUTH HUBBARD NEGUS A well-propor+ionecl mix+ure of dig- Ac'rions refieci' clear H1ough'r and a niiy and enfhusiasm. wholesome aHi'I'ucIe foward life. H.. MARGARET NURNEY A 'rouch of wif accompanying a +win!cle in her eye. Nof easily for- goHen. E E A .Wgsf13'Zf:-,3Z Z',, - ' KATHLEEN O'CONNOR Kindness, +ru+h, and gaie'I'y are re- vealed in her blue eyes, +he frue image of her mind. NANCY O'CONNOR Such giHs as fhoughhculness, charm, and ease did fhe heavens lend her. ELLEN O'HARE Friend 'ro ail, she is endowed wi'rh a happy spirif and a conscieniious mind. HELEN DUFFY OPPEDISANO A calm approach +o life enables her +o see if clearly, complefely. ELLEN O'NElL O'LEARY Organizafion and diligence malce problems appear insignificant Re- speclecl for l1er franlcness, direcl- ness. MARJORIE O'NEILL Sincerify and dignily well seasoned wi+l1 lauglwler. MNK Q 3 'wif' PATRICIA PERRY She may be depended upon lo do any 'rask well. A rare combinafion of indus'l'ry spiced wi'rl1 humor. he-,y 4.5: 2 . 'mf' .sf . 'fi 1 Y X f NORMA QUIMBY Hands wi+h flue abilily 'I'o make an inanimale obiecl blossom info a cre- a+ion of beauly. ANN QUIRK Unhurried always: possessing a rare combinalion of sublle wil' and 'rl1ougl1Hulness. MARILYN GALVIN REDMOND Beauly and charm enhanced by com- plefe sincerify. BRENDA RICE Nafuralness and a smile 'rhaf warms fhe I1ear'rs of all. MARION RIDEMAN A calm demeanor, serene ouflook, and elusive charm-I'I1ese dispel any feeling of uneasiness. ROSEMARY RIOPEL U lnspires confidence by dufies well performed: in flue field of arf, ex- cepfionally well performed. NANCY ROBINSON An enfhusiasfic worker wifh a co- operafive spirif. Always ready fo ioin in fhe fun. RUTH ROBINSON Efficiency and skill are evidenf- a wealfh of humor half concealed. AQFSQ DAURICE RUDOM EILEEN SAUNDERS Her unlimifed vigor is balanced by Sparkling, enihusiasiic, radiafing a serious ouflook on life. vi+ali+y. A song in her heari' and on her lips. BARBARA SCHMIDT l Serious conscience and carefree al- 'I'i+ude smoo'rl1ly merging in+o some- flning genuine. ELEANOR SHARPLES Characferized by an unobirusive quaIi+y of perserverance, quie+ ap- plicaiion, and honesi friendliness. I VIRGINIA SI-IEA Enihusiasm is 'Ihe s'I'uFI from which success is molded. CheerfuI manner wins The hear+s of all. CAROL SI-IEEHAN A radiani' smiIe which dispIays evi- den'r sweeiness is a fiHing comple- meni' Io her opI'imisI'ic nafure. MARY LOU SHIEL ' Oufwardly vivacious, inwardly con scieniious, leaving ioyous memories JEAN CLOONAN SMITH She inspecfs +he world conlenledly rhrough eyes +ha'r sparkle wi1'h mis- chief. LOIS STEELE Her calm ouiloolc helps her To move eliforflessly +hrough life. MARJORIE STRAW Clever is she, fhough she hides her skills and seeks no recognifion. VERGINIA SWEENEY Accomplishmeni by a and safisfied heart HELEN SULLIVAN Clarify of +hough+, sharpness of wif: a delighi' +o know. quief mind MADELYN TAFF She views +he world wilh 'l'he poise and dignify befFiHing her s1'a+ely eleva+ion. IDA TORO ALICE TUCCIO Organiza+ion of +hough+, knowledge of obieciives lead her fo accom- plishmenl. A blending of humor, goodness, in- +eres+ in o+hersg capable of doing any faslc well. A 1 i .il iv .1 1 ,a ii E li il ,VL 1 ,L f l l r All Q i 5 23 l 'l U! ji ,E gl vi ez 1 Pi i lil ji ,J JANE VOGEL She brings sunlighf ini'o every life and is loved by all for her bubbling en+husiasm. MARY VIGEANT There is mischief in her eyes laughler on her lips. RUTH VON EUW Capabili+y ancl generosily when mixed wi+h humor make a pleasing personalify. MARJCRIE WANZER A wealfh of knowledge and quick- ness of +l1ougl1'r, blended will: a louch of humor. JANET YEO Always unhurried, always unruffled she accepfs life calmly, confidenlly f f ' H I f , I ' f 1 I ju , f ALLEN, DAWN ANDERSEN, JEAN BARBONE, VICTORIA BERNHARDT, PATRICIA BLANCHETTE, JEAN BLOOM. JOANNE BRILLANTE, ELINOR BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH I CAMILLE, VICTORIA CAREY, VIRGINIA CARMODY, ROSEMARY CLAFLIN, MYRA F. CCDSTELLO, IRENE Home Economics I0 Whilney Slreel, Brookline A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4g H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 9 Haviland Slreel, Worces'I'er A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Players Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chairman Junior Week-End 3. Elemenlary 49 Prenliss Slreel, Walerlown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 41 Hill'I'op Players lg Y.W.C.A. Ig Commulers' Ig P.I.E. 2, 3, 4: Quiel' and Order, 4: Freshman lniliaiion 4. Home Economics Main Slreel, Townsend Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 45 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Advisor lo Freshman 4: Week-End Club 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 6II Franklin Slreel, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, Presidenl 43 Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.l.E. 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4: Gale Pos'I' 2, 3, Arl Edilor 4: Sludenl Co-op 4: 3 Class Treasurer Ig Co-Chairman Slunl Nighl' g Delegale Rhode Island Conference 2. Elemenlary 264 Corey Road, Brighlon A.A. Ig Y.W.C.A. I, 2g Commulers' I, 25 P.I.E. 3, 4. Home Economics I0 Grovenor Road, Jamaica Plain A Kempis I, 2, 4: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 22 Jean Road, Arlinglon, 74 A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Hilllop Players I, 2, Treasurer 3, 43 Com- mulers' Ig P.I.E. 3, 4, Smoker Clean-up 4, Freshman IniI'ial'ion 4. Elemenlary I09 Waverly Sl'ree'l', Ashland Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' I, 2: Advisor Io Freshman 2, 3, 4g Chapel and Assembly Commil- fee 4. Home Economics 20 Swan S'rreeI', Lawrence A Kempis l, 2, 3, 4gA.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Fraleaco Toasl- mislfress 2, 3, 4, Hillfop Players I, 23 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, Program Chairman 41 Dial Business Manager 4: Slunl' Nighl Co-Chairman' 35 Advisor lo Freshman 4, Library Council 3: HospiI'aliI'y CommiH'ee 33 Cur- riculum Commillee 4: Freshman Inilialion 4g Sludenl' Assislanl' Crocker 4. Elemenlary 92 Bacon Slreel, Wallham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 41 A.A. 4: Hilllop Players 4, Commulers' Ig P.l.E. 2, 3, 4. Home Economics Parkerville Road, Sou'I'hvilIe Glee Club Ip Commulers' Ig H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 22 Winslow Road, Brookline A-A- I: Commulers' I. 2. 3. 4: P.I.E.4g Y.W.C.A. I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q COTTER, MARY COURTEMANCHE, CLAIRE CRONIN, MARY ELLEN CROSHERE, HELEN CUNNINGHAM, PATRICIA DALEY. JANE DALLAIRE, SANDRA DALTON. NOREEN DONAGHER, FRANCES DONOVAN. CLAIRE DOYLE, AVE MARIA Elemenlary E42 Shawmul Avenue, New Bedford A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Players 4: P.l.E. 2, 3, Secrelary 4. Elemenlary 462 Main Slreel, Hudson A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 3, 4: Hilliop Players 3, 4: Commulers' I, 2: P.I.E. 2, 3, Presiclenl 4: Gale Pos? 3, 4: Sludenl' Co-op 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4: Smoker Clean-up 4: Delegale Rhode Island Con- ference 2. Vocalional 542 Broadway, Fall River A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 2, 4: l'IillI'op Players I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Secrelary Peirce Hall -4. Home Economics 250If2 Robbins Slreei, Wallham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Hillfop Players 3, 4: Commulers' I, 2: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Dial Pholography Edilor 4: Advisor lo Freshman 4: Curriculum CommiH'ee 4. Elemenlary 40 Tennyson Slreel, Wesl' Roxbury, 32 A Kempis I, Treasurer 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: Hilllop Players, I, 2: P.I.E. 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl' 4: Class Treasurer 3: Vice-Presidenl Horace Mann I. Elemenfary 37 Maple S'rree'r, Belmonl A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3,4. Home Economics 4I Wesley Road, Framingham A.A. 2: Y.W.C.A. I: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Advisor +o Freshman 4. Elemenlary I4 Thelma Road, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: Hilllop Players I, 2: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Gale Pos'I I, 2, Alumnae Edilor 3: Sludenl Co-op Class Represenlafive 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Advisor Io Freshman 2, 3, 4: N.S.A. Represenlalive 3: Chair- man Mass. Teachers College Sludeni' Governmenl Conference 3: Chairman Campus Clean-up I: Spiril of Spring 3: May Day Courl' 2: Class and Club Council 4. Elemenlary I95 Huron Avenue, Cambridge A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 3, Cheerleader 4: Hill- Iop Players, 3, 4: P.I.E. 2, 3, 4: Gale Pos'r 3: Chair- man Anniversary Celebralion Dance 4: Sludeni' Co-op Class Represenlalive I: Class Secrefary 2: Class Presiclenf 3: Class Vice-Presidenl' 4: Advisor 'Io Freshman 4: Week-End Club I, 2. Elemenlary 23 Townsend Slreel, 'Wallham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4: A.A. 4. Home Economics 27 Weslland Srreei, Worcesler A Kempis 3, 4: Hillfop Players 3: H. Ec. 3, 4. DUFFY, IOPPEDISANOI HELEN DUMAS, M. VICTORIA DUNPHY, CLAIRE ELBERY, SALLY FERNANDEZ, ENCARNATION FIFIELD, MARJORIE FISHER. BARBARA SHEFFER FITZPATRICK, SUZANNE FOBES, DOROTHY FRIZZELL, JANE Elemenlary 29 Bellinglon SI'reeI', Arlinglon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 4: P.l.E. 3, 4, Chairman Cap and Gown CommiH'ee 4. Elemenlary Hayden Rowe S+ree'r, Hoplcinlon A Kempis 3, 4: A.A. 3, 4: HilII'op Players 4: Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 3, 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4. Elemenfary Salem End Road R.F.D. :f:f:2, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Hilllop Players I, 4: Commulers' I, 2: P.I.E. 3, 4' Chairman music May Day. Home Economics 7 Fairview Avenue, Cambridge A Kempis I, 2: May Day Courl Home Economics I30 Falcon S'rree'I, Easl' Bos'Ion A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' I, 2, 3, H. Ec. I, S'ra+e Represenlalive 2, Secrelary 3, Presidenl' 4, Oflicial Delegale Province and Nalional Conven- 'rions 2, 3, Advisor io Freshman 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary I27 Lexinglon SI'ree+, WaI'erI'own Glee Club I, 2, Secrelary 3, Treasurer 4: Choir 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 4: Commulers' I, 3, 41 P.I.E. 2, 3, 4: Advisor +o Freshman 2, 4: Judiciary Board 4: Honor Council 4: Mari' 2: Senior Song Leader 4, Gale Pos? Adveriising SI'a'FF 3, 4. Elemeniary 25 Dana Road, Wesl Newlon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 3, 4: Commulers' I, 3, 4. Elemeniary 6I Lovers Lane, Medway A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: P.l.E. 4, Advisor Io Freshman 4: Commulers' I, 2, Secrelary 3, Presi- den'I 4. Home Economics I I0 Reed Slreei, Rockland Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, Presidenl' 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 43 Sfudenl' Co-op 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4, C.C.C. Treasurer 3, 4. Elemenlary 22 Edgemoor Road, Belmon'I A Kempis I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Commulers' I, 25 P.I.E. 3, 4, Dial 3: Gale Posl 3, Make-up Ediior 4: S'ruden+ Co-op 3rd. vice-presidenl' 4: Delegale Rhode Island Model Congress. GEORGE, CAROL GIBBS, ELINOR GILFOIL, IRENE GORDON, JEANNE HARBECK, JEANINE HARRINGTON, ANNE HEALY, PATRICIA HENRY. E. PATRICIA HIGGINS, BEATRICE HILL, ELEANOR EIemenIary 27 HiIIcresI SI'reeI, We-si' Roxbury, 32 A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, Vice-Presidenr 3, 4: A.A. Board 2, Badminion Manager 2: GeneraI Co- Chairman Fra'I'eaco Week-End 4: Co-Chairman Si'ucIenI-FacuII'y Field Day 4: Gold Fieid Hockey 2, 3, CapIain 4: Modern Dance 2, 3, 4: SI'uden'I Co-op Dance CommiHee 2, 3: Hillrop Piayers 4: P.I.E. 3, Treasurer 4: Gare Posf Alumnae and Cir- cuIaI'ion Manager 4: Siuni Nigh+ CommiH'ee 2, 3: Advisor Io Freshman 3, 4: Judiciary Board 2, 3, 4: Chairman of Junior InforrnaI 3: Treasurer Red Cross 2: Chairman of Sfudeni' Co-op Paper Drive 2. Home Economics 744 Wesf Roxbury Parkway, Wesi' Roxbury Y.W.C.A. 4: Commuiers' I, 2, 3: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenfary I6 Hovey Sireei, WaIerI'own A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 2, Secreiary 3, 4: Modern Dance I, 2, 3. EIemenI'ary 32 Hersom SIreeI', Wa'Ier'rown I"IiII+op Players I: Y.W.C.A. I, 4: Commufers' I: P.I.E. 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 2 Taber Sfreef, Fairhaven A Kempis I, 2: Y.W.C.A. 2: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Dial Ari EdiI'or 4: Advisor I'o Freshman 3. EIemenI'ary 396 Cour'I SI'reeI', New Bedford A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: HiIII'op Players I: P.I.E. 3, 4: Dial Dafa Ediior 4: SI'udenI Co-op 2: Presideni Peirce Hall 2: Chair- man Quiei' and Order 2: Advisor I'o Freshman 4: Personnel CommiHee 2: Class Vice-Presideni' 3: Co-Chairman of Junior Week-End 3. EIemenI'ary IO7 Grani' S+reeI', Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2: GIee CIub I, 2, 3, 4: CommuI'ers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4: S'I'udenI' Co-op 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4: Gare Pos'I Assisfam' Edi- ior 3, Ediror 4. Elemeniary 25I NorweII S+reeI', Dorchesrer A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 4: Mari 2, 3: P.I.E. 3, 4: Advisor 'Io Freshman 4. EIemen'I'ary 3 LocIcIand Avenue, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 3: Glee CIub 3, 4: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4: SIun'I' Nigh+ CommiH'ee I: Gare Posr 3, Adveriising Manager 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4: May Day Couri 2: Chair- man May Day Clean-up 2. Elemeniary 65 Lawrence SI'reeI', Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: I-IiIIIop Players 4: P.I.E. 3, 4: Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 4: Gare Posi' I, 2, 3. HOGAN, ANNE I-IQPE. SYLVIA HOSEY, BARBARA HUGHES, LORRAINE KANNALLY, MARY KILGALLON, CECELIA LANAGAN, PATRICIA LAYCOCK, SHIRLEY LIPKIN, ADRIANE LUCA, LORRAINE MALONEY, COLLETE McDONALD, JANE Elemenlary I4 Newporl S'Iree'r, Arlinglon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 P.I.E. 3, 4: Advisor Io Freshman 3, 4: Class Treasurer 2, Class Secrelary 4, May Day Finance Chairman 2. Home Economics Weslford Road, Concord HiII'Iop Players 2, 43 Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4, H. Ec. I, 2, 4, Advisor Io Freshman 3, 4g Chapel and Assembly Commillee 4: Week-End Club 2, 3, 4. Home Economics I06 Henshaw Slreel, Worcesler A Kempis I, 2, Molher-Daughler Tea Chairman 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Black Field Hoclcey 2, Cap- 'I'ain 3, 43 HiII'I'op Players I, 2: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl' Red Cross 3: Sludenl' Co-op 33 Treasurer Crocker Hall 3: Benevolence Fund Chairman 3, 4, Junior Prom Commillee 3: Junior Prom Cour'I' 3. Elemenlary 34 Tremonl' Slreel, Charles'I'own A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 P.I.E. 2, 3, 4g Class Treasurer 4, Vice-presidenl Crocker Hall 3, Fraleaco Dance Chairman 4, Commulers' I. Elemenlary 959 Main SI'ree'I', Walpole A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4g P.I.E. 2, 3, 45 Vice-presidenl Peirce Hall 43 Advisor Io Freshman 43 May Courl' 2. Home Economics 27 Easlland Rd., Jamaica Plain A Kempis I, 2, 3, 45 Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Relreshmenl' Chairman Weelc-End Club 3. Elemenlary 58 Roclcridge Road, Wallham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4g P.I.E. 3, 4. Home Economics 20 Slalilord S'I'ree'r, Lawrence A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Commulers' I, 2, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Dial Li'I'erary Edi'I'or 4. Elemenlary II Willow Park, Wellesley Hills Transfer from Universily of Miami. Elemenlary I3 Maple Terrace, Belmon'I A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. Ig Glee Club I, 3, 43 Commulers' I, 2, 3, 43 P.I.E. 3, 41 Co-Chairman Pan American Chapel 2. Elemenlary 204 Lexinglon S'rree'I, Wa'rerI'own A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Commulers' I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: P.I.E. 23 Gale Posl 2, 3, Business Manager 4. Co- Chairman Senior Facully Tea 4. Elemenlary 8 Whillemore Slreel, ArIing'I'on, 74 A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4g Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 3, 4. I I I I 1 I I I I McGURTY, ANNE McKEEVER, ANN-MARIE McKEOWN, PAULA McLAUGHLIN, MARY A. McLAUGHLIN, MARY B McTIERNAN, JOAN MEE, ELEANOR MOBILIA1 GLORIA MORAN, MARJORIE MoRRisoN, KATHLEEN MURPHY, ROSEMARY Elemenlary 284 Adams S+ree'I, Lowell A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Hilliop Players I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 3, P.I.E. 2, 3 4. Home Economics 78 Menolomy Road, Arlinglon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Dial Adverlising 4. Elemenlary 627 Washinglon SI'ree'r, Abinglon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Players I, 2, 3, Secrefary 2, 3: P.I.E. 3, 4g Vice-presi- den'r Freshman Class, Presidenl Senior Class, Advisor 'fo Freshman 4, Blaclc Cheerleader 2, Head 3, SI'uden'r Co-op 4, May Day General Chairman 2, Presideni Honor Council 4. Elemenlary I80 Gran? Slreei, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Commulers' I 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4. Elemenlary I6I Mysric SI'ree'I, Arlinglon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Hilllop Players 4, Commulers' I: P.I.E. 2, 3, 4, Dial 3. Home Economics I0 Grove Slreel, Beverly Farms A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Dial Adverrising Manager 4, Quiel' and Order 2, Advisor +o Freshman 4, Chapel and Assembly CommiH'ee 4. Elemenlary 20 Brimmer S'rree'r, Walerlown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 4, Hilllrop Players I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl' 4: P.I.E. 2, 3, 4, Ga+e Posl I, 4, Sfudenl' Co-op 4, Advisor 'Io Freshman 43 Week-End Club I, 2. Elemenlary 52 Francis S+reeI', Walrham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Com- mulers' I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 38 Ames Avenue, Canlon A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 45 Quiel' and Order 2, 3, A Kempis Tea Chairman 4. EIemen'I'ary 25 Lovell Road, Walerfown A Kempis I, 2, 43 Y.W.C.A. 3: Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: Mari' I, 2. Home Economics 47 Wendell Sireel, Cambridge A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' I, 23 H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Secreiary Freshman Class, Sludenf Co-op Class Represenlaiive 3, 45 Advisor Io Freshman 43 Co-Chairman Senior Faculiy Receplion 4. NEE, CAROL NEGUS, RUTH HUBBARD NURNEY, MARGARET O'CONNOR, KATHLEEN O'CONNOR, NANCY 0'HARE, ELLEN O'LEARY, ELLEN O'NEIL O'NEILL, MARJORIE PERRY, PATRICIA Home Economics 349 Lexingfon S'I'ree+, Auburndale A.A. 2, Black Hockey Team 23 Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4, Coolcoul Chairman 3, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Slafe Represenfalive 3, Sfale officer 4: Dial Edilor 4: Sludenl Co-op 4: Advisor Io Freshman 4. Home Economics 64 Highland Slreef, Worcesier Hillfop Players I, 2: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Com- mufers' 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Ouiel' and Order 2: May Day Chairman of Flowers 2. Elemen'I'ary 97 Crescenl SI'reeI', Waliham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4. Home Economics 237 Bruce Sfreel, Lawrence A Kempis I, Dance CommiHee 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, Gold Cheerleader 2, Glee Club I, 23 Hill'rop Players I, 23 H. Ec. I, 2, Chairman of Fresh- man Facul+y Tea 3, May Barbecue Commillee 4: H. Ec. Board 3, 4: Vice-Presidenl' Croclzer Hall 4, Co-Chairman Sophomore Hop 2: Ouiei' and Order I, 2: Chairman of Coslumes May Day 25 Freshman iIni'riaI'ion 4. Home Economics 50 Winifred Avenue, Worcesler A Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 A.A. I, 2, 33 H. Ec. I, 2, 3: Quief and Order 23 Vice-Presidenl Peirce Hall 2: Queenof May Day Courl. Home Economics I25 Wesl' SI'ree'I, Mansfield A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, Toaslmislress 2, 3, 43 Black Cheerleader I, Capiain 21 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Hilllop Players I, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 43 Dial Pholography Ediior 43 Secreiary of Class 3: Presi- denl of Peirce 4, Sludenl Co-op 43 Library Coun- cil 2: Chairman of Ouiel' and Order 4: Chairman of Publicily May Day 2, Freshman lnifialidn 4. Elemenlary I Bellcnap Sfreel, Arlingion A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' I, 4: P.l.E. 2, 3, 4, Dial 3. ' Home Economics I7 Oriole Sfreel, Wesi Roxbury A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Hilllop Players 2, 3, 4glCom- mulers' Ig Home Ec. I, 2, 3, Board Member 4: Presiden'I of Crocker Hall 33 SI'uden'I' Co-op 3: Ouiel' and Order 3, 43 Advisor Io Freshman 4: Personnel CommiH'ee 3. Elemenlary Tucker Road, NorI'h Darfmoulh ' A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4: Sluni Nighl' Chair- man 2: Sfudenf Co-op Treasurer 3, Second Vice- Presidenl 4, Chairman of Frafeaco Dance 2: Ouiel' and Order 2: Advisor Io Freshman 3, 4: Chapel and Assembly Commi+'ree 2, 3, 4. OUIMBY, NORMA ounuc, ANN REDMOND, MARILYN RICE, BRENDA RIDEMAN,MARION 1 RIOPEL, ROSEMARY ROBINSON, NANCY 1 ROBINSON, RUTH RUDOM, DAURICE SAUNDERS, EILEEN GALVIN Home Economics Washingfon Slreef, Middlelfon Glee Club Pianisl I, 2, Vice-Presidenl' 3, Presidenl 4: Choir Pianisl I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Sluni Nighl Chairman I: Sluolenl' Co-op 4: Week-End Club I, 2, Chairman 3, 4: Chairman of Senior Caroling 4. Elemenlary 60 Eliol' Slreel, Waferlown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Players I, 2: Commu'I'ers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.l.E. 2, 3, 4: Gaie Pos? 2, 3, 4: Library Council 3. Home Economics .I69 Claflin S'I'reeI, Belmonl' A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Quiel and Order I: Peirce Hall Treasurer I: May Day Courl' 2: Junior Prom CommiH'ee 3: Queen of Junior Prom 3. Home Economics H85 Brook Road, Millon, 86 A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, Secrefary 4: Choir 3, Secrefary 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: S+un'I Nigh+ Chairman I: Advisor io Freshman 3: Week-End Club I, 2, Chairman 3, Advisor 4. Elemenfary I5 Halherly Road, Brighlon A.A. I, 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 4: P.I.E. 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 4 Shafluck Slreei, Worcesfer A Kempis l, 2, 3: A.A. I, 2, 3: H. Ec. I, Chair- man of Ways and Means CommiI'I'ee 2, Vice- Presidenl 3, 4: Quiel and Order 2: Chairman of lnlernalional Nighl' 3: Chairman of Auclion and While Elephanl Sale 2. Elemenlary 20 Waldo Sl'reeI', Somerville A Kempis I, 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenf 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' I: P.l.E. 2, 3 4: Sfudenf Co-op 4: Quiel' and Order 2: Advisor Io Fresh- man 4. Home Economics 2 Shirley Slreel, Worcesler A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. 3: Commufers' I: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chairman Coffee Hour 3: Week- End Club Decoraling Commillee 3. Home Economics 77 Kingsdale Slreel, Dorches'I'er Commufers' I, 2, 3, 4: H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Elemenlary 4 Avon Way, Quincy A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. Board 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Hilltop Players I: H. Ec. I: Dial Adverlising 2: P.l.E. 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Presidenl of Class 2: Sfudenf Co-op 2, Firsf Vice- Presidenl' 4: Advisor fo Freshman 4: Chairman Judiciary Board. SCHMIDT, BARBARA SHARPLES, ELEANORE SHEA, VIRGINIA SHEEHAN, CAROL SHIEL, MARY LOU SMITH, JEAN CLOONAN STEELE, LOIS STRAW, MARJORY SULLIVAN, HELEN Home Economics 280 Pleasanl Slreel, Easl Walpole Y.W.C.A. I, 2, H. Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 94 Rose Hill Road, Wallham Glee Club I, 2, Hilllop Players 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. 3, Publicily 4, Commulers' I, 2, Home Ec. I, 2, Pub- licily Co-Chairman 3, 4, Dial Dala Edilor 4, Advisor lo Freshman 3, 4, Public Relalions Com- millee 4. Elemenlary 22 Glenwood Avenue, Newlon Cenlre A Kempis I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Hilllop Players 2, 4, P.I.E. 2, 3, 4, Gale Posl I, Vice-Presidenl Horace Mann 3, Treasurer Peirce 4, Co-Chairman A Kempis Dance 3, 4, Advisor lo Freshman 3, Library Council 2, Hospilalily Com- millee 3, 4. Home Economics 80 Walnul Slreel, Nalick A Kempis I, 2, 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics I69 Walnul Slreel, Brookline 46 A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, Caplain Gold Hockey Team 4, Glee Club I, 2, Hilllop Players 3, Commulers' I, 3, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4. Home Economics 4 Reservoir Slreel, Holden A.A. I, Black Fraleaco Hockey 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. 3, P.I.E. 3, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Gale Posl I, Sludenl Assislanl Horace Mann 4. Vocalional Maxwell Road, NorlI1 Wilbraliam Hilllop Players 2, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, Advisor lo Freshman 3, Week-End Club I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4. Home Economics 407 Maple Slreel, Marlboro A.A. 2, 3, Glee Club I, HiII+op Players 3, Com- mulers' I, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. I, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Advisor lo Freshman 3, 4. Elemenlary 53 Collage Slreel, Framingham A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Hilllop Players 4, Commulers' I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 2, 3, 4, Gale Posl 2, 3, Copy Edilor 4. SWEENEY, VIRGINIA TAFF, MADELYN TORO, IDA TUCCIO, ALICE VIGEANT, MARY VOGEL, JANE VON EUW, RUTH WANZER, MARJORIE YEO, JANET Home Economics 65 Wesiville Sfreef, Dorchesier A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4: Advisor +0 Freshman 4. I-Iome Economics 5 Lewisfon SIreeI', Roslindale A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 2, 3, 43 Advisor Io Freshman 2, 35 PubIic ReIaIions CommiHee 4. EIemen'Iary I9 New Lexingion Siree-I, Waieriown A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 4: Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 3, 4, Gaie Posi Copy Edi'ror 2, 3, 43 Dial 2, Ari' Edifor 4. EIemen'rary 7I Charles SI'ree'r, WaII'ham Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A Kempis 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 4, Commuiers' 2, 3, 4. Elemeniary 98 Cen'IraI SIreeI, Hudson A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commuiers' I, 2, 3, 4, P.I.E. 2, 3, 4. Elemeniary I4 Thursfon Road, Wa'rer'I'own A Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 3, 4, Commufers' 3, 4: P.I.E. 3, 4, Secrefary of Crocker 35 SI'uden'r Co-op 4, Quief and Order 3, Advisor Io Freshman 4, Chairman Library Council 4, Chairman of S'ruden'r AssembIy Program 4. Elemeniary I5 Lawrence S'rree+, RocIcviIIe, Connecficui' A.A. I, 2, 33 Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, Cabinei 4, P.I.E. 3, 43 Commufers' I, 23 Advisor Io Freshman 3, 4: Mar? 2. EIemen'rary I9 Tower Road, Hingham A.A. I, 3, Giee Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 43 Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, Cabinei' 4, P.I.E. 2, 3, 4, Dial Li'Ierary Ediior 4, Co-Chairman MoonIigh'I' Mood 3, 4, Campus Improvemenf Commiffee 33 Co-Chairman Scripi May Day 25 Chairman Public Address Com- miHee 4: I-IiII'rop Players I, 2, 4. Home Economics I0 Temple SI'reeI, ArIingIon Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 33 Commuiers' lg Home Ec. I, 2, 3, 4, May Couri' 2. DAVID BERGER ANNA BILLA HARRY S. BROUDY MURIEL BUCKLEY ELEANOR CHASE RUTH E. CORRIGAN FLORENCE DORWOOD CATHERINE M. DUNN STUART B. FOSTER FLORENCE GARDNER ALICE M. GLOVER FRANCIS G-UINDON DANIEL HARRIGAN, JR. VERA HEMENWAY RUTH R. HERRING AGNES HORNBY EMMA HUNT DANA JOST DOROTHY LARNED MARION MACDONALD ANN MACKEY MARIE MAHONEY FACULTY 592 Union Avenue, Framingham Cenire I3 Church S'IreeI', Framingham CenI're 39 Eufaw Sfreei, Lawrence 35 Salem End Road, Framingham 29 Long Avenue, Framingham Cenire II Orchard Sireef, BeImon'I' 592 Union Avenue, Framingham CenI're 45 HighIand SI'reeI', Amesbury 498 Waieriown SI'reeI', NewIonviIIe 89 Maynard Road, Framingham CenI're 20 SingIe+ary Lane, Framingham Cenire I Maynard Road, Framingham Cen'I're 365 Union Avenue, Framingham Cenfre 646 College SI'ree'I', Jacksonville, Florida 24 Easiland Road, Jamaica Plain, 30 47 Grani Avenue, Wa+er+own 2 Margarei Avenue, Peabody I54 Maynard Road, Framingham Cen'rre 45 Rochesier Road, New'Ion I78 Maple SI'reeI', Framingham Cenire Pleasani' S'Iree'r, Dighion 30 Henry SI'ree+, Framingham Cenire Norfh CharIesI'own, New Hampshire Davidson Road, Framingham 59 Walnui SI'ree+, Needham I54 Maynard Road, Framingham CenI're I49 Highland S'IreeI', Winchesfer 82 Rosewood S+reeI, Maifapan, 26 I79 AspinwaII Avenue, Brookline I8 Sfurgis SIreeI', Worcesfer, 4 MARY A. McGANN RUTH MILLER MADELINE MONROE LAWRENCE NEWELL MARY O'CONNOR GLADYS F. PRATT MIRIAM RILEY DEBORAH RUSSELL ELMER W. SALENIUS JAMES P. SAVAS RUTH SCHMITT ADA SHAWKEY MARJORIE SPARROW DOROTHY STEWART BERNICE TAYLOR MAY TURNER MARGARET WALKER 48 Aelna Slreef, Worcesler, 4 97 Lexinglon Avenue, Cambridge 3l Salem End Road, Framingham 27 Fidelis Way, Brighlon 46 Burncoal Slreel, Worces'l'er 35 Salem End Roacl, Framingham 25 Jewell' Lane, Soulh Hadley l29 Main Slreei, Ashland 59l Wilder Srreel, Lowell 3 Edgell Road, Framingham Cenire 4 Baies Avenue, Maynard H90 Middlesex Sfreel, Lowell I37 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenlre 98 Meeiing House Lane, Soufhamplon, New York I5 Church Sireel, Framingham Cenlre 75 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenlre Sigel, Pennsylvania 868 Winler Slreel, Wallham 29 Long Avenue, Framingham Cenlre l67 Norih Shore Boulevard, ,- Hamp+on Beach, New Hampshire 75 Maynard Road, Framingham Cenlre 46 Normal Hill Road, Framingham Cenlre ELEMENTARY JUNIORS Applelon, Jusline, I47 Oalrleigh Road, Newlon Blais, Noel, I09 Reed Slreel, Lexinglon Bonner, Carol, I4 Presenlalion Road, iBrighlon Burke, Mary, I9 Homewood Road, Wesl Roxbury Callan, Margarel, 67 Davis Avenue, Wesl Newlon Calore, Joa, 36 Walnul Slreel, Belmonl Caples, Dorolhy, 27 Long Avenue, Allslon Charland, Dorolhy, 42 Prospecl Slreel, Medway Chisholm, Mary M., 3 Maple Slreel, Gloucesler Connors, Joanne, 98 Dennison Avenue, Framingham Coslello, Eileen, Concord Road, Wayland Colrler, Janel, I9 Slellman Slreel, Framingham Crowley, Dorolhy, I6 Elsworlh Road, Wesl Newlon Daniels, Joan, 85 Ardmore Slreel, Framingham Donahue, Eileen, 336 Worcesler Slreel, Norlh Grallon Frazier, Ann, I27 Pearl Slreel, Newlon Gannon, Joanne, II7 Plain Slreel, Millis Kligman, Barbara, I50 Orchard Slreel, Walerlown Leporali, Janice, 292 Granl Slreel, Framingham Lindley, Barbara, Cold Spring Road, Williamstown Lynch, Marjorie, 68 Waban Hill Road, Cheslnul Hill Marchioni, Elaine, 42 Hollis Slreel, Newlon Monlminy, Phyllis, 2 Beverly Road, Arlinglon Moore, Margarel, 89 Church Slreel, Hollislon Norris, H. Diane, 8 Oakland Slreel, Naliclr Norlon, Margarel, 204 Cheslnul Slreel, Brookline O'ConneII, Marian, I Wesl Summil Slreel, Soulh Hadley Falls O'Dal, M. Arlene, II Prince Slreel, Broolrline Pelronio, Calherine, Caslle Road, Cochiluale Porrelli, Doris, 350 Newlon, Slreel, Wallham Rolchlord, Charlene, II3 Wesl Boylslon Slreel, Walerlown Ryder, Nancy, I72 Mounl Vernon Slreel, Arlinglon Slamin, Janel, II California Parlr, Walerlown Sleeves, Virginia, 242 Beal Road, Wallham Temple, Anila, 7 Pine Ridge Road, Wellesley While, Joan, 32 Elm Slreel, Wesl Newlon While, Sally, Main Slreel, Yarmoulhporl SPECIAL ELEMENTARY JUNIORS Doe, Carolyn, Parlr Road, Franlrlin Donovan, Ann, 96I Edgell Road, Framingham Farrell, Mary, 7 Purvis Slreel, Walerlown Maslrangelo, Helen, 2II Heywood Slreel, Filchburg Talmadge, Mildred, I6I Melrose Avenue, Needham HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS Armor, Palricia, 952 No. Main Slreel, Broclrlon Ballard, Janel, 24 Elm Slreel, Millbury Barnicle, Margarel, 7 Lakeville Road, Jamaica Plain Brennan, Jane Ellen, 247 Common Slreel, Walerlown Crimmins, Rila, 6 Almonl Avenue, Worcesler Cronin, Geraldine A., I34 Slrallord Slreel, Wesl Roxbury Davidson, Doris Florence, I0 oFF Highland Road, Wareham Devereux, Dennise, 99 Farrar Avenue, Hyde Park Gellings, Marilyn E., 65 Church Slreel, Millon Hanifin, Elizabelh A., 938 Sumner Avenue, Springfield Hanson, Marilyn Joan, 40 Ocean Avenue, Harwichporl Houle, Priscilla, 94 Richmond Avenue, Worcesler Howe, Margarel, I49 Walnul Slreel, Abinglon Hoyl, Eleanor, 6 Golden Cove Road, Chelmsford Keady, Roberla Frances, 82 Perry Slreel, Broolrline Kiley, Mary Lou, I25 Claplin Slreel, Broolrline Kirlcpalriclz, Gail, 2I2 Allyn Slreel, Holyolre MacDonald, Mary Theresa, 79 Cherry Slreel, Spencer McDermoll, Mary Lou IMrs.I, 42 Eliot Slreel, Jamaica Plain McGarrahan, Ellen, 387 Adams Slreel, Millon Miclqson, Jane, Ericlrson Road, Ashby O'DonneII, Sheila, I82 Woburn Slreel, Wesl Medford O'NeiI, Carolyn Mary, II3 Lincoln Slreel, Hudson Orman, Elizabelh Ann, 7 Parmenler Road, Wallham Parenle, Barbara, 7 Beach Slreel, Milford .Prescoll, Jane A. IMrs.I, II Woodland Road, Beverly Ross, Dorolhy Rulh, I4I Waler Slreel, Worcesler Ryan, Mary Theresa, 326 Collage Slreel, New Bedford Schmill, Elizabelh Marie, 74 Englewood Avenue, Everell Sieurin, Nancy R., 30 Shalluclr Slreel, Worcesler Spezzano, Josephine, 544 Poplar Slreel, Roslindale Sprague, Emily, I0 Bird Slreel, Easl Walpole Slarlrey, E. Ann, 26 Lalce Hill Avenue, Arlinglon Sullivan, Elaine A., 24 King Slreel, Dorchesler Sullivan, Elaine M., 89 Wallham Slreel, Wesl Newlon VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS Bliss, Audrey, I24 Maple Avenue, Swansea Hodziewich, Valenlyna, 83 Rulh Slreel, New Bedlord Leach, Elizabelh, 2I7 Norlh Elm Slreel, Wesl Bridgewaler Roy, Theresa Alice, 84 Cenler Slreel, Lee While, Joanne, II Cenler Slreel, Medway SPECIAL HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS Hoslring, Anne, Main Slreel, Wesl Grolon McAvoy, Nancy, 9I Sl. Rosl Slreel, Jamaica Plain ELEMENTARY SOPHOMORES , Ahearn, Jean, 270 Norlh Main Slreel, Naliclr Barber, Pearle, II8 Main Slreel, Norlhlield Barrier, Judilh, Main Slreel, Millis Blaney, Claire, 90I Broadway, Soulh Boslon Blossom, Carolyn, Weslern Avenue, Sherborn Borrelli, Maryanne, 673 Cenlral Avenue, Needham Bourbeau, Cyn?hia, 269 Union S?ree?, Franklin Buckley, Elinor, I0 Loveland Road, Brookline Buckley, Margare?, I66 Vassal Lane, Cambridge Burgess, Claire, Valley Road, Barre Callahan, Margaref, 50 Florence Avenue, Arling?on Car?y, Pafricia, II Bancrof? S?ree?, Wa?er?own Cashman, Maureen, II5 Salem End Road, Framingham Connerney, Barbara, 344 School S?ree?, Walfham Cooney, Eleanor, 8I Varick Road, Waban Cosfa, Pa?ricia, 3 Carl S?ree?, New?on Highlands Cu??ing, Harrie?, 57 Gran? S?ree?, Walfham Dalrymple, Mary Lee, I9 Thayer S?ree?, Milford Dee, Maureen, II Fairmon? S?ree?, Me?huen Devoe, Mary, I4 Winfhrop Road, Lexing?on Dewire, M. Joan, 600 Washingion S?ree?, Brookline Dickey, Mariorie, 594 Pleasan? S?ree?, Mil?on Donnellan, Sheila, I8 Auburndale Road, Marblehead Fahey, Mary C., 7 Marion S?ree?, Na?ick Falloni, Paula, 9 Aga?e S?ree?, Beverly Fihgerald, Mary, 55 Gibbon S?ree?, Marlboro Flynn, Kafhleen, I0 Raymond Place, Wes? New?on Fuller, Joyce, Nor?hfield Farms, Nor?hfield Galvin, Jane, 9 Faye??e S?ree?, Newfon Hain, Marie, 236 Corey S?ree?, Wes? Roxbury Hamn, Evelyn, 37 Riverview S?ree?, Dedham Har?, Barbara, 75 Eliof S?ree?, Brookline Heiden, Nancy, 3 Glenwood Avenue, New?on Cenfer Hill, Cynfhia, 27 Fells Road, Winches?er Hilliard, Polly, 3I Morse Road, Framingham HoI?, Mary, I85 Appleian S?ree?, Cambridge Hurley, Mary, 22 Royal Avenue, Cambridge Igoe, Eleanor, 67 Robbins Road, Wa?er?own Johnson, Judi?h, I Lucian S?ree?, Worcesfer Kelley, Joanne, 50 Beacon Park, Wa?er?own Kenney, Marilyn 96 Jason S?ree?, Arlingfon King, Elizabeih, 2I Gurnsey S?ree?, Wes? Medway King, Nancy, 672-A Somerville Avenue, Somerville Klemann, Be?h, Wes? S?ree?, Wes? Medway Koslick, Rose, II8 Dorse? S?ree?, Springfield Levis, Ann, 83 Leonard S?ree?, Nor?h Awleboro Lindberg, Lois, 5 Beverly Road, Arling?on Lodge, Ca?herine, 26 Coun?ry Lane, Wes?wood Lopes, Dorofhy, 564 Purchase S?ree?, New Bedford MacDonald, Nafalie, 66 Langdon Avenue, Waferfown MacKay, Joan, 498 Norfolk S?ree?, Ma??apan Magardo, Rosemary, I37 Purchase S?ree?, New Bedford Maher, Elizabefh, I3 John S?ree?, WaI?ham Manning, Mary, I7 Jerome Avenue, Wes? New?on Mayo, Virginia, 30 Mayo Road, Wellesley McCar?hy, Jacqueline, I0 Lucian S?ree?, Worcesfer McDonal, Mary Ellen, B9 Pond S?ree?, WaI+l-iam McGovern, Paula, I9 Harvard S?ree?, Somerville McHugh, Joan, 255 Cherry S?ree?, Wes? New?on Nigro, Maria, I94 Springvale Avenue, Everef? Norman, Nancy, 347 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, New York Peppard, Mary, I93 Parme?er Road, Wes? Newfon Powden, Mar?ha, 23 Lawrence S?ree?, Walfham Scribner, Maureen, I72 Linwood Avenue, Newfonville Smifh, Carole, 265 Hamlin S?ree?, Grani?eviIle Sfronach, Ru?h, I8 Dickinson S?ree?, Nor?hamp?on Taran?o, Nancy, 32 Charles S?ree?, Walfham Verzone, Lorraine, 368 Norfh Main S?ree?, Sharon Wegrnan, Myra, I706 Commonweal?h Avenue, Brigh?on Whippee, Jacqueline, Pleasan? S?ree?, Barre Wilmof, Barbara, 79 Highland S?ree?, New Bedford Wilson, June Elaine, I23 Pond Sfreef, Na?iclr Worcesfer, Grefchen, 63 Prospec? S?ree?, Walfham SPECIAL ELEMENTARY SOP!-IOMGRES Baker, Sarah Eugenie, 923 High S?ree?, Wes?wood Cronan, Myrfle, 38 High S?ree?, Whifinsville Day, Ru?h, I3 Maple S?ree?, Lexing?on Doran, Maureen, I6 Kingsbury S?ree?, Framingham McCar?hy, Grace, I3 Wa?er S?ree?, Hudson McDonald, Elizabe?h, Sou?h Crescen? Circle, Brighfon Malloy, Helen, 66 Parmen?er S?ree?, Wal?ham Mondino, Joan, I Longfellow Road, Wellesley Hills Thompson, Mary Lou, I7I Lakeview Avenue, Cambridge HGME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Ainworfh, Barbara, 6I Flefcher S?ree?, Roslindale Almond, Jean M., Z8 Coolidge Road, Belmon? Belcher, Mary Louise, 336 Websfer S?ree?, Rockland Borden, Beverly Jane, II Winfhrop Lane, Holden Burchill, Joan I55 S?ra?ford S?ree?, Wes? Roxbury Canning, Jane, Charl?on S?ree?, Rochdale Carnie, Nancy, 22 Gulliver S?ree?, Milfon Cheney, Margueri?e, 65 Freeman S?ree?, Wollasfon Coleman, Dorofhy Ann, 290 Harrison S?ree?, Manchesler, N. H Corcoran, Jane, 37 Earle S?ree?, Norwood Daley, Mary, 35 Hillcres? S?ree?, Wes? Roxbury Delahunr, Priscilla M., 53 Green S?ree?, Charlesfown Delaney, Maureen Anne, I48 Wes?ville, Dorchesfer Dike, Carolyn M., I Cedar Avenue, S?oneham Fors?er, Marianne E., 46 Francis S?ree?, Bos?on Ful?on, Audrey, 9 Sfanley Road, Belmon? Gagnon, Elaine C., 3I New Park S?ree?, Lynn Ga?es, Merrilee, I68 Woodland Avenue, Gardner Goode-Il, Jean Lois, 87 Kennilworfh Avenue, Brockfon Green, Jane Marie, I36 Warren S?ree?, Medford Green, Mary E., 30 Amsden S?ree?, Arlingion Higgens, Marie Arlene, 9 Sanford S?ree?, Medway Hoag, Mar?ha, II26 Main S?ree?, Reading Jenkins, Janef, 670 Eas? Fifrh S?ree?, Medford Kenny, Jeanne, 26 Edgemon? S?ree?, Roslindale Kerwin, Barbara Ann 285 Green S?ree?, Brockfon Kilgailon, Margare? Mary, I28 Cypress S?ree?, Brookline Krisfoff, Mary M., Greenland Road, Slerling Juncfion LeFerriere, Pa?ricia, I78 Randolph S?ree?, No. Abingfon Leigh?on, Eleanor Lucille, 29 Ridgewood S?ree?, Norwood Lyons, Anne, 636 Indian Head S?ree?, Hanson McEIhiney, Helen Ru?h, II Woodland Avenue, Beverly Melcher, Anna M., 9l Shawmu? Avenue, New Bedford Murphy, Anne Marie, I753 Mass. Avenue, Cambridge Oisen, Eleanor, Oak Hill, Eas? Pepperell Pairiclx, Efi:abe?h Louise, I6 Sprague S?ree?, Brockfon Picciullo, Jeanne, M., 6 Wadsworlh Road, Arlinglon Power, Margarel M., 37 Weslminsler Sl'reel', Worcesler Quinn, Palricia Ann, l66l Cenlre Slreei, Newlon Highlands Ouinzani, Eleanor, 4I Wood Terrace, Framingham Reynolds, Ann Marie, Reynolds Slreel, Canlon Robvins, Janice, 35 Carroll Slreel, Worcesler Salvin, Geraldine, 6 Carroll Sfreel, Wesl Roxbury Saxlon, Jenifer, 46 Maple Slreel, Framingham Cenlre Scollon, Claire, 4I Boulevard Road, Dedham Sleineclce, Karlene, Elm Slreel, Raynham Sfone, Nalalie V., l62 Asbury Slreel, Soulh Hamillon Sullivan, Palricia E., 69 Boslonia Avenue, Brighlon Sweeney, Geralde, 9 Newsome Parlx, Jamaica Plain Tracey, Helen, I25 Spring Slreel, Walerlown Trey, Louise E., 3l Avalon Road, Millon Tuck, Marilyn Elsa, Squam Hill, Roclrporl Whipple, Barbara, 785 Columbia Road, Dorchesler VOCATIONAL HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Fagerberg, Doris L., I4 Walerlow Slreel, Dorchesler Hass, Palricia Claire, 40 Washinglon Slreel, Newion Poole, Marcia, 6 Linwood Slreef, Saugus Ralph, Brenda, Dawley Road, Wesiminisler Smi'rh, Virginia C., 40 Maple Sfreel, Marblehead SPECIAL HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Anderson, Rulh lMrs.l, 36 Thomas Road, Wellesley Correll, Nancy Ellen, 46 Fennbroolr Road, Wesl Harlford, Conn. Gray, Helene, 4l Roseland Terrace, Longmeadow Wal+on, Conslance, 84 Beal Road, Wallham Roche, Evelyn, 350 Osgood Slreel, Norlh Andover ELEMENTARY FRESHMAN Ahern, Florence, 49 Marlin Slreel, Wesl Roxbury Andrews, Florence, 97 Charlesbanlr Road, Newlon Anlonellis, Marie, l3l Walerlown Slreel, Walerlown Armslrong, Mary, Easl Main Sireel, Soulhboro Arsenaulf, Janel, IO6-A Taylor Slreel, Wallham Aspesi, Gloria, Turnpilxe Road, Fayville Balmer, Palricia, 2l Bennell Slreel, Hudson Barros, Sylvia, I64 Macomber Slreel, New Bedford Bell, Barbara, 26 Sunsel Road, Gardner Benger, Allene, 379 Linden Slreel, Holyolre Blackwood, June, I8 Whillowe Road, Wes'r Newlon Blair, Beverly, 280 Ocean Avenue, New London, Conn. Boyce, Madeline, I6 Lalre Slreei, Arlinglon Brady, Barbara, I4 Dexfer Slreel, Walfham Brown, E. Phyllis, 559 Parlr Slreel, Allleboro Buller, Mary Ann, 37 Pond Slreel, Framingham Campo, Shirley, 5l5 Monlaulr Avenue, New London, Conn. Carlelon, Eileen, 59 Bradford Road, Walerlown Collins, Avis, 9 Broad Place, Broclrlon Conry, Arlene, I5 Auburn Place, Broolrline Coogan, Calherine, 33 Elizabelh Slreel, Allleboro Cosla, Elena, Cedar Slreel, Millis Coxon, Margarel, 62 Newlon Slreel, Marlboro Cushing, Carol, Maynard Road, Sudbury Danielson, Irene, I0 Fessenden Slreel, Baldwinville Davidson, Barbara, I29 Cabol Slreel, Newlon Delaney, Rulh, 205 Hunnewell Terrace, Newlon Desmond, Nancy, ll Pearl Slreel, Belmonl Devlin, Palricia, 9 Sharon Slreef, Wallham DiLibero, Margeine, 20 Vernon Avenue, Soulh Barre Dilworlh, Joyce, 40 Griswold Slreef, Cambridge Doucel, Slella, 35 Charles Slreel, Wallham Fahey, Mary Louise, 202 Blue Hills Parlrway, Millon Fisher, Cheryl, I79 Allerlon Road, New'I'on Cenier Foley, Miriam, 70 Princelon Road, Arlinglon Formalarie, Evelyn Joan, 23 Ellsworlh Road, Wesl Newlon Franlrenberger, Mary Louise, 6I3 California Slreel, Newlonville Goodman, Dorolhy, I74 Somersel Avenue, Hull Goslanl, Joan, 23I Warren Road, Framingham Grannum, Sybil A., 2 Johnslon Parlr, Roxbury Guplill, Shirley, 52 Ingalls Slreel, Lynn Hamillon, Mary, 55 Cypress Slreel, Norwood Hanley, Myr'l'is, l02 Piedmonl Slreel, Worcesler Hanlon, Anne, ll2 Oalrland Slreel, Medway Hardiman, Janel, 48 Caughey Slreel, Wallham Hellman, Barbara, Lincoln Lane, Sudbury Holloran, Margarel, I9 Brenlwood Road, Woburn Hughes, Geraldine, 34 Tremonl Slreel, Charleslown Janse, Claire Marie, 35 Norlh Lane, Framingham Cenlre Johnson, Judilh, 86 Massachusells Avenue, Dedham Kelleher, Marie Eileen, 20 Bow Slreel, Arlinglon Kelleher, Mary Louise, 7 Gorham Road, Belmonl Kiley, Mary Louise, 77 Bromfield Sl'ree'I, Somerville LeLievre, Marie D., l20 Massasoil Slreel, Wallham Lieberg, Jean A., 33 Princess Road, Wesl' Newlon Lloyd, Joanne Marilyn, ll2 Cresl Road, Wellesley Luclrralil, Sandra Jane, 243 Wood S'rreel', New Bedford Lulender, Mary Bealrice, Soulhville Road, Soulhville MacDonald, Conslance C., I0 Maralhon Slreel, Arlinglon MacLachlan, Mary Jane, 32I Lalre Avenue, Newlon Highlands Maguire, Palricia Anne, I6 Parlridge Slreei, Walerlown Malrer, Donna Elayne, 2 Adams Slreel, Medfield McGowan, Anne Marie, 2l Slacey Slreel, Naliclr McLeavey, Kalherine F., 36 Hawlhorne Slreel, Somerville Mesquila, Theresa L., 975 Roclrdale Avenue, New Bedford Mills, Virginia Marie, l05 Warren Slreel, Needham Milnes, Priscilla Nancy, 77 Gardner Slreel, Groveland Moran, Eileen Louise, l5I Winchesler Slreel, Newlon Moran, Ellen Grace, 26 Murphy, Kalhleen Mary, Noonan, Mariorie Anne, Norlon, Arlene L., Pine O'Brien, Janel' Mary, 8 Coolidge Road, Worcesler 7l9 Main Slreel, Walerlown 46 Galen Slreel, Wal'I'ham Slreel, Edgarlown Maralhon Slreel, Arlinglon O'Connell, Frances Irene, Barlon Road, Slow O'Neill, Palryce Marie, I49 Trapelo Road, Belmonl Pelerson, Jacqueline Ann, 434 Concord Slreel, Framingham Peferson, Marilyn Doris, 9 Princeion Avenue, Beverly Pofier, Dorofhy Marie, 4I Washingion Sfreef, Naiiclr Quinn, Jacqueline B., 542 Chesfnui Sireei, Waban Revoir, Kaihlene Joy, 4I Clyde Sireei, Somerville Roche, Carole A., III Cenrral Sfreef, Hudson Ryan, Janice Pairicia, I5 Glasionbury Oval, Waban Ryan, Mary Consfance, 86 Norwood Avenue, New'ronviIIe ScoH, Jean, I29 Lexingfon Sheer, Waferiown Shea, Rosemary C., 22I Common Sfreef, Waferrown Sheasgreen, Jean K., 63 Woodard Road, Wesi Roxbury Sheppar, Rhoda, 949 Broadway, Evereff Simpson, Cynihia E., 253 Union Sheer, Millis SIahIe, Beverly Ann, 35 Revere Sfreef, EvereH Sfanlrard, Margarei Ann, 79 Edwin Road, Walfham Sullivan, Joan C., 86 Main Sireer, Millbury Teel, Joan Mary, I30 Warren Sheer, Needham Tierney, Pafricia E., 5 Wheeler Avenue, Framingham Tobin, Margarel' M., I8 Basfo Terrace, Roslindale Treanor, Nancy Marie, 42 EIioI SIreeI, Jamaica Plain Wallcinshaw, Sara Anne, 57 Fisher Road, Arlingion Wallrup, Helen C., 32 Cenfral SIreeI, Ashland Wilson, Pafricia Ann, 44 Sou'Ih SIree+, Shrewsbury SPECIAL ELEMENTARY FRESHMAN Baller, Sylvia, 33I Lalce Avenue, Newfon Highlands Bennefr, Doris IMrs.I, 9 Minuie Man Lane, Lexingion Lanigan, Cafherine Carol, 9 Cleveland, ArIingIon Marsden, Elizabefh, 32 Wachusefr Avenue, Lawrence Quirlr, Michael Andrea, 44 School Srreel, Saxonville Sarno, Mary Mariorie, 530 Waverly SIree+, Framingham Siewarf, Doris, 43 Elm Sfreer, HoIIisIon Zierold, Joan, Parlc Avenue, Souihbridge HOME ECONOMICS FRESHMAN Anlhony, Joan Marie, I7 Moulfon SIree'I', Charlesfown BIancheHe, Jean Rose, I0 Ball Sfreef, New Bedford Boyle, Mary Frances, 4 Parlr Sfreei, Hoplcinion BriH, Elizabeih, 738 Main Sheer, Shrewsbury Bryanf, Lee Marie, 39 Whiie Sfreef, Quincy Bullock, Barbara E., 39 Dunbar Sireef, Canfon Callahan, Mary Turbe'I, I5 Thompson Lane, MiIIon Connors, Margaref Anne, I22 Aldrich SIree'I, Roslindale Coyne, Nancy, 7 Beecher Sfreei, Jamaica Plain Crean, Ellenore Pairicia, 53 Siearns Sireef, Newfon Cenier Crosby, Gail, 350 Caboi Sfreei, NewIonviIIe Delaney, Ann, 38 Riverside Place, Walpole Doyle, Mary Jane, 29 Wesiland SIree'I, Worcesier Drinlrwaier, Joann Alia, I42 Suffolk Avenue, Revere Driscoll, Louise Theresa, 74 Harrie? S'Iree'I, Brighion Economou, Vasililri, I04 Auburn SIree'I, Cambridge Ennis, Pairicia F., 22I Woodlawn Road, Auburndale Foley, Eloise Marie, 42 Bosion Avenue, Wesf Medford Graham, Elizabefh Joan, 74 Madison Sireei, Dedham Hood, Pairicia M., II5 Lowell Avenue, Newion Horrigan, Elinor Cecilia, 460 Craffs S'rreeI, Wes'r Newion Hynes, Eleanor, 28 Oriole Sfreei, Wesi Roxbury Ingoldsby, Pafricia, 28 ArIwiII Sheer, Milion Johnson, Mary Anne, I8 Lincoln Sireel, Naiicir Kane, Frances Rufh, 25 WesI Plain SIreeI', Cochiiuaie Kay, Carolyn Lucille, 34 Wilbur Sheer, Worcesier KeIIen, Elaine Harrier, I42 Pearl SIreeI', Newfon Kenney, M. Pafricia, 239 Bellevue Sireei, WesI Roxbury Lombard, Anne Theresa, 87 High Srreei, Ipswich Lynch, Lillian Frances, 6 Bellflower SIree'I, Dorchesler Macaione, Mary Jane, 270 King Sireef, Franlrlin Madden, Mary Cafherine, 32 Belvidere Road, Framingham Mahoney, Marjorie Anne, I43 Summer Sfreel, Hingham Mannos, Edna Mae, I34 Universiiy Road, Broolrline McCauley, Mary Jane, I9I Huron Avenue, Cambridge McCarIhy, Margarei M., 48 Walden Pond Ave., Saugus Moran, Carol Anne, 2227 Cenfre Sireei, Wes? Roxbury Morron, Ruih EIi1abe'rh, 34 Cliff SIreeI, Arlingion Murphy, Jean Cafherine, 4I6 Main Sireei, Hudson Niro, Donna Marilyn, 56 Emmons SIreeI', Milford Noonan, Elizabeih Eileen, 3I Crescenf Sireef, Wes? Bridgewaier Pareni, Jane Elizabeih, 62 Daley SIreeI', Leominsier Res'Iaino, Elizabeih Ann, 4I Waverley S'IreeI, Belmoni RouI"f, Melba Elizaberh, I93 Cushing Sfreei, Hingham Rowean, Claire Marie, 342 Temple SIree'r, Wesf Roxbury Saari, Eleanor June, I69 Fosfer Road, Ashby S+. Gernain, Mary Elizabefh, 450 Sunderland Road, Worcesrer Shannon, Jean Marie, I Byron Sireef, Worces'Ier Shea, Brenda Anne, 572 Dedham Sireei, Newron Cenier Shorf, Myrna Helen, 64 Everefr S+ree'I, Arlingfon Slaclr, Claire Frances, I78 Main Sfreer, BoyIs+on SIaHery, Elizabeih Ann, 5 Braemore Road, Brighion Spires, Roberia Ann, I82 Highland Avenue, Fifchburg Sierling, Susanne, 24 Myopia Road, Wollasion Teehan, Ann Julia, I82 Walier Sfreei, Roslindale Websfer, Carol, 88 Shirefown Road, Dedham VOCATIONAL FRESHMAN Harris, Elizabefh V., 7 Norcross SIreeI, BaIdwinviIIe Mielniclci, Anne Marie, 90 Sou'rh Main Sheer, Uxbridge Reid, Mary Elizabefh, Waliham Road, Souih Lincoln Safford, Consiance Fay, 5 Oak Ridge Way, Shrewsbury Sampson, Anne Pauline, IIa Harvard Sireef, Somerville Turner, Barbara Ann, Plymourh Avenue, Ocean Bluff SPECIAL FRESHMAN HOME ECONOMICS ScoH, Diane Ruih, 57 Porier Road, 'WaIIham Turpin, Anna Marie, 424 Prospeci Sfreef, Brocldon VOCATIONAL Hampe, Geraldine, II Hurd Road, Brookline Planie, Vera, I964 Pleasani Sfreef, Fall River PROFESSIONAL PAGE Daniel F. Barnicle ..... John Carchio ........ D.M.D. D.M.D. Frank J. Coyne ............................ D.M.D. .James J. Fanning .... l-largraves, Karla, Wilco Leon I. Leshay ............. James W. Luby .......... Joseph J. Mock ......... Seltzer 84 Nlontalbano Vincent J. Pollina ......... 84 Galvani .. Attys. Atty. D.M.D. Attys. Podiatrist Howard B. Randall ........ .... D .M.D. Sheridan 8. Randall ...... Edward F. Regan ....... Morris Shapiro ........ John J. Sheehan ..... Arnold D. Vetstein ..... Attys. M.D. Atty. Atty. D.M.D. l t i l 4 l l l l fl I l :M e N00. 0 0 in design craftsmanship and quality RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS n'iTi5'liGs .mint new xonx - 13 TREIIDNT ST.. BUSTIIII B, MASS. - Pnovlneuce Compliments of W. C. CALDWELL 84 SONS THE IDEA BOX GREETING CARDS :-: STATIONERY SHOPPERS' WORLD Compliments of A FRIEND FRAMINGHAM CRAFT CENTER ARCADE Compliments Compliments of HUTCH'S COFFEE SHOP of Compliments of BATES STATIONARY HOWARD JOHNSON'S 120 woRcEsTER ROAD Best Wishes to the CLASS OF '54 THE NEW YORK STORE T07 CONCORD STREET FRAIVXINGHAM COIVXPLIMENTS OF RAYFIELDS Compliments of H. P. HOOD 8. SONS DAIRY PRODUCTS TH F.T.C. GIRLS ALWAYS WELCOME AT VILLAGE YARN 8. TWEED FRAMING:-IAM CENTRE SHOP Compliments SERVICE STORES of CAFETERIA - PASTRY SHOP GARlNO'S TEA ROOM 67-17 CONCORD ST. CONCORD STREET Just as your present education is the best investment in a better foundation, so are the shoes from THE SHOE RACK 22 lRviNG so. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. THE GRACE M. ABBOT TEACHERS AGENCY T20 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON, MASS. Grace M. Abbot, Manager Member Nationa! Association of Teachers Agencies Compliments of COLUMBIA CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTOR Boston, ,MASS. Q I , , ff, W f Xia' 1 ' , 'i f W V! I f z., if f ' 1': , fi ,, ' ,kfw , ' BUILDER OF THE NEW GYMNASIUM and AUDITORIUM BUILDING If - 3 6' I .- I ,iq sl I , 1 I , Complimenis of TOLL HOUSE WHITMAN, MASS. RGUTE '53 FORTY-THREE YEARS OF COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE IN THE FRAMING!-IAM AREA ramzhgham ISTABLISHIIJ 1909 , g ' ,ll , L T L , ,H AL 1 "A BANK FOR ALL THE PEOPLE" l MEMB FEDE DEP T SU N E C RPORATION OS -I 0 DOWNTOWN AT 79 CONCORD STREET AND 7 KENDALL STREET ALSO AT SHOPPERS' WORLD WRIGHT AND DITSON H5"dd'e5H he sure to have FITTS S - 5 your camera ready PHOTO '?I?A lb at graduation time SHOPS , ,T - ' -- -I we-. f e ' T J J 22 unaonAve 462 aovrsrou sr. A Framingham BOSTON COMPLIMENTS OF GORDON MFG. CO. FRAMINGHAM crrz., MASS. COMPLIMENTS or E. F. BURNS, Inc. TOO Summer STreer Boston FINE FORMAL AND ACADEMIC CLOTHES FOR RENTAL Compliments of LINCOLN STUDIOS I-42 Pleasant Street Malden, Mass. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Complete Photographic Service To The Dial "Live to the Truth" 0611-BGB- ,Brill ja ,mi li' Q v ' 'Y' yi 0 S:' "Today is a very special day, set apart from all other days, to commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of our new location in this fine town of Framingham. One meas- ure of Framingham's greatness makes today similar to any other day in its realities and in its promise. We are facing old problems and meeting new challenges, yet tomorrow, as always, there will be opportunities, our opportunity for tomorrow is the greatest in our history. Hundreds of our alumnae, though their origins reach to the ends of the earth, will continue to work together, to wel- come each year our new graduates in common cause and in sincere fellowship. We, your loyal alumnae, loin with special gratitude in pay- ingtribute to the town of Framingham on this Anniversary Day. We have shared richly in its blessings, Framingham and its people have been good to us. Through high think- ing and a serious concern with ideas, Framingham has helped us to develop an educational influence which ex- tends tar beyond our national borders. We honor Fram- ingham as our home, together we have had a great past and together we are lacing an even greater future." THIS GREETING WAS GIVEN BY MISS LOUISE KINGMAN, ALLIMNAE PRESIDENT, AT THE CENTENARY CELEBRATION OF THE LOCATION OF OUR COLLEGE AT FRAMINGHAM, NEVINS HALL, OCTOBER 29, I953. The Bank on the FRAMINGHAM Follow Your Corner SCHOOL ACTIVITIES in the AND MECHANICS THE NEW WARDROBE The Mens Store Where Women Shop HOLLIS and WAVERLY ST., FRAMINGHAM Compliments of D. GARBARINO CO. PARK and FRANKLIN STS. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. J. C. PENNEY KEN'S concono Avenue Downtown Framingham OPEN DAILY - YEAR ROUND Food Service 3 to I0 P.M. Sundays I to 'IO P.M. BARRONS CANDIES 76 uNloN Ave. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. For Personal Planning of your Complimenfs Business or Pleasure Travel call of FRAMlNGHAM'S ONLY AUTHORIZED THE B 8. W LINES TRAVEL AGENCY MULHALL TRAVEL SERVICE 'II6 CONCORD ST. Tel. Framingham 3700 SINGER The World's Finest Sewing Equipment For Home and Industrial Use Cl SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 55 Temple Place, Bosfon, Mass. H A S T I N G S MEN'S SHOP FRAMINGHAM ComplimenTs of F A R L E Y ' S CARROLL PERFUMERS TI5 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM CENTRE BEAUTY SHOPPE 963 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM CENTRE T H E A L B Ll M RECORDS - GREETING CARDS SHOPPERS' WORLD FRAMING!-IAM COAL CO., INC. "A fuel for every purpose A service for every fuel."' Oil Burners-Aufomatic-Cool Burners COKE-FUEL OIL-COAL 723 WAVERLY ST. Framingham 6121 STITCH'N KNIT, Inc. SHOPPERS' WORLD FRAMINGHAM COMPLIMENTS OF HENNEBRY INSURANCE AGENCY GRANT W. SHARROVV I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I II I. I I I, I I II I I I I I I I I 'I I ' I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I II I I I I I I -I. The Framingham National Bank offers you sincere congratulations on your graduation. May The years Continuous Quality , li 3 f . ly N ahead be happy ones for Q-ff f u I A .3 45 you in The career That you 5:5 g. 5 have Chosen. .' v my ' FRAMINGHAM ATIONAL BANK 4 Mmm orrics, so concono smear ' ff I naive-IN, 48 FRANKLIN smear A Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. c 1' w ""'P'me"5 BUTLER Moron CORPORATION of the D. 8- M. SHOE STORE 43 KENDALL ST., FRAMINGHAM SALES FORD SERVICE THE CAREY TEACHERS' AGENCY Fiona Hale Cook, Manager 14 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Compliments of SUNSHINE DAIRY CARPENTER'S MEN'S STORE T03 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 939 WORCESTER RD. CENTRE FOOD MART io:-iN canon: FRAMENGHAM CENTRE, MASS. Tel. 7333 CQNGRATULATICNS TO THE CLASS OF l95ll 2, t ROY I 00. FRAMINGHAM, MASS. f., v '02 f . 1. 1 ' 1 .i 'Q I Q 1 1 ' 4 4 x xi- 3 , +,, wx. ff Q

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