Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA)

 - Class of 1951

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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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P W J K V V f N N x K7 R V J . , ' V n l 1 BNN 3 E lll I1 LC ming IQ SUEDE D T XY f - Q 5 , Y 'rf N' 1 . I . 1 v , K,-,fa A if Nwxzf V 5 Q W f 2 X 4,1 'D I I , l A : fb za UN U UU U D Q UU Jn mu ,R iw M1 U "E.1'l'1-T 3, S. ' , C.,--. 1 w . F cmms Framingham Stale CGBWQ , EdHor ANN FLAHERTY Ari Ediiors MARGARET ELLISON ANNE FINI JOAN CARTER Business Manager BARBARA ARIES Li'fera ry Ediior CONSTANCE LARKIN Pho+ograpl'1y Ediior PATRICIA LeBLANC Subscripfion Edi+or NANCY BOYLE Adverfising Ediior DOROTHY TIMON Da+a MARIAN ARNOTT Pu blici+y EdH'or ESTELLE ANDLEMAN X FRAMINGHAM I L fm f 14. f ,pin - 'fi x- '?'l .. X M "s v Mtg? 5' "FA Us fuk.. ,,x., J.. DAVID BERGER D I C A T I O N sLow TO SPEAK, QUICK TO HEAR- ALWAYS PRESENT FOR OUR EVERY NEED- AS A PERSON, HE HAS OUR ADMIRATION- AS A TEACHER, HE HAS OUR TRUST -AS AN ARTIST, WE CAN BE PROUD OF HIM AND AS OUR ADVISOR, HE HAS OUR APPRECIATION. will 5- PRESIDENT O'CONNOR A gen'rle word of encouragemenf - a smile +o brighfen flue darlces+ day - a voice 1'l1a+ demands aHen+ion - a bil' of poefry fo sui+ any occasion - +l1ese phrases unmisfalcably describe Marfin F. O'Connor, our beloved presidenf and undersfanding friend. His wisdom and fore- sigl1+ have guided us for four years. Now, as we reach +l1e end of our iourney, we wanf fo express our sincere Hwanks, and pause +o say, "We will never forgei' you, Presiden+ O'Connor." i i ' bi ,- ,-. . , r , .J .r n 5 1 h My A ll wg ug ' 3 ' ll B l I l 1 I Qi ,M we I I Q ' ai 1541 l r' '23 wil . 3' , lii f,x . " EL-X y ,,. lil' X i its r , 'i f 6 'A ,5.., V ll kinlhfll 'Q' 14 T if-" U -, A"' 2- W L 'YQ , ef f ' i X' l 1 if DEAN LARNED A keen and aleri' mind which offers a friendly suggesfion and a solulion +o your problem. Miss Larned symbolizes in our mincls, all +he a++ribu'res of a perfecf clean. For all fhings you have done, grear or small, 'lo help us during our four years af Framingham, we now give you our special and hearffelf rhanlrs. THE WARM SUN GREETS A NEW DAY AND A GENTLE BREEZE RUNS THROUGH THE PINE TREES. A PERFECT MORNING FOR A LEISURELY WALK. WHY NOT COME WITH ME? I HAVE WALKED THIS WAY AGAIN AND AGAIN YET EACH TIME I NOTICE SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING MORE IMPRESSIVE. THIS IS WHY I ASK YOU TODAY TO COME ALONG WITH ME. TOGETHER WE WILL STROLL TO THOSE FAMILIAR PLACES AND PERHAPS DISCOVER SOME- THING UNFAMILIAR, SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER KNOWN, SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER APPRECIATED. SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER OUITE UNDERSTOOD. DO YOU SEE THE TWO BRICK POSTS FRAMING THE WALK STRETCHING FROM THEM? WE WILL START HERE THROUGH THE GATEPOST AND ALONG THE CURVING PATH WHERE THE PINE-TREE SHADOWS PAINT PICTURES IN TEXTURES. uv . xt:.,u,,, , IV, lf- W 4 V: 7 ' 1 . HW "' . 1 ' v.,.:f ' N .M . , , .ir it 5 I., A' ' jf, f, X ri 1.421 'ff I P If , .Qi "'tf, I x "' :I I ? ' ax Q 1 i E , 1, , ' f a . A A ' s Q. . QQ 5 F .1 , . g lf. ' 4 5 it F 0 ' ' I .' - 7- gwr ,ff ., , f f A 1 "' ' M1 5 , . . A nqvfvig . Q 4 0 6 V I . f In . if ' Ya' W ' .. -ff-arf-.ei '15 sqm..-f.4,' hu M 'wer f 4-D I mw,m1:5.i 5 X., 0 'K' X ' Q., ffs'fE,:g2-.W-,fgrf D, , Jw" .V ' 4? :F ff Q O' ., A - ' r ' - ,1 O' 'A v 1 , 'M nam- .14 v I 'ii 1 f Qywmzi 2"f'r- ,,.. -f 321,11 : I I 'Jr 1, 4- , -Mmm 9' 1 ' fx' . ' 1Nv,',,l M... 9 - . V m , ,vf Q Q , , 5,411 . 1' R 6' V3 3 Q . ff' -Q 'f - - 3' 1 ' Q. . v 'N' . 1 .- G , .Lg . a ur' ,v V X' VM- 5 . ' so YN x : .-,, as , l U .- AAH, . -M., -. 'F f , I iq- 'Sv ' r .r-- ,, Q' an :L ' mal, , -brf ' K' .. v fm 'Fl .W C ,X- gi WELLS HALL WELLS HALL, THE FIRST BUILDING WE PASS, HOUSES MANY AN ART OR GYM CLASS AND BECOMES ALIVE WITH THE ACTIVITY TAKING PLAC.E INSIDE ITS DOORS. HAVE YOU EVER WALKED FROM THE GYMNASIUM ON ITS LOWER FLOOR TO A PENMANSHIP CLASS ON ITS HIGHEST FLOOR? WE HELD OUR SENIOR CLASS MEETINGS HERE IN THE CHEMISTRY LECTURE ROOM. . GRACE V. CONLEY B.S., Bos1'on Universily M.Ed., Bosion Universi+y lns+ruc+or in Physical Educaiion and Speech 430 Commonweallh Avenue, New+on Cen'rer BERNICE W. TAYLOR B.S. in Ed., Teachers College, Columbia Universily M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify V A.M., Bos+on Universify Gracluale School Assisl'an'r Professor, Physical Educaiion 29 Long Avenue, Framingham an 'f X raw, f--r La' " V. ,i , - I -b C QY , A V 1111 48:7 1rj",'l . 'Q 1 , Q 1 X .. T 'T . . V - , ' -up ,A vm ,p+i,,,,., V who i I L X It S V V bl X h ,H f 4' 1" 6 "'+m. satvwtaovm l .ww ' ' ,B ii.. , og , Q.,,aw I A . :xy -svaqwwgs xii". , I A ,Tr '5' . i' Q in -kewl, , C " Q ark' - ff' ' I , ,,,.,.,,.i-M..-,is , W. J, V4 ' A ' 1. , "tb QM, .QA - NT. - 6. . 'V . mn'-sig--I .a-rd, ww" ,sq 25am-T xwbu. .abuo.,vlArfbw'+M-u9?!lL'7f3't'V' Jen.: sh' -H11 . -.1-. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Presidenf Eleanor Craig Vice Presidenf Barbara Lindsfol Secrefary Jeanne Leahy Treasurer Olga Zaruba L, I Publicify Manager ,ff Joan Kelliher Adviser Miss Conley E. Craig, B. Lindsfol, J. Leahy, O. Zaruba, J. Kelliher, T. Kirby, E, McGraiI. A "live-wire" club sponsoring many acfivifies . . . A Jamboree fo help make fhe freshmen feel af home . . . Frafeaco Weekend - a falenl' show and rally - hockey, baskefball and volleyball games -- a fea in Crocker for fhe deserving feams - 'turkey banquef in Peirce Hall - informal dance in fhe Sfudenfs' Room - one marvelous weekend nobody misses . . . Sfunf Nighf -- one howl affer anofher -- buf sfilif compefifion - whaf wonderful sporfs our faculfy are . . . A hike in April! . . .A club 'rhaf is bubbling wifh Framingham spirif. Frafeaco Weekend MODERN DANCE GROUP Vivid in+erpre+a+ions in rl'ly+l1m . . . graceful, dynamic, speclacular . . . rehearsals exercise, prac+ice . . . The perfeci' modern dance assembly. I . - ELEANOR F. CHASE B.S., Universi'l'y of Massachuseffs M.S., Universi+y of Massachuselfs Ph.D., Columbia Universily Assis+an'I' Professor of Chemisfry 45 Highland S+ree'r, Amesbury STUART B. FOSTER B.S., Massachusefls Agriculfural College M.A., Columbia Universily Ph.D., Columbia Universify Professor of Che-misfry and Nulrifion I Maynard Road, Framingham E l l i l l A DEBORAH M. RUSSELL B.S., Columbia Universily M.A., Columbia Universify Assisfani' Professor, Chemisfry Nufrifion Framingham Cen'rer CHEMISTRY LAB Represen+s ihe honor sysrem siudenfs wlll noi' give or receive and during an exammahon pro mofes honesry. SCIENCE COUNCIL Presideni' Efhel Miller Vice Presidenf Be+h Menien Secrefary Nancy Keirans Adviser Dr. Fosfer Dr. Hearfl THROUGH AN ARCHWAY DECORATED BY GNARLED AND TWISTED VINES WE ENTER MAY HALL, THE IVY COVERED BUILDING WHICH IS THE CENTER OF THE HOME ECONOMICS WORK ON OUR CAMPUS. HERE IN OUR AUDITORIUM WE ATTENDED UNFORGETABLE CHAPELS, PLAYS, ASSEMBLIES. R 'f . N"Yf,'P"?f A A..,f"','- .S 1: f f ' my L ,X 'f'.u!' ,. , 4' 5 -5 if 4 kfpNgjf??fx 4 ff ' H -Q95Q'i4REfTN x5fY'- vfamWww'f 'R i ' N9K'TQMX'? V. iv 'tile'-?-1-'S v ' ' ' .' I 1 X 'RQ NNT '5A.' ?'-Q1 X1 x - w 4 ' if'- Y -P. x ',4 ' ' fl ' , -. .9 ' B Z :fL.,Q-YT' 7 1 i XX I' -xij! .lf ' ,N '- 5 -I Y! X X 1':QS-A 1 ,Y X xi ff ff .R 1 V gg i 1 1 km! :I A K A l 4 1 V , x agt fj f: , 4 fs " X x , ,.,....A , 4 N,,,...,, W. 4 - My . 5 + 3 V 1 JK ' Ill A k ll . 14 -Y X llll 'fx if lllll fgwf ac 1 1' -fm: . lllll . f 2 -- X529 5 f iii isa 1 A X' A 1 6 . fc. " if - , 44 ,V W. ' ml , x Vg 2.17: 11 Av Fi , ' J D? K. X 3 n 'ii' ' I ".-V :J , , , ' ff V. - we , 3 f ' 'Q W .V z ,, ff-311225 X 4, ,, ' 'A . qiigz' 'Q1 If xg' 1 I, L I, G! L 1 4, .M LA IA,-55: T I K - A . "" Q f' f I -- X 1 J Y '- V1 M X X X? ,ff Y :Zi Q Q. ' k s K ' .J ' -4 fi ' ' ALJ Y I X A f' X f" X by .' Q Q , I A X i f 1 H . ' 1 ' K. ll 5 5 E . gf . L ' X X ,, .rm 'Q xffgx ' ,,x, ffm ' f . u. I f V W I X K ,SJ f 1 if A K' x X .-M :V , 5 rf' MAY C. TURNER B.S., Columbia Teachers College M.A., Columbia Teachers College Head of Home Economics Deparlmenl' Professor, Home Economics Educafion 75 Maynard Road, Framingham .lx v. A 1 , v, Q J 5 fig J EN 2 A M f if if We xr 1. ZEN. MARY L. O'CONNOR B S in Ed Framingham S+a+e Teachers College M A Columbia Universi+y Insfrucior Foods 46 Burncoai S+ree+, Worcesfer ,-. E ANNA M. BILLA B.S. in Ed., Framingham Sfafe Teachers College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia l V Universify lnsfrucfor in Clofhing and Texfiles A 39 Eufaw Sfreef, Lawrence E if FASHION SHOW Presidenf Elizabefh Slrinner Vice Presidenf Befh Menfen Secrefary Be'H'y Jo Anderson Treasurer Barbara Kelley Program Chairman Eleanor Loud Sfafe Represenfafive Helen Sasso Adviser Miss Billa 'CN- , 1" ffT'N'.i,?R .453 ' its ' Q' 1 "ag L... i Q. i . hfifx if ' .,,,4, HOME ECONOMICS CLUB A friendly welcome for fhe freshmen when fhey arrive af fhe dormifories in Sepfember e annual Fashion Show in Ocfober new sfyles affracfive models . . . Conferences af ofher cam puses . . . lnfernafional Nighf foreign sfudenfs on our campus - a sfimulahn evenm indusfrious, professional club R. Counihan, M. Willrinson, P, Charesf, Miss Billa, B. Menfen, H J. DaigneauH,B. Skinner. N. Scholes. fy we 'Q '17 MADELINE E. MONROE B.S. in Ed., Framingham Sfafe Teachers College M.A., Columbia Universiiy Assis'ran+ Professor, Clolhing, Supervision Pracfice Teaching MURIEL C. BUCKLEY B.S., Teachers College, Columbia Universily M.Ed., Cornell Universil' Assis'ran'r Professor in Clolhing and Clofhing Economics Il Orchard S'rree+, Belmonl MARION M. MacDONALD B.S., Bos'ron Universi+y M.A., Boslon Universily lnsfruclor, Clofhing, Fabrics 82 Rosewood S+ree+, Ma'H'apan ' Q... 1 x Presideni' Ca+herine Higgins Vice Presidenl' Louise Tavares Secre'rary Kafhleen Maquire Treasurer Barbara Taylor Adviser - Miss PraH HILLTOP PLAYERS The enihusiasiic HilH'op Players malre dramaiic acfivifies an infegral par+ of life on ihe hill . . . In November a one-ac'I' play . . . An impressive Chrisf- mas chapel by fhe choral speaking group . . . The highlighi' of 'Phe year's acfivifies, fhe spring produc- iion -4 rehearsals, and more rehearsals - finally ihe 'lwo big nigh+s .... Member of 'I'he Delia Psi Omega dramaiic fraierniiy. Goodbye, My Fancy" GLADYS F. PRATT A.A., Mouni Holyoke College M.A., Universify of Illinois Librarian AssiS+an+ Professor, Children's Liferafure, Library Meihocls 25 JeweH Lane, Souih Hadley -sr L. Tavares, Miss PraH', C. Higgins Maguire, B. Taylor. I A g i I FACULTY -fa Q ' I , I If , , I? l I 5 in I I .if I I f z -I I 5 I 1 5' I 3 1 N I I I I Q , , 3 STUNT NIGHT CHAIRMEN Senior Conslance Larkin Dorofhy Joyce Junior Claire MacDonald Sophomore Marie Denn Freshman Norma Quimby Carol LeBlanc . i STUNT NIGHT Firsf comes fhe job of wrifing a scripl, original and numerous. Then rehearsals, long and secre'I'ive - Censorship, cui' Ihis and add Ihai' - Lasi' minufe plans - cosiumes, music, props. On Friday nighf we see Ihe finished producfion - Ihe judges go info conference -- Did we win? . . . The winners are proud, 'rhe audience amused - I+ was so much 'fun - As far as we are concerned 'I'he 'faculiy sfole 'fhe show. SENIOR BWBUS SOPHOMORE JUNIOR 5 Y Y ?fL5?1 I ..,-11 314 I x 5 Xgyf- : ' 1 3. 4 ', 'fl lffcg , , 'i .5 ,va ' 4 N 1 1 f .4 1 1 i 9 . Y '3 . , 4"F'.-" 1 X X . . ,W .I lf . - ' -7. X L -, ' VA., fin X 'A k --. -- 'Lf' ' , 12 ig 3 a P - " "' f ,f . 3 ' ..'-',f.x5-I-3, ' fl " L ' ' .. 41. " ' A . 4 ' . , .. x.-' a"",':- f 1 I f T, . , 1 1 ,A ,X M I , , ', ' ' I. mn, , .-. 1 1 Q , , N' zf' f' .44 -I Q 'fi mm 3 . . 'V 'Y' , ' -' q . .f 4 W- ,.-,y V , - 1 -. :Q 1 354 .,:g, A . - f 1 U1 .5-af at - , , 'Q iff ,f .,:.j ' I 3' , 1 V 'I' 7 :rf ' fi. fd. 4 4 Y 3 A ., g:?i:M:-,.ez- Q. x- 'f,.-Q-11, 5.3.5 AJS ...UH - l I , If ji 1 ., 1 H . 9,,5 x gf 5 .1 , , . 'f'.,, "i., 5. 1 'if ' ,A , M1 ' 'v s ,I . xx -V I .-at, iagg ji. -.-. A-x I " , ', ,., , ' .AH . r .. L ,M , .ul . K X Q 4' fig... -- s... .. .- 1 x ' 1 ..J:.r,s'jL..- f' A 1 , -3, V .. . ,vt 4.5, .,,.. - .f sf., ,- " W 45? 55. 25. ' A ' i5 'U'-7fL'.1 3- 3Af6,1i.'F c?i4- 1, ,N 1" .5 AQQW' . fig I ' ' '. A. n A- ,. 23 074 A' 'F .Q '-', . P' '+ I'.'r2 ' .L . -3 -5- :LUX "gi U' ,Q-1, ai -Y b',g2:,:i:fi ,Lrg ' 5. 1' ' g,4'i.'.-I-'ajillvl' ' vw n .s . ' urs- . " .A A. , I Q 4 No . . 4 :xl s K "'W , ,-+. -...v -V . - . .. - - sl A-.W ' 'mn .'. - , , -u mf 2- .., ' ' -V:-we ' A ' V . F ..., ,,. ,sn r me M Wm sf-4 J J '5 V +1 '-?f?"Yf if 1 - va.- 1-,p I . :4 ""' J.-. s R., L . pig 1 L ,.. 'la U, ' rw -' li! 'QP gjg.. s 'fff J ff" 'r FRESHMEN DWIGHT HALL STANDS FORMALLY AT THE FAR END OF THE CIRCULAR DRIVEWAY. ITS IVY-COVERED WALLS EN- CLOSE THE ADMINISTRATION OFFICE, THE MANY CLASS- ROOMS, THE LIBRARY. 15 'J ' -aa! am... ..z, ' Jgfu ,.-J-v 5342 T31 .Q s ., 1 ,...- 5 1 Mm 1 Ei , 1: ,2I1LL,.:.I: 5'EL.1.':.1, -'f'f"' ' ' K ' 3 ,W 1 ,a vwtqnsa-' v-:f...faunu-og-545 - 44'-41? r .avi-f.d.7li17-, "-:via Qxf' an if P' ? 'f '..anP:d -K-x '::i'x f ' gr' 14 -' Q-5:55 J-fm,,5,:-5 K4 E fit!-EX.. ' M--ll x 623 3224 S'- - ""h' - A ,HN ': '-1."'x1.f 1171: ,V .,, "lf i'gFff""N1gk..- fifvggz .L ff ,L H . ,.-IL. .,-f--- A . T7 -ual ,Y . ,,g,., , . ,, , . ' - 1.-. .,--....., x . '---- if X23 '. A.-LLQ, 1.,qu,,,, I f.- man----'tmp . 5' .Jiff- ,...u. A5251-iif-i W ' ' 2 -1- ' l- .. i-,.V ,, - ig.. ' 4.4. 21,2 'A -'f I E, L'x.X.-:g-: .1 .J nf' . ,. - ":"g-. "' ' "L . . YL. .3 '.,.-, - ,-t,i 1 - 14, 4:5 'Q g -N.'..- "', ""'I'1f2f'A Q ' .3 ..,, , ' ,., ,., L., -. . - .,,,: ,... .. L- - - W ..,. V H-.. --, fn' I 1, lu , " iiiillw fzfsiff ' ' h is -- 1. , . V A THE OFFICE STAFF MRS. RUTH DASSONI Junior Clerk, Slenographer IO3 Pearl Slreef, Framingham MRS. MABEL BUCKLEY Junior Clerk, Typisl 43 Concord S'rree'r, Ashland ky. s Slimson, Mrs. Buclrley, Mrs MRS. CHARLOTTE CORSON MRS- HEI-EN GROWS Secrelary +o +he Presidenf' TFSGSUVGI' 62 Fisher S+ree+, Na'riclr 56l Franklin S+ree'r, Framingham 'Tx "'a2:ywQLQ,, l . Corson, Mrs. Groves JOHN F. BOWLER A.B., Bosron College M.Ed., Filchburg S+a+e Teachers College Ed.D., Harvard Gracluale School of Eclucafion Regisfrarg Assis'ran+ Professor of Social Sciences 273 Union Avenue, Framingham Presidenl' Nancy Cooney Isl Vice Presidenl' Audrey Shepherd 2nd Vice Presideni' Joan Moynihan Secrefary Anne Vollr Treasurer Jane Hayward N.S.A. Delegale Cay Desmond Adviser Miss Riley l A. Shepherd, N. Cooney, J. Moynihan STUDENT CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Represenfafives from all classes and clubs - weekly board mee'I'ings - monlhly council meelings +he in+ermedia+or of facully and s+uden'rs - encourages responsibilily in self-government , ". +. . , ' I' ""2"'1'V'A1'gf"'-1-.-ev: --11 .4 -- f f' K A. Elbery, l. Dufch, K. Desmond, M. Elison, B. Savage, A. Flaherly, P. Grogan, P. Driscoll, V. Grady, Dr. O'Connor, Dean Larned, Miss Riley, C. Higgins, M. E. Collins, N. Rose, J. Fellrer, B. Skinner, J. Daignaull, D. Adams, Dr. Chase, A. Mansfield, A. Carler, J. Haywood, J. Moynihan, N. Coony, A. Shepherd, A. Vollx, A. Bergman, E. Craig, A. Haveles, A. Niro. THE JUDICIARY BOARD Rules and regulaiions . . . lmpariial hear- ings . . . Juslice for all. A. Carler, V. Grady, A. Flaherfy, B. Savage, A. Elbery, Dean Larned, P. Driscoll, C. Higgins, A. Bergman, J. Fellrer, J. Moynihan, E. Craig, J. Daignaulf. THE MART N. Carroll, S. Hughes, A. Shepherd M. Bufler, B. Lindsfol. CLASS AND CLUB COUNCIL In our lingo if is called 'rhe C. C. C. The lhree "C's" - be- lieving in fhe power of "commi+- 'I'ee," "club," and "co-opera+ion" - consisfs of The presidenfs of classes and clubs, 'lhe Dial edifor, lhe Gafeposl edi+or, and afaculfy advisor. They are +he parf of our Sludenl Co-operalive Associaiion which plans wiih fhe Facul+y-S+u- denl Aclivifies Commi'Hee +he calendar of college aciivilies, and organizes 'lhe vofing procedures of our classes and clubs. Our shopping cenfer - noi room enough for all . . . Profil fo Siudeni Co-operalive Building Fund . . . Twen+y-six co-operafive workers . . . Gills and cards for all occasions - school and arl' supplies. K. ' l :., ' W 4 - Q" i A. Daopoulos, S. Herman, A. Shepherd, O. Callendar, K. Ramsclell, E. Elbery, B. Sfanion, E. Ryan, A. Haveles, A. Mansfield, J. Jacobs, P. Slrong, C. Grund, E. McGrail, A. Blalreloclr, K. Nuhn, K. Morrison, E. Andelman, C. Nelson. MIRIAM A. RILEY A.B., Emmanuel College M.A., Bosfon Universi+y Assis+anI" Professor, Hisiory, Civics 59I Wilder S+ree'r, Lowell .--v IJ UNITED STATES NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION N. S. A. is an organizafion of college sfudenf bodies, represenied Through their sI'uden'I governmenfs. Today N. S. A. slands as Ihe mosi' impor'ran'r link among campuses all over I'his couniry, and ex- 5 Iends oui' fo man ofher counI'ries. Each member campus sends i'I's delegafe Io local: regional, and naiional conferences. Alihough N. S. A.'s mosl' imporlani' aims and purposes are on a nafional and .1 qi infernaiional level, Ihere are, also, many proiecls carried ou'r on an area or even a campus level Io help make Ihe individual s+uden+ aware of Ihese na+ionaI and in+erna+ionaI purposes. AI' our campus 'rhis year Ihe N. S. A. has been fhe sponsor of many enIigI1'I'ening chapel Iallcs and panel discussions. M., I , :ss .L 1 K. Desmond. The Siudeni' Governmeni' Dance .X x " X THE DIAL ' Our yearboolr . . . A recorder of precious mem- ories . . . An energefic sfaff . . . The campaign for adveriisers . . . Cameras ai' every even? . . . The Dial covers all aspec+s of life ai' Framingham - a +ruly represen+a'rive yearbook. A. Lund, M. Tuohy, A. Flaherfy, J. Copeland, O. Callendar. JUNIOR DIAL STAFF Mary Tuohy Barbara Fleming Helen FulI'on Olga Callendar Janei' Copeland Maureen O'Neill Ediror ANN FLAHERTY Ari' Ediiors MARGARET ELLISON ANNE FINI JOAN CARTER Liferary Edifor CONSTANCE LARKIN Su bscripiion Edifor NANCY BOYLE Pholography Edifor PATRICIA LeBLANC Daia MARIAN ARNOTT Publicily Edifor ESTELLE ANDLEMAN Adver'I'ising Edifor DOROTHY TIMON Business Manager BARBARA ARIES ..,. . , TEA TIME -x "- vm., 5 fy" 6 .. A A 535 ' .1 4 yERA HEMENWAY f B.A., Wellesley College ,, , 4-K' . M.A., Wellesley College 'ra , " if A fi 'Q X " Assis+an+ Professor of English A V A A ' I54 Maynard Road, Framingham N,,.',l f M Xejiw rf ia. l RUTH R. HERRING B.A., Universi'ry of Delaware M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Associa'I'e Professor of Ari' 40 Rochesfer, New+on "':.u., FFP. -1 ' lr-G ,Y f-wqm-, H M. Ellison, Mr. Berger, A. Flaherfy. 5 1 i:- GATE POST Edifor Beverly Savage Assisianl' Edifor Pafricia Maroni Make-up Edilor Wendolyn Esfabroolc Margrel' Shea Copy Edifor Alayne Moore Olga Zaruba Adverfising Edifor Anne Fini Befh S+an+on Ari' Ediior Palricia LeBlanc Business Manager Eslelle Anclleman Dislribuiion Anna Bergman Circula+ion ancl Alumnae Eclifor Doroihy Joyce Aclviser Dr. Hearll A. Moore, Dr. Haerfl, W. Es+abroolr, P, Maroney, B. Savage, B, Bloc D. Joyce, E. Andleman, P. Leblanc, A. Bergman, A. Fini. THE GATEPOST The college newspaper here on fhe hill - unfiring repor+ers, copy and malce up, aclverlising and managemen+ - News of lmpor+an+ campus evenis, oufslanding leaglers, music, fashion, spor'l's. EDWIN J. HAERTL B.S., Universi+y of Massachuseifs A.M., Williams College Ph.D., Harvard Universi+y Professor of Biology and Microbiology 72 Higgins Road, Framingham THE WINTER WHIRL H.-4 ff-A-u. "iw, 6 fi EDWARD F. G-ILDAY B.S., New Yorlc Universify M.A., New Yorlx Universily Associare Professor of Music -ag 1 GLEE CLUB Presiclenl' Alice Carier Vice Presidenl' .la Doris Lovelace Secrera ry ,,x. X, Evelyn Nicol L5 Treasurer Anna Augushne Adviser Mr. Gilday A. Carler, D. Lovelace, A. Augusfine, E. Nicol, Mr. Gilclay Choir Mr. Gilday, E. McCabe, A. Carfer, F. Fise+, A. Roche, B. Nelson, J. Williams, A, Elbery, J. Daignaulf, N. Quimby, E. Curry, M. Maclr, K. Ramsdell, J. Wolfe. D. Lovelace, B. Menfen, E, Loud, M. Shea, E. Nicol. I ' AFV A , 1: ee J ' H If L ww. is me ,I , gf. "ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH" GLEE CLUB Framingham's Glee Club - a blending of beaufiful voices . . . Enjoyable hours of preparafion under unexcelled leadership . . . Cancllelighl' Service in December - always a long-remembered performance . . . Spring Conceri' - a musical evening in May . . . Framingham nigh1a'f"Pops"- fhe fraclifional singing of Saini' Ca+herine. "NOEL, NOEL" CONCERT TIME m- 'Tl vo ' THE COMMUTERS' CLUB Presidenl Claire Corcoran Vice Presiden+ Ann Brady Secrefary Pa+ricia Foley Treasurer Dolley McCall Adviser Mr. Gilday The "day-hops' " club . . . Annual Chrisfmas banquef in fhe Si'uden'l's' Room . . . Friday nighl' dances wi+h neighboring colleges . . . a monopoly on fhe S+uden+s Room . . . lhose crowded loclcers . . . 'l'he rush 'For ihe lasl' bus. Chairman Jean Daignaulf Vice Chairman Lois Heriel Secrefary Ellen Curry ' Treasurer Shirley Hughes Adviser Miss Hemenway RED CROSS CLUB Gray Ladies a'l' Cushing Velerans Hos- pilal and volunieers in fhe Molor Corps - charming and efficieni' seniors - Home nursing and firs+ aid courses - imparl' in- valuable knowledge . . . Everyone on +he hill donafes generously fo fhe annual Red Cross campaign . . . A fruly aH'ruis+ic club. Miss Hemenway, J. Daignauli, E. Curry, Li Her+el LIBRARY COUNCIL An eye-cafching buIIe+in board - a waiiing Iisi' for I'haI' new book - an aimosphere conducive +o sfudy. VIEW ii . V' 21: IT? 6-if E. Wong, J. Peffy, A. Augusfine, Miss PraH, A, Havelis, N. Wesf, A. Moore. f Y MARIE A. MAHONEY B.S. Worcesier S+a+e Teachers Doro'I'I1y Whifney, Chairman BUTTROOM A definife afmosphere - smoke geI's in your eyes - coniribuiions accepied. College M.A. CIarIc Universiry I8 Siurgis SIree+, WorcesI'er, Mass. "FOUR HEARTS' A I ,yxxv I I , 4II' XX .A -u .X 'P S Y , 4 X! Red roses fo welcome all new sludenls - a wonderful Framing- ham fradifion . . . Local clergymen af chapel . . . Moonlighl Mood - a dale in April noi' +0 miss . . . Worship ai' sunrise in Chalmers Theafre - brealrfasf af Crocker . . . An acfive, friendly club. EMMA A. HUNT B.A., Wellesley College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Universify Assislanf Professor, l'leal+h Educafion, General Mefhods, Audio-Visual Aids Chairman of Elementary Deparfmenf 30 Henry Slreef, Framingham Y.W.C.A. Presideni' Anna Bergman Vice Presidenf Germaine Jensen Secrefary Virginia Ainsworih Treasurer Jean Goodman Adviser Miss Hun? G. if ,li '-L-r 4-,Xxx ,xy X B. Lindsfol, H. Fulfon, G. Jensen, C. Pralf, P. King, B. Richardson, Miss Hunl, A. Bergman O. Zuruba, C. Rice, M. McGuffin, B, Knighl, B. Lawrence, B. Anderson, J. Goodman, V. Ainsworfh B. Fleming, E. Kohrs. P -X., , WN ,xxx- ..---'-" . , i , 'uw ' i .L1s...Wem - 3 91-65:15 XX. hu... x P. Connors, K. Milchell, P. Driscoll, D. Ferris, P. Murphy. A'KEMPlS CLUB Communion brealrfasi' al' The Meadows . . . Firsl' Friday masses - down 'Phe baclc hill al' "break- neclr" speed -- and baclx 'rhe same way for brealzfasf al' Peirce . . . Acquainlance dances - profifable fun . . . A+ +he Shelfon in January - a fesfive formal . . . Sunday affernoon 'rea for mofhers and daughfers. Presidenl' Pafricia Driscoll Vice Presidenl' Kafherine Mi'l'chell Secrefa ry Pairicia Connor Treasurer Palricia Murphy Adviser Miss Joyce SERVICE WITH A SMILE , ,QW-:'xcx, 4 I i . MARJORIE SPARROW A.B., Radcliffe College M.A., Wellesley College Assisiani Professor, English I I40 Boylsion S+ree+ Ches+nu+ Hill ALICE M. GLOVER B.S., Simmons College M.A., Bosion Universiiy Ph.D., Bosion College Associaie Professor of Ana'l'omy and Physiology, Physical Science and Household Physics MARGARET J. WALKER B.S. in Ed., Framingham Sfale Teachers College lv'l.Ed., Boslon Universiiy Associaie Professor, Direcior of Teacher Training 59 Henry S+ree'r, Framingham HARRY S. BROUDY B.A., Boslon Universily M.A., Harvard Universilry Ph.D., Harvard Universily Professor of Psychology and Philoso h P Y l22 Franklin Sfreef, Framingham MARY E. Mc.GANN B.S. in Ed., Worcesfer S'ra+e Teachers College B.S., Simmons College Nl.A., Clarlc Universify Ed.D., Harvard Graduafe School of Educafion Assis+an+ Professor, Psychology, Educalion 48 Aelna Sheer, Worcesler A s i If' , ' i a Xl 'iwfe MAY QUEEN Audrey Shepherd MAY COURT Doro+hy Joyce Margarel' Ellison Leona Smiih Beriha Loomer Lois Magoon Joan Muse MAY DAY We'll resl' on 'rhe highes+ bench in Chalmer's Oufdoor Thearre, and lef our eyes fravel down 'rhe rows of benches before us . . . each a s+ep lower un+il we come 'ro fhe flal' green open space . . . our sfage. Can'+ you iusi' visualize 'l'he panorama of color, 'rhe in+rica+e dances, our beauriful queen and her couri' . . . all a par+ of our beloved May Day? 9 ego Z4 ' -- " ff' W, I ., s' S gf f 1 4 5 A' li l A We , L . YS ll L . X I KNOW!" MARY E. STAPLETON B.S. in Ed., Framingham Sfale Teachers College M.Ed., Bos+on Universi+y l387 Concord S+ree+, Framingham ,il -' if ff" 3' JOHNATHAN MAYNARD Sfudem' +eaching begins - early hours - box lunches - lesson plan books - pupils alive and eager -- we've read abou'I' 'l'hem in books- le+'s see wha? we can do wifh lhem. RECITATION TIME THE DORMITORY WE ALL VISIT THREE TIMES A DAY. HERE IS OUR DINING ROOM WITH ITS MEMORIES OF BANOUETS BY CANDLELIGHT. PEIRCE HALL, WHERE WE "SIGNED IN" AFTER ELEVEN. -aan-.1 J- ' J M '84, but .av Y.. , , MW- rn ff ,ff , pf- ,V- .A-f1,,.v Ag." L'jR,.,'e .. K .J A 1--ff" .. " 1 X. ' ,Q--z',,f4 .747 f - A f,Ld+,g Q , rg , 2 115 2 ,gs Q M L ul! 'qt ' .-qi., . A-kr: -sa .Tw - 1' Cl :wi 4 M wi ni ' u f '-F .W 4 . , nu ,uf ' 2, -S., '-Iyfivfff A v W . L ' ' . -4 5.n ' 4 - 3? Ii is ., 3 - -m 5 rs? M . . 4. ,. .. . t 1. H4 5 'n ' q , s -y un 5 X, M. 5 bf ,A 5 1 A ..,..,.,,-Q-7 ,fa , , f rv i...-1 gr- .1 , qw' ' 1 .- A -r 'v- ,.f"' , 79" A w- ' h , . av I - h O 47' 4' ' 9 fn " , 4, 3 4 A0 'A ', X . 9 ""' YV' 'X 1 v - 'fs f Af by A .T 1 4 1 Ir . 51 J' Q, i Q , A 'iQ' I . .Q-I "V ,JA 1 'Q ,fm . 1 :" ' Q 3 1 . 5 . 'X "!uw,"Q,.'9v"'i: Q 3 H N5 , 5 1 ,. 'Q In i - 1 I' ' - 'C7 Mansfield, J. Burlze, M. Galvin, A. Augusfine. H MISS RUTH C. NEWELL Mafron of Peirce Hall 45 Granl' Sfreef, Needham PEIRCE HALL OFFICERS Presidenl' Ann Mansfield Vice Presideni' Jean Burlce Secrelary Anna Augus+ine Treasurer Marilyn Galvin l ,nun ww 'is' 1 ,Z -'IV T N .- '. A- ,A h Y' 'Y gy FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS y Presideni' Jean Casey Vice Presideni Paula McKeown Secrelary Rosemary Murphy Treasurer Jean Blancheffe Adviser Dr. Hearil FRESHMEN This was all new 'lo fhem - ihe plague of ini+ia+ion 'l'o greef rhem - A Senior-Freshman +ea +o prove wewlove lhem - such an enormous class - eager and expecfani' - fun loving, hard worlring, wonderful sporfs. 4- , L- X 2 Joan Marlin, Marian Rideman, Jean Sylvesfer, Claire Donavan, Barbara Brennan, Ann Quirk. Barbara Shaffer, Margare? Nurney, Jean Jaworel, Jane Voegel, Jane Perry, Claire Courfenmanche. Janef McKeon, Pai Healy. Ellen Trudeau, Joan Bloom, Barbara Murphy, Mary A, McLaughlin Colleffo Maloney, Ruth VonEuw. 4 ,MN M. Galvin, R. Bollenbaclr, N, Vigcoff, D. Ruclom, E. Mc:Roberis, N. Olconnor P. Colberf, D. Allen, A. Whih-no,-9 B MCGOVGFFI, R. Murplwy, M. Olleil P. Duggan. '- Y. 3 M? -v-no B, Rice J. McTiernan, K. O'Connor, C. McCormiclz, R. Roberfson. N. Quimby, R. Hubbard C. Henderson, S, Elbery, K. Cavanaugh, S. Laycock, A. Lowell, E. Gibbs. J. Daley, N. Robinson, M. Mulbern, B, Bucily, B. Higgins S. Fifzpafrick, M. McLaughlin, E. O'NeiI, J. McDonald C. Donahue, M. Knowlfon, V. Shea. H. Duffy. 1 4 x P Bernhard? V. Sweene M. Moran S - - Y- I - Dallaire, E. Sharples, A. McKeiver, A. Vachon, B. Hosey, E. Barnes, J. Schube, J. Yeo, V. Page, P. Keogh, L. Sfeele. C. George, E. Saunders, E. Nylander. C. Hu hes S MacDonald M CoHer 9 I - I . . F. Donagher, J. Cloonan, R. Riopel, B. Fosfer, P. Cunningham. E f -Afa . f.A,i4,4.,- -144 5 Q P. McKeoun, I. Gilfoil, C. McDonough, A. Hogan E. O'Hare, B. Yelle, M. Wanzar, V. Cobb J. Casey. us'-., X- . ' W-. ' NL Au2M.,.r.,- wi X .-, . n-v.,rr.x-'v-1:-u --. x'nu ' A. Sapp, J. Gordon, L. Luca, S, Murphy, C. LeBlanc, P. Lanagan, B. Bond, G. Moblia, I. Toro, J. Friuell, J. Blancheife, R. Carmody, M. Fmeld, A. McGur+y, V. Barbone. 1 1 C! T SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presideni' Ann Elbery Vice Presidenf Mary O'Connor Secrelary Eleanor McGrail Treasurer Bonnie Brunfon Adviser W" Miss Shawlrey A. Elbery, M. OConnor, E. McGraiI, B. BruHon. SOPHOMORES Ano'I'her year a+ Framingham - 'lhis year revolves around an all ou'I' effori' 'For 'rhe mosi' beauliful May Day ever produced - 1'heir firsl' class dance - The Sophomore Hop - almos+ 'lo The half-way l'f16l'K. lm A Pl 1' E. Sullivan, P. Sfrong, R. MaHo, N. Scofl, E. Curry, B. Sunler, P. Mahoney, S, Ellison, B. Nicho E, Ring, S. Hughes, M. O'Connor. M. Sullivan, J. Kelliluer, J. Burlce, P. Quinn, A. Elbery, J. Phillips, N. Keirans, S, Vicleon, M. Regan, S. Maloney, A. Farber. J. Jacobs, H. Ponls, J. Darclis, B. Kelly, M. Robmer, B. Brulon, F. Fraser V. Kenneally, E. Johnson, M. Colleran, J. Haas, B. Mahoney, N. McAvoy, A. Flynn. 4: M, Baron, J. Dillon, A. Augusline, J. Allemus, M. Wesf, C. Ballon. E. Adams, J. Williams, E. Merrian, H. Tall. M. Rearclon, P. Fleming, P. Aslmess, F. Kirby, M Farrar, M. Firllw, A. MCG-ral'l1, E. McGrail, N. Ellis M. O'Donnell, M. Denn, A. Mullin, A. Mansfield P. Griffin. E. Sullivan, B. Brenan, M. Marlin, A. Carey, F. Clancy, A. Leonarcl, E. Ryan. A, Mulhern, G. Gilfold, G. DeRenzis, G. O'Donnell. N 'E' Morrison, J. Leahy, P. Delloach, J, Schneider, Sanfosuosso, L. Murphy, M. Ford, M. Galely, Sims. K. Washburn, H. MacDonald, M. Sievens, Hazon. 4.53. l ,1 .H Mi ww O. Forresf, M. Nicholson, K. Ramsdell, B. Knighf, H. Davis, R. Murphy, R. Jamson, B. Polh, J. Wolfe. .QQ-,,. "l'yfff" ' "lLv+. S. Crosby, G, Sawicz, M. Moran, E, DeSIelano, B Sfanfon, A. Kenney, D, Lawn, C. Timollwy, K. Nulm. THE DINING ROOM COUNCIL A pleasani' and orderly dining room - 'fable sign-ups - beau+iful decoraiions ai' every banquef - Io see 'rl'1a'I we "dress" for Thursday evening supper. S, ' ,OL R, Johnson, M. Ellison, Miss Townsend. F' I2 r r Y 3 We I I y I FRANCES TOWNSEND B S Nasson College -Q n., E , K, 1. 2 , , ip, X Z.. :za Z x', si 4. I I T I ff, Dlehhan, Ins'h+u+ional T Managemeni' ' II3 Union Avenue, Calais, Maine . " , V... ' ' ., Q av"" .I I : "SOUP'S ON -" TO MISS LOMBARD ln appreciafion of her enfhusiasfic spirif and un- +iring leadership, we oFFer our fribufe. She was deeply aHached +o her worlc, her sfudenls, her col- lege. Endowed wifh unerring fasie, and sound judg- men+, she slrove consianily +0 deepen our sense of values and +o develop our awareness of beau+y in daily living. Her humor bolh enlivenecl our momenfs and served io correcf our faulfs. We admired her slalely poise and grace. For her unspari'l'y giving of herself +ha+ our lives mighf be enriched, we shall cherish her in our hearfs. -- llll 'll llll M- -A .. AGNES M. HORNBY B.S. in Ed., Framingham Sfaie Teachers College Assisfanl Supervisor Teacher Training Household Arfs Ed. Pleasanf Sfreef, Dighfon - real family living, ' ' .lil llll VOCATIONAL HOUSE The whi+e house af fhe foo+ of lhe hill - house praclice for elghf weelzs - gues+ nighfs budgefs THE WARM ATMOSPHERE OF A HAPPY HOME PREVAILS - THE MOST HOSPITABLE BUILDING ON OUR CAMPUS - EARLY HOURS AND DILIGENT HOUSE-CLEANING KEEP IT IN IMMACULATE CONDITION. I " . 11? -5 . 1'-ai.: . . x ih- .. ,, '1vX .L 1? a. -r. ' P ' "v'Jtdx,t.J' 'Sf mam A, 'S .nik rv " ' 1 P 1 CORINNE E. HALL A.B., Denver Universily M.A., Columbia Universily Associale Professor of Home Managemenl' lOl Slale Slreef, Framingham is 3 CROCKER OFFICERS Presidenl' Ann Niro Vice Presidenf Claire Macchi Secrelary Barbara Lees Treasurer Phyllis Adams 15' 'Wx ELIZABETH C. MacMILLAN 8.5. in Ed., Framingham Slale Teachers College M.A., Columbia Universi+y Assislanl' Professor, Home and Lunchroom Managemenl 75 Maynard Road, Framingham lV,,s ,lL.x 3 1 ,gy 1' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presiden+ Joanne Fellxer Vice Presiclenl' Chrisfine Koriias Secreiary Doro'rhy McCoomb Treasurer , Helen Sasso 4' It Adviser Dr. Bowler JUNIORS So many new and differenl experiences . . . Crocker for 'Ihe home "ec's"-balanced diefs and menus . . . Praclice 'reaching for all - lesson plans - one can"I' escape fhem . . . II's all hard work - bul very rewarding . . . Junior Weekend - gay, happy lime . . . The Junior Prom - a formal May occasion . . . Plans for our Ias+ year. ffrdxf, 'YZ TEA TIME AT CROCKER xv? , ' ' ., -. .,.. . it-.XX 7 K .4 C. Mccarly, A. Lund, M. J. While, G. Norfon, T. Mack, J. Propagl, J. Bowden, K. Lavin, M. Curley, D. McCall, P, Foley, M. Donnelley. H. Fulfon, A. Volk, B. Nelson, J. Copeland, M. Morrison, B. Duncan, M. Callahan, A. McCabe, V. Ainsworflw. R? v 1 C. Prall, M. Bushee, R. Couniluan, P. Sayre, B, Lawrence, D. Lovelace, G. Jensen, B. J. Anderson, R. Freeman. ef, M. Shea, C. MacDonald, D. Ferris, M. O'Donnel, B. S'I'ephans, M. Bedell, I. Wise. f Yi I, ' A 5, ,1 ga 4 fl , 5, 3,'ny V H kgs..- .. Q7 E. M.oria+y, M. Casey, E. Andleman, O Callander, A. Brady, S. Herman, C Grund, M. Tuohy, H. Sasso, R. McCoy, C. Macchi, Adams, C. Dighf, B Menfen, B. Lees B. Holmes, A. Mauarelli. M. Searl, P. McCabe, B. Slxeifz, Fahey, J. Grove, A. Daupoulos, K. Kelly, ' M. Kennedy, A. McGee, B. Sfone, H. Evans, J. Peffy. 'Q X2 Ns . .VJ Qjg, H. Sullivan, C. Landry, N. Rose, J. Emerfon, V. Ciampa, J. Kennedy, I.. Mealy, C. Hughes, J. Corcoran, M. Lyons, P. Scahill, B. Blood, P. Maroni. E. Regan, J. Fellrer. D. McCoomb A. Niro, B. Richardson, J. Haywood, A Clarlr, P. King, B, Blood, B. Lindsfol, O Zaruba, P. Clwaresf. U3 l 1 fe - ii JUNIOR PROM Scenf of fragrani flowers and pungenl' perfumes - 'l'l'l9 clash of black and wl'1i+e fuxedos - your favorife beau - your 'Favori+e gown - +l'1e lovely queen and her cour+ - 'rhe sfrains of "Good Niglvl Swee+l1ear+" - +l1e memorable parfies. 4 1 2 5 l l l I l THE SENIORS' FAVORITE DORMITORY. THE SUN FALLS ON ITS STATELY PILLARS, WHICH IN RETURN PROJECT THEIR SHADOWS IN NARROW STREAKS THAT TRAVEL FROM ONE END OF THE PATIO TO THE OTHER, FOLLOW- ING THE JOURNEY OF THE SUN. ' f-hx LN'-, 1 4-X s 5. 552' r'x4 .4 , 'E' 'Ml X Ui 'J rf:-2 F if A . 1 + ,,--, . ' 2 ' .' ' . . 31,3 r ,j"i'1-' f ""' 14 Ing.. J' 1' 1 ' f ,-.+P I' ' I 4 ici MISS FLORA M. JOHNSON Malron of Horace Mann Hall 2I Turner Slreel, Newlonville P g M. E. Collins, M. Mcfivuflin. s..,- . MRS. HAZEL P. TAYLOR, R.N. Horace Mann Hall Slaie Teachers College, Framingham HORACE MANN OFFICERS Presideni Mary Ellen Collins Vice Presidenl' Pairicia Cunningham Secrelary Virginia Page Treasurer Marianna McGuFfin -. Magoon, P. Grogan, J. Muse, Mr. ierger, M. McGuFfin. DAVID BERGER B.S. in Ed., MassachuseH's School of Ari' M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Ari' lns+ruc+or in Ari 368 Longwood Avenue, Bosfon SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presideni' Pairicia Grogan Vice Presidenf Joan Muse Secrefary Marianna McGuffin Treasurer Lois Magoon Adviser Mr. Berger ,.,44P'. ,Xxx .Y xii' .nobr SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We arrived in a llurry ol anlicipalion, nol knowing whal lo expecl yel eager lo be a parl ol lhe aclivily whirling around us. Exploring lhe campus . . . meeling lhe lacully . . . arranging classes . . . lhese are lhe experiences ol our lreshman days we could never lorgel. We looked al sophomores wilh envy, al juniors wilh respecl, al seniors wilh awe. There were so many dances lo allend. We lhoughl inilialion was unmercilul. Were seniors human? All lhese happenings were parl ol lhe excile- menl ol enlering college, bul even lhough we were green lreshmen, we realized lhe iob lhal lay belore us and sellled down lo some earnesl sludy. There were lhe usual cases ol homesickness among lhe boarders . . . lhe usual cramming al exam lime. Chrislmas came and we wenl home lor a much-needed vacalion. The new year arrived bringing, us anolher problem, "Slunl Nighlf' We were really green al lhis. Talenl was pooled and we came oul wilh a ralher successful show. We look second place. As lhe year passed, we became more al home. Looking back now, how quickly lhal year did pass. June broughl exams. There was lillle lime lor idling now. We managed lo survive and lhen lhere was nolhing lell bul lo say "so-long" lo all our lriends and deparl unlil Seplember. Did you have a lump in your lhroal lhal day? The lollowing Seplember we relurned as Framingham's new sophomore class. We were a parl ol lhe school as il was a parl ol us. How young lhe new freshman class seemed! We did lhings more ellicienlly. Regislralion was easy, we knew where all lhe classrooms were. Thal was lhe lirsl lime inilialion looked like lun. We were onlookers. We had our lirsl class dance lhal year, lhe Sophomore Hop.. The arlisls and inlerior decoralors in our class gave lhe Sludenls Room a lace lilling. The nighl was unlorgellable. Harvard-Yale weekend beckoned in lhe near lulure. We wenl lo praclice every nighl lo cheer lor our classmales on lhe leams. Al lhe end ol lhal week we were all hoarse bul happy. Do you remember how lhe campus buzzed wilh May Day rumors? Cur May Day, exclusively Sopho- Enpres. We selecled a beaulilul day, a more beaulilul May courl, and, ol course, our mosl beauli- u queen. Chalmers Thealre was an array ol color: dancers, coslumes, and a verse speaking choir added up lo lhe mosl speclacular May Day Framingham had ever seen . . . al leasl lhe class ol 'SI lhoughl so. Aller May followed June exams and larewells again. Seplember, I949, ushered in a very imporlanl year lor us - we were upper-classmen. This meanl lhal we had reached lhe hall-way mark. We were closer lo becoming leachers. The lulure held so much lor us. Elemenlaries slarled lheir sludenl leaching. Home Economics moved inlo Crocker Hall lor house praclice. We had arrived al a more serious phase ol college lile. Early hours, lesson plans all lhese became habil lo us bul we slill had lime lor lun. Junior week-end loomed belore us. We made plans lor a square dance, a banquel, a dance al Crocker Hall. Then came lhe mosl imporlanl evenl ol lhe year and we decided il deserved lhe mosl carelul planning. Our Junior Prom was planned down lo lhe mosl minule delail. When lhe long-awailed evening al lasl arrived, il was all and more lhan we expecled. Do you remember lhe beaulilul gowns, lhal wonderlul orcheslra, our lovely prom queen and lhe gay parlies lhal followed? When lhe magic ol lhe evening had become a memory, we sellled clown lo lhe very serious iob ol elecling our senior class olilicers. Each girl voling realized more vividly whal was iusl around lhe corner and lhe ollicers elecled realized lhe responsibililies lhey were underlaking. We lell school lhal June filled wilh anlicipalion - in Seplember we were lo be . . . Seniors. Our mosf imporfanf year sfarfed Sepfember, l95l. lf began wifh a mosf impressive ceremony, lnvesfifure Chapel. As we marched info fhe Assembly Hall clad in caps and gowns for fhe firsf fime, we realized fhe significance of fhe ouffifs we wore. We were full-fledged seniors, sfanding on fhe fhreshold of fhe fufure. Turning from solemnify fo frivolify, we prepared fo inifiafe fhe freshmen. We ended fhaf ceremony wifh freshmen courf when we all dressed as hobos and made fhe freshmen pay for fheir crimes. Classes were in full swing, fhe monfhs were flying fasf. December was upon us, bring- ing wifh if fhe wonderful fradifion of caroling. Bundled in fhe warmesf available clofhes we paraded fhrough fhe sfreefs of Framingham, pouring forfh our voices and our hearfs. Then we refurned fo Crocker for food and enferfainmenf. Chrisfmas vacafion had arrived once more. We enioyed our holidays and refurned fo work on our lasf sfunf nighf. When fhis was over and done wifh, we looked forward fo fhe day we would graduafe. Our exams came sooner fhan fhe ofhers. We fook fhem a week earlier in order fo have more fime fo pracfice for commencemenf exercises. Unnoficed, fhe days had slipped by rapidl . We found ourselves in class week before we realized if. Friday evening was fhe nighf of our prom. Thaf dance held special meaning for each and every girl affending. We all had a wonderful fime. Safurday meanf more acfivifyl We planfed our ivy and lisfened sfarry-eyed fo fhe music of our Glee Club. Do you remember fhe daisy chain? We sfood in a ring and sang fhe songs fhaf made us lauqh and a few fhaf made us cry. Sunday had arrived af lasf. There were mixed emo- fions in many a senior's hearf. We were proud fo be graduafing, happy fo be enfering fhe feaching profession. Our dreams would af lasf be realized. Yef, some of us sfood wifh fear dimmed eyes, our earfs beafing a liffle fasfer. We knew fhe pain a hearf feels when old friends go fheir separafe ways. We knew fhe feeling of nof being able fo express our fhoughfs in words. We crossed our fingers, donned our caps and gowns, held our heads high and wenf fo receive our degrees, one of fhe mosf imporfanf memories of life. Wherever you may be heading, never forgef any of our college experi- ences, if is fhose memories fhaf will forever keep you young. .-3 lv 'Ninn .6 """' ESTELLE ANDLEMAN Our con+inen+al senior - loved her lravels in Europe - a well-selecied voca- bulary and a modulaied voice - disl'inc+ive facial expressions and geslures io ma1'ch- Publicily Edilor for l'l1e Dial. BARBARA ARIES Complefely a feminisl' - a so'F+ voice pleasing 'lo hear - dramafic abililv +l1a+ always seelcs perfeclion, and succeeds - guided by common sense - pale blue eyes which mee+ you direc+ly and unfalferingly. MARIAN ARNOTT Her chaH'er flows along a bubbling sfream - Songs were wriHen fo be sung -- quick are her movemenfs, conlagious is her laughfer - always willing 'ro go somewhere or do some+hing. JOAN ATCHISON "A+ch" +o all who know her - agreeable ways wifh a casual manner - 'the assur- ance of a good lime - consfani loyalfy - makes 'Phe mosl' of Framingham weekends -- never wi+hou+ a smile - never wi'I'hou+ a friend. SONIA BELLOWS Sonny - who possesses fhe charm of an amiable nafure and congenaallly er fufure is brighi' - her pas'r was serene a sparkle on her lefl' hand reflecfs fhe sparkle in her eyes. . A f YL. ANNA BERGMAN ,-fm Small and alerl - sparkling eyes and a brigh'r smile - a s+udenf and a scholar - makes 'fhose exlra minules counf - lends a magic +ouch 'ro a violin - a 'rrue lover of music. ,r,. H E NORMA BILLINGS An endless reservoir of energy - her speech is dressed in enlhusiasm - fun and merrimenl are her companions - alerl' 'lo 'l'he complicalions of lhe simple life - a spiril' as free as The gull on wing. fan if NANCY BOYLE Coal blaclc hair and fwinlcling green eyes - enjoys an infelledual conversafion - serious in her fondness for children and friends - mischievous sense of humor - one of fhe class of '5l's favorife Seniors. ROBERTA BUCKINGHAM A philosophical na'l'ure, an op+omis'I'ic aHil'ucle - always smiling, always singing - ceaseless eliforl' lo a'H'ain her goals - incomparable unclerslanding - unflinching spiri+. MURIEL BUTLER Jo alwa s 'Follows in her foolsle s Y Y P Q merrimenl' is her lceynole - 'thrives in +he foofball season - mad abou+ music - deeply alfached 'ro her friends - charm- ing fealures always clevilishly alighl. ANNE CAMERON If you like peanul' bu'H'er, you'll iusi' love "Skippy" - gay animafion makes her enlhusiaslic and vivacious -- a perfed pageboy, exquisife 'ras+e - me+iculous in ever way - generous wi+h smiles and laughfer. NANCY CAREY Calm of voice and disposi+ion - a res'r- ful person +0 be wi'l'h -- unpre+en+ious - a shy manner which endears her io many - unfailing in conversafion - even fhose who know her fail 'io reach ihe cleplhs of 1'ha'r quie+, full personaliiy. ' ALICE CARTER Tiniesl' member of 'rhe Senior class voice of an angel - member of lhe choir - pixie-like charm - her main worry is losing weighl' - loquacious and lnfereshng - ano'rher bridge player. -mug yiiiii illil ,- q IL cy.. h !l' ,'. I E'-in - 'r- JOAN CARTER A genuine love for lhe oul' of doors - lhe ambilion +o wall: anywhere - deep and sincere love for children - naluralness and a quiel' manner which aHrac+s many friends - a song in her voice, ihe ar'ris+ in her soul. 'QQ gf! i I-5 I , N., JEANETTE CHEVERIE The sweefness ol an angel - quiel and unassuming - loves Marblehead - has a weallh of friends bul' can always appre- ciale The companionship of a good book. She knows 'lhe way lo lislen and learn. Fw -:ME R gy, JEAN CLARK ' A fouch of fhe arlisl' - shy and relirinq - a well chosen wardrobe - a Collegian of rings and bracelels - heighf of .3 goddess. JANET CLINTON Beauliful blue eyes +l1a'r express warmllw and friendliness - everybocly's pal -- easy-going nafure adaplable 'ro any sifua- 'rion - unlwesilanl' in s'ra+ing her opinions - a nafural glow - flie life of ll'I8 parly. JEANNE COLE A soff voice across a crowded room - a champion of conlemporary arl' - an ar- den+ movie fan - undying loyaliy 'fo 'the L Bos+on Red Alma Maier. Sox as well as fo her own rx in '-'SM 'Q' MARY ELLEN COLLINS Sfrilring in appearance - sopl1is'rica+ed in manner - lender of l1ear+ and warm of nafure - aulumn days and lweeds - a champion of flue lvy League - sincerely inferesfed in everyone - a loyal friend. 'Q I9 .5 It QQ ei: iffi 1 in 'kb- PATRICIA CONNORS Dashing here, lhere, and everywhere fhe dependable chauffeur for all "Voc's" roudly wears her lovely diamond lilaughler fhe besf remedy for daily cares looks happily a+ +he world. V' M NANCY COONEY a leader followed wi+h love and eleclric response - never +oo busy +o smile - sparkling e es lhal' reveal her personalily - Enjoys +he ski slopes of New Hampshire in lhe winier - fhe sands of Sciluafe in 'lhe summer. RA'-5 , ggi 'f 5 .I ""' ' s H sk, 5 ' - is rl sy: at . 5- 36 V7 K-w x A! - 1 1 7-X If : Q: , J I I 1 F? 2 .4 4 V 525 ,V , ,Q ,W t bs. KZ, CLARE CORCORAN A spor+s en+husias'r - does her besf in hockey for 'lhe Blue - her car holds an unbelievable number of people - regular palron of FarIey's. Have you ever heard ihose monologues - a quick wi+ and a ready smile. Presidenf of 'lhe S+uden+ Governmenl' - ELEANOR CRAIG Willing and eager +o par+icipa+e - ailwleiic fo +l1e core - full of excessive vitaliiy - he: leisure time clevoied 'co wor'rl1wl1ile aclivilies - never foo busy fo s+op and lalk - Ellie is always on call for a 'raslc and does if wi+l1ou+ a murmur. JEAN DAIGNAULT Serious of conscience el carefree of Y na+ure - she foils cliligenily 'ro allow lime for play - likes people and people like her - proudly wears a fraiernily pin - perseverance 'Through delerminafion. my ii M f gm, " 7 , 11-' H '7- , , if :dl was f fi 'T . 7 .:i,, ,www N ' GLORIA DeCHRISTOPl-IER A bil of lhe con'rinen+al - a sense of humor which ca'rches you off guard - an ardeni' appreciafion of 'rhe Fine Arls - a ready remark for every occasion - al- ways in+eres+ed in people, places, and sifuaiions. l i., Wai: , ,. 'Q PEARLE DENSMORE One of life's mosi pleasanf girls - be- wifching smile, dancing eyes. A feminine voice - aH'rac'I's. friendship and loves children - has fhe courage of her convic- 'rions and a 'rrue love for Framingham., 1 ..v' PATRICIA DRISCOLL When she laughs, her blue eyes laugh I'oo - a friendly curiosify in every'I'I1ing around her - a charm envied by all - a carefree air - conversafion fha? is always slow, delighiful, welcome. 'N jr . 643,53 IRMA DUTCH Those shori'-lived brain sforms - an iron in every fire - vivacious and unfiring - 'Ihe Iaughler 'rha'r mingles wifh fears - exci'ra ble and enihusiasiic spiriI'. Irue class CLAIRE ELBERY Sparkling, effervescenf, enfhusiasfic - a mos? disfincfive voice - comes 'from a long line of Ieachers - firsf wiih ihe IaI'es'I 'Fad - anoiher car pool commufer - keeps close coniacl wifh Harvard. , , ..,, MARGARET ELLISON Framingham's own Picasso - original in expression - an enfhusiaslic worker - full of ideas and ideals -- endowed wifh keen iudgemenl' and praclical wisdom - an illus+ra+ion of fashion - designed for gracious living. -fa, " ,fm i WENDOLYN ESTABROOK honey-colored hair - a warmih kindled in lhe hearl' of New England - a keen mind always in use. "Wi+h Crimson in Triumph Flashing" - a mellow voice, pleasure 'ro 'fhe ear - ll I l A .! ,e l 4: r gg y X ' ' 1 ig, 1 'W A r N.. GERALDINE FARACA Gerry - wiih an earnesi' sense of fair play and iusfice - fond of flashy con- veriibles - very much a+ home on 'rhe afhlefic field - a cooperafive spirif mani- fesled everywhere. WINNIE FARO i Quiel' and unassuming - a clain+y man- ner and a dulcef voice - mischief in 'rhose ' dark eyes -- always capable -- always willing - ceaseless effori' +o aHain her goals - deep-rooied honesfy - she sels an enviable example. , 6 ANNE FINI Expressive eyes full of disarming earnesl- ness - alerl' and genuine - sincerely yours - keen inferesf - a clis+inc'rive abilify wilh needle and fhread - a 'frue feeling for 'rhe aeslhelic. l f Ll-- ANN FLAHERTY j She worlcs hard buf is always ready? ,4 play - in appearance and personalily sl reflecfs sunshine - she has an excelle 4- head for business - a seriousness ar W' y s+abili'ry 'lhai' aids and comforfs - a det 'A d for friendship - 'Phe Dial's cor g regar . 4 peienl Edifor. 1, ywtw 6 PHYLLIS GEARY The same eFFec'r as spring rain . . . re- freshing - she gives one 'ihe impression of chinaware, exquisife and fragile - sweei' of disposifion - even fempered - a sofi' musical voice - flawless appear- ance. l if 5 l NATALIE GIGLIO A por+rai+ of a gay senoriia - dark eyed - deep voiced - charms fha? soo+he - an ilarious +ale on her lips - language fleclced wi+h laughier - ma+ure undersfanding. JEAN GOODMAN A mos'I' conscieniious worker - Horace Mann's secorid house moflier - nofhing can upsei' her placid na+ure - gracious +o everyone - all +I1e pofenfialifies of a good Ieacl1er. VIRGINIA GRADY "Life is foo shori' fo worry!" - a willing chauffeur on Field Irips - a rabid canasfa fan - ready wi+l1 a funny sI'ory or a humorous re'Ior+ - seldom s ows her ser: ous side Ioul' we are all aware she has one. P745 fa .vi Fil? ,wil U, 4,5 14.1 I . ,, w 3 iifi PATRICIA GROGAN Our mos+ eFFicien'l' class presidenl' - lus- lrous ie'r black hair and green eyes, a beaulilul piclure - can harmonize any- fhing from jazz +o classics - 'ro know her is 'ro love her. A small girl wifh a big hearf . . . 'fha'I"s our Pal. .s ,Q J. ,QQ AW JOAN GUINEY "Guin" - wilh a casualness and warmlh 'rhal draw you +o her-sincere, guileless- a joyous hearl' - a lcind word and a kind deed - pensive brown eyes - always lhere when she is needed - easy fo 'lalk 'fo - fun lo be wilh. lvl '4 li un ALICE HAVELES Five feel' of friendliness and good l1umor - dark hair and siraiglwl' bangs -- 'rwo dimples puncfuale her smile - our class librarian - greaf 'ralen'l's in 'lhe ar'r of con- versafion - a good word for all. PHYLLIS HARRIMAN A quie'r manner soo'rl1ing fo all +l1a'I' lcnow her - a deep-roofed curiosify abou+ in- +rica+e machinery - always agreeable - a lively fai+l1 in everyihing - does more ihan her share of work. XY. fi ALICE HEADBERG Has won popularily +l1rougl1 her friendli- ness and amiable disposifion - ano'fl1er advocafe of fhe long hair slyle - fypical all American girl - nalural and unaFfec+ed. 4f""i':i E is MARY HETHERTON A genfle soul and a faiihful friend - unusual sense of humor - blonde and fair wi+h smiling blue eyes - deep in+eIIecI' and deeper ihough+s - jusi 'rhe adequafe amounl of conversafion. CATHERINE HIGGINS Radiaies vim, vigor and viI'aIiI'y - lives af a swiff 'Iempo - young in spiril' - her aIer'r mind always in use -- always a clear- cu+ argumeni in any discussion - she has found a home in Framingham. .ur 'Fin gl IH 731. WI UE' 1: Bi s ll ll ll ll Il ll i! E I ll l ff 'W X I f A. 1 iw I ,fe 1 1 ' wx I NORMA HIGGINS Sophis+ica+ion and poise add +o her 'Fun- Ioving exI'erior - a mind sui+ed +o re- flecfion and deep Ihoughf - loves Io be wi+h people - enioys parfies, 'reas, and any oI'her "Ge+-I'ogeI'her" - +he person- alily we all envy. ELEANOR HOLMES Her graceful, calm manner can pu'r any- one ai' ease - every word preceded by deep considerafion and careful planning - original ideas 4 lhe courage of her con- vicfions - Iigh+ of hearf and fair of face. RUTH HORRIGAN Her slafeliness and poise are admired by 'fhose who meer her - has immense powers of concenirafion which reflecf +he serious side of her nafure - a cons'I'an+ fwinlcle in heavenly blue eyes. z if ZZJV 'f .gy '1 1: lm- 5 is 2' K. ni-1-,F-f ,. . H .vt i Zz Q .J ,i Ml ilu 1-cf! R ' K ,. .. , ' if Q ' " ii-fff' , . -'T ,.s. -N'-:K .. , Q ' - .qi .H-,i Q, v , x,v..i,-2 v. Q " K X,-.3 ' ' .3 , X lg' - S xv . : . l f ,1' li 1 . V l Q DOROTHY JOYCE l iq' "Dare lo be differenf' -4- pic+ure of 4 poise - blonde hair and beauliful blue eyes - a flair for fashion and any+hing l unusual - enjoys a cross-word puzzle - always appreciales a change. .lg PATRICIA KEANEY A compefenf commuler - a dash for +he bus - given 'ro gaie+y - +he spon- 'fanie+y of an irish jig - a sparkling smile 'rha'l' never wears off - a response +o knowledge. Y 4- ', 11 kf DOROTH EA KEAVEN EY Fiery red hair and a willowy s+a+ure - lrno'H' ine naluralness beauf +ha+ re Y .P I " Y ' flecfs Eire s shores - an engaging calmness - hearfy laughfer from a warm hearf. MARGARET KENNEDY 'rhal' cerlain lalenl' for being uninlenlionally Peg of our hear+s. .av 'fines Ai K - , is y a CATHERINE KENNEDY Ca+hy displays lighl'-hear+ed humor and whole-hearfed generosily - modern lhoughls, old-fashioned charm - golden, curly hair halos her head - a fascinalion of grace and simplicily - lhe essence of femininily. Good Things come in small packages - humorous - dark hair and impish eyes - fX. iw ffl-.r Y li K . '91 mf, 2: A i 1 , QQ-'Q A , my LUCILLE KINSMAN An uncanny abilify 'ro be in +he cenler of mischief ai' all 'rimes - her back 'ro +he more serious side of life - her fun-loving exierior hides ihe mind of a scholar - her baby-si++ing experiences lend laughier 'l'o any si+ua'rion. ls. M. tA ETHEL KOHRS Willingness which originafes in simple goodness - 'rhe speed of a bolf of lighi- ning - capabilifies unlimi+ed - an exac+- ing neafness - innocence and naive+e - gives readily of herself. ANNE KOUNDAKJIAN A playful lciffen, enfangled in Argyle bobbins - a fashionable miss - a mis- chief-loving imp wifh e laugh you can never forgef - eyes fha? dance - en- gagingly nafural. CONSTANCE LARKIN Five feef fwo inches of grace and vivac- ify - a sympafhefic and undersfanding friend - a love for liferafure surpassed only by a love for music - a song in her hearf - she creafes beaufy wifh words - our capable liferary edifor. V Q.. 1 .A K BARBARA LAVALLE The swiffness of a rabbif, fhe shyness of a deer - a child-like delighf in fhe excifing - golden curly hair framing a delicafe face - smiling, serious, sincere - fhinlcs of ofhers firsf, herself lasf. 551 way FRANCES LEAHY Frannie - wilh a casualness ancl warmlln 'rhal' draw you fo her - she is always her- self . . . l1ones+ and sincere - l1appy-go- lucky - an eager par'licipan+ in school affairs. PATRICIA LeBLANC Her originalily and crea+iveness make l1er oulslanding - a +rue lalenl' and uncly- ing inferesl in ar+ - a ready humor 'fo brighfen life's darlcesl momem' - our capa- ble pholography eclifor. QW an JEANNE LILLIS The click of lcniHing needles and a con 'lagious laugh fell you Jeanne is here offen finds herself in 'rhe cen+er of a hum orous sifualion - special 'lalenls for mal: ,f' ing friends. fe-+"'Td l,' f"l""Q.,'2 - A. . JANET LEWIS "Janie", wi+h an encouraging response 'lo humor and wi+L definilely sociable - inimiiable sfyle a+ fhe keyboard - always a song in her hear? and on her lips - fluf- 'lery and exci+able - if fhere is enioymen+, she is lhere. 55 s - 1 K ll A fl ,f A J Qp6nQV ' . a ' J, A A E.. V, X? 2 if, ? . Li, . Y ' 1 A ,4 - . '5 f,":'- ' Q, , , 1 1 1, ., . fi Lf "V . ' r ' K E f E' lggi A f,l 'l X , if i .vi "fun ' 1, . QQQWQU ,aQ7p-s 1 X M '-Sr-Nix: -5 -0 X , 'flu if 'X' A ,, . 1, vw 4- . I -2 ' s ,,-,' ' 'wc ' Sf S I e, 5 xt' n,t:,,' vfl"s:fg,' ' ,-fg?5WWfM " ' J- 515 if NANCY LILLYMAN "Lili" - young and sensi+ive of hear? - a nalural in 'lhe arl of modern dance - an excellenl' companion For a laugh session -- an inexhauslable supply of energy - a definife affinily for sporls - a greal a+- lachmenl' lo her family. ,,, w 'N v-if 30 45 1:1 "-' 9 .5455 flu J. BERTHA LOOMER A serious nafure suspecied by very few - a sweel and gienuine smile - dancing brown eyes and shorf brown curls -- in- 'reresfed in fhe dramalic arls - member of our May Court ELEANOR LOUD Her deep fhoughis +ake roof in ihose who hear +l1em - a quick, infeciious smile complemenis a wonderful sense of humor - ge'l's +l1e mos'l' oul' of eacl1 day - a kind person whose face is always bright ' se V 41 ,. ., -Wii, YA ,sy JEANNE LOVE Takes lhings as fhey come - likes 'rhe exci+emen+ of being wirh people - 'iai+h- ful +o Fords and Bosfon College - pos- sesses +hal' enviable heighl' - a smile as brighf as +he morning and laughing blue eyes 'rhal brim wi+h friendliness and good humor. LOIS MAGOON As lively and quick as a bunny rabbif - dis+inguished as one of +he firsl' in 1'he class +o have her M.R.S. degree - she handles a hockey slick wi+h perfeciion - V her soil' voice echoes wi+h inward happi- ness. GRACEY MAG-RATH An inielligenl conversalionalisl on lopics of infini'l'e scope - fascinaling sfories l aboul' her fravels abroad - flawless poise - caplivaling manner - adds gayefy fo any gaihering. as -'15 KATHLEEN MAGUIRE Kafhy is all shamrocks and slardusi - she loves +o laugh, even on a rainy day - unsurpassed vivaciousness - ou'ls+anding swimming abilify -- a perfeci' blend of feminine charms. rf JOANNE MARSH Kind words and kind deeds - easy going nafure, adapfable 'lo any si'rua+ion -- pafieni' and undersiancling - delighifully unaffecled - hair 'lhai' shines like linsel on a Chrisfmas +ree - laughier 1'ha+ pu+s one in mind of sleigh bells. - ' ff 2' M . s . ' x " I . 9 A er? .f i A if Q M I Y if 'T' ll 1 MARY MAY The essence of grace and charm - her eyes sparkle like fhe blue of fhe Mediier- ranean - her hair like spun gold - she never fails fo enjoy a good conversafion - always deligh+ed by unexpecled aclvenfure. MARY McCANN Twinlcling eyes and a ready smile - so 'femininisi' in every sense of +he word defermined in all she underfakes, Mary 'lakes her siuclies seriously ancl achieves fine resulis. H' voice and well chosen vocabulary - a MARIANNA McGUFFlN Wisiful, Marianna is in a world of her own, a verly happy one - a mos+ ihiloso- phical +hin er - logical and level eaclecl - has definiie plans for her fu'rure - knows jusf wha'r she wan+s and aims 'ro gel' it 'P- 1' Ibn ' ANNE MCMA:-ioN A shy manner which endears her 'ro many - so many phone calls - 'so many guesfs in The living room - an adorable red head - as spofless as newly fallen snow - her independence is unique. W-...L-Q-' ' in A LORRAINE McNAMARA fl Musically inclined - her soprano voice leaves us all speechless - lhe greal' com- promiser - "Can'+ we seH'le lhis queslion peacefully?" a serious in+eres+ in life - a perfecf example of 'rhe ma+ure mind. 1 '17 3 - 'Wh' o ffs ' 1 M MARTHA MEADOWS Loyal and sfeadfasf - conscious of +I'1e joy and wonder of fhis worId - a mind fhaf copes wifh sifuafions in broad sweeps and Iefs defails false care of fhemselves - a cozy and friendly "dorm" room always open fo her friends. I its, ETI-IEL MILLER A greaf capacify for making new friends gk fI1e pen is miglwfier fI1an fI1e sword - a scienfific mind and a fI'IorougI1 nafure - unflinching approach fo sifuafions. gs -lilf-if S I4 V523 Q t-giNx x ire- A. fx ,X ull' A 4 wiv: I i -AAL I DORIS MILLS The word "parfy" brings back memories - always ready for anyfhing - diligenf in fI'1e pursuif of her goals - Iaughfer follows I1er - unmisfalcably nafural. - possesses wisdom, sfrengfln, and sIciII - ll a. . 1 ' T SAS.. ,-4' R W 12,3 I I ,3-, I gift: hfiiix 7 s I 3 if Q I I' ml KATHERINE MITCHELL "Kay" - always poised, always generous - complele in her sincerify - a warm hear+, a cool hand - a conscienlious worker - an ardenl' supporfer of club acfivifies - sympalhy and underslanding are hers - dimples 'lack her smiles in place. 5434, 'WI . so ' C ,gr .fiff ,Y 253 l .JF 'Si X NANCY MITCHELL There's a serious 'fone in her voice buf +here's mischief in her eyes - lovable and enferfaining - gives all sifualions her mosi' earnesi' consideraiion - an acfive member of 'I'he A'Kem is Club knows P ' T fhe "ius+ how" of running a successful dance. I : 4 -. ALAYNE MOORE A slcilled sailor - loves fhe salfy sfing of fhe Aflanfic spray - labors ceaselessly af all she underfakes - her moods reflecf all colors of 'rhe specfrum - an open mind faces every challenge - a firm love of fradifion. 1 1 5? JOAN MOYNIHAN Pefife in sfafure, mighfy of mind - a down-fo-earfh romanficisf - af fimes pen- sive - af fimes humorous, af all fimes wonderful - deep sense of loyalfy -- addicfed fo coffee and 'rea - congenialify i fo all. DOROTHY MURPHY Can handle any unexpecfed sifuafion - calm and serene - fhe long hair fhaf never gave way fo changing sfyles - an enviable wardrobe bears wifness fo her exfremely good fasfe - even fempered, soff spoken - graceful and poised. PATRICIA MURPHY If anyfhing is fremendous, ifs her gene- rosify - as refreshing as an evening breeze affer a warm day - never marred by a mood - a smile means undersfanding and consfancy. JOAN MUSE "Joanie" - a feasing, playful manner - a quief way fhaf commands affenfion - soulful brown eyes - always merry, for- ever iolzing - like aufumn leaves, she is colorful and graceful. FRANCES NELSON "Nof a creafure was sfirring" - espe- cially no'I' Franny - a mind fhaf is con- sfanfly funcfioning - a frace of mischief in her smile - frufh and good deeds char- acferize her being. EVELYN NICOL A level head under a fealher 'rop - a breeze of wil' and humor - cannol' do enough for o+l1ers - disposi+ion as calm as flue morning sea - music is her life - gives 'freely of herself. BERNICE NORMAN Laugl1'l'er like a breeze - compleiely genuine - has a flair for sfyle - an un- mafched sense of humor - a heari' big enough for her many friends - a per- Eefual smile l'l18'l leaves a glow in our ear+s. -ff Nl!! ...dull FEI , , its an . r J' - - . -Q 1, i 1 l WINIFRED PARKER A member of 'rhe famous Cocoran car laughing blue eyes - shor'r curly hair - a willingness fo lend a helping hand -- always a word of encouragement s NORMA PASCALE Fascinafing and charming - a magneiic personaliiy 'rhai' wins many friends - in- feciious giggle - spends her spare 'lime playing bridge - enioys dancing and ice slcaiing. - "There is no wisdom like frankness." 1 5, a pool - one of our liveliesf commuiers - ANNE PICIQRD "Wha'f's lhe hurry?" - 'lhal smile of confenlmenf - her mo'Ho "Live for +o- day" - hasn'+ a worry in lhe world - an early riser wilh an unbelievable abiliiy 'lo sleep. DOROTHY PICKETT A complexion lilce peach-colored sa+in - a srudy in paslels - an inward senli- menlalisf - always an appropria're remarl: - deferminalion is +he driving force be- hune 1 once. X ,L ri JANICE PIPER "There's no people like show people" - she is alerl' and always ready 'lo answer ano+her's S.O.S. - a spiriied a'l'hle+e in prac+ice and in iheory - one of lhe few who can accomplish somelhing on week- ends. K . ' , f iil if I ygp 'S' W R Vw i n 'C' BARBARA READ Very refiring? Waif unfil you lcnow her beffer - enjoys living so much - well modulafed voice - piano fingers - mefi- culous in every way - has proved herself mosf dependable. ess r s v my ' xr K , 5 if ' , . ll il li A l JOAN REARDON A sympafhefic and undersfanding sou v never wifhouf a problem an advocaf of dorm life - defermlned and conscien hous. Her friends are many and her faulfs are few. Her ready smile will carry her far l ls. 1 Aw: ra mm-411m wuw ff- fnv Q fl i DORIS REPONEN A gorgeous wardrobe - wisely planned - good grooming is fhe essence of af- 'rracfiveness - capabilify cloaked in win- someness - her nafuralness is well lcnown and envied. ,, CORA RICE Full of sugar and everylhing swee+, +hal"s our "Coolxy" - she has an amazing source of energ - handy wiih pins and needles - an all around gal of whom we are proud. ANITA ROUGEAU Rousing vilalify - ceaseless +allca+iveness - a fiH'ing live wire for every occasion - an excellenl s+uden+ - likes People and people like her - envied or a'rhle+ic abilily. V E' I, r 1 ff IYV ii tl . EW' e . , fm j' :" .- we ft' ' , 3 jx: . 4 . ,gif I ,y a wif' if fiiii 3 4 'H "'---L....,, 3, .fpfd ani' an WINNIFRED ROURKE Call her "Freddy" - nea'rly groomed - smoolhly a'H'ired - a mixfure of sincerily, generosify and individualify - always ready for fun and frolic - incredible de- pendibili+y - wilhoul' laugh+er she would be lonely. ELEANOR RUSSELL 'I'rover1' in all respecls - swee'l', amiable, wifness +o +l1e faci' +ha'r "clo'rl1es make 'rhe woman" - Ellie has a knack of puHing you ai' ease - an abiliiy fo collecf friends. One of life's lovelier momenfs - an ex- fun loving - her perfeci' grooming bears' fi MW" -'fi ' , , 2 K, g 'v g HELEN RUTLEDGE Warm hearied and benevolenl' -- enioys hearing of oihers' good +imes, as well as +elling aboui' her own - a deep inleresf in everyone and everyfhing - a heady laugh announces her presence. BEVERLY SAVAGE The capable edi+or of fhe GATEPOST - 'fakes grea+ pleasure in a+hle+ic par+ici- pafion - member of lhe Glee Club - Beverly's enfhusiasm for all her acfivilies keeps her a pre'Hy busy girl. We'll never forgel' her Chrisfmas parries. Q sss ,i c ,, ,V f A- s:.. MARTHA SAVAGE A diamond on her leH hand - a Twinkle in her eye - conscien+ious fhinlcer meli- culously groomed - +he logical mind of a scholar - quief and reserved - a ready sense of humor. Q L T' , 7 Q "' 'T f il f Q. -M-'fx i NATALIE SCHOLES The merry momeni in a colorless day - fhe compleieness of feminini+y - spun pink circus candy - always gracious - an innocenl' +winkle in grey eyes - queen of our Junior Prom. l -sg T""' ANN SKAMARYCZ She knows ever one, enjoys everyone - full of weekend idleas - +he mail musi' go ihrough - a friendly girl who looks ai' 'l'he brighi side of life. Her sense of humor will see her ihrough. AUDREY SHEPHERD Our beauliful May Queen, an ambilious inleresl' in sludy - a 'Friendly manner 'ro all - a radianl' smile and evidenl beaufy. logelher wi'I'h a love for sporls . . . +ha+'s Audrey - en'l'husias'lic and proud lo be a Fram. girl. ELIZABETH SKINNER As +emp+ing as a slrawberry ice cream cone - her 'friendliness inviles you 'lo linger a while - a lrue American beauly - sfarlling blue eyes which are somelimes serious, somelimes impish. PHYLLIS SLAMIN Wavy auburn lresses radianl blue e es and a deep musical voice - loves bricllge and her dog - lively and poised - she enjoys parlies and dances - a 'louch of fhe unusual. - G. K5 N0 LEONA SMITH Her handcrafif resuI+s in arfisfic work - a Iaugh coming from deep inside eyes sparkling wifh mirih - inI'eres'ring con- versa+ionaIis'r, a be'r'I'er IisI'ener--'rhinics Iife is so inI'eres'Iing - her beauiy Ied her 'ro our May Court ALICE SMITH A sIraigh'I forward answer Io any ques Iion - never misses Ihai bus makes good use of Ihe back hill - always ready Io help you solve a pariicular problem happy - go-Iucky, IhaI"s Alice S '4 , Qin- RUTH STEVENS Her fravels malce her a fascinafing per- son - lakes a definife sland on any issue - 1'l1e commu+er mosl' oflen seen in +l'1e clormifory. Denies her smile 'lo no-one. Wm AUDREY STOWELL Reserved and simple dignily - dom- esfically inclined - lhere is music in her soul - a briglrl diamond on her le'F+ hand - nonchalance maslcs a capable, and ever reliable spirit 53? ANN SULLIVAN Loves ll1e simple flwings in life - +l1e dreamer - a placid exierior unruffled by life's disfurbances - an aleri' mind and a quick relorl' - a slow smile +l1a+ grows in warml'l'l and beauly - s+ill relains her lonq golden hair. TP 'u-. , KR 5: PPV A be RUTH SULLIVAN A puncfual commuier -- her sinceri+y and 'frankness have capI'iva'red our hearis - a hidden sense of humor - spends her 'I'ime en'oying o+hers - "The all-enclosing freehoid of con+en+." fem, I f I -, E l ADELAIDE SWEENEY A IiHIe fire cracker - a confagious giggle - has fhai' much-soughi'-affer IiHIe girl charm - giffed wiI'h undersianding - a Iremendous heari' in a Iiny person. ' feb- ix, VIRGINIA SWEET Love of simpIiciI'y - a cooperafive spirii' and an increasing desire Io give help where ii' is needed mosi' - as welcome anywhere as The firsi' robin of spring. 2 ,f J. " - ,.LAQ5:b-Q-... LOUISE TAVARES Always willing 'I'o lend a hand - loolcs fo fhe fufure wi+h a happy and courageous heari for whafever +he fuiure may hold - a scien+ific mind +ha+ +hinlcs logically - always laughing, even af iolces on herself - a ioy +o live wi+h. DOROTHY TIMON A sfride of definileness and individual dignify -- fhe meficulous grooming of fhe mannequin - smoo+h sophis+ica+ion ye+ amazing friend of common sense - no+h- ing shaH'ers her dependabilify. Rm ing 'isa l ffl ilu All nh nh uh I llll llll 147' 13 ,. no ' . -X 'wwfvf qi l y ' ffl KATHERINE THOMAS Adds a word 'I'o every discussion - 'lakes life's problems qui'l'e seriously - looks anxiously ahead fo her fulure - has 'lhe zeal and enfhusiasm +l1a+ malce a good +eacher - puncfualiiy and dependabiliiy her main asse'rs. mm . A beauhful dreamer gen+le and friendly always 'hme for +l'1e llHle 'l'l1mgs - ear'rl1s idea of an angel ymp +l'1e'ric lisfener always pre ared fo loin In 'rhe fun full of 'flue love o living ff RUTH WARE Never pu'rs off un'ril fomorrow whal' she can do 'roday - enjoys +he oppor'runi+ies of our library - never a+ a loss for words - our capable home maker. DOROTHY WHITNEY A 'rrue love for +he oufdoor sporls - darlc hair and darker eyes - sels her mind +o il' and does a 'lhorough fob in whafever she under+alres - dependable and willing. Q il DORIS ZAPONE Pelile and quiei - nafural curls and clark eyes - calm exferior conceals a rapid sfream of lhoughi' - a flair for ihe ar+is'lic - our only elemenlary seams+ress. ARIES, BARBARA ARNOTT, MARIAN ATCHISON, JOAN BELLOWS, SONIA BOYLE, NANCY BUTLER, MURIEL CAMERON, ANNE CAREY, NANCY CARROLL, NANCY CLINTON, JANET COLLINS, MARY ELLEN CRAIG, ELEANOR HOME ECONOMICS 28 Leyland Slreel, Dorchesfer Hilllop Players I: Publicify 2: Vice Presidenl' 3, 4: Afhlelic Associalion I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics I, 2: Co-chairman of May Supper 4: Gale Pos'r Sraff I, 2: Business Manager 3: Dials, Business Manager 4. 9 Pinehursl' Ave., Wakefield R.F.D. Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posf S+aff 3, 4: Dial 3: Dala Edilor 4: Chem- isfry Assis+an+ 4. I5 Tilfon Slreel, New Bedford A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Alhlefic Associa'rion I, 2, 3: Toasl' Mislress Harvard-Yale: Home Economics 2, 3, 4: Hillrop Players 3, 4: Ini'I'iaI'ion Chairman 4. 60 Liberly S'rreeI', Danvers Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl' I, 2: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Chemisfry Council 2, 4: Secre- 'I'ary-Treasurer Crocker Hall 3: Chemislry Assis- Ianl 4. 48 Burncoal' Terrace, Worcesler HiIlI'op Players I, 2: Treasurer 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Chemis'I'ry Council 2: Afhlefic AssociaI'ion 2, 3: Dial 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4. 4 Perry Road, Naficlc Commulers Club I, 2: Y.W.C.A. 3, 4: Modern Dance 3: Home Economics 3, 4: Judiciary Board 4. 25 Edgebrool: Road, Wesl' Roxbury Home Economics I, 2, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: AI'hleI'ic Associalion I, 2: Hillfop Players I, 2, 3, 4: Vice-Presideni' Crocker Hall 3. I25 Waldo S'I'ree'l', Holyolxe Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A., 4: Com- mu'l'ers Club I. 35 Garden S'I'ree+, Fall River A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4: Vice Presidenl Chemisrry and Biology Council: Co-Chairman of Facully, Senior Tea 4. 44 Mansfield S'I'reeI', Framingham Glee Club I: A'Kempis 3, 4: Home Economics 4: Hillrop Players 4. I25 Blue Hills Plcwy., Millon A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A. A. I, 2, 3: Home Economics I, 2, 3: Presideni' Crocker Hall 3: Presidenl' Horace Mann Hall 4. 7 Boardman SI'ree+, Worcesler Yale Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: A. A. I, 2, Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Modern Dance 3, 4: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Hill Top Players I, 3, 4. DAIGNAULT, JEAN DE CHRISTOPHER, GLORIA DRISCOLL, PATRICIA ELLISON, MARGARET FARACA, GERALDINE FARO, WINNIE FINI, ANNE FLAHERTY, ANNE GIGLEO, NATALIE GUINEY, JOAN HIGGINS, CATHERINE I5 Irving S+ree'r, Worcesler Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Home Econo- mics I, 2, Publicily Assislanl' 3, PubIici+y Chairman 4, Red Cross I, 2, Vice-Chairman 3, Chairman 4, Presidenl' Croclcer Hall 3, Assislanl' Treasurer Class and Club Council 3, Treasurer Class and Club Council 4. I34 Sainf Bololph Sl'ree'I', Boslon Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 3, 4, Com- mulers Club 2. 305 Albemarle Road, Newlonville A'Kempis I, 2, Secrelary 3, Presidenl' 4, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, HilI'I'op Players I, 2, 4, Yale Cheerleader I, Gale Posl' Slalil 2, 3, Class and Club Council 4, Sludenl Co-Operalive 4. 92 Grand S'rreeI', Reading Dining Room Council I, 2, 3, Chairman 4, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, A. A. I, 2, 3, Hilllop Players I, 2, Publicify Manager 3, 4, S+uden+ Co-Opera- live 4, Modern Dance 2, 3, Chairman Chrislmas Decoralions 3, Dial, Assislanl' Ar+ Edilor 3, Ari' Edilor 4. X 56 Elm SI'ree+, Wesl' New+on AI'hIeI'ic Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 4, Yale Field Hockey 3, 4. I8 Bradford Avenue, Medford Chemislry Council I, 3, Y.W.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 4, A. A. I, 2, Gale Posl I, 2, May Day Chairman 2, Class Vice-Presidenl 2, Home Economics I, 2, Slale Represen'I'al'ive 3, 4. 72.MiddIe Slreel. Leominsler Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, 3, Gale Posl' I, 2, Assis+an+ Adverlising Manager 3, Adver- lising Manager 4, Dial, Arl' Edilor 4. 40 Meredilh Circle, Mil'I'on A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Yale Baslcelball 2, Home Economics 2, 3, Co-Chairman Junior Weekend 3, HilI+op Players 3, Dial 3, Edilor 4, Class and Club Council 4, Sludenl' Governmenl 4, Junior Prom Commillee 3. 224 Middlesex Slreel, No. Andover A+hIe+ic Associalion I, 2, 3, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Hilllop Players 4. I9 Samosel' Road, Waban A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Afhlelic Associalion I, 2, Yale Baslcelball I, Home Economics 2, 3, 4, Hill+op Players 2, 3, Program Chairman 4. 20 Rosedale S+reeI', Fall River A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, I-lilllop Players I, 2, 3, Presidenl' 4, Cheerleader Harvard I, 2, 3, Head 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Modern Dance 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl' of Peirce Hall I, Presidenl of Peirce Hall 2, Sludenl' Council 2, Sludenl Governmen+ 4, Chemisfry Assis- 'lanl' 4, C.C.C. 4. HORRIGAN, RUTH KEANEY, PATRICIA KENNEDY, CATHERINE KOH RS, ETH EL KOUNDAKJIAN, ANNE LEAHY, FRANCES LOUD, ELEANOR MAGOON, LOIS MAGRATH, GRACEY MAQUIRE, KATHLEEN MARSH, JOANNE MAY, MARY McMAHON, ANNE 450 Craffs Sfreef, W. Newfon A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Commufers Club I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 4. 56 Eliof Sfreef, Jamaica Plain A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commufers Club I, 2, 47 Home Economics 3, 4. I3 Benefif Sfreef, Worcesfer Home Economics I, 2, 3, 43 A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Red Cross I, 3, 43 Hillfop Players 2, 3, 4: Co-chair- man Faculfy-Senior Tea 4. 34 Fairfield Sfreef, Worcesfer A.A. I: Badminfon Manager 2, 3: Home Economics I, 2, Secrefary 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, Conference Dele- gafe 2, Program Co-chairman 3, 4, Dial I, 2. 832 Moody Sfreef, Walfham Commufers Club I, 2, 4, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4, Vice- Presidenf of Crocker Hall 3. I77 Sumner Sfreef, Newfon Cenfer A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers Club I, 2, 3, 43 Home Economics 3, 4. 43 Bafes Avenue, So. Weymoufh Home Economics I, Treasurer 2, Vice Presidenf 3, Program Chairman 43 Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Conference Delegafe 3, Program Chairman 4, Hillfop Players Ig A.A. I, 2, 3: Yale Hockey Team I, 2, 37 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. I2I Warren Road, Framingham Yale Baskefball I, 4, Capfain 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Secrefary 33 A.A. I, 2, Vice Presidenf 3, 43 Com- mufers Club I, 2: Red Cross Treasurer 2, May Day Courf 23 Home Economics 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4. I24 Pine Sfreef, Walfham Glee Club I, 2, 3, Home Economics 3. 78 Halcyon Road, Newfon Cenfer A'Kempis 2, 3, 45 Home Economics 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Courf 33 Gafeposf 3, 41 Hillfop Players 3, Secrefary 4. IS9 Slade Sfreef, Belmonf Commufers Club I, 2, Co-chairman Chrisfmas Ban- quef 3, 4: Yale Volley Ball Team lj Home Econo- mics 3, 4. 1 67 Franklin Sfreef, Brookline Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers Club 3, 4. 586 Dickinson Sfreef, Springfield A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Hillfop Players 4, Home Ecomonics 4. , I I I I I I MEADOWS, MARTHA MILLER, ETHEL MITCHELL. KATHERINE MOORE, ALAYNE MOYNIHAN, JOAN MURPHY, PATRICIA MUSE, JOAN NELSON, FRANCES NORMAN, BERNICE PICKETT, DOROTHY PIPER, JANICE REPONEN, DORIS RICE, CORA Box 292A, R.F.D., Gardner Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, A.A. 3. I7 Nakafa Avenue, Fairhaven Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chemisfry and Biology Council 3, Presidenf 4, Gafeposf 3, 4. I2 Palmer Sfreef, Arlingfon A'Kempis Club I, 2, Vice Presidenf 3, 41 Com- mufers Club I, Treasurer 3, 4, Home Economics 3,4. 43 Birch Sfreef, Marblehead Home Economics 2, 3, 4: Gafeposf Sfaff 3, Copy Edifor 4: A'Kempis 25 Hillfop Players 3, 4, Library Council 3, 4. 29 Havelock Road, Worcesfer Red Cross I: Glee Club Ig A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Hillfop Players I, 4, Harvard Hockey I, 2: May Day Scripf Chairman 2, Junior Prom Chairman 3: A.A. I, Secrefary 2, 3, 4, Execufive Secrefary- Treasurer of Massachuseffs S.T.C. Women's Afhlefic Conference 3, Judiciary Board 3, Delegafe fo New England-New York Conference of Professional Schools 3: Chairman C.C.C. 4. 47 Wendell Sfreef, Cambridge Commufers Club I, 2, A'Kempis I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Home Economics 3, 4. 49 Richardson Road, Melrose Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Class Secrefary I, Vice Presidenf 4: May Day Courf 2: Junior Prom Courf 3. 382 Cenfral Sfreef, Saugus Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4. 97 Harrishof Sfreef, Bosfon Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4. 60 Downing Sfreef, Worcesfer Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Commufers' Club I, 2. 66 Cumberland Sfreef, Springfield Commufers Club I: Home Economics I, 2, 33 Fine Arfs I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Harvard Field Hockey 2, 3, 4. 47 Foss Road, Gardner Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Safe Posf Sfaff 3, 4. I26 Porfer Sfreef, Waferfown, Conn. A.A. 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 41 Y.W.C.A. Pro- gram Chairman 3, Conference delegafe 4. ROUGEAU, ANITA ROURKE, WINIFRED RUTLEDGE, HELEN SCHOLES, NATALIE SKAMARYCZ, ANN SKINNER, ELIZABETH STEVENS, RUTH SWEENEY, ADELAIDE SWEET, VIRGINIA TAVARES, LOUISE TIMON, DOROTHY TRACY, MARGARET 29 Easi S'rree'r, Framingham Yale BasIceIbaII I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I: Commu+ers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 3, 4: A'Kempis 3, 4. 59 Irving S'rreeI, WaI'I'I1am Commufers' CIub I, 2, 3: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4: HiIII'op Players 4: Co- cI1airman FacuIIy, Senior Tea 4. 5 Gareau Avenue, Ware Gare Pos+ Sfaff 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I, 3: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4. 34 Garner S'rree'r, FiI'cI1burg Home Economics 3, 4: Junior Prom Queen 3. 40 Crawford S'rree'I', Gardner Home Economics I, 2, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: A. A. 2: HiII'Iop Players 4. I93 WesIminisIer Avenue, ArIingI'on Library Council 2: Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, Presiden'I' 4: C. C. C. 4: S'I'udenI' Co-Opera'I'ive 4. 24 Durani' Road, Wellesley Glee CIub 3, 4: Home Economics 4. I 2I73 DorcI1es'Ier Avenue, DorcI1esI'er A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' CIub I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 3, 4. I23 CI1es+nu+ SIree+, Gardner Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: GIee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. 4: Red Cross I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: CI1emis+ry Assis'Ian'I' 4. I I64 Main S+reeI', Acushne'I Home Economics I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: HiIIIop Players 2, 3, Vice-Presidenf 4: A. A. 2, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4: Chairman Cap and Gown CommiHeee 4. 3I Moore Avenue, Worcesrer A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Yale Field Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4: HiII'rop Players 2, 3. '4: Secre+ary-Treasurer Crocker 3: Dial, Assis'ran+ Lirerary EdiI'or 3, Adverfising Edifor 4. ' I3 Griswold CourI', Uxbridge A'Kempis 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4: HiIIIop Players 4. BILLINGS, NORMA COLE, JEANNE CONNORS, PATRICIA ESTABROOK, WENDOLYN HARRIMAN, PHYLISS KEAVEN EY, DOROTH EA LAVALLE, BARBARA LEWIS, JANET LILLYMAN, NANCY MILLS, DORIS NICOL, EVELYN STOWELL, AUDREY SENIOR VOCATIONALS 22 Thaxler Road, Newlonville Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home ECOHOFYTICS 41 A.A. 4. Ferry Hill, Granby A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4. 95 Whilcomb Avenue, Jamaica Plain A'Kempis I, Treasurer 2, Vice-Presidenl' 3, Secre- Iary 4: Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Econo- mics 3, 4. 90 School Slreel, Saugus Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl Slalif I, Conference Delegale 2, 3, Assislanl Business Manager 3, Malce- up Edilor 4: Curriculum Commillee 4: Delegale Io Teachers' College Conference 4. 9 Grove SI'reeI', Shelburne Falls Commulers' Club I: Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 2, 3, 4. I I4 School Slreel, Wallham Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics I, 4: Class Treasurer 3: Chemis- Iry and Biology Council 4. I5 Holland Slreel, Springfield Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4. 2I5 Highland Avenue, Arlinglon Harvard Cheerleader I: Harvard Field Hockey 2: A'Kempis I, 2, Delegafe 3, 4: Hilllop Players 3, 4: Judiciary Board 2: Dial Assisfani' Business Manager 3: Field Day Chairman 3. . 23 Gilmore Sfreel, Foxboro Yale Cheerleader I: Baslcelball Caplain 4: Modern Dance 2, Manager 3, 4: Harvard-Yale Banquel' Chairman 3: Field Day Chairman 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Hilllop Players I, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4. I05 Warren SI'reeI', Needham Commulers' Club I, 4: A'Kempis I, 3, 4: Home Economics 4: A.A. 4. 28 Locusl' Slreel, Merrimac Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, Secrelary 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross 3, 4: Chemisfry Council 2: Curriculum Commillee 3: Budgel Commillee 4: Co-Chairman Slunl Nighl 2. New Salem A.A. I, 2: Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4: Harvard Baslcelball 2. ANDLEMAN, ESTELLE BERGMAN, ANNA BUCKING-HAM, ROBERTA CARTER, ALICE CARTER, JOAN CHEVERIE. ,JEANNETTE CLARK, JEAN COONEY, NANCY CORCORAN, CLARE DENSMORE. PEARLE DUTCH, IRMA ELBE RY, CLAIRE ELEMENTARY I67 Elm S'rree+, Cambridge Commufers' Club Ig Hillfop Players I, 2, A.A. Ig Gale Posl' 3, Business Manager 4, Dial Ari 3, Publicily 4: N.S.A. Travel Represen'ra'rive 4. 7 Ellesfuen Road, Worcesler Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, Modern Dance 2, Manager 3, Library Council 2: May Day, Chair- man of Music and Dancing, Y.W.C.A. 2, Vice Presidenl' 3, Presidenl' 43 Safe Posl' 3, Disfribuiion Manager 4, C.C.C. 4, SI'uden'I Cooperalive 4. Bow Road, Wayland Glee Club 3, 4, Modern Dance 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 4. Maple S+ree'r, Sherborn Glee Club I, 2, Vice Presidenl' 3, Presideni' 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Commufers' Club I, 2, 3, 47 Y.W.C.A. 4, C.C.C. 4, Sfudenl' Co-Operalive 4. Maple S+ree+, Sherborn Glee Club 2, Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 43 Dial, Ar'I' 3, Ari' Edifor 4. 55 Tacoma SI'ree'r, Hyde Parlc A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 4. I36 Ruihven SI'ree+, Bos+on Commufers' Club Ig Y.W.C.A. 4: Gale Pos'I' 4. 99 Jason S+ree'r, Arlinglon A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-Presidenl' Ig Presi- denl' 2, Harvard Cheerleader Ig HiIII'op Players I, 4: Chairman Sophomore Hop 2, May Day Com- mi++ee 2, W.S.S.F. Chairman 3, A.A. 43 Sludenl' Co-Operafive 2, Secrelary 3, Presiden+ 47 C.C.C. 3, 4. 35 Richardson Road, Belmonl A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Commulers' Club I, 2, Secrefary 3, Presidenl' 4: Yale Hockey 2, 3, 4, Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, Sfudenl' Co-Operafive 4, C.C.C. 4. Waveney Farm, Framingham HiII'rop Players I, 2: Commu+ers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4. 58 Eleanor S+reeI', Chelsea A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Junior-Freshman Pariy 3, HiIII'op Players I, 2, 3, 4: SI'uden+ Co-Operalive 4, Chairman of Freshman Handbook 4. 7 Fairview Avenue, Cambridge Commuiers' Club I, 2, Co-Chairman of Banquel' 3, 4g A.A. 2, A'Kempis 3, 4, Gale Posl 4. GEARY, PHYLLIS GOODMAN, JEAN - GRADY, VIRGINIA GROGAN, PATRICIA HAVELES, ALICE HEADBURG, ALICE HIGGINS, NORMA HETHERTON, MARY HOLMES, ELEANOR JOYCE, DOROTHY KENNEDY, MARGARET KINSMAN, LUCILLE LARKIN, CONSTANCE LE BLANC, PATRICIA 6 Peller Place, Foxboro A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' Club 3: Gale Pos'r 3, 4. 79 Elm Avenue, Hollislon Y.W.C.A. 2, Treasurer 3, 4. 7 Wes? Pine SI'ree'r, Medford A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 47 Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Pos'I' 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 72 Congreve S'IreeI', Roslindale Commulers' Club I, 2: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Modern Dance 2, 3, Sfudenf Co-Opera- live 43 C.C.C. 4: Class Presidenl' 4. 39 Calumel Slreel, Boslon Commulers' Club I, 2, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4, Library Council, Chairman 4, Sludenl Co-Operalive 4. I I Gales Avenue, Marlboro Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4. I44 Larcl1 Road, Cambridge Commulers' Club 3, 4, A'Kempis 4. I IO Dar'rmou'rl1 Slreel, Darlmoulh A'Kempis 4, Commulers' Club 4. 67 Marion Road, Walerlown Commulers' Club 2, 3, 43 Red Cross 2, 33 Y.W.C.A. 3. u 36 Belvidere Avenue, Holyolce A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 43 Quiel' and Order CommiI"ree I: A.A. I: Delegale +o R.l. Slale College Model Congress 27 Glee Club 3, 4, Peirce Hall Secrelary 23 Gale Posl, Subscriplion Edilor 4: Class Presidenl' 3: C.C.C. 3, S+uden'r Co-Operalive 35 Co-Cl1air- man SI'un'I Nigl1'r 4, May Day Courl 2. I I4 Green S'rree'r, Needham A'Kempis Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Gale Pos? 3, 4. 53 Cour'r Slreef, Newfonville Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, l'lill'rop Players 3, 4, Red Cross 4. 656 Adams Slreel, Dorclwesler Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Co- Clwairman Slunl' Nighl 4, Gale Posl 3, 4, Dial, Lilerary Edilor 4. IOI Francis Slreef, Walllmam Commulers' Club I, 2: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Gale Posl 27 Ar'I Edilor 33 Dial 3, Plwolograpliy Edilor 43 l"lill'Iop Players 2, 3, 4. LILLIS, JEANNE LOOMER, BERTHA LOVE, JEANNE McCANN, MARY McGUFFIN, MARIANNA McNAMARA, LORRAINE MITCHELL, NANCY MURPHY, DOROTHY PARKER, WINIFRED PASCALE, NORMA PICKARD, ANNE READ, BARBARA REARDON, M. JOAN RUSSELL. ELEANOR I2 Willow Slreel, Wallham A'Kempis Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4. 22 Pearl Slreel, Framingham Commulers' Club 2, 3, 43 A'Kempis 2, 3: May Day Courl 2. 29 Loveland Road, Brookline Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, HiII+op Players Ig Delegale lo Model Congress 2, Gale Posl 2, 3. Boslon Road, Soulhboro Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Chairman Chrislmas Decora- lions 4. ISO Newlonville Avenue, Newlonville Y.W.C.A. I, 2, Ouiel and Order Commillee 2: Delegale lo Model Congress 2: A.A. 2, 3: Gale Posl 3, 4: Slunl Nighf Co-Chairman 3, Harvard Field Hockey 3, 4: Horace Mann Treasurer 47 Class Secrelary 4. 34 Lincoln Slreel, Manchesler A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3. I2 Palmer Slreel, Arlinglon Commulers' Club I, 2, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Library Council 3. Hampden Road, Monson Red Cross I, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, HiIl+op Players 3, 4: Gale Posl 3, 4. 427 Huron Avenue, Cambridge A'Kempis Club I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4. 4 Belmonl Avenue, Monson Hilllop Players Ig Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl 3. I3 Barllell Crescenl, Broolcline A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Ouiel and Order Commillee lg Library Council 2. Warren Slreel, Lilllelon Y.W.C.A. 4. 249 Harvard Slreel, Wollaslon A'Kempis 2, 4: Glee Club 3, 47 Ouiel and Order Commillee 2, Chairman 4. 96 Robbins Road, Walerlown SAVAGE, BEVERLY SAVAGE, MARTHA SEARS, KATHERINE SHEAY, MILDRED SHEPHERD, AUDREY SLAMIN, PHYLLIS SMITH, ALICE SMITH, LEONA SULLIVAN, ANNE C. SULLIVAN, RUTH THOMAS, CATHERINE WARE, RUTH WHITNEY, DOROTHY ZAPONE, DORIS 329 Franklin SIree'I, Framingham Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Commu+ers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Harvard Baskefball I, 2: GaI'e Pos? I, Associale Edilor 2, Edifor 3, 4: Class Vice-Presi- denl' 3: Chairman Slunl' Nighl 3: SI'udenI' Co- Operalive 3, 4. 5I Mechanic Slreel, Hollislon 83 School Sfreef, Belmoni A.A. I, 2: Y.W.C.A. 3, 4: Harvard Hockey I, 2, Capiain 3, 4: May Queen 2: Sfudenf Co-Operalive Treasurer 3: Firsl' Vice-Presidenf 4: Class Treasurer I: Secrefary 2. 4I Union Sl'ree'I', WaI'er'I'own Commulers' Club I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis Club I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl' 3. 35 Hardy Avenue, Wa'Ier+own Red Cross I: Commu+er's Club 3, 4: A'Kempis 4. I92 Warren S+ree+, WaII'ham A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: CommuIer's Club I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: Gale Posl 2, 3: May Day Courl' 2. 307 Park SI'reeI', Wesl Roxbury Commu'I'er's Club I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4. I I48 Wesfon Road A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: CommuIer's Club I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4. 65 Bellevue S+ree'r, Newlon A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross I, 2, 3: CommuIer's Club I, 2, 3, 4. 288 Norfh Main SIree'I', Naiick Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross I, 2, 3: CommuIer's Club 4: A.A. I, 2: Modern Dance 3. 837 Greal Plain Avenue, Needham A.A. I, 2, Board 3, 4: Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Harvard Hockey 3, 4: Modern Dance 3, 4: Gale Posl' 3, 4: Chairman Smoking Room CommiHee 3, 4. I20 Auburndale Avenue, Wes'f Newlon CommuI'er's Club I, 2, 3, 4: A'Kempis Club I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Frank J Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mrs. John E. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES William B. Alchison Oswald C. Vachon Archibald Cameron Sweeney Chesler Lewis Harold Knigh+ Fred C. Carler Oscar Vogel Sfephen J. VonEuw Lewis Aries Rourke Mr. John J. Donagher Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Videon Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Niro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kenney Mr. Herman J. Courlemanche Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cobb Mr. John J. D. McCormick Mrs. John B. Horrigan Mr. and Mrs. William Mason Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Bollenback Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Cole Mr. William Rice Mrs. Mary Regan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lees Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Andelman Mr. and Mrs. William R. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mildred William E. Rougeau George Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Myron Laurence Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl Skamarycz Mrs. Charles J. Moran Mr. Lawrence J. Daignaull Mrs. Helen Page Mr. and Mrs. James Higgins Mr. Ashley Arno'H' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Guiney Hugh T. McCann John H. McTiernan William P. Evans T. S. Corcoran Mrs. Esrher Billings Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Paul Elbery Merrill' H. Buckingham George A. Muse Alberl D. Riopel Arfhur J. Lillis Sr. John F. Quirk Chesler D. Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Keirans Mr. and Mrs. David V. Trudeau Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Percy William Piclcard Mr. and Mrs. Hariwell Fleming Mr. and Mrs. William Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Slowell Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. William Cole Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O'C onno r Mrs. Michael E. Tracy Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Schube Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Sapp Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Leighion A. Fosler Mrs. Grace Y. McGuffin Mr. and Mrs. Alberf Biaielc Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Flaherly Mr. and Mrs. Avelino R. Tavares Mr. and Mrs. Waller M. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Tail Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman Jr Mr. Desmond M. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Giglio Mr. and Mrs. Leo Joyce Mrs. Winifred R. Sunler Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Lindslol Mr. and Mrs. John W. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Duncan Mr and Mrs. Thomas H. Menlen Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Frizzell Mr and Mrs. Francis V. Casey Mr and Mrs. Oscar A. Bergman Mr and Mrs. Waller Bernhardl' Mr and Mrs Roberf Sylvesier Mr. and Mrs. Norman Scholes Mr and Mrs. Henry G. Tafl Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Bond Mrs. Frances Kohrs Dr. and Mrs. John T. Saunders Mr and Mrs. Harold N. Cooney Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs Harry A. Boyle and Mrs. James F. Timon and Mrs. and Mrs. John D. Fini John E. Miichell PROFESSIONAL PAGE Alberr Arberler ..., Jean Avery ...... Louis Badia ..... Joseph Berman John J. Brady .. ..., Bruce R. Brown .. John Carchio ...... William Carnicelli Maurice Cosiin .. Arlhur W. Ewing- Curiis Farringlon Joseph Ferrucci .. Hugh Folsom Eugene Gaslon .,,. Lawrence Hirsch Slanley l-lunlrer .... Leon Leshay .,.... T. W. Mc Kinnon Vincenl Pollina Jr. l-l. B. Randall ..... E. F. Regan ...... lvlervin Weilz ..... Eliol Zigelbaum ., .. .......... Lawyer .. .............. MD. .. .......... D.lv1.D. .,............ MD. .. ........., D.M.D. .......... lv1.D. .......... MD. .. .......... D.M.D. .. .......... D.lv1.D. Podialrisl ........... D.lv1.D. .......... D.M.D. JUNIORS HOME ECONOMICS Adams, Phyllis, 6 Fairfax Sfreef, Shrewsbury Anderson, Beffy Joan, 39 Soufh Sfreef, Shrewsbury Aragona, Mary L., 2I8 Riverside Avenue, Medford Ballard, Barbara A., 772 New Bosfon Road, Fall River Blakelock, Anne M., 57 Fosfer Road, Belmonf Borden, Virginia M., I0 Woodland Avenue, Medford Bushee, E. Mary, 553 Park Avenue, Revere Charesf, Phyllis M., l38 Richmond Avenue, Worcesfer Clark, Arline N., 60 Monmounf Avenue, Wesf Medford Counihan, Rufh M., 724 W. Roxbury Parkway, W. Roxbury Dighf, Carolyn, I78 Thompson Sfreef, Springfield Felker, Joanne F., I2 Hickory Road, Wellesley Fisef, Fransesca, 24 Tahanfo Road, WOFCGSTGI' Freeman, Rufh, I59 Franklin Sfreef, Wesffield Hayward, Jane, 22 Woods Road, Norfh Medford Herfel, Lois, 45 Pleasanf Sfreef, Norfh Walpole Holmes, Beverly, 387 Grove Sfreef, Fall River Hourihan, Marilyn, I9 Bonad Road, Wesf Roxbury Jensen, Germaine, 4 Perkins Sfreef, Gloucesfer Johnson, Rufh, 46 Hudson Sfreef, Milfon Karl, Rufh, Pleasanl' Sfreef, Granby Kearns, Jeanne, 35 Richview Sfreef, Dorchesfer King, Paula, 9 Franklin Terrace, Melrose Kissling, Mary, 365 Washingfon Sfreef, Brighfon Lawrence, Barbara, Horseneck Road, Darfmoufh Lees, Barbara, Wesfporf Poinf Lindsfol, Barbara, 46 Fernwood Avenue, Revere Lovelace, Doris, Essex Sfreef, Middlefon Macchi, Claire, 23 Domenic Sfreef, Milford Masfrangelo, Eleanor, 85 Knox Sfreef, Springfield Mazzarelli, Alberfa, l5 Genoa Avenue, Milford McCabe, Evelyn, I2 Arnold Circle, Cambridge McCoomb, Dorofhy, 20 Grove Sfreef, Fall River McCoy, Rosemary, 62 Harreffs Road, Concord Menfen, Mary E., I56 Emerson Sfreef, Melrose Nee, Barbara, 420 Summer Sfreef, Easf Bosfon Niro, Ann, I2 Mechanic Sfreef, Milford Olgilvie, Nancy, Grofon Praff, Carol, I85 Whifman Sfreef, Elmwood RaH'a, Mary, Mary, I39 Adams Avenue, Wesf Medford Reagan, Elizabefh, 723 Prospecf Sfreef, Fall River Richardson, Beverly, Wesl' Acfon Ryan, Elizabelh, I76 Park Sfreef, Fall River Sasso, Helen, 47 Waife Sfreef Exf., Malden Sayre, Pafricia, 27 Converse Avenue, Malden Turner, Cynfhia, I8 Braddock Park, Bosfon Wilkinson, Mary, I88 Menlo Sfreef, Brockfon Wong, Edifh, I0 Oxford Place, Bosfon Zaruba, Olga, 2l Wesf Sfreef, Norwood HOME ECONOMICS SPECIAL MacKenzie, Marilyn, I53 Hemenway Sfreef, Bosfon ELEMENTARY SPECIALS LEON-ifCl. -I0yce, 9 Washingfon Sfreef, Monson Morgan, Chrisfine L., I8 Cook Sfreef, Fairhaven Ruskin. Phyllis N-. I07 Universify Road, Brookline ELEMENTARY Ainsworfh, Virginia, 20 Norfh Sfreef, Graffon Andelman, Evelyn, 54 Fayeffe Sfreef, Cambridge Blood, Barbara, 22 Inferval Road, Wellesley Hills Bowden, Janesse, I7 Sferling Road, Walfham Brady, Anne, I86 Arborway, Jamaica Plain Callahan, Mary, 5 Greenville Road, Waferfown Callander, Olga, 2464 Washingfon Sfreef, Bosfon Casey, Mary, I79 Lexingfon Avenue, Cambridge Ciampa, Virginia, I6 Howe Sfreef, Hudson Copeland, Janef, 67 Pine Sfreef, Leicesfer Corcoran, Joan, 6l3 Heafh Sfreef, Brookline Curley, Mary, 48 Alexander Sfreef, Framingham Daopoulos, Aspasia, 36 Devens Sfreef, Marlboro Desmond, Cafherine, 67 Carroll Sfreef, Waferfown Donnelly, Marie, 33 Hunf Sfreef, Waferfown Duncan, Barbara, 7 Park Circle, Arlingfon Emerfon, Florence, 2I7 Common Sfreef, Waferfown Evans, Helena, Canal Sfreef, Medway Fahey, Mariorie, 79 Main Sfreef, Hudson Flemming, Barbara, 3I Cedar Avenue, Arlingfon Foley, Pafricia A., 42 Highland Sfreef, Framingham Fulfon, Helen E., 92 Hovey Sfreef, Waferfown Grove, Jean, Hollisfon Sfreef, Medway Grund, Carolyn, I8 Willard Road, Brookline Herman, Shirley, 8l Waverly Sfreef, Roxbury Hughes, Clare, 93 School Sfreef, Belmonf Kelly, Kaflnleen, 34 Harvard Sfreef, Nafick Kennedy, Josephine, 55l Brookline Avenue, Brookline Kennedy, Mary, 2 Park Sfreef, Hopkinfon Landry, Carol, 72 Bradford Road, Waferlown Lavin, Kafhryn, 244 Granf Sfreef, Framingham Love, Jeanne, 29 Loveland Road, Brookline Lund, Alice, 275 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Auburn Lyons, Mary, 48 Evans Sfreef, Waferfown Mack, Teresa, 50 Brush Hill Road, Milfon Maroni, Pafricia, 44 Day Hill Road, Framingham McCabe, Ann, I4 Hovey Sfreef, Waferfown McCabe, Pauline, 79 Lincoln Sfreef, Marlboro McCall, Dolores, 47 Green Sfreef, Waferfown McCarfhy, Frances, 82 Cedar Sfreef, Framingham McGee, Anne, I5 Manning Sfreef. Marlboro Mealey, Louise, 8I Franklin Sfreef, Brookline Moriarfy, Eleanor A., I5 Hufchinson Sfreef, Cambridg Morrison, Mary J., 75 Cedarwood Avenue, Walfham Nelson, Beffie, 8 Sherburne Road, Lexingfon Norlon, Grace, 239 Robbins Road, Walfham O'NeiIl, Maureen, I49 Trapello Road, Belmonf Peffy, Jane, 22 Union Sfreef, Marlboro Prophef, Jean L., 2I0 Walnuf Sfreef, Wellesley Hills Rose, Nancy L., 8 Spruce Avenue, Cambridge Scahill, Pafricia, 33 Charles Sfreef, Wesf Medway Schulfs, Beffy M., I74 Soufh Main Sfreef, Nafick Searl, Marian G., 4I Sawin Sfreef, Marlboro Sfone, Barbara, 44 Pope Sfreef, Hudson Sullivan, Helen M., 35 Calumef Sfreef, Roxbury Taylor, Barbara, Flax Pond Colony, Dennis Tuohy, Mary T., 66 Francis Sfreef, Bosfon Volk, Anne E., 35 Marlboro Sfreef, Dedham While, Mary J., 3l Hardy Avenue, Waleriown 8 JUNIORS VOCATIONALS Bedell, Margarel A., 48 Burlinglon Avenue, Wilminglon Billings, Norman A., 22 Thaxler Road, Newlonville Ferris, Dorolhy J., 5 Madison Avenue, Newlonville MacDonald, Claire, Il Bonard Road, Wesl Roxbury O'DonnelI, Mary E., I3O May Slreel, Worcesler Shea, Margarel, 20 Maple Slreel, Dallon Slephens, Belly, 9I7 Main Slreel, Dallon Wise, Irene, Slafe Road, Philliplon SOPHOMORES HOME ECONOMICS Allemus, Joan, 64 Hayes Avenue, Lowell Baron, Annabelle, I8 Vesla Road, Dorchesler Bollon, Caroline, 6I Darfmoulh Slreef, New Bedford Boyle, Sarah, I5 Myrlle Sfreei, Clinlon Brunlon, Bonnie, IO5 Birds Hill Avenue, Needham Burlre, Jean E., 70 Tecumseh Slreel, Fall River Colleran, Mary, I2 Paclrard Avenue, Dorchesler Dardis, Jacqueline, 22 Chaiham Sfreel, Cambridge Davis, Helen, Easl Road, Orange Denn, Marie, 20 Jaclrson Slreef, Norlhamplon Dillin, Joan E., 47 Richardson Road, Belmonl' Elberry, Anne, I2 Mallon Road, Brighlon Farrell, Elizabelh, 69 Surry Slreel, Brighlon Forresl, Olive A., Chalham Fraser, Frances, 48 Cheslnul S'I'ree'f, Cambridge Griffin, Palricia M., IO2 Dwinell Slreel, Wesl Roxbury Hession, Ruih, 9 Doane Slreel, Filchburg Holmes, Irene, 33 Granile Slreel, Ashland Hughes, F. Shirley, 268 Pearl Slreel, Springfield Jaclzson, Jacobs, Joan, 384 E. Broadway, Haverhill Jean A., Horse Pond Road, Shirley Cenler Johnson, Eleanor, 66 High Slreel, Milford Keirans, Nancy, U. S. Velerans Hospilal, Rulland Heighls Kelley, Barbara, 740 Newlon Slreel, Brookline Kelliher, Joan, 3l Viclory Avenue, Millon Kenneally, Virginia M., I55 Train Slreel, Neponsel Knighl, Barbara, 33 Walnul Slreel, Arlingfon Lacey, Janel E., 337 Pleasanl Slreel, Holyolre Mahoney, Barbara, 2I4 Tremonl Slreei, Newlon Maloney, Shirley, 5 Cliflon Slreel, Worcesler Mason, Phyllis, 534 Cenlral Slreel, Framingham McAvoy, Nancy, 9l Sainl Rose Slreel, Jamaica Plain Nicholson, Maruorie, I38 Main Slreel, Holden O'Connor, Mary, 93 Woodbridge Slreel, Soulh Hadley Phillips, Ponies, Janice, 59 Freedom Slreel, Fall River Hope, Marvel Slreel, Swansea Psomiades, Eflhemia, I89 Millside Slreel, Roxbury Quinn, Phyllis, 8 Warren Square, Jamaica Plain Regan, Marie, I2 Fairland Slreel, Roxbury Roach, Anne, II3 Cenlral Slreel, Auburn Robbins, Doris, 26l Beech Slreel, Belmonl Scoll, Nancy, 30I New Boslon Road, Fall River Sloughlon, Janel, Soulh Easl Slreei, Amhersl Sullivan, Mary, 26 Orchard Slreel, Somersel' Cenler Surelle, Rose, 23 Grove Slreel, Hoplrinlon Tall, Harriei, 29 Carney Slreel, Uxbridge Toloczlro, Mary, 55 Cenlral Avenue, Hyde Parlr Turner, Marilyn L., I96 Main Slreel, Easl Norlhiield Videon, Sally, Woodside Avenue, Wellesley Wesl, Norma, Woods Hole Williamson, Louisa, 58 Pleasanl Slreel, Ashland Wolfe, Jane M., 47 Arlinglon Slreel, Filchburg ELEMENTARY Adams, Elizabelh, Main Slreel, Edgarfown Ashners, Pauline, 73 Gardner Slreel, Wallham Augusline, Anna, 54 SI'ra'Ie Road, Norlh Darlmoulh Alyward, Jeanne, 48 Auburn Sireei, Wallham Baron, Marlene, I8 Vesia Road, Dorchesler Brennan, Barbara, I5 Clearwafer Road, Brooltline Brolraw, Belly, I8 Glenview Slreel, Uplon Burns, Dorolhy, 380 Parlrer S'free'I', Newion Cenler Campbell, Margarel, 26 Circuil Avenue, Newlon Carey, Arlene, II Walden Court, Malden Highlands Clancy, Frances, 28 Maple Slreel, Norlh Bellingham Concannon, Anne, 279 Linwood Avenue, Newfonville Crosby, Shirley, 22 Garcner Road, Broolrline Curry, Ellen, 2I Soulh Emerson Slreel, New Bedford De Mensis, Mildred, 30 Cedar Slreel, Wellesley Hills Des Roches, Priscilla, 33 Pleasanl Sireel, Newlon Cenfer Desfefano, Eleanor, I4I Pleasanl Slreel, Newlon Cenler Dolan, Anne, 94 Lincoln Slreel, Marlboro Ellis, Nancy, IO5 Weslbourne Terrace, Broolrline Ellison, Charlolle, Amhersl' Slreel, Granby Faris, Janel, II7 Curve Slreel, Millis Farrar, Marilyn, 30 Main Slreel, Topslield Firlh, Mary, 36 Loveland Road, Broolrline Flagg, Marcia, Easl Main Sfreel, Mediield Flanagan, Joan, 24 Walerhouse Slreel, Somerville Fleming, Mary, 333 Trapelo Road, Belmonl' Flynn, Agnes W., I7 Sloclrlon Slreel, Dorchesler Flynn, Anne, B., 240 Summer Slreel, Walerlown Ford, Mary, 23 Hulchinson Slreel, Cambridge Galely, Marie, II9 Edinboro Slreel, Marlboro Gilfoil, Grace, I6 Hovey Slreef, Walerlown Greenidge, Evelyn, 44 Warwiclr Slreel, Boslon Hazen, Norma, Hayden Rowe Slreel, Hoplrinlon Hein, Jacqueline, I03 Shawmul' Avenue, Boslon Jamieson, Rulh, 66 Norlh Slreef, Somerville Kane, Barbara, 54 Parlrlawn Road, Wesl Roxbury Kenney, Anne, Maple Slreel, Hoplrinlon Kimball, Norma, 20 Fosler Slreel, Arlinglon Kirby, Theresa, IO0 Milford, Wes? Medway Lawn, Dorolhy, 48 Gay Sl'ree'I, Newlonville Leahy, Jeanne, I47 Summer Sfreef, Newfon Cenfer Leonard, Sara, I7 Barrows Sfreef, Dedham Mahoney, Pafricia, 23 Jonofhan Sfreef, New Bedford Mansfield, Ann, I79 Kenf Sfreef, Brookline Marfin, Maureen, 25 Foresf Avenue, Greenfield Maffo, Rufh, Middlesex Sfreef, Burlingfon McDonald, Helene, II Spring Sfreef, Wesfboro McDonnell, Gerfrude, 23 French Terrace, Waferfown McGrail, Eleanor, 30 Jackson Road, Belmonf McGrafh, Alice, I82 Lewis Road, Belmonf Monfi, Clara, 4I Essex Sfreef, Cambridge Moran, Mary, 6 Afherfon Sfreef, Nafick Morel, Mary, 364 Main Sfreef, Hudson Morrison, Kafhleen, 25 Lovell Road, Waferfown Mulhern, Anne, 58 Sheldon Sfreef, Malden Mullin, Anne, 302 Clyde Sfreef, Chesfnuf Hill Murphy, Louise, 50 Sfearns Sfreef, Newfon Cenfer Murphy, Rufh, 72 Congress Sfreef, Amesbury Nicholas, Bessie, Il Decafur Sfreef, Boslon Niland, Joan, 7 Pendef Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Nuhn, Kafhleen, I6 Derby Road, Waferfown O'DonneIl, Grace, 43, De Wolf Sfreef, New Bedford O'DonneII, Mary, Bl Ellison Park, Walfham Porfer, Joan, 32 Cary Avenue, Chelsea Pofh, Barbara, 9 Ashworfh Terrace, Haverhill Ramsdell, Elsie Kay, Causeway Sfreef, Millis Ring, Elaine, IOS Elm Sfreef, Cambridge Riordan, Mary, 3 Arwick Avenue, Worcesfer Ryan, Elizabefh, 77 Sfafe Sfreef, Framingham Sanfosuosso, Rosa, 63 Main Sfreef, Somerville Sawica, Genevieve, 94 Pine Sfreef, Cambridge Schneider, Joanne, 28 Pleasanf Sfreef, Hopkinfon Sewell, Marilyn, 78 Cleveland Avenue, Saugus Sims, Teresa, I4 School Sfreef, Nafick Sfanfon, Elizabefh, 70 Winfhrop Sfreef, Framingham Sfevenson, Mary, lIIO Chesfnuf Sfreef, Newfon Upper Falls Sfrong, Pinella, Norfh Main Sfreef, Soufh Hadley Falls Sullivan, Edifh, I64 Oakley Road, Belmonf Sullivan, Eleanor, 4I Bogandale Road, Wesf Roxbury Sunfer, Barbara, I48 Harfford Terrace, Springfield Thornfon, Jean, 793 Washingfon Sfreef, Brookline Timofhy, Carol, Orchard Terrace, Framingham Washburn, Kafhryn, 227 Mechanic Sfreef, Marlboro Wesf, Jean, 39 Prince Sfreef, Brookline Young, Mary, 29 Barfleff Crescenf, Brookline HOME ECONOMIC SPECIALS Farher, Anne, 23 Allenwood Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Hammond, Pafricia, I82 Brigham Sfreef, Hudson Lucier, Marie, I54 Congress Sfreef, Milford McCausIand, l22 Carlise Sfreef, Lowell VOCATIONALS Cousens, Nancy, 28 Mounf Vernon Sfreef, Saugus Gillis, Pafricia, 45 Summer Sfreef, Manchesfer Griffin, Marfha, 67 Ashland Sfreef, Medford Haas, Joan, 40 Washingfon Sfreef, Newfon Merriman, Elizabefh, Haverhill Sfreef, Norfh Reading Norris, Elizabefh, R. F. D., Wesfhampfon Williams, Joan, 26 Main Sfreef, Norfhfield FRESHMEN HOME ECONOMICS Allen, Mary, I0 Whifney Sfreef, Brookline Anderson, Joan, II Haviland Sfreef, Worcesfer Barnes, 69 Grove Sfreef, Milford Bernhardf, Pafricia, Main Sfreef, Townsend Bollenbach, Rufh, 68 Marfin Sfreef, Holyoke Brillanfe, Elinor, I0 Grovenor Road, Jamaica Burns, Veronica, I03 Efna Sfreef, Brighfon Caira, Margaref, 4I Fair Oaks Avenue, Newfonville Capuuo, Marguerife, I56R Lexingfon Sfreef, Easf Bosfon Carey, Virginia, 20 Swan Sfreef, Lawrence Cavenaugh, Cafherine, 79 Wyola Drive, Worcesfer Chucka, Mary, 6l Craiwell Avenue, Wesf Springfield Cloonan, Jean, 4 Reservoir Sfreef, Holden Collymore, Arlene, I25 Humboldf Avenue, Bosfon Croshere, Helen, 25OIf2 Robbins Sfreef, Walfham Daley, Jane, 50 Sherborn Sfreef, Arlingfon Dallaire, Sandra, 4I Wesley Road, Framingham Elbery, Sally, 7 Fairview Avenue, Cambridge Farnum, Myra, 60 Warren Road, Framingham Fernandez, Encarnafion, 370 Commercial Sfreef, Bosfon Fifzgerald, Agnes, Depof Sfreef, Bondsville Fobes, Dorofhy, IIO Reed Sfreef, Rockland Fraser, Margaref, 48 Chesfnuf Sfreef, Cambridge Galvin, Marilyn, 49 Monumenf Avenue, Charlesfon Gibbs, Rlinor, 744 Wesf Roxbury Parkway, Roslindale Harbeck, Jeanine, 2 Taber Sfreef, Fairhaven Henderson, Claire, River Road, Lowell Hope, Sylvia, Wesfford Road, Concord Hosey, Barbara, I06 Henshaw Sfreef, Worcesfer Hubbard, Rufh, 38 Cedar Sfreef, Fairhaven Hughes, Carolyn, 279 Common Sfreef, Quincy Judd, Eleanor, 993 Massachuseffs Avenue, Lexingfon Kafz, Sandra, 37 Allen Sfreef, Bosfon Keogh, Margaref, 42 Greenlodge Sfreef, Dedham Kilgallon, Cecelia, 27 Easfland Road, Jamaica Plain Laycick, Shirley, 20 Sfafford Sfreef, Lawrence Lawless, Paula, 3 Pembroke Road, Wesfon Lowell, Ann, 365 Wafer Sfreef, Framingham Lyons, Barbara, School Sfreef, Billerica Mahoney, Elizabefh, 260 Broadway, Arlingfon Manning, M. Kafhleen, 753 Edgell Road, Framingham McCarfhy, Mary, I54 Main Sfreef, Hudson McCormick, Cafherine, 37 Lexingfon Avenue, Holyoke McDonagh, Claire, 20 Rosemary Sfreef, Bosfon McKeever, Ann Marie, 78 Monofomy Road, Arlingfon McRoberfs, Eleanor, 97 Hill Sfreef, Whifinsville McTiefnan, Joan, I0 Grove Sfreef, Beverly Farms Moran, Marjorie, 38 Anss Avenue, Canfon Nee, Carol, 349 Lexingfon Sfreef, Auburndale Nylandef, Eldine, 93 Soufh Main Sfreef, Afhol O'Brien, Eunice, 4I Pond Circle, Jamaica Plain O'Connor, Kafhleen, 237 Bruce Sfreef, Lawrence O'Connor, Nancy, 50 Winifred Avenue, Worcesfer O'Hare, Ellen, I25 Wesf Sfreef, Mansfield O'Neill, Marjorie, I7,0riole Sfreef, Wesf Roxbury Page, Virginia, 5I8 Soufh Main Sfreef, Greaf Barringfon Pimenfal, Anne, D-Derby Place, Bosfon Quimby, Norma, Washingfon Sfreel, Middlefon Robinson, Rulh, 2 Shirley Slreel, Worcesler Rudom, Daurice, IOO Poplar Slreel, Boslon Russell, Barbara, 24 Grove Slreel, Weslboro Ryan, Rosemarie, 409 Easl Sevenlh Slreel, Soulh Boslon Schmidl, Barbara, 280 Pleasanl Slreel, Easl Walpole Schube, Joan, 25 Dunmoreland Slreel, Springfield Sharples, Eleanore, 95 Rose Hill Way, Wallham Sl. John, Elaine, 7 Isabella Slreel, Worcesler Slraw, Marjory, 407 Maple Slreel, Marlboro Sweeney, Virginia, 56 Weslville Slreel, Dorchesler Vachon, Anne, 23 Dillon Avenue, Holyoke Viscoll, Nancy,,38 Morseland Avenue, Newlon Cenler Whilmore, Ann, 40 Barden Hill Road, Middleboro Winchesler, Paula, 6 Arlinglon Slreel, Filchburg Yeo, Janel, I0 Temple Slreel, Arlinglon ELEMENTARY Barbone, Vicloria, 49 Prenlis Slreel, Walerlown Blanchelle, Jean, 65 Leland Slreel, Framingham Bloom, Joanne, 264 Corey Road, Brighlon Bond, Belly, 53 Ash Slreel, WaI+ham Brennan, Barbara, I4B Waller Slreel, Roslindale Buckley, Elizabelh, 22 Jean Road, Arlinglon Camilla, Vicloria, I09 Waverly Slreel, Ashland Carmody, Rosemary, 92 Bacon Slreel, Wallham Carroll, Marlha, I33 Waverly Slreel, Belrnonl Casey, Jean, l20 Collinoola Slreel, Sloneham Cobb, Virginia, Wesl Slreel, Green Harbor Cole, Joan, 43 Warwick Road, Walerlown Coslello, Irelle, 22 Winslow Road, Brookline Coller, Mary, I42 Shawmul AV9h,'9, New Bedlord Courlmanche, Claire, 462 Main Slreel, Hudson Cunningham, Palricia, 40 Tennyson Slreel, Wesl Roxbury Daley, Jane, 50 Sherborn Slreel, Arlinglon Dallon, Noreen, I4 Thelma Road, Framingham Delmaslro, Jeanne, 997 Beacon Slreel, Newlon Cenler Donagher, Frances, I95 Huron Avenue, Cambridge Donahoe, Cecelia, 5 Fernald Terrace, Dorchesler Donovan, Claire, 23 Townsend Slreel, Wallham Duffy, Helen, 29 Bellingfon Slreel, Arlinglon Dumas, Vicloria, Hayden Rowe Slreel, Hopkinlon Dunphy, Claire, Salem End Road, Framingham Filield, Mariorie, IZ7 Lexinglon Slreel, Walerlown Filzpalrick, Suzanne, 6I Lovers Lane, Medway Flaherly, Regina, 20 Cenlennial Place, Saxonville Frizzell, Jane, 22 Edgemoor Road, Belmonl Games, Anna, 4 Cypress Courl, Brighlon George, Carol, 32 Oregon Courl, Roxbury Gilloil, lrene, I6 Hovey Slreel, Walerlown Gordon, Jeanne, 32 Hersom Slreel, Walerlown Harringlon, Anne, 396 Courl Slreel, New Bedlord Healy, Palricia, IO7 Granl Slreel, Framingham Henry, Elhel, 25I Horwell Slreel, Dorchesler Higgins, Bealrice, 2 Lockland Avenue, Framingham Hill, Eleanor, 65 Lawrence Slreel, Framingham Hogan, Anne, I4 Newporl Slreel, Arlinglon Hughes, Lorraine, 34 Tremonl Slreel, Charleslon Jaworek, Jesn, 45 Maple Slreel, Marlboro Kannally, Mary Ellen, 959 Main Slreel, Walpole Knowllon, Mary, 4I Wood Avenue, Framingham Kouroyen, Charmaine, I74 Brookline Slreel, Cambridge Lanagan, Palricia, I3I Weslon Slreel, Wallham Leahy, Barbara, I47 Sumner Slreel, Newlon Cenler LeBlanc, Carol, IOI Francis Slreel, Wallham Luca, Lorraine, I3 Maple Terrace, Belmonl MacDonald, Sally, 36 Richfield Road, Arlinglon Mack, Mildred, I2 Celia Road, Wesl Roxbury Maloney, Mary, I0 Brimmer Slreel, Walerlown Marlin, Joan, I4 Mansfield Slreel, Framingham McDonald, Elizabelh, II Soulh Crescenl Circuil, Brighlon McDonald, Jane, 8 Whillemore Slreel, Arlinglon McGurly, Mary Jane, II9 Pallrey Slreel, Walerlown Mclfeon, Janel, 2l Weslern Avenue, Nalick McKeown, Paula, 627 Washinglon Slreel, Abinglon McLaughlin, Mary A., I80 Granl Slreel, Framingham McLaughlin, Mary B., I6I Myslic Slreel, Arlinglon Mee, Eleanor, 20 Brimmer Slreel, Walerlown Mobilia, Gloria, 52 Francis Slreel, Wallham Murphy, Barbara, 54 Essex Slreel, Marlboro Murphy, Sally, 78 Lyman Slreel, Wallham Nurney, Margarel, 93 Soulh Main Slreel, Alhol O'NeiI, Ellen, I2 Newporl Slreel, Arlinglon Perry, Jane, 962 Soulh Slreel, Boslon Perry, Palricia, Tucker Road, N. Darlmoulh Quirk, Ann, 60 Eliol Slreel, Walerlown Rice, Brenda, II85 Brook Road, Millon Rideman, Marion, I5 Halherly Road, Brighlon Robinson, Mary, 35 Cenlral Road, Somerville Sapp, Alla, II Malvern Slreel, Wallham Saunders, Eileen, 4 Avon Way, Quincy Shea, Virginia, 22 Glenwood Avenue, Newlon Cenler Sheller, Barbara, 25 Dana Road, Wesl Newlon Sullivan, Helen, 53 Collage Slreel, Framingham Sylvesler, Jeanne, I4 Aldrich Road, Walerlown Toro, Ida, I9 New Lexinglon Slreel, Walerlown Trudeau, Ellen, 52 Greendale Avenue, Marlboro Vigeanl, Mary, 2 Pope Slreel, Hudson Vogel, Jane, I4 Thurslon Road, Walerlown VonEuw, Rulh, I5 Lawrence Slreel, Rockville, Conn. Wanzer, Mariorie, I9 Tower Road, Hingham Washburn, Barbara, I5 Charles Slreel, Boslon Yelle, Elizabelh, 532 Worcesler Slreel, Wellesley Hills HOME EC. SPECIALS Corbell, Palricia, 4 Washburn Place, Brookline Lubin, Sylvia, I26 Kendall Slreel, Framingham Mason, Phyllis, 534 Cenlral Slreel, Framingham ELEMENTARY SPECIALS Collins, Marion, 5 Walnul Hill Road, Newlon Cenler Holbrook, Palricia, I27 Plymoulh Slreel, Norlh Abinglon VOCATIONALS Colberl, Palricia, I0 Kingman Road, Somerville Cronin, Mary Ellen, 542 Broadway, Fall River Fosler, Barbara, Taulon Avenue, Norlon Gaillardel, Marie, 224 Liberly Slreel, Rockland Riopel, Rosemary, 4 Shalluck Slreel, Worcesler Shiel, Mary Lou, 'I69 Walrlul Slreel, Brookline Sleele, Lois, I39 Cilyview Avenue, Wesl Springlield 3 Cfajj E L RIJPOCIMCQJ UFFSET PRINTING BLUEPRINTS OIAPRINTS PHOTOSTATS OFFSET PRINTING SUPPLIES FOR THE ARTIST DRAFTSMAN ARCHITECT AND ENGINEER pallllllng Moss Olllpilily' 42 F B I0 M s A NOTE OF THANKS harmomously TogeTher Those who make This group are The sTaTT The TacuITy advisors parenTs adverhsers prlnTers and phoTographers TO THE STAFF I wlsh To Thank you Tor your unhrlng eFTorTs ln aTTempTmg To make The yearbook a success TO FACULTY ADVISERS I wnsh To Thank you Tor your pahence excellenT guidance and advice TO THE PARENTS I wash To Thank you Tor your genuine mTeresT In us whlch led To your generous conTrubuTaons TO THE ADVERTISERS I wash To Thank you Tor your magnanlmous financial asslsTance TO THE PRINTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS I wish To Thank you Tor your unsurpassed cooperahon Tor whuch The I95I Dual sTaTT will be ever graTeTuI Ann Flaher-Ty EdxTor AIA oo Q Q Q O S ' C I ranlxlin Sl. oslon , as . 1 A yearbook cannoT be published by one individual alone, buT by many working Anvfnrlsfmfum ,xv - K I W . .I 5 .'. 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OUR SINCERE HOPE IS THAT YOU WILL NEVER CEASE TO MAINTAIN YOUR LOYAL INTEREST IN OUR ALMA MATER TO WHICH THIS ASSOCIATION DEVOTES ITS EFFORTS AND TO WHOSE GRADUATES GOES A CORDIAL WELCOME INVITING THEM TO PARTICIPATE IN ITS CLUBS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES AND TO ENJOY ITS BENEFITS. Complimenfs of THE ABNER WHEELER HOUSE CDMPLIMENTE CIF' THE IHIIIILILTUIP IPILXWIERS f , FRAMINGHAM gg: H,Qfqi1ff" i 24, N i a t 1 0 n al ---Sfffffwi ' P-ge BANK 2-:g""'4z H E A EMBER of FEDERAL DEPOSIT I S ANCE CORPORA 0 A T H LET I C ASSOCIATION -X ?" 2.45 V 'Nf- 'fxqgf' ompfmzents 0 A I42 PLEASANT STREET MALDEN MASS. portrait Sblzotograpfzers COMPLETE Pl-IOTOGRAPT-IIC SERVICE TO THE I95I DIAL G I . Lincoln Studios CLASS GIF IIQSQ COM PLIMENTS OF AUGUST Cl AUBREY THE EHAEE M ABBOTT TEAEHEES AEENEY . Abb 'rr M BOSTON I6 MASS. Folio your School Acf' 'Yes 'n The EHAMTNEHAM NEWS Comp! enfs If Framingham Trust Co EHAMTNEH!-XM EU!-XL EU Inc A fuel for e e y pu pose A se 'ce for e ery uel. COKE-FUEL OIL-COAL KENDALL ST ERAMINOHAM 6 2 Compl'men'rs of ,T NEWBEPIHY EU THE NEWT YUHE STUPIE IO7 CONCORD STREET FRAMING!-IAM Compl'men+s of BEATTIE 8 MQGUIPIE THE Sil s - Woolefws - Domesfc Hos'ery 29 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS LII, fy 2-5753 ., . " v r r rvI v If " ' OII Burners Aufomahc Coal Burners 3 , I I ' I Grace M o , anager J l'2O BOYLSTON STREET ' ' ' Member of Nahonal ASSOCIGTIOH of Teachers Agenoes I W lvl I I , . Im O I k . I I er QL Cyggjlwmi E048 NSDAOIOIOQ i WELLESLEY, NEWTON. NEEDHAM. BRIGHTON, ALLSTON GUUUENUUEH ANU RUSSELL EU Full Line ot Meats Ripe Hotel Loins our Specialty : CAp'tl 7-I906-7-l907-7-I908 I2 SO. SIDE EANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON MASS. LEU REPDNEN INSURANCE AND TRAVEL AGENCY GARDNER MASS EAHPENTEHTS Quallty Clothing and Eurnislmimqs For MEN and BUYS IO3 CONCORD ST., ERAMINGHAM GARINO S HOME APPLIANCE STORE RECORDS RADIOS TELEVISION 61 CONCORD FRAMINGHAM 5969 EHAMINEHAM EUAL EU Inc A service for every fuel. COKE-FUEL OIL-COAL 3 KENDALL ST ERAMINGHAM 6I2I n Telephones I O ., . "A fuel tor every purpose Orl Burners Automatlc Coal Burners 1 ' . H M NIIIHULS 8: C0 INC So Rented Repasrecl 42 Kendall S+ Frammgham C O O, I TYPEWRITERS - ADDING MACHINES ld Excellent opportunity for Home Economics cmd Grade Teachers l2O BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON MASS. FISK TEACH ERS' AGENCY Et IMAJAQ5 LVL fke ,!lflfflfLl"8 EL SS UF1953 Gonzpliments of LEU .L MURRAY EU and THE MILL STUHE C9j'anLlz'n, mass. Cornplirnenis of OEOROE HOWARD WALLPAPER STUDIO 78 Hows STREET, Pi2AMiNeHAM Compliments of a E Compl me Is of WHITE HARDWARE CO FRAMINGHAM THE CARY TEACHERS AGENCY P10111 Hale C ok Mamzger I4 BEACON ST BOSTON MASS Sewing Savings sIarI' wi'rl'1 shopping - You'II enjoy picking and choosing from The newesf of fabrics . . . from New EngIand's Iargesf assorfmenfs of siII:s, rayons, nylons. woolens, and co++on! You'II browse leisurely Ihrough Iiie Iafe pafferns in floods of nafural dayIIgh+! And you'II be over-ioyed af our value-packed prices-always! THHESHEH FABHIE5 33 WEST STREET BOSTON, MASS. Open Monday 'HI 8! Ofher nighis 9:30-5:30 The llteadom LU NCI-I EON DINN R DANCING te-- 'gaM. FOR RE ERVATIONS CALL PRAM 6I24 HASTINGS Sh p FRAMINGI-IAM M I wun Nn cnmvnuv G'ft Shop soUT E OUTH MASSAC USETTS IVIASCIARELLI JEWELERS GEIIRGE T STEVE S co CANCELLATION SI-ICE 'SI-IGP Aqemfs For SandIer 8 PenaIfo SIZES 2-IO WIDTI-IS AAA-C COMPLIMENTS OF VLLOVL .XJ WAQPWLEC9 CENTRE FGOD MART 939 WQRQESTER RD. ERAMINGHAM CENTRE MASS, I-I ,QRY F O 0 3" 'E 'lf 636 Q M INGHPS' eounihy 41444 Will Be At MIDDLESEX CENTRE Autumn 1901 Ron 9 Hamm h m, ass C pr + f 84 II 5+ F gh S I F W Housewares-Hardwares D .. ff, , 1 'ij K? 2 Z WYM , H 9 Q' 'Q 4 Q :wr Complvmenfs of O 0 O EC FIC Lance! 01 if Eff' - joy Complimenfs of D. GARBARINO CO. gh Jjacfes gftcwzp -A nf MILLINERY - 72 UNION AVE. FRAMINGI-IAM VILLAGE BEAUTY NOOK Iouo WORCESTER ROAD ERAMINOHAM CENTER MASS. Tl-IE WARDROBE INC LI HOLLIS STREET ERAMINOHAM MASS. gm exceknce In eugn cra tsmans 1 RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS Compliments Of the Usico Q Lv GO0DYOW 8: W'00D INSURANFE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE FRAMINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS Compl'me Ts of BARRON S CANDIES 76 UNION AVENUE FRAMING!-IAM MASS. Ken s Steak House 95 WORCESTER TURNPIKE Dellczous Steaks I lu S . J . 1' L.p I n , M44-wlffy ,L C. NELSON CO. MAN IA I IIN In A w I 9 IIIIIIII sllclusl new Vlllll - 13 TIIIIJIIT ST. BIJSIIJII U IISS. S- rnovluinci MKIEMIPIIS QLUIB . ff' Q ri 1. ' 16 " 1121, Ae 'A COMPLIMENTS OF THE LOUISA A NICHOLASS HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Complimerfrs of HEATTIE R MCIHUIPIE IHC. , I 4 THE NEW YUIEIH STUHE ' STIIcS - Woolens - Domeslruc I-Iosuery 29 TEMPLE PLACE IO7 CONCORD STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS FRAMINGHAM LIberI'y 2-S753 ST. GEORGE TI-IEATER corsicorzo STREET Compfirw-n': oF CALDWELL'S ERAMINGHAM TRAVIS DRUG STORE School Supplies-OITIS-Cosmefics ERAMINGI-IAM CENTER yfdmfhglldm Graf t Center CompIimen'rs of ERAIVIINOI-IAM COOPERATIVE BANK 1 I 1 LADIES' I-IAT FRAMES SEW AND SAVE Largesf Assorfmenf of ImporIed and Dome-f.Iic Eeafhers, FIowers. VeiIirTqs, Urwrimmed SI'iape MiIIinery Fabrics, Ribbons, efc. BRIDAL ACCESSORIES TuIIe, Nefs, Tiaras, Wire Frames, Orange Blossoms, Lily of +ITe VaIIey, Ostrich Tips. S. I1 E. NOVELTY ELI., THE. 76 CHAUNCY ST. BOSTON DIRECT SALES Fabrics 32 uNIoN AVE. ERAMTNGHAM - T I-IOLLIS TI-IEATER 47 I-IOLLIS STREET ERAMINOI-IAM PERLIVIUTTER BROS. VaIue-Firs'r CIoTITeS 246 WAVERLY ST., FRAMINGI-IAM Complimervrs of MPI. FAHLEY 5' ,.T..- l 4? ff Ljf N 4 L wx A ' X 4 .ga- g-fi , w 7 xx, sl xs X . , gf? I , X . - X ! X f X X 5 hvwxfrb z , ks x N 4 f' L 1 fa J Q un is-.:'!':'!P.!.'Fi! 'P m tamzwlle HBE! ,U- "i is fx FX

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