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-A Uhr'--L- -V -- , S A-K - 'f LL ? -I--.Luc-'91-'A"-.1 L4 K if Ali lik' t5lf4QiYv- KY 'BYU' QQ s.-at 144- as-.ll Oi- -QQ F' il, nav ng- il- 544: 313 mmm lid Wi 54141151414-I r J' M "H'f'mesvr 'Imaam ann mxamvu- Ctfmil-1 ummm- Hman- -ii:-Imaam. unlwwng .div iiilli Humana: wi' lang msg 51,151 fyxgf ' '-F4-.. gy.-1 I 5 4 H u'i"'- ' ,!v"Y""P"' 1 - yf " ' ' -'V .qvmzh"L"1,f"f'L4lAL"7""'fLMSd'f7WfF7l'1?f111LQfGiE1IP1:L!ihH'!jNi'i"'f21i1EW:?iA3:"IIH'r"YLh'- 'H"5lF- 2'f"ff14"Ez:0f""- Jw' 'v fi '- ' HN , ' - J. f ' ' ilk. Ffwnfnaw WJ? aah? nm' Fiamiawgham, 9.33.4 .1 g'K3gQrx" ,Vx 91 .f f Y' gm, . t 'WL V, x 52,4-"'it'Y'3' we Jftffg ii N h ,MLM A s V X P' G ge Q ff, ,ffm f f W" iw Wi .VW ' ,fs if ,Q si ' wt 09 f f f f :ws ate eachers Co ""w+,5,gf, f, fffi M I !d5'sJ P, XWS Qiwgfu. t -A-.-. , h 1 A , .1 V. lx lx E L' ,. 0, .. .. , iq Q J ,Q Q X t 7 v. D .1 Ax ,I ,Q ,L ,S t " ,Lx .fix Q, ,X f . 5,3 .jf ' 'r,V?5:51,r2 ' "L - 4 ' . I, MQ. KA ' . '9 " 1 "3 ' ' 1 Qin' 'V ,- . 5. THE Framingham, Massachusetts SARAH S. CUMMINGS The members of the graduating class wish to dedicate the Dial of l947 to Sarah S. Cummings, of the history department, in grateful acknowledg- ment of her efforts in making our school an insti- tution of prominence in education and construc- tive social activity, and for the work she has done in perpetuating the name of Framingham State Teachers College. May-time became a gay time with the inauguration of Marjorie Whittier as queen In the first May Festival ' l934. EDICATICN The position on the faculty means more than just daily teaching to Miss Cummings. The school is part of her life, and its high ideals her goal. She has given enthusiastically of her time and energy for the benefit of our school and its stu- dents. Her efforts have been directed especially toward: ' The enrichment of our minds - She initiated us to the Twentieth Century Club, the Foreign Policy and Pan American activities. ln past years she maintained the student forum. The enrichment of our lives- She acted as advisor to the class of l937, and under her guidance they started May Day. She made possible the enlargement of the library with the use of the history fund. She composed the oath which is used in the "l Am An American Day" ceremony. The enrichment of our future - She is chairman of the publicity committee which is doing an effective job of giving to the state of Massachusetts a greater aware- ness of the State Teachers College at Fram- ingham. Miss Cummings played an active part in launching the student alumnae building fund and in continuing to act toward the realiza: tion of this goal. FCDREWGRD Let there be unity among all persons. Let each find in himself that spark of understanding, purpose and unity of thought that may wisely contribute to the whole. Let each kindle within himself this spark of altruism, so that he may look to all as companions and find in them this needed faith in cooperation. Let all unite to fight the enemies of unity. Let the narrow be in- structed and the bigoted enlightened so that intolerance may be purged. Let each extend the hand of understanding so that it may be taken with confidence. Let there be in that grasp a firm resolve to look to a future of mutual trust. Let the handshake be earnest, the resolve, sincere. Let there be unity among all persons. l 1 l ww DEAN DOROTHY LARN ED "A friend in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justice and sincerity." Dear Framingham, thy children round thee gather, Our vows of love to thee we pledge anew, Unfailing font of joy and hope forever, We shall proclaim our homage to you. Through countless years to all a fostering mother, Thy bounteous blessings poured on age and youth. Our suppliant prayer till time our chain shall sever Will ever be live to the truth. PRESIDENT MARTIN O'CONNOR The men who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize." CO ART DAVID BERGER, B. S. 368 Longwood Avenue, Boston Art "His ,laws are easy and his gentle sway Makes it exceeding pleasant to obey." RUTH R. HERRING, B.A. M.A. 45 Rochester Road, Newton Art Education "The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength and skill." DAVID BERGER N Xi MAUDE B. cERRlTsoN, B. s. M. A. y ' 9 Church Street, Framingham English "Ease with dignity." GRACE V. ROWLAND, B.S. M. Ed. 46 Pearl Street, Hyannis Literature, Reading Methods "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' MARIORIE SP'ARROW, A.B. M.A. ll40 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill -- English Literature, English Composition "A reputation for good iudgment, for fair dealings, For truth and for rectitude, is in itself a fortune." A RUTH R. HERRING ENGLISH K 4 n K MAUDE B. GERRITSON GRACE v. ROWLAND MARIORIE sPARRow 12 ANNA M. BILLA ANNA M. BILLA, B.S. 39 Eutaw Street, Lawrence Clothing, Textiles "Her words were simple and her soul sincere." MURIEL CABOT BUCKLEY, B.S. M.S. ll Orchard Street, Belmont Elementary Clothing, Appreciation and Economics of Clothing "Firmness, steadiness of principle, a iust moderation, And unconquerable perseverance are hers." ALICE C. ERICKSON, B. S. I5 Forestdale Road, Worcester Dressmaking, Education, Training School CLOTHING 45-t MURIEL c. BUCKLEY ALICE ERICKSON MADELINE E. MONROE "The production of enthusiasm." F R E N C H MADELINE E. MONROE, B.S. M. A. 885 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Senior Dressmaking, ChiIdren's Clothing, Household Arts Education, Millinery, Director of Training-Clothing "When we find such gaiety and wisdom ln one person, we bend in admiration." DOROTHY LARNED, A. B. M. A. M. Ed. I49 Highland Avenue, Winchester French, Ethics, Dean of Women "Beneath whose looks did my reviving soul, Riper in truth and virtuous daring grow." I3 DOROTHY LARN ED K-any-5 GEOGRAPHY LOUIE G. RAMSDELL, Ph. B. M. S. 9 Church Street, Framingham Head of Elementary Department, Geography "To charm, to strengthen and to teach." SARA M. ARMSTRONG, A. B. A. M. I0 State Street, Framingham Psychology, Ed. Measurements "Pure compound of oddity, trolic and fun, Who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun.' LOUIE G. RAMSDELL LUCILLE G. FRENCH, B. S. M. A. 50 jackson Road, West Medford Head of Household Arts Department, Household Arts Education "Correct with spirit, eloquent with ease, Intent to reason or polite to please." MARGARET I. WALKER, B. S. in Ed. Ed. M. 59 Henry Street, Framingham Arithmetic Methods, Education, Problems of Teaching Cr Management "Strong mind, great heart, true faith, willing hands." LINWOOD L. WORKMAN, A.B. Ed. M. I7 Church St., Framingham Sociology, Economics, Child Development, Registrar "Wit and wisdom are born with a man." SARAH M. ARMSTRONG l.ucu.LE c. FRENCH MARGARET WALKER Lmwooo WORKMAN 14 I. FOODS .6 CORINNE L. HALL LOU LOMBARD ELIZABETH C- MBCMIU-AN CORINNE L. HALL, A. B. M. A. lOl State Street, Framingham Household Management, Student Teaching "Manners are the happy ways of doing things." LOU LOMBARD. B.S. 68 Woodridge Avenue, Silver Springs, Maryland Home Management, Student Teaching Supervision, Vocational Household Arts "The very pink of perfection." ELIZABETH C. MacMILLAN, B. S. M.A. 75 Maynard Road, Framingham l- HESTER RUST School Lunchroom Management, Home Management "Order is heaven's first law." I. HESTER RUST, B.S. Ed. M. l02 School Street, Manchester Foods "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." MAY TURNER, B.S. M. A. 75 Maynard Road, Framingham Foods "What do we live for lf not to make life less difficult to others?" I5 MAY TURNER SCIENCE -.U , . .' I V' 5 fr -4 -'frm ' 1 . -- :Q .y y , ,J ,Y 1 ,u ' 535335 32 Q, ,gif ijwqz -' 'Ii I . ' G , -J g ait, g , ff ELEANOR F. CHASE I Q STUART B. FOSTER ELEANOR F. CHASE, B.S. M.S. Ph. D. 45 Highland Street, Amesbury Chemistry "A constant influence, a peculiar grace, The will to do, the soul to dare." STUART B. FOSTER, B. S. A.M. Ph. D. I Maynard Road, Framingham Chemistry "The world belongs to the patient man.' 1 EDWIN I. HAERTL, B. S. A. M. Ph. D. 53 Higgins Road, Framingham General Biology, Advanced Biology, Anatomy and Physiology "A man of letters, manners, morals, parts." EMMA A. HUNT, A.B. M.A. 30 Henry Street, Framingham School Health Education, Physiology, Hygiene, Family Physical Science "The windows of my soul, I throw wide open to the sun." GEORGE A. KENNY, Ph. B. M. S. 347 Tiffany Avenue, Warwick Neck Microbiology, Anatomy G' Physiology, Elementary Science "He is an eloquent man who can treat subjects of A humble nature with delicacy, lofty subjects lmpressively, and moderate things temperately." x! Finance, Methods !1,fff!'i,f2 5 f Q, f EDWIN I. HAERTL EMMA A. HUNT GEORGE KENNY I6 sf HISTORY 1 DEBORAH M. RUSSELL SARAH S. CUMMINGS GLADYS F. PRATT DEBORAH M. RUSSELL, B. S. M.A. Framingham Center Chemistry, Nutrition, Experimental Foods "Always thoughtful, and kind, and untroubled. SARAH S. CUMMINGS, B.A. M.A. 35 Cambridge Road, Woburn History "The heart to conceive, the understanding To direct, or the hand to execute." GLADYS F. PRATT, B.A. M.A. 9 Spring Street, Westfield Librarian, American History "Steadfast, serene, immovable, the same." GRACE V. CONLEY, B.S. Ed. M. 430 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Center Physical Education, Speech "Your heart hangeth on a joly pin." BERNICE W. TAYLOR, B. S. M.A. A.M. 271 Franklin Street, Framingham Physical Education "Serenely moving on her way, In hours of trial and dismay." PHYS ICAL EDUCATION I 535 T9 , 1 QYQQTQE: 152 GRACE CONLEY "ESQ Z' .4 ' 2'-is l BERNICE W. TAYLOR MUSIC EDWARD F. GILDAY, B. S. M. A. Oak Crest Drive, Framingham Music "Without music, life would be a mistake." MARIE P. MAHONEY, B.S. M. A. I8 Sturgis Street, Worcester Assistant Librarian "Her quiet and unassuming manner Bring forth her pleasant ways." EDWARD F. GILDAY D. FRANCIS HARRIGAN, IR., B.S. 2 Margaret Road, Peabody Handwriting -W.v,. . "His pencil was striking resistless and grand." LORETTA HALEY, B. S. En Ed. 156 Stratford Street, West Roxbury Dietitian, Institutional Management "The gods gave thee more than they rightfully share, In making thee brilliant as thou art fair." GQ FLORA M. IOHNSON 21 Turner Street, Newtonville Matron, Horace Mann Hall ff- A 52 f "The man make the household ae. I Y ' I 2. But only one the home." MARIE P. MAHONEY HANDWRITING MATRONS I D. FRANCIS HARRICAN LORETTA HALEY FLORA M. IOHNSON I8 OFFICE f FORCE MRS. CORSON MRS. CHARLOTTE CORSON lunior Clerk "Service done by willing and Discerning souls was glory." MRS. HELEN GROVVS 561 Franklin Street, Framingham Secretary to the President MRS. HELEN GROWS MILDRED 1, NASKA NURSE "Enough of something from our hands have power To live and act and serve the future hour." MILDRED I. IVASKA, B. B. A. 87 Prichard Avenue, West Somerville Treasurer "Too much honesty did never man harm." CLAIRE POWERS CLAIRE A. POWERS Graduate St. Iosephs Hospital, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 'IO9 St. Stephan St., Boston Resident Nurse "A good bedside manner." HELEN LOUISE FOX House Mother, Assistant Matron, "Small service is true service." Peirce Hall I9 Blesl: Be The Tie That Binds The changes in the faculty have been many this past year. We shall miss our old friends, those who have found new fields to conquer and those who have retired from the teaching profession. We will remember Miss Coss and Miss Rochefort who retired last year, for their excellent supervision of our practice teaching, and their help in placing us in such fine teaching positions. Miss Kingman's enthusiasm will be sadly lacking in every depart- ment and her superb direction of the Fine Arts production will not be forgotten. I Mrs. Dingman of the art department left us to join her husband stationed in the occupational forces in Germany. MISS MILLICENT M. COSS MISS ANNE ROCHEFORT MISS LOUISE KINCMAN MISS HAZEL L. DINGMAN 20 V ,, ,. 7, . MISS EVELYN W. KEITH MR. ISADORE ISENBERG MISS M. ISOBEL MacDONALD MR. IAMES B. SULLIVAN Miss Keith, dietitian, who served us so capably despite war time shortages, is now of the staff ot the hospital on the lovely island ot Nantucket. The vivid personality and school spirit of Mr. lsenberg will be missed in the biology department and extra-curricular activities in which he so wholeheartedly participated. Miss MacDonald, who with infinite patience tended our colds and bandaged our scratches, has left the hill to continue nursing at Cushing Hospital. With regret, we had to relinquish the charms of Mr. Sullivan, our excellent physics teacher, to Salem Teachers College. Zl Jonathan Maynard School L 0-9, LENA CUSHING B.S. M.A. MARY L. CAUNT FLORENCE M. COOK 271 Edmands Road, Framingham 83 Brown Street, Weston 5 Church Street, Framingham Principal Grade 7 Grade 'I This distinctive school, architecturally fashioned after Independence Hall, is the training school for the elementary and many of the household arts students. lt is here we lay a well constructed foundation for our teaching career. We build up under the excellent guidance of the faculty a fund of experience which keeps us ever indebted to this fine insti- tution. 22 I . B. HAZEL DAVIS RUTH S. DENNETT MARY I. DONAHUE B.S.Ed. l40 Union Avenue, Framingham 55 Main Street, Framingham 47 Clark Street, Framingham Grades 2 G' 3 Grades 4 G' 5 Grades I fr 2 7, fevif mewewgfef V -..-.V S. A256-'L ffff ff f R 42:-i ' 4',15'." Q' 1' 51, 9 'v.,f,w,l x -"lui X "Q 1, af ,iff V9 W Q ff: ' me Mc., ,,,, M -f' - ' Q ve- V ,K fr f V22 4 a ,, 2 1 if '-a2A f , ,.,,, ,. A ,, .,., ,.,,, Nkfv if X Y' in J! K Q ! A H, af f ,,, Vg' as f' if ff! fit eff' . K ,, I , nxt f E524 f J 1 17? Zi Q v 1 w f Q, M , f 7943 4 Q V V5 , av ji, ' ,qv 6 bf V M tg!!! Q 1,3 ,NN N ,V f ,W 9 Q A z, ffav, , ' 2 Q52 z: ,fu - gg , v' M W my yy,fa'2x, P- 152524 23444115 "AW 'f :rs--' ,Sty-15' f ,afwfyfii .f,W, ,,. .. 5, f , ,,f ' jam- ,-Q .fy , X , " N' ' -. A.: .. f ,aff-X ., ' f 'fs-1. 1: ,asf- Q, 3 A ,, l f, ,af , , .-,A . ,,,,, l L 51 3 1 Q W! 3 if 55 I ? If 17,2 ,,, W BERTHA HALL B.S.Ed. ALICE E. IOYCE MARY P. LONG 5 Boyden Street, Worcester 208 Pleasant Street, Framingham I5 Reynolds Avenue, Natick Grade 7 Grade 8 Grades 5 Cr 6 r I, 4 l I MARGUERITE F. MARSHALL LOUISE F. THATCHER ROBINETTE WARD 67 Pleasant Street, Holliston I5 Acton Street, Wollaston 355 Brook Street, Framingham Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 6 23 X 13 ii EV A s Y if W , L X X Y w 4 A X V J 1 K? 7he Bewilcleaecf aaafzmen 'F lr: Making the first tottering step, the class of l95O came in with baby bonnets, Se rattles and teething rings. To meet them with hands outstretched was joline Bonin, W President of the Students Government and dozens of senior and junior sisters. lr This marks the first year in which the juniors have participated in freshmen week. A: With them, this class brings photos of their men in uniform while upper classmen i have discarded their pictures for ones in double breasted suits. l World conscious, clothes conscious, work conscious makes this class a welcomed l one to the hill. I 1 i We are eager .,.. but our plight .... ..... d emands a 26 'T FPresident Katherine Tilton Ssecretary Marjorie Fisk Nice President Nancy McCaffrey lTreasurer Ann Marie O'Brien ,lAdvisor Miss Conley steady . . . . . guiding light. 7fze I elefzminecf Sayzfzolnafaei Vs Out of the limelight, the sophomores sink back and enjoy the greenness of the freshmen and their own sophistication. In spite of a year filled with much studying the sophomores find time to remake friendships which suffered in the summer, pian dorm parties, date on the weekends and enjoy themselves to the utmost. The forty-niners are sports-minded, class-minded and weli-minded. We see our goal ..... .... o ff in the distance. . . .... we forge 28 fl'rieasurer Elizabeth Cushman Mice President Paula Olsen rtresident Madolin Daley affiecretary Arlene Simmons mhead . . . . . ignore resistance i l. 7fze Slialwaali funiaaa Teacher one day, student the next, adds zest and excitement to the mad dash of a Framingham junior. , From junior weekend to the junior prom, this class is seen on the dead tear through Crocker kitchen and on the well beaten track to the training school. We recognize the juniors by their Dache creations, sensible heels and history units. We are firm . . . .... and resolute.. . . . . bent to plunder 30 'lI'reasurer Solange Saulnier 'ilice President Barbara Smith Mresident Marybeth McCann eiecretary Audrey Huff ::earning's loot. . . . EDWARD F. GILDAY Adviser BARBARA MAE SAMPLE President 7fze 7' faanllg ' w VMW'X RUTH HASELTON RITA E. BAKER EVA ELIZABETH VAN de STADT Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 33 Yvonne Therese Aucoin Elementary l7 Ripley Street Waltham A.A. 3, Fine Arts 3, Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4, Choir 2, 4, Modern Dance 2, 3, Gate Post 3, 4, Library Council 3, May Day 2. ,,V ,, Rita E. Baker Margaret Mary Bane on Elementary Household Arts - General 208 Pleasant Street Framingham 53 Ellery Street Cambridge A.A. 3, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee A.A. l, Home Economics l, 2, 4, Club 3, 4, May Day 2, Gate P'ost 4, A'Kempis l, Z, 3, 4, May Day 2, Class Secretary 4, Modern Dance 3, Publicity Manage' A'KemPiS 4. COM- Student Co-op 4, muter's Christmas Banquet 3, Class Secretary 2. "Rita" "Peg" H , , , "To beguile with ralk "A daughter of the Gods. Thy voice rs a celestial melody." The slowly..moy5ng hours," Divinely tall and most divinely fair." J l , wg. , V r , , . 4-" ' 34 Evelyn Ba rbato Jean Barrett Elementary 1593 Centre Street Newton Highlands A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Harvard Cheer- leader 2, Co-chairman War Bond .. Drive 2, Publicity Committee 3, Sen- J,- - ior-Freshman-Faculty Tea Commit- tee 4, Co-chairman Senior Prom 4, Class Vice-President 3. Jacqueline Muriel Barbeau Elementary Household Arts - Nutrition "lean" 149 Pleasant Street Watertown 170 Warwick Street Lowell Fine Arts 3, A'Kempis 1, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 1, Y.W.C.A. 4, Home Eco- May Day 2, Bulletin Board 2, Com- nomics 1, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis 1, 2, muter's Council 4 lIEviell "The truly generous wise." 3, 4, May Day 2, Chemistry Assist- ant 4. "Jackie" "She started to sing as she tackled the thing the truly That couldn't be done and she did "To be prepared, is half the victory." it." 35 Shirley W. Bedell Vocational Household Arts 48 Burlington Avenue Wilmington Y.NV.C.A, I, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l. Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey 3, Har- vard Hockey 3, May Day 2, Fresh- man Court 4, Business Manager Dial 4. "Beedle" "Above our life, We love a steadfast friend." Q.. 3? Frances C. Bellontoni Household Arts - Nutrition 6l Forest Street Medford A.A. l, 2, Home Economics Z, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Choir l, 3, 4, Class Basketball 2, 3, Class Hockey l, 2, Manager Z, Yale Basketball I. Cate Post 4, Modern Dance Pianist I, 2. Quiet G' Order 2, Class Treasurer 3, Stunt Night Chairman I, Co-Chair- man Freshman Court 4, Song Leader 4, Chapel Pianist l, Z, 3, 4, May Day 2. - "Fronnie" "Her music in our hearts we bore, Long after it was heard no more." Beverly Elaine Blaisdell Household Arts - Nutrition Sl Lane Street Lowell A.A. I, Y.W.C.A. l, 3. 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2. llBevIl "Quietness and confidence Shall be your strength." f ,,1-4 -My ,, 'C as 1, .,n.,..y4w1' ' -.,., 36 ---L-.1,,,, Marion Elizabeth Blake Household Arts - General 50 Dyer Avenue Milton Y.W.C,A. l, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts 2. Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Cate Post 3. 4. "Ma rion" "Nothing is so popular as kindness." f Joline Marie Bonin Household Arts - Nutrition 26 Parklawn Road West Roxbury A.A. 4, Fine Arts l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Federation Delegate 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, May Day Attendant 2, Chairman Student Co-op Dance 4, Class Vice-President l, Commuter's Christmas Banquet 2, President Stu- dent Co-op 4. IIJOII "Oh, thou art fairer than the even- ing air, Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars." V if s fi , -- he it tw J ef 6 , , U Y ,W by liiillllllllllgia 3 52 'Sf 452, ,ww ' ., ,, A ew, 37 Mary Elizabeth Braley Household Arts - General 64 Ocean Street New Bedford A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, 2, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kem- pis l, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey I, 2, Yale Hockey 3, May Day 2, Cate Post 4, Quiet G' Order Committee 2, Chairman Dining Room Council 4, Chairman Christmas Decorations 4. "Butch" "To be merry becomes you. For out of question, you were born in a merry hour." is Y, , V ' ' -',31fPs,'1 .-15.-e""G ' fe. ' fmt' ' ' ., A 5 fm , egg z . - ' fifg,,,5,g -ww, nu, ff fs- "ef-fa, , , f f "iw-ff ' , .f . V -it ,' fa ein. -f -vfvfli. fr ,, f .1 , 1 . . W ., re - 1 " f 21: r yzifg, 1-'mffzf f t" . , Uv 4, ' ,, , - 1: 3 ' 2344 i fatal INN! 1. r fa ia. -f Kg 'Tiff fvw,,1alH2f?et??Xwf ' f HI f r if' za u eric L ., , l a .15 ' .Cf f- , M 1 ' ""' " 4 y L : 2 Y 5 .,,. , ff-gif-,. g, ', ' -.gzsiff 51 51. H 451 R7 ' Ruth Holmes Brayton Vocational Household Arts 88 Chase Road North Dartmouth A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Finance Chairman 3, President 4, Clee Club 4, Class Hockey l, 2, 3, Class Basketball 2, Co-chairman Dial Dance 4, Library Council 2, Chem- istry Council 3, C.C.C. 4, Student Co-op 4. Dial Subscription Editor 4. Marion Phyllis Brush Household Arts - General Vineyard Haven Y.W,C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Home Eco- nomics I, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Gate Post 2, 3, Pauline Elizabeth Buck Vocational Household Arts 63 Poquanticut Avenue Easton A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, Class Hockey "Ruth" 3, Class Basketball 2, 3, Yale Basket- ball 3, May Day 2, Modern Dance 2, 3, Library Council 3. "MGrl0I1" "Polly" "There is no dependence that can be sure, "Enthusiasm is the genius of sin- "We find her changed the most." But a dependence upon one's self." gel-ity," " " " 1, gg 38 Natalie Irene Butler Elementary 85 Gibbs Avenue Wareham A'Kempis l, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Volleyball 2, May Day 2, Gate Post 3, Co-chairman of Cap Cr Gown Committee. IING til "Her talents were of a more silent class." ay, Vi Q Lucy Mary Catalano Household Arts - Nutrition 144 Garden Street Lawrence Y.W.C.A. 4, Fine Arts 4, Home Economics 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis 2, 3, 4. liLoull "'Tis good-will makes intelligence." 39 Mary Kerrins Cavanaugh Elementary 79 Wyola Drive Worcester Clee Club 2, May Day 2, Worcester State Teacher's College l. Glee Club I, Secretary, A'Kempis l. HMG ryll "Merriment and sincerity- What delightful companions to travel with through life." Elmira Chapdeloine Elementary 223 South Main Street Milford A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, May Day 2, Gate Post 3, Li- brary Council 2, Chairman 4, rf, sf 2'4Y"3YIi Catherine Marie Clayton Household Arts - General 209 Beech Street Roslindale A.A. I, Fine Arts l, Home Econom- ics 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, Z, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Peirce Hall President 2, Chairman Fresh- ,,EImim,, man-Senior-Faculty Tea 4. "Kitten" "Her voice was ever soft. gentle, and low "She is so free, so kind, so apt, An excellent thing in woman." So blessed a disposition." Dorothy Ann Clinton Elementary 44 Mansfield Street Framingham A.A. l, Y.W.C.A. l, A'Kempis 'l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Gate Post 4, Chairman Quiet Cr Order Committee 4. llDotIl "She was a friend indeed, With all a friend's best virtues shin- ing through." 40 Mary Louise Clinton Elementary 373 Concord Street Framingham A.A. I, 2, 3, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, May Day General Chairman 2, A'Kempis Dance Co- chairman 3, Cate Post 2, 3, Adver- tising Manager 3, Modern Dance 2, Emilia Colombo Elementary 226 Beaver Street Framingham Fine Arts 3, A'Kempis l, 4, May Day 2, Bulletin Boards 2, Janice Connors Elementary 98 Dennison Avenue Framingham A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Modern Dance 2, 3, Commuter's Christmas Banquet 2, P'ublicity Council 2, 3. ll ll 3. Class President 2, c.c.c. 1, 2, JU" Student Co-op 2, 3, First Vice-Presi- dent 4. llM0ryll llTinall "Born for success she seemed, With grace to win, with heart to hold w'th f,l"'n"'g g'H5 fha' look all "Both short and sweet some say is GYGS- "A kind overflow of kindness." beg," 41 jc.. fi A 1 , 4 ! 3' 1 1 is pai ,VV I 1-N ,xxx Jacqueline Therese Cote Household Arts - Nutrition 708 Walnut Street Fall River A.A. I, 2, Fine Arts l, Home Eco- nomics l, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, G!ee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Choir 4, May Day 2, Co-chair- man Cap G' Gown Committee 4. Priscilla Darling .Aim Rosanne Veronica DiAntonio Elementary Household Arts - General IIJ k- ll 642 Woburn Street Wilmington 20 Churchill Street Milford UC 'e Y.w.c.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fine Am 1, Fine Arts 1, 4, Home Economies 1, May Day 2, Gate Post 3. 4, Red 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 4, May Day 2, Cross s6Cl'6l'3l'Y 3- Commuter's Christmas Banquet 2. "Cana" . "Ro" "Live on! No touch of time shall cause An open-hearted maiden, true and One wrinkle on thy smooth, un- "The manifest sign of wisdom pure." ruffled brow." ls continued cheerfulnessf' ,Zhi 42 Phyllis Jane Donnell Phyllis Carolyn Elmer Paulina Marie Flynn Household Arts - General 27 Lindsey Street Dorchester A.A. 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Class Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball l, 2, 3, 4, Harvard Basketball 3, 4, May Day 2. Household Arts - Nutrition Household Arts - Nutrition 57 Verchild Street Quincy l23 Brattle Street Worcester IIP H ll A.A. l, 2, Y.W.C.A. l, Fine Arts Home Economics l, 3, 4, Glee Club au Y l, 2, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, May Day 2, Dial Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, May Dance Co-chairman 4, Gate Post 4, Day 2, Gate Post 4, Class Day Senior Prom Co-chairman 4, Dial Chairman 4, Data Editor 4, Chemistry Council I. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4, Chapel Pianist l, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Assistant 4. llphylll Ilphylll "Sincerity is an openness of heart: "Gentle of speech, beneficent of We find if in VCYY few Pe0Ple-H mind." "A tender heart, a will inflexible." Y- ,vw . H 43 Doris Jean Geehan Elementary Nixon Road Framingham A.A. l, 2, 3, Y.W.C,A. l, 2, Fine Arts I, 2, 3, Class Hockey, Volley- ball l, May Day 2, Vice-President Peirce l, Library Council 4. Margaret Therese Geoghegan Marie Louise Gervais Household Arts - General Household Arts -- Nutrition 135 Kendall Avenue Framingham Z6 Playstead Road Newton "Jean" Home Economics 3, 4. A'Kempis I, A.A. I, Y.W,C.A. 4, Fine Arts 4, 2, 3, 4. May Day 2, Commuter's Home Economics 4, A'Kempis l, 2, Council 4. 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Yale Cheerleader l, May Day 2. llMargiell IlReell "I forge ahead, nor can the opposing rush, "She fl1-if fI'aV6lS ITIUCI1, kl19W5 "I have a heart with room That sways all else, my onward much." For every joy." progress check." i N 4 i 44 Norma Jane Gladden Household Arts - Nutrition 53 Davenport Street Chicopee A.A. l, 2, Y.W.C.A. 4, Fine Arts I, 2, Home Economics 4, May Day Phyllis M. Greene Elementary 46 Elm Street West Newton A.A. 4, Y.W.C.A. 3, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, College Colors 2. Committee 4, llNormall llphylll "PoIiteness is to do and say "He speaks best that hath the skill The kiHdeSf 915085 in the kindesf For to hold his peace." WBY-U ,..-. . -ver - - .....--., l,-.f-.-i- -3 --A --37.7, -W ---.-.,-1-.-.----...h r i Constance Caroline Guerin Household Arts - General 381 Lincoln Street Worcester Home Economics l, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 3, 4, May Day 2, Co-chairman lunior Prom 3, Cate Post 4, Alumnae Editor, Commuter's Christmas Ban- quet 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4, Com- muter's Council 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4, Student Co-op 4. "Connie" "I am wealthy in my friends." 45 , . My N 5: V ,5 , ffl. ,-I me ff g . wifi w A . ... 3, ' fi 'if gg. gf' ' wi f 'I f- 'SW Yr Elena Guerra Elementary 824 Waverly Street Framingham A.A. 3, 4, A'Kempis 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, May Day 2, Cate Post Ad- vertising Manager 4, Modern Dance 3, 4, Stunt Night Chairman 2. if , ' X9 ar ' Claire Marie Haffey Jeanne Louise Haley Elementary Elementary 85 Union Street Watertown l56 Stratford Street West Roxbury A'Kempis l, 2, 3, May Day 2, Gate A'Kempis l, 4, May Day Attendant, ,, ,, Post I, 2, Assistant Editor 4. Student Co-op Representative 'l. Elena 4 "CIoire" "Jeanne" "The secret of success "Intelligence and courtesy com- "C3Pable of 3d2Pfi"S herself ls constancy to purpose." bined." T0 Placer Ume and Pe"50"'- 46 1 Elizabeth A. Hall Phyllis Katheryn Hamilton , il, Evo Evelyn Harcovitz Household Arts - Nutrition Zl Orchard Street Millis A.A. l, Z, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Y.W. C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball Captain 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey Captain 2, Yale Basketball 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Red Cross Motor Corp 4. Elementary Elementary 268 Melrose Street Auburndale 7 Cottage Street Medfield May Day 2, Gate Post 3, 4, Quiet A'Kempis 'l, May Day 2. G' Order Committee l. HH u orky llsettyll llphylll "She can be as wise as we "It is a friendly heart "Health and cheer And wiser when she wishes." That has plenty of friends." Mutually begat each other." 47 , 12 - . f ". :4 ' 4 Ruth Haselton Household Arts - Nutrition 54 johnson Avenue Winthrop Y.W.C.A. l, Z, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, 2, Home Economics l. 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey 2, May Day 2, Class Presi- dent l, Class Vice-F'resident 4, Chemistry Council 3, C.C.C. l, Stu- dent Co-op l, Yale Cheerleader l, Chairman Ring G' Pin Committee 4, Secretary judiciary Board. llkuthll "Dresses to sit in and stand in and walk ing Dresses to dance and flirt in and talk in." 3 V' Charlotte Ruth Heselton Household Arts - Nutrition Massachusetts Avenue Lunenburg Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2 "CharI" "Gentle to others, to herself severe." 'QM 48 Merideth Anne Hinsley Household Arts - Nutrition 28 Delawanda Drive Worcester Y.W.C.A. 4, Fine Arts l, 2, Home Economics l, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2. llMerryll "Smiling always with never fading serenity of Countenance, and flourishing in an immortal youth." Mary Ellen Hussey Household Arts - Nutrition 904 High Street Dedham Y.W.C.A. Z, 3, 4, Home Economics 'l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Christmas Banquet 3, Chairman C.C,C. 4, Student Co-op 2, 3. 4, Second Vice-President 4, Chairman Christmas Decorations 3, Chairman H-Y Emblems 2, Chairman Inter- national Night 3, Freshman Court 4. Anne Alice Johnson Household Arts - Nutrition 43 Westwood Road Stoneham A.A. l, 2, Home Economics 3, 4, A'Kempis 3, 4, Class Basketball l, 2, May Day 2, Archery 'l, 2, Tennis I, 2. "Mary" ll ll "She is capable of imagining all, Ot arranging all, and of doing every- thing." 4 2 Anne "I prefer silent prudence, To loquacious folly." 49 Elva Pauline Johnston Elementary 40 Carroll Street Worcester Fine Arts 2, May Day 2, Gate Post 2, 3, 4. IIPOHYII "Where there's a will there's a way." 1- V - r 'P ins' ' 3. 'Q tl'gfllf1'f"f3lN 352:31 , s ,, ,L I sq, x Qi gap!! , an flu r Y Jai- if C A ' .1 V vim 'VT' "'4 fi 1" 4 r. R ,maxim I ' v . Q dk , 2? -7 X g A . A X rr 'I inf" " 'Q W iw . R 1' V at A ' -4. Q- Q , ' . I 1. y ,,.,.,,s.,:- , 4 1' 5 vw.. iwivlabf , ,, 4 A ,.... ..,,.4 A .Wf ' - ' g.,....,s. ' ' ' 'T L A I l ' w' J' f l. ' ft ,,,-A1 ' ,Q 1', 'll-L or A az" if S J A ,aQ,..,'r,,,f , M U1 ,' .' 115 ff 'FIM 1' x, f c.,,,:' "N, i x if J j' ,-v il x - , 1 f' 11 , ,ff ,fa , Q 4 A S 4 1 1 1 as .- f gfirf K' by 'ff fy , :ffl 9 wa ,Ei . 't T1 vyvx f 'l ,fhl I' , .59 1 -63, A ' ' ' ffzmf A., f - ylwlew, f. ,, wr., Q A 'Eff Ruth Louise Jones Household Arts - Nutrition 30 Columbia Street Lowell Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Publicity 2, Secretary 3, Home Economics 3, 4, Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4, Publicity 2, Vice-President 4, Choir 4, Dial Art Editor 4, Vice-President Crocker 3, Modern Dance l, 2. Rita Elizabeth Kennedy Elementary 551 Brookline Avenue Brookline Y.W.C.A. l, A'Kempis l, May Day 2. W:-M 'sa Edwina Lilian Kenyon Household Arts - General West Road Westfield Fine Arts l, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Representative 3, May Day 2, Gate P'ost Business Manager 3, Sec- retary Crocker 3, FresI1man-Senior- Faculty Tea 4. "Jonesie" "Rita" ' "Teddy" "Each ornament about her seemly lies, "Sugar and spice and everything By curious chance or careless art "Let gentleness my strong enforce- nice." composed." ment be," 50 X 1 Q y B i Pauline Therese Lacouture Household Arts - Nutrition West Main Street Millbury Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Communion Breakfast 4, Class Basketball 3, Yale Basketball 3, May Day Attendant 2, Class President 3, Chairman junior Weekend 3, Quiet Cr Order Committee 2, C.C.C. 3, Student Co-op 3, Chemistry Assist- ant 4, Senior-Faculty Tea 4, Fresh- man Court 4. Madeleine Corinne Lamy Household Arts - Nutrition 'l8 Abbe Avenue Springfield A.A. 2, Fine Arts l, Home Eco- nomics l, 2, 3, 4, Program Chair- man 3, Publicity Chairman 4, A'Kempis l, 3, 4, Co-chairman A'Kempis Dance 4, May Day 2, Publicity Council 3, Red Cross Mo- tor Corps 4. ll ll IlMadIl Lacky "Many men, many tastes." "Follow your own bent, No matter what people say." 51 It K, Alwyn Leslie Lane Elementary ll Knowlton Square Gloucester A.A. l, 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts 2, 3, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, May Day 2, Dial Editor 4, Cate Post I, Class Vice-President 2, Modern Dance 2, 3, Library Coun- cil l, C.C.C. 4, Student Co-op 4, Publicity Council 2, 3. lILesll "A little wit has pleased me more by half, I didn't come to learn, I came to laugh." 'lii -v J -n -, f V, px, , ,A Auf, fs I 1-if if ,f fy" -S " '. .J y 1195 as ...wx A M gggivxwf ' itll , A sf' ,MM N gif 4 qv A , x A . P , - Yv"'! . 'b fs. "' s .l ,v I, M Puxflxklz Ajflzff, . ,,., '. M Q sz 4 - ,- '. fe - ei 1 . . " , .Q PL' f Q ,fa '- . -in 'fl ,. A I ., V.. -,A I A , l' 955, ag. ' Ch , ' V ' ' . , 1 wg, , , ', ,,,. -, fi 4 'j '14, A 'Hifi reg, 1 'Yue-1 X74 'l wfwff- - . I "fin, "' 4 Vi, ,WXWR K' v ,3?f"fgA, Vg -U 5 . fr 1-, iigi1'fe332,,L V L ' la . , ...,a, ., 'law , , . , -., gf. P If vga? in ,iv ,fff k,,,, V' Kflfly 4' 557, 'f ' f' I., . . N f l ,. .5 if me? -We ,. ne. , ,X XM, L.xs2,a.1' Marie Patricia Leahy Elementary l47 Sumner Street Newton Centre A.A. l, A'Kempis l, 2, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey l, May Day 2, Library Council 4. Florence Ann Lynch Household Arts - Nutrition l3l Hillside Avenue Holyoke Fine Arts 'l, 2, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 4, May Day Co-chairman 2, Secretary Peirce Hall 2, judiciary ,ff , ,MW , Virginia Ann Lynch Household Arts - General 'll Delawanda Drive Worcester Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kem- pis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, May Day 2. ll - u Board 2, Red Cross Motor Corps 4, Marie Secretary C.C.C. 4. "Flossie" "Ginger" "I laughed and danc'd and taIk'd "Her voicenltives Oh the bfeele, "The red-gold cataract and sang." And he' SPIYW COWIGS al' wlll-" Of her streaming hair." 1, .1 1 45 - - " 771' K 1 f, fi' -W' f . V : I., V, V f f, ' :..i5:.f'f34. fi' , ,. , v, - ,. -' :wha ' w . 5 5 gg jf ,g ,,.,,.-Ng. ..,,,Z..V ji 4 ,a- ,,, , A ' , , H.,,,, ..,. '.,, U M?,Z,,, .. ,, ,- fig f' - ual . zg- gg- , ff off 1 ff, 4 7 iffy! kr MN' I faiwiff fgiiffizfff iff 5 4 I an " f 45 52 Anna Frances Maglio Household Arts - General 32 Rock Glen Road Medford Home Economics l, 4, A'Kempis l, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Choir 2, May Day 2, Gate Post Circulation Manager 4, Freshman Court 4, Stu- dent Co-op 4. "Annie" "Gentle in manners, strong in per- formance." Yi Edith Louise Monter Household Arts - Nutrition 75 Fottler Avenue Lexington A.A. Vice-President 3, President 4, Home Economics 4, Class Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Yale Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Chemistry Council l. C.C.C. 4, Student Co-op 4, Coast-Guard Marine Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Crocker Student Assistant 3, 4. lIEdiell "Here's to the clever, May they be with us ever." Mary Milbury Household Arts - Nutrition 55 Whittier Street Lynn IlMaryIl "Wit is the salt of every conver- sation." 53 .- x Edith Geraldine Moffett Elementary 2l Olcott Street Y1Vatertown May Day 2, Modern Dance 2, Com- muter's Christmas Banquet l, Quiet' Er Order Committee 3, Co-chairman White Elephant Sale 3, Commuter's Council 3, Chairman Marionette Show 2. Claire Frances Mullin Geraldine Ruth Murphy Elementary Household Arts General 302 Clyde Street Brookline 67 Hudson Street Somerville A.A. 'l, Yale Hockey l, Dial Adver- A.A. l, Fine Arts l 3 4 Ho "Edie" tising Manager 4. Economics l, 2, 3, 4 AKempls l 3, 4, May Day 2, Class Treasurer 2 Vice-President Crocker 3 Chem istry Council l. "Claire" HGGVYYH "How all her care was but to be fair "Pride went before, ambition follows And all her task to be sweet." her," "As merry as the day IS long I 4 54 Virginiq Nuneg RUl'l'l Ednd O'BI'l6I1 Household Arts -- General Ele""'enl'3"Y Parker Road 051-e,-ville 43 Waushakum Street Framingham A,A, I, 2, 3, 4, Fine A.-fs I, 2, 3, A.A. l, Y.W.C.A. 2, A'Kempis l, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, 2, Glee Club l, MBV DBY 2, COI11- A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Class Hgckey, muter's Christmas Banquet 2, Field Basketball, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, DBY 2- Harvard Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. "Ginny" "Obie" "Self-confidence is the first requisite of Sfeaf UnClel'l'f3kiHSS-" "One of those happy souls." 55 Josephine Frances O'Connor Household Arts - Nutrition 58 Mount Grove Street Lowell Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kem- pis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Cate Post 3, 4, Editor 4, Chemistry Council 4, C.C.C. 4, Stu- dent Co-op 4. IIJOII "To do what is impossible to talent is the mark of genius." ' - W i .,,.,,,, . 5... . Bernadette Marie O'DonneII Household Arts - Nutrition 182 Woburn Street West Medford Fine Arts l, 2, Home Economics I, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, May Day Attendant 2. Dorothy Emma O'Hare Household Arts - Nutrition 154 Walnut Street Holyoke A.A. l, 2, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Choir 3, May Day 2, "Bernie" President Crocker 3, Modern Dance l, 2, 4. C.C.C. 3, 4. "Dottie" "The voice so sweet, the words so fair, As some soft chimes had stroked the "Everything comes to him air," Who hustles while he waits." ' - ' 1' ' 'W' V? ., S "W" . ' fs ,, we 1 M ks , , V 116 we '1 , gp as W -A , W ' AK 'If ' 56 Alice Mary Oliver Vocational Household Arts Rogers Street Tewksbury Y.W.C.A. 4, Fine Arts l, Home Economics l, 4, Class Hockey, Bas- ketball l, May Day 2, Chemistry Council l. IIAIII "Alice has a whim of iron." Jeanne Bernadette Olivier Ruth Elizabeth Owen Household Arts - Nutrition Elementary 260 Wood Street New Bedford 98 Irving Street Waltham Fine Arts I, 2, 3, 4, Home Eco- Fine Arts 1. Clee Club I. 2, 3, 4. nomics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, Co-Chairman May Day Z, Dial P'ub- 3, 4, Class Volley Ball l, 2, 3, 4, licity Edifflf 4- Class Basketball 2, 3, 4, Yale Bas- ketball 3, May Day 2, Class Treas- urer l, Secretary Crocker 3. "Jeannie" HBQHYH "You're everything you ought to be. H , V P, And nothing that you oughtn't. Fa'l'h' l can Cul 3 caper' 2 i 57 Bertha M. Perlmutter Elementary 93 Arthur Street Framingham Fine Arts l, Gate Post 2, 3, 4. "Bertha" "The merit of originality is not novelty: It is sincerity." mai. ..n Ann Patricia Phelan Household Arts - Nutrition ll South Street Lynn A.A. l, Z, 3, 4, F' me Arts l, 2, 3, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, A'Kem- pis l, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Red Cross Motor Corps 4. Cecilia Gertrude Powers Elizabeth Ann Quigley Household Arts - Nutrition Vocational Household Arts North Avenue Mendon I9 Chestnut Terrace Newton Center Fine Arts 4, Home Economics 3, 4, Y.W.C.A., Home Economics 4, Glee H H A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2. Club l, 2, 3, 4, Gate Post 4, May Ann Day Attendant 2. "Cen "Beth" "No gems, no gold she needs to "I would help others out of a fel- "When the disposition is friendly, wear low feeling." The face pleases." She shines intrinsically fair." ff ' Y ,rf , I V of -ll 4 is , , ,:.ffy,, , a f 1 7.5, my f f W 9:0 at ,f , A 7 rf? T H ' ' - far ,A '5"i ' M 1 53 ,210 x ff 7 4 y I' u . f 4 W ffqw 1 1 I ff 1 ,,, . W' I 464' W' 1 f' ' 4' 'rZfQ'fff 2 A' g lg I +A v 4 , ' f f 'ffm , 1 i 1 y' I 1 1 7,,5ff' 5 '34 ? 'i -1 58 N l r rrtr Evelyn Muriel Russell Household Arts - Nutrition 20l6 Middlesex Street Lowell A.A. l, 3, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 4, Class Basketball, Volleyball, Ten- nis l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Captain 3, Harvard Basketball 3, 4, May Day 2. "Rusie" "I live for those who love me." D8 Barbara Mae Sample Vocational Household Arts I5 Fairmount Street New Bedford A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, Class Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball l, 2, Yale Hockey l, 2, 3, May Day 2, Gate Post 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, President 4, C.C.C. 4, Student Co-op 4, Coast Guard Marine Day 2. "B. Mae" "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and main- tains the past." Q. ,ZQHZ-J LZZ If :cy 5 ,. Y va .,,. H . -.... nh' ', 'Z'ff5:. "" '451,:S.-L..w.v' I .. ' " ,Z 5 , .V V f l 3 1.1.4-, 1, 59 Louise Ann Sawicki Household Arts - General l I4 Belchertown Street Three Rivers A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Class Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Yale Basketball 2, 3, 4, Dial Photography Editor 4, Mod- ern Dance l, 2, 4, Co-Chairman Field Day 4, Rerl Cross Vice-President 3, Chairman 4. Ill-oull "Good manners and soft words Have brought many a difficult thing to pass. ,4fX Mae Deborah Schraer Elementary l828 South Main Street Fine Arts l, Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Modern Dance 3, Repre- sentative to Model Congress at Rhode Island State College. Fall Rive- "Mickey" "A good laugh is sunshine in the house." Janet Audrey Seibert Household Arts - Nutrition 7 Warren Avenue Chelmsford A.A. 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Home Economics l, 2, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Class Volleyball Cr Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Harvard Basketball 3, 4, Captain 4, May Day 2, Treasurer Crocker 3, Modern Dance l, 2, 4, Student Co-op 4. Bertha Beverly Seltzer Elementary 55 Lawrence Street Framingham Fine Arts l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Modern Dance 2, 3. H-llIl1l"' "Bertha" "The plainest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessf' "ls she not passing fair?" 60 1 if , fx as ,. f ., -WM z f, ,3 V, M f . .W 'sis HN., 1, ww ff W, A 1' f,wbw:,.Q Alberta Carol Snow Household Arts - Nutrition Zl Oak Street Middleboro A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 2, 3, 4, Home Economics l, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Choir l, Z, 3, 4, Class Hockey, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball l, 2, Yale Basketball l, 2, May Day 2, Chemistry Council l, 2, 4, Secretary 2, Co-Chairman Vlar Bond Sales 2, Field Day 3, Mock Man Dance 4, Chemistry Assistant 4. "Snowie" "With unwearied fingers drawing out the lines Of lite, from living knowledge hid." "' H Agia? ,ff , 3 v 5 02,4 .' ww It Q f .Ls is A . V f 2 , fl . :, :J , ,ij , I. ' 1 ,. ,a,, ,.,,.. . 3" ' V+ ,, Patricia Charlotte Strange Household Arts - General l26 Elm Street South Dartmouth A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 4, Fine Arts l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, Class Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 4, Volley Ball l, 3, 4, Gate Post 4, Library Council 'l, Treasurer Crocker 3, Treasurer Hor- ace Mann 4, Red Cross 3, Golf Manager 4. llpatll "I have been a stranger in a strange land." Joan Sutherland Household Arts - Nutrition l75 Lincoln Street Holyoke Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Fine Arts l, 2, Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4, May Day Attendant 2, Treas- urer Peirce Hall, 2. "Suthie" "Her air, her manners, All who saw admired." 6l Kathleen Mary Tivnan Elementary I8 Pemberton Road Cochituate A'Kempis l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Freshman-Senior- Faculty Tea 4. . , , a yt --xwtmm ,C Barbara Turner Elementary I6 Edgebrook Road Framingham A.A. 2, 3, Y.W.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, Class Basketball 2, May Day 2, Modern Dance Z, 3, Eva Elizabeth Van de Stadt Household Arts - Nutrition 2 Birch Street Marblehead A.A. l, 2, Fine Arts l, 2, 4, Home Economics l, Z, 3, 4, A'Kempis l, Z, 3, 4, Class Hockey l, 2, Basket- "K" Representative To Model Congress ball l, May Day 2, Class Treasurer At Rhode Island State College 2. 4, President Crocker 3, Horace Mann 4, Quiet 8' Order Committee 2, Chemistry Council l. "Barbs" "Eve" "You are skilled in knowing what "Wl18f 6'el' she did WBS d0l1e with "The noble temptation to see to say S0 much ease, H Too much in everything." And what not to say." ln her alone, WBS I16l'Ul'8l to Please- r ""- l .' Y mln 5 l 1 fy Qi '4 4 4 a Q lg' 4:-A a W f., ' is , ,, , r V Q e C Gu fix Lyn X '5- f ean' - ,H fljisgtl P ' -ff f 17'f393i4Qft'gi , X .14,Qgs432,j7e?3j1:e? 62 Margaret Mary Ward Elementary I9 Ash Street Hopkinton A'Kempis l, 3, 4, Class Basketball 3, May Day 2, Commuters' Christ- mas Banquet 2. Grace Marjorie Walkey Eleanor Margaret Walsh Household Arts - General Household Arts - Nutrition 35 Mount Vernon Street Saugus 22 Eden Street Salem A.A. I, 2, Y.W.C.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Fine Arts l, 4, Home Economics 3, Fine Arts l, 2, 3, Home Economics 4, A'KGmPiS ll 2, 3. 4, May Day 2. l, 2, 3, 4, Class Volleyball 2, May Freshman Court 4. Day 2, Co-Chairman junior F'rom 3, "Marnie" Dial Literary Editor 4, Gate Post 4, Modern Dance l, Z, Stunt Night Chairman 2, 4. "Walk" "Ellie" Zlwhaf Sie' mY fafe "lt's guid to be merry and wise, "Silence is the best ornament of a Tis my fate to wrlte. lt's guid to be honest and true." woman." 63 Phyllis while Virginia Ella Winslow Elementary Elementary I7 Strathmore Road Brookline Ill Chestnut Street Waltham Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, May Day 2. llphylll llGinnyll "The fairest garden in her looks, "'Twas her thinking of others And in her mind the wisest books." Made you think of her." 5 . MW YW Courtesy of Sheldon Glew Row I: I. Miller, I. Haley, R. Watkins, L. Coleman, B. Schluesrneyer, R. jones, C. Fitzpatrick Row 2: B. O'DonneIl, I. Bonin, E. Quigley, I. Graham, I. Sutherland, E. Chapdelaine. P. Lacouture With VE Day just behind us and VJ Day still in the distance our May Day celebration in l945 combined the solemnity of a country at war and the festivity of the recent victory. ln keeping with this occasion a cantata entitled "We Believe" was enacted in verse, song and dance in collaboration with our theme, The Four Pathways to Peace. The Coronation of our lovely queen Jean Graham, the May pole dancing and punch time in the grove concluded our day of merriment and created for us a very happy memory. 65 CLASS SONG OV il? ,JS 5, Uusnc by Joscphmc 0'Connor yllas Donnell and Frances Bellanfonu 24 34151552955 Nfl?-Q! Q .UQJI Ab Rama Lam we mam our FKCYASMISQQF An-J we hold ffm sk ee.-L ear, ANA -H, Qur .MH-C, 'fi P , F 1 U ,gf 1I1?ETVlE1?J'QFrfliF jmwfw D 5- gu 4 M444 E'F'f'1F Wiki' we .mu an se. mg S4u4f.15r, -fm .. au we aa. 'fu vu-+ve ,u.,h.f, loyal-+15 ml i gFPFFHHi'Q"1FrEVfI iIi""FFLHV'Ff HFFaiHQWF1 TRIS! WY Ohms w-H 'ha 'Hee' Anal Jo our L84 Your 106' +0VC6CL- TAFI' you Live 5+PlvCl +0 fujirrgaidlrlfffqf HJH1 ii"M1f1 EEr1+f'EQ +gm..J Tkm mah we WN ..Yx.l.1, The ch? 4441- seven! bf 'fJHF"tVVL4?4W31:l- WJMIS II hAost hAost AAost hdost hdost hAost hdost Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Popular .......t,.t.,.t.,.,t. Sophisticated ,.4., Capable t.,, . ,..... , Personality .i..t..,.... Original ........ Poised ..i...,...,..,.,...s . Absent-minded ..a4 ,i,,..i Looking ..r,i. P. Natured ...,., Dressed Figure ......... Legs Athlete ...,.....i. Dancer . i.., N Did Most for F. S. T. C Most Likely to Succeed Cutest ,..,,....,.....,t...,.....,...,,,i.,... n u Wittiest ...t..., hai Mba 67 Mary Clinton Jeanne Haley Mary Hussey Barbara Sample Leslie Lane Joline Bonin jacqueline Cote P ,.,.l Joline Bonin Barbara Sample Ruth Haselton Dorothy O'Hare Charlotte Heselton Edith Manter Grace Walkey Mary Clinton Josephine O'Connor Ruth Jones Mary Milbury 144 We Www f' iiiiiiiiiiiii A 'Wg ' L , , ' V 0 Xi. NH' l Y 51, ,..fA ii NWI Xl' In spite of the time spent in making new friends, meeting new assignments and exploring new places, the freshmen find opportunity to meet the camera face to face in every activity from Fresh- men Week on. 68 5 a . 1 d : . 5 0. : Q . s X 0 15322. . .- O 'J 3 Ya V 5 ii' , 119' U 3 Q53 they in The sophomores, you know the studious gals-are secreted behind chemistry books and history out- lines and only come out for Harvard-Yale weekend and to test the weather. When the weather's right they come out for air and this is how they look. 69 -is-:Q f I I -f- in Hina. ,gms '72 'W'f7?i 'flip '9Y?3f?iQ M34-9. f:u.A-:win 10' -gqms I- tx A s Y r Xl 'flhiw iyhi 1 A fllii-dvfi' 1 11 '11 - U: Us J. n . I L. -'H-amz" 64 to f , li, 'viiggy 1 - in ts eg:-.: mp, L 'ess - uxxxlritg- Q-S-E 2 if XXII! NUI., Wm, Nd! li Crockerites and teacher types make up the junior class. Around the campus they are seen bath- ing in the bird bath, assuming the angle on the terrace and getting themselves fenced in. 70 A y li Vllllli ' E 'gb' w HWS 35 K . 1 '- H 1 1 . x . '.-1-751371 -- X' ni- ff ii ." ' i' 1 F52 51:12 se.. fihv The busy seniors stop long enough to look at the birdie. We recognize seogoing Lacky, the ter race as a favorite back drop, that dizzy circle of heads and a gab session in the dorm. 71 1947 MII SUNDAY MONDAY Wfvi 4 5 6 7 INSTALLATION CH? HOME ECONOMICS MASS AND CLASS CLUB MAY MEETINGS SUPPER I 1 12 I3 I4 C. C. C. CALENDAR MEETING MAY DAY C. C. C. SUPPER I8 I9 20 21 Y. M SUNRIS A'IcEMPIS AND E CoMMuNIoN A LAST BREAKFAST ASSEMBLY A. A. CLUB HOUR CI 25 26 27 28 SENIOR EXAMS BEGIN 72 DAY www I 2 3 CLEAN-UP DAY CERN GLEE CLUB SENIOR OPTION QPTION 8 9 IO JUNIOR PROM CLEAN-UP DAY OPTION OPTION I5 I7 POPS CONCERT A 22 23 24 EERVICE A. A. AWARD IKFAST CFIQIAUQEL IIIOR MARINE-COAST EEL GUARD DAY 29 30 31 MEMORIAL DAY NO CLASSES 73 J w ' Y 1 W p 1 Q Y i 1 x + xx 11 N N W Q Editor-in-chief ,, Leslie Lane Photography Editor .,.,.4. .A.A..,, L ouise Sawicki Art Editor ,. .o.... M ,, .,... ,o.. R uth Jones Subscription Manager ...... ........,. R uth Brayton Business Manager ,.i.,,,,.i H Shirley Bedell Publicity Manager .....,,.. .........,iirrit,. R uth Owen Advertising Manager s,i,,,, .,..., C laire Mullin Art Advisor ....,..,.,,,. .,ii.i..... M rs. Ruth Herring Literary Editor ..r. . .,,, ii.,..s. G race Walkey Business Advisor .......,,...........,. Mr. David Berger Data Editor . . ,. ,.., Phyllis Elmer Literary Advisor ,.,.,.,.,.., Miss Marjorie Sparrow THE DIAL STAFF The Dial staff ably abetted by Miss Sparrow, Mrs. Herring and Mr. Berger, strive to put into this year book a representative picture of college life from serious study to gay activity. The Dial attempts to bring to the fore the activities which having passed can be caught again with a photo or a sentence. lts purpose is to serve as an informative and pleasant source from which we may refresh our memory. When this is accomplished, the Dial staff feels well paid for the hours spent in its creation. Row l: Mr. Berger, Mrs. Herring Row 2: R. lanes, L. Lane Row 3: L. Sawicki, S. Bedell, G. Walkey, R. Brayton, P. Elmer, M. Clinton 76 I. Mahan, I. O'Connor, Miss Sparrow, E. Connifey, C. Haffey The Gate Post is the clarion proclaiming the tidings of the hill-both factual and facetious. Eight times each year it publishes all the news pertaining to our college that its competent staff can gather. Its crisp account of faculty news, reports from the alumnae and class activities are eagerly anticipated and unanimously read. "Jo" O'Connor, as editor, guides the policies of the paper. Her splendid judgment in the makeup of the Gate Post rates acclaim. Editor-in-chief ...,...rr......,.,.. Josephine.O'Connor Assistant Editor ,..r.....r.....,.,............ Claire Haffey Business Manager ...,.r.....,..r..,r..,.., .4 Jean Mahan Assistant Business Manager ,...rr Elaine Connifey Literary Advisor ............r. Miss Marjorie Sparrow Financial Advisor ............r,.. Miss Grace Rowland 77 T STUDENT cooPERATlvE AssoclATloN ? THE Row l: Dean Larned, A. O'Brien, M. Clinton, I. Bonin, M. Hussey, I. Faulkner, Miss Pratt Row 2: Pres. O'Connor, D. Sawyer, M. McGillicuddy, B. Raymond, R. Baker, F. Cilboy, Dr. Foster The sessions and petitions of this "House of Representatives" of the student body promote an intel- ligent and cooperative spirit between faculty and students at all times. The Student Coop welcomes new students into the inner circle of F. S. T. C. with the Freshman Hand- book. lt holds the first dance of the year. It sponsors Field Day which is the ultimate in student-teacher comradeship. V Through the delegates of the Student Coop, students have a voice in their school government, which fosters the desired spirit of unity necessary to constructive college life. This is democracy at work. P MART In London it's Selfridges, New York, Macy's, in Boston, Jordan's and Framingham, the Mart. You will find that only at the Mart you can purchase such "hard to get" articles as Framingham emblems and banners. For easy one floor shopping try the Mart. No crowded elevatfors. No treacherous escalators. Just one flight of stairs for your convenience. The shopping center of the college "smart set" fea- tures ceramic ware, leather goods, distinctive jewelry, stuffed animals and school supplies. From freshmen week to graduation, the Mart proves indispensable to the college student. M. Clinton, I. Barrett, A. McCaffrey, B. Smith, P. Pyle, R. Haselton, M. Daley 78 JUDICIARY BOARD To judge and judge aright is the aim and function of the judiciary board, a division of the Student Cooper- ative Association. The first vice president of this asso- ciation presides over this council made up of one soph- omore, two juniors, one senior and a member of the faculty. Decisions of the judiciary board are rendered for the mutual well-being of both faculty and student body. Seated: M. Clinton, P. Williams Standing: P. Donnell, I. Borden, I. Faulkner CLASS AND CLUB COUNCIL You all know that the UNO has been formed by all nations to set the pace for the world and to main- tain the peace. But do you know that the same type of organization has been functioning a long time on the hill in the guise of the C.C.C. or class and club council? Representatives from all classes, clubs and publications plus a member of the faculty compose this coun- cil. It sets the pace and keeps peace in our college world. Its greatest contribution in the eyes of the student is the indispensable "activities calendar" which plots our college functions day by day. 'is'-..,M-. Row l: K. Tilton, B. Sample, L. Lane Row 2: M. Daley, I. 0'Connor, F. Bellantoni, M. Hussey, F. Lynch, R. Brayton Row 3: M. McCann, I. Sutherland, Miss Turner, j. Seibert, E. Manter 79 CHEMISTRY COUNCIL awww, fi' A - If X T 2 X x a 4 3 1 A . 5 s . 1 .. x Unity is our theme, and unity is our goal, but the exception still proves the rule. Our honor system in the chemis- try department frowns on unity in the b course of an examination. In fact, a student attempting it is brought in front if of the chemistry council of thirteen stu- dents and one faculty advisor to be severely reprimanded. Since the introduction of this system into our college, we have realized and appreciated its benefits and for the most part lived up to its creed. This is one of the many ways in which we feel the responsibility of a college stu- dent. Row I: P'. Williams, I. Burke, P. Elmer, Dr. Chase, I. Kelliher, I. 0'Con- nor, B. Armes Row 2: M. Whitman, A. Saunders, I. Szlyk, A. Snow, I. Williams, K. Tilton LIBRARY COUNCIL To make the library a living thing. To keep it up to date in literature. To decorate it with the trappings depict- ing the various holiday seasons. To maintain the quiet necessary for the busy student-these are the duties of the Library Council under the skillful supervision of Miss Pratt. A. Delaney, E. Black, M. Leahy, Miss Pratt, E. Chapdelaine, I. Mahoney 80 Who says we can't knit in assem- bly? The Quiet and Order Committee takes care of that. They are the Emily Post of the college. We hear little of them, for they do their work as the name implies-quietly and orderly. This committee strives for a clean campus, a courteous college group and pleasant conditions on the campus. It is through the cooperation of the college girl and this committee that quiet and order are maintained. Row I: E. Barbato, C. Guerin, A. Simmons Row 2: Dean Larned, M. McGillvray, M. Geoghegan QUIET AND ORDER COMMITTEE I COMMUTERS' COUNCIL Anyone who has made the daily trek from home to school and return would appreciate the services of the Commut- ers' Council. They are the coordi- nators of the traveling students. They arrange the sale of bus tickets and provide what incidentals they can for the comfort of the commuters. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB -Q . .. '. . .as...w.:.s, -f - . . . . ' Row I: G. Beaudry, B. Smith, R. Brayton, Miss Buckley, E. Connifey Row 2: T. Nicholas, B. Reid, M. Lamy, I. Williams FINE ARTS CLUB For the girl who is intrigued by the smell of grease paint, the glow of the flood lights, the applause of an enthusi- astic audience, for the one who can't resist Broadway productions, Tallulah Bankhead or vaudeville shows, there is the Fine Arts Club. Under the capable leadership of Janet Seibert, president, this club has enter- tained the college with some very fine productions and has fulfilled in many the desire for back stage and footlight experience. To the future home economist this club offers instruction and entertain- ment in the form of a style show, speak- ers from the sphere of both foods and clothing and a May Supper. For the college it sponsors International night which comes as a delightful surprise to its audience. This club through its outside activi- ties offers valuable experience and proc- tical contacts to the prospective teacher in the field of home economics. Row l: D. Nilson, V. McCauley, B. Amrnidown Row 2: P. Rogers, Mr. Berger, I. Seibert This year the Y.W.C.A. chapter in- augurated a movement to create bet- ter understanding among the religious faiths of our college group. It intro- duced to us in a series of chapel talks many of the leaders of the Framing- ham churches. We cannot forget the stirring ser- mons nor the vivid personalities of these men. A The Moonlight Mood dance and the sunrise service are two of the activities that make the Y.W.C.A. an outstand- ing club on the hill. Row I: M. Hanifin, Miss loyce, F. Lynch, P. Lacouture Row 2: C. Burke, M. Bane, A. Cildea Y.W.CA Row l: P. Buck, I. Sutherland, Dr. Chase, R. Boyer Row 2: I. Mahaney, E. Connifey A'KEMPlS The A'Kempis Club, a member of the nation-wide Newman Federation of col- lege Roman Catholic clubs, has fostered a spirit of catholic faith on the campus. Reverend Edward F. Sweeney, the spiritual advisor, is inspiring at his weekly instruction meetings. ln the spring and fall the club spon- sors communion breakfasts for its mem- bers, and in the winter holds one of the most successful formals of the year. MODERN DANCE ATH : A. Ricles, T. Nicholas, E. Cushman Row l Row 2: P. MacDowell, I. Borden, I. Kelliher 3: L. Sawicki, B. Reid 4: I. Mahan, I. Lassone, M. Flynn Row Row The Modern Dance Group, under the supervision of Miss Taylor is comprised of those girls especially interested in the dance as a medium of expression. The rhythmical movements from an interpretation of a musical score and the stories that are un- woven through this symbolic dancing, spell enchantment for its audience and delight for the performer. LETIC ASSOCIATION ,,,y, . y,Vy G ,., fi H - i , 3, YJ? Row l: l. Palmer, E. Manter, I. Borden Row 2: M. Truvidson, I. Cody, Miss Taylor 84 ln no other phase of life is such a high standard of sincere fair play reached as that displayed on the sports field. The Athletic Association recognizes this fact and by sponsoring sporting events, strives to spread this fine attitude of competitive camaraderie. They stress teams rather than factions and their efforts are di- rected toward a spirit of teamwork throughout F.S.T.C. Stunt Night and Harvard-Yale weekend are the two high spots in their program. The fine spirit of cooper- ation in these competitive events is characteristic of the Athletic Association. Under the dynamic direction of Mr. Gilday, the Glee Club sings its way harmoniously through its list of en- gagements. The combination of hard work and excel- lent voices makes the Glee Club an outstanding success at the Candlelight Service, the spring concert, the Bos- ton Pops and graduation. GLEE CLUB Row 'l: R. lones, T. Nicholas, F. Bellantoni Row 2: G. Beaudry, Mr. Gilday, C. Burke CHOIR The Greeks had a word for it-the choir has a song for it! From solemn hymns of early morning chapel to the light airs of an evening concert, this versatile chorus of fine voices displays a superb quality which charms its every audience. Row l: F. Bellantoni, V. Porter, M. Iarvis, K. Burke, I. Cote, L. Lane, I. Trayers, F'. Donnell, B. Ammidown, M. Fiske Row 2: Mr. Gilday, C. Harris, I. O'Connor, R. jones, V. Nickerson, I. Williams, A. Snow, V. Lynch, Y. Au- coin, D. Nilson, C. Peabody 85 R D CRGSS Row l: L. Sawicki, Miss Hall Row 2: E. Harcovitz, E. Connifey, I. Williams, C. Riani MOTCR CORPS The Motor Corps, a branch of the College Red Cross chapter, has been newly established here on the hill. lt was greeted enthusiastically by the students and its members are now in- stalled in a Red Cross station wagon and the snappy little hats. This volunteer work consists of driv- ing for the social welfare organizations and chauffeuring for the Cushing Hos- pital. The college chapter of the Framing- ham Red Cross is under the guidance of Miss Bertha Hall, of the training school. This year Chairman Louise Sawicki and the members have wrapped pack- ages, organized a motor corps, taken a course in first aid and entertained at the Cushing Hospital. M. Lamy, E. Harcovitz, P. Donnell, F. Bellantoni, F. Lynch, M. Hussey, A. Phelan, A. Snow 86 DINING ROOM COUNCIL Seated: Miss Haley, M. Braley Standing: I. Beaudry, I. Palmer As Framingham is a college specializing in home economics, we want it to be said, "We practice what we preach" especially in such things as good nutrition and exemplary manners in the dining hall. With the cooperation of the student body, Miss Haley and the Dining Room Council, made up of representatives from each class, just such problems as these are discussed and settled to the satisfaction of all. 87 PEIRCE HALL 2 L Q President Elizabeth Cushman Vice-President Marie McGillicuddy Secretary Betty Ann Chase Emma, l Treasurer Jean Mahoney 1 HORACE MANN HALL Treasurer Patricia Strange i President Eva Vandestadt 5 Secretary Marianne Simpson iii! --ff Njggfffe , Peirce Hall has a special place in the hearts of the dormitory students. Sunbathing on the roof, sumptuous banquets in the dining hall, gala parties in the colorful little rooms and initiation to the rules and regulations of "Dormitory Living" make up the intro- duction of the freshmen to the hill. Peirce Hall is famous for its busy poystation, grilled cheese, cute freshmen and suave soph- omores. Upperclassmen hustle through the long corridors of Horace Mann Hall, happy in their lord- ly estate, sad from the swiftly passing days at Framingham. Serious work quiets the dorm during study hour, but at 9:30 everyone joins the procession to the grill room to participate in the "snack-tivities." Lates, mike, mail, escorts, argoyle socks, history units and interlinings command the chatter that bursts from the gay little room. 88 cRocKER HALL Q T Treasurer Anne Gildea President Claire Sheehan Secretary Helen Tieuli Coming and going through the lovely reception rooms, Sitting, fefldingl Pl0Yi'1Q The piano in the colorful living room, dining graciously at numerous round tables and relax- ing in the sunny room are the pleasant tasks of the junior household arts student. For one semester these lucky juniors conduct Crocker Hall as their own home, con- cocting mysterious dishes, doing K.P. in the kitchen, polishing silver and brass and wielding a broom with a capable hand all under the direction of Miss Hall. I Crocker Hall is noted for its special weekend breakfasts, large luxurious bedrooms, generous hospitality and Thursday night rolls. l Kitchen chatter consists of draping problems, haf forms, Wh0'S Wl10 00 the cook Shlff, and what's for dinner tonight? i VOCATICNAL HOUSE The "Voc" house has all the charm of a home yet possesses the comradeship of a dormitory under the efficient direction of Miss Lombard. lt is in this hall that the vocational students are trained in the art of home management. They spend eight weeks their freshman, junior and senior years in preparing food, serving dinners and managing the budget. We know the Vocs by their worn down heels which wear from the daily trip up the hill to classes and back again for dinner. Table talk at the Voc House consists of open weekends, current events, what a delicious salad and who put the salt in the sugar bowl! 89 eancfleliqfzl' Seaaice l gall qaalic Smile a while, the Dial's the style .... ...... F ollow the Gleam at the Candlelight 92 ale!! may Q' 25 'fl'ViC6- -- .... Field Day-where students have faculty toeing the mark. 93 14'Kem7zi4 Gammoudan Baealzfau' Wfaanliqhl Maas! Starry eyes, paper moon bind us in that "Moonlight Mood." .. ...... Breakfast cheer at the 94 Slmfewl' Ga-op. NMeadows with the A'Kempis .,.... .... I nformal and gay, the "Co-op" way 95 M2 zu-We Mfg: Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mary K. Cavanaugh ........... Mr. Peter J. Rogers Emilia A. Colombo .....,i ,......i.... Mr. James A. Smith Jacqueline T. Cote ....V,.. Phyllis C. Elmer .......i... Constance C. Guerin leanne Haley ,,.,,ss...t. Charlotte R. Heselton Edwina L. Kenyon ,...... A. Leslie Lane Dorothy E. O'Hare ....,...,... Mr. Donald A. Dominique Mr. Walter W. Gleason Mr. Paul E. Brodeur Raymond W. Pelley .. Mr. Douglas H. Kimball Mr. Edward C. Howatt Mr. Milton A. Harris Mr. John H. Greene Ruth E. Owen ..,,,.....,.....,. ,........... M r. Richard Olson Barbara Mae Sample i.......... ........... M r. Howard B. Harrell Grace M. Walkey .......,i.,, ........ M r, Norman R, Thomas Phyllis white ............ Virginia E. Winslow ............ ..... Mr. Martin M. Podren Mr. Stuart E. Hannan Elena Guerra ......,..,.. .,.......... M r. lrving P. Rocheford, Jr. ZHWW 5704 elqzicfi eafuulacal His arrows shoot the beoux at "Cupid's CarnivaI." . .. .... The drive was straight but 98 i dqlafbuaflffd- WGZ6 weaken! here did the fairway go? .... ..... T his year Yale made Harvard crimson. 99 ine 141114 play ,ufiw mi' M 5 Y ,. f 4, X ii if H s f ig' g ,,,. N R 4 5 , 'E' f eammujmd' Banque! The commuters stop commuting long enough to be merry at their Christmas Banquet. .... .... T he Fine Arts 100 aadnian Shaw Y . K- 1 fa? , ' Q W, X X 1 Q , yr 4 ' , ,. 1 X l , I: ' 5 Z , 1 1 IClub starts rehearsals with a flop! . . A bit of the glitter and glamour of a Home Economics Club fashion show. lOl DIRECTORY CLASS OF 1950 ELEMENTARY Alden, Rosemary N., 9 Gordon St., Framingham Bernier, Lucille A., 408 Ridge St., Fali River Boyd, Avis M., 109 Boyd St., Watertown Burgess, loan C., 156 Doran Rd., Brookline Callahan, Marion F., 21 Greendale Ave., Marlboro Canning, Ruth A., 89 Marion St., Natick Clark, Mary L., 2 Emmons St., Franklin Colwell, Virginia P., 250 Hillcrest Rd., Needham Concannon, Ruth A., 279 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Cooney, Frances M., 81 Varick Rd., Waban jfiCox, Dorothy A., 43 Cameron St., Springfield Delaney, Barbara A., 64 Evans St., Watertown Doyle, Dorothy M., 241 Waverly Ave., Watertown Doyle, Virginia M., 500 Ashmont St., Dorchester Fanning, Emma R., 17 Gordon St., Allston Feinberg, Helen R., 15 Oberlin St., Worcester Fried, Norma E., 20 Hope St., Auburndale Ginnetti, Phyllis R., 78 Greenwood St., Marlboro Hale, Marie, 31 Marlboro St., Belmont Hamilton, jeanne C., 44 Maple St., Needham Hanscom, Violet, 25 River St., Framingham i:Harris, Carlene, 200 Hillside Ave., Arlington Harvey, jeanne M., 553 Washington St., Gloucester Hooley, Frances T., 37 Robbins Rd., Watertown Howes, Georgelyn, 200 Fairmont Ave., Hyde Park lgo, Elaine M., Z8 Winslow Rd., Brookline Katz, Harriet M., 219 Fuller St., Brookline Kelly, Dorothy M., 60 Robinhood St., Auburndale Lewis, Florence R., 205 Bonad Rd., Brookline Linnehan, Patricia, 15 Francis St., Newton Centre Lovewell, joan D., 382 Washington St., Brookline Madden, Kathleen E., 32 Belvidere Ave., Framingham :iMaher, jean M., 40 Tacoma St., Hyde P'ark Maher, Patricia A., 86 Lawrence Rd., Medford Marsh, Norma A., 159 Slade St., Belmont Matheson, E. Catherine, 52 California St., Watertown McCaffrey, Ann L., 75 Palfrey Rd., Belmont McCormick, jean A., 29 Chilton St., Belmont McCullock, Patricia, 55 Cornelia Court, Roxbury :7iMcLaughlin, Rita E., 89 Highland Rd., Brookiine Homan, Carolyn E., 16 Crehore Drive, Newt. Low. Falls TMcNair, Barbara I., 50 High St., Natick Miles, Marjorie I., 7 Concord St., Marlboro Miller, Sylvia A., 1830 Common. Ave., Auburndale i:Moisan, Margaret M., 127 Oliver St., Fall River Morse, june, 106A Western Ave., Gloucester ifiNickerson, Virginia, 72 Oxford St., Somerville O'Brien, Elizabeth A., 144 Standish Rd., Watertown O'Neil, Eileen M., 687 Cummins Highway, Mattapan. Santospirito, Catherine, 584 River St., Mattapan Sawyer, Dorothy L., 55 Wendell Rd., Milton Sullivan, joan V., 1159 Common. Ave., West Newton Sullivan, Marjorie T., 77 Hammond Rd., Belmont i:Thorup, Carol H., Outlook Rd., Wakefield Tierney, Regina E., 448 Huron Ave., Cambridge Vassalotti, Elaine M., 34 Roosevelt Rd., Newton Centre Ward, Mary, 77 Brook St., Brookline Webb, Betty jane, Purington Ave., Natick Whittemore, Martha A., Lincoln Rd., Lincoln CLASS OF 1950 HOUSEHOLD ARTS Abare, Marjorie L., 462 Washington St., Gloucester Armes, Barbara M., Charlton St., Sturbridge Balduc, Margaret, 71 Clinton St., Framingham Barrows, Beverly, 28 Trowbridge Rd., Worcester Black, Elizabeth W., 50 Newport St., Arlington Bohan, janice M., 9 Boxford Terrace, West Roxbury Borden,iElaine j., 49 Highland St., Holden Cauffman, Doris E., 81 Ridgeway Ave., P'ittsfield :i1Chase, Betty A., 74 Washington Park, Newtonville Cobb, M. Patricia, 29 Farmington Rd., West Roxbury Collins, jeanne P., 67 Union St., Franklin Couming, Anne C., 23 Burncoat Terrace, Worcester Doane, Phyllis j., 69 Glendale St., Weymouth Fessenden, Eunice M., 348 Hancock St., Springfield Fisher, Bonnie, 26 Prospect St., Hingham :iFisk, Marjorie, West Barnstable Fitzgerald, Emily A., 537 Main St., Stoneham Fitzgerald, Mildred, 537 Main St., Stoneham Forte, Dora M., 204 Washington St., Brighton Freed, Miriam, 195 Eastern Ave., Fall River :3:Gallagher, Anne G., 53 Westchester Rd., Newton Gallivan, Ann, 19 Hamilton St., Framingham Gelly, joan E., 25 Whitby Terrace, Dorchester Gerber, Eleanor, I6 Clifton Ave., Salem Gilman, Dorothy L., 83 Fellsmere Rd., Malden Gross, Muriel, l03 No. 3d St., Meriden, Conn. Heiber, Norma, I6 Swift Rd., Framingham Higgins, Natalie A., 3 Lockland Ave., Framingham Hogan, Clare C., I9 Hurlcroft Rd., Milton Hudson, Muriel I., 7 Barrows St., Middleboro Hughes, Florence, 93 Woods Rd., West Medford Hurd, Phyllis E., 72 Pleasant St., Ashland Kenny, Eileen P., 79 Walworth St., Roslindale King, Nancy L., I954 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton if:Kratowich, Dorothy K., 20 Observatory Ave., Haverhill iiiKula, Iulia I., 59 F'ark St., Taunton '-'LaBonte, Irene A., 36 River St., Dalton Lehr, Adele I., 25 Buckthorn Terrace, Winthrop Lerner,-Harriet, 64 Dehon St., Revere Lothrop, Barbara S., 165 Morton St., Stoughton iiiMagrath, Gracey F., l24 Pine St., Waltham '-'Marsh, Elizabeth, Carter Rd., Becket McCarthy, Elizabeth D., 25 Albright St., West Roxbury McDonnell, Margaret C., l98 Austin St., New Bedford McDonough, Mary R., 8 Owencroft Rd., Dorchester McGillicuddy, Marie A., 60 Beaconsfield Rd., Worcester Mclntosh, Dorothy, 62 Front St., Weymouth lMcNally, Ianet E., 98 Prospect St., Fall River Miller, Lillian P., 743 Nantasket Ave., Allerton iiMottolo, Ianet V., 35 Highland St., Revere '-'O'Brien, Anne Marie, 35 Belvidere Ave., Holyoke Ochs, Florence B., II4A Medford St., Arlington O'Hare, Mary Lou, I54 Walnut St., Holyoke O'NeilI, Barbara A., 59 Dover St., Worcester i:Osborne, Helen C., I68 Olean St., Worcester "'Peabody, Carolyn C., 72 East Alvord St., Springfield Plunkett, Mary E., 25 Vassar St., Worcester Pym, Margaret, East Gate Farm, Topsfield Quinn, Mary L., I0 Williams St., Fairhaven Riley, Elizabeth A., 66 Harrison St., Brookline Solari, Lorraine, I96 Gladstone St., East Boston iiTilton, Katherine B., Chilmark Trayers, Iune V., I0 Pleasant Hill Ave., Dorchester Vigeant, Pauline L., 37 Clifton St., Worcester iiWalters, Lucy M., 3 Hoffman St., Iamaica P'lain "'Werner, Audrey R., Harding St., Medfield iiWetzell, Marilyn L., 642 Belmont St., Brockton Whitman, Margaret L., I5 Whitman Rd., West Medford iiiWilson, Barbara A., I09 Peterboro St., Boston ii'Witek, Pauline M., 74 Rivulet St., North Uxbridge CLASS OF I950 VOCATIONAL Keefe, Eileen M., 547 Franklin St., Framingham Kelley, Marie A., 740 Newton St., Chestnut Hill iiMontgomery, Lois P., 62 E. Squantum St., North Quincy iiSchatz, Rosella M., Moraine St., Marshfield Serena, Mary A., 595 River St., Mattapan Shaffer, Natalie R., 54 Fellsmere Rd., Malden Skillen, Anna L., 98 Dudley St., Medford Thayer, Elizabeth A., I Mendon St., Bellingham Thomson, Priscilla A., 7 Ruskin Ave., Methuen Timmins, Dorothy M., I2 Fernald St., Lowell Whearty, Mary Ellen, 335 Lafayette St., Salem CLASS OF I949 ELEMENTARY I'Acheson, Barbara A., 49 Lincoln St., Belmont Bourque, Agnes R., 2 Elliot St., Holyoke Brenneman, Iune, 8I Hartford St., Natick Daley, Madolin C., I6I So. Huntington Ave., Boston DiPronio, Mary A., 44 William St., Waltham TDonnely, Irene I., 427 Concord St., Framingham Durbin, Iacqueline E., 35 Washington St., Natick IFitzgerald, Mary E., I57 Oakley Rd., Belmont lFlynn, Eleanor M., 46 Park St., Arlington '::Goddard, Edythe, 430 Iacob St., Fairview I'Haffer, Claire L., 26 Hatherly Rd., Brighton THealy, Therese I., I00 Grant St., Framingham THerlihy, Ursula A., I08 Medford St., Arlington Hughes, Margaret, 25 Chilton St., Cambridge Kellett, Mary L., 43 Pleasant St., Milford Knowles, Iane C., 87 Allan St., Dorchester ILaverty, Barbara A., I4 Ames St., Somerville Livingston, Marcia B., 88 Newton St., Somerville Macdonald, Carol I., 28 Welles Ave., Dorchester MacDougall, Marie T., I54 Lowell St., Somerville Mahoney, Catherine, 4I Nathan Rd., Waltham Martin, Dorothy R., 8 Norfolk St., Needham 'IMcCarron, Mary T., 30 Henry St., Framingham McKeown, Kathleen, 74 Rencelau St., Springfield TMills, Mildred E., 70 Cleveland Ave., Everett l'Moosey, Edith A., 80 Shrewsbury St., Worcester TPalmer, Iean W., I84 Wentworth Ave., Lowell Parker, Doris, 74 South Ave., Natick Powers, Norma H., 237 Dorset Rd., Waban Raymond, Barbara G., 44 Dearborn St., Springfield Simmons, Arlene R., Zl Chester Ave., Waltham Sousa. Helen I., 9 Loring St., Hudson Szlyk, Rita C., 5l8 Grafton St., Worcester CLASS OF I949 HOUSEHOLD ARTS .L l .L l Algaier, Carretta H., l00 Essex St., Pittsfield Anderson, Patricia M., 23 Ponkapoag Way, Canton Barrett, Mary F., 27 Thomas Ave., Holyoke Blaisdell, Ioyce L., 5l Lane St., Lowell Borden, Ianice I., 49 Highland St., Holden Bradley, Cynthia E., Centre St., Hanover Cahill, Ioan K., 49 Bradshaw St., Medford Clayman, Leah, 5l Cheney St., Roxbury Crosier, Charlotte A., 63 Woodbridge St., So. Hadley Cushman, Elizabeth A., 2l George St., Winthrop Donahue, Rosemary A., 61 Iune St., Worcester Eshman, Irene, I0 Cross St., Wellesley Fineberg, Iosephine H., 881 W. Rox. Pky., Chest. Hill Fisher, Iessie E., I6 Victoria Park, Chicopee Falls Garnett, Eleanor B., Wilbur Ave., Swansea Ghiatis, Dorothy A., 6 Redland Road, Shrewsbury Glazer, Rosalie, 77 Lucerne St., Dorchester Hill, Regina, 2 Normal St.. Worcester Hurst, Claire E., 79 Madison St., Chicopee Falls Hyman, Monya F., 6 Alton Court, Brookline llacqua, Frances T., 770 East 4th St., South Boston Iames, Mary I., 450 Park St., New Bedford Iarvis, Millicent, Main St., Buzzards Bay Kaplan, Sybil D., I0 Maybrook St., Dorchester Kelleher, Ioan M. 20 Bow St., Arlington Kelley, Dorothy M., 6 Rosalind Ter., West Lynn Kimball, Grace E., l39 Western Ave., Framingham King, L. Iustine, 27 Sagamore St., Lynn Lambert, Anna, 84 Cabot St., Boston Lossone, Ianet E., 69 Myrtle St., Melrose MacDowell, Paula E., I4 Merton Rd., Worcester Mahaney, Iean, 25 Everett St., Sherborn Marotte, Irene M., 73 Shawmut Ave., New Bedford Montgomery, Dorcas, East Arlington, Vermont Morganstern, Virginia, 9 Thackeray Rd., Wellesley Hills Moschini, Rose M., Clinton St., Hopkinton Murphy, Alice F., I5 Myrtle St., Iamaica Plain Murray, Patricia A., l40 Sumner St., Newton Centre Nichols, Miriam R., School St., Upton O'Hara, Dorothy A., IZ4 Edgewood Ave., Longmeadow Olsen, Pauline R., 3 Chaucer St., Boston Ouellette, Annette, I Harbor St., Salem Owen, Louise C., 98 Irving St., Waltham iiPatrick, Barbara P., 44 Beckwith Ave., Westfield Quillard, Elizabeth M., I5 Calumet Rd., Holyoke Raihenberg, Mary M., IOZ Whittier St., Springfield Reardon, Mary Lou, ll5 Newbury St., Boston Riani, Clotilda A., II8 Washington St., Springfield .v. '-'Ricles, Adrianne E., l534 Common. Ave., Brighton Robbins, Eleanor, 80 Central St., Hudson Rugg, Ioann F., 33 Fairhaven Rd., Worcester Rutledge, Elaine, 43 Champney St., Brighton lSaunders, Agnes M., 7 Rowell St., Dorchester Sergenian, Kegvart V., I0 Stearns Rd., West Roxbury Shanahan, Betty M., I96 Iune St., Worcester Shapalis, Mildred F'., 5lO Centre St., Newton :iSheinwaId, Ruth, 7 Brenton St., Dorchester Smith, Barbara I.. 35 Tucker St., East Lynn Smith, Priscilla H., I38 Glenwood St., Lynn Swartz, Clara, 44 Hewins St., Dorchester Sweeney, Margaret T., 4 Auburn St., South Natick Trask, Elizabeth M., 427 Robeson St., Fall River Trodella, Iulia A., 95 Pearl St., Somerville :l:Voudouris, Athena, 22 Strathmore Rd., Brookline iiWilliams, Iean V., 272 Upham St., Melrose Young, Shirley I., 39 Kilsythe Rd., Arlington Zizza, Louise, 45 Pleasant St., Medfield. CLASS OF I949 VOCATIONAL Delaney, Ann B., 22 Langdon Ave., Watertown Klapes, Helen, 64 Brington Rd., Brookline iiLucci, R. Lena, Marblehead St., No. Reading :Z'Porter, Vesta B., Silver St., Agawam "Rogers, Priscilla H., 3 Mulberry St., Fairhaven iiWilIis, Eleanor I., l8l5 Washington St., So. Walpole CLASS OF l948 ELEMENTARY Borden, Marion E., I0 Woodland Ave., Medford iiBurke, Catherine A., I8 Sprague St., Malden Burlingame, Marie, 24 Pleasant Ave., Somerville :iConboy, Mary A., 298 Ashmont St., Dorchester Curley, Ioan M., 7I West Pine St., Auburndale Donahue, Louisa A., 83 Walnut St., Wellesley Hills Faulkner, Iean F., 661 Green St., Cambridge French, Eleanor I., 26 Water St., Marlboro Garbarino, Ioanne, ll65 Main St., Waltham lGilboy, Florence L., 5 Irving St., Millis THalpin, Virginia M., 162 Beaver St., Framingham Hand, Ruth, 985 Watertown St., West Newton Loughlin, Marie E., 647 Main St., Watertown TMahan, Ieanne, 62 Wilshire Parkway, Needham Mahoney, Iean E., 7 Valley Rd., Dedham McCauley, Virginia M., 237 Lexington Ave., Cambridge McGillvray, Mary I., 105 Riverside St., Watertown :7:Monahan, Madeline M., 78 Grant St., Waltham Nager, Eleanor L., 71 Essex St., Malden iiNilson, Doris M., Old P'ost Road, Walpole Noonan, Marion E., 21 Beal Rd., Waltham O'Brien, Ann P., 49 Leslie Rd., Belmont O'Brien, Martha L., 39 Everton St., Dorchester Simpson, Marianne L., 87 Elm St., Framingham Telless, Claire E., 40 Nahant Ave., Dorchester CLASS OF 1948 HOUSEHOLD ARTS Abrams, Estelle I., 61 Martin St., Holyoke iiBeaudry, Geraldine M., Pleasant St., West Warren Buckley, Marie E., 469 Pleasant St., Canton Burke, Ioan E., 46 Dale St., Franklin 'l'Chambers, Ianet L., 94 Gillette Ave., Springfield Chin, Mariorie, 364 Washington Ave., Chelsea Clemente, Carmella, 234 Forest St., Medford Cochrane, Doris, 21 Highland Ave., Stoneham Cody, Iane F., 47 Sycamore St., Norwood Connell, Phyllis, 19 Bradfield Ave., Roslindale TConnifey, M. Elaine, 67 Bancroft St., Gardner Crowell, Carolyn, Charles St., Sandwich Dillon, Theresa M., 20 Montague St., Worcester Dowd, Barbara I., 60 Sterling St., Springfield Edson, Ioy, 20 Pleasant St., Methuen Edwards, Priscilla, 87 Greenleaf St., Quincy iiFazio, Alice R., 550 Osborn St., Fall River FitzGeraId, Elizabeth I., 135 Davenport St., Chicopee Foley, Patricia A., 1 Cortes St., Boston iiForbes, Mary E., 75 Meagher Ave., Milton Gilbert, Ruth E., 153 F'ells Ave., Medford :l:Gildea, Anne M., 290 Eliot St., Milton Goulart, Marie, 6 Rindge Terrace, Cambridge Granger, Doris M., 894 Grafton St., Worcester Guinan, Barbara, 504 Beacon St., Boston Guiney, Dorothy A., 19 Samoset Rd., Waban Hanifin, Mary Louise, 91 Whittier St., Springfield Harris, Alma F., 94 Deven St., Roxbury iiHuff, Audrey, Clover Hills Farm, Fitchburg Kiernan, Barbara R., 177 Boston Post Rd., Weston :5:Kohrs, Barbara L., 34 Fairfield St., Worcester :iLaCroix, Vivian T., 19 Belmont St., Marlboro Leary, Margaret H., 103 Birchwood Ave., Longmeadow Leary, Margaret M., 41 Waldeck St., Dorchester Levie, Esther B., 74 Grove St., Gloucester MacDonald, Mary Lou, 48 Arlington Rd., Waltham Marino, Ieanne C., 49 Parker St., Lawrence T Martin, Aloyse ., 152 Trapelo Rd., Waltham McCann, Mary E., 31 Sheridan St., North Easton McCoy, Iuanita M., 348 Village St., Medway iMorneau, R. Lea, 25 Marble Ave., Chicopee Nagle, Iane, 370 Park St., West Roxbury :7iNicholas, Thalia, 11 Decatur St., Boston :iNoyes, Mary M., 127 Iones Rd., Hopedale O'Neil, Mary T., 33 Edgeworth St., Worcester Orff, Clarice E., 153 Essex St., Saugus Powers, Muriel O., 292 Hollis St., Framingham Pyle, Prudence A., 31 Cotton St., Leominster fiRichardson, Ieanne O., South Main St., Middleton Ross, Eileen, 524 Kirby St., New Bedford iSaulnier, Solange, 66 Lake View Ave., Falmouth Sharples, Gene C., 23 Orange St., Waltham l':f:Sheehan, Clare A,, 73 Beauchamp Ter., Chicopee Falls Sherry, Dorothy, 10 Barclay Rd., West Roxbury Sliby, Rose, 226 Harrison Ave., Boston :iSmith, Barbara P., 27 Vine St., Leominster Stomi, Helen, 107 So. Quinsigamond Ave., Shrewsbury ::'Szlyk, Irene C., 518 Grafton St., Worcester Tieuli, Helen M., 24 Granite St., Milford iiWest, Iean M., 157 P'rospect Ave., Revere Wheeler, P. Anne, 9 Crescent Ave., Beverly TWilliams, Patricia A., 18A Prospect St., Milford iiWood, Patricia N., 72 Whittier Rd., Medford CLASS OF 1948 VOCATIONAL i:Ammidown, Barbara H., 96 Belgrade Ave., Roslindale Boyer, Roxanna C., Middlefield St., Chester Cantalupi, Genevieve L., 82 Bradford St., Everett Clancy, Elizabeth A., 124 Hollis St., Holliston Flynn, Madeline I., 40 Lewis St., Fall River Grasso, Rose B., 8 Prospect Court, Lawrence Reid, Barbara H., Waltham Rd., South Lincoln Sheehan, Anna F., Haverhill St., Rowley Truvedson, Mae R., 82 Grandview Rd., Arlington Wade, Elizabeth C., 82 County Rd., Ipswich Gate Post Staff Glee Club A Cjonvjvlfrxueufs of MR. FARLEY TGI I SHQUSF WHITMAN, MASS. Route I8 O KENNETH AND RUTH WAKEFIELD Compliments of LJQLHQ7 CWAQQIQ7 QWQOUSQ 2342 680 WORCESTER ROAD Framingham Centre MASSACHUSETTS lust a sincere message to say We wish you well in every way: Wisdom, success, true happiness- May these the Senior Class possess Compliments of Classes '49 and '50 l09 compliments of Louisa A. Nicholass Home Economics Club A T H l E T I C ASSOCIATION - sportsmanship in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in all other activities. fllle EB. 82 CW ,fines Convenient Motor Coach Servi B O S T O N WORCESTER SPRINGFIELD Low Monthly Stud Tel.: FRAmingham t's Rates 4 3 4 3 F. S. T. C. Rings made by DIEGES 8.ClUST 7 3 Tremont Street Boston, Mass. Once again the DIAL reflects the lite and spirit of Framingham State Teachers College complete photographic service by SARGENT STUDIO 154 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. Photography if Design -k Technical Assistance lll WELLWORTH TEA ROOM BAKERY CAFETERIA just oooo room Compliments ot gl"C117'lZ1lgl'lO11Z lfZ8lUS Compliments ot UNICORN BOOK SHOP C PERLMUTTER BROS. DIETZ BAKERY 1oRDoN SHOES Ffamlnghami Mass- 25 Concord St. - Framingham New England Bakers since 1883 sandler - sports buslaen casuals CENTRE FOOD MART GORDQN MFG. CQ Worcester Road Framingham Centre, Mass. A F'a""i"gha"" Cenhe Framingham Cold-Fur Storage Co. C. F. CARLSON, Manager I7 HAVEN STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Tel. 4688 Fur Coats Still Low When You Buy Direct Compliments of 7-zzaminfaam 6041 2 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF '47 H3 Compliments of: Compliments of: CLEE CLUB YWCA Some say it with words We say it with roses Compliments of J. C. Penney Co. Compliments of BEATTIE 84 MCGUIRE, Inc Silks - Woolens - Domestics - Hosiery 29 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Ll Berty 5753 Save in I947 THE your BU S-I-UN - FR I N G H A M savings account welcomed CLUB Framingham Trust Co Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp C Dlefsf fgsacfore Lqsenbefzg C23 H5 Compliments of THE PERFECT SAFETY PAPER COMPANY HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS lvl f f 1' PUNK fOf'l'11fZmQ,iLieZiO,.Sa ily ffffli and all other negotiable instru- ' ments and eras es. TRADE-MARK THE WAHURUBE, INC- BARRON'S CANDIES FRAMINGHAM, MASS. 76 UNION AVENUE store for men established T889 FRAMING'-IAM, MASS. Compliments of SPOYTS BROWN and HORTON ShoP 218 Waverly Street Framingham, Mass. Compllfleflsii. . ERUWN RESTAURANT Tornrnle S ax' T08 Concord Street dial 3500 or 3100 FRAMINGHAM 9256 H6 Compliments of the Student Cooperative Association The office of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men oppor- tunity to work out happiness for themselves. H7 William Ellery Channing WEllESlEY PRESS OMPLETE O Znyuzainq O fffailinq SERVICE ONE CREST ROAD WELLESLEY 81, MASS. GARI N O'S HOME APPLIANCE STORE Out .Zeit 72 you Cl f 48 61 Concord St. FRAMINGHAM 5969 TRY SUNSHINE DAIRY FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Ice Cream for Parties II8 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 'II9 The Grace M. Abbott Teachers' Agency GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager 120 BOYLSTON STREET BOLTON - SMART CO Wholesale Purveyors of Choice BEEF - LAMB - VEAL - PORK POULTRY - FISH - BUTTER CHEESE - EGGS BOSTON l6. MASS. and RELISHES Member National Association of Teachers' l7'25 SOUTH MARKET STREET ASEWQS BosToN LArayene 1900 COmp"mef"S of CALDWELL and SONS L Worcester Road Framingham Center village 13251 shop tramingham center . massachusetts "EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE" BATES STATIONERY CO. Irving Square, Framingham, Mass. COm,,,.iS ofa The Gary Teachers' Agency I4 Beacon Street Boston F R l E N D Member National Association of Teachers Agencies TRAVIS DRUG STORE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Headquarters for our School Supplies THE MEADOWS FINE FOODS open daily - luncheon, dinner, supper DANCING NIGHTLY - COCKTAIL LOUNGE Now Now Now Now Now . . . at last . . . you are ALUMNAE . as members of the Alumnae Association . . . you may still "belong to Framingham." . . as members of the Alumnae Association . . . you may go on rendering service to your Alma Mater. . . as members of the Alumnae Association . . . you may help the F. S. T. C. students who come after you. . . as members of the Alumnae Association . . . you may look forward to a lifetime of pleasant biennial reunions. And now-we hope-you can afford the dues of one dollar a year. Won't you join with us? The Alumnae Association l2l C I C I f FineArI:sClulJ 3 QQ ER QQLQ uv: T0 me .Aff TRUTH Bow AN QLD FAVORITE WITI-I CALS WI-IQ SEW TI-IEIR OWN CLOTI-IESI 122 Autographs Autographs '- Q 'mv .n www- Ji' g"'1TQ'f . , If fm, A . Q M ' iw -' , 4, I Kg b , f..1 . "' afl , 'L 'N Y A ' ' fm ' min iw , IPM: X , 1 4' W 1 -J 5 5 'c E 5 :EF I Ki J 'Q r f 11 H. M -1 'FS HS 5 F i F V 1 v 1 1 ri 5:

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