Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA)

 - Class of 1945

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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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glftl n 41"-, A ,rx I . 91, 1 . A . 4 4 . ' w4,- 'H-fx f :' A w fi f .- XJ M: 1-.15 , 76' , T"C lil If , .-A , N, A .gn -.I .fn ,X V Ab, , I , . , , , - is ' lr" f M -'V A .AG-lv X, Qi. .f1f1' fW"" L-.1-f f 19,5 ggS'1.,,-,ge w I f 'ms' ' ' rg' """"," ffU.' ,nl ., 1- K." - VW ' , A , lfj ' -' "5 ,Y 9 ...Ng 1- 1 Y A ,sgqvl ,J "Ja, ', 'b 3 ,i I 'vb 'T :Z ,Mir A. 1 iff ' ' ,u of ,. , . 'N v' ' X W- vi 1,1 'J' W .f ',' M- , , ,- U W, , ' J ' Fl' K , 1 , ,U +I' ',, ' X ' , 'f 'Pi 1? ' I 1 - 51" . . ,, ,max . , ' I w L . FJ '- q . ,. , , . f V -I '. Q.. 3' ,T ' My ' V 'Wig' ' ,VM . f --fn 4,5 if-I4 ,-' ,fagrf 1" ZYA . Ang I ,Aa .!. .' ",.v mf, ', 4 !'f"' X 1 T ' " 14,2 'U ' .' 4' '19 - wi!"-': 441,-My , "A V, -,, 3,-'P g,. Jin g:'gL'4 'U 1 I 1 !1",',"-'UAE 5.31, 4. v' f f ' ' if ,-i,'.4 ft3S,.,,l':' 1'+ef2N,' Q 5f.1v"c,' fs, W, ,j ,5 -X1 1 fl- " 1, -' .ffl "V" ' J ' J W. 'I lv qh f "' , Qi. rfj- rf" 1" .7 ' ' g ff--'x:.1N-1.5 .- Vg .- -'1 H 1 N fi" ' f 4- '15, ' 'I ' .Q 'lvx 4 r 1 ' , ,gf ,. , f v '31 , 'iw -1 L 1 ,J '- u'- W' H, .4 1 . , ., 'L' f 5 . X-dz, ' ,. , ,,, L -y,r rg-. w,.- ,M A , 1 ' K lf' ' H, ff ' ' ' s , . ,fr ' 1 ,,.1. 1 rf Jill! ' '. cz" ' 14392 'N ff 1 'Q 1-' .!' K !,,,,l'4 w 1, ,-M .,. ,P t "U , ,T ."- If ', 5, - ' , . .' , M- . . , Z' - W 4 , ' Q ff." n. I , ., V f ' 1, , if .7 ' --, 1, , ' , I, . , A ,wif - '12 L' ' ' W W' T: ',. '.:.', lvl.. rn, Q ' , .I : - 3, . ' ' 1' ', 3, H "1 JL: l,,'rf, -' 5,5 fd' A', 1' ,, . v ,fn , ,, 7, 'r Inf, ' J? 'N ', ' - ,. .,,-af ,- 4911, 4, wf. ,v. .' ? , 13' H ', ' X -, ,' ' f. 'J-if, 46, ' ., ,I ,:W,".F:, K- . .lI4,, 1, ,-. fn ,, 4 Vg. N, A ,V-, ,, , f K, A. , , " ': - f v f 'XL-Q ,F A 11 V, .. , -Q' .- , V, ' I ' 1, gf , Y' k.-N" Wy, cf ' V , 4 -,,,. , "'7',Kv:,,! ,, ,Y,,,J. , , 1 CI' - !.,'jf V., ?,k-.vI,,- - 4. ,- . Mr. . ". "" A.,-r',Q:, : bi, Y, h . , " H. lr, 'I fH.,w J 1. A 4 'I ' - I U' ,P '14, , iv , ,'4gi,'., L r . ' l -9 x' , J, -"4 A , ,. .. ,',w 4 ',f,L ms tx. ' .:jt'4 vu ', 5, ,. '9H"v1 ',. 'li 'JI - ,, . I. ,t ,Al gi,-" 1: .g-5. U e ,U "1 'l', A-fi: 4.,".,, , i, . 7 Y W H1 , Ac! X, '. I V J ' 1' ' I ,L , .K J' -J Y , ' .1 V. .N V, A,,,u n, . H1 if ,f. 1,,, M' . , ul.ur..a.'1 ' ',,,5v ,351 ' 1 , sr i , , . 4: 1-- in ,S ,aa "4 W ' , 4-131 Q! 1. 1' f Q 4 4. . 'v r.' ' ' ' . , 4 rf X hy ? ,4 fm.: ' . , X5 ,Aw 'AFL f,-1X,2eqX-XXXX."XX ,g all ,H s 4 , ,A 1"-g 1 5 " H' 5' , 1 5, Y XA ' ,f , . , ,M . A ' 1-' f'sX ' '-'Yf,.,fZE'f ' ,'.4-'Q .1 4 'Ill GM? zz B .' fr? uw? IT" -If X '. , 4-X U. ' . .' A ' 5' 5 Ap ' 9, NX -Ja, s 4 '-.- ' ,I w ,X F' "'.. ' -. ' H ' '. , 1. ul 9" I 1 1 4 fl , N , ,X 5, v , an 4 X v XX X-A ' X'f1,1 ,A .V I X , . , .p 'N .Q--' X X . . X X YXX H, Z' 5 ,X ,.' i ' ' . X.. L X X X 4 v 'V f ' K f - 5 , -, .X Xu! L ' , "1 .X,X' ' f , X . , . X , , X fr x y, , ' , 'Y in 1 uf. ' ' .Q "L ., 4 ' ' 'J ' ' A ,G , X H- iff. ' 3' V . 'n ' fl ' 4 2 " . 11:14, L 91' , ., ,qu , -1, 1, b ' Q 5' 'v' R ,HL " , 1 ,- f"'3 . 4' 1 . X 8. :wi A , , X. I f ,JJ-' , ,XXX XX M 1 11' ' 1 fp IX ,-,456 , ' 5 'X' l . 5' X .'-X fr . x I' 41., ..- . 1 Q f Uv V' . x, J, 1 F N 1 'X X 'r I -I1 'f V. ,X X45 , ., . , '-' 13, , 1:5- H -'A' Q1 , " Y , 1. , oil? -Lit, , ' Tr " . 2 , ' 'I .xl r X Q, ' 7 J-A 4 '-: ,vo 1'-.' g . Xin , ...Ing X X --,Lx -X . f,-:R " , , V , N , .XX. D4 y - Q1-rl Q. 1 ',- " , 1- ,N '13,-,1 .1,,..- XX .'xr"'. 1.-if 7 , NST YJVW 79 vw NEC? ilxtjltld Jxo Hx!"-U Wl"Hn1r 471 ,A f 17559 t 2 2 5 . 1 THE I t I h V ,I ,f M J J CLASS OF 1945 State Teachers College Framingham, Massachusetts 3 THE My W Editor Zinggdf QM? Literary Editor 1 Data Ediior 4 Phdtography STAFF . Business Manager ANk Advertising 0 S W ,cufQ,v.NQ5i-Qvx-?LpP., Publicity Art Edito 5 Business Manage W Z! The pages that follow are a history of the Class of 1945 at Framingham, yet how can that story ever be properly told? To be sure, you will find listed here the names of students present and past. Here you may loolc upon the faces of the seniors, those who perse- vered to the end. The pictures of present faculty members are here as well as of those who have answered the call of our country and are serving in the armed forces. Here, too, you may read of May Day, of Stunt Night, of Junior and Senior Proms and of other activities which for so long have been an essential part of the Framingham tradition. But how can one ever truly measure the impact upon this class of the most devastating war the world has ever known? What of minds that were sorely troubled over the problems of how they might serve their country best? What of the ever-present urge to put aside those cherished plans that they might talce advantage of large war-time salaries so easily attained? What of the temptation to serve in a more spectacular way, wearing the distinctive and glamorous uniforms of our enlisted women? What of the heartache caused by the absence and loss of loved ones? Through it all they have clung desperately to their purpose with a tenacity that can only result in success - conscious of the fact that education is the present need, that education will be the need of the future. We are confident that this class which now talces its place in that long line of graduates who for over a century have been going forth from our college will achieve new successes for their Alma Mater, will add new lustre to her name. Martin F. O'Connor, President 7 1 Y mS'W?L1::3.-'Q A Fern 1, A an "'7M"' zqffsg -, , Mi-'QI " .-1-f1Tr2?" -3'313ffi-'4'f5'f?VY'5?2i1-5' ,gg . 1. 'I' J- 7 -K ff '- Ti? an I, - 1 , ML 4- V, i H -A f'.::15,,qr' .zsfg-'gig ,..-,H-qi, Q,r,,,jxyT-?...i-74 wk'-33' 1: 'Hi'Qifiziifxkf7!.w5WfJQf'5:fsri,-1-:ef'f'Y ggznffz' A om 'ef' aisgai:,v.2?:-MESH-Gsef.:s4g:.91z'Qgr-:fb-'W' can Y an v . v r .. ---1. .iv , ' 2-1.11 ,LY-nafie Nfuhf Q X +51-'-'-' '5 Q Q .. .B I I J .-'17'?,g,, i. ,,g ' R cz -xt QQXQ0 C mg' out 552, Q10 8 ot uaxn Rx QQ Q-ww - a" ms 0 ,ww 3 WWW' . 962 ' - ai - gs. ,I . qw, . 9 o ,L gn Wm . 4, H o gag Y . a na Y Axopz 4' V Xtcxxgg . Ko - oo av sea Rox FQ lf- I ' ,in ugxa Q XN axaxl Q30 . M 9 oufktti ' az qeatsxo exon Ox sag Sz Moss' zxqzs NA QM -',,5e, 'F c V K1-3 N. 9 Q05 f- wa on X1 Iv " . - v-" 1 - I A -g-Z-fl' ' i.r2.qf2' X 1.5.4 1 5 3 V . 5 4--f - wwf' 0 XOQV-25 Q on K0 '99 .f-svslw f ' ':f,e4,gg.m:A.zgg::-f,f'fgq- H gave N., go 'ff-wf.j.:1??'. ' -, -x X-QSM 53.23.15 0 ana 90 Mr, Q--1"-i, in A. At- ffflyif, sf" jg . 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'C.Lil"n fi-x'?f'.3"'55'f5f33 ' PL'-, w?1f.,,.y-Q.: -sr A . -,.-1.5, .4,1.,,-:,--.,,f '2e..-fu, -4414, , ,g--.,. -,'...:.,-,:.,y35z ,f,i.,:152Q,Q,.s'3,,4gqy 1 ' ' '- 3,5735 : iv ,WTA f5r.312g3f':kv,, ,A3?iZ+1's1"5j4iQ13 , wg-.!L..f.:c,i1!'Cx2Ss g -. 'ing5.f,,e,'1sg.'445yi,v,. PYQP-32555559 ' ,tafgey f3,g,.4Jf A ,T ' 515:92 f '.1".gie.: 15 l ,A 'Yi'-4,2-1.4 .il q 54.2-gii?i2f'C w- .xy if AL" ,- '1- gwgf w'.'f'sC F- 511 ' YJFAN ' ,,' -.qs 'W A - " 11 -Jicv... . "TNga."f . fri:-31 -, J, :if 1'-V592 N if-221 'f . 4 ffifgfg MARTIN F. O'CONNOR PRESIDENT PRESIDENT CTCONNOR - Our stalwart supporter, confederate, and co-worker, we sI1aII aIways remember I1is sagacious advice, and tactfuI guidance during our four years on the "HiII." His vast reper- toire of poetry is equaIIed with as vast an audience of ardent admirers. 10 DOROTHY LARNED DEAN r - A 2, is is . 4 ref 5 2? A DEAN LARNED - Ever ready counselor in both major and petty problems. Dean of deans in our esteemf she led us through trying college days with aplomb and tact. 11 L O O Km 5 A . K ff-w DWIGHT HALL MAY HALL MAY HALL WELLS HALL L-1 -W 4' r xl." ft". 'fr' ,df V, A x it unc. ff www' ,.f"', fr p N 3 r --x . . L -L - '-'--'ww-M..-.... X , . ,M A 'N as ,L W' 'S 'A Z Q ,M -. ' S x ,Q-'W ' 1 0 i h .0 K 51 51 . ,. .-,L ef Q .5 I Q 3 P b ' 'Y ,' X A hw . ' 2' Q4 nf V. . A . C Xl 2 - x . . Y , I 5, Q' X x .l K . 1. " N' ' r I . Q o 1 . i A ov ,Y- '.'F'- -. v ' nf 5-c. f , ',g ,,,,-M. .Q -., A ' ' is I' , . V .','1-I 1. , if V.. .. . 1' 1 ", '-,- , ,M If , I . ,, Jfvf "'-,.p1r1,v gp-1"'?,,.l'g -' . ,, Q .y-. ,'fv ',q ' ' QV vrvitia. , ..., 'ngfeqac' , .,m V P 7" 1 o .r ,- A U zqg: . - . ' ,. -za. ni' ' .- A ' 1 f . 1' .'.- ' s .,- ,J ,.,i. . w '-.4 . , . .. ',' V 1- . . H ' q . ' . .-H-w - ."' " 'E- Q' M, ,. V. .. .. . . . .1 . : , u.- .... . Q ...Yu .'. . V. 7: '. -4 V 'G I Vi. Fi , ., V,-.a . -, ' f , . , ,Y 4 , " Vg, .-L. f 1, ,f ,l "..,u1.A .WV 4 '7' A," 'WG-. 9 --. ' '- e 1,..,V I A .- -.3312 .,. F . F ,M P. .- f , .,V.., " ,N 9, V .. 5' .- -4 . - 1, ., . . . .. K rf, ' 2 s fl .fy . w- a , , - 4 'sp 1-2: f -x. . 1 ,.: ."! -.- V . 'A 44,-K A' , 1V . A . , .,-uk . 4.-.., K: Q .wk .', my 1 L . . n ' ' V: ' :ff ' .A V . ' . "LR - .?? 5f?5' '.Ff Q ' . -. 'g z-,fr V . ' ' .?WV" - RV Q. U 3 1 .,, 1 . vt f f-n A, ,X 4, V . A U LJ :-. - L: ,ff M 1 . -f ' ak- , 4 -. , , .,. 9,95 ' 41... ,P ww Q ff..-f"'f"l!V' A " - ,. ' ' . - A ,,,V.,.gnv.s4v.4q4.,,,..,,. Y i . I, ,V . - , J . v. . . -L, , vs-Q ..:..,,. -,-Taww. 1 M ,- f, , , .,. .N , v . t. 457.115 1 5? ,. sg V -ff,-,.,.,..4,-f.f .,h:,..-, ,Van -, ,VZ yr-rg Vu 5- v- I ,n V ' J - V--. -V'-. 'V , ..f":.f.:':sg2:-2, V'zm:mMef'-'.V:-msssf .v' , ...LJ - - ,V ri f ,,:f--nf if g, -'ifVv.w-WM-16,yn:. ww- ' ,, X .V -V-Q - M ,A--rr ff:-.45 1, ' ' -' . 1 '- V aw,-,g,,f,4+" , . V. - 31 ,r.9iw, I .. I ...,.. , V, V -I , ' 1411 5 . 1 .,mg.i.:," 4 X' :'-'1?.f,'3t,,4 ' ' , ' Q N- 1, -,...,gV4gM-V 3,05 " " H " ' -' ' ' - ' .. 'ff'f15f:. ' 45212 1-A-MfV2.VvV-.V' lv - -. .1 f . .V 1... - N, -f" VVf1w+'V1'4fsw K A . ' ' .V g,f4f"11 1'-'ff'V.'fx4 . :GAL , ff ' - '- Zig-QA fr 'gil' 4 I 5 gm 21 A .. ab- ,s,...,,-,-nfff V - . . - , ,, ,.. -... H QA: H-J---., ,.- L , Sy, . ' wmv' 41-1 , xl ,fn ff , ,,' '.3 fl ' 'gre 4 5 .5 f' W an nm 'p' ff'-'i'135 V . V, .i...' "-ew V . A . :ff 'f in K .9 ... f 7. 1' 13 A -2.65.1 f""- "2 2:15121 Ji 4 2.31, y. ' -' , ' I fx ' - ", 1' gy, " 4 ,. iL,f?ff'1?sLgg' f' , 'iff , 'XT W-M WN - Xn'6h'.A,.,'j Lf ' . Ziff: ,gf s -2, 1. A . gfilx . . ar' 7'1f - . 'L . V Q W A ,451 I Q1 L I - ' . ' 'S . ' .J f' 1 'lit tx :K .1 t xii., In 4 1,1 M- Y '- '- . 1 Q Q rf gf ' .f 'J' w""'4'!"Q' h3gf'J ,WLT 1' 25 DWIGHT HALL FROM HILL DWIGHT HALL IN WINTER DWIGHT HALL IN SPRING DWIGHT HALL FROM PEIRCE I 1 8 TO THE GATEPOST, WINTER A THROUGH THE GATEPOST, SPRING IVY CLAD WELLS HALL PICTURESQUE MAY HALL 19 f' 1 X Q EIXIIGRS Lett to right: Patricia McDermott, Secretary, Kathryn Keith, Yice-President, Barbara Ellis, President, Dorothy Carpenter, reasurer. It is in times lilce these, when trained people - nutritionists and teachers alilce - are so desperately needed on all fronts of the world, that Seniors, members ot the class of 1945, appreciate even more the fine training, spiritual as well as technical, which they have received here at Framingham. The college years, with campus life, should be a laboratory -a testing field - a proving ground for unearthing potential citizens and developing leaders and followers alilce who may thus give greater service and inherit a fuller happiness. Seniors have entered wholeheartedly into the various school activities -they have helped to carry on a successful school government -they have talcen each and every opportunity to broaden their horizons with interesting summer employment and forms ot service. Thus, as they malce final preparations toward receiving their de- grees for which they have been striving for tour war years, surely in each girl's heart is the hope that, in the future, she may find her place to serve, in a society determined to build a better world. Elizabeth Herriclr, '45 22 B, ihe Vocs Thumbed Elie and Barb Sided Jeanie Climbed Murph Sat Commuters Gabbed Helen and Maddie Demonstrated Marge and Mailbox Won Ev, Rita, Charlie, Dot Beached Mary, Ginny, Letty, Kirk Posed Barb, Haze, Bette Wrestied 23 3 Vivian lrene Anderson The envy of an H.A .... can teach the 3r's but can sew too. Con- scientious in every undertaking . . . reveals quality as a result. An outstanding admirer of music . . . a most sincere and loyal friend is . . . Viv. Phyllis Beach Always in demand by a stag line . . . but with her heart in the "air"- corps. Neat, trim and prepared for any occasion . . . an excellent hostess with a fond passion for chocolate wafers. A dance, an or- chestra, a beautiful gown, all remind us of . . . Phyl. 24 Margherita Auriemma Calm and unruffled . . . a mediator in any argu- ment. Any spare time??-if so, busy with photography and play grounds. All out for better relationship with South America. From frequent trips on the B.W., precision of timing has been reached by . . . Marg. , .. .r Virginia May Burr The fastest hockey wing going. Creator of the best home-made bread in Massachusetts. Unlimited energy . . . a special Sergeant in the Aleutians and Cider Queen of New Salem. Hostess of those famous watermelon parties. We'll remember the exceptional tem- perament and contagious laugh of . . . Ginna. 25 Beatrice Alice Bjornson A model superbe with the desire of all females . . . gorgeous hair. ln the summer, an excellent swimmer . . . replaced by skating in the winter. Thoughtful, sincere and dependable, we find . . . Bea. Patricia Mary Broderick One of the famous Broderick twins . . . long, frequent epistles sent and received daily. Sum- mer work in a hospital found chemistry formulas replaced by baby formulas. ln leisure time, the leader of a drill team. Always ready with help to lend to everyone, especially to the friends of . . . Pat. ,W . - . , . . ' ' l I 1 i I 1 4 I 1 1 l A 1 Bette Mary Burns A summer at Hull added a knowledge of engineering. Becomes excited easily and joins others by enioying their good news. The chosen College is Holy Cross, with men from all points south, east, west and north. We'll always enjoy the company of . . . Bette. 5 Dorothy Freda Carpenter A level head . . . finely tempered with a well placed funny bone. Everything tackled is neatly done. A tension neutralizer at Falmouth for which the walls are no doubt grateful. A beautiful glow when the "General" appears. Right combination equals the "General" and . . . Dot. 26 Virginia M. Carlson Pint size gal, with a gallon size stack of mail. She had us guessing, but we finally found out it's the Navy that has the situation well in hand -this season. A flair for food, a diet a day, and a wide interest in culture, leaves the lasting impression of . . . Ginny. r . . I5 Lois Chase Gertrude lsabelle Cleveland Our "most" in originality . . . fluency in poetry, with finesse in dress. The party after carolling and "Alouette" en mass. A room with a Mexican atmosphere and an increasing collection of Mexican wares. That trip south of the border is already anticipated by . . . Trudy. 27 September finds Lois with the smoothest tan on campus . . . result of the Cape's radiating sun in her tres neat garden. Always a fourth for bridge and time out between classes. Coffee and - not resulting in nerves, but the calm, friendly manner of . . . Chasie. Rita Claire Clapp With long, taffy colored hair . . . eyes like stars when the Navy comes home. Rita remains composed at all times. A summer at Falmouth as the most photogenic of all . . . even in pig- tails. A maroon Plymouth rolling on to campus . . . a familiar scene two minutes before the bell, with some of the commuters in the capable hands of. . . Rita. 1 1 i . ..... -...- .J Mary Frances Deveney Lumber Jacket and slacks, on holidays . . . for walks . . . destination unknown. A constant visitor to the library . . . in a cozy nook with an excellent book. The voice of an angel, we shall all remember "Ave Maria" and . . . Dev. 28 Charlotte Frances Collins A name synonymous with personality, pep and popularity. Our Katie Hepburn with a passion for red hair. A trip to Wisconsin . . . never to be forgotten . . . also Junior weekend. Sense of humor sympathy and tact, makes the friendly, likeable manner of . . . Charlie. Shirley Ruth De Lancey Astounded a couple of M.l.T. men by knowing a spark plug from a light plug. Never quite found the way to May Hall, third floor . . . especially three mornings a week. Originality in writing, plus a passion for, tea, cats, and knitting, add in the likeable personality of . . . Shirley. . -.,..,.........-,,,f.,,.-.--.-wvrwm- W--.,-W-M .,-,- .. W. ..---H. 6 1 9 v i 1 E Marguerite Ann Donnelly An executive, superbe . . . especially on Publicity Committees. A fiend for fun and sports . . . Contacts, Far and wide. Has buzzed around like a bomb . . expending gallons of energy. Speechless we are . . . she has popularity, pep and gorgeous legs . . . that gal of ours . . . Marg. Mary Louise Driscoll Head in the clouds or eyes Cape Cod way . . . pretty letters written so often . . . short trips to Dwight in any weather . . . third of the Kirk, l follins, Driscoll trio. Remembrances of Falmouth and "La Maison" and a twinkle in grey blue eyes, if you mention sailing. A crate full af memories for future reference by . . . Dric. 29 Alice Louise Dowling A dress for every occasion . . . and a man to wear them for. Grows cacti when not ice- skating or dancing. An ideal model for a famous ad . . .she's lovely and she's engaged. Well known . . . the inseparable pair of Bea and ...AI. V.. I 5 fiflhi 1 1 1 . A l 1 411 S Patricia Vose Eldridge A "natural" in beauty . . . red hair, complexion plus, and eyes of . brown. Fond of music and all the fine arts. Frequent weekends home, sharing a fondness for both Brockton and F.T.C. Glee Club I '-H of . . . Pat. Catherine E. Fennessey Suits galore and a fond passion for angora socks and mittens .... Sailing on the "Charles" for Sunday leisure . . . a brother at Tufts . . . what could be better! An excellent student with time out for reading and sewing. A current magazine????? . . . consult . . . Kitten. 30 r concerts and Worcester Tech. fill many pages in the memory book Barbara-Ann Ellis "Prexy" and a super one to the Seniors . . . a sense of humor unbeaten. As Sophomores, "Homer" had front page news . . . since then, Cupids' "First Lieutenant" in matchmaking. Leadership strong and outstanding competence is shown by . . . Barb. e 1 i 5 3 I l I -.... .. --,.-. .lm ..,....J Elizabeth Ann Furneaux Manages to meet impending deadlines plus phone calls. We lis- tened to tales of her escapades . . . in a matter-ol-fact tone. Though always ready for fun, managed to do excellent work. Exclamations over a new idea . . . or memories of an old one. Flirtatious, vivacious and affectionately ours . . . Betty. 31 Claire Agnes Fitzpatriclc Helpless wide-eyed look, belying her ability . . . give her a moun- tain and she'll move it. She even sewsl! Never a worry about dates for dances. The gleam in her eyes is not artificial light, it is the zest for life and ambition in . . . Claire. Clare Edna Forbes Reliable in all situations . . . subtle suggestions always on hand. A fond lover of Pizza Pies. . . but slightly overdone in '44, All Croclcerites, remember the fermentation process . . . ended up with a bang. She's quiet, she's reserved, but there's only one . . . Forbsie. Mary Elizabeth Geary Now you see her, now you don't . . . just caught the first bus to Boston, or first in line at the "Coke" machine. A brief intro' leaves a lasting impression of sweetness . . . but know, and you will appre- ciate the calm, stable character of . . . Mary. Marion Louisa Hardell The queen of soup parties, plus jello for dessert .... Finds time for needlework, reading and retires early the night before exams. The many telephone calls taken while on duty, brought exultation to many by . . . Happy. 32 Sarah N. Glass Joined us on the "Hill" in '43 and brought with her a fund of knowledge . . . the answer to any question in any class. Always helpful and the life of any party when the piano is played by Nan. Emma Elizabeth Herriclc From Maine to Massachusetts, and fortunate are we . . taken by storm in '43, with the addition of a dynamic personality. We welcomed competence, willingness, and excellence. The Navy recognizes all this and more too, in . . . Betty. 33 Margaret .loan Harper Well read in many fields. Interested in printing, especially "signs." The music room, the vic' and Marg on a Saturday morn . . . harmoniz- ing, a specialty, or "wishful thinking." A friend in need, and you can always rely on . . . Harpie. Eleanor Frances Harrington As Gate Post Editor, an honorary member ofthe track team for chasing reporters. Beautiful auburn hair, worn in many styles . . . but minus the temper. Had the most contagious laugh in Crocker . . . with wit that loved to play. The silvery sands of Falmouth have no substitute according to . . . Harry. I n l w 1 I 1 4 i l 5 . l l , 1 l V -fl l Lew--- -zu ...,- - --.-.-..-- . - Y 5 if Priscilla Louise Hewey Conscientiousnes: and efficiency will form the path of Priscilla's life. Daily trips to and from Worcester have led to many and interesting ' experiences . . . who enioyed those cakes from experimental foods made by none other than . . . Pris. Evelyn R. Hoyt Founder ofthe badminton cup . . . devoted to Betinna, Wheatina and potato chips. Seldom seen without "Mase," A modern dancer, with a pet peeve of being called a red head .... One, with a corre- spondence that is nil except to a certain party overseas is . . . Evie. 34 Rose Mary Hoye A familiar face at all socials . . . refuses more than thirty one dates a month. Capable of doing the work of six and always with a smile .... Amazes all in abilities as a milliner. ln a nut shell . . . industrious, assured and buoyant is . . . Posie. s-1 ' ' i Kathryn Nina Keith California bound . . . enjoys Massachusetts but misses the Golden Gate. A horse lover to the highest degree and an admirable rider. Dungarees enjoyed for leisure but a sudden change into suits as in Vogue, reveals the charming qualities of a lady, that we all know in . . . Kathy. Claire Ellen Kimmens Familiar face in the printing shop. Coke and cake parties during the election . . . "Frankie and Johnny," word for word, and can har- monize to anything. The mathematical constant in any group . . . calm, cool and collected, is . . . Kim. 35 Dorothy Kathleen Kelly A train eastward, brought Dot from No. Dakota. . . . Has the amazing ability to combine work with play and study too. Finds summers in Chicago hardly monotonous, here at Framing- ham, varies activities with bridge to secretarial work. An ideal sense of humor and a student of renown . . . Dot. 5 1 l i l 4 l l I Q... .'. i,'..4.1..., ,. - l L . ,.. , ,M -.3 L. A .lean Ethel Leslie An evening visit with never a dull moment . . . wonderful food and a family, unsurpassable. As efficient as a bulldozer . . . has supervised many refreshment committees. Traveled by auto as a "frosh," but c'est la guerre . . . we walk. As a teacher, students will appreciate . . . Jean. 36 Evelyn Marieilfirkpatrick A most lovable and fascinating gal to know. Quiet and thoughtful one minute . . . gay and vivacious the next. Adroit with the pen and brush as well . . . in articles in the Gate Post and many artistic designs. With her first love for Falmouth Heights. . . the Navy's a close second for . . . Kirk. Charlotte Elizabeth Lamb Slightly lost at the split of the King-Lamb com- bination . . . we too felt the absence of Joan when she joined the Wacs. Pictures of two brothers caused many enthusiastic comments. l Frequently seen at dances . . . the officers club. Q Lieutenantls bars on her lapel. One of the best natured gals we know . . . Charlie. V I l l 1 E i i i ! A ' 5 VF" WW . 8 A. ...... .. N , ,.- ,- , ,,,-f...--.-,..c.....,. .,,.. -L-,.,.. ?,,,...,,...,,,,,, .- ..... . I Agnes Loyola Madden A spirited lrishman from the Berkshires and member of "aunties club," three ways. A chocolate cake and coke lover .... Faithful follower of fighting fronts with invasion maps .... An ardent music fan from "Carmen" to "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," is . . . Loy. 37 Phyllis Brownell Loring Reserved and quiet . . . has a large public at 9:30 P.M., for sand- wiches and milk. A familiar face at the P.X. on Saturdays . . . Tales ' A of N. H. in the summer time, and remember the football uniforms . . . an original idea of. . . Phyl. Leonor M. Luiz Hails from "Whaling City" . . . an enthusiastic leader of A.A. Always ready to guide certain fellow Vocs in jumping the stiffer hurdles. Harvard's Hockey leader. A great-aunt and proud too .... That the best things come in small packages, is proved by . . . Leo. 1 l 1 1 i s l . l r 1 I 1 I A.. .... ....,. ' .L Arlene Louise Martin Our 4-H blue ribbon gal . . . a flair for fashion drawing and smooth poster layouts. She walked quietly among us . . . smiled wryly at our ravings. We realized her worth only after we'd needed the Q helping hand of . . . Arlie. Barbara Ann Moalli A familiar face over weekends, for 'tis chilly by the sea . . .in Glouces- ter. Must have the secret formula for a glossy mane. Soft spoken within a crowd but tops in humor. A golden friendship, yields a silver lining . . . a philosophy a la . . . Mo. 38 Patricia Jean McDermott Has eyes of blue, a smooth figure and a ward- robe that's definitely Vogue and Mademoiselle. Made fame, as Mistress of Ceremony for the A'Kempis Club .... A favorite at the Officer's dances . . . and also the favorite of Swarthmore is . . . Pat. i. X ?f. l . ,fr A Maddie. -. e. ,.....,,. - . ,T ,.,., fag ., . 'ff' ' 3 Q Kathleen Frances Murphy Believes in a beauty sleep . . . twelve hours a day . . . a grin that's spontaneous. Carefree and in a state ol oblivion during the waking hours. Finds the gals hard to convince, with fantastic stories . . . she's usually right, too. Our spirit of spring because of the angelic and Feminine . . . Katie. 39 Madeleine Rita Moran Accomplished, not just did things. Displayed a speed that could floor "Wonder Woman." A pink and white complexion, deepened to bright red on occasions. Made fame in sports . . . ability for studying . . . introduced the newest of songs. Versatility plus . Bettyanne Morse lntrigued first by a hearty laugh . . . then the "we can do it" attitude. "Time waits for no one," but it does all right by Betty. At Crocker, was seen gazing at the stars . . . or perhaps something else. Our version of "good goods" . . . Petunia. 'YQ Maureen Murphy Plans for pioneering . . . sparkling wit and a genius for organizing. 3 r Our petite pin-up with a full date book and a beautiful red head . . . Q crammed with more than our combined knowledge. A happy forte V for looking surprised at her own deviltry, had . . . Murph. Rosemary Louise O'Connell "Ask Rory, she'll know what to do" . . . our by-word. Finds a suc- cessful hairdresser in her Mother. O'Connell and A'Kempis work synergistically. Finds time for everything . . . we weaken when her eyes wrinkle from that smile . . . Rory. 40 Maryalyce Newman Could keep congress in session for weeks . . . by making the shortest story seem endless. As a "Frosh," couldn't spell Tuesday . . . now can safely make it through Thursday. Will never be forgotten as a teacher at Cushing . . . has many thankful friends. Bach, Beethoven or Boogie Woogie . . . all three have a following with . . . Maryalyce. -.., .W . H Sally Elizabeth Palmer The favorite topic of conversation . . . Hampton Beach. Shines with J versatility and originality . . . Famous for her scrolled letters of ap- ! proximately 25 feet in length. A familiar scene in any lecture . . . if Sally, sound asleep. Enthusiastic socialite . . . "men," civilians as .V well as soldiers, sailors and marines, is the hobby of . . . Sal. Mildred Hope Perlmutter Our claim to fame on the legitimate stage in "Cry Havoc" . . . Re- members N. Y. but extolls the charm of N. H. A voice for the radio . . . perhaps a future celebrity. Unmistalcably outstanding with a long coiffure . . . Mil. 41 Phyllis Audrey Pennucci Even at stag dances . . . a six foot couple. Never first in line at the mail table, but is often re- warded. Thinlcs, dreams and talks of sub- marines. A secret philosophy on life, in which everything happens the right way. Very de- cidedly on the smooth side .... Phyl. Elaine Shirley Rabinovitz Finds music a great source of pleasure. Efficient in everything . . . even assignments. Her thoughts are many but nothing is dis- closed until an accumulation of ideas is set forth by . . . Elaine. L 1 Barbara Ann Seaver A debater of high repute, with the last word in any argument . . . politics lure her like a fly baits a fish. Withholds memories from summers in Detroit .... Happy and cheerful . . . demure and a pranlrster . . . Barb. 42 Mary Martha Saulnier Small package of dynamite . . . exploding with chemistry. Coffee at any hour . . . yearns for the summer . . . an excuse to don the dungarees. Jolly to laugh with but firm to depend on. Since Crocker, the rage has been cornflalces muffins for . . . Saul. Elinore Catherine Shrels Our feminine Benchley, with a flair for story telling . . . and a family, custom built for story making. She managed to play "foolish" even during exam week and stay on top. The most tremendous boodle t,Uw""' cache in H.M.H. and constant jibes at the weight she hasn't. There's 5 not much, but all of it is our . . . Elie. Jean Marilyn Sprague Dial "chief," par excellence . . . a little gal with ' zip, snap, sparkle . . . and lots of executive ability. Enthusiastic . . . about everything . . . 'QAM and what fun to be with!! Top notch model in -2 her "shorties," was our . . . Jeanie. Florence Elizabeth Teahan ig Z lg Blond hair and rich pastel colors . . . a yen for smooth clothes and 1 she can make them . . . our seventh little tailor. Cigarette lighters 5 "fi" phere of turmoil . . . always calm despite the presence of our mad ness. . . . Flo. . . . . - :ff'of?i' F5i?1f:if563'1.f ' " i' compacts . . . all with a taste of originality. Unmoved in an atmos' lr, - ff-3 ,fr f 5 ii Helen Thomas Habitually occupied and prompter than prompt. An asset to the Chemistry department and all others too. As a "frosh," remembers being caught in the act . . . a refugee from a sick bed . . . ended up in the infirmary. Always successful in finding an equally smooth dance partner. Our "most" in generosity . . . a super gal .... Tom. Lois Emeline Thompson ln a subdued manner, many characteristics are hidden . . . condescending to any favors . . . errands to the Center . . . weekly trips to Cushing. Remembers a successful draping problem .... None of us could square dance to surpass . . . Lo. 5 1 ,. -..J Nancyll.ouise Todd Famous for her mighty drives and prevention of Yale goals. Lover of nature . . . worries about how to fatten up F.T.C. squirrels. A suc- , cessful budgeter with a lovely manner .... We remember as our -Q,, V charming May Queen . . . Nan. M E 44 5 Q 3 1 3 i l Rose Uclcerman W l 1 ! 5 1 l Q t F ,s 5 , f ' , k K 1 f v Q ..,.,, -.-.-,- W . Mary Catherine Walsh Has more zip than a talon fastener. Vivacious . . . subdued . . . a letter from the Harvard Hash . . . a shriek, broad grin and much wild waving. An assignment due . . . it's done pronto. An uncanny ability to learn well and explain thoroughly. And those "lush" color combinations of . . . Walshiel 45 A N.Y.C. enthusiast . . . widely read on the sciences and fine arts. Worked among us quietly . . . seen frequently, rushing madly for a bus or the latest on L'il Abner. An interest in Med. students and the 7 possibilities of LatinfAmerica . . . the favorite topics of. . . Rosie. Marjorie Dodge Wainwright Feminine, meticulous and Marjorie . . . is the perfect blend. With memories of Gloucester, has offered many interesting fish stories . . . the perfect seamstress and ideal foot warmer. Out- standing both with hands and mind, is. . . Marge. E Letitia Warnock L.S.M.F.T .... between, before, and after classes. A-1 in the sand- W' j wich brigade and the doer of the impossible. She sails too .... Wit, y, personality and leadership during four years, have made all of us fond of. . . Letty. -'UH Jeanhe Genevieve Wright The bluest of eyes and the facial expressions of great variety. Never a dull moment . . . from bandaids in ice boxes to the story of a trick knee. As a leader works to the end . . . any job is done well. Back to New York . . .we'II be at a loss without those songs and puns from . . . Jeannie. 46 Phyllis Hamilton Welsh An earnest worker and the youngest of the Vocs' .... A beaming bride on December 18th. Her heart's in Yale basketball and New Haven's Yale too. Hostess to those New Salem week-ends. Proud of a Marine brother, and a wonderful minister's wife is . . . Phyl. 1 7fteq rqnfiwyzecf 14 Pvt. Virginia Noyes, Marine J o a n K i n g , W. A. C. Pic. Gloria Dunphy, W.A.C. Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Miller Uoan MacLean, Mr. 81 Mrs. D. P. Davies, fBariaara A'HearnJ 47 Gian Class of '45, We became a class of freshmen united by a common bond of frightened excite- ment at the newness of it all. College! We had barely finished untangling ourselves from the con- fusion of registration when we were shoclced by the news of Pearl Harbor. We loolced around us eagerly to see what we could do to help the war effort, and found that there was Red Cross lcnitting to be done. A few of us could lcnit. The others soon learned, at the expense of assembly spealcers who lectured in vain above our absorbed bent page-boys. Luclcy indeed were the spealcers who saw a few scattered pairs of eyes upturned in a dreamy lcnit 2 purl 2 reverie. None of us will ever forget the required modern dance classes with Miss Taylor. Sure, it looked easy the way she did it, undulating, dynamic. But we suddenly discovered that we had the most uncoordinated hips and lcnees! And how self-conscious we felt at first in our scanty leotards! Oh, but worst of all - the agony of climbing stairs to classes on the days after! Clinging to railings to pull ourselves up, a bond of comradeship grew, as we smiled in compassion at the sister sufferer who was using the other railing. That was not the only time we suffered climb- ing stairs. It had been no snap to navigate three flights on one high heel and one snealcer, with torso wrapped in a towel, toga-fashion, and our hair invisible under a bathing cap. That was Freshmen Initiation Weelc. As we prostrated ourselves in this attire before the arrogant seniors and recited Mother Goose at their request, we gritted our teeth and prayed for control of our tempers. Those whose prayers were not answered were haled into Freshman Court, to suffer greater humiliation. But when we became seniors, the tables were turned and the new freshmen were at our mercy. As the war progressed, our men left one by one to join the services, and we blossomed out with regimental pins and officers' brass on our Sloppy Joes. Our blazers blazed with bright shoulder patches. We gathered in each other's rooms in the dorms and in the smolcing room to read our letters together. We rejoiced together over coming furloughs, and the bond of friendship strengthened. A few of the very luclcy girls had their own men home to talce them to the college dances, but most of us depended upon importa- tions from college army programs. That wasn't so bad, either! ln fact, some permanent romances sprang from just such humble beginnings. We held our Junior Prom at the Copley- Plaza, with a non-union orchestra beating it out. When the head ofthe Musicians' Union arrived in a rage, it toolc some well-timed placating before he purred lilce a lcitten under our slcillful strolcing. Wow! How close we had come to dancing to a juice box that night we realized, as we wiped the perspiration under our wispy up-do's. We planned and executed the college's war bond drive. We built two war bond and stamp booths, decorated them with patriotic crepe paper, and set them up in Dwight Hall's entrance and near the May Hall Students' Room. Since then each succeeding sophomore class has in- herited the project. We're awfully proud that we were the class to start it. We crowned our May Queen when we were sophomores. She was beautiful, and the day was beautiful, as we danced across the grass of Chal- mers Theater singing the Cornish May Song. But even our traditional May Day was overshadowed by the everpresent note of war, as we presented to the Student Alumnae Building Fund the gift of a S100 war bond with fitting ceremony. Many of us became air-raid wardens, and we all were properly impressed to discover our be- loved Miss Carter tearing around the campus in uniform. We've rather become used to the idea of uniforms these last four years. Our class dwindled as girls were enticed away by numerous wartime agencies, or more specifically: WACS, WAVES, AND WEDDINGS. Stunt Nights will never be forgotten. ln our freshman year we portrayed the story of a sol- dier's life, complete with vices, as those can testify who danced the Cancan in gym shorts and sashes. The competition with other classes was stiff. We didn't win. Oh, but we were deter- mined we'd win in our sophomore year! Such costuming! Such singing! We personified the Good Neighbor Policy. La conga! Spanish dancers and tambourines! We sang "Hi, Neigh- bor!" with a Latin accent to the applause of the finale. The applause must have been relief to see our show ended, for we lost again. Oh, but we were determined we'd win in our junior year! We presented the woes of junior year in comic form. We were very funny - in fact, we laughed our- selves silly at rehearsals-but we lost again. Oh, but we were determined we'd win in our senior year! Our theme for this last chance was the portrayal of the history of Framingham, bris- tling with bustles. Oh, the madness and hysteria of waiting for the judges' decision! Could it be? Could it? Yes! That's right. The judges made no mistalce. Jflld may Senior year we discarded our pigtails in favor of the more dignified silver barrettes and velvet bands, as graduation drew nearer. We wore our caps and gowns to lnvestiture Chapel, startled a little by our own solemnity. Then Christmas, the Christmas banquets and the Glee Club Candle- light Service. Bundled in slci pants and scarves, we caroled at the houses of all the faculty, con- spicuous for volume rather than our melody. Our hearts captured the beauty of the night as we sang "Silent Night" and watched the blue and pinlc falling stars. Our practical natures captured the coolcies and candy lcisses thrown to us, and stowed them safely away in paper bags for dormitory eating. And the delicious cocoa at Dean l..arned's! Then the midnight supper at Croclcer Hall, with President O'Connor singing "Sweet Molly Malone." Spring found us pastel-gowned seniors in the Daisy Chain we had watched for three years. We placed the ropes of daisies on the green campus lawn before Horace Mann Hall in the form of our numerals: 1945. ln the Friendship Circle we sang our college songs as the June duslc deepened. Our eyes were bright - some with stardust, some with tears. The Senior Reception was a mad whirl of orchids and music. At parting, the bond of friendship was ever stronger, as we pledged our future amid a heap of suitcases, lamps, and boolcs. We were four years older, four years wiser, and four years happier. Graduation at last! With diploma and degree in hand, each in our own way we can say, directly into the microphone, please: "Hello, Mom. I won!" Shirley De Lancey " . s ,f .4 4 Val, . .,.. UNICDRS First on our list of junior year thrills was returning in September: for teaching, and to rising at six A.M. to prepare delicious meals for Miss Teaching, while the other half remain on the hill running the Vocational On the lighter side, we had a perfect time at our Junior Weekend, advisor, Dr. Chase. At our dance that evening, we had MEN, and to a deal of strategy to round us up because of our "various occupations". in beauty. Well, after a grand and varied year, we, the juniors are ready meeting the most internes in hospital practice. 'Rza - .. I "r""'WY' 'T7'Ts"7"' rr-- w. , A we 50 .,-7 Josephine Dean, Treasurer 4 Lillian St. Thomas, Secretary Theresa Smith, President Agnes McDonald, Vice-President the Elementaries, to a rugged schedule, for the H.A.'s to extremely busy Hall and Crocker, for the Voc.'s to classes in anticipation of Practice House. ' despite the rain, when all 'IO of us wallced in upon our gracious class spare - fpractically had to call in another classl. Stunt Night required Then, our incomparable Prom - nothing will ever equal our Junior Debs for a summer of correspondence to see who is making the most tips or So long seniors, and very best wishes! Mary Pickering, '46 can-6. -?'Jl1x'lf"'?' E Efl-i:Y?CPf' ' r I Lug x -a ' Y- J' 4 il77'7'T.Y7TT 'TP -.meta mg ,img.ii?2f1s.f Lf! 51 av'- 'li' 'rn' ' v., ,. is Q?-bfi' 5?L s .fm1. .-w"" ',,.,. 3' W-L-Q..i1,V 'L X ,. 'f Mail Cmalel situation looks good Form-ing an acquaintance? A? V mf wg ' 2 S ww, .mx . " we at it Vip, What a pretty tree! Junior Lorelei Bottoms up! X . Don't cry, Piclcy Crocker swing shift , W3 viva' A Hi, Tess C-r-r-a-c-lc! All that Chicken! - Crocker - Thursday Nighl 53 PHQM September, 1944, and we were sophomores!! The old familiar our consciousness of being sophomores. The H.A.'s were on the Q"And still are," some say grimly.J The "baby" class had now grown up and were fully aware of vocations and we concentrated our theatrical talents on May Day. freshmen and again had our eyes on first place. We had lost our "know-it-all" attitude. We had studied hard worthy of it. 54 From left to right Geraldine Murphy, Secretary Leslie Lane, Vice-President Margaret Bane, Treasurer Mary Clinton, President CRES Juildings made us feel lilce freshmen again, but the strange new faces doubled hreshold of "Sophomore Chem." and were more than a little afraid of it. heir new responsibilities. Observing for one, made us thinlc of our future Stunt Night occupied a place in our thoughts, too, because we had won as I n I nd prospered by rt. We re ready to step into the junior niche and be Phyllis Donnell, '47 ,. V 1 .. lv r I r l 4 Sun worshipers Aren't you a little chilly? Scrub team Bobby soclcs? Sweet Music 56 900' if Got the time? A penny saved Donkey ears Cheese cake! Scrimmage 57 TQESI-I Our hearts were high, and our ambitions higher, as we entered and Freshman Court fthe sophomores' tales of previous years of being a stranger seemed to leave us. The first round of exams freshmen ever learn? We were thrilled with Harvard-Yale weelc- to us quite strongly. We realize that there is a lot to accomplish in the three years in the hearts ofthe freshmen particularly, the earnest hope that 58 Jean Faulkner, Treasurer Virginia MacCauley, President Barbara Smith, Vice-President Joy Edson, Secretary EN ur first year at F.T.C. True to form, we were scared at the thought of initiations 'ere of no help at alll. We managed to dodge our way through, and that feeling ame - they spoiled all our dreams of a happy, carefree college life -- will nd, duly impressed with Candlelight Service, and social life on the hill appealed lat lie ahead. With the War Class going out, there is in everyone's heart, and fe may bear the title of Armistice Class of '46. Lea Morneau, '48 Claire Sheehan, '48 r Z, lvl' ,A . la- I- w Z- . C ' ,V ,,- ,Q Vila, - ,. , ,. .w r f lat-ff,-",,L,5,4f'Y,,',::: ,.,.fL- ,ag- -"" A fs ii., ,M ,Ag n ,fu 1 . Z ,adj ff,5:..:: v.:L,1. V ' -' . -S+ if, a.,:',:e,p . . f - '21 '- ' , .' .wf -f - Q f i :. ' N' 'A 1 2- 'P'?i'a"T.iWS'555G4.g2rf' fe.. ' ' I "i"?f+.1f 'WW wins- .31-ss,-45' 7 of -' .w 1-fi,'2??g 'ACF - fwfr nk., 2572251 .313 :'v'2'if9- , - - . ,gn-1: mm.: ,,M,..i, ,af,,?zf,4-,f,u,- wvmgaz , -ffm ra 5'-,, H7 N f ,, 14 fs,-A H' .Q E42.,.1.-nz-14:11-,:0, 5-F. -j ,gQ7q,i:.5"g-1.- ,rf ,"1iU?g,1S',g-''fZ2,gE2"f5f1f"f'4i54"fb.:'b'- f V ...- ,- h .ny V -- f- 7, git ,1, 4 5 if 'f 11. r ' 1 1 ,, :fp-. wiv rg-,Q Q Q, gn.s2gs,5f-512 ' ' ,, ' ' ' ', ' I' - 3, H. ,?f.11'.,: . 5 .:,i'2Gs 533-s2?91',T': -4f12?i4v7:'1.'31,::1:AL,253t'A3fff12QsS 'iv-W :,. Jia.. -e1f?':f:..: fi:-' 1 'iv' - -'F ITF: f ,ir P '15 4 if? L :,.z fsg1e,,,w.a::-.:.x. f:l.,22L.gwT:ifS'xmm,'f2.. fa n --:..1.fw.3'1af-zf.a:szf4s msn mai.. - ,r -- or muy-l.A,.a 59 Just Restin' Bir Snow Babes Over the top! 60 d ? 'lold that smile! sifting PYGUZY Here it comes! Ooh! A Man! 61 O 6? WAR BOND SALESWOMEN 63 swwze lured Row 1: President O'Connor, Dean Larned, Esther Brady, Treasurer, Maureen Murphy, 2nd Vice-President, Claire Fitzpatrick, President, Letitia Warnock, 1st Vice-President, Virginia Bray, Secretary, Miss Hunt, Mr. Kenny, Advisor, Row 2: Mary Geary, Catherine Clayton, Barbara Ann Ellis, Mary Clinton, Mary Hussey, Phyllis Pennucci, Jean Leslie, Mary Ma- honey, Theresa Smith, Ann Henderson Coop. - sponsored' Field Day, students discover that faculty are good-sport-humans, To the query "Can democracy be worlc- able?" we would reply, "Witness our Student Cooperative Association!" Freshmen will grate- fully remember the morale- building freshman handboolc which toolc a great deal of terror out of those first weelcs. And at Student while the latter see us for once, as formidable - sports opponents. We believe in such activities, for they enable us to under- stand each other, and, what is more important, to build a basis for needed-cooperation. An informal Meeting 64 The Mart Managedgby Student Coop. J t 'r 01644 ani Glad Gamez! Theletters,C.C.C., throw many fresh- men into a quan- dary. Could Fram- ingham possibly have a Civilian Con- servation Corps? Not exactly, al- though the Class and Club Council does malce a point of conserving the stan- dards ol our college civilians. It functions dually as a pace- malcer and a peace- malcer. Setting the pace is the life worlc oi the C.C.C. Activity Calendar, and how popular it has proved to bel Students made the second step, after registering and buying Budget Ticlcets, the purchasing ol the "Daily Reminder". Girls proud to compose this council are representatives of all classes and clubs, as well as of the "Gate Post" and "Dial". Faculty members malce the arbitrary powers truly legal. ,v aww Row 1: Evelyn Hoyt, Miss Taylor, Advisor, Maureen Murphy, Chairman, Eleanor Harrington, Charlotte Collins, Madeleine Moran, Row 2: Helen Thomas, Jean Sprague, Theresa Smith, Barbara Ellis, Leonor Luiz Helen Vaznaian, Ruth Fifield, Letitia Warnock, Chairman, Elizabeth Herrick, Florence Lynch If caught by our F.B.I. fFramingham's Bureau of lnquirersl, college delinquents can expect sincere and broadminded appraisall The first vice-president land automatic chairman of the board, is said "to be a lenient C. O". To get a good average of opinion, tradition dictates that one senior, two juniors, one sophomore, and a faculty advisor be present. Now what did the juniors do to rate two members? Practice Teaching and Croclcer - maybe? 65 efzemblbuf eauncil How we all admire the ribbons and honor awards on our servicemen! But did you Row 1: Dr. Foster, Advisor, Jeanne Wright Phyllis Elmer Madeleine Moran, ever gfgp tg think gf fl-ie in- Chairman, Jeanne Spelman, Row 2: Lena WaGew, Elizabeth irank, Mary Saulnier, tangible though no less Edith Manter, Alberta Snow, Helen Vaznaian worthy, honor system, we, as chemistry conscious colle- giennes practice? Can't be denied - it gives us a certain sense of responsibility. The student's leadership grows by leaps and bounds as she can be entrusted with even so minor a thing as an unproctored exam. Rm. 41 in Wells Hall has been the scene of many such mental-moral battles which try the soul. This is why we can be proud of the fact that the thirteen chemistry councilors' duties are, in their own words, "reduced to a minimum". l'l.A.'s and Voc.'s agree that the spirit of Chemistry Council could be adapted to other courses with equal success. Quia! and Gulm This is the Emily Post of our hill, whose dictates rule in matters of proper conduct at Assembly and at Chapel. Edith Souls Barbara Moalli Frances Bellantoni Mar ear Although an inconspicuous group, its commands when issued are nevertheless tanta- mount to law. As for instance, through frequent fire drills which have become our specialty. By being on time, and on our best behavior at college meetings, we chalk up a reputation For ourselves, as well as an impression on our guest spealcers. "Sorry, Seniors, your lcnitting may be for Britain, but it must wait!" 66 I I I Y G YI Chairman, Mary Braley, Earlene Boot .fiiaamf Gaancd Cruise into the quiet waters ol the Ella Ritchie Library, and your study problems for that extra hour are solved! Psychology, Nutrition, Methods, or just Engrossing Fiction await the inquiring or Barbara Seaver, Elmira Chapdelaine, Miss Pratt, Advisor, Lillian St. Thomas, Bettyanne Morse. jaded Mind of the thesis writer or Practice Teacher. Library Council helps to lceep our library in its top notch condition. Two representatives from each class see that wandering boolcs are returned to home port. Councilors assist as valuable interpretative agents between Miss Pratt and the student body. Gamnmlwi eaancflf At five past any hour, scurrying down Graham Ejeano, punch Menon Bmden college hill and burdened with treatises ' ' ol truth, the Commuters present evidence ol the speed of our modern age. We realize that the Commuters malce up a lair percentage ol our population, and that they have definite problems and opinions. Thus, their council meetings, into which no boarder dare set loot, have played a major role in smoothing life for the Trespassers of the Turnpilce. Dean Larned, Advisor, Jean Leslie, Chairman, Jeanne Wright, Claire Forbes, Mary Mahoney, Jeanne Spellman, Constance Querin, Jean 67 we 2 - Z Planning, writing material to meet a deadline, sitting lor pictures, arranging pages artistically -- all these go into the malcing up ol the "Dial" Hard-worlcing editors plead, beg, and threaten, in order that their staffs shall give "their all". Then, out ol the murlcy recesses ol hidden literary lairs, tinged with the smolce of the midnight oil, come the first few pulsing thoughts that are soon breathed into ideas, lines, and pages. "The Book" becomes our child, our life, our very being. With us rests the responsibility ol capturing the spirit ol Framingham on these pages. Row 1, left to right: Mrs. Herring, Art Advisor, Jean Sprague, Editor-in-chief, Evelyn Kirkpatrick, Art Editor, Miss Sparrow, Literary Advisor, Miss Larned, Business Advisor, Madeleine Moran, Business Manager, Row 2: Dorothy Carpenter, Photography, Mary Walsh, Advertising, Charlotte Collins, Data, Arlene Martin, Publicity, Patricia Eldridge, Literary, Elizabeth Furneaux, Subscription The editor wishes to express grateful appreciation to the art editor and others ol the 1945 Dial Staff forthe unstinting worlc each contributed in order that we might achieve the purpose of this boolc. Special recognition is given to: Rosemary Hoye, Helen Thomas, Sally Palmer, Margaret Harper, and Elizabeth Herriclc lor their valuable assistance to the literary editor. Deep appreciation is expressed to Mrs. Ruth Herring lor her invaluable service in connection with the boolc's malce-up and general management, to Miss Marjorie Sparrow who reviewed the literary material, and to Miss Dorothy Larned lor her helpful counsel given the business and advertising managers. 68 '7fae Gale wwf Extra! Read all about it! Ye college paper- eight issues published an- nually - depicting daily events here on the hill. "Y" Dance By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Red Cross Opens Drive, Alumnae in Hawaii, Seniors Win Stunt Night. Such headlines as these record current college activities for posterity and lceep our editor, "Red" Harrington, and her competent staff always on the job. The Gate Post is published by the students, for the students and contains news oi student and alumnae activities. vvii r'r1,f:n ,H A Q 9,7 f LA ,LA V125 -, Row 1: Maybelle Kelley, Mary Saulnier, Claire Forbes, Elaine Rabinovitz, Margaret Harper, Dawn Leonard, Ann Henderson, Lois Thompson, Row 2: Mary Pickering, Marguerite Donnelly, Rose Uckerman, Assistant Editor, Miss Gerritson, Advisor, Eleanor Harrington, Editor, Agnes MacDonald, Row 3: Marjorie Waters, Camella Cellucci, Marion Bean, Geraldine Donnelly, Claire Kimmens, Margaret Murphy, Mary Mahoney, Vivian Anderson, Patricia Eldridge, Jean Miller, Patricia Broderick, Lillian St. Thomas 69 af. eu. e. ,Q Row 1: Helen Vaznaian, Elizabeth Herriclc, Charlotte Hatch, Treasurer, Virginia Marble, President, Lena WaGew, Vice-President, Joan Sutherland, Secretary, Ruth Jones, Mrs. Herring, Advisor, Row 2: Barbara Sample, Ruth Plotner, Ruth Haselton, Mary Pickering, Shirley Mason, Lois Thompson, Margaret Dewar, Patricia Eldridge - A. Betty Herriclc's pro- grams, billed on a world relatedness theme, brought us something different. We heard some unbe- lievable stories from an Army nurse baclc from New Guinea, at the "Y" supper, we leasted on unusual Chinese dishes amongst Occidental surroundings. lt's easy enough to stay up all night dancing, but to get up before six thirty in the morning is a different matter. However, the turn-out at the Sunrise Service showed that the irls were as interested in practicing their religious life, as they were their social, at the Moonlight Mood. lhat means something in this world, where so many are neglecting the simplicity of religion and lite. Marguerite Donnelly, Publicity, Patricia McDermott, Treas- urer, Miss Joyce, Advisor, Rita Clapp, Secretary, Rosemary O'ConneIl, President. 14'1Cem7z12L Glad The girls oi the Catholic faith can be justly proud of the contributions their club has made to the year's activities. Closer bonds, based upon this faith, are iostered by regular meetings, at which priests from neighboring parishes clarify topics pertinent to the wide-awalce college student. The Fall and Spring Communion Brealciasts provide an opportunity for social and religious expression. A gay A'Kempis formal, traditionally held in Boston, added a lighter note to the year's program, and a very successful note at that. 70 fqddafzcfq First 1: Josephine Dean, Secretary, Leonore Luiz, President, Eva Harcovitz, Treasurer, Shirley Mason, Vice-President, Row 2: Priscilla Rice, Mary Pickering, Jean Miller, Evelyn Hoyt, Publicity Manager, Helen Gardner, Row 3: Nancy Todd, Marguerite Donnelly, Miss Taylor, Advisor, Theresa Smith, Edith Manter. Basketball, tennis, badminton, field hockey, hiking, and modern dance. What a variety! That's the A.A. PMA. sponsored Harvard-Yale weekend is one ofthe most successful endeavors of the year. The unity of the whole college is split into two factions: one cheering for a team of crimson-clad Framing- hamites, and the other for a teamlol classmates in Eli blue - both in hot competition for hockey and basketball championship. One chapel period was set aside'to award the Framingham athletes their letters and numerals to sew on their jackets. This is one time thatlnofotajections to sewing were raised anywhere on our campus. Athletic officers at play 71 mefdm Glad The magical madness ol a mystery play, "Nine Girls," was the college Thespians' contribution to us, an ex- pectant audience of "first- nighters." Hardly a seat edge was without an occu- pant during Ruth's and Cam's polcer scene - and we don't mean cardsl For those of us whose talents lie in other directions, Row 1: Helen Vaznaian, Treasurer, Miss Kingman, Advisor, Ann Henderson, the club offered participation in the radio group, or in the arts and crafts department. No matter which outlets we chose, we shared a common enthusiasm in our club's activities. Jfame gc ' Glad ieizietary, Evelyn Hoyt, President, Row 2: Ruth Fifield, Vice-President, Lucille e ey This club rellects the spirit ol the Household Arts Majors - not only by spot- lighting new dimensions in Home Economics, but also Row 1: .lea n Miller, Treasurer, Miss Munroe, Advisor, Helen Thomas, President, by vifalizins Current t0PlC5- Lillian St. Thomas, Vice-President, Row 2: Jean Leslie, Madeleine Moran, Ruth The ingenious style COUIISC- Brayton, Secretary, Marjorie Wainwright lor, Avant, at one of our meetings, turned the spotlight iranlcly on our own dimensions, and brought us happily up to date on figure camouflage. Another big event we sponsored was International Night, which featured a colorful review ofthe coun- tges south ol the Caribbean. Every meeting had its values, and we were quiclc to talce advantage ol t em. 72 glee ew GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Charlotte Collins, President, Jean Leslie, Vice-President, Josephine O'Connor, Secretary, Barbara Ward, Treasurer, Ruth Jones, Publicity Not all of the Glee Club music is as easily sung as listened to! But we were always eager to have re- hearsals. Not only were they satisfying in themselves, but they led to joint concerts with Harvard or Worcester Polytech, Candlelight Services, and greatest thrill -the Pop concert with Mr. Gilday in our freshman year. Behind the scenes, a hundred of us worlced lilce demons in Archibald Hall twice a weelc. We struggled for interpretation, expression, and synchronization. And some struggled just to read the notes! But it was worth the hard worlc. Glee Club was lun! THE CHOIR 73 QROCKER HALL PEIRCE HALL CROCKER HALL fb 4 HORACE MANN HALL HORACE MANN HALL P E I R C E H A L L EEE! UIQ: pezhce alfa!! College dwelling of the freshmen and ever-busy sophomores - livable and cosy with its big living room and noolc-lilce alcoves. The piano and radio are welcome and much used accompani- ments for friendly group singing or after-dinner rug cutting - a good excess energy releaser - before the two-hour study period which ensues each evening. Pre- bedtime snaclcs - varying from a cup of Nescafe to a sirloin stealc - send delightful odors to permeate the corridors. President Catherine Clayton and col- leagues, Mary Beth McCann, Barbara Smith, and Joan Sutherland, enlist the aid of active committees to plan and conduct such events as an occasional "dorm dance" and the Christmas party. Dormitory living is one Form of practical training toward learning to live together. Thus, fun and Frolic combined with the necessary rules and regulations, malce for well-balanced living. 0404606 M600 cud!! Left to right: Catherine Clayton, President, Joan Sutherland, Treasurer, Barbara Smith, Vice-President, Mary Beth McCann, Secretary Gay, informal, and mighty livable is the atmosphere created here by the lively and noncha- lant upperclassmen. Here, the activities are sprightly and varied as Voca- tional, Elementary, and Household Arts maiors heatedly discuss all - from Left to right: Patricia Eldridge, Marjorie Wainwright, President, Marion Bean, the tribulations of lesson plans and their execution to "What shall l wear when the Fleet comes in?" lt's easy to relax in the pleasant ter- race-fronted living room or in the brightly decorated and well-equipped lcitchenette. House rulesuand dormitory activities are overseen by Miss Johnson and the able executive quartet composed of Marjorie Wainwright, Helen Gardner, Margaret Murphy, and Theresa Smith. Marjorie Waters 'I6 r l l n P 5 1 2 lu I, e e e TQ i i l n nl l j e 1 I Gaadam alla!! Living together, working rrtogether and liking it - 'juniors in the practice house :through one semester learn :the meaning of cooperation 'rand the satisfaction which comes from "doing." Under the able direction of Miss Hall, what colorful ateas these girls serve - what delectable dinners! Thus, they find how food preparation and correct social agraces can be an adventure, contributing to gracious living. Left to right: Lena WaGew, Vice-President, Ann Henderson, President, Martha Neil, Secretary, Margaret Dewar, Treasurer 7facal'i0naf Jfaude i 1 ! ' A ten-minute walk or a five- 2 as minute run down State Street orings you to the Vocational 4 House where Vocs. live with rMiss Lombard eight weeks of wheir freshman, junior, and :senior years. rl There as frightened freshmen, whey will never forget entering 5 r'178," not knowing they would mzncounter - 6:30 A.M. bell- iejuest nights -- accounts - and faehose freshly typed Bibles. As joyous juniors, amid millinery, demonstrations, and lessons, these Vocs. geecall - Trade trips - "remember the Admiraln! - thorough house-cleaning - 7:25 bus for the Nursery School. Then, those superior eight seniors fill the house to enjoy Buffet supper -freshman qaister picnic - Sunday suppers on the back lawn - and "where's that electric meter?" 75 So here, the Vocational Family works, and plays, and learns to live with, rather than among people! 77 We eai and eat Ca la p.i.'sD We wait and ea 78 Fun Under the Sun Time out for a short one Hungry Hikers What's Trumps? 79 W ,WR av 35 s mis CLASS OF '48 Tenshun! Drill-hmm! Advanced Guard In military manner Monkey 8: friends 82 4 Week CLASS OF '45 Sister act Glamour shot What is it? as ,5.,,,, .mmw,,,r ,.,., o. . , vewwwiw Awwfnef fe G we rw,Ws.s,2f-4 3, 84 f he Soph Prexy crowns Queen The Court Sweet and lovely May Day Traditional IWW iw TES? ' .,w P Freshmen -- Classes were never like this Sophomores -- Reminiscing May Day Juniors - Night life in the dorms f 'v Photos by Glew szmz my, Seniors - Androclasia and ye wolf Photo by Glew At ease I was framed Perfect Specimen, Homo Sapiens Casey, Ph.D. at bat Mad scramble Batter up! 88 On the ball Tl1ey're off! 89 Photo by Glew Studio A - Radio Group Murder will out- Fine arts play Anal the angels sing Marion Bean - Virginia Lynch 90 Photo by Glew 'Me ,Gm IFS the technique that counts - Modern Dance Group 91 A F' DOROTHY LARNED A.B. M.A. M.Ed. 149 Highland Avenue, Winchester French, Ethics Dean of Women Q FLORENCE AMIDON 'I9 Pleasant Street, Framingham Clothing, Textiles, Historic Textiles LINWOOD L. WORKMAN A.B. Ed.M. 1'l Church Street, Framingham Sociology, Economics, Child Development, Registrar MURIEL CABOT BUCKLEY B.S.M.S. 11 Orchard Street, Belmont Elementary Clothing, Appreciation and Economics of Clothing 94 SARA M. ARMSTRONG A.B. A.M. 10 State Street, Framingham Psychology, Ed. Measurements ELEANOR F. CHASE B.S. M.S. Ph.D. 45 Hi hland Street Amesbur Chemistry fggtg RUTH H. CARTER B.S. M.Ed. 255 Worcester Road, Framingham English, Education Eff MILLICENT M. COSS A.B. B.S. M.A. 164 State Street, Framingham H.A. Education, Supervisor of Practice Teaching, Millinery SARAH S. CUMMINGS B.A. M.A. 35 Cambridge Road, Woburn History HAZEL L. DINGMAN B.S. M.A. Ithaca, Michigan Interior Design, Costume Color and Design 95 CHARLES E. DONER 43 Scotland Road, Reading Hand writing LUCILLE G. FRENCH B.S. M.A. 50 Jackson Road, West Medford Head of Household Arts Department Household Arts Education CORINNE L. HALL A.B. M.A. 101 State Street, Framingham Household Management Practice Teaching 96 STUART B. FOSTER B.S. A.M. Ph.D. 1 Maynard Road, Framingham Chemistry MAUDE B. GERRITSON B.S. M.A. 9 Church Street, Framingham English EMMA A. HUNT A.B. M.A. 30 Henry Street, Framingham School Health Education Physiology Hygiene, Family Finance Physical Science GRACE A. KENDRICK B.S. M.Ed. 102 Stevens Street, Lowell Music RUTH R. HERRING B.A. M.A. 45 Rochester Road, Newton Art Education ISADORE ISENBERG B.S. M.A. 34 Thornton Street, Revere Physics, Biology, Bacteriology Laboratory GEORGE A. KENNY Ph.B. M.S. 347 Tiffany Avenue, Wamick Neck Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology Elementary Science Methods 97 """"' 'l , mg, l6?UISE KINGMAN State Street, Framingham Speech, Dramatics, Physical Education ELIZABETH C. MacMILLAN B.S. M.A. 9 State Street, Framingham School Lunchroom Management Home Management MADELINE E. MONROE B.S. M.A. 885 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Clothing 98 IECQU LOMBARD Woodridge Avenue, Silver Springs, Md. Home Management, Practice Teaching Supervisor, Vocational Household Arts MARIE P. MAHONEY B.S. M.A. 18 Sturgis Street, Worcester Assistant Librarian LOUIE G. RAMSDELL Ph.B. M.S. 9 Church Street, Framingham Head of Elementary Depart- ment, Geography. DEBORAH M. RUSSELL B.S. A.M. Framingham Center Chemistry, Nutrition Experimental Foods GLADYS F. PRATT B.A. M.A. 9 Spring Street, Westfield American History, Library Usage ANNE ROCHEFORT B.S. M.A. 35 Salem End Road, Framingham Education, Director of Training V llrgvr S--1 'Z ' '-sir' 'A 4: . V iii A ' s. f ' ff . B.S. Ed.M. 102 School Street, Manchester Foods 99 MARJORIE SPARROW A.B. M.A. 1140 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill English Literature, English Composition MAY TURNER B.S. M.A. 'I5 Maynard Road, Framingham Foods FLORA M. JOHNSON Freedom Academy, Freedom, Maine 19 Commonwealth Park, Newton Centre Matron, Horace Mann Hall 100 BERNICE W. TAYLOR B.S. M.A. A.M. 1431 Broadway, Haverhill Physical Education EVELYN W. KEITH B.S. Greendale Station, Worcester Institutional Management I . , 1 s wg gl ,ggj::'.5,e:sg':5i,:Eg:" k' . Li . PRISCILLA STOWERS R.N. 55 Hill Street, Norwood Resident Nurse MRS. LILLIAN DICKINSON 1063 Worcester Road, Framingham Secretary to President ELSRENCE I. ROBBINS 1I32lMain Street, Avon Resident Nurse, Instructor of Home Hygiene and Care of Sick On leave of Absence 1 O1 MILDRED J. IVASKA B.B.A. 87 Prichard Avenue, West Somerville Treasurer MRS. HELEN M. GROWS 561 Franklin Street, Framingham Senior Clerk V..- ..-, ...V ,.,...,,w...m,..o.-,...,..,---..1 1 fonalhan Ma School 1 'Blk LENA CUSHING MARY L. CAUNT iQ FLORENCE M. COOK B.S. M.A. 83 Brown Street, Weston F' 138 Pleasant Street, Framingham 27 Fellows Street, Danvers Grade 7 mmdwmk E Grade 1 Principal 102 MRS. JOSEPH H. KELLY Megonko Road, Natick Grade 7 B. HAZEL DAVIS 140 Union Avenue, Framingham Grades 2 and 3 MARGUERITE F. MARSHALL 67 Pleasant Street, Holliston Grade 3 ALICE E. JOYCE 66 Pleasant Street, Framingham Grade 8 RUTH S. DENNETT 55 Main Street, Framingham Grade 4 LOUISE F. THACHER 15 Acton Street, Wollaston Grade 4 103 MARY P. LONG 15 Reynolds Avenue, Natick Grade 5 MARY J. DONAHUE 47 Clark Street, Framingham Grades 1 and 2 r Xl ROBINETTE WARD 355 Brook Street, Framingham Grade 6 Anderson, Vivian Auriemma, Margherita Beach, Phyllis Bjornsen, Beatrice Broderick, Patricia Burns, Bette Burr, Virginia Carlson, Virginia fbiaeclaaq 46 Strong Street, Palmer A.A. 1,2,3,4. Yale Hockey 2. Y.W.C.A. 1,4. Fine Arts 2. Gate Post 3,4. W.S.S.F. 4. Class Basketball and Hockey 2,3,4. 16 Riverdale St., Allston Fine Arts 2,3. Make-up 2. A.A. 4. Y.W.C.A. 4. 81 Lake View Ave., East Lynn Home Economics 1,2,3,4. Treasurer of State Board. Fine Arts 1. Y.W.C.A. 4. May Day Attendant - Refreshment Committee 2. 19 Webster Place, West Newton Home Economics 2,4. Y.W.C.A. 2,4. 17 Rogers St., Newton Home Economics 1,2,4. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Student Coop Dance 4. Gate Post Staff 4. May Day Committee 2. 27 Grand St., Worcester Glee Club 1,2,3,4. A'Kempis 1,2,4. A.A. 4. Lake St., So. Bellingham A.A. 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 4. Harvard 3,4. Basketball 1,2,3,4. Hockey 1,2,3,4. Fine Arts 3, Setting. 127 Century St., West Medford Fine Arts 1. Properties 1. Home Economics 4. Gate Post 4. May Day Committee. Christmas Banquet Com- mittee 2. Carpenter, Dorothy Chase, Lois Clapp, Rita Cleveland, Gertrude Collins, Charlotte Del.ancey, Shirley Deveney, Mary 134 Walpole St., Norwood Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Y.W.C.A. 1. Home Eco- nomics 1,2,3,4. Dial Representative 3. Photography of Dial 4. Class President 3. Treasurer 4. Junior Weekend 3. Division Representative 2. Library Council 1,2. Pres. Peirce Hall 2. West Yarmouth Y.W.C.A. 1. Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 4. 75 Thornton St., Roxbury A'Kempis1,2,3,4. Secretary 4. Dance 4. Com- munion Breakfast 4. A.A. 3,4. Home Ec. 3,4. Glee Club 2,4. Dial Dance 4. Quiet and Order 3. 65 Cottage St., Franklin A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Glee Club 3,4. A.A. 3,4. May Day 2. Junior Prom 3. 17 Arbroth St., Dorchester A'Kempis 1,2,4. A.A. 4. Glee Club 2,3,4. Pres. 4. Choir 2,3,4. Home Ec. 3,4. Pub. Mgr. 3. Dial Rep. 1. Data Editor 4. C.C.C. 4. Commuters Banquet 2. Junior Weekend 3. Junior Prom 3. Dial Dance 4. Student Coop Dance 4. A'Kempis Dance 4. Commuters Council 2. Sudbury Glee Club 1,2,3,4. A.A. 2,3. Modern Dance 2,3. Gate Post Staff 4. Dial Staff 4. Class Marshal 4. 56 Cerdan Ave., R0Slll'ld3l2 A'Kempis 1, 2, 4. Glee Club 1, 2. Choir 1, 2. Home Ec. 4. May Day Committee 2. Commuters Banquet 3. Donnelly, Marguerite Dowling, Alice Driscoll, Mary Eldridge, Patricia Ellis, Barbara Ann Fennessey, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Claire 144 Alder St., Waltham A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Pub. Mgr. 4. Dance 4. Breakfast 4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Harvard Team 1,2,3,4. Chairman of Field Day 4. Archery Manager 4. Gate Post 1,2,3,4. Dance 3. Asst. Business Mgr. 3. Dial Representative 4. Class Pub. Mgr. 4. 48 Maple St., Watertown A'Kempis 1,4. Home Ec. 1,4. 70 Dwinell St., West Roxbury A.A. 1. Home Ec. 4. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Dance 1,4. Chem. Council 3. Dial Rep. 3. Dial Dance 4. Chairman. 81 Winifred Road, Brockton Glee Club 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 1,3,4. Dance 3. Gate Post Reporter 3,4. Dance 3. Emergency Comm. 3. Home Ec. 1,3,4. Dial Literary Editor 4. Dance 4. 171 Lindbergh Ave., Needham Hgts. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Treasurer 4. Y.W.C.A. 1. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Yale Hockey 2,4. Quiet and Order 1,3. Student Gov. Dance 3,4. Junior Prom Chairman 3. C.C.C. 4. Class Secretary 3. President 4. Student Govt. 4. 15 Adams Street, Dorchester Home Ec. 2,3,4. Stunt Night Co-Chairman 3. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Federation Delegate 4. Chairman Freshman Initiation. 61 Lover's Lane, Medway A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Secretary 3. Chairman of Communion Breakfast 3. Glee Club 2,3,4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Sec. 2. Harvard Hockey 3,4. Modern Dance 2,3,4. Basketball 2. Hockey 3,4. Harvard Cheer Leader 1,2,3. Gate Post 1,2,3. Library Council 1,2,3. May Day Attendant. May Day Committee. Chairman Student Coop Dance 4. President of Student Coop, 4. Treas. 3. Forbes, Clare Furneaux, Elizabeth Geary, Mary Glass, Sarah Hardell, Marion Harper, Margaret Harrington, Eleanor Herriclc, Elizabeth 103 Holliston St., Medway A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. May Day 2. Gate Post Staff 4. Chem. Council 1. Commuters Council 4. 48 Hardy St., Methuen Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Y.W.C.A. 1. Christmas Baskets 2. Student Coop Dance 3. Gate Post Dance 3. Business Mgr. of Gate Post 3. Junior Prom 3. Division Rep. 3. Chem. Council 1. Dial Subscription Mgr. 4. Dance, 4. 'I0 Edwin St., Dorchester A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Quiet and Order 3,4. Chairman 4. 138 Crawford St., Roxbury Home Ec. 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Fine Arts 4. 146 Circuit Ave., Weymouth Home Economics 1,2,3,4. Dial Representative 4. 88 Hartford Ave., Medway R.F.D. A.A. 2,3,4. Home Ec. 4. Dial Staff 4. Gate Post 3,4. 703 Hyde Parlc Ave., Roslindale A'Kempis1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 3,4. Fine Arts 1 ,4. Commuters Banquet 2. May Day 2. Dial Dance, 4. C.C.C. 4. Student Coop Dance 3. Treas. Crocker 3. Gate Post Editor 4. 45 St. Mary's Street, Brookline Home Ec. 3,4. Chairman Senior Faculty Recep- tion 4. Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Program Chairman 4. Y.W.C.A. Dance Co-Chairman 3. Stunt Night Chairman 4. Cap and Gown Chairman, 4. Hewey, Priscilla Hoye, Rose Mary Hoyt, Evelyn Keith, Kathryn Kelly, Dorothy Kimmens, Claire Kirkpatrick, Evelyn Lamb, Charlotte 2 Garland St., Worcester Home Economics 3,4. W.S.S.F. 2. 18 Ruggles Place, Dorchester A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec.2,3,4 A.A. 4. Tennis Mgr. 4. Publicity. 2. Mock Man Dance Chairman 4. Student Coop Dance 3. Gate Post staff 4. Dial staff 4. Commuters Banquet 1. Fine Arts Play 2. 304 Harvard St., Cambridge A.A. 1,2,3,4. Hiking Mgr. 2. Badminton Mgr. 3. Publicity Mgr. A.A. 4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Modern Dance 3,4. Junior Weekend 3. Dial Rep. 2,4. Chairman Mock Man Dance 3. President Fine Arts 4. Chairman of Properties 3. 135 Rindge Ave., Cambridge A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. A.A. 2,3,4. Modern Dance 2,3,4. S.A.B.F. Quiet and Order 1,2. Vice-President of Senior Class. 131 Otis St., Newtonville Home Ec. 2,3. Gate Post Dance 1. Chairman Senior Chapel 4. Gate Post Staff 1. Dial Typist 4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 4. Glee Club 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 4. Gate Post Make-up 4. 20 Auburn Street, Waltham A.A. 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 4. Glee Club 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 4. Gate Post Malte-up 4. 454 Fellsway West, Medford A'Kempis 1,2,4. Fine Arts 1. Home Ec. 1,4. Dial Dance 4. Dial Rep. 1. May Day Attendant 2. Art Editor of Dial 4. 110 St. Stephen St., Boston A'Kempis 2,3,4. Leslie, Jean Loring, Phyllis Luiz, Leonor Madden, Loyola Martin, Arlene McDermott, Patricia 9 401 Worcester Rd., Framingham Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Pub. Mgr. 4. Refreshments 3. Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Vice-Pres. 4. Refreshments 3. A.A. 2. Gate Post Dance 3. Pres. of Crocker 3. Chairman Commuters Council 4. 177 Main Sf., Kingston Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 3,4. May Day 2. 54 Acushnet Ave., New Bedford A.A. 1,2,3,4. Hockey Mgr. 2. Basketball 1,2,3,4. Harvard Hockey 2,3,4. Capt. 4. Class Hockey 1,2,3,4. Capt. 2,4. A.A. President 4. Treas. 3. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Fine Arts 3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Co-chairman May Day 2. Student Council 2. 35 Greenway St., Pittsfield A.A. 1,2,3,4. Basketball 2. Refreshments 4. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Refreshments 3. Home Economics 1,2,3,4. May Day Committee 2. Glee Club 4. Good Will 1. 137 Waverly St., Framingham A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Judiciary Board 3. School Publ. Committee Dial Dance 4. Dial Publicity Director. Secretary Crocker Hall 3. Reporter for Fram. News. 92 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain A'Kempis 1,4. Treasurer 4. Chairman Comm. Break. 4. A.A. 3,4. Modern Dance 3. A'Kempis Dance 4. Home Ec. 2,4. Commuters Council 3. Junior Prom 3. Dial Dance 4. May Day Attendant 2. Class Sec't. 4. Moalli, Barbara Moran, Madeleine Morse, Bettyanne Murphy, Kathleen Murphy, Maureen Newman, Maryalyce 7 Langsford Sf., Gloucester A.A. 2,3,4. Class Hockey and Basketball 2,3,4. Y.W.C.A. 1,4. Quiet and Order 4. Division Rep. 3,4. 287 Water St., Clintqn Home Ec. 2,3,4. Board 4. C.C.C. 4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. H-Y Banquet 3. Class Basketball 1,2,3. Capt. 4. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Modern Dance 2,3, May Day 2. Jr. Weekend 3. Junior Prom 3. Judiciary Board 2,3. Class Sec. 2. Vice-Pres. A.A. 3. Vice-Pres. Chem. Council 3. Pres. 4. Business Mgr. of Dia! 4. 49 Rowena St., Worcester Home Ec. 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Fine Arts, 4. Library Council 4. Div. Rep. 4. Treasurer Crocker Hall 3. 27 Woodbine Rd., Medford Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Librarian 2. Choir 2,3. A.A. 2,4. Modern Dance 2,3. H-Y Hockey 2,4. Class Hockey 2. Spirit of Spring 3. May Day Attendant 2. 26 Cobden St., Roxbury A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Dance 3. Home Ec. 2,3,4. Fine Arts 1,2,4. Program Chairman 2. Glee Club 4. Co-Chairman May Day 2. S.A.B.F. 2,3,4. Pub. Committee 2. Calendar Chairman 4. Dial Dance 4. Junior Prom Queen 3. Gate Post 2,3. Commuters Council 1. Conference Delegate 1,4. Vice-Pres. and Pres. 2. C.C.C. Chairman 4. Second Vice-President Student Gov't. 68 Lincoln St., Marlboro Glee Club 2,3, 4. A.A 2,3,4. Modern Dance 2,3,4. A'Kempis 1,4. Commuters Council 3. Gate Post Staff 2,3,4. Chairman Education Week 4. O'Connell, Rosemary Palmer, Sally Pennucci, Phyllis Perlmutter, Mildred Rabinovitz, Elaine Saulnier, Mary Seaver, Barbara Ann 10 Palfrey Rd., Belmont Glee Club 1,2,3,4. S.A.B.F. 1,2,3,4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Modern Dance 3,4. Hockey Mgr. 2. Class Basketball Capt. 4. Harvard Hockey 2,3,4. Class Hockey and Basketball 1,2,3,4. C.C.C. 4. Vice-Pres. Class 1,3. May Day Attendant 2. A'Kempis Club 1,2,3,4. Pres. 4. 184 Wentworth Ave., Lowell Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4. Home Ec. 2,3,4. Modern Dance 2,3,4. Co-chairman Stunt Night 3. A.A. 2,3,4. Class Hockey 2,3,4. Class Basketball 1,2,3,4. Fine Arts 2,3,4. Chairman Play 3. Pres. 3. Gate Post Dance 3. 106 George St., Medford Glee Club 1,2,3,4. A.A.1,2. Class Basketball 2. A'Kempis 4. Y.W.C.A. 1,2. Stunt Night Chairman 1. Junior Prom 3. May Day Attendant 2. Student Gov't. Rep. 3,4. Sec. Horace Man-n 3. Treasurer of Class 3. 44 Pond St., Framingham Fine Arts 1,2,3,4. Play 3,4. May Day 2. Radio Group Chairman 4. W.S.S.F. Play 4. Glee Club 2,3,4. 25 Herbert St., Framingham Fine Arts Club 1,2,4. Programs 1. Make-up 2. Radio Group 4. May Day 2. Emergency Comm. 3. Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Choir 2. Programs 2. Dial Rep. 1. Gate Post Staff 3,4. Reporter for Framingham News 2. 476 Waverly St., Framingham Home Ec. 2,3,4. A'Kempis 2,3,4. Dial Dance 4. Chem. Council 3. May Day 2. Gate Post Typist 4. 2 Nelson Heights, Milford A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. May Day 2. Library Council 4. Sheils, Elinore Sprague, Jean Teahan, Florence Thomas, Helen Thompson, Lois Todd, Nancy Uckerman, Rose 241 Grove St., CheStnut Hill A'Kempfs 1,2,3,4. Comm. Breakfast 1. A.A. 1. Glee Club 1. Pianist 2,3,4. Choir, 2,3,4. Chapel Pianist 3,4. Student Gov't. 1,2. May Day 2. Junior Weekend 3. Home Ec. 4. 96 Union St., Bridgewater Glee Club 1,2,3,4. May Day 2. A.A. 1,3. Fine Arts 1,2,3,4. Student Council 4. Harvard Cheer Leader 1. Pub. Mgr. A.A. 3. Home Ec. 3,4. Vice-Pres. 3. Dial Editor 4. 24 Allen Ave., Westfield Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Dance 1. Glee Club 2,3. A.A. 1,2,3. Conference 2. Tennis Mgr. 3. Chem. Council 2. Junior Prom 3. Chairman Junior Weekend 3. 106 Liberty St., Fall River Glee Club 1,2,3,4. A'Kempis 2,3,4. Gate Post 3. Fine Arts 2,3. Costumes 3. Dial Staff 4. Student Coop Dance 4. C.C.C. 3,4. Treasurer 4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Treasurer 3. President of Home Ec. 4. Monterey Home Ec. 3,4. Gate Post 1,2,3,4. Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Board 4. Dance 3. 181 Chestnut St., Wilmington A.A. 1,2,3,4. Hockey 1,2,3,4. Mgr. 3. Harvard Hockey 1,2,3,4. Modern Dance 3,4. Mgr. 4. Basketball 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Chem. Council Sec't. 2. May Queen 2. 23 Deering Rd., Mattapan Fine Arts 1,2,4. Programs 1. Make-up 2. Radio Group 4. May Day 2. Gate Post Staff 1,2,3. Assistant Editor Gate Post 4. Wainwright, Marjorie Walsh, Mary Warnoclc, Letitia Welsh, Phyllis Hamilton Wright, Jeanne Elm St., Pembroke Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Program Chairman 4. Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Senior Chem. Assistant. Dial Representative 1. Dial Rep. 1. Treas. Peirce Hall 2. President Horace Mann Hall 4. 308 LaGrange St., West Roxbury A.A. 1, 2. Home Ec. 2,3,4. Stunt Night 2. Dial Dance 4. Advertising Mgr. 4. A'Kempis Vice-Pres. 4. Dance 4. 202 Appleton St., Cambridge A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Dance 1,3. Chairman 4. Stunt Chairman 2. Dial Dance 4. Jr. Prom 3. A.A. 1. Glee Club 1,2,4. Fine Arts 3,4. Play 3,4. Home Ec. 4. House Pres.' 3. Class Trees. 1,2. Student Gov't. First Vice-President 4. North Rd., New Salem Fine Arts 1,2,3,4. Play 3. Prop. Mgr. 1. Sec't. 2. Home Ec. 3,4. Y.W.C.A. 3,4. Voc. House Assistant 4. A.A. 1,2,3,4. Yale Basketball 1,3,4. Class Basketball and Class Hockey 1,2,4. Dial Rep. 3 Chairman Library Council 4. 290 So. Washington St., No. Attleboro A'Kempis 1,2,3,4. Home Ec. 1,2,3,4. Fine Arts 3,4. Commuters Council 4. Chem. Council 4. ELEMENTARY JUNIORS Bean, Lois, 264 Main Street, Montague City Bean, Marian, 264 Main Street, Montague City Brady, Mary Esther, 186 Arborway, Jamaica Plain Bray, Virginia, 12 Mechanic Street, Holliston Cellucci, Camela, 75 Crafts Street, Newtonville Champney, Mabel, 52 High Street, Natick Donnelly, Geraldine, 11 Essex Street, Framingham Fifield, Ruth, 127 Lexington Street, Watertown Finn, Sylvia, 43 Boulevard Terrace, Brighton Hollingworth, Helen, 21 Lake Shore Road, Natick Kelley, Maybelle, 17 Orchard Street, Worcester Kliskey, Mary, 19 Pleasant Street, Ashland Madden, Mary, 84 Fairbank Street, Brighton Mahoney, Mary, 8 Lincoln Street, Natick Mason, Shirley, 22 Waushakum Street, Framingham Metzger, Sarah, 506 Parker Street, Newton Centre Minichiello, Carmella, 1312 Grove Street, Haverhill Murphy, Margaret, 27 Woodbine Road, Medford McDonald, Agnes, 17 Church Street, Franklin McGrath, Olive, 141 Hildreth Street, Marlboro Slattery, Ellen, 58 South Loring Street, Lowell Topping, Claire, 65 Fairway Drive, West Newton Waters, Marjorie, 7 Oakledge Street, Arlington HOUSEHOLD ARTS JUNIORS Begley, Margaret, Bedford Street, Lakeville Bjorklund, Helen, Flag Hill Road, West Acton Boot, Earlene, 94 Lexington Street, East Lynn Buckley, Maureen, 123 Paine Street, Worcester Byrne, Kathleen, 20 Hayden Street, Marlboro Byrne, Margaret, 111 Prospect Street, Marlboro Carey, Mary, 309 Temple Street, Whitman Czarnetski, Marie Chaisson, 158 Brayton Road, Brighton Dalton, Lorraine, 44 Bond Street, Norwood Dewar, Margaret, 66 Bancroft Park, Hopedale Dugger, Portia, 164 Jerome Street, West Medford Gaynor, lvy, 49 Greenwich Street, Roxbury Gelardi, Sarah, 116 Williams Street, Jamaica Plain Hatch, Charlotte, 178 Lincoln Street, Stoughton Henderson, Ann, 70 Magnolia Avenue, Holyoke Hooper, Marion, 107 Park Avenue, Bridgewater Howell, Jean, 36 Willow Street, Newton Centre Jenkins, Marjorie, Box 434, Buzzards Bay Kelley, Lucille, 44 Estes Street, Lynn Latakas, Bertha, 124 Endicott Street, Worcester Marble, Virginia, 14 Esty Street, Ashland Miller, Jean, 60 Greenough Street, Brookline Montague, Patricia, 29 Charles Street, Dedham Murphy, Helen, 26 Donnybrook Road, Brighton Murphy, Mary, 419 Chancery Street, New Bedford Neale, Martha, 471 Washington Street, Wellesley Peterson, Helen, 54 Walden Street, Concord Phillips, Angela, 32 Coolidge Road, Arlington Pickering, Mary, 17 Crosby Avenue, Amherst Plotner, Ruth, 25 Hemenway Street, Boston Prescott, Elizabeth, 32 Second Street, Medford Rice, Priscilla, 128 Curve Street, Millis Ryan, Jane, 15 Lennon Street, Gardner Shirt, Ruth, 13 Pleasant Street, Westfield Souls, Edith, Bates Street, South Milford Smith, Theresa, 147 Watson Road, Belmont Spelman, Jeanne, 100 King Street, Dorchester Spivak, Evelyn, 160 Village Street, Medway Stone, Erma, Village Street, Millis St. Thomas, Lillian, 4 Bergis Lane, Worcester Sweeney, Margaret, 27 Matchett Street, Brighton Trank, Elizabeth, 49 South Street Westboro Vaznaian, Helen, 240 Lawrence Road, Medford WaGew, Lena, 710 Prospect Street, Fall River VOCATIONAL HOUSEHOLD ARTS JUNIORS Almeida, Edna, 27 Magnolia Avenue, Cambridge Blanchette, Ruth, 190 Grandview Ave., Somerset Centre Deen, Josephine, Barlow's Ldg. Road, Pocasset Gardner, Helen, 6 Pearl Street, Wakefield Haznar, Isabelle, 129 Bates Street New Bedford LaFayette, Jeanne, 21 Hinckley Road, Waban Mello, Nathalie, 1309 Globe Street, Fall River Rossman, Joy, 132 Glenville Avenue, Allston Ward, Barbara, 188 Summer Street, Bridgewater Warner, Martha Wolcott, 143 Ashuelot Street, Dalton ELEMENTARY SOPHOMORES Aucoin, Yvonne, 17 Ripley Street, Waltham Baker, Rita, 842 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester Barbato, Evelyn, 149 Pleasant Street, Watertown Barrett, Jean, 1593 Centre Street, Newton Highlands Bowman, Jeannette, 93 South Street, Waltham Butler, Ellen, 195 High Street, Wareham Butler, Natalie, 85 Gibbs Avenue, Wareham Cavanaugh, Mary, 79 Wyola Drive, Worcester Chapdelaine, Elmira, 223 South Main Street, Milford Clinton, Dorothy, 44 Mansfield Street, Framingham Clinton, Mary, 373 Concord Street, Framingham Colombo, Emilia, 226 Beaver Street, Framingham Connors, Janice, 98 Dennison Avenue, Framingham Darling, Priscilla, 642 Woburn Street, Wilmington Geehan, Doris Jean, Nixon Road, Framingham Greene, Phyllis, 46 Elm Street, West Newton Guerra, Elena, 824 Waverly Street, Framingham Haffey, Claire, 85 Union Street, Watertown Haley, Jeanne, 134 Beech Street, Roslindale Hall, Elizabeth, 268 Melrose Street, Auburndale Hamilton, Phyllis, 7 Cottage Street, Medfield Johnston, Pauline, 40 Carroll Street, Worcester Kearney, Ruth, 103 Dean Avenue, Franklin Kennedy, Rita, 107 St. Alphonsus Street, Roxbury Lane, Leslie, 11 Knowlton Square, Gloucester Leahy, Marie, 147 Sumner Street, Newton Centre Leonard, Dawn, 312 Central Street, Framingham Moffet, Edith, 21 Olcott Street, Watertown Mullin, Claire, 302 Clyde Street, Brookline O'Brien, Ruth, 43 Waushalcum Street, Framingham Owen, Ruth, 98 lrving Street, Waltham Perlmutter, Bertha, 93 Arthur Street, Framingham Rand, Alice, Boston Post Road No. 2, Marlboro Schraer, Mae, 1828 South Main Street, Fall River Seltzer, Bertha, 55 Lawrence Street, Framingham Tivnan, Kathleen, 18 Pemberton Road Cochituate Turner, Barbara, 16 Edgebrook Road, Framingham Ward, Margaret, 19 Ash Street, Hopkinton White, Phyllis, 17 Strathmore Road, Brookline Winslow, Virginia, 111 Chestnut Street, Waltham HOUSEHOLD ARTS SOPHOMORES Bane, Margaret, 53 Ellery Street, Cambridge Barbeau, Jacqueline, 170 Warwick Street, Lowell Bellantoni, Frances, 26 E. Springfield Street, Boston Blaisdell, Beverly, 51 Lane Street, Lowell Blake, Marion, 50 Dyer Avenue, Milton Bonin, Joline, 26 Parklawn Road, West Roxbury Braley, Mary, 64 Ocean Street, New Bedford Brush, Marion, Spring Street, Vineyard Haven Clayton, Catherine, 209 Beech Street, Roslindale Cochrane, Doris, 21 Highland Avenue, Stoneham Cote, Jacqueline, 708 Walnut Street, Fall River Cunningham, Mary, 15 Belvidere Avenue, Framingham DiAntonio, Rosanne, 20 Churchill Street, Milford Donnell, Phyllis, 37 Verchild Street, Quincy Elmer, Phyllis, 123 Brattle Street, Worcester Flynn, Paulina, 27 Lindsey Street, Dorchester Geoghegan, Margaret, 135 Kendall Avenue, Framingham Gervais, Marie, 26 Playstead Road, Newton Gladden, Norma, 53 Davenport Street, Chicopee Graham, Jean, 15 Hayden Street, Marlboro Guerin, Constance, 381 Lincoln Street, Worcester Harcovitz, Eva, 21 Orchard Street, Millis Haselton, Ruth, 54 Johnson Avenue, Winthrop Heselton, Charlotte, Massachusetts Avenue, Lunenburg Hinsley, Meredith, 28 Delawanda Drive, Worcester Hussey, Mary, 904 High Street Dedham Johnson, Anne, 43 Westwood Road, Stoneham Jones, Ruth 30 Columbia Street, Lowell Kenyon, Edlwina, West Road R.F.D. No. 1, Westfield Lacouture, Pauline, 4 Sutton Road, Millbury Lamy, Madeleine, 18 Abbe Avenue, Springfield Lipper Ruth, 3 Spring Street, Boston Lynch, Florence, 131 Hillside Avenue, Holyoke Lynch, Virginia, 11 Delawanda Street, Worcester Maglio, Anna, 32 Rock Glen Road, Medford Magner, Lucille, 78 Cypress Street, Brookline Manter, Edith, 157 Little Nahant Road, Nahant Montgomery, Winifred, 26 Annavoy Street, East Boston Murphy, Geraldine, 67 Hudson Street, Somerville Nunes, Virginia, Main Street, Harwich O'Connor, Josephine, 58 Mt. Grove Street, Lowell O'Donnell, Bernadette, 182 Woburn St., West Medford O'Hara, Dorothy, 154 Walnut Street, Holyoke Olivier, Jeanne, 260 Wood Street, New Bedford Phelan, Ann, 8 Jefferson Avenue, West Lynn Powers, Cecilia, North Avenue, Mendon Russell, Muriel, 2016 Middlesex Street, Lowell Sawicki, Louise, 114 Belchertown Street, Three Rivers Seibert, Janet, 7 Warren Avenue, Chelmsford Singleton Mary, 59 Sycamore Street, Norwood Snow, Alberta, 21 Oak Street, Middleboro Stomi, Helen, 183 Harding Street, Worcester Strange, Patricia, 126 Elm Street, South Dartmouth Sutherland, Joan, 171 Lincoln Street, Holyoke Thorpe, Carolyn, 17 Pleasant Street, Westfield Vanderstadt, Eva, 2 Birch Street, Marblehead Walkey, Grace, 35 Mt. Vernon Street, Saugus Walsh, Eleanor, 22 Eden Street, Salem VOCATIONAL HOUSEHOLD ARTS SOPHOMORES Bedell, Shirley, 40 Burlington Avenue, Wilmington Brayton, Ruth, 88 Chase Road, North Dartmouth Buck, Pauline, 63 Poquanticut Avenue, Easton Oliver, Alice, 184 Mendon Street, Uxbridge Quigley, Elizabeth, 21 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Sample, Barbara, 15 Fairmount Street, New Bedford Zembler, Annette, 14 Abbotsford Road, Roxbury ELEMENTARY FRESHMEN Bateson, Therese, 14 Beale Street, Dorchester Borden, Marion, 10 Woodland Avenue, Medford Burke, Catherine, 18 Sprague Street, Malden Burlingame, Marie, 24 Pleasant Avenue, Somerville Caple, Reva, 17 Raymond Street, Framingham Carey, Ellen, 16 Lincoln Street, Natick Coleman, Ruth, 56 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge Conboy, Mary, 398 Ashmont Street, Dorchester Curley, Joan Marie, 71 West Pine Street, Auburndale Donahue, Louisa, 83 Walnut Street, Wellesley Hills Faulkner, Jean, 661 Green Street, Cambridge Ford, Margaret, 435 Albemarle Road, Newtonville Foster, Margaret, 203 Warren Road, Framingham French, Eleanor, 26 Water Street, Marlboro Garbarino, Joanne, 1165 Main Street, Waltham Gilboy, Florence, 5 Irving Street, Millis Gullich, Catherine, 180 Walpole Street, Norwood Halpin, Virginia, 162 Beaver Street, Framingham Hand, Ruth, 985 Watertown Street, West Newton Kerrigan, Marjorie, 42 Stanton Road, Brookline Lang, Evelyn, 18 Elm Street, Holliston Loughlin, Marie, 647 Main Street, Watertown Maclsaac, Florence, 25 Denton Terrace, Roslindale Mahan, Jeanne, 62 Wilshire Park, Needham Mahoney, Jean, 7 Valley Road, Dedham Monahan, Madeline, 78 Grant Street, Waltham Mullaney, Ann, 49 Vinal Avenue, Somerville Murphy, Grace, 353 Albemarle Road, Newton McCauley, Virginia, 237 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge McGillvray, Mary, 50 Royal Street, Watertown Nager, Eleanor, 71 Essex Street, Malden Nilson, Doris, Old Post Road, Walpole Noonan, Marion, 118 Chaffee Avenue, Waltham O'Brien, Ann, 49 Leslie Road, Belmont O'Brien, Martha, 39 Everton Street, Dorchester Powers, Marilyn, 605 Lexington Street, Waltham Reed, Marion, 400 James Street, Fairview Rundlet, Barbara, 66 Maple Avenue, Cambridge Simpson, Marian, 87 Elm Street, Framingham Telless, Claire, 46 Nahant Avenue Dorchester Toohey, Eileen, 6 Merrill Street, Cambridge Young, Priscilla, 179 Summer Street, South Walpole VOCATIONAL HOUSEHOLD ARTS FRESHMEN Ammidown, Barbara, 96 Belgrade Avenue, Roslindale Boyer, Roxana, Middlefield Street Chester Cantalupi, Genevieve, 82 Bradford' Street, Everett Clancy, Elizabeth 124 Hollis Street, Holliston Cobb, Jean 22 Gifford Street, Falmouth Flynn, Madeline, 40 Lewis Street, Fall River Grasso, Rose, 8 Prospect Court, Lawrence Hanley, Dorothy, 12 Preston Road, West Roxbury Reid, Barbara, Waltham Road, South Lincoln Sheehan, Anna, 47 Haverhill Street, Rawley Stephens, Phyllis, Star Route, Athol Truvedson, Mae, 82 Grandview Road, Arlington Wade, Elizabeth, 82 County Road, lpswich HOUSEHOLD ARTS FRESHMEN Abrams, Estelle, 61 Martin Street, Holyoke Beaudry, Geraldine, Pleasant Street, West Warren Bolde, Deborah, 119 Hazelton Street, Mattapan Buckley, Marie, 469 Pleasant Street, Canton Burke, Joan, 46 Dale Street, Franklin Chambers, Janet, 94 Gillette Avenue, Springfield Chin, Marjorie, 364 Washington Avenue, Chelsea Clemente, Carmella, 234 Forest Street, Medford Cody, Jane, 47 Sycamore Street, Norwood Connell, Phyllis, 19 Bradfield Avenue, Roslindale Connifey, Mary Elaine, 67 Bancroft Street, Gardner Crowell Carolyn, Charles Street, Sandwich Dillon, Theresa, 20 Montague Street, Worcester Dowd, Barbara, 60 Sterling Street, Springfield Edson, Joy, 20 Pleasant Street, Methuen Edwards, Priscilla, 87 Greenleaf Street, Ouincy Fazio, Alice, 550 Osborn Street, Fall River FitzGerald, Elizabeth, 135 Davenport Street, Chicopee Foley, Patricia, 1 Cortes Street, Boston Forbes, Mary, 75 Meagher Avenue, Milton Ford, Muriel, 31 Fifth Avenue, Worcester Gilbert, Ruth, 153 Fells Avenue, Medford Gildea, Anne, 290 Eliot Street, Milton Goulart, Marie, 6 Rindge Terrace, Cambridge Granger, Doris, 894 Grafton Street, Worcester Guinan, Barbara, 504 Beacon Street, Boston Guiney, Dorothy, 19 Samoset Road, Waban Hammond, Elizabeth, 407 Springfield Street Chicopee Hannifin, Mary Louise, 91 Whittier Street, Springfield Harris, Alma, 94 Devon Street, Roxbury Hazard, Constance, 521 June Street, Fall River Huff, Audrey, Clover Hill Farms, Fitchburg Johnson, Clara, Water Street, Assonet Kiernan, Barbara, 1046 Centre Street, Newton Centre Kohrs, Barbara, 34 Fairfield Street, Worcester LaCroix, Vivian, 19 Belmont Street, Marlboro Ladd, Barbara, Brookfield Road, Brimfield Leary, Margaret H. 103 Birchwood Ave. Longmeadow Leary, Margaret M., 41 Waldeck Street, Dorchester Levie, Esther, 74 Grove Street, Gloucester Loughlin, Barbara, 22 Sheridan Street, North Easton MacKechnie, Margaret, 33 Walker Street, Marlboro MacDonald, Mary Lou, 48 Arlington Road, Waltham Martin, Aloyse, 152 Trapelo Road, Waltham McCann, Mary, 31 Sheridan Street, North Easton Morneau, Rose Lea, 25 Marble Avenue, Chicopee Mosher, Olive, Worcester Road, Sterling Mullen, Mary, 62 Chester Street, Newton Highlands McCoy, Juanita, 348 Village Street, Medway Nagle, Jane, 370 Park Street, West Roxbury Nicholas, Thalia, 11 Decatur Street, Boston Noyes, Mary Margaret, 127 Jones Road, Hopedale O'Keefe, Christine, 24 Harrington Avenue, Revere O'Neil, Mary Theresa, 33 Edgeworth Street, Worcester Orff, Clarice, 153 Essex Street, Saugus Powers, Muriel, 292 Hollis Street, Framingham Pyle, Prudence, 31 Cotton Street, Leominster Read, Phyllis, 11 Porter Street, Shirley Richardson, Jeanne, South Main Street, Middleton Rorstrom, Jean, 480 Pleasant Street, Marlboro Ross, Eileen, 524 Kirby Street, New Bedford Sanderson,Barbara, 57 Canterbury Rd., Newton Highlands Saulnier, Solange, 43 Depot Avenue, Falmouth Scannell, Betty, 44 Phillips Avenue, Norwood Sharples, Gene, 23 Orange Street, Waltham Sheehan, Clare, 73 Beauchamp Terrace, Chicopee Falls Sherry, Dorothy, 10 Prentiss Road, West Roxbury Sliby, Rose, 226 Harrison Avenue, Boston Smith, Barbara, 27 Vine Street, Leominster Szlyk, lrene, 518 Grafton Street, Worcester Tieuli, Helen, 24 Granite Street, Milford Tivenan, Marjorie, 27 Colorado Street, Mattapan Trask, Elizabeth, 427 Robeson Street, Fall River Wentworth, Jane, Chapel Street, Holden Williams, Patricia, 18A Prospect Street, Milford Wood, Patricia, 72 Whittier Road, Medford PORTRAITS AND CAMPUS VIEWS BY Sargent Studios BOSTON, MASSACH USETTS THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR FRAMINGHAM I945 YEARBOOK 116 Qomlolimenjrs of DQ FRIEND CLASS UF 1946 1 THE B 8K W LINES Convenient Motor Coach Service BOSTON WORCESTER SPRINGFIELD Law ManthIy Students' Rates Telg Framingham 4343 1 DRINK TDI l QJQQUSF WHITMAN, MASS. Route 18 O KENNETH AND RUTH WAKEFIELD Compliments of JANE? CWAQQIQY LQKOLISQ 680 WORCESTER ROAD Framingham Centre MASSACHUSETTS The Boston - Framingham Club Cuilherne M. Luiz 6' Co., Inc Drafts, Foreign Exchange and Steamship Tickets 101 River St. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. The Cary Teachers' Agency OF BOSTON Rose Estelle Bradbury, Manager 14 BEACON ST. BOSTON, MASS. Tel. LAFayeI'te 7158 Member National Ass'n Teachers Agencies Compliments of the FRAMINGHAM TRUST CO. 5TUDENT GQVERNMENT ASSQCIATIQN Paul McKeever T. M. Leahy Lowell Bros. 6' Bailey FRUIT - PRODUCE 47-48 So. Market St. Boston. Mass. Compliments of Barrons Candies 176 Union Avenue FRAMINGHAM Hughes Drug Store Professional Pharmacists We Make Our Own Ice Cream 26 Union Avenue Framingham TRY SUNSHINE DAIRY FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Ice Cream for Parties Continue to Buy WAR BONDS and STAMPS but there is no substitute for flowers in building morale Say it with Flowers BUTTERWORTH'S CLINTON AND CONCORD STREETS Phone 3533 TRAVIS DRUG STORE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Hear the latest records at GlARlNO'S He"'lq"a"e's 61 coNcoRo STREET for our FRAMINGHAM School Supplies Phone 5959 The Fine Arts Club Glee Club The Compliments of Thomas Y. W. C. A Akempis Club 74 A . . GRADUATES OF l945: You are now turning the pages of a book which will grow increasingly dear to you. Perhaps you linger with a gentle smile over memories of happy days or burst into a joyous shout over some funny reminiscence. Groups of you examine the book at the same instant and talk each other down in your gay abandon. And then you come to this page-Tl-lE ALUMNAE PAGE! "Oh bother! What has an alumnae page to do with us? Why is the Association glad to pay for the privilege of this little chat?" Don't shut the book. Read and think. The Dial is mostly about the past, what you have been doing in the four years that are gone. But you are not going to live in the past, you will live in the future. Look forward, therefore, to usefulness and happiness ahead, and com- panionship, such as you have now. loin the Alumnae Association. You are all eligible, since you are graduates. The cost is nominal, only a dollar a year. You will be greeted eagerly by all the members. You are going to be educators, and educators in a post-war world. None of your older sisters has had exactly your chance. Opportunities have both widened and deepened since the graduations of other days. You can make your lives count in high achievement, especially if you unite your strength with that of others whose minds and purposes are like your own. Keep your class together and live abreast of the times, but also seek comradeship in the Alumnae Association, in that great body of Framingham women who try to give to the State a return for what they have received. The nurture of little children is always a blessed thing. You will engage in it in your schoolrooms, perhaps in good time, much more intimately, in your own homes, and if you join with us certainly with real power in Society at large. Usefulness is not the whole story. Less important is happiness. And that you will also find in the Association. The officers, speaking for all the many members, welcome you most heartily into its large and influential circle. Christine Moses Bennett, President Abbie Bowlby McCartney Secretary A TABLE OF FACTS Members of the Alumnae Association-Graduates who pay annual dues of One Dollar. Meetings Of the whole association-Alternate junes Of the Council--Spring and fall Of the Executive Committee-On call of the President Good works Scholarships, benefit funds, preservation of historical material, guardianship over the interests of the college, alertness to trends of the times, joy in living. A few words about the Council Two delegates from each class and one delegate from each club constitute the membership. Anyone interested may attend the meetings and take part in de- bates, but, of course, such persons do not have a vote. lt is of the utmost im- portance that each class be represented at each meeting. See to it that your class always has two members there. Continuity of life depends upon the Council. 123 C I a ss of I948 'Success to our Senior Sisters' Home Economics The Club Athletic Association 124 IN THESE TIMES . , . the class ring takes on a newer and greater signifi- cance, becoming not only a remem- brance of school associations, but also a means of identification. 1945 CLASS RING J E W E L E R S DIEGES 8: CLUST 73 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. NEW ASIA CHINESE AMERICAN R ESTAU RANT 131 Concord St. Framingham BUY WAR BONDS The Grace III. Abbott Teachers' Agency C L . GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager Oykgvatu at LOYIS Lzo soYLsToN STREET BOSTON EJfZii5'LZ,Z!'2Li2n5L5,'5j Member NationaLAssociation of Teachers' the Pasfcgiisyiiijlifiaiullgi gemes .1 ph-mauve to work WLLL. you. Ami mw, lee us eongmeuleee We appreciate your patronage you foe' tIfLe sbeadfastness of' put:- pose you Irxcwe shown during these di.ICH.cuI.t was years, and WLSI1 you, tI1e HLII. measuve of' success you. so vichly deserve 431 w. s. CALDWELL is sou NICHOLS if ELDRIDGE FRAMINGHAM CENTRE 93 Qeji52IIXgEFf?3iOCktOn C mpliments of J. NGWLDGFFy CO. WELLWORTH TEA ROOM BAKERY CAFETERIA just coon Fooo Compliments of GORINS 22 Concord St. FRAM I NGHAM C rnpliments of J. C. Penney Co. Compliments of FRAMINGHAM COAL CO. BOLTON - SMART CO. Incorporated Wholesale Purveyors of Choice BEEF - LAMB - VEAL - PO POULTRY - FISH - BUTTER CHEESE - EGGS R and RELISHES 17-25 SOUTH MARKET STREET BOSTON Compliments of THE CROWN RESTAURANT 108 CONCORD STREET FRAMINGHAM Phone 9256 USO Standard Rnmnar Company, Iac STANTDGS and HEALTH-TEX Compliments of The GLASS nt 1947 Compliments of CO. FRAMINGHAM CENTRE BEATTH5 34 MCGUIRE, IHC- THE LIVING ROOM LIBRARY Silks - Woolens - Domestics - Hosiery Books ' Gifts ' 5f3fi0"e"Y ' Cafds FRAMINGHAM CENTRE 29 TEMPLE PLACE Y G BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS The y i I I q 9 e Tiled 5 I1 Q p Te'ep"O"e L'Be'fY 5753 FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. THE KENDALL HOTEL ERAMINGHAM Catering Our Specialty Compliments of a Friend BUY MORE BONDS .rv , If ' . If-,, ' f 'D ,,"- Q 2 , 4,11 ' 4. .AQ ' 'J 1 . J',. . I AI f 'I' ' JW 4 W ', X 4 5 1 ' QQ. X 4 1 . .1 f 1 4'x 1 4 5 4 1 v rw ' X . f, V. M.-,, x 'V' ' I 4 A ' 1' 'f' Ir. ' w Y -nz 1 .. 'Q .4 'Q 4 1' ' Q L 4 I .' f J N ea, ' 1 I, ' , Il H" .Vg . url, 1 4 '-n,- ' HI 3 ,, ,. e I qi!! 4 . ,f,A . -z , G. 1 '-fl.,-ni .YD f, W?,- - ...- fi , - .. 1. , 'F . ...L . . . 1, :il ' - Z , ' 1- 4. ' 4 ' 1. ' W if 'T 1' I 7, . .,, Y .J . 1 A ,E -.qw ' ,J Y .' '- ."' ' 'S wx! " . 1,1 41g 2 Y"t A'1 if"i X' '..' ' 10' , 'Ll , , . . T!-"H ,Vf . . . . L 1 1 Bohn!-I 'H uf r E1 s ,Jr fn 'Ill' W , A Q CJ v -. ., ix5 M A Wm-Vw 'iwrmw xi 1- K 4" WA, . - F, ," -Ji'l.u1 ' :E-' ' . f ,hy - 'E ,255 -' J", f. 'V 'wg' 'J ' -'W4'AI" ,ig-.", INDI' 'G 5. f - 'LU-ul rxA'A"Rls'- A' .Q , 2,. .-,'m.-W ' ff - -. ' ' ' '.,? '- ' Jn bl-'xl' - s + W -vtLff?Jf .', , -g 5,21 ' -- Qu 1.. .- .vw "' r q 4." . . X 1 A mv- ' '4 175 fs- , tx .V M 6':,' X ,' ' "" ' W"Ef4"", ' 1' rf . . R 'J .wr-ah ua ,My J v vrfiwh TRW ',vP , 'Q' 'qi ,lm-1 11 ".' ' ' ,.'1' ,-'v,'f3., -F' A PWFV 'U' Q 4: gh' -Q, ,-,.,1 -'Wfb tfwlfc'-'K 1 'Lug f ' :J , 'V ,Q ,, ,' A '. 'ww 5 Mxnif' ' V J' 'C' '7 jr c . .M 4 ,yi L! . I A ,, ' S A gif , N M., X 1 . N 'ju 1 nv 5 ,I P 'X Rn W -1' 4, P: I, U 9. .Lf 3, l'l f 5 W , T.. A M, if ,. N I 1. v A .3 TK. , A 4 A? Z vi .6 g , ' "kg , ,4 , , :swf-Q-, "ww" .V-:V 3 www., fp ,, M -ff. W . mx Hag ,A ' 4' 'S ," ,L A y,b4paz ' I 3 -.42 gNimWiL .4 , w. "C if 1, ,. .0- .,Y- l' ' 1 W", ,w-"vw 3 'Lg ,, ,-,A W x. Leaf V.. 'ws 7' , - ., .V 2 v' 1.1. '1 Af '1 I ', ., H .,, Jai 6. 1. ,T ag . ,V rj ,v wks-4 J. 1, ff s : va , ' -1 if "CN, 1.r' ,U f ,Q ,rf- K V. m. .A 1 . 1 f, ., I X: Mu".- ' . -QQ 1 , ,f 4 'lr L . 4-.' ' 1 ,m . 'I , wif J f .'QgkCE'1i' L 'lady "Viv . ,xc 1 L , V3 Fa. , xx F12 ' , swf." ' -4 .I ' , 'T

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