Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA)

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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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' P x IU. ,. A . ,L , 3 ' r -ff H I A . 1 X 5 . ,11 4,-V ,r I . . . ..f , .f -. , " 1 , - . -, '. V .x- A ,M , V bw .lf-V. e." . v - 1 X J, . L , :4 4? . .. , 11 ,V 1. " -, - . , R ' .4. N., , ,Mg .' WHL. l 1- ' ' .' , ' 4 A," . .L qw' . j. N- " 5 11 :' U. P A ,Lr,f' pg-13'f', X". -xii: ' - - .. f J if, L ,.,-- - V 1. 'ff -, 4' Zig l :vm , -.- ' . .CAN -.- ' 1 ff "H , v. mi . .,, .V M , W 5, ,umel , N5-'f'j, 'f'?5,','fsw1, V '.'..,,r4-I ii-u.'1f 'W -Wy 1 , 1 4-.1 f .' 'Q--.'. ,i . '.:,, Ti ,'2M'r'. Q.. Q ,.?,. ,K IM-. .vw I. N , w,1x-v'- wi- 4, 11: Q fri ' .f 5- F4021-, .xp -',,'v:.,,1g ,-5,4 --if., 1 1: 4 .Ju 1-1-:G-75' Qqq , f E'..1cP"f'5.- - ""f.3.HJ?5oE.i1,,w ' . 'x.f.f. W. ,J , 'fm-New-,A:N.. Q. , -P9 Wm uae-A+ 1 ' w ' , ,, vl4fy"' y I , I., P' .', Q. E , ,, . ' ,W ' . I' 4, 1 1,-,-Q , ff" .- .. 'B-x T1-',x.4 '. f .Glu L. Y Ng.. '11, -4 5. -v., . i""1f1, v , ax nw' :,. 'J Nfl ,fl , ag J . J. ,H , ,--wr .Ig E131 ij ' ' a.' , ,N ,Y .1 , sg. ' " Sr , .,'G:f.'f 3' . ' 315 7, iff' rf -.1-,' 1 , ,'?,'r.' N.-.1 ,.-, Q ,, Y .. JJ 1 A ah- -hir: . I '.',w Q.-. f JY' . 'AJ Q' R91 F 1.x 1 . gt- ..LLx, Y ' v .,,. ' ,4- by L.4,,,' x ,. . .-. H D ,, ,, z .- JIT, 5 ...a 14921. '-,- V' - 4.. A., , , ,, ,,., , . ...R 1, ' - r ,tw vp' , r - Q ll .1 7.1 . A".-:"f 'A ' "L ,f W. :gi 1 45 s, I f' - . ,. , MA ,. "il 1 4 Q. M.. . .,N. I 5.5. .. .,s, l VM . 5. '4 V' .1 , fr , K ,., .f 4 x ,'., x ,Q . , . ., L . A , .V ,,... I "I " 1, n J .4 as ., E- 'Jju ffl: EVJFEL, 'y,,,., . . V- .1,:r.- 1 V V .',,A. ,. 1 4. . .- r-. ,...- Q' :-..g,,. 11. .. .V ,. v x ' -:JW 'n -"Ag, '. ' . 'r' ,, 1: r. ' fig, . e' .Q A ' -.rg-'-5-' -Q--,--1 A ' iff! 4 'i bv' ' - :riff .. ., , . ','-4,:,:z: ,fw-,,...x.,- ., ,f-mar' 3' 3-...r w - - . L : . . . . . , ,af ' .r'm-- f- - . "z", E?!".PEfj1,?u 5 -f 2 sf- ' -5 ..,,,.4 pc... g-nu, 343: 7,4 , r ,j' .?'V L " ' "Eff .1 , ,. ,.. 4' x v. .. ' Ixl., 1 !'1' l I, A- -'ff W vu -gy 'ff ,T- .J ' L- 1 ' 7 z-QW. 5."l.h! Z'l.2.I1K. 1. 11- f!:"lTI?h.Zf'l. 'IC5liY4532l!iH!'JI" u1'n.GlLr. 'WKhl 1' 9HFfl2Wil'.3l'?ESL'E'lDk'D.SlKXl'.iX63if'UV.15 fl'lU!l:i'e-5117.72 fi- .7 fv- ,Qh - Y.,-' . Hr y. -xy-.. ,.x . ,, y ,N 4 F . fl 'ar ' gk fkzyf fr., I' 1 . fry' -N . -luv .. J, .5 . . ,,. V , A 'f,lQ"'4Tn'."A . -'l Fit' , ' 1 ' 5 ,., 5, Y 1- M X 515' , f. - 1, ,' r 1.fgz.'+,' ". . ' 1 ' " J . xl. .' 4, , , V f, .x I , W fit-s, -' 2 f.u-nu-,' ' .T V ' V- .- .W fl f,-,K-, 4.734 U, V. W HE . , :'. -'TH '21 '3 M ' -1 bf ' 1 'x U' ,F ,il ' .. , ,M f- . , Lg.,,,1,,, . ,f- ., .., . H. . Ai-7,41 ' -M fhlm- .1-' 3 A 5 i N,-QL ,EQ 1' .' '. "7 .Sf 'N ' y ' ,,-au.. . 1, . V.,- M4 'f.'x.- A ni F 1' - ivkj' iff.. ' nu'-1-.I." f ., fvaw. :av 3: . f - wg Y , 4 .. .K 1. . 'pa-. , . , . .A ,,.. 5-5,-, A,,1,f .e1.A1,.l 1 J' "" xifwf, 4 -.wg 'Q zuub.: VK' if x 1- A 7 an " -yji. . ,:,',,',y.. 5 P1 .sy ' 3??'L' ',.fQ-'fl V. Ui. E A . ., ma -Ln: yy ' , r 0 1 -X 1 -v V1 If-. ' L ' L .' u , . 1 ,.- I 1 1 , y. ..-- , X 1::. ' 1 .rrv V lv n ,., Q. , 4 ., ,-gg . - '. ' . ll',' ..' , ' -'1.g. ' .-, .Z . 1- . , 'A . ". . -V '-H,-Q. , . ., N., J . V ' -Y ' As: iff x 1'-515' l,.'. . ., , 1 ,- I , . . 1 X 1. , v , , V, .1 1 f M ,, A r '1' .s Q - 4' 1 ,, ..A I lx A ,gh ,113 A -Q' ,'-'QA L,-, 1 1 MM was um? .4. HY Q Dicil CLERNA PIERCE, Managing Editor BARBARA STINSON, Business Manager tate Teachers College t Frainingiiani, Mass. DIZDICATIQN 'TO MR. FREDERICK W. RIED , AN ENTHUSIASTKQ AND UNTIRING LEADER, A FRIEND TO ALL, AND A FAITI-TFUL ADVTSOR TO YEARBOOK STAFFS. WE, THE CLASS OF 1941, GRATEFULLY DEDICATE TI-IIS BOOK AS YOU GRADUATE FROM FRAMING!-IAM WITH US. DEDICATICDN 'TO M155 GRACE BROWN GARDNER ALSO GRADUATING WITH OUR CLASS, AFTER Q3 YEARS OF UNSWERVING DEVOTION AND TRUE FRIENDLINESS WHICH WILL EVER REMAIN IN OUR MEMORIES OF FRAMINGHAM, WE, THE CLASS OF 1941, DEDICATE THIS BOOK. VVHITTILICITE LIBRARY Framinghar, S2333 College Framinghs ?'.1:ssae:husatts IN NXEIVXCDRIAIVX It is with a deep feeling ol sorrow that the class ol nineteen hundred and lorty-one records the death of Miss Ella C. Ritchie, not only as the beloved college librarian, to whose unlimited patience in helping every searching student we oller tribute, but long a true lriend. DQ TRIBUTE 'TO PRESIDENT NI!-IRTIN E OCOIXINOR TI-IE LINTIRING AND ENTI-IUSIASTIC LEADERSHIP AND TRUE ERIENDLINESS OF PRESIDENT O'CONNOR WILL FOREVER BE A PART OF OUR MEMORIES OF FRAMINGI-IAM. C DEDICATICDN onIenIs EOREWORD CAMPUS VIEWS TI-IE FACULTY TI-IE SENIORS TI-IE JUNIORS TI-IE SGP!-IOMORES TI-IE ERESI-IMEN ACTIVITIES BIGGRAPI-IV DIRECTORY ADVERTISING OFCWOI' As vvitlm every class, time realization tlmat vve lmave com- pleted our vvorlc at Framinglmam suddenly comes upon us, even as tlmouglm tlmat lmad not been our goal from time start. Familiar spots and traditions become doubly dear vvlmen vve are about to leave tlmem lor our individual careers. We lmave endeavored to make our yearbook a record as complete as possible, so tl'mat in time years tlmat lollovv vve may renew our pride in time Class of l94'l by looking tlmrouglm time pages, 'lime ever increasing bond betvveen time college and time alumnae lmelps us to Feel tlmat vve may always be a part of Framinglmam. im I Qur College on llwe As an ever present reminder ol tlie liappy days spent on our beautiful campus, we present views ol a lew ol tlwe lovelier places. May l-lall witlw its ivy-clad towersf Crocker l-lall snowing a new brick lace ancl new sliruppery, l-lorace Mann and its sweeping terrace and lawni Dwiglit l-lall, our newest aclclition, lweacling tlwe circle clrivef tlie Gatepost walk and time ivy- coverecl poulcler, eaclm spot brings special memories. PEIRCE HALL ,fix MAIN DRIVE ,EEF I-IORACE MANN LAWN WELLS DGORWAY nslrnmiwrsmff-w..f ' ,sa rf:..'41u4.,wsSmQ.'s.f-1 ' i.4m2fssxw1mnvfvm "" MAY HALL ENTRANCE GATE POST Ti :KST "Q - fb" YL Y, f Vx K ".-R TlT, J"' 'fi-'V "7 H X 9m 2 f f "5 RJ xx-w'f'.kiC' ,Q V, .A , X y '- P '- ,ffif5g:15V? 'ff I H N .W -'wif 1-1. ' A '41 -., ,' A . f 4 iv up ,amy . ,N , T -,. wwf: :Q 1 A . J T: .X 'A , .., A Ay T- X -,. ,E 11 , Ag. N4 ,f . T, , XX y. 5 . X .A ,, , Y E A 15234 , Q 'S-al" '- f- 'Mi Q Av" N . "rf -"- . N- M V LA'-' 'Ag Q' -. xx ' , -. - An 'suv ' A f. A , -f ' . ,. uf ,, N. , lgf' , z - , QIQQ . 54 Q-1, ai , ,ul 'R -1.1 lm - - 1. .f-Ay 12 11 - - A .T ir- - ig. -gif 1 V Er. f gy . '.,- ,MLW V, ,, Z F., Q , QQ' Fw- 1-v':"' T if-JL, L ,r y -fx Ki mf MQ' ".+is15giQL?y w 12 . , -H 43-f,-H 1 +V L X ,, st! r . --Q -,,-1 QZQFQ! f :D+ , .. " ff? ff, W 79? ,Q ' gf, A -Q Q -9 X. 322515-i H ffmg Q.. N 1:3545-'T ' Q A ff - S' if ,yn E? ' ' , X,"N"3-Sg, 'f-' fxgflliiilf ,.fq-- -,Q .fn r . -' ' X, -, ff , NQ Y -f . ZLL- ,A mtyf-.q,:fs g,::,.,, ., 3. I '01, , I L. , , Y , 1, , V -'us-,f-.,0130,, fp '4'f'134'K L2i "G 'T' 'CT-?'?.1 vi? gif, -A 'J 5'K?'.Q,:2'?l'ii?if2f'ifi.Q +f?':fsaQ- ' iv-few -' ii - T -E 4 '?ewff:,.PQ 55752: , 'Aw " elk L,'l"i-,, " wil- ??51'f:pa 1212 5 , if f 1 fy fi fx 1'5,f-11132 , if ' 2512:-73, " f ii in - f ' Vx ' . -..71f's1i.'1J55Cf " nfl , 2-".-s--Q3 5-A 5,4532 - --GY, ' f f'1:,.1.,55fyA,2g , 4-Xguwg, mm.: D ,..g A . wg ax, . an.,-A-.r R 12,2 - ' iff? A NL-X fn- . .5 Q E .f:1l?rw' "-,,-.L , T Q . 5 EV? ' Ji : V-Shiv h , 'f A A , , M' ,gf ' - ' ' .5 R , f ,. ' Jzwflil, nfs-f gfxvxsx. ' sys ' . M-gli' - 'A 1 5 -mf,-J., . gf- fat X' ,gA1"j' ,- 4 -f ML, . 1 q.-,'2-Sf?-AQ"-4. I , Sd., 3 ' Tsr,wf:+ff-v "ff" 'Z A Q " " '- -1 . , ' A m.. , " 1' 1' ' ' , 1 wf '11 .L 7 1 2 ' , .ff-v X , ' JT 1 Jligffwq 'k?'i' v w - lie" fri ff! WTF' - H ,, 15.4, I b: T , 'f.,.,. -- ' A H , - , xg -:,g..4,... r 4.1 V - . .WH Qfi' 5. "r fi- AW '-, , gggqwv ,c .f 5:13572 1 1 ,D , -X., ,RT g v swgrpsv -A -E .gb Wx.. 11.4,-4 ff: ,. - 4'--'f.,.--35. TLT. 3:'i'if'.':f , ' CS'-ai ' ,xl H a w -vTAE., .. 1.12: f, :.,.::ff 4 5 ,MU .g,i1i.1g,-'r-rjws, -, j'.-fi.5...fffH Pm " '-P fl ' 9325" H T A ,.,z3, gf1,3f5'j fini f- --- - f- aw X ff: . izmggw. - 1.9 - -b--Q'-f-1--'V -- Iailu if ' f "NN - - "I,-fm. 4 .H Ag - x v A "x Pr, E..iw, gt .. , . . ., .k x,. L, Y--. , ,Vk.,. L .,- . V 1 WE ,fx Q f... 1' ,N D-Ting.- A ft A ,A A' ivivrv :M -- -vx A 'EW-Q A., E - Qwlvz. TT - 'fin f . A-xg: . -qw i,. El? - Arr' MAY I-IALI. STEPS Q- 5 5 TERRACE TERRACE AND LAWN PEIRCE HALL SNOW ON TI-IE HILL VOCATIONAL HOUSE DOORWAV TRAINING SCI-IOOL T T 1 1 T T FROM MAY HALL DWIGHT ENTRANCE DWIGHT HALL WELLS ENTRANCE CROCKER HALL MAY HALL ENTRANCE HORACE MANN Q ff' 4 197 M f fl frm., ' f ' ,wf f W ,, 'QM 6 ,f ffl, ,W , ff wc , , , , V , .:, ,,. wwf 4 ,- Vera .MM ww E 'W nw if WINTER CAMPUS SCENES DWIGHT HALL 'I. Dear, dfar what can the matter be? Q. Mr. and Mrs. is the name. 3. Now don't be beshful 4. Typical Faculty. 5. Guess Who? CICLIHY GUGF QACULTV J, . A O, 1. f ff I M! ' f A Z - L11 "ff. my 1 " X X1 - Y- . ,!l2f . u- I ' 'L ' N - F " xl J ' -.nm qgyymxwxmuqgyx- , Y 73? ' , A wx N. , 'S-,. f 'f I 'ZQ W, ,,mlA 01 X ,,.. .,,. .A. ' ,, un' ,f X 14, ,ff mlfwufv' f if f ,, vxlh.. lamb 'mlm : lxix ,ln av X Q W . LX Q -wh N mmwlf w Q E ..-ulllml N A vw B . Q., imqmx Q5 Wim Q N-Yr TLS F wh MARTIN FRANCIS O'CONNOR, A.B., Ed.M Horace Mann Hall, Framingham President ,Aw 1, s V yay 3, x LINWOOD L. WORKMAN, A.B., Ed.M. 17 Church Street, Framingham Sociology, Economics, Child Study, Registrar EDITH A. SAVAGE, B.S State Street, Framingham Dean FLORENCE AMMIDON 29 Pleasant Street, Framingham Clothing, Textiles CATHERINE A. BROSNAN, B.S. 16 Rittenhouse Road, Worcester Clothing, Textiles RUTH H. CARTER, B.S., M.E. 255 Worcester Road, Worcester Reading Methods, English, American Literature, Current Literature 1 , . ,fi , .Y -'Z . I All SARA M. ARMSTRONG, A.B., A.M 18 Pleasant Street, Framingham Psychology MURIEL CABOT BUCKLEY, B.S. 11 Orchard Street, Belmont Clothing, Textiles fl . : x- .f . , 5- if f I A M 1-1 , 5-r..i',' oy., " ' "z-5551: 'L ' . A " WZ . avr: " f mf- , 1 .5 N - ii:'V'r': , t I Y ' sf : - 1 -. .VS . ' L JW, . . .,,,:, ',..,.jj, ELEANOR F. CHASE, B.S., M.s., Ph.D 45 Highland Street, Amesbury Chemistry MILLICENT M. COSS, A.B., B.S., M.A. SARAH S. CUMMINGS, A.B., M.A 164 State Street, Framingham 35 Cambridge Road, Woburn Clothing, Textiles, Household Arts Education History CHARLES DONER STUART B. FOSTER, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. 43 Scotland Road, Reading 1 MaYnafd Road, Ffamin9l"'3m Handwriting Cl"2miSf"Y f-Q4 LUCILLE G. FRENCH, M.A. GRACE BROWN GARDNER, A.B., A.M. 50 Jackson Road, West Medford 33 Milk Street, Nantucket Head of Household Arts Department Biology, Microbiology, Nature Study MAUD B. GERRITSON, B.S., A.M. EDWARD F. GILDAY, JR., B.S., M.A 9 Church Street, Framingham Moulton Park Road, Framingham Center English Composition, Literature Music F' - , V .. , 57 . I , I, ' r CORINNE E. HALL, A.M. EMMA A. HUNT, A.B., M.A., M.A.C. 16 Linder Terrace, Newton 30 Henry Street, Framingham Household Administration, Practice Teaching Physiology, Hygiene, General Science L ' 4 5, , P! ' .... - L. LOUISE KINGMAN DOROTHY LARNED, A.B., M.A. W2ll9Sl2Y 154 Maynard Road, Framingham Speech, Physical Education, Dramatics French, English, Citizenship Training Q il LOU LOMBARD, B.S. ELIZABETH C. MacMILLAN, B.S., M.A. 108 Woodridge Avenue, Silver Springs, Md. 1036 Berkeley Street, Santa Monica, Cal. Resident Supervisor of Vocational Household Arts Lunchroom Management, Household Management S HAZEL R. NIETZOLD, B.S. LOUIE G. RAMSDELL, M.S., Ph.B. 303 South Street, Northampton 9 Church Street, Framingham Assistant, Art Department Geography FREDERICK W. RIED ELLA C. RITCHIE, B.S. 25 South Russell Street, Boston 140 Franklin Street, Framingham Art, Mechanical Drawing Librarian 633 4 ANNE ROCHEFORT, B.S., M.A. DEBORAH M. RUSSELL, B.S., A.M 35 Salem End Road, Framingham 4 Hudson Street, Worcester Education, Mathematics Chemistry, Nutrition A sa n '79 MARJORIE SPARROW, A.B., M.A. JAMES B. SULLIVAN, A.B., M.S. 1140 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill 15 Clarke Street, Lawrence English Biology, Bacteriology, Physics ,if A BERNICE W. TAYLOR, B.S., M.A. MAY C- TURNER, B-S-I M-FM 1431 Broadway Street, Haverhill 75 Maynard Road, Framingham Physical Education Foods A Hn I4- ,on ...I EVELYN E. KEITH FLORENCE I. ROBBINS, R.N. Greendale Station, Worcester 132 Main Street, Avon Matron, Peirce Hall, Institutional Management Resident Nl-V521 IDSIYUCIOV Of I"I0m2 HY9iCf'2 and Care of Sick E' I 1 iw I I , ANNIE L. D. SWAN Mahon' Horace Mann HBII 48 Forest Street, North Brooktield Assistant Matron, Peirce HaII CATHERINE H. WHITNEY B.S. MRS. ELEANOR BOWES MRS. CHARLES DICKINSON Webster Street, Framingham 1063 Worcester Road, Framingham Senior Clerk Junior Clerk MILDRED J. IVASKA MRS. EVANGELINE S, KINCHLA, B.S 87 Pritchard Avenue, West Somerville 58 Cloverdale Road, Newton Highlands Principal Clerk Substitute, Foods MRS. HELEN M. LEWIS, B.S., Ed. 163 Irving Street, Framingham Drawing and Design, Handicraft 'sb-W ? . if MISS LENA CUSHING Principal CJOI'lClll'1ClI'l !VhCJyl'lCll'Cl 3Cl'l0Ol We, vvho are the future teachers, have much For vvhich to thanlc the present teachers. Those at the Training School we thank For the inspiration ot high educational standards vvhich they have set lor us, and for the l4ind and friendly guidance that they have given girls ol both the Elementary and l-lousehold Arts Departments. Il Seated-Misses Donahue, Joyce, Cushing, Caunt, Dennett. Second row-Thatcher, Cook, Long, Davis, l-lall, Marshall, Ward. l'Clll"lll'18 5Cl'xIOOl -l-GClCl'lSl'S LENA CUSHING School-154 Maynard Road, Framingham Home-27 Fellows Street, Danvers, Mass. ALICE E. JOYCE 66 Pleasant Street, Framingham, Mass. BERTHA C. HALL School-43 Adams Road, Framingham Home-45 Boyden Street, Worcester MARY L. COUNT Brown Street, Wellesley Hills ROBINETTE WARD 355 Brook Street, Framingham MARY P. LONG 15 Reynolds Avenue, Natick RUTH S, DENNETT 55 Main Street, Framingham LOUISE F. THACHER School--29 Pleasant Street, Framingham Home-15 Action Street, Wollaston, Mass. MARGUERITE F. MARSHALL 67 Pleasant Street, Holliston B. HAZEL DAVIS 140 Union Avenue, Framingham MARY J. DONAHUE School-49 Clark Street, Framingham Home-New Ipswich, N. H. FLORENCE M. COOK 6 Vernon Street, Framingham Principal Grade 8 Grade 7 Grades 6 and 7 Grade 6 Grade 5 Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 3 Grades 2 and 3 Grades 1 and 2 Grade 1 - SENIORS 1. Roomies. 2. What's the matter? 3. Tron, what did you say? 4. Sleeping beauties and such. 5. Midnight snack. 6. But can you swim? 7. Meet the gang. 8. The inseparables. 9. On the fence. f g f ff, jggiiggp W 1, , ix imma Wv fi mw+Qme wW'NW- N- 'X I N ' I ,QVMQWWQWEFH l Q7 ,au K 1 N 'iff ,H qf,, ,1 2,-.ffl ,.'I g' 5'1 y ' M' I ' I I I XM HH i t X, ilmwn 'i m' W 6 'VW MMRK' Mg M f 1 W w X- iv X w X X ms X XXX x . YgwW?x v I M,NQiW M -' L F. 'uv,. + rsh M e N f X W g 5 Y? EXM M Vg? k W -a ff H .M IIN ! Rm ,iwlllfl I 4 A M425 ' X 5:15 Q I 1 , ll' , .3 -:II w -w H M -' M A f ilw n M J 5 X , 4.faggg?2 A 'HP1?2z325?fviii --if - - -wf fi - Q The 5 eniors Marjorie Babson Anne Tower CLASS PRESIDENT CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT 'W- M91 f x gf, 7. Dorothy Daeey Constance Brine CLASS SECRETARY CLASS TREASURER A CLASS i . 9 1 i i 9""' i i i i i i r i i L Miss Catherine Brosnan Edward F. Giiday HQNQRAPV CLASS MEMBERS Miss Sarain Cummings CLASS ADVISQR Gig 1941 HOUSEHOLD ARTS DEPARTMENT VIRGINIA ALLEN "Jinny' 15 Rosemont Street, Lynn August 2 Nutrition I-lome Economics Club C'l, 2, 3, 45, Finance Chairman C45, Y. W. C. A C45, May Day C'l, 25, Script CQ5, Judicial Board C35, Library Council C45 Vice-President of Horace Mann l-lall C45. "The deeds you wrought are not in vain EMILY ATKINS "Em' 4 Williams Place, Middleboro November 4 General l-lome Economics Club C3, 45, Fine Arts Club C3, 45, A. A. C'l5 Y. W. C. A. C45, Dial Stall C45, Class Prophecy, Student Government C25 Recorder of Points C45, May Day CQ5, Refreshment Committee. "l am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." DOROTHY ELIZABETH AUBERTIN "Dot" 35 Carlisle Street, Worcester November 27 Nutrition A'Kempis C'l, Q, 3, 45, l-lome Economics Club C1, 25, Dial StaFf C45. Chairman Senior Prom. "Where there's a will, there's a Way." MARJORIE DORIS BABSON "Mari" 279 William Street, Stoneham December 29 Nutrition Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C'I5, Fine Arts C1, 95, Secretary C25, Senior Class President C45, C.C.C. C45, Student Government C45, Chemistry Council C35, Gate Post Statl C45, Current Events C45, Noon Forum Leader CQ5, Evening Forum C'I, 3, 45. "Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace." MYRTIS E. BEECHER "Beechie" Brooklyn, Connecticut March 19 Special Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. "A good heart, benevolent feelings and a balanced mind be a founda- tion of character." MARGARET BERRY "Peg" 20 Gilmore Street, Wollaston March 11 Nutrition Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 4D, A'Kempis C1, 2, 45, May Day CQD, Evening Forum CU, Secretary Horace Mann I-lall C3D, Ping Pong C4D. "Day or night, myself l make." CONSTANCE LOUISE BRINE "Connie' 55 Adella Avenue, West Newton December 26 Nutrition nomics C4D, Class and Clubs Funds Account Treasurer C4D, A. A. C1 D. "Service is no heritage." iw ., BETTY JEAN CALKINS "Bet' Walnut Street, Rutland January 23 Nutrition A. A. CU, Home Economics CU, Dial Statt C4D, Library Council CQ-D Class Day Committee Chairman C41 "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature." I Senior Class Treasurer C4D, A'Kempis Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Home Eco- JUNE L. CATLER "Junie" 65 School Street, Quincy March 11 Nutrition Cilee Club C1, 3, 45, A. A. C1, 3, 41, Home Economics C4D, Evening Forum C1, 3D, Dial Staff C41 "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." MARION VERONICA COLE 33 Peak Hill Road, West Roxbury May 23 General A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, A. A. CU, Home Economics CQ, 3, 4D, May Day l CQD, Junior Prom Decoration Committee C31 i 5 "Knowledge is more than equivalent to force." F 4 VIRGINIA LANE COOK "CO0I!i2" 15 Park Street, Norwood May 29 General Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Y. W. C. A. C1 D, l-lome Economics CQ, 3, 4D. "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." MARY LOUISE CURRAN 11 Vassel Lane. Cambridge February 23 Nutrition Alfempis C1, Q, 3, 43, l-lome Economics C41 "Thy modesty! a candle to thy merit." ETHEL MURIEL DARLING 49 DeForest Street, Hyde Park D2C2mb2f 23 General A. A. CI5, Home Economics CI, 3, 45, May DavC95fEv2nif19 FOVUH1 C75 Fine Arts CI, 3, 45, Y. W C. A. CI5. "Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soulf, RUTH BERNADETTE FAHEY "Ruthie" 76 Howard Street, Waltham February 28 Nutrition Glee Club C45, A'Kempis CI, 2, 3, 45, Home Economics C45, A. A .CI5 A May Day CQ5, Class Day, Refreshment Chairman C45. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." r ' 5, V ' ld , . .L 4 I if f S. JEANETTE FARR "Jeannie" Blue Hill Road, Granby July 29 General Fine Arts CI5, Y. W. C. A. C35, Vice President C45, Forum President C45, Library Council Chairman C45, Student Government C45, Evening Forum CI, Q, 3, 45, May Day Script CQ5. "Without faith there would be no light in all the world." MADELINE FERRIS "Maddie" 173 Hampden Street, Chicopee January 21 Nutrition Fine Arts CI, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, Ping Pong Manager C45, Har, vard l-loclcey C45, Home Economics C3, 45, May Day CQ5. "As merry as the day is long." i F MARGARET MARY FITZPATRICK "Fitzie" Stafford Street, Rochdale August 21 General A'Kempis Club C'l, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C45, Basketball C'l, 95, l-lome Eco- nomics C15, May Day CQ5, Junior Prom Committee C35. "A man he seems ol cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf' GRACE ZITA FLAVIN "Gray" 14 Forest Street, Attleboro March 23 General A'Kempis C'l, Q, 3, 45, Fine Arts C'l5, A. A. C3, 45, Riding Manager C45, Board Member C45, Dial StaFl C45, Publicity Manager C45, May Day C'l, 525, Programs CQ5, Vice-President Crocker l-lall C35, Junior Prom Committee C35, Evening Forum C15. "She had withal a merry wit, And was not shy of using it." EVA RITA FRESIA "Tf0ffY" 773 East Street, Pittsfield January 93 General May Day Costumes CQ5, Junior Prom Refreshments C35, A'KempiS Cl, 9, 3, 45, Fine Arts C35, Y. W. C. A. C3, 45, l-lome Economics C45, A. A- Cl 5- "l shall grow old, but never lose liFe's zest." AGNES GAROIAN 59 Plymouth Street, Cambridge March 13 Nutrition Fine Arts C'l5, Glee Club C'l, Q, 3, 45, Dial Statl, Class l-listorian C45, May Day Script Committee CQ5, l-lome Economics C'l, Q, 45, Library Council CQ5, Assistant Editor Gate Post C3, 45, Class Day Properties C45. "het me live in a house by the side ofthe road and be a friend to man. LILLIAN CLEMENTINE GENDRON 32 Burtt Street, Lowell July 28 General A'Kempis Cl, QL l-lome Economics Club Cl, Q, 45, Senior Book Club Committee C42 Quiet and Qrder Committee CQD, May Day CQD. "Whose hidden fountains but few may guess." FLORIE LOUISE GRAY "Gray" 33 John Street, Worcester February 10 Nutrition A. A. Cl, Q, 3, 42, May Day Dance Chairman CQD, Dial StaFF, Class Will C42 l-lome Economics C42 Fine Arts Cl, Q, 4D. "And a heart that never forgets to sing." V VIVIAN PEARL HOGAN "Viv" 25 Lake Street, Arlington September 1 Nutrition A- NC1, 91351 Basketball CI, Q, 3D, l-lockey CI, Q, 3D, Class Day Chair- man C4D, Chairman of Caps and Gowns CAO, Fine Arts C1 D, Y. W. C. A. CAO, l-lome Economics CLD. "There is no room for sadness when we see a cheery smile." ANN WILLETT JOUANNET "refs- 29 Athelwold Street, Dorchester November 29 Nutrition l-lome Economics C3, 4D, A'Kempis CI, Q, 3, 4D, Quiet and Order Com- ? mittee C32 Junior Prom, Decoration Committee C31 "Friendship is a word, the very sight of which makes the heart warm." 115 Norfolk Street, Holliston August 9 General Glee Club CQ, 3, 4D, Home Economics C1, Q, 3, 42, V, W. C, A. C41 "They're only truly great who are truly good." MARGARET CECILIA LEAMY "Peggy' 51 President's Lane, Quincy June 24 Nutrition Home Economics CQ, 3, 45, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 42, International Night C31 "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." MARlE BERNARDINE L'ESPERANCE "Bernie" 14 Bond Street, Somerville JBFWBVY 7 Nutrition Fine Arts C1, Q, 3D, A'Kempis C1, Q, 45. "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." DORIS ELIZABETH LUTHRINGER "Dodo" 12 Gosnold Street, Worcester June 16 Nutrition Fine Arts C1 D, Chemistry Council CQ, 4D, Vice-Pr6SiCl2f1t C32 MGY DGY CQD, Home Economics C4D, A. A. C4D, Evening Forum C'lD. "As merry as the clay is long" is DOROTHY EUNICE LABOUTELEY "Dol' BARBARA LYMAN "Barb" 24 Rockland Road, Auburn February 22 Nutrition -HV Home Economics Club C45. "And in short measures life may perfect be." GLADYS DIENA MCGAW "Mac" 18 Tower Avenue, South Weymouth March 25 General Glee Club CI, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, Baseball Manager C35 I-loclcey C15, Basketball CI 5, l-lome Economics C45, S. A. B. F. C1, Q, 3, 45 Quiet and Qrcler Committee C15, Judiciary Board C35, May Day CQ5, Class Day Chairman For Casting C45, Junior Prom Favor Committee C35. "I am always in haste, but never in a hurry." RUTH ELIZABETH McKECHNIE 88 Park Avenue, Natick November 17 General lglodrnge Economics C1, Q, 3, 45, Fine Arts CI, 2, 3, 45, Y. W. C. A. CQ "She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." HELEN PAULINE MILNE "Polly' l 25 Hamilton Street, Dorchester August 21 General Gate PostC15, Home Economics CI, 45, Fine Arts C1, 25, Class Day C45 'KOrder is I-leaven's First law" MARY JOSEPHINE MITCHELL "Mitch 450 West Broadway, Gardner January 10 E Nutrition A'K2mDiS CI, QD, A. A. C'I, Q, 3D, Home Economics C'I, QD. "Your life shall never lack a friend." ELIZABETH SEXTON MOONEY "Betty 76 Allen Street, Arlington January 6 General Class Day Committee C4D, Home Economics C4D. "Beauty seen is partly in him who sees it." CHARLOTTE E. MOTHES "Charlie" . 65 Cottage Street, Hudson Seplembef 3 Nutrition Home Economics CQ, 3, 4D, Vice-President CED, President C42 A. A. C'I, Q, 35, Glee Club C4D, C. C. C. C4D, President Crocker Hall C3D, Junior Prom, Chairman of Invitations, Patrons and Patronesses C31 "And his work its own reward shall be." KATHRYN MARIE NAGLE "K6Y" 5 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Plain July 27 Nutrition A'Kempis C'I, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C'I, Q, 3, 4D, Harvard Hockey C4D, Hockey C1, QD, Manager Badminton and Tennis C42 Junior Prom Committee C3D, Class Day Committee C4D, Dial Stati, Class Prophecy C41 'She is pretty to Walk with, and witty to talk With, and pleasant, too, to think on." Commuters' Council C'l, 41, Chemistry Council CQD, A'Kempis C'I, Q, 3, 4D DOROTHY LOUISE OLSON 19 Brinsley Street, Dorchester Nutrition A'Kempis Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Home Economics C3, 45, A. A. C1, 35, Volley Ball Manager C35, Choir CQ, 35, Cilee Club C1, Q, 3, 45, President C45, Chemistry Council, Secretary CQ5, President C45, May Day Property Chairman CQ5, Junior Prom Decoration Chairman C35, Class and Club Council C45. "l-le is a strong man who can hold down his opinion." CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE PAGE 11 Homewood Road, West Roxbury April 11 Nutrition A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, l-lome Economics C3, 45, May Day CQ5. i'From seeming evil still educing good." llDotll January 6 hi CHARLOTTE HOLMAN PATTEN "Pat" Maple Street, Sterling June 30 Nutrition A. A. C1, Q, 35, Vice-President C35, Glee Club C3, 45, Secretary C45, Y. W. C. A. C45, Treasurer of Dormitory CQ, 35, Fine Arts C15, Gate Post Statl C3, 45, Orchestra C15, l-larvard Basketball C15, May Day C15, May Queen C25, Dial StaFl C45. "You have to believe in happiness or happiness never comes." HELEN RAND 45 Sudbury Road, Weston April 22 Nutrition Home Economics C1, Q, 45, A. A. C1, 25, Culee Club C35. "Men of fevv words are the best men." CLAIRE SUZANNE ROBINSON 2 Shirley Street, Worcester March 10 Nutrition A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Commuters' Council C3D, Chemistry Council C4j, Class Day Committee C4D, Home Economics C41 "Wise to resolve, and patient to perform." EVELYN SAWUTZ "Evie" 33 Waltham Street, Maynard March 11 General Y. W. C. A. C3, 45, Treasurer C4D, Chemistry Council CQD, Judicial Board C42 l-lome Economics C1, Q, 3, 4D, Junior Prom Committee Chair- man C3D, May Day Committee CQD, Fine Arts CQ, 3D, A. A. C1, QD. "Full wise is he that can himself know." I BEVERLY W. SHAFRAN n 274 Tappan Street, Brookline June 14 Nutrition Glee Club C1, Q, 4D, A. A. C1, Q, 4j, Commuters' Council C1 D. I "By the vvorlc one knows the worker." y STELLA MAY SMITH "Smitty" y 7 Ruggles Street, Quincy October 21 General Home Economics Club C1, 3, 45, Dial Stati, Art Editor C3D, May Day CQD, Library Council C3D, Treasurer I-lorace Mann I-lall C41 "A wise scepticism is the First attribute of a good critic." BETTY EDMUNDS STORY "Bet" 128 Granite Street, Rockport October 8 Nutrition Class Treasurer C1, QD, Class President C3D, Student Co-operative C3, 4D, Qnd Vice-President C4j, President ol Class and Club Council C4D, May Day Refreshment Committee CQD, General Co-chairman Junior Prom C3D, A. A. C1, Q, 3, 4D, Basketball C'l, Q, 3, 45, I-lockey C1, Q, 3, 43, Yale I-locltey C3D, l-lome Economics C1, Q, 3D, Y. W. C. A. C41 "l-le started to sing as he taclcled the thing that couldn't be donew and he did it!" MARY CATHERINE SULLIVAN 118 Endicott Street, Worcester May 19 General A'Kempis Club C1, Q, 3, 4D, I-lome Economics C1 D, May Day CQD. "A lace with a smile and a story ol wit made a long hour short." MARY EILEEN SWEENEY "Molly" 800 Slade Street, Fall River January 24 Nutrition AIKCVUDIS Cl, 9, 3, 4D, Home Economics C1, 3, 4J, Fine Arts CU, Gate Post C1 D, I-loclcey CQD. "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." EDNA LOUISE SWEET "Sweetie" 139 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead May 23 General I-lome Economics C1, 9, 3, 4D, Treasurer C4D, Fine Arts Club C4D, May Day Costume Committee CQD. "The glory of a Firm capacious mind." 'QW ELIZABETH RUTH TOTILAS "Betty" 18 Montrose Street, Worcester July 18 Nutrition l-lome Economics Cl, QD, Chemistry Council CID, May Day Cast CQD, A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3,',4,D Vice-President C4D, Junior Prom, Chairman Ticket Committee C3D, A, A. C4D, l-lockey C4D. 'AChieFly the mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands." ANNE SPURR TOWER "Tower" 22 Odell Avenue, Beverly June 18 General Glee Club Cl, Q, 3, 4D, Gate Post Cl, 3D, May Day Script CQD, Fine Arts Cl D, Class Secretary C3D, Chemistry Council C3D, Crocker l-lall President C3D, Dial Staff C4D, l-lome Economics C4D, Chairman Class Day Entertain- ment C4D, Class Vice-President C4D, S. A. B. F. C4D. "Never say 'die'." MIRIAM WALSH 10 Park Street, West Roxbury JUIY 3 Nutrition A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3, 4D, l-lome Economics C3, 4D, A. A. ClD, Glee Club C3D, Class President CQD, Student Co-operative CQ, 3, 4D, Secretary C3D, 'lst Vice-President C4D, Class and Club Council CQD, Chairman of Judi- cial Board C4D, Chairman of Building Fund C4D, Secretary Pierce l-lall CID, May Day C1, QD, General Chairman CQD, Junior Prom, Chairman of Publicity Committee C3D. "The noblest mind the best contentment has." CORA HELEN WEBB 64 Overbrook Drive, Wellesley November 9 Nutrition Home Economics C1, Q, 3, 4D, Fine Arts Cl, Q, 3D, Dial Start C4D, A. A. C1, Q, 3, 4D, Treasurer C4D, Gate Post Statf C4D, l-larvard Basketball CQ, 3, 4D, l-lockey and Basketball C1, Q, 3, 4D, May Day CQD. "l-le was ever precise in promise-keeping." ANITA WILCOX "Neets" 364 Riverway, Boston August 24 Nutrition l-lome Economics C1, 2, 3, 4D, May Day Chapel Chairman CQD, Class Day A General Chairman C42 Fine Arts C42 Student Matron OU, Vice-President of Pierce l-lall CED. 'LSO well to know her own, that what She wills to do or say seems wisest, virtuousest, cliscreetest, best. BARBARA ELIZABETH WORDEN "Barbie" 90 Mill Street, Shrewsbury July 5 Nutrition Home Economics C'l, Q, 3, 42, A, A. Cl, Q, 3Df Fine Arts CAO, Y. W. C. A. C42 Hockey C31 Basketball Cl, QD. ,S qv I "l-lonest labor bears a lovely facef' .l IRENE JOAN ZURAWINSKI 56 Richland Street, Worcester May 19 Nutrition l-lome Economics CI, 3D,A'KempisC1, EZ, 3, 4-Dj May Day Committee CQD Glee Club C4D, A. A. C4D. I "Good to be merry and wise." ELEANOR RICHMOND PARKER "Parlty" 532 Middle Road, Acushnet AU9USf 22 Home Economics C1, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C15, Dial Subscription Manager C45. ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength." CLERNA EVELYN PIERCE 118 Bank Street, Attleboro November 23 Dual C1 EZ 3 45, Assistant Editor C35, Editor C45, Class and Club Council C45 Class Vice-President C35i S. A. B. F. C3, 455 Gate Post C2 35 Athletic Editor CQ5, General Co-Cliairman Junior Prom C35f A A C1 Q 3 45, Basketball C1, Q, 3, 45, Harvard C'l, 3, 45, Captain C45i l-lockey C1 3 45, May Day Costume Committee, Announcer C1, E25, l-lome Econom1csC1, Q, 35, Fine Arts C15, Student Cooperative Council "E'en her failings lean to virtue's side." - VGCATIONAL HOUSEHCDLD ARTS CAROLYN LUELLA BRADISH "Carol" 51 Pine Street, Leicester March 8 General Fine Arts C15, May Day Costumes CQ5, Gate Post, Exchange Editor C955 l-lome Economics C3, 45. "Self confidence is the First requisite to great undertakings." HELEN ADELAIDE MELANSON 11 Ruthven Street, North Quincy July 6 General May Day, Publicity CQ5, Dial, Art Editor C45, Class Day Program Chair- man C45. "Many persons feel art, some understand it, but few both feel and understand it. 1 ALICE LOUISE SILCOX 3 East Avenue, Lowell December 8 General A. A. C1 D, Home Economics Cl, Q, 3, 41, May Day CQD, Dial C4D. "You may think she's ouiet, you may think she's shy, but just you come closer, she's merry ol eye." PHYLLIS STEARNS "Sterno" 5 Infield Avenue, Dracut September 21 General A. A, C1, QD, Home Economics Cl, 2, 45, May Day CQD, Commuters' Council CQD, Dial Subscription Committee C4D. "A great big smile, a heart Full of fun, a loyal friend to everyone." LENA MILDRED TELA "LiI" 151 Bailey Street, Lawrence March 4 General A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3, 4D, May Day, Grounds and Property CQD, l-lome Economics C'I, Q, 3, 4D, A. A. CQD, Fine Arts C3D. "Fon the beauty of a lovely woman is like music, what can one say more? RUTH MARION TRONERUD "Tron" Hill Street, Topsfielcl June 29 May Day CQD, Dial C4D, Home Economics CQ, 35, Y. W. C. A. CED, Class Day Committee C41 'laughing ancl lovable, always ready to chase your cares away." ELEMENTARY CAROLYN MARIE ANTON "Carol" 769 Columbia Road, Dorchester December 25 Elementery A'Kempis C1, Q, 35, Y, W. C. A. C45, Commuters' Council C45, May Day CQ5, Student Government C45. "A Smile for all, a Welcome glad A jovial Way she had." MARION ETHEL BLOOD "Gary" 22 Intervale Road, Wellesley October 16 Elementary A. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, President C45, Softball Manager C'l5, Board C3, 45, Conference Delegate C3, 45, Basketball C1, Q5, l-larvard I-lockey C1, Q, 3, 45, Captain C3, 45, Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Choir CQ, 3, 45, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Secretary C35, Class President C15, Class Vice-President CQ5, Student Council C15, Class and Club Council C1, Q, 45, S. A, B. F. CQ, 3, 45, Fine Arts CQ5, Gate Post Statl CQ, 3, 45, Forum Leader C35. "A loyal Friend, sincere and true, With a sense of humor and a lceen mind, too. JOAN KATHERINE BRIDEY "Joanie" 11 Lewis Street, Newton FGIJYUGVY 12 Elementary A. A, C15, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Dial Statf C45, May Day CQ5. "The reason lirm, the temperate will H Endurance, foresight, strength and slcill. MARION LOUISE BRIGHAM "Brie" 39 Norwood Street, Marlborough November 30 Elementary Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Treasurer C35, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, President C45, A. A. CQ, 3, 45, Board C45, I-locl4ey Manager C45, l-larvard I-loclcey CQ, 3, 45, I-loclcey C1, Q, 3, 45, Gate Post Statl CQ, 3, 45, C. C. C. C45. "The talent of success is nothing more than doing well whatever you do. ALICE MARY BRITT "Brittie" 19 So. Prospect Street, Amherst September 1 5 Elementary A. A. C'l, Q, 3D, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, . "Very good hearted, loving and kind, A truer Friend you'll never Find." IRENE BERNADETTE CARBONEAU ,,-f" 6 Andrews Street, Framingham May 7 Elementary A'Kempis C'l, Q, 3, LU, Quiet and Order Committee C3D. "Gentle of speech, beneticent of mind." Fine Arts Ci, QD, Y. W. C. A. CQ, 3, 45. "A quiet exterior conceals much." EDITH VIRGINIA COTTON "Jinnie 79 Charlesbank Road, Newton June 6 Elementary Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CQ, 3D, President C4D, Culee Club CQ, 3, LU, Chair man Class Day Music CIO, Dial Staff, Assistant Art Editor C41 "Gentle in manner, Firm in reality." AUDREY LOUISE COBURN "Auddie' 82 Prentice Street, Waltham January 20 Elementary DOROTHY ARLINE DACEY "Dice" 7 Russell Street, Hudson May 24 Elementary A. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, Treasurer C35, l-larvard Basketball CI, Q, 3, 45, Hockey C3, 45, Basketball Cl, Q, 3, 45, Captain C25, Fine Arts CI, Q, 3, 45, Vice- President C45, Gate Post CQ, 3, 45, Dial Stat? CQ5, May Day CI, 25, Class Secretary C45, Board of Limitations C45. "Patient ol toil, serene amidst alarms, lntlexible in faith, invincible in arms." SHIRLEY FISHMAN "Shuie" 19 Ransom Road, Brighton August 26 Elementary Fine Arts CQ, 35, Y. W. C. A. C3, 45, May Day Dance Committee CQ5. "The perfect woman, nobly planned lo warm, to comfort, and command. x DORIS KATHRYN GLANCY "Dorrie" 33 Lowell Avenue, Watertown March 9 Elementary Glee Club Pianist CI, Q, 3, 45, Vice-President C45, A. A. CQ, 3, 45, Fine Arts CQ, 3, 45, A'Kempis Cl, Q, 3, 45, l-larvard Basketball Q3, 45, Choir C45. "lt was his nature to blossom into song As it is a tree's to leaf itsell in April." MARY CLARE GOOD 52 Wendell Street, Cambridge March 27 Elementary A'Kempis CI, Q, 3, 45, Glee Club C1, Q, 3, 45, Choir CQ5- Editor Gate Post C45, C. C. C. C45, Student Council C45, President of Massachusetts State Teachers College Publications Association C45, Chairman Music May Day CQ5, Attendant to May Oueen CQ5. "Self-reverence, self-knovvledge, sell-control- These three alone lead life to sovereign power. ALICE IDA HAVNER "AI" 120 Lake Avenue, Framingham May Q5 Elementary Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, Cabinet CQ, 45, Vice-President C35, Fine Arts Cl, Q5, A. A. Cabinet CQ5, May Day CQ5. ' "lo strive, to seek, to Find, and not to yield." BARBARA HALL "Barb" 15 Centre Street, Raynham December 1 Elementary Fine Arts C15, A. A, C35, President of l-lorace Mann l-lall C45, May Day C1, Q, 35, Attendant CQ5, Chairman of Assembly Speakers for Student fl' Government C45, Chairman Senior Chapel C45, Library Council CQ5. "Soft peace she brings, Wherever she arrives She builds our quiet as she forms our lives," JOANNA FRANCES HAZLETT "Jo" 59 Diamond Street, Walpole April 8 Elementary l-larvard Hockey C1, Q, 3, 45, A. A. C1, Q, 3, 45, Basketball CQ5, l-lockey C1, Q, 35, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Dial Statf C45, May Day C1, Q5. "That smirk of mirth and gladness And that Flash of mischief too." ROSEMARY MARTHA HILDEBRAND "Hildy" 181 Newton Street, Waltham July 17 Elementary Glee Club C3, 45, Choir C45, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, Treasurer C35, A. A, C45, l-larvard Basketball C45, Basketball C35, Gate Post C45, Dial C45, May Day CQ5. "She was made for happy thoughts, For pleasant vvit and laughter. ' ESTELLE JUNE KAPSTEIN "Stemmie" 112 Pleasant Street, Brookline June 25 Elementary Fine Arts C1, Q, 3, 4D, A. A. C1, Q, 31, Y. W. C. A. C3, 4D, May Day CQD. "Our character is our will For what vve will, vve are. MARY MARGARET KEATING 27 East Street, Natick December 4 Elementary . Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 4D, A. A. C1, QD, l-lockey C1, Q, 3D, Basketball C1, QD, May Day CQD. "A happy heart, L A smiling face, And rounds of laughter in between." HELEN URSULA KENNEDY 13 Grant Street, Natick February 22 Elementary A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 4D, May Day CQ, 35. A "l-lumor is. . .. Only by atfection spoiledf 'Tis never by invention got, Men have it when they know it not. JANE ISABEL MacFARLAND 614 Trapelo Road, Belmont February 10 ' Elementary Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 4D, May Day CQD, Library Council C3, 41 "Beneath the quiet calm of placid mien H Lay depths of comradeship and laughter unexpressed. HELEN JOSEPHINE MAXWELL "MGX" 159 Mechanic Street, Marlboro February 24 Elementary A. A. C1, Q, 3, 4D, Conference Representative CQD, Basketball Manager CQD, Basketball C1, 2, 3, 4D, Captain CU, Harvard Basketball C1, Q, 3, 4D, l-lockey C1, 2, 3, 4D, Fine Arts CU, Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 4D, Class Secre- tary C1, QD, Treasurer Student Co-operative C3D, President C42 C. C. C. C4D, Chairman of May Day Ushers CQD, May Day C1, QD, Attendant CQD. "A helping hand she is ready tolend To anyone, especially a friend. 'Q' MARY AGNES O'NEILL "Maryo" 18 Davis Avenue, Brookline July 9 Qin. ' ' F Elementary Glee Club C1, 2, 35, A'Kempis C'l, Q, 3, 4D, May Day CQD. ' "When the heart is light With hope, all pleases, nothing comes amissf' HELEN ELIZABETH PAUL "Betty' 31 Lawrence Street, Waltham September 5 Elementary Glee Club C1, 2, 3, 4D, A. A. C4D, l-lockey CQ, 3, 45, Basketball C1, Q, 3D Elarvargllqlockey C3, 41, Alumnae Editor of Gate Post C4D, Dial Statl C45 ass i . "There is no impossibility to her Who stands prepared to conquer every hazard." MAUDE ELIZABETH PAYNE "Maude Tousey Fangle' 19 Howard Street, Waltham March 22 Elementary Fine Arts CU, Y. W. C. A. C1, 3, 4D, May Day CQ, 31 "Clever and sweet in her own little vvay, l-ler presence is valued in work and play. HELEN CAROLINE RUSH Kandell Street, Barre June 30 Elementary Glee Club CI, Q, 3, 45, Librarian CQ5, May Day C1, 25, Judicial Board CQ5, Gate post Statf C45, Chairman of Quiet and Qrder Committee C45, Class History C45. "It's the songs ye sing, and the smiles ye wear That s a makin the sunshine everywhere." ANNA ELIZABETH SHAUGHNESSY "Shaun" 44 Sumner Street, Milford December 30 Elementary Glee Club C'l, SZ, 3, 45, A'Kempis C1, Q, 3, 45, May Day C25. "She had withal a merry wit And was not shy of using it." GERTRUDE RACHEL SPIERS "Trudy" 15 Nonantum Street, Newton August 1 Elementary A, A. C35, Y. W. C. A. C1, Q, 45, Cabinet C45, Chairman Commuters' Council C45, Student Government C45, May Day CQ5. I "So joyous with a laughing air." I BARBARA EDITH STINSON "Stinnie" 28 Davis Avenue, West Newton October 11 Elementary Fine Arts C1, Q, 3, 45, Publicity Manager CQ, 45, May Day C'l, Q, 35, A. A. CQ, 3, 45, I-Iarvard Hockey C3, 45, Board C35, Glee Club C45, Dial Statt C3, 45, Business Manager C45, Gate Post C3, 45, Sports Editor C45, Janior Prom Committee C35, I-IocI4ey C3, 45. "She possessed a decided talent of producing ettect in whatever she said or did." i Q HAZEL MARION WILLIAMSON "Willie" 42 Patten Street, Jamaica Plain June 29 Y Elementary Glee Club Cl, Q, 35, Orchestra C32 Quiet and Order Committee C'l, QD, Chairman May Day Script Committee CQD, Gate Post Statl Cl, Q, 45, Business Manager QD, Dial Statt Cl, Q, 45. I2 "lo write well is to have, at the same time, Mind, Soul and Taste. FQRMER CLASS MEMBERS lrma Baker, 15 Newcomb Place, Taunton, N, E. Telephone operator Mildren Bire, 68 Maple St., Belmont Ethel Briggs, 6 North Ave., Attleboro Falls, Library assistant Doris Call, 305 l-ligh St., Newburyport Mary Capeless, deceased Alice Cobbett, Church St., Llpton, beautician l-lelen Condon, 'IB Parker l-lill Ave., Milford Lucille Costello, T4 l-ligh St., Franklin Lois Currie CMrs. Ronald Burckesb, 128 Adams St., Waltham Virginia Dolan, 69 Marilyn Rd., Milton, Perry Kindergarten, Normal School, Boston Mary Eoley, 174 l-ligh St., Brookline Ruth Geddes CMrs. Francis BartolD, 87 West Cedar St., Boston Eleanor l-lanlon, 67 Prospect St., Medway Elizabeth l-lart, 12 Duxbury Rd., Worcester, Preprolessional School, Simmons College Audrey l-learn, Q02 Brown St., Worcester Mary hlixon, Q48 Winthrop St., Framingham, Laboratory lechnician, Rutland State Sanitorium Lois Kroepel, Lower Westfield Rd., l-lolyoke Eleanor Lamborghine, Main St., l-lolyoke Jean Mandigo, 9 Bentwood St., Eoxboro, Boston School ol Qccupational Therapy Anne McNiFl, 'lO Rice St., l-ludson, Fitchburg leacheris College Marion McLaughlin, 80 Main St., Woburn Betty Perkins, 'l'l9 West Wyoming St., Melrose Patricia Pitbladdo, 'l64 Qliver Rd., Waban Miriam Regan, 55 St. Andrew Rd., East Boston, Regis College Virginia Robinson, 67 Rickards Ave., North Attleboro Catherine Romard, Fulton St., Waltham Rosalie Solin, 194 Nantucket Ave., Jochicopee Ester Sullivan, 55 Bigelow St., Eall River Pauline lakaruck, deceased Muriel Wallace CMrs. Sumner Loomisb, 1558 Whitney Ave., Hampden, Connecticut Barbara White, 33 Washington St., Chicopee Falls, Payroll clerk Betty Wilson CMrs. Jackson Cloughj, Qld Connecticut Path, Framingham QLA55 QBABY l-larold William Clouglm, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Jaclcson Clough Mrs. Clougli was tlwe former Betty Wilson ol tlie Class ol 'l94'l. , 1 J .,. f I s 1 ,lr 'WIN L. III 5 Q- K' e, I Ui, lg... . ,v,. ,, , .5 ff ' fi 'Ili JUNIOR PROM 'I. Change partners. Q. Sixth coming up. 3. Well here we are. 4. Intermission. 5. Everybody happy? 6. May I present-Q W7 . ,. JUNIORS 1. Pals. Q. Queen of the May. 3. And now we are three. 4. Sittin' pretty. 5. Glamour a-plenty. 6. Jolly juniors. 7. And so to bed. 8. Parade of beauty. 9. The great lovers. 10. Gee-hello. X WX X f QWQD X WRX W X H X ix X X -15' ' ' Q , QNX M juf QQWL s5 X vfgf 1 f f? , ' 'b X XR GK? ' XE 'Za , In vlijwmix f X: .r,. X 5 ' Eff ll A EEQW pf' EQ 5 XIX 5 1 ,1 ,ZEIC J -vYxXX StXl5l' , ' Tiff Y , XTX X XQQXXXX X X-X 7791, yj,J f' ,- --,. . -..F J- N. I. l, o 1 ' Ig 09 y me UUIGTS Y1.'fI'f With but a single year ahead in vvhich to malce those linal prepara- tions For our chosen vvorl4, vve, the Class of 1942, slacl4en our hurried pace to record brielly those things which have become high spots in our years on the hill. Qur Prom, of course, that night of soit lights and svveet music, in- evitably tops our list, but let us not lorget those hectic months in Crocker, or those first frightening vveelcs ol teaching, when the innumerable re- sponsibilities and problems of the teacher were vividly impressed upon us. Then, too, there is that glow ol satisfaction vvhich comes from the prominence of many ol our classmates in the clubs and organizations ol our school. That Firm foundation vve vvorlced so hard to build during our freshman and sophomore years has remained steadfast, and vve are Finishing our third year on the hill older and vviser and determined to malce our senior year the best ever for all-round achievement and good lellovvship. F13 l-lelen Gleeson Emily Climo Priscilla Petey Kathryn Donati Q ' ,-f'XiE.,,,,2' F' -we ., .lf- :'f.v,,f . MC! -.... ...,...iT,.......,,. 1. ff iff' F 'wir' ,w uf" 'Q Jak K! SOPHOMORES 1. Sailor Sal. Q. Ready about. 3. You name it. 4. Study? 5. I-leave-Ho. 6. Cupid? 7. Knit one-drop two. 4 rf ' f W JM -I-L16 SOFIWOITIOTGS We, the Class of 1943, have now climbed the second step of those four toward a successful and prosperous future. Early in the year, we found that our senior sisters were no longer around to help us, we were "on our ownf, The realization that we were upper-classmen may have made us a little too sure of ourselves at first, but we soon had the "wind talcen out of our sails." As the year went on, we often became discouraged, at times chem- istry seemed impossible, the plaids in our matching problems just would not match, our muscles seemed crippled forever after the modern dance class, or we could never seem to find time for everything. l-lowever, we found that our problems could be solved, and the satisfaction of their solution both rewarded us well for our worlc and helped to give us con- dence in ourselves. May Day was our big event, and through worlcing together for it we learned haw valuable co-operation is. We have also found the value of true friendships. ln our freshman year we met many girls and tried to choose among them, but this year we have discovered how much our friends mean to us in everything we do. We are now loolcing forward to talcing our third step, when as practice teachers, we shall have our chance to continue the excellent worlc that has been done in past years and to show the world that Framingham girls will always ranlc among "the best ever." 3 ' 1 3 Al - 3 . . 1 CLASS OFFICERS President ., , A Elizabeth Barrett Vice-President , ., Eleanor Leger Secretary .. .. Anna Moynalman Treasurer . .r .. ,, .. ,. .. .. .. Enitlm Bloclgett Faculty Advisor-Miss Armstrong :-- - . -5, . T , llislvrwl 30' , ' rxzrifl ' V155 " 7 ' N. ix n- - 5 .x Q W , 7. ., ,f .. if fiigwgfl ' l Y , 4,3 V I 'N :T AA Sy' 1 .l J ,. m A, , .-f' .N .. Xrxj A ' R. . ' A ' -, ,, l . .ff I ,.: Lg, , 1' 1, W 1 . ' s r V Q-W N lf 1? N -r 1 r N ' V . ' . A j 2 F y, Yfv, J' J- 1f.X'r, fig . ,- . FRESHMEN 1. Umbrellas in the sun. Q. Cute lcids. 3. What's got your eye? 4. Must be Saturday A.M. 5. Nothing lilce a clweew song. 6. What's on now? f4 53 X 45? 1' ,J , ll- l,:4 744, " '1 ""1zfr.-15.1 1 Y 4' , 2.2, x 2 ' 9 ' W if '- X , .Xxf.1R53w' , .,., W . x if Y- WX A, f' V K 5 ' 'i 'I NY ' , , A, A E i , - :X f'!1' 1 - 5 sf , 2 HW W ' + Q Q 5 5 113, fix , E 1 I X635 W Jr i I i I i G I:1'SSl'7l'TlGU - 1- , - .' ' g i . , ,- ln the fall of 1940, we, the Class of 1944, entered a new and strangely terrifying world. We successfully survived the rigors of lnitia- tion Week with the help of our senior sisters. Those members who suc- ceeded in malcing their presence lcnown to the seniors by brealcing the rules, soon wished they had lcept to the "straight and narrow path." Freshman Court made us recalcitrant freshmen decide we weren't as "high and mighty" as we had thought. Carrying on an idea of last year's class, in the early fall we held a Freshman Get-together Party. It served its purpose of acquainting the bewildered and timid Hfreshiesn with their fellow classmates and with their senior sisters. Class elections were held the- first part of December, earlier than ever before. This quiclc organizing of the class proved a boon towards unifying worlc for the improvement of the class. This unification was demonstrated when the Class of '44 won the honor of having the best Christmas baslcet. Now loolcing forward eagerly towards becoming sophomores, we shall carry our high standards onward, even after the attainment of our goal, that of being graduated from one of the finest colleges in the land. CLASS OFFICERS President .. ,. . A. Ellen Moran Vice-President ., S Lucy Zaretto Secretary .. . Margaret Cassidy Treasurer .. .. .. .. .. ., ,. .. Jean McCarty Faculty Advisor-Dr, Chase DIAL DANCE CUV' T455 ff ., 9 in I ffm XM 7 J X MW Wi? U f ' W ' , 12 :gf A fx , f . . , Q V' H-Y IJ V Q. , 3 A y W, '- 354. 1 W s XX ! Z' 1 -A is-J ff" W U ,I 1 X, I' X ' X 'YIM f 1' J 1' Ni , XX ff- P X ' A-1 .1'Q1. Mm WS: j 'f x X7 X I 44 fl W' Q Vw Z ' wf f DN ,4"'vI. , A 41 I jg i, , Lf Q ,Q MV Wm , fff wi xx Q ,' J'-1. ff wi S A iw? 7 A 'Jr' Vi ma Cvhlonsan 1' ClHiZCljfiOI'lS ,aff CLERNA PIERCE BARBARA STINSON Managing Editor Business Manager Naya fm HAZEL WILLIAMSON Literary Editor f i 'mir MR. RIED MR. SULLIVAN Englislw Advisors Faculty Advisors Miss Gerritson Miss Sparrow Seated-Rush, King, Stearns, Mr. Sullivan, Pierce, Stinson, Bacon, Parker. Second rovv-Clay, Gray, West, Catler, Hildebrand, Paul, Tower, Bridey, Tronerud Third row-l-lazlett, Williamson, Garoian, Webb, lrvin, Melanson, Calkins, Flavin, Nagle Silcox Editor . Business Manager . Assistant Editor . Literary . Publicity Art . Subscription Athletics l-lumor . Advertising l'-listory . Will Prophecy Assistants Fourth row-Aubertine, Greene, Patten, Atkins. DIAL STAFF, 1940-1941 Clerna Pierce Barbara Stinson Charlotte King l-lazel Williamson Anne lower Grace Flavin June Catler Betty Calkins l-lelen Nlelanson Eleanor Parker sAlice Silcox, Phyllis Stearns Charlotte Patten Joan Bridey Cora Webb Rosemary l-lildebrand Dorothy Aubertin Ruth lronerud Louise Bacon l-lelen Rush Agnes Garoian Elizabeth Paul Louise Grey Katherine Nagle, Joanna l-lazlett, Emily Atkins, Norma Clay Anna Greene Dorothy West Ethel lrvin I I I I Front row4Anton, P. Walsh, Story, M. Walsh, Maxwell, Congdon, Milnes, Barrett. Second row-Bruen, Rush, President C'Connor, Miss Larned, Mr. Gilday, Spiers, Campbell Third row-Bassett, l-lall, Noyes, Gleason, Good, Babson, Moran, Farr, Melia. President . . . l-lelen Maxwell, '4'I First Vice-President . Miriam Walsh, ,4i Second Vice-President . Betty Story, '41 Secretary . , . Patricia Walsh, '42 Treasurer . . Marion Congdon, '4Q President Martin Qfonnor . Dean lfdith Savage Faculty Aclvlsorg ' Miss Dorothy l.arned Mr, Edward Gi lday Tl-TE STUDENT C0-OPERATIVE ASSCCIATION The Student Co-operative Association, vvith its membership ol the entire student body and its Council representatives, co-operates vvith the president, the Dean, and the faculty in promoting the highest standards lor the college, and in directing the activities and matters oi general student interest. The standing committees of the Association are instrumental in the proper function- ing oi the organization. The name of each committee explains its particular iunction: the Class and Club Council, the Judiciary Board, the commuters' Council, the l.ibrary Council and the Quiet and Qrder Committee. This year, as usual, the Association has Tinanced the publication oi the "Freshman l-landbool4," and with the Senior Class, has helped to acclimate the Freshmen. Some oi the outstanding activities sponsored or participated in by the Association lor the year 1940-1941 have been: Qctober .... ..,, l nlormal Dance November .... .... l-l ampton Singers New England Teacher Training Conference December. .. .... Qbservation oi Christmas by donation oi trees, Food, and money to Framingham Asso- ciated Charities January... .... John Valentine, vvho has traveled around the globe on a song, guest spealcer at as- sembly Vic Dance March. .. .... Eastern State Conference for Professional Schools for Teachers, in New York City, Tour delegates from Framingham April... ...Installation oi Qtiicers For Student Co- operative Association, T941-T94Q Dr. Foster, Seisig, l-laggblom, Caruso, Walsh, Sawutz THE JUDICIARY BOARD Miriam Walsh, ,41, Chairman Evelyn Savvutz, '4'l Teresa Caruso, '42 Katherine Haggblom, '42 Esther Seisig, '43 The Judiciary Board is composed ol the chairman, vvho is the First Vice-President ol the Student Co-operative Association, another senior, tvvo juniors, one sophomore, and a faculty advisor, Dr. Stuart B. Foster. The function ol the Judiciary Board is to consider matters ol discipline which have been referred to it. It strives to meet these cases in a constructive way vvith the object ol encouraging a better college spirit ol sell-discipline and a better sense ol the value and necessity ol good citizenship. Seated-McGaw, M. Walsh, Pierce, Blood. Second row-Climo, Miss Cummings, Miss Larned, Miss Buckley, Barrett. Third row-Clare, P. Walsh, Leger. THE S. A. B. F. CQMMHTEE Miriam Walsh, '4'l, Chairman Marion Blood, '4'l Patricia Walsh, ,4Q Gladys McCiaw, '4'l Margaret Clare, '49 Clerna Pierce, '4'l Emily Climo '42 Anne Tower, '4'l Betty Barrett '43 Eleanor Leger, '43 This committee consists ol the chairman-who is the First Vice-President ol the Student Co-operative Association, the faculty advisor, Miss Dorothy Larned, and all the vice-presidents of classes past and present. Each division in every class is also represented on an auxiliary committee. The worlc ol the Student Alumnae Building Fund Committee has continued steadily again this year. The purpose ol the committee is to raise sullicient money to build a large student-alumnae house to be used lor various meetings, oilices, reunions, and social gatherings. This year a greater variety ol articles than ever before was sold at the Mart,-including silver napkin rings, baby spoons, and salt spoon pins, souvenir Framingham plates, and interesting and colorlul pottery, as well as the always popular candy, stationery, pencils, Christmas cards and wrappings, and inl4 bottle jams and jellies. This year quite a sum ol money was realized from coco-cola. The sale ol news- papers and the spring rummage sale also added considerably to the lund as they have in the past. It is the earnest hope of the committee that the time when the corner stone lor the new building to be laid is not lar away. Seated-Brigham, President O'Connor, Story, Dean Savage, Barrett. Second row-Blood, Carlson, Motlmes, Moran, Babson, Spiers. Third row-Maxwell, Pierce, Good, Olson, Gleason. CLASS AND CLUB CCDUNCIL President ....... Betty Story, '4'l Advisor, 0. . . Miss Taylor lflonoraryafxdvisor . lVlr. Frederick,-Ried Tlmis council is composed ol time class and club presidents and tl'me editors of time "Dial" and time uGate Post" vvlmo vvorl4 togetlier vvitlm time guidance ol Miss Taylor in trying to solve any problems vvlmiclw arise in time various organizations represented. Time faculty advisors ol all organizations join vvitli tlmis council in lorming a committee to plan a well rounded activities program on campus. Tlmis year tl'ie Board ol Limitations lmas been reorganized tlmrouglsi time Class and Club Council. Tlfme main lunction ol tlmis Board is to cl1ecl4 on tl'ie number ol activities any student is participating in. Clmecldng lceeps one girl from taking too many activities and also serves to stimulate in otlmers an interest in taldng a more active part in time college social lite. Mr. Ried lmas been a loyal member ol time Class and Club Council ever since lme first started its Functioning. We appreciate all lme lmas done lor us during time many years lme lwas been vvitlm us and vve sl'mall always strive to upliold time principles l'me lwas set uD lor us even tlmouglm lme can not be Witlm us anotlmer year. i Seatedn-Olsen, Miss Chase, Proctor, Climo. Second row-Penrose, Dorman, Ford, O'Malley, Luthringer. Third row-Walsh, Charrier, Boswell, Robinson. President . Vice-President Secretary . Doris l.uthringer, Claire Robinson, l-lelen Johnson, Elizabeth Penrose, ' Mary Q'lVlalley, CHEMISTRY COUNCIL 41 4'l 42 42 ik 43 The council strives to promote sell-government, and its aim is to develop leadership and responsibility among the chemistry students. n 'Resigned Dorothy Clson, '4'l Emily Climo, ,4Q y Helen Proctor, '43 Edith Blodgett, '43 Kathleen Walsh, '44 .lean Dorman, '44 Clare Boswell, '44 Lucille Charrier, '44 Virginia lVloody,'44 Seated-Taber, Coughlin, Farr, Miss Ritchie, Allen. Standing-Moulton, Dillon, Thompson. LIBRARY COUNCIL Jeannette Farr, '4'l, Chairman Jane Macl:arland, '4'l Jean Thompson, '43 Virginia Allen, '4'l Katherine Taber, '43 Anna Moulton, '42 Mary Dillon, '44 Rita Labarre, '42 Rhyllis Coughlin,'44 The Library Council has two representatives from each class, one Household Arts, and one Elementary. The Council meets twice a month in the librarian's ollice to dis- cuss the problems ol the library, such as: 1. Return ol boolcs. Q. Opening ol the library on Saturdays. 3. Order in the library. 4. Signing out ol books. K A 5. Teachers' reference shelves-how boolcs should be signed out from these shelves. 6. Ways ol instilling in the students' minds that the library is theirs and that they should use it and gain from it all the profit possible. l Bruen, Stockbridge, Cook, Rush, Dean Savage. QUIET AND ORDER COMMITTEE Helen Rush, '4'l, Chairman l-lelen Bruen, '43 Eleanor Cook, '42 Constance Stockbridge, '44 The Quiet and Order Committee is composed ol one member of each class. With the help of the faculty and students, this committee is in charge oi conduct in chapel, in assembly, and in the dining room. The Quiet and Order Committee has instigated a new practice this year, that of having chimes played at chapel just before the piano prelude to signify that chapel has begun. Seated-Russo, Dean Savage, Spiers, Mooney, O'Connell Standingfl.yncl'i, Melia, Daley, Anton. CQMMUTERS' COUNCIL Gertrude Spiers, '41, Cliairman Carolyn Anton, '4'l Mary Curran, '43 lflizapetli Mooney, '4'l Louise Russo, '43 Margaret Melia, '42 Alice Dealy, i44 Eileen Qfonnell, '42 Louise Lyncli, '44 Faculty Advisor4Dean Savage llwe Council lias tried to solve time commuters' problems vvlwiclw arise from traveling- tlwese include lunclw accommodations, plans lor staying overniglwt lor special activities and any otlwers vvlwiclw present diiliculties. Seated-Clay, Mothes Neuhart, Allen, Chace Standing-Sweet, Bacon, Mrs. Ammidon. LOUISE A. NICHOLASS HOME ECGNOMICS CLUB President . . Clarlotte Mothes, '41 Vice-President . Norma Clay, '42 Secretary . Celia Chace, '42 Treasurer . Ruth Neuhart, '42 Program Chairman . Louise Bacon, '42 Publicity Chairman . Edna Svveet, '4'l Finance Chairman . . . Virginia Allen, '4'l ln 1924 the l'lome Economics Club was organized at Framingham. ln 1930 it was given the name of the Louise A. Nicholass l-lome Economics Club in tribute to Miss Nicholass, who For many years was the head of the l-lousehold Arts Department. The purpose of the club is three-told: to acquaint students ol the Household Arts Department with people who are working in related Fields by inviting them to speak, to have a center for related social activities in the school, an organization in vvhich students can plan out programs related to their Fields, to become acquainted vvith the vvorlc oi the State and of the American l'lome Economics Association by representation at meetings and by reading the association publications. -lhe program lor this year has included: a style shovv, a tall4 by Miss Alice McCool of Mt. l-lolyol4e College on 'Dormitory Furnishings and Decorations", a lecture by Mr. Robert Collins ol the Wellesley Blacksmith Shop, "Qver the Seas with a Sauce- pan", a lecture by Mrs. l-lenry Q. Marcy on her trip to Kashmir, vvith an exhibition of her collection ol line fabrics, lnternational Night program, and Annual May Supper. Front row-Lynch, B. Totilas, Brigham, F. Totilas Back row-Rev. Fr. Day, Miss Cushing, O'ConneIl, Pres. O'Connor THOMAS PVKEMPIS CLUB president ........ lVldriOr1 Brigham, '41 Vice-President . Betty Totilas, '41 Secretary . . Kathleen Costello, '42 Treasurer . . . Florence Totilas, '42 Federation Delegate . Katherine Lynch, '42 Publicity Delegate ...... Virginia O'Connell, '43 The principal aims of the Ailfempis Club are, in the order of their importance, religious, cultural, and social. The Club meets every other month to conduct club business, and hear from some person well-known in the Field of Catholic action. Two Communion Brealciasts are held, one in the spring and one in the fall. V ln 1940, Rt. Rev. Bishop Richard J. Cushing was the spealcer at the fall Communion Brealciast, at which time he was made an honorary member ol the Club. Each year the Club sponsors a formal dance at some Boston hotel. lt also sends a delegate to the convention of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs, a procedure which strengthens aFiiliation with this group. Miss Joyce, club advisor, Father Duniord, former chaplain, and Father Day, the present chaplain, are a vital and helpful part of the club. Seatedw-l-losmer, Cotton, Farr, Sawutz. Second rowgBates, Miss l-lall, Penrose, Miss Buckley, Campbell. Third row-Spiers, Sparhawlc, Wright, Williams, l-lavner. Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS President . . . . Virginia Cotton, '4'l Vice-President . Jeannette Farr, '4'l Secretary . . Virginia l-losmer, '4Q Treasurer . Evelyn Sawutz, i4'l Miss l-lall Faculty Advisors . Miss Buckley ln 'l94O-'l94'l the Y. W. C. A. has carried on various activities. The club began in September with the annual poetry hour led by President 0'Connor in his apartment. The one big social event ol the year was the l-lallowelen party with everything a l'lallowe'en party should have. At the invitation ol the club several members ol the Framingham Clergy, representing three Faiths, led morning chapel services. Under Reverend Mr. Fisher ol the Unitarian Church, Wednesday evening discussion groups have been held in Crocleer l-lall. Guest speakers lor the meetings have been Mr. De Witt Baldwin, Miss Evangeline li. Wilcox, Miss Edith Lerrigo, Miss Louise Child, Mrs. Earl l-luclcle, and Miss l-lelen lilden. Under supervision money was raised lor the World Student Service Fund. The club has been well represented at Student Christian Meetings in Boston and other parts ol New England, and hopes to have a delegate at the New England Summer Conference, Oatl4a, at l-al4e Sebago in Maine. GATE POST Seated-Stinson, Brigham, Dacey, Garorian, Good, Patten, l'-losmer, Williams. Second row-Blood, Webb, Rush, Bacon, Miss Gerritson, l-lughes, Russo, Bruen, Celluci. Third row'Moynahan, Taylor, Tower, O'Connell, Hildebrand, Clare, Paul, Babson, Bastow Managing Editor Assistant Editor Editorial Staii: Literary . News . Sports Exchange . Faculty . Alumnae . . Training School Copy . . THE GATE DUST Staiil lor 1940-1941 Social and personal . . Special Reporters: Music . Current Events . Movies . . Business Manager . Assistant Business Malce-Up . Circulation Advertising . Distribution Manager . Mary Good, Agnes Garoian, Marion Blood, Anne lower, Dorothy Dacey, Anne Moynahan, Alice l-lughes, ,lane Bastow, Barbara Stinson Marion Brigham, ' Cora Webb, Donata Cellucci, Elizabeth Paul, Margaret Clare, l-lazel Williamson, l Louise Bacon, Kathryn Donati, Virginia Qlconnell, Marjorie Babson, l-lelen Bruen, Charlotte Patten, Virginia l-losmer, Virginia l-losmer, Mary Taylor, Rosemary i-li ldebrand, Helen Rush, Barbara Sheridan, Esther Seisig, Jean Lord, The Glee Club loolcs baclc once again with satisfaction on a very successful year. Even though the broadcast had to be forfeited this year, the Candle Light Service was enjoyed by all. Two joint concerts were held with Worcester Polytechnical lnstitute. The one at Framingham was in March, and the other, at Worcester, was in May. The concerts were followed by refreshments and dancing, and a wonderful time was had by all. The Glee Club was especially fortunate this year. ln April, forty-five members toolc part in a weel4-end festival held at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New l-lampshire. A chorus of two hundred men and women from various colleges partici- pated in the concert. As usual, the Glee Club closed its activities for the year with the Pop Concert held at Symphony l-lall in May. The choir also lool4s bacl4 on a very successful year. Besides its weekly chapel program, the choir sang for the Framingham presidents Ball, the Framingham Civic League, and the Marlboro-Framingham Club. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Librarians Cb MUSICAL CLUBS FD Dorothy Qlson Doris Gfancy Charlotte Patten, Margaret Gildea, Faculty Advisor-Mr. Gilclay Ruth Chaput Esther Height FINE ARTS PLAY SCENES Dacey, Carlson, Stinson, Miss Kingman, Rorstrom, Bastovv FINE ARTS CLUB President . ..... Marguerite Carlson, A Vice-President . Dorothy Dacey, Secretary . Barbara Rorstrom, -l-FZGSUTCI' - Activities September 'l8 Welcome to Qlcl and Nevv Members. Entertainment by Workshop Rlayers, Raclio, Crafts Groups. Mr. Murl Daniels spolce on Stage Mal4e-up. Business meeting to discuss Fine Arts Rlay. Fine Arts Rlay-"0ver the Rainbow." Qctober 'l November 'IQ November T5 January 7 March 4 March Q4 April Q9 Jane Bastovv, ' Ruppetry ancl Miss Mary l-lutchings-"Three Centuries of Shal4espeare." 42 42 43 43 Arts ancl Ruppetry Shovv "Rumpelstiltsl4in" by Gracle VI of Training School. Assembly Program-tvvo plays by Workshop Rlayers. Dedication of Green Room, ancl performance by Verse Choir. This year marlqecl the beginning of the Knitting Club and Entertainment Sewice Bureau of the Fine Arts Club. Both vvere very successful, ancl the Club hopes it will continue to be so in the years to follovv. Blood, Bates, Miss Cummings, Ellis, Farr FQRUMS Leaders Marion Blood' . Noon Leaders Marcia Bates, ' Jeannette Farr, 'ill Phyllis Ellis, ,452 . Evening Leaders Under time sponsorslwip of Miss Cummings a group of interested girls meet every Monday at 12:30 in Miss Brosnan's room to discuss current national and international atlairs. Questions are asked and opinions given freely and vvitliout censorslwip. Miss Cummings is alvvays present and willing to ansvver any questions. llie Evening Forum meets every lliursday niglwt to listen to America's lovvn Meeting ol tlwe Air. A discussion oi tlie speeclwes made and a discussion ol otlwer current atlairs follow. Miss Cummings is always present at tlwese meetings, too, to contribute l'ier valuable opinions to tlwe discussion. Seated-Davis, Blood, Webb, King. Second rovv-Barrett, Kirk, Miss Taylor, Moynahan, Brigham, Third row-Flavin, Russo, Mullen, Morel. Tl-IE ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATION President . . Marion Blood, '4'l Vice-president . Charlotte King, '4Q Secretary lrene Davis, '43 Treasurer ..,... Cora Webb,, '4'l lfacu lty Advisor-Miss Taylor The aim ol the Athletic Association is to oiler a sport lor every girl and to have every girl in at least one sport. ln accordance vvith this aim A. A. ollers practically every sport except svvimming, and vve're still hoping. To mention a levv ol the sports, there are, ol course, hocl4ey, basketball, and soltball. Volleyball, tenniquoit, and badminton come in lor their share ol attention, vvhile the individual sports consist ol hiking, archery, bovvling, and riding. Various awards are earned by participation in these sports. Besides its regular assembly program, A. A. sponsors an Qutdoor Supper, Stunt Night, and l-larvard-Vale Week-end. HARVARD-YA LE WEEK-END 'l. Sweets For the sweet. Q. Why so Worried? 3. Yea team. 4. Want some stilts, Rita? 5. The "YH 's have uit." 6. HdVVdFd,S high Chair. 7. Thanks for everything. TENNIS By tlme aid ol a sign-up slmeet tl'me tennis court was made available lor tlwe girls wlmo were ermdeavoring to develop tlmeir game or to become real tennis stars by winning one ol tl'me tournaments. BADMINTGN Badminton, one ol time newer indoor sports, is gaining lavor eaclm year, as slmown by time girls wlmo participated in tl'me singles and double tournaments during tlme winter mormtlws. TENNIQUGIT When tI'me tennis court was covered witlm snow during time wintery montlms, many ol tl'me tennis entlmusiasts tool4 advantage ol tennicjuoit. RIDING Girls wlwo slmow prelerence lor riding lound time to travel ol'l campus to use tlme nearby stables. I-IIKING I'lil4ing, an exercise used by many to see tlme beauties ol tlme town ol Eraminglmam, lurnislwed a relreslmirmg way ol earning tlmose A. A. points. BQWLING ln tlwe Recreation Room ol Dwiglmt I-lall anyone could see and Imear girls using time cleverly arranged bowling alley at every available opportunity. Especially over tI'me weelc-end, girls tooI4 advantage ol time bowling alleys in Soutlm Eramirmglmam. PING PQNG -llme extent ol ping pong can be judged by tlme request to lwave tlwe ping pong equipment available on Sundays and evenings. -I-l'me tournament proved popular in tlwe winter montlms. I-ICCKEY A lavorite sport among our girls is lield l'mocI4ey. Almost any alternoon in tlfme lall you can lmear tlme tap-tapping ol lmocl4ey sticlcs out on tlme Field as girls are practicing. Bfxsiisf-xtt I I-land-in-lmand witlm spring comes baseball. Girls gatlmer ball and bat, and an exciting game starts. BASKETBALL Eor tlmose wlmo enjoy a speedy game, tlmereis your one clwance lor all to see wlmat tlmey can do. VOLLEYBALL Many are tlmose wlmo can lwardly wait lor tlme sports to start on time Imill. Volleyball is a relreslming game alter a lfmard dayis worl4. ARCI-IERY Arclml Readyl Zingl llmere goes a bull's-eyel IVIany came out to try tlmeir luclc Did you? IVIQDEIQN DANCE A large number ol ermtlfmusiastic individuals enjoy modern dancing, as it teaclmes new teclmnique and metlmods every year. It is a splendid way to get in needed exercise ol tlwose unused muscles. Seated-Savignano, Ellis, King, Congdon, Cook, Slaney, Standingfparry, Alves, Greene, Richardson, Lowe, Wartiainen, Barrett. Kneelingff-Donatl, Hazlett, Movnalwan, Stinson, Blood, Ferris, Kirlf, Clirlord Standingglhsso, Zaretto, Anderson, Paul, Tlwibeault, Moore, Leger, Nagle YALE HQCKEY TEAM Captain Charlotte King, '42 Barbara Mullen, '44 Alvena Savignano, '42 Muriel Slaney, '43 Betty Barrett, '43 Pl-lyllig Ellis, '42 Amy Wartiainen, '42 Marion Lovve, '44 Marion Congdon, l4Q Louise Richardson, ,4Q Eleanor Cook, '4Q Subs l'lazel Parry, 144 Anna Greene, '4Q Mary Alves, 344 HARVARD-YALE WEEK-END That special Saturday in November Finally put in its appearance-and so did Jack Frost-but what a morning for the hockey game that followed. Captain Blood and Maddie Ferris toolc the ball every time their team mates passed it to them and proceeded to hammer at the Yale goal, so keeping Marion Congdon on the jump. Marion worked heroically as goalie, but the Reds were victorious to the tune of 4-O. HARVARD HOCKEY TEAM Captain Marion Blood, '4'I Leola -lhibeault, '43 Louise Russo, '43 Madeline Ferris, '4'l Kathryn Donati, '42 Anna Moyrtahan, '43 Marion Brigham, '4'l Joanna l'lazlett, ,4'l Betty paul, ,4l Priscilla Kirlc, '43 Barbara Stinson, ,41 Subs Katheryn Nagle, ,4'l Eleanor Leger, ,43 KneelingfBaglioni, Wright, Costello, Lane Standing-Davis, Totilas, Lambert, McPherson, Bennett, Bastow Front row-Dacey, l-lilclebrand, Pierce, Maxwell, Climo. Back row-Glancy, Stutman, Webb, Porter, Pearson. YALE BASKETBALL TEAM Captain Rita Lambert, '42 lrene Davis, '43 Kay Costello, '49 Florence lotilas, '42 Charlotte Lane, i4Q Margaret Mcpherson Subs Eleanor Baglioni, '44 Ruth Bennett, '42 Miriam Wright, '43 On Saturday afternoon oi the Harvard-Vale weel4-end, Framingham baslcetball enthusiasts were gathered in the gym with Harvard rooters on one side and Yale supporters on the other, to watch Harvard and Yale basketball teams in action, or was it "Yale versus Clerna Piercefi to quote Mr. Gilday. ln the First few minutes oi play both Harvard and Yale appeared to be evenly matched, until the poor old bulldog began to wail when John Harvard fl3ierce-Hilde- brandy clipped his tail. Nevertheless, Captain Lambert with her guards, Land and Mcpherson, struggled hard to checlc the pace Haward was running, but the towering Harvard forwards had the air above them. The blue forwards, Davis, Costello, and -lotilas, did their best to score, but were hampered by the steady guards, Maxwell, Porter and Dacey. Although Harvard held a substantial lead throughout, Yale did not give up until John Harvard acclaimed a victorious day when the crimson team held sway with Harvard 51-Yale'l9 HARVARD BASKETBALL TEAM Captain Clerna pierce, ,41 Rosemary Hildebrand, '4'l Helen Maxwell, ,4'l Emily Climo, '42 Amy Porter, '42 Dorothy Dacey, i4'i Subs Edythe Stutman, '44 Cora Webb ' , 4'I Doris Glancy, i4'l Estelle Pearson, '43 K ' , ldbrij' B . i 'I cl' 4.1. I ' 0 H- 4. K --,An V lla MONGREL PAGE 'I. Prom-ettes. 2. But, can you skate? 3. All set? 4. Tall, dark and lovely. 5. Equipmenfplus 6. Cozy corner. 7. Freshman Week. 8. Late? 1 Aw ,.,., . A 4 I 199 GR Dfw XX -LJ? ix ' x xxx -Q KA N - iV in Ks September 13 19 -14 Q3-Q7 30 Qctober 4 14 November 1 3 15 QQ-Q3 December 6 18 18 19 January Q0 31 14 February QQ 14 18 March April May Q 5 1Q 16 19 Q8 June 6 8 11 12 Jan. 3 QO- -Q4 -Q8 REMEMBER The beginning ol a nevv vvorld for the Freshmen. The beginning of the last parade For the Seniors. Seniors Hpouri' for recruits of '44, Freshmen royally initiated. lmagine vvearing mittens in Septem- ber, and carrying umbrellas in the sun. Seniors donned academic garb, and Formed a solemn procession into their chapel. Cruise ol the SS. Student Co-operative-in Nevins l-lall. Eaculty and students irolic on coop day-Will you ever Forget lVlr. Sullivanis 7 league leaps in leap frog? Doug Cameron and his orchestra svving at Dial Dance. A'Kempis Eall Breakfast-a big success at the Nlaridor. UQver the Rainbovvn-Eine Arts play. Marvelous. You did a grand job Miss Kingman. l-larvard gains honor over Yale. Did you have any voice lelt by 8 o,clocl4 that night? We didn't. A'Kempis goes Hformalu at Vendome. Didn't everyone look wonderful? Everybody helps Santa pack-but the Freshmen toolc the calqe- some display vvas theirs. Candlelight Service. lnspiring. Seniors carolled-Starting vvith empty pockets, returning- cold, HstuEfed" full of goodies-and so happy. Yuletide, Students enjoying 'iaslc me another" contest-Mid-years. Curlers and make-up Nat ease." Everybody dances For dear old HGate postf' Was it cold that night-driits everywhere-and snovv men in Peirce l'lall. Eools at their best-Stunt Night. Congratulations to the Juniors. More povver to our usmoothn Eaculty. Birthington's Washday-to start our vacation. Bring on those Tech men, they mal4e the concert. 'il-lappy Days are here Again." Especially for the Glee Club as it tripped up to the University of Nevv l-lampshire. Junior Promenade-Were the Juniors ever more lovely? Another tree For our orchard. Eor she's to be queen of the lVlay. Queens come out of the past. We populate "Pops" Some Glee Club vve have. Inauguration Day For Student Co-op. Success to you all. Senior Chapel Earevvell-So soon. A Senior dance is on-Seniors so excited, so happy, so sad. Can it be true, our last dance as students? Baccalaureate Sunday-MQur Final chapel service. Qur Senior Class Day-Impressive vvith the pageant, the daisy chain, the class song. We Hcommencen-Ready to talce our places in the vvorld, mindful of vvhat Eramingham has given us. zulu I1 T'- MIXED MlSSES 1. Senior salute. 2. Lil lazirf. 3. Sisters. 4. 3 "Y" 's U R. 5. Jitter bugs. 6. Not all at once, please. 7. Victory smile. 8. Surprise. 9. Back in '38. 1O. Worcester "gang," 11. Three little maids. 12. Terrific trio. Class The waves of classes entering Framingham State Teachers College and departing after four years, so brief lived they seem, leave like tide swells across the sand, an imprint faint but true. What we would leave of spirit, loyalty and ideals is little com- pared to what has been given each of us. To legalize our endowments, we, the Class of 1941, being of sound mind and in full possession of our faculties, do hereby in this our will and testament, made on this 31st day of January, 1941, beoueath our con- tributions to faculty and students as follows: ltem l To president Ofonnor, our gratitude for the spiritual guidance he has given us and for the opportunity provided by his chapel talks to share vicariously his interesting experiences. Item Ii To Miss Gardner, who is also saying her good-by to Framingham this June, a score of memories as pleasant as ours will be. ltem Ill fo Mr. Gilday Cclass of 19411 deepest regrets that we must leave him behind, but the confidence that he will execute this commission to perpetuate the memory of our class by carrying on with his own particular brand of good music, good fun, good fellowship. -lo Mr. Workman, a plea that his new jokes, if and when he chooses to use that new book, will cloak the same practical philosophies that have helped us approach our graduation with more confidence and assurance. To Miss Taylor and Miss Kingman, the portrait ul-lopef' We do hope the Physical Ed. department will soon be granted that new gym. To Dr. Foster, a Foods Demonstration Class that he can visit without infringing upon the time allotted for his lecture in senior "Nutrition" To Miss Carter, a ramp enabling her to park her Austen within Dwight corridor beyond the reach of enveloping snow drifts-and we don't mean big drifts either. ltem IV To the Freshman Class, we leave a sincere wish that you will witness the beginning of the construction of the new Student Alumnae f-louse. With the help of such un- tiring workers as Miss lcarned and Miss Cummings this should not be hard to realize. To the Sophomores, we leave hope-hope for bigger and better Sophomore proms. To any Junior class, diligently roving the fields in search of flowers for Class Day garlands, a glade of daisies. Emily Atkins suggests that you try the hill by the Academy of the Assumption in Wellesley. Speaking to Juniors, you "embryonic seniors," we wish that the conscientious feeling of responsibility to freshmen displayed by Agnes Garoian, '41, might pervade your entire class. Remember that you play a major role in adjusting freshmen to this new venture. . To Crocker l'lall and Miss l-lall, Ruth Mclfechnie of the orchid-receiving Hrepn must surely leave her example of a first-prize room on second floor front. It Crocker continues its embellishments, what with new curtains, new shrubbery and all, you l-l. A. girls are going to be pointing it out pridefully as the loveliest spot on campus. Qh, yes, we must leave "Three Cheersi' for the Mart, which like the proverbial bean stalk is steadily growing in prestige and popularity. Thats just one more reason for the beaten path across the flag pole green. Lured by the Mart, the gay rose Students' Room, and the Recreational Room, I-I, A. girls are abandoning May l-lall and Miss l.eonard's lounge. ltem V IF we could leave behind an Hldeal Girl" from the Class of '4'l, she would be a composite, blessed with: 'l The carriage and posture of Anne -lower. Q. -lhe grace of lrene Zurawynisld. 3. -lhe loveliness and wholesomeness of Charlotte Patten. 4. The voice of Mary Good. 5. The friendly, open smile of Betty Callcins. 6. The efficiency of Dorothy Aubertin. 7. The athletic ability of Marion Blood. 8. The school spirit of Betty Story. 9. The charm of l-lelen Maxwell. 'lO. -lhe constant good scholarship rating of l.ena -lela. 'l'l. The exurbent spirits of Mary Mitchell. ln short, she would rate high on any HDean's," capture the crown at any May Day Festival, come through for her team at any lrlarvard-Yale game, impress the audience at any assembly, quell the ire of any amazed professor, and carry through any enterprise to the glory of F. S. T. C. ltem VI Mary Good leaves her individuality of expression to Miss Neitzoldaperhaps a bit to Miss Carter, too. lo Betty Addison, Alice Britt bequeaths her candymanis donations. Clhen you'll never want for sweets, Bettyj Carolyn Bradish leaves with Edna Bassett her merry laugh and her hearty appetite. Barbara Worden cedes to Marion Knipp the duty of fetching Miss Sparrowis glass of water-handy bubbler in the corridor, Marion. Miriam Walsh leaves her charm and power of leadership to her sister, Pat, who is already following close in Miriam's lead. Another sister team is to be brolqen this year, Betty lotilas leaves to Florence her composure and academic success. lo Eleanor Wells, Estelle Kapstein bequeaths her nonchalance. l'lave you ever seen i'Stemmie" really flusteredfi Betty Mooney grants her sl4ill with the needle to sophomores struggling with their matching problems. A bit of Bettyis conscientiousness willalso help avoid the last minute rush, girls. Mary Curren, to all quicl4-tempered and easily ruffled students, will yield her unfailing good nature in all situations. Among the tiny girls in the Class of i4'l who have formulae of their own for hitting high standards: "Maddie" Ferris would leave her happy-go-luclcy air to Robille Parfait- but please, Robille, not her procrastination, for only i'Maddie'i could cram so successfully. Barbara Lyman leaves the courage of her convictions and her unflinching determination to adhere to them to Virginia l2ettalicl4. Eva Fresia, who has successfully lcept her figure in the right proportions to wear those size T4 dresses she has been making, will to Mary Leen her will power to resist sweets. l.ittle lrene Carboneau bequeaths her gentle nature and genuine courtesy to be used for polishing off upper classmen. Shirley Fishman and Carolyn Anton joins together in leaving Phil Ellis their sincerity and conscientiousness. Eleanor Parker leaves an autographed copy oF her book, "From Qne Village Home to Another" to "Dot" English. Eleanor certainly took many trips. Charlotte King will undoubtedly inherit Cora Webb's buoyant interest in the Athletic Association. -lo any leit handie who can write legibly in those right-handed chairs, Gertrude Spiers leaves her microscopic handwriting. Trudy" doesn't look like a contortionist either. Alice l'lavener and Maude Payne have always contended that 'il-laste makes waste," so they will grant some oF their ease and composure to Frantic sophomores to help them through May Day. Anna Shaughnessy and Doris Glancey, both outstanding pianists in the class, leave their talents to Ruth Chaput and Phil Ellis. Marion Brigham leaves her habitual, sartorial splendor to all dirty saddle shoe addicts. Mary Sweeney should certainly Find among the undergraduates someone to per- petuate her motto, "li you canit say something good about a person, don't say anything." Joan Bridey, who thinks postscripts are Fascinating, leaves her cleverness in adding them to other people's letters to "DormM students who Find letter writing a problem. Joan could probably have commercialized her giFt had she been in the dormitory. Mary Keating and Joanna l'lazlett leave to you Juniors, who wouldnit be wall- Flowers, what it takes to stagger the stags-their ability to dance. Dot Laboutely leaves to commuters who seek sustenance in the drugstore or in the lunchroom, recipes For unusually interesting sandwich Fillings. We don't recommend them unless you are naturally inclined to slenderness. , ' ltem VII Claire Robinson leaves her lack of conceit-in spite of her perfect proFile-to you exponents oF the glamour girl technique. -lake heed. Speaking oF glamour, we're sorry we can't persuade i'Dot" Dacey and Audrey Coburn to part with the collection oF Fingernail polishes they have acquired during the last Four years. Clerna pierce, basketball sharpshooter and organizer extraordinaire Cas proved by her management oF the 'iDial" StaFFD leaves a telephone connection direct to New l-laven For the convenience oF the next Yale Sponsor. And she our ul-larvardi' Captainl Pauline Milne to Miss l.arned's next French class leaves her astounding compre- hension oF 'Cyrano de Bergerac." l-lelen Rand Finds that the HFlivver,H aiter Four years oF dubious service, will still pull up State Street hill in time For her breathless entrance at the ring oF the 9:30 bell. She will not part with it, but to uniortunate commuters she bequeaths her good Fortune in spotting wayside assistants. l'lelen Melanson leaves her skill with the paint and brush, charcoal, or crayon to a clever sophomore in Miss Neitzolds art class. Lillian Gendron, whose very trimness reFlects her imperturbable nature, leaves to Dot English her Flair For simple clothes and perfect grooming. Charlotte Mothes leaves to Louise Russo her intriguing black eyes and amazing lashes. For those oF us who were once astounded by Charlotte's coy wit, the nick- name i'l:reslie" still sticks. l-lelen Rush leaves her hospitality to the next tenant oF Room 86 in l"lorace Mann l-lall. To those with ambition enough to acquire them, Barbara l-lall leaves not only the sparkle in her eyes but also the sparkler on her Finger. Which brings which, Barbara? Mary Sullivan, along with Ruth -lronerud and Margaret Fitzpatrick, leave to all the underclassmen their happy temperaments. To those who Find it diFFicult to blush, Virginia Cotton leaves her ease in the art. Virginia claims it saves wear and tear on Woolworth products. To some alert upperclassman, Helen Kennedy leaves her ability to spin alarming fables instantaneously. item VIII To Odette LeMarbre, Evelyn Sawutz leaves her complete seli possession, There are among our classmates girls who never had to struggle to inhibit reactions to achieve poise. We are thinking specifically oi: Marjorie Babson, president oi our class. Juniors, she has the qualities you will loolc For in your leader senior year. Rosemary Hildebrand, outstanding ior her judicial wit at Freshman Court and her impersonation at Stunt Night. Virginia Cook and Edna Sweet, Kay Nagle and HBevH Shatiron, Vivian Hoagan and Betty Story, leave to those who would form new iriendships to tide over and beyond the years on the hill, examples oi duos that remain intact despite the obstacles of tour years. Hazel Williamson leaves to Anne Moynahan her lcnacl4 lor expressing in verse her lovely thoughts. We envy you, Hazel. Mary Q'Neill leaves her gleaming loclcs to any Elementary sophomore who wishes she had hair lil4e that. To Miss Carter, Betty Paul bequeaths her l3aul's Ulslnabridged Dictionary," Quite a legacy for you, Miss Carter! To Eunice Martin, Stella Smith bequeaths her crowning glory. Une oi our problem children, Virginia Coolc, leaves to breakfast-shy dorm stu- dents the Figure that does not cast as shadow. Anita Wilcox has enough graciousness oi manner and intentness of purpose to leave a smattering to all underclassmen. Edna Sweet and Muriel Darling leave behind them the thought they are both appropriately named. Doris Luthringer leaves prooi that one can still loolc Hsweet sixteen" after four years at Framingham. Jeannette Farr leaves to Grace Allen the tasl4 oi defending the beliel that girls raised on the farm have an advantage over city girls. Alice Silcox leaves that precious fragile lool4 to Emily Lahavre. Louise Grey leaves the ability to Hswing and sway" to Louise Richardson Dorothy Qlsen leaves the thrill of serving on all decorating committees to Emily Climo. May Emily's success equal Dots Connie Brine leaves the 'itreasuryn to anyone who possesses an adding and subtracting machine. June Catler leaves her air oi sophistication to Helen Bartley. Myrtice Beecher leaves the remembrance of her car to those envious Crockerites. Bernadine Lifsperance wills her ability to leave things behind to Connie Stock- bridge. Never leave your glasses around, Conniel Marion Cole leaves that lovely smile to Ruth Tait. Margaret Berry leaves to Lennie Mahn the right to window shop at Jayis. Gladys Mccaw leaves her directions for arranging mocl4-man dances to save future 'chairmen from many grey hairs. It seems that the Class oi '41 has exhausted its list oi donors. We don't want to go away, but we must+leaving wistful ghosts to haunt the corridors and classrooms we have learned to love so well. Who lcnows, the next "Dial" issue may pass on some oi the very gifts we have just bequeathed. Well, so it goes, so also Framingham tradition carries on. Witnessed this 3'ist day oi January, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-one: BETTY PAUL LCUISE GREY fl 9 MORE SENIORS 1. Some darling. Q. l-li,"ref." 3. "lt," 4. Pole-sitters. 5. Sometan. 6. Nowtellus. 7. Lovely to look at. 8. Acrobats all. 9. Sardines. 1O. Beauties. 11. Three strikes and out. EXTRA! EXTRA! Ghz iliramingham Zliuturia Weather Questionable Established T941 Vol. X, No. 'l Thursday, June TQ, T951 No Cents CLASS GF 1941 MAKES GCQD Six Eramingham Graduates Selected among America's Best Dressed Women By Miriam Walsh New York, Jan. TT, 'l9S'l A recent luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria l-lotel brought forth America's ten best dressed women of 'ST Among these were six Eramingham graduates: the Misses Marion Brigham, Grace Elavin, Eva Eresia, Ruth Eahey, Lena Tela, and June Catler. RECENT APPOINTMENTS The new state supervisor of Vocational training is Miss Ruth Tronerud who keeps the student teacher guessing for short intervals of time to wonder why she chose the teaching profession. A vacancy in the home economics de- partment at Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been filled by Dorothy Aubertin, who brought her entire staff with her, Mary Curran, Anita Wilcox, and Margaret Fitzpatrick. Miss Virginia Cook has been ap- pointed supervisor ofa western college. l-ler plans include a new course en- titled 'll-low to Make Clothes Eit Up and Down, as Well as Making Them Eit Around." Mary G'Neil is now teaching So- ciety's debs UWhy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." A certain New England college boasts a new music instructor, Miss Doris Glancy. l-ler success is due they have heard her say to teaching swing the Gilday way. The head dietitian of the local city hospital, Miss Virginia Allen, has been chosen president of the American Dietitics Association. Miss Doris l.uthringer, is in the employ of the Bingfield Gas and Electric Co., demonstrating "The Technique of Putting the Puff in Puff Pastry." The Educational Department at Teach- ers' College is occupied by Miss Maud Payne, who is advocating the universal use of the 'fproject Unit Method." Miss l-lelen Kennedys first grade pupils still bring her "An apple a day" to keep low marks away. NEWS ITEM Eramingham delegates to the Student Government conference last week, found the most prominent speaker to be Miss f'lelen Maxwell, who is still thumbing the pages of Student Government manuals. Advt. VORD l-lAl.l. Sunday, June T5 Miss Marjorie Babson "Peace in a World of Chaosf' Lost AND rouND Lost-June 'lO. Gne brown brief case containing papers valuable to the owner. Einder please return to B. l.'Esperance- Drafton Day Nursery. Found-Anna Shaugnessy piloting a Pan American clipper plane and using her methods courses in her private instructors position. Lost-June 8. Gm or near Washington Street-one book of basketball rules. Reward with no questions asked. Finder please return to Cora Webb-Slym Gym, Boston. FounclfQn a Maine farm. Vivian l-logan canning pickled peppers, and thriving on it. Lost-Gne giggle by Carolyn Bradish. Einder may keep it. Lost-Qne heart by Stella Smith. Einder may keep that too provided he doesn't break it. News in the World of Art Miss Virginia Cotton, the socially and financially successful pianist, played last week at the Swanky l-lanky Concert. A violin recital was presented last evening at Gordon l-lall by the pupils of Charlotte Patten, instructor at the con- servatory. Miss Betty Paul has been appointed managing director of Macy's Christmas Choir. Louise Grey with her modern dance group has left Broadway to give exhibi- tions before enthusiastic audiences. Framingham alumnae will be interested to know that one of their members, Madeline Ferris, has a leading role in Broadwayfs newest hit "After the Deluge." Miss Mary Good is not only a literary critic but also a movie critic now. l-lelen Melanson, well known in the art circles, is painting the murals for the new museum in l-lawaii. Linger at the Loch Lohmond Excellent Scotch Dishes Reservations: Ruth Mclfechnie-Arnold Q697 Advt. Prop. Anne Tower Advice to the Lovelorn Dear Miss Britt, l have been teaching since my gradu- ation from College and l have decided that if l am to marry it's now or never. l have narrowed my choice downvto a blond, a redhead and a brunette. Which will make the best husband? Please help me. Gladys McGaw. Ans. Dear Gladys, l really wouldn't know. lt's all a gamble, so perhaps you had better toss a coin. A. B. Scene About Town By Estelle Kapstein We notice Lillian Gendron furthering her education at Columbia University. Could it be that her penny bank was finally filled? Rumor has it that cafeteria management is no longer Betty Story's first love. She is saying ul do" in September. Qur old friend Mary Mitchell just breezed in from Nevada where she is running a dude ranch. Betty Mooney was seen in the Bridal Shoppe last week, wonder who and what it means. Agnes Garorian was at the Cafe Bijou receiving admiring glances from those who have read her latest best-seller. Betty Calkins with bag and baggage was seen buying a ticket to Maryland, because she seems to find the scenery there superior to that of old New England. Trudy Spiers and Alice l-lavner have been packing their bags to tour the country. These famous tennis players are teaching the newest sewes and back- hands from coast to coast. Was it Clerna Pierce we saw leaving a convalescent home in up state New York where she has been recuperating from editing the 1941 Dial? TRAVEL BUREAU All Trips Perfectly Planned Complete to the Last Dollar, Minute and Mile Director-Joan Bridey Advt. Where to Find ln answer to our many requests we are printing the whereabouts of the follow- ing: Rosemary l-lildebrande may be found running a date bureau, she is still in swing with just as many successful blinds as she had during her college days. Jane Mcliarland is in far off China spreading fame as an English instructor for the Chinese. lrene Carboneau is a professor of efficiency at Colombia. l'ler course is ul-low to Get Things Done Correctly and Cn -lime." Dot Dacey may be found in the in- terior decorating business specializing in murals for cellars and playrooms. Marion Blood has become head of the Progressive Schools movement and is doing extensive worlc in conservative New England. Barbara Stinson's name is now on the door of a large industrial building which manufactures those famous silver and copper pins. Caroline Anton is editing the Globes movie column, UQuicl4 Glances into the Lives of the Starsf' Mary Keating and Joanna l-lazlett are instructing promising young dancers in newer ballroom steps. THE EDNA-MURIEL SPECIALTY SI-IOPPE Dresses to Fit Any Figure Prop. M. Darling Advt. E. Sweet SOCIETY Claire Robinson was given a shower at the home of Barbara l.yman, in honor of Miss Robinsons forthcoming marriage. Among those present were some of her classmates-the former Misses Jeanette Farr, Constance Brine, Marion Cole, Ann Jouanette, Dorothy Qlson, lrene Zurawinsld, Betty Totilas and Mary Sullivan. Enjoying a leisurely southern cruise after their strenuous teaching activities are the Misses Charlotte Page, Dorothy Laboutely, and Margaret l.eamy. Miss l-lelen Rand was among those luclcy few who tripped up to l.alce Placid last month to brush up on her figure-slcating. Charlotte Mothes with her husband and two children is enjoying life on Cape Cod. QUESTIONS TO THE EDITOR Address all questions to. Alice Silcox cfo Eram. Euturia Cues. Dear Editor: Who is that investigator who is trying to find the cure for arthritis? Mary Sweeney Hygiene lnstructor St. Paul, Minn. Ans. Dear Mary, That is none other than your old class- mate, Beverly Shafron, who has just discovered what she calls vitamin "X", meaning that she doesn't lcnow how, when or where it came from, or what itfs doing here. Ed. Ques. Dear Editor, Could you tell me where l could find information on how to man- age a husband, a career, and a home? Peg Berry. Ans. Dear Peg, l haven't any first hand in- formation myself, but would refer you to "Darling You Canit l-lave Threei' by Pauline Milne. Ed. Ques. What percent of the budget should be spent on fur coats? Barbara Worden. Ans. Dear Barbara, Frankly l wouldnt know, but if l were your husband l'd move to the tropics. Ed. Ques. Dear Editor, What is the name of the new director of the Vocational dept. at Cornell? Evelyn Savvutz. Ans. Dear Evelyn, Cornell now has co- directors. -l-hey are Phyllis Stearns and Eleanor Parlcer. Ed. Ques. ' Dear Editor, Could you tell me how l could contact Barbara l-lallf? Shirley Fishman. Ans. Dear Shirley, Barbara is very hard to find as she is touring the country with her big league ball playing husband. Ed. Cues. Dear Editor, Does New England have a poet laureate, and if so who is it? Audrey Coburn. Ans. Dear Audrey, l'lazel Williamson is the poet laureate of New England. Her most well lcnown poem is "Ode to Thanlcsgiving .......... Nuts." Editor. GATE POST l:orl -Gne in eview Cambridge, Massachusetts July, 1951 Dear Mary, We must tell you about the last alumnae meeting you missed, the most thrilling meeting we have ever attended. You know Crocker is still having difficulties about its furnishings. Ch, nol the curtains were purchased long ago. This time, the girls in Crocker felt that with all modern equipment in the kitchen, they have a great deal of time on their hands. So the Crockerites have just finished negotiations for the adoption of a baby, and now need to equip and decorate a nursery. 'lo raise the necessary funds, Crocker conducted a bazaar at the meeting. l-lere we purchased, for practically nothing, rolls of motion picture films taken Hyears agon by the Misses Kingman and l-lunt. What fun we had running them offl Wonit you and the other girls come over Friday, and wefll run them off for you. We're sure you'll get as much kick out of them as we did. Affectionately, Agnes Garoian l'lelen Rush 'fWell, l guess we're ready now. Lights out, and here goes. ufhere is Dwight l-lall. Those bewildered, immature looking girls must be my freshmen classmates. Qlder girls are greeting them and taking them to register-Senior sisters, no doubt. It was just before this we had our theater party and get-acquainted picnic, wasn't it? Goodnessl what have we here? Visitors from the Far East? Qh, no, freshmen with "bath-towel" turbans for initiation. Notice now those lovely frocks at the Freshman lea. This is the living room of l-lorace Mann l-lall and our first chance to get acquainted. "We wonder what those girls are looking at so attentively. Let's follow their eyes along the campus. It looks like manl Turn around, please, so we can get a look at you. Why, of course, itis Mr. Gilday, the only male member of the Freshman Class. "Here is another group of girls chatting away, they did not know it at the time, but they were our potential freshman class officers: President, Marion Blood, vice- president, Muriel Wallace, secretary, l-lelen Maxwell, and treasurer, Betty Story. UNow the scene shifts to winter with the girls rolling snow from the athletic field. It is l-larvard-Yale week-end and the game must go on. "The Assembly l-lall at Stunt Night. Shall we ever forget that the Class of 1941 was awarded the banner that yearl There is Esther Sullivan, playing the part of the unfortunate heroine in the melodrama, the arms waving about, the head tossing vehe- mently before the orchestra belong to Carol Anton, of course. Now comes the con- tribution of the facultydugnow White and the Seven Dwarfsf, Ch, if this film were only in technicolor and vitaphonel "And now comes another yearl This film must have been taken our sophomore year, for there is Mr. Sullivan, who replaced our beloved Dr. Meier. Those fallen trees show where the hurricane hit our beautiful campus and did so much damage. Remember when buses were at a standstill and commuting became a real problem? "This must be outside Miss Brosnan,s room. lt is the plaid season, my, those l-l. A. girls are busyl Those were the days when our tears played hopscotch in the colored squares of fabricl "What a glorious day this is for the film to pass over the campus to Chalmers' Theater. lt is May Day. Qur attractive May Queen, Charlotte Patten, is being crovvned by Miriam Walsh. Among that group gathered on the hill are the class officers of Sophomore year: president, Miriam Walsh, vice-president, Marion Blood, secretary, l-lelen Maxvvell, and treasurer, Betty Story. 'flhat pillared building in the center of this picture is Nevins l-lall. The procession of guests, faculty, and students entering, tool4 part in the celebration of the Centennial of the college. "Lights, please, this roll sticlcs. Novvfthis renovated briclc building is Crocker, ready to receive the Juniors. This is the year practice teaching begins, and suddenly girls find themselves Hgrovvn-upf' "Again vve see the Assembly l-lall. This time the beautiful Christmas basl4ets are on display. Qur Junior fl-lorn of plenty' has vvon first prize by a vvide margin. "The occasion for this dancing of the lovely sophisticates before the garden scene is the Junior prom. Remember the loclcetsf? lhere is Betty Story, our president, leading the grand march with Clerna Pierce, Anne l-ovver, and Rosemary l-lildebrand, our other officers, right in step. Wasnft that night a dream? Ulempus l:ugit"' "lt is novv Senior year, and vve are the initiators for Freshman Week. That colossal, super-corsage on Betty lotilas vvas a gift from her freshman sister. There are the jurors marching dovvn the aisle. The freshman Court is novv in session. Yes, Rosemary l-lilde- brand should really have studied lavv, she discharged her chief justice duties vvith such finesse. The victim on the high stool is our senior brother, vvho misrepresented himself to the freshmen. Rosemary certainly savv that justice vvas done. "This loolcs like a scene from Diclcensys 'Christmas Carol," but it really is not. It is our senior caroling on the terrace of l-lorace Mann. Wasn't the party of hamburgers and franl4forts at Crocker Wonderful that night? Remember the next morning at 2:30 the innocent freshmen thought vve vvere up early for our caroling. But it vvas only the earthqual4el Hlhis must be our last Glee Club concert. The Glee Club sang more gloriously than ever a fevv vveel4s later at Pops Concert, their last group appearance. "l-lere vve are, capped and govvned, marching to our Baccalaureate exercises. See the class officers leading the group: president, Marjorie Babson, vice-president, Anne lovver, secretary, Dorothy Dacey, and treasurer, Constance Brine. "And this is Commencementl See that tear rolling dovvn Miriamfs face? Guess vve all felt the same. HThat's all, l'm afraid. Wouldn't it be nice if vve could go baclc in person as easily? We had a vvonderful class." X J I V- 3532 in M -ga: 'KN L A.. ENTRANCE TO I-IORACE MANN HALL PUT TO MUSIC WE HAVE .... 'We Threei'ADot Qlsen, Marion Cole, Ann Jouannet The l.ady's in Love"-Barbara l'lall Kitten on the Keys"-Anna Shaughnessey Dancing on a Dimen-Joanna l'lazlett Vou're an Qld Smoothie"-Ruth Fahey All the Things You Are"-Barbara Stinson Girl of My Dreams-Charlotte Patten Shovv Your Linen, Miss hlemingvvayn-Mary Qixleill l Cant Resist You"-Tobacco Povv Wishing"-lt vvere Friday We Could Make Such Beautiful Music"-Senior Chorus Good Bye, Little Darling, Good Byei'-Vocational l-louse Where Am ln-Bernadine l.'Esperance What's the Matter With Me"-Alice Silcox Playmatesn-"Tron" and Carolyn Sophisticated Ladyl'-Lena Tela Deep in a Dream"-l-lelen Rush Practice Malces Perfect"-Practice Teaching The Loveliness of You"-Doris Luthringer l Must l-lave Qne More Kiss, Kiss, Kiss"-9:34 Sunday night l Got a Date With a Dream"-Senior Prom Thanks lor the Memoriesn-E. S. T. C. l Hear a Rhapsody"-l-l. A. Music Appreciation There's Something About a Soldier"-Thatis what they all are now l'le's My Uncle"-Uncle Dudley lt's Three Q'clocl4 in the Morning"-Sophomore Chem exam tomorrow Beat Me Daddy 8 to the Bar"-Senior Elementary music class Five Q'cloclc Whistle Didn't Blow"-so no one left the lecture-much FRAMINGI-TAM FRANKENSTEIN The hair of R. Fahey The poise ol D. Dacey The complexion of B. l-lall The popularity ol l-l. Maxwell ' The dimples of C. Patten The dancing ability of L. Gray The voice of M. Good The vitality of B. Stinson The clothes of J. Catler The enthusiasm of M. Ferris The brains of M. Babson The sportsmanship ol M. Blood The lastidiousness of G. Elavin The svveetness ol l-l. Rush The vvit oi R. Tronerud The generosity ol D. Glancy Franlcenstein Nothingl Thatis Perlectionl CAN VCU IMAGINE? Framinglwam-witliout president Gfonnor? Mr. Workman-not being understanding? Miss Sparrow-Witlwout lier glass of Water? Miss Gardnerfusing clweap paper for permanent work? Miss Buckley-witliout words? Miss Swan-without lier notes? Miss Larned-witlwout lwer Hcoke babyn? Miss l.ombard's car-with brakes that didn't squeak at every stop? Nliss Cummings-vvitlwout swanky lnankies? Miss Kingman-idle? Dr. Fosterhliaving a vvlwole soplipmore class pass a chemistry exam? Miss l-lall-strolling? Miss Ritclwie-subscribing to Esquire? Grace Flavin-on time for breakfast? Alice Britt-Witlw straiglit liair: 'D Doris l.utliringer-all Hmussed upu? l'lelen Melanson-Witliout ber artistic ability? Rosemary l-lildebrand-witlwout a comeback? Slwirley Fisliman-raising lier voice? Barbara l-lall-a red lwead? Carolyn Bradisli-witlwout ber long fingernails? A meal at tlie Voc. liouseAvvitliout mention ol tlie weather? The Voc. lwouse-looking as if a cyclone lwad liit it? Crocker l'lall-tlwe way it used to be? Peirce l-lall Dining Room-giving otl tlie odor of a sizzling steak? Marjorie Babson-unprepared? Rutlm -lronerod-not "taking oil" some cliaracter? Phyllis Stearns, Mary Curran-without tlweir sneeze series? Miss Miss Mr. Mi. lx iyii. - - Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss FILL IN THE BLANKS iq- without gray stockings. l vvitlw a frilly Adrian creation. with more top Fuzz. witliout an appropriate quotation. being natural in a biology class. -Qi? witliout a liearty breakfast on which to rely. 1145 lecture class with one complete sentence. witli soiled vvlwite slwoes. vvitliout Crocker vvitliout luis Htlwouglwt ol, tried out, really true," plwilosoplwy Mr. -- L-L witlwout a sense of rlwytlim. looking Utypicaln Cespecially after StuntNigl'1tD. FAVORITES Qur composite '4'l graduate has enjoyed the Advanced Foods class above others, and greatly prefers l-larvard to other menis colleges. She likes l'Gone With the Wind" both as a hook and movie, but still her Favorite author is A. J. Cronin, and her Favorite movie actor and actress Spencer -l-racy and Bette Davis, respectively. Cn the stage she wants to see Katherine Cornell and Maurice Evans. Swimming seems to be her choice ol sports, and Glen Millers her choice of orchestras, but she inconsistently picks Fred Waring's for her pest radio program. Sh-h-when she smokes it is Chesterhelds, and when she buys a magazine it is apt to be Madamoiselle. She thinks the vvaltz is the most enjoyable dance, and at the moment HFrenesi" is her choice ol songs. She vvould like to ovvn a Buick roadster, and ol course with all her sisters, the Freshman is her Favorite undergraduate. The greatest career? She still chooses marriage. LEAVING CAMPUS Q13 ik V '1 R J- - -.. , f nn' 'nw ix ,' QQ. . !.' n- ,S i 33.53 .-A-A . ml s 'f1'?'ggllF" K-V-.W-,.. G?-., W .w 4, 1 -, g.7,..v1 - f- .N 4 . .fr ,.- - , 5 gulf, i 3. ,.. W. nl ihr A m. 1. . .x,4df. . X91 , .!"Q MWA , 5,4 ' u 1 "P -Q 4. .h .i Aim Vx -I gk. Jr' v Agp ,. 4 xi gm!! - f I 21 3'2- Mu, ,, 1... ' 5 , . sq' L .3 . , 5 , .N',:. uv' .v' . I'-I ' .vm ' - 4 ff .. X AL . .Xia ' ' ' I 5- , , uv '4 ,, Q. , ,rw , iff' ,f It-. 1 M A,gAfiQ Q 5 f'f'3'f'1?+ ' 'gk' . "3 ' ",-jun .,-R wx: . ,pfqyy , 1--ff - Q. , J., I , , A - ., 1. if ,S-4' . 1. . 'z .jivp L51 V ., ,A ff, 'Q X , 2' QQ, 3 -1 . - ' 1, ' ww- M Aamaafnuiiy. - V2 Q-wif' u, uw , ,,,2k 1 Q, ' do L . X .- Euflw VOCATIONAL HOUSE HORACE MANN ENTRANCE .f-,.--- N ,-V , .wr 4 A Q . , 'Y 1. ' ' A , ' ' 5 ' ' r ' V , ,J Y V A , - ' . yg ,iw " ' gf" E 'Ziff ,, : , , , , f' ' 1 n - - P 4- , 14 1 1.4. f '- ,,' , 5. - 6 1, 1-P HW' f f , f, w Q- ,' rw- ,. Q 'qi-1-45-,,31, LL, , gg, za '6L !.'x.4n'zf3.+zff Eff'-'.,f:21?f:m:fw ,gf ' T is DIAL xx ,V 'Mu . ' s ' 4 X 1 " x 1 . 'fflpy , ' A LQ534?-lx -R ' ' ' F -' 31' ,fl rw- V , -vw- . ,, I 1 L ' ' -gvrivz' fu-I , , ,N A . wt-' will" i ,b A , I ,Mi,iE'Z73"7-z.s.- I ' 3' ' ,.:ij,'5 N wf,z3,,..3'Lri--L - .L 1 - .1 'Ffa 13? !g' 5,, -5 1'.,-fe-.'9f1r1:,g::-gl.-Jjii f -11--3--i'T.....s.-.f 254' ' f-.iz-55-km... THE FALLS BCDULDER IVY-COVERED TENNIS COURT CROCKER HALL W mil , -X if r ' 1 f ,M . - V W, 336 ' .. ,fz Q4 -- wg.-H-Y-wfvfv ns Q ,t PEIRCE HALL WALK PILLARS ON TI-IE TERRACE HORACE MANN DRIVE HQUSEHGLD ARTS JUNIORS Addison, Mary S. E. Anderson, Ethel P. Bennett, Ruth Brady, Marie M. Brennen, M. lrene Campbell, Alta P. Cavanaugh, Mary Louise Chace, Celia Chaput, Ruth F. Clay, Norma C. Climo, Emily Cooney, Rose M. Costello, Kathleen M. Cronin, Josephine B. Doyle, Kathleen M. Ecker, Anna M. Ellery, Susan E. Ellis, Evelyn A. Epstein, Amy E. Fiske, Helen E. Fitts, Shirley Fuller, Joan W. Gray, Jeanette M. Gurvvitz, Blossom R. Haggblom, Katherine F. Hannant, Louise A. Hoey, Angela M. Holland, Rita M. Johnson, Helen M. Keough, Helen C. King, Charlotte M. Lambert, J. Rita Lane, Marguerite R. Lynch, Katherine E. MacMichael, Marjorie M. McConaghy, Edna R. McPherson, Margaret M. Melia, Margaret A. Mercer, Elizabeth S. Mitchell, Virginia R. Murphy, Ruth C. Neuhart, Ruth A. Nickerson, Priscilla Oldach, Virginia Lilia Patey, Pricilla M. Penrose, Elizabeth Porter, Amy S. Richardson, Louise E. Salmon, Rosemary A. Sparhawk, Evelyn F. Sullivan, Anne P. Sullivan, Rose L. Taylor, Mary A. Temple, Dorothy M. Totilas, Florence G. Walsh, Patricia Wartiainen, Amy V. Westart, Frances M. White, Dorothy M. Nabnassett 17 Euclid Avenue, Worcester 2 Franklin Avenue, Natick 72 Fairfax Road, Worcester 33 Willis Street, Dorchester 3-A Fairview Street, Roslindale 59 Boylston Street, Fitchburg Pearse Road, Swansea 202 Beech Street, Holyoke 434 Corduit Street, New Bedford 10 Franklin Street, Wakefield Fenwick Street, Framingham 9 Rambler Road, Jamaica Plain 10 Mt. Guyot Street, North Brookfield 57 Florence Street, Worcester 16 Charles Street, Belmont 42 Dennison Street, Annisquam 745 Washington Street, Wellesley 192 Rosseter Street, Dorchester School Street, Upton 39 Baker Street, Foxboro Hollis Street, East Pepperell Coolidge Street, Sherborn 151 Providence Street, Worcester 42 Cranch Street, Quincy 123 Main Street, Bondsville 15 Catalpa Street, Worcester 6 Beaufort Road, Jamaica Plain 32 Esther Street, Worcester 132 George Street, Medford 2 Brooks Street, Maynard 41 Beechwood Road, East Braintree 311 Park Street, West Roxbury 11 Whilfield Road, Somerville 42 Saunders Street, Lynn V 278 Whitwell Street, Quincy 21 Linwood Avenue, Newtonville 23 Bradfield Avenue, Roslindale 96 Warren Road, Framingham 18 Mendurn Street, Roslindale 590 Weld Street, West Ro..bury 1 54 Newbury Street, Lawrence Leominster Road, Sterling 195 Union Avenue, Framingham 14 Morrill Place, Lynn 140 Union Street, Mansfield Brook Street, East Holliston 496 Sevains Pond Avenue, Melrose Main Street, Southboro 47 Stetson Street, Whitman 3 Bauer Street, Worcester 35 Pacific Street, Lynn 20 Allyn Terrace, Lawrence 25 Pitts Street, Natick 1 8 Montrose Street, Worcester 10 Park Street, West Roxbury R.F.D. No. 2, Fitchburg 26 East Greenwood Street, Amesbury 22 Austin Street, Chicopee JUNIOR VCDCATlON!-XLS Crowley, Elizabeth M. Greene, Anna T. lrvin, Ethel l. Knipp, Marion E. Mahn, Ellen P. Moulton, Anna R. 5 Shepard Street, Worcester 233 Tremont Street, Newton 2 Woodward Street, Newton Highlan 59 Washington Street, Medford 81 Campbell Street, Quincy 35 Saltonstall Road, Haverhill JUNlOR ELEMENTARY Ahern, Marie R. Bates, Marcia L. Biancardie, Josephine D. Byrne, Margaret E. Calabrese, Evelyn H. Carlson, Marguerite H. Caruso, Theresa Clare, Margaret M. Congclon, Marion L. Cook, Eleanor E. Davis, Ann M. Donati, Kathryn Egan, Barbara A. Ellis, Phyllis E. Gleason, Helen E. Harris, Mary C. Height, Esther L. Hosmer, Virginia M. Hughes, Alice A. Labarre, Rita C. Lane, Charlotte B. Mague, June H. McDermott, Katherine J. Morel, Helen N1 Nethercote, Mary E. O'Connell, Eileen Parfitt, Robilee Patter, Marion A. Ricles, Thelma H. Rothberg, Ruth L. Savignano, Alvena M. Wells, Eleanor E. 370 North Main Street, Natick 174 South Main Street, Natick 311 Kenrick Street, Newton 417 Center Street, Newton 16 Free Street, Milford 226 Wren Street, West Roxbury 368 Langley Road, Newton Center 37 Gorden Street, Waltham 50 Bancroft Park, Hopedale 48 Carpenter Avenue, Mansfield 6 Woodland Street, Natick 171 Brookside Road, Needham 31 Sanbom Avenue, West Roxbury 28 Arapahoe Road, West Newton 145 Chiswick Road, Brighton 117 Common Street, Watertown 56 Taconic Avenue, Great Barrington 4 Tucker Street, Natick 27 Willard Street, Cambridge 22 Orchard Street, Marlboro 18 Haven Street, Framingham 48 Williams Street, West Newton 5 Hundreds Road, Wellesley Fan'ns 35 Walnut Street, Hudson 99 Myrtle Street, Waltham 10 Palfrey Road, Belmont 62 St. James Avenue, Holyoke 111 Main Street, l'lopkintOn 1534 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton 28 Cunningham Street, Dorchester 15 Hale Street, Newton 195 Union Avenue, Framingham 1 SQPHQMORE VOCATIQNALS Barrett, Elizabeth Bradford, Barbara Carter, Constance Curran, Mary Hanson, Barbara Jacobs, Bertha McGowan, Marjorie Proctor, Helen Viets, Florence North Beach Street, Nantucket 103 lrving Street, Waltham West Hawley, 162 May Street, Worcester 561 Xlifashington Street, Dedham 132 Glenville Avenue, Allston 155 Birch Street, New Bedford Pearl Hill Road, Fitchburg 35 Dean Street, Bridgewater S SGPHQMORE HOUSEHGLD ARTS Andrews, Elizabeth Ahlstrom, Doris Alberto, Angelina Bastow, Jane Blodget, Enith Bolin, Eleanor Burleigh, Marjorie Burrell, Virginia Collemer, Lois Collins, Doris Dabrowska, Alice Davis, Irene DeCourcey, Mary Donlon, Mary Donohue, Mary Dundon, Rosalie Emidy, Marjorie English, Dorothy Flanders, Christine Gans, Mildred Gildea, Margaret Goldman, Evelyn Goyer, Jacqueline Graves, Barbara Gross, Rosalyn Gurney, Barbara l-lagan, Gladys l-lastings, Beatrice l-loye, Eleanor l-lutchinson, Lois lssenberg, Esther Kearney, Elizabeth Kirk, Priscilla Lavoie, Jacqueline Lesperance, Jean Lowry, Elizabeth Martin, Eunice McDonough, l-lelen McKinley. Florence Mclague. Eleanor Milnes, Thelma Moriarty, Virginia Murphy, Elaine Mullett, l-lelen O'Connell, Margaret O'Connor, Gertrude O'Connor, Mary O'Malley, Mary Paquin, Yvonne Parker, Silvia Pearson, Estella Pelley, Alice Pritchard, Virginia Quinn, Mary Rafrer, Ruth Randall, Ruth Rose, Madelyne Slaney, Muriel Temple, Evelyn Thibeault, Leola Thompson, Jean Ellen 4 Lufkin Street, Essex 580 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain 320 Main Street, Milford Chapel Street, East Lee Pleasant Street, Leominster 11 Jenkins Street, Worcester 74 Clement Avenue, West Roxbury 46 Pleasant Street, Medford 9 Grand View Avenue, Worcester 17 Arbroth Street, Dorchester Q19 Washington Avenue, Chelsea 4 Bourne Street, Worcester 18 Shafter Street, Dorchester 410 North Main Street, Natick 34 Berkmans Street, Worcester 454 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain 18 Winslow Street, Worcester 45 Court Street, Medford 17 Arthur Street, Worcester 17 Church Street, Great Barrington 38 Greaton Road, West Ro, bury 1O Jones Street, Worcester 167 West Boylston Drive, Worcester Bridge Street, Baldwinville 55 lhorton Street, Revere Q l-larlow Street, Worcester 167 Centre Street, Dorchester 543 Lake Street, North Grafton 18 Ruggles Place, Dorchester 119 Coolidge Street, Brookline Q5 West Selden Street, Mattapan 106 Dean Avenue, Franklin 74 Jonathan Street, New Bedford 4 Taylor Street, l-lolyoke 1O Day Street, Auburndale Q3 Pleasant Street, Natick 152 Trapelo Road, Waltham Causeway Road, Vineyard l-laven Q6 Centre Street, Winthrop 8 Woodland Street, Worcester Q1 Elm Park, Groveland 11 Wall Street, Worcester Q64 Millbury Street, Worcester 31 First Street, Medford 109 l-layden Rowe Street, l-lopkinton Q3 Waterville Street, North Grafton 46 Burncoat Street, Worcester QQ Smith Street, Lawrence 86 West Central Street, Natick 31 Winslow Road, Belmont 8 West Leonard Street, Foxborough 97 Fairfield Street, Worcester Q9 Carolina Street, Medford 115 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge 138 Lunenburgh Street, Fitchburgh Bolton 6 Perry Street, Cambridge 170 West Street, Needham Heights Milford Street, Upton Summer Street Court, Rockport West Main Street, Webster Turner, Ada Walsh, Dorothy Waters, Mary Waska, Jane Wecker, Vivienne White, Marie Williams, Priscilla Willis, lrene Wilson, Marion SCDPHCDNXCDRE Askin, Shirley Baglione, Eleanor Banis, Edna Bernardi, Virginia Beucler, Gloria Bowen, Mary Bowen, Muriel Bruen, l-lelen Calisi, Concetta Cellucci, Donata Clarke, Christine Connors, Marion Cormey, Barbara Dargan, Katherine Dolan, Alice Downing, Mary Finnegan, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Marie Forbes, Mary Grace, Edith l-liltz, Ella Johnson, Elinor Johnson, Williemae Jokinen, Mary Kallis, Pauline Leger, Eleanor McNally, Claire Mokaba, Mary Monson, Mildred Moynahan, Anne Murphy, l-lelen 0'Connell, Virginia O'Connor, Margaret Perlmutter, Mildred Plunkett, Marie Rorstrom, Barbara Russo, Louise Seisig, Esther Shore, Edythe Spilewski, l-leidi Taber, Catherine Wright, Miriam 48 Washington Street, Natick 4 View Street, Worcester 1093 Walnut Street, Newton l-lighlands 54 Perry Avenue, Worcester 63 Gibbs Street, Brookline 35 l-lovey Street, Quincy 18 Robertson Road, Framingham Q78 Pleasant Street, New Bedford 90 Church Street, Mansfield ELEMENTARY 593 Concord Street, Framingham 30 Granfield Avenue, Roslindale 151 Brown Street, Waltham 1865 Washington Street, l'lolliston 9 Columbia Street, Cambridge Q61 Temple Street, West Roxbury 34 Evergreen Street, Jamaica Plain 9 Elizabeth Street, Attleboro Q8 Qakland Street, Watertown 75 Crafts Street, Newtonville 405 Village Street, Medway 8 Newfield Street, West Roxbury Cole Terrace, Randolph 931 Washington Street, Newtonville 511 Ward Street, Newton Centre 14 Southwood Street, Roxbury 53 Reservoir Street, Cambridge 41 Maplewood Street, Watertown l-lolliston Street, Medway 18 Oakcrest Road, South Weymouth 371 Broadway. Cambridge 190 Merriam Street, Weston B77 l-larrison Avenue, Boston Q2 Normal l-lill Road, Framingham Center 10 Bates Avenue, Quincy 1528 School Street, Walpole QQ Ledyard Street, Wellesley l-lills 147 Otis Street, Cambridge QQ Rockhill Street, Foxboro Q19 Walden Street, Cambridge l-lampden Road, Monson 10 Palfrey Road, Belmont Q15 N Street, South Boston 93 Arthur Street, Framingham 62 Aldrich Street, Roslindale Nixon Road, Framingham Center 176 Dedham Street, Newton l-lighlands 255 Hampshire Street, Methuen 16 Columbia Street, Cambridge 214 Broadway, Cambridge QQ Leonard Avenue, Cambridge 70 Eddy Street, West Newton FRESHNXEN Anderson, Dorothy Agnes Anguria, Mary Frances Bernard, Mary Catherine Bloom, Helene Irene Boswell, Clare Patricia Boyce, Marilynn E. Brown, Alice Nancy Burnett, L. Hope Butler, F. Beryl Carroll, Ruth Elizabeth Cassidy, Margaret Carol Clifford, Marjorie Ann Coffin, Dorothy Alice Cohen, Evelyn Costello, Marion T. Coughlin, Phyllis M. Crowell, Jean Crowley, Mary Frances Davis, Althea Grace Donovan, Alice Roberta Dorman, Jeanne Elizabeth Dowell, Marjorie Jean Erickson, Beatrice Alma Falvey, Kathleen Mary FitzSimmons, Ann Gardiner, Elizabeth Drew Gaull, Helen Gervais, Barbara Anna Goodridge, Marion Gully, Kathryn Mary Frances Haley, Loretta R. Hartley, Evelyn W. Herriclc, Miriam Elizabeth I-liclcman, Doris Evelyn Hoye, Eleanor Jeffers, Barbara Zeruah Joyce, Barbara Mary Kiel, Frances Hartwick La Foe, Winnefred Ruth Leen, Mary Elizabeth Lefebvre, Emily Agnes Le Marbre, Odette Elaine Libby, Barbara Elizabeth Lowe, Marion Russell Lowry, Elizabeth Lynch, Louise Margaret Lynch, Mary Frances Masteilca, Lillian Joan Mastrodominico, Beatrice Patric Miller, Selma Pauline Moody, Virginia Howes Moore, Arlene Virginia Moran, Maw Erina McDonough, Eleanor Dolores McMahon, Mary Eucharie McMaster, Gertrude Rose Oberacker, Elaine O'Connor, Eileen Theresa O'Hare, Anne Yeresa O'Meara, Katherine Parry, Hazel Eleanor Pease, Marian Lindley ia HQUSEI-IQLD ARTS 5 Blair Street, Worcester 4 Alpine Street, Worcester Q1 Grove Street, Hopkinton 37 Woodford Street, Worcester 1 Elm Way, Westboro 658 South Main Street, Sharon 1 Delawanda Drive, Worcester 9 Cherry Street, Northampton 369 Harvard Street, Cambridge 210 Ashley Boulevard, New Bedford Q0 Pleasant Street, Uxbridge 10 Prescott Street, Watertown Q4 Temple Street, West Boylston 97 Harrison Street, Worcester 9 Rambler Road, Jamaica Plain 52 Dexter Road, Lexington Main Street, South Dennis 94 Warren Avenue, Milton 86 Sargent Street, Melrose 19 Chesbrough Road, West Roxbury 7 Blair Street, Worcester 39 Wareham Street, Medford Corner North and Jewett Street, Georgetown 53-R Waterville Street, North Grafton 859 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain Bay State Road, Rehobeth Q85 Foster Street, Brighton Q6 Playstead Road, Newton Q06 Bancroft Avenue, Reading 68 Malvern Road, Worcester 38 Beach Street, Roslindale Montgomery Road, Westfield 89 Phoenix Terrace, Springfield 39 Prospect Street, Brockton 18 Ruggles Road, Dorchester 948 Washington Street, South Braintree Q5 Pleasant Avenue, East Bridgewater 190 Main Street, Avon Wellesley Hills 95 Congress Street, Roslindale E200 North Main Street, Andover 39 Pleasant Street, Marlboro 4 Englewood Avenue, Worcester E230 Hollis Street, Framingham Q3 Pleasant Street, Naticlc 174 Bellevue Street, West Roxbury Q19 Wren Street, West Roxbury 1097 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester 357 Main Street, Roclcland 17O Pomeroy Avenue, Pittsfield 27 Clemintino Parlc, Dorchester 176 Bedford Street, Bridgewater 1011 Pleasant Street, Worcester 14 Highland Street, Lowell 3 Plantation Street, Worcester Q7 Essex Street, Marlboro Q4 Crandall Street, Roslindale 151 Hollingsworth Street, Mattapan 64 Nonantum Street, Brighton 35 Parlc Street, West Roxbury 7 Orange Street, Reading 7 Mechanic Street, Monson Phinney, Mary Louise Phipps, Margaret B. Pope, Dorothy l. Riley, Eileen Robinson, Barbara Ann Rood, Jeanne Roy, Marjorie Elaine Russell, Constance Virginia Salley, Muriel Louise Skidmore, Louise Clair Skorupski, Teresa Florence Stepansky, Alice Constance Stone, Williamina May Sullivan, Mary Louise Szklarz, Sophie Taft, Ruth Frances Walsh, Kathleen Byrne Watson, Mary Eileen Welaish, Biruta Plevach Wermers, Patricia Eugenia Wilcox, Geneva A. Woodward, Dorothy Elizabeth Worton, Barbara Ruth Wylie, Anna Young, Barbara Minnie Zaretto, Lucy Madaline 45 Chester Avenue, Winthrop 105 Lovell Street, Worcester 140 Webb Street, Weymouth QQ7 Manthorne Road, West Roxbury Crescent Street, West Boylston 96 Bellingham Street, Chelsea 160 Walnut Street, Newtonville Q05 Wachusett Street, Jamaica Plain Tremont Street, Rebobeth 117 Lincoln Street, Worcester 555 Bluff Street, Worcester 58 Selkirk Road, Brighton 84 Eastern Avenue, Worcester 3 Bauer Street, Worcester 31 Sterling Street, Worcester 34 Martin Street, Holyoke 52 Thompson Street, New Bedford 112 Glenwood Avenue, l-lyde Park 458 Columbia Avenue, Dorchester 16 Magnolia Square, Dorchester Main Street, Millis 574 Webster Street, Needham 137 Washington Avenue, Somerset Centre 56 Wilson Street, West Agawam 179 Summer Street, South Walpole Q9 Clifton Street, Cambridge FRESHNXENMVQCATIGNALS Allen, Grace Elizabeth Bartley, l-lelen Wilson Bassett, Edna l-lelene Callaghan, lrene Dorn Cavanaugh, Frances Ethel Charrier, Lucille Alma Corliss, Louise Evelyn l-lodziewich, l-lelen Thereas Mullen, Louise Collins Pettingell, l-lelen May Retallick, Virginia Stockbridge, Constance Ruth Gifford Road, Westport Water Street, Sandwich E29 Church Street, Milton 71 Hewlett Street, Roslindale 79 Wyola Drive, Worcester Q10 l-lighland Street, Fitchburg Bondsville Road, Belchertown Q8 Capital Street, New Bedford 88 Albany Street, Fall River Q1 Lowder Street, Dedham 6 Wallace Place, Pittsfield 36 Banks Street, Waltham FRESHMEN---ELEMENTARY Allen, Jean Mary Alves, Mary Ann Bergh, Mary Frances Blakney, Lillian lrene Bowen, Mary Louise Breen, Margaret Mary Buckley, Catherine Elizabeth Callahan, Kathleen Anastasia Carle, Virginia Condos, Lillian Dealy, Alice Patricia Dillon, Mary Therese Donovan, Dorothea Louise Ford, Mary Elizabeth Gandolfo, Esther Flora Q8 Marion Street, Natick 17 Regis Road, Mattapan 91 Paul Gore Street, Jamaica Plain 18 Lancaster Street, Cambridge 61 Robinhood Street, Auburndale 117 Appleton Street, Cambridge 33 Washington Street, Marlboro West Bare l-lill, l-larvard 17 Davison Street, l-lyde Park 12 Parker F-lill Avenue, Roxbury 84 l-lighland Avenue, West Newton 15 Wykeham Road, West Newton 16 Front Street, Marlboro 61 Green Street, Watertown 14 Elmira Street, Brighton Garvin, Ann Elizabeth Gilligan, Mary Frances HaFier, Rubye Myrtle Haggerty, Catherine Frances Hanna, Regine Currie Kane, Eleanor Ann Kavookjian, Mary King, Mildred Helen Likshis, Bertha Lord, Jean Chadwick MacMillan, Gertrude Louise Marangos, Tarsia McCarty, Jean Margaret McLaughlin, Mary Theresa Moran, Ellen Elizabeth Noyes, Marion Shirley O'Hare, Madeline Eleanor Palladino, Louise Marie Richards, Mary Patricia Roche, Helen Salmon, Catherine Theresa Sarjeant, Mary Frances Stern, Alma Stutman, Edyrhe Mae Taylor, Miriam Turner, Joyce Mary Wellington, Jacqueline Winer, Bertha 115 Melville Avenue, Dorchester 18 Cargill Avenue, Worcester 176 Humboldt Avenue, Roxbury 3 Curve Street, Framingham Q0 Stearns Street, Waltham 9 Century Street, Somerville 38 Clarendon Avenue, Somerville 15 Partridge Street, Watertown 37 Harold Street, Worcester 58 Great Road, Stow 88 Mount Vernon Street, Dedham 359 Dudley Street, Roxbury 80 East Central Street, Natick 726 Columbia Road, Dorchester 57 Achers Avenue, Brookline 520 Central Street, Framingham Q1 Arlington Road, Waltham 30 Cleveland Avenue, Franklin 106 Geneva Avenue, Dorchester 54 Union Avenue, Watertown 94 School Street, Cambridge 86 Standard Street, Mattapan 336 Franklin Street, Framingham 37 Highland Street, Franklin 7O Kendall Lane, Natick 19 Maple Street, Waltham 203 Camden Street, Roxbury Q8 lrma Street, Dorchester DWIGHT HALL THE GROVE verlfisemenjns X. k wr .A g v f . 1 1 Q .,f5,T.x , s 1,14 f J .mx . ., A- -S. f " 'H iii,"- . C x 41 4, , J., , u 'f x 0 ,,, A Q llr. vs .1-.. f.. . . r A xavl .A 2. . '-fix' 7 .,-kfl .P 7 4 43 +A x 51'-Pi Wi 2--auf-. J '?, 'Y 1. LA. 1"A'Q": .T-f Qu ..-., V v 1 2 , A .X 'Ai ,WB L, f L '-I 'IP 1 Q A 1 . 1 MU.. v 1 ' ,y K ,.. ,. L , A I4.. G " sh lf wh Vj, J .iglifbxj vu fx ' l.1':" s- Lif- -'ff' f , I. , -.- . .gif YU 4 Q,--mu . V H' ,.x,,n0-.,., -1 . ,.,,. ,,-, I v .f X4 ,.-HA. 1935. E A. , ,1 .-.4 - xy ,,.. .- pq.: r 13' T' ' 1 K . -+ , - ,f 137' -. . X1 J' 4 v,'-'5 1 A ' ' ' I X .A . r 1 .- I., N. I , x 'J .Hff".'- ' - ... -5 nm fvn vu 4: nl GEORGE W JOHNSON THE ORAPHIC PRESS Compfefe gpfziniing Sefzvice I-Jrinjfers of JKIWG Dial for 6-12 CENTRE AVE., NEWTON TELEPHONE LASQH 9602 QOITIPIITTIEVIIIS of DQ FRIEND TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1941 GREETINGS FROM TI-IE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION When you leave Framingham, continue your school ties by joining one of these fine Framingham Clubs: Arlington, Boston, Broclcton, Cape Ann, Cape Cod, Con- necticut, Dedham, Fall River, Fitchburg, Greenfield, I-Ienry Whittemore, I.oweII, Maine, Marlboro, Martha's Vineyard-Nantucket, Medfield, Merrimac Valley, New Bedford, New Yorlc, Newton-Needham, Northern California, North Shore, Old Colony, Philadelphia, Pittsfield, Quincy, Rhode Island, Southern California, Spring- field, Twin State and Worcester. That the fellowship of these clubs is appreciated is shown by the following excerpts from Ietters. A member of the Maine Club writes: "The Maine Club Meeting was just Iil4e getting home againf' From a member of the Rhode Island Club comes the following: " ..... we feel Iil4e one big family. We want any one living in our midst to join our family circle and find the welcome that awaits herff Club members are interested not only in fellowship but in service. Club service has found expression in contributions to the: Ellen I-Iyde Scholarship Fund The Amelia Davis Fund for Incapacitated Teachers The Deans Fund The Student-Alumnae Building Fund Gifts to the College Club Scholarships for Students Civic Worl4 by clubs in their respective communities We urge you to become an active club member. II you are not reached by a Club Secretary, write to the Chairman of the Club Committee, State Teachers College, Framingham, Massachusetts. Notify the Alumnae Secretary, Mrs. Abbie Bowlby McCartney, 73'I Worcester Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts, of any change in your address. The Club Committee T939-'I94'I Marion I-Iarney Chairman Rita K. l'IalI Cora E. Morse Ann I.. Wilcox I-Iazelle C. Whitehouse C:OIT1P'II'T1GI'l1ES of Senior QICISS C Plimenjrs of unior Class COlTlP!lfT1eI'l+S of fuclenf Governmenf .yqssocicnjrion aih Svtuhin 18 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 293 School and College Photographers Completely equipped to render the highest quality craftsmanship and an expedited service on both personal portraiture and photography for college annuals. ZFX Plzofogrfzplzers to the Class of 1941 PATRONS MAY OBTAIN DUPLICATES at ANY TIME CQMPLIMENTS GF THE CICISS of CQMPLIMENTS OF THE CICISS of FRAMINGHAM LAUNDRY 162 HOWARD STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS C Telephone Framingham 7163 Compliments of the Eine Arts Compliments of the ghomas uqzjqcempis THE B 8: W LINES Convenient Motor Coach Service BOSTON WORCESTER SPRINGFIELD Low Monthly Students, Rates Ask Us About CHARTERED COACHES Tel.: Framingham 4343 The official standard ring of Framingham Teachers College designed and furnished by DIEGES 8x CLUST Mfg. Jewelers 73 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. Compliments ol zhe Alhlelic Associcllion Compliments ol the TGI l S?JcQl,l5F ome Economics WHITMAN, MASS. Qlels Route 18 Q KENNETH AND RUTH WAKEFIELD COMPLIMENTS OF LJQLVZG7 CLVAQQIQY z.qlsOLlS6 680 WORCESTER ROAD Framingham Centre MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of the Musical QIULS ,fist of ,,CPai'z0ns O BARRON'S CANDY STORE Candy and Salted Nuts 76 UNION AVENUE BATES STATIONERY COMPANY IRVING SOUARE, FRAMINGHAM Telephone 5205 GORDON MFG. CO. FRAMING:-IAM CENTRE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ALEXANDER J. MONTGOMERY Florist-Roses a Specialty WORCESTER STREET, NATICK . Y 8: the viIIage Tizged shop FRAMINGHAM CENTRE THE LIVING ROOM LIBRARY Books - Gifts - Stationery - Cards FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. REED TEACHERS AGENCY 120 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON Liberty 7790 C-Iihe Iriciieii C-Iheochers pqhgency EDWARD W. FICKETT, Manager 8 BEACON STREET BOSTON Member National Association of Teachers Agencies COMPLIMENTS OF QBEATTIE S4 NICGUIRE, Ina Silks - Woolens - Rayons - Cottons - Hosiery 29 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Telephone LIBerty 5753 FRATERNITY JEWELRY PAPER PRODUCTS GIFTS AND FAVORS Mounted with the Framingham State Teachers College Seal RALRI-I STAMBAUGH, Representative Room 202 234 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON, MASS. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY, Attlehoro, Mass. The Cary Teachers' Agency of Boston ROSE ESTELLE BRADBLIRY, Manager Tel. LAFayette 7158 14 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASS. Compliments OI Strongis M arket 3 HIGH STREET FRAMINGHAM CENTRE, MASS. QOIWTPIIITTQIQIS ol tgq gyrievicl Union Bookbinding Co., Inc. Established 1890 Editions and Pamphlets School Annual Covers and Loose Leaf Binders Covers andBindingof"TheDial" A Product of this Company 289 CONGRESS STREET BOSTON, MASS, THE YARN HOUSE Largest Selection of Yarns in this Vicinity First Quality Yarns -- Mill Prices 183 CALIFORNIA STREET NEWTON, MASS. Tel. LASeII 6448 Compliments oi Y. W. C. A. HOWARD JOHNSON'S 120 WORCESTER ROAD FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Framingham 4274 BOLTON-SMART CO. lncorporafe WHOLESALE DEALERS BEEF PORK LAMB VEAL POULTRY FISH BUTTER CHEESE EOOS FROSTED FOODS 17-25 SOUTH MARKET STREET BOSTON Phone LAFayette 1900 FLOWERS BY Bzzfferworlby Distinctively Original - Smartly Different Conservatively Priced CONCORD and CLINTON STREETS TEE , X .la ' , Ds l' fl ' X1 i CA R RS 1 fy Gf-ur: 1873 FQ qv!! J 68 Years of Correct Catering Service FRAWNGHAM LUNCHEONS I TEAS DINNERS Phone 3533 Mem 0ff'C'f 110 NORWAY STREET, BOSTON, MASS. Lai. 4670-4671 cap. o111 A. J. FLEMMING CO. Fancy Dressed Meats 9-11-13-15 FANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON, MASS. C' - .lwavzs fD7ug Sfore FRAMINGHAM CENTRE Headquarters For Our School Supplies WHEN YOU TRAVEL S e e ARNOLD TOURS 234 CLARENDON STREET BOSTON . MASSACHUSETTS The Grace M. Abbott Teachers' Agency GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager 120 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON KENmore 0980 Individual Trips party -I-ours Member National Association Oi Teachers' Washington Tours Agenoes Famous for GOOD FOOD DELICACIES CANDIES SALTED NUTS GIFT BOXES COLLEGE SPREAD BOXES TOILET ARTICLES Ask For Our Catalogue "The Epicure" S. S. PIERCE CO. BOSTON Q-Ile eglfatziclofz has strived for the highest level. Our record shows "A," or excellent, in FOOD, SERVICE and ATMOSPHERE. Still the cost is moderate. TI-IE SODA FOUNTAIN BAR Sandwiches and I-lome Made Ice Cream The new Colonial Room is available for gatherings of all kinds. Menus on Request. ghe aglfafzialofz Just below Framingham Centre GIVOWTZQ QUT ClUQVlTSQVS A FGLSUIVI ENGRAVING makes a GGUD IIVIPRESSION School and College Engravers Engravers of the 1941 Dial FGLSGIVI ENGRAVING CU. 2l2 SUMMER STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Ni graph Sm? il. f. lj r C P 1 L . w- .. ,,-. g., .n.,.,,-A A A AA -4. A ,,. ,..,, ,nA..,. .-. , . v,.,..--1 A , A A yy, A.-.A k ' - L. ..-- I , 5 ' ,w'1' A 'A " .A+ 5- ,ERS -. - ,,z. , -- A-A ,MA ,, AAg :H1Ah5 . -- -'.3 ALS, Q.-24115 QA:-A, 'a' J .-1:5 A,A.3aA!"4!k effvff: ,wg-f'-"lq'AAA,3E' A -A 7:1 4' I-53.31-., L.Af.f'.,, '-41,1-f 5L1 Y J A..y'ff.A'v,,i ' ' sa.-3' 1 wif' -ff p . fi i,'iQAQ.'f.?yff-wh . 5-ff--.g, , 4.-2 .- ww- -'-.My W L M V. pix? .1-i 1. '7f..g4,-,g1?llr'--,5o:,u.,- , 15 13.5.3---'g-5-, .e.w:zf,.:' -3v'rPY5?fg'Wr5.U"f'z4'3'lWf 4 Ag.. :Agar , mx A ?A5?T,AA,?A AP. YA -Ani ,',f. ...QAM Arn., fxggmu A 4,4-j,,.4'.z'fLN -, '.,5.AA, -,vA '- '-.f-.-A-V '. . 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Suggestions in the Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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