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Imfgf. 'Ju " ,V f,,..J,.l ", '... 'i. ,,,f, 1 . -..1'w , ' ',.,, 1, I, ,' "4 ,., ,f 'Q .1 1, KWH ,,,"l'. . ,HLQQ "J . , , ,j , ,, , gl, . , ., .. .. ,N V5,,,4, ,fl , 1 A ,, A e Y ' f N , :A ,Q wa ,K :','. gym V ,',, . ,5 M, ' 'TJ 4, "V "' ,,v 11" r-'Z' ' " ,, v, 'Ah w-,V ' .- 2, , ,,.' ' xfmx' .A ',35,:.f' X , " ' "Gila, . ' ' L 1,5 ' 'IV N, 1: . 1 -' ,jLs. g:' ' . , '44 - R - . , . '- , ' ,.,g.,' ,mf .T ' ' ry ,, ,' . 5 . , ., , .,.,, ,,n, ,, W, . If tlaff ff: 7, . ,,-L ilu ' 53.7. Q, ,WZ-2 91,1 gr, i.r,,,"2 " 2 lf ff gL,:!"" 'v ' 5 QQ" - ' L1gf,,,.':, f., ,-rdf. l ., ,,!.4 Hliil, 75511, .,v-Fur ,K 'r- V .- , . ,, Q , : 1, , , ,- , ,I '. 1 ' , ., xv 4 f ' -- ,,. v V A '-1 P X' f:'1::'4 . 'V V.. 2' I , ' P ,':- WS., " A 1 , , ,V , ,Tig-X Ujq '- 4f,,,f , ,f. 111' . ,-z, , y'r.,!V,' gf, J '52 . Y fuk ,,,'1'-15.-,i'5.,, ,A . ,. ,,I,. , i. . ' ' Yi tif' .4'v.,4 X-.7 -N. . ' , . , 1--4, .W ' virfl. lx," v x., 1,4 5 A., . , - ' ,N,j.j .:- '4 V5 , x 3' 'J - " +L . . 1' -uv' ,',,, , , 'fm , , A"v'f'Q, .x 1' f ,V f ., V.. .gg ,. "'.:'e. 1'-75. ,, ,lff "f-' ',L 'V J'-2 I "1 f .,- ' ,g.'f,5.,f,, ."".,', . A' ' -'-me ff' ' ",.,31 'Un'-L" ' , ZW 1. 1 f. , ,- 'f 1' A- 'U " fx' ' , '5 H ,1 v 'D' ', .. K... gwz. "-',.1,,-'-I R. . ' K., - , ,ff I : ", .I ,g , . ,, 1, .,..H 217, ,'BlfFi25h5 GISHKERI 4105. ku' X6:Ng'KJ!11 v ilu .' Q! . , , J , ...V , ,- mf ,, , M. , , 1 v -'4 'H 1 . -..I ,Je ,ni X 1, r ,ji , x f A . kf i 1 A ,,, ,,' e .4 '.' 1 ,.. R' , , V , 1 'n 4 y 1 , a .,. 4 v w , 1 :,jwE' N! U' 1 1 , .1.1,,-1- 11- 1.1.f1, I -11. Y 1 1 1 lv' 1,1,11'.g1,, , 1 1,1,.,1A 1,1,,1,11 ' 111 "" 4 ' '1'1 '11 " 1 11,1 1 11. 1 ':".11,1 . ,1 Q 1 1 , 1.,1. 1 1, 1 1 ' '1:1 f: '1f1 1 11 1 .A ry 11. , r .u 'Q11' . ., I! 13 11,. -. 1 , ' 1 1 ' -rx ,1 , ,1 V .111 ' 1' , 'JL 1' '1.1 11.- 1 'f 'wh :Lb ,1'f.,' N: W my 1 1. 'V' - 71' '1111'11' '1 ,111 .fl x W1 1 .A , ' f . 11, 11, 1 '1 .,.1 ,, j,1',." 1 A '1' '.15.'1-T51 11 ' ,'!1',1'..1, . 1 11 1 11 W1 1 V11 111' ,1.1. 'Q . 11' .1- .I M: 1 ,:1 ,111 ,'11"' 1 1,y11'11,1,,: V 1 ' f1:511I1fi'KflfHhl.L .IHQIHII CHWES ngham Staie Carnage it ADMINISTRATION BUILDING A q:1 'V -Q ., , M E 0 1 I " 1 fax E E1 ?W'1.ff-'E Q Wei 1' fi State Teachers Lollege at FI'8HliI1SI16IT1q, Ma5S. 1935 THE DIAL PROLOGUE In compiling this edition of the Dial, we have tried to include all our friendships during our years at college. It is hoped that you will derive many happy hours from the recollections brought to you by the following pages. However, We are not confining it to those "on the hill," for we owe so much to parents and friends who have made it possible for us to be here, that we give to them one of the foremost places in our thoughts as well as in our Dial. HAZEL WALKER, Zlfafzagifzg Edifor. HOURS OF THE DIAL FIRST HOUR FACULTY SECOND HOUR SENIORS THIRD HOUR JUNIORS FOURTH HOUR SOPHOMORES FIFTH HOUR FRESHMEN SIXTH HOUR SENIOR BIOGRAPHY SEVENTH HOUR FORMER MEMBERS OF THE CLASS EIGHTH HOUR ORGANIZATIONS NINTH HOUR ATHLETICS TENTH HOUR HUMOR ELEVENTH HOUR AUTOGRAPHS TWELFTH HOUR ADVERTISEMENTS 1 i THE DIAL To MILLICENT M. COSS The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Five A dedicates this volume in appreciation of her many services rendered us, our Alumnae, and our College. THE DIAL TO THE CLASS OF 1935 The message I should like to give to you is found in the words of a simple little metaphorical poem: If you canlt be a pine on the top of the hill Be a scrub in the valley-but be The best little scrub on the side of the hillg Be a bush if you can't be a tree. u If you can't be a bush be a bit ofthe grass Some highway to happier makeg If you canlt be a muskie then just be a bass But the liveliest bass in the lake! VVe can't all be captainsg some have to be, There's something for all of us here There'S big Work to do and therels lesser to do And the task we must do is the near. If you can't be a highway then just be a trailg If you can't be a sun be a star, It isn't by size that you win or you failg Be the best of whatever you are." With all good wishes for your happiness and success, Faithfully yours, MILLICENT M. Coss THE DIAL FRANCIS A, BAGNALL To the Class of 1935 is .commended the inspiring appeal of one of Amer1ca's greatest thinkers and writers. PRESIDENT "No man shall place a limit to thy strengthg 4 Such triumphs as no mortal ever gained May yet be thine, if thou wilt but believe In thy Creator and thyself. At length, Some feet will tread all heights now unattained- Why not thine own? Press ong achieve! achieve!" EMERSON THE DIN-he EDITH A. SAVAGE DEAN ' "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he that ruleth h1s spirlt than he that taketh a c1ty." SOLOMON THE DIAL SARA M. ARMSTRONG HONORARX' CLASS MEMBER "Purpose, brains and will: these tell the whole story." JOSIAH ROYCE THE DIAL STUART B. FOSTER SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR "Stake your counter as boldly every whit, Venture as warily, use the same skill Do your best, whether winning or losing it." BROWNING 'THE DIAL MR. FREDERICK W. RIED FACULTY ADVISOR FoR THE DIAL The Dial staff wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Ried for his co-operation as faculty advisor this year, which marks the twentieth anniversary of this publication under his leadership. eTHE DIAL FLORENCE E. AMIDON 29 Pleasant Street, Framingham, Mass. D7'65JmdkliHg, Texliles, Hifloric Trxtilex Teacher of Dressmaking, Newton Vocational High School, Newtonville, and Womenis Educational and Industrial Union, Boston, "Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control,- These three alone lead life to sovereign power." mTENNYSOIx FRED W. ARCHIBALD 154 Maynard Road, Framingham, Mass. Mzzsir Tufts Summer School, Harvard Summer School, Normal Music School. Super- visor of Music, Public Schools of Eastern Massachusettsg Salem Normal School, Instructor in Boston University Summer School, Baritone Soloistg Chorus and Choir Work. "A man should never be ashamed to say he has been in the wrong, which is but saying in other words that he is wiser today than he was yesterday." -Poms. MARION A. BRYANT 9 Dana Street, Cambridge, lNIass. Afrirlanf Malron, Peirre Hal! Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham. "A great spirit never can be beaten. Many an iron soul has been broken, only to be moulded anew into something greater and stronger than before." -GEORGE MATTHEW ADAMS. l13l "UD THE DIAL MURIEL CABOT BUCKLEY 11 Orchard Street, Belmont, Mass. EZKWZFYIIHILV Clollzing, Drew .4pprerizzfi0n, Hiylorir Texliler Graduate OfState Normal School at Framingham, and Of Teachers College, Colum- bia University. "It is the highest satisfaction to have a work to which we can give our best." -ROY L. SMITH. RUTH H. CARTER 13 Clyde Road, Watertown, Mass. Reading lllelhody, Engfish, Book Sefeclion State Normal School at Framingham, B.S. in Education, Boston University. Summer Session: Columbia, Harvard, Boston University, London University' M.E., Boston University. - I "Of what shall a man be proud if he is not proud Of his friends?" -ROBERT Louis STEVENSON. ELEANOR F. CHASE -15 Highland Street, Amesbury, Mass. Clzemimj' B.S., Massachusetts .Agricultural Collegeg M.S., Massachusetts Agricultural Col- legeg Assistant in Chemistry, Massachusetts Agricultural Collegeg Research As- sistant in Food Chemistry, and Graduate Student at Columbia University, Ph.D. , Columbia University. "I hope that I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable Of all titles-the character of an honest man." -GEORGE WASHINGTON. ll4I THE DIAL SARA S. CUMMINGS 35 Cambridge Road, Woburn, Mass. Hislory and Civic: A.B., Colby College, l907g Boston University, History Instructor, English High School, Lynng Head of Girls' Department, Lynn Continuation School. "For truth has such a face and such a rnien, As to be loved needs only to be seen." -DRYDEN. CHARLES E. DONER Reading, Mass. Penmanslzip Diploma, Zanerian School of Penmanship, Columbus, Ohiog Hefiiey School of Commerce, Brooklyn, Spencerial Commercial School, Cleveland, Editorial Staff, Business Journal, New Yorkg Commercial Teachers Feclerationg Zanerian Penman- ship Association, New England Penmanship Association. "Friendship is the shadow of the evening which strengthens with the setting sun of Life." LUCILE G. FRENCH 50 jackson Road, West Medford, Mass. Head of Hourelzold Arts Department Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S., and M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Assistant in Science, Framingham Normal School, In- structor in Foods, Teachers College, Columbia Universityg Director of Foods and Nutrition, James Milliken University, Decatur, Illinois, Instructor of Foods, Pine Manor, Wellesley, Mass. "Let not future things disturb thee, for thou wilt come to them if it shall be - . , 7 nlecessary, having w1th thee the same reason which thou now usest for present t ings. -MARCUS AURELIUS. l 15 l ffsrk WWW' 1 i' 1'-. ,-'ff A THE DIAL GRACE BROWN GARDNER 53 Milk Street, Nantucket, Mass. Bfofogy, Ilflirrobiology, Nalzzre Sindy Diploma, State Normal School at Bridgewater, A.B., Cornell University, A.M., Brown University, Primary Schools, New Bedford, Harrington Normal Training School, New Bedford, Head of Department of Biology, B.M.C., Durfee High School, Fall River. This was a favorite quotation of Dr. Chalmers', which he often gave in chapel: "Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch, nay, you may kick it about all day, like a football, and it will be round and full at night." fOLIVER VVENDELL HOLMES. MAUDE B. GERRITSON 9 Church Street, Framingham, Mass. Engffsh Composifzbfz, Lilemlzzrf Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S. and A.B., Teachers College, Columbia University, A.M., Wellesley College. "One of the special needs of our day is more time for meditation and reflection." -CANON MACCALL. CORINNE E. HALL 16 Linder Terrace, Newton, Mass, Hozuehold f1flf77Zf7lli.Yf7'!lff07Z and Przzrlice Tmrhfng Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, A.M., Teachers College, and Special Diploma in Household Arts, Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley, California, Supervisor of Home Economics, Danbury, Conn., Teacher of Foods, New York City, Manual Training High School, Denver University, and Massachusetts State College, Amherst. "The goal in education is always the acquisition of knowledge, the training of some permanent capacity for productiveness or enjoyment, and the development of character." -CHARLES W. ELIOT. l16l THE DIAL EMMA A. HUNT North Charlestown, New Hampshire Hygiene, Genera! Scienre A.B., Wellesley College, 1914, A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1925, Summer Session M.A.C., Assistant Biology, State Normal School at Framingham, 1914--1915, Teacher Biology and General Science, Framingham High School, 1915-1920, Courses, Boston University and Alleghany School of Natural History, Member of New England Health Education Association, and American Public Health Association. "That which we do because we feel we should set an example lacks sincerity and is unconvincing. It the thing is worth doing, do itg but do it because of its intrinsic worth. -EMMA A. HUNT. EVELYN W. KEITH Greendale Station, Worcester, Mass. Ma!f'0n, Insfrurfor Qi In.vtifu!z'on1z! .flflzznzzgemfnf Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, Samaritan Hospital, Troy, N. Y., Teaching, Worcester, Head Dietitian and Instructor at Melrose Hospital, Morton Hospital, Taunton, Margaret Pillsbury Hospital, Concord, N. H. "A leading object in education is the cultivation of the critical discernment of beauty and excellence in things and in words and thoughts, in nature and human naturef' HCHARLES WILLIAM ELIOT. LOUISE KINGMAN 8 Wiswall Circle, Wellesley, Mass. Speerlz, Pfzyiiml Edzzczzfion, Direcfor of Dmmafics Leland Powers School of Spoken Word, Boston, Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Rice Summer School of Spoken Word, Oak Bluffs, Columbia College of Expression, 1922-1923, Columbia Normal School of Physical Education. "To evoke in oneself a feeling one has experienced, and having evoked it in oneself, then, by means of movements, lines, colors, sounds, or forms expressed in words, so to transmit that feeling that others may experience the same feeling- this is the activity of art." -ToLsToY. 1 17 1 1 THE DIAL DOROTHY LARNED 149 Highland Avenue, Winchester, Mass. Freneh, Educalion, Cilizenship Training A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1912, M.A., Middlebury College, 1931, Ed.M., Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, 1934, Pennsylvania State College, Chateau du Montcel, ,Iouy-en-Josas, Alliance Francaise, Universite de Paris, Institut de Phonetique, Framingham High School, Teacher of French and German, 1914-1928, Repetitrice d'Anglais, Ecole Normale d'Institutrices d'Angers, France, 1928-1929. u La gloire, dont la voix t'enivre et te caresse, Vainement te proclame heureux et triomphant, Si la bonte n'a pas, en un jour de tendresse Grave ton souvenir dans la coeur d'un enfantf -PIERRE DE Nou-mc. LOU LONBARD 29 Denwood Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland Resident Supervisor of Vocalionezl Household Arts Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S., University of Minnesota, Teacher of Cookery, Washington, D. C., Home Demonstration Agent, University of Minnesota, Instructor of Foods in Teacher Training Department, University of Minnesota, Consultant in Nutrition, Massachusetts Department of Health. "'Tis education forms the common mind just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined" -Pore. ELIZABETH C. MACMILLAN 619 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, California Lunchroom Management, Household Administrofion Dietetics Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, B.S. at Framingham, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Certificate, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Assistant Dietitian, Massachusetts State College. "Purpose is what gives life a meaning." -C. H. PARKHURST. 1181 -1--mt nmL------ VVILLIAM H. D. MEIER 177 State Street, Framingham, Mass. Head of Depzzrlmenl of Biofogy Diploma, Illinois State Normal University, A.M., Ph.D., Harvard, Teacher rural schools, principal high schools, superintendent city schools in Illinoisg Instructor of Botany, Harvard University, Author, "Herbarium and Plant Descriptionsf, "Plant Study," "Animal Study," "School and Home Gardens," "Study of Living Things,', 'AOpen Doors to Sciencen with Otis W. Caldwell, "Exercises in Science," and "Essentials of Biologyn with Lois Meier, and "Biology Notebookuwith Dorothy Meier. "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." HAZEL REUTHER NIETZOLD 303 South Street, Northampton, Mass. iixsislanl Pmrtiml Afrls Deparlmen! B.S., Massachusetts School of Art, 1928, Summer Sessions, Massachusetts State College, Berkshire Summer School of Art, Courses at Boston University, Museum School of Fine Arts, Massachusetts School of Art Evening School, and University Extension Courses, Assistant Art Supervisor, Framingham, 1929, Assistant Art Supervisor, VVeymouth, 1929-1933. "You can live without Art but not so well." ARLINE POOLE 27 Owatonna Street, Auburndale, Mass. Sopfzomare Clothing, Clzildrenfv Clollzing, Hisforir Textiffr Framingham Normal School, Massachusetts School of Art, B.S., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Settlement VVorker, House of Seven Gables, Salem, Mass., Instructor of Clothing, Northfield Seminary, East Northneld, Mass. "The teacher like the poet must be born and then born again, for the spirit must quicken the spirit, and life inspire life, before knowledge can grow to wisdom." -ALICE FREEMAN PALMER. l19l e THE DIAL LOUIE G. RAMSDELL 9 Church Street, Framingham, Mass. Gvogrnp by Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Ph.B., University of Chicago, M.S., University of Chicago. "The chosen people of the future can be no nation, no race, but an aristocracy of the whole world in Whom the vigor of Vklestern action will be united to the serenity of Asiatic thought." '-ANANDA COOMARASWAMY. ELLA C. RITCHIE Endicott, New York Librarian Graduate, Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J., B.S., Simmons College, Courses at Boston University, Librarian, State Normal School, Blooms- burg, Penna., Air Service, VVar Department, D. C., Cataloguer Free Public Library, Endicott, N. Y. "But to every man there openeth A High VVay and a Low, And every man decideth The YVay his soul shall go." -IOHN OXENHAM. FLORENCE I. ROBBINS, R.N. 120 Main Street, Avon, Mass. RFJffiUI1f Nzzrie, fnflrzzffor of Hama Hygiene and Care of the Sirk Diploma, Framingham Hospital. "The most satisfactory thing in all this earthly life is to be able to serve our fellow-beings-first, those who are bound to us by ties of love, then, the Wider circle of fellow-men. To be of service is a solid foundation for contentment in this world." -CHARLES W. ELIOT. l20l eTHE DIAL ee ANNE ROCHEFORT 35 Salem End Road, Framingham, Mass. Direrlor of T1'zz1'ni11g and Imfrzzrlar in fllfzzfzemzzfirs Diploma, State Normal School at Bridgewater, B.S., Columbia University, hf1.A., New York University. Service in Public Schools of Massachusetts, Normal Prac- tice School at Framingham, Prince School of Store Service, Simmons College, Cleveland School of Education, School of Education, New York University. "Keep a red heart of memories Under the great gray rain sheds of the sky, Under the open sun and the yellow gloaming embers. Remember all pay days of lilacs and songbirds, All starlights of cool memories on storm paths." -CARL SANDBURG. DEBORAH M. RUSSELL -1 Hudson Street, Wlorcester, Mass. Clzemixlry, Nzzlrfffon Diploma, State Normal School, Framingham, Chief Dietitian, Boston Floating Hospital, Summer Courses, Columbia University, B.S., Teachers College, Colum- bia University, A.M., Columbia University, Courses, Boston University and Harvard University, Member, American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science. "There is no storm but this Selfwill or cowardice That braves us out. We raise the storm that mocks Our peace, we set the rocks Of fateful doubt. Besides this fear of danger, there's no danger here, And he that fears danger, has himself to fear. CRASHAXV. MARJORIE SPARROVV 1140 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Engfirfz A.B., Radcliffe College, 1914, M.A., Wellesley College, 1931, Composition Tutor at Wellesley and Wheaton Colleges. "All the world's accomplishment has lived, at the beginning, in the imagination of dreamersf'-R. W. S. 1211 'T' uQW THE DIAL- --- ANNIE L. D. SWAN Mairon, Harare Mann Hall Diploma, Posse-Nissen School or' Physical Education. "So challenge. us with the need of. the world that we may contribute to it at least one good life, adventurous for righteousness." -From a prayer by HARRY EMERSON FOSDICK. BERNICE W. TAYLOR 1431 Broadway, Haverhill,-Mass. Plzysiral Education Graduate, Sargent School for Physical Education, Special Diploma, B.S., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, Taught in Haverhill Playgrounds, Public Schools, I-Ioosick Falls, New York, Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia, Sargent School Camp, State Normal Summer School at Hyannis. l "Our grand business is not to see what is dimly in the distance, but to do what is clearly at hand." -CARLYLE. MAY C. TURNER Rockville, Maryland Foads Diploma, Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wisconsin, B.S., M.A., Columbia Uni- versity, Diploma, Supervisor of Household Arts, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, Instructor in Household Arts and Critic Teacher, State Teachers College, Moorhead, Minnesota, 1919-1927, Instructor in Foods, State Teachers College, Buffalo, New York, 1929-1931, State Chairman, Student Home Economics Clubs, New York State, 1930-1931, Assistant Instructor in Foods, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1931-1932, Instructor in Foods, Teachers College, Columbia University, Summer Sessions, 1932-1933, Assistant, Critic Teacher in Home Economics, School of Rural Education, Cornell University, 1932-1933. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is combined cheerfulnessf' 'MONTAIGNE. 1221 ----l-THE mit DOROTHY E. WEEKS 9 Higgins Street, Auburndale, Mass. Food: Diploma, State Normal School at Framingham, 1919, Summer School, State Normal School at Hyannis, Boston University, B.S., Columbia University, 1926, Graduate Study, Columbia University. "Be resolutely and faithfully what you are' Be humbly what you aspire to be." Q-THOREAU. LINVVOOD L. WORKMAN 17 Church Street, Framingham, Mass. Household Physics, Soriology and Sofia! Problems A.B., Colby College, 1902, Tufts Summer School of Biology, Harpswell, Maine, 1902, Ed.M., Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, 1927, Instructor at Colby Academy, Wakefield High, Watertown High, Principal of Higgins Classi- cal Institute, Principal of Peters High School, Southboro. Procrastination has been called a "thief of' time." It is also a severe tasl-:mister of nervous energy and of disposition. 1231 SENIORS WMM ,Ill AN Pres idenf . . Vire-Presidenf Secremry Treasurer . Family jdvisor V151 DOROTHY' MLTRPHX' MIRIAM RO'l'H ROFF IIACQUELINE TAFT MARY DOGINUQAS DR. STUART B. FOSTER -mm---THE mir VERA ADELE BISBEE "Bis" 8 MYR'I'LE STREET, SAUGUS Nutrition Student Co-operative Association C3, 41, Secretary C41g President of Crocker, Handbook Committee C315 Home Economics C414 Stunt Show Cl, 2, 3, 41. "It is not mirth, for mirth she is too stillg It is not wit, which leaves the heart more chill, But that continuous sweetness, which with ease Pleases all round it from the wish to please." ELIZABETH EDITH BOYNTON "Betty" MAIN STREET, RUSSELL Nutrition Fling Alrts C115 Home Economics Cl1g Quiet and Order Committee C21g Y. W. C. A. C y 7 "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." T-ISAIAH. JANE BRENNAN 87 WEST' STREET, RANDOLPH Nutrition A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 41, Chairman A'Kempis Dance Committee C414 Athletic Asso- ciation C11g Fine Arts Cl, 41, Home Economics C11g Baseball Cl1g Basketball C215 Hockey C21g Stunt Show C41g Volley ball C21g Quiet and Order Committee C11. "Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new." 1THOREAU. DOROTHY AUGUSTA BRIGHAM "Dot" "Brigham" 19 HIGHLAND STREET, SHARON Nutrition Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member Cl, 21, Fine Arts C1, 2, 41, Library Committee "We do not choose our own parts in life, and have nothing to do with those parts.-Our duty is confined to playing them well." -EPICTETUS. l26l -----THE unit- FLORENCE V. CAVANAGH "Flossie" 135 PARSONS STREET, BRIGHTON Nutrition Gate Post Staff K3, 41g Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3, 41g Tennis Cl, 2, 3, 45. "The crimson low of modest o'ers read g Y P Her cheek, and gave new luster to her charms." -DR. THOMAs FRANKLIN. GUENIVERE BERTHA CAVERLY "Guenny" 15 ASTICOU ROAD, JAMAICA PLAIN Nutrition Gate Post Stal? C3Jg Commuters' Association CI, 2, 3, 453 Fine Arts Cl, 45, Home Economics CZ, 4Dg Y. W. C. A. fl, 31. "Gentleness succeeds better than violence." -LA FONTAINE. LOUISE G. CLARKE 60 DARTMOUTH STREET, SOMERVILLE General Dial Staff C4Dg Athletic Association Cl, 2, 32, Fine Arts Cl, 2, 35g Stunt Show Qlg Y. W. C. A. C4j. "Heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute." -JUNIUS. FLORENCE KINGSTON COURTIS "Flossie" 57 ELM STREET, MARBLEHEAD Nutrition Quiet and Order Committee QD, Fine Arts KU, Fine Arts Play QD, Stunt Show Cfljg Y. W. C. A. 12, 3, 41, Cabinet Member "As merry as the day is long." . -SHAKESPEARE. l27l eTHE DIAL' CHRISTINA MAY CROCKETT "Chris EAST DOUGLAS General Fine Arts CID, Hockey Cl, 2, 39, Home Economics Cljg Y. W. C. A. C-lj. "It is the heart and not the brain That to the highest doth attain." -LONGFELLOW. LORENA R. CROWLEY "Laurie 26 KING STREET, WORCESTER General Senior Dramatic Class Play C415 A'Kempis C4Jg Basketball "A thing of beauty is a joy foreverg It's loveliness increasesg it will never Pass into nothingnessf' --JOHN KEATS. RUTH MARTHA CULLEN 42 HOLYOKE STREET, EASTHAMPTON Nutrition Fine Arts CD5 Home Economics C1, 2, 3, 41. "In your patience, ye are strong." -ELIZABETH BARRETT. ELEANOR DAVENPORT HOPEDALE General Fine Arts CDg Home Economics CI, 4-jg Stunt Show Cl, Zjg Y. W. C. A. "Silence is more eloquent than words." -CARLYLE. I28I -THE D!!-lL ANNETTE DEMPSEY 4'DempSey" 27 Osoooo STREET, FXTCHBURG Treasurer at Crockerg Gate Post Staff C314 Choir C415 Dial Dance Committee C21g Glee Club C2, 315 Basketball Captain C31. "The reward of a thing well done Is to have done it." --EMERSON. MARY R. DOGINIKAS "Doug" 204 STAFFORD STREET, WORCESTER Nutrition Class Treasurer C3, 41, A'Kempis C213 Chemistry Council C413 Commuters' Asso- ciation C1, 2, 3, 41, Senior Prom Usher. "And skill's a joy to any man." -MASEEIEED. MARCIA HELEN DONOVAN 23 BERTHA STREET, LONVELL General Gate Post Staff C3, 41, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 414 Fine Arts C1, 2, 41, Fine Arts Play C415 Home Economics C113 Stunt Show C21, Chairman C4-1, Junior Prom Usher. "Rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, To relish a joke, and rejoice in a punln V TGOLDSMITH. DORIS ELEANOR DREW 285 HIGH STREET, ATHOE General Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 41, Choir C415 Fine Arts C31g Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, Home Ecol nomics C115 Stunt Show "Among good things, I and Hnd The quiet life doth most abound." -JOHN RAY. l 29 l THE DIAL-il'-L-- RUTH ELEANOR ERNST "Ruthie" 92 MILL STREET, NEWTON CENTRE General Y. W. C. A. C3Dg Commuters' Association C1, 2, 3, 45. "A conscience worth keeping." LTHOREAU. CATHARINE AUGUSTA FAUNCE "CafTy" 226 METROPOLITAN AVENUE, ROSLINDALE Nutrition A'Kempis C1, 2, 3, 415 Athletic Association Cljg Chemistry Council C215 Home Economics C2D, Orchestra CD3 Stunt Show C3Dg Baseball C113 Basketball Cljg Hockey CID. P "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." -PROVERBS. FLORENCE ELIZABETH FORSYTH "Flossie,' 21 HIGHLAND AVENUE, ARLINGTON General Y. W. C. A. Cl, 3, 4Jg Home Economics Cl, 2, 35. "Words are easy like the wind Faithful friends are hard to End." -SHAKESPEARE. MARION CLARE GARDNER 174 DEWEY' STREET, WORCESTER Commuters' Association C1, 2, 3, 415 A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 4Jg Home Economics Cl, 2, 3, 4J. "Silence is the great art of conversation." l30l --l-THE miL------- AGNES GERTRUDE GARVEY "Aggie" 15 WYEST AVENUE, SALEM Nutrition President of Horace Mann C413 A'Kempis Cl, 313 Athletic Association C2, 3, 413 Choir C41g Fine Arts Cl, 21, Vice-President C41g Handbook Committee Chairman C413 Home Economics C1, 41, Hockey Cl, 2, 3, 41, Yale C3, 415 Volley ball C2, 31, Captain C414 Baseball C115 Christmas Play C41g Christmas Song Leader C413 Student Co- operative Association "The only reward of verture is virtue, The only way to have a friend is to be one." -EMERSON. ROSE A. GLYNN 59 PARK STREET, HAVERHIL1. General Athletic Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, President C41, Secretary C213 A'Kempis C1, 2, 41, Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 41, Captain C31g Basketball Cl, 21, Harvard Basketball C213 Hockey Cl, 2, 413 Stunt Show Cl, 2, 3, 41, Chairman C11, General Chairman C41g Volley ball Cl, 2, 3, 41, Mock Man Dance Committee C213 Athletic Association Conference Delegate C2, 31, Ofricial Delegate C413 Junior Prom Usher. "Ability involves responsibilityf' TMACLAREN. RITA O. GOULD 22 GASTON STREET, ROXBURY General Commuters' Association C1, 2, 31. "And her voice was the warble of a bird, So soft, so sweet, so delicately clear." -BYRON. WINNIFRED P. GRANGER 4'Winnie DILLA STREET, MILFORD General Dial Staff C41g Chemistry Council C113 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31g Fine Arts C11g Home Economics C1, 2, 3, 41. "Gracious to all, to none subservient, VV1thout offense he spake the word he meant." -T. B. ALDRICH. l31l - THE DIAL RUTH GHRTRUDE GRANT 388 TARREX' S'rREE'r, Baocicrou Nutrition Sub-Chemistry Council Cllg A'Kempis Cl, 3, 41g Class Day Committee C4Jg Fine Arts C4jg Home Economics Cl, 3, 4Dg Stunt Show C4D. '4The best of me is diligence." YSHAKESPEARE. ETHEL LORENA GROVES 4 27 LINDEN STREET, FRAMINGHAM Nutrition Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41. "Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts." 1LOWELL. LUCILLE HATHAWAY "Ceily" 7 CARESBROOKE STREET, ANDOVER Class and Club Council Publicity Manager CD, Vice-President of Peirce Hall Cllg Athletic Association CU, Harvard Chairman Cllg Choir C4Dg Fine Arts C1, ZH, Fine Arts Play CD, Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President C4Q, Publicity Manager C3Dg Home Economics Cljg Basketball Cljg Stunt Show C2lg Chemistry Council C1, ZH, junior Prom Usher. "A graceful and pleasing figure is a perpetual letter of recommendation." i -BACON. VVANDA L. HAZNAR "Wan" "Wanny" 129 BA'rEs ROAD, NEW BEDFORD Nutrition Treasurer of Peirce Hall C4jg Athletic Association CZ, 3, 41, A'Kempis C423 Choir C455 Home Economics C3, 4Dg Basketball Captain C3D. "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." -D1sRAEL1. l32l L WMM THE DIAL . fllmilt THEODATHA GERTRUDE HOITT "Datha" 170 WESTERN AVENUE, LYNN General Student Cooperative Association C21, Choir Cl, 41, Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, Fine Arts Play C31, Quiet and Order Committee C11g Stunt Show Cl, 2, 3, 41, X. XY. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 41, Social Service VVorker C3, 41, Chairman of Bazaar C3, 41. "It is the best of all trades to make songs, and the second best to sing them." -HILLAIRE BEti.oc. BETTY HOLMES "Holmesv' BURT STREET, NORTON Nutrition Chairman Library Committee C41, Student Co-operative Association C41, Student Co-operative Dance Committee C41g Fine Arts Cl, 2, 41, Home Economics Cl, 2, 41, Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 21. "Ay, sir, to be honest as this world goes, Is to be one pickld out often thousand." -SHAKESPEARE. DOROTHY E. HUTCHINSON "Dot" "Hutch" 423 HIGHLAND AVENUE, VVEST SOMERVILLE Student Cooperative C11, Class and Club Council C11, Treasurer C21, Secretary C314 Secretary of Horace Mann C41, Gate Post Staff C21 Class President C11, Choir C41, Chemistry Council C11, Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Home Economics C41, Athletic Associa- tion C11, Tennis C1, 21, Stunt Show C1, 41. L'Thought means life, since those who do not think do not live in any high or real sense. Thinking makes the man." i.'f'XLCOTT. BARBARA S. KEEDY "Barb" 5 SALEM STREET, TAMHERST Dial Staff C41, General Chairman of Publication Dance C41, Athletic Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Fine Arts C3, 41, Home Economics C3, 41, Choir C41, Y. W. C. A. C11, Stunt Show C2, 3, 41, Baseball C2, 31, Basketball Cl, 21, Yale Substitute Cl, 21, Hockey C1, 21, Tennis C1, 21. "Men of the noblest dispositions think themselves happiest when others share their happiness with them." -DUNCAN. l 33 l -- - -THE DIAL -e - A ELEANOR MARIE KELLY 175 BROWN AVENUE, ROSl.INDAI.E Handbook Committee Cllg A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 43g Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3,455 Fine Arts CU, Home Economics Cllg Stunt Show C3j. .NPO improve the golden moment of opportunity and catch the good that is within our reach, IS the great art of life." -JOHNSON. MARY CECELIA KENNY "Kenney" 74 WAS!-HNGTON STREET, IVIARLBORO Nuttition Chairman Judiciary Board C454 Student Co-operative Association C3D, Vice-Presi- dent C4Dg Class and Club Council C3Dg Class President C3D, Vice-President Cl, QQ, Student Co-operative Dance Committee C3l, C. C. C. Dance Committee C3Jg Senior Prom Usherg Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 455 Fine Arts CID, A'Kempis CU, Stunt Show "A good disposition is more valuable than gold, for the latter is the gift of fortune, but the former is the dower of nature." W-ADDISON. ELIZABETH EASTON KING "Bette" NOR'FH STREET, GRANBY General Class and Club Council C2lg Class VVill C4-lg Gate Post Staff C3, 4Dg Publication Dance Committee C-Hg Class Day Committee C4lg Yale Costumes CD, Mockman Dance Committee CU, Yale Toastmistress C4lg A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 41g Fine Arts Cl, 2, 3, 4D, Chairman Costume Committee C4Jg Home Economics Cl, 4Qg Stunt Show Cl, 2, 3, 4l. "Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm." -DISRAELI. BERNICE MURIEL LANDRY "Buddy" 40 HIGH S'i'REE'r, PLYMOUTH Nutrition Fine Arts Cl, 2, 3, 4j, President C4j, Chairman Fine Arts Play C4lg Athletic Asso- ciation Cl, 2, 3, 4lg Class and Club Council C3, 4Dg Home Economics Cl, 'ljg Stunt Show C2, 3, 4-lg Hockey Cl, ZH, Basketball Cl, QD, Class and Club Council Dance Committee C4D. "A life spent worthily should be measured by deeds, not years." 1SHERIDON. l34l ----------THE niiL----- ASTRED LINNEA LARSON 239 CONGRESS STREET, MILFORD Nutrition Commute-rs' Association CI, 2, 3, ID. "Gentle in manner, strong in performancef' -CLA L'DIO AQITAVIVA. MARGARET MARIE LAVELLE "Midge" 57 CLARK STREET, CLINTON General Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3Dg Basketball CD, Hockey CID. "You have a natural wise sincerity." R. LOWELI CHRISTINE ELIZABETH LEAVITT 196 HOWARD STREET, FRAMINGHAM General Class Secretary Cljg Dial Staff C-U, Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3, LD. Commuters' Activity QD, Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, -1-J, Librarian QD, Basketball CID, Hockey Captain. "Rugged individualism." -HOOVER. ESTHER LOTHROP 29 VVASHINGTON STREET, LEOMINSTER Leave of absence from Kingston Avenue Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, 1934-19.35, to Obtain degree. 'AShe speaketh not, and yet there lies A conversation in her eyes." 'LONGFELLOW I35l THE DIAL GRACE MALONEY "Gracie" 28 LYMAN STREET, BEVERLY General Gate Post Staff C31g A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 41, Athletic Association Cl1g Commuters' Association C2, 31, Fine Arts C21g Stunt Show C113 Hockey Cl1. "Honor and shame from no condition riseg Act well your part, there all the honor lies." -POPE. MARGARET CARPENTER MANVEL 801 NORTH STREET, PITTSFIELD Nutrition Chemistry Council Cl, 2, 3, 41, President C41, Chemistry Assistant C413 Vice- President of Horace Mann C413 Gate Post Statl' C3, 41g Athletic Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Fine Arts C113 Home Economics C41g Quiet and Order Committee C41, Baseball Cl, 21, Hockey Cl1, Volley ball Cl, 2, 3, 41, Captain C31g Stunt Show Cl, 21, Cap and Gown Committee C41g Class Day Committee C41g Publication Dance Com- mittee C41. "lt is my duty and 1 will." -W. S. GILBERT. AGNES ELIZABETH MARSDEN "Aggie" 419 WINTHROP STREET, TAUNTON Nutrition Christmas Plays Cl, 41, Fine Arts Plays C3, 41, Choir C413 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, Eine Arts Cl1g Stunt Show C2, 3, 41. "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." -POPE. E. BETH MERRIHEW "Beth" 37 BURNHAM STREET, BELMONT General Fine Arts Play C31g Choir Cl, 41, Manager C41g Commuters, Association C315 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 41, Dance Committee Cl1g Fine Arts C31g Home Economics Cl1g Stunt Show Cl, 41. "Music resembles poetry, in each are numerous graces which no methods teach, and which a master hand' alone reach." -POPE. l36l --A - -T THEDIAR MILDRED MICKELSON "Mie Mike" 113 OLD COMMON ROAD, MILLBURY General Christmas Play C45g Commuters' Association C1, 2, 3, 45, Commuters' Activity C1, 253 Fine Arts Cl, 45, Home Economics Cl, 2, 35g Junior Prom Committee, Stunt Show C1, 25. "A generous soul is sunshine to the mind." -STR ROBERT HOWARD. LEONA B. MIERZEJEWSKA "Lee" 971 HOMESTEAD STREET, NEW BEDFORD General Dial Art Editor, Athletic Association C1, 2, 3, 45, Chemistry Sub-Council C254 Fine Arts Publicity Manager C45, Fine Arts Play Committee C45g Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 455 Junior Prom Committee, Publication Dance Committee C45, Student CO- Operative Dance Committee C45g Chairman Christmas Decorations C454 Harvard- Yale Committee C259 Baseball C35, Basketball Cl, 25, Hockey Cl, 2, 45, Yale C2, 3, 45' Volley ball Cl, 2, 3, 45. "Goodness is beauty in its best estate." 1 --MARLOWE AGNES MARY MILLIGAN "Aggie" 91 VVASHINGTON STREET, SOUTH GROVELAND Nutrition Judiciary Board C45g Secretary of Peirce C25g Publication Dance Committee C45g A'Kempis C1, 2, 45, Athletic Association C155 Fine Arts C15g Home Economics C45' Quiet and Order Committee C155 Gate Post Staff C35. "A sweet heart lifting cheerfulness Like springtime Of the year Seemed ever on her steps to wait." v MARION ISABEL MORSE "Morsey" 80 18TH STREET, LOWELL General Handbook Committee C355 Fine Arts C1, 25, Gate Post Staff C35g Home Economics C1, 25, Stunt Show C253 Baseball C155 Basketball C15g Hockey C15. "Great minds, like heaven, are pleas'd in doing good, Though thelungrateful subjects of their favoxjsg Are barren in return." -RowE's TAMERLANE. l 37 l -----THE DIAL-l- HELEN ELIZABETH MORTON 10 MELROSE STREET, ADAMS Nutrition Secretary Class and Club Council QLD, Athletic Association CI, 3, 3, AH, Home Economics fl, 2, 41g Baseball CZ, 31g Basketball QI, 2, 35, Harvard Qjg Stunt Show CI, 2, 31, Volley ball QD. "Learning by study must be wong 'Twas ne'er entail'd from sire to son." 'GAYS, GABLES. GRACE HATHAWAY MULVENY "Mul" "Gracie" 118 OARLAND STREET, FALL RIS'ER Nutrition Christmas Play CU, Fine Arts CD3 Home Economics CID, Y. VV. C. A. fl, 3Dg Base- ball CI, 2, 3Dg Stunt Show CID, Volley ball CI, QD. L'Exactness in little duties is a wonderful source of cheerfulnessf' fLE ROCHEEOUCAULD. DOROTHY ELIZABETH MURPHY "Dot" 37 VVASHINGTON STREET, EAsT MIL'l'ON Nutrition Class President QLD, Class Treasurer CD4 Student Co-Operative Association MD, Class and Club Council C-D4 Gate Post Staff CI, 215 A'Kempis CI, 2, 3, 4Jg Choir C4lg Fine Arts CI, 2, 32, Fine Arts Play CD, Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 4-jg Stunt Show CI, fl, 41' Athletic Association Cljg Chemistry Council QD, junior Prom Usher. 1 "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, In every gesture dignity and love." -MILTON. ALICE MABEL NEWHALL "Al" 10 HIGHI,AND STREET, SOUTH I'IAMIL'I'ON General Class Day Committeeg Athletic Association CI, 2, 3Dg Baseball CI, 2, 354 Basketball Cl, Zlg Hockey fl, QD, Volley ball fl, 31, Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3, 4D. "Happiness seems made to be shared." -LE ROCHEFOLICALILD. T391 -Z----THE nut MARY NOLAN 835 MAIN STREET, EAST VVAREHAM General Gate Post Staff C31, Managing Editor C41g Student Cofoperative Association C3, 41g Class and Club Council C3, 41g Class Prophecy C41g Student Co-operative Dance Committee C41, Publication Dance Committee C415 Athletic Association Cl1g A'Kempis Cl1g Fine Arts Cl, 41, Fine Arts Play C41, Stunt Show C2, 3, 41, Class Secretary C21g Class Song Leader C21, May Day, Junior Representative C31g Yale Cheer Leader C2, 31. "Muse not that l thus suddenly proceed, For what I will, l will, and there's an end. -SHAKESPEARE. ANNA ELIZABETH NOURSE 455 LAKE STREET, WORCESTER General Eine Arts Cl, 2, 3, 41, Choir C41g Glee Club C41g Home Economics Cl, 2, 31, Stunt Show C2, 31, Y. W. C. A. C3, 41. "Devoted, anxious, generous, void of guile And with her whole heart's welcome in her smile." -MRS. NORTON. NANCY HOLBROOK RENTON 23 DOXVNING AVENUE , H.4VERHILL Nutrition Student Co-operative Association C41g Student Co-operative Dance Committee C415 Athletic Association C11, Board C2, 3, 41, Vice-President C31, Fine Arts Cl1g Home Economics C414 Baseball Cl, 31g Hockey C2, 3, 41, Tennis Cl, 21, Stunt Show Cl, 2, 31. "Cheerfulness is health." -HALIBURTON. A. MARGARETHA ROPER "Retta' 350 WASHINGTON AVENL'E, NEEDHAM General Fine Arts C11g Home Economics C115 Athletic Association C31g Commuters' Asso- ciation C41g Junior Prom Usher, Hockey C21g Stunt Show C21g Volley ball Cl, 21. "ln manners, tranquility is the supreme power." mMAD.AME DE MATNTENON. l39l WWW TH IAL SYLVIA FRANCES SAARINEN 538 WALPOLE STREET, Noawooo Nutrition Fine Arts Cl, 'ljg Home Economics Cl, QD. "The world means something to the capablef, 1GOETHE. RUTH ALVINA SAMPSON 1051 COUNTY STREET, FALL RIVER General Y. W. C. A. Christmas Play Cl, 43, Fine Arts Play C4lg Chairman Entertainmert Committee of Peirce Hall C4Dg Choir C4jg Fine Arts Cljg Home Economics Cl-jg Y. W. C. A. C3, AD, Assistant Chairman Bazaar "Will is character in action." -WILLIAM MCDOUGALL. MARJORIE LOUISE SPRAGUE "Margie" Commuters' Association CZ, 32, Home Economics Club CQJ. "The hand that follows intellect can achieve" MARJORIE AUGUSTA STUDLEY "Marge" 50 WARREN STREET, NEEDHAM General President Student Cooperative Association C4Jg Class and Club Council C4Jg Gate Post Business Manager C3Qg General Chairman Junior Prom Committee, Student Cooperative Dance Committee C4-lg Chemistry Council C2Qg Fine Arts Cl, 2, 31, Secretary C315 Home Economics Cl, 2, 3, LH, Secretary C315 Hockey CU, Stunt show C255 Volley ball CU, Business Manager of Class and Club Council Dance "Mine honour is my life, both grow in oneg Take honour from me, and my life is done." A -SHAKESPEARE. l40l THE DIAL RITA MARIE SULLIVAN 187 NEPONSET STREET, DORCHESTER Nutrition A'Kempis C1, 2, 3, 41, Choir C415 Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Home Economics C11g Senior Play C415 Stunt Show C214 Hockey "To make knowledge valuable, you must have the cheerfulness of wisdom. Goodness smiles to the last." -EMERSON. GWENDOLYN MAE SWANSON "Gwen,' 35 OLGA AVENUE, WORCESTER General Class President C21g Student Co-operative Association C214 Class and Club Council C213 Gate Post Staff C31g Student Co-operative Dance Committee C21, C. C. C. Dance Committee C215 Athletic Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Association C415 Fine Arts Cl, 2, 31g Glee Club C415 Handbook Committee C'.Z1g Junior Prom Usher C21g Sub-Chemistry Council Cl, 313 Baseball Cl, 2, 31, Basketball Cl, fl, 31, Yale Cl, 2, 31, Captain C31g Hockey Cl, 2, 41, Captain Cl, 21g Tennis Tournament C1, 214 Stunt Show C21g Volley ball C1, 2, 31, Manager C31. "And winning grace her every art refined Like sunshine shedding beauty where it fell." 1MRS. HALE. NORMA TRASK 131 BALCH STREET, BEVERLY Home Economics Cl, 219 Fine Arts C113 Drama Class Play "Good-breeding is benevolence in trifle, or the preference of others to ourselves in the daily occurrences or' life." -LORD CHATHAM. DORIS TROWT MON UMENT STREET, WENHAM General Chairman Quiet and Order Committee C414 Student Co-operative Association C414 Athletic Association C41g Commuters' Association C2, 31, Hockey C415 Home Economics C115 Tennis Tournament C2, 31. "Ifcommon sense has not the brilliancy of the sun, it has the fixity of the stars." -CABALLERO. l41l ---THE nmL---- FA DOROTHY MILDRED VALENTINE NOR'FHBORO Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 41. "'Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her." EE. B. BRowN1NG. INGRID AUGUSTA VINCENT "Inky" SOUTH WATER STREET, EDGARTOWN Home Economics Cl, 2, 3, 41, President C41, Vice-President C315 Class and Club Council C415 Fine Arts Cl, 21, Gate Post StatT C314 Y. YV C. A. C119 Junior Prom Usher, Class and Club Dance Committee C41, Chairman oflnternational Night '4Nothing endures but personal qualities." -VVALT WHITMAN. HAZEL MARGARET WALKER 87 GRANITE PLACE, EAST MILTON General Dial Managing Editor C41g Student Co-operative Association Cl, 2, 31, Class and Club Council C41g Gate Post Circulation Manager C3-41, Publication Dance Com- mittee C41, junior Prom Committee, Student Co-operative Dance Committee CZ, 315 Athletic Association CI1g Eine Arts Cl, 41, Handbook Committee C21, Home Economics C414 Junior Prom Usher, Yale Cheer Leader C21, Basketball Cl, 213 Hockey C215 Stunt Show C2, 3, 41. "Forward, and frolic glee was there The will to do, the soul to dare." -SCOTT. MARY VIVIAN WATT "Viv" 40 BEVERLY RoAD, WORCESTER Nutrition Dial Editor C419 Chemistry Council CZ, 31, Commuters' Association C41g Gate Post Assistant Editor C314 Home Economics C11g Basketball Cl, 21. "A wit's a feather, and a chief a rodg An honest man's the noblest Work of God." -POPE. l42l ------THE nuIL----- MARY ELIZABETH WHITE 26 ROBINSON STREET, VVEBSTER A'Kempis fl, 2, 41g Home Economics fl, 2, 3, 41. "The highest function Of conservatism is to keep what progressiveness has accomplishedf, -R. H. FULTON. A. ELIZABETH WHITNEY 457 WILLIAMS STREET, PITTSEIELD Nutrition Treasurer of Class and Club Funds Account C3, 41g Student CO-Operative Associa- tion 13, 415 Class Treasurer C21g Secretary of Peirce C31, Corridor Councillor C3, 414 Junior Prom Committee, Publication Dance Committee C41, Student CO-operative Dance Committee C41, General Chairman Senior Promg Gate Post Staff C3, 41, Chemistry Council Cl, 2, 3, 41, Chemistry Assistant C3, 41, Current Events Presi- dent C41g Fine Arts CI, 2, 41g Home Economics Cl, 21g Baseball Cl, 21g Hockey fl, 2, 3, 41, Captain CQ, 31, Stunt Show CI, 2, 3, 41, Volley ball Cl, 21, Captain C11g Junior Prom Usher. "The wise do always govern their own fates, And fortune with Officious zeal attends To crown their enterprises with success." LOUISE ELIZABETH WOLF 115 CHURCH STREET, VVEST ROXBURY Home Economics Cl, 2, 31, Fine Arts fl, 2, 31. "It is better to be faithful than famous." -THEODORE ROOSEVELT. ELEANOR CLAIRE VVOODS 128 BRAYTON ROAD, BRIGHTON Gate Post Staff f21g A'Kempis Cl, 2, 41g Choir C413 Fine Arts Play C41, Fine Arts Cl1g Glee Club Cl, 2, 315 Stunt Show CI, 2, 41. "The knowledge of words is the gate Of scholarship." -WILSON. l43l THE DIAL VOCATIONAL SENIORS MARY ELIZABETH BARNES 20 MAPLETON STREET, BRIGHTON General Class Day Committee, Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3, 4-lg Fine Arts Cl, 2, 41, Fine Arts Play C4Jg Home Economics CU. "The ideal of courtesy, wit, grace and charm." -CIOERO. VIOLA MARIE BOUCHER WATERVILLE STREET, NORTH GRAFTON Nutrition Home Economics C115 Athletic Association Cllg Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 45 "She doeth little kindnesses which most leave undone Or despisef' LILLIAN CAHOON OLD BEDFORD ROAD, NORTH WESTPORT General Home Economics fllg Athletic Association C2, 3, 4lg Hockey Q, 3, 4-jg Orchestra Hlg Stunt Show "In your patience ye are strong." EDNA FOLSOM WESTBORO ROAD, NORTH GRAFTON Senior Prom Committee "With malice toward noneg with charity for all." -ABRAHAM LINCOLN. l44l A THE DIAL ANGELINE WEST FORREST 4 FISHBURN COURT, PROVINCETOWN Y. W. C. A. Cl, QD, Fine Arts fl, QD, Home Economics C41 "She is mirror of all courtesy." MARTHA GOTSCH R. F. D. Box A73, BILLERICA Commuters' Club. "With zest for life" LUCILLE G. HORTON WELLFLEET Choir C4Jg Commuters' Association 41' Glee Club C4D "Ange 1CHAUCER. "Mickey -DOUGLAS. "Cille C , - "Possess1ng a pleasing face, a gracious manner, and a warm heart." EVELYN MARIE KANE 1 WABAN STREET, WELLESLEY JANNET DOUGLAS. Senior Prom Committeeg A'Kempis Cl, 3, 41, Vice-President C4Dg Fine Arts CD Stunt Show Q, 41. "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." l45l TJANNEY DOUGLAS. fiat miL------ AURA DAGMAR LOUHI Nutrition Athletic Association Cl, 2, 3, 41g Chemistry Sub-Council C21, Vice-President C31g Dial Staff C41g Fine Arts C11g Baseball Cl, 21, Captain C115 Basketball Cl, 21, Hockey CQ, 3, 41, Harvard CZ, 3, 41, Chairman Stunt Show C21g Volley ball Cl, 21. "High aims for high characters, and great objects bring out great minds." -TRYON EDWARDS. FLORENCE AIRLEEN RICHARDSON "Flossie" 3 NEW BRAINTREE ROAD, GILBERTVILLE Class Day Committee C41g Fine Arts Cl1g Home Economics Cl, 21. "Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue." - YCONFUCIUS. MARJORIE FRANCES WHEELER SHELBURNE FALLS Nutrition Class Day Committeeg Athletic Association C1, 2, 41g Commuters' Association C31g Fine Arts C115 Home Economics C11g Y. W. C. A. C1, 2, 3, 415 Baseball C1,21g Hockey Cl, 3, 41, Captain C413 Stunt Show C21g Volley ball Cl, 21. "In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence in simplicity." -LONGFELLOW. l4fvl ----- THE unit---m ELEMENTARY SENIORS EVELYN C. AMES 5 STANTON STREET, COCHITUATE Commuters' Association. "There's beauty all around our paths, If but our watchful eyes Can trace it 'midst familiar things And through their lowly guise." -MRS. HEMANS. HELEN L. BOYD "A" 20 ALBION PLACE, NEXVTON CENTRE Glee Club Cl, 2, 355 Orchestra Cl, 2, 31g Athletic Association Cl, 2Dg Fine Arts Property Chairman Cfljg Stunt Show Cl, 3D. "Music resembles poetryg in each are numerous graces which no methods teach, and which a master hand alone can reach." -POPE. GENEVIEVE BRODILRICK "Jeannie 45 SUMMER STREET, MILFORD A'Kempis Cl, 2, 33g Athletic Association fl, 21, Christmas Play fllg Fine Arts fl, Zjg Tennis Cl, 21. "Ol blessld with temper, whose unclouded ray Can make tomorrow cheerful as today." ELEANOR F. BROVVN 153 CHESTNUT STREET, WALTHAM Fine Arts CSM Commuters' Association Cl, 2, Slg Basketball QU. "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." -POPE. l47l THE DIAL EVELYN F. BROWN 38 FAIRMOUNT STREET, MARLBORO Athletic Association Cl, 2, 324 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3Dg Glee Club Cljg Stunt Show UD, Hockey Cl, 21, Volley ball Cl, 21. "She thinks the world is made for fun and frolicf' -FINICULI FINUCULA. MARION DAVIS 73 THATCHER STREET, BROOKLINE Dial Staff CSL Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3D, Commuters' Play KID, Gate Post Staff Cl, 21, Glee Club QD, Concert Committee C3Dg Choir C31 "It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings. It re- freshes one like Howers and woods and clear brooks." -GEORGE ELLIOT. LORETTA DE CRISTOFARO 89 RIVER STREET, HAVERHIL1. A'Kempis Cllg Athletic Association CU, Baseball Cl, 2Dg Basketball Cl, 2, 31, Hockey Cl, 2, 353 Volley ball fl, 2Q. "Today let me live wellg none knows what may be tomorrow." -PALLADAS. ROSALIE M. DOLAN 61 SOUTH STREET, Foxisoxzo Orchestra Cl, 2, QD, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 35, Stunt Show C3jg Volley ball QD, Basketball KU, Hockey CU "And in her motions harmony So smoothes divine her charming tones, That God's own ear Listens delighted." -MILTON. l48l THE DIAL- ALICE N. DONELAN 74 ROSSE'FTER STREET, DORCHESTER Commuters' Club. "Gentle in manner, Firm in reality" DORIS M. DUGAN 30 RICHWOOD STREET, FRAMINGHAM Senior Promg Athletic Association Q, 31, Commuters' Association QI, 2, 31, Com- muters' Play f31g May Day 121g Quiet and Order Committee Cl, 2, 31, Basketball fl, 2, 31g Hockey Cl, 2, 31, Tennis C11g Tennikoit Q, 31g Stunt Show f31g Volley ball Q21. "He had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute any mischief." -EDWARD HYDE. MARJORIE C. EMERSON 65 MAPLE STREET, FRAMINGHAM Athletic Association fl, 2, 31, Commuters' Association fl, 2, 31g Quiet and Order Committee Cl, 2, 315 Baseball Cl, 2, 31, Basketball fl, 2, 31, Hockey fl, 2, 31g Volley ball Cl, 2, 31, Stunt Show Come give us your plain-dealing fellows, VVho never from honesty shrink, Not thinking of all they should tell us, But telling us all that they think. 'UNKNOVVN 'KTHE BLODERI-IR,S SONGS, MARY FALVEY 'tFalvey" 54 VVINSLOW STREET, CAMBRIDGE Dial Business Manager C31g Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Commuters' Play C313 A'Kempis Cl, 2, 315 Athletic Association Cl, 2, 314 Publication Dance Com- mittee f31g Senior Prom Usher C214 Baseball Cl, 21, Basketball fl, 2, 31, Hockey Cl, 2, 31, Yale CZ, 31, Stunt Show C314 Volley ball "Good manners is the art of making those people easy with whom we converse. VVhoever makes the fewest persons uneasy, is the best bred in the company." i491 W if --init DIAL---l-- RUTH ELIZABETH GILL 16 MANNING STREET, HUDSON Class and Club Council Treasurer CSL Commuters' Association fl, 2, 31, Chairman House Committee QD, Christmas Party Committee CU, Commuters' Activity UD, Fine Arts Play QD, Glee Club QQ, 31, Secretary QQ, Concert Committee CZJ, Chair- man Concert Committee QD, Stunt Show C3Dg Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee C3Dg Junior Prom Committeeg Usher for Open House Cl, 21, Usher for Alumnae Biennial QD, Choir "True happiness Consists not in the multitude of friends, But in the worth and choice." -B. JONSON. MARION HAMILTON "Todd" 140 BELLEVUE STREET, VVEST ROXBURY Dial Sta1TC3Dg Glee Club C3, LU, Stunt Show "You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy." -L. M. CHILD. VIRGINIA A. HEALEY 48 GORMAN ROAD, FRAMINGI-IAM Class Will QD, Athletic Association Cl, 2, fljg Publication Dance Committee CD. "As though she lived to write, and wrote to live." -SAMUEL ROGERS. RUTH A. HINSMAN 6 FIELDING STREET, CONCORD Class Day Committee CSD, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, SD, Basketball CSD, Hockey CU, Stunt Show CID, Volley ball QD. "She was ever precise in promise-keeping." -SHAKESPEARE. l5Ul ----THE niiL------ DORIS HOFFMAN "DOrie" 204 SOUTI-I FRANKLIN STREET, I-IOLBROOK .U A'Kempis fl, 2, 315 Athletic Association C1, 215 Choir f'21g Fine Arts C1, 21, Glee Club 11, 21- "Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do." +CARI,YLE. '1-- ", A ,.,f f g f f 1 , ,, 9, g R BARBARA E. HOUSTON 11-11 MAIN STREET, HAVERI-TILL Commuters' Club Play C214 Glee Club CI, 21. "The merit of Originality is not novelty, it is sincerity." MARGARET M. IRWIN "Peggy" 855 COMMONWEALTH AVENLYE, NEWTON CENTRE Class and Club Council President 131g Student Co-operative Association fl, 2, 313 A,Kempis fl, 2, 31, Commuters' Association CI, 2, 31, Commuters' Activity C214 Fine Arts C11g Student Co-Operative Dance Committee fl, 21, C. C. C. Dance Committee C31. "Everyone who clings steadfastly for an ideal is the better for itf' -A. MALTRICE Low. PI-IYLLIS I-I. JACOBS 78 WINDSOR ROAD, BROOKLINE 4 K "Learning is but an adjunct to Ourself, I And where we :ire our learning likewise is." i, 97 -SHAKESPEARE. , .5 , , , , .,, L 5,.. m.-,g if Wi ,fun it MN 1' i 1 fir!! RX 1 . 42 , 4,532 ef X f f f K me 6 K, f 1 l5ll THE DIAL STELLA R. KAPLAN 82 DAVIS AVENUE, BROOKLINE Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Stunt Show "So ofcheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more ofit remains' -EMERSON. ALICE P. KELLEY "Kel" 634 HURON AVENUE, CAMBRIDGE Commuters' Association C1, 2, 31, Commuters' Play C21g A'Kempis Cl, 2, 31. "Smile awhile, And while you smile Another smiles, and soon There's miles and miles Of smiles, And life's worth while Because you smile." RITA M. KELLY 128 EssEx STREET, MARLEORO A"Kempisf1, 2, 31,5 Athletic Association Cl, 2, 31, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Baseball fl, 21, Basketball Captain Cl, 21, Yale fl, 2, 31, Captain 131, Hockey Cl, 2, 31g Volley ball Cl, 21. "All golden thoughts, all wealth of days, Truth, friendship, love surround her." -CORNWALL. EILEEN M. KENNEY "Ginger" 101 CoRwEx.L AVENUE, WEST SOMERVILLE A'Kempis QI, 2, 31, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Commuters' Play "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will and yet was never loud." -SHAKESPEARE. 1521 r - ATHE DIAL HELEN R. KUNEN 65 HIGHLAND STREET, MARLBOR0 Commuters, Association C1, 2, 31, President C31, Commuters' Play C31g Class and Club Council C315 Quiet and Order Committee Cl, 2, 314 Student Co-operative Association C31. "She's pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think on." -MILTON. MURIEL LARKIN 215 ARSENAL STREET, XNATERTOXVN A'Kempis C31g Commuters' Association C1, 2, 31g Basketball Cl, 2, 315 Hockey Cl, 2, 31g Volley ball CI1. "Mind's command o'er mind Spirits o'er spirit, is the clear effect And natural action and inward gift Given of Godf, -BAILEYYS FESTUS. LORRAINE M. W. LARSON WOODLAND STREET, VVEST BOYLSTON Gate Post Advertising Manager C214 Athletic .Association Cl, 2, 31g Basketball C21g Tennis C21, Manager "To say little and perform much is the characteristic of great minds." REGINA ANN LEARY "Reg" 17 COTTAGE STREET, MANSFIELD Vice-President of Horace Mann C31g A'Kempis Cl, 2, 315 Handbook Committee C31. "The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessf' '-MONTAIGNE. l53l wwe ---?-THE DIAL-l---- l 94? R- ' , 4, 3. A R5 f 'fi T7 A N ,Vg fu sf ,3,ff1.,- , , a, ff ' 1 T Iii .0-Mali ' W-, 1 4 i lim ISABEL D. LYNCH "Izzie" "Lynchie" 60 VVYOMING ROAD, NEW"l'ONVlLLE Class Vice-President KID, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, ID, Orchestra fl, 2, 3J. "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, And doing well whatever you do, without a thought of fame." 1LONGFELLOW. MILDRED R. MACFARLAND "Millie" CENTRE STREET, DOVER Dial Stag UD, Publication Dance Comniittee QD, Hockey Cl, 21, Harvard 'Alt is the Height of Art to conceal Art." STEPHANIE BARBARA MACORA 1.32 GREEN STREET, CLINTON Comniuters' Association Cl, 2, QU, Commuters' Activity Committee fl, filg A'Kempis Cl, Sjg Basketball C1,2, 33, Hockey Cl, ZD, Volley ball QI, 2, 31. l'COnscientious, capable, her three years through, A loyal friend, straight forward, true, Thoughtful of Others, jolly, too. Success in the future in all you do." MIRIAM MACUSTY 171 CHERRY STREET, WEST NEWTON Alliempis fl, 2, 3Dg Commuters, Association Cl, 2, 3Dg Basketball CQ, 39, Hockey CY, 33- "Our grand business undoubtedly is, not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand." .,Mim,. -CARLYLE. l54I NNN UM A A - -TH IAL P ALICE B. MADDEN -I-4 ORCHARD STREET, CAMBRIDGE A'Kempis Cl, 2, 315 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31. "I guess it's the gleam in your Irish blue eyes That has made us so fond of you, Wherever you go don't lose that gleam, May success follow it and you." GRACE M. MANCINI 78 CRAFTS STREET, IQEWTONVILLE "Al "Gracie A'Kempis Cl, 2, 314 Commuters' Association C1,2, 31, Basketball Cl, 2, 31, I-Iockex Cl, 2, 314 Tennis Cl, 2, 31. 'lIndividual, attractive, humorous, and sweet Happy, sincere, a joy to meet A great big smile, a heart full of fun A loyal friend to everyone." DORIS MAYNARD 22 PLEASANT STREET, PALMER Class Secretary CI1g A'Kempis Cl, 214 Dial Assistant Art Editor C314 Corridor Councilor, Peirce C21g Hockey C11gJunior Prom Committee. "Of all those arts in which the wise excell, Nature's chief masterpiece is Wrltlng well." -JOHN SHEFFIELD. ELEANOR MEYEROVITZ 21 MLIRRAX' STREET, VVALTHAM Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 315 Fine Arts 131. "A happy heart, A smiling face, And some rounds of laughter in between." I55l BEN JOHNSON. l ll I , , Raves... fijqi . A 6 I 1 ' Y ,, I C - .R 35' R 4 , 1 ' 1 ee E-. J THE DIAL H KATHERINE A. MONTAGUE 29 CHARLES STREET, DEDHAM Gate Post Staff C3Jg A'Kempis C313 Athletic Association Cljg Fine Arts Cllg May Day Committee CID, Stunt Show CD, Basketball CU, Hockey CD4 Volley ball "A healthful hunger for a great idea is the beauty and blessedness of life." -JEAN INGELOW. BESSIE MONTGOMERY 7 CHURCH STREET, SOUTH BARRE Athletic Association CD3 Fine Arts C1, Qjg Y. VV. C. A. Cl, 2, 31 "Hang sorrow, care will kill a cat And therefore let's be merry." -WITHER. MIRIAM ELIZABETH MCAVOY "Mae" "Mim" 273 NOR7'H WASHINGTON STREET, NORTH ATTLEBORO Athletic Association CLD, Basketball C234 Stunt Show C3D. "One could mark her merry nature By the twinkle in her eye." MARY LOUISE MCDONALD 15,6 WARREN STREET, NEWTON CENTRE Class Day Committee, A'Kempis Cl, 2, ISD, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, ISD, Gate Post Staff ' I "COnscientious, reliant, and independent, Keen, determined, she gains her goal, Creating happy spirit wherever she goes. A real good friend to all she knows." - ANON. l56l THE DIAL HELEN MCLOUD 435 WORCESTER ROAD, FRAMINGHAM School Reporter for the Framingham News, Boston Globe, and VVorcester Gazette C2, Bjg A,Kempis CI, 2, 3Dg Commuters' Association fl, 2, 3D, Commuters' Activity Committee C3Dg Gate Post Staff Cl, 22. "What do we live for if it is not to make life less difhcult to each other?" -GEORGE ELIOT. HELEN B. MCMULLEN "Moon' 108 ADAMS STREET, NEWTON A'Kempis Cl, 2, 35g Commuters, Association Cl, 2, 35g Orchestra Cl, 21. "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else." -DICKENS. ROSE A, PALADINO 8 MARTYN STREET, WALTHAM Student Co-operative Association Cfijg Athletic Association Cl, 2, 3D, Delegate to North Adams CQJ, Publicity Manager QD, Treasurer C2Dg Commuters' Association Q, SD, Representative CQ, Commuters' Play flljg Glee Club C2, 3Dg Stunt Show Advertising Manager CBJ, Baseball fl, 2, 31, Basketball fl, 2, 32, Captain CD5 Hockey Captain fl, 2, SD, Harvard Cl, 2, Slg Tennis fllg Volley ball fl, 25, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Prom Usherg Choir "Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to gain leisureg and since thou art not sure of a minute, throw not away an hour. -BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. ROSE POIRES OAKLAND STREET, MEDWAY' Basketball Cl, 2, 3Dg Quiet and Order Committee fl, 2, SD. "A most willing friend to all, And conscientious, too, Very kind and also jovial And studious, it's true- A worker to the endf That is Rose." l57l ,I w- sa. NM.. .2 ..-. .5 i. sc .ff -11 1 A A I A 0',.5I I. EAO. .- I ' . t. ., Q-sin?-Q " ef' .,,.. 55:1 A v 4 -P "'k , , W' Q ' A 'af , A ya, ff Ts- My J E3 VP 47 Jw: Lf.. 1 4 l l 3 Ai l ' I I Nxiw TH IAL--1---- .A- ANNA C. PORTER 20 MECHANIC STREET, MILFORD Class Day Committeeg Commuters' Association fl, 2, 354 Fine Arts Cl, 31g Tennis CD5 Hockey CU. "A cheerful life is what the Muses love, A soaring spirit is their prime delight." QVVORDSWORTH. ELEANOR ROHDE 23 PRATT AVENUE, NORTH WEYMOUTH A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3Jg Fine Arts Cl, 'DQ Mock Man Dance Committee Cljg Stunt Show fl, Qlg Yale Cheer Leader "A cheerful life is what the Muses love, A soaring spirit is their prime delight." LAVORDSXVORTH. MIRIAM ROTHKOPF 7 BOYLSTON STREET, PITTsI'IELD Class Vice-President f3Dg Athletic Association Cl, 2, 3D, Board Cfljg Fine Arts fl, QD, Fine Arts Play Cl, 353 Gate Post Staff C254 Stunt Show Cl, 2, 3D, Manager Qjg Baseball Cl, QD, Manager Qjg Basketball Qlg Hockey fl, 2, 3Dg Song Leader QI, 2, 31. "Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm.-Nothing great was ever achieved without It." fEMERSON. FLORENCE SHARPE "Flo" 472 DEDH.AM STREET, NEVX'TON CENTER May Day Committee Cljg Athletic Association Cl, Qlg Basketball Cl, 315 Hockey UD, "An Ounce of wit is woith a pound of sorrow." -RICHARD BAXTER. l59I 1--THE DIAL- - MARY SHARPE ' 472 DEDHAM STREET, NEwToN CENTRE ""'5'3-,M Athletic Association fl, 2, 31, Stunt Show CHQ Basketball fl, 2, 31, Hockey Cl, 2, 31, A A "To stand by one's friend to the uttermost end, A W, And fight a fair fight with one's foe, i ff-f T 'F f QR Never to quit and never to twit x -- And never to peddle one's woes." ' If i XX 'S' , Ah? ANITA L. SHMAUK A ' S 6 XYORK TERRACE, BROOKLINE Glee Club fl, 2, 35, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Quiet and Order Committee Cl, 25. J "Each must, in virtue, strive for to excel, That man lives twice, who lives the first life well." -HERRICK. ALLISON M. SWANSON 80 HOWARD STREET, VVALTHAM Fine Arts C3jg Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3b. 'AShe knew her own way and sought it with tremendous persistence and astonish- ing successf' -BRADFORD. AC UELYN TAFT I Q 17 CRoss STREET, UXBRIDGE Class Secretary C2, SQ, Dial Staff CSD, Glee Club Cl, 2, 31, Junior Prom Committee, Athletic Association 132g Stunt Show CSD. "Nothing is there more friendly to a man than a friend in need." -PLANTUS. i591 ATHE DIAL- VIOLA A. THOMPSON 106 LEXINGTON STREET, AUBURNDALE Transferred from Lowell Teachers College in her Junior year Commuters' Association CZ, 31, Child Study Club CU, Orchestra fl, Zlg Tennis CU, Bowling "Well is it known that ambition can creep as well as soar." -BURKE. FRANCES TYNDALL MEDWAY Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31, Fine Arts CD, Hockey "Her talents were ofthe more silent classf, -BYRON. MARY FINN Fine Arts Plays Cl, 'DQ Commuters' Association Cl, 2, Slg Basketball fl, CSD, Hockey fllg Tennis "The only way to have a friend is to be one." BERTHA D. MCKINNEY 19 RICHGRAIN AVENUE, WALTHAM Fine Arts C315 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 31g Basketball "There is no impossibility to her Who stands prepared to conquer every hazard." l60l THE DIAL ELEMENTARY DEGREE SENIORS GERTRUDE MARY BELL "Gert" 428 HYDE PARR AVENUE, ROSLINDALE Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President C31, Commuters' Activity C2, 315 Athletic Association Cl, 2, 315 Fine Arts Cl, 2, 31, Fine Arts Play Committee C215 Senior Prom Usher C215 Class Day Play C315 Baseball Cl, 215 Hockey C115 Volley ball Cl, 2, 31, Captain C21. "To those who know thee not, no words can paintg And those who know thee know all words are faint." 'HANNAH MORE. EILLEEN MARY CUNNINGHAM 12 MANSTIELD STREET, FRAMINGHAM Student Co-operative Association C415 A'Kempis C1, 2, 3, 415 Class Day Play C315 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 415 Glee Club C415 May Day C31. "True happiness Consists not in a multitude of friends But in the worth and choice." hJoHNsoN. DOROTHY A. HALL "Dot" 34 EAST LINCOLN STREET, MARLBORO Dial Staff C315 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Activity C3, 415 Fine Arts C315 Glee Club Cl, 215 Stunt Show C415 Athletic Association "I have no secret of success but hard work." -E. TURNER. DOROTHY FISHER 43 MONTFERN AVENUE, BRIGHTON Dial Editor C315 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Secretary C31, Recreation Committee C21, President Literary Club C11, Treasurer C215 Christmas Play C21, Commuters' Activity C3, 41, Fine Arts Play C315 Athletic Association C1, 2, 315 Class Day Committee C315 Glee Club C1, 2, 31, Assistant Librarian C315 Y. W. C. A. Bazaar Committee C315 Gate Post C215 Junior Prom Committee C21, Publication Dance ,Committee C31, Senior Prom Committee C315 Baseball Cl, 215 Hockey 1, 2, 3 . "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct and the hand to executef' -JUNIUS. l61l asf THE nmL----- ALTA HAMILTON 67 VVINTHROP STREET, FRAMINGHAM Christmas Play Cl1, Commuters' Play C21, Fine Arts Play C31g Class Day C414 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 413 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 Basketball Cl, 2, 31, Hockey Cl, 21g Volley ball Cl, 2, 31. "Friendship is accompanied with virtue, and always is lodged in great and generous minds." 'TRAP. MURIEL HANLEY 79 JEWETT STREET, NEWTON Athletic Association Cl, 2, 31, Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Activity Committee C3, 41, Commuters' Play C41g Christmas Play C214 Class Day Play C31g Fine Arts Cl, 2, 31 Glee Club C414 Literary Club Cl, 21, Secretary C21g Pageant C31g Baseball Cl, 21, Basketball Cl, 2, 31g Hockey C115 Tennis Tournament Cl, 2, 315 Tenniqouit Tournament C11gVolley ball Cl, 21. "All succeed with people who are sweet and cheerful." HVOLTAIRE, LE DEPOSITAIRE. GERTRUDE JESSIE HARRINGTON "Gert" 338 NEWTON STREET, WALT1-IAM Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 315 Volley ball C21g Hockey Cl, 2, 31g Basketball C31g Stunt Show C41. "Presence of mind and courage in distress, Are more than armies to procure success." -DRYDEN. EDWINA LAREAU 18 PEMBERTON ROAD, COCHITUATE A'Kempis C414 Athletic Association Cl, 3, 41g Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 414 Commuters' Play C213 Baseball Cl1g Hockey C2, 31, Yale C2, 31, Tennis Tournament C11g Volley ball Cl1. "Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone." -BARTOL. lffll 1----THE niAL----- CHRISTINE LOUISE LAVELLE "Tina', 15 MILL STREET, MARLBORO Athletic .Association C114 Commuters' Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Activity C3, 41, Fine Arts C114 Stunt Show C41g Volley ball C31. "A heart at leisure from itself, To soothe and sympathize." -ANNA L. XYARING. MARY LUNDERGAN 116 THORNDIKE STREET, CAMBRIDGE Chairman Open House Day Committee C415 A'Kempis Cl, 2, 3, 41, Class Day Committee C31g Commuters' Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Chairman Commuters' Activity C41g Hockey C1, 21, Volley ball C11. "Thou art a fellow of good respectg Thy life hath had some snatch of honor in it." -CAESAR. MARGARET MARTIN "Peg" 193 BEACH STREET, IVIARLBORO Senior Prom Committee C315 Class Day Committee C314 Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Activity Committee C3, 41g Stunt Night Committee C319 Basketball C1, 2, 31, Hockey C1, 21. "Mankind are always happier for having been happyg so that if you make them happy now, you make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it." -SYDNEY SMITH. DOROTHY ADA MCKEON "Dot" 122 CHURCH STREET, VVATERTOWN Class Secretary C21g Athletic Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Class Day Committee C31g Commuters, Association C1, 2, 3, 41, Commuters' Play C21g Senior Prom Usher C21g Baseball Captain C11g Basketball C215 Hockey C1, 2, 31, Captain C31, Yale C2, 3, 41, Volley ball Cl, 2, 31. "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." -POPE. 1631 THE DIAL XIARJORIE BILYSIL 32 CIRCUIT :AVEXL'E, XEWTOX HIGHL.AXDS Athletic Association C2, 5, -Hg Commuters' Association Cl, 2, 3, -Hg Junior Prom Committeeg Slay Day Committee Cfsjg Baseball C2, .Hg Basketball Cl, 2, 3, -H, Harvard Q2, 3, -Hg Hockey K2, 3, -Hg volley ball f2, SJ. "Born for success, she seemed With grace to Win, with heart to hold, With shining gifts that took all eyes." 1EMERSOX. HARRIETT VYERXER S5 BARBER ROAD, Frcunxcuazlr Class Vice-President C3jg Fine Arts fl, 2, 35, Fine Arts Play fl, 2, 3Dg Commuters' Association CS, H, Commuters' Play' Qjg Class Day Play f3Jg .Athletic .Association QU: Choir Cvlg Glee Club fl, 2, 3, -Hg Hockey CH, Captain Glg Stunt Show Gjg Yolley ball QD. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." LOUISE AXXE YYIXSLOW "Lou" 11 JEx1s0x STREET, :YEXVTOXYILLE Dial Stat? QED: Athletic Association fl, 2, 3, -Hg Class Day Play CSL Commuters' Associanon Cl, 2, 3, -H, Commuters' Activity Committee C2Jg Dial Dance Com- mittee Qlg Fine Arts Cl, 2, SD, Fine Arts Play Committee Qlg Junior Prom Com- mittee C2Jg Basketball fl, 2, SJ, Captain CSD, Yale 12, -Hg Hockey QD. "She can be imitated by none, nor paralleled by any but by herself." 1POPE. MARION E. ZEH BLILL STREET, XORTHBORO Glee Club KS, -Hg Fine Arts f2lg Commuters' .Association Cl, 2, 3, -Hg Literary Club Cl, 253 Athletic .Association Q1, 2, 3, Hg Baseball Cl, 2lg Basketball Cl, 2, .Hg Hockey Cl, Sjg Vollejv ball Cl, 2, Sl. "She noblj' earns whatever crown she wears." -DORR. lb-il ELEONORE. PRESTIXINZI Tl-IQDIHL ,B A, ,,,, a., :--,'.. CZ1i""L" "1-.:- " . fi- GXYEXDOLYX EREEX Basketball 1, 1 :Hi-3'-2771. Y "Ta be ""' Lis 'H' 'A F-LEDELYXE S. BRIER i' Bfiii, Taiii. ., Riiiai' a,, --L. -.-4.- I Dial Stafff :itl'a'i: Eisaizan, - : Ifiillfla- ,.,.--,.-,..,- - . Pla? 5 : F215 5:3 - : 355 Cla, l. l.f . a-.- - ,.. M-- Class Dai C:::2iii: 'Qlfif aaa Lflif a::i:ttii - 1: - ' af "B1issfi xi iifjf Ti: Fa ' " " -f-"'r "ff ' jfs. It i:'f:li'!fs iazj' 'V IELEBWE M. DOHERTY iff 3 Czrzznxutiri' A Q3-i' A11 ' Q. Q. ff : Sxalfflili Lrfiif Q . He 'lilfi a :Ffa hits Latailtf' 1-iii :-.:g a. -,......,:.. nl Ll: U: ff! JUNIGRS I 6 THE DIAL President . . Vice-Presiden! S eeremry . . Treasurer . Fezeuffy Advisor l67l MARJORIE WHITTIER EPHROSYNE GEORGAS CYNTHIA R. KENWAY ANN MINICHIELLO MISS LOUISE KINGMAN ---THE mAL------ HOUSEHOLD ARTS -IUNIORS ELEMENTARY JUNIORS I 63 1 THE DIAL JUNIOR CLASS ACH one of us, having a goal which some day We Wish to attain, consequently forming a still less attainable one, should, with the aid of friends, strive to meet the expectations of the World which, sooner than We realize, will envelope us. Through friends We became conscious of our faults as Well as our talents, and if Wise, will turn those imperfections into a tool for our own betterment. It has been said that a friend is one with whom you can be comfortable, happy or sad, understanding, and unsellish. For three years We have lived together more or less intimately, and in that time have created many bonds of common interest both with fellow students and instructors. The wise girl is one who ever remembers that a friend is the most beautiful thing in the World. It is not enough to say that we like a persong therefore will cultivate her. Oh no. Each one of us has many obligations which We must fulfill, and having fulfilled them once, must not become slack lest we injure unintentionally. Wle have one more year in Framingham in which to aim high and hope We Came at least Within sight of that goal. After that year We have our memories and mutualities to hold us to- gether. As We become seniors We Wish the incoming juniors as much happiness and success as We feel that we have had. RLTTH SONDERMANN 1691 THE DIAL HOUSEHOLD ARTS JUNIOR DIRECTORY ANDERSON, ENGLA J. ANDERSON, VIRGINIA M. ARCHIBALD, HELEN L. ARONSON, SARAH D. BAHLEDA, VERONICA C. BAKER, NIARGARET J. BARNICOAT, MARY RHODA BAUER, MARGARET G. BELL, DOROTHY V. BENSON, MARX' J. BROSMAN, CATHERINE A. CHAMPNEY, MAX'DELL E. CUTTING, MIRIAM S. DAHILL, HELEN R. DAVIS, ANNIE F. DUTTON, ELINOR M. GAGE, HERMALINE F. HALL, BARBARA HALL, BETSEY HALL, JACQUELINE HARRIGAN, HELEN A. KING, ELEANOR M. LACOUTURE, ELEANOR J. LINDBLAD, DOROTHY L. LOVELACE, RU'1'H LYONS, RLTTH A. lVlAYNARD, MILDRED L. MCPIRE, GERTRUDE 1. MINICHIELLO, ANTIONETTE DTOLLOY, TVIARY G. ML1I,LIGAN, R1'l'A A. MURPHX', HELEN D. OSTERLUND, H11,DEGARD N PHILBIN, lVIARGUERI'l'E A. REYNoLDs, ELLEN B. RosE, EDITH L. RUGGLES, VIOLA J. RL'ssELL, CTRACE G. SANDS, ELIZABETH SCENA, GELINDA E. SCHUERCH, DOllO'I1HX' SCI-IXVEITZER, MARIE L. SHOUL'l'Z, MARGARET M. SIOGREN,GER'1'RUDE S. SONDERMANN, TRUTH SPRING, lx4ARION SToNkL's, LILLY F. SULLIVAN, El.1ZABE'I1H C. VALENTINE, MAMIE A. WALTHER, AN'l1OINE'I"l'E C. VV!-1II"I'1ER, MARJORIE L. VVIGNOV, DOIlO'I'HY L. VVIITANEN, IRJA A. WINsHIP, EVELYN WIsowATY, JENNIE D. ZALESKI, EDNA 170 34 Lawrence Street, Malden 59 Grove Street, Wellesley 16 Vaille Avenue, Lexington 108 Washington Street, Medford 5 Ashley Street, Westfield 1040 Main Street, Melrose Highlands 9 Richie Road, Quincy R. F. D. No. I, Attleboro 45 Goldwaithe Road, Worcester 600 South Street, Roslindale 16 Rittenhouse Road, Worcester 17 Smith Street, Taunton 76 Boynton Street, Waltham 179 Highland Street, Taunton 38 Shirley Street, Worcester North Road, Bedford 52 Pearl Street, Amesbury 133 Rowe Street, Melrose Grove Street, Upton 2 Albion Place, Newton Centre 30 Allston Place, Fitchburg 75 Haywood Street, Greenfield 573 Millbury Street, Worcester 22 VVyola Drive, Worcester 53 Florence Avenue, Norwood 39 Woodford Street, Worcester Muschopauge Road, Rutland 423 Mountain Avenue, Revere 1312 Grove Street, Haverhill 6 Center Street, Auburn 3 Cushman Avenue, Revere 227 Springside Avenue, Pittsfield 40 Grandview Road, Arlington Cook Street, Morningdale 102 Pine View Avenue, Worcester 196 Logan Street, Gardner East Main Street, Southboro 32 Maple Street, Norwood 17 Old Morton Street, Mattapan 180 Kittredge Street, Roslindale 42 Sturges Road, West Roxbury 28 Cross Street, Westfield 143 County Street, Blackstone Fenton Street, Hopkinton 27 Moraine Street, Jamaica Plain 15 Columbia Street, Wellesley Hills 3 Vernon Terrace, Worcester 6 Spring Street, Bondsville Cherry Street, Northboro Marshfield Monument Street, Wenham 61 Summer Street, Natick Chester 87 Pearl Street, Stoughton 48 Medford Street, Chelsea 13 Trenton Street, Lawrence WWW TH IAL VOCATIONAL HOUSEHOLD ARTS JUNIOR DIRECTORY BROWN, ELLEN F. GIFFIN, G. VYIRGINIA HowE, ESTHER OLIVER, ELIZABETH C. PHELPS, DOROTHY F. GIRLS WH CHASE, .ADELAIDE L. DAWSON, FLORENCE A. DUNBRACK, DOROTHY G. GRAY, THELMA H. HARRISON, ADELAIDE S. JOCELYN, VIDA M. MODIG, SIGNE D. PHILBRIOK, KATHARINE RUSH, HELEN B. Church Street, Cheshire Church Street, Dorset, Vermont 7 Crandall Street, Adams Old Chester Road, Huntington South Street, Grafton O HAVE LEFT SINCE SEPTEMBER 358 Auburn Street, Whitman 385 Pond Avenue, Brookline 67 Lundn Street, VVLIIFIILIIH 164-0 Centre Street, Newton Highlands Old Country Road, Westport 59 Oak Groove Avenue, Springfield Holliston Street, Medway 16 Mt. Bowdoin Terrace, Dorchester 287 Ashrnont Street, Dorchester I71I THE DIAL ELEMENTARY JUNIOR DIRECTCRY ALACH, CHRISTINA BOND, MARY F. BONYMAN, ELLA M. BOSTON, HILDRED E. BROWN, DOROTHX' E. CUNNIFFE, CATHERINE E. DILLON, DOROTHYM DORAN, RITA G. DOUGLASS, RUTH E. FOSTER, CLAIRE A. CSARVIN, .ANN P. GEOHEGAN, ANNE F. GEORGAS, EPHROSYNE LELEASON, MARGARET A. CEREENGLASS, LILLIAN HAGERTX', ANNA E. HALPIN, FRANCES A. HARNEY, CATHERINE E. HURLEY, ROSAMOND JAFFE, ROSE joHNsoN, KARIN L. KAITZ, MIRIAM C. IQENWAY, CYNTHIA R. KIRBY, DORO'l'HX' G. KOHLER, RI'I'A L. LINCOLN, CONSTANCE L. MACE, HELEN A. MACLEOD, MARGARE'I' F. MAILSHALL, CATHERINE J. MARONEY, HELEN MCDONALYGH, CATHERINE MCc3RA'I'H, LORETTA A. MONDELLO, VIRGINIA F. MLTNDX', RI'l'.A C. Ml.VRPHX', HELEN L. OllVIAL1.EY, RUTH P. PACETTI, FLORENCE l. PEAR, ADELINE F. PERKINS, DORO'FHX' A. PESRIN, BERNICE E. PILIBOSIAN, ROSE RANDALL, ELSIE A. RANDALL, GRACE L. IQOWLAND, GRACE L. IQYAN, IQATHLEEN A. SAN'I'ILI.I, AMELIA SATO, M. TAMAO SHERMAN, ELIZABE'I'H P. SLAMIN, PHYLLIS M. SMITH, ANNA F. SMITH, RITA M. STEVENS, ANNA M. SUNDlN,L,ILL1AN C. WEINSTEIN, CLARA N. wVHI'I"l'IER, BEATRICE A. XVOLINGSON, ALYCE M. 10 Grant Street, Framingham 15 Coolidge Avenue, Natick 81 Longwood Road, Quincey 3-1 Clinton Street, Hopkinton 11- Bedford Street, Concord 14 Carleton Road, Waltham II7 Depot Street, Milford 32 Park Street, Marlboro 78 Warner Street, Hudson Old Connecticut Path, Framingham 18 Lake Street, Natick 27 Trapelo Street, Brighton 61,4 Wlorcester Street, Wellesley 81 Sauth Street, XVestboro 33 Hastings Street, Marlboro 913 Curlew Road, Quincey Iv Winnemay Road, Natick '28 Jasset Street, Newton 2 Florence Road, Waltham 17 Crowell Street, Dorchester 125 Kemper Street, Wallaston 11 Florence Street, Natick 22 Walnut Place, Newtonville 90 Sour Main Street, Milford 16 Masgrove Street, Roslindale 378 Newton Street, Waltham 25 Riverview Avenue, Waltham 10 Hastings Street, Framingham 25 Herbert Street, Framingham 320 Cornell Street, Roslindale 58 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton 1-112 VVinnemay Street, Natick 92 Sea Street, Hyannis 11 Lawrence Street, Framingham 38 O'Neil Street, Hudson 89 Train Street, Dorchester 49 Linden Street, .Arlington North Avenue, Kendall Green 22 Hooker Street, Allston 6 Maple Street, Roxbury 12 Pine Tree Road, Wlellesley 876 Worcester Street, Wellesley South Vernon 38 Hobson Street, Springfield D8 Crest Road, Wlellesley 88 Tileston Street, Everett 194 Franklin Street, Cambridge 126 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands 400 Hollis Street, Framingham ho Endicott Street, Dedham 188 Lincoln Street, Marlboro 34 Morse Street, Natick 190 Robbins Street, Waltham 8 Ashton Street, Dorchester 76 Hammond Street, Waltham 25 Emmonds Street, Milford i'-'llTHE nmL------- , , 1 VOCATIONAL HOUSE l 75 I SUPI-IGIVIGRES l74I THE DIAL El-,.,,,,,,,,-,- , -.,,.,. .,. .,., President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor l75l EVELYN C. LEFORT BARBARA D. KNAPP HELEN TOMASZ ISABELLE DANIELS Miss SARA CUMMINGS -init nmL--- HOUSEHOLD ARTS SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE HISTORY Sophomoresl Class of '37, always on the go W Obedient to "Elf, LeFort, our president, and so Prancing on the hilltop in our blue gym ,suits O Harbingers of happiness in the song disputes, Occupied with Stunt Show, Chemistry and such, Miss Cummings our advisor who helps us, Oh so much! Organizing forces a lire place to build, Reaching out for knowledge 'til our heads are Filled, Ever gay and cheerful in what e're We do. l76l NNN UW HOUSEHOLD ARTS SOPHOMORES ALLEN, ELINOR F. ANDERSON, RLTTH L. AULD, CAROLINE J. BARNICLE, MARION E. BILLINGS, DORIS L. BLACIQBURN, EDITH B. BRADY, TNTARIE K. BROCRHOIIEN, lx'IADEI.INE CARTER, BERTI-IA W. CASE, DIOCELYN S. CHADWICR, BARBARA E. COSTELLO, ELIZABETH DANEORTH, FRANCES E. DANIELS, ISABEL DRAPER, ELEANOR EARNSBY, INGEBORG ELDRIDGE, HEl.EN B. FRIBERG, ANNA FRIEDMAN, ADELE HAMEL, A. LOUISE HIXON, DORO'fHX' HOLT, CECELIA J. HORTON, JENNIE E. HOWE, HELEN L. KNAPP, BARBARA D. LE FORT, EVELYN C. LEVINSON, DORIS E. LYEORD, DOROTHY E. TNTAHONEY, MARION E. MANVEL, FRANCES M. MARTIN, EVELYN A. MARTIN, FRANCES H. MILLER, ELSIE K. MURPHY, A. ELEANOR TX4IjRPHY, MARY E. lX4CDONA1.D, TVIARION A. NAUGHTON, CATHERINE PATTEN, ROSAMOND N. PESRIN, ELEANOR L. PHILLIPS, EVELYN PINSON, VIRGINIA T. PRICE, MABEL C. QL7EENEY', BLANID P. RACICOT, BEATRICE A. RAYNES, HARRIET SHERMAN, FRIEDA L. SONDERMANN, LOUISE 'l7IMMONS, ELEANOR M. TOMASZ, HELEN L. WATERMAN, ELEANOR WILSON, RUBY M. 29 Jackson Road, West Medford 439 Cambridge Street, Allston A0 Housatonic Street, Lee 26 Caughey Street, W'altham 29 Elm Street, East Lynn 21 River Street, Northboro IO Ludlow Street, W'orcester 22 Trescott Street, Dorchester 13 Clyde Road, Watertown County Road, East Freetown 51 Francis Avenue, VVest Bridgewater 2110 Pleasant Street, Norwood Washington Street, East Holliston Qakham O9 Ridge Avenue, Cambridge 38 Bancroft Park, Hopedale East Dennis Belmont Street, Westboro 29 Woodford Street, W'orcester 3 .Assumption Avenue, Worcester O Gates Lane, Worcester 35 Hudson Street, Cambridge 28 Center Street, North Easton -I Main Street, Dalton 15 ClaHin Path, Brookline East Dennis 178 Russell Street, Worcester Sturbridge Road, Spencer 31 Clement Street, Worcester 801 North Street, Pittsfield lib Adams Street, Orange 183 King Philips Road, Worcester 113 Tyndale Street, Roslindale 19 VN'etherell Street, Newton Upper Fa 835 Plymouth Avenue, Fall River 22A Main Street, Foxboro 51 Forest Street, Milford Maple Street, Sterling fi Maple Street, Roxbury 8 Palmer Avenue, Saugus 823 Market Street, Rockland 56 Massachusetts Avenue, Dedham Allen Street, Scituate 9 Fifth Avenue, Wiebster 939 Brush Hill Road, Milton 3.3 Central Street, Nlarlboro 27 Moraine Street, Jamaica Plain 28 Laurel Road, Milton 41 Thompson Street, Amesbury 1795 Highland Avenue, Fall River 71 Central Street, Fitchburg 1771 lls lVIAY QL'EEN THE DIAL VOCATIONAL SOPHOMORES ALLARD, MARION R. BATES, LOUISE T. CHASE, HELEN C. HILLNER, PHYLLIS KESTER, BARBARA D. lw1ASON, MABEL D. MCDERMOTT, VIRGINIA PRATT, FRANCES RYDER, M. ELIZABETH SPARHAWIQ, PHYLLIS R. VALITON, GLORIA E. SPIRIT OI' FRAMINGHAM SPIRIT OF SI-RING . ,ISI-IE KNIGH'I', :I pilgrim PALAMON PILLAGERS AEGEUS PIRI'I'HOL'S LYCURGLTS IJIANA . VENUS MARS . 'I'HEsI's . FMELIE . ARCITE . l'lIPPOLY'I'A CREON . HOST , FMETRIUS GUARD OI' PALAIVION . ARCHBISHOI' AMBASSADOR MERCLTRX' GUARD . Laurel Way, Hunington 6 Parker Street, Islington Common Street, Dedham 1622 Massachusetts Avenue, 174 Austin Street, Worcester 3 Belvidere Road, Haverhill 19 Prospect Street, Clinton 33 Gardner Street, Peabody Cambridge 552 Andover Street, Lawrence 47 Stetson Street, Whitman West Street, Lunenburg MAY DAY THE PLAYERS . PHYLLIS HILLNER GWENDOLYN SWANSEN ELIZABETH SANDS MARY MURPHY . BARBARA KNAPP FRANCES DANEORTH, HARRIET RAYNES l78l . FRIEDA SHERMAN DORIS BILLINGS ELEANOR DRAPER BEATRICE RACICOT ELEANOR PESKIN . BARBARA CHADWICK ROSAMOND PATTEN JANE SROCIYINSKI MARION BARNICLE . . CECELIA HOLT MADELINE BROCRHOVEN . . HELEN CHASE . GLORIA VALITON VIRGINIA MCDERMOTT DORIS LEVINSON RUTH ANDERSEN ELEANOR TIMMONS ELIZABETH RYDER HABERDASHER XYEAVER . MILLER MANCIPLE . REEVE . SUMNER PARDONER . PLOUGHMAN . SQUIRE . XYEOMAN BIONK . FRIAR . MERCHAN'F . OXFORDCLERK . FRANKLIN . . . SERGEANT OF THE LAVV COOK .... DR. OF PHYSICS GOODWITE . PARSON PRIORESS IVIABEL MASON, ISABEL HERALDS . . . CAROLINE AULD, MAR LOUISE HAMEL ELEANOR FEERICK CATHERINE NAUGHTON EVELYN PHILLIPS PHYLLIS SPARHAVVK THE DIAL PILGRIMS A COMPANY OF LADIES HELEN LOUISE HOWE VIRGINIA PINSON . ELSIE MILLER DOROTHY LYFORD . BERTHA CARTER . MARIE BRADY INGEBORG EARNSBY EVELYN B4AR'l'IN BIARGARET KNIGHT HELEN ELDRIDGE ANNA FRIBERG BKIABEL PRICE DORO'I'HY HIXON ELIZABETH COSTELLO . LOUISE BATES . JOCELYN CASE ELEANOR NILTRPHX' EVELYN LEFORT LOUISE SONDERMAN ADELE FRIEDMAN EDITH BLACRBURN DANIELS, BLANID QUEENY, JENNIE HOR'I'ON, FLEANOR WATERMAN . . . . . . . . . RI,TBX' XVILSON, ELINOR ELLEN PAGES ION IALLARD, BARBARA KESTER, FRANCES PRATT, FRANCES MARTIN, FRANCES MANVEL, BIARION NIAHONEY DANCERS HELEN TOMASZ MARX' BOND INEZ DAVIS DORIS DUGAN MARJORIE EMERSON FLORENCE SHARPE i791 ADRIENE FRAZIER PHYLLIS JACOBS RONNIE KIARP SHIRLEY RIVITZ VIRGINIA KIELY FRESI-IME Prexidenf . . Vice-Prefident Secretary . . Treasurer . Faculty Afdvixor THE DIAL H511 Y. DOROTHY DOWLING JANE HoIvIR GLENNA VVOODHEAD VIRGINIA CROWE MISS ARLINE Pooma ----img nmL-------- HOUSEHOLD ARTS PRES-HM EN ELEMENTARY FRESHMEN I 82 1 ---mt miL----- THE FRESHMAN DOWNS AND UPS ACT I. Tilzze:-The end of Freshman Wleek. Pfam-Court-Room 29. The Freshman, wearing an appropriate green coronet, undergo humiliation for the enjoy- ment of the officiating seniors. The honorable judge deems it necessary that noses be scraped in the process of rolling a pencil across the stage and that voices be strained to exhibit the great musical talent of their class. But the Freshman thoroughly initiated into their new life take it with a smile, looking forward to the time when they will be respected seniors. ACT Il. Time-Harvard-Yale Week-end. Pfrzfeefollege Hill. You may be sure that the Freshman were noticeable in the athletics, with members of their class showing prowess in basketball and Held hockey. At the mockman dance their "comicality" bursts forth in the prize winning costumes of two of their class. Whoever will forget the hunter and his wife tramping through the wilds of Framingham. The Freshman find new joys and experiences in this gala week-end. ACT III. Time-Stunt Night. Place-Mayf Hall. To the snappy music of a jazz band the Upsidedown Gym Class goes through its perfect UD routine and is received with shouts of laughter. Although the judges award the coveted Stunt Show banner to the Sophomores, the Freshmen win Honorable Mention. N016-Further acts to be found in 1936 Dial. l 83 l THE DIAL HOUSEHOLD ART AND VOCATIONAL FRESHMAN ANDERSON, LINNEA BAI,LEN'I'INE, Avis E. BOOTH BY, CLARA B URR, MARJORIE CAMPBELL, DIARY CARHNER, H,ARRIE'I' C1-IARRO,I'lARRIE'l' CLARR, FRANCES M. CLARR, c1LADYS G. CONDON, RUTH COREA, CEENOVEFI-'A Cox, CHRISTINE CROWE, VIRGINIA IDAVIS, INEZ DEVENNE, DORO'I'HS' FEERICR, ELEANOR FUSTE ,ELIZABETH FRANREL, BEATRICE FRAZIER, ADRIENNE FROEBERG, DOROTHY GIIIDS, ELIZABETH GOODMAN, CEERTRUDE GREeIt's, ALDA LiL'ILFOYLE, lVIARGARE'I' HARIIIS, lV1ARJORlE HOPWFMAN, EVELYN HOMER, JANE HORTON, PRISCILLA JONES, lVIARION KAR13, SOPHIA KING, OLIVE KINosBtIRY, PRISCILLA KNONVLES, lV1AR1E IJAXYFON, PHYLLIS LEMER, ANNA LOGIODICE, DE1,.1,A lVlACCAULEY, MARX' lXflCNEI1,,DO1ZIS lVlII.1.ER, HELEN MOMIAN, ISABEI, NEXN"I'ON, ELIZABETH NICKERSON, HARI1IE'l"l' QJIJONNEL, GRACE O'lJfJNEl., lVIARY POIJCHER, ETHEL REED, VERA REESE,I.ILI.1AN RoIIsE, DOIiO'1'HEA ROYCROFT, LOUISE SCHNEIDER, lVlARGARE'l SCHNEIDER, MX'R'lXl,E 5I'ENI3ERG,H1l,DA STENNEY, Es'rHER TAPP, VIRGINIA VALENTINE, LUCY WALRER, HE1.EN VVETMORE, FRANCES VVHITE, HAIlliIE'1' WOLIPE, JANE VYOODHEAD, LQLENNA YIIILL, EDITH ZINKONVSI-LI, JENNIE 34 Lawrence Street, Malden 104 Dale Street, Dedham 26 Woodlawn Street, Randolph 101: Marked Tree Road, Needham 115 Ward Street, Worcester 42 Brantwood Road, Worcester 34 Sterling Street, Worcester 1478 Park Street, Attleboro 35 Broadway, Lynn 25 Colburn Street, North Attleboro 24 Atherton Avenue, Roslindale Concord Street, Holliston 46 Central Avenue, South Braintree In Metropolitan Avenue, Hopkinton 15 Boyonton Street, Waltham 24 VVoodbine Terrace, Auburndale 1 Withington Street, Wlestminster 389 Trafton Road, Springfield 1774 Columbia Road, Boston 81 Hillberg Avenue, Brockton 49 Burdett Avenue, Framingham 10 Tahanto Road, VVorcester 16 Fosdale Road, Worcester 2-1 Home Street, VVorcester 40 Joslin Street, Leominster 1601 Center Street, Newton Highlands 170 XVhitmarsh Avenue, Worcester 2280 Washington Street, Canton 110 Metropolitan Avenue, Roslindale 75 Robbins Street, Lowell Curve Street, Millis 5 Curve Street, Medfielcl Eastham 130 North Street, Foxboro 35 Mendon Street, Uxbridge 681 East Fourth Street, South Boston 58 VVater Street, Marlboro Mill Street, Framingham Center 20 Sterling Street, Worcester 16 Elizabeth Street, Worcester 165 Central Street, Auburn Barclift Avenue, Chatham 315 Salisbury Street, VVorcester 232 Highland Street, VVorcester South Dennis Grleans 78 Belvidere Avenue, Holyoke Old Belluria Road, Medford 87 Hollingsworth Street, Mattapan, Boston 10 Sherbrook Avenue, VVorcester 25 Cherry Street, Hudson 15 Arborogh Road, Roslindale 3 Bedford Street, Concord 121 State Street, Framingham Center 1,2 Pleasant Street, Framingham Center 51 Marblehead Street, North Andover 8 Underwood Street, Worcester 7 Fenwood Road, Worcester 28 Clafiin Street, Milford 26 Bancroft Park, Hopedale 39 Glendale Street, Easthampton 23 Fernboro Street, Roxbury 1341 WWW T H IAL IW ELEMENTARY FRESHMAN ANDERSON, ELLA ANGELO, PHYLIS AUCOIN, JEANETTE BARROVVS, JANET BRANI, RITA CARPENTER, GENEVRA DOWLING, DOROTHY FURBUSH, DOROTHY GILBOY, RITA GAW, ALICE HOLDEN, RLTTH HUBERT, CORA JOHNSON, HARRIET KELLEY, ALICE IXLIELY, VIRGINIA KREMEN, ELEANOR LANDRY, RUTH MAYO, ELEANORE MURPHX', lVIARGARET NAGLE, MARION NEWELL, MAUDE NIELSON, MARGARET NOLAN, HELEN PROOTOR, BETTY QUINN, DOROTH1' RANDALL, HELEN RIVITZ, SHIRLEY SEAGRAVE, GERTRLTDE SEGAR, LOUISE SIBLEY, EVELYN SMITH, EAIARGARET SOLOMON, FLORENCE STONE, ELIZABETH TATELMAN, SHYRLIE THOMPSON, RUTH TUCKER, BARBARA VVIGOD, LILLIAN VVILCOX, JEANNETTE Ford Place, Carlisle 19 Albion Street, Somerville 25 Lowell Street, Waltham Nlindon 29 Garfield Street, h1arlbOro Palmer Avenue, Falmouth Lincoln Street, Franklin 50 VVaverley Oaks Road, 1Yaltham Exchange, Millis North Attleboro 509 North Main Street, Palmer 115 Broad Street, Hudson 94 Abermarle Street, Springfield 88 Wlest Street, Randolph 9 Henry Street, Lynn 127 Arlington Street, Framingham 36 Hall Avenue, Watertown Ironstone Street, Millville 59 Elliot Street, Newton Highlands Burtuk Street, Shelield 24- Rutland Street, Watertown 12 W'hite Avenue, Chestnut Hill 32 Elmwood Avenue, Watertown 183 East Main Street, Northboro 130 High Street, Dalton 5 Lake Shore Road, Natick 24 Fuller Street, Brookline 24 Summit Road, Wellesley 61 Bay State Road, Pittsfield 71 VVashington Street, Holliston 771 Salem Street, North Andover 38 Lawrence Street, Framingham 4-6 Aberdeen Street, Newton Highlands 75 Wlashington Avenue, VValtham 2 Thayer Street, Belmont Pearl Street, Marlboro 39 Robinhood Street, Auburndale 11 Howard Street, Belmont 1851 "l-'i'lTHE DIAL- PRESIDENT AND MRS. FRANCIS A. BAGNALL l 86 I CSvninr I 'Qingrnphg ------THE mit CLASS HISTORY CST as the individual- students personify F. T. Cf so do the individual histories make the history ot the class of '35. But space, andnpossibly discretion, will not permit this liberty, and so we record here the general events of the class which are common to us all, and will, therefore, stand the test of time. A chaotic campus with parents departing, strange poeple milling about greeting each other, one scared freshie looks into the frightened eyes of another, smiles shyly, asks, "XYhere's your room?,' that's the first page in the history. In the succeeding chapters we find seniors playing the dual role of big sisters and the "law" in instigating the rules of freshman week. Black stockings, green berets, no make up, straight hair. Doesn't that bring to mind initiation and its accompanying horrors? Or perhaps you recall instead the morning the freshies col- lectively and antagonistically braided hair, long and short, and to the consternation of the seniors presented themselves at chapel. The hike which the seniors conducted during the first week proved so popular that that particular diversion gained many followers. Card sharks developed in those ancient days of leisure time and budding acquaintances. Rendezvous were held everywhere, particularly at the then X. P. K. house, which later became the C. C. C. cottage of today, to gossip about prospective brides, troubles with the elementaries, new male interests, and of course the most important news of the day, the passing of State Normal Schools and the birth of Framingham Teachers College. The problem of gaining social ease at the teas held in our honor by faculty advisors, of whom the class of '35 alone can boast, various classes and clubs and the faculty as a whole, was put aside in the second year for the more immediate and ever threatening sophomore problems. Not the least of these was becoming adjusted to living in the village Where many went because of the large enrollment on the hill. Here we contacted house mothers and closer living condi- tions. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristics were early rising, over eating, and an ever changing routine. Many wash bowls in these long suffering homes as well as in the dormitories bore a tell-tale ring of mercurochrome or ink used in making footprints in the interest of science. And speaking of science-or shall we speak of it? Clothing was ol? to a bad start when a large group of home economists took advantage of a "salem and purchased the wrong kind of woolen material for skirts. Despite the pressing programme, however, we took time out to present the best performance on stunt night. The Hackman Dance, Glee Club Concerts, combined and otherwise, Harvard- Yale weekend and song contests were fully appreciated because of the busy days. Then at the end came the select few who as ushers at the Prom of their predecessors gained an insight into the best year of allejunior year! In house practice, we, with Josephine, as feline mascot, rose from comparative obscurity into the most active social group on the campus. The roofof Crocker sheltered us in the happiest and most anxious hours of our college life. Class rooms gained a new significance when we made the illustrative material and demanded discipline and answered to the name of "teacher." The presentation of the Pirates of Penzance by the combined ePr'orts of the Glee Club and Fine Arts Club called upon some of our talent, so that by June home makers and practice teachers alike passed through the doors of Crocker to those of Horace Mann and Pierce with a dignity and assurance behtting the transition from juniors to seniors. l83l THEi DIAL- - - Now in our senior year we recall these events 'frffh an oppressfng Tieeifi g CT. ntiaf l bringing them to light we notfee for the nrst time how Qornpleteijf ihejslve heiorne a part f The senior programme is nearer, more viyfti. but no more important. 'We Qookei for' .f.' ati ' f freshmen sisters with the same anticipation with tvhfeh greefel op.: senior sfsfers. VN a our Caps and gowns with a gooti tieal or' saiiness with og? prfiie in ag',orr.pfsn Life among the seniors has assumed an untierljfing refrerfshness arf. fntensfiji TC gafn as f n from F. T. C. and from each other as possible in the fezy remafnfng months. This year' night, this year,s concerts. games. banquets. ani plays hoii a new sfgniiganze. 'l'hejr'1l r graduation, every phase of which will remind earth one of us of every' phase of P. 'lf C. mer f in these pages. Graduation's ahead of us, hui 17's al'.'.'aj.'s vnifh The hiaff The Lass 2 her. but it too, is always with us. IDU' f' " ' -f-' f, s gf, 1 il! ,,.-v-- EGYPTIAX INFLUENCE AT ,TLNIOR PRO?-I f53i -- .. - - fill N ELEMENTARY CLASS HISTORY ID you receive a letter from your t'big" sister? ,Yes, what a relief! The ice was broken and you were happy to think there was someone to give you a hearty welcome at F. T. C. What a memorable day it was when we walked into Peirce Hall to have our rooms assigned to us. VVe could tell, only by the forlorn countenances of those about us, that We were talking to one in the same state of mind as we-nervous, bashful, knee knocking and a look that said "Have pity on us-Freshmen." This feeling soon left us and what fun we had at the get-together party at Peirce. Vile met many girls whose friendship is still dear to us. The week soon came when we were at the beck and call of Seniors. VVe,ll never forget the black berets nor the bright orange buttons which dubbed us Freflzmeiz. Une week wasn't long enough for fll05f' hats so we were still wearing them when Santa came. What does stunt night bring to green Preshies! Books to be perused, magazines and news- papers to be ransacked, memories of movies, shows and theaters to be revived. "What can we have for a stunt?" At last the night of nights came! Cui' radio broadcast Went over with great approval. Everybody happy? Well l'll say! Cur many parties and good times will never be forgotten and before we realized it, we weren't Freshman but Juniors. It was such a happy feeling to come back and be with old friends. Vile started out again to make the most of the year. We had a second Harvard-Yale week-end to attend. O, yes, our class was represented. W'e salute our girls for their good work and sportmanship shown. Woe to the ones who wanted to mount the stairs by room -ll. No, not those from the gym, but the ones which lead to the second Hoor. The girls who blocked these stairs were those Juniors who patiently awaited conference after practice-teaching. Prom days are here. Our Junior Prom was a successful one. Did you go straight home from the dance? We studied and growled and studied some more but with the help of our teachers we came out on top. Qur Senior year sad to say our last. Vile had the pleasure of being "big" sisters and Fresh- men at our beck and call. Christmas time brought carol singing after which we enjoyed a delightful spread at Crocker. February brought with it the Publication Danceea social event which all enjoyed. Events followed fast and furiously and before we realized it, June came bringing with it "Pops,,' Senior Prom, Baccalaurate, Class Day, and Commencement. We go onward striving to reach a certain goal and to live up to the high ideals which have been inspired in us at F. T. C. May we all succeed and be a credit to our Alma Mater. JACQUELYN TA'r'r. l 90 l THE nuiL----- 1945 HEADLINERS FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK! Broaa'way, Yarzaary 15-The Landre-Bisbee School of Dancing celebrated its Sth anni- versary last night at the Waldorf.Astor1a where Bette King and Agnes Milligan, celebrated entertainers, gave their interpretation of the world famous dance "Penthouse Shuffle Shuffle." Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ?aiiziarj' 23-The key to the city was presented yesterday to four young ladies from Massachusetts, the Misses Jane Brennan, Agnes Garvey, Rita Sullivan and Gwen Caverley who are making a comparative study of "culture traits" of the East and VVest in preparation of their book k'W'hy Go VVest, Young Man?" Turkey, ffaizaary 30eThe schools of Turkey will be very fortunate this year in hearing the lectures on "Turkey's Success Lies in Vocational Training." The lecturers, the lWisses Viola Boucher, Marjorie VVheeler, are assisted by the Misses Edna Folsom and Martha Gautch who illustrate the lectures with motion pictures. They will journey from Turkey to Shanghai where they will be entertained by the former Miss Florence Richardson. Shanghai will also be favored with chats for her future success. jrnlzerrf, February I-Miss Barbara Keedy, lecturer on values of fruits, has left on a tour to California to supervise the grafting of a new fruit which, it is hoped, will have the flavor of pineapple, the color of an apple and the juice of an orange. Miss Keedy recently gave a 'lBon Voyage" party to Betty Holmes who has gone to Kalamazoo to join her liance. New York, Fearaailv 115-New York, rival center of Paris fashion, is in the spotlight to stay according to the Misses Lorena Crowley and VVinifred Granger employed in the House of Morton. This house intends to startle the world with its creations this spring, and Chanel has tried in vain to buy the company at a fabulous price. Earflzampfori, February 23-The new stream line taxis which speed from this town to Fram- ingham reached a new high speed limit on Tuesday. Miss Ruth Cullen, local girl and owner ofthe line, in a statement to the press here tonight promises that this record will be broken as soon as the crocuses bloom. Reno, lvlarelz 4-Miss Ingrad Vincent, president of the Reno Home Economics Association and VVoman's Club combined has many new transcient members, some of whom wish that they had learned cookery was an art many long years ago. Philippine lrlamlr, lllarelz 164A book on very technical points of English grammar by Miss Claire VVoods is being widely used on the islands this year. W'ith the aid of this book Filipino students have learned to speak English in three months. Dallas, Texaf, lllareli 2.7-The well known bridge authority, Miss Annette Dempsey, only rival of Culbertson, arrived here tonight. Miss Dempsey came on request to teach the Texas rangers a new kind of contract. .New York, Alpril 7-Newspaper reporters were on hand yesterday when the Misses Mary Doginikas, Dorothy Hutchinson and hlary Kenney, noted history lecturers left for Mecca where they will make a detailed study of Mohammmedanism. jrirfook Coaiify, Maine, jpril13-Years of experimentation have at last proved successful for the Misses Eleanor Davenport, Marion Gardner, and Christine Crockett, and a fair skinned potato minus eyes is now ready for the world market. Lowell, April 30-Last evening Miss Marcia Donovan, owner of a chain of coast to coast hotels, addressed the L1on's Club of this city on how to manage a successful business. Miss Donovan leaves for Paris on Saturday to see if fifty million Erenchmen are wrong! l9ll .L wit HW 1. - - -i ffllfllljfflfll, S'ZUEQI6'lZ, IW101 IZ-The women of this fair city were recently a bit worried as to their great grandmothers' recipes. It seems that three international demonstrators on fancy pastries tried to tell them that their way of making spritz was all wrong. In an interview with the press the Misses Ruth Ernst, Grace Mulveney and Sylvia Saarinen said their intentions were highly honorable, and spritz was spritz no matter how you made it! L05 lilzgfler, 1111131 36eThe l'Stretch As You Will" crepe paper company held its annual paper parade yesterday. The prize for the most beautiful float was presented by the owners of the company, the Misses Drew, Larson and Newhall. The "Stretch As You Will" paper has a stretching capacity of 5" to every l34". Bosfon, 711116 I-1iThe MacMillan Co. in its latest catalogue carried a report of the book 'LDown With The Marking System" by Catherine Faunce and Eleanor Kelly, authorities on progressive education. Other books by the same authors are "Do Personal Feelings Enter Into The Marking System" and "Experience of an "A" Student in China." Lake Wi7Z7IEPF5QIlkfE, N. H., 7111111 25-The opening of the "Bel-lavinn summer camp for boys on the shores of this famous lake was announced by the directors, the Misses Louise Clark, Florence Courtis and Retta Roper, today. Miss Clark will teach the boys how to fry fish without the use of fat, corn meal, frying pans, or fire. B1'1glzl011, 71101 2eMiss Florence Cavanagh, expert advisor on how to collect alumnae news left for a rest cure to Arabia today where there are no alumnae to date. jflzvilfe, No. CilZ7'Uff7I!l, 71101 l4!Many visitors to the mountains are stopping at the "Roll House" this summer. The "Roll House" is famous from coast to coast for its clover leaf rolls. The proprietoresses are Elizabeth Boynton, Florence Forsythe and Ruth Sampson, and are those young ladies "rolling in the doug hi" Hd7'ff07'lf, 71101 lS4Miss Dorothy Brigham, well known dietitian, has recently startled the medical world with her latest diet for babies which excludes haliver oil, spinach, bananas, and finely ground liver. lif!1z11f11, 71101 25eMiss Marjorie Studley has collected her little folk tales which she broad- casts every night at six o'clock in a book called "Marjie's Fairy Stories." Some of these originated during her own school days. Phifadffplzia, .1'11g11.f1' Jelf you wish to learn correct diction listen in to Miss Mary Barnes broadcast on a nation wide hookup each Saturday morning at IO o'clock. New York, Aflllflljf ISeMiss Theodatha Hoitt who has entertained radio listeners for a number of years with her charming melodies, left for Denmark last night where she will study Danish folk music. Two other singers of note, the Misses Beth Merrihew and Agnes Marsden will accompany her to Germany where they hope to gain audience with Herr Hitler. Pl20c97Zf.Y, 1f7'fZ07I!l, zfllkflljf 26-It was a lucky day for Arizona when the Misses Ruth Grant, Ethel Groves, and Margaret Lavelle arrived here from the East with their microscopes and petri dishes. The girls have discovered a new kind of bacteria in the sands of the desert land which scientists have been trying to unearth for years. Nome, jlrzxlm, .f11,q115f 30AThis city heralded the coming of three Massachusetts girls today, the Misses Christine Leavitt, Doris Trowt and Vivian Wlatt who are prepared to show the natives the quickest, safest and sanest way to can red salmon. 1 F7'Hlllf7Z,Qf1dllZ, .S'epfe111L111' I6-Students at the State Teacher's College were recently favored with an address by Miss Rose Glynn, president of the New England Home Economics Associa- tion on l'VVhat Framingham did for Me, It Can do for You." l 93 l THE unit- - Zllfmeberfer, N. H., Sf',Z7fFlIZbt'l'.90'.AI'I1OI'1g the new teaching staff at the N. H. Progressive Cooking School are the Misses Elizabeth YYhite and Louise Yvolf, who specialize in making fancy two hole doughnuts. Defroif Se fember 30eMiss Gwendolyn Swanson manufacturer of "Bord" cars announces 3 P . w that her new car can be driven by six year oldseit has no starter, no brakes, no clutches+M1ss Swanson got her start in working with mechanical devices in physics class. Trenforz, N. Oefober 4-Miss Rita Gould of this city is celebrating the acceptance of her new song "So, You VVouldn't Pardon My Southern Accent!" New Bedford, Oelober I2-Two former New Bedford girls arrived to spend the holidays in the city of their childhood4Miss Leona Mierze-iewska, illustrator for "Draper's", and Miss Viianda Hazner, foremost authority on child care. Bzrffe, Oelober J64Miss Evelyn Kane, authority on sheep raising, spoke at the Shearer's Convention here last night on the necessity of having a good quality elastic wool for the new mittens worn with bathing suits. New York, Oefober 204Arriving on the S.. S. Asia tonight was Miss Hazel XYalker, collecter of Persian Textiles. bliss VValker has never failed to identify even the smallest fragment from Persian looms. Toffzzbezrree, October 29-A rare and beautiful hollyhock was grown in this city by Marion Morse, noted horticulturalist, during the past season. Borforz, November 3-The "Ifs and Buts" of good cake making has been published by Miss Anna Nourse and Miss Dorothy Valentine. The book includes 66 reasons for falling cakes and a scorecard for checkups. Hudson, NOU6772bF7'11fThC home of Miss Norma Trask was broken into last night and the famous "Hot En YVarm" jewels stolen. Miss Trask, a collector of repute, is offering a 510,000 reward for their return. Boffimore, November 16-Results of recent experiments on temperaments have been pub- lished by the lWisses Lucile Hathaway and lNIarjorie Sprague in a book entitled "Up and At Them, Girls!" Jrhby, November 28-Miss Aura Louhi arrived here today to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with her parents. Miss Louhi has been made chief Editor of Bernard MacFadden's "The Answer is Spinach." Miss Lillian Cahoon, designer of children's clothes, will be Miss Louhi's guest. Cedar Ropidf, Iowa, December 54The scientific journals of the nation are lauding two stu- dents of research who have discovered a new vitaminv"K". The lWisses Betty VVhitney and Margaret Manvel protest that this discovery is not half what they intend to do. Strange to say, the experiment was performed with horses, as both girls dislike mice intensely. London, Deeember 18eTwo American girls, the Misses Dorothy Murphy and Nancy Renton, have taken the capital by storm. These young ladies, owners of an exclusive dress shop, drape and make dresses while you waitfno button holes, no seams, no yokeswthe Countess VVallyhoo, of the famous London VVallyhoohooos, states that London society is elated with these new creations. Frezminglzam, December 30eCspecial to the newsl--On New Year's Day the campus of Framingham will open its gates to the most celebrated group ever to have graduated from the hilltop-that world famous class of '35. l93l Ml W - ----- TH IAL .-- c - .. - ELEMENTARY CLASS PROPHECY IMLESSLY, I wandered down Tremont Street, pondering on the many things that had happened in the last ten years. Yes, it was actually April, 19-IS. I approached an interest- ing looking book store and stopped to gaze at the array of books in the window. In the center of the display was a huge volume entitled "Socrates" and the author was none other than Marion Davis. Curiosity stirred, I entered the shop and asked the clerk ifI might see it. I told him that the author was one of my classmates at Framingham. I opened the book. In the front was a brief inscription: "To the Class of 1935, E. S. T. C., this book is affectionately dedicated, in apprecia- tion ofthe inspiration gained from them to undertake this work." just then the clerk came over and handed me two more books which he thought might interest me. One was a new collection of poetry by Virginia Healey. The other had an odd title. It was called "The Proper Recognition of Hudson and Uxbridgef, The authors? Yes. Gill and Taft. So I left the store, the proud possessor of three new books. The next store I noticed was a fascinatingly modern one, done in black and gold. It said, "The Phyllis-Exclusive Gown Shoppe." Dne dress particularly appealed to me so I went in to price it. The smart young manager was none other than Phyllis Jacobs. Immediately then we launched into a discussion of old times and old friends. She asked me ifI knew that Doris Dugan was sailing next month for Europe with her husband, and had I seen Doris Maynard's latest painting. It seemed that Evelyn Ames and Eleanor Brown were budding young artists, too. Suddenly, Phyllis glanced at her watch and ran to the radio. "You're just in time," she said. For what, I wondered. Some very lovely music came pouring forth from the radio. A piece was just ending. Then a low familiar voice said, "For the past half hour you have been listening to the 'A Band,' a feature brought to you weekly by the Swanson-McKinney Bus Lines. Alice Donelan announcing. This is the Yankee Network." I turned wide eyes to Phyllis. She smiled and nodded, saying, "Cf course, the leader of the 'A Band' is 'A' Boyd. Rosalie Dolan and Isabel Lynch are in it, too." Then the radio again. This time a girl was singing one of my favorite popular pieces. "This familiar theme song introduces Elo Sharpe, radio's favorite blue-singer, who will bring you hfteen minutes of modernity in song." Much as I wanted to stay, I had to tear myself away and bid Phyllis adieu. Just outside the door, I met Eileen Kenney and Mary Sharpe. Both of them, it seemed, had become buyers in two of Boston's smartest stores. Eileen said that Alice Madden was modelling gowns in her store. Mary said that Maddy Brier was modelling little women's gowns in her department. That was news. I approached the R. K. D. and looked up to see what was on the bill. VVas I seeing cor- rectly? f'Regina Leary-in person." I inquired at the box office. It was true. She had a con- tract with the R. K. 0. circuit and was proving very successful as a comedienne. Her Manager? Eleanor Rohde. The picture was a musical one in which Alta Hamilton was starring. Marion Zeh, Harriet VVerner, and Dot Hall were in it, too. The sound of chorus singing reached my ears. I looked over toward the common. Just following inclination, I walked over. My attention was instantly drawn to the vivacious, young song leader. Her enthusiasm was surely influencing the crowd. It was Mim. I did so want to l94l WWW talk with her, but I couldn't get near her. Ilheard afterwards, however, that she was touring New England leading group singing in the various large cities. It was getting late and I had to get home. I bought a paper to read on the bus. In a few minutes, the bus came along. It was a strange looking vehicle. It had side curtains like a roadster. The driver was Millie McFarland in a fur coat and hat. I nodded my greetings to her and sat down to read my paper. The headlines-''Montague-New Mayor of Dedham" Oh yes, Dedham had become a cityl. VVell, good for Kay She always had championed her home town. In the amusement section, I noticed that Marlboro announced the opening of a new and exclusive dine and dance rendezvous. The cause? Evvie Brown and Rita. Among the advertisements was the usual large one for the McMullen-Kelley Air Lines. They certainly had been doing well for the past five years. There was the Hoffman Beauty Shoppe ad, too. Something catchy about Doris's way of advertising. Here was a report of a big debate to take place in New York the next day. "Resolved: 'Psychology is receiving too much stress in the present day.' " Three of the partici- pants were Kaplan, Shmauk, and Meyerovitz. How I should love to hear it. Ah! Some news about Framingham! "New Chairman of Board of Selectmen electedeMarjorie Emerson." Another member of the class was on the board-Helen McLoud. What do you think? A column on love and sentiment run by Macora and Macusty jointly. It was a rather clever, unique one and seemed to be gaining more and more prominence. Beside it an article called "Advantages of Being Short," by Grace Mancini. Let's see-what was I going to look up? Oh yes, the time that Genie Broderick was Non." The radio page. Sure enough, "7:15-Genevieve Broderick, news commentator." I never missed hearing her. VVhat? My stop so soon! VVell, I certainly had learned about many of my classmates this afternoon. I was glad to find out about them for I already knew about the others. So for your information only, I'll continue. I owe my surviving youth to Rose Paladino's morning exercises over VVBZ. I never miss one of her snappy drills. CSometimes she sings for us, too.j IVIary Falyey is the head of a new pro- gressive school, Mary? Ruth Hinsman recently returned from a honeymoon in Bermuda. Here are some others guilty ofmatrimonyg Peg Martin, Dot McKeon, Mary McDonald, Mary Lunder- gan, Louise Winslow, and Eileen Cunningham. Bessie Montgomery, Mim McAvoy, and Lorraine Larson are sailing around the world. Uust for a change of sceneryl. Gertrude Bell, Grace Caron, and Helen Kunen are three repre- sentatives in Hollywood. Of course, Gert is playing in comedies. Dot Fisher and Peg Irwin are both presidents of some very prominent women's clubs. Eleanora Prestinenzi is doing very well in the real estate business. Muriel Hanley is the manager of a large hotel in Chicago. Gert Harrington is teaching tap dancing. I think you have previously heard of Irene Doherty's career at Yale. Among our list of fine elementary school teachers, we find these names, Lareau, Greene, Thompson, Munsil, Lavelle, and Tyndell. "Clara," they say, has earned a Ph.D. and has done a great deal of work in the study of conscience. VVhat prompted that, Clara? Barbara Houston is principal of a large school in Haverhill. Anna Porter and Rose Poires have joined the faculty at F. T. C. Muriel Larkin is an active missionary in China. Lastly, we End Mary Finn as the head of a reform school in the south. Best of luck to you, girls! Thus spake the prophet! M.I.H. T951 ------THE niiL------ CLASS WILL The class of one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five having reached the time of life when it becomes a necessity to provide for the future draw up this document as a last will and testament. To the faculty, we leave the following title of a song they will remember "There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl." We hereby bequeath to the following the possessions which we feel they deserve. To the two most deserving Juniors the optimism of Norma Trask and Florence Richardson. To "Cathy" Brosnan, the "savior faire" and good grooming of Lorena Crowley, because she has a good start. To Dorothy Aronson,.the Umaster of ceremonies attitude" that has made Marcia Donovan the one and only in the class of 1935. To Ann Minichello, Leona Mierzehiewskals silence that she may achieve a perfect balance. VVe offer Beth Merrihew's excess avoirdupois to Helen Murphy, so that the Dietitics class will not adopt her as their next underweight problem. To "Archie" CHelenD, "Ag" Marsdenls permanent booth in the Center Sandwich Shoppe. To Betty Sands, a bit more red in her hair from Lucille, and Gwen Swanson's charm so that she too may go to Bowdoin houseparties. To Veronica Bahleda, VVanda Haznar's ability to have six dates a night coupled with her scholastic honors. To "Dot" Schuerch, Betty Holmes' "Bunny" and "Buddy" Landry's "VVita Cubn to put in the Y. VV. C. A. bazaar next year. To the three famous freshmen Kelly, Holden and "Skippy'l a directory of Framingham families from "Chris" Leavitt who was born and bred here. To Edith Yuill, Mary Nolan's passion for movies so that she wonlt be "bored" for the re- maining three years at Framingham. To "Sis" Sondermann, the A's that Doris Drew got in Biology so that she will never have to worry about one thing. To Virginia Gifhn, Dorothy Hutchinson's contacts in New Hampshire, which isn't so far from Vermont, when you have a new V-8. To Linnea Anderson, Agnes Milligan's unfailing good humor and wit. To the next president of Horace Mann, we offer Agnes Garvey's faith in human nature. VVe donate the gullibleness of Christine Crockett to Rhoda Barnicoat to bear out her facial expressions. To Grace Russell, we donate another Harvard man like Jane Brennan's and her sophistication. l 96 l --init DIAL-ll--- To Ruth Sondermann and Helen Chase, we bequeath the opinion of Rose Glynn and "Winnie" Granger with the hope that they will still obtain the same good results when they need them. VVe donate to "Ronnie" Karp, the share in Dartmouth stock that "Barb,' Keedy has owned for four years just because her name begins with and while we think of it we'll give her the class president's carnival bid too. To "Phyl" Sparhawk, we will bequeath Vera Bisbee's ability to make up the payroll, because we consider her deserving of the honor. To the girls from the "Berkshires, we will the success of "Mar" Manvel in the Kitchen and Betty Whitney in the Chem. lab. A To the next editor of the Dial we bequeath the charm, originality, and executive power of our editor, Hazel VValker. To the commuters from Marlborough, Mary Kenney's faith in good road conditions to and from Clinton. To Helen Louise Howe, the executive ability of lngrad Vincent so that she may carry on for Louisa A. Nicholas. Vile donate the combination of Aura Louhi's scholastic and athletic prowess to Betty Oliver to carry on Vocational tradition. To "Marg" Harris and Virginia Kiely, a kindred friendship so that they can go to costume parties like the famous VVoods and Hoitt team. VVe bequeath to Harriet Raynes, Mary Dodginikas' untiring efforts and success in main- taining a perfect head dress. VVe will Martha Gotsch's performance of "Cokey Joeu to Louise Hamel so that she will continue her future on the radio. To the next president of Student Government we bequeath the qualities of Marjorie Studley, which made her the best president we have known. BETTE EASTON KING. l97l -......... ....-.. ELEMENTARY CLASS WILL E, the lofty and illustrious class of '35, being sound in wind and limb, and in our usual state of nervous agitation, do hereby bequeath to teachers, associates, and lowly under- classmen, our worldly possessions. Firyf: To those who prefer not to study, a trunkful of miscellaneous old notes, including valuable information regarding Volley Ball, Diacritical Markings, the Planetesimal Theory of the Earth's Origin, and other topics of worth. Also, for good measure, a bushel basketful of the mimeographed sheets received during our stay at F. T. C. Secofzd: To Miss Hunt, the pamphlets on "Sex and Petting," which have been missing so long from Room 3. May future generations derive as much pleasure and profit from them as we have. Third: To the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen, we leave a new and magnificent gym, complete with skating rink and swimming pool, to take the place of the old cheesebox. VVe also leave them the privilege of paying for it. F0u7'flz: To the library, the following books: Marion Davis' "How to Get Along with the Faculty." Ruth Gill's, "YYhy Dogs Make Good Pets." Jackie Taft's "Tips on Finding the First Crocus", and Alice Kelley's "The Real Lowdown on Harvard." Fjffh: For Mr. VVorkman,s classes, an extra classroom to be held constantly in reserve, in case of another skunk invasion of Room 3. Sixth: To Miss Gerritson, with our best regards, an especially prepared pamphlet, "Synonyms for the word 'Problem'." SeUe1zf!z.' For future Music Appreciation classes, the soothing record known as "Tiger Ragn to replace that modernistic montrosity "Pacihc 3l." Eiglzflz: To the ideal girl of F. T. C.: Ruth Gill's politeness Rosalie Dolan's musical ability Marion Davis' ambition Stella Kaplan's good nature Mary Falveyls pep Phyllis Jacob's refinement Marjorie Emerson's pull with Mr. Wlorkman Mary Finn's honest face Helen Boyd's poise. l93l -l THE out---i The remainder of the will consists of individual bequests. I, Stella Kaplan, leave, to the highest bidder, my pitchpipe, the secret of my success on the hill. VVe, "Moon,' McMullen and Mary Falvey, leave to the more frivolous ofthe commuters, our invaluable advice on "How to Meet the Right People YYhen Travelling." Also from Falvey, one soap-box, in good condition. VVe, the five boarders of Elementary Senior ll leave our unquestioned talent for suddenly leaving a boring class, accompanied by a stricken expression and a hacking cough. VVe, Virginia Healey, Mary Finn, and Frances Tyndall, regretfully bequeath our thwarted ambitions to teach in Alaska, Honolulu, and the Virgin Islands, respectively. I, Florence Sharpe, leave to any one who will pay the freight charges, my three volume encyclopedia, "Men, Nlorals, and YYhat's VVrong with F. T. C." Also my Shirley Temple curls to Trudy Seagraves. In witness whereto, we set our hand and seal, this foggy spring morning, in the polite hope that future classes may be half as bright, clever, good-looking, and generally estimable as we, the class of ,35. VIRGINIA HEALEY. l99l - - - THEDIALi------ GREETINGS FROM THE ALUMNAE ASSOClATION TO THE CLASS OF 1935 f'Freelv ye have rereivezzl, freely give." On the eve of your departure from Framingham why not pause to consider what Framingham has given you, as studentse Broader education A more sensitive appreciation of liner things from living in a beautiful environment Lasting friendships Good Health through sports A desire to attain the best of which you are capable. Soon as Alumnae, with gratitude in your hearts for these gifts, you may show your appreciation to your Alma Mater bye! Becoming a loyal active member of your Alumnae Association .Toining a Framingham Club Returning for Biennial Reunions Giving hearty support to your class in making its goal for the Memorial Drive for the One Hundredth Anniversary of the College in 1939 Responding generously to your Alma Mater's calls because you believe in the Framingham training and the Framingham spirit. GRACE E. BARTLETT, President. JONATHAN MAYNARD SCHOOL May we the Class of l935 express our sincere appreciation to the Faculty of the Jonathan Maynard Training School for the loyal and helpful support that has been so graciously given the Flementary and the Household Arts Departments. The jonathan Maynard Schoollis and always will be outstanding as the initial stepping- stone in our teaching careers by all of us who have been fortunate enough to have come under its influence. .ToNA'rHAN MAYNARD FACU my Lena Cushing, BS., A.M. Principal Alice F. -loyce Grade 8 Bertha C. Hall, B.S.F. Grade 7 Mary l.. Count Grade 6 Robinette VVard Grade 6 Ruth S. 'Dennett Grade 5 Mary P. Long Grade 5 B. Hazel Davis Grade 4 Louise F. Thatcher Grade 4 Maria F. l-lawes Grade 3 Mary Donehue Grade 2 Florence M. Cook Grade 1 l100l JONATHAN MAYNARD SCHOOL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR FRAMINGHAM TEACHERS' COLLEGE IIOII September September September October October Qctober November November November December December December February February February March March March May May May May june june J un e L1 ne J u n e l ll 8 4 5 217 llw 23 24 lm I9 20 1 X 1 les 8 15 22 3 I0 17 24 -l f 1 'I 12 13 ACTIVITIES PRUGRAM 1934--1935 Field Day Y. W. C. A. Week-end Overnight Hike Faculty Reception to Freshman Home Economics Conference Student Co-operative Association Informal Dance Parents' DayfOpen House Moc!-1-Man Dance Harvard-Yale Games Y. XY. C. A. Bazaar Christmas Dinner Candle Light Service Christmas Carols Publication Dance Home Economics Night Stunt Night joint Musical Club Concert at Framingham Joint Musical Club Concert at VVorcester Fine Arts Play-"Pygmalion" Class and Club Council Dance Class and Club Council Dinner and Theatre Party May Day A Junior Prom Pops Senior Promenade Baccalaureate Sunday Class Day Commencement I H 11021 RG HIIIZHCIUHS STUDENT CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION CLASS AND CLUB COUNCIL GATE POST DIAL COMMUTERS, ASSOCIATION HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MUSICAL CLUBS A'KEMPIS CLUB YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION FINE ARTS CLUB CHEMISTRY COUNCIL llO31 i"-""T'TTHE mAL----- President . . . MARJORIE STUDLEY Vice-Prwidenf . MARY KENNEY Serrefary . . . VERA BISBEE Treasurer . . IJELEN CHASE 1 104 1 THE nnIL------ STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Third Raw: A. GARVEY, R. PALADINO, D. TROWT, D. DOW'LING, H. HowE, E. ANDERSON, H. KUNEN, N. RENTON Sammi Row: B. VVHITNEY, H. CHASE, Miss RLTSSELL, M. IRWIN, M. WHITTIER, Miss NIETZOLD, B. HOLMES, E. LEFORTE Front Row: R. LOVELACE, D. ARONSON, V. BISBEE, M. STUDLEY, President BAGNALL, DEAN SAVAGE, D. IVIURPHY, B. RYDEP. STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Through the interest of the Council and co-operation of the Student Body the accomplish- ments ofthe Association have very definitely taken a step forward. This year marks the inauguration of the Judiciary Board, with the vice-president of the Association as Chairman of the Board. In addition to the Chairman the representatives consist of one senior, two juniors, one sophomore and a faculty advisor. This year the board had Miss Rochefort as their advisor. The social event of the year sponsored by the Association was an Informal Dance held in October. As a result of its Iinancial success we were able to give a generous gift to Hampton Institute as well as to the Associated Charities at Christmas time. VVe were especially fortunate in having two very fine and quite different Assembly programs. The first was a modern program given by Pauline Chellis with the assistance of her dance group and the second by the well known lecturer Kirby Page. VVith the increasing complexity of the college life the student governing body plays a large part, and it is hoped it will continue as the Association approaches its ultimate purpose. IIOSI "-"'lTTHE DIAL -i- JUDICIARY BOARD Cfl6li7'lIl6ZH . . . MARY KENNEY Senior Reprefelzfzzfive . . AGNES MILLIGAN Yunior Reprexefzlafives . 4 EZZZQSEEYEQZZS Sophomore Repwfefzfafive . . CAROLINE AULD Fzzfulfy fldvimr . . . MISS ROCHEFORT I106l -----THE nuiL------ 1' CHEMISTRY COUNCIL Serond Row: M. DOGINHQAS, V. CROWE, E. MILLER From Row: B. VVHITNEY, MARY lhf1URPHY, President M. MANVEL, DR. CHASE, HOR'FON THE CHEMISTRY COUNCIL HE Chemistry department unlike any other department is under an Honor System, which is controlled by a student council consisting of three members elected from each of the three upper classes and two elected from the freshman class, with the three faculty members of the chemistry department as advisors. It is the aim of the Council to promote student government and provide opportunities for developing leadership and responsibility. l107l THE DIAL Mwvi ,, ,,,, ., - Y, 1 I ER 1 E 2 K 1 Pwxidelzf . . MARGARET IRWIN Nt't'7'c'ffl71V . . HEI.EN MOR'I'ON 7wl't'fl5Il7'f'7' . , RUTH GILL Ffzfzzfffv ,idvisor . . MR. FREDERICK W. RIED moan C. C. C. Serum! Row: Y. BAHLEDA, I. VINCENT, D. SCHEURCH, M. S'rL'Di.Ei', B. LANDRY, H. KVNEN, R. CQLYNN, R. LovEi.AcE, H. VVALKER Front Row: D. DOWLING, M. XKYHITTIER, R. GILL, H. BIORTON, D. lX'IL'RPZ-IY, E. LE FoR'r THE CLASS AND CLUB COUNCIL HE Class and Club Council is composed of a president, secretary and treasurer, all class and club presidents and the managing editors of our college publications who "give ex- pression as an official body to the opinions of the students in matters of interest concerning the social activities of the college." In the fall we met with faculty advisors and planned the class and club meetings and activ- ities calendar for the year. Our biggest piece of work was that of renovating the Class and Club Council Cottage so that it might be used by the student body at large. This work included new underpining, cleaning, painting and redecorating. An intensive plan ofadvertising was carried on to introduce the cot- tage to new students. Part of this consisted ofindividual class teas which proved very successful. In May, we wound up the season by a dinner party with the incoming Council at Seilers. To Mr. Ried, our advisor, who was unanimously elected for next year, we wish to express our grateful thanks for his guidance and sincere interest in all our problems, and to the Council of 1935-1936 our most sincere Wishes for a very successful year! MARGARET M. IRXVIN l109l ----THE DIAL-- - Edifor . . . RUTH LOVELACE duimzm' Edifor . . ELEANOR LACOUTURE Bzzsinew Manager , ENGLA ANDERSON Ffzmffy Advisor . . Mlss RUTH CARTER fuol ---il--TH IAL GATE POST STAFF ThirdRow: H. N1cKERsoN, H. GAGE, M. SCHVVEITZER, H. CHASE, E. WINSHIP, I. DANIELS, R.BARNIcoA'r Serond Row: L. SUNDIN, A. SMITH, R. PATTEN, J. CASE, E. DRAPER, E. DUTTON, H. OSI-ERLUND Front Row: E. PESKIN, L. SONDERMAN, E. ANDERSON, MISS CARTER, E. LACOUTURE, G. RUSSELL H. L. HOWE, L. SIONIQUS, K. JOHNSON, F. MARTIN THE GATE POST NOTHER year has gone by and the Gate Post has remained an integral part of F. T. C. It has reflected our life on the hilltop almost as clearly as a moving picture could, and much more concisely. Besides being a record of important events, it has proved a means whereby anyone interested may express his or her views on vital or everyday matters concerning the student body in general. This spring a cartoon strip was introduced. This new feature was made possible through the efforts of Miss Carter, the faculty advisor. Due to her activity in alumnae affairs, Miss Carter has done much to increase the number of alumnae subscriptions. VVe hope that even more alumnae-including the Class of '35-will find their college paper a necessity in keeping and maintaining their contacts with the Alma Mater. For those who will come back to F. T. C. in the fall, there is another chance to file the Gate Posts, which so many alumnae find to be vivid reminders of happy days and events at Framingham. The present staff with eagerness and never-failing interest, is doing its best to keep the Gate Post a vital part of our college life with the object of upholding the best interests of F. T. C. fini --------THE until- Mazzagincg Edifor . HAZEL WALKER Edifof '... VIVIAN WATT jr! Edifw' . . LEONA MIERZEJEWSKA Bzzsinefs Zblamzger . MARY FALVEY Jdverfising lllfmager . LOUISE CLARKE Facufty Jdvisor . MR. FREDERICK W. RIED A WORD OF APPRECIATION HE success of a college publication depends not only on the co-operation of the stall, but also on the willingness and loyalty of the faculty and student body. At this time we wish to acknowledge publically the con- tributions made by those who have helped us to publish this "Dial," and to them We offer our sincere gratitude. VIVIAN WATT, Editor. MARIoN DAVIS, Assistanf Edifor. IIIZI - -THE DIAL---i- DIAL STAFF Second Row: V. HEALEX', B. KEEDY, D. HUTCHINSON, L. CLARKE, M. MACFARLAND, B. KING, D. MAYNARD Front Row: M. HAMIL'I'ON, L. MIERZEJEWSRA, V. WATT, M. FALVEY, M. DAVIS, M. NOLAN Bufinem ilfamzgor' MARY FA LVEY Afssismrzi Edifor . . If17.v5i5fd1it Biisirzofs Ilflzzrzizger I-idoeriifing Mhriagor . Ii.S'.Yi5i6Z7Zf jri' Edifor . flssimznf fir! Editor Aysiflcmt dr! Edifor Yillziefiw . . . Humor . Clay: Wifiy Clam H isforiox C loss Prophecies Eiiruify Advisor DIAL STAFF flffaiiogiiig Editor HAZEL M. VVALKER Editor VIVIAN VVATT l1131 jr! Edifor LEONA MIERZEJAXVSKA . MARION DAVIS . BARBARA KEEDY . LOUISE CLARK . DORIS MAYNARD VVINIFRED GRANGER MILDRED MAGFARLAND . AURA LOUHI CHRISTINE LEAVITT ,I BETTE KING 1 VIRGINIA HEALY ,I DOROTHY HUTCHINSON l JACQUELINE TAF'F ,I MARY NOLAN l MARION HAMILTON MR. FREDERICK VV. RIED -----THE niii------ COMMUTERS' ASSOCIATION Fran! Ro-ze: A. PEAR, F. GEoRoAs, Miss SAVAGE, President H. KUNEN, G. SEAGRAVE COMMUTERS' ASSOCIATION CTIVITIIQS began for the Commuters' Association early in the fall with a very enjoyable tea given by Mrs. Bagnall and Dean Savage in Horace Mann living room. A regular hour each month for meeting together as a group was arranged in the early fall. These meetings have been of a helpful and interesting character. On two occasions the program was in charge of difgferent classes and the arrangement proved novel. On March 19, Miss Cummings gave a splendid illustrated lecture on her trip to Iceland. The Commuters wish to express their sincere thanks to the members of the Commuters' Council and the student body for all they have done to make this year an enjoyable one. l114l .....i.. .. ..... . .1 - HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sf-fond Row: Treasurer HELEN HowE, Secretary BARBARA KNAPP Fran! Row: Miss WEEKS, President INGRID VINCENT, Miss BUCKLEX LOUISA A. NICHOLAS HOME ECONOMICS' CLUB The Home Economics' Club was organized in Framingham in 1924 to bring together the Home Economics students and enable them to keep in touch with topics of particular interest to them. This club is affiliated with the State, New England and American Home Economics' Association. During the week-end ofOctober 5, the club was hostess to the first Student Home Economics' Club Conference in Massachusetts held here at Framingham. The speakers this year have included: Mrs. Constantine George, a native Bulgarian,who gave a very interesting talk and exhibi- tion of Bulgarian embroideries. Miss Dorothy George, '17, now director of the Vesper George School of Art in Boston. Mrs. Ruth Wakeiield, the manager and founder of the Toll House in VVhitman. International night, February 8, was a very successful and colorful event. An especially interesting entertainment of songs and dances was given by a group of Ukranians. Five delegates attended the Amherst meeting of the Massachusetts Home Economics' Association this April. The club is sending one delegate to the American Home Economics' Association annual meeting which is held this year in Chicago. The club wishes to thank Miss Buckley and Miss Weeks, the faculty advisors, and all other members of the faculty and student body who have helped to make the year a successful one. l115l ----THE DIAL-l---- - CHOIR FRAMINGHAM MUSICAL CLUBS HE Musical Clubs4Glee Club, Orchestra, Choir,-make every attempt to give pleasure and enjoyment to other members of the college through various types of musical programs. Of course, the members of the clubs derive great pleasure and knowledge from singing or playing under the direction of our leader, Mr. Archibald. Membership is limited in the Glee Club to those who pass certain tests in singing, in the Orchestra to those who have had some instrumental experience, in the Choir, to Juniors and Seniors. The Musical Clubs are activel They do! They participate! Probably the most out- standing accomplishment this year is the occurrence and success of our two radio broadcasts. The first was a fifteen minute program of Christmas carols from W. E. E. I. The second was a five minute recital, Cpart of a program given by the National Educators Societyl, short, but over a nation-wide hook-up! In the fall the clubs gave to the school and their friends an unusual oppor- tunity to hear in our own May I-Iall, Madame Fernanda Doria, contralto, member of the Chicago Civic Opera Company. Although the Choir sings only one morning a week, it adds very much to the meaningfulness of the Chapel exercises on that morning. In December there was a con- cert of lovely Christmas carols and songs. This concert always creates that feeling of the mystery and wonder of the birth of Christ. This spring the Clubs with the Glee Club of Worcester Poly- technical Institute, gave at Framingham a program of light music which was greeted by the audience with great enthusiasm. The program was repeated the following week at VVorcester. The song contest this year will be held out of doors, thus becoming a less formal occasion, and perhaps even a more enjoyable one. On June 4, the Glee Club and the rest of the school experi- ence their real thrill-Framingham Night at Popsl Our year ends with a concert which we love to give for the Seniors on Class Day. The Musical Clubs have tried to fulfill their aim-"to add something of richness and beauty to the lives of those around us." l1l6l WWW - - TH IAL-.l.1-.-. Ill zffxi MUSICAL CLUB Second Row: Treasurer M. BOND, Librarian B. CHADWICIQ, Secretary R. LTILL, Librarian B. MERRIHEXN' Fran! Row: Vice-President L. HATHAWAY, MR. ARCHIBALD, President C. LINCOLN ORCHESTRA Serond Row: L. MIERZEJEWSKA, R. LOVELACE, C. LINCOLN, MR. ARCHIBALD, R. DOLAN, C. IALLACH, T. SATO, H. GAGE, L. ANDERSON Front Row: Cv. VALITON, H. OS1'ERLUND, E. KING, A. VVALTHERS, E. BLACKBURN, R. HOLDEN, I. LYNCH l117I I THE DIAL I A'KEMPIS Srrorm' Row: ANNA SMITH, ANNE GEOGHEGAN, EVELYN KANE Front Row: BLANID QUEENEY, Miss ALICE JOYCE, President VERONICA BAHLEDA, HELEN HARRIGAN THOMAS A'KEMPlS CLUB HE Thomas A'Kempis Club, named after a priest and writer of the l-lth century, was founded in this college for the purpose of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship. "Catho- lic culture is a telling, a cultivating of the whole self, a disciplining, a refining of body, well-being soul, mind, heart. It is the bringing out to fullest development of every human quality and attribute of the person and personality that we possess in miniature, capable almost of infinite development in the mold of which each person is made like to God. God made the crea- ture to reflect His perfections. Catholic culture is the sanctilication and socialization of the individualf' Our club is one of the many Newman Clubs that are united in Catholic action. This year we were very active in the New England Province of the Federation which consists of all the College Catholic Clubs. We were represented on all the various committees, entertained the Federation members at a business meeting and tea here at the college, attended Communion breakfast in Boston, and a large number attended the annual Spring Convention, April 26th- 28th. We are very fortunate in having one ofour members elected Vice-Chairman of the province for next year. Our club meets monthly. Its purposes are religious, educational, and social in this order of importance. Under the capable guidance of our chaplain the Reverend James Dunford, we feel as though we are fulfilling the ideals of our organization. We are deeply grateful to Miss Alice Joyce, our faculty advisor, for her unfailing interest, to Miss Mary Donohue and Miss Mary Long of the Training School, to the Federation for the co-operation and interest in our club, and to the members of the A'Kempis Club who have made this year so successful. l118J THE nIiL--- ltd? Q . mf' M.: Y. W. C. A. Sefond Row: M. MAYNARD, M. PRICE, T. HOITT, D. DowL1NG, E. RisvNo1.Ds Front Row: H. GAGE, Miss HL'NT, D. SCHEURCH, Miss TL'RNER, H. OS'ITERLL'ND Y. W. C. A. "This is the pledge we make togetherg To the world we'll give our bestg Hearts and minds now consecrated This our day to meet the test Truth triumphant, life victorious, May this ever be our quest." In September the Y. W. C. A. cabinet met here on the hill with Miss Ann Silver and Miss Tirza Ann Dinsdale to outline our plans for the year. The week-end was most inspiringg As a result it was decided that the Current Events Group should be continued, a Personality Group should be organized, and the Philosophy of Living Group should be continued this year. Our annual bazaar this year was entitled "A Night in Old Boston." At our meetings sched- uled for assembly period, Y. W. C. A. has sponsored three speakers, Dr. Karl Bowman ofl-larvard University, Mr. Cheney Jones ofthe New England Home for Little Wianderers and Reverend Kingsolving of Trinity Church, Boston. Girls have attended intercollegiate conferences at Northfield, at Philips Brooks House, Cambridge, and at the meetings of the Metropolitan Council in Boston. Vile are planning to send a delegation to the Maqua Conference this June. l1l9l --- -THE Dlfli- ..L. .-W.. CURRENT EVENTS LEADERS RADIO GROUP I 120 1 NH 010 I ill Y fl' .T 1. , I 'I I I FINE ARTS Serond Raw: L. TXTIERZEJEWSKA, MISS FRENCH Frou! Rota: E. BONYMAN, President B. LANDRY, A. GARYEY, A. lVTINICHIEI.I,O THE FINE ARTS CLUB The Fine Arts Club, whose aim is tO add tO the Cultural side Of the School life, has been very active during the past year. Two new divisions were added to the club, namely that of metal- craft and radio under the supervision Of Miss Neitzold and Miss Kingman respectively. Mr. Dummer, Of the Boston Post entertained members of the club and their invited guests vihile he did a number Of humorous drawings and told Of many ot' his experiences in newspaper work. Students from Emerson College, under the auspices of the club, entertained the student body at an assembly on April 29. The major activity of the year was the presentation of 'LPygmaliOn,' by George Bernard Shaw. Unusual talent was exhibited by members of all four Classes. A number of spot lights were purchased from the Capron Lighting Company for use in the play and given to the school for use in dramatics in the future. MRS. EYNSFORD HILL HER DAUGHTER . FREDDIE . . BYSTANDER . . SARCASTIC BYSTANDER PROFESSOR HIGGINS COLONEL PICRERING LIZA, a flower girl . MRS. PEARCE . ALFRED DOOLTTTLE MRS. HIGGINS , PARLOR MAID CAST FOR UPYGMALIONU l121l . NTARY BARNES GR.ACE TQONVLAND NTARY BTCCAVLEY AGNES lX'lARSDEN HELEN HARRIGAN MA RCIA TDONOVAN RL"I'H SAMPSON . NTARY NOLAN . CLAIRE VVOOIJS BTIRIAM RO'l'HKK'JlAH Ti.-XTHERINE BROSNAN KAREN JOHNSON NX W ------TH IIIL--i..l. FEATURES OF ASSEMBLY O'INOBER 29 ' F. Lauriston Bullardf Editor Boston Herald- "Gathering the Newsn NOVEMBER 26 Albert Leonard Squier "An Artist in the Canadian Rockies" DECEMBER -l Dr. Frederick J. Libby "The VVorld Situation and What VVe Can Do About It DECEMBER 10 C. Edward Newell "The Nativity in Art and Music" JAN UARY 30 Pauline Chellis Modern Dance Recital FEBRUARY 4 Kirby Page "After the New DealvVVhat?" FEBRUARY 11 Hans Helms Musicale lMTARCH 11 George Elias "A Man Wlithout a Country" lX4ARCl-I 18 Dr. Karl Bowman-Child Psychology Sponsored by Young YVomen's Christian Association AI-RIL 8 L. R. Talbot Massachusetts Audubon Society APRIL 9 Todd Lecturer-Dr. E. T. Thorndike Psychology in Education APRIL 15 Cheney Jones New England Home for Little Vilanderers- "W'l1at's on the Child's Mindn NTAY 20 Dr. Kinsolving from Trinity Church, Boston MAY 27 George L. Farley State Club Leader, Massachusetts State College IIQQI K2 At Hetics ----THE niiL---- ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 4b'8l'0?1LfR!1fi'.' H, Tomasz, N. REN'roN, M. BOND, Miss TAYLOR, H. CHASE, K. HARDY f'T'UI1fR0'li'.' K. RYAN, K. joHNsoN, R. GLYNN, H. Os'rER1.UNn, P. SPARHAWK, R. PA1,AD1No INTER-CLASS CUP This year each class has its eye on the inter-class cup which was presented to the Athletic Association by Mrs. l,ucie Shepard Reed, a graduate of Framingham. The cup provides an extra stimulus for participation in class athletics because it is to be awarded to the Class having the largest number of points in athletics. THE OLD STANDBYS Hockey Each new athletic year is ushered in by the fascinating game of hockey. This is one of the many sports that helps to instill the desire for good sportsmanship and takes up most of the time through November. 1 1241 -l--l-THE mil- Basketball Basketball is one of the most popular sports for it is one with which every one is familiar. It is valuable in creating a desire for good team work and fair play. From Christmas until the end of March, everyone is basketball- minded. Volley Ball To be able to pass a volley ball over the net requires strength and good judgment. YYhen that art is accomplished it is something fo which to be proud. This recreation lasts from the beginning of April to the middle of May. Baseball Baseball is the game that Finally ends class sports. Here one can try to gain praise by becoming a home run king or a no-hit, no-run pitcher. Tennis The delightful game of tennis is always the most popular game played every fall and spring. The game is one which anyone can play, either for individual sport or as a par- ticipant in singles and doubles tournaments. N251 -----THE miL------ Hilcing Hiking is one of the easiest ways to gain A. A. points. Two of the outstanding hikes of the year are the Freshman-Senior hike to Nobscot during the First week of school, and the overnight hike to the same place. NEW SPORTS INTRODUCED THIS YEAR ? Badminton Badminton is another of the new games. In the near -future it may vie for popularity honors with its sister game of tennis. l Archery One of the new sports rapidly gaining popularity is archery. This pastime is one which is important in developing poise and accuracy. Before practices were started the student had the opportunity of witnessing an archery exhibition on the athletic field. E Ping Pong Ping Pong is the newest game introduced. This is one of the few sports that may be carried over into the home, and is often thought of as "miniature" tennis. 126 1 -----THE DIAL-i-i- HARVARD YALE WEEKEND NTERESTED ALUMNAE are trooping back to the college on the hillg bored students rouse themselves and stay for the weekend, freshmen grow eager and ply the older girls with questions. Of course it's the big weekend before Thanksgiving which is promising such excitement. Friday night, N0vem!ze1'23 Qpening the weekend- with a bang as the Mockman Dance, offering this year the largest and funniest assortment of costumes ever witnessed in May Hall. Srzfurday mornilzg, N ovember 21 Everyone gets up feeling happy, looks out of the window and sees that it is raining. Various remarks are made questioning whether or not the hockey game will be played. The rain ceases as if in answer to a silent prayer. VVith eager eyes everyone-seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, faculty and alumnae fwatches strangely clad people appearing on the athletic field. They are a few of the notables who attended the Mockman Dance and are now being photographed in a motion picture. The donation of the film to the Athletic Association by one of the alumnae adds interest and novelty to the day. 10:30 The players are huddled in the gym. 10:45 They appear on the field to have what they call a "warming up period." At the same time strange noises are heard. They are none other than bells and tinpans which are being carried by the loyal Harvard and Yale rooters on their march to the held. Such a sight one rarely sees-blue and red kerchiefs, feathers and tooters. Their wearers are trying to outdo each other under the able direction of cheer leaders "Mim" Rothkopf, Eleanor Morse and Eleanor Rohde for Yale and Mary Murphy, Ruby VVilson and Phyllis Sparhawk for Har- vard. Before taking their places on the sidelines the followers of each team march on to the field for the letter formation. 11:00 The players take their positions. Everyone is tense. The game begins. What a game! It is a very common sight to see one of the players in blue or one in black, white and red go sliding all over the muddy field. Both teams are fighting and playing hard. Neither team is able to keep the ball long. As the game continues everyone is beginning to wonder if it will end in a scoreless tie. At an unexpected moment "Kippy" Ryan makes a goal for Harvard. The game is played harder after that, Harvard determined to keep the lead and Yale just as determined to get a score. After thirty minutes of good, hard clean playing Harvard is the victor with a score of 1-O. limi --- - - 1H5nmL----- HARVARD HOCKEY Semnd Raw: B. RYDER, M. MACFARLAND, A. LOUHI, C. IQENYVAYJ J. HORTON Fran! Row: F. PACETTI, M. BOND, K. RYAN, F. GEORGAS, F. HALPIN, R. PALADINO, R. PILIBOSIAN YALE HOCKEY TEAM Srfwzd Row: M. FALVEY, D. FURBUSH, A. GARVEY, L. MIERZEJEXVSKA 10-11111 Row: C. Fos'1'E1x, P. HOR'l'0N, A. SMITH, E. LE FORT, H. ELDRIDGE 11281 --" -THE mit T Safurdfzy affernoorz 2:30 Slowly the crowd starts to fill the gymnasium. lt seems impossible that so many people can be fitted in such a small space but somehow it is done. Before long the players come on the floor, are given rousing cheers and get ready to play. 3:00 Scorers ready? Timers ready? Captains ready? The game is on! Vllhat a game! Both teams are determined to win, Harvard to continue its winning streak and Yale to gain a victory. Harvard takes the lead and has to fight to keep it. Everyone is breathless and hoarse when the final whistle blows with the score 36-28 in favor of Harvard. Saturday fziglzf At six o'clock everyone received the surprise of her life when she saw the Assembly Hall all dressed up in banquet tinery. Cheers, songs, and toasts lend a merry note to the festive affair. When the banquet is over the weekend has its grand finale in a gay theater party enlivened during the pause between pictures by the winning of a prize turkey by "Kippy" Ryan. Thus ends a perfect weekend which will be a happy memory for weeks to come. I 129 1 ---img nmL----- 1 I ' Q 1 . 4 . HARVARD BASKETBALL Sefond Row: M. 1x4UNS1L, C. LINCOLN, J. HOMER Fl'071fR0'ZU.' BLACKBURN, H. ARCHIBALD, B. PRocI'oR R 1 ,I+-ff, Q XF YALE BAS KETBALL St'f0711fR0'ZU.' M. R'1ACLEOD, M. HARRIS, K. HARNEX' Fran! Row: A. GEOGHEGAN, R. KEl.l.X', L. WINsI.ow l 130.1 Ryu TH IAL , ..,. I HALL OF FAME HELEN ARCHIBAID MARX Boxu NIARX FALX EX 4 Ann GEOCHEGAN ROSE Gu wx Q BARBARA IXEEDX -XL RA I OL HI Q Q AIARCAREI NIAM EL ROSE PA1 Ammo Q P STHER Hou E RA PHI EEN Rx AN HILDECARDOSTERLL 'XID Gu ENDOLX N Qu Avsox 4 RITA IxEL1x CATHERINE HARNEY LEONA MIERZEIEWRRA4 BETIX XXI-IITNIEX Wearer of All Round F 6 Also recelved Certxflc ltes the hlgheit awqrd QIVSH bs ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION 6 - A 7 v , 4 kv YA AY 4 ANNA SMITH 1 I 5 4 Y J ' - , . I13lI J . 1 , 1 J, 1 4 N -1? ,,. 1 . 1 .1 "4 1 .: 15 . ' Cv 1 . 'L 1 J 1 1 bt. Q' V 4 '. . 5-' 3 'F , 04" 'dx 'fa '-'r i1."1I 1,f "FV 1 -' An- -,1'1agf'w"'? 11 .1 .,-nh., -2 : y'1HT, ' X-.7 , .11 -',1 -. 1- 1 'Vi' 11 1 j.U1.1,.M. . ,,- 3.1. .Ap '4 "'l :,' 41,'44 J ' ' ' "I 'I 1 X1 11 1.11 ' 1 'X ,Q 1.1" My ".NYe,1' 1 -1,1 1 1' " -- LL 'L 'T' 11 1 - 1'-r L f. ' r Q 15? L :1:73?",,-:1'1,"'bN? 12. f - ' 1 . ' - ' 1 Wa., J -1' f11,'x1E, ' 4.1 - "' 1 2 - . ' LJ- 3 , , .17 wftjk' 12-31 H ,1:'.1g,,.--1 1: .,f,ii, ,W . 1- -ffl" - P If 'EH 01 ,ivflrr I ':. v' " , ,A 5-13,2 , ,.vL,.v.I.J:.KL.4, xA,,,,,k,v! I .1 1 , , ka , 1 1 Q ,,.--. 3.5 "a":iiP7'l ff' f-'AZXQAZ SQA' 'iktfll TN'3lFI",'.x' .YII MQ -----THE mir AND SHE GOT THE JOB 135 Parsons Street, Brighton, Massachusetts. February 6, 1935. MR. So AND So, Szzperirzfrzzalenf of Schoolr, Boston, Massachusetts. MY DEAR MR. So AND So: I am a master at tennis, a wow at swimming, superb in clothing, and in foods-hot cha! I am exceptionally attractive, charming personality, sex appeal, and everything it takes. I am qualiiied also to teach biology, microbiology, English, Sociology, Psychology, Physics, Latin, Textiles, Clothing, Millinery, and in fact any of the major subjects. If you will refer to any member of the faculty, Miss Hunt, Miss MacMillan, Miss Taylor, or Miss Cummings, I am confident that they will fully appreciate my super qualities of leader- ship. I have perfect poise, even disposition, am not temperamental, never say unkind words- in fact I am colossal! Hoping to find you the same, Lovingly yours, FLOSSIE. P. S. I shall be ready after June 2 to fill these positions. P. P. S. I can also row boat, hike-however I come back disabled for weeks. Learned at Crocker: When eggs are broken and not separated as for custard sauce, they are of no further use to anyone and may be poured down the sink. fSee two blondes for more information on the subjectj The sewing machine in the third Hoor corridor provides riding facilities for anyone interested. The cookie closet is always open and its contents may be available for girls and friends. Three dozen decorated tea cakes can disappear to the amazement of every girl in house practice. A diet "starting tomorrow" is a feat which is unattainable. You know on Miss Buckley's birthday she received a lovely historic textile from some synonomous person. Clt was an old, narsty, holy press cloth and beautifully wrapped? She doesn't know, but she thinks Miss Nietzold gave it to her. VVho ever gave it did a "Niet" job, it was "zo-old." While discussing the various accents of "future stage stars," after a British Place Name Test, Ruth Gill "came out" quite naively, Hasn't she the clearest orkney accent? In Fl. Sr. Civics Class Miss LARNED: Suppose, instead of going to church you stay home and meditate or read in a religious fieldvis that a moral decision? STELLA: If you do that, you might as well go to church. Pk Pk ik ik Dk Dk Pk i 134 1 ---lar niiL----- Match these up and there's a catch. Cll Sift the shoulder seams. QD Awfully interesting. C3l Terrible! l VVhat did you have for lunch, beer? Call I suggest. Where's Miss Donovan? You are cordially requested to attend assembly this afternoon. All stop and hold up hard pencils. Were still planning for that nzyvflizraljfffd day so Ishall have the first half of the hour. Fit the slaps over the hops. Miss Gardner Miss Buckley Nlrs. Amidon Pres. Bagnall Mr. Archibald Miss Sparrow Mr. Ried Miss Coss Mr. VVorkman Mr. Doner C59 C65 C73 C33 Heard in El. Sr. II. Miss LARNED: "What is the Decameron?" M. D.: "I haven't read it-they don't let it out!" Miss LARNED: "What is asceticism?" M. D.: "The grasshoppern-''Cannibalisml" Miss Poous: Cin History of Textilesl: YVhat's a phoenix? M. ROPER: Isn't it one of those Egyptian things that's half man and halflion? DR. NIEIER2 My sister was in a hospital for about twenty years and during one month twenty- eight people died. Rose: Was she a dietitian? CAt class meetingl Why do the elementaries have to be so elementary about things? YYhat was it that Miss Gardner said about getting into the oven when the temperature reached 30001-7? MR. ARCHIBALD! Will the girls who take care ofthe music please keep on the job, and the job's not Finished until everyone has music. VVANDA: Cwith martyred feelingj There's only one of us! I 135 l J NQM -------THEI DIHL The worth of a book is proved by the number of times it is fzzkerz from a Hreservedn shelf. KING: C.-Xfter beating mixture several minutesl l'I'm going to be a cross country runnereon my hands." M. SPRAGUE: I guess I'd better get myself up to room 15 for education before I clon't have a seat. KING Qafter eating her daily yeast cakel Why, I'm fairly effervesentl MR. ARCHIBALD: Now, sopranos, I want you to put the finishing touches on this. L. DECRIsTorARo: They'll finish it all right. DR. AIEIERZ Isn't there a Hudson girl in this Class? RosE.: Sure, Norma. If you should ride in Anne Jenkins's pluto you'll hear: Get a horsel Put a nickel in itl How's the air up there? Does it go itself? Sell it and buy a stick of gum! Don't let it get away on ya! Bliss WEEKS: I think I'll not tell you how much this steak cost-perhaps it will taste coppery to you. I3I.L'sHED SENIIIR: Nliss Russell left me a message to see her. I'm scared! Fmss: Here, have a life saver! I mf, I , 4, I 5 1 v 4' 'I '-1 ,Ain , .l,s, N f . -4 -z.:-.., '-- 5 712, X v, Ll-.,.W,:,, . , ,I ' 4 "gl.':1'.. - ' 4 Q' "Vu :. , E "1'1',5,'Q,jL's'Q.,,1 , X 5, ,, ,V :G 'f'? f2'."5e-' A ww' ,- A wif' , 55:4 Yi 1-,fn ., - I., It 1 - .4-,A 'ffm 3 A X ,L ' '.:'z "- ' . -fu" -, -A ,.,,-' . . ---nf, 4, I -1 'f','f151V'i A V :,.'..L, - , my - ' -' '3 , 4 J -335-,Y 'A " 'Z if ,yuh 52214 , I I .. 3 Y Y. , , 1 , W-fa - - ,. . ' ' If L3 ffl'- is --1. lx 41 . V."',lv , 3 J. , '.q,x' V . fn- af f .,..L1,,A,,. is" . 1'. 'H -F I . a. Q. f L! , . 1 N.. 'J Q, 'az'- , gr .1 1-4 f .",.-Q '. ,, ...,. -'iQr1 : 1 s. X, - - KY' -: f- ffm, - 1 ,.,. ' 'G+ MAJ ' f 'Z' df ff-,3'-MAI' up 5? E THE DIAL THE DIAL THE DIAL THE DIAL TH IAL THE DIAL THE DIAL THE DIAL THE DIAL 4 rvnmzn I nznszns THE YLASS 5 .. A V r' vF VF IYSS -N---------mt DIAL-+-- AVE you often wondered what happened to ex-members of our class? As you may suppose the roads which they follow are many and varied. Let us travel down some of these roads and pause to hnd out where some have centered their interests. E!6llZE7Zf!Z7lY Cffzrrs Mary Anderson is working in a Boston department store. Doris Cohen is doing clerical work at the Beth Israel Hospital in Brookline. Hazel Crowdis is a Senior at Bridgewater Teachers College. Anna Fishman is staying at home in Cambridge. Catherine Godsoe is working in Natick. Edith Viale is an operator at the Framingham Telephone Company. Mary Jane YYatson is also working in a Boston department store. Housefzofd .1115 amz' Vomfioimf C!zz,f5e.v: Margaret Barry is working as a secretary in the Olympia Building, in New Bedford. Nona Bates is married and has a young daughter. Florence Benson is now Mrs. Donald Jewett, mother of Gale Adams Jewett and lives in Worcester. Emily Bridgeham is in training at the Boston City Hospital. Marion Caverly is studying for nursing at the Deaconess Hospital in Boston. Helen Catfey is working in the New England Peabody Home Tea Room in Newton. Margaret Dolan is a telephone operator in Fitchburg. Lea Fligel is working in a shop in VValtham. Rose Gill is a student at State Teachers College in Hyannis. Katherine Hayden is a student at Boston University. Carolyn Hausmer is a clerk in an Insurance Ofiice. Dorothy Heyward is training for a nurse at the Lowell General Hospital. Edith Hitchins is Mrs. YVilliam Beeman. Ruth Johnson is her father's secretary. Mary Little is Sister Mary Referada ofthe Convent of Sisters of Mercy in Worcester. Delcina Mills is married and has a young son. Louise Monson is living at Jackson Heights, Long Island. Helen Nesbit is at the School of Occupational Therapy. Louise O'Banyoun is now Mrs. John Miller and has a baby son. She resides at 25 Aspinwall Road in Dorchester. "Bunnie" Robinson is a Senior at Leslie Kindergarten School in Cambridge. Betty Sears is a student at the Salem Commercial School. Esther Stroud is a nurse at the Children's Sunlight Hospital in Egypt, Massachusetts. Ruth Sweetser is managing the Boston University Cafeteria. She graduated from the Boston Cooking School. Dolores Sylvia is Mrs. Jack Peters and has a baby daughter, Virginia Lee Peters. Ellen Shepard is living at home in Athol. Alicia Tracy is a Senior at Boston University. Ann VVagner is Mrs. Roger Howard, and has a daughter, Joan Charlotte. MARY K. FALVEY. I 150 I ID. Mcynarl IISII --1 THE DIAL------ TO OUR READERS In return for the cooperation that these advertisers have given us in making our book financially possible, will you please give them your patronage at every possible opportunity. LOUISE CLARKE, .idverfisifzg Zllanager. l 152 I DlAL.i...1............. INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A. Fleming Company ...,... , Alumnae Association AthleticAssociation . Beattie and McGuire , Bolton-Smart Company, Inc. . Class and Club Council . . Class and Club Council Cottage . Commuters' Association , . Dieges and Clust . Doe, Sullivan and Co., Inc. Dr. H. B. Randall . Fine Arts Club . Framingham Laundry Freshman Class . Grace M. Abbott Agency Home Economics Club . Howard VVesson . . . Junior Class ...A Lowell Brothers and Bailey Co. Musical Clubs . . . Ralph Burns . ' Rival Foods . , Samuel Holmes, Inc. . Senior Class . . Shattuck and Jones . Sophomore Class . . S. S. Pierce Company . Student Co-Operative Association The B. 81 YW. Lines . . The Graphic Press . . The Leland Gray Studios . Thomas A'Kempis Club . Union Bookbinding Company . White Studio ...... Young WVomen,s Christian Association . . 11531 155 162 157 159 155 158 165 160 157 158 158 163 160 159 157 157 163 155 155 159 157 159 155 156 159 163 160 15-1 158 16-1 158 163 158 161 158 Compl iments of fCrO:UHiRiWlYli ASSUCLYDIUN Qrficers of 193451935 president . . . MARJQWE A. STUDLEV Vice-president . . . MARY C. KENNEV Secretary . . VERA A. BISBEE Treasurer . HELEN C. CHASE IIS-ll Compliments ol the JUNIOR CLASS B. McKeever, Pres. F. B. Tyler, Trees. l I Bolton-Smart Company, lnc. Lowell Bros.8n Bailey Co. Beef Pork Fish Butter 8g Lamb Veal Cheese Eggs Poultry Relishes Tel. Capitol 8790 47-48 South lVlarl4et Street ,lg-Q5 SOUTH MARKET STREET BOS-I-GN MASS- BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS ones Lal. 4670-4671 A. J. FLEMMING CO. Fancy Dressed Meats 13-15 FANEUIL HALL MARKET BGSTQN, MASS. SAMUEL HOLMES J. FREDERICK HOLMES FRANK W. HOLMES SAMUEL HOLMES, Im. Wholesale and Retail Poultry and Game Stalls '19-'19-Q1-E23-Q5 Faneuil l-lall Market Basement 3 and 4 South Side BGSTCDN, MASS. Tel. Capitol 0708-0709-0710 Compliments of the SENICR CLASS of 1935 We otfer a sport or game for every girl because a girlfs leisure time is wortli wlwile. D fi'qQ is l ATI-IILETIC ASSOCIATIIUN ,Y 7 T i it l T Comp 'ments Ol 1 Compliments ol tlwe RALPH JL BURNS l l Honnuo lEEfC0i1'11fOi1iIHllfCS Clluils BOSTON I i .c ,J l ,"' ,-,-, Dleges 85 Cifolm ,grace Ecyqlalnoll If we made lt, It s right X fbeaclley-S' Lfyqgoncu QESS Rinsz am! ETS oi2AcE M. ABBOTT, Manager p,i,j'E'jpj"and 5.62525 mo BOVLSTON STREET BOSTON 73 Member National Association of Teachers BQSTON, MASS. , Agencies L J u ll l157l Compliments I o I I Class annul lClul3 Qoummcilll Compliments oi lilzxxihall Union Bookbinding Co. 1 Incorporated J Established 1890 EDITIONS and PAMPHLETS Loose Leaf and Visible Records Covers for Every Purpose Catalog - Appraisal - price Boolc Display Binders - portfolios presentation Books 289 CONGRESS STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Telephone LIBerty 9476 Dentist Smith Bldg. FIQAIVIIINIGI-IAM, MASS. G. Francs: James, Pres. E. I, Knowles, Vice-Pres. Phone 500'l DOE., SULLIVAN 8: C0., Inc. . Receivers and Dealers in I we Gray BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, Etc. i PHOTOGRAPHERS 57-59-61 and 63 Faneuil Hall Market and I Basement 1112 South Side Faneuil Hall Market 357 AVENUE BOSTON , FRAMINGHAM Mfsss. Ca I985O-S1-SQ Established 1829 as I De Luxe Motor Coaches , COITIDIIIUZNIS OI S d ' M hl P , . . tu ents ont Y ass Young Wolfzen J C'llI7'ZJ'fIdll General Oiiices , I FRAMINGHAM, Mfass. , fIV'v'm'm0'1 Tel, Pram. 4343 Q Compliments ol tlwe PRES!-IMAN CLASS 2523 SHATTUCK 81 JONES CINCORPORATEDD T59 ATLANTIC AVENUE BOSTON MASS. T i i i i T Compliments ol tlwe MUSICAL CLUBS l l l Compliments of RTTVAL FOODS Compliments ol l Beattie Q McGuire, Inc. Q9 TEMPLE PLACE BOSTON MASS Telephone Liberty 5753 15 9 I rgxiw -T- - ,ei Better Food or Hea t and Pleasure Thousands ol New England vvomen have discovered that lor wholesome Favorlul Foods-vvhether the staples lor everyday cool4ery or the luxuries for parties, teas, Formal dinners or holiday spreads-they can turn to the S. S. Pierce Co., confident that their wants vvill be satisfactorily and economically Filled. S. S. l3ierce's splendid variety ol loods brings enjoyment to the table. The service makes ordering a pleasure, and the prices appeal to people vvho understand good value. Visit the S. S. Pierce stores or avail yourself ol the expert telephone or mail order service. Send for "The Epicure" if rofzmiizx our rompfefe prime fix! Il? deliver by our own frzfrks In Framinglnzm S.. S0 PIERCE CO., COPLEY SQUARE TREMONT and BEACON STS. 133 BROOKLINE AVE. COOLIDGE CORNER, BROOKLINE NEWTON CENTRE BELMONT A a aa-a - A i. . Framingham Laundry ELBIN F. LORD, Manager Sli? 169 HQWARD STREET FPAMINGHAM MASS. Telephone Framingham 7163 Compliments OF the Q91 Q2 l 9 Q f- Olllllllllll Mil F VS OC il lllOlll1 Careful Launclerers , of all Washable Material Ulf The largest and pest equipped Laundry in Framingham or vicinity i I U70 l QL lm fjmflia 'l54l Eoylston Street Boston, Mass. Completely Equipped to Render e l-liglmest Quality Craitsmanslwio and an lfxoeclitecl Service on B th personal portraiture ancl plwotograplmy lor College Annuals x Official Photographers to the 1935 Dial l161l Compliments of the Alumnae Association 11621 l l l l as l ae l 4 1 ge Compliments ol tlwe Conmliments ol the Sophomore Cfofs Fimg ANS Qllub as l I l HOWARD WESSON l New England's Largest College Annual Compliments ol Designers ancl Engravers E Engravers fur this Bunk HOWARD-WESSON CO. Amsrs and Makers ol func Pnmmg Plarn 44 Portland Strut fPrinlcrl Building, WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS TllfllOPMAS AlllilEf,MlPllS CLUB 163 GEORGE W. JCDHNSON Q f 1f'cLf3Lu1 c Qmess printers of "The Dialu for T934-1935 , 1 ,X 51 GI I f 1 2 Cl'l,1"C , cnuc Y f 1' fl !c1 ulo1f1, WXHCISS. Teledmone Newton North OO77 I 164 1 SUPPORT THE Class and Club Council Cottage Have Your Social Events There! I 1 1 1 r , I . H wfy"':1ag1 'wfug I ,g.,' Wfff 4 Q- NWT? 5.55 L--Air. , ,!..,. ,. A. 14 :A ff' '18, -'-1l"'I'f- ,Jw 1- x..-S., "W-"'f--, .1 ,Pam ,' u ,4 ,M ,,-, ,V X45 a gg' . M". :www w ' 'ly A ' . I -. 4 X ., ,N , , -. . f. , ,. '. .,1."" , 11- F, - v,,,g..,, .1 . , -1 ,IWW V, ., 1 -Vx, 'W I 4-G w.F,UU .".7: QUWA 5 'FY 94 w r v A . ,f Q A CQSVL1'-k I ,A .- ,1,1,,, i . 1, .ULN , c:f..u , nv' ,l, ,,. L. ff , U, 1 4'i'.4.f,'1 V, ,f - V 1' H , ,.l , 4, L fy-H5 ,1 .-1,1 9, QW" nw' "' 1 '.g:x'xJ , fxkbixf' 4 V ' ' :'kli0'T, f 14:5 ,J , M. '- 'qu L1 :Y M. x L.. . ,-. J W L ,iv u f liffi ni' ,., 1 . A , ' -R15 ,f Q 5-lik. 1,-cg5,s4, -f' .f X I D. e,g.5,f9 ' f vii" 2 vii? ,vi L1 ' , .,'.l f??ff?T 36 ,lr V FIM 1.5.-iff z ,bi -1 , .4 f ,.., -14 1 - :If .w x-if 5 gf I' 'ffff 'gig rang, . : uw' 5 f., ,N if .f: 'af f 's wma, Y' r?G' il ff. ui :' ,r-f.v3,s4 'f'fQS'Rx L,',,:v, , ,Yr -LA x A7 ff . 5-L-:4c'. ' 271314 ,C 'i 25, 2"'1l'ie, ri il iyb. ?, ,iff INN ., Q' -,34?, nu E M . .31 ,,., I V, 1 I V v f, ,- . Y , .' tix' L' 1 1 . 1' T , . J if- v 1 VA , QQ 3: 'I' "lf V ,l 7,2 . I , ali I , , e', 4 it 2: r -1 LY , lg ", s 1, if ' tv 1 N . S 4 2 . V , I , , . x .4 :Q A I e .1 ,I ...N-,-.,..,.Y A A, -.1--11 - . ., .'2-Ax .1 .31 . 1' ,X . . " '.,a ,',.1,1',',k1.. '. xt 5' . . Q. , ,. ,.- .V , l, .. Tr... Zz' x :. Lp., .V ,Y Y. VE. 1. 21 . J 1. ff: J . ,yo . .. 1., I ' - 1--.L ' . . ff . .1 ', 'f ' 1-'K' -'. 14, '.' '1'5'.:m . J, Y .x. t,,, . 1-r 51.1111 1..'1-9 1.. ...1,'..: 1, R 1... 2 +3-".f1..-3. .. 1',.- 11,1 -1 1, ... .1, V., If 1. 1a 1, . 1 1 - 1 . .-- A we .21 . . ,. ., ,V . , , .., . ,.!. , ' 'X-1 P115-.-11 . . ,.. mg A. . . 1- V. -1 1 271112 ' ' 4' ,.,11 1 , ,Q - .. I. ' U" 2 . . . " Z .. 4.1. f. 3' Ms 22,2 ,+. '11-T 1' . , -1' 1 1' . 1 ' , .sl 41:-: 1' ,Q '27, ' Q ' 1 lg.: , ' 'A -J .1 . ,1 ' 1 - 1,11...-51512 ' 3 ,-.keg 4. " ' ,,. A! 4.. . ALM. , ,, ,I .. , ., IQ.. , 1 w1.1i.J-F.. 1.9. V L I .lv ,, . . I, -,N , Q , .,,. ,' 4 JL.. ,MN1 ' .' 151' " F- -""+'u'. V , .a.i.,.X..". 1 - ,.,.. Nwiy.. .. .N ' 2. a",.' 1 . ,,f:.1'gf'+1 X , vw.. x :J ' ,fp-511' 2 1 1-wif' 11'f' . f, 1 N . ' "'., ,. 1 -.QP ' .-.v -M. '1' x'Nl,:1 . Q54 '-.NV '-r ' 1 X. I , . I . ' n . ' n . 1 1 r . . ' 5- . .V ' . . '! ' - .w .1 3- K ' . , . gulf 1 , . . . .ydY..-.,.YJih,!.:1fy -IJ .ML 'NZ .1 ' x. ., ,' .1f..,. . 1. Aww... , ,, . f , ,X u ..v -n.1.,1 . -wuz--1 . . ., ,pf :. rv, .fl ' Q . ,Q , . . '-vu.. 1 1 W. A, A .. rf 11 . .. 4' ' 4 .13,', .1L. I.. , !.ul,y J . 1: ...1..1. 11- . ' L" ',: ,ff 'n,f,v 1314, L 11 . ' 1 -1.1.1 . . 1. 21.1 ,N Y. . "1,w' f. 1 31 .,,.c. :. 'L iY"'l, U .. ".g3. . ,. .M Y. . . ., ,M 5 N. ,A . ,. .V11 , " "g' ,'.: -v., I , 41 fx, . . 11" . '.'1' ."1.f.' f 'H ' .qdyf ' 1 . . H , . 95.1. 5. ,..1 - 1... 5. ,, . .1 Eh. . " '1 ' ' W. 1. .l " .NA . ' Nj" . Q., Ky w.f'. 1 Q . .4 1 '1 1 "'-.Q :,1 1--A 1. , H 1 .' 5 . ',..I..'.'4 . M ,-:f IVA.: I. 51'--'f L .,, . . , .QV l... !,,l .. , . U, ,Qf',..f'.- . -W .. "' .Q . ,X . , . -.. - - 'fx .. Q .:.1 -Ze.: my Q, .1 M !lM:YH'l1'5B'?JN'bMRlE.!.TlWAIA0c.'li.Bv7l51l!L2 .64 'UWT 0-9 UN '.nEuQH.ffll4-Yu 1- ' ' :ww ,,,.:'j . .fjwfzi-' 1. , v. -1 A 1. - . ' : - .f , . . f-- , 5 .1 4 I, 1'- " 'V fx. Q1 . ' ' 1 .4 9" -J. A' 'fl' .,. . .1 W 1 . . T' . '--1.1, 11 .- ,ph V . A' F. 11 . .,. ,. A . . 511.2 .4 1, 1, AM- ' 1 Q1 .1 ' .'1:. r,- 1 If '1 .H . gi, 1,1 .-Ur 5,55 wgll 1r1 " '1 ..'1. 1, I, 1:1 . .,.L. ' 1 x. 11,1 9 M 1. 1 ,ina ,,., .IJ 1 ., X h. 1 'A . .1, 1" 1 1 . INA 1 em, 1 .n M .F .1 XWDOYH 4,1 w ,Q 1 A , f 4 4 1,11 1 ' ' 5, wh A 1' H1 1 . f 1 L. 5. 1 ' A lf A 1 in , . 1 11, 1 -z ,gym 1, f ,. , if ' v'N'? l k , ,sv , M 4 1' ,. X f H f k ., , .L f 1 , . , An .V-JA ff ' I I I ' 1,22 fa., A U. ' , XJ, -- V W ' f ax., rl 'f I .4- I, .. f K six 5 u ' if . " .xv fff' p. ,J r- Q.,- 4 5,15 :al .f tl V Q7 . jy ' 4 . 1,2 . yr 'x 6 'L ' 1 1 1... f ,ui . . M. , ff? 9? V lv. 13 wr, v V .nn ful A , , fl ' 4' I 1, A V 1, ,m 4 5 Bc, 1- -1. Ev

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Framingham State University - Dial Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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