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 - Class of 1988

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Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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c. M QQMJJ 1M opmg xo GX +0 Flfqd A 1111 F I' - i f au, ""1"edha'f lm' e F Aff S In m e ramm eras! 2 Ss 8821 S 011 ham H381 ' ' tx-e , '1 occ-'el' to Nflftilh Akssgixlkidow- e xX S 3 XX Q9 Q16 Q15 K xv el' 'I 1 exoefxvafbqgbq Yezxoovm for Rggaigt ynne Qadnfgielg: "AS -A en 'J , X Qi 'ir I1 Or e W XW'i wmv emwHT I 95 xo 'G '03 5 zy an angr ,Ulf oils? eg, , Tuesg t ,f ' Q , .W4:,.::g:g:4g1 5359 W .,,. ., Wwmml W 1 f Sc -s Q A- A,.n . 5' fr? Q 40. Q? 'g so SRQO f if me X Q? "'?'-6045? '50 9 W i f rv QQ 9, fzr .gb S' Q 'Si' -S fo 'N Q 5 O 4b.q 'Q 'C' Q? Q, Q Nfwsae Swgqgxf Q' 6 N 9,53 S' 6 P-103 lg-l-if NOK e Uv ed8'e wah koi, . sting was govt 3:13 519363515 OYN vdiieixeid ogovm we ofth and foxxedvtockexs are by .55 5013223 ,Amin kiglil at achoo wxngbackqaxgd the " uyywaw? me 'J ww e .LS Tegexvxhgajtds 1262? 'oi 19 d b the ali American high school. There are tough court Framingham North coul I e - ' i are pretty strict, but seniors say they- those who'd rather take it easy. The ru es QJQQ QQ' Q ix N 'Q :Nl E'o ' pw to 'R r 'w freshmen win t 'INGHAM - Alison Parr ' Price scored goals yet ing Framingham Nor 1mph over Walpoli 'iris soccer aff' lmles back 1, I 0 ' 'Aan 32' :waitin 6 - ",.on'.., 1 "Wi ' W gr 4:1 I' ' ,Q , . , ' xxeo 1 . edetxxolce . e mc Y A WOW xo novxpassta ,A of . Q xo 3,3 Ou 774 7 kr ., 5 L .- K' ,"' , ' CX 'iff' ' ' xiavi S wiv 5 xv 5 xv E . US. V 5 AF7'f .1 3 I G ,-" 4 . Nl AX L CUHU X. I W' Q x15D'b' 77' KW. X 4 1 19' 'Q Q J, A ' 9 GRAY 'S f .IL ,W 6 0 8 gb ' 1 x T 'BT M 8 ar s H 7 31 b 4 X ' N07-9 f 1 yTofnL tiuk of "W M51 7 , K X QE ,T TOLD HER' M De no I 9 3 f M -Q. E STPAN M f r 'LSL ever? . . ,,'r ' 9 Q-1f AV FFQPLE g Lx! S iff! W 3' ' ' ' ',4.4 -1,9 Lg e H .. ' ' 1 X 1 Q J . M? 6. Mx, X 9 Y X I K if QQ Ask 0 Q Q ' 6' WZ? Ho AZQITL Q11 er!! "I . . H SfL'c'e11f ar F' ' Agofm Hhgjf 155, LOS! 60553110 Sf'f1ool1Qs' 411,111 ,OJ y, i' fQ"f'1f1o17we ' o Jaw NM I dl? - 1 3 f'lf'v1EII'SfUb FHAMIN GH4 mm I Rupal 52041 ' e ID gh ' 801 a K J' D you 1 f mean S 841110 rff 1 flodr, - b If V oo S ,oohlieal U, C',5'5," if . Ch fs ulre Chefd K gg "Q'1'dyf0' , 9 efbafis' win F ' , Aforffl klofs' my dffK.,Qamfngl?dm Coume Q is guarr K, cookmg 1'12teresZ1'f1g rigged to be OC61aU081'f2Df1y ILS' am . 6 on I Sffalljtyf f?1'6Ueld Z ' m d the n roun ant tc: 'exiting a w b e who irq!! those much e t hav question ncdn , easy?" good , ffyvum l1t' , UP do 5'3l7CEfr any o' ra ' yOU 4 1od go I de f1g117 tb g 1 ef read Uldfldl' . , . from ,O fuse 6'0Ij'Ir A ,MUS mea Urse' " 8 6 Jfhcr Jur bra 15 1'1pS s ut course d 9 1 yfora , UE cl Latm 1061141 ,YOU r1 - 13061015 S011 li Kapl' O Derek MCCQ1-thi 0 rx Rem 4' fV0P1nan 1f'?"7'e'7f'f' A1 Rlzem Wlfflalh S Slybb , 5, 'ww 5513,-' , V 4 g'2,,i"":f . ,.,':Q V ' on Qi. L O 19 ,F 3 C W L. Colto f0er11an L 0 A111 I Q2 ws naw 693 shea one f .P!u1s, ther? - K ckxee Nav? xc ' Thiovglgeioda He 2. hem 9 ' H xs S .111 x0 Vz,o1 111-91 Adm '11- ' lime' X 1 'goal X K, 1 1 J 0 7 ' 0 sfdfffmfowgowo Ilya, 6 QA Chl spQy0p. ng 'MOTO : qt 'X . Pi M lf Q byeqk ' BY N INCO' Q Y W PHP10 S' 0.08 1 -62:1 1 m H8553 hc wfejleraied 130 Y 1 00 ,V algo 1 -Wg, wx . Georgieam dele I ALQYSEEA1 J 113gQ-Qfqqgjkfibrakf 0' gbafo XagxQfNe.9. Nonh 46 qfoooa' 42411 W ' ' ovs,eEDucAT75D f ,,,'f10,,,Mo 101.,,,Br3 , Q N -JUJT WA"" ' "F'2Q'f 'Qf1Mf,"'00,?'. You :sf f- 0335 S0 W va. ou 6- Sgjouw 016 x91g.il0nh VZ' . nh x9 N0 Q1 SOL' 19 onh O N o 2004 MAY 1 ED 4 w l Q 4 A N 1 '- Q F RAMINGHAM NCJRTH HIGH SCHCJCJL A Street Framingham, MA 01701 svinrins "The Best af Times" ARCHGN 1988 Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition or the Closs of 1988, the post four yeors ot Frominghom North hove meont different things to mony people, but one thing thot we oll ogree on is our ochievements os o closs. Together we hove done everything we could possibly do. More importontly, we hove done things ot North os well os, if not better thon, they hove ever been done before. Acodemicolly, our closs hos olwoys tried to set the stondords for others to follow. Our schedules were tougher, our devotion to study wos more sincere, ond os o result our stondordized test scores were higher. When the Notionol Merit Semi-finolists of 1988 were on- nounced, North hod one of the best rotings of oll the stote's schools. Our involvement in student orgonizotions hos outshone thot of oll others before. As o closs we become involved in oll the clubs thot the school hod to of- fer. And when there weren't enough, we creoted our own clubs. Whether it wos the Key Club's Wollsothon for concer reseorch, the Student Council's onnuol Holidoy Drive, or the Per- forming Arts Club's speciol free performonces for o locol nursing home, there wos olwoys o member of our closs leoding the orgonizotion. Additionolly, in our four yeors of porticipotion in the Competitive Ploys, our closs come owoy with one third- ploce, one second-ploce, ond two first-ploce victories, once ogoin, one of the best records in 2 our schooI's history. Our Steering Committee wos led by the most dedicoted of of- ficers. They cored obut our unity os o closs, ond they mode sure thot the Closs of '88 held the most memoroble donces ond closs trips. When it come down to business, we once ogoin proved ourselves to be unbeotoble. Our condy ond joclset soles were olwoys successful, ond our mogozine sole surpossed oll similor drives in the post. Athleticolly, we dominoted every sport the school hod to offer. Whether we were winning the Ieogue soccer title ond the stote volleyboll chompionship in our junior yeor or quolifying for the boys' stote tennis chom- pionship in oll four yeors, we were recognized os fierce competitors by rivols throughout the Boy Store Leogue. And when it come time for us to let off some steom, well . . we proved to be the best ot thot, too! Our scovenger hunts showed our creotivity ond originolity, our ski trips showed our commitment to hoving fun, ond our porties showed our unity ond friendship. As o closs . . . os friends, we hove grown ond we hove motured, so for the Closs of 1988, these post four yeors hove been. . . A Tlme to Ploy A Tlme to Help A Tlme to Join A Tlme to Eorn CONTENTS A Tlme to Compete ,fm W s li, .,. 1 . , If . r , ' j Q? -W M1 5 9 Qfi? 'M 2 L .- . . 1-. ' . A n. J if 'rf Q ly t of Tim iff ga DEDICATION June 1988 Deor Mr. Kropp, lt is impossible for us, os o closs, to reolize fully oll thot you hove done for us. You hove been not only o leoder, but olso o friend. You hove token the time to leorn obout eoch ond every one of us ond to molse us feel speciol, ln oddition to treoting us os individuols, you hove pulled us together os o closs. As we look bocls on our four yeors ot North, we do oppreciote the numerous things you hove helped us occomplish, including holding sociol events, mointoining our high ocodemic stondords, ond pre- poring for our futures. From our freshmon orientotion to Senior Week, you hove been there, showing your support, suspenders, ond soddle shoes. We thonls you for encouroging us to reoch our limits, your toleronce ond humor in guiding us will surely be remembered. Love, WW , xx wx 1 " rv' i a ," Z M if WAVE . , 1, ,V ,M f.?,Y 6, fl? V I i ,. 2 , 'Q K"3,rf-,-as 1 Y . 1' 2 ,.. , llmrww ti' fbi' mx-T Y ,- . .p-.-ZZ ' AFTTWL ff!-civil, 5 4' 'xo v-Q ' I fq. 4' Qi' 1 50 I Q i 2 i 3 4-4 IN APPRECIATION ful "W ' , -mwifs 5 E I ffm. f mrmi I June 19 vi Deor Mrs. Ametti, Becouse you hove been so importont to us, we con hordly express our grotitude in words, but we'd like to try. Over the yeors, you hove mothered us, con- soled us, rejoiced with us, ond supported us through everything. You know everyone in our closs by nome, ond you olwoys greet us with o smile ond o friendly "hello." We will remember thot you never judged us or our octions. Along with your messoge-toking ond lunch "deliveries," we reolize thot our tordiness a 0 ond forgetfulness moy hove interfered with your reol job. Nevertheless, you hove loved us oll, no motter whot. I "i With much love, WN -,-My-,, ,4!a.4.a SPECIAL THANKS June 1988 Deor Mrs. Fogon ond Mrs. Hegorty, We, the Closs of 1988, would especiolly like to thonk both of you for the contribution of your time ond guidonce. Your continued presence ond will- ingness to choperone oll of our events hove meont o greot deol to us. Mrs. Hegorty, we will olwoys remember your tender, loving core, bond- oids, ond lollipops. Your friendly smile hos brightened mony of our doys. Mrs. Fogon, os our odvisor, the time thot you hove dedicoted to unifying our closs hos definitely poid off. We sincerely oppreciote your help in plonning ond orgonizing our mony events. Once ogoin, thonk you both for everything. We would not be the closs thot we ore without you. I I Love, 'fi' IN MEMCDRIAM Frominghom North High School suffered o greot loss on September 16, 1987, when Dovid Beord, o populor sociol studies teocher, possed owoy. Mr. Beord hod tought ot Frominghom North from 1964 until foiling heolth forced him to retire lost yeor. Mr. Beord wos on excellent teocher who genuinely loved teoching. He loved the kids with whom he wos working ond went out of his woy to help them. lt wos not unusuol to see students crowded oround his desk ofter school. One of the most outstonding chorocteristics of Dovid Beord wos his sense of humor. Becouse he could find humor in ony situotion, he wos fun to be oround. Whether in closs, ployfully teosing o student, or ofter school, loughing ond tolking with stoff ond students olike, Mr. Beord olwoys hod o smile on his foce ond o twinkle in his eye. As seniors, mony of us were lucky enough to hove hod Mr. Beord os o teocher. Some moy recoll his skiing stories or his work with the heoring impoired. All of us who knew him os o friend know how coring ond thoughtful he wos. Dovid Beord, teocher ond friend, will be missed ond remembered by everyone. IN MEMCDRIAM Leonord DiProfio, o well-loved member of the Science Deportment, possed owoy on September 22, 1987. In his twenty-three yeors ot F rominghom North, Mr. DiProfio wos consistently omong the top choices when students voted onnuolly for the teocher of the yeor. inn, A noturol teocher, Mr. DiProfio wos oble to interest every pupil, from the top student to the struggling one, through his love of science. Often emphosizing his points with outrogeous blockboord sketches, Mr. DiProfio olwoys tought with thoroughness ond potience. All of us who knew Leonord DiProfio like to reminisce fondly obout his stroight-foced humor ond wry smile. His love of life wos evident in his lively bontering ond outlondishly humorous fishing stories. Most of oll, Mr. DiProfio's students ond friends will think of him os more thon just o mon who tought science, we will remember him os on enthusiostic teocher who brought out the best in every person. tudent life wos more thon just ottending closses for seven periods every doy. It included porties, rollies ond mony other unusuol out-of-school octivities. lt wos not until recently, however, thot we recognized ond begon opprecioting the closeness of the seniors of 1988. Although we were oll different, some of us jocks, some of us skids ond some of us nerds, o closeness still somehow developed omong us. As freshmen, we were oll in seporote, isoloted groups. We did not ottend ony events other thon our own. Groduolly, os time progressed, the groups seemed to merge, ond we found ourselves ottending porties, sociolizing ond ossocioting with o voriety of very different choroctersp something we would not hove believed possible when we first entered North. Suddenly, we become not o closs, but o fomily. At rollies, gomes ond theotricol productions, we sot together ond we stuck together. We cheered with one voice, "WE ARE THE SENIORS!" In this woy we encouroged ond supported our teoms ond friends in oll their mony endeovors. Our presence dominoted the entire first floor of Frominghom North High School. The hollwoys were SENIOR turf, which reverberoted with the friendly greetings thot we constontly 8 exchonged. Our lockers reflected our togetherness, uniqueness ond creotivity. Just think of the stronge toys ond pic- tures thot oppeored in senior lockers, the list is endless. Every senior recolls hoving been politely osked to Ieove the librory. In other words, we hove oll been kicked out ot leost once. As o result, we spent mony hours porticipoting in cofeterio "octivities," which, in mony coses, become our fondest memories. Our scovenger hunts brought us even closer to eoch other, but unfortunotely, they olso brought us closer thon we wonted to be to the Frominghom Police Deportment. Even the Middlesex News reported the ontics of the Closs of Although you might not hove personolly porticipoted in ony of these events, you probobly recollect mony others. Remember the Ring Donce ond the Cotillion? How obout the Horvest Hop ond the ski trips? Some moy not remember, but we were oll there. We shored o voriety of memories, some were hoppy, some were sod, but oll were speciol. The one thot we will ore cherish, however, is WE WERE THE SENIORS ond 1988 wos. . . A Tim .Nu yr s V,: ' 4 ,ffl -1 Ii, 1 x"' Nw, it , Wg' .X X X 5 0Pl 1987 BATTLE CHAMPS - DIFFERENT HEIGHTS: J. Cohill, R. Chudnofsky, R. Gobrie-Ili, J. Edwords. VOYAGER CI-ry: J. Anderson, J. Proger, S. Bibbo, J. Brown. CRITICAL MASS: C. Watson, J, Provest, E. Moxim, D. Zoff, E. Morrinez, T. Huot. ANGRY ONION5: J. Yos, G. Eromo, A. Cotton, E. Bricker, N. LeBeou. t J f f ' F fi VW" 54.00 VOTE FRAMINGHAM NORTH HIGH SCHOOL swam C ounf .I Presents The Bottle ofthe Bands December 4, 1987 730101015 p m S4 OU 1 I ' 1 F L!! 'B' f,I YY --'14 .Cl Ili! 8 R51 l wi hlmfl bw QV ' f-I 'X Vs. L- AQ-Yi' DR ISP EP 4-5, Q! "'1 A 41. fy 1 4 ,M , . ,1 1 ,d , Q5 if an in 4 9 K O 'K WI 2 ,Z Q Z JUNICRS' .1 il DANCE w I -,! DECEMBER 11, 1987 5' Q sf I 0722. 1 Q2 W! l , M 1 'wb e It Y -fu if aff 'cl 7, W, 44 , 3589! ,., ff, , YZ' 14 ,V f 'Q 34 4242 ff Q: M3- f'5"" a 1 1 V 'T N56 fr l K g .D .-S 1 Q x,w5",Q!f N 1 xii U1 O T I Z 2 20 TT gQl'l'I fa SZ 3263 U IP Z F3 l'l"1 'SN is It Z' XI i xf "Wu-' A K Q4 X l. iw I-A Q5-.. alll "Purrin' on the Ritz" -...f-"' fd., A 617' :S I A if 1. X. .nj QI 7 Y .ff 1 "I love o mon in o skin!" , 'Ax 1 E 17' If Q ' 'R I. u U ' . jf. 4 , if . 1 , ,. . Tw? ' j ' 1 l.' .vii 1 . , l'f'fl n 'Z X iff. , , , fm-1: 1 "Q: 'xfff ' 1, , fx: f A .,-Q 1 -I . Q , 'U' a , 1 i 1 Y' 4 rl 5' ' 3 3 nl 1 4. ' E l Writ M tn I' 5 1, ' az 'll, , fx Mgr" It ,Malts I " 1 1 , 3 I .2 1 Q Q i , y A ,fs ', f 21 'V "Short people got . . .' . Q 5495. 3, ,E 2 3 .aria f:17'2m1.,:35. F -" A -' '21 Q-'-U K , V 11 v f ' M ' 'M' Q." Q ! . I fu ' Q " 'v 4, .4 le 1, . - ' ,, ' I - ? ' "Is if June yer?" 1 ' 5 l . N K f , I . '-.. :A x .5 3 I P K il 'Q X F: f .1 gg A .X ijt, :Mft 1' vw , . 5 11 1 "5o this is what you Yonlss eo! for lunch?" . F bi- ' '. fi' X ,ff O i t W--- - 1 4 . r. 52 I I 5, 1 va X uf --""fL f ' 4 ' 1 H, ' ' F I 'whit' 7. S 1 X .I . ' I. ,- I - N Y' I A 1 Q',u1 , QI . --,, F ..: f 'Y I 74 II, N1 .. 2 I I A4 6? 1 'I . f 1A A I ,fl , Heod ro heod ro heod 19 1 4 .ff 2 r 49 4 4 J l 1.1 I i H----l O' W 4 4 ,.,,.....m-M' X uf " ' w 'Y X. X nf' ' Q -as 4, U' 131 Mb ,,, .w2"9' 'a 'b I Y x 7- 9- ?" 1, ff in '08, .41 1 L" f 41. ,, 1 if ' ffiizfilw 6 ff "fir "1 ' ' ' .-' 4 nd , xw ,.f 4 W bf M. W I A ,,,. 1 mimi 'fa 1 '.f.'.' I , L ., ' f ,.Y4' , , f vp. ' , ' y , .1 V, If-M if Q, i I jflfsl 'Ffa , ,f f .f .bf 'Z , IQ, G1 XM "Go oheod, moke my doy. 1.4.48 gi 9 ft 3 -2 4 Y ii' ' bv' .L Km' 'H M4 .-..,..-fs.-.,, .Mv.,,..,,. gf if TUV ' 'YQAXLK 712 X3 as 2 af'-' 'L gl 'N ..!' l N X Y Y V Am I 32,2 , il A 4 I I, Q ,WU -',w,,' , h - ?fM , Y ff ww W lg " -if 4 XV: 'Q . ' X .la 4 'WN 4 v F 3 - Q., I I E ' o I . I 2 . 9' Q ' 1 I ' Q 2+ ' " ' 55 ' 5 . 4- Q Q . .ff I I I, Get rroshed!! K-g .Q if .5 uv on jig ' www ' g M57 I l . ' :Q if I A . 4 if 5 'f yi I V 1 - 'Wi' V... 1'3" 5 ,J 4 ,K., 3 i. vl.. 7,3 ... ,.4.v V- - W yi nh alll -A:-f " 'g ' V 1 , , , -, ,W , y -15, , 11, " f N 4. ,M .f -- S' -1 - .. 1 - . My . v . , M - .414 ' ' "' ' ur m,w C 7 , X wi N Q--A W1 fi 4 1. . w Q- 1 V... - QQ, , ,fl-f - x , . . 'UV' 1 ' -' 'HH s . 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' .f ti I n, , ff' I. ywwa, -M 4-H "I wish he-'d Ieove me clone," new-H ,, W KP 8.1423 rw . 'Q I' 0 . A. N ... mmm x fr- -'v'i A 5 1 9 WK A r X 1 ? , f 5 QE - 1 ' 1, .jg "Let's put the books down ond storr porfyingf' ,vu vu. nv., iii ov' Al J "Check this out, Joy." Q11 -5 ,g ' ,QW .-44.1.4 "if 57 n.-.Zad ii 'Gs N 'QQ i ,., . S. ug I "You soid whor?" I di HL '43 7 -41 na fi ,"'ff'P4P Jr X A-1 5 , X 1 X 1 4 it Q fi ' . .,, . . x --onine-at .M xx x "LGF fyg-3' :ol U u l Q. an CUC l i gr!! t' -I if ' 3 1 ---1 H 3g A i jg: nj N -, z. xffgi fl Q 51, ,X , . 7 l. .I xflyl- A asbvw' 'J if W '33, J 3272? Aw W 1 " ' "FP , ,wi I , ,N 1 Hey what s up? 3 Aww gosh guys come on' l n! .gig 1 i U ' - ill . I I' 'Q Q L x. " I . 'Y' xl . I I z 4 S , in ,Q , - .w G' X ..... IJ fd f n fx R ,. .. rkffli w tml P, , o------..... 4 9, . 4, ' 'u I Q .J ,I ,V. . In ' L. , gx Y '9 M K., f if 5. . R l R 1 I . ?: s 1 X I 4 iff? 1+ 4 . ?fff cz.. ' if 3 . "4 gg '- H 1 W , 14 V. 1 1 f. -jsf I 1, ' ,U w x, X. ,V I 1 'lvl ,ww EF -- ,-, f He went thot woy .Q Kr Mx I E Q hx ji' .31 ,-.4 Q- 1-4 wx-if - Fromihghom North High School Closs of 1986 Junior Cotillion The Orient Morch 7, 1987 S25 per couple 7:30-11:30 'Q-:Lf-Q .9-0 , . . M. Zi, ,- 2, v " . Img V V f , , '. , ' ff h - f,f v I -ff i I gf in In ,A I Z at - 7? A! X rw' e,--V ,,l.- V 3 g 5 'T V176 w,.f C I' 'a V1 A 1? I Uh, Ms. Gnffun, uh, some coffee pleose! 4-UIQ-any ' a un ,. Tr?" XS -- Y , V .-1' K ' -'s . D" . J. 'u 4" S f 1 .34 I 1 A-v'-lr 8 at , f J M 1,4 ,V JI '1 x..,u41 f A . ,.:,,ffyylXAi!1 ,.. LM.: A?1 U-' 3 S -: E- .rv G QQ., 'Q 34 ' W' f 4 , 41Nv X y 'Q fvn. -07 441 YP' W l jf' 'lf -'F'-v ,I " 2 " f ,,1wJ X.: J 7 ffv' LPI v ,- 3 ' x! 4 ,ff-. 7' .J 411' . . uring the post four yeors, we hove grown to oppreciote ond respect the complex jobs thot the stoff here ot Frominghom North performed. They gove us the guidonce needed for our futures ond still showed thot odults con be our friends. They used the post four yeors to help prepore us for whot is to come in our futures. ln oddition to the teochers, our stoff wos comprised of mony helping honds. Our principol ond grode odministrotors oll helped us in mony woys, with teocher conflicts, personoi problems ond other concerns. They knew how to reprimond us ond to odvise us when we needed ossistonce. Our school secretories befriended ond mothered us, especiolly when ollowing us to use the phone or giving us posses. They olso odmonished us when our excuses were less thon occeptoble. They were olwoys there whether it wos odvising us or just onswering our questions. Being such o diverse student body, we hod needs which we were fortunote to hove met by our Guidonce Deportment, Sub- Seporote closses, METCO Progrom, Work Study ond Center for Independent Leorning. They serviced us in mony helpful woys, Gur medicol problems from o heodoche to the flu were treoted with TLC by our olwoys smiling school nurse. Our Audio Visuol stoff wos the ones we often thonked for those films which broke up the monotony of some of our "duller" closses. We must olso remember the Computer Deportment, without them we wouldn't hove hod schedules or report cords. 36 The unsung heroes of our stoff were the custodiol ond cofeterio personnel. The custodions were the ones who picked up ofter us ond kept North High from looking like our own bedrooms. The po- tient cofeterio women listened to our loud-mouthed comploints obout the food ond tried to moke us feel better with on extro hond- ful of pototo chips. The word "foculty" hos o dictionory definition stoting "the ocodemic stoff in o school or college." At Frominghom North the some word meons "teochers who ore dedicoted, respected, octively involv- ed with student octivities ond devoted to cellence in oll oreos of studies from physicol educotion to home economics to business to musicol ort to industriol ort to ocodemic studies." The teochers ot North pro- vided o voriety of oppor- tunities to explore new, in- teresting fields. They respected the opinions of their students ond they tried to moke their closses fun. We believed thot we could turn to olmost ony teocher ond be oble to confide in him. Teochers from oll deportments showed compos- sion, ond we knew thot they were there to listen ond guide us when we needed help in o situotion thot we might hove thought wos overwhelming. They helped turn the impossible to possible ond our dreoms reolity with their coring ond expert guidonce. They told us if we dreomed something, it could be ochieved. So the closs of 1988 would like to thonk you oll for the quolity educotion, guidonce ond friend- ship which hove symbolized your dedicotion to. . . . Ll f!X" J .ri I off-y . ..V' . ., Q , Y L Q '. S im if 'H-2 C P Q '- 'Tw , 9 . 531 X , . 'L I .,+,y, . . f xp? .1 aug, 'lub' PRINCIPAL Q 'Y - 1 1, QW M Mr. Edword F. Gollogher Deor Groduotes, For most of us, these post four yeors hove gone quickly, when pursuing excellence, time is on illusion. Those less industrious hove ogonized over these some four yeors. The importont point, os you groduote, is to decide whether you continue to excel, or whether you decide to count the interminoble minutes woiting for something to come to you. Your ocodemic records ond occomplishments ore milestones thot will be sought ofter by mony, your closs octivities hove been fun, constructive, creotive ond hove odded much to our school otmosphere. You hove cooperoted ond hove contributed, let those positive efforts be the impelling force os you go forword with your young lives. You must remoin ideolistic, you must remoin enthusiostic, you must remoin true to yourself. lf you do not see yourself in these remorks, it's time to put yourself in this reolm of diligence, ideolism ond enthusiosm. You - only you - con moke your dreoms come true. Toke inventory of whot you hove done! ls it enough? , Obviously, one con continue ot length with the "ol' pep folk," it is unnecessory. Your excellent teochers ore proud of your subject mostery ond your growth os "con do" young odults. All ot North hove enjoyed working with you ond knowing you ond hove felt pride in your successes. Our school hos been o brief stopover for you, your totol involvement ond resulting occomplishment bode well for the closs of '88. You must continue to opply the lessons leorned ot North. While not everyone feels the some woy ot groduotion, l do know the entire foculty solutes you ond wishes you continued success. We ore confident thot you will be on importont force in our future. Set gools, moke commitments ond work hord to ochieve those ends, olwoys remember those who helped you on your woy, these ore the otrributes of the North High groduote. Good luck ond godspeed. Sincerely, Edword F. Gollogher, Principol -.RX G '2 VICE PRINCIPALS 1 N... ll ' I ""1- . L 1 11 9A Q .569 I nn-- ig 1 . 1 'Uv fix Y 15' - ' , s ' ' V CL 1 in 1 ,.. ' 2 I rw ' l i ' 1 11 X ? 3 e i -41" Mr. Richord J. Kropp Closs of 1988 1 wf, .4 699 ,f"'is Mr. Alfred E. Dodger Mrs. Doris C. Morhieson Closs of 1989 Closs of 1990 SECRETARIES ,Ms 3' tm, LQ tip 'UQ X " . X Nh X Mrs. Rose Arnetti Mrs. Mory Merchont Closs of 1988 PrincipoI's Secretory 4 'Whig 1' ,X 41 It I' Mrs. Virginio Moenpoo Mrs. Elsie Robblee Receptionist Closs of 1989 "w:..'ff4s Mrs. Doris Feinstein Mrs, Mortho Wilson i Closs of 1990 Guidonce Secretory 410 Q-'mn'-'lumbar GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT ,, f Linii xx , , E' mi: '. Rafi ', 1,5 ,. AA H , 1 ,, , Lf ,A V his F 1 ,111 .1 Mr. Robert DeCosfe Mrs. Korhleen Eoron Heod Counselor A R 3:1-fl' A f Mr, Dovid Pike Mr. Dovid Reedy -P" Mrs, Mory Ann King E Mrs. Morie Snook , I 1- , 4 X Ai-as X Mrs. Heidi Belli Ms. Holly MocLeon Coreer Cenrer School Adjustment Counselor ENGLISH DEPARTMENT W Zz ii. 0 'AS Z .H ii tv-.'Ui KW V, H., V ...... Mr. John Donovon Mrs. Mory Ann Dunn Mr. John Whelon Deportment Heod "Leorning is not everythingg it is the only thing." J Mr. Henry Fortier Mr. Chorles Hoyden Magi' Ms. Christine Judge Mrs. Mory Leonord Miss Mory O'Horo 2 4 if If -t' M. ?',fZls' - Mr. Henry Schlickmon Mrs. Lindo Shevrin A2 J , V f ,-H, -f ,. W- s-mwwvf'- - J Uk Q ,W , HJ' lv. 4, , , , "Wx frffaf ..., ,ca . 5 mf M www ww 'ri' '. .- .M 1 I '.'K,. 1 AI, ,lv J 'Q ' V .r " ' Jftfvh ,air-Vv-A 151' r -,Y l .. k ur, , qi M. 4. .H 1, M ,il :-X 3 - Y, fu, ,.,. ,C r fs. A 2a12w,x . yu I , 2 Q I A , ". . -, W, , , . , r . 1 .. , , 4 " ' 1 ,I ,, V I 1 . use-.f F3717 ,ff f , . f "' ' 4 f " . 4f1',g'.', ,V 4 . -A , ,, ,H ,J A X "-A 14, V , F, ,,,, , A Q . V, J, ' If X A ,J PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 12-7 Mrs. Moureen Berrucci Mr. Vincent Copuro 514+ 5 as ,W T 4' Mr. Edword Kovonogh Mr. Rolph Morrino Mr. George Wheeler - A M T ' in 'Z W Q , ' if, 1 Mrs. Morion LoFoIIerte Mr. Russell Whirroker FCREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT I , -AA 4 T T W ' Mr. Poul Hoyes Deporrmenf Heod "Knowledge of Ionguoge is the key to M understanding o culture." , " 1 - tg 1' fa, fii 1 . 912 QQ 7 M' , ,. V 1 Q, f .4 ' 'fjrrifz fs- ' 'fha 434 vlvrwlg, X "gf A' 2' ' z Mrs. Aroceli Adoms Mrs, Ruth Dineen SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. Richord Dorgon Mr. Robert Dunne Mr. Merrill Dussoulr 44 Mrs. Korhryn Hill Mr. Jomes McGilIivroy iii IA Z .--an i i FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 1 NJ Mrs. Mory Foherty Mrs. Dorothy Flury Mrs. Corole Jolie Miss Modeline Pocello Mrs. Jonet Rugo LD O Q If I' Ch -I C 'Q U5 U I'l'I 'U J' T -I Z I"l'I Z -I -f .izumim 1 5 i n 1 1,12 Miss Norrno Stopleton 1 I 1 Q 7' Ms, Adeline Esposito M...- Ms. Anne Reordon Mr. Stonley Wode E? Mr. John O'Brien Deportrnent Heod "Ali thot is necessory for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke - i 45 i MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT TWZW 2 44491 Mr. Joseph l-lonnigon Deportment Heod "A greot discovery solves o greot problem but there is o groin of discovery in the solution of ony problem, Your problem moy be modesty but if it chollenges your curiosity ond brings into ploy your inventive foculties, ond if you solve it by your own meons, you moy experience the tension ond enjoy the triumph of discovery, Such experiences . . , leove their imprint on mind ond chorocter for o lifetime." - Polyo J, 0 A ' ' . wg Mrs. Leoh Fogon fin? Mr. Joseph Antonioli Mr. Leonord Conlin Fld Mrs. Louise Derro Mr. Anthony Folco l Mr. Angelo DiDomenico 2 4 6 l 9 0 I Mr. Wolter Gowey 'Q' 'Q- nr" Mr. Borry Lutender Mr. Dovid Peterson Mr. John Shoughnessy do 11" an Mr. Poul Welcome Mrs. Koren Yong Al' 417 Mr. Donre Zornorro .fc Mr. Jomes Pollord Mr. Richord Rebecchi fx fx Mr. John Reynolds Ms. Yvonne Spicer HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Jonice Elliorr Mrs. Helen Firzgerold 61, 4 L Mrs. Noncy Welling 47 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 3 I 'ff' , , ' 5' 9- ,f . .I T: M M ' gy. 1 ' 4 vi . . ,gf f , ' 4 Mr Robert McDermott "The Whole of science is nothing more thon o refinement of everydoy thinking." - AI- A bert Einstein 48 Mr. Iro Brown Mr. Donold Buell V Deportment Heod Mrs. Noncy Croteou Ms. Mory Duone f I ' Wllllhui. Fl Q Mr. John Forios Mr. Horvey Gendreou Mrs. Thelmo Gorfien fp.. w. Q5 fiv- '-Il. Ms. Gito Holserem Mrs. Ronnie Kroshes 6 Mr. John Plott -'Har Mr. Jeffrey Steele Lutwrg Steponron CENTER for INDEPENDENT LEARNING if X 2 i eff! N N 4' 1 , , . 41, f r M N E M , f , sf'-af,-it E M 19 -fig' ' ,mx ' ilfm. .1-kt-Attilv if H'?lf'w.w l Mrs. Ronnie Alpert Ms. Mory Doherty 5 r Af' Mrs. Morgoret Holpin Mr. Froncis McDonough Mrs Borboro Srmons 1 . :D E C 'PQWK A ' E L Mrs. Jonnie Hegorry Mrs. Helen Hull f BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mr. Roger McDevitt Deportment Heod "The business of Arnerico is business - Colvin Coolidge 50 M L I B R A R Y JL, s , 51 2 r, Z F2 ,gi , " -ffv :MHYWWZ4 M1641 Mr. Dominic DelI'OIio Mr. Stephen George .,-X -529 qff Miss Mory Lonergon COMPUTER RCOM ' ' Mr. John Consoinnogno Mourene Dovis, Betty Bellontuone, Agnes Morinilli, Borboro Dunn, Josephine Webster, Bernord Redgote. Missing: Wolter Hopper inning' T i f' 1 Mrs. Ann Klein, Mrs. Fronces Eogon LEARNING CENTER FOR THE DEAF " .f"lz Ni yo-""' L x Z' "S-' Noncy Wollo, Judy Vreelond, Lori Correker, Sue Cioppo, Helen Porter, Suson Nopier- olo, Noncy Frozer, Amy Spero, Suzonne Little, Jone Potti. Missing: Kim Moiboum, Robert Lone, SUB-SEPARATE STAFF Ms. Ann Colvo, Mrs. Deboroh Sondler, Mrs. Hope Mockoy. AUDIO-VISUAL CUSTODIAL STAFF 56 Doniel Smith, Rito Pillie, John Volleley, Donold Jolie, Joe Bolsotro, John Lowry, Arthur Antonio, Al Conti. C A F S E T T A E F R 1 . H y A F L a?pl' r xfi n I . V, I N Normo Poisson, Cheryl Anderson, Ann Corsi, Groce Dunhom, Deo Woolhouse, Louise Stucchi, Rose Mesite, Emily Frotto, Helen Sydell, Kotie Zuschlog, Morion Jewell, Jo Owen. Missing: Lois Ronley, Jeon Monning, 51 'X Teocher of the Yeor Borry Lutender situ ef,-5:::: Angelo DiDomenico Suson Whittaker Russell Whittaker R E T , R W E E Jomes McGillivroy John Whelon A 1X We, the Closs of 1988, olong with the entire stoff ond student body, would like to thonk you, Jornes McGillivroy ond John Whelon, for mony yeors of potient explonotions, long hours, ond tireless devotion. Although we will miss you, we wish you both the best of luck in your well-deserved retirements. Fmf Y vmff xv N.r' "Weir - we're on the moment of silence now!" 9 ?4!.Vf54f f e 7 n 'JW'2E ', I I "' 9 'I".?3-v .sau llllllll '5 W W. They re comlng to roke me owoy! Rolly Secunry 1-ur" To-doo! f i I N. L. Need we soy more? The t'Provincerown" hir A U ll "Monsieur Kriegsmon A . " - I Wgm gn A!" ur four Frominghom North went by so quickly. Where did oll the time go? We begon our high school yeors os young, immoture freshmen. We were unsure of our copobilities ond desires. This wos best demonstroted ot the first rolly of our freshmon yeor. As skittish freshmen, we were oll in little, seporote groups, but groduolly over four yeors, we become known os mighty seniors, we were one. When we spoke or cheered, it wos os o closs ond everyone listened. No one could doubt thot we were the Sportons of 1988. As seniors, we olso found new reosons for the words "being on time" or "meeting your decidlinef' Excuses for getting to homeroom or closs on time chonged from on "I got lost" to "I wos sociolizing." Then come our mony deodlines - yeorbook, closs pictures, senior sheets, one-liners, SAT's, Achievement tests ond college opplicotions. We orronged studio oppointments with photogrophers hoping thot their expertise would result in the perfect senior picture. We studied hord, took o voriety of courses ond retook the SAT exom in the hope of roising those oll importont scores. December 5, 1987, wos for most of us our lost chonce to excel. College opplicotions hod to be completed ond this took o lot of time ond effort ond coused much frustrotion. We olso hod to yeors ot find the perfect teocher to write us our recommendotions. Then we experienced o time of onxiety woiting to see if our closs pictures were occeptoble, if our SAT ond Achievement scores were high enough for occeptonce to the college of our choice, or if our interviews were impressive enough to be offered the job of our dreoms or to be occepted into the ormed services. Throughout the yeor. we looked forword to Senior Week octivities. We plonned for the prom, rented tuxes, bought gowns ond hopefully remembered to order the flowers. After orrong- ing for our senior bon- quet, we onticipoted receiving our completed 1988 yeorbook ond, of course, picking up our cops ond gowns for Groduotion Doy. This wos o time to shore memories ond ospirotions, o time to reflect on our mutuol experiences ond to ocknowledge our growth. Responsibility, integrity ond moturity ore now o port of our closs. We ore proud of our en- tire closs, we ore pleosed with whot we hove occomplished in our four yeors ot North ond ore looking forword with onticipotion to our futures - college, coreer, morrioge, children, ond our suc- cess - both individuolly ond collectively. We ore the mighty Sporton SENIORS ond 1988 hos been . . . Tim 2 52'-r Agyn v 'gg 5 f-4 4' Y I Bradford Allen Adams Brad "Destiny is not o matter of chance, ir is a matter of choice." Good-Bye to a great bunch of FELLAS BA, RM, MB, SS, RS, MD, TB. JG, KN, DS, AK, MD, DD, SL. Remember 32. A so long to KP but never a good- bye. Bye BN, SM 47 3 X A L it Crystal Lee Alston Lady "C" + Chris Thanks Mom and Dad lt was lang and hard but worth it I Wish the best for Tamm, Dy, April, Adidas. Trace. Jeff and J May your future be a success LADY "T" Later to all Framingham Gang This is it Thanks GUMBY! 'iff Stephen Andrus "Framingham North High, more than just a pitstop on the highway of life." JF JC' 1-is Steven M. Alessi Steve, Pasta "We Are Just Prisoners Here of Our Own Device" See Ya B-BALL 034 Cruzln in My-BIRD GJ CM JM JB SK SM MD AB 57 ski trip wfMil, GJ IB CO - SKIING BOSTON CT. Thanx Mom, Dad, Anthony, Paul Annalla Aviza Annie, Arab Love is the key to survival - Bay State Games 65, 86, 87 Varsity Soccer all 4 yrs, I love you Mom, Dad. John, Darryl, Elsa, Andy, Christian and Lorelei! Thanx Russ, Sara, Amy, Beth and Ding! I love you GOD. Stay by my side. -Z! X April Anita Allen Life is what you make it so have fun and don't waste it. Thanx to my mother Tia and my sisters Ida + Suyapo and my brother Alston. Memories wfMy buddies Tommi, Jamel, Tonya + Crystog KDKHMH GL "Class of 85" Jeffrey David Anderson Slr Suave-n-Big Mr. Nasty Whatever What's up SON "KYZZAS KREWH Football 75 later to any and all friends of Framingham The METCO posse Dana Tracey Jemal We love you Mrs. Amettl rapnrole Who cares That's all See you later SPARTANS B6 Did you know that of the seniors at Framingham North Robyn Baer "A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway." Thanx to all my friends - for everything. Shar salad - what? Ponies -- CAMP 62-7 Huey 66 Vball 86 U2 Boston Thanks Mom, Dad, Steve ILU JoAnn M. Baker You con'r always get what you wont but if you try sometimes U just might find you get what you need, I luv U Moegon Cindy + Lisa DAN FOREVER XOX Peace, Love, ond Happiness for always l Love u Mom + Dad Mg. .af Elizabeth Hope Bamberg Lisa HWHENEVER WE DREAM, THATS WHEN WE FLY" - DIO It was a gre-or 4 years! Thanks a lot everyone' Don, Jen, Amy, Josh, AC, AD, AK, BN2 LB, DD, MF, IM, RG, DS, SR, + ROBII Sragedoor, Dance, San Jose, Lex, Concerts + Rocky Horror David Bank Lighten up while you still can - We will never be here again - lust find a place to make your stand + take it easy I may be wishing my days awoy - Tomorrows another day - I may as well play Boston trips Israel 67 Helayne Stacy Donkoff Renee Barbary "The moment may be temporary but the memory Nee lasts forever " Fun times wjgreot friends, Nantosket Butterflies are free to fly away GTW wfTL + GB, LR AR Dil, Physics lab parties, ROBWSGTMSKSCDMAG APFCLK RHRTT6 nye B7 COT RT Scavenger Hunt, bowlingball, Cinema wfloe Oh my' volleyball, 88 Christine Barnicle Crissy Cris Flashbocks of the times weve had some made us laugh some mode us sad Times WXCMMSKMTML TVFAHKG Deb HAMPTON 67 Spec times wfMlKE I LUV U - McD's - park - McMonwich Cruz - Thank God 4 DC HUH MS - LuvU MA + DAD Thanx Christopher A, Bosoli Spud Dud lt's Been A Business Doing Pleasure With You! Football lacrosse skiing skl trlps TRN KILLAI GTW Ed + Jodi Jaime lim Tom Rolls 143 Melissa Everybody else At Schoollll BD THANK YOU MOM AND DAD OOM is taller than Mr Kroppil B7 HATCH 123 SUE? COVER BECK? HRNYHRN NSTY NEE+TAN AXA l1+R WERE ATTA HERE BECK THANX MOM + DAD I LOVE YOU RICH' Mark Daniel Bayer Direct your right eye inward ond you will find a thousond regions in your mind yet undiscovered Trovel them, and be an expert in nome -- cosmogrophy - HDT B-BALL 01 TROOP SHIPS AND STOPSIGNS Red copmen Rulell 57 ,f ffl Michael Alon Bemzweig Live for the moment: yet look towords the future, for time ond tide woit for no mon! 80 Chevy Monte Corlo, Huey Lewis 2f25f87. Good tlmes with . , . TS SM SA MK LW JP ER EK AB Love you Mom ond Dod! Thor power whrch dozzles rnortol eyes ts often Whot s the deoP Mike Rrck Viv ond Neoll? U2 perseverance tn disguise KI BB WTS SB YlpYIpl The Alorm Voyoger Beatles A bit of psychology AT BF C Fuge SKT MTHJGYHCL SCFSJTH ond ond extreme violence THE GRASSHOPPERS - EH j CB-.I Cot w fDfM .I Roops Dupe oops' IDAP I Where will I be when you reol this It's been o long ,fa 'R 1. I Tracey Bittle Ice "T" Ay Yo Whot up Loter Over I'm outto here but before I go DANA JEFF JJ TB AA TR CA DS SM MB LH BM SS to the "67" posse RH DC posse ESJI. "85" posse DS DK most of oll to SHEILA my love I luv yo PEACE ALL Kimberly Ann Blair Bloirzy Kim "AIN'T IT FUNNY HOW TIME FLIES WHEN THE BEST IS YET TO COME" BTW KMGMKSSMMB .IMMBJM The LDG CZYK2 SMR86 C+A STG U-UP Bloir2 ILY Skeet Thonks 4 the loughs KS Thonks 4 the support Mom Dod + Chod I LUV YOU Q Erlc Blodgett Look oround ond choose your own ground for long you live ond high you fly. Conodion Exports w f Barney, Larry, Fridge + Todd. Lowrence's Conodo runs in "87." Hey Kim, How obout one more L.I.l,T. CHEERS! Amy L. Bloomsteln Sogs MM's Gren ILU just the woy UR - MS my Hbud - MW UIive4 this - swim CPT soc - ACSSSG - S - RdEHJS - ATAS fmej AGJW - ILU ALL Thanx - MDPJS + Rob I sure hope the road don't come to own me Theres so mony dreams I've yer to find I Eric More Dordenstein M0e90n Bfeed Borden Smocker "We hove had our share of fun, but the best of "You should do everything you wont to" Whot's up times ls yet to come" Love U Joann, Lisa, Cindy, Dude? Ski Trips Going out to lunch Corvette 4 5 Kote. MUN ond DAD' Good nmes "' R and J BUCK months Thanks to Mr. Kropp Ms Amerti Mom Dad KB, MS ond I, BM ond P with Artificlol Flowers, Class Of 88 FNHS Memos ond Pepos S. D, ond hovln' fun ,FS A I Karen Elizabeth Brem "My eyes ore turned towards the future but I'II never forget the thoughts I leove behind" GTWMCJWPLC BALMRCNEN -- Ann RU jolly fine? - Fri Nts - BBGomes - Cruising - Phi Beta Srlgmo - Our Tbl - Chem Lab - HWot Wend's . . . GOODLUCK 10" V4- 'I . if xv., 4: In Qrgrzskip' v-3 1 mf -2. . ' ' Laurie A. Brennan , . let the memory Ilve agoIn" AD, AK, BAN, BEN, TM, AC, JC, LB, JK, TB, MFB, "YodeIIng is Believing!" The Bible, Playground, physics, intuition, GonefWind, Cotillion, New Years, Pocers, Thoyer, "The sky Is tolling!" 'P .f tar' 27, .1- Erlc A. Bricker Brickster Our fovorlte uncle in Vermont Deodshow July 4 rlceburner K - privileges peoce ond good luck to oll my friends "rrnnfitzy!l" THANKs Mom + Pop Ployn' ln the bond Goodbye North High And Now For Something Completely D . . . 107, has gone out to lunch ond wos cought? 4"'9 Suzanne Beth Brodney Sue, Suz "WI-lAT'S A LITTLE FUN BETWEEN FRIENDS" C3 bffKRlS s+fAKMMMS SKE TG122QB6 ptyp rdc Bo Capt Poms 58 U25 UH 17 sKltRP Bo HIGHER LOVE Onset Sebago 86 chmdlOpus FbGms candybrs A- Pny mae confkmkscnrx sr - AB rx ILY M+D Jonathon A. Brown "Brownie" "Happy trails to you until we meet again" 'VOYAGER the dream" BOB 85-87 VH 54, Bo Lax GTWXJPJAJMSAGJDSCCKTAHSG McBeer NH 87 79 Olds The Dead P3 5731167 Special Mems wjLB Thanx Mom + Dad J + M I love you Lisa 0353, Q ,, at G A '79, " 'tg 2 Mm, L Tammi A. Brown Shorty "Tee" lt's all over, yet lt'sjust the beginning. Thanx Ma and Dad I Love You! Best Wishes to my girls: April, Tonya and Crys - Miss Ya Much!,Dyan Stay Sweet - Luy Ya Good Times wfMono, SECRETS Bye' JJ, JA, DD and of Course TB Be Good Dani 45 -ti Qs 1 Andrew H. Brody Andy "OH NO! FOUR MORE YEARS TO GO!" Rox ID WINTER 67 Ski Trips AP bash WWR SP KS keg I3RODY'S CLUB MED Football hockey 910 Times with the guys! Der it's the summer Thanks AL SF - SB LOVE YA MOM and DAD Jill Suzanne Brown Remember yesterday be happy today live 4 tomorrow and smile A-ever Good timesfCl KF MC JF CD PM MM AP KN SK Too Young Qwc - gone 21+ava limo 86 PTYP Europe 87 Spec mems wf66 Good luck K+E Thanx M+D I Luv U Lisa Anne Brown "This isjust the end of the beginning!" GT WXAHCCKTSGMSTMLT CMKGKDCBKM LDSRJREIGJ ITBFAH VT wfAH DARK! MAVB - Line F1A66 wfAH RPISPKLTJ o BM AN w MS NH!-lol Bust IZ 1 It , ,I Raymond M. Buck III Randy, Ray "There's no looking back!" Baskin' with TH MP HR RM IC GE PCTC kegs Gutless Cutlass! Metal concerts football hoop TH's house NH dumping quads! Rippers and jibbas good times with KP I Love You Mal f GDLK si-:Ai comm :LY M+DG1kD+G 5-31'87!l LUV You JON Colleen Elizabeth Buckley "Believe in yourself and all things are possible" The 3 Nimrads . , . PS and CN, U2 - Genesis - Yes, Fun WXJW. Umbewievabuw! Buds - KI and RB: Bart who? Best X's watchin' B-ballg Fightin Irish! lean, mean and 17, love u M, D, B and D 60 . . . 607, has gone out to lunch and wasn't caught? Eugenio M. Bush Genie "Life is too short to woste imitoting others" Triongle Ploce The Squore The Cure chico hey pox Ftiz Therl pon togos it skitrlp tinto FNX leof U2 his hoir! PCB GristMiIl blue J L lives Anyone? cg"- Nicole Coldwell Ntkkt Once in o while U get shown the lite in the strongest of ploces if U look or it rite CU - I Finolly Mode lt! GTWJLS, BS, CU - LY DARB - Peoce - Andrew M. Cogon Fridge, Drewbie "Ride the wind ond time will fly, so dont let the good times poss you by " Alobomo Slommos Con, A57 - Porodise City Concerts' ACE! Good times wfllL DC, EB, LL, TD, Thonx Mom + Dod I love you Renee! . CHEER5! xi Jill Movie Cohill CJ "Cohill" Keep smiling' Memories + dreoms of yesrerdoy ond tomorrow DH -Sp X's - G d Luk in Hcky SD Think tl Sp rhonx - Mr W Pocers MJKCGHLCML + Any 1 whos ever cored obout me McD's Gong M, D ond C - ILY but I did it my woy' Loro Compogno Lo, Lolo "The best mirrors ore o friends eyes" GT WXLHMFADJCACAXV CrsfPCRS MRBNCBDSBBJKKCAK ADMSML MrW NH 67 Anytime Ynn LH ond MR Think of Cookies - U Know R LUV Will Not Fode Awoy - BRI - LOVE ond THANX MOM DAO D ond B Michele Lee Compono Shelle Maybe somedoy we will find thot it wosn't reolly WASTED TIME BTWHSMRBSKBWSGAGLK KRAPRLTJGCSGROMT NOW! Holwn 66 NYE 67 Hmpt 87 AINtrs - SPYJSCSK 4125167 TJ Never soy goodbye - Together forever Bl 67 Thanx Mom ond Dod 1 Qu W. : ,Jxlzl Paul Anthony Capone Al, George Do you know whot lt is you wont? Wjo friends theres nothing 76 Monte "nookie-nookie" Scout Trip wfGE Meo Myo LMA Rnll Expeditions w EH MPMZCPMDEH VMGEKMLO "Never Satisfied" Jr, Cot ILU Mom Dod better doys oheodl ThonxfLuv Ynn Jy1 Spidy Proc ond my porenrs Coll 4 of youlj y. ,I ,' H Rlchord L. Coporole Dino, Coppy "Only the good die young " 91766 Summer of 86 Thonks Guys JHGW ATEMGHCKCWTH SCGWJH HCCJ! costle wfbb Good Times wjI3oys ot FS TMCDSCJM Ashburnhom SCCBRC 70 LAX CAPT I LOVE YOU JENNIFER Thonks MOM + DAD 61 , . . 252, knows where the guidonce department is? y , 7 , Melissa Catalan Mel, Tlnker "Follow your heart It will never lead you wrong" BF wfKF GT WJCCKSJJAM Spkd Hair SWITCH Red- Lhts? Sumrs - Onset Irv + EII Alkies - K2 + M2 Twins Nice Laugh Note - Drwr - C+M Clb. Guys PTYP Poms K - 108Con - KMKS ILY M+D+I3 3757 , 0 ,I uf I Jenneth Evangeline Carpenter Jennie The Lord Is my shepherd, I shall not want, - Psalms 23.1. LB and RM, LB, AC, AMC, AD, MF, VH. AK, JK, IM, BN, DAN, SR. MJ - A years and counting, sets, dance, Ensemble, Roch, PEI, Fla, with AA, HH, SH. I love you, Mom, Dad and Dove. Thank vi I Amy Lee Casselmon Alm you ll Pauline Eva Casaletto Thanks to teachers who taught me in all the classes. My favorite subject is moth, I wlll be missing high school. Good luck to everybody for 1969! Thomas Martin Casey Best TirnesjRP, TA, JB, TC, GO, RB, IB, MP, HR, JUTM, HT, MM, EH, WN, TH, DO, JB, DB, DM Forever White Mts. Dob's I am glad to say bye. "Y.F.S," "Led Zep No, 1" -.1 14' Kristin Teresa Celorler Kristie, "K" fl if 67 QS Kristina E. Casper Tina, Teen "I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does" Love ro: KCJPKHDDADC LACPILGDCC aldor JP+NO Thanx to all my friends for being unique. WJJ Good luck Bill H. I love you Mrs. A+Debs Vi "I took the road less traveled by, And that has mode all the difference," Fun wfJK AC PL JC LB-I-R LB AK AD BN SR MH KW TC IM L+A, Band, Musicals. Thanks Mum Papa Aaron Syd, MJ, Fishy tank, Late NiteR. Raid, Oh Pleck 62 "He who laughs last probably didn't get the joke' GT wfTCDC MBAADDAD LGKHKKDKC LIPMCDGES PMKLEMSPR MJKS McD's Lerner River side Thanx Mrs. A Putt-Putt Humorock - 4-eva Calif. 67 Colatguard GL2 Billy H + Deb. Thanx M+D - ILY Mike Jon Clark Clorky "The fun in life is taking on the challenges" Good times w 1 all my friends f Howie 1 M +DR I The gangfGEjRBfAWfLPfGMjPCfR +EC f Landscaping f Wrestling 1 Partying j Wild times f Moose f Japan 1 The Ota's f The working days . . . 52 goes to the guidance department? -.3 Michael Edward Clark Mike Clarkie "Look ta the heavens, reach for the sky" M13 Hockey Capt. 80 Berlinetta Off season Ski-T Road-T B's wfD, B, 5 '67 - 4th - Hampt, Boston trips ltal. - Srwitz. 487 U2 92267 DB, BC, MG, MF, AR. JH Thanx M+D. SC, A+Ki NO Cristi Leigh Clinton These moments are temporary but the memories are Aever BOT wf TML + MSCMKDBS wfKTLBAHSGMTPSGPGJS OJBEICG w LBAHTMMSJP GOOD LUCK SHARON MD with SNMonre Breakdown Porty ot KT's B+J Rambo 30 Ya Royt Thaxs Nan lLY Mom Jennifer Anita Clatut Jen, Jenny You never leave behind the friends U love. Part of them U take WXU, leaving part of U behind, GTWJCSSSCWSLRB SOC-LAX JrCar - Ski Trip - Scv. Hunt HN Surpiz 16 - Ponies All Spec limes + Mem WfMark - 11130154 - lLY - MDS! Timothy D. Conlon "lt you think your life is complete confusion cause you never win the game just that it's a grand illusion and deep inside were all the some" SPARTAN FOOTBALL PC JP DD "bortehead" JA RB JMCREW : GH EM CW RT X IC- it i , xy l 1 Daniel James Conslgll Slgs, Smigly "Wherever I da today I want to make sure I do it better tomorrow" VB Champs 66 Thanks Taz PSRCDDJCTC MCLCAHBWE MMCDZVBTLJJS MRKMSAM AND DNIkkl Julie Shannon Ellen Tennis 64 - 68 BB Ski Cope NH Ponies Best of Luck ond Wishes To MG J -s ,il ,T .5 M4 ., ffygfff- -I V " f -3 f 4 -mi. 1 .kiosk Brian D. Conrad Barney Feed the people stay alive Now an important choice ln life o party dorm or a party frat, Canada 87 Lawrence's Cape Cod Molsey exports UMASS Celica good times wfLL TD EB AC MT Miand friends CHEERS! 'U , ' 0 We , 34 Kb? jg-'rx .5 I rY ,J I K. I Bryan G. Cook Andrew Louis Cotton Cook, Dry Guy "When I look back on all the crap I learned in high "lf my wings should fall me now, meet me with school" CM, AS, J+A, and Too Many People BAT 66 another pair." ILY Llnette TF: LL MC ML AK You olko "lt's a wonder I can think at all" PS have penny? Led Zepl always What the funk? U2 MatCru Floyd 87 FB 8687 YWW67: PG Baru Pwr! LL -- WHSSDTIAICWIWBT - RFAL . . . 972, was kissed by Mrs. Hegarry? 63 1" hr -Q 1.x Q Peter Allenn Cton P, C Herman the Survivor "You Could Always Get Away WfAnythng In This School, I always Didl"1 Tx I LUV u Est, For and Alwl GPXKK Wino! WVSMCLBK SSFSDGJDJGMS RMSPMSEMDZMC MrK MrsA Reb - Graph Ashland Lunch Runs CBs WAAFmobile 'iOC:U" club Busted Window and Cof Study - LATR 66 ,M up-s Vx A Q I., f M sf: I rt? .L 1 , 1 ,, 5 L Anthony Culcasi J 25 " at V. Q ,. ' si ,C ur' Ann Marie Cronin Cranes, Crony "Each friendship Is unique - a special gift of God," S and CJ - Sttt home! LC - Chemlob Studies wfMD KB jolly fine? BC ftbl games SKI 65-88 Phi Beta Stlgma! Track and VB GT WXPLKBACJCBB Thanks Mom, Dod, Steph ond Kathy - I Love You! Michael J. Crowther "lt's been such a long time, I think I should be going. Time doesn't woit for me, lt keeps on rolling." - BOSTON. GT w XEMSPDE RMPCJHJCEC DEMSFWDC - Crulsin 71 bird Soy man wus happenin Hampton 67 thxs M ond Dglsue ILY Kristie I Heather A. Doboul Hez Some people come into our lives, make footprints on our hearts and we are never the some. Best rlmes WJSAM and LON unn HART w LKHNSDHS . in 'w-ryan' Y A ', M," Q 5'-Q, 'sfag ,, 0. new ,V V ,W W ., HQ. Amirtham Tersa Daniel Am "Sister Christian" - Night Ranger, My Song - The Group - TC, KC. DD, DH, CL, KK, JP -- Luv yo + LC, AW and KR Good X wfLazar, PF, SC, EC, GG, 81066 mems wfSOTHLKS DBBJFCP Surfs Up '67 CALIF wfLon I LUV You KZ ond GO and Thanx 4 ET r+,ggg5r,Sfo'f my C3'Zi,'?l2sA3U?fT2.i?L?i M33C,'3Sl2"iiiZ5Tm' 'gggyew D'-'ie' "For your biggest dreams all you need is desire and NEPRC A KA' DP and W Thanx Mom ond Dad "Life is o series of hellos and goodbyes. l'm afraid your pleasures will come" BTW - KSSB GTXV - lr's time for goodbye" Bjd+bl, Bsbl' S,C., N.H.S., JFKRSMDSDD Hockey W9 - Yeeho Lax W9 W-K5 Camp, Pl., SumCmp foAMJ, FRNLY, .IEC 8667, Ride Pounding "7o Granada" Hampton Scoopin Thanks 4 J.P.7, GT wf2 QB, AJ, M.B., A.K., 5.R., R.S., esp. .LG Everything Mom I Love You 96. 5FM Thnx M+D-i-E2 64 706 has lockers that open without doing the combination? 1' Alissa Gayle Daniels Lis, Lissa "Try and enjoy the here and now: the future will take care of itself somehow" AK BEN LAB BAN LB JC AC SR G - Housers: lLY!fPARTIESlfPenelope etc.fPACER5fCampets '65fSpiderf.Ir, CotillionfRunelsflLY Mrs. A! , fw fx I it Ara ,, ,fa ,1 Michelle Lyn Demeo "A smile upside down is a rainbow right side up" Spcl. frs - SP, KR, HS, KN TDOTWTB - OF Swamp TP XVf5P ax Cape shr out Gymsrx - BSL Chmps - 86 Ccvcopt Stores - 677' J, APT? A6507 Gt wfXVd Frs Ski trip P in wds scrlks ,., A s., ' if Stephen R. Devlin Dev, Flex lr's In the woy that you use lt - E. CLAPTON Running - LC. CF, SK, MH, MP, PBHDXBASH, CAP 14 as Norstfsknng - AIMLESS, tuooe + euroo - Thnx Mr. Farlas + Kropp CAPT. lN+OUT - FNFI3 67 EM+GH K'S + CARS HOP Pn's My lv to M+D, MS, KH + GB 'Q rv J - .05 ' Ns, X Todd J. Davis Tot, Nurf "My world will not cave in. I will dare, so I will win Metal Church Soccer- 11, 12 WRESTLING - 10, 11, 12 ACE, IN, G'N'R Beasties ANTICS with Larry. Bri, Dlob, and Fridge B SL Champ 66-67 Socc and Wrest CHEERS! Stephen Ray Dean Deana, Steve "So much is taken for granted - stop now to appreciate what you have because it may not last forever," Good times wffriendsg Class of 68 rules. Thanks Mr, Kropp, Ms. Amerti, teachers, Mom, Dad. and Tim. - SRD 1 pix . P5 vs IC g, Mark D. DeOlivelra ..D,. Take life as It happens, but try to make lt happen the way you want to take it. Hoop and Soccer Q66 tour, BSL Champsj FNP - DK, JD, CF, MH, MR, RS, AR Can - IJDK, JD TATGILB: TFTGT - JC TFE - AM TF - CS SA -- MD Thanx Mom, Dad, B and C .Pi ,t 1 1 9, . tg t by . :MH ' :Z .fi ,tv 1 s-, rn w GW Al w QM: sz' I 1- 1, 'US Douglas M. Diamond MILKBONES "There-'s time for work and time for play but theres always time for a friend" GT's wfSCAT, TED, ED, MD, AB, Sl, CF, IRA, KLM F-Ball 1, 2Pep's ED, AR, soko - Scoping - Ken's castle wfAR - Ski Trip KCkegs Conn wfTG Sumer 87 157, still wears heavy metal shirts to school? ,-1 fl 'L Y David Mark Dlatalevl Double "D" It doesnt matter how you play the game as long as you wln NY The Bronx, Bombers Richey and Don "AIR" "And know ya knowl" Snap it - 13 "DD" D-Ball 14 Thanx Mom and Dad The Hitman Take a hike Boneheod 65 Dana Anthony Dodson D-Done, "D" "To each his own, l'm the king of my throne!" We can do this! You W1lt? Chillin' W1The Posse Jeff Tracey Erik Dave Doice'Jizz Tim "YR, af 57" Peace, Adidas My family, Stamps and llobarts l Love U Ma and Lynette. S . ff' .w t ,, 'G , f' " vf., , J. .' ,ev , ' j K 'Qing S s Sify, Y 'k f Q Vx 0 "Sf J fi' '- f gi ,:f,Y,X N 219 , 5 as Christine Doggart iiSet an independent heart free - if it returns, lt's yours, if not, it never was." Gx w JFMCPMKFCI MMAPJBCF. Smr, '67 all wet! Fl. GS - SB Swmng S.A.C. Lst. 4 U2 "A cansprcy of Hope" NH rebels! Hwii, IND miss u! BF - JF Thnx M+N Kirsten Donovan "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra!" GL - 66! AC w1KC +AA MoryAnn - always buddies! S-Ball 86 KGRMMSSDJUCB - Luv u All! Hey Scebby - Rebels! FM - Stand By Me! Thx Mom, Dad, Gps + Jesse ILU! John A. Doucette Dufer, Duey "If life deals you a seven-ten split, don't give up! Aim for the seven and let her rip!" Good times in caf study with MD., AR. + P H. Predlctable Fri. nights which turned out memorable Golf 3 yrs, Kathleen Ann Duggan Katie "Todays dreams are tomorraw's future" Good times with: KGKD TMKTCCLTLBMS CBCMAHKMAVL HAAVF Cape Cod Crusin in Coke mobile Good times at GV History with CTC Good luck KGB l love you Mom, Dad, Kelly, Nicki! Diana Dorothy Egan Di, "Din" Laughter is the shock absorber in life's blows. Poms. Girls nite out. "Der" Lunch, MCD. Innocence? Callabash, summer '87, Gibbs. Hampton, '85 Chevy Novo CJQSNPD. l love you, STK! Memories of Dad. Thanx Mom. Lave U. 66 'Q Sheryl L. Egan Jodi Michele Elias "Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile" LS, NC, "We've only just begun white lace and promise a DR, LSD - 8 "All Them" MHS - JD Sax Dead kiss for luck + we're on our way" Sum 87 -- Bowie Shows Prom '86 NH Summer of '66 Oh no - 'N1MNKH1ldlm dnadrn1BOS 6o1KNMNSMTH Buffalo! 714166 Colorado '67 Thanx Laura, Mom JMDEJFKKTMJW - Ly1FA Mon Pmr + L11 inch1TmH and Dad Souza! l love you Jeff. -- ski 87150 who?1rnbws + drms - ILY Krstn M+D -- lLY . . . 1002 waits for a vice-principal to throw away their garbage ln the cafeteria? A. 1 , V - 47 4 I Greg W. Eramo James Michael Fahey J. Casey Faiman Omare W, Gerg? You're only young once, but once is enough if you When duty whispers low, "Thou must," the youth I don't want to work. ljust want to bang on my do it right Ski trips Good times with CFKSARSOEMEW replies, i'l can " Pres wfMG ski trip 87 Times DRUMS ALL DAY l'm a linle red rooster The GD APHDLKCHDDAB MDKBKRJP Thanks 89 90 Q1 WXMGMHLRSLATRSASMSMR Blazing Saddles Bill Shows! Ledzep Thanx Vick l Love Ya AL scout Tr O'Bash Squeek Gm Tks GFHD PGRD Thanks Mom + track wfMH + SD Red Sox bleachers Thanks Mom, Traci Ed All my love Brickster BSL I did it Mom and Dad I love you Dad, and Margo ILY Dad Christopher J. Farley Christina Favreau "Chris" - "Farley" Stina Take it as it comes HAMPTON "SWITCH" "It's "lt's better ta have lost at love than never to have Summer" Thanks 90 O1 KWCWMFTCMCKSLO Close loved at all" Boston 66 wfgang Lost 4 U2 w CD + Classics batwbaf JPKRSMJFMCTTJC JCDDIGTHMDAB Best Mem w Spike Rf STMM JF ED MN SG JP NT SKI FB 57 Boston otated "egg toss" Summer nights Summer 57 NY Crue JUMD INFUNT Summers w Seb Thanks Mom and Dad Bu lLU Mom and Dad "'U5 Mara Fein Jennifer S. Feldman Veronica Jean Ferguson "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die life is a Jen Vee - Vern barren field with snow" Fun times with "With your eyes you see the future and in your All things work out for the best in time Gd LCEMAWALVH PJBJCTRKK JFJH Boston 66 Volleyball mind you hold the memories," NH - REBELS GTW FrlendsfMSLTTM CDCMKMLMMF MemorlesfCS GT 8466 R1R2R3 Tunafawvhlckk Jlflfmeow Thanx - CDPMCIJBMCKFMMSSMHFAP, Smr, '87 - All wfMlke and MCD Friends! PDSFRDSMJS Mom Wet, S+G - SB Ah Noi Poms, Swimng . ? Europe DMPGCMEPJTML BD 6713 2723 NYE 86757 '87 Bermdo BOWIE DF - CD, Thnx LL, M+D M+D+J+S+Gm+Gp ILY GL Joelle What color? M5 Hampton . . . 407, went on the ski trip? If f 'S Claude Ferry I leave North I-IS. remembering oll the great times I had with friends like JL DL PJ JU AG EB EL WT Thanx, guys! Later y'aII Egg'em mis-W-Q' ,ff James Michael Francis "To all y'aII people out there beamin up, Don't let Scotty get yo body," - Chuck C. Thanx to Barb-n- Jim. Peace to who I sat with BE, HK, EG, PM, RH. WT. Be cool to VG, SP, DS, MML, TB gets fresh Pumas-YizTif Robin Gabrielli Rob "We are planets to each other, circling in our orbits to a brief eclipse" o STRING FEVER what car I fell ya JA, SB, RC, rme, we got It BADI good times with the DH crew + all others Thanx M+DI JPK I LOVE YOU see yuh. Q, ., Matthew C, Fienbetg Testing proves testing works. Ran-Poison, Crue. Whitesnake Good times with MM, LB, JC, AC, JK "Test today? On what chapter?" Only destroyed one chem lab! PS blues. Later! . If 'I I I Adam J. Gayner AJ. Great Senior Year CO 86 - PDJK Setc Eggs Teem Tout Kids Summer 85 Jon Jeff NH kid sjlbjhjdjdkl Rooney! Dove Sum. 86, 67 GIRLS. nedcbD . . . Golf Coach Haddock, mmbccc - 848587 thanx Mr. Kropp so much! Mrs. Ametti Mom Dad Deb Laur Mopsy Janice Sharon Foster Jan Someday all this work will pay off! JF You can NEVER hove too much too soon, Thanx to my parents and everyone else who encouraged me through the years to be all that I can be. Good luck MF KG AS MK PJ Kerry Fritz "A friend is someone w fwhom you dore ro be yourself" POMS BF wfMC GR wfC5KJJCMA Nice Laugh twins bommer SWITCH K108Con. clubs K2 and M2 IRV and ELI "TUI3i + MC" Spike It orsuin-t and g sp memr's wfK5 Thanx M and D and J Norma Gelina "I'm always chasing rainbows, watching clouds drifting by. My schemes are just like all my dreams. ending in the sky." GT WXJELLDBGGLGSPCPJ and others! Will miss 'eml Thanx M+D! Jon, I love you! 68 . . . TZ remembers what happened on the ski trip? Jeffrey S. Geller Jeffwa VAR, Basketball, Golf. Baseball. GTW1 BK, SR The Guys: SSMBBAAKDS KNi + Lipps CMDQ Big Guy. Good it ' 'ia T SP Susan Marie Gillogly Sue, Tanker Let everything about you breathe the calm and depth of your soul U2 wfSuz 58 Cutlass, MC, C and One KI, Thr's no passin lane in a 1 track mind. The C Pinky Pals wfI3W David B wfSO, GE, and EB future builds on d'past: Thanks for evry thing M+D + NOW! BATCH 123? NEE? Poms - GL - CB, MH and Sis. I love yo KW 6120167 - TH -- IWARY JR SKI TRIP Thx M and D Victor Gener J .sg ii es? Marci Lyn Ginsberg What Iles behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared ta what lies within us HBUSTED in BLACK" LDW 66 BBall wfMH Good Times wfACRLSBCM GMKRSGCPSO Bash - SO RD SKIT "Vic" If theres a bustle in your hedgerow dont be alarmed now, Your stairway lies on the whispering wind Karen Ann Goldman Goldflex KGB Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all Down Under: KDAVJWCMCBKTCCAHLT LBTSMSTMKDVFCM Swimming Hole In Cal WH wwlg TM Come Again? Coke Mustang Luv U Mom + Dad + Ellen -Q tis. --19 Andrea Michelle Goldstein Andi "Remember, goodbye doesn't mean forever" To all my friends - thanx 4 mldnite swims, BIO parties, piano lessons, NY '86, SO tapes, rehearsals, retreats drlvlng w f me and SO much more' ILY Mobile JF Rudy Q TS Gymnastics V84BB WBGLSO Jesters Dead I Iuvuses I'm on my way M+D o---X Laurlo Allison Goldman ' ' Kathleen Anne Goselin. I-cuz' Eeno 2 ALL! THNXMDAILY 2 Komy "Looks like we made it helped each other all the Best at times with all my good friends ar the way" BOT WXCKENPLKKKLLHHL. CAPE 87 wf beaches Many wonderful memoriesl Thanks for all DSSRRB. CG wflslm - Queen B23, REGAL + all 3 the good times, guysl Need a date? Sean M you're "BUSTED" RT 126 MB - What? What? Sp. mems very special to mel Mom and Dad, love yal "BEACH" I LOVE U SCOTT! ROX wfckmk. X and U2 "ROMO" Thx MD ond G - LU I . , 532 watches MTV while doing homework? 69 . X Christopher A Govelu Kevin Grant Theodore John Gteenblott Chris ed Nice while ir losred but rhonk God it s over Bottle To be oll you con be you must dreom of being for the beoury in NHjVU Two mon volue pock more CAPT 861 Footboll LB TE 877 JF Hll ortock on the tripids Will 1 be enough? NES Ronny Ehorn Cope B7 Good Times ATA 87 Sec over SA 2 miss binds ot SW never DAN77 1dd BHAPKT Nel 70225 LAX Ski ic o found + Rocky Uos CN wfAP AS ILU M+D Anne Grenhom Donuelle A Gnbens Gren Donn! It wos so eosy then never moking plons just "lt's been reoll CK UR my best friend Joson s sitting bock ond holding hands Booby URTB - Cope 104 nite 67 Corona' Cuffy sl MGB' Medfohl VA FF BM nonV LK 10 + ST wfMS AP - French A217 66-B7 Burnout Thonx M ond D BG M FB? SP GD? MD J PTP SG + BW + RD 635 GT ond SW' G bye Mrs A Love to CKKPJDPVM ond wfSK + SC 3 ond TOM Pete MFG + T + INFU APRMPCBSBBMNTHVH DEGDKWKLAL Heidi Folth Gross ' "Hide" "lf the blind leod the blind, then they will both foll in o ditch," I get by wfo little help from my friends - TLY oil ES -- U R speciol Not - olwoys be free RS - weirdo gdlkfSLJYMGACMS TWJJ 143 NT TY -MondSwywh-D 992 wos kicked out of the librory by Ms. Klein? 5 i N' tr' J I Victoria P. Haas Monica Lynne Hackett Vicki, Vic Mon, Chuck - no Mono "My eyes are turned toward the future, but l'Il "Remember yesterday, enjoy today and believe never forget the road I left behind," GT w. AL AW in tomorrow" BBaII WXMGEHMRKIRB Good Times KK KB OB IW EN DG PS SM PL AC AW - Whos w? Pilhed Jeff Marci Jen Gab Tam Shan CHILLIN' ON Jason? SKIING! Thanx M and D ILY HOWE ST, summer '57 wfSP Du Stef Ria Nita and fellas Wend and Jr LUJ and MKS Love You MOM, DAD, MCK -ag, to s"" ,j "",'.' I 3 :Lf ,z if AWE' Cheryl Lynn Hamilton I-lamma Twiggy "lf you can'r remember me with a smile, then dont remember me at all," TBOTWTBOFKMK RKNHSRLSPMDLKHD - Soc, Lax Ccapt Q - The Wall 7 Conf, KR Ski T - sick? Cape Bo-67 wfRL Jeep? FriPMs wjKM - Spcl Frnds EWKS Thanks Mom and Dad ffl it--rg I- , If Y Tracy Michele Hanna Kathy Hanson Tracematose Trace "Sometimes I wish I were a child again, skinned Would someone please explain the reason for this knees are easier to mend than broken hearts " GT's strange behavior? LTDXJO MINT' SKI - 67, wfDD EM TC CL JP KK JY KC Very special Acapulco Lounge D + D! TABSVNPII GT WU, KK, D, Memories wfEddie - 217167 Nova4Pumo Good D, K, A + Nigue WELL HOW RUDE ATB Wjihe luck, Billy! ILY M and D Cult' d d I Bl I GIJ - GO ILY M and DAD Rob Harber Rob Robbie "I look to the sea reflections in the waves spark my memories" THE FORT, MANYABASH BKR N BOS Hot Summer Nights Cape Cod wish you were here The Night WfG+D+VO Good Luck to all my friends Thanx Mom + Dad f Christopher C. Haug Chris "lf we share this nightmare, then we can dream. Spiritus Mundi" U2 CULTIDOL 67 - DHPMKHBTSCMTWRB Vega Spliff - Mode AWD Best luck Class of '66 - Thanks Mom and Dad X18 Peter Charles Havel Peto, Vlnnle Lax, You can't do thai, Stef, A Sas Bm 66-67, 'KOX FOLKS HYPO SLAMMYS scp'n G Ts WXEARL, HESTEB, MD, AR, JD, TG, MB, HN, ETC I can do all things thru Chrlst SU. abc, Thnx M+D, MR, K+Ms, A . . . 511, laughs at Pete Havel's jokes? 71 Michael J. Hayden "Wed better be going, we hove o long journey We must not kee our new mosters woirin " D 9 - the prisoner Those Posses - RNTK, KW, EH, WW, RM, l3Dec + ond ofcourse - S D MDE SEEING YOU." 6. ,il '33 Q a r 1 A Kevin M. Henderson 3 ,.,. -"' " lm' 2'-29 ' :Q .23 ,. W Ellen Judith Herz ..L,. "Don'r stop believinj hold on to thot feelin' " HUEY OX Cope '66 w1EK Loso - Red Shorts "Oh my!" Rivers Bohomos 'Bo w1AM SB+BB w1KIRBEKHH Unforgettable times w1good friends EKABASJSJB ILY M, D+H Keep dreomin' , f ,,'z I 1' , f ff nr 4:1- W, I an 4. Q. fr X 47. 1195 n bk, bg' I VVW Lynne Ellen Heimon "Friendship is o contract seoled w1Ioughter ond broken w1teors" GT w1LCEHTKLGMRK GKDAHANMRW V1I3'6oBB w1LBATLKKMKS NH '67 - Thonx Lo for olwoys being there! P1C Cope w1TKEH - CIown1Oreos Luv yo Mom Dod + Sue Gregg A. Hevey Hevs TEST? WHAT TEST? The times hove come + gone but the best have yer to come, ACwc WMS TGM KK19 KK21 HATE TREES SWSTEINO GTMOXGT wEverybody FOOTBALL LAX1 FIREBIRD 115 okotbffgd Luv U Chrissy Love you Mom + Dod Ai H39 Jeff s. nodes " Scoop, Bonzo "Mony dreams come true, ond some hove silver linings. I live for my dreoms, ond o pocket full of gold" Ski T. 2187 - 215C - U2 SCOOP-MOBILE Michael Hirsch nalgne -' ms w!MC' BC' DB' Rm' Angelo Morle Hughes Mike ppy Ang, Angel "I don't know, whot do you wont ro do"1 concerts "NEVER SURRENDERH GT QU2 ond DLTU tp wor NY in 86 + 67 w1RS NH67 W1LBSGCCKTEIMSTMITCBLT KDCMKMKG PARK Moine w1CF Cope w1MR tip w1SL trock w1CF NHSP PAPA HoiBust CG w1LSJMCTJL Reg Bash BFLBUMO my chks ore numb! Sudlforms sci Iobprts fods fyou w1S+.I Vt w1L Cp w1scmp 87 Flogg w1L MAX 86 knowj luv u M+D+J+ACNP PROM 87 BSHS SKI EVAN 10110166 I LOVE 7 YOU! sminmonte Thonx M+D+S 1 A knows thot there is o freight elevotor in North High? rj i Joshua Hurd Josh Special and Mechanic U Are Close To Me aisle 5 Good Times Wfwayne and our LOVE CATS ANTICI - SAY IT - PATION DOCTOR? AND GREENIE AND ME Yes! I-la Ha Faherty Rap never felt so sick Two Slices of Bread and a Lot af Baloney Cosmic Excursion Into? B5 'N , Kiernan Lindsey Ignacio Ignis, Cleat We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again. Best times wfRB - SB, BBnr? I'm not going. JG - MFG always! ATJWCB - IIyI FH wfcaps and yegs. CKI - Our futures are ahead of us GLILY and Imyl KG, MG, JI, KM A ILY AND THANX' GJPImy Jennifer Hutchins 'ilt's now or never and tomorrow may be too late" - BOSTON URABBQM - Pud At PGfMcPT at BK wAGC - Te-He D0 Cstlefw SRG - G on RCSTRCC Figts AND Roz C SByMS of 5150 - 2ND BCH Sm Wini Mon All ML 2 UR Sods At HD - BLKDG! Christine Irwin Jason Philip Isaac Chris "No dream is impossible" Good times with the gang "The best is yet to come" bf 4eva Training at Gold's GI-IWH TWS+C ALASKA SKI TRIP WXJBAPJFKFMCPMCD NY Eve SWITCH! 2 young 21 SCOOPIN JYBO SECA HAMPTON 60 DDA JACK'S CLASS - ova Bstn trips wfAP club guys' He's mine hoio's CHICS GOWC STFHBS See ya in California TM+D+B all ntr sum 66 wfJM Cape 87 "Poms" Rmbr Scart. Mel? Thanks M+D M. Stephen ltzkowitz Iggy, Earl 'Let's get together and feel alright" Chippy Erly right. Lax 84-88, Cncerts 2 mngs U2 Grt ll Dd Clptn Dj Deosties Your Hmmtdl Awkwrd Mmnts Earl lsr 86 Lech Drns Who7I Don't Go Mutesl Thanks Mom + Dad + MMM What. do you wanna go? .--Q 4? Peter John Jordan Pl Fly-Boy Don't lose sight of lessons learned, your dreams or goals, Work for them! Without them you have nothing, Thanks Mr Kroppl Great times wfAG. JU. CF, IL. EL, EB - I won't forget you - We'Il meet again Y'aII' '66 RULES Jemal Judklns Mal, Mookie To all the bloods an the m'bus bcool JDA DAD ICB To my female friends I luv u To all my buddies in the burb' It's been real RM RB DH JC football 6587 "oh baby" Mom + Dad It's only the beginning . . . 202, remembers when Steve ltzkowltz was class president? 73 Loran Aliso Kollck "Help I'm not reody to grow up!" Holo Chicos Swld Never comploin never exploin do it' GT U Spoz Oh No Andl's Driving Vboll Cop! WjAud WJCMSKJBSMJM MAS ST WXSTEVE LBCCSG SMILE Amy - ZAZ - Dblemnr Cncrts wfShor EN Kotofl3USCH is best' The Pork The Woll Yo ond U2 ily IRD ond IW GdLck Dubes Hosto luego, Whatever C-rerord s Turkey Killer Frightnight LAX omlgos I Luv Yo mucho Mom, Dod ond Bro lmpolo7 Thonks Mom + DADfJ+D+A I LOVE YA! in X Allison Kaplan Eric Dovid Koplon All SMVGMFMMDNSR lunch pols JPMBRW Beach "Those crozy nights I do remember in my youth" Boys B7 Summer of 67 ROCKED 69 Chevelle? - FABulous-sue - ssuio BW - PACERS soton bbg Stoughton Rondolf Whot A pony? Let s go runels fun O lt's time ro stort livin BRAVO 86 speciol Wolgreens RW is Working HOLLY NEW friends mkodbnbonlb imlkcclbjcjk oil GHOVSE I love CONNECTIONS TAUGHT ON Phones rn From NICKS + you oll Thanx FOLKS The Cors every sot wfthe oldies We 5 F 7 7:2 Ch ristofile Korolls Life is o test ond oll things show it, I thought so "rofile" "eeno" once ond now I know ir Porry Rock On wfAA, ' "My eyes ore turned toword the future but l'll SA LB MB TC AD PF GG VG MM, WM, IP, 66-67 never Aget the times I left behind" Phx AZ B7 66PGs See yo soon JC JC, KC, NC, DJ, JJ, GTWMSFXLALGGWATJGRCV In - CuzbMK1MK KS AT BC EW 66 THX M ond D Cope LA F1MKHK McDsw AJG CC, I'm The Filling! MbKiss Your Regal Gby LG hc DD gmowwPH PHMDLU , . . 101, listens to the morning onnouncements7 1' Q5 Q 'iff Jodie Katz Lona M. Katz Robin Katz "Never say goodbye" Robin, for there is no friend Lon "That was then, this ls now." Good Luck to the Class like a sister. Aga, Together - Foreverr Mom and What is a friend? I will tell you. lt is a person of 66, Jodie, I love you, You will always be special Dad - Thanks for everything, I LOVE YOU! "Good Wfwhom you dare to be yourself. BOTWTBOF -- to me. Mom and Dad, thanks for being there when luck Class Of 86" Stephanie - You'll always be my HDCHKRJFNHKN Surf Fetish!! CALIF wfl-Iez '87fl3lack l needed you the most. favorite Ditz M and T wfKW SkT - drnk?l GE - U bring good things ta life. I Luv You Mum and Dad L- 't I 12 Sean Anthony Kenney Kimberly A, Klttredge Skinch Kim I wept because I had no shoes then I met a man "To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty." who had no feet Good times WfSA, EB, AC, GJ, GTs wfDDKl-ITCAD JPCLKCAWAL VHENLGJEMF, Clr CM, E + c. Summer 67, Cape, Hampton 66 TP Gd 65-66 wfLaur, Queen B23! AW, who's Jason? Thanks Mom and Dad Thanks F,N,H.S. - Mems of SM . . . You'II always be special to me. - Thanx and I luv u M and D, fn .0-" lid f V' ff? , . If , Gabriella Klein Kathleen Marie Knight Agnieszka Kokar Gobl, Gab Kathi Aga "To live a love. yau've gotta give a love" N, "And now, we're on our way. No need to hurry "Within our power Iles every step we ever dream Young '67 ski trip Blk wlk Triangles ANYONE? just to get from day to day" Boston 1st row of taking" J. K. No More S's. I love you, Chris, M, IR, common MS - ISRAEL, MG - FAEVER, RS -- EFR, 6119167 wfBSKWJM Cape - 714166 IM -- Cotillion. T. H. Life goes on. DA, good luck PS, LUV WT - Hotl Cal, parties at GB, SL - Kiss, TW, MW, BUDDY? rbotwtbof ID? no Sorry Roller keg - NA YOU: JK, PS, BB, TL, MP., CH, TH, JH. THANKS MOM JF SH? RM, IA, SG, PA - bench ILY - M. B, D, H, sfjag smEC TWf5GPClM KWMSEKHSKN Thanks M+D AND DAD, an . . , 151, has walked through the third bridge? 75 KKK Erica Lynne Kollen Er, Ossy So you'te scared and thinkin' maybe we ain't that young anymore - BRUCE Cape 85-87 wfJMEH SHEMP Times wfPC -- 85 corfuHI Losa - Robe - Redshorts STWMH Ml + MDO - 86 Ski Trip - 87 JWMGSLEHJMKK KWDZCFGJJLACTFBAF Ily m+d Kriega, Dano The Cannonball wfM + F Wrong Room Q VT, ui-impwi-I PARTY Q Mn wfN is , Boat Pit n, wfMH + MD Boog Board CQ JCp Tar COChix: Filbg The Circle Talk CQ SS, P.U.J,A PM, WOOF: Gophers: BTGAB Bark like a dog, you! THANX to my family Theresa Lagos "People walk Into our lives and go: some stay for a while, leave footprints in our lives, and we are never the some " HBFSSK - ring much? GBAR - Good times!! Hel, F-Best Frnds 4Ever!l Spec, Mems wfMike C!! Scov VB Lex lux U 76 "A Journey of o thousand miles must begin with a - ,.V- 'W single step " Thanks to everyone for making me welcome Love you A.C J C and LB. HrB - 105 l'II miss you all, Thanks for everything Mom ond Dad. Joshua D. Konvisser , Q, . Josh Liisa Marie Korpi Lils, Weezie When two hearts love, nothing is impossiblejTb's SK, SG, BW, BM, SC, ADC, KR, RB, AG 13! I luv U! JP, S+D + wkendslfski trip!fOct, 12 Apr, 28 8592 thx Mom + Dad + Joe I couldn't do it wfout ull WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JOE N Daniel Stephen Krlegsman Seto A. Kundakjian "There's a color picture in my mind af all the memories that I've left behind." THANX GUYS! Demo, ILY BFFOK? M and T CANCUN! AGTLRBATBNKD - RING! A Summers 81 "I want to and D. Seth A. Landau "The more difficult challenges and hardships become, the more you realize that life is worth living just to solve them." 991, broke something in a lab during their four years of high school? be the one to walk in the sun" What a Year! ILY M .HM '-':::'.?' Patricia Anne Landers Patty "lf I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived os I believe." ' Good tlmes WXJWACLGENAC KBCLALAW DE wfLG Ski 85-88 Special friends w fACAC Thanks Mom and Dad, MDJSMPB, ILY 5 1 I 1- - I Ai sf 1 ' iii., "JUS ' 1 C K 'ms ,. P?:f',i"f 35,94 gag' , , fr .?f'1.f,,.',r,-'I? - r 14 .44 ,5,:g.,f,,--L'2 J, Y' 1. ",- ' ' . '1f1f0.v"'gx ff 1 , 1f'f"4.hI.,.- -' ' ff IM'eaw:-- , gf' fav, 'fffi'-ii . f ' A 'sifv T11-,gs ?f'ri d'1i'?'A.' ef "'9"r -H. 'f f 3L'.-" - - A ' vi' Derek Langenberg Kluzak, Langy "Be the best person you can be, and the best things will happen ro you" Lax SS Hypo Wanna go? Hoc, Champ, Ski, Mets, DS, Upper Deck, BB DMC VH 17 DA 6 Brawl WM Best of luck CW, MC, CS, AR, SI, DR and rest '86 iii Av H.. fly- li 1 1 Shari Danielle Lavidar "lf wishes were horses, dreamers would ride forever" BT WXCSSSLKJCCWRB Luv U guys - Thnx 4 the best mems! LK - cncrts ELFUDGE 'TC: 4fH' BP' BIAL Poms 86-7 Ski? MDEMCILY B and G - Bstn 121167 - BT and SM wjBS 'Gdlk '88' John Joshua Lawrence Josh i'You don't ever fail if you keep trying." Good times with CF, PJ, AG, JU, EB, EL, BB, MMc, CB, DL, CT, AR, Swimming, LGing Gawk CQCD, yay, "Huge Don't messl, Skiing, 101, reQag, slap, nr! sp, relay, arpwcf, tm+d 4 'V' X CX 2 Eric Matthew Lebson Dream what you dare to dream Go where you Chris want ra go Be what you want to be HAMBURGER "Smile and be happy lor today Is the tomorrow you - Posing the Hard: party - Mr K, JU, PJ, DL, CF, worried abour yesterday" Gtw KH DD TC JP KK KL KC JL - Thanx - Buffy, shut up' Jen ILY Sec O Srat 2020 AwnF an the 67 Ski Trip D and d ILY Aprll Loman "We may never pass this way again" Apr. 20 AYWABIMHLWNFY Gd, Frd, JPACJP Socter wfACDBJWCSHK Spags l'm Somebody 11 59-12-01 l'M GRB! Grndpa Tl Voglio Bene GOOD LUCK ALLIEI THNX MDSSAS ILYA AD KD TM PL "Lifeguard" Salisbury Beach Subaru Good i- Luck Jen "BG" Thanks I Love You Mom and Jen U too LW v-A "' David H. Lermon Dave. Pencil Neck " but somewhere in rhe darkness, the gambler he broke even " Guys, it was great - AG, CF, EB, EL, JL, JU, PJ, SD X-country winning7 Patrymobile Wendy lLY Class, stay ln touch Thanks Mom, Dad, J, Mr, K + Ms A, . . . 742 wants ro steal the pencil sticking our of Ms. Fagan's hair? -Q -.7 N Steven P. Levandosky Sleve "He who wins the victory shall inherit these gills: I will be his God and he shall be my san," REV XXI-7 bs bk dm ac ms sm sl mm mn rm em 77 I I i Sheryl Lynne Levy Sherv "Remember what we've sold and done and felt about each other" "Living is loving" 2my friends Thx and ILY vm! 'MG "We" Riprsn 22gthr 4 each other "Au and only Au" ILY wfoll my H and S 'ILYp 5 B 3 Amy Elizabeth Lilley "The moment may only be temporary, but the memory lasts forever" GTs wfen PSCNKBAWK KPLJWMFJD and - VH Thanx for all the laughs! Miss O - wfP5CN + LP Skiing "67," Bos + NR + BJ AW - Whos Jason? Thanx M and D I Luv You! rj Kristen Link Kris "I want to go back!" Good Friends, CL, KJ, IK, JA. MOVING AGAIN? "Sougus, Where's That?" Polnt Fight "67" "Chris, where do I go?" "Kerry, Where are the guys?" "Get serious!!!" Thanks Mom and D, Lance Lynch MDBLJ and 2 "B yrself bcause the past is just o Qdbyu El, Larry Lockwood Lerchwod STAND TALL STIK TO YOR GUNS SHOW EM WHAT YOR MADE OF KILLER DWARFS - AnTiCs wfBLOB, BARNEY, TOT, FRIDGE ROAMING wfCM 25s u get nothln for nothin!! GUNSNROSES CAN. RUNS EXPORTS kim LIITI CHEERS! Dadlg Good luck Class of "68" if ,X f, If 0 1 -'L 'iii ' ,1 1 , 3 wi ' -1' ggjxz' 5 , aj, 1 Ann-Morle LoVuoIo Rip "So before we end and then begin we'Il drink a toast to how it's been." TBOTWTBOFfCape 66-87 wfCH JEEP? mb nxt yr! BUSTED IN BLACK! RD 66 MDW 86 2L AND 1F GT wfSOFISB 66 U2 67 Me 57 wfS2C2 I love you Shawn Thanx M and D Q Paulo MacDonald 15 Kristina Marie MacLeod Link, Lancelot If you don't try for what you wont, what's the sense of dreaming about It? Best Memories: Summer of "B7," Angela with everybody Lk BKDN , es Wild Child Spare a little candle save some llght for me. I drank what? The best is yet 2 come CALIFORNIA BOUND Crazy guy WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE HEAVY METAL FOREVER In Your Eyes Let The Good Tlmes Roll ILY Mom and Dad Kris Times are changing It's time we all reached out for something new, GTWJMS CBEASTJ cm TMMSLTCBVFLSLDL BAHKDKGCCKT. DEC '66 Crzn wfCMTMMSLS! Sum '87 CM - Re. Mon in CVS??! BJCONC WXCMMSCB MS - THANX! - Bd Pst Bst. Tx M+D 78 . . . 267, knows Rip's real first name? -CNW' Christine Malette As you go through life, be yourself. NOBODY can tell you you're doing it wrong Grt Mems Wfliristie GrnJmVm THJYBBATP 66 stg TGRS TWSTR Late night jmfcc Collabosh 65 ATG 614186 MBFAL Billy IWALY Thanks Dad, Mom, Greg and Sue Kristie Lynn Mannlng "And you may find time will blind you, this to remind you, all ls meant to be" Bean Sat Rip Marc - TWEEN - Chl 2 -- Smr 85-7 C+In wfDB S - 12 Kegs? ME? Callo's wfths 9 ys Late nite Q j+c's 3w+chs - LYS - Love u M+D, Roger H. Marshall Howie, Zippaheod You only live once so have a good time! Partying w JC JJ LP GM RB GO Keggos 9567 All Nlghter! 925 Oleary's too, Ally Days Where's Big Aldo? Bstn w GE + JC Buzz Bearer New Years at Clarl-sy's Hampton 85 Ross A. Martindale Kathleen Keaveny Maselek Sir Ross Kate Moz J-BANG. 2 Friends CGJGDSJCMSASKD "After a whlle you learn the subtle difference VTJPASMMPMRSGU N Parents Catilllon Q between holding o hand and chaining o soul" Frootloops, ArefHunted: BUSTED, REOfJJjBowie Laughs + Love wfT, czyK 2 - The 9:86 - Ski trip SNAPPER n BBruster Porty Bread, vdo N Rad "The e g " cheering + lox 84 -- BTBOTWTBOF. Fri, Draglinlng n Oranges. 68's Ponies + God save the pm's + CH ILY kb l'm Srlll Your Baby Mom + Dad queen, 2 'D .---1 Q53 I . l I X X X Derek S. McCarthy Shown McCauley F070 Perfect "Motor Head" "SlCk0" DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY. We Memories of the smiles we left behlnd 012 Baseball solve the whole crlme. We find the whole person. and Hockey 1985 BSL Champs All The Guys dlp llba Phone today for the whole solution to your problem. fMlsslng cars and messy divorces a speclaltyj SLATFATF Polo Jaws Scata Please Pounding with Daley 114 66 Chrls - You're my very best frlend and Ilya REMEMBER ME Ily mom 2 af Sean W. McDermott Mac "Winning ls doing the best with the capabllltles you have" GTs - BASLMMDSP SSLMNMSJD AXVLGVHAL TCDDRUP. I love you, Kim, math 67 -- KAY? BBB8 Thanks Mom and Dad. . . . 22 knows there's o diving team? 79 Brandi Rae McGrath Bron, Brondolrums "Thot'sjusr the way it is" BT WXSCAGLKSK BWAPSGRBSCDM Hampton Boston N,Y Halloween Bo mem wfllrck Feb 27 March 14 Boston Concert "cookies" 'Never say goodbye" DANCE 86 Beretta Love + Thanks to Mom + Dad Theresa Ann McNulty Terri lt's not the end: it'sjust a new beginning GT'S wfLTCMKMM5 LSCC + GANG 12186 wfDMS. 2187 wfL5 + LT - MCBLT. Sum 67 - 5 wkstrt! wfLS PD + GANG! Beans! crzn, wfLS - 1071. Sun's wfLT + JT CM - do ajig! KM - Img. lt? LT - Mx Eg. lLY M+D+T+J Michael L. Mendelsohn Shmike, Finder Thanks to all who've mode me LOVE North-lnc,q M+D, relatives, ALL my friends, sweet sister, Papa Glno's, Mr. Kropp, Led Zep, U2, and of course the class of BB! Good luck to all of you! You're so special. 80 Christine McMahon Chrissy Goodbyes are here but the memories will never leave us BOT WXCBKMTMMSLDLTLB AHLSCC Where's bean tonight? crzn wflsrrncb partyn wfmsldatbns Hey lstm Let's do the rre! T's hse swksin a row! VAMpl We mode it! lly M+DS Mary Jane McNally MissyjMissle THE CREW GTS With ABMRDMSCB C2maro Worcester Chase Do You Know The Way To Acton Methuen Con We All Fit What You Say To Her Worcester Chose Needs Some Oil Who Knows The Way To Acton Con We Park Here Micky Ds I Luv You Thanks Mom and Dad in 3' Christopher D. McPhie "Take lt easy. If it comes easy, take lt twice" Good times + laughs wfdc, so, gi. ch, jm, sm, lfrc, BBjb. Cape Cod sum. wfrp, rs, cs, kk, ts, ms. mim + burt, Raul Mendez Rod. Quinque "If we had the chance to do it all again, would we?" Go Drive a Chevy "Oh Yeah!" Speedy Mogul Bluethunder Iceman ZZ Was5up? Denise Tammy Jen Estee JenK Con't forget Mr. K. Mrs. A EHMMCLOMPC SHORTY AND PEPE Woof cult "67" tom, bros, p3 LAX F4 "mk?" sb's. rhwll Patricia J. Metcalfe Potty "Life is ajourney. Time is its distance. Memory is its map." Poms GT WfMMJFCDC IRMJBCBSSMTPJ ST Wflames BF w MMJL Boston wfMM 85, 6 Europe 86, 7 Berm 68 Uhno JF Sumnr 87 party, dc Coalone JF skiing 86 Poms l Lve u Mom and Dad . . . 27, is on the diving team? X I ,L 1"-41 K . James Bruce Miller Millo, Jim "When I die, Vm leaving my body to science fiction" TBOTWTBOF GTW BSKKSPCPM DIBSOCJ KK - Buddy7 Bmprchks wfSP at O's BAL - 57 Ski - rorpok The Big Chill SI-IOTGUN VH The Dead "BOO Love ya M+D ,... Terri Marie Moon SMILE lt makes people wonder what youre up to LB Starship JJMM History with KD ond CL and KL and PICKYKSACKN John POCO CCRJ 2 GUGHENHEIM NY CHEM with AD TC ROYAL MANDARIN Bermuda B6 ALCGTCPM THANKS MOM AND DAD AND TAMMIE AND MANDY AND ANDREW 'x, i Gina Marie Mingace Gene, Bean "GOOD-BYE DOESN'T MEAN WE'LL NEVER B QGETHER AGAINH smr - 87 K+J - colobosh 3w+chs chi2 ME 7 wkds Q SBs GT WfLPMSKBFCKM CMSBRLMG bff LIS l'll Olwcys b here ILY MlSSpsmem SMTHEWJM TGR5 Uup7 PMKN Luv U M and 5 , fix 1,-7 Edward Btian Moodoyan Tracy Lynn Moore "5ergloi' "ED" I Will LOVE You FOREVER Adam 'It's not a crime to be knocked dawn its a crime to stay down" Wrestling APbach GT w MBTGABKSABEWAPSMDD Dominoes ski trip atomic E flipping the jeep I Love U MB Thanks Mom and Dad Michelle Lynne Morgan Mich and Mitch Make new friends ond keep the old 1 is silver and the others gold Twirling Cpt, C3GdX w PMSBKSCFSSJFCDJB MCKFRMSG BF w Pat Bos 65, 6 Ski Ttlp 67 ABpns PTYP Q87 5UDpnsTnks LA and Mom Derm 66 ILY M and D, Jul ond Dan SpX w craig t Love Your Eric Leif Moxim Max, Nush Come ang don't be o chicken DO ME CRITMASS LAX Bagat 67 Raisin with Hevs Cap TBone Judge DW + The Gang BATTLE WAGON 105 okg-fgd kk1 kk2 crx + Devs 30 doz? BUGS Love u Mom + Doa Amy Thanx 4 Everything FEAENMW BYE Victoria Muntoe Slow down you move 2 fast I LOVE U DAVE Halloween, Pacers, AL wrestling, poms Best Friends MAC thanx MOM ond DAD quoters V and GGte-9 ond Al Christine and the red shark, Kristie and the CULT 4187 JY, TE, RB , . . 622 owns a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt? 81 i A I 1 : - 1 ffiif f ' , T ' YM ' i 1.'-,-, :- 2: ' "- w". ,v , iv, E 5 f ., , -Hd' .1 y. , Q 4, -. N . X-E. f I 1 . y X J 7 9 lr '- , f , , , Q. wi f Q f I I any I V . i 1 ,.. JA Ir 15, 'Yi I r 1 V 5 " if I it' .Y ' T' .5 1 'K 1 I 1' Tanya Muto Erik William Muzzy Tan Muzz, ZZ When mnts crumble to the c, there will srrll be u + "Irs 'More Than A Feeling' to realize that lite is full me mems of 68 dig goin to call' dt days md's what of 'Dreams' " l'Il remember everyone ZZ Top Jeep a trip we made it fronhrny hrnt - rb Motley Crue DZMCRMST DCSTBSJCEBSGPMPK be good ry-ty I love you Chuck Thanx mom + dad DEDHNJHCMHDRMR V DSLR Champs '67 Can't Beth Ellen Nadilch "You can either be part of the problem or port of the solution " GTW BAN, AK, AD, LB, EB, JC, LB, JK AC, SR, MK, er al, Penelope, Lex, Bravo, HS157. Joseph, BBG, PacersfSets, Spider Thanx Mrs F, Mr OB, Mrs A, lly M, D, + 5 Michael L. Nash Monique Michele Nash Lump Nique "Good times, bad times, you know I've had my You only live once, but if you do it right, once is share"' "TILT" C B, Family, D.B.C.S. I love you, enough, GT w DETHKGASP JAGJUEBMF Cindy! Led Zep, Tom Petty Bruins, Celts, Pats, Sox DGFEKHMSMC - LYFDowie '57 w J and KBiIIy "gotta ramble an" "Too much faint enoughy " ldoIfThe Cult '87 w TKT ski '67 STF lbwc NPI - "Yeah righrl' l3ATDpIab TAL Well, how rude on our b-buns' Thanks Elane Marcia Nathanson Recall yesterday, live for today, and dream of tomorrow. Thanks LG, PL, LK, AW, KK, MF, AL, VH, iw U2-87 vfafeio Lo-ooo wake up Lk- study bud PL - he smiled. Best X's wjfriends. Thanx Mom, Dad and Stef - l Luv U Colleen Mary Niessen "Gonna find my way to heaven 'cause I've done my time in hell." Good times with Clara O,, A L , LP, A.K., K B. - CB. + P,5. - THE THREE NIMRODSI Ski trip '67, "the table," Sue's parties, fishtank lLLD'S! 82 .... OW, walks the halls with a pass? l , ..-o David E. Nilson ll Chip, Chipper, Chippie I A Kristen Beth Nordquist Krissy ' The Secret Ot My Success The World Is An Open "Enjoy today cuz there s no today tomorrow BFHS Book ' "The More You Read The More You Learn About Life" Rock N Roll - U2 'Horror Movies ' Class of 66 Goodtimes Laughs Good friends SSMEKMF - mm Ps Etc Good luck Sis Love you STY,fSF CMSKL Skt trip - 87, Sum 65 - Bird, Lax Capt CHCS, Fhockey Capt KIGB, Bok Choy Her' Aruba? Mem wjTK, Brownies - Late nite talks Thonx MtD ILU ILYA Steve 2,!1,'6o Berh Ann Norman Strangers are friends you havent met yer - FRIENDS ILY all esp BN Aeva AK MS AD, LB2, JC SK MG, AG, SL, TM, MB, BK, MD, JG, SD, BA32 CF, TK, 80 esp EEGRTJ Best times - FRIENDLYS - PACER5 - NAVY 87 -- PARTIES' M+D+As ILY very much' Susan Ponizo Stacey Lea Paradise Lisa Michelle Pastore Lis, Lee Spinning round in a spell, its hard to leave this carousel G - my bfrlend never go 2 for Secrets - Raps w Miss The Lodge 67 F, Me and Sig in oil Class 66 IWMY JESS 4'eva ond always ILY Thanx M and D ILY G-Luck C Stac 'A dream lS only as good os its dreamer" Spcl Frs - MDKRHSKNHS TOBTXVTBOF Gymnxs BSL Champs Cpt States 569' London 87 Tp wjMD 467 bmprcks wfJM krylbnd AGgmd7 chrn wjBW PUMA GL - AMRNJB AP - nty Thnxs Mr Whr M+D ' 'Q John Lawrence Pavio "Slippa" "Bert" "Take one day or a time, we never know what the future holds" Summer 67 "switch" 8487 Football 35 Baseball 27 Hockey 11 HAMPTON GD Times wfThe Guys 74 DART Roxbury ID okMD Sumr Scl SklTrip Boston w CFSFFLO Thanx E and J M and D Andrea Pearl Andy "Loves will come and go but friends are Aever' GT wfBW, SC, SK, SG, BM, AG, IIB, Cl, KF, MC, JB, JF, CD, AG, D U F B, NH - REMBLES, trlps to Bstn wfCl CAPE 87, skiing, Good luck to all my trlends, Kit I love you Mom, Dad . . . 402, was almost in a car accident with John Pavia? Louis Ira Pearlman Lou Three yrs, + NG, DA, DC, AM, GA, MM, DB -- oonh all 3 - YORK labs wfDee summer 'Bo - SW wfPS Apt, 16 - swmer '57 B-scotch Beauty sleddog smeg - CS, NS JeanfPo Fr 77 yrs, - MH, KR Clara O. - CN, AL, PS lunches WXDB SB WXTR NAOMI, DONNA - ILY Shantell Delaine Pillow Pillowheod, Shanny "The moment may be temporary but the memory will lost forever" Good times wfMH DS SM MK SS, DD, JA, TB, MS, CHILLIN' ON HOWE ST summer of B7 with Dy, Mono, Step, Ria, Nita and the fellas Luv u Mom, Dad and Trey sax.. IU' Janie Terese Porter JP Live for who you ore, who you hope to be, and who you have become KIMOSABE CHIEF and TONTO Be the BOSTON CRUSADERS OFF THE LINC BAC rules Thanx MOM DAD APRlL I LOVE YOU Good Luck Jodi, LOVE LlFEp BE HAPPY! Jeffrey Marc Prog Jeff "A wise mon thinks before he leaps" My best friend Tammy "How are ya" Rebec FFL: TS ER AP MS lM YR MB EK JC EB MK Ml-l VP Amy, you're the greatest, Nick OH MY! Spring Con '88 I love you Mom, Dad, Nana and Papo! Andrew C, Phillips The "P" "You're only young once, but if you do it right ONCE IS ENOUGH" CC 85 Bo 87, G,t. wjAR TG EW SO JF JI, The "I" Cr, corv! clazy L.D D waocked "Pass that yibbo, mirror" 'Only love the few . the Special" SP Thanks Mom + Dad Jennifer Lee Provest Jen, Jenny "You see things as they ore and ask WHY, l dream things that never were and ask WHY NOT" Bowie, U2, Ups, ColGd, RHPS, CM "lf we should meet again . . DishfWendie - Thanks for love: WTAJTWCOKL ELEG. I love you M, D and W Jennifer G. Power Jen "Remember when we used to cry + laugh about it, now we laugh + cry about it" GT'S WXTCKHKCKK CLDDADKWNOPHDC. Memories - Clador, Cope, South Prom 67, sis TC, Good luck BH, "No Problem!", Cotillion, Black TA lLY MD+R Steven Wayne Rabitz EXCELSIOR The torch has now been passed to us A new generation filled with honor steadfast in courage Let us not fall but triumph. Let us not ask when but say now. 84 , . . 197, has read the student handbook? L ,bw Karen Anne Regan Kor, Regs "If you see someone without a smile. give them one ot yours" Spec, Frs SPMDCHKMK NHSKWLKMPMG TBOTWTBOFWSMR H66-87" The Capel! The Skt Trip "67" SPYLBND!! Drv, Much?I SB Pty 85 Hamma The WALL 66 U2 + Gen WXMGTHEAX TX M+D 1- Andrew Nathan Rhein i'No act of kindness no matter how smoll is ever wosted' - 2U'2 Hampton runs Good times with good friends - MC, VU. AS, TLS and Bros Wrestling, McPex with MS, Thanks Mom + Dod + Shar + Bros Q-TP' -, ' ,P . J ' f - r V+' 'Sze-f , ' 1., - Sr - ',,.g,:s' . 1, 2, 542 my Xi! tj.. YQ Dona Rebecca Reldy "And we'Il bosk in the shodow of yesrerdoys triumph + soil on the steel breeze . . FLOYD LSD3 6f2f65 Dholl B+B's GD shows Q85-67+j NH CD69 "Ali Them" LSBFTMNCSETYCB I luv U DF Mom Dad A+Jl PEACE! Kenneth D, Regan Jr. Reegs Love scarce is love that never knows the sweetness of forgiving - Capt + 87 BLS Chmps 66 Hcky - BSL Chmps I-Imprn 87 gt wfjpmddndg kddogsmlgkmcb CAPE 67 SKI TRIP67 BOS I luv U M+D+cKK Special memories wfCB David Stu Rhein unify My Hero, Mr Caustic Be good ro yourself Awkword club MSSIVUMCPRTPCG U2 67 3 Amigos ride on Toilet paper runs scovenger hunt Bo Trl Rhino Sigmo Don't leave me hongin I love Larry Michael Rhein Huge, i-ruin "If you can't remember me with smiles and Iaughrer, dont remember me or oil" Good times, Adam, Case, Dug, MlchfMoe + CurlyfConcerts. U2 Catherine Roberto COfhy To my fomiiy who hos supported me, thanks Kim M tor every thing John, the one I miss most ond everyone in Noshuo including Joe lt's time to live It up! Rosie, who has ALWAYS been there, I'lI MISS you! you Mom and Dad Altia Jamel Robinson Iam "The words love + life both hove - 4-letters but rhey're - Qvdifterent words oltogethef' Best Buddies - Triple "A" - Shorty "T" good x's Class ot 67 parries i Love Mom ond Dad and Sho wfCATR -- Luv u Mo + Po - all my luv - 2- 000 All Buddy Ethel James + Mo - Thonxs - 2-Regina A. Mox + U Larryi , . . 752 calls Dove, Andy, and Larry Rhein by their correct nomes? 85 H! Tonya Lisa Robinson i'With the grace of God and the support from my family and friends, ro me life has been worth living" "Stay Sweet" Lady C, Shorty T, Triple A "lt's been nice knowing you" DD, JJ., TB , JA , MH., JR., BS., MM, D566 Michelle Beth Rosenberg Thanx MOM and DAD for the SUPPORT NEVER made it wfoutjyou Dima - I LOVE YOU and DON'T FORGET IT! Good luck STEPH "Chuey" Twirling. BDQI "PUT IN THE TIME AND YOU'LL DO FINE" Luv ya AKfJK IT'S NOT IMPORTANT THE BEST is YET to Cornell' eff . ,fx I N Paul Rosenberg Rosey X "Follow your dream, It you stimble, don't stop, keep your eye an yourxgoal, press on to the top." Good times WXPG JB TF MH BT and Many More Memories Of Midway Jeeps. NH Runs And Stevie Ray "67" "HD" Forever Alon Joshua Rosoff Al "Now we know - And knowing is half the bottle." N.l.T.Y. -JG and AK NH '66 + '67 Israel '86 FNPer Awkward Club Good luck to all Thanx Mom and Dad -sf' f, sax: 2? M Michael Alon Rothschild Mike Rely on your own judgement to find success. Friday night poker, late night flicks. Sunday football, lab ponies. golf + tennis. Parents away, again - PARTY?! FG un RD's, Good luck rs, mh, d, dk, md, ar, jd. Timothy J. Rousseau Tim, T J. HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS! Gt wfgjsathrbrm gercebmp "HOTS" 79 Cutlas hyop NH 65 Florida - cc - 87 CLASS of '87 sUn bhkhsmaajfcmsc "my buddy Don" special times wfCP ILYA M-D-J THANKS MOM AND DAD! Paul F. Ryan "lt's not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the Important" GT, mmdr TCDMVUDRCYJM cde fond that carj linpr, sting, plce ref, fFtrs. A. Y. Hrtj c-sessions st. dn. - DrWuiany naj ddp Thanks m and d Paul Sabatlni Cope 87 Good luck next year Dlnky DDRCGJSATCVCPIJC Do you wanta go? Main Street Diet Coke cards bills 36 . . , 62 would join the Tri Lamdas fan club if it were started? KJ!" MaryAnn Scofidi Your time hos come to shine all your dreoms are on the way BEAST AB U got o friend Kirst - THANX - SCEBBY SD my guy's opinion GJ lT'S RED! ST wfAG ECKBFF Speciol times wfMATT to get some gold MYATGl THANX M+D Ogden R. Sawyer Denny, Oggy Freeze this moment o little bit longer. Moke eoch sensotion o little bit stronger. The experience slips owoy , . . P.S., SM., M.M., M.N,, SA., J.H., Hey Oggyl . , , Schmlkel Which orm is ir? , , 2Dr2 . . Hey Poblo . . . 66 41' ' :U Ts if Kenneth Scato Dimo Seliverstov "lt's not the thrill of the chase lt's the victory of the kill" LAX M2 BALL ffo5 New Yeor's 863! NED What? Yup 12 oz curls Cor Door Goldfish 2? Disco Bot My Room Wjmdjfdsorjf tgmbddop ILYKF Just Put The Gun Down Thorax Mom + Dod in 'QI , p 1 . f- " f -47" Paul Shapiro Zhongxin Shek "All the worlds o cookie jot, and oll the men ond For God so loved the world, that he gove his only women ore merely crumbs. l happen to be one of begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him the chocolate chips," should not perish, but have everlasting life, 9 'C' ,,1j' 4 2' , ,.: p z f r W 1 I f ,Ai i 'G Margaret C. Scondrett Moggie, Mgot "If they give U lined paper write the other woy" JSXBN ond oll the "REAL" folks - TANKS! - Hypocrites - UR who UR Qtoo body MtD, D+D - ON! THE DISCONTENT! Thonks! lLY "For it we sing the some song we con not be oloneli' GTW '68! "Scare" I love Michelle "Enjoy when you cong suffer when you must" "17f2O" "2O VS Needham" "CRASH" "Time to step into the reol world" ZOOM ZOOM Heather Shewan Het, Shoe "A fool will lose tomorrow reaching bock on yesterday" BFFKN ST WXSF MDSPCHKR, Estm - 85, Ski Trip 67, Cope shoot out - MD Lt Nt Tks MD wkd - 86 BOK-CHOY Aruba? LA chrldg, Gymn ST WXAC Sumr - 87 l LOVE YOU MOM + DAD + JEFF 87 . , . 487, weors colored underwear? l V Q9 ms: . r ' if , riffs 1 " W ' 475. Us 5,A .pf Zhong Hui Shi Marisso Shorr Mlss, Missy So before we end and then begin, we'Il drink o toast to how it's been, All nite ropsfLls R. kegfKorh GBeon ColoBASH of23fB7fR.O, bondold - WT? Rev SingLongfGab BowiefGong ILY - TAMlR lsroel B4-86 M, D and T ILY "K 48 Brion S. Silver Slick Always stay o cut obove the best: 87 summer Dost 1 row wfJM, KK, KW '76 PLM5" Pino TG. GR w EWMDEM. 80 Big Gies Wky Fcds. PEN uB's Browl SI. bs Init At SO's - Thanks KILLER , . , A+A, IHDG. 88 William S. Shieh Bill "Let us not go over the old ground, let us rather prepare for what ls to come " - Cicero Good times with DM, Sl., SR, MK, AK, SS, NEML, NHS, JA, MASP, MASSm 104OST, GOOXL Michael A. Shina Sheeno, The Grand Poobah Earning the right to flex-pecks McPeckums Don't Go Posto fests Club Awkward, Soccer Lox, Wrestling, Sun. FB Hero Boll, Skids + Nerds Good Times Wflfrlends Summer '86 + '87 Thanx M+D. 2U2, Hompton, Keg Nosebleeds, Red Sox gms Rachel Mara Shuman True Friends - "DON'T YOU EVER ASK THEM WHY, IF THEY TOLD YOU, YOU WOULD DIE, SO JUST LOOK AT THEM AND SIGH , . . AND KNOW THEY Mark Kingsley Sims Slmsy "Look inslde for the only person who can moke you o success" - Flames, Reds, Football Thonx Mom and Dod - I love you 737 participated in the scavenger hunt? LOVE YOU" - Thanks for the memories and so much more - Zoo Crew N. Young '57 Col, MC - LAAF ILY M ond D ond A , I Q 0 Adam Louis Sisitsky Skl, Ski-Mon, Zippy, Ace "l grow tired ond time stands stlll B4 me, but l keep climbing the ladder of my life" Mutes wfLR, AR, DR, JCF, MH, RS, MD, HS, Ig - Cncrts, Raft, Tales Of Wmn ond Advn. Scov-Hnts, Spec. X's wflT, YABOS, Archon 88. Tnx M and D. N ond J, Tom Sharon Srsle Try to enjoy the here and now the future wrll take care of rts-elf somehow H Jones Thanx CSCWSLJCRB for the best trmes But Cheryl I do ElFudge NH SOTB PARTY 86167 Gap w1MEBCLSMWJSTC Vboll 67 w Jwrejecr TMDEL Sharl Jayne Slotnlck Sha, Natasha C-Cubed! GT XV1SBKSMMRSPMJFSGJC AND ALL THE GUYS! PTYP Poms FB games - SC1SC1M1FC1ZC1P1YI31b and rwords PW?? Summers In Nontasker - THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES ILY Mom, Dad, JO and Ruf Thanx! 'B-7-66" I'II love you always, Sam 'J Dyan Maxine Smiley Dy, "American Princess" If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they're yours, lf not they never were, Good X w1Steck Shan Mono Rio Niro Tom and Moz CHILLIN ONHOWEST summer 87 and more. I luv u Bool 4585 Good Luck Closs of 88. I Luv U Mom and Dad. Kristen Alexandra Smlth Amy Mlchelle Snelrson Don t glve up hold on to your dreams C3 Bf1Suzi Gr1HSMSKSpcl mem s w1bf PTYPFd 66 Capt Poms 86 017 Skl trxp 86 HIGHER LOVE SEBANGO 66 Chandl ONSETFb Gms SWITCH A Prry Candy brs K108 C0n1SMKTHXS I LUV YOU M+D+S Courtney Trlcla Snooks Snooka You only live once so live for the moment Best times w1SSJCCXVSLRB capr Soc1Lox Tlt Pop Sth SKITRIP Scov Ht hey chico Sum 87 wk snortney1wheryl TK u MDDLCF Luv Yo NH U2 Pony SOTB GDLK TO MY FDS TK U LU MDAC Meredith Lynn Soley "All that we see or seem ls but o dream withln a dream" "I LOVE YOU NEAL" 912183 Crazy T w1EL, NU - Cotl and LSH, Ridlng w1rhe wlnd, Pk - Plck F and S w1N. ct - RP, F, GA, BTHANX MOM AND BILL - I LOVE YOU! Alm "lf you want to be happy, be." Jen Andl Amy fmelj Aud Michelle fmcj Loronchlco Rupel Dave! El! Shetllle' Ronda Genle KI, JY, SK - "You Mean More To Me Than Words Con Say" Thanx 4 the Smiles, Laughter and Memarles. 2 and M and D - ILY. lt's cosuol .-4 Bernadette Charmaine Solomon "Work hard for what you want because irjust won'r come to you" - I know Good Luck Chris Luv u Mum, Dad, Deb, Grams, Brlono ond Grace Best x's w1AR. D TKrew, JA, TR, CA, CT, ML, CF, Silver Stars - 87, NS, Class of 88 - YKI . . 321, can belch ot will? 39 as I I 'U is -"' assi? , t., f 5 A ,,1?Cr:g7j3? . I ' f ' Ng! Sa . 1 15' b YM 91?-f f 2,559 Steven Barry Sorin Steve Seniors R outa here! Basketball JV C15-OJ wfDeano Baseball wfGreals fall Golf, JCC "Being Able To Win With Honesty Is Real Victory" GTW , Lipper, Jeff DALPMHPSDDJCEHSBDSJW Good Luck '85 See Ya! I Luv Ya Mom and Dad, You Too Russy! Laura Souza I 4 ? 1 Sharon Soucy The moment may be temporary, but the memory lasts forever CALIFORNIA BOUND! kss Summer H85 BON JOVl" 87 - MM MH KD "busted" good sw spmmnskmpm mhkrmmht DI-lall Aerosmith OUTA HERE! Thanx mom, Alison M. Spickler "So Glad We Made lt" Se Nc Dr DI-lall Crew Nh LSDS "All Them" Prom 86 Cruisln With Nik Partying At B and D's, Sax Beach, Dlll's Jr Bc Cb Mr, Gd Lz Ac As Thanx for bein a friend, Sheryl, Dad and Cathy , , :'?5tE7"x" -f of "Nw -IQQFF sr ' 9 it Q Ellen Marci Stan Chris South Guido Led Zeppelin Rules Jimi Floyd Rhodes OO Mph girl ls the speed I drive Smoke Em Good times bad tlmes ya know I've had my share but theres nothing like the feeling of getting out of here Robert Stewart Nancy Stoller El, Starlet Bob Nance "All I need to get thru is a kind word so lang as it's Remember l had a great time ln TLC, I miss all my And so today my world it smiles: your hand in mine true" BFA - WT - Sisters? NY B67 GTWSF -- friends in FNHS. I had a good time with WT, CS, TM I we walk the mlles, and thanks to you it will be WTMSHG SF - PSAKSSMN Fla '67 "How may x can am really happy that 86 is my final year! I do like dawn, for you to me are the only one - 143 4' u think twice " rww Thankx Mom, Dad, and Lisa the WORK Program! eva Jim! gd rms wfTHMPJUR 6 JDTMKP sum 65 l'rT'l l luv you I MISS YOU EDSO! finally out M and D! 90 . . . 74? can recite every "Brady Bunch" show by heart? Michael Strange "Good times Iast for ever" Good times WIDZSKMCEMSP TKTFSA Rod Shorty, Hmptn Bch 57 wfDwDc. PR 66 Monrf85 The Crew 10:00, Van Haleng whatever! BDSAJBGGJHMCDC. Thanx Mom, Dad, and Brandon Robert D. Straus "I learned more from a threeminute record than I ever learned in school" M.H. - Cancertsz U2, DLR, NY 86 + 87, nh 87, Hampton 67, HOOP and LAX from frosh to senior Salute: Mh Ar Dr Lr Cf As Mr Md Ar Dk Jd Thanx Mom + Dad Pamela J. Sullivan Pam "Now we're on our way, no need to hurry just to get from day to day." GTs wfAK AL CB CN LP JW MH Miss O Per. 5 Can we open a window? Boston summer 87 BigD B-ball 'IAre you two sisters?" Thanx Mom and Dad. Michelle M Sweeney Chelle What s over Is not forgotten GTWLDTSVFLTCMCBTMK MAHLBKDKTCCKG TMAHBshs BeanBshs Mem wfJA BF Lee DHaI MCD Bust Joe Red Nels Mem 74 Bird I Love You Don Prom 67 Loon Hosp 67 Keene ILY Mom + Dad I made it Terri' Audrey Tang Aud Odie Just a dream and the wind ro carry me and soon I will be free V Boll Cots w f LK smit Jr Sr Treas KI AS AB JS MW Tangstein Weinstein Inc Ethnrcs RB SK Thnx Mom Dad Aus and Jer 4, Q . 41, 'x 1 .if ' Jennifer Ann Swldler Jen, Jennie Thanks guys for the BEST memories - Andi - we made it! Oh, you're driving - Lor CSummer -- B75 Aud - The Wall - Yam - Great talks, long walks -- Amy - Shebe QCheungs - Fred - Pridej Genie "us" always - Dave, Thanks pal "2" 16 + ILY M and D - AT 123 . Mandy A Tenglund Though every hello Is the beginning of a goodbye, do not lose heart for every goodbye may be the beginning of another hello. LW -- MS AV Thanx MM SS C0 EB BM. 7-10-86 GP ILU Lisa Ann Thompson Lis "Memories of good friends never to be forgotten or left behind" BOTWTMMSTSCMKMCBLD VFAHIQTLBCCI-4DKGLSMcD's Gang 12-66 Aug 87 Bowling? HI 216 Trixie and Speed Racer ILY Gus! TMBFF Froggy MEGG 67 Thnx MDJ and RILY GoodL Kris and Jami 981, has misdirecred a freshman? 91 I HC mania' 16fAG, Mergly, J -L- Wnrns7 Smr B51 Pooh and Pam M and D Late - TWCM BTW - Pm 0 I- Karen Marie Tlvnan KT., Tivver Special frlends come and go but memories last forever GTW CCLBAHSGGJ + GANG BOBBY! REG BASH! SNSO Trpc IWXCC Wanna Poke? McD's In the Monte Sftball '87 TM - ooh, ahh!! 7767 - BASH - MOM'S HOME' GLSG + LB ILY M, D+R . Amy Tracy Good times and bad times - that's what friends are for. GT Wfgwjhckcwrcghsdbj DEEBFG in BHall Drive Ups NY B6 NYWEM l'm A Jedi Thur McDs RD w Rambo 123 . . . lS?? Bikini - JW Nwprt CANDY Q NMaIl -- 64 Eric - FEAANMW LUV u M+J 4 Eduardo Torres Eddie I remember last year in FNHS. Shop was interesting. Bob Lane is o good teacher. My mom and dad are happy I graduated. , .. x . A b an Wendie Michelle Trubow Wend "And as l Laugh I wonder If I'II be able to wave g'bye" " . . . Don't try to solve the puzzle" WT 2 ALL of U CG 87 MS - BandAids?, DISH, GH, RB, SL. EW - Modin NY 86167 wfES - IN A BIG WAY! Miller, Thanxs ILY MDS+J Lita Turzynksi Smiley Life's a dream so wfo dreams what's left? if I had your faith I could make it safe to dream. PARTY HARDY. l'M SUUURRREU! "Class of 88" Llfe's worth the xtra effort California bound Thanx Mom and Dad ,avi Vincent Ubaldlno Ubis Graduation marks the end for same, ondjust the beginning for others Soccer Capt. 87 BSLT 86, Good luck, GWRRBros CGBS 1 Be enough, SPs take the chvy? NO WAY! pgfsbs -- I'II go along for the ride -- Thanks M+D 1. Richard Turberg Rick "Due to circumstances beyond our control this class must be Interrupted." TP 87 Lynyrd Skynyrd 67 CAMARO Z26 125 MPH GT In Andover 12 ounce curls Scuba Diving In Gloucester Wanted: one 1985 HS diploma Michael D. Uftring "The longest odds in the world are those against getting even." Colorado 6686 Denver Broncos SB XXI ELWAY! Wrigley Fever, Go Cubs. Blll Remschel 162-O. Finally commissioned by the Captain J,J.P. I 92 . . . 151, actually studies during study? Jeffrey Ross Unger Huge Ungy So many thoughts in my head places to be so many places I long to see Tennis Team Skiing With Ej Ed EI Ag JI Cf Lifting With DI JI Pj 67 ski Trip Huge Parry At Amy's! France A Toast To The Best Of Friends Pj EI Eb Cf DI JI Tf E ILY MD 'W' , Rebecca Kathleen Webster Becky The past cannot be changed but the future is whatever you wont it to be GTNV SKAPSCBMAGRBSGMSLKAV chmw SP PPALSSG -f-:GY Anna Maria Vagnini "Get what you can and worry about the details later" "J K." 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So OK, like l'll see you later Oy! 4 I ' K Lssat Gwen Weinberg Good times are forever, the bod times fade away - Never forget, East BF wfR+S, Th bkf, wfCk At Jh, Yodels wffllllngl BF in BH, Np wfil-I + AT SFfAt Ck Jh Vu Rc Cw GHSd Em Mo - LUV U M+D' NYC wfOS -- Ny eve "Where's my B?" klu wfbuda MONY VU5 Michelle Amy Weinstein "Shebe, Mich" "Free to Be You and Me" Celts, Skiing -- Tom '67, Swim 1234 - Capt - NY 'Bo' - Fred - Sewatarot P L. "Surfing - Fun + Sun!" Doublemlnt WfSSCSSLRBJCWT UofR wfSR S67 JW and PC UMASS wfABt Violent Femmes, "Biff" - "Lv" - Raul - GTW - ABATASAGAGSG SSJOJSEHLKJWDZGKIKD ILY M, D, E+W 986 missed o day of school for an oceanography field trip 7 Kimberly Whyte Kim The feeling remains even after the glitter fades - SN SMR 87 - HNWQ - JBD Ski 87 41 Cope - Kath ID? blk M+Tw Lon NYsfjag FRDOSTON U2! gxw Deb! Me - wk Bncr + Brrr - Sol Fla! JM DCTR clrs MM - grl LUV U BRI! 9-12 Thanx MD - KL! yi, ,, -I 'c ' 1'- 'sf' Julie E. Wllensky My eyes are turned to the future, but I won't forget the times I leave behind. VB 6686 wfRej 155. Sm Pois "sum 87" Fri Ngt Drv's wfCB. GT wfPLKB. Miss U Sue! Rej 2 4eva. farpot + gordy, lwfyr Thnx M + Du? Stu, Tad Williamson Tadster Once in a while you can get shown the LIGHT In the strangest of places If you LOOK AT IT RIGHT JY WT JP GB HG JP AC jr ski trip - Prince Albert in a bottle July 4 dead Harvard Sq Perer RIP Julie Beth Winer Jules A smile is the whisper of a laugh, Ski Trip Israel 67 INSTY LYJEBFA AT AND ME - BBBB Bod Moods by Krizia This do's for you, GTW - JEATEKMWABJS EHAGKILKKH Thanlcs. ILY Mom Dad Eric Arthur Winterhalter "Ricky" "Life is like a grape. In the end you turn out a raisinf' Good times with all the guys and girls,fCAPE 67 wfBuddy's Sktp - Disco BarfDS -- MBfAII Nitesf76 Cutlass SupremefTlppyfl3laBlaBlaa, Thanks Mom and Dad and Dave Q- Rrchard Kevin Wiseman Kevin, Kev "Even though you are away, the memory of you will stay with me forever" Friends SDMHWWJKJH HSXSTC PSMMRGMLJGBN AND DNMDJGJYCWDZ CUSTAC In college VTMRESJZALFSKKAS ESP Elsa and Andy ET come home, puhleezl Thnx Ma and Pa 94 i I Wayne H. S. Wolfson Sid, Nathan Freeman LOVE KILLS. Love U Michelle. Maglc Three Words Kristen W. LVE u Josh and Joanne. In The Hanging Garden Wearing Furs And Masks. In The Flesh? Bgie Mama. Thnk U4 "Fatal Attraction" + everything Else KW, Love Cats. A nticl SAY IT potion. Anarchy. Adam Tyler Womack Tracy, I love you and ALWAYS will Football 87 fb-lb 4934 ZZ - JC, RM Tracy I hope we stay together forever . . . 8142, didn't read the book , . , they read the Cliffs Notes? i Jefhey Yos David A. Zoff The Slippery Guy Schroeder I passed by his gorden, and morked with one eye, How "We oII dreom great experiences, but we'd rorher rhe owI ond the oyster were sharing the pre "Were oII experience greor dreomsf' Thcznx Genie, Jen, Croig, mod here. l'm mod You're mod. Losing my mind wrrh Todd, and especiolly Diono. CriricoI Moss Sugorloof reppie ond bossboy Condescenslon on Cid" gymnosrics Brff + Squirt ond my Iirrle red Musrong ..:!.o' Erin Hanna Alison! I Love You Timorhy Lydon Krckingoround on o piece ofground in your homerown worrrng for someone or somevhrng vo show u rhe woy AI Kevin 6 me Liule Expedrnons Sorry bour rhor Poul MPIG Morne u Q .Vial 1 Dovid L Zokrzewskl Dove, MoguI ''TheI3esrMirrorImogelsAnImogeOfAFrrendl BLUETHUNDER sr n WILD1 SPEEDY BOSTON MONTREAL SMBDMS FRIENDS DCEMRMMCMS pcrnsTFBOJC ROD FBIRDITSMORETHANAFEELINGI MUZZ CLAS5of68 THANX "If youre gonno do Ir, do ir righr " Good nmes wlrn TheP, IJLEDZO, MD, EW, ED, JI, so, jfDBQ All HoorerSkITrIpIsr0oshArP'sTheDoyAndyForgol Hong rn rhere, Mom I love you,DGM JusrDropTheGun12345 KIMUOYIY MCEWQOII Kou Tokoshlmo Shonlel Thompson The preceding srorisrics were compiled by Lorry Rhein ond Jim Miller. Also groduoting: Denise DeMorco -LeBlanc, Abive Guboie, Julie Perlow, Gerald UGR- Q. , ,,,,f.L 69 'T E5 sr 1 R X 0 Cf 67 V' 17 "S, X K , ff- IQ' i was ,A 1 .f in .AQ X ' M x ,,,- 'fav' hu..' '? g 4 ' I, ., ,, L, A ,z ,KC ' f f 4 , ' ff" -- if 1, ., ,fa ,, - , ' , ,, ,Af r :milf i' 5 Tough Guys! I ' "ffm-rf 3 1 .df 39, fa Z 3' ll" , 5 Q 0 I i lui, C SUPERLATIVES kiv 1 Jr' Cb N 1 f t ,. x A m Oo O U00 ' MOST THEATRICAL Moggie Scondrefr ond Mork Boyer ,r o ll' 0 n 0 -fm. gu ns MOST ARTISTIC Chris Worson ond Colleen Buckley n .f .yi , x V .fQ2p . V MOST MUSICAL gy X X .- I ,- Andy Cotton ond Lynne I-ieimon MOST INTELLIGENT I .' N All Bill Shieh ond Beth Normon , - 2 , W f X 'TTT Al 3' , f K , f 1 , f. N ' I K T 'MX' Q P I ' I 14 l of ll eww- Arm J I5 S fi Y C ,1 T MOST ATHLETIC Annolio Avizo ond Brod Adoms MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Genie Bush ond Jeff Yos M f- ffl CD . , I 417 Q C ' vw' q .5 Z of MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sreve Robirz ond Rupol Bhorr 1 I I, I S - b b I ! , W! If , -L-if my yr' MOST RESPECTED 5, 3 yy! MXAY ug! HL' T Audrey Tong ond Lorry Rhein ff -fav is-" 'X' P' if X. i 'W Y i l Lx , v N f S Q ii ,1 Af iff i U f xx X' T S- i A W fx ,. 'fa XJ i I A M lx 5 .14 L T H X. x. I J Xl V L ' . 1 U J x 4 ' i BEST DRESSED Cheryl Homilron ond Rich Coporole MOST FLIRTATIOUS Cheryl Weinberger ond Jim Miller ,49w'l. LIFE OF THE PARTY J l fix X Koren Regon ond Roger Morsholl BEST COUPLE 100 Trocy Moore ond Adom Womock in -? ! --R O O ,- X N X W X, . 1 x ' 'J . , lx I If . W -A, , , K X . , .., I Zum . - ,, 1' . " - t Q ff " AQ ,A I , V, Y T ff I MOST DEDICATED Cosey Foimon ond Mirondo Griffin X lj MOST FRIENDLY Jen Clorur ond Andy Brody f UZ! E? MOST CLASS-SPIRITED Amy Sneirson ond Dono Dodson X, .en i X.. WZZ ' yy BEST PERSONALITY Arny Trocy ond Pere Jordon OQOOC' QCD L... -"" S I I I BEST LOOKING Adom Goyner ond Kore Moselek BEST SMILE I-Ieorher Doboul ond Ken Re-gon 42 n oddition to our strong devotion to ocodemics, North High students hove mode o fervent commitment to extro- curriculor octivities os epitomized by the Archon stoff. Whether in service groups, sociol orgon- izotions, or dromo, music, ond ocodemic clubs, we Sportons hove become involved in everything. The Student Council, Key Club, ond Notionol Honor Society hove oll contributed greotly to the North High community, donoting their time, money, ond spirit. The Student Council's Holidoy Drive, the Honor Society's Blood Drive, ond the Key Club's Wollsothon for Concer Reseorch ore oll perfect exomples of these groups' choritoble contributions. The foreign longuoge clubs hove given students the opportunity to leorn obout the cultures of other countries. Between the field trips to museums ond performonces ond the porties with outhentic foreign food ond dress, they hove done it oll. For those who excel in ocodemics ond wish to pursue their intellectuol interests beyond the clossroom, there hos been o wide spectrum of choices. From the History ond Internotionol Relotions Clubs to the Xpress, o mogozine, there ore groups in which onyone con porticipote. 102 As for those interested in the performing orts, the PACERS hos olwoys been the chief outlet for those with creotive tolents ronging from octing ond singing to costuming ond set-designing. The Music Club hos olso given students the opportunity to get involved, whether it is the morching bond ploying ot foot- boll gomes, the orchestro per- forming ot the spring musicols, both the bond ond ploying ot music nights groduotion. The M Club's influence hos stretched for beyond its ofter-school meetings. Not only hove the school's Steering Com- mittees given eoch closs o purpose ond kept the student body together os o unit, but they hove olso mode life oround North High o lot more fun. No one could ever forget the donces in the foll, those outrogeous rollies, or the Ring Donce, Cotillion, ond Prom. Likewise, we oll hove distinct memories of the condy, joclset, mogozine ond record soles we've hod over the yeors. Becouse this post yeor hos seen so much involvement ond so much octivity by those in extro-curriculor groups, it is eosy to see why for so mony, 1988 hos been. . . P111 X rx wx 6' I Q.,- k ' of Rx I , I 4 x xt? YA x ? to Join Class of 1988 - "Games" Wednesday, Great spirit and enthusiasm led the SENIOR CLASS to receive the honors as Best Play. The groups of "kids" and "adults" each were recognized as the Best Ensemble. CONGRATULATIONS!! "K Q14 L I 1 ffl, lin, xxx Q.-4 Seoted Cl-ry M. Daniel, C Watson, J, Yas, K Wiseman Standing QI-rj: L Brennan, A, Kaplan, J, Cahill, J, Swidler, B. Naditch, A Goldstein, A. Daniels, M Scandrett, V, Munroe, B. Norman, Director COMPETIT , I l 'YT Class of 1990 - "Sticks and Stones" Top Cl-rj: D. Levine, A. Baron, J. Slotnick, D. Evans, A, Alabran. Middle Cl-ry E. Chair 5 Moran, H, Arlen, Bottom QI-rj: D. Ferer, A. Sleeper, Director. 3 'CIP T ,Pig-f . R- ,,-. - su I ,. . .... A .. .,,,,,.,..u,,L -wmsasu-vbzfmgls:-Ni- L " 1 Ocfober 14, 1987 Closs of 1989 - "Half Time or Holcyon Doys 51334 is K-.Y 5 IVE PLAYS g Class of 1991 - "The Ugly Duckling" Top Cl-rj: K Synnesrvedr, L Becker Borrom fl-ry J Shulmon, 5 Nodirch, A, Bromson, D. Celorier, 5 Crowrher Top Cl-ry J. Lipton, M Yoffe, S. Boordmon, K. Huong Bo 1 5: 1 11 ai 6 J Greenboum, E Grossmon. Middle Qi-rj: M. Luchons, L Bromson rrom Cl-rj: L. Koplon, Director, R, Resnick, V. Gusrofson. ALL-STAR CAST Mike Yoffe Ellen Grossmon Jodi Slornick Amy Boron Jessi Moron 2 ' Jessico Shulmon 3 N 'VO Q. 5 ,: .ig 2 Topqln S Andru C K ms, M DeOIiveiro, M Shino, S Slornick, M Morgon, P Metcalfe, R Bh 1 K Ignoc A Sisitsky Middle S Robirz, D Rhein, A Rh I ,L Peorlmon, K R gon,E Winlerholrer, A PhlIIips,S Porodis J S dler, A Snei ,J F Idmon, C C Dggort Kl3rem,CSnolsGBush,DDods MGffin,CFimon,AT QLKIKVH ENh A Weiner, A G ldstein M Weinstein J Clorur, R Boer, E Herz S L d B N d h D I m A Lilley P L d A X?- F 'V I V , Jw .y , ,. ' .JW THE STEERING i l l i OFFICERS Sec'y Mirondo Griffin, VP Dono Dodson, Treos Audrey Tong, Pres Cosey Foimon ln the post yeors, closs steering committees! hove ployed mony different roles in guiding theirif respective closses. The moin function of o steering . committee is to plon ond orgonize o voriety of: octivities ond to decorote for closs ond school-ii wide events. 7 The Senior Closs Steering Committee, under the ' extremely oble leodership of the senior closs of-S ficers, hos found its niche in the closs of 1988. Our four yeors of experience hove tought us ther volue of quolities such os cooperotion, respon- sibility, preporotion ond creotivity. Our closs officers hove led our closs to be one of the best ever. President Cosey Foimon served os our populor Ieoder for three yeorsp Vice-President Dono Dodson provided the cotolyst for our fon- tostic closs spiritg Secretory Mirondo Griffin over' sow the completion of oll the dirty worlsg onc Treosurer Audrey Tong mode sure thot the senior closs didn't run out of money. A The Senior Closs Steering Committee hos beer both hord-working ond successful. We hope tho future closses will ochieve their gools, os we hove 5 NOVISJQS - i lvl COMMITTEES . , 1 J: U , 1- 4' W 2:1 J T fr l fr ' B Xl L , ' MY ' K ,. I I r Y' .f.f'..,,. . Top fl-rp M Mauricio K Corr C Lynn M Rubin D Bos0Ii,J Word, C Crowford C Blolr M Price B Grolnlck, A Romer J Bernsrein Second E Lrbermon C Srorrert K Soivi S Teel K Norwood Third J Bowlby,J Lipron L Wilson, N Welsberger M Sonderson K Morchonr Y Splonsl-ry B Becker A Prenovitz, J Corter M Dovidson, S Bornsreln, L Blerweiss L Bebermon K Dickey L Koplon C Wrlner H Mockoy L Floherry M Robinson Borrorn M Yotte J Kropp B Berger J DrMillo P X Jon Kropp, Sec'y Bonnie Berger, Pres Julie DlMIIlo, Treos Mike Yolfe 'll fl Top fl-rj Sec'y Peter Stein, VP Jon Zibel Bottom Treos Julie Storr, Pres Rondy Sidell Stow R Sideu J libel p Stein. We rfaff,,1 ' I if F Top fl-rj' B Azio, J Bronstein, J, Slotnick, L, Wollensteln, Second M Becker, J Mclintegort, S. Mendelsohn, J Nesson, M Glossmon, M Folmon, C, Wlnett, L Borr Third P McEntegort, M Shopiro, K Angelone, J Moron, T Freemon, P Perlmurter, B Koms, J, Broithwoite, A Boron, M, Kushnlr, M, Smith, Y Shi, D, Lemocls Bottom. J Pont Iii it 'r 7 1 -:M eff -..-gr it T1--J, Uk Top QI-rj R Chopmon, A Ghirn,J Solomon, S Rosenberg, R Brodley, , Middle' D. Copobionco, M, Unger, J Cirrone, L Weinzimer, A, Duff, T, LL Sotsky Bottom B Simson, S, Moron, L. Srnoller, B Meisner -x 1 1 W 107 Music Clubs HHHHH Q . 'al' Top Qi-rj: S. Londou, T. Serulneck, D. Hessel, R. Gobrielli, A. Smith, B. Cosby, N. Redgote, L. Zinn, K. Doucette, C. Johnson, A. Cosselmon, M. Brennon, J. Bertucci, J. Allen, Mr. Whittoker. Middle. A. Alobron, B. Freemon, V. Gustofson, S. Bordmon, M. Luchons, J. Moron, H. Arlen, E. Herz, E. Grossmon. Bottom: M. Scondrett, M. Robinson. L. Heimon, N. Zokrzewski. Heimon. Marching Bond -ar " rllwg 1 1 ' g,,.,,, L , Y lll l .T-'M Sec. N. Zokrzewski, Pres. M. Scondrett, Mr. Whittoker, Treos. M. Robinson, Vice Pres. L. v nil .ggi I 'Ol . M1111 I .. 5 1 .- ' 5, X , 2-i ff? f W ff: A - - , . ' I jf .V ' Ji ' fa-F 7' A 4 f- Q vs: My M5-'.'Li1 ' xjfyff rw Y, 11, fl ,f , '.. l A "' ' 3' .. I ,. ff Top fl-rj: Mr. Whittoker, S. Rubont, E. Moxim, D. Michoeli, B. Cosby, S. Londou, D. Alpert, P. Pierson, T. Surelneck, M. Brennon, J. Allen. Middle: E. Grossmon, N. Zokrzewski, L. Zinn, G. Liu, A. Smith, E. Herz, M. Robinson, C. Johnson, A. Cosselmon, K. Doucette, N. Redgote. Bottom. R. Trubiono, M. Robinson, L. Heimon, V. Gustofson, J. Gohres, K. Glicker, J. Bertucci. ! li R, 1 . l i 54 1 ,I I I um 3 s 1 'X 1' 9' 4 N F i ri 4 K 5 as . ' ' '44, .' S ' W V' J . .y .i ""'U""" .. at f f Zz Top QI-ry: S. Rubont, E. Moxim, G. Hevey, B. Cosby, M. Lobbe, S. Londou, D. Michoeli, D. Alpert, D. Heroux, J. Ferro, Cl-rj: E. Moxim, G. Hevey, L, Heimon, E. Herz, A. Cos- R. Trubiono, P. Pierson, J. Bertucci, T. Serulneck. Middle: N. Redgote, N. Hoynes, L. Zinn, N. Zokrzewski, G. Liu, A. Smith, L. Botren. E. Herz, C. Johnson, A. Cosselmon, M. Brennon, J. Allen, K. Doucette, J. Ghores, K. Glicker. Bottom: M. Robinson, L. Heimon, Mr. Whittoker. selmon, S. Londou. WINTER CONCERT - Orchestra Mixed Chorus Girls Chorus A Coppello 2 if--if Modrigol Singers Concert Bond STUDENT COUNCIL HHH Qld lik "rss, , , r X I ,A W. ' f . 'm Y' ' 59 X Q I '14 ' , 15 "' MQ, 2 ,T Pres Lorry Rhein, Sec'y, Steve Robitz, Vice-Pres. Rupol Bhott, Treos, Mork Boyer. V' """g S, S 2 J- ol ,o x 5 x , s .,, Bottle of the Bonds Bock Row fl-rj: S. Andrus, C. Foimon, M. Griffin, G. Bush, J, Swidler, A. Goldstein, A. Sisitsky, J. Storr. Middleg D. Rhein, D, Bonk, A, Rhein, M. Doniel, R. Shumon, M. Morgon, S. Slotnicls, A. Sneirson, M. Weinstein, E. Herz, E, Nothonson, A, Cronin. Front: L, Rhein, R. Bhott, M. Boyer, S. Robitz. Teocher of the Yeor Contest Perhops the most populor ond certoinly one of the most respected schoo orgonizotions, the Student Council is deeply committed to the needs ond concern: of Frominghom North, its foculty, ond its student body. The Council's endeovors or not limited just to school ocrivities, though, ond extend for into the surroundin- community of the town of Frominghom. Some of the most exciting events of the school yeor ore sponsored by th Student Council. The Bottle of the Bonds, the Student of the Month Progrom, Sto Appreciotion Week, Student Government Doy, ond the Winter Holidoy Drive ore just some of the noteworthy octivities in which Student Council tokes o com monding role. The Student Council, in oddition to orgonizing mony fine progroms, i olso responsible for corrylng out school elections ond providing scholorships ti mony deserving students who hove shown themselves, in the true spirit of the Council, to be committed to helping others, both in ond out of school. For its members, the Student Council offers on almost endless orroy of op portunities. The vorious committees of the Council provide voluoble experience ii leodership ond co-operotion. Although members ore elected by their peers, on' student con still become on effective member of the Council by eorning his or he membership. ln post yeors, the Student Council hos olwoys been there for its students, foculty ond community, With the support of its members, the Student Council will ur. doubtedly continue to corry out its primory function, service, while blozing mon new troils throughout the Frominghom North community. 'ir ,ty-, lt's Joe Honnigon Doy! HGLIDAY DRIVE! The Holidoy Drive to help the locol needy hos been on onnuol event ot Frominghom North during the holidoy seoson for the post fifteen yeors. Since its beginning the progrom hos been exponded from helping thirty-two fomilies in 1972 to ossisting more thon five times thot number this yeor. The drive hos proven to be incredibly successful in both oiding the less fortunote in our community ond uniting the entire school in spirit. Although the Student Council orgonizes the event, the Notionol Honor Society, Key Club, Pocers, Steering Committees, homerooms, ond other school orgonizotions oll combine their efforts to ochieve the common gool of helping oth- ers, Closses ond groups olike tolse the re- sponsibility of odopting fomilies, o tosls thot entoils contributing food, clothing, money, ond most of oil time. With the greot enthusiosm ond support demonstroted by oll those involved in this yeor's drive, there is no doubt thot the Hol- idoy Drive will continue to be o tremendous success in future yeors. H ',Q', ol Ji .. V i V The Key Club is o community service orgonizotion ot North High. This yeor we hove roised money for the Americon Concer Society, Pine Street Inn, the Diobetes Foundotion, ond our odopted Filipino girl, Morilyn. We oiso hove provided ciericol help in the offices, ossisted the vision ond heoring tests, ond worked with Project Accept. "m U, 'n Co-Vice President A Kopion Co Presidents L. Rhein ond B. Noditch, Co-Treosurer G. Tononboum. Missing: Co-Vice-President C Bosoli Co-Treosurer S Bornstein Secretory D. Evons. N "I Top Cl-rj: S. Andrus, M. Boyer, J. Swidler, C. Roms, S. Dumois, C. Joshi, M. Hoyden, D, Yorkin, Middle, G, Bush, M, Shino, A, Sneirson, D. Cosey, D. Bonk, A. Goldstein, M. Weinstein, R, Bhott, G. Tononboum, B Noditch, A. Koplon, A, Tong, Advisor. Mr. O'Brien. Bottom. D. Rhein, J. Zibel, A. Komer, 5. Robitz, K lgnocio, M Doniel Estoblished three yeors ogo, the History Club hos quickly become o school-wide success, its member- iship continuously growing. The History Club keeps up o ibusy schedule of field trips of his- ltoricol significonce ond progroms with speokers. Some of the club's most populor trips hove been to Fonueil Holl, Sturbridge Villoge ond the Newport monsions. His- tory Club members ore encour- ioged to porricipote in discussions enter vorious essoy contests, ond Ibecome involved with the com- munity. This yeor the History Club hos been very octive. President Allen Romer, Vice-President Ago Kokor, Treosurer Amy Mortin, ond Sec- retory Jen Brown hove engoged the club in octivities such os col- ecting money in memory of Mr. ovid Beord, odopting o fomily or the onnuol Holidoy Drive, ond supporting the Vietnom Memoriol nt the school. As o result of the greot job the istory Club hos done in moking istory interesting, mony students Ove come to oppreciote our ountry's heritoge. i r I 'Xx.Lf",! "' IX INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 2" ?-s 'Xf' - LIE? ',.--1 Z 5-f1,...... , ,"' f f T J 'if - X. T 3' Z, VP. Allen Romer, Pres. Steven Robitz, Sec'y. Beth Noditch. The lnternotionol which students moy subjects thot offect community. lt is o Relotions Club is o new octivity in express their views on o voriety of our notions position in the world's speciol forum where informol dis- cussions, debotes ond ponel discussions occur. Occosion- olly, guest speokers ond field trips further enhonce this unique formot. HISTORY CLUB .1-f I f"' -If S 4 .,,.."f'Z-S ?'-""'Z?95L ,,,, aHf,, I H -u. ,ABL ' I Top fl-rj: Advisor: Mr. McGilIivroy, R. Freedmon, K. Brem, A. Cronin, A, Lllley, P. Sullivon P. Londers, C. Niessen. Middle: K, Dickey, 5, G. Tononboum, A Komer, W. Epstein, C. Wilner, S. Robitz, D. Yorkin, J. Kotz. Bottom: D, Cosey, Y Shi, A. Siddiqui, A Lori Teel, 113 AJ? Q L . J "' '- 'Z' 1 :,"?"K 1 Top U-rj D Roblrz, L Decker D Seodlo, S Nodllchl ShuImon,S Crowrher, K Synnestvedr 2nd P McEntegorr,J Moron, H Arlen, A Alobron D Fever, D Evons, A Doton, D LevIne,l Slornlck Grd Y Splonsky,l Greenboum,L KopIon,S VonDom,L Dromson, M Luchons, M YoHe, U Nodlrch, M Robinson, K Morchont 4th V Gustafson, D Hessel, L Brennan, A Donlels, A Koplon, D Shulrln, K Wlsemonl Swloler A Snelrson J Konvlsser Bottom B Normon,E Grossmon, N Welsbergenl Good XXXX ff NX ,,...f- ,ef ...f ,,,..o .., ..,""" ,. """ . if - 1' .,.,f -f-"" -,,,.'-- Seniors CMJ Jen Swldler, Amy Snelrson, All Koplon, Josh Konvlsser Alissa Donlels Laurie Brennan, Beth Norman, Kevin Wlsemon, Beth Noditch K I ' E. X V 5 ' W7 X L J 'X,4' OFFICERS Iop QI-rj Pres Beth Normon, VP Ellen Grossmon Borrom Ireos Noncy Welsberger, Sec'y Jen Good -. Q 1 15, V -1-QQ., I! 0 F ml ,X 3 S I 1 Top CI J J e o o o mon E ss 0 M L Cho A Ao o A 3 Brenno D ecro Mo go erConno1Iy Mddle A Koplo B odrch A Goldsre J 5 dle B No on K Wse 0 Borfom Techn col D ecro Hen y Schick o S VonDo h f J Ko sse J Good K H o Q N We sbe ge s. A . NW, A ' - Ja , I W E-fi r V ' I w ag --:X 8 M "' 5 .L is ,Sl X00 0 ' "M 'Lx 's 6 if fl' 'vw NORTHSIDE NURSERY QWMQ -if 4 CLASS OF 2001 EARLY CHILD:-noon EDUCATION CLASS v J, r l NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS LETTERS OF COMMENDATION Cl-rj: S, Levondosky, M, Boyer, J, Geller Bottom- J Corpenter, M Doniel, A Tong, D I , . n, Missing S Lovidor, B Noclitch, M Shrno Normon BUCK AWARDS X Brod Kotes - Lehigh University Lorry Rhein - Horvord College Mike Hirsch - Colby College , ll Adoms - College of the Holy Cross Audrey Tong - Wellesley College Beth Normon - Brown University ,--w-nunda-W ...,,.. -ev' ,. 6.54-...,L.. 04.4 W Shieh, D. McCorthy, R Bhott, K. lgnocio, L. Rhein. Missing: A, Cotton, A, Koplon, B. gl Vicki Hoos - Wheelock College The Closs of 1988's dedicotlon to ocodemic excellence is legendory, In the post few yeors, mony seniors hove eorned o voriety of oc- odemic owords. Lost yeor, o number of seniors were honored with Book Awords from vorious colleges, More recently, mony seniors re- ceived Letters of Commendotion ond Notionol Merit Semi-Flnolist Awords. Also, in the be- ginning of our senior yeor, o very hoppy group of seniors received eorly occeptonces to severol prestigious universities. The seniors of 1988, who hove been more thon successful in ocodemic endeovors, hove proved themselves to be worthy of thot fo- mous Sporton pride, 117 THE ARCHON STAFF S sammy 3 il EDITORIAL STAFF: A. Cosselmon, V. Hoos, C. Koms, J. , Konvisser, S. Lovidor, M. Mendelsohn, M. Morgon. I BUSINESS: M. Rosenberg. ' CONTRIBUTORS: S. Kundokjion, A. Lilley, P. Metcolfe, J. Miller, L. Rhein, X. Shek, C. Worson. ADVISORS: C. Judge, L. Shevrin. yy BUSINESS ADVISOR: R. Dunne. 1-auf 4 -1 EDITORS CI-rj: Amy Sneirson, Adom Slsirsky, Robyn Boer, Audrey Weiner. L..5'-U f, I A Q 4 ' .A It "-L... I Advisors Mrs. L. Shevrin Miss C. Judge 'f -qunl""" Yi',,..?'x ,Z Whatcha talkin' 'bout?" Yes, we really do work. filly, L .1 1. 'inn 4 V I 1 E '12 . T Vi' KE.- The 1986 Archon staff has worked hard throughout the year to bring everyone an outstanding yearbook. We have all put forth a superior effort towards its production. The tasks seemed endless - pictures had to be sorted, copy written, ond deadlines met, The job, however, was certainly nothing to complain about. We all had a marvelous time working together for o common goal - publication of this annual edition. We would like to thank everyone, from writers to photogrophers, for his contributions. This volume would not hove been completed without you We would also like to express our deep gratitude to our advisors, Miss Judge and Mrs. Shevrin. The entire Archon staff hopes that you, the reader, enjoy reminiscing over the pictures and words from cover to cover, We will know our job has been successfully completed when, having flipped through the poges, you feel this has been . , . I I av-1 y HRH? 2 QZQVEHW S88 YEAR ii5sQ1.l6'i'9rlrfs S t ....t o i' ij v'6r'i,g1f1mm .tiff if sfyff im f- N-nuff may we H55 llrcrw it 4 D0 Mk was .1-wr wk, KM? 5-39 r 515.5 lun!!!-:naman F g f ' ' if . , w Q THE BEST OF TIMES .sf I l XPRESS 3 Top QI-ryz Co-Advisor Mrs Whittoker, K. Huong, S. Dumois, C. Joshi, W Yeomons, 5. Cunninghom. Bottom. T Williomson, A Komer, Editor G Tononboum, P, LeCIore, 5. Dixit Missing Co-Advisor Mrs Leonord In oddition to the writing ond ort stoff of the North Stor ond Xpress, there is olso o Production Stoff thot works with Mr. Rebecchi in Grophic Arts. The members Ofei B- Reynolds' R- Lewis, J- Dececciof B- Houson' D- Hero'-'X' A' Buckmon' L- Top CI-rj' S. Robitz, Editors H. Shiond K. Wisemon, D. Shopiro,V. Mosciorelli. Bottom Vognini, M. Morgon, K. Breed, C. Doyhoff, P. Cron, L. Poole, Ps. Finloy. C Lundquist, S Thomas, K Powers, Y Shi f 2 A A .L , 2 r , ,Q f' fi ' if K 2 5 f. ' , 'f 2.25.4 1' 1: r ff 1 ' I 5 i . QW, ' ' 7? 4. ,f A , I 2 is S 5 f,,..1,-- x ,lt V y Li? pysv, ,,,. . -A rg 3 me-6 X L . V .K 'X 1 'I .. j -A Ag., . i .Z A r X 'JA 'lflxx I Q. rf Y Q " is 'E' -. BLOOD DRIVE'J.'.i1 w' cn! L J- L JL' 'k..L,3lf"J' J-lk li..I,t1toilL1f1c Efoiaf ,TIL--i.zb.i ............s... .......... ,,...l.,.... - - 3 31 true ' 'M " l W ' .Qs 'V' Mig' if A f E, . "ii, f z, l if T W K t V 114' K A , F 'N Sf, , ,Q if Top QI-rj: J. DiMillo, A. Goldstein, G. Tononboum, K. lgnocio, R. Bhott, C, Buckley, S. Robitz, W. Sheih, J. Konvisser. Middle fl-rj: l.. Doniels, L. Wilson, S. Teel, G. Bush, R. Shumon, M. Rosenberg, M. Doniels, A Koplon, S. Cunninghom, C. Joshi, N. Potel, S. Dumois, M. Kotz Bottom Cl-rjq S. Wotson, D. Cosey, L. Rhein, M. Hirsch, M. Boyer, B, Normon, A. Cosselmon, E. Omundsen, ' ' ,L ' 'f"" , 1 ' Y' ' ' ,,4.,f""": sgisilfw 5194: S 1 sv .. gig, Citi- h U - ,.,. . ' - f jim Q r 7 - 5 S - .mi is . V. f- . N x , ' - ' ff... 3 8 1 sv.. 4 .A '- Oo' 7"' i ga OFFICERS QI-rj: Lorry Rhein, Beth Normon, Mike Hirsch, Mork Boyer. The Notionol Honor Society is com- posed of sophomores, juniors, ond seniors who mointoin o cumulotive grode point overoge of 88 or better ond who dem- onstrote leodership, service, ond choroc- ter Since the orrivol of new officers lost spring ond the oddition of o new odvisor, Mr Donovon, the Notionol Honor Society hos been very productive ond successful The onnuol Spring Cor Wosh, the selling of refreshments ot the Competitive Ploys, ond the November Red Cross Blood Drive were oll successful events sponsored by the Honor Society this yeor ln oddition to these progroms, every Soturdoy, os o community service, NHS students kept scores for SMARC members while they bowled The ocquisition of o Notionol Honor So- ciety clossroom focilitoted club meetings ond o tutoring progrom thot wos well- opprecioted by students ond foculty olike The guidonce of Mr Donovon, the leodership of the four officers, ond the porticipotion ond support of the members oll provided for o most productive yeor in the Notionol Honor Society 1 .,, l r Advisor - Mr. Hoyden. L-r: M. Bernstein, J. Dovis, D, Alpert, R. Freedmon, D. Korz, S. Porker, Q N'-s -'Willa' 14 - ll ll 5 ' ll llqf, 1 I P ', i - gf' . M I 1 1 r 4 ,sf 4""Y ' ' 1f 4 D tr 4' I O Sec y S Slotnick Vice Pres E Lebson Pres J Unger, Treos. E. Cohen, Pub. Dir. J. Davis. ' ,. -a. . .,-41. 1 STUDENTS AGAINST DRIVING DRUNK SADD, Students Agoinst Drunk Driving, is o notionol orgonizotion founded with the sole purpose of preventing oll students from driving while under the influence of olcohol. By educoting students obout the perils of driving drunk ond publicizing its consequences, SADD hopes to ochieve this gool. One woy of educoting both students ond porents obout this problem is through the "Contract for Life." In this ogreement the student vows to coll the porent if he hos been drinking or if he's with someone who hos been drinking, ond the potent ogrees to pick him up or coll for o toxi. Although SADD does not condone underoge drinking, it does feel thot it is necessory to prevent the loss of lives thot will occur if one does ottempt to drive ofter drinking. Nj -Q. gp -1 J O 447 Top Cl ry Poyne L Poole C Phoenix K Slocum, Bottom: B. Cook, S. Bumpus, R. Gentile, C. Doyhoff. 123 , iv i ik Y W - -.-U 7-1-,,v,, SPANISH i . gig 'kkx .5-9. . ..., tt A A Top Cl-rj: C. Crowford, M. Shino, R. Strous, M. DeOliveiro, P. Ryon, A. Korner, M. Hirsch, L. Rhein, M. Price, C. Bloir, D. Yorkin. Secondg C. Snooks, 5. Andrus, B. Grolnicls, M. Aronson, C. Koms, B. Azio. Third. J Word, J. Clotur, L. Wilson, J. Zibel, R. Kotz, M. Glossmon, A. Reine, C. Winett, J, Kotz, L. Borr, P. Perlnnutter, M. Foirnon, S. Robitz, G. Dittomi, R. Finkel. Bottonn: A, Rosoff, D. Rhein, S. Kundokjion, D. Bosoli, M. Mouricio. FRENCH Fr--5V 1 fx... ..... wt, if Top QI-rj: C. Crowford, M. Price, A. Sisitsky, K. Wise-mon, J. Unger, L. Rhein, P. Jordon, M. Foimon, M. Glossmon, C. Winett, L. Borr, A. Korner. Second: B. Bishoy, D. Gribens, L. Heimon, 5. Teel, B. Azio, K. Dickey. Third: D. Rhein, A. Lori, E. Ornendsen, D. Seodio, J. Kotz, C. Joshi, A. Reine, R. Kotz. Bottom: N. Srinivoson, T. Logos, R. Bhott, S. Kundokjuon, W. Yeomons, B. Normon. N"f"""""'T7. ,Vi 'Vg 11, U. MQ,.,Q.j,, 44. t- l F Top CI-0: VP. Michoel Mouricio, Sec'y. Down Bosoli. Bottom: Treos. Seto Kundokjion, Pres. Dove Rhein, Soc Dir. Alon Rosoff. Missing: Ago Kokor, Penny McEntegort. I QOP-E cut lANG'i Top fl-rj: Co-VP. Rupol Bhott, Pres. Seto Kundokjion, Co-VP. Thereso Logos. Bottom: Co-Soc. Dir. Beth Nor- mon, Treos. Noren Srinivoson, Sec'y. Wondo Yeornons. Missing: Beth Noditch, Steve Robitz. l l l l 4 JUNIQR CLASSICAL LEAGUE of ,I r 1 4 -ull 'I .1 57" ,. Ir Co Pres Ru ol Bhott Co VP Noren Srinivoson Missing- Kie-mon lgnocio, Don Alpert, Chris Bosoli, Chris Fitrs Top Row fl-rj' A. Komer, C. Bloir, C. Crowford, M. Price, B. Grolnick, M. Aronson, A. Tong. Middle: M. Boyer, A. Snelrson S. Kundokjion, T. Logos, I3. Azio, C. Winett, L. Rhein, A. Lori, A. Siddiqul. Bottom: N. Srinivoson, Ps, Bhott, W. Humphrey, E If G Omundsen. I N Iuns ITALIAN AGI' lu 1 C' r I 'S ' F: Q f I .L If I M I I x 5 . 5. . 330V SWEM3 I I I I u ,, I Top fl-rj: Advlsor Miss Mucclontl, J, Solemlno, D. Morrissey, M. Mosher, L. Vognlnl, R. Hermon, T. Corbeou, M. Fovloll, R, Trublono. Bottom: W. ' Yeomons, D. Blodgett, C. Brovermon, J. Florettl. , 125 C-Di - A D V - I . Co-Treos Will Humphrey, Co-Sec'y. Erico Omundsen. I -I f 'Q ,-. lv I Q an faux. M., . . rf-3 'S-' 'lin-" 74- In W , M, 4, .M ,- 'cs SENIORS: Top Cl-rj: Diana Egan, Shari Lovidor, Patty Metcalfe, Jen Feldman, Shari Slotnick, Melissa Carolan, Kerry Fritz, Dyon Smiley. Bottom Cl-rj: Susan Gillogily, Kristen Smith, Suzanne Brodney. P' A 400 Top fl-rj: L. Beberman, S. Mainini, M. ltzkowitz, J, Bronstein, T. Averett, C. Braverman J Carter M Hoffman, J. Tobin, C. Schwartz, S. Cohen, E. Lee, J. Finney, L. O'DonneIl, S. Chernak, E. Pfrang A Sands M. McCann, N Brodney, H. Bernstein, K. Norwood. Middle QI-rj. S. Lovidor, P. Metcalfe J Feldman S Slotnick, D. Egan, D. Smiley, M. Carolan, K. Fritz. Bottom QI-rj: K. Smith, S. Gillogily, S. Bradney CAPTAINS Cl-rj: Susan Gillogily, Suzanne Brodney, Kristen Smith. at L 32. Q' rt 'V ...Mis M1 .1 .dv x fm? 1. S if :Q SLS' -av a 3 ,, .. t ?.,,.,.. Juni ms., was an-A. ws-n-una: Sikhs nr-uiililiw lildli-all I l 4 SENIORS QI-rj: Michelle Rosenberg, Jonis Foster, Michelle Morgon. I -nun..iua1l13. L-rf K. Pugsley, A, McMohon, L, Norwood, L, Borfen, J. Morgon, M. Rosenberg, M. Morgon, J. Foster, T. Freemon, L. Greer, J, Koufrnon. Missing: T. Preble. ,f,,L1'l'- ' .- YN'-Jwllflkv ll 2 , I, .nw 'uns--nu--...Mr-...,..: R' A , -98' .......--r--L-- 5 ez? 32 ...,, . V! Q N CAPTAINS Cl-rl: Michelle Rosenberg, Michelle Morgon, if: L 'xv' ! Feorure Twirler Tomi Freeman S K B4 Y' 1 7 x. I an K, x NI r., wks - ,-M ' '-Lx J' X W 5 , ,, .b n IA V. 7 I . ,, X v 5, Qt t f 5 .rg 1 - f 0 -.-mi' Top fl-rj: H. Shewon, S. Teel, N. DeMorrini, K. Moselek, B. Steworf. Middle Cl-rj: J. Bowlby, H. Doboul, M. Demeo, N. Fuller, A. Mortin. Bottom QI-rj: D. Thorpe, J. Cushing, J, Nesson, N. Nemeth. Q 2-4 qui . ll .X K. Xt ' I s A Q gf - f f .:3' f 1 9' X U A. 9--' ' 514 'J gf ki ll I L.- .. . MSX!-11' fb" H E E R L E E C - - I f f eff'-'B Heorher Doboul. Q 14,35 SENIORS CI-rj: Michelle Demeo, Heorher Doboul, Heorher Shewon, Kore Moselek. N-11,11 L -Thai 5 i ws-vowyf W 2 - ,gli Cl-rj: L. Goldmon, B. Bloomfield, J. Isroelson, C. Clinton, K. Kittredge, J. Provest, W. Provest, K. Celorier, J. Middle QI-rj: M. Sweeney, L. Doniels, A, Hughes. Bottom Cl-rj: L. Brown, W. Trubow. I . .. , .Y .,,,-W ---,"""" ?'i' wif'f'f'5iWiWv Vvjyr 7 . f. ff rfi:-wif-r,. ?'f??,filf . --... : if lf i, g,' f:g,i, ' , , X ' f Q .B , , . . rn V If f 5 3 . - Z 4 - is f in 'P' B 'i . -A,,,,aQf' ggi CAPTAINS: Front Cl-ry Liso Brown, Wendie Trubow. Bock CI-ry Jen Provest, Kim Kittredge. fl-rj: Lourie Goldmon, Kim Kittredge, Michelle Sweeney, Cristi Clinton, Liso Brown, Trubow, Jen Provest, Angelo Hughes, Kristie Celorier. 'dvf 5 vi., ,g -:..--1" 4: - 1 1 lv--' Y"""'------vw L, l kv 4-0- 'Eve ' yu wr "' nj v5fL5Q af CLASS OF 1989 fl! 3' A y ' 1 V? C M f ,Q ,A 6, 74 1, fft , f Q J". QQ-J' ?r 41 fifij 3. kk. UPF, ' '11 5,6 4' ,..,,........,, ,, , , , , CLASS OF 1990 ' . 4 s 49? Y P ,J in-. 'T .. Y Q- iw 5 .1 S s 1 1 1 3-KL , ig 131+ ' W K 3 517' I va K H H Q 5 i A 5 ,ig , , V ' 2 rl -5 1 3 'ta ww I. 'Yv ps nl' Y' tg, i I ,, A LE .ga 1 at 'K J 0 9' N1 4""' A ' I a' f 'f ' r f Yq .r"'?l' i CLASS CF 1991 wr ,fm . 4. " A is ,J ,I x S O f X, -..-..,.f,W,, '+M,.,u 1" in 'in ff, W' 5 ..,. v. mais 'm l,,h ' ', , ,Lf ' Z . 4 f4'?'lg is l r l N ,, X1 fr?" " ,ifnfj .Ji 'TF' if .2 ,.,f l l'f"'Q?.m Z I' 3,951 'J' ' i Q. In V.. A S L. ,. .v- ullll""'F'."'.:E !Xv -S. NB , -4' iff 4f- .1 1 . . :Q fn-0 . I Lf-2-Q - 3-J? '11 .B . ,J W1 ' f ! 'Ziff' . , ey ff. 2,,fg,- f ' awp .- , r f Q' x "' ,, 'Yi 'ff Y 1 Q v + , I 7' S -. LOST Doc ,D F v' I 5 ' ff zz! 'wut f V ,Zh i, V , r ', QMP. .wx .wrf,r I 2 ! I 'J-'J RN HI '. 'GH H 'LUCKY' 4 Ag , , 4 n oll oreos of othletics, North High students hove exhibited competitiveness, dedicotion, ond good sportsmonship. Whether we were on the fields ond courts ploying or on the sidelines supporting, we "just couldn't hide our Sporton Pride." The sports progrom ot North, under the direction of town- wide Athletic Director Thimos ond North High Coordinotor Antonioli provides oll students on opportunity to compete in o wide voriety of sports. For those inclined to ploy os port of o teom, there hos been everything from volleyboll to locrosse to field hockey. For those wishing to compete on on individuol bosis, there hove been gymnostics, wrestling, diving, os well os mony others. All over the school, there is evidence of North's fontostic othletic triumphs. In the moin lobby there ore rows upon rows of trophies lining the gloss coses. ln the office, there ore hundreds of newspoper clippings procloiming the ochievements of North High's othletes, mony of whom ore now pursuing coreers in professionol sports. And, of course, those big green 188 fessionol sports. And, of course those big green chompionship bonners honging from the rofters in the gymnosium ore com poroble in prestige to those honging in the Boston Gorden ln this post foll olone we've hod o powerful footboll teom thot well surpossed its ex pectotions, intense soccer teoms in both boys' ond girls' divisions, o golf teom thot posted one 4 the best records in the school history, ond cross country, swimming ond field hockey teoms thot oll did their best. 'Hz' Y' Q Q i JG , . M A P 2 - fr- ! R ' U iz ' ts , W ig! . Mm ., ,.,' ., i s ' I I in-bbw 0.4 'v- :Q ' f -2' v -. .I 4 SV .,,, ' i .1-7 - i 'iff---4 4. 7 '- . -lf 3 - - fp W' 1 . . .ivlt 5,1 , lv 4 . I 4 N 4 it-Ja , . - - I . .H J ., 1 K l Severol of this yeor's othletes hove excelled in their individuol sports ond hove not only received ploudits from their schoolmotes but hove olso been recognized by the Boy Stote Leogue ond sports writers throughout New Englond. For mony North Higt seniors, the post yeor ho, been the climox of their sport coreers. For others, it hos ju: been the beginning, but for c it will be remembered os time of spirit ond commitme o time of fun, ond. . . 1-77 imc t QR xl' -34 ' , lf"'l if . x 4 u ' :A.,1.x . . Q 5 K3 .f , x x - -1 ,, V ,, -4 . ,3 .L , ,QA W, O . 1 n ,.,.f .. , .Y " p ,., My . I 'S gmf.. V 3 wr.. V 3, i...y3 . 'f piagny-2 " 1 A?6 ff! ,rx ov. 2' 'P . ,,,,,,. Q., ja-.www ., , lil ,s ,if I' I .5 -S, WMU? Q", 49 I ,Lf Q 6 ', -fd' ?5'u.5'?7F"' " v., A!" ,giqg-1"Q,' , ' ,pug ' 4:3 wsififjif' 'Q 'J J-P6536 145 ompete N4 Q K N, I Q3 Y' 24 Ks i ax" sg J ' Zi , fi-v:,f5?' .ez 3-.,.',, ' f1j,,f'7 ptr . :ng all Y , -5 'ri' ' J .- .. . 5, " , ' i w ' 3'-' '-Aj -. - .sr 2'-4--..--7-.ff ' -vs., .. .-,sw-,ZA is -- "W -1 , .,,.,- 4 . -.v .2 . PC-.wa QQ,-1 -,noyasi " x '. 'sl - - ,-4 -Q. ' f -.4-f--nf- -1' ',-21' ., ,A 'aj -.PH '-- --v+"- - '.. --4 1 x .-gif 'Y-:' 1, ":1'ff- - -.4-27: '1w-""2- Q3. 5 -4 V f . .A 4. 4-- ..., 1 . h. -, ..., L-,,, v-U: N , ,- ,-. - "W 2' -2 ff' i QW? Pc,-1 'mr' X " 'df -1.935 'sri -'ul' Yds v '- 4. ,g,.--. , . C.. - J ' , w, , ' ' .Q r . , ,'.p'. ,, ' Vpff' .fs , "-, ,, -4 . . -, . f -, . - .- ,,. - V ',f.,,"L2S1---AUT , mg-in ,,5.QH,5'-1 gf 22314-11, -.511-fc! f if -' 25.7 ..,-1.5 .....Ji.12 .wif-Q 'f "+T.-Qs.: 12 A ' f.,. ff . , Q , .dy V 153.19-C-' we Top! Coach Wheeler, J, Srearn, K Niessen, J Kropp, M Klein, G Karalis, C Starrett, D Kung, D Sudbay, J Leary, C Aviza, M Zimmerman, J Glick, J Nager. Bottom' D Diatalevi, M Shina, K Regan, T Davis, V Ubaldino, M DeOIiveira, P Shapiro, A. Rosoff BGYS SOCCER! CAPTAINS' Ken Regan, Todd Davis, Vin Ubaldino Although they were last year's Bay State League champions, this year's Spartan boys soccer team was originally classified as "mediocre to fair," Quickly, though, they proved their critics wrong by posting an impressive 14-5-1 record for the season, Early in the season, North lost a disappointing match against its traditional rival, Framingham South. But that loss sparked the Spartan team onto an eight-game winning streak that led to some exciting post- season games After having won a hard-earned victory against Burlington High in the first round of the Eastern Moss Tourney, the Spartans were finally topped in a fierce battle with undefeated North Andover High. ln reviewing their fantastic season, all the team members could say to the seniors was, "Thanks for the memories." ., g , L . A .1- -af six, ' ., -'CQ' sv Hf .. . Q . ,z,.,, , .-, u ., 4-,510 A-if ' 1--Z -A -'Gi' -vw 'f 'ha .-Wim . 'pi 4l'01r.:fT ' . .Avrj ' 'F 6 -1- fm. ., - .. .-4, .J-fs- vi -.. .. .- - - . - , f- -J -. , 4 ,.f -vm -,. ,fu --., '-' ,,,'v "-- . . -K If -4 L gli.--, D .,. A ,V 1 . 1 , -z,, YA 1' A I f.. s, Top: Coach Weinbaum, D. Jacobs, J. Gangi, M. Becker, J. Colvin, P. Karalis, S. Kokar, C. Kane, P. Stein, T. Uminsky. 'Bottom' R. Deaner, B. Gordon, M. Bograd, J. Tolman, J, Zibel. J CCA! .---1-q-v--lr: .,,.,.,f..,., ,,..---v--f--'f-f---"W "ff v ' 3 . .......i 1 A .' I. H ., MM M, sv .Q-on , , hh ,,,,f.,:,, - sw' P: 771-m"'1""' ,,ff'f,'b-viul "il g'nv'f"s"1r-'d"zh' f 'W ' ' 'f A v- ,Q gf' 1- ,Mx - .,g54h3 fi 1 5 ' ?A, J -. ',r.,-A A Q 1 V r ,lf v. :Nyc-hiv W, 1' A 'ts ' - ' "JSv'5" Jf'-if " Q f ' if z-- 5 fe , , ., g,sa, ' .gw 3-,.,.4I,f4 2 , , ,, ,, l t dyx, J.. VA., .,,.!, I. If ww I 9" av ,,,-. ,fW':, gNf!,A, . is . 'I 75212-"T'fi, 1 f N' 0 P F ,fi lf V . .9 QA- ,R ..F,. A 54 Q Q ....',h, 4:'l.u. 'SWS . . '30s f- , . . cw.. Lai fam L Top fl-rj: J. Lichtenstein, H. Korolis, D. Morrissey, N. Vossor, A. Chomrin, B. Berger, J. Winship, N. Zokrzewsl-ti, L. Vengrow, D. Blodgett, K. Schlueter, D. Shufrin, E. Finer. Bottom: M. Scofidi, K. Donovon, R. Bhott, C. Homilton, C. Snooks, A. Lemon, J. Clotur, A. Avlzo. GIRLS SOCCER! 1 V We should hove mode the tourney With oll of our tolent ond skill, And everyone ployed her hordest When Sonio Withington took o spill. South beot "beotem" Needhom, How could this be? But North wolked oll over South ln o gome thot wos ploin to see. Our record didn't show us os dominoting, But we ployed together os o teom. We fought strong ond hord, And the seoson wos o screom. K. Schlueter BAY STATE ALL STARS: Jessico Winship, Courtney Snooks, Nicole Vossor. BAY STATE LEAGUE Ployer of the Yeor: Jessico Winship. 1.1, Ji- 'W ni -,fi f 1 f ' wi 24 I7 Z "'7f'f2?13?'ffW7'?' A 1 Q. .H ,wh '2f4f,w, ,J .,g,-'3f' ' ' 4 " .:fZf 'x"e?... . . ii, YQA., 15A-wifi ,Y-1 K fb. wi'-rg.. Q Coptoins: Cheryl Homilron ond Courtney Snooks. ff Q .1 J' . .Ar A- . , .Vik '. F ., .AT . W 2:51 I. I, u 4' 4 .- fi' - -ig ,,. V iff A' 1 Q U Q". 1? A- . -M1 1' '1 I-gg, fill ' ., ,. f X : , V ,Vw Nu-m--W - 'ay-f V f A " ' , ' ',. . -- V wp. , - 'I -I T W- .Q T " ' -V1 "J'1Z',.f""' 8 'a mi . AQ V. A . ' . .fra ' Q '13 1'i'. ' gy ., In ' U -X "El"g"-Y . X 3 ' ' ... H , ., 7 ' ' -4- , ' V , . +4 x. .. f a. .V .-W., J. - V- ', .V .- - I waw K. . .1 . . fm .V Vw-.1Qr:'fA ffm-1 "' ' J - V ,af Q .'2-'13g.-,.4.,,,-eh -..-wr ' ' V " , V Lf. '- 5 V ,, ,' .Suv ',- .' .a . , 5- 4,5 .z ' J ,- 1 , 4 Q . . V . uf- IA if 1, g . V .V wffik- . A. - K x . 'qfayzyv - . Va . A ,. V A -.'?v'- gg,..w.,f 4, -1? ' V . . ,wh -V . - . V V V -VV f V My , ' Y j" V . I .. L . . 153 V., ,N Z. V .. I ' Uk V4 ' vb V- V H M v ev? gfk . , Q-?'34', 4 A :+V V V "".,.' 'T'.. gn-.A-J,' 1 -V ' . . -, - if 'lf-is - J- "'.f"- ,5'-S? -A--f ' 1. ' :V -, f' ff' 1-'R' V T ' ' H,,, ' ' f f V 4: I -KP -. . 'um .- 'Ve V :I ,. . -1 -V - , V-. ,V - ' - ,Q . .ur-V W! li . -i A f 'i . V- 'VA QIQV: -'. .,s.w2 S M- 4 - s .1 V- --- ,V-31,3 5- Vg' .I - 'gg ,. 4, ' . , in L 4-w.Q.-:Q vfgwig' . , .-an T., .61 . 4.14 ,j-7352: -4? .. 3- - f, " , --,2"- F " - 'V v. " ' W- -Vy :i.Z3. .,-'!Igg", vig., A- ' f 'M-'V "' 'ig ' 1 j"'--'lf"1- - AL--r , , . A, .31 V - ,wx , .. W' 3.7. , f-'gg-.qjvivlk .' Lf- 11 M 'Lawn-a I l A nuff ' -,ur V 'J . L, -.. ' .. if! -.V . af D . QV- at--' iz.. elf V' Yxaxf ff.-.-' an-2 - .aangr A ,,,,f.. W ' V- A 'F 11'-.z ' 'X-T ,,.,.- ' .. ' .1.fTx -na,-'T f-'G' -" 'ii 2.-V 9 .. ' ' J . X ' W' - ' f -Va. "C - .Q . ., I ,L V K TB, N Q 1. 17, 1. 1 4 -V H , 1 WV" X fi W' " .V - 1 , . fV+fm1"+V' f Q 'Q -' -ww., , n. V Q ,, . .. . A.. . , .. . -. , . I . ,. I . ggi, 3 V hm'-,,ns .gy m , ,FQYIZ-,. ., b ,uf 4-V . -1 1. ..,,,u4 V ,. - 'H I A ' r' - .-P 'Y V "'lf"1.I it Vywri V . M, j : 4 V4.1-., ' V:-' ' ' . ., ' Zn. A .'Af.,..- S:Q2.4"VL? Q, Q.- 9 v - "' . an sq- " , Z' ' -., V V 1 Y A - x K3 tx. .' ' V"+:?'i7f?' "- fy' S' V ' .ev wr' ff .,-Ae, "' 'n A 7' .if ,- .V ' .. . , 'Xi Q 4,2 Z' ' .FPL ' ..- . 4 .Ar-4,f.,g -- ' " 5,5-1 z ' - ' ., .. Vg . .V--df'55' "1 f"" f . - V V 5. , - ,- -.V-V9.9-.fg,,"ff ,V A,..Vf"'0-1'5'2""' 1'4"-2'-ls. ., 1.4 -- ' . ..4r- gfL.4.'-,gpiw I-V -'5"'g. ,sv-. ' 5--,fra ' Q ' 'Jil "ff-H""5"' 9' ' .,f.. - . ' 167- Vfgvi-vii. .1+-?gaBs.?11i,1fg'3i..l .',-,3l'-.,.' -f "X A 5 ' , ' ., 1, " 0 ' ' Tiara' i?'?ffit'7'4"Qg2,'5z Zzfif-f.i ':,, -1-,'T1-VWffVf-Af"4n,Vf- "-ef --IBM. if a.,VkE 1 ,,J.? "' Algfsna f in 1 r, f ' - 1. V. .' , , A:sfV A+.-rw .. Q-, 2433 -., -. f , - vw in. X A an. 5. ' fi.. - X 1 ".A ' I .. avi 7 -,.-,. ,A -. Q W, ..n,.. L., . , , M.. ..v-. .. .3 .- -1 . .- - - . -Q. -- -. 5 :IH f ,. . .. . -. .- VX s - 1- ' 'fp lXn..- ,. 7" 1.5, f w ,sq K! n 5' 1 ' to.- ...Q 'z 4 f 7 'S U ' .fad n J z . 'QTL ' 4 3' 35 ' r 94 .ln ,,- 4.,p.,r. P 1 r Q urwf. -9 5.1 u ffaif.. . Q' A qvj:V.f " ' :Q -' fl H: ., 'HL U ' L V. I' . . -. V ,- - I ,A r V375 Q J- , 'S t ,.'- ,gf .. -- R 5 . A N 1 . -4 vip "' . 'J 15 un ' hw.-"-." :af ' 1 vu -. 4 - -I .Q vo-gif? 1.1 'YP . ,,,'1.,AX . x ..., 1, W, l s 4 YY.- -Q ---V-K - . . .fa-2 5' J' VARSITY FOOTBALL Topql-rj Ass't CoochB Summers, Ass't CoochE Vondersea,T Corbeou, S Guppy, D Mlnes,J Ferro,I Larrobee, C Mason, Ass'r CoochR Morrlno Middle R Allcroft, W Tsol, M Fozio,J King, D Mortrn, P Durron, D Nims,E Kesrer,J Drrromi, M Yong, D Long,J Gorvln, L VOQOIFTI, C Moedet, R Finlay, M Morrissey, N Haynes, M Gole, Heod Coach Kllcoyne Bottom R Buck,J Povio, M Bllottr, K Scota, A Brody, C Forley, S Thompson T Conlon,J Judktns,S Devlin, G Hevey, M Sims Seated T Greenblott, A Womocls,J Anderson, C Bosolt '. .r. . J ,--,A 4,1 -5.71, Mr' L X . I 1 A I I Ar. F2 'a h 1 A, -, 'f . 'N h ,H 75" 0 ' L "' ' , ,.r 7 M ,s , . . :fi Q ' -gli? .451 " ff we 3 f Qi wave' gr. A if A A ' - 1 P gf it . ,JM 'f E m 5 Jr L QA -fs A rid we Al- A V-f 'FB di x CAPTAINS Ted Greenblott, Adam Womack, Jeff Anderson, Chris Bosolr ' . 5 This yeor's Spartan football teom led by o group of tolented ond spirited seniors goined the respect of its supporters and opposition ocross the Boy State League. Captain Adom Womock contributed his superb offensive and defensive skills to help Northjump out to o 2- O record. Comprised of senior backs, Shown Thompson ond Jemol Judkins, receivers, Marc Sims ond John Povio, center Tim Conlon, ond coptoins Ted Greenblott ond Andy Brody, North's offense powered its way to 135 points in its ten gome season. Defensively, the ploy of senior Iinemen Morc Bilotti, Ken Scoto, Steve Devlin, Captains Chris Basoli ond Jeff fo teom-leading four socksj Anderson helped keep North a teom feared by opposing quarterbacks and cooches alike. Senior kicker Greg Hevey also contributed to our Spartan pride, The seoson's climox hod to hove been the 32-9 routing of cross-town rivol Frominghom South, In this, the biggest gome of the year, North's senior backs accounted for 195 yords rushing, while the defense intercepted three posses, all of which were turned into touchdowns, The teamwork and devotion in this gome best exemplified the ottitude thot the Spartans showed oll yeor, on and off the field. They gave 1007, in every single gome, ond for that reoson, the football teom come out winners. -ef- , if """"' sg V , A X' ,.. ,L , M 1.3 U A g, 5' 1 .sz A 0 V if ? ai -i 2,1 1 f ' if A L C' r S H3 ' J il Y ' 'Y 7.01. 2 s , . . 411, Jw. 0 . A VA . . . , ' 'H it . qv i .ii K S' . N 'g . . V my l ' ' , . Y- , gl - ., " H" ' .2291 -'fi ,, 4 , , I ' 4 4 C I M FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Top QI-rj E Feinberg, A Wheeler, S Byrne, D Gellls, S Johnson, C. Tlmoney, M O'NeIl, J Keolty, G Scaporottl, J, gag V x G:fQ? - Cordono, D Stronge, J Frost, Cooch Boll Bottom Cooch Hutchinson, C Dolro, S Weinberg, M Schreiner, D. Jomes, J Bagley, W Tsol, E. A A Vosslllodls, A Steiner, K Boneou ' ., 1. .er "Look, MO, l C00 fly The stance of victory' fm .. v D4 0 H X' A v """f fn-'V Yf' X-.5-X V: .Jap if ' ' - Ma f 35 , f , pr 4 ', XV? ' S 1 1 l ' 'V 4' "v A ., V! ' I V gig, ' W 'qi' ' if ""ii"3V8 , ' ., ,- K, .v, 4- ' ..- , -n , z. ' f ah,-fir ,U , , 1 4 TYQ' il, . .nl V ' ' . If MQ: ,.Vr.mfq'j4 ,Q . xp- . H- 'ff fm - sf- -' Q4 "1 ,.,'. .. A.l'.. . .'f!.lLu A - 'Sk fa fs? w ." - 6 .mf H ,g la ,f -K 7: 51 H f 4'1" XJ ,.. n I " X V I. Q' 71.1 , us. L H , ,g. ."i5'ifV .""'1 '- " . Q- -'- . 4 A meeting of the munds. Q. A sl rt u ' 1 ' , -.k.f'f2'e!-"1-2 X ' 1 x ' ,WWW f x ,,, ' ,, , . - - V I --,r-'s.g"1'f'f"'. 'U y W V ' V 'V A -ln' 'S' , ., VLA-:gi-:gg V V V. A . , . 4.,V, 1, wig! ,,, .. fp, .. .Qs ,," ,v,V'V, .?'-'If,-Qflt-'V .Um f.fxf.f?'.'.-F-',f 'fAf :'.:.'.x,:' 3 " ,E f: w , ,?,,r,,,x,..i V -. V,-,.,.,: -4, - V. V ..,, Y, ,. TVVIVWQ V - ' , . I . 1: J v 4 50- .. M azz, - s 01'-, L .4.,... ,,. , . -M +A-2 - :V 1, f , , NLT' '70-f .M 'Lx , ... '-'?l1.f.'.f fin- xwfr. 1-.5 F: ' . W N ,S V . . Q. 5 l ng I s fa, 'lr ,4'.. I 'Z r -i Q f Sffff 523' af? 'Q S., u 4 " 5-22? f . . I A Y .1 I, , iv ' 1,10 B wtf -. la, 'Ir-xiii 4' . Y V .,.A W kg. .. .. if ff., '-fm' t . , , L ,-i. 1 9 . .. , -..1... ...Y f'f"'-fr - J ,T th , . I 1 " s if 1: if ,uf --...I 2' lv , f xx 51, ., , av A Q if . V Y 1 , ' , r R A 1'-'L 5' . ' f' L.....1i .- '??33.'.w. Qi' .rffhlkifksk fi . 'His' 'af , NN oi. ,, ,,,',i: Top Cl-rj. G. Bocon, T. Eden, S. Krueger, G. Urboni, S. Storr, K. Corr, R. Oehley, Cooch K. Hill. Bottom: C. Buckley, K. lgnocio, K. Nordquist, G. Bush, C. Fitts. Missing: K, Hough, 1 A1y.hI.4ff0f CAPTAINS: Kristin Nordquist, lgnocio, Genie Bush. 1 FIELD HOCKEY! 1 ft 1 IWW y lmlitqu. ,ff .rf ...M ...-. , - .,...-..-a....,.. W Q , X' 9 i 'A I! 5 t. IUC 0, . 4'-4-44-U . . .lf - F K ' ' A l U in . ,,.,.....-- .-- mo. -.,-,sur-.V,w....,q,,..,,,.,.,..., U f V ,lf fue - V O. .3 .. iisziiiwr . 5, Qvfr Q .r ' X-,I M... t- ' . A on , .- 4' 54? 0 .QYVX7 i , . , k in fn D nxt! . V , K - , K This yeor, the Frominghom North Girls' Field Hockey teom leorned the true meoning of thot old odoge, "lt's not whether you win or lose, it's how you ploy the gome." While it wos o tough seoson for the Sporton girls, both the Vorsity ond Junior Vorsity Field Hockey teoms sow some fine ploying from members of every closs. From coptoins Kiernon lgnocio, Krissy Nordquist, ond Genie Bush, to next yeor's coptoins Chris Fitts, Sue Krueger, ond Shoshy Storr, oll the woy down to powerful freshmon Gino Demeo, everyone on the Vorsity teom contributed to the greot times ond fun. And did they hove fun! Most teom members will fondly recoll the singing on the bus, the veggie nicknomes, ond especiolly oll of the eoting. All in oll, eoch ond every member of this yeor's field hockey teom will surely ogree thot this seoson wos one of both experience ond good times. 'at ' V I , N- ,JHWQ11 f , vv' , - -Q. ' . V , A , , . F M V .f 4 , ,- Top QI-ra C. Knight, D. Sullivon, H. Stein, J. Hormonn, K. Quinn, S. Mendelsohn, C. Ignocio. Bottom: G. Demeo, L. Borr, K. Moore, R. Cohen, C. Winett, K. Monohon, P. Perlmutter, M. Glossmon. Missing: M. Folmon, Cooch B, Long, a.. -o.9"W,, .U - N! 2 - 1 'P I-urn...---. A r'!"'1 5,11 i I K f w A O - x N h 5 'L 1 il!! ' fy'---vos I V vu -oven A I ' y V . ar. ' . ,, 4, MN Avg... ....on,,,..?,d A '. U " " gy, , ' 4 ' gf' ff' a,"5'.f: U , A' ' 2"4'1'V l.f,',.4usmw, JS +4 ' J 4 foe' 1 ..'f'9,f"'i" - ' :WL "fb ' yi' , ,. " .. Q '15 ,- , ' ' 4 ,I Q,S'7n ' 1 'N' , 1.1 tx .LV Aki, 15114 1 A .. if . 4 . , -:K ,,. -QR 4 A qkgk,-,'4p. V- 3 lj, ' - ' ,,if""' " we 7 6 .. , 4.4 ' Q- If -,- M S 1 A .ag .,.y .- W4 ,f'- ff . 'gf ff V-M. . .1 V. PV. J K 1' ' V 'f ""f' , . ei 9 , , , , v -- uv ,, fd, TT- , 'Q 4 1 Q' ,' ' vu., J Q , .- -V i u ,' 4 y l qv 1 1 Rm M 3-,-' E,,,g,Qff.7 - , - , , - gr.,.,. ,X -,,. .ni 1 , ,..,'?0- . 1, N 1541 -' ,"'b'Qk2' -,f ,-we--,f, 'ar fr' K, v ,YT1 , . ,X H -9 ,. . if . "ar 11. lg ,Fx sp :Q iw.,-airy .N '2 wh 1' ,Q 1 1 if Y ai Q X , 'ffw xiii' E 'f ff! 32 . x P .. -M a- is 4 4 .lf v,' -. . ' f:f.l . - f 9 XfgJw.f'-- 'QA ' , . 6 Q 5. "-L. . . A H " H,-v..4,, , z . 5116-1 'V' ik? 'hw "7 ,,n 27 lfffff' K wm- ri ga-.. - ,z-...Ag . 415462 f s 'Plum s Q'l.dso 1 1. 1,1 sb 4 'K Y ' O L9 V4 , 9 ' 1 N ., .403 , Q ' 'Q ? -f p . ' 11832 Ki-A A ff .. 'F' V.:-' "rs-ag ., ' ' M J., . gkxxf 'qqnvz ' ' rj, ,f -..+' VI " ,-.J'.'l'A.6g1 s .5 . , My , , f 5 ul g..'. . . - D -,U 55.53. 554 - 186-2f'Ai'a'i!1,' -.1f"".,Q . A' ' X ff A .44 ' -4 . In .fa 5 4 y f . ' 4 x W J. ., B, x- ,.,Q'8Vf" 72182245 g , ' un, ,sw ir -Q f 4 ,W x 1 8, , Ir ' 3 0 QA ' ,, , . x , . 44' 1 Q D fr' . J '. 4 Q .l , , -ll Fil, - ,-5 . H: .rl ,S-fr . 'tl ,ov 1' ' wg ' 'V "W . uw. 'd'Y3"j4i"' 4 4 el 1 ga haf' v 'IL I! A-Q W v."q-l' -ri 'ld , -'., f. , 1-2-4. ' '1 ,f-Wy? 1- if u ,. - A ' J-5 .mfn ' f ' ' K ,- nj 1 Y' , D Q ia.,-4 xy.-,A rd ' - i '. V.-Q ' "M Ss: 1 eu? - -. . , ', L- Lf" N I,.,,.., jf- ,I ,-. - '-Lv 1- -554 ,, ,lm 5 .Al 4 fb I, JL. M M .. 4, X 1, till, . Us Top fl-rj: D. Kriegsmon, J. Doucette, J. Geller, A. Goyner, Cooch: Mr. Wode, S. Sorin, M. Rothschild, B. Silver. Bottom: J. Lermon, A. Adom Goyner, Coptoin. Winik, B, Kotes, P. Quinn. The Golf Teom The North High Golf Teom hod 0 bon- ner seoson, finishing with their best re- cord Q5-2-lj in twenty yeors. After o somewhot slow stort, North then won four stroight motches. In doing so, North solidified the third ploce in the Boy Store Leogue Chompionships. V ..". -Q V fig .',f" 40' ff . l ' ta, -r 4 .- A -4 .V 'Y'-v fs, ea-Jlvg . , VV ru W-- - - Va, V 1-all '- , ,if A J - .' aw' 4. 'dy' "' f V QV 4V 'rVf..V2, , .V G gb.. J-an ' if t 1 .h Vxq' 'J ' ' - " . - " "fA1?'2 .. ' , ' .ff ' V Qs: ,. ,TQ -V ,A H- ' . .tl 'I' 0' - ,, ,Y , f V ' V- . y, T - V xnxx- .drug ,, ,V,': V H. 4 - " J. '. ' ' "'a,.. " H Q., V ,KV-.j,V:.,2,,. , . sg - -V 43. A 321' W5 11:4-'gk' " .. " "1 '12 Mxff f z .5,E,+V:Jgf, 5.4 . 4 'I V ...wg , gr: in V -- A A , . , N V ""' . K V , wa.-.V V, im. .uv 1.51 ,V S V, v,, Vg- ,.,4.2- -ff ff ,g-., ww- A . 1 'f r". ' V "'- 1.0 '94 ' .. -12 V, Vasu. , ,lf . .mr - ' Jima-.,.:o -'9'4"4,..-fa! . ... - of-4 9 o 148 ' 0 X1 x K--4uuu1 GOLF ! M 1244? ',...,,r 1 : f A ,Vt"?', Xfsiz' 5 V f-, fivqj',w W V VV . 3 3 1w1'9r1,. 4 1.-'JW 545' V 'Q 'Ml V W4 . mv-nf gy. I if f wi Vs if-sift . ' 'J 'S 'tw' 1455 X W5 -'I-1 if f Ngifirgs vt . .1 . '--4125. ,, fx , c., V V , Mz"f'fvfxE'K- Q ,- S V J v Mt . .1. 5 V K V. Q 1 fx -ij' V . 'x S? . l 'fx V . Vx i lx .S ,V 553f.+y'f+vVQ2'uf- T' , ,V A viii?-f.ff'l,l" bw.-X .. -x A N, :V : . ,M V uacrxji-fic V l X N kia. is 'E hi This yeor's golf teom, sporked by their oble coptoin Adom Goyner wos led by on extremely skilled group of seniors, including Goyner, John Doucette, Jeff Geller, Brod Kotes, Don Kriegsrnon, Mike Rothschild, Brion Silver, ond Steve Sorin. J! V 7 ,, 2 . . wg 9 3. xg, :kg ,Q ' ,,. ' V-,.,' 1 - . N' QA 1 i v AK. .4 4.1 X XYV L . . V. 'Q . A J . ,.,, Q., . LV- -A X. - 4 2 x yt M g i ,Ju .1 Nia Top CI-rj: Cooch O'Rouri-re, C. Cheng, R. Hsieh, J. Goldberg, W, S. Wotson, D. Lermon, P. Jordon, C. Foimon. Woodword, R. Ryon, D. Honson, K. Boliou, T. Civitengo. Bottom: K. Tokoshimo. CAPTAINS: Steve Wotson, Dovid Lermon. CRCSS COUNTRY! ifxilg I 'CTA ' I ,L-vs. -4 " Mo .,,,, li 1 -:fav .f'Q sl The members of this yeor's cross-country teom ore pieosed for, olthough this wos not their best seoson ever, their record is o morked improvement over lost yeor's record. Led by coptoins Steve Wotson ond Dovid Lermon, the cross-country reom won some importont meets ogoinst Dedhom High ond Milton High, Ieoding to o 2-7 finol record. Seniors Peter Jordon, Dovid Lermon, Kou Tokoshimo, ond Cosey Foimon oll hod greot individuol seosons, os did fresh- mon Dove Honson. 1 if if 1 1 lug. ' ,f- .-Q .4 1 ..... -. -.u SENIORS: K. Tokoshimo, D. Lermon, P. Jordon, C. Folmon. 149 v ' Aw f 1 - ,5 7? l ri X F ' M fs H U VARSITY: Top fl-rj. K. McCorthy, C. Cordono, K. Solvi, L. Bleiweiss, R. Freedmon, E. Lee, Cooch V. Buckholtz. Middle: L. Heimon, M. Fein, S. Sisle, T. Logos, J. Wilensky. Bottom: L. Kolicls, A. Tong. CAPTAINS Cl-rj: Loron Kolick Tong. VOLLEYBALL! Ode to the Volleyboll Teom We con't believe the seoson's ended: It reolly went too fost. Though we dldn't get oll the wins intended We've hod o mojor blost. In oll the gomes we tried our best, And our cheers were full of spirit. Sometimes our ploys got kind of messed And then we'd really heor it. Remember "Jock ond Jill," the bus rides, too, And the good times we shored this foll. Never forget, becouse now we're through, So long, ond we'II miss you oll. Love, Audrey ond Loron . , W A sf . i 5 ' ' 2-J' . -V' X- -- fF"' 99 Q T?-.,fg.p' . , ,- M - W , 1, 1 .. 5, . .. -. 1 , 1 X QV, RCW' 'R X- x FJ , I . W- --.L .... f--,-.-, .... -5 -Ax V M MM V JUNIOR VARSITY. Top QI-rj: R. Lee, D. Roin, K. Molizio, S. Hughes, Y. Shi, L. Rucholski. Middle: R. Koplon, J. Cirrone, L, Abelson, J. Doucette, J. Gohres. Bottom: B. Azio, L. Zinn. 1 if , ,.f'1 fgudlkw- 4 -11:1-nl!" - P JL , -ixlb 51 Q. Q, iv-f-'U L j i eff' S S Wil Xxx eb. A C-gint '19 i 1 S fi-N fr v V V N I -1-suv'-1.W:+ -- --We - ff . e r .5 vnu -an Y . .,......, -as of , A,"""' , in . QQ, eq: Top Cl-rj: D. Bocon, P. Reilly, B. Cinque, C, Moron, J. Alpert, S. Rubont, M. Woldmon. H. Shi. Middle: S. Berger, J. Bregmon, D Checkowoy, L Rotmon, J, Bornerr, J, Zibbell. Bottom' J. Lowrence, M, McCorrhy, E. Moxim, Cooch Osrerpower. 11111- Coptoins: Mike McCarthy, Josh Lowrence BGYS SWIMMING! 3 ZLXV ,L f mv y,,," 0, P' W rfq , ,V as M V . N ,f.1"" A Y YA, ' ,U fa ,, 0 ,- My 1 , ' 4,1 J ,M .410 -, fr ,,, A ffflgw . ..f..., .J ,J , S. ...ii 8,4 0,1 i 1 gs rv :at V . f V ,WM . 'Q'-.1 YL.. hm - x'5x 'B l ,s 1 rl-.x if., I I1-6, 1 ,'..3 il 5 S+ yu 'Y 1 ,za g 'frffgx '17 ' ,S ,, 3 . , 0 x, an 'lx iw at The North boys' swim teom wos very strong this yeor, eorning o 5-3 record. Senior co-coptoins Josh Lowrence ond Mike McCorthy were vitol in orgonizing ond leoding the swim teom Severol seniors ployed importont roles in North's winning seoson, including Hui Shi ond Eric Moximg the lotter evolved os the spirituol Ieoder of the teom, Mony underclossmen olso contributed greotly to the swim teom. Chris Moron, un- defeored this yeor, wos on extremely consistent ond pro- ductive swimmer, ond Scott Rubont boiled the teom out of mony "troubled wotersf' Two freshmen, Brion Cinque ond Josh Bregmon, formed excellent foundotions for future swimming coreers ot North High. Overoll, the Sporton swim teom, led by cooches Lois Swortz ond Steve Osterpower, produced on incredible seo- son in which North con certoinly toke pride. 'S f - K 4 S X 1 l 54, lax L.. -IL... Q I ' 1 GIRLS' SWIM TEAM: Bottom fl-ry Cooch S. Schwortzer, C. Doggort, S. Porodise, M. Unger, M. Dietz, J. Berger, J. Smith, K. Rich, B. Koms, J. Broithwoite. Top: Cooch L. Swortz, A. Bloomstein, S. O'Leory, M. Demeo, N. Redgote, R. Toddeo, M. Weinstein, J. Dublirer 4-.M ,W .,, . , M N' n.. ' ' ""'0M"-'Fifi 0 I S 0 0 I K g S Gir s wimming. -, ., Ng in A: Vgs ., I JN Q -L 1 I ' Q I 4 , I , , Q I - . ' . V ' 'A' sh' , 5 -i - 'f 'Q - 4 --" 'S : : 1' . 5 gf '.: :i L , -..-::: N '45 .gf - 7 gn 1 1 ,um In -I G X A K K - . I -I 4 vw-be 1 . X - Qu' V- X ' x X 7' I. ' I ' X' 1 Coptoins Amy BI .qi -' LA' . fl s '? -N V el. .. , - ,.-- -I Mu, 4' wg N I Ag- f L , -4241 - 'lax' 4 Introducing the 1987-1988 Girls' Swim Teom Swimming, swimming, in o swimming pool When doys ore hot, when doys ore cold In o swimming pool. Bock stroke, breoststroke, foncy diving, too! Don't you wish thot you could be In o swimming pool? Thonks for o super seoson. We love you guys. Amy ond Michelle mm, 9 4 oomstein ond Michelle Weinstein 4 . 2' 1 get 0. "sg, j QA7' u and .M is ., J., ..., A . ., 5 4.11 " . .33 - ,f 5 ,- rr 1, ,Lf-4 1 rf . M Ji' 5 , if .1 7. . ff M 4. I farwf- V I 2 3. Ykfm ff 'W Q in .1 , . . .- ay . " ' . ., -jfz vw- R-1' - 'Q - ,f A bi an W in ,wfrjt M an A. V , 3. -1 V . If 3. . rf, , " '- ' ' f- 1- ,, H. . f - 'HZ ...4,'lf5' i'4"f'rJ Ai-J"-R' A " I xt- A 'Z ' -gy "2 f r "H 'Zu L' M if w Y, ..'?,5.QMg3L5?r'3gA,fY"gy ag if 1,5 N- . gg .. '- 1' 's ' . Pg i -' ln- , ' ' . .' I if ' V I 13", H+' 1' I 'I '1f"'5V'V'bf , . - 4-I Iii? "5S"'x' 2,I.1?J:i'k11'Z-',7,il" " '- ,,,.?a4 ,A 1 , QQ .4 ' w Q . Jw ,sa w . T., V- 5 7 1-Q! T W I f -,vvff ' ! A 1 I n w My WA 4 ' I Y aw 5' f-+ 'V I A A Q. in ff in 5 K 4 H-ur W4 llllfz 5, 14 ,I aww' '4T7'1'r4P-,www . - N mlzv .,,, 2, ""-'ii 'N 'qi 6 ,lid- ' 1 1 . , EW' Q 5 1 - Q Y' 5-5 f 3 Z ! 1 2 1 2 'f ? fg 5 ., , A W 5 Ex x Q V A, A ' " AVAQ 1 E 'bn - ., .. lv, I Qvlz 'Q J AQ, Y ? 'W' --W . Q G- I ,fu - A -f'--:V,,- A 1 . - :" -2--sy., Q2 1-A . ""' J 1 1 T 1 ' , ,..,, N 1 Q, X . A - -1 . V., I 7 , ,qv . -A,v J ' ,,4,.-rw , -fu vw , ,, ' ., ,til .-4" W' . s - , ,, . Q W' V." f A - gn ,I 1 ' -A , 1 ' "'-. .M ' "Tin -Q I, V J. , 'Q-pf . "Q ' .,, ,sv R 1 F 4 0 1'Y 'V'vvvvf i T5 .tn 5 a 3 ig. V - . at-A-'A Kp- . A . X Sufi- . , -ii T if A . A '. in-9' .v I -' .1 Top fl-rj: J. Geller, M. Dorsey, B Adoms, R Strous, B Adoms, D. Sudboy, A. Komer, Scorekeeper S. Londou. Bottom: M. Doniel, 5. Sorin, T. Bittle, K. Coptoin Brod Adoms . Niesson, R. Morsholl, ' I 4 - BOYS BASKETBALL! y f JMD-my 1 F-,iff - , ' : ,ff .' 3- L gas ."'+.R? g 'I M .7f'-ff" if Y' X 4 1 " f- lr The Frominghom North High Boys' Vorsity Bosketboll Teom entered its seoson with high expectotions. After o highly successful off-seoson, this veteron teom hod its sights set on the stote tournoment ond on the possibility of chollenging for the Boy Store Leogue Title. Unfortunotely, ofter losing the first four gomes by o combined totol of ten points, the optimism wos destroyed ond the dreoms were shottered. This teom, cooched by Bruce Greoley, never gove up though, ond monoged to moke eoch contest, whether won or lost, exciting ond thrill-pocked. Among the most memoroble victories were the 84-59 sloughter of Notick ond the 51-50 vindicotion of o previous defeot to cross-town rivol, South High. The Closs of 1988 wos proudly represented by Coptoin Brod Adoms, Trocy Bittle, Mott Doniel, Jeff Geller, Roger Morsholl, Steve Sorin, , . c A ond Rob Strous. .if-G 36 'V' 1.1 fkhylxi-r.5ll, Q4 ng., X K EIAA. , f r '--4 r J, .l 'rt , .,' A-1. " '-f" Top Cl-rj' Scorekeeper S. Londou, J. Geller, B. Adoms, R. Strous. Bottom: M. Doniel, R. Morsholl, T. Bittle, S. Sorin. 'H g . Q f .1 I -..- L R ff 5 F4 sf! . ' L 4 'N L Q A 1 I 7 2.23. ,-- R " f o . if -,Q ',..,- Q1""' N.. pu O- ' 1 S ' O X . f' J' xg s 1 ? Y N L ,Z X -bf A -, -f f' + I '- ff .. Y? A My 3 1 lv I X if Q, if? A j1f','u xv 'WY' v ft I, If ' x 5. , X s V x ',,..1--'- -,,,--1 11" ' Q -71 Top QI-rj: J. Winship, M. Hockerr, E. Herz, W. Woodword, K. Poiller, C. Sovory, A. Prenovirz, Cooch R. McDevitt. Borrom: K. lgnocio, R. Bhorr. FI i SENIORS M Hockerr R Bhorr K Ignoclo E Herz GIRLS BASKETBALL! Q ' M I U I 3 Coptoins: Rupol Bhotr, Kiernon Ignocio. 1151, 'diilil Air, Top QI-rj: E. Lee, M. Meyers, J. Doucerre. Front: Cooch R. Lord, L. Vengrow, L. Cronin, S. Hughes. MV3 sf-v ' W -I- ...S W-' v ,f"' A ' in "' 1 The girls' bosketboll teom worked diligently this seoson, ond their hord work hos poid off in some fontostic victories, The Sporton girls surprised Needhom, tipped Notick, ond hommered South, our ri? 'ar 5 MXN ? fixs cross-town rivols, by on omozing eighteen points. The teom olso ployed very strongly ogoinst Milton ond Wellesley, Senior co-coptoins Kiernon lgnocio ond Rupol Bhott led the teom through on extremely enjoyoble seoson during which the whole vorsity squod become very close, The Sporton girls reolly loved working together, ond every teom member contributed greotly to North's successful seoson. Squod members included seniors lgnocio, Bhott, Morci Ginsberg, Monico Hockert, ond Ellen Herzp juniors Julie DiMillo, Koren Poiller, Wendy Woodord, Corrie Sovory, ond Amy Prenovitzg ond lone sophomore Jessico Winship. Every member of the girls' bosketboll teom will certoinly ogree thot eoch eorned voluoble experience in working together ond thot wos worth oll of the hord work ond dedicotionr Q-f 7' 5. .-. Q... m 11 5 .l 'rm-M------ M ,IL-H X, Q --,-.Ii Qi' K 5 2' . ,- .f-ff "' V X ,,.-al' N. 'hung-, " ""'f' - --' rj'-'24 --v--1 +1 'LW Y' Top Clerjz Cooch Mory Duone, J. Simons, D. Gillis, P. Cosby, P. Burton, J. Dittomi. Second: M. Dunlop, D. Lermon, S. Noditch, K. Angelone, N. Vossor. Third: Cooch O'Rourlse, A. Richordson, L. Noyes, M. Kilodis. Bottom: J. Kotz, M. Morgon, S. Devlin, J. Foster, R. Kotz. INDCJOR TRACK! 9, -:ll X-R . N l This yeor's Sporton trock teom, led by senior coptoins Jonice Foster ond Steve Devlin ond junior coptoin Jomie Dittomi, hod quite o suc- cessful yeor. Although the success wos not reflected in the teom's record, it monifested itself in the teom's pride. This winning spirit wos personified by'Jomle Dittomi's individuol ochievements. The highlight of the seoson come in the closing meet in which North defected Wolpole in on exciting contest. Overoll, this wos o memoroble experience for oll the teom members becouse of the development of both tolents ond losting friendships. ,-slim., 'EF' Qi'- Qxmifz CAPTAINS: Jonice Foster, Steve Devlin, Jomie Dittomi l K ' Top fl-ry S. Devlin, J. Foster. Bottom: M. Morgon, D. Lermon, J. Katz, R. Kotz. 5 7' 'Q O J, n ' , , B .N- P' Q 5 1, A -f 1 Q K s '4 J J, i 1 QW: TRABKr ji ,,,,,,,. V pi: Top QI rj D Lombordo B DeOIiveiro P Jordon, C, Wotson, Cooch J. Nottichione, C. Koms. Bottom: M. Bertone, D. 15 BOYS GYMNASTICS. , KRW 5 For the post four yeors, the North High gymnostics teom hos hod o less-thon-impressive record. No teom hod more thon two wins per seoson until this yeor. The senior-filled teom, led by co-coptoins Dove Zoff ond Chris Wotson, ochieved o respectoble 4-4 record, the teom's best in severol yeors. Croig Koms ond Pete Jordon, olso seniors, contributed considerobly to the Sporton boys' success. Mike Bertone, o junior, ployed o vitolly importont role in motivoting the teom. Co-coptoins Zoff ond Wotson wish to thonk this yeor's teom for oll of its hord work. They hope thot more people will join the teom so thot the North gymnostics teom con continue the Sporton trodition, Us A 1 SENIORS: fl-rj: Peter Jordon, Croig Koms, Dove Zoff, Chris Wotson, Y aww IA, ,r ,f""w 'Ku it 'Yrs I .Q Modif- Ll' A ef . . J , V 1 ' .-.-,,,, .,. ,::: S ,,,, l . . ,D 4, ,e vr.Qg . ,,,, v, 5 ,- XXSSXNSSK N X .4 H .,,. 1' M- 5 4 I X f 1 f 54 Sinn ,ff y yy 1 f f 1 if ' ,1 , X , ,ff ' f f , If if 2 1 9 Q fd I 44, gfwwwf' 1,4914 ,,4w,n, , . 5 , , 4 ' ' filzp if " Y" 4 , -5.1, ,, N ,, .- sv., . :"2'-E '.-.5i.,:1- " 2,14 "v I 'Q 1 ffl.. 1 '1 -fi' .-"'-11 -34, ,-gZx: ",-I- .mu-H. I- 5 .W -:'S . '- '6 .-,fv.,.l A if , :S ' 'ff . M, f . ., 5-gf -, Q f '. "".'::' -1z::e1 -q- 2:1 J ' '33, A ?'1-.-2,29 25,4 4 511 1+ 5' f' H 2.15128 ,., 'NSS' QQ: E 6119! 5 V ' ' ' ga fy, fe 1 ' if-I f fu ' -2 L.: V, ,V . x2f,.vi2sZc.e.,a3?-11 A ' ' , gg? MQ., ,-5 "bbq, X Q5 i 164 ff- , .ff fi a, 02 if , . lf 4. 9 il' Top Cl-rj: K Goldmon, S. Porodise, M. Demeo, H. Shewon. Middle: L. Demeo, A. Mortin, B. Koms, T. Sotsky, J. Word, D. Celorier, E. Buttner, A. Wolfe, G. Demeo Bottom' Cooch H. Weinboum, K. Polmieri, J. Louie, J Huot, K. Gorton, E Mclnness, Cooch G. Wheeler. Captains, Michelle Demeo Stacey Porodlse 4 E f Mil 'fam' GIRLS GYMNASTICS! is if The tremendous occomplishments of the girls' gymnostics teom this yeor will be forever etched in the history books of North High. After fifteen long yeors, they were finolly oble to breok Brointree High's winning streok ond copture the Boy Store Leogue crown. ln the process of ochieving this greot feot, the North gymnosts, under the cooching of George Wheeler ond Herb Weinboum, tollied o school record of 130.05 points in one meet. Through the contribution of seosoned veterans like Michelle Demeo, Stocey Porodise, Heother Shewon, ond junior Amy Mortin, ond tolented newcomers such os Louro ond Gino Denneo, the teom wos oble to ochieve o first-ploce roting in the stote ot the close of the regulor seoson. Although the teom wos hurt by injuries to some of its veterons, the younger members were there to pick up the slock ond odd voluoble points to the couse. While the history books con record the scores, nothing con recount the determination, effort, hord work, ond ombition disployed by this chompionship teom. In o finol tournoment, the teom become Store Chompionsl .al ,nw 4 milf CA, , 4.5,- 11' , 1,5- n", . .gk I? ,W ub 1 1 14 --.-1. 1-QI -t n 'SQA 111. APTAINS T Dovis J Clork E Moodoyon, Q - l Top QI rj H Clem Cooch D Bolboni W Humphrey, B. Kim, C, Moeder, R. Norris, R. Allcroft, R, Bolick, M. Fine, B, Link, M. Yong, S. Hokulin K Bollou Cooch S Bolboni Bottom J Clork T Dovis, E. Moodoyon. Missing: A. Rhein, D, Rhein, L. Rhein. WRESTLING! ,,Q4l4"' ..., -:iff Although the 1987-88 wrestling teom did not compile o greot record for the regulor seoson, severol individuols showed tremen- dous tolent, ond the teom os o whole disployed much pride ond spirit in its wins ond losses alike. The teom storied off on o roll, but both injuries to key members ond o decline in enrollment dompened the teom's poce. The teom wos led by senior coptoins Jon Clork, Ed Moodoyon, ond Todd Dovis, who hod o combined totol ofjust four losses omong them. Both Clork ond Dovis were finolists in the onnuol Keefe Tech. Tournoment, while Dovis won the Woylond High Tournoment ot his weight closs. The outstonding othletic obility of heovyweight Ed Moodoyon won him mony motches ond contributed voluoble points to the teom's totol. Although these three seniors will be leovlng, the future is bright with such upcoming stors os sophomore Chris Moeder, sophomore Roger Allcroft, ond freshmon Mott Fine. I , i l 1.1! T! uf 1 gl' A 1 .k fx f, .. '4- 4 ' . 0, 0' J n 'Ag 0 '14- 3, Y' filflmiw lil! A i is- ' Top Cl-rj: Cooch Don Dovis, M. Doley, K. Regon, J Kelty, B. Reynolds, J. Thomos, J. Povio, M. Brodney, M. Clork, S. Clork, 5. McCouley, Asst. Cooch J. Duprez, Cooch Steve O'Neil. Bottom1 P Quinn, A. Wheeler, D. Hessel, T. LoPlonte, P, Iontosco, D Cotton, M. Docey. Missing: A. Brody. ssc .F x 6 S g. i, .f 166 U bl X- Coptoin Mike Clork. X HOCKEY! SX. , ow! ix , Q 1 - -' iN. .4 Although the record of this yeor's Sporton hockey teom did not reflect o successful seoson, the teom wos o greot deol more competitive thon the finol scores showed. While coptoins Shown McCouIey ond Mike Clork provided the Ieodership necessory to get the squod through its difficult schedule, on unfortunote mid-seoson injury put on obrupt end to senior Andy Brody's commendoble stort. Offensively, senior Mike Doley, besides motivoting the teom with his exciting ploy ond relentless drive, led the teom in scoring with thirty-nine points. The style ond finesse of wing Ken Regon, teomed with the strength ond enduronce of John Povio, olso oided the teom in its offensive pursuits. Defensively, junior goolies Phil lontosco ond Dovid Hessel were both outstonding in their efforts ond ore sure to continue their strong ploy next yeor. Cooched by Steve O'Neil ond Don Dovis ond bocked by mony loyol fons, this yeor's hockey teom wos successful in moking every gome exciting ond fun to wotch. f -J1 J Q-. ji 1. ' qqiii-3113. ly Coptoin Shown McCouIey. u 1 Q9- 1' 5 f :ff I Z Z 1 f G 5 fx J x .ai ..,,, .,-:vnu I x X v X 2"3 64 QI L -it -'F '73 5 "N, fs 1 CNS '14 I .ya- if X! , N lux x hi 'Q I 1 'iff . wife, 'P . 5 4 r P4 , ? 5 4 W' w W ,, , 1 , H f -.. I 4 '- Q' ,Ja f my v- I -4' . an Ji' I , I 1 I fk I sea MQ 7 J J. fx f"""-v J Www , 4 ' I' .,xj 5 5 , 04' O on f 'ff if ' f - " 4 ' Al, 1 ,r ,- 'MW , y' 1' j ,A , Q ,A A A' ah J G A 1' ' f N vnu'-'1.,v ' J A ' W ' 0 J'!"2'Z.,, 1 4 1. X f ' NM ,AJ , -Yi it gl. , 1. r I x l N r V ,W nm' f l , , , 'll-at LW ,..a'f"'-am. W i . P yn", CE, H 391 A, ww 44" WM. W 'AD' I Mmm "4 ' W 'iw w' V-A -.lffffji , Q' 4 2 'W 3, W 4 6 ff W., f Q, ,, f , M , A Ay 1 W Z , E , 1 4 I 2 -UU 2 r V 4' U V x 4 Ex 'KV V' , Z, if ex , . if A '1 ' ' iw", H y. i gvcn 7 0 'M V 4 w 7 .,,, in 1 X J , - X 5. I fl ,Q xy 'V if ZW W ,f 3' in wr . . I W w l l hrough most of our closses we hove leorned the bosic need for occurocy ond orgonizotion, however, from courses in the business deportment, especiol- ly, we hove mostered skills in book- keeping, occounting, typing, word processing, ond monogemenf low. All of these hove tought us responsibility, detoiled work, ond co-operotion which hove helped us to prepore for the reol world of business. As sophomores visiting the foctory where our closs rings were produced wos just o preview of the business world for us. We loter leorned how to deol with trovel ogents to orronge the best prices ond occommodotions for our ski trips. Mony of our clossmotes olso hove porticipoted in the Junior Achievement Progrom, in which they formed vorious com- ponies by selling stock ond electing of- ficers. Using volid reseorch ond monogement procedures, they creoted tie-dye shirts, stotionery kits, bookshelves, ond trovel mugs. The componies were sponsored by locol businesses who oversow the entire operotion: monufocturing, morketing, ond soles. This unique experience enobled us to understond better the operotions of the business world, which mony moy soon enter. ln both our sophomore ond junior yeors we ossumed greoter respon sibility by ordering ond selling North High School jockets Coll who hove them proudly weorj. Plonning our Junior Cotillion, "The Orient," w g. looked oround for the best prices on poper goods, ouditioned DJ's, hired the coterer, ond ordered our coke, ond we ochieved oll this os economicolly os possible. As seniors we hove put in "overtime" soliciting ods ond selling mogozines. We hove leorned the high cost of produc- ing o quolity yeorbook ond finoncing Senior Week octivities. lt doesn't just hoppen. To these ends we hove lobored - hoppily - to ochieve o sense of oc complishment in providing our clossmotes with o worthwhile product. ln oddition to supporting school oc- tivities, most of us hove hod the benefit of port-time jobs, which hove subsidized both our cors ond ourselves. We hove hod experience in retoil, mechonics, service ond secretoriol positions. As o result of these diverse experiences, post ond present, we ore eoger for . . . A Tim K 5 -. , f 1. 6 , ,THVG JW J M, SELL.,-7 Y 5, O .QLER5 w"""' 1 Y noi fx ,XNJ fxi.. . N H Earn r-QJN' BEST UF LLIEH tn I THE CLFIES UF 15155 from The Senior Steering Eemmittee President Easeq Faiman Vice President Dana Eladsdn Eeeretarq miranda Erif t' in Treasurer Fiudreq Tang THE STUDENT COUNCIL CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1988 JOESEPH HANNIGAN, ADVISOR LARRY RHEIN - PRESIDENT RUPAL BHATT - VICE-PRESIDENT MARK BAYER - SECRETARY STEVEN RABITZ - TREASURER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '88 FROM THE CLASS OF '89 JULIE DIMILLA, PRESIDENT .ION KROPP, VICE-PRESIDENT BONNIE BERGER, SECRETARY MIKE YAFFE, TREASURER BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 data forms company CUSTOM AND STANDARD BUSINESS FORMS NEW ENGLAND'S LARGEST INDEPENDENT For-ms Dlsrnlauron AREA REPRESENTATIVE - BARRY SNEIRSON C I C I C D BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM THE MUSIC CLUB PRESIDENT MAGGIE SCANDRETT VICE-PRESIDENT LYNNE HEIMAN SECRETARY NANCE ZAKRZEWSKI TREASURER MARA ROBINSON CREATIVE ART for DIRECT RESPONSE CONGRATULATIONS ro the CLASS of '88 JERRY SHEVRIN 617 577 4954 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM MR. Cv MRS. CHARLES J. SISITSKY AND FAMILY CHERISHED LIBERTY MUSIC DOLLY'S BRIDALS Cr FORMALS WEDDING CONSULTANTS vw., if RI-II R , I SERVICES INCLUDE: PPLLY DOLLY'S BRIDAL HOUSE PETERSON MEN's FORMAL RENTALS INvITATIONs AND 921 EDGELL RD. ANNOUNCEMENTS FRAMINGHAM, MA GIFTS - AccEssORIEs 577.1197 WEDDING CAKES WEDDING FLORAL BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ARRANGEMENTS CATERING GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1988 BREEDERS PRIDE PET CARE CENTERS SUDBURY 443-2272 FRAMINGHAM 872-2272 MARLBORO 485-1812 FOR MUSIC LESSONS MRMENT GUITARS ' AMPS ' DRUMS ' KEYBOARDS ' BASSES ' P.A.'S MIKES ' PEDALS ' SYNTHS ANY POPULAR INSTRUMENT RENT-TO-OWN REPAIRS SHEET MUSIC HOME RECORDING MUSIC VIDEOS ACCESSORIES SAXES FLUTES TRUMPETS CLARINETS TROMBONES 877-5272 1618 CONCORD ST. FRAMINGHAM, MA LIVE IT UP, SENIORS! law' A ii - 1' LOVE MICHELLE, ANDREA, AMY, JEN, DAVE, AMY LORAN, AUDREY, CRAIG, CHRIS CONGRATULATICDN 600D LUCK from the Frominghom North High Boosters Club ond to the Closs of '88 BTW KB and MR. "D" in WP We love you Mr "D" -IM DD-Hey, neighbor! I love your room. Love ya!JM MD-Thanx for the lessons, l'll never be the same, JM CP-The biggest "BOM" I've ever met, Lite'em up-JM JB-We're outta here-JM NB-l'll remember the special times + vision quest-JM HB-We could have been something speciarm JS-l'll always enjoy star gazing-JM CH We'lI miss you DB JW JW Wayrto Bi righteous Dude DBCH Partying at O'Leary's Lots of brew and bread GTw GFS J.D -Hello McFly-Swim-M.W, LK.-Doublemint-The year that was funny-M.W, Dyan, Cheese in the microwave? l'll always love you JA AK 2BN 2LB AC JC JK We'll do lunch! Love ya larsAD "Life could be worse: you could be meatlaaf'-AGD ALB, l'll miss science classes with you! lLY! -AD AEK:Jane Cr Sue! SS UJO! Aeras mirtt!! Camp!! ILY! -AGO BEN: Umfundisi gone poet! 2 mem- ber dub! ILY -AD Seniors know haw to play GAMES!- Competltives '67! HLWN- 67- BWH- VAN- W! Rodrigo- Swckjsejskebj GTWIJ + B-SG, Faks, Duf, NF, TCM, Tooth + S, BWH. Lab, Luv WG! Monique-potatoskins at 2'0OAM Love Jodi Trac-love the dates Love Jodi MSRemember Bio LabsLP TARF To EL-You might have a cor before yau're 21-LP17YR . EK-ILY and, no, I don't have any sugarless gum. Good times w!fat friends! Summer of 87, 3 W! Tches 2Dogs6asmalIfami!yanthe beach in Maine-DAN! CK:Marla had a dreom!2 Natick I-igh we ga! LG KK-Queen'B"2IJ Buzzes Again! Wow another rarnoboat!LG Shari, did you find the H20 yet? Michelle Chad Mark Gearge6Andy Wanna PIOY, Michelle! Karen, remember, Gym, Futura, Bahamas, and ME! Love, Jenn MN MM Milkbones greatzky gap sandwich to go hi earl Christopher hasn't had a date in years! l'll rake the one in the yellow shorts!!! Maoshi Frank says "J BANG ro you lClass of 661 Pole56 ball 64foadfighr in Walsh memoriesw!alisha.L Come and ride, don't be shy- The superfast Jaguar! That'II work, what a caunredy, bombaclot, akoaay! Jeff, remember eight minutes fresh- man year? Mono VT-S'me-, I don't care-as long as you clean it up!! Dirty Dancing -Mtdnire flick w!WTPFEUP Godwantsu2 shakerti! Sylvia? How do you call your loverboy? -DD4 Wendy Dish AB-Good luck ln the future- Swim- Soc- RugonnateIIbradaJD ,MW-Good IucknextyearSwimlm ,gannamlssyayoz ILY JD .JY-JWALY-J? 89 To LP A LA page neuf, neuf, neuf MH Dan't go mutes on me! Beastles and .Babani forever AD Head Jive! Long Ilve the 2 mem- ber cJublYHSU lANfme, youj Always remember our sames. BEN What? You egg? Young fry of fleodtery! LB, JC, AD, AK, LB, AC, JK, BN, Well do lunch. Formal! BN IK-Steven Samuels strikes again! BEN Slkareyougaingragosrrtokeo lhlgarette-7? flip 6 Kristie in Worcester. l love salad spoons! ,JO-How many miles to Conn? Kristen L :awe miles to the nearest lodge? ilodl-SOSOSOSOSOSO ShawrvLove klrlsten glad-Yau're turning red -Krlsten gf "This is Spence" r the blg knlfe ln Mustang I + Man ue-Potato skins at TEIZJAM-Krlsreig 'bd-Oyrs utmost -rut, at, nrt -love 'When V movie! LII! L DSmlth -xrmmt lGJpotatosklnsar2AM-Bowleb "hve, Monique Derry-Juuust kidding!! l.ave'em. 'Jhank youl Sassy: We're gonna die! Sk! Trip Q10 A G.-skitngtorvi-Gum? -MW And!-NY raomies devathanx for be- ing there!-MW AB,-I'm gonna miss yo! This is what you live for MW J.S -Sun, Celts, Shebe, pull down those shades, ATT-MW Dan't hide that Swidler pride - Shebe! A,G.,AT,JW,JS..AS andAB -I love you- M W, AB. The best for last -Haser- Pinebrooh chairsMW Hey, hey, here comes the S-Mobile. That green machine Get outta here, just get outta here SLa87 Krissy-Ispy with my little eye -Frake + Drake -Cheryl ' RIP-lt's kinda dark out here- head- lights? lLY Cheryl Goadluck soccer team- I Love you guys -Cheryl Kate-Worcester State bound -Chris + BobWhat? -Cheryl Julie, us rejects have to stick ro- gether! Yau're right, Sharon, we da. Luv. Julie. KS, you deserve the best and ir's not me KN Larry, y0u're awesome l'll miss ya Love Krissy CM R we going to EngIish??! Na! Yes! TM CC + LB Man! + Ivan the terrible!! March 7th 87 KM What it?? ! Princessl- Typing Rm3w!CMKM + MET Heather don't do anything I wouldn't do ILU. Krissy Cheryl, I spy w! my little eye Friends Aever Krissy HS, CH, MD, SP, KR, LK, I'm going to miss yo Love Krissy K B., JW., A.L., A.W, V,l-!,, K.K,, - Japanese mistake -CN A.L, -P S, -Watch out- I'm driving! - C N P.S., L.P., A,L, -Clara O, fan club - CN Jeff- "Oh my Gad!" I mean, 'Oh my Jeff!" Luv Jen CSSSCWRBSL- Thanx 4 all the great times! LOVE YA-JEN Laura S - Sacks is socks! NC Seeyou!Mts MbMr G-NC Hey Kim, do you have CS again? Say hi ra Hawthorne! Howie's our ol control again. Take away his keys! Long Duck Dong lives forever! LK Good luck at UM today has gone away imgmissyaJD RB Good luck next year What about pretzels? llaveya JD Robyn, I think It's time for a breok!lLY mucho Lot LBGKS-or should I say Capt Dlelwelss G Salvi! Luv Lot Shar6Jul-I love you even though U R Rejects! Loran Swids-Dan't know which dlpsrick is which? Luv Lat Amy-Watch out chica, here comes a pinch! Luvya Loran Zaz-Grsmlll, Skitrlp, Cure, Peace, Harvard SQ ILY Zaz2 JF Chinese food from 1:CXJ -1230 MF Audrey "OH NO! lt's the cops!" Love ya, DO CH, MD, 4 KR-l'll drive, OK? Oh , NO Bill, HELP!!Kote Cheryl-lt's only 12 Let's go to Worcester St LoveMaz Cheerlng squad 67-88, WE DID lT!1Thanks 4 ILY -Kate Miller, got a razor I could barraw?!? Love KateMoz Ml+"Wanna foal around?" No hard feelings-Shari Shari, What do you call o horse doctor? Luv CWCSJC CWCSJC-A big horse or a llrtle horse? Luv Shari LK-Thnx 4 all the great times 2getha! I luv U -SL CSThnx 4 always being there 4 mel l love you -SL SSCW-BGHIT! Just don't take the vases! -Shari Ory-Thnx 4 the good times 6 spcl mems, I love you-SL Sharon- Haw's Buffy? Luv U -Shari AS 6 RB-To the best Archon eds ever Luv U -Shari Hey, Doggie, where's Yagi? -CDGJF -MM Rach. wanna ga back to Fortune Garden? -SSGMM Do you want lf right naw? You bet I da? Poms '66 You guys, we forgot to Invite MF, Dorn! PJ JU EB AG fU2 VJ-hd! Gl"s in Mass Ski Club! Luv,AW Kim-ls he a nice boy? -Audrey Krissy-Dan't do anything I wauIdn't dal!! Heather I-lomma -We've made it through o lot? lLaveU Heather Mich6Stac -Dubabllps -Yau're topped I love ya Her! l've had 4 already and I'm almost steady! GE Look mommy, theres a little place up in the sky GE I don't know Maybe it was the roses, Later buddies The night tn Allston -Eat enough popcorn -Kristie To Sat Class -Nancy Temple loves you -LP EK-Keep the blood sugar down -ILY -LP Julie, where did you ga tonight -the movies? Luv Mich Bermabashes- KM, SO -Mnasha - Ron Rudy G Jan! The Crew U live once U die once 6 U get a flat tire 3X's? Scebby Meleby lives! Frankie- Let's be the shower weebols -I love U -Kirst Katiel'm glad you took typing Thanx- Luv Kristen KM-Excuse me, mister. do you have a dime? MewinaMAS MASCheer up! I am cheered, Mon l love you Love MA AmyB Remember when Hutch flat on your face! MAS Good luck DK. CF, JD, RS, MH. MR. AR, kick but! Chick Chich Owh!! The BEE flies again!! The Bee almost stung that cap! Jodi-Edbergmania G boombaom- Kristen JEf14? John + Tam . . , RRi-KH JodiThe some College!!! love you Love Kristen Auntie Shebe -Mikvahmich -Let the games begin -LuvJen RH sometimes things dont work, but I'm happy we gat this far LB Mooshee Frank says, "J-Bang to all you rod dudes " Life is an egg an top of an elephant with no legs Awesome times with rad boxes N queenbies free Hey, Miranda, babe, let's ga lift! H, Friends of generic member Nab- scot MT AF GB Thanx tallcs bout them be rig Hey Vegs 8768 Love Eggg!!! K-Man twitch signals for Fred Signlanguage mopbap with Missy Duck, watch out, on no. we're gan na Driving !w! Andie a rea! experience We love U so much-Loran G Jen Sneirsc'm- faatlaose again How 'bout Big Chl!! G Coal Whp-J Kolick, Still losing hair aver that green BMW? Wuv, J Elmar-area! ctmpd twns! crdntrv always. JU JU ThalHarse Rdl-launted House Happy B-day- Toopeople I luv Jen Thanx for the bst of times Jen Shar Cheryl Shari Rob GD luck saccerbb DB KS EF DM DB JW AC NV JL LV NZ DS HK Shawn M, do you have any gum? Love Monique + Jodi Maniquegreat late night talks Love yo Jod l'll miss you, Ellen Love you al- ways. Jilly DAWN -Boston 67 during Sktttlpl Your mom's away? Psych! -TE Jen + Eric I learned a lot this year ILY always Wendy Freshman goat sale -llssy fissy flssyl- JC JPWTLB -The flags aren't in yet? -KK KBMMSCJLKMNJ-Sdowri, 7tago! to 3150 Kate and Beth-Ripples all the way' Mel and B-C Q D Steph, I'm sure you'll do line - Mishkobob Aga and Jodie-Didn't we have some great times? AM Con you feel the lorce?? JT fl-!ow's the neck?j AdI'm forever yours, faithfully-JT Doug, Keep those lines straight ILY Karen Bro Ted, thanks for being there ILY Karen CKLGMK-Kaur MHS4l!?!87 This is not kosher Good sessions at OLeary's I'm outta here! C-Chopsuey, D-Phu-young, GC- tweet'n'sout chicken! "Do you have anything to soy, John?" Errr Can't buy here Annle's a tawnie- go to Boomer!!! CH + CS "Ontf'teIine"Lave Down CHCSAAALKDMSRBJC Good luck next year Love DB JW FF KS NU AC DM DS JC LU HK Bean and Blob Killing squlrly puffs na right 2 llve Sarah, you will always mean the mosttamelLuvUALMBean AC, JC. 2LB, 2BN, AD, AK -Let's do lunch -Luv Ya -JK Per 3 study w!TC, JK fx AC -Thanks for the grub TC-Luv JK Krlstie's got her beergaggles on again. Watch out! GM KMOSB It was a great smr- lets nev- er wget- Iluv u2GM Jlmllla-Tnx 4 all the pics 6 hard work Cancun! -ALS Archnstffladies- You didnt hear it here! -ALS HEZ-Tnx A the coverupfmomore chest hair? Luvua-ALS IG Lumpy, Ellie, G Ferris Days in Boston -A S L R. Dan't ga changing on me Juan Valdez -Mr K.1A S J MOUSE- Watch out 4 wrappers- 6 Empty the trash 2 -A S If it wasnt for bad luck l'd have no luck or all-MM These are the days to remember 'cause they will not last forever l'll always love you, Rick! -Brandt To Heather because l care JohnP Good luck '86 FH Capts. Love, 89 FH Capts Wendie T, wont a band-aid? Haw about 2? Missy Shebe- Daublemint- Mr S 0 the trio! Femmes! Winston! Lot Aud- What a team! I told you it was heads!! Luv Loran GL. Amy? Andi Craig Dave? Casey Jen Jules Michelle L-Daty Krazy K where U? McD's + Rain : U 6 Mike Luv Dojo You are the best sis, ILY, Nicki PS CB I only mean ILY when I say, 'Sorry sweet dreams' Ben Casey How's the Gap at WC lr's no clambake -A.S, JAN: What'd we ruin this time? Noth- ing, Corky? Luv AS, Robyn: To the BEST Coed ever! Luv ya. Mr Youngblood -AS Dan-R U ready for dance fever? Let's boogie? Luv LK Andy-I need a carrot!! Thanks for everything! Loran To the 2 snabs l'll always love -Rich G Gregg -Robyn Loran, thanx far everything -esp the breaks! Love ya Adam, nice voice puberty strikes again! Luv, Rob G Aim El, JD, SH -I love you guys -Have o blast next year! LK I wrote this because Greg gave me money Hi Dave JM Smurf and Aud, Good luck next year! Love Onion Sharon, Julie. Theresa, Lynne, Mara, good luck! EJ Animal- U2 infront alyour house! lcecold -Muffy Borg? -MW Psychobobble -Crazy, cozy, calm, and coal - SS Bo!! Carats-Chem-Trash bags I don't need no stinkin' badges!!! - Hershol savage Oops! I had a little accident! MikeMom doesnt believe we re ally ron out af gas! K K -Limo, Lima, Limo! -Krist Hey Dan-"Look a rainbow!" Luv ya Kristie Jen Power-I want a happy mea!! Krlstle Class winners, DE, JF, MD, MB, KS, SD, SO, AB, EK, SS, JB, BJS, LK. JF, HD, HS, JC, CW, AP, KK, MM, AG, CD, MC, Cl, MN, JCS. KF, AG, SM, JP. PJ, CG, MR, RS, JU, fems, DL, LR. AR, MB, BKL, nerds HD How many bf-one, two, three? DAKP -W-T- AMERICA -l-L-Y- Always- EMS M-Are we really this strange at is tt just java? -E Mer-Riding with the wind-Munchkin Juju-Crmp! area! frzzy rwns! crdnr -Elmar Greetings starfighter Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh BTW JM + MP "D" In WP, We luv u. Mr "D" - KD Kate, what's the white stuff in your halt? KB Everybodyshouldpassthepalnbar- rletintheirbasementl Pickles-Mernaries-rapes-canvas thanx 4 all! ILY-Cookie We love gap but there's enough gaptagoaraund MBTGSI Hey, Casey, Come to a complete stop now ga No not U What happened to you guys! We just had a bio test. Bur they'te always Indians! -Chris Chicken? Kyota's Sk! 67-66 Pony at AW's GL66 -AL I love you, Michelle!!! KG-Chem lab! Break, burn the rm anything in it -LH V-ball-Bye0Gd!k-LBCCKSKM-We sur- vived this seoson!LH El+MalI-losctPerry-want to Ile an the beach?Plckles The Rat Pack Skincho Ratt Darryl Impala? Ralphusll Ovenman pasta Mcfly Mcbeer jed- tle mu cru clone ACD New Year's 67, Dave Sherman 6 the dead squirrel-LB DarylMonlqueTracyKarenAliyau guys aregreat! LoveDG Scav Hunt Sox Games TP Fashion Undies Groundatian Officer, want a chicken dog? Who's on the coals? Nice head wanna go punk? Sax ejection King Klazak Ann-shlm!?-CrulsIn'Hw!k?-Patty EN,KK-study room security?-PL JW-GTw!TDl':DS BetterheadFotnat MC DD BC JH cookbash H's extrav- aganza DB MC Sox Clinchet '87 Pacers Never forget Sat pizza banqts. comps 2X! Beth ST-Thanks for the memartesCF WHAT?! Andreas driving! UMM-l'll take the bus Andi, Amyz, Sheryl-Bio parties rule! Krissy and Heather-would you please dress differently? Swidsc'm - partywalks 6 talks "BigChtll" Mafia Princess WtmpisWanna light? ln the aque- duct! Scmerre El Start-Luke! Lola the rude pig HeyChica,what's up? Hey,don't pinch me! SLAP! DaveBank-yes, I DO take the bus! Love, the other senior Rheins-I didn'r want a ride to school anyway DAAAVE!!Thanx A being my buddy fond driving me! Michelle, maybe, NEXT YEAR IN JE- RUSALEM! Sags-I luv me! me HEY RUPE!Let's go driving in the brown bomber!AMY YAEL-we'II be here in spirit We love you! RUNT-Dan't dget shopping, copier dances, CA-?, laughs Maryannaua sacca foto-oh my- ftoggy-scebby-Kristen In the end U will find out who R your friends-K AH!LA BAMBA! TWINKERI OPEN WOUND! DING + DONG! MISFITSI Stephen, this is almost like the prom almost! Luv-Mas Kirsten-Hold on we're going for a ride! Luv Marbean TC-You will always have o place in my hean!-MS Steve. your teeth are stil! in B!O9!!! Genre-Dan't forget to eat your pop corn-Sharon-JVFH LR loves JB and ST. Fun at JA, Scavhunt, Games etc Heidi U R cute Bubble baths? Love LR Lisa ! Don'T touch me-I have a storrt och ache!Luv Jon Lisa!Meet me at the park- AngelaLB!Who wet the chair SB!How wet is the grass? Bobby! GL! GJ! SA! CM! RT! SH-A Mlchel!eS!How's buckets?? Nat- King! Pewter pat Angela! Theporkbal BTmSudbury!? BAD! Memory Steph + CG! Tiv + Cristi + Ang + Sha! High on rocks! KT! mom's G home! LB Urcl I'm hungry study next? Oh no, Gym!Z Beeper + Hez l3OT"WL"Burp II slipped Blowirolf ILY KR-What are you doing here? Cancun-75 degres-JM EM + CK-The two biggest smiles l'll miss you-JM SP-I've known you how long? Six years and counting AMBBJCMDSB, FBG, CP. CFD, Grease, McD, Pass, KS, PP, Ggeva SB + RQ, KN, AC, MC, CB2, CBS, KK. ES, DB, JB, RN, JI, KR, GD, MD, GK ELY I Poms '87 What a woman In Milton!! SC, JC, LB JC + SB ftwntkctahg SB's talk what- ever lLY Toast 4-evet,firecrackers,attIc man BFFAM,JC,MD The baby sister from the big sisters! We love you! Halloween night at Tiversl What a scary scene! Gristmlll with Kate and Lynne ad- venture! Australia Ossy-PresDJ Perry WksColC!ane Los- taRdbhts Beach Tree- "I" ' EK-Wauldn't you love to climb a tree and "L" "L"-yes !'d love to climb a tree and plck it, tao!EK Hey Dlmal ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU ILOVEYOU Amy M Look at those bubbles! Michelle Amy, that was a knee slapper qsnart-snortyMlch Help, the janltar ischaslng us! Oh, he fell-ho ha!SP Jules-my shopping buddy ILY Jod GM,KM,CM,MS-Bob PouI's-A YUM- MA YUMMA! I Love you! Hez-y'gain2art? Allthreelunches? Blowltoff LoveMonlque! Lunch wflodle, Hez, Lonzle, Darry, Krlstle, Gina-ILY-MN! 51 BFFCtM,Thanks April 32 to the Future! April 20, i96othe beginning I love you-Forever! Good luck NIkkl6A!Ile-we love youll 5213 AnnIe6Ape Monique "We're going to die"-SP Oh, na, the janitor! Help! Mich, help! Love ya, MD KR HS CH KN AM HS PP JM RN MN DE NlkkISP La-He's nor wonh Itl-me KG 4 KD-Picture us an Grist Mill!-LH Lauz4f13-ls he dead? No, dear-he'lI be alright-P!C Mich Cape67 QBubbIesJkneesIaper ALF BOT at ' WL" ILYAM B568 TBOT ' 5657 DSL6788 States? Danglioes late? US? LAM MD 9!1Q' TBOT"rnore to come 1O!31 DKJCMDMDAM ILY AM Like those shoes!-CF Hey, Doggie, wheres Yogi? MGC AnnCYouindeftnitewomandon rforg etcomesrratghthomeC MH-Cessez DL Parlez-LP To KR andMH-How many years of French? 6 maybe 7!-LP CN,AL,PSOne day Clara will get you -MOfClaraJ Hi, my name is MatcB and I kiss like an Iguana!! LG-Areyoulostgirls? Ororeyoujust walking back + forth! L K -U2!66! E N. K K + P L -Soundproaf room? -E N Julieso what's the story-is he? -E N + P L L G -Late nights in camouflage!-E N CK,ZJ-17-87 What, what, what do you wont what what!LG Kim-Romoboat! Romoboat! I love Scott!! LG LH ls he dead? Na, honey he'll be okay' 9-1685 Lauz TC-Shh. don't tell!-KK I love you. Sean!-Kim Seve G Josh-Yes. I have Mrs Siegel again,-Kam LG-How's Peeeeler? -KK SM-Remember to "behave yout- self,"-KK LCrThere's a Ramobaat! OK? Al- right!-KK SM-Any more laundry have ta be done? -KK Audrey, is he a nice boy? -Kim LG-How's Queen Dee? -KK Hey Mark! Could TT be , Pro- lepsis? Genie-Bed! rrwitch, twitch! -How's the Adams family? Hold it, don't spray Raid on the counter, Oh sorry, SS Haobas on the stoope, and sud- denly It's the Bur.Mall CP. Yau're mint, don't ga changing to please me TJ, ' SC-We are the donuts!! AM, JT, LB, JB sorry 4 the bed SBYomharikarooq Hoelngg 5th Frl. BD Crew Sum. 87-JT AMQGJ-Thanx 4 all the X's U "borrowed milk" JTQUJ Sara-Who are your parents?? ' love you guys! + TWEEN BB-MGT, VP, Dykwlm? Stupid-call me! Cancun-Sitbit? ILYSK Michelle, goodluck I'm gonna miss you Love Julie Monica, wha's that wearing that Adidas suit? V-ball Team- JVGV' Thanx, You guys are awesome lluvU! AT Kler-Usta BE DA Farnbly was lust! Physics lives ugly Spike, Animal, Homeslice, Twlnkie, Arnie, Spaz IluvU-Aud SK-Remember the tapes, the talks, Ct all the luv, AND! JS AT AS AB MW LK-the best is yet 20 ILY ALL! AND! 3, the best al times, ILY 4-ever! LUV, AND! AK-Scott's, strolls at 2AM, the beach, memories, LuvJK Thanx2 JKACJK 4th BNKH 5th Debdeva BCbound-Cronle Luv2 LCGCLCFBDC suppan love 2 Jess Deb Dan Class '68 Shar, Thnx alot fr the unforgettable tme at yr bash! Lavepresenrs lt's on hojassledgy devlattonsusaunup Lisa BWe both had buckets! Always RNF Walter + N!ckMS CM + LD Ronny, Mike, and Paul at Bose! Michelle CMLDCBTKM, Let's go to Deans again and party Michelle Sen VB, Good luck! It ws lun Love Joyous and Yan Good luck with the car, Audrey. Joyous B7 Angel Lisa Michelle Karen Ve- ron!ca"DF"KT Ferrarl "VB"Audrey, Loran, Mara, Lynne, Sharon, Julie, Theresa PARTY Aug 17, Casiba, Bart and his red Ferrari Mr G WGE OML JCKNJP2 KSSTBR2 JH MOJGDNDLDSCFTG KE-U R beautiful inside + out Dan't ever change-JM O nouns ON rHuns1o1oPM FRISAT1011PM,SUN126PM O C O O 2 vsaNoN smear - FMMINGHAM, MA 01701 gem 626 oooo TO THE FRESHMAN HOMEROOM CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS GF 1988 FROM fo the Sensor Closs of d Q 1988 CONGRATULATIONS from the 88ers" TWIP-LER5 soon LucK AND success STAN 5 RITA BAEP. MOVIE 8 VCR RENTAL Cr SALES ATTORNEY AT LAW VCITWICVQ GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1988 4 , F201 . Best Wishes Closs of '88' PHOTOGRAPHY AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Worcester 852 1234 Westboro 366 1331 Fromlnghom 875 6164 O PORTRAIT L. George Dabaul Registered Representative CGNGRATULATIONS, Heather Financial Benefit Consultants 10 Speen Street gham. Massachusetts O C D - Anonymous Anonymous Joseph A Antonioli Anne G Mike Brlottr Michael 6 Matthew Brlottr Aaron M Casselman Carol 6 Fred Casselman Elaine Cr Lloyd Clark Mr David G Cohen Jane 6 Leonard Conlrn David 6 Joanne DeOlrverra Mr 6 Mrs Thomas Derro Angelo S DiDomenrco Duma Mr 6 Mrs M J Dussault Mr Falco Marcia Fein Nancy 6 Bob Fitzgerald Joseph Hannigan Claire 6 Robert Hanson Anne Medaglra Hough Christine Judge Harold 6 Rose Kams Jen Kaufman Marc Cr Zueva Konvrsser Paula 6 Steve Lavidor Mr 6 Mrs John Lawrence Mary H Lonergan Craig G Billie Marne Ellen 6 Bill Miller Linda 6 Stuart Morgan Mr. 6 Mrs. David Nathanson 6 Family Ned 6 Maureen Pavia Mr 6 Mrs. Leo F. 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Larry, Mike, Mark, and Beth Good luck, seniors. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mass. Lic. 4006601 U ff! f'f ROOM RENEWAL CO., INC. Bathroom ceramic tile repairs Cr remodeling ceramic floors, etc. HAROLD R. KAMS CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1988 FAIRBANKS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Building Contractors PAUL C. WEINER PRESIDENT 189 Chiswick Rd., Brighton. MA 782-2754 ROBERT BLAUSTEIN BARBARA BLAUSTEIN A6 ILS Q 0 A GEIS A GEI5 1243 Worcester Rd. 872-7251 Framingham, MA 01701 4 Framingham, MA 277-1009 IF YOU WANT TO BE "COMFORTABLE" KARPOUZIS Commercial Refrigeration, Inc. .il Restaurant Equipment 42512. Framingham, MA Q 872-2500 " - . 1-800-CALL-KCR CALL US TODAY! l .J J Archon Potrons J 1 Q 0 ' N Q Q 4 , ,,. , . 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LEHMAN DDS DAVID C. SORTOR DMD ROBERT W. SMITH DMD R. BRUCE GRAY DMD 29 LINCOLN STREET FRAMINGHAM MA 01701 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS LOU S NEW G USED FURNITURE Best of Metro West 24 TARALLI TERR FRAMINGHAM TEL. 872-3288 KATHERINE A. HALTOM, DMD HYZEN Photography C1 Video Bob Hyzen President 621 Boston Post Rood Sudbury, Mossochuset f617y 443-5308 ts 01776 Serving Customers ond the Community F RAMINGHAM NORTH PACERS presents CONGRATULATIONS '88 GOOD LUCK l'O the Class of a 1988 ll Love, 1 THE ARCHON STAFF COMPLIMENTS OF FEDERAL GLASS qMlP,RoP,LANDy Route 9 at 126 355 Worcester Road Framingham, Mass. 01701 r 7 1 r ' LLHCOKH .LLfllOLLiU2E. CS.E'Z,ULC!E Framingham, MA 01701 872-6364 l Union Warren GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '88 Reservation Required Savings Bank Team 6 Organizations Hamilran Plaza We-gf, Route 9 "l i Athletic Jackets, Sweaters, Polos Silk Screen T-Shirts, Etc Framingham, MA 01701 ' Computerized Embroidery ' A 4 I Area code 16171879-0400 V I PROMOCO Steven R. Elkrnson l -l 81 Main Street President I Ashland, MA 01721 16171881-4915 ll li 189 l l CONGRATULATIONS ond BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 1988 FROM LAURENCE A. FAIMAN ond RICHARD J. De-ANGELIS ATTORNEYS 300 Worcester Rd 879 6600 Frominghom, MA 01701 237 1180 TRI-RHINO-SIGMA CLASS OF 1988 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988 PAUL LANDERS CONSTRUCTION FRAMINGHAM, MA 01701 ' 'X ,1-Ml, x Y Y . . 6 ' 1 s It H. . M' Q. "' gg, , .V 1-117- -.-,,..- -1,11-1-""" -r-""""" I . . If if .- ,. 1 Ploying with his toys P , , . 1 4 ! . asf bv if 3 4' ,Sv ,...,-1 WZ: W l W V t I 6 If x J .N 7 9 f 1 . f If .2'X' Q2 k x., A I" fv- I :WX ak-Q5 'W HAIR HELD FIRMLY IN PLACE C"It took ot Ieost three hours to do."j BRIGHT AND SMILIN6 FACE CHI om olwoys here ot 8:01 on the button."j Cliffs Notes Q"Like . . . I never reod the book."j HAIRSPRAY CDon't Ieove home without ity BLACK SPANDEX C"Like . . . they're in this yeor,"j COLLEGE SWEATSHIRT C"Thot's not my Ieoguefj QAJTYPICAL SENIORS 'YTKV' ,wi I nv' '9 if 'F- yml I. ! C Y r 2 fx 'lmnf' YY? 1 SHADES BALANCED ON HAIR Cfor oppeoronce onlyj new- I JINGLING KEYS CI took Doddy's cor!"j OUTFIT QOnIy the most expensive designer Iobels will dog SHADES Qworn both indoors ond outy NOTICEABLE TAN Qfrom the "electric beoch"j In li m Wilma W ' x MUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW NO BOOKS UNDER ARM , T-7-fi CSeniors don't do horneworkj ' 5: .X - ,i :.- IK.: , ID ' QU, ,. I SELLING CANDY FOR CLASS M I C"Now we'lI hove o rom - who's the luck .1-1 'QWLM ol p Y xfi Nlvtv girI?"j 1. ' ' ' JINGLING KEYS M ' J CLet 'em know you drivej JEANS ROLLED AT THE CUFF I I 55' Qto show off the high topsj J-5 f REEBOK HIGH TOPS - , Cfor running to clossj yg' P hifi Ygft ' 193 SQL' ?9"7"'W""' SPAGHETTI SUPPER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY F 'ff S 5 2 ' i X c Q i QQ V ' 5 s This yeor's combinotion of the Notionol Honor Society's Spo- ghetti supper ond the PACERS' production of "George Wosh- ington Slept Here" resulted in o delightful evening of dinner theoter, In comporison with yeors post, the supper wos on over- whelming success both sociolly ond finonciolly. Honor Society members, in conjunction with school cofeterio stoff, served the meol which wos eoten in the decoroted cofeterio to the stroins of melodic dinner music by Steven Piobitz ot the piono. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I x! v , g.. 33, L Q of ,4-in 195 I 14 SOMETIMES, YOU JUST HAVE TO SAY , .41 1' I ,F X 'K M X E - 41 'Y l , Vf 4110 T I ui 15' f P l 1 v v v I E f i V J V , mf 'Q : L Lil iEL INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY FIESTA' l 'wa V-If ' 1' 'V --W, ul I ,f ' I 1 ff 4 I I ""?f'+""""""""" I Iilynnu frmib J TIF' -MII WI l V12 I . . ,a l A f v s ' P' . ,rx ff' 2 fic Q08 lf .1 A Time in the Future t wos o hot night in northern Frominghom when we begon this cose. Our secretory, Shori Slotnick, come into our office to tell us thot two people were woiting onx- iously to see us. In stepped Mirondo Griffin ond Cosey Foimon, "We need your help," they cried. "You ore known oil over Frominghom for solving unusuol coses. If you con't find them, Potty ond Michelle, then no one con!!" The cose looked exciting, so we decided to toke it. A Mr. Richord Kropp ond o Mrs. Rose Ametti hod been missing for severol weeks from their school grounds. There were no clues, but we suspected the notorious closs of 1988 hod something to do with their disoppeoronce. We decided to discuss this cose ot our fovorite Chinese Restouront, The Orient, with the owners Xin Zhong Shi ond Zhong Hui Shi. We osked for suggestions obout finding locol ortistic tolent becouse we wonted sketches of the missing persons disployed oround town. They come up with the following nomes: Chris Houg, Tod Williomson, Chris Wotson ond Josh Hurd -just to nome o few. As we were driving down Rte. 30, we sow Koren Brem, Liiso Korpi, Potty Londers, Steve Deon, Kevin Gront, Becky Webster, ond Seon McDermott odmiring Colleen Buckley ond Julie Winer's ort exhibition. This mode us wonder why the restouront's owners didn't suggest these two ortists olso. We checked bock ot the office to see if there were ony new messoges. We hod o messoge from Melisso Corolon ond Kerry Fritz, the directors of Foces, o populor donce club, soying thot they hod some informotion concerning the investigotion. We left for Combridge immediotely. Driving on Rte. O towords Foces, we sow Koty Duggon, Koren Tivnon, Liso Thompson, Eric Muzzy ond Don Con- sigli looking ot one of our sketches Iocoted on o bulletin boord ot our locol night club, Putting on the Ritz. When we orrived, we left our cor to be porked by Eric Bordenstein ond Jeff Unger. Wolking in, we were sur- prised to see the bond Criticol Moss storring Eric Moxim, Jen Provest ond Dove Zoff. We noticed Soro Bermon, Amy Trocy, Jen Hutchins, Gwen Weinberg, Christofile Korolis, Cheryl Homilton, Morc Bilotti, Mike Doley, Adom Rogozzino, ond Chris Forley doncing up o storm. We finolly met with the monogers, ond they introduced us to their doncers, Christine Irwin, Jill Brown, Andreo Peorl, Christine Fovreou, Jen Feldmon ond Chris Doggort. They hod seen Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. Ametti ot Herbie's tolking with Heidi Gross, Jeff Yos, Ellen Storr, Wendy Trubow ond Meredith Soley. We thonked them for the informotion ond heoded bock to Frominghom. When we questioned everyone ot Herbie's, we were told thot Mr. Kropp hod just come in to soy hello. Since we were so close to the Middlesex News, we colled for on oppointment. We met with editors, Victor Genet ond Jeff Prog, who suggested thot we question reporters Steve Robitz, Poul Shopiro ond Denny Sowyer. They told us thot o number of the Closs of '88 were recently port of the U.S. Olympic teoms. A potty wos plonned for loter thot doy to honor runners Jonice Foster, Robin Kotz, Tom Hodson ond Jodie Kotz, stor gymnosts Stocey Porodise ond Michelle Demeo, soccer stors Kenny Regon, Greg Eromo, Mork DeOliverio, Vinnie Uboldino, Jen Clotur, Annolio Avizo, April Lemon, Courtney Snooks ond Todd Dovisg ond softboll stors Kristen Donovon ond Kiernon lgnocio. The M.C.'s for the event were Dono Dodson ond Lorry Rhein. Guest speokers who were scheduled included Potriot stors Andy Brody, Jumol Judkins, Ted Greenblott, Jeff Anderson ond Chris Bosolig former U.S. Open Tennis chompions Vicki Hoos ond Jomel Robinson, ond Boston Bruin stors Mike Clork, Shown McCouley ond John Povio. We decided to ottend. As we wondered through the oudience, Ed Moodoyon told us thot he hod seen Mrs. A ot Monique Nosh ond Doryl Edwords' Boutique. We checked ot the Boutique discovering thot Lono Kotz ond Heother Doboul hod overheord Mrs. A plonning to ottend this evening's per- formonce of the Boston ploy "Gomes" directed by Beth Normon. The ploy storred Moggie Scondrett, Ali Koplon Andreo Goldstein, Jen Swidler, Beth Noditch, Josh Konvisser, ond Alisso Doniels. We rushed to the theoter. In the orchestro, we noticed Lynne Heimon, Shori Lovidor Amy Cosselmon, Ellen Herz ond Mike Stronge. ln the theoter lobby, we met ond spoke with Loron Kolick, Seto Kundokjion, Audrey Tong, Amy Sneirson, Kristin Celorier ond Tino Cosper ond discovered thot Mr. Kropp wos plonning to ottend Sheryl Levy's going owoy porty. We orrived ot the potty minutes too lote, but did get o chonce to visit with Rochel Shumon, Missy Shorr, Rob Strous, Michelle Weinstein, Cheryl Weinberger, Dove Bonk, Genie Bush, Croig Koms, Eric Lebson ond Gobi Klein. They hod oll spoken to Mr. Kropp eorlier obout plones ond worm islonds. We decided to visit the oirport At Logon, we met with Security Monogers Jonothon Gross ond Ross Mortindole. They informed us thot they hod Beon, Mike Bernzweig, Eric Blodgett ond Andy Cogon We discovered thot Mrs. A wos plonning to visit Monoger Eric Winterholter ond his stoff including Anno Vognini Michelle Sweeney, Veronico Ferguson, Koren Regon ond Louis Peorlmon ot the Morriott to discuss trovel plons. Arriving ot the Morriott, we were greeted by Andy Phillips ond other hotel personnel including Joy lsooc, Pete Hovel, Jeff Geller ond John Doucette. They conferred ond told us thot Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. A hod plons to visit their Compony Affoirs Deportment. We left immediotely for thot office ond were met by Moegon Breed ond JoAnn Boker ond their stoff, Liso Brown, Angelo Hughes, Christine Lee, Cothy Roberto ond Noncy Stoller. We discovered thot Mr. Kropp hod olreody left to visit the florol shop of Mike Uftring ond Brion Silver. At the florist shop, we tolked to the monogers, Kou Tokoshimo ond Lourie Brennon who suggested thot we coll or visit Nicole Coldwell ond Tommie Brown's Ad Agency in Notick. By now we were tired ond hod been owoy from the office too long. We checked bock ond discovered we hod messoges from o number of sources including Mork Kop . l ll l it l l l tl it l ll- ' l l li ll I N li tl ll 'I .11 ' r l l seen Mrs. A ond Mr. Kropp eorlier speoking with Andrew ll ' il l ll ll l l l i lon, Poul Rosenberg, Kim Kittredge, Chris South, Robin Gobrielli, Trocy Honno, Abive Guboie, Eric Koplon ond April Allen. Splitting the colls, we discovered thot most hod seen Mr. Kropp ot Shoppers World. We hopped bock into our cor ond heoded towords the shopping center. We went directly to the moll office to osk for ossistonce. Rupol Bhott ond Mork Boyer escorted us into their office where we met with other members of their stoff including Julie Wilensky, Steve Levondosky, Donielle Gribens, Jen Corpenter ond Crystol Alston. lt wos decided thot we would convoss the moll stores to see if onyone hod spotted or, better yet, spoken to Mr. Kropp. Upon leoving the office, we spotted Scott Bibbo, Rondy Buck, Mike Crowther ond Tom Cosey. They hod not seen Mr. Kropp or Mrs. A, but promised to coll if they did. We then went to Popo Gino's ond tolked to monoger Trocey Bittle ond severol potrons including Steve Andrus, Brion Conrod, Greg Jusell, Shoron Soucy, Kothy Honson, Louro Souzo, Mory Jone McNolly, Dove Nilson, ond Kevin Gront. Unfortunotely, no new leods were forthcoming. We noticed thot the movie hod just ended, so we min- gled with movie-goers in the lobby. Suson Ponizo, Mike Nosh, Morci Ginsberg, Tom Fitch, Mike Mendelsohn, Derek McCorthy, Kristen Link, Heinz Ritter, Tonyo Robinson, Mike Hirsch ond Woyne Wolfson-despite their voried oc- tivities-could offer no help on our cose. Discouroged, we wolked to our cor ond met Gino Min- goce ond Tim Rousseou. Both hod seen Mrs. A eorlier ot the Lechmere Moll. Excited by our new leod, we went directly to the Lechmere Moll Office where the monoger, Lonce Lynch, offered the help of his stoff. We were to hove the ossistonce of Kevin Wisemon, Liso Bomberg, Eric Bricker, Michele Compono, Seth Londou, Seon Kenney. Alon Rosoff, Alison Spickler, Lourie Goldmon ond Poulo MocDonold, oll copoble workers. We sow mony shoppers including Heloyne Bonkoff, Cristi Clinton, Lorry Lockwood, Billy Shieh, Dyon Smiley, Amy Lilley, Loro Compogno, Erico Kollen ond Kim Bloir, but they could offer no help. At the center of the moll, we noticed severol school children wotching ond listening to the informotive pro- grom Jill Cohill wos presenting with the help of Pouline Cosoletto, Normo Gelino ond Jen Power. Wotching with their students or children were Renee Borbory, Rob Horber, Kim McElligott, Bob Stewort, Gerry Uek, Kothy Goselin, Monico Hockett, Josh Lowrence, Elone Nothon- son ond Poul Sobotini. We osked for help. When we leorned nothing from them, we decided we were hun- gry. We went to get o slice of pizzo ond met Brod Adoms, Roger Morsholl, Rich Coporole, Chris McPhie, Tim Conlon, Ken Scoto ond Adom Goyner who hod oll seen the missing duo less thon on hour ogo ot McDonold's. We left immediotely to follow this new leod. In the porking lot, we met Bernodette Solomon, Thereso Logos, Jeff Hodos, Amy Bloomstein, Pom Sullivon, Kristino MocLeod, Ago Kokor, George Osborne ond Derek Longenberg. In questioning them individuolly, we found thot they could offer no odditionol informotion. Driving to McDonolds, we noticed o new office building designed by the firm of Steve Alessi, Andy Cotton ond Mike Shino. The restouront porking lot wos crowded with both cors ond people. We spotted Jonothon Brown, Christine McMohon, Bryon Cook, Mike Hoyden, Mork Sims, Tonyo Muto ond Dove Zokrzewski. We told eoch one our problem, but they could offer no help. Inside the restouront, owners Chrissy Bornicle ond Erin Honno checked with their stoff including Chris Gouveio, Mike Froncis, Shown Thompson, Dono Reidy ond Broulito Turczynski who did not remember serving Mr. Kropp or Mrs. A eorlier todoy. However, o number of customers including Ann Cronin, Bernodette Bishoy, Mott Doniel, Eduordo Torres, Thereso McNulty, Koren Goldmon ond Jonie Porter who hod overheord our conversotion with the restouront owners told us thot they hod heord Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. A in the dining room discussing o visit to Poul Ryon'sjewelry store in downtown Frominghom. We returned to our cor feeling certoin thot we were getting close, especiolly since Tony Culcosi, Roul Luiggi- Mendez, Joe Turnberg, Christine Simonetto, Mory Ann Scofidi, Michelle Rosenberg, Andy Rhein, Suson Gillogly, Anne Grenhom ond Shontell Pillow hod olso overheord o similor conversotion eorlier when eoting ot Bennigon's. We stopped for gos ond met Steve Devlin, Jim Fohey ond Doug Diomond, but they could offer no help. However, Jon Clork ond Poul Copone hod both seen them eorlier ot the Common tolking to o group of people including Diono Egon, Moro Fein, Liso Postore, Kothy Knight, Heidi Nemeth, Shoron Sisle, Kim Whyte, Amirthom Doniel, Sher- yl Egon ond Brondi McGroth. At thejewelry store, we spoke to the other owners, Dove Rhein ond Steve Sorin, ond vorious customers including Pete Cron, Dove Diotelevi, Jodi Elios, Pete Jordon, Kote Moselek, Jim Miller, Kristen Nordquist, Steve ltzkowitz, Dove Lermon ond Brod Kotes who oll ogreed thot Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. A were plonning to ottend the Rotory Club meeting to discuss school motters. We just missed them ogoin!!! Luckily, ofter listening to Potriot stor Adom Womock's oppeol for othletic equip- ment, we were oble to wonder through the oudience. We spoke to Don Kriegsmon, Dimo Seliverstov, Mike Rothschild, Kevin Henderson, Ed Doering, Cloude Ferry ond Mott Fienberg who oll ogreed thot both Mrs. A ond Mr. Kropp were plonning to ottend the School Committee meeting thot evening to present the results of the Rotory Club meeting. Without much hope, we colled Vicki Munroe to moke on oppointment with Superintendent Suzonne Brodney be- fore the meeting to discuss our missing persons cose. Arriving ot the office, we met her ond teochers Mondy Tenglund, Terri Moon, Trocy Moore ond Colleen Niessen who told us to check with the low office of Greg Hevey ond Kristen Smith os Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. A were plonning to discuss the Iegol ospects of their recent Rotory Club meeting. Arriving ot the low office, we were surprised ond relieved to see both Mr. Kropp ond Mrs. Ametti discussing the finol stoges of the Closs of 1988 Reunion!! After severol con- fusing moments of questions ond explonotions, Adom Sisitsky, Audrey Weiner ond Robyn Boer decided dinner wos in order. We mode the reservotions in the nome of Michelle Morgon ond Potty Metcolf -- Privote Investi- gotors. THE B EST M y N 2 Z, f . JZ, 4 . .,Vl! I, ,,f . . ' . 1 V 1. 1' A f 200 -6 nw. 19' Y D '?. o. N TC CGME I I I I I I I gn I I I I I I Ken Scata rd Womack alter- orth travelled 57 . An interference h after a third- gave North and Judkins took ond touchdown of its two first-half up short on the try. 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Suggestions in the Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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