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Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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Q 5' .ld I ' u - 9 'I ? 1.1 -AJ? F I uno-.Apu 1:45 . ' .I tw 4:-'-I ' - i P '. '. Ar .' A 5. -r . --9 A ' I I 3 FV' F: ref.-A A A.-ja,-: 55:-A A 1 :filo-my A ' 4- a-ff 3-1,'f..s.-- , 4 in A, Q 5 S,-f -:gy , 14, - . 'Qf"1 Sff:f1 "1f+ - A, by f.-W"-' -1. ' . L' ' -, -- -'L--if no-.1-.f:2.' A .- A A A A- , ' -' ' :A x f in -V, .. , A, -- " A 1 : A ,A , t iv, A ,, . 10, .. f- .Q 1' ,' A- 5 i7 J 4 k 3 -., lr L A ' f f" ' .1- - ' , : - 1 fi 8 fg, ,L , 1 lx E ' R l A H " " . l Aw- -'MJ' -- 253: - W' ' f 11 . '- :4.1", J ,'..: Y " .gxr u :iff ' Q 1' - .K ' ' -. ff x H' Aa '- , 'Ii' fi' .4 ' ' '- -f. ' ' A Liu. mga . Ain. . , w':'f'.iffW' VL!fi?m"F', " A 3 3551-" -.WW kt A 4- F , 6 . PY we Wk A , ' :L ? L .1 .1 . 1 v my ,pi MZ- fx -"'e-was , nr, 1, A, U ,. 4 'S , A fi' ' ' ' - a 3,1 .:f'1A, u .,L,l3f'- , 4' ' -,fjtjl 'n"?'f' Q X F' -Q -4 ".' - .vc V 1 ' " A A, 5.1, . I.: A 3 . ,N 'I fi Yi. V. me -' . :.f+ 11- .4 ' ,A .5 ' ..1i..'.',L d x yn- ' V A 1 ' 'v -. AA si '- fe '- 7, . r 'V , I 1. jug., JA Q -13 A., J, f A., , AQ, lv JA. rr I- -2, ' v. 4 -'.'5'4."ff" AA. -N' . X . A V , I4 .T 7 y Qu -1 ff Wag W 4, gh-u-aim.: , .-, ,9:,. AA .Ab I 'Q 1 1 I it na I' -may dll! 0 ' - if! -1 A .xi .w-U5-995 41a i l I I s 1 A ' ' 2 . , 5 v x Q , 'iii 4,4 , W 1 - A ' r 1 . F ' ' f z 1 - --- J ,J 5 ,A . JL n v X 5 '-Q. hx, . f - ' A AA, A. - ' A - F -h ' f r 1 . , 1 . H . , f -- ".' if ' 1,2 ' - . . 9 S A AA - " ' ,I ,A V N I ' ' 5 ' 1 I S ' l . ' x . 1 ,nu .Y -4 , . 0' O ,Xi rp J A. - Aix' Af,-1 T' ' s sf- , I s U A 'ca nh Q.. ffm, .lx- m- , A ph s Q, 4 :- '. ff-' . I, A v .- Tb . .wg : ,Y , o . ..... 4 . 1 4 I I I , '. 1 we i Exa- ! v X :G ." n. 3' is r' 4 ,lx ,maya . 'EQ' J W . in .I , FRAMINGHAM NCDRTH HIGH SCHCDCDL 'H Il - X ,V I ,. ,W Y... ,W rm """"""" """ I 3 ' gggpg p . v V N K N v i 1987 ARCHCD E Life is a circle and here it begins with dreams and with hopes for continuing ends turn around see your past we were with you back then look ahead to the years that will bless you again Craig Taubman N 1 Staff Activities WW TABLE CONTENTS Seniors Sports Business Reflections Ir, A DEDICATIGN 4Z' f3.? APPRECIATIO fl ff 'X eff ff' x, -41' 'S A '. cf - + wwf, 4 . 4 3 1, 4'h img 'i'-'f If g 'gov-gn 1. 575545 4' if When I leave I don t know what I m hopmg to fund When I leave I don t know what I'm leaving behmd -i san! 'I ,i , :kn.vA.,. Mah A.,.: '.,: . .J 'fm 4 - 'LLL SM. Hawk? 'F 'PZ "Hubs ' Qian: at :- ,falrnmww udlbl' '-:abt A Ll- sr ng. wah, W. ,Q v .ll 'xncdaq IZTSJS,-f w. -59 'Ti i L I 4 Jwuw . aku, rf x , in A m I 4 -ev ' 4 -1 ...A- 'Q -5 S A N 5 X '95 3 5 f I ri' ali 4 - 'uf- fd' ,L 1 .f' '2g I 1 " 'ZLIW -I . I"-'IeI'ff7e.fWf"I . iz' Q fb. 4 4' - I' ' If2I,"iIixf?L:15fI" ' I7 mga ,jf I I -.I I ' jj C I I, I A , -: i I1 I I' -..I I ' ., V I I II ' M. 'li-'- - A' 'sw 1 .Q . n I v , .- 'fn r- V , .. ., 5 , -,- ' .1- ii I F 4 ,Li A Iv" ' ' IP' , I - . 'J' - 'sir I" .3 -5 lf I. 'LA -A' I E , .wb I f' I I ln- .Ym 1 ., f'O .' ,-x-I s N V. ' "-gf, ,Al ,'. - 'I'-fm WNG I I 4553- ,QQ I NORTH 4 Q"'N""'-X.- -wiN.,"N-,,.,,rsw--i'5'++ -11- . 'TTL mt I K A Q- - ,F 1 l!'i,, 9 4 L4 N Z2 1 41 'u I fb.: -- Q05 xx Ns i.."s.. , v' 1 ay' 5 3. -51-, 4 : YQOWK I , gil " ...-,gp tapvii 1 Q 1 Y H 6 5 T kv K 'ip ..- S . S S i M f -I y 1 ---1 I . ls H ' ' r 'J in: ., :g 4 uf N r' my ax 1 5 an . 4 Y., dl- ' E, 'fl 35 0 1 x QC' HW.. X Q ,,- ra, k I N X U iq: 5, Q Q x' ' 0 I IO is best of all. f. Q x., ,hm f IL.--4 . I ,I flak: A A f , 1 Ay. o X, V' I, I , I ' I1 i I X 1 fl K ' Q l I, 'tl r Q nfl? li . T X V' A,,:I .'.." -Q. -, I , - . p sf- y ll! f'1 'Vg If ij-1 A N R ln"i ffw Hp! xA Those crazy nights in my youth I do recall. Those were the best times - I F" ' N 4 ,, -is lv' 1 mtl fa 1 12 So you're scared and you're thinking, maybe we're not so young anymore. lf!! I N, Ni.. 'M--...,,fY w's""--q... nm rw -pf QM 'im Pi xv-tag ,rf "Y? 9 vw X L N A ' "i Y X-f ,' X ' -1 . '- . T -iz? v .44 .gi L " '1'-J gli lx- . it . gf Q-.Q sq4.LZ4"'If , -rw M'-Q , "' ,a' I l' ff Q x N ' 5 ifzi. . 'Q K XV 4.5 .Y ,S . ,'la, - -1 . K -.f lx 1 X -09" Cast your dreams before they slip away. 'r gel' 3 ,iff- l 'VL' ww' L. r. ll 'xxx fgr 3 r MMI' 'N VA , 11 A ,-f5""""'f surf" t 11 5 1 "'vnngv---- ....... , 2.-1" 2-if ...Q 4, . .u A -ima' We used to laugh about the times we criedg now we cry about the times we laughed. up A ?f 'lr E512 -W f-- 4' wwf was "1-'T' is -.7 PM lx ,-.-U5,,'.:g ki' .fm- , .17-- ,Ns if - I 5 , S 1-.Mb -sl- A-K' gli' Q f-2L'f"' ' 'R ' ' 1 I 1 - W-www A-A-1 , is . 1 1 i I ffifv 71" .MB MV' 1 Q nw ,Ps ,f"hl4f an ' 99-'wah W' A yaf gp. 'z' X-f ,, Qs- ,Q ,. H ,V xg, i 1 +1 Q.g9"f -'fgzila uf' . g , , Q, ' " u 43? swag"-g "' J 'E' IIT" , 4 Y 4, J ' -. . I W , Q. . PRINCIP L V ia if li ff ya Z A A ei Hi i :E Mr. Edward F. Gallagher Dear Graduates, d b the accomplishments of the North High Class of '87 Sometimes it's difficult to sketch the We are impresse y . ersonality of a particular class' however your class can be depicted as a fine group of young people with a strong p 1 1 commitment to our school and to our community. Through four years you have contributed much to many projects h' h which benefit others. A specific highlight of your career was your creation of the "Touch of Love" program, w ic added a very bright time to the lives of our senior citizens. This program is a concrete example of your community commitment. Academically, you've done extremely well as evidenced by the myriad of colleges which you will attend. Other members of your class will excel in the workplace and make their presence known in our town. ' ' ' ' ll d h h While individual achievements are realizations of your personal goals, be reminded that we ve trave e t roug North together! Without your excellent teachers, guidance counselors, grade administrator, grade secretary, parents, and your friends, individual goals would not be achieved. Keep in mind that one doesn't succeed in isola- tion, but rather success is the culmination of the efforts of many in behalf of the individual. A lifelong theme may very well be that many working together can accomplish great things for many but an in- b h If f a dividual will accomplish little when acting alone. We, at North, hope that your efforts continue to be in e a o better way of life for yourselves, your community and your nation. Make the commitment to continue to be the very best that you can beg the results of your efforts will be reward enough and the benefits of your efforts will be far reaching and effective. . . , The Class of 1987 has been a positive influence in our school, exert that influence always. Best wishes. Sincerely, Edward F. Gallagher, Principal Framingham North High School VICE PRINCIP LS Mrs. Doris C. Mathieson Senior Class Administrator 1 If 'W ,S Mr. Richard J. Kropp Mr. Alfred E. Badger Junior Class Administrator Sophomore Class Administrator SECRETARIES Mrs. Mary Merchant Mrs. Virginia Maenpaa Mrs. Doris Feinstein --C-en V 'xx i 47" ' ,f,.- r ' 1 Mfg, Rose Ametti Mrs. Elsie Robblee .Ts Q5 Q 5 J?" -Q "" ...F - 'r,rV. Rlflif Mrs. Jonnie Hegarty, R.N. Dr. Robert Lichenstein Mrs. Ann Klein, Mrs. Frances Eagan SCHOOL NURSE SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST LIBRARIANS GUIDANCE Mr. Robert DeCoste Head Counselor Mrs. Kathleen Whalen Eaton Mrs. Mary Ann King M351-as Mr. David Pike Mr. David Reedy Mrs. Marie Snook SCHOOL ADJUSTMENT COUNSELOR SECRETARY CAREER CENTER Ms. Holly MacLean 19" 02 x" X 32 -fav wb I Mrs. Martha Wilson Mrs. Doreen Norton SCIENCE 4-P. L ' '..s..m:,, vnlaqg fi 25 ,QW , W' X, 1 fr I QL. i , yi,-M 4 x lf yi, -im AQ Q 5 W YY rj, . , 55: f' KIKA Mr' Robert McDermott' Mr, Donald Buell Mr. Harold Coyle Mrs. Nancy Croteau Department Head X X .xl I I N I, :A 'I 1151 I Mr. John Farias Mr, Harvey Gendreau Mrs. Thelma Gorfien AUDIO VISUAL 43 cw- ., W .M I X ' I :fu Mrs. Rita Pillie Mr. Donald Jolie, Mr. Daniel Smith SCIENCE as ,kan og l"'tb Mr. Leonard DiProfio Mr. George Duane MS, Mary Duane ' .x'u.a. . -' ' -- 1, v .,l, lr- I ,Q-4 M Kg ' 1' Na Q 3 1 J b - Wd l e it l Mrs. Ronnie Krashes Mr. John Platt Mr. Jeffrey Steele Mr. Lutwig Stepanian HOME ECONOMICS sl ' eff-Q cv "' X . X X ,N - Mrs. Janice Elliott Mrs. Nancy Fitzgerald Mrs. Nancy Welling ENGLISH 2"..."'- .W . ,--t., ,. .f,,, Y Y D Mr' John Whelan' Mr. John Donovan Mrs. Mary Ann Dunn Mr. Henry Fortier Department Head 'Que-ff Miss Mary O'Hara Mr. Henry Schlickman Mrs. Linda Shevrin METCO PROGRAM Mrs. Helen Hull, Director -mm fe 1 ENGLISH Mr. Charles Hayden Ms. Christine Judge Mrs. Mary Leonard il Mrs. Cynthia Siegel Mr. Francis Sullivan Mrs. Susan Whittaker MUSIC ART 1 13 X Mr. Russell Whittaker Mrs. Marion LaFollette MATHEMATICS f "' ' 1 F X .W I H I If ,Mc , 1 4, VV' ,v .., f is I, f-4 11.2255 4 5- Mr. Joseph Hannigan, Department Head Mr. Joseph Antonioli if Mr. Leonard Conlin Mrs. Louise Derro GE., Mr. Walter Gowey Mr. Barry Lutender Mr. David Peterson SUB-SEPARATE DEPARTMENT WORK STUDY PROGRAM 'X Mrs. Ana Calvo, Mrs. Deborah Sandler, Mrs. Hope McKay Mr. Eugene McCarthy W Mr. Angelo DiDomenico Mr, John Shaughnessy Lg.. Mr. Roger McDevitt Department Head MATHEMATICS '-61" '1L....i7" Mrs. Leah Fagan Mr. Anthony Falco "' 1 ' 7 .4 ', L v. 1 J, " ' ' ,, ' i i 3,1 11 Mr. Paul Welcome Mrs. Karen Yang Mr. Dante Zamarro BUSINESS F A L Shri? Mr. Dominic DeII'Olio Mr. Stephen George Miss Mary Lonergan 'rxgigr Qi'T1Hv'vj'1s r C if W ,I . '50 1 SOCIAL STUDIES EESIQ A Mr. John O'Brien D tment Head Mr. David Beard Mr. Anthony Coppola epar Ei' V y , hifi' " ,. X, I I 1, x,5-.-lu- Mr. Richard Dargan Mr. Robert Dunne Mr. Merrill Dussault Mr. Walter Levy 7 ff , -1.-. V' Q X f ,lt K fait a7 30 Mr. James McGillivray Miss Kathryn Staropoli Mr. Stanley Wade Mrs. Maureen Bertucci iw Mr. Ralph Martino PHYSICAL EDUCATION X Mr. Joseph Antonioli Faculty Manager of Athletics Mr. Edward Kavanagh Q . xo Mr. Vincent Caputo Mr. George Wheeler ,. Z-, FOREIGN LANGUAGE 'zJ""- -. 5 fb ,K E Al 'xl - .f K Mr. Paul Hayes Mrs. Araceli Adams Mrs. Ruth Dineen Mrs. Mary Faherty Department Head 1, QW Y-.HW 9? Mrs. Dorothy Flury Mrs. Carole Jolie Miss Miranda Muccianti 43" Miss Pearl Oliva Miss Madeline Pacella Mrs. Janet Rugo Miss Norma Stapleton INDUSTRIAL ARTS nm xv: qs-A: bn Mr. Richard Rebecchi Mr. James Pollard Mr. John Reynolds Mr. Frank Viscardi LEARNING CENTER for the DEAF SJ Illl fl HI' ll Front row: ll-rj Gary Morin, Sue Cioppa, Julia Wilkes, Nancy Frazer, Back row: Jane Botti, Megan Sell-Goodhand, Sharon Wilson, Judy Vreeland, Mary LaPorta, Bob Lane, Kim Maibaum, Hans-Dieter Baumert. COMPUTER ROOM ev ' , Mr. Bernard Redgate, Mrs. Betty Bellantuoni, Mrs. Agnes Marinilli, Mrs. Jo Webser, Ms. Maurene Davis. CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT LEARNING sr xv fl-rj Frank McDonough, Margaret Halpin, Ronnie Alpert, Mary Doherty, Mary Barardi. CLISTODIANS Z.-W 2 fl-rj Robert Mahoney, John Lowry, Fred Conti. Missing: Arthur Antonio. CAFETERIA fl-rj Norma Paisson, Beth Soha, Debbie Tatman, Ann Corsi, Katie Zuschlag, Marion Jewell, Emily Frotta, Bea Woolhouse Grace Dunham, Helen Sydell, Wendy Richardson. Missing: Manager Rose Mesite, Asst. Manager Louise Stucchi. TEACHER GF THE YEAR 'il fD.,.,,1 e.,r9' ' Mr. George Wheeler A teacher affects eternity he can never tell where has Influence stops Henry Brooks Adams Mr. Richard Dargan Mr. Barry Lutender RETIREES ,Y w , ' ,, I Q, 1 r ,.'f ' Y iqbf 'fffaf rf. .WAQ . . I ,.: lf 1- of . ff atb Mr. Donald St. Andre Mr. Anthony Coppola -v- iq. ff ,, -gif' 753' , K 4 J if 3 af 9 ' ,t-Q 2+ xy if r -3 , gf, 0 . Y 4 4 'xv R ' in K fS ,, Sr- I-. ' 't mm.rf'm. 4 "I hate Mondays." ' V " Q31 94' cz, 4 1 ff fs. M fa ,'S Sn. ,fe 'L ,Z "Thank God, summer vacation is almost here!" 5, "1 V 5 1 A-, "So, when's Joe Hannigan Day?" "lt's a tough job, but someone has to do it!" 3 , fl, x. 'z .3 '74 .qv-W qi 4. ." W, A fu, E df-, p I had a rough nlght I blew xt again' 4 11 'lf' Oh my It s a freshman' I m almost as bug as Make Kessler Later much I 4 1 9, '1 'nk 'M 3 jp, YM 1 'Wi 1 1,"" K, 1 X, ' wha 'Y ,s 'Q M, 1 ' I Q 1 4 J 4 Q, , Q P , 4 , , W , . 4 J I , K, ij A .ff 1 1, 4 QW 1 cd X 1 .. whim l 9 1 ,K ., 'W ur Q 1 W 1 'Y 9 r ' I f 4' sf f' 1 i 1 6142 ,puggeif j?g"W'1f'f'i', 1, 'f 4,-wyf l AW UL 'Ty Cl!! 1 I i Jn ,A,,, Q' . x .9 ,808 X , L L Q I P h ,,. . Y S , g Krvkx 5 . 'x 2? QIONS' 7 1 5 fzxw N, ,I "H H., I I ,"'5 ffm? 1 V 4 ff A4 ,vzffff 1 2: 5? 'wffif ,fyilgf W, 0.4, I ' " Kif ,Z-'Q Mfg 3,4521 f ,.,, -W. 1 flef ,,,. ,, , , 1,5 1 ,154 : 31' in 1'3f7?Z57p M2151 , 'G 1 fx 3 '2-2 1453? ' 72. , Row l fl rj D Duas R Moskowntz S Blodgett M Getman Row2fl rj C Otentn J Lavene S Galllgan C Hoffman J Caradonna L Anderson L Nesson T Bushell L Klaldman S Josh: Row3fl-rj P Sacchettn A DlMllla S Gross M Prenovltz M Kushnlr E Mills T McNlchoI E e ta! f ,. Q ,.. ff? 9 14 i ff"f,f v vg ' .557 l ft 55' k, wi 'auf , Z i' " W - '. eg: ff,-,gl A - 12 ' - ,f,. f 5 ,. .f IK , , 3 6' 4' 'f i A i'!1? ,V i f is- I 4 ,W Marc Getman, Treasurerg Dennis Dias, Secretaryg Robert Moskowitz, Vice Presidentg Stacey Blodgett, President. L, Q lv- v ,gvvvvvi ' - 4 an-9. -q 6 42 4, JLINIGR STEERING COMMITTEE fx!! xf gl Row l fl-rj: President C. Faiman, Vice-President T. Greenblott, Treasurer A. Tang, Secretary M. Griffin. Row 2 fl-rj: R. Bhatt, L. Kalick, M. Weinstein, M. Morgan, P Metcaff, J. Feldman, T. Hanna. Row 3 QI-rj: E. Herz, J. Bush, R. Bayer, C. Celorier, K. Kitteridge, E. Nathanson, M. Nash, L. Rhein. At Riverside Ji- 5.4- I' - .4 Wi SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE 4. I 4 J Bloomstein Vice President J. DiMilIa. Row 2 QI-rj: D. Basoli, S. Starr, Y. Splansky, K. Carr, L Row i fl-rj: President B. Power, Secretary C. Joshi, Treasurer . , - M . Row 3 fl-rj: M. Robinson, V. Gustafson, T. Silva, M. Johnson, K. Dickey. FRESHMAN .sl EIN ' .X , fs I X ,1,!,,,. Row i fl-rj: J. Moran, A. Sleeper, E. Lee, T. Freeman, J. Allen, STEERING COMMITTEE 4" . ff-4 5 . . L Y. Shi. Row 2 fl-rj: K. Egan, D. Lemack, D. Evans, E. Chait, M. Smith. L.:,mgW.,ff' 5 gilf' ff if f fl-rj: Advisor Mr. Hannigan, President E. Mills, Treasurer T. Sisitsky, Vice-President M. Kushnir, Secretary L. Rhein. 3 Row l fl-rj: S. Gross, M. Getman, M. Prenovitz, J. Rosen, R. Moskowitz, D. Dias, E. Mills, M. Kushnir. Row 2 U-rl: C. Hoffman, J. Lavene, T. Bushell, T. Sisitsky, S. Blodgett. M , , ,,, Row 1 ll-rj: L. Barr, M. Hoffman, L. Rhein, J. Alpert, R. Bhatt, E. Herz, A. Tang, M. Weinstein, S. Rabitz, M. Daniels, M. Rothschild, A M. Cronin, C. Faiman. Row 2 fl-rj: C. Aviza, C. Moran, G. Gould, M. Bayer, M. Griffin, D. Zaff. 44 WA 1' KEY CLUB 6 4 R71 gg! NC' Row l fl-rj: Secretary B. Naditch, Secretary A. Kaplan, President L. Klaidman, Treasurer D. Flax. Row 2 fl-rl: M. Hayden, A. Rosoff, G. Sidell, C. Hoffman, A. Brody, S. Born- stein, C. Gralnick, C. Wilner, K. Carr, L. Bleiweiss, R. Sidell, D. Evans. Missing: D. Alpert, J. Alpert, C. Basoli, A. Daniels, M. Dresner, C. Fitts, J. Flanagan, Vice-President M. Gould, B. Gralnick, H. Gross, A. Kokar, D. Levine, M. Rothschild, M. Soley, E. Starr, R. Strauss, S. Sullivan, G. Tananbaum, H. Vo, J. Wanatick, L. Rhein, J. Robinson, S. Galligan, S. Blodgett, J. Hurd, W. Epstein, E. Nathanson. M 'fl l X JJ X v -J uw 'QNATX 11 1 L X . I + l Q Alf my Oell S-"1fflfll Q Caring . . . Our Way of Life .. '-'ff' wwf" 1,14 ,, ,E 5' Q '-4 xe Q4 i .3 ., , A . 9' fl g, x - it 1 K -va -A i , nf'- wvgxesi,-f 1- , W . 5227 Lg' -lf L "r,-:fr NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY Row I ll-rl: Secretary K. Zurowski, President G. Sidell, Vice-President A. DiMilla, Treasurer T. Sisitsky. Row 2 fl-rj: A. Lagos, K. Lawton, C. Otenti, E. Tsao, M. Daniel, L. Rhein, Advisor Mr. Coyle, L. S. Nesson, J. Ristano, R. Bhatt, A. Tang, W. Shieh. Row 3 fl-rl: M. Getman, K. Koh, A. Siddiqui, P. Sachetti, M. Bayer, S. Gross, M. Prenovitz, S. Davidson, S. Joshi, B. Stein, S. Rabitz, C. Buckley, M. Rothchild, S. Sisle. LETTER OF COMIVIENDATION WINNERS Cm lull I1 I S. Joshi, B. Johnson, D. Keating, B. Stein, A. Siddiqui, J. Zola, T. Sisitsky, M. Prenovitz. ATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS rnifg . W QW' G. Murray, E. Tsao, J. Faini Editor: Tammy Sisitsky, Assistant Editors: Mitch Bemstein, Linda Boermeester, Kate Donovan, Kim Frieband, Andy Greenberg, Andria Jacob, Swati Joshi, Leslie Klaid- man, Tom McNichol, Bradd Morse, Tara Pavia, Amy Shipe, Elsa Tsao, Lisa Un, Kristine Zurowski. ba? Staff: Tammy Bushell, Brian Johnson, Mike Kessler, Jodi Lavene, Nelli LeBeau, Hedy Schwartz, Advisors: Christine Judge, Linda Shevrin to have many people putting other commitments on hold ln order to glve a tremendous amount of their time and effort to The Archon when we know that senior year IS such an Important time both socially and academically A simple thank you doesnt seem anywhere near enough So here s a more com plrcated thank you Merc: beaucoup gracras danke schon gratis agere and ankgou thay' We thank Mrs Mathreson for her endless enthusiasm and encouragement Mrs Feinstein for her continuous help the faculty and advisors of activities for their patience and cooperatlon Mr Dunne and Mr Antonroll for their fund raising skills and assistance Mr Gallagher for his willing advice all of the students to whom The Archon represents a valuable memento of our years here at Framingham North High for their cooperation and willingness to pose and of course Miss Judge and Mrs Shevrm who deserve the ut most gratitude for we truly could not have done rt without them The making of a yearbook, if it's to be successful, requires a great effort. We were fortunate enough lf! f""""'n N STAFF '87 "Nu, ff' X f , .,-1 .am 420 1 f 1 , 6 I I1 , ur use 5 pry L Q . L 7 1 L 1.4 M. , , ,f wx' . f ' "mf 'Af' W , ,, ,,,,,.,. A' 'W ' man ' 1 Mm 1 mmf , - JM , .144 , 1 ,I - Advisors L. Shevrin, C. Judge, M. Kessler, A. Greenberg, T. Sisitsky, E. Tsao, H. Schwartz, K. Donovan, A. Shipe, K. Frieband, T. McNichol, L, Klaidman, A. Jacob, N. LeBeau, K. Zurowski, L. Un, S. Joshi. i 1-li XXXXX , l-vig -1-. ,.. , ,,2w,.f 1 , WMF 52 FRENCH CLUB Meilleurs Voeux a la classe de 1987! 'Ms -www lv! -443 X' nj Yr J X1 First row: Alexandra Lagos, secretaryp Carrie Gralnickg Kristine Zurowski, presidentg Lisa Un, vice- ki' president. Second row: Steven Rabitz, Elsa Tsao. COMMUNITY SERVICE ,-,.-n--0' First row: LauraSue Nesson Lauren Kalick. Second row Jodie Lavene, Kim Kitteridge Glenn Kalick. XPRESS . wi wr? 1 3. E '4 'x 4. ' 1 , 1- v D 744. ' ' Z ' Q Vg' I .gy i ,L . z '5 r . if 3 1 . Z? . fe.,.f'f fl , L, ' Row I fl-rj: S. Joshi, F. Shapiro, A. Lagos. Row 2 fl-rj: J. Brown, H. Shi, K. Wiseman, M. Rosensweig. ?'f:"':+i' ,J.',ga',iiyv7!,,7Z M5 A A 9 A.. 5 :-2 gl lg. I5 Q - Row I fl-rj: Editors K. Zurowski, L. Un, C. Gralnick, M. Projansky. Row 2 fl-rj: R. Chad, S. Joshi, W. Kamer. Row 3 fl-rj: J. Glick, P. LeClave, G. Tananbaum, J. Greenbaum, J Moskowitz, P. Hering. 53 , JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE OF4 Row l fl-rj: Pres. A. Siddiqui, Vice Pres. L. Un, Sec. E. Tsao, Treas. J. Finkelstien. Row 2 QI-rj: C. Fitts, Y. Splansky, M. Leary, A. Sands, E. Epstein, C. Lee, A. Lagos, J. Lavene, C. Gralnick, A. Kogar. Row 3 II-rj: M. Warren, J. Ristaino, K. Huie, G. Sidell, M. Movitz, J. Shean, D. Levey. Bona Fortuna! Felicitas! ITALIAN CLUB I J ggi' Row I ll-rj: Vice Pres. D. D'AngeIi, J. Bowlby, D. Blodgett, Sec. E. Haynes, Treas. M. Hager, Pres. C. Otenti. Row 2 fl-rj: R. Trubiano, A. Aviza, C. Aviza, J. Brogan, D. DeMarco, K. Celorier, S. Altman, K. Lawton, Advisor Miss Oliva. Vi facciamo le nostre congratulazioni 54 I SPANISH CLUB 4 L? .. af.. I f 1' , ,WY " ll Ll i First row fl-rj: Vice-President S. Davidson, Secretary J. Cooper, President M. Movitzg Treasurer J. Caughey, Social Chairmen K. Hohenstein and M. Mauricio. Second row fl-ry: K. Brem, D. Rhein, J. Clatur, A. Rosoff, L. Anderson, S. Joshi, M, Pruskin, J, Deaner, J. Lavene, J. Kokoszka, K. Wittbrodt, C. Gralnick, K. Zurowski, A. Kokar, J. Katz. Third row fl-rj: K. Lawton, K. Conrad, S. Sisle, C, Snooks, R. Baer, B. Stein, J. Rosen, M. Prenovitz, S. Galligan, S. Perlmutter, A. Constant, S. Thompson, S. Andrus, B. Shieh, and S. Rabitz. Seniors and Juniors i Felicitaciones a la clase de '87! I First row fl-rj: A. Martin, J. Tobin, J. Carter, B. Berger, M. Davidson, S. Bornstein, M. Sanderson, M. Robinson, L. Bramson. Second row U-ry: E. Mendez, C. Wilner, S. Dumais, S. Cunningham, J. Alpert, T. Gentile, G. Aga, L. Flaherty, J. Lee, L. Bleiweiss, D. Basoli, S. Starr, S. Kelley, K. Barham. Third row fl-rj: M. Mauricio, S. VanDam, M. Itzkowitz. Freshmen and Sophomores PACERS I, . if 53? ' P ':b. Z'.:'M: '. 'EI' " Z13?",4Ti-.f- ?2 , UNDERCLASSMEN 1-1-il Row l: Secretary B. Norman. Row 2 ll-rl: President D. Daly, Vice- President G. Kalick, Secretary G. Moran. Row l fl-rj: S. Kelley, T. Freeman, J. Moran, H. Arlen, J. Cayhill, M. Robinson, M. Scandrett, A. Winfry Row 2 fl-rj: L. Rhein, D. Evans, K. Egan, J. Amell, A. Alabran, E. Chait, A. Sleeper, J. Swidler, A. Golds- tein, Y. Splansky, K. Carr, B. Norman, R. Sidell. Row 3 fl-rl: B. Naditch, M. Luchans, T. Silva, L. Bram- SENIORS y ylllxrl. ,ge l 0 if' , 0 Q if Q. .I PBCERS t 'EQTQ7 Respgd 9 E 1 We are encouraged to display the E.R.S. qualities of a PACER: Excellence, Respect, and Showmanship. Row l fl-rj: D. Daly, G. Kalick, G. Moran. Row 2 ll-rl: C. Hoffman, J. Lavene, L. S. Nesson, M. Katz, J. Caradon- na, K. Wittbrodt, D. Brem, K. Thompkins. Row 3 fl-rl: A. Wiseman, R. Grossman, R. Moskowitz, D. Dias, P. Her- ing, S. Thompson, E. Schwertzel. 56 "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" JANUARY 16-17, 1987 -1 1' k r r' X . 5 91525, 31" Nd' IHS'- ,fb 1 u--H E "K E.-5-1 lil 'Iijg 1 4 .,L.. 9-.Q CLASS OF 1988 HPROMETHEUSN .Wo Directors V, Munroe and A, Sisitsky. Row 2 ll-ry: A. Kapian. Scandrett, A. Daniels. A. Goldstein. J. Swidler. L. Rhein, B. A Sneirson, S. Kundjakian. Row 3 ii-r3: B. Naditch, J. Kon- vusser, Luchans, M. Bayer, A. Gold- Boys. BEST AC- Class of 1987. OF 1990 WANTS T0 ,..L. .if IT- V Row I 0-ri: Dxrectors P. McEntegart and R. Sideli. Row 2 fl-rp: D. Evans, D. Levine, M. Faiman, H. Arlen, A. Alabran, A. Baron, L. Barr. I 0 f'K Ll HI ,, fa" W' ,igyfygg 'wg' 4 AH A fa A ,- W Mlm: ffm -'Q 4, "f f'ff ' fakzgab ,Z L4 I L2 1: e.z,Jz5Zf1,fQ22lf'L, x w- E 1 5 .-R ,,. . 4. a, AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES M. .Ei v, .. 4 1 ,S fy, ik.. if AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES Row l fl-rj: B. Cook, C. Phoenix. Row 2 fl-rj: J. Nagle, S. Bumpus, N. Cummings, S. Murray, R. Gentile. Missing: D. Dodson, J. Gosselin, B. McGrath, K. Wilson, P. Payne, L. Poole. SCIENCE FICTIGN CLUB Af J .N SCIENCE FICTION CLUB Row 1 ll-rj: J. Brown, N. Rioux, C Lundquist, G. Murray. S. CHESS CLUB Row 1 fl-rj: J. Davis, G. Murray, D. McCar thy. Missing: V. Gener, X. Shu, H. Vo, H Shi, D. Heffron, S. Chitow, E. Cohen, D Alpert, T. Levinson, J. Brogan, M, Randall M. Bernstein, R. Hsieh. Pl-,ll 1 '--I I-All A, 1 1 11 F'f vf ' ul- f :xg +- lid HISTORY CLUB Row l U-rj: Treasurer B. Stein, President J. Deaner, Vice-President A. Siddiqui. Row 2 il-rj: S. Joshi, K. Pogatch, A. Lagos, M. Davidson, W. Epstein, N. LeBeau L. Klaidman, D. Rhein, J. Gordon, J. Cooper, K. Hohenstein, M. Movitz, W. Shim. Row 3 fl-rl: Advisor Mr. McGiIlivray, I. Larrabee, P. Stein, J. Faini, D. Brem A. Martin, S. Bornstein, M. Warren, M. Kushnir, P. Sachetti, S. Davidson. 'ta 1 is- f X S i I Rs Q 3 W. A ik 'B CHEERLEADING 14 Y h O x mv . s . r Q lf S 4 X all , ' N 4 U ' A .M : " ' X x ff lr il lvl l 'll H il w.Ea.,g l + - -u. Row l ll-rl: E. Walsh, J. Caughey, J. Ouellet, M. Marion, R. Anbinder, D. Morrissey. Row 2 fl-rj: D. fa A . I A L Thorpe, W. Neil, H. Shewan, N. Fuller. Row 3 fl-rl: J. Bowlby, S, Teel, H. Daboul. '-if .-:+"- it - Captains Jacqui Ouellelpld Michele Marion 4 A mill. .S ,R ,VI Xi? SENIORS 8 4 ...B 4--s, .U .af if ' -1 , . 2 C 4 m 'ls W l r 5 If 2, f 9 YJ 5 J 1 N I- F5 ' ' o if , nina bu 1' f, fl 0 up f N2 cj., , f ifffiew , m ,L ' ' l POM-POMS Row l fl-rj: K. Watt, K. Wittbrodt, T. Bushell, C. Cashman, K. Donovan, J. Finney, E. Phrang, V. Monroe. Row 2: C. Ervin, R. Shuman, C. Smith, S. Slotnick, K. Walsh, P. Medcaff, S. Teasdale, J. Churchill. Row 3: K. Lerner, K. Tobin, T. Silva, T. Pavia, S. Lavador, M. Hoffman, J. Carter, A. Sands, K. Fritz, S. Brodney, S. Gologi, S. Daboul, B. Lochiatto. Captains B. Lochiatto, K. Lerner s -H--Q f-ug.. Q.. if -Q----K ---3 H Q m,fq4- - . -Y X -n -4 I 1 i l SENIORS 'SE'.llf3L 1 Ill' TWIRLERS Front row: P. Weiner, M. Morgan. Back row: L. Greer, M. Rosenburg, K. Norwood, T. Freeman, J. Morgan, J. Foster. CAPTAINS FEATURE TWIRLER - ' "ivy f . T. Freeman Captains: P. Weiner, M. Morgan .- Vg... 9' . 1 ""'S.. FM me Z' X. 1?- Q. ' f COLCJR GUARD SENIORS Row 1 fl-rl: S. Roberge, L. Daniels, M. Sweeney, T. Sweeney, C. Otenti, L. Brown, W. Trubow, G. Klein, A. Hughes, T. MacNulty. Row 2 fl-rj: L. Flaherty, K. Kit- teridge, W. Provest, K. Komins, L. Anderson, L. Goldman, C. MacMahon, C. Clin- ton, J. Provest, K. Weaving, E. Horeaux. C S fl-rl S. Roberge, K. Komins, L. Anderson, T. Sweeney, C. Otenti ng gin Q5 lj fl-rj C. Otenti, L. Brown. 1 v in mi W, 66 T' xLl Row l CI-rl: J. Shulman, G, Block, G. Liu, A. Casselman, J. Allen, C. Wilson, K. Doucette, J. Lavene, M. Robinson, M. Brennan, L. Smith. Row 2 fl-rj: M. Morgan, E. Herz, A. Dietel, N, Haynes, R. Trubiano, L. Heiman, J. Stevens, C. Johnson, L. Zinn, L. Mullahy, N. Zakrewski. Row 3 ll-rj: D. Alpert, D. Michaelli, M. Labbe, J. Lerman, C. Cooper, D. Thurber, B. LeBlanc, A. Newton, L. Pierson, L. Rubin, D. Redgate, R. Grossman. Row 4 fl-rj: A. Wiseman, J. Ferro, R. Mendez, A. Bernstein, E. Moxim, S. Rubant, M. Strange, J. Zola, J. Dittami, R. Cosby, Advisor Mr. Whittaker. if SENIORS!! Row I fl-rj: J. Lavene, L. Smith, A. Bernstein, R. Grossman, C. Wilson, J. Stevens, A. Newton, L. Pierson. Row 2 fl-rj: D. Redgate, C. Cooper, A. Wiseman, B. LeBlanc, J. Zola. T15 Q 'ir ,ai 'W ......---5 MUSIC CLUB t Lay., , 4"J.p-- , -A 'vii .- .'--1--- ' I -. -... -ff- -, -..fa l ,....i. -.,.----1 1 2 M A D R I G A L C H O R U S 68 4, .. ......-..- ,,.....-. ,.,..-..- L--- l N A' Row I fl-rj: Advisor Mr. Whittaker, D. Redgate, D. Daly, C. Wilson, L. Smith, J. Allen, G. Johnson. Row 2 fl-rj: M. Robinson, A V- M. E. Brennan, N. Redgate, K. Doucette, J. Caradonna, J. Lavene, J. Stevens, M. Scandrett, V. Gustafson, J. Allen, M Robinson. Row 3 fl-rl: G. Liu, A. Sleeper, B. Naditch, E. Hayes, J. Cahill, K. Wittbrodt, G. Moran, M. Katze, R. Chudnofsky H. Hestene, M. Luchans, J. Moran, T. Silva, D. Hessel. Row 4 fl-rl: D. Michaelli, C. Cooper, B. LeBlanc, C. Johnson, J. Zola S. Thomas, A. Wiseman, R. Grossman, R. Gabrelli, L. Bramson. v 1 1 J B A A Z N Z D Row l ll-rl: E. Haynes, C. Wilson, R. Chudnofsky. Row 2 fl-rj: C. Cooper, J. Zola, D. Redgate, J. Allen, R. Gabrelli. Q? uv 51 X ,pig T Row 1 fl-rj: K. Wittbrodt, J. Caradonna. Row 2 fl-rl: D. Daly, M. Luchans, L. Bramson, T. Silva, V. Gustafson, M. Robinson. Row 3 fl-rl: C. Wilson, D Redgate, J. Cahill, B. LeBlanc, Advisor Mr. Whittaker, R. Grossman, J. Allen, G. Johnson, M. Johnson. 'S f i sm l 1 1 1 N O-1 Q .- ,il pf' Q4 'U --......1..l. A-J" 5.5, JV! 1385 kv 2. Q, 4' ' 4 s .- g.. 4 .,', IIC in Ex., Q' ,, t, ' Of --., Nh "Q X, , ff 1' H' ah I -1 11 -lg, .s V 57 ,ff-.1 U "M, I 1 .1-lui, Y , 1, , rs by 1, zgigfjgggffi A' 'T A a 5' "Lf , Us 'L 3 9 01 J iff, 4 . 1 4831. ,m'fg:'1-7 1 Qft23',"z.f".'! " ,lf I ,, -,7,, QV fr 1 ' V f J 4 I F T we i s 1 f 1 'Q 3 viz n V 4 if 2 ,A if I If A Vw :M ,, , 5 ,,f 9' ,,,,,,.. g U r .pw A tompvu. " ' yew x . LN- -' " M I 1 X 8 l ff 134, 3 53 , , f, T we , , ,wg ,- , I I ,wr , . 1,1 ' - ' qbuw Q I Q ' X 4 - ...- -nu-uf ,,,.. f' .4 WMM M- -....,,., ,M-n' VM ., ,, , , M A ... -5.-.-.. , nav...-w -ff -'ov-uno., W- ' ,.,..-.nv-. 431' i ... ,... 72 .JF rl: H ,Hui- 1" """" ' 'Y . 'ir-' - , 5 'VK' ."'-.1 , A - -rm. 'W ami? ' 'gffpf' ff' ' .14 f " 'qw'-'nf' " N , 'fa' fjw' ' 2Q,?'f V I- ,g 1 47 Z ,,. ' ,gm ,U , . . .,-,- ., .nf -., Q- 'mif' ,4 . 2- V f 5 . .mn 531 I 'iw " ' k1-6,3 94 'YQ-1-...M 'S W - 4- xxuaiv 48,455 UA! SE IDRS lu-.5 1 Karen Kristen Abel "Celebrate your talents, for they are what makes you unique" DancinggPres.JRNAD 85g Tues 2-4gMaine 865 Conn 85gFIa 843 Cape Cod Special memories wjGD:GT wfNG SC KG TH RT CPJ S more! Thanks Mom 5 Dad, lLY. Jonathan William Allan "Life is what you make of it, if it doesn't fit make alterations." We the Band! RP NOAH, lan's V-Quest, Clan! Battle 87, Mianva Run MR-Schlenl ASR CAR CO Thanx CW,DR,LS,JS,DD. PR,EM,ML,LSN,MrW-MSD Rachel Anbinder rach "All the people need is a way to make them Smile" GT"us" BffS AEwpefgtOUTuE1aDt- sKLs KixSDflaKTSADk- mrtEWc mpOt- sJCjMMchse:NwYrs llflf85 MichaeI,Thanx for the smiles and the memories-lLYA:thanx ' -v Lauren Evelyn Anderson Laur "Remember the times we shared togetherg what we keep in memories is ours un- changed forever" Best of times wfKC,CO,KL,CM- MushDZCZZusch LS86Maine84XYG86GdTmswBR8CG. LarsPsycho-He's Hot! DM-VtExxMacBusTBKimba Mom,Dad8KathILY Gina Maria Apodemi Now I leave the small doors of high school to enter the big doors of life. Gd. Tms wj OC,AM,BB, E2lO5 CC 4yrs. Summers at Rockport-Front Beach "85" Hampton 85,86. lLl.l Mom8Dad. Cheryl Anne Ashe "Shower the people you love with Iove" Good times wf JFSBTPAOJFTRCM KH Joan-FRD Hoc-chgne Foom Foom-Foom Boxes Gloucester 4 of July wfTP Special memories with Bob I Love You Mom,Dad, Mary,Terry,Ma-S-Buddy Donna Marie Astapoveh "Believe in yourself and all things are possible." BTWfDeb,Susie, Naomi. Good Luck B'.BBwfwqD"y. GF,LP,TM,AR,JC,BR,EN.Sum 85,86 duh!LPoonh!SSPMar86.BVBCCC. l Love you Mom6Dad8Bob Cynthia A. Avedisian Cindy Lisa my best friend whom I love almost as much as myself. The best times with Hec- tor 8 his friends. N.Y.C.'s working at DJ's. Thanks Pam and Mom. Andrew William Avlza And now, we're on our way, no need to hurry just to get from day to day - G.T. wfBH- JNKHTKSLSDJFDRTR 73 MATA '22 ST85 6 86 What are you doing? 5150 STILL ROCKIN' lTWfSNJGCMJGKF Thank you Mom 6 Dad Debra Ellen Bassewltz Deb, Debbie, DebDebs "WHEN DAWN TURNS TO DAY NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY" GTWXLKCCJCKKBCA GP- JMNSSJCABA JGWNM FWfMLKSR.O.K.HEY Llz 2vlwl? CCgotthelimol GW DFBonziBonzil MacslDrlvingj Brown Bomber! MoviesfBer- mudal "EJ"!MIHU? THANX Mom Dad HLILU -4' v"?'P J . , u V.. uf Christopher Llonel Beaulleu Bo "Sometimes at night I see their Faces, I feel the traces they left on my soul" SOCCER lcaptj, LAX, skllngjmemorles with Stacey!GT'slv MW, SG, DC, GD, 6 everyone else KYOTA, LF, SCAVHUNT, STT Thanx Mom, Sue 6 Noelle ffnl' A, fhfvf nb fit"N1.' L sf' "md IL utr, A fl I 1 vj' ' I 71 , l - f J f7 15 1491 Lisa Baker Cindy my best friend - Boston K.W. - Raquel, working out with Pam and then eating - Good times with N.Y.C.'s and Tat - Summers at the pool - Maegan 8 Joann - All that's hap- pened - "C'est la vie" Mom v Faith Corbiere Ball "There may be darkness in the past and in the present, but there will always be light towards the future." Thank you Mom for your help and sup- port. My Iife has just begun. I 'K.- ?"S. Frank Bayley Beetle All that you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be Dom Rep WIRADGBBBP cabin, pit, Pell-s cape J'4 - BB B-cans Q'5 GTwfMPSKMSBBDG RABPNFSHDH JJSRBFCC Sud-Chics "NH" 4wlId yrs Thanx Mom, Dad, Bill Shelby T. Bennet Mechanic, Motor Head, Shelbs 429LTD, comet, GT, 19701228 "YESTER- DAYS CHEVY" Friends: Child, Napalm, Capt. K Steph, Jolted, NINJA, MEMS: 315, 6125 'iii' Eric Michael Benstock Beanie, Stockiben "My eyes are turned toward the future, but l won't forget the times l leave behind." 5l5l85at- MGwfESBMA BMB.DfDwfMP. Sleeping wlstars83. Rides wfHN.LostwfAC.3fll86 wfSG.PRINCESS - YTBfl'lILYF.Thanks: MDBRXfL H - ILYA 75 I , " V I 1 L ', I x I' I f f 1 , , w'., , I JIXIXILIU L r-"- F57 ' I I' 1 L! f xl If it I yi, pr, IMII' f xx, . Y fu. 1 1 , v ,W .,, I , was r it Wavff IW VI! 'if 1 wl'jI'1 y ' H Ir ! fb' W' lb XIII L'-ty 34, I 1'II1" INN' LMA I Audrey Meryl Bernstein +4 97 49 Us Mitchel Bernstein "Once two people have shared, they can never ,A ,, Ii, "Mitch" truly part." Marc Thank you for the happiness, LL' I "For some it's just a dream for others lt will be ILLI. The best - E.M.O.I.P. - Shh. Vitzen. Mel, i1, ,m' fd I ,J ij 1 ReaIity" Good times with SBTPCMBMESESD be happy - B.F. - N.H. Nates. Lara - rn N.F. fu: X! XP My BSSTLDCMPABJC MargerieBmes - Thanx so much Mom, Dad, 6 Laura. , xg GPO, , - AJ, A X 45 tn ' Atl -, , . kj MMDBSSBMBusted - Fr - sen - Dance 5-5- itat!! ILL, I. KIICAA C4 U, - X A-VL X 8? ABBMFSEB Vinyard - Cape "LP" '-93 -H 'I' Daniel C. Bernstein Yv pmnedTL ThanksMs'D5D Ii Dang The Buddha Guy, The Face "I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - U2 Amnesty 8 LIVE AID, Soc- cer, hockey, DL: FugfReg Guy, say it! Screen, D.B.SKEETEREDl FETC! Whadaumean? LOBFESTQ Speak English, Please! GLJC Thanx H ME-D 'Q - 2 0 F t ' of ' W -.0 - -jf I I , 7 1 David Bird Dave "The cruelest lies are often told in silence." Memories - good times with B.C., E.D,, C.F., and D.R., the wa on, ymnastlcs, Caribbean Sea, Q Q Brighams, Skiing, and the summer of "86." Charlene Blackman "What a long strange trip it's been" Fr. and Sop. Yr. wl JS 6 Gadget PHI Good times and laughs wf CUBSLCTWJSNS 5 the crew LED ZEPPELIN love ya, Mom and Dad l ' :VJ L I g-KI 1 David Alan Blake ,I 1 MVC , Don't lose sight of the present while looking f' - X Y I L1 ward to the future. Out for lunch G.K. Asleep in , Y L, the bathroom, midnight walk with stogies, Maine ' weekend, long practices, you'll have to leave, K-AI if whatever. I i' X , C-of . 'W'Qf.M tcp J QIVILI, 'WW A IN' 4 uv :III LI OV I I' 11" ,IL ff' Bonni-Ann Black "B"fBonni "B" Whether you crack a smile or shed a tear always remember that someone's near GtwfJGKFCMCHDlWU OCGAJDSCCCDB l8thBDay Hoop85, 86 SHPPNG NB Hampton 85DB wsp SN FN GS WG sjsguys TATSnobswbty GT a FN IWNFY Kevin , jriw . ww If tw y UCD! ,J M ui ' tt ".. Q . 'YL I Liao' I, AL yt Www f 1 , , I I J Stacey Allison Blodgett ef Blodge Make new friends but keep the old: one is silver and the other is gold Soc, Lax, Gym, Boxes CAJF FFFJG 3outRTto VTwfKC GTOCC FunwfAOCAJGSTT mem wlYOTM Chris, Thanks for such good memories, I Love You, Mom Dawn 5 Dad Debs ,T M srwm , x,,Q I+- v Linda E. Boermeester Lin "The moments may be temporary but the memories are forever" JDNBILY CCXPM "Joe" cooIersfTheS. Crew Summer86 Gloucester "The Hill" YIMMKMJCDST KSM HYPER! EMB 9112 NTSfAmyS. Scary Driving Halloween 85 ,..,-'WV WWW! f' fy! JIU JP J' ' 5 ' wyniiwtt audi ' WUELVIM ,fwzwffl fi we swf, Ns , www Ci Deborah Boudrot ReGina Borgatti Gina "My Brown Eyed Girl" DB A-Smith 83 Trip Much' Summer of 84 Part mobile Good - y . times with JG AM LR MG KT HO MF 8 LB. SPY MIS- SIONS can't handle it, JK fools. XLN7 stones 69. Thanks MSD We're outta here, Jen! "Your mind holds the memories that your future will bring" gd fds - JCEMBLJDSCCC BBLBMD wf MS - table, gang Sum86prts, rides! NYE. May "86" HTSNBS! We made it!! MS ya BD! thks - BSD ILYA Josh Adam Douglas Brody "You're only young once, but if you do it right, Darleen Marie Brennan Darls, Di, Dar, Dor, Dee Looks like I made It DHaIl stuck in the mud Hop- town Chico K5 Nllampshlre Gxswf Debba TC MH MW AC CU TW RA NF DG CM BS CIL: VB PH FM Song remains the same Luv u Mom 6 Dad GxswlBradley J I Luv U K8 Best 87! once is enough" Cwispy Noodlesl Roxbury, Newport, H5R.outwfJag 6 JC:? fK3Gl-GRRCM' MHDQ Pacer, 350, IBO! 5j4f85wfBMESMBEB! Cath! PClD652l3! Nancy's 85 Thanx Mom Dad JSAILYALL Paul H. Bornstein Looney Do your eyes now sparkle, Senses for a King, chase the loves the longer way, to see your better dreams. Good Times at the Pit and Grey Gables, Thanks for everything Mom and Dad Daniel F. Brem Go Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots! Best Year in Boston Sports! Good Luck Class of "87!" Debra Lynne Bronstein Debbie, Deb BTW: Sus Naom Donna Boston Summer '86 3onT Israel 'B5wfN-lmy RE duhl Sus, pen- nym.a.w.LP - oonh! BVBCBIFBBWXS fD+Wj SBshmar '86 tlks on the wtrbd. PmyN beach ILY ME-DSJul! Who knows what tomorrow brings? 77 V C39 Jeremy Brown Keep Dreaming and someday your dreams just might become realItyfThe Xpressfscl-flfFerrIs BueIer8Qulncey Marketfjaime AnImeefVF - lsfMacrossfBoskone '87fStar Trek 20th Lisa Michelle Burton It's important to remember that success is never final and failure is never fatal. DLR Happnin'x's wfMBJLLMEGCKSD JMLTTMM. Hey WusI I'm serious! l must sayl 2 Bad honey 2badI Dah radical! ILY 6 THANX MOM 8 DAD, SST Tammy Bushell Snuggles, Smiley "U can't get where u r going unless u remember where u came from who ur G what ur is the only thing u own never lose it 6 never surrender "GTwfSGJKDFJ LSZNLBLAENE THKWC- CWMMJAGA" - I LUV U EK - THANKS -- Ignacio Campos Nacho I had a good year in here with new friends and other people "En verdad que esto es muy hortera pero tengo que poner pendejadas de estas" This was my unique year in the school, new ex- perlence for me. vw 1 -,zu I DSMZ, LSC, GB ,si Julie M. Caradonna JuIe's In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. Thanks BLKWVCSPKW and the rest of the gangl TC you're in the market for the best. JF give me some soul! The support has been great, Mom and Dad. 1' v'-"'7 ""I! Dolce Antonio Carrington "HIgh school is over: now It Is time to move on" Remember Fun with TP DDJJ TB BH JA MF ES PM JI scubbage Good Luck to these special ladies: DR ST RH LB LA CA NW MM KP CS NS Lori M. Carter Lor, Lors "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" Fm GTw - The Crew D-Hall bears GL-NC, SC, LB, MD, JG, GB, CS, MC Shrm'n wfBR RRl86 llllf85Il ME 85 IOH - see ya, It's been real I'lI never forget BR I Love You Bob ILY MooGRIck Robert F. Casey "Long you'lI live and high you'lI fly, smiles you'Il give and tears you'II cry. All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." "I'm 18" Sum- mers in ME QP.Pnt.fCirey Porch, Scary's, CSN, Claudlne Marie Cashman Cloud, Clo, Claudhopper "My eyes are turned toward the'future but l'll never forget the thoughts I left behind." GtwlSC3JDMPTB3FB SKMMSRSFKRKWOGD Poms - Hmpt8586sIt8 spln - Bunnymall SCSR - SpecmemswlMP7486I Brmd87 - IL- YMIKEPI ThxM6D6ClLY E Joe Castillo Jose, Hack, Stretch, Joeyburgers "Do it until it hurts, then do it again!" pyro6psycho:mltu, S.L. G.C. - Mamba - April23 - Sumr '85 - WILD NIGHTS - Ski Trips - Oct 12 - JC6BMfDebbie! BTwf1k- lD:I5I Proof - LMCl992 - EXTREMESI I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU LIISA . . . 'O NI-1 hs' Jennifer Ann Caughey Jen, Jenni C., Coffee It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance GT "US" FIa85wfKD UTGTOCape86wf KSJ 2WPI4JSwf FB STswlRAMM FleldwfMlKDPL ScvgrHntBUST- ED! Bck8Frth0PMwfmm PICKA2 AML2UMichael! Thanx Mom8Dad ILYII ri? 8cott Andrew Chamrln Scotto "When they taught us how to study where the heck was I?" "ROX, FIRM, B.G. ROI" canoble, mat manla, GCC, GDIG "BURGER, SK, BM, RB. JAG, AG, KRPWH, LK" HNEDSTER, coco red slime" "Der DM! Nice Quote" 'C' ! I , ,'f Ranjana A. Chand Ranju Remember the past but llve for the future! - Had Fun with SJANKTALMKNKZ WCZESWK- JGMDN LLU - How do you get to Bowditch? - what test? - Snake? where'?! - I can't stop on skis! - Bermuda Bound! -- NO, I haven't found my Bio notebook yet!! - ILYM, DSR J T57 Brendan M. Cheever "BreakIn Brendan" ... "Queeb" ... "l win" .,. "Get a llfe" ... Memories - T.N.T. ... Human Beat Box, Ninja, Gymnastics, Skllng. G.T.W. D.B., E.d., C.F., V,M. Jodl Lee Churchill Jode, Jodes, Jo-Jo "Tlme doesn't really heal a broken heart, it only helps you to Ilve with lt" GTWIKKALLKECC BTGBC Parties, B-clb, SUMMER '86, C-WMN, yb Mat, What's my name? grlsputcowdwn Bermuda '87 thx Mom l LOVE YOU EDDIE! Caren Clvettl Scivaf"C" "When all else falls, confuse 'em." Good tlmes wfDB, BL, MM "OMN," kkDresslnBlack, "LK"C6DSummer of 85-86 FIa.KRBDEB Llmo! too BAD! BCBonnle"B" Wil thanxSMC BXXZER lnxs - HartBermuda - 87wfSCJDCCII Phll "HJR" Thanx MGB if ,,...-o Kevin Alan Clark Capt. K, Kraco, Chubbs lt's been real, lt's been fun, but it ain't been real fun. I did what had to be done. Now l can't wait untll graduation. To my friends all the best, as well, as the rest. WV+SM, BD, RS, KW, GP, PC, JD, SB, BK, "CT" VK pang 'W' ? Jeffrey Scott Cohen Jeff Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. "TlYJY" GITWGD GTw HH, DB, BM, MB, TS, LK, GD, AM, GS, Mystery meat Summer 86151 Evr wfSAE. It was great. CMU? Thanks and l love you Mom, Dad, Lisa. ,qi Ondine Cohn I look forward to the future but always remember the past. GT wfGA, BBSAM GazebofWhlspers!Hampton '85 '86. France, Spain, London 6 Romania - Europe "My Home" IMY.IWNFY TS PEE WEE 'I I Love You Mom, Dad, Sis. Pamela Lynne Clifford Cliff, Tilly map "l'm young l'm wild and l'm free" Triumph Jr. Prom A-Smith concerts Dirty looks "whatever" "think so" Parties Bud always found wrong place at wrong time Cape I love you John MM RC LK JW Satche Marian Sheryl Lynne Coluccio To have a happy 5 successful Llfe!BMHS socfCrzy! NAD 84-87!SM Ptys GTOHmptn Bch, Rvrsd5CL Prks Time flies especially when you're having fun! GTwfRYSLSHMDSP JPMT - especially KG-BFXI made it! Thnxs to Mom5Dad Jana A. Cohen "Believe in yourself and all things are possible" Mom S Dad l couldn't have done it without you Lisa you're the best Pol. beat Klepto Cape Aca. BBG BigD F Face LT JR Risa lLY Good times with Friends 68 fr TY Stacy J. Cohen Stayfree, Stace "Magic moments of the past seem to last S last" Good times wfCCJDSFCCHH BBDBOC GASRKWSKAMEM Bermuda87 wf CCJDCC, Hampton 85-6, Bunnymailing - CCE-SR, CC - use stairs much, SF "WMB" Thnx Mom, Dad S Mark lLY! Daniel Mark Connors Dan, DK, Con-nors, Okie "Down the road and on my way to another dimension, another day" Soccer Tourney 85 8 86 BSLC? U2 The Boss EJ Max, Helpl "P-fest" "ScavHunt" BSG's, Skiing, Lax, JSASSAWLYGI The Rock, Boomball, Reg. GuykeGThanx Mom 6 Dad Kimberly Dale Conrad Kim, Kimber, Mush "Be yourself. Who else is better qualified?" Mush - ZUSCH - Poodle - JWMWRLMC coklla - YSG Maine 84 The Hut UZVH L.S, 86 psycho - he's hot! CC - NY CB "Eternity is a terrible thought. I mean, where's it gonna end?" L Bernice B. Conti Bernie "Forever we will find our love will be - endless- ly" Good times at Aunt L. never forget R.R., S.H., S.P., S.C., D.M., E.D., C.G., K.F. and K,S. All my love to Mom 8 Dad. "Best of luck to class of 87" Love Ya Aiml Jennifer Cooper ncoop.. "The Only Way To Have A Friend is To Be One" MM - Dstnc can't Seper8 US Alwys BFF ST:? What? FL86fSDfJRfGDfMM EricM A Spcl Frnd ILV GTlw JSfSTfABfRFJPMooMoos: MPfSPfMM "US" FEB VACA 85 THNX M6DandP6E ILY 47 Andrew H. Constant Andy, Drew "Everything dies that's a fact well maybe everything that dies someday comes back" 71 Ford LTD Conu Hampton 86 MMMPST The Angel conflict Zoom Mr2w!witz GTw - ESMPSPMSM CHerbiesSDST - GrantTheAd- Butt MMH Thnx MSD 2-1 ' ' .IJ 1 Y- h in 'Z B U.-'Dj- ',x,. -I DAD: 'x. 4 'Q " P r' ra 1 ' v 1 Q D U G G f I 1 Q' J -.nun . wi". ' Timothy Coughlin Timbo Memories of the past. "Fort" Water Skiing in Maine, Pool Parties, SklingfLB, Dirt Riding, Car Chases "Mass Pike" Pit Parties "JD" So-Co and Friends FDDCMSROBSJJBM JCKGLBKERVK WAPLBMPMM JSBSKM Aimee A. Conti Aim "Go on dreaming keep believing" Good Times at Aunt L. Miss Ya T.Z, 8 M.F. Always Remember R.R., S.H., C.G., K.F., M.K., E.D., D.M., 8 S.C., l LOVE YOU MOMSDAD Thanks Best of Times wfRenee l love you Bernie Q Craig Neil Cooper Coop, Scoop "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." The red sun melts the blue snow. E.S., ouch, B.L., J.F., J.Z., M.R., J.D., V.T., A.S., S.S. Caldor -- what a store. DSTA. Benge, Yavolt! TSOP I got a void! Life is like a kumquat. Al eo 'ii ififigi .xxx lgx. 'fr' ,1-tim . 1- i,v,rvu.- ' ,V T121 ' ,y an Christopher G. Cronin Spanky "What the heck is that", Maine '86 MR.wowfV.S.ELBOW, Florida '873 LUN- CHwf LouSNellieg DAVE, MTVVMA '84g letter manflepswineg SNL, M.S.8 B.C. "UNBELlEVABLE"g "THE GREALS," Bro. Theo Says, yup!: Rob, Jim ED, 8 THE BOSOX '86 - KARL 1 Brenna Patricia Culllnane Bren "Life is what we make of it, no more, no less, so let's make it countI" gdtmswjLKJCKK DB- JDLKLV - WILD SIDE NEL - BANANAS 87 - BEAN DAY NASH - SKI - KI2 - PARTIES IB-CLUBJ - TS . . . SHH - MEMRSWfJ.C, - TRACK - CAPE COD - MEDILY Nathan 8. Cummings Nate "Memories - take the best and forget the rest" Thanks Mr. McDonough, Mrs. Alpert, Mrs. Halpin, Yo BUZZ Steve G Bob M. Paul S Kenny R Good Bye J.K. J.P. P.F. O ya later CHRIS P LOVE YOU Sandy J My baby forever 1 Lisa M. Cunningham I LOVE YOU PAUL!! Thank you for the memories everyone. Best of luck - B.S., N.S., and C.B. F "Leather and Lace" gs Andrew Churchill Curtis Pony Boy - Andy - Rambo lt's all the same if you don't know the difference FBBG, Conv Jump, Gloria, Tennis 86 SU, CaIl's Mt. Dew, NEBCH, Thanx Mom+Dad+Friends, Love You Heather, GT - Max, Hull, Rdao, JCMD, lt's 2:00 in llfe boys+girlsI Bye Samantha Whittaker Daboul Sam BgChI6 CAPE - BB 85-6 GT-6, SDpg, B+WMS, S3Hse Cpe Peds - HTB Me. TDM - BB Dags - KT: ID! LS - Sae Rds - RA Stks - JA CT - HD Hcky Bo's LPM - JKXGT "US" Prm85BSK - RZI POMS-K3SA Y'll alwys be in my hrt, BriILY! ILY Mom+Dad+Hez I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Dianna Lee Daly Di, Di-Di "I Stlll have far to go no doubt but l'm getting closer" Always - MJK, AJS, GEM, Chuck - ILYI Thanksl PACERS - Mr. S Compets84l SetsfPizzal SummerShowsI Friends - SCMBLSBBJG DRJAGSDFMGI Fla. 85, Cape 86 M+D - Thanksl ILYI 'Z I 1 at I J I I I I 41. - I 1 - , I I I , , I I fyffgzg, fi I Scott M. Daly Benjamin Dash lntultlon Takes Me There, Intuition Takes Me Ben Anywhere Guee Wanker Good Times wfAimee Dug JNKHAABHTRJF JFCASL VH5l5O OOKDUG RD+ C6NTT 40N THE FLOOR DUAL HORNS UNOEXHAUST I LIKE EGGS CLASSIC HEAD NERS' I F "Good Times, Bad Times, You Know I've Had My, Share" GT'SWfDSKS TFP A Quag: STWlVickI-I "HSDlKY?" STTKareng Hey spud, Alwaysl remember me beach JAMMINGIMII: TFYS Mom! Dad, and Adam, Motorhead, my Chevy went to heaven 44. fum' 1 -9 Joel H. Davidson "And these children that you spit on as they try to change your world are immune to your con- sultations and are aware of the change they're going through." B.K., A.D., D.F.G.l.H. Sanford E. Davidson "Snafu The Fun Loving GIeek" "SanMan" "Bashang" "Slow down you're doing fine you can't be everything you want to be before your time" BJ FL - J+M, Tute, CartS, Candystore Oh My LA - TOILET? H2OSa Thor LB BBat Zoo TenCap Thanx - Friends, S, M, M+D Don't go changing I ff-37 Glenn 8. Davis The Water Nymph "A fool and his money sooner or later wind up in College," dsg, garcon?, soccer, g-cartlng wfJ+S, egs, lhMS2 +BB, what is sleep?, 4 FAVORITES, mystery meat, baseball, l0ys 9kds wfAmy, agf Jill, JC: "tlysy," cgis 7 J Jonathan Neal Deaner Jon "lt's not over 'til it's over!" SMR '86 - Grease 0 Naticook - gtw!BS JG, AS, RM, "US" - gym wfBC, NM, NL - 4129186 - Sox 86 - Hist, Club - Calif '85 wfCeltics - Boston - Hou- deaner - AZA - Fllenes - 87 'I - Thanx Mom, Dad, Rob, Josh ILY! Patricia J. Delano Patti, Patt, Laura "l have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblln city. . Eyes? Yup, soon! Gawd! Look out Aussie, here we come! NL, PD, JK. "Snakes why did it have to be snakes?" Luv U M.R. "Trust Me." AIEEEEEI E Janine Marie DeLong Beaner "The moments may be temporary but the memories last forever" Gtwf SCCCOCGABBSF DBCCSYEM - LTgfarlde - SCCCSF "Hamp- ton 85-86" Bermuda 87 SC ls your eyeliner OK? Spec memories wfMlke lLoveYoul Thanks Mom ILY l Daphne Anne Demakis "Just remember to follow your heart, and build on the lessons you've already learned." 9f2lf85, MD hrtfsl Smr '86 4th w!SF 495 chs. VH wfSODA LaSalle wkd Suds' house . . .l BT wjKR l00PFV CMWXSSS ILY M,R,D Dennis P Dias "In the race to be better or best, forget not the joy of being" CAPE COD - Kalmus 86, How's your back? ElectlonsfMcCoyles Physics - Whatta Rushl Senior Swim CCAl7lfLights+ Plz- zaHUEYfHard Work+Good Friends. . . LATER ' 1 1 I I f I I rx . x,-.Aw--'Jw,L,,X LQ' FN ' f W bkffx L-iff'-All IQEJLQJLLTQJQ fi A. X,-QE., TLVV pn., 1 . C fr, 4 Andrew Michael DiMilla SD+HH vs STERNO BROS - RR wfREMg River Runs O l2.Fris wfBB on AT - Was That A Mad? THE KID - REBEL wfOUT A CAUSE. BEST MOMENTS wfLYNN ANN. THANKS , I! N i- I Ni D ,L,s,.,jt LLWQ S-JLXI ' '-JL: I 'wtf I0 f7 fy.-..-, JV lx Xxvikj' TH, DN "1 ' X 'YN-t Z' N-fjyfpfk Maria Dittaml "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." WW GTW:LBLCLCJCDBJM GMSSRKWBLGMCBPM CHSGKTfPNin ItaIywfBKPT 2 Bad Honey 2 Bad! Thanxs Mom 6 Dad M,D,C,J,P,J FOR THE HELP, "JOURNEY DOWN a E THE ROAD NOT TAKEN." C ' ' ' T9 " 1,341-if T I rbi Martha Elizabeth Dion 7 I I' 'L Mad Martha iw Kate B. Donovan "Ain't it funny how time flies when the best is yet to come." HGloria wfDW - DTY.Fla85wfJCPoms - KL-K2 - GDOII Sdp- Jake.Scavhnt 86 BSTDI gt "us." Spec mems of spec person - ily Dave. Thanx Mom, Dad, MSS - LuvLI. 76' .nv ...Z Gary M. Dorfman "Dorf" "Just think in 25 years these will be the good old days" BB bat? MCD af EJ Scav Hunt NFLXKH TPIng VSA Paint by ster Ackb Sccr semi stat Hcky chp Lat cpt " - l3S'25 Bonvil Buff8LL by Zek Boss RustyR ILY MDSJ l WHAT HE HAD ONCE HOPED FOR THE FLOCK, HE NOW GAINED FOR HIMSELF ALONE: HE LEARNED TO FLY, AND WAS NOT SORRY FOR THE PRICE THAT HE HAD PAID. VNYRDXBERMLIDA, SAILING! CHEMLAB GDTMSWXPRDPW ACIMET - DNTWRYABTIT! Edward Dorsey Ted "Life is just a dream so don't wake me up" BQ. SC, DM, BS, TK, SK, NB, CB, CG, SS. Nip- plemam and Sir Grimace 502 - INL GCC "G.D,I.A.G." Green omega "Boston Garden Ripoff" 4 h men "Coco, Moon, Slime, and Red" Amy Susan Dorfman "Dorf" "Sweet memories will last a long long time" BrucefCrash - 8119185 BstdatSax ScvngrHnt '86 Dec8'84J2G JIyBnwfEW GT "US" JFD FIawfRach - Kmrt w'sup - MM - s'nPrIs - KT JDEC BS! SpclFrnds - TL, DW - EshwlKL - AWHFY - Thanx MSD 1 Brian L. Dunham Grasshopper That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Thanks to Suz, Vic, Deb, Blll, Lambo, Reb 5 JD. To Gary: We's outa here! "Life is either a great adventure, or nothing at all" Seeya Sayonara o Arigato -Sarah Alexandra Ellison SAE We are all worms but I do believe myself to be a glow-worm. GTW "LIS" BFFRA FHWCM RB- BWEW LSWED SPFEM R89P JG ZSWJC A86! HH DL, ThGWBF TWPC SpFASS BUMMSP TyYo summer '86 SPAIN IWALY REZA THANKS MOM, DAD 6 ROB ILY 1 'Q-'Y Stephanie Elynne Ferguson Stef, Steffie, Fergie Andrew S. Epstein f -'Af Jonathan M. Faini "Men ought to inspect their dreams and know them for what they are." Good times WXJNKHBHCACMJFSL SDAOTKAADR Moby, 'copter school '85, bfp, DDMD, The Wall - 8, LZ, Rush, PF, C'sPM. Thanks M+D. fried what? Harrumph "You can't start a fire without a spark." Spring- steen. MOSKO MEN - Maine 86. V.S, Elbow. Bing. Stogies. Lunch Run - Ltn. Nice Head Nerds. Macs. 'I' Home slice. Top Rockin. Chub- by. VHSl5O. Terrorism. Pate. Yup. Silver Bullet "My eyes are turned to the future but I'lI never forget the thoughts I left behind." Gd timeswfSCJDAMKM KRSK and all VH '86wfLlDSVFSS - ANNE WANNA GO BOINKIN? SC - BUMPERS! KM - WHASSUP? BUBSII THANKS M+D, JEN, VEEILY .f-Nvt I ,W ff f , , 'W Thomas C. Fltch Deborah E. Fitzgerald Debbie, Fitzy, Do It is better to keep one's mouth shut 6 be thought a fool, than to open it 6 remove all doubt - Gd tms Wfgd Frds: ML, KH + JS 8 wfspcl Frds: DR4-CF CRUNCHBERRIES! Is he molesting U? TPing, SOC+BB Thanks Mr8MrsR Q V-5 Jeffrey Harris Finkelstein The Flnk "lf I am not for myself who will be for me? And if I am for myself only - what am I? And if not now, when?," Nice Watchl, Life is like a Kum- quat?, Coop, MR, AS, ES, VT, MW, JZ, Bye-bye, buy bonds. sl 1 John Michael Fitzgerald Fitz "LIFE GOES ON" LAX Rules SSA DKGDS F- BALL Skiing T-bird Michele Jen Shano LLlSum - BSWXDSKSTGAREM SOLOVE TO DANCE W! SAMCar Do or Terminator BBQ5AM WfAdam8Eric Good Times WXU-Guys "THANK YOU MOM6DAD" Joan F. Flanagan Everything is brighter from behind a smlle. DIV- ING, GYMNASTICS icaptl - BSLC HI 84 Ire 85 CO+Fla 86 FRDI CA, NG, JG - talks 3 Strikes hoc-chpn! Bristol? SGSLF Bros. Puma G.T. wfDR, CA, SP, MD, SB, AO S The Gang! It 1 Deborah Sarah Flax Debbie 8 Deb "Accept me for who I am or not at all, any other way will cheat us both" Gar - ILYFAJTWUR - UR The Best! Thanx LS2, CH, DD, MG, JL, TB, JS, ILYA! LS - WSC-PC? CAMP32 - SR - CabinV ILYI MS Make Me Map! Mom+Dad, Kevin John Fogarty Favorite - sports on TV. Hate homework, enjoy FNHS, TLC - 9 yrs. Happy to be class of '87. Good friends - all deaf students - Nice teachers Paul 5 Mary Thank you Dad 6 Family. Good luck. Ron+Bruce lLYA! Barbara Foisy Barbie ALL WE ARE SAYING IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE FLA 82 - 6 DM, MH, JM, RW, JB, RICK, KP Keep On Smilin - Ed Nik S-Io, DG, MS, FB, RA, BH, LS, SE, LQ, LK "C" K - PS '69 doobs What A long Strange Trip its Been! Thanx Luke R. Fontano "Its been great, but the best is yet to come" FootbaII86LAX Cape86 KEG85 saw good timesfDLBLEIMF VH RUSH TRIUMPH SKILOSTNHX JFSG Kris JBZHBSRKWTHE DUSTER THANXATP KDKW ILU KD GOOD LUCK MATT THANX MOM+DAD Mum+Dad, RF, PJ anis l inf Lee Freedman lf you feel it, do it, you don't need a reason. For all you know it could be good for you. - Phil Collins - JA - vp Mkmg STARKMMJ FE, Rob - PDGIsrael - Red Sox LCS - Bryan, Chi-Chi's, BF, army, Good Luck Monch Kim Beth Frieband Kimmy, Kimber "Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye." Cheryl - Love Ya! Chicago '85, F's, RDTS. Love ya DaveySScott, KC - Poodleheadl JN - HuckfBecky. BM - Pigs! LS - l2ll4j84. GTWIACBCLNKSDDMK. Buf, Israel '86. Thanks Mom5Dad. Karen M. Fritz KK, Shorty, Toad "Love will come and go but friends are 4-eva GtwfJGCMBBJNKHAA TKTSSL "Hampton 85" Yes we love you GeddyKCJones - 86 Rt3O I Might Natrick Bye 4-eva" "Hoop86" "Whac a mole" "The Natick Bust" FSNAPS IwnfyAdam lLYM+D S Marco Gabriel!! Gino TIme drags whn yrnot hving fun. DDI 84-5-6 F- ball, hockeyf82 - I7 43 YDER! THXCS, DAD. PARTYSo, SR. GTWfEL, DK, JC, GM, KM, BooglDr. J! Feeley Pk. Molsons, sInsBoog+Lis sKe6 - sRee GD jobEl+sK, LKs.o.B. I hate Cheryl Gale "Always follow your dreams" - KFMKGMACB- CD MSCEDJNDH - Luv U KF - CHICAGO 85 -- mer - Hamburgers - Bahamas - CGGPG, Always - NO - RDTS - Luv U CHA - 7-25- 86 - The point - KFBF - Luv U MK - Cpff - Thanks mom-n-Dad - I Love you always, 9, Sharon Galllgan "LIVE AND LET LIVE!" - for a pearl is found in almost every oyster. Had enuf UV-SP Bristol? - JF, LF RKPT - COPS! TP-JEDS GTBF-TAM. HED, MEL, RED, MIK, ETC - a friend is a gift that you give to yourself- THANKS GUYS! Injuries! Joleen A. Gardelll Jo, Claire, Babe, Hon "If you see someone wfout a smile, give them one of yours" GTWICMKFBBJNKHSLAA KCJones85-86 Hampton 86 Rt 30 "We luv you Geddy" Waps Hi Hon Guys, don't let it end WHACAMOLE NATBMEVA l'Il go ILYM+DI Love U BIG 89 Paul. 1 -i v. 'Q as Joanne Garry Jo "A bird never soars too high If he soars with his own wings" GTW LQ, CZ, TP, MS, LL, DS, BM, CA, JK. And my bf SH Bean + Zho are back! "The toothbrush" G+G Was IT love? Wachusett?I My special Adam. ILYM+D! Marc O. Getman "Getty" "There ls only one success - to be able to spend your life In your own way." Thx - M+D.S.F. - AB MP JM MG TP SG SB GS. UMass486, CaI.8l86, JESRAM Wlp Me! 714 - TP's, J- yslc.AUDREY - 916 628 HPY "ICEURN" I.L.U. BEST! D. Scott Ginsberg Red, WooWoo The Budweiser mobile The Birds, Cutlass, OTAY, Hey OK Take It easy, Don't get run over, Rush, Van Halen, Bob Seger, good times with DN, BN, MS, LD, DW, MW, PR, The Bud Bombers 'L "I fInaIly made it! Thanks Dad" Bye Jayme A. Glick "No one can take away your right to fight and to never surrender" Prisms in the dark, Fun WIWK, SJ, KZ, LU, RC, KN, FS, JK, AL, KW, ANTao, MSM, pdbl, hindrance, Aussi, Track, weddings, Watrfite! DreamIntoAction Thanx Mom. ,- JW W' ,.Vs6.,- 40 0' uk A N VXLL7 AJ, cy, I L L Whip' ,ww i 910,150 Mg if' Naomi Beth Goldberg Naom, Nomi The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may just be the beginning. BOTwfDebDonna SUZILUGSum86 BostonNTS Israel85DSKmScYAB wbksTKS C6Cawy gtwjLP - smeg, KG pMYn LIFL DO THIS GBE ILY MSD Melanie Beth Gould So much is taken for granted - stop now and appreciate what you have because it may not last forever. Aud, U made it bearable - 143 - Bt May U get what U deserve. "hi baby" Thanx mom, dad 5 Lloyd for the support .,' lf L 'Q7 V7 lr A NV v-" J? 'K P' Q00 L ft' S49 . if gif QC Uigal' A Q' X!! AXP 5 .L X Q,'1N,8 yy FDL A 'KL 'Y X X dz Jeffrey Alan Gordon Jeff "We find in life exactly what we put into it." Good Times wfBS, JD, DS, MS, JC, "US" Gamblers - 85 Boston Big D HoJo's "LNCG" MS - Clubs? 4129186 Thanks Mom, Dad and Beth ILY, I 1' I 1 1 I 4 Susan J. Gorslri It ls little things in life that make me smile! Thanx BS! Ducky, to WR, "M.L.A.," ME! Sac, shower- talk, "Slime," DLXSG - Customers, good x'sWlKH, MH, CC, JH, MW, AB. "Susse Chalet 85," to KH, "I will pinch your nose forever." Carrie Heather Gralnick "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to many what lies within us." - RALPH WALDO EMERSON D.L. S.G. B.S. Latin HW? Undewear NEFTY J.S.K.H.J.W. Miss ya Thanks Mom and Dad Stacey Lynn Grange "The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up." Memories: Europe 85 WfAshlandg Ace, DL, KB, CG, SG, DL's red spot, Mr. Garge - dr.ed. notes? NOIS YES! DM - Dave, Smthg. about the name. Thans Mom 8 Dad, ILY! Jennifer Grant Jen "To the gypsy that remains SN" A - SMITH "83" trip much 86 Z Whiskey my boy "Summer of 84" Partymobile many brews Grammy's with D. Good times with GB KT LY LB AM 8 MG Thanx ME-D We're outta here Gina! Jill Elyse Grant Jilly, Twiggy "So easy then never making plans, just sitting back 5 holding hands" GT "US" Soc8lax83-87 5amabDI - OhwelIEW FL84MMtow2AJEW89? SE ppKLfswfAS Sf-TLGD FFFSB 7115185 Laughs 6 love shared with Jimmy ILYA Thanx MSD AQ 41' Andrew J. Greenberg "All you really need in life is love." L S L so M and H so M - LJL, ER, CJLJ. ls it or is it not? Sank you Cape Cod, BWBTBSSSNB. Lacrosse! Euphoria . . . SEA'86l Ocean. GTW: DW, KD, DB, TL, TG, KH V, -.0 ,I T4, In Richard B. Greenblatt "DEATH is only funny until someone's eye gets 'Sf Seth W. Gross Sethro JESRAMP YRS.LZ-L-L MY BEST With AG CB CH GS IM JM MG MP TL Side By Side wlMW CAMPOUT Vietnam battle TAP wfHHCB No Regrets Music is the Leader ln my llfe it's the pure essence of living, live your own song as +12 Roger Frank Grossman "Remember yesterday, be happy today. live for tomorrow and smile forever." Best of luck - class of 87! PACERS HI28 - trivia Piz.Wag.wlRM Thanks stagefmusic friends - you're special. Thanks Mom l Love You. i' Kelley Joyce Haggerty "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." I MADE ITI Rlch, 9f2Il85IADIWAR WWHIBAWEDTPOLGS G-Tlmes wfKB ATCC CS-DD-TOPWCRP, JK- MDF, SP, WA, EA, MG. Thanx Mom and Dad ILU poked out" ISRAEL - 1985-'86 First A.C. of KBH BATY - Nefty "l wish I couId've saved that cow" - M.L. Thanx MSD 75 4 I 6 ' I Hooman Hakami "Hoo," "Hoobah" After Today, Consider Me Gone. - STlNGBlC83g TlFH:IBFY, DM, l9I5, Forever Sunset.J's85.AMNESTY86: U2 8 STING. SHBSBSTDI CapJB'Fornia86. Tennis. DL. SE, MK, SS, JR, SD, GD, JC TM 8 D. Q.-41 Marilyn R. Hager Great to be alive! To every door is a key! Anything is possible! Success comes from in- spiration from consistent work from interests! Music! Few but true friends! Lolyl Kimberly Scottl Lovel I believe! 'Y Robert Scott Hamilton Hamar, Stick "l'm taking my time just movln' along" Good Times wfAA, JN, JF2, TR, SL, SD, AO, KH, DR, TK, DH SoccerTourney85-86 '5 Cape SNAJ CopterSchool The Wall - PF BOSTON Bobo Special memories with CA Thanx MSD Robert M. Harvey Ill Busy 'B' "What has passed has passed now the future is to come" Chill'n with the crew Dana, Doice, Tracey. Tim, Erlk, DavelMetcofAdidasfGood Luck RH. DR, ST Thank you MrE,-Mrs Stamps! Mr5MrS Robart l Love You Ma "NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY." Gtlmes - JAC- WAJTKDRLHJO. Cape wknds TKLH oreos All night clown OK The Battle Jeff - zoo fish massively USSR'86 "thts no sprnkLR" Novio, Thanks Mom, Dad, Mr. W., Jeff. gdluck NH D - PLAYLOUD Robert D. Heffron Hef, Bobo "Feel like throwing in the towel Do not be a fool. They're goin' to knock you out put you down for the count. Watch the left watch the rlght, and below the belt." Thanks everyone 8 Mom5Dad MS Golf at FG .i 5 XX Peter Ludwig Hering Pete "And now the times are changin', look at everything that's come and gone." lt's over, VH86, PACERS - MOSKOMEN, Florlda87. lunchwfDR, AE, 6 AW, GOODFRIENDS. SS, GK. AW, AE, DD, DG, BD, GB, DR, RM, CC, DB, NiceHead ThanxMD Karen G. Hetherington Sandra J- Hillitll "Let's pretend it isn't and see what happens." Hooya - are we embarrassed? GOO-ILY, friend Cl does this? DEB, we know the truthl You made lt good JSCDMABWDB-SAC AMY-lGFl Yester- day came so suddenly. "Everybody falls down. It's getting up that counts." Good Friends - LLLQDSBCACTPMPL SKSDF Forever Friend Jo Thanks NH86NY86ME WW84 - St Elmos85 Dunkin' wfLL8Crew Soft- ball My First Love John R l Love U Mom Ev Dad Helle Hestnes "For long you live and high you fly and smiles you give and tears you'll cry all you'll see is all your life will ever be" Good times wffriends cruising wfStacy Thank you MSD, AL, Lee EF Meetings Norway VIA., Eric l-limes "Heimey "All the world's indeed a stage and we are mere- ly players" Thanks MomfDad Times with SG DN, KR, EL, SK, BN, CP RUSH TRIUMPH HALEN, STRYPER, WAAF.AH! OH TAY A BUD- MOBILE! Good luck CHIEFSI KEEP ON BAKING 'EM BUGS Thomas W. Hodsdon Wil, Willie "Life, I love you, all is groovy":FJ-24hrs but closed, grab it, mmmm Chocolate miIk:JR-swish8you get Megan: GD-8th grade-you bad infIuence:Good Morning:MM-luv yazl miss MR:AK6Michel le-left wfwho:KR-Flat Raquel Holliday Rack Leaving the old will be sad but beginning the new will be surprising.-Philly- Regina.- Boston-Dana,Doice,Steph, Dyan.-Home- Diane, Nicki, Nikki, Chrissy, Bobby, Lizzy, Lisa. Remember and love each of you. Cheryl Lynne Hoffman We can't control the past we may only remember it.Let's live for today 5 dream for tomorrow. CutGar6Deb R tbof! SG-HiW bbyo-9f6t! IC86- nyeparty85 BKWLKthru Teusens R great specialK I luv LI MSD'GL.MEL Ken Hohenstein Hoey, Ho "And so its time to change our ways but I've loved these days" -BJ 86 BB Bat? Bahama Mama WXDC NFL SFRabbit ZooWfJRSD TP Alliance me prty? MD's aftr EF CA BOWJM H RunJJs Thanx to good friends MSD Gr8Gr K-I Kenneth Anthony Horne Kenn, Snake, Nanna "We would not die in that man's company who fears to die with us" GTwfSL- JNTKCMJGKF SDJFAODRTRAABB. Hubas on the stoop. TransbowI"72" Sum86 Death an escapt? "Aug.Bust" "FLETCH"Hawaii86' Wrest.Thx.M5D 'W-S' 1-fl "THE END?"' 9. David Hukkl Huk The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye.the story of love is hello 6 good- bye.JH9 I7 70 Gtimeswj BHKHJFQCAJNSL SDAODRTRTK TDH 7 25 86 the Wall Cards Bstrikes DrJFAOSB epslime FainiGang Evan lsraelson Izzy "PIay for keeps and try to never lose, live it fast but live the life you choose" F-Ball '73 GTWjDL,BL,LF,DS, KS,AH-SEETIF CapefRR'86' Top2 Rushz Triumph 5x Pep's Thanks Mom Dad Shel SJ ILY Spec.xs wjAH Andrla Leigh Jacob Jake "I know it hurts to say goodbye, but it's time for me to fIy." GT"LIS" ScavHnt'86- BSTD. GOTC!!No aIntrwfEWKL-Not lt. vball- IJW SDPLOONwfKD spec. mems.ATW BA3 XPCIBJ Wgsk. tow2-JE dn4e thanx MDD-ILY. Andrew Jagollnzer Jag "The future's uncertain, but The End is always near" - J. D. Morrison PACER, WABBIT. KAOS, COSMIC VOMIT, ANASTASIA SCREAMED, AB, JC, MG, LK, SK. BW, AG. BM. SC, KR, KS, DM, SC, 2D, JP, SG, MBBB, EH, thanx Mom 5 Dad Goony-Goo-Hool Daniel Jazdzyk "For four years l've waited to say good-bye." Fun Bryon Johnson JED - 5 miles 4am'BS!!'the Coyle crew!! JohnErGansett 86!!U with Sheila - l5ft in air!! Mac "The S Kid," SV, JB, DC, KB, 83, 1013- 4186 - l5lwh "Its slippin!!" Vineyard - Horseneck - MC86Loon MT G DG wag - Gina! P-Acad!! - 'TPSDC 'CD!! 'Uh Swatl M. Joshi Joshi, The Fly, Swat, Swahili, Swami, Squish, Star, Brain, Animal Child l took the road less traveled by 5 it has made all the difference Thx MD Spo MsE MrD MrS MsD MrO JJOB LU JGALFSKNKTRC WKLWKW OG thgl FRESH hrdl p:r bfldschmchpug 6mpgt Wdthnsrtrndhr Nt Nthn Gna Brk M Strd Wendy Lynn Kamer "We'll remember all the laughter as we go our separate ways" "Prisms In the Dark" Rick, Taoism - lntensel pdbl w!JG, LU, KZ, pSw roses, Debates, Music85, eat out, Aussl, GH, Dream ln2 action, dis-FS, gtwfAL, KW, KN, SJll times with CB, LC, GO, MM, BS, CY, JS "Big Grey One" 53 soon! Lunch? Hey Mrs.M, Thanks. Power Wagon! Led F'in Zeppelin let the music be your master Thanks Mom Glenn S. Kalick "Don't look back, the road is calling and today is the, day" Boston - Maine 86, SpringBreak FTL87, Pacers, Drinkruns, MFL, Carl and the Pit- Vipers, Gun checks, '70 Mustang, Sr.Comp.Play, Sat.morningSets, Thanxs Moskomen 44.13 Peter Karalis Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive, - 85fAGYA-AZON GTK- KSMKTBCDLLABS "Track" - P. Thanx MSD Meredith Jill Katze "lt takes both the rain and the sun to make a rainbow" I Love You Cher Hamburgers my clown love you Gretch WBTAT Di ILUVYOU PACERS Comp84 jnisacck 2mom thnks love you thanks mom seannan lis for everythn David C. Keating "All conformists are alike" Good Times at Shea's Wlndwood '86 FeeleyFieIdJEAN BoogKiller, Mar- co, RickJIM PAGE Summer of '86 JonnyS BCNfireworks in Bostonl The Kitchen Crew LRKSSKlPPYLedZep Thanks Mum 1 Elizabeth Amy Keats Liz, Biz, Lizzy "The moment may be temporary, but the memory lasts forever" GTSwf BCKKJC ALDBSCDMMPCC - ClktDag! Puma - MWBM PartiessfB-Clb "Chilli" HeyDeb2Vl?SocSLax SMCbzerz FLA-BHMS-BRMDA SpecialTimeswfEARL - ILY Thanx MSD l Julie Anne Keats Jules, Julio "What has past has past, now the future is yet to come." Soccer '7 ATW USY BBG GTWXJCBCKSMLD MSCTSBH SkiingfN.V. T.P. South - 4 am BANANAS Green Bomber FIafBahamasfCruz85 FlawfTS86 Bermuda87 Thx - Mr. G. Thx - MSD .QL 1, Todd R. Keefe Tofa, Keefa, The Big 89 "Determination is the key to unlock the numerous doors of opportunity" GTwfCMKFKH- JNCMMKCGS DJFDRAADHGMBH SLBBTPAO LaxSkoal Bros wf KHGDL Football 85886 muts Toddland guee Bi TY ME-D I LUV YOU JOLEEN Q0 William R. King Napalm Cap Thunderbolt Fit. 162 19028 '68 Torino GT6Toyota. Party at the Dam. Friends, Sgtt Joe. Shelbs, Stef, BD 6 Children, Ch. I3 Crew, CL, Brake Stands and Motorheads, Chief, etc wom- pafwompa, Napalm Sticks. Good Luck '87! Sean Michael Keegan Maddog "Complain a lot, saye your sanity, like me" I wish my team and classmates the best of luck wall crew: FB MS MP RA Scrub "D" Summer CC SC SR ST You're all tapped hard Special memories with Jackie li Michael Kenler Zeke, Geisha, Speiglas, Skeeter, K-Bar, Chief Monga, League Warrior "Rain must fall upon us all, but only those with Turtle Wax will survive." TBallg Hampton 86 bashangg neg: and kegsg scav Hunt 86 busted: HlLo-S40 cookie, blque-nlque: Don't be lkeeteredg Thanks, I luv you Mom. Brian G. Kinnucane Nukes Canyouseethereal meTWCruisininthe montektw whatever, crashing! KGpassout! What timeislt- theWho Quadrophenla wkeg'swheresBob? Pros TheBeast Mac'slmsikWhatoh yeahmontypythn BCBones Budkegsmirrorsee ya Thanks Mom5Dad 2 'MQ Kathleen Kivell "If you don't go for It you'lI never know the pleasure of having It!" Good times WXKSJKJSDS LLCWKSCM cpwdi mrg nfy - KR wnv-dsed sfsfjsnfl Ted 586CG outfield ski-oablexb GSTomI Got a but! Love ya much MDE,-T Leslie Ellen Klaidman Lel, Lez, Lezwoman "Don't follow a given path, make your own and leave a trail" Senior Summer - GST, B2, TCSGY, LGC, AEPhi, G B. Cruise NL - Forever young, TM - Let's watch the BCWTDF. TSS, May, 8 CM KCwfMFPMA Thanx Mom B Dad, I pu 41 Kevin G. Koh It may be logical, but logical does not mean it is right. My parrot can even do that problen.. Physics must be simple or it is wrong. It is a vec- tor. Build a bird house, you moron. Wear your socks to class. LUVU Jean Marea Kokoszka "Give wind and tide a chance to change" Soc Horne Bingham Pactlod GST Lex boys ski- lngfprom GTWIDSLLKKKSJSK SJGKHRHEACSCW It's about time - ZHO FIAYTIWYNIHYALY - AD NF - CG BBw!RP tgODSIHOPHynWp Hawaii 86 ILYN Karin Elizabeth Komins Fletch, Like "I'm just caught between tomorrow 5 yesterday" gtwlJCALLKBDSFDLSW, l2f26f85, Parties, Bclub, grlsputcowdn! pick, SII, Cwmn, Diblackl ybmat, S-Mac-sl My name? Wallwatch, Ber- muda87! ILY SCOTT! Thanks Craig, Mom, Dad, Dick Michael Alan Krasnow Thanks for everything, Mom, Dad, and Neil I love you. s Michael Edward Kushnir Kush "These are the times to remember cause they will not last forever." BJoel86 SCVP Bruce F202 815186 - Aim Prudence EM SD JR MP others Thor Mr. K RiversHH "Oh my" Hi. for a day Thanx MSD I luv u. Alexandra Lagos Alex "Beware of losing the substance by grasping at the shadow" What lunch? 4th? Amor vinclt in- somnia FS - Analyze itl PhysMrO-Poog SJ, MR-FFWD Slide Rule - DNWOTS See Ya - LU. KZ, ET, AN, KN, WK, RC, JG, KT, IM Thanx MSD Brendan K. Landers lm going to the movies" BEST TIMES WITH DL El LF DS, Red Roof Inn, Cape Cod Weekend cleaning lzzy's back seat, typical night. Good times In the cafe with SK. ox! al a-:rl it Jodie Lavene Jo, Yo, Jod "My eyes are turned toward the future but l'll never forget the road I leave behind" GTwfLSLSNHSTBJ MKW+P3s Shmu - UGAF WeblsfBKWLK THRU Brmuda87 ILUME-D - GLK+JpencIls? DUHVB4goso BAwknds - "ex- l l Kim Marie LaPointe Nicole LaRose Silkscreening, art - great jobs, Good friends - Nic, Flash Cheryl, Julianne. Kathy. Good friends S teachers "Lately it occurs to me what a long strange tnp - Wilkes 5 Holllngwofth - jokes. fun- Readl' it's been!" Australia Australia Australia we love future, will miss Tl..CfFl'll"lS S friends. G0d bless you Amen! Lgokgut Jen Manny and sportmg you. I love you Mom 5 Dad. goods, Patti and I will be by' Kellie Anne Lawton Kel "I watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream - so the days float thru my eyes but still the days seem the same" lTALY86! YSGME. 84, HOJOXRIB6, LK. COCH -- GUESS - Thnx JTCOKCLAl I LOVE YOU JIM! traordlnary friends" Megan Carroll Leary MCQUOQQ Tlme files when you don't know what you're do- ing: Callahan Tunnel Club, Merry X-mas Beav, 1:00 AM Wil? Have a coke and a smile, Plehl Ski the K-l2l More Is betterfKS+DF - CRUNCH- BERRIESI Kate, how are your tires? If Natalie LeBeau Nellie Nel "Dying all the time - lose your dreams and you will lose your mInd" Nash-Bash ima nosel Mello Yellow. KZ KH JD LK "FOREVER YOUNG" TM BabyF MS -- a breeze? LENT DARYL ACCENTS SM THANKS for your love MJB ERN ,J Bryan L. LeBlanc From the halls of North High to the activities out- slde, there has never been a better place to learn 6 experience things and have fun. But most of all the memories that were gained here with my friends! I More 'B , 6-1' I , 37' I of Chi-Fan Lee Success is to be measured not so much by the posltlon that one has reached in llfe as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed QC'- Leslie J. Lemmon "The best things in life can't be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart" Good friends DSJKKKSHJGKS JSMP Hank you're ln my heart SH Time to make the Donuts cape CG RPSFSPAUL DS OTCP ILY MGD I I I I I I I I Kate Ellen Lerner Katie I "AND YES WE'VE JUST BEGUN" SDvsm Bstd- ' Sx Smr86 Poms - SKSA+K - K2PGGDOlAN - AJ+EW - Nl ESh - AD AWHFY RBICFTF G ' - RS JKYASFILYA PT - RA Mil - BP ST - , EM YAGF Bugsy OTR2 PP - JG GT "US" Thanx Mom8Dad, Millie8Gary I Love U I I I iff' iw' April Letteney "The Illusion is deep, as deep as the night, you can never forget how it used to feel" GTW - KKJCTWCMJBLK PATWHO? PICKSIVMTIRED, GIRLS PUT COWDOWN l2f26lO5YBMAT PAR- TIES, WALLWATCH, S-MAC-STHEFUR STRIPODSI Thanx Mom8Dad fe 1 I I I I Todd Lewis HueyLoey, Toad "MyFriendsBecomea PartofMe OhWelIlt's Then Lifels Complete" FJaps PoliceDWAmnesty DWDJBHHSSUZDB. WPussMervDw Soccer- Tourney 85B6SC? BSLC? 5KegsAsh JMDWSG BigBysSkiPinMB? KegDCBJ's DWSFJGADDCS GDWDBlLuv TEMomDad Good Luck Elizabeth Lochiatto Beth "l HOPE FOREVER NEVER ENDS" GTWfK2M2LJ2S6V E2T2D2C2. Poms! Watt? Italy DT+THE BEAN. RINGLEADERI WHO AM I? Dance wfNoelle. WHOOPS! 12 FT? WOAH, . .. He's Beautiful! Are we having fun yet? Thanx - Mom Dad 6 Sheila. ILYT CIAO I I I I I I I I I I I I Deidre Joyce Levey "You're just a prisoner of your dreams" - Bruce! I JOP, James, chacha - Mr. D. Memories: I wooliesfpep, schnatts - MG, Rte 20 - LA, GP. I "you know" - CG, Red Spot - SG, DerfDuh? 1 - Sue. MONKEES '86. Thanx Mom 8 Dad, LSR ILY. I I I I I I I I I I I Eric Long Rick' I "Now's the time to have some funl'f GTWlBoogMGDKJC 6 girls! Football Feeley DII J "Nice Serve!" Shea's Cutlass Hackn' "WhatevI Boog" "Hooch" Led Zep Pink Floyd Eric Clapton- "Bad Hit" CCJJJNLB 87 Peps Thx MSD 41? Marie A. Long Rie "Live every moment, Love every day - Before you know it your precious time slips away" Gtw1LLCHBCJPRGWW. Thanx L. Party Bust 8186. Sammy Bubbles l1l3187? C-Y? Sp mems w1Chris. AV Jrny - 86. Thyr run. yoasted! LYGl Scott Lucas "All the world's indeed a stage and we're merely players" AEASES D - Doobles on the stoop the woods fletch transbowl Bcasesl 'bustedl 6x2 hookem taco Rlng dance 58 Gtsw1JNKHJFSDA ODRJFBHCA TKSMCMJGCM KFSB 6 cr ' Mary Mahan "All that you touch and all that you see ls all that your llfe will ever be" P. Floyd memories: TED Love Yag 7113185 concerts, Jlbba PC, RC. MM. LM. Bud "Not here" Cape Cod Matador . . . par- tles Hunters Zeppelin 819185 N N 'N 1' Linette M. Longtine Lynn, Lin "l Don't Know" ILY Bryan RSG BANANA Sam! GS: JF, CO, AC, GD, BOTw1ML, BC, JP, KB, CH, URTBEST maily Prty BST THYR RN Yoasted Pell MW1DK BTC Rules Friends S Lovers Rush85 BTWB818186891l186 Av ML - TPDW CA: scum BILUAH WBFALA Nashwa Makar Nash Bash "To dream the person you want to be is to waste the person you are" BF - DHNLBC Nell - DARYL? - accents bean-day w1Bren fMa nosel uc - TM good times w1NLDHBCTM DBJDLK - fLTll Thanx Mom, Dad, Rania, ILY! 'Y 1 If L11 Jeffrey Loui "There's just a song in all the trouble and the strife, You do the walk, you do the walk of life." F+L87?1G KPHESDBCC tdy?l, lunch runs, Sum- mer85, YSH, beachbound CRMFTSTSSS teal Thanks MSD Daniel Lynch "Lynchie" lf you want something, get lt while you can and get out. Good Friends BLEILFDSKS Chew, Swill RMRCAPT. BBaII8FBalI Legion JAIL Sophyr Cape86 GPCMLFEIBLZONE ZZTopFrankie TheBozJenC "l3" "JSILU" l Love You Dad8Mom 'F is l . , Michele Lynn Marlon GT "US" CHEERlNG1JO BASAX JC - DUHY BUw1SE Fl Fi COMPETITION 8586 JOHN! STw1RAJC PICKA SUMMER - 861C Scv-Hunt AD - WHAT'SUP M+TTw1HDCC w1NF - MF'Tl3 K - OTR+R Bck+FrthOPMw1JC RBMB HTHANKYOU M+D4-R" MICHAEL - YAMMS. ILY, JK l,,,.al I l Cheryl Anne Masuccl Cadlllacs In E. Boston, Nancy - lang. help very much. 2 yrs. Mary - funny. Hate homework. Lots of fun In school. Free - friends breakdanc- Ing S.M., K.G., M.G., D.G. Thank you Mike Bello and my family Jon Maxwell Mad Max "Life's been good to me" SKIING ON THE SEAT WITH DW, MS, PD, WhoEverI Starcraft "ll5" The Cape was Real I Love Ll DW "THANKS" Miss Mac Good Times WITH GLENN AT ST PATS WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW Eileen McCree I, Irene In all the world, there is nothing more worth win- ning than the laughter and love of friends. Great times wf Beth, Debi, JWSC CCJDLBMDLM CMPPNG, LM Lunch! Hoop - MGR Softball - Skiing86 - Whale watch86 Thanks Mom5Dad pf' Y 1 Robert McGrath Bobby Accept what you can't change, but change what you can't accept BASKETBALL - Fr. '83-'84 - J.V. '84-'85 - Varsity '87 Good Times with A.M., J.N., T.M., P.M. 'THANKS MR. McD,, Mr.B., Mrs.H., Mrs.G., Mrs.E., Miss B. Stephen B. McNally Snoopy "All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be" Good times WfSHDHPHJJMP JFMFVPMHSGMK FSP+TS Sum85JSSum 86SR Rega-Bob THETLIB NB's wof A-Niters:Spent Pam "Hey Mom I did it Thanks!" CCIC CCMA 14 Os., Jason R. McNamara Mac, Jase "La coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point" 84wf LL, Private Stock, Whippets, LIMAS86, Spartan Social, Hadley death ride WXESCBJRSDKH, Python, JESRAM, The Band, Sfingdis, Magenta, Thanks Mom, I Love You Michelle C. McKuin Mishy "I know l'm gonna make it, as sure as I was born" G1 T! W: CCSCCCAM WHSSEHFSBD JCBEN- DASHILY - THEDHALLGANG BeachByCC's - FunHuh?fWILH - YOUR NUTS! CC8Me dan- cin'SkatinglEric H. LCLBLCJPTMMorI Mom, I'Il Thomas John Mchlichol Tom, Tommy "People walk into our lives 6 go: some stay for a while, leave footprints In our hearts, and we are never the same." 'LLVC' "Fine, Just Fine!" - Leslie K. Summer '86 - Get united colors - NM BABY-F - NL - Eng '85, lngrld Reeves Melton lggie, Igs "Seldom we find half an idea in the profoundest sonnet" Best of times wf M.D.M.R.P.D.E. T.L.P.E.S.A. W.K.T.R.C.ET AL. Band + Mr. W. THANXALOT! Uh-huh! Miss ya muchly, MAR- THA! THANKS, MOM, POP, + MARION! 'S if -49 X I: , +L! f I Sarimila Mendez Sara, Sara Bear, Duffy, L.B. Good-bye and Thanks To All My Friends: KC, RS, SB, JD, BD, BK, PC, KW, FS, JC, AR, ST, SP, PH, See ya Mr. Witt. Choose whompa- whompa! Let's Lizzard Mr. X! Warren Vegas, I'll always Love You very much!! Glad to be out Christine M. Mespelli Crissy, X-Mas, Much If you can't remember me with a smile don't remember me at all WAPSOWA Hoop85wfSHNGPP Rt30 GTWXJGKFBB QFFJ TSJPKHTKSLAA 'Mush' NayCZ JSSum - PCBusts NatBI4Eva KCJ85-86 QKeashPst52IJ WHACAMOLE Geddy Hamp DB ILYM+D Erlc David Mllls "Millsy" "lf you say good-bye to me tonight there would still be music left to write" S.C. Pres. lVicel Good times with all LotsaG'smotS. Thanx Jen5Kate4being there Filene's BJx286 Thanks Mom, Dad C- Jon I Love You David Missle Mis, Mizzle The one who dies with the most toys wins 4-H Man, coco, slime, red, moon, Roxbury, Ralph, Burger, Kimber, Duh, Firm, DP, ACDC,: '80 miles around a rotary, GDTimeswFDSg SC, BS, TD, CG, BM, AG, KR, LK, BeachBound, Apt, HNTHAT ,qs nd? Chrlstlna Anne Moore Gretchen Elyse Moran Chris Gretch, Stretch, Cheeks "lf I fall, If I succeed, At least I lived as I believe." "These are the days to hold on to, cause we 'IIF - HockeyCapt wfSE 880Track. SAT H- won't although we'll want to" over. "PuddIe?" "NHwfTP" Kaluha. "PTBB DDMKBMCMCGSTRMM PDRCWGSJALS ASSMOI" GTwfTP, GEM, JS, KS, JF, TK, JN, JSTKGK IT'S SO BIG! Agaim L heh, heh. SL, KH, CA. 76Cutlass LetsGo! 25lLU - Cape! Lemon Coke? BMSC Sambuca Elevator M om5Dod UPGWB All My Love - D ILY - JMBMSD Lori 8. Morrill GTwfSC, DM, HT, KG, LL, AA, AL, CJ, Memories of FC-G's, HJ's, '72 Cutlass, the chase, Jeepl, GumbyE-Pokey, happy meals, bathtubs, Pic. tab., "Sweetie" "Wanna Play?" 415186. I luv u, Scott! Thanx for the best of memories. I Bonnie Jeanne Morse rw Of. Q0.DA975QJ-iff vb' 69 ' -51 ok .D -Y. D-f. x is N, X X cj! tive. 6391 - , Aqgff bff if hw! ix? N115 , bqfx- Af F' 5 Q2 ' Q WL eff' -. , Q, Q3 ,QD FO' U-'V A NN' 'X ' 7 J 'S- ' N 100 W Wy' Dawn Morrissey Think about yesterday Dream about tomorrow but Live Today. BFF - Stace 8 Aim HS - alI3 JSlckrm ST - wlkn - rain "Our Problems" TP - Lab "us" Chrlng1Lax PW123 DL-U Strtd it Good Luck GM FDMD - M I Luv Ll Mom and Dad Q 2. ,A ..l' i X' .'J . U , 'O ' I . Robert W. Moskowitz Rob, Mosko, Moz A-at :J . "Remember me wlth smiles and laughter, for if you can't remember me this way then don't remember me at all" Memories - Moskomen, Maine "86," Baseball, Army Transport Disaster. Wlld Chuck, Blng, Dug, GK, PH. GM, AE, RT Glenn Munyan Bon Bon-Bon A friend is someone you can do nothing with, and enjoy lt." Good times w1Lynn, GM, 5 JG. DML + NV in CA. No me gusta Tl juanal The Night shift's the Best! l Love you Denise, Mike, Nancy, and Bopl Thanx f I 151 I f" Q 2 1 Grant Andrew Murray I hear the beat of a different drummer. SF Boskone Silicon Assassins - So Long and Thanks for all the Fish. Never play leap frog with a unicorn. and now for something completely dlf- ferent . . . lemon curry? Bradd Morse Morsey 4' 7 "He who dies with the most toys wins" JC, BM8Debbl 515185 MBABEBES 4127185 MS PartyBobFisher's 85-6 Shana cofy6copy Margery Soccer85 MIP86no luck "FETC" Bum Leg86 LTPRO - MBESSSDBCBGDESS DKTASMSABDC TLAJ JCDMKLKD P G- Michelle Lyn Movitz Movi, Yelle BFLF - JC "US" mem w1GDBASAX TBMMH - MPSG -- ST wuv- MP F184 - JG 41ll - PCOSTH BASH "83-87" 1218185 Bruce1Crash HB w1ST1MP.SP Prince 3127 BB83-86FL - SD1GD1 JR1JC "you mean more to me than worwgls can ever say" ILYA - PAUL Andrew B. Mutrle Mutes "Desire and courage will lead you to success" "Football at the Y" "87": wrestling: "305 - stang'g cross-country" Finding the G's with "RS" "Parties with TM" Best Times with "BM", JN "Rem" PM: MR: ED, RP: LL: DM: SS: EM: "Chess" ' 1 Joseph Nagle Bagel Keep the good times rolling but don't let the dreams die Memories with BMcG., A.M., T.M.. P.M., '62Merc THANKS M and D. Mrs.H.. Mr.McD.. Miss B., Miss. D. Kathryn Anne Nassiff Katie "These words upon the rocks but I'm not bound to follow suit" So, what do they sing? - Horsing around wf Mr. Ed - The land of the too cool - great! What is it? SJJAR CALKWKZLLIAN Love you Dad and Mom fl Jeffrey A. Nelson "J.P., Chief" "I pulled over before, I'll pull over later" - GTwffriends, Hoobah at the Stoop, the woods. Trans. Bowl, CN7JD, A Dozen, GY Bust! "OJ," into a wall? PR's after Ken's wjTH, Swillin' at Brian T. Nelson Chief "You've got your pride got your visions don't subside don't ever give in." McCoyIes class. The fence Co. S5Bets, Good Friends DNMWSGD- DDW Joe's Daytona. The Beast+BeastJr. IO0w Bird, Bug 427SheIby IEJ COBRA F-ever. LauraSue Nesson LS, Shmoo, Cosmic C. La-Sue "Hang on to the dreams you might have thought that you had lost: Hang on to the friends you've found no matter what the cost" JLIL YTTY TBCWGSJAL SDFKFHSTX for all the memories IsraeI85CT86NEFTY Thanx MSDSJILY Ivan's wlthe wall so long! Amy E. Newton Aim, Fig "Moments Fade Away But Memories Last Forever" Julie -- BFSWWB what's shak'n JACEPKJAJMSKKNMK Band wfLPEHJSCW JADRMRAWLSMC Good Times wfMLLPKTFSLWLUKZ EHJSLNMGALK HKNWKJGRC Skiing wlKarenfl-Meg Thnx Mom, Dad. K+-J N V Donald P. Norton Many good times with the Bug - snow Good Friends Michelle, Chief Red, EH, BC, LD Joe - Daytona '74, '80Birds DSTA olds, Yota, GM'l Hockey GC Buy the TfA 7-26-86 with Michelle Good Luck Chief- Bronco for Shure . . I Dorothy Nute DoDo I really work hard for 5 years. Thanks to Teachers who helped me. Love sports. enjoyed students and teachers also. Will Miss All. Love You! I will go to NECC. Thanks Mom and Dad, Good Luck to All! Christine Elizabeth Otenti Chrissy "If you're lost you can look and you will find me.' Good times with GH, KL, LA, KC, CB, JP, DW, JRS. CoIGd, ItC, PF, Ldrs, LS86, YSG, Cape86, the beach, AtC86, -- GUESS - wshd, CM. WYMMG? HoJo, GrMI, PSS. I LOVE YOU GREGGII Jacqueline Anne Ouellet Jacqui Bgcme GT-S3KB: wms-CB S3Hse, SDpg Rakim, CF-SSB LPM-SK STks - SA CAPESME: 85-6 PRuns - BRP - JS JFD CHASE CHEERING MCWBF? COT - PROM: 86 GTTAEWCR PRIs GT "US" ILY - MomSDad 9114184 SpTm - I LOVE YOU SEAN, U'R ALL I NEED Aimee L. Ouellette A Thoughtful word a cheerful smile can make another's day worthwhile. SOCCER! BustedOFil "3STRIKES" summer86 Floridal Good TimeswjScott, STSBDMJFCAKH JFSL- JNBHAADHTR, The Guy: Thank you Mom! WN. Gary Panczyk The Kuwahara Kid I am History me and my ta but I'lI never forget all the Friends I made Like FS WV BD PC MS EF DG JS EH AND everybody else especially JG and JD I Love you always and I'Il never forget you two pu' Shari L. Patterson Furry "Fur is an emotional experience, it is pleasure in its purest form" - you only live once, live it in furs Hang'in wfKH, CS, NS, BC, JC THANKS Mr.G, Mr.F, Mr.C Loveya Dona+Vern "Travel around the world" l0!3f85 "Turtle" 1-an Ma,-ia pavla Bradley J. Pellegrinl "No one knows what tomorrow will bring until it Junior. Bradley J is yesterday" - special times WXCMCA- The best weapon is always the mind summer JGLOSHDS - Hawaii, can-cun, gms slam-ae. time blues al Strip w! SK NF DG BII Same Dom- N.H. wfCM - what puddle? NYE July Ingo RA DG BB Btl Sunday NH runs wf Billy Tur- 4wfCAMG, Cape, TA, Thanks Momglgad - I boTfA then Great txs wf Darls wf many more to Love you! come Iroc now Steven M. Perlmutter "You'll never know how far you can go unless you risk going too far." Had enuf of SG. l23Kevin. LNCGMVY - Summer '86, Party - KSH. Hampton Beach '86 TMMH's Live, Mr. Ticketron. Psycho! Track Moo! "US" Finally. 'N Qs., l ' ,Y Michael Pfrang Mike 4yr FtBaII '43 Frshyr 5 yrd LN GTwfFB, SK. DH, SH, JJ, AW, MS, MG, DZ, El, BM -- ABAB- DY Sudbury Chics crash 85 SSOF 85 ff? Larisa Dawn Pierson Larissa, Risa, Reese "A Better part of one's life consist of his Friend- ships" - AL OTAY - BOBSY TWIN! 'member the Good times - AN, KT, IM, AC, FS - MAV - SC, TR BOSKONE FEN - JB, GR, DP, AL. AK, CS, GM duckies are better than Bunnies - lLY Bill!! F, .dl 'Y' Jennifer Susan Pike "Sometimes I wish I were a kid again, skinned knees are easier to mend than broken hearts," Florida 1986 Cape Cod LL, CP, DB. Good times with MH, BS, AK. Clothes Quarters The color pink I Love You Mom 6 Dad 2' ' .5 1. C' . ws"Q""'u Timothy D. Powell "I just want to say to the class of "87" Good Luck. Fila Adidas and to DC BJ DD JJ JA BH LB CA MF KA TB PM TF SM AC AH MA I Love You deeply and to the one and only my Mom l love Truly and my Family. Mark Prenovitz Vitz "Life is a series of hellos and good-byes, l'm afraid it's time for good-bye again." - BJ 86. JESRAM. Track FNHH. Camptrlp 85. DBs - buca TPs pool UMass wknd whpts labs wfM+S IBALT Thanx M+D+frnds wywh Jeff. l 7 jill if , L Llmx-, X. f ',4- 1 fmt m 1,4 1.11. UM fs, 1 , QL. If ,If ,fififfx J fi 'fx Kg , if: C fi.' I .KMJ4 i A W i Michael A. Projaneky Mike, Scoop, Steamer. Proj "Winning is not everything - but making the ef- fort to win is" Nlce watch ROTISSERIE + STATIS-PRO wf PR, MW, JR, RM NORTH STAR - Thanx SW+ML Love+Luck EK, JK, AO, LQ, MD, PW, PR, JF, RM, MW, SG, JR, DD, DW Bye Bye, Buy Bonds Marc A. Pruskln "We can't just write off this final scene take heed of a dream" Blast me, TBMMH:MM, Hanky Panky, Hampton '86, everythings cute? STISVLUP, YOU BSTRD, AC convert Batmobile . , . The MMH's, ST, SP, AC, JCIEB, MS, "US" TxM8D Lynn Ann Quinn "Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can." Good times wfJG, SH, TP, BM, DR+AR. -- SB, lly - sp. friend J,D. Best of times wlAndrew. "jar"+C2. Jo,AM!cw1o5 JQ ly nggj M+o ily 11", Derek B. Redgate Don't look back - A new Day ls breaking De- reck spoon me North Swimming D+P"l Noahs- JBANDWeThe Band ICED TEA FRIENDS CW. JA, LS, JS, GM, MK, DD, EH BATTLE '87' THANKS MrW Jon Where's Your Bumper pit- boys JCDLJEGZCILUM Dug Stu Remillard Karl, Homeslice lt's a rough room, l'II tell ya that right now. Ster- no'2, Daly, Mosko, Kid, Epslime, Horne, Lynn: I could just eat ya all up! Stogies, Cleats, Cards, Barrel Run, BING, Tapemobile, Speeches, VanHalen, Pacers, Don'tGoMLlTES Paul L. Reynolds "No dream is ever lost if you never cease to try." Swimming: DD, DR! HLlEYlBermuda '87: KS, ML, JR, PW, MDfRot BSBL: MW, MP4-OTHERS! I Love you Karen! PF: 85-871 Good friends: CW, DB, DG, JA, DK, KMfDEWEY!fStat Prof Be good Jeffrey R. Ristaino Anibal Rivera "Life is too strong for you. It takes life to love Jeff "The difference between success and failure is determination." Summer of 86, Cape Cod, X-mas 85, New Year 86, Callahan Tunnel Club Wanna Die? Bermuda 87. Thanks PR, MW, DW, MP, AR 8 everyone from F-222 l Luv Ll, ML life" Lynn Andy D. Rem Sharon Dian Nacho Nikki ELKA volleyball team. l'll Miss you guys. Good Luck and live a happy life. Thanks class of 1987. ?'Zffw . Diane Marie Robart Di, Filma Love is sharing a part of yourself with others. Special times with: RH, NW, NS, DS, BW, ES, DD, DC, BH, DB, JI, DF, ST, AR, VC, HOLLYFACE, THELMA, FILMA, HILDA 5 SELMA FOREVER, ILY MA, DAD NAN GRAMP PUP, BICK, NUZIE, BH HH S JS Stephanie Roberge "Be unique, be yourself" KWMGCCGM - thnx for being there, S-n-S noprking KWtiz 2muchTP! prtys? umass Hmptn86 - flts "Bud" bnymisc3 FFOBKwfK Scats86 BOT. LFTSMG: MSBKMLDBCFMSCgWfEKLA NBXMG Gd Ick JE,-S THNX MSD ILY Katharine Mary Rooney Kate, Katie "These memories of yesterday will last a lifetime" TGwfJHDDJFPMLK TMPWTSMBBW summer '85 what if!?! party at suds house . . . 2- 6am!!! what about Dan Daf!?! All 3 at BT JackW. Summer "86!" lO0PFVThanx MSD ILY Jeffrey Rosen Rose, Rosey "Sloppy, Raggedy A - ed old life. I Love It I never want to Die!" Sum86 BBBAT, Cops SDPME. HRLIN. Cdown. Dusty BCWKHMK LoveB SFLASWMMJC GDSD - Cart - Tute - 2001 FC+JD Zooks 6Friends:Gtimes ThanxMOM5J I LOVELI Mark Rosenberg Michael D. Rosenzweig Mike "Don't take life so seriously, no one gets out alive" "some people need that extra 'practical advice " GYMNASTICS IPH, SR, FX, PBI, Lawns, Ibmega, Tpascal. Patti, Jeff, Faith, Eric, Alex, Kevin, Elsa, Mad, Iggy, MPR Peter Sacchettl B009 "Do what you want and do it again then do it one more time" Good times with Dave Marco Eric the Dr Hootch the Hootch Football and the magic mushrooms Pete, Sackman "If ever you are passing my way", said Bilbo, "don't walt to knockl Tea is at four, but any of you are welcome at any timel' Then he turned away." - TOLKIENXI Love You Mom, Dad, JullefTrack' I XCLAUDIO LIVES! Jodi Michelle Sanderson Jode "Llfe's like a mirror, lf you smile into lt, It'II smile back" UTGTwfJ+K P runs wfJO 2D's what hapnd at FB-+PL's Sting DKS wlJCJKSP UVM- bst? MC+FB OSPwlAS+JK "US" ILY M+D Jim - l'm forever yours faithfully ILYA Karen Lynn Satterfield "Kar," Karinski, Spaz "Don't take life to seriously or lt will eat u allve" - SMILE - GT WXMLPRDMJRJSEK andAlluguys, ILYI - HAYWARD - SKI the K- I2I DER u Toad Plehl "BERMUDA 87" vry spcl mems wlP, CalTunCl,JSwlML, just klddln' BDHMF - CIAO! K'-nf if Elizabeth Ann Samper SPECIAL MEMORIES: Mrs. Fitz and her way with the Nursery School Children. The challenges of working with the Handicapped. Special Friends that helped when the going got tough. ef-s, Dave 8avary W "I live for today" TGwfBD, KS, DK, MM, GP Summer '86 HAMPTON BEACH Christen G - "Nice Touch" BD and me 4 Learned meaning of life with 76 Mustang. Thanx Mom, Dad, and Car- rie Jammed wfAW, SM, TJ GFTT ROCKSROLL GUITAR! ,Z Richard A. Scales The pit all-nighters MS TM RA, RBM BLIizzard- sm. Jane, Sid - Auto Brite CB 750 - off, Rear- don94O - CRI25 - HEADLINES "This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend, the end" - J.M. Marc E. Schiowitz "Witz" "Here we are wavin' Brenda and Eddie Good- bye" - "BJ 86" Florida 85, 86, 87. Cape. Ski Sugarloaf. JG ETON YM? AC DEERSKIN TREADS. MP - THE CAMPER! JG - "cIubs?" LNCG DF - make me mappy believe in yourself Eric James Schlueter Doc, Schlutes "In this game we call life, there are only sur- vivors, I will survive." special friends: BL, MR, FS, CC, PD. JC, AA, AL, KM, RB, CK, JG, BM, JK, Special Times: Cape 84-86, Natick Parties. CVO Hoop, cruising Fram. Thanx MBD , 'VX 'czi' Hedy Sharlene Schwartz "Some people no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty they merely move it from their faces into their hearts" DM - All3ST "Jacuz party" Tam6Shar - BFF! Great times wf class of '87! Thanx MSD, Car6A :QQ 4 Stephen Jay Schwartz Steve, Schwartzy Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find! Bmce 84 GD Amnesty 86 EJ 87 yre 21? FETC DwfRF Hoop Capt DB GD EWXUVSTM SE. GfBlCVMCH TfGang - JPs Isrl 85 LBSJFST BG - CHILL ran JCS us Drgs MBD TIMSD -"Www, Z- Qr' rx Erlc William Schwertzel "It takes a second to say good-bye say good-bye push the button, pull the plug" PSJFSVBT, GXTXW AC, JW, BM, MB, MS, GK, JL Escort, Ft. Lauderdale? Lark 5150, Llripides, GfTfE, Sum- mer86, PUJCFFA RV Hawaiian anyone? Cya Janet Lynn Scianna "Loves will come 6 go but friends are 4ever" Friends - KSBLKKCMCWJK LLDSTPJGSHKS TRSMKRDLI NFK - SF MEXKS avgh CMIVT P's at CW food FXSM FBfrain TR - movies 6129186 Thanks friends 6 family TSM Dr.B Loveya MSD "DLAlways" Eric Seasholtz Shultz '6 "The good times are the best times 5 the best times last forever" Capt Soccer Wrest Trac 85 - GBSLT? ThvxGW GfT FETC May - G Cape87 Mfw TMTL LTPROFN G+B SSUMAPMM Fla86 JT Eileen 82-3 86-P ITALY ILY MSD6Bec s Nicole J. Serating Nikki I never thought l'd make it but l finally didl Always remember G-times wfFTTE CHRISSIE, RAQLIEL, ANDREA, DS, DD, NW, DR, JA, SM. DC, NG. A Special Thanx to MomC-Dad for their support. Love you: N.J.S. 2 Faith M. Shapiro "No goal is too high if approached with care S confidence" Good friends wfgood memories: KTStudy fights. LWmiss ya! AWcIose calls! SJ'. JG, WK, Flaners5:Mr. r u done yet! TLSAL r u bored yet? EB. TLwe r even!+me! is f ? Kelly Jean Shaughnessy "If you see someone wfout a smile, give them one of yours!" JSKK BLCWDSJKLLC MKS- JGKDfSq. mem - EISQFM teethJP - AVGH - NfDSBL+J. loverDLlOfl 1186? TeeZ- missLIChris "72MewfJS! Cape84 - lstorm- SFarm2f2!86 FscoopL85 gumILYMD! Julle Anne Shean "Jules" "They say l'm crazy - but I have a good time!" KH, are u embarrassed? - Bye guys -- KHCGKSMLDH - Hayward! - BERMUDA 87! - Tearrible - MMMI don't know - wrong - Blondeshavelessfunl thanx Ma. Alex, l love you! - its been real - adios T 1? Q, fc' kj ' 1 ! f v !f f.lil 'ix of Amy Katherine Shipe Shiper, S.D,W.W. "Cast your dreams before they slip away" Sum. '86 N.M. WB Guards Sax Bust Brucelcrash Pele FIS. wf JG l yr wf BP 3 yr plan H+K to J, C, B, A ST - Llnbuhleevabull GT "US" STWJOSD COPE LT TG+SO TM HOME LY M+D+C l 'C John Mlchael Shlpman Mike And so castles made of sand melts into the sea eventually JH I6 TIMMIEANBK mroom MJane PIT 69stang strat bridge SkiTM wallcrew IAMUT- MHOLY PICNICS Bandit BJ TIG SS RL Crittas FRNDMBR Fisher TMMSUMMER SMD Eric Shoemaker Lee Shriberg FME - Frtne hre l cme. Natwde bstsr AYKT. Hd gd x wfT. Z - MBATTAHC, J.H., C.T., Cldr gr. lfl3f86 Giz + R.D. Gd x O Gazfwhsp, Sandie - MBFFIL. Rach bdy wer'e sis -- HCWA! wfw. Mom I Ive u MSRIP Lve u 2 Dad. viii 1 08 Aqeel Siddiqui "There is more to life than increasing its speed" BB - 9, IO CC - IO, ll, 12 JCL - fl CAPAPULT, certamen, MFA, Classics Day. ERA:HAD History Club - JD, Mr.M, BS, FAN. HALL AHA! CZ, ROB, JF, ET, RUSS, DUG, VEN, MK - THANKS! BYE '-4619 Gary Evan Sidell Sides "The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear" Deb, ILY MTYEK ILY- Street Band, JESRAM, BJ "I get by withxglitti ' help from my friends" e TXMDR9 , 1 xl JTWYA, Thanks - DFMPCHMGJGLS, T e A fi? N CL, 3 X' 'Xi-56- rxaf " Christine E. Simonetta "Some people make the world brighter just by being in it." I made it! G-times wf Nikki Fite, KH-DD-TOP4-CRP - went on a trip lOf3f86, RH, DR, NW, DS, DD, DC, JA, MF, SM, NG, Thanks Mom+Dad. l love you. CES X Gi 'xii 5 v JL XX X 'Q QQ to X Q L51 'X ,. 'fi' NYXM .C 55, AZ' as A 'N GN f Ut , wi TU QZQSJN if lfflx T Zcibiiilqwiw UV 'N QM i ' 60' X x, f' J C if 'NV ' J mv WZQQ .Qu U L, t r , Lf Nm Nkw - fx l L X ' A 'EX Ly! ,Rv X y. ALA X7 K, NW Qvjl QNX! V if Xb Dfw 'Ci J O, , 'Lf' f ,Q .f A ' ki, lx , A XLS O-QXNK-,Q , Cui l, xiii i Y, , Alix, ty U ,NJ-f . Y? I X mX,1,0 . ,Nm 5 f ij 'KJ X Ui' Jie L 0' Wxtiqialiftqcs QP VMW xy .-Q .iffy .Qgn 5, Hollie E. Simpson OVX V?D',Xg,f2kgXL'l.JiXXNW-Xxx Tam-:Fr Si8il8kY H , ' N ' ' f fu amml' Love an serve aii:Frie?l1sH?lLsDHc swimas RAN- K0 Ox ' X JNCI' "YOU give but little when you give Of your P0S5e5' DROP C+JBKWLKTHRLl 83 +7MAGK PClwa X sions. lt is when you give of yourself that you tru- ramp llsl+GTThanxmum Kel cusinsalwas +4everLYA stace Clentimne Zgisnbkset BF SNSK+llya JodBrmuda Gosoba LYA "2 ordinary people" in.- David E. Sloan Slippers lt's not the thrill of the chase it's the kill! LAX JSA to Sta DK JF Frosh Rumble Rusty were RU Now Hockey "l7nBSLC to BSLW? locker rm Brawls Curfew? ha l2oz curls GTWJFBLDLEIKS Rl TOOS ZZTopBL Sleeps here2uM5D Brenda Leigh Sloane Bren "Dream until your dreams come true" Southern Comfort, Cape Cod! Hampton Beach, F8G's, D- Hall, WNEC, Weekends! Good times wfCU, NS, LC, CB, etc. A - Smith, ZZTop, The Firm wfcar! Great H.S.Memories! ly give." Spec. Xwjspec. fds. TP -- Jeds, NYE2 Allnighters. Sumr '86 Glcstr - cops. Thanx Sha, Hed, Lis. ILY M+D+Bros. 14' William A. Sloper Bill To Marian "alI in all you're all just bricks in the wall" 4f20f85 Sam, JT, Pauls, Rac, KO Mustang Rollo 4f28f86, Machl 351 Trips to the Dead X- treme vid, Sax Beach, Blaze, Doors, Mickey D's St Pats Mom+Dad+Donna f' . ggolfjweev Nl f ff Kenneth P. Smith Ken Have A Good Time, All The Time" Shea's 72 Malibu Segrams 7 Hockey Team,85, 86, 87 Sum- merjam 2 Triumph, Aerosmith, ACXDC, KISS VanHalen Spinal Tap Life ls Only What You Make It THIS BUD'S FOR YOU! - KS 4 fi Russell Mark Sorln Russell "Without heart and desire, u go nowhere Lisa B. Smith Lis, Lisi The times we have shared are the memories we'lI have forever Germany 85186 DA VB - 85!86ccwfJL CSC - DF New Year's2TS Bowl- ingJG MC+MB - JS, DD, DR, CW, JA, GM, KW. "v We X... l l Felix Robert Sola When you pick your friends you will know how much to love them by how much they love you. A friend that is loved is always a friend. MK Memories wl85-88fLS, KF JocarMs lLY - MSD Forever B sn' 1" Diane Beth Stacey "l should know myself better if there were not so many of me" soccer D+D Horne GF JKLLKK- "GTwfWVKCSMMWAS" Golf lcaptj, Basketball WfGreals, 4-Baseball. Goodluck 87. Remember you get out of life what you put into it. I Love You Mom8Dad. You too Steve. Stefan Stasllc 427 Base AEVER Dynascan "LlnIuckiest" 6 Old Ch 3 Counting For Sures wl DSTA Wking WXBIIIC-Shelbs Summer '86 wfAP Digital Audlophiles Rule Dire Straits '70 Mopar Fuji TMCDDC 8 NKDTLMRB 5 RICK "CF:0 on a Kathryn Ann Stauffer Kathy, Stauff JGSHKSJSKSCW Bingham Pact U3 purple! J.O.wfKK, TP, KB - FF GT'swfS,W.FL.86' Papa wish you were here 47 "If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words" GT'swfCWTZJFTMJK DSKSKKJSCS - CWUMSMTM, Thanx Tom! PLLHJF! 4am Busted! Gllynl AAH! SxwjSCP Tailgate 8f4f86! HDYF? Colby '86' LIRVS - SHAWN! ILYMDCBK! William Stebbins Bill Dam Parties Pit parties and the fort getting chas- ed at the park Skiing motorbike riding at the pit MEM Fem JCCGLBRVCEMMJSBS THE GUYS FDTCDCBMROJJMS Going down the Dam dur- ing school .. ,rpm , V UU: lwfaelw 1 ff Mfffllw, . ' cf We 'YWQAF T asbfklu A X9 'iff SVA CHX' :swf svcka or U Cm' 1 LWB' sv W VJ vx fi few' Waff- QT" sf W7 I WM ' vo A r cb V , W AJZQWQK' U' , wr! , sh W f I get ge . rss. wtlwflidl tv Ulm' A5 ,sq QJJXG W LXSQN ' Benjamin Stein 50"0" K qv' 5 Josephine Stevens Ben, Steinem, Bensten 'mm ,Kg N5 Jo, Joa "The dictionary is the only place where success 1 -.Iva "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen comes before work." Steimemupl papas yesterday and I love today" Lisi BJ Journey VH Natlcook Ten+GoI B-Dolphins HoJo's I'm HLIGEI '-QQ ' BP's w!GMMNMSDF NY, NY De - Reck bowl- Star-wars Datame Good times with JG: JD, "US" WQQX' ing ST - sis gdtimes WXDDJAKWFS yucky Ilp We're Golden Thanks MDPAII Q' flapping wfCW thanx mum I luv you LDW 9 X Suzanne Lisa Surett Susie, Suz You only live once, so live for the moment. BF - DebDonnaNomiP - BW '86 NLwfPL spxwfP Deb - Penny! Gobk. EPmyN Kasie, LYKGI Du Ready Freddy? JlRandBosnts. wtrbed safid - MKI Israel '85. ILY Mom, Dad, and David 275427 ,g ,4 if ' L' If ? f?:.fLy, I 'Z' Stacey Lee Teasdale Stace BF DMAO DM - wkng raln, Luv ths dances, Fla. wjAO, S6MM, GT wf"us" esp KE, AS - Un- buhleevabul, TMHome, copymach., NY's 85-86, KE I Luv You, Pom's, Lax, All 3, over nt. Busted0Fil Kurt - You're my very best friend 6 ILYAI Q5-is S h gllflp' 59,16 . www "When two hearts love, nothing is impossible." S.G,T's wjCWKS KKKSLLJK - EM - Fla. '85 1 NYC. um, chicken soup! 812185 Pot holes! Busted 0 P,R. School New yrs. Eve Green Machine - G.T,O. -- I Luv u Ed, ILY, MomEvGram Colleen P. Sullivan Therese J. Sweeney Terri "Live each day as if it were your last" GTw1MSLDAHLBJG CMBBKFKR BLICKETSI Buddywiser GTwfD. Dummerl HBWfD. Dilascia do an Errll Natick Jocks! KK at Tufts! GL Michelle Thanks Mom8Dad ILY NOWAY Venkatesan Thangaraj Ven "To wln in Ilfe, you have to gamble" Sc - 9IHy - IO, ll, I2 "lAV, Chess, Catapult, computers, ACAD, ACDC. Keep up the good work - Mr.H, V, P, D. Mrs.F SP - P 4 Cmeat? GTSGL - ASBSJDMRDRAMDL RSJZJFJBCM. AEOIR Best of Luck - Ven, Sharon Michelle Thompson Shaba, Sha, Shaba-baba, Shabin "All our lives have been a stage, our friends the cast, our dreams the scenery." Summer of "86," Rockin' Robin, Whispers, Men, The 4 ho's, plays. Mosko Menl! Wham Rap-Boo, Lechmere, Dan- cin' ,,.. Hello California fa -Q MuolTleu Susan Brisk my friend. Mary LaPorta-fun class. Gym,Basketball, fun with Sharon- Theresa, Kim,Lianne-field trip Riverside, Enjoy class of '87'. "P Kimberly Allison Tobin Kim "lt hurts to say goodbye but it's time for us to fly" BGCHL6 GT "US" LPM- SJ Wdmns-S3JB Cape-6 HckyBo's Dags-SDglD! Scrapy JFD S3Hse SnPruls-AD GT-6 Thanx-M2SD2 X4 'H 'rv Karen M. Tompkins Enjoy the little things, for someday you may look back and realize they were the big things. Fun wfLW,FS,SJ, AN,LW- Sisters, FS-studyfights, SJ-Brain,MIY, AN Friggable+ski, Thanx Mom + Dad. igililx We .5 jr will uv' 5' i Elsa Tsao ' "Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths"-No phones in Chem!Oh my Gawd- short circuit in physics!-No more l catapults-puIeez!AS,which foot?- L Meebs,Mike,lgs, CK,AL,LU,ML,KZ-Love ya!-Thanks Mom,Dad,8Jo N 1 ul L w jrv 25" A I LOVE YOU! Gd.Lck.Jana Specl.times wfSteve l W Mifjzi xl Ufrlfu ,PVJIJD ' CT! 11. bvlyiv I p'6lUQ Lillpjilgq X Caroline Ubaldlno Many dreams come true and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocket full of goId.GXwfBS TW CB NS NC DB BP FB MS MP D-hall crew Aerosmith!Spark lt! Thanx Mum and Dad! WAFU! See Ya!!! l if v-'57 WWZLW me t Lln Poynnne Un "lf you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn't, lt never was." Study F223-KZ,Gym- Hindrance Ground Round WK,JG,Left foot? Alex ET,Physics wlMr. Oli D.Duck KN,SJ is C J' W Warren Vegas Veg 6 The Shadow I love you Sara M.I enjoyed lunch wf SB- you chiId.Vegas comics wfcapt.K-KC, S- team-RS,sword-BK, CL,PC,BDSThe Silver hornet,KW,GP8LlK,JD,MC6JC. Enjoy d cocd-cold and a lamborshini-countach- The shadow Huyen Vo Bear My Dad once said, "The excitement of life is in the exploration of new things."-as I looked dubiously at my dinner of escargots and frog legs and he was right! Charna Meredith Wagner "A friend ls someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway" GT's wf KS, CS, KS, JS, KK, JK, LL, TK, CM, PJ spxpks WH - KS? NY, Fla., Cape '85 DWL - no lights 819186 FB -in the rain Parties ill Colby '86 ILY M, DSM Watson M. Wallace Jr. Buzz 954 David M. Wallenstein Wally, Steino "Live your life like there's no tomorrow." EM SG, MSTR+CO, TCwfJR, MEG, MW, PR, Chief The Juniors. The B-mobile, The Bird, The Beast The Hypo omni, J's DDT. VHf8I286. USY Ball Lax. Thanks M, D+L Eileen Jade Walsh "Remember yesterday, be happy today, live 4 "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" You've been great friends Diane Laura Nathan Raquel Sharon and Nikki Good Luck Dani CSSCDCDACA "Thanks Troy for your guidance" I Luv You Mom 8 Dad tomorrow and smile 4-ever." ScavHnt - GOTCl TheChase GT "US" 5amabDl - ohwellJG RBBWJSE alntrwfAJKL - NOT IT SpecMemswfSK jelIybnADsfSScmpfRA +ow2 ILY - Eric MDKJ LUV Ll 1 , A x Monique R. Waters 'D Kristy Lenore Watt Krick What? lf life is a game where are the instmctions? TFT- TTYGM - LZYFSRWGM2 BLKWCCLBKPD2PB NOPRKG BKF2WC4WS TPKLS K - BHGBKWT? W - TMAAIMM L - THRGH T YRS B - YSABMS C - s6s Stef thnx 4 ever ILLI MDJG+Gramps, miss u Grammy Matthew D. Warren Manute "Now lookit" Chief Big D Rottiserie Lg. 87 Good Times WXBNSGRSML JRPRASKSMPDWRM Track Wonder Sox No Singing Latin - UsyB-Ball "The Porsche" Stat. Pro Mr. D WWZ Squirting Den CC. Thanx ME,-D David 8. Weich "Weichie" "Mosi "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." - JT BIC '83 CStore FLwlSD. Football LB'58. SH86BSTD. LoveAid '85 wfDB HGloriai - KD Hoo, Todd8Sting gf -- AD. Amnesty '86, LI2. trs. Frost. ily Kate. Thanks MSDSDBC 6 1 Pamela Jean Weiner Pam "Happiness means having someone to share your secrets with." Memories wlKin, Martha, PRSCSWTW Bermuda '87w!MDPRDWKSKR Summer '86 WflROC My Sigh '73 I'll always love you Michael Russo. l love you Dad and Mom. Ar Michael Weinstein "And the good-bye makes the journey harder still" Good times wfSG, CB. DC, SB, SG, and whole "Cfof87" Remember: Hampton, Camping, Jamming wfSG, Party! 24. LAX Skiing, good laughs. "This song is over, its all behind me" 'UQ Jeffrey Weisberger Just another tequilla sunrise. Too much of everything is just enough. Takin it easy - no regrets - Big man, pig man, ha ha Charade you are. par, trip fri: KC. Once was enough . , . later! Kelly White "Remember the st and dream of the future but Nicole Andrea Wilkerson Coley, Nicky, LaMooch pa . always live for today." Had fun wfJ,G.K.W.+F.S. SJ - hhh - OF COURSE! Summers at y.b. - Tess, forever my best friend Track - 1234, Cap- tain - 34 Love ya Mom, Dad 6 Mikel ,L 4 Bye girls 6 Boyslll Thanx for the games rides S help food 6 controversy. lt was delirious at times but now we're free!! Let's work hard ok iNo lady cab driverj Be Good But Enjoy the Pop Life l Willl K' Charles L. Wilson Jr. Chuck "Now's the time for celebration, because we've only just begun." We the Band! Battle '87, The Clan, Spoon Me, RP Noahs. Sly hates policemen. Friends DR, JA, EH, GEM, LS, COW, PR. Love You Di. Thanks Mr. W, Mom8Dad Andrew Stephen Wiseman Andy, Drew Thank you friends for accepting mefA proud Spartan l'Il always be - This Virginia boy has found a home, ln MA: SP PH GK AE RM DR FS TL TM ESP KW 6 RG ln VA: BL PB DM SW WRfMMen SS86-P DS, BD+8 INPJ Thanx Dad, Ma Kathryn M. Wittbrodt Kayleigh-Bunny l've found the leading light of destiny burning in the ashes of my memory - KW - BHGBKWTMPfGuIpl tsar Fwump! x's wfAD6JF - 80BIocks? Q37ESM! JLLlwantanbl PomsB5f86 - Thanx 2 all my buddies! ILY - MP - J'en+ end ton coeurl 'fr , 'ix 1 N i WJ " X 'll' x Qtr F . y qi ' ' f . ML " .W ,J My CR 4 ' iii 'ii gk.: r XJNV . y 'V X ff' X A NM! 4 K J LA, X F C X X N ' fn.-hlv xx i X A f- X 4: ,QW ." A Anna Melissa Young "Ioan officer wflittle white book" Walk towards sun, shadows will fall behind HMEC HMWk-Long Forgotten if ya' Keep smilin' Everyone will wonder what you've been up too!! 50C Hereffthere "Free,Free,l'm Free From Here" Carol Zuschlag Zusch, Caraffe "The past cannot be changed,but the future is whatever you want it to be"2MUSH,Rem,Mosko, AS,VT,LA,JS,NW,BM, GS-ESPA NOPR- fm N ' of 5: 53 D D I 7 X X Jeffrey Sol Zola Jeff "Everything is foreseen, yet freedom of choice is given." Band A-B-C! Got a new mouthpiece! CC-What's a kumquat?? Prozdor-we did IT-JF! Coop,Fink,BL,MR,AS,ES,Ven Thanx Mom6Dad5ToddE-Marla Tammie Ann Moan Ann CherieBrian- MicheIIeKeith-JenPaul- StacyRob- MeGeof-LunchMatt KeeIyLisaMikeTom KrisMerryGoRound -Prom- Me8CherieDowntown TheGangCaughtSkipping CheriesCarLifeWithStacy Aimee'sCruisemobile -GasStation NikSM! ILYMND! Also graduating Irwin Saul Miller DEBUTRAH -BostonPr!! -Food!-BFS-JG fl Petgr Mulkgrring -Burgerkoldbag! Falling Bus! HaaLoo! Love A ' 5 Ya Guys . ' X oth S. Mill' h VN X y x .X J y P y Qt ' .t ' . 'Uulie Perlow , I XX Y I . Q! F Q JJ K LC, Og X fy J7 935553 -Xlylark Franklin Tosches fl X: V-'J J , 'X . 'fi .ND . , f QU U5 Si! Cf X XC? Tammy Wolosln QB' be tw ' , QQ Q AO wwf' 'U w -O U'vu.Gy df as Q w ffgrj xy 4 A w. t T'Qx A , if .gf Q Tw WJ df A ' If 'x,E-fr I 'XX f ,- ' X7, .JJ LJ . .Dy 3 N- ILC Q 2? QD K tg FTC - . Xa -Agfo OB J 'F' ' OJFDFXJDM X m X J x sifgliwfiiff M Q3 will Steffi? we M ,,. ""i Kristine Ellen Zurowski WE MUST ALWAYS HAVE OLD MEMORIES AND YOUNG HOPES Bruuuce-HungryHeart-s-myMonte Carl0fWOODCHLICK anyone? NLKNJGRC-GIoryDays WISJWKALETMCSWY!! JrYr Study Nor- thStar Archon NHSwlAGT "Blue Eyes"myS BFFLY LuvYa MSD Daniel Moeder Danny 40 X NOD WC QR I- W x . f xc, SQQJEVS 'ie ..5 Qf'Sf1f'0"C'l T N 'S ..,...4g. i wr- ' ' 'V . , .Q . 1 ' ' i, ! F , 'T ' L. . .' '-'Q v ?4'mQx ' nfs g- il S if '30 'IIIUH7' 'La Q00 il f ix gg, I f 5 E 5 rflflv-' ' z , . ., if s . X' 3 'r 7? E .Q If 1 ' I 0 T0 J fl- k' .X H L, f ff I , . 'V I . , -, 4 ' . 'X W, .' f. A , , I CF! 4 ., .MM ,f 'Q 1:-F w 5 1 gps: 'E--. ' ff .,......--annul ,.,.-an-Qs .......--uv A . . Wk' MQ: 5 , ! 1 I l "lv ,1---1--1 f A ggi VX s .4 . I xv, ,-4 I' 'P N , 4 Q Ji! f' U Yun' Yb"" 'J QIXYNXS 34 If li G SLIPERLATIVES MOST -2 1 I A Www x-XJ' 1 4 . GMM DQNFLV LCQUMO Midlofx, RESPECTED BEST W LOOKING 5 Q MOST LIKELY 1 i TO SLICCEED I 2 3 Sf Z- 2 3 W? qu 1' 'I ,z ,,,,, , 4, , , L 2 's ff is V-1 fs Xfdnfnfrlfy X, N N 4M MOST DEDICATED 4218341 QQQKC 4" i Q- MOST ATHLETIC MCST INTELLIGENT W1 05c1rfzJ Bmfwaiubv 2446 WMM .ff II ,af EMLWW W4 74W BEST DRESSED MOST COMICAL QJQiQa,.,:IIf.fg Www, jM.ffliZZQwQ MOST MUSICAL LIFE OF THE PARTY M, gwfag MOST MOST FRIENDLY THEATRICAL 72W bdfffw- jaeqwowwp y4iQ.qL f S 57 My SWK MOST INDIVIDLIALISTIC MOST ARTISTIC Lt. T I T -.1y BEST COUPLE Miva wg ZW f' 476Q .. I 494 Q JWMWM 4 Z N 1' X x E PN' ':4 , f' ,eg '76, if 4 fi? 4 if f, Vw ik! ,Z .- 4 if I , J 1?-"v" . V 'fif z' ,,. '. V -. , -v W w- w 1- ff7nf'fv,h17:f7y, . ff ,Aw f ff , ,.,,,',,,, 43, ,, , 4 1, ,,5 f,. v 7,1131 ff 4? :i k 1 5? ' ' 'f.fffY'iT, A 14' g gfgg, -rf . faf f f i , 12 gg 3 f-., 1' v ,f 1 I I i I 4 Q 1 K. . . .X I ml KHFH' I W 1 1 ,f 4 L, , if fi 4,, wwf .Lv ,,, 1 I Q. v ' " "U '4'-a.' +,, , Wi W , . A .M "?5f?i'f" . .---"" 2 My fx' 4,4 NJ. , n",-an an 5.6 'ln' 4 2 , f". f if ' px '-:,.', ,' Y? Q W .ms . 3'-s . V V iff ng, 4 ff , ,V , ,NW T 457 dw' , :AZ ,ffff fzii .,, ,,....N,.,.f.vq!vq--A.-.--- .- W., -1 f f , -' w'fA,,1pf g. Y. , 'Q w , 1 f 'fff-JY, E, .Q .Mg - yffy Y, , WCS Mhz' , ,., f . - V , J, L., 1 Q A 9' Z , I ,U , ,,f ,Af . L+'1jf":', . G wmv' " W 'ff,4'7k4 K2 55731 i3 ' 1v,l'Z,. f 1 A: , .I '13 ,'fj4"',f . Wir: + 1, , f' 5 ,, ,z :QW 5 y ,, Ugg, 4' +V, Q' ff? . I , 4 , f .. ,, , M .- V f,,1,, 4-,1,vjjwQ""9 , 1 N clk' f ' ,- 11 14' 4-'ai ' .M f, ' ' 5.01 . f 1 l I f - fa .M A - wa, 3 4. ' " .. vi 1- "1 2 N ,-,Z-f1v,zfh'!.,?'?,'4h-w 1 .M f fly., ' ,,,... . , N , . nv.,-ilu r.,.w.- K "V 1 1 3 1 U - O ' 4 - W "-.1 ...nw Ja ,DT N :v.,,. ON 0 ,h ' .1 . . NQ ' -4 P S f 'Y 1 , ff,-fggf x l BOYS SOCCER!!! i -1 i . . i l . wa. . --Mi 11 il ..- l I Row I fl-rl: B. Morse, C. Beaulieu, J. Ristaino, T. Lewis, E. Seasholtz, B. Hamilton, D. Connors, A. Aviza, J. McNamara, G. Dorfman, D. Bernstein. Row 2 il-rl: G. Davis, D. Kung, G I Eramo, K. Reagan, M. DeOliveira, V. Ubaldino, T. Davis, Coach George Wheeler. Row 3 QI-ri: J. Bernstein, J. Leary, G. Karalis, Asst. Coach Herb Weinbaum. i ! SENIORS ,... Captains: Chris Beaulieu, Eric Seasholtz, Dan Bernstein J.v. soccER i , . E I , gs gxjr- .. Q-. . Q ' fn L Z' I , ' I I 1 i ,' is ill 'vb-...-,, 1 -5. U North Opponent 1, o 0 I. 4. if M 1 Q, f If I 0, , an V , yd., , 'vii 17i'ff.'1i,' . . f ,- . .,1 'dr ,1 -'w4v, r ,f V ,YW AAA. , 125 'iff ' GIRLS SOCCER - ii! Front fl-rj: J. Kokoszka, D. Fitzgerald, M. Leary, A. Bernstein, S. Blodgett fCapt.J, J. Grant fCapt.Q, L. Keats fCapt.J, B. Cullinane, J. Keats, K. Stauffer. Middle fl-rj: J. Clatur, A. Lehman, C. Snooks, A. Aviza, C. Hamilton, A. Ouellette, D. Stacey. Back fl-rj: K. Schlueter, E. Finer, D. Blodgett, J. Winshop, A. Chamrin. Missing: Coach D. Whalen, N. Vassar. 1 . 1 lf? zu 4,5 Q , A " N ,J A I' , if ' .1 N '76 r V X41 --.N J ,I 'Q' 52 ' 1435. 1 i ,Q K X L A ' ,Lu-Q3--4 ff' - fgw ' , .ft -9 35.8, A . . gag, wir agagikgeaqgggi-u,'l fy : ,go xv f . 5 . "ffl"Y' ' " ' ' wx 't-.fetiifs fe H38 " 'E' V ,Ng ,uf-1 .ry f A f " - My x G 3 3 f +'1rg.- ..-fwfpmi . 1 .- 'ff' 't?ha"f""'r ' hs' 'M""i"L""i"""""W J ' ' f' - - -w M FE? 'wi 7 gf '-'df "A Q f' W do 0 G, in I N .iq I n 1.,.-- A -sf, rx. SENIORS p any mi :,1VrI,.1?1'7L vw! 'ff ,ixp.4E7g, - at phil g Y I A , f.fwr -, -"1" ' ' fzgdf A .Q " V, fj 'U-21.-2 ,,sw.y'..t,q+1 ' fa 41 'Z--f g-fg-.,z+ :tw -315418 at . . in .f-at 'G wise W 'A ' - 1...f"f' ,4 ff ff f st. Qi "f"i.1Y f- fb ' 'C ' ,fr 5 s . 'L . 4,61 1' F I ' . iv 1 f -,f all 1 1 I Ivf f - I . J' I , it-, fa. A 0-n"",wh, .fra rf' ., "ill 3 YV' v- ,al mr we V' 8 'xx 4, 1 ' ' ,,,. + H-GQ DH 1 A ,ll ,S jug. if " 41' A Q- if 'ltvR':'a' .M1,,,. wr E I in l A 'Ki K ' -Y..,,-iff' Y! I' -of-ff - , -..:-sag.-fe" 3 'I -. N Q , E ' Ahiitop Bum! Norwood ' Needhnm I . Natick - fee 'I Framingham South Wjesleyx I "B, D-mm ' f-. Wdpole NOrw00d Needham Natick MIIKM Bralniree My Framingham South Wellesley W Dedham 7 Walpole 12 Wlns 5 Losses I Tle G-TOURNAMENT scones Lexington Wlnehester 4? 'YY A , I , M 3 1 . I , . . . ' wiv Q ' ,Q 2 ,- if 3115 "QI ,Tx - ' ' , z Q """f".s"fg4lA. 1 4 'lv 'fix' 'A ' f""b" ' f sf-A 0 - J-1-fir fem4u.4anwws'1r-in..K1.-e'2,w' " f an Sr' 2 'Pr - J Y . N, I ,J . -4 -vwf .M 1-,f1.':mua6s-'u if f VOLLEYBALL ,179 ?' Z in 'Y Y WZ Zz! Q12 Row l fl-rj: Coach M. Duane, D. Consigli, L. Kalick, A. Tang, A. Rivera. Row 2: M. Fein, J. Lavene, L. Heiman, L. Bleiweis, E. Bosse v f .V v 1 T Q . , 2 -5 ff J, .1 f 4 1 aw! Co-captains L. Kalick, A. Tang. M .wgqyc ' W' "wu..mwl,,, W' I 4 , .y ff 'J n I, f,,,Jff""Af 1 if I 1. L .mf "QI-in sh 9-n,,,,4,, . I I ,, A G I N , , Q 9 :rm ' STATE CO-ED CHAMPS 1986 P Norwood Needham Braintree Framingham South Walpole Norwood Nmdham Braintree Framingham South Walpole ri., ,, .. .- , .Aim North Opp 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 0 2 2 16 Wins 2 Ties 0 O l O 2 O O 2 O l if tw! nal ig i ,',,.,,: 'Ki Q , ,., f- ,. -1, :.,x::,SL1 Fr xi, 1 yi a i H. o , 'S x 1 f J if 5 nil -5, ask 1' J 1. FGOTBALL Front ll-rj: F. Bayley, S. Keegan, M. Pfrang, J. Fitzgerald, N. Cummings, D. Lynch, E. Long Anderson, A. Womack, E. Moodoyan, B. Bilotti, A. Phillipps, J. Judkins, G. Hevey, K. Scata Anderson, K. Nelson, J. Garvin, E. Moxim, C. Schilling, T. Conlin, T. J. Laplante, D. Nims, Greenblott, J. Tarbreau. "7 d 0? . L sk ,LQ I 1' V'- fl ' I ...Mhp fx we :ig , . b can Q'-glyffiyre Lyw : VE R . . A 1 1 A .. 31 K my A f"'L"7 F. N- M.. - w.,Ef"fijJ7'l ,' F? 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Urbani, Coach K. Staropoli. Middle ll-rl: G. Bacon, K. Nordquist, C. Fitts, K. Moore, T. Eden, K. Ignacio, S. Starr, S. Krueger, S. Tushinski, J. Soha. Front fl-rj: Co-captains C. Moore and S. Ellison. gf' 2- acl fi 'iv' IfI:t7H,Al' . . X . 1 -1, in ' ,....' .vfaa ,FQQZ f vw. ffhfggg ,ff iv' 1 , - ' Q 'a..v,, . " ' X 1, -' f ' ' .J 1 .Jw-.W , V.. ,, M50 Ya xl-,ffl Fi, I-sg Z A , '16 ' as '71,-' -' 1 -.. . it n. 5-M." A . if Captain S. Ellison, Coach Staropoli, Captain C. Moore v J Wa H ' wg? 1, 44'4'w., - -4' 4 .wr 'nm M 1 -my w Q .Xf- " 1 e'-Q fa-'W A 7 , fy n Needham Natick Milton Braintree Framingham South Wellesley Dedham Walpole Norwood Needham Natick Milton Braintree Framingham South Wellesley Dedham Walpole O0-M wwf? YA . 2. v 6 '1 N ' . s it V .f+AF"95 if t 'rf 'J' :J . W' ,A he It , 4 L 16 s CROSS COUNTRY fl-rj S. Watson, A. Mutrie, J. Goldberg, P. Jordan, V. Thangaraj, M. Warren, A. Siddiqui, D. Lerman, D. Remillard, C. Mason, K. Ballou, Coach O'Rourke. A 4 c .. F -. .I QE? 'I'-Ea MEM A,-71' .3-3, D Captains: A. Siddiqui, D. Remillard. wifi, f , ',. Y ff QJQ. f ,V bf 'Lmf f'f"?49,'afK 81,3 , 4., r .1 , 'WT KID A. , Ny 1 ur A x , . . .., r , CI, , as ' . -': 'f' T t. 'K . ., on ,7'?"J 'X',". Q . ' "' "fy af' V, Y 3 ?I-'v ,'i " f " : f ,I Nr. 'A ', 1 , A 5, , , 11.1.1 in V 151:14 ,ix .1 "5 -119-..,' v' LS' 'av ,J 'gk . ,T -' 'fi-K ,-rx zu.-fi if- '. - A-0, Q- -2k'7:.x'f"' :'.'t'- 584 Q .rin -:...,' . ,TL s 1 xx xx' .Q A Q. ff.. ' :am figs 'Nz-f r . - . ,..-05' . lv X A--A --- gg. v.-A. . , fa' ' V' A 4-. L K1 .. , "'- " Q V' 75' WWW! v.. 5:39-J!'ff"1-wf A A f'11..., - .. f'-fa. 31i..vG'.'fk.JP"-1-14' 5 ,an .. , , A . A .xl A. , , ., ,JW 'rf QI .- ,. 4. xg. ,- kwa- .-f-. , .- -.Q N- ff - . .va vi- - -w.,- Y... 2-Y 3 a ,, V. ws., - in Aff'-' 'ig' ff' -'V'-. ' " 4: - 4' L, 3 'v 3 """ 4 790'-'i'f"" 94 1'-'12-xJl'3" Ami-, Q 'A 'H . ff.. in l ". 'af' 'S Q, --- --. A' 7'.. KVI 2311 r I l f'5" r 4 . --1 -- f yv 1 - -' j' 4 :Xa A ' J , A e ' Q ' ,Uh - 1 ' ""4 A. . -' .1 xr o ' 'i ' A . I . ' ' C . 4. 3 1,1 M I "' A 'li 4 1 a I " , If 5 ': .1 ' , V' 'sf .P X QQ-Q75 3' 0' Sv, I' 5 , 'fr if 1' 4 4 . .Q v , f:1:L? f r' . 'fl 3, A 'F-' s is "' 4' ' we -5 4 1 ' . '- NORTH Braintree 15 Norwood 18 Framingham South 29 Wellesley 15 Natick 18 Dedham 18 Milton 21 Walpole 17 1 Win 8 Losses As'-ar-. , 1. OPP. 45 r 40 . 28 41 39 39 34 41 5 --. -i rv al 'TV 4 gr -s vi .w ' - ' , 4 A f 1.1! - ' c- - A A 4 'r1,-.,' Q.-A f qfw -.'.4-.q' fry.: Lq. R?-s. I nf. ,L- .:-'e.-bktii .9 . ..,.'w4-2-'L . '- - -- 15.51 f Aflggy.. ..' Q 41155 gg, 'S f EA.: '9 1 'A"":""" ' .:J" 5 -,. -.Q -1,1 'N' ul! 4 flue.: 9 M7"k1'T 57" ...LU Q .I o-Juv '-4 5 ' Aff? ,g--7:5-ff, f V f.R'f.l 22 -3' ' u' H 1 ".-'-2' ff1'1' 1 4"-X .V f-'V'Qf- Y, ,MA ,-1392 . .- -M 27 5-1 I 'T'-: 1 52,5 -f. - Q2 . . 9 sf-S5-f.i?T+f 14:3 -' '54 U11 'JI --'ii 51551 , Q, 1 :J . ,,,. 43-aw 1.395 ,' ' mi-41 .ls . L 31 fT'.E!'j ,y!RT,Ly alf- 13 W: Wa yt, r ' " D-'4 1 g. , .' - 1 :H-' ' -.1 ' v.' -A A212-'f 'Sa-ir ga - ,,. . 1- I . A , , He:-1.1. -' , 4 -f .. ' ' vii-Lv :fIf""'?' . 'L ff-. ' M .', 8 3 4 ,. 'alll 4.-tg, 4 my 447.1 Q Q- ,,- ..,,, giff-'n , - en. Q 'Q y I4 I ', ' 1 'L' r f. My wr ' 1 "L, 9 -551-1 423 15i4,5fr'1hfAwr-' T35 A - 'Aviv 1:" "de47"v- .Le ' -J-I can " - ,M ia JP" GIRLS SWIMMING 2' o 1 3 ,, 3' ax s..-L x , 1. ,fl -5 ,c 7 J I I I I Coach P. Quinn Coach Row l fl-rl: Coach P. Quinn, S. Gorski, K. Hetherington, M. Gould, Coach B. Schaffer. Row 2 fl-rl: A -l , B. Schaffer R. Taddeo, M. Weinstein, K. Barnicle, K. Doggart, J. Feldman, A. Bloomstein. Row 3 fl-rl: J. Berger, B. Dzindolet, J. Dublirer, S. Bornstein, S, Spellman, S. O'Leary, H. Cory, N. Redgate. Missing: H. Simpson. 7-"' ' " " " "' ' pi' l me if Jwmy, 'Vp so Y " I ' ' gg I 5, " ' -. , . ' , Q., , , ., ,. .0 ef ,M - .12 C. AW' Y ,QM 6 N ew 7 A . -1 .,,' fi -.1 1 . f!-4 44 - . Captains S. Gorski, K. Hetherington, M. Gould. OOPS! 'y 'Lk' Q' P- ' . ' , ,iw rf ,J A NORTH OPP. Y Leomihster AW - 102 V 67 3' Framingham,South N A ' 92 I 79 -2 ' 4 1 . sf Q 74 .rcc 5 . I I .83 Wellekley' ' A' 95 Brookline gf sofa as Natick Q4 f I 429 Need, ' 98 7-4 1- A Wal' 96 76 Y B 69 107 ww, . "." 1' .- :x ', .. f V :-1, ., Wins 2 L sses I ellesl nd out of 7 teams i GOLF Cl-rj S. Sorin, E. Kaplan, D. Parker, A. Gayner, Capt. R. Sorin, B. Stein, B. Kates, Coach S. Wade. Missing: M. Rothschild, B. Silver, D. Kriegsman. l' If .f 4 Il ', l , rg! X North Opp l X Wellesley 35.5 72.5 7 hi Braintree 36.5 71.5 ' Norwood 65 43 ' f Framingham South 56 52 ' ' f Needham 38.5 63.5 ' 1 1 Dedham 69 39 f X Milton 33.5 74.5 Walpole 41 67 3Wins 5Losses 0 O 0 0 9 BOYS BASKETBALL ,..-rf" ly 4, 1 .,,, ,Q wp-J Q ini ,ag Us..u Ni' ' X. Front: fl-rj D. Carrington, S. Davidson, D. Blake, B. Adams, S. Schwartz, R. Sorin, T. Powell. Back: fl-rj M. Daniel, R. Marshall, M Bayer R Straus, B. Adams, T. Bittle. Missing: A. DiMiIla. SENIORS: S. Davidson, D. Carrington, D. Blake, S. Schwartz, R. Sorin, T. Powell. Qs. I ? ..e- ,, A I ri L R l f ,WN-f- W- TAPTAINSQ Brad Adams, Steven Schwartzf U , i3B L 1' J . '13, gfmrff sl: .A -N 1' " ' R 1 k is I 'A ZF? ' 4 ig L " ' 2 ' f ' '- Q ' " 3 lm , u A Q v -, ,ggyli ,G x-' ' ' , ml 1 I ' N v , Opp X, ., ' r V4 +65 .V - vb' . I f 'L" 54 2 51 '38 ,lm 694 A 51 A I f .,. . , I A 64 'Mini Wellesley g ,955 4 I I Norwood 'f,v?,..,., --ef' ' A ' Braintree if X ' 2 V., V Walpole ,' A "' gr ,,A,, 4 ,Q im' Q: Milton A V '- 7 .ij 1 ' ' .H - . Vw. :,.:g 2 52 ' -'M Neqham , gap! 53- 7 I s , Q wyiox 5 o 69 1 o Q M' r if A ms ' , f 'SZ' V11 .Z , N L Q 7? in E j 2 Losses 3 -a...V- --QQVQ ,Y Will' Q g .,a'7f21"l:5 'Y' 1 .K f N me .A O . D , 44 J V BASKETBALL ,. arm. W W V , 1.x nj' GIRLS BASKETBALL F J. Gardelli, C. Mespelli. Back: CI-rj J. DiMiIIa, E. McCree, K. Ignacio, B. Conti, M. Movitz, W. Woodard, K. Fritz, B. Black, Coach: Mr. McDe SENIORS CAPTAINS Mi, 4 ' ' f 4, 'O' . ., I X , J .V. BASKETBALL P I P"'ff' Captains: Joleen Gardelli, Chris Me , I M ov, 1:?"4uf'A lf ,-1' .f 4 -v Q 6 ,L .4 - , 'P ' 'df -s-'BSA 15 1---11 1, , . -..-..-. 2 1 5 . 'uv' 5 . L i,,.,--alll-" ii 4p...,..- 1--, 141 'Q L... WRESTLING I 82 1 O I 4 3 ' ' 4 f C ' ,f ,f , , I K 1 1-, ,-1, . , 7 1 4 .. - ' . , ' ' '- , A ,I , ' f , ' . .vf . , '- . . 'K , . ' . Q . . Back: fl-rj S. Daly, D. Balboni, E. Seasholtz. Middle: R. Allcroft, A. Rhein, J. Bernstein, E. Moodoyan, T. Davis, C. Thomas, R. Norris, J. Clark. Front A. Mutrie, D. Remillard, K. Horne. Missing: D. Rhein, L. Rhein. mf' " ' 4 i Y 4,43 SENIORS - A. Mutrieg Captains: S. Daly, D. Remillard, E. Seasholtzg K. Horne. I g QF f 4' f .. FW I :gl . ' A 1 ' 44-. .Q , 1 A f' i ' 7: 4 Q C ,A :tj ,ij .- C iv. Q .1 .sta-. 16,311 2 L ' ,, if ., ff, if ff ,Gag V ' 7' .M sf. +5 .,,,,,,,,., 7 ' ,V .i ii Tuizbf' Y : Jigs Ai "" 55-. 3 ' 'LL , Qi V' 'HQ 5 f A ,,,,. 5, f -nah ff". 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Norwood 1 , .,Q,,, ,zwflafij 3'1" 48 . ,, , A-sep , f N Milton ,fipilffin'-5.57-'fzwN1-cwfaA - ,. ':'f"' 29 Decllh 34 ' ff 'ff '- 5 g 553fiLzf??Q6?.i'Qff ff Walpo ,,,f'?2'aQw,'.m-f f- 4 , :- H",,z,--fg 37 Xavenan 11- - ' .Q im 33 . M- ew, ' v, ' Lincoln-S W -1 " gi 42 Winchester ' ' " ' '1- ll wins " . 1- 2 9'-W nv JUNIOR VARSITY - Back: fl-rj Coach E. Balboni, K. Ballou, C. Zibel, R. Bolick. Front: C, Mason, M. Shapiro, J, Brody, C. Porter. 1 43 5 Iosgq Q. K Thomas, B. Kim, B Cheever C Moeder J INDOCR TRACK 4 : K m f chi H' C, I 61" 58 Back: fl-rj M. Katz, A. Siddiqui, W. Tsai, W. Shleh, J. Dececca, D. Thurber, C. Faiman, M. Hirsch, M. Getman, X. Shi, P. Sacchetti, P. Reilly, R. Penswick. Middle: Coach Duane, H. McKay, K. Marchant, L. Bryant, E. Lee, K. Angelone, J. Katz, R. Katz, L. Mullahy, M. Kaladis, J. Lichtenstein, B. Cullinane, Coach Bove, "CIoots," "Loni." Front: J. Allen, R. Lovett, J. Foster, L. Llek, Captain M. Prenovitz, P. Burton, J. Dittami, S. Devlin, Coach O'Rourke. ,. 'Elly W C149 ,I will? L - , r Q X i f , . 1-f-ZW SENIORS , . c' ucs g --Q., . VK , 9 4 ,1 I .V u' 1 I ,xg rn .iss 7, -. 2.x .- Y 1 1 1 '4 1 ' .4 Q- R, . 2 1' 1 .J --,fills b Q -4 . 42:4 ' - fd Q19 , ,Q L 'A 1 1 ' '-'-Q-v+',,.,x M1 5 " ' f' ww Qimx-W-y.f' i " i C" l die? Qwg, 'N sf ,q ..,M:.uTi , a 4+ " ' f. ,, ,. North Opp. South 40 45 Dedham 22 60 Natick l9 66 Needham 24 61 Milton 30 55 Norwood f 14 69 Wellesley 1 R 57 Walpole gs sa ummm ze eo OWins9lossh Winner of Ralph Colson Memorial Award Qunsung herol: Marc Getman '1 N. f s f All ' 5' A, , 2 4 ., S T if f L i 'N , if? ' lflv as gg, nd' VIL? K 27" Sl 1 ,. , , A f- ' L '4l ?" " ' A , ' V I .Wg ' , is f r ,P Y v M-Tyr'-'A , , Y' x - lf x X' i 1 ' ,,,0 Q M L F gm f i f I '17 o ff f if 145 BUYS SWIMMING Row I fl-rj: E. Shoemaker, P. Reynolds, D. Redgate, D. Dias. Row 2: H. Shi, J. Zibbell, L. Rotman, J. Greenbaum, D. Bacon, M. McCarthy, S. Burton, M. Aronson, S. Rubant, J. Lawrence, C. Moran. 'vnl uf fish 1, A 5 A . .6 t, . . N- .liif b I4 Y A ' . J dns . I , .. r .Q 'K ta f 145m JA - ' .-V R.. ----M .. H 'fc '12 1' 'QPR ' ' 5 - I ,v , ' , 1: , 'Q ...Nu-:PQ I: .Q " M-hx ,iii A N ., -93, . e 9 0 Q, ' v"i'.w lm' V A - 3,.,,5, J P Z XX A X Captains: P. Reynolds, D. Redgate by , , , B-Il . . H Seniors: E. Shoemaker, P. Reynolds, D. Dias, D. Redgate 9 0111211 .vp- 45' n P 4' North Opp, Brookline ff 79 87 Leominster 80 81 new L 70 98 Needham 78 B9 Wellesley , 97 se Westwood ,1 98 69 S IOS 58 wan 3 101 67 , - P : -' n S . A ,M H 17, 1 L' a wms2 -eNf2r,rmQ,g,. wfrwf 4 EMC . J Pla 7 Ngo 'Z' 7, l "' 0-an ap? In y p 'M 1 ' M .- -0 "" ' fb f V 4 r,.,.!"" ' 1 In 099, fw,,,,"4 A H n 3. V5 M. -1......-., .., --.--. fl ' I f r,,, A W, r 4 3 L 9 D i. fu "x l- , ,a-. H . A, f .415 11' - W. ,ev I . .QI Mtg' 3 ' .ffe.u vw- HOCKEY fglllllllihl ' QAWHAM flllmlfly ' mm H I M gm WM rlllllilllilg 1 Nw' ' ADV ' " "" X.- Back: ll-rl Coach D. Davis, B. Reynolds, D. Sloan, A. Brody, B. Landers, D. Norton, J. Pavia,, S. McCauley, M. Daly, Coach S. O'NeiII. Front: T. Nagle, V. Thangaraj, D. Hessel, D. Bernstein, P. Iantosca, M. Clark, M. Brodney. .-Llflkull , lll"l'n E 5' pggwg-. " Rl A ,RU lf, . F'lllIlG,ll , f , sl. ,grim llllxlll 1WW5f144 -A: MRTH 3 MRfHmN-J ,N Nlt.llHM,-21.3 NUQYHQ 'UUICZL Q NIT , .ng I h -,Elk Y 4,7 . 5.3 b:.,.gi ' ki - . 'K .fs .5 h , wel . V V fs 2 .V - N 'T :Z M W : ,t, ' rtelqlqgf ' Sv. 2:51 an ' ,S M Y 2 'g'F!1 "i N B. l M if Q. gvggs MM J ,,4w 5 . J- ' 'S ' 24 SENIORS: D. Sloan, V. Thangaraj, B. Landers, D. Bernstein, D. Norton. CAPTAINS: Dan Bernstein, Donald Norton. . l mtg!! A-9 -. nil' aqgulf' 1gr.::f .- . ",. 1. .-.13 'wr u u V I 1 '41-fr--V- N r I1 1 'mb ,C-.1 ' ff ' 1 - ,Q x L uf .. Q , la L I ' I, . ' I 1 v, f .Q A ,ff Q " ' :, . , 1 1 fl e fe .- , , . 2, 11,4 I fi" '-an S 4 si 4 g F I 5 Needham ,wsllsalleye A anim: EG WV South Dedham Norw 'A-Walpcg ...mmdf Mllton Needham Wellesley Braintree South Dedham N0rw0Od Walpole Q 4 Z I0 , 7 I 4 w-10--1--.----t-..l..M.M. fi- if J "'-'-vw'---ff.,.....,,?? I. -j 'ff- 2 10 e 3 no wr' "' X, o 2 4- - 2 5 1 9 3 wlns 15 losses Ltle O K' ,' .yy 4 5" 'gg s ng , ' , ,Q ' AL L. -W JE- H' ' , IW, l I t 9. of ' ow. K " C7 '-52 4.3 ' M' , vs -:: , y 4? f' '11 vow! 6' 5 s I , 149 BUYS GYMNASTICS 7,-I 1 3, , , f Z . s y , v , l , ' . , Z I s' , IW., F' 1 If U r 4. K a L' , xx Back: fl-rl Coach J. Naticchioni, A. Cotton, S. VanDam, M. Liebman, E, Bordenstein, C. Watson, D. Zaff, C. Kams, S. Kelley. Middle: M. Bertone. Front: F. Sola, M. Rosenzweig D. Byrd. 1 A x M, . fe f i pf 1 A SENIORS: Felix Sola, David Byrd, Michael Rosenzweig. ""'bv-. HW Back: QI-rj Coach Mr Welnbaum B Kams N Fuller M Fruntt J Hodas A Furash J Farley Coach Mr Wheeler Mlddle fl rJS Josh: M Dietz, M. Demeo A Martm H Shewan S Paradlse K Mozduez K Walsh S Altman Front CaptamsS Blodgett J Flanagan E Walsh S Josh: J Flanagan, Mr Wheeler S Blodgett E Walsh xt a X! Needham Walpole Milton Algonquin - Hudson South Braintree j Wellesley Brookline Newton North 3rd in Bay State Lea 7th in South Section . f ,.,, Pafaffge 1 A glfaifglg fi.,,gl4g:,g,j,g.,gQ QTL 1 or , Opp, 88 55 116 86 II3 74 127 103 90 107 1 l - - , . . , , ,Wy ,.,:.,,.... 4-5,12 . , ,1.f,,- rr ,A , 13 .r. ,nf shlp: W nv E ' s S 2 ' 9 A . 414. Z? A0 Ir 1- v , 4 7 ' Q 7 , ,fm-ia '- 7 - -"' ' 1 ' ' ..,...,:,,,u.:,,y.f7'-,1,,7. 3- -' M X fi? A f Q", N. ,. U in 'x 1 -7-.1 1 1 N AA. F 1' RH lst? NESS? of .all-' T ,lf , XUNQ ORT 3 H. ' "1 Y .iv S I N ,Q 5 3 1- n 'Q' ' xf T V L--sn" M--sn I :1,?," 10' 'N K 'T '.'5--ua., In-vb 'ff i ' 1 may . l --5 I HJC'- ' 1 9 1 1 1 1 4 Q fl VZEJZMZLJ lf:-fm W-, ,, 1 'v V0 ,, ,Lf 1- 1 f 44 zz 1 gf., 1 gfflmf 1 if , ft , 413 az' ' A .' 1 ' 4 5572, -11,44 V 111g if? 1 1 .gf V A fy 1 , ,12,'i'-A' ' Y . ' f ny.. , f fa, ,I If M 4 ww , 1, ww. . W1 1 1ivnn4em,2f1fWf12, , 'fl 1,4 ,AME 5 YQ: . Z Z 2 2 E J 1 my , ' 11, , .,-iz.. AA. 1 , I v,,,,, , , ,341 V, 0' ,i , 9 ,L , I f. A f 1 V, fi ,VV . . few 1 143243 1 462511,-Cf5'1, , 1 f - iv. 1 ,v, -.qw 0 L 11 5 Asa' Bww,W,,,..,,,,,,,,g'f fW4Mf..,. - -'-- f4fV 1 MW. N -.,. L f A 'wr- ' 'N-W-,Q f 1, -- 'W Q M1 lksfwlf im Z 4 Y V" fff' ' , A ,Jw 1, 14,53 I n I' E 5 1 32. 7, f 1 ft f , J I I f 5 lv? l I 3 ., ,, : Q., 45,1 I. f!?+,',Lc? I :Sf V7.1 " I HZ' I , . ' I iff! 'try .1 rf. I jf, L R - if 5, fl if: "Z", 'gf-214, 3 .fb ',4 I I 1719- 1 if L ,gh I 1 ANIBAL - THE SEASONS BEEN A CLASSIC! WE'LLMISSU! ATLK Doreen -- Wi!l LENT be doing common leapfrog? - Maureen The F-Club will avoid badminton until caught! TM - ls Ted home? Will he be dressed? Lucky us! - LK CB, SG - David, Smell the glove is here. HH JR lCapJBy - Juicebag! HH UB, DW, TL, SS - Want some Cheez-its? HH TB - How many times did she wine? Beck, SistersForeverILY, HOL MW - Red BMW and Monte Carlo SS!! I luv you! Love, Rach Jill - By now you should be BAD! Let's go to IunchRA Amy D - Have you seen a Chnse MAN Throwing Up? Luv RA CW 4 No, You Don't! - KS , V I JK - You are a scream! - KS CW, PJ, SM, KS - TO US! 8l30f86 NORTH SWIMMING 'I 86-87 SENIORS DEE - PAUL - REDS Jill, Who's in the kid? talk much! - Amy DW - We're not university material. HH 1 TL -- No, my father! HH Kim, is there s-one in our house or is it Grease! AD CH - CAN'T WAIT FOR U2 leave: the mattress is minelLY REDGATE - NICE JOB! Northeastern! Derwreck, swim ok? DD Mosko Men - RM, GK, PH, AW, AE, DR, ??, THANX 4 THE LAUGH - DD HEY, THANX TO: JR, PR, MW, BN, DW, MP - THANKS GUYS - D.D. REMILLARD + DIMILLA - THANKS FOR THE SIGN - MR. SECRETARY DUCK - THANX FOR ALL THE SPECIAL TIMES - I LOVE YOU! JS KL What a long strange trip it's been! BFSWDSSTRAS JS + Miss Emily - Bossie is a woman, D is D. LY A HH "We've got beer . . .and cheesecake." DW My God, Ira, therza piece of fruit in the humidifier. Laugh it up, Slippyf Che Dave and Scott -- Andria - the Hope B. + Amy M Sandy d. put it in A.J. - whatever Sam - oh, that's Come on in!! - Kate A.J. + E.W. - Can I have a s.d. wlout alcohol? Love, k.l. Surf - you're my favorite wild, sick, violent, punk - like Jodi and april - tripods! aaaarrrrggggglll - karin JC largdwal 7 pick, Iticlgfagnraman, and especially julio! - kk to our pact? - K.L. LS - went the conivbat' imigfililwlalways being there - thanx jl ' N" HS - sobawa - never! thamt4beinthere4mel! ilu - jl Shmo - somanymensolittletlmeil haha ugaf - iIu4eva luv y9o ML - Beam me up, Scotty -7 Luv Fig Lisa -- Remember, Oct. 12, lee, Woods, Potter, Back Seat!! THANK YOU, BABE: THESE MEMORIES WILL LAST A LIFETIME Mr. "D" Suck in your gut! Fofget it it's impossible! Mr. Wade: Thanks for being thereto talk to per. 7 LW - Meet any good cops avthe movies lately? - AN LW - Roller Skating - push -- ahh - stop it - Amy Best summer of my life with lifeguards and beach rats! LW - From a Baseball game to a party, It's been fun! AN - Hope I learn to ski someday! Bermuda here wecum FS - You still owe me for the cheese danish! KT Eileen J - Donut, whipcrm? Ice, Love Eric PAUL - CALIFORNIA BOUND, 20, K.c.o., M.A.o. I LO, ,,,,V veg., JON! Dlfml I. , 4 I-lwwfs. Gepd luck, good times. . Kim, never forget F'S, E.F., GH, and CAPE '85. LUV If E' Q ,,.' 'A' Mor . Schwa Z , Bernstein "Yes Sir" It wasnt Me Shdtz Mer, HAMBURGERS, "THE WOLF Sharing the r g' 'fi . CHERYL Jil! WS you ' Om - We're busted!!! - EW SURF - flushing letters to the barbarian :iff . Dan we don, think our initials will fit - JSJGEWJC BEN DAsh - Thank you for being a friend! j WHA STHES ' DLIMITONAVOLLEYBALLCOURTMIARSITY? LUV JL APRIL - FOR GOD'S SAKE. DON'T FORGET TH 2 2,. 00D!! A , Katie Cer 1515 f I :Milfs the histsig of mr. ed and Qe fighting Quaker? LauraSue - you are such a sweetie! Love always, 'Zfgf - f- f Well, be ig! 0 Rules! .. Swan .1 I-:f1i:yYhipJJi5g12:rg3E right! Kim ie . ' s, I . so. louvs, I THINK THIS IS A TRUCK srogm .Io - , , ! CW - DON'T LISTEN TO MY CONVERSATIONS, ' SD f ow DO U GET To FRAMINGHAMP Ugom VT!! Jo KS - GT'S IN "THE BASEMENT!" - CW SD ' We'll s 1, ,vgrpion Bowl for 8, then talk!! JO 3 Mich - let's get some air!! Thanx anyway -- Amy 86 nior ch "s' - rslilt Wink the same, I Luv Ya!iQ,,,W,,,,,,,!,,.Iwfffw'haI We Mich -- I have a mini skirt you can borrow! - Amy Sam, next time we'll put up the car curtains! Jac I WHAT DOES 15C : LB! IC, 5C, IOC, 150 : I MIGHT TELL. Vars. Cheerleaders 86-7: I'll miss u! LuvYaLots! JO RA -- Let's go to BK in NA, listen for the word luau! JO EW l'Il miss your clothes ilyhen you're gone. ILU KW KT, SD - What do you mean you want them in a bowl? JO JM - POUNDIN' AT PHI KAPPA SIGMA! - MG PARTYIN' DOWN WITH GUS. JK, BT - Nights at WB l'II never forget U2! LY AS SD Weez at the beach! Vermont WIJO, KT,'ON0l ILY AS THADDIUS . . . Thanx for shocking me. I'lI I'rj5lss LYA A I Hush' 'Thanks for the rnemoriesl ' A' 'A I ' 'K LW - We Miss you!!! - The Gang LW - How's the radio?l - Karen + Amy LW - Find a guy yet? I did! - AN To my friends DB, CC, JZ, FS, I hope we stay in touch LUV B To Derlse whom I hope to stay with for a long time "YAVOLT" Gorski - GOOD LUCK AT U MASS BSF H SAC I'LL MISS U JD Dave, could you please stop saying SURE! - Amy Jacqui, who killed Tad Channing? - Amy Todd - No Blocking!! yeah! -- Amy Movitz - We're going out with who? AAAAAAAAh!!! Jacqui SD, KT - Who needs a dance floor? We have cars! Jac Dorf - Look at that man behind the PacMan machine! Jac MM - What's with the pinky and the teeth?!? Jacqui JS - I can picture it, white, on the left side . . . JO CW - BOO! PFFF FINE. BE THAT WAY! KS How do they get ms on Jake + Flash -- Pink Champagne 8129186 - Fig PK -- Football you bet! Work Rules! - QSQLIISHJ, To my FAVORITE SPIDA. YA NF SARAH - IT'S NOT IN THE HAND , NINA CLAURAJ HJ's wlJN AO -5 She's such a CG - We see heaven You take breath away TB f Baby M' closed the tick KL + DAD - for everything! and 5C0!!y, I Love Che! his , A . ' 1 I T? f "inch ' 5 . 7 Totally bread and Gorskl - Run as fast . QQ 3 ws. . , .5 1,1 , W, H LJ "w h .x ess. - . Q -if - GOING WRONG WAY, PARTY THIS wAvI , WE WANT TO BE Jusr LIKE vouis , , - A '1 ooo BLESS an BELIEVE IT R NOT, I REALLY oo KNOW Mv NAME. LUV Josm Ioovsn swATI A HORSE IS A HORSE IS A OF COURSE! - MR. ED KT - BERMUDA HERE WE JG - I HATE LEAVING zo MIN KT - Gooo sm JL - Pencil? F D ? MM -- LSN - Whafs TL "You're a nice but . WE PLAYING? AN JODI FOUR -- AL JODS AMY T Say hl danc, Collins Rap - tb - HOW MANY TIMES? - TB WHAT S UP TODAY? JC YOU WANT TO GO TO was your weekend? - Lights out, grab th SD - you go up that it was a floater! best come here Q AG - Thanks for dinner and stuff. Bon-Bon, Pepperidge Farm remembers! Are You Weak? BILLY Di-Di! BIackLine - BOX - PartTime Lover! Dirty Feet! -- Dodie MJK - Smegular - goshygod - uhh . . . OK! Chinese Food -- Clown Karin - Mangii, for those who like it strong! - April KW - ya want a nuty budy? memba - New Yrs. 86 thanx llu - JL TB - how big? pencil - hairspray? in NHWl Redduck + campfire CH - Exit 14? Toga party! S25? no friends! lhrdoll house Glenn, you are the best, I might even miss you. Loran Elke - Thanks for being our friend. Luv Audrey Loran AR don't go mutes - smile! - homeslices!! V-ball us up! SDM - rmbr Cobblestones, our waitress - cookie mnstr - AD RACH -- HAVE YOU SEEN ANY CHNSE MEN THRW-UP LATELY - AMY Todd - The name's Seymour -- Amy LB -- SWYL, SWYF, MWRYTOLWMTB. LOVE - EB Amy D. - Her name is Lee not Lee - lee - love Kim Sam - you only had what? - oh thhcee thee breezes! - KT Jacqui, do you want a light for that cgrtte? - Kim SH, SD, KT, BB, SS - Always remember our times, Love U! JO SHSSKTBBSD - There's the lobster clawg it's whole! Jac HS - DONT LEAVE ME WITH MOM ALONE! ILY Love CBS! MF + TZOREO, NOXEMA, SPLIT, SUNKIST, NICE LOCKERS - KS +CW Wendy - Remember debates. UR hair looks fine. UR rite. HE has brown l's. RU going to sue him? - Swati U no who UR - Fasten UR ctbelts - I Feel TURBULACION! AL - I'm like, your surf, but we both, like, surf!!! - KK AL and JC - Mom said, "Never play ball in the house" - KK CAM MTJWCOAHCM! Champagne! StealHisUnderwear! ILY -- GEM LS and JS Fred Astaire Chuck's sweatshirt WTGDHICI Gretch JESRAM I Will Never Forget . . . I love all of you! GEM KS - DON'T BE SUCH AN AHHHH!! HEY, COUCH POTATO! - JK DS - DON'T BE SUCH A XXXXX OR YOUR GRASS IS AXX! KSJK TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME MAKE IT - THANXILYLS WE'VE EACH GOT TO GO OUR SEPARATE WAYS FREZ ALWAYS THANK G-D WE FINALLY MADE IT! NEVER 4'GET IT K.K. HEY, WHAT'S MY NAME??? J.C. K.K. WANDA'S PARTY!!! INSPECTOR GADGET??? J.C. K.K. FUNIONS, AQUAMAN, JULIO, S.F.B., D.A., AND MORE J.C. THANKS, KATIE D, YOU'RE THE BEST. LOVE, KEN, SAN + JEFF! WE LOVE YOU, HERB!! LOVE JACQUI + AMY TODD, ALWAYS REMEMBER GAME 7!!! LOVE AMY LB - WHICH SIDE IS YOURS? LB - 1:00 CALLS . KI, SD - I AM NOT DRUNK, I JUST ATE TOO MUCH!!! JO ST - I'M FAINTINGQ IS THAT ALRIGHT WITH YOU?!? JO SAE, WHERE WERE YOU THAT WEEKEND? DO YOU REMEMBER? JO SB, USE TOWELS AT PARTIES, YAHOO FOR COCOA PUFFS. SC SPECIAL MEMORIES WIU BM GOOD LUCK LUV ALWAYS. SC NF - JRS., DRAKKAR, AND MORALESS SUMMERS! GIMY ILY, AS TG YOU MADE RD NITE IN THE SHOWER I'LL MISS YOU. AS FAITH - HI! HI! HI! SCOOBY DOOBY DOO! HI-HO! HI-HO! IT'S OFF TO LIFE WE GO! I LOVE YOU! BYE! BYE! BYE! - SWATI SHUT UP, SMELLY KELLY! DID U HAVE A GOOD ED-UCATION? ML - Destination DOA. Where's the phonebook? Fri. 0 Papa's - LK TM - Get off my heel! Can you close the door? Harvard? - LK -- Thanks for the challenge! - LK - Shakespearean club forever! -- LK - Destination DOA - Party up! Phonebook? Where? - ML Golf course? Love those mosquitos! - Weeble Pork chops! Flash any cameras lately? - ML You bench potatoes - Ball girls all the way! - ML U2 - ML Maureen - Remember senior hall and common frog? Love you! - Doreen never forget you Mike - CC Bff - sc Life does go on, if you'lI let it. EM Watch out for those age spots! See 'em in 25 yr - LA All alone on a Sunday morning. Love POOK! Night, 85 KS Hunt we got free DC GD CB Sorry, everybody else. luck, senior. MB - 12:00-I2:08 Love - WOODY Ahms with Connors, Lewis and Tiny Tim All We love you, miss you LOVE AMY AND HOPIE get some gas, O.K.? I Love You! CHER for always being there! I love You! both see the heaven in their eyes. Che! those snake I Love You! RA - Rach HAA! Luv RA Rach eat talks! Rach NO, NOT TOO MUCH - Rach 4th time ID per3MCMJ LOVE YOU, KARIN - T.V. ROOM - OIL SPILL - "P" religion - GD Gr " .X , ,L l A iv' 'Q , SC There is still hope for ear and footie. SB Jodi - stealing gumballs at Wollies!! - April KK - She's like and im surf, but we both like surf- AL KK - Muppets, Venus, OhMyGod!, lah-di-dah-di. - April POODLEHEAD - Turning Japanese - Try lt - Let's DANCE - LYA GOOD LUCK SOCCER TEAM - CHAACSALDBEFJWNVACKS - LUV JILL Awesome GT'S with JD - JG QMOM, we fell asleep!! Twiggy, good luck, I'll miss you! Love Twig SJ How many mistakes this year? Me and is you! KT April and Karin, Remember B.P.D.P.!!!??? Jodi The great changes with Karin in the summer of '85 MM - Write one about me. HH GD -- Dentist Appointment? HH GD, JC - Garcon, pipe cleaner. HH EB 1:00 CALLS EBIMP What does 15C : ? Movitz - Friendly's : pigout'LGL'NOW!!! SP - Bobby is not alive, so give it up. DAVE - Thanx for the hurricane - I love you! - ME JEN - never forget Florida wl Dom Savio. KL - Please excuse Jacqui + Kate for being late. IDV Eileen, Kate, Heather S., SLIME!!! lha hai - Jac. TC + BS GOOD LUCK! WE LOVE U! RV + LB P.S. I LOVE U BOO - SP - THIS B5, THIS IS LOVE, I'M DYING, BOBBY, MUMSY - MM MP - SO CUTE, THE BIGGEST MOO MO0 HEAD ILY - MOVITZ JCOOPS - Friendly's MOW MASTERS, WTGL??? WHO?? - MM This IS A ONE-WAY! Oh, it's ok. I do this all the time. STAND BY ME, STEVE. LOVE, KRISSY EDITH WlSE, JC, HH, DC, MK, DS, MD GOOD-BYE, COUSIN KEN HED - ALRIGHT, I KNOW YOU'RE MAD AT ME, YEAH, THAT'S IT! AMY AND JEN "YOU'RE A ZERO" LOVE YA LOTS, GUYS! JS TONGUE, WHY'S YOUR PAUL HANGIN' OUT? Ml, PM, JC, JS DW "PLEASE GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF MY CEILING" SS JCSJS - CAPE COD UNDER THE GUM TREE! SID, etc. JACK, WHAT A NITE AT GM'S. HE JUMPED IN THE POOL! JS GWlWlHlBlFlALONGfAf BlTfAl rmmbr, B!B! ANDFANUIELH. TLU DW - REMEMBER - JUST DON'T MOVE!!! - ME HEY -- WHIPPER, SNAPPER - LOVE TICKET - CCWIJSJCKD Psycho cab ride in Georgia - EW and AJ ANDRIA - GO OVER THE CURB!! EILEEN - I'M NOT GOING OVER THE CURB!! SARAH! Come here! WE'RE IN TWIN MOUNTAIN!! LOVE, JILL RACH, I'M NOT GOING TO FRENCH! WHO ME? LOVE. JILL GOOD LUCK, TERRI, SCOTT AND DON. TOSG, KHMGI'mgoing tomissyouALLgoodluckatschoolloveab GOOD LUCK, JOE. I LOVE YOU FOREVER, LISA EAT YOUR PAISLEY!! I AM HAPPY THAT RANDY RHOADS IS DEAD! - AC TWIN CADILLAC VALENTINE MM - . . . AND KNITTING, AND KNITTING, AND KNITTING, AND "Hey I don't think that belongs to you." Born to Run - JG, KW, KN, AL, RK, CJ, CM, AT, LV, JK, EA, DW - SJ Karen - u:me! Ionly made three mistakes this year! - Brian Anastasia -- Give me one morenite + DNwotsl So be it - SJ Hey FS, AL, KN, JG, KT, RC, KZ, LU, KW, WK, WHAT LUNCH? - SJ Juan, porque Ilega tarde hoy? TS - "HOW 'BOUT YOU? ALRIGHT OH MYlI" I LUV YA, HED TAMM, HEDY, ERIC, STEVE, CHERYL, DAN AND A HOST OF OTHERS EW - IT'S WHERE THEY FLY THE PLANE - NOT IMPORTANT NOW RQTpies - AW - VU, CS, DJ, AP, JA - KATE JAKE EILEEN A DORF - DO YOU HAVE A REAL LONG SHIRT - MM JEN COOPS - FEB VACA 85 - VG PM SN RB PL JD - MM AmCon - "Running On Empty, the story of my life!" "We'll be leaving now. Hoo." DW KD. JUST DON'T MOVEI DW EM - MY DAD'S LEG BURNED. NEEDS A NEW ONE. LY JC Q' I59 FRAMINGHAM NORTH KEY CLUB T Congratulates The Class of 1987 Advisor: Mr. Jack Donovan President: Leslie Klaidman Vice President: Melanie Gould Secretaries: Beth Naditch Ali Kaplan Treasurer: Debbie Flax Mrs. Rose Ametti Tedra Averett Stacy Bennett Andy Brody Jean Bushell Mark Bushell Raymond Bushell Joan Caparelliotis Felisha Carman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chapin Phyllis and Marvin S. Cohen Jennifer Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Daley Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Dargan Mr. and Mrs. Delahanty Joyce and Alan Delemos Mr. Dell'Olio Mrs. Derro Shari Dodek Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Donini Mr. Donovan Marty Dorfman Maryann Dunn Maryann Dunn Carole Efthim Andy Epstein Wendi Epstein Abraham and Millie Ernest Helen Fagin and James Warren Laura Farios Mrs. Doris Feinstein Denise Ferer The Ferraros Marie and Dick Fitzgerald Dorothy M. Flury The Francesconi Family Patty Garland Mr. and Mrs. Steve George Marc Getman Mrs. Gleason Marc Golding Greg Gould Barbara and Fred Greenberg Harold Greenberg Diane and John Haas Debbie Habor Jimi Hendrix Chloe Johnson Colleen Joyce Michael Kelley Ed and Esther Kipnes Kristen and Melissa Bill and Pauline LaFoese Steve Lane Sheryl Levine Mr. and Mrs. Walter Levy and Family PATRONS Mrs. Virginia Maenpaa Russ The Bus Manzer Mr. and Mrs. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mclnerney Mrs. Mary Merchant Rose Mesite Christopher Moran G. E. Moran's Little Sister Hank and Maureen Moran Barry Moskowitz Pearl and Arthur Moskowitz Beth Naditch Heidi Nemeth Nikki Nemeth Kim Newton Dave Nims The Norris Family Betty Pearl Etta Pearl Larisa Pierson The Pogatch Family Jason Proman Lauri Pruskin Karen Regan Grace Ribeiro Mrs. Rizzo Mrs. Elsie Robblee Herb and Anne Rosenberg Winnie Rosenberg Carolyn Savary Andrea Schwartz Carolyn Schwartz Laura Sen The Shipes Mr. and Mrs. S. Slotnick Shoshy Starr Richard and Rosemary Stassheim Beth Stewart The Straus Family Louise Stucchi Mr. F. J. Sullivan Terri Sweeney Sharon M. Thompson Danielle Thorpe Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tobin Karen Tompkins Lori Vengrow Mr. and Mrs. John J. Whelan Melissa Willey Mrs. Martha Wilson Tammy Wout Josh Wolfson Sasha Yershov Katherine Zuschlag "Butchie" Zurowski Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson Joseph Antonioli John Anzalone Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Ball Mrs. Mary C. Ball Tom and Chris Barbieri Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Barney Arlene and Sam Bernstein Deena Bernstein Jeffrey W. Blodgett Marcia Blodgett The Boermeester Family Mr. and Mrs. Buhrer Eric Butzki The Caradonna Family Marc Carey and Cindy Kingston William and Anita Carey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Carey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clatur Congrats '87 - from HR F 201 Dan Connors Lester and Sandy Connors Mr. and Mrs. Lester Connors Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Conrad Eva Cooper Michael Cooper Phyllis Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Jordan L. Cotton Mr. and Mrs. William Cullinane Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Cushing Dawn's Cape Cousins Elizabeth DiMilla Dan Donovan Jackie Donovan Kate Donovan Martha Donovan Sara Donovan William Donovan Albert Dube Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Dussault Anthony N. Falco Francis and Frances Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flax Fran Carey Painting, lnc. E. J. Francione Franco's Deli Mr. and Mrs. Neil Frieband A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Edward Getman Rupert Gildenhuys, DVS, Cary Feverman, DMD The Glosband Family Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Gordon Carol Ann Gould The Green Family Lois E. Hager James Halpin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hayden Paul H. Hayes Bob Heffron Paula and Carl Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Adir Jacob Rick, Donna, Brian, Rachel Jacobs Christine Judge The Kaplan Family Lynna and Sam Klaidman Jessica, Christina and Jennifer Konningisor SPONSORS Jim and Trish Konningisor Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kuras Michele Lombardini Mrs. Mary Leonard Ellen and Eliott Lerman, David and Jeff Sue Lewis The Lipton Family Mary H. Lonergan Jacqueline Lucas Wallace Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Joseph and Anthony Lundy Thomas F. McCain Ted and Tommy McNichol Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McNichol Hank and Maureen Moran The Morrissey Family Frank Morrissey and Kirsten Donovan Bonnie J. Morse Rosalind and Matthew Moskowitz The Murphy Family Natick Town Clerk, Edward W. Devereaux Margie and Peter Nesson The Newton Family Miss P. V. Oliva Mr. and Mrs. 0'Reilly Carol Ouellette James and Linda Panzera Dr. and Mrs. Davis Perlmutter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pike Rita and Ray Pillie The Richard Prager Family Mark Pramsdell Ann and Jack Prenovitz The Prenovitz Family Linda and Harold Pruskin The Rhein Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Romano Merrill and Judy Rosenberg Doris and Mac Rosnor Larry and Cheryl Rosnor Janet Rugo Dieter and Sabine Schwarzer Dr. and Mrs. Philip Schwartz Gary and Sharyn Seasholtz Linda and Jerry Shevrin Jan Shipe The Sisitsky Family Mrs. Leon Sisitsky Begg Stables John H. Stasik L. J. Stepanian The Synnestvedts Eileen M. Tobin Karen Tompkins Jill Uftring Mr. and Mrs. Ken Un The Whittakers - Charles, Susan Andrew Mrs. Karen M. Yang The Yeomans Family Jerry and Phyllis Zarkin Ellen and Peter Zimmerman Michael Zimmerman Dr. and Mrs. Max Zurowski Mr. and Mrs. Alex Zurowksi CGNGRATLILATICDNS T0 THE CLASS OF 1 987 Say What" ?! 1 ,-, I Love You Santa Body By N tl PATISSERIE ET CAFE LOEHMANN'S VILLAGE AT APPLE HILL ' NATICK ' 617-653-0100 THE MALL AT CHESTNUT HILL ' NEWTON ' 617-244-3100 Union Warren Savings Bank HAMILTGN PLAZA WEST, ROUTE 9 FRAMINGHAM, MA 01701 Nobscof Shopping Center 877-0300 872-4269 9056? DEQ? ' D 0 N u 1' s X, '4""0J'S Fresh, Always Gm THE C6171 879-0400 FLCWER CART FLORIST I IGOOd I--uck to 575 Worcester Rd., Plaza 9, Framingham, MA The Class of '87" Phone: 872-6 Framingham Putt-Putt Shoppers World Rte. 9 onranxrrgurr 3 f S0 'Di' A PUTT-PLITT Golf Course Congratulates the class of 1987 PUTT-PUTT L. GEORGE DABOUL REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 668'7!7 10 SPEEN STREET FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 01701 16171 879-8226 MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MML INVESTORS SERVICES, INC. 1295 STATE STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS O11 11 The Student Center KK' 'T' Cmffl- EXTT'-sf-'S T ' "7"'i"C-'E-ffg2' gf 'l QTL... , Q., VTX ffm l f i . i I W 1 Going to McDonald'sf9 is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You've made us the place to meet, to talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and help forget defeats. You've made McDonald's more than just another place to eat. And that's why, at McDonald's we say . . . 'Ts A 'NME FOR THE GREAT TASTE 343 Cochituate Rd. Framingham, Ma. T Best Wishes Class of '87 0 PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait and Wedding Photography Worcester Westboro Framingham 852-1234 366-1 33 1 875-6 164 GQGD LUCK Class of '87 From K - 79 ? , , .-WP' Hi --" , Alttle t e ac o' COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICE ROBERT W. BRIDGES FRAMINGHAM 6 Hu 877-5072 WINDOWSXGENERAL CLEANING SPECTRON INC Wlshes the Class of 1987 o St Nat'c MA Good Luck I k, COMPLIMENTS FEDERAL GLASS qMlRRoRLANDp 9 tl26 355 Worceste Road F ' gham Mass.01701 OUR NEW CUSTUMER INFORMATIDN PHONE LINE 879 9010 I' PIZZA WAGON Located At The R d Up Shopp g C te Sa o Ile 16 Va et es Of Del c ous P1 za Hot O en G 'nders P ppe St kSRo stBe f Op 7 Day AWeek Call Ahead 877-2626 Congratulatlons Class of 1987 From Freshman Homeroom C228 k1 Nlarket For Year Round Sporting Needs Old Deerskin Plaza - Rte 9 East Framlngham MA 01701 GF fl e r a en s Route a amm , . E , 2 r1""I , ft ' A 9 2' f I ,,Wr' Y 64 71 gu t I I I I ' O . , 875-5253 Good Luck To The Class of 1987 NORTH HIGH STUDENT CGLINCIL Eric Mills, President Mike Kushnir, Vice President Tammy Sisitsky, Treasurer Larry Rhein, Secretary Mr. Joseph Hannigan, Advisor xi 5' ff? RAH!! RAH!! F SCHWARTZIE J f 8 s systems, nc CONGRATULATIONS systems and programming Mlm Computers Micro Processors Intelligent terminals to the class of 1987 908 Concord St Framingham MA 617 879 4750 President members of the National Honor Society MILL STORE President Gary Sldell Vice President Andy D1M1lla 400 COCHITLIATE ROAD Secretary Kristine Zurowski Treasurer Tammy SlSltSky ROUTE 30 RAMINGHAM MA 01701 Congratulations from your neighbors at Framingham Trust. li if ,lilh illi- Ya go: a problem?" -:1 'rg "Do you get it?" ,LEA ilfu iiu L- 14 offices serving Framingham ' Ashland Holliston 0 Hopkinton ' Sherborn 0 Sudbury 879 8200 Connecting all offices MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ' i . 2' ,, la I - ff' "2-.. xr' 7 ' . l X , XV, 01701 Neil G. Ffieband From all X Q 2? . . J Ice Cream Pies, Mix-ins, Gourmet Coffees CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 87 from The Welch F amlly E L I COMPUTERS 137 HAMPSHIRE ST CAMBRIDGE MASS 492 2345 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1987 "Best in Metro West" Herbie's Homemade Ice Cream 957 Worcester Road Framingham Centre, MA 01701 C6171 872-5646 GEORGE POULOS MARC LIPETZ President Treasurer BEAUTY MARKET INC BEAUTY SUPPLIES COSMETICS FRAMINGHAM MALL 400 COCHITUATE ROAD ROBIN FEINBERG FRAMINGHAM MA 01701 Manager PHONE 872 1933 BUICK HERB CONNOLLY BUICK CO 500 WORCESTER ROAD 879 0300 FRAMINGHAM MA 01701 235 7212 Best Wlshes For a Successful Future to the Class of 1987 The Bernstein Famlly A I I , s TRICTED RESSIICKER REQUIRED "I might have a sticker.' Nlce head! Who put that ln m locker? Marvnn Barbara Deena and Mltch Yeah 'gem To All Gur Friends and Customers . . Best Wishes and Good Luck And thank you for again making us the overwhelming choice of both students and parents alike! Where Photography Is a Creative Ari PORTRAITURE 0 WEDDING COMMERCIAL 100 Fenwick St. Photographic Framingham, MA 01701 6171 877-2070 UIFWGJGJWALIHTTTTGJIBIE WQBEE KARPUUZIS COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATIUN INC 8575 mwsuv sr .gg,, runlncmn HA PHONE 617 872 2500 237 7185 CALL IDIS 'TGJDJALYUUU 'E CREATIVE ART for RQYAL PIZZA DIRECT RESPONSE CONGRATULATES CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1987 TO THE CLASS OF 87 J II 16173877 4984 7 W S Q at'n ' EYES C rom ' Serving Customers and the Community -4 If I' didn't do it." ll III ' ' 1 ' . aeiibigtn K . - - - - - "Computer D I g' yS ' A - 80 ater t. F ' h MA "Wh 'h f P' - X C "Mon Ch if- a THE CLASS CDF '87 Stacey, Rob, Dennis, Marc Wishes you happiness in everything you do! Let's enjoy life, we've earned it! Congratulations to the Senior Class of 66198777 from the class of 66198977 President: Bill Power Vice President: Julie DiMilla Secretary: Chitra Joshi Treasurer: Jill Bloomstein "Doing the Sidell Shuffle" Iwi x . 5 1 . 5 . 4 if fo ' fi' I . , - z + ' fb ,,, "What's cookin' good lookin'?" The World According to Dan You are defmltely a CUT ABOVE THE REST We wlsh you a llfe of good health and happlness Love 7 1, f 'UZ f T' Best of Everythmg to 87 FNHS PACERS Congratulatlons To The Class of 87 The Archon XZ Best Wishes Class of 1987 from FRAMINGHAM NCRTH HIGH BOOSTERS CLUB CLASS OF 1988 :M n -1 If I A .V , J. X 'fo "Mr, ' W, ww -412239, I ff df" pawn Jrwm llltnnq X' L Lv N 147 14 4 55 Y-fd 41 'LJ ARVAR 6 Z l X J 3' -454' ., L1- 1 J a- ,, ,zf 1 L , v 1 23- S3332- . . HA., X1 yr CLASS OF 1989 11' 'fr 83? W LORHA 7 'V' I 0 O 91" RQ J' I I tl 55.7 x i ' ' '4 ... S A T Ay, ! 3 sz, xx ,W , ,QA Y i Q v V r 1 Y ' .1 Q 1' 3 I ff L5 11,11 iv ' f-,ff fy 'Q .xx fu., F' 4,51 ..,., ,. A 0 o ,-Ph 5 1 -v 1' X auf' ff, CLASS GF 1990 wr-' Quang '53- .,.,,fk'l' 71 in I f1ML,,..... f"W0 c vi-ullv'-Q' .W I f' . . O J' li 1 5 .-1. ""'4'il-Q X 4 ' ,- , gx .- I Y 5-ESQ! V ' si. 'ww N 111 X W X 1 -V, 3 X N ,V U M A, 52' V 1 x t V, If ',' fffw 4 XX f., v , , QA wi' 'az ' ,H , G . -g Ir' 1 4 - Q ' af X 1 , 3 M , , ff? viz, H V! I ' fgffwm -W. l 'Q pi 4 , I z , , Q , , f ' f, I f V5 ' 3 4 ' ' 4 2 3 1 J ff ' 5 1 ,fn f X , 4 i 'W 1 ' 5 A V. , . 1 I, 41 'Q 'f 'f . , ' af 'ff' X7, f ' I 'wif' 1,7 ',1 , f if ffffffi ff 4 Y, .V 2 I Mg, 5 , ,z1"4,i, , Q.v." f 4 V- .., , 3, jf, 4, Q74: 'W' ' , 7' ' f "im we V, ' M , V Q f , , , L" .. ' ,,2,Wy' 151, f i, f yfryyf I , 1ff'1Vv'!, ' ' ' Yff'-,Q ' 4 ,? 1 4 1' ' , f 12 ' 75 I MJ 'Nl' 4 f Z 4 ? f , -'mmf -' fgffqj '17 , , if 'z, f 1 MW ' .Q 1 uf.- ff, , ,Q,,. :mx 1 'w 'S 14. ,V 'Q "1 "' just Q4 , , H "Y . "' a . 16 5 f Q 6 Hs w - . 1' 'av . B 1'-"' ""' 9 O ff 1, 5+ ' v cw 0 IUC UIQ 'iff GU V 4 1. Q WW N1 tal C k' , 'mx lim 1 I 'f 'E 4' f ,. Af , 4' 0 'B 5' 'er' W f ' f. . P -.J 15Q?yQ f I I . .2 ' f ?fe',Wv-H J W, A A 162 4 A .. , . , , ,, 4. , M ,f f H ba, ' ",fw4W ,- 'iw Agdffm - "Fu, bf, ,J I ,M 4, . M22 .4 z nf Y ,4 11 f 4 ow wh! ffljknmfx ,, 4' -f' 4, 5740. .1 f46',7f,.' rfffff, :lW""'Z 47 'f 1 , Q ,+ 1 ' gp , ,447 J "f"f1 If f',I C , f' A ,"R'95 - 'll ' eff, W v f '- ' ff , ' , " ff -U ,af - 4 A , 4 ,, ,- 'if ,z4HpQ"' V ,Q ye ' gf. ,. 'fx , ,W ML X J" p if 441344, ff. " ff, QL424 Z2 ,. 'j ,. , V L. I, fs' f, lx 1, ,,.,7, f if :A-L .,,,, 7251. . V 4 M ' W 'f L, 32, 1 ,J 1,, ' 4 ' 'rw if 5ZZ7fT"4! "Tastes greatg less filling" . . . Policeflcademy . . . Marvelous Marvin . . . Invalid SAT's . . . "Where's the beef?". THE CAR WASH ' JUNE 16, 1984 .. v., ig! sumti 44" ,1 Q 'ffl T l 8 . Dr. Ruth . . . The Color Purple . . . Papa Gino's . . . tank tops . . . Summer Olympics . . . "Feed the World" . . .Judge Wapner 188 f Q-.fs h I . . Iranian arms deal . . . Madonna look . . . Solidarity . . . "burnt" . . . the Centrum . . . "General Hospital" . . . McDonalds . . W W Qyyvb' iv U - X z s J, 'T' ,t --xr: I 3 2-gtg. 0- 0 'PI gl Qf' N7 'EZ' F RIVERSIDE ' oQToBER 8, x Q ,1... 1,- . 1986 World Series . . . Claus Von Bulow . . . "Yeah,.that's it, that's the ticket" . . . Cory Aquino . . . oversized sweaters . . . 189 . . . Guess . . "Cheers" . .. Phil ColIinsfGenesis . .. spandex . .. VCR's ... "Rocket" Roger Clemens .. . Karate Kid . . . THE HOLIDAY DRIVE 4 4 ' hp., . fi 5...- M A41,,es, , iii, KM .. mfs P 5 'af xl ll!'7' vnLng'i'ii?' ' N 2 -Q--sa: 1981245533 . . , Pee Wee Herman ... "We Are the World" ... Trivial Pursuit ... Tootsie . .. The Tylenol scare ... Esprit tofu . . . "The Far Side" . . . World Champion Celtics . . . Providence Civic Center . . .Beverly Hills Cop. . . "wicked" . SGPHOMCDRE RING DANCE fx MARCH 8, 1985 lmight do that" . . . BCfCotton Bowl . . . Cabbage Patch dolls . . . Back to the Future . . . "Chill" . . . Greenpeace. . . ,vu-mv hostages Sting the seatbelt law Reeboks . . . Marines killed in Beirut . . . "He slimed me" . K , . Q9 iq " 1 .. ', 1 r 3. lly 1 qi U lv 1 xr G 1 5 f 5 ! t ff , 2 i i , V. 3 - , 35 i A l All ofMe . . . "coke kills" . Cyndi Lauper . . . Nutrasweet . . . untied sneakers . . . Challenger explosion i93 . . V66 . . . Geraldine Ferraro . . . "Go ahead, make my day" . . . Wrestlemania . . . croissants . . . "mint" . . . contact lenses . . . RALLIES iv--fm Q 4, W .xii MPP? 'lax I ri N-ri 15,7 N rjgal... 57.123, s Sawmill' 'I V : ' Q, 1 1 'V " I ..?s.EE F-f H61 C E.. FW' HC! S . . "Jeopardy" . . . velcro sneakers . . . Airplane Il . . . AFC Champs 1985 . . . Halley's Comet . . . sushi . . . "Star Wars" SDI . . . . . . Vacation . . . "Do They Know lt's Christmas?" . . . Super Bowl XX . . . Indira Gandhi assassinated . . . "awesome" ff Fx , QL ,A " ' 1 , 11,21 Y 1:51, -if 44, ...XB--1' ww SPARTAN SCCIAL "NOVEMBER 14, 1986 . . . Andy and Fergie . . . Hands Across America . . . "Decent, I must say" . . . Breakfast Club . . ."Miami Vice" . . . The Boss 195 is N. if J o 4 'S Q 5 I X .il Doug Flutie . . . compact discs . . . AIDS . . . driver's license . . . "Moonlighting" . . . Samantha Smith . . . MADDXSADD . . HALLOWEEN 4 I f A .. 8 E i, an G' t ,xx ' 15 A JS IP .Egg Awww l i , V X K ., is I X a . N vu , , V? V V'!v V , I: g .,, Ghostbusters . . . pierced ears . . . Reaganomics . . "Can we talk?" . shades . . . Elie Wiesel . . . terrorism . . . ,,......4...-0--f-A------W W ' J 5' J J k on and the Rainbo C I "You look mahveIous" . . . Super Bo I Sh ffl Indiana Jones . . . Pufferbell PARADCX THE WINNERS , xx S,-f' I -.---Q 'Q x P11 I X Q W -als DH IE Fl FG EH RT ES N E I T CRITICAL MASS VOYAGER BATTLE OF THE BANDS ' DECEMBER 5, 1 986 G g Pains" ... Bhop lgas leak ... Classic Coke ... Ferris Bueller's Day Off ... Mechanical Hea t A . . . David Letterman . . . aerobics . . . "Time to make the doughnuts" . . . sweatsuits . . .Ll-2 . . . Witness. . . Styling mousse JUNIOR CCDTILLION gt "ff- fflfilllly nn ll f flux MARCH 1, 1986 f'! ...wi .gn-""' L J Mexican earthquake . . . Lionel Ritchie . . . MTV . . . Larry Bird . . . "The Cosby Show" . . . Live Aid . . . the Monkees. . . 198 The Big Chill . . . new tax laws . . . unisex underwear . . . Amnesty International . . . high tops . . . The Cape . . . S :v-. ,fx ,,,--a.n--q- 1 r ! 1 fir In 1. J 7 . break dancing . . . Achille Lauro . . . The Terminator. . . Hurricane Gloria . . . Stephen King . . . California wine coolers is if , 1 g. E 5 WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY QAGAINJ .l Life - so they say 'fa' 1 ls but a game and they let it slip away M ,-, , ' Love - like the autumn sun A 5 A Should be dying but it's only just begun ' M' ' Like the twilight in the road up ahead ' Y ' They don't see just where we're going 2 And all the secrets in the universe Q i - Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go - And take t always up thisway again thissfway again We may way again 1 , 1. Q 1 at lf., ff ,s L' l'm more than a friend 1. re the journey's end l I again gay again V' 3 'W!'may never pass this way again as 'S f . f, -muqsnqnqh-A., X Seals S CroftsfGreatest Hits YJ 4 00 ' 4 4 lo 'Q " d1U"""" ' """"' 1 1 A I ns, Q .ff ' U . A A,'A z"f7f"':Q3' 4' fA , 'f 3' 4? 7' , knit PQI, 1 'UL H wiv, QW ko 4 i f M. 1 . fl, My ll 7 .5 wud Q In .4 QI M s. ,N . MW' ,I ,..m....,.....y... .W .. , -.,....,,. ,,.....-.-nns...n-... 4. ,, ,M www 'ENIOR PPARTAN , if-"" ""' 1 5 1' ,H gYgj II Erylg ' Y f gf r YM, W n 9 Q 1 m',V'1 f ffssw 1 ,M4 pe 1 , nh. , " ' ' "" ""i'P'v"""' """H. 4, 6 v ha s I' ' a A Q' ff. ' Q. i- '41 g- w'g""vj-1911:--'wp-rv' -s' spur'-v"w--Qmgwwv--uf has e ll' 9 1,1-I X1 an t

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