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 - Class of 1979

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Al' W 1 -5 f B 5 n 1 . I -f 1 K ,5 rf ' N X If K, 1 r 1 X. f . ? 3 N 1 i 1 K x 'X ! 5 f l 5 1 I X I L NX X, 1 I F RANINGHAM, NA. to- zgbilorga : KATHY ELYNN SUS AN NERD a.5 51 513.111-. eshllcn- : KAREN GUNTHER MEEWULBIE 'E S --s FRAMINGHAM PMR! LIBRARY ,r Rf gr' Good Morning Yesterday, You Wake Up And Time Has Slipped Away And Suddenly Its Hard to Find The Memories You Left Behind, Remember, Do You Remember . . . X an-" Q 1 ... .v The Laughter And The Tears, The Shadow Of Misty Yesteryears . . . , 1 T5 Lk- ji in sf 1,1 If H. - Tl 1 s ! 1 1 -' ,v,...4 ii1'i9'1753?'T 'Q 'ffif ' T' WWEV I 'I 4.',fJ .-Q.f nX X I X I -.. r...-5-A '- 2. f . .-fr-"" . fi Q-nv 9,1 1 ' 1 x 3 P-A 21 ,umwv F .-. X 47. f.,, . . 1 14, bs , iw, 1 '.f.5. ., A. . .4 . .,. ' . :- -P 2' ' . s .fvfzffz-'f' .W 4 M Q, -1 I -7 fn, 'a 'QL' ff-Vx ' .. ty W4 . A qi-s xif 1 A ,,.Y,x , ' yd K . K A 1 v S Y X. ' lf' f If X KN. . 2 ,,-f f' ll! ' V f 1' sf , - I Apxjggx N ', V N' N' - 3-if 'Q LW. MiM.g i .q. 1,1 r I I 4 4 ' " ' I Lg rj Y. rj . I' - Sify ' .f27" sl. " L ik , .Al 'I X 4 " x f I L I Vx- Ss ,- ul 0 f' U The Good Times And The Bad You've Seen And All The Others In Between u .1 ' -Iggy! 1 .i.'.I1.I ttf ' e . - n 1 . , ,g 9 , v gygfh 'H Y sf 15 ' "- 6UIl7ANCE 0 N7lYM1'X9o', " "- I5- A an X J 'X y . '4- I .' ,.-,.,,. 9' s 941- 1 A 1,, .l f ,.,.,,,,-qu.-anal -1' Q wg an . 3 VTX ' is s Q., t ,. Z .fin f . . .4- 4 .-,J . rm- , 5 C, 9 V 1 A + Q r 1 -.-,faq 1. -ggi L ,N-. ru 4 gms.. 'WV rag, 1 1 '21 A -4 ow ,- .-an-an :ni WU 2-' ,A 1,' if , f I. ' 1 ,ff 1 v I' ' l fu . -v I. '. I U piffffi a 'Ql- , . i v'l!""" ,gi 4 Q ,df 'P Q1 N 1 . 'Q' ' J ft ' "' "'f'w . . . Remember, Do You Remember The Times Of Your Life .Sir i i ff P"Ng. W. as-4-1-i ,-ffr. jc I ff ,,n 'J I II I . A 5.--6 'Qful ,11 6 - Here Comes The Setting Sun, The Seasons Are Passing One K Z X I K 52 f li ul' ' ' By One So Gather Moments While You May, Collect The Dreams You Dream Today . . . sa FK Remember. Will You Remember, The Times Of Your Life? il . r 1 -, , l, K, " .. . : g ." 'zfy .',r'gi, .,, f ,. .' 1. , - -2 fx' iffii A -Q I X, 'Y' 'X' DEDICATION y L. n,, ,AE-1 Q3 I Q t 1- E iii As we embarked on our high school careers, we were frightened and and confused. Through your patient guidance and concern we have developed into what we are today. Therefore, we the class of 1979, to show our deep appreciation, dedicate this Archon to a very special friend, our grade secretary, Mrs. Rose Ametti. SPECIAL THANKS al Mr. Richard Kropp Grade Administrator Mr. Joseph Antonioli Class Adviser ,Y .1 Q vb.. T e5,,'.,u.,.EF5a ' 1 4 , ,., Mn I 1 rl 4 f Ni N APPRECIATION IRNA 'il' if Y -if E .X I RX 'WX vehm. .X A A-,,,u-I Gladys Arnott 2!5O-9!78 5!57-9!78 Hubert Edmond .J VSV? RF' .r-- 4 fi ve V X A ,xx Wanda Driscoll Grace Spifa 9!57-11!78 9f63-9f78 Retiring: Eighty-Six Years Of Dedicated Service To The Youth Of Framingham. f 1 Xf' ..,,...,-4' My xg- N W7-4 5 fig J f M SSAGE FOR THE CLASS OF 1979 My com ents to you are, obviously, directed at your academic success As a class, you have demonstrated a facility in handling the many educational challenges at North High A a class, you have lmpressed your faculty with your ability to succeed, your ability to solve perplexing academic problems, and your ability to adjust to rigorous programming That most of you have attained a prominent place during your four years at North 1S evidenced by your realistic approach to post secondary opportunities The universities, the industrial milieu, and the community will be enhanced by your presence Another point to be made is that you have grown, matured, and have become sensitive to the needs of others Your leader ship in our Community Action program, your leadership in all charitable drives, your help with younger students, your concern of personal and group development Nonetheless, through these fast paced, quixotic four years, you have laughed cried enjoyed and even suffered disappointment These complex emotions have con tributed to a North High Spirit that has helped to set a positive attitude These complex emotions have contributed to your individual growth While your teachers accept North's academic excellence without reservation, you have added another important dimension to our school You are ample proof that our graduates also reflect the humane qualities so necessary to create a society concerned with easing the misfortunes of others Do not forget that as educated people you are responsible for the welfare of many As the Class of 79 has accepted its responsibilities thus far, so shall the Class of '79 continue to lead the way in the immediate and far off future On behalf of all who have worked with you, I wish you a pleasant and successful encounter with your various life experiences ,.,.a3F,4E!c-fel . . . . . S for our staff, your respect for our school are positive reflections . . , . , . , 0 ' s Q o 0 1 Mr, Edward Gallagher Pruncnpal 11-1 Mr. Ruchard Kropp Mr. James O'DonneII I ID f v ' te' 5 , X ff ri: f Y 5' x , ' as 'N -N Mr John Hart 'ii ,- Q-3: w r9"'IQ?W ,.f Mrs. Doris Mathieson ,.,-mf Mrs. Adelia Korona Mrs. Rose Ametti rf 0 my Auf. iff, W nv Mrs. Doris Feinstein 2 k. -. Q as fm CTA? Mrs. Mary Merchant E1 I Z' N.. DG. ,-42 Z. Z i I -. Mrs. Virginia Maenpaa I Y X 1 it ENGLISH are .. g Mr. John Whelan fi P""' ,, Mlss Mary O Hara Mrs. Mary Ann Dunn F . Mr. Charles Hayden qs Mrs. Duana Phullups X J' IT' -1.5, Mr Henry Schluckman -Bb Mr John Donovan 1. nb Wk KQQVXP vfewq ""1i3'1 "!'1lA'g Q"'5" Q iii gli 'f AY rs Susan Whnttaker f:'k,fgfHeg!,ff71 f f' Mnss Jo Anne Thompson Mrs Caroline Guannakakus Weir' X' x Q KHVUW Mrs Mary Leonard Mr David Nollman !"114'?r!L"2 ff5.S:-W 4,gm.Q-rp'--ww f wg- W -- wg-a u , 'w f J 1 - -ff 4-Nagy: I. K W . ' -2" Nr:-:ff1f':xgwg,. ., Q .rl -3f..3gg1,1,, V ' Ng.-' ,kv4'?1f.:g?'., 1 1 .., ,,.,,W , a g N' w -'vw ' x , YS iff- W x. . ' -yr 1 ' 'f' A ' , ,V , . - x ,sa , - Q ' ,jf in 3' N -i . , I 1. ,. - , v ., in A " .f K,-f 1:5,,,, . .P 'f ' X-- 'f ' x 5 In -' '03 X 6 , 4' ' 1-' 'Q ZF, .I , -I . rn .- " x M . . . . . -gl' .' .yn gr I ,, , 'M X J f ,mf 6,3 I , I - il' , V . , . ,xx , I' . A . W- k A 5 S S v if-. If 51, " Q ' EL 4' A .1 '- , I Z'.f"h 't' , ' r If , x.-Q V . 1 , 1 4 '.-- ' X, I x 5 ,-7 ' ' K .-gn, 'V' ' 14112. , ffvzyiwi . ,. ,, 4 -if 4.2 " , ' ff r 4 22 5 4 fm ff.-'11 Mlss Martha Patari f. .4y yr' Mr. Charles Savage 'fi WU 17 I x N-1 Muss Margaret McCarthy f pllamwanll MEWIIIII FIBER!! zgghffiilll BGSU! DEH H9551 Hifi? mama was H EE 2, Mr, Henry Fortier 1559. lb ?f'Tr I WT.. Mlss Mary Terry FUREIG Z f 'ISN 4.--. -5 Mrs Paula Jacobs X Xa Mr Paul Hayes Puussez Ms Cynthua Brown s. gr- Kevln Salvn Patrncla Foley Mass Pearl Ohva NGUAGE Mrs. Mary Faherty f' 15 Mnss Madelme Pacella ID S Mrs. Mary Murray Mrs. Carole Jolie s Mrs. Janet Rugo 1 V xr ' s2""'s di' es Mrs. Dorothy Flury Mass Norma Stapleton XJ Mr Donald St Andre I I fl' Mrs Lousse Derro Mr Joseph Hannigan vga' ummaq 'UIQ 1, 4 - 1 4 4- . ,- Mrs. Leah Fagan - Mr. Albert Roos .U IT 26 I in CDN X Q4 JVQQH ' .' JSQ 67. 55'a72ff'- ...,NV ', ::,,,. Q Mr. Paul Welcome PE an 4vs-I 4? S, 411.5 N2 ...l MV- George Fargo S Mrs. Honora Monaghan . . " -Q., X , 51h I, A Mr. Leonard Conlm v. wr., ai n' ff' 112-1, Mr. Joseph Antonnoli .,.' fc, ew .-5 ' Mr. Walter Gowey x .U X. , ,,...,..-.1--..,. 43' 10' -1 , v-:vyemvrf .ww were-ag,-,- IQ 5 X A QIXE3 x 3 f ,-57.9 H 9 ' ' fl' " 5 fs' . 1 l 4 ii I MV Baffy Ll-'t9"Wd9V Mrs. Aileen Qungley V 3 1,4 Mr, Russell Merrill 1 ei -,L fi 'v'ff',f'fff' .Af il V I f' X Y' 'ff sabgi' Mrs. Oretna Nutter " 1153 Mr. Bernard Redgate , ? 4' Af . x x P 'H-Q Ms. Barbara Ford and Ms. Betty Anderson , , ---. - LERQQQQEEHX ,, . ,ny 'UN Xa - .qw S M. x Miss Mary Ann LaBrie 1 X 19" an xavfp E Mr, Robert McDermot't ,hr ti! gl -an Mrs. Helen Vincuilla P fl! Mr. Edward Bertucci R I Mr. George Duane AGR Kei, Bernard Hanke X 'L Mrs. Thelma Gorfien -...,.-.-.-,v-Y -,..., Mr. Donald Buell fix Mr. Harold Coyle 6357: 14 11' QNX R 11" x ,. A 4. X 19' ' p.'!,,i' 11-'A b B x il .X Mr. John Platt ' l 2. .Suriv ?'77k.w ' nf' ,3. 1 v ,-.N I 1 H. Mrs. Nancy Croteau f"i-Q 31' 46 l 2 ,3."7Q Mr. Kenneth Brennan . 'J sf-,Q ,R X ,Vf 'vw r E 'bs Miss Edna Raine Mrs. A. Dorothy Hayes h I mmm nav' 1 new 345117 I " l VFW' .vyyf W Mr James NlcGuIIuvray Nlr Stephan George 1l ,-, 9 7 o 5 5 4 3 Mr. Fred Bayes W Mr. James McGiIIivray Mr. Merrill Dussault r. David Beard . A 1 'Qx Q Mr. Stanley Wade 'hh . Richard Dargan X ' ,fi Mr Robert Dunne Mr. Walter Levy TV STUDIC -gl ri' l Mr. Anthony Coppola Mr. Robert Noonanx 'l,. Mr. Robert Sclretta taxi ' " hug? Mr, John O'Brlen V Y. 4 - .,, 44. ji . -, ,, ' .1 ' R J... Q ., l., J f .' 1. " Mrs. Helen Croteau ,r I ' UDIO VISU Mrs, Denise Gallagher ZX NL. Mrs. Nancy Wellnng Mfg Jamge tjbulut ' " :0 , " 7 ' 1 1 Zfl' 1 SPECIAL X i Ms Edna Heroo Mrs Wanda Driscoll all Elliott Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald " S X X K. Ms. Jan Propsma 1 'T KA 34 f ,W . , F '-:J -' 7' 'E' I 1' - ' I . . - ,A 0 X 'M 4 1 i 1 Y- eifaf Ni 'B s 'ff f'. V qi KU' ' ' 45.2 Sfiwp LIS 2- Miss Mary Lonergan iff?" y V ,, :Q " 2 Mr. Stephan George -ii x ' f 'Y Nr X Mr. Dominlc DeII'OIio Mrs. Barbara Nlyruck Ii , Mr. Richard Tlvnan METCO "' Muss Jennifer Berkeley 4' Mrs, Helen Hull lx L-JI,-"5 ,,, 1, 5. .,,... v x, 1 l ':fQ.v41M' .iff Q' 'Vi Mr. Robert DeCoste 4 ..' 3' . SX ' , ' A25 .4. 'X 'Mx b Mr. John McGrath X f' lf qrfxk 0- 1' Q Mrs. Sally Menkel , .,- David Pike Ms. Betsy Morse -'fNf Mrs. Cynthla Glaven Mr. Davnd Reedy Mrs. Marie Snook I- lf -Q Q s .11 'NWI N Mr. John Yeager We ZUY U hy. WORK STUDY I DUSTRI Mr. Paul Kosky RTS Mr. James Pollard gy-',, 5' 5555? Mr. John Reynolds Mr. Peter Houmere Lx I Mr. Terry Veitch ,p .. xx , gs, Mr. Reno Cervassn xx. Mr. Joseph Frank I I -If-Q 3 UN fd'- fr y Y Mr. Carmen Borgaa MISS Mary Conway 'f IQ',' ,, 7 NR, ' , g ' I A' 'A . - nz 'I""'fV .P ' Mp Martm Kornguth My, Samuel Chen s, MVS. Catherine H3tg9lak3S 2 ,,ff4.f'3l 3.1 Mrsa Marlon l.aFoIIette , A-1 Mr. Alvafl While F. vw . H-N" . '11 'Xiu-' 'gm -, , , .. 4 ,1 4'!'.jx' ' fx 'ff' '. . , ,QR .,,f ' 1 A ' X I .7 X ng Mr. Vincent Caputo 'T- N Miss Marianne Buckley Miss Pamela Jezukawicz I. Mr. Edward Kavanagh 'VN g X - 542 Miss Cynthia Bingham KY' 9 Mr. George Wheeler X i QC? Mr. Ralph Martino Mr, Angelo Insalaco x I A T H L E T I C C737 is if " Mrs Marguerite Mullen i J. A P9 Mr. William Summe 6 Marr Mr Joel Kanter IV -Q1-., , ,ff Miss Jean Mathews N ip-ag Q .T Eg! ,. ,L Y . 'g 1 D I R E C T O R All "' ii Mrs. Winifred Copithrone tl Miss Priscilla Owen I E 1 .5 ' L. , we f if 4 1 Q. 5 A Y fy e 5i '1 4:4 12 ' ab Q ff Q4 .19 fi 2 5 A : ff 3 1 A 155 x 1 L gr . u -5 ' MQ w ,gm-AV-.W uw Eg ,- 'rt W x 5 . f'K?'?l2E, 4: 5:5 Q Q ffl if z :Vu , 15 5? I S I X r f' QQ , 2 H W , an ef via ii L . "ff 'ww' 1-A KVM' www' 53 ' ii T g ie Ex :Q Vw. Q , 1 14- 5 'f E ,ff 'fo My ?n-3 'wr KX Ee 'eg M5 Xxm., 1. 556-Axis: ww E E ii 1 , ! . Eg I ' ! 2 ii 5 Zi I! fi is X V 3 Q . A , ff 5124 N HX.. 'Siam ' J "N X K - Fi I 5 ' 5 1 1 ,LN Q-Q sl -2 .S 's fi aw 2 5 2,5 ' '-3 'JY ze Spy V V" L Z .1 U 3 vu 'Graaf' if V5 5 fmw'b"m'ffffJ Q 4 53 Q " -b 2 QQ? Ni Q. 5 3, ,, ,, 'f , Ai ,. Q if W i " wg fiksnm a 5 fi 3 ,, K! gf Qs! L 2 fig 5 2 3 3 X 7 5. ai 2 5? 5 Q , E 2 1 1 Q V i 4 "M mm-eqwi 52 Ni QQ E' ii 1 XL S sl A 2 as eg wnm.gmar.2v. ff ,mu ,mam A s' i Wiz," 4 1 1 . iv -1 . .,,1, . ,fini Judith N, Aaronson UA woman of worth who can find, for her price is far above rubies." Memories-MIT HSSP, Hopkington, Juliet Gammaday. "Freshman Mistake" Boskone 15, Pome- granate, Orchestra, Flatland, Malafafone, Tea leaves, Pay Your Dues. O-OO check- mate, Bridge and Hearts, Studying, Sing- ing on the T, Asher, Hmm, Larry ,G Mez- ger, "really in", Mr. H's truck, page, free books ,ia q 17" i "O"""' Jody Abrams ..J,, A friend is someone who knows everything about you and likes you just the same. Memories: Party classics, Ast: Spumante, Warm companions, M,P., JD,, P.P.,S.Y., cheer- ful friends, "and then some." is Maureen Allen Lynx Today well lived makes every Q9 i .49 T Q-:J Atef Abdou Enjoy life, party hearty, work your butt off in school next year and fool around plenty. Memories: Friday 81 Saturday partying, the alley, the woods, New Years Eve, Germany, France, Alexandria, Cape Cod, Q.P. Robin Hood, The reservoir, But But But Bob, the freake brothers, swim- ming, snirfing. Cynthia G. Allcroft Cindy Y-.....m with S.B. and S.C. S. 'Q' yesterday a mem ory of happiness and every tomor- row a vision of hope. Memories: LD., CD., Re- cyclable alumin- um, SYbuSOB, L.L., summer sun- sets, Rockport, GM., Fenwal, LA-x, monogrammed t.p, . good times with special friend Christopher J. Antal Chris ' Scott Allinson What you own is your kingdom. What you live is your story. ln your head is the an- swer. Let it guide you along. Let your heart be the anchor and the best of your own song. Memories: J, Geils Band, Yes, Summer of 78, Canadians, "you you'Il win one?" Papa's, The Dov co? Burnt Offerings Music is to hear at all times, Memories: Marian H.S., The Crick- 44 Jill Aniolek Remember only fools are satisfied. Dream on but don't imagine they'll all come true. Memories: How could you lose aF.p.? a half, Volkswagon does it ar"'! PC-1777, Chefs-what a rush! Class Tombies, Royal lunch, The mile- Mrs G Vhemistry7 loseph Arico A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones. Memories: Abnormalities, radar, Ver- mont-Ranger Rick, "What to drink?" Woodchucks, Mr Smith's exorcist steps, Poconos, summer of'78, good times ' ,'ou'll live, high you'Il fly, smiles you'll give and tears you'll , all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. emoriesz cruzin . . summers on Cape . . skiing . , surfing . . l ett, The Cars, Electric Guitar, Derringer, B. Sabbath Concert. living on the beach . . Brewster fog . . great times with R.M. 1 I l i i l l l i l i 4 Y David Allan Berowitz Berk Carol Franziska Besgen Besh's sister "There is a destiny that makes us brothersg None goes his way alone, All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own." Memories: No we're not twins . . Pink Floyd in the dark . . Down the boat . . Kolsh ski . . 1119 4 . Up to my elbows in ink . . Wine: lt's Germany's best! . . You're crazy Arla 'ul' Emmanuel Bizanos moment may be temporary. the memory is forever." Mem- if The Dew ti-' - my , lf' 4 Glenn Bernard "lf you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with your bull . . Memories: June 19th . . 1:OOp.m. . period one study Susan Bessert "What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning." Mem- ories: Summer of '78 . . 1832 . . P.I.R,D. . .The 4th . .Cape Cod.. C.E. Maine . . Buzz at D.K.'s . . "Let's go to N.H." . . Sandy's spaghetti . . Donald Duck Stephanie Beth Berman Steph "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to lol- low where they lead " Memories Stuck on MTC . last chance SW OQ ,TS, etc. . . bellybutton. almost embarrassed . . B days in the cat. . . cheap Vegas 81 Audis . . Macs . . ALL CLEAR Valerie J. Bernas Memories: "Rush hour" . . Cape '78 . . GSP. . . Just say, "hey" . . Cruzin with D.G. . . "She's not there" . . Bermuda '78 . .9!12!77 . .the Ditch . .Put on? .. M.S.we're at the carnival!! . . "Crystal Palace Happy Hour" . . "We know you aren't working girls." Catherine Ann Bissen Cathy "And after I have gone and been alone for awhile, l'Il think of you and my thoughts will show a smile." Memories: Flashflood . , the call , . the trip . . the flat . . the abnormalities-Riby . . staring . . skiing. . "Boo!" . . Fun times with L.C.,J.E., and S.K. A45 :Q Paul M. Besgen Besh "The time is gone the song is over though l'd something more to say say." Memories: Summer '78 Hig- gins Beach . . Duster . . The Cape . . the neighborhoods. .down back . . the field . . Kega's Trestle . . concerts , . B.A.L.B. . . dead end . . H,B.F. . . Lacrosse . . Daddy's sons . . Village People . . STB . . DTB . . GS 1 Il 4 Z I Q F Q O f A iff . ' ffl' I 7'2o4' 1,7,l, Q 'l , 1 ,tl T YZ Paul Francis Blinn Jr. "Life is only worth liv- ing if the liver wants to live." Memories: Italy '77 . . ELO. .summer up the graveyard Q Joanne Christine Sarah Bolduc "this memory brightens o'er the past, as when the sun, concealed behind some cloud that near us hangs, shines on a distant field." Memories: Memories of good friends and places . . LB,BF,CG . .California Maine . . Summers of '76 and '78 Ann Borden "No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without af- fecting us in some way forever." I Memories: Fun times . . Good Friends . . May 12 '78 . . Meadow- brook . . Summer of '78 Coleen Ann Borden "A friend is someone who I take - great pleasure in having and great sorrow in losing." Memories: RL . . "Frisbee" instead of chemistry . . f T.L. instead of French in junior f' year. . Marshalls . . W.M.F. . .ADT while howling . . Dancing during studies . . great times with all my friends . . "our Love" in H125 . . Rag Doll Lisa E. Bowman "To achieve all that is possible we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more." Memories: B.B.B.B. . . the convenient mishap . , Flakeyard . . BSB. in the aggie mobile . . Ya know. . Smitty's '78 . . Goofin . .G.F.U. . .Exams at Di's . . bagged at Z's . . Where do you live? not much , . P.M. at the casino I Marlene Blizard "Memories and dreams will all come together at the end." Memories: Memories of red hearts . . Albies . . Football games. . Herbie Anita Jane Bonelli "So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter." Memories: DPW's dump . . Sudbury. . Rt. 20. . C.C. .. Liam's . . "wrong" . . April 1st . . You thought so . . Patricia L. Bove Patti "The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, Love isn't love till you give it away." Memories: Get extra ketchup and a knife! . . Ragu with Ka . . Yes, he's my brother . . ELO . . Heart . . For- eigner concert '78 , . Boxboro show . . open house . . The RIT . . Brown Ford Van-9-24-78 . . . Larry David B. Bradway Dave "Live your life, live it full." Memories: Sneakin' at BBO. Good times in Maine . . the pit . . JSD . . the barn , . R.W. . . F845 at Marian . . Woodstock-'77, '78 PT's veggies . . HHHH . . MD's parties.. 1O!28!78 . . P.A.N D at PA . . H.L. . . it doesn't work . . FLA. . . D.A. . . the zoo.. e Ol' Rd. . . Ouch! . . Late again . . "etc." . . . . fighting Jn, 15, X -J wx v David Harold Bromfield "Solitude is as needed to the imagination as so- ciety is wholesome for the character." ai ' 1 Kathryn Hilary Brown Barbara M. Brady Barb "Be Yourself" Memories: J.S. 81 Mr. Aley . . Warham- swifties . . P.C,,D.H.,8tD,W,- "You Fool!" . . Cloud 9-Jac- ques? . . Time capsules 8. Tom , . WBZ 8. M.S. . . C.W. with l..P. 8. B.P. Remember caroling? . . Skiing 8. B.J. . . Feb. Snow Flume . . San- skins 81 Tea . . T, St T.P.- Larry 81 L.W. . . Hey Marge! . .O. Dip. . Make me laugh .. Wasted time . . 4!13!78 Mark Breen "Who so would be a man must be a nonconformist. He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must ex- plore if it be goodness, Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind . . Mem- ories: the pits. . C.C, , , RW, , . the bogus puzzler . , Blarney , . PACERS 1 Q 1 .. tiki, HQ- W --ft i 8 k , ,WHY my W?-L1 , ,QQ V: Amy Susan Brown "Our love is wide awake, awake like no other, ready like no other, through our dreams, through our thoughts, and through our lives, we loved, love and will love like no other." Mem- ories: CJMl. . good times, good friends 3' fn Julie Lynne Bryant Paul D. Bryant Julie "A true friend is the best possession." Memories: S.R.,D.C.,L.D., L.M.,P.H. . . Fenway Park . . the box . . Gullies . . Cheerleading- Competition-'78 . .the Guts Girls. . "l'm a wild and crazy Guy!" Soup's on! . .Junior Variety Show-'78 . . pastries. . great friends . . great times . . the tree Caroline G. Brossi Carol "cheese cloth" Memories: l'd rather be a rodie . , yes . , C girls room . . Snotgurgle A . Crafts . , photo . . Oral . , the weekend . , Brad- lees . .the hill. . the lake . . CPR monsters. . M.T., P,D.,T.L.,J,R,andB . . the coronet . . Dances . . bobo . . black leathers in diapers , . Sprite . . he wet. . Randy S. .TR-7. . Party-Wooo! David Richard Brunelle "The comfort of having friends may be taken away, but not of having had them." Memories: Times and places with Joe, Dana, Dan, and many others, mostly with Jill 49 Mark D. Buckminster Frog "Back in school the teachers who taught me just weren't cool." - George Harrison Memories-DP8tBA passing out, the table, Santa chasing JR, weekends, JH and his toga, -Y ..av .4 ,,: 0 9 51, X04 ,. ,. 4-. foo' 00" 1109 T x ' oc I-tv , f ,."" , if f ' ,f , ,, mf, f 4, am.: I Kimberly Anne Burrell Kim fl' ,. Sharon Elaine Buzzell Basil "All that we see or seem ls but a dream within a dream." Memories: Ranger Rick-What to drink?-Cut'em off at the pass-Blue and white striped pajamas on New Year's Eve-The Tombs-No thanks, it goes right through me-Mr. Smith's-exorcist steps-woodchucks-CS talk-FH Hall of Fame-SG.-good friends Sandra Louise Byrnes Sandy "The years teach much which the days never know." Memories: June '78' Party QL.K.J . . .the ffl spaz, beach, Jan QJRJ, Elvis QKCJ . . , The F?edhood's, scramble omlet . , , Wild Cand crazyj stories a , . summers at MP fccl . . . Stop hitting me . . . You Fool! . , . Short People , . . The -1, Shari Jo Burg "Just as my fingers on these keys make music, so the self-same sounds On my spirit make music, too." Memories: Piano, letters to Lisa, Florida, traditions with Blachs, Quisisana, Hopkinton State Park, Party at Phil's, skiing, Margie's surprise party, M,B,'s broken leg, sum- mer of '78', Good times with S.B ..... iff'-gl 2? Glenn Thomas Butkus BUT "A roaring Lion captures no game." Memories: Baseball .... J. Browne ..., Mac's ..., "Don't start!" Cape 78 .,., "Burnt offer- ings' '.... 575776 .... Kelt's lights ....Door.... Carroll Grace Calder Grace "Many a times a tear l've shed but many a times a smile l've spread" Memories: Cafe, Greenies, B.H,R.D.movies, 1977, summer of "77' Macarthy school, H125 dancing, D Girls Room, Afterschool. v- '4 S0 last of "the gang" Paul Francis Callahan ..p,. "Green grass and High tides forever." Memoriest Down back, Down Cellar, Hig- gin's beach, BA, Peg, Kevin, Shmeg, Greg, Meg, Grey ghost, socomania, LB., Trestle, Dead End, bareback, Me and MS,-4a.m,, the Cape, the neighborhood. concerts, get lit Thomas John Campbell Soup "Those who strive for merit shall attain success." Memories: Duel concert w'eek- end, O'MaIley's ride in the elevator, We are Datto's sons, A rest area in Sandwich, 94 in a 55, a late night trip to Weirs beach, All-Nighter at Soup's, They burned my fence in that fire-Bagged, Everybody must get lit, We will rock you! Car Wash at Windsor Green, YAHOO TIME. Sharon Denise Byrd Sheri ,,i William J. Casali Bill Denise Chandler I don t think we can hold the of Dixie cups and Baby Ruths Lori Cardarelli "We have been happy, going our way, Life has been beautiful, we have been young, After we've gone, Life will go on, Like an old song we have sung." Memories-Italy '77 the I8tW . , . skiing . . . staring-overlook ing . . . having lun with CB, TE, SK . . . Huh? Oh! . . . Summers at the farm-Riding and 911 fi Sandra Ann Carroll Sandy Live and let live is fine, but live and help live is better." Memories: Blue and White striped pajamas on New Year's Eve, straws, Mr. Smith Ranger Rick, Exorcist steps, french fries, CS talk, FH Hall of Fame, woodchucks, Murph, Robert Blue- buick, SCS, mako ghestures, shake a tower. a scream in the night. 4'4 Vicki Marie Celia "lf you have one true friend, you have more than your share." Mem- ories: One more lap, tennis, Sax beach, fritos, T.C.'s green M ir M's, pool party basketball games, red eyes, the graveyard, M.D.-switch, the egg will breakl, the nursing home, Don't worry L.D. - he'll call, K.G.'s a slob, surprise!! chemistry lab much longer we re running out Memories J B and Sue But what does it Robert W. Carroll "A student should not be taught more than he can think about." Memories- Easy day . . . 460 Quad . . . the lockers If Jill Debra Carvin "We're in a dream but the hands on the clock seem to know, they tell us its time to go." Memories: JJ,ES,KC,MW,BC,JY in TX, Southboro, KW, summer '77', the "dike", JB inc, sand trap, shut-up and drive! parties, tango, G ir O, V rr O, Riunite, Getting back to nature, soaps, our table, which Jill? K5 34 Q, ,ask . X I ' t Mary Elizabeth Celorier MB "lt's not the end of the world, only the beginning of a new day," Memories: V.B. '78', Mrs. Buckley: To know even slightly was a most rewarding experience, Robin, Sap, Radish, Wen, Mo's, Dokey, MC: All Star, 445 ir 55,11!16 M.B. MFB., Fri nite at Ms. B., Lenny, Ben, Pitsy, Jillski J D EA yi? ,J all-" 4... Brenda Lynne Caspersen Bren "Remember yesterday, cherish today. dream tomorrow." Mem- ories: Scituate w!PM ir MM, Florida with Jen '78-Bob S. wJK,PL,SF- SOD WXKS- 7-1-4-78 w!LN 0 bet W! LN,WD,GG-Cold Duck- lzbridge, gristmill, Mac's, Part on 'T', Part- ridge Family w!RDJ-NN, NBGF SN,JW-Mustangs, Carnival '77', 95 Old Conn Path, H20 skiing in ME, Keep on Rockin' Me. Crusin' Go Nuts? x Ili 'HH O 4 o rl! s.,"5 Q 9 9' ' N ' 'Q . ., O JT?'7'3 ' 9" . f . Q . I mean R. All is wild at the zoo . . Renunite and Co. Mrs. Fiske, J's parties and ti the lustful sisters ' X. Chrlstlne Marne Chaplln Chris "Happlness us made, not found," Memorlesi The aquaduct, crlcket '77, teeny bopper, snowstorm """ '78, CBfchampagne and goldflsh 11-78, prom '78, 'AHey mart, party ln B," Sandra Jeanne Charpentler Sandy "Don't thunk too Ilttle of what you have, and too much of what you don't." Memorues: Boston, sweaty palms, teeth, the Cape, The Prom, Smelly, toamy cadnl- Iac, lemon extract, Next left, detanls, Fred, tea, Barb, Tollet paper, thunk posltlvely, muffum, Sanklns, I love ntl, Kenskrns, always close by . ,A ..-gg if Donna Marne Churchlll Donna as- M, 'fr .77 X. X, Paula Jean Chasse Pez "I wlsh I were .1 chllrl Hgdlll-'SRITTITQU knees are easter to heal than broken hearts " Memorles' November ?7, 1975 l E Xl Jr Prom, 746- BNW Pumklns, Greenies 8. Games, Summer 78 DWB, 7's party, 4 30 AMF, GRlS, Summer at Delis, Busch Phnlnp David Chapnik "Now that lt's done, I've begun to see the reason why I'm here." Memo- ries: The Gang . . . Mr, M and P.G, , . S.T,W. Clndy Slzer Easy Day . . . Voy' ager ,. HSP. . Llnda J. Chase "If you love some- one set hum tree, If he comes back he's yours, lf not he never was." Memorles: Joe, Summer of 77, the wall, Sharon, The rowdle gang, the mouth. ,ELP,,tYes... . "Who lS that man? WHS. . , Back- stage . Saturday morn- lngs John R. Chase Lyn Chltow Lynno "ln thls world there are no strangers, only frlends that you haven't met." Memorles: Synchro Hstandlng O's. ,Caldors .Ground Round , . the partues l , the lake UTR47-X , 1 Summer 78. .yes Llnda the umhuhs . . PIZZGZ . . Junlor Prom . . DD, CA. GB. SC. KC. , .. Fondest memorles of GF. "l belleve ln everythlng, Nothlng as sacred I belleve ln Nothnng Everythlng IS sacred," Memorles: HR. 673778, van, 9716778. Martha, 97 and countlng, FBD. HP.V.g l L. Judy F.E. The Table, PS L. Waves Worcester? How ya dolnl Cut lt! All three lunches! Summer 78, Bum drank a case got feff faced! Oh ya! T T! ii .af-js, V' 'T' N u- 'A."Asxi,t'vh YN - . ., .A . A if-,I , '-v','g,x Eric Bruce Clapper Patrlcla Ann Clark Patty t'We remember best what we love most " Memorues: T.N , , Softball Shavlng Cream , Deep Sea Flshlng A Rollerskatlng VVSIIJCGS . . lst base T after work . 3rd room The lsland . D.M.,.drlvlng, 1181 OT, 44-43 . 1140 , , A Nelce and 3 Nephew Sensor Week Basketball . l-lopkunton Eugenue H. Coakley Coak "No one knows what lt as that he can do untll he trlesf' Mernorresi The Gang . , , 3rd perlod lunch , The Red Sox T "Pluto" party . "WRITE ME A NOTE!" , ,, Robert Clark Bubba "We thank of schools as places where youth learns, but our schools al- so need to learn" Mem- orres' Saturday Nlght Partles, Owen'-s Nose, My party van, Dyan's knee cap, Mac's. chefs course, Brlans bug feet Frederlck Alan Clymas Paula Jean Clark "The moment may only he temporary, but the memory lasts forever " Memorles "The gang" Mt Monadnock soft' 'V' ball ta volleyball The Island T , 3rd lunch the locker room . C P R Canada '77 ,lr Pudge 1231 Wallaces 10" John H, Cllnkscale John "Carry on our wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, Lay your weary head to rest, don't ya cry no more " Memorles' C,V,H, Mrs, l-l's room, TR , Y.SH, Phyllls Bonnle Tons, LC. tBe a snobl, Ocean Fleld Traps, WOOQIG 0 Deb S M. and SM," Rlckley I arn, Are you? Mernones Rlckalls, Llttle One flhlershey Klssesl, Dooble -wr- Droobue, Kegs "78'f sheehy bashes, the fleld, "Hey Sheehy, AArrrghhhl!!"g "Are you llt?"Q "l don't know, your such a fool CATBJ " memorlable tlmes with you Amy and more ID the future "MUCH LATER!!!" Ann Marne Comlsky Ann "Those who brlng sunshlne unto the llves of others cannot keep It from themselves" Memorles' BSY' state 3rd , cheerleadung , A T summer of 78' memorues of J Q Fords Follles ,. PAB. and REEN, Frlends I Love . , T Rude the Wlnd 1 Xwvs. Kathy A, Cohen Kathue "Today IS tommorrow's meme oryf' Memorles: JY ln TXg BC ln CAL, Butt tlme, Bone actlon, Tull, OJ + vodka: dr1nkYShut'up and drlve! Best frlends anyone could ask for! Party charger! ti Our table, drlvln' crazy wfIVlX! BUSCHH! "Duke," Check It out! Sandtrap, cllckl Robert E Comlsky Bob "No you can't always get what you want. but lf you try sometime you just mlght fund you get what you need " Memones Seger concert, halt brldge. bomb scare, good tumes wlth good fnends. SD. Prldes crosslng, The whlte cloud 53 Deena L. Conti "Happiness is having something to do, something to look forward to do, and someone to love." Memories: Boston, Banquets, Dancing. Going to the Red Sox Game with M.G. and missing the bus home, Sharing good times with great Terri Cooper "I exist as I am-that is enough" Mem ories: New Hampshire, pink tissues, T.S. S.W., P.B.L. What's up? Bellybuttons Riunite, Attitash, right Lace? Brutus RS., Okay ladies, football you bet, rah, competition '78, MTB, B'days in the caf., smile 81 BT Melissa, D8tM's Grinks, all friends. clear di Kathleen Costello Kathy "Memories of the treasured past and the joy of lasting friendship" Mem- ories: L.K.'s party, D.'s house, The Mountains, C.B.'s car, A good laugh , . .good times with the gang , . . hey SB., JR. 'IC David Coppola "Up in heaven there is no Beer so I think I'll stay and drink it here." Memories: My dodge: t'lt's tunes Aerosmith, Van Hallin, many headaches. Gerber packy runs. iz 1 Thomas G. Crabtree , . In the deep heart of the night we let .-.qv , ' 9 1 Therese Catherine Cosby "A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself." Memories: Dopey, Fish, you nimbo! K.G.'s locker, carrier of mono, I don't get it, Tonto, Jean, Rita, Kelly, Sweet Sixteen, '78 b-ball games, It's like, M.D. tr bus trips, Tutor, Tutor, Quit com- plaining L.D.,V.C. on the phone, Prof.T., Chem Labs, woh! -NF f-,H 1'3".7" '-.SI Carolyn Crane "Many times I've lied, Grace Cox "Gee-Gee" "l'm leavin' but my teachers still have alot to learn." Memories: The wall, Mr. G. "4ft. apart," '67 Grand Prix, Pete. I 54 T7 loose of everything to go running on the backstreets, hiding on the backstreets You swore we'd live forever, Taking it on them backstreets together ,,.. " Mem- ories: D.M.M. life's best times , . , SYPH, Green Death, Razor-back summers, original Little Farms gang, G.F.U., Sweet Summer Sweat Deborah Ann Crehan Debbie "A friend is like gold-treasure it." Mem- ories: Summer of '78, M.M., Water- what? Why don't you guys go get some donutsl. 4:30 am., Griss, 'Mic', partying, DB., who's house?, 7:15 A,M.!, football games, Thanksgiving, good times and good friends, CC., heinekin, pumkins, color- guard ir greenies football games, Thanks- giving. good times and good friends Many times I've listened, Many times I've wondered how much there is to know." Janet A. Cronin O'croninstein "lt was the best of times, It was the worst of times." Memories: MrfM's, North Dakota pokes, B,H., my spaghetti dinner, cards 3rd period 3rd lunch, deep sea fishing, notes, the gang, the farm. TW? John F, Cullunane Culpaper, Woody, Ernue Memorues: The table, the Keebler man, JH, and hus toga, Rodent, starvatuon for two months, SV wrestlung, Buddues. Mac's or Kung's, '.u over, MUNCH OUT , nr, Muchael Curewutz Muke "We luve, but a world has passed away wuth the years that perushed to make us men." Memorues e Summer of '78, lvlulters Canaduans, Dusco S, Nantasket, Doobue Brothers, "yes, we wull wun one!" U T N, Louusa J, Cynamon "Thus above alli to thune own self be true" Memorues - The lunch table and brudge, TT's luttle green notebook, J + C are snobs, 2 man orchestra CB., K + R on and off, volunteerung, Nantasket 77 + 78, edutung sessuons sulver eggs, labs, partues, Vud and JJ greek! foofung, 6 30 swums, fruends! rn If gd Patrucua Daley "l know hard work never hurt anyone. but l'm not takung any chances" Mem- orues - SM, Dunkun Donuts, Sluppery banana peel, brat, Muss L , llth per ma- chunes class, G C, the box at the bank '78, Senuorflfrosh dance, We Are Senuors, 11715778 Natuck Forever L C, the wall, the cunema, Mobule statuon, late dups, partues, Cox's army, buonuc mouth. Lynn L, Dalton "No goal us too hugh uf we clumb wuth care and confudencef' Memorues - Vuckumouse, punk lemonade, Beach Boys, basketball games, Dorutos, Beaches, TC 's green M + M's, Rookue, skuung, jelly beans, Reecey, Sfyssucks, no kussy face KG, l'sh tune, funny chun K59-440, my whlte Vette, the scenuc route, Beach Baby . Susan Curelop "Maguc moments of the past, Sonuu-lufuw seem to last and last " Menuorurrf, My red monza, Cape Cod '77 .und '78, rruus- ung, Herman's, Olrl Conn Path, "Wluo's outsude!" last chance, the Mystery Vqun, fruends and good tumes val 4 Davud P, Cushung Buzzy "The frustratuon of guvung up a cherushed hope us often less than that of repeated fauluref' Memorues - Vang need ut love ut want ut gotta have ut, M.L,'s green rug, summer '78, 7!1Of78, FB D,, FU. H.l,C.T., the table, the truck. Ann ass--f Dagg '69 Chevy, Bad-COM OO Box Scaggs, Boston Nov, 6. Nantasket Beach June 13, on Beach 75 + 77 Ludo Smutty's Cape '78, lmpy Eggs, Blap un Cafe, 4th of July, , Confluct at S + G Bakes Blue Nova Crossun, For- . Bagged at Chezzues 10 111, Thomas Dustefano Torn 'Alf you ever get burnt, apply cold water," Memorlesi ps. "Beware of goalposts and full court passes." Mi ix Q M Kenneth Docherty Doc "We are only young once and that us all socnety can stand." Memorles: The hut .,.Doobses 78 , . , CYQ . . . Oceanography fueldtrlps. . .Sunapee , . .N.H. , . .Sum- mer 78 . . . Austria . . . The Caddy . . . Skung . . . W,N,F ..,. R 81 C. Joanne L, Duvnco Jo "The deepest defnnltuon of youth as lufe as yet untouched by tragedy." Memorues: Smntty's 78, The "Convenuent" mishap, what?, goofung, chocolate mnlk, csn, Johanna, flakeyard, BBBB, exams at D1's, Nov. 1O, Surprlse!, knock knock, who's where?, Where do you llve?- Oh not much! Shar: Dodek "Frnendshup rs a rare guft that should always be treasured," Memories: V.B.'s for breakfast, WOOOE!, Vubes from the wall, Fruday nughts at Macs, "Dokey", chuckens and hens, 1722, "At Casual Corner", Corrupted by EH., "Sheskn", Baby Blue Nnkey's, :AQ f,,,s if I Joseph Dollaway "To genuune friendship a rare expert- ence of lute for we boldly go on llvung off the rnches of each other and take for granted the laughter we lnstnllf' Memorues: Hey ya know!, "V" Club, 1 'Q vw.: I ,QV l X X Peter C. Dorsey Clance, Dorse "The road to success IS always under constructuonf' Memorues: 'V' Cape, N.l-l,, Marne, Swntz, Sknng, Get-Lut-Stay-Lnt, Flash Em, Caddy, LTD, 5 and 5 as 10, 11-12, The png, putman, The lockers, The fneld, down back, the trestle, vf SOCO, Sheehy Speclal, STB, DTB, GS! Summer 78, Dead end, Datt1's sons, Vnllage People, Buckys brother. 41 Alan Dubeshter Dube "We are all warrlors In the battle of lnfe, but some lead and others follow." Memories: The Door-KD., Ruk's Flicks, Chase I 81 ll, 12731778, 12731777 over D.B,, 6730778-NC., Emass-Tourney 79, party at Macs, punhead, Have another one. 1 Laurne Ann Donlon t'It's not the end, or even the be- glnnnng of the end, but perhaps the end of the begnnnungf' Memornes: Bermuda 78, Skung, Shoom. Shoom . . , CG, Aerosmlth Concert. BR. 81 NL. at Ba1Iey's, rannlng un the H. Inn, J.P's house, BB and fruends, . .Smuth, "l'll tux you yet!". Good txmes wlth good frnends! jo if Gary DUWTSKY Lawrence A. Dugan 58 Larry -YN . 7 ,. .f ,- -,,:1-.::f' . -rfggifl .. ,--,,,.-'KX 4' xb 'Q 'lu ,xxx K 'wt - . wx ' -t H - .. . Terrence "Dupa", Duprez Dips" Memories: Smitty's . . Lews . . The B . . Hallow ubaru . . Locals een "78" . . Sieger . . Good times at N.Y. City Just like l Heaters . . The blanket . the Lina . . Grenich Village . minus one G. Fish . . Copilot t . . CYQ's, 1-Ili Judith Duggan JD "The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now and the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected." Memories: J.C., prom 78, grades 9 84 10, Eastham, kinks, Jethro, 7 81 7's, red cars, Babe, Frankie need on pair shoe, Hampton Beach bum, bumper skiing, That week at Falmouth, Special times with good friends, and of course reunite. Doreen Mary Dunton Reen "Yesterday is but todays memory and tomorrow is todays dream." Memories: Ireland 76-pubs, ASIS-much love and many memories, my Fiat. Daytona 78- primo, concerts, the Cape, Friends, youth, FF . . . Sudbury?, CYQ, Summer of 78, What a trip, Molson Golden, Do a Jiba, Ep . . , . Montreal 78, Patrick Dwyer Memoriesi Special Good Friends T.M., J,Z., MH., M.G,. Marian . . Ohio . . Anna . , 300 push-ups . . Denver '78. with Laurie S . . Jane Earle "Success is that place in the road where preparation and opportunity meet. But too few people recognize it because too often it comes disguised as hard work." Memories: Freshmen . . K.V. . . Good times with C.B., S.K., L.C., D.M,, and 'Z.G. . .the prom. .Summer at S.Y. with DM. . . pals . . Caryn, get the bi-carb! June Mario Duggie Goon "Don't surround yourself with yourself " Memories' Wayne Z Forever, Fek 8. Meek, Barnstable, Pink Floycl 77, Jethro Tull 77g The two rugheads forever, wanna go skating, "Rinks"?, Zanks party, Cruisin in the Kagilac, Good Friends DM SD., MF., KS .3 JE' 'fi Paul Duprey Dupa "You only live once so live life to the full est." Memoriesi Cruisin' in the Dart, Medieval Manor, C.S.N.Y., Skiing, Austria, D.S., "The Suitcase", Rivers, party hut, CYQ's, lacrosse. "Y" ,,.. Locals, O.F.T,'s, Maine, Hi Ken to CC., Doobies, I'm outta here. 'f' f-. Lisa Duress "Forget about mistakes that you X ff' can't change now, but don't for- get the lessons that you've learned." Memories: Good times with '78, Montreal, Summers and Cape Cod, Skiing, Sledding at S.S., "no you can't stay over", Christ- mas party 77, blizzard "78". 1 ll Scott Dyan ,gg "I never let education interfere with my pleasure," Memories: party "79", con- certs, Boscaggs, J-Geils, Foreigner, Doobies, Queen, Boston, Original Little Farms gang, Hey murry, Nantasket Beach June 13, Cape Cod, Gristmill, Fords Fall, C.Y.Q., The Truck. 0 55 ,O 1 o .1 :flat .f.f'5j'2:fti lu' 'f'f 'ff SY 412 Q i m 6' W x X ?"" fi Paul Wulluam Efthum "Nothung can brung you peace but yourself," gt Duane M Eastman Memorues' Saulung un '76 w7P H, Summer of '76, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, weekends un RI w7P S , RS, DA, HL, LR., GT, Wunters un MB 's basement, summer of '77 Louusa Marne Eufrug Frug "Roads go ever on, Over rock and un- der tree, By caves where never sun has shone, By streams that never fund the sea. Roads go ever on "Mem- orues Party at PhuI's l-luttera! . JJ classes Is pustachuo uce cream luke green M8tM's? . PACERS . Sum' mer shows Mr S . . epucycles . Sound of Musuc cast partues. xt Jacob Edwards Jake , "We should all fly hugh and be freeburdsf' Mem- orues' Concerts at CCC. JfGeuls. Foreugner-Gun, BS, yes 80, BC, P. Floyd partlesl. P-town, S G put w7RA,, PGK 13, Sum- mers at Traulmare, N Y 's eve wfo MA., The woods, The moondust twuns, The hull, Jerry, Moudy the bu, O,I.B., puctures w7S.K. Su P.P. A Nan't Beach, Hampton, Jams, bagged at chez- Zues, l'm clean man, kegf ger on my 18th, Nova 8. Bad Co Cruzun, lmpy eggs, C.Y,Q, caf blapp. Hey '79 luve happy and party. Wendy Lee Engel Wendy Kenneth Eudelman Kenny "All of the answers you seek can be found un the dreams that you dream on the way." Memorues Summer of 78 . . Pelham Island . Calufornua . Stranded storm of 78 wuth VB., S N., AR , Punk Floyd , . C S N "Reach upward and outward, the best of Iufe us yet to come," Mem- ories: Ooh!Ooh! Look a beanl, V.B. for breakfast-4521. Lookout Belowl, Themes: Punk Panther. Odd Couple, Get Smart. Salamu, BBG, memorues, Senuor muschuef-Durty puctures to Mo, Space Bubbles. hens and chuckens, fun tumes wuth special fruends. Marcy E, Eyges "ll you love somethung. set ut free If ut comes back, ut us yours If ut doesnt ut never was " Memoruesi Sumf num '78 "P Town" Iunue sherbert and chocolate syrup the wrong Saturday nught L C S . "R.G.. vvull you tlruve me home7" 60 "The most useless day of all us one un whuch we have not laughed." Memorues: 5721778 yes SJ., Who my babel, JOHANNA, BSB. un the Aggue Mobule, B.B.B.B. 8 Poms Goofun, No Buba No, W Sours Montreal 77, S5 bet 8u Safaru 89 Exams at Du's, B. Scotch Band BB. at Junuper, BAGGED, snow storms, skuung accudents, SO. 16 at Lake C., Boof, J.L., Sled dung, T.Z.'s home, W. Beach, Jr. SD, on the wall, Nantucket, Nap ples GPU., SPAZ. Muchele labru "Tume sups by, before we even know ut's past." Memorues1J P. .Freshman gym . Floruca . . Caf wanderung eyes . Mrs. B's Srcond best , . Stop complaunung , Smule' Leslie J. Feldhouse Les "Yesterdays can't be recap- tured, and the Future is still unknown so live life now, and thank God for memories!" Memories: Ron . . Nantasket "78" . . CYQ's . . FF . . E HA. . Summer "77" . . Out- side the B wing. Deborah Fishel Debbie "Love makes the loneli- ness go away." Memories: "Smitty's "78", Jr. Skip Day-on the wall, Pumpkin' Stealing, Summer weeks without authority, Cruisin' Main St. Marlboro, Exams at Di's-the Fridge, Where do you live?,-Oh not muchl, Yes! Bobby Joe, BBB.- Pom's, Flake yard, knock knock, who's there?, Ski- ing accidents. 2 'ZIA 01153 Diane R. Fingold "Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must that's a part of the plan." Memo- riesi Smitty's 78, 102- Sleepin' in the Shower, BSB. in the Aggiemobile- goofin' exams and the fridge, BBBB. and Poms, Jr. SD. on the wall, Pet N' Pooch, Yesl, The B. Scotch Band, W. Beach, BM. Summers and the Cape. "Age doesn't matter unless you're cheese." Mem- ories: Promises Promises . . S.W. . .Jams at Jake's . . Just tune it! . . Saturday mornings . . The Mach I . . Ad baby! . . In the Mood . , F?ed's Blue . . Friday Nights. Robert Feuersanger "lt takes less time to do a thing N right than to explain why you i' E did it wrong " Memories' Skiing 1 Q, . . sponge . RR tracks . . O.W.T.B . the water hole. v AN' Lois A. Finlay "I am not afraid of tomor- row, for I have seen yes- ,gt terday, and l love today." Memories: Montreal '77 A '78 . . Cafe Pompay . . Medieval Manor , . The Suitcase . . Marlboro- Cruisin the Main. . NH . . "Ahh, Freak Out" . . The Hut..Skinch..R8iC.. TSC . . CYQ's . . Cape Cod July 4th 78. Zh Adam Victor Fiore Ad Lisa Ann Fitch "I dream of tomorrow, but l love now!" Memories: Smitty's 78, BSB and the Aggie Mobile, Exams at Di's and the fridge, B.B.B.B., Jr. SD on the wall, summer, Muriel, kukkaface. Yes!, Promsll, Little brothers, Chocolate milk, Poms. Pumpkin Stealing, Pet'n'Pooch, Cruisin' Marlboro, Blap! Slime! Nold! G-oofin'! Cupcake! James Edward Fitzsimmons Karen Anne Fitzgerald "lt is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essen- Fitzy tial is invisible to the eye." Memories: F.T.l.F., no soap-radio, l know these thingsl, Mmm disco!?, BBBB 8. Poms, summers in Falmouth, all American boys, All Clear! "Losing is not a failure unless you quit." Memories: H 81 R 673778, 9!16!78, The Table, H.P.V., F.B.D., Leisure Van, The Cape, P.W.P.F.l., S.S., Partying ..., Gaffins?, The Buschman. Summer '78, The Link Brokel, "Worcester!?", "That Bumper's Hot Buzz, B.K. is better, E.H.'s friend S.P., "SPENT". 61 1 AYTF9 "rf ...r .1 1. , ' .1-ff" - 1 Nancy A. Friedman "Life is to love what you have, while you have it." Memories: Skiing-Sugar bush, Vt., Cruisin' in the '69 Olds. P.O.T.S. in the H. Inn, 6724777 Heine- ken, BOG 'EM!, Hl NANCE!, Ms. Vir- ginia, N,H. '78, Ogunquit, Me., Bagged at the lb bridge. coolers w7M,L,, Fire X Alarm, Gustol, Blizzard at Gio's w!M.B.W. and N.M., FROG. wr- -4 K 62 Kevin F. Flanagan Memories: BOA-SB, gymnastics parties at S.S.'s, The Van-winter 77, Sarcasm? BBD. The death, snow football, putting up with Elroy and Urso for four years, the path, skiing and lofting in N.H., "Yes 78", Roche-Bros., HWBBB, retorting, A 81 A twice a day. Ronald J. Flax Ronny "Just remember that it's a grand illusion. Deep inside we're all the same." Mem- ories: MMM. Juicy-fruit . . Re-Bob Deluxe . . Mr. Kropp's Conversations in the Cat . . Bikin the Cape 77-78 . . 6 flat tires in 3 days . . Algebra 2 with Mr. St. Andre . . "P.S." . . Big D . . Queen- 11!13!78-R26-S7 . . Styx 3723778 , . C.S. and Allen. Regina May Foynes Reg "l pray for the enlightenment to make my detachment loving, not cruel. Let it not be a wall between us, but a bond of mutual respect for one another's in- dividuality." Memories: Good times, friends. G.C.S., N.H. 76', Cape Cod, Para- dise 78', May Day-Keep it simple, think, listen, and learn. l Michael R. Frost David Gaffin Dave "You may think you have lost in life by not accomplishing your Impossible Dream, but if you live each day in search of that Dream, haven't you really won? For isn't winning, living each day to the fullest?" Memories: Switzerland '78, Feldschlosschen, skiing, cast parties, J.H., and Toga, the fence, "Our Town." Sheryl Frazer Sherrie "Just when you thought you had life's puzzle all put together, someone hands you another piece." Memories: 4161, trespassing at J.P.'s, the chairlift, Aero- smith concert, skinhead. do you believe it?, memories of South, . . . Smith, Hey N.N. 8i BR., Bermuda, shoom, shoom, raving beauty?, guzzling, locked in Rt. 30 M. fi I Suzanne Furbush Sue "Learn as though you'll live forever, live today like you'll die tomorrow." Mem- ories: S.M. forever EDCBUDJ-COCH. '78, Bernardo Ubest friends", Griggy 84 N.F. always, L.M.B.O. HELP!!! 81 Mac's in N.H. '77, Rope tow at 'Bump', Boston-For- eigner '78, Evong Agong, MB., J.Y., BS., ES. Lynda Ann Gaines Gainesy "Remember what never was, still is, and has yet to be." Memories: Star Island . . Volleyball 78 . . No,No, Nanette . . LRY . . Patty . . lunchtable 77 . . Ground Round . , cruising 78 . . Natick gang . . conferences . . summer 78 . . Dave B. Allison Fritz "They who cannot forgive others, destroy the bridge over which others must pass themselves: for every person needs to be for- given." Memories: Sophomore year, Arizona, Rob, Daths, Driving around on Saturday nights, G 81 G, Wayland, ls he cute???, Getting lost in Boston. Margaret Mary Gerding 11 L tfmssmwns-u1niu!4"" Richard Getman Rich, Mucca Memories: Little Farms . . Ramblin' Rd. . . Early morning trains . . "Hey man l'm on white card" . . Nutty Mood . .Skunk Chasin' . . Cruisin' . . C.Y.Q. .. Freebird! Richard Glaven Dick Susan Gallagher "Today I feel as bright .is the sun, mayhe someday I'll feel like a star " Memories Zimll, If bridge out to lunch-h.igged Norma . . KK. concert . , Mac's vega . , "Wild and Crazy" .The Pits . H K., BS., Red Sox discoing home .lim Dandy Cruisln , S GF. goofin scorpian Bun Sharkbite F B :ang 'Ds 1 fl, Michael K. Gerard "I am bound to go to Heaven, for I have already served my time in Hell." Memories: Montreal, Stowe. Florida, Summer 78, Yarders, PCB's, Nature Rides, Snibbage, Joker's Wild, flight 498. Z James Bernard Joseph Gilgallon Il Gils "To lose a friend is the greatest of all losses." Memories: The Door, Gina K., Chefs with EH-DP, Tuna Fish at 8 am. NO WAYI, l refuse to get killed, July 4 in Woodstock, I love a long parade, the swings, Let's grow roots, Ed why is your stomach all sticky?, A certain vest, Fitch! "It is the unseen wind and not the lofty sail that moves the passing ship." Memories: Dick, Gup, Stick, Pride, 15-50, Jacuzzi?, Gems, P.B.S.S. J.irTICs Paul Ciiriiliriria- Do Aholie "An honest hrew makes its own frirrrirl , Memories Summer '18 The Capr- Doohies BOC and Husah The Spur,- mohlle C Y Qfs O F T 's The Alley . B wings . Toga Huff on's much later F N H S - Do A Bone T"f' "May you build a ladder to the sky and climb on every rung, And may you stay forever young." Mem- ories: Marguerite Conchita Alber- queta in a taxi, honey.-8th grade, "family", Nov, '86, CG., 81O's garanimals, tootsie pop, the Musketeers. ,f".7 Caryn Ginsberg "Some things are different, some the same. Some turn over, some don't change. Time and Music all forgive and the best of friends a spirit lives." Memories: 3112 North- South games . . No Show stats student . . sneaking yodels in the library , . labs for Mr. DiProfio . . Digzif. .TotempoIe. .Jewish nuns. fl rf E 1 1 42 Richard Gilfoy "You only live once." Memories: Great times with C.S., Sept 30 , . Hockey . . Card games . . Summer of 78. "rw I ' A I o I 7-wg. 1 'I lop ' n 63 , My , Un' A,A, Karen Marie Gogliormella ..Ka,, "A smile is the greatest present you can give to any- one," Memories: Marshalls and G.B. . . my "74" blue Hornet X . . "I was dying". "Open the window" . . "Operation 78' '..' 'Tenpin" . . Laughing till l cry . . Ka2 . . waterskiing . . thanks for all the good times O.B. if? Kathleen Marie Glynn Kathy "You only get out of life what you give." Mem- ories: 8th grade . . "family" , .South . .New Year's '77 . . Winnie . . C.S. . The Streak . . Garanimal land . . halos . . leftovers . . McDonalds . . The Musketeers-M.G., J.O., VP., and me! . . Those overpowering sweaters . . driveway talks. . F.S.B. . .The Ogre . . dreams, Switzerland, Tues. And Fri. Nites! l Matthew S. Goldman Matt "When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the on which has opened for us," Mem- ories: Moot! . . Gomez' honest deals. . Rush . . Yes .. Armada"'The Cynthia Dawn Goddard Cindy "Today is all the time I have. Nobody can keep me from using it well. If I make this a good day, tomorrow can be bet- ter." Memories: The Green Martian . . Maine. . We never made it . , the Cape 5712-13778 . . Schlitz . , Blizzard of 78 . . Carter Dr. . . good times with good friends ,pq Cheryl M. Goldberg "My mind is painted with fond memories of days gone by: dreams will paint the canvas of my future." Mem- ories: B'days in caf. . . stuck on Mt. C. . . skiing? . . last chance . .the red light caper . . football games 81 C.G. practices . . ringing down- town . . sekriterial tascs . . "sorry" . . MacDonald's . . good times with special friends Greg Goldman "So long ago and so far away, but my dream lives for ever." Memories: The corner . . Jr. Skip day , . J.D. . .. Smitty's . . New York City just like I pictured it . . Todd,Floyd,Seger . . . yarders . . 'CZ' T.Y.M .... P.C.B "Dead" . . skiing . . . lnterlaker Paul Goncalves Gonzo "You forget about the losses, you exagerate the wins, and when you stop to let them know you've got it down it's just another town along the road." Memories: THE DOOR! . . l.L.V.P. . . Summer '78 . . Cape Time. . J. Browne 78. . the tough- 3. Professor" . . So-Co and Amaretto . . Foxboro track . . Miami K-con- vention '78. . Out to lunch . . week- F end party l' Robin G. Goodstadt "A moment to think, a lifetime to achieve." Memories: Dave . . Summers 77,78 . . Nantasket Beach . . G.S. , , "ReaIly7' '..' 'Supercharger' '..' 'Redzo's" . . G.E. .,EPl'S . . "BM, I owe you one!" . . L.C.S. . . "M.E., l'll drive home" 64 est wimp I know . . Mac's . . Andrew E. Goodwin "Good-bye Framingham, Hello Daytona" Memories: Free wheelin' in the dirt . . where's my books Von Juan . . Mrs. C 8. the Gang. .so much for the hornet .. nice mous tang . , Alan 81 MSG . . Tull beats Boston . . First airplane solo . . the plane crashed . . too much beer . . put your shoes on Little Sue . . munchies at 2 AM. - . ..."-ut .5 ,X , g . ' :Sr Jane A. Gould Mouse "My eyes are turned toward the future but I will not for- get the times I leave be- hind." Memories-Montreal, Montana G.N.D. '77, Cali- fornia, summers in N.H.. canoe trips, CP., C.Y.Q.. T.S.C., concerts, Boston, the suitcase, m+m's, E.L., com- mander's field trips, ample snib, JD. 78, good times 'li Paul Grant "O cares of man, how much of everything is futile." Memories- WUPH , . , All good people , . Mr, M. and PC. . . ELP, . .Yes ..,TheDead...EasyDay... "Who is that man?' '.,, Thanks K.L .... STW 77 . . . backstage . . . Saturday mornings . . . Col- gate . . . mostly, HS. with good friends Sean Grealey Debra Jayne Greenfield Debby "To achieve all that is possible we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can we must dream of being more." Memories-Good times with good friends, P.l., "she's not there," the gang, I got it, SN., cruisin' with V.B., "that hurt", summer of 77878, W,J.D., crazy driver with 1' Beverly Griffin "So it's only castles made of sand, melting into the sea. Eventually." -Jimi Hendrix Memories-Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Jean Luc-Powty, Moosehead Lake '77, Race Point, Dunes, And good times. "Knot the coolest MS. Jill M. Greenwald "lt is life as with a play-it matters not how long the ac- tion is spun out, but how good the acting is," -Seneca Memories-lnchworm, Mary at Clearview,Wue and chocolate chip ice cream, Tup Tim walks with Sarah. the N.G.'s, good for a few more, acshawn Robin Beth Grinker Grinks "The Ivy grows on, Even after its roots have been trans- planted. And like the Ivy, I will grow too." Memories-OQ, SW, GF,PBL, it's been real, D+ M's coop, stuck on MTC, stopped on MT Bridge, B-days in cat." Maria Guadagnoli "Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone." Memories-Going to the North End with Deena and P,O., The Last Chance, dances, good times with good friends, studies, D,O., J.L., J.M., party, senior cotillion with M.O., summer of 78 in New York. the cafe, Macs, pumpkins '78, bellybuttons, almost embar- rassed SB., sorry! C.G., sum- mer of '77, all clear . . . Michelle Louise Guertin "We do not remember days, we remember moments." Memories- Wayne 9!14!76- Good things come in small packages- All those CYQ's- Mrs. E's classes- summer of 77, Sax beach- Chester- field buddies- Dancing- fond memories of T.A., M.K,, J.V., SM., and RH. 65 'K 7-'Y JT James P. Hanlon Jam "As long as the days last. IGVS SWG ut all, we got." Memorles: Baseball . . BA. St DP. passung out . , Toga at l3uck's . . Weekends . Weekdays . . McDonald's . . Gaffnn's? . . Poker games PARTIES . . Kevnn Doherty Brenda Harvey "Gray skles wall turn Into scarlet ralnbows " 66 Karen E. Gunther "However rare true love may be, l1lS stall less rare than true frlendshrpf' Mem- ornes: Snow Whlte . . my twnn snster S.T. . . l'sh ftne . . an egg won't break . . peaches, pears, and lemons . . coffee laps ,lm so confused . . Sandra Dee. .V.C., really . . no klssyeface L.D. . them . . prof. T. . . lots of wear and tear . . T.C.'s green M8tM's . . Ogre QE -rfgv Mlchael Hall Whntey "lt's been such a long fume, l thunk l should be gonnf And tnme doesn't walt for me, ut keeps on rollun '." Memorues: J. Gaels . . E.W.F. . . C.Y.Q. . Ford's Folly ..Orum Corps. . Mann St. . ,M.M. . .Ed- mando Express . . Purple Kangaroos tim Paul Andrew Harris "Leaves are falllng around lt's tlme I was on my way. Thanks to you l'm much obllged. For such a pleasant stay, but now nts tume for me to go. The autumn moon lnghts my way . . nt's tume to ramble on." Memorues: Memorues of KD. . . Montreal 77. T.L. 110 84 222. . Snow . . ELP,O.S.,Trlp to Harber's, CC Lvsa J. Guyotte Ll "Yesterday us a memory, Tomorrow IS a dream. Only today rs real. Luve lt." Mem- ornes: 10128178 . . Parklng lots . . Allbls . . curfew . . TGIF fLAAJ . . Headllghts . . Babysuttrng . . 12123178 . . Heart and chann . . the OUCH . . the Boat 45 WHS J Merle M. Hanfllng "The same leaves over and over agaun! They fall from glvung shade above to make one texture of faded brown . . . and . . . before the leaves can mount again . . . they must go down past thlngs com- lng up . . . they must be pierced by flowers and put beneath the feet of dancung flowers . . John Hart "Hypes" "Gave Mr. Kropp many a grey halrf' Memorles: Marne . . Gnels . . Canaduans . . Summer '78 . . Surpruse! . . G.F.U. , . Half Bridge , . Dazed and confused . . 5113178 . . nntense moments 'CZ' V' - 1 Kenneth R. Harber Harbs "Good luck to all my fruends, wnth the show that never ends." Mem- orues: Swltzerland . . the hut . . Smltty's '78 . . Doobles . . C.Y.Q. .. commander fueld trnps . . the cot- tage . . "Pack that Wagon" . . J. Gells at the Colnseurn , . many a party . .THINK SNOW . . R+C .. MUCH as 04" ' t 1 John Havel li Paul Healey Squealy Paul R. Henell "I wonder if we have really grown to the point where the size of a house in which a person lives will have little interest to his neighbors, but what he contributes in mind and character to the community will bring him respect and admiration." if ,XX X K 1' ' I ff" A N 'Qi Lisa Marie Hegarty "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." Memories: Nantasket '78 . . Paul. .Sunday Afternoons . .Cape Cod '77 . . E.H.A. , . C.Y.Q.S. . . J.D. . . Moon Palace K William Hensel Lisa M. Herson Little one "Never live in fear of the future, for what lies ahead will be bright" Memories: Penn on the Rocks!!! Penn, CC, NH . . Oh, Kevin, I'm so glad I found you!! . . Stairway to Heaven . . 2-8-77 I survived!!! FriendIy's RC, DM . . 4189, 4104, 115105 Edh, lh . .Thanks friends, I made it Mom!!! .QQ A Edward Henderson Eddie "The mind can only absorb as much as the seat can endure." Memories: HR. 6f3!78 . . the table . , H.P.V. . . Summer '78 . . F.B.D., R-Bomb, W.A.S,B. . . Unit 5 with J.G. and D.P. . . I refuse to eat tuna- fish at 8 am . . the Cape . . partying . . the Buschman . . I just can't judge the floor. . M.C. is better than BK. . .wonder how NAG. got mono? 'tw ""'T Douglas Arthur Herrick Doug "For long you live and high you fly and smiles you give and tears you'II cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." Memories: Sarcasm? . . Deathmobile . .the Path. .the Van . .Yes '77 84 '78 . . Retorting . . BBB . . Acing Flanz ,Qua- if Bart Heemsherk "Then must you speak of one that loved not wisely, but too well" Memories: P.B.S.S. f..--Q Patricia Marie Henning Tricia "I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory, some happy, some sad, I think of child- hood friends and the dreams we had." Memories: Timmy-5f22!77 . . Varnums. .05 . . Pelham Island . . Pits-5!12!78, 11!11!78. .the girls . . Mr. Dunne . . Mrs. Bent . . the Boys . . Prom '78 . . Foreigner- 11!26!78. .Summer of 77 and 78 . . the Van . . rotate 1 iN! I I 'W f' I Q 4 443: U ge . 2 1 '4l!,TX Y--4:7 Joseph Hevesh Joe Thomas J. Hnne Tom "Every year us gettung shorter, never seem to fund the tnme, plans that euther came to naught or half a page of scrubbled Innes." Memories - Sarcasm? . . . the Van. . .the Path . . .yes '77-'78 , . . retortlng . . .the green death , . . Roche Brothers . . . John, Stu, Ed. QP Jesse Houseman Linda Hopknn Lnnda "The language of friendship IS not words but meanlngf' Memorles - , Montreal, Junnor sknp day, C.Y.Q., Scarborough Farr, the "Kagnolac" and the green bug. Bruce Hollis "The person who gets ahead IS the one who does more than ns nec- essary, and keeps on donngltf' Mem- orles - Hockey, Cape '78, yes '78 Buc's 245, D.G.'s floor, the notch, Cochntuate '78, the table, helmet. RV., Grove St., payload, J.H. toga, eggs, "Mexlcan". ii- ' David Hull Dave "Try to realize lt's all wnthln yourself and no one else can make you change. Memorues - ELO., Italy '77, Queen, the Moody blues, Sum- mers at the graveyards, "Tuesday afternoon was 'ttf 7 so the best," "Do the plc- 5. f kle,""ButKellysays..." . z, Q '7 i Deborah L. Holland Debbne "I learned rny lesson well. you can't please everybody so you have to please your- self." Memories A The rlght decusuon?? FNH . . W.A. . .. FNH, Vlllage People, a crowd?, JMCT, summer of '78, MeI's, Party '77, W.A. party. '70. Brenda Hopner Bren "How wonderful at us, to thunk and feel and to have a fruend who thunks and feels un the same way." Mem- ornes f 771778, "can I ask you a questlon?" Fruday nlghts. exact change, almost ln New York . , . Summer of '77 . . . ME. . . lv . .. Murrors . . . Boston, bah, bah, bah, "Gummue a bullet," always and forever . . . Mlchael , . 9729778 112.-7 Scott Humphrey Scott "Always be sincere whether you mean it or not." Memories - Italy '77, Paragon Park '77, Prom '78, Jordan Marsh, Pacella US, Jagoda, Sept. '77-June '78, 'TTT' . Z Mlchael Hurst Make Memorles- Graphuc Arts Jacquellne Anne Janson Jacqul "The secret of llfe IS enjoy- lng the passage of tame" Memories- J,Y,, ln TX, BC, an Cal., my JONATHON, Bone Actlon, sand trap, Butt tlme, Bushhh, Tull, out of the tub Marcy, our table, Tango. Southboro, falllng ln love. "The Duke", Arew, cluckl Chrls Mlchael Jasurek Spaz I JUN 1 Ronald J. lnstasl i wi Roger B. Jagoda Rag. Memorles- S B, . Cape Cod '77 . the summer workshop . . , the Soz and Mom When all else falls, remember that the true mysterlousness of the Unlverse Iles ln the vlslble not the lnvuslble, Une chose de beaute' est une lone eternelle . . , Tous ce qu: brllle n'est pas d108 . . . rnercl beaucoup madame , Glngerecolored hlppopotamls, "Nothlng of value can be learned an school, man lS manmadel nonconformlty IS superlorltyg no one shares your concept of realltyg to conquer death you only have to duep the unlverse exlsts only ln the minds of lt's lnhabltantsg and remember what the doorknob sand: Feed your head. Louis lgleslaf, Loule Jacquellne Renee Jackson Jackle "You galn strength, cour- age and confldence by every experlence ln whlch you really stop and look fear rlght an the face, You are able to say to yourself, "I llved through thus horror I can take the next thlng that comes along . . You must do the thang you thunk you cannot do." Memorles- Sprat, South Hugh fresh- man year wlth C S, KB. + H.L., "Nanu Nanuf' ji I Beverly Jeanne Jasset Bev URIVQVS belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly, l've got to be where my splnt can run free. Got to flnd my corner of the sky," Memorlesf The rock, 111. Maine, y-Camp, Mrs B's 69 , s, Laura Jinks Lola "For long as you live and high as you fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry, And all you touch and all you see is , 1-,Q gk all your life will ever be." Memories- JB., , Y gf? 3 wild and crazy gals, Juan Marco, Lola, A , The little road, Smitty's 78, trip to Loon, .gl Nf- - ,9' in . if iw. 1 Cal, Fla., cruisin in the rat, trip to Har- ber's, 3710778 ,225 J., N' , Wx P ff' . Z! Patricia Mary Joyce Patty "Perhaps the best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." Memories- Crystal , . , friends whom I love, PO, the Cape, Labor Day weekend, Um . . . Daytona '78, It's Fridayl, 223, plants, PAB, Been, Fleetwood , . . Mol- son, Incidently it's over. A 2 tie. Jill Michelle Kagno Waddles "It isn't wrong to love yourself. . . ln fact, It's the logical place to start." Qv' Memories- Bermuda 78, pushing LH's Vw, Staying at L.H.'s, when ma left, summer at R.H., Pink Floyd, The Ka- gallac, studys! Rushing S.D. home, STAN, procedure dept. at F.S., Vet- erans Day '78, Lights out whatta bum- mer! Allright!! "79" CAMARO. 14' Phillip Chares Kaplan "See things are possible to him who be- lieves" Martin C. Keith Marty "Let Dreams Be Not Your Master" Mem- ories- My little red wagon, the kool car. Moody Blues, ELO, Yes, working, York Steak House, The Chase, Catching Re- verse, 70 Barbara Johnston Barbie "What we are trying to do is find a way to release the truth that lies in all of us." Memories- The end is near, but the mem- ories are here: Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Danne' 75-78+, mountain Dew 4575, DGR, Molson Ale, :Judy Blue Eyes, Fri- day! l"'f':ps Julia L. Junkala Julia "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars," Memories- little green notebook . . . Boskone '78, spaced-out walls, elevators, Frank Her- bert CAnnegret, why didn't you tell melj, Bambi vs. Godzilla . . . Fusball 3am . . . DIBOL cram-thank God for Paul! Robert S. Keilty Bob "But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out, I grew tall, through it all and did it my way." Memories- The Cape . . . Macs '... Ricks' Flicks . . . C. lights . . . The corner . . . Hoop: Chaulkboardg Terry, '78?3 tournly '79...sIimer...Thetrack...Mr.A... Links , . . The ladder . . . No Names... 12 . . . Atlantic . . . Nerf . . . The Door. ,KW 5 cr-ggi, -1 s -r ss ,I t' ss.. N .2 " f 'I QfQSfm 'wif 'C' 3' 'E Q -xigks Joanne C. Kalin Jo "Smiles are free and easy to give" Memories- Greetings! Here we go- hold on! Spanish and Bio. with Toby. Pregunto una pregunta. "Peep" Squad- "Kill 'em Spart- ans!" lt's a sub, Vacate the premis- es! The same old lunch- TGIF, Species of Bescies, Sandra Dee, Squatting Terro, PJ. Farewell! Robert Keith 'Q' Danlel Mark Kent Kenta Leboe's Van, Ll, ples, the pannter, "Alas alas for the human rare alas for the Knngs at separatnon" Memoruesf green ap Mobule Paultx Elleen Kelley "Dream on l.1st chlld hec.1use.1s you wand on down the rotld headed on tx one way street the tradewunds of tume wull help you make It to the golden mule " Memorles- Detour, 'AA half", Kung and Queen, "Should we buy one?" 3-D movles. "Summer of 78" Bottleshop, C A B S Barbara Elleen Kennedy "If you can rmagune ut, you can achleve It-If you can dream lt, you can become at." Memories- Tonto 81 Tnger Luly A A , Red Bandanas A Bonnue 81 Clyde A A A Trees- Bars A A A B Ball games A, Bubble Gum A Excuse me, tune A , A Lady In Black A Chuckue's Angels .Tony's Beer, Fush- es on Leashes A A A KKK D warts l A WOH! Lg? he knows ut all, It trees " Memonesf An lJ.1rl,l I lfr-lly l?rr,.nI.11l.1rl.l I Mary Theresa Kenney "There are no strangers only frnends we haven't met" Memoraes- "A half" How could I lose a FP? Dear Betsey, Sum- mer of '78 "Volkswagen does It again!" "Class full of Zombles' The Royal Lunch, Concerts and CC, Excuse me June and other fond moments, Polar and non- polar, Moon PaIaceA Dud I fall asleep? Chemlstry? ohfThe Champ! Mlleage Gary J Klavans Skip "When the tldes of llfe upset you, when the currents upset your boat, don't waste your tears on what might have been, A get on your back and float" Memoruese NovA 41, '77, parftay, Ph-Q., TANUC Armada, bwang, Summer tome, surrender '78, J BA, TB, SS, Boston, Mlk, Mrs Amettl, Space Ace, QP., Mac does v I QI E '95 .4 Brlan Paul Krlhrudge "MarIne" "Ideas are luke stars, you wnll not succeed In touchung them wlth your hands But llke the sufferlng man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guudes, and following them you wlll reach your destnnyf' Memonesf Voted most mulntary, M Jand Jose dorng the round table, Druvlng for 400, The party boys, N 1 I I 0 1 if 71 ssi- 1137 David Kokidko Dave "ln the world ye shall have tribulation: But be of good cheer, l have overcome the world." Memories: Boneheads July 4th, all night par- ties, concerts, Seger? Half bridge, Vega, Buck- eys, studies, Summer 78, Bomb scare, the ceme- tary, The Van Kwai pl' xdlff' Randi Debra Kongieser Randi "Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in life makes the heart warm." Memories: Florida, Bliz- zard of '78. Good times with good friends, skiing, '73 Olds, we never made it, concerts, Schlitz, Hong Chow, Linda's l.D., the Cape, 5712-13778. Good times with '78, of RS. no talkingl, mem- ories Toni Marie Kopas Toni "Everything must have an end, like an ocean to a shore, like a river to a stream, it's the famous final scene." Memories: "Sum- mer 78" 25r nite, party at Spirits, beils! Montreal '77, no talkingl, CTF's, wild and crazy nights with the Harley Mellons! fif- Frederick A. Kurtz Kurtzie "The world is full of wonderful things,-but nothing is more won- derful than man." Memories: Hit the sud? , . half bridge , , Floyd, Todd at the paradise, Seger . . righthanded . . the York Dorks and the bomb scare . , R.M, CB.M.J "the land" . . nosebreaker, 1-O vs. Wellesley . . 115-2 Y David William Kwiatkowski "To work in the service of life and the living, in search ofthe answers to questions unknown, to be part ot the movement and part of the grow- ing, part of the beginning to understand " Mem' ories: Gloucester . Plays . . Summer shows 3rd lunch Chemistry J N, biology 72 I. 'Qu il? Richard Wayne Kraft Rich "The important thing in life is this to be able at any moment to sacri- fice what we are for what we could become." Mem- ories: Saturdays spent with M.W,, D.E., SW., RB., AS. . . Last year's loonies and Uncle CB. . . clones . A the E.C. group . . Robin Anne Lem Ator per. 7 ,. Rgb New Hampshire .. "lf doegnk tak' May '78 happy, it's Memories: M H125 dancin dolls , . Doy south . , and Fre ways . Sabine Yvonne Kowal "We'll call them the "Good Old Days" because we weren't good, we weren't old-and we were talking about the nights." Mem- ories: Jr. Workday spent bur- ied in leaves, Bye Guys, cruisin', First Lady, Ba- dum-bump 5 i I I Adel Labib "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend." Memories: Beatles ,... Junk box . . . Paragon Park . . . ELO . . . Arnad Rashad . . . Hazie . . . Prom , . . Summer '78 is great. Katherine Helen Lambert Kate Memories: Rose petals ...Pargon Park. , . S.B. .. .Cape Cod in the sum- mer , . . Parties with friends . . . Ben . . , any two sides of a triangle are Susan Langley Sue "They say i'm crazy but i have a good time." Mem- ories: Woodstock, Cos- mic, Hampton, N.H. '78, summer of the bong, K. St., Marian fthe kids not the schooly, Man cannot LM .4-3 Elizabeth Anne Lacey Beth "No day is over if it makes a memory." Memoriesi Stuck on M.T.C., N.H. with friends. all clear, DB., Attitash right Coop, Priscilla, Maiorettes, Bay State, Last Chance, States, Us three, L 13 Jon Paul Lawrence "As I leave Framingham North High School, I will not forget the good 81 bad times I have had. North High is the best school in New C'Igl3fId.H together greater than the third! . . . waking. Marilynn Lapides live by party alone-there must be rock 'n roll too! Do you like to take a yo- yo for a ride? . . . see ya ladda . . . Marly "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today." Memories: good times with PH., P.O.T.S. at the H. Inn, Bog 'em, goofin, f.l.w., cruisin' in the '69 Olds, lots of Q-tips, reeb and f.f's, hullo, bagged again! orange soda?? What is h.w,? A clear, full coolers with N.F., 6!24f77, GUSTO-4 ever! L1 2. 61, if I Clare F. Leary "Off I go . . . to be who I am do- ing things I want to do. Alive and growing, secure in knowing nothing can stop me now." Memories: Crazy times with M.S., CG., JB., B.M., D.H., Bg, Re L, "I can't stand the rain," IT,C.-H., "Still crazy after all these years"-MS. 1. Alan Glen Lebovirz Eugene I- Lee Al Lebeau Gene "l've seen sunny days that I thought would never end, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try, l've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. sometimes, you just might find, you get what you We Seen fire and me Seen rainy" James Taylor need." Memories: The main event, Vt., Glades, Tull, Half Bridge, Yes, summer of '78, DF. all night par- ty. 73 is x A Q V l Karen Lennon Karen "Live for today, for yester- day was only a memory and tomorrow is only a dream." Memories: "Lennie" FH.- 77-78, Jez . . . good friends ...M.D., scoring a goal . .. 4330, bad refs. . . we blew it again, capitano, Mutt and Jeff, eyes of Texas, sun- flower seeds, chefs . . . John Lennon's sister, V.C. and the Robert B, Lemmon Bob Memories: Wrestling 1, 2,3,4. . .No More Jimmy K , , . 4 years of Blapping ...cruisin' to Boston . .. Lots of bashes . , . going out with J.D .... Junior Michael Bennett LeMoine Mike . "Becoming is superior to being." Memories: Sum- mer of '78 . , . Party at Mac's . . . Pumpkin '78 , . . EPC football follies . . . Ricks flicks, Hold the 'Ox Prom . . . F.Y.R.M., "If lifes a bowl of cherries, what am l doing in the pits." graveyard, Where's Vicki? 5 rr' i Karen Lewis Gln., Mayo! DMD, mitoma, N.T.F.S.W.E., l.L.N.M .... , Half Bridge, tennis courts .... give me a break! The Door! Scott E. Leon Scott "Whatever be gained today, the reach of tomorrow is more." Memories: The table . . . summer of '78, Cape, Yes, Cochituate . . . Bikin' in B.B, . . easy day. . . the Notch . . , "and ah ya" Jacqueline B. Lepage Jackie "lf you love something set it free, if it comes back to you its yours, if it doesn't it never was" Memories: Period 3 studies, red firebirds, Chet's class with G.K. alias Skip, Mrs. E., Irlsh stew and Greek salad, crepes and peanutbutter, Mr. D.. strange parties and what not, Jill of course, but most of all Ralph. "Leaving, wondering what will happen to me. Saying goodbye, but not forever Changing but never forget- ting what was I'm keeping a special place in my heart for these memories, and the friends l've made this year." Memories DGB, Its alright. 74 Martha Nan Leonard Martha "All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be. RF." Memor- ies: The Island, Wheelers, the cig-a- butt tree, D.G.R., B. Feast, Darlene, good times with friends, tunas, the log, Dave, NE. dragway, Cape Cod treasuremap, White Mountains, Fury lll, Yes '77, Grateful Dead, Zappa, Buffer, Partying. Nathan Levenson Nate "You don't have to be nice to those you meet on the way up. so long as you don't plan on coming back down." Memories: Being, just in case! 'if' li Ann Miriam Linet "lt is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye." Memories: Morning shivers, the can freak, themes: Pink Panther, Odd Couple. Get Smartg Senior mischief, dirty pictures to M.O. Ooh! Ooh! The boxer, Jr. Variety Show, the pit, beards and Burt. skiing! Cape Cod. Excuse me? I i l l i i l l l X . i l 1? Charles B, Long Charlie "Sport begets tumutuous strife and wrath begets fierce quarrels and war to the death." Memories: Football follies ...12-O , . , Walpole . . , Edgell Rd , .. Central St ,.,, the rock , . , Gorills . . . M.C,C, . . What's aT.B. . . lima, ...L 'Tv' sv' V ,ZX repay' in-0' 'Op' Thomas E. Loughrie Tom Stefan Alan Lubin "The time is gone the song is over. thought I'd something more to say." Memories: The stang, Gaffins?. The poker games. 'VV ti unit' , I-.,7ff,?., 4 I ca ' ,1Jf'f?1i?2" if N 1 4 f,. ,J Richard John Lynch Rik, Lynchie "The only certain happiness in life is liv- ing for others." Memories: The door, Squam Lake, KD., the dog, Hold the Mayo, The Doobies Bros, D.T. Beating Wellesly 1-O, soccer, Pumpkin '78, the bathroom stall. Erich Scott Mackenzie Erich "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained Ev- erything is Relative." Memories: Para- gon 78 . , . Mr. McDermott's Tests . . . Cafeteria Foodf?D . . . Katharine K. Lott Kelly "We've built a castle in the air, now Iet's put a foundation under it." Memories Z's in the bonnie', NO TALKINGII, Texas '78, Hampton, Treeland Teenage Wasteland, SSSS ..,, Troubles'75-'79,outtolunchl i ...M N55 John Steven Lubets John "Life is only what you make it, so make with everything." Memories: "Let's go out to Macs and munch out' '... Cutting class . . . card games , . . ILL. . . South Dick's office . . . J.R.! . . . SALT. . . Stef . . . the table . . . the Caf .... Patti , . . What ever you do Mr. Kropp, Don't call my mother. zz nie Sarah Whiting MacDonald Sarah "What ever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." Karen Anne Luz . . and if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky." Mem- ories: Little acorns and butterum Iifesavers-Vectors are RED-the SOUND OF MUSIC cast party-Mill- wood-the DAM-"Party at Phis's!"- Morgiels acrobatic coffee-Trosky clambakes-HSP and Hello Dolly- whipped cream and green m8im's- Montreal '78-Where's my clone? W F0 ll Q f O 2.13 'W if 7 Jill Susan Manning "Keep on smiling, people will wonder what you've been up to!" Memories: McDonalds french fries, Zoology, "But Beth!" Senior year. . .Chefs with Joe. , , Jackie L., Good friends, "How Embaras- sing!" Rallies. . . North over South, Per, 3 studies, "What lunch do you have!" The Gang . . . "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" 6-v-' Howard N Markson at 14 'gf , f 0 -. Q James Maginnis Jim "Have faith, and go far, or have no faith and go nowhere " 6 Richard James Manolian "My interest is in the Future-Be- cause I am going to spend the rest of my life there." Memories: BB? 81 T ,,,. F.D. 8t Cape, Franconia W. Skie ing. . 4 Tarbell , ,. Yes "78' '... The Table, OUT TO 1"'s Q19 t A. Deborah Ann Margeson Deb, Marge "Make every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." Memories: Sum- mers ot '77 81 '78 , . , "And who doesn't?" , , . RC .... Driving ... 1110 , . . California . A . Con- certo . . , "Hey Braden . . . Blue Tor . , .wfb. . .memories of '78s , ., Good times with friends. "No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence " Memories' Weekends at the O.C., H C H , the dam, making up excuses, ultimate frisbee on the common, concession stand?, Have you done your homework? 76 LUNCH , , .And Ah- Joseph Maguire Joe "People who think they know everything are para ticularly annoying to those of us who do," Lawrence C. Manning Larry "lt's not the size of the play- er in the game, but the size of the game in the player," Memories: Party at Mac's . , .Cape Time '78 at Gus' .. O-16-1 . , . Hitler .,.' 'The Door' '... Ricks FLicks , , , Half-Bridge m1713778 . .. Lee Marvin , . , Dube 8. . . Morkus OU" Sheri Mariasis t'Adventures end, Adventures begin" Memories: Lacrosse, chip, summer with AFS, Students, Stu- dent Government Day, Spring. AT, H.W., OA. George Fredrick Martin George "Living life is easy, but living it right is a chal lengef' Memories: Smitty's, D.Q., the "Y" . . Good times, Locals, Lew's problem, Rhino Hunt ing, Times with Seward, Pilot to Copilot. Lena Marie Mastrogianis "Long you live, high you fly, smiles you'lI give, and tears you'll cry, all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." Memories: Summer of '78 . . . friz . . . Dream On.. . M9 . . , Cruis- in' in the Buick . . . Red light . . . Firecrackers . . . Jethro Tull '78 . . . clickin' in , , . Vermont , , . Arrowhead . . . "Stairway to Heaven" . . . Hockey . . . l.L.S.O. for' ever . . , Nancy Lee McDonald Nance "Yesterday is but today's memory, Tomorrow is to- day's dream." Memories: Beach Bum, F.L.W., skiing, BOG 'EM!, C.G. rallies, games, GOOFlN'! Dec. 18, '77-?, Good times with S.F., Mitomal, Cruisin' in the '69 Olds, Hullo, Everlasting P.C.'s, 3191, HI NANCEI, Mmmm Disco!?, 25 Honks, McDonahue!, Blizzard at Gio's, BBBBI WZ? Kathleen Maxwell Max, Kathy Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild We can climb so high, never gonna die, Born to be wild , . Memories: S., D, and R., Max-Ray the deadly wea- pong Michael-Dean and the Munchkin, 18 at last. cruissn with the Wild ano Crazies, Rick and Mike at the beach, Summer 78, kicking down the door, all that wine. "l've been afraid of changing cause l've built my life around you. But time ,gi makes me bolder, even children get older and I'm getting older too." Memor- is: Wee Wee Montreal and the chemi burger. Getting my hair cut and cut and cut. Summer of 78. The cape. "D" "Bones" Hemenway. Treeland and for- ever of Dean. Aoes!! 4-fx 'Ch' Brenda McGrath i' 'asv' Karen Jean Matthews "Take each day as il comes, and live life to its fullest." Memories: Summer of '76, Ka-1, M and J, the Wildcat, cruisin' in Rock- port, St. Pat's, H-125, Dancin', Illusions, friends: K.G., R.K,, GR., L.P., S.D., GC., MG. and P,M.3 Water skiing in NH. with KG. Mary Margaret McDermott "lf you'd have a mind at peace, a heart that can- not harden, go find a door that opens wide upon a lovely garden." Mem- oriesi Summer of 78, AFS, Bus trlp 313, New Zealand, Jilski, MB, GG, PR, Hampton Beach Par- ties, Steno class: Nan- tasket in May, Up with People, Friday and Satur- day nights in Waltham. fm ff' Victoria McDevitt 6: ,435 Vicky W Kathleen McEnroy Kathy "The moment may be tempor- ary, but the memory lasts for- ever." Memories: Summer of 78!Cape Cod!PIRDfbagged at the halfbridgefcruisin' in the Buickfclickin In!Get Down!! pajamasf3 flat tires!Minnie !Mystery Manfdisco with Jayne!Tull!acrophobia Xba- nanas!Wanna go to NH?!The Gateway -if Joan L. McGrath Joanle "Forget the past, work for the present, and the future will fall into place." Memories: Steve Martin-he's one wild and crazy guy! Gloucester Sunsets, Fleetwood Mac-Don't stop thinkin about tomorrow. lt'll soon be 'ierel "If I could save time in a bottle, I sure wouldn't wanna save this place in it!" 77 Sharon McGrath .X T, Kathleen Elizabeth McGrath "lf I were God, l wouldn't let the sun go down at night 'till everyone was treated right." Mark Twain "There are two ways of spreading: to be the candle or the Mirror that reflects it." Mem- ories: Skiing, finally mak- ing friends, learning to be me, passing math for once, softgall, VOLLEY- BALL!!! ii Scott J. McManus "I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold." Memories: The gang-flying away on R. t. airlines on Flight 815 awt. - Nantucket- IC' ,--0 qu'- x f .' Q3 i l Scott C. McManus O'MalIey "That happy man is a man forgetful of all the torturing ills around him." Memories: HXO 455, Down back, Cape, NH and ME, Down cellar, Put- nam, Summer of 78, the Keg family, the field, 9711778 crash, BA., bash at Sheehy's, Tres- tle, Caddy, SO- COMANIA, wild goat, Sheehy Specials, GFU, Get lit Stay lit, STB. DTB,GS. escaping Mr. K. tu. 'Q Susan B. Mead Smead "A good heart is the sun and the moon, for it shines bright and never changes, but keeps its course truly." Memories: Switzerland, St. Pat's, Maiorettes . . . J.L., K.H., last chance, N.H. with friends, Mystic Tobin Bridge, Priscilla, Points North . . . X . . . G.B.'s party, McDonald's, B-days in the caf, Pumpkins, Lassoo, T.N's word, the ogre. Mich Mich ab' 'tinrtffx Martha A. McGrath Mart . . Laughing, because you never thought any- thing could be so much fun." Memories: Mon- treal '77, Cape Cod '78, Cruisin in the Nova. Those party weekends! Hey babs. ED,DR. MPH, Party, OLD, BK, Wally. Doobies, CYQ's, skiing, frosties, Party Hut. 4 zombies in a V2 hour? Hongchow. I.L.Y.S.M.E. 'ii- Diane Marie McNabb Rinks "It is difficult to go through life without one of the five senses, but is more difficult without a sense of humor. Laughter is SUPERB Relaxation." Memories: Bobby J. forever, EEK 81 MEEK, freshman year, Barnstable, Pink Floyd 77, Seger 78, the ocean, Wanna go skating Rinks? Frankie need 1 pair of shoe. elle Dyan Mellone 5-.A Christopher C. McMahon Mac "Winners never quit, quit- ters never win." Memories: 22 . . . Slirner , . . Kelt's Lights . . . Rick's Flicks . . . EMass Tourney . . . Hingham Tournament . . .The Yota 20 of2 . . . Atlantic . . . Nerf ...Links...Mr.A,..the Corner . . . ladder. , . K.D. "We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are." Memories: Times with Merf, Lese, and Roger, Summer of 78 s, Breadfast with A Moose-friendlys, Wrestling matches FTR, the White Cloud, Stealing Muffin's car, 3 tickets, Summer of 75 C, The truck, H. Inn. C., Duxbury, JC. L ii tl l l James D. Mercurio Memoriest Parties at the Pits, and ev' erywhere else, crulsin' the Main St May '77, Ford's Follies parties and losin' the Statues on the backroads, doin' over 41 buck in Ron's pickup. ui' 50 ini 'J Dru Ann Miller Drubis "Now that it's over: l'll see you the next time: Remember the future is yours." Memories: 3rd annual BYB, the toy, D.B., Outdoor Jams, LH, Mr. K, B, RM, R, Field Keg Parties. Z's in the bonnie, Treeland Summers Daybreak on the Mt., Next summer 79. 11? Deborah Miner Debbie "Two roads diverge in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Mem- ories: Bouquets of roses, thirty four bags of leaves, There's a duplex! Good times at W.S.C. :fwfr ill ,LY Mark A. Moore "Look around and choose your ground for long you live and high you fly." Mem- ories: ELP, trip to Loon, cruisin in the Rat, CYQ, Seger, Florida with Hub, Near Place. Pump Horse, Austria, the trolley rides, too many dots. Linda Jeanette Morris "I cannot do everything but I can do i , something. What l can do I ought to do f 'L JI , ' and what I ought to by the grace of God 3 I will do!" Memories: Thanks Sr . . . Jr ' ...Mommy...Dana...LRAGMorris... 5 l.ewis'...Me...H.H.R,P..,JE... Llbran . . . Metco . . . and God! Robin lee Mlchelsori Bobbin Rollin "They .irc free who lrnir not to iff, tr, tlirg end of their thoughts " Moinorir-', Mf'fJfj- vil manor-D.A. escape f, Y Q Ifrl'f, get snigill!-Nzmtasket-Out to and Hutch'A G Purple K.nig.iroo7!'lifgIit is Enough!'F F -E H. Nursing Home De- linquents-Cemetaries? Janis R Miller "Give him a smile that is like light, And bless him with eyes, large and wide, With which to see every flower, animal and bird, And a heart with which to feel all the sights." Memories: Our favorite French class, "Fly high with USY", Hebrew with a Chinese accent, FANTASTIC. Laurie Anne Morgan Morgie "For that which is boundless in you abldes in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist, and whose win- dows are the songs and the silences of the night." Memories: Smeg, Points North, party at Phil's, coffee at Karen's, 12 gallons per mile, gravity, Grandma's, Bagel Nosh, road trips, who's mad . . ., a new leaf, SBD, Zayre, a clone's sister? running on fumes. f I Susan W. Mooncai Sue Memories: "Hey' '.,. Gertrude Glo- pin , . . B.P.L. . . Hoofing . . . "ln the Mood' '... Godspell . . . King Kong? . . . flowers in her hair . . . Radcliff Models . . . potato freak ...clever . . . chic . . . K.T's animal people . . . F.B. Sweatshop . . . T.G's car . . . Busom Buddies , . . Sum- mers in D.C. . . Per-r-r-fect! S ,Q A U 4 O I 429,-. fj .A 1. I - 79 "Wh Elaine D. Murphy "Just you 'n me simple and free" Memories- The green martian , . . Summer of '76, July 31st . . . good times with friends, I'm Herman Mun- ster . . . STILL THE ONE... C.S. Denise A. Natoli Karyn Lynne Moudy "Into my hearts treasury I slipped a coin that time cannot take nor a thief purloin - oh, better than that minting or a gold- crowned King is the safe- kept memory of a lovely thing." Memories-Good times, good friends. -17 Linda M. Murray "I am not afraid of tomorrow for l have seen yester- day and love today." Rich 77-79, Hummarock 78. "SUNSHINE" Prom 78, Saturday nights, LeMans, R.B. l'II always love ya. Cruisin in the challenger. 6-13-78, Sha Boom, Riunite Rosato, DC, JT TAke care and be good!! The future is not a gift, it's an achievement. Jo-Anne R. Murray "My high school days may have have ended, but the memories are there forever." Memories- Howie, summer "77", Duck Pond, Great Times at the Cape. Beth Murphy "Dreams are from the heart, Let my dreaming days never part." Mem- Memories- Great memor- ies of . . the Cape . . Hampton . . K street . . going out to lunch . . passes . . blizzard of 78 . . pasino polada . . S.J. fair . . Bike riding - what a joke . . Burlington, Ver- mont , . Good times with friends. Stacey Anne Nathan "If you smile at me I will under- stand, 'Cause that is something everyone does in the same Ian- guage-." Memories- Spacey. Flor- ida 77, Bermuda 78, I can't stand the rain. What black rabbit? The gang. Rush hour. I got it. D.G., Cruzin. Taxi-driver-I-love-you! G.F.U. The brows are up. Put on? Stranded w!v.b. Plan B-MS.? BBBB! Ellen T. Murphy "I dance in place, and paint my face, and act like I belon here. Memories- Primates: Soup de Jour: Bean Town, Utopiag Marian, K. street: Labor Day. ,S Sharon Rose Nicoli "With the power of soul, anything is possible, with power of you, anything that you want to do." Memor- ies- D-girls room, cruisin with Rosy in his shovel, Zappa '77-'78, Nobsotians Rule! all the good times I've had and shared. I I I i i I I I I I I I I I .ft John Patrick Niland Boris "An acquaintance is a per- son we know well enough to borrow from but not well enough to lend to," Mem- ories- North over South 778178 . . . Demo 77... gills 78 . . . Sunoco Oct. 30, 78. . . Braintree 77, Foul tip . . . American Legion, Ban- quet. 77, Miller . . . Lowell, Winter of 76, Armory . . . Timothy J. Norton Nor-en "The greatest use of life is to spend it for some- thing that will outlast it," Memories-It won't start, stay off the cobra, C.C. + K.C., Miami-Hyannis Conv. 78, Cruising in the truck, use 400 cubes, I got your Santa, Gum on my what?, The lsland, The Cottage, Camden, ME, Friendly's, Wo . . . WO. . .S.M.'s wavelength 3 and fondest memories of good friends W. .W Ronald J, O'Laughlin Ron f J N ...Y ,sf . . Higgins. Abbey E. Oliner "Four years go by very fast, And now the end has come at last. Goodbye Guidance! Q" Goodbye all! I won't be here ,x af., 1' next fall!" Memories- Dr. F. Mrs. M. Rebecca S. Olson Becka "Try the handle of the road, feeling different, feeling strange, this could never be arranged, as the light fades from the scene, from the famous final scene." Memories- Green Martian, Hampton, NH, 78, z's in the Bonnie, no talking! Treeland, Pudge ..., Summer of 78, The Cape, ssss ..., Eureka! SEGER. d ,J Memories trip to Loon, C.Y.Q s, the rat, Juniper Hill, The Near place. Bowie, Casey's, Boneheads, Hitler Laurie Marie Nordquist "Don't take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive!" Memories-Go Nuts? 771-4778 The Bet LN w!GG 8i BCWXWD Class of 76, F.R. Both B.C.S. fBen-Brenj BD's party, CG., Rallies, Games, skiing, Beach Boys, McDona- Who? Cold Duck, Blizzard 78, Saddle Hill, 85 on Old Conn, BS of Ben's car, Carnival lst date, Buzzz Alessandra Kim Nunley Sandy "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yester- day." Memories-Bagged at the half bridge: Cruisin in the Buick: 3 flat tires, acrophobia, bananas, Class of 76, spaghetti din- .. nerg BOSTONg Clickin ing Get downlg Mustang, M Gino's3 SYBYSOB, other good times with DC, SA, LH, GR, LD, CD, SC, BL. YQ... --7 George Robert Olivieri "Maybe we'Il meet in Florida someday . . . l'll never forget this place! Hola Senora Foley! Como te vas?" Mary Jill Olszewski Jill "That it never will come again is what makes life so sweet." Memories- Clouds and sunsets, summertime memories, the gang-VP, MG, KG, MAC's CG, MB 8 Dokey vibes from the wall, Miss L, 2 milks, SBGB, Horseneck Beach, Zinc oxide, flipflopstand t, sun live love laugh hipbones, redheads have more fun. Remember the good times and we'lI always be together. QHF' Y", William C, Osgood Bill "l know there's more than meets the eye, Like to see it before I die for sure. Some- thing tells me it's all right, Only one step farther to the door. There ain't no feelin', feels the same as finding out the key. Now l'm reeIln', f .nh . Zig' ' .. Brian O'Neill Bonehead "The whole point to life is to maximize your emo- tional income." Memor- ies- Trip to Loon, July 4th at Bonehead's in NH., Sleep Driver, Switzerland, Shrooms, Aerosmith, The Van. Doreen O'Rourke "When things go wrong, as they usually will, and your daily seems all up- hill, when you try to smile but only cry, You really feel like you'd like to quit, Don't run to me." Mem- ories- Sworn to fun, loyal to none, caf studies, wishing, PARTIES. thinking of the things l might see." Memories- Summer vacations, Hitler, Dumpit, Parties, Muchelob, Molson, The Door, Drip Method, Pumpkins, The Bus Stop, 6A.M. practices, Win one game, The golf course, Buzz, J.J.O. Jeffrey N Paige X Paul Palmer Smiley "The secret to life is to look and not touch unless no one else is watch- ing. Simple and eloquent." Mem- ories- Cherry Lounge, Vt., DN, The slam Hot Summers and lots of snow, the parkroom, D.A,C.Y.Q.. Kagalak. Spirits, Hugh times with Laura Elizabeth Panella "One of the precious feelings in my life is to know that whenever you need love or comfort, there is al- ways someone there who you be- lieve in to call on." Memories- Sum- mer of 77, freshman year, High Grace! B,O.D.S., Greenies, Nov. 6 1978, Wait up! '04 Edward Otowchits Ed t'Once a King always a King, but once a Knight is not enough." Memories-The Hut , . . WalIy's Convertable, W,N.F. . . All nighters, The plenty O' packs, S,O.F.A.M. . , The Frog Mobile, Bub's house, Hiking to CC., J, Giel's . , . Doobies . . . B.O. C.D.D.T.W.I.D.E. , . JlBA'S, W.T ..,, Two packs with A L I.L.Y.M,M. . . Hit the village. wild friends. , . te Deborah May Paquette Pascal Jean Pariset Deb "Rock 'n Roll, girls and we're one great party and a sure way to get "As l look back on life one of my most constant and powerful things l your kscksf' Memories- Queen, ELO, Styx, Saturday nights downtown, have experienced within myself IS the desire to become more than I life in the U.S.A. am at the moment "Memories Gopher, No soap radio, All clear, Foot- ball you bet tsoccerj, Competition 78, OK ladies, Pumpkin stealing, '2 bridge, ha h.i ha ha, the bird, Hey Boy. Qfhv SQ' C1137 Vera Ann Parrish Michael A. Patelis "Like a kite, Torn from its string, Light- 'ii' "The real art of conversation is not ly the soul of my youth, has taken 1"""9 only to say the right thing at the right place, but to leave unsaid the flight." Memories- "Sugar," 8th wrong thing at the tempting mo- grade, deli-land, "Dreams," my three dearest friends, April 14th, summer of ment." 78 and love .... lt's been real. Allan R. Penn "We can't do everything at once, but we can do something at once." Mem- ories: Hours at P.C.'s, Hey we're being chased, Got a deck of cards, Bick- fords John E. Paull "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow." William M. Plaxco "The history of all hitherto society is a class struggle." Memories: Frank Zappa Si The Mothers, Switz- Vail 2, Montreal, Purple Haze-75', "Let the Good Times Rolls." Dennis Porter "A good listener is not only popular anywhere but after a while he knows something." Memories: Parties at Buck's, Cruising with friends, Jim's toga 81 Dave's house, Me. 8. BA., Out cold, "Darrell . . good times at Sudbury Valley. Beth Ann Pavia Beth "Love comes from the most un- expected places, alone again l search a street of unrelated faces." '23 ,I Lee Ann Polner Lee "Loneliness is a pow'r that we possess to give and take away for- ever." Memories: The Hill, The coronet, C101, PGK13, The Little D., Pictures w!S.K. and P.P., The Rowdies, Holliston 617, Yes, Pits w!C.B. and K.W., Lunch at the Lake with double stuffs and pepsi- lights, Gnomes, D210, Bong HT's, Much! . . . Later! V -I fx., Donna Marie Pisello Dee "lt was the best time, it was the worst time, it was a party to last forever." Memories: D210 . . Mr. D. . . Challenger-V.T .... Wicked goodVic...Thecaf...C5,..Var- nums . . . Beach Boys. . .Summer of "78" . . . The boys. . .The girls . . . Pelham Island . . . Pits . . . 11!11!78 . . . Caddy . . . Newton . . . Variety Show . . . Senior . . . Raincheck. . . Rotate. . . 1.2.3 . . . Dock . . . Gene's Van. S fi! .-'JJ 'J 83 Q' 1r..,7 John D. Powers "I ain't got nothing but it don't bother me. I know l'm going somewhere." Memories: 2-20-78, Line da. Summer of '78, CSN. ILL, Drive-ins NP., MP. "-'r Elyse Ann Ranart "You don't have to be nice to people on the way up, as long as you're not planning on com- ing down." Mem- ories-t'Now look-" . . Pandora . , BPL., potato freak . . "what does cooking mean?" . . money . . PW. in N.H. .. warmers . . God- spell . . artistic . . spices . . FB. Sweat Shop. .TG's car. .Marilyn Mon- roe . . Bosom bud- dies . , summers in D.C. f- , ri Lisa Ann Prader "Understand the past, learn its lessons, and then let it go," Memories- Montreal 77, Boston, M the Cape, summer of 78. disco, snowmobiles, NH., the suitcase, Cape Cod, "-"Iris Donna Marie Quinn "Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth- more than ruin, more than death." MemorieseSm:tty's 78, 104 shotsfGoodnight 4718778 GM S5 bet, Tango, by appt. only?! Prif vate bashes- Humarock Montreal 77, Yes: lot on W, St. with KS.. Mal-tals! I love snow! . . . Safari 89, Moody Blues, I-lurdling with Linda Lee Reed Memories-the Hill, Hiram Rd w7DE, HL, DB, DA, MB, TB, DB Rl I,?.3,4 with PS., HL., DA, D E., G T ,T C , S S ,summer of 76, bang, bang, bang, notes s of 78 with P S warm summer nights with MS., pvt talks with H C CFM many years the round with new friends M Bfs basement wflframpton, IG L 'QQ' T David Raphaelian Gully Raviv "Every individual has a place in the "The problem is not that many world and is important, in some re- people can see you, but that few spect, whether he chooses to be come in touch with you who really so or not." are." J.W., Deb's House, J. Geils, DGP. and C.Y.Q,'s, senior year, T. Spirits, Florida, concerts. O.F,T., good times with friends. John P. Quinn Memories-A.C.-summer 78, Ford's Follies, 4th of July, Cape Cod, many concerts . . . good times with good friends, skiing, Stowe, labs, Partying. l """ pi Gregory C. Reichert Red Memories-Driving with Mach I and the 68 GT, driving with M.G. to Florida, then missing the flight back, sum- mer of 78 nn N.H. Maine, Cape. The parties in the neighborhood, Joker's Wild, the trestle. Gregory Renter Frog "l'm as free as a bnrd now, and thus blrd you'Il never change." Memorles-Sleep- :ng Bonehead. Puttsburg or bust, 774778, North Wood- stock NH., 11-5-2, Runnung to Wayland, Callahan's Bash, Sheey's Bash, EZ, WIDERS let the good tlmes roll, Com- usky's drnvnng, school, schnzo- phrenla, Florence Italy, soa comanla ff' ,Q I Januce Ann Roberts "lf you love somethung you must set It free, If ut comes back to you lt's yours forever If It doesn't, It was never yours," MemorlesfSum- mer of78 the moun- no-"' lv Jeffrey Roberts Jeff "Luke a tree, l'll due at the top." lvlemorues-Cape, BB., the table, the Notch, 427 and AHYA. Gregory Scott Robldoux Greg 'tThe tame has come to be gone. lt's tume to ramble on," Memorles-July 4, New Hampshure at Bonehead's. Switzerland, cemetary, snowstorm, Aerosmuth, Blaze er, the van, talnf"Party c Weekends that's cool" ,, The Hap' py Opera Sanger , , Beach , , l'm so confus- ed ..Je2, ,"Hey man. what's up?' '... good tnmes wuth good friends Wanda Marne Roberts Saphlre "To those who I leave behundi The one who stmply slts and wants for good to come along aun't worth the breath that one would take to tell htm he us wrong "One can't recelve a dnploma lake they recenve money from a fanryf' lt's not that easy," Memorles- "gnveen," Boomer, remember Ma il' f Scott Rose Seth David Rosenoff 'n C? Susan Remnllard Sue "The best preacher IS the heart, The best teacher as tame, The best book IS the World, The best frlend IS 'God " Memornes. 4, Prlscllla, 10728778 Col. leen's, Joe and co, the stands Cundeef 11816, PAW wlth J B, Reunvte, JD Jean, Lynn' eyeg' 'Nlsa, "someday " :Z "US Jeffrey Thomas Robldoux Jeff "Watch out when you clumb the hull of Iufe, you don't fall off the other sude " lVlemorues-Swut- Zerland, Marne, sknng, the 'Z', ,.B.S. .. Macs Never gave up your dreams, for dreams are what realf :ty IS bullt upon A person wuthout dreams us a person wnthout realutyf' Memorles-Anngrlttes llttle green book, Paragon 77, Nantasket 78, lunch table, hearts. brldge, KSQR on and off, Bao, Chem, Physlcs labs, Roto's demo, Snlver Egg Phantom, geek, foofnng 85 1177? Sean Roskey "In the decisive moment and in the decisive place you must prove the stronger you must be victorious." Memories: Wrong turns . , . Andover , . . lgot Goldbrich? Q-,I Elaine K, Russell Russ "Tomorrow may rain, so today l'll follow the sun." Memories: The gang . . . parties . , , Frie-ndly's . . . spa- ghetti supper at J.C.'s . . , Mr. K's gym classes . , . M8tM's. 86 - wad' f ' 7 7 A Julieanne Rubin Julie "I get by with a little help from my friends." Memories: Florida 77, teenage wasteland, Bermuda 78, I can't stand the rain, Montreal 78, Aces, S. World, Misty Blue, Out to lunch , . ., Soup de jour, mon- sieur. if W4 Marianne Irene Santos Marianne "For every friend a smile, for every smile a friend." Memories: Crew sleepover, 3 pt. turns, Pom poms, football games, wrong hands, JT.. Richard Brian Schafer Itch "The mark of an immature man is that he dies nobly for a cause while the mark of a mature man is that he lives humbly for one." Memories: A dancing mother and Mr. D,P on Mrs. G's parade, choke after choke, bear. ,J Jordan Rubinovitz "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough," 1 f 3' f' rl' +1 99 Bruce Alan Schecter "lt is difficult to be useful and un- happy at the same time." Annegret Schneider "Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." Memories: The little green note- book . . . Learning DIBOL in one night- thanks Paul!!! . , , Boshone '78 . , .Bambi vs. Godzilla . , . Fusball 3AM . . . Geeh! , . , Getting vidded , . , The green banana lives! Peter Rowe M Deborah Ann Santoro "I close my eyes, only for a mo- ment and the moment's gone." Memories: Saturday nights, party- ing, hangovers, partying, football games, partying, Mrs, H's art class, partying, DF., partying, Daz Dee, Li, Lori, Deb, Max, Rob, A.J.G. Ill, Eb, Billy, Mr. Gowey and least of all partying, '79 igzr: 1535 Steven Sheunfeld Shuny Laura Ellen Schneuder "What us essentlal as nnvusuble to the eyes." Memoruest A lot of good tumes with specml fruends the sweet 16's . fud- dllng, furst neg, U S Y . . . four months In Israel v J Stephen Sebastuan Steve "The less you are bored with lnfe, the less lukely you wall be a bore to those around you." Memories: Cape-78 . . . Don't Start ...Lee Marvln . . . KeIt's Ilghts . . . Burnt Offerlngs . . . Canaduans . . . Racks Fllcks . . . Mr. S .... Where dtd you get that one? . . Door. "If you thunk your lute us complete con- fusnon 'cause your neughbor's got at made, lust remember that It ts a grand Illusion, and deep nnslde we are all the same." Memorues: . . , Oh! Canada .. Cape tume . . . Macs . . . swlm team . .. the door . . . K,E.A. CN, y I Dorothy Shortt Dorn "Dare to be happy: don't shy away. Reach out and capture the joy of today." Memornes: Top Cat . . . Stonebrudge , . , Aug 13 . . . J.G .... Prom tlmes . . . Ice ...Comp '78 . . . hey boy. . . cheerlead- ing . . scorpuan . . . dusconng home . , , skat- ing wJ . . . Sheryl Lynne Sulver Sllver "Fruendshlp IS a comlng together of hearts an exchange of joy." Memorues: O.Q., S.W., T.S., P,B.L,, What's up? Cruls- un In the '69 Olds, punk tussues, Caldors . .. McDonalds, pumpknns, half-brldge, sum- mer of '77 In Callforma, Beach Boys- Boston-Yes-Doobies, "B"-days an the caf. Patrlrm Scully Trlsha "If you're going .nrounrl Ifl mrfles, rrmybr: lt's because y0u're f.lJfIIl'lH loo many ror- ners " Memorues SLUIIY, Steven 771 1777, The Puts, I 1711778 Varnums, C-5, the gurls, the Van, Pelham Island, the Nova, rny tree 978, the Carla, Surrlmrrr of 78, Your Iunnness, CY Q, D - Glrls, Ro- tate, Duck, Mary, BP, Purchase, Foretgne er 11726 11' O I If Mlchael J. Sheehy Jack "One more for the road." Memories: Home bashes, down back, dead end, Me 81 P.C. 4 A.M., Socomanua, Keggers '78, Cape, Summer '78, Trestle, Cellar, Get Lnt, Marne, Putnam, Sheehy Specuals, bareback, concerts, the nenghborhood, the fueld, STB, DTB, GSI, Ho Jo's, the lockers, Pattrs Sons, Vullage People. and Bucky's Brothers. ,,,,, ,f-av Dana Slcotte Reme "As ruches grow, care follows, and a thurst, for more and more." Memoruesi SD 84 the Fort' J.S.D.-summer weekends, The Morrles- Independently wealthy- Marne 78- Hungham- All them snow storms- par- ties. 44" ..." griph- Deborah J. Sherman Deb "Know ThyseIf" Memories: Cruls- nng Adventures, Van Show Party, Bus traps for track meets, Buzz and has duck, KM's 18th burthday, Aug- ust '78, NY retreat. ll I" A l David Norman Smith Dave Q 1' Y 88 Lisa M. Sinisalo Lisa Robert E. Skloff Bob "Success comes from one who works hard at succeeding." Memories: Cape time-3:00 a.m. chase, "Gus" Kelt's lights, Party at Mac's, Jackson Browne, Pumpkin '78 "hey ya butt"-Deserae? Mitome, Maro-CP Fishing with Guido, '74 Chevy Camaro, Sat. night chase, "Just don't start" K.D. Katherine Joan Slattery Kathy We should all be concerned about the future, because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there." Memories: Bo- gem! WhooWhoo!, cruising in the '69 Olds, 6124177-Hieneken, orange soda at M.L.'s A.C. and A.A, New Years '78 at N.F.'s C whathappened7! 25 honks W! NM, C.B.Z. WINF Fire alarm, spaced again, my license? Night at l-l.C. Kathy Ann Smith "Life is a sort of splendor" Mem- ories: BBBB . . Yes: Lost on W.St. W!dQ . , Mashpee '78 . , Sleep- walking?? PM at the casino , , tea- kettle and exams at Di's . . Safari '89 Neal Robert Smookler "Storm the master-marathon. l'll fly through, By flash and thunder V fire and l'll survive, then l'll defy the laws of na- ture and come out alive!" Memories: Nov. 13-flcc- R2C-S6 . . . Bucky Beaver . . , SNF . . . Queen mmm . . . Juicy fruit . . . ANATO . . . l'm so confused . . .fever ...Red Sox Games C1013 , . . DP. . , . Big D. David F. Smith Evelyn M. Smith Evie "The times we've shared were great, but the times to come will be even greater." Memories: Jay, 7!22!77. Bessy, BC. J.Y., JC., M.W., J.J., K.C. Our table, Summer of 77 Southboro, "dike," Drive-ln, engaged, parties, soaps, Cape, Great weekends, falling in love, bone action, all our love Evie and Jay. ,tr Michael F, Smith Smitty "Always it must be faced-out the door, through the dark tunnel and into the bright arena." Memories: N.H, July 4th at Bonehead's . . The van . . Aerosmith , , snowstorms . , Summer '78 , . Geils . . The cemetary . . Studies Marcia B. Snyder Marcy "Live, love and do your own thing." Mem- ories: "nutsy", Bermuda '78, I can't stand the rain, Hey-turn on the lights! cruising "The Gang", Good Bike ride Deb, Huhl, ls the car here? J.W., V.B., where am l? partying with C.L. 84 K.C. I Yen. K5 ii Andrew St. George "Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse." Memories: Cruisin with Reme. . Hendrix, Zappa, D.A.L.Y.Q. The Cape Maine, Day trips, Murray, Norma little engowa, eat a bag, the mudshark, pigs and donkeys . . Alice Cooper yeaaah, suzy cream- cheese loves potatoheaded Bobby Heidi Sobol "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Memories: Christmas, cold greeniesg Mt. Fuji, cast parties, letters, 8? .115 Janet A. Speranza "What we keep in memory is ours un- changed forever." Memories: Friends I love . . Skinch , , sledding at S.S.'s-J's B bash-1 goldfish-allnighters-I am are you ?4TAFT-the suitcase-R and C-Par- ty hut-cruisin the main-Pizza-Hi-Lo -concerts wedding in N.H.-cookie- Key West '78-Cape July 4th '78-CYO lt's Friday 'UN Maresa Stok Ree "The moment may be temporary, but the Johathan David Sol Jon "Many times I've been alone, many times I've cried, but anyway you'lI never know the many ways I've tried." Memoriesi Mc- Donalds . . , Summer '78, wicked good . . . Illusion . . , ILAC , , 457ABV . .Cape Cod with BK, . . Prom '78 , . . Cut it ., All three lunches . . . Tango. Salt . . . A trip T-South 'bf David Sperry "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that en- vy is ignorance: that imitation is suicide . , . who so would be a man, must be a nonconformistf'-R.W. Emerson "So it goes."-K. Vonnegut Jr. Ii Matthew L. Stone Matt "To thine own self be true." Memorie 'ry if x s i Xx i Deborah Steacie Debbie "No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without effecting us in some way forever." Mem- ories: X-mas party at the Tara, Feb. skiing vacations, 6!24!77, P.O.T.S. at the H. lnn, debaniche and scoot radish, blue letters, ls that really orange soda? Good times with '78 S.K. always SI memory is forever, you never realize how good a memory is until you try to forget it." Memoriest All my friends . . . J.J. . . Jordan Marsh . . . Junior Prom . . Cape CodfWaIden Pond . . . Brighton . . Dee's fried spaghetti . . the green bomb . . . all the fun lovin' times with Bobby :TV Susan M. Storlazzi Sue "Trust, like the soul, never returns, once it is gone." Memories: '70 Camaro, Marshfield, the station, Las Vegas par- ties at my house-sledding. Zake C. '77, BBBB-1. Talking teakettle, exams at Di's, Safari'89 GFU, Molsen . . Good times with '78, Hong Chow, Sudbury Pumpkins, cold duck, the Cape, Always good times with RS. Playing musical guidance counselor, Mrs. Faherty's door, Wade's quotes, Rota's bleeding heart, Terry's poetry test Mrs. Grant CWho got thrown out of the library toolj Math league team questions, JCL catapult, "Peter" at the party, Big Mac's A.P. physics, playing chauffeur. xii If A Howard Supnik Howie "I like work, It fascnnates me, I look at it for hours." x .,.f"' Sherrie R. Tafuri "What happened that worried us so?" Memories: my twin sister KG, , . SHAKA , . 3l3SLS . . STATES. , . Northerns. . . Eggs don't break , , T,C's green m8im's . . p.m,'s all nighters . . burgers . . Usch in 90 to the yesterdays C30 Douglas James Swindell Rona "What a long strange trip it's been' Memories' The muffin man, crusin in a rat, Montreal '77, Loon Mt. snowstorms A trip to Harbors, Boo 81 T.A., AB, itll F,D.C., 6th floor . . . KP. Doc, . 411 CK. William B. Tarlin Bill "He had to see them as individuals. It was an injustice to them to do otherwise . , . Don McGregor To soar unfettered, to grok in fullness, to be one with the uni- verse, you must know self, and remember kids: Conformity is the bane of self , . . B, Tarlin Qu'est-ce-que fague?" Suzanne D. Terrio "We called them the "Good old days" be- cause we weren't good, we weren't old and we talked about the night." MEMOR- IES: my friends, The Cape, the Doobies, Montreal '77, G.F.U., Summer '78, BK. did it! I really arn quitting, S-ball, B-ball. ,dk Maryiane Sweeney "For long you live and high you fly, smiles you give and tears you'Il cry. All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be." Mem- oriesi J.V.D., C.Y.Q's, Farm Stand, Dath's, GGG, Grismill, Maine '78, MR. "Wanna Dwagf' 'Q' X. X Kathleen A. Sydell Kathy "They say l'm crazy, but I have a good time." Memories: Mrs, B's best, Fresh- man gym, Junior year, class of 78 LF., San Francisco summer, Red, Shelly, Red! I forgot, Lemans, plant lady, No Christ- mas presents, Only if it's raining, Mac's We grew oranges, you'Il believe anything, what, no party? Caf's wandering eyes. Vicki Rhiannon Tang "Everything looks brighter from behind a smile." Memories: Good times with many great friends, petty, Springsteen, REO Speed- wagon, PPM, Grateful Dead, Bos- ton, Foreigner, Billy Joel, Moody Blues-'78, Hey Vic party tonight, are you going? Summer of '78, Hey North, take care of my sister, ya hear?? Patrick A. Tassinari Memories: The courtyard! Karin Elizabeth Theophile Rapunzel "Tout Ie monde est une tortuef' Mem ories: Dancing-yeal, pootchtalk, CS. talk, watch out for Mr. J., How's Toni F.Y.N., My blue boat, Straight until Lisa! Karen Or Karin? the supply locker, PIO. Toaster, look Mr. A do you want to? Raks abdo, I wish, feelin' alright . . . 1 'if-f' Jeannette Theresa Thibault "lt is right to be contented wrth what we have, but never with what we are." Memories: What lunch, 1,2 or 3? L.D.S. . . Twins! . , . Good times with special friends, Deborah L. Totman Debbie "You learn through experience to live each day as it comes and to look our for number one." Memories: Nan- tasket on a Winter's night, The tumor prom, Hyannis Port, the Nova, The wall, Waldon Pond, the cabin, the dam, STOP.-Monte carlo, skating, Love, the place. Q"-we Clarence A. Tilger Y- ff'-ra Qi-Q KK- Deborah Touhey Debbie "Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think." Memories: Yes, but l'm cute, Points North? l'm so confused, damn sovereign , . . and friend- ly, "Party at Phil's" HSP, clone, Mon- treal '78, the red book, Baystate, Wuph, Wheel sleep Nancy Ann Travis Trav "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be False to any man." Memor- ies: Springsteen, Weekends with C.K,, P.A.C.E.R.S., The dam, Someday . . ., My "NO SOCKS" I w. .,-1, Lfg mf- 1 ' 2if'i?f'fZ'1 2 . 'lyl :L 1 .1 . tk: " as ,gg 7 Susan Tobis "Toby" "My eyes are turned toward the future: but I will not forget the times I leave be- hind." Memories: Switzerland, NH. with friends stuck on MT.C., Skiing and skat- ing, Priscilla, Mystic Tobin Bridge, Us 3, Bunny in blue, McDonalds, . . X . ,, Pump- kins, B-days in caf, St. Pat's, last chance, Caldors corner, GB's party, football games -4""f,'7' .vmmf 41 John Thompson fbg R9,J Kurt Toucey Memories: Armory meets Twan ger and Lith, Riding the trains Twanger workouts, continuous relays S Karen Lynn Traub I Rapunzel ' 'W 0 "Dieu n'auait fait que l'eau, mais I'horn- . me a fait le vin." Memories: FYN . . . Raks Abdo , , .Willy Wel . . . animals two . . Fr. 43 MY NC, Doorbells at -quite the fic . . . PG, QE, Nam and Nu Think of a color that ' starts with blue. l Mary E. Trayer Beth 'Nature is a mutable cloud which is al- ways and never the same." Memories: Canada, Zoology, Quenn 11!13, per 3 81 5 study, Deep sea fishing, fun with B.K. and friends, good times, parties, N.I-I., Foot- ball games, weekends, panther, Turtle Rock, winter '78, Water skiing, the smok'n tree, play pool?!, crafts. K' Tri Ann Turndal "Arbeta Som Om Du Skulle Leva I Evin- nerlighet, Alska Som Om Du Skulle Do ldagf' Memories: Thanks everyone who made this year so special for me, that's amazingl, Last chance, bad expression, P.O.E.T.S. 'P- Lisa L, Vacaro "When through one man a little more love and goodness, a little more light and truth comes into the world, then that mans life has had meaning." Memories: Marian memories, the pits, picture this, the girls, C-5, 11f11f78, rotate, G's Van, carry on my way- ff -X t ward son, Mr. Dunne, pelham, the , cady, Trish, I remember that. ' 4? 7? mv' .4 Cynthia C. Van Houten Cindy "This is the end of a beginning and the beginning of an end." Memoriest Movies, CG, Senior year, JC, Summer of '78, Skip, Pizza, Pepsi, DC., BR., S.N.L. and coke bottles. 1'-" S-.f 92 Anthony P. Triano Tony Memories: Sarcasm?, Death Mobile, The Path, A 81 A, The Van, BBD 8tD, Bill, Re- torting, Panini, The North End, Glou- cester, Ouchl, Bone. f Sally Unguary "Let us then be up and doing, with a heart tor any fate, still acheiving, still persuing, learn to labor and to wait." Memories: Special times at N.H. with D.M,, D.N,, B.O., B.M., RO., GB., KB., Good times with B.T., SF., L.S. I remember Variety Shows, Shows, teaching dance and dancing , . Aurevoir. HUG """? Paul L. Vaskelis Lith "There is no pleasure in having nothing to dog the fun is in having lots to do and not do it." Memories: Summer, "pow, der", out to lunch, "Lith" Michael H. Washington Wash, Iron Mike Jeffrey A- Walter Hi mink if mueh better mei ..,., every- Jeff man paddle his own canoe." Memories: Chinese food at J.A.'s 8. the kids. 7:45 a.m. to DB. 81 D.C., it 34 stand on, if 44 pride, defense. AMG. No. 1. SR., DR., PK., M.B., BO., S.L., 1-gg 'V Darryl J. Valovcin "I believe in luck. harder I try, the Memories: What?, Mikey, Wuba We've got to- pumpkin '78, . . I find that the luckier l get." Guba sayin to ya, night, The station. Arrivederci Roma. 14, Benn' hana's?, Hold the Mayo Styx, 20 of 2. Mac's, Stop and go, Springer, the door. Alan B. Weisman "Their graves need no flowers, the tapes have recorded their names." Memories: AV, Mrs, C, you only think I skipped your class. Mr. Dada, D.A.. D.D., AG., G.D., K.G., DP., l wish you wouldn't do that. Guess what I got a ride in? Variety Show 78. Wheacs Noonan? -11" Kathleen M Waters Kathy "Friendship land can stretch for miles when good friends are apart but sometimes it's no larger than two peo- ple, heart to heart." Memories' The Rock, 111, Let's tango, Hens and chickens, tennis, party, South Carolina, good times, good friends fx mis li' Linda F. Waxman "Love looks not only with the eyes, but with the mind." Memories: Caldbr . . . Ground Round , , . Drive-in movies and marathon bars . . . parties at my house . , . Hampton beach . . . Summer of '78 . . . the 57 restaurant . . . Hey Lyn - mmhmm . . .The Sunshine Dairy farm . .. Great friends and unforgettable times, Nl ! Jayne Diane White Whitie Memories: Discoing with Kath . . . bagged at the V2 bridge . . .get down . . . chick'n in..,ashyguy...TulI'77'78... "Let's go to N.H.' '... Cape 78. . .The Gateway . . . A Whitey more , . . Barbara Whitlock Barb "I am sick of four walls and a ceiling, I have need to see the sky." Memories: Canada October '77, New York summer of '78, sixteen: beach party. Jeffrey I Watt Jeff "Life is too short to wastr- irriitating others, be srimeorie different he yourself" Memories Skiing in Veirnorit . ,"Go for it" C C '78 "l'ni no T.B " . "Jacufe"? I'm going cal crazy" . . Summers at the Cape I 7 Great nights with close friends A ex 7-5 G5 Wit Susan Gail Weinstein Sue "Vivez, si men croyez, n'attendez a de- main, Cueillez de s aujourd'hui les roses de Iavie." Memories: Good times with special friends, The N.G's, Chocolate chip icecream, D.S., up and over at W.V. and Willi. I HU' ' Susan M, White Sue "The door of friendship is opened by a smile." Memories: Bowerman's Beach . . , Summer of '77 . . . C.G. - Finally. . . Jaws lll , . . was that blunt? . . .July 4 and Christmas . . .who did it . . . J.T's sis- ter? . . . N.N. 81 BR. at Baileys. . .V.N. B's . . .Jade Fountain. . .agreek salad. v Pamela C. Welch Pam "Time fades into drifting thoughts, but memories linger on." Memor- ies: F.H. hall of fame, chickens and hens, C.S. talk, "bugs", screams in the nightl, watch the . . A hoIe?!, all fogged in, JR. and a sailboat, up and over at W.V., t'Sherbert cool- ers", Main St. and the Putt, D.V. and the good times, JC. 93 Kenneth Widisky dAbv Julie Williams lx 5-Q.. l 2,28 l - ,- Brian K. Wilder "The higher you aim the most like- ly you are to succeed." Memories: Nantasket beach - June 133 the green wagon, Saturday night par- ties, Chef's class, Mac's. Michael Jay Witty Wit "If you can't dazzle them with your bril- liance, baffle them with your bull." Christmas at the G's, Oct. '77, Wayland, Amherst, with M 81 M, N.C, D.S., Bliz- zard of '78, The store, I'd rather be at a Pow-Wowl Deanna D. Wong Dee Steve Always remember the present as well as the past, the good as well as the bad. But always remember l'll be there." Memories: 1O!14!78, Junior Prom and dance, "Van" in N.H.P. lot with gang, C.F.A.A., camping in N.H., babysitting H.D.A.Y,C.? wacky. Susan Wigetman Swiggie "Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get." Memories: Diving at B.C., ' Bill., Harvard, with '78 BSL champs, Switzerland, pumkin '78. John B, Willander Vron "Life is being who you want to be ...Living is doing what you want to do." Memoriesi The summer of '78, Higgins beach, the fields, the 5 R dead ends, down back, the trestle. TF" Mary Elizabeth Williams Mary "Bittersweet: A definition of life, death and love." Memories: RGW Sr, JY in TX, B.C., JJ, JC, ES, KC, KH, summer of '78, TZ, look out for that car! The best friends anyone could ask for, Jethro Tull, Smir- noff's 81 OJ. Southboro, T 8 P-nut, our table, what a riot! Marybeth H. Wohler "Life is fragile, handle with care." Mem- ories: Orange soda? F.L.W., Italy '77, Bog 'eml Hullo! 6-23-77 Heineken, bleaching. , . cruisin in the '69 olds, Jack- son Browne, bagged at the half bridge, blizzard at Gio's with N.N 81 N.F., N.H. '78, New Years '78 Cwhat happened?J, night at HC, skiing, H.W.? Joseph L. Woodin Woody "Most words evolved as a description of the outside world, hence their inade- quacy to describe what is going on in- side mef' Memories: Southern nights, my six pack 81 pontiac, Halloween, 8 ball in the corner pocket, Bone - meal. John Francis Zabierek "Don't surround yourself with your- self, move on back two squares." Memories: Summer '77, WO '77, Nan- tasket, Med Manor, CYO's, out to lunch, S.S,, L.E.'s party, E.Z, Ed's w, RM., PS., L.F., JS., TM., AG., gOOf ing, FF., Renaissance Rd., Keith's 'IL' bash, Marlboro Melissa Woodward "Joyous times are never gone There're always joys to look back on " Memories: Stuck on Mt C, N l-l with friends, last chance, PK, Us 3, B B B. smile 8. BT Terri, McDonalds, b'days in cat., Fanueil Hall, CaIdor's corner, M TB., the bunny in blue, color guard 81 football games. v""N Mary Ann Young Merf t'The law of life is to use things and love people, not to love things and use peo- ple," Memories: Paul 3117, MA, Gene, Suz, Prom, C-5, Chelle, Varnurns, Pelham Island, the pits 11f11, foreigner 11!26. Mrs. Bent, N.H, 7f29, - J.B. 3f5, The girls, gumby, rotate, grow up, GM., SB., T,B., RF., D.C. Scott A. Zecker "lf someone must be great, it might as well be mel" Memoriesi HR 8!16!78, traffic, tall . , .sum- mer '78 . . , B.S.J. Scott Yzinoll "Respect is something that lzikes great effort to gain, but so very little to lose " 1. .,,-' 1 Philip Young CAMERA SHY Margaret Barron Scott Finley Philip Gilliam Sheldon Gringorten Layne Heiny Loren Heiny Tres Hofmeister Mark lafrate Nancy Kelly Laurie Montgomery Joseph Panella Glen Titlebaum Joanne Tobin WA Lori Ann Zecker Zeck "The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever." Mem- ories: The gang, Softball Con Sun- daysb, The Mahans, halfpint, sum- mer of '76, "lf you leave me now" parties, 11-35-25, The Red Sox 11,43 The Patriots C2,81J, 3rd per. 3rd lunch, spaghetti supper at J.C's, Friendly's neighborhood kids, my mikes, Mr. K's Gym class. D l iv," ' i 95 LAST NIGHT, THE TEMPEST TORE UP THAT YOUNG SAPLING IN THE GREEN GLORY OF HIS SPRING. TODAY, THE OAKS BOW THEIR HEADS AND SIGH AND THE MAPLE SWEETLY MOURNS IN A SONG. AND HOW SHALL WE SOUND OUR SORROW? WE CANNOT. I LET US BUT REMEMBER THE SPLENDOUR OF HIS PASSAGE. SILENTLY HIS SPRING ABIDES FOREVER IN THE DEEPEST REACHES OF OUR HEARTS. lN MEMORIUM KEVIN F. DOHERTY AND EARL BLACK Abdou, Atef Abrams, Jody: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Community Action 2,3,4. Allcroft, Cynthia G.: A. Capella 1, 2,3,45 Pacers 1,2,3: Secretary of Pacers 3: Girls Glee Club 25 Com- munity Action 2,3,4: Girl's Track 25 Steering Committee 2,3,45 Archon 4. Allen, Maureen: Field Hockey 2,3: Lacrosse 1,2,3 co-capt. 45 Archon 4. Allinson, Scott: Soccer 15 Hockey 1, 2,3,4: Student Council 3,45 Com- munity Action 4. Aniolek, Jill E.: German Club 1,25 Steering Committee 3,43 Student Government 2,3,4. Antal, Christopher J. Arico, Kevin Joseph: Lacrosse 1. Arnold, Robert J., Jr.5 Track 1 Arsenault, Dennis Joseph5 Atlas, Bruce Avers, Maureen Susan: Pacers 1,25 French Club 1: Volleyball 2,3,4: Steering Committee 25 Variety Show 3: Student Gov't Day 3. Babineau, Owen Balboni, Barbara Jean: Student Council 2: Steering Committee 2,4: Class Vice President 35 Com- munity Action 3,4. Balser, Michele Marie: Tennis 1,2,45 Steering Committee 2,3,4: Span- ish Club 45 Archon 45 Community Action 4. Bamvakas, Susan Christa: A Capella 1,2,3: Serendipity 1,25 Spartan 1,2: Pacers 1,2,3: French Club 1,2: Glee Club 1,2: JCL secretary 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Community Action 3,45 MOEA 45 Bancroft, Jill Marie5 Pep Squad 2,3: Baron, Scott Micheal: lndoor Track 1,2,3,4: Outdoor Track 1,2,3 4-tri- capt.5 Cross Country 3,4. Barron, Margaret: Barrows, Belinda: Steering Com- mittee 3,45 Community Action 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. Bartlett, Virginia Lynn: Pep Squad 1, A Capella 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 2,35 Soccer 2,3,4: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Producer of Jr, Variety Show 3: Student Council 45 Archon Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Berak, Steven David: Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 2, Beling, John David5 Football 1,2,3, co-capt, 45 Wrestling 1,25 Lacrosse 1,2,4. Bell, Jackie: Belmonte, Marcia: Student Council 1,2 Steering Committee 1,2,3 Class President 2 Acapella 1,2 PACERS 1,2,3 National Honor So- ciety 2,3-treasurer 3 Track 2 Georgetown University 4 Bennett, Amy: Cheerleading 1,2 Pom-Poms 3 Steering Committee 2,3 Bennett, Dean: JV Basketball 1,2 Varsity Basketball 3,4 Co-Capt-4 98 STUDE T ACTIVITIES JV Baseball 1,2 Varsity Baseball 3,4 Synergy Sports 4 Bergstrom, John Berkowitz, David, Cross Country 1,3 lndoor Track 1 Swimming 4 Outdoor Track 4 Berman Stephanie, PACERS 1,2 Class Treasurer 2,3,4 Pom- Poms 2,3,4 Community Action 3 Junior Variety Show 3 National Honor Society 3,4 Yearbook 4 Bernard, Glenn: Bernas, Valerie: Cheerleading 1 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Com- munity Action 3,4 Besgen, Carol: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 QManager 45 Lacrosse 1,2,3,4 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Ger- man Club 1,2 C.B. Club 1,2 Besgen, Paul, Lacrosse 1,2 Bessert, Susan Bissen, Catherine: PACERS 1,2,3 Steering Committee 2 Track 2 National Honor Society 3,4 Ar- chon 4 Bizanos, Emmanuel: Swimming 1 Football 1 Boxing 1 Soccer 1 Blinn, Paul: Basketball 1,2 Golf 2, 3,4 Blizard, Marlene: Pep Squad MOEA Bolduc, Joanne Bonelli, Anita Borden, Ann Borden, Coleen Bore, Patricia: Cross Country 1 Pep Squad 4 Bowman, Lisa: Gymnastics 1,2 Steering Committee 1 Pom-Poms 2,3 Community Action 4 Bradway, David Brady, Barbara: PACERS 1,2 Music Club 1 Volleyball 2,4 Steering Committee 2,3 Softball 3 Breen, Mark: Wrestling 2 Key Club 2 PACERS 3,4 Cross Country 4 Bromfield, David: Student Council 1,2 Jazz Band 1,2,3 National Honor Society 1,2,3, ttreasurer-45 Synergy Editor 3,4 PACERS 3,4 JV Tennis 3 Class Vice President 4 Brossi, Caroline: Pep Squad 2 Italian Club 2,3,4 Steering Committee 2, 4 JV Lacrosse 2 Varsity Lacrosse 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Brown, Amy: Pep Squad 1 PACERS 1 Steering Committee 2,3 Brunelle, David: Football 1,2,3 Bryant, Julie Cheerleading 1,2,3 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Junior Variety Show 3 Community Action 3 Bryant, Paul Buckminster, Mark: Track Clndoorj 3,4 Track tOutdoorJ 1,2,3 Burg, Shari: PACERS 1,2,3,4 Steer- ing Committee 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 Community Action 4 Yearbook committee 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Burrell Kimberly: Mixed Chorus 1 Basketball 1 Steering Committee 1,2,3,4 Pom-Poms 2,3,4 Variety Show 3 Synergy 4 Butkus, Glenn: Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Buzzell, Sharon: PACERS 1,2,3,4 Girl's Track 2 Steering Committee 2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Community Action 4 French Club 4 Spanish Club 3,4 Archon Staff 4 Byrnes, Sandra: Pep Squad 1,2,3 PACERS 1,2,3,4 Steering Com- mittee 3,4 Community Action 3 Calder, Carroll: Softball 1 Chorus 1,2 Girls Glee Club 1,2 A Capella 1,2 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Pom- Poms 4 Callahan, Paul: Soccer 1,2 La- crosse 1,2,4 Yearbook Committee 4 Campbell, Thomas: Football 1,2,4 Baseball 2 Cardarelli, Lori: PACERS 1,2,3 Steer- ing Committee 2,3 Community Action 3 Archon Staff 4 Carroll, Robert Carroll, Sandra: PACERS 1,2,3,4 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Track 2,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Spanish Club 3,4 Colorguard 3,4 Community Action 4 Archon Staff 4 French Club 4 Carvin, Jill Casali, William Caspersen, Brenda: Swim Team 1,3 Community Action 1,2,3 Color- guard 1,2,3 MOEA 3 Vice-Presi- dent 4 French Club 4 Archon Staff 4 Cella, Vicki: Softball 1,2 Basketball 2 Archon Staff 4 Celorier, Vicki: Volleyball 1,2,3 Co- Capt. 4 Softball 1,2,3 Co-Capt. 4 Basketball 2 MOEA treasurer 3 President Chandler, Denise: Chaplin, Christine Girls Glee Club 1,2,3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 A Cap- pella 1,2,3 Steering Committee 2 Pep Squad 2 Gymnastics 3 Chapnik, Philip: PACERS 2,3,4 Jun- ior Variety Show 3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Charpentier, Sandra: Softball 1,3 PACERS 2 Junior Variety Show 3 Nurses Assistant 4 Byrd, Sharon Chase, John: Baseball 1,2,3,4 Chase, Linda J.: Pep Squad 1,2 Chasse, Paula: Chitow, Lyn: Mixed Chorus 1 Junior Variety Show 3 Steering Commit- tee 3,4 Community Action 3 Churchill, Donna M.: A Capella 2 Mixed Chorus 2 Gymnastics 2,4 Pep Squad 2 Pom Pom 3,4 Steer- ing Committee 4 Clapper, Eric Bruce: Clark, Patricia A.: Volleyball 1 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4 Softball 1,2,3,4 Key Club 4 Clark, Paula J,: Volleyball 1 Soft- ball 1,2,3,4 Key Club 4 Clark, Robert: Clinkscale, John H.: Track 2 Clymas, Frederick: Soccer 1 Wrest- ling 1 Band 1 Coakley, Eugenie H.: National Honor Society 3,4 Softball 4 Steering Committee 4 Cohen, Kathy A.: Pep Squad 1 Bas- ketball 1,2 Softball 1 Pacers 1,2 Field Hockey 2,3 Steering Com- mittee 3 Synergy 3,4 MOEA Busi- ness Club 3,4 1 Comisky, Ann M.: Cheerleading 1,2 Capt 3 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Archon Section Editor 4 Comisky, Robert E.: Soccer 1 Bas- ketball 1,2 Conti, Deena L.: MOEA 4 Cooper, Terri: Gymnastics 1 Cheer- leading 2,3 Co-capt 4 Steering Committee 2,3,4 Pacers 2 Junior Variety Show 3 Coppola, David: Cosby, Therese: Pacers 1,2,3,4 Steering Committee 3,4 Com- munity Action 3,4 Archon 4 Costello, Kathleen: Pep Squad 1, 2,3 Steering Committee 3 Com- munity Action 3 Cox, Grace: Pep Squad 1,2 Crabtree, Thomas: Steering Com- mittee 2,4 Swim Team 1 Lacrosse 1,2,3,4 Football 2 Class Presi- dent 3 Representative to Student Advisory Council 4 National Honor Society 2,3,4 Crane, Carolyn: Crehan, Deborah A.: A Capella 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Pacers 1 Girl's Glee Club 1,2 Pep Squad 2 Steer- ing Committee 3,4 Colorguard 4 Cronin, Janet A.: Cullinane, John F.: Cross Country 1, 2,3 Wrestling 1,2,3 Capt 4 Out- door Track 1, Steering Committee 4 Curelop, Susan: Community Action 3,4 Spanish Club 1,2 M.O.E.A. Club 3,4 Curewitz, Michael: Soccer 1,2,4 Hockey 1,2,3 Capt 4 Lacrosse 1,2 4 Cushing, David P.: Lacrosse 1 Gym- nastics 2,3,4 Cynamon, Louisa J.: Music Club 1,2,3 Pacers 1,2 A Capella 1,2,4, Girl's Glee Club 1 Spartan 1,2, Orchestra 2,3 French Club 2,3 National Honor Society 2,3,4 Synergy Feature Editor 3,4 Archon 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Science Fic- tion Club 4 Dagg, Michael: Football 1,2 Basket- ball 1, Baseball 1,2 Daley, Patricia: Dallamora, Ann Nicole: Gymnastics 1, Italian Club 1,2,3,4 Dalton, Lynn L.: Steering Committee 2,3,4 National Honor Society 2, 3,4 Archon 4 Daly, Leila E.: Cheerleading 2,3 Daniels, Karen: Gymnastics 1,2 Dateo, Peter: Chess Club 1,2,3 V.P. 4 Science Fiction Club 2,3 V.P. 4, Performing Arts 2 Math Club 2 Junior Classical League 4 Italian Club 4 Davis, Eric M.: Football 1,2,4 Wrest- ling 1 Davis, Susan Elizabeth: Lacrosse 1,2 A Capella 1,2,3,4 Field Hockey 2, 3 Co-manager 4 Steering Com- mittee 2 Junior Classical League 3,4 Junior Variety Show 3 Delaney, William F.: Soccer 1 Hockey 1,2 Baseball 2,3 Delmonaco, Patricia: Band 1,2,3,4 Pacers 2,4 Synergy 3,4 Archon 4 DeMarinis, John: Football 1,2,3 Drama Festival 1,2 Pacers 1,2, 3,4 Variety Show 2,3 Lacrosse 2,3,4 Steering Committee 2,3,4 DeNorscia, Leah: DeShaw, Laurie, A.: Tennis 1,2 Color Guard 3 Devaney, Maureen E.: Swimming 1,2 Co-capt 3 Tri-capt 4 Basketball 1,2,3 Co-capt 4 Softball 1,2,3,4 Devine, Steve M.: Steering Com- mittee 2 Junior Classical League 3,4 Synergy 3 Diamond, Mark: Soccer 1,2,3,4 Gymnastics 4 Digiacomo, Cheri E.: Pep Squad 1 Dillon, Kathleen A.: Steering Com- mittee 2,3,4 Student Council 1,3 Secretary 4 Cheerleading 2,3 Color Guard 4 Pacers 1,2,3,4 A Capella 1,2,3 Variety Show 3 National Honor Society 3,4 Archon 4 Student Government day 2,3,4 DiManno, Nancie Ellen: Dionis, Sandra: Distefano, Thomas: Basketball 1, 2: Football 3,4: Volleyball 3: Divico, Joanne L.: Gymnastics 1, 2,3, Co-Capt. 4: Pom Poms 2,3: Docherty, Kenneth: Lacrosse 1,2: Dodek, Shari: Basketball 1: Tennis 2: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Volleyball 3,4: Dollaway, Joseph: Football 1,2: Wrestling 1,2,3,4: Donlon, Laurie: Steering Committee 1,2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Color Guard 3,4: Dorsey, Peter C.: Basketball 2: Dubeshter, Alan: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2: Dubinsky, Gary: Dugan, Lawrence A.: Duggan, Judith: Steering Committee 2,4: Duggie, June: Dunton, Doreen: Community Ac- tion 3: Archon Staff 4: Steering Committee 4: Duprey, Paul: Soccer 1,2: Hockey 1, 2,3: Lacrosse 1,2,3,4: Duprez, Terrence: Soccer 1: Hockey 1,2,3,4: Lacrosse 1: Duress, Lisa: Pom Poms 2,3: Steer- ing Committee 2: Dwyer, Patrick: Football 1,45 Dyon, Scott: Hockey 1,2,3: Foot- ball 2: Earle, Jane: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3: Eastman, Diane M.: Pep Squad 2: Photography 3: Archon Photog- rapher 4: Edwards, Jacob: Soccer 1,2: La- crosse 1,2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Steering Commit- tee 3: Diloreto, Susan L.: Chorus 1: A Capella 2: Efthim, Paul.: Band 1: Soccer 1,2: Performing Arts Club 3,4: Na- tional lfonor Society 3,4: Student Council 4: Synergy 3,4: Com- munity Action 4. Eidelman, Kenneth: Eifrig, Louisa M.: Performing Arts Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4: A Capella 1: Glee Club 1: Mixed Chorus 1: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3: Community Action 3,4: National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4: Archon Staff 4. Engel, Wendy L.: Performing Arts Club 1,2: Intramural Tennis 1, Volleyball 2,3,4: Steering Com- mittee 3,4: Variety Show 3. Esche, Kathryn A.: Pom-Pom Girl 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 4: Steering Com- mittee 2,3,4: Outdoor Track 2: Community Action 3,4. Eyges, Marcy: Steering Committee 2,3,4. Fabri, Michele: Fashion Show 1,2, 3,4: Feldhouse, Leslie J.: Cheerleader 1: Color Guard 2. Feuersanger, Robert: Outdoor Track 2,3: Cross Country 3,4: Indoor Track 3. Fingold, Diane R.: Student Council 1,2,4: Pom-Pom Girl 2,3,4: Steer- ing Committee 2,3,4: Community Action 4. Finlay, Lois A.: Community Action 3, Fiore, Adam V.: Band 1,2,3,4: Variety Show 2,3,4: Jazz Band 2,4. Fishel, Deborah: Mixed Chorus 1: Pom-Pom Girl 2,3,4: Steering Committee 2,3: Community Ac- tion 3,4. Fitch, Lisa A.: Performing Arts Club 1: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Pom-Pom Girl 2,3, Co-Capt. 4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Community Action 3,4. Fitzgerald, Karen: Pep Squad 1: Student Council 1,2: Performing Arts Club 1: A Capella 1,2: Pom- Pom Girl 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: Community Action 3,4. Fitzsimmons, James E.: Track 2. Flanagan, Kevin F.: Football 1,2,3,4: Gymnastics 1,2,3, Captain 4: Baseball 1,2,4. Flax, Ronald J.: Community Action 4. Foynes, Regina M.: Frazer, Sheryl: Field Hockey 1: Steering Committee 1. Friedman, Nancy A.: Soccer 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2: Tennis 1,2,4, Cap- tain 3: Steering Committee 3,4: French Club 4. Fritz', Allison: Furbush, Suzanne: Gaffin, David: P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2,3,4: Golf 1,2,3,4. Gaines, Lynda A.: P.A.C.E.R.S. 2,4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Community Ac- tion 3. Gallagher, Susan: Steering Com- mittee 1,2:Ma1orettes 2,3: Archon Staff 4. Gambone, James P.: Gerard, Michael K.: Gerding, Margaret M.: Outdoor Track 1: P.A.C,E.R.S. 1,2,3,4: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Com- munity Action 3: Archon Staff 4: Getman, Richard: Golf 3. Gilfoy, Richard: Hockey 1,2. Gilgallon, James: Soccer 1,2,4: Wrestling 3,4. Gilliam, Philip: Gymnastics 1,2,4. Ginsberg, Caryn: Lacrosse 1: Span- ish Club 1,4: Math Club secretary 1: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Serendipity 2: Synergy 3: P.A.C.E.R.S. 3. Glaven, Richard: Cross Country 1,2, 3, captain 4: Indoor Track 1,2,3, captain 4: Outdoor Track 1,2,3, captain 4: Key Club 1,2, Junior Class advisor 3, Secretary 4: Steering Committee 4: National Honor Society 4. Glynn, Kathleen M.: P.A.C.E.R,S. 2: Steering Committee 2,3: Track 2: Yearbook Editor 4: Basketball 4. Goddard, Cynthia D.: Gogliormella, Karen M.: Softball 1: Italian Club 1,2. Goldberg, Cheryl M.: Student Coun- cil 1: P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2: Class Sec- retary 2,3,4: National Honor So- ciety 3,4: Color Guard 3,4: Junior Variety Show 3: Archon Staff 4: Community Action 4: Spanish Club 4. Goldman, Greg: Wrestling 2,3,4. Goldman, Matthew S.: Computer Aide 1,2,3: Student Government Day 1,3: Steering Committee 2,3, 4: Key Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Student Council 4: Archon Staff 4. Goncalves, Paul: Basketball 1,2,3,4 Goodstadt, Robin: Lacrosse 1: Com- munity Action 4 Goodwin, Andrew E.: Gould, Jane A.: Pom Pom Girls 2,3,4: Archon 4: Community Action 4 Grant, Paul Douglas: Soccer 1: Wrestling 1: National Honor So- ciety 2,3,4: PACERS 2,3,4 Grealey, Sean: Greenfield, Debra Jayne: Steering Committee 2,3: Pom Pom Girls 3 Greenwald, Jill M.: PACERS 1,2,3, 4: Steering Committee 2,3,4: French Club 2: Community Action 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: Synergy 4 Griffin, Beverly: Gringorten, Sheldon P.: Wrestling 1,2,3: Track 1 Grinker, Robin Beth: Basketball 1: Tennis 1: Softball 1: French Club 2,3,4: Steering committee 2,3,4: PACERS 2,3,4: Community Ac- tion 3,4: Junior Variety Show 3: Archon Staff 4 Guadagnoli, Maria: Guertin, Michelle Louise: Gunther, Karen E.: Soccer 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2: Lacrosse 3,4: PACERS 3,4: Junior Variety Show 3: Steering Committee 3.4, Ar- chon, Assistant Editor 4 Guyotte, Lisa J.: National Honor Society 3,43 Pep Squad 4 Hall, Michael: Wrestling 1,2 Hanfling, Merle M.: PACERS 1,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 1: Girls' Glee Club 1: A Cappella 1,2,3,4: Junior Variety Show 2,3,4: Music Club 4: Spanish Club, secretary, 3,4: Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4: Seren- dipity 1, Assistant Editor 2: Syner- gy 3.4 Hanlon, James P.: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2: Basketball 2 Harber, Kenneth R.: Lacrosse 1: Football 1 Harris, Paul Andrew: Football 1: Hockey 1,2: Lacrosse 1,2,3 tri- captain 4 Hart, John: Hockey 1,2,3,4: La- crosse 1,2,3,4 Harvey, Brenda: Havel, John: Healey, Paul: Heemskerk, Bart: Tennis 1: Soccer 1,2: National Honor Society 3,4 Hegarty, Lisa Marie: Swimming 1: Lacrosse 1,2 Heiny, Layne: Heiny, Loren: Dover High School CN.Y.J Spanish Club Vice Presi- dent 1: National Honor Society 3, 4: Spanish Club Treasurer 3 Henderson, Edward: Henell, Paul R.: Steering Committee 2,3,4: National Honor Society 2, 3,4: Junior Classical League, Pre- sident 3,4: Junior Variety Show 3: PACERS 3: Synergy 3,4: Mass. State Junior Classical League - Parliamentarian Henning, Patricia Marie: Herrick, Douglas Arthur: Football 1,2,3,4: Wrestling 1: Lacrosse 1, 2,3,4: Steering Committee 3 Herson, Lisa M.: Gymnastics 1 Hevesh, Joseph A.: Hill, David: Junior Classical League 3,4: Junior Variety Show 3 Hine, Thomas J.: Hockey 1,2,3,4: Lacrosse 1,2,3,4: Football 3 Hofmeister, Tres: Holland, Deborah L.: Hollis, Bruce W.: Hockey 1,2,3 Hopkin, Linda L.: Hopner, Brenda Layne: Steering Committee 2,3,4: Community Action 3: Basketball 1: Humphrey, Scott Alexander: Bas- ketball Statistician 1: Chess Club 1,2 Vice President 3 President 4: A Cappella 1,2,3,4: Math Club 2: French Club 2: PACERS 1,2: Mixed Chorus 1: Football Statistician 2: Steering Committee 2: Junior Classical League 3,4: Science Fic- tion Club 3,4: National Honor Society 4 Hurst, Michael: lafrate, Mark D.: lglesias, Louis: Lacrosse 1,2: Foot- ball 2: Wrestling 3 lnstasi, Ronald J.: Jackson, Jacqueline Renee: Track 1,2: A Cappella 1,2: Mixed Chorus 99 33 Glee Club 33 Junior Variety Show 33 Steering Committee 3 Jagoda. Roger B.: Swim Team 1.2.3: Steering Committee 2: Band 1,23 Student Representative to School Committee 3.43 PACERS 1.2.3. 4 Janson. Jacqueline Anne: News- paper 3.4 Jasset, Beverly Jeanne: Basketball 13 A Cappella 1.23 Community Action 3.4: Steering Committee 3 Jasurek. Chris Michael: Basketball 1.2 Jinks. Laura: Steering Committee 13 Pacers 23 Pom Poms 3. Johnston, Barbara: Joyce, Patricia Mary: Cheerleader 1.2.33 Steering Committee 2.3.43 Community Action 3.43 Archon Staff 4. Kagno. Jill Michelle: Chorus 1. Junkala. Julia L.: French Club 1.23 German Club 23 Chess Club 43 Science Fiction Club 2.3.43 Sy- nergy 3.43 National Honor Society 2,3.4. Lacrosse Kalin. Joanne C.: National Honor Society 2.3.43 Pep Squad 3.4 Kaplan, Phillip Charles: Debate Club 23 Community Action 3.4. Keilty. Robert S.: Basketball 1.2.3. 43 Baseball 13 Golf 43 Steering Committee 2.3.4. Keith. Martin C.: German Club 1.2. Kelly, Dana J.: Kelly. Nancy E.: Kelley. Joseph C.: Kelley. Paula Eileen: Spanish Club 13 Steering Committee 2.3.43 Na- tional Honor Society 2.3.43 Com- munity Action 43 Student Govern- ment Day 2.33 Archon Staff 4. Kennedy, Barbara Eileen: Steering Committee 3.43 Pacers 1.2.43 Community Action 2.3.41 Archon Staff 4. Kent. Daniel Mark: Competitive Plays 13 Drama Festival 1. Kenney. Mary Theresa: Field Hockey 2.33 Basketball 23 Lacrosse 1.23 Steering Committee 3.43 Com- munity Action 3.43 Pacers 1,23 Archon Staff 4. Kilbridge. Brian Paul: Basketball 1,23 Baseball 3.43 Band 1. King. Dominic: Soft Ware 2.3.43 Science Fiction Club 4: Klavans, Gary J.: Swim Team 1.2.41 Community Action 2.3.4. Klocker. Joseph V.: Hockey 1.2.3. 43 Lacrosse 1.4. Kokidko. David: Football 43 Basket- ball 1.2,3,4. Kongieser. Randi: Kopas. Toni Marie: Kowal. Sabine Yvonne: German Club 1. treasurer 23 Science Fiction Club 13 Steering Committee 33 Pacers 23 Archon Staff 4. Kraft. Richard Wayne: Hockey 13 Track 13 Music Club 2.3.43 Band 1.2.3. treasurer 43 Pacers Math Club 23 Competitive Plays 43 Synergy 43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Junior Classical League 3.4. 100 Kurtz. Frederick A.: Student Coun- cil 1.2.3 Soccer Outdoor track 1 Steering Committee 2.3 Archon 4 Kutnyak. Robin: Steering Committee 2 Italian Club Jr. Variety Show 3 Kwiatowski, David: Pacers Steering Committee 2 Kwiatowski, Mark: Football 1 Base- ball 1 Indoor Track 2.3 Labib, Adel: Chess Club 1.2 Track 2 Swim Team 3,4 Lacey. Elizabeth Anne: Maiorettes 1.2.3 Co-capt 4 Steering Commit- tee 2,3 Pacers 2 Junior Variety Show 3 Archon 4 A Capella 1.2 Lambert. Katherine: Volleyball 1.2 Math Club 1.4 Pres. 2,3 Chess Club 1.2 Steering Committee 3.4 National Honor Society 4 Langley. Susan: Field Hockey 1.2.3 Track 1 Steering Committee 2.3 Lapides. Marilynn: Pom Pom 2.3.4 Steering Committee 2.3.4 Com- munity Action 3.4 Key Club 4 Lawrence. Jon: Leary. Clare F.: Encounter Group 4 Lebowitz. Alan G.: Pacers 1 Junior Variety Show 3 Lee, Eugene I.: Football 1 Basket- ball 1.2 Golf 3,4 Lemmon. Robbert: Wrestling Lemoine. Michael: Football Wrestling 1 Baseball 1 Hockey 2 Steering Committee 2.3.4. Golf 3.4 Community Action 3,4 Lennon. Karen: Softball Field Hockey 2.3 Co-capt. 4 Bas- ketball 2.3.4 Archon 4 Leon. Scott E.: Leonard. Martha: Tennis 1 Lepage, Jacqueline: Levenson. Nathan: Basketball 1.2 German Club 1.2 Tennis 2.3.4 Community Action 2 Synergy 3.4 Archon 4 Lewis. Karen: Volleyball 4 Steering Committee 4 Linet. Ann M.: Tennis 1 Steering Committee 2.3.4 Community Ac- tion 2.3.4 Pacers 2 Junior Variety Show 3.4 Long. Charles: Football 1.2.4 Bas- ketball 1.2 Lacrosse 1 Golf 2.3 Capt. 4 Loughrie. Thomas E.: Lott. Katherine K.: Community Ac- tion 43 A Cappella 3. Lubets. John Steven: Football 23 Hockey 3.43 Christmas Project 3. Lublin, Stefan Alan: Basketball 13 Golf Luz, Karen Anne: Steering Commit- tee 2.3.43 Community Action 2.3. 43 National Honor Society 2, sec- retary 3. president 43 Student Representative to Chap. 622! Title IX Grievance Committee 3,43 Pacers 2.3.43 Synergy Features Editor 3. Literary Editor 43 Archon Section Editor 4. Lynch. Richard John: Soccer 1,43 Lacrosse 13 Golf 2.3.43 Steering Committee 2. Macdonald. Sarah Whiting: Class Vice President 23 Class President 43 Student Council Na- tional Honor Society 2.3.4: Stu- dent Government Day Cerebral Palsy Telethon 2.3.43 Pacers 1.2.31 Community Action 33 Color Guard 2.3. co-capt. 43 Student Coordinator of Title IX! Chapt. 622 43 Soccer 1.23 Basket- ball 1.2. co-capt. 13 Track 1.22 Lacrosse 3.43 Archon Staff 4. Mackenzie. Erich Scott: Chess Club 1. manager 2. president 3.43 Science Fiction Club 2.3.4. Maginnis. James: Wrestling 3. Maguire, Joseph: Lacrosse 1.2.3. 4. Manning. Lawrence C.: Hockey 1.2. 3. co-capt. 43 Lacrosse 2. Manning. Jill S.: Pep Squad 3. Manolian, Richard James: Basket- ball 1,21 Indoor Track 43 Outdoor Track 3.4. Margeson. Deborah Ann: Volleyball 2.43 Steering Committee 3. Mariasis, Sheri: Basketball 1.2: La- crosse 1.2.33 Student Government Day 33 Member of MOEA 4. Markson, Howard N.: Cross Coun- try 1.23 Indoor Track 1.23 Outdoor Track 1.2. Martin. George Frederick: Hockey 2.3. Mastrogianis. Lena Marie: Com- munity Action 4. Matthews. Karen Jean: Soccer 13 Softball 1. Maxwell. Kathleen: Pep Squad 4. McDermott. Mary Margaret: Com- munity Action 3,43 Student Government Day 33 Secretary MOEA3 Archon Staff 4. McDevitt, Victoria: McDonald. Nancy Lee: Key Club 43 French Club 43 Pacers 13 Steering Committee 2.3.43 Student Coun- cil 43 Community Action 43 Junior Variety Show 1,43 Pep Squad 13 Color Guard 2.3. co-capt. 43 Lacrosse 1. McEnroy. Kathleen: Soccer 1 McGrath, Joan L.: J.V. Soccer 1. Varsity Soccer 2.3. Basketball 1.2. Softball McGrath. Kathleen E.: Basketball 3. Softball 3. Volleyball 4 McGrath. Martha A.: Colorguard 1. Basketball 1.2 McMahon. Christopher C.: Basket- ball 1.2. Co-captain 3.4. Baseball 1. Steering Committee 2, Archon 4 McManus. Scott C.: McManus. Scott J.: McNabb, Diane Marie: Mead. Susan B.: PACERS 1. Ma- jorettes 2.3 co-captain 4. Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4. Stu- dent Government Day 2,4. Steer- ing Committee 2.3.4. Lacrosse 2. Jr. Variety Show 3.4, Community Action 3.4. Cerebral Palsy Tele- thon 3.4. Archon co-editor 4 Mellone. Michelle Dyan: Gymnas- tics 1.2 Mercurio. James D.: Football 2 Michelson, Robin Lee: Volleyball 1.2. Steering Committee 1.2. PACERS 2 Miller. Dru Ann: Debate Team 2. Choral Production 2. International Night 2 Miller. Janis R.: PACERS 1.2.3. Community Action 1, French Club 2.3.4. Steering Committee 2. National Honor Society 2.3.4. National Hebrew Contest 3. Synergy 4. Archon 4 Miner. Deborah: A Cappella 1.2.3. Community Action 1.4. French Club 2.3.4, PACERS 2. Newspaper 3. Spanish Club 4 Mooncai. Susan W.: PACERS 1.2.3. 4. Pom Poms 2.3.4. Newspaper 2. Steering Committee 2,3.4. Span- ish Club 3,4. Community action 3.4 Moore. Mark A.: Baseball Football 1.2.4 Morgan. Laurie Anne: Student Coun- cil 2.3.4. PACERS 2,3.4. Steer- ing Committee 2.3.4, Community Action 3,4. Synergy 4. Business editor 4. Archon 4 Morris. Linda Jeanette: Glee Club 1. Band 1. A Capella 1. Mixed Chorus 1.2. Variety Show 1.3, Basketball 1. Pep Squad 2. Stu- dent Government 3. Steering Committee 3 Moudy. Karyn Lynne: PACERS 1.2.3 make-up mistress 4. Newspaper 1.2. Steering Committee 2.3.4. Spanish Club 2 secretary 2. Presi- dent 3.4. Archon 4, Serendipity 2 Murphy. Beth: Community Action 3.4 Murphy, Elaine D..: Murphy, Ellen T.: Varsity Tennis 1.2, 3.4. Basketball 1.2. Field Hockey 2 Murray. Jo-Anne R.: Murray. Linda: Nathan. Stacey A.: Steering Com- mittee 1.2.3,4. Community Ac- tion 3. Drama Club 1.2 Natoli. Denise A.: Nicoli. Sharon Rose: Niland. John Patrick: Football 1.2. 3.4. Baseball Nordquist. Laurie Marie: Pep Squad 1. Steering Committee 2.3.4 Swim Team 2.3. Community Action 3.4. Color Guard 3.4. Soccer 4 Norton. Timothy J.: Indoor Track 1. Cross Country Outdoor Track co-captain 1. Key Club director 2.3. President 4 Gymnas- tics 3.4, Steering Committee 3.4. Synergy 3.4. Archon 4 Nunley, Alessandra Kim: Field Hoc- key captain 4. Basketball Lacrosse 1.2.3. captain 4. Steering Committee 3.4 O'Laughlin. Ronald J.: Lacrosse 1. Baseball 2.3.4. Hockey Football 1.3.4 Oliner. Abbey E. Olivieri, George Robert Olson. Rebecca Olszewski, Mary Jill: PACERS 1.2.3. 43 Steering Committee Color Guard 4, MOEA 4 O'NeilI. Brian: Football 1.2.3. co- captain 4. Wrestling 1. Lacrosse 1.2.3. tri-captain 4 O'Rourke. Doreen: Pep Squad 1 Osgood. William C.: Soccer Hockey 1,2,3,4 Lacrosse 1,2 Otowchits, Edward: Football 1, Swimming 1, Lacrosse 1 Palmer, Paul: Swimming 1, Wrest- ling 1, Rap '78, '79 4 Panella, Laura Elizabeth: Pom Pom Squad 4 Pannella, Joseph E.: Paquette, Deborah May: Cheerlead- ing 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 1,2, Community Action 3, MOEA 3,4 Pariset, Pascal: Parrish, Vera, Pacers 2,4, Patelis, Michael A., Soccer 1,4, Basketball 1, Community Action 3,4. Paull, John, Baseball 2,3,4, Foot- ball 3, Wrestling 4. Pavia, Beth, Cheerleading 1,2,3, Steering Committee 2,3, Variety Show 4, Community Action 4. Penn, Allen, Wrestling 1,2, Com- munity Action 3,4. Pisello, Donna, Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Community Action 4. Plaxco. William M., Polner, Lee A., Italian Club 3,4, Archon Staff 4, Synergy 4. Porter, Dennis, Wrestling 2,3,4, Key Club 4, Powers, John D., Soccer 1, Key Club 2,3,4, Community Action 3. Prader, Lisa A., Community Action 3,4. Quinn, Donna M., Gymnastics 1,2, Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4, Indoor Track 3,4. Quinn, John P., Ranart, Elyse Pacers 1,2, Newspaper 1,2,4, Archon 4. Raphaelian, David, Band 1,2,3, Man- ager Hockey Team 1: Steering Committee 2,3, Tennis 2,3, Jazz Band 2,3, Music Club 2,3, Hockey Team 3. Raviv, Gilly, Reed, Linda L., Pep Squad 2, Pacers 3, Community Action 4, Archon 4. Reichert, Gregory, Football 1. Reiter, Gregory, Soccer 1,2,3, co- capt. Soccer 4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Lacrosse 2: Remillard, Susan, Steering Com- mittee 2, Community Action 3,4, French Club 3: Roberts, Janice A., Steering Com- mittee 3,4. Roberts, Jeffrey: Roberts, Wanda M, Band 1,2, Track 1,2, Variety Show 1, Mixed Chorus 1, A Capella 1,2. Robidoux, Gregory S., Football 1,2, 3,4, Steering Committee 2: Bas- ketball 2, Key Club 4. Robidoux, Jeffrey Thomas: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Outing club 1,2, Com- munity Action 4. Rose, Scott: Rosenoff, Seth: National Honor Society 2,3,4, Steering Commit- tee 3,4, Serendipity 4. Roskey, Sean: Indoor Track 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 4, Outdoor Track 1,2,3, Tri-Capt. 4, Key Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 4, Cross Country 2,3, Co-Capt. 4. A., Debate 1,2,3,4, Rubin, Julieanne: Steering Com- mittee 1, Swim Team 1, Lacrosse 2, Pom Pom Girl 3,4. Rubinovitz, Jordan: Chess Club 1, 2,3,4, Science Fiction Club 1,2,3, 4, Performing Arts Club 2. Russell, Elaine: Steering Commit- tee 3,4: Pep Squad 3, Co-Capt. 4. Santoro, Deborah A.: Volleyball 1,2' Pep Squad 4. Santos, Marianne: Italian Club 1,2, Steering Committee 3,4, Pom Pom Girl 4. Schafer, Richard B.: Soccer 1,2, Tennis 1,2,3, Capt. 4. Schneider, Annegret: German Club 1,2, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Science Fiction Club 3,4. Schneider, Laura E.: Debate team 1, Capt. 2,3,4, Performing Arts Club 1,2,3, Volleyball 2, Lacrosse 2, French Club 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Community Action 4. Scully, Patricia: Sebastian, Stephen: Baseball 1,2, Hockey 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Archon Staff 4. Shecter, Bruce: Student Council 1,2, Steering Committee 2, Na- tional Honor Society 4. Sheehy, Michael J.: Wrestling 1,4. Sheinfeld, Steven: Swimming 1,2,3, Capt. 4, Community Action 3,4. Sherman, Deborah J.: Volleyball 1,2, Performing Arts Club 1,2, Cross Country 3, Track 3,4, Pep Squad 4. Shortt, Dorothy J.: Cheerleading 1,2,3, Steering Committee 1,2,3, 4. Sicotta, Dana: Hockey 1,2. Silva, Ann Marie: A Capella 1,2, Pep Squad 1, Steering Committee 1,2, MOEA 2, silver, Sheryl Lynne: P.A.C.E.R.S. 1, 2, Key Club'1,2,3,4, French Club 2,3,4-president 2, 4-tres. 3, Steer- ing Committee 2,3,4, Jr. Variety Show 2,4, Jr. Classical League 3,4, Archon 4, Community Action 3,4, Math Club 3. Sinisalo, Lisa M.: Community Action 3,4. Skloff, Robert E.: Basketball 1,2, Key Club 4. Slattery, Katherine Joan: Swimming 1,2, A Capella 1,2: P.A.C.E.R.S. 1, Pep Squad 1: Color Guard 3,4: Steering Committee 4 Community Action 4. Smith, David F. Smith, David Norman: National Honor Society 3,4: Science Fiction Club 3,4: SNYERGY 3,4. Smith, Evelyn M.: Smith, Kathy Ann: Steering Commit- tee 2,3,4, Gymnastics 1,2, Com- munity Action 3,4, Junior Work Day 3. Smith, Michael F.: Lacrosse 1,2,3, 4, Football 2. Smookler, Neal Robert: Key Club 2, 3, Community Action 4. Snyder, Marcia B.: Steering Com- mittee 2,3,4: Tennis 2, Com- munity Action 3,4, Junior Variety Show 3,4. Sobol, Heidi: National Honor So- ciety 2,3,4, Junior Achv. 1,2,3, Community Action 3, P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2,3, ,AFS 3,4, Steering Com- mittee 2,3, Color Guard 3. Sol, Jonathan David: Italian Club 1, Spring Musical 1,2. Speranza, Janet A.: A Capella 1,2,3, Girl's Glee Club 1,2, Cheerleading 2, Community Action 3,4. Sperry, David Steacie, Deborah: A Capella 1,2,3, Community Action 3,4, Soccer 3. St. George, Andrew. Stok, Maresa: Stone, Matthew L.: Key Club 2,3, Math Club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Jr. Classical League 3,4, Chess Club 4, Sci Fi Club 4. Storlazzi, Susan M. Supnik, Howard: Band 1,2,3,4-V.P. 3, Soccer 1,2, Newspaper 1 Jr. Variety Show 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 2,3, Music Club 2,3,4, Jr. Classical League 3,4, Jazz Band 2,3. Sussman, Jill N. Sweeney, MaryJane. Swindell, Douglas James: Football 1,2, Lacrosse 1,2,3,4. Sydell, Kathleen A., Tafuri, Sherrie R., Swimming 1,2,3, Tri-Capt. 4, Basketball 1,2, Soft- ball 1, Lacrosse 2,3,4, Junior classical league 3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, Community Ac- tion 4, P.A.C.E.R.S. 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Tang, Victoria, Steering Committee 2,3, Pep Squad 3,4, Tarlin, William R., Science Fiction Club 2, Serendipity 2, Junior Variety Show 3, Synergy 3, Tassinari, Patrick A., Terrio, Suzanne D., Basketball 1,2, 3, Co-Capt. 4, Softball 2,3, Co- Capt. 4, Field Hockey 3, Theophile, Karin, P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2,3, 4, French Club 1, Vice-Pres. 3,4, Variety Show 1,2, Director 3,4, JCL 2, Vice-Pres. 3,4, Key Club 2,4, Community Action 3,4, Music Club 3: Steering Committee 4, P.G.C. 4, Thibault, Janine, Volleyball Team 3, Thibault, Jeanette, Community Ac- tion 3: Thompson, John, Tobin, Joanne T., Pep Squad 1,2: Tobis, Susan, Pep Squad 1, Swim Team 1, Basketball Manager 2, Pom Pom Girls 2,3,4, Steering Committee 2,3,4, Junior Variety Show 3, Archon Staff 4, Totman, Deborah L., Toucey, Kurt, Outdoor Track 1,3,4, lndoor Track 3,4, Cross Country 4, Touhey, Deborah, P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2, 3,4, Majorettes 2,3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, Archon Staff 4, Traub, Karen Lynne, Spanish Club 1, Steering Committee 1,2,3,4, Junior Variety Show 1.3: French Club 2, Pres. 3: Vice-Pres. 4: P.A.C.E.R.S. 2,3, Key Club 2,3,4: Travis, Nancy Ann, P.A.C.E.R.S. 1,2, Pres. 3,4, Pep Squad 1, National Honor Society 2,3,4. Serrfnflipiiy 2, Student Council 3, Pres 4, Rap '78 4: Trayer, Mary E , Triano, Anthony P., Football 2,3,4, Steering Committee 3, Turndal, Ann, Volleyball 4, Basket- ball 4, Tennis 4, Urgvary, Sally, Drama Club 1,2, Variety Show 3,4, Theatre 3, French Club Disco Teacher 4, Vacaro, Lisa L., Variety Show 4, Valovcin, Darryl J., Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 2, Variety Show 1,2.3: Van Houten, Cynthia C., Vaskelis, Paul S., Soccer 1, Outdoor Track 2,3, Indoor Track 3, Cross Country 3,4, Walter, Jeffrey A., Washington, Michael H., Basketball 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 2,3, 4: Waters, Kathleen M.: Basketball 1, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Community Ac- tion 3,4. Watt, Jeffrey T.: Basketball 1,2,3,4, Golf 1,2, Outdoor Track 3,4, Cross Country 4. Waxman, Linda F.: Gymnastics 2. Weinstein, Susan Gail: French Club 2, Secretary 3,4: Steering Com- mittee 2,3,4, P.A.C.E.R.S. 2,4, Community Action 3,4, Variety Show 3. Weisman, Alan B. Welch, Pamela C.: Steering mittee 3. White, Jayne Diane. White, Susan Marie: Soccer National Honor Society 3,4, Color Guard 4, Archon Staff 4. Whitlock, Babara: Steering mittee 1,2,3, Italian Club 1.2.3. Widisky, Kenneth. Wigetman, Susan: Band 1, Swim- ming 1,2,3 Tri-Captain 4, La- crosse 1,2: Steering Committee 2,4, Cerebral Palsy Telethon 3,4, Archon Staff 4. Wilder, Brian K.: Football 1, Key Club 3,4. Willander, Jon B.: Hockey 2,3. Williams, Mary Elizabeth. Witty, Michael Jay: Soccer 1,2, Hockey 1,2. Wohler, Marybeth H.: Soccer 1,2,3, 4, Basketball 1,2, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, French Club 4, Community Action 4. Wong, Deanna D.: P.A.C.E.R.S. 3, Pep Squad 2,3,4. Woodin, Joseph L. Woodward, Melissa: P.A.C.E.R.S 1, 2: Steering Committee 2,3,4 Stu- dent Gov't Day 2, Color Guard 3,4, Variety Show 3, Community Ac- tion 3,4. Yanoff, Scott. Young, Mary Ann: Pep Squad 1,2 Captain 3,4, Gymnastics 1,2. Young, Philip. Zabierek, John Francis. Zecker, Lori Ann: Softball 1,2,3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, Pep Squad 4. Zecker, Scott A.: Basketball 1, Band 1,2,3, Golf 2,3,4. Com- 1,2,3, Com- 101 More Intelligent than More Dedicated than Better Looking than Richard Kraft Karen Luz Tommy Crabtree 01 as 'l . .fit Greg Reichart Stephanie Berman Debbie Steacie Nancy Travis Sarah Macdonald 5 . X A ' x w .M " . -. if f f' . ' ' ' ' ,.', David Gaffin ...A Chris McMahon 3 i -3:-1? 'ik 91 fmr .' 1' Q, Donna Quinn Evo. fxhif Q4 Brian O'NeilI P ni, More Theatrical than More Respected than More Athletic than more versatile than Kevin Flanagan and Kathy Dillon . rnore artistic than Mark Iafrate and Margaret Gerding . . friendlier than Jamie Gilgallon and Leah DeNorscia more humorous than Paul Healy and Lisa Herson F. 13. g 4' Debbie Steacie Ub- Kathy Esche 1. -In X4 wr' ' ncy McDonald Dori Shortt Zan. N3 CTW . Sue Storlazzi Laura Jinks Chosen by Students at Algonquin Regional High School, Northboro. f f fm ,J W KVIEN2 SENIOR STEERI COMMITTEE 'A'-'----.,..,,,,,.' Sarah Macdonald-President, Cheryl Goldberg-Secretary, Stephanie Berman Q Treasurer. David Bromfield-Vice President. 'NNe,?.4i1 I 1 X I 4 r if Ii ! .Q I ' E lm 'ii' . f' D Mr. Antomoll-Class Advlsor .Muff 3 G ilu' fi 5' KL fd. J' We ..-W ,f iv., 1 Qff' +-aff If M., ,, X. W! . 'Q X: -. 1 62 5, N u Q '- W a 22 .W A' if IPPQE P .QU- f ,nm ,JPY + so u 5' 1 1 51, v W I fffv -4152 --if 7 ' 'mpg' 4 x A SJ' ' - N X Q, h L , ,. . N 5, Q -M f.-Mm' W f 'S ' N' I 'S QV li X',f'igI.,h.2if 'yn ' " Spf' , 5 ,bank U A si, 'S -f f' 1 A - v tg 9 35,4559 "' f- -XM, ., . Q. 1 4 .NQINVM x LPM 5 t': 4 --Lxiiq ' av., lff,k.',v5" ey 4:,,,ff D lg A Li . dx , , . .wg A, 'V -1 W wf,a,4, .-.f if x.?9"L45g"" '1k1fQ . an W. , fi Alf-, x ,1.x"4,wL?,Q41f5'-'+ ':t'1-.lx .A , fn: v b ...M ..,,., n C2 v- W' JUNIOR STEERING CDMMITTEE ---.+-4 The outstanding spirit of the Junior Class motivated their successful class activities. Their unending participation in car washes, bake sales, holiday drives, and dances helped raise funds for the class. Junior workday had been the most successful in several years. The many students that participated in this workday obtained and completed over 100 jobs in the community, and many who could not work directly contributed donations on their own. The talented acts in the Variety Show were also a great fund raiser and a unique, rewarding experience that will always remain in the minds of the participants. These successful activities lead the way to the special evening, the Junior Prom, something that will be . . . Always and. Forever. The Class of 1980's optimistic attitude always helped to fulfill their ambitions and achieve a respected status in the school and community. The juniors look forward to their senior year of financial, academic, and social challenges for which they are well prepared. i 1 .1 l-- gi? Q1 'il , XA: x 'Il i- I . f mfg ff.-ik" db. 7 lgfvfv A, J SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE Lto R. A. Shulman-president, A. Sapowith-vice-president, M. Goldstein- treasurer, S. Trotter-secretary. back row: Mr, O'DonneII- Grade Administrator, Mrs. Whittaker-Class Advisor. 1 . ' i. t ii I., f The Sophomores had many exciting activities this year. At the Halloween Pizza Supper, two Boston concert tick- ets were raffled off. Over 400 students purchased our class T-shirts which came out in November. The De- cerriber showing of the nostalgic movie American Graf- fitti also proved to be a great successd. Our efforts and contributions to the Holiday Drive were rewarded in Feb- ruary when the long-awaited Ring Dance arrived. In the spring the class sponsored rollerskating and theatre outings. All in all, the sophomore class had a very active year and look forward to an even more productive junior year. QLNL I" 1 4'- SF ARCI-ION Senior Section Cathy Bissen-editor Lori Cardarelli Sabine Kowal Biography and Verse Karen Luz-editor Susan Wigetman Susan Tobis Patty Joyce Karen Lennon Sarah McDonald Shari Burg Kathy Dillan Sue White Cheryl Goldberg Ginny Bartlett Brenda Casperson Reflections Ann Comiskey-editor Stephanie Berman Barbara Kennedy Co-editors: Susan Mead and Kathy Glynn Assistant editor: Karen Gunther Features and Activities Louisa Cynamon-co-editor Therese Cosby-co-editor Mary McDermott Kathy Cohen Business Michelle Balser-editor Darryl Valoucin Laurie Morgan Sharon Buzzel Robin Grinker Barbara Balboni Chris McMahon Sandra Carroll Cindy Allcroft Photography Nate Levenson Marcia Snyder Lee Anne Polner Jill Olszewski Faculty Lynn Dalton-editor Vicki Cella Sports Fred Kurtz-editor Maureen Allen Mary Kenney Sherrie Tafuri Steve Sebastion Tim Norton Jill Olszewski Paul Goncalves Vera Parrish Art Section Margaret Gerding - editor Elise Ranart J 2 1 4 L 'W f 3 2 x jgx im fg- ! " 'i 1 1. Wag' I 5' "" 1' X .Q 'J 4 xx 1 2 ' fmf,,f'+ - AQ? , ' 1 1' 'I 4 7 ,N-f n 3' 'I my :Q li-.Q 24' SA i tc ARCH gf 4 55 ' 1' A gg vp , -YM.: .V A .. - ,gf if- : 55 - 71 , - "g,,--im ' , ,Q 1 w -:Wx , wxek-iii M' .4 wf : v ,A 1 ' . ,, . ' -x 1 - jf .,. gjvwcgq 'u W' . -egg ' mrff, Li , 4. Q. : -- zsvg., ' ei 1 , 2521. - NW. :'Yig:ZVi1f'.' .,RZ.Q3s1E'f,1"l?v:f4..MQ'w5 - - ' 1 'r QA. W-N if , R f 2. i. 'Y' A f W2 . ' ' 4' , " 3 v 1 A an r f f 5 5 i . lv-fl ...4 A' .2 x, L .nas Q 4 LX' Q1 Mi K"-. ...A 'QQ 'six Advisor Miss Thompson Af' 2 li! 3,5 ikii AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE X4 J IT., ,fix 4 Anne Trundal came to F.NAH.S. from Sweden. 111' I .Al I Heidi Sobol spent one year an Japan. 4 . fi N... 44. if I I I 'R -.-W I I a I I ug. , f I I l ' If-.1 ' I -4 . F , I . 4 9 I I A M' 05,5 .tg , I I I I I 117 I NATIONA HO OR SOCIETY A-J 1 KAREN LUZ 'Wan , PRESIDENT Gwn Y .--av 2 my 4 , va DAVID BROMFIELD TREASURER RICHARD KRAFT LOUISA EIFRIG VICE-PRESIDENT - SECRETARY in-If 1 'Milf NATIO L MERIT SCHOLARS I-ii H ia N back row: Caryn Ginsberg, Richard Kraft, .wx Louisa Eifrig, Julia Junkala front row: Karen Luz, Paul Grant. COMME D TIO Q7 sg back row: Steve Devine, David Sperry, Louisa Cynarnon, David Smith front row: Eugenie Coakley, Kate Lambert, Seth Rosenoff. ' '::::: :::'ff ::: ::::: IIfIiI ::"'- 555 31:55 ' SZEEEE ATV 55555 '-S , --r ,,f.-,-V Q 2" ,i ' A s. 5 J back row: Paul Efthim, Richard Schafer, Davi Merle Hanfling. --......,g -. d Hill, Paul Henell. front row: Laurie Morgan, Laura Schneider. V .fb Aw -e-1 U H93 V ..- .,,. -.. 4 N. F K -nf". Q. iv' 'W u " fv' 1 'jf The Community Action Program affords students the opportunity to extend their education beyond the classroom by gaining insight and sensitivity to others while voluntarily providing a useful service to the agencies involved within the community. Students contribute their time and talents in such capacities as teacher-aides in our elementary schools, in many, varied programs for children with special needs, with the elderly, with the disadvantaged, in pre-school programs, hospitals nursing homes, day care centers, etc. The eager, enthusiastic response of our students and the directors of the agencies involved attest to the success of this worthwhile educational program. COMMU ITY :ji .Ji tgp: N-0' S OIG' N. . 'W ' ,S -! ,E Bug BrotherfSlster Framungton Union Hosputal Danforth Museum School Extended Day Care Center Learnung Center for the Deaf Muddle School Tutor Project Accept Salvatron Army Project Head Start Muddle School- Specual Needs SMARC Swlm Program or Veterinarian Clnnuc Elementary A, Program And Many More li nf'- Mr. 1' fn 1 '. ,, ,. -,4 A ,Q f f A Q la 'rt ' .42-,,' O' Brien ff.. 1 N.?f,v' .f ja..- .ww .4 . ,..-14 1. ' . Yip vi? o-1 ACTIO 5- Q"-"F ' Z -Z Shu 4 S 1 t W. ft 121 KEY ,,,:Q-.44-' ,"' Tu I ,D CLUB Av V! M , 1 f ,1 .lt,. 33' ' ,ii I A ,,-,- ,- a SPANISH CLUB I"f"' Ll U I l 'iv ,if- JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE S Sliver president R Grnnker chairman K Traub vice presndent, S. Wein- lin.. ,,,,,,.-v4?5N Cx- eg tShede pes e Dteo cep Sl .ll Q9 fi! yden, advnsor d o 6' MATH CLUB Ste e ' Liiimf . ., 4 ' ' ' ' A 'rrrvifijiaei I A " gg, if 16 N 1 f op row QL-RJ: Andy Goodwin, Mrs. Croteau - advisor, Gary Dubinski. Front Karl Geisen, David Doppler. lt v Q5 '91 x fi A J Back rowfl-Fly: Mr. Tivnin - a DelI'Olio - advisor, Middle row: Kathy Cohen, Doug Phillips, Debra Paquette, Carol Bes- gen, Elaine Bendoni, Sherri lVlariasis.yFront row: Jill Olszewski, MaryBeth Celorier, Mary McDermott, Brenda Casperson. dvisor, Andy Cantor, Karen Hurley, Barbara Anderson, Mr. pr-nl l - Q I 1 1 1 I 3 ,,- wet- gn vw- ., A., VM. 1. xl X 43 .J ' ' ,...a' fy A 1. " . L, ,V ', 5. f . no 'X i VI.. 92- my 7.09. A+ 1' .T h 1 . f V, '11 , ' ' ., 1' 44" . .5 V N., 1 A I ' 3 f 1 . 5' Cf-J 1 fy uv: 5 . 49 ' r A Bottom rowp Marcia Winer-Secretary Sue Winnerberg-President, Dawn Engdahl-Vace President Missing Alice Long-Treasurer , -s' 'I I fn 'ist' A-vu? WY? N THE F. .H.S. BAN Ynni1ln ', . 5 5 '- -ri V N .. ' 1 N QQ x rr '1 T ,X vb., ' ' . Y 5 T'I""" le Botton RowCL-RJ: P. Zwonik, M. Sachs, E. Barrell, D. Engdahl, P. Spivak, H. Supnik 2nd: F. Sparks, D. Hurlbut, J. Finger, C. Sparks, l. Triand, T. Efthim, L. Bayer, R. Baye, A. Long, S. Azrin, L. Gaspard 3rd: R. Kraft, M. Winer, A. Strauss, D. Langejans, G. Matto, B. Moon, J. Zyzanski, P. Mar- inilli, L. Delia, A. Ross, B. Hickey, Y. Neville, R. Davis 4th: G. Davis, G. Zeboski, M. Hornberg, S. Berg, T. Zola, K. Wadsworth, M. Heineman, R. Isaacson 5th: MB. Labenski, S. Wennerberg, B. Wennerberg, M. Zeboski, D. Apple, K. Denman, M. Ray, C. Spence, D. Wylde, W. Carroll 6th: S. Lamberson, A. Fiore, M. Cohen Missing: A.M. Hartley, K. Jackman, B. Keefe. R' Q.: Captains Terri Cooper, Debbie Paquette. kneeling: R, Athas, S, Camarata, D. Bur Bucchi. standing: G. Stockman, J. Joyce, D. Kaplan, C. Carey, K, Anderson, Lauginiger. '. fpwrw -" 1 f ,. ia rell, B. Coach 4 ' 1 :ft I' iff! , - , 'f'ff'4i li - if 8 , VE, 6 I ,Q ' rg, Q. 3 ao AI' V 'Sf if ,gf -uw .-510' VM! 14 4' A n'A'A"A'A'mf A 11 EW Z, f ,arts AQ? I A sw ,V Jay . .. M". 1: 'fx J CHEERLE DERS fu Front: S. Finley, P. Rogers, N. Lynch. Middle: S. Otenti, C. Lemmon, K. Jamie- son, I. Gaulder, A. DeNorscia. Back: G. Jones, M. Portlock, D. Gallagher, S, Bennett, K. Gaudet, Coach Lauginiger. 1 e . Y' if ' Y' ' 'ia I Y .MM Io Xxj! Susan Mead-Co-ca . 1 5 x n ii. 5 ' -Q' .1 , - sf I' .' I 1. ww. A. Q' f 'dr "Q Q vu -'Bw V+ 1 Q n ,wh I E V Y - ' .r A O . . 4 1 ,lcv 1 x 5 3, Y 'Q ' D ' 'A ' 1 ' 'af -I' 'ci' ? 1 w- J g r Q ef, , . 1 .,, Q . ,f 1 A ' 'S ' f . if 4 1 tt? 'f like sw . w -N1 , 1 f' 1 , sal. . p v. fr 4 , 1 1 H 4,41- ,go ff' If 50 If 'Q'-www -tv Ak 7 Beth Lacey-C 'L wa 1' '-2 v--wg -'J ff' I' .4 N q 5 R , . ,g gmm,, f -..TS TSYJ 4 ,H :Q ,- . Z"4'v , gf J Q' 5 ,.."E,:of, ,, JriiQQ'?44 ' l xg A .64 A J ORETTES 9 'Q' ?"fLQ"A3'8+9.a'6 -a do if " .. , 2 - , , x "' 3" ff- ugqif f'4fa'o'o'i fa-,J 1-'ri COLOR GU RD - , ,,,,.4 . '-Mfuzf, Ek-'94 f" ,""'f"VW:ff ff' '14 J" 1 - -VZ, M "V , 5: I, ,lf 9 n. 'A M ,M f" . " ff '1 . "", f As. " 4 A' '- V+ 1 aff. I ,..:, , A Q ag 'V iff," I J. ' 'ffl ' 79211- 'Wir y. wr! Milf 'FL F A' Front Row, L-R: K. Esche, L. Fitch. Middle Row, L-R: J. Forgit, D. Fishel, S. Tobis, S. Berman, 'A M. Samtos, P. Fredrnck, J, Kraft, J. Mooncau, S. Deshaw, Back Row, L-R: G. Calder, L. Putman, D Churchiil A Janaro J Rubin D Flngold L Panella J McNulty S Mooncai J McLeod H Olszewska W Moffle 'iv .M51 4 1 1 fl, P , : gf' I ' ' 1 ' s Ew- :NH LC' Q ' x M Co-captains Kathy Esche and Lisa Fitch POM POM IRLS PEP SQUA ' u r 0 2 YN 554 - X . ifg, I .. .f T '.'a , gf- N. HNF ,f. . x 1 . 1 4 59 4 . , . 4 ny. ' 'Q ' . w Q U 8 Q I ffm I ,, ,,,.j v 610-f '54, 'if'f'k' f 8994- H Q 5' '-af. 3 7 7' S' 'WZ Y ' 'L 9 f",1,"i ' f K -' ' 4. 1 K If ' a P 1.1- . A l I 1 i .--'f , 9 1 I3 l. 4't 4 Q 'RW 1 up pq' sg.. W. ' -.EQ s., ix L! -,-'M , - 4' "NU" 'U' '12 . ' i . 1 I 4. Q Y if '1' 4- Egafv .vii is 'N 2 Uri i'l 5 44" 1 fn-m.p-nnrw-..-1'-ou--0-1' .1 ' . . ' '. T , ,-f -s - . ., QQ! ' ,V .1 V . :aff . , I. 5, .Q -,-' , -hw,-fz.--1 . W ' I ' if xif f' 73' XXX ,fig ia R H LLIES ,ff I r wi' r V! J :f W-X I J - U-. fc' ' K 1' l U 'ff'-A ,, 0 Tl- gy: QW 'X A ,,. f K 7 --fx '56 JUNIOR VARIETY SHOW BLAME IT ON FEBRUARY 8TH 1979 THE JU ICRS! '-' -- ik' 5-an L., 4 I V' Z' 2 2 rr qggr 9 " " ' ,gifs-1 .. , ,'u:H.!l:'v . A CLASS OF '79 "TI-IE LOTTERY" yd... Best Player in a Small Part - Therese Cosby Best Actor in a Supporting Role - David Bromfield Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Nancy Travis Best Player in a Character Role - Crowd Best Play - "The Lottery' 11unl"7' : :lu .,:nL im -Q'vgLE'i'?f pl E514 5344 llffw , , 2, ,U Sci -,'Q5f,.?h CLASS OF '81 "THE Cl-IILDREN'S STORY" Best Actress in a Lead Role - Julie Zisk Best Player in a Character Role - Beth Miller ' T2 it ,A ' if fi'-'X1-'ju'3i5,','- 4 T ' Amin V B QQ , -" 328,44 'M N 48,54 Q W X 'W . A A ' ilk f. ,1 4- A - .., . f , , ,Yr K . ' , .,n ':A 'qc I , . ' x Wg- if:-,mg , f 4.38.7 ,I-A -1.4.5 A S tl v--.L- ..- A .' . . A I1 .2 .. Kitkdxit lil' 'ff-, gap. , ,su-.x Q. 0 '. .X -. Y 3 i M. , , CLASS OF '80 "ANTIC SPRING" 5,5 Q. .. A M A' ASM L QA K if A , i V M -M-ul' , 1 . F 1 . , with .vgiff . . .1 Q,':V,- A , , iwp-. '- J91:-!7"Q5,Q.if rf . All Star Cast: V "1",Qf"e!f 1 . , at ,' f- ,fe . N ,.,,.,..i I. -I .. 'W' 4 af,"-f ,V .. e V , ,ga sg.,-' . 1 ztifflr X ' :ii -ff' CLASS OF '82 "THE MYSTERY OF THE SILVERBACKED I-IAIRBRUSI-I" 73' lan Helfant- "The ChiIdren's Story" Greg Watt- "The ChiIdren's Story' Merle Hanfling- "The Lottery" Kathy Dillon- "The Lottery" of M, Q Debby Touhey- "The Lottery" Louisa Eifrig- "The Lottery" Q 1 bf. ,,. K :: Paul Efthim- "The Lottery" S' fl V -- Q L et at L 'Il' .rl H. A-"gi Best Actor in a Lead Role Steve ilk THE Q . A b MADWOMAN f 0F CHAILLOT E DECEMBER 15 sl 16 I E.. W ?g I 9 fb 1 gf i 'ZQIV gl'-Q 1 :Qui- 'Fx " Q- A71 .1 vv' qv' 'Q Af Qld U Q V 7 U 55:0000'9"..O'O.O....O.9.l l.0HQH.,H.QQ 01,005,020 Q4.u,O.6.0.0. ' Y 0 O I' ldhg 4 fr- 'mqi 4. 11...,..V X1 T ..,-gr qv , H..-Q, '? P hr 41 ,- i i I mo' "Moto: go' I K . ,x Q s 1 5 0 P.A.C.E.R. . W X- X3 N I V K X, gf? na- :wg A ,.4 l"""', -fi'-E i, , ,I 1 ,x vi y A 'VA ' Pr Q5 in V 'gif Qi 'vfgxvflx W' . A? Q , fiihlm gffgffll ' f ww ,I SMKSH xiii!!! W A4 an E525 9 af. , lug in ffffff 525555 .rg 5 N ni- 'm M 5 4,5 322 ' J A my DIP Ui 1' 'gm fi -N . ,A sl.A rn 'W' "-r.'F'- Ps. kffilf p MR SCHLICKMAN' CLUB ADVISOR -x 'X ,.,....,, , A '-ff? dv THE SOUND OF MUSIC K liff Svc APRIL 7, 8 1978 , f 'law-l'3' nfs: 'TU .n- X 1978 JUNIOR 1i""+ VARIETY K Th phl D t Mrs, Phalhps Ad SHOW X X1 fx F .1 X-A . . N 453 1 f -, .',9 L- .- F-'Q 13? 'fl ' :'g,' al, ff ' x if K "CTV , , . k -, . 4. ffl. 1 Q X tg ,L"," d:O'Aki,',' hw Y I I., ,L A A V N. N ' x..'1 '.:,:S- b.:f,'il .Q .J .. ,ffxijl '-,rsjf - - ,M f kxfl 'xfil qXf,'.'A ,, Lal ' dl: ' if '.N. W. LM .Qs ,, , i .. - . X . .h h l , . 7. 4. -, fx ' .',.-+4 45,-P. - A ,I ., .,1g,,.,5,,'- ,, . .Ulf '1 xJ'AgfxQ+mgq,v+7" 441- is -X . W . -5 4 -.' f , 1 X X 'a 1 . JN '- ' ' ' X l ' K , ' X ' fu.-..!li ,fy N A 443' ' X... 3. - A "':'-.L f 1 4 , V , -R tc A .,,,--,H .,, . 1. '. N .. ' , X . l I yi ,,v 1. k. , . Q , ,HE if .-935.4 , -1 , I ,F-1 f "fJ5"g..,1f .. a -.,,-H' ix ' -. .x' 'W ' --Wy. 'if 9' ,, z,v,':' I jf' " ' Q X Q--v -1 Jw -1,- -r-f 77' , ff AV.. . - --g xx 1 l ' lf," A xii' qi: ' h s '. . A V 4 L 'n x ' I 1 . ' 1' 3-li.- - ' ' ,- ,f l 1 ' X avi. f ' FTW 'X 'L' ,Tj-,' ' , . X I ,, . V X 'H . 'X' , -T5-.f ' ' X r X x-N,, -' I ' V it x - f 'f jffif- f I1 X . X Y NX ,vi ' -,.- , 3 X Uxkh b l X 1 - ' ' A ,- , . X - .y - Q U Q I IV, -- , 1' ' -P jx A X W - -' 'T'x " S . f .-X ' '- . 1- f "fx, . U . f , N , rl . X, X ,Q 1 Q Q 1. ly fig, f , , x N x v SY 1 - 1 ' . 9'-. -'14 . x ,ff , I I' fy. X.f J' 1. ff " 1 .Y .fn- I I fu! 1 w f x . J . 1 ll 'X N X fl - I ' I ! a I x N i I 1 4 X PRINCESSES: Joanne Divico Dori Snortt Maresa Stok Susan Storlazzi 'Wh QUEEN: Pam D'AngeIo Y Q1 'I f fn! N v-Qxvhg I I I 'Q I I ' ' s K, f,pf Y 3 gr Q , LG , fa' fx -,f4, . ,,. '?'ff!,gf ,,-Jig, U D u S4 L dn if, f f 1.:'1 ff 1 M 'F' . '1 " I MF , J , 4 Pin 1 4 " 41' ,g y 4.17 lf Q x fr N, x - 'fb f A V rf N x ,'g,,Q 'ff , . Q W o XIX.. '- . I w. ,.' "'-."vu r. ,.,g . .. ,1- ,., Dv- QA I 'N ,J 7' H . .1 1 -sv- z " f x IQJT f 412, CRYSTAL Q 2 MOMENTS ai If T' In - ,.- 1' I 4. , 4-.1 ,, 1, Ap J Z 'X . I Q-.. 1 ! 5 rw, 4 A 5 ff ' 2 5 1 w W ' 1 , , f V ' Mlllrlrlaamrg 1, 5 5 X -pf .--5 , 5 O , wh- H f , ' lf, 'W ' "W Y 7 TW' ,f- f ' I X f l 47 ' 7 i . , 'T Q f U - I! FOOTB 130132 .aa qs v f aqgy . .1 J Top. D. Byer, Coach Caputo, P. Sleczkowski, M. Foynes, A. Brody M. Mastrangello, M. Hilton Second: D. Veene, D. Nau, J. Hard, M. Gerding, H. Marshall, J. Rubln, M. Stevens, D. Garret, M. Niland. D. Welch Thlrd: L. Kolopolus, J. Nlland, G. Robldoux. G. Fnrth, T. Barnes S. Burton, G. Noke, F. Meader, D. Chamberlain, D. Yee Fourth: T. Destefano, K. Flanagan, D. Herrick, A. Triano, J. Beling, B. O'NelII, M. LeMoine, J. Robidoux, T. Campbell, J. Dernarunis . , is T x. gs V6.9 ,fr A Q. X hge, '75 L if"-22315 M 'T "0 J lv l H. F wp. 44,1 nl? 1' We ' Q '.u if fy ..,...A-.. 2 X ki J W" .. .,., - f Q'-'eg . N gl W : S QS , M4 "QS xv? 1 ff ' N l Nigel F f 1"7"""" ' W wif lx .N-1 LL ,y v, ff. fl? S? wr A-,ww .... RECORD "l"'L1 NORTH OPP. NEWTON NORTH 14 BRATNTREE' 20 NEAEDHAM F F 6 NATlCK A . 5' NORWGOD F as T SOUTH . ""' 12 WELLESLEY C T MILTON Q DEDHAM WALPOLE L:-Jw.. , ,f ' .: , ' woN ziiaiiosr 8 s ,-ff 6"-f',.Q'. 4 Q 'P' . QUE it 5 , ' ri ,fl ' - 4 I Tu g ' Q-.4 ii- r ' ,gg .4 ' - I I , , T. - , - V 4'1" ' '- M "J 5. V. I . . 3 . emu , S-4 O 21 10 22 34 -I xl 1 'QI VK' 2' 4 75 ' '17 N Q? ' - V' , .4-A ,. , 3'x lf, ll 'Of s Off 0 5 4 r 1 1 I , - , Q J, , F I t X if 5 A-V . A W V ' 2 - If ,Au - K A 0 fr P ' I, 5 Q - 'YH X NW' .. 'i NP Y i S - 1 v -v , H :J U W A M ,H ' Y 4 W.. J , . X I af' v r wi Z X V an a ur F HJ' i .' , 1' 2 1 I ." 1 ' Xl ' P , .' , fm Lv W ' 'f-G 1' v .ff ' ww A: h ' f V 'Fir , .' i - f A' f A . fb 'f, fff2ffff: f' Af' . -:QQ5:1i:3l:2' .sf g',ig'f' .:'4,'. 5 4 sw" ,I A ?'egC, mfg: , , Q W'?'gff'f+ ' f , I f A ,fawvff 4 5 , 1, f N ,, f 3 Z .Q A, My 1. f :Q-Q 53M'1n in Q S 6 H M' r. A. L..- ,ow 'WMM .Nu 4 ,xv-4 mr Mm , L 5 R - ef., AK, 1' QR I P55 -:Nik T I' N I'-M-. .lv . .Y..-- -E fo F!! Ls ff ? 4 e 'fm ri' . 4 . ,Wag .bg 1 .44 'AQ up -- x W 1. 42. :nfs 5: " 'gat 4' .1 f Y 1 ' Cl 2:31 inn. 3+ .--- 1 I Cl ua'sili'.3 2292 22 gn ....4"" 'flu-e """'?'-'?"" Bottom Row: S. Spencer, D. Sterns, M. Tognacci, Nl. Kagno, R. Squires, D. Zinck, R. Daly, lVl. Gatz, R. Armstrong, C. Paul, D. Rice Top Row: C. Camona, C. Hartzbacker, E. Jolley, D. Taylor, D. Summers, K. Jenkins, D. Nickerson, B. Smith, F. Gaton, M. Tltlebaum, Coach Ralph Martino, Coach Ed Kavanagh l l Top: Coach Trincia, J. Janus, D. Levin, E. Hegerich J. Flanagan, S. McKerin, B. Kryzwicki, G. Monson, J. Halpin, J. Cushing, G. Byrd, F. Hafer, Coach Irusi Second: J. Campanard, N. Sleeper, S. Healey, B. Carey, B. Duggan, C. Kilbridge, R. Polich, J. Salvucci, S. Parker Third: F. Gatzogian- nis, M. Nanatovich, B. O'Rourke, T. Carey, Nl. Ross, R. King, M. Lovuolo, D. McDougall, P. Colonna ,,,,,,,..iipf-ff Rini . H.. ' , 511. - 9--, T C ',L'ZQ- f 1- v----1-M Q, ----5 -V wa- ,. , -pans - ' fi... J fe .sf'r"r,1i , v .3 K' , ka? ..... -1 .4 A , 4' .,1 LL tw 0 , .,, 'WV 1 K l 4 " 5 0. . ' 1 iaffg "Q 1f"1fZfc.j W W. Q . - 5 ugh' 1. 2 my lv ff2'fHZ.,a'.1 we , T 'f s H 4. -miikavi ":",'-f, , . 1 55-1. - ,l If V9.1 'wg D .x . . VAw.!.::,l1Q.M ., 1 r . 6, ..-3 5' K Q .wigs ' A' Q51 s4"-gf , c.'smQ'nQ4kl 5 ,',, 1--my , ? fx' , I 1 E 'al x 1 . iw .A ' Q ' 2 J ann.. il it 'Ad ,init N W il i 1 - xl - .J.-. Y .. - ,H FIELD HOCKEY RECORD Won 3 Tied 2 Lost 9 NORTH OPP. NATICK 2 O SOUTH 2 2 WELLESLEY O 6 NORWOOD 1 5 NEEDHAM O 1 BRAINTREE O 1 SOUTH 1 1 NATICK 4 1 1-'N WALPOLE o 3 4 NORWOOD o 2 2 , DEDHAM o 1 'S' 'ww -1 MILTON 1 2 1 NEEDHAM 1 2 - 1 ,E W I T 1 2 1 M 1 , 1 1 ' W x ' BROOKLINE 1 0 ' mb Q LA X J, 'af'-45? A 1 + f-ff K aw., 21.5 A.,.L.N,, bi H - ,. Biff., - . ll .A . 'A' 1 Y-'M' fAz.'1:N1ly Qujfh- . M ., ' .1 - ' . 4 139' r "'7! .."-' , - ',V4b mx, ,o-.AQ -- ,g.f':3 1 . "Q gbalrig. Q' lst Row, L-R E Barr, B Yee, D Mndum. K LPm10n,S Nunley, H Nuland, S Kessel, S Vanheest 2nd Ro ' "" ' 'M' 'Q' 1 1 Aw TI UHCP I ' , 4P"5""" 4, 541,95 fl-K '-L R J Gnorgno. K Sonmn, G Federuro, D St.1re1t,K Thom.1s.L Sh.mm1,S ra ,J wubea , nm ' "' ' "' Condm P JCIURJWIIKI 'Q . 'cfs 1"-.Q V It lst Row Morse, D ZF Winzll Loss 5 Tie 2 Braintree South Wellesley Dedham Norwood Needham Natick Milton Walpole Braintree South Wellesley Dedham Norwood Natick Needham Milton Walpole M x X ' ,ffflffl -F af 'Nr '1"l'5I .-IJ... , . . . ,,. Mm Y . .zu-,.a.,.,.,f:v!u.,,,. , The penalty shot . . . The score The punt by Spector ma J.V. C9-5-453 Front Row, L-R: J. Zyzansku, B. Fettug, C. Mascolu, A. Barken. M. Shea, M. Hexneman, D. Lacey. 2nd Row: M Gunther, K. Frsh, D. F?en'11llard,G. O'RelIly,J. Comusky, E. Burrell, P, Spence. 3rd Row: B. O'NenI, P. Nlarnnellu, P. l-lelluwell, IVI. Dernarunls, S. ' Sandler, S. Kullarn. 4th Row: Coach Yeager, B. Horner, M. Grogan, J. Nlarchessault, L. Osgood and Glles Hettlnger, D. Yoffe, A Q ng, FroshC11-2-15, Front Row, L-R: J. Uftornng, C. Brooks, J. Anzalone, J. Balbonu, A. Derrnrn, R Flosenburg. 2nd Row' S. Chamerlun, B. Smuth, J Bryant, T. Boudreau, R Nesh. S. ,vi Nlgloskl, M. Fritz, 3rd Rowi T. Macpherson, J Aquuno, Nl. Chugnolla, B. O'NelI, J Diamond. R, Wntty, J. McMahon, J. Zentus, P, Helluwell, Coach Brackett -va, rl . ' . I .,.. h A, 50' ,al r .. lst Rowg L to R: G. Beatrice, A. Glazer, A. Evans, P. Chaplin, D. Adams. 2nd Row, S. Shore, S. Price, G. Bartlett, L. Carter, C. Wohler. 3rd Row, L. Nordquist, K. Gunther, Nl. Wohler, C. Campion, B. O'NeiII, D. Eramo, N. Callanan, Coach Dallamore. ""'S Co-captains O'NeiIl and Campion with coach Dallamora RECORD North Opp. North Opp. Braintree O 1 0 2 South 2 O 1 2 Wellesley 2 2 1 O Dedham 1 O 2 1 Norwood 5 0 5 O Needham 1 5 0 1 Natick 4 4 3 1 Milton 2 O 5 0 Walpole 5 O 7 O UGH! . ., b,""" ' 5 ,tif ,, ,n . i ,. lr , Flo' .-, 'Ip VS. ra r U Y if "-"' an Q f 'FUR A KICK IN THE GRASS SWEET VICTORY JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS --A 1 ai, f f -I . ,gf H51 20995 ailitlff f -la-'.ewzcx ill ., 4 M mmf? ,1,.: or-1 -,.'.'s3e,zk2m1::'. f A A It ' E. 1' T535 .1521-231 :'4','?149D N' GQ Q 1 . Qc' 'A reef . D, W 4 -4 A wf !VfAf V D 'ei 2 M1 L , L V ,,, x A ,. Kiwi ' A V 'E',,,kH9v52igfl1lfg,""'K,.f,. ual? as N r. V -of V Q, , luv' 3Qj'S'I,'L'3 ' Y ' " V , x ' f x Y" ' f , B . 4"-'QEPFJ f W., A so I vn l M ' l if., , 4 f '. 2 ' 1 . ff' f 'gb , D 'N 'Z M 'ff J ...,...l'-Q. .1 ini . ' y X Bottom Row: Bull Rogers, Henry Levune, Duck Glaven Ccaptb, Sean Roskey Ccaptl, Jeff Watt. Top Row: Scott Baron, Kurt Toucey, Bob Feuersanger, Andy Davus, Rick Heartwell, Coach Durnas. 3 vgx , 'Nb 4-I 1 AQ 1 b' Glavnn - Strives 5:22. I I Needham Natick Dedham Milton Braintree Norwood South Wellesley Walpole North 15 19 30 24 15 16 15 15 15 xr! f 25 33 50 43 40 40 46 Won 8 Lost 1 Breen is Determined S- 1 Yu 'l an .., I l MQBTH ll-.1 1' i-I. Roskey - Wlns QI? .. fr' XQHT1., X' 9 X N N E? 1 RFQ, " 4. X. V . , - ,'m'. K 1 'wx' 5 F Q .Lg A-2171, . ' 1 i ' , It m, A ,r ' , , -' fp, r- 5 f 5 ' -A A A H s f - 97' " Q4 p,az1 Jeff Watt S. , Bob Feuersanger -A - -T". Paul Vaskehs Kurt Toucey . '99 ni 97545 Q. X732-:'.?f4,s4 Hfsfdlfri' Kwan, , wr Q" r. 155 ff .,,,, 14' 1. ' 1 1.4 fm A we me gym, sf 1 f,.a 'nwfaf -' ififflfz? H215 V . Hail- ' 1. .. Q, wiv i All ..f - Scott Baron Xin., A 15. X 1 nip: wwe. 1 ' J:-. Bottom Row Cnrus Perkuns, Ken Curewrtz, Ed Sofro, Joe Terranova. Paul Vaskelus, Beth Burton Mrddle Rowi Jon Carey, Peter Roskey, John Kurk. Bob Weusenbloom, Dave Doran, Mark Breen, Cnrus Roskey Top Row: Scott Baron, Rrck Heartvve-Il, Andy Davrs, Krusta Gullbrand, James Dumas 6Coacnp NWT r .t W..-Q. 523' ,vw-,nm-.' 5 fl5 r 25'vL l'lfQ: .'- I fix , ' ,, lksjk' , A .41 Q, Q vagf'-1 4 v , and , , Q. f,.:7',.' ,, H H .Liga Q f L!! A-...g.'.- ' .' ' - , ' If-9 1 viii' Q' A ' . --Zfirfet Y' ' "L Xe 'i-- 1 r'. ' f"' , "' :aw ' w 5, f Z ' -qijf 1'12fY'5:'r,f'3-xi no., hh- v I ii Y yy. ,j xv, A .nl A N n is-1,-jfs , , Q K f :sl 4" V ,.. I NA' AE., .-4.'- r' ' -' L If 1 'V-7' .Af":., JI." .522-ggi-f-gint' A ' ,J g J J- 5 , ,uf 'yup-.. ilrlgx , 1-.:':' I. I if .pf . -K--. :i h 'H 95:5-'nf "B , -1 me r L . 2--arg - 1 - ,'-gym-. " ' A 'fx .J , -YK. 3 we rf- .., 11 1 -V B L -,.-fan S 'av' by, V V, ,A t:'v.+, I, , -,ze . --,-3, r- . -, .-1 r gl "s ' A, u- L. ' 'f-1,'5'!?1fW-,f'76f5': 5' t . ,fri ' ' " 73? 1 'lf ' -BJTSA "f 5 7r'r4r2.7f-1' ft: ' Ziff' .lr fy a"' 3 "'57 N 5'i":"" fl 11 if " f.ff' jf x 'f' ' X Q','f5fT '."f5 Q. "af 3-7' 'NFL ' i I unfair., ,..,,,,. - .41 L WF 4, f V' A if s 1 49,4 113.451 .ff 16 l A -L l Flrst Rowi L. Games, D, Margeson, MB. Celorua, A. Trundal, W. Engle Second Row: K Lewis, B, Brady, M Avers, S Doclek, K. McGrath Third Row: C, Brown, C. Auoe, K. Wadsworth, K Gregory, A Berng Fourth Row: Muss Buckley, C. Moore, R. Wnlson, T. Marshall, A, Sapovvutz, Miss Jackabousl-ru Wellesley South Needham Walpole Natick 'EAA Bramicee V, .,., 7.,4f,, Q. Norwqpgl. fhleecliljfgglfriw Dedlhfafid Mlm Naiick . Ti., f North O 2 1 r fd. , - . .1 ' ' ,1 ji 1- 'sf -,pa 2 ' '. ,fu 1: fa,-52 A dd' Opp. 2 O 2 1 V, H. . . O ., . , J 1, af mi, lg 'Q5'g,l5'1 7 - Va-VM gr, A zifllfr ' , ' ., ff,. ,fi N V ,V-ff:,.,+ e 5,w.Q,.wf' . " f- ,r rw' H115 J'-3135: U Pl ff , "5 if f 1 - . -1 f ve'?g5g, - LJ., p, 1 , .3f'WS?lle5l'9Y.....f: ' r"-f. Waliirole, A e 2 MWon: 4 laogtz 10 . ,,,,l.! ,ZZ -,L V' V wg., -eq: . .. ' My ,-, ,Q V. ,., ' y Ag-:,. 'f,f'421an ar ' f '6 M 'A" 3? '55 v5 M X MISS Burkley, M B Celorm, Musa .l.''wouskl ' Top D, Margeson, B Brady, W Engle, M Avers, K McGrath Bottom K. Lewis, Games, M B Celorla, A Trundal, S Dodek V I ik! X ln 3. N AH ' 1 SJ ' iv Q si K 5 Q i 5u"':r- Q' e f - JM.: Eg , "' hm., ' The Line Up S s E gf 5, 5 1+ w rve In ----an-.-........ , ii. as it we 5 11 f 1 "'z""f The Set I f I q.,- 1141, f The Spike I 1 . W. --gg., E ' 1 :Qi-E 1 n:..., 5 ' 4555" ' e Ili?" e 4 ,ififfc ,f,.,,,,,,, jff If fl I 5. gp 5 l 3 ,Y 1129! E Mr V X 'ff T Ir- f SV if 3 Y X 2 9 K J " ,ff -' y' ,, Q' M?" Q1 J ' 1 If -f . all ,Af , 'T' i 11' Tr"' QM up Way ,M ,UT .4 4 7' Miz ii" iw KIK I4 1 K' 7 M 1' I ...A Q if 1 wig ' f" 9'-' i f' 9 iw .5 ,+L A ,- v .,fr, South Wellesley Dedham Wayland Natick Needham Norwood Mulford Record North 105 94 82 94 51 97 101 95 Won 8 Lost 0 North Sectnohal-lst Place-152 pts, l .1 .V --up -4 Opp. 67 74 70 71 31 75 59 76 SPARTAN5 H , X V -.J EE Rumi Qi ,5 Ms. Top rowz M. Kaplan, T, MCNnchoI, B Gren'1ly,M.Welsenbloorn, L. Parnell. 2nd row: A, Durm, D. Wylde, L. Pnzette, manager S. Tafurl. Front rowi Assistant Coach M. Turner, A. Penn, S. Shennfeld, Coach J. O'CaIIaghan Missing: M, Zuber, J. Shaw, M. Yaffee, M, Cohen ,as Se, in K t Y'-v' 5. 5 ' 4 RECORD Lexmgton Acton - Boxboro Framingham South Wellesley Milford Dedham Norwood Fitchburg Natick Needham Won Lost 8 Q E573 Slif- lpili ll l l, l 'lll ff Hill' Ifefl' VARSITY-Top Row Coach Salvl, D Valovcln, K. Brown, D Kokldko, M Wash- lngton, P. Goncalves, M Gerdlng, S. Spector, Bottom rows S. Lerner, B, Kell- ty, co-capt D. Bennett, cofcapt McMahon, E. Bablneau, D. Brldge. l SENIORS-Darryl Valovcin, Dave Kokidko, Make Washington, Paul Goncalves. Bottom row: Bob Kellty, Dean Bennett, Chrls McMahon. RECORD North Opp. Natlck 58 61 Norwood 49 44 Braintree 62 63 Wellesley 57 59 Milton 56 45 South 57 64 Decllmm 64 62 Neocllmm 63 54 Walpole 73 62 N.ltlc,k 87 67 Nor Wood 68 59 Fir.1lntreQ 77 64 VVell0s,Ie'1y 69 58 Mlltoll 55 33 South 56 54 Delllram 72 64 Nelmllrlm 74 79 Walgpole 70 51 I-V, JV-Top row: Coach McGrath, D. San Clemente, P, Grudzinskn, M. Bob rrck, M. Mastrangelo, P. Gates, C. Carmona, J. Reichert, S. Shein feld. Bottom row: B. Frshel, D. Stearns, D. Robart, D. Wunbush, B. Com lskey, M. Kagno, R. Squares, Co-Capt. Bennett-Coach Salvn-Co-capt. McMahon f-5 . 1, . -nm P Y 9 Z., C Ch gum, s 4 N -v W- Q M , .-1 I 3 af X 7 -. , 3s tg Q1 M' I I S W . A' . -3 1 in ,rx W 1 ,M52 I fins J fi . Z9 .. X gl M fb Y X 4. yy Sxtfk 'gy of U X i X Qvnsv Q. wh w ff f vw f I fex , 4 X, -,,. , b' J figs-" a'- , Pa ll . a " J 4, Q'! 'I' Q . , 'ff' 'haf , Q rr If-if 'QQ -'bf .'1'Q4 4' al . Ai 4-j , ev Q Q, Si 'Q ' 'iii dl' ,-f"'-'Q fi: -.GN 41 'Q 4 Ha. and H! fu, 2? g .....--- l F, ,,,.h,.W unqwk " ' S' f 14,45 ,.q ft-1 . , , fl Q .el-3462 Q., iv::4o:.. ' 'KA llthtiltfano - North OP NahCX Nor Brpin Welles Malton South Dedham Needham t Walpole 9:5 Mnlton South S Dedham I 'QR - Varsuty tl rl CoaLh Vogel A Sapowlth C Wholer, C. Paradus, J. Thlbault, H. Nllahd, L. Se-bastlan, S, Sloane. bottom row tl rn K Lennon M Devaney, S. Terrlo, A, Tumdal. Mig 'mud 4, I IRLS ASKETB LL k.J l . Jumor Varslty: qlvrl Coach Tedoldn, Lusa Wulson, Gail Smuth, Kam Ruccua, Nancy Savage, Kathy Borman bottom row: qlfrb Laura Bassewutz, Laurle Horn, Maureen McPhee, Laura Keilty, Elyse Blank, Freshman: top row Cl-rj Coach Hanson, Carol Sebastuan, Paula Chaplln, Tracy Efthum, Barb: Keith, Pam Hunt Phyllis Merchant, bottom row: fl-ry Jane Harris, Renee Davis, Cheryl Tucker, Lisa Davidson, Della Mannion Uta Jenkm, MaryAnn Hanson. Dt S DX --"" 5 I S X Sensors .4 E! 4 nv' -k-1777 1 ,nr l I.. I HIM 5 MIIB? I'-YI . ,,, sq w K Y Y - 43 1-1 I l - 1? Q A-'-'ffff iff' 1257? 5 ii? gr ir, 1 g , 9 Q' f ni' 1 7, W V M V- 'ff' ,V " D E . X ' ' A--'-f'--'--f g. Yi , GYMNASTICS "t fix, K .V -WX is .J 4 4 2 2 if 'wr , 'F' 4 "uf "-1 1 N 4 1 1 .ag -f"' 4 l- -4-.P QV? , """"'hnfv1'l2" 5m I M' B kl Ccoachb J Divico co captain B Brooks co-captain D Tericano, S. Alperin, Mrs. Siggins assistant coach. 2nd row: top row: Iss uc ey , . - , . , . D. Hurlbutt, K. Andelman, M. Donovan, P. Schwartzel, L. Snook, L. Mascioli, bottom row: D. Stearns, R. Kenney, D. Chitow, D. Marshall. 5 n 5 Bralntree Dedham Westboro Natlck Wellesley Needham Walpole Mllton South Norwood Wayland 7 Wins if - V lar North 7390 83.55 82,10 80.95 91.30 85.40 108.15 9495 94.75 90,90 85,50 4 Losses Opponent 112.50 102,50 72.80 68.85 68.90 91.40 75,20 105,40 83,75 86.85 56.90 f ,ww "v"' C35 if ,yam- Beth Brooks, Joanne Divlco-co-captains, Coach Buckley, Asst. Coach Slggins. -'mix Q AMP X N X. . i S if 51 tk .J A WL. Top Row: Assistant Coach John Yeager, Jamie Gilgallon, John Searcy, Mark Diamond, Arty Buckman, Jeff Speranza, Steve Segara, Coach Tony Manzella. Bottom Row: Ricky Baye, Tim Norton, Kevin Flanagan, Dave Cushing, Bob Devlin ,Jw Record Won 2 Lost Braintree Brookline Westboro Wellesley Needham Milton Wayland Attleboro Norwood Tied 1 Opp. 115 77 106 85 96 130 95 92 83 J!! x Y 'I' 1 rv in C 'rg C' ' Graff Seniors: Turn Norton, Jarnue Gulgallon, Kevin Flanagan, Mark Diamond David Cushing N NN, Kms, wx 1 wg K , 'QQ Coach J. Dumas 1? K f ,. --rr, quvvqgg- -gumnn-u Ella- V--u rf--ff-ww ' ,md U W . W4 1-1 w ,u fu. ,Ai ,. , , A a uk- zur -. om-+ . i ,,, g Q., . ,,, nur: in -1 -an r-rg nav. t. ,vu up in-u .31 1-1 - , -1 .xv svn .-yfeman 'in gg., mana... . - 1'-whit .rrafr-.v.,mf eps he qw V , mb V Ra, an g 441- and X-rv ,,,.,'. V , . N J .ut .- 1: f 1 J 4- .- vm- 2- . N. . 1.93: ff 4,-alll: 'fig BB max' mul 1 - ,i .ms-wp.nvumv.lunaan' , Qi J z 5 , 1? 1 i 41- r Top row: Coach O Rourke, J. Havel, A. Izuml, J. Evans, co-Capt. Roskey, T. Goldman, H. Levsne, J. Watt, K. Thom as, B. Rogers, P. Roskey, B. Burton, L. Koulopoulus, D. McDougIe, S. Barron, M. Buckminster, K. Toucey, D. Quinn M. Walters, D. Starrett, C. Yee, M. Breen, Coach Dumas. Second row: C. Roskey, K. Gullbrand, R. Roseburg, D. Roffer, J. Terranova, E. Sofio, C. Long, S. Duncanson, co-capt. Glaven, K. Toucey. Bottom row: B. Crabtree, R. Neshe, D. Doran, J. Kirk, R. Silver, S. Arnold, C. Brooks, C. Kruger. '1 vu?-! Qc! Coach J. O Rourke 7'X"4. N... -X J .."' 1' 9' ,, f-ax Ib ix, N. .. I' lv s-WI, . -1 1 l 'iff' X 4 V9 wi' Capt, Greg Renter new lin! . V 5 . 5 L Freshman star Joe Balboni NOR Norwood Mnlton 1 ' fr-Q, , ,glib . .M-5 X Dedham ee'.Q IQ , IJ South 'K c Q Wellesley -1 Branntreq, !x" ' Malden f 'ff' N Needham -,Q ' Lincoln-Sudbury ' 3 Medford 4: X. WRESTLING Walpole f san, BY. G lic Memorial 45 5 i f inS Tie Varsnty' Bottom row QL-RJ, J. Dolloway, J Pauli, G, Goldman, G, Renter, B. Lemmon, D. Dadman. Second "vga 4 row CL-R33 Coach Kaufman, J, Cullnnan, D Martnno, P. Remnllard, D, Welch, S. Mann, P. Germann, J. Bal- "W""fxkm Xu bonn, T Murray, R, Raull, M. Frntz. V . kv E95 3, I 'in l" 5' nur lr n.- ' ?.' :il 'Y I a li ,n xx Ianni! "xfwnfF?71 -"" II - :LLL JJ' fi5i'u.aP Coach Kaufman, Trn-Captannsg Renter. Goldman. 81 Cullnnan ' - g Q . - Seniors A R lei ' m - ' .1 J' Nxvfif k V G W Fw' X . f -. - . a - Y.. Freshman: Bottom row CL-R55 Captains M. Fritz 8. R. Paull. 2nd, row CL-RJ M, Page, M. Doran P. Selgal, C. Barret, N. Long, T, Liner, Top row QL-R33 Coach Balbonn, M. Homberg, K. Jack man, R. Polnch, J, Znmmerman, D. Kampner, S. Parker, A. Perlow, missing: R. O'Rourke, B Lampke. Y ' C Q as .eu-16:4 xi I, S L-1, r . lx? 3. 1 ,X ,sf ffm-QQ. v' X X 5 Coach Morris ,N 3. Capt. CUYGWITZ "3Yf7yii'x'.:Q- Capt, Mgnmng 'ts . .. " "NWn"'M'5Q V ,- "'u-rf 'N i f'7?-- ',. fi-W- 1 7 " "' N " ' N I A Front Row, LR: P Jorge-nson, B. Osgood, L Mannlng, M. Curewutz, D. Nau, J. Clocker, T. Sheehan Back Row, L-R: Asst. Coach Peluer, R. O'l.aughl:n, S. Sebastian, M. Jacobs, J. Conway, J. Hart, A. Brody, B. Bracket, P. Montalbano, T. Healy, T. Hune, P. SIGCZROWSKI, Hockey W3 L13 T2 South Needham Brauntree Norwood Dedham Mlliorl Wellesley Natick V Walpole South Needham Braantree Norwood Dedham Mllton Wellesley Natick Walpole North 4 1 O 0 2 3 3 O 2 1 I 2 2 2 5 I O O OPP.- ' 1. 9 4 7 2 3 2 7 3 2 7 9 8 1 9 4 1 1 1 M. Vonner, Coach Morris Mlssung A Alllson C l . ' l I l l lin.. -1-.nh-i2c4,'na lx J l ... l 55 1 0 5 P kqhqg SM Y I WP' X Mft I 5 J' '7 X' '- f 4 ,'.. ' 31 lp L '2 L' P-fn ks T 1 k x V! ' X' I X vw-. .1.- B fb H . -I' ,r S P , " N . - ' .C ,Nh Ah .f, , -mf, -"-3' Q ,I in , I t . 31 Li ' ,. I W- 4 in I N ' I K I 1 X 'S . .1 Q.. "' HI, . ' ' ' ' fs, U., cj- 301. , -I ' ' x 'H xi " -X '2 C - N 4 . ,J -. ,M 1, .N " , 4' 5 3 J ... R B ' ' . Q A fl' S 4 ' f rf ' W- ' -A"2f at 21 A - 3 f 2 J- - M 1 G t . . Osgood Sensors ..-1" 9 , .3 f ' ,llb df, x 7, , . Hart QJQZ 'fun Front Row, L-R: C Spence, S. Wong, D. Shean, M Manatoruch, S. McCarty, J. Ca- gon, T Morse Second Row, L-R' Coach Cullen, R. Witty, M, Seaman, J. Flanagan, C. Stauffer. S. Mac Eachern M Lovoulo. P Orlando, J Vacaro, Mnssnng D. Fnore. Ea? Junior Varsity Bottom row, L-R' M Duprez, S. Long, D. Race, J. Antonuccl, T. Brvgham, C, Sheehan Top row L-R: Coach D, Polller, B. Wlse, J. Byrnes, T. McFadden, B. Brackett, J. Sebastnan, M. Bernfneld, S. Mannlon, L. Ala, Asst. Coach Stanley. S I W- S .rrr r r. :rf tsst file f if--l' l .e.u..3lr. -.,..fa.- - Q 5 ,L gg ?'31' v" 6 . 'ls ?L 5 . Ji ' Qt 'H iw- x"'5 in ' 4 " - f- T B - 9 5 5 9' 'YY I I I I I I I I I I -4 xfl' 'fa 'QR-Nw 5. 'Tita- B 545- .,. l y ,V af lf I want my Gatorade -'Q H9 went Thaita way' l Aren't you glad I use Deal? I -7? 111i I - ,lv Bad call, Ref. stea plung Jr! "' 1 . , , if-Q A iapilxx. - ' ,- if 8 ,I - Sl Q17 f 2iZfg f , 1 , X it X X, Q ' -f T K s 4 'Win' f I - X 1' nh l 1 ,ff 4104 'fl X X! , 3 X . X - ,lil f f f X, -1.41542 g if '1 - fk 'nillgf 1 2 f fa 11-N,u 4 A44 X f 1 V ' 4 fa. ' v Z' f" ish. 3 f 1 Q . Q 1 72 L M ! 5 'Q-K V A A' ff r r f . 1 r' V ' ' 5 rn 'V 5 'Q k.. ' 1 ' 1' X ' I "ff , ' 1 .I I k : wvgi Minas? 7 We Nl' Q. -N X Q. - , ' v' , , 'Q' ' WW Wi fm fwyi W0 7 v " V50 X f g 1 X ,' , l l:I '-' 2 Q 1 Z ' ' . 5 ff'Xse.a1i:?.:ee2 f x ,Q X 1. 5,15 4r .Wgv I bQ.'A , A n' '-" f' 5' --- - 131, 'Wk' 55354552-E' A M B , , W Il Mi 'I MU 5 . - Q :Rl , f , f Z' : , Y ' ' A f A E' ,lik f f 0 U X C 'din f 2 Iigftl I f iff g I 495559 ,' 1 'I 1252? 4 1 ' f' 4 1' ' I J fl!!! 'M 5 f' 'Inf IW! X ,Q mi .4f. V NE' P f X "' ' wg ' 4 ' i in A ' H," ,M f HE I lm. r :sm- "' 5?E?' u" f ' giiiix uliluii f 4 M3525 , ENN 'si 7 a SB Good luck wath S B. tha hall C A SIM B. Man? Man? . .Where's the man? CA. wants Rubao Hey Vacaa, as your nose numb yet? Machele wath one L, beware of weardos an bus stataon bathrooms. Thank you S C , CA. MB and PW. for the best barthday ever SB. On three, stand up and scream! S C. loves choppang wood. Wall SB and S B. EVER get together? CA SMB. MB. as stall leadang the Basalon. KF, TC, ML, RG, BL, BP, LD, SS, SB, DP, LM, SS, ML, TT, JH, DH, AND DV 'all have experaenced Close Encounters of the Caldor Kand! 20 kads-Mrs Kevan Langeau Who ever heard of a bland weddang? Ha Mrs, K.L -from Mrs DL. Thanks guys for all the months of book carryang you dld for me. Love. Machele "Coche approche"-muchas gracaas Laurae. from Shara and Machele Patty D., T . . . A , , C , . WHAT? Lynda JD-You can't smoke thas!-KF Felaz Navadad con un "Moose" MB ls M.J.S. really a S FHS? DF and LB-1-2-3-ATTACK!-KF Davad: warmth of personalaty, top 3'-lb? NT. as stall acceptang donataons Rory, runnang on fumes . , . Pablo d'E, Mao Iaves! LF. NM, and JL as Wheaton-Remember-Freshman year, Natack Mall and Ashland Boys, and Varsaty Cheerleaders t??J-KF A new superstataon' hadang under dagatal clocks brangs bad luck fast! K.L. has vavacaous coffee and a bathroom door that locks when ats open! The concept of gravaty as totally unfaar to knees and arms, no?, KL? Will T.C. ever get her Os ? Hey twan saster, how about 20 males today? To MB., have you earned your 7 poants yet? C.A. To S.C.g Hey Clafford, break out the farst aad kat! Love C.A. Shaboom-Farst we'll go to Wonder Woman and then we'lI go to Heberts!-Shaboom Debi Dragons are forever! t'Hot bIooded"-check at and see-"l wall"-Later, much-"How much?" -Oh SO MUCH! KL., D.T. and PC,-modern technology proves that slabs of granate and sandstone aren't art-no matter how old they may be! Shaboom-Fat boys an whate pants, EFL samera laundry, "Do I know you?"-OK-52.40"-F T IF ,," A Daamondl, next Bus 3:40-Shaboom GB.-Look out for garaffes and remember to say you're sorry before at happens! ReneeeWhen are you goang to learn to close the Door? Ha Penny-Love J.O. Thanks for everythang! Ha Fance 84 Faame-Love Phal Elmer as Fudd-Fudd as an Elmer! Ha Guy And at gets me knowhere Say no more, Say no more! We're just a bunch of wald 81 crazy foxes 8-ball an the corner pocket Boat-Though there are tames when we aren't always an touch, I know we'lI always be fraends, Love Karen Pat, Bubs, Ann, Mouse, LO, Lasa, Janet-Thanks for all the good tames- Love ya, Reen Memoraes of Daytona Beach for PJ., BB., 8tD.P. . .the bong! EP. You wall always be wath me an my mand-D.P. NM skateboards away from trouble! Wall MTM ever make the SC? Wall Wino ever kack the habats? Wall MD ever leave the SC? Wall BK ever kill CR with her thumb? Will KG ever stay wath one guy for a week? Stay tuned . . . MK-Volkswagon does at agaan.-T.C., B.K, S.D., GB. Jackae, I hope Joe goes to class today-JM. Goodbye to J.D., J.L., E.R,, LZ., MG., DC., VT., JC., DO., BT., P.P., GR., SK, SB., KC., P C,, D.H,, D.W,, S.C.! from JM. "That'S hum."-"THATS HIM!" Keep an touch-KC.,J.R., K.B., HM., US., J.L., E.C., J,M., DW., MG.,- from SB. Best excuse I've ever heard from Skap-"I got locked an the darkroom." Sagned J.L. To Pumpkan, the beached whale wath the crown we'II water you down later!! JN better get a new knat dress before the old one rots from overuse! Daz, what wall Oosy Doo? Duckaes, Boxes, 2 apples, Faz. But Mr. DaProfao, at was Jane's fault! How many of you wall PB, MB, PC, JE, CG, JG, DH, LH, JJ, NL, LM, AS, DS, MW, Wall-but RK won't.! J.A., how as thas for a one-laner? Mrs. B's A.F,'s at Besgens. To T.L., Bewwy wubs, the and cheesecloth thanks. CB. Beth CPBJ-"There as no greater blessang than an understandang fraend."-Love Karen CFKJ D.N. and PP. leave the graphac arts darkroom to the new sophomores. LB, KC. Let's go for Chanese food-JG, RD, To John, Rach, Ball-I leave three season tackets to the Alley and Captain Crunch Munchaes.ACB To ''Spunky"-AIaasMackey-l'll never forget you, buddy. P. Pattstop. SA, LI, SS, JH, MC, NM, BP, KF-Mmmm Dasco! All l can say as LORDY! Stephanae, at's because the walt, AB. Crank-we make great cheerleaders! ls it L or P? Love Fratz To GB., from your three secret admarers-ST., SM., SB. Shalom, Shalom, Shalom-Havaaram: to the Hebrew Club from Janas Ya Deb you're raght-"Who Doesn't?" Deb-Thanks for always beang there and for beang the best and truest fraend anyone could have, Love Patty. V.T.-you know Brandy, the coffee color one! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive-R, Ametti. T.N.-Thanks for our "Crystal Moment", the ones that followed, and those to come. Love always, Susan. L.M., KL., P.C., PG., N.T., L.E., etc., but especially Deb, thanks for everything. Love B.T. Great minds think alike? K.L.-remember, there's alcohol in that there Riunitel You too, Marci! Okay, kiddies, it's twitch-out time-starring Integral Man and the Trig Functions-no wait, that's another tale! WUPH 81 BOOP from P.G. and PC. to everyone else in space, To J.J., KC.. M.W., ES., and JY., We finally made it! JC. Thomas, I love that BUMPY nose! D.M. "Pilot to Co-Pilot, Pass the nunite" Ready . , . On your mark . . . Get set . . . TWITCH OUT!!! Volleyballs for breakfast!!! To MS.-You drive me crazy! KC. To J.C., JY., J.J,, M.W., ES., BC.-We're out! Party on! To J.Y, in TX, How's old fleas Jr.? J.C. in MA To J.Y. in TX-we miss you KC and the gang. Oh no! What am I going to do? What does it mean? He didn't call . .. Howsh you K.G.? l'sh fine. Howsh J.L. and E.J.? Who put the timer on, burnt the biscuits, burnt the butter . . . Hey Buzzell with two L's-lo siento. Soy Vacia! Will "Rubio" ever face our table so C.A. can get a better view?-M.B. To a good friend L.M.-take it easy you "sway victim" Love, M.B. A.F., l love you. SW. RMF truegWGP Blanky Village Mart, l owe you a line-so here it is! C. K.L, and D.T,-three cheers for amateur psychiatry! Muchos gracias from the three of us-Morgie, Rory and Samurai fwe're not schizoj Thanks to KL., P.G., PC., and the T's, and everyone else for every- thing, Love Rory. J.J.O'B-ask Mr. DiProfio about my crucible analogy! L.M. tThe Euro- pean Historianj Michele-sway-out time at Bagel Nosh? Good Luck in future "con- tests" Love, L.M. P.C.-let's hear it for "economy cars"-they run on fumes, don't they? L.M. Mon.-do you have any gum? . . . Fri.-do you have any gum? . . . No, SB., I don't have any gum, sorry! To a special group of friends: Thanks for all the good times. Love C.G. To the Red Sox wives: good luck 84 see you at Fenway 8g the fashion show. Mrs. Lynn 81 Mrs. Fisk. Barb: remember the giggles, "the wall" 84 all the times! Good luck at Regis and have fun in the No End! Keep in touch, Laurie Linda: N.Y. '78 . A . Gusto Girls in the Bleachers, Beach over Bearskin, See you in the globe sports Dept. in '82 J.B. rules! Always DeeDee. Dasch-take care of Stanley. I Hey V.P. lt's been real! KG, M.G.-will you still have your halo next year? To DQ. l see youre getting into the Farrah scene . . .lt's great! Love Agnes. PD: Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! KM Bang a U DRU! the Maine weekend-we're neighborhood Listen, JD., lt's time to stop dancin'! the party is over . . JA To my friends, "Aide the wind before it's gone." Love Bubs. Deb. . . tuna fish 81 cinnamon, huh? . . . DC. G. you're Shortt!?! Wally, was it really 2 weeks? M.M. 8 E.O. We will never forget Junior years cafeteria RUSH! E.O. Goodbye Mr, LO LO. Love M?M. To the group that knows where it's at: Ford Follies, 8th floor, Grist Mill, Nobscot Mountain, Hemingway School, Edmand's House, Burr St., Little Farms, Garden in the Woods, From Paul Hey gang Zeck, O'Croninstein, PC, Jackie, Jill, Genie, Vicki, Maria, Dee- na, Beth. Thanks for the good times.-Russ. Coak-welcome to Pluto Mother why did you make me eat that spaghetti?-daughter dear Al is mine-you've got Butch-Russ Crepes-remember peanut butter, Greek salad and Irish Stew. B's Best A.F. Party A C. Bez's. K.S,, M,F., C.B., L.P., T.M., J.T. Best wishes Always Mrs, LaF. from the warped minded crew K.S., C.B., LP. Mr. K. someday we'll get the pictures for BL without gonging them up. D.E. 81 L.P. Synergy, if there be a method, it be madness. Macbeth Act Vto McDermott: "Throw physics to the dogs." Stone walls not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage, yet either is more bearable than A206-an anonymous German student! Bromfield everyone has the right to make a donkey of themselves now and then, but don't push it to the extreme. GG "Can we still be friends" JD Elf-remember all the good times Cincluding Thanksgiffingj Love ya, Vunderbah Roger-Maybe you're the one who's really mad!-your A.P. English Class D-U-U-P-R-E-Y! good riddance, S.M. and E.R, To Elaine R, Lori Z, Genie C, Jackie L, Jill M, Paula C, PattyC, Vicki T, DoreenO, Beth T, Sue C, SandyB, David K, Maria G, Deena C, Deanna W, Lisa G, Peg B. lt's been real-Janet To my daughter tand best friendj, Thanks for all the support and care when I needed it most-Your mother. Good times partying at if 8017, C.G., B.L., J.G., A.C., L.F. G.O.M,A,, and don't ask me to carry your suitcoat L.F.-J.Z. J.Q .... Thanks for the times you've shared with me, my love for you will be forever ,... A.C. To B.B. 8. P.J.-we have had some great times with the parents away, many special moments, 1-4-3 forever-J, Annegret, Louisa, Julia, Peter, Seth, Roger, David-remember Annegret's little green notebook? Kate, Roger, Annegret, Scott, Peter, Kathy B, Geoff, Linda, Lynda, Deb- 92 bie, SueG, Sue D, Louisa, Kerry, Seth, Patty, Erichfthe lunch table gang. Who is Carl? Lookout, it is Mr. Jolie Cheese omlettes with bacon-no liver Friday afternoon club Mrs. Capuana Toni, Tenni, cold, Nu, NC, cold, N.A,M., F.Y.N. N.M,, KS..-Shadow dancing, M8.M's with nuts. BOTC, and Saturday night in the C.B.Z. with the Dr. 84 his associates! Shaboom-Michigan, EFL. Sameri laundry, for sure, Alloh, Alloh, and Fat Boys in White pants!eShaboom Bay Zay Lay and Bobe say "hi!" Mante still needs a bafe! To M.C. from you know who-whenever your cougar or Pinto needs a tune up just call! Toiif19-the times we shared could not have been better! Thanks for putting up with mel Luv, Pumpkin GB.-2 dimes???-N.M. H,B.C.l.A.S.-I will! Later-much! How much? oh sooooo much!!! Nancy M, Mike C, Scott A, Steve S, John H, Karen F, Louis I, Beth pc Mmmm Disco! See ya, S.B., JR., VS., HM., AB., K B, DW., JM., J.L., MG.. Just don't push it, okay? Will sklnny ever let her hair down? l'Dream on"-S 8t S Where is CG's Pretzel? To MA.-Think before honking twice, there may be a flying body passing your way! From-W.E. To Nicknames . . . Dokey, 2H, O, Wengel, Linetsky, Mozley, Idiot, MB., Veiner, Sap, Juanita, Louiji, Juicett, McG., Ben, Menace, Radish, Jan, Bescies, Putt-Putt, Jilsky, and jabberjaw. Mark, Thanks for a very special year. Love Diane. SM. "Glory to Dartmouth Loyal we Sing" L.M. remember "No Profound Language on the Beach!"-SB. original Deb, remember Frank L's. party , . . in the driveway? What REALLY happened? D.C. Jo Ya got the pains, D.N, AA, PC, PC, TC, SD, MG, PG, LH, PH, JJ, KL, RK, NL, EM, GR, MS- "Throw Physics to the dogs!" WS S.D. Never mind, l won't say a word. J.J. J.J. wishes KL. "Happy doorknob" J,G. is advised by to join the Gullible tellers anonymous. JJ warns certain people that AS has enough in a certain notebook to blackmail all of them. SB.-has your radar trap caught SB, yet? SB. JA--Remember Malafaphone Gang and Mr. L's room and values and . . hako! Cevreetb love ya, Sb. C,G., J.J. AS. S.D., "Flunkies" no more Chopefullyj The Lemuel Gulliver Haters Association"'Good luck 1980 A.P.'s Russ, what about the kids?-give them to All Coak, you'll never know the name of the mysterious "Big D" Mrs. Fisk, has Pudge's bell been rung lately?-Mrs. Hobson Mrs. Fisk, l'll see you at the fashion show, in New York and in the bleachers. Allen Hobson Janet we were really supposed to eat that stuff you called spaghetti Hello Linda Maria-it's cheaper to send youa letter. Lori Z. To Russ, PC, Coak, O'Croninstein, David, Daz, King, Lisa, Patty, Max, Deena. Alien, Jill, Doreen, Jackie and everyone else . . . T Thanks for all the fun times. Zeck. Mr, P and Lardog You didn't realize you were gone that long? L.D., I'm sure he will call-K.G To my twin ST, get your hair cut! KG Happy Birthday at the Grand Rand T.CeKansas sings Beethoven? VC, LD, TC, STL who's got two cents? KG I'm going to become a nun. Go get 'em LD! 4 periods in one day with MD is too much! Hey Spaz, keep practicing VB. qmaybe you'll make the team somedayj What's really in those jelly beans, LD? SC and GB loved their neighbors. Beware of their squatting terror. TC-who was that masked jerk? Did GB and BB run from the strangers in the Kitchen? Sandra Dee-only at soccer practice-Rizzo Donna, I love you forever, Tom JD, I need a backrub. To Susan-"Thanks for the memories." You will always be remembered- Love, Tim. Hey Abbott!!! Who's on first . . . I'm a bad boy. T.N.-l've got you on my wavelength.-love. Susan You want revenge? OK Roarrrrrrrrrry!-Smead Abbott and Costello love Timmie. Hey Kenno-seen any safe mopeds lately? The editors would like to thank Larry for all his patient guidance. Larry, you may call me Lasso but I only rope things worth catching! Smead Larry, you should bring your assistant more often!-the editors Hey Kathy-we made it! Thanks for putting up with me. Love, Susan. Susan and Kathy would like to thank the staff for a job well done. To the Ogre-you're not an Ogre afterall, but rather a great advisor and friend. Thanks for everything, Love Susan, Kathy and Karen. The editors would like to take thus time for a sigh of well-earned relief! PROFESSIONAL PATRGN S Dr. Lawrence Bennett Steven A. Blum D.M.D. Alan A. Chyten D.M.D. Marvin Cohen lattyl Dr. Benjamin Gaynor Dr. and Mrs. B. Grant Mr. Robert A. Grelley, Esq. Murray H. Helfant, M.D. Dr. John B. Junkala BUSINESS PATRONS American Energy Control American Investigative Services Mother Ametti Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Bowman Cahil Feul Co. Inc. Casewell Systems Inc. Church of St. George Coffee Matic Service Co. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Davis Delvin Contr. Co. Dot Beli Deli First Edition T-Shirts Friend Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Gaffin Garber Brothers Golio's Catering Service Bill Grinker Mr. John Hart Mr. and Mrs. Henick Hi Fi Buys J. and L. Assoc. Inc. Jack, Sandy, and Johnathan Jagher Brother Joe 1979 Archon Patron Helen Abell: A Friend A fruend A fruend Anonymous Anonymous A Fnend A fruend Mary Ahearn Duane Allcroft Greg Allcroft Jull Allcroft Llnda Allcroft Robert and Gall Allcroft Roger Allcroft Ms. Betty Anderson Mr, and Mrs. Apple Elsa and John Anza and Famlly Klm Atwell Barry Baker Mr and Mrs Carol Balbont Dr. Stuart L. Neivert Dr. Joel Rankin Philip E. Schwartz D.D.S. Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Schwartzreich Sheridan, Garrahan, and Jeffrey A. Slone D.M.D. Lander Mr. Harold Stavisky, Esq. Dr. Arnold D. Vetstein D.M.D. Mr. John F. King Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kenney I-I.A.E. Gerry Leiberman Paul Levenson M and W Auto Radiator Shop Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Macdonald Capt Michael Mohan McKenzie, Carey and Co. Merchant's Tire- Boston Merchant's Tire-Natick Northeastern Constr. Co Philmac Pharmacy Edward James Quinn Salon of Athena Sam Albert Industries Scooter - Rooter The World of Stitch 'n Knit Anthony Sonsini and Co. United Chevrolet lnc. Jerald M. Vengrow Tennis Teaching Center Wallaces I-Iome Made Ice Cream Carol Wells Craig Baker Gary Ballard Famlly Cnndy Balser Mnchael Balser Pam Balser Mr, and Mrs Vernon Balser John Bamvakas Karen Bamvakas Paulune Bardsley Mr. and Mrs, Myron R Barry and Famlly Mrs. Sadue Barrows Mr, and Mrs Mr and Mrs Rlck Baye Lee Beales Davud Beard Gab Beatruce Stanley L Burrows Joseph Bastlle Mary Beauclanr Stephen Beauclalr Mr, and Mrs Stephen Becker Barbara and Larry Bennett Mrs. and Mr Archue Bentley Beth Berman Joseph Berman Marshall Berman Mr and Mrs Robert Berman Lauegt J, Bernard Mr. and Mrs Edward Bertuccr Stanton and Susan Bigelow Mary E Bnssen Peter Blssen Mr, and Mrs, Richard Blssen Susan M, Bnssen Mr and Mrs Thomas Bussen Jean Blake Mtss Jean Blake Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Blight Donald and Ellen Bloch Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bloom Mike H. Bloom Edward Bloomstein Jill and Eric Bloomstein Mel Bloomstein Norman Bloomstein Joseph Bolomdrina Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boone Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bootz Carmen Borgia Barbara Bove Cathy Bowlby Art Bradbury Norna Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Braverman Kenneth Brennan Kim Brigham Laura Brady David Bromfield Mr. George Broombeild Mr. and Mrs. Bromfield Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown Cynthia Brown Brownie Don Buell Mrs. Halina Burenko Stephen and Susan Burg Skip Burnham Bob Burns Gary Butkus Mrs. Albert Butkus Mrs. Albert Butkus Mrs. Albert Butkus Mr. Albert Butkus Mr. Albert Butkus Mrs. Thelma Buzzel Warren Buzzel William Buzzel Carol Burnes Katie Burnes Mr. and Mrs. William R. Byrnes Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Byrnes Jr. R.C, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Campbell G.C. of Canerbury Mr. and Mrs. Justin Cardarelli Jane and Fred Carlow Mr. David Carroll Debra Carroll Geraldine Carroll Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Carver Reg Carver A.A. Casucci Karen Cella Mr. and Mrs. William Cella Karen Center Mr. Edward C. Chandler Mrs. Jane Chandler Bobby Chapman Donald H. Chasse Vilma Chasse Ruth and Don Le Claire Patricia Clark Paula Clark Robin and William Clark William and Margaret Clark Mrs. Vincent Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Williams Clews and Sons Mrs. Charles Coakley Elsie Coakley Eugene Coakley Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coakley Nancy Coakley Michael Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Vale Chon Miss Colette Couture Summer Cdgan Dan Comisky Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Comisky lVlr. Joe Conway The Leonard M. Conlin Family Marie Connolly Mrs. May Conway Stephen Cantois Harley Boon oseph Cooper Linda Cooper Joe Crosby Mr. and Mus. William Crosby Marie Costello Joseph Costello Theresa Costello Mr. Sumner Cotton Mrs. Helen Covieno Hal Coyle Mark Crandlle Mrs. Helen D.iCroteau Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Curley Ellie Cynamon Mr. and Mrs. J. Cynamon Helen Cyprian Mr. Pete Dahrooge andrew P. Dallamora Barbara Dallamora Danne' and Barbie Danny and Margie Levin, Rachel and Julie Richard S. Dargan Christopher Dateo Mrs. Shirley S. Dateo Paul DeAngelis Linda Coste Leta Delong Mr. John DeLorie Mrs. S. Demas Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeMichele George DeShaw Mari DeShaw Paul DeShaw' Susan DeShaw Lucia Desilets Paul and Barbara Dias Bonnie Dibelius Mathew and Amy DeNitto Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeNitto Mr. Di Profio UD.. Mr. and Mrs. Divico Lorri Divico Donald and Wendy Mr. and Mrs. James Donnelly Joani Donnelly Mr. Donovan Sally Doyle Mrs. Driscoll Mary Ann Dunn Mrs. Mary Dunton Robert M. Dunton Anna Durant Patti Durant Mary Durant Mr. Merrill Dussault Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Earle Douglas G. Eaton Anne Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Roger Edwards Roger Kenenth Edwards Tisha Ann Edwards Tracy Efthim Chris Egan V. William Efthim Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Engel Terry Engal Wendy Engel Algermun Entity Carol Eramo Maria Esposito Jackie Evans Mary M. Faherty Mr. Fargo Mr. Anthony N. Falco Mr. Barry Fayvo Nicole Fechtor Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Federman Ron Felch Glenn R. Feldhouse Jea- M. Feldhouse Lester D. Feldhouse Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Bev Feldman and little one Mrs. Anthony Ferro Mike Fine George Finlay Maureen Finlay Louise A. Finlay Mrs. George Fistetto Morris Fishel Mr. Harold Fisher Mrs. A.J. Fitzgerald Helen L. Fitzgerald H. Lillian Fitzgerald Mr. T.G. Fitzgerald Robert Flax Esther Finn Tammy Flora Harry Folts Barbara lVl, Ford Dorothy M. Flury Mr. and Mrs. John M. Flynn Ethan Frome Penny Furbush Joe Futz Carolyn Gaines Lynda Gaines Stephen Gaines Susan Gaines Robert Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gazard The Gener Family Mr. George Mr. James H, Gering Mr. James Gering Mrs, Inez I. Gettys Donna and Thomas Gherna Margaret Gill Cindy Goddard Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gogliormella ,Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goinanblatt Michael Goinanblatt Peter Goinanblatt Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Golman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Glodman Laurie Goldman Stuart Goldberg Mr, and Mrs. Edward Goodstadt Andrew and Tracy Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon Mrs. Thelma Gorfien The Goss Mr. W. Gowey Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Grace Mrs. E.A. Grain Judy Greenblott Greg and Jo Jo Linda Grieco Barbara Griffin Hilary Grinker Sue Grudzinski Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guertin The Gunther Family The Guppy Family Jodi Gutman Lois Gutman Audrey Gutowski Reginald Gutowski G.M. Guyotte Martin Guyotte Perl Guyotte Erin Joyce Haggerty Kelly Joyce Haggerty David Handley Joseph Hannigan Janet Harlow Mike Harris Paul H. Hayes Chris Healey Robert and Beverly Healey Paul A. Helmuth Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Henning Ruth Hennell Thomas Chester Henell Laurie Heiick Sheri Herrin Matthew and Elise Herz Noemi Hirschfield Mrs. Richard Holmes Sherlock Holmes Debby and Sandy Hopkin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hopkin Scott Hughes Alden Humphrey Ensign Bob Humphrey Charles Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Humphrey Harvery Humphrey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harvery J. Humphrey Jerry, Jenny and George Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Humphrey William Humphrey Rosa Jackson Mrs. Betty Jenkins Miss Jezukawicz Jill Johnstone Doris Johnston George Johnston Mrs. Carole Jolie Peggy Jordan Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Jorgonsen Steven Kagno Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kalin Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kardon Randi Kates Mike Keating Mr. Kevin P. Keith Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kennedy Alison Kelly Mr, James Kelly Orick Kelley Roberta Kelley Shirley Kelley Thomas E. Kelley Jr. Linda Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kelly Miss Danille Kenney Myrna and Chuck Kenney Joanne Klocker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klocker Donald Kraft Mr, and Mrs. Richard Kropp Mr. Joe Kapas Janet Kunigonis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kurtz Ken Kurtz. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lafford Debbie Lahey Mr. James J. Lahey Mr. and Mrs. David M. Langley Rev. Msgr. John F. Lawler Pamela Leary V.l. Lenin Greg Lennon Mrak Lennon Louis Leuduld Mary R. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Levey Florence Levinson The Litvin Family Irish and Rich Long Cynthia Luz Francis Filuz Frank arid Hilda Luz Mrs. Fred Lynn M.G. Erich MacKenzie James A. MacKenzie Norma J. MacKenzie Fredrick N. MacLean Steve Macura Mrs. Meanpaa The Peter Man Family David Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maloney Jeffrey Maloney Mr. John Mangano Judy and Dick Mannheim Mr. and Mrs. William Manning Mr. and Mrs, Charles Marden Jan Margano Debbie Margeson Dr, C.A. Marram Laura Martin Mr. Martino Tore Mascioli Mr. and Mrs. William Matarese Matt, Amy, Jeff, Danny and Robbie Jane Matthews Michael McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. John McCuskel Chuck McDevitt Connie McDevitt C.G. DcDonough Mr. Chris McElroy Mr. and Mrs, Harold McGlinchey Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGlichey Karen McGrath Kathy McGrath Kerry McGrath Patty McNabb Mrs. Patricia Mead Mr. and Mrs. Donald Merchant John C. Mercer Shirley Colgan Mercer Mrs. Mary Merchant Al, Mag. Wendy. Beth and Jill Miller Honora M. Monagham Morrow Family Tony and Lee Morace Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T, Morris, Sr Gen Moynihan The Munroe Family Chris and Mary Murphy Irene Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy Noel and Theresa Murphy Mary Elizabeth Murray Mystic Van Club Somerville New England Key Clubs Mr. and Mrs. Nii Kronos Nirvana Steven Nolan Mrs. Rose Marne Nolan Bull Norkunas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norwood Mr. and Mrs. A. Novla Mr and Mrs. Nyer Mr, and Mrs. Charles O'Br1en Mr. J.J. O'Brlen James O'Donnell Mlss P.V. Oluva Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Olszewskl Dranne Olszewskl Robert Oslowsku Mr. and Mrs. Chesley Oriel Estelle and Jack Ours Madelnne A. Pecella Joe Harvey Patron Wayne Paulsen Cheryl Paclttl Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pearlman Mrs. Donald Pearsall Mary and Andy Perlera Sue Perry Terry Perlera Edns Peterman Mr. and Mrs. Cay Poelaert Mr. and Mrs. Mark Polnn Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pruce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pantedosl Donald Peolaert Leo Power Leo Power Pugh Punkne and Punkette Anleen M. Quugley Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ratner Mar. and Mrs. Ralph Regal: Duck Rlccnardl Cheryl Richards Kevnn Ruchards Mr. and Mrs. Rszzo Mr. and Mrs. Robeck Angle, Stephue, Jenny, and Shawn Roberge Mr. and Mrs. A. Allan Rodenhlser Jay Rogers Jeno: Rose Mr. and Mrs. Rnchard Rose Mr. and Mrs, Marray Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rosenfueld Carol Rosenoff Alan Rothberg Davld Rowe Mnke Rowe Mrs, Edith Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Abraham M. Rudnlck Larry Rudnick Mrs. Janet Rugo Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Russell Wllllam Russell Frances Sack Mr. Kevnn Salvl Georguna and Herb Sanborn Mr. Charles H. Savage Scanderberg David and Ellle Scherer Mr and Mrs. Dennus Schmnz Debbi Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scnully Mr. and Mrs. Sam Segel Norma and Morris Sharnah Mr. and Mrs. WJ Shanahan Debbne Shapero The Shlappo Family Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Shnna Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Short Adam Shulamn Derrel Shulamn Mrs. Skall Mr. and Mrs. Leroy H. Srnnth Anne Snyder John Soderberg Joanna Sonsonn Mr. and Mrs. Brooks South Mr. Joseph Souza Star Tool and Dre Mr. and Mrs. Peter Starrett Donna Stetson Aluson Stone Gerat Stone Mr. and Mrs. Harvery Stone Ann Sullnvan Enleen Sullivan Glenn Sulllvan Kelley Sullivan Lorl Supnnk Ross and Edna Supnnk Terr: Supnnk Cory and Carol Surett and Famnly Mr. and Mrs. Corey Surett Jlll Sussman Mr. James D. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Muchael Swudler Elizabeth Tafuru Mr. and Mrs. Tafurl Rona Tanenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tatelman The Taylor Family Vlctor Thnffault Jo-Anne Thompson Mary Thompson Lee Thranum Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tuberuo Joe Tlberlo Johnny Tlberlo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tobls Katey Toll Mrs. L.D. Trotsky Mrs. M. T. Tung Two Wald and Crazy Guys Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Unrun Adranus Vandervalk Mark Vato Mrs. Helen F. Vlncuulla Mr. Armond A. Vochon Mr. Vogel Kerry Wadsworth Susan Walker Mrs. Duck Ward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Ward Dave Waters John F. Waters Mrs. John F. Waters The Waxmans Lee Webb Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weldlg Joan M. Weundbaum David And Wanda Werner Magda Lena Welch Mr. Paul A. Welcome L and M Whlte John Boy Wnllnams Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wllllams Mrs. Robert G. Wulluams John Wnllnamson Robert Wnlson Robnn Wnlson Mr. and Mrs. Juluus Wuner Marcia E. Wuner Beth Wungard Vnvlan Wlngard Mr. and Mrs. Harnes Whlte Sabruan Whutney Mrs. Cell Wohler Cyndi J. Wohler Mr. and Mrs. THomas Zazulak Marc Zecker Nell Zecker Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Zecker Angle Zrnck Danny Zunck The editors of the 1979 Archon would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express their deep appreciation to everyone who contributed to make this yearbook a success Organizing the yearbook is a massive undertaking, but with the cooperation and continuing support of many others, the editors are proud to present this 1979 yearbook RESERVOIR RACQUET CLUB, INC. Phone 873-3030 Indoor Tennis At Its Finest Compliments Of LIAMS IRISH TAVERN THE PACERS Our Heartiest Congratulations For The Future To The Class Of '79 104 Boston Post Road Sudbury, NIA. 01776 443-8707 N V, -, :wx f K From Curads don't ouch me. is r' W r ,. 4 X X A , X Q xx 2, A I N , ., fvtgy' ' 1 t , ' 877-2300 A othe F e Dr'lI??? Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 AL MAC MOVING 8: STORAGE INC. Edward F. McManus, President 198 Best Wishes GERARD FARM Kitchen 84 Deli 477 Water Street Framingham, Mass ff I didn't know you cared You're kidding!!! Another exciting class. Who got started this way? 4. To All Our Friends And Customers . . . Best Wishes And Good Luck! togzaphic D Whore Photography Is a Cmativo Art 100 Fenwick Street Framingham, Mass. 01701 C6173 877-2070 For Your Every Photographic Need "ARMADA" Congratulates The Class Of '79 Keep On Rockin' Compliments Of RED COACH GRILL Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 WALLACE'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM Framingham 45872-0732 Natick 4653-5262 ff' UE E hx. You've got to be kidding! Hey, Hey, Hey . . . ,,, W CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES All of us at Bose Corporation wish to extend our heartiest congratulations to the members of the graduating class. Best of luck in your future careers. .BH5? THE GROUND ROUND Speen Street Congratulations North High Seniors We Hope To See You All In The Coming Year For More Fun, Food, Drink And Good Times. 7 .Lei eally occifer, I didn't do it. "" Framingham Savings Life Improvement Bank DOWNTOWN NOBSCOT ROUTE NINE TEMPLE STREET FRANKLIN STREET I-IOLLISTON Printing 81 Office Supplies COPY FAST PRINTING CENTER, INC. Framingham's Fastest Growing Printing 81 Office Supply Dealer Sam Tract 505 Worcester Road Framingham, Mass. 01701 C6175 875-0621 What is it?" PIZZA WAGON Congratulations Class Of 1979 Round-Up Shopping Center Saxonville, Mass. Pizza-Grinders Salads-Syrians Open 7 Days A Week Call - 877-2626 STATE ROAD AUTO BODY 8: GARAGE 292 Boston Post Rd. QRt. 201 Wayland Center 358-5191 358-5192 Complete Automotive Care Mechanical 81 Auto Body Repairs Charles Reichert, Owner Congratulations To The Class Cf 1979 We know the sigh of relief that comes at the end of your final exam. Long years of study behind you, and a big wide world ahead. But even at that it isn't the final test or the end of your learning. The biggest tests still face you in the choice and fulfillment of your life's work. Many plan for college, some reckon with the armed forces. Others will seek positions in industry, trade, business. We, at Dennison, congratulate you on your past accomplishmentsg if your future plans call for steady employment or summer work, we'll be glad to discuss your problems with you. Our Employment Department will welcome the chance to outline opportunities ex- isting in our offices, factory, and warehouse. DENNISCN if W i , it ! i X . me' F- 1 f , -GA. ' , ,Q fl I ' 5 -4 -- i l I hh 4 . 1. fl' Diamonds-Watches-Repairs PINEFIELD JEWELERS Saxonville Mass. Tel. 877-0710 Joseph Varriale - President Paul Varriale - Manager Sl-IERWIN WILLIAMS 694 Cochituate Road C6175 872-4244 Alan R. Bousquet Store Manager i Q' i l 5 1. I ll? --E Pinefield Shopping Center Ffamlnghami Mass- 01701 5 I ' l f l i P E G I You should have told me -"""""Q, PACIFIC GATE Tel. 16175 879-8829 i i 9? h I A CQYEKQQQMAJ g33gxZQ65fQ,f?3 0. 'll' Q09 MJ J 'f THE 5089 A QRS' A U ii , iii iii- JEWELRY in ly, i Chinese-Polynesian Restaurant TREE ' 1 Sudbury Plaza CRt. 203 ' ,' .IL .A' Siksrgf Sudbury, Mass. TI-IE NEW CENTRE BEAUTY SHOPPE, INC. h 963 Worcester Road e - Framingham Centre, MA ng E skin - Newest Styling and Care qshlon QPU Precision Cutting And 7 ' Electrolysis 872-1661 By Sudbury Plaza 879-2818 Lillian M. Roy 443-8770 963 Worcester Road Framingham Centre, MA 872-1661 Tel. 879-7434 ALDA'S Consultant Corsetiere A Complete Line Of Fashionable And Comfortable Intimate Apparel Tel. 872-0629 wil' - 0,0516 P R INTE R S One Framingham Center 5 Edgell Road Framingham, MA 01701 Carl F. Mahoney Unusual Jewelry Boutique Sheila Berig Judith Kaplan 937 Worcester Road Framingham Centre, MA 111 "You can dress her up, but you can't take her out." Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 EARLE'S BARBER SHOP FIRST PARISH IN FRAMINGHAM UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST 2A School Street Saxonville Framingham Centre Heating - Air Conditioning - Plumbing - Fireplaces STAN BERMAN'S THE CASTLE OF COMFORT PHOTO SHOP Your Total Comfort Center 505 Worcester Road Framingham, MA. 01701 1645 Concord Street C6175 879-6377 Framingham, MA. 01701 Tel. 877-5402 Frank Kudla President Good Luck To The Class Of '79 From PAUL'S BARBER SHOP Saxonville Compliments Of FEDERAL GLASS Congratulations From The -S, PARTY CENTER, INC. 149 Cochituate Road CRt. 303 Framingham - 873-9143 "The F.B.I. checks it out." J.-HI' "When you say that . . . smile!" Good Luck To The Graduates I , -4: A s PHILMAC PHARMACY 13 School Street Saxonville, Mass. Phone 877-5566 Max Wernick, B.S., R.P.H. 1 ..-- FRAMINGHAM NORTH HIGH SCHOCL KEY CLUB ,f7if!77'g,- 1 . 5 5: 4 1 . r Q,-R - ""5'-X i ' ' 4. ' N SJ' 'I s vi Y M Q X 'xii' ei' 3 ' h S-UCLA Yi! 1 .H 253 XL I x V S ff " ' iz l z 'H H2 i I ' : . X 1 5 7 f S Q A :I i , ' I x 'W y ' ' 1. 1 ,J V " 1 lil .,- bk .f o .1 . fx pf ' I, f?vi, ' if km! President: Tim Norton Vice-President: Matt Goldman Secretary: Richard Glaven Treasurer: Sean Roskey Advisor: Mr Senior Directors Neal Smooker J h P o n owers Sheryl Silver . Charles Savage Felix + Joe Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 BROWN STUDIOS 15 Maple Street Worcester, Mass. 753-6308 l i , Qkkstlf l- A ' g- - Nm- , ff ' f 'X v ll I x Q Q X J J I '30 it Y Z I L JJ C59 'WMD ""'lC7l'7'II" .gr Wil'-"1 4 ,. 'f si-QQ? ,V J 3315 ."4 '35 Pl s cw! .Q-13' 1 ffj.-4 ,. 0 xt, E H" 'ff' --4 il 210 4,4 52 'rc ifdk 1 A. X J, X I - gg 1 4 X' vi 10.3 eb 14 1' M. im I . -of .. S... -I :r 1 ' -S N.. 4 5" 55 15.4 - . - f lg .."Hu ,gnu 'A' ., ,, X' K. 33.95. JI Quiz mf" ' wx., 11 C 9 5 ,. .x 1 "X ri 53' 1 J -- Hgfmc-" 11" .x,.'y 4 .u- v A . ti . ' as J- 5 1. 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Suggestions in the Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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