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Q v ' ' I "V v I ' '- I .. A , Q 'ef-nn' V161 Y - g, - 'Q -has A - r M 4'. . . I Nl. r , 1 v 9' A 4 1 4 1 - Q . . U' 1,1 , , ,.,.. mn .r f W ' I P I bu-D.-lrallbsbi , Ht - faith ., - C 5 3 V ' 4 1 ,hug f ,, 1 'w n. Qg'.qbY Q5 L . 4 M I 9 -... . A g I I . f Q 5 ,l "-zzz? A ' Z." , , , A ig ,Q-As f-tn it 'LL' 1 'VFW' , ?Qg.? r 7'-T 1 '1' Q- --'J' A 'L """' .,... ,, I f '55 N' NI. I 30 I, 1' at A 9 A ,, ' Q., A, ? 1 'N . ' P , i 6 'Vi U " A V - "AO R Y i r , ..- gg. .L , , , :V 'F A "kit . 5 l ,rf-A' ' f 4 ' , Q I - uf ff . , -iq- - ' -' 1 F ' '- ., - 1-, Y - . f ' V , V' I ' ' , U Q ,I u Qi. a ,W " a gw 1-, , , i ar hon 1965 lv -1 . V fb ll ll 'IHS 'INN 9-ye- 11 . YF 'Lili a -fa " ..-m 1-vu 'gg '1 N--' -115' 5' -I 5- ,-, A llmlgllll lg W 'Ill' 'IH- ' 'i Hina ,wwwmmwm var' lllf .ly 1 'EEQ L. F A- Z H44 ,. ,. , pu-1"""l' . -1 ' ' ,, , Tgp-:.,. . A a.-'H 'iufivili-fig-"1 - ' ' ,' ' SSA' R i ti E: , .J 'AI 90 F' A r X ' 'S , u .F . ,Wx - 4 H mg, a". u ? . . K ' X L.-QR .fx is-A 93 I ,rihiliuaiiii s ,Q- TO by :-1-.Q ,Q O 0 . , - . Q 5. yr X Ali" COIIJEGIHS faculty and administration 12 activities 48 sports 64 retrospect 79 seniors 90 sponsors 134 I ,INA Hfnm Dump f diff! Uufm Ntunu -said ,K"'uHA . A c 'f' 1 . .1,Mf'ff'5,Q my .. ...Q Q, :gif s ,fgg'?f i "5-s?'. This book is joyously dedicated to Mr. Dargan, a friend. TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS T964-l 965 The school year, T964-l9o5, has had a great meaning to the many students of Framingham North High School. The accomplishments have been many and have been in all fields of activity which we find so important to success in our complete program. The Class of T965 has been the natural and very effective leader at North High during this year. Academic honors have come through the National Merit Foundation to some. Special experiences have been given to others at the United States Quartermaster Laboratory. Individual honors have been received by students for Science Fair and Math Fair, for accomplishments in music, in debating and in drama. The sports program for boys and girls has had a unifying effect in our school. Our successes have come about because of a desire to do well and our school spirit is now well known throughout the area. This year's Senior Class should feel proud of its accomplishments. Our school is a relatively new one and only through devoted purpose on your part has a firm foundation been formed for others to use. This you have done and done well. It has been my pleasure to know and work with many of the members of this class. I know that you will continue to work diligently for the good of our communities and our nation. May the future bring to each of you that happiness which makes for full and useful lives. FRANCIS J. CAVANAGH , Principal 9 l If 5'3?J'Dl K fbi , , 'Z' S ' 1 n ,, o , F 'Hi :fi :U :",s:x S Q Isl yfghu 1 Ill 0 gl, i. M 'Stl ti: -..:::: ii: ::: 335- ,E ." lu -5- W '. ,:.f::: ::: :: 'digg min: I. ,- 1- 'dl ' l inning. , ' U J 1 s 'run J: :H I Ti 'B :gg is sm i . ' ' fi-" igvu' :EE 2548? " ll' tw' I . yr 22523 ez: 51 13 t' as ." ll. 1.'.- IV! U!! -1.1 Q Vi fa: Fvlty Li" """ ii.. au... kltlt Q N F Q ..,. x Q ' .DQ - , i "Q ,av ,,,. sd it M:-z TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1964-1965 We are standing on another bridge of life, waiting for our turn to cross into another world quite different from the one that we have grown accustomed to in the past four years. With our diplomas finally in our hands, it will be our turn to cross the bridge and enter that other world, whether it be college, military service, or employment. Our first two years of high school were spent as part of Framingham High School, then we learned that we were to become part of a dream come true, an idea turned into a reality-Framingham North High School. We entered into a new society-a society of new buildings, new administrators, new teachers, and new friends. We were challenged with the problems of initiating new activities, new programs, and new clubs. We played an important part in the formation of not only the building itself, but also its spirit, social life, and academic programs. We took the bare foundations es- tablished by last year's seniors and built upon them the gleaming edifice that stands before us now. Yet, we have left still much to be accomplished by succeeding classesethe polishing of what is built, with spirit as the architect. I believe that the Class of i965 has left an indelible mark on the history of North High and the town of Framingham. Success has been our goal and unity has been our traveling companion. Although graduation may separate us as in- dividuals, it cannot separate us as a class. It is my sincere wish that each and every one of you travels the road to success and chooses the right traveling companions-pride and good iudgment. As Robert Frost wrote, ". . . l took the path less traveled and that has made all the difference." On behalf of the Senior Class, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the administration, faculty, and advisors of North High for guiding us to this bridge and for showing us the way beyond. fi fl 4 ,- ,A fl . rf , ,1,g11'f,c40 g, ft ff!! WZ i im. fe, Bw if 1965 5 if K 'C' Mfg, M W 2 Mr. Reilley Mr. Riordan Mr. White Mr. Moran Superintendent of Associate Director of Pupil Director of Secondary Schools Superintendent Personnel Services Instruction facult and administration v 3 1 Mr. Larson Adminisfrative Intern Mr. Cavanagh Principal .AA -vl- -IS L Fvll . .,,, ' '7- 'ZH bali, X A ',"j.f'qvp:LSii 'mv V, 1 ,,-.". " -f .45 . I I 4.-,x,.z,, -wg-'94-mv. .- A fi A ,J r ,- -- an-. 1 nL4'l4g. -- I - Ci ill f. L...-, ,,., ---f Ygesui, ., -5.453 c . 1- , n.Ug",. 14 . I 3. ' - - , we '. am.:-wgf . an .J 2.:'!' ical.. M wh, -rl..-wg.. . K , ' .. . 'f Q. A ...ns-:mfg v H, ,X VY,.:,?A git , K-l54,1fL1?"" I M ,e. ,V ,HA .. , , X tffiqa ,f 1" i' 2 ' 'i'.A'fif?f-Ra' f- :'.X'1,s- -' v :qw I. , . J ..,.,.,-. 4 ffggg- gg. -V 2 WM. -If v"'-.5 4..1,Qf.,,,,-..,4, 1 .3-,, - LI.,- ,rbaa-t..iL.+f.':.M' , f: ri ' -irw'5a-I-6l'ux...-v-1 .-, .V J? ,' ,-' V., . , , x LQFA1 4 4... ,dll'E Frviinni A and -ak.Lf.-ah-fm.:-,.--' . 4, . nz. Q' M . '. ...... .1-.. 4, ,V -Jn .1 , ..i.L,......:' .f-W 1 x I . .. .fu nf-- ,,,-,..k .. 4 ...- .,.,Q , I ,-,,.,.x,4upb" 'gn-Q ww--f 0 MM- ...4 1- .-uw V ,bi .,-..,,. A.,-ww- '- A-,,,.,,,u.1.+.v.1..s--f - wwf., .' ,uv-.--I WW' . . K as ,- Q ,-. .,..- Q vw L X 1 ,vu I I. of' ,, -Q N X . L 1 4, v bi 1? Bk' Mrs. Palmer 36- fr Powell Ji Mass Terry 3 languages S . ! ' . . ,gd sam , N-., ax X Wi, 'AI' Q - A CGS-T-Qwfh' Y' . 'X , .'.k,,g L A Hlligf glfg ri vrr' I: 1 T social studies 1 Mr. Anastas YY ... Mr. Dargan Mr. Bayes Department head L xg Q 1.73" Mr. Crotty Mr. Jolie Mr. O'Brien , 51 .W lun-..- Mr. Turner Mr. McGnlI1vray x 8- fa 'W 6 1 Q r u i E 3 Qu.: N 5159? t 13 A .5 .1 . -skx .55- Qp r I .1 X as ffhbv A ini- ..-"ZZ AE' J-VT' l Y.-. ahtlpmi-," .4 'J 1 1-1 HI' vm 4 2 , gg - ' " 14.4 , Q. I . 1 .. ,J ,Q X O . a I -XNT .gqif "E 'I 1 1 science ff? 'Q IR p M51-g. T' ,M-3 Mr. Louder Department head Mr. Dineen f , f' Mr. Connor ZGGF o-W' F auf' POsNT'.f uri MEP, 4 Mr. McDermott Mr. Marx Mr. Mickelson Mr. Rice 14 f,,,i Mr. Stepanian Mr. Smith 'ai ' - .J - , . , .t:ga l.," Q.b LJ -nf.,-A .jul-4. Y .f-In v w- M 3- 1"-L . y filg. Hurry' gb-'ii Ml' C . . , .- , S+. ' ' 1 ' - ,, Zx- ' T V . " ' '-47.1 " A ish. T M- V fl WN YN-GN-11 D +27 1'-IL ""1TrT 1N"l 2: 4' -L tx 1 l lnllllll QM 3 iq ' I-llllll lll L 2- ' llllllll ' 5 2 'f iff-117 Www, i -wif' sl' I Q , Mrs. Clarke Mr. Falco Mr. St. Andre Department head .fo Mr. Conlin ?"'b s. -14 Mr. Fargo -4' 1, Mr. McMahon Mr. O'Brien Mr. Stone Mrs. Monaghan Mr. Shooshan i. L I-5' Miss Kirby Department head wr, .4-If Mr. Dell'OIio K A 7'- f'.""" Mr. Lopes Mrs Splta 1 4-9 ...H ' , 'inf' Mr. Fenndel - , -v- Mr. Salak Deparrmenr head Mr. Hohn fi rm A -S industrial arts Q!! N--in-. -4-'1 fi'- f in-X 1-Q Brirnell 2 'F w fn X 'I 1 V b l 1 ' , " s S 1 g ' 1 ' u .U 1, ' 'Q D5 ' QM-' Arr' - 4 f" , .:k'w,lv"'rlf-' , 'I' X. f G.. 45,94 xnii sa' 'N " ' 1. I I 1 I 4 Q ., N - ,ful , ' A. Q, L ,Lay 5, .qs gi 5 X -,ni f , Xzvis Nina :H N l N v cw - i "I hgji . i f L "'- 4 ', K . 4 ?U:"'g ,- f ' 'fx' S235 '21 'XRAAX lu ' .X-ui! af, V' ' . 't' 'Q fl N f ,Mg 0 s ' Jkt, " ,faqs 3 5 X X 'I , X 7 in: x , 1 Miss McNally 5: r" ? t R F ,U uv, Q. X ' x .-.. I In ,, ,. ,Yu , xx I' 5 '-h 1 f' 'O X ruqffff fi-z ,:..1f:-J," -41-arf! Vt? fy. 'X ',ffTf: , ,,"",--1 , n -v , X KRW! 5:5 gxx . ., 1:14, 'llnxstff V-gy 3 'N ,:'l'- all 'th' L Q .:1J. .gl My ,K-1' fi , Vnqftt .git ,4- . 'ans' E x - ,, , -f-f , - , NI 2-323: s s 9 5 A V 'R F 55 X Ax C' fry Mr. Frabotfa ,b 'ff,:.,,..J, ' 'iff 1 ' .x x 7 4 ff X A 'Ia fi XA- Yi? Miss Putnam R F' 2' - 1 ' x f - A hx I , X RX 5 gr ,L x Vs ' 1 .."' Mr. MacLeod. and Mr. DeCoste -1 .,- , l I Qi- gi- -2 avg- ,,, 1 1 x f ' , it 5 F Q .. Q J Wi D , l ' ,v In Q 2 .L t 1 GYM TEACHERS: Mr. In I Asst. Athletic director A I .gd t V " ' physical education Ms. Gifford, Mr. Steev M Moberg, Mr. Sommers 47 .y wtf? yuh:-.. . W xg, F' CB' '-. 10 5 . 1. Hr 541 g activities E5 ..., F9 1 First row: Mr. Crotty, J. Ciccolo, P. Burnim, V. Pres., R. Watson, Pres., L. lozzo, Record. Sec., T. Gogliormella, Corres. Sec., L. Nyer,, missing J. Gross, treasurer. Second row: P. Watson, H. Swett, P. Britnell, M. Deady, G. Barnicle, C. Bevans, H. Ebner, S. Yeaton. Third row:J. Cooper, P. Cotton, J. Buchner, B. Graham, M. Stod- dard, S. Hayes, G. Levine. Back row: P. Fiske, C. DuBose, J.Dadmun, J. Webb, T. Matzell, G. Smith, F. Murphy, A. Wrigley, T. Gardiner. student Council 'Y ,' Under the direction of the student council, the students co-operated in collecting a sizeable amount of canned goods and used clothing which, when distributed to needy families, made Christmas merrier. Besides organ- izing and conducting rallies, the council has co-operated with the Key Club in producing a handbook for in- coming Freshmen. SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE, Row 1: Mr. Dupuis, advisor, P. Keleher, L. Nyer, T. Matzell, P. Stoddard, L. Iozzo, M. Kraft, Row 2: S. O'Leary, C. Murphy, J. Mallon, P. Andrews, C. Timms, P. Palmer, Row 3: K. Greene, R. Lind- stedt, B. Wood, R. Larsson, T. Gardiner. ' senior steering committee r' wg v-N we -3 Gif Paul Keleher, Treasurer, Tom Matzell, President, Peggy Stoddard, Secretary, Lenny Nyer, Vice-President. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Senior Class and especially its Steering Corn- mittee members and officers for the generous gift to the yearbook ot the Football Dance profits, The work they have done throughout the year on this and other projects has benefited under- classmen as well as seniors. national honor society Row 7: Miss Berthaiume, advisor, M. Kraft, P. Hynes, T.Matzell, P. Keleher, P. Stoddard, L. Reffelt. Row 2: P. Marinelli, L. Ciccolo, L. lozzo, T. Gardiner, C. Timms, P. Palmer, M. Mozdiez. Row 3: J. Mellin, H. Swett, J. Mac- lnnis, L. Stickney, K. Greene, R. Larsson. As Seniors, the Juniors who were inducted last spring began the first year long National Honor Society program. During the football season Society mem- bers spent long hours making green and gold pompoms. After taking several field trips, Society members devoted themselves for the remainder of the year to making elaborate preparations for the spring induction of Juniors. debating This year the debate club was divided into a tournament varsity team and an in- tramural group. Besides active intra-club debates the team earned a good record. 52 --' Wi., :e P i DEBATING CLUB, Row I: Mr. Fortier, advisor, S. Golder, R. Hargrove, C. Andleman, B. Brown D. Devoe, N. Whitman. Row 2: M. Shapiro, G. Armstrong, M. Lombard, M. Cavanaugh, A. Marcus, M. Schoolas, P. Wing, S. Munath, P. Turcott. Row 3: G. Levine, D. Torah, M. Novak, E. Sutton G. Daver, L. Tibbert I 9 ,VY Y 'Vf' "9" a x" 1 'KEY r , xxx -Q VA ' U Y f ilfz 1, Q ' "' , A E 1, I AZ .I , 'i Q ,l-3' ipli I X3 L 5 YF F H A 5. ,aa . -...t Row I: C. Ruseman, N. Siegal, B. Hooper, E. O'Connor, R. White, Editors-in-Chief, P. Keleher, S. Clark, Row 2. H. Swett, G. Levine, J. Goffin, P. Palmer, B. Carley, C. Seavey, B. Ente, D, Donne, J. Heath, M. Uance, Row 3: Mr. Carivey, M. Bushey, C. Bertuzzi, S. Silverstein, P. Tarbox, J. Maclnnis, M. Lawrence, K. Greene, J. Ward, R. Singer. i. SPHIT311 Qi- 1 1 I .1 li , i '-.S ' .ffi BIOGRAPHY AND VERSE COMMITTEE, Row l: C. Timms, J. Goffin, C. Caravasos, B. Ente, editor, D. Donn, K. Belonis, C. Geller, Row 2: Mr. Fortier, advisor, S. Braunig, L. lozzo, J. Maclnnis, P. Andrews, M. Duane, P. Hynes, Row 3: N. Whit- man, A. Fracalosi, B. Wood, R. Singer. MALCOUVl KESSELMAN, co-editor-in-chief 'Fw 'Q I f 1, A its Mr. Hottleman, our advisor J. Jacobell, Picture editor, B. Ente, Biography and verse editor, J. Mallon, Assistant editor, W. Frank, co-editor-in-chief, T. Matzell, Sports editor, M. Kesselman, co- editor-in-chief. C Q H First row: C. Berans, Mr. Zecker, Adv., C. Cararasos Second row: M. Sandman, L. McGaughey, C. Bain S. Astbury, K. Belonis, M. Fitzgerald. 55 1nternat10nal relatlons lub Row l: Mr. O'Brien, advisor, M. Kraft, J. Hurwitz, P. Burnim, T. Gogliormela, H. Ebner, J Kurland. Row 2: D. Donn, N. Siegle, T. Madeiros, S. Dubinsky, C. Burton, B. Finklestein, B Carley, P. Oliveri, R. Wernick, L. Sleeper, E. O'Conner. Row 3: D. O'Herrick, K. Green, M. Kesselman, B. Wood, W. Brown, N. Whitman, R. Hargrove, H. Franklin. amemcan f1eld service Our smiling Austrian exchange friend has accomplished her mis- sion. We understand each other. . me A gl ,,..-1 '- iff! Our A.F.S. exchange student, Herta Ebner tx "' J U gf' 11 ' i The Queen and her court Our Junior Prom, A Night ot Knights took place on May 22, 1964. We crossed a rose covered draw- bridge into a new world, an enchanted night. junior prom i Grand March - mar hals 1 .Alba lggl Cf .. X195 K S Row 1: J. Maclnnis, C. Caravasos, D. Caforce, R. LeDoux, B. Curriss, S. McAnuIry, D. Otenti, Row 2: Mr. Mickelson, Advisor, S. Ward, K. Keefe, J. Barton, D. Nelson, V. Pafruno, P. DeCourcy, C. Cutler, Row 3: J. Pompile, C. Merchant, J. Whelan J. McAnuIfy, J. Carey, P. Kelcher, M. Sullivan, J. Urable, G. MacConnelI, J. Mercer, T. Berringer. 1 HBE " librar aides '-www , . I m , l Row 1: C. Bertozzi D. Williams S. Gemmill D. Main L. Sturdevant L. Saunders M. Mozdiez Row 2. S. Golder M. Novak R. Adams J. Gemmill, C. Larivee, D. Heary. vvq' ".. 1 I Row lg J. Maclnnis, W. Webb, J. Harry, M. Bushey, C. Burbee, J. Gen tilotti, E. Calnan, L. Bianchi. 58 171 fr v ll f A ' S ns. A F aug, L 5 .. . . 6,5 "I . 'fifa im! '53 214: Lv- 1: -vvui N 53: ag! ll 4' izllufv' ,- if 1 .T7 ' D 4 a 'R ix t, . Y, 6' kivf' , 1 . L .X . -- x . .and I'II huff and I'll puff . .. 4? ' ,tv . . 1 Q , , I 'f h K r 3 I X X f v ' 1 . ' 1 . ' ' 1 x I f V I ri , .. 2 I- f' , 6 7 "Hand over ihe diamonds!" "Halter I'II squirt you with my flower!" A r ' e u 5 L i 1 "Say ahhh 60 x I W 1 1 Q X 54 1 uv "My hero! Leave it to Psmith, this year's Psenior Play was a psrnashing psuccess. Lord Middlevvick Bellows eeeeeeee L ee.... . Freddie Bosham Rupert Baxter ,aaaaaaaaaa Phyllis Jackson ....aaaa..... Ethelberta Fitzwiggin as oa.a c Lady Middlevvick aaao oooa A lift mana ooA,,,,.a.oao c Cynthia lVlcTocld ,aaa as Eve Halliday aaaaaaaaa Ronald Eustace Psmith . ,, Eddie Coots A aaa. Gladys Rumblelow aaaa c ,,., Christopher Walderwick Ralston McTodd .. do Agatha Crofton aaaae.. Aileen Peavey c c Viscount Chipstead aaaaaa Guests aaaa uuuaaa auaua.uuua . Cast 3 wr rr. or l Q I, 2 2 to 5 lf zu Roger Hill Matt Kraft Bob Singer Paul Keleher Linda Kaufman Darlyne Donn Jane Dunklee Guy Peets Kandy Elliot Pam Los Banos Tom Matzell Alan Fracalosi Judy Goffin Robert Hargrove Richard Adams do .cccccuuc Karen Recke as uuuc uucuc M ollie Fitzgerald ,, cucucu ,cc.c,,, , . .,,,, Roger Griffin Sally Jones and Dan Lilja Co f First row fl. to r.J: Mr. Brad Powell, Advisor, J. Heath, R. Hargrove, H. Swett, K. Barnum, H. Ebner, E. Seeburg, Second row: K, Elliot, C. Murphy, J. Mellin, P. Andrews, P. Palmer, P. Hynes, A. Weinstein, S. Braunig, R. Adams, R. Wernick, Third row: B. Wood, P. Marinelli, J. Maclnnis, N. Andelman, J. Goffin, K. Norby, J. Dunklee, S. Edwards, J. D'Angeli, S. Hoffer, J. Green, W. Brown, Back row: S. Stein, Ellen, P. Wirta, M. Kraft, D. Murray, R. Singer, S. Lowle. N, Ableman, S. Hemingway. drama club In order to better under- stand the fundamentals of the theatre arts, the club was organized into several spe- cialized workshops. This structure proved successful by enabling them to place second in the regional drama festival with their entry, Leave it to Psmith. art lub The Art Club this year has given its me m be rs opportunities to experiment in many media. The numerous proiects at tempted and accomplished have been an experience in growing za -dv sl' 1. First row KI. to r.1: J. Weith, D. Britnell, i. O'Leary, G. Peets, N. Olin, S. Ward, R. MacRae, Second row: Miss Kubacki, B. Ente, M. Sandman, I. Carmell, C. Gilmer, J. Harty, N. Newman, C. Burbee, Mr. White. 62 Front row: M. Kraft, J. Maclnnis, Mr. Hayes, V. Simpson, J. Kelley, Back row: M. Marinelli, S. Kleinrock, C. Bertozzi. french lub junior Classical league Front row: Mrs. Faherty, J. Maclnnis, treasurer, P. Tarbox, v. pres., P. Palmer, pres., M. Leavitt, secretary, C. Roseman, secretary, P. Hynes, Second row. P. Marinelli, B. Ente, L. Weiscerber, B. Corley, J. D'Angeli, C. Silverman, S. Hass, N. Berkovitch, Third row: R. Cotton, C. Bertozzi, L. Saunders, C. Seavy, N. Seigel, B. Mesite, A, Levin, M. Holfham, D. Lothrap, M. Lombard, Back row: P. Kelcher, M. Cavanagh, S. Whiting, K. Barum, K. Swanson. C. Mundth, N. Coyne, N. Andleman. spanish club Q4 5 GT First row: S. Astbury, G. Thalheimer, Mrs. St. Maurice, J. Hurwitz, T Mederos, second row: S. Kleinrock, M. Sandman, C, Bain, J. Kilmartin R. Cotton, J. Berman, l. Mederos. 63 I k f'I 1 4 Q 0 il P i I L i'-. a . 11 . , , V, J N s ' I 5 I O f . o-.. CQ. Q u N . -s 1 N 1, trxz., g-as-' ' TJ.-xi-7 - ' , 1' VV' -"3 fg ' gf- ' -4 ,-S' " '- ' 'W- '-l"w .' sir raryuw "A" 'I' 1-Ji . 'z I Nllsf nib i Ulf? K 5 A vu I x'.,L. L... Q r H MPV ' X: -N x H ' ' '1 -'A' W"-1"NvlQ" I , , , -. r I . 45 . -1, N ' O . 'N ' - , ,. ,e'. "-..'5,x - -1- v h 3 . . , . q, g 4 ' . M f al 551- .J A .fu - ' -. .4 -- v.M 1- 'fv- ' ' ' , " . , -I ,Q-F' ' .',--r..--A- JA" 11 , by ,gs .-S. -' 1",. 5 A-nf ' I 1 V - , I v 1. A If , ,' Y . ..' "., 'x.l'v N ' Q H v X' var.. - ,-:wr 5 . nl ,' h K, 1 is Qt h9...xI .wr C.. vNl,1! '-uv N592 -!.t.J-tl..-5r..1r,'tLl'f ' . I 1 .1505 --Q "' 1 - 'u .. rw- " ,- , S . -' ' - '. s- V 1 QNX ."' , f':4 .v""'Q.A A .wr ,al-.7 .fffsf-ff-9 ,pq 4' I L .",:.' 'Q .-"' fn , . K, 1, ,V .-A 4 8 ...Ik 'An h , x l . I .qw x ,, Q J' , . ' ' fx ' .rl'-A5 QA ',4 -. 5 .1 f' Pl ' A ' - . .1 , "'x 3' 'r nn nl -1 . .F . YJ - . . . ' 1. A , -,'.. ' ':"",A'1' " A ' is .,,. I I A Z,.':,.4 lr I. K , , pn I, . 27.1 , -, L L . I . ,- . , gi .nv-1'-"J 51 Q I 1 SpOI'tS 4 65 gi...- av' gl' 9 . Aw ,Q ',k4- '- x,, Y Amfwf dam' Q 4,-'M A K, 'Q V h'n',,. 'V f ...K ...K j Aj if ,A flew' i Abu- vb 4' 4 r V Q 'ii Br, Y ,f 4C.jJ Ot f,Q This year's Spartan football season was highlighted by a re- sounding 32-8 victory over South High' School. Led by Coach Angie Insalaco and Co-captains Ray Le- Doux and Bob Watson the Spartans attained heights not hoped for prior to the start of the season. football , 53'- '1 1317 aeaaaplsns-.auf 'aux 1 Row 1: Asst. Ath. Dir. W. Summers, Head Coach Angelo lnsalanco, J. Kehoe, J. Carey, W. Hansen, P Fiske, J. Dadmun, R. LeDoux, R. Watson, J. Mercer, J. Kerr, P. DiMuzio, J. Phillips, J. McAnulty, Ath Dir. J. Qaniels, Prin. Mr. Cavanaugh, Row 2: Trainer: A. Coppola, Asst. R. Anastas, W. Somplatsky L. Natoli, T. Berringer, R. Proudman, R. Bostick, L. Askin, R. Cauaturta, P. D'Amato, W. Morgan, A DiMuzio, R. Fair, Mgr. L. Berte, Row 3: Asst. Coach, Mr. Mickelson, F. Sullivan, J. Pompile, J. Webb W. Clark, R. Lindstedt, H. Fromkin, M. Raymons, B. Murphy, Mgr. A. Marcus. 2,3-S4 football fi ,X ,.. I 2 L x ly j A' 34 .-7"I i J J Af! "' I ill' 'WUI QQNF ,inn ti IW' asf' zo' basketball Kneeling: G. MacConnell, capt., Head Coach Jack Hussey, Standing Mgr. J. McAnulty, Mgr. L. Larivee, S. Zigman, J. Goode, W. Steven son, R. Kaufman, L. Griffith, A. Wrigley, R. Proudman, M. Sullivan J. Carey, T. Gardiner, Mgr. P. DiMuzio, Mgr. L. Berte. 1 Y! if L 2 1. + 'il P , 2 Y ,fi Nr L' K. ,Q A p SX Q' . Q - R du. - ...- qv A X " --1 II2.b.'7?"...lE' ww A14 'BH' ,sig .-air ,sg-4'. 5 '01 p I - via: Y 'gi' lugs? 1573 su I A .4 H.- Row 7: C. Dawson, C. DuBose, D. Leard, P. Ram- sey, M. Ahearn, Row 2: Coach Halliday, A. Levine, H. Gaynor, M. KIine,, M. Reardon, J. Cooper, D. Hill, D. Lombardi, J. Moore, mgr. 1 I 1 I ..-q I 9 O basketball This year's Spartan hoop team compiled a fine ll-7 record en route to a third place tie in the Bay State League. Led by Coach Jack Hussey and Captain George MacConnell the Spartans dis- played the talent and poise of true champions. myo- f-5 ,f 4, N xx 8... Ns. M' K 153' - 1 ,.- , , '."-'.' '.'-.'.'.'- . ,ga - , . -v 2 2.og.':-,-X1 ' . -' . , -,-QQ. .4 ' Y L rf, L. '1 . 'A-p , x. . A, -fl 'ofa X- ,, - ." lo: ' 1.11 A wks 1 I I S 5 . f-iQ T U D 'J Q 31 R' SU Ct- hockey X959 9' Q' xo, I r . . .. ' ., -... . ff... .- f-Q...-....... .. .. -.A -. ,.. s, A N 0 '- E... ., e-e--'-are I Led by Co-captains Bob Watson and Vin Pa- truno, Coach Turner's sextet surpassed all expec- tations. There were many superb individual per- formances supported by fine team efforts. Spartan hockey fans can be assured of even better teams in the years to come. 5 - we ., ,. ss., 'H 'Mol Nl fag 13" 3' Front: E. Aucom, W. McAIpine, J. Hannan, V. Patruno, R. Watson, R. Lothrop, L. Ciccolo, J. Astbury. Back: R. Cavicchio, R. Drinkwater, mgrs. T. Berringer, J O'l.eary T. Bagster, P Hynes M. She ard, R. Fair, R. Martin, - 1 - 1 P Mr. Turner, coach. 739 , , HMI rn ' 3 , ,tiff 5- fa hifi' 5' I rl ii 'I if of I: f . ' L ' BX r 1 :I ii 1 fs w 5 F I ,J .lg ""'I Q ox' - J I at I x N . ff f' manual ' r n I l 1 K-si? 0-0- vf' Q ' 'l ' . va .wa-Y G 1' my ',,. ' . gzlllrf L- " -'F' ,-asf..9. . ' -,fn 1'-"h . A 1' ,:' .. ' . . .4 V I L . 4, ..- CI'0SS COUHU' 19 'x 'Lani .4-4' 6- -45,65 -. ,a, gi' 'Qqr V- l ll l I f 5 Back: G. Sutton, A. Wrigley, B. Stevenson, J. O'Leary, B. Snow, Mr. Louder, coach, Front: V. Ryzewski, J. Kilmartin, R. Celeste, D. Heary, G. MacConnell, T. Gardiner. In the words of Coach Harold W. Louder, "This year has been another building year for cross country." In spite of a poor season, the team displayed great enthusiasm and spirit in all its meets. The one bright point of the year was its victory over South. .ad-lt' ga A G Ax 5- , X 5 , 'Sv , v .-1,92 51- 55 '37 I - P: 5... I- ,st 7s'fc':' 5 fi' Nfiii' "S S Q 7 Q -, 'f R. Salvatorri, G. Palmer, M. Gegen, S. Blades, D. Salvatorri, E. Renholm, R. Bostick, D. Mariconda, J. Whelan, B. Panoff, W. Macomber, A. Mariconda, F. Donavus, Mr. DeBetten- court, Mr. Steeves, coach gyII1HE1St1CS The gymnastic season was highlighted by Captain Stu Blades' successful de- fense of his state rings title. Long hours of practice produced a talented group of gymnasts. ki ...iS -4- -r- girls' basketball 1 I .. . . A - .M . A A . , . H 7 Row l: L. Reffelf, B. Sorrie, D. Clark, A. Alex, C. Geller, co-capt, K. Belonis, co-capl., G. TeDoldi, C. Bain, J. Eklund, Row 2: Miss Moberg, coach, P. Redding, S. Buchanan, B, Maley, L. Renz, K. Read, co-capt., M. Olson, co-capt., C. Flora, P. Paseivti, J. Singer, D. Ryszewski. ,gr X a "lf" ,,,. 2 Row 7: D. Crowell, D. Travis, J. Kurten, W. Frank, K. Belonis, Row 2: 5' 5 i ' V 11553 L. Brooks, G. Allison, A. Alex, c. DeFillipo, G. reaolal, AMFS. Gif- M 37, ford, coach, K. Reed, M. Berssenbrugge, C. Pidgeon. 'W ,lk field hockey 1 J1Sa maj orettes I 9 IT ,l., .S ON,,,g WE band Cheerleaders 'Q x-Wk-'uhh INN "N- -why . I , P s P3 I A Ha ,, .54 .- , ' Ik. .0 L -m n. V 'Tk - y f Q1 , L . ."w- 1.9 f, ' Q ie N .Y 1. s -, ,. . Tx h ' - 1' . .- - J- Ill! Bal' 'P 192 JP :fl I'GtI'OSP6Ct knowing i feel that we 81 worlds EITC less ahve than dolls 81 dream X .e Y f-4 'W 1 :gs , wt w-Q 'Wg 'Na ,ms an www' E I I' I I L, X ffm, -im' i"' , ' kg ,V .N ,. ,S-Hi 21,9 . 4 ., wk if -0 1 . if X 1-'ly . px! Q Lif' , T 3, tune.. I f"L . a, , ETA? I eb' 'Q xi 3 '- i Qi' F K -A a2i, ' 53? , X.: U' 'I -it A if L51 gg' P AW ,.-.4 .,,-fx 3 vig rf Q f 9' s' Q.-ff 43 "uf 02: - lx 'fs,' fax ' . . '.,.ihE' i P4 x :Ji fflzi 41- ii. Q '1 ,..' ,N pe Y ,Q Ap I- A f .fy Aff X y, XA I. F 5 2 if A x 1 'aj , . 1 yi Q , " P 4' g ,Q if 5 1 '4 A". , A4 , ig' f ,T s '55 in f , Q t, 34, :FK 1, 111 f -- f .Q , 3, w 5 , , N5 A 1' , fi? P3' 3. I " 0 1 'I' .- 145: .f 'xy ' 5 "3 6 p E 4 1 ! -.333 . 1 ur 1 s - 'J J . Q . xnifmwf 3 s ' I ,VA 1, 5 f, ' 1 " J if I g - lf: x ,Q D , Q ' ' ,A fs A 531 ' 'Q f ' 0 . 'N .s . Q .V " 1 -3 'Q N 1.3 , , , t , A A . , mg' 1 ,: 4 , Q, A ,x aj. t 4 ' 5 ' if-all . f , ' gtvhna 5 5 21.3. Vi. ffm!-in v Www .7 'M 65' '.' "' "'-""24b10- K 5, . Y V ' . - ' 1 . ff. ' . -ff, Q- , ' L X V ' 2 'fu' V- ,'-911. 1.22115 .llimg 1 1 f, , ' ' , r . , ' .' 'fl ' '. " b I .,A'v5':7., .1 Fh.L' I .5 Q Hur. .Y i N, ix? ,-Q. lifsfh, :Hills .amb pil. A l -E 7. .. X ' - A .H V, Y ll,-,!1.l.!'f xy QU' .J NR. .12 W: 1' nl, 1. - ' , X-' X -P V . . 1 z.. 'mf . -:R W 7Tkf,S4w7-nhl, sw-'raw A I I ,,, 1 . ,.,.,! fr,-5 M'-y,,.-4 JJQQJV, .N ,-A I I - , 4. .- ', l f . ' W2--,tix ,nf A'-'! '. 'fl 1,' ..' '4 , ' h- 'MZ .Af-'el-it-q.f.,' "9,,yai,Ir, - .'1,lF'f' . 'y, .' ',' -lv 1 J 'J LA -A . - -4 J- A-. - LfLaf,,:f1i'.,1'... -.'-gn.,f',.,1:.4..LLaa.3'g .yfj..g.1'4,f an-, 82 i It n 5 -1-1-:Ll-,L '- - Q He had death-struggles with dragons, did battle with wolves, Warred with wild trolls that dwelt among crags, Battled with bulls and bears and boars at other times And ogres that panted after him on the highfells. f. FI, ! , r .J I Q V 1 -f 'gf'. ' , , 1 .Ll 1 tv I IH. Y uf-1' 4, A 'ff ' 3' mi" 0 " A "' , ' 'L 0 fifth '-Q gvvl-.iw TL., to X L ff? " Q55 gf Wa.. all real living is meeting s . r V b , .11 : ,-f' , Y n-i 2ll -, 1- - 'X X A.. Q' 1 L-if' 1 n np 1 ' , 'TYSLI P -I ', ' Qfrxnk 'V ' Ei' 5' My V- 4-Ft. 1 1 1 ' I 5-:Q , - I F' . , 'D- And who shall say- Whatever disenchantment follows That we ever forget magic, Or that we can ever betray On this leaden earth, The apple tree, the singing And the gold? A 4.41 Mgw N... T -I I' " .. ., 3- , f -X . ,ai H Rig 5 -4 Q. . l, "- Q 1 XT :Kr ST S4 "E"f1,-" .fr 1-flu 42' Yllgfffl ,X '-"N .,A:. ESTRAGON: Charming spot. CHe turns, advances to front, halts with his back to auditoriuml Inspiring prospects CHe turns to Vladimir.D Let's go. VLADIMIR1 We can't. ESTRAGON: Why not? VLADIMIR: We're waiting for Godot. ESTRAGON: Cdespairinglyb Ah! CPauseD You're sure it was here? VLADIMIR1 What? ESTRAGON: That we were to wait. 'li f, ff 87 F I had nuffin', no I hadn't got nuffin' So I didn't go down to the market square, But I walked on the Common, the old gold Common And I saw little rabbits most everywhere So I'm sorry for the people who sell fine saucepans I'm sorry for the people who sell fresh mackerel I'm sorry for the people who sell swett lavender Cos they haven't got a rabbit not anywhere there. ff 191 viii. We shall walk in velvet shoes Wherever we go Silence will fall like dews On white silence below We shall walk in the snow. A' N-I-1 - "'-- Y . L: 5 gi ,ig T I W . ' 551 E '35-:ig , 1 iii- Lf-- i ',P'Q"!" '1NYl5 W'?ll"' EE-! HHf I '- 'f E E "f"' - u wqggavl n .gm gg. ' A 2 I. 4 .. ' ' 3 W q -.u- W!! , .V , is pw- 1:01, . ' X H" --LJ I 5 1111- - - '- v, - ' - ,ggi Q u. 1 , -. 4" fffx: ' .. 11-221 1 . M 5 . . . I I7 S- in , 'X 'I '1 lilf Z! ,,f V2 seniors I1 9l 6' T2 'br 'Q ffl, "lg, ht RICHARD ABELLI Rick. ..zee great chef... Traveling, changeable, sleek Car-crazy, behind the wheel Wild parties, the new dances Jazz has the swingin' beat On his way to the wild world. Football, I, Hockey, 2. MARTHA ALLEN A glance, a note, a grin Engrossed in party whirl Gregarious and genial... Navy commands her interest Martha gets male-mail Looking forward to college. Spartan Staff, 4, Library Aid, 2. DARLENE ABRAMS Music, rhythm, drama Hot pink and a palette Bongos, ballet, Broadway Poodles, poetry: synthesis Syncopated style of being Patterned abstract study. Drama, 2, 3, 4, Library-aide, I, 2, Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE ANN ALPHONSE Shyness born of serenity Smell of peanut butter? Emanates gentle consideration Endless collection of memoirs Likes the senior bit . . . reading For Kathy, impending happiness. Glee Club, l, 2, 4, Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD RANDALL ADAMS Man of many interests Studious, animated, The Clydes Dick. . . likely to be anywhere Sportive, talkative, certain Always the iokester, guffaws Chooses to be a doctor. Senior Play, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, 4, Debating, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra, l, 2, Glee Club, l, 2. CHERYL RUTH ANDERSON Loquacious, longs for a laugh "Don't be a dim bulb!" A party girl. . . in the gang Lives only for the weekends Does everything on her own Skiing, summer, and sunshine. Marshal, 2, Library-aide, 3, Basketball, I, Christmas Proiects I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE LEONARD ADLEMAN Diligent, dauntless, droll A temperate, easy-going way Gets a charge out of radios Thoughtful and laughable Wizard at lighting and sound Kook of communications club. Radnio, 1, 2, 3, 4: Communications, 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama, I, 3, Senior PIBY, 3, 4, Chemistry, l. PAULDINE ANDREWS Sincere, poetic apologetic Love for life and laughter Spirit: serene and smiling Enchanted wish, exquisite dream Secret soiourns in sunshine Whispering in sweet silence. Steering Commitee, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Marshal, 3, Field Hockey, 2, Biography and Verse, 4, Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Staff, 3. 1 ROBERTA LOUISE ARKERSON Lithe swift skilled skater Perky, the air of neatness Why. . . lives at Loring Arena Balance, poise, confidence Practice contributes to skill And career as pro skater. Home Ec., 3, Christmas Proiects. JEAN ARNOLD Pleasant sense of satisfaction Floor shifts and four speeds Carefree, little, zesty . . .Jean Memories abound, life of fun Parties at Pete's, good times Creates aura of gleeful gayety. Softball, 'l, 3, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Glee Club 'l Library aide l, 2, Tennis, 1, Basketball, 'l. JOHN JOSEPH ASTBURY Great gigantic goalie A. . . Jack Versatile Jack-of-all-trades Way to his heart?: His Stomach Bombs around with the gang Dauntless, stolid, grinning Doggedly determined to succeed. Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, l, 2, Baseball, JEROME BARTON Tall, blue-eyed, blond Shadow swift, flying cinders Sensitive, toying with life fThe finer things in lifej Ready to tackle the world, . . . and win. Captain Track, A, teammate, l 2 3 Footb ll l 2 3 Gl e Club, l, 2, A Cappella, 2, 3, Marshal 4 MARGARITA BARTL New this year from Germany Unusual and very friendly girl Though shy upon first meeting Cultured, talented, varied Knowledgeable in languages Plans for future: interpreter. IRC, l: Camera, I, Tennis, I. BARBARA BATER Bubbling bouncing Barbie Pattern, material and presto! Dedicated to pursuit of fun Likeable . . . lucid. . . lovely The embodiment of style Happiness is a smile. Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 4, Basketball 2 Library Aide 2 Ai OD 'Wt--ve is KAREEN GAIL BELONIS Quiet, dependable, considerate Hint of a beautiful smile Dreamy, gentle, yet hard-worker Spinning at sports. . .lively Winning combination: work, play Serene pool of reflected moon. Biography and Verse, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Field Hockey, 2, 3, co-captain, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, secretary, 4, Softball, 3, Music Festival, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 3. CHERYL BEVANS Vivacious, blithe, impish lntoxicating, lntriguing wisp l A miraculous smile. ..Chery Moon breaking thru dark Golden sheen her hair.. . Golden light her heart. Student Council, 4, Steering Committee, 3, Marshal, 2, Glee Club, 2, Drama, 2, Debating, 2, Bus. 8- Adv. 4. 1 -9' l nv, Happy Unbirthday JUDITH ELLEN BERMAN Judi. Somber autumn colors Wistful, winsome willow Natural inclination to gayety Luminous, expressive eyes Engrossing pastime: guitar A world of success awaits her. Pep squad, 4, Spanish, 4, Library-aide, 'l, 2, 3. STUART WAYNE BLADES This a iob for Super-Stu! The man is cranberry madras Seen on a speedy scooter First place on the rings Note the bulging muscles Everlasting happiness is sure. Gymnastics, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, I. MEI BERSSENBRUGGE Dreaming mirage stretches Shadowy arms that reach... Sweet song, echoing in dusk Misty, nostalgic, softer, gone Wineglass search: wind-flower Warmth of a sunlit mind. National Honor, Science Fair, l, 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, Spartan editor, 3, Biography and Verse, 4, Steering Com- mittee, 3, NMSQT Semi-finalist. WALTER BOSTICK Strong . . . sporty. . . steady Rarish humor, caught laughing Rams the enemy in football ln the party club . . .Bowstich Knavish knight, got rhythm Trying hard for college. Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Proiects, 2, 3, 4. Q-. IK' if ke S5-on-4' Q ,s PATRICIA BRACKIN Tiny, talkative tyke . . . Pat A member of the Harry's club Carefree, excitable, pert Plays with ungawa the second All roads lead to marblehead Undimmed goal: hair stylist. Pep Squad, 3, Co-Captain, 4, Field Hockey, 4, Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 3. BARRY BROWN Scientific, saucy satirist Quick remark, nimble-wit . . . Realistic, capable, acuminous Quizzical ribbin' and raillery Judicious, exacting, implacable Studying, researching . . . physics. Key Club, 4, Science Fair, I, 2, 3, Math Fair, 2, 3, Debating Club, 4, Rifle Club, 4, Christmas Proiects, 1, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN MARGRET BRAUNIG Pied-piper of pandemonium Creative sensitivity of music On stage, dramatic intensity Intuitive sweetness of search Esthetic trust in simplicity Proudly ascending . . . Brownie. Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, 4, Drama, I, 2, 3, 4, Biography and Verse, 4, Science Fair, 2, Library-aide, 2, 3, Communications, 4, Mixed Chorus, 4. ROBERT B ROWN Elusive, changeable, amusing Soft-beat music his style "Cool it" when Bob's around Fast backs and four speeds Cars and cars, but one girl A mysterious way about him. Football, 3, Gymnastics, 'l. Cl-'IERYL FRANCES BRIGHT Pleasant, relaxed, and studious Constant efforts give rewards Nonchalant nicety is natural Outwardly friendly, tho quiet Neat, searching for order Love for people: social worker. Science Fair, I, 2, Math Fair, I, Softball, I. SHEILA BROWN Blonde . . . captivating eyes Brownie's proud to be a senior Sometimes quiet, yells at games Lively and quite attractive Social whirl is invigorating Knows what's in store for her. Senior Play, 4. PATRICIA BROOKS Newcomer Pat, many friends Spirited, sparkling eyes. . . Flashing, dashing smile . . . Admirable enthusiasm for FNHS Pistachio: The greatest flavor Finding enjoyment in activity. KARYN BRUENELL More bounce to the ounce Live wire, easily liked Cheerful, casual, comely Down to earth, talkative Forever a winning smile Takes life easy . . . Karyn. Spartan Staff, 4. ? 'Y' n--...-I i Q9-if l'4i+.9.f...-4, - 15627 E ROBERT BURKE Smoothly gallant guy . . , Bob Wanderlust.. .to see the world Long, lean, lightness of manner Attentive, sportive scamp . .. Following the Ray Charles cult Animated real exhilaration. Baseball, 2, Football, I. RONALD CAVATORTA Abundance of soaring energy Smoothly active, sharp jokes Party-boy, one-man circus . . . Keeps the girls guessing... In football, a valuable player Life: cascading, spinning... Christmas Projects, 3, 4. CYNTHIA CAHILL Quiet, shy, fun-lover Always neat, pert, pretty She's a model majorette . .. Turtles Forever, tree club Spirited, sparkling, serene Hopes for happiness. Majorette, 3, 4, Library-aide, 2. ROBERT WILLIAM CAVICCHIO Blows a swingin' sax Never misses a party... Galloping green jalopy Skiing when not marching Bob. . . Don Juan of B113 After high school, the navy. Band, I, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, Music Festival, 'I, 2, 4, Hockey 4, Football, 2, Orchestra, 4, Science Fair, 1. CONSTANCE JULIET CARAVASOS Grace, gayety, moonlit eyes A chain of charms . . . Connie Seventeen's council member! Tiny, talkative, tasteful, trim Shining laughter, hint of humor Flower on a rivulet shore. Drama, 2, 3, 4, Marshal, 2, 3, 4, Biography St Verse, 4, Bas- ketball, 3, Field Hockey, 4, Pep Squad, 3, 4. RICHARD JAMES CELESTE Good things in small packages Super-duper work-evasion champ Broad grin, often satirical What's up for the weekend? Tireless track team-mate Reliable pal . . . also to girls. Football, I, 2, Track, 4, Sc. Fair, 2. JOANNE CARROLL Jo. . .blond and bouyant Smiling, happy, youthful Terrific memories of the Cape An eye for clothes . . .and boys Ambition: to type, type, type ...and achieve happiness. Spartan Production Staff, 4, Pep Squad, 3, Library Aide, 2, Christmas Projects, I, 2, 3, 4. J. LAWRENCE CICCOLO Mad Bomber in his merry Olds. . . Parties, laughs, accident prone Balance of brains and brawn Lively, likeable, a college man Incessant banter: alert, hearty Got the world on a string. Student Council, 3, 4, Hockey, I, 3, 4, Football, 3, Marshal, 2, Science Fair, I, 2, Math Fair, 1, 2. Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, I, Track, 4, Science Fair, 1- I I 'Fi -3 -,-af" ,iff 1.1 f -ti . 3' A. 5,4 W. ' xx K 'Q' sc' i -fn 'S fin W SERE LOUISE CLARK Seldom Sere-ous, bacon blonde Hobby: haunted houses? Talkative among friends . . . Sulu Package of pep, nose for news Thrifty, timely typist, too Memorable escapades abound. Spartan staff, Ag Production editor, 4, Pep squad 3 Library aide, I. BARBARA CORNING Blond, bouncy, blithe imp Just joking . . . never stops Passion for iazz, folkmusic Giggles galore, C'est la Vie Photogenic features. . . stylish Those wild tweed stockings! Field Hockey, -ig Glee Club, 3, 4, Math Fair I Science Fair I, WILLIAM EDWARD CLARK Bill . . . smiling, stalwart, slick Moving thru world of sports Tackles the enemy with ease Partial to engrossing pleasure Calm, quiet, querulous, cordial Sure and secure for college. Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Proiects. ROBERT FRANCIS CRAVER Sharp, athletic, agreeable Rampant rapid road-runner Versatile impressive leader Taste for clothes and pleasure Quietly funny, comical remarks No task is too tough for Bob. Gymnastics, 3, 4, Library, I, 2. ROBERT BURKE CLEMONS Bob is a true gentleman . .. Sincerity reaps friendships . ,. A congenial conversationalist Challenge of mountain climbing Procrastination at its utmost Sleep is reward for. . . work?! Gould Academy, Maine: Basketball, l, 2, 3, Key CI b Communications, 2, 3, Soccer, 4, Biology Club, 2, 3 Track I WILLIAM HOWARD COHEN Holy mackerel swimming around Amicable, obliging fellow... Vigorous, sincere, hearty. . . Nightly escapades, demands fun Infectiously amusing, competent Roving the world for happiness. Key Club, 4: Debating, 35 Science Fair, 2, Christmas Protects I, 2. Now what? Q t4y1 A. f qv-A , , Emi-""' K ty I , :lk ty , i a bird? a plane? RENE CRETE Holidays find him relaxing Likes the sharp shooting bit Electricity, radios, wires Fun rates: unwritten law Happiness is certain for Rene Earnestly awaiting the future. Gun Club, 3, Glee Club, 4. ELIZABETH DAGG Slim, sweet-voiced lark Knows Rules of sincerity Frantic, fantastic, frenzied fun Looks denote modeling career She likes home-cooked meals Nicety is the word for Bettie. Library Aide, l, 2, Christmas Proiects, 3, 4. PATRICIA MARY CURRAN Pleasant piquancy present Beaming bombshell of fun .. .Pat Knowledgeable taste in clothes Following natural inclinations Toward felicitous success... A future starlike secretary. Basketball, lg Science Fair, 2. PAUL GEORGE D'AMATO Beatle wigs and baseball bats Guitar-man in the Roulettes Tall, trim, debonair flair Keeps the engine running Dazzles the girls . . . smooth man Famed for fleetrfooted flying. Football, l, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, Student Council, 3, Glee Club, l, 2, A Cappella, 3 BARBARA CURTIS Brightest eyes, merry sparkle A smile for every friend Fountain of frolic, ioyous fun Studying to be a secretary Singing heart, blithe outlook Deserves nothing but the best. Spartan Staff, 4, Field Hockey, 2, Candy Sale, I, 4, Christmas Projects, l, 2. MARTHA LUCILE DAVENPORT Mardi . . . well-known, stylish Really wild at the parties Sprightly, determined, efficient Sincere interest in people Bombing around in a '63 Chevy Marriage is in her favor Newton High, Pep Squad, l, 2, 4, Clothing, ly Art, If Glee Club, lg Field Hockey, 2. ff' ,fs Pep Squad, 3, Production staff, 4, Glee Club, JOANNE DEASY Styles. . .wiles. . .smiles Friends from distant places Inveterate, easy talker Undying team spirit.. .Jo Sweet shyness hides inner ioy Her eyes to the skies. Softball, 3, Drama, I, Candy Sale, 2, 3. ANDENA DEQUATTRO Dancing, drawing, dabbling A gentle contented disposition But flips over the Beatles . .. Sensible, lucid, efficient Dena Life is precious and fleeting Happiness is coming her way. A Cappella, 3, -4, Sr, Play, A, Bus. I, 3, A. PATRICIA DeCOURCY Tall, trim, attractive . . . Pat The disposition to please In the groove, alert, alive Frequently found at the fun Bunch of Beach Boy discs Sparkling eyes, uniquely hers. PAUL DESROSIERS Scotty . . . tall and reserved Subtle . . . shy . . . sincere A mania for Scottish music Power with spears and arrows Winter sports his delight Transcends the ordinary. Glee Club, 4, Track 81 Field, 3. JOHN DEMPSEY Happy, rarely seen serious. .. Often found on the diamond... Power-packin' on the ice... Reputed as carefree, daring... Slick grin, checkmates enemies Ready to go on his own. PAUL DIMUZIO Dimuze. Big man, big ideals Football's the hip word Uazz is his pleasure , .. Everybody's buddy, baby Determination and coeordination Explicit future: gym teacher. 8. Advertising, 4, Glee Club, 4, Marshal, 3, 4. Football, l, 2, 3, Mgr. Baseball, 3, 4, Marshal, 2. KATHLEEN DEN EEN A twinkle in her eye Genuine joy in her laughter Pint-sized, pleasant, petite Miss Stitch 'n' Knit . .. Pungently piquant pixie "Did I do that?" Pres. Home Ec., 3, Majorette, I, Student Counci SUSAN DHVIUZIO Sue. . .wonderful weekends Has the spark of vitality Studies important for success But oh! those awful tests! Pleasant and friendly, pretty Dream of happiness is sure. Bowling, I, Christmas Projects, 2. I, 'I. inf lv.. fv' 'fifrvt -Xe-9,:A:,,,T'1 I 'QS' ' mutatis- 4 WAV' sx nu: ' o -,Q Q -fe ,, . f . . 'li 'f 4 i' vw -v Y' A 1 r ""t:-- Xa lik N -,X -li -i DARLYNE DONN Exuberance, charm, refulgence Tantalizingly intermingled Satiric asides. . .a flash of wit Thoughts drift toward Maine Skis skim like silver streamers Thru blinding light: elation! Biography and Verse, 4, Spartan, 4, Drama, l, 2, 41A Cappella, 3, 4: Glee Club, l, 2, 3, A, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Library-aide, l, RICHARD DUGGAN Of the reserved quiet variety Quick light banter is Dick's Astute in History . . . thoughtful Prime for politics. . . knowledge Cool, composed, collected. .. Subtle smile, unruffled air. KATHLEEN DORE Well-groomed freshness Infectious smiles. , . Kathy Fountain of good cheer Delightful, dulcet dream lntoxicating whirl of life Raring to go. . . vroornm!! Christmas Projects, l, 2, 3, 4, JANE DUNCKLEE "The funniest darn thing" . .. ls Nimbo. A thoughtful willing friend... ls Jane. A gay, refreshing personality... ls success. Senior Play, 4, Drama, A Library Aide, l, 2, Spartan Staff, 4. JAMES DOUCETTE Rugged good-looks . . . chivalrous Tailored look, sharp garb Earnest compliance, solicitous Deucie . . . the daring dealer Cutting quick capers on ice Casual, knows his way around. Baseball, l, 3, 4, Hockey, 3, 4, Christmas Proiects, T, 2. BARBARA LOUISE DUNHAM Barbie . . . tall, slim coquette Prom princess. . . naturally Dark tresses, flashing smile Bombing in a little blue bug Lithe on the snowy slopes Ready for the business world. Basketball, l, 2, A, Art, lg Drama, 45 Orchestra, l, 45 Library- aide, 2. MARY ANNE DUANE Mimi , . . friendly, piquant Long red hair: "don't pull!" Lively charm, pleasantly sweet Sumless store of Spartan spirit The smiling, shining sort Warm disposition is welcome. Pep Squad, 3, Biography 8. Verse, Ag Senior Play, 4, Archery, l. KATHLEEN DURANT Kathie.. , perky, nice to know Fun and mischief in her style ...With a quiet side too Takes things as they come: T-Birds, victories and dances Agreeability key to happiness? Glee Club, I, Christmas Proiects, T, 2. 1' 2 HERTA EBNER From Austria, bond of friendship Warmhearted, thoughtful, studious Clear-eyed realistic means to Misty exalted romantic ideals Unaftected constancy of spirit Memory exceeds parting sadness, '3 " I-...iQf AFS Student from Klagenturt, Austria, Student Council, 4, IRC, 4, Drama, 4, Glee Club, 4, Christmas Proiects Staff. ELYSE EHRNHOLM Never ceases to surprise Continual flow of conversation Outwardly calm, tempest within Hair-styling: the magic touch Adept with comb and brush Only Lisa knows for sure. Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, A, KANDILYN ELLIOT As sweet as sugar Kandy Serene, sedate, smiling Spins with efficiency . .. The emphasis on sincerity Arrow of beaming brilliance Reaching for teaching. Glee, 2, Library-aide, l, 2, 3, 4, SHERYL ELMAN Sherry . . .flashing red hair Pert and peppy, popular Sunny disposition, always happy A giggle with a blush... A smile, a laugh, a bit of fun Hairdresser in the making. Glee Club, lg Drama, 3, Tennis, 4. 'up-""'i t,. PATRIClA ENGLAR Sweet, sly, somber . . . Pat Outgoing, nifty, alluring . .. A lasting laugh, winning smile Youthful activity and gayety Expressive, wise in the world Smart, stylish, a secretary. Sr. Play, 4, Spartan Staff, 4. ROBERT FRANKLIN ENGLAR Smooth and snappy scamp. . .Bob President ot the swingin' Set Jumpin' Gymnast , , . ladies' man Drums his way to fame and fun Forever true to sports-cars Potential electronic engineer. Gymnastics, l. 4' if ,ijt .,,,...-f -will Q- N--.. i 41 Q' UUSOUX BEVERLY ARLENE ENTE Mind-autonomy, burning ballads Deflection, renegade imagery Cryptic oracle, quidepolychotomy. Maze: abstract correlative Carousel ring, frozen reality Soft echoings in timeless air? NMSQT Letter of Commendation, Archon Biography 81 Verse Editor, 4, Spartan, 3, 4, Gymnastics, 2, 4, Jr. Classical, 3, 4, Art, 4, Science Fair, l, 2, 3. LINDA SUE FERGUSON Lind. lnstinctiyely individual Smooth, poised, intent Quiet, but to no extreme "Gee", an occasional "yahoo"! Faithful to the Midwest An aptitude for college. Pep squad, 4, Glee Club, l, 4, Science Fair, l, 2. EDA LlSA EPSTEIN lnto iewelled waves of ideas Splash diamonds of the night Secret sanctum, echo of warmth Colored fragments of soulglass Spilling toward eager hands Sweet breath of peace. NMSOT Letter of Commendation, Debating, 2, secretary, 3, 5 Drama, 2, 3, Science Fair, l, Biography 8- Verse, 4. K A-f' MOLLIE FITZGERALD ji' D A life of laughter and love Ni . Pizza premium, crazy hats Sparkling, zealous, truly alive Sweetness comes naturally Laughter infectious, soothing Candle blazing in the dark. Steering Com., 3, Senior Play, 4, Drama, l, 2, 4, Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair, l. KATHERINE BETSEY FALES Kathy . . . pocketful of cheer A smile that never fades Girl with the smart wardrobe Mad for a certain shy guy Soaring antics. .. lilting fun A journalist in the making. Spartan, 4, Field Hockey, 4, Softball, 3, Steering com, 4, Marshal, 4, Glee Club, 3. DOUGLAS FOSS Agreeable, easy-going . . . Fuzzy Has the girls under his spell Wild for water skiing . .. Pronounced liking for cars A bouyant boat rides the seas Funvfilled lifetime ahead. 'luis Gymnastics, 2. ROSALIND GAY FALT A sedate yet amorous friend Astonishment at its utmost Knit one purl two knit Boots and saddles on horseback Sews her way to fashion A nursing career imminent. Library-aide, l, Science Fair, 2, Sr. Play, 4, Christmas Proiects. ALAN FRANCIS FRACALOSI Downbeat on drums cool beat Sense of humor invaluable 1 ' i Ylwrv Rates high on gym team . . .Al Note well the Practiced skill Enthusiastic . , .genuine zeal Architect.. .man for college. Gymnastics, l, 2, 3, 4, Biog, 8. Verse, 4, Glee Club, l, A Cappella, 2, 3, -1, Sr. Play. -' . ' 1 -1 N ' I D f 71 ., s 49.19 4' pl I .,..,, ,. , - , . . ,,,,,, " :f i 57 ti- I . - 0-RQ ' V Ji Sign 1,5 lc 'f ' 1' '-' -N ,z 4 'I X , 1 3:1 kiwi- ii: 5 ', UQ, ' 'rf - --.i 2 gf, , ' . 0 l R 1 lil I 1, ' 5 l tj so .5 X 'Q-'J sy ful-" x ,, J - '75, .1 A 1' 1'-fi r- Q I f . i.'.xjN. ,, , ' V -f A g'7.,JZ' f .i ,Eff 'Z' ,' , 'Vx ."f' f.. .41 ' g . ravxi WENDY FRANK Mind-confetti: perpetual flurry Murky mist-image impaled By sliver of platonic shaft Alice in sophistry, catcher Restless torrent of freedom Eddying toward dream of peace. Archon co-editor-in-chief, A, Drama, treasurer, 2, 3, Steering Committee, 3, NMSQT Semi-finalist, Field Hockey, 1, 3, 4, Spartan editor, 3, Math Fair, 1, 2. BEDELIA VAZQUEZ GANDARA Cultured, discerning, efficient Versed in the Spanish nuances Lure of the theater, music A genuine love for all . . . Dele Tho reticent, not so with pals Pure ideals, knowledge is key. JOHN FRASER Slyly grinning, playing pranks Bombing in a 1946 ialopy... Undersea, diving for pleasure Off-the-cuff slick iokes . . . Known as the Ridge Runner Fast crowd, seeking pleasure. P 9 l Camera, 2, Science Fair, 1, THOMAS GARDINER Pleasant intelligent gentleman fs 'Q 137' -G Quiet confidence, universal pal Blond bornbshell . . . shy smile P. Engulfed in school affairs Wings on the cinder track in-F1 And music shall come forth. ,div 'fix v.P. Junior Class, siaaem council, 1, 2, V,P., 3, 4, Key Club, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 4, Football, 2, 3, Track, 3, A, f 'J' Steering committee, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, A, 'le-neu ' ',". M XIII' 'I' - HOWARD ARNE FROMKIN Smiling, smooth, smorgasbord A mixture of all that's fun Sharp duds for a slick dude . . .from Sahthahn Connecticut Emcee of famed Howie's circus A businessman's leadership. Tyman Hall H.S., Conn.: Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, Steer- ing Com., 3, Student Council, 1. SUSAN GAGEN Mistress of the megaphone Rings, things, buttons, and bows lnexhaustible energy .. .Sue Cheerful, competent, congenial Blazing comet flame... Of spirit, Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, 4, Steering Com, 3, Glee, 1, 2, Marshal, 1, 2, Library-aide, 1. Eye of neut and toe of frog, e MAXINE GEDIMAN Diminutive, dramatic elf Fun is her only business Soaring, spirited, sociable Mackie . . . an artful adress Wears red dancing slippers A pint-sized powerhouse. Senior Play, 4, Drama, 3, 4, Gymnastics, l, 2, Tennis, lg Art Festival, 2. SHARON JEAN GEMMILL Sherri... nursing is the dream Slow molasses in January... Talents for excellent cooking And exquisite embroidery... Looks for sincerity in others: Gives of her own willingly. Library-aide, 3, A, Christmas Proiec silt l'm the Easter bunny. CHARLENE JOY GELLER Engaging, saucy, candid, quick Sheepish grin: impending jokes Hyannis, madras, many sweaters Good time Charlie in 'est Yet sensible and realistic A collegiate sophistication Drama, l, 2, 3, Biography and Verse, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, Science Fair, 2, Debating, 2, Pep Squad, 3, Christmas Projects, 2, 3. CAROL ANN GILMER That magical Southern charm Artistic, esthetically refined A pleasant conversationalist Hopeful, thoughtful, skillful Wandering thru dream vistas Gentle artistry of elegance. Avondale H.S., Atlanta, Gag Art Club, l, 2, 4, French Club Pep Club. JANlCE GEMMILL Friendly . . . fervent . . . fair No time to lose . . .southern gal Always one with the answer Perfect homemaker, golden rule Forever something nice to say A streak of pleasure. . .Jackie. Glee Club, 4, Library Aide, 2, 3, 4, Softball, l. LINDA ELLEN GLICK Slender soaring songstress Exuberant, lighthearted outlook Cascades of conversation . .. Frilly, flirtatious, feminine Dates, gyrates, captivates Jet-set coquette . . . Lyn. Drama, 2, Glee Club, 2, Library-aide, lg Christmas Projects 1 2 3 4 a f 1 1 - if ir:--' ELAINE NANCY GOBRON Calmly sweet, yet spirited Tennis technique, on her toes Wild whirlwind weekends Harvard Square: a passion Often garrulous, yet composed On a skylarking spree... Lanie. Senior Play, 4, Pep Squad, l, 2, 4, Hockey, 3, 4, Drama, l, 2, 4, Glee Club, l, 2. MARSHA JEAN GREEN Pert, lively, full of pep Sociable and captivating lass A friend well worth finding Modish.. .a flair for fashion Funny, happy-go-lucky clown Surely a superior secretary. Glee Club, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, Christmas Proiects, 2, 3. JUDITH GOFFIN A cheer, a smile, on the go Exuberant purity, friendship The sunny side of the street Eagerness, optimism, assurance Radiance mirrors inner beauty A moment's fleeting sunlight. Spartan, 3, 4, Biography and Verse, 4, Cheerleader, 4, Steering Committee, 3, Drama, 2, 3, 4, Library-aide, 3, 4, Pep Squad, 3, Math Fair, I. KENNETH GREENE Insight, ability, perseverance A firm belief in truth... Discerning, sensitive outlook Mosaic of history and Hebrew Steady, logical, collected International interests. Spartan Staff, 3, 4, Steering Committee, 3, 4, Marshal, Math Fair, 2, Science Fair, 3. STEVEN GOLDMAN Steve . . . outdoors, in cars Hearty, happy-go-lucky, blase The A Capella wonder, acts too Quick remark, ready banter C.A.P., J.A., U.S.Y., N.U.T., S.G. Grinning, iaunty, sailing away. A Cappella, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 4, Drama, 4, Football, l, 2, Track, 4. LEONARD HARVEY GREENE Paragon of sarcasm and wit Tall, dark, and Beatle bangs Ask him anything about cars Collegiate clothes, the champ Master of tart witticisms Smooth, debonair, confident. Football, I, 2, Christmas Proiects, 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Fair, 1, 2- JOSEPH GOODE Engrossed in endless Adventures A "Red-Light" of activity Schooled in art of relaxation Bright world full of fast fun Accident-prone safety . . .Joe Not to be underestimated. Football, I, 2, 3, Baseball, 'l, 4, Glee Club 4. ROGER WARREN GRIFFIN Serious, knowledgeable man Immediate glow of good humor Enemy of all peanut butter Transfer student from Alaska Quick, industrious, forensic Take-off, climb, dive, land. Senior Play, 4, Track, 1, Debating, 3, Science Fair, 2, 3. 60? 1' fi i "hs 'sf 'S' lf"'f' 'YY t Nov' tg 1 Qtr Q' 1 4 1 CATHERINE HARRISON Cathi . . . southern ambrosia Hopeful, radiant perspective Shining sophistication gleams Shy but a willing listener Soft shimmering loveliness Cool sip of mountain spring. Everman H.S., Texas: Student Council, 3, Pep Squad I QQ Fut. Homemakers, 1, 2, National Honor. KATHLEEN HART Gregarious, congenial gal Giving and going to parties Always next door to Kathy "You're out of your trees" Sunny, quite pleasing ways An aptitude for accounting. and for a right turn BARBARA HARVEY Pacific, pleasing, personable Harmony and gentleness prevail Spends her time with pals Studies with a will . . .Yogi Marriage is tops in her book Smiles shyly, yet continually. SANDRA HEMINGWAY Subdued sounds, but... By no means soundless Casual, courteous, congenial Fidelity esteemed among friends Derives pleasure from hobbies Easy smile, happy nature.. .Sandy Senior Play 4, Drama Club 3, 47 Spartan Editor 4 IR C 3 AMINA HASSAN Glow of helloes, sunshiny smile Friendly, refreshing interest No snow in homeland Somalia Grateful, hopeful, thoughtful Life-dream is politics Effervescent cheerfulness. Home Ec. Club V. Pres., 3, 4. ROGER HILL Roger. . . singular, eloquent Lives for the stage: drama Fervent, impelling, indelible Spends the time tapping his talent Attentive, cracking dry iokes World of the artist: actor. Drama, 2, A Cappella, 3. 4, Senior Play 4 Y 5. A -'E , ,J .yi VM. .- -,,,43.:...', ,I ,- uihaf-,SQQIAWQ , if c v X .R JJ s I A E Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, Think l'll eat some worms. PATRICIA ELIZABETH HOBIN Breezy, lively, bubbly . . . Patty Elated sprees create happiness Travels with the gang, Harry's Employs natural gayety, social Busy dazzling the boys. . . pert Handy .with coffee, tea, or milk? Field Hockey, 2, Marshal, 4, Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 3. LINDA JEAN HOLMES Nonchalant ease and talk, talk Obvious natural nicety. . .neat Tall, trim, talent for teaching Wishes to travel, hopes for ioy Maintains constant good nature Orderly, eager, dependable. Drama, 3, Science Fair, I, Library-aide, 2. STEVEN HOLBROOK Steve , . , quiet and amiable Au'o'obsessed and all the rest Happy, direct, impressive Un versally liked . . . affable Sure-tire rifleman, accurate Me-ghanically minded engineer, Christmas Protects, 4, Library, 2. PAULINE HOLMSTROM A gal that goes everywhere And enicys the high lite . .. Imagine, her very own car! Pleasant personality always Loves stuffed toys icute onesj Blonde beautician to be. Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 3, A, PAULA ERNESTINE HOLLERAN Petite and neat in every way Subtly coquetrish, unobtrusive Complementary soft brovvn hair Keen interests in enioyment Natural tranquil contentment Lively elegance , . . secretary. Orchestra, 2, Secretary Home Ec., 3. JUDITH HURVVITZ Languid, nonchalant, spunky Funrfilled-fiesta with Becky Dazzling vigor and vitality Shines in sports . . .Judy A delightful devilishness An escapade with energy. IRC, 3, -4, Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Eu Nurses, 3, A, Spanish, A. '- .57 i IU? K K- 26 FY - 1 4 ff, . "E PAMELA ANN I-IYNES Intelligent, sparkling, studious Endless variety of patterns Sophisticated, scintillating Epitome of personality , . . Pam Saucy sunset glow, senses spin ...overcome with charm. Merit Letter of Commendation, Drama, 2, 3, 4, IRC, 3, Jr, Classical, 3, 4, Biography and Verse, 4, Pep squad, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, Glee, I, 2. SALLEE ANN JONES A pink cat with green eyes Mad for Mustangs, parties, pizza Long, laughable, learning to live Psychology and writing . .. Hoping Bridgit can act . .. A memory of dizzying color. Glee Club, I, 2, 3, -15 A Cappella, 4, Drama, 3, 4, LINDA IOZZO Casual, tender, refined Tranquil poise prevails , , . Lin Bewitching, belonging, lovely A gentle, faraway mystery Endless search , . . tinsel tone Sentimental style of being. Student Council, 3, secretary, 4, Biography and Verse Staff, 4, Steering Committee, 4, Debating, 2, National Honor So- ciety, Pep Squad, 3. LINDA GRACE KAUFMAN Sweet, shy, and sociable Mania for Irish tea Accent on music and art A ring in the near future? Eyes luminously radiant A whirring web of magic. Science Fair, 2, Library-aide, I, Senior Play 4. .IACOUELINE ANNE JACOBELLI Whispering mind-music: echo Taste of honey. . . a lady Crystalline light of loveliness Sensitivity, refinement, grace: Radiance of rare concord Burning torch, enduring peace. EMDSC Treasurer, 4, Student Council, 3, 4, V. Pres. Future Nurses, 3, 4, Drama, 2, 4, treas., 3, Debating, 2, treas., 3g Archon editor, 4, IRC, 3, 4, Science Fair, I, Library-aicle, 2. JOHN KEI-IOE Gallant, mature, manrabout-FNHS Anxious, studious, purposeful Spirited sense of freedom Singularly tall, dark, handsome Elusive .. .yet quite friendly Surety the mark of leadership. Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, I, 3, 4, Basketball, I, Christma Proi. NANCY LEE JEVVELL Shy is the word for Nancy... But a lovely smile on her lips She's as sweet as the music That she plays on her flute: Magical, silvery instrument Deft fingers create music. Band, I, 2, 3, -1, Orchestra, 2, 4, A Cappella, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4. PAUL ALBERT KELEI-IER Sublime sense of satire Active . . . astute . . . aware Famous for infallible farces Paul be nimble, Paul be quick Original, hilarious, genuine Without saddle on a breeze. Gymnastics, I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 3, captain, 45 Band I, 2 3, 4, Marshal, 2, 4, Football, 4, Spartan, 3, editor, 4, Steer- ing Committee, 4, Glee, 4. f' ri" S-I N 'is 'K ""'-22' SHARON LORRAINE KELLEY Ronnie's like spring.. .vibrant Riding away in a cloud of dust And a hearty "vvatcha doin""? Horse-back-riding is enjoyment Enviable secretarial talents Enduring quality of vitality. Christmas Projects, 2, 4. LEE KERSHAW Tiny, taciturn, tennis anyone? Cool, cordial, candid, companion Stylish . . . neat . . . discreet Sympathy connotes graciousness Quiet, but sometimes . .. A smile speaks for her. Tennis, 3, Basketball, 4, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Drama, 4, Sr. Play, 4. JANET MARY KELLY Lively, entrancing, in vogue Endless cheers, enthusiasm Diminutive, delightful, dulcet Pleasing blend of congenial And garrulous qualities . .. Future of open doors. Bus, 8. Adv, 4, Pep squad, 3, 4, Glee Club aide, l, 2. MALCOLM KESSELMAN Good-looks, geniality, gusto A crafty, urbane polish.. , Double dose of drollery Malfus . . . par-tial to golf Daring, determined, diplomatic Earnest editor-in-chief. Archon co-editor-in-chief, 4, Spartan, 4, Football, l, Golf, 3, 'if WAS' IRC, 4, Math Fair, first prize, 1, 2, Science Fair, 1, 2, 3, Christ- mas proiects, Key Club, 4. LYNNE SUSAN KENDRICK Lasting liveliness of laughter Smiles never cease . . . carefree Wanderin' thru world of cars But a fine horsewoman , .. Fun and frolic in the summer Essence of ignited song. Glee Club, l, 3, 4, A Cappella JOSEPH BARTHOLOMEVV Wise, wordy, vvitty, well-liked Probing mind, unobtrusive ways Smile, you're on Joe's camera Si si senor . . . that's Jose Reason determines the answer Clearly cut-out for college. Track, 3, 4, Spanish, 4, Key Club, VERON ICA MARIE KENNEY Loquacious, impish merrymaker Shining, becoming black hair Her escapades are adventurous Never caught frowning , . . Roni Finds enjoyment with the girls Life: spinning blue ecstasy. Softball, l, 4, Christmas Proiects. STANLEY KITTREDGE Lots of lighthearted iokes Laughs and guffaws galore Slim, suave, expressive . .. Runs a fast pace . . . Stan Makes it on his ovvn . .. T: my f fo f lx S 1'5"fA?' N P :Z rfwzfik ffk U -wwe, f L --wi.: " iff - ffwf. "og, 'gi 1 3-S- To college and success. Track, 3, 4, Christmas Projects, 1, 'V' I-anal 'tn- ,ff 4-!"""-' i x..f SHARON JOY KLEINROCK A sweetness all her own Considerate, polite, delicate Unobtrusively quiet, pensive Yet engaging and truly earnest Looking forward to teaching... and happiness. Spanish, 4, Pep Squad, 3, French, 4, Drama, l, 2, 3, Marshal, 4. lLDl KUPAN Sparkling, abounding spirit Soft smile, shy, feminine Complementary clothes . . . neat A girl at home in any group Offers her time and energy Bathed in beauty. .. lldi. Spartan Production Staff, 4. JAMES KNIGHT Over the water comes Jimbo Whirlwind of skis, slopes, snow Intrinsic warmth, friendliness Has more keys than GDH . .. He's more fun than a VW... Enjoys a challenge . . . College. Key Club, Ag Senior Play, 4, Communications Club, 3, Christ- mas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4. MATTHEW AARON KRAFT Matt . . . optimistic, outgoing "lndubitably" industrious Color: Brubeck, light, sound Sailing, sailing.. .glub lmbued with knowledge Clever eyes laughing. Treasurer National Honor, 4, Treas. French, A, Key Club, 4, IRC, 3, treas., Ag Steering com., 3, 4, Drama, 2, 3, 4, Glee 3' S-"TT Club, 4. 3 H- 43" . ATTILA KUPAN Slim . . . spontaneous . . . sedate lmmersed in a world of music Seldom silent. . .forging ahead A gleefully glib guitar lnclined toward hard work Burning ambition to succeed. A Cappella, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 25 Volleyball, lg Archery 2, JEFFREY BRUCE KURLAND . 1, ---uL,Quurw.ffh,L-"" A "ham" radio operator, or iust a "ham"? "Can't make it? Fake it!" Funny, quick-witted, roguish " 'Tis all a checkboard" Hitched to a star. IRC, 4, Communications, 3, Chess, 3, 4, Debating, 3, Radio, 3, Science Fair, 1, 2, 3. "North over South" ROBERT ANDREW LACKMAN Baz. . . He's so sohhhry Lazy smile but keen eye Sophisticated, worldly-wise Philosophy: Search for fun Nights after victory . . . wow! Traveling in a gold rambler. Debating, lg Bus. 8K Advertising, 45 Math Fair, lg Library Aide, 4. ROGER LARSSON Happy-go-lucky whirl of fun Yet serious mature student Suave symphonic celebrity Talented expert trumpetist Wacky sense of humor... To make a quick million'?? Band, l, 2, 3, A, Orchestra, l, 2, 4, Steering Committee, 4, Gymnastics, lg Math Fair, lg Science Fair, 2, Glee Club, 4. .X DONNA JEAN LaFORCE A cute cookie, always busy Night owl, dancing, dating Donna True friend and Spartanette Smashing in field hockey Youth and carefree times To be a medical secretary. Field Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Softball, 3, 4, Pep Squad, 3, Steering com., 4, Marshal, 3, A. RAYMOND LeDOUX Vvell-dressed, suave, handsome Popular . . . big man on campus Matchless, most valuable player Model of perfect co-ordination Mind to muscle: expert know-how Desire, skill, action, victory. Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, 3, 4, Marshal, 4, Student Council, 4. DONNA ANN LAHEY Complaisant, content, cheerful Enjoys a good time with pals Activities lately in Newton Bombing away many happy hours Optimistic future as secretary: The best and more in store. Pep squad, 3, Production staff, 4. ELIZABETH LEE Belle of the party set The Lake, her special love Frolicsome, friendly, fun Anything goes . . .once or twice Never stops going places Dreams of the skies, Drama, l, 2, 3, Marshal, dp Glee Club, lg Cheerleader, lg Field Hockey, 2, A, Home Ec., 3. R Q:- Us 6 -J R STEPHEN LEVAY Shy smiles and slow gait.. Sporty, sure outlook on life A true character Absent? No, there he is! Studying means a lot to Steve One of the nightlighters. Football, 3, Archon editor, 4. DONNA LOCKERBY A world of smiles and wiles Has the luck of the Irish Definite flair for drama Spirited sportswoman Throws the craziest parties Thinks highly of nursing. Drama, I, 2, 3, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 3, Science Fair, 2. SUSAN DIANE LEVINE Long . . . lithe . . . lovely A whiz on the dance floor Friends come first and always Conscious of color, style Capricious capers, the Cape A question, a smile. . .Sue Pep Squad, 3, Basketball, I, 2, IRC, 4, Christmas Projects, I, 2, 3, 4. PAMELA LOS BANOS Memories of Hawaiian guitars Dancing in crystalline beauty Petite, versatile, talented Quick to make new friends Famous last word . . . aloha! Rain-quicksilvered sunlight. Senior Play 4, Drama, 4, Cheerleader, 2, 35 Gymnastics, 4, 'z French, 2, ... DANIEL ROY LILJA Gentlemanly courtesy. . . Dan Youthful wonder . . . go-getter Growing ability to persevere Travelin' man, the restless wind Enigmatic, changeable, likeable Manly, holds his head high. Sr. Play, 3, 4, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella, A, Christmas Proiects. RICHARD LOTHROP At home on the diamond Sensible, athletic, ready Indispensable hockeyman Have puck will travel Undying love for cars Prizes a college future. Hockey, I, 3, 4, Football, I, Baseball, 3, A, RICHARD LINDSTEDT Big Rick, the hearty hunter Laughing, bombarding the enemy Persuasive personality . . . pal Active and able with airplanes Flying on the football field And on to a distant.end-line. Football, I, 2, 3, 45 Track, 3, Steering Com l I -1 WILLIAM MACALPINE Slick guy. . , on the ice. . . Leisure time at Harry's , .. Nothing to hold him back ,, Speeds to :vin for FNHS . .. Determined, but impulsive , ,. Tireless, lanky, lanqiud . .. Hockey, I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 4. ,fs '73 "M --0 wqf u 1 ft' .A XB 1 v 'Q . Q - L 94 11111. sl fax N . l f ff? GEORGE ALLAN MACCONNELL Faculty for fast friendships Sports plus skill:George! Abounds in rebounds.. . lumps Racks up points . . .on the ball Look and there is George! Always moving, active, quick. Basketball 2, 3, 4, capt., Marshal, 4, Track, 4, Christmas Proiects, l. RICHARD ANTHONY MADDEN Husky, robust, stolid, silent One of the Ford-fighters . . . Hidden, yet genial personality Keeps happy, ever a gourmet Railroad cars in miniature... Working to be a draftsman. JUDITH ANNE MaclNNlS Subtle, statuesque, serene... Voice of incredible sweetness That esoteric sense of humor lntoxicating blend of harmony, Gentility, quiet intensity , ,. Nostalgic memory of warmth. President French Club, 4, Biography and Verse, 4, Spartan, 3, 4, Jr. Classical, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, 4, Marshal, 4. MICHAEL MADYDA Mike. Toils under the hood A car-lover on the move Fascinated by hot-rods And cool cars... Maintains a mechanical mania Sights set on engineering. WILLIAM MACOMBER Agile athletic gymnast . . . Bill Noted for his sportsmanship Endless smile . . .evident spirit Making models, go-kart racing Competent, confident, college Car enthusiast, corvette iet. Marshal, 2, Gymnastics, 2, 3, 4, Track 8- Field, l, Soccer Team, 4, Science Fair, l. JOHN MAGUIRE Rollicking jolly optimist... Prefers the lively bunch. .. The cape rates. . .music too... A great friend.. . easy-going "That's life" outlook, unruffled Electronics: the big challenge. Communication, 4, Radio, 3, 4. RUTH MacRAE Ruthi. Friendly, candid Dedicated hospital volunteer And oh! those Navy men! Eager to please, lover of sports Walks, sails, runs, strums Longing for a white cap. Softball, 3, Art, 4, Future Nurse, 3, Field Hockey, 4, Leaders Club, 4. LORRAINE MALINOSKI Abundance of talent and friends Travels in imaginative worlds And around the real world Whiz at shorthand, typewriter Lorry is a studious sprite Once happy, always happy. Glee Club, l, 4, Christmas Proiects, 1, 2, 3, 4. A-L i fav JESSIE BARBARA MALLON Virtue . . , volition . . . variety Strangely seasoned sweetness Misty delicate sunset colors Grace and charm.. .dream dust Magical matchless beauty River of rushing crystal. Archon editor, 11, Steering com., -'15 Drama, 2, 3, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, Senior Play, A, Bus. 81 Adv., 4. KENNETH PAUL MARINO Diligence: key to success Mad for parties, people, pranks Multifarious talents . . . Ken Prefers the sun and sea Skilled sportsman on skis Coins, corn, and college. Pres. Coin Club, 2, Rifle, 3, 4. JUDITH ANN MANCINI Embodiment of surety and ease Keen interests: the crowd Escapes to Harry's Hideout Gregarious, genial, outgoing Takes life as it comes... OK, Bud . . .Turtles Forever! Glee Club, I, 2, Production Staff, 4, Basketball, lg Christmas Proiects, l, 2, 3, 4. ALBERT JOHN MARICONDA Al-titude, always alert, alive Star on the parallel bars. . . power Expert gymnast, steals the show A way with cars and guitars No clowning, he knows his goal Steady ways . . . potential pilot. Gymnastics, l, 2, 3, A, Football, l, 2, Library, 2, Christmas Proiects, l, 2. Oh, my finger! MARGARET TERESA MARINELLI The thunders of silence.. .Peg Hesitating smile, wide grin Frustrated cook, true friend Poster parties and green feet Sweetness and light prevail Studious, ready for college. National Honor, 3, 4, Pep Squad, 3, 11, Debating, 35 Jr. Classical Lge., 3, A, Drama, 2, 3, 45 Science Fair, 2, Dance Com., 4. JOHN MARTIS Warm, easy-going .. .Jack Singular sense of humor Flirtatious, art-minded Natural for track: ability Vigor, vitality . . . "work?!" Versatility, his flavor. Track, 4, Hockey, I, 3, Rifle, 2, 3, Sr. Play, Gi "bv 95350 1 4 if it STEPHEN PHILIP MATTHEWS Accelerated Ford fast cars Radiating quick excitement Familiar Mid Western drawl Possesses practical knowledge Blond crewcut persuasive Achievement comes naturally. Baseball l- Science Fair 2- Christmas Projects l. ALBERT MCANULTY Everybody loves Hobby: tracking a clown hurricanes? Peerless with a pigskin Bold, brawny, the best Gets the most out of life . .. Shows sign of success. Football, 3, A, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Marshal, 4, Christmas Projects, 2, 4. THOMAS GREGG MATZELL Nutcracking paradoxical paragon Cleancut, crewcut, ideal idol Clever, refined, respected Peerless president named Jose Capacity, intensity, decency Sunlight slanting thru trees. National Honor, Pres. A, V. Pres. , 3, Pres. Sr. Class, 4, Basket- ball, l, 2, 3, A, Archon editor, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 4, Steering Committee, 3, 4, Science Fair, T, 2, 3. SANDRA ANNE McANULTY Gleaming flash of frenzy Youthful mixture of zeal, fun All the world's a football game Proficient with the pompoms Zesty, effervescent ways . . . Joy will last a lifetime. Field Hockey, 3, Cheerleader, 4, Bus. 81 Adv., 4, Glee Club, 1, Science Fair, 2, Marshal, A, RONALD MAXWELL An affinity for ships Multitude of handmade models Sand, sea, sun, a smile Yearns for the sails. . .Ronnie Anchors aweigh the only life The open sea his ioy. Math Fair, l, Gun Club, 3. It's moving again. LINDA BARBARA MCGAUGHEY Symphony of charm, serenity Peaches and cream personality Linda , . .mirage of tenderness Sincere, sympathetic, sunny Delicately fragile loveliness Silent evening star, Science Fair, 2, 3, Pep Squad, 4, Sr. Play Ticket com., 4, Bus. 8, Adv., 4. National Honor, 4. josh 1' 3 ANN lVlcGOWAN Girl with the golden smile Tall, terrific, talkative . .. Two hundred words a minute? Head in the clouds . . . dreamy But sure in her pursuits Typing her way to success. Christmas Proiects, 2, Bowling Club, l. THERESA ALEIDA MEDEROS Shy sweet serene Spaniard Joy found in singing, singing Adept at art of friendship Teky . , .diligent and dextrous Flair for languages.. .fluent Naturally a Spanish teacher. lnternational Relations, 2, 3, A Squad, 4, Library-aide, 2. VlCKl lVlcGREW Collegiate, purposeful . . .Vic Comely, considerate, chic Restless wind-wanderer, travel Irresistible sparkling smile Complementary clothes, in vogue lndividualistic desires. Cappella, 4, Spanish, 4, Pep Puyallup HS, Wash.: National Honor, Band, lg Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, French, 2, 3. JUDITH N'lELLlN Special cheer, intrinsic icy lnner spark, outward flame .ludy's sold on green and gold A helping hand, an open mind Good sense, good nature Effortless grin, will to win. Basketball, 3, 4, Pep squad, 4, Glee Club, 2, Library-aide, 3, 4, Math Fair, 1, Christmas Projects. LORRAINE McGUlRK Agreeable, wistful, excitable Mischievous smile, roguish grin Finding expression with song Wide range of interests: From Shakespeare to Beatles Pacific, personable, positive. Glee Club, l, 2, 3, A, A Cappella, 3, 4, Drama, 4, Christmas Projects, I, 2, A. JEFFREY EARLE MERCER Rollicking center, a food fan Work, parties, grins, guitars Patrols the halls for outlaws Dapper, musical, and very funny Powerful man with bat and ball Jeff. . .one of the guys, a pal. Baseball, 3, Ag Football, 3, 4, Gle CAROLYN ANNE MEDEIROS Touch of delightful optimism Artistic, musical expression Pizza, poetry, pantomimes. . .Cam Dancing eyes, colorful ways Singing, swinging style of life Resolute worker, sincere charm. e Club, 4, Marshal, 4. Pep Squad, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, Ag Library-aide. CAROL MIETT Sweet, sensible sophisticate Wisp of a girl . . .a bit shy Short blonde with dimples Wardrobe chosen with taste Looks forward to college. .. Personable, friendly, earnest. Christmas Proiects, 4. sl.. rdf M in "" . 41 - ,,,,.f MARY LOUISE MILLS Tireless spark, endless energy "Go Granny" echoes thru halls Custom-made clothes in vogue Revered member of the gang What's the password? A party! Skilled in the culinary arts. Field Hockey, 2, Christmas Proiects, 4. ROBERT MONTANO Scuba suit and fishing rod Bound for the salt, salt sea Earnest, animated, intent Rumbling motors soon hum Effortless, enioyable humor Desire: first step to success. Football, 2, Band, I, 2, Science Fair, I, 2. EDWARD MITCHELL Shrewd, manly, mature Rambling boy . . . Eddie Sincere, open-minded friend Gayly wheeling, enjoying Ardent, aspiring architect Technical school in mind. Key Club, 4, Christmas Proiects, I, 2, 3. BRADLEY JAY MORGAN Brad . . . drifting, elusive Sights set on Coast Guard On his way up the ladder Active athletic interests Running, passing, throwing Smooth, forceful marshal. Marshal, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, DAVID MOAN Resolute agility, potential... He's gregarious, companionable Double trouble finds him . .. Capably dextrous on skates Searching intently for iobs Planning on college, navy. Hockey, I, Science Fair, I, 2, Christmas Proiects, 2. WILLIAM MORGAN Sturdy, strong, silent.. . Clothes make the man... Passes his time pleasurably .. Often seen at Harry's . .. Big man on the football field Lover of carefree living... Football, A, Track, 4. KAREN MONAHAN Never melancholy, always lively Intent and inveterate talker Twinkling glint of batons High-stepping, proudly spirited Talks her way to achievement Laughter and ambition . . . nurse. Volleyball, 2, Maiorette, 2, 3. EDITH MORRISSEY Loquacious, lackadaisical, Edie Records are highly prized... Light-hearted merry maker. . . Efficient future secretary . . . Passion for shopping sprees Congeniality: practiced art. Christmas Proiects 2. Football, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4 '1- MARY ELLEN MOZDIEZ Polite, petite, popular A powerhouse of energy "You wouldn't believe it"! Cute coquettish and cool Gay: teases and pleases Keeps a flaming star. National Honor, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Math Fair, l, 2 DONNA N ELSON Quiet joy, shy, warmhearted Yet merry and playful Surging wave of enthusiasm Obiectives sure and secure Sympathetic, sunny, unspoiled Lasting love for life. Spartan, 4, Senior Play, 4, Steering Com 4 Marshal 4 Pep Squad, 3, 4, Drama, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4 A Cappel a CAROL MURPHY Carefree, capable, capricious Mellow-toned manner . . . Mathematical melange . . . Carol Nonchalant, vociferous lady Parties, madras, the Cape Sailing sunset seas. Steering Com., 4, Senior Play, 4, Pep Squad, 3, Drama l 2 3 4, Math Fair, l, Science Fair, 2. CHARLES NEVVBOLD Reticent, contemplative, acute A logical, scientific mind Mild humor.. .friendly manner Books claim his attention Yet sea breezes beckon . . . Inherent, inward serenity. Key club, 4, Rifle, 3, 4, Science ROBERT MURPHY Rough 'n' ready in football Bob's reward is victory Seen reading sports novels Making his pitch for FNHS Willing to help, lend his aid Knows his stuff . . . and likes it Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE GAETANO NATOLI Rugged Italian, slight satire Coolness: catchy clothes. . . Energetic man, suave style Stature invites confidence Black and white chimney Knows his goal . . . college. Steering Committee, 4, Baseball, 1, Football, 4, Dance Commit tee, 4, Christmas Proiects, 3, 4. Stop, in the name of the law 11" 'ab -.4 P- 5 4 I JULIE MARGARET NEWCOMB Capable capricious clarinetist New from Chicopee High . . . Ever-present laughter . . . iokes Sewing is the answer to Julie's fashion tastes Classic collegiate casualness. Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 3. ELLEN FRANCES O'CONNOR Red hair, Spartan, Irish spark Makes the pep squad peppy Alert, talkative, vibrant Ellie.. .yellow daisies, roses Glint of devilish humor Warmth of glowing embers. Pep squad, 3, co-captain, 4, Spartan co-editor-in-chief, 4 Debating, 2, 3, Art, 4, Drama, I, 2, A Cappella, 2, 3, 4 Glee, I, 2, 3. ROBERT NOYES Beware the itinerant archer Don't worry . . . He's an expert Insists on ambition, determined Wealth is the shining goal... Bob knows how to get it too Easy energy, incessant quest. EDWARD O'DONNELL Red, red Ed. . . can't miss him Golf is his obsession Iexcept For bats, balls and pigskins, Flashy, quick talker, wordly Colorful character fun-finding In and out of mischief and in Baseball, I, 2, Basketball, I, 3, Golf, 3. LEONARD BARRY NYER Flashes of good-natured irony Quiet, hearty, fun to be with Rumbling drums reverberate An eager, sincere compliance Motto: do all, be all, see all ...and he does. Key Club, 4, Steering com., 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, Drama, 3, Debating, 3, Soccer, 4, Sr. Class V. Pres. 4, Jr. officer, 3. SHEILA MARIE O'LEARY Sheila . . . captivating, comely Mischief in her eyes. . . bubbly lmpishly fond of fun. ..iaunty Drives in the right direction Cheerleader 4 Steering com 4 Art, 3, 4, Prom set design, 4, Somethin' about the Irish Already an artist. 4 J.. . ' I 7 38' A wx . ' ' ' s 3? u 3, ,Z '51 1 N I F" dl ,hizf qis Hello, Mr. Cavanagh f' X as ff 1 NANCY OLIN Nance. .. pencils, ink, chalk Equipped with many quips Devilishly wide grin. ..wit Knowledge and talentzartist Altogether, a magnetic magic Of smiles, paints, and fun. Art Club, 3,.V. Pres., 4, Drama, 4, Senior Play, 4. JOANNE PALERMO Twirling dreams materialize Cute brown-eyed Italian Always something nice to say Smiling, sweet, mischievous Prefers "my Irish friend" A flush of activity. Maiorette, 4, Mgr. Business 8t Advertising 4, Pep Squad, 3, Spartan Staff, 4, Drama, 2, 3, Field Hockey, 2, 3. JEAN ORIFICE Determined, eager, effervescent That unforgettable personality A splendid sense of humor Many friends, crazy escapades Gleeful, youthful amusement Breathless gyre of activity. Softball, T, 2, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Tennis, l, Glee Club, 'l, 4, Library aide, l, 2. PAMELA PALMER Purposeful, prim, propitious Casual style of being . . . Pam Rainbow quest: glowing yet cool The Rex, JCL, exemplary student Scholastic abilities astound The rustle of unfolded sails. Spartan, 3, 4, President Jr. Classical, 3, 4, Drama, 2, 3, 4, lRC, 3, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Steering Committee, 4, Science Fair, 2, Math Fair, I, NMSQT Letter of Commendation. JUDITH MARILYNN OSER A self-reliant assurance Eye for fashion, taste for iazz Pizza palate. . . party patron Youthful tizzy of excitement A natural for Chandler Undaunted, riding on the crest. Pep Squad, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, Field Hockey, 4, Christmas Proi. ROBERT PANOFF Dazzling, different, dapper Sharp-witted comic epigrams Assets: Gymnastic prowess . . . And flashy debonair demeanor Elated, daring, racing capers Looking forward to medicine. Gymnastics, 1, 3, 4, Key Club, 4, Track, 4, Soccer, 4, Science Fair, 2, 3. DIANE OTENTI A certain cheer, go-gogo! Ever bursting into song . . . Teen fashion plate. . .chic To the right flank, march FNHS badge on her wrist Swingin' on a star. . . model. Head Maiorette, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Marshal, 3, Field Hockey, l, Bus. 8. Adv. 4. ANTOI N ETTE PASQUALONE Toni. . .tiny and terrific Cordial aura of hospitality Quiet habits, sincere beliefs Singing, cooking keep her busy Ecstasy: the beauty of music Happiness is peace, fulfillment. Mixed Chorus, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 4, A Cappella, 4. s-Q, 'ir X ai' 'K cn.. Y '2 Q " A,-ou.. 1 QRS? X , ,a -X -tv' fi? 'ff 1' "s fv 1 iss I ibn-...asv Af "'ff.nnn- 3' 'P iv, I E , VINCENT PATRUNO Vin . . . mildly satirical outlook Swift with a hockey stick.. . Brave and martial pose , .. Proudly sports an FNHS sweater Life is a party iamboree . .. Sailing straight to the navy. Hockey, 2, 3, Co-Captain, 4, Baseball, 'I, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Marshal, 4, Glee Club, 4. JOHN PATTERSON Big man with a mind of his own All his iobs turn out okay Tall, strong, one of the guys Gone wild for go-karting Could make a car blind-folded Sails right thru difficulties. GUY THOMAS PEETS Brush, paint, canvas . . . happiness Courtesy, neatness predominant Soft-spoken gentleman, refined Esthete, sensitive to design Perceptivity precedes creation Kaleidoscopic array of colors. CHRISTOPHER PHOENIX lndividualistic humor . . .Chris Pizza palate, Italian food Fast Chevys mean exhiliaration Full weekends: the drag races Stock car races Saturday night Works on hi-fi when not in car. MARGARET VERON ICA PICONE Did Buckwheat invent laughter? The famous cafeteria whistle Funny! always cracking jokes Creates laughter, good times Wants to make everyone happy Long live fun, turtles forever. Library-aide, I, 2, Christmas Proiects, l. Art Club, 3, president, 4, Drama, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair, I. SHARON JANE PHIPPS Blond, bubbling, blissful Eddie is everything .. .and more Finding a fortune in fun Garrulous golden gyre of glee Slim, shining, saucy. . .Shan Happy memories make her future. DANIEL VANCE PLAISTED Determined, desire to please Quiet humor, prevalent smiles Reliable friend, willing worker Marching music, spirited beat His photographs prove popular Steady ways. . .military man. Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Dance committee, 3. Gymnastics, 3, A, Drama, 2, Glee, I, 2, 3. JOHN JAMES POMPILE A persuasive talker . . . walk! Great guy. . .busy night life Jovial and joyous at all times Exults in life and laughter He holds the door gallantly Already in the Air Force. Marshal, 3, 4, Football, l, 4, Baseball, 4. JOHN THEODORE RAY Liveliness of imagination Good-looks and good humor Thoughtful and delightful Enterprising with engines Head cook and axle vvasher Aptitude for achievement. Glee Club, -1, Track, A. GIDEON RECHNITZ Long, lean, quiet man Speeds on snowy slopes Friendly, affable manner Baseball: speed, accuracy High-flying goal in mind: Aeronautical engineering. Volleyball, l, 2, V. Pres, Rifle, 35 Baseball, 3 Glee b Science Pair, 3. KAREN LINDA RECKE Features: femininity, finesse Tranquil grace, genuine beauty Magical touch of the artist Whispers of warmth, well-being Inspiration to teach... Karen Gentle word, gentle heart. Senior Play, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Art Club, -1 Prom Commit tea, 3 LINDA REEEELT Quiet calm, secretive smile Taste for jazz, trolley cars Tiny, yet titanic goodness Time for friendship is forever Laughter amidst red mosaic Sirtghg atop a dream. . , Lin Drama, 2, 3, recording secr tary A Classical, 3, 4, Math Fair, I Science Fair 2 Basket IRC, 3. ALAN REED Hearty, genial, easy-going Lifelong, likeable friend Grasps every opportunity Positive, pleasant personality Abundant Reed-undance Famous good-morning guy Basketball, lg Steering Com, 3, International Relations A ERIC RENHOLM Lean, lanky scooter type . ,. Shines at gymnastic meets. Looking for a good iob , .. Over the waves, a sailor... Skilled on snow-skis too Ability, natural adeptness. Gymnastics, l, 2, 3, 44 Glae Club A Christm s roiects l 41:5 ELAINE ROSE RICHIAZZI Little, light, lively lass Quick talker. , .dark eyes Dancing up a storm of praise Great little driver.. . it's fun Stock-car races, invigorating Bubbles.. .the wily wonder. Christmas Proiects, 2, 3, A. VINCENT RYSZEWSKI Polock . . .wild antics in summer Endless search for amusement Lately telling fish stories The lure of lures and tackles Tackling track with impetus Will not forfeit his goals. Football, 3, Track 81 Field, 3, Ag Rifle Club, 2, 3, 4 BARBARA ANN RIZZI Swinging' in the Corvette set Waiting for wild weekends... Barbie. . . attractive, congenial Jazz moods Italian foods Taking in everything livable Counting on a college career Field Hockey, l, Glee Club, 45 Science Fair, l. GEORGE SCHNEIDER Tall, collegiate appearance Often serious, reflective Yet big man in social circles Riding the surf . . .athletic Snide. . .the lure of the ocean Innate mastery, quiet power. Football, 3, Library-aide, 3, 4, JUDITI-I HENRIETTA RUBEN Eager entrancer nimble dancer Exuberant spirit, bound to boys Merry-go-round of activity The smile's the thing . . . Ruby Telephone, her favorite home Envisions career as secretary Glee Club, A, Christmas Proiects. PATRICIA SCOPA The perfection of a model At the N.E. Conservatory Perfecting even further Her grace, style, skill Graceful, delicate polish Talent precedes technique. What do you mean, strike three? 8' 'Nl 8' . V.-qv, IQ-.V .QM ,,. W 1 -,-s-,. 17 -' -, N Ast ummm'-f-V ...Nagy s -J ... ."?"""' 'ii -Q. ali-J ii M Kr ' W5 iii-Y il MITCHELL EDWARDESELNICK " Vroom of a scooter. , , look out! Pocketful of mischief, winks Flying footwork at the parties vi n- I sl Swingin' Saturdays at the Surf 4 Li ' 1 Attentive, attracted to girls H Mitch. . . a true ladies' man. Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, l, 2, Glee Club, A. ve ,un-ax, WILLIAM SNOW The spark of ignited zeal Big Bill, future All-American Proud, proficient in all sports Time-devouring track tornado Shoots the basketball around Career in physical education. Student Council, I, Track, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, I, Rifle Club, 3 Soccer, I, 2. ALLEN SI-IECK Spec-Sheck, one-man vaudeville Ludicrous, confidential quips Will to learn hidden by mirth Rulers drop at nine o'clock Whimsical, witty, wisecracks Circus carousel of comedy. Golf, 3, Baseball, 4. DONNA SOB EL Prim . . . pleasant. . . proper Girl with the versatile look Happiness and Paul: Synonymous Enviably high in the saddle Retains a zeal for teaching An everlasting flame . . . Dawn. Talent Show, I, A Cappella, I, Glee Club, 2, Science Fair, 2, Christmas Proiects, 4. ROBERT CHARLES SINGER Calm . . . conscious . . . creative Tee-rific under-par man Quips and optimism. . . Bob Helpful, capable, polished A mosaic of knowledge . . . Smiling, scientific, spirited. Science Fair, I, 2, 3, Math Fair, I, 2, Drama, 2, 3, 4, Debating, 3, Spartan staff, 4, Biography and Verse, 4, Golf, 3, 4, Key Club, A, National Honor 4. WILLIAM JAMES SOMPLATSKY Chess master, checlcmate champ Man-of-the-world, in action Characteristically carefree Swanky style.. .flirtatious Drifts with the wind, but... Knows where he's going. Football, 2, 4, Baseball, 2, Chess Club, I, 2, 3, 4. JEANNE ANN SNELL Overflowing fountain of fun Laughable garrulous talks Flips for boys. . , Icool typesb Got the Beatle bug , . .records Hard-working in accounting Disposition denotes confidence. Tennis, 2, Library-aide, I. LEE STICKNEY The weather is fine up here An answer to every question 2 lnquires, studies, reasons A reserved ball of fire Jet-propelled green zoom " Scholarly, casual humor. Zeit National Honor, 3, 4, Marshal, 2, Science Fair, I, 2, 3, Math -4'lQ'5'sJ3,A", Fair, I, 2, 3, Science Team, 2, 3, NMSQT semiefinalist. 'ilu' 'IV' M 'v' ,- 'Wi' 4 Q 'fr' lt- if I I MARGARET JOAN STODDARD Serene, sociable scholar Known for enthusiastic effort Unruffled joy: friends, pizza Efficiency, etiquette mix Obliging, courteous, tasteful Sweetness is sure success. National Honor, Student Council, 3, 4, Steering 3, 4, Marshal, 2, Class secretary, 3, 4. CLIFFORD SYDELL Flick. . .eye for slick ialopies Energetic, drifting, amiable... Stacks of rhythmic records. . . Very probably, state policeman lmpetus, initiative, ambition Working his way to success. Committee, Communications, 4, Library-aide, 4. LYNN STURDEVANT Our import from Lexington High Sincerity means lasting loves Spirit's bursting out all over Z-z-zip along the keyboard Sing along with Lynn... On her way to the stars. Pep Squad, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella, 4, Baseball, Basketball, i, Mixed chorus, l. lf WILLIAM JAMES TEDOLDI Ardent, robust energy. . . Speedie Winning smile, reliable for fun Prudent, observant, earnest Sporty.. . up on all the scores Quiet and thoughtful, diligent Will to succeed is evident. Science Fair, 3, Baseball, 4. MICHAEL GARY SULLIVAN Determined, relaxed, bouyant Astounding rebounding ability Emphatic, venturesome lad Watching the halls faithfully Keen shot, daring dribbler . .. Youthful earnest ambition. Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Marshal, 4. GAIL MINA THALHEIMER Petite peppy popular peanut Knowledgeable in a social way Sophisticated coteries beckon Playing cupid, riding around Hard-working, sociable, active Enthusiasm means confidence. Drama, 3, Field Hockey Mgr., pres., 4. HILARY SWETT Sophisticated All-American girl Unpredictably irrepressible Alternating poise and hysteria Demure? Stoical? Provocative? Changeable contagious happiness Kaleidoscopic shifting sands. Girls' State, 3, Spartan, 3, editor President of Drama, 2, 4, V. Pres., JAY THORPE Elusive quality of being Engulfed in contentment Able to hold his own. . .Jay Quiet, steady, gentlemanly Mania for cars and chicks Mysterious fleetings abound. , 4, Student 3, Steering 4, Pep Squad, 3, 4, Spanish Council, 4, com., 3. CHERYL TIMMS Epitome of radiant grace Quiet elegance, practical ideals Expressive, perceptive, erudite Subtly disarming: fragile flower Tender and breathless ecstasy Untainted purity of heart. Biography and Verse, 4, Steering Committee, 4, Drama " IRC, 3, Debating, 3, Glee Club, I, 3, Science Fair, I, 2 WILLIAM VAN BUREN Connoisseur of pulchritude . .. Enjoyment is his specialty, .. Easily reveals a sincere smile Content, athletic, willful... Implicit interest: "nice cars" Knack for finding success. BENN TITLEMAN Devilish ways, daring manner Uses his inventive imagination One of the swingin' Esquires Tall, trim, and twangy guitars The debating star, victories Talking his way to success. Debating, 2, 3, Drama, 3, Golf, 3, -1, Coin, 3, Chess, 4: Sr. Play, 4, Science Fair, 2, Christmas Proiects, PATRICK JOSEPH TOBIN Lifelong liking for baseball Hitting home-runs in style Placidly slumbering in dreams Jaunts about local restaurants Cautious baseman, works hard Never an error, quick alert. ,. Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4, Manager football, 3, Taste funny to you? MARGARET MARY VAN BUREN Shorty. . . smart, sharp, snappy Marathon chatter, vocal victor Rarely seen serious or quiet Van Buren s recipe for fun. Pinch of gab, cup of goodness Happily heading for college. Softball, 4, Math Fair, I, Library-aide, 2 JANET VARNEY Vital flame of Iiveliness Photogenic. . .confident gaze Friends deem her scintillating Has a glittering social polish The crowd comes first . . .Jan Obvious ability to live. Senior Play, A, Basketball 2, Field Hocl-ey 2 3 WILLIAM VAYDA Portrait painting his forte Landscapes of big cities Keeps up on current events Sails his hand-made models ln the groove, popular beats Finding expression thru art. ROBERT JOSEPH WATSON Q- Masterful, kinetic, enterprising Well-known leader, "a champ" "'!C' Football is 'his field but... Always in the swing of things Fleet-footed captain. . .skilled College man ...success is sure. President Jr. Class, 3, Student Council, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey, l, 3, A, Track, 3, 4, Marshal, 2, Drama 2 Steering com., 3. RENEE MARY VISCONTI Renee. . .a magnetic smile Cheerfulness is characteristic Bouncy, blushing, short, snappy Constant effusion of words Heard lately, "Purn Turple" Rain of rosy lights. Pep squad, 3, Drama, 2, 3, A, Library, 2, Field Hockey, 3, us. 8- Adv., 3. JOHN WEBB Jack. . . flashy, smooth, suave Gallant giant of the gridiron Dazzling diamond smile... A grand slam and . . . home run! Moves in swingin' circles Forging forward to college. Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, A, Key Club, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, Science Fair, 3. 'Z x C u Q, . IQ-ig-Kg' 2 l l i l 1 ALLAN WADE Daring definitely different Always the right answer Quiet yet constant humor Reactions, reagents, reading Making headway in Chem Elusive, challenging guy. Marshal, 2, Science Fair, 2. ANITA SUE WEINSTEIN Whistling words, insight, light Intimation of endless treasury Mist of chaotic ethereal hues Charm of limelight: to create Artistic moods, golden future Soft starlight colors reality. Drama Club, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WALSH Ever on wheels, exhilaration Scooters, bikes and cycles. . . Well-known, wily, willful . . . Bob Revered usher at the Cinema Well-versed in Honda iardon To ramble, follow the sun. Hockey, l, A, Christmas Proiects, l. JEANNE WEITH Perky, pretty and prim. lmpeccably dressed, chic Fond of brush and canvas Many matchless memories Creative talents and trends Signify career in art. Marshal, 2, 3, Dance Com., 3, Art Club, -1, Field Hockey, I. gh Ji . is- ,al I S REID WELCH Slim, born flirt, daring... Roguish, young-at-heart, alive Crowd condones cool capers Zesty, gregarious gusto Memorable, merry, mercantile man Working his way up the ladder. Gymnastics, I, Glee Club, 2, Christmas Proiects, 4. JEAN WILSON Kindness prevalent. . .Jeanie Best thing in life is work Missed by a Wellesley gang Friendly, thinks of others Quiet humor, Eager SARA REGINA WERNER Hyperlucid enveloping dynamism Multiform elegance a id purpose Mind-lightning, transcendency Reason molds the plastic world Complex syllogistic intensity Quenchless, spirit of the wind. Senior year spent at MIT, Honor, Math Fair, 2, winner, 3 I, 2, 3, officer, Steering RONNA KAREN WHITE Enchanted wood, sweet silence Meditation at the puddle wall Pearls of translucent thought Cascade thru consciousness. . . In burning bush, timeless dream Gleam above sunlit woods. Spartan co-editor-in-chief, 4, Biography 8. Verse, 4: JY- Classi- cal, 3, 4, Spanish, 3, Science Fair, 2. I'm a tree NEAL ALAN WHITMAN Meditative, mercantile manner Ever eager, ecstatic, energetic Overwhelming imagination, spark Willing worker, evident scholar History holds the truths . . . Debating, researching, proving. Key Club, 4, Debating, 2, 3, 4, IRC, 3, 4, Steering Com., 3, Biography and Verse, 4, Soccer, 4, Drama, 3, Science Fair, 2, 3 SANDRA WINKLEY Giggles, gleams, gladness Quality of contentment A nimble thimble. . .Sandy Exquisite tailor-made clothes Felicitous, contented, gay The tall and tasteful type. Christmas Projects, I, 2, 3, Library Aid, I, 2. 'FP i KI gr-4---1 SANDRA VANCE WIRTA Slender, sophisticated, sincere Exuberant batons beaming . . . Disorderly order.. . in vogue Glitter of genuine goodness A future full of promise... Unusually sweet person. Gymnastics, l, 2, Maiorette, 3, 4, A Cappella, 3, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair, l, 2, Math Fair, 1, 2. MARK WOOLVERTON Cheery, talented cartoonist Nimble-witted, playful fun Twangy guitar, proof of skill ' sports, music: versatile 'ting it up . . .Mark Corps work. 'GLEY humor asily , , content. Student Council, 3, 4. WOOD exit designer ., experimental style Runs, kicks, throws, goofs "You lost your what?" Mellow unperturbed anarchy Red-hot streaks of sunset. Drama, 2, 3, 4, Steering committee, 4, Biography and Verse 4,-Soccer, 4, Track, l, 4, Science Fair, l, 2, 3, IRC, 4, Sr Play, 3, 4. GLENN ARTHER YOUNG Handsome.. . everybody's pal Car crazy, mechanical skill Ever faithful to good buddies Talks if he has something to say Hidden talent, bright future Studying to be an architect. 9- . Ive In memory of 1 I w-- Track 8- Field 3 4 4, Track, 4, Basketball, 2 superlatives 5-1 I MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bob Watson-Peggy Stoddard Tom Matzell-Hiliary Swett BEST LOOKING MOST ATHLETIC Ray LeDoux-Jessie Mallon Ray LeDoux-Kareem Belonis I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I4 '7 R i 'Qs -1 ...ff BEST PERSONALITY Tom Matzell-Mollie Fitzgerald CLASS CLOWN Jeff Mercer-Peggy Picone superlatives Jgb MOST TALENTED Roger Larsson-Nancy Olin MOST INTELLECTUAL Lee Stickney-Mei Berssenbrugee F? X I l I x I - BEST DRESSED YN pt, Jeanne Weifh 1' ,," 'X Larry Natoli 'v-i i FRIENDLIEST Al Wrigley Mollie Fitzgerald CLASS FLIRT SHYEST MOST VERSATILE Linda Iozzo-Paul D'Arnafo Ronna White-Walter Hansen Bob Watson-Sue Gagen , 'if' 2 ,N A 'I SPOHSOTS C4 -. "i. Q x I1 -- -I8-' -1+"""" . C'Q1"I'. 'Q 12 . . XM xixxxv Na . ' y. J., rm J" 1 DL., , -raid' XA. . . D V F' fu' I ' 'fffi 1' I f L' QA i lun .1 I 3I"'51 1 Q' ' '-4 in Compliments of THE CENTRE FOOD MART 939 Worces'rer SI'reeI' FRAMINGI-IAM CENTRE. MASS. SUPERIOR AUTO BODY OF SAXONVILLE, INC. Complele Collision Rebuld g d Rf h g 24 Hour Towing Service I559 Concord S+., Framingham TEL. 877-2590 4' cuss-HNG. CRISTMAN. POWER 8. PAINE. INC. " FIII1 I pulin y Complefe Insurance Service I79 Union Avenue, Framingham TEL. 875-48l0 GEM I HR. CLEANERS H 3I2 E. CommonweaI'I'h Ave. Cochifuafe, Mass. also Sudbury Shopping Cenler Rf. 20 Sudbury, Mass. also Medway Shopping Cen+er R+. I09 Medway, Mass. Cleaners, Tailors, Launderers H Tag-y I' We Reni' a Complele Line of Formal Wear BOB PAUL'S BAKERY 2 Locafions Downfown Framingham and Roufe 9 EARl.E'S BARBER SHOP 2A School S+. SAXONVILLE DEMARINI'S I58 Union Avenue TEL. 873-8I60 LAFAYETTE RADIO can I400 Worcesfer Rd. Naficlr, Mass. Tel. 875-6I64 Sfereos, Ham Gear, Radios, and Tape Recorders BEST WISHES TO THE I I965 GRADS I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I965 Framingham North Booster's Club Read if Firsi' in Complimen+s of THE FRAMINGHAM NEWS HOWARD BARSS Comple+e Coverage of Engineers and Consfruciors Your Acfivifies FRAMINGHAM' MASSACHUSETTS 879-2456 x .f . SNOW' Compliments of . "' THE B.81W. LINES FRAMINGHAM, MASS. MOTOR COACH SERVICE "The enemyl' JOHNSON GORDON I Compnmem of , I JEWELERS A KREMEN3 A I Beaufy Shoppe Dmmonds-vvakhes 65 Concord S+. Framingham Jewelry-Silverware For Res. Phone 872-653I 2 Arcade S+. C . Hoff' I omplnmenfs of L FRAMINGHAM CENTER VILLAGE MOTEL X ,II SHOPPERS' WORLD Halfway BeIweenRW:rc3s+er and Bosion C mon' Rebecca h , We d n'+ ou know w ic Framingham Cenfre, Mass. wcgy isy easfiy' VILLAGE MOTEL CompIimen'I's of CompIimen+s of J. J. o'LEARY. Mp. A FRIEND KA11 PHARMACY, INC. S' V' BQNANNO' S. P. KATZ, B.S., Reg. Pharm. "Remember Ihe 765 Concord Sf., Framingham, Mass. I37 BOWLERAMA fnexi' fo WKOXI 0 24 Air-Condi+ioned Lanes 0 Experl' Free Ins+ruc+ion O Cozy Snack Bar IIO M+. Wayie Ave. Framingham 872-36I I CALABRESE 81 SONS Building Confracfors l30 Cherry S+., Framingham Wherever you are vo're for be++er den F"am"'9i"am Mass Tel. 873-9726 Tel. 873-4802 +al heal'rh - vo+e for fluorida+ion 875 5200 -A FRIEND . . The Finesi in Dresses . . The Besi' in Spor+swear . . . . . The Nicesi' in Formal Wear . GORDON'S Rfe. 9 Mass FRAMING-HAM 873 9380 CENTER Bes'r Wishes Complimenfs of KARAS PHARMACY Framingham CenI're Besf Wishes 'ro Ihe CLASS OF '65 NOBSCOT MERCHANTS ASSOC. 875,57l I CompIimen+s of X WILLIAM HOLTHAM. M.D. "Theres a black widow crawling up your leg. erini Framingham, Massachusetts X C? ..-e?, -A J-a ,,,,.. .,----.. ,, ' If ,f 7 iigxvn V i I W A fr Z' '11 -vi' - jiII'I.I-,' :IH ff I I ff 'Q M 'mmseee . , - a2'iQie-La?" r vi I' I gr -X 5'--i - " , ' I e lgfaf' BRIDGES HIGHWAYS BUILDINGS DAMS TUNNELS Hs a bird, :Is a plane F l GASTON ANDREY, INC. Saab, alfa romeo, Morgon HOT OVEN Roufe 9, Framingham IOpp. Ken'sI GRINDERS 875-0639 OPEN9-9 THE FRIENDLY PIZZA SpagheHi Sandwiches C0"'P""'e"+S of relephene an-9400 268 Waverly S+. Framingham. Mass. Pinefield Shopping Cenfer Good morning, my name is Counf Dracula I39 Food for 26 Years THE VILLAGE YARN AND TWEED SHOP Compliments of Headquariers for Garla d SIcir+s and Swea+ers 943 Worces+er Rd. Framingham Cen'I're MARCONI RESTAURANT PINEFIELD PHARMACY The Besi' In Halian Free Delivery Pinefield Shopping Ce? Pinefield Pharmacy 877-2I Compliments of THE STUDENT COUNCIL of FRAMINGHAM NORTH HIGH SCHOOL Good Luck, From Engineers C Designers VINCENT'S BARBER 'Sm SHOPS Nobscof Shopping Cen+er PINEFIELD SHOPPING CENTER Dynamic, ' I 36 l1C. SULLIVAN'S SUNOCO SERVICE 749 WOTCGSIGF F ' In Agency, Inc. 'ammg am ANTHONY R. DeANGELIS CompIe+e Insurance Service 365+ Of Luck 1 Holn.hs+. GEORGE HOWARD, INC. Framing am ramin am's n ecora ive 9724222 8723687 FWaII:ahper arid 'Fair SIo:e H I heard Ihafl FRAMINGHAM SOUTH INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS E CLUB Department Store, Inc. s 62 Hollis S+. T' PROFESSIONAL Framingham, Mass. 7 Pharmagy JOSEPH H. STRACHMAN, Mgr. 42 Union Ave. TEL. 872-339: Yeh, H1 crawling around fhe b Phone 873'744I 'rom of mine 'fool MI Francis J. Feola Robert E. Johnson Dominic Merloni Norman Nathanson Wm. Oldach Thomas Paull Paul G. Sydow Elliot Zigelbaum ff, 6 1 . Joseph Albert X Francis L. Berry gk Salvatore V. Bonanno John E. Callinan - - "Z ." Mauruce E. Costm , ap' I H. S. Dinsmore .Okflings-aawunnedul JosePh Ferucci lNf'h a'w"n"e'f"'! Eugene Gaston Joseph Goodman gg, N .. Lisxas Q XX FRAMINGHAM NATIONAL BANK V A A "Full-Service" Bank 6 CONVENIENT OFFICES 'FIVE I'1OI' dogs and Iwo ASHLAND, FRAMINGHAM,NATICIQSAXONVILLE co es 1 YSS. 'mis is your Iife A AND UPHOLSTERING co. 34 74 Franklin S+., Framingham SPECIAUSTS IN HOWARD M. BLADES . CONSTRUCTION Manufacfurmg and Remaining Maifress, BAND - GRAVEL - LDAM - FILLING Pillows, Box Springs, Furni+ure, Upholsfering, Slipcovers, and Draperies T ' 20 CUCHITUATE RDA' Ewa 345 FRAMINGHAM, MASS TEL. 875-4576 COLONIAL BARBER SHOP For +I1e Fines+ in Hairsfyling C0mPIImen'I5 QI COHVGHIIOHGI Flaf-TOPS COUNTRY CLEANERS, INC. WALK IN OR APPOINTMENT SERVICE 824 Concord S+. Framingham IRI. I26I 30 ARCADE DRUG COMPANY C0mR'imen+S of FRANK FAIR, Reg. Ph. ACME CODCOTCI S'I'I'ee'I' CO. FREE DELIVERY Telephone 873-3654 I1 AVERY MATTRESS fXCAvArwe S T gr 3:-5:3 L Complimenfs 873-7288 of QUALITY CLEANSERS H A FRIEND I must NEEDLES and PINS' I 'I Complimenls TRAVIS of DRUG STORE WINDSOR N. H. MARMAR Reg. Pharm. GUARINO Rom: 9 AHOVUSY FRAMINGHAM CTR.. MASS. SPEEN . AND Compllmenls o CENTRAL CENTRE WH'TE SERVICE BARBER General and Dyna- SHOP 0 vision Tune-Up 937 W 1, Rd. 36 Hollis S+ree+ '35 Wm Cenhal FRArjE:HiM Framingham Sfreef, Naficlr Mass. TEL. 653-92I8 ANGELO - ROBERT "A sl'I'rch In lhe rIgh'r pl Saves a linger" Complimenfs of ALPEN'S Junior and Misses Apparel Down'rown Bosion Pos+ Rd. Framingham Wayland Congra+ula+ions fo GRADUATING CLASS DR. LEON lr. LESHAY D.M.D. Q! il. Complimenfs of ROUND-UP C0mplimeI1l'S of SUPERIOR FLOOR and WALL COVERI Floor Tile-Wall Tile Linoleum Sales-lns+alla+ion 66 HOLLIS ST. 872-3830 NG Complimen+s of L. HERMAN, M.D. and K. B. GORDON, MD. BEAUTYRAMA Hair S+ylis+s 277 Worces+er Rd. Rouie 9 Framingham. Mass. 873-3 l60 873-9352 Complimenfs of MASCIARELLI JEWELERS 43 Hollis Sireei' Specializing in Fine Diamonds Walches, and Jewelry ROBERT K. WADSWO RTH TEL. 873-854I WADSWORTH SERVICE Es+ablished I 892 FUNERAL HOME I08 Lincoln S+ree+ lCorner of Beechl FRAMINGHAM Ask Jrhe Families We Have Served Q Complimenfs of FRENI'S GARAGE 8: MARINA 645 Hollis Sf. Ffamfngham FRAMINGHAM 872-me 873-9300 SAVINGS BANK EBIN REALTY "CompIe-fe Reai Esfafe Service' Morfgages-F.H.A.-GJ. Loans Framingham, 7 Hamsilire Rd. 875-4453 Pramingham, Mass C ll A Yf Main Office I5 Park Sfreef 873-3556 I . Nobscof Office Cong ratu UIIUUS 770 Wafer Sfreef 877-I I60 KENNETH E. LEBARON D.D.S. fop of dyed Keep Acquainted FRIENDLY ICE CREAM SHOP FRAMINGHAM, MASS. .YOU f in is is ffly seefhehf I47 Y Indians hoof? OU show us how make a war Roy O. Leonard Indus+riaI Mainfenance Painfing 543 UNION AVENUE Framingham, Massachusens Congra'ruIa+ions fo GRADUATING CLASS AHorney WALTER SULLIVAN- PROMPT, FREE DELIVERY SERVICE mmmc 877-5566 fiiipfuflfi ii S22 13 SCHOOL STREET SAXONVILLE MASS 4 ,iz ,FI Q' af'- I.e'r's use H' again 'ro- FTTOITOW THE WARDROBE 85 Concord S'Iree+ Downiown Framingham Feawring S+yIes Designed for Ihe Man Wifh a Flair for Living I'm nof 'reIIing 'lliflmq T KIM Ng i ,N if i 1 , Wi Lv - fi. 7, h X en' fl! 4 'K Q Q I CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of I965 Complimenfs of a FRIEND MACKEY SCHOOL OF THE DANCE STUDIO 290 Union Ave., Framingham m.m.m. INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. .SLZM - ,Q C,gM,,.e Z 40 Union Avenue jj Framingham Mon.-Fri. "mf1urarf1fj'-QRWOOD PLAZA TELEPHONE an-um Open EVGHIFIQS 9 Route 9, Nofick,MoSs. GARINO'S HOME APPLIANCE STORE FITTS ' al Concord S+. - Y lnsumuacz Acncv - Framingham, Mass. 'E V1 I7 ' 872-5969 I i Music RECORDS if I ' , ii HI-FI-STEREO-RADIO-T.V.' 5 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FOUR ...GOODLUCKSENIORS For ihe BeS+ in Food and Pizza Orders +o Take Our VISII Ihe 8773933 UNION HOUSE, INC. 672 Waverly SI'ree'I' SAXONWLLE ERAMINGHAM, MASS. laug- 3 TEL. 873-9237 873-8200 873-7I62 FRAMINGHAM MOTORS CO., INC 535 Union Avenue YOUR PLYMOUTH-CHRYSLER DEALER TEL. 872-2225 Compliments of LOUIS H. RCBERTS, D.D.S. CompIimen+s of MARCONI'S RESTAURANT The Besi' in H'aIian Food for 27 Years Compliments of WILLIAM R ROWAN Facfory Represenfahve L. G. BALFOUR CO TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Mr. Waldon S. Caldwell, Presicleni' of ihe Framingham Trus+ Company, is shown here welcoming Eileen Mu+o, Linda Nobilini, Pafricia Bagley, and Bonnie Groves fo 'rhe Bank. The Trusf Company on many occasions has shown and welcomes 'rhe privilege of showing 'fhe high school s+uden'rs our comple+e banking facili+ies. FRAMINGHAM TRUST COMPANY Your Neighborhood Full Service Bank Close 'rhe door ... and I 'rhoughr she'd never find if XX U4-1, Q P. B nzai' THE MARIDOR RESTAURANT and THE FONDA DEL CORRO INN The Sculos Family In Framingham Since l90l SOLARI COIFFEURES lThe Beaufy Loungel Wall:-In Service Open Evenings I9l Concord S+. 373-9302 R. H. LONG MOTOR SALES COMPANY 624 Waverly Sfreef Framingham, Mass. 879- I 22 I CADILLAC PONTIAC TEMPEST GMC TRUCKS 873-3500 872-3500 TOMMY'S TAXI, INC. Courfeous Service Cars Equipped Wiih Moforola Two-Way Radio Cor. Waverly and Concord FRAMINGHAM, MASS. Com plimenfs of MIDWESTERN INSTRUMENT Advanced Developmenl' Division Save wi+h Coin-Op Dry Cleaning. 8 lbs. only SI.75. Professional Dry Cleaning in by l0:00 ou+ by 5 sameday. RUDY'S COIN-OP CLEANERS 442 Franklin S+. CompIimen+s of SAXONVILLE GULF SERVICE THE NEW YORK STORE "Dis'rincIive Wear for Women" I07 Concord Sf. FRAMINGHAM Bpfgprp you afcept Whatk tha- Vompany like anyway? Would I lx- proud to work I -'re He-pututlon for square df-ailing with Q-iv1g.l..y.-ve l tha! fifsl . . . l'lu-.smut furr-'landings' Will I of working with others my own age? An- they fru-mil lro they socialize after hours? I ll hom be reasonableo Apprmmte- good, hard work, If Q ww . hull wo' ' -explode ifl make ai mistzilu-" Will I wake a decent week's pay" Ilfn I for r ' . J. ' 'I' il I' lllllll' .lISQ'S, advamf went. more responulnlitv' How About Irmgv lx-mefitsi' ls the work challenging' I had what it tiki I get through high .-I-In -ol VV-ll they give. mv flniuiw to lisa-isniii brains" as varvfully ax ho does you ou my young men 'ind women in thi -area can Fnglnnd Telephone Compnny ,. N w Ifnelzm I" largest emple yer In n +1 twlk with our employmant mu-rvim wi r soon . ri- v 1 raduatvf Ask your fnndelnr ' I' Lu. yan when and where to apply N ' XII 1 i N Q '1 answer Yes" to thc:-10 questions. The-5 work for New 4 1 ' f 0 1 ' 4 N I W' '. 1 . - ' ' ' hpf. .fl g ' I . I wi xvlflr in tell New England Telephone Part of the Nationwide Bell System A dollar' lar .say 'Pepsi pIease.' s worfh of regu- "Yes. Fearless Leader, I .-o fl' read you v Y "f'Sw-N.-,hwy 'von T In "PSSS'rl His real name is Cinderella!" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l965 For I I years, Compuler Confrol Company, Inc., has been engaged in digiial elec'rronics 'lo advance +he developmenl' and applicaiion of cligil'al com- pu+er Technology for commercial, indusl'rial, and milifary uses. COMPUTER CONTROL COMPANY ou: CONNECTICUT PATH, FRAMINGHAM, MASS. "Comin' Through!" Complimenl'S of NORMAN E. JENNISON Wafchmalcer and Jeweler 8 Union Avenue FRAMINGHAM MASS. I Sewage 4 OPEN SUNDAY ORIGINAL DELICATESSEN and RESTAURANT - GOURMET SPECIALISTS - OLympic 5-nav: SHERWOOD PLAZA-Route 9 NATICK MASS THE HOUSE OF GLASS Gifl's for All Occasions 248 Worcesler Road FRAMINGHAM "Bullon, bulfon, whose gol' The bu'r'ron?!" Congratulations DR. PAUL B. LEBARON D.M.D. Com plimen+s of WHITE HARDWARE, INC. 36 Hollis S+ree+ Framingham CompIimen+s of ANlTA'S KIDDIE LODGE NURSERY KINDERGARTEN ANITA L. LOCKERBY, Direclor Official Photographers CLASS OF 1965 KORDAY STUDIO LEFT! Sfupidl 50 Franklin Sl'ree'l' Framingham, Mass. Your Family Phoiographer I S "Being a very famous surgeon . . ." 4. S ,L 'Calchinq up on Sporls lllusfra'red" ISS "Food for fhe afhlefrc fearns!" -A Laurence Well: 81 Co." 'Consequenfly +herefore" , A A ."- ,, 'fs ,--'luv-Q Congratulations to . . the Class of '65 We know fhe sigh of relief fhaf comes af fhe end of your final exam. Long years of sfudy behind you, and a big wide world ahead. Buf even af fhaf if isn'f fhe final fesf-of fhe end of your learning. The biggesf fesfs sfill face you in fhe choice and fulfillmenf of your life's work. Many plan for college, some musf reckon wifh fhe armed forces, ofhers will seek posifions in indusfry, frade, business. We, af Den- nison, congrafulafe you on your pasf accomplishmenfs: if your fufure plans call for sfeady employmenf or summer work, we'll be glad fo discuss your problems wifh you. Our Employmenf Deparfmenf will welcome fhe chance fo oufline op- porfunifies exisfing in our offices, facfory and warehouse. DENNISON Nancy Abelman Darlene Abrams AI and Marcy Mr. Baked Alaska Mar'rha Allen Angel and Tony +he Tiger Joan Arbour L. Gladys Arno++ Mr. and Mrs. Allan Asibury Mr. and Mrs. Asibury Mr. and Mrs. Bur'ron A'rwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Aucoin Joan Baez Carol Bain Vivian Baird Philip Baird Priscilla L. Baird Gail Barnicle Karen Barnum Bashful Barbara Ba+er The Beach Boys The Bea+les Kareen Belonis Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Belonis Len Belli Mr. and Mrs. Archie Benfley Berkovich Family Mr. and Mrs. S+anley Berman Phyllis and Vicki Bernsrein Carole Beriozzi Claire R. Berihiaume Cheryl Bevans Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bevans Jr Larry Bianchi Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brighi' Mrs. Alice LB. Brifnell Pamela Bri'rnell Mrs. Bri'rnell Roberl' Briinell Bruce W. and Marian L. Carol S. Buck Bullwinkle Il and Pushinka Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Caravasos Carol Francis J. Cavanagh Ricky Celesfe Ru+h and Raymond Chamberland Charlene and Kenny Charlie Chas! Chris and Jana EI Cinco Noches Civil Air Pafrol Barbara Clapper Eric Bruce Clapper Samuel M. Clapper Mrs. S+ephen J. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Clemans C. M. R. Pa'rricia Cobb Chip Collins Mr. and Mrs. John Collins Crash Condon Mr. Conlin LaMon'r Cransfon Crash Mr. and Mrs. James R. Craver Mr. John CroHy Mr. and Mrs. E. Edward Curler Theodore A. Dada The Dave Clark Five Lucille Davis Perry Davis Ca+herine E. Delaney Ka+hie Dineen Alan DiMuzio Mr. and Mrs. A. J. DiMuzio Paul DiMuzio Sue DiMuzio S'l'eve Dinsmore Don Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Donahue a dopey Kaihy Dore Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Drennan Mr. and Mrs. J. P. DuBose Walrer J. Dupuis The Eas+er Bunny Her+a Ebner Major Roberr Ellioi' Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Englar English Lea'rher Beverly and Marcia Enie Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fair Anfhony N. Falco Roz Fall' Ka+hy Fales Mr. Fargo Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ferguson L 5. . S RECESS Weekly rafuons? "Ah...Ah...Ah -v -'qw PTT, 4 . 4 g t . 4 g l The cheerleaders sing A helping hand for The Salvafion Arm FIS" :r"'i"" W 'Y The Dunge Y A Fiend Alberi' Finney Slephen Paul Fifzgerald Doug Foss Framingham Norfh Key Club Mr. and Mrs. Philip Frank Phil Frank llFredlI A Friend A Friend Friendly Pizza F.T.C. Mrs. Gagne Thomas Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gardiner Dr. and Mrs. B. Gaynor Edward Gaynor Howard Gaynor Janice Gemmill Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gemmill George George and Al Gail Ann George Shelly Ann George S. A. Giun'ra Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Goldring The Grea+ J. D. Granny Marsha Green John Haines Sheila M. Hass Heari' Cards and Giffs Holly Golighily John L. Hussey Mr. l Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh L. Inman Mr. and Mrs. George lozzo Jacqueline Jacobelli Jeffrey and Craig Sallee Jones Judy and Howie L. Judy and John Eric-Johnson's Mrs. Kei+h Sharon Kelly Barbara Kelly Roberfa Kesselman The Kid wifh +he Red Jackef Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kesselman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kilmar1'in Joseph lJose'l Kilmarfin Mr. and Mrs. Sluarf Kimball The Kinks Anna K. Kirby Sharon Kleinrock Silenf Knighi' Thomas Komola Mr. and Mrs. C. Komola Adelia Korona MaH' Kraff AH'ila Kupan Jr. Kupie Drops and Wild One Mr. and Mrs. Frank La Mai+re Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lerner Leslie Kelly and Kipper Gail Levine Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Libby Dan Lilia Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Long Margarei' Lord Pam LosBanos Richard Madden Bill Madden Bill Macomber Barbara E. MacKinnon Lorraine Malinoski Jessie Mallon Mr. and Mrs. John Mallon Mr. and Mrs. Vicfor Marka Sfrawberry Marsh Donna J. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. George J. Marhn Mary Lou Maurice Ronald Maxwell Mrs. Annie McCar+hy Mrs. E'rhel McCar+hy Pfc. Ronald G. McCar+hy Linda McGaughey Mr. and Mrs. McGillivray Ann McGowan Rosemary McHon Miss Anne R. McNally Roberf McNeil Me Meafball and Mr. Po The Mellar Family Sheryl Merchanl Mrs. Curlis Miner Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Mifchell Verna L. Moberg Mollie Edilh Morrissey Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Moullon Ed Murphy, '64 Mr. Edward F. Murphy, Sr. Mrs. Edward F. Murphy, Sr. Francis John Murphy Bob Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy "Muscles" Mrs. Barbara Myriclc "My Three Bosses" Mrs. Jennie Neal Charles Newbold Nobscol Cleaners Karen Norby Virginia L. Nuzum Sheila O'Leary Nan Olin Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph X. Oliveri Maureen lMoel Olson Calherine O'Malley Mr. and Mrs. F. Julian Oser Terry Ouellelle Marguerile Pacilli Pamalo The Pink Panlher Gilberl and Rulh Parmenler Richard Perala Juan Peron Peler, Paul, and Mary Pickle Porlcer's Pilch Pal "ace" The Poloclrs Porgy and Bess Barbara Ann Pulnam Ralph's Drive-ln Barber Shop Ted Ray Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Raymond Thomas J. Raymond Gideon Rechnilz Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reed Rev. Joseph Regan Edward J. Reilly Remember lhe Alamo Renee and Diclx Carl and Ann Renholm Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rizzi Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rodman Ruby and lhe Romanlics Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Mallhew Russo Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Sl. Andre Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur J. Sl. Maurice Tom Saupe Charles H. Savage Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silverslien "Shorl and Sweel" Mr. and Mrs. Jaclc Smilh Jeanne Snell Donna llene Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Edward Soe Mrs. Grace S. Spila Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sloddard Barbra Slreisand Lynn Slurdevanl Susan and Charlene Susan and Peler Eugene Sullon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swell Mr. and Mrs. David Tamo T. C. and P. M. The Three LiHle Pigs The Three Muslcaleers Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Thorpe Mr. and Mrs. Roberl L. Turcolle Mr. and Mrs. James Turner Mr. and Mrs. George Tuslin Mr. and Mrs. Jloseph Vacars Jr. Margarel VanBuren Joseph P. Varriale Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Warman Mr. and Mrs. Roberl J. Walson Marc Weinberger Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weinslein Mr. and Mrs. Irving Weinslein The Weisgerbeis The Wendl Family The Werniclr Family Mrs. Rulh While John J. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur Sr. J. Whiling Jr. Sandy Winlrley John Wlodylra Wolf W. T. K. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Zeclzer and Family "Don'l lorgel lo dol lhe "Where'd lhis come from?" "l-li! l'm a bunny rab bil!" W 4 l I I I I 4 i l A nj? n , C ss. go i KQQ' vi Q vp!! 4' ' r 9 ,1,' glo -Q ,X 1,5 0 I N' 0 ' 1 L8-V4 an 4

Suggestions in the Framingham North High School - Archon Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

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