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Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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, V, I N . x 1 I 3 I 1 l K I k PHILOIVIATH 1975 ,f N QJX, FRAIVIINGHAIVI SGUTH HIGH FRAIVIINGHAIVI, MASSACHUSETTS PHILOMATH STAFF ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Michael Roberts ASSISTANT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Donna Aronoff l COPY EDITOR: Linda Lemay COORDINATOR: Michael Cohen ART AND DESIGN EDITOR: Laura Falkowski LAYOUT: A EDITOR: Lou Ann Takacs I STAFF: Julie Sydow, Chris Ryan, Lisa Roberts, Sheila Ryan. SENIOR PICTURES: EDITORS: Julie Sydow, Karen Bullard STAFF: Julie Sydow, Chris Ryan, Lisa Roberts, Sheila ACADEMICS: EDITORS: Debbie Butler, Richard Burnham STAFF: Kathy Antalik, Lynne Verdy. SENIOR SECTION: EDITORS: Debi Raphael, Jodie Luker STAFF: Cindy Soma, Tricia Soma, Holly Zecker, Donna Shriber, Ellen Bauer, Ann Chiudioni, Kris Brenc, Sheila Ryan, Pat Chiudioni, Sandy Kaye, Karen Lynch, Charlotte Pattison, Anne Loyd, Cindee Stratton, Lisa Roberts, Priscilla Harris, Gloria Maclaren, Karen Levenson. ACTIVITIES: EDITORS: Joanne McGuire. Barry Sharaf STAFF: Lisa Roberts, Sue Eysmann, Brian Garner, Debbie Smith, Karen I Harvey, Kathy Hanley. CREATIVE ARTS: EDITORS: Karen Shaughnessy, Cindy Wareing STAFF: Laura Falkowski, Laurie Palumbo, Ina Berman. SPORTS: EDITORS: Carol Seaver, Matt Keilly STAFF: Tricia Soma, Holly Zecker, Sheila Ryan, Cindy Soma, Onye Amae- chi. I I Busiwess AND ADS: ' EDITOR: Sue Cheslousky STAFF: Carol Mangini, Herb Pressman, Holly Zecker, Julie Sydow, Karen Bullard, Lou Ann Taka,cs, Laura Falconi, Kathy Moynihan, Jill Paitchell. PRODUCTION: EDITORS: Lisa Roberts, Norma Flynn , STAFF: Gail Sleeper, Debbie Larnis, Kris Brenc, Frances Beltzer, Marian ,I Anderson, Debbie Bernardi, Claudia Bomengen. ADVISORS: I PHILOMATH: Mr. Charles Hatch BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING: Mr. PauIZaido I I TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMICS .. . SENIORS .... SPORTS ........ . UNDERCLASS ... . ACTIVITIES .... CREATIVE ARTS .... . ADS SENIOR DIRECTORY .... The passing of years . .. 4 GHQLS f Do You wwf Wm M5575 "' 6-U 915 ? IANO VlCE"VfRSAJ 'VHFN Cage 'ro scuvu onig, SEP, Q,O AT 6:0 TKKFTS 0NLX5l.9.5 I -cf .D M-QR . xl 3-8 Mn . 1. Q, . V ...n-.' . ' ' n my -., 1, I 4 www L K gives way to a new dawn memories . ,. ,, j PAL CHE? I5 Une of l AllphotoscourtesyofUPI Smmmww B904 a I Nvwooieek lwE0P'LEGoQxolK I x" -C 75 :.n! ' A 5 Eli: X 1 P ? sr?- l A I I was ,L X vv - g pi' K 17, i - Gthers happy and joyous, to be cherished ,w n 1 ff f 1 1, - ,A lm' fs? 4 V N "' 4? 'U ffl-? iri s! L' J5f"'f," N X 4:3 VN14 ,V 9 V xg I lg h J.. -fl ,, -ci 4 efmffmvfx .. '? ff E N 'C M8 S ,Qi r . ,, Z g N- ' BIBUZ H2 El. C "ku ,mi B-BALL' -s Y ..I ....' . . never to be forgotten. - ff F' "'Fl?.'R5'l55' .14 6 'N 'S 3 E23 1' X 2 ,F . -QQ' lu I 4" 'QW 1 'N 15' 1 I Q Q ' s ff gg - , ' 'ir' 6 9 If if 4. ,Q L bf W. .. 3-35 .. sf, 1. 5. .:...,, . ' . img X . 1-1' , .mf R .vw ,L 219434 Q Q-5,31 6 A 'Hvv f xl 5. ..,,, ....' JJ. . ,,.. ., ,, 1 ,fl W 1' "If .:!', ' 1 Y- -I .. v- 1. -1,, - 1 N v I A '..! U---4, -'.i'- 5' 1. . -:. A 4 n.. Q Q-, ., o I-s 53 :g.L, nv .Li 2,07 , 4 .as 3-5s31R,ff,z:. "-1 .:'. ' f 1 .rn . --U.. .., .. 'I-M. H N . :l:n.Li.1i.i' L.. "'2::'fff :13Ef9h.E' ff-' 4 " Us :-nhrl I VA. . ".::.l-, .. :., Q . ,.,. 3... . mg., 'fg::.T.1f 1-.. f,1','1'Zi ' I .:.2a:'g A :EQ--:: ,.'ikf" .' 'f ":n' 'I - ,.,' .. Af... fj il... - V . 5" . - - NSI' . . ".fl'V'n' ., .Z.,q'Zl.-.1 ---is-g..., ,g-3.4-,.. . HN? . -- -5:E. :Z 4-:izzsf-ai i . 'f' 1 I 9 . -,.. 1 1 , r ' In ' fr, ', ' Hi: ' jggix ' 1 u . . yu. ,. I 11.154- v- I ? .... 'vzilfiig ---.lrsyg ...1' A.14L 14.'1' s.arf.fl!'5z g '-.. .". ' .5 -V: Z: ..'.1:: gfgaa I I '1'EVf'.. - 'li .-.. l .. - . - ,-,,7fv.'fff,t52:f , - . .. -1 -f13f!ff'.'--Q -f'e:'22fzsr2f :. I , . 1, . ... -.rss Y , .P- nl ,':.1..,f y ' ' - lugsfgih ,, ' A I I 1 t l , . , ., E . fl f 1 w " I 4 1 . -.5 h . 1 "4 ' ., 5- Q 'a' :.,'.:g , I -4 Jug- 1 1 I . ' I H7 .- , f'f.' , ' A - 5 .an ' , ' I Q? .o, ADMINISTRATION I . I I 0 In---r wi, , N153 1 I - , ,, , lil I H, I A If I.I. QNEIIII IIIIN 'IH I 1 , Q" 'WIIII' I 1' I Qnifgi-iilillllif Wifi Y tri:- 4-nl . X 'kIlII,IIli:li illluilll viii!! Dr. Albert Benson Peter lVIcConarty SuperintendentofScnools Principal Pauline Garnbone Main Office Secretary 1 fl' Jean Rouss PRlNClPAL'S Sl ff SBU Principals Secretary Robert Flaherty Administrative Intern Mr. Mailman . Please Call ln On December 31, 1974, Mr. Everett Mailman. Head Custodian, retired from Framingham South. Having been an important part of our high school since it opened in 1958. his presence is sorely missed. Mr. Mailman is unsure of his plans forthe future . , "Never plan anything I don't know what l'll do. l'm not gonna leave town. l'm not gonna fade off. l'll just remember how much I enjoyed working here." Mr. Mailman, the entire student body will re- member how much we enjoyed having you here. Good luck "Everett", we miss you and we'lI never forgetyou. ,.. .. j "" l iv 1 141 l 5:11091 ifranxinnllilm will M i sits! Qginsivisnt Tasnivlonilxt ' tor LMAN E- Al -4' 'Q union HOUSE . -llfgl Januf-HY 14' 1975 5-, ' iT141 E4i33'?LJ .Q ADIVIINISTRATORS gl SECRETARIES L' 1 .3 .., Herbert Waugh Grade 9 Adminstrator 'A 1 5 P' 1 5? Kaye Ward Grade 9 Secretary 3 X :I 4' --'fs 5. If Q ul I Jonn Joyce Grade 10 Adminstrator -u I1 , ' '98, 0 ' I 5 lv-ll-.,1?,,1 "-Q' ,, ,ti f 2 Xe rj' y ' -N gglgkfg, Helen Johnson Grade 10 Secretary I 4 w Paul Brunelle Grade 11Adminstrator ,i if fi I Alfred Badger Grade 12 Adrriinstrator N5-' . Louise Richard hlq, V . f Grade 12 Secretary ,,, ., ' -' iw f V- G if ' r f gnfgjgf, ,F ,.- ' A N 1"'ff51,rQE5aQ ' K . ::v"f5'f?' , Phyllis Semple Grade 11 Secretary !'M'i.. ' ' . 'Q i 1 ,, X51 'S ' . L1 . ,,.-g ? -F i i si 4 9 , 5 9 5, rp s 1' 'X 5 y 3 4 ,nu fx LEEDANCE rug ffv-X ffxk C Bernard White - Director 7.2- IU' aff Q C7 Joyce Frietag - Head Counselor Kafhefine 3Ch0m9f William Monnie "What will I Do? Where will I go? What will l be?", walled the seniors in the fall. South High's able guidance staff helped find answers to these diffi- cult questions. The cries of the underclassmen were not unneeded either. "But l'm only a Fresh- man and l'm in a Senior French class!" Revising and altering schedules, writing recommenda- tions and conferring with students were all part cf ine cially routine of the counselors. s 2:3552 ,glwi rm Dan McDonald -so 5 HAW 491 I 1 'iff Carole Connors 'E 1 '93 I i 'r 5 a 'fl . 5, ,WVR Qifii' 5 if 2 riff!-4 Dennis Porter Sandra Niedzwiecki fy., -'Q' rims 1-ugxm , ,N f J ll -1 Mary Queenan Martin Barry nr if X Kg 4 1 an Rousseau - Secretary Claire Shapiro '- SGCVQTEIVY .anal ENGLISH v---"' f U i 1 L ir , ' A., 3 ,-, s , I ' :LF 1 51 I .E-55:-'J-' 1 - '- '.'.' '62 H , fn ' 1 ' i sg: f"-ij L' ' -4 175'-.4 , Frank James - Department Head 'x W Phyllis Hotch Coniuring up frightening stories in Science Fiction class. delving into the inner-most depths of poetry, struggling with Roberts' English Series, or listening to selected Shak- espearean sonnets were some of many avenues available to students of English this year. The elective program with the addition of such courses as "Thanatology" and "Women in Literature" became even more diversified. Chaucer and Vonnegut, Austin and Shakespeare, l-lomer and Hemingway all became rivals vying for the title "King of the Words." N l "". . X- J V :as Ni l i I K X .-1-sf' , FD s Evelyn Aaronson ' Jw? - r ' WEE! su wwwn H V- ek"??1Rc' I ,qv 'iii' V l 'SF' i.. Thomas Hamilton l Q ,L x A4 uf--41 YQ' , X -1 Nancy Baldwin R' , hw ' -vip . .f ' - 1 1 4 1 ,'1 : , 1 1' 2 5, -5 Q- 'X K 25' 1,92-Qi Eletha Yeaton vvdN N. E ,1 . 7 X L MaryO 'Neil '-a3"4' Sophie Savas Dora Vientos M313 , xr -fi R - --A "fl: , ,A ' ' , ,.4 .1--0 ,..a ,,..4r-Q F . ,-f""'f' Ov!! Marian Goodman Richard Pimes Phyllis Grode Mary Porter rj! Jane Duffy Lynne Simon Dorothy Carter Elizabeth Hunter .ff'4':y , 5 A, rn I .1-Y' ,f-j"'l 7 X '6',f,f'!'6 . .1 ffffid Gloria Wright ' , X, Regina Stratford Richard Sosny FORUGNLANGUAGES Claire Berthiaume - Department Head 'Q Y..-ff Joan Weber Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias, Bon Giorno, Salvete ... familiar strains from the language hall. lf traditional Latin wasn't appealing, there were always Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Hebrew from which to choose. Through participation in clubs, stu- dents became aware of the culture and cus- toms of foreign countries. Everyone hoped for proficiency by the end of the school year. Fluency e , en espanol, en francais it's coming! V. f iii ee, ???we -4' 1 , .11 5' f 3- 4 fhfi, ,fliffiwvf swf-,'1 ,f p -. t J' vfw ,ai 1,51 ,Wei glib? I , , M, + "1 ii, Catherine Rubeski V' . I I - '74 '. l 1 5 his u"f"'i ,V U. 9 . E g - v ' e 'ii,iVwEJfi ,,.t, r,HI.A'- A154 A i arf ig' ' 5 4 Leslie Jope Florence Mack Z 2 l .. ,Q , gn. -. l -' f' 1' 5? . A..4V -ip, -it . , . WW.. V jj-"'v , ,WW-V 'Q-"'71 " X , 4, . ,W ,Y Q .W A ?' -1 .f 'Q ., ,I M-'f-4' 1 Ill: 1. -19 JZ 4. 51414 It , Michael Pregot I 1 Na L , X x if Q 1 vf 1 4' , 2 1 , 55 Q fl ...- I fl Q Z, . E 53 1 LA V, Q N f-. . . 'Sl 'tk Antonia Gucciardi Helen Vancavage Elaine Satlak Linda Antonio .ff-7 I "' Carolyn Levens Araceli Olano 'l MATHEMATICS 1 . . 1' Z! f:- ,J0 -i1-,.- X Z ,,, X 5. . ..,,.-.-- -.-,A ....-. Russell Antell - Department Head Gregory Heba rd S Michael Vodokolys Anna Lamperti . .i ,PZ X. 4 V ,,,:,p1wf',., V' jv- hx .fix I x.,--ki Aldo Grandoni .px . f -ri is . 24 i ,...,,-1rf:"' 'ff M M 41-l Joseph Palano 'U l Francis Galvani BW! 1 if If -1,5 'i A " , 5,-,grf?g:,,g4?L?45, ,,,:I,r . W,,,fi-452 X- I l e111,it.:in W, ,lg-1'V:lg-., f gm- - , A .W yy. 55515, I ' '- "1-4"v f" 'sd."r'H4e. ' '-,rw f if wa-'il' 'iq' Q 'C ' - , ..,' ,s I' , , Q., WL - -g.i,:2'2f" '17, if ',--My - ,ff 1,- imh .v 'kgl 2 ." 5 . 1 :wk Paul Pappas 3 ----f ..-14' Richard Engvall Marcia Hickey x I-b +V- b2 - llac 2a Now there's a quadrat- ic equation for you -this and much more was available in the Math Depart- ment. From basic math to calculus by way of algebra and geometry with a little bit of advanced math thrown in. The program is still expanding, its newest addition being computer math. Even those who weren't natural mathematicians were in able hands. X' 1 K o 1 Q fm e -aw Robert Johnson Paul Moscaritolo I fc? sf ul i 2 , I 1 ,,,.4- Anthony Minnichelli Debra Colbath Joyce McKeown SCIENCE Dr. John Meegan - Department Head 5 sf -' I fl i. V Q H,-,,,,,,, ,,., ' - ""b"' ""?""' N,.i.J iiibvwix-04 ,-, ' Patrick Ranauro Be it the pervading aroma of a shark dissection, the E: mc 5 of physics, or a pungent odor from the Chem Lab, we were all aware that the Science Department was alive and kicking. The continuation of "minicourses" such as "World of Water" or "Meteorology" enabled students to concentrate on their spe- cific areas of interests. Disregarding some major breakage and minor failures in the laboratories, it was certainly a fine year for South High's able scientists. l buh-ln ,ZZ 'SV 5 il mug f X A- j Sew EM Qin QM um Hmm my ug s-, ff- -H -'-" 'e-' "" if Tien N ii ig in in Ein Iwi ii: am Alfred Gaucher Robert O'DonnelI 1 a s-, 5? Bruce Greeley Qr-5""'a V 'Y lil Robert Tisdell . , .. rl ' A , ,,,g,,,,,.-wAUi,"h'A .Q upjq .. f Urbino Barreira Paul Hester ru' I9 .. "N, i . L 1, A ., 3 qalurq n . ' ',, .V -. W 'fli,.., X. . 'I ' -.,,!',wP A J' Q. V iss, .. . I' 4 fi ff-fffiiv' X, +4 ' N . 'ef-ff. n . WS, 'hnkw . N." +..,l efs..,,4 ' - " H Q"":-H' , -,yu-'SLEV Nxnixjfg William Dunne Joseph Breen SOCIAL STUDIES ln uf.: Christopher Garrahan - Department Head 79223 sg .. fic? 5. Mary Smith Whether it was Theodore Roosevelt busting trusts in B-48, or Wellington trouncing Napolean in B-45, the sounds of great deeds past echoed through the halls of South. With the extensive elective program students chose from scores of courses. The formation ofa Social Studies Club pro- vided pupils with the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, normally not available in regular classes. Increased civic responsibility , heightened community in- volvement a sharpened awareness of our heritage M, were the ultimate goals strived for by our History Department. we Q PaulZaido Noel Zinkievich N1-...W Vincent Trincia Victor Ram Dorothy Janda Donald Eccleston BUSINESS N :Af ' JY x A 1' Charles Hatch - Department Head p. 5 9 F Thomas Murphy Louis Trevani Veronica Smith ali' L Alice Costa 41" .lP"" j' , ,,. YQ, ' "L be dxf lffgl ' .... A ,. Q A. Q A ' fbnx"m L B , I Roger IVlcDevitt as-5,1 - '. sg I S . Marie McDonald A Framingham 'mm of E?m'1'2'ef1v".'f"'- ' ' " V4 A I . 1 4 1 I l Hg, fl, , if -v Eiiifi -ff '.1.- it Irene Riley For adding machines, steno books and keyboards galore. one only had to visit the Business Department. Accounting, stenogra- phy, and data processing were only a few of the large number of courses offered. The curriculum provided a strong foundation for involvement in today's fast paced business world. asdf ikl: .., the continuous clicking ofthe typewriter keys set the mood for an air of accomplishment. A . fl 4 4, HOME ECONOMICS Betsy Wiggins - Department Head Girls invading the forbidden territory known as Boys' Chefs' Course? Preposterous, but true! The Home Eco- nomics Department breached the gap between the battle of the sexes. Courses ranging from tailoring and advanced design to foods and home management were made available to all. For some the future may hold careers as gourmet cooks, fashion designers or nutrition experts. Whatever is in store, the program was beneficial to everyone. Marie Barret :W NW- 4 " 'OFF W Catherine Lightbody 4- tt I ., B. I s l 5 1 I 1 ' X , f "X Holly Martin ,Q . .1 i , Mb gwfwfl X ,NWN , P.- L-"""' ' D' f Mary Driscoll -13 ,959 Q 5, 44 E 1 M Sally LeTowt r.- 1,2 F 1 INDUSTRIAL ARTS ti 'fs' 5 3, 'I e ,X AV I .S Q I N n , X Q , Gus Luparelli - Director if -.Ji new Edmund Krencisz "IVV" X, x X George Krikorian "wa L if - 91.2 Frank Viscardi -JN! K' tv 5: 4 . V K V 0 N Edward Champlin Ron Alves Y. A "ll N"" ' John Hannon ri-,. Donald Scobie The clacking of presses, the scream of a band saw, the whirling of wheels and the pounding of metal were audi- ble signs that something was going on in Industrial Arts. An atmosphere of productivity has pervaded the A corri- dor this year. Emphasis has been upon discovering indi- vidual talents. To pursue and develop these was the goal of teacher and student alike. Photography, woodwork- ing, graphic arts, drafting, and electronics . . take your pick, they were all up for grabs. 1 ART AND . i mp g l "f" i Si it I 79221 C6 cffiricg .i T .1 3 J fi L Neal Cotton - Director 1 lll lli i ,gg 1 . i " iifiilllll? .. , ' - I 4 John Groves Talent invaded the art rooms this year! Creativity was called for in every aspect of the student's work. The pupils developed expertise in many areas from silkscreening to macrame. Painters and craftsmen alike donated time and effort in co-operation with various school and community activities. Martin Kornguth it 5' V 't ' 4 vs-If ""' 'a--Ag Cheryl Eisner Mati .MUSIC gif Q-y,. . if xg. ' z J '- . fir' .Q--. .,- Ritval . Vx f ,, -...- .' iid-H 1 i QAIQ, i f' . ...,, J Q. .T -'ff-5 'l' . igiaifrf 4 +":5.sFz ...,, ug. George Perrone . 1 atb Layne Lospinoso ' 5,.'--'..'.f"f- "A" "' Joseph Oneschuck - Director Robert Jachowicz The Music Department had a wide range of courses from which to choose. Every con- ceivable type of music was studied with the exception of a few, such as Swahilian, Ba- varian and Hawaiian. Composition, theory and appreciation were an integral part of the program. An informal atmosphere was prevalent in the Music Room. Prepare for the musicians of the future! -r 1 K -1--.1 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Y? I l Y, A, hi l X Q V if if J l . X, i 1 Y 1 1" i i Frederic Janes -Director Catherine Walker James Strong ?f il"l." i:CJi I 9 Fencing, vollyball, yoga and handball ... lacrosse, field hockey and golf were among those offerings available. Continuing the success- ful co-ed gym classes the emphasis was upon those activities which could be continued after graduation into adult life. Jack Diafalevi VY 'TNQ -.-.-4 - A -4 vin,-A T-J Beth Cross " Q.-wwe Q 4- 4 K, -um' X it i I :gl ,E ' 0' A EW' N EI I . Time--gf -,X ,ti ....,..-...,.w...,,i '4 A. - .,' -. , r.1.n.g,pR ,,.'.. ..- iykw. my-'tt V f. , r - .Q -- W , ,,, ., ".,..',F ,A .'-l.:r. - . .2 wf...A fx , .F 4- ,ek .wg fgk-.,f"' t J. ff.. V if-'L-0, 1,11 4-Je. yy., i 'bl Y, - 'v NJ. 3 N 4f""54-A +1355 A, 'msg ' '. 'ii' ,., 1- -or we .. Sm La f' ' 1 Q 6. . h ,. " 4 2. X ' N.. , ., Steve Mainini l . -9 K.. f N-A ix -v ..-k viva 'V' 'H W, Beryl Piantek fam-Q, iffy. 3 Jack Hester and Vincent Farese .15 Allan Glick - Special Education 2 Sherman Hart- METCO Coordinator L .J -A- , ,f ,pf y X X-X x X Robert Bayley - A.V. Director .av N 14 sir ' u 'S uv :. lr. -1 -t s '4 '71 ' , 'J , ii .' Q If ' ' Z in if R fyjr' - Margaret McDermott - Special Education FF: 4 1 4 1' u 6 2 lf' AP , ,g"""-2 ' 1 U NNN.. Elizabeth Lathrop -Librarian 4 X , AEK Q , l M I 1 v- er' , ' , Z, z nw' V' if g L - , , Z 5 . 1 1 5 , f ' I 'Z Q 4' - 5 ' . ,f A Q - e , ' ? ,, ., ,T f ' ' A 1 Ir' ' .V ' ,cw 7 W Q pf Q A - g .,.. , M - f f 1. 1 E -- ' ' , A- " 'Q i- M EWAHT V 1 ' 1 t 3 N 5 .g,.,,+--+- ' fr ' E ' Edward Sousa - Computer Manager K 1 MEDICAL, CUSTODIAL AND CAFETERIA FMF? ' Q ,, mx JY41 ffadzfhfa il' Mrs. Quirk - Head Nurse Mrs. Resteghini Dr. J. Merriam Dr. H. Murray . su, K . y? I :K . gf' 'iii' , . le A ! Mrs Meneghunu John Woodrum 4.-'Q T--P - , Q, fs Lu - ,.6,. fu' . -, 'wif 'N Rexx! N 1 . S-.. NIGHT STAFF: R. Sturgeon, J. Gallivan, R. Berry. Manuel Buhrnam if E-1 CUSTODIAL STAFF: C. Komala, T. Gagen, J. Ceruti, E. Mailman, J. Joyce. "5 .., X, f 'C X f CAFETERIA STAFF: FIRST ROW: F. Sullivan, IVI. Daniels. A. IVIediras, W. Aquino. J. Goddaid, A. Anderson, SEC- OND ROW: M. Nicole, C. Gal- vani, A. Desimone, THIRD ROW: L. Cormier, J. Peci, M. Cardella. R. Smith, C. Ooh- erty, FOURTH ROW: J. Ra- cey, P. Turieo, IVI. Cudak. K. Plurde, R. Hobin. ,,......-1:11 ,54- 3 X X I 1 ' Q 5 '17 m A? . Q 'W L 3 up f-'X 'fi' I7 g!! ,si qv' f z , Q-3-Sp Q-X 454.1 S 1 ff: " vtq. ,X Ns., .Mai Q v ve 'mnghimuixtak 1 1 - ff" 4. nf' X .fl i Q W . gg 444 fi f'2':73Fia.-- ' V' 'ff.'I "l'tQ5'-"!s"' - w'a""' W' L4L'5'f"Zil.'f3 ' N K 24 3 . 4 1 S i I I 5 ! '5- ROBERT ABLONDI "They say that times are chang- ing, l don't really know, but these times are gone forever overalongtimeagof' Sports . Chinese food . "don'tgettechnical". Bob. JUDITH ACTON "l've been first and last, look at how the time goes past." Artistic and pretty memo- ries of Nantucket blue eyes Jude. JUANITA ALTAMIRANO "One of the most beautiful qual- ities of love. is to understand. andto be understood." Hopes to travel around the world loves dancing and tennis Nita. Yeah!!! Boy's Pep Squad MICHAEL AGOSTINELLI "Happiness is being with my friends." Friendly and conscientious enjoys bowling and swimming . happy and alive Gus. Q19 iirfmtqlk ' 3- 'C' 7,77 1 5 N gr, J 31' :Wi ieggaf- 7'r .il'ilc7Y-P' DENNIS ROBERT ALZAPIEDI "No matter what your goal is, if you have an interest in some- thing you should do everything you can to reach that goal. no matter how difficult or easy it may be." Ashy smile Dino. VINCENT C. ALFANO "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." Drummer in the band a real musician . Vinnie. ONYECHERENDUBUSI AMAECHI "Ambition, spirit, strength, endurance are weapons for progress. l have come to man- kind with valuable purpose." A beautiful person spreads happiness wherever he goes Onye. DIANE MARIE ALLAIN "Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, to silence envious tongues: be just and fear not." Unpredictable and straightfor- ward .. Di. MARCIA E. ANDERSON "The only thing we have to do in this life is to accept the conse- quences of our own actions." Skating. . plans to be an air- line stewardess tolerant and concerned Micky. 48 l DOREEN M. ANTOBENEDETTO "Love what you got, love what you give, love while you have a life to live! All you need is love." Happy . . . carefree. DAVID ARRIGO PAUL ANTOBENEDETTO DARLENE R. ASSENCOA "lt is the friends in my life and it is the happiness and fun I have that makes life worth living." Bermuda .., her godchild "Shawn" .. Buckwheat. LYNN M. ARCHAMBAULT "lf I laugh just a little bit, maybe I can recall the way that it used to be." Memories of California .., loves to travel . caring and alive. 1- IU' CRAIG S. BAHNSEN "All those gates have opened now, and through the light has shone, ah, but the song carries on . , . so holy." Takes life with a questioning seriousness .,. active in gym- nastics . . . capable. DONNA LYNN ARONOFF "Here is my song for the asking: ask me and I will play, this is my tune for the takingg take it - don't turn away." Aims high and usually gets there A. poised and sophisti- cated . . . Don. .1 ",Q,pvv'0 Ira, 1-pnrrpi 1 5904041 iifhogg-5: ll4,,1.' Iii, BRIAN BALCOM .1 k 5 ,rg xJRi N ,A .7 3 GRIN EDWARD BALKAM ll- NANCY ANN BARBADORA "lt is the friends in my life and it is the happiness and fun I have that makes life worth living." Good times with friends talkative Bub. -.if rf ,Vai f Q3 it . it . MICHAEL BARKER "Most of the luxuries, and many ofthe so-called comforts of life are not only indispensable, but positive hindrances to the evo- lution of mankind." ELLEN S. BAUER " Happiness is living now, not dreamingtomorrowf' Treasures life memories of the Cape vivacious, well dressedalways smiling El. I 1 . . 'Li ,xggv WU' , , 4' V 'K if .dr ags ' ' .-3, , ' ff :ge :see A . 1' .td JAMES ANTHONY BARBIERI "We've moved six miles from where we were yesterday, and yesterday is but a long, long ways away." Track . Seals and Crofts confident and good looking .. Jim. 115 PATRICE MARIE BARLEY "One ofthe most beautiful qual- ities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." Caring and considerate in- terested in life have fun . Bunk. LISA M. BARBIERI "Better by far to smile and for- get than remember and be sad." Shy and quiet .. loves to be with friends memories of Italy. SUSAN HOPE BARR "Even more beautiful than sun- shine is the golden glow of friendship." Creative .. outgoing . Sue. . .t f x -typ' K""' KAROL A. BARILONE Q "lt's not always what you do, but how you do it, that makes Iifea success." Friendly to all .. "You're kid- ding" Howdies .. memo- ries of Austria. JEANNE MARIE BASTIEN "Free I was born, have lived, and will die." Satisfied, contented person . .. understanding .. reliable .. Old Orchard Beach. P3 .J Who wants gum? i1. Y '14 '41 l Mother never told me about . l 43, I 5 K ' A f if . . .Q- PATRICIA JOAN BECKER "He lives twice that is able to find delight in the past." Concerned for others . enjoys parties and friends . a new car? ... Beck. if-5' CARLO P. BELLOLI "Life is cool." Always ready for good times . casual comical .. uninhibit- ed. ,,.. ff! QM . -x T' -X - ss x If nf f, d7L ' - 7 .X MAX A X.- SCOTT D. BECKER "Through want of enterprise and faith, men are where they are, buying and selling and spending their lives like serfsf' Musically inclined .. one ofthe boys in the band. iff' .L DEBORAH A. BELLOLI 'tAlways leave them laughing when you say good bye." Summer days . . the beach . . laughter "Gentle Wind" . Deb. th, X JAMES BEHENNA ti"X .ta KIM M. BELLORA "For those who love, time is eternity." Likes a good time funny dreams of Shadow Lake Little B. DARLENE E. BEAL "What you see is what you get." Adventuresome spirit un- predictable dancing HSDDY- CYNTHIA BELFORTI "Think wrongly if you please but in all cases think for youre self." - Lessing Tap-Dancing college detective . . Bit. MAUREEN TERESA BENEFITO "We live each today. taking only the good from yesterday." Morris funloving and talka- tive memories of hockey and color-guard. So this is America. A Ubi., 31 DONNA LEE BLUE "The life given to us by nature is siiortbut the memories of a well-spentlifeare eternal," Loves riding horses "Terrif4 if," places to go, people to meet Bluesy 'lllmx 'WH 5 Lf X-x ' tif' CLAUDIA BOMENGEN "Don't let your weakness de- stroy you. You know wherever you go the world will follow. So let your reasons be true to you." The outdoors horseback rid- ing Claude. hrs. BRIAN K. BERGIN "To be free is to be alive." Enjoys swimming, football and hockey "Ya fine" . ambi- tious active .. Berg. DIANNE BERNARDI "Today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." "Really!" A New Hampshire lover .. Dianne. DONNA M. BONANNO "To act sane in this world, you have to be a little crazy," A mischievous manner lives life to its fullest fun. gl INA RUTH BERMAN "To achieve one's goal, you musttryf' Enjoys the Bruins, New Hamp- shire and traveling devoted to her work , . Kitty. STEPHEN BERTRAND "Whatever be gained today, the reach of tomorrow is more." Bert. -1-N 6-4 CHERYL ANN BONVINI "Happy thoughts of good times past, make memories last and last," The sunny shores of Bermuda and the Cape July 4th worshipper of the sun Scooter. L A ANGELA JEANNE BOUCINI "I am born happy - every morning!" "lsn't that awful!" .. New Years Eve '74 .. debopping Bouche. KRISTINE E. BRENC If your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again." Loves horseback riding, swim- ming, and concerts ... friendly and always with a smile . . . Kris. I . fi RICHARD M. BRESLOW God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can. and wisdom always to tell the difference." Enjoys lacrosse and tennis Beezle. Q4 YV JENNIFER ANN BOWEN "It is sweet to feel by what fine spun threads our affections are drawn together." A lover of horses .. N.H. and Vermont . "life" percep- tive . . . Bones. 'TTD KATHLEEN MARY BRENNAN "To be awake is to be alive." Thoreau Doesn't let small things upset her . likes tennis . skiing ... Kathy. MICHAEL BRITT "Error of opinion may be toler- ated where reason is left free to admit it." - Thomas Jefferson HELEN M. BRADLEY "They who do not love, are they who do not show their love." Enjoys being with friends red Iollipops and freckles . Arizona ... ambition - an air- line stewardess . . . Dol. lilflff' I JOHN J. BRATICA "To succeed is to try your hardest." Lacrosse future carpenter .shy butfriendly Mittens. i - I I 1 ix 'ivl jllx 119 l I f XP' JJ ix I N , f Il ' . .. QDIII ,,. x---KQIDUII 'Iilrln dlyflfl aiu I 0 rf !P:t'T lg.'.". U I Man Us 4ln..:l:.: -'i'i:::--I ,fllg .. He ain't heavy, he's my brother. '1 ., . i I . A , BRIAN RBROSNAHAN "Life's but a walking shadow. a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." Track and mountain climbing quiet I intellectual . Broz. RICHARD MICHAEL BURNHAM "The woods are lovely, dark and deepI But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." Music the Cape involved Rich. KEVIN JOHN CARROLL "You only live once, so live it up while you can." Ambition - to be a lawyer enjoys sports, beer and Fal- mouth a real party-goer K C RICHARD JOSEPH BROWN JR. "lf you cannot win, make the one ahead of you break the record." Golf I I intelligent cute I will to succeed .II Rick. DEBORAH A. BUTLER "Even a fish can't get caught if it keeps it's mouth shut." Excels in drawing plans to study medicine sweet Deb. ff-I. KAREN A. BULLARD "In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was an invin- ciblesummerf' The 3 B's I. "that's not fair!" ..I rowdy . I I Terra .I Bull. f A gfwf EDWARD CAHILL "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there." - Charles F. Kettering TIMOTHY BURRICK PAULA A. CARDIFF "Genius is the capacity for ta inginfinite pains." "Oh brother" friends . frolics .I the Cape. Pour it down ...Drink it up! 54 I Now repeat after me .. 'H -il., P. ' A il P N .ix AW KN I TNQ. ,.,f',L!f"tnZ MICHAEL J. CASTAGNA "Love is the ember that kindles a life-longfiref' Fond memories of California . music meeting new peo- ple ,.. takes life for what it is ,. . Stick. 214' ngupf RALPH PETER CAVALIERI "Grant us grace to contend against evil, and to make no peace with oppressiong and. that we may reverently use our free- dom, help us to employ it in the maintenance of justice among men and nations." '? i DOUG U.CHANEY "lf all you do is think about los- ing, you're beat from the start." Likes sports driving his car Indian. if MARY ELIZABETH CHAVES SUSAN MARIE CHESLOUSKY MARIANNE CHIAPPINI "lf you have built castles in the "The only way to win happiness "Keep your face to the sun- air, your work need not be lost: is to give it. The more we give, shine and you cannot see the that is where they should be. the more we have." shadow." Now put the foundations under Always on the sports scene a Memories of Austria well them." truefriend .. happy Sue. dressed . playing Chip A lover of music . concerned Mare, for others. LINDA A. CASS "Look at me, you see me. not as I am. but as I was." Future as a veterinary assistant country lover helpful Libby. X. Y, if PAMELA JEAN CHASE "To communicate is the begin- ning ofunderstandingf' Travel and the navy . listen- ingto music , Pam. ANN ELIZABETH CHIUDIONI "I know we've come a long way. we'rechanging day to day." A true friend fun to be with Sensitive scream. PATRlCEA.CHlUDlONl "Why go on our way, doubtful that that is what it is." "lt's a must" . sports and friends ... rolls ... always hav- inga good time . .. Pat. PAUL JOSEPH CHIUMENTO "Each day is made to be lived, so live each day to its fullest." Having a good time Don't ever get busted .. "De". GAILA. COHEN "Man is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots. whose flowers and fruitage is the world," Enloys art, swimming, and play- ing the piano sensitive and intelligent. ,Q .. of l Q- 'i N ,044 , MIN """' "f Nw-use ...N.,m::,Wmn-,WN PETER J. CHRISTI "My ten second roadster is like a rollercoaster, going to heaven by its 327." Enjoys racing his "Model T Roadster" an individual , . Pete. 'IS' li: MICHAEL S.COHEN "Don't walk in front of me: l may not follow. Don't walk be- hind meg I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my fri.end." Future in medicine experi- enced photographer senti- mental Mike. En guard! ANNE CLARK "An old friend is like a full- blown rose, each velvet petal a pleasant memory. Its fragrance recalls sweetness that grows with years of love, understand- ing,and sympathy! Loves to travel ... cute ... An- nie Oakley. DIANE COLEMAN "Love is the reward of love." Enjoys people and the outdoors sensitive always there to help . Diane. nag' JAYNE COBURN "I love snow and all the forms of the radiant frost." Tap dancing ... swimming .., an individual . . . Jayne. MIGNEL COLMENARES "Dos rosas en el agua no se pueden morehitar dos amigos que se quieren nose pue den oluidar." CHRISTOPHER J. CONTI Takes things in stride ... night life, music and parties a striver and accomplisher Chris. T. VINCENTCORSINI "Yesterday is but today's mem- ory and tomorrow is today's dream." Sailing the Cape . . good times with good friends ambition to fly . . Vin. RICHARD CONTI "lt is easy to be tolerant of the principles of other people if you have none of your own." DAVID GRAHAM COURAGE "All our lives we spend search- ing for a goal when most of us don't know what the question is. Do you know?" California '74' creative .. friendly . . Breakfast. DAVID C.CONTRADA "A difference which makes no difference is no difference." Our own Bobby Fisher . en- joys pool ... Dave. RICHARD C. COX "Beauty is only skin deep, but knowledge has no depth." Loves music , future in elec- tronics . . . serious , Dick. .gnslvib lb? f J Good times for all at the dance Q! CHRISTINE L. CONVERY "To awaken each morning with a smile brightening my face 3 to approach the night with the joy that comes from work well done - this is how l desire to waste my days." Chris, JOHN PAUL CROCI "Hear advice and acceptin- structions so that you may be wise the rest of your days." Small in stature. tall in talent .., basketball Italian food .. loves to laugh. 1-Q. QT? .l Ear fad EUGENE CROWLEY "All parents want their children to be in the upper IO per cent of the class and 90 per cent cant make it." Loves life always ioking lockers 1656 and 1658 Emmet. 'Q""' ALISA LCUCINELLI FRANCIS ICUERONI "To speak ill of others is a "Life iswhatyou make it." dishonest way of praising ourselves." lv l -. 1 F' 4 I 'H 1. i -X W '? Zzzzzzz SUZANNELORRAINE DAHM "lf I could save time in a bottle, l'd save every day like a treasure and then again I would spend them with you." Loves parties ..l crazy ..l al- ways ready with a smile . . , Sue. WESLEY DAVIES "I get high with a little help from my friends." Always where the action is , hockey parties Pink Floyd I Wes. MARIE ADELE DECOLLIBUS "How tall we are, we've learned so much, Everything it seems. but how to keep in touch," The Prom swimming Cape Cod tall and cute A very happy person. 13,2 1?-f JEFFREY LOUIS DALLAPE "Success is there for the daring, courageous and intelligent. Anything is possible if you try." An understanding friend ... working with computers enjoys camping and sailing ... Jeff. KENNETH DAVIS "My only reality in life is schooI." Lover of the arts I I governs his world . concerned for others . mysteriousi ,Ken. ROBERT E. DELANEY "When I'm dead and gone, there'II be one child born, to carry on." "Before I die" , concerts , , girls cars rowdy al- ways lookingfor action Del. ffflllllb LEONARD S. DEMARCO "They call himthe streak" Future in construction al- ways with a carload of Fresh- men girls .. a crazy kid Lennie. if 4' LISA DENHAM "There's a feeling l get when I look to the west and my spirit is cryingfor leaving." "That's my Casey" Roosev- elt School .. starry-eyed and full of fun .. twirls with ease. .1-,ani iii? PATRICIA A. DEVEAU "In the joy of life, death is the important factor." PAULETTE MARIE DeMUTH "Life is love: so live, love, and enjoy." Aims for the good things in life straight forward and con- cerned . animal-lover Nluth. MICHELLE DESIMONE Memories of Bermuda . en- joys friends, biking, and field hockey . cute and vivacious fanatic Chelle. wma. TERRI DIATALEVI "It's my life, and it's me who has to live it, so let me live the life I want." Independent and enthusiastic . memories of Germany always out for a good time. Follow me boys. 'lv I it N -if X-lv '21 - .3299 I FAITH ANN DIEHL "Those who attempt new flights often fall. Failure consists not in the fall, but in the refusal to fly again," A sincere smile loves nature a good friend to talk to open minded. Q Y. H 4 5 cirugr . Q- xi .L I . 'NX' 9- . 3 ' I 4 I r ij , 1-.. -7' THOMAS DINAN SGC in action? FRANCES E. DOWNER "To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe." Independent . . knows what she wants is ambition to be a musician .L deep in thought. ROBERT DROLETTE ALAN DRON I aint going Nantasket t'I've known countless people Beach going to the horse who were reservoirs of learning, tracks in Foxboro B yet never had a thought." S WILLIAM RALPH DRAKE "The secret of success: Never let down! Never let up!" Excels in hockey bleacher bum full of life, love and laughter . ,. Drakey. F. KENNETH DUANE "The difference between the men and the boys is the cost of theirtoysf' Feels at home on the ice enjoys high life , always upto something Kenny. I- I MINDY LYNN DUBIN "Do not think on yesterdays, do not look forward too tomorrow, look right at today and you'II be better off." Loves to ski college bound pretty . . . C.C. C' ANN ELIZABETH DUTTON "Wheel gull spin and glide - you've no place to hide. Cause you don't need one." Fine actress and musician ... sweet and sincere . .. hardwork- ing . ., Mutton. DIANE DUFFY "You can't have a friend, unless you are one." Generous ., the good life parties ,.. always willingto lend a hand . . . Duff. JULIE JEAN EDES "The embroidery of my life holds me in and keeps me out. but I survive." in SUSAN DUNHAM "Love is all the little nothings that mean everything" Dancing honest and pretty ,. . a sincere friend .. Sue. RAE EDSON "You see things as they are: and you ask, why, but I dream things that never were, and ask, why not?" "Be good" .. summer of 73 , . . carefree and spirited. , mi, V . ggf- ,f A 4 ge' , , t " - l , 17 It T . 1' P f , -3 el! 1 if X -a. Q 1 , 5 V. L Q 1 K ff , Q . C 4' ff Y xx .gy M Ir? ! -- A il' X-'Yi H 1, ,il 5- 2,1 f - High level rally talk JOHN F. DURKIN "These days everyone's smok- ing the pipe of peace: too bad no one's inhaling." In the middle of a good time good-looking enjoys the beach ... Dirk. PAULA EISEMAN "I do believe, I guess, that some- where behind all this there's something that wants me to find it." John Updike Bubblegum Lars Anderson highspirited. GARY L. ELY "Wise men are not always quiet. but know when to be." Switzerland and Zahrain Palace loves music quiet and studious doing what he wants and likes. EDNA AMERICA ESCOBAR "Dos rosas in el agua no se pue- den garchitar, El carino de los padres no se puede olvidarf' "Two roses in the water can't wither away the love of my par- ents I can't forget." ROBERT C. FAULKNER "What is possible has been done. what is impossible will be done." Cars and racing fun at New England Dragway Bob. -li.. 21:5 Y' " l ' , , 62 Q T' -2, ,M ,A . ROBERT L. FERRI 'A man must know himself -f he isto knowtruthf' Enioys sports and food tale eriterl constructor of models. JOHN STUART ESTY "Above all the trivial, everyday hassels of life there is always serenity and hope." Sure to be a success , talent- ed and outgoing . Party! Stu. TOM H. FEAREBAY "Do not remove a fly from your friend's head with a hatchetf' Future firefighter Ashland Fire Station No. 2 good sense of humor . Tom. DEBORAH A. EVERS "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the lovein your heart." Knows where she's going memories of Mayhoften Deb. PETER P. FEDOLFI "God made him, and therefore let him pass for a man." Sports and photography always on the go Fed. LAURA FALKOWSKI "Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall All you have to do is call And l'll be there. You've got a friend." Expressive . , . imaginative .. . succeeds in being happy. RHONDA ELLEN FEIGELMAN "No matter where l'm going remember where l've been." Memories of lsrael ... sensitive loquacious .. Rhonnie. . hr JZ" .. , :,f- .. V. J. .Wf , r gui 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommend . .. Darlene, Darlene, Penny, Kim, Donna and Patrice ,. il JOHN FISH "I thought I was behind before, but now l'm first at last." A great one for pranks ... en- joys hockey . .. Roger. CARRIE FRIEDMAN "lf a man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however mea- sured or far away." A I W- JOYA. FISH A gentle manner musical ,.. Joy. MARIE E. FUER "Time flies over us but leaves it's shadow behind." Loves photography, concerts, and clams .. watches the Bruins .. plans to be a free- lance photographer at the Cape. C5 BOYS KIMBERLEY M. FOX "To meet, to know, to love and then to part, is the sad tale of many a human heart." Enjoys painting, good times and the beach . . . Kim. ANDREW ROBERT FUHRMAN "Live each day to the fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence, and back without regrets" DEBBIE FINDLEY "A knowledge of the past pre- pares us for the crises of the present and the challenge of the future." JZ- DAVID S. FRASER "So long as I can see, I will keep looking, as long as I can walk, I will keep walking, so long as I can stand, I will keep fighting." Refined and optimistic . Dave. SANDRA L, FULTON "We have been friends together in sunshine - and in shade." Sweet and pretty takes life for what it is memories of Europe "Weese". I+ Dear John, 9+ COREEN MARIEGALLAGHER "Life has a value only when it has something valuable as its obiectf' Enjoys swimming and lying in the sun memories of the Cape likes being with child- ren talkative, X '14 R ' I L T' BARRY R. GALLANT "The promised land always lies on the other side of a wilderness." Friday nights with friends Howdies and the Cape al- ways on the go. Ce., . li ' . . , 'A an ' o- . Q CATHLEEN GABLE "Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." X. J BERNADETTE L. GAGNE "Be slow to fall into friendship. When thou art in, be firm and constant." Genuine and frank ... poised ... attractive ... sunworship- per.. . Bernie. PETER MICHAEL GALVANI "lt proves. on close examina- tion, that work is less boring than amusingoneselff' Bazooka Joe bubblegum .. baseball and after school foot- ball handsome Petsy Baby. BRUCE GABOR "lf you want something, it doesn't come to you, you have to go out and get it." Excels in sports quiet, hap- py, dependable gold and tennis ... well-liked . . . Goober. BARBARA GALANTE "Life is eternal: and love is immortal: and death is only a horizon: and a horizon is noth- ingsave thelimit ofour sight." Aero Smith Concert . . . Chinese food . .. rowdy . ,. Barbi. ANDY MICHAEL GANAS "It proves, on close examina- tions, that work is less boring than amusing oneself." Future policeman ... D.Q. ... M.V.P. at Mason Park . . . Amos. 49"- 995 .L LINDA L. GANNON "Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway." Souvenirs collected thru the years . funny and friendly Ashland"71' '.., Lin. MARIO GIORGIO "Nothing in the life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Enjoys playing soccer . a spe- cial talent for math .. Italy . sensitive and romantic . . . Mar. C 9 '-. yv A' -ff. 5 uulu QQ n 'pun 1 W x 5 s' " 'WLXQ' Yi 4 Qui" div' 01" - ' -1:8111 ' HARRY E. GOLDMAN "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I lovetoday." Multi-talented ... Paris the Eiffel Tower .. an active Sportsman and traveler. iv- '. ,1 . gg Y' Q12 . -f'5:f,-ff'fl5g BRIAN F. GARNER "The past and present wilt - I have filled them, emptied them. and proceed to fill my next fold of thefuture." Concerts and sailing .. being with friends . Cape Cod. MARK E. GOLD "The man who does the least talking often has the most to say." Motorcycles and cars . a kind and considerate friend .. Fuzzy. ffl? CARRIE L. GOLIGER "All we need to be really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." Fun-loving, always doing some- thing . . a gymnast intelli- gent and creative. .-au., ROBERT A. GEMMA MARY A. GIAMMARCO "I never met a man I didn't "Butlstill lovethosegoodtimes like." gone by, hold on to them close or let them go, I don't know I just seem to say l'm sorry to the friends I used to know." J.T. Always an unexpected com- ment water skiing and party- ing good times with good friends .. Rob. Q-ig J 'll' I xx .ii 7 i Keep your eyes on the copy! -X STEPHEN P. GORDON "And the time will come when you see we're all one, and life flows on within you and without you." Skiing the Rockies ... under- standing . . . Flash. LYNN GREENBERG "Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, it is that which deter- mines, or rather indicates, his fate." -43 a ww. ,ar ' .NA 'fj:,QEfj.jf'r" 'iz F'-iiixx .f . it 'xg r' . -l f', S n f 3' 4' 3. 3' lim! .3 ."' Zig! MICHAEL C. HANSON "I came, I saw, I conquered," Quiet, yet makes himself no- ticed blue eyes Cheeky Mike. CHRISTOPHER A. GORMAN "Get it while you can." Good sense of humor ... par- ties and nightlife ... enthusias- tic ... active ... "hello" .., Chris. tx.. e., vzzrf' A -. I "'-4 THOMAS R. GRINDELAND "No two people are the same. And both are glad of it!" Carefree and nonchalant ... loves sportsi partying and more partying . . . clocktown. X. 1 1 "qt - i -'fl ' 'iii limi 1. 4 ",'. -.I MARK T. GRADY "Around the world in 80 days." At the track ... knows his cards ... a friendly Irishman "We're number one." KURT F. HAKANSSON "lt's not that I talk too much. it's just that life inside me has so much to say." At home in the music room ... being with friends ... cherishes good times and memories ... Kurt. CLARK F. GRAIN "Don't wait till tomorrow: it's too late." Quiet enthusiastic into sports .., future in T.V .... "the bat". LISA HAMLIN "Conscience is the voice of val- ues long and deeply infused into bone and sinew and blood." Loves music ... swimming and tennis . . . multi-talented. MFL gt IICVQVS cuu 1157 You're sixteen, You're beautiful, and You're mine. 'I want this whole table out of here!" 19' ROSEMARY HARANAS "Now I am going on a journey, and I pray all things end well." Fine artist loves music and Concerts nutty crazy "Freakthe Greek" 1, il -sn N4 RICHARD D. HARDING "If you work hard with confi- dence, you will succeed." Quiet and friendly . skiing at Loon Mountain . . always laughing , . "Oh Yeah" Rick. QE.. JOHN HEFFERNON "Don't knock life until you have lived it." Girl watcher .. carefree and rowdy listening to music Hef. JAMES FREDERICK HARRINGTON UA man travels the world over in search of what he needs but returns home to find it." Enjoys being with good friends , . energetic athletic . in- telligent and involved . .. Fred. PAUL F. I-IENDRY "Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never turn his back on life." Clocktown . . sure I under- stand . competitive . wants the good life. ei. PRISCILLA HARRIS "Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence." Gymnastics .. friendliness behind a shy smile 'tPiffle- Pooh" . Pickle. DAVID P. HEFFERNAN "Although l'm always late wher- ever I go, you can always count on me beingtheref' "Oh baby" Kung-Fu . ath- letic . quiet and thoughtful always tardy I-leff. ,lil--L..,.L. 1 1 JEAN C. HILL WILLIAM T. HILLMAN "You guys now what do you "To each his own." wantto do?" Easy going football and Volleyball D.Q. and the Cape track star loves camping dances and parties and fishing independent friendly . Jeannie. Still Bill. cr' JENNIFER HIXON There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." The one and only . sports of all kinds .. party-goer ... very insane . hates to lose . . . Jen. AUDREY HOBBS "No one can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till heis unhappy." Accomplished gymnast .. soft spoken affable . confident Audge. PAUL HOYT "lf your mind isn't ready for the sacrifice and discipline no one can do anything about it." Souths quarterback hand- some Capt. of baseball a friend to all Paluch. O We can't go on meeting like this. MICHAEL FREDERICK HOHN "The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began, now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow it ifl can .. " ROBERT H. HUFFAM "Good times come easy when you're with friends: so be your- self because nobody wants to know someone whom you really aren't." Baseball Sept. 26 come- dian Ioony tunes Dapper Dan. NANCY L. HOPKINS "We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there." DAVID GARRETT HUSS "Play for more than you can afford to lose, and you will learn the game" Good looking . athletic .. hopes for a career in baseball loves football . . "Thats the way it goes" Dave. '.. 'xx ..-4. , 1 l BRUCE STEVEN HOROWITZ "A faithful friend is a strong defense and he that hath found such a one hath found a trea- Sure." Determined ... tennis tourna- ments "I don't believe it!" -5 HOPE D. JACOBS "Let your life be like arithmetic -joy is added, sorrow is sub- tracted, friends multiplied and love divided." Sentimental . loves Italian food . . . getting rowdy. ANA J. JANCKSON "I have spread my dreams un- der your feet: tread softly be- cause you tread on my dreams." Wants to be filthy rich do I really have to? ... loves talking and the Jazz Workshop a future in Law . . . Ana. PETER M. KACH Future plans - work .M a late riser ... can't get along without his car , .. Pete. DANIEL E. JENKINS "The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is withouta dream." 'BN lf... STEVEN KAHN "Work smarter, not harder." Enjoys the piano, camping and baseball ... computer room ... destined to achieve . . Steve. CYNTHIA GALE JORDAN "I would rather sit on a pump- kin, and have it all to myself, than to be crowded on a velvet cushion." Quiet .. memories of summer "73" loves music Cat Stevens . . . Cindy. MICHAEL D. KAISER "Say not I, but rather - WE." Probing, intelligent mind ,.. experienced photographer decisive , . . Kais. A My dogs can breathe, I can go to school, I can be somebody! . BRIEN JOSEPH JOYCE "It's a mark of intelligence, that no matter what you do you have a good time doing it." Musterfield A . Patriots' game ... excels in baseball a true friend . . . B.J. RICHARD KANTOR "Truth is the property of no in- dividual but is the treasure of all men." - Ralph Waldo Emerson DONNA A. KARAS "I'lI paint rainbows all over your blues." Versatile personality values her friends "How the heck are ya?" cheering and the beach. 3.1. in 6 SUE KARDASI-I SANDRA MARIE KAYE "I've lived forthe days that have "To believe in love is to believe gone by and dream of the days in tomorrow." tocomef' Tennis and other sports . Quiet and active ... likes skiing really cares get's high on life and skating "cut it out". . . . sentimental ... Sandy. Wk? 0-.I 4259 Carrie Goliger """1 MAUREEN P. KEEFE "Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." Full of life . laughing and screaming . a valued friend . , , enjoys cheering . . . Mo. VINCENT KELLY "Loose your dreams and you will lose your mind in life un- kind."-Rolling Stones Quiet shy .. loves his car and the Cape .Vinny ELIZABETH R. KEY "Love's season is brief only a lifetime never enough " Carefree exciting a flair for living spirited Beth. WILLIAM MATTHEW KEILEY III "There's not such a thing as failure if you innovate, but if you do you must dare to be different." "Thick as a brick" "Hey guys!" hairy, rowdy Matt. KIM A. KEOHANE "So long as I can see I will keep looking. As long as I can walk I will keep moving. As long as I can stand I will keep fighting." Good rider party goer ... long beautiful hair . .. Kim. PAUL S. KINDSTEDT "What is most important in life is not always what is obvious. Few understand reality." A quiet sense of humor . tal- ented in gymnastics intelli- gent "Rubbish" Paul. 0 I JAMIE E. KING "Keep on truckinl' Likes listening to music quiet his Nan "Catch you later" spends time in photography and in our class office . . . Jamie. JOSEF KNOFF "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." Writing and playing music en- lightens his soul ... Joe. LORRI BETH KREIDBERG "You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful." Sensitive creative artis- tic qualities . . . quiet , .. Law. WAYNE R. KIRKPATRICK "Don't do nothin' I wouldn't do. A man of many moods . climbing Mount Lafayette cruisin '... Kirky. vi KATHY ROBIN KOFFLER "Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream." Singing drawing ... "Listen Pal" . .. friends, music and food go together .., the "tree" .,. Kath. f"SZf"frrl MARK C. LACHANCE "Think positive and you'lI never go wrong." Talented in sports ... football and wrestling memories of the Cape ... Judy .,, just a lit- tle crazy . .. Mad dog. Va Va Va Voom ,'?. MICHELLE A. LaMARQUE "Few could know or even guess the fact: the facility of beauty when the skin is black." Boating ... summer of '73' Vermont "oh come on". , i 527' , fi I r .- M. 1.-ff, 4 Viva DAVID G, LAMPHERE "There is nothing worse than yieldingto indifference." The "old Dodge" likes fish- ing camping independ- ent Dave. Fly me . .. l'm Sheila. fn ln' 1,03 1' BARBARA GAIL LEEDS "Friendship without selfeinter- est is one of the rare and beauti' ful things of life," Out lor a good time always a srnile Barb. 'Nitin DEBRA K. LEELAND "l have learned a lot here, I hope I learn a lot more in the future." Future dental hygienist memories of Sebago, Maine friendly and fun to be with Deb. -l' DEBBIE LARNIS "Life is a great bundle of little things." Quiet, sweet and considerate .,, artistic and creative ... en- joys Iife and helping others. JAMES L. LEACH "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can- not do." "Your flashing" . , good-na- tured . . a real charmer .. Jim. LINDA LEE LEMAY "May the long time sun shine on you all love surround you. and the pure light within you guide you allthe way on." Warm and friendly Junior Princess attractive. ERNEST LATHAM-BROWN "Few things hide from the man who devotes himself earnestly and unreservedly to a solution to a problem." V.W. fan a real track man . serious ambitious Ernie. KAREN BETH LEBEWOHL "Though we rush ahead to save our time, we are only what we feeI." Turn on the water . . , memories of Israel .., Kib. KAREN JEAN LEVENSON "lf one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." I -, lf' V 5 x 12911541 SETH G, LEVENSON "lf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. however measured or far away." NATHAN LEWIS "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." South's football star l full of spirit .. a solid personality . . Nate. DAVID LIBBY . "I'lI try anything once, twice if I like it." -. 'Mo " u X' 'ex-3'--4-.1'.' ' . JACQUELINE R. LEVERONE "Money and success are good to look forward to, but friends are the essence of life." Always happy .. sewing and swimming . W.W.S. . Jackie. 1 AIMEEAUDREY MARIE LIBBY "Hours fly, flowers die, new days, new ways, love stays." Enjoys life .. always active .. continuallysmiling . Lib. JUDITH ANN LIBERATORE "To love is to place our happi- ness in the happiness of anoth- er. Always ready with a cheer John .. our happy and attrac- tivecheerleadingcaptain . Judy. SHIMON LEVY SUSAN E LEVY "If you really try you can do it. "The sun only shines when you But you have to be dedicated." want itto Cruisn' in his red Firebird a Always knows what s going on meat 81 potatoes friendly . Shimon. man memories of the Cape skiing partying Sue fgs, -'T lt takes two to Tango VICTOR J. LIBERATORE "Frank told me to run. so I ran." A future army man . athletic 46- EDWARD J. LILL "Can you dig it?" A real hockey player . . . easy to "not me!" Lump. get along with ... blondest hair SANDRA JEAN LOCKE "Write it in your heart that every day is the best day of your life." Memories of Austria . fun- Ioving and active sports fan Sandy. "Munir JODIE MARY LUKER "Just what you want to be, you'Il be in the end." Pretty. poised and fun to be with sweet smile soft-spoken. . . Eddie. MARCIA JEAN LORING "What we have once enjoyed. we can never lose." Friendly's . always laughing .. all around great kid. vi vw - if be I cali . VI ril S. BRADFORD LINGHAM "There are times, however. when there is no other way. Then we need a blessing and strong will and long labor to make the hurdle." AFS brother farmer .,.Brad. SHEILA J. LOUGHLIN "I am strong, I am invincible, am woman." Lewis Bay .. . independent and carefree Q . . that special tree at the res stubborn liberation- ist . .. She. xl Rally Rebels KATHYRYN A. LOCICERO "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice." Phillip 45 4. Guitar music ... "good grief" ... unique ... friendly ... Kathy. ANN ELIZABETH LOYD "How many lives we live in one, and how much less than one in aIl." Cute and bubbly ... loves bub- blegum and daisies faithful Flyer fan ... colorguard ... full of smiles. 'Yxi stiff.. 'f flag . Q' .tix .F A ' f 5-V K, 2 KAREN A. LYNCH "Don't let them grind you down, just keep on keepn' on!" t'What a bIast!" enjoys rid- ing .. swimming and singing ... hyrachis .., the greatest smiler around ... Bubbles. JOAN McKAY "Time is like money, the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go." Oh no! Not that again. F01 W I F L , '- " -?riI'3x:'f A " ' VG ',s., J. YH . s V..' 'sg 'Y-X em. i'VA i-i w F- I is-rf ROBERT A. LYNCH JR. "If you don't give 10070 every play, the play you don't could lose the game." Future plans in broadcasting . . , a real joker . . . Shultz. LAURIE MACRELLI "Friendship is a very meaning- ful word, use it wisely, because it comes and goes too fast to be thrown around." Carefree and kind.. "lvIuck". , ,I X... ,.....,. .., ..,.A...,...n.-L . x - , ' - 14 DOROTHY B. LYON "All that happens, good or bad, is a step towards your underf standing of life, and in the end you will be a wise old woman." Riding horses ... Iiberationist . .Dolly. MELANIEPATRICE MANIKAS "Love is patient and kind: not jealous, nor conceited, nor proud. nor ill-mannered, nor selfish, nor irritable: love keeps no record of wrongs: love isn't happy with evil, but with truth." md 49'- fir JEFFREY T. LYNCH "Be yourself but be it well." Friendly and confident memories of the 'ftree" Jeff. GLORIA M. MACLAREN "Some of us are lucky enough to learn from other's mistakes. the rest of us are the others." Camping and bike riding Prom of '74' '... Sarge. 'CCD' KARLA B. MANN "lf I give you kindness and un- derstanding. then I will receive your faith, if I give you hate and dishonesty I will receive your distrust." Enjoys Neil Young and playing theguitar. Tl-il f JOSEPH F. MANNARINO "If the road to success is under construction, invest in asphalt." Future scientist Italian food and lobster quiet and easy- going Chip. RONALD M. MANZELLA "The road to success is always under construction." Mechanically minded "my car broke down again" memories ofthe Cape Ron. DOROTHY M. MARTIN "Hey tomorrow, where are you going? Do you have some room for me?" Future commercial artist memories of New Hampshire cute Dotty Touche! .... .1-u.. .... .lair-wmv - S n-v""Z , If znvifla I-1. fl A 11 il BRUCE MARCUS NANCY A. MARTINELLI "Let not the waves of the sea separate us now, and the years you have spent in my midst becomea memory." Blonde and cute enioys swimming peanutfist. TERESA M. MARIANI "Friends, I will remember you, think of you, pray for you and when another day is through l'Il still be friends with you." Loves Colorado and concerts ambitious . . . Jackie O. JOE MCANULTY "A man is only as big as what he thinks of himseIf." TOM MARSDEN "Born to live, live to die." St. Pats' .. . loves water-skiing a really unique person ...Satan. JOYCE ANNE MCCARTHY "Live. love, laugh and be happy-" Memories of the Cape .. . April '74 ... midget sized ... always in a good mood. L I NANCY ANN McDONALD "So in peace our task we ply, Panqur Ban, my cat and I: In our arts we find our bliss, I have mine and he has his." JUDITH ANN MEDINA "Those who are peacemakers will plant the seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness," Sharpshooters Drum and Bugle Corps ... "1776" ... plans for college . . . Judy. JOANNE DOROTHY MCGUIRE "Footprints on the sands of time fade away unless you keep moving." A sparkling personality our class secretary ... smiles her way through life . . self-motivated. l MARK WILLIAM MCKEOWN "The greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground." "You'll never take me alive Flat- foot!" cruisin' in his yellow Toyota . . . Mark. 14-..-f -1, ROBERT HUGH McLAUGHLIN Karate future in business Mac. '55-.. .3 . ,gma 5 A K' ' , X' X I . DAVID MELANSON AIRES M.T. MENDES JUNE ELLEN MILLER HThe only limit to our realiza- tion of tomorrow will be our doubts today." "To know, to understand, to love-a better world." Our A. F. S. student .. real out- doorsman .. concerned and ambitious . Aires. i I I I.. Ha Ha Ha . Pretty funny Matt. it' M as J fl: f if se' ' -A "l walk awhile for a mile or so on my way to the 18th avenue. The people I saw were the peo- ple l knew who all came down to takeaviewf' Her love is dancing New Hampshire 73. 'wg JENNIFER MILLMAN Our A, F. S. erin Thailand a true friend loyal caring concerned always ready to help Jen. 'C' DANIEL J. MOLLOY 'Alf you want to get to Heaven, you've got to raise a little Hell." Enjoys skiing and traveling artistic memories of Europe the drinking tree .. Oh-ff-ff Dan. . ........... DENISE MOORE "The first half of life consists of the capacity to enjoy." KATHLEEN MURPHY dx x 1 z233+4+C ALICE JEAN NAPPY "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face." Good times in New Hampshire always with a smile like- able Al. KENNEY MOSCATELLI "lf l cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." "Ma Che" good times with Scoredja . . . Kenney. SCOTT J. MURRAY "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." Track and cross country man . cars, girls and the Allman brothers . . Muzz. TERRI NARDINI "It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow." WT .. Jim ... memories of Austria . content and fun-lov- ing Terri. J P' 8 X .xglf O 1-if! I ' ! SHABAB NAZARIE JOHN NICHOLS "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever a waste." Easy to get along with . . . funny ... a good friend. PATRICIA MARGARET O'BRlEN "Laughter is the closest dist- ance between two people." Excels in field hockey .. . loves the Cape, being with friends ... active, attractive . . . Tricia. 1'-'r-'Q LESLEY E. NEARMAN "Don't ever tell anybody any- thing. If you do, you start miss- ing everybody." Artistic and friendly future in writing , . . diligent . .. Lesley. LINDA J. NOONE "Thanks to you. l'm much obliged - such a pleasant stay." Led Zeppelin Likes snow and people warm-heartedandcasual. I PATRICIA LYNN O'BRIEN "If I never loved, I never would have cried." Fond memories of Canada swimming and horseback riding Pat. The boogey woogey bugle boy JOHN S.O'DONNELL JR. STEPHEN PAUL O'LEARY "So what can you do?" "This isn't the top of the moun- Likes music . . . tall and straight tain, it's the side." forward plans for the future Easy to get along with al- John, ways ready for a party row- dy blonde and good-looking Steve. JAMES OLESON "Was it time? And what a time it was it was." Biddeford, Maine and that red Volvo good looks. good friends. good times Oles. 'FQ5 JULIE ANN OOSTERMAN "We are only certain of today yesterday is gone and to- morrow is always coming." The kind of person the world needs more of serene enioys music Julie. X111 STEPHEN O'ROURKE "Curious people ask questions: determined people find the answers " Oh darn! That again. MARK ORLANDO "A wise man will make more opportunities then he finds." EUGENE P.OTENTl JR. "Life is a moment: Before: Now: Always " Talented drummer toke don't talk happiest when making music or working with cars Gino. 1-H-X A-ii"'FJ fx X ' fcfha 'ef- JOHN P.O'ROURKE "lt matters not how a man dies, but how he lives." Enjoys wrestling and football .. succeeds in living the good life .. a good friend . . Roukie. SARA PALENCIA "We do not come to believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to. worthy of our trust, sacred to ourtouchf' KATHLEEN MARA O'ROURKE "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways." Considerate enjoys friends and having a good time . . . foot- ball games . .. Kathy. JOSEPH S. PALLAY Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." Lives in and around his car ... good times .. different sense of humor ,. night owl Palby. ii LAURA J. PALUMBO "The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed." Petite , .. intelligent . .. Laurie. CHARLOTTE F. PATTISON "Now is a ship, which captain am, sails out of sleep, steering for dream."e.e.cummings Riding and skiing "Walla- bees" sailing at Cochituate ... diligent . . . Char, DONNA MARIE PAPAS "Life is short enough as it is without wastingtime uselesslyf' Swimming ,, sunning .. shopping vivacious and in- volved. 7??f"'?1M If ' ' ,- 1.1.1-fafi i-V -.0-ff DEBRA ANN PELLEGRINI "Live hand-in hand and togeth- er we'll stand on the threshold ofadreamf' Pom-pom girls skating loves to laugh and be with friends . . Debbie. 79' A PETER PAPAS "To be successful in life you must also beafailureinlife and learn from your mistakes." A friend to all active in sports A always busy . Pete. GAYLE ADRIENNE PELLETIER "The purpose of living is to dis- cover the purpose of living." A hard worker quiet and sensitive .. makes everyone happy . . . Gayle. But l can get it for you wholesale Al DEBRA A. PATERSON "You progress not through im- proving what has been done, but reaching toward what has yet to be done." Never stops laughing likes to travel . . Canada . Debbie. 55 SHARON L. PELLEY " And when you have fin- ished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake." Considerate country and beach lover . . content . . Pel. IRIS A. PERLA "lf we're more aware of the darkness than ever before. it's because there's more light pen' etrating it in more places." Talented on stage a catch- ing enthusiasm individual who goes after what she wants Iris. KIMBERLY J. PERRY "Never let yesterday use up too much of today." Love and laughter . Paul bubble gum . a good friend Kim. ik... EDWARD J. POMFRED "The first fundamental law of nature is to seek peace and follow it." Enjoys traveling camping and the outdoors happiest when exploring new areas . Ed. 3 1 -" THOMAS PAUL PRUYN Enjoys being out of school comes alive during vacations always looking for excitement Tom. CORINNE ANN PIGNOLO "If you love something, then you must let it go free. And if it never comes back, then it never was, but if it does: then it is truly yours." Concerts and horseback riding ... Cory. 5' KAREN PONTREMOLI "To have never made a mistake. is a mistake." "Knock it off, will ya?" How- dy's hamburgers .. likes doing almostanything , Caaren. HEIDI J. PIHL "What is mine is mine, what is yours is negotiable." Bermuda '75 .. sneakers always ready for a good time . , , Heidi. 4795 MAUREEN ANN POWER "l enjoy being with my friends, and have fun proving it." Enjoys field hockey ... helping the mentally retarded ,.. nurs- ingfuture . . . Moe. 3 LORA LEE PIHL "What is beautiful for a season is a possesion for all eternity." Pleasant personality ,.. a smile for all ... looks forward to the weekend . . outgoing . .. Lora. Q ROSEANN PATRICIA PRICE "Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes." Memories Bermuda a good friend . .. Ro. How about Saturday night? .415 4, ,,. XP r f I w-- A Andy and Mike pf ELLEN M. RADIS "Look around, the grass is high, the fields are ripe, it's the springtime of mylife." Happiest when with good friends .. . having a good time ... memories of Israel. MARTHA RANNEY "Love sees not with the eyes. but with the heart." Concerts and nature .. sensi- tive .. future in working with the retarded .. "Bug". Y-5. .rtj DEBDRAH FAITH RAPHAEL "Everybody I love you - every- body I do, though your heart is an anchor l need your love to get through." Stephen Stills ... a great friend . sensitive and open . Debi. i ISAAC QUEEN "Lately it has occured to me what a long strange trip it has been." Enjoys skiing, concerts, out- doors Vermont party man . Ike. N JOANNE RAWLING "lt is the imperfect, not the per- fect, who need you love more." Enjoys swimming and being with friends . a true artist future plans in Nursing Joey. 4 CHRISTOPHER C. REID GIOVANNA RENZONI RONALD RETZ DIANA RICE "Ifanyone speaks evilofyou,Iet "The GSSGHCG of greatfle-SS is "The worst baflkf'-'Dt in the your life be so that no one will that perception of that virtue is world is the man who has lost believe it." enough." his enthusiasm." A real charmer . . loves soccer ... enjoys travelling and friend- ly people . . our senior treasur- er . . . Doc. Enjoys reading, listening to Ital- ian music, collecting stamps . . memories of Italy. Our Secretary hard at work? MICHAEL J, ROBERTS "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff that lives are made of." M B,Franklin. Dedicated succeeds in all he rloes friendly good look- ing Mike. nf- MARK S, ROBINSON 'tYou cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will betoo late." Cruisin' in his "33" Ford football is his game a happy person Robie. PETER RIGAS RIGOPOULOS "Our actions on each other are so incidental and at random, that we can seldom hear the acknowledgment of any person who would thank us for a bene- fit without some shame and humiliation." jf' '51, CARMEN RIVERA t'Take it as it comes, or you'll loose it" 1 "Hey after all" ... enjoys danc- ing ,.. hopes to become a sec- retary .. New York. STUART ROLKE "It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees." Camping in the mountains happiest when with friends tuna fish Stu. MARILYN R. RILEY "A smile is a light in the window of the face that shows that a happy heart is at home." Color Guard .,. pretty and poised always comes up with the unexpected . . . friendly Mal. RAMON RIVERA JR. "He lives with love, when trou- ble comes he lives with hate." "Here comes Raugen" ... likes singing and music ... future in mechanics . . Junior. BETTE J. ROVINELLI "Let a smile be your guide as you travel along life's highway." Enjoys Florida, music and foot- ball games happy .. Rofa. SUSAN L. ROWLAND "A new day, a new way, and new eyes to see the dawn." Loves music and people .. col- lege in Cal. designing . . Sue. SANDRA L. RUSS "Friendship is two bodies hav- ing one soul" Tortola. dancing, and modeling ... Rush. JOHN RYAN "All for one. one for all. every- man for himself." Enjoys hockey ambition to become a state policeman ... always trying hard. STEPHEN E. RUDOLPH "I say to you today my friends, even though we face the diffi- culties of today and tomorrow, we still have a dream." Likes to be happy . . . parties . friendly trade school Rudebaker. JOSEPH B. RUIVO "Any fool can criticize, con- demn, and complain and most fools do." Enjoys biking and bowling future in the Marine Corps loves being with friends .. Joe. L KAREN MARION RUSS "Your soul dwells in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams." Memories of B.V.l. plays a mean trumpet sea food Kay. NICHOLAS A. RUSSO "Life is not only a merriment: Life is desire and determina- tion." Senior Vice Pres .. fun to be with Niccolo under- standing .., his own man ... Nicky. SHEILA RYAN "Vain hopes are often like the lf? inn -v u ' -on I 0 lllhll . i 42.93-"'.i9 l v'1Yg , , , . , ,Mm . W-V -. ---,-- Y dreams of those who wake." Twenty-fwe Cents a Smack Field hockey .f."nifty bucket " .,. smiling . . . an individual . Shell. 04" bi DEBORAH M. SAIVETZ "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore." Playing the piano drama dedicated Bosco. THEA A. SAPINO "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist -that is all." Pinefield parking lot quiet and sensitive new to South and making friends easily. l PAMELA J. SCOTT "Love like death, changes every- thing." Making silver iewelry friend- ly enjoys hockey and foot- ball games Pam. :WP VIOLETA A. SANCHEZ "Learning to accept people for what they are - themselves - is a key to lasting friendships." Enjoys meeting new people . looks forward to traveling ., Vi. JAMES P. SAVAS Great discus thrower ... "Don't bug me." champion girl watcher . Jim. CYNTHIA L. SANDERSON "Opportunities always look bet- ter going than coming." SUSAN LORI SCANLON "Take life with a spoonful of sugar andacupofsmiIesgyou'll find it will make things a lot sweeter." Dizzy blonde . skiing and horseback riding . oog-no. KATHLEEN M. SANNICANDRO "We do not remember days but only moments." Memories of Austria the W.T. easy to talk to friendly .. Kathy. ADELLE M. SCANSAROLI "Always have faith and hope for all ofyour ambitions." ix 7' 5- Ev. , - 3, i 1 -.. 7: Are you sure Shakespeare started this way? q5u Sue . . . Cindee . . . Sue KN ROBIN PAUL SEAVEY "Do not take life too seriously: you will never get out ot it alive." SUSAN SHAW "Look to this day for it is life, the very life of life." Involved in music .. spends time camping, riding and swim- ming . . . Sue. if-sr ff Elf KX MICHAEL SHAFFER "When love comes to you, you must follow." Fine photographer I some- times quiet but always daring seen in a blue Barracuda .. Mike. SARA M, SHEAR "A time it was. Oh what a time it was. A time of innocence, a time for confidences. Long ago it must be, I have a photograph. preserve your memories . . Memories oflsrael I I Sori. YZ' BARRY LOUIS SHARAF "Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be your- self." Future in medicine , intelli- gent enjoys sports AVYGFTIUS. I .ii If :- ,V 1, i, ' WILLIAM A.SHERMAN A career in the navy always on the go an avid basketball player L , "Art" CAROL MARIE SEAVER t'Friendship is a horizon which expands whenever we approach it." Involved a real gymnast memories of Europe small in size only atruefriend. KAREN JEAN SHAUGHNESSY "To be nobody but yourself in the world which is doing its best to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest bat- tle one can fight: and never stop fighting." Future in law Shawn. --17:4 DONNA SHRIBER "For tomorrow may rain. so l'll followthesunl' Cute kid sun and the beach skiing bubblegum ice cream Ho Hum Shribe. MARK SICKLES "I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you. and I am l. And if by chance we find each other: it's beautiful." KAREN SIGNORINO "When does it matter what's done in a day. after the day is done?" Ambition-concert pianist sensitive values her freedom quiet but friendly Swig. KATHLEEN MARIE SKEHAN "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk be- hind me I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend." Quiet memories of the Cape nursing career shy. Shhh ... Here she comes. i WZ' 12401. J' .,f""M T7 . CRAIG E. SILVER "Our greatest goal in life is not our ability to succeed: but in our ability to keep going after each defeat." Excels in sports and music trumpet player .. quiet plans for college. KATHERINE SLECZKOWSKI "Dear Lord be kind to me: the sea is so wide and my boat is so small." Talkative nice to know cheerful and carefree Ski. JILL SILVERMAN "To dance is to live!" Good things come in small packages . excels in ballet A talented . . quiet. GAIL A. SLEEPER "Life is not ours to live, life is to share and to give," A fine twirler loves to laugh "Tootles" New Hamp- shire enjoys being with friends Sleep. 4549, I fylqffyj ' ' im KJIXQK V JOSEPH CARLO SIMONETTA "The poet sheaths his pen while the soldier lifts his sword, si- lence is golden." Lively .. likes water skiing and parties . . . Joe. DARLENE T. SMITH "Life is what you make it." Loves music .. bubbley happy Smitty. -11 O 14 i 1 A '1 l , K 4, DONALD SMITH "In dreams begin responsibili- ty. Wants to get rich quick , . . quiet and intelligent .A college plans .v Don. CYNTHIA ANN SOMA "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." Excels in sports Austria ... row boats at Walden . .. always ready with a smile . , . Cindy. NIXIE KAY SMITH "Life is what you make it." Memories of California . fu- ture Marine biologist . happi- est when playing the guitar. PATRICIA A. SOMA "Your whole body is nothing more than your thought itself, inaform you can see." Dr. SchoIl's . , softball first night at Macombers "par- ties" pretty and smart . . Tricia. -d1"'7 THOMAS CRAIG SNOW Jesus said to him, "l am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Uohn 14: 63 An avid photographer read- ing the Bible and playing guitar . fun- loving Snowball. DIANNE MARIE SOUHLARIS "One who knows all about you, and loves you just the same, is a truefriend." Always smiling talkative . . a people person . Dee. 1 lcan be very friendly. 'S Q, A 9 BARRY N. SOKOLOV 'Where there's a will there's a way." Trustworthy memories of Israel doctor's career en- joys football and tennis Sok. BRIAN C.ST.ANDRE "The difference between the men and the boys, is the cost of theirtoysf' Summer of '73 quiet, but knows what he's doing Saint. .. 1 ,-Q-',', ,-,f'-,v:-31- .- :::::1 . 5,-,. e, '.,'n-'i' , . . ::::::gl "..--'sh '-. 'v ' ,-'1'11'. I Y ' . NORMAN B. STANLEY "Be what you are. not what you are not." Free and independent en- loys bowling Burth. BLAKE STEARNS "A man is a worker, if he is not that he is nothing." Excels in music drummer ambition to be successful. 4"fW KAREN STONE "These are the seasons of emo- tion, they rise and fall. This is the wonder of devotion, the torch we all must hold. This is the mystery, upon us all a little rain must fall." .,,..--1" -,,,,.---' 'f...'5ll. . Monday morning .. another week. 'F CINDEE LEE STRATTON "Waves may wash our foot- prints from this stretch of sand. but even time will never wash them from our memory." Cute and alive cheerleader ... always on the go . . . Michael ...good times . . . Cin. 17 1F19 l1""' i DAVE J.C. SUMMER "Yet we have failed for we only see but a creation of our minds." A future in music .. talented . . . a deepthinker. Q 4, I THERESAC. SUSLOWICH "One of the most beautiful qual- ities of true friendship is to be understood and to understand." Enjoys being with friends crazy. cute, and petite Terry. 14,-. 'lf 'pin' l'.',"n 'H :ill TIMOTHY WILLIAM SULLIVAN "To see a world in a grain of sand. To hold infinity in the palm of my hand." Kind and considerate . . . a good friend to all ... enjoys football ,..Tim. KEITH D. SUMMERS "Keep smiling, it will make peo- ple wonder what you've been up to. Quiet ... always thinking ... Parmenter Road . .. Dibs. fi fm -1 JULIE ANN SYDOW "Walk on through December and into the new year, carrying only your memories and your dreams." Echo Point. N.H. water and snow skier school spirited excels in all areas Jules. LOU ANN PATRICIA TAKACS "But I, being poor, have only my dreams: I have spread my dreams under your feet: tread softly because you tread on my dreams." Quite the equestrian . . perpet- ually laughing . .. Lou. ROBERTA LEE TEKUT "The secret in singing is found between the vibration in the singer's voice and the throb in the listener's heart." Enjoys art, swimming and boat- ing . . . cheerful .. Berta. -4. 41 X I 'T MICHAEL ANTHONY TERASCONI "I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul, where I'II end up, I think only God really knows." Our president . . Cindee .. one of the bleacher bums. ,ififi -4-L-1 C. DAVID TAYLOR "Love is ever lasting." Enjoys playing street hockey and driving his car friendly .. Vid. T43 4: Nw, 99 9 1 S in .0 STEVEN M. TENENHOLTZ "There is no use whatever in tryingto help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself." MARK A. THAYER "We know what we are, but know not what we may be." Active outdoorsman . , . basket- ball, tennis, and sailing , . . good natured .,. friendly . "Stretch", In 8 seconds I will self destruct. 4? 'Y ' Y all- ii I - I X IQ? nv-- 71 TIMOTHY JAMES TIERNEY NANCY TOLAN "Personality opens many doors. Character keeps them open." Track and pole vaulting girls the streaker ambitious and good looking Tim. That's not really due today? A. 53 LARRY TRUST "The main thing in life is the capacityto care," Observing and witty enloys art and philosophy Chubby Checkers Shirt Trusty. --i ,ty ,,,. 6" JEAN URBAN ALICE M. TOGNACCI "Who knows how long l've loved you, you know I love you still, will wait a lonely lifetime, if you want me to I will." Energetic ,.. loves painting and art smiling , . . Ali. STEVEN TREMBLAY "There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few we can solve by ourselves." Tall, blond and quiet .. a true friend. t TISAVERGE "Music is love and love is music. If you know what I mean. People who believe in music are the happiest people l've ever seen." CURT TONER "lf you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." CYNTHIA LEE TROTTA "The ending always comes at last, endings always come too fast -the past is gone." Loves the ocean . . . tennis buff ..,funny, nutty . . . Cindy. MARIE A. VOLPE "lt is far better to forget and be happy then to remember and be sad." The Cape and concerts .. en- joys being with people . . . loves to laugh Volp. L. .L JUDY WADE "Those who make peaceful evo- lution impossible will make vio- lent revolution inevitable." -John F. Kennedy KATHLEEN WARLICK "Silence is audible to all men, at all times, and in all places." Shy and quiet easy going friends with friends enjoys bike-riding ... ambitious .., Kathy. fl?-'EFT 1 -935 if . f JIM WESSELS A real nature man enjoys hiking, biking and camping ,.. free, uninhibited and friendly always around for a good time. BRUCE A.WALCKNER "lf it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it morethoughtf' Tennis, skiing and boating loves to party fun to have around. 'EN LYNN E. WAUGH "Love me for what I am, and not what for what l am supposed to be. Future plans in school cute and blond all good things come in small packages. fv RICHARD J. WESTELMAN "Our love is surely coming to an end. Why waste the time we've got to love again?" Excels in everything music, drama, sports Hot Doggin' the slopes . . . West. ' 4, KATHLEEN MARY WARE "The best things in life are free." Quiet and sensitive . memo- ries of Martha's Vineyard . enjoys sewing and sailing . Kathy. CYNTHIA J. WAREING "Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived, makes ev ery yesterday a dream of happi ness, and every tomorrow a vi sion ofyhopef' Fun to be with .. Cindy. 9 vt' sw? ft ., I5 0 tg . 1 . 1 1, Q V, Ez 'Y F TE NN Jerry Jones PHILIP H. WETMORE Future chemist. dedicated to his work quiet. calm and very intelligent bound to succeed Phil. Sir nf- XXVI, WAYNE WILKINSON "High aims form high charac- ters. and great objects bring out great minds." - Tyron Edwards -rv' Y KENNETH W.WHlTE Seeking new adventures, new paths to follow a real out- doors man capable . Ken. -dl"-' XI PAUL WILSON "There is no tomorrow, so let's have fun today." Kim December 1. 1972 good times surround him explosive personality Will. JANET WHITNEY "Ya but" enjoys shopping memories of Groton and the Cape . a real zest for life Jan. GARY BERNARD ZAKON "The emotion that nature holds for man, man should hold for man." Enjoys the ocean sailing and skiing determined Lacrosse player .. amicable and fun. I io!-' -'if 'X xx FnendstHtheend. JEFFWILSON "You can get it if you really want it." Happy and sensitive . loves to drive, swim, play tennis and football intelligent. ,9- HOLLY BLANCHEZECKER "There are people and places I remember, some have gone and some remain, all these will nev- er lose my affection. ln all my life l'veloved them all." Ay Babee Zeck. ARTHUR M.ZONTlNl "l stepped upon the platform. the man gave me the news. He said "You must be joking son. how did you get through school?" Memories of Canada fun to bewith Zunt. 'eat .404 May you all go forth to pursue your goals whatever they may be Thus we are sure would be the wish of your frlend and classmate Marne She counted not her age by years but her wealth by her many frnends In Memoriam Marie B. Fearnley 1955-1972 I am home In Heaven dear ones Oh so happy and so brught There IS perfect joy and beauty In thus everlastlng lught All the pam and grief IS over Every restless tossnng passed I am now at peace forever Safely home In Heaven at last IN SINCERE APPRECIATION . MRS. CHERYL EISNER Senior Class Advisor .,. for her devotion .., her con- stant source of patience and energy enabled us to achieve much beyond our hopes .,, without her en- couragement and vitality our goals would not have been attained ,.. we thank her for believing in us IH helping us to believe in ourselves. MR. ALFRED BADGER Administrative Assistant .. for his dedication .,. his guidance and assistance allowed us to become indi- viduals his understanding and concern led to the making of a group of students who will never forget him simple thanks are not enough . the memo- ries will always be with us. MRS. LOUISE RICHARD Senior Class Secretary .. . for her generosity and advice ,.. her kindness and regard for each of us were freely given and just knowing that she truly cared made the difference ,.. though her deeds may often go unnoticed, they are much appreciated. SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: S. Loughlin, A. Loyd. M. Power. C. Pattison, K. Hakansson, K. Lynch, B. Sharaf, A. Fuhrman, B. Joyce J. Barbieri. A. Zontini, D. Molloy, K. Koffler, C. Soma, P. Becker, L. Lemay, C. Seaver, D. Aronoff, C. Convery, P. Harris, D, Raphael. SECOND ROW H. Zecker, J. Sydow, C. Wareing, J. Luker, L. Takacs, K. Shaugnessy, S. Ryan, C. Eisner, tCIass Advisory, D. Shriber, M. DeSimone, S. Locke, K, Fox T. Nardini, J. Hill, C. Sannicandro. THIRD ROW: J. McGuire, C. Reid, N. Russo, M. Terasconi, MISSING: T. Soma, C. Stratton. f " I .5 7 ,.l6:,..g.41u Qs Q '9' . 5,90 442: In .' 4 x lei: TT 13 N N 51,336.9 X 44 44' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Chris Reid Ureasurerj, Joanne McGuire Mrs. Cheryl Eisner-Class Advisor fSecretaryJ, Nicki Russo, CVice-Presidentb, STANDING: Michael Teras- coni fPre-sidentj After four successful years at Framingham South High the class of 1975 is ready to venture out into the "brave new world." We have made a lot of great friends and shared many unforgettable experiences. Though never extremely profitable, our car washes were always lots of fun. Spirited rallies. successful dances, profit- able candy sales, and a Junior Class trip that will never be forgotten, were just a few of the amazing achieve- ments of this year's Senior Class. We are leaving behind many wonderful people who have watched us be- come capable young adults. With patience and understanding they have taught us much and soothed us when the growing pains were particularly hard to bear. They have given us the key to the door of life and the means with which to open it . .. Look out world - here we come! .z..f .., .H I 14 H ff 'Ii :Ula 5 " ' u l, I i f '2':fh'a-FW? .-. I 1,1 V , in I . 4 'T.'G..'i.j-521.1-vwi-45, - t ..,, ' A , ,. R., , " "f,f-'WEN' H. x--ugyy' Q .5 , 'L I ,Nl . .' :ay Y' . Nip- 1' -.gfxi -P . . uw H- ' ,.r' . tm- ..,.-5 . -1,-1, 's X Y . ' ' , 1 "' . 4 ' . s P A . - , z 44,3 '. ' in 9' 'VH J' H,-si 44 Q. . i Q ., P '.4.y..,3:,n1 Q v ' 1 Mr .fl ,JM-.1 - vm x ' I 1 Gifs L rnyg- X '17 V f, . . S 1 V ' X - ' -' , QI' .1 'H5' K."-this ' ' '.:"7'5q- 41" . wx V U w nu: ..- ' J ,J J .' -M51 -fww. .vu ,Q4,N,T. y , N, ,Q X - .1'd'-rw af". .4 :J-'1-I 111.1 i.. .1.4V'fg" :- S 'ir . v ' J fqnxl, I ,.5: 3 X 4 A . A-ig 'J' I 91' 1- '. 'I , 'fi .Jx. ' V I ., .5 . .1!,,i',,'eH.'.I X .!l,.4"" ' 'girl l,, 'C , . 1 , , K 1 'J' If If 'Q f' ' , ' ' I f ', Wu .! S FX .xml Q I xg xx x .5 3-QL ' if X gy. f'fFE-1 H s ' f: . ,gg I ' 'Q 'UL W4 A,-5' bg I., W . I ' .W 5 vs 1 - N. ...H wt !'5 ' . . , 'Lf 1 1 u N ,515 ' . Q , . A 5 4-I- -' A S El' . .2515 J xy h .,.fI.XQ'Q 4 , X Ik N Q 'K ' '15 3 - . 4 F' t., 1 FOOTBALL It was a difficult year at best for the I Flyers and particularly for the seniors. I Having suffered through as juniors there were high hopes for 1974: it was not to Qi- 'N ,,... be. Yet there was no let up in effort, attitude. 5? or desire on the part of the entire group. I Despite a disappointing record. the sea- son had its high points: one of which was the last-second goal-line stand to defeat the Spartons of North High School. Wait 'till next year! N RQ- 22: w ,af 4 lb I. " v W N1 w 1? LY' "' ' , , 1'1" ll A ' f A S X . -3 V i "" I "Q, 'I X 2 -fl . ' -' lx . 1 . i fl t V . E 1: 4, jr L . mfr! . 'GRB-v-1 - i 1 Y ' away o -wawif-f 46 f r' . ' "" . ' ' A f ':4 ,533 -vii w 3 . . ,,- v, 34, ' Q- " .Kg 8 , . . . NV . - - ' . ' . T. -gh-+.s,n' , of . 7 f-Q ,9,, -. I drum- zffi .- aqv- -:v L iz. V f,'g-tu.. K I V 4- V' , 'fi f',r4 I 'dm .. 1, - -' ., Lf -W I I- -' 'cv ,' I" I ..Q..ct,..'.1.uLLim.,...1i1f.1n.... u,...lAa.x-1 ..61iK'!sf'f, .I 'Lulu "' 4 I ' I -lay,-fiffia , 1 yn., rf .gg vm' , A ' jf 5'9"-E,,j-L 3. L5 V,' ,dial ,i,.,,,. ' 'Qui -V Q-I 1 . ' " .U ' f,ff..f ,,y.f.,,fi 1 ' Q' D. I 4 we D - -w ' .- j r : 9 :T , - K L.-gk-ff, . 'gt ' ' I ' '.. e. x I 1 ' , ' -" ""' ' " ' 3' , 'f- f" . I 'T " ' ' lr t ' ' ' ' I ' ---W il 5 -.ha -I ,nw : . 5 -F h L A, , 1 A ' " I a ' 'W I k ' ' 1 XT ,f if . I f N7 . - fl . 4 I" Ig' I f" 'Q . ' -nl v . - Q , . ' L R , x '. - 1' , . . in -f . . 4 it is I sf- 6' f ai - f. -f .. , . . A ' ' L I f V ' f K 1 . I If I 1 r i, " - 4 1, :I 'I ' i .V , I M 'Q .. J' 1 t I . I . ' ' v A nd is ' - 'I ffr""'-ff"' 'f'f'1f'2l+H-flfffw v-3919: '--vii' ::.--In-Ir ml.s..':' . ' ' I e -H --t t u .. ... qi IMRSI I Y FOOTBALL FIRST ROW P Savas tWater Boyj, T, Upham tWater Boyl, K. O'Rourke tManagerJ, C. Upharn, F. Divittorio. B, Hillrnan, P. II"ll'Il Af l I5r.itif,,ilCoC,.ipt.1Ihl.N Lewis ICO-Captzzinl. P, Hoyt. C, Gorman. J. McNaulty. F. Harrington, J. O'Rourke, K. Moynihah UISSYI Managefl 'I Cfltllli ROW 'w Miller l IIUIIIWPIJ. I Di.itQloyetCo.1clwl, V. Trincia lCoz1chl, R. Jachowicz tHead Coachl, B. Murphy, P. Slattery, M. Moran, D. Frey, R Lllt-If'IIf1Il, l Gcofl. G Hr-ll, R Sums. K Duke ICAHQICITI, V, Farese tfjoachl, S. Mainini, U. Barrera tTrainerl, L. Hendry tHead Managerb. THIRD ROW ' r'..ri I' Aiirlf-i .on I !lI,oloIi.i, M Polity. C Fornticiari, T. Bell, D Miles, D. Pratt. M. Foley, MISSING FROM PICTURE: D. Tracia. XT ' I , i I I I FOOTBALL STAFF1 FIRST ROW: Jam Walker, Bob Merusl, Blho Barr1erarTralherl,Steve Manhu- nl, Vuh Farese. SECOND ROW: Ken Duke. Roger lVlCDevltt. Vlh Trlhcla. Boo JSCIWOWILZ lHead Coachl, Jack Dlatelevl. Jlm Carey, Brad Newman. 1, X u-lf, SCOREBOARD South Opp 14 Norwood 35 O Wellesley 13 O Mlltoh 22 6 Dedham 21 15 North 8 6 Bralhtree 21 29 Needham 8 O Walpole 21 13 Natlck 29 2- 7 - O K 'Q x--.. 5'-"-15, 'I' Y" '1"""' -ur--L---q -1 Q.: W I . -, ,.,. . Q, ,J , ,. 1, ilk A. ,Fig 1-.1 W H, . ' 3 'a 1 rf' 1 ?'?,ra" '- ' bplygqjfifvsi C' I -b - ef. ,S fl, Q ' . .4 J . 1 1.-5, 4 f Z , ,4- Q' 'jaw' '91 '.'. ff. -t 2 - G I ka- ' f ., 5. 1 ! ,-gf." ' X 1 , . - . , I . A "t5,U':PsA 'gy-.vQYYj'33 fl ', ' J. KE., 1 -VW vm 'El 1' 1 A V . ' 4 .' ,. A-2 ,. ' ' ' ' x SX 1 ' Q , +-1. I L., I xx s N A A 's -,,--'. A K 1. he 6. an -"E+ K ' , f '.- - - ' ' ra ' ,.f f 1 X 6 i -. - I .fv 1 Q 'S A , , 1. . , ,HUV , t 1 w 4 4 x a 4-' fi.. V, 'Bl' 't,' ' N I,V,li'.r ff, -:fly uw. ., :fx 7? . H' M Qvfr-Z.. xl ,i ' 3 v A I Q. Anti: sig,-1? +V H. h LL? ww 4 aff'-?ff'j1,2L:,Eh'.Lf V341 sf 3. ' ",I'-4'-?,'.'.'n24!4jl," .4,. ' '- .- 'F N' fic? fliilmsw zfff 1 ff. ' . 4' I ..:-:--11,952 'yy 1'-Q44 A-3 'fl - D' ' - .. 'nf fax' SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL: FIRST ROW: S. Smith, T. Skatoff, P. Rowland, M. Taylor, C. Randolph, B. O'ConneII, B. Anderson, A. Mainini, P. Savas, C. Bernson, R. McDevitt CHead Coachj. SECOND ROW: J. Hobson, J. D'AngeIIo, J. Taylor, S. Getchell, C. Mc- Ouade, J. Taylor, D. Moran, T. Luker, P. Sullivan, B. Hutchinson, J. Ballou, B. McCarthy, B. Newman CAsst. Coachj. 'T 'J I if V dh- ..,..x. . -'H " '-N- 4 ' '- -Ggxx - , 1 ,. I U ll Ur I V : ' I 'MKII - nk..-- FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: FIRST ROW: B. Hayes CAsst. Managerj , B. Akillian, J. Ravreby, T. Slattery, R. Bell, K. Guglielmo, R. Rob- erts CCO-captainj, P. Lewis fCo-captainb, C. Garron, B. Chalmers, C. Lamar, D. Turchi, S. Shellman CManagerD. SECOND ROW: J. Carey ICoachJ, M, Consigli, G. Torres, B. Kardash, J. Kane, R. Agostinelli, S. Becker, A. Rivkin, J. Taylor, D. Helms, D. Scagnelli, R. Bagley. J. Waler ICoachJ. THIRD ROW: P. Burke, T. Luker, P. Quirk, M. Brown, B. Fanger, R. Taylor, J. Fuhrman, P. Burke. J. Pelligrini, J, Bailey, R. Zanchi. MISSING: J. Rivera, E. Otiz. Q . ...ns-Q JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL: FIRST ROW: B. Kurasman, T. Skatoff, B. Sawyer, B. O'ConneIl, A. Mannini, G. Jordan, R. Sugar man. B. Anderson. M. Moran, P. Savas, J. Taylor. SECOND ROW: V. Farese fAsst. Coachb. T. Stefanle, P. Rowland, S. Smuth, J D'AnzeIlo, B. Hutchinson. M. Taylor, B. Bernson, P. Slattery, J. Ballou, J. Abolophia. THIRD ROW: R. McDevitt CHead Coachj. R Murphy, J. Taylor, C. Quade, J. O'Rourke, S. Getchell, T. Luker, T. Flaherty, D. Tracla, P. Sullivan, B. McCarthy, M. Chase. B Newman QAsst. Coachy. xv 1- - ' H - V ' 4 . -' Y T Y' fd s. O 3-vs' ii. !Q-5, S Gif .HE -313' . V ,"V' ' fm 1, fu J: in . , I , ' -'M " X TTY? . 2? '5..-af xy? Q .J -.r,, KV' 9 TT o ' 'S A N I , I If , . X J -' ' i - ' . - 5, K 4 nl" V3 , ,Lf ,hh P y , FIELD HOCKEY This years Field Hockey team was an out- standing and special group. ln Bay State League competition we were runners-up for the title and were the only team to beat both Needham and Wellesley. co-champions. Our varsity team qualified for the first Massachu- setts State Tournament by accumulating 75Q?o of all possible points duringthe regular season play. Our team won three tournament match- es. to reach the finals against Wellesley. This exciting match appeared on television - a first for high-school field hockey. Because of the spirit. determination, and perserverance of the 1974 Field Hockey teams, a new era in girls' sports has begun. Spectator attendance, newspaper coverage, and public understand- ing of the game has dramatically increased. With winning seasons for the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams and the fine example set by all players, the Flyers will continue to be well known for hockey skill and spirit! t i l i 1 4 l l l it -. ,' 1, i.. Gt LQ VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY1 FIRST ROW J Guglielmo M Chiappini C Abelli P Chiudioni T OBrien CCaptainJ S Ryan CCap mini, A CFlIUdlOFll.L.lVl8f1lOl1,J,HIXOf'l C Malcolm SECOND ROW S Kaufam CCoachJ K Keohane T Soma D Malone H fmkffr, K Harrington, Ki Holt. M, Desimone A Loyd C WaIkerlCoachJ ff?-,J-171 :avi-ff' . -, 3,3 ,1'. f - D "1 , ttf- fx, 1 ?egJ, f ,f - .'. 4. 4,3 ' " ' E. IB E! 5' nvhluuug ff ,"'f'f'-fl , " . -lg 3 Af x'1 . Liu! S+'-, -f 13, at 4.ggh'r-- 'lf ' I 'tx V 14.4 . ' ' ' ' 3 ' f' ' and '1' J - 5' rw. '?"'f, "p, A.:-fr . " " T1-4'fff:' 4. 'J' ' -' 1 V , f ' vgdlf -,-frm-' ,, , 1' .- 2 ' P V- fu., - '.,-- .0 ., ' ,,1 . ' - :, 1 , A., . , f., - 1: 'fn - 'f :','f'p' 5 ,- la?-45' ,, a - j ' ffy!11,i'?,v- ' 1 if 5'4" . !ef"2f ,fi .ff -If - ' f " '- 4,1 .fail w ' ,519 - ,- 5 A . :tl .- J., f .-,,5,z5-1.-',f,g,ffY' 1 W, '- 5 ff V f .nl ,, 1 k. - , , , , ,lfiy f . ,f "- gf' f-'f. , 1,..i: '.' .!f3"01-1l?"..' ' J If , ft 4. 951 fi. '14,-s" 'V' .jails g , 4.1 ' f-2 W. ' 'X if 'l -C40 X-91, 3 nf' .vm SCOREBOARD South ODD 3 Milton O 3 Wellesley 2 2 Natick 1 2 Dedham 2 3 North 2 1 Braintree 2 O Walpole 2 3 Norwood O 3 Needham 0 6 - 2 - 1 JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY: FIRST ROW: J. Butler, S. Thomas, M. Cordeiro, K. Salls, K. Abu, K. DeShaw, K. Read, P. Brown, S. Hendry, SECOND ROW: S. Zanella, J. Brillhart, B. Lupis, K. Read, L. Jordan, P. Fiore, K. O'Brien, D. Boucini. THIRD ROW: B. Cross QCoachJ, L. Suoeno, B. Fiore, S. Capstick, G. Logan, K. Harvey, J. Ziman, S. Kaufman QCoachJ. Q FZ-D t I0 Ill Q2 . up - I 'L '1 'Q -,pa 1 i 'x ' ' TfL.-Z:-. - . - ' I . fuer . 'V , , .N i-LS,fg-,5,,Q3- 1 V t . I FRESHMAN FIELD HOCKEY: FIRST ROW: C. Duane, A. Jordan, D. Read, P. Wheet, C. Jachowicz, D. Wheet, L. McKinstry, P. Straf- ton, K. Chaves. SECOND ROW: B. Delprete, D. Ottovuani, J. Flinter, N. Roby, L. Blumer, J. Gavel. A. DeGozzaIdi, D. Phipps, T. RI- gopolous. THIRD ROW1 S. Joyce fCoacnJ, A. Sullivan, E. St. Andre, J. Leonardo, C. Foster, D. Malone, M. Marini, C. Dlott. L I .4 1 V , - ni S' 4 H' 4 1 wg J' Y, , if", P z- ,4 8 A,- Q- I .S ., , I do I 7: iw I b Y' ii 5 ' of ' , X of ' f. -'la A, fe 5 A aux 115' ' 2 Z',, . f , ui . . r- . ' ,' h . -..?',fv ' 5 1 f ' ' S J Xi' V 'I I 2 "gf ,Q Y- . 7 , ' , , ' l 'i:,N,,l.v. A . ,'-ng , 1 4 , - 1 ,gk 1 0 -I fix It . .Qgk f I x 4 1' fx 4.1111 "kk ' ' ' ' 'r 4 'A , A- .'fg:45K"Q J- "' - 4.'Q,e'2'r -'. I' 1 K I I :Xi Qi ,jr 1 x ' 5- . 1. Of, i 1,1 'ifur' " Q'-2..X'-givve . I 5 L, 54.1, A 1 46. ' 4' 'lhjaj 1 1 1.12. Y' J" :vga ,H X' t . , f . ' 1 'f I-ffff X ' .' 1 gzzzfjff lx . fv y ,-A ,LL ' Q I S 1 u I 4 1 lags 4411 I 91 '1 'r"'f ' :rf , , ' ! -A T - I f . 'f , ff .,,1, u - " inf. , ,Y , If , . sk HQ- ,1". r ,,,, . 1 ' ' 1 ,I M. ' '55-.GUY 11.1 I F-I ' . I , ., -'.', :- . . ,.,.,1 f ,4- -f 1:1 L ff I . r '- . A ', 72" . V' ,-i'g f ' , ' ., ., - If ' , ,, ,,,,.',' f 1,1 f, 3 , -,'.1- .JV-I 'ff , ,, ' Aix . uwfwq . J V .,, 1 'IM' ' J , N. by. 101 wg' .., -3, , A X.,- I "OHV -1 1,f 1 -' . ' H V . 4-Ml A -2- Quo-. . jx .- .fy 7 A. X E: X 4 B 724 A , -"' . U'4"'M"' ff-4T?Qi3?.5iJ,1"' 'Y . ' f . , -n . 1 1 is-0uv,,, N . T' ,. Q... ., .TU ,.v'-, 2' - x Y -" J A ' . . f . n ' , ,. , " ' , al M -N ' ' :yr '+I' "Q "4 A 'fo-1, sv?-I 'S 'I ' l V ,'."'L'.A 'ef?"'-:rl Vic, Q Q ' K vi - ' 1- . 1 'Q r .- , ,' ,f 'Y' ,141 U-X ,,.vv Y, 'few-I ' 1.4 ' ,-. ' . . L Q. dl N J W CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country is a sport which re- quires endurance and self-discip- line. Although this season was a building one. the team exhibited all the determination of winners and culminated their efforts with a last- rnatch wuiover NaUck.Coach Ed Daniem has beenleh widia sohd foundation on which to build. as all but 'captain Jim Barbieri and lVl.V.P. Vic Libertore will return next year. I. ...l ,-4 "'f'..La .A... - -, T1 C QUT 'cn E1 SULUTH A . 1 v HSTH D sqttfiln CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW E. Daniels fCoachl. J. Frey, D Giatrellis, V. Libertore. J. Barbieri CCaptainJ, S. Gordon, M. Rfiuiih P Lhvlfers. G Rotafori SECOND ROW G. Fox. T. Downs. K. Drone. E. Abraham. T. Baugh, E. Clinton. B. Fitzgerald. V Knknmun 155'-+'fi!S'-s'! 93" 3 4'3il"f' S 4' SCOREBGARD North Needham Dedhanw Norwood Wawxne Wellesley MHton Brauntree Namek lx - I 3-6-O A 5:5 ' 'f " M ur Lil as fi-Ziil. .,s.,, 'Tw' '- ' 45 - :- , .yu -55,1-. ,fi ,I ,,, 4- " " .gyfffzfg-Qfgdis, l'..:,' 1 . 1 43-:if :fi 1-6 gn 'f3.f'i' F SOCCER The team began the first half of the season on very disappointing one- goal losses but finished in a fine flourish to lose only one game in the last seven atten1pts.'The overaH record must be viewed in a league which sent three teams into the State Soccer Competition. The fine play of Seniors Mike Terasconi, John Croci, Dan Jenkins, Chris Reid. Bill Drake, Onya Amechi, and Tom Grindeland will be messed. However a wealth of very gifted Junior play- ers leaves Coach Fabio Castellanos with a nucleus with which to build a serious contender for next year. , Q' , ' Q -1 B 'CNA' - f- 1' A -0. V fs as - 'X -ally' -A-. fl .Q .Ldq T if we-f!4 twi,iiiffW'f,f"i?i .-S -F - ,,f,,ffff'-:vi-' " X K. J' I - l .rl ' 6 .. ,uf in xpg. -I 'Q-is .' W.. .,.'l.Xsy1-,ul A , .F ' s",c.4.-4 mf' sv A 'bf- -, Ni 'iv iris T 355512555 . 13.31 ESL VARSITY SOCCER: FIRST ROW T Grindeland C Reid J Croci iCaptainJ B Drake fCaptainy O Amaechi N Russo SECOND ROW: M, Reid fCoachJ, R. Terasconi M Terasconi B Gemma E Crowley T Pruyn J Dudek J Hanscom J Araujo F Castel IanosiCoachJ. THIRD ROW: P.Garrahan B Joyce J Stone D Jenkins MISSING M Lopes 6 -N. l'l gf 1 ' ,V ,,.yqnnsu y . V ,N . 1 Hu.. i nr '35 " - 1 s . 1 9 19' "9 -.4-I. risk CX ,L , 8 .Q :feta ffl 0 is 33- 33' viii, -1 SCOREBOARD South Opp. O Milton 3 3 Walpole 1 O North 3 O Braintree 1 O Needham 3 1 Wellesley 6 2 Natick O 3 Norwood 2 2 Milton 2 2 Wallpole 1 4-5-1 ,, .I JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER: FIRST ROW: M. Henderson, M. Williams, B. Swarm. D. Fisher. C. Takacs, P. Herman. J. Jachowicz, J. Rigopo- Ious. J. Dudek. SECOND ROW: P. Eden, J. Correua. J. Howard, J. Hampshire, B. Rosenberg, C. Clinton, T. Knapp. M. Cneffers. THIRD ROW: M. Pre-got iCoacnJ, T. Nadeau, G. Dallape. D. Clopeck. A. Casavant. J. Casey. C. Cavelieri. D. Gordon, T. Garrahan, T. Shahoocl, H. Solo- man. S. Gonfrade fManagerp, . X, X XX -'ff f X i'Ni'f I if 'f ' "ig, I B 7, N X ,Ari 5 5-in DC Ie 7 s 0 X I B .3 ' 5 J 4?-rzii,-. ' . we " 4' A AS 1e3SZL'.' Til, , -, :Inf . .f ' ' '9 15552, "f"v'jn3rlu , --' ' ' f " ' "' I ' ' g- ' 4 , f T : ii"-2, A Q . ' I vw . . ... - . . . f-ji ' ' f-.V f X .s W , iv., .y 'I-'gg 1 .. "',FiI,,., , . . . 4, 4-. I ,f, ,.'.-.5 .V 'gi '- W ' We " I E iw -I 5" -.41'9r'fw- I' fa' I I I ' r ' 'li' Bijan t A , 1 Y ,K A V - nn-1 X 4 'L .- ' In ' I- , ' W 15 ' . S' 1 "4 I . , K A I 1' Q W 4 . . 4- - ' ., 5 . I . V if - , r My x C4 1 -1, , qt .1 n ' - 1- ,Q .J j I .-. '- t 1, , V . I W fn , I- x 44' X I I W V xx ., . My sf 'B H .. fl Q I X M. u ., ,I -, 1 'Y VJ.- Y, ,,,, .-Lf? ' i ' Midas 1 ' I -I . - . 'I O .2 if ' 'bf' . I .-., ww- Q J' rf- NW ifxff' I .. . Q f ' ,os ---, " , Vg.AQf if X 4- . E qi - . , . ' ' I ' xl I ,. , - I X ' 4 5 I 7 , ' th 'v NQ'qt-J! Y, tg ' X "L , 2 -l . 5 - ' .3 ,, 5, 41 'M,M.I74. N,-I, ,...- me Q, . ,W N ,D Q. ' 2 ' ' - ,.,-. I 4 " 6 ,rl 4 2 I ' 6, A," . ' - . I A' .0 .. ,. ,O .. 1 -I 55 .' .f ' . "4j"""'."' if' ' - ' ' 4 " ' Q - snip A. ' qt- ' " ' ff -14f!35S9ff' Tiff, 'xl -' .""i'-rnZ.-"'i31:"i1"'4i"'!f10!-'11I ?sg7'iiiQ'MN ,mn ""'iF ' . , ' .If Bk-2-Cfffh' , L' 'A-,.r ,'if'14:Y4fu2i.,sfi fat 1' A 9.3 .59 'fwi Y' ' ' 'I 1 "kg-.fti' 'Q 'N .M -fy '44-. pq, .'! 'fig' 'H-wg..,,9.f mf- ff I'-14,15..I-,arf r .. 1 firm-Siw,:'542f4:21-I.., iwwi 1 '- 'f rf'-'f5+','S.uSi"'.I. -r'+:i:3'fa.1 -.4 f . - v .... 22152 lf 6.5.2-"4 - IQ 'wf"'m23'A2,-.wsgm-1. . ri FRESHMAN SOCCER1 FIRST ROWt D. Talor. J. Correa. D, Wrlson. E. Wayne. S, Nearrnan. B. O'Rouke ICaptainJ, T. McKeown CCaptair17, H- Heekler Iilapmrny, I Harnngton, D Brett. J. Ventura. SECOND ROW: J. Gulezuan IAsst. Coachh. R. Tuccu, T. Logan, C. Crone, B. Selun. M. Moran. G. Rzmolum, P, Cabler, M. AbIond1, D. Essuegrnan, E. Bernstean, K. Klrnball, C. Casey, K. Kondell, L. Blanchette ICoacnJ. lv '.-,,' f-'19 " x I I G as 9 3 Q Q Q 7 3 F f 5 1-4! , Y .' , 'gf' -H I - k .. :1 ' , ' EQ "" , -v , f 'xi K If ,, .,,, a , ' .-P, 7 f : ' Q 4.5. 1 'gt ' ,., , . . Ax .Q 5 V . 1, -2 - F ' Y L t ,,,. . 1 .NV fer. ., .. .-. X 11, . f tnxxxxk. 4' x ' ' s 5 n L i -, N f - 5 , .W A v -f I V , 3, f xx s - 'U 'Q A X ' . -an gg. f xl K . , ' H . , K A , , -- 7 4 L . 'I' 1 1' V ' ' A , . . If ' , ,A,.Iw'1,F:'. un-:JY Na+ 'vw XJ .- 1. "' ...J N A ,Q 1,4 -. I ,mv 'V in :.Y.,wi ,M-Q .. , .49 ,flfg ws Q . N - ' M , Q f:M 3 a ' A v' ":"tyQ-J-H, ' . f I' 'j'..',g-'-Vrana L v- , - 'A ' jx Jfavg 3 . .v'..+-w .A - .. '- ", ,, . A ,1'x.- 2 .' . 1 I v f. 'F u ,' . ' . ' Q ,,,,,A,!. Q , ,Awvi,Z.,, JJ, n . -1 .fr ,- ,1 ,' - , ,: , , . - 'Y-f --' - 'ru -, ,ln 1 A W,-x . . - G . Q , .. Hghq h. . t 'T , 4275 - !.w'AIt . . I 'A 0 " '-in 5' 04.1 Y 'lv ' " ' !,. " Qi' v,Qv.1-:J k 'A 'N - U ' " 54 , '. ' 3".',,' Q . 134,.4,.,,t J -4 - ,omg - . nt.. 4, V . '.,a if - " 4,j,n 41- , -ml.. . - ' ' A , , 4---.r 'V ,F Tr-A-f ,1. ,,,Qg',,qQ.A. -N. A, M 1.... ,i55iI,',,1LA O V N U YJYP, , . V EH 'P-,. 'w R ,,. Q. gf .' Q' - ., " .'. 9 '.,"s - K ' ,.,.4,,x, -'19,-V v J'1'1" 1, .wN'1--.'.5 ,,'.1' .' - -'. ' A , . 'ein-0.-. '- .-,- -1 -A' '-x..'- fu . . ' 1 , f 'X-" - Y ---1. Q1 KK- -mf." - 1"-' f -WV" ' - ' ,""P -. -, ...- ' -' :QF --A f ,, - ,,,. gm,4, J .m r ,,- ' 5 ' 'U ' - -4.'f'k'f-..'iuQr,. It D .ni 1 7 k Q-N Q ,- f if g..vk 'va V, .,.g,g. f: 'TA' - A - Z Q 4 Y . I 3 ,' g gf '. - EY, N N . R :,l"fi,,' .gn V., 'NA " V . . 5 , J . . . x - 4 I Q' I .J A 1 .: , v" LC, F-' 3 ' ,x ' A .-, , . -v if ew 1 "i!?M'fvf22! .1 fu! 'FQ x u . 4 . - - 'V '61 ' f -i " ' 'V X, ..,4, y E K.. .1 -,,,.,l5 AN 1 4 ,A r-QY 52 K". 'A if, . a Q "-if 'fif,.'- J' 'L131' 14.6 'B , ft Jw, 44' I 1' ' " " ' '- film . . -+, A' Q Q, -.Ef-x4s.- W as ww- f . 1 4, , f, ' . H ff f .1 ' fi: 'T1'!f::-UAW Q ,. ii, . ygng I .,'-, ' 2, . vw I , 1 KL, 1 ' L 'X 5 1' ' X , . L4 - ' q - ' 7wi'3f" 1 vl. zf'.jl . . 1 'I itil, 5' - , 1 - ' 1 ' ' .5 ,, 1 4 Q 'x nv 4'-F, 0,' Lggfsfh I, .rung 1 ' X yi' I' ':'-ff " ."e-I 'x ' 1.1. .',"','.v-M un, I, ff. , ,. X P ... -, 4 , f. . I H ii ' 'fy . - Vlxfxfig .y ' . may fr, 1 , . W, 5, 1 . ' 9 X .. , W1 v 4 I X . -'-,,g-,4a.' - QC! , 1 . X i -.zr ., . ' " hw, A 5,1 -,Vi . X5 xl' 1 fp 1,05 nffV5WVW'w' -I I 1 , L uv . . T',.Ll'Li1- qs' L, agw .V sH,,,.1 '2 i',r21:w'Q I w u, if '95 ' s 1 .', KM 1 iw Hx' 1 . wi fr' we 2 align -'digg Q4 .R 9 ff. , x , 3 1' .5 fx - , 2' ,N --Pv '-AA ' n.: -Q' 1 -'U -'1 -'uf " rl .47 :nu 4 . ' 'Hg-, N., in I ,,x,?'- xi, fig' v-',- fl v,- 1. 3.1. cf'-I. JIU gg 5-l' I- I L' '-'Q , , ll I - Qc 1' f' rf X,- .. - -'A phufe 0 1' . 0 W In -4 D ,A , x 'Q 1 "E" 1' 'A-5"'5-4 .- ' sv P3-gr1."' '- l 'gink 'Q' T' ' I - in ' ,' ,I wi- -7: '1 Qfivga " 5.5. A in 'V ' L '-Rav? J ix, 1, -4 GIRLS SWIMMING Despite the crowded conditions and trav- eling problems involved in practicing at Keefe. Tech., 26 girls finished out South Highs first swim season. A lack of depth was felt this year but we are hopeful that next year this problem will not be as severe. Our meets against Fitchburg and Newton South were victories which brought us to a 2-4 record. It was at the Eastern State Championships where the talent of the team wastruly shown. I iii!! -1 l - 12 H K- -.- -.- - .........,,, SCOREBOARD South Opp. 70 Needham 102 611 Belmont 108 107 Fitchburg 61 98 Newton S. 70 78 From. N. 94 79 Dover 93 '. AK L 2' Q-1. -fn ... ,. X v, .,-Nliwn . irggn ."". .fr . .. - ?'. ff? - ' '. ' . 0 - 1 rind. 'I -. -5.- D- f'-- 1. I N x X QHQQ GIRLS SWIM TEAM: FIRST ROW1 C. Murphy, S. Scanlon lCo-Capfainl, J. Otey. W. Weiner, SECOND ROW: K. Golrlburfz lCo.ic.hJ, L. Howard. M. Taylor. M. McGrath. M. Leddy. A. Griswold. M. Coburn, J. Sullivan. K. Snei- der, J Ai'm.ig.1in. THIRD ROW' C Smith, L Themislocles. M. Shapiro. S. Turner. P. Emery. C. Soma. S. Wes- telnian FOURTH ROW J Hoar, K Griswold. L. Kelly. J Bowen. C. Leddy. B. Fox. , 4 y .. D, ...- - - . ' . ,..o.uov"" . . W2 'Fi J S W -"""1"'mJ' fg,.'gf"'.W A r .9 V it . M---f 'wkmeili -'N J "W" 'pg ""i+,,,'vu X U Y S BOYS SWIMMING This year's Swim Team, in its first year as a varsity sport, met vvith strong competition and did surprisingly vvell, The majority of the team consisted of uhderclassmen, who all showed coh- siderable improvement throughout the season. This Vear's experience should prove invaluable, and vve are looking torvvard to a successful season next year. t Q ke' ki' .A E U ...M iw ' - V, - 13, 6, ,l ., ,MQ 'E 'W fe' 1343 - ' . 4 .. Q, -f ,,, ""'1' 4, Ml Q. g . I " X 1 "6 ' , A-Jun ,. 'M ' :, '..,'iff??' "'?"'f,.. 'JF-ff . -.. E'-5 - SCOREBOARD South Opp. 21 Needham 60 69 Attleboro 102 86 Dover 85 103 Norwood 60 96 Keele 52 78 North 87 67 Milford 114 75 Wellesley 96 69 Seekonk 102 6 We 6 W- 3-6 BOYS SWIMMING: FIRST ROW: R. Rodman, V. Corsini, K. Dooley CCO-Captainb, J. Cassy CCo-Captainj. J. Ablondi, R. Westleman, R. Grossberg. SECOND ROW1 P. Burke, B. Heller, A. Casavant. J. Chiudnom. G. Taylor. A. Dvorkis, B. Rivers. P. Harding, C. Brett. J. Slason. J. Jachowicz. R, Lihehan, P. Burke. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mcomber CCoachJ D. Harding, C. Delany, D. Brett. D. Wilson, J. Dudek, V. Grosso. J. Halliday. MISSING: J. Solomari. A. Cytroen, J. Thayer, J. Raverby, T. Logan. 5 INDOORTRACK The 74-75 Flyer lndoor Track sea- son became one of individual per- formances rather than team victo- ries. In dual-meet competition, the team record was four victories and five defeats. However. during the season five new school records were set. Onye Amaechi established a new record in the 50-yard dash, Jim Barbieri in the 300-yard run, Mickey Baugh in the 1000. and two new rel- ay marks were set. Jim Barbieri, Onye Amaechi, and the relay team of Ernie Latham-Brown. Bill Hill- man, Nate Lewis. and Jim Barbieri won individual State Champion- ships atthe end ofthe season. SCOREBOARD South Opp. 51 Wellesley 34 40 Norwood 45 35 Braintree 51 38 Needham 48 65 Walpole 21 56 Dedham 30 54 North 32 38 Milton 48 40 Natick 46 4 - 5 - 0 GILL INDOOR TRACK FIRST ROW C. Happy. A. Amaechi, B. Garner, S. Murray. E. Latham-Brown. J. Barbieri. B. Hill iii.iii. H N Lewis SECOND ROW' W. Kroll lCo.iChl, R Sheffer, D, DeC.'1rlo, L. Kransler, M. Malone lor. l Gmfiy. S Ni-iiriiitin, M l.iylor. K Suiiiniiivs, M Eiiuiili, R Happy, B. Foley, V Libemtore. J. Frey. A. PO iq. rf, larmiii- l' f,1Il'HftlS,VV l.iwsnii.I Lliiitriri, J liiiiiili.ird.L AlJr.ihani,Mr DuketC,oathJ. LL 1,. .' WRESTLING This year the Wrestling Team had its first varsity schedule. With a brand new mat and new uniforms. the varsity team had a new spirit that was not present in past years when wrestling was only run on an intramural basis. There is no doubt that the team gained much respect from oth- er Bay State League coaches. Although the team did not defeat any experienced teams, they did defeat teams with the same experience - some with lopsided scores. More than half the team was made up of Freshmen and Sophomores which indicates that South will be a strong contender in the years to come. y scoREi3oAifep South Opp 19 Ashland 39 20 Weston 37 42 Belmont 15 39 Keefe 18 9 Norwood 48 15 Milton 37 51 Catholic Mem. 12 13 Wellesley 48 15 Needham 39 24 Walpole 26 -24 Holliston 33 12 Braintree 42 14 North 44 14 Natick 43 9 Dedham 42 WRESTLING FIRST ROW M LaChanceCManager5 J Skateoff M Chetfers K Rotatori G Rotatori tCo-Captainl. D, Fraser fCo Captainl M LaChance J Rotator: D Whelan K Whit T DAngeloCManagerl SECOND ROW: L. Mancini CCoachJ R Zaffino M Berardi J DAngeIo D Donovan T Flaherty M Ware T Luker J O Day A Jones, K.Fisher, GIRLS GYIVINASTICS The 1974-75 Girls Gymnastics Team enjoyed a very successful season. Although the record. 6 - 3, was the same as last year, this team scored an all-time-high of 81.25 points and had a season's average of 78.7 points. This was more than ten points higher than last year. This year's team, comprised of over twenty talented gymnasts and led by Co-cap- tains Priscilla Harris and Audrey Hobbs. worked together in perfecting many original and creative routines. Although five girls will be graduat- ing this year qAudrey l-lobbs, Priscilla Harris, Carol Seaver, Carrie Coli- ger. and Karen Rhoadesj. there remains an enthusiastic group of girls who are looking forward to a successful season next year. has N----" I 3- 1 " G V . i. ,Q-T--ii -,,,, .- QQ- 4 - H ,., -" - "pg . - H -"F" 4. -.f 'TQ Vi' -24: i . . . fl.,-i Y, i"f.3'f" " 1d5l'vlz g-d-1f12- . - ..:g2.i' ' f-'nf-ff 'ejai' w'-z "1 ' ' ' " , 'N ss . 5-5 fx 4. K 'v x '-...N i gi i . ' 5. N . Y' x ti YQff?1?, N at-5,5153 x -N X t , N 'gif' ' Tri i fi x FL " 'cv in ...3 ii ig.: l Q ' f x x GIRLS GYMNASTICS: FIRST ROW: J. Garfold, L. McKinstry. S, Westleman. C. Seaver, A. Hobbs CCaptainJ, P. Harris fCaptainJ, C Goliger, L. Provencher. S. Abrams, L. Dewar, P. Mcliinstry. SECOND ROW: C. Wheeler fAssistant Coachb, S. Leeds. E. Adler, D Gilyfird. R. Knapp, E Berger, lvl. Dinan. D. Ellison, R. Lennard, S. Baker. D. Donley. D. Goldman. B. Paintek fCoachl. L i N- X5 i lf, . , 7 ,G -it xg. 5 . Q5 1 6' N 2 afm I II ,ic BOYS GYMNASTICS Only those involved in this demanding sport can truly appreciate the coordination. grace. and tremendous work that is re- quired of each participant. This year's team. under the leadership ot Coach Man- zello. exhibited all of these qualities. Al- though the overall record is not that im- pressive. some fine performances were turned in by Seniors Bob Aplondi, Craig Bahnsen. Andy Fuhrman. and Co-captains Nick Russo and Paul Kindstedt. A dedicated group of underclassmen remain however. and should prove to be a solid nucleus upon which to build. C52 if it l hi 1 I. X --.P - BOYS GYMNASTICS: FIRST ROW: A Mendes. T. Wade, R. Bell, E. Wilder. P. Kindstedt ICO-Captainp N Russo tCo Captain! B Pollure. H. Convery, M. Apkon. F. Brandon. SECOND ROW1 T. Manzella tCoachi. D. Schwartz B Ablondi C Lamar M Celfond M West. ll Pruyn. U Baliine. H. Barnstone. J. Kenney. D. Helms. J. Gray. C. Bahnsen. J. Gulezian tAsst Coachl L i X 'll Q I Q .K SCOREBOARD South Opp. 73.10 Needham 75.30 74.40 Braintree 108.10 82.00 North 94.15 80.75 Milton 96.15 76.00 Norwood 69.70 79.85 Wellesley 86.75 77.30 Natick 66.20 GIRLS BASKETBALL Soutn was again the smallest basketball team in tne Bay State League tnis year. However. tne Squad was unusually quick and played excellent defense tnrougnout tne season. We nad trouble witn offense at first. but our score increased with eacb game. and the overall record of7 - 5 was a significant improvement Over last year. Tne J.V. tearn finished vvitb a record of 8 - 3 - 1. also a stronger record tnan in 1974. Tne Fresnrnan squad. playing tneir first season, got off to a solid start. We'll miss our Senior Captains Marianne Cniappini and Pat Cniudioni as well as Seniors Tricia OBrien and Patty Becker. Witn an outstanding group of Juniors returning, next year's team will be an experienced group and we expect to nave an even more successful year. Nay ll l i i i NL' THAN! 'Q ri NM filo- V - l, ul ltilmf --, 1 f lvl L - Q 4- 4 .sniff avr 'W 7 Rig, it In 1 x if iifq' A gy ,x Gllfl S lvfll?SlTY BASKLTBALL FIRST ROW K Harrington, T O'Brien. P Chiudloni lCapt.l, M. Cniappini fCapt.J. D. Malone VUNIJ lfl'N! lf l5ull.irrlrl'A,iiivigif'r1,M Devery. C Br,-r km. K Holt. 7 Orti1,T Otey, P Bot ker, M Sniitli. B. Cross lCOa L 1 GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: C. Duane. P. Brown. S. Queen. J. Paitchel. K. Read. L. lVlcLean. SECOND ROW: J. Sullivan. B. Delprete. D. Malone. D. Thayer. D. Comtabad. J. Leonardo. A. Downey, S. Joyce CCoachJ. Niilllsgy -65 ' . It ii xlilllf 1 N5 9 " TI... I . I yi Wigs! A QIQV x9l5,3"! Jr A " ii tt I A? A '94 'Sc Q will A S GIRLS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: K. Fell, L. Wilder J. Shau hness A. Sullivan G. . g Y, Femia. SECOND ROW: K. FayeCCoach7. D. Gilyare, B. Fahey. C. Moore. P. Kenny, J. Flinter. SCOREBOARD South Qpp, 43 Braintree 37 28 Natick 35 24 Needham 40 54 Milton 50 34 North 43 34 Norwood 31 28 Dedham 32 32 Walpole 21 29 Wellesley 44 4 - 5 - O I T I IT 7 . BOYS BASKETBALL This season was one of many exciting victories and a few disappointing defeats. The Flyer team, under the leader- ship of Coach "Smokey" Moresi, got off to a fast start with six wins in a row. Tough losses did not faze our team, however, and they were quickly pack on the track with 5 more wins. Disheartening losses to North and Na- tick put a damper on first place hopes, but left the Flyers with high spirits for the State Tourney. VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: AsJames J Jones M Thayer R HarrislCaptainb J Wessels J Croc: M Kulkin SECOND ROW Phil MoresilCoachJ S Smith D Blatt T Heffernan T Marakoulos P Garrahan M Mf,Kf:OWri SCOREBOARD Needham Dedham Bralntree Walpole Wellesley Milton Norwood North Natlck Needham Dedham Braintree Walpole Wellesley lvlllton Norwood North Natlck 13-5-O JS irg UPA :R 'ff' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL1 FIRST ROW: R. Spector, J. Dudek, C. Randolph. M. Fiegelman, NI. O'Hanisan, S. Levy, B. Hutchin son, SECOND ROW: B. Joyce Uvlanagerb, C. McCarthy, S. Snelman, G. Bernson, B. Otey, B. Bowman, D. Moran, P. Flynn QCoachJ. . .vu-1 N .lf ,E , . yr P f, L L l SOPHOIVIORE BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: C, Connally, R. Morgan, C. DeIPrete, G. Hobson, J. Howard. V. Krirorlan, R. Grout SECOND ROW' J. IVI.1I1orrus ICOACIU, B. Laveriy, M. Mutchnuk, S. Woods. D. Gordon, C. Caudnerl. E. Robunson. L I ,f I9 . K N X ,X ea- I 'G u l 1 Q4 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW: J. Skillern. M. Drahozal, T. Baugh, D. FelgeImar1fCapt.J. M. Brown qCapt.J. J. Bodem fCapt.J, P. Lewus, H. Heckler, T. Slattery. SECOND ROW: M. Barry CCoachJ, M. Moran, IVI. McDeovvr1. J. Fuhrman, T. Garraharl. R Barrett, R. Taylor, J. Taylor, T, Luker, R. Brosrwahan. H, Lee, C. Garron. HOCKEY lt was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but no one told our young hockey team. The Flyers, playing a hustling, high-spirited brand of hockey. clawed their way to a first-division fin- ish. Led by Co-captains Ed Lill and Bill Drake. and Seniors Gene Crowley, Matt Kelley, John Fish. Bob l-luffam. Ken Duane, and Jim Behen- na. the team continued the recent tradition of outstanding hockey at South. A core of under- classmen contributed greatly to the fine sea- son. ? -Q 2 llxv I 0 A Q Q'-W 1:55 v""','.!"'av "4 .., Mdw -J A, xi., -0 " " l 1 4.0 " T-.3 3 l"T'.4v'i1 VARSITY HOCKEY: FIRST ROW: T. Golding. M. Kelley, G. Crowley, B. Drake QCO-Captainj, E. Lill CCO-Captainb, K. Duane, B. Huf- farn, J Fish. SECOND ROW: D. Eccelston fAsst. Coachl. J. Behenna. W. Kelley, J. Hanscom. P. Foley. B. Karas, S. O'Neil, J. Bel- lorti, C., Kenley, D Chiappini, B McGuire. R. Bell lCOachl. 'Gr-my 9' Q.. p-' I Sri .J 4 4 .4 1' Q 4 hy: 'I . 1 J, 5 Q , wJ I 4 F! I 2-. DC Q " i ,qAV, SCOREBOARD South 'W 'J 4 Walpole 3 Norwood 3 North 2 Milton 4 Wellesley 1 Dedham 8 Needham 2 Braintree 4 Natick 8 Walpole 4 Norwood 6 North 5 Milton 5 Wellesley 4 Dedham 2 Needham 7 Braintree 8 Natick ODD 3 6 o 3 2 4 3 3 3 6 3 3 5 1 4 1 2 2 JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY: FIRST ROW: C. Clinton. F. Colatta, M. Williams, J. Kee-fe, M. Desimone, D. Giatrellis, P. Burnham, M. Soma. SECOND ROW: D. Eccelston CCoachJ, T. Nadeau, F. Devittorio, S. Collatta, D. Clopeck, T. Steffani, G. Page, L. Henry, J. McLaughlin, H. DeCoff, D. Toms. N N N N A, 'Ilkx Avi, PQ YA g 1 m '. I - L but Plug FRESHMAN HOCKEY: FIRST ROW: J. LaLiberte,.T. Grealey, T. Harrington, J. Terisoni, G. Swanecamp, K. Kimball, R. Tucci, P. Otmvuam. SECOND ROW: B. Fanger. P. Quark, T. Mckeown. G. Soasa. J. Ventura, P. Pellegrini, R. Bagley, A. Sebastian. J. Hall fCfmf.I1I. L W, V Jn Q J - I .Z Q 1. I-il A If i . ! il. P S 59 545 s L me-Q f ,ff ' in ..f .,, I' W' f 3 3 'i' AURA .S 4? l-,Java "f5,,,1 x 5 .1 1. . ,ua 4 1 -1-' eff- '-' 511- , ,J X -'K V7.1 rg. EV!! J: -sung' 114. fi f 58 9 2 . , . Q f.. 'Win V vu ,SAW gf 5' " g Q r fE' 5-C ff i , 2 v - , f T Q ' 'M 7,5 . y klwrv QQ! 1. W -.. ii Zz . HQ' 0' 3-K . ig, , -10" W. " . r', ' Q if n Ii, A 9 ll IJ 5 , ,. . fi ,A , 1 " f -ll 2 if - .- - -s 4? x1 5 Z --.NRI - . ' ' 'If Wir. mv-" --' , KX i A ' Q , 5 1 V mu XX 3 ' i 2 ' K x K x f t . 0 'Y I T VN f, I, -'exif .- xx N ,qs Y W . Q 4 4 X". 3 V W ' . f 1 7 Q, ing A M Al A1 Zvfgiiiiliiiifj'53.21fSfi.'il2i?S.ZT J U N I0 R C I-A 3 3 er. we share the desire to look back and JUNIOR OFFICERS: B. Heller tPresidentj, P. Fiore CTreasurerJ, B. McCorkindale CSecretaryJ remember ourfeelings overthe years. ' M. McCIean tVice-Presidentb. We've all had hard times but we've accom- plished and experienced them together. We've grown closer as a class and we seem to be able to function well as a whole, yet we respect individual differences. We've got much more to learn and experience, butthe past years have made us realize the impor- tance of class unity and spirit. We look for- ward to Senior year with enthusiasm and hopes for success and more good times. Whether it be a steering committee meet- -ng, or a class function. the enthusiasm and willingness to help abounds. This love of activity and eagerness to participate, along with the shouts, laughs and cries that come with "the good ole high school days" truly made our Junior Class Hthe spirit of 76"! Q5- 'PWWHPQVV l L wf:"'.:T . im JUNIOR STEERING COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW: A. Hopkins. N. Blacquer, J. Murphy, K. Abu, C. Bleasius. J. Ziman, K. Salls. P. Fiore lTre:isurerl, M. McLean CVice-Presidentj, B. Heller fPre-sidentl, B. McCorkindale CSecretaryJ, D. Boucini, S. Abrams, D. Goldrrmn, J. Isaacson, D. Zigelbaurn, C. Abelli, B. Foley. SECOND ROW: C. Lelli, C. Malcomb, K. O'Brien, K. Keohane. L. Man- lOVI,G.LOf1iJl'1,L Walstencroft, C. Miller, N. Scagnelli. J. Rigopoulous, P. Zontini. L. Simmons, D. Malone, L. Blumenthal, D. I1i:viiif',K ll.inIr-y, K llutcjhinson, G Chute IHIRO ROW. S. Queen, K. Harrington, J. Jachowicz, K. Reed. R. Friedman, K. l'r-ny f, Kr-ilr-y, If Ir1r.isroni.I Slofanini, R Eden, S O'Neil, C. Upham, F. Divitorrio. C. Becker, S. Cohen, K. Fair, L. Hanley. ll fflflllpf k. S Vr-nluri, S Uurkeo, J Guglieamo, C. Mangini, K Moynihqin, A. Cassavant, A. Murphy, L. Roberts, J. Soloman. 'rw lrwfl J fklilonrli Z? ' s D453 3 Q. R Um. V -N 4 'W 17" - ' W fi NX' Q 5 Z I I ff--,., . 4-"U .ff-fi J Wx, , .1 afix, 3 - ' .. o 4 ..- KA If Q,-f B P ."'g E .1 1 -nm I X 21' X.. .. X55 on , Z.!......., fx X X' Xllfv A 1 X I i I I I , gg ox ox an .X S1 1 f v Lf W' vi if 'Nr' l , if as " l "5 1 .1, qgnnnnll 5'-Iatgq..-...1 Llld .Ayn-A. ',,,,,.uuu -lm Ll. J? L1 a"l' 'Q fl. 1 N-.urfhg 1, .N MW", X I XS W -s ,Q fl 1 4 .if I xi 1 Q Agni? Q . Q 7 las 1 Q f . M ll, A L . . r v Q .LJ ,yjx A T . af ,,.-11' ., 1 Q.-"3 ual' utbxs , 141 li With one year's experience behind us. the Sophomore Steering Com- mittee began work in early fall with the candy sale. If we haven't sold the remaining bars by the end of next year. we can serve them as dessert atour prom. The most successful event of the year was our dance at which Sledge Hamma played to a sell-out crowd. The dance gave us an opportunity to seel more candy. but, once again. no luck, look out prom, here they come! Prospective plans include a winter festival of activities during February vacation. The winter festival will be the first sophomore class trip. We hope a successful venture like this will induce more class members to become involved in our future activ- ities. SOPI-IOIVIORE CLASS SOPHOIVIORE OFFICERS: B. Fiore CVice-Presidentb, L. Shaw CollibusCTresdurer7. r ' ' -' 1. ' . I Al. W ' 1 ' -' Q., i- - Q Q, X g ' rf' - f 'vi K -J iw ' , , il- X 'i F'-hx .- il ' HN' i f ,. 'ix Xlgqg . .... 'A X R my .W .' :iii Hi . li 4 f l mi , li I Q . ' IMLVNA all . me X 'il 'T 'Ni -'fi l mv- .. fu.. . A . -' aa i" " A l 1- i 4, Q E! .,,- ' E3 . ,J ,pr - , .,f Q Cliresidentl, K. Soma CSecretaryj, JI. De- JI' Ill Ill U "Ill ,un xlnpz ei all' ani,- 0 I df' S xt. 'Q 1" gg A itll- SOPHOMORE STEERING COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW1 K. Soma, L. Shaw, J. DeCoIIibus. B. Fiore. SECOND ROW' lvl Nery. L. Phipps. K Foster, D. Jacobs, S. Westleman. P. Tosti. THIRD ROW: J. Doe, E. Goldman. fl Rr-1-rl, C Noonan. J, Butler. S. Gerhey. L. Liverman, L. Lion, J. Nadeau. H. Tomlinson. W. Ross, B, Er- ir l4s1:ii.lN Trimisirinrf Cohen. H Hart. A Coburn, R. Goldberg, J, Doe. u.w',-- uv N nth- ala-s..'f N' my Q , 4.4- ""-RQRM, - -- - ,Maui wed" L. ' 1. .413 ..' ' ' si" ling xQQ 3,- X'-:F Q5 A. ,,J"?2fa 9 1 1 4'x-fl ,.....,... .,........ ........,., 1 ,I , ,b .- 1,91 J.. ,- .., .A 4, . 4 . ,f,"'J .1 ..- f' 4 41 Xxx!- l Y .zxwreg figsyr, I f'X . fix I . I . xy, X -'x ' 1, 4 gy w. .-.4 lf' J, 4 A' -4, ' X5 . ,,,,- nu vi ,Nxt Q I xl: 5 X YV! 5 f -J 1 af, ax -, il' .X J 5 . , f L I M V ' 'll ,nr Q, Wi! FRESHIVIAN CLASS Entering into a new and different envi- ronment can often be a difficult expe- rience. but this year's highly spirited Freshman Class adapted well to the new ways, and hopes to make their FRESHMAN OFFICERS: B. Hillman tTreasurer7, R. Roberts Nice-Presidentb, L. Goodwin CPresidentJ G. Grace tSecretary5. L :' will stay at South High a most unforgetta- ' K' ble experience. I glvn 7' J . x The Freshman Class got off to a fast 5- . 3 start with early student officer elec- 'JG' tions. With the help and guidance of ' . V. our student administrator, Mr. Waugh, .1 A and our advisor. Ms. Lamperti. we 4 fm ' gig. were able to run a successful dance. This combined with an undefeated Freshman Football team and an equal- ly impressive Freshman Basketball Team make for a promising outlook forthe years to come. D . . Q ,, i K h '1 X 3' ,-QQ - 7- Iuibonnq-11v"""' "' I qv FRESHMAN STEERING COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW: S. Leads. B. DelPrete. L. Makinstry. C. Leddy. B. Goldstein. S. Russel. P. Strat- ton. I. Cooper. L. Alfano. K. Feil. F. Gusha. L. Heffernan. D. Read. J. Hoos. M. Burgin. SECON ROW: C. Palumbo. J. Leonardo, D. Malone. S. Durkee. J. Marini. J. Jurolf. E. Collins. T. Rigopolous, K. Makormic. D. Bertram. V. Bagley. J. Chaiken. P. Kenny. J Pierson. R. Cohen. J. Dow. J. McHugo. THIRD ROW: A. Danforth, A. Rivkin. D. Becker. STANDING: J. Doe, S. Beker. D. Carpenter J Renzoni, S Nearman. J. lresoni, D. Stone. J. Ventura. K. Kimball. B. Maguire. T. McKeown. N. Downy. J. Doe. J. Doe. E Upham. A Zimmerman. M. Meyer. L. Fosgate. L. J. Carrol. C. Shevrin. R. Rohtstein. S. Bowen. K. Ryder. 48 ,ff eff 'CT iir.-in-nr-: ,im ,l Vi. ,,, 3 If 3' I. IIQ N 'nv' Q . 4 , a . , di, 4 x V1 n X. '5 AL' V! Q W A-X 'Q' A415 gg! , A , v I I J? 1 , 4 x 1 ,vxx . N, X I 'Wh 0? vin? Q ' wav! 'rr-.... 'wg N' I ,,,y1'We f'3 mf X ,.-9.vx:e,g 4-' . P Q 4. - 1"'r' .. ' . X X 'Xx 1' L . '51 - N hui 415, nos, I .-can-asf ,.. s k IT ---..3-,,-- - -i uf 7' 4 swag, ., QZH Q4 M . n .' 974 f ,hy jj' , '-N., ref , 5313- . .3 . H v 5-.,.. 5, 'V W v 4 , , 4 O I1 k7i J' , ! is ,4 4, ' ---fi--1--, --1'-f Q-ff--x 4-,lv , 1 , ' . 5'f:k,i,' if ifx4f??1 1 f H ,gixm 1 i ' C22 X x L Wh 1 un ,, . 'x WW.. 'gig -QC. f"3g' ,P swan sy., V1 fg A if E" 'V "iv k I I1 ' . Ti lil ' 5 -as-40 x U91 rw A 'al' V, ,. dz. 1 1 Q v 11 Y, .N 1 .3 .. ,isp 4. - ,'C'l'v' .,a I gg: , 4, V 115:32 - 4 get in W., gr 37. - 3 - f 0" R -5 X ' , "I 43' A 'fl AIRES IVIEN DES - ANGGLA I will never forget this year that I stayed in the United States as an American Field Service student. Being a member of an American school, an American family, and an American community. as well as meeting many other AFS students, made me understand better and really believe in the AFS say- ing, 'Walk together, talk together for world understanding." In the school, where I spent a great part of my year, I found the most fantastic school spirit I have ever seen, and I will always remember the rallies, the cheerleaders, the school band. the football and hockey games, and all the school activi- ties. Catching the school bus, snowball fights, and the friend- ship I found everywhere will also stay forever in my memories. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those that made possible for me to come, and to all those that, in one way or another, helped me gaining new experiences and find- ing new horizons. U10 'I .......,UQ - I x .f 5 'i -... .- nf' R. I f. .'f A 3 lull , 1,-.-.- - , JENNIFER IVIILLIVIAN - THAILAND ,,I.SL.+ 4...- , k I, I ia- . . Vg 5.4.1. -4 ff! .vs 75 ' ' kk 1 ' . 4 'ii , 'II I -n ' Iii: I , V553-4' if few wks i 'F f I XR Tw .,- 4 , E ,.. ,Q a"i"""""vi I Even though blurred, tired, and in need of sleep, my five senses never stop racing on. Riding a countryside of blue-green rice fields where children, farmers, and water bufrfalos seem to lose the distinction between work and play, I catch a glimpse of an enormous gold- en Buddha watching me mysteriously from his sacred place on a hillside. l encounter open tent-covered markets. peddlers scurrying by carrying their baskets of wares on yokes or balancing tables of goods on their heads. People from several East-Asian countries in their traditional dress pass alongside fashionable dressed businessmen and women. In Thailand l find an outstanding respect for teachers. a method of teaching based on memorization, and many old tradif tions Csomewhat outdated but beautifully keptb. l am watching a country and culture exotically different from what I have known become home. Thanks for giving melifel ian I . bg, W W .Q ,R . r' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This year the National Honor Society concerned itself with several service ori- ented activities. Under the direction of Vice-President Rick Brown we reimple- mented our tutoring program which we hope has been helpful to some of our i35,,f3,,.LQ. student body. We ran a very successful "T"'i' -H Christmas Project under the direction of Y., student coordinator Christine Convery. We were pleased with the school's coop- al .A lx eration and were given the satisfaction of giving 345 less fortunate kids a really " 'i 'UU fl "Merry" Christmas. if 'mi-8 H 'tw Pi 1' .ivan J ,m5023g:!gi7n283, igzlgo. ?4Hn9'26iol0 21 S0438 ii iei 9'3i?"g'g TT 34 ri iagff' 3 8?i:08f1a9a7,56 0 PJ UA, 5391 9 KZAQ nxt S 3 '48-j -EO if 93 lsiiiiiffiiiis " it z ' '5' 'fi A fi '5 Z l1'?F90g'l523ieC28 Is i 1340 .. , I .- w J NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW: R. Glazer, N. Scagnelli, T. Soma, R. Brown fVice-Presb, P. Harris fCorresponding Sec.J, C. Bahnsen tPresidentl. L. Takacs fRecording Sec.l, M. Roberts fTreasurerl, C. Seaver, D, Aronoff, D. Smith, A. Davorkis. M. McLean, G. Renzoni, A. Loyd. SECOND ROW: C. Miller, L. Manion, D. Malone, D. Zigelbaum. K. Read, K. Harvey. J. Sydow. S. Ryan. C. Goliger, L. Verdy. P. Pappas, J. McGuire, K. Hanley, L. Nearman, L. Greenberg. D. Saivetz. THIRD ROW: Ms. Hickey CAdvisorb, W. Greb, B. Mc- Corkindale, S. Zimmerman, J. Carroll, A. Levine, R. Breslow, M. Cohen, M. Thayer, P. Cavalieri, B. Bergin, J. Hampshire, K. Harring- ton, K. O'Brien. P. Emory, M. McGrath, M. McCourt, K. Levenson, E. Adler. FOURTH ROW: J. Ahmadian, H. Barnstone, J. Rigopolous, D Fraser. S. Lingham, D. Clopeck, P. Kindstedt, L. Kranseler, J. Dallape, B. Sharaff, B. Brosnahan. ,ar g STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Student Government is an organization whose primary purpose is to represent the stu- dents. by acting as the intermediary between the student body and the faculty and administration. This year there are thirty-two members to the Student Government with equal representation of the four classes. Unlike past years. the Stu- dent Government has proven to be much more than what its name suggests. by innovating new programs such as Student Government Day. the Forum, assembly programs and a new constitu- tion. We not only have a new name. but we also have a new purpose and new ideas. Every Mon- day after school in B-46. one can see more than just thirty-two people sitting in a room. One can witness a melting of minds. Z 1. STUDENT GOVERNMENT COALITION: FRONT ROW: A. Mendes. M. Berardi, C. Seaver CVice-Presidentl. D. Raphael CPresidentJ. C. Miller, S. Cohen, lVlr. Zinkievich fAdvisor9. SECOND ROW: S. Abrams, J. Ventura. H. Barnstone. S. Za- kon, R. Steinberg, P. Mason. R. Burnham, D. Aronoff, L. Blumenthal. L. Previte. THIRD ROW: N. Downy. H. Tomlinson. N. Shaffer, D. Blatt, M. Thayer. M. Hudson. P. Hopkins. A. Zimmerman. K. Lennard. K. Shaughnessy. MISSING: A. Fuhrman. STUDENT CRIER AND PAGE This year we feel we have been successful in continuing last year's policy of creating a paper representative of South High. Our success includes a large writing staff which indicates a revived interest in the Crier. The Decem- ber issue highlighted the year by being completely sold out. New features, such as conflicting edi- torials concerning school policy. alteration of the dustpan and centerfolds all helped to enlarge the circulation of the Crier which continues to maintain high standards of quality journalism. if '41, STUDENT CRIER: FRONT ROW: M. Roberts, G. Cohen, S. Gordon, B. Brosmahan, S. Eysmann. SECOND ROW: W, Greb, L. Greenberg, K. Lennard, P. Carney, B. Garner. S. Kaye, A. Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: P. Kindstedt, L. Manion, M. Thayer, M. Cohen, R. Cohen. FOURTH ROW: A. Fuhrman, B. McCorkindale, K Beaver. R. Breslow. FIFTH ROW: S. Esty. D. Sharaf, A. Casavant, C. Shevrin, E. Pessman, S. Eimmerman SIXTH ROW: Mrs. Baldwin U-Xdvisorj, S. Lingham, D. Frasier CEditors-in-Chiefj. MISSING: S. Zakon, H Barnstone, M. Thayer. T. Sullivan, R. Steinberg, M. Brown, H. Pressman, D. Evers, P. Harris, B. Fiore, S Cohen, P. Chindioni. ne- f 7 A -V' i "ff r"" THE PAGE: FRONT ROW: I. Berman, R. Marks, I.. Hamlin. K. Levenson 1Editorl, S. Zimmerman, H. Silver- berg ICO-Editorsl, L. Phipps. SECOND ROW: H. Walker, L. Liverman, K. Gable, K. Brennan. P. Carney. THIRD ROW: D. Knoff, M. Kahn. G. Cohen. L. Roberts. HDNDRS AND AWARDS I f,,,'l7 Y ix , -Q 'N ix to ' 1 i fr , 1 L f Marrneiie and Holl zeck r AMY FU"'ma" Y Y 9 Alternate School Committee Representatives Schoo' Commmee Represematwe 'i P Q I i l i 3 'Y i v!'15 rid? -VE x 8 L Z U' A , .' ,Q A A f i if Nicki Russo I . i Jewish War Veterans' Award I ,lg- , Y-- ' ff L 1 f z Y, 3 1. Debi Raphael Regional Representative 'vin N '+L Dv Michael Roberts National Merit Semi-Finalist Family Leader of Tomorrow Award Joanne McGuire Daughters ofthe American Revolution Award 159 5 'Rf FQALLIES no-U' ' bu x V I 'i L l LM! """"'-. WM 'MMM R4 X52 x . 2 1. V 'W ,,. 1 H ' v Qi ! A .4-A V . vs Q A VI' Ksptin OROURKE CHEERING VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FIRST ROW: M. Keefe. C. Stratton. J. Lnber- atore LCapt.I. A. Bouchrnr, S. Ven- tura. SECOND ROW. P. Tostl, D, Esperran. P. I-Iopkrns, K. Lennard. K. Krmball, J. Murphy. C. Bryant. K. Foster. MISSING: D. Karas. BELOW1 South's Cheerleaders tue for thard place In Bay State League Comoetatnon. I 'I -1- f-' ' 4 W ' Q "'EnL"..sKf J V. CHEERLEADERS: V. Cobb. B. Errckson, L.J Carroll, R. Cohen, B. HIIIrnan, L. Lowry. L. Ballrngsley. L. McKInstry, P. MCKIhStry, K, Gallant. D Kraser. MISSING: S, Thomas. K. LaMarqueICaptaInI. 'I - '14 f - . Jigs .vw "' ' -I 'BO -S'--'ta -.1 l A" . 1: 3 ,vt E- K W -N, ggi - Q it by Q I K '- ' -it ' Q .NX 49 'i i m 5 g,,,p,45Q. . . A , D . , . I . .... - -f ' ' '4' I X . 42 ?-w...Jflj.P'-lglti I P ,api r ' 2 A C I . B K U7 , p -. ' . 1 . - . . . I 1 2 N " '-' ,. ' -f A , "' ,,. 'L 'Wg " - x . X ,. . LN-V 'H F' 'Q 'vi I. B W In V. ' Y I A 'A -Hgh li fn'4"".- ""4 'F ' , 'xr A-'. ':,151f5S,'xJ.'4"'4:f:k!'. ,.L '- A L.: LL I .u U 1frfi'7f., -f 7271635451 X - fwffwt 'f . . mt.. ...,.4.... ,- - .M - -1 5 I I .. 0 fi 1 XC P for we 1 Ir? 1 R ga 'alt Ir A f I .H , M., U - I . I. ' "' ' ' I' LII. 4 9: M' '.', 44. '--re :. - 'D '?"'- MV' """- N-' ... I.,- ,., 1,7 'P' . P I 'L '+R-'C vv- w.J-faux 'ai N131 . 'Q 'if '. y,..- ,r-, ,Hg K1 - Ang.-N7 11. - -1-.,Qp.'.xb 2. '7?.,fs4i". :Z, if ISF? .I f A . S S W,J-at i Y POM-POM GIRLS: FIRST ROVVi S. Tur- chi, J. Coburn, C. Gentulu. L. Ferro. E Upharrm, J. Pearson, L. Provencher, D. Goodwm. SECOND ROW: C. Sliver, N. Downey, C. Convery fCo-captamb. L. Frederuckson, L. Carlson, L. Lemay fCaptaur15, J. Jones, D. Pellegrum, A Burke, J. Kelly, K. Dlott. MISSING. D Doody. Souttfs Majorettes take third place in Bay State League Competition. COLOR GUARD FIRST ROW' P. O'- Gmdy, D Shrnber. N. Scagnelln, C. Vhremg SECOND ROW J. Luker, Nl. Ehfrwmo, B Leeds, L. Palumbo. A. twyf1,F.f1 RenIoy,K Perry.M Laylor ' "fu :, ' y X . tffff lr jx-A t K .Y ,- t- I f: L L- .- J V fl. . Af 4 1 " ' .. 2 c. A. . oh K 4, XA ' I - . y 12 ff 6. 1 I .- d., F R 'TVN-, 'im n . I . ,w,, - V -37 X in' 11 X4 cw.. 1 1 Pigrjx -.xi I X n 'K - 5 ' I 5 , I jx ' Q N .5 'AQ x. , 5, . . v b A ifsfj " Jr naw- n JH il G " ' ff' , X 6 -. l.. Q . -. Q sl 1 fuvy, 1-5-,,,z.', ' O "" f- . - ' , .- . ' a Lynne Manson - DrunNMa1Ore1te N3 . . Qf A4 3 . f .. , " 0 . I X ? - 1 . :',. .L,1, MAJORETTES: FIRST ROW: L. Denham QCO-captannj, N. Nlartunelln QCO-can taunj. SECOND ROW: S, Capstuck. D. Martun, L. Cascella. R. Saveil. D. J. F3- Ione, G. Sleeper, C. Sousa, A. Coburn. J. Muller, N. Levvrs. 5 MUSIC GROUPS ORCHESTRA: E. Adler. D. Alzapueds. R. Alzapuedl. S. Becker, T. Bell, M. Black. L. Blumer, P. Cavalueru. M. Chaves, C. Convery, R Crupps. F. Drehl. M. Donnerstag. F. Downer, A. Dutton, P. Emory. D. Goldman, C. GIOIIQSF, P. Grady, A. Graham, R. Grossberg, E Hakansson, K. Hakansson. M. Henderson. P. Herman. M. Hohn, L. Huntoon. T. Lage, W. Lawson, T. Logan, P. Mabnuk, J. Ooster man. W. Oosterman. A. Pollunger, C. Prevute, L. Provencher, K. Russ, D. Sanvetz. C. Sulver. C. Smith, D, Summer, E. Summer, S Thomas, M. Tunmcluff, W. Webb, R. Westleman. L. Wilder, H. Zecker, J. Hixon, D. Gold, T. Grady, S. Shaw. ff F175 f BAND E Adler, V Alfano. D Alzapnedu, R. Alzapuedu. S. Becker, T. Bell. M. Black. R. Carp. P. Cavaliers. M. Chaves. C. Convery, R. Crlpps. A D.1lI.1pe, A Danforth, F Dnehl, M Donnerstag, F. Downer, A. Dutton, P. Emory. C, Frredman, D. Gold. D. Goldman, P. Grady.T. Grad- ,, A Gr,nh.JrT1,R Grossberg, E Hakansson, K. Hakansson, M. Henderson, P. Herman. J. Hlxon. V. Hobbs, M. Hohn, L. Huntoon, J. Lage I lfniv-, W l uwson, J Oosterman, W Oosterman, A. Pollmger, C. Prevnte, C Read, C, Rowen, K. Russ. D. Savuetz. M. Shapiro, S. Shaw f, T-,rlrf-1, C, Smrth, D Stone. D Summer, E. Summer. G. Taylor. S. Thomas, R. Westelman, E. Wulder, L. Wnlder, H. Zecker, M. Tunnnl 'MMI H'lJfTlf?V,1 l0gg.i1n,M Mc.N.JIly MlXED CHORUS: R. Alzapiedi. B. Avergon. M. Baer. V. Bagley. R. Bell. D. Bertrand. A. Brown. K Carroll. L. Casella. J. Chase. M Chaves P. Chiariello. K. Christian. M. Consenia. D. Crlpps, C. Carter. C. Dlott. F. Downer. A. Downey. A. Dutton. A. Ely. D. Estey. D. Falone. L Faulknen. L. Feigelson. L. Foss. B. Fox. C. Friedman. C. Gentili. A. Goldin. L. Goodwin. H. Gordon. S. Gurney. K. Hakansson. C. Happy J. Hixon. P. Kabler. S. Kahn. R. Kelley. M. Kelly. P. Kenny. D. Knott. J. Koffler. A. Lage. J. Lebewohl. M. Leddy. A. Loyd. K. Lynch. C Marlani. M. Miller. J. Nezvesky. P. Noble. P. O'Grady. J. Osterman. M. Oakes. K. Pitts. R. Polomarenko. L. Previte. E. Rosenberg. S Rowland. K. Russ. K. Ryan. D. Saivetz. P. Saivetz. W. Salvetz. P. Savas. R. Savell. K. Scanlon. C. Smith. C. Snyder. W. Stein, T. Stephan IS. D. Summer. E. Summer. L. Supeno. S. Sussman. C. Taylor, D. Thayer. L. Themistocles. J. Travis, S. Turner. L. Valanzola. G. Wall. K Ware, T. Ware. M. West. D. Wheet. C. Wood. B. Wrasman. B. Wright. L. Zlgelbaum. J. Rosenberg. L. Blumenthal. S. Fishman. C. Rowe .T- if A CAPPELLA CHOIR: FIRST ROW: A. Dutton. A. Loyd. M. Chaves. K. Hakarisson. S. Fishman. J. Rosenberg. B. Avergone. P. Salv- etz. B. Alzepiedi. Mr. Perrone. L. Goodwin. B. Delprete. D. Friedman. J. Oosterman. K. Christian, H. Gordon. A. Downy. W. Salv- etz. F. Downer. SECOND ROW: K. Ware. E. Latham-Brown, P. O'Grady. P. Savas, P. Cavalieri. D, Esty. E. Summer. T. Large. A Ely, G. Wall. D. Summer. S. Kahn. P. Kabler. D. Knoff, L. Cassella. W. Stein. S. Turner. A. Goldin. THIRD ROW: L. Ziglebaum. C. Rowen. L. Themistocles, M. McClean. C. Smith. R. Savelle, R. Goldberg. T. Ware. R. Friedman. L. Foss. A. Hopkins. R. Kelley. P. Noble, K. Scanlon. D. Falone. S. Eysmann. MISSING: A. Rivkln, H. Zecker. I X H GIRLS GLEE CLUB: L. Barr. D. Bertrand, A. Brown, P. Carta, L. Casella J. Chase. M. Chaves, P. Chlarlello, K. Chrlstuan, M. Conserva. D Chops. A. Degozzaldl, D. Deody. F, Downer, A. Downey, A. Dutton, D. Falone, L. Felgebon . L. Foss, B, Fox. C. Enedman. C. Gentlll, R. Goldberg, L. Goodwln, I-I. Gordon, C. Happy. S. Hardlng. J. HIXOD, R. Kelley. P. Kenny, D. Knott, J. Kohler, M. Leddy, A. Loyd, C. Mariani J. Matheson. M. Muller, J. Nezvesky. P. Noble. P. O'Grady. J. Oosterman , K. Putts, A, Palley, E. Rosenberg, S, Rowland, K. Russ. D. Salv- etz, W. Salvetz. R. Savell, K. Scanlon, M. Sldman. C. Srnlth. C. Snyder. W. Stern. T. Stephaees. L. Slepeho, D. Thayer, L. Thernlstocles. S. Turner, L. Valanzola, K. Ware. T. Ware. Duane Cheat. C. Wood, B. Wrught, L. Zlgelbaurn, J. Chalken, L. Faulkner, L. Blurnenthol, Maureen Baer. fffw .-XX .h I .Z , ,jf if wr' IIFUISS FNSFMEJLE IIRSI ROW D Summer, Mr Perrone, MADRIGAL: FIRST ROW. K. Ware. G. Wall, Mr. Perrone, J. Hampshire. C. Frledman. IA Ilolln SECOND ROW: D. Cassella, D. Knott. D. Goldman, D. Salvetz, W. Salvetz, P. O'Grady. 'JI COND HOW A f.r,lll.lrn, M f,lltlVf'5, P C..Ilv.:IelrI. THIRD ROW: P. Savas, D. Blatt. FOURTH ROW: R. Westelrhan . MISSING: A. Dutton. BOY'S GLEE CLUB: R. Alzapnedu. R. Bell, A. Downey, A. Ely. D. Estey. L. Goodwin, K. Hakansson. P. Kabler, S. Kahn, A Lage, C Rom- dolph. D. Sanvetz, P. Sanvetz, P. Savas, D. Summer, S. Teneholtz. G. Waliy, M. West, B. Wrasman. B. Wrrght, J. Rosenberg. S. Fush- man,C. Rowen. f v H 4 -v v 'pq . Y he A -1 va-. 19 9 T -W-Ng rr .. - rig 4. - . ww , ,,,s, gm' . ' f A 'Q514Zif J , 'jfijff ,- ,. LTL: 3. Mm J 3 T I '?f'lhf'i+3RfJif1'-'a' f -. 1 is e A .. 5GA,s? , 1, - ' I 'Ci X V, j ,. '. ' ' " "I-' ' 3 Y' 2: ,I .":' rl W re ru f T Q 17 T543-3 f f' A 'Y . -A A 4.1 'pg .1 -1 '.-' '. 5---5 'x JAZZ BAND: FIRST ROW: H. Zecker, A. Pollinger, D. Alzapiedi, W. Oosterman. T. Lage, E. Summer. R.Cr1pps. R. Grossberg. SECOND ROW: D. Sauvetz, M. Chaves, P. Cavaliers. D. Goldman, R. Westelman. E. Adler. THIRD ROW: K. Hakansson, M. Hohn. B. Alzapuedu, D. Summer, S. Becker, C. Sousa, B. Frendman, George Perrone fDurectory I l l DRAIVIA The Framingham South High Dramatic Society has enjoyed anactive and extremely successful season. This success is largely due to the abundance of stu- dent talent and the superb directing ability and devotion of our advisor. Mr. Richard Rimes. Our 1974-1975 theatrical season opened with the intriguing performance of Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound, a contemporary detective story filled with humor and suspense. Of course. the piece de resistance was South High's Third Annual Spring Musical, Cole Porters Anything Goesg with- out a doubt the most overwhelming theatrical expe- rience ever presented on the F.S.H.S. stage. Other Dramatic Society events have included a trip to view the Boston production of Lady Audley's Se- cret, a special performance by Mime Fax Gilbert. and field trips to American Film Theatre produc- tions. Our principal goal was to bring top quality theatre to Framingham. DRAMATIC SOCIETY. FRONT ROW: Mr. Rimes fDirectorJ, S. Eysman fTreasurerJ, D. Saivetz CPresidentl. W. Saivetz CVice-Presidentl. FIRST REGU- LAR ROW. L. Phipps. H. Walker, S. Durkey, K, McCormick, P. Hopkins. L. Zigelbaum, K. Scanlon, R. Goldberg, S. Esty, A. Dutton, L. McLean. C lriodrnan, E Gabor .SECOND ROW: E. Calender, K. Ryder, G. Grace, C. Snyder, E. Hakensson, J. Funk. C. Hakensson, P. Kilimnik, C. Convery, C Lonvery. M Black, N Downey, K. Feil, P. Maubrook, R. Savell. L. Evens, D, Knoff. K. Feinstein. THIRD ROW: S. Abrams, L. Goodman. R. Goodman M McLean, C Happy. C. Story. D Esty, J Ruivo. M. Sickles, L. Foss. P. Carny. R. Kelly. L. Cassella, S. Freud. FW lui-ummm 11, F 5: 2 152, QQ ,. . , .-. - . r Q' ,W X XS 4 ! fe1Z'f'.. H1 2 2 X SENICDF2 PLAY A 5,13 fb A I by Hu- Sc-1114-rclusa FUN! V: : cr- I5,l6 8:00 llmloon Adiborium 151,25 441 J g Ml .luv ,Q 0 L LANGUAGE CLUBS L UKLI' FRENCH CLUB: FIRST ROW1 G. Cohen qTreas.I, P. Mason iSec.l. Miss Satlak. Miss Weber, W. Greb tV.P.J. R. Steinberg qPres.l.. SECOND ROW: E. Rosenberg. S. Eysmann, J. Finn, D. Wilks. S. Gurney. A. Chao, L. Liverman. L. Foss, L. Werner, K. Carroll. S. Miller, N. Dickman. J. Carroll, E. Goldman. R. Cohen, C, Story, R. Kelly, L. Wrasman. D. Cressia, MISSING: L. Man- ion. J. Jordan. B. Wrasman. SPANISH CLUB: FIRST ROW: Ms. Antonio fadvisorl. D. Molloy, tPres.J, P. Tyler QV. Presj. S. Molloy CSec.J, J. Jones, L. Green- berg, K. Levenson, S. Loughlin qTreas.D .SECOND ROW: M. Shapiro, W. Weiner, M. Powers, A . Mendes, R. Brown, L. Hanley. A. Gillard. L. Ober, B. Garner. C. Gable. L. Hamlin, MISSING: Miss Olano, D. Lyon, R. Burnham. T 7' S15 .rv The goal of the French Club is to expose students of French to the customs, culture and history of France: to further their knowledge of the French language. and to enjoy while gaining an education. This year, the French Club held a Cheese Fondue Party, went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. participated in the International Language Club Holiday party and saw the movie "Jacques Brel." We also became members of the French Library in Boston, held a pastry-tasting party, ate a deli- cious French dinner, and sponsored a very successful fund raising drive which brought in a substantial profit. For the members of the French Club, this school year has been most successful, enriching, and enjoyable. " 'Qty' 1, I . . R . Qf.'K,..3-Hx E I I i if - Qt ll r , Ah' - I L W 1' 1- X TWA' 1 xxx x,.,J7 T: The Spanish Club was involved in a number of activities this year. We enjoyed many different experiences which enabled us to mingle our traditions with those of Spain and Mexico. Through this participation we improved our understanding of the language and people of Spain. Our "Fiesta de Mexico" allowed us to interject Mexican flavor into our Halloween celebration. Together with our participation in the International Holiday Party, our trips and ventures provided us with an exciting and productive year. The Latin Club has had a most successful year . The International Holiday Party, held in conjunction with the other language clubs, was an event en- joyed by both those who planned it and by those who were in attendance. A second hand book sale, a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, a program with the North High Latin Club, and a Roman banquet were also planned. The purpose of our club has been to provide students of Latin with an opportunity to learn more than just the language. and to relate Roman culture to mo- dern life with enjoyment and pleasure. Latina non mortua est! GERMAN CLUB: FIRST ROW: M. Josephs, H. Gordon, SECOND ROW: S. Brown, E. Wilder. J. Luker tSec,J. B. Brosnahon tTreas.J, M. Kaiser, H. Goldman Nice Presb. J. Dallope Cvice Presy, THIRD ROW: K, Fiel, P. Kindstedt CPres.J, Mrs. Rubeski. M. Cohen fPres.J. H. Pressman. MISSING: P. Walsh. L. Barr, D. Smith, L. Huntoon. LATIN CLUB: FIRST ROW: E. Rosenberg, R Aronson 1TreasurerJ. N. Shaffer Nice-Rresr OGVWU, W. STG-in. CRresidentp. Miss vancavage tCo-Advisory, Miss Gucciardi cCo- Advisory. SECOND ROW. C. Liverman. R Mabrouk, B. Mooney, M. Kahn. R. Glaser, B. Sawyer, H. Solomon, J. Carroll, D, Hoos, L. Lemay, L. Liverman. S. Zimmerman, A. Burke, J. Zi- man. NOT SHOWN: P. Walsh lSecretaryj, J. Sales, K. Read, C. Kemp, B. Foley. B Herbert, N. Downey. R. Byne, S. Murphy, R, Bostad, L, Zigelbaum. Through such activities as the Okto- berfest. going to German restaur- ants, and munching on home- cooked goodies. the German Club has brought Germany to America for many of its members. This year. through increased organization, we have been able to do more than any of our predecessors in the way of activities and outings. The German Club has come a long way since its officers were freshmen. With prog- ress like this we'll first take Fram- ingham, then Massachusetts and den ve vill conquer de VORLD. l 1 4 Internatronal Language Ciub Festuval """ if V-H X , I A 1, my Tis, P49 4' ' l fl I--Ami? A . wi. ""'i! . Q 1 Lui 'I- 'f " . 'Q-Q2 E221 ff" -., 511 - gm! " I X.- -,,-1' tQrfCofCnanrrnanJ. K. Drahozal Ureasurerb, D. Ferruccuo. A. Gullard, E. Goldman. G. Hobson fCo-Chaurrnany, C. Hornmel, L. Jordan 4SocretaryJ, C. Lnverman, P. Lewaliyn, N. McDonald. 17h I HISTORY CLUB: V. Alfano CCofChaurrnan7, O. Amaechn. C. Belfortl. R. Burnham, P. Carpen- x--- SKI CLUB: B. Walkner CPresldentJ. J. Henderdeen, M Shaffer, G. Corbett. S. Stennburg. B. Wrugbt, A. Sullivan A. Degozzalcnl, E. Upl'1arn,J. Person. B. Goldsteun. J Austln lVuce-Presudentl, K. Dlott, J. Nluto. M. Deslmone B. Rosenberg, D. Pratt, J. Rosenberg, M. Drake, T Dowd, P. Walsh fSecretaryJ, R. Marks. J. Decollabus. B Hart. B. Flore. E. St. Andre, L. Carrara. J. Gordon. N Scagnelll, C. Beaver, R. Goldberg fTreasurerl, H. Walk er, K. Foster, A. Coburn, D. Jacobs, L. Supeno. P. Tose tue. B. Erlckson. Jayne Coburn, FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Engvall, Mr. Breen. l SPEECH CLUB: FIRST ROW: L. McLean. S Eysmann fSecretaryJ, M. McLean lVnc:e Pres: dentb, lVlr. Sosny fAdvlsorJ, P. Kulmlnlk lPresu dentl, C. Frledrnan lTreasurerJ, S. Frled. D Salvetz. SECOND ROW: R, Goldberg. H. Press man, K. Fennsteun. C. Convery, P. Carney, P Nlaubrook. NOT SHOWN: H. Barnstone. CHESS CLUB: B. Sokolov, D. Contrata lVnce Presloentl, Mr Hester CAdvnsorb. B. Sbaraf fPresrdentl. T. Dlnan. I LL AUDIO-VISUAL AIDES: FIRST ROW: P. Lewallen, R. Rawlmg. C Gram, C, Happy. N. Hopkms. Mr, Robert Balley QAGVISOTJ. SEC- OND ROW: G. Nlanseau. P. Ma' son. R Stemberg, Nl. Brown, C. Wlllne. G. Duckmann, N. Duck- man. R. Ward, Nl. Paquette. MISSING: P. Salvetz, A. Brown. LIBRARY AIDES: C. Carroll, L. Prevlte. B. Lathrop, J. IVIcGulre. R. Lowe, J. Carroll, NOT SHOWN: C. Latham-Brown, L. Binder. J. Amacljuan, lvl, Dinan, C. Feola. K, Lennard. D. Tes- Chner. GUIDANCE AIDES1 R. Rowlmg, K. Carroll, K. Vorce . L. Baugees, C. Happy. S. Rawlmg, D. Contrata. MISSING: C. Bartollm, A. Hop- klr1s,C Abro. A. Marsh, L. Kwa- sek. L. Hanscom. AIDES 4 fekhk, b"55N 4 fi 4114 In-14-r. is-z'.a'x. Q byreu-Jar -,,,,. TYPING POOL: FIRST ROW: N. Flynn. K. Brenc, C. Bomenger. G. Sleeper,. SECOND ROW: NI. Anderson, F. Beltzer, D. Larnis, Mr. Hatch Uldvisorl NOT SHOWN: D. Bernardi. Need a TV set? ... or help in running a movie projector? Won't the computer sign on ... or vvon't it turn off? Who will type the masses of copy for the yearbook ... or help that teacher who hasn't learned to type yet? Stacking books, distributing absence sheets, helping schedule guidance appointments, are some of the unsung jobs that are taken care of with dispatch by our "AlDES". Li- brary and guidance aides, audio-visual and computer assistants, members of the typing pool all play an impor- tant role in keeping the wheels rolling at South. Yeh Aides! COMPUTER OPERATORS: FIRST ROW: P. Pappas, R. Breslow, B. Wrassman. . SECOND ROW: B. Fitzgerald. J. Dale Iape, H. Goldman, M. Cohen. MISSING: T. Shahood. , 'Tl Y PHILOIVIATH Whether this year's Philomath was a suc- cess or not is something only you can judge. We did, however, meet the goalswe had set for ourselves. The most drastic change was the addition of a twenty-page Underclass Section, achieved without lengtheningthe book. The Creative Arts Section, shortened due to the recent success ot "The Page," has enabled yet another talented group of our student body to take part in the year- book. Student participation, especially in the area of photography, was greatly in- creased. We have tried to represent the entire school in this year's publication. .-.- I-4' PHILOMATH: FIRST ROW: L Verdy D Smith P Harris H Zecker H Pressman l Berman S Kaye S Eysman T Soma C Soma, K. Lynch. SECOND ROW K Antalek S Cheslowsky L Takacs K Bullard J Sydow B Sharaf J Luker D Aronoff tAsst Editorl, M, Roberts tEditorJ lvl Kiely R Burnham K Shaugnessy C Seaver J McGuire L Lemay L Falkouski THIRD ROW' Mr, HatchtAdvusorJ G Cohen S Ryan K Moynihan R Fiegleman K Nlangini C Trotta K Harvey N Dwyer K. Read, D. Shriber, A. Loyd P Chiudioni C Stratton K Kottler S Levy C Pattison S Scanlon L Roberts B Garner M Cohen, Mr. Zaido tBusiness Advisorj L Al 2-'W f GF? X ,x aff.-?f"' fw- I sl ,F NJ .1 mandiihsw- l turn the pages back my friends To days of long ago, Each page holds some old memory Of how we learn to grow. We started out like little kids. We soon grew lost and scared. Yet, the help we gave each other Could Never be compared. Together we shared so many laughs But there were times we cried. Although we felt like giving up, Together, we always tried. And now it is the end my friends. Our story is all through. Or maybejust beginning . .. The beginning of chapter two? - Diane Slatkavitz I ci QQ! U sig M Z x N- ' ' by I ix 1 sb QA ix pw QQSQEH: x. 2144 XX X ,iii , 1 'ffl mb MZ i She is alone, braiding the flowers of her life into wreaths of the past. But the petals fall, and some stems break. She cries, every flower dies. - Julie Edes X so 00 Pie i i W5 LM . , Thi s m N si i S i v ygyi . -Q, ,.. W K Q1 ff 7 ' lx 'at gf :, ' stings? .. QQ. g N V, xxx C51 ..5' , '- '53, ' Mvxiyf is Q, . -,,M,.v .--,2,,.3T ,g! . i-.-eff - N ease - -f at . -. .- - if 1 " ' 'Z-V16 v: F ' f s ff Ii f f " E 35 - N -,Ai 0 A 1 ly jrzt - ' vi- i l -f Qc, x ., 1 W ,.,,.Q,if fe9 I - -' g4K3i-' S if Y sms ax 'rx V .. .t ,,, l- f gg' g- , -he--:bs-f ., , A- ,fix Egg - . "N , lining , "- IQ ffl' if if or -tt. lifitt ,T J' X Mg 3 sim lf' -s . ly-is ifg,-cas-if-gbg 'lg gy' N, -WT-F' "5'5,"iil ,lg Www. if ,Sf 5, . Q,,?Z x gs S gf xnqx it ,S . U 5 L... .g-. V5 ,, -. 4 ' -, nilfifzg Wins - ef Y, fi- t f T 'tv to 'f' QQ' , "ie ' 'i ,L-J"'f1 5F?-:?wf?'3'?f'r:.i: , .4 . -,, f 1 . 1 -48 ,X .wage ,xy,-- ,Pg-.-71 gg .. ,A E. .,, .,,. MQ, I w:f, ,7,g 5, -,325 5 .1, Q: A 5- .i , P, . g, ' -1'-Q, fm, - . H fi EF v 'Q ' i all " -il ff 153 A : - - ' P i Q' .Q 'i -QW? -fx" '4 q 1' ,itffw l . 4, -,X . ,Smith - -..- l get . 1 l - i't b2f5'eX K R525 . " ' 1 1 1 i "fl-r"5'S , 5 Elk. ' E 5 ' A Q V ,Q igiilmiggfqge X, ' . i, . 5- 5'5ii':? gil X f - . -if -. -94,425 . i V A , ll X gg, :ggi-gyjga ,M i l ,y X ?:":'i. : 'i ixkQJs,,1 " 'i l N fl. ff- P .Mt . T l A15 rl-fax if Mil 3 'NV 1 " '.. f l-if .- nl rj rlhzgl il lxgbbx 5-.jg J L-I S 1 1 SEMWEZ 5 :Q fisfwi - T 22' K '.f3,A in lx zilgytfii fxiifgg? gg X ' i. I .tux-,' gg 1- ' -31' I .-.kgs if::r3Q,, ' 1 ' f 'if"2fg'f3'i'i 53? " T- T T 3' , l N w . 5 . .., 11, l i 'tffwgii ig' 5-f'-Zak, 1 1 l N "' 22" 'T' th Q ' iviffi, ,i lk' afiiih.-2 g -if N, "-5142-fy x - F, 1 "Nr, P .s 2512 - F-'mfzfe'-" :??2.f'fs.ef-- ul . i 9 .N s,,.x+,w5g ,. l Q W-1 T ' i - -1..v-f:17, - , h'-'1E1'f:,1??3p 'ff' ,L . - . ' 1 .,,. j- In .1 xT."!i3.i' 'gffmx . T' Q 2 fi "J , , . . . M- 1 M pariah 4 . , ,V ' it W k? ,A ,ds - 6,31 , 1 ,2"4:.-Al- E fl 'sv . , A -,qfg?n-- .,gp,, Airsoft-iff , ,Y -"' L it jg . 5195 v .5 . :I ill t 1' -A ff? .. N X 1. f 8. X wg ". , 1 Q3 X RX 'l Tl il git Q, 5 X51 'X Lgqz- k Q1 1 -Xirdo, 5 2 ,emi .l 3 , , 'if'I't"3V3'fV-ti gil x K 2 f , . L I .X lx x Y N in Zivifihri ilffg is, ' 1 N i - T it 35 rwseili T " X if 5222.1 Gigi' fr," E - . tggii s i .. . , 'lu if l 5 1 Veg el, 2 Y .l, ' a-f, We . Q iw Ju in ' X L7 -' ' ':,.:,,.u--R '1 X - ' f 1 l-Fsgzbitei ' 'i-fi? I sgais X 3.4221 X' E1 X "gi, . --qwvv ig Q 'z Swv - r fit, ft' , , '52 v-'ai e- ilvif l .. Maxi- A , T T t 'Q' 'gigfif ' eff! iff' KX 'ki ' X X If f?.,'2s,1Xx '- 1 ,Ka , 5 . .W .iz-as g -1g?Xf ilk xx . . N A mx R 'fs' E-r XX l X - i it, . wg 5f'i'5'4w'3 t - Xf WJ- A" -3'-:5?w:ii H352 -V 'Qs . 'a B 'si T ' - X Q' WEST s fftfik e 1 .gr -ls -,MS we - X . 1 'N SW i 32? 321- fflbyw X il::,, L? gn X V . iff" T' tif- 'B . 1 1 N f:- 4 tiifigi Eli? f 5 Sig 1215, W 3 5 .,AkM,:,l tg I -A ' V,-.Ib 'A ' gil f B Twsfe 2 1 gig 5:1 i X - Q - - -- 4- il E95 -air ,lf - 'S '? 'h"tfg,f 5455 ' .Ns ' 1 4 ' S l Q Fillll if T , 'ef s , 'i-, Q -,Q . . i 5 if tile Sgt.-f BH l T i X 'fi 5925 Vg., f K -, -A - i 1 . :gi ggtgiggff -xl V, i X., f ' mlb. 1 ti- 1 l 63 through the times i've sat and wondered what am i to be? and the times that i have thought, what will become of me? i had someone to turn to. and i found my resurrection and carried on. but what will become of you my friend i often wonder how- that same mistake will happen. where are you to turn to now? so now we come with the past behind- and here we are starting again. for i have found my bag of gold- my treasure of a friend. - debi raphael They linger on the shores of my sea. Your words, they haunt my waves at night, And while wandering the fields of my nature, They ca use the conflict in me. The sun fades, whilethese words Are washed away by rain. - Julie Edes -Cindy Belforti l gf'1 i BE QL X V I gk u AA -- 1 f - 4 4 ,G l,,f.,lfi,1 x . Q, ' . , ,f,g1f5'w af fn? w. """"'-'-'J"?v. I' ' "v1x,1L5."', may A ' f A iZ,1islYl.l,'? 'wig' A 4 W5 NA . f f' YN A. X 'X Q' a . I New -- "'- 5 .I , as J . 7 A-L . . .:":vzcmm.- Www, . Vwm 6W,mZ7W Q59 89891 xo ws ? gwWf',Ig fb ffl E Q 5 NW' f"g0T2EE+'1 ifgwki, nga. G, 5 fJ23'fZ1Zp4aW N9 ?24'1fwp75,,m,9s'?f ag im9924f'g1yg3,0Uwm? WW! 5hA?7,i,,,5, There was a distinct rapping on my door, I shunned the thoughts of answering it, Hidden in a disillusioned corner, I lost my inner security Several times I approached the huge magestic door, but it was impossible to reach. Years passed, the door unopened still. My mind lost control of my being. Instinct drew me to the door. The rythmic knocking was like that of a pulse, the rhythm increasing and decreasing. One simple turn was all it took, yielding to the challenging, changing new world. I regained ny mind and security. lam ALIVE!! - Ka ren Shaughnessy 'i+'f+4'l X V F, -Y KS.,ETN x F-. it it fi X i ' li , Y X - r ,gifs-LA --X1 3 l iw fy N W xxx X J as ' 'I i , i, lx X ' - '51 - 1 . X r f, ,f XJ 'Q X ,X Q. - X x . X , x x A s X . iz f 1 X 'x P if - l Y Xf Xi xx xx i i it A . y X il i , Xx- Xt l t Xixi l lf WGS i X X h X i VV' XX ix, X -y xii- pdl ii- lvl ' lgfi-X. 'U ' i f-X xy i ix - f , f Nil N ,1 f Xian il 61 f r llfi ' X340 V ' X , jgpjf f,gf' 1 f rf, ffz' Cory Pignolo HW' vt- The ocean covering sings a song of creation, A peaceful but roaring voice stories of life and death. A lonely but comforting noise reaches out over the shores. s People enjoy, and fear its rolling tides and mountainous waves. Its thunderous call tantalizes all to ' travel and enjoy its endless boundriep. "H --.., N' - Carol Seaver e-. Q rf rv,-v-'12--'-ii' . ' r. lm5..,,gK,.iIwg5g,., ' r -4 1' r w.M,' x' I' 'iw ' x "'. V?-5 Q" vt1""- . ii? aff. ,, he . 1 i - wad, ,-Q. 5, ' . I Y. 515 H., R , .gfw ,-ix l D A Trees harmonized with the windg The sun sang its song to the earth. The flowers had a melody unimpaired it started to raing The rain gave its rhythm to the earth. lt was the symphony of life. If music be the food of lite, Then let it play on. -T' V g fj .1 I 1 xl if 'if IST' ' ' .. 'A ' Q ,A g M4 ,rw . hm 1 , vw - X A "f - . 'Ulm-...N 1 4 Ml ,fQ-. W s.,, N ' 0 ' ' uc e c R e ,, ff ' vi . " 5 H o P gn m S , ' --5AwDw,, M-,M ' M.,-1--VL., A A I - 14 ggwifrfyx sei.-f?f,s'F-z-vf 'g35 5 ' ff' ' in .VV "2 ' 5 1 :nuff - .. A ? -1' I . .N ' . Q j y f 2 Vw It i K ' S V . 4 V h U -.rp "' H . - .--'-f--Fig., I E a lH El . . - 12.-' - f' f :fuk 'MWF' . . V . .-'JN Q ' . ' una 4 ' --+L ' 'ff - ' "- M00 ,B . FUlELT16:?RmTIES 4--1' , l ll! I I a ull ' A 4 ' ' 'al' . . oi, JH., .. 'L - .L H 'LUG ' 1- x x 'tif 7. - yas ,.,-1 fn lg. Zi'- , TT GR: s H, 4-54.14-.A A. , 7 ' A--:H NDERS BURGER KING Nqmn 'T MCD0l1aldS OVER 1 5 BILLIDI SERVED U - ' ' . 5 i . -.X .. J sg-3 -,-:A , 4-0-1- . 'S . "' V , A4',1v,:V, , ,., -,...,'.v..... Now the world is out there waiting for you. Now the future is what you will make it. Whuch way to go? What job to seek? Where as the yellow brick road? One company represents so many dlfferent avenues there may be a job opportunity that just a job that leads to a better job Ask your guldance counselor where and when you can apply for an lntervlew with New England Telephone A people to people buslness New England Telephone An equal opportunlty employer fits your particular talents. More important, Congratulations!! to the Class of 1975 Have a Personal Banker at your side, on your side. Branch Offices in: Ashland, Framingham, Marlboro, Maynard, Natick, Newton, Sudbury, Waltham, Watertown community notional lmnlq A Showmut Associolion Bonk ' Member FDIC v Q? gn-'O STUDENT SPONSGRS "Good Luck" from SB. 84 B. Lou, "They were fighting acrimoniously!" June 81 Frank. March 12, 1973. "Furrn run the slant, wait where the hell is Roy!" Peace and Love to all. P.lVl.Z. Behind Bowlerama at 6:45 a.m. Gloria is in love . . . C.lVl. Visine gets red out- Huh lVlalc "Kenn, Dirts under your nose!" Salt 81 Pepper - Woody 84 Weeny, Janie "86" "Want me to drive?" ...Tricia S. Mental lVlalc's on the loose! Field Hockey "74" Chip 81 Jen Love those yellow sweats CLO J.L., D.A Mixed drinks on us - SlewLou's Fio says she's sorry "What time is itAng?" Summer of '73 Little O.B. has coordination "Whose getting snaks? Hub Pud" Per. 4 lt's a little Brooklyn maybe, Barb . . . Joyce Hi Prissy Pudis Shro Bo Signs lnc. O.B., D.S. Stoney Pony "lt's quarter of 12 guys!" Roads are mighty dangerous D.G. 84 C.A. Sue S., Barb L., Donna S., Sue L., Ellen B., Tricia Tl1ere's another O'B coming "SO" S., Joyce M., Kim K., - the Immediate Family. Memories of Love, Laughter, 81 Ladybugs 'Cape Cod look out!" ... Donna S. Tricia O'B Dr. 81 Mrs. E. J. Aronoff Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 Alfred E. Badger Louise I. Richard Grade 11 Office - Paul Brunelle - Mrs. Semple Mrs. George Bullard Mr. 81 Mrs. C. J. Cheslousky SPONSORS Framingham South Gridiron Boosters Mr. Francis Galvani Sophomore Class - Mr. Joyce - Mrs. Johnson Mr. 81 Mrs. George Luker Mr. 84 Mrs. John C. O'Brien Mr. 81 Mrs. J. F. Shaughnessy Congratulations Class of '75 Mr. Waugh - Mrs. Ward , f7x l PATRONS Buena Suerte class de '75 - Miss Antonio Ms. Lillian Blatt Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Convery Mr. Si Mrs. John R. Costa Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank W. DiVittorio Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Hakansson Best Wishes Class of '75 - Charles E. Hatch Mr. Frank James Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank Keohane Mr. 81 Mrs. John Liberatore Best wishes to the class of '75 - Eugene F. McCarthy , 3 Mr. 81 Mrs. John F. McGuire, Sr Mary E. O'Neil Mr.8tMrs Mr.8tMrs. Mr.8tMrs Mr.8tMrs Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr.8iMrs Mr.8iMrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert J. Roberts Edward T. Ryan James P. Savas John Seaver Malcom Shriber John Stephan Louis A. Takacs, Jr. Donald N. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Zaido 9 " Quality Cleaners and Fur Storage 151COnCOrd Street Cleaning-Laundry-Fur Storage Downtown, Framingham Fast. over the counter service 875-5969 532 Union Avenue Horne of Satisfned Customers , for over 58 years." Ffamlnf-Zham Qofaemmf 7H1!6f,Q6f'Zf9 Sq Q FRAMINGH M MASS SHOP W0 LD SUDBU M SS A L OR0 ASS Slnoere Best Wishes to the Graduates GUARANTYFIRST TRUST COMPANY The One way to bank. Serving Framingham At 250 Concord St 0 Route 30 IVIaII 0 Co-op Shopping Ctr Congratulations From .', r V, Q If if 4,277 xfiurzmggff Immun fl Ulm 'msmu Ufwtsaii , I". I ', 1 , UIYNQGQS Dr. Donald Allain David P. Anghinetti, D.M.D. Dr. Howard S. Dinsmore Robert E. Johnson, lVl.D. William M. Kelley, Jr., Attorney ,,-if The Professional People n t 'x 15' , A fiiliif x ya -N' ,Ep PLACE Oral Surgical Associates Dr. John W. Reid Stephen H. Rostler, M.D. Surgical Associates, Inc. Dr. Paul F. Sydow A Friend ofthe Class of '75 AXY Congratulatlons to the Class of 1975' Life Improvement Bank FRAMINGHAM SAVINGS wntown Nobscot Route Nine Nine at Temp 0'BRlEN 8: JOHNSON, INC 178 Forbes Rd. Braintree, Mass. 02184 Compliments of 1 i Martin M. Scanlon Insurance Agency, 1 Inc. Gateway Building - Route 9 Framingham Centre, Mass. 01701 872-6300 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE PONTIAC CADILLAC GMC Rte.135 Framingham 879-1221 . Q .Q , o, 1 There once was a class at South High, Which endeavored to reach for the sky Four yea rs were alive With our class sev'nty five. We how bid you adieu and good-bye. Clam gf 75 -f 5515726 to 450 yCOIil?...? tm91'l?:3 Quin so 1T10c11y...SO Timfj Wm wwf? Rfnwmfifr MIXEUMEETS, tfw 5 , Ml1KD011l1m5,fTHIflCMS, Webs lbokd ay to150u5we4H strive to foffown. 30 wfwrf 302212 STIMT? WW? frm? to wmtt 1t Jownu. c cm , ,, ggu3fff2nJ5Wynmxm?uVvXE6cf?d3mU11. n "TM 515151. QOUJ Qld? ' Cfass of 76 NZber1iTrqve WHWMEJW, 1? Rfnwgakmg 9 ritlgvf a fruing Wfw vergmst, ow GMM . -T, HIGH SCHO0L Special MEMBER SJQRIS4-,Q D N! f 2 OPTICAL co. Dispensing Opticians 442 Franklin St. Framingham, Mass. 01701 Tel. 875-1400 SEE BETTER-LooK BETTER wm-i CLEAN GLASSES FRANUN CUM NY PA' "AN mt NAME wma Ntw . : 1873 ', W iotixsori FRANKUN STREET" H3 .,- QCD CRANKUN STREET. FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS OI7Ol if Tai 972.436-T -li To? views or srnvicii mu QUALITY 207 I l' m ,QR 'J- 1 NATICK WELLESLEY 95 Worcester Road, Rte. 9 653-9670 Enroll now for 3 months and receive 2 additional months instruction ABSOLUTELY FREE! Men, Women 81 Children - All Ages! LEARN KARATEXKUNG-FU Develop physical conditioning, self-defense, self discipline. Learn each complete safety - supervised and instructed by highly qualified Black belt instructors. Classes held mornings, afternoons or evenings, group or private Monday thru Saturday. NO CONTRACTS. Air conditioned for your comfort FRAIVIINGHAM 450 WAVERLY ST. 873-9088 WE EXTEND OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES . . . FRAIVIINGI-IAM CO-OPERATIVE BANK 1 0 ONE-YEAR -f TERM DEPOSIT 2 CERTIFICATES I 51,000 Min. Deposit ANNUAL RATE lnsuredinfull I earn interest from day of deposit I subject to term deposit regulations 59 Howard St. 828 Concord FRAIVIINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS 01701 Telephone: 872-4368 Webb Supply Company 390 Franklin Street Framingham, Massachusetts Wholesalers and Distributors of Plumbing-Heating-Oil Burner and Air Conditioning Supplies C O O C I O lLLIIia5i'r .IUi ' .'5Efi?f5 ' kg 7'-filly Sli .151 I il I' i- . ' I0 :5': lax. ..0..A'.l..l' an 2 : 5 I- D. D: ., .a .. .ax .0 ua.---'-':, v 0. o.0,', 'n',o ,.o.I-3 .. i.-0' ' .'.' o Q v 0,:::..os. Q '0t:.pv i: 2 z...:. a .. L, fr rr '.'-e--, -:..': '.,'.'.'. - -,g - 5 t,,a'm.,f' . iw The impeccable choice in elegant function facilities . .. ' WEDDING FIECEPTIONS ' LUNCHEONS ' PARTIES ' PROIVIS - BANQUETS - BUSINESS MEETINGS ' SALES - TRADE SHOWS - CONVENTIONS Accommodating up to 2,000 people! SEMINARS Route Nine - Framingham Montvale Avenue - Stoneham 879-5300! Boston 332-5400 438-4111 Route One - Saugus 233-7400 ! Boston 321-1661 AM YEA co? KJ 0 RE EBOOK PAN Y uuZQQMmcwaw OFFICES AND PRODU O TOPEKA KANSAS CTION FACILITIES Q VISALIA CALIFORNIA I WINNIPEG MANITOBA Q CLARKSVILLE TENNESSEE Q STATE COLLEGE. PENNSYLVANIA Q E T"'C'7'Ka NC '4 BUSINESS SPONSORS Avery's Mattress 81 Upnolstering DeCoIIibus T.V., Inc. Copy Fast Printing Center Poplins Furniture Coiffure by Mr. Eugene Professional Pharmacy Datti's Package Store Raphael's Army 84 Navy Supply White Hardware Co., Inc. Congratulations to the Class of 1975 We know the sigh of relief that comes at the end of your final exam. Long years of study behind you, and a big wide world ahead. But even at that it isn't the final test - or the end of your learning. The biggest tests still face you in the choice and fulfillment of your life's work. Many plan for college, some must reckon with the armed forces. Others will seek positions in industry, trade, business. We, at Dennison, congratulate you on your past ac- complishments, if your future plans call for steady employment or summer work, we'll be glad to discuss your problems with you. Our Employment Department will welcome the chance to outline opportunities existing in our of- fices, factory, and warehouse. DENNISON We are proud of the part Westwood Studios has played in the production ot your yearbook. It is with this same pride in our work, and our interest in producing better portraits and candids that we hope you may call upon our services in the future. ll Studios 218 Chestnut Street Needham, Mass. 02192 444-0042 PORTRAITS, WEDDING CANDIDS, AND YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY Most Versatile Onye Amaechi and Donna Aronoff ROBERT ABLONDI: Track 2.3.4: Gymnas- tics 2.3.4. JUDI ACTON: Ski Club 3: Pep Squad 2.3.4: Glee Club 13 Candy Sale 1.2.3: Steering Committee 1.2.33 Christmas Projects MERLE ADIS: MIKE AGOSTINELLI: Football Manager. VINCENT C. ALFANO: History Club 43 Track 4: Golf 1.23 Band 2.3.43 Music Festival 2.3.43 Co-Chairman History Club: Associate Edi- tor of Newsletter. DIANE ALLAIN JUANITAALTAMIRANO DENNIS R. ALZAPIEDI: Band Orches- tra 2.3.4: Music Festival Senior Play 4: Christmas Project 4. ONYE AMAECHI: Drama Club 1.2.3: Ping Pong Club 3.43 History Club 3.4: Track 1.43 Soccer MARCIA ANDERSON: Senior Play 4. PAUL ANDERSON DOREEN M. ANTOBENEDETTO: Gymnastics 11 Christmas Project 1.2. JOSEPH ARAUJOi Track 1.2: Soccer LYNN ARCHAMBAULT Ski Club 32 Pep Squad 2.3.4: Senior Play 4: Library Aide 3.4. Candy Sale 1.2.31 Bookstore 1.2: Steer- ingCommittee 1.2.3. Student Councel 1. DONNA LYNN ARONOFF: Drama Club 1.2.3 Pep Squad Glee Club 2.3: Music Festival 2: Philomath 3. Assistant Editor-in- Chief 43 Student Crier 3.4: Senior Play 2.43 Language Lab Aide 13 Candy Sale Bookstore 1.2.32 Christmas Project 3.4: Na- tional Honor Society 2.3.4Q Steering Com- mittee Homeroom Representative Student Government Coalition 43 Prom Committee Chairman 3: Creative Arts Festival 33 Freshman Track Manager: Sophomore Class Treasurer. DAVID ARRIGO DARLENE ASSENCOA: Pep Squad 3.43 Intra- mural Volleyball Christmas Pro- gram 2. CRAIG S. BAHNSEN: German Club 3.43 Gym- nastics Senior Play 4: Bookstore 2.32 Christmas Program National Honor Society 2.3.43 Pres. National Honor Soc.4 BRIAN BALCOM ED BALKAM: Pep Squad 1.2: Christmas Pro- gram 2.3. NANCY BARBADORA: Pep Squad Volleyball Intramurals 2. JAMES ANTHONY BARBIERI: Drama Club 4: Ping Pong Club 3.4 Pep Squad 3.4: Indoor Track Track Cross Country Senior Play 4: Language Lab Aide 1: Candy Sale 33 Christmas Program 2.33 S.G.C. 3: Steering Committee Stu- dent Councel 3: H.R. Representative Captain Cross Country: Captain Outdoor Track. LISA BARBIERI: Ski Club 1.23 Candy Sale 13 Christmas Program 1.2: Steering Commit- tee 2.3. KAROL BARILONE MICHAEL BARKER PATRICE MARIE BARLEY: Pep Squad 1,21 Softball 1.23 Field Hockey 1.2: Basketball Manager 13 Steering Committee 1.2. SUE BARR JEANNE BASTIEN ELLEN SUE BAUER: Pom Pom Girls: 23 Pep Squad 3.43 Prom Committee 3. Fashion Show 13 Music Festival 33 Philomath 43 Stu- dent Crier 33 Candy Sale 3.43 Steering Com- mittee 3.43 Home Room Rep. 3.4. DARLENE BEAL PATRICIA J. BECKER: Drama Club 13 Pep Squad Jr. Prom Committee 3: Field Hockey 33 Basketball 43 Candy Sale Christmas Program 1.2: Steering Commit- tee Intramurals SCOTT D. BECKER: Fine Arts Club Science Quiz Team 1.2.3: Lacrosse Band 4: Orchestra 43 Music Festival 43 Stu- dent Crier 1.2.3: National Honor Society 2.3. JAMES S. BEHENNA JR.: Hockey 1.2,3,4. CYNTHIA JEAN BELFORTI: Ski Club 4: Drama Club 13 History Club 43 Pep Squad 1.2.33 Manager Boys Track team 13 Ecology Club 1.23 Variety Show 1.2.33 Intramural Volleyball 1: Lang. Lab Aide 1: Candy Sale 1.2.31 Bookstore 1: Christmas Program Steering Committee 1.2.33 Class Sec. 1.2.3. CARLO BELLOLI DEBBIE BELLOLI: Candy Sale 1.23 Christ- mas Project 1.2.: Steering Committee 1.2. KIM MARIE BELLORA: Candy Sale 1.2: Steer- ing Committee 3. MAUREEN TERESA BENEFITO: Color Guard 2.3.4: Pep Squad Gymnastics 1: Candy Sale 23 Christmas Project 3. BRIAN K. BERGINZ Ski Club 1.2: German Club Pep Squad 4: Football 23 Golf Christmas Project National Honor Society 3.4 INA RUTH BERMAN: Teacher's Aide 2.3.4: Office Aide 3.4: PhiIomatl143 Page 43 Senior Play 43 Junior Achievement 3.4. DIANNE BERNARDI STEPHEN BERTRAND: Pep Squad 12.3.43 Football 2: Lacrosse 12.3.4 DONNA LEE BLUE: Pep Squad 1,233.43 Music Festival 12.31 Office Aide 12: Candy Sale 12.31 Steering Committee 1.2.3. CLAUDIA BOMENGEN: Typing Pool 4: Candy Sale 23 Guidance Aide 3. DONNA BONANNO CHERYL A. BONVINI: Pep Squad 12.3.43 Music Festival 12.3.43 Candy Sale 12.32 Steering Committee 12.3.4. ANGELA JEANNE BOUCINI: Cheerleader 2.3.43 Steering Committee 4. JENNIFER ANN BOWEN: Track 43 Gymnas- tics 1.43 Swim Team 43 Music Festival 13 Candy Sale 23 Steering Committee 43 Var- sity Letter Swimming Honor. HELEN BRADLEY: Candy Sale 12.33 Steer- ing Com. 1.3. JOHN BRATICA: Football 12.33 Captain 43 Lacrosse 3.43 Pep Squad 4. KRISTINE ELLEN BRENC: Philomath 3.4: Lang. Lab. Aide 13 Typing Pool 4. KATHLEEN MARY BRENNAN: Ski Club 1: French Club 12: Latin Club 33 Tennis 233: Philomath 43 Lib, Aide 12.33 Steering Com. 3. RICHARD BRESLOW: Ping Pong Club 3,41 Lacrosse 233,43 Student Crier 2,3.43 Christ- mas Prg. 3,43 N.H.S. 2,3343 Home Room Rep. 1: Computer Aide 43 Harvard Book Prize. MIKE BRITT: Ski Club 3.41 Golf 3.4. BRIAN P. BROSNAHAN: German Club 3.4: Volleyball 1.2.33 Track 12,3343 Music Festi- val 13 Lang. Lab. Aide 13 Christmas Prg. 3,43 N.H.S. 233,43 Treas. German Club 4. RICHARD J. BROWN JR.: Ping Pong Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Baseball 11 Golf 2,33 Cap- tain 4: Basketball 1.2.33 Cross Country 13 Senior Play 43 Christmas Prg. 12,3341 N.H.S. 2.3. Vice President 43 H.R. Rep. 1,233.43 Law Day 2,32 Student Gov't Day 3. KAREN BULLARD: Ski Club 23 Pep Squad 12.3.41 Jr. Prom Committee 33 Hockey Sta- tistician 3,43 Softball 13 Lacrosse 43 Field Hockey 12,33 Basketball 43 Philomath 3,43 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 1233.43 Christ- mas Prg. 1233: Steering Com. 12.3.43 Edi- tor Senior Pictures - Philomath: Chair- man Pictures - Jr. Prom3 Head Statisticlar Boys Hockey. TIMOTHY BURICK RICHARD M. BURNHAM: Spanish Club 43 Key Club 43 History Club 43 Philomath 4: Page 43 Lang. Lab. Aide 1: Candy Sale 13 Christmas Prg. 12,3343 S.G.C. 1233.43 Steering Com. 1.2.33 South High Rep. to National Conference ot'Christlans and Jews 3. DEBORAH BUTLER Spanish Club 43 Philo- math 43 Candy Sale 33 Steering Com. 3. ED CAHILL' Ski Club 1.31 Ping Pong Club 233,43 Tennis 13 Golt 2.3.4. PAULA A. CARDIFF JOHN CARLSON KEVIN J. CARROLL Spanish Club 33 History Club 43 Football 23 Hockey 1.2.3. Lacrosse 2.3.43Cross Country 1. DEBRA CASS LINDA CASS MIKE CASTAGNA: Wrestling 2. RALPH PETER CAVALIERIz Jazz Band 12,3343 Brass Ensemble 3,43 Band 12.3.43 Orchestra 12,3343 Music Festival 12.3.41 Christmas Prg. 2.33 N.H.S. 2.3.43 Variety Show DOUGLAS W. CHANEY: Work Study 4. ANDRE CAHPUT PAMELA CHASE MARY ELIZABETH CHAVES: German Club 1.2: Chess Club 13 Spring Arts Festival 2.3.43 Brass Quintet 3.43 Band 3.43 Orchestra 12. 3,43 A Capella 43 Glee Club 3,43 Music Festi- val 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Senior Play 43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Musicals 233.43 Who's Who in American High Schools. 7 4. 4 SUSAN CHESLOUSKY1 Pep Squad Baseball Score Keeper 2,33 Philomath 3.43 Bookstore 1.2.3: Christmas Program 3: Steering Committee 1.23.43 Editor Busi- ness 8- Advertising: Prom Committee, 3. MARIANNE CHIAPPINI: Softball 1,2.3,43 Field Hockey 1,2.3,43 Basketball 1,2.3,43 Candy Sale 23 Bookstore 13 Steering Com- mittee 1.23 Homeroom Representitive 1.2.33Class President2. ANN ELIZABETH CHIUDIONI: Pep Squad Intramural Basketball 2: Intra- mural Volleyball 2.3.43 Softball 13 Field Hockey 1.2,3.4: Philomath 43 Senior Play 43 SteeringCommittee2.3.4. PATRICE ALICE CHIUDIONI: Softball 1,2.3,43 Field Hockey 1,2.3,43 Basketball 1,2.3,43 Philomath 43 Senior Play 43 Steering Committee 1,2.3,43 Home Room Repre- sentative2. PAUL J. CHIUMENTO PETER J. CHRISTI: Football 1.23 Gymnastics 1.2. ANNE CLARK JAYNE COBURN: Ski Club 3,43 Variety Show 2.33 Ecology Club 2,31 Steering Committee GAIL A. COHEN: French Club: 3,43 Make up and!or set design for school plays 2.3.43 Student Crier 43 Page 3,41 Senior Play 4, Candy Sale 2,33 Christmas Prg. 3, H.R. Rep. 43 Spring Arts Festival 3,43 French Club Treasurer 43 Student Crier - Exchange Editor 4. MICHAEL S. COHEN: German Club 1,2.3,43 Science Quiz Team 2.3: TV Program 2.3.43 Philomath Student Crier 1,2.3,43 Page 3.43 Bookstore 1.21 Christmas Project 2.3.43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Spring Arts Festival 3,43 Pres. of German Club, Coordinator of Philomath 43 Photo Ed. - Student Crier and Page3 Computer Opera- tor 3.43 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.43 Golf 23 Language Lab Aid 13 Chemistry Lab Aid 23 Tutoring Pro- gram 3.4. DIANE COLEMAN: Candy Sale1,2.3. MIGUEL COLMEMARES: Baseball 1.2.33 Softball 2,31 Gymanstics 1.2.33 Swim Team 4. CHRIS CONT! RICKY CONTI: Football 1,23 Baseball 23 La- crosse 13 Basketball 1.2. DAVID CONTRADA: Chess Club 2.3.4. V.P. 23 Pres. 3. 1 .teal ani? I 1 . H.-.:- . 1 ,. , -... ..3'1'-Nu' Most Popular Nate Lewis and Tricia O'Brien CHRISTINE CONVERY: Drama Club 1,2.3,43 Spring Arts Festival 3. Musicals 2,3,43 Band 2,3,43 Orchestra 3.4: Music Festival 2.3.43 Senior Play 43 Bookstore 1.23 Christmas Program 3.43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Steering Committee 2.3.43 Chairperson Christmas Project 4. T. VINCENT CORSINI: Ski Club 1.2.43 Ger- man 1,2,33 Volleyball 1,23 Golf 2.3.43 Bas- ketball Manager 1.2.33 Swim Team 4. DAVID COURAGE: Cross Country Ski 1: Ten- nis 13 Soccer 33 Lacrosse 13 Homeroom Re- presentative 1. RICHARD COX JOHN P. CROCI: Ping Pong Club 1,2.3,43 Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Baseball 1.2.2 Soccer 1,2.3,43 Basketball 1,2.3,43 Steering Com- mittee Homeroom Representative 1,23 Soccer Captain 4. EUGENE CROWLEY: Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Hockey 1,2.3,43 Soccer 1,2.3,43 Steering Committee 1,2.3,43 Homeroom Represen- tative1.2. ALISA CUCINELLI FRANCIS CUERONI: Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Hockey 13 Candy Sale 1,23 Steering Com- mittee SUZANNE DAHM JEFFREY DALLAPE: French Club 2.43 Ger- man Club 1.2.3 Vice President 43 A Capella 23 Glee Club 1.23 Senior Play 43 National Honor Society 3.4. NES DAVIES: Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Football 1: Hockey 13 Baseball 1,2.3,43 Lacrosse 1.2.3,4. KEN DAVIS: Drama Club 1,2.3,4Q Track 1,23 Cross Country 1,21 Homeroom Representa- tive 1. MARIE A. DECOLLIBUS: Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Volleyball Intermurals 1,23 Candy Sale 1.2.33 Steering Committee 1.2. ROBERT DELANEY LEONARD DEMARCO PAULETTE DEMUTH French Club 11 Spanish Club 2.33 Pep Squad 3. LISA DENHAM: Majorettes 2.33 Co-Captain 43 Pep Squad 13 Volleyball Intramurals 2,33 Band 2.3.43 Candy Sale 23 Christmas Pro- iect Steering Committee 2. MICHELLE DESIMONE: Pep Squad 1,2.3,43 Volleyball Intramurals 2.33 Field Hockey 1,2.3,43 Candy Sale 2,32 Christmas Proiect 1.2: Steering Committee Home- room Representative 1. PATRICIA A. DEVEAU: Tennis Gym- nastics 1. TERRI DIATALEVIZ Softball 2. FAITH A. DIEHL: Band 3.4: Orchestra 3.4: A Capella 2: Glee Club 2: Music Festival 2.3.41 Christmas Project 4. THOMAS DINAN: Chess Club 2.3.4: Che- mistry Lab Aide 4. KATHY DIVINSZ Language Lab Aide 2. KEVIN DOOLEY: Football 1: Track 1.3.43 Swim Team Captain 4: Steering Committee FRANCES E. DOWNER: Mixed Chorus 2.3.41 Jazz Band 2.3: Band Orchestra 2.3.4: A Capella 2.3.4: Glee Club 2.3.4: Mu- sic Festival 2.3.4: Senior Play 4: Bookstore 1: Northeast District Band 4. WILLIAM R. DRAKE: Pep Squad Football 1: Hockey 1.2.3. Captain 4: Soccer 2.3. Captain 4: Lacrosse 12.3, Captain 4: Steering Committee SANDY DRAPEAU ROBERT DROLETTE: Baseball 1.4: Basket- ball 1.2.3. AL DRON KEN DUANE: Pep Squad Football 1.2: Hockey Lacrosse 1.2: Swim Team 4. ILLI DUARTE: Homeroom Representative4. MINDY DUBIN1 Field Hockey 1.2. Manager 3. ROBERT DUBOWIK: Baseball 1: Candy Sale 1. DIANE DUFFY: Pep Squad Volleyball Intramurals 2: Field Hockey 2: Candy Sale 2.3: Bookstore 2: Christmas Project Steering Committee 1.2.3. SUE DUNHAM JOHN DURKIN: Ski Club 2.3.4: Spanish Club Ping Pong-Club 3.4: Pep Squad Football 1.2: Track 1: Tennis 1.2: Soccer 1.2: Lacrosse 1.2. ANN ELIZABETH DUTTON: Drama Club Spanish Club 3.4: Madrigal 2.3.42 Mixed Chorus Band 4: Orchestra 4: A Capella Glee Club Music Festival Senior Play 4: Bookstore 2. District Choir 2. x Most School Spirited John Croci and Debi Raphael JULIE EDES RAE EDSON JOSEPH EGAN PAULA EISEIVIAN GARY L. ELY: Wrestling 3: Student Crier 3. EDNA ESCOBAR STUART ESTY: Drama Club 4: Pep Squad 2.3.4: Football 1.3: Lacrosse Stu- dent Crier DEBORAH EVERS: French Club 2.3: Student Crier 4: N.H.S. 3.4: H.R. Representative 3. LAURA FALKOWSKI: Fine Arts Club 2: Drama Club 1.2: French Club 1.2: Philo- math 4: Senior Play 2: Steering Committee 1.2. ROBERT FAULKNER: Hockey 1. THOMAS FEAREBAY PETER FEDOLFI: Jr. Achievement 1. RHONDA FEIGELMAN: Drama Club 1: Stu- dent Crier 3: Page 3: Candy Sale 2.3: H. R. Representative 2. ROBERT FERRI DEBRA FINDLEY JOHN FISH: Hockey 2.3.4. JOY FISH: GIeeClub1:Candy Sale 2. KIMBERLY FOX: Pep Squad Steer- ingCommittee4. DAVID FRASER: Wrestling Football 3: Soccer 1.2: Student Crier 4: Senior Play 4: Christmas Program 3.4: N.H.S. 2.3.4:. Captain of Wrestling 3.4: Co-editor-in-chief Crier 4. CARRIE FRIEDMANL Drama Club Speech Club ttreas.l 4: Madrigal 2.3.41 Band 1: A Capella Glee Club 4: Mu- sic Festival Senior Play 4. MARIE FUER: Ski Club 1: Pep Squad 1.21 Intramurals 1.2: Candy Sale 1.2.33 Christ- mas Program 1.2.33 Jr. Achievement 1.2.3. ANDREW FUHRMAN: Football Track Gymnastics Student Crier 4: Senior Play 4: Christmas Program 3.4: Steering Committee 2.3.43 Student Council 2.3.43 School Committee Representative 4. SANDRA FULTON: Pep Squad Intra- murals Variety Show 1: Field Class Couple Cindee Stratton and Mike Terasconi Hockey 33 Glee Club 13 Candy Sale 1.2. Christmas Program 12 Steering Committee 12.3.43 Homeroom Representative 1.2. CATHLEEN GABLE: Spanish Club 43 Key Club 4: History Club 4. Science Fiction Club 4: Page 4: Candy Sale 2.3. BRUCE GABOR: Baseball 2.3: Golf 43 Glee Club 1. BERNADETTE GAGNE: Pep Squad Christmas Program DOROTHY GAGNE BARBARA GALANTE: Drama Club 1. Pep Squad 23lntramurals1.23CandySale1. COREEN GALLAGHER: Pep Squad 3.4: Candy Sale 2.33Christmas Program 2. BARRY GALLANT: Chess Club 1.2: Football 1.2: Christmas Program PETER GALVANI: Hockey 23 Baseball 2.3.43 ll R Representative 3. ANDREW GANAS. Pep Squad 3.43 Baseball Basketball 1. LINDA CANNON: Candy Sale 2. Bookstore 1.2 BRIAN GARDNER: Spanish Club 43 Key Club 43 Track Student Crier 4: Christmas Projects 4. TIM GARRON ROBERT A. GEMMA: Ski Club 1.3.43 Pep Squad 3.43 Handball 3.43 Volleyball 12.3.43 Football 13 Soccer 2.3.43 Golf Stu- dent Crier 3.43 Senior Play 43 Christmas Projects MARY A, GIAMMARCO: Drama Club 13 Swim Team 43 A Capella 12.3.43 Glee Club MARIO GIORGIO MARK E. GOLD HARRY GOLDMAN: German Club 2.3.43 Scl- ence Fiction Club 43 Computer Moniter 43 Chemistry Lab Aide 2.3.43 Language Lab Aide 13 Fencing Club. CARRIE GOLIGER: Drama Club 1.2.31 Spring Arts Festival 2.3: Gymanstics 1.2.3. 43 Orchestra 2.3.4: A Capella 4: Glee Club 4: Music Festival 2.3.4: Senior Play 2.3.43 Bookstore 1.2: Christmas Projects 3.43 Na- tional Honor Society 2.3.4. STEPHEN P. GORDON: Ski Club 3.43 Span- ish Club 3.4: Ping Pong Club 3.4: Track 3.4:' Tennis 2.4: Golf 33 Basketball 13 Cross Country 3.43 Student Crier 2.3.43 Senior Play 43 Christmas Project 4. CHRISTOPHER A. GORMAN: Football 1.2.3. 4. MARK GRADY: Basketball 1.2. CLARK F. GRAIN: Drama Club 43 Glee Club 1.2.33 Music Festival 1.2.33 Audio Visual Aide 2.3.4: Bookstore 2. LYNN GREENBERG: Spanish Club Spring Arts Festival 3.43 Band 1.23 Music Festival 1.2: Student Crier 4: Candy Sale 3: Christmas Project 12.3.43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Social Chairman of Spanish Club 3.4. THOMAS ROBERT GRINDELAND: Ski Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Pep Squad 3.4: Baseball 1,21 Soccer 2.3.42 Golf 4: Senior Play 43 Language Lab.Aide 4. KURT F. HAKANSSON: Drama Club 3.43 Spanish Club 43 Jazz Band 2.3.43 Mixed Chorus 12.3.41 Band 2.3.43 Orchestra 2.3. 43 A Capella 43 Glee Club 43 Senior Play 43 Christmas Project 4: Steering Committee 4. LISA HAMLIN Spanish Club 43 History Club 41A Capella 33 Page Art Editor 4. MICHAEL HANSON ROSEMARY HARANAS: Fine Arts Club 41 Pep Squad 1.2.33 Candy Sale 33 Bookstore 1.23 Christmas Project1.2. RICHARD D. HARDING: Ski Club 13 Tennis 43 Swim Team 4: Glee Club 3: Music Festi- val 3. JAMES FREDERICK HARRINGTON: Ski Club 23 Ping Pong Club 33 Football Base- ball 1.2.3,43 Basketball 1: Christmas Pro- ject 3.43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Steering Committee 4: Homeroom Repre- sentative 1.23 Boston Globe Defensive Play- er ofthe Week -Football. PRISCILLA L, HARRIS: Latin Club 2.3: Intra- murals 12.3.43 Gymnastics co-captain 43 N,V.P. 2. Gymnastics 1.3: Band 1.2.33 Mu- sic Festival 12: Philomath 4: Student Crier 4: Senior Play 4: Language Lab. Aide 1: Candy Sale 2.31 Bookstore 2: Christmas Project 4: National Honor Society 4: Steer- ing Committee 12.3.43 Homeroom Repre- sentative 3.4: Corresponding Secretary National Honor Society 4. DAVID P. HEFFERNAN: Ping Pong Club 3: Football 1.2.31 Baseball Basketball 1.2.3. JOHN HEFFERNAN: Christmas Project 1.2. DOUG HAWES PAUL HENDRY: Ski Club 1.2: Pep Squad 3. 4: Baseball 1.2: Football 3.43 Golf 4. RUFUS HARRIS: Football 1: Basketball 1.2. 3.4. JEAN C. HILL: Candy Sale 1.2.33 Christmas Project 1: Steering Committee 4. WILLIAM HILLMAN: Football 1.3.4: Track I 3.4: Basketball 1.2.3. JENNIFER HIXON: Pep Squad l.2.3.4: Field Hockey Tennis 1.2: Softball 3.4: Basketball 1.2.31 Band 1.2,3.4: A Capella 1. 2.3.43 Music Festival Page 2.33 Stu- dent Goverment Coalition 4: Freshman Class President. AUDREY HOBBS: Latin Club 1: Gymnastics Christmas Project Co-Cap- tain Gymnastics 4. MICHAEL F. HOHN: Jazz Band l.2.3.43 Annual School Musical Brass Quin- tet 3.42 Band l.2.3.43 Orchestra 2.3.43 Mu- sic Festival 2.3.4: Letter ofCommemdation for PSAT. NANCY HOPKINS BRUCE HOROWITZZ Tennis1.2.3.4. PAUL HOYT: Pep Squad 4: Football 1.2,3.4: Hockey 1.2.33 Baseball ROBERT HUFFAM: 1.2.3: Hockey 2.3.41 Baseball l.2.3.43 Steering Committee 1.2. 3.4. DAVE HUSS: Key Club 1: Ping Pong Club 3: Football 1.2.3: Baseball l.2.3.43 Tennis 1.2: Basketball 1.2: Gymanstics 1. HOPE JACOBS: Library Aid 1: Candy Sale 1. 2: Steering Committee 1. ARTHUR JAMES: Football 1.3: Basketball 4. ANA JANCKSON: French Club 2.3: Spanish Club 2.3: Volleyball Basketball 3: Christmas Project 2.3.4: N.H.S 2.3.4. Home Room Representative 3. DANNY E. JENKINS: Baseball 43 Soccer 3.4. GERALD JONES: Basketball 3.4. CYNTHIA JORDAN: Candy Sale 23 Christ- mas Project 3.4. RONALD JOSE BRIEN JOSEPH JOYCE: Pep Squad Baseball 1.2,3.4: Soccer 43 Basketball: 1.2: Candy Sale 2.3: Steering Committee 1.2.3. 4. PETER KACH STEVEN KAHN: Ping Pong Club 43 Lan- guage Laboratory Aid 2.3: A Capella 4: Glee Club4. MICHAEL D. KAISER: German Club RICHARD KANTOR DONNA KARAS: Cheerleader 2.3.41 Cross Country 23 Page 23 Candy Sale 2: Christ- rnas Project 2.3: Home Room Representa- tive 1.2. SUE KARDASH SANDRA MARIE KAYE: Ski Club 1.4: French Club 23 Latin Club 13 Pep Squad Tennis l.2.3.4: Student Crier 43 Bookstore 1.2: Steering Committee 1.2.3,4. MAUREEN P. KEEFE: Cheerleader 2.3.43 Pep Squad Home Room Represent- ative 2. WILLIAM MATTHEW KEILEY Ill: Drama Club 3.4: Hockey 1.2,3,4: Cross Country 1.2.33 Senior Play 43 Steering Committee i id-,7 7.-!'f T ld-,,. Philomath Co-Sports Editor 4: Jr. Class President: School Committee Representa- tive 43 Girls Football Coach 2.3.4. VINCENT KELLEY KIM KEOHANE: Field Hockey 1.2: Gymnas- tics 1.2: A Capella 1.2.33 Glee Club 1.2.33 Senior Play:Candy Sale 2.3. ELIZABETH R. KEY: Pep Squad 3.4: Student Crier 4. PAUL S. KINDSTEDT: German Club 3.4: Football 1: Tennis 3.4: Gymnastics Student Crier 3.4: Christmas Project 3.4. CHARLES KING JAMIE KING WAYNE KIRKPATRICKZ Hockey 1. JOSEF KNOFF: Spring Arts Show 3. KATHY ROBIN KOFFLER: Drama Club 1.23 Philomath 4: Senior Play 4: Library Aid 1: Candy Sale 3: Steering Committee 2.3.4. LORRI VRIEDBERG MARK C. LACHANCE1 Key Club: 4. Football ,J---1 -' " ,EM My .zz-S i E . .. Q 55 fi YV Best Dressed Ellen Bauer and Gary Zakon MicHELLE A. LANIARQUE: Field Hockey 1: Basketball 1. DAVID G. LAMPHERE: Technical Drawing Award 3. DEBBIE LARNIS: "Anything GoeS"1 "Real lnspectorl-loundf' ERNIE LATHAM BROWN: German Club 1.2. 3: Track Candy sale 3: Cross coun- try 31 A Capella 43 Musical 43 Captain in- door. Cocaptain outdoor Track 4. JAMES LEACH: Candy Sale 2.3. KAREN BETH LEBEWHOL: Mixed Chorus 1. 2. Philomath 4. BARBARA LEEDS: Ski Club 1: Drama Club 1.2. Color Guard 3.4: Pom Pom Girls 2: Pep Squad Girls Football - Candy Steering Comm. DEBRA K. LEELAND: Office Aide 1: Science Fiction Club 3. LINDA LEE LEMAY3 Drama Club 1.2.: French Club 1.2.3 Latin Club Pom Pom Girls 2.3.43 Pep Squad 1.3 Philomath 3.4.3 Student Crier Page 4.1 Senior Play 4.3 Candy Sale 2.3.3 Bookstore 2.3.1 Steering Committee KAREN LEVENSON: Drama Club 1.2.3 Span- ish Club 2.3.43 Page Editor 4. SETH G. LEVENSON: Chess Club 2.: Chorus 1.3 Lacrosse 1I3 Philomath 3.3 Lib. Aide 1. JACQUELINE R. LEVERONE: Pep Squad 1.2. 3.4.3 Candy Sale Typing Pool 3. SHIMON LEVY: Lang. Lab. Aide 1.2. SUE LEVY: Candy Sale Philomath 4.1 Senior Play 4.3 Pom Pom Girls 2.1 Pep Squad NATHAN LEWIS Pep Squad 1.2,3.43 Foot- ball Track 3.4.1 Baseball 1.2: Bas- ketball 1.2.3. AIMEE LIBBY: Pep Squad 1.2: Gymnastics 1.23 Candy Sale 2.3. DAVID LIBBY: Football 1.21 Hockey 1.2: Baseball 1. JUDITH LIBERATORE: Cheerleader 1.2.3. Captain 4: Student Crier 4: Steering Com- mittee 4. VICTOR J. LIBERATORE: Football 1: Track Cross Country 1.2.3. Co-Captain 4. EDWARD LILL: Pep Squad Hockey 1.2.3. Captain 4: Track 13 Lacrosse 3.4. gO Most Intelligent Carrie Goliger and Rick Breslow S. BRADFORD LINGHAM: Latin Club 231 Gymnastics Announcer 33 A Capella 1.23 Glee Club 1,21 Music Festival 1.23 Student Crier 3. Co-editor 41 Senior Play 4: Christ- mas Project 2.3.41 National Honor Society 2.3.4. KATHRYN LOCICERO SANDRA JEAN LOCKE: Ski Club 23 Pom Porn Girls 3: Magazine Sale 21 Tennis 21 Lacrosse 2: Senior Play 4: Candy Sale 2.3: Steering Committee 4. MARCIA JEAN LORING: Pep Squad 1.21 Christmas Project 1.2. SHEILA J. LOUGHLIN: Ski Club 4: Spanish Club 3.43 Intramurals 3.41 Foreign Lan- guage Tutor 43 Spring Arts Festival 3.41 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 2.33 Christmas Project 2.3.43 Steering Committee 3.4: Treasurer for Spanish Club 4. ANN E. LOYD: Color Guard 3.4: Pep Squad 1.2: Intramural 2.3: Fashion Show 11 Spring Arts Festival 3.43 Prom Committee 3.4: Field Hockey 3.4: A Capella 4: Glee Club 3.43 Music Festival Philomath 4: Senior Play 41 Ticket Sale 3: Bookstore 1. 2: Christmas Project 41 N.H.S. 3.4: Steering Committee Mixed Chorus Variety Show 4. JODIE M. LUKER: German Club 3.41 Color Guard 3.43 Pep Squad 13 Prom Theme Committee 31 Law Day International Club 4: Philomath 4: Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 1.23 Christmas Project 3.43 Steering Com- mittee 3.43 Student Council 21 Homeroom Representative 3.43 Variety Show 3.4: Co- editor of Senior Section - Philomath 4: Secretary of German Club 4. JEFF LYNCH: Ping Pong Club 41 Candy Sale 1. KAREN A. LYNCH: Ski Club 1: Drama Club 1: French Club 13 Latin Club 1: Volleyball 2. 3.43 Paddleball 3.43 Track 11 Softball 11 Lacrosse 43 Basketball 13 Gymnastics 11 Cross Country 13 A Capella Music Festival 12.3.43 Philomath 4: Lang. Lab. Aide 23 Christmas Project 2.3.43 Steering Committee 43 Mixed Chorus BOB LYNCH: Lacrosse Christmas Project DORTOHY B. LYON: Spanish Club 3.41 Christmas Project 1.2.3. JOAN MACKAY GLORIA M. MACLAREN: French Club 2. LAURIE MACRELLI: Pep Squad Vol- leyball Intramurals 2.33 Christmas ProleCt 33 Steering Committee 3. lllq MELANIE MANIKAS: Drama Club 3: Glee Club 2.3: Music Festival 2.3. KARLA MANN JOSEPH MANNARINO: German Club 4: Ju- nior Achievement 2. RONALD MANZELLA BRUCE MARCUS TERESA MARIANI: Ski Club 1: Pep Squad 1. 2.3.43 A Capella 1.2: Glee Club 1.2: Music Festival 1.2. THOMAS MARSDEN: Ski Club 3.4: Senior Play 4. DOROTHY MARTIN: Fine Arts Club: 1.2.32 Ski Club 4: Pep Squad 1: Basketball 2.3: CAndy Sale 1.2: Senior Play 4. NANCY MARTINELLI: Maiorettes 2.3.41 Band2.3.4. JOE MCANULTY: Football 2.3.43 Lacrosse 2.3.4. JOYCE ANNE MCCARTHY: Spanish Club 1. 2: Cneerleader 1: Pep Squad 1.2.31 Candy Sale 2: Steering Committee 1.2: Home Room Representative 1.2.3. NANCY MCDONALD JOANNE DOROTHY MCGUIRE: Pep Squad 1,2.3: Tennis 2: Field Hockey 1.2.3: Philom- ath 4: Library Aide 1.2.43 Candy Sale 2.3: Christmas Project 1,2.3.4: National Honor Society 2.3.41 Student Government Coali- tion 1.2. Treasurer 3: Steering Committee 1,2.3.4: Secretary of Class 43 Co-ordinator of Student Government Day 3: Co-editor of Activities and Clubs 4: Dance Committee 1. 2.3.43 Senior Play 4. MARK MCKEOWN ROBERT HUGH MCLAUGHLIN: Football 1: Track 1. JUDITH MEDINA DAVID MELANSON AIRES MENDES: Spanish Club 4: Ping Pong Club 4: Gymnastics 4: American Field Serv- ice 4: Student Council 4. EDWARD R. MICHAUD JUNE ELLEN MILLER: Majorettes 2.3.41 Fashion Show 1,3.4: Office Aide 1,2.3.4: Gymnastics 1: Band 2.3: Homeroom Rep- resentative 2.3.4. JENNIFER MILLMAN: American Field Serv- ice 4. J . w ig f Most Likely to Succeed Mike Roberts and Joanne McGuire 2' 1. : , it I I f 1:5 . 'lx MARIA RITA MIST RETTA DAN MOLLOY: Ski Club 1,2.3.4: Spanish Club 2.3. President 43 Ping Pong Club 1.2. 3.4: Drama Club 2.3: Senior Play Assistant Manager 4: Christmas Project 2.3: Massa- chusetts High School Drama Competition Festival Stage Manager: Steering Commit- tee 4. DENISE MOORE KENNEY MOSCATELLI. Key Club 1,2.3.4: Pep Squad 1,2.3.4: Volleyball 1,2.3.4: Hockey 1: Baseball 1,2.3.4: Candy Sale 1.2. 3.4: Steering Committee 1.2,3.4. WALTER MOSLEY KATHLEEN M. MURPHY: Musical 2: Candy Sale 1.2.33 Bookstore 1.2.33 Steering Committee 1.2.3. SCOTT MURRAY: Ping Pong Club 3.4: Pep Squad 3: Spring Musical: Football 4: Track 1,2.3.4: Cross Country 3: Play 4: Christmas Project 2,3: Steering Committee 3. ALICE JEAN NAPPY: Drama Club 1: Pep Squad 1,2.3.4: Intramurals 1,2.3.4: March for Mankind 1: Field Hockey 3: Candy Sale 2.3: Steering Committee TERRI NARDINI: Pom Pom Girls 3: Pep Squad 1.2.41 Tennis 3: Gymnastics 1: Se- nior Play 3: Candy Sale 3: Steering Com- mittee SHEBAB NAZARIE: Soccer 1.2: Basketball 1: Philomath 1: National Honor Society 2. 3. LESLEY ELLEN NEARMAN: Student Crier 1. 2: Library Aide 1: Christmas Program 3.4: National Honor Society 2.3.41 Steering Committee 2.3: Walk-a-thon 1. JOHN NICHOLS: Golf 1. LINDA NOONE PATRICIA O'BRIEN PATRICIA MARGARET O'BRIEN: Pep Squad 1,2.3.4: Intramural Volleyball: Softball 1.2. 3.4: Field Hockey 1.2.3, co-capt 4: Basket- ball 1,2.4: Language Lab. Aide 1: Candy Sale 2.3: Steering Committee 1,2.3.4: Vice- President ofClass 2.3. JOHN S.O'DONNELL JR. STEPHEN O'LEARY: Ping Pong Club 1.2.3. 4: Football 1.2: Track 3: Basketball 1.2. JAMES OLESON: Ski Club 4: Cap and Gown Committee 4. JULIE ANN OOSTERMAN: Mixed Chorus 4: Band 1,2.3.4: Orchestra 1,2.3.4: A Capella 4: Glee Club 4: Music Festival 1.23.43 Se- nior Play 4: Candy Sale 2.3: Bookstore 1.2. 3: Steering Committee 2.3: Musical 2.3.4. MARK ORLANDO: Football 1.2. Most Musical Dave Summer and Mary Chaves JOHN O'ROLJRKE: Magazine Sale 3: Wres- tling 3.4: Football 1.23.43 Basketball 1: Homeroom Representative 3.4. KATHY O'ROURKE: German Club 23 Pep Squad Girls Flag Football 1.3.42 Boys Football Manager 4: Softball 1.42 Homeroom Representative 'Alternate 3.4: Intramurals 2.3.4. STEPHEN R. O'ROURKE: Track 2: Basket- ball 1.2. EUGENE P.OTENTIJR.1 Basketball 1. SARA PALENCIA JOSEPH S. PALLAY LAURA PALUMBOZ Ski Club 2: Color Guard 3 4' Philomath 4: Senior Play 4: Candy Sale 3: Steering Committee DONNA MARIE PAPPAS: Pom Pom Girls 1. 2: Pep Squad 1.2.3: Candy Sale 1: Steering Committee 2.3. PETER PAPPAS: Computer room Aide 3.4: Lac rosse 2.3.43 National Honor Society 3. 4 DEBRA A. PATTERSON: Candy Sale 2: Homeroom Representative 1. CHARLOTTE F. PATTISON1 Tennis 1.2.3. Co-Captain 4: Philomath 4: Senior Play 4: Steering Committee 4, DEBRA ANN PELLEGRINI: Pom Pom Girls 3, 4: Pep Squad 1.2: Candy Sale 2: Bookstore 1: Steering Committee 1,3.4: Fashion Show 1.2. GAYLE PELLETIER SHARON L. PELLEY: Variety Show 1: Candy Sale 3: Steering Committee 3. IRIS A. PERLA: Drama Club 1.2.3. Secretary 4: A Capella 3: Glee Club 1.3: Senior Play 4. KIMBERLY J. PERRY: Fashion Show 1.2.33 Prom Committee 3: Glee Club 13 Candy Sale 3:SteeringCommittee 3.4. COREEN PIGNOLO HEIDI PIHL LORA PIHL EDWARD J. POMFRED: Science Fiction Club 4:Chess Club 1. KAREN PONTREMOLI: Language Lab Aide 1:SteeringCommlttee 2. MAUREEN POWER: Spanish Club Pep Squad 2.3.4g Intramurals 1.2: Field Hockey 3: Steering Committee 4: Christ- mas Project 2.3. ROSEANN PATRICIA PRICE: Pep Squad 1: Music Festival 1.2: Candy Sale 2.3. THOMAS PAUL PRUYN: German Club 1.2. 3.4: Hockey 2: Soccer 4: Lacrosse 4. ISAAC QUEEN ELLEN M. RADIS: Drama Club tive Arts Festival 3: Glee Club 2: Music Fes- tival 2: Student Crier 4: Christmas Project 4: Steering Committee 2: Homeroom Rep- resentative 3: Office Aid 2. MARTHA RANNEYQ Pep squad 3: Office Aide 2:StudentCrier 2.3. DEBORAH FAITH RAPHAEL: Drama Club 1. 2: GirI's Intramurals 1.2: Variety Show 3.4: Music Festival 1: Philomath 3. co-editor Senior Section 4: Student Crier 4: Candy Sale 1.2: Bookstore 1: Student Gov. Coali- tion 1.2. Secretary 3. President 4: Steering Committee 1.2.3,4: Homeroom Represent- ative 1: Regional Representative to Mass. Advisory Council 4. JOANNE M. RAWLING: Drama tPropsJ 1.2,3: Guidance Aide 3.4: Language Lab Aide 1: Candy Sale 1. CHRISTOPHER C. REID: Pep Squad 2.3.4: Handball 4: Volleyball Soccer Golf 1: Basketball 1.3.43 Band 4: Senior Play 4: Candy Sale 2.3: Steering Committee 1.2,3.4: Variety Show 3.4: Class Treasurer 4: BSL Soccer All Stars Hon. Mnt. 4: Volleyball Div. ll Champs 2. Div. ll Champs 3. Handball Double Champs 4. Sin- gles Runner-up 4. GIOVANNA RENZONI: Christmas Project 4: National Honor Society 3. RONALD RETZ KARYN RHOADES: Pep Squad Gym- nastics 1.3.43 Band 1. DIANA RICE PETER RIGAS RIGOPOULOS: Pep Squad HandbalIDiv. ll 1.3.4: Volleyball Div Ill 3.4: Football 1: Track 1.2.3: Gymnastics 1.2: Cross Country 1.2: Student Crier 2.3: Page 2.3: Senior Play 4: Audio Visual Aide 2.3: Bookstore 1.2: Christmas Project 2. MARILYN RILEY: Color Guard 3.4: Pep Squad 1.2: Spring Arts Festival 2.3: Intra- mural Volleyball 1.2,3: Candy Sale 1,2.3.4: Steering Committee Homeroom Representative 1.2. CARMEN RIVERA RAY RIVERA3 Work Study 4. MICHAEL J. ROBERTS: Fine Arts Club 2.3.43 Ski Club 3,43 Law Day 2.33 Student Govern- ment Day 33 Lacrosse 1.23 Philomath 3. Editor-in-chief 43 Student Crier 1,2,3,43 Senior Play 43 National Honor Society 2.3.42 American Field Service 33 Science Quiz Team 2.33 National Merit Semi-finalist 43 Who's Who in American High Schools 43 Stud. Rep. to Confidentiality of Stud. Re- cords Committee 3. CONNIE S. ROBINSON: History Club 33 Cheerleader 13 Baseball 13 Softball 1.2.33 Soccer 1.2.33 Basketball 1.2.33 Gymnastics 13 Orchestra 13 Glee Club 43 Candy Sale 1.2.33 Christmas Project 1. MARK SCOTT ROBINSON: Football 1,23 Candy Sale 1.2.3. STU ROLKE BETTE ROVINELLI: Economic Club 23 Candy Sale 23 Christmas Project 3.43 SUSAN ROWLAND: Drama Club 33 Gymnas- tics 13GIee Club 4. SHEILA RYAN: Pep Squad 1,2,3,43 Softball Manager 2.3.43 Field Hockey 1.2.3. Co- captain 43 Basketball Manager 23 Philo- math 43 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 1.2.33 Bookstore Manager 2.33 National Honor So- ciety 2.3.43 Steering Committee 1,2,3,43 Homeroom Rep. 23 Treasurer 3. DEBBIE SAIVETZ: Drama Club 1.2, Trea- surer 3, President 43 Drama Festival 13 Speech Club 2.3.43 Jazz Band 3.43 Madrigal 3.43 Band 43 Orchestra 43 A Capella 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Music Festival 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Variety Show 1.33 Senior Play4. STEVE RUDOLPH: Pep Squad JOSEPH B. RUIVO: Drama Club 1,2,3,43 Sen- ior Play 3.4. KAREN RUSS: Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 3.43 A Capella 2.3.43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Music Festival 1.2.3,4. SANDRA RUSS NICHOLAS RUSSO: Pep Squad 1,2,3,43 Foot- ball 1.23 Baseball 13 Soccer 3,43 Gymnastics 1.2.3. Captain 43 Music Festival 2.31 Page 43 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 2.33 Steering Com. 1,2,3,43 Stud. Gov. Coalition 2.33 ln- tramural Volleyball 1,2,3,43 tDiv. II Champs 23 Div. I Champs 333 Jewish War Veteran's Award 4. JOHN RYAN: Football 13 Baseball 1. VIOLETA SANCHEZ: Spanish Club 2,33 Lan- guage Lab Aide 33 National Honor Society 3. CYNTHIA SANDERSON KATHLEEN SANNICANDRO: Ski Club 33 Drama Club 2.33 French Club 13 Pep Squad 1,2,3,43 Guidance Aide 23 Senior Play 3.43 Candy Sale 2: Steering Committee THEA ANN SAPINO JAMES SAVAS SUE SCANLON: Swim Team Captain 43 A Ca- pella 1.2.33 Glee Club 1.2.33 Music Festival 1.2.33 Candy Sale 13 Steering Committee 3.4QHOl'l'l9FOOl'T1 Representative l.2,3,4. ADELLE SCANSAROLI PAMELA J. SCOTT: Pep Squad 1,2,3,43 Red Cross 1.2.33 Volleyball Intramurals 1.2: Candy Sale 1.2.3. CAROL MARIE SEAVER: Gymnastics 1,2,3,43 Philomath 43 Bookstore 1.23 Christmas Project 3.43 National Honor Society 2.3.43 Student Government Coalition Secretary 33 Vice-President 43 Steering Committee ROBIN PAUL SEAVEY: Baseball 13 Golf 2.3.4. MICHAEL SHAFFER: Ski Club 3.43 Ping Pong Club 3.43 Football 1.2: Track 1.2.45 Tennis 3.43 Philomath 1.2.33 Student Crier 2.3.4. BARRY L. SHARAF: Fine Arts Club 43 Ping Pong Club 3.4: Chess Club. President 1,2,3,43 Tennis 2.3.41 Soccer 1.23 Basketball 1.2.33 Philomath, Activities Editor 43 Stu- dent Crier. News Editor 3.43 Senior Play 43 Christmas Project 43 N.H.S. 3.43 Wno's Who of American High School Students. Student Government Day. Spring Arts Festival 3.4: I-lam Radio Club 1. KAREN JEAN SHAUGHNESSY: Nlajorettes 2: Pep Squad 1.2.33 Intramurals Hockey Statistician 3,43 Christmas Project 1.2.33 S.G.C. 43 Steering Committee Variety Show 4. SUSAN SHAW: Drama Club 1: Band 12.3.43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 A Capella 2,33 Glee Club 2.33 Music Festival 1,2,3,43 Candy Sale 2.3: Bookstore 1,23 Christmas Project 43 Steer- ing Committee 1.4. SARA SHEAR: French Club 13 Music Festival 33 Page 2.33 Steering Committee 1.2. WILLIAM SHERMAN DONNA B. SHRIBER: Color Guard 1,2,3,43 Pep Squad 1,2,3,4Q Gymnastics 1.23 Glee Club 1.23 Philomath 3.43 Senior Play 4: Candy Sale 1,2,3,43 Steering Committee MARK SICKLES: Drama Club 43 Senior Play Props 43 Language Lab Aide 23 Spring Fes- tival 3.4. KAREN SIGNORINO: Pep Squad 1.2: Field Hockey 13 Glee Club 1.2. Music Festival 1: Steering Committee 13 Treasurer 13 H. R. Rep. 2. CRAIG E. SILVER: Football 13 Track 2.3: Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 3.4. Most Dramatic Rich Westelman and Carrie Friedman JILL SILVERMAN JOE SIMONETTA KATHLEEN MARIE SKEHAN KATHY SLECZKOWSKI: Pep Squad 1.21 CandySale2. GAIL SLEEPER: Majorettes 2.3.4: Pep Squad 13 Typing Pool 4: Candy Sale 2. DARLENE SMITH DONALD SMITH: Christmas Project NIXIE SMITH: Drama Club 2.3. THOMAS CRAIG SNOW: Soccer 1: Student Crier 3: Page 3.4. BARRY V. SOKOLOV: Latin Club 1.2: Ger- man Club 3: Chess Club 1.2.43 Tennis 3.4: Basketball 3. CYNTHIA A. SOMA: Ski Club 1.2: Pep Squad Intramurals Softball 12.3.43 Field Hockey 12.31 Basketball 2.3: Candy Sale 2.3: Bookstore 23 Christmas Project 1.2.33 Student Government Coali- tion 2.3: Steering Committee Stu- dent Council 2.3. PATRICIA A. SOMA: Key Club 4: Pep Squac THERESA SUSLOWICH Softball Field Hockey Philomath 43 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale DIANNE SOUHLARIS: Candy Sale 12. BRIAN ST. ANDRE: Football 1.2. NORMAN STANLEY: Chess Club 2 BLAKE STEARNS: A.V. Aide 1. DALE STONE KAREN STONE CINDEE L. STRATTON: Cheerleader 2.3.4. Field Hockey 1.23 Senior Play 4: Candy Sale Steering Committee Stu- dent Council 1.2. TIM SULLIVAN: Latin Club 2.3: Football 3: Student Crier 4: Candy 2.3. DAVE SUMMER: Brass Quintet 3.4: Jazz Band 2.3.4: Band Orchestra 12.3.43 A Capella Glee Club Music Festival Senior Play 43 Var- iety Show Plays Musical 2.3.4. KEITH D. SUMMERS Most Athletic Bill Drake and Pat Chiudioni JULIE ANN SYDOW: Drama Club 1.2: Pep Squad Baseball Statisician 2.3: Phi- lomath 3.4: Senior Photo Editor 43 Musical Usher 3: Senior Play 4: Prom Committee 3: Bookstore Christmas Projects 3,43 National Honor Society 3.4: Candy Sale LOU ANN PATRICIA TAKACS: Pep Squad Baseball Scorekeeper 2.33 Philo- math 3.4: Candy Sale 12.33 Bookstore 2.3.43 Christmas Projects 3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Steering Committee DAVID TAYLOR: Chess Club 1. ROBERTA LEE TEKUT: Pep Squad Glee Club 1: Candy Sale 1.2.31 Steering Committee 2.3. STEVEN TENENHOLTZ: Chess Club 1: A Ca- pella 4: Glee Club 1.43 Music Festival 1.3.43 Audio Visual Aide 1: Language Lab Aide 1. MICHAEL TERASCONIQ Class President 43 Pep Squad Football 13 Baseball Soccer 2.3.4: Basketball 1.2.3: Sen- ior Play 4: Steering Committee 3.4. MARK A. THAYER: Baseball 23 Basketball Cross Country 1: Student Crier Sports Editor 4: National Honor Society 2.3.4: Student Council 4. TIM TIERNEY: Hockey 1.2: Track Cross Country 1.2.33 Candy Sale 1.23 Steer- ing Committe 1.2: Homeroom Representa- tive 1.2.3. ALICE M. TOGNACCI: Y.E.S. Program 2.3: Christmas Project 1.2.3. NANCY TOLAN: Pep Squad 1: Field Hockey 1. CURTTONER STEVETREMBLAY: Soccerl. CINDY TROTTA: Pep Squad 1.2: Tennis 1.2.35 Gymnastics 1: Lacrosse 1: Typing Pool 3: Christmas Project 12: Homeroom Representative 1. LARRYTRUST JEAN ANNE URBAN TISAVERGE MARIE VOLPE: Tennis 2.3: Candy SaIe1.2.3. JUDITH WADE BRUCE A. WALCKNER: Ski Club Tennis 3.4: Senior Play 4: Language Lab Aide 1: Christmas Project 4. KATHLEEN WARE: Drama Club 1: Madrigal 2.3.45 A Capella Glee Club 1,2,3.4: Music Festival 1,2,3,4Q Senior Play 4. CINDY WAREING: Latin Club 2. Color Guard 2,33 Pep Squad 1.23 Manager Field Hockey 2: Manager Gymnastics 2: Glee Club 1: Mu- sic Festival 1: Philomath 43 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 1,2,3.43 Bookstore 1,21 Christ- mas Project 1.2,3,4. LYNN WAUGH JEFF WEBER JIM WESSELS: Basketball 1,2,3,42 Cross Countryl. RICHARD WESTELMAN: Drama Club 1,2,3,4: German Club 3,43 Jazz Band 2,3,43 Madri- gal 3,41 Lacrosse 1,2,3,4: Swim Team 43 Band 1,2.3,43 Orchestra 1.2,3,4: A. Capella 3,43 Glee Club 3,41 Music Festival 1,2,3,4: Senior Play 43 National Honor Society 1,2, 3.4. PHILIP WETMORE: Chess Club 1,2.3,4. KENNETH WHITE: Science Fiction Club 2,3. JANET WHITNEY: Candy Sale 1: Christmas Project 1,2,3,4. WAYNE WILKINSON PAUL WILSON: Lacrosse 13 Cross Country 2.3: Homeroom Representative 1,2. GARY BERNARD ZAKON: Fine Arts Club 3,41 Ski Club 13 Drama Club 4: Court Yard Com- mittee 43 Football 1,21 Lacrosse 1,2,3,43 Band 43 Student Crier 3.4: Senior Play 4. LOUIS ZANCHI HOLLY BLANCHE ZECKER: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Musical 2,3,43 Jazz Band 1,2.3,43 SoftbalI1,23 Field Hockey 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3: Band 1,2,3,4I Orchestra 2,3,43 A Ca- pella 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3.4: Music Festival 1,2,3,4Q Philomath 43 Student Crier 43 Sen- ior Play 4: Candy Sale 33 Bookstore 2.33 Christmas Project 2,3,43 Steering Commit- tee 1,2,3,43 Framingham Law Day 3,43 School Committee Representative 43 Head of Prom Committee Cmusicj 3. ARTHUR ZONTINI: Pep Squad 43 Wrestling 3: Volleyball 23 Senior Play 43 Candy Sale 23 Steering Committee 4. Most Creative Laura Falkowski and Stu Esty 45" It is not only The memory ofthe past Which will shape our lives But the promise Of the future. l gg: z ulm nk! ' xx Q Xixxxm 1 ' unau- Il' 1'-Wziiiiizuzze nu Lknnnnnngg lklllllllllill sv annul!! 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M' :n w T4 li' r f - '-U' ' Y I if I ' A , ' 'ov'-'gl' ' Jaxx ...AL ' A xi,-44" 1 -.-. "'ga'7M"vV9'? - L W Afg mflhiiiq xq 1 if f if 4 WHA! Q-., N Qu. H A Lv V Q xW , SPRING FESTIVAL - MAY16, 1975 'luv f ff' S DIP' is 14 5 C i x 'x --ff 3' ' f if .affix td"- -1 ?""'f .--o"' Y Au- - -A Hrs. 1 Av.. ' .f A-"I ' S -,- -M 1 ' ' ' if 1 s , - 5 Y f,-y f f 'I' .:N,,'r. Y ' 7 I - . Q . I' ' ..N! ,. Y . ...., 4 D 4 . I fi QL lf Ox K xxx ,- . V' K K xxi X'-s-..+,,-D -3 I- -4-s.....g.'-L-4 , -'v" ax 173' 'l4mm1,-TNX 'Y1 ss if... Over u, 'f "" O , ,JffJ0flAM BACK - PRAM 'Sea,ffjf99ti0n' 'Framifllbiia ' W'fH9!'ff0uw' M-332 til' F"'d?Mv.l:?0:g, 0 gg, S . ll NIU' rag xfj NN-aw A 1 X aff- "Ori, If' I ,ff P NEWS ww xs mmm O hu- X X. X x X N I . Slhool Building OY "HONOR ROLL" Lung Lux uiYram-nghaxn Wm, 'Rudy MX oi whom kre New hx F-.dive Serwkce, Many Rn Yuma: w army TIE CNF TOUR RU. "' il., , ff, - M H Alfcvqgg, .uv v "X-53.55 -wwf s W 'Z y-Qbj FASHION SHOW - IVIAY 21,1975 MUSIC FESTIVAL - IVIAY15,1975 2 . HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION - IVIAY 22,1975 Zw .. 5' ' - - 9 Y f-...ig . . .. .KA . . ,-,., ,- ! 1 , I X X X 1 1 "Q I I-HUBJIIIIMI' . Y ' AWARDS ASSEMBLY - JUNE 5,1975 HARVARD BOOK PRIZE Stuart Zakori HOLY CROSS BOOK PRIZE Richard Glaser D.A.R. AWARD Joanne McGuire ARMY R.O.T.C. AWARD Mark ThaY9V NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP Ann Chiudioni FRANCIS RIORDAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Ann Loyd AMERICAN LEGION GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Richard Brown DIGITAL EQUIP. COMPANY SCHOLARSHIP FRAMINGHAM POLICE SCHOLARSHIP FRAMINGHAM WOMEN'S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FRAMINGHAM WOMEN'S CLUB OUTSTANDING GIRL ATHLETE Mary Chaves Claudia Bomengen Nicholas Russo Brian Brosnahan Carrie Goliger Michael Roberts Brian Brosnahan Patrice Chiudioni FRAMINGHAM SOUTH TEACHERS SCHOLARSHIP Frances Downer SAMUEL JOHNSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP NATIONAL MERIT FINALIST AWARD SOUTH HIGH CLASS OF 1948 SCHOLARSHIP NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP AWARD FRAMINGHAM TEACHERS ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP John Croci Anne Clark Donna Pappas Robert Gemma Debra Larnis Michael Roberts Christine Convery Mark Thayer Deborah Savietz Michael Hohn Jordan Fishman Richard Breslow Scott Becker Gail Cohen Christine Convery Christopher Reid Ellen Raditz Carrie Goliger ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FRAMINGHAM ARTISTS' GUILD SCHOLARSHIP DISTINGUISHED MUSICIAN TROPHY MUSIC AWARD FOR SERVICE JOHN HANCOCK AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING BUSINESS STUDENTS PHILOMATH AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND ACHIEVEMENT STUDENT CRIER AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND ACHIEVEMENT DRAMA AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE DRAMA AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THEATRE Roseanne Price Nicholas Russo Thomas Snow Debra Larnis R. Peter Cavalieri R. Peter Cavalieri Anne Clark Roseanne Price Michael Roberts David Frazer Brad Lingham Joseph Ruivo Deborah Saivetz Iris Perla SENIOR ACTING AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR Richard Westelman SENIOR ACTING AWARD FOR BEST ACTRESS INDUSTRIAL ARTS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE HOME ECONOMICS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN HOMEMAKING FAMILY LIVING LEADER OF TOMORROW AWARD STERLING SILVER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE FIELD OF HOME ECONOMICS MATHEMATICS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE PETER VENNE MEMORIAL AWARD PHYSICAL EDUCATION AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE SCIENCE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE SOCIAL STUDIES AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE ROBERT PAVIA AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP AND ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT JANE DUANE MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN FIELD HOCKEY Carrie Friedman Stuart Rolke Donna Pappas Michael Roberts Joanne McGuire Richard Breslow William Drake Priscilla Harris John Croci Philip Wetmore Donna Aronoff Fred Harrington Patricia O'Brien WILFRED TIGER MITCHELL AWARD - BOYS HOCKEY Edward Lill ALLEN MEMORIAL AWARD - BOYS TENNIS Patrick Garrahan B'NAI B'RITH AWARD TO OUTSTANDING SPORTSMAN Nathaniel Lewis ff I I I lj AWARD WINNERS: FIRST ROW: R. Glaser, E. Radis, P. Harris. D. Saivetz, C. Friedman, F. Downer, E. Loyd, N. Russo, W. Drake, J. Croci, P. Chiudioni, J. McGuire, C. Goliger. SECOND ROW: S. Zakon, M. Lewis, F. Harrington, R. Gemma, T. O'Brien. S. Becker, R. Westelman, M. Roberts, R. Brown, R. Breslow, P. Garrahan, A. Chiudioni, D. Pappas. THIRD ROW: B. Lingham, B. Brosnahan, N. Hohn, E. Lill, P. Cavalieri, T. Snow, M. Thayer, C. Reid, J. Ruivo, D. Frazer, R. Price, D. Larnis, D. Aronoff. nutqgggg 3 1' 1 I ' A I EL? 'x R . .X . J, .h. .1 Q-Q -ol" lfgf 'lo I Ny? 9' q , f Q H g J Q L ' 4' U Q X J ' X 'Q Bi: 1 X Q jx! N", I ., .. x- Y ' -me g kg Q 'xxi L' ff Q -fs fy pfni V 1- l .F ,Y . ,.. 4. u if ,.- .9 - V L 5 I,h -H.a.d..':,. 'fldlo I . -- J R l f 1 So ' s lim L45 ,- 905. JZ' , , ,. -ghxgx K 5, ' 5. , x ' , , -xA-,I-. . -- ' 'X ,. 1 'L Y: , 1 ys?xsfJ -xi ' - 4 J :SMXZ .. - 5 7 I 'I xx -ka A , , ,. 41 6 'Q' .. ax , y , 4 ,Y x . - n- yy . D . v , . 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Ji P Jul' V in K - I ' I , I 1 Y S ' L in 2' I 1 X 'I , QEPU95' C'-A 'QSM ,' ik M ,QILQQ A S, , , I.. Q XJ., ,gr T ACROSSE FIRST ROW B Lynch J McNulty J Bratica CCo Capt! B Drake CCo-Capty S Bertram. E. Lill. D. Loring, SECOND ROW: J VARSIYL 2 : ,. ,. - Duatelevu fCoachJ T Curran K. Rottatoru, B. Anderson, P. Anderson, C. Keiley, D. Quilty, P. Sullivan, J. Bartolini CManagerJ, Mr. Merusi CAsst coacm. marzo Rcjvvfo. Frey, f. sremmm, J. Jachowicz, s. comma, P. Eden, F. Divittorio. M. Amanda, P. Foley, D. Pratt. FIRST ROW C Mc uade C Takacs M Desrnone J Keefe J Austin J Ducey D Augustanelly R Desimone W Kelley K Gross J.V. LACROSSE: 1 . Q , . , . , . , . , . . . . . . . 1 . . - V. Rose, J. Grandoni, F. Collotta. SECOND ROW: C. Bartolini fManagerj, M. Drake, J. Solomon, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, G. Rotatori. J. Frey. B. Rosenberg, C. Clinton, T. Shapood, S. Betchell, D. Clopeck, J, O'D0nnell, A. Casavant, Coach Jim Walker. rig, 4 . ,ibn ,. Q., :- 1.- -- L- ' .,v, -H.. 32 74 BU Q3 B Hn' 8f'9cl,'1 2 low' 12 I 78 43' le lf, ifij' . 'T ' ' A Q 1' 'f.' ' g E -1 ' I f ' 1 4 'Q .-71 , xi --Q: 1: 22 4' in ' 'LS UL ici .. ...fur , J9"A J .f' "fy 5 0 'if A 1 4-:saw '5LL..... ' M., K.. - - 4. 4 '95 we , I, ufwf N A- ' -.., ..' ,lv A of 2 - ' --1. 4 - Q' Bi' ' , V v m-35. 1 3' H: Y I Q ' 3" ,iv 11' ' 3417, -A Y QT .. ,-'. ' j , in L' -15,--X at D ' 'Q h . --.... . ,. ..'2'!f4' . ff'--'17 - I-lFXbq'i 5' A i' - - M emi' f -"fl" vs ,.. :' , ,A 5- V N, vpqtn -. ,S U .5-I L"' V S mi!Q...".' ff?-1. r Se..- 'rg A-Lx. .X'.:"Iz1 'far ,. v "',-6 wt Q Q 7 . FRESHMAN LACROSSE: FIRST ROW: D. Brett, T. Golding, D. Wilson. B. Chalmers, J. Rottatori, G. Sousa, T. Logan. SECOND ROW: G. Taylor: J Pelligrini 4Co-Capt,J. K. Mann, J. Taylor, R. Augustenelli, D. Linahan, G. Pappas, J. Halliday. K. Kimball, D. Scagnelli. THIRD ROW: J. Baly. R Roberts fCo-Captq, P. Quirk, M. Brown, B. Fanger, R. Taylor, P. Burke, P. Sebastian, H. Hame. B. Bernie, Coach Don Eccelston. ff. J1fI!.i.Xm4 7 I ASEBALL 16-6-O BOYS VARSITY BASEBALL: FIRST ROW: A. Ganas, P. Galvani, M. Terasconi. P. Hoyt CCaptainD, B. Joyce, D. Huss, B. Huffum, F. Harrington, D Heffernan, SECOND ROW: T. Golding, R. Sosa, C. Upharn, R. Terasconi. J. Dudek, J. Belforti, S. O'Neil, D. Tracia, Mr. Bariera CCoacI'0. Q!,f.f.Tjg-"- .VK -ff, ZA: y: ,,FT 5. 11 , . qui, 10' .,:-.yy .. -. , , -,A , .-7.5, -41101-'37'fTf'i:: zlfp.ff'.-fr--ii' 422.5 T ' ' t MAY-1 I- ,V 4: ...D-71:2 .M 'ana ' 8 ,Jn 3 Y H hi, V. - 5. , IV ,E - -, s C' 6 1 J' A Dk I I, 3 J f- ' , ' p. I EEL - 0 '7 5 "1 law 'M B 33, 30 ,NY ., .I xi N---V 4 , YPA-TLS. .sign -v Y 7, 8 A tv Q lb .- I " 'K 1 .fi 54, eA'X . ff'-5 -1 , I V-L :fo Yi , X 'F' 4 4- "ai ' ' .fl Inf-'dl . I' he K ' W '1-' fi . "f ' u 1.4 - - 'fi1f'ff'f .U 6 N - ., . .. .. . A i . if ' 'G-whip 'WE' A I I ,l ' L ' r 'rv "" "- A I nn !,, , I I 1 I . I if , , X if I .1 7 Qfw ' PM I X ix 1 ' 4 e,:,, . -,dx I . 'I , . - rw . , . . 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Fee. 1, -.xg .7i'.5l'a',--l C ' ' ' W., ' X -.-,- ,--, , , . -rt, '... n 4:75, 3,4-,Al " . -0'-' if-.1.3- 'f' -- 3' 'fr' 'vs j F: As e- Q .-:H - .. - . on . - - ...L ,f --J ,,1.,..-' ,',. -.s,. gg...'hr -,,,Um- - BOYS JV BASEBALL FIRST ROW1 R. Gemma, M. FeigIeman, B. O'Rourke, J. Rigopolous. L. Clinton, C. Randolph, J. Dudek, S. Elkinson, B. Grasso. I Hobbs, T. Dowd SECOND ROW: D. Moran, M. Summer, N. Schwartz, B. Huss, J. Demarco, M. Hanison, P. Marshall, B. Karas, T. Luker, M. Taylor. B McGurk, S. O'Rourke, Mr. Moresu CCoach.J . .. J. .-A., - "" - - . - 1 M.--v' . V . nv' A . f - -f Y. , ap fe' .M "' R--f s - ,. 5 f ' , - A ,f.pJ-0 -. , K -O.. pix' . Q . . '1 Jgfeiif. fi! If--99 idx .4 J S '! 11' 'P "'3'-l'41"' ft ' 'I' ' 1953 fi. uf? fflr? ' 1fffO," ' .,, . 'gs-aan-1001 5- 4 s- -1- nt..- s N x. .ax T: il ll el Wu ru. :-.?:45':'P- V ' ' - -J- I AX ' EXHMMBT BOYS FRESHMAN BASEBALL: FIRST ROW: S. Hanson, R. Zucci, T. Cothern, M. McNally, K Guuglfamo D Ottovuam H Heckler J Tersom Hester fCoachJ, M. Moresi. T. Luker, M. Moran, D. Casalli, J. Woodrum, M. Consigli, D. Chiappum R Bagley E Ortey BOYS TRACK 5-4-O VARSITY TRACK: FIRST ROW: C. Happy, A. Amaechi, B. Garner, S. Murray, E. Latham-Brown, J. Barbieri, B. Hillman, B. Brosnahan, N. Lewis. SECOND ROW: W. Kroll fCoach3, P. Sheffer, D. Decarlo, L. Kransler, M. Malone, G. Fox, T. Grady, S. Nearman, M. Taylor, K. Summers, M. Baugh, R. Happy, B. Foley, V. Libertore, J. Frey, A. Polinger, G. Drone, P. Cheffers, W. Lawson. E. Clinton. J. Barnhard, E. Abraham, Mr. Duke CCoachJ. - '. .- K' A. V . ' I , I ' V f- A ' ij 'lr .-r'..?2' 5 . f ' i-- ' . P3 - ' wi" ' A3 22 'fir . ' -1 - . I - , v ,, - 4 7 lfxfgg: Eff' - 'f- A - ' fl .ll , -' T'.'Wi45 ref' i'-95: . C . V , A -2- , . ' I- 1 , 7,4 L10 1 --'vlif f Y-. I ' vi -. I! l .-, I .- , ,V-1, 'iiigfig "fZP945i ff ' I I ' 'ff 1,15 . 11 .- ' , . , ,,., ... ""' 6'Z:,j,','1f2' f fi . A, 1 ' . , If ' R 1. 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Wade, R. Bell, T. Beckett, M. West, T. Downs, S. Nearman, M. Leary, K. Summer. SECOND ROW: R. Alves CCoachJ, T. Baugh, M. Ablondi, B. Akilian, C. Garron, S. Nathan, C. Larmar. J. Thayer, B. Kralio. I., si I 515 2 -, , Migsrw. Q , H 2 'S-fwqss. P' ,i 4.-f.i?QaSx.g 'Q 4 1 xx b I 'af K -iff 5 1 . , , .gl ' ui f- ' -4, ,"1 " , f is 59. 'pg D 1 I.. . .5 W I ,fy ff 5 IJ' ' I . J ff? a ,A ,O I, fd, f, , Q. i 34' Lffjf 'ful X , .L nf? W1 ,aff "'g V 114 1 I rim v,.4,..fx111 umm' f ' , I fqgf lhlbylfff ,I U I ,gp 4 -..- g5Z,,,,1.1-uf ' , V ..,..., . .. 01-5 X. . ...- 011 2, 104.4 '14 'r fzfffffgg , p, , 35.4, Bl A l A AH Ava L' a,,,, -W.f1 --'.ffLv'g',5,-w ag ig " . m .1 , Y J- , w 1 Q ' ' aj? . - , . I-'iff '1'.2"". -fm. ff A fi-45" If . Q-3.7 4,1 - 4, , '-""57T.4,- I ' -'."':',f fum.. 'gig' f'- "'9H,'. w ., - 497-'Z ,gi-'z-'l5f,?'Ii'b -sq is ,ag 1:5715 -,nv A uw I 11... .... . - . - - s,-K-421.4 .J ..'2.'.,.:..'f " U 1 I '1' 1' ' "f"F '-rw, W, ' ' 546 I, SC Q K ffl Rahul, ' , '33 f ms- I ' gui: , -,-- - Q i' 9' U if -.5 Y .,, .,i. 1. . 9 .:'a., ,., 4... GIRLS TENNIS 12-6-O ,. ...L . ..:x.-Hi GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS1 FIRST ROWZ D. . Boucnlni, C. Abelll. L. Manion, P. Deveau F fCapt.3, C. Pattison fCapt.j, S. Kaye. E. , Goldman, A. Soma. SECOND ROW: K. I O'Brien, K. Klmball, S. Queen, W. Greb, K. Wilks, A. Johnson, C. Welsh, C. Trotta, Mr. A .5 I GarrananfCoachJ. L, - I "J.gf34'.E:."," ,,NI'f-if K , "0 bbq I ,icq graffsl .1-iii A fig s A , . I5I'I'I?55H'IiI - 'f'I5k'I' 4 1 .' .. .rlg1:5gf1a1:g:g5a,Q:3 " 'gi-F?f" '5 - xg ET ig, , Vu: A X XXV ,stung-A-4. 6- 'W'-I-RFQ rw '5 'X ' Co ' we 'S 'Sz' ,, -"R - - 1 S' I ES L ' . 'zavsgggv-' .-.X ' .---..-." -' ---A--'f'T .. """' -" ' I --Q-a f-. ' 'V sv,-.3 i K I Q4 I -- I . GIRLS J.v. TENNIS. B. Han, K. Brennano. -',gff"'i.,,.f1,-aff., M., ff - Q f4w. ' 5,15 .3 5: I 'IU'2f'4., ' ' Snaugnnessy, K. Falr, C. Malcolm, L. Su- f 'jgjyjfffff' mI,IIg'!,.:fj. 5, sh, -.1 Il' I Q- peno, B. Welllngton. SECOND ROW: Coach ..77'I' ' fq A x - A I 'gf Walker, C. Foster, L. Carrara, T. WaIsI'1,A. ll 'Hg 75' I' M II " I I., 'Q -, -. 6' 'Q "Q ,, I' Degozzaldu, K. Abu, N. Scagnelll, N. Flynn, pf '1' ' '7 3 I5 0 S .' ISI," A V, G- Logan- M J' r . I L- -3 ' Af' Q ,' I 'T' . I I L A.. Il ll. ... V, I 212 Q31 A I , , I.-N ,I , ,Q Q ' - -Q.,-.a0 I Q, ,I " , , .--..ali . .-i N hi an rr' . I JI ,I f X N? I "'f my - ' l"l2"""I3:l 1. 1 If 'Y' v f 'I C A ., I, . I wa -f C ' I I ,xv I I 5' ' .Rx 'Ilj .-.'. Q MSI'II .IJ zz A . XS 5, ,gxhm-N ' MII I . str, P 1 Iv 1 M .P-tl 4,- u.. A , 5 ' Y' 'J I1-nnggg ..,-' I ,v-""f. , .1 . 1 .49 ., K if fl. 1 4 3.9 L . Y E " ' I , . If 0, J.-QQ! 19.4 ' ,mm Sl ,V .11 x f A .. A ml. l ...- , 1 BOYS TENNIS 10-8-O BOYS VARSITY TENNIS: FIRST ROW: M. Thayer, B. Sokolov, B. Horwutz CCapt.J, B. Snaraf. SECOND ROW: Mr. Debettencourt CCoachJ, G. Chute. T. Garrahan, B. Garra- han, S. Durkee, W. Disrnore, P. Herman. G. Micnaelson. I -, I, - . ,, . fu ,. f- E- -' r'l'.'o!"?K7f' f!'f'f'!1fff-' '7 X IA' 'Nh ' 4 v 1. ' ' V '. ,, .V..",-.-ffllg 'MM ,4...... .Ja-' .Z 5 Q 5:-J i - l .XVQ life -L2L,,,4 BOYS J. V. TENNIS: FIRST ROW: D. Mar- low, W. Selin CCo-Capt.J, J. Skillern. SE- COND ROW: Mr. Pregot fCoachy, P. Huey. K. Kendall, G. Ravrabey. P. Carpenter, N. Shaffer, J. Rosenburg. MISSING: A. Rivkin S. Becker, R. Barrett. SOFTBALL 8-12-O . N . XQ ,. GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL: FIRST ROW: -if? A D. Malone, K. O'Rourke, P. Chiudioni ICO- ' Capt.J, K. Harrington CCo-Capt.J C. Soma. B. Totman. SECOND ROW: Ms. Cross --' r N ICoachJ J. Paitchell, L. McClean, K. Holt, N. Smith. K. Salls CManagerQ. J I if' 1 NI Q I 'f M. go 'sf-N V . L, , ti 1 iff' Cai .- sie' ...U Q ' .I-in-' 'J- 1 '.'d ' - .4 ' - ,A A .. -- -,Y 3' . .--xx. , .- . ' .n-'--,- ' - - ' -Y "-' -'Qr' 1141. 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Suggestions in the Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) collection:

Framingham High School - Philomath Yearbook (Framingham, MA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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